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File: 1584811688301.jpg (56.44 KB, 1280x768, Twitter-Logo.jpg)

No. 529582

*~Twitter:the place where racism,sexism and pedophilia is allowed meanwhile actual harmless tweets get deleted~*

Discuss the twitter cringefests,drama,stan twitter autism
or just things you dont like about the app and that irk you.

No. 529849

File: 1584835044615.png (6.77 KB, 679x427, 128978791167920110725-22047-16…)

>Be new to Twitter
>Tries finding a friend with similar interests
>Soon I find myself talking to this person,we get along well,we share memes,we share the same opinions and we are the same age,speak the same languages,it's perfect so far
>I realized that I haven't actually seen her all of her account info,just her bio and avatar (no dumb pronouns or any shit like that,generic picture of her mangy pet cat as her pfp)hmm nothing wrong here
>Then I found out she follows Shadman,other nasty furfag artists too
>Retweets furwanker porn,the abhorrent shit I've seen (can't believe it's allowed on Twitter)
>Faves more furwanker porn and autistic greasy losers wearing fursuits
>Follows 3 zoophiles (I regret looking at their profiles)
>Immediately blocks her and I then delete my Twitter
God I hate Twitter

No. 529923

Shadman used to provide real good guides for digital newbies though

No. 529940

Doesn't make him any less of a piece of shit though

No. 530006

Good guides for what? His anatomy and rendering are garbage. /ot

Twitter is trying so hard to the the new ~quirky~ platform but it was never be as uniquely shitty as 2015 Tumblr.

No. 530010

I'm pretty sure I brought this up in the past but the fact that you can get banned for simply saying men aren't women but not even receive a slap on the wrist for literally being an outspoken pedo tells me all I need to know about this fucking website. Why they continue to protect pedo communities is beyond me

No. 530041

Yeah you can't call Yaniv a he on either twitter or youtube without swift punishment. Weird priorities given the context of why Yaniv is being spoken about in the first place.. him messaging kids on twitter to talk about inserting tampons

No. 530232

Seriously, what is up with twitter allowing straight up degeneracy? I once made a mistake of browsing one cow’s likes on twitter and saw explicit cartoon bestiality, featuring an implied minor character. It’s like they’re ok with all sorts of vile shit as long as there’s a useless 18+ warning slapped on, which anyone can click through.

No. 530250

File: 1584897520864.jpeg (71.11 KB, 750x616, 60D5E238-581B-4498-8F06-C738CB…)

the fact that people like this exist is pathetic, these fucking "multiple system" tumblr refugees are scum of the earth

No. 530266

yesterday i finlly stopped using twitter and gave my account to a friend of mine.
And today i feel so much better knowing i wont have to use that toxic app anymore.
Also dont get me started how followers on twitter are spoiled cunts and want you to dedicate your time to only posting on twitter.

No. 530334

I hate this website. I made an account to post my art a few months ago and despite using hastags, drawing relatively popular characters and commenting on other people posts I'm still stuck at zero followers. And all of the youtubers I follow keep rting commie shit about killing landlords from people with "[character] says trans rights" screennames I don't know how much more of this shit I can take

and I forgot to mention how normal it is for people(mostly males) to act like complete cumbrains

No. 530382

or maybe your art is just bad lol

No. 530389

Its very hard to get noticed on twitter or even get followers Unless you have a former fanbase,are famous or one of your posts go viral..
I would suggest you use Instagram to share your art.
Not that anon, getting followers or mutuals on twitter is extremely hard. It has nothing to do with wherever their art is good or bad.

No. 530443

What am…what am I looking at here?

Is this a new form of mental illness?

No. 530818

i feel like a huge portion of twitters base are either tumblr sjw or they are incel extremists who hate women and other races.

No. 530830

Literally got suspended (banned actually since it isnt my first suspension) for tweeting to Elon Musk that he's an ugly musky piece of shit who lacks empathy to those affected by the virus

I had an account attacked by a tranny who makes lewd sonic the hedgehog art. I am not joking about that one. You're right, being a cumbrain is a normal thing on Twitter.

No. 530871

File: 1584980437813.png (19.3 KB, 584x183, shut up.PNG)

i hate this bitch, every time i follow somebody, no matter what, she is there, in my timeline, at first I thought"oh is juts a girl that discover she is a lesbian" and let it be, but i hate the fact that now she make you feel bad for not suking her "girlfriend" girl dick

No. 530889

I'm going to try to delete my twitter because it's basically tumblr 2.0 but even worse because of how mainstream and unpractical it is. Literally the only people I want to follow on this shit hole are mangaka I like and I'll just turn to instagram to follow irl friends and family anyway.

Furries are completely shameless on twitter, I'll never understand that shit since normies are using it too, unlike in tumblr or deviantart. Reminds me of that "bitch I'm a cow" song by Doja Cat which was pretty successful, a furry artist drew some weird as fuck fanart of the music video with Doja Cat as a cow furry with giant udders in a skimpy outfit and her @ her on the post. Dude was shocked to see that she quoted the tweet with "WTF IS THIS" or something like that and was disgusted by it and other degenerates were telling him that he did nothing wrong uwu.

No. 530904

I never got into twitter even 10 years ago and I've made accounts quite a few times but I deleted them all.I find the site unpractical and there's so much cattiness going on??I briefly used it last year for a couple of weeks and honestly found it unbearable

No. 530924

File: 1584986648623.jpg (62.48 KB, 1199x191, Screenshot_20200323-185524_Twi…)

I use twitter for notifications about Japanese games, but boy oh boy am I tired of the blatant woke pedos on there. 30+ year old fans that write erotica of idols or children's game characters, have R18 accounts and post how horny they are and are for some reason popular. I don't care if you're 60 and in a fandom, but the whole "uwu i'm so soft but also horny tee hee" image is creepy.

It's even worse that some artists I like deleted their pixivs and moved to twitter.

No. 530928

>I'm going to try to delete my twitter because it's basically tumblr 2.0 but even worse because of how mainstream and unpractical it is.
Feels like it got worse since porn was banned on Tumblr. After that happened a bunch of MAP accounts started springing up and some implied that people who protested to pedophiles openly being on the platform were bigoted for judging people who have an attraction that they can't control. Yet saying men aren't women could get your account banned or suspended.
It's still my favorite mainstream social media site because I like observing internet arguments and the memes are better than boomer facebook humor, but the amount of insufferable tumblr-tier twats have hit a peak.

No. 530929

Something different, but I hate how dead some twitters can be. Like if your twitter has 5 post max and all them are from 3 years ago stop spamming your twitter on every book you make

No. 530933

File: 1584987930200.gif (6.74 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 530941

It's always those cunts with an anime avatar damn it

No. 530956

I'm ayrt and pal let me tell you I have seen people with absolute garbage deviantart-tier shit and they have like 1000 followers. My art is at least decent but quality don't mean shit anyways

No. 530968

true, i was just being a dick. i know of some really shit artists on twitter that have 10k followers. try getting into some drama with someone if you want exposure. that's how most of those idiots get it

No. 530992

An author i really like banned me years ago for saying something to the likes of criticizing islam for being massively bad for women and homophobic. it's so weird because i didnt know she banned me until months later. Twitter has gotten even worse and i refuse to partake in tumblr 2.0

No. 531092

File: 1585015940333.jpeg (82.09 KB, 576x1024, 1622C28C-BFBA-4976-8B36-67EB26…)

Your typical Twitter baddie goes off about how bad capitalism is and how oppressed women are while supporting shit like make-up and the sex industry. Twitter woke culture is just about typing in as many buzzwords in a thread.

No. 531107

She only wants the capitalism that she can participate in regardless of the expense of other women. Twitterfags are massive hypocrites and virtue signalers.

No. 531109

There's a twitter account like that I hate. About 27k followers. Claims to be bi, only dates men. a communist, hates capitalism, but always acts like a vapid superficial bitch. is from a quiet town in ni, claims she was hassled as a child by the police for being a catholic and constantly victimises herself. no one from armagh actually likes her

No. 531114

I've been on tumblr forever and I've never seen this amount of insufferable and degenerate people on there like I do on twitter. It's like tumblr but 10x worse.

I fucking hate these types of people too. So shallow it's embarrassing.

No. 531130

at least i get a laugh out of tumblr, twitter just makes me angry. no wonder most normies say they're depressed nowadays

No. 531145

Who was it?

No. 531146

Post it then, this is an image board

No. 531149

File: 1585033301258.jpeg (378.68 KB, 640x594, 38C7546D-05AB-412B-BAF5-5B1FD0…)

Twitter is where celebrities go to pretend that they give a fuck about the world or ram their boring obnoxious personalities down everyones throats. Some of the worst offenders are: Jameela Jamil, Halsey, Chrissy Tegan, Jason Biggs, Aaron Carter, Touis Tomlinson, Sam Smith, (fucking hate this cunt) Kanye west, Demi Lovato, Rihanna oh and so much more. I absolutely moisten my cooch when I see their Machiavellian antics come back to bite them in their swollen asses. Also this piece of shit fucking cunt , poor excuse for a model Dani Mathers who looks like a basic ass bitch and ruined her fucking career by behaving like a middle schooler who’s parents are having a messy divorce (pic related is some fat old woman spotted at the gym while princess here excersises with her personal trainer before seeing her personal physiotherapist. Celebrities need to be cyber bullied online, brings them down a peg, yes you may be rich and successful with many adoring fans but that won’t stop people shitting on you when you/say do something obnoxious or dumb.

No. 531166

File: 1585037864935.png (472.38 KB, 583x483, loveyouqueen.png)

Twitter gays are just misogynistic and degenerate, but make it "woke" and "inclusive". There's a lot of cattiness and internet slapfights that happens a lot on Twitter too, and the amount of gore and gross edgy shit you can easily find is unbelievable and disgusting.

Normies also finding out how doxxing works and doxxing people over the little shit like when that woman got doxxed over thinking we should pay more attention to Coronavirus panic and not Kobe Bryant's death.

No. 531188

is this supposed to be degenerate tho? i mean, they are, but what's degen about signing poppers? it's lame but how is it perverted

No. 531245

Poppers are a drug that basically loosens up your anus and are used in gay raves for obvious reasons,can be very dangerous

No. 531248

I've done poppers before but really it's like handing your already used bottle of lube over to someone to sign, they're a sex tool and you should keep that shit to yourself

No. 531253

File: 1585058010697.jpg (480.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200324-134824.jpg)

She's an absolute melt. Has never posted a candid unedited photo of herself. Thinks she's the only 32 year old woman that receives dms from men. Thinks her tinder dms are going to get her a book deal. Perpetually single. Convinced someone to date her for 2 months but got drunk and scared him off, immediately back on tinder posting screenshots of the dms. Wonders why a man won't settle down with her when she's attention seeking, low self esteem and argumentative but thick af.

Mostly I hate her sectarian views and her sensationalism of the troubles. She is 2 years older than me but likes to enmesh her living memories with what the men born in the 70s write on twitter about their experience of the troubles. My ma is a cathloic born in '59 and has apparently never faced such staunch discrimination as poor Ciara here

No. 531255

ty anons, i didn't know, i figured they were just mostly used like whippets. well, that's gross then

No. 531261

gay men are disgusting. i'm sorry

No. 531262

I remember when this horrible bitch posted this photo. Did she get banned, fined? I hope something happened to this ugly cunt

No. 531264

i'm genuinely curious how that'd work.

No. 531282

File: 1585062751594.jpeg (426.08 KB, 1242x911, 1557842946171.jpeg)

I made a twitter account mainly for PreCure. I had lots of fun in the beginning, but after exploring twitter of my sfw mutals, I discovered basically every guy who is into PreCure is a degenerate pedo. They post vomit-inducing hentai with those 12 year old girls and sexualize the most innocent scenes on their nsfw accounts.

No. 531286

Not to mention the amount of minors exposed to DDLG/BDSM on Twitter. There's so many young girls who already have an NSFW Twitter account, it's alarming.

No. 531290

I really dislike how Twitter has given annoying obsessed fans a chance to interact with celebs and they usually get into these embarrassing hissy fights where they comment to a tweet criticising them or something. It's way better when there's a sense of boundary or limited interaction between fans and celebs because we see what a mess it can become on Twitter

Twitter is where brain cells and self control go to die basically, you get involved in these petty arguments with irritating fuckwits because it's part of the culture and it's like you're expected or encouraged to join in because everybody else does it. What an exhausting website

No. 531293

i'm more annoyed that twitter is giving annoying celebs a platform to talk in general.

No. 531294

I like the Pretty Rhythm series and it's basically the same thing. Kind of sucks how you can't talk about it with someone who isn't a child or pedophile.

No. 531313

Out of curiosity, do you guys have any examples? I'm not active on Twitter or Tumblr nor do I have any interest in such shows but I sometimes see guys raving about those titles on Reddit.

Just wondering how bad it can be (don't post pics of hentai though please ugh)

No. 531326

It's honestly pony series of japan. Either kids or disgusting perverts.

No. 531349

Jesus, I would've been a lot better off not knowing what exactly poppers were lmao. How disgusting… why are all Charlie Xcx fans so weird and obnoxious??

No. 531351

It's just the fags that are. Charli is a cishet woman but she's been claimed by certain stanfags and tbh it's ruined her a bit.

No. 531409

Not really, lots of PreCure fans (esp in Japan) are normal women in their 20s-30s or moms. But male fans are a different story.

No. 531431

Tbh western Precure fans are kinda nuts too. Really draws in the unhinged weebs.
Also people really love to endlessly argue on twitter, it's insane. It's like here except ten times worse.

No. 531492

File: 1585091837852.jpg (39.4 KB, 700x393, manakalala.jpg)

I was searching for some art twitter accounts to follow, some time ago, and I found that one disgusting art account full of lewd drawings of Lala Manaka (from Pripara) in her child form.
Shit like that makes me especially angry because she's character from a child media. Imagine all these girls that were searching for their favorite cartoon charas online and they found this shit. Disgusting.

No. 531741

Don't forget the time a Twitter gay made this woman sign his fucking douche


Twitter is the epitome of "Misogyny but make it woke."

No. 531742

File: 1585149806862.jpg (47.27 KB, 768x548, charli_enema-768x548.jpg)

I forgot the picture

No. 531746

and most of the time they dont even add a nswf warning so you get to see that shit by suprise

No. 531750

Why is she going along with this shit?? I had only heard of the poppers one before now

No. 531754

I just looked it up and appearantly she didn't know what that is (understandable, I wouldn't know either). They also made her shout "gay right" while holding poppers… https://twitter.com/LENNONADDICTION/status/1173760168481513473 Just look at her dead eyes, fucking hell. She probably wishes for annoying preteen fangirls instead of fags harrassing her to do nasty shit.

No. 531760

She’s probably so used to these freaks. Nowadays Gay,trans & sex is these peoples personality. I wonder how woke Twitter would feel if a straight man had her sign their pocket pussy. I guess being gross doesn’t matter because gay men aren’t attracted to her, or ppl assume that gay men can’t be gross sexiest jerks who can/do sexually harass women, or make us uncomfortable

Anyway I got banned on twitter because I told a white trans woman to stop comparing ppl not wanting her girl dick, to people not dating black people & to stop comparing POC to trans shit.
I got called a piece of TERF trash (a white dude got mad at me a black woman for telling him to stop using us for his dumb ass agenda) and I had a bunch of people jump down my throat and report me

No. 531771

When charli first came out in the early 2010s she was adored by female fans. 2013 was a great year for women in music. Idk when Stan fags started claiming her but they gatekeep the fandom too and it's such shite.

Twitter is a shithole for people spouting off buzzwords with understanding what they actually mean. Half the dumb cunts don't even use them in the right context.

No. 531819

File: 1585159163092.jpg (34.23 KB, 500x499, f6aca564b6ed40e6351025556f35a4…)

Can someone please explain to me why kpop accounts constantly post videos of their idols in the replies of tweets? They do it everywhere, even during arguments. Shit is fucking weird.

No. 531828

because teens nowadays get joy from their videos of their favorite idok reaching certain amount of views. kind of like how people get excited when their youtube videos hit a certain number of views, like a milestone. they're mostly there to torture people who have autoplay on however and i tend to block all of them

No. 531863

It's fancams. Honestly I love their replies lol

No. 531880

I think it's just a way to be funny or smug. Like when they post a hot take or make a witty comeback they attach a video of the kpop stars dancing to be irreverent.

No. 531943

Yeah whats up with that? Trans people always want to use people not wanting to suck their dick as comparison to the oppression black people face. Its so weird.

Twitter is by far worse than tumblr imo. If you're not a gay trans right woke activist-esque type person who hates capitalism and loves anime you're literal scum to those people.

No. 532091

I've heard because it's considered competition with other K-pop fangirls, the more they post videos/pictures of their favorite group the more "popular" they are than the others or something like that. It's why they spam random hashtags with pictures that are irrelevant to the tag.
Barely related but something like that happened to me on Tumblr where some people kept harassing me and I asked them to cut it out and they just kept posting these ugly little men dancing and saying "u mad" like please stop it's not cute or funny get a hobby holy shit.

No. 532102

Cumbrains are disgusting anon, regardless of what kind

No. 532103

File: 1585198699577.jpeg (66.77 KB, 525x621, E215AD47-27D9-4DE3-A941-4B449F…)


They came down on her like a tonne of shit considering the woman was half naked. She essentially broke revenge porn laws.
Here is her grovelling for forgiveness on twitter.

No. 532106

File: 1585200318438.png (254.69 KB, 1000x600, twtscrote.png)

pedophile "lolicon" scrote tries to justify baby rape (aka "paraphillic infantalism"). yet thinks he can kinkshame furries (also degenerate, but not usually pedos). gets angry that people also told him to kill himself

right wing animefag twitter is just as retarded and cancerous as leftytwitter

No. 532114

god the amount of illegal porn, especially cp and beastiality on this hell site makes me want to vomit. and the whole woke twitter shit annoys me to no end, I mean, some of it is pretty funny but most of it just makes me cringe. yeah.

No. 532151

And these are the people complaining about degeneracy.

No. 532157

lmao they can be used for sex but likely 99% of the gays and girls in her fanbase use them as party drugs because they give you a really giggly headrush. they genuinely do feel a bit like whip its so this anon >>531255 isnt wrong. plenty of women use them, charli has and does mention them a lot, searching her tweets/retweeting the ones where she mentioned poppers was a bit of an inside joke for some stans… like, there are videos of ppl sniffing them at festivals and shit with 100% no intention of fucking. what was Actually really fucked up and disrespectful was when a guy had her sign an enema bulb. this is whatever

No. 532163

the worst of all was the guy with his mom's ashes

No. 532326

its always the pedophiles who love to judge everyone else but then when someone calls them out then suddenly they are uwu victimos who have a thousand excuses over why they masturbate to children

No. 532377

Good. she's an ugly piece of shit for doing what she did

No. 532569

That’s because pedos are mentally stunted retards who should all die. They’re not regular human beings as their instincts are to fuck children rather than nurture and protect the weak.

No. 532571

Anyone into loli or ddlg or ANYTHING to do with sexualisation of kids doesn’t have a right to judge a furry. Most people have more respect to those that lick toilet seats and eat shit. They should be reminded at any opportunity that they are the lowest of the low. If I see someone into ddlg I immediately accuse them of being a pedo because they are. There’s plenty of women who get off to watching kids being molested I.e Karla holmoka and Myra hindley, which I think all the ddlg whores on twitter are like.

No. 532572

Google her name and it’s all you see. Fucking hate her. Notice she tries to justify it by saying it’s a “private conversation” as if that makes it better. The woman was a perfectly normal looking 70 year old who looks better than that frankenwhore will at her age due to plastic surgery.

No. 532758

I don't see the difference between sexualized drawings of children and actual cp. They always argue that "no real children are harmed" So are we supposed to give you medals for not acting on a fetish that any decent human being is NOT supposed to have? Why can't they just admit that they need help or atleast do the world a favor and kill themselves in their bedrooms.

No. 532800

yeah like it's still the kids that turn them on… even if they didn't wank to real cp, it's the child aspect that turns them on. fucking ridiculous to claim a pedophile isn't a pedophile because he masturbates to fantasies about kid and not pictures or videos of real live kids…

No. 532811

It should also apply to people who act out molestation of children and get turned on. All should be fed to the horses.

No. 532827

File: 1585330568110.jpg (88.4 KB, 828x928, EUEVKujXkAM_qg0.jpg)

did anyone else see the mimolet fiasco on twitter? i have a normie friend who barely knows anything about shit like this who liked the original art in question but she didn't realize it was like sexual art and she felt awful about it.

i also recognized the art style and realized it was a user on tumblr i used to follow like years ago.

No. 532831


Someone I followed like this (immediately unfollowed)

I tried to see the replies and it was deleted and they privated fast as fuck, Honestly don't know what they expected posting it? genuinely disgusting

No. 532835

This came up on my timeline and my first thought was that it was sexual because of the first pic. Then second pic I was just like "oh its about their little paws on their feet, it's just cute" since I've seen lots of genuinely innocent fanart about how cute the details of the little pawprint on their feet are and the third pic just sort of confirmed my thoughts. I went back to look at it a while after retweeting it and and then realized the fucking TINY PENIS in the last pic and realized I was sorely mistaken and it was in fact sexual in nature and now I'm nervous because my friends always make jokes about me being a furry fucker (because I like Inuyasha lol) and I retweeted this thinking it was just some cute innocent shit…

No. 532838

I don't get why people like this puerile shit

No. 532860

Clowns in the replies on the callout post are saying shit like "it's just a drawing!"

Do they not realize that in parts of Europe, drawings of CP are illegal, too?

Then you have other tards pretending to be Japanese and saying "stupid Americans, offended by CP," when normal Japanese people are just as disgusted by loli and CP as Westerners. The only people defending this are degenerates. Loli and cub are gateway drugs to actual CP.

No. 532864

I mean… to be fair… they're raccoons…

No. 532866

File: 1585337339374.png (Spoiler Image,166.4 KB, 603x425, show them.PNG)

looking for the artis name let me to this lovely furry frick

No. 532867

File: 1585337384901.jpg (169.13 KB, 1140x712, Raccoon dog 1.jpg)

Actually, they're tanuki, but that's irrelevant. They have more in common with human children than they do with real tanuki. They're basically children with animal ears and tails. The game explicitly stated that they're kids– it's part of their backstory.

No. 532871

My bad & yes I know lol I just think it sounds kind of funny when you say child porn to a drawing of >tanuki
It's still gross as fuck don't get me wrong I'm 100% on your side here but good luck getting any law enforcement to take that seriously.

No. 532874

…… wth….. honestly why do ppl have to sexualize every damn thing twitter really is like tumblr in that sense

No. 532911

File: 1585342323605.png (86.37 KB, 513x154, alright.PNG)

Getting real tired of horny twitter and it's terrible attitude in general ngl
If I run into another Tr*ns femboy person's profile page filled with degenerate shit involving furries and animu toddlers again I'm gonna lose it. So many of these coomers are one dog fuck away from becoming the next Todokaras.

I wish there was a way to completely filter this stuff out. I didn't care about it at first but now this shit is starting to spill out into full public view.

No. 532913

>I wish there was a way to completely filter this stuff out.
You can stop using twitter/social media.

No. 532918

Or y’know a better filter or tagging system. Or even a proper website to contain fanart coom.

No. 532920

That will never happen.

No. 532922

Sure but a decrease would be nice.

Anyway, fuck twitter’s shitty tagging system. Tumblr was at least better for that. Made it easier to find good fanart and resources.

No. 533013

people who defend shit like this will say "why don't you fight actual cp" and i can understand that by reporting stuff like this it clusters actual reports of irl cp. i personally wouldn't report this to law enforcement

however i still think it's important to take notice because as the anon said in >>532860 it can lead to more extreme things

No. 533157

Speaking of CP, one of those pictures is literally of a fifteen year old boy getting raped by his abusive father.

The internet was a mistake.

No. 533808

File: 1585507085829.png (4.32 KB, 312x74, llllll.png)

satire but most twitter bio's look like this

No. 533923

File: 1585522087641.png (37.76 KB, 679x200, 76.png)

No. 534023

File: 1585540692573.jpeg (101.34 KB, 750x214, E21E35FF-50C1-4F65-B0E8-D0A3A6…)

>"they/them" lesbian

No. 534027

>trying to downloan my twitter archive before deleting my account so I can still look at pretty art I retweeted
>it's not working
What do?

No. 534028

been seeing more nb 'lesbians' as the day passes when it's just obvious tims who want to keep their dick

No. 534100

I don't even care too much about them making up new words/pronouns or coming up with complicated sexualities like demisexual but why can't they leave established words with an established meaning (like lesbian) alone??

No. 534161

more like "closeted" fakebois

No. 534534

I'm glad this thread was made. And I'm happy to know that people share the sentiments of Twitter being absolutely worse than tumblr. At least with Tumblr it's easier to filter out all the BS virtue signaling, woke tweets and just focus on pics.
And anyone notice lots of queer baiting with thots? Just to seem less thotty? It's just so weird cause I've never seen it happen as much even compared to Tumblr.

No. 534568

I've been saying for years Twitter was becoming tumblr 2.0 and I wasn't even the only one that shared this opinion. It took cumbrains like furrys, pedos, mysoginistic "totally gay" scrotes and openly and proudly out far right incel scum among many other degenerates to turn the site into an absolute porn infested harassing shithole for people to start seeing this. Why does it always take so long for people to notice this sort of things? Like why now and not one or two years ago.

