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File: 1597491729255.jpeg (591.44 KB, 750x1112, 1597266783020.jpeg)

No. 604999

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


previous thread: >>589682

No. 605005

holy fuck that OP pic is depressing. was the first pic partially traced or something? did they suffer from brain damage?

No. 605007

It seems like there's already a thread 22 >>604825 so which one is the one we stick with?

No. 605014

This one is properly linked back to the thread and the other seems like a bushfire right now so I'm not sure…

No. 605017

Yea I vote to keep this one too, the other is already a shitfest,

No. 605032

I feel like they wanted to stylize or get their own style but ended up being a huge sack of shit failure and ruining the progress they made.

No. 605047

yeah, let's keep this one, I hate unlinked threads

No. 605048

Schrodinger's thread, an unlinked thread doesn't even exist.

No. 605076

kek agreed it’s actually sad how much worse they got like their first pic is so much better compared to their current style which looks like a grade 9 drew it

No. 605077

are there any good artist discords? I miss art community, where are people at

No. 605087

seconding this question

No. 605106

Y'all want proof there is no god, this is it. I mean how can you be so delusional as to not fully realize how much you've regressed? Hell, is that even possible?

No. 605136

she must have traced in her early years. There's no chance you would forgot how to draw anatomy and shit

No. 605144


Not a discord, but I really like r/ArtistLounge for discussion

No. 605274

Speaking of reddit, do you have any fav subreddits for artists?

And a bonus question, does anyone know any good subreddit for discussing writing a comic?

No. 605276


the other thread is a shitshow with shunaos WK

No. 605281

Let's hope he stays in that one as not to clog this one up with his dumb bullshit.

No. 605282

File: 1597531270389.jpeg (44.39 KB, 1280x720, 1EC61456-09F1-4ACA-92FC-8DB63F…)

>Implying he’s not spying on us until we mention Lyn like the Yuno wannabe that he is.

No. 605283

Okay this gave me a good laugh thank you anon.

No. 605309

i mean it's nice reddit has art subreddits but it's a huge inconvenience not to be able to embed images when discussing art :/(:/)

No. 605318

File: 1597536934065.gif (35.15 KB, 200x200, milk.gif)


i know one for art and art improvement, but i'm kinda shy about sharing the link on lc.. but i don't know what else to do. this invite is good for 10 people for 1 day..! if there's interest i can extend it further.


No. 605338


I know this is long as hell and a couple of months old, but I wanted to know what you guys think about Cosmic Spectrum Art's numbers here? At about the 25 min mark she mentions numbers like $50 per hour being an okay amount to charge for what she describes as a 'reasonable skill level', but that she's expecting a lot more than that. Mentions at some point that her commission work is in the thousands generally. Mentioned she did a children's book cover for $3000, she'd want around $1000 or more a page for graphic novels, numbers like that.

Not really sure what the make of this. I mean good for her if she can get this amount, but that seems so unfathomably high to me? Are people really out there dropping thousands of dollars on 2D images? And is $50 per hour really not too high of a starting rate for commissions?

No. 605342

These are actually closer to real industry standards. The thing is that art is not meant to be affordable to the general public, it's a luxury for the few so it's gonna cost money, I think it's good she can charge that much, gives hope for the rest.

No. 605343

>she did a children's book cover for $3000
Not unreasonable if it's for a major company. Work from professional clients usually pays a ton more than commissions for randos, since they're not only paying for the image but for the rights to print the image, use it for promotion, and etc.
>$1000 or more a page for graphic novels
Now that's crazy. Comic rates are around $200- 300 for inks tops, for big companies like Marvel and DC. If she was asking that much for fully painted comic pages I could maybe see it, but otherwise it's a pretty insane rate.

No. 605349

Same anon who posted the vid here. Sorry if I'm not replying correctly, don't post much.

Hah, that's actually quite comforting to put it that way.
I know when I was going commissions like a good decade ago, some artist I looked up to said something along the lines of that you should be charging at least minimum wage + materials cost per hour. If you couldn't charge at least that and still get work, you weren't ready to start to take work. And if you could charge more that that, you were making it. So $50 an hour kind of shocked me, as in my head, I'd be expecting only someone very popular to get away with charging that much.
Definitely gives me hope that art is becoming a more livable career.

She actually googled the rates in the video and found those same numbers you quoted, then later added that really big names at top companies could charge as much as $1000 per page, and that she'd be expecting about that for pencils inks and colours herself. So same info I guess, which again, surprises the hell out of me, in a good way.

No. 605357

File: 1597545046782.jpg (62.43 KB, 361x977, IMG_20200607_120328.jpg)

There was an artist that charged $1 per minute and she could draw out a very nice commission with color in an hour, so she earned $60. She recorded this on video with a timer for proof for the commissioner I assume. I wish I could remember the youtube video sorry. Anyway $50 per hr isn't unreasonable if you work fast. You can raise your prices as high as you want if you have demand. $3000 for a book cover is very reasonable for professional publishing.

Anoosha Syed listed prices she earned for her children's book illustrations. It's very profitable when you start getting consistent work

No. 605368

One of my profs taught a course on children book illustration and he would base his projects off of jobs he'd taken before. He would also give us the price range of the jobs he took and if your a good and flexible artist children book illustrations can make you a lot of money. But the thing is is that the checks come in as you're working on the book and then periodically whenever the book sells, so its not like you're just getting 2,000 dollars all at once.

No. 605391

File: 1597550697093.png (694.71 KB, 635x727, beforeandafter.png)

since the mods merc'd the istebrak thread im tossing this here

they made it infinitely worse, took out the canal, swapped the lights for… yellow tinted ones and made the rat the focal point. It's like 3 levels of shit sandwiched together.

No. 605396

After is better, although I don't understand why they would add so much to the foreground.

No. 605401

the after completely messed up the mood of the piece. Not to mention it seems like she just airbrushed away so much detail for no reason other than to 'make it moody' but then added yellow lighting??

No. 605407

seriously suspecting this is samefagging. Your attempted thread on this woman got marked as shit by the farmhands and now you're taking your sperging here instead.
After is better. Artists giving someone a critique aren't going to spend multiple days re-drawing the picture, that's why there's airbrushing. It doesn't look 100% finished because it's not supposed to be, it's just a quick mockup of some changes the original artist could go back and work on.

No. 605409

I was thinking this was probably a vendetta post because after is clearly better composition wise lol. By removing the canal they moved the main focal point of picture in the mid-ground down to the center of the piece. The colors look more harmonious and the blurring of the stuff in the foregorund also adds depth. Seems like you either don't know how concept art works or just have a petty grudge >>605391

No. 605412

someones mad their favorite artist got posted here lol

No. 605414

also, istebrak has been brought up plenty of times in artist salt threads in the past, to the point some people asked why she didnt have a thread. stop being a dipshit lmao

No. 605420

After is definitely better though, it makes the composition less awkward and fixes the lighting and making the background brighter makes it compete with the foreground less

No. 605432

this is years old at this point my dude, no1curr
tf would you even post in your thread if the milk is so dry

No. 605559

controversial opinion about OP pic I guess but I think the artist is right in the description - the art did get worse but new style does stand out more, much more vibrant and attention-grabbing with thick outlines, 2016 style is anatomically better but bland and unoriginal AF. She is on the right path even if she had to take a few steps back in the process.

No. 605571

I'm none of the anons you replied too and this is the first time I've seen that image, and I disagree with you entirely on the after being better composition. I think it's far worse: removing the canal removes the sense of space, and moving the rat more central shifts focus to it without reason - the focus was obviously intended to be the city in the original, not the foreground elements.

No. 605579

yeah, the new drawing is less washed out, but she's not "in the right direction". the "right direction" isn't sacrificing everything to make your drawing stand out just a little bit more (until anyone above the age of 14 looks at it and realizes it's shit)

No. 605591

File: 1597585641723.jpg (124.82 KB, 1080x558, 20200816_204733.jpg)

Does anyone have the link on fb post?

No. 605594

I hate twitter. Why do they all have ~special~ names with ugly fonts and emojis.

No. 605596

MSN messenger v2

No. 605613

NTA but is the focus really the foreground? My eye was drawn to the mid ground and swept over the city, thanks to the color harmony of the warmer light rays. I don’t know if removing the canal was important or not

Also a nice touch is that the farthest away lights are dimmer

No. 605616

yeah same. without redrawing the entire piece it would be hard to edit it so the canal is in there while the focus stays on the city. it's not even that important of an element imo.

No. 605618

I personally think before is better, the canal leads the eye nicely around the picture but in the second one there’s nothing like that. The colors are also more harmonious and don’t jump into your eyes allowing you to focus on the details. The after picture for me looks disorted and the perspective is off now that the canal got erased, the original is more readable and doesn’t give me nausea. The after image also causes you to focus on the blinding lights rather than the bg which should be the focus, so objectively the original is better and I don’t get how so many people unironically think the fix os good.

No. 605622

You do realize that if just zooming the picture fucks the perspective up, it was fucked in the first place too? It feels like the canal leads your eyes away from the picture, you can't take it all at once because you go along it, see the big hole and then finally focus on the town. Doesn't feel like a natural course at all. Also are you an actual grandma that you say slightly more contrasting lights are blinding and that an image causes you nausea lmao.

No. 605629

I like the concept of the cooler toned light rays, but then they would definitely still need to bring in some yellow in other parts of the pic. And make the background look more distanced like in the after pic

No. 605677

The perspective is still better in the first one, and the canal leads to the back wall which then leads to the city the fuck that is. When I say blinding light I don't mean literally, I mean it in the context of the image, the lights come in a way of the image, they wash out the city and take away the contrast, the second image looks like it has no vocal point because nowhere there are strong values, except the black frame. As for nausea it's more about the frame vs the city itself, the second image, tried to lift up and close the scene but did nothing to the perspective, so now we have this weird stretched image with very offscale image, that is irritating to look at.

No. 605699

The before is better. Everything seems washed out in the after along with that thick black framing. The inclusion os the canal is important imo, since it gives the pieces direction, implying that the space is larger than what our eyes can see. The second one is more limiting and closed off. There are ways to alter perspective without cutting off parts of a drawing.

That being said I like the beams of light more in the after, although I wish they weren't so yellow, especially the light in the background. It takes away from the lights of the city, which are a more muted yellow orange tone and are clearly supposed to draw the eye.

No. 605700

I think both need help, but the first one is better.
The first image doesn't have enough contrast for you to focus on the city. The canal leads you down to the hole, which leads you to the city, but that's it. There's no further details to explore. That being said, it gives me the viewer a better understanding of the concept of what this is supposed to be.
The second one made the mistake of having a stark black rat against a bright yellow light, which makes my eyes focus on the rat. My eyes don't go anywhere else. There's no movement, and the city is still lacking the contrast it needs for me to explore it.

No. 606094

File: 1597618236452.jpg (362.33 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2020-08-16-19-18-03…)

Promoted post.

No. 606099

yup, I have some experience in book publishing and this is what it’s like. Depending on the contract, you or your agent negotiate the rate, like the one Anoosha provided of the 88 greyscale interiors breaks down to 175 a drawing, then when the book sells you usually wait until the entirety of the book is paid off and then you make royalties afterwards. There was a long twitter thing a while back where lots of freelancers broke down their rates for books and stuff (for transparency during like people outing industries as not friendly to BIPOC creators), especially in GN publishing which were surprising but like showed that negotiating rates and having good agents helped. The most surprising one I remember was the creator & artist of Check Please, her contract for when the book got published by a big company was low up front, I think like 3k only for two books, but she got to keep her kickstarters for the self pubbed editions (which were over 300k each), kept all the licensing and merch rights, AND got a 50% profit share on royalties from the big pubbed books which went on to be an NYT bestseller (this is pretty rare, sometimes people don’t even get royalties let alone HALF)

No. 606227

File: 1597633968645.jpeg (136.88 KB, 828x485, B532CC21-F9D6-4273-9A51-6393ED…)

Making a fandom name and hashtag for yourself is so weird and narcissistic.

No. 606231

i feel like so many artists do it though? especially over on instagram

No. 606233

Isn't it normal for vtubers?

No. 606246

It is but it isn’t any less stupid.
>I know Twitter is fundamentally a site that’s shit for archival purposes compared to Pixiv, Danbooru, or hell Tumblr but I’m gonna make a hashtag for myself anyway.
>Twitter topics don’t exist, stop asking me to use it even if it is a criminally unnoticed feature on the website.
>Anyone who draws fanart for me should use the hashtag even though they probably @ed me about to begin with unless my following is Korone size massive.

No. 606302


Superraedizzle tried to get her fans to call themselves the Raevolution, but I guess either someone called her out for tonedefness or ir just didn't stick because she hasnt mentioned it in a while.

No. 606313

Are they a problematic artist or something?just wondering but this is the 2nd time I’ve seen them on here

No. 606355

It is narcissistic but I'd say a lot of popular artists are. This seems especially unnecessary for an artist though… Can you imagine fans of Leyendecker having a fandom name lmao

No. 606403

I've met this artist before and they were so boring how are they going to have a fanbase as a vtuber

No. 606460

Not Salt, but I just found a youtuber called Jim Reno, and I kinda love her content, has anyone else heard of her, she seems super chill and good at what she does.

No. 606523

Do you already know Mateusz Urbanowicz? He does a lot of original japanese landscape art in a Ghibli-esque style, you might enjoy his content as well!

No. 606546

File: 1597671358908.png (508.18 KB, 926x874, stopyouhaveviolatedthelaw.png)

these type of artists are always the most shameless and awful. they seem to be invincible when it comes to callouts too. they never get shit for blatant theft like this.

No. 606562

It's not the most original concept and the design and colors look different. On an art theft scale this isn't really hat bad.

No. 606568

No I haven't, but his work looks really nice.

No. 606789

when you look at this artist's profile it's clear they're just another meyoco clone, so for them to rip off meyoco's merchandise as well it seems wrong.

No. 607057

File: 1597700763989.jpg (127.27 KB, 1500x1000, IMG_3606.JPG.jpg)

Soulless knock-off artists are inevitable and they never learn their lesson or even grown into their own shitty artstyle.

I don't know if I've just become jaded by the AA community but I realised any idiot who has an ipad & pencil and $$$$ to back themselves can call themselves "artists"

No. 607067

File: 1597701757944.png (207.6 KB, 324x470, stop-it-get-some-help-and-why-…)

Also to add to my salt post
If you're making enamel pins and you don't even have a grasp of basic fundamentals or your artstyle revolves another artist, please reevaluate yourself cause you're ruining the standard for everyone else

No. 607176

File: 1597711234232.jpeg (103.73 KB, 360x360, AF73660A-F49F-4835-87B6-599338…)

Has there ever been an artist who has genuinely good fans? Not to be mistaken for those agree with everything simps where you have to throw just to make them not like a drawing.

No. 607217

No because any artist with over about 10k followers that starts getting "fans" becomes a huge asshole and subsequently has asshole fans.

No. 607243

File: 1597718516993.jpeg (50.9 KB, 1029x1200, Fgji7rd.jpeg)

Can't get over this meth head face. Paid commission too

No. 607246


To add to that: Fran made a video a couple of days ago in which she openly speaks about her (past) pricing and she's referring to a book Kendyll Hillegas mentioned once (Kendyll was also the one who recommended the book to Fran).

No. 607273

Put this here: >>>/m/93235

No. 607280

Name of artists? Looks like something my friend would draw.

No. 607296

Why is it so hard to find truly creative artists nowadays? Am I searching on the wrong places? Part of me wants to accuse Twitter and Instagram because artists from those platforms value popularity and growth over anything else.

No. 607298

the ones I know have quit social media or barely upload

No. 607299

They exist, it’s just hard to find them because they’re just doing their own thing and not chasing popularity. Some of my favorite artists are ones I stumbled upon by pure chance. But yeah, social media algorithms make it hard to find them because they get drowned out by what’s trending

No. 607301

Popular artists are popular because of certain subject matter they draw consistently. People see these popular artists and follow that formula, becoming popular themselves, and the cycle repeats.

Artists who don't follow such a formula don't get pushed by social media algorithms as much, so it feels like they don't exist when it's very likely that they just fly under the radar.

Additionally, nowadays with Procreate and iPad art, anyone can call themselves an artist, and social media is completely saturated with artists who want attention rather than artists who want to create and explore ideas.

No. 607302


I sometimes search on Pixiv. There's a lot of porn there yeah, but I managed to find some really cool stuff, at least more than I did on Twitter or IG.

No. 607313


God I'm reaching a point where I'm starting to loathe Procreate + iPad artists. I know it's petty and that there are some truly good artists out there who use Procreate and stuff but every time I see the same old hipster with messy hair and full lips and half-lidded eyes Pinterest model girl with a suspicious painted-over-photo look from an IG account that never posts sketches/WIPs and suddently became an artist when they got an iPad, I die inside a bit more.

No. 607394


Remember when people turned into screaming banshees when people traced? Now they just call it 'overpaints' and it's ok. I guess it's still an art form in its own right, but I wish people were more straight up about what it really is.

No. 607412

File: 1597737124050.png (36.37 KB, 591x310, Annotation 2020-08-18 105027.p…)

I wonder who they're talking about? It's not Rae or Jackie, since they've already responded to Chloe's tweet.

No. 607422


ZHC maybe? He flew Chloe, Rae, and a few others out to do some challenge video with him once, but it seems he's gotten really big lately and doing more with bigger youtube, small celebrities and shit.

Or maybe Jazza? I doubt, but it has been a while since I saw him have any interaction with other artubers for a while.

No. 607428


I've been subbed to her for ages but YT never recommends me her stuff so I forget about her. Her content, aesthetics, and art are gorgeous. I wish there were more like her on the platform tbh

No. 607437


The bit about using them for clout does sound like it could be ZHC

No. 607438

Bit late but is there any chance to get an invite to that art discord?

No. 607461

Chloe Rose seems like a nice girl but she’s so mediocre. I’m really curious about her because she said she moved to America to pursue her career but then said in videos she lives with her parents and brother?
Like did the family all move country for her or?

No. 607498

Ugh, I hate this kind of petty ass tweet, more than often, people who tweet this are just as bad themselves.

No. 607499

File: 1597748384426.jpg (44.11 KB, 676x676, 1563645908221.jpg)

here you go~ feel free to invite your friends and stuff. this one is valid for another 10 uses for a day.

No. 607513

File: 1597750474909.jpg (215.02 KB, 1200x1600, 1597591701272.jpg)

Where do you anons usually post your art work? Twitter, tumblr and IG seem to be the main ones.
I thought about even trying tik tok but I'm not sure if it's worth the trouble

No. 607516


I used to go for Twitter, Tumblr, IG and Pixiv. Stopped posting on IG because I hate typing on mobile. Tumblr I just keep it around for tradition because I've been on that site for so long that it just feels nostalgic. Out of those I think Pixiv is my favourite.

No. 607525

No, in her website she says that she moved to US with her family when she was 6. Maybe she just moved a to a different state because of her career?

No. 607527

Speaking of Chloe, I came across this old video of hers from 4 years ago, and she's not half bad. If she'd stuck to practicing digital art instead of chasing followers with gimmicky videos, she might have been now good enough digital artist to actually achieve her dream of working for Disney.

No. 607553


I use Hootsuite to plan my IG posts and do the writing there. (Works with browser.) Maybe it suits you too or you find something similiar online.

No. 607577

Can’t be Jackie, she’s so obsessed with famous YouTubers that I can’t see her blowing anyone off. Rae doesn’t seem to have a lot of yt friends either tbh

No. 607583

File: 1597760823151.jpg (158.35 KB, 1080x1080, 118075040_2578880282376904_360…)

Has anyone else been keeping up with the art style bend challenge on instagram? Some of these art styles are waaaaay better after than before :\

No. 607610

i'm thinking of linking my artstation in my caarrd and since my art station has my full name on it, I'm not so sure about it. I have a rare surname and is easy to find me. what are the pros and cons of revealing your full name as an artist and how common is doxxing?

No. 607625

File: 1597764593702.jpg (267.41 KB, 1080x819, 20200818_172839.jpg)

How many times we'll see that one joke

No. 607629

Even good artists have bad taste damn

No. 607633

Depends on what kind of content you create and what are your goals. A lot of artists use their full name because it's gonna make things easier for their future employers and their real name is their brand. If you don't create anything controversial you won't be doxxed, it's not common at all.

No. 607678

fr. like look how good the 2nd one is in comparison.
at first i thought this challenge was gonna be fun but i think it was a mistake lol

No. 607685

Man can't tell you enough of how tired I am of seeing this same "IG algorithm is bad for artist" joke over and over. Like we get it.

No. 607704

It's funny because the people that I always see making that joke are big artists on the platform.

No. 607706

What is this? More examples?

No. 607708

File: 1597772091368.png (378.25 KB, 733x534, mellyvuong.PNG)

maybe im just a hater, but this artist annoys me anytime they show up on my home screen. I can't quite explain it, but it feels like they only take references from anime screen caps and it makes their style look unnatural? Not the worst artist but I just don't like them either.
Also their webcomic just sucks

No. 607712

tiktok isn't worth your trouble; you're right. no one goes on tumblr anymore. twitter and ig are your best bets.

No. 607714

File: 1597772383588.jpg (156.71 KB, 2048x2028, EfQz6zZU4AE7Vgf.jpg)

explanation I found

No. 607764

File: 1597775423867.png (191.56 KB, 800x1000, book_1_cover_by_zayane_kusanag…)

I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this, but do you guys have any artist that you used to look up to when you were younger, but eventually ended up surpassing in terms of skill?

In my case I remember thinking Zayashuku (youtube animator from back in the day) was the best artist ever when I was around 10~11 years old. I actually saw stuff like pic related and thought it was peak professional artist material kek.
The same happened with other animators I liked, like ShadowLeggy or BlackWorufu. It's not just that they used to draw like shit back then (even when in the case of Leggy, she was in her 20s at the time), but they never progressed with their art and to this day they are more or less on the same level as back then. It's kind of sad honestly.

(God I hope I worded that more or less correctly, I'm not a native).

No. 607769

yes. seems like some artist reach a weird kind of "peak" where they don't evolve anymore. idk if its bc their huge ego just doesnt let them see how mediocre their art see or something

No. 607787

damn, i get a beginner artist's coloring/anatomy not being the best, but they have no sense of aesthetic and the composition sucks ass, it's so hard to read.

No. 607789

File: 1597776618338.jpg (205.19 KB, 900x621, image.jpg)


lol reminds me of this artist that got stuck on their art just watch this

No. 607793

at least this is cute and has appeal, and their color choices improved somewhat, getting stuck on that other style must be fucking horrible.

No. 607798

File: 1597777588445.jpg (163.57 KB, 1600x1200, EVgIsYtXgAAbkHb.jpg)

can anyone tell me why this chick got to be the artist for a streamer? i can't be the only one that thinks that these are fucking ugly

No. 607799


No. 607801


The girl in the middle picture looks like she did the Kylie Jenner challenge bc her mouth looks bruised af

No. 607840

I know them, I used to follow them a while ago. They do a lot of animation memes and talk about their ocs, which seem to me kind of annoying and heavily inspired by popular characters. I really can't tell how they're so popular with that kind of animation though, it has no flow and is like a beginner's.

No. 607870

I know these images are social media memes and not really reflective on artistic development, but I don't really get how drawing the same image year to year is a great metric for gauging improvement. This person just drew the same character in whatever style they were feeling at the time. Wouldn't it make more sense to showcase multiple images showing "progress?" Multiple images showing that you can draw different subjects and contexts than an anime girl or something.

This shit just reminds me of the sameface meme, where it become more about drawing different looking features rather than differences in expression. Wow, you gave your character an "ethnic" nose and mouth but they're still making that dead ass kore stare anyway.

No. 607879

the point of the meme is showing how much ur style has changed and how much ur art has improved by drawing the same piece over again.

theres a different meme that does showcase different pieces made by the artist thru the years tho

No. 607900

She's not problematic, just has an inflated ego thanks to internet fame. She has good technical skills and became a full-time freelance artist quite young (at 19 iirc), but her art is quite boring once you look past it being pretty.

Her streams were pretty boring before she was a vtuber. She barely talked and didn't really interact with the audience. She pretty much became a vtuber just to be a vtuber.

No. 607919

everyone's becoming a vtuber now. its gonna get boring quick once 90% of everyone becomes one

No. 607999

File: 1597785699328.jpeg (61.3 KB, 686x386, 8AD1C9DA-C072-4C9D-A6DA-A78559…)

Hoo boy I can’t wait for the cycle of VTubers getting sad about low viewership followed by their hugbox fans posting anything resembling pic related and calling that a job well done.

No. 608038

ahh i loved her too,i didnt know it looked this shit lmao i thought she was super talented and funny back in the day

No. 608066

honestly like most of these vtubers dont even make their own 3d models so like ???

No. 608084


And so the VTuber overflow begins…

Prepare for the flurry of shitty, badly made Live2D/Emofuri sprites, forced personalities and acting for the sake of being funny/memey/cute, even more toxic simp-filled fandoms and the waterfall of tears from entitled VTubers who think they deserve to be more popular!

No. 608106

Hasn’t that already happened, we’ve seen it on the artists YouTube personality(story time) ppl

No. 608115


But now the new shiny label is vtuber, so it'll just happen all over again because clout chasers I guess.

No. 608149

File: 1597796168412.jpeg (370.05 KB, 750x739, 63934180-DAFC-4BB3-9F98-F28242…)

Some of them are actually kind of cool, but others just show that the artist’s normal style is holding them back and that they should experiment more.

No. 608176

I think artists should experiment more often as well imo

No. 608215

most people on tumblr moved to twitter and insta, thats where it is now n shit. Like old artist I used to follow completly left and ditch there old blogs and moved platforms, sadly for me some artists just straight up dissapearded, had some good shit art (but some are proboably professionals now and working)

No. 608303

File: 1597813404974.png (4.02 MB, 2048x2017, Screenshot_20200819-010259.png)

Another sad art style bend. I think its funny how they choose to have soulless eyes.

No. 608306


who is this?

