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File: 1595636464872.png (149.82 KB, 450x389, 19f8275d898dfa60186118ccc0930b…)

No. 589682

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers

-Ask about art supplies

-Discuss trashy art trends

-Instagram bullshit

-Art theft!

-General Art Bullshit



Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:


Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


No. 589683

File: 1595636594868.png (78.82 KB, 254x342, lemon.png)


nobody made a new one so i guess i will lmao discuss drama here

No. 589855

You should've posted a link to the previous thread but oh well.

No. 589874

I think the previous thread reached the max post limit

No. 589876

Yea it did, I tried to post this there, but since this thread was made like 14 hours ago, there might've been an open window.

No. 589913


it was closed when i made this, otherwise i would have linked it there. my bad though for forgetting the previous thread link.

OLD THREAD – >>574186

No. 589940

"art tips that make you worse"
>keep practicing
>learn the rules before you break them
>copy photos to get better at drawing
>"stop drawing [weebshit and cartoons]"
I want LT to eternally fuck off.

Here's some actual bad fucking advice that really screwed me up growing up:
>references are bad, great artists draw from memory
>"just watch (my) speedpaints lol"
>you can make gud art with just the mouse, you just need to gitgud
>yes you do have to pay $$$$ for the best art program/tablet out there
and just artists being assholes and refusing to explain layers or brushes for the longest time, before other people kindly put out their own tutorials for it.

No. 589943

not to mention,
>you should be able to draw just as good with your non-dominant hand as with your dominant hand
which is total bull

No. 589953


Any of her bad tutorial videos would fit in that list so much better than any of the other rules. She also misrepresents what the advice is saying so badly, it's clear she was just salty about her own experiences.

No. 589956


Samefag but wow that character in the thumbnail really looks like a racist asian caricature

No. 590069

Lmao yes and the same artists that go "haha just watch speedpaints idiot" are the same ones that hide their brush settings, hide their layers, and refuse to teach people how to paint without being paid. I've never understood why artists hide their layers and brushes during speedpaints anyway, it's just so stupid.

No. 590082

The only thing that I agree with is that simply copying what you see, although good for improving observational skills, wI'll only help you learn how to copy unless you try to other things as well (like observing a drawing and trying to draw it from a different perspective, doing gesture drawings or breaking down what you're viewing into smaller 3D shapes)

No. 590112

yeah why the fuck did she give it chinese stereotype buck teeth??

No. 590120

I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but I hate it when Youtubers don't research the basics of what they're making a video about.
>Doesn’t know that you’re supposed to wipe the brush of the nail polish on the lip of the bottle before applying
>Applies very gloopy blobs of nail polish to the nail, until she realizes you’re not supposed to use that much
>Doesn’t know what a latex peel is or how to properly use one, despite SimplyNailogical using one in almost every nail tutorial she’s ever done
>Doesn’t know what linear holo is, despite SimplyNailogical having a video dedicated to teaching everyone the different kinds of holos
>Buys a bunch of nail-related products without doing any research as to what she’ll need or what size she’ll need it in
>Doesn't know what cuticle pushing even is
>Decorates fake nails while wearing them, instead of decorating them off of her so she doesn't have to worry about resin getting on her skin
>Uses resin and not the Holo Rainbow nail polish???
>Asks her audience to be patient and educate her, despite there being hundreds of good nail tutorials she can watch that would only take a few minutes
This problem happens a lot in DrawwithJazza videos a lot, too, where he won’t research the material he’s working with at all (ex. watercolor markers). I understand that they’re probably more kinesthetic learners, but I don’t understand why people don’t research the fundamentals of what they’re doing. It’s not like it would take hours upon hours of time.

No. 590127

For someone who claims to be all about doing hands-on crafts, she has the fine motor skills of a walrus.

Also, I think what separates the good from the bad art youtubers is fundamentals. A lot of fundamental colour and skill knowledge translates across many mediums, making it easier to be good at many things. Whereas a lot of arttubers tend to only learn about knowledge specific to their preferred medium, so they're clueless when it comes to literally anything else.

No. 590132

>the year I learned the most was when I had both life drawing classes and animation classes at the same time
No duh dipshit. If you’re learning anatomy and how humans work, while you’re also learning how the body moves and works in a 3D environment, you’re learning all the fundamentals that she claims you shouldn’t study by themselves because they’re too “overwhelming”.

No. 590144

the way nerdecrafter sculpts shit makes me anxious and I barely see anyone talking about that. in her latest video she completely butchers some figurines and it made me genuinely sad.

No. 590182

One of her arguments was that she basically doesnt like studying the fundamentals(primarily I assume anatomy) is because it comes out as stiff. Like, no shit it’ll be stiff, have you seen your own drawings?? You don’t break them down into shapes/organics, instead, you break them down into tubes

Anon, it wasn’t animation, it was illustration

No. 590187

Tbf, no one should be obligated to teach you especially for free, teaching others is not easy and if you have multiple people coming to you for lessons, then you should totally try to make money out of it.

No. 590188

5:40 - 5:48
"…in the same week that I also had, uh, illustration classes and classes about animation…"

No. 590191

I need to say that the "stop drawing anime/cartoons" is often misguided and comes from a place of personal spite. A ton of manga artists are fucking pros with their fundies and draw plenty of photorealistic stuff for practice while preferring to keep their personal style cartoonish but a lot of salty art snobs present it as "stop drawing stylized content altogether".

However I don't understand why she thinks "learn the rules before you break them" is bad advice. It makes no sense. Her reasoning is that "your art becomes stiff uwu" but this literally does not happen, if you learn stylization before fundamentals your art looks uncanny, muddy and repetitive because you don't know how to play with possibilities or how to replicate the things that people find engaging in real life.

No. 590257

File: 1595716198422.jpg (124.11 KB, 1024x1024, butchember.jpg)

So #my200vsbutch200 is the new trend on Twitter. Everyone is outraged that Butch Hartman charges 200$ for commissions. Butch's commission art is absolute shit (pic), but this tag just seems to be a bunch of insecure artists proclaiming how much better they are than him. It's the most obnoxious shit.

No. 590267

Am I crazy or wasn't there just an outpouring of artists telling non-artists to not judge artists prices? Like yeah his work is shit but isn't this kinda hypocritical?

No. 590282

He's well-known; of course his work is pricier. Art is a luxury and marketing is a skill as well, and he'll have plenty of appeal with nostalgia.

No. 590299

File: 1595721346096.png (829.91 KB, 900x864, F9538B49-7B8D-404C-A826-0A86FC…)

People were also pointing out his piss poor tracing job on said commissions.

No. 590317

File: 1595722757074.jpg (194.87 KB, 1041x221, fujoshit.jpg)

Tobi, a cis female is gonna make a video validating on why she likes Yaoi and why it's not problematic. There's literally gay men in the comments telling her why they don't like the term and she's plugging her ears and going "uwu I like gay porn sue me"

Is she milky enough to make a thread of her own because she's really becoming a cow. Basically Holly Brown 2.0 at this point.

No. 590325

While tracing he mistaked the pinky in the original for a thumb and now she has 2 right hands, hilarious

No. 590328

She's right, though. Plus, all the "gay men" who are "so offended!!" about yaoi are literally just fujoshi fakeboi FtMs trying to compensate.
Find three (3) cis gay men who give a shit about this, you can't.

No. 590334

File: 1595724417171.png (423.96 KB, 1200x1300, c23827.png)

Any good or intelligible argument she has is drown out by her "uwu baby" reeing. She is so stupid and over-reactionary. No one would care if she had an opinion if she wasn't an obnoxious cunt about it and didn't act like only her opinion was correct.

No. 590337


I don't want to get into the history of the term "yaoi" and how many gay japanese males absolutely despise the term but, her issue is she absolutely refuses to admit when she's wrong. It's always "I'm not changing my stance uwuwuwuwu" The Kimba thing, Shane and Gabbie thing, and now this? She just refuses to admit she's wrong and hides it behind the retarded excuse of "Oh I have BPD and it's bad for me to dwell on it" When she's constantly posting shitty hot takes and acts surprised when people retort with their opposing viewpoints. Also she's in her twenties and still does they whole cute baby shit which is just sad.

No. 590341

>I don't want to get into the history of the term "yaoi" and how many gay japanese males absolutely despise the term
I want to learn more about this, anon. Could you post some links?