No. 534571

Define "queer baiting" Anon. What do you mean, the e-thots who post photoshoots for thirsty scrotes making out? Who the fuck cares about those, not like any genuine lesbian is partaking in them, either as a producer or as a consumer. It's just the usual signaling bullshit catheted to straight men.

No. 534572

File: 1585660286226.jpg (163.34 KB, 720x560, 20200329_124733.jpg)

>Why does it always take so long for people to notice this sort of things? Like why now and not one or two years ago.
It's obviously gotten so much worse since all of the degenerates from Tumblr moved to Twitter. Like sure there were signs, but now to most people it's undeniable.

No. 534575

>I'm a free woman with a gun
Wow I wish that was me

No. 534605

No not like any cosplay photoshoots. Although you mentioning that does remind me of Susu and bunny. I was mostly referring to sexually ambiguous tweets that ethots partake in back and forth when they clearly are straight. I guess its a game of ass kissing and pretending to be attracted to each other.

None of it really matters, just an observation I find with the culture surrounding Twitter.

No. 534662

Isn't it kinda the typical close-knit straight girl friends group behavior we can observe for ages though? Calling each other pet names, kissing, cuddling, constantly saying compliments to each other. Doesn't have to be queer-baiting, it's just being affectionate and supportive. And, in this specific case, additionally they promote each other.

No. 534668

keep trying anon. Everytime I tried to archive, it let me, it has to work. At worst you can always make a list of the good artists you are following and just make another account to keep them in a list.

No. 534673

i feel like she meant more shoe on head style of attention whoring where a woman constantly sexualizes women in gross ways like "uwu girls that look like underage lolis and hate abortion are better then those western sluts" for attention despite being a misogynist that can't stand the company of other women.

No. 534677

Im going to be real with you anon: not even most of e-thots and coswhores behave as disgustingly as June does as ironic as this sounds. Most of them are level headed and keep avoid the "uwu" neckbeard pandering if not necessary. They just post their photoshoots and leave the kind of comments >>534662 says to other e-thots in order to promote as she said. It takes a very special sort of extreme stupidity to unironically engage with this sort of audience like shoe does.

No. 535037

File: 1585752545706.jpg (86.82 KB, 748x979, disease.jpg)

Why does every fandom police retard have a disease?

No. 535038

File: 1585752579083.jpg (43.71 KB, 604x348, disease2.jpg)


No. 535039

File: 1585752651478.jpg (39.65 KB, 614x303, disease3.jpg)

same person

No. 535042

this is so cringe holy shit

No. 535043

Poor lamb. Wait until they find out about actual real world problems.

No. 535052

>they look like people
No they don't? What kind of people is she hanging out with, cutesy plushes that are actually alive like in Toys Story?

No. 535095

this isn't a real problem but i get what they're saying tbh. it is kind of weird if you don't feel any empathy as an adult towards video game characters that aren't supposed to be villains or anything. i remember my ex would kick the chickens for fun in Fable and it was a huge and accurate red flag tbh.

No. 535218

I feel like she had a slight point with a really bad example. If she said this about all the people killing/torturing feminists in RDR2 it would make sense, but now she making a something up for a non issue

No. 536374

File: 1586005336612.png (84.43 KB, 720x648, Screenshot_20200404-205817~2.p…)

Eating cats good, white culture evil. Hashtag woke!

No. 536379

Shes right though. Its mostly arbitrary to apply random standards on what animals are right or wrong to eat, so it always devolves into "my culture is right". There is no real moral division between eating a cow and a cat besides culture. Both animals are cpaable of empathy, pain, and emotions. Calling it someone racist is a bit of strech, its more eurocentric. The main flaw with her argument is she used one meant to defend vegans into one meant to defend wet markets. Finally she never said white culture evil. She said "its wrong to assume white cultures morality is right about everything.

No. 536385

I mean that mukbanger that ate a roast cat has people all up in arms and I've seen some pretty racist shit said about that.

Meanwhile I love my pet rabbits but live in a white country where rabbit stew is popular. The same rabbit eaters complain about other cultures eating 'the cute and therefore off-limits' animals.

No. 536395

Wait a second, is it possible to… beat up animals in Animal Crossing? Why did they make it possible?

No. 536396

You've always been able to beat them with your nets/shovels until they get mad at you. All games had this.

No. 536399

I've seen enough videos of dogs and cats being tortured to know this shit isn't normal. Why can't they kill them first and then cook them?

No. 536434

>Why can't they kill them first and then cook them?
Because these retards believe the more you torture the animal before you kill it, the better it tastes. Watch everyone moralfag and defend it though cos muh culture. Pretty sure there is a difference between animals we domesticate to LIVE in our homes, guide us, and protect us and animals like a fucking cow. Still though, can't upset the slave master china on twitter.

No. 536491

Anon western animals face torture to. Most chickens don't die as fast as planned and they're dipped into boiling hot water alive to be de featured. If the CO2 levels in a pig pen are to low, pigs are kiled in automated gas chambers, pigs die slow painful deaths. If the stunning method of a cow fails, shooting it with a high pressure drill/shocking in hopes it cant feel pain and is stunned, cows will have their throats slit while sentient. Even fish and western markets have been recorded to react to being sufficated to death.

No. 536516


citation needed. there are Americans who live with animals like cows and chickens on their everyday homes, yet still kill and eat them, so whats your point?

exactly. this brutality happens in any country where animals are eaten. it's ironic to talk about moralfagging all while some anons are acting like they're on a moral highground because they're from the west where they can easily turn a blind eye to the animals being butchered for their food, all while grouping an entire country of vastly different cultural groups and customs as savages just because they extend it to all animals

No. 536602

yeah i don't defend the torture of animals before death as a belief that it makes the meat better but… all these westerners outraged yet they still eat factory farmed meat, despite factory farms being torture houses themselves and contributing to tons of waste.

No. 536883

Seems like every girl into anime is using she/they in her bio nowadays, it seems so pointless

No. 536889

I love how whenever someone points about something about a certain country people will jump up and say "but so and so does too!" Or some other lame half assed justification lol

No. 536901

The "You are being RACIST for not accepting people eating cats" argument is so annoying to me. No one is obliged to respect every cultural practice out there. What you personally choose to put in your mouth doesn't determine your race, and people are free to find your diet nasty.
I think eating quite a few animals (including but not limited to cats and dogs) is cruel and disgusting, but even worse than that is people who eat live animals and find entertainment in watching them wriggle around. Others may disagree, but I don't give a fuck. No one has to renege to them and pretend to be okay with it just because "That's how we do it at home!". Who cares? Your grandparents and their grandparents were fucked up, too, then. Die mad about it. Stop pretending it's the same as, say, different kinds of wedding clothing or cultural hairstyles. Once a living creature is harmed, it becomes an issue of personal morality for some people, and there's nothing wrong with not wanting harm to come to certain creatures (or even all of them, if you're the vegan/vegetarian type).
The only exception IMO is cultures where certain animals are all that's available to eat, like people who live where seals are one of the only viable long-term solutions for food. Most cultures who like eating "unorthodox" meat have no excuse, though. They just do this shit for fun.

No. 536902

Isn't their point that unless you stay away from all meat you can hardly call someone else cruel just for eating a different animal than the animals you eat? Seems like a valid point.

No. 536906

NTA, but even from that standpoint, the whole argument frames things as if it's a matter of alternatives. It's not as if in China, people eat cats instead of fish, beef or chicken. They just eat them all, lmao. They still look crueler because it's basically like no animal is spared (plus, they're killing more).

No. 536910

Because it's hypocritical to assume "china so evil" when you're no better. Im not defending them, but saying its naive to assume you're any better

No. 536915

> They still look crueler because it's basically like no animal is spared (plus, they're killing more).

That's like saying someone who only eats chicken every day can call a chicken and beef eater cruel. We're all killing and eating animals. My (western) country is known for serving up cooked breakfasts where theres 5 different types of meat on the plate, how is that less animals? In terms of quantity of meat per person I think people in my country eat more. Animal farming being a huge part of our economy too.

No. 536920

Yeah many western countries have seen a worrying increase in cases of bowel and rectal cancer from eating so much red meat and processed meat.. we're consuming way more meat than is necessary and our idea of what a portion of meat looks like is totally skewed.

I'm not about to judge people for eating a variety of meat when we beat them when it comes to the sheer amount of meat eaten.

No. 536927

>That's like saying someone who only eats chicken every day can call a chicken and beef eater cruel.
Well, yeah. They're both eating animals, but one person is clearly eating more animals than the other.
Ideally, people probably shouldn't be eating meat at all, but just because everyone's doing it doesn't make them all exactly the same and that no one should ever criticize.
China does eat less meat than the west for economic reasons, but their consumption is expected to double in the next decade or so, to the detriment of the environment. When you factor in that their meat is coming from more animals than just cows and chickens, it gets slightly more worrying.
It's kind of sad that it's only now some parts of China are banning consumption of wild animals. Disease should've been expected at some point, but plenty of people would rather cling to "muh culture" than follow sense.

No. 537013

I'm the anon who posted the tweet, sorry for causing the in-fighting/vegan derailing. And I probably read the tweet wrong. My point was that it is extremely bothersome that Woke Twitter always thinks culture is exempted from criticism, and when you do criticize shit outside your country, you are seen as racist.

No. 537172

File: 1586135122324.png (776.79 KB, 1920x964, 2345.png)

I hate twitter but I also love it for providing prime oversensitive retard content. I saw people making fun of this girl for literally thinking an Animal Crossing character was flirting with her. The lion does not want to fuck you.

No. 537194

My god, what a loser

No. 537195

What type of mental illness is this lol? Unless she's trolling.

No. 537203

Animal crossing is the least sexual game I have ever seen. Why the fuck is she so stupid to think a game targeted to children and families would have sexual harassment as an option? Dumbass probably thinks a person asking for directions is sexual assault.

No. 537238

This has to be a troll, but if it isn’t, whats really tragic is that 93 people hearted that shit

No. 537274

It's not, you can go check their twitter if you like. It's just a retard.

No. 537366

Twitter seems to breed oversensitive retards like crazy. It's actually insane, you see so many people getting upset over mundane things.

Literally stop playing the fucking game. In real life you don't get the luxury of just tuning out of uncomfortable/dangerous situations. Go into settings, reset your town. Is it that hard to not be a victim?

No. 537707


i wish this was a troll, but she seriously uses content warnings for animal crossing when her twitter is mostly animal crossing. why would anyone be following her if animal crossing triggered them lol

No. 538628

I long gave up on hoping Twitter will ever become more easy for non-Pro artists to use. Trying to get followers is based on either a previous following from another site or by super luck that someone popular will notice it.

The tagging is useless, popular artists always huff each other's farts (like in the comments section on a pic, the artist usually only responds to other popular artists, hmmm makes you really think.), and there's also the who SJW cancel calture around.

I'm surprised people aren't doing accounts that retweet your art if you @ them (or there are and I never noticed them?), or there's an artist(s) that doesn't mind giving people a boost if asked.

No. 538653

The way to gain traction on twitter is to make mutuals and find your niche. People notice you eventually but you have to interact with other people in order to do it and you have to build your own community. When you do the exposure can be pretty delicious. I lived an entire summer off of commissions I got purely from twitter once, so it’s not impossible. The benefit is pretty sweet and it’s great for networking, but I’m never fucking touching it again just because of the people on there. It’s pure cancer.

No. 538658

I've read this post three times and laughed every time at the last line.

No. 538666

>but I’m never fucking touching it again just because of the people on there. It’s pure cancer.
Hard fucking agree. Every other week I hear about some artist getting run of twitter because of petty drama. If you anger a group of stans or a group of literal children who like to scream at people on twitter all day, your mentions are just going to be filled with trash. If you're tagged as a NSFW account, twitter doesn't even automatically block users who are minors from following you. What the fuck? It's a shit platform in general. I'm currently waiting for fanexus to come out.

But you know, of course children are the ones behind most of the catfights on twitter. What do you have to do if you're in middle school or high school? Go to school, and cry. That's literally all you need to do. Might as well get on twitter and try to act hard.

No. 538701

I’ll take edgy 14 year olds over unstable adults who live on twitter any day. Behavior coming from people like that, especially your own age, is just about the most unnerving shit. They have literal meltdowns and full intent on causing harm where as a 14 year old tumblrino spamming the tags of a ship they don’t like, is annoying at its worst.

I just hate artist witch hunts/drama in general. Who cares if you had a bad experience with them, or if they said some offensive shit?

No. 538773


Oh god yes! Trying to be friends with other artists on Twitter is such a fucking pain! If you have less followers than them you'll totally get ignored. If you have the same amount of followers as them they'll see you as competition and ignore you too. If you try to make friends with artists that have low follower count than you, they also have a tendency to ignore you because they see you as a threat! Whatever happen to social media being a tool to make friends with the same interest? I hate how Twitter and IG turns everything into a popularity competition. Dammit it! I just want artfriends to talk about fandom art stuff and do fun art collabs together, fuck your popularity race!

And the SJW culture is just too over the top. Get off the internet if you can't handle different views. Not everyone in the world has the same world view and lifeexperience as you. However I do hate how Tumblr degeneracy has infected Twitter as of late. I lowkey blame Tumblr for the downfall of Twitter.

No. 538864

the ezra miller whiteknighting on twitter is insane, i even saw some tweet that she deserved to be choked because…she was laughing at him..

No. 538866

File: 1586440069119.jpg (47.9 KB, 589x645, 15449841651968.jpg)

Some of yall really be letting twitter know you lurk lc on an account with your face attached… 9/10 times looking like you have bpd lmao

No. 538870

The things people think others deserve to be harmed over truly are horrifying. Humanity was a mistake.

No. 538916


Agreed. The life ruination shit that takes place on there is too far, even for me.

No. 538921

my friend has become cringe. despite being a grown adult, they spend hours every day arguing with everyone on twitter over opinions (even minors). it's so embarrassing to see but i don't know how to approach this topic. if i unfollow then i'll get questioned but they post every day and i'm tired of seeing it

No. 538922

Mute them or mute buzzwords they use the most.

No. 538924

I once looked at my aunt’s account on Twitter and learned she was getting into slap fights constantly. I love her but she can be pretty fucking annoying and self righteous at times so I’m honestly not surprised.

No. 538950

Is anyone seeing #IstandwithLesbianBabadiock trending?

Not that I think Aimee came off great either but this hashtag represent everything wrong with Twitter and this generation

No. 538981

Twitter was my go-to social media for a while because I could escape the people I know irl and just talk about games and movies and look at cute pictures but now all I see is MEN thirsting after trannies and ugly photoshopped costhots and e whores and stupid hypocritical leftist ideologies and shitty “only cishet whites commit crimes” bullshit I’m so triggered today.

No. 539003


That's why I quit using Twitter! I couldn't even seek out cute art without seeing costhot butthole and ingrown hair infested vag

No. 539167

Can anyone explain me the whole point of the stan accounts? Recently a friend turn her personal into one and I can't get it. It's so cringy but they think is so funny? Am I too old?

No. 539170

What's a stan account? …That's when you know you're too old lol.

No. 539176

teenagers use them to talk about their obsessions and make friends their age who also like that sort of shit.
they do that until they grow out of it. it's just a random fan account for a thing or several things they like.
that's all. it's not that deep.

No. 539187

good lord girl, just tell her you think she's cringy and stop whining

No. 539527

I agree with the idea that’s it’s really a non-issue when you get an ugly villager and that people need to chill the fuck out. I’m the type who would get sad in real life when I was accidentally mean to one of my villagers though lol. I once made one of my villagers angry in Wild World when I was a kid and didn’t play for a few days I was so upset

Genuine non-snobby question but are you and your friend still in High School? STAN accounts are just the new wave version of all of the tumblrs dedicated to a particular character/celebrity/any piece of media ever except on a more ‘normie’ platform. I did it as a kid but eventually grew out of it and your friend probably will too. Just mute her and pray she doesn’t try and rope you into whatever her obsession is.

No. 540252

File: 1586730769033.png (133.37 KB, 719x707, twitter.png)

No. 540253

File: 1586730796514.png (233.54 KB, 719x944, twitter2.png)

No. 540254

File: 1586731308700.jpg (11.82 KB, 539x303, B2Th98xIQAAITIz.jpg)

No. 540261

they really think that we're all neurotypical, abled, straight and white? or did i miss something

No. 540268

It's always these people defending loli too

No. 540270

>REEEE let me fantasise about diddling kids in peace you meanie terfs!!!

I really can't with these twitter snowflakes. They likely don't give a fuck about us actually roastiing of crinngy internet people, they just don't like being called out, but like calling people out when it fits them.

No. 540271

To be honest, they're the ones who will call everyone and everything a pedophile/nazi/fascist and have loli/shota blacklisted and all that jazz. They're those infamous people who say you are a pedo/murder apologist for liking a 2D character who is not all sunshines and rainbows.

No. 540272

>calling out Aggy on his creepy shit means you're an anti and a radfem

What a clever way to gather sympathy tbh
Combine those two words and you got both coomers and trooners rushing in to defend them.

No. 540273

these ppl actually draw cp, dude

No. 540277

I'm not familiar with the person in the tweet and thought they are one of those woke SJWs going on their umpteenth rant over why this and that is bad.

My bad, I guess.

No. 540278

>My bad, I guess.
NTA but it's an easy mistake to make. There have been artists who've done pedo callouts only to come up later as posting cp or other "problematic" content under an adult only account. It's just part of the hypocrisy these people come equipped with.

No. 540349

File: 1586747087339.jpg (132.35 KB, 638x931, cringe btw.jpg)

Really? Because whenever someone comes in a thread whining about "b-but what about the rights of the fictional characters??" they almost always get bent in half, and rightfully so.
>lolcow has threads dedicated to harassing and bothering transgender teenagers
I bet she's talking about the fakeboi thread, lol. Checking their bio it says she's a they/them-
>pic related
Oh, well would you look at that. Still writing chemical romance fics, nice.

No. 540418

File: 1586776667229.jpeg (249.36 KB, 1242x930, 1DB1F2A0-C4DC-439D-A57A-562682…)

not even into kpop bshit but i keep stumbling upon lana shitstorm tweets and im so mad

No. 540597

File: 1586816553780.jpg (44.24 KB, 1234x435, EUeNMSzUEAAltju.jpg)

No. 540852

File: 1586874911979.png (61.71 KB, 719x259, 9282725516181919726267384.png)

No. 540887

>40 yrs old
what the fuck

No. 540914

>voltron fujo
>oh this isn't so bad it's just another snowfl-
You can't be possibly still be doing this shit at 40…

No. 541034

File: 1586904004649.jpeg (275.46 KB, 1242x515, 7EF95EFB-DB75-456A-BE3B-5A4160…)

I was having a good day until I saw this.

No. 541036

File: 1586904259777.png (19.59 KB, 360x352, 54445475.png)

the "squirting submissive little" took me out

how can anyone even be proud of being a "pretty porn creator"?
she probably thinks that staying at home and selling a nude or two and getting her ass fucked by her nasty boyfriend/dildos is the same as sex world all over the world aka just plain abuse and torture for trafficking victims and poor women

hope your dildo gets stuck in you forever

No. 541038

>nasty boyfriend
Funny you say that lol because I saw him and he is really gross looking.

No. 541039

you act like any man who want's this isn't going to be ugly as sin.

No. 541101

This is more than a week old but who the fuck unironically believes than making an animal suffer makes it taste better?? I thought it was common knowledge stress makes the quality of meat worse?? Anyone who enjoys tormenting animals does it out of pure cruelty and enjoyment, and making excuses for it is just sick.

No. 541266

it’s always the special snowflake ‘pan/poly!!!!111’ freaks

No. 541307

> pedophilia
> sexism
> autism
drake, where’s the beef?

No. 541428

File: 1586978321355.png (254.22 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20200415-205559.png)

Twitter is worse than tumblr

No. 541537

I don't get how you stumble upon all these degenerates unless you're looking for them. My Twitter is clean with only politics and science inclined people.

No. 541539

I guess they use twitter to interact with other people and for their hobbies, and not to read news. Strange.

No. 541540

Art/fandom circles are crawling with these people and you find these kind of people on the comments of normal posts, it doesn't take long to find them. I don't really use twitter but I'm in tech and these people are literally no more than a couple degrees of separation away at most sometimes.

No. 541544

I seek them out sometimes

No. 541568

File: 1587004772653.png (163.76 KB, 648x799, mental illness.png)

These are the same type of people that think drawings are the same thing as honest to god real cp, and go around harassing random fanartists on twitter. You have to actually be fucking retarded to believe this and go "omg DM me" when this pops up.
Full video: https://twitter.com/angryretsuko/status/1250475348418007041

If you're in the art community these people infest every single space. You can block block and block, and you'll still see these people.

No. 541575

File: 1587007828536.jpg (138.76 KB, 1124x1364, EVIbzjzVAAI0YIT.jpg)

Voice actresses of the She-Ra reboot doesn't like a tweet saying they are going to send her to the guillotine for being rich. Whole of woke twitter proceeds to dunk on her


No. 541576

I can see why someone who isn't really familiar with that sort of joke would take offense to it, but taking offense to her taking offense to it is deranged

No. 541577

File: 1587008492204.png (344.99 KB, 728x896, rIL7KNPg.png)

It's cause she could've handled it differently
Everyone's been using the Tony Hawk meme as an example
But I guess it takes very little to make yourself look like a victim

No. 541578

If some moron said they wanted guillotine me, then I would take offense to it

No. 541582

Isn't that angryretsuko person defending stwawbewymilk?
Don't care if people who draw loli get harassed tbh.

No. 541585

The joke is that they're a fan and don't WANT to guillotine you but have no choice, hence the crying while holding a gun photo.

No. 541589

Retard, the point of the post is that if you're begging to see supposed cp you're a shit person.

No. 541600

If you draw loli you're an even shittier person, I'm sure you can agree, unless there's a reason you're linking stwabewymilk orbiter tweets

No. 541608

i don't rly see the problem here except for the person being an absolute doormat

No. 541619

File: 1587017894540.jpg (659.49 KB, 1920x1195, agriculture-2179070_1920.jpg)

I really hate jokes like this, they do know when SHTF its gonna be right wing ex-military guys with guns who are gonna take over and not your local skinny-fat woketard

No. 541632

>wanting to view real CP with real victims and real abuse
>not as bad as drawing a cartoon

Literally same thing as people who sperg about muh representayshun on netflix series and marvel films but couldn't care less about real black people being brutalized and killed by police.

>"But it normalizes pedophilia and leads to actual abuse!"

The 00s called, they want their "media brainwashes people and violent videogames lead to violent actions" back.

No. 541652

That crazy bitch really did put a nice character as her kin… Aggretsuko is a good show and doesn't deserve creeps like that.

No. 541699

Right? The people who joke about muh commie revolution are the same type of people who still need need their mother to make appointments for them in their mid-20s and cry when they have to make a phone call.

No. 541905

nta but lol next you'll be saying porn has no effect whatsoever on men's brains

No. 541985

Soo… we're not going to comment on the people begging to see cp? ok lmao

No. 542002

File: 1587076483482.png (14.33 KB, 590x206, angryretsuko.png)

Isn't it not real CP though? I thought that was your point.
Some overly curious idiots want to be part of drama and asked to see loli.
The person who drew the loli in the first place is worse. That's what I meant. Not sure why you're bringing up black people being brutalized for no reason.

No. 542005

what is the point exactly of your whole discussion? (art thread #2)

No. 542015

>black people being brutalized.
That was a different anon. I didn't get that point either.

The point is that these people don't know the difference between real cp and drawings. In every other place they would be thrown out for asking to "see" it. Also I'm not sure why you keep bringing up this angryretsuko person. I did not mention them at all except for linking the video in which a bunch of people are asking to see cp, retard. I'm not defending some twaumatized pedo troon drawing kids pissing themselves, I'm pointing at a bunch of autists that are asking to see cp.

No. 542022

> I did not mention them at all except for linking the video in which a bunch of people are asking to see cp, retard

It's pretty significant who made the tweet in the first place, and what the tweet is about. Why link their post in the first place? Maybe look at who made the tweet before linking it? Maybe look at what the drama is about (person defending pedo troon drawing kids pissing themselves) before linking it?

No. 542049

>Maybe look at who made the tweet before linking it? Maybe look at what the drama is about (person defending pedo troon drawing kids pissing themselves) before linking it?
Nah, what about it? You seem to be eager to defend people wanting to see what they think is real honest to god cp though, so I'm just gonna stop replying lol.

No. 542081

No one thinks that's real CP dude. Go cry about lolifags getting "harassed" some more

No. 542402

File: 1587147508698.jpeg (162.38 KB, 750x816, D3FDDF90-393A-4EB8-A21E-6704FB…)

No. 542406

I'm dissapointed that experts are going along with these people rather than calling it delusion or psychosis. Why are we validating this shite?

No. 542413

i love this shit

No. 542463

This looks like a fucking video game teaser or an adult site who sells lingerie/sex toys

No. 542466

>my 1 year on HRT is in 24 hours

How the fuck does a DIDer get given hormones? I mean think of all the possible complications when it comes to the usual 'informed consent'

No. 542469

They're self diagnosing fakebois.