No. 608350

both are ugly

No. 608372

>title: how to draw backgrounds
>video: "i actually don't know how to draw backgrounds ahaha"

No. 608382


There's a Vtuber general thread since they have their own special kind of milk. >>>/w/106239

No. 608387

Usually an art style is just a comfort zone for any artist. Which is why a lot of big name artists can end up stagnating, because they realise the style that's easy for them continues to bring in the views and money (i.e. LavenderTown…) Experimentation forces artists to just step out of what they do mindlessly and makes them actually think about the process. Who knows, maybe the whole art style bend thing will inspire people to experiment more and see what works.

No. 608396

I thought this said 'there's a vibrator general thread' and I was about to visit it

No. 608402

Is VRoid studio actually any good7 I do not want to use it for any VRtuber shit, just making models casually for VRchat at best or GMod.

No. 608404

yep. it is. and it's actually quite easy to use, it still has some kind of learning curve but if u wanna make 3d anime models then its pretty good

No. 608415

File: 1597832715317.png (277.21 KB, 595x306, 27482913.png)

look this one is actually interesting and a good example. her art is already good and the challenge piece actually looks interesting in comparison

No. 608431

What about non-anime? I heard of character creator 3 but it seems pricey.

No. 608433

you can always use blender. it's free too but you will have to spend longer figuring it out.

No. 608467

Sorry if too off topic for the thread, but does VRchat accept any kind of rigged model? I'm ordering a VR headset right now and wanted to make my own model for it.

No. 608548

I was just thinking that, I really hope that some of theses people realize that they shouldn’t focus on an “artstyle” when a majority of them don’t even understand the fundamentals
Hey anon, do you know their insta?

No. 608625

she's @medusa_149

No. 608628


>I was just thinking that, I really hope that some of theses people realize that they shouldn’t focus on an “artstyle” when a majority of them don’t even understand the fundamentals

I really wish internet artists quit being so attached to artstyles. As an artist myself who had to learn fundamentals with a muscle anatomy book by my side, I can't help but feel upset when I see someone saying "I can't draw different faces/body types because of my style! Sorry!" or just excusing their overall lack of technical skill in their artstyle. It's just sad.

No. 608661

I actually checked up on her every now and then because I used to love her too and it's just weird seeing how she 'progressed'. She still draws exactly the same, and on her twitter about a year or two ago she said she wouldn't stop using mouse to draw because it's her 'talent' and it'd go to waste if she actually got a tablet and pen.
I'll try and find caps but interesting enough she's one of those black girls that reallllyyy hates the fact she's black. She's dated nothing but asian men (yes she's still a huge fuckin weeaboo) and has a good portion fuck and dump her. She got stranded in japan once since she for some reason decided to take a trip while her husband was in the middle of divorcing her and left her with no money. Didn't know how to get home so some random japanese guy ended up helping her and she told all of her followers to thank 'Daddy' for helping her get home. Tried to look him up to date him again and found out he mentioned her on a podcast and they were makin fun of her for bein a vlogger LMAO

No. 608668

that's fucking bonkers. please share those ss

No. 608692

File: 1597863115128.png (242.92 KB, 1710x654, sometweets - Copy.png)

Here's a few tweets of hers that I could find since twitter does this stupid thing now where it only loads a certain amount of tweets unless you have an archive. Youtube comment is hella old but she's defended it in one of her vlogs() like two years ago

No. 608694

Here's her telling the story about meeting a dude while she was stuck in Japan and him shit talking her later. She said that he was a Gemini since she couldn't say he was racist lol since she spent so long talking about how much she loves the men there and that it's fine if asian parents don't want their children to date black people

No. 608698

Zayashuku, holy fuck, that name takes me back.
I admired her, too, anon, then forgot about her. Crazy that her art is still the same. It doesn't even have that particular charm a lot of early 2000s deviantART stuff does.

This is actually cute, it has that charm.

No. 608705

Right? Can't believe I thought she was so cool and mature back in the days.

No. 608707

who is the artist ?

No. 608709

This anon already answered:

No. 608722


No. 608732

maybe if she actually stepped out of that comfort zone she would improve…

No. 608771

What do you guys think about the art youtuber Mohammed Agbadi? While some of his tips are nice, I'm personally thrown off by his clickbait-y titles such as "I FOUND OUT THE SECRET TECHNIQUE CHINA ARTISTS USE!" or "I WATCHED (insert popular skilled internet artist here)'S TUTORIALS AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED TO MY ART!"

No. 608833

This guy. Great artist, clearly really fucking talented but his YT is hella clickbaity.

And I don't want to be that guy but… man, I can barely understand a word he's saying. Maybe just me, but he speaks so fast and in such a deep voice, with that heavy accent.

I wish I could understand him better because I'm genuinely interested in some of those advice videos he makes.

No. 608836


I genuinely like his stuff and a lot of his tip videos are actually pretty damn helpful, but yeah they're clickbaity as hell.

No. 608838

I think a lot of people like this are such a slave to their follower counts that they are afraid to change in case they lose older fans. I guess it's an advantage of being unknown that you get to have complete artistic freedom.

No. 608982

Thoughts on someone called kaffernsart on IG?

No. 608986

Is this a self or vendetta post? This person only has 375 followers and their art is incredibly mediocre and boring, who gives a shit about them.

No. 609010


to me mohammed is one of the best art youtubers out there. he's a bit hard to understand (to me) because of his accent but i don't mind his clickbait stuff because his content is good and his art is also good.

i wish people knew more about him instead of idolizing people like ergojosh.

No. 609018

selfposters, at least bother to post your work

No. 609021

Did anyone else see this vid? I actually like Ethan’s interpretation and explanation of the situation, and it seems to be one of his more sincere videos where he actually goes more in depth with his experience in the art industry

No. 609025

Samefagging because I forgot to add, are there other videos that you anons recommend where professional artists explain their experiences in the industry? I don’t know why, but I’ve always found them inspirational/engaging, despite connections being the leading factor to being employed

No. 609029

Never heard of them before but was shocked to see how many posts they had. It's very much a quantity over quality thing with this artist.

Best art advice channel on YT imo. I actually don't mind his accent. It's a lot more understandable than Ergo Josh's ASMR whispering anyway.

No. 609085

Holy shit I remember her. She was like one of the original animation meme youtubers I watched like Selph94backup. Weird to see she hasn't progressed in like 10 years lol.

No. 609115

sooo anyone got the details on what shitstorm revolocities kicked up?

No. 609196

But this clearly has visible improvement? The anatomy is more composed and less stiff, the line work is more dynamic, colours have been picked better, improved use of texture and shading, the pose is better, no dead eyes like in the old one etc. Just because it's still the anime moe style doesn't mean it hasn't improved.

Lmao that exact video was recommended to my youtube feed a few days ago and it was the worst clickbait bullshit I had ever seen. I don't really watch arttubers for entertainment but instead to study and learn so I find people trying to make it into some sort of an influencer say funny thing hurr hurr comedy act to cover up their incompetence (like Rae does) is off putting to me.

No. 609204

File: 1597912053860.jpeg (439.66 KB, 828x972, 275FC3CE-F65C-4ADA-B534-16E2D9…)

These pose maker apps and websites are tragic at best but somehow have so much money to pour into marketing. They really annoy me because they encourage/normalize tracing, but at the same time, I’m comforted knowing that the idiots who trace these ugly ass models and call themselves artists will never be able to draw without using these apps/sites as a crutch.

No. 609214

i think tracing is only "ok" when you do it to develop muscle memory with certain things, but not post them afterwards

No. 609250

are you stupid, these are for graphics designers, not to be posted to some toddler's instagram account. you've never seen advertisements that use these drawings of people that are made of simple shapes and are just one or two colors?
also imagine using """normalize""" in this context, go back to twitter, this is an 18+ website.

from a practicing standpoint tracing doesn't do shit for you, so this isn't even correct. but plenty of professional fields (the before mentioned graphics designer, concept artist, comic artist, etc.) trace things to speed up their workflow or get things more precise.

No. 609257

NTA but tracing has benefits when its done as a study. Drawing directly based on your vision can fool you due to things looking different than what they are physically due to the optical illusion created, especially when learning foreshortening. Of course it has a ton of pitfalls and it shouldn't become your crutch to create art because tracing turns your drawings to flat images with no depth in them. There's a difference between using tracing as a study technique to dissect a part you don't understand and just drawing your finished pieces consistently on top of other images.

No. 609264

yeah, that's what i meant by saying tracing is ok if u don't post it lol (i'm 609214)

No. 609269

>to dissect a part you don't understand
i can go with this, but this is why i wish people were more specific about what kind of tracing they mean. tracing on the internet usually means "outlining an object with chicken scratches and calling it it a day", where as if you break down the object to the 3d shapes it's made of, you can actually learn something. in more "classical" art training you are supposed to copy things, landscapes, objects, other people's drawings, etc. i think this sort of practice is better than tracing in most contexts because this trains your eye to get better at observing, thus remember more things and take in new things easier too.

i think it's a stupid mentality to say artists' can't post their practice pieces, unless they are not clear about what they copied/traced from. of course, on the internet it's better to ask for permission of the other artist to avoid drama.

No. 609293

File: 1597921035000.png (45.5 KB, 594x380, Annotation 2020-08-20 135551.p…)


Not Jazza. I'm guessing someone snubbed Chloe when she asked them to guest on her new podcast, so it'll be whoever Youtuber friend of hers doesn't participate.

No. 609298


Graphic design =/= drawing characters. I've worked in the industry for years and the vast majority of the people I know / my own work has nothing to do with illustration, much less anything that would require this type of pose app, so I honestly have no fucking clue what you're on about.

No. 609299


I know it's unlikely, but wouldn't it be fucking hilarious if it was Waffles? Like someone who has been trying hard to keep their private life private refuses to go on a podcast where there will be personal questions and Chloe got mad at her for it?

Not likely, but for some reason, I find the idea of that conversation too funny.

No. 609317

the app is not for drawing characters…? and graphics design can include people too, your view of it seems to be very black and white if you think it's only logos and minimalist representation of objects. either you are lying about your industry experience, or barely looked outside of your own specific field of work in it.

No. 609324

Any screenshots you would like to share because I'm not finding anything out of the ordinary.

No. 609325

NTA but while I do know a lot of graphic designers who do illustration too and it's usually very useful skill to have, majority of the industry doesn't - why would you need the knowledge of anatomy and so to design websites, banners, UX/UI? The Pose app itself says it's a "simple web app for character guidelines" so contrary to what you say it actually is for drawing characters.
Can be an useful tool for graphic designers as well ofc.

No. 609328

i mean it's not for drawing characters because it basically does it for you, for the most part. it helps exactly with that, you don't have to fiddle around with anatomy and such.

No. 609342

Does Lavender’s style look extremely amateurish to anyone else? It looks like something a 12 year old would draw to me…

No. 609349

no you're right it does, she's been mentioned in past threads for that reason. Even the way she sketches appears amateur.

No. 609351

Yeah her art is average at best, however the yt algorithm seems to like her because she was one of the first arttubers to get recommended to me. I mostly like her for her ASMR voice.

No. 609358

you got waaay to pressed

No. 609360

she's got that "unique" thing to her art, tho i don't think it's meant to be "good" in a professional standpoint.

what i mean by that is that her art style developed in such a way where it's easy to produce, somewhat appealing/easy on the eye and also stands out.

i used to like her (still kinda enjoy her) but her art seems too "flimsy" for me. i could go on and on about what makes her art lack, but i guess those same things are what make it appeal to the general public.

No. 609363

>Drawing directly based on your vision can fool you due to things looking different than what they are physically due to the optical illusion created

Photographs capture light, they can distort how things are as much as anything else. Just look up portraits done with different lenses. Tracing over a photo will fool you as much as your own vision. The whole point of practicing observation drawing is to overcome said optical illusions and to understand light and shapes better and to learn how to represent them.

No. 609383

what's with teenagers these days and being so incredibly bothered that people care about things? this is a discussion forum, obviously i'm gonna discuss things.

No. 609393

apathy is cool

No. 609397

People get upset when a point is presented to them and they don't want to take the little mental effort to consider it.

No. 609401

nah man it's perfectly ok for you to discuss stuff, just maybe don't get so mad abt it? you started calling people stupid, telling them to shut up for not agreeing with you. if you don't know how to discuss stuff without getting so worked up for nothing then you should first go learn how to control you emotions.

No. 609423

It's lolcow, who gives a shit if someone uses the word "stupid". You're the pressed one if you're offended by anons post.

No. 609431

yea you're right, its better to just ignore the 40yo neckbeards that don't have anything else to do than get mad by a shit page ahaha

No. 609498

For a second, I thought you said leyendecker, and I was about to fight you on that issue lol

No. 609522

like the other anon said, are you really offended over the word "stupid"? none of my statements even sound mad, and i'm not sure where i said for everyone to shut up if they don't agree with me. you've basically just started arguing about arguing, i really don't think it's productive. i was just countering what other people said with my own viewpoints/experiences.

No. 609572

he was one of the first art youtubers i started watching this year (recently attempting to get better at art) and I liked a lot of his earlier videos. I like his art and he has some really nice tips for digital coloring. also personally I think he's pretty cute and his voice is nice.

nayrt but at no point did that anon call anyone stupid, nor did they tell anyone to shut up if they didn't agree. you may want to read the post again and this time actually understand what's being said.

No. 609597

Awhile back someone said that tiktok was a waste of time. Do a majority of you feel the same? I watched a video a couple months ago saying its a place it can bring in followers to other social media (but are those all just a bunch of tweens that don't have any buying power)?


No. 609615

File: 1597947225396.jpg (317.8 KB, 828x1197, IMG_5695.jpg)

This app is specifically marketed as a tool for "illustration" but even the examples of illustrations made with it are just the person who made the app tracing over the model kek. How is this app any different from those 3D anime model apps like Magic Poser that get criticized in these threads?

No. 609633

It's pretty easy to get popular on Tiktok and they're a long term investment, so why not

No. 609642

If the platform has a huge userbase it's pretty beneficial to use it no matter what anyone says but, I wouldn't make it your only place to post art. Twitter, Instagram, etc. will always be there and be better for engagement with others and a Tiktok could help bring others to your other socials. Go ahead and make a TikTok if you want but, don't use it solely as your only outlet.

No. 609646

If you guys could make your own art hosting website that has a nice archiving system like Deviantart and Tumblr and that'll actually be beneficial like being able to be build an audience, being able to have a system that allows you to show commission slots, and not have an algorithm that'll fuck you over; What type of features would you guys be looking for? Groups,premium memberships, etc. like dA has? I used to like dA but, after the whole Eclipse and Core update the whole site's interface really got fucked imo.

No. 609663

ugh no premium memberships, like, put ads all over but don't put premium memberships for gods sake

No. 609668

Does the algorithm even exist for the now deserted Tumblr?
Why do people blame it for not doing well on Twitter when follow recommendations only give you a pfp and some text to make yourself look good?

No. 609676

Invisible tags that don’t clutter the description, allowing adult content because when a website bans porn but doesn’t ban artistic nudes the artist nudes still end up getting deleted/shadow banned, no shadow banning, ability to set up a queue, titles for uploaded work, ability to organize your gallery and the ability to make works private.

No. 609677

Have a section of the homepage that has random pieces featured in addition to the standard most recent.
While it wouldn't be a huge exposure boost I have followed artists on sites who I saw randomly appear on a site's frontpage.

No. 609705

just because it uses the word "illustration", why couldn't it be used for graphics design? i'm not sure anymore if you've seen the video showing how the app works, it's not even tracing over the lines, but using the little model of sorts and filling it out to get these simple characters. looks real handy in my opinion and at this point it kinda feels like you have a vague vendetta against it because you've been convinced by the internet that "tracing bad, and anything resembling it bad too". tools that make your job easier and aren't supposed to make you practice exist.
also this is way different from 3d model apps? those are for you to base the pose off of, you can't get something right by just tracing that since the models aren't perfect, they are just approximations, a guide.

No. 609729

I agree. It seems like a tool for people who are inexperienced in art and bored to fuck around with more than anything. If you go to the website there's a big emphasis on the brushes and textures showing it's more focused on coloring. Sure it could be used for Graphic Designers to make quick little designs for logos and what not but, I doubt any artist or anyone versed in online art culture that has any knowledge of other art programs like CSP, SAI, etc. is going to look at this and think "Ah yes, I'm going to use this for all my shit". You wouldn't go into MS Paint and bitch at it for having limited features because that's not the audience it's targeting.

No. 609735

praise you! couldn't have worded everything better.

the ability to queue artwork is sooo useful. i would like to be able to post without writing any title or description too. also maybe an easy way to link references and such

No. 609747

All her stuff is still really sexualized too.

Does anyone remember any of the weird old drama in that friendgroup, like with crackednutshell, sutsuki, zayana, and chii? i could have sworn there was some big blowup but i remember so little of it.

No. 609788

God Chii/Doopie was such a drama magnet back in the day.
Once she stopped posting art/animation and posted some cosplay video,I commented something along the lines of "hey not be be a bother,but are you gonna make any more art videos?" And the next day she uploaded some video crying how she was leaving youtube FOREVER!featuring my comment.

Now at the time she was super popular,so i,as a 12 year old,got absoloutely FLOODED by hate comments and death threats. Even Sutsuki(AmphyPop) sent me hate.

So that was real cool.

Her and TackyAnimations were the teo big drama queens of the community.

No. 609869

WHEW BOY tackyanimations. I was only 14 I think when she was around and starting trouble and I didn't appreciate that drama enough. Never forgot how she had beef with some random artist named Mei and as a jab at her she recovered her oc to have the exact same color palette and made it her YT background for a month. Seems like nothing now but that absolutely kills me to think about. She was the absolute boogeyman of the art/fanime fandom back in the day.

Too bad she was too much of a freak and ended up getting divorced from her husband and even her best friend who she kept saying was her Asian mail order bride dumped her lol. Nowadays she just posts on tumblr and insta like a regular nobody

No. 609900

Damn she broke up with her neopets husband? Lmao
The whole Jas (i think her "asian bride"s name was) was so weird.. she would say all sorts of stuff along the lines of "i love her shes so yellow" like how did people tolerate her?

No clue she still posted,damn.
Does she draw anymore?

No. 609915

No idea how anyone stuck with her for so long. I remember she even met Jas parents more than once and posted on DA about it so more people would believe the 'mail order bride' lie/joke.
It's been over a year since I checked up on her, but nah. She just posted about her cats, fandom, and mentioning her boyfriend every now and then iirc!
It's weird how they all fell so hard except for maybe chi because she rebrands after crying for over a year.
Speaking of old artists (and might make a thread just for early 2000s artists/nostalgia) - I still remember how that artist Steph90(I think?) lost all of her friends /most of her popularity cause she did a shitty animation of her decapitating them (tinachan09 and Drechu) to a BOTDF song lolll

No. 609919

You mean Selph94? If so holy shit I never heard of that and I watched her religiously as a kid.

No. 609951

Same anon and yeah! Her exactly! Sorry it's been a while since I've heard about any of their names. She's since deleted it since she got so much backlash from it but that's pretty much why overnight Tinachan09 and Dreachu replaced her with Riley in their lil triangle.
Went through her videos trying to find it and she last uploaded a month ago - still looks rough and basic as when she first started. Still kinda amazed how many views they all got back in the day. Steph's first animation had over 240k views and that was over 8 years ago.

No. 609993

Well a part of my childhood just died with that knowledge lol. I remember I used to watch her and Oshaikeuchi everyday after school. It looks like Selph and Drea have largely faded into obscurity while Ocean is still thriving pretty well (Ocean still follows Drea on twitter and she's active on there so they're probably still friends.) Tina I can't find anything on though. Crazy to think that Selph did that and didn't think anything bad would happen as a result.

No. 610084

Not a day goes by where I wish we could go back in time and gossip about Dreachu, Selph, Tackanimations, Tinachan, Riley, Chii24, etc.

Do any of them make art anymore? I can't imagine they progressed much but it would truly make my year if they have.

No. 610241


I want to post with the highest quality. Separate place for tags would be nice, too.

No. 610412

Hi i don’t know where else to post this but should I buy an XPPen or save up for a cintiq?

No. 610422


Truth is, it isn't. In the long run it will screw you over. I'm friends with an artist that makes tablets review constantly, and they reviewed Huion, Gaomon and XP-Pen.

The video went up and, because at the time I was wondering too if I should save up for the Cintiq or buy a cheaper alternative, I asked my friend if the tablet was really worth it. They told me it isn't, they also told me that these companies told her to remake those reviews because she was being honest saying they weren't that great, since they had X problems.

>TL;DR: save up for a cintiq.

No. 610481

Depends if you’re a beginner or not and how frequently do you see yourself drop projects. Like, if you’re a beginner/you may use digital once in a blue moon, use the XPPen, otherwise use cintiq(any other tablet with a built in screen is always good)

No. 610512

Does anyone else feel like we're slowly reaching a point where non-screen tablets are becoming kinda obsolete? For hobbyists, an ipad+procreate is legitimately a better option. For people who are serious about art, screen tablets are much more accessible than they were back in the day. A lot of cheap, decent options that will get the job done. But idk I could be wrong

No. 610515

I've been looking around for iPads because of procreate. Can it be used on any version of the iPad?

No. 610518

It does and some ipads outside the pro range take ipencil too and don't break the bank as much (latest ipad air 10.5, regular iPad 6th Gen 2018 9.7, new iPad 7th Gen 10.2 and not sure but the mini maybe do too but then that's too small to draw on comfortably)

No. 610522

- "hey guys what tablet should I get?"
- "what do you think about (unknown artist nobody cares about)?"
- pedo drawings discussion
- infighting
- newbies asking for advice
- raging at newbies for asking for advice
- "how dare xyz make this much money! it's not fair!!!"
this shit is getting stale

No. 610523

I just saw an artist today with 50k followers on TikTok but 600 followers on his Instagram account. Sometimes you'll have followers from one platform that will bleed over to another but I've even had trouble getting my Instagram followers to Twitter

No. 610526

Is this the artfol dev? lmao

No. 610545

where can we ask for art advice

No. 610549

This thread for general advice but there's also >>102700 if you want people to critique your art.

No. 610550

Meant >>/m/102700 (hopefully that link works)

No. 610555

anytime the “what screen tablet should i get” question is thrown here all i can think about is that these are beginners that think they need one (spoiler: you don’t) or artists that hold onto that excuse of “hurrr i just need more expensive supplies and then i’ll be better”

no one with a sensible brain would be asking that here of all places.

No. 610559

Wacom bootlicker. I've had a Huion for years and still works perfectly as the first day.

No. 610561

thinking the same too, just get a normal tablet and not shill out 2000$ for something that won't improve your skill nor your digital art experience.

No. 610562

sorry, when i go to /m/102700 it says the page doesn't exist?

No. 610566

As someone who's still stubbornly faithful to her Intuous Pro, yeah, I feel it a bit. My artist friends bug me all the time to get Procreate. It definitely seems convenient, I'll give it that, but when I watch demos I get so wary of the way it corrects and smooths your brush strokes. I'll trust my own wrist skill, thanks.

No. 610567


I'm a bit uneasy with Huions, all the times I tried to use one, it had driver problems and refused to work with my drawing programs.

No. 610569

Honestly, most drivers issues are likely related to your own laptop/PC instead of the tablet itself. Did you have any other drivers installed?

No. 610570

nvm, i managed to find it! thank you so much

No. 610577

If so many people have issues with drivers (because this happens to 70-80% of huion users) then i don't think it's the computers fault.

No. 610578

Citation needed and also you have no idea how dumb people are. Out of your made up data, i'd say 50% of them downloaded the wrong driver or have +3 drivers installed already.

No. 610593

I disagree. A screen can make things a lot easier, and some people legitimately can't draw well with a traditional tablet, no matter how hard they practice. You don't need to spend a ton of money to get a decent screen tablet anymore, so it's not really a case of buying the most expensive supplies imo.

No. 610595

yea, personally my biggest improvement with art happened when i got a screen tablet sooo… still, i wouldn't recommend spending all that $$$ if u r not sure u will make a use out of it

No. 610597

Probably gonna get some heat for this, but if someone's interested in art, I would suggest getting a ipad (a cheaper model not the pro obviously) and starting from there. If you find you're just not into it, you can still use the ipad for other things

No. 610606

i mean you are not entirely wrong, but still, 2nd hand ipads are kinda pricey for a beginner.

if i were to be 100% honest, a beginner that really wants a screen can just get a basic tablet from like huawei or whatever is cheap and just draw with medibang or ibis

No. 610644

Plus can anything be worse than wacom drivers? I've used wacom tablet for over 15 years on all sorts of systems and I know what I'm doing and that shit is the fucking worst.

No. 610650

The stroke correction is just a brush setting, you don't have to use it. Also you can use both? It's really nice to be mobile for sketching. But yeah, if you don't see any place for it in your workflow it's too expensive.

No. 610653


(same anon from the huion driver issue!) Honestly I don't know. Both times I tried using a Huion, I made sure to uninstall any unnecessary drivers or leftover stuff from other tablets. The Huion would work fine most of the time, but it flat out refused to work when I opened my software (Paint Tool SAI).

I've had two Huion tablets so far, one was from a friend who had it lying around for a while after they bought an Intuos, and the other I bought myself because I wanted to break free from the whole Wacom monopoly.

No. 610671

Ah okay, I stand corrected. I definitely see the benefits of it for sketching on-the-go, but yeah, gonna wait when that's actually plausible on the reg before buying it kek.

No. 610685

i started with a wacom and it was… fine, but after that one bit the dust i got a huion and it was a gamechanger. it worked better for cheaper, easier to change settings, etc.
after that one died 3 years later (cant remember what happened) i bought the exact same one again. it worked perfectly for a year or two and then suddenly stopped working.
i'd like to think i have a higher-than-average competence with technology and i have absolutely no idea what the problem was. i tried every possible solution from uninstalling and reinstalling every possible driver to buying a new pen and cable. nothing worked. several people have had the exact same problem with no solutions. i don't want to get tinfoily but let's just say i wouldn't be surprised if there was some planned obsolecense going on.

i recently shilled out $400 for an xp-pen (artist 12) and it's really great so far. they have a ton of little screenless tablets in the $30-50 range too. it's my first time owning a screen tablet, so i don't have much to compare it to in that regard, though personally as a professional artist i'd rather be able to mirror my desktop screen (complete with files) to my tablet than buy an iPad and have it be it's own thing. i wish i made more use of the many buttons on the side, but i've been conditioned to use my left hand for keyboard shortcuts.