No. 590343

lol Many artists are hypocrites when it comes to the great price debate because unless they're at the top they'll get pissed off at people who can get away with charging more for less skilled art.

I've even seen people at the supposed "top" whine about smaller artists' prices for their art while arguing that it's still too much for how ugly it is. It's a neverending cycle.

Nobody wants to admit that pricing art is difficult and inconsistent because it's purely how much your buyer is willing to value it at.

No. 590346

I read a long and indepth post on Tumblr a few years ago that had plenty of articles and links talking about how the lgbt+ community in Japan feel about Yaoi and yuri but, it was like 5 years ago so I won't be able to find it sorry. There's quite a few a few articles you can find explaining how yaoi was originally created for women by women and how alot of the tropes (feminization, lack of consent, and more) are considered distasteful by actual gay men. Bara is created by gay men for gay men and thus is widely more accepted. Tobi unsurprisingly, said in one of her replies that she doesn't like Bara. Probably because she can't fetishize big muscular men like she can skinny twinks.

No. 590347

File: 1595725773744.png (732.84 KB, 1850x1650, somuch.png)

I went to check her Twitter, and holy shit, does she ever shut up? How many tweets do you need dedicated to this topic alone?

No. 590352

Bara has the same story points as yaoi, the only differences is that in bara mangas, there aren't any feminine men, bara artists then to put even more rape in their works

No. 590353

>i've read so much yaoi, so i know more about it than anyone telling me i'm wrong

No. 590354

Yeah, never said it didn't have some of the same issues that pretty much all japanese manga and anime suffer from because even straight hentai has rape issues but, because it's from the demographic it's catering to, it's not seen as more fetishstic.

No. 590355

>yaoi was originally created for women by women and how alot of the tropes (feminization, lack of consent, and more)
>Tobi unsurprisingly, said in one of her replies that she doesn't like Bara.
That makes sense, IMO. She's a woman, so it figures she'd be into erotica made by/for her demographic. I've never seen this kind of backlash toward lesbian porn, even though we all know it's made for men (yuri is kind of a different story, since it was at least pioneered by female authors IIRC). Yaoi seems very far removed from the lives, appearances and experiences of most actual gay men. It's just romance and JO material for girls who feel weird self-inserting on other girls (which is probably why most of the characters look like tall, skinny girls with dicks and big hands - similar and feminine enough to be relatable to a female viewer, but with a few inoffensive, sort-of-masculine traits to not be too close for comfort). Anyone who'd use it (or really any porn) to educate themselves on homosexuality is a dumbass.
After seeing her Tweets, she's pretty obnoxious, though.

No. 590356

File: 1595726747324.jpg (67.53 KB, 426x597, AAAABf1VdK66G_8AuK-Qv0huW3oUbu…)

It doesn't surprise me at all that Hartman's Ember looks like shit when Danny Phantom's iconic art style came more from Bob Boyle's style than Hartman's.

I know next to none of you care about toddlershit animation but Chico Bon Bon is Bob Boyle's most recent cartoon and even in 3D graphics you can feel the cute look that was in FOP, Wow Wow Wubzy, Ying Yang Yo, etc.

No. 590381

I really think a separate thread should definitely be made for her, but mostly because I hate looking at her content and would prefer to never hear about this irrelevant "artist" again.

No. 590386

Does anyone know how to make a thread? I would make one just to not clog this thread.

No. 590405

It's her huge ham hands that cause her to not be able to do things delicately.

I used to enjoy her videos where she'd do "is xyz worth it?"

But with 50 ads, her higher pitched voice and constant misunderstanding of products, I had to stop.

No. 590410

>Wow Wow Wubzy
That show has a great look, but the models in chico bon bon aren't that good-looking for cg.

No. 590435

Fujos are annoying but at least she's up front about it, I guess. I don't really get the point of the video other than getting a bunch of fujo-in-denial fakebois to eat her alive. I would say it's going to be fun to watch but I have a feeling it's just going to be cringe.

Bob Royle's style is quite pleasing to the eyes. It reminds me of simpler times.

No. 590479

>Literally gay men
What, you mean the Aidens? The women who claim to be gay men and get to dictate what gay men are offended by? God if Tobi wants to be the next edgy contrarian youtuber she should at least address how the discourse has been hijacked by narcissistic troons who hold everyone so tightly under their thumb that nobody can just step up and say "can't you see these people are not gay men" but I guess that's a bridge too far for someone who wants to grab a topical issue just to poke the wasps' nest to create buzz but not get stung.

>bruh I read this on tumblr like 5 years ago and it totally had gay japanese men saying it's so problematic I swear
Yeah and I've seen multiple Japanese gay people say that they don't give a fuck and fujos are the least of their problems. If you've ever followed gay male artists you'll know the content they created is miles more "problematic" and "distasteful", guys be nutting over rape and smut like nobody's business. But heaven forbid if women created anything sexual for themselves.

Yes I'm sperging out but this gets brought up here at least once a week or so and I'm fucking sick of people who aren't at all familiar with the genre, its purpose or its history acting like BL is some epitome of rape porn fetishizing homosexuality and constantly moving the goalposts for the artists by being outright dishonest by drawing false equals to lesbian porn made for men. And I'm especially sick of people acting like the "gay men" being "offended" by BL aren't just Hannah and Sarah identifying as Julian and Oliver being mad that someone on Twitter shipped their kinnies with a character they don't like.

No. 590485

Agreed. The biggest difference I've noticed in the BL community ten years ago versus now is how most of the fanbase used to be girls (both straight and lesbians) And now literally half of the community consists of Aidens and Hunters, this is why we can't have nice things

No. 590496

You guys are such soccer mom purists. Also using “real gay men” as proof to prove your morality on why people can’t enjoy a genre is real fucking weak. The fact you collate fake boys to real gay men shows how smooth brain you are. Do you seriously think comics affect reality? If comics upset you, shouldn’t you equally fight against harmful okama stereotypes that are prevalent in higher media like movie, novels, etc?

Where are these same people up and arms about Yuri being an unrealistic portrayal of lesbians? Just admit you don’t like a genre and move on, stop trying to make stupid stories into a SJW human injustice

No. 590503

Yuri has a predominantly male fandom so trying to cancel them would be pointless as men would just laugh your ass off the planet and they know it. I wish women weren't so conditioned and expected to be docile and compromising because just for once I'd just like to tell a retarded fandom police off without being hung from a cross. It's not like there's a massive epidemic of horny straight fujos demanding gay people to let them into their bedrooms (no, that one yaoi fangirl horror story you read from /cgl/ is not a widespread issue) because that's not what BL is about, unlike lesbian porn made for men which is all about performing for a straight male to the point lesbian couples are constantly harassed by even normie men who want to see them make out.

What really ticks me off though is that a woman who starts drawing beautiful men being sexual gets first screeched at by straight men, and then by pearl-clutching fellow women who want to drag the crab back in the bucket because they thought ruining someone's life over drawing anime guys kissing shirtless was the woke thing to do. All the while watching male NSFW artists being made out of fucking teflon, not getting cancelled no matter what sick shit they draw. It's really no wonder so many fujos trooned out and identify as ~literally gay men~ now, you really need to have that M in your passport to be free to embrace your sexual autonomy.

No. 590506

I fucking hate fujos, but not for the sexualization of gay men but for stopping the purely braindead fetish art aspect of yaoi and pretending like the characters are canonically in love.

No. 590536

Western fujos are such cuck pussies I can’t

No. 590552

File: 1595769273217.jpg (1.91 MB, 1920x3536, CollageMaker_20200726_09055765…)

I just got finished browsing a thread on Twitter where folks were saying that you should charge 200 dollars for commissions.

People were like "bRuH nO oNe wiLL pAy tHaT mUcH fOr mY aRt" and it's like no shit, this message is intended for people who are actually good at art, not shitty Sai paintings.

I'm not an artist (I give up too easily) but I do a few art study classes and am a perfectionist. Something about people with really shitty drawings spamming their art in threads about increasing commission prices really fucks me up.

Their art is not anywhere near the conversation for raising prices.

I just wish someone would tell these people that their art is…. simply not good and needs to get better before they can expect good sales.

No. 590553

File: 1595769413954.jpg (1.25 MB, 1920x3536, CollageMaker_20200726_09095817…)


I would never in a million years pay 50 an hour for this, let alone 200.