No. 542478

I knew someone with a different personality disorder and that seriously complicated her 'road to hormones' (thankfully) Giving them to a DIDer is insane. Most of them report having opposite gender alters, like wtf

No. 543197

File: 1587296395434.png (704.13 KB, 2048x1228, Screenshot_20200419-071442.png)

Twitter is a den of the most degenerate hedonism and sexual perversion.

Imagine what is being shared between private accounts. It's honestly mindboggling that all of the main social media sites are literally havens for pedophiles and sexual degenerates.

No. 543238

what squicks me out sometimes is accounts with disgusting urls have popular normal tweets

idk why i go on there when all i do is block

No. 543356

File: 1587330141837.jpeg (158.31 KB, 750x530, 98CD8614-C609-4B02-9531-BEDC35…)

gonna keep posting more DIDfags for my fellow anons. I find these people humiliating and hysterical.



keep telling yourself that, delulu

No. 544081

File: 1587479101671.jpg (49.77 KB, 428x542, 1587478397537.jpg)

Presented without comment

No. 544082

I do honestly wish i could unread some things in my life

No. 544084

File: 1587479343961.png (117 KB, 250x326, 456.png)

No. 544101

Do we even want to know what "snoof" means?

No. 544105

I don't get the crossover between being a furry and being an adult baby, like why are so many furries wearing diapers now?

No. 544106

it means to smell/sniff

No. 544107

I think it just means sniff, they don't like using normal words

No. 544110

why are you surprised that someone who is into a fucked up fetish would be into another fucked up fetish.
Just like how the ddlgers are into petplay/pissplay/rape

No. 544117

Not surprised but curious on how they collect fetishes, I mean the most popular theory is that paraphilias are generally developed in childhood and set for life, they're not something you consciously choose. Whereas these people seem to go out of their way trying to develop new kinks to layer on to the pile.

No. 544158

I imagine a lot more people could be into taboo fetishes like scat and diapers but most will never really consume this kind of porn/material so they'll never know. Kinda like how some people say they felt "tingly" watching the Jungle Book as kids and feel like their hypnosis fetish started there. If they have never been exposed to situations with hypnosis, I don't think they would ever know they have the fetish.

What fandoms do is expose people to the fetishes they are already predisposed to have.

No. 544174

>Kinda like how some people say they felt "tingly" watching the Jungle Book as kids and feel like their hypnosis fetish started there

Or how all the foot jokes in nickelodeon shows are thought to have kicked off a foot fetish in some and a repuslion to feet in others. I blame my fear of feet on all the close-up foot tickling scenes they managed to squeeze in.

No. 544208

I wasn't much of a fan of Nickelodeon live action shows (only the cartoons) so I only heard of the foot craze after hearing about Dan Schneider's lunacy. I can't wrap my mind around how something so blatantly fetishistic airs on TV. lol

No. 544329

This 100%, when I was a kid I was looking up random pokemon pictures and came across a picture of, I think Dawn, tied up and it kinda went from there. Even looking up pokemon with safesearch on is a bit iffy

No. 544344

File: 1587514887614.gif (1.01 MB, 400x284, tumblr_nm8jdqjkII1rrjqbqo1_400…)

No. 544785

File: 1587593652223.jpeg (359.21 KB, 750x841, 9BF3A930-4315-4B1A-856A-83B34D…)

Found an especially cringey DIDfag, complete with an entire "about" page for her "totally real altars" including one who identifies as a "kitsune". Also apparently has a discord server and twitters for various fake headmates. This is ridiculous


No. 544788

File: 1587593864407.jpeg (364.28 KB, 750x810, 19452435-9D68-4411-8B6E-AF6B27…)

Another degenerate who appears to be girlfriend of the aforementioned. Also has a bio page for fake headmates. These people are fucking deranged, just not in the way they think lmao


No. 544789

>bi lesbian

No. 544793

clearly one of her headmates is bi and the other is lesbian, anon

sage for siide sperg but I remember when DID wasn't all that popular and everyone was faking personality disorders instead. I almost yearn for the days when the snowflakes were pretending to be cluster b's, this headmate shit is way worse

No. 544867

You motherfuckers I was on plenty of fandoms back on my youth and I'm sure as heck I didn't develop fetishes consisting of shitting myself as an adult or finding animals hot, not even the disney ones. I wouldn't approve of a teacher fucking a student for example neither just because fanfiction written by teens painted it as hot. Stop trying to excuse your pornsickness with these petty bullshit excuses, if you are going to be a degenerate at least be honest with it.

No. 544895

Furries tend to have pedophilic interests because furry culture is inherently very childish. Like, they tend to cling to these crushes they get on cartoon anthropomorphized animals such as Sonic, Ninja Turtles, etc things they see in childhood and never mentally mature out of. I think that's part of why furries gross me out so much and the suits creep the fuck out of me. They're so sexualized yet still so cartoonish and juvenile.

No. 544927

That's not fair, I've seen exceptional pencil artists with only 100-200 followers. Breaking through isn't always a "do a, then b, then c" type formula guaranteed for success, otherwise everyone skilled be getting the attention they deserve.

No. 544929

art twitter feels like it is primarily used by young people. a lot of accounts with art that's cute but not very skilled have tens of thousands of followers just because the art appeals to teens and young adults. lots of high-skill artists who actually make a living off their work don't have anywhere near as much attention because their stuff doesn't appeal as much to the youth who sit glued to their twitter feeds.

No. 544930

can we just drop a nuke on twitter? so many pointless arguments, so much shitty degenerate cumbrain art, so much whining and endless egotism. make people go the fuck outside again. (after the stay at home orders, that is. at least give them new hobbies.)

No. 544932

>agender girl
>bi lesbian
>she pronouns but they/them plurals
I.. what? How does this all work together, she doesn't have a gender but is a girl and a lesbian, but also bisexual and an aromantic asexual? It's like a machine generated twitter profile.

Honestly anon while it's an easy simplification to just call everyone degenerate perverts, paraphilias are something that just happen and their birthing mechanism might remain a complex mystery. Someone might only get off by licking doorknobs or sniffing shoes or something extremely weird like that and never know why and they can't help it. A lot of studies do suggest that developing paraphilias goes all the way back into childhood and are related to being conditioned to associate a nonsexual object or action to be arousing. So while I think the "totally spies created a generation of weird fetishes" is tinfoiling spergery there's an inch of truth in it.

But it seems to be such a gamble as to how a person's psyche works in order to develop an actual paraphilia so it's pointless to try and blame TV shows and fanfictions for influencing people so much. Most people who have kinks wouldn't approve them in real life situations to begin with, like you could get your rocks off to roleplaying as a student and a teacher with your partner in a safe, controlled environment but if your actual real life teacher started hitting on you you'd be disgusted.

I hate furry degenerates as much as any other person but I still find it interesting to research why they are the way they are and this seems like an accurate take. A lot of furries are autistic and probably need to feel comfortable and disassociated from their real body in order to feel safe enough to experience arousal, so they use the animal alter egos as proxies to have sex. And because they associate safety with childhood and being pampered they end up becoming diaperfurs and adult babies.

No. 544939

Yes, I (unfortunately) have seen way too much furry art at this point and a sense of mental immaturity always seems to be present. I remember feeling disgusted when I saw a person drawing Sonic being taken care of by a mother figure while he played video games. This was in some furfag's gallery, and the focus was entirely on inserting Sonic into their own wistfulness toward childhood and essentially sexualizing it. The sexual part of a furry's brain seems to get stuck on childhood like that. Their sexuality develops not from exposure to real-life humans in a healthy way, but obsession with cartoon animals. It's honestly unnerving to me.

No. 544943

Huh. I feel bad for them, somehow.

No. 544975

>It's NOT cp but it IS cp!!!
What the fuck are you saying?

No. 544994

Why is everyone on twitter so obsessed about accusing people of pedophilia?

No. 544997

Nothing gets you clout and attention faster than accusing some female artist in her 20's of being a pedophile because she drew shipping art of 17 year old anime character. But attacking actual, confessed child abusers? That's too scary and serious! Better ruin this fanartist instead to get some RTs out of it, might as well advertise your Ko-Fi in the process too.

No. 545008

People have realized the strenght of callout culture against small, indipendent figures or minorities. If you can't accuse them of homophobia or racism, you might as well go for the extreme thing

No. 545030

outrage culture and callout culture is the norm. you can "cancel" someone for literally anything if you reach hard enough. simply not liking someone is enough to do it.

No. 545061

Is there a polite way to tell a friend they're making a fool of themselves by constantly starting arguments and being abrasive on Twitter?

No. 545071

You might be better off asking them if they’re okay, sometimes people start arguments to cope with stress at home or in life.

No. 545127

This shit is so common it's not even funny. It's always underage retards or 30 something fandom moms/dads doing it too. I blame voltronfags for spawning that horrible "fiction is reality" post that is now the central dogma of every twitterfag.

No. 547796

File: 1588239283198.jpg (185.18 KB, 1242x1090, Ac.jpg)

No. 547818

I'm so fucking tired of this game being talked anywhere and everywhere. It's just barebone Sims with animals

No. 547834

Why is it a trend all of a sudden for Twitter users under the age of 18 to put “minor” in their bios? I’ve seen the same thing on other platforms like TikTok where you’ll have someone who’s 17 saying “I’m a minor!!!”, like ok? It just seems like they’re trying to excuse themselves from responsibility of what they post or how they act.

No. 547837

It might be so creepy old men have no excuse to bother them

No. 547896

A lot of those "minor" accounts are also sexual as fuck, and then complain about being harassed by creeps when they say provocative things or post sexual stuff on the constant. And it isn't even quips or mild shit, it's often literally stuff about how repressed they are, their pussy, etc. No wonder there's so much pedophilia and sexual exploitation on Twitter, sexual oversharing is rampant

No. 547903

File: 1588273482048.gif (1.03 MB, 245x225, download.gif)

Bitch, same here. I'm going to sit here and play my ancient pc games and download sims booty shorts CC.

No. 547912

I don't have a twitter account but out of boredom I found myself looking at the trending tags for my country. People are complaining that garden centres aren't allowed open due to covid.. then also complaining that Lidl is selling cheap plants right now.. so do you want plants or not?? Why is that important enough to trend?

>I want plants but I hate that Lidl is going to be profiting so much right now

Why?? Of all the stores in my area Lidl is the only one actually providing hand sanitiser and implementing social distancing properly.
>for many people their mental health is dependant on being able to garden

No. 547915

Reminds me of ABDL types on instagram, sharing nothing but panty pics when their bio says they're a strictly non-sexual age regressor. They want that fucked up attention but wont admit it.

No. 547932

I'm so done with our citizens.
Have a look through #universalcredit if you want to see a bunch of haughty ingrates throw tantrums about how they refuse to live on the same paltry amounts the lower peasant classes have done for years, and complain about how outrageous it that the telephone and online system is having technical difficulties during a time of global crisis.

No. 547955

>start being active on Twitter again
>lose followers
video related

In all seriousness though, it fucking sucks that people who are decent at art keep exclusive to shit sites like Twitter, Tumblr, IG, etc.
I don't like that I'm having to shake hands with awful sites like those just to see the content I want.

Oh are people still doing this "unfollow me now if"/dnfi bullshit? I had hoped that people would've grown out of that already and recognized how immature it is. It was at least kind of amusing in 2013, 7 years later it continues to only be used by the biggest flakes and narcissists.

Tumblr users used to do that a lot years ago. Some of the people who put that are, in fact, over 18 and scummy as shit because they want to be a honeypot for actual minors.

No. 549322

File: 1588506754533.jpg (229.67 KB, 1070x634, 20200503_134447.jpg)

I found this gem today. Some girls really need to start interacting with their peers irl.

No. 549325

>In all seriousness though, it fucking sucks that people who are decent at art keep exclusive to shit sites like Twitter, Tumblr, IG, etc

Where do you want them to post instead? There haven't been any good art sharing sites for years.

No. 549327


No. 550544

> Some girls really need to start interacting with their peers irl.
This would benefit the vast majority of Twitter users.

No. 550570

lurked on her account and she's trying very hard and constantly reblogs stuff where people are bashing on women and saying stuff like "but what about MEN!11!!!1!!!!1!"

No. 551697

File: 1588924165401.png (206.43 KB, 750x1334, FC288876-2BC5-4B81-8158-94E617…)

Oh my god I can’t make this shit up a woman was sexually harassed and Twitter users are telling her not to “kinkshame”

>” I (43F) caught my son’s friend masturbating to my high heels last night. I told him to leave the house without telling my son and to never come back”

>apparently when she caught him and confronted him, he got all embarrassed, so she told him she’d tell his parents
> he took off without telling her son what really happened
The original reddit post is deleted so sorry for the paraphrase green text.


No. 551698

fake story but lol

No. 551916

Replies are still real, I hate the coddling of teens, they know right from wrong jfc
Why do teen girls' hormones lead them to be groomed by pedos but teen boys's hormones make them sex offending creeps?

No. 552546

File: 1589143254657.png (13.5 KB, 369x516, mothersday.png)

>Mother's Day trends
I'm glad I deleted Twitter

No. 552805

File: 1589205723322.jpg (95.69 KB, 1080x918, qqthemenz.jpg)

Men can not take it not being about them. They spend their entire lives depending on women, first their Mother's then their girlfriends and wives, and they can't even take ONE DAY A YEAR to say "thx here's a $5 box of chocolates from Walgreens"

No. 552865

There is literally a father's day…
Women don't do this passive aggressive shit on father'd day

No. 553352

File: 1589328875723.png (455.43 KB, 576x2261, fucking hell.png)

Can we fucking nuke twitter already?

No. 553359

Maybe we should.

No. 553362

And like… fathers day is equally celebrated where I live. It's not like the women's day vs men's day where nobody cares about men's day (except men on women's day, you should see the massive spike in people googling it on women's day lmao), fathers day is celebrated normally. Maybe people get a bit more passionate about mothers day, probably because mothers do the majority of the child raising, but it's not like fathers get paid dust.

No. 553448

Of course it's a K-pop faggot. It's always K-pop faggots. They treat actual irl 3D people, who are probably being abused and taken advantage of by their record companies like K-idols usually are, like dolls they can objectify however they please so they need to whitewash their conscience by caping for fictional characters' safety. Pathetic.

No. 553584

I swear, if I never see the name “Karen” on Twitter again, I will die happy

It was fine when it was directed towards entitled (usually white) ladies that acted terrible towards customer service workers but now it’s evolved to “any woman that has an opinion that I don’t agree with is a Karen.” Twitter is such a misogynistic shithole

No. 553587

nta but no one there is a kpop stan lol

No. 553589

Holy shit stop defending the retarded kpop "idols". That's what they chose.

No. 553602

twitter is worse than any other sm when it comes to running jokes to the ground.

No. 553653

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

Its annoying af and just another way of saying bitch.

No. 553878

No. 553918

Go back to Twitter, handmaiden

No. 554107

Agree. The term was funny at first but after it became much more of a slur used by incels, transcels and MRAs against all women who don't agree with them in particular it got real old real fast.

No. 554400


No. 554426

File: 1589600317302.jpeg (79.9 KB, 738x865, EYFVIW_XkAAJpVI.jpeg)

I'm glad this pathetic e-girl got ~cancelledt~ for tweeting this bullshit. Why the fuck would she even tweet this and not see how bad of a take it is?

No. 554431

lol what a boring mindset to have, not only is she a bitch but she's also wrong. nose profiles like the one on the left are super pretty when paired with the right features

No. 554433

File: 1589601188114.jpeg (97.66 KB, 985x1002, EYF1UYnWkAE7Szv.jpeg)

her apology

No. 554442

To be fair medical systems often fund the voluntary castration, breast augmentation, and hormone regimen of men who claim they're women and of course vice versa.
Bad way to go about the point trying to make people with noses on the left insecure, but I think society is so stupid on how we gatekeep the necessity of plastic surgery when we so flagrantly give it out like candy to some but not others. If a new nose would change someone's life, then it's pretty shitty to monetarily penalize them for it when there's already precedent of other vain types of surgeries having been medically covered.

No. 554448

Agreed. If we're following the logic of "I need to have cosmetic surgery to have a higher quality of life and feel like my true self", everyone should be able to make a call, essentially say "It's up to the government to fund my boob job and facial surgery, or I will kill myself and the blood is on your hands", and get exactly what they want.

No. 554562

I get your point, but the issue here is not about government funding delusions, but rather how bullshit beauty standards is always imposed.

No. 555192

File: 1589810189572.jpeg (697.22 KB, 1125x1352, C045AC7A-BDD4-4F12-92EF-D76DCE…)

the delusion

No. 555198

not like trannies got their "aesthetic" from women

No. 555207

As if any tranny could look like this without tons of surgery and/or photo editing.

No. 555233

what angers me most about this is that their agenda is not to be on equal foot with real girls and women, they want to top us, be superior to us, better than the real deal. Men can't let us girls just fucking be, no matter what "form" they take.

No. 555286

Is this a trans woman, if not why the FUCK are people always trying to compare POC especially black women to trans women?
Also what "aesthetic?", wish people would stop bringing trannies into anything, women have been looking and dressing like this.

No. 555290

i'm not gonna compare myself to someone who had to buy their body parts.

No. 555840

She's a new r&b artist. Isn't trans either but has had obvious work done. What I don't understand is this is somehow the trans girl aesthetic when she looks like any other heavily contoured ig hoe. Black women always get called masculine as a cheap insult, annoyed it's from within the house but not surprised.

No. 556069

File: 1590000983956.png (28.17 KB, 477x364, jjjj.PNG)

I posted this on the other site (gardens) but it fits here as well since we are talking about similar silly things on twitter.

No. 556218

What is this buffoon talking about?

No. 556251

I think he thinks women are stealing fashion from MtFs? That's what I gathered. It's a hilariously wrong notion, given that most MtFs have horrible fashion sense.

No. 556278

File: 1590058516218.jpeg (69.83 KB, 954x995, 1583322093725.jpeg)

>Nowadays's pornified beauty standards are basically about looking like a hypersexualized parody of women with over exaggerated secondary sex characterics, lips and so on
>"U fucking cissies we trans women invented looking like pornified parodies of women first!!"


No. 556307

even better, as men they basically have invented the modern day hyper sexual appearance of women and of women pandering to the male gaze lol

No. 556318

Besides looking like a man and having a crotch bulge, what could we actually steal from male trans? The pornification of biological women had already been an ongoing process and male trans only made the expectation worse.

No. 556721

>people who still need need their mother to make appointments for them in their mid-20s and cry when they have to make a phone call.
This is a thing?

No. 556849

yes anon. yes it is, sadly.

No. 557049

I don't know about twitter for that thing in particular but the exact same people on tumblr used to brag about having anxiety and/or depression so much that they'd brag about having panic attacks whenever they had to make phone calls.

No. 557736

File: 1590300646658.jpeg (244.03 KB, 750x429, 7897160B-DECD-47FA-9587-8C4209…)

I genuinely wish this is satire

No. 557746


sadly not. twitter is filled to the brim with pornsick people who always try to find a way to force their addiction onto other people, including children. it's crazy to think twitter has become way worse than tumblr in that regard - the porn ban made all the sickos flood twitter, but at least it made tumblr more bearable and useable.

can you also believe these creeps actually use their real name and a picture of their face when they tweet all this nasty shit about porn and how horny they are? do they not have any shame or dignity? this is the type of shit you say when you're strictly anonymous.

No. 557750

right like you can be as retarded as you want ANONYMOUSLY. it's horrifying to see all these people even using their names on an active and public social media profile in the first place nevermind one where they talk about nsfw shit. like an employer/anyone that ever knew you can look you up, why would you do that? so you can promote a t shirt when your tweet goes vIrAl? brainrot

No. 557753

These people either forgot or were never told that the internet is NOT real life and that it's not recommended to post anything under your real identity and/or in a public place, and especially not things that could get you in trouble like that disturbing shit >>557736, or what's your political opinions, shit talking your current employer, insulting/harassing/threatening anyone, etc. Especially because the internet never forgets and it's super easy to archive pages and websites.

It's amazing how just 15 years ago parents, even the ones who weren't tech-savvy at all, would yell at their kids that posting literally anything ever would bring viruses to their computers and they'd get kidnapped, tortured and killed by pedos, now if you know where to look you can find out someone's address, employer, who they voted for, who they have or had sex with, who they're related to, where they went to school, etc. in 10 minutes. I managed to do that with people I know irl and who should know better without even trying, it's just that bad.

No. 557772

Christ porn is not for minors she could've just said a site or school program about sex education. Either way politics shouldn't be involved in any of it and there's still a large possibility for pedos to groom online or even molest/assault kids if it's an after school program. I wish kids could learn real sexual health education rather than vague crap due to conservative upbringing, but I'm assuming she wants them to watch outright abusive porn with questions that lean on sex pleasing than stds and reproduction. The shit that gets posted on twitter just keeps dialing up, is it just a massive hugbox of acceptance? That or these posts get buried in retweets of other content I assume.

No. 557937

She does realize that teens end up looking at porn anyway? It doesn't matter if it's labeled 18+ underage ppl will incidentally stumble upon porn anyway, and some of them particularly hormonal teens seek it out

No. 558532

File: 1590453351666.png (284.65 KB, 598x388, 749823623539857235792.png)


I'm fucking laughing woke twitter is trying to cancel Ray Sipe for this

No. 558558

>Ray Sipe
How do people even have the time to "cancel" someone as niche and specific in their online presence as… him, of all people?

No. 560101

Based Ray

No. 561498

File: 1590866809393.jpeg (147.66 KB, 554x700, CD019927-A57A-4F17-BFFB-BDC096…)

>lots of tweet warning people to wear protective gear so they won’t be identified at protests
>still people with no masks

No. 561510

Twitter has been pretty insufferable lately. Yesterday there was this girl sperging at Kpop stans because they were trending something that wasn’t about BLM. I understand that this is an important issue that every American needs to pay attention to but I don’t think it’s a crime to focus on something lighthearted for five minutes. The world is depressing enough as it is.

No. 561511

this reminds me of people calling SNK fans racist yesterday because they were rting stuff about the new season trailer instead of some online activism lol

No. 561512

It’s pretty funny seeing some e-girls get attacked for posting selfies.

No. 561514

I'm so done with US twitter users, they act like their country is the fucking center of the world and because there's stuff going on there everyone on twitter must coddle to them and stop posting anything not related to the US riots.
Even tech twitter is now going on a witch hunt because of this bullshit, is the idea that some people like to avoid the news or just live at another continent so foreigner to them?
US twitter users never give two fucks when my country is in flames, why should I stop posting the shit I want because they have a couple of riots?

No. 561515

Didn’t you post in the social media detox thread?

No. 561519

I don't give a crap about what's happening there, their fucking problem. I think even Reddit is better than the shithole that Twitter is.

No. 561520

Nope, never posted there? Why?
Can it be that more than one people share my opinion? What a shocker.

No. 561526

Honestly, anons whining about Americans are almost annoying as Americans sperging about BLM and expecting everyone to care. Just go off Twitter if it’s bothering you. That’s what I did. The entire internet needs to chill.

No. 561534

>not whining on twitter on a thread about twitter sucking
I'm sorry? Should I also not vent at the vent thread?

No. 561536

>Just go off Twitter
nta but I wish it was that easy, it's all over every mainstream social media

No. 561537

First thing I saw after I checked my phone today was someone talking about the 'godawful news and horrific state of the world today' I quickly checked the news to see what happened and news sources in my country weren't even covering it so I was pretty lost. Not the first time I've been stressed by vague tweets about stuff like that, always connected to an event in the US. I need to start assuming people on twitter are just being dramatic, save myself the panic.

No. 561593

This. Fuck the salty muricans who keep whining about "j-just drop your social media, y-you're being just as annoying as the American spergs!!!!". If I wanted to avoid all this shit I'd have to relocate to an island with zero human contact or any way to be informed of the outside world. It would be one thing to let people outside of the borders to know what's happening in your country but it's entirely another to demand everyone take action right now because to them the US is the de facto global capital.

Holy shit what the hell. The world has to stop revolving because there are riots in the US? The americentric imperialism knows no bounds. My country is busy enough dealing with the virus and the inevitable massive recession and societal issues following its effects, giving a shit about the American racial tensions isn't exactly top priority on my fucking list of things to care about. Fix your fucking country on your own. And by fixing I mean actually doing something of value instead of tweeting Extra Spicy Woke takes on it.

No. 561605

Rent free

No. 561607

God, this.

No. 561608

File: 1590878209304.jpg (67.69 KB, 893x600, murica.JPG)

Sorry everyone outside the Anglosphere hates your developing country.

No. 561611

Nta but, God the phrase rent free, I know what type of twitter user you are from that phrase and I hate you with every fibre of my being anon

No. 561612

it makes me cringe every time i see it here

No. 561613

File: 1590878537820.gif (63.9 KB, 220x94, 476.gif)

No. 561616

just by this post i can tell you're a lesbian

No. 561638

File: 1590880688555.jpg (40.29 KB, 498x490, 346383345.jpg)

I think i might be partly responsible for that meme, some years ago i posted pic related on another imageboard and the very next day someone started chanting "rent free inside your head" after a successful bait and so it spred.

No. 561644

You didn't make the meme but you claim it as your own? You'd annoy me on twitter too.

No. 561646

File: 1590881775868.jpg (49.12 KB, 583x581, 5685864.jpg)

They most likely got it from this.

No. 561647

Your reading comprehension is not so good.

That's in 2020 though, but the meme is already several years old.