No. 610711

you can buy a like new cintiq for half or less on ebay bids, offer up, craigslist dont fall for the full priced ones

No. 610726

Very that. There's no reason to keep pretending wacom deserves monopoly in the market, much cheaper display screen exist and work even more efficiently. They're literally the Adobe of tablets right now

No. 610729

Hey guys, what are the best brushes for lineart in Krita? They all look kind of bad to be honest, but maybe i should custom them. Or maybe you recommend some other program?

No. 610740

i really think huion driver issues are overstated, artists don't necessarily need powerful computers but a 2004 dell laptop will of course have trouble lol.

mine has lasted me about 5 years at this point? i'm not really familiar with the shelf life of huions tbh, which model did you have?

No. 610773

I feel like I just answered this same question.

I bought an XP Pen Artist 22E Pro after years of being a Wacom junkie, but I wanted to move up to a screen. There were a ton of Youtube reviews talking about how great it was, half the price of a 22 inch Cintiq, and Amazon was having a limited time deal on them so I caved. The result is okay, but it's got some issues.

The driver was a bitch, I downloaded the latest, but it took forever for the driver to see the hardware, then I had more problems when I tried to use it with the shortcut remote they also sell. Got it working eventually, but I'm still not sure why it suddenly worked. Massive parallax, usually disconnects then immediately reconnects after a couple of hours (knocking out the calibration), requiring me to restart my PC to get it to reset properly, sometimes freezes in the calibration screen. And I don't have anything to compare it to, but the screen doesn't feel great under the pen. It's really glossy and it feels like I'm scratching it all the time. I also have to use it with my lights off because the screen reflects the light over my desk so badly.

The pros are plenty, mind. Aside from the price, it's got 16 programable buttons, it is a nice looking monitor, and unlike Wacom, it comes with a great adjustable stand that I just can't fault. It also came with a free additional pen, 8 additional nibs, and a glove. The CP Pen pens themselves aren't as chunky as my old Wacom pens as well.

All in all, I do wish I'd saved longer and gotten a Cintiq, but I got a decent tablet for the budget I had at the time. If I could go back, I think I'd still be using my ancient Intuos 4 a bit longer while I saved for a Cintiq. But to each their own. I wish it more usual for physical stores to have these so you could try them and compare different ones.

No. 610782

Lmao it sounds more like your PC is a piece of shit dude

The cintiq will not solve your other hardware issues

No. 610814

Since someone else asked for brushes on Krita, similarly I'd like to ask if anyone here knows of any good textured brushes for SAI. When I search they all look kinda the same and bad. Also the way SAI processes texture files is a bit weird, would someone be able to reproduce a brush made for another software and succesfully put it into SAI? Any tips?

No. 610817

Well, it's a few years old now, but it is still decent as a gaming PC. Never had any trouble with my non-screen tablets or with any gaming stuff I've bought over the years. I'll admit I'm not the most tech-savvy, but I feel like this shouldn't be the wrestling match that it is.

No. 610819

seems like wacom's new tactic for getting sales is becoming just having dumb people not being able to operate tablets and thinking that wacom will fix everything for them.

sai is so old just look for brush making tutorials for it. this is really not the place for such specific questions, use google.

No. 610822


Soooo their sales tablet is being more user-friendly? Okay then.

No. 610827


No. 610867

Honestly, just upgrade to Clip Studio Paint whenever it goes on sale, if you dont want to shell out 50 bucks. It's so much more versatile, and can do everything Sai can and more.

No. 610868

File: 1598042470179.png (227.92 KB, 1080x1080, cyarine_20200821_2.png)

how do you guys currently feel about cyarine's art? I know that she's been discussed constantly but I'm personally sort of like her artwork because of the aesthetic

No. 610875

>user friendly

lmao, do you mean brain dead

No. 610877

you completely misread my reply, i was saying that wacom is just perceived to have less issues, if someone's pc sucks ass it won't fix it for them. also even if they were "user friendly" the amount more they charge wouldn't be worth it.

No. 610888

Hard disagree. I animate and a screen tablet was a game changer, it felt more fluid and natural,

No. 610900

Sweaty, just learn to look at your monitor while your hands work on the desk.

No. 610902

I'm gonna cosine on you with that, and I used to think people who bemoaned screenless tablets were ngmis. It's just that much faster and more "natural." With still image work like illustration and 3D I'd say having a screen tablet is less important and in the case of sculpting a distraction imo.

No. 610925

File: 1598047271267.jpeg (537.66 KB, 750x918, E88220AF-721C-4673-B135-92E50C…)

Cyarine’s art is a hit or miss for me. Some of her sketchier stuff like the pic you posted looks atrocious, but when she actually puts effort she can make some really pretty art.

No. 610939

like the other anon said, sometimes her art ends up looking lazy and not rly thought out. probably bc she has such a large following she doesnt need to care about quality as much.
but then the art in which she spends more time on looks a bit better ig

No. 610946

shadowleggy is a sad case, she became a literally who as the years went by and I see why, I realized she was never great to begin with and was just a product of her time. her art and animations are really boring, stale and have no charm nowadays, her old ms paint videos at least had that childish funny look to them, now it's just another run of the mill no effort flash animator

No. 610960

I thought the thread picture was a joke. like someone switched the order but I actually saw it in my explore and I can't believe people were praising it. On it own I can see how it can pass but compared to their old work…

No. 610969

imho that piece isn't even that good to begin with. sure, the rendering is nice, but the girl and the background look like they belong in completely different pictures - like she just pasted the girl on top of a background with no afterthought..

No. 610992

The Wolfthera inking bundle seems to have a lot of good brushes, but they don't really do it for me.

As a comic artist, I use the Inker brush from the Mojo Ink bundle, with the size pressure curve slightly adjusted. It's been working like a charm for me so far. The Mojo brush bundles are pretty awesome for comic artists in general, actually. They just need some minor tweaking.

No. 611003

Seconding this. CSP goes on sale for about US$25 every other month or so. Just sign up and look for notifications. It's really worth it once you get used to everything.

No. 611045


the face is so detailed and well painted and then the rest of it is kinda.. whatever. especially the hips and that area. like wtf is going on there

No. 611047


The good ol' case of an artist that focuses almost solely on rendering a pretty face but doesn't learn how to render the rest of the body.

No. 611051

I used a normal tablet for ten years before getting a pen display. For me personally, it made a big difference in comfort because it felt more similar to traditional drawing. I was able to draw more frequently and work for longer periods of time.

There wasn't a significant difference in the quality of the art. The pen display just improved my workflow.

No. 611060

File: 1598059963838.jpeg (16.3 KB, 320x320, B7E2ED2B-7C63-47E9-881A-091F16…)

Does anyone have experience with Gaomon? Are they any decent?

I need urgently a new tablet but the Intuos i was planning to buy is completely out of stock in my region, waiting for a restock would take too long since im already falling behind my work.

Im not a fan of Huion since they seem to not last very long, three years is too little time for tablet rotation.

So im eyeing a gaomon and tbh i get almost the double surface size than a wacom for the same price so it seems like a good deal, their tech seems to be almost the same as wacom since they are of those IP theft chinese grey market companies.

No. 611076

i used a ugee tablet for around 5 years before my computer gave out (i cant use the tablet anymore due to my current computer not having an HDMI outlet) and honestly it was one of the best tablets ive ever used. I had the 1910B which was a monitor tablet that was around 400 dollars and another one of my friends bought a non-screen ugee tablet (basically an intuos) and hes been using it for close to 6 years now. If you want a good cheap tablet i definitely recommend ugee. And just in case the tablet does break (it shouldnt, ive never had that problem) or something like that it wont be a big deal since theyre pretty cheap.

No. 611169

File: 1598068049570.gif (316.17 KB, 414x650, ezgif-7-55bb8376e5cc.gif)

@16pxl on twitter was recently called out for replicating a Disney artwork from 2002, same colors and everything. They only apologized for adding this "study" to their wallpaper set.

Gif of their pixel artwork and the original artwork overlay courtesy of https://twitter.com/LoadingArtist/status/1297001495284441088

Tweetsave of @16pxl's "original artwork": https://tweetsave.com/16pxl/status/1239958961006063616
Tweetsave of callout: https://tweetsave.com/jmw327/status/1296972528766902272

No. 611177

I think this is a case of a copy actually looking good. The disney one is still better because you can tell Lilo and Stitch are supposed to be the focal, so everything else is very dark, but hers is still good.

No. 611201

As someone who has used a nonscreen tablet for maybe 7 years, I cannot imagine using a screen tablet. It sounds so inconvenient for my way of working. I sketch traditionally here and there, like during my breaks at work, and all the problems I have with it would transfer over to a screen tablet, minus the lack of ctrl+z and lasso tool and such.
My two main problems are that my hand/pen blocks the image as I'm drawing, and I have to make sure I'm looking at it straight on which can be a hassle and make me hunch. These are things plenty of artists learn to live with, but I'm so spoiled with my computer screen facing me directly and not having a hand or pen in the way of the canvas while I'm making my strokes, I don't want to go back.
I'd like to try a screen tablet out sometime to see if it really is as good as people say, but for the price, its just too much of a gamble.

No. 611207

Personally I noticed that cyarine’s work, the only ones that I personally like are the ones that she has heavily referenced ie, the work you just shown, compared to her work w/o reference: >>610868

No. 611215

File: 1598072043745.png (429.71 KB, 489x591, 4.PNG)

Saw this artist online a couple months ago, specifically this piece. its a shame that after i had checked out their gallery i could tell that they reek of some slight SJW-ness because i actually really like this drawing. I guess we just cant have nice things in this world, can we?

No. 611217

I get that art theft should be avoided but like.. both versions are bad

No. 611224

Whatever you say self-poster, that piece is shit

No. 611226

File: 1598073970261.png (1.46 MB, 1200x1200, Seelmaru_Seel_Plush_Toy-2_1200…)

>derpy looking "limited release" plush is still cheaper than the cheapest price for her CS adopts (not counting freebies/raffles)

Not really sure how to feel about this besides CS being a joke.

No. 611238

This looks like a vendetta post lmao. Coming from someone that sews, the embroidery on that looks well done and I think it's pretty cute. Wouldn't by one myself but, it's about the same price as anime plushie and honestly better considering it's 20cm tall.

No. 611260

File: 1598076238939.png (1.54 MB, 1200x1200, Seelmaru_Seel_Plush_Toy-3_1200…)

Good embroidery does not fix poor patternmaking, but that wasn't even the point of the post. This ugly but tangible thing is $25 and she charges well beyond that for the ""rights"" to a scalie drawing with some "specific" features to it lol.

The plush is still a better purchase, even if you are creatively bankrupt.

No. 611267

>Coming from someone that sews, the embroidery on that looks well done
It's embroidered entirely by machine, as most mass produced plushies are, so ofc it's gonna look better than handstitched embroidery appliques. Kind of a no brainer comment.

No. 611270

Still think it's a cute pattern and apples to oranges dude. You're comparing a mass produced plushie of one single simplistic design to a full on character design. Adoptables are hit or miss imo but atleast you know right upfront what you're getting but, there's literally no correlation comparing a mass produced plushie to and adoptable.

Don't know if you've seen how bad machine embroidery can get if you're original design isn't right but, I've gotten quite a few machine embroidered patches that look like shit. The machine embroidery looks clean is all I was saying.

No. 611272

File: 1598077119090.png (51.41 KB, 741x327, bsexcuse.png)

Honestly this response right here says it all. How fucking prideful do you have to be just to be like "redraw, copied, whatever" when just a few days ago you were talking about art thieves. You have over 103k followers bitch, what do you mean you didn't expect it to get attention when your average posts get over 50k likes.

No. 611281

This is so obviously fucking traced, I cannot see how she can just brush it off as "lol it's a copy whatever", even someone who tries to replicate an image for a study, can hardly ever get the proportions as perfect as they are in here. Every tree is the exact same height and distant from each other as in the original image, same with the flowers, the bushes, stone steps and the rest aside from lilo and stitch, the only thing that really changes is the colors and the lighting but no way is this just a copy.

Also when someone who does create a copy of a certain original work they usually give a little transformative spin to it, like you see in most screenshot drawing challenges. It's just more fun to copy a scene but in your way instead of creating an exact replica, so I don't don't buy the results nor the motive.

No. 611289

The fucking flowers, deck, stairs, and all the tree trunks line up perfectly. It's so obvious she just did what people do when they paint over existing instagram pictures but, she did it with pixels instead. All her fans kissing her ass in the comments of people calling her out is just depressing. And what the hell do you mean "foolishly upset" At the time…you had months to think about giving credit? The fuck?

No. 611293

File: 1598079280406.png (1.25 MB, 1200x1200, Chiffon1_2000x_769220c3-259a-4…)

The legs on it are hideous to me, especially in proportion to the rest of its body. There's a lot of nice looking Makeship plushies (and some other duds too) but that one just feels like wasted potential or mediocre designing.
I'm glad that pic related is getting a "rerun" of sorts, it's nice. The only thing off about it is the slightly stubby arms but otherwise it's a pretty great plush design.

CS are different from regular adopts bc rather than just the design/support alone you're buying "admission" into what are usually extremely petty and drama-prone "clubs" along with your doodle. Really dumb and not worth. I don't have much against regular adopts since it's more about supporting the artist rather than "owning" the work itself, but CS and their comms are pretty awful. Not even once.

No. 611309

Thank you! I tried it a while ago and it felt a little too overwhelming, especially compared to SAI, but I'll give it a try again.

No. 611323

Did you try messing with the Windows ink settings? I had to configure mine because with SAI it wouldn't work if it was activated. (Or the other way around, i don't remember. Although this could be a nice excuse to leave SAI behind and go for CSP anon)

No. 611325

Is there absolutely any hope for a Liquify tool in Clip studio Paint? I feel like people have been asking for years, but it's the only thing that's lacking. I hate opening PS for 2 seconds.

No. 611393

Ugh, I know. It seems like such a basic function, but I've been using CSP since it was called "manga studio" like ten years ago and at this point I'm beginning to think it'll never be added.

No. 611462


Once you get used to using csp workflow you start drawing/painting in way that won't require liquify but for sketching you can use the mesh tool if you're really stuck.

No. 611463

I've been using CSP since release, some things still require liquify. Mesh tool is ok for general detail but a mess for others.

No. 611493

this is fugly. gtfo selfposter

No. 611499

File: 1598096744265.png (2.52 MB, 1435x2213, prettygirlart.png)

I know it gets talked about often but I hate this lifeless shit, so boring, unimaginative.

No. 611501

meh such a huge callout video for a shitty trace is cringe af

No. 611513

File: 1598098949789.jpeg (147.18 KB, 1222x842, 066547D8-4C0A-4228-A2C0-CF7F79…)

she keeps doubling down on it being ‘inspired’ instead of saying what it is. COPIED. The further she tries to explain herself (blaming Pinterest in one tweet lul) the more guilty she comes across.

This was traced. Period.

No. 611528

At this point, you might as well just slap a filter or four on random people's selfies, and claim you actually digitally painted them. Same shit.

No. 611530

File: 1598100970279.jpeg (564.12 KB, 746x3124, 7B6E1E34-D1C7-4B84-82DA-B1E436…)

I wouldn’t have given a fuck if it wasn’t for the fact that her replies are getting snarky af. Kills me I can’t find the original tumblr call out post about her and her other traces. She has many.

No. 611542

Copying and tracing are not the same. It's a copy for sure but it's not traced, there's too many differences.

No. 611545

nta but CSP overwhelmed me so much on the first try that I uninstalled it after a few minutes lol. When I tried it again some months later I started by customizing the workspace, turning it to a light grey and putting things where I was kinda used to them. This might seem obvious, but I hadn't seen anyone mention it in conversations about switching from SAI to CSP and it cleared things up a lot for me and made it much easier to get used to the program as a whole!! There are also SAI-type workspaces to download on Clip Studio Assets if you don't want to change it yourself

No. 611565

oop. my bad, you’re right about that. Thanks for the correction

No. 611609

Could be both. Traced structure, then while painting it, she added ‘differences’

No. 611631

I actually think this is kind of nice. don't be so rude lol. we probably wouldnt have so many selfposters if we actually had a thread to post art in. it'd be nice to have an art positivity thread where we all post our art and give each other honest critiques.

No. 611632

Just do that on twitter. There's no positivity here, people just come to complain about people more successful than them.

No. 611640

This is the artist salt thread so I'm just going to add to it:

Does anyone else honestly get occasionally annoyed whenever you retweet art you like and your followers always retweet and like those things, but they rarely like/share anything you yourself make? Sometimes I ask myself, why are they even following me, they could be following the people they're actually interested in. Maybe I suck, but also, why bother?

No. 611645

As soon as 16pxl said she just used an app to get colors from photos and then used the eyedropper tool it completely took the magic out of it for me. Same thing with rossdraws just painting over photoshopped collages. I’m not in the art business so I don’t know what’s normal, but cheap shortcuts really bum me out.

No. 611649

Whaat no way. I wonder if she even can color pick for herself. That really makes me like her work less, especially when she's kind of a one trick pony. Wow, the same fluffy cloud…but now in pink. Amazing.

No. 611705

at least my art actually has swag dipshit. youre genuinely rlly funny bc of yr usage of the word fugly. who taught you that word…..>>611493

No. 611707

yr mum is a piece of shit for raising you the way you turned out >P(absolute autism)

No. 611719

How old are you? 12?

No. 611730

on a clothing site i followed people for the stuff they liked rather than their own content because it made it way easier to find clothing i was into than the recommended or search bar. people might be using your account in the same sense but with drawings, sorry anon.

No. 611738


Jesus, just report this clown.

No. 611739

Have you never heard of HDMI adapters???

No. 611740

Wow people still say this??

No. 611746

You’re right it’s not traced. It’s an over painting, too much of the texture lines up.

No. 611771

> we probably wouldnt have so many selfposters if we actually had a thread to post art in. it'd be nice to have an art positivity thread where we all post our art and give each other honest critiques.

…you’re talking about websites like deviantart/twitter/tumblr. There doesn’t need to be an asskissing art forumn on lolcow(a website dedicated to salt and assholes) where Growing artists can be traced back to This site when there’s enough ass patting on other websites

No. 611778

Happens to me too anon. I guess some followers are more interested in your interests than your drawings. Maybe our drawings really do suck.

No. 611802

nta but same. But if they don't like our art, why not just unfollow us? I really wouldn't mind

No. 611810

Does anyone else get annoyed at artists openly bitching or being passive aggressive about having to work on their commissions, especially on their "professional" account? I seriously don't feel like buying work from someone who clearly hates doing it and I always frown at artists who cry about their long queue and constantly" ask for forgiveness" from their client because they're behind on their work. Bitch if you'd put down your Animal Crossing or whatever shit you're playing for a second and actually earned your pay you wouldn't have to constantly make these "I'm working on my ~mental health~ thank you for understanding!!!" posts. Don't take commissions if your client has to wait for like six months to get that one waist up piece they paid you for. Be glad someone is willing to pay for your art to begin with.

No. 611855

Yes!! The people who post on their public stories about how much they dread doing their commissions and are procrastinating… are you really gonna make people who are giving you money feel like they're making your life miserable because you have to work for it?
None of these people ever seem to actually be doing it to make a living either, it's more like doing commissions is a status symbol for them and they didn't know it's actually hard work.

No. 611883

it's always the people that don't need it that get ton of commissions. this is an extreme example but look at sasucchi. she's still living with her family, has (and has had) maids all her life. she really doesn't need all that money she is making and is constantly saying "oof im so tired i have no motivation im tired of my art sorry to my commissioners" like bitch just don't open commissions at all ?

No. 611917

>are you really gonna make people who are giving you money feel like they're making your life miserable because you have to work for it?
This! Like are you really guilt tripping and shaming the people who gave you money for something you are sold to them? I've literally seen popular artists do all these "PLEASE DON'T PRESSURE ME IT CAUSES ME STRESS uwu" posts because someone was asking after the commission they paid upfront for three months ago. Then they open up "emergency commissions" for some bullshit e-begging reason just to scam people out of money and post photos of some expensive item they just bought to practice "self-care".

No. 611942

good riddance. I’m glad there’s social media so said artists can further out themselves as being unprofessional as hell.

No. 612003

I have a question. Is Artstation a good site to post art? I don't feel intimidated by the people there (I admire them and want to learn with them, rather) and I know that it doesn't have really a "community" since it's mostly a portfolio site. But is it worth it if you're a small artist?

No. 612046

File: 1598134546266.png (1.86 MB, 828x1792, C7DC77A1-8903-43C6-83A0-91D2DB…)

There’s more.

No. 612049

File: 1598134602477.png (1.23 MB, 828x1792, 86EBF2BF-C75B-480B-8484-0CA2A9…)

Also one of the people who owns one of the photos even commented, oof.

No. 612062


I was legit going through her wallpaper pack the other day with suspicions that they were also painted over pieces. Wow, I hope she gets what's coming to her.

No. 612098

lmao this is hilarious, she's always butthurt over people "copying her pixel art/palette" but bruh she's nothing but a hypocrite

No. 612117

this is fucking bonkers, let's just make her delete her account already

No. 612127

File: 1598139493374.png (1.98 MB, 1222x2134, thostagram art.png)

Was looking for advice about posting to Instagram and came across Alicja Nai's "Reviewing Your Instagram account" videos on Youtube. From the way she was talking about the accounts of others, I figured she was a legitimate professional artist who produces very high caliber work… but when I checked out her instagram I was disappointed.

At the risk of sounding like Bitter Betty, why do so many of these same-faced, e-thot, sausage lip artists, think that their initial success from drawing instathots, qualifies them as a speaking authority for being a successful artist overall?

It's cringy hearing her giving advice to young artists on things that she doesn't even do herself.

No. 612128

Part 6 of Daria Cohen's Vampyre series came out. She did well with timing movements with the music but I feel the song itself wasn't the best choice for the scene.

No. 612131

File: 1598139655581.jpeg (229.29 KB, 750x1448, A32DACF4-511E-4F02-9539-E5F189…)

nothing at all is going to happen to her. It’s happened before many many times. She’s a fucking hack.

No. 612135

You do sound bitter lol. Artist like these are successful for a reason and she has 200k followers for a reason, and she'll give advice that can help artists online presence even if it doesn't improve the quality of their work. Sure, their subject matter is basic and boring, but so are thousands of other art styles, people are only picking on this because it's popular and trendy right now, but it'll be replaced with another style soon enough and then that art style will be hated and called basic.

No. 612139

Man this is the stuff the really pisses me off because I know with such a huge following like hers' she won't face any repercussions for it because her fans will always be there to sniff her ass and defend her to the death. She does paint overs with pixels half the time and it just makes me so pissed to know nothing will really come of it. I know she won't even address it either.

No. 612146

Same anon as above but, I also love how she didn't respond to Denis himself when he made that comment. What a joke.

No. 612157

i have, im not stupid. My current computer is a surface pro which, on top of already being able to draw directly on the screen, only has 1 usb port and nothing else. I dont have a need for my old tablet nor is it compatible to my computer.

No. 612171

At least I'm self aware lol
It's not that it's boring. I guess it's just frustration that like most artist who jump on the trend, she got an easy ride to fame solely from that, and nothing else. She criticizes some younger artists in the videos, for not having a "high enough art skill" for her to even critique, when her own skills aren't that high either. She's good, but not so good that she can talk about them that way.
It just feels hypocritical.

No. 612180

Nah you are definitely not bitter. Getting follows on instagram/twitter/etc is a game, following the algorithm of that particular site, having the right style, and kissing ass of specific people. It doesn't necessarily mean you have quality art or that your style is appealing outside social media

My advice is to worry less on getting a following for the sake of it and more on working on your own artistic voice. What do you want to tell people as an artist, stick to that, be consistent in your message, and hone your skills in your style enough to get your message across. And your message doesn't have to be deep, you can get really good at drawing dogs wearing backpacks bc that's what you want to fucking draw. Cool awesome. You need a vision to start. Like writing a novel. Normies gravitate towards consistency over technical skill, consistency in your artistic voice is so important.

No. 612325

>successful for a reason
uuh huh.

No. 612331

Sounds like a topic hit too close to home.

No. 612335

i-is that… ariana in the upper right?

No. 612350

that's literally all that's being done tbh.

No. 612358

File: 1598161449537.png (3.26 MB, 1276x999, neck.PNG)

I keep seeing this girls post promoting her YT channel on the AANI group
All I can see is this girls photoshop neck and she puts on this weird baby voice in all her videos.
She seems like she means well, but she rubs me the wrong way.
Has anyone come across mini-artcows like her before?

No. 612361

Meh how else is someone supposed to get exposure?
I don’t really see it too much as a problem but I guess that’s just me. Is the space weird?

No. 612389

These both doesnt even try to change, kek

No. 612391

Who is the artist?

No. 612393

Dude, she literally likes every post in AANI on SPS. It kind of annoyed me because she joined in April of this year, posts nearly the same thing each week and her “I miss cons uwu” post garnered 500+ likes.

I can’t take that group seriously because it’s the same cutesy garbage that gets the most attention in SPS. Like, it’s a circlejerk between the more popular artists in the group and others with various styles don’t get a chance.

I’m probably just being a bitter bitch because I never get noticed but whatever.

No. 612397

File: 1598171853464.jpeg (651.38 KB, 1242x1259, E568BAE3-F20F-4DE3-8A44-76F94A…)

Hoo boy… samefag from >>612393 but it took me a moment, I knew I remembered her from somewhere. This girl collabs with a known art thief who goes by Hoshimi Slimes (A slime seller who employs her own kids and blames them for the initial theft. And they stole from a bunch of other artists as well). See the blue chibi octopus in the IG stories tab? That was a redesign she did for Hoshimi that was stolen from another artist on Instagram.

