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File: 1584811688301.jpg (56.44 KB, 1280x768, Twitter-Logo.jpg)

No. 529582

*~Twitter:the place where racism,sexism and pedophilia is allowed meanwhile actual harmless tweets get deleted~*

Discuss the twitter cringefests,drama,stan twitter autism
or just things you dont like about the app and that irk you.

No. 529849

File: 1584835044615.png (6.77 KB, 679x427, 128978791167920110725-22047-16…)

>Be new to Twitter
>Tries finding a friend with similar interests
>Soon I find myself talking to this person,we get along well,we share memes,we share the same opinions and we are the same age,speak the same languages,it's perfect so far
>I realized that I haven't actually seen her all of her account info,just her bio and avatar (no dumb pronouns or any shit like that,generic picture of her mangy pet cat as her pfp)hmm nothing wrong here
>Then I found out she follows Shadman,other nasty furfag artists too
>Retweets furwanker porn,the abhorrent shit I've seen (can't believe it's allowed on Twitter)
>Faves more furwanker porn and autistic greasy losers wearing fursuits
>Follows 3 zoophiles (I regret looking at their profiles)
>Immediately blocks her and I then delete my Twitter
God I hate Twitter

No. 529923

Shadman used to provide real good guides for digital newbies though

No. 529940

Doesn't make him any less of a piece of shit though

No. 530006

Good guides for what? His anatomy and rendering are garbage. /ot

Twitter is trying so hard to the the new ~quirky~ platform but it was never be as uniquely shitty as 2015 Tumblr.

No. 530010

I'm pretty sure I brought this up in the past but the fact that you can get banned for simply saying men aren't women but not even receive a slap on the wrist for literally being an outspoken pedo tells me all I need to know about this fucking website. Why they continue to protect pedo communities is beyond me

No. 530041

Yeah you can't call Yaniv a he on either twitter or youtube without swift punishment. Weird priorities given the context of why Yaniv is being spoken about in the first place.. him messaging kids on twitter to talk about inserting tampons

No. 530232

Seriously, what is up with twitter allowing straight up degeneracy? I once made a mistake of browsing one cow’s likes on twitter and saw explicit cartoon bestiality, featuring an implied minor character. It’s like they’re ok with all sorts of vile shit as long as there’s a useless 18+ warning slapped on, which anyone can click through.

No. 530250

File: 1584897520864.jpeg (71.11 KB, 750x616, 60D5E238-581B-4498-8F06-C738CB…)

the fact that people like this exist is pathetic, these fucking "multiple system" tumblr refugees are scum of the earth

No. 530266

yesterday i finlly stopped using twitter and gave my account to a friend of mine.
And today i feel so much better knowing i wont have to use that toxic app anymore.
Also dont get me started how followers on twitter are spoiled cunts and want you to dedicate your time to only posting on twitter.

No. 530334

I hate this website. I made an account to post my art a few months ago and despite using hastags, drawing relatively popular characters and commenting on other people posts I'm still stuck at zero followers. And all of the youtubers I follow keep rting commie shit about killing landlords from people with "[character] says trans rights" screennames I don't know how much more of this shit I can take

and I forgot to mention how normal it is for people(mostly males) to act like complete cumbrains

No. 530382

or maybe your art is just bad lol

No. 530389

Its very hard to get noticed on twitter or even get followers Unless you have a former fanbase,are famous or one of your posts go viral..
I would suggest you use Instagram to share your art.
Not that anon, getting followers or mutuals on twitter is extremely hard. It has nothing to do with wherever their art is good or bad.

No. 530443

What am…what am I looking at here?

Is this a new form of mental illness?

No. 530818

i feel like a huge portion of twitters base are either tumblr sjw or they are incel extremists who hate women and other races.

No. 530830

Literally got suspended (banned actually since it isnt my first suspension) for tweeting to Elon Musk that he's an ugly musky piece of shit who lacks empathy to those affected by the virus

I had an account attacked by a tranny who makes lewd sonic the hedgehog art. I am not joking about that one. You're right, being a cumbrain is a normal thing on Twitter.

No. 530871

File: 1584980437813.png (19.3 KB, 584x183, shut up.PNG)

i hate this bitch, every time i follow somebody, no matter what, she is there, in my timeline, at first I thought"oh is juts a girl that discover she is a lesbian" and let it be, but i hate the fact that now she make you feel bad for not suking her "girlfriend" girl dick

No. 530889

I'm going to try to delete my twitter because it's basically tumblr 2.0 but even worse because of how mainstream and unpractical it is. Literally the only people I want to follow on this shit hole are mangaka I like and I'll just turn to instagram to follow irl friends and family anyway.

Furries are completely shameless on twitter, I'll never understand that shit since normies are using it too, unlike in tumblr or deviantart. Reminds me of that "bitch I'm a cow" song by Doja Cat which was pretty successful, a furry artist drew some weird as fuck fanart of the music video with Doja Cat as a cow furry with giant udders in a skimpy outfit and her @ her on the post. Dude was shocked to see that she quoted the tweet with "WTF IS THIS" or something like that and was disgusted by it and other degenerates were telling him that he did nothing wrong uwu.

No. 530904

I never got into twitter even 10 years ago and I've made accounts quite a few times but I deleted them all.I find the site unpractical and there's so much cattiness going on??I briefly used it last year for a couple of weeks and honestly found it unbearable

No. 530924

File: 1584986648623.jpg (62.48 KB, 1199x191, Screenshot_20200323-185524_Twi…)

I use twitter for notifications about Japanese games, but boy oh boy am I tired of the blatant woke pedos on there. 30+ year old fans that write erotica of idols or children's game characters, have R18 accounts and post how horny they are and are for some reason popular. I don't care if you're 60 and in a fandom, but the whole "uwu i'm so soft but also horny tee hee" image is creepy.

It's even worse that some artists I like deleted their pixivs and moved to twitter.

No. 530928

>I'm going to try to delete my twitter because it's basically tumblr 2.0 but even worse because of how mainstream and unpractical it is.
Feels like it got worse since porn was banned on Tumblr. After that happened a bunch of MAP accounts started springing up and some implied that people who protested to pedophiles openly being on the platform were bigoted for judging people who have an attraction that they can't control. Yet saying men aren't women could get your account banned or suspended.
It's still my favorite mainstream social media site because I like observing internet arguments and the memes are better than boomer facebook humor, but the amount of insufferable tumblr-tier twats have hit a peak.

No. 530929

Something different, but I hate how dead some twitters can be. Like if your twitter has 5 post max and all them are from 3 years ago stop spamming your twitter on every book you make

No. 530933

File: 1584987930200.gif (6.74 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 530941

It's always those cunts with an anime avatar damn it

No. 530956

I'm ayrt and pal let me tell you I have seen people with absolute garbage deviantart-tier shit and they have like 1000 followers. My art is at least decent but quality don't mean shit anyways

No. 530968

true, i was just being a dick. i know of some really shit artists on twitter that have 10k followers. try getting into some drama with someone if you want exposure. that's how most of those idiots get it

No. 530992

An author i really like banned me years ago for saying something to the likes of criticizing islam for being massively bad for women and homophobic. it's so weird because i didnt know she banned me until months later. Twitter has gotten even worse and i refuse to partake in tumblr 2.0

No. 531092

File: 1585015940333.jpeg (82.09 KB, 576x1024, 1622C28C-BFBA-4976-8B36-67EB26…)

Your typical Twitter baddie goes off about how bad capitalism is and how oppressed women are while supporting shit like make-up and the sex industry. Twitter woke culture is just about typing in as many buzzwords in a thread.

No. 531107

She only wants the capitalism that she can participate in regardless of the expense of other women. Twitterfags are massive hypocrites and virtue signalers.

No. 531109

There's a twitter account like that I hate. About 27k followers. Claims to be bi, only dates men. a communist, hates capitalism, but always acts like a vapid superficial bitch. is from a quiet town in ni, claims she was hassled as a child by the police for being a catholic and constantly victimises herself. no one from armagh actually likes her

No. 531114

I've been on tumblr forever and I've never seen this amount of insufferable and degenerate people on there like I do on twitter. It's like tumblr but 10x worse.

I fucking hate these types of people too. So shallow it's embarrassing.

No. 531130

at least i get a laugh out of tumblr, twitter just makes me angry. no wonder most normies say they're depressed nowadays

No. 531145

Who was it?

No. 531146

Post it then, this is an image board

No. 531149

File: 1585033301258.jpeg (378.68 KB, 640x594, 38C7546D-05AB-412B-BAF5-5B1FD0…)

Twitter is where celebrities go to pretend that they give a fuck about the world or ram their boring obnoxious personalities down everyones throats. Some of the worst offenders are: Jameela Jamil, Halsey, Chrissy Tegan, Jason Biggs, Aaron Carter, Touis Tomlinson, Sam Smith, (fucking hate this cunt) Kanye west, Demi Lovato, Rihanna oh and so much more. I absolutely moisten my cooch when I see their Machiavellian antics come back to bite them in their swollen asses. Also this piece of shit fucking cunt , poor excuse for a model Dani Mathers who looks like a basic ass bitch and ruined her fucking career by behaving like a middle schooler who’s parents are having a messy divorce (pic related is some fat old woman spotted at the gym while princess here excersises with her personal trainer before seeing her personal physiotherapist. Celebrities need to be cyber bullied online, brings them down a peg, yes you may be rich and successful with many adoring fans but that won’t stop people shitting on you when you/say do something obnoxious or dumb.