No. 561648

aint nobody paying no rent to be on the fuckin imageboard

No. 561706

I'm pretty sure George Carlin coined the "rent free" phrase.

No. 561712

Don't be daft anon, >>561638 this anon posted that image to an image board and it was so captivating the phrase was coined.

No. 561899

I miss the days when memes manifested solely out of genuine interaction, nowadays its usually one inspired autist forcing it until it gets established, all it takes is persistence.

No. 562700

Why does LBGT Twitter (which a lot are probably just bored straight kids anyway) always have selfies trending with shit like “LGBTqts” or some shit? I’m all for being proud of one’s self but it comes off as extremely narcissistic. They’re gonna be extra insufferable now that it’s pride month.

No. 562758

File: 1591000226401.jpeg (843.65 KB, 1242x1471, DF9E720B-C297-485C-8D22-67181B…)

Personally I’m not ready for the annoying “quirky” brands shitting out tweets left and right.

No. 562913

Not to mention also pushing some message about the hardships of sitting on your ass all day and ~social distancing during this hard time

No. 563219

File: 1591045135490.png (31.91 KB, 595x267, Screenshot_2020-06-01_17-54-53…)

Do the women that post this on twitter actually believe the bs they're spewing?

No. 563227

I bet this bitch feels particularly proud having birthed out this magnificent take

No. 563266

File: 1591050637173.jpeg (365.5 KB, 750x1010, AD5B3520-495C-4113-A165-8E0866…)

People are so rush to quick and judge others even if they are donating and keeping up with events, just because they choose not to blast their actions all over social media like everyone else. 1/2

No. 563271

File: 1591050875016.jpeg (307.82 KB, 750x1010, 59A15D8D-A6B4-4ACE-BFDD-BF2324…)

I hate this witch hunt against people who havent flooded their timelines with the same links and tweets as everyone else, condemning them. I know there are people out there really trying to get the word out, but at some point it just feels like virtue signaling. 2/2

No. 563300

I get what you're saying but is it really hard to post a link or tweet when you're an influencer?

No. 563333

If it’s not their job to be political they shouldn’t be strong armed into doing so because it creates a vicious cycle from then on. If they don’t reply (or influence to use your word) to every political discourse then they’re canceled.

It’s not worth it, imo.

No. 563340

>silence is violence
What twenty one pilots song is this?

No. 563348

File: 1591058304220.jpeg (38.53 KB, 750x421, F7987ACE-630D-41F3-BCF4-E817FC…)

No. 563366

File: 1591059218966.jpeg (222.63 KB, 750x1088, 201D8231-F996-4A05-9FB2-917ADF…)

Another one I found from a gaming YTer I watch. Tweet this is all under said “it’d be great if people would stop friending my personal fb” and the reply that spurred this thread says “It'd be awesome if you used your platform to condemn what's happening right now and raise awareness.”

No. 563482

File: 1591074553396.jpeg (936.28 KB, 1242x1192, 0EFC6398-D90A-48B0-86C5-DAA398…)

Now I understand the Peter Griffin Sanrio meme.

No. 563483

File: 1591074611259.jpeg (58.27 KB, 828x511, 3446FA28-4842-4E01-84C3-851F9D…)

No. 563484

aren't they also the same ones who get mad at others for making edgy hello kitty x drugs/knife edits because hello kitty is children's media and shouldn't be tainted that way yadda yadda

No. 563489

Nah they are different people

No. 563491

File: 1591075732030.png (837.59 KB, 892x788, louis.PNG)

Holy shit I had no idea Louis XX/Louis de Bourbon had a twitter account and that there were actual royalistes replying to him and shit. Dude is getting ratio'd for complaining that his grand-grand-uncle's statues in the USA got broken during the current American riots. I'm losing my shit I feel like I'm written a shit post right now kek

No. 563509

File: 1591081456830.jpg (45.88 KB, 568x420, 89.jpg)

Pic attached is actually from Tumblr (but on Twitter the same shitshow is also going around) but holy fuck, the thing that Anonymous account said isn't even "TERF" related in the first place, it's literally common sense, but these people will blow every single thing out of proportion. They literally act like you cannot criticize the "bad trans people" and the kind who abuse that entire thing to groom and ruin the lives of others, because "they are still trans and you are being transphobic!!1!1!!!!". Even if that account isn't the "original" Anonymous account, it still made those news blow up and decided to do something against it and these little babies genuinely believe that someone thinking their trans ideology isn't all rainbows and sunshines is worse than a bunch of child rapists and traffickers getting exposed. Oh my god, everyone on Tumblr is literally brainless and what the fuck is even a "Crypo-TERF", that literally made me laugh.

That account bringing more attention to old news that were actually ignored in the first place and making everyone else more aware of all the entire child trafficking business etc.? No they are still bad, because they said fukky wukky to my twans people!!!!!!!!!!

No. 563517

TRAs are deathly afraid of anyone ever listening to dissenting opinions, because it's an emperor's new clothes situation and evil TERFs are the ones being like 'but he's naked…'. They're like a cult trying to isolate and brainwash it's followers by constant silencing of opinions, demands that people block and ignore, do not interact etc etc.

That's how you know they're in a fragile, easily dismantled position. In comparison, reading what a misogynist/racist/homophobe etc has to say would only reinforce an activists belief, because it's hateful bullshit and just proves you right that they're garbage. Same doesn't apply for transphobia because if you read what a TERF has to say you'll probably peak trans.

No. 563519

This is an infuriating sight. Those people live in a weird bubble where not only they can't imagine people not caring or wanting to talk about what they obsess over right now, but also get all high and mighty about it if proven otherwise. And they consider tweeting shits as activism. Dumb tweets from shallow dorks stringing gay little snarky comments to harness moral asspats and cover the fact they're also probably somewhere safe are activism and "raising awareness".

Please excuse my salt

No. 563522


Most of America is on fire, and THIS is what they choose to care about? lmao

No. 563560

KEK. ppl r actually trying to cancel anonymous what a time to be alive.

No. 563630

Yeah I don't get how they're comparing Black people in the USA (and racial/ethnic minorities in the West in general) being discriminated against all the time, the corrupt and unnecessarily violent police doing fucked up shit all over the planet, and sexism that women and girls face everyday in every aspects of their lives from trafficking, prostitution, rape, murder, abuse in general, discrimination at school and at work, or even in healthcare, to their crossdressing AGP fetish. Oh no, the account with relevant info about big cases such as Epstein being a serial rapist pedophile tweeted about men being dangerous for women in general, cross dressing men included!! Oh the horror! Like really, what kind of messed up sense of priorities is that?

No. 563987

File: 1591127884474.jpeg (28.3 KB, 563x545, images (12).jpeg)

Everytime I hear these tards putting "crypto" in front a negative term in order to sound smart all I can think of is this. Even the 80s is side eyeing these people.
>I hate money I loathe possessions it's just so crypto fascist

No. 566181

File: 1591403736411.png (62.14 KB, 740x515, twit.PNG)

Sometimes I think about making a Twitter for fandom things and see this top-tier sperging circulating.

No. 566182

>I'll call them cops
Now i hate to speculate on anyone's race..

No. 566183

File: 1591404083816.png (572.21 KB, 744x436, 18697348093.PNG)

If you guessed Karen, you're right.

No. 566186

The glasses coming off for the second pic is weirdly funny, the phone being so close that the picture is centred around her nose. The terrible eyebrow makeup, how she looks disturbingly normie if a little trailer trash instead of the usual short dangerhaired inbred that'd be behind that account, it's too much

No. 566187

File: 1591404525972.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 52DAC69C-F279-4AE8-A27A-F61DB4…)

No. 566199

Cartoon and anime shippers, an oppressed group, lmao.

No. 566224

File: 1591421694397.jpg (219.52 KB, 474x1560, image.jpg)

Thought that icon looked familiar and surely enough, it's a Voltard fandom mom who was recently featured on KF for having an autistic meltdown over her fujo ship. These people make art Twitter look like a petting zoo.

No. 566225

These women never grew out of their super obsessed fandom days and it’s embarrassing. It’s possible to enjoy fandom shit without making it your entire personality but they never seem to understand that. They’re all data analysts by day and fujos by night.

No. 566228

File: 1591423738277.jpeg (24.11 KB, 600x341, AA25B374-34EF-443E-8763-08DEE9…)

>at least i contribute something

No. 566230

This is too good.

No. 566263

>it's some 30 something fujo throwing a tantrum about her ships on the internet
Somehow I'm not surprised. Can't even scroll down on her "serious" politics twitter without bumping into voltron yaoi lol

Art twitter is a shit show. I swear it's a new artist getting cancelled every day.

No. 566265

I'm not a Voltron fan but even I know that the people who shipped Sheith got universally doxxed, harassed, suicide baited and called out as a pedophile because they were shipping a 26-year old and a 21-year old. Crazy bitches even called it incest because they grew up together at some point despite not even being brothers and went as far as to continuously harass the creators on Twitter. Yeah, I'd probably lose my mind too dealing with it. If you're one of the insane antis supporting this sort of behavior and call it an "autistic meltdown" when someone's patience wears off with bpd twitter spergs try to brand you as a pedo over a harmless fictional ship you can get off this site immediately.

Now that I think about it, what the fuck is up with the sudden influx of cancerous Twitter discourse people who obviously came from the K-pop thread or have no idea of the context of most things happening online?

No. 566267

Anon, I hate to break it to you but the ins and outs of "anti" twitter/tumblr is not most of the things happening on line. Most people have the good sense not to get involved with this sort of thing.

No. 566268

this is the twitter thread though…

No. 566270

Yes. This is a twitter hate thread. I don't really think a lot of people active in this thread would actively use twitter.

No. 566294

File: 1591440619924.jpeg (Spoiler Image,791.75 KB, 1242x1207, 92735F49-758B-4D78-BC2A-61F8A9…)

I just want to die. Mom/daughter duo on OF. I’m pretty sure they’re not the first.

No. 566297

File: 1591440818286.jpeg (Spoiler Image,877.76 KB, 1242x1137, 406500D3-84DD-4907-AC0D-8ECF5F…)

Her daughter’s account… #AutisticAdult… Does anyone else feel icky? Not just from the incesty shit, but also from the fact that the mom is pretty much taking advantage of her?

Here’s a video of “yaas girl power” basically: https://twitter.com/sofiablaze420/status/1250236499280322560?s=21

No. 566307

Oh no… I remember the video with her mom being supportive towards her onlyfans career, I'm all for not slut shaming anyone but even then her showing her tits next to her mom felt a bit uncomfortable to me and it's nothing compared to what you've just shared. This is honestly borderline the same level of fucked up as the infamous two broken arms reddit story.
(anyone not familiar and curious, here it is, obv incest warning https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/nmmjr/iama_man_who_had_a_sexual_relationship_with_his/)

No. 566309

>the infamous two broken arms reddit story
For God's sake anon elaborate

No. 566311

Unfortunately, this kind of thing probably happens a lot more often behind closed doors, but at least there is the reassurance that it's behind closed doors because it's not normal behaviour. Not to go all radfem on you guys, but i hate onlyfans so fucking much (not more than i hate mindgeek). I wish all this shit was pushed further into to the depths on obscurity.

No. 566312

If you don't wanna read the entirety + comments, tl;dr would be, guy has his two arms broken, his mom wants to "help him relieve tension" so offers to suck his dick, they end up having a sexual relationship for years, dad knows about everything, dude claims to not be mentally messed up after all this but reddit has hard time believing and rightfully so.

No. 566313

Fascinating, I'll check it out.

No. 566314

+ if anyone thinks it's someone bizarre fantasy written down, this all took place on IAMA subreddit, story was confirmed by the mods as true through I believe it was a psychologist doing research on incest relationships, this couple among others

No. 566315

i'm puking all over myself right now

No. 566317

File: 1591442630372.png (484.65 KB, 798x1434, bhk8.png)

At least people are dragging the mother in the comments, but a sane website would've banned both accounts before they even hit 1k followers.
I feel like this is what happens when you push this "all kinds of sexuality is empowering" meme into the mainstream. People like this will exercise their freedom of speech to try and normalize their degeneracy.
If they're in a place where this isn't illegal, expect to wait a few years before the op-ed about how this free and enlightened pair of body-positive, sex-positive, age-positive neurodivergent sex workers were relentlessly harassed by bigoted Twitter users, "mainstream" sex workers trying to gatekeep them and anonymous imageboards.

No. 566413

She looks like Mystery kek

No. 566423

same anon. it makes me depressed as fuck to see so many young women spreading their pussy for literally $3 and trying to act like its empowering somehow.

No. 566460

Lmao. Maybe you should get off this site and log back into anime twitter.

Ah, sex positivity. One of the things actively killing progressivism.

No. 566613

I've said this before on this site but sexual interest is definitely a trait that isn't wrong to be commercialised, there was abuse i can guarantee it and to this day but we went wrong when we went from the lingerie, the titillating dance, the flash of the thigh, it all being about just enough for excitement but not perversion to actually just humiliating yourself for precious little money in the long term. It's a weird take "sex work is fine as long as there's no sex" but anyway

No. 566615

didn't mean to spoiler kek

No. 567521

Just because you don't like a popular slang term like "antis" doesn't make it not a popular slang term anymore, or that the anon you replied to is an anime shipper…

You seem pretty tone deaf here.

No. 567524

Seems pretty retarded if you think people are just pulling these tweets out of the air. There wouldn't be much of a thread if some of the people here weren't active on Twitter seeing these lulsy interactions taking place.

No. 567529

Ciara McShane anon, are you still here? Now she’s being hounded by the prods

No. 567531

I hate this website so goddamn much
I hate it with every fiber of my being, I've been trying to make it as a furry artist for easy money, since these fucking idiots are easier to manipulate than a fucking dog (how ironic). But ever since I've been involved in the furry community I feel nothing but vile hatred for these degenerates. These dog fuckers make me want to off myself. All they ever fucking talk about is gender politics. And it's not normal shit, it's always "omg guiz this guy is a bigot bc im heterhomoerotic sexual and he doesnt accept it cancel him!!"
they're so fucking annoying. I wish every furry would get put down already, I hate them so fucking much but they're so good for easy omoney because they're just so unbelievably fucking retarded. You put a trans and homo flag in your username and give them trans porn and they just eat it up. They're fucking insufferable, I hate them so, so fucking much. I'm making good money off of them but I just hate them so fucking much.

No. 567562

She is an absolute nutjob but she is correct about lesbian ships being more “child friendly” than gay male pairings.

She’s probably just salty that her ship didn’t become canon and doesn’t care beyond that but still.

No. 567623

I promise you that nobody outside these fandom circles knows or cares what an anti is. At least sage your fucking shit if you’re going to act like you’re not the same anon as the other one.

No. 567685

File: 1591677475153.jpeg (313.43 KB, 750x1090, 411A2068-DDDD-445E-AB01-315FB1…)

lmao imagine being this stupid

No. 567689

I will cry over it and nut over it as many times as I want and Twitter user BLCKEXO has no say in it

No. 567723

Do schizos really?

No. 567741

>I know my shit!! I got a Ph.D. in armchair psychology you FREAKS
Yes, human brain isn't developed enough to tell the difference between fiction and reality when it's releasing oxytocin as we see our favourite character die as an immediate reaction. There are many studies supporting this. But in what fucking world does it correlate with something you get off on? We can applaud the death of a fictional character being a good way to write them out of the story and we can analyze it because a normal person, despite the acute reaction of crying, can differentiate fiction and reality and distance ourselves emotionally from what happens in our favourite show. When my mom dies I won't be talking about her death's importance to my character development, I'll be struck with deep sadness and mourning being unable to take a break from reality. And that's the difference, you can always walk away from the movie or the game when it starts feeling too uncomfortable. You're always in control and experiencing it in a safe environment. Even though fiction can evoke some primordial senses like anger and sadness while experiencing it you break the immersion the moment you turn off the screen and walk away.

"Fiction affects reality" in the sense that it reinforces our already existing opinions and feelings, but it doesn't hypnotize us to believe or act upon something that we wouldn't accept in our normal lives. There are multiple studies about something like sad and aggressive media influencing young teenagers negatively, but in each case the teenager has pre-existing mental conditions such as depression and anxiety, and the media only reinforces their bleak view of the world. This study has found that children from religious homes are more prone to believe fiction is real than children from non-religious homes, further reinforcing the fact that fiction doesn't create new ideas, it only amplifies something we already had in our heads: https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-28537149 . So in other words people can ship whatever the fuck they want without being influenced IRL by it and if they are, they most likely have underlying mental issues that need to be treated instead.

Anyway there's really no point in trying to make sense of these "m-muh fiction is REAL" people, they're only using it as a weapon against anyone who ships what they don't personally like and keep finding "problematic" traits only to make everyone kneel to their will, all the while fetishizing and infantilizing real life K-pop idols like they were cute cartoon characters and not living, breathing humans. Like I really don't want to give these people the feeling their points about shipping a 17-year old and a 18-year old is pedophilia or that shipping incest will make you fuck your brother by debating them, the only reaction they deserve is an awkward silence and a stare that says "take your meds". Their spergery is so over the top that honestly it always feels like they're compensating for some hidden kink they don't want people to know about, which is often the case seeing how many "KILL FANDOM PEDO FREAKS" people turn out to have sexually harassed or abused minors in real life.

No. 567751

File: 1591693276423.jpeg (153.37 KB, 828x1338, E92FA076-A3C6-4002-B576-4A09D2…)

Attempting to steer this thread back to normal instead of fanfag discourse with this good old “I’m 14 and this is very deep” material.

No. 567755

sometimes normie twitter is worse than stan twitter

No. 567764

Well anon, bumboclaat? Sco pa tu manaaaa?

No. 567767

>still whining about Voltron shipping drama a year and a half after the show has ended
God, grow up. I guess I shouldn't be shocked though, people still whine about Korrasami on 4chan. Fucking hell, get hobbies, people. I didn't like everything about how Voltron worked out either, but that's more the plot/lore side of things, not shipping shit. But I'm not constantly crying over it.

No. 567773

File: 1591698483801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,223.84 KB, 720x1022, 505B10BB-D257-4232-9C8B-1C14D6…)

Presented without comment.

No. 567775

>I rub your bubble butt

No. 567785

People are still "whining" about it because the perpetrators moved on to other fandoms to continue their bullshit over there. I wouldn't say it's "whining" when it's literally peoples' reputations being ruined by doxxing and falsified pedo claims over fictional ships.

And no, I don't give a shit about Voltron either and I hate that show. But I do give a shit about these speds ruining other fandoms they entered after the show ended. It's always fun to just roll your eyes and tell people to get over it until the people reach you and find something problematic about the stuff you like just out of spite. These people can literally turn white black with their mental gymnastics and everything can become problematic if you happen to like something they don't.

No. 567786

Retards will be retards. You can't change it, why even entertain dialogue with them. Block, ignore, move on

No. 567789

I was referring to the person in the screencap, not you. But for what it's worth, your response is pretty whiny too.

No. 567796

as someone who's experienced that shit over and over, they're not wrong lol

No. 567806

File: 1591705099211.png (312.71 KB, 1440x1133, lol.png)

Petition to bring back That Thread

No. 567807

This person has a dick they are very proud of, pinned post is about their dick and they also have an onlyfans where they show their dick, so no stans coming in here 'trans women are women'

Issa dude.

No. 567810

File: 1591705380411.jpg (36 KB, 647x659, yes chad.jpg)

>thinks trans women are men trying to take away their rights

No. 567874


I'm not too great at reading the nuances of social dynamics, and this situation is baffling to me.

I can see that the Andrew person was pretty rude.
My interpretation of his responses, with the little context given, is that he was pushing back against doing some extra work in a channel where the "vibe" was less formal.
In the email with Nick, she describes this as "feeling empowered to be rude". I think a more charitable characterization would be to say that the channel's informal atmosphere played a role in the inappropriate response, rather than it being some sort of power play. Again, without specific details of their previous interactions, it's hard to judge.

She then characterizes this message:
As implying her request to be impolite.

My interpretation was that Max was attempting to de-escalate the situation. I think it could even be read as a direct acknowledgment of the request as being polite.

She says that other people "piled on", but doesn't show examples. I don't see how the screenshot of the "random" channel has anything to do with the situation.

Regarding the email with Nick- Why is an in-person meeting suspicious? The comment on tone being lost in digital communication seems extremely valid in this situation.
And why was his decision to talk to the other people involved unacceptable? Conflict resolution can't be one sided.

Regarding the Reparations email, it seems that her main objection to the resolution was Max's lack of a direct response to her. (And perhaps, this could be an uncharitable interpretation on my part, it seems like she's upset that the end result was not a complete capitulation)
"Reparations Day" was changed to "Redistribution of Wealth", where 10,000 people received $15, and 100 people got $1000.
The request for reparations to not be trivialized was met, but not in the manner they suggested.

The next one is very confusing to me. I can find no charitable interpretation for her self-described behavior in this message:
When Nick follows up on the Slack conflict, it seems to me that she explicitly lies to him. It seems like she expects him to intuit her response as disingenuous, to know that her feelings haven't changed and she's still upset.
"Because I said I stopped thinking anyone would show up for me" - Was that actually part of the words from your mouth? Or was that part of the subtext you expected him to pick up on?

No. 568329

File: 1591819261195.jpg (115.42 KB, 918x814, twittercaptures121.jpg)

Double standards.

No. 569341

File: 1592001746579.png (28.88 KB, 584x279, 1.png)

It's time to close the Dumb Bitch Meme thread, guys! What woke twitter wants, woke twitter gets.

No. 569342

Hot Cheeto girls love being hot Cheeto girls, that’s why it’s a thing. That’s so dumb. Let these girls have their “tough hood but cute” aesthetic if they want, ffs

No. 569372

I HATE the long nails/hot Cheetos aesthetic. It’s so fucking tacky.

No. 569387

That's not even the same twitter handle as below

No. 569441

How is that racist? lmao
I’m Mexican btw, what’s the deal with white people telling everyone what they should be outraged about

No. 569693

They're too used to telling everyone what to do.

No. 570216

Came here to ask this.
Feel like they're angry at anything they don't understand or haven't figured out how to retool it into a watered down/ugly version of it for themselves. Calling it racist is their way of saying "stop having fun, guys!"

No. 571591

File: 1592428362044.png (68.56 KB, 1200x410, microaggression.png)

No. 571593

Wow. Tweeted with no explaination. What does this even mean?

No. 571598

Isn't calling someone Queen like putting them up on a fucking pedestal? As in it's raising them up to have worth?

No. 571604

has twitter always been this fucking awful? i swear i've grown such a strong distaste towards it

No. 571624

Lmao at all those tard twitter users going after the Japanese Sanrio account for posting Pompom purin in a cop uniform.
It’s so embarrassing. Japan is not America ffs

No. 571631

This makes me hate Americans so much.

No. 571635

>inb4 this gets turned into another country vs country shitflinging fight

Anyway, aside from that, I would LOVE these fuckers try to live without police for one day. They would change their mind so quick.

No. 571677

File: 1592442989461.jpg (68.61 KB, 1080x459, EapiLi1XsAE49SR.jpg)


No. 571753

File: 1592466837489.png (377.91 KB, 798x1035, sawa_writing.PNG)


There's an idol game called Ensemble Stars that has a character (Arashi) who the fandom started collectively headcanoning as a trans woman despite him looking like a man, dressing like a man but being an effeminate stereotype of a Japanese gay man complete with the distinct, feminine "onee kotoba" speaking style, similar to the sassy gay way of talking in the west like calling each other "sisters" despite being male. A native Japanese fan wrote a post about how she sees Arashi as an effeminate male due to the circumstances I explained above and the bad part of the fandom is just going nuts over calling this poor woman a ~transphobe~ and spamming her mentions with vitriol, using vague fan translations as "proof" to dispute her, a native speaker who has grown up in Japan as an ethnic Japanese person.

Do these people not fucking see how bordering on homophobic this is to brand every GNC character a tranny and how racist it is to start talking over a native person due to your shitty western white superiority complex? I fucking hate Twitterfags so much, bomb this godawful site already.

No. 571757

Can't delete the post to correct myself but specifically meant to say that the newfag western fandom decided he's a tranny, the oldfag and the Japanese side of the fandom understand the nature of his character being that of a "onee gay" just like the person in the screencap explained. Wasn't until the recent spergs saw the character saying he "has the heart of a woman" they went and literally changed all his pronouns on the wiki into she/her, completely ignoring the fact that in multiple scenarios he has specified himself to be male.

No. 571764

Oof I hate this situation in particular. Arashi is just meant to be an effeminate man, if they wanted him to be trans or similar they would have him crossdress. Mobage fans on twitter are mostly batshit crazy.

No. 571767

I saw the hashtag trending. I’ve never seen a more inconsequential thing to care about and harass someone over. I don’t get how acting like this has become socially acceptable.

No. 571790

File: 1592472451234.gif (3.06 MB, 498x343, tenor.gif)

No. 571818

File: 1592475463258.jpeg (361.72 KB, 750x700, 1DC4F2BD-448B-4C3D-8190-920FFC…)

I got curious so I checked his wiki out and wow, this is already so damn annoying. I hope the creator comes out with a statement and tells them all to fuck off and either accept it the way it is or leave their work alone. But I bet they'd even call the creator a transphobe.

No. 571821

Lmao at the people trying speak Japanese to an actual Japanese person: fucking embarrassing.