There was a callout post on Hoshimi Slimes on twitter a while back.

No. 612399

File: 1598172767197.jpeg (257.09 KB, 1800x1631, 06FB9C81-6B67-4D8B-9E7D-C4C8BE…)



A while back, this was posted pretty much detailing the ordeal. Long story short:

>woman took a bunch of images she found on google. Had her daughter trace them to use on merch. Backpedaled hard when confronted and became aggressive when told to stop using it. Used her children as scapegoats to avoid responsibility and then hired Kawaii.art.cafe to basically redo/do slight changes to art that was stolen.

Kawaii knew this was going on and continued to work with them.

No. 612401

File: 1598173044432.png (5.07 MB, 1800x1560, 6C74C04B-C64A-453F-9A3C-9B437B…)



Her “revision” of the art that was taken. Changes were made to get people off their back but they still refused to accept responsibility or apologize to the artists they stole from. Kawaii.art.cafe is pretty scummy for even having been associated with these people so I wouldn’t put it past her to have done other shady shit.

No. 612404

is this really what consistutes an "art crime" worthy of canceling these days? both people using a blue chibi octopus is enough to warrant canceling someone by association? they don't look anything alike, its literally just a c shape with a couple appendages and kawaii eyes and there's some sort of stealing of intellectual property going on here? this shit is so fucking cringe. god this thread is full of teenage snowflakes with your trace police assclownery.

No. 612412

i mean, yeah, but her art is fucking ugly

No. 612413

honey is your vision alright? it's literally the same picture but with shiny eyes. what do you mean "they don't look alike"?

No. 612416

>I have a question. Is Artstation a good site to post art?
Sure is because it's always good to have a portfolio, but if you're not an established industry artist you can set up said portfolio right before sending job applications just at well.

No. 612438

You should read stuff more carefully if you are going to rant about it.

No. 612469

Why is everyone on this site obsessed that nothing ever is a copy or a trace, just "coincidences" even when it obviously is?
I get the feeling people get extremely defensive over copycats lately to make being a hack acceptable and not have to put an ounce of the work or creativity themselves.

No. 612471

kek someone didn't bother to read the post. Congrats, you look like an idiot.

No. 612472

she probably just doesn't think that the original is unique or complex enough to be "real art".

No. 612479

they may even be a hardcore kawaii fan that got bitter lmao

No. 612493

File: 1598191309034.jpg (1.14 MB, 816x3264, yoda.jpg)

Is it fine to ask for art advice here?
Similar to a different anon, I would love to get back to drawing doodles of shitty anime girls. I used to LOVE drawing but stopped. I just want to express myself as a hobbist. If I achieved a Luna-tier level of skill, I would be happy lmfao.
How do I learn to break down characters (especially human) as well as objects into those basic shapes? Pic related. I get confused by so many things, especially shoulders. Will following the Loomis books (starting with Fun with Pencil) help me with this?
Sorry for shitting up this thread with my newbie bs. I just want to have fun and get back into drawing. I miss being an ignorant weeb and being so happy just drawing, even though I sucked at it.

No. 612519

No. 612531

what's with anons and thinking the art SALT thread is a place for getting all this art advice? this place is for just that, being salty. if you post your own art you are basically just asking to be insulted.

if you have nothing to say about a video don't post it, lavandertowne is so bad it's not even funny anymore and no one will watch the video.

No. 612535

have you read the thread description, angery anon? Because I did:
>Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.
I have considered asking in anon art thread, but nobody is even reading /m.
Also I'm not posting my art, IDK why you got that idea

No. 612543

File: 1598197624341.png (1.77 MB, 2070x1380, yoda-reg.png)

try to simplify everything in your head. a trick may be to think "how would a toddler draw this". attached a reallly rough example.

No. 612549

Anons, just because this salt thread says “art discussion” and “ sometimes, people ask for help” there is a literal forum open to art use and assistance, who aren’t complete assholes about it:


Gtfo the page or go back to the top of this thread where you can clearly read Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc, that are FREE online. Stop clogging up the forum just because “Art discussion” is in the Title

No. 612558

If she's giving art critique thats just really subjective, and her work is kinda boring. But if she's giving advice on marketing and building a fanbase, she can have some legitamite advice. Her work isn't the best but at least she knows how to market herself.

No. 612559

She has 200k followers, she's successful cause she knows how to appeal to a broad fanbase, and market herself to them, as well as how to use the algorithm. SO many of you younger artists are just delusional and want to think that these artists are a fluke and an accident instead of a specific type of branding. The quality of your work doesn't really matter on social media. So yeah, she's successful for a reason, and could give good advice when it comes to mareting even if I wouldn't trust her art advice.

No. 612563

That "art help" threat is dead.

No. 612570

> She has 200k followers, she's successful cause she knows how to appeal to a broad fanbase, and market herself to them, as well as how to use the algorithm

Which brings it back to what op was taking about:
> why do so many of these same-faced, e-thot, sausage lip artists, think that their initial success from drawing instathots
The person got their success due to doing what a majority of popular artist do: draw e-thots
This isn’t because she’s this marketing genius, she’s just playing by the rules given to her- that doesn’t make her any better that any other ethot artist out there- like, op showed us a pic of their work, and you’re saying that they deserve their followers

>SO many of you younger artists are just delusional

> want to think that these artists are a fluke and an accident instead of a specific type of branding
Literally not what we were discussing, our old-and-wise anon

Still think this hit too close to home for this anon

No. 612571


No. 612578

File: 1598203558531.png (2.51 MB, 1278x1772, 17CFFFB4-1828-46C0-B67F-F20463…)

I couldn’t tell if you were being willingly obtuse or you really are that stupid. Read the post.

Here’s another example of kawaii.art.cafe being creatively bankrupt. She probably saw this as easy money and went along for the ride but that doesn’t excuse her for being a hack artist.

No. 612579

fuck off

No. 612597

>The person got their success due to doing what a majority of popular artist do: draw e-thots
>This isn’t because she’s this marketing genius, she’s just playing by the rules given to her

That's literally what marketing is genius. Not every basic bitch artist is gonna get 200k followers. If young people don't know shit about the algorthim or building a fanbase then she can give advice to help on that front even though her art advice may be shit.

>Literally not what we were discussing

Except that this is what we're discussing?? OP asked what entitles these people to give advice, and branding is a part of that which she clearly has gotton the hang of which entitles her to give advice on that aspect of being an artist.

No. 612600

Question for you anons: if you could have it your way, what kind of art would you want to be more popular? We talk a lot about being tired of anime art, semi-realistic anime art, and twitblr steven universe ripoffs, but what kind of art do you wish people would make more of?

No. 612602

There's nothing I want to be more popular, I just wish coomer anime girl art was less popular

No. 612603

Yes lmao that's pnp

No. 612607

Landscapes, or just full pictures that actually have an environment and not some pretty girl pasted on a random background at best. Interesting or weird styles or subjects like made up creatures. Stuff that displays different techniques of different mediums, not just the same old digital or watercolor.

No. 612620

See the thing is that this art isn't really that bad inherantly, its just really common and popular now. Theres so much diverse art, and so much of it, it's jsut that right at the moment this is the type of art thats popular. Thatll change and something different will become popular and then thats gonna be the art style thats hated after a while. As long as people are interested in this type of art thats whats going to be the most popular. I think it would be fun to have artists have more diverse subject matter, eve if they draw it in the same style.

No. 612623

It's dead for a reason. And sage please.

No. 612624

Wtf is up with people being super sensitive about "cancelling"???

It's not really "cancelling" if it's just the expectation that someone owns up to their shit and takes responsibility for the bullshit they pull. This is literally a gossiping board. You are a fucking clown.

No. 612673

File: 1598216575547.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_2020-08-23-07-20-59…)

I found this artist recently through Mewtripled. Thoughts?

No. 612676

File: 1598217015246.jpeg (628.71 KB, 1448x2048, EgHyXbeUYAAhD0l.jpeg)

Kristia/raiko/megat0nraid/averia changed her twitter handle again from vannicecream to vanillasketches kek. Also this gets progressively worse the longer you stare at it. She stopped tracing only to buy CSP and fake every single detail. And people praise her for having a keen eye on details? Bitch cant even use it right

No. 612681

File: 1598217573930.jpeg (365.39 KB, 928x1858, 1FA72F8F-417C-4C5E-BF2B-CB2A4B…)

jesus christ she really can't draw dogs

No. 612682

Fugly colors, shitty half-assed lines. Not much else to say.

No. 612683

I'm pretty sure this is mewtriple's best friend. Her art is even messier than mew's kek.

I don't think she ever does fully polished artwork because it's all similar to what you posted. How do people like this get through art school?

No. 612685


I thought this pic was fine until I noticed that ugly deformed hand.

No. 612687

holy shit, is the face the only thing traced or did she actually get good at drawing those from tracing, but not anything else?

No. 612688


She most likely learned how to draw faces from tracing, but only that. The rest of the body is a broken mess with half-assed shading and mistakes covered up by CSP's brushes and a ton of bright colors and effects.

No. 612689

aaah that old case when a beginner/shitty artist finally buys clip studio paint and gets so impressed by the effect brushes that they use that shit everywhere as if they'd make their art better.

No. 612690

it's honestly sad and hilarious at the same time, fucking catfishing art draws you in with the pretty face, but then you noticed everything else.

No. 612693

i almost want a thread focused on nsfw artists entirely since i feel they are a whole other ballpark of stupid. who knew those with a porn addiction would be shitty people /s

No. 612697


god i used to have a friend who was obsessed with porn and had a gross inflation/weight gain fetish and they managed to draw it in the grossest way possible. porn obsessed artists are the worst.

No. 612698

File: 1598218818248.jpeg (101.32 KB, 848x1200, Ef5kjO7UMAA0tbc.jpeg)

All those years tracing and absolutely nothing learned.

No. 612702

could be a fun thread, coomers are really stupid and have their own overly long idiotic dramas.

i'm crying laughing at how bad this is, why doesn't she just start from the basics or give up lmao

No. 612705

i just hate the culture of it all. so many porn artists have the worst takes. not to mention half of them turn out to be fucked up irl one way or another. it just never ends with them. it seems like this thread puts more focus on the sfw artists so maybe it would be worth it to make one for the nsfw spergs and open that hell hole for us all to suffer in

No. 612706

File: 1598219275668.jpeg (281.56 KB, 1448x2048, EgEA5UoUMAA11cZ.jpeg)


These are all recent drawings she did.
She's quickly gaining back followers tbh

No. 612712

File: 1598219858311.jpeg (251.3 KB, 750x648, F6E77F7C-1DB5-497A-84B3-907C72…)

> design
Any reason as to why vanillasketches changed whole account again?
Last time I checked, she was gaining more followers and offering commissions, what happened?

No. 612713

maybe she lurks the thread and noticed we noticed she changed her name again?

No. 612720

File: 1598221141090.jpeg (761.12 KB, 750x848, F0893A08-20D9-4672-8807-E42291…)

I love how they decided not to change the body at all lol

No. 612730

it took me a minute there to realise she’s meant to be sitting! how could they not look up a reference at all?! I’ll never understand.

No. 612741

Why do art accounts on Instagram regularly delete their own posts? I notice that accounts that have a lot of followers barely have any posts, and their first posts always have hundreds of likes. I’m not saying they couldn’t have gotten lucky and gotten popular immediately but idk.

No. 612742

It’s almost like they traced over their work and coloured it digitally

No. 612745

NTAYRT but a lot of people just know how to draw the same thing, not because they researched the algorithm or marketing strategies, just because it's what they know and like to draw. You are assuming she deliberately chose to draw that to appeal to people, but honestly the higher probability is that she likes to draw girls with the same face and that fits into the trend atm. I don't recommend it, but if you waste your time watching a video of hers you can see her tips are super vague. All the discussion and critiques about the algorithm is how people don't fully understand it and how hard is to make it work in favor to you. So idk, feels like you are giving her way more more credit than she seems to deserve.

No. 612746

That's where "tracing as a practice" gets you.
Must be tiring to create new ko-fi pages every month.

No. 612747

Am I the only one that hates the trend of taking a meme and capitalizing it to hell and back so much. The whole 'small cute round animal holding a small knife' and the 'head empty no thoughts' mixed with the "uwu soft cute" aesthetic makes me want to die.

No. 612749

They might have gotten people to follow them from their other social media accounts

No. 612765


Probably they may delete the posts that have fewer likes, so that their account will only feature their most popular posts.

I've seen some artists do that on IG a few times before. Either that or they could be simply redirecting followers from other social media they might have such as a Twitter.

No. 612767

This is a little confusing to be honest. I thought they were going to do a dance competition to dance against each other, but I guess they're just in the castle dancing? Why are they dancing with each other? Why did they decide to dance if it wasn't a competition and there will be no winner?
I must've missed something.

No. 612776

I decided to look through the previous videos and this is a series. the two characters are in kind of a battle for control of the castle. the dancing is for added flair to fit the music.

No. 612788

I know they're battling for control, and I know it's just animating dancing for the sake of flair.
But in terms of the story and the characters, it doesn't really make any sense. There are a lot of other ways to have the characters dance to the music with just as much flair and be just as interesting. If you just want to animate something fun, that's fine, but if it doesn't really match the other parts of the series you've already made, maybe try a different idea?

No. 612800


oh my god, she just straight up used a lace brush for the edges of the skirt. the roses, snowflakes, sparkles, chains, chain on the .. whatever is coming out of her arm.. theyre all clip brushes. she's really not holding back on using the shortcuts anymore. god damn

No. 612859

Yeah she didn’t even do the standard which is to trace them so they fit more with the rest of it.

No. 612869

And this was a COMMISSION. She's practically still scamming people out of their money by this kind of shitty output. Shes almost as bad as dollieguts/tearzah with less faggotry

No. 612879

I mean if they're dumb enough to pay for this garbage, I don't feel bad for them.

No. 612901

the art isn't amazing but she has better grasp of line and gesture than most art cows.

No. 612917

There's worse like RCDarts. Although at least Michelle can actually animate stuff. I've seen Noor's work and it's not that great. But Calarts degree opens lots of doors.

No. 612989

File: 1598258129077.png (344.62 KB, 486x895, zhfp.PNG)

I've been seeing lots of people calling out this twitter user who "fixes" characters by redrawing them as fatter and blacker. I'm just baffled how someone so shit can be so delusional.

No. 612990

File: 1598258161968.png (279.61 KB, 479x864, zhfp2.PNG)

No. 612992

File: 1598258306525.png (444.32 KB, 475x874, zhfp3#.PNG)

No. 612993

What exactly is wrong with using the tools that are given to you though? Bizarre traditional art purist mentality. You have a shortcut, you know how to use it - use it!

No. 612994

It's not bad to use shortcuts, but it looks really lazy when it doesn't blend in. It's not going to pass if you can't draw a hand but somehow can draw 40902 ruffles.

No. 612995

File: 1598258566925.png (357.46 KB, 602x702, zhfp4.PNG)


last pic, people are already catching on and "re-drawing" her artwork. People are also pointing out this may be a troll due to how new the account is but I'm not too sure.

No. 612998

Why would this be a problem?

No. 612999

Still it's better to have a poorly drawn hand and nice ruffles than a bad hand and bad ruffles. Especially if it's a comission.

No. 613007

choose one

No. 613008


Shortcuts or techniques arent bad when used PROPERLY the thing is kristia/raiko sloppily uses them to call it a day ON A COMMISSION. Output shitty quality for all your personal art all u want but imo if youre doing this paid and sloppily doing everything then both she and whoever is paying her are dumbfucks.

When used properly those preset laces and shit look well but you can just clearly see kristia doesnt give a shit to blend it.

No. 613011

File: 1598260549995.jpg (43.2 KB, 686x960, sheneverwatchedLLbutdecidedtor…)

This person's been doing so many technically racist redraws that would always look as ugly as possible that I am sure her account is nothing but a bait/troll for likes.

No. 613031

I read that as 5'2.5", 106 lbs, and then realized it said "kg" next to 106

No. 613036

Chii does under DoopieDoOver. She also has a porn twitter. I know Drea was still doing art a few years back but I haven't checked.

Maybe we should make an oldschool Youtube Artist thread here lmao

No. 613038

god this entire video was fucking cringy lmao

No. 613039

I am 99% sure it is a shitposter

No. 613049

i'm dying from second hand embarrassment this is so bad. the only good part is the face, if u look at the rest of the drawing u just see everything that's wrong with it…

No. 613056

Maybe learn how to draw before offering paid artwork? It's like publishing a book in Chinese when you know as much Chinese as a 2yo does

No. 613062

>106kg & Proud!
>muslim feminist who hates politics
>draws shit like >>613011
I'm calling shitpost on this one. Too exaggerated.

No. 613073

its when you don't bother to learn how to do them in the first place, and you're piggybacking off the work of others without even saying you used them. it looks lazy and half assed because she doesn't bother trying to make it work.

No. 613075

I can't believe how badly the oil painting turned out - it looks like something a 12 year old did on ms paint

It's sad because she's better at stylized, cartoony stuff, but so clearly lacking in fundamental skills

No. 613076

File: 1598268443923.png (263.87 KB, 822x441, bugeyedbitch.png)

Samefag to show the initial sketch and how doomed from the start it was, to the final abomination

No. 613078


The fuck are those My Little Pony ass legs

No. 613080


it looks like a blowup doll christ almighty

No. 613106

File: 1598272188133.png (292.93 KB, 587x484, 237928213.png)

Back with the same shit… why would you EVEN COMPLAIN about getting commissions like… Just don't take them? STOP BITCHING ABOUT YOUR JOB.

No. 613129

I get not liking the instathot art bc it's boring as hell but I just looked at her vids and they're pretty entertaining. She's not claiming to be a great artist in any of them, she's just giving basic advice about how to run an account: clean it up, consistent crops, pick one thing/aesthetic and post it over and over again. And she's not wrong, that's how successful art accounts work there and since she managed to do it she can consider herself an authority on that. I don't even think she's actually conflating being a good artist with knowing how to grow an instagram following.

No. 613281

File: 1598283587720.png (2.56 MB, 2596x3030, eW0CR6w.png)

would ANYONE pay $80 for this? LMAO

No. 613283

Wasn’t this the same chic that confronted CS about one of her commissions, doing a redraw of it?


She was never that great at art, and while I was never a big fan of her vids, she always seemed adorable. I’m surprised that she’s still on yt

No. 613308

am I seriously the only one noticing how much instagram artists keep bitching about the "algorithm" in the caption of their posts?
"the algorithm likes sketches/blank"
"pretty sure the algorithm won't like this"
it's kind of tasteless to discuss how much you're having trouble getting your posts out there while already having a massive/sustainable audience like what the fuck

No. 613336

i personally wouldn't but it looks fine to me, and it's not like the commissioner is getting scammed…they have eyes. if they felt like it wasn't worth the money they simply wouldn't pay.
"i don't like this" =/= "the artist shouldn't charge people this much money for it"

No. 613341

This. I don't think it's very good, but I imagine the artist is popular, and they got commissions because there are people who genuinely like their work. If the commissioner got what they wanted, and is happy with paying that much money, then who cares?

No. 613350

coomer complaints thread made

No. 613366

I just checked out her page, and shes 22. Fuck I expected to see a 13 kid or somthing. Also am I the only one weirded out by how all these accounts were created in 2020 or late 2019. I rarely see an account like this that that has been active for a couple years.

No. 613373


Anon there have been at least three other anons whining about this in this thread.

No. 613383

File: 1598289314623.jpg (49.59 KB, 720x750, EfqKH9KX0Ac-rg2.jpg)

No. 613418

File: 1598290982526.jpeg (52.51 KB, 1024x576, EgI46x_XYAI19Fj.jpeg)

This is what people on Twitter are calling good design now? The katakana logo is completely unreadable.

Fucking kek'd. The "fixed" screenshot should've had the arms edited to be as big as the body and have the skin edited to be dark brown for maximum accuracy.

No. 613429

I wouldn't, but other people might. If this artist can get commissions while charging 80 dollars, good for them. The art has some flaws, but it's cute, simple, and furry, so someone is bound to like it.
There's really nothing wrong with this piece or the artist's prices.

No. 613438

There's already a thread for that >>>/ot/609963

No. 613445

File: 1598291798724.png (233.16 KB, 1024x576, e88f7ds.png)

took me a hot minute to figure out why did they write "Nayano" when the brand or whatever seems to be chai lol.

(also unrelated but i removed the weird decoration from the bottom design bc i just didn't like it lol)

No. 613448

and if they do??? who cares. Bet there’s plenty of people willing to pay for it. It’s their money. lmao you salty anons really make yourselves obvious as fuck.

No. 613463

i have a gut feeling these anons that complain about "high" prices are the kind of artist online that are all "UWU tsymm!! omg ur art is so cutesyyy!!! omgg UWU UWU"

No. 613510

Change her skin color and its 100% true

No. 613573

aren't Muslims like not supposed to draw people or whatever.

No. 613595

Furrylittlepeach thought it was a great idea to impulse buy a kitten from a pet shop for her latest vlog.

No. 613622

read the thread header lol

No. 613633

yeah on mobile so I didn’t see those, ty

No. 613742

All 3 logos are overdesigned as fuck, particularly the katakana one. The one you edited looks so much better just from having the cloud thing removed, but it still looks like it says Chi instead of Chai (not your fault lol).

Muslims can't create visual representations of Muhammad iirc. Drawing people is ok.

No. 613808

It may depend on how conservative they are. I knew a muslim artist who stopped drawing after a certain age because apparently she couldn't draw living beings (animals and people). I also knew a muslim girl who drew ship art of her ocs without a care. So yeah.

No. 613818

It is actually haram to draw any people in orthodox Islam, it's why they use all that geometric flower patterning to decorate their places of worship instead of sexy statues and paintings. Obviously that's out of fashion now, imagine trying to tell a young person that they can't take selfies or draw their favorite Kpop oppa.
>>612992 is probably a troll either way

No. 613964

you'd have to be braindead to believe this person is real. The way she types, the way she draws, the characters she chooses to draw, it's all so blatantly fake.

No. 613967

The first one looks like a baylee jae sketch without the potato nose

No. 613978

File: 1598303863172.jpeg (220.71 KB, 750x746, 4703C301-AA55-474F-869C-42B415…)

Even the account name: ZeeFixesArt
Person obvi looking for the lulz
The people who actually take this guy seriously and who fall for their ideology… yikers

No. 613985

troll confirmed

No. 614122

Some of you have probably already seen these, but I thought I'd share this youtube channel I found a while ago. They have a bunch of videos of artists doing sketchbook tours. I like these more than I like regular sketchbook tours cause they actually go into detail about their art and sketchbooks instead of just showing off their art. If that makes sense. Super relaxing and good for inspiration.

No. 614130


No. 614277

Using One Piece is pretty ironic tho imo.

No. 614282

File: 1598326160755.jpeg (47.86 KB, 250x349, CE1505DD-3A12-4955-952F-E1900B…)

This is a half black Japanese singer semi famous in the 80s whose name is Miss Monday

No. 614283

File: 1598326236854.png (139.08 KB, 640x512, 35CB67BB-1AE8-44E5-98B4-8486C8…)

THIS is ‘Miss Monday’ from One Piece. It’s like the meme in reverse but just irl racism lol

No. 614284

File: 1598326283416.png (35.05 KB, 457x505, 9127FC9F-B36A-4BD4-B0F1-8B66DE…)

Does Twitch actually investigate artists who do immoral things and get flamed by Twitter for a day or 2 if we tell them about it?
Feels weird to see a site have this much to its reporting features.

No. 614290

File: 1598326500372.jpeg (240.27 KB, 1920x1080, EgN6n8mUMAAShMr.jpeg)

This is worse than comic sans. Also pimple for nose? Raiko you are delusional.

No. 614294

File: 1598326775641.jpg (23.94 KB, 476x385, 57e7ba74215bb83ccbccb7a5c8f52d…)

Did someone really think she looks like that drawing? Are they delusional, or it some weird in-joke (or ironic thing, like when they name men in dresses/drag queens after feminine celebrities), kek?

No. 614335

>Did someone really think she looks like that drawing?
Come on now anon, you know the artists of this show didn't see a skinny, feminine mixed girl and think, "huh, she looks like a muscular masculine, aggressive black woman!". Be honest. You know it's racism.

No. 614336


Wait, did the author meant for his character to have anything yo do with the singer at all?

No. 614346

It just makes no sense to me. Like, in what universe? What's the point of the racist joke if it doesn't apply even slightly?

No. 614377

yeah no, OP got it wrong, the character has zero to do with the actual singer

No. 614389

Is this bait or are you genuinely retarded? Her name is Miss Monday because the Baroque Works organization names all of its agents after weekdays. Vivi was Miss Wednesday for example. It has nothing to do with the singer.

No. 614417

Twitch does investigate issues that happen both on and off their platform, but most people just get away with, at most, a slap on the wrist. Also, artists who get banned or temp banned on Twitch are still allowed to participate at Twitchcon.

No. 614425

And make the tits smaller and give her some stretch marks.

Honestly though it's the worst trend ever. People taking Japanese/Korean artists' work and just redrawing or editing it and posting it in the comments with "fixed it" tagged to it. I've seen them do it to literal unofficial gijinka interpretations, like taking the Japanese artist's drawing and coloring everyone black skinned just because they want to. Like what sort of a tactless ape does that?

NB fat activist lgbt libfems wouldn't use the term "scrote" because it would hurt pwecious male feelings. This is 100% a troll.

No. 614431

That entire trend is why I'm glad Twitter is introducing a feature where you can block entire countries from seeing your shit lol. East Asian artist are just gonna start blocking out the US from their shit and honestly I don't blame them.

No. 614432

I can't wait for that feature to be rolled out to be available for everyone, I'll block Americans on my art account the moment it appears in my settings.

No. 614437

Hard same. That's like 80% of the shitters going around harassing artists on twitter already. Option to block people who are minors from even seeing your account soon pretty please twitter?

No. 614464

uh i mean there's people that have a handwriting like that irl. it's cute

No. 614478

It's cute, definitely useful for a specific purpose of creating something that feels handwritten and sweet. Don't be so pressed anon, no one is using it to make logos and write official letters; which is the main offense of comic sans.