No. 531166

File: 1585037864935.png (472.38 KB, 583x483, loveyouqueen.png)

Twitter gays are just misogynistic and degenerate, but make it "woke" and "inclusive". There's a lot of cattiness and internet slapfights that happens a lot on Twitter too, and the amount of gore and gross edgy shit you can easily find is unbelievable and disgusting.

Normies also finding out how doxxing works and doxxing people over the little shit like when that woman got doxxed over thinking we should pay more attention to Coronavirus panic and not Kobe Bryant's death.

No. 531188

is this supposed to be degenerate tho? i mean, they are, but what's degen about signing poppers? it's lame but how is it perverted

No. 531245

Poppers are a drug that basically loosens up your anus and are used in gay raves for obvious reasons,can be very dangerous

No. 531248

I've done poppers before but really it's like handing your already used bottle of lube over to someone to sign, they're a sex tool and you should keep that shit to yourself

No. 531253

File: 1585058010697.jpg (480.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200324-134824.jpg)

She's an absolute melt. Has never posted a candid unedited photo of herself. Thinks she's the only 32 year old woman that receives dms from men. Thinks her tinder dms are going to get her a book deal. Perpetually single. Convinced someone to date her for 2 months but got drunk and scared him off, immediately back on tinder posting screenshots of the dms. Wonders why a man won't settle down with her when she's attention seeking, low self esteem and argumentative but thick af.

Mostly I hate her sectarian views and her sensationalism of the troubles. She is 2 years older than me but likes to enmesh her living memories with what the men born in the 70s write on twitter about their experience of the troubles. My ma is a cathloic born in '59 and has apparently never faced such staunch discrimination as poor Ciara here

No. 531255

ty anons, i didn't know, i figured they were just mostly used like whippets. well, that's gross then

No. 531261

gay men are disgusting. i'm sorry

No. 531262

I remember when this horrible bitch posted this photo. Did she get banned, fined? I hope something happened to this ugly cunt

No. 531264

i'm genuinely curious how that'd work.

No. 531282

File: 1585062751594.jpeg (426.08 KB, 1242x911, 1557842946171.jpeg)

I made a twitter account mainly for PreCure. I had lots of fun in the beginning, but after exploring twitter of my sfw mutals, I discovered basically every guy who is into PreCure is a degenerate pedo. They post vomit-inducing hentai with those 12 year old girls and sexualize the most innocent scenes on their nsfw accounts.

No. 531286

Not to mention the amount of minors exposed to DDLG/BDSM on Twitter. There's so many young girls who already have an NSFW Twitter account, it's alarming.

No. 531290

I really dislike how Twitter has given annoying obsessed fans a chance to interact with celebs and they usually get into these embarrassing hissy fights where they comment to a tweet criticising them or something. It's way better when there's a sense of boundary or limited interaction between fans and celebs because we see what a mess it can become on Twitter

Twitter is where brain cells and self control go to die basically, you get involved in these petty arguments with irritating fuckwits because it's part of the culture and it's like you're expected or encouraged to join in because everybody else does it. What an exhausting website

No. 531293

i'm more annoyed that twitter is giving annoying celebs a platform to talk in general.

No. 531294

I like the Pretty Rhythm series and it's basically the same thing. Kind of sucks how you can't talk about it with someone who isn't a child or pedophile.

No. 531313

Out of curiosity, do you guys have any examples? I'm not active on Twitter or Tumblr nor do I have any interest in such shows but I sometimes see guys raving about those titles on Reddit.

Just wondering how bad it can be (don't post pics of hentai though please ugh)

No. 531326

It's honestly pony series of japan. Either kids or disgusting perverts.

No. 531349

Jesus, I would've been a lot better off not knowing what exactly poppers were lmao. How disgusting… why are all Charlie Xcx fans so weird and obnoxious??

No. 531351

It's just the fags that are. Charli is a cishet woman but she's been claimed by certain stanfags and tbh it's ruined her a bit.

No. 531409

Not really, lots of PreCure fans (esp in Japan) are normal women in their 20s-30s or moms. But male fans are a different story.

No. 531431

Tbh western Precure fans are kinda nuts too. Really draws in the unhinged weebs.
Also people really love to endlessly argue on twitter, it's insane. It's like here except ten times worse.

No. 531492

File: 1585091837852.jpg (39.4 KB, 700x393, manakalala.jpg)

I was searching for some art twitter accounts to follow, some time ago, and I found that one disgusting art account full of lewd drawings of Lala Manaka (from Pripara) in her child form.
Shit like that makes me especially angry because she's character from a child media. Imagine all these girls that were searching for their favorite cartoon charas online and they found this shit. Disgusting.

No. 531516

i was banned and they demanded to get my real phone number (i did not give it to them) because i called blaire white an ugly misogynistic man brain after he told a woman whose family was killed by a fellow womanhating man she "needed dick" lol. twitter is worse than 4chan for misogyny nowadays.

No. 531741

Don't forget the time a Twitter gay made this woman sign his fucking douche


Twitter is the epitome of "Misogyny but make it woke."

No. 531742

File: 1585149806862.jpg (47.27 KB, 768x548, charli_enema-768x548.jpg)

I forgot the picture

No. 531746

and most of the time they dont even add a nswf warning so you get to see that shit by suprise

No. 531750

Why is she going along with this shit?? I had only heard of the poppers one before now

No. 531754

I just looked it up and appearantly she didn't know what that is (understandable, I wouldn't know either). They also made her shout "gay right" while holding poppers… https://twitter.com/LENNONADDICTION/status/1173760168481513473 Just look at her dead eyes, fucking hell. She probably wishes for annoying preteen fangirls instead of fags harrassing her to do nasty shit.

No. 531760

She’s probably so used to these freaks. Nowadays Gay,trans & sex is these peoples personality. I wonder how woke Twitter would feel if a straight man had her sign their pocket pussy. I guess being gross doesn’t matter because gay men aren’t attracted to her, or ppl assume that gay men can’t be gross sexiest jerks who can/do sexually harass women, or make us uncomfortable

Anyway I got banned on twitter because I told a white trans woman to stop comparing ppl not wanting her girl dick, to people not dating black people & to stop comparing POC to trans shit.
I got called a piece of TERF trash (a white dude got mad at me a black woman for telling him to stop using us for his dumb ass agenda) and I had a bunch of people jump down my throat and report me

No. 531771

When charli first came out in the early 2010s she was adored by female fans. 2013 was a great year for women in music. Idk when Stan fags started claiming her but they gatekeep the fandom too and it's such shite.

Twitter is a shithole for people spouting off buzzwords with understanding what they actually mean. Half the dumb cunts don't even use them in the right context.

No. 531819

File: 1585159163092.jpg (34.23 KB, 500x499, f6aca564b6ed40e6351025556f35a4…)

Can someone please explain to me why kpop accounts constantly post videos of their idols in the replies of tweets? They do it everywhere, even during arguments. Shit is fucking weird.

No. 531828

because teens nowadays get joy from their videos of their favorite idok reaching certain amount of views. kind of like how people get excited when their youtube videos hit a certain number of views, like a milestone. they're mostly there to torture people who have autoplay on however and i tend to block all of them

No. 531863

It's fancams. Honestly I love their replies lol

No. 531880

I think it's just a way to be funny or smug. Like when they post a hot take or make a witty comeback they attach a video of the kpop stars dancing to be irreverent.

No. 531943

Yeah whats up with that? Trans people always want to use people not wanting to suck their dick as comparison to the oppression black people face. Its so weird.

Twitter is by far worse than tumblr imo. If you're not a gay trans right woke activist-esque type person who hates capitalism and loves anime you're literal scum to those people.

No. 532091

I've heard because it's considered competition with other K-pop fangirls, the more they post videos/pictures of their favorite group the more "popular" they are than the others or something like that. It's why they spam random hashtags with pictures that are irrelevant to the tag.
Barely related but something like that happened to me on Tumblr where some people kept harassing me and I asked them to cut it out and they just kept posting these ugly little men dancing and saying "u mad" like please stop it's not cute or funny get a hobby holy shit.

No. 532102

Cumbrains are disgusting anon, regardless of what kind

No. 532103

File: 1585198699577.jpeg (66.77 KB, 525x621, E215AD47-27D9-4DE3-A941-4B449F…)


They came down on her like a tonne of shit considering the woman was half naked. She essentially broke revenge porn laws.
Here is her grovelling for forgiveness on twitter.

No. 532106

File: 1585200318438.png (254.69 KB, 1000x600, twtscrote.png)

pedophile "lolicon" scrote tries to justify baby rape (aka "paraphillic infantalism"). yet thinks he can kinkshame furries (also degenerate, but not usually pedos). gets angry that people also told him to kill himself

right wing animefag twitter is just as retarded and cancerous as leftytwitter

No. 532114

god the amount of illegal porn, especially cp and beastiality on this hell site makes me want to vomit. and the whole woke twitter shit annoys me to no end, I mean, some of it is pretty funny but most of it just makes me cringe. yeah.