Like imagine someone speaking broken English to you and trying to push shit as facts. “Atashi” doesn’t mean canon trans character, pronouns in Japanese don’t work that way

No. 571825

I would understand if they used she/her pronouns to sort of be "in the joke" of calling him an onee-chan and such but the fact that they actually demand everyone to recognize him as a brave and stunning trans gurrl is nothing short of brain dead. He doesn't even cross dress and clearly presents as a man, some story parts even straight out have him saying that he's still male but the tranny capers cherrypick dialogues to present as "proof".

IIRC the creators have specified him as a man before but they twisted it around as "it's debatable!!!". Some brainlet in the replies actually tried to claim he's a trans woman because he uses the feminine pronoun "Atashi" to refer to himself which is just something stereotypical effeminate gay characters do in general. I hate how the most aggressive part of the fandom gets to dictate the rules for everyone, even over Japanese fans who have read everything in their original native language.

No. 571855

I don't know shit about Ensemble Stars but
>because he uses the feminine pronoun "Atashi" to refer to himself which is just something stereotypical effeminate gay characters do in general
Yeah that's pretty much the equivalent of calling James Charles or Jeffree Star closet transwomen because of how they talk. Thank god even before deleting my twitter account I already muted terms related to this game years ago.

No. 571865

File: 1592489093532.jpg (376.51 KB, 1125x1461, full retard.jpg)

this is the supposed explanation. lol

No. 571891

File: 1592496362213.jpeg (434.36 KB, 625x1452, C1071B82-E1A0-4390-B22C-1C4E85…)

No. 571893

File: 1592497305249.jpg (91.03 KB, 320x1640, t6vgumag4cy31.jpg)

No. 571895

Being a man is a disease.

No. 571896

his username lmao

No. 571897

God I love watching men get rekt
Shit is funny

No. 571898

Imagine have that big of a head and having nothing in it.

No. 571899

File: 1592497780841.jpg (31.77 KB, 584x499, em.jpg)

Elon Musk is basically a cow.

No. 571913

barf. i swear this dude is one step away from tweeting in creepy asterisks

No. 571918

And black twitter wasted no time pumping out memes about this. True or not, it was worth it.

No. 571994

It was always kind of bad, but the Tumblr exodus made it sillier.

I'm pretty sure Americans who have corrupt police forces in their neighborhoods wouldn't notice a difference since they're the ones either blatantly ignoring the crimes, or being bribed to ignore said crimes. People like you love thinking America is some kind of ungrateful, first-world monolith when really it's a 3rd world country with McMansions and a Gucci bag. A literal shithole.

This is one of those things where the microagression depends on the source of the context. It has its roots in the stupid Afrocentrist misogynist bullshit and is often used in a patronizing context. ex "You're a queen, and because you're a queen, fit these molds that I define for you." It can be considered a backhanded compliment. "Queens" are expected to be idols who never feel pain or sorrow unless it's attached to a 'kang,' and are expected to base their entire existence upon uplifting them while feeling proud to come second. You see similar narratives in Aryan bullshit.
So, tl;dr, in said group 'Queen' is used to describe a level of pickme a woman should aspire to be for the comfort of males instead of a legit compliment.
I doubt my explanation will make sense to anyone looking too hard into it, but that's the gist. It's explained in the post, but it doesn't delve into the origin of this concept so it's likely lost on people who have no idea about how these dudes behave.

Fucking gold.

No. 572003

File: 1592511719511.jpg (31.67 KB, 600x469, 2ca3e132ba5911594f86dd90c44f48…)

Obviously it's not true. Beethoven's parents were both Germans, not that it matters. I doubt these people could even name anything he composed besides Symphony No. 5.

No. 572065

I can’t stand that Eugene Gu dude. He’s right about a lot of stuff but he gave up being a doctor just so he can get Twitter asspats. Also I can never trust a man who has domestic abuse allegations.

Yashir is annoying too but at least he seems to do his job when he isn’t too busy simping for Chrissy Teigen.

No. 572066

>>571635 here
I don’t care what you think about America and I wasn’t making a statement either way. I just don’t want this thread to get sidetracked by Americans, Eurofags, and others arguing about which country is better. That’s why the BLM/protest thread got shut down. Country/ Continent sperging on lolcow is just dumb and always ends with tards flinging their shit at each other.

No. 572073

Then maybe not make a loaded statement showing your ignorance that might invoke that and then cop out right after? Most people trying to avoid those kinds of arguments try to avoid spewing baseless shit. You can't throw a torch and then say you weren't trying to start a fire.

No. 572074

File: 1592523552044.jpeg (324.36 KB, 750x1091, A1E4CA64-4B9E-4275-9BAA-A1C8A4…)

I hate this shit lmao. Promoting/encouraging donates to organizations who do work to end systematic racism like protestors have been doing is one thing (and something completely fair in my eyes), but sticking out your hand and asking for money for no other reason than being black??? The fuck.

No. 572076

>not everything is about race! stop this! we all are human beings, we're all same!
>give me money bc of my skin color lol

No. 572086

>not everything is about race! stop this! we all are human beings, we're all same!
NTA but… black people never say that. They're always pretty clear that many things about about race and our (systemic) differences.

Not that I support random people expecting donations rather than organizations/businesses, but don't be obtuse.

No. 572159

File: 1592534575248.png (834.16 KB, 1242x2208, BF559065-CE57-491B-9093-5B0DD5…)

I hate shit like this.

I do believe that Breonna’s killers need to be put in jail but jfc, it’s not a contest. She was killed this years whereas the Danny’s rape charges are almost 20 years old.

No. 572164

ebegging is never cute

No. 572165

he has domestic abuse allegations?? spill…

No. 572180

File: 1592537833659.png (189.45 KB, 598x608, 1234654.png)


"Karen" cop crying with anxiety (for a dumb reason tbh), twitter proves her right by trying to dox her in the replies

No. 572183

sorry but that lady is a fucking moron. Getting anxious despite literally nothing happening to her and then also having the nerve to ask people to "thank a cop". I don't condone doxing but no one told her to fucking post that.

No. 572186

she's scared of some minimum wage worker sharting in her coffee meanwhile black kids can't go for a stroll without getting shot. kek

No. 572196

apparently she isn't even a cop, the source is the cops so they're probably lying in embarrassment lol

No. 572206

she must be overworked to be that paranoid and delusional about the effect she might have thought her video would have. it makes me feel bad for her.

and twitter is twitter, she went right into the crocodile's mouth.

No. 572252


The walkie-talkie mic on her regular Karen clothes does suggest LARPer.

No. 572255

Stop having sympathy for her, save it for someone who deserves it. She's far too sensitive and seems like an attention whore.

No. 572263


As far as I can tell she is a cop at McIntosh County and because Richmond Hill police corrected people that she doesn't work for them they sperged out and decided this means she was a faker.

It's more depressing that she's a real cop.

No. 572317

op of the “queen” tweets and honestly i didn’t take the time to think about all of those underlying implications tbh, thanks for sharing. maybe that twitter thread would seem less dumb if anyone could’ve bothered to explain it like you did.

No. 572371


this shit is hilarious. in spite of all of the videos and photos of peaceful protesters being brutalized by police nationwide, this irrelevant piggy thinks that she's relevant enough for a minimum wage worker to give enough of a shit to shit in her coffee.

this is the epitome of Karen and exactly the problem. even when there's no threat, even when they're waiting at a fast food restaurant for food they paid for, they still perceive anyone whose not in a uniform with a badge as a threat. this bitch couldn't wait an extra 3 minutes for her meal during rush hour or understand that a minimum wage employee at Mcdonalds might be a little late with bringing it out, and decided to have a melt down on twitter instead of it acting like she's a victim when nothing even happened to her outside of her own head.

this is a problem too common with police officers in the US, specifically those who receive "warrior training" (look it up). they perceive everyone as a threat, which only furthers their brutality and us vs them mentality against the communities they're meant to protect. i hope she hears every laugh that comes her way

No. 572374

This is a person who is heavily armed, with access to military grade shit that can be used against unarmed civilians, crying over McDonald's. Quit your job and get some real help from people with enough degrees in the right fields to care, Bacon Karen.

No problem. I think w/Twitter when people vent with these kinds of things, they don't expect them to trend or forget that they're not speaking in an echo chamber where people who might not know what they're on about don't exist. So it seems silly, on a site like Twitter where your tweets could be picked up in a tending hashtag or term or retweeted to hell and back, to start shrieking about how you don't need to explain it to anyone.

Not that people are obliged to do so, but it's one of those topics that could start a good conversation since you see variants of it with races, religions, and nationalities. But that might start friction against certain narratives woke twitter often embraces.

No. 572549

this is so dumb holy shit like the only place where this would ever fly is twitter tho so makes sense

No. 572552

no matter how much u hate trump, twitter's handling of his posts is insane to me. obviously twitter is very left wing but if they started "fact checking" every tweet ppl would be outraged… meanwhile, if its trump everyone applauds? also, their manipulated media alert on that obvious meme video he posted is so strange too bc its obvious that he knows its a joke yet u have whiny ppl upset saying "ITS A FAKE VIDEO HES SOOOO STUPID" like what

No. 572609

i think this is unprecedented in that his the leader of the free world and can't just tweet national security threats unchecked. a president having and using twitter in the way trump does is completely unheard of and i think we as a culture are still finding ways to deal with "fake news"

No. 572619

the problem is that he's super unhinged and goes on tirades which continues to make America look even worse than it does to the rest of the world

No. 572658

here's a twitter fandom horror story for you

i was a shinee stan and when jonghyun died (2017) i was devastated, got really depressed and was literally grieving. looking back it was irrational but i was already incredibly lonely and projecting everything onto k-pop so…yeah.
this chick who ran fyjjong (the tumblr account dedicated to him) and her friends were…crazy though. they all had lgbt/autism headcanons for the real life people and acted like saying an idol isn't a nonbinary asexual baby is homophobic….? this sounds made up but honest to god i'd see that daily.
i unfollowed everyone who posted that except for the fy admin. buy after he died she would tweet (and retweet) about respecting jonghyuns memory and demanding he be included in upcoming shinee merch (capitalism works so well!) and they'd chew anyone out who'd even mention him without having a shinee layout or something. at first it was understandable because tons of outlets and clout chasing idiots tried to capitalize on this tragic event like every other tragic event. but she never stopped even as the months passed.

i recently saw her on my TL again and she's still in this angry irrational grieving stage…she's never talked to him and it's been over 2 years. i'm glad they got run off into locking their accounts. she claims she's in school and thriving (kek) but given her relationship with fandom, that sounds fake.

anyway, anyone else got crazy fandom stories?

No. 572863

Trump is a narc who's brain is most likely turning into Swiss cheese due to dementia. While I don't think he's the first leader of a country like that nor do I think he will be the last, his Twitter ramblings really show how unhinged he really is. I hate Twitter but I will give it props in that it shows how really fucking out of it Trump is.

No. 572866

He needs to take a break from twitter.

No. 572882

i always found it weird how after jonghyuns death…fans stil kept on making up gross sex/smut stories/fics. Like have some decency as a human being to not lewk a dead human.

No. 572897

i sometimes see tweets like "imagine if jonghyun…" describing cute/sexy things he would do (sometimes with other members) and it's so uncomfortable.
i wish they'd get off twitter for once and see that making imagines about a dead person and their loved ones interacting is fucking weird and creepy. no one cares that some nerd online needs to "cope".

No. 572924

15 years in the fucking force seeing and doing all the crazy shit you can imagine as an officer and you're crying someone fucking with your mcdonalds?

Holy fucking shit lmao this country. No doubt she was given all the easy tasks while every one else got stuck with shit work.

No. 573204


Honestly at this stage in the collapse of reality I'd find the silver lining of Trump getting re-elected being the epic shitshow of his decline into complete demented insanity while president. Fucking infinity keks.

No. 573210

Yes anon. Infinity plus one keks IF Trump gets involved in even more scandals throughout the presidential race then still gets reelected in spite of everything. Then the next four years of his presidency will have so much insanity, senility and dementia, it'll make his first term look tame by comparison. I'm antitrump but at this point I wouldn't mind it happening on the offchance the world will implode.

No. 573230

File: 1592761742584.png (113.52 KB, 605x858, cruxis.png)

So I was looking more into the mentioned Arashi drama and came across this person.
>Obviously fakes being Japanese to have authority to force her "Arashi is a trans woman queen!!!" headcanon onto others
>Not only claims to be Japanese, apparently she claims to be a Japanese man
>Claims to be diagnosed with NPD and "calls out" other people for "faking it"
>Knowledge of Japanese language and culture is limited to generic weeb 101s despite being "a true ESL Japanese I'm not lying I still mess my Rs and Ls!!!!"
>Obviously speaks English as her first language, never tweets in Japanese besides very simple sentences, doesn't have an accent, uses other peoples' translations as sources instead of her own, all her operation systems and games are in English
>No photos to verify her being Japanese or even Asian
>Throws a fit about people telling her to stop racefaking
I thought these "I'm totally a Japanese prince boy born and raised on the great ancient island of Honshu" people died out in the mid 2000's but apparently not. Hours of fun though.

No. 573270

Has she ever posted a picture of herself?

No. 573280

File: 1592768796259.jpeg (124.14 KB, 750x587, D92A57A7-5D55-4B38-8797-44A6B9…)

Went down a rabbit hole of some autist anti flipping her shit about persona ships, and stumbled across this gem of pure stupidity.

No. 573282


No. 573284

How does someone get to the point where they genuinely believe that ?

No. 573292

Super late to this and sorry for the sperg in advance, and no I don't think Arashi is trans, but Ensemble Stars has stories lately of Arashi saying he "struggles with his gender" in particular and that he helps young fans who are going through a similar situation. The old stories did have him say he was a guy but lately whenever Arashi is written, they have all the characters refer to him femininely. I think people can think whatever they want of him since he's a character but the drama and constant transphobe accusations is so retarded.

Enstars fans are all over the place. They all get super triggered over every little thing (like a character recently might be hinted at being a cannibal, and people are seriously offended over it) which is hilarious when the lead fucking writer for Enstars wrote graphic incest novels. You'd think they'd have cancelled the whole series over that.

No. 573298

>you want something? That is wrong.

No. 573299

>but Ensemble Stars has stories lately of Arashi saying he "struggles with his gender" in particular and that he helps young fans who are going through a similar situation.
This is exactly what kills me, they're basically taking the goals of gender equality and abolishment of gender roles back by decades. To them GNC people must always be trans because our society encourages conforming and thus the answer isn't self-acceptance and loving what you are even if it's unconventional to the norms. I know it's ~empowering~ to see a character put through what you're feeling but these people are so quick to swallow the quick fix 1 hour photo pill instead of opening up a discussion about how gender-nonconforming young people struggle with the dissociation of how they are and how society sees them. And you can't even say this out loud without people shouting "ok transphobe but she's still a KWEEN".

Enstars is pretty all over the walls in general, I have no idea why these people don't cling to the million wholesome bland idol boy games available and instead latch on to the one with a shit ton of crazy content in it. They're literally like cancer, they invade a place they don't feel comfortable in and start wrecking the place and destroying everything just to please themselves instead of going somewhere that would be more suitable to their tastes.

No. 573332


No. 573355

What’s with the GOP on Twitter wanting to change Yale’s name? What’s their angle? I can see liberals wanting too but everyone who insist on doing it is a Trump bootlicker.

They’ll ignore every other American historical figure with a racist past but they go out of their way to virtue signal on how the namesake of Yale was a slave trader.

No. 573356

File: 1592784979091.png (38.88 KB, 602x449, the absolute state of the jojo…)

What are they putting in the water in the jojo fandom? There's so many angry little kids there.

That's so embarrassing. I can hear every bilingual/polyglot person laughing at this kid, including myself. Please learn a second language you utter pleb.

No. 573357

my guess without knowing anything about it is they see Yale as a liberal institution so it will epic own them to use their own arguemnts against them and either look bad or waste shit loads of time and effort changing their world famous name

No. 573360

>adult doesn't want minors to interact with their nsfw content because minors always worm their way into 18+ spaces without giving a single fuck and then use the "IM A M-MINOR I CANNOT DO ANYTHING WRONG! YOU ARE BAD FOR EXPOSING ME TO THIS!" card if caught
>come to the conclusion that the person supports CP

No. 573366

>adult doesn't want minors to interact with their nsfw content because minors always worm their way into 18+ spaces without giving a single fuck and then use the "IM A M-MINOR I CANNOT DO ANYTHING WRONG! YOU ARE BAD FOR EXPOSING ME TO THIS!" card if caught
This couldn't be truer. Why do minors think their opinion on porn matters anyway? It's not for you, It's not made with you in mind, you're not supposed to see it, so why do you think your shit input on what porn should be made or not matters? Get out. And twitter does nothing if I recall correctly, because minors can still follow explicit accounts. So every once in a while you have to check who's following you to see if there isn't a child or someone without their age on their bio public.

No. 573381

I was on an Animal Crossing server a while ago where a minor would constantly steer the convo towards horny topics and all the adults in the room were extremely uncomfortable with it. I left the server bc this autistic child wouldn't stop talking about nsfw art they liked to make.

No. 573382

File: 1592791604261.png (12.7 KB, 524x55, Screenshot_20200621-190248~2.p…)

God I hate bios. From what I gathered this person is in their late 20s and retired means on disability. Completely unironic.

No. 573402


Ugh, this shit. Minors can't simultaneously claim to be mature enough to seek out 18+ spaces and then backtrack and cry that they're MINORS and asking them to be held responsible for their actions is VICTIM-BLAMING. Adults trying to safely engage in NSFW topics isn't victim-blaming, it's actually perfectly rational when stupid kids are so quick to throw in buzzwords (as seen here >>573356) to accuse other people of horrid shit when things don't go their way.

Calling someone a doo-doo head for not letting you into their clubhouse is something a child does. These are CHILDREN and they don't belong in adult spaces and it's fucking ridiculous to see them try and weasel their way in when they're clearly not mature enough to handle it.

No. 573407

This is just out of control.
You can’t make fun of picky eaters because it’s ableist towards autistic kids.
Johnny Depp apparently didn’t do anything.
Justin Bieber is innocent.
Jovan Hill is apparently a rapist because he got drunk and had sex with another drunk guy.
A Day to Remember, and Pierce the Veil are also cancelled for being predators.
Melanie Martinez was falsely accused.
Brand New was falsely accused.
Aziz was cancelled for an awkward one night stand.

I hate twitter.

No. 573463

They try to pin it on "W-well minors will be exposed to porn anyway so might as well make it work safe and educational then!!!!". They're the brats who have gotten used to having everyone bend to their will and learned the magic Pedo word to throw around whenever someone doesn't comply. They'll twist and turn facts around to make anything "problematic" if they don't like it.
>This character is petite so they're a minor coded soft innocent child!!! stop sexualizing a child you pedo!!!!
>I hate this ship!! T-they have a 2-year age gap so that spells child abuse!!! I don't care if they're 21 and 23 it's still gross!!!
>Ummmm a 27-year old shipping two fictional 16-year olds (one that I kin and one that I hate)??? okay pedo lmao better start shipping this other 16-year old couple that I personally prefer or I'll report to the authorities
I really, really wish Twitter would raise their age limit to 18.

No. 573482


The Twitter/internet pearl clutching about MiNoRs over 16 is a USA-centric thing.

The age of majority in Scotland is 16. It's only for reasons of being in the UK that they can't vote. There's some extra protection for under 18s in terms of contracts but that's about it. You get arrested at 16-17 in Scotland and you aren't allowed an adult to come be with you - you are one.

No. 573484

no one fucking cares about scotland lmfao

No. 573486

>minors can still follow explicit accounts.
Is this legal?
No one cares that it's still legal to fuck teenagers in some countries.

No. 573487

NTA but who's talking about having sex with teenagers? The point was that these bratty dimwits allude they're literal helpless, innocent children that can't be accountable for anything and thus try to slip out of taking responsibility for their own actions, when in reality 16+ year olds can be tried as adults in court, can get a driver's license, earn their own money and globally are recognized as nearing legal adulthood. They're dumb, reckless teenagers yes, but they're not toddlers or adolescents. They know fully well what they're doing when they click "Yes I'm over 18" to see porn.

No. 573525

>Johnny Depp apparently didn’t do anything.
wasn't there audio proof of his gf being abusive? I didn't follow him or his story much, but dunno why this is on the list.

No. 573548

I hate how "sapphic" has become the new tranny dogwhistle.

No. 573553

File: 1592839406782.jpeg (198.19 KB, 741x1000, 89BEA26E-167D-4BD7-B500-34D254…)

People can have whatever opinions they want about how often to say “I love you” but this person saying “youre probably full of yourself and need help” is really sealing the deal that antis have rotted their brains being so fucking angry all the time lmaoo. This person’s entire twitter is so funny

No. 573554

why do so many cows have gowo akechi icons

No. 573555

it's almost like this is a person to person, relationship to relationship case. almost like people should just say what feels natural to them and not what some weeb who probably only online dates has to say.
though if they have dated irl, it's amazing how people can still be so stubborn and preachy even after experiencing the real world.

No. 573564

I think this autist in particular ships herself with Akechi or something??? All I really know is they go out of their way to harass shuake shippers lmao. Unfortunately came across her because she kept qrting from an artist I follow to keep harassing her over the ship, despite both of them mutually blocking each other. I wanna know where antis get all this energy to be this fucking dumb all the time.

No. 573571

File: 1592842230636.jpeg (302.92 KB, 750x571, F7641E52-2744-4B1A-AFBF-A01449…)

it pronouns & neopronouns, ah yes, a red flag of retardation

No. 573576

Fucking swear these puritan antis will next start pushing that women should wear only ankle-length dresses and that sex should never come before marriage. They're getting more delusional and retarded by the minute.

Honestly I have no idea, one would think woke brainlets would hate him for being such a ~problematic~ character.

>I wanna know where antis get all this energy to be this fucking dumb all the time.
This seriously keeps perplexing me. They have an unlimited energy for hate and obsessing over people who like fictional things they don't like. Why do they even bother? They're on like 24/7 performing this shit at full volume and their lives seem to revolve around making everyone miserable. Even if you block them they still continue to use sockpuppet accounts to harass you. But of course they're the sane ones fighting for a good cause, not at all acting like borderline psychotic stalkers and bible thumpers.

No. 573638

Part of me wishes they would put all the time and energy into something productive, like getting angry and working towards actual problems in the world. But then I remember that being an anti isn't about productivity and change for the better, it's just about having false moral high ground. They care more about what happens in fictional spaces than real ones lol.

No. 573669

every fandom has a bad side to it but especially persona, jjba, mha and danganronpa have one of the most unhinged fans ever

No. 573686

File: 1592859792784.jpg (157.45 KB, 1080x1658, IMG_20200622_230021.jpg)

I hate celebrities but fans forcing their stars to say or do something is gross.

We all know how controlled kpop idols are, those guys are barely legal, hardly speak english, are trained to do anything their fans want from them, are from a country that doesn't even accept homosexuality yet, but now twitter celebrates them as trans right kings because they repeated what a fan told them to say. Of course they have to console a paying fan if she's bawling and mumbling something they don't understand.
Reminds me of fags making charli xcx sign their sex toys.
That's not your icon being supportive, that's you being a major creep.

No. 573702

She chopped his finger off, was on a lot of drugs, and was abusive to him. That’s is why it is on this list. Google is free.

No. 573707

Is it only me or does this appear as kinda manipulative/guilt trippy? She basically forced them to say something as stupid as this while crying and acting like she just ended racism or some shit. It must've been so awkward for the idols to repeat the stuff she's basically forced them to say (and also not even knowing what it means). They probably said it to make her stop being so hysterical and not because they're some ~trans woke kings who said yes to trans nb xe/xim/xems rights ugh~. I won't be surprised if the group gets any backlash from South Korea judging by how bigoted that country is.

>Reminds me of fags making charli xcx sign their sex toys.

This is literally almost on the same level as that.

No. 573776

i like early depp as an actor, but caping for him only is so stupid, he was clearly a drunkard that married a woman half his age and picked fights with her

No. 573876

I feel like they were both abusive. Depp’s ex girlfriend who is the mother of his children said he wasn’t abusive when they were together. Iirc, I think he was sober during that time. Once they broke up, he started doing drugs again and hooked up with Amber and that’s when things really went south. Amber always seemed like a crazy person though. Could be wrong but I think that’s what happened.

No. 573878

a lot of relationships tend to be mutually abusive when the abused partner starts lashing out at the main abuser to try and prevent the abuse, and it becomes mutually hellish and toxic for both of them, tbh it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case for depp and amber, esp if drugs and alcoholism are involved

No. 573905

Holy god this is the doing of a sick mind. I mean this person is obviously not well in the head. I don't know which are worse at this point, furries or k-pop fans.

No. 573913

No. 573928

Lmao what the fuck is this? Peak celebrity worship. Imagine feeling validated because some korean schmucks said 'trans rights' to calm your unstable ass down.

No. 573971

Nice try twitter user @jungkooksballsack but weebs as deranged they were they were never as psychotic and sociopathic as k-pop fans. Weebs were centered around being cringey and awkward, K-pop fans literally suck the life out of anything on their way and are obsessed with getting politics involved. And this is coming from an oldfag K-pop fan.