This one isn't so bad, but it needs a lot of work on anatomy, coloring and… I mean Jesus… A lot of things.

No. 590554

>I just wish someone would tell these people that their art is…. simply not good and needs to get better before they can expect good sales.

You must've missed the Big Drama on art twitter last week then, because a concept artist for Naughty Dog did exactly that and it did NOT go over well.

No. 590557


that burn and dodge airbrush hair is triggering me

No. 590559

Those prices work if the artist is a professional/freelance and live from their art, with solid basics and knowledge in the field. You know, the "I spend 10 years to be able to draw this in 10 minutes"? Those hobbyist artists are missing the point.

No. 590562

File: 1595772456876.jpeg (153.78 KB, 1788x2048, EdG_jNDXoAI96pi.jpeg)

"50 dollars an hour"

You ever think it takes you that long because you suck shit at painting and don't actually know what to do? Like maybe if you were better equipped with skills, you wouldn't feel the need to charge 50/hour because you suck and need to use burn/dodge all the time.

Maybe I'm being too harsh….

No. 590565

File: 1595772804488.jpeg (189.84 KB, 946x2048, Ec1J2bFWsAQzdYj.jpeg)


This person was also on that thread. "This person disappeared when I told them dog commissions were 35 dollars"

"I can draw humans too!"

Hmmm, no sweetie, you cannot

No. 590578


literally the point of practicing drawing so much most of the time is to be able to draw well and draw well quickly. this art is shit tier 2010's deviantart. the person selling it for 50/hr is off their rocker if they think this garbage is worth that much when they dont have the skills or even the marketing to pull it off.

call it controversial or whatever but i think a lot of mediocre internet artists need a fucking wakeup call that people usually don't want to spend big bucks on their garbage art. you need to increase your skill or marketability to a certain threshold in your community/fandom/whatever if you want people to spend money on it. ffs you cant expect big sales when your art is still beginner at worst and mediocre at (absolute) best like >>590552

No. 590581

File: 1595777006985.png (697.04 KB, 798x730, 01.png)

Anyone else see all this VinneArt drama? From what I can see VinneArt made art using the same concept as another artist and the other artist got mad that they didn't get any credit.

No. 590583

File: 1595777190798.png (286.77 KB, 798x547, 02.png)

No. 590613

Head to the /Snow/ board and make a list of her drama so people know who she is. Make another list of all her accounts and then put her name in the subject box. It's pretty easy and you don't need to worry about the quality of the initial thread because all people really care about is discussing the person or thing the thread is about. Sage for ot.

No. 590616

I don't understand the problem with this. The second artist didn't do an exact copy or trace the first one's or anything.
How can an artist own an entire concept? Are they going to crucify anyone who takes a photo like this, too? It doesn't make sense to me.

No. 590627

I don't get this artist at all. This shit is problematic, so what? Straight and yuri porn have its fair share of problematic elements, If that girl likes her fetishized men, she should just own up to it and fucking move on.
She's probably only rationalizing her fetish because she wants to believe she's woke enough or something

No. 590628

Anyone that uses the word cis is problematic. Go back to twitter

No. 590645

I love all you, couldn't give a damn what vanilla thing a woman finds sexually interesting when there's western and jap men drawing loli rape out there.

No. 590708

Made a Tobi thread so people won't mention her irrelevant fujo ass here:


(Don't know how to actually link other threads so this is the best you get)

No. 590717

this is dangerous logic.

No. 590723

File: 1595792091685.jpg (Spoiler Image, 430.51 KB, 738x845, kek2.jpg)

I swear it's always the people that complain about people drawing underaged art the most that are found to be the most likely to secretly horde it. This person on Twitter is being called out for being anti-cp but at the same time liking photos of Allister, an 11 year old, getting dicked down by Bea. They also follow(ed) Shadman. Fucking kek.

No. 590724

File: 1595792132082.jpg (160.92 KB, 734x287, kek1.jpg)

No. 590737

NTA, but how? What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

No. 590741

People who clutch the most pearls are also most likely to like problematic content themselves and only attack others to divert the attention away from their own dirty secrets? Say it ain't so, anon!

No. 590744

>I swear it's always the people that complain about people drawing underaged art the most that are found to be the most likely to secretly horde it.
Of course it is. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. The more one throws these stones, so to speak, the more clear it becomes that they're motivated to do so out of a desire to hide something.

Honestly, I question people who get up in arms and emotionally distraught, almost performatively, over drawings of fictional characters in the first place. Disliking it or finding it in bad taste is one thing, because you're an adult and can realize that if you don't like something, you're not obliged in any way to look at it or engage with it. But waking up and getting on Twitter every single day to preach your perceived moral superiority to your followers, rambling about how disgusting the media you don't like is and how you're too ~pure~ to engage with such vile things, seems rooted in denial or refusal of something.

No. 590749

Yeah, sure, pedo apologist. We should just look away and let you get away with it!

No. 590750

File: 1595794430307.jpeg (216.28 KB, 1053x2047, Ed0pwocU0AAY8xU.jpeg)

NTA, but it's more than just that. Not only did they copy the one pose, they basically did the exact same image, just reskinned. And admitted to using it as a "reference".

pic related

It's one thing to do a similar pose, but they admitted to using another artist's picture as a "reference" (they traced it).

Additionally, they were talking shit about the original artist and their fans were as well. They did a fake apology and basically laughed about it.

Regardless of what you do, it's just a general shitty thing to trace over someone else's art and then lie about not knowing the original artist.

No. 590751

No. 590753

File: 1595794793554.jpeg (189.46 KB, 1080x1761, Ed3yaZoXgAUnjWs.jpeg)

No. 590813

at which point shall we draw a line at what we call "traced"? The concept is exactly the same but the drawing is different in it's details, it's definitely not traced, why say that?Same as this >>590753 case, referenced pose, definitely not traced.

No. 590819

I wanted to bring that up too. The four art pieces I seen as referenced is similar but never looked traced or “stolen”

No. 590821

File: 1595802187935.png (1.33 MB, 1885x493, 390846908456.png)

Its been a while since I've seen this strong of a case of brainrot. Overlay the pictures, its not even close to being traced. Yes its the same concept going on in both pictures, because one took inspiration from the other, but these are not the same poses (theyre doing similar things in both pictures, yes, but thats not the same poses. the way theyre sitting, holding their arms, their body language, etc is not at all the same), not similar characters, not traced.
Do you think the photographers for pic related should call each other out for stealing the same concept as each other?
I hope we find a stock photo close to OP's picture so we can call out OP for stealing ideas kek

No. 590823

Lmao actually as a person who uses multiple references for a single drawing i'm constantly paranoid someone would find that one stock photo I used to get the hand position exactly right … but in the end I'd rather have someone call me out on using references than drawing something disgustingly deformed lol

No. 590827


Regardless of whether or not you consider it tracing, other people do, including the original artist and that's where the drama is stirred.

Don't shoot tha fuckin messenger

Btw, if someone did the same thing with my art I'd have a major issue with it, even if it was "similar but not traced".

They said they used a reference but NEVER actually tagged the original artist, which is kinda fucked no? I think that's more of the issue than using it as a reference.

Artists want exposure and if someone replicates your style and poses and concept, and then says "oh btw used a reference teehee if you know who they are let me know" rather than actually just finding the source, it's pretty upsetting I'm sure.

No. 590828

No shots fired on the messenger, I'm just seeing people calling every copying issue tracing which is an entire different thing so i wanted to comment on that.
Showing a reference - thus proving they were aware of that art - yet not providing any links to original artist is definitely wrong.

No. 590829

Last week’s twitter art drama was exactly about this

No. 590833

My main issue while looking at this drama yesterday was exactly that, I’d be pissed if some 100k follower random did a work inspired by mine and reposted my art it in the replies with no credits and the caption “i used this as reference but idk who the artist is haha”. That’s basically the same as instagram reposters going “credit to whoever drew this”.

Either don’t repost my art and keep your inspirations secret, or take the time to find the original post and credit it properly, specially if you have over 100k followers. The actual art itself wasn’t that close to the original in terms of pose and lighting but I understand why the korean artist is pissed off about the whole thing. Vinne’s smug two faced attitude afterwards didn’t help.