No. 614579

Riley draws futaporn now and piss fetishes. Interesting. Images not included to spare your eyes.

No. 614742

Rae is restoring/fixing the botched Jesus fresco, and honestly, she didn't to the worst job, but I don't really think it'S her place to critisize.

No. 614834

File: 1598377614756.jpg (258.97 KB, 1080x1051, 20200826_004428.jpg)


No. 614845

No. 614846

y i k e s the style on the left was so charming and had potential. Did they just steer so hard away from becoming “too anime” only to crash into a brick wall?

No. 614851

Does Twitch give any indicators of when an account was suspended / banned? Discord’s version of this is to keep the banned person in any server they’re already in.

No. 614870

I can't believe they post this proudly

No. 614871

I wish artist stop obsessing over social media algorithm and find their own artistic voice

No. 614875

>Reeee algorithm real, drawing popular artist’s OC and getting free numbers bad.

No. 614884

It's fine if you want to follow the algorithm but sometimes people kinda obsess about it and their own work lost their artistic voice

No. 614900


5 years later they still refuse to draw hands. At least in 2015 they tried.

No. 614902

File: 1598380993716.jpeg (86.76 KB, 680x383, 0C2BCD1F-F8C7-44A5-B05E-1A4B6E…)

No. 614930

The hair looks like sausages.

Also like >>614846 said, this is actually a huge reason behind this “sjw style.” Years back on Tumblr there was a shift from everyone drawing anime-esque art to getting sick of it and declaring that the anime style made you creatively bankrupt. Some artists switched to learning semirealism, copying the Disney style, western superhero comic style, or actually coming up with a decent style of their own. But those who weren’t talented enough jumped on the SU “calarts” style because it looked so easy.

Ofc this doesn’t apply to all of these artists, I think the younger ones who weren’t around for that are just following trends, but it’s something I noticed from following the Tumblr art scene.

No. 614969

Nope. Unless you know who was banned/suspended and when, there's no indicator of it on Twitch.

No. 614994

artists need to stop looking to animal crossing for anatomy and style

No. 615018

idk the artist but the 2020 picture reminds me to kasey golden art style? not in a good way lmao. 5 years and u accomplish that? kinda sad ngl

No. 615049

File: 1598393998258.jpeg (331.64 KB, 828x1262, B376E92D-C6DD-4701-B8E1-CCCDEC…)

I really wish more artists on Twitter would make separate art and personal accounts. Nothing is more annoying than seeing someone retweet cool art, going to the artist’s profile, and being met with no art and only game screenshots.

No. 615055

i find it annoying too, but i think it's mostly twitter's fault, especially with the slamming reaction gifs into the media category. it would be a great improvement to have an all media and a highlighted media tab for example, so people can engage with posts and talk about their non art interests while still having their art in a separate section.

No. 615063

They used to have a "moments" section that you could pin tweets to and acted like a more clunky version of instagram stories, but they got rid of it long ago for some reason. Wish they'd bring it back or as you said a separate more optimized tab. However twitter hates anything "useful" to their app/site.

No. 615065

moments were always complete dog shit, really hidden and you needed to link them everywhere, and if you wanted to compile art after a few posts they would only let you put more posts in there on desktop for some reason when desktop twitter went to shit.
i really hate twitter, which is amplified by the fact even more that i don't like instagram so i keep using it.

No. 615077

It’s annoying, yes, but a lot of artists I know (including myself) pin a post to the account with samples of work and links to portfolios for easy access. That way it’s the first thing someone sees when they visit your twitter.

No. 615102

File: 1598398797541.jpeg (78.69 KB, 1100x695, Ef3irAeXYAIlutH.jpeg)

this looks amazing and not that good at the same time

No. 615105

Woah, you’re right

No. 615116

excellent technical skill contrasted to trying too hard to fit the anime face, while not making it an anime hand. not to mention the flat black eyes really throw me for a loop, and the jaw near the chin seems flat where it should be pouted with that expression. less is more.

No. 615122


The hat flat out looks like a cookie

Also the whole plastic-like rendering kinda throws me off, but maybe that's just me.

No. 615147

File: 1598404349538.jpg (314.91 KB, 1080x1211, 20200826_081236.jpg)

No. 615153


I can see the influence of all of those styles except the one on the middle left.

Ironically, that middle left is the best one in the bunch.

No. 615170

File: 1598407165977.jpeg (599.67 KB, 1600x2400, 32E4533C-0715-43EB-BE66-957623…)

Why does she hide her biggest influence? Also LavenderTowne pisses me off on a special level, she pairs together twig arms with whatever leg size she feels like.

No. 615201

called it with the animal crossing kek

No. 615203

twitter is such a shit platform for artists. i have a tumblr account and although the platform is in death throes i refuse to make a twitter because it's shit for easy and intuitive access to art. i get messages like once a week asking me to make a twitter or instagram but i don't like either platform for showing

No. 615206


I'm on the same boat, Twitter and Instagram are both ass platforms for artists unless you draw pretty model girls or the next trendy stuff.

Plus Twitter's cropping is horrible.

No. 615254

does anyone know any artists with a style like the 2015 one? pretty cute

2020 is just tragic

No. 615260

I don't know if it's something specific to luffy as I've never read/watched One Piece but the knuckles look completely fucked to me. The ring finger knuckle doesn't even connect properly to the finger like they are on different planes

No. 615270

i see that too, its like hes got brass knuckles under his skin.

No. 615282

A lot of artists have their main as their art account because having an art-only account gets fucked over by the algorithm as it's not active enough to qualify for decent exposure, compared to the main where you post all the time and where you usually have more followers. Twitter is also rumored to be shadowbanning if you post too many images with no text posts, don't know if it's true but it would make sense in trying to automate the eradication of porn bots.

No. 615314

the dev team on twitter really is incompetent. all these years/months to adapt to artists on twitter and there's not even a setting to remedy that? are they just retarded or oblivious?

No. 615325

>But we put in image compression to solve our version of overpopulation, we didn’t expect artists to use our site as their primary image platform.

No. 615370

File: 1598430742144.jpg (322.8 KB, 1200x1892, 20200826_082137.jpg)

I think the only problems are the lack of understanding of hand anatomy and construction.
Imo This type of plastic rendering can be a hit or miss sometimes.
Pic Related

No. 615383

File: 1598432284560.jpeg (419.3 KB, 1080x1620, 4F1BCDD9-CAD0-4BEF-AB25-B83822…)

If it wasn’t for yuumei’s huge watermark, I never would’ve thought this art is her’s. It’s so low quality and rushed compared to what she normally puts out. The bottle doesn’t even have an even shape.

No. 615413

File: 1598433941103.png (390.89 KB, 590x445, yuumei.PNG)

What are you on anon? The bottle is perfectly even, it's by no means low quality even though it's just a tiny bit more rough due to less clean outlines. Not to mention in that very post Yuumei is talking about her health issues developed from overworking herself with art. I know it's artist salt thread but how could you see that post and think, yeah i'm gonna complain about supbar quality?

No. 615445

That’s considered a huge watermark? Mine’s bigger

No. 615462

i'm also a fan of smaller organically implemented water marks, but man that shit is completely out of the composition, doesn't even draw your eye to it since it's so far on the edge of the paper. i also think that you're exaggerating how horrible this is, it has some obvious places it could improve but the piece overall looks nice and feels nice to look at.

No. 615483

gunnerkrigg court is a webcomic with a similar art style if you can make it though the early chapters that are much rougher.

No. 615615

why are you so salty over a perfectly fine drawing and perfectly fine watermark placement anon just wondering? especially because of >>615413

No. 615696

Honestly, it's not that bad. I feel like this is a nitpick.

No. 615877

Isn’t this max grecke’s work? He has other art pieces that are stylized And look better than this

No. 616092

The drawing is mostly fine, it's just that some parts (like the girl's face) are rough and a bit deformed.

But health issues from overworking on art? She's been going on for ages about how her hands are fucked up from drawing too much, and it made sense some time ago when she used to put out a lot more content. But now she doesn't draw that quickly anymore, I believe she posts like one thing a month and it's in a very simplified style compared to the full pieces she used to do. Even her new artbook contains very old art, and as far as I know she's not involved in any major projects. I don't want to sound like an asshole, but this sounds like her trying to get pity points by blaming her working hard on art while it may even be an unrelated issue. She's so into victimizing herself afterall.

No. 616100

yeah, that's very asshole-y lmao. it's the norm (almost) for artists that post/used to post a lot of detailed (or not) artwork constantly to have this kind of problems. they come from overworking urself with no breaks after all.

No. 616104

1. Not posting doesn't mean she's not creating art.
2. Even if she's not drawing as much, don't you think it might be because she's having issues with her hands? You know, those things you need to be able to draw?

Not even wking but this is the dumbest thing I've read here.

No. 616108

Ah, I guess I'm an asshole then lmao. Not an artist so not much practical knowledge on these things, I was just being retarded.

No. 616109

Yea this is petty, first of all some injuries never truly heal or if they do, they usually get recurring injuries a lot easier than those without any problems. Also she does some pretty detailed works, so even without any injuries her works can take quite some time to produce along with a lot of the side projects she seems to take on. I dunno how skilled artist there are in here but a lot of people often seem like they've never even touched a pen judging by some of the dumb takes. People should understand at this point that art isn't just shat out even by those who do it fulltime, not every artist can be sakimichan.

No. 616148

Op's pic makes me depressed. The 2016 one is such a cute, well-put together style, and 2020 is just so ugly and poorly drawn. I also feel like the 2020 one is the same art style I see a lot on instagram? If there was a generic Instagram art style, it would be that. I hate it.

No. 616183

Agreed. I don’t know why but when I was younger there were a lot of times I saw artists complaining about health issues and I thought “oh that will never happen to me!” Cue me getting older and now suffering from a lot of neck/shoulder pain and eye strain.
The most frustrating one is there’s a raw area on my finger now from where I keep pressing my pen into my hand. It hurts so much sometimes that even a bandaid cover doesn’t help.

No. 616299

File: 1598486299636.jpeg (477.34 KB, 750x854, DA600A12-2FB6-4BE9-A73C-BDCFA5…)

Not nearly as bad as some other stuff posted here, but a downgrade nonetheless. Went from being cute and generic to boring and generic. At least they finally gave her hands.

No. 616310


This one is just an upsetting downgrade…the 2020 one looks like baby's first time doing lineless art and the dress looks like jello.

No. 616316

i wouldn't call this a downgrade, more like she "improves" so little and so slowly…

No. 616351

Don't care about the uguu flat art style or the 2018 one either but at least the hand was done in the 2020 one

No. 616356

>a crusade and not a jihad
bad troll acount

No. 616423

An improvement in skill but the redraw lacks the charm of the original. That’s the one of the hard parts of improving, learning how to apply your new skills without losing what made your old work appealing.

No. 616449


No. 616505

File: 1598515914482.png (78.26 KB, 590x711, gingerhazing.PNG)

So apparently Noelle Stevenson (director of She-Ra) is facing cancellation now? Given she was considered for ages to be that "wholesome cinnamon bun lesbian creator that can do no wrong", and she has just created the - possibly - most inclusive mainstream children show, that's pretty surprising. But at the same time, her audience is the crowd that loves to cancel people so probably it was the matter of time.

No. 616510

I seriously can't imagine wanting to have this type of audience. You never see creators of Venture Bros or even Rick and morty receive this type of scrutiny.

No. 616511

What did she say?

No. 616512

File: 1598516441985.png (27.84 KB, 611x263, noelle.png)

Got terribly curious and looked this up. I've never watched She-Ra so I don't know the characters well, but the mentioned Bow is black. Imagine a joke like this being an issue. lmao.

No. 616513

black people can't be farmers? I'm so confused here

No. 616514

Fans thought it was a reference to slavery kek

No. 616515

Ok I've just found a thread and it's beyond ridiculous. https://twitter.com/ArchineerLock/status/1298830008643997696

She has to mostly apologize to what the host said, not her herself, and apparently people are the most offended about the fact she (or the crew) said that Bow brother could be called Sow which apparently is a direct reference to slavery (???). What I've seen mentioned a lot is that she said the evil d-slur, which, as turns out, was her saying the name of someone else's podcast "Desperate House Dykes", after the host was plugging it.
Crazy there even had to be an apology in the first place.

No. 616516

That is literally the most innocent joke I have ever seen in my life.

No. 616518

For people claiming to be so progressive they really find a way to make everything about race. Isn't the point to make race irrelevant in society and not to make it an incentive to fight more for no reason?

No. 616519

It wasn't even Noelle who said the "d slur", it was a male member of the stream. And he apparently even asked permission before saying the name of the podcast.

I am swimming, SWIMMING in this milk.

No. 616523

File: 1598517567367.png (17.95 KB, 584x175, the_PAIN.PNG)

Imagine being this fragile.
I'm all for representation in the media but it's such a challenge to do because everyone is at your throat then, the conservative crowd for attempting anything and the progressive crowd waiting for a single, smallest slip.

No. 616530

File: 1598518962864.jpeg (178.05 KB, 750x982, E4F2737B-E27A-41B0-840A-AE0B7E…)

I mean I guess there’s a way it can be seen as misinterpreted but exactly why the fuck does she need to be cancelled? This seems much more innocent than intended and there’s be so much worse said out there. Why do shows like this, Steven Universe, etc cultivate people like this? Aren’t these shows about change and growth?

No. 616535

The way wokesters write is so exhausting to read.

No. 616536

Lmao jake Parker is a tool, like he’s been trademarking inktober and whatever lawyers he hired have been giving dcma’s to people who use the term so that’s why people make their own -tober prompt lists. Haven’t watched the video but was just reminded cuz he did an awkward AF interview with baylee to try to get in on like whatever art subscribers she has and not knowing she’s not really an artist Youtuber anymore

No. 616540

I think it’s more that the white privilege of her and the other non-black people on the show finally slipped out since it just showed they were super ignorant in that they didn’t even think about the implications of what an all black field working farmer family can correlate to, especially on a show that had no black writers. Like since it just happened, this is like the start of HER recognizing her own privilege as a white person so of course she HOPEFULLY changes and grows (but iirc when she did comics she also ran into a lot of weird drama with that that I barely remember). But also, she’s a white darling in media too so this will all blow over in like a week and she still has a job somewhere, like it happens with all white people called out.

Tho also the fact that the man who said the stuff people were mainly offended by wasn’t blamed as harshly as her, like it’s another double standard in that being out as a marginalized creator means, at least on twitter, you have to be some weird paragon of your marginalization.(global rule 7)

No. 616542

Wasn't this the person that was sinking her teeth into JKR's throat and getting tons of clout for owning the terves? She might as well burn for all I care for taking part in creating this oversensitive cancel culture suffocating open discussion and feeding on destroying people on their path. Watching her quiver and crawl on the ground begging for forgiveness over such a non-issue like this is absolutely a pathetic sight to see but you made that bed and now you have to lie on it. Imagine willingly cultivating a culture like this only to be cannibalized by it.

Go back to Twitter or get a life. Good god.

No. 616543

Americans never cease to amaze me with their autism

No. 616544

Is this unironic? Is this parody? I can't tell anymore.

No. 616546

dear lord stfu, you sound exhausting.

No. 616548

Have you guys watched any of Mithrilda's videos? She's not really an artist but is on a "learning how to art journey" or whatever but is kinda like amberlynn reid because she flip flops from one course to another and doesn't finish anything. In her recent video she got this evolve box for their course which costs 2000 bucks and the author of the course told her that with 7 hours of work a week she could get to a professional level in a year which seems shady at least

No. 616549

File: 1598520722695.png (867.18 KB, 946x1468, gluca.png)

sooooo this is interesting. this gluca.con person opened commissions a few weeks ago because she needed money to pay for her very expensive studies, but turns out she is spending part of it on commissioning other artists?

No. 616550

not anon, and i know that this is lolcow, but sounds like u guys r the kind that think white priviledge doesn't exist. u guys r white and think u can dictate what a black person should or shouldn't b offended by lol(global rule 7)

No. 616553

read 7 hours a day and thought that is was very reasonable. 7 hours a week for a year is 364 hours, pretty miserable for pro level

No. 616555

Someone offended by the mention of a black farmer has to be retarded.

No. 616556

If she means studies as in a college degree that can cost tens of thousands of dollars I think her getting a 1/2 bust up portrait with no shading is a drop in an ocean. At least she's working for her money by doing commissions instead of just e-begging people to give her free cash for some made-up emergency cause to spend on a $200 artbook and video games.

No. 616557

It's not that deep. If you overreact that much then you really should learn to be better.
This. Farmers and farming is a thing that has more of a "comfy" light on internet nowadays with the hype of cottagecore.

No. 616565

Is it really that bad to spend money she gets in exchange for commissions as she wants? It's not like people donated to her with nothing in return.

No. 616567

If I understand it right it's a price of a course, materials and one-on-one mentorship, right? That would make the price somewhat fair, and even though definitely wont get a complete beginner to a pro level as in - getting a job in the industry - I believe if someone actually sticks to it and practices as advised, after a year they would be on a level that would allow them to make some money as a freelance artist. So I guess it's not so bad?

Something I don't like about courses of any kind is the display of student's work, because it often implies that yes, they learnt all of this at our course! And from my experience these students are always already developed artists who just took given course to polish some skills or refresh the basics they already understand.

No. 616568

This. I’m probably a sjw snowflake by lolcow standards, but even I see nothing wrong with this. Black farmers exist irl, would the people trying to cancel Noelle want to cancel the black farmers just doing their job because they’re “pushing racist, outdated stereotypes” or whatever?
This is just another case of oversensitive babies on twitter demanding that everyone cater to their narrow worldview.

No. 616594

Overly sensitive people like this congregate around things that are wholesome, diverse, and "aesthetic." That basically rules out everything except children's cartoons. These people are also stunted in terms of maturity, which is another reason why they gravitate towards children's media. The problem is, they hold the staff on the shows to the same absurd standard they hold the shows themselves to, which is unrealistic. The shows are "wholesome" because they're for children, but kids shouldn't be browsing the creators' Twitter feeds. Cartoons are regulated and focus-grouped, but ordinary adults private lives obviously aren't.

These crazies can't separate fiction from reality. They think that whenever an artist or writer depicts something, they must personally endorse it 100%. They also think that they can't like a piece of fiction if the creator disagrees with them in any capacity or does something "problematic." As if artists are politicians or something. It's ridiculous.

No. 616595

Twitter fag begone

No. 616596

File: 1598526318255.png (65.71 KB, 741x879, EAC82CE1-1C68-4F9F-866F-3FB932…)

Tom Kenny's son Mack works as an intern at Cartoon Network thanks to daddy's connections. For weeks on end he's been harassing the creator of Heartbeat and her wife with daily messages like pic related. He says her art looks like CWC's, despite the fact that his own art is trash.

No. 616603

File: 1598526886710.png (246.97 KB, 1067x1080, NITRA PITCH DRAWINGS.png)

Here's a piece of his art. It's just generic, Steven Universe knockoff crap.

His senior thesis animation is horrible. The movements are stiff and there are like three frames a second. It looks like the kind of crappy animation you'd see in a Jumpstart game from the late nineties. This guy is Dunning-Kruger incarnate.

No. 616604

Here's the film. It's also painfully unfunny and the music sucks.

No. 616607

Even if his art was the greatest masterpiece ever it would not justify these messages. This said, it really is mediocre at best.

No. 616609

Wait why is he doing this? I'm missing some key details here, did he have a falling out with them or something? Did they reject his artwork? Is he a closeted tranny? Someone please elaborate what's his damage.

Anyway his artwork looks like a creatively comatose calarts ripoff. Absolutely no soul or talent, just a mish-mash of the most popular cartoon shows thrown in a blender. It's a shame how far nepotism gets you in the industry, if it was anyone else he'd be struggling to get any commercial work done.

No. 616621

File: 1598528534972.png (83.02 KB, 747x889, eTXJb1c.png)

Okay samefagging because I actually went to see what this was about. Found the imgur album with all the screencaps about the messages he sent: https://imgur.com/a/hjt9G4a

Apparently he had been doing this every day for two weeks, completely unprovoked like the message logs show. He sounds unhinged as fuck and I don't know if he's been on a drug bender or just having a severe psychotic episode that lasted for 14 days or something but this is some weird fucking shit. He's spouting straight out misogynistic and homophobic shit in her face and literally bragging about him being "cis, straight and in a happy relationship" to a lesbian artist.

For those who weren't following the drama last year, the wife/girlfriend of one of the (female) creators of a game called Heartbeat tweeted about being fed up with lesbians being coerced into sex by trans women and naturally got the unholy rage of the troon loons laid upon her. I'm guessing this harassment was ignited by that because he keeps bringing up how trans people are "so much more talented" and interesting than she is and how she's secretly lusting after them and you know the rest. I just have no idea why he decided NOW to start harassing her like this. Maybe he's just clinically insane but jesus christ these messages are fucking disturbing.

No. 616628


No. 616642

File: 1598532127303.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1596, 20200827_204150.png)

"Different" …raiko this is how you usually color. Guess shes back profiting off faking the persona style again.

No. 616644

What a coward. Bitch has the audacity to send a complete stranger messages talking about her leaving behind a "yeasty snail trail" but locks his account like a pussy when confronted about it. The messages honestly read like he's getting his rocks off to degrading women.

No. 616652

lmao I hope the backlash makes this gummy faggot kill himself

No. 616660

Doubt it, he seems like too much of a narc. His dad will probably shield him from any career consequences, too. Although if I was a parent and my adult son got in trouble for talking like this, I wouldn't stick my neck out for him. Frankly I would be embarrassed, and feel that he would deserve whatever he had coming for being so unprofessional.

Pretty fucking amazing that a straight, rich, white guy harassing a lesbian on behalf of other straight guys in dresses is just fine, but a woman accidentally associating a black character with farming is a cardinal sin.

No. 616663

File: 1598533962853.jpg (59.09 KB, 526x526, mack kenny, tom kenny's son.jp…)

There's more context in the Twitter Hate thread here >>616604

He's an incel looking ass (which is probably the actual reason why) but apparently it's because the victim Nikoteenie made an RPG game a few years back (Heartbeat) that didn't white knight good enough for tr00ns.

Yes. Really.

This went on for weeks, so it probably isn't a first time isolated incident. This shit has to be a habit, and the fact that he's confident/crazy/retarded enough to use his main account is a huge red fucking flag.

I hope Nikoteenie snitches to his parents and that anyone who cares retweets this shit to his employers so this privileged incel tard doesn't get away with this retarded behaviour just because his B-list celeb daddy has connections.

No. 616665

Ah feck wrong post, hate this lol system
Here: >>616429

No. 616666

It's straight out kafkaesque the more you think about it. A white, privileged, rich, straight fuckboy hack who got his prestigious job thanks do daddy's connections brutally harassing a lesbian indie developer because she isn't caping for men in dresses. This is what nepotism does to your brain. I hate the industry so much.

No. 616722

This is so fucking funny considering they didn't outright cancell eizouken's creator that basically said hyper realistic child 3d model porn is fine.

No. 616725

the backlash against her is like 99% made up, god i hate shera fans. they were really just looking for an opportunity to cancel her, but guess that makes them "uwu such big leswian supporters uwu".

No. 616726

They pretty much did though. There was a huge uproar on twitter. Not like anyone cares about that 2 weeks later

No. 616727

Kinda looks traced too.. but maybe my brain is overdosing on autism

No. 616735

lmaoooo court that audience and reap the the rewards

or should i say sow that audience

No. 616737

she was lynching jk rowling before so now she's going to taste her own medicine. i love seeing when popular wokies get cancelled over dumb shit like they cancelled others for

No. 616739

he won't because harassing terfs and transphobes is woke and he's a hero in their eyes

No. 616742

Yeah she's one of those "queer" lesbian creators (the only reason she's not come out as "nonbinary" is probably that she's already too established lmao) and has been caping a lot to the delusional woman hating crowd and pretty much established them as her main audience. It was only a question of time that she'd misstep and get canceled. Maybe she'll understand something from this but she'll probs just grovel her way back.

No. 616744

jk rowling is legit a terf, while noelle is getting fucked over nothing. simping for jk won't get you anywhere near her dry pussylips.

No. 616745

kek you need some self-awareness.

No. 616749

actual cancer

No. 616753

biology is also a terf lmao. rowling has also actually experienced poverty, domestic violence, childbirth, has done parenting and decided to publish under a gender-ambiguous name because of how shitty the publishing industry is unlike those mostly middle class kids and adults with arrested development who anguish a lot about what their style preferences and hobbies MEAN for their identity.

No. 616754

No. 616763

i remember a gay man who sounded just like that anon and hated JK with a burning passion because she's a millionaire in the name of communism lol.

No. 616765

Seriously what's with the Twitter tier snowflakes lately coming here to sound woke? Do you know you're on lolcow?

No. 616773


No. 616776

Oh wow. At first I thought he was exaggerating but yeah, this is blatant plagiarism. Sucks for Dunn, there won't be any consequences I guess.

No. 616780

Yeah, seriously, wow. Can't you sue for that stuff in the US? (I'm guessing it's too expensive?)

No. 616787

Wow I remember her for all the avengers comics she used to draw. But lmao @ the crowd she tried to appeal to is eating her alive. Classic.

Didn’t one of them out themselves here once? There’s probably a whole group of them that post here and try to bring they’re gender special woke shit into the thread.

No. 616862

Damn, they really do eat their own.

This mentality is what I hate about twitter/tumblr purity culture. They spend so much energy looking for someone, just one singular person who they can declare free of sin, but they can’t accept that everyone has said or done something mildly insensitive at least once in their life. They think separating art from the artist is going to make them morally bankrupt, but if they can’t do that then they’ll have nothing left to enjoy.

No. 616907

No. 616926

It's because she's friends with phansite.

No. 616947

Noelle is a shitty artist and writer so good riddance to that dumb dyke.