No. 573997

NTA, but when the BLM protests were at its peak, I saw people asking various typpes of celebrities what their thoughts on it were. Like stop that fucking mess. You are not entitled to a fucking response, and they do not have to comment on the matter. You're gonna stop reading a book because your fave author doesn't say anything about the matter or what? And these questions always have a "this is really important to me" attached. Unironically kys if you need a celebrity's opinion to validate your existence.

No. 574005

My favorite altcow Emilie Autumn just got cancelled for not making good enough BLM posts and blocking triggered followers kek

No. 574009

bruh i am not even a kpop stan but i'd pick some annoyingly obsessed fangirl over a sperging retard fapping to loli/shota or fighting people over drawings any day

No. 574012

File: 1592921316427.png (343.55 KB, 599x657, the absolute state.png)

i don't even want to watch this video, i feel like it will give me permanent super aids. this is so embarrassing
>Fucking swear these puritan antis will next start pushing that women should wear only ankle-length dresses and that sex should never come before marriage.
not that far off considering all they want is a wholesome soft gay coffee shop au with no conflict. normies think this is an exaggeration but i've been in close circles with those types and they only want that word for word. literally the most milquetoast uwu soft gay vibezz shit you'll ever see, because anything mildly spicier makes them cry. but then again antis are almost universally children so what gives, you can't reason with em so i usually throw their buzzwords back at them. radfem, terf, religious fundie etc. the seethe is glorious because they hate all of those
>minors can still follow explicit accounts.
i don't live in the US so i'm not sure, but it shouldn't be. believe it or not, the fact that NSFW artists don't ever want minors following them is actually a controversial opinion among twitter minors. pic related is only one tweet out of many lol. children will act like children, and will throw tantrums when barred from spaces not meant for them.

No. 574036

Nta but it sounds like you don’t know very many kpop stans

No. 574038

How the times have changed, back when my crusty ass was a teenager everyone tried to one-up themselves in their edgy content preferences and most of us turned out just fine. I guess zoomers are now rebelling against preceding cynical gen x'ers and us early millenials by their uwu wholesome chaste purity culture. On the other hand I don't believe they legitimately think it's disgusting or ~giving them an anxiety attack~, they just love the validation they get from their peers for fucking with internet boogeymen.

idk man I'd rather watch weebs abusing cartoons than koreaboos infantilizing and fetishizing real life people and harassing them on air during a psychotic episode to make them say trans rights and cancelling everyone who made a problematic joke in 2009 to make up for their conscience nagging about supporting an industry that overworks and abuses young people.

No. 574078

File: 1592931336331.jpg (45.27 KB, 640x506, 5fj5t2bvltx31.jpg)

No. 574100

ngl calling them terf and radfem is pretty cringe, i see that a lot figure its another kweer retard but the only difference is they're pro ship or whatever the fuck

No. 574112

oh i definitely understand. you can photoshop a medieval peasant acting all religious and they'll get upset too, i just use whatever seems like will get them to ragequit the fastest to be honest

No. 574312

File: 1592966958535.jpg (447.99 KB, 1080x1685, 20200623_224855.jpg)

No. 574321

Is that guy a troll? I keep seeing people complain about him having bad takes, last time was when he said that menstruation NOTHONG to do with being a woman I think.

No. 574331

just stop eating it's not that hard

No. 574435

File: 1592992984208.jpg (69.85 KB, 1200x641, EbRIts7XgAcKwfO.jpg)

Class Analysis 101 brought to you by POC of color of person of color LGTBQ+ Twitter

No. 574438

This is why I hate people obsessed with race, not only they put it above class but they're also openly, unashamedly classist.

No. 574439

just eat a sandwich it's not hard

No. 574444

Obviously Twitter is Tumblr 2.0 of an ever realizing group of people who know that being “woke” is the new “offensive” but do we actually believe they’re all as delusional as they pretend? I would give my whole heart to do a poll on it.

No. 574449

Fuck this ugly bitch.
Probably the same type to screech about compassion for the poor opressed blackies

No. 574479

She sounds like my dad.

No. 574482

I think intersectionally has its merits. I do think it does make some good points about the intersections of privileges and oppression. The problem is that it's permeated so widely down to a much more simple analysis for the average person. It's set group against group and now it's clear that we're starting to think in more tribal political terms than we did in the past. You can be called an "oppressor" now, despite the fact that only three generations back, your great grandparents couldn't read, didn't have the vote, and spent 14 hours a day in darkness down a mine. People instantly categorize other people according to the group they belong to and all the other important factors (class, mental health, Past experiences etc) tend to overlooked in any individual exchange. We are steadily descending to the types of politics one sees in places like the Sudan were people vote entirely on identity lines with zero concern for policies or what makes someone an individual

No. 574485

I'm willing to date actual money this lady is dating or will date a straigh white man, these types of hyperwoke women always do, especially the ones who have this hyperfocused hatres against white people

No. 574491

It's just a poorly executed DL Hughley joke quit being ass mad it's really not that deep.

No. 574520

are we supposed to smell the joke out somehow or what?

No. 574581

File: 1593020207853.png (3.3 MB, 3011x3004, 1FD4FF6E-0812-4689-A004-961763…)

What do you guys think of Smug_Legend/Smugruko? She’s a clout chasing lolcow that has cheated on her boyfriend several times and recently got chased off one of the many twitter accounts she made for making a racist tweet about BLM. Apparently she made a new account where she is pretending to be a Japanese woman with perfect English.

No. 574604

Can twitter make it less obvious that they are data mining.
Their need to have everyones phone number is the reason why they will never be as big as other social platforms.
The moment you make your account twitter will try to find a reason to lock you out of your account and ask for a phone number.
Basically holding your tweets,your messages and everything hostage until you give them your phone.
What twitter is doing is not even legal.

No. 574623

Yes. Smell it out.

No. 575033

File: 1593112426887.jpg (17.31 KB, 583x117, ughh.JPG)

Is it ok to post this brainfart here?

No. 575039

So are they responsible for the behaviour of terrible trans women then? Oh right, any troon that gets caught doing bad stuff isn't a true trans because tranners are pure and sweet and could do no wrong as they're always the victims.

No. 575044

The news about Disneyland’s Spalsh Mountain being rebranded into a Princess and the Frog ride reminds me how much of a cesspool Twitter is.

With woke Twitter saying “DAE THINK THE HAUNTED MANSION IS RACIST TOO?” or And then the conservatives argue back while actually being racist. Or people saying if you’re sad that the ride is getting rebranded then you’re a racist. What could’ve of been interesting news is now just two insufferable sides screaming at each other.

As a Disneyfag, I’m interested in the rebranding of the ride although I had a lot of fun on Splash Mountain growing up so it’s always sad to see something go. I understand why they’re redoing the ride though. Always thought it was odd than Song of the South hasn’t been distributed in the U.S since the 80’s and Disney has always prided the ride based on the movie till very recently.

No. 575080

I hate twitter fujos. Actually listen, I hate all fujos. I read bl, but all those containing rape fetishization are gross as hell. All those, mosly women, defending a manga that has rape in it disgust me to no end. No, that manga made rape seem ok so it is not "good representation" like you claim. it is yet another yaoi manga that's it. Good riddance

No. 575081

stay mad miss purity

No. 575091

If you think fujos are bad about rape just wait until you get to the fundashis

No. 575102


not everyone wants rape in the media they consume.Did me not likjing rape apologists fujos trigger you?


I've seen them too. I seem to find more women that men though. The fudanshis i've seen are on facebook, while the fujos are mostly on twitter. Last month many of them were complaining about someone (or many others) shipping incest. Gross but at the same time they are ok with rape fetishes? lol

No. 575105

See I'm so unwoke that I had no idea what Song of the South was or that Splash Mountain was a ride based on it. I'm sure a lot of people also had no idea

No. 575131

>I read bl
>I hate all fujos
Ok but it doesn't matter if you hate them or not because you're still one of them

No. 575133

NTA but surely it must be possible to consume BL without being a fujo. I guess it depends on how much BL anon reads, exactly.

No. 575138

>I'm not like those other, nasty fujos!! I only read romantic, wholesome coffee shop AUs! Everyone who doesn't is a degenerate and ravishment means RAPE!!!!!!

This. I have a hearty laugh whenever people shit on fujos for having immoral preferences, it only shows they have never seen the porn fudanshis create and consume. Authors like Gengorou Tagame and Mazjojo put every female fujo to shame with their work.

No. 575142

>> people saying if you’re sad that the ride is getting rebranded then you’re a racist. What could’ve of been interesting news is now just two insufferable sides screaming at each other.
this this this
I understand people will have nostalgia for the original ride and soundtrack, but you can still listen to it and it's going to have the same layout, just modified scenery. I hate the drop so I only went on it once in my life, but this is an exciting update for a new generation.
Additionally, people are bitching that Tiana should have her own ride. New layout and all. Where would they put that?? Do people not know how much time and money that would cost? It's not feasible and clearly the rebrand wasn't on a five year plan for the parks.

I was sarcastic in saying I wish people were more protective of Country Bears being booted from CA. (I do miss it.) But then a bunch of people were like YOURE RIGHT ITS PROBLEMATIC AND RACIST AND NEEDS TO BE REMOVED FROM FLORIDA.
And then I quietly left because my brain can only jump so many bounds to get from bears singing country songs to RACISM. (For chrissake, Jungle Cruise is RIGHT THERE.)
Anyway, can't wait to be featured on some flounce group because that circle of people thrive on drama.

No. 575145

I'm not American so I don't know the nooks and crannies of the historical stuff but how is Country Bears problematic and racist to them?

No. 575156

when did i say what type of bl I read? this is a twitter hate thread, im saying what i hate about twitter. make your own post and say you hate people who complain about fujos while reading bl, since it seems to make you fele some type of way. Obviously if I read bl i must be a fujo.If you read books like lolita you must be a pedo too going by your logic.

unrelated to the fujo protection squad, but I hate fake woke twitter. A few days ago a lady was sharing a video of her white son (or daughter i cant remember) participating in a dance at school. The school he goes at has mostly black people, and she was saying how nice it was and that since the class was a person short, they asked her son to participate. Most people commenting were nice but others were like if he isn't black he shouldn't be dancing that yada yada.

No. 575159

Why does Twitter never censures shit? I'm tired of seeing girls selling and posting their naked pics. Fuck even obese girls are in the game now.

No. 575169

Disneyfag/theme park enthusiast rant!

I never understand why they change the most popular rides instead of the smaller less iconic ones. They could have rethemed Jungle Cruise which is a skip for most people and made it better/more atmospheric. Also the whole section of the park is going to be New Orleans themed so basically Critter Country is totally gone now.
I'm sure it will be more modern and people will have to get used to it but I'm a sucker for classic old style rides. I hope the international parks keep the original woodsy animal theming at least.

No. 575174

I think it's literally because the bears represent the American south that's offensive to them? They didn't present an argument as to WHY they're inherently racist but they were adamant of the bears being problematic. Mind you, as far as my white eyes can tell there's no alludes to race or even the south other than their accents and songs they sing – no confederate flags, no caricatures… The worst thing is it's a bunch of rednecks characters blowing on jugs.
If the argument was that the bears needed to go because the attraction isn't up to snuff with current animatronics and shows, I'd understand the argument, but that wasn't it. So it was a bunch of people dog piling on because the attraction represents the south in a non-threatening manner.

No. 575183

It's probably not the sole reason, but I can see why Disney chose Splash Mountain. They already try to pretend that Song of the South doesn't exist, and in this current social/political climate, people are gonna start putting heat on them for making a profit off of a racist movie (if they haven't already).

I have fond memories of Splash Mountain, but it's not a big tragic loss to see it go. Things change. Disney revamps old rides all the time. The only people getting legitimately angry over it are actual racists and Disney obsessed weirdos who can't cope with change.

I actually think a Princess and the Frog themed ride like that would be super cute.

No. 575187

Please. Disney rides of all things? There are people and things that seriously and desperately need to get canned before any disney rides…
>I hate twitter fujos. Actually listen, I hate all fujos. I read bl,
Stopped reading there just call yourself a fujo my G. i've been spammed/pressured to like BL so many times by traditional fujoshis and fujos in denial like yourself lol

No. 575189

Am I crazy anons or is "Paw Patrol" literally racist to Twitterfags now? Saw some mum's defending it the other day whilst an onslaught of zoomers unironically bombarded the post with "ACAB". If this is real just let me know and I'll promptly opt out of existence at the next available opportunity.

No. 575200

File: 1593127063950.jpg (90.6 KB, 1080x524, 20200529_012828.jpg)

It's because they're dogs who are cops, so woke Twitter unironically believes it's "copaganda" to brainwash kids or some shit lmao. Not gonna lie the memes are fucking hilarious though.

No. 575206

>tfw doggo pupper is white man’s best friend

No. 575219

fujo twitter is indeed diseased. i'm tired of seeing reasonable takes on my timeline that turn out to be from 40 year olds sperging over ship discourse.

No. 575224

Not even those hecken puppers are safe from the mob

No. 575225

File: 1593131419175.jpg (137.57 KB, 209x241, 1592854046-0.jpg)

>hecken puppers

No. 575240

File: 1593133476552.png (637.12 KB, 862x747, 7839B00A-65D7-4367-BC1C-7F002C…)

>mfw grown adults say things like pupper and doggo

scroll up for some more

No. 575242

File: 1593133650685.jpg (13.25 KB, 232x300, 20200626_111052.jpg)

can't believe Chase is a racist and a murderer

No. 575253

Idk why but this pic made me laugh really hard

No. 575255

I thought it was a joke, at least initially. Wouldn’t be a retarded zoomers took it seriously though.

No. 575267

it is a joke. this board rivals reddit sometimes when it comes to not understanding zoomer humor.

No. 575280

sage for sperg
but anyone else hate when twitter fags come on /snow/ or /pt/ and just ruin the thread by not knowing how to use the fucking board. I swear the cryaotic thread is absolutely fucking unreadable and just full of 'uwu victims!!! bewieve the victims!! he's bad man!!' like we fucking know please go back on topic f u c k.

No. 575321

Kill yourself

Zoomer "humor" is basically their retarded woke takes with a meme image attached. It's impossible to tell if they're being serious or not.

No. 575388

I'm the anon who originally asked the question but I swear some of them don't get that it's a joke themselves, that's why it's so convincing. I couldn't detect an once of irony in some of the posts and some were legitimately arguing with 40 year old women…

No. 575391

File: 1593172712595.jpg (389.27 KB, 1080x1849, Screenshot_20200626-215458__01…)

Samefag >>575388
This better be another case of the media misrepresenting memes. Kind of like how they talk about anonymous like it's an all knowing, dangerous and powerful "boogyman"

No. 575496

yes. it's exactly that, the media misrepresenting memes (typically zoomer memes), zoomers laughing about it, and pick me milennials and boomers whining about zoomer humor as if it's not ironic.

No. 575545

maybe if you’re an autist or over the age of 35, lel

No. 575605

File: 1593212937309.jpeg (281.12 KB, 810x1116, image0 (5).jpeg)

I don't know anymore.

No. 575608

>I-it's just a meme brah!!XDDDboomers be mad
Literal "I was only pretending to be retarded" retort.

No. 575609

pay your bills

No. 575612

>2 wonderful communities
lesbians yes, but pansexuals? no
what the fuck is even a pansexual, you're just bi you idiot

No. 575617

pansexuals are just bisexuals who need to feel special

No. 575618

The latest trend among Twitter queers is calling bisexual women with a preference for women bi/pan lesbians instead of, you know, bisexual women with a preference for women.

No. 575619

Pansexuals include trans and NBs. At least that's what I remember

No. 575624

A good share of them are heterosexuals who date a tranny or are one themselves.

To be fair I can sort of understand the reasoning behind "bi lesbian" because people often assume bisexuals have a 50/50 attraction to both genders but it's still retarded and regressive as fuck.

No. 575634

It really is. If you need to mirolabel yourself that badly make up your own term instead of co-opting one from lesbians.

No. 575635

Made the mistake to click through a bunch of gay Chinese men's accounts (I was bored and wanted to lurk) and ended up seeing CP of little boys with men in the replies, asking them to chat. How the fuck is this sort of shit allowed on Twitter? I reported it like 3 times on there and on Cybertip but I doubt Twitter will even take it down. I want to rip my eyes out of my head.

There is really a lot of CP on Twitter and it's unfortunately not the first time I've accidentally stumbled across it either.

No. 575639

that's fucked. i've also had the misfortune of stumbling across cp on twitter and it sticks with you. more than a week passed before i got the notification that it was taken down.

No. 575646

Twitter claim when u report that their staff are slow "because covid" but you think they'd be faster to take down cp than a week. it takes them like a few days to two weeks to get to anything with no real sense of urgency or order they do it in. I've reported everything under the sun and twitter staff are slow as fuck no matter how severe it is

No. 575653

>twitter staff are slow as fuck no matter how severe it is
yes, unless it's ~~twansphobia!!11!1, obviously the most heinous behavior on the platform /eyeroll

No. 575706

File: 1593231399936.png (875.37 KB, 1125x1556, EB151420-4ADE-4A9A-A309-9BCEAF…)

This post on Tumblr pretty much summarizes the whole CP and pedophilia issue on Twitter https://cat-girl-lover.tumblr.com/post/619607171020292096/twitter-is-a-pedo-hot-spot-ive-seenreported

No. 575724

What's the deal with her? I found her account when trying to look up why mombot got banned and I noticed she seemed way too aggressive after reading her tweets for barely five minutes

No. 575727

I detect some butthurt zoomers. If you're going to claim something as irony at least make sure the autists of your generation are in on the joke. It kinda stops being ironic when the people who're supposed to understand the humour take it seriously, kek.

No. 575773

Why is twitter so fucking awful? I feel like it is worse than tumblr. I will never make a fucking twitter account because if I ever come across cp I know I'll kms

No. 575779

Not to really question if CP is abundant on Twitter or not but how do you people come across it so frequently? I've been on Twitter for ten years and I've literally never seen child porn posted despite spending a lot of time in there.

No. 575792

>Stopped reading there just call yourself a fujo my G. i've been spammed/pressured to like BL so many times by traditional fujoshis and fujos in denial like yourself lol
dude same. Even super woke girls can't help themselves but obsess over twink anime boys fuckign eachother.
I don't get the appeal of gay men in general

No. 575812

i used to follow a lot of people who were obsessed with cancelling people and fighting actual pedophiles on twitter and sometimes the tweets they used to reply to had literal CP attached to them but they didn't even care for the sake of ~fighting a pedo~ instead of reporting and moving on. not only that but there are also a lot of people who try to do the same and they post screenshots of the CP accounts actual profiles (without blurring anything) so everyone can report them but end up giving them more views and more clicks on their disgusting content

No. 575832

Jojo fandom on twitter and tumblr is wild. If you draw art of characters you can bet your ass your art is getting analyzed for anything problematic under a microscope.
People get death threats and called pedophiles for drawing shirtless pics of characters who look like arnold schwarzenegger and act like 80s action heroes, but who said to be under 18 on their character bios.

No. 575845

File: 1593272943819.jpg (502.65 KB, 1831x2289, PicsArt_06-27-05.45.28.jpg)

the fact that people took this obvious joke seriously

No. 575848

>ableist to want to only date smart people
So, it's now bigotry to not want to date mentally disabled people?

The woke birgade has officially rendered me speechless.

No. 575853

I'm 99% certain that this is just a joke. I honesty doubt somebody could make >>575200 or >>575242 whilst being completely serious

No. 575854

It's not a joke, largely. I mean many of the memes have that sort of tongue in cheek ironycore vibe that a lot of leftist memes do, but people are serious about disliking it and thinking it's harmful. I have deadass seen posts about it being statist propaganda that teaches children to bootlick/look up to cops. The ACAB people are very scorched earth with their hatred of police (have seen this many times with people irl) and wokescolds in general love to fixate on pop cultural issues like this because it allows them to feel smart/analytical and superior to others with no need to put in any effort.

No. 575879

Aaa yes, retard-rapists are clearly the wokest of kings

No. 575905

File: 1593283265053.png (979.32 KB, 828x1792, 9A81C298-C5B7-4C94-A55F-4C0F5C…)

I’m watching a trainwreck in real time and I need post anon about it


>Critical Role has an obnoxious LOLCOW FTM that goes by Gray

>Has been regularly and aggressively stirring up shit in the fandom since her favorite male character was revealed to be exclusively gay and her OTP was shot down

>By claiming this is homophobia and the company is not doing enough outside of lip service (Note: since said company is owned by white LA theater kids there are some legit issues, but nothing so severe as what was being claimed)

>On Friday Gray posts receipts supposedly claiming that she was offered a position for diversity consulting but was ghosted when money was brought up. (Reality: she was spamming the company email and no legal paperwork exists. Also there are rumors of her cyberstalking the cast.)

>It becomes such a shitstorm that these tweet were made, addressing the lolcow BY NAME

>Now the entire fandom is melting down and it’s not going away

No. 575919

trannies ruin everything 2: electric boogaloo

No. 575931

The company response is the only thing that kept this out of the Fakeboi thread.

It’s painfully obvious that this crowd of LA Progressives have never spent much time around people like Tumblr Woke Kids and Internet Trannies. Should have gotten an NDA and IP banned her account .

No. 575937

I wonder if since Brooklyn 99 caters to the left, it will be canceled because their audience would rather spam memes about how the fictional characters were bastards than enjoy a TV show that was written with them in mind and envisions police that align with their own beliefs
Fuck this planet I can't deal with the stupidity anymore

No. 575939

>Has been regularly and aggressively stirring up shit in the fandom since her favorite male character was revealed to be exclusively gay and her OTP was shot down
I thought this was the fakeboi really into Fjord/Caleb? Was one of those characters confirmed to be straight you mean?

No. 575942

Whoops, meant to say “not exclusively gay”. That’s what I get for phoneposting.

He fucked a female NPC and has subtext with another male character who is not part of LB’s OTP.

No. 575951

I really hope this ACAB bullshit dies down soon. I’m all for police reform and stopping racism but it’s such performative wokeness at its finest. I’m sick of cows like Shayna and Tess Holiday screeching ACAB when we all know they’ll go back to being terrible towards black people within a month or so.

No. 575956

File: 1593290085310.jpg (80.38 KB, 743x816, karengonewild.JPG)

What the absolute fuck is up with Karens throwing a hissy fit because they don't want to wear a mask, jesus christ. These are the people who have never been told NO in all their lives.

Fuck how do you not punch someone for literally coughing in your face like that? That's some good restraint.


No. 575957

The rainbow flag was meant to represent all non hetero people. Then the trans flag came out. Why do we need so many flags?? It's such a joke…fuck everything.

No. 575964

The karen term is mysogynistic. How about losing it?

No. 575970

kek its not that deep

No. 575972

come the fuck on anon

No. 575977

Nice bait

No. 575990

I'm at the point where I'm starting to think ..well these situations wouldn't escalate if strangers didn't film people in an attempt to shame them (and gain retweets) You poke at an already pissed off asshole of a person and they act like an even bigger asshole… whaat??

No. 576002

You're in public though, do stupid shit in public and people will not hesitate to film you lmao

No. 576021

I think it’s fine in situations like this. Unfortunately, the term on Twitter has evolved to “Any women who has an opinion that I don’t agree with is a Karen.” Then it becomes another way to shut women up.

No. 576028

Jesus Christ, I knew that there were some pedos that called themselves 'MAP's on twitter, but I didn't know it was this bad

No. 576029

I hope you also saw the underaged children thinking they're one of the MAPs because they are 16-17 and think 14 year olds are attractive even though it's a normal thing for people their age?

No. 576032

I would definitely hesitate to film a raged out stranger, but then I'm not a masocist out here looking for people to spit on me, cough on me or assault me lol

No. 576038

File: 1593299661422.png (73.62 KB, 599x908, for the love of god.png)

>You can't say a fictional minor in the series wouldn't care that they're being sexualized, considering that they have the same values.
someone please please please teach these children a couple of lines on a canvas can't feel anything

No. 576045

Someone once sent me anon hate for reblogging one of the artist in question drawings.
These people are insane and I know they are kids, but even back when I was four I knew cartoon characters like mickey mouse aren't real and can't feel anything, so why can't a bunch of self important teens?

No. 576047

the funniest part is them also getting triggered over people drawing nsfw of characters who are ripped to hell and back and look obviously nothing like their canon age

No. 576048

Holy hell these people are insane and so out of touch with the real world. This is literal Chris-chan dimensional merge material.

No. 576109

Jesus Christ. Do they really have the same level of empathy for drawings as they do humans??? This seriously has to be a symptom of autism or something.

No. 576116

Haha Jojo lewds go brrrr

No. 576145

File: 1593313590240.jpg (226.46 KB, 1242x1659, IMG_20200627_215105.jpg)

This is so tragically pretentious and retarded it makes me want to cry like imagine having this worldview omfg

No. 576147

Not a fan of underage porn either but this is one of the dumbest takes I’ve ever seen lmfao.

No. 576159

I've seen stupid "cottagecore = fascism!!" takes like this, but I've yet to see any wave of actual Nazis or tradthots latch onto it. It's girls of all races and sexualities just enjoying the beauty of nature and animals in peace.
They want to turn some cute fairy tale forest shit into something evil so badly, it's pathetic.
What do they even want people to like? E-girl shit and grafitti-covered cities only? Clowns.