No. 590834

That's clearly not a trace, anon. Do an overlay of them both and see for yourself.
Referencing or copying a pose =/= tracing. I do not understand how a pose can be owned, I just don't.

No. 590846

Butch has always been a hack that was carried by the Nick animation studio team.

No. 590858

That literally makes no fucking sense. I don't think drawing porn of children should be normalized, therefore: pedo. Like what? Just off yourself already if you think like this. Lolicons should be lined up against a wall and shot.

No. 590859

Is this advice people are actually giving out? Sounds like the biggest waste of time ever

No. 590860

Why so defensive? My point is that typically those who are found out to be obsessed with that kind of media are the same people who make comments like yours on a frequent basis. If there's nothing to hide, one has to wonder where that need comes from. You did read the posts I was replying to, right?

No. 590862

No. 590949

everything is tracing now days smh

No. 591008

I'm not even surprised at this point kek, it's always the pearl clutching antis doing this

No. 591073

I kind of hate when artubers buy shit of Wish and goes "I got this W&N watercolor set for soooo cheap!" or "I don't know if it's actual (insert brand)"

it was 2 bucks and came from wish

take a guess

No. 591080


Link because the thread is too long to post a bunch of pics and clog up the thread. Turns out they've traced from (stock?) photos. Whether or not tracing from photos is an egregious crime worse than tracing from art is up to the individual but, I think the whole way she responded was pretty immature. It's obvious she used the other art as reference and unlike stock photos, I think if you're using others' art as a reference so much to the point where people can literally point it out, it's a little too similar.

No. 591109

File: 1595848620213.png (31.8 KB, 938x380, Ed2e16gVoAAq9Wi.png)

Seriously, since when is using a reference/inspo considered tracing. If you're just trying to find the right pose etc. You can't copyright a pose or concept either. Asking peolpe not to post referenced or inspired art is bullshit, because you could go to any artist and find them inspired by other or find similar pieces.

No. 591139

"cis female", seriously?
Idk, while I agree with the other poster that it's very likely those protesting gay men are actually fujo FtMs (who actually fetishize being gay, I know some): gay men coming after porn for women by women would be just dumb when in the larger popular culture pretty much all "accepted" and more mainstream porn and erotics is catering to men. Yes it's mostly for straight men but like even in the art world you'll have plenty of gay male content before you'll get to erotic depictions of men (or also women) made by women for a female audience. That's still pretty much anathema. But god forbid women have sexual desires of their own and express their fantasies without at least being ashamed of what they like! There's lots of misogynist gay men out there and I honestly don't give any fucks about their opinions.

No. 591233

I don’t see what’s wrong with using direct references. Literally only savants and prodigy’s can produce art from their mind. People need to be realistic.

No. 591252

I think people should use whatever method is the most satisfactory for them. I'm a savant or prodigy according to you (thanks) but it's actually because I get too bored working from reference, literally draw one line and I'm done. I always save pretty pictures and never use them.

No. 591281

>"Why so defensive LMAO are you a pedo or something anon?"
Because when you make accusations like this you've made it very clear you're not actually interested in an anti-lolicon argument and don't even care that some lolicons DO hurt children making their shitty art.

No. 591298

It's honestly so dependant on the art but at the end of the day as long as it's not a direct copy/trace, it really doesn't matter. I'm always confused because of course you'll find a picture of a pose and reference that as closely as possible, you want to be realistic, as long as its not too much of a copy who cares.

No. 591327


Dude, you could literally argue all day the negative cultural impacts of lolicon and Japan's 'dont ask don't tell' in relation to literal pedophilia. But like, I swear every art thread gets dissolved by the stupid Loli shit or trans shit.

Go to Twitter if you want to argue with people about lolicon/loli lmfao

No. 591368

Honestly it would be better if we just banned anybody who brings up lolicon because it just shits up the thread with pedo defenders and pearl clutchers every single time. It's so annoying.

No. 591380

Does anyone have any actually good resources on referencing vs tracing vs copying, because it's shit like this that actually makes me not want to post art. I don't directly trace anything but I do borrow heavily from different art styles and concepts and I do not have the patience to deal with people like this.

No. 591388

File: 1595882852226.jpg (118.16 KB, 692x1155, tracing_vs_referencing_by_jess…)

this article would be a good source on general referencing : dont use reference without any modification / preferably create your own reference, and I found a very good example of reference vs copy vs trace
Honestly, if you dont just blatantly steal but frankenstein your way through art - a lot of pros work just like that and unless you do something highly controversial to draw attention to yourself and make people want to be extremely picky, no one will ever pay attention.
If you draw attention to yourself though, even if you never reference, they'd find something close enough and claim you traced so honestly, there's no winning. Just be a cool person and you'll be okay.

No. 591414

This is actually a good way to show how stiff and flat tracing/copying will make your art look. The light referencing looks much more dynamic and appealing.

No. 591447

File: 1595890740911.png (763.4 KB, 746x603, Screenshot_20200727-155533.png)


HONESTLY YES. Seeing, 'reeeeee Loli bad!! ALL pedos!!' and 'reeeee loli good!! I nut to loli!!'

There's only been like non AOW when it was said in the description to not fight about the same three damn topics.

No. 591483

File: 1595895357137.png (24.68 KB, 550x263, e520f23a2537a3a27c18ee3aa4ae6c…)

cyarin is complaining that someone clipped the moment in her stream where she was crying being a "breach of trust" seems like such a bratty reaction to me.
its not a "breach of trust" youre in the public eye.
im sure she thinks its fine and normal that swatting and nip slips get clipped even though it is a vulnerable moment streamers go through. arguably more vulnerable than crying.

i also couldnt find the clip of her crying, and most of the clips of her from the last month have less than 5 views.

No. 591495

File: 1595896714493.jpg (573.25 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200727-201907_Ins…)

What do you think about this? This person's on insta stated that making nsfw of aging up fictional minors are straight p*do

Pt 1/3

No. 591496

File: 1595896742446.jpg (702.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200727-201915_Ins…)

Pt 2/3

No. 591497

File: 1595896801219.jpg (777.28 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200727-201921_Ins…)


If they say gross, or sont like it, why dont just they look away??

Pt 3/3

No. 591503

File: 1595897860580.png (270.4 KB, 540x437, 767c67d4a36ca54795be66b71c_f23…)


i love that pfp but really who gives a shit?, i don't thing a nsfw artist will care whater or not a ig artis things of them

No. 591510

This is really stupid example considering that one of the kids who tried to murder their friend for slender man had a fucking schizophrenia and legit heard the voices of "slenderman", so maybe what lead to the murder attempt had more to do with the fact that the other kid was severely mentally ill rather than "oh fiction affects reality."

No. 591511

File: 1595898628443.jpg (226.38 KB, 1280x720, bnha.jpg)

This confuses me, because in 99% of anime, young characters are typically already sexualized, canonically. Things are often deliberately designed and written so viewers (most of which are intended to be teenage boys, hopefully) will be attracted to the young characters. This is official BNHA art.
Anime otaku culture has a disturbing fascination with youth, sad to say, and anime producers usually purposely pander to it. Whoever made this is refusing to look at the bigger picture, ie the source material. The sexual responses we're seeing from fans were deliberately mined by the creators, it's not a misinterpretation or a mistake. In fact, it shows more restraint and at least a small bit of decency for artists to age up minor characters before drawing sexual content of them, IMO.

The logical takeaway is to not support anime in general to avoid this problem, or to say "If you're above 17 and watching anime, you're a fucking creep", but no one will actually follow that for obvious reasons. I think the only real way to tackle this issue is to just "cancel" most mainstream anime in favor of the few non-sexualized shows, but that's far more difficult to pull off, and probably won't happen. It's like this person is basically trying to have their cake and eat it too.

No. 591513

File: 1595898891993.jpg (261.53 KB, 879x1236, Emma_Goldman_seated.jpg)

Bingo. It's entirely based on the same evangelist ideas of "purity" that've been used to oppress and marginalize groups (particularly women, and especially bisexual and lesbian women) for centuries, as well as on the idea that the media's creators and consumers are intellectually incapable of separating fiction from reality (hence why women and young people are primary targets - societies that perpetuate these ideas already believe that women and young people are inferior and must be infantilized and desexualized in order to protect them.) Suggesting "but if a young stumbles upon (piece of media), they're going to commit (act) in real life!" is as asinine as suggesting "but if a young person plays a video game in which the protagonist uses a gun, they're going to commit a shooting in real life!"

No. 591514

Please stop discussing pedo shit. There's no consensus here.

No. 591519

People need to learn that just because they don't personally like something, that that doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. Obviously this is different for fanart/fanfic than official movies and tv series. In the end there's no effective way in order to censor "problematic" content because someone is always gonna end up screwed over.

No. 591526

>pink the decent artist
Why they gotta sperg about high virtue and morals this much?

No. 591527

>try and cancel all anime
Kek, i would love to see that

No. 591528

Not just all anime, most shows in general would need to be cancelled, because they all have violence and murder etc. This is such pointless discourse ultimately because none of these arguments hold water when you think about them for more than 5 seconds.

No. 591530

>all anime
Nah, just the shonenshit, haremshit and ecchifag shit. I'd actually like that because it's all generic garbage that relies on level-ups and/or panty shots and big tiddies for ratings, but that won't happen because that's the content that sells. It'd be nice if works like Metropolis became more popular, but it's not going to happen. It just won't.
IMO, people who have that much of a problem with the grosser aspects of anime culture should just dip out of it and support content that actually fits their ideals. But that won't get them the precious likes/follows they want, so they'll just keep complaining and trying to have it both ways. It's all so dumb.

No. 591537

id like for bad shows to get taken off the air, but once it starts happening for the sake of censorship then it's a slippery slope. in the end the only thing that matters is that shows are age appropriate, but once you hit YA audiences they're responsible for themselves.

No. 591539

File: 1595901976337.jpg (146.03 KB, 768x478, Based.jpg)

I don't understand why ironic weebs "love" animu but hate everything that makes it different from mainstream western media. Just watch American sitcoms if otaku culture "triggers" you. It's really sad that Japanese artists are starting to view all western anime "fans" as anti free speech for a couple of bad apples.


No. 591548

I think freedom of expression is so important because once you start regulating what is and is not 'good media' then you start to fall into a wormhole. Look at how Joker was considered to be too bad and people said "it sends dangerous messages". It's a fucking movie jfc. People have been murdering and hurting each other since the dawn of time, it's not because of movies or tv shows. Like, there are things which I don't want to be shown to teenagers, but for older people who are in full control and should be able to think rationally it's a non-issue.

No. 591563

Why does every thread fall into an argument about why kiddie p* should or shouldn't be supported in the art community?

No. 591566

File: 1595906108894.jpg (151.12 KB, 736x736, 463ab4b760a1083b54eb289098ca1e…)

Any thoughts of Yoaihime? Her art looks cute but somehow it sparks monotonous tone all over her artwork, hardly ever experimenting on compositions or poses. Butvher coloring's actually okay ngl

No. 591569

Kek. Cyarin's personality got more and more a bratty baby after she broke up with her girlfriend. She used to draw or talk about her girlfriend on her posts.

No. 591574

I think her art is pretty cute. But I can tell she doesn’t explore new skills/concepts or try anything different. And it tends to make all her art look the same. So I got bored of her a while ago.

No. 591579

she just has to mention how she DoNaTeS stuff she doesn't want to the local school like all the crappy wish stuff.

and even manages to sneak a ZHC name drop in there

No. 591581


I used to follow her in 2016, it's weird to see that her art looks identical from back then.how do artists draw the same exact style/subject matter for years with no deviation?

No. 591583

And she JUST got verified to streaming on Twitch a few days ago lmao
I wonder how this will turn out
Also anon, twitch hosts can delete vods and the clips

No. 591585

File: 1595908157957.png (1.01 MB, 695x840, ddufh27-3eb3e316-55ad-48fd-bc6…)

Same anon who posted, the one that shows from the previous post was her art from 2015-2016 ish. This one's her recent art. I took it from deviantart that was last posted in april 2020

No. 591586

I mean right. After years i followed her on IG, her art style maintained the same, without or only a few changes from her old and new art. But the truth is, it's quite unfair for smaller artists with unique art style + have more skills doesn't get popular like Yoai or other for not having trendy cute art styles

No. 591593

File: 1595908910739.png (507.78 KB, 768x810, 20191101_115856.png)

I remember when she accussed ibu chuan of copying her. Her art is really boring compared to hers.

No. 591598

it's cute but the style is identical to many deviantusers I watched in the early/mid 10's. She'd benefit from a little style development.

No. 591607

Yeahh I remember… that was back in 2017. Ibu_chuan can't speak english very well yet she's from chile, i once read her apology post that she wasn't intended to copy yoaihime, she said on the post that she took inspiration from pixiv artists that uses copic. As far as i know, Ibu's age is younger than yoai, seems sketchy right? Just bc of a younger artist went more popular than her? But i saw their art just plain boring kawaii anime style.

But now, i saw them become friends again.

No. 591640

this looks like something made with artbreeder or waifulabs kek

No. 591645

It's really no wonder Japanese artists are fed up with westerners, I'd be too if I constantly had to deal with wokesters who look at everything through a microscope to find anything that could possibly be problematic and demand Japanese creators to write everything from an American cultural context point of view. It's just re-packaged cultural colonialism and nothing else.

Now I need to recount some history. Back in the day a lot of Disney (which I'm using as an example because they're the colossal, monolithic animation company in the west) animators wanted to explore different subject matters and the creative differences made a bunch of talented animators quit. See Don Bluth and how he took people with him to create his own studio in the late 70's. Afterwards Disney fell into the fairy tale musical standard to keep their content marketable and easy to sell. Anime studios used to do family-friendly films similar to what Disney had been working on, but in the 60's, parallel to what happened in the west, workers fought tooth and nail to gain more artistic control over what they could do and created an entire industry with varying stories for different topics, settings and characters.

Even though the anime industry has big issues with exploiting animator labor they still have established a genre where you could create movies and series about pretty much anything you want, whereas Disney would boot your ass out the second you offered a script with even slightly controversial scenes or stories. If you had once gained this artistic freedom by fighting for it you sure as hell don't want to give it up in front of some foreigners who got their feewings huwt because anything more challenging than a singing CGI princess makes them scared. Makoto Shinkai's recent movies are pretty family friendly and international successes but I very much doubt Disney would've allowed his vision to fly if they were produced under their supervision. There's no way in hell they could've allowed a teenage boy pointing a gun at the police or getting beat up by a mobster.

No. 591654

File: 1595923447893.png (326.86 KB, 585x429, screen-shot.PNG)

Another tracing / copying case, the one on the right is the original… it's a shame, because the artist who made a copy is clearly skilled so if only he used a different colors for the liquid no one would say anything.

No. 591655

lmao had no idea she was still around. back in the days of artistconfessions i came across her and decided to start a cutesy deviantart chibi account to see how far it took me, i think 5 uploads in she followed me, which i considered end game and quit. ah, the good old weeb days with so much free time. glad to see she still draws the same uninspired shit she always did.

No. 591659

Yeah this is just a ripoff, it's the same pose with the same colors and concept. Even the hair is identical, it literally looks like a re-make. He can't really claim coincidence here but still there are blockheads in the comments being "the face shape is different don't post art if you don't want to inspire people hmmmm????". Why do people even do this? You're going to be found out eventually, even with crediting the original artist it's still a dick move to remake something they already did unless you ask for permission first. He could've at least had different colours or pose.

No. 591664

File: 1595925753178.jpg (96.49 KB, 689x884, Ed9PwMHUcAA31SZ.jpg)

This is the full piece though, I'm sure if he used different colors it wouldnt be an issue since no one would pinpoint this.

No. 591665

His leg looks so short

No. 591666

What is this creature even?

No. 591683

even with the wonky anatomy it's still better than muh original pic

No. 591687

>this anatomy
Is this another artist who just got really good with shading and rendering but chose to skip other fundies and decided to just trace every body they drew?

Anyway with something like >>590750 it's sort of debatable if it's "stealing" per se because it's just a concept that's borrowed but the setting, characters, art style etc. are completely different. It's like two people participating in an art meme. That's what you can call being inspired by an idea. With this Silverjow one it's basically the same character, same concept, same setting, same expression, even same colours, if you didn't know better you could think it's literal fan art. It's definitely not tracing but it's still disrespectful in my opinion.

No. 591691

>It's definitely not tracing but it's still disrespectful in my opinion.

Especially since he's profiting off it, as it's an art for his Patreon page.

No. 591698

File: 1595932428855.jpg (189.6 KB, 1080x768, ralph_bakshi-___B8U2A7oH0O0___…)

At some time western animation was equally experimental and interesting as Japanese animation was. Stuff like Fritz the cat or that rock movie with furries couldn't be made today. It's a shame that western artists have become so dull, cancelling everything that doesn't comply to their moral high standars . We still get good stuff like Feral and that Dr Zeus Netflix show but it's very little compared to the amount of flash garbage we get every year.

No. 591701

waifu generator is that you?

No. 591723

Wouldn't this be considered inspiration though. It's not like it's directly ripped or traced. The same concept & colouring doesn't equal stolen. There should have been credit given for the inspiration, but artists are still allowed to sell work that is heavily inspired by others since it's still their own work even if it's unoriginal and derivative.

No. 591726

>as an actually minor
Why do I need to care about what a minor thinks about porn? Again, it's not made for you or with you in mind. No one cares about your opinion on something you're not allowed to see in the first place, and likely squirmed into adult spaces to see. Go do something else, you literal fucking toddler.

No. 591744

File: 1595938841821.jpeg (62 KB, 483x634, images (10).jpeg)

Not trying to detract from your point, but on the subject of Disney playing it "safe" who remembers this piece of shit? It's one of their least successful movies and ngl I'd be lying if I said I didn't kind of love it kek.

No. 591745

Yeah uh what the fuck are these kids doing watching porn? Most NSFW artists have a NSFW warning and tag their work accordingly, majority of them are now even blocking minors who follow them. Twitter is also quick to tag sensitive content and afaik you actually have to tag your account to contain their automatic content warnings which means you have to enable seeing the content manually by yourself. These little shits are so entitled they think they get to force adult content to cater to their needs and preferences when they have no business in their spaces.

This. Literally the dumbest take to blame fiction for something a child experiencing severe psychosis did. Gonna bet that seeing shirtless fanart of Bakugo isn't going to cause adult women to start raping 16-year old boys.

No. 591746

File: 1595939093046.jpg (179.08 KB, 630x1200, rnr.jpg)

>that rock movie with furries
are you referring to rock and rule?

there seemed to be more experimentation within cartoon during that time (not just animation) with the rise of underground comix

No. 591747


Isn't that the whole point of aging them up?

No. 591748

Black Cauldron was a massive flop for Disney, it was tremendously expensive to make and went through a developmental hell where for example Katzenberg would order 12 minutes to be cut and plenty of scenes rewritten because they were deemed too scary for children, which rendered it a mediocre movie not sparking much interest in the audience because it was marketed as a fun light-hearted fantasy adventure instead of what it actually was. During its production Eisner replaced Ron Miller as the CEO of the Disney Company and he was the one who ultimately cemented the "we don't make art, we make money" ideal shortly after Black Cauldron, and that's what Disney still goes by today. Little Mermaid was such a huge fucking success that they kept the formula for decades to come and they're never going to deviate from it again. They sort of tried again with the Hunchback of Notre Dame and it failed too (again, they marketed it as a funny kids' movie) so that was that.

It's a shame because as a kid I was enchanted by the Black Cauldron, exactly because it was dark and different from the usual Disney candy I was fed. It's not a good movie but the fact that Disney once made an attempt at dark fantasy carries it alone.

No. 591756

We can debate until kingdom come whether it's ok to post gross shit with minor characters, but at the end of the day it really doesn't matter. I remember there was a big stink on tumblr because people started reporting ao3 to the FBI for child porn, even though it's fucking fanfiction. The might have endangered actual children in the process because their database got so clogged up with bullshit reports. Not to mention there are trauama victims who use art as therapy, and they get harrassed as well. If they were halfway as dedicated to protecting actual children than some imaginary ones, they'd actually make a difference.

No. 591760

>If they were halfway as dedicated to protecting actual children than some imaginary ones, they'd actually make a difference.
This. It got so bad that one of these organizations had to make a tweet telling people to stop with the fabricated reports because having to investigate them took resources off from trying to sort out actual child porn rings. It was mentioned in another thread that legitimate child abusers are most certainly not hard to find online and if they actually gave a shit outside of social media clout they would go after them. Literally all you have to do is to pretend to be a 12-year old girl and make an instagram profile, you'll soon enough encounter massive amounts of adult men trying to talk about sex with you. But these fucking clowns in the Twittersphere instead decide to cancel people over MHA ship art or other ridiculous shit like that and sleep their nights well thinking they're the most virtuous vigilantes ever.

No. 591764

I think disney really shines when they do unconventional work, and let their artists really experiment. The Disney Renaissance was pretty much only successful because of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, who basically created the musical animation format disney runs by today. The reason they were all successful was because of the musical theatre style, and that ended when Tarzan came out. It's a shame, because modern disney is a slog fest. There are movies that stand out, but it's clear that as long as they make money they don't care. I'm also perpetually confused by disney simply because they've become a monopoly and I always forget which studios are subsidiaries.

No. 591773

It's also a case of they aren't actually minors first of all. They're pictures on a screen or in a book. Also, the whole point of art and media is to be able to live through characters and empathize with them. Teenagers think about sex, they have sex, they watch porn, and all of those adults were teenagers at some point and still heavily relate to that part of their life, since it's a defining period of growth. The idea that once you hit your 20's you're completely cut off emotionally from being a teenager/young person is so stupid. Why is it that so many of these YA romance books are written by middle-aged women?

The issue with this ageing up stupidity is that it frames sex in this disgusting light, when it's just a natural part of existing, and it makes it seem like canon is this set in stone thing that you can't change for your evil pornographic material. It also jsut makes no sense because even though those character might not be adults now in canon, they will be eventually in the story so???

No. 591774

File: 1595942288675.jpg (50.86 KB, 1024x739, 20200728_201822.jpg)

Modern fandoms in a nutshell

No. 591784

File: 1595943739102.jpeg (268.35 KB, 1365x1586, anime industry.jpeg)

>they still have established a genre where you could create movies and series about pretty much anything you want
Kek, if only. Cumbrained otaku and money-hungry execs ruined that.

No. 591793

Maybe expand your horizons beyond the fanservice harem anime pandering towards the otaku market. There are normie tier animes coming out each season but people are stuck in this "cute anime waifu" meme forever because the last time they watched anime was in 2015 at age 15 and only remember the coomers masturbating over idol girls.

No. 591804

>Expand your horizons
Kek, I do. That's why I can say with certainty that anime that doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator doesn't get even a modicum of the recognition or support it would if it really was about making what one wants and pure self-expression.
Anime, like any creative medium, gets fucked over the moment "Will this sell?" becomes an important topic, and that's how it's been for a while. Tons of worthless, bullshit anime just made to get numbers from since the 80s. You have a very rose-tinted, almost weeby view of the industry that sadly doesn't really hold up to reality.

No. 591811

what about manga? it seems like manga has more creative license, at least from what I've seen. The year 24 group's manga doesn't have much coomer stuff

No. 591813

What do you base this on anyway? Of course mainstream media will always pander to the ones who have the money. Merch and marketability will be created because they need the money to support the studio. That happens everywhere. Indie art house projects that are created to be someone's vision instead of making money are an entirely different issue. The topic here is that anime gets away with portraying things that western anime wouldn't because creators are allowed to write scenarios that wouldn't fly elsewhere.

No. 591822

Yeah, manga is pretty great in that regard, and there's tons of good "indie" manga because no one can really legislate what you draw. The same applies to the west with comics and graphic novels, I find.

You're pretending like anime is some open, censorship-free medium. There are tons of subjects that don't fly in anime, and if you'd take the time to study the industry, studios and how they work within the framework of Japanese culture, you'd see that.
I swear you guys see a bouncing tit or a gun being fired and are like "Wow! Anime is based! No creative suppression by execs whatsoever!", lmao.

No. 591831

What things aren't acceptable?

No. 591834

Whatever China doesn’t like.

No. 591836

Nobody's saying there aren't marketing department money guys saying "drop this, it doesn't sell well enough" in the anime industry. You're still talking about apples when the subject is oranges. Anime gets to push the envelope far further than western animation and experiment with more ideas, it's a fact and you don't have to be a weeb to see that. It's why anime originally gained traction in the west to begin with, because it was "edgier" and had more variety than local, western animation did.

No. 591846

What is the image from exactly? Just curious

No. 591854


No. 591857

ive actually been meaning to look into anime, does anyone have any recs for non shitty ones with generally nice art/good style

No. 591858

Drugs are a pretty prominent no-go zone (though I think that's loosened up somewhat), teenagers smoking, anything that questions Japan's history/politics too hard, most representation of indigenous people and other minority groups within the country (and anything about how they're treated), anything that might "hurt the feelings of the Chinese people" too much and fuck up their money, etc.

No. 591859

Suspended Animation, from SBS Dateline.

No. 591865

This. Also the fact that victims of abuse and autistic people both tend to develop at a stunted rate compared to those that aren’t. That is to say, a lot of them are either halted in arrested development at a young age or never had a normal relationship to being a teenager in the first place due to social and emotional hinderances. They can explore a “normal” teenage life through fiction, one they didn’t formerly have. Sage for a bit of blog posting but I’m an autistic women in my young 20s, as a teenager I felt like I was more of a child (as in socially and mentally stagnated in my childhood) and I never experienced teenage love, sex, parties, or even friendship. Now that I’ve aged, I feel mentally indistinguishable from teenagers, but I’m still quite different from irl teenagers by proxy of being an adult with autism, I would never even want to interact with real teenagers. But, exploring a fictional relationship with a character like, say, Zuko from ATLA allows me to explore the teenage hood I never had, it puts me in that mindset of exploring a summer love that I never had and felt was an experience most girls my age lived through. It gives me an understanding of their experience and makes me believe that I could have had a shred of normalcy too. For abuse victims, it may be the same. People think that they’re re-exposing themselves to trauma as therapy, but it’s really the same kind of thinking as this. Many abuse victims become sexually, romantically, and psychologically stunted due to what happened to them and they never developed healthy relationships or normal teenage experimentation so they’re trying to live some of that now when they’re in a safer place to explore it, with a safe and isolated means to do so.

No. 591866


Start with Ghibli. They made a lot of different movies. Some are badly written like The Cat Returns, some are quieter like Whisper Of The Heart and some you only understand after you finished them like My Neighbors the Yamadas. But overall they're quite versatile, and they are a lot.

No. 591867

File: 1595953701676.png (1.35 MB, 1280x645, 09f197519c91c4a622b30c3d917aed…)

This is such a subjective thing, but if you have Netflix you can jump right in and watch Devilman Crybaby - it's a bit stylized visually, the story is very good although depressing.

Obviously all of the Ghibli movies are fantastic choice for a feel good, good story, beautiful experience; something I would recommend especially is Ponyo and Princess Mononoke.
There's also Mononoke anime series - different thing than Princess Mononoke - very beautiful, deals with japanese mythology if you're into this kind of stuff.

Like I've said, a lot depends on what you personally like, so watch a bit, find a direction you enjoy and come for more specific recs.

No. 591869

I think we have a thread for that on /m/

No. 591870


Forget to add:

Paprika is also pretty good bc it's so weird. lol
And if your into it, you maybe like the feature film to Cowboy Bebop (or the series itself). Samurai Champloo has a simliar style (it's the same studio, I think).

No. 591878


any of Satoshi Kons movies and tv anime are pretty good. Hes known for directing Perfect Blue but I personally like Tokyo Godfathers and Paranoia Agent.

No. 591879

FLCL. It’s only 6 episodes long! Or serial experiments lain— the art style can be jarring cause it’s a very muted late 90s color tone/anime look, but it’s one of the most engaging ones imo

No. 591880

I was thinking about trying out the most popular ones, like naruto and one piece. I like the darker more drama/spn filled shows as well, and a friend recommended Tokyo Ghoul to me. I saw some of the manga art and it seemed nice enough. I'm pretty okay with most shows although I prefer ti to have some sort of fantasy element to it.
thanks, i'll go find it.

No. 591889

If you prefer darker ones but still want something wildly popular maybe try Death Note?
The art style is quite nice too (unlike Naruto and One Piece, which doesn't matter if you like the manga's art style because the overall quality of the art/animation is trash)

No. 591891

As for your description I’d recommend Shinsekai Yori, I wish the novel was translated. It’s one of my favourite anime and I love so much the story.

No. 591894

Can you weebs stfu this is the art thread

I actually really like this, despite some of its problems. Never see artists drawing decorative and masculine men, but it also just looks nice and serene

No. 591896

No. 591907

Everybody was recommending those two to me so I figured I'd give it a try. I can sometimes overlook the animation quality if the story is good enough. Animators and artists are so overworked and underpaid, and it's so shitty that they're the ones thrown under the bus when something looks really bad. Like the animation team for Cats were clowned on, as if it wasn't the fault of the studio and director.

No. 591911

File: 1595955590431.png (34.23 KB, 1064x319, Untitled.png)

Honestly, the way these artists are treated is awful. They carry the brunt of the criticism if it's bad, and if it's good they still are underappreciated.

No. 591915

File: 1595955980931.jpeg (422.11 KB, 1136x1587, A1E09884-6E9B-4CFE-A54A-281ACB…)

I know that this is kinda old, but I’m still in denial that a sincere game like this exists. And it’s going to only increase

No. 591924

I’m kinda glad in the sense that we’ve been telling these people for years to make their own shit instead of harassing creators to include x type of people or x woke ideals.

No. 591930

>I prefer he, she, or they

Ok… then why does it matter ??????

No. 591931

4chan had kawata shoujo, disabled girl dating sim for autist coomers

pronoun twitter/tumblr has validate, sjw dating sim for troons and everything in between

what will lolcows dating sim be???

No. 591933

Same. It's nice people are taking the initiative to make their own shit instead of just bitching about existing works.

No. 591936

Otome game where all the men are kind of shit, but hot, there's a lesbian option, and you marry Onision (or an AGP troon) in a joke/bad ending.
The MC would be an avid farmer, mocking cringy people, until she finds someone posting about her in the personal cow thread and has to figure out who it is.

No. 591953

Only problem is that the dev team or other SJWs plug their ears and cry out saying that they’re receiving hate because they're being oppression- over looking the very nature Of their actions.
These fuckers won’t learn because they love to blame anyone Who isn’t on their side. Unfortunately a lot of these characters show such Indulgent hatred- it’s discussing because the player is suppose to like them

No. 591959

hng thas actually a cute idea, good ending is that she realizes she kind of a cow too but comes to terms with that, and browses less n spends more time outdoor n getting hobbies

No. 591966

Anons,,,, that actually sounds cute

No. 591967

I've seen this game and most of the characters are black too. I'm all for it but this isn't diversity… and why are they all so fucking ugly? Isn't the whole idea of a dating sim dating someone out of your league?

No. 591969

File: 1595959490935.jpeg (775.03 KB, 750x1028, B3EA979C-76E7-48C8-AE7F-408056…)

Also, anon you forgot their initial (Delusional) kickstarter-
I’m still surprised that this dumbass game managed to earn $27,000+
What are they using this money for besides merch??

No. 591976

That probably falls back on the tumblr-esque artstyle that exaggerates all the wrong features.

No. 591977

File: 1595960364630.jpg (339.67 KB, 2000x1129, 103115553_332134574442573_4002…)

how do anons feel about this art, i really like the general aesthetic, and i love the hair, but it feels like the features aren't painted, put rather pulled into place if that makes sense, like with the liquify tool. how does this happen?

No. 591986

I kind of hope they earn the money to make the white person, I can’t help but wonder how fucking ugly and special needs it’s going to look like.

No. 591987

I think they're paint overs, but I would be wrong.

I don't really like it, it looks weirdly uncanny, like a ad for some sort of 3D adult chat room you see on streaming sites.

No. 591990


They look like plastic dolls. And the painting skills look too shitty compared to how good the lightning seems. Also think it‘s some Ross Draws style shit.

No. 591993

Looks painted to me, additionally artist is posting videos of her process so there's no doubt really. I think it's this combination of extremely smoothed skintones with VERY sharp highlight that makes it look almost plastic combined with the fact she cant really paint hair that well so it stands out next to perfectly blended skin and so many nuances of the light. Looking through her gallery on insta it basically seems like she mastered painting this one type of light and the way it bounces off the skin and just never does anything else.

No. 591995

I like the general aestehtic, blurred and smooth, but the face always looks moulded, that's why i though she might be using liquify, the noses are always sharp and pulled to a point, and the highlights look dragged on rather than placed over the underlying face structure. idk really know how to explain it.

No. 592003

>we will add a white person to the game
>we will remove a white person from the game
damn, it's a great day to not give creators of this trainwreck any of my money!

No. 592005

You see drugs in darker anime all the time though and underage rebel characters smoke pretty often. Underage drinking is much rarer.

Agree. I'm much happier with these nutjobs making their own shitty games and comics instead of demanding everyone else to cater to them. Shame they always flop horribly because even they can't stand each others' identity politics and awful artwork.

They already teased the character and it's a gay Italian guy iirc.

No. 592019

One like Lucian Bees that lets you befriend and save people acting like lolcows would be fun I think

No. 592047

I don't get why these people will latch onto franchises that canonically sexualize minors instead of supporting tamer anime.
Like, Do you realize the creator doesn't give a shit about so you shouldn't support it if you care that much about sexualization, right?

No. 592051

File: 1595966468012.jpg (40.74 KB, 640x480, 1479163708_IDZeNik6Qb0.jpg)

>teenagers smoking
Watching 5 bad anime doesn't make you an expert in the topic. There is so much of it it's impossible to say anime, as a whole, is this way or another. There are so many good shows to make up for the shittier ones. As for the chinese pandering, that's mostly for mainstream shonen shows, most mangakas are even openly anti Japan/Korea.

No. 592091

File: 1595971228677.png (168.94 KB, 636x423, 9381983981.png)

>mfw weeb-chan comes back with a cherrypicked example to try and insist Japan has no taboos ever
Just give it up already, this shit is stale.

No. 592122

Nayrt but stop baiting people. What is up with artsalt threads recently? People keep coming just to start arguing. Stop wasting your time.

No. 592130

Not to derail, but you'r better of searching for yourself rather than asking for recommendations. Dozens of series/movies get produced every year. Just check the genres, ratings and reviews and stay the hell away from the crap that gets talked about alot every season on twitter.

No. 592152

File: 1595977521572.jpg (507.49 KB, 1920x1080, whatthefuck.jpg)

On the topic of Validate, something i find dumb as fuck is that they preach so much about diversity and whatnot, yet most of the characters have some of the most european/white names possible.
Take this one for example. She's apparently chilean and puerto rican (both latino countries), yet her name is Isabelle Morrigan? really?

No. 592173

that's the Cuban flag
Cuban and Chilean

No. 592176

if she "no longer likes hamilton" then why is she wearing merch from it? talk about plot hole.

No. 592177

Isabelle is a pretty common name in Spanish speaking countries. Also what do you mean by European/white names? Last time i checked Spain is a European country, hence a lot of these countries have European influence. You sound like a retarded gringo.

No. 592178

literally unplayable

No. 592180

the floating head behind bitches is sending me

No. 592186

Isabel/Isabela is. Yes, Spain is in Europe and they're mostly white, but that doesn't mean names like Isabelle or Whitney or shit like that is popular here. I don't know a single hispanic person that has such a white name.

No. 592189

No, it's not kek. The Spanish equivalent would be "Isabel", not "Isabelle".
I agree with OP, they could have chosen another surname/name. Or at least use the Spanish spelling, idk.

No. 592191

i KNOW this is bait but fuck it, isabel is a name you would find in chile not isabelle, morrigan is the surname of a gringo.

completely nitpicky but i hate that they just threw nationalities with 0 thought of what that means, like we use two surnames and if possible we put them in official papers, so why shes using one? why the names? ugh it all seems so disingenuous

No. 592201

As someone who's actually from Spain, I can reassure you that you won't ever find anyone with Isabelle as their name. Just Isabel, and Isabela might be pushing it (I've never heard of anyone with that name).
Also as someone above said, we have two surnames and in most official documents they're both listed.

No. 592208

Honestly, so far it seems like all the characters are American, or have been raised in America for most of their life, so the ethics could be hinting at grandparents or pseudodiversity.
I honestly don’t give a shit that this game doesn’t have a white character, but the dev’s hating on whites, halfs, and to an extent other blacks is pretty nasty

No. 592275

File: 1595991274829.jpg (1.06 MB, 1200x760, d7f1730-31b4f2a6-88ba-4c50-a22…)

Does anyone know whatever happened to Nuriko-kun or Banafria? She was one of my inspirations during my early years of digital art. However, she last uploaded her art on DA was around 2014. Her twitter, tumblr, and instagram remained inactive for years… I how does she do right now? I really miss her art…

No. 592302

You have a link or ss of them hating on half or other black people? I'm curious being half black.

No. 592335

If you are going to be "heavily inspired" by something, you should credit your source at least.

No. 592339

File: 1596010045837.jpeg (295.68 KB, 2048x2048, Ed5M8kAUMAQVM0E.jpeg)

I will never understand how this shit gets 14k followers.

No. 592349

it's the lowest fucking effort art i've seen

No. 592351

I refuse to believe, do they have anything better? Or maybe they do something else to attract such audience, like twitch streaming or so?
Or maybe these are bot followers and they get close to zero interactions on their posts?
With some art even if a bit ugly i can see why given person could have a decent engagement / fan community built around their work, but this, I just can't.

No. 592359

I really don't get dating sim games that make the characters ugly on purpose. I know they're trying to be diverse and including ugly people or whatever but who actually wants to play a game where you try to date ugly fatties.

No. 592360

File: 1596015793718.jpg (67.54 KB, 1200x875, IMG_20200729_114251.jpg)

Its drawwithjoo and I believe the main reason why she has a huge following is because she lets everyone use her OC as a chance to get clout and can be easily used for same said clout. Uwu art twitter community right now is nothing but a huge amount of ass kissers who are becoming "friends" and gaining popularity by drawing OCs of these artists that for soke reason have huge following. And people who seeif the ass kisser gets some clout too, they start drawing the OC of ass kisser as well, in a meantime trying to become "friends" and the cycle continiues. Drawwithjoo is "art streamer" btw.

Pic related is chibi style that she draws. Also charges over 20$ for twitch emotes with same style.

No. 592362

Ahhh ok, I see now, it's the combo of uwu community ass kissing each other and her posting NON STOP. multiple posts a day. Obviously algorithm favors stuff like that. Still a bit shocking to see over 100 likes on the first drawing you posted since it's really amateurish.

No. 592363

it's what happens when people make a point to draw body types as varied as possible (which is fine)…without knowing any anatomy rules. characters end up more deformed than intended.
i was friends with an "ugly fatty" who'd draw unattractive characters on purpose but they didn't have a good grasp on anatomy and based everything on themselves. so they ended up with "tall and lanky" characters that looked average height and chunky, because they didn't know thin people have defined wrists, ankles and collarbones. their fat/chunky/muscular etc characters looked like small vans because they could only draw in obese proportions.

No. 592364

File: 1596016478574.jpg (755.33 KB, 2776x3096, 20200729_165326.jpg)

Not bad but also not great, anatomy isnt that good i'd say.(Many artists admitted anatomy is the whole bitch of art).

No. 592365

File: 1596016610239.jpg (753.14 KB, 933x942, 20200729_165625.jpg)

Thoughts of Toastymilk from Instagram? She's pretty popular on IG

No. 592369

Is it just my feeling that many art streamers with bad art gets the most clouts?? Drawwithjoo has the same case as Dreamnekotv, both art doesnt look great however drawwithjoo's art looked much better than Neko's

No. 592371

I mean she's fine? Her art is cute and has an anime style so obviously she's popular.

Whats with all the anons asking for thoughts on random artists? Not trying to police the thread but unless there is milk what do you want us to say lol

No. 592372

Anatomy is not a huge offender here really, but the linework and colors really shows a huge lack of skill and confidence which is weird coming from an artist that draws every day. If it wasn't cute anime style they'd never get so many followers being on that level of skills.
Tbh I looked at her twitch and she gets like 20 views on her streams so I wouldn't really consider her a big streamer.

No. 592374

Many anime styled artists that jas better skills, better art lacks recognition as she does kek.

No. 592375

File: 1596017563059.jpg (57.62 KB, 556x680, IMG_20200729_121127.jpg)

What she drew 4 days ago. Sometimes i feel like as if she traces her drawings sometimes because