No. 617010

what the fuck

>"guys Jake Parker plagiarized me, and here is legitimate proof"

>woke-twit: aww sucks man
>woke-twit: (cancels she-ra creator over 1 stupid joke instead)

No. 617013

imagine thinking you are more superior than someone on a shitty gossip website because you hate more people. you sure told me off, but sorry transphobes, i'm here to complain about art not follow your retarded rhetoric which will eventually just lead to finding smaller and smaller reasons to justify hurting people. hope you change your tune when you get mistreated for wearing clothing that's considered male/unisex or for having naturally higher testosterone levels than some women.(sperg)

No. 617023

File: 1598561264827.png (33.21 KB, 300x381, d8bd05c5eb23.png)

Does anyone have any idea on how to reverse search the image that had been digitally traced? I tried google but atlas to no avail.
>pic related

No. 617033

cool cool, now leave

No. 617036

>anything that references farming is about plantation chattel slavery
Oh come on, so they're anti-agriculture now? I'm mad at the internet again.

No. 617039


I can't… Those are not the only books out there talking about basic stuff like texture and form. Dude is acting like he'd been the first one who came up with this wisdom. Jeez. Even the drawings are not 100% alike. Given what they are showing, there's a high chance they look alike bc the subject matter is pretty basic and narrow. There are some things that are quite a coincidence like the structure of the book (unconventional instruments/ unconventional tools) but then again, as I said, it's in the nature of those books teaching basic shit that also the structure is similiar. Where else should Parker have put "unconventional tools"? At the end of the book? Wouldn't make sense teaching wise. Wouldn't also make sense to leave this out. And wow, using fingertips and sponges is soooo new and creative, I've never thought of. Don't know where he was a teacher but that's stuff kids/ teens learn in their first highschool years.

No. 617061

you're ableist

No. 617071

It is truly inspiring how Noelle Stevenson has gotten so far despite never learning how to draw a single fucking thing

No. 617074

File: 1598565762937.jpg (101.63 KB, 920x595, 612a6ff3b3cf37ccbbb5d1c8229fc3…)

i forgot what her actual art looked like so i went to go check on it and wow is it boring. how does she land so many good gigs? is she a good writer or somethin?

No. 617079

Nitpick but why is Daphne dressed like a hooker? Shes supposed to be the fashionable, chic one. They could have at-least made her look like high class.

No. 617080

"While attending MICA, Stevenson gained fame as a fan artist, under the name "gingerhaze", for her "hipster Lord of the Rings" characters"

No. 617087

I remember her early tumblr days, she always had quirky, funny ideas for these little comic strips, and her style is actually distinctive and cute. Matter of taste but she does deserve the fame imho.

No. 617089

File: 1598566977010.jpg (252.59 KB, 1600x1200, 0498a6aeda23b69fb5588364ccb4e0…)

I was wondering where I'd seen her art before and I only just realized she did illustrations for Fangirl, a novel about a fanfiction writer. There was a comic page on the back cover by her and it irked me because even though I actually really like her style, the expressions of the characters were really bland compared to how I imagined when reading it.

No. 617095

This is unique compared to the garbage everywhere online.

No. 617100

Why do people still give a shit about Jake Parker. I thought most people were done with him after he trademarked Inktober to sell an art book centered around it and when his "lawyers" started sending people threats about lawsuits he came out and like "Oopsie! My Lawyers got too zealous" even though that's not how copyright works. He maybe known for creating Inktober but, his personality is really dickish.

No. 617103

i agree it's technically not some anime knock-off but idk it's incredibly bland to me. wish she'd do more to exaggerate shape and line, it just feels so meh.

No. 617106

Scooby looks like a fucking horse oh my god

No. 617107

it wasn't unique in say 2012. I literally thought that pic was drawn by Kate Beaton

No. 617128

File: 1598571207619.png (446.75 KB, 700x1722, F0EA54EA-8937-4DC8-9988-F6E7D2…)


Me too, but it reminded me how much I loved Hark! A Vagrant back in the day.

No. 617132

kate beaton >>>>> noelle stevenson

No. 617144

I remember her from her shitty self insert, and complaining there wasn't a actress dumpy enough to portray her

No. 617149

The problem here Jalke copy almost the content of his book , I don't think dunn state that he own the term that commonly use in fundimental book.

No. 617174

Did you even watch the full video? When creating an instructional book for a niche medium overlap in instruction is expected to happen but, when you have certain instructions that are exclusive to your own artstyle/art process it's hard to justify that being copied. Jake not only just straight up used the same format but, the same exact sequence of instructions. There's also the fact that Alphonso's book was released 5 years ago. Unless you can show a Pen and Ink book that almost identical to Alphonso's showing that the niche truly is so small and finite that overlap is inevitable, then he did plagiarize it. Even looking at a sample of Beginning: Pen and Ink by Desarae Lee which was published in 2019, her book looks completly different from Alphonso's.

No. 617250


Half of it, then I had other stuff to do.

Thing is, I'm note sure if you can copyright structure as in structure = concept/ idea. Jake did his own drawings and his own texts (I assume) as far as I could tell by the video. Where I live, you can't copyright ideas or concepts, only specific wordings or pictures can be. Don't know if there's a difference in the USA. Also the book was published by a publisher, so we don't know how much say Parker had in creating the book. Can be that the publisher wanted to do a book with Parker, some intern then ripped the concept off of this other book and Parker only did the drawings and said yes to the rest.

If this guy thinks he has enough proof for copyright violations, why does he do this video? Why does he go after Parker, instead of the publisher? If it would be me, I would go straight to a lawyer and let them handle it to get me my compensation for this violation. I think he's doing the video bc it's not enough proof and/ or he's to pissed to think straight for a second.

No. 617258

File: 1598586204067.jpeg (107.77 KB, 1023x617, BD65A0F4-1453-4AAF-9EE3-E10C2A…)

Fred out here looking like SFV Cody.

No. 617260

Some of the graphics he showed like the value scale were pretty much Alphonso's drawings but just flipped and the wording is eerily similar to Alphonso's especially in the titles. As for the publisher or someone else that might have copied without Jake's say; It's highly unlikely considering Jake would have had to have drawn all the images for their respective category and page. Jake's also the only person credited in the book and the back synopsis makes it seem like it was completely made by him. Also near the end of the video Alphonso makes note that Jake has even made posts about Alphonso's Pen and Ink book before, so he has knowledge of the book. As for him making a video instead of just going in head first with a lawyer; Jake trademarked the word Inktober and already has the book available for preorder so I'm not sure what could be done at this point if anything. He definitely has enough proof as shown in his video and honestly if someone was trying to make money off of something I spent 3 years working on to self publish and they were a huge name I would 100% call them out on it publicly as well. We don't know if Alphonso has already taken legal action as he didn't specify but, the whole thing is just shitty. Jake is already shown to be a greedy ass with the whole trademark and C&D fiasco last year and this is just him rearing his ugly head again.

No. 617279

Nonnie this is a site where trashy lesbians call straight girls faggots don't expect anything bordering on self awareness here lol(>>>twitter)

No. 617325

It's not just the poor straight girls we call fags, it's everyone, indiscriminate.

No. 617349

Huh, you really don't understand how human bodies work, do you? (There's a reason unisex clothing tends to be lots of baggy stuff.) I've often wondered if extremist trans advocates develop something like face blindness for the whole body or the kind of distorted perception anorexics also have due to their believes. Like you must instantly mentally suppress the appearance of the whole figure and zoom in on some details which is even weirder when trained artists do it.

No. 617350

I knew this artist from a previous thread long ago, I looked up to their channel to watch their videos which made me highly interested tring their experiments. Sadly they left a video titled apology video that led to the truth behind this artist. Im kinda sad they were cyber bully

No. 617363

Artist is a uwuquirky-chan who is jealous of women like Daphne kek

No. 617372

She got popular for her entertaining ideas (starting with lotr fancomics where everybody is a hipster) and yeah, afaik she mostly transitioned into writing. Her art style does suit that kind of quirky humour content though.

No. 617382

Threesibo is a cyberbully you mean?

No. 617398

Yes, they uploaded a video titled "apology video" but the entire text is in korean

No. 617407

File: 1598606820825.jpg (55.07 KB, 928x333, 20200821_141140.jpg)

Its a whole pain in the ass to find an english comment on their apology video. This comment sums up what they exactly did in the past

No. 617430

>REEEE everyone is calling each other fags
Do you not understand how imageboards work

No. 617464

Are you the same anon who sperged about the octopus drawing? Why did you make a wall of text without even watching the video?

Doesn't matter much if parker had a lot or no say in the book, he signed his name as the author so he is an accomplice. It's not about copyrighting, it's about plagiarism as the title says.

Anyway,my only critique to alphonso was that he should have waited to actually see the finished and published book before doing this. Not only he would be able to point out whatever was stolen in a better way, but he would have known for sure if he didn't credit him at any point.

No. 617487

Don‘t know what octopus you‘re referring to.

lol I have a life and can‘t watch such a long video at once. Never said I won‘t watch the rest. Don‘t be a sissy.

>His name is on the cover so he did everything himself.

You know ghostwriters exist.
Also, what I forgot yesterday. Alphonso should go to his own publisher and inform them about this. That‘s why you have a publisher — they usually have more ressources to go after such things.

I don‘t like Alphonso’s video bc he‘s basing his accusations on an unfinished product. There‘s no real proof. The preview could be pulled and the final published book could look different. So in the end, doesn‘t matter how morally right Alphonso is, when the final product looks different he‘s the dumb one.

Alphonso can be as much angry as he wants, I‘m just tired of all these people fighting publicly. How about talking face to face before calling for pitchforks.

No. 617534

Man that sucks, i love her channel. At least she didnt die like i though, lol

No. 617618

File: 1598629596139.jpeg (529.06 KB, 750x981, F12A6A06-7900-47DE-A1F2-65F24A…)

I wish this was a joke but all the hands they draw look like this

No. 617625

Why is it always the Twitter artists who scream any time they receive constructive criticism about how "art is subjective!!!!" but are also constantly making "tutorials", like they can tell others what a right or wrong drawing method is?

No. 617658

they can still joke about it while drawing like that? how in the hell can you misinterpret something so hard, are you just that bitter?

No. 617669

nta but to be fair, even though this particular tutorial is a joke, insta is riddled with tutorials just like it that are completely unironic.

No. 617783

I find it hilarious that you’re saying he shouldn’t judge an unfinished product at the same time you’re passing judgement on the video you haven’t fully watched.

No. 617821


That‘s not what I said but okay.

No. 617822

>lol I have a life and can‘t watch such a long video at once.
The fuck that has anything to do with my point? Take a week to watch the video, then make your post. A genuine tip for you is to watch long videos at youtube at a higher speeds. Some peoplw talk really slow (like alphonso).

Go read my post again. Never have I said he did the whole thing alone idk where you pulled that out. When you fucking sign your name on something it doesn't matter if you hired somebody else to do the whole thing, you are part of it.

>I‘m just tired of all these people fighting publicly

The irony of you here on lolcow ranting about stuff you don't know about and saying this.

No. 617892


>lol I have a life and can‘t watch such a long video at once.

Then don't comment on something you haven't watched all the way through. You can't get the full story of something from watching 1/2 of it.

And wtf do you mean unfinished product? Jake was showing previews of the actual finished book that's on preorder. It's 100% finished. Either watch the whole video to see the multiple examples Alphonso gave or don't comment on it.

And art thieves/people who plagiarize need to be called out publicly, especially when your as influential as and have a big following as much as Jake has. This isn't the early 2000's where people could just fiend naivety and not knowing. It's 2020 and if you're a grown ass adult that plagiarizes/steals things at this point, you have no excuse other than straight up malicious intent. Call that bullshit out. People have no excuse to be doing it in this day and age.

No. 617944

you realize a lot of tutorials are how to draw something in the artist's own style right? most of these tutorials aren't "here's how to draw faces the correct way".
isn't school back in session now? shouldn't some of these braindead anons start filtering out?

No. 618009

Jake Parker keeps coming up with the shittiest, most tone-deaf ways to stay relevant. He had 1 kind of OK idea that the art community enjoyed but decided he wasn't getting enough money or attention on his mediocre art.

everyone has their own way of approaching ink art, and by the looks of it, the style that's in his book, doesn't match how he draws at all. Unfortunately, popular artists who lift from smaller artists and claim it as their own is all too common. And smaller artists seldom get any recourse because they often get dismissed for it. I think I can belive Alphonso here.

Every year around this time we have to hear about how he decided to shit on the art community. Inktober is a played out popularity contest and a money grab anyway. There are better ways to improve your art and spend your time.

It will be an interesting month leading up to the book release and October, I'll say that much… Or maybe nothing'll happen at all.

No. 618027


>the style that's in his book, doesn't match how he draws at all.

This. The style of inking from what we can see in the Inktober book is nothing like Jake's usually inking style which just makes it more suspicious.

No. 618228

Though this post is probably ironic, Instagram is full of tutorials made by artists who still make fundamental errors… I've seen one where they drew a head from an elevated view in which they demonstrated to draw the eyes following a straight line across the head instead of actually following the cranium's curvature.

No. 618235

File: 1598662648054.jpg (348.61 KB, 1000x623, Ef-pfYgWoAQ-keB (1).jpg)

Why is there so much western lesbian art of girls that straight-up look like men? I get wanting to draw diverse bodies and faces, but the right character literally looks like a cartoon Jock. Is it just straight up a tranny fetish? Cause I've never seen a real woman who looks like this

No. 618236

File: 1598662896663.jpg (102.11 KB, 1080x1080, Ed4H-9VVAAEsWWB.jpg)

I keep seeing this over and over again in webcomics especially

No. 618251

Shit’s usually drawn by straight girls who want to seem progressive but don’t actually understand lesbian relationships so they just make it straight

No. 618269


"Progressive" artists thinking that buff, big women must always look like macho men.

They think they're breaking the norms and being ultra mega diverse when actually they're just drawing a straight couple.

No. 618291

File: 1598667112665.jpeg (363.76 KB, 1920x1920, EgivreoUwAEKe1y.jpeg)

Jake Parker's put out a statement on twitter saying that "I swear I didn't plagiarize you guiz"

No. 618294

File: 1598667176147.jpeg (313.09 KB, 1920x1920, EgivrenVgAA19rd.jpeg)

(2/2) saged because I don't know if people even want to discuss this dude who's obviously desperate to cling to relevancy

No. 618302

>I didn't plagiarize anything.
>Source(s): Dude trust me

Yeah no, I call bullshit. This is probably why Alphonso didn't bother to privately contact him in the first place because he would have just replied "but I didn't copy you tho." Everyone knows there will be crossover with the books because they're instructing for the same thing but, when your book has another artist's personal process in your own book? I call bull.

No. 618388

There are plenty of women who look like this, muscular lesbians look nothing like male troons. The depiction of the taller woman as butch in the relationship is the only het thing about this, that seems to be a consistent thing with lesbian art created by straight girls

No. 618396

Jake comes across as such a slimeball. Sadly I don't think Alphonso will win against him and the majority of Jake's fanbase will ignore this controversy

No. 618401

I think people often missunderstood that the problem that Jake stole Alphonsoo cirriculum not the term but the whole cirriculum look similiar, how the chapter presented and layout. When I read the preview of the inktober book is really lack of his own thoughts

But seriously what's wrong people nowdays turn this plagiarize issue into race political issue.

No. 618440

Anyone else catch the tweet Baylee posted about the Jake Parker Alphonso stuff before she deleted it? It was a picture of the Inktober book next to Alphonso's book pulled up on her Ipad and the caption was just the eyes emoji. Wonder what the fuck that was all about. Considering she did a video with Jake she probably deleted it because she didn't want to burn that bridge kek.

No. 618464

I'm not sure how to word it but how do I try taking apart my own art style to analyze it?

I think the basic problem is that I feel at a wall because I can't understand how to break out of muscle memories from when I was younger and learning to draw by myself. I can make convincing basic images but something always seems off to me. I want to learn to pick out my bad habits so I may improve on them in a way that sticks with me. It's weird to know you have a bad habit but can't figure out what it is exactly. I think I maybe just don't have the knowledge yet since I only starting trying to get serious about drawing in the past year or so.

I tried to ask for help on my regular websites but I'm not known on social media and don't have many peers for art critique so I tried here instead. Maybe there's a place better for asking something like this? I appreciate any direction!

No. 618472

My advice would be to break down your art by it's components. Factors like line (thickness, colour, clean/messy), colours, the proportions you use, the ranges of values you use, the underlying structure of your art. Picking it apart piece by piece can help you realise what's the same across what you make, and from there you can choose to differentiate it.

Part of it is just trying to find common features across your art, like if you mostly draw characters, do you usually draw them ¾? Front facing? Do you ever draw them from below or above, or only straight on?

If you look at the principles of design or elements of art, you can eventually home your eye to be more critical of your own art. In the time being, just try learning more, even about art skills that may seem boring. If you haven't tried perspective or composition, find resources on those. The more well rounded your abilities are, the more you improve overall as well as in specific areas. Draw things you're uncomfortable with drawing. Objects, landscapes, animals, people. Skills build upon each other.

You could post some of your art in the Rate My Art /m/ thread, asking for feedback. There are other sites like some art subreddits (r/learntodraw) that may help, but a lot of the time their feedback tends to be somewhat hugbox-y.

No. 618491

File: 1598684543557.jpg (642.72 KB, 1000x1200, twit.jpg)

An artist I follow on Twitter has been retweeting art from complete /beg/s as a "promote new artists!" thing, and I am CACKLING at how obviously traced the head is.

No. 618494

Not exactly what you're asking for, but if I were you, I'd just try to get out of my comfort zones.
Firstly, how does your usual workflow look? Do you sketch out the whole body via stick figures / gesture lines, and then refine, or do you start with the left eye and work from there with minimal guidelines? Whatever you do, find a different way to start your piece. Mix up all your steps into random parts of the process where possible. This may take some research, don't be afraid to read other people's techniques and approaches. Watch a large variety of artists speedpaints (unironically)
Second is draw things you're not used to. Do you draw pretty girl busts? Draw a robot, draw your cat, draw the bowl of fruit sitting on your table that you don't grab from as often as you should. If you find yourself stagnating with the style you draw your usual subjects in, drawing these other things might help you find different ways to portray shapes and ideas. It might not be as fun or as comfortable but its good for you, like medicine.

A lot of drawing is just getting a trained enough eye, which it sounds like you're developing. Its a long process of trying to view things critically and openly pretty much constantly in your day to day life.

No. 618770

File: 1598723071015.png (143.47 KB, 1078x990, Screenshot_2020-08-29-13-44-16…)

Apparently the publisher Jake went with made a statement on Twitter about how they're postponing the book release.

No. 618772

File: 1598723135381.png (98.43 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_2020-08-29-13-42-13…)

And deviantart canceled their inktober event

No. 618780

Yikes, all because two authors wanted to explain how to hold a pen in their books

No. 618812

File: 1598726873748.png (95.96 KB, 1076x719, Screenshot_2020-08-29-14-47-52…)

Lightbox Expo followed suit.
I guess this was the art community's last straw.

No. 618816

I mean… Jake Parker wasn't exactly great anyway so I struggle to feel sorry for him.
People will forget soon enough anyway, same as it was with Noah Bradley.

No. 618852

Thank you, these are both very helpful comments!
I don't have much experience in looking at my art critically but I can't wait to learn and now I feel like I have some steps to start with.

No. 618894

To be fair it's really hard to feel bad for Jake after the shady shit he's done leading up to this. Got a little too big for his britches and it blew up in his face. He'll always have some fans so it's not like he's totally done for. Should have just written his own shit.

No. 618896

File: 1598734315807.jpeg (314.14 KB, 750x706, B677B1CB-DCAA-4614-A490-5CB4B7…)

You guys are probably tired of these but this was on my explore and I thought it was hilarious

No. 618904

The before is better imo. It's not unique., but the after feels very generic compared to before.

No. 618910

God damn, this blew up way more than I thought it would

No. 618924

I wonder if it's likely he picked a ghost writer and that went wrong? I know that if I wanted to milk my brand and had cash I wouldn't want to write a basic instruction book myself but idk.

No. 618945

TD saying jake parker didn’t steal from Alphonso even though jake has posted Alphonsos book on the official inktober page in the past so he most definitely owns it or has seen it…

No. 618950

sorry for bringing this up again but i hate the way straight people draw lesbian couples. it's ALWAYS butch/femme, where "butch" means "muscular". sure, tall strong ladies are real, but people just draw them because they're more conventionally attractive. most of the butches i know have short hair, wear casual/active menswear, are fat, are into other butches, etc. but you never see that in media unless it's a side character used for humor. maybe i'm just a salty dyke but i'm sick of it lol

No. 618951

As much as this may seem like a cut and dry case, I feel like Peter Han made a good point about this situation. Just how many ways are there to phrase and present the same information.

Link to Peter Han's opinion (Instagram video): https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEdRtshB6Hc/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

No. 618955

part of me thinks it's because the butch looks like a man so it's more "normal" or more "attractive" to people who sexualize lesbians. lesbians written by straight people will always just be straight couples in disguise. they just don't get it.

No. 619002

I never knew drawing with a 3/4 face is an artstyle. Man, being an artist today never looked so good when developing a “”definitive”” style

No. 619010


I know some might have an objective view but, alot of bigger artist will either give Jake the benefit of the doubt not only because some might be personal friends with him but mainly because they don't wanna burn bridges with an artist as big as him. It's sounds tinfoily as hell but, in the art industry connections are more important than actual skill most of the time. Smaller artists that really don't have much to lose don't really give a shit and call a spade a spade.

No. 619024

Notice how she said that most of the ideas came from what her friend pointed out- kek still can’t come up with a thing on her own to save her life

No. 619041

Kate Beaton is funny and original

No. 619078

File: 1598759663795.jpeg (575.03 KB, 750x1112, 8EE5464A-4C17-4BB3-8491-C0A0F9…)

artist from the op pic said they’re going to try to put more detail back into their style. I think part of the reason why their style is so simple in the first place is that they like to draw on a phone a lot, not just a tablet. It’s nice that they seem to be accepting criticism I guess.

No. 619126

Going from using a tablet to using a phone would definitely explain op pic

No. 619130

File: 1598769191307.jpg (239.22 KB, 1080x1780, 20200830_133139.jpg)

Unpopular Opinion : I hate Illustrator that active in tik tok

Tweet Translation : My tiktok drawing video got 60k view but this simple elephant drawing titok got half million view

No. 619132

i originally commented on the OP pic saying it was tragic, but now i'm more impressed by their ability to draw on a phone, even if the result isn't great.
glad they're hearing out criticism, the second drawing looks much better.

No. 619165

The 2nd looks nearly identical to the 1st except shakier and with a bunch of extra lines that don't add anything. It's like the same girl before and after work. The 1st is far more polished overall.

No. 619166

More people are drawn to the elephant drawing because it is simple and the are probably hoping to draw it themselves.

No. 619179

literally the post is just "wahh why doesnt my post of an obscure character in a specific style get as many views as a cute simple elephant????". Say what you want about things that are trendy but theyre trendy for a reason.

No. 619180

One has a niche appeal, not everyone even likes that type of art
The other is much more simple, much easier to project on, and therefore more appealing to more people
It's why the yellow smiley face has survived since the 70s but no one knows what the fuck the Noid is anymore

No. 619198

1st is def not more polished. the thinner lines and actual (kinda)thought out shading gives it a waaay more polished look. the 1st one looks like a clean sketch, with shadows randomly placed with a multiply layer.
it's a bit much to expect a huge change in one month tho, specially if we have in mind that shes probably attached to that art style that made her "popular"

No. 619209

redemption arc..

No. 619300

File: 1598803878192.jpeg (237.37 KB, 828x686, B609F449-1A3E-4A6E-9083-F436A5…)

What a trifling faggot

No. 619305

seems like he got the original person that called him out suspended, this shithead scrote is gonna get away with harassing someone for 2 weeks and no one cares

No. 619306

He randomly changed the narrative from "I'm a shithead bully who harassed someone in DMs" to "I was standing up for trans rights!! Go me I'm so woke!"

No. 619321

>“I reacted in the most impulsive way possible”
>for two weeks

>”they were posting transphobic articles, images, original drawings, and generally engaging with the transgender community in a hateful way”

Was there any evidence of this consistency besides posting how said op artist didn’t want dick in bed??
Also, the fuck, did he post this before apologizing to the artist for literally holding a grudge for months and sending disturbing messages for two weeks Before sending this out?? All of this, for trans rights????
The guy says that he has trans friends, but I’m pretty sure NONE of them would promote this shit

No. 619324

what a douche. no one would harass someone for 14 days straight just because they got angry. he is a malicious piece of shit who knew what he was doing and thought he'd get away with it, clearly the only reason he stopped was because the woman contacted his superiors.

No. 619330

The fact that this guy is prob 22-24, will prob get hired by CN or Nick and not receive any repercussions all because his daddy’s in the business is nasty. I wonder if this isn’t being as talked about is also because of the kid’s connections

No. 619334

File: 1598806007421.jpeg (342.12 KB, 750x585, C1DE4FBD-FDF1-4F17-AFA5-29C04B…)

No. 619338

File: 1598806302471.jpeg (374.54 KB, 750x892, 7158CEE3-1E49-4F69-93BE-C4602C…)

Nikoteenie Doesn’t believe in trans ppl because most of their harassers have been trans. Still doesn’t warrant harassment

No. 619339

No. 619341

absolutely based, are we sure Mack Kenny isn’t just a troon in denial or is he just a heavy chaser?

No. 619350

After reading this, I'm starting to think Kenny's son is kinda based (nepotism aside). Who spends so much of their time telling a demographic they dislike that they're not "valid"? At the end of the day, both parties should feel like they have egg on their face.

No. 619354

lmao are you for real

No. 619359

File: 1598807963464.jpeg (454.81 KB, 750x782, C6932CA6-76D3-49F8-86D1-185227…)

I mean, Nikoteenie refers herself as a TERF.. all in all, this story just got a little weird

No. 619365

she is a stupid bitch, but harassing someone for 2 weeks just points to them feeling like they won't face any repercussions which means they might harass someone for way less, or do something way worse. this also probably just reinforced her opinion anyway, so he achieved absolutely 0, besides from gaining a high from insulting someone constantly.