No. 576186

god has failed me by allowing me to understand this drivel

No. 576187

File: 1593318310435.jpg (163.82 KB, 1234x881, tumblr_plsv5gaZQw1uflkn2_1280.…)

No. 576198

File: 1593320587544.png (190.45 KB, 800x858, fkty1.png)

Someone actually made a good point on Twitter, and it got all the "woke" posters screeching in rage, calling them a "TERF", etc.
Wish I could get screencaps of the backlash, but they locked their account while I was reading.

No. 576200

"everyone that hates me is a communist" God this shit is old and boring.

No. 576203

No, there were definitely people with hammers and sickles in their names yelling.

No. 576208

No. 576209

basically cottagecore is aesthetic movement based on simple living, less technology usage, saving the environment e.t.c for some reason woke crowds went against them and claimed they were Nazis and fascists cause protecting the environment has to do with protecting homeland which =Nazis to these fucks, also these girls are more likely to call our pollution in and environmental damage done by nations like China and India which

>Cottagecore has been criticised for its romanticisation of farming life which, in certain situations, is connected to colonialism. .

No. 576214

I saw some of my rational lefty friends shitting on this and calling it out for the word salad it is

No. 576246

>im still mad thigh high socks femboy coder light up keyboard aesthetic
holy shit I'm cackling

Man this is actually a really good take and I can only imagine the seething rage it induces in the Content Cops of Twitter. I also love that last reply, girl is putting some bitches in a casket

If that's the reaction you get out of this post then I'm sad to tell you that you should neck yourself asap

No. 576270

Word salad is always a reason to distance from anything

No. 576290

Imagine being this tragically, cripplingly online

No. 576342

File: 1593358738935.jpg (70.34 KB, 583x511, 01.jpg)

>communist emoji
>"gender critical fuck off!!!"
>probably calls herself a fag because that obviously makes her such a manly masculine man

people like this ALWAYS have bad takes
color me surprised

No. 576357

this is r/im14andthisisdeep tier. yes the twitter communists are all covert narcissists, but they aren't beating their wives like actual cops. surely you could point out hypocrisy in a more coherent way.

No. 576362

>that hairstyle

No. 576370

> but they aren't beating their wives like actual cops. surely you could point out hypocrisy in a more coherent way.

How to do you know that everyone in communist twitter isn’t an domestic abuser?

No. 576452

these twitter fakebois cannot keep the word "faggot" out of their mouths huh? when are we bringing the term fag hag back lmao

No. 576498

A twitter addicted clout chaser who was famous for faking tweets including calling someone a pedophile, cheated on her boyfriend she groomed, and some 40 year old guy wanted to bring her to where he lived to fuck her, IIRC. Typical BPD validation from simps that went to her head and became for downfall. She works for Ian Miles Chong and got more fame for that. Kiwi farms is obsessed with her and I wondered if any anons here knew who she was.

No. 576586

Kek anon really has no idea, most of these vocal Twitter commies get their own call outs within months and they're all sexual abuse cases.

No. 576588

File: 1593417926082.jpg (263.3 KB, 1080x1777, EaKDpNnU4AAJwVm.jpg)

Remember when that antifa leader tranny at CHAZ was outed for being a serial abuser piece of shit in like 2 days and he responded like an adult by threatening to kill himself?

No. 576618

File: 1593426137128.jpg (75.71 KB, 750x915, 06ygszo4oc751.jpg)

Damn. In the replies there are already tons of people loving how now white people will see themselves as a single interest group. That conspiracy theory that Robin DiAngelo might be a secret neo-nazi sounds a bit more plausible now lol

No. 576619

I swear to god I'm not one of the /pol/ brainwashed (((they))) tinfoils but this is really not a good look for a jewish person to say when people are already saying that jews rule the world and are trying to cause a race war to form a new world order.

No. 576631

DiAngelo is white and wrote a book called "white fragility" based on her theories working as diversity trainer for big companies

No. 576650

how about you instead learn from whites to unite, then? It's a known fact that gigantic companies like amazon and walmart diversity their workers because people of different groups don't cooperate and therefore are less likely to unionize.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 576654


"As a Palestinian I know all about historically disastrous ideas".

No. 576670

Fuck off with your alt right bullshit anon.
So now you should only hire people of the same race and culture?
Is this a freaking pro apartheid thread?
Amazon is shit but there's no 'globalist agenda' forcing diversity or whatever your pol brain thinks.

No. 576681

File: 1593438424219.jpeg (141.95 KB, 1440x1167, 0BD2028A-6BBA-4372-81C1-DB21E0…)

No. 577128

File: 1593476244785.jpg (171.38 KB, 892x916, topkek.jpg)

Reposting cuz forgot image, cant tell if troll but either way but Im in tears

No. 577163

>six your old trans daughter


No. 577171

This is some r/wokekids shit

No. 577194

lmao why do these people always make up stories or make up statements that their children said.

Like they could just say that they are offended without making up stories

No. 577202

>admitting to letting your six year old read tweets about themselves

No. 577205

Seeing rose twitter and commie twitter getting all salty over the Chapi Trap House subreddit being banned has been enjoyable

No. 577208

File: 1593482555710.jpeg (142.94 KB, 1556x1204, 3F783541-CF61-46C3-A323-B10837…)

twitter now going full tumblr retard and saying all therapists are bad lmao

"self diagnosis is never good"
I've has multiple bad therapists, currently have a good one, and I still can't comprehend how these arrogant brats hate the idea of getting treatment other than to keep attention seeking on the internet. lots of DIDfags retweeting this type of shit too.

No. 577224

This seems like sarcasm, if you look at the person's account and see how he regularly talks.

No. 577235

kek what. I guarantee the same people saying this have self diagnosed themselves with bpd.

I will say though, I have had horrible male therapists. many more than horrible female therapists. you just have to find someone whose style works for you and you can trust and feel comfortable with. honestly my favorite therapist i've ever had was a relatively inexperienced young female lcsw, I had to see a male psych for my prescriptions though and he was an asshole.

No. 577268

literally all of my friends who use Twitter make regular tweets about how much they hate it

i did too, so i deleted and feel infinitely better and my friends congratulate me

yet they continue to whine about how terrible the site is while continuing to go on it every single day

just fucking delete it lmao

No. 577286

OP is retarded too b/c Twitter's age rating on both major app stores is 17+

No. 577294

whether the original post was sarcastic or not, it's being taken seriously by self diagnosing mpdfags who use self diagnosis to justify their atrocious behavior lmao

No. 577297

I had a Twitter and I followed a bunch of gendercritical people and god I hated it. It’s so pretentious and whiny. I deleted the account and made a new private one just for fanart of stuff that I like.

No. 577560

File: 1593539429947.jpeg (224.17 KB, 750x1095, D83C981E-C13F-4D8B-B72A-3CE200…)

Conservatives on twitter are a special breed of stupid. Imagine thinking the state of NY is going to collapse from the police losing a mere 16% of their budget (the proposal is garbage but that’s another topic), and NYers are going to want to flock to red states. Yeah sure, lemme get in on that inbreeding and rising covid rates baby!!!!!!!

No. 577618

In fairness, Twitter IS where the Tumblr retards fled to after the porn ban. I expect for this to keep getting worse.

Imagine thinking someone wants to escape to your plague-ridden hellhole.

No. 577647


Tumblr is a lot quieter since those nuts and deviants left but in a good way. Much like SA, twitter is containment now.

No. 577656

File: 1593556817035.png (28.74 KB, 598x344, Screenshot_2020-06-30.png)

I thought we had left fictionkin behind on 2015 tumblr where they belonged but apparently they're still going strong and doubling down on how insisting that they're totally Komaeda irl is a healthy coping mechanism for mental illness and how dare anybody mock that ridiculous concept. I find it funny that people act like it's such uwu soft and peaceful trauma relief when these retards get into slapfights and drama 24/7 over inane shit like "doubles" of the same character or cultural appropriation because a white person wants to kin an anime character.
Also if you have actual delusions about being some cartoon character, how would it be healthy to force people to acknowledge that as your super special identity? I'm pretty sure actual schizophrenic people aren't supposed to have their delusions validated and treated like they're real because that… makes it worse… but of course it's not like any of these dumbasses actually have the diagnoses they're flaunting anyway.

No. 577660

lol but isn't that exactly what people making fun of kins are saying… that it's an autistic, delusional cope?

No. 577664

This has to be a troll, holy shit I'm dying of laughter. This is on par with all the other made up "My 2-year old came to me and told me that Gender is a complex network of different variables, not a binary, then everyone clapped" stories.

They know their point makes no sense so they have to lie "for the greater good". I can't find the study for the life of me so you'll just have to take my word for it but I remember reading that people with ~woke~ thoughts were more compliant to lie and cheat because they believed they were privileged to do so as they are "good people".


No. 577666

Remember during the height of the covid hysteria, all the conservatives on twitter were screeching about how one way aisles in walmart were definitely the sign of the apocalypse? And the collapse of America was right on the horizon because they had to wait in a virtual queue to get their groceries delivered, and that soon we would all be walking around with neuron chips in our brains and an Amazon Instant Delivery chute in our homes?

No. 577674

i don't even know what to say. most kinnies are underage anyway so i'm gonna prefer not to tackle this one, because if so i'm going to have a stroke.

No. 577686

File: 1593560830824.jpeg (209.87 KB, 740x1109, 3253DA69-E219-4CEE-9633-23B45B…)

I can’t tell if this is just a troll or not…


No. 577689

Muh glorious nippon

No. 577693

File: 1593562192141.png (160.76 KB, 637x353, 1551222283454.png)

what the fuck am i reading

No. 577698

Conservative Twitter definitely sucks but tbf, this night actually be a progressive, hence the Rose emoji. Then again, conservatives and progressives on Twitter are pretty much that same these days

No. 577700

Nah I skimmed through her tweets and she’s as conservative as they come. Believes masks will cause hypercapnia and vaccines cause autism lol.

No. 577733

what a mess kek i agree ive also had mainly horrible therapists/psychiatrists/psychologists but that doesnt mean u stop looking. if you really arent well you would want help complaining about how shitty u feel mentally and never making an effort to improve makes no sense

No. 577737

read foucault

No. 577970

I hate to be selfish and say this, but I hope it stays this way.

No. 577980

File: 1593619137604.png (116.2 KB, 586x921, twitteriscancer.PNG)

i watched the n-word moment they were talking about and it was literally directed towards a shark not an actual person omfg

No. 579039

File: 1593811660528.png (665.4 KB, 1242x2208, 908FADBA-C4CF-4ABF-BB55-DAD7BB…)

I hate self righteous people like this.

I’m all for shaming those who act careless and party. But some people have to work to support themselves. Landlords don’t give a shit if you lost your job to Covid and you can’t pay groceries with a sob story. Also most of the people who are still working are low income/minorities. Twitter loves to pretend to be all for them and still say shit like this.

Also stating your sentence with “Am I the only one” usually guarantees that you’re an asshole who likes to sniff their own farts.

No. 579043

File: 1593813003856.png (484.18 KB, 1365x2048, 106489651_366772490970444_1668…)

What does this even mean. This was not posted in irony and the replies were full of people marking where they were.

No. 579045

I think it has something to do with colors and the genders that like it the most? But if that really is the case then it's the most retarded shit ever. Pink used to be a boys color and not everyone who likes blue is now some man. It's literally the same logic conservatives use to be as sexist as possible.

Either way, this is confusing as shit and I hope I'm wrong lol.

No. 579046

I'm a butch woman and even though I fully know that still just means woman I tried to play this stupid game for the hell of it. All I won was some eye-strain. Thanks anon lol

Why does everything have to be a spectrum now?

No. 579050

how do you play this?

No. 579053

I just pretended like my short hair and dress sense somehow registered as changing my gender, with a bit of imagination I could rationalize putting myself in any of those squares really. I think that's how you play? lol

No. 579090

who wants else wants to play battleship using the gender chart??

No. 579097

Ugh I hated those people too when I went back on twitter during the height of the panic. Like shit, at some fucking point you have to go outside and we need to start working and doing things again to keep the world from collapsing in on itself.

I remember when cities across the world started slowly phasing out of quarantine these idiots were screeching at the government saying it was "wrong" to do it, all the while watching the economy tank into hell and people losing everything they had overnight. And these were the same hypocrites who were screeching at us to "lockdown" because just walking past someone meant you likely infected them, and blindly parroting whatever people were saying in the media like it was gospel truth.

I also hate the other half of this coin with the "keep borders closed!" mouth breathers. They proudly pat themselves on the back because they claim they are going to be "doing a lot more domestic tourism!", especially in the States, knowing full well the moment we coordinate international travel again they're going to be like everyone else and flying straight to Europe.

No. 579125

Yes, kek. The first thing I thought of was battleships.

No. 579655

Most kinnies are the same people who enable schizophrenics who don't take medication and convince their delusions/hallucinations are valid™ and everyone who says otherwise is an ableist hater

No. 581337

I feel like a lot of black Twitter has gone off the rails lately by full on embracing anti semitism

No. 581348


No. 581489

File: 1594256923271.png (602.51 KB, 1242x2208, 801D43B3-13A6-4BB5-B724-D17D8D…)

Basically a lot of defending that one NFL player for tweeting a bunch of anti Semitic things and posting Louis Farrakhan, who’s been a well know for being anti-Semitic since the 80s. It seems to be a small minority of it though.

This tweet seems rather tame but it reeks of “We suffer more so stfu!”

No. 581525

I mean do they really wanna turn this into a competition cause the Jews will win without a doubt


No. 581535

File: 1594265185538.jpg (81.09 KB, 600x800, ffhfhj.jpg)

God i'm so feed up with it, half twitter is tranny-enabler and now you are apparently suppose to rt and tweet about political issues, especially concerning US, even if you don't live there?? happened with BLM and all that.

Twitter seems to be filled with all the tumblr users that had on their bios they/them ace-romantic/homosexual-nonbinary soft spaceboy, I believe they all migrated. seriously even now they do the same thing.. "please it's really important to put your pronouns even if you are cis!!! I don't want to be disrespectful thats so messed up!!" fuck you there is literal people dying and you care about pronouns

No. 581546

>yours ended
what kind of piss poor attempt at oppression olympics is this what the fuck
antisemitism is still a big thing throughout the whole world, just because the holocaust happened years ago doesn't mean the world is all rainbows and sunshines for jewish people now. these woke people will literally downplay the actual terror and racism etc. other minorities face so that they can make their own struggle the "worst of it all" as if this is genuinely a competition

No. 581577

the holocaust isn't even taught about in a lot of schools in the middle east and many arabs deny it happened

but it's okay because american jews are rich and they're the only ones that matter

No. 581580

please shut up. Jews go through zero hardship regardless of inhabitance. They don't have trauma, and any inner turmoil they go through is made better by shooting Palestinians on any given Sunday and getting away with it.

No. 581582

It's called camaraderie. Why would Arab countries incorporate the holocaust in the curriculum when Zionists have completely eradicated the true narrative of how jews immigrated and illegally occupied Palestine? That and the fact that Palestinians have been going through an ongoing , slow-burning holocaust since 1948. The holocaust is pumped into American children's veins for like 2 straight years of our academic career bc Israel and America are up each other's asses. Jews have gotten plenty enough recognition for the atrocities they had to go through.

No. 581583

Uh, not all Jews live in Israel oppressing Palestinians but okay.

No. 581584

File: 1594275410176.jpg (243.82 KB, 1080x1213, IMG_20200709_090817.jpg)

I dislike ed twitter so much. They're all fucking dumb. Lately there was a 250 lbs girl(according to her bio) who posted a picture of a another girl and captioned it as"that's why we need to bully fat people"

No. 581586

Pretty sure Dave Chapelle had a joke about this.

No. 581595

could you post it ?

No. 581612

I always thought it was weird and racially tinged how the Holocaust is drilled into western education as the worst event in history, but no one even mentions King Leopold II's genocide of (at least) 10 million people.

No. 581665


Well, that's just whataboutery. The difference, if any, is that the allies hung all the nazis for these war crimes although there weren't any actual treaties at the time of the crimes. The legal argument is that some vague minimum level of human rights had been established since the US civil war.

No. 581788

File: 1594318461456.jpeg (574.04 KB, 828x1199, 6D691797-36B0-43E8-9FC9-D5F4B6…)

Sick of the way Twitter is reacting to this tragedy. Hounding official accounts for following search protocol and encouraging people to blow up emergency phone lines is such moronic, dangerous behavior. This site was a mistake.

No. 581799

This situation happened to a friend of mine last year. I hate how people are trying to make it into a conspiracy or attack the professional departments for doing something they think is wrong. Random teenagers saying "SEARCH THE MOUNTAINS SHE COULD BE LOST THERE" or turning it into a race thing.
It's sad but she drowned, this isn't out of the ordinary.

No. 581812

What happened to Naya is absolutely tragic but there's a good reason they don't go looking for people in bodies of water in pitch black dark. It's because it's fucking dangerous. It has nothing to do with race or gender.

No. 581831

Any adult topic, death, assault, rape, people going missing, 12 year olds always manage to chime in and miss the point entirely.

Every search in water is bascially this, work til dark, stop overnight, resume. It's reported like that every time because the experts know what they are doing and what's safe. Imagine bitching at rescue teams to work harder.. from the comfort of your parents sofa.

No. 581836

Judging by that bitch's profile pic, she's never worried too hard a day in her life. it's always these keyboard warriors who have zero idea how life outside their basement works.

No. 581849

I can't find a clip of it, but I'm pretty sure it's from either his Age of Spin special on Netflix, or Sticks and Stones. Basically, it was about blacks getting into an oppression olympics contest with Jews, and how blacks will lose.

No. 582056

File: 1594365316611.png (1.79 MB, 1242x2208, 6E042B59-8424-4DE6-8845-2F3FB3…)

Goddammit the Wayfair conspiracy on Twitter is giving me life. Not even our tinfoil thread is that retarded

No. 582058

File: 1594365616926.png (2.44 MB, 1242x2208, 68F5F592-9DBA-419B-B4E4-E5FE55…)

No. 582059

Part of the fun in conspiracies for me isn't whether they're well-supported or likely to be true, but the implications if it was found out to be true.

No. 582073

File: 1594372140852.jpg (104.63 KB, 640x1136, GiR.jpg)

All these fake woke people need to shut up already. They tried cancelling Girl in Red (well known lesbian musician that creates songs about loving women) just because she blocked some one who said that Bi/Pan-Lesbians are UwU Valid when that label completely invalidates lesbians AND trans/NB people. These people fight tooth and nail to validate trans people just to validate labels that exclude them and proceed to spit on the face of lesbians because fuck women who aren't attracted to men I guess.

No. 582085


I honestly have zero idea what either of those two are trying to say. The could be trans rights or terfs at this point. It's all gibberish.

No. 582103

It's all gone so far that no outsider could ever understand even if they wanted to

Sorry to get political but this is one of the reasons altright politics are doing so well, simple and catchy "Let's kick out the scapegoat and prosper" ideas are like a catchy pop song whereas "let's dismantle all social concepts and change what words and social concepts are okay every week and also if you don't instantly understand and assimilate you're the literal worst" is discordant freestyle jazz played by people who all hate each other.

No. 582307

File: 1594413043598.jpg (35.61 KB, 600x600, CRTX93SWIAEHlo5.jpg)


No. 582323

It's like reading an academic paper kek.

Language is literally becoming the new class divider.

No. 584435

File: 1594769275308.jpg (48.99 KB, 330x518, sebastianstanisoverparty.jpg)

Saw the #sebastianstanisoverparty trending and clicked to see what's up… apparently his girlfriend wore something stylized as kimono to a party, thus, a reason for twitter crowd to cancel.
Also, weren't we through the EXACT SAME "kimono is cultural appropriation" discourse on tumblr like 7 years ago?

No. 584441

What's up with these people? Did the girl who wore the kimono offend anyone during the party? Did she pull her eyes back and say ching chong? What is the problem here? All she did was put on a clothing from a different culture with no offense at all.

Twitter loves to cancel everyone and everything for no other reason except for the rush of validation and head pats they'll get from other woke people because it'll show everyone how they know their morals and are better than the uwu offending racist bigots uwu.

No. 584444

I think the 'asian night' was the racist part, not specifically the clothes. It's not like she was on a trip to Japan wearing a kimono for photos or something, obviously that's not racist, but having a racially themed party is weird af.

No. 584447

God I can't wait for this woke fad to be over.
Japanese people, up to their fucking govenrment, have said that wearing a kimono is perfectly fine. Can someone point out go these twitter warriors that they are acting like a white savior trope

No. 584448

That seems weird to me. Theme parties are a thing and with the popularity of Asian food, Asian music, Asian media etc it would be a pretty easy theme to do idk. It's not like people would be pretending they are Asian? Should Irish people get offended about non Irish people owning Irish bars idk

No. 584451

Yeah, nobody is crying over german culture being appropriated when there are Oktoberfest themed parties outside Germany. It's not insulting and not that serious.

No. 584453

File: 1594770730419.jpg (87.61 KB, 1479x335, twitterdotcom.jpg)

I legit thought this tweet is sarcastic until i went to read more of that person's ramblings in the comments. Insane.
And I've just noticed that that party in question happened in 2018 which is supposedly before that woman and Sebastian Stan met, what a reason to cancel him. Some people really have nothing to do.

No. 584458

wasn't that hashtag about him doing a boo boo and traveling with his gf during the pandemic?

No. 584460

literally the only thing coming up as I was scrolling was this asian party thing of his gf, if there's anything else it's hidden really deep

No. 584464

I was dumb and didn't see upthread, on my timeline I only saw about the traveling shit. Jesus christ, this is stupid, the needless traveling would be an actual reason to get pissy.

No. 584472

Germany and Ireland are countries, not a race like Asian is. It would be equally weird to have a black people themed party, or white people, or w/e. idk who this chick is or who threw the party but come on, it's not like they're celebrating their enthusiasm for asian culture. I doubt they're white supremacists either, they just see all asian countries as one big aesthetic and don't think about it deeper than that.

Personally I mainly want to cancel Sebastian Stan for aging badly, it's tragic.

No. 584474

so let me get this straight: nobody gives a fuck anymore about the misogyny and the accusations that have been brought up against at least two men, like the news has fucking fizzled out to nothing, but they will probably harp on about sebastians stans "appropriation" scandal for the rest of time

twitter stop

No. 584485

*his gf's old ass approriation at that

No. 584542

Twitter is a dumpster fire right now because of this Nick Cannon brouhaha. Both MAGA Twitter and woke twitter were a mistake.

No. 584567

>Your opinions and experiences don't represent that of an entire group of people unless it comforts me
I love 2020

No. 584573

no, him traveling wouldn't be a reason either, shit's retarded.

No. 584710

Twitter also recently cancelled Jodie Comer, because they stalked her bf and found out that he's supposedly a Republican and therefore she's a racist and a homophobe.

No. 584727

File: 1594822449556.jpg (67.79 KB, 588x580, 01.jpg)

So, like it was mentioned above, Twitter has a huge pedophilia problem.

There are actual pedophiles trading and selling actual CP on hashtags (such as #megalink, #jailbait, etc. and I seriously suggest not looking those up unless you wanna run across CP because it happened to me earlier unfortunately). One of the sellers even had a CP icon + header and a lot of followers which is so sickening. But what is Twitter doing against it now? Nothing. The only reason why some of those accounts are getting deleted is because people are reporting them.

I hope that this shitty platform gets nuked finally. They'd rather deactivate someone's account for not drinking the woke koolaid over getting rid of the pedophiles in their user base who are actively trading and selling child exploitation material. I don't ever remember Tumblr or other platforms having a pedophilia problem THIS bad.

No. 584751


You're glowing, anon.

People who think they're amateur fbi and 'help report' this shit are just opening themselves up for charges because only cops have a defence for seeing this kind of shit.

No. 584761

>"Don't report CP, anon. Don't publicly expose pedos creating a community on this mainstream app commonly used by children, either. In fact, you'll just get arrested yourself if you call attention to such things"
I wonder who would make such a post.

No. 584763

…Are you speaking from some kind of experience? Don't project, this isn't true at all.

No. 584765

Pretty sure it's just saving it that's illegal in most places but if you're that paranoid just momentarily block images from twitter to report them, congrats u r now a hacker.

No. 584778

No. 584782

File: 1594830785438.jpg (331.02 KB, 1024x682, glow.jpg)


Hey anon here is "pretty sure" it's only saving that will get you in life ruining levels of shit. What could go wrong? Why would anyone try to discourage this stuff? Got something to hiiiiide? Fuck off.

No. 584878

ed and shoplifter tumblr are on twitter now, found an ed acct of a teen where goal weight was 86 pounds and they retweeted a post about shoplifting is harder for nonwhite people kek.

No. 585002

ED twitter is absolutely horrendous (especially because it's so jarring to come across a random viral tweet where the person who tweeted it has an @ like skinnytinysuicidalprincess and it's just like … yikes okay) but i can't help but find shoplifting circles online so entertaining for some reason? i can't explain it but something about it is hilarious to me

No. 585101

>Germany and Ireland are countries, not a race like Asian is.
Asia is a fucking continent just like Africa, Europe and America. You could have an "American" theme party and "African" theme party. I really, really doubt that anyone would read "Asian theme party" as "the Asian race theme party" as opposed to meaning the land area.

No. 585453

File: 1594953870599.png (82.13 KB, 1094x420, Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 3.11…)

saw this real gem the other day and i just had to post this so we can all laugh at how stupid it is

No. 585458

File: 1594954279408.png (83.24 KB, 1064x386, Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 10.4…)

samefag but this comes in second the mentality just has twitter written all over it im not sure they know how duolingo works

No. 585474

why tf is tagalog not on duolingo??