No. 532151

And these are the people complaining about degeneracy.

No. 532157

lmao they can be used for sex but likely 99% of the gays and girls in her fanbase use them as party drugs because they give you a really giggly headrush. they genuinely do feel a bit like whip its so this anon >>531255 isnt wrong. plenty of women use them, charli has and does mention them a lot, searching her tweets/retweeting the ones where she mentioned poppers was a bit of an inside joke for some stans… like, there are videos of ppl sniffing them at festivals and shit with 100% no intention of fucking. what was Actually really fucked up and disrespectful was when a guy had her sign an enema bulb. this is whatever

No. 532163

the worst of all was the guy with his mom's ashes

No. 532326

its always the pedophiles who love to judge everyone else but then when someone calls them out then suddenly they are uwu victimos who have a thousand excuses over why they masturbate to children

No. 532377

Good. she's an ugly piece of shit for doing what she did

No. 532569

That’s because pedos are mentally stunted retards who should all die. They’re not regular human beings as their instincts are to fuck children rather than nurture and protect the weak.

No. 532571

Anyone into loli or ddlg or ANYTHING to do with sexualisation of kids doesn’t have a right to judge a furry. Most people have more respect to those that lick toilet seats and eat shit. They should be reminded at any opportunity that they are the lowest of the low. If I see someone into ddlg I immediately accuse them of being a pedo because they are. There’s plenty of women who get off to watching kids being molested I.e Karla holmoka and Myra hindley, which I think all the ddlg whores on twitter are like.

No. 532572

Google her name and it’s all you see. Fucking hate her. Notice she tries to justify it by saying it’s a “private conversation” as if that makes it better. The woman was a perfectly normal looking 70 year old who looks better than that frankenwhore will at her age due to plastic surgery.

No. 532758

I don't see the difference between sexualized drawings of children and actual cp. They always argue that "no real children are harmed" So are we supposed to give you medals for not acting on a fetish that any decent human being is NOT supposed to have? Why can't they just admit that they need help or atleast do the world a favor and kill themselves in their bedrooms.

No. 532800

yeah like it's still the kids that turn them on… even if they didn't wank to real cp, it's the child aspect that turns them on. fucking ridiculous to claim a pedophile isn't a pedophile because he masturbates to fantasies about kid and not pictures or videos of real live kids…

No. 532811

It should also apply to people who act out molestation of children and get turned on. All should be fed to the horses.

No. 532827

File: 1585330568110.jpg (88.4 KB, 828x928, EUEVKujXkAM_qg0.jpg)

did anyone else see the mimolet fiasco on twitter? i have a normie friend who barely knows anything about shit like this who liked the original art in question but she didn't realize it was like sexual art and she felt awful about it.

i also recognized the art style and realized it was a user on tumblr i used to follow like years ago.

No. 532831


Someone I followed like this (immediately unfollowed)

I tried to see the replies and it was deleted and they privated fast as fuck, Honestly don't know what they expected posting it? genuinely disgusting

No. 532835

This came up on my timeline and my first thought was that it was sexual because of the first pic. Then second pic I was just like "oh its about their little paws on their feet, it's just cute" since I've seen lots of genuinely innocent fanart about how cute the details of the little pawprint on their feet are and the third pic just sort of confirmed my thoughts. I went back to look at it a while after retweeting it and and then realized the fucking TINY PENIS in the last pic and realized I was sorely mistaken and it was in fact sexual in nature and now I'm nervous because my friends always make jokes about me being a furry fucker (because I like Inuyasha lol) and I retweeted this thinking it was just some cute innocent shit…

No. 532838

I don't get why people like this puerile shit

No. 532860

Clowns in the replies on the callout post are saying shit like "it's just a drawing!"

Do they not realize that in parts of Europe, drawings of CP are illegal, too?

Then you have other tards pretending to be Japanese and saying "stupid Americans, offended by CP," when normal Japanese people are just as disgusted by loli and CP as Westerners. The only people defending this are degenerates. Loli and cub are gateway drugs to actual CP.

No. 532864

I mean… to be fair… they're raccoons…

No. 532866

File: 1585337339374.png (Spoiler Image, 166.4 KB, 603x425, show them.PNG)

looking for the artis name let me to this lovely furry frick

No. 532867

File: 1585337384901.jpg (169.13 KB, 1140x712, Raccoon dog 1.jpg)

Actually, they're tanuki, but that's irrelevant. They have more in common with human children than they do with real tanuki. They're basically children with animal ears and tails. The game explicitly stated that they're kids– it's part of their backstory.

No. 532871

My bad & yes I know lol I just think it sounds kind of funny when you say child porn to a drawing of >tanuki
It's still gross as fuck don't get me wrong I'm 100% on your side here but good luck getting any law enforcement to take that seriously.

No. 532874

…… wth….. honestly why do ppl have to sexualize every damn thing twitter really is like tumblr in that sense

No. 532911

File: 1585342323605.png (86.37 KB, 513x154, alright.PNG)

Getting real tired of horny twitter and it's terrible attitude in general ngl
If I run into another Tr*ns femboy person's profile page filled with degenerate shit involving furries and animu toddlers again I'm gonna lose it. So many of these coomers are one dog fuck away from becoming the next Todokaras.

I wish there was a way to completely filter this stuff out. I didn't care about it at first but now this shit is starting to spill out into full public view.

No. 532913

>I wish there was a way to completely filter this stuff out.
You can stop using twitter/social media.

No. 532918

Or y’know a better filter or tagging system. Or even a proper website to contain fanart coom.

No. 532920

That will never happen.

No. 532922

Sure but a decrease would be nice.

Anyway, fuck twitter’s shitty tagging system. Tumblr was at least better for that. Made it easier to find good fanart and resources.

No. 533013

people who defend shit like this will say "why don't you fight actual cp" and i can understand that by reporting stuff like this it clusters actual reports of irl cp. i personally wouldn't report this to law enforcement

however i still think it's important to take notice because as the anon said in >>532860 it can lead to more extreme things

No. 533157

Speaking of CP, one of those pictures is literally of a fifteen year old boy getting raped by his abusive father.

The internet was a mistake.

No. 533808

File: 1585507085829.png (4.32 KB, 312x74, llllll.png)

satire but most twitter bio's look like this

No. 533923

File: 1585522087641.png (37.76 KB, 679x200, 76.png)

No. 534023

File: 1585540692573.jpeg (101.34 KB, 750x214, E21E35FF-50C1-4F65-B0E8-D0A3A6…)

>"they/them" lesbian

No. 534027

>trying to downloan my twitter archive before deleting my account so I can still look at pretty art I retweeted
>it's not working
What do?

No. 534028

been seeing more nb 'lesbians' as the day passes when it's just obvious tims who want to keep their dick

No. 534100

I don't even care too much about them making up new words/pronouns or coming up with complicated sexualities like demisexual but why can't they leave established words with an established meaning (like lesbian) alone??

No. 534161

more like "closeted" fakebois

No. 534534

I'm glad this thread was made. And I'm happy to know that people share the sentiments of Twitter being absolutely worse than tumblr. At least with Tumblr it's easier to filter out all the BS virtue signaling, woke tweets and just focus on pics.
And anyone notice lots of queer baiting with thots? Just to seem less thotty? It's just so weird cause I've never seen it happen as much even compared to Tumblr.

No. 534568

I've been saying for years Twitter was becoming tumblr 2.0 and I wasn't even the only one that shared this opinion. It took cumbrains like furrys, pedos, mysoginistic "totally gay" scrotes and openly and proudly out far right incel scum among many other degenerates to turn the site into an absolute porn infested harassing shithole for people to start seeing this. Why does it always take so long for people to notice this sort of things? Like why now and not one or two years ago.

No. 534571

Define "queer baiting" Anon. What do you mean, the e-thots who post photoshoots for thirsty scrotes making out? Who the fuck cares about those, not like any genuine lesbian is partaking in them, either as a producer or as a consumer. It's just the usual signaling bullshit catheted to straight men.

No. 534572

File: 1585660286226.jpg (163.34 KB, 720x560, 20200329_124733.jpg)

>Why does it always take so long for people to notice this sort of things? Like why now and not one or two years ago.
It's obviously gotten so much worse since all of the degenerates from Tumblr moved to Twitter. Like sure there were signs, but now to most people it's undeniable.

No. 534575

>I'm a free woman with a gun
Wow I wish that was me

No. 534605

No not like any cosplay photoshoots. Although you mentioning that does remind me of Susu and bunny. I was mostly referring to sexually ambiguous tweets that ethots partake in back and forth when they clearly are straight. I guess its a game of ass kissing and pretending to be attracted to each other.

None of it really matters, just an observation I find with the culture surrounding Twitter.

No. 534662

Isn't it kinda the typical close-knit straight girl friends group behavior we can observe for ages though? Calling each other pet names, kissing, cuddling, constantly saying compliments to each other. Doesn't have to be queer-baiting, it's just being affectionate and supportive. And, in this specific case, additionally they promote each other.

No. 534668

keep trying anon. Everytime I tried to archive, it let me, it has to work. At worst you can always make a list of the good artists you are following and just make another account to keep them in a list.

No. 534673

i feel like she meant more shoe on head style of attention whoring where a woman constantly sexualizes women in gross ways like "uwu girls that look like underage lolis and hate abortion are better then those western sluts" for attention despite being a misogynist that can't stand the company of other women.

No. 534677

Im going to be real with you anon: not even most of e-thots and coswhores behave as disgustingly as June does as ironic as this sounds. Most of them are level headed and keep avoid the "uwu" neckbeard pandering if not necessary. They just post their photoshoots and leave the kind of comments >>534662 says to other e-thots in order to promote as she said. It takes a very special sort of extreme stupidity to unironically engage with this sort of audience like shoe does.

No. 535037

File: 1585752545706.jpg (86.82 KB, 748x979, disease.jpg)

Why does every fandom police retard have a disease?

No. 535038

File: 1585752579083.jpg (43.71 KB, 604x348, disease2.jpg)


No. 535039

File: 1585752651478.jpg (39.65 KB, 614x303, disease3.jpg)

same person

No. 535042

this is so cringe holy shit

No. 535043

Poor lamb. Wait until they find out about actual real world problems.

No. 535052

>they look like people
No they don't? What kind of people is she hanging out with, cutesy plushes that are actually alive like in Toys Story?

No. 535095

this isn't a real problem but i get what they're saying tbh. it is kind of weird if you don't feel any empathy as an adult towards video game characters that aren't supposed to be villains or anything. i remember my ex would kick the chickens for fun in Fable and it was a huge and accurate red flag tbh.

No. 535218

I feel like she had a slight point with a really bad example. If she said this about all the people killing/torturing feminists in RDR2 it would make sense, but now she making a something up for a non issue

No. 536374

File: 1586005336612.png (84.43 KB, 720x648, Screenshot_20200404-205817~2.p…)

Eating cats good, white culture evil. Hashtag woke!

No. 536379

Shes right though. Its mostly arbitrary to apply random standards on what animals are right or wrong to eat, so it always devolves into "my culture is right". There is no real moral division between eating a cow and a cat besides culture. Both animals are cpaable of empathy, pain, and emotions. Calling it someone racist is a bit of strech, its more eurocentric. The main flaw with her argument is she used one meant to defend vegans into one meant to defend wet markets. Finally she never said white culture evil. She said "its wrong to assume white cultures morality is right about everything.

No. 536385

I mean that mukbanger that ate a roast cat has people all up in arms and I've seen some pretty racist shit said about that.

Meanwhile I love my pet rabbits but live in a white country where rabbit stew is popular. The same rabbit eaters complain about other cultures eating 'the cute and therefore off-limits' animals.

No. 536395

Wait a second, is it possible to… beat up animals in Animal Crossing? Why did they make it possible?

No. 536396

You've always been able to beat them with your nets/shovels until they get mad at you. All games had this.

No. 536399

I've seen enough videos of dogs and cats being tortured to know this shit isn't normal. Why can't they kill them first and then cook them?

No. 536434

>Why can't they kill them first and then cook them?
Because these retards believe the more you torture the animal before you kill it, the better it tastes. Watch everyone moralfag and defend it though cos muh culture. Pretty sure there is a difference between animals we domesticate to LIVE in our homes, guide us, and protect us and animals like a fucking cow. Still though, can't upset the slave master china on twitter.

No. 536491

Anon western animals face torture to. Most chickens don't die as fast as planned and they're dipped into boiling hot water alive to be de featured. If the CO2 levels in a pig pen are to low, pigs are kiled in automated gas chambers, pigs die slow painful deaths. If the stunning method of a cow fails, shooting it with a high pressure drill/shocking in hopes it cant feel pain and is stunned, cows will have their throats slit while sentient. Even fish and western markets have been recorded to react to being sufficated to death.

No. 536516


citation needed. there are Americans who live with animals like cows and chickens on their everyday homes, yet still kill and eat them, so whats your point?

exactly. this brutality happens in any country where animals are eaten. it's ironic to talk about moralfagging all while some anons are acting like they're on a moral highground because they're from the west where they can easily turn a blind eye to the animals being butchered for their food, all while grouping an entire country of vastly different cultural groups and customs as savages just because they extend it to all animals

No. 536602

yeah i don't defend the torture of animals before death as a belief that it makes the meat better but… all these westerners outraged yet they still eat factory farmed meat, despite factory farms being torture houses themselves and contributing to tons of waste.

No. 536883

Seems like every girl into anime is using she/they in her bio nowadays, it seems so pointless

No. 536889

I love how whenever someone points about something about a certain country people will jump up and say "but so and so does too!" Or some other lame half assed justification lol

No. 536901

The "You are being RACIST for not accepting people eating cats" argument is so annoying to me. No one is obliged to respect every cultural practice out there. What you personally choose to put in your mouth doesn't determine your race, and people are free to find your diet nasty.
I think eating quite a few animals (including but not limited to cats and dogs) is cruel and disgusting, but even worse than that is people who eat live animals and find entertainment in watching them wriggle around. Others may disagree, but I don't give a fuck. No one has to renege to them and pretend to be okay with it just because "That's how we do it at home!". Who cares? Your grandparents and their grandparents were fucked up, too, then. Die mad about it. Stop pretending it's the same as, say, different kinds of wedding clothing or cultural hairstyles. Once a living creature is harmed, it becomes an issue of personal morality for some people, and there's nothing wrong with not wanting harm to come to certain creatures (or even all of them, if you're the vegan/vegetarian type).
The only exception IMO is cultures where certain animals are all that's available to eat, like people who live where seals are one of the only viable long-term solutions for food. Most cultures who like eating "unorthodox" meat have no excuse, though. They just do this shit for fun.

No. 536902

Isn't their point that unless you stay away from all meat you can hardly call someone else cruel just for eating a different animal than the animals you eat? Seems like a valid point.

No. 536906

NTA, but even from that standpoint, the whole argument frames things as if it's a matter of alternatives. It's not as if in China, people eat cats instead of fish, beef or chicken. They just eat them all, lmao. They still look crueler because it's basically like no animal is spared (plus, they're killing more).

No. 536910

Because it's hypocritical to assume "china so evil" when you're no better. Im not defending them, but saying its naive to assume you're any better

No. 536915

> They still look crueler because it's basically like no animal is spared (plus, they're killing more).

That's like saying someone who only eats chicken every day can call a chicken and beef eater cruel. We're all killing and eating animals. My (western) country is known for serving up cooked breakfasts where theres 5 different types of meat on the plate, how is that less animals? In terms of quantity of meat per person I think people in my country eat more. Animal farming being a huge part of our economy too.

No. 536920

Yeah many western countries have seen a worrying increase in cases of bowel and rectal cancer from eating so much red meat and processed meat.. we're consuming way more meat than is necessary and our idea of what a portion of meat looks like is totally skewed.

I'm not about to judge people for eating a variety of meat when we beat them when it comes to the sheer amount of meat eaten.

No. 536927

>That's like saying someone who only eats chicken every day can call a chicken and beef eater cruel.
Well, yeah. They're both eating animals, but one person is clearly eating more animals than the other.
Ideally, people probably shouldn't be eating meat at all, but just because everyone's doing it doesn't make them all exactly the same and that no one should ever criticize.
China does eat less meat than the west for economic reasons, but their consumption is expected to double in the next decade or so, to the detriment of the environment. When you factor in that their meat is coming from more animals than just cows and chickens, it gets slightly more worrying.
It's kind of sad that it's only now some parts of China are banning consumption of wild animals. Disease should've been expected at some point, but plenty of people would rather cling to "muh culture" than follow sense.

No. 537013

I'm the anon who posted the tweet, sorry for causing the in-fighting/vegan derailing. And I probably read the tweet wrong. My point was that it is extremely bothersome that Woke Twitter always thinks culture is exempted from criticism, and when you do criticize shit outside your country, you are seen as racist.

No. 537172

File: 1586135122324.png (776.79 KB, 1920x964, 2345.png)

I hate twitter but I also love it for providing prime oversensitive retard content. I saw people making fun of this girl for literally thinking an Animal Crossing character was flirting with her. The lion does not want to fuck you.

No. 537194

My god, what a loser

No. 537195

What type of mental illness is this lol? Unless she's trolling.

No. 537203

Animal crossing is the least sexual game I have ever seen. Why the fuck is she so stupid to think a game targeted to children and families would have sexual harassment as an option? Dumbass probably thinks a person asking for directions is sexual assault.

No. 537238

This has to be a troll, but if it isn’t, whats really tragic is that 93 people hearted that shit

No. 537274

It's not, you can go check their twitter if you like. It's just a retard.

No. 537366

Twitter seems to breed oversensitive retards like crazy. It's actually insane, you see so many people getting upset over mundane things.

Literally stop playing the fucking game. In real life you don't get the luxury of just tuning out of uncomfortable/dangerous situations. Go into settings, reset your town. Is it that hard to not be a victim?

No. 537707


i wish this was a troll, but she seriously uses content warnings for animal crossing when her twitter is mostly animal crossing. why would anyone be following her if animal crossing triggered them lol

No. 538628

I long gave up on hoping Twitter will ever become more easy for non-Pro artists to use. Trying to get followers is based on either a previous following from another site or by super luck that someone popular will notice it.

The tagging is useless, popular artists always huff each other's farts (like in the comments section on a pic, the artist usually only responds to other popular artists, hmmm makes you really think.), and there's also the who SJW cancel calture around.

I'm surprised people aren't doing accounts that retweet your art if you @ them (or there are and I never noticed them?), or there's an artist(s) that doesn't mind giving people a boost if asked.

No. 538653

The way to gain traction on twitter is to make mutuals and find your niche. People notice you eventually but you have to interact with other people in order to do it and you have to build your own community. When you do the exposure can be pretty delicious. I lived an entire summer off of commissions I got purely from twitter once, so it’s not impossible. The benefit is pretty sweet and it’s great for networking, but I’m never fucking touching it again just because of the people on there. It’s pure cancer.

No. 538658

I've read this post three times and laughed every time at the last line.

No. 538666

>but I’m never fucking touching it again just because of the people on there. It’s pure cancer.
Hard fucking agree. Every other week I hear about some artist getting run of twitter because of petty drama. If you anger a group of stans or a group of literal children who like to scream at people on twitter all day, your mentions are just going to be filled with trash. If you're tagged as a NSFW account, twitter doesn't even automatically block users who are minors from following you. What the fuck? It's a shit platform in general. I'm currently waiting for fanexus to come out.

But you know, of course children are the ones behind most of the catfights on twitter. What do you have to do if you're in middle school or high school? Go to school, and cry. That's literally all you need to do. Might as well get on twitter and try to act hard.

No. 538701

I’ll take edgy 14 year olds over unstable adults who live on twitter any day. Behavior coming from people like that, especially your own age, is just about the most unnerving shit. They have literal meltdowns and full intent on causing harm where as a 14 year old tumblrino spamming the tags of a ship they don’t like, is annoying at its worst.

I just hate artist witch hunts/drama in general. Who cares if you had a bad experience with them, or if they said some offensive shit?

No. 538773


Oh god yes! Trying to be friends with other artists on Twitter is such a fucking pain! If you have less followers than them you'll totally get ignored. If you have the same amount of followers as them they'll see you as competition and ignore you too. If you try to make friends with artists that have low follower count than you, they also have a tendency to ignore you because they see you as a threat! Whatever happen to social media being a tool to make friends with the same interest? I hate how Twitter and IG turns everything into a popularity competition. Dammit it! I just want artfriends to talk about fandom art stuff and do fun art collabs together, fuck your popularity race!

And the SJW culture is just too over the top. Get off the internet if you can't handle different views. Not everyone in the world has the same world view and lifeexperience as you. However I do hate how Tumblr degeneracy has infected Twitter as of late. I lowkey blame Tumblr for the downfall of Twitter.

No. 538864

the ezra miller whiteknighting on twitter is insane, i even saw some tweet that she deserved to be choked because…she was laughing at him..

No. 538866

File: 1586440069119.jpg (47.9 KB, 589x645, 15449841651968.jpg)

Some of yall really be letting twitter know you lurk lc on an account with your face attached… 9/10 times looking like you have bpd lmao

No. 538870

The things people think others deserve to be harmed over truly are horrifying. Humanity was a mistake.

No. 538916


Agreed. The life ruination shit that takes place on there is too far, even for me.

No. 538921

my friend has become cringe. despite being a grown adult, they spend hours every day arguing with everyone on twitter over opinions (even minors). it's so embarrassing to see but i don't know how to approach this topic. if i unfollow then i'll get questioned but they post every day and i'm tired of seeing it

No. 538922

Mute them or mute buzzwords they use the most.

No. 538924

I once looked at my aunt’s account on Twitter and learned she was getting into slap fights constantly. I love her but she can be pretty fucking annoying and self righteous at times so I’m honestly not surprised.

No. 538950

Is anyone seeing #IstandwithLesbianBabadiock trending?

Not that I think Aimee came off great either but this hashtag represent everything wrong with Twitter and this generation

No. 538981

Twitter was my go-to social media for a while because I could escape the people I know irl and just talk about games and movies and look at cute pictures but now all I see is MEN thirsting after trannies and ugly photoshopped costhots and e whores and stupid hypocritical leftist ideologies and shitty “only cishet whites commit crimes” bullshit I’m so triggered today.

No. 539003


That's why I quit using Twitter! I couldn't even seek out cute art without seeing costhot butthole and ingrown hair infested vag

No. 539167

Can anyone explain me the whole point of the stan accounts? Recently a friend turn her personal into one and I can't get it. It's so cringy but they think is so funny? Am I too old?

No. 539170

What's a stan account? …That's when you know you're too old lol.

No. 539176

teenagers use them to talk about their obsessions and make friends their age who also like that sort of shit.
they do that until they grow out of it. it's just a random fan account for a thing or several things they like.
that's all. it's not that deep.

No. 539187

good lord girl, just tell her you think she's cringy and stop whining

No. 539527

I agree with the idea that’s it’s really a non-issue when you get an ugly villager and that people need to chill the fuck out. I’m the type who would get sad in real life when I was accidentally mean to one of my villagers though lol. I once made one of my villagers angry in Wild World when I was a kid and didn’t play for a few days I was so upset

Genuine non-snobby question but are you and your friend still in High School? STAN accounts are just the new wave version of all of the tumblrs dedicated to a particular character/celebrity/any piece of media ever except on a more ‘normie’ platform. I did it as a kid but eventually grew out of it and your friend probably will too. Just mute her and pray she doesn’t try and rope you into whatever her obsession is.

No. 540252

File: 1586730769033.png (133.37 KB, 719x707, twitter.png)

No. 540253

File: 1586730796514.png (233.54 KB, 719x944, twitter2.png)

No. 540254

File: 1586731308700.jpg (11.82 KB, 539x303, B2Th98xIQAAITIz.jpg)

No. 540261

they really think that we're all neurotypical, abled, straight and white? or did i miss something

No. 540268

It's always these people defending loli too

No. 540270

>REEEE let me fantasise about diddling kids in peace you meanie terfs!!!

I really can't with these twitter snowflakes. They likely don't give a fuck about us actually roastiing of crinngy internet people, they just don't like being called out, but like calling people out when it fits them.

No. 540271

To be honest, they're the ones who will call everyone and everything a pedophile/nazi/fascist and have loli/shota blacklisted and all that jazz. They're those infamous people who say you are a pedo/murder apologist for liking a 2D character who is not all sunshines and rainbows.

No. 540272

>calling out Aggy on his creepy shit means you're an anti and a radfem

What a clever way to gather sympathy tbh
Combine those two words and you got both coomers and trooners rushing in to defend them.

No. 540273

these ppl actually draw cp, dude

No. 540277

I'm not familiar with the person in the tweet and thought they are one of those woke SJWs going on their umpteenth rant over why this and that is bad.

My bad, I guess.

No. 540278

>My bad, I guess.
NTA but it's an easy mistake to make. There have been artists who've done pedo callouts only to come up later as posting cp or other "problematic" content under an adult only account. It's just part of the hypocrisy these people come equipped with.

No. 540349

File: 1586747087339.jpg (132.35 KB, 638x931, cringe btw.jpg)

Really? Because whenever someone comes in a thread whining about "b-but what about the rights of the fictional characters??" they almost always get bent in half, and rightfully so.
>lolcow has threads dedicated to harassing and bothering transgender teenagers
I bet she's talking about the fakeboi thread, lol. Checking their bio it says she's a they/them-
>pic related
Oh, well would you look at that. Still writing chemical romance fics, nice.

No. 540418

File: 1586776667229.jpeg (249.36 KB, 1242x930, 1DB1F2A0-C4DC-439D-A57A-562682…)

not even into kpop bshit but i keep stumbling upon lana shitstorm tweets and im so mad

No. 540597

File: 1586816553780.jpg (44.24 KB, 1234x435, EUeNMSzUEAAltju.jpg)

No. 540852

File: 1586874911979.png (61.71 KB, 719x259, 9282725516181919726267384.png)

No. 540887

>40 yrs old
what the fuck

No. 540914

>voltron fujo
>oh this isn't so bad it's just another snowfl-
You can't be possibly still be doing this shit at 40…

No. 541034

File: 1586904004649.jpeg (275.46 KB, 1242x515, 7EF95EFB-DB75-456A-BE3B-5A4160…)

I was having a good day until I saw this.

No. 541036

File: 1586904259777.png (19.59 KB, 360x352, 54445475.png)

the "squirting submissive little" took me out

how can anyone even be proud of being a "pretty porn creator"?
she probably thinks that staying at home and selling a nude or two and getting her ass fucked by her nasty boyfriend/dildos is the same as sex world all over the world aka just plain abuse and torture for trafficking victims and poor women

hope your dildo gets stuck in you forever

No. 541038

>nasty boyfriend
Funny you say that lol because I saw him and he is really gross looking.

No. 541039

you act like any man who want's this isn't going to be ugly as sin.

No. 541101

This is more than a week old but who the fuck unironically believes than making an animal suffer makes it taste better?? I thought it was common knowledge stress makes the quality of meat worse?? Anyone who enjoys tormenting animals does it out of pure cruelty and enjoyment, and making excuses for it is just sick.

No. 541266

it’s always the special snowflake ‘pan/poly!!!!111’ freaks

No. 541307

> pedophilia
> sexism
> autism
drake, where’s the beef?

No. 541428

File: 1586978321355.png (254.22 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20200415-205559.png)

Twitter is worse than tumblr

No. 541537

I don't get how you stumble upon all these degenerates unless you're looking for them. My Twitter is clean with only politics and science inclined people.

No. 541539

I guess they use twitter to interact with other people and for their hobbies, and not to read news. Strange.

No. 541540

Art/fandom circles are crawling with these people and you find these kind of people on the comments of normal posts, it doesn't take long to find them. I don't really use twitter but I'm in tech and these people are literally no more than a couple degrees of separation away at most sometimes.

No. 541544

I seek them out sometimes

No. 541568

File: 1587004772653.png (163.76 KB, 648x799, mental illness.png)

These are the same type of people that think drawings are the same thing as honest to god real cp, and go around harassing random fanartists on twitter. You have to actually be fucking retarded to believe this and go "omg DM me" when this pops up.
Full video: https://twitter.com/angryretsuko/status/1250475348418007041

If you're in the art community these people infest every single space. You can block block and block, and you'll still see these people.

No. 541575

File: 1587007828536.jpg (138.76 KB, 1124x1364, EVIbzjzVAAI0YIT.jpg)

Voice actresses of the She-Ra reboot doesn't like a tweet saying they are going to send her to the guillotine for being rich. Whole of woke twitter proceeds to dunk on her


No. 541576

I can see why someone who isn't really familiar with that sort of joke would take offense to it, but taking offense to her taking offense to it is deranged

No. 541577

File: 1587008492204.png (344.99 KB, 728x896, rIL7KNPg.png)

It's cause she could've handled it differently
Everyone's been using the Tony Hawk meme as an example
But I guess it takes very little to make yourself look like a victim

No. 541578

If some moron said they wanted guillotine me, then I would take offense to it

No. 541582

Isn't that angryretsuko person defending stwawbewymilk?
Don't care if people who draw loli get harassed tbh.

No. 541585

The joke is that they're a fan and don't WANT to guillotine you but have no choice, hence the crying while holding a gun photo.

No. 541589

Retard, the point of the post is that if you're begging to see supposed cp you're a shit person.

No. 541600

If you draw loli you're an even shittier person, I'm sure you can agree, unless there's a reason you're linking stwabewymilk orbiter tweets

No. 541608

i don't rly see the problem here except for the person being an absolute doormat

No. 541619

File: 1587017894540.jpg (659.49 KB, 1920x1195, agriculture-2179070_1920.jpg)

I really hate jokes like this, they do know when SHTF its gonna be right wing ex-military guys with guns who are gonna take over and not your local skinny-fat woketard

No. 541632

>wanting to view real CP with real victims and real abuse
>not as bad as drawing a cartoon

Literally same thing as people who sperg about muh representayshun on netflix series and marvel films but couldn't care less about real black people being brutalized and killed by police.

>"But it normalizes pedophilia and leads to actual abuse!"

The 00s called, they want their "media brainwashes people and violent videogames lead to violent actions" back.

No. 541652

That crazy bitch really did put a nice character as her kin… Aggretsuko is a good show and doesn't deserve creeps like that.

No. 541699

Right? The people who joke about muh commie revolution are the same type of people who still need need their mother to make appointments for them in their mid-20s and cry when they have to make a phone call.

No. 541905

nta but lol next you'll be saying porn has no effect whatsoever on men's brains

No. 541985

Soo… we're not going to comment on the people begging to see cp? ok lmao

No. 542002

File: 1587076483482.png (14.33 KB, 590x206, angryretsuko.png)

Isn't it not real CP though? I thought that was your point.
Some overly curious idiots want to be part of drama and asked to see loli.
The person who drew the loli in the first place is worse. That's what I meant. Not sure why you're bringing up black people being brutalized for no reason.

No. 542005

what is the point exactly of your whole discussion? (art thread #2)

No. 542015

>black people being brutalized.
That was a different anon. I didn't get that point either.

The point is that these people don't know the difference between real cp and drawings. In every other place they would be thrown out for asking to "see" it. Also I'm not sure why you keep bringing up this angryretsuko person. I did not mention them at all except for linking the video in which a bunch of people are asking to see cp, retard. I'm not defending some twaumatized pedo troon drawing kids pissing themselves, I'm pointing at a bunch of autists that are asking to see cp.

No. 542022

> I did not mention them at all except for linking the video in which a bunch of people are asking to see cp, retard

It's pretty significant who made the tweet in the first place, and what the tweet is about. Why link their post in the first place? Maybe look at who made the tweet before linking it? Maybe look at what the drama is about (person defending pedo troon drawing kids pissing themselves) before linking it?

No. 542049

>Maybe look at who made the tweet before linking it? Maybe look at what the drama is about (person defending pedo troon drawing kids pissing themselves) before linking it?
Nah, what about it? You seem to be eager to defend people wanting to see what they think is real honest to god cp though, so I'm just gonna stop replying lol.

No. 542081

No one thinks that's real CP dude. Go cry about lolifags getting "harassed" some more

No. 542402

File: 1587147508698.jpeg (162.38 KB, 750x816, D3FDDF90-393A-4EB8-A21E-6704FB…)

No. 542406

I'm dissapointed that experts are going along with these people rather than calling it delusion or psychosis. Why are we validating this shite?

No. 542413

i love this shit

No. 542463

This looks like a fucking video game teaser or an adult site who sells lingerie/sex toys

No. 542466

>my 1 year on HRT is in 24 hours

How the fuck does a DIDer get given hormones? I mean think of all the possible complications when it comes to the usual 'informed consent'

No. 542469

They're self diagnosing fakebois.

No. 542478

I knew someone with a different personality disorder and that seriously complicated her 'road to hormones' (thankfully) Giving them to a DIDer is insane. Most of them report having opposite gender alters, like wtf

No. 543197

File: 1587296395434.png (704.13 KB, 2048x1228, Screenshot_20200419-071442.png)

Twitter is a den of the most degenerate hedonism and sexual perversion.

Imagine what is being shared between private accounts. It's honestly mindboggling that all of the main social media sites are literally havens for pedophiles and sexual degenerates.

No. 543238

what squicks me out sometimes is accounts with disgusting urls have popular normal tweets

idk why i go on there when all i do is block

No. 543356

File: 1587330141837.jpeg (158.31 KB, 750x530, 98CD8614-C609-4B02-9531-BEDC35…)

gonna keep posting more DIDfags for my fellow anons. I find these people humiliating and hysterical.



keep telling yourself that, delulu

No. 544081

File: 1587479101671.jpg (49.77 KB, 428x542, 1587478397537.jpg)

Presented without comment

No. 544082

I do honestly wish i could unread some things in my life

No. 544084

File: 1587479343961.png (117 KB, 250x326, 456.png)

No. 544101

Do we even want to know what "snoof" means?

No. 544105

I don't get the crossover between being a furry and being an adult baby, like why are so many furries wearing diapers now?

No. 544106

it means to smell/sniff

No. 544107

I think it just means sniff, they don't like using normal words

No. 544110

why are you surprised that someone who is into a fucked up fetish would be into another fucked up fetish.
Just like how the ddlgers are into petplay/pissplay/rape

No. 544117

Not surprised but curious on how they collect fetishes, I mean the most popular theory is that paraphilias are generally developed in childhood and set for life, they're not something you consciously choose. Whereas these people seem to go out of their way trying to develop new kinks to layer on to the pile.

No. 544158

I imagine a lot more people could be into taboo fetishes like scat and diapers but most will never really consume this kind of porn/material so they'll never know. Kinda like how some people say they felt "tingly" watching the Jungle Book as kids and feel like their hypnosis fetish started there. If they have never been exposed to situations with hypnosis, I don't think they would ever know they have the fetish.

What fandoms do is expose people to the fetishes they are already predisposed to have.

No. 544174

>Kinda like how some people say they felt "tingly" watching the Jungle Book as kids and feel like their hypnosis fetish started there

Or how all the foot jokes in nickelodeon shows are thought to have kicked off a foot fetish in some and a repuslion to feet in others. I blame my fear of feet on all the close-up foot tickling scenes they managed to squeeze in.

No. 544208

I wasn't much of a fan of Nickelodeon live action shows (only the cartoons) so I only heard of the foot craze after hearing about Dan Schneider's lunacy. I can't wrap my mind around how something so blatantly fetishistic airs on TV. lol

No. 544329

This 100%, when I was a kid I was looking up random pokemon pictures and came across a picture of, I think Dawn, tied up and it kinda went from there. Even looking up pokemon with safesearch on is a bit iffy

No. 544344

File: 1587514887614.gif (1.01 MB, 400x284, tumblr_nm8jdqjkII1rrjqbqo1_400…)

No. 544785

File: 1587593652223.jpeg (359.21 KB, 750x841, 9BF3A930-4315-4B1A-856A-83B34D…)

Found an especially cringey DIDfag, complete with an entire "about" page for her "totally real altars" including one who identifies as a "kitsune". Also apparently has a discord server and twitters for various fake headmates. This is ridiculous


No. 544788

File: 1587593864407.jpeg (364.28 KB, 750x810, 19452435-9D68-4411-8B6E-AF6B27…)

Another degenerate who appears to be girlfriend of the aforementioned. Also has a bio page for fake headmates. These people are fucking deranged, just not in the way they think lmao


No. 544789

>bi lesbian

No. 544793

clearly one of her headmates is bi and the other is lesbian, anon

sage for siide sperg but I remember when DID wasn't all that popular and everyone was faking personality disorders instead. I almost yearn for the days when the snowflakes were pretending to be cluster b's, this headmate shit is way worse

No. 544867

You motherfuckers I was on plenty of fandoms back on my youth and I'm sure as heck I didn't develop fetishes consisting of shitting myself as an adult or finding animals hot, not even the disney ones. I wouldn't approve of a teacher fucking a student for example neither just because fanfiction written by teens painted it as hot. Stop trying to excuse your pornsickness with these petty bullshit excuses, if you are going to be a degenerate at least be honest with it.

No. 544895

Furries tend to have pedophilic interests because furry culture is inherently very childish. Like, they tend to cling to these crushes they get on cartoon anthropomorphized animals such as Sonic, Ninja Turtles, etc things they see in childhood and never mentally mature out of. I think that's part of why furries gross me out so much and the suits creep the fuck out of me. They're so sexualized yet still so cartoonish and juvenile.

No. 544927

That's not fair, I've seen exceptional pencil artists with only 100-200 followers. Breaking through isn't always a "do a, then b, then c" type formula guaranteed for success, otherwise everyone skilled be getting the attention they deserve.

No. 544929

art twitter feels like it is primarily used by young people. a lot of accounts with art that's cute but not very skilled have tens of thousands of followers just because the art appeals to teens and young adults. lots of high-skill artists who actually make a living off their work don't have anywhere near as much attention because their stuff doesn't appeal as much to the youth who sit glued to their twitter feeds.

No. 544930

can we just drop a nuke on twitter? so many pointless arguments, so much shitty degenerate cumbrain art, so much whining and endless egotism. make people go the fuck outside again. (after the stay at home orders, that is. at least give them new hobbies.)

No. 544932

>agender girl
>bi lesbian
>she pronouns but they/them plurals
I.. what? How does this all work together, she doesn't have a gender but is a girl and a lesbian, but also bisexual and an aromantic asexual? It's like a machine generated twitter profile.

Honestly anon while it's an easy simplification to just call everyone degenerate perverts, paraphilias are something that just happen and their birthing mechanism might remain a complex mystery. Someone might only get off by licking doorknobs or sniffing shoes or something extremely weird like that and never know why and they can't help it. A lot of studies do suggest that developing paraphilias goes all the way back into childhood and are related to being conditioned to associate a nonsexual object or action to be arousing. So while I think the "totally spies created a generation of weird fetishes" is tinfoiling spergery there's an inch of truth in it.

But it seems to be such a gamble as to how a person's psyche works in order to develop an actual paraphilia so it's pointless to try and blame TV shows and fanfictions for influencing people so much. Most people who have kinks wouldn't approve them in real life situations to begin with, like you could get your rocks off to roleplaying as a student and a teacher with your partner in a safe, controlled environment but if your actual real life teacher started hitting on you you'd be disgusted.

I hate furry degenerates as much as any other person but I still find it interesting to research why they are the way they are and this seems like an accurate take. A lot of furries are autistic and probably need to feel comfortable and disassociated from their real body in order to feel safe enough to experience arousal, so they use the animal alter egos as proxies to have sex. And because they associate safety with childhood and being pampered they end up becoming diaperfurs and adult babies.

No. 544939

Yes, I (unfortunately) have seen way too much furry art at this point and a sense of mental immaturity always seems to be present. I remember feeling disgusted when I saw a person drawing Sonic being taken care of by a mother figure while he played video games. This was in some furfag's gallery, and the focus was entirely on inserting Sonic into their own wistfulness toward childhood and essentially sexualizing it. The sexual part of a furry's brain seems to get stuck on childhood like that. Their sexuality develops not from exposure to real-life humans in a healthy way, but obsession with cartoon animals. It's honestly unnerving to me.

No. 544943

Huh. I feel bad for them, somehow.

No. 544975

>It's NOT cp but it IS cp!!!
What the fuck are you saying?

No. 544994

Why is everyone on twitter so obsessed about accusing people of pedophilia?

No. 544997

Nothing gets you clout and attention faster than accusing some female artist in her 20's of being a pedophile because she drew shipping art of 17 year old anime character. But attacking actual, confessed child abusers? That's too scary and serious! Better ruin this fanartist instead to get some RTs out of it, might as well advertise your Ko-Fi in the process too.

No. 545008

People have realized the strenght of callout culture against small, indipendent figures or minorities. If you can't accuse them of homophobia or racism, you might as well go for the extreme thing

No. 545030

outrage culture and callout culture is the norm. you can "cancel" someone for literally anything if you reach hard enough. simply not liking someone is enough to do it.

No. 545061

Is there a polite way to tell a friend they're making a fool of themselves by constantly starting arguments and being abrasive on Twitter?

No. 545071

You might be better off asking them if they’re okay, sometimes people start arguments to cope with stress at home or in life.

No. 545127

This shit is so common it's not even funny. It's always underage retards or 30 something fandom moms/dads doing it too. I blame voltronfags for spawning that horrible "fiction is reality" post that is now the central dogma of every twitterfag.

No. 547796

File: 1588239283198.jpg (185.18 KB, 1242x1090, Ac.jpg)

No. 547818

I'm so fucking tired of this game being talked anywhere and everywhere. It's just barebone Sims with animals

No. 547834

Why is it a trend all of a sudden for Twitter users under the age of 18 to put “minor” in their bios? I’ve seen the same thing on other platforms like TikTok where you’ll have someone who’s 17 saying “I’m a minor!!!”, like ok? It just seems like they’re trying to excuse themselves from responsibility of what they post or how they act.

No. 547837

It might be so creepy old men have no excuse to bother them

No. 547896

A lot of those "minor" accounts are also sexual as fuck, and then complain about being harassed by creeps when they say provocative things or post sexual stuff on the constant. And it isn't even quips or mild shit, it's often literally stuff about how repressed they are, their pussy, etc. No wonder there's so much pedophilia and sexual exploitation on Twitter, sexual oversharing is rampant

No. 547903

File: 1588273482048.gif (1.03 MB, 245x225, download.gif)

Bitch, same here. I'm going to sit here and play my ancient pc games and download sims booty shorts CC.

No. 547912

I don't have a twitter account but out of boredom I found myself looking at the trending tags for my country. People are complaining that garden centres aren't allowed open due to covid.. then also complaining that Lidl is selling cheap plants right now.. so do you want plants or not?? Why is that important enough to trend?

>I want plants but I hate that Lidl is going to be profiting so much right now

Why?? Of all the stores in my area Lidl is the only one actually providing hand sanitiser and implementing social distancing properly.
>for many people their mental health is dependant on being able to garden

No. 547915

Reminds me of ABDL types on instagram, sharing nothing but panty pics when their bio says they're a strictly non-sexual age regressor. They want that fucked up attention but wont admit it.

No. 547932

I'm so done with our citizens.
Have a look through #universalcredit if you want to see a bunch of haughty ingrates throw tantrums about how they refuse to live on the same paltry amounts the lower peasant classes have done for years, and complain about how outrageous it that the telephone and online system is having technical difficulties during a time of global crisis.

No. 547955

>start being active on Twitter again
>lose followers
video related

In all seriousness though, it fucking sucks that people who are decent at art keep exclusive to shit sites like Twitter, Tumblr, IG, etc.
I don't like that I'm having to shake hands with awful sites like those just to see the content I want.

Oh are people still doing this "unfollow me now if"/dnfi bullshit? I had hoped that people would've grown out of that already and recognized how immature it is. It was at least kind of amusing in 2013, 7 years later it continues to only be used by the biggest flakes and narcissists.

Tumblr users used to do that a lot years ago. Some of the people who put that are, in fact, over 18 and scummy as shit because they want to be a honeypot for actual minors.

No. 549322

File: 1588506754533.jpg (229.67 KB, 1070x634, 20200503_134447.jpg)

I found this gem today. Some girls really need to start interacting with their peers irl.

No. 549325

>In all seriousness though, it fucking sucks that people who are decent at art keep exclusive to shit sites like Twitter, Tumblr, IG, etc

Where do you want them to post instead? There haven't been any good art sharing sites for years.

No. 549327


No. 550544

> Some girls really need to start interacting with their peers irl.
This would benefit the vast majority of Twitter users.

No. 550570

lurked on her account and she's trying very hard and constantly reblogs stuff where people are bashing on women and saying stuff like "but what about MEN!11!!!1!!!!1!"

No. 551697

File: 1588924165401.png (206.43 KB, 750x1334, FC288876-2BC5-4B81-8158-94E617…)

Oh my god I can’t make this shit up a woman was sexually harassed and Twitter users are telling her not to “kinkshame”

>” I (43F) caught my son’s friend masturbating to my high heels last night. I told him to leave the house without telling my son and to never come back”

>apparently when she caught him and confronted him, he got all embarrassed, so she told him she’d tell his parents
> he took off without telling her son what really happened
The original reddit post is deleted so sorry for the paraphrase green text.


No. 551698

fake story but lol

No. 551916

Replies are still real, I hate the coddling of teens, they know right from wrong jfc
Why do teen girls' hormones lead them to be groomed by pedos but teen boys's hormones make them sex offending creeps?

No. 552546

File: 1589143254657.png (13.5 KB, 369x516, mothersday.png)

>Mother's Day trends
I'm glad I deleted Twitter

No. 552805

File: 1589205723322.jpg (95.69 KB, 1080x918, qqthemenz.jpg)

Men can not take it not being about them. They spend their entire lives depending on women, first their Mother's then their girlfriends and wives, and they can't even take ONE DAY A YEAR to say "thx here's a $5 box of chocolates from Walgreens"

No. 552865

There is literally a father's day…
Women don't do this passive aggressive shit on father'd day

No. 553352

File: 1589328875723.png (455.43 KB, 576x2261, fucking hell.png)

Can we fucking nuke twitter already?

No. 553359

Maybe we should.

No. 553362

And like… fathers day is equally celebrated where I live. It's not like the women's day vs men's day where nobody cares about men's day (except men on women's day, you should see the massive spike in people googling it on women's day lmao), fathers day is celebrated normally. Maybe people get a bit more passionate about mothers day, probably because mothers do the majority of the child raising, but it's not like fathers get paid dust.

No. 553448

Of course it's a K-pop faggot. It's always K-pop faggots. They treat actual irl 3D people, who are probably being abused and taken advantage of by their record companies like K-idols usually are, like dolls they can objectify however they please so they need to whitewash their conscience by caping for fictional characters' safety. Pathetic.

No. 553584

I swear, if I never see the name “Karen” on Twitter again, I will die happy

It was fine when it was directed towards entitled (usually white) ladies that acted terrible towards customer service workers but now it’s evolved to “any woman that has an opinion that I don’t agree with is a Karen.” Twitter is such a misogynistic shithole

No. 553587

nta but no one there is a kpop stan lol

No. 553589

Holy shit stop defending the retarded kpop "idols". That's what they chose.

No. 553602

twitter is worse than any other sm when it comes to running jokes to the ground.

No. 553653

I've been thinking about this a lot lately.

Its annoying af and just another way of saying bitch.

No. 553878

No. 553918

Go back to Twitter, handmaiden

No. 554107

Agree. The term was funny at first but after it became much more of a slur used by incels, transcels and MRAs against all women who don't agree with them in particular it got real old real fast.

No. 554400


No. 554426

File: 1589600317302.jpeg (79.9 KB, 738x865, EYFVIW_XkAAJpVI.jpeg)

I'm glad this pathetic e-girl got ~cancelledt~ for tweeting this bullshit. Why the fuck would she even tweet this and not see how bad of a take it is?

No. 554431

lol what a boring mindset to have, not only is she a bitch but she's also wrong. nose profiles like the one on the left are super pretty when paired with the right features

No. 554433

File: 1589601188114.jpeg (97.66 KB, 985x1002, EYF1UYnWkAE7Szv.jpeg)

her apology

No. 554442

To be fair medical systems often fund the voluntary castration, breast augmentation, and hormone regimen of men who claim they're women and of course vice versa.
Bad way to go about the point trying to make people with noses on the left insecure, but I think society is so stupid on how we gatekeep the necessity of plastic surgery when we so flagrantly give it out like candy to some but not others. If a new nose would change someone's life, then it's pretty shitty to monetarily penalize them for it when there's already precedent of other vain types of surgeries having been medically covered.

No. 554448

Agreed. If we're following the logic of "I need to have cosmetic surgery to have a higher quality of life and feel like my true self", everyone should be able to make a call, essentially say "It's up to the government to fund my boob job and facial surgery, or I will kill myself and the blood is on your hands", and get exactly what they want.

No. 554562

I get your point, but the issue here is not about government funding delusions, but rather how bullshit beauty standards is always imposed.

No. 555192

File: 1589810189572.jpeg (697.22 KB, 1125x1352, C045AC7A-BDD4-4F12-92EF-D76DCE…)

the delusion

No. 555198

not like trannies got their "aesthetic" from women

No. 555207

As if any tranny could look like this without tons of surgery and/or photo editing.

No. 555233

what angers me most about this is that their agenda is not to be on equal foot with real girls and women, they want to top us, be superior to us, better than the real deal. Men can't let us girls just fucking be, no matter what "form" they take.

No. 555286

Is this a trans woman, if not why the FUCK are people always trying to compare POC especially black women to trans women?
Also what "aesthetic?", wish people would stop bringing trannies into anything, women have been looking and dressing like this.

No. 555290

i'm not gonna compare myself to someone who had to buy their body parts.

No. 555840

She's a new r&b artist. Isn't trans either but has had obvious work done. What I don't understand is this is somehow the trans girl aesthetic when she looks like any other heavily contoured ig hoe. Black women always get called masculine as a cheap insult, annoyed it's from within the house but not surprised.

No. 556069

File: 1590000983956.png (28.17 KB, 477x364, jjjj.PNG)

I posted this on the other site (gardens) but it fits here as well since we are talking about similar silly things on twitter.

No. 556218

What is this buffoon talking about?

No. 556251

I think he thinks women are stealing fashion from MtFs? That's what I gathered. It's a hilariously wrong notion, given that most MtFs have horrible fashion sense.

No. 556278

File: 1590058516218.jpeg (69.83 KB, 954x995, 1583322093725.jpeg)

>Nowadays's pornified beauty standards are basically about looking like a hypersexualized parody of women with over exaggerated secondary sex characterics, lips and so on
>"U fucking cissies we trans women invented looking like pornified parodies of women first!!"


No. 556307

even better, as men they basically have invented the modern day hyper sexual appearance of women and of women pandering to the male gaze lol

No. 556318

Besides looking like a man and having a crotch bulge, what could we actually steal from male trans? The pornification of biological women had already been an ongoing process and male trans only made the expectation worse.

No. 556721

>people who still need need their mother to make appointments for them in their mid-20s and cry when they have to make a phone call.
This is a thing?

No. 556849

yes anon. yes it is, sadly.

No. 557049

I don't know about twitter for that thing in particular but the exact same people on tumblr used to brag about having anxiety and/or depression so much that they'd brag about having panic attacks whenever they had to make phone calls.

No. 557736

File: 1590300646658.jpeg (244.03 KB, 750x429, 7897160B-DECD-47FA-9587-8C4209…)

I genuinely wish this is satire

No. 557746


sadly not. twitter is filled to the brim with pornsick people who always try to find a way to force their addiction onto other people, including children. it's crazy to think twitter has become way worse than tumblr in that regard - the porn ban made all the sickos flood twitter, but at least it made tumblr more bearable and useable.

can you also believe these creeps actually use their real name and a picture of their face when they tweet all this nasty shit about porn and how horny they are? do they not have any shame or dignity? this is the type of shit you say when you're strictly anonymous.

No. 557750

right like you can be as retarded as you want ANONYMOUSLY. it's horrifying to see all these people even using their names on an active and public social media profile in the first place nevermind one where they talk about nsfw shit. like an employer/anyone that ever knew you can look you up, why would you do that? so you can promote a t shirt when your tweet goes vIrAl? brainrot

No. 557753

These people either forgot or were never told that the internet is NOT real life and that it's not recommended to post anything under your real identity and/or in a public place, and especially not things that could get you in trouble like that disturbing shit >>557736, or what's your political opinions, shit talking your current employer, insulting/harassing/threatening anyone, etc. Especially because the internet never forgets and it's super easy to archive pages and websites.

It's amazing how just 15 years ago parents, even the ones who weren't tech-savvy at all, would yell at their kids that posting literally anything ever would bring viruses to their computers and they'd get kidnapped, tortured and killed by pedos, now if you know where to look you can find out someone's address, employer, who they voted for, who they have or had sex with, who they're related to, where they went to school, etc. in 10 minutes. I managed to do that with people I know irl and who should know better without even trying, it's just that bad.

No. 557772

Christ porn is not for minors she could've just said a site or school program about sex education. Either way politics shouldn't be involved in any of it and there's still a large possibility for pedos to groom online or even molest/assault kids if it's an after school program. I wish kids could learn real sexual health education rather than vague crap due to conservative upbringing, but I'm assuming she wants them to watch outright abusive porn with questions that lean on sex pleasing than stds and reproduction. The shit that gets posted on twitter just keeps dialing up, is it just a massive hugbox of acceptance? That or these posts get buried in retweets of other content I assume.

No. 557937

She does realize that teens end up looking at porn anyway? It doesn't matter if it's labeled 18+ underage ppl will incidentally stumble upon porn anyway, and some of them particularly hormonal teens seek it out

No. 558532

File: 1590453351666.png (284.65 KB, 598x388, 749823623539857235792.png)


I'm fucking laughing woke twitter is trying to cancel Ray Sipe for this

No. 558558

>Ray Sipe
How do people even have the time to "cancel" someone as niche and specific in their online presence as… him, of all people?

No. 560101

Based Ray

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