No. 619367

I mean, yeah? They both act like children. Mack Kenny dm'd Nikotine for weeks with no response, only to get more and more vulgar/angry for the aforementioned reason. Meanwhile, Niko spends her days tweeting out insults to trans people in a "gotcha!" fashion. They both look pathetic and to me, are just two sides of the same coin.

No. 619371

did you even read the imgur link of all of the dms? He bragged about being cis and straight and attacked her and her wife, this girl hasn’t harassed anyone on this level.

No. 619381

File: 1598809997443.png (2.63 MB, 1440x1978, Screenshot_20200830-114613~3.p…)

Guess the disney princess lmao.

Am I nitpicking or is the anatomy weirdly off-putting?

No. 619382

>those euro-centric features and blowup doll lips

No. 619389

>she is a stupid bitch
any milk to spill or are you just a TRA?

No. 619392

No. 619394

I would say it's the neck,chest area and arm that look off but overall it is a pretty drawing

No. 619401

Neck weirdly long and broken, eyes too far apart, shoulders lopsided and the nose is the same color as the lips. The finish is really clean though
It’s not really that the features are European, they’re just not there.
It’s just blush, the bottom part of a nose, eyes and the lips.

No. 619408

It looks like her nips should be out, but instead the tips were pinched and pulled down into her flat dress

No. 619413

yes european women look exactly like that

No. 619414

File: 1598812853252.jpeg (959.63 KB, 1338x1502, 8CBDBE5F-2258-43AA-B758-1F0045…)

Saw this on my explore feed and I have no words on how awful this looks.

No. 619415

File: 1598812949736.jpg (219.25 KB, 879x755, incel face.jpg)

Can you post your face? I just want to see something.
Mack passed too.

No. 619423

"no words" c'mon. maybe i'm partial to this because i used to draw similar stuff when i was in middle school 10 years ago, but it's just fun and clunky.

No. 619425

Unfortunately, I just got a new hair implant and finished putting in my contacts. Better luck next time!

No. 619427

That's more than enough confirmation, lmao.

No. 619429

Niko is a queen u cocksucker

No. 619430

trannys and tranny fuckers gtfo

No. 619460

But that's what she looks like in the Disney movie.
It strikes me as another case of "ally" men being gross to a woman and justifying it in the name of good cause.

No. 619492

they really like to feed trolls huh

No. 619496

hmmm or she doesn't believe in trans people because she understands human biology lol

No. 619506

There seem to be extremely few people that think it's a parody account.
I don't doubt that there are people who are like that or even worse in a bunch of aspects but this is characterized too perfectly to be an actual person.
The posting style, the bio(muslim on a crusade is my fav), everything is just like a Frankenstein monster of anti-woke strawmen.

No. 619534

File: 1598827632181.jpeg (599.6 KB, 828x835, 18B51EC5-5E92-4E7B-BA36-7E7191…)

What the hell is even that

No. 619536

>t-they both are pathetic!! did you see that nikotine is a TERF??? I mean a straight white guy sucking his famous dad's teat chimping out at her for 2 weeks straight is sorta warranted you know!!! b-based!!!
/ot/ is becoming irredeemable, holy christ. She never attacked him and never replied to his disturbing as fuck messages. She did nothing to deserve that sort of behavior.

No. 619540

File: 1598828253286.png (648.8 KB, 1226x561, 545383e488ea07d08ad12a7a944c8a…)

Based Nikotine.

Nah, Mack Kenny is a talentless animator, with ugly as fuck art, who's only empowered and emboldened by having a famous dad. He wasn't even fighting about troon politics, he was just harassing her. I hope he gets blacklisted. Men who harass women because they have different politics never do it only because of politics. He'd probably harass any other woman he doesn't like as well.

No. 619542


It went from "moderately okay yet uncanny" to "shitty bootleg doll from the 19th century"

No. 619546

His art has that distinct Shmorky/Mallorie Udischas kind of disturbing vibe so I wouldn't personally be surprised at all to be honest if he came out as a transbian. Watch him grow out his hair and dye it a washed pink just so he can keep on harassing female artists in the future as well.

No. 619568

current drama aside they were a namefag on 4chan and were notorious for kinning characters and ruining them with their own headcanons

they're fucking weird

No. 619575

sounds based to me

No. 619578

Can we just stop bringing up bullshit relating to trannies on here. Everyone here is an edgy tard hiding behind anonymity. Nikoteenie is a baiting dumbass obsessed with people that don't impact their life in anyway aside from being annoying online and thriving on the negative feedback they get. Mack is a textbook warrior keyboard that also went after someone for problems that don't involved him and that should have just ignored and blocked Niko in the first place. Everyone involved in this is a dumbfuck. Mack honestly should be blacklisted from any studio for sending those stupid messages. Both are retarded on opposites sides of the spectrum.

No. 619594

>Everyone involved in this is a dumbfuck.
This honestly. It was amusing watching them fling shit back and forth while screeching like monkeys at first, but now this has just dragged on for too long and is now annoying/uninteresting. Both parties are assholes and their argument is retarded.

No. 619614

anon, do you see not think there is a difference between posting caustic opinions on twitter (plus none of the screenshots above showed nico engaging with anyone) and actually going out of your way to attack someone who at no point even said anything to you? mack is clearly the bigger tard here.

No. 619616

Of course Mack is the bigger idiot for dming when Niko had never interacted with him directly but, Niko is just an edge baiting tard constantly spewing shit that has nothing to really do with them in the first place. You'd think a Tranny fucked their mom and shit on their bed when they were 14 for them to constantly be up in arms about anything trans related. People should just roll their eyes, block, and move on. Niko isn't any different from any other 4chan idiot, they just made a pokemon clone that coomers will eat up. Both are dumbasses in their own right.

No. 619648

I used to follow this artist regularly, but it seems like they've been…declining as of late? Their art style has become so stiff. Though it might just be me.

Also the constant SJW themes they're trying to bolster in every video now has become a bit off-putting since they're making it the forefront of their art.

No. 619649

Here's the previous video in question, the art style I feel appeals to me so much more.

No. 619659

Imagine a future of mainstream cartoons drawn in that style. Vomit-worthy.

No. 619679

The redesigns feel about as generic as you get. He went from doing boring western anime to boring Tumblr art.
>Look at old YT vids, it's a fakeboi
You could tell from just the art style lmao

No. 619684


I mean, honestly? I don't mind anything in here at all. The themes are a bit on the nose but for like Alchemist Valentine, the non-binary aspect doesn't seem forced in the slightest.

I like the designs and style.

No. 619687

So now Lucawaifu got her twitter account suspended? Over what? Calling a industry hack out for harassment? What a fucking joke.

Look, so many cringy artists with cowish tendencies just happen to be trannies and they make it a huge part of their identities. It's pretty hard to not bring up troonery when they have their profiles plastered with trans flags and identity politics and cause drama over it like this asshole harassing another artist for 14 fucking days straight insulting her work, her skill, her appearance and at the same time being so fucking smug about it that he used his own professional twitter account for it. Gender delusions are just as cow-like behavior as any other delusions, if they were otherkin/racefakers or something they'd be called out for being crazy bitches just the same and so would anyone defending their fantasies. They're not exempted from being made fun of.

This, people saying "they're both idiots!!!" when Nikotine barely even replied to this tard is baffling. Even if you think muh transgenderism is real she still did absolutely nothing to invite Mack's spergery over. And how did it drag "for too long"? Her wife called the guy out, the guy locked his account, complete silence, he then posts a half-assed nonpology two days later and faces absolutely no consequences for being an unprofessional, sexist piece of shit. That's it. But yeah go back to calling someone out for tracing because they drew the same red girl as another instagram artist or charged money for commissions if that's a drama more engaging.

No. 619696

I find the new style very appealing and think it's an improvement overall, I like the clean lines and clear shapes a lot and think it's suited for comics or animation. I agree though that the previous vid had much more dynamic poses. My main gripe looking at the new line-up is that she (?? - sounds like a T voice) tends to draw female hips/lower bodies on male characters and it looks weird. It's particularly visible in the yellow main character and the twins in purple but applies to the pale blue char as well. I mean I guess it could be a "trans characters everywhere!" kind of thing but it looks more like unconscious bias to me.

No. 619699

Niko not responding to Mack doesn't exempt them from being an equally dumb shit. Mack shouldn't have sent those messages at all and the fact that it was done over 14 days is just really fucking sad to say the least. He should have been called out over it and he needs this to follow him around to whatever company he tries to pitch generic sjw cartoon #400 to. Though I have to laugh at the fact that Niko is one of those people that loves to call people snowflakes and sensitive and shit and yet, is out making multiple tweets a week about shit that doesn't apply to them. Mack is a sperging simp for shit that doesn't apply to him and a grown adult that felt the need to basically harass someone over the course of 14 days that he'll more than likely never meet irl and really doesn't impact him in anyway over hurting his fee-fees. Niko is a baiting 4chan level RacistUncle legbeard that seems way too invested in trannie shit to not make you question why the fuck does she care so much. Both aren't exempt from being made fun of like you said. Both dumbasses in their own right.

No. 619700

Haha, nice number.

In all seriousness though, I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who noticed that. Something about the main character in particular is that they have such an overtly feminine figure that I just cannot see how they would register as 'boy' unless they're trans–which said artist hasn't made it known? The only one that I can see passing for a male is definitely the fire-dude, but it's probably because his jaw and the way his chest is shaped as opposed to the hips balance themselves out to be more male.

It bothered me a lot.

No. 619714

She never attacked anyone personally, she's addressing a wider issue on a societal level and comparing her to Racist Uncle is a big leap in logic. While Nikotine's unnecessarily aggressive in her tranny takes she still doesn't target people or send them angry messages unlike the ultimate pickme RU who lives off of her irate personal vendettas and triggering the libz to keep her /pol/tard simps orbiting her. I don't understand how Nikotine can be called an "equally dumb shit" when she did literally nothing to Mack or his friends and it was her wife who made the initial callout tweet on her behalf to begin with. And I absolutely fail to see how posting edgy opinions on your personal Twitter account equates to "sending an artist harassing, aggressive messages for two weeks".

No. 619723

Yeah I'm not exactly comparing the situation of the harassment to Niko's takes on trannies that make it seem like she has some weird grudge, I'm just saying both are dumbasses in their own right. I'm personally not trans, don't give a shit about Mack's work, and have and never plan on playing Heartbeat so looking in at this just makes me go "Huh, you're both retarded". I have to laugh at the fact that Mack was probably so mad at Niko that thought that his dms might be exposed completely missed his better judgment and now he has to look like the bigger idiot in comparison. Way to completely go against the point you were trying to make of showing how uber evul Niko is to be so detrimental to trans lives by pretty much harassing her non stop for 14 days straight.

No. 619735

Haha, I'm also glad I'm not the only one bothered by it. It's kinda sad tbh because she's drawing a picture of what could easily be a fun mostly female cast and then turns around and says no, actually it's 1 1/2 women to 5 1/2 men, what about the male audience!

No. 619777

Niko is a lesbian, hates transbians and was harrassed by trannys from resetera. That's a valid enough reason to hate trannys.

No. 619778

Wait, is that really the reason why? Because if it is kek what a fucking petty baby.

No. 619780

That's exactly what happened. Her girlfriend was involved in a game called Heartbeat she was a famed artist for and TRAs started attacking her AND her girlfriend AND the game the girlfriend was developing by review bombing and telling people not to buy it because reeee evil terf needs to die. This was triggered by a twitter thread she posted after she apparently got enough of transbians pressuring her girlfriend to suck girldick because the game was so popular with troons due to the colourful art style and all-female (?) cast.

No. 619792

And now she just posts a bunch of transpohbic shit all day, everyday in retaliation. What an anime villain origin story that is. Niko seems just like a bitter dyke that's mad trannies are probably getting more poon than her (thinking they're just straight men that are fetishizing lesbians her words not mine lol). Turns out she's not even a dev for heartbeat, She's just a fanartist and the gf of the actual dev and artist who hasn't even been active on twitter since the whole shit blew up. The people that review bombed it in the first place are grade A idiots because Niko really doesn't have anything to do with the game. Fucking hilarious that the game itself became popular with trannies and that's what probably spurred all of it.

No. 619796

>Niko seems just like a bitter dyke that's mad trannies are probably getting more poon than he
She has a girlfriend you dumb fuck. Take your homophobic coping ass outside.

No. 619797

>mad trannies are probably getting more poon than her
From where? The crusty fleshlight under their beds?

No. 619799

Have you ever been harrassed by trannies? They legit come after your livelihood because to them snitching to employers is political activism. The sad fact is that it's fashionable to fire people who use pronouns based on sex because their activism was successful in establishing that we mustn't hurt delusional people with the truth.

No. 619802

People really seem to forget that no one is holding a gun to your head and making you pay money for things that are from people you disagree with. Just scroll past it for fucks sake.

No. 619844

>Niko seems just like a bitter dyke that's mad trannies are probably getting more poon than her
do you have any idea how you sound? at this point your personal hatred toward Niko is more cringy than anything she's done.

No. 619848

what if it's mack himself lol

No. 619863

>>>your dilation station

No. 619869

File: 1598879729267.jpg (170.61 KB, 954x1171, Screenshot_20200824-170603.jpg)


No. 619871

Kek, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Spongebob jr. defending himself

No. 619884

File: 1598881332133.png (50.3 KB, 631x450, jake.png)

So Jake gave Alphonso credit? Jake's response to the controversy makes it seem like he didn't ask for Alphonso's permission at all but it may not be a legal issue. Just Jake being an ass

No. 619917

Anon, Bailey Jae is literally reciting from Alphonso’s video on the matter, jack’s book didn’t even come out yet and all we’ve seen were a few similar side pics kek

No. 619918

Tbh, the artstyle doesn’t look like it’s changed, but the colouring technique has, making it look bland. I’m not going to lie, the artstyle has always looked tumblr-ly stiff, so idk what the op of post is saying when calling the “new style” stiff

No. 619931

File: 1598888564659.jpeg (252.45 KB, 1242x934, 152AB12A-7299-457E-84E1-03A268…)

nta but Baylee has a copy of Jakes book, probably from when they did the collab

No. 619935

How would I go about getting NSFW commissions? I have zero audience online but I like drawing smut and I need money, plus I've seen artists worse than me get commissioned so I want to get into that.

No. 619940

You have to take challenges,are you willing to create fetish art?

No. 619941

Depends on WHAT kind of smut you wanna do anon. What are you aiming for? Gay smut? Furry smut? The more specific the easier it is to find an audience.

No. 619958

Just like normal commissions, create a TOS/commission sheet/start posting your own work and promoting it using popular tags

No. 619960

plenty of anime based discord art servers have nsfw channels and if your art is good enough people might also bite on non-art nsfw servers. twitter has a pretty big nsfw community and like the other anon mentioned specific niches have pretty big circles too, so you could try there too.

No. 619968

what is an actual fool proof way to get/promote ur commissions? i always find my posts getting little attention nowadays, when sometime ago i used to get quite a few.
im not popular but also i have more than 300 followers so idk what to do

No. 619983

Yeah, I agree. In the old video, each character's bodily and facial expression was somewhat unique. It's more dynamic due to things like foreshortening. There aren't white borders around the old characters, so they look more together. It just feels like it has more movement.
In the new one, you lose that sense of energy and expression. The poses are more similar to each other, and the expressions are less exaggerated. Everything is more spaced out and clean. Before, they looked like a group doing an action shot. Now they just look like characters individually drawn and placed next to each other.

No. 619990

File: 1598892383283.png (35.73 KB, 573x293, taz_comission.PNG)

Why people with money can't just respect the artists?
thread if someone is interested.

No. 619994

Many people are cheapskates, especially those with money. Not surprised but damn it's still bad.

No. 620005

Oh, I've seen this fat cunt on KF and 4Chan. even they think she's a troll. People on twitter are just complete morons.

No. 620011

This shit reminds me of that one deviantart user, Redpassion or something. She had the biggest crush on king Louis the 14, Benjamin Franklin (pretty sure it was Benjamin Franklin) and Snape. iirc she was a lolcow but never to the degree like disneyfan01 was. Anyways, I think 2018 and 2020 are shitty but obviously 2018 is better…a bit.

No. 620033

That's how many people with money got money and amass even more money, by underpaying people and otherwise doing whatever they can get away with to save money.

No. 620040

File: 1598896037624.png (882.55 KB, 760x900, CD311235-D2D2-439A-88FB-91228B…)

lmao I remember redpassion, she was actually in love with Louis the sixteenth, not Louis XIV

On a certain level it would have been more understandable if she'd gone for the Sun King, but she actually went for the fat dumbass who got himself guillotined

The art itself isn't even that bad but God, the cringe

No. 620044

I actually think this is an improvement? So much of the """good""" art has a lot of overrendering and dead faces that don't do much beyond try to be "pretty" and not communicate with the audience via the character. Her 2018 style looks like a cute face w/a body added on and maybe playing to that crowd (and failing).

On the other hand, her 2020 style actually has body language going on. The character looks coy, shoulders tensed, and her face looks as if she's just received a compliment and the reality of what's going on is settling in (the crown looks like it's just materialized on her head, reflecting her reaction). The shadows on her shoulders even remind me of the extent of her blushing vs just random red spot stylization.

When artists are aiming for illustration, storytelling through body language is important. I don't see how she downgraded. It looks like the work of someone who's finding their place.

…This isn't a vendetta post, is it?

No. 620064

lol vendetta posts are this whole thread.

No. 620071

an anon on 4chan pointed out that "zina" is an Islamic legal term referring to sexual deviancy. Could just be a coincidence. There have been quite a few professional Twitter troll accounts though so I wouldn't put it past someone to go through the trouble to make an art SJW one in the current year.

No. 620085

Baylee has a copy of Jake's book. Peter Han was lukewarm about the controversy too, maybe he was sent a copy as well. If Jake credited Alphonso in the bibliography that would change everything. Jake is still a spineless jellyfish for not asking Alphonso for permission to cite his techniques, but it would not be a copyright/theft issue now. It weakens Alphonso's accusation of Jake stealing, when Jake has given credit in the book itself. I still support Alphonso over Jake, but it's harder for a legal case to be made here

No. 620110

what a damn flashback, i completely forgot about redpassion and their uhh… otps

No. 620111

Redpassion is an underrated lolcow. Didn’t she used to throw shitfits over Marie Antoinette for “stealing her man” even though they’ve both been dead for 200 years? Also IIRC Riyoko Ikeda acknowledged her work which is… so cursed.

No. 620117

File: 1598901466553.gif (28.45 KB, 99x56, d1b7hxu-1341151c-24c2-4e5e-81d…)

Yes she did. Made stamps about it and everything.

No. 620156

File: 1598903843332.jpg (309.66 KB, 809x1201, Screenshot_20200831-125130_You…)


She commented on it but kept it as safe and on the fence as possible so I'm surprised that she even tweeted that. Her collab with Jake was barely even a collab, their interaction was the most stiff and awkward thing I've ever witnessed, they clearly don't know each other so I'm not that surprised to see that she isn't exactly taking his side.

No. 620158


samefag who brought her up…Thank you on the correction! I do remember she fucking HATED Marie Antoinette (no shit lol) and would draw herself holding anti Marie signs lmao. She also hated Neville because Snape did. I mean would make these comics about snape and her self insert bullying the kid and laughing about it. I still swear she was in love with benjamin franklin. This was obviously just a lady who had a crush on older dudes with rampart autism mixed in. Glad others remember her.

No. 620162

Alphonso said it was plagiarism, not a copyright issue. Credit at the end as bibliography doesn't make something plagiarism free. I'm glad Jake's publisher is looking into it.

People giving their opinion on this mostly don't know shit about copyright or how books are made.

No. 620165

lmao not my fandom but wasn't Marie married to Louis at 14 with him being a bit of a bore in the marriage? in any case nobility marriages hardly have anything to do with the agency of the married, "stealing" is way too intentional lol.

No. 620182

File: 1598905893596.png (489.44 KB, 780x521, ichigomarsh.png)

Anyone ever look at cute af art only to find out they basically sell mostly heavily referenced/traced art?
This is Ocean in Space btw

No. 620184

damn girl. it's not like that pose is fucking difficult.

No. 620190

The anatomy probably looks off because of the angle the picture was taken at. Unpopular opinion but I think this is really pretty. People are upset about the lips but Pocahontas had thicc lips in the movie.

No. 620225

File: 1598909693204.jpg (169.78 KB, 1095x753, d31djmb-919586e7-30be-459a-8ad…)

When autists put this much effort into their weird obsessions i can't help but admire them.

No. 620227

I don’t know if the fact she was in her thirties when this happened makes it better or worse.

No. 620231

oh ya a mediocre drawing with a fancy vector bg.

No. 620251

> Riyoko Ikeda acknowledged her work
What the fuck, are there caps of this? I’ve never heard of this person before but Riyoko Ikeda acknowledging self-insert art just because it invokes Louis XVI is crazy cursed.

No. 620254

File: 1598913283161.png (1.24 MB, 1135x1102, 2388B220-1D79-4149-938F-AC02F2…)

Wait wow she’s 38 (this was drawn in 2018) and still acts like a 12 year old who just discovered self-insert fanfiction? The irony of her saying she hates stupid men but liking Louis the 16th. Lol.

No. 620256

as soon as I saw the I am sherlocked thing I knew she had no brains lmao

No. 620277

Not to be "ageist" but are there ever any older women in fandom that are normal. They all seem to be insane conspiracy theorists that hate women. Imagine hating a dead woman for being married to a dead man you're obsessed with. It's like they never grew out of their teen years

No. 620281

Has /ic/ ever had any standout artists you can remember? /asg/ is weirdly barren and I haven’t much faith in the rest of the board.

No. 620282

That's weird because i've had "husbandos"but i've never been angry at the women they were interested/dating but i was angry at my own husbandos lol. that's different mindset i guess

No. 620294

Mabel Ye used to post there, she directs at Netflix now

No. 620297

>those proportions
Kek what the fuck? I can't stop laughing at her drawing herself like an actual little person.

No. 620349

Tbh most of the good fanfics are written by older women, they just tend be be very lowkey so you don’t know until they mention going on hiatus while they send their kid off to college.

No. 620359

There are plenty, they just know better to keep things lowkey / don't announce age etc. because they like privacy

No. 620366

The best fanfic writer I know is insanely good and she’s in her mid-20s and doesn’t even read fanfic, it’s kind of insane honestly

No. 620385

File: 1598937372014.jpg (257.55 KB, 910x920, e46814df47eb8a0484906bc0762c54…)

/asg/ is literally /beg/ for people who would rather copy anime faces than do normal /beg/ grinding.
ThDark/Cameron Sewell is probably my favorite I can think of off the top of my head. Mathias Osland is also very talented.
If you want to look at coom artists, Kyle/Kairu, BBC-chan, and Marmalademum are all pretty solid for what they do. There used to be lots of notable artists in /alt/, but the threads have gone to shit lately. Tableguy isn't my cup of tea but he's a notable fixture of the /alt/ threads with a very distinct style.

No. 620402

Oh yeah because teenagers or people in their 20's are never absolutely fucking insane in fandoms. Why don't those 30something hags just go make babies or something.

No. 620418

I think people in the gen Z and early 20s are just as insane if not more. Back then making shitty stamps, hate art and fanfiction was how these people expressed themselves, now they accuse you of proting abuse or drawing CP if you drew a ship they don't like.
Retarded crushes existed all through the internet's lifespan too if you dig deep into it.
I don't think crushing on Sans the skeleton and recording Sans kink ASMR is more normal than Disneyfan01 simping for that deformed pirate character

No. 620419

Idk when I was in fandom while there were tons of college kids and some teens there were also plenty of older women who were just normal, the crazy snapewife types definitely stood out. Usually women with that hobby were kinda poor or disabled (and yes, there's a lot of autism for sure) and fandom is cheap and relatively accessible or academics (sometimes really well-off) who simply enjoyed writing.

No. 620425

No it wouldn't change everything, he still used identical examples without permission. It's still stealing

No. 620432

I mean, she's high tier compared to the other autismos like chris chan

No. 620470

There are plenty of normal older women in fandoms, but a lot of them don't mention their age because they don't wanna be judged, y'know?

This. These people back then would harass you via deviantart profile comments or make hate fanart if you even dared to like the same character as them.
I miss those stamps tbh for a cute little creation made to be displayed on your profile, people sure loved using them to shit stir kek Now people will make multiple tik tok vids or youtube vids trying to get people to go after you. Doxxing is also a thing that people now fucking love doing if they don't like you. Makes me kinda feel bad for the teens growing up these days. Gotta walk on eggshells to make sure you don't piss off the wrong people.

I'd say no matter what age or fandom, autists will always be present.

No. 620560

the title looks like it says "meet the autist" with that font lol

No. 620672

Does anyone have any terrible fiber artists that they follow on instagram? Bad clothing makers, stuffed animal designers hitting off the mark etc? I love to follow those sorts of people in facebook groups but they're harder to find on IG.
Also on the flipside does anyone have any really good ones? I'm looking to expand my timeline with some good laughs and good inspiration but it seems genuinely harder to find bad ones, I think their lowered engagement makes it more difficult to find.
One of my favorites in terms of good quality is @irenestrange because I appreciate seeing her sketches and her failed attempts, plus her patterns are legitimately well done.
I'd appreciate anything and I'm sorry if it's not cool to ask here.

No. 620721

where is that shirt from?

No. 620742

It literally says in the post where the shirt is from lmfao

No. 620851

File: 1598995321478.png (90.54 KB, 586x789, noelle.PNG)

So it's been almost a week and Noelle Stevenson is still apologizing for saying that a character is a farmer.

No. 620868

File: 1598996186526.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1987x4389, AAF938FD-C8C3-4216-B1EE-0EA009…)

Kawanocy on instagram is defending his creepy child grooming vampire ship.

No. 620872


As much as i like kawanocy's rendering (even though it has been copied to death) i always found his taste for het ships creepy, because he almost always portrays the female acting like an innocent child.

No. 620880

Ginger needs to grow a fucking spine already. But tbh that's what she gets for trying to appeal to these people.

No. 620892

People getting upset about Kawacy is so stupid, if you don't like the ship just unfollow him lol. It's such a nontroversey for an artist to draw "problematic" art when there are actual groomers out there.

No. 620894

>artist salt thread
>who cares about what an artist draws when there are real criminals
Anyway it’s obviously gross that he drew so many pictures in a row showing this vampire and kid, if the ship is really about her as an adult then stop drawing 20 flashbacks to him hugging and consoling her and tucking her into bed as a father figure to a small child.

No. 620897

File: 1598999512149.jpeg (178.26 KB, 750x518, 860B6A05-0B0C-491C-8B75-CF9421…)

Kawacy’s OCs backstory “proving” it’s not grooming


No. 620898

File: 1598999577273.jpeg (172.06 KB, 750x505, E8757447-BC45-4561-BF50-6664C4…)


No. 620905

I mean from the perspective of someone who doesn't know who Kwacy is, it seems like this person is tone-deaf and just trying to make a cute love story, but also it should be obvious why this looks like grooming.

No. 620908

Speaking of Kawacy, does anyone know what was up with his messy breakup with Orangesekaii? She kept alluding to something he had done in her Instagram posts, but deleted them all and now they don't follow each other.

No. 620916

This reminds me of those drawings that used to be on my Instagram explore of witches finding and raising little boys but the artist ships them together when he grows up. Fucking weird. I guess there’s an audience for that but how can someone not see it as creepy? Do they just not care or do they actually think it’s sweet?

I don’t usually mind age gaps that are ten years or less, maybe fifteen if the characters are both much older, but an adult raising a child and then falling in love with the child when they grow up? Yeah, that’s creepy.

No. 620920

It's such a nitpick, but it bothers me that him touching her shoulder doesn't reflect in some way in the mirror, not even a wrinkle or hand imprint or something. Also:

>Sesshoumaru & Rin


No. 620922

File: 1599003555717.jpeg (3.26 MB, 2993x5128, 6B6E781D-57C7-4235-AB6F-3D07D6…)

I think the ones people find most disturbing are the comics that directly show before and after she has aged up. (Not pictured are images of them kissing and comics of the character being uwaaah idk wat penis is)

No. 620932

oh that sucks cause the art looks cute, why not make them meet when she is already older smh

No. 620934

>and comics of the character being uwaaah idk wat penis is
Did he really make that?

No. 620938

>tries to drag kid off while their guardian is present and right next to her
Damn, pedos gettin' bolder and bolder nowadays.

No. 620945

Isn't that the vampire dude from the Sims 4? I was wondering why he looked so familiar.

No. 620967

As much as I hate cancel culture and woke types, she cultivated that very culture, so it's hard for me to feel too bad for her. Plus I just like laughing at She-Ra's awful fandom.

No. 620975


I think this thread isn't for you anon

No. 620992

Kek, now that you pointed it out, I can’t unsee it

No. 621002

Yeah in his tumblr posts he specified that the vampire dude is from the Sims

No. 621056

this gave me a good laugh.
nine year old me had a huge obsession with the live action alice in wonderland movie.

No. 621088

urgh, but it's fiction so who cares

No. 621108

This is so embarrassing and pathetic. I almost feel sorry for her but it's her own goddamn fault for participating in this sick cancel culture. Imagine being such a fucking bootlicker you keep this going for a WEEK over something you should've not had to apologize for to begin with. What would a normal person think if they read this twitter thread? Could they even understand what the hell was happening? Hiring a fucking anti-racism consultant because you said a character is a farmer? What? Americans are insane.

No. 621137

I find it hard to be so outraged over something this innocuous. They're not related and she's obviously an adult when they fall in love. It just sounds like a fantasy fairytale setting detached from reality, not some creepy real life child porn grooming parallel.

No. 621154

File: 1599032999538.png (1.08 MB, 766x758, phypa.PNG)

pypha's faces are such a hit or miss for me. like what the hell happened to velma

No. 621156

I was more shocked at how boringly het and uwu these comics were. I can understand how people are bothered by the dynamic, but to say it's promoting child grooming is kinda dumb, judging from the comments a lot of girls have fantasies of this kind of relationship. I think if it had been drawn by a woman there wouldn't have been this kind of backlash.

No. 621159

Same, I don't see the reason for outrage either.

No. 621176

File: 1599035758203.jpg (320.42 KB, 1536x2048, D9L14wYXoAERkvm.jpg)

Scooby looks like this damn dog. He's way too human-like

No. 621185

File: 1599036850144.jpeg (24.44 KB, 600x514, kjhgfde.jpeg)

thanks i hate it

No. 621192

Honestly this, fiction is fiction for a reason. Fiction was always meant for you to safely explore ideas and concepts outside of the norm and live out whatever fantasies you might have guilt free. I don't even mean the obviously bad stuff like pedophilia or murder but more like just things that are fine in fiction that you wouldn't want irl (looking at you YA romance novels with "healthy" relationships). This to me is really just a cute fluffy story and I don't really see the grooming aspect because he's ageless. I think the whole point of this is the whole "growing up to being his equal" kind of thing, where at first the guy doesn't see you as romantic partner (because you're a child, duh) but then you become adult and "viable". I would say these relationships to me are almost metaphorical even, not of real life pedophilia or grooming but instead when there's 2 people that would be compatible as a couple but are for some reason in unequal standing (idol/fan, boss/underling, social/anxious) and can only become that couple when the other person "steps up" and rises to the equal standing.

As someone who writes and reads fiction, I find that a lot of people tend to take things too literally when reading a piece of material, fantasy is often a tool to strip down complex ideas into simple concepts so that they can be safely explored and understood by whomever, where a complex idea such as 2 people being of unequal standing is broken down into a simple concept of "adult and child".

No. 621198

>I would say these relationships to me are almost metaphorical even, not of real life pedophilia or grooming but instead when there's 2 people that would be compatible as a couple but are for some reason in unequal standing (idol/fan, boss/underling, social/anxious) and can only become that couple when the other person "steps up" and rises to the equal standing.
This. People take everything at face value and see "he's falling in love with the girl he raised, THATS GROOMING U PEDO!!!" without taking into account the nuance and context behind it. Even the most "wholesome" ideas can be problematic in real life and I hate to see this constant discourse about what gets a pass in fiction and what doesn't because they're not real and IRL dynamics are way more complex than any fiction can portray. This setting in particular is obviously supposed to be seen as a metaphorical growth story and not some child grooming advertisement.

No. 621201

Yep exactly, I think it's kinda given away by the fact that these stories always portray a mortal (usually) girl with immortal or close to it (usually) guy but never when they both age, if it was a grooming story then why make the distinction? People really should start studying some meta reading, it's a pretty handy skill to have.

No. 621205

>when the other person "steps up" and rises to the equal standing.
I don't really see any "stepping up" though. Maybe it's just from the edits I've seen, but she seems just as childish an immature as she was when she was a kid, only with kissing and bed sharing. Doesn't help that the artist constantly compares their relationship as a child, to their relationship now as an adult. It's just weird.
I can see why it comes off as "groomish", although I don't care either way.

No. 621208

Well the "stepping up" can be either physical or mental, sometimes stepping up means getting an equal position to someone but sometimes it means letting go of the feeling of inferiority. Kawacy's characters are probably more about the latter, besides stepping up does not necessarily mean changing who you are, it just means letting go of certain things holding you down.

No. 621209

What counts as being "childish and immature" exactly? Sucking on a pacifier? Playing with building blocks?

No. 621211

Idk, when a bunch of his comics about them seem to hinge on comparing when she was a little girl vs now, it’s kind of creepy. If it’s about stepping up and being on equal footing, why use age specifically as their dividing factor? The dude is literally a vampire so it could just be about her becoming a vampire or whatever from human, but clearly her being a child is key to their dynamic and their romance.

Even if you say it’s fiction, whatever, it’s the same story that’s been told a hundred times so what’s the point of telling it again? You would think Kawacy might be able to inject it with some kind of creativity.

No. 621212

I'm kind of ambivalent about this. The likely target audience for this (ie anybody who reads manga, watches anime - especially shoujo content - or likes things like Twilight or Interview With the Vampire) can't really talk. I don't know why so many people in fandom want to play hypocritical fandom police these days.
I like the metaphorical interpretation posted in this thread. Plus, the dynamic we see here isn't really the same as with humans. As an immortal vampire, he mentally/physically stays a young adult, the exact same as the day he took her in. His development will stay the same, only changing as needed by his environment. She's the only one between them that can actually grow automatically, both mentally and physically. That means she can eventually meet his level (and remember, he's suspended in this stage), and be able to have feelings for him, and once he recognizes that she's no longer just the little kid he's been babysitting all this time, he can return them.
A better parallel to grooming would probably be a decrepit vampire who seeks out human children (or even just vulnerable humans in general) to raise and make a "harem" with, and/or "losing" them when they're no longer naive and innocent.
On the other hand, it seems like she always sees him as her superior. I guess it's kind of creepy in that sense. Don't really know what to think.

No. 621213

No wonder why most western artists are so boring and bland, everything is problematic. Grow up please, it's a goddam cartoon.

No. 621214

Hmm, maybe. I guess overall it reminds me of a manga I use to read, Bunny Drop. The main character adopts and raises a child, only for the story to end with the two of them getting together at the end.
Technically the main character didn't raise her with the intention of grooming her into his eventual bride, but most of the story was about him raising her as his daughter. So for it to end with them getting together, it's jarring to say the least.
I guess with these kinds of things, you go into this knowing your going to be hitting a very specific target of people who like that sort of thing as well as a target of people who'll be put off, me personally it feels like mixing water and oil. Wholesome adoptive story that eventually turns into a love story, just doesn't jive well with me.

No. 621223

wtf am I retarded? I don't get what is wrong about a black farmer? I watched the clip and it's nothing bad. huh??
and she is crawling on the twitter floor as if she wanna get punched more, what the hell

No. 621224

I'm sorry but you need to hire an anti-racist consultant yourself immediately if you don't see how saying that a black person is sowing a field is an outrageously insensitive and racist joke about a slavery.

No. 621231

Jesus this "IDK MAN IT'S P CREEPY YALL SHE USED TO BE A MINOR U KNOW.." discourse is so fucking retarded. I can promise you that nobody who reads this will think "oh my god I've been so blind, of course grooming young children is okay!".

This. The continuous content policing is a surefire way to kill all creativity because you can't explore ideas and settings anymore, the goalposts are moved so fast and so randomly that even enemies to lovers is considered a dynamic promoting abuse now. Even in this case when they fall in love they're vaguely the same age as the vampire boy doesn't age himself as she grows older, it's not like it's a 40-something guy abusing his stepdaughter or something. I think it sounds pretty cute and interesting myself exactly due to the growth story aspect.

No. 621232

Wasn't the original joke about making names that rhyme with the other character Bow. Makes sense that Sow is a farmer.

I don't think she gave one thought about the connotations between sowing fields and black people.

She apologised and that should be enough.

No. 621235

She shouldn't even had apologized for it. It's fucking retarded that she should apologize for a black farmer character. That's simply absurd. What, if he had a sailor brother called Row it would be a racist caricature because of the galleys used to transfer slaves? Only Tow the car mechanic and Cow the agricultural scientist would be allowed?

No. 621239

People can find father/daughter romance creepy, just like people can find "feet" art gross.
It's hardly even a discourse, Kawanocy will be okay I assure you. You and that other anon getting worked up over people's opinion, damn calm down.

No. 621240

I assure you that the loss of a vampire and his cute human girlfriend love story is not the end of exploring complex relationships in media

No. 621241

You can find a ton of stuff creepy, be my guest, but actually calling it "father/daughter" or trying to cancel someone for "promoting child grooming" or whatever because of a dumb vampire fantasy is terminal retardation and should be shunned. People really should save it for their diaries instead of throwing their diapers all over the place.

No. 621245

Would it make you feel better if I said brother/sister relationship? He raised her all the same. And no one's getting canceled though, Kawanocy is at a point where it'll take more than stupid Sim 4 fanfics to put even a dent in their popularity. This is a salt/artist discussion thread, this is as close to a diary as it's gonna get, chill.

No. 621246

Literally she made a better recreation of the fucking meme face than the original. At one point she's says she's better at oil even. Which made me internally scream admittedly. I'm pretty sure she needs to change to digital just because she'd do better with an undo function. Wtf does she actually believe she's better at oil? Cuz the damn acrylic looks better. She can't blend oil for crap. I'm sure everyone remembers that oil painting she did and tried to touch up in a later episode. It looked like she smeared human crap in place of brown paint in some of the fucking shading

No. 621247

I don't care about Kwacy's vampire couple thing, because it's bland. Just like nearly all other themes in his pieces.

Kwacy really lost his creative boom to me. His pics are either standard pretty fanart or a bunch of couples/shipping with the same old dynamic over and over again. His art is technically amazing but theme-wise it's as great as old bread.

No. 621249

Stop. Black people have been farming in Africa before slavery, and many still do. The entire world is not just about American history.
The joke wasn't intended that way, it was a gag about rhyming. This probably happened because she's spent so much time unlearning racism and doesn't automatically think of slaves whenever she sees a person with dark skin who's a farmer.

No. 621251

I know it's not easy to get sarcasm across without emojis but COME ON anon

No. 621255

Holy fuck that's a mood.

No. 621258

My bad, I read a lot of unironic stupid shit today.

No. 621259

I love how posts like this are always made by popular instagram artists who do exactly this thing they're "making fun of".

No. 621260

These "Is art=reality and what is creepy and cancellable?" discussions are like commercial breaks in these threads at this point.
It's like after every 20 on-topic posts there are 10 that are a tangent about this shit after which the thread resumes. And the exact same things are said every time. The funniest par is that only several years ago nobody would have even noticed or given a fuck about 90% of the cases that get people riled up right now.

No. 621268

Yeah some of it's irresponsible activism too. Which pretty much does more harm than good. But "we gotta virtue signal and look like good people who care". My sentiment has done 180 because of it too. Every time almost I see someone bitch about "problematic art" I just feel like screaming. Like oh my god fuck off. That shits pretty much a fucking whinny sjw deal.

No. 621269

Ah Kawacy must have groomed Orangesekaii then /s. This is why I only write in another langauge on insta to avoid interacting with the western art community

No. 621275

I get what you mean. Lesly Oh is another offender. Lately she's been drawing slightly more feminine looking faces, but many of her women straight up look like Fabio (and the sameface syndrome doesn't help)

No. 621278

It's because twitterfags will time and time again think that everything is pedophilia/racism/whateverphobia and present it as milk while being "disgusted" over an adult vampire fucking an adult woman. They're not "in the scene" enough to have an actual opinion on artists or any insight regarding incompetent or egoistical artists who might have actual interesting drama so they just waddle back from their social media feed to scream about some surface level "controversy" they just saw being retweeted. Fucking swear I'd rather watch anons being autistic over Holly Brown than one more "so artist x got called out for being a normal person but someone interpreting it as problematic" post. This is also why we constantly have these "what's your opinion on (random weeb artist) I think she's a dumb weeb!!" vendettaposts.

No. 621279

This tbh. Shoujo manga often has relationships like this and no one cares.

No. 621283

Joke aside it's kinda killing this site for me or at least this thread. I might try KF but who knows. Wish Twitter addicts would fuck off here.

No. 621288

Uh well are they consenting adults?
If yes then guess what no one fucking cares.

No. 621322

File: 1599057306708.jpg (1.31 MB, 4096x1974, Eg6k4ikXsAAEA6F (1).jpg)

I really dislike this guys art, all the allegations of obvious tracing / copying aside he is such a diva with zero self awarenes… the female character face is just awful, it's like he didn't try at all, and it's a comissioned art.

No. 621340

she deleted it because too many people got mad at her in the comments for whitewashing kek

No. 621347

Because of the hair and blush? Lol that Pocahontas has a bigger nose than the Disney one which had tiny Voldemort slits

No. 621356

I might add that I'm so fucking sick of this current trend of accusing people of whitewashing, like fuck make fun of them for being no-talent hacks capable of creating only the same eurocentric instathot face but if you call it "racist whitewashing" you're the one who needs to stop clowning. If shit like >>619381 makes you have a panic attack I can only imagine what that monkey Nessa drawing would cause you to experience. Oh wait that's not worth canceling because you know actual racists don't buckle down under social media campaigns.

No. 621367

does yourfreakyneighbourh have some milk on them or what do you mean anon? do you just dislike their art?

No. 621372

That's your personality disorder speaking sweety.

No. 621374

grow up

No. 621375

damn you are petty and that's a lot of personal info for lolcow.

No. 621377

honestly thank you for telling me that. i needed to hear it.

No. 621411

File: 1599063782168.png (758.47 KB, 1218x902, Petra.png)

Why does Twitter like talkative people so much? The kind who reply to every comment and says thanks for the 25K hearts :crymote::crymote::hands:?
This kind of thing clearly doesn't operate on a meritocracy when the average commentary thinks the words good, cute, and nice pose are informative.

No. 621414

i would cry with happiness if i got 25k likes too.

No. 621425

Birds of a feather anon. Twitter isn't gonna value people who embody the "shut up and draw" mindset as much even if they're some hyper-competent nip.

No. 621427

I find it creepy too since he raised her but tbh I don't care. He won't be the first person to have problematic ships.

He shouldn't have even tried to defend their relationship cuz reading everything he said, he just sank himself in a hole

No. 621444

>even if they're some hyper-competent nip.
This. I see a lot of incredible Japanese artists with 3k or less followers and then there are the loud westerners with skill ranging from poor to mediocre with 20k. It's all about the algorithm game and who screams the loudest.

No. 621493

Doesn't it have something to do with follower engagement?

No. 621505

I have a friend getting up there in the twitter art world and all she really does is like and rarely responds unless it's really funny. Not sure what the definition of follower engagement is in that sense. I figured it had to do with how often you churn out art.

No. 621565

Twitter values activity over almost anything, follower engagement is just a huge plus. If your account is super active, regardless of the posts, then you'll grow faster.

JPN artists tend to have slow activity, or at least slow to Twitter standards. Meanwhile westerners tend to always be churning out shitposts and replies and crap on their accounts, which Twitter sees as 'active' and as a result they get promoted more.

No. 621583

>Twitter prefers fast food commissions with the default white background over taking 2 or 3 weeks to make something with thought and composition put into it.
Sasuga Burgerland.

No. 621626


I honestly find this a bit weird too tbh and I'm the person that hates when people throw around the word "pedophile" so carelessly. There's actually a good way to do this type of story and it's already been done: Maquia When the Promised Flower Blooms. Immortal finds a human baby and raises it as her son. Always remains a mother son relationship and never gets romantic and ends with the son dying and she still calls herself "Mama" at the end. No one deserves to be called a pedophile over this type of stuff but you have to admit it's really fucking weird to basically raise someone and then view them romantically when they get to be an adult.

No. 621666

this tbh, his latest post was shit and only brought negative attention upon the ship.

No. 621687

I agree, anon, it's just creepy and boderline incestuous. I don't get why everyone is so defensive over that boring ship?? It reminds me of that ship in CCS with Sakura's classmate and her teacher lol

No. 621731

File: 1599092626238.png (344.96 KB, 1080x905, blinding tr!nnies.png)

Hot take: the people trying to cancel LupisVulpes are bigger cows than her. I read most of the doc against her and a lot of it is either hard to swallow pills for tranny-supporters, "friends" airing out dirty laundry for the sake of attention, or complete nothing burgers.

I honestly gave up after I saw the section where she had previously made "tribal" sparkledogs with feathers, and what I assume is one of the doc authors asked some rando two-spirit ANTIFA supporter if it was "racist" and ofc he said yes. Which is now "evidence" that she is a culturally appropriating racist. lol

Her twitter mentions are full of the exact type of immaturity I'd expect from furshitters, as shown in pic.

Here's the callout doc if you care to read through all of it, maybe I'm missing the actual tea but it just seems really retarded and full of vendetta and asshurt over someone's personal/religious views: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xTIqQS4knsxu2_e3NZdVioLpxkRcV8t9MmdSPMpECyA/mobilebasic

No. 621732

Have no idea who this Lupis is, but if people are calling her transphobic, she sounds pretty based to me

No. 621733


That's as far as I got.

No. 621734

As childish as the whole notion is, I couldn't help but kek at how professionally laid-out and presented this callout for a 22 year old furry artist is

No. 621738

It always shocks and scares me a bit whenever callout post are archived and laid out this professionally. It typically demonstrates a dangerous level of obsession. Just imagining someone sitting around a computer for hours on end researching each and every tweet, post and comment and then formatting a cleanly laid out article JUST for the purpose of calling out a single random ass Artuber. It genuinely sends a chill up my spine.

No. 621744

This is bizzar. I only read the transphobia part and the tweet thread and it doesn't make sense. How would a transphobic person actually have trans friends?
She seems honest in why she doesn't like gay stories and doesn't talk down to anybody.
Stuff like this makes me happy I didn't go the online artist route.

No. 621759

It looks like a legal document but it's written so autisticly I couldn't even get past the first section. Smh twitterfags can't even make milk interesting

No. 621770

Why focus on just the tranny shit, when it seems like she's pretty homophobic as well?

The only thing about this that's shocking is how she manage to survive this long in the sparkledog furry community, while being a full-blown christian. Maybe I just don't know much about the furry community, but considering how many lgbt people there are in the furry community it's amazing she lasted as long as she did.

No. 621772

Religious people are stupid and hypocritical. They deserve to be gassed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 621775

File: 1599097857153.png (860.28 KB, 1536x1024, hmmm.png)

I decided to investigate the "tracing" for myself.
Lo and behold.

The headshot "false advertising" is also a joke. If you do not specify a pose (which yes, headshots have poses,) then artists can reuse their own bases if they want and charge whatever they feel is appropriate. It is up to the customer to decide if they price the artist charges is what they want to spend for the commission, and to communicate what character/pose they would like drawn.

Also I can't stop laughing at
>Mio asked Lupis if he could commission her for the old Venus Ambassador video with Oxy to be finished and fully animated but to fix the ending so it didn’t end with suicide. Instead, Mio wanted the ending to be Oxy coming out as transgender rather than it ending on such a grim note.
How the fuck do you animate "coming out as transgender"?? lmao
This is the 5 year old video in question: https://youtu.be/aKo6JobA94k
and the new one commissioned by someone else with different characters posted this year: https://youtu.be/SeetvoS4KVs

No. 621778

yeah, why would anyone find issue with the lgbt community?? sheesh.
I'm impressed too, people are just getting worse and worse.

No. 621786

File: 1599098920575.jpg (376.36 KB, 2896x2896, 20200903_100830.jpg)

Speaking of tracing. Is it just me or it looks like megat0nraid/vanillasketches is back to tracing.

No. 621790

How can someone be a christian and a furwanker and the same time???lmao

No. 621795

File: 1599100327499.png (50.46 KB, 208x154, whatthefuck.png)


>Those short as fuck arms

>That long worm-like torso
>Those tiny but completely rendered heads
>Those broken legs
>Those tiny hands
>Those fifth-grader level chairs
>That shading

How does anyone excuse this?????
Holy fuck this is cancer on my eyes. She most definitely traced the heads, everything else was from her own lack of skill I'm sure.

No. 621797

File: 1599100479566.jpg (61.41 KB, 854x480, FutabaHaru.jpg)

You sound surprised that the same people who unironically say
have no standards for art.

No. 621798

It's just the level at which they'll turn a blind eye that astounds me. I shouldn't be surprised but holy hell that image is atrocious and is even worse imo than the police officer woman she drew once, somehow.

No. 621808

those torsos are amazing kek

No. 621810

File: 1599102831021.jpg (67.82 KB, 443x566, SmartSelect_20200902-231448_Ch…)

Just gave up, huh?

No. 621811

File: 1599102866341.png (597.91 KB, 598x884, 498048940.png)

There's a lot that supports the Twitter has no artistic taste theory but I'd need to post non-cows to fully show you that.

No. 621817

Excuse me while I go throw my years of art practice and knowledge into the garbage and light it on fire.

McDonald's is probably hiring anyway.

No. 621818

I don't like this floor tile abuse I'm seeing.

No. 621825


I was already cringing at the broken bodies but then i looked at the floor tiles and cried

No. 621850

File: 1599107983434.jpg (219.02 KB, 1080x983, 20200903_113905.jpg)

Does anyone know what happen to Cpieng? I heard she went through online harrassment in the past.

No. 621894

Part of me wants to believe this is bad on purpose, I just can't comprehend how someone with functioning eyes can fuck up human anatomy so bad. Aside from the traced face they look like monsters, and I think she even copy-pasted the bodies.

The trannies coming after her are ridiculous, but my god her preachy "apology video" that's basically a sermon… she should have just said that she didn't want to draw certain things and shut them up.

No. 622014

File: 1599127749788.jpg (112.5 KB, 1080x1080, goro arms.jpg)

holy fucking shit. how does she have clout when her art is this baddd it is ridiculous.

No. 622097

Because she's made friends with popular literal whos who simp for a crumb of her puss. Her biggest wk is a guy named phansite.

No. 622143

Is anyone even going to do Inktober this year, considering the drama with its creator and even devianart cancelling it? I feel like people will forget about the drama as soon as october hits.

No. 622149

I think people are going to use the drawtober tag instead. I'm sure Jake will still have some supporters but maybe the activity in the tag will lessen

No. 622360


From what I've seen most people are still gonna do Inktober anyway, just not use the official prompt list

No. 622368

File: 1599162598303.png (351.77 KB, 1080x1080, cringe spammer.png)

That "unprofessionalism" section is weak. She did not have a refund policy listed for her animation comms. To most that means by default "no refunds", and yet she replied back to one customer trying to compromise for a refund since she used the payment to try to fix her car.

Ironically, the other imgur screenshots from the one spamming her for an immediate refund confirm that she was having car trouble prior to all this.

These customers would absolutely deserve to be blacklisted for their exploitive bullshit imo. Complete disregard for any of the work she may have already done, and all bc they are "hurt" by her opinions lmao. Not at all surprised the second one is literally using daddy's credit card.