No. 585476

Jesus, everything is abusive now.
I actually do agree that it's stupid for parents to be over-the-top anal about making their kid finish every last bite on their plate. I think there was a study that showed that a lot of people who were overweight/struggled with overeating had parents who staunchly forced them to finish their plates and that mentality carried out into adulthood… but calling it just abusive with no clarification is kind of dumb and memey. Now every spoiled brat can feel validated in being a victim of ABUSE just because their mom told them to eat their veggies. That's why I hate all these buzzwords about abuse and trauma and gaslighting and so on.

No. 585478

Agreed. I got full rather quickly as a kid so shaming them for not finishing their food never sat right with me. I definitely wouldn’t call it abusive though.
I think those languages are more in demand. Nerds (who are definitely one of the easiest groups to pander to) want to learn Valerian and Klingon. Tagalog isn’t a wide spread language and isn’t very useful unless you live in the Philippines or have Filipino relatives.

No. 585480

This reminds me of that tweet (that I can't find now) where the woman was giving her 5 year old "mental health days" off from school because he was faking sick. Imagine the entitled shit he's going to grow up to be

No. 585513

I don’t know. My mom used to give me “mental health” sick days whenever I faked being sick and I would say I’m a pretty well adjusted adult. Granted I’m on an imageboard now but that’s because of being bullied in school. If my mom forced me to go to school then, I would have offed myself long ago lol
Sage for blogposting

No. 585560

I also think its a pretty alright thing to do that as a parent. Granted the child is still very young but when theres a lot of pressure because of exams I think its fine as a parent to see your child struggling and giving them some room to breathe. Or simply if youre having a really bad day mental health wise. I don't see the problem if its not excessive tbh

No. 586729

File: 1595198059811.jpg (435.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200719-183039_Chr…)

Ah yes the classic "leave us alone you meanies because at least I make money off my naked body!!" Good luck getting money when the new flavour of the week comes out, I guess

No. 586732

in a few years those 18 year olds making onlyfans are going to wake up and there will be so many thinkpieces. Or worse, online culture will get more pornified and every female creator will have an onlyfans! These idiots will never understand what's liberating vs "empowering".

No. 586733

The humblebragging is strong with that tweet
Oddly enough, it wasn’t even the most obnoxious tweet in the thread

No. 586737

File: 1595199227057.png (421.2 KB, 1242x2208, 03DDF13F-D350-4E29-A2F5-D35383…)

This was (forgot to post it lol)

No. 586738

lmao what do they think onlyfans is? They literally pay them a cut of their takings like a fucking pimp.

No. 586739

My mum did this too and I think it helped me act more responsibly. I never skipped school in secret unlike other kids because I knew that if I really needed a day off she would have my back.

No. 586740

So instead of trying to fix the culture of objectification, just make it even worse and post pictures of yourself that will stay online forever so you can make a few dollars on a platform that will probably shut down in one or two years.

No. 586805

Your mom was a lazy parent

No. 586819

Depends. It's better than forcing your kids to go to school only unless they're half dead from the flu.
My "mental health days" were 2 days a school year, starting freshman year of hs. I never skipped school unless I was sick, probably because I had a day off in case I was going to go nuts. Although it really shouldn't be a thing for 5 year olds.

No. 586837

if you need a mental health day as a 5 year old your parents are fucking up big time

No. 587041

I understand the reasoning behind the "Men are and will always be pigs so why not make money while at it" mentality but it's still destructive and non-beneficial, not to mention short-sighted as well. So many girls will be absolutely broken when they can barely scrape together tens of dollars due to an oversaturated market and they try and degrade themselves further without never getting anything else than men treating them like trash, but they believed it would be easy and safe money because their one in a million success story idols kept glamorizing and sugarcoating how sex work really is.

No. 587225

Random but the Always Sunny fandom on Twitter is pure cringe. If I see one more “gay Dennis” or “nb Charlie” tweet I’m gonna scream

No. 587254

wtf? A fandom like that seems so counter intuitive for a series like Always Sunny. And they already have gay Mac and the tranny, what more representation could they want…

No. 587269

agreed lol

No. 587398

File: 1595317827993.png (50.52 KB, 596x508, almost got it.png)

Literally thought this was a GC tweet sarcastically pointing out how "strange" it was that nonbinaries are always women who don't even attempt to deviate from the gender norm but it was an obese female enby being pissed that the tag wasn't filled with fat, masculine nbs like herself. They always get so close but then just fail to connect the dots. Imagine when "nonbinary" becomes the new "woman" and they have to come up with another new identity to put on their name tag in their desperate attempt to stay outside the box.

No. 587399

No. 587400

Go back to r/GenderCynical or something with your passive aggressive bullshit. This is an appropriate thread to post stupid mindless shit from Twitter.

No. 587401

it sure is. would be sad for it to get overrun with the same old boring GC shit because you can't help yourselves and make every topic about this shit. would prefer to laugh at dumb tweets without dissecting gender theory here. you have your own board for that.
>not mad btw

No. 587449

This is the Twitter hate thread dumb fuck. It's not the dumb/funny tweets thread (which does exist, btw), Twitter is overrun by trannies and we're allowed to talk about it. Fuck off.

No. 587455

>Laughing at a sad tranny lacking self-awareness is "dissecting gender theory"
It struck a nerve, didn't it?

No. 587478

kek shut up faggot

No. 587506


No. 587543

No. 587565

File: 1595341993825.png (1.27 MB, 1208x1138, Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 9.30…)

I know this isn't a terf hate thread, but I mean why does this shit happen

If you are a terf, you could at least take a few seconds to check out someone's profile before deciding that they identify as a dude

I honestly cannot side with terfs on the issue of who is a woman and what is femininity

No. 587566

this person is literally calling herself 'conservative Barbie', how the fuck is she a radical feminist? Nothing about the post reads radfem. She seems like a tradthot. This is not the same thing at all.

No. 587567

i feel like you are mistaking terfs with tradthot pickmes kek

No. 587568

I don't think 'ConservativeBarbie' is a terf anon. Radfems wouldn't be conservative. A lot of radfam types are gnc themselves. I don't really consider myself an RF though so I dunno.

No. 587582

lmfao, this. The person literally has a "ConservativeBarbie" screen name and anon's trying to pass your run of the mill tradthot as a TERF being nasty. Nice try though, keep seething tranny caper anon

No. 587583

You have no idea what a terf is lol

No. 587584

I honestly cannot side with trannies on the issue of who is a woman and what is femininity

No. 587589

File: 1595345823553.png (214.82 KB, 1248x808, 1594992553576.png)

Which one of these confirmed farmers is you, lmao?
Anyway, this person basically sides with trannies who think being a woman is putting on tight clothes and lipstick, lmao. Wouldn't be surprised if they turn out to be a tranny findom with an OF account or a cashapp link in their bio if I go to their profile.

No. 587595

What does this have to do with terfs? And you can't side with Terfs on who is a woman and what feminity is opposed to what?

A woman is someone born a woman. Femininity is whatever you want it to be. This is bad bait, I'm postitive someone can post thousands of tweets just from today of transwomen telling black women we are the same & telling us that femininity is racism.

No. 587606

Remember that 6'5, burly MtF who started posting photos of random black female celebrities, basically stated they all look like men and were "victims of transphobia"?
And all the racist, misogynistic Twitter people who got tired of dunking on "Karens" (even if they themselves were white) absolutely ate it up and jumped on the free chance to attack (black) women and feel woke for doing it? Lmao.

No. 587631

i follow this girl on twitter for her awful takes and cow material lmao

No. 587645

…lmfao. this has to be bait.

No. 589156

File: 1595565494241.jpeg (206.01 KB, 490x1272, 73EF4BFD-1856-42BC-A877-8356F4…)

Love that the pastor is verified.

No. 589424

Yeah, twitter will blue check everyone and their mom. Our dear Lillee Jean is our exhibit #1 of this

No. 589884

>My 6 yr old daughter had an anxiety attack “daddy, why does Jemele hate trans people?”

Section this motherfucker immediately

No. 590421

File: 1595742614869.jpg (253.98 KB, 1068x1908, IMG_20200726_084919.jpg)

Some girl on twitter posted her mom's credit card info and lots of people actually bought shit.
I censored the credit card info, though the tweet is still up.

No. 590422

File: 1595742663074.jpg (279.26 KB, 1080x1913, IMG_20200726_083016.jpg)

People on twitter are autustic

No. 590443

What a fucking brat. I hope her mom presses charges against her.

No. 590495

It’s fake lol just checked the twitter acc

No. 590524

I'm so happy JK Rowling is speaking out against the tranny menace, the UK is a shitshow and I'd be horrified if the rest of the world got bullied into following suit.

No. 590560

EU anon from a tiny country and I already met fakeboi trannies or TRAs and both do nothing but wear horrifying clothing n dye their hair thousand times a day. Rip.

No. 591263

I see a lot of people and even had a friend say they're sick of the negative stuff on their feed and they're tired of looking at it every day but it's like….just delete your fucking Twitter?? Or at the very least follow less people so you can get less content. They literally say "oh it's so unavoidable" but it literally is, all you have to do is delete your account or refrain from going on it, and it really just shows how weak and addicted and devoted they are on that stupid app

No. 591270

Maybe they're following specific friends and celebrities who don't use other social media? I agree with you but it's hard to let go of bad habits, especially when you don't even notice your habits are bad in the first place. I deleted my twitter like two months ago after I noticed that after all these years on tumblr+twitter all the online friends I made stopped talking to me because I was too problematic for them for not reblogging/retweeting their trash takes, and artists and celebrities spamming my feed with things I don't care about became boring really fast.

No. 591420

File: 1595887619079.jpg (469.4 KB, 1079x1328, Screenshot_20200728-010101_Twi…)

Some people seriously want to defend ftm school shooter whose motive for the shooting was "transphobia and bullying, they deserve to suffer"
I know this particular tweet is probably a troll but there have been other retards on twitter who support this sentiment.

No. 591964


This is what a lot of them genuinely believe. Makes you wonder what they'd do with rapists (jk they get lynched once accused)

No. 592154

File: 1595977549352.png (121.39 KB, 585x871, Screenshot from 2020-07-28 19-…)

I know I'll regret wandering into the replies of any news thread tweets but I do it anyway and find dumb shit like this.

No. 592171

As deserved

No. 594620

File: 1596312406057.jpg (62.44 KB, 1024x661, EeLfezKXoAAUnDk.jpg)

Shippers and "anti"-shippers on Twitter are batshit insane.

No. 594638

People like this make me wish quality forced re-education was a thing.

No. 594644

File: 1596314238788.jpg (39.7 KB, 513x680, stay in school kids.jpg)

You haven't seen anything anon.
Also for the record I did try searching for this person's @ since the original image was already censored.

No. 594662

Wait what? Is this person dumb? That sign is to keep children OUT of nsfw accounts im pretty sure

No. 595762

File: 1596467608765.jpg (225.17 KB, 1080x975, IMG_20200803_110105.jpg)

Any STEM anons following the @Sciencing_Bi drama?
Apparently BethAnn McLaughlin, the founder of MeTooSTEM, has been catfishing on Twitter for years as a lgbtq indiginous anthropologist who a couple of days ago died of covid. People quickly figured out that none who fit this criteria actually died recently. BethAnn seems to have been a known but untouchable cow for a while.
Here's a write up: https://heavy.com/news/2020/08/sciencing_bi-bethann-mclaughlin-asu/

No. 595801

lmao Beth Ann worked for my alma mater. I think she was suspected of fake tweets or something similar before this if i remember correctly. she really pushed #metoo and seemed like a grifter to me

No. 595830

I'm most shocked that they've apparently started doing this to het ships too when before they only cared about evil fetishizing fujos lol.

>Sign telling "no people under 18" is used by pedophiles
I swear this is some false rumor op started by 4chan, nobody can be this fucking retarded. Back to clown school with these people

No. 595834

god there are so many liberal race and illness fakers. this is what happens when identity politics rules your psyche lmao.

No. 596470


It's fucking hilarious when it turns out everything their internet idol said is actually wrong because they're some white incel instead of a black lesbian.

No. 602475

File: 1597188778863.png (274.63 KB, 665x743, twitterfags are subhuman.png)

In today's episode of twitter causes dementia…

No. 602478

File: 1597188836428.jpg (43.38 KB, 500x340, EfK0tGfUwAEGgLb.jpg)

Bonus by one of the commenters

No. 602480

People like this shouldn't be taught to write

No. 602482

they're right. what's your issue

No. 602486

ntayrt, but it's anime. Art styles all have weird ass dimensions.

No. 602492

It's an exaggerated drawing. That should be enough explanation unless you want to argue that hank hill is a child too lol

No. 603588

File: 1597331625786.png (193.64 KB, 540x490, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.png)

No. 603593

petition to shut pornhub down just so these losers kill themselves.

No. 603597

I second this petition, sounds like a great way to clean up the gene pool.

No. 603598

Good god yes shut it down and let them kill themselves

No. 603612

It sounds more like he's talking about the porn actresses than people watching.

No. 603620

I checked his account. He isn't

No. 603637

Saw that one of the trending twitter tags for my country today was 'disgrace' so I clicked on it thinking I'd find people discussing some major news event that I just hadn't heard about yet… no just lots of general complaining about anything and everything?? It's a disgrace!! lol

No. 603654

Here you go.
Sign this now so the coomers might end themselves.

No. 603821

Hello? Based Department?

No. 605082

File: 1597505486805.jpeg (72.36 KB, 1024x661, 3B5787EE-B39C-464A-B9BF-6B7FC8…)

No. 609446

File: 1597936071338.jpg (374.97 KB, 1536x2048, EfezQwKXgAA4cct.jpg)

this person tweeted this stupid shit and cant believe they got fired kek the people in her mentions saying this is okay are just as dumb https://twitter.com/freshIettuce/status/1294700522411368450

No. 609447

File: 1597936215565.png (53.84 KB, 1054x176, looooool.png)

after that i checked to see their other tweets and saw this lol whatta clown

No. 609454

If you want acceptance from males, why shit on them, makes no sense

No. 609462

kek anon

No. 609763

seeing dumb tweets printed out for hard evidence makes me laugh for some reason. gonna start building a folder of bad takes and store it in my attic

No. 609767

Kek this just makes me think of historical recreations and finding granddads old journals from the war in mom's attic but it's just "bad twitter takes" my sides

No. 609822

everytime i shit on a tranny I look at my bf to see if he's accepted me yet

No. 609854

Trannies shit on women out of envy, insecurity, and wanting self acceptance

No. 609877

caesars is a horrible fucking company to work for tho

No. 612862

She still deserves it though.
Like if you have issues with the company, go to HR. Don't bitch on Twitter.

No. 612865

literally what do men playing dress up have that women would be envious of

No. 612887

Male privilege.

No. 612897

File: 1598245951883.png (596.74 KB, 554x872, klnj.png)

Uh-huh. $50 this dude is 6'7 with the body of a sumo wrestler. I swear it's always some big-ass motherfucker posting these weird, angry takes about women.
This is another tranny from Twitter who made a ridiculously long thread saying biological women are basically men and "face transphobia", by the way. He had a special fixation on black female celebrities for that thread, and he seems to obsess over them in general.

No. 612900

lets see one without the filters luv

No. 612904

File: 1598246695647.png (1.59 MB, 1510x990, 8399.png)

Samefagging to post another example. Here is another awesome trans gal (mannylaveau) who actually teamed up with his friends, and beat up a black girl IRL because she said she doesn't fight biological males on Twitter. His sycophants cheered him on for "beating up a TERF".
Just like the previous one, he's also obsessed with female black celebrities, especially ones who had their biggest heyday in the 90s/early 2000s.
Physiognomy is very real. Of course they insist we must be "jealous" of them, or that we're the same. They literally need that delusion just to get through the day. I just wish they'd keep that shit in their diaries instead of subjecting sane people to it and trying to pressure us to agree.

No. 612907

I thought this was Asherbee lol

No. 612953


In 2020 men beating up black women is woke and progressive. They really rolled the clock back on this one.

No. 613021

Besides the point but
>trans girl

Fuck sake

No. 613200

No. 613216

Look at him. Why try?

No. 614011

This guy legit looks like a pig. He looks like he smells too. Why even try anything when you have that face?

>he's also obsessed with female black celebrities, especially ones who had their biggest heyday in the 90s/early 2000s.

Just like how gay men as a whole seems so obsessed with them and some white pop stars like Britney Spears and Lady Gaga.

No. 616429

File: 1598504012774.jpeg (453.53 KB, 750x1021, 623FC890-5651-4CA2-AA99-2EFB56…)

nikoteenie (from heartbeart rpg drama) was harassed by mack kenny, intern at CN for weeks in her DMs. she never responded though kek.

No. 616430

imgur link of screenshots https://imgur.com/a/hjt9G4a

Sorry I'm stupid, best part is Kenny is son of Spongebob's VA.

No. 616431

This is fucking disgusting and I hope this ugly male getd his but I'm loling that the dumbass farmhands on this board shut down a conversation about butch lesbians the other day because it was "gc sperging go back to reddit" but this convo is fine. There is no fucking consistency on this board it drives me insane kek

No. 616441

This guy is big mad, does he not see how pathetic he looks sending these messages day after day and getting completely ignored

No. 616447

Imagine a fucking 6'5 300lb man in a wig walking into the women's bathroom, I really really hate how "accepting" this world is of everything but actual women's comfort and safety

No. 616450

holy shit, this is straight unhinged. this dude is a simp for trans ideology lmao

No. 616458

File: 1598508821356.jpg (59.09 KB, 526x526, inoperable..jpg)

All of this seethe that is just obvious blatant projections and Freudian slips… and he gets ignored.

kek I literally didn't know it was this possible to be this pathetic

No. 616464

File: 1598509304445.jpg (54.23 KB, 650x603, Tom-Kenny-fam.jpg)

I googled his name. So, this is the dude seething over 2-year old indie RPG drama and spamming gross/abusive messages to a woman he doesn't know.
I sense a lot of frustration there. Thinspo king.

No. 616469

he looks like if an anorexic beatle got stage 4 cancer

No. 616539

Holy shit what a (mad projecting) psycho. Props to nikotine and her insane amount of self restraint to not engage with him and his spergout for two whole weeks.

No. 616615

File: 1598528045293.png (22.86 KB, 336x328, 9408689.png)

I followed McElroy podcasts for years until the way they pandered to the woke crowd got too annoying for me. Honestly how can you bear it when your entire audience is like this.

No. 616626

I hate it that eating healthy is now considered fatphobic, guess we should all eat more garbage food and make nestle and co even richer

No. 616636

i have no idea who this is, but Ifound the tweet thinking, "Kek, people are about to tell him that he's apologizing for some bullshit" but nope.
Plenty of folks going, "Oh my god, thanks so much for being mindful" and shouting down anyone who says this is retarded.

what the fuck is fatphobic?

No. 616639

File: 1598531965458.png (19.2 KB, 526x235, hhh.PNG)

"Sorry for making jokes about what I eat!"

No. 616650

will these people please start standing up for themselves

No. 616669

He seriously looks like he'll come out as the brave and stunning transbian MacKenzie in two years. He has that narcissa wright type of AGP vibe to him.

No. 616689

File: 1598536782574.png (69.31 KB, 739x875, wWsvUou.png)

I mean, he did accuse Nikoteenie of that. Possible projection.
>"Are you trans, is that what this is about?"

No. 616733

you don't know what gc is.

No. 616810


When they no longer want/need the money, like Notch or Rowling. They will have to keep cowtowing to these harpies that think up ever more insignificant things to screech about.

No. 616924

File: 1598555994177.jpg (82.65 KB, 720x845, EYUcC54UYAIL7vc.jpg)

almost blogged, whoops

No. 617201

I like their podcast, this is very disappointing. They shouldn't have to apologize for shit. If these faggots are so offended by their podcast, then why don't they stop listening to it? Their podcast was never squeaky clean to begin with, most podcasts aren't… the audience should know what to expect. if grown ass adults can't listen to a podcast where there's a man joking about his weight for five seconds, then I fear for the future of humanity.

No. 618718

File: 1598716479173.jpeg (56.43 KB, 800x533, 4572A060-DEDB-4265-80A3-54252B…)

This weird fish selfie pose is really annoying and i can’t explain why. I hate how its practically everywhere. It used to be kind of cute and enduring but when everyone has the same copypasta personality it can get very aggravating

No. 618720

It’s a boomer thing.

No. 618726

File: 1598718473961.png (99.86 KB, 1784x1182, Egdu7cxU8AAOLUd.png)

No. 618733

>the people in the comments just accepting it
LMAO what the fuck. Maybe he should give some of that money to the artist he was deadest on harassing and sending sexually explicit messages to.

No. 618737

i know for a fact if he was harassing a trans peeohcee sex worker or whatever the mob would be calling for him to pay reparations. what a joke

No. 618756

Why can’t Twitter stop fucking mentioning Kobe Bryant? Like a good portion of the Chadwick Boseman posts also mention Kobe. Don’t get me wrong, his death was tragic but I don’t get the logic of constantly mourning a rapist.

No. 618760

I figured he'd get off with no consequences bc he's part of the woke crowd. However, he does only have 1000 followers so it's likely that nobody knows who he is/gives a fuck about him

No. 619015

they were both black, thats really all there is to it. it does feel disrespectful to chadwick to keep mentioning kobe in light of his death. who's the one who just died? come on, twitter

No. 619057

File: 1598755758913.png (598.97 KB, 1242x2208, 56AB435D-EB02-4708-B958-005152…)


No. 619066

In 2 years twitter managed to become 20x more toxic and hellish than tumblr was in 10 years. Why is it so shit? too many freaks and normies?

No. 619097

ugh I don't know if anyone else has seen that CoCoLo comic going around about buying the shotacon love doll, but it makes me feel so grossed out. The amount of people praising "omg Japan is so sexually liberated!" and "good job OP for not touching a real child" is just icky to me. I hate men sometimes.

No. 619289


Update: they deleted said comic because they got too much hate, but they still have pictures of said love doll up in their media (one of their simps blamed “feminists with children” for this lol). In addition they have a lot of pictures of real children they consider “cute” in their media so yeah, I think this person is just not aware of how creepy they actually are.

No. 619302

Screencaps? What was the comic like?

No. 619308

File: 1598804519575.png (Spoiler Image,713.55 KB, 750x1334, 15B2DF6A-D966-4927-8F71-877BF3…)


I’m trying to dig around but all I could find was this 2nd page. The rest of the comic was talking about all the poses they could put it in and which countries permit the purchase of the doll.

No. 619310

>Good job OP for not touching real children
Holy shit pedophiles will get praised for the bare minimum nowadays. Sexual liberation is bordering on pedophile acceptance and it's honestly getting frightening. In the same vein as porn sickness encouraging men to seek out more hardcore thrills, I wonder what larping child molestation will evoke in this single celled organism? I think we know the answer to that one.

No. 619438

File: 1598814605786.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.99 MB, 1447x8188, full.jpg)

I found the full comic.

No. 619441

File: 1598815188393.jpg (32.02 KB, 479x592, 1598644205173.jpg)

Fucking disgusting, unnerving. Christ. Is this supposed to help? He is getting praised for this? I feel like it will exacerbate things. Just off yourself, much better. I would think that complete abstinence could work, I had a ddlg kink and I stopped interacting with any and all sort of things which might 'trigger' it and it helped me. But I am not a psych, maybe it's different for pedophile fucks.
>No Touch Yes Shotacon
Made me kek

No. 619442

And people praised this? Fucking sad.

No. 619443

every single word is so disgusting. feel at least a bit more shame, jesus.

No. 619445

What's the gist of it? I feel like the panels alone and the "Yes shotacon No touch" sign say it all, but I'm curious. Is he just going on about how hard it is to be a pedo and saying he deserves this, or?

No. 619453

>the nipples are just like a boy's!
How the fuck does this help anyone? Get therapy, not a sex doll of a child.

No. 619459

Bitch is only sorry that he got called out, not that he continuously harassed a female indie artist for TWO WEEKS over not paying respecc for stunning and brave twans wommyn. It wasn't just a single bout of explosive anger, he did it for two fucking weeks without the person ever replying back to his insults. Two bucks says he won't get any consequences for this while people would get fired for much less if it wasn't a spoiled daddy's little boy enjoying the spoils of nepotism. Pathetic and disgusting.

No. 619461

>why are these faggots so fucking offended!!!!!
>i fear for the future of humanity because people are upset about Thing!!!!

this is a 100% normal thing to say and doesn’t at all exactly mimic the very behaviour you’re complaining about. good job!

No. 619465

>No Touch Yes Shotacon
A couple days ago an anon linked a super interesting ama of a person who works with non-offending pedophiles but sadly I forgot which thread it was.
They repeatedly pointed out how horrible drawn child porn is, because it lowers those mens inhibitions and makes them much more likely to act on their desires. Most of them are hypersexual, the best cure is chemical sterilization, not giving them material to fap to.
It seems like this is common knowledge amongst professionals, so I seriously don't understand how this disgusting "it's not bad if it's not real children"-sentiment has turned so widespread.

No. 619480

i think part of that is due to the opposition. most of the people who are extremely vocal about drawings are also those "all anime is CP" freaks. they never bring up stuff like what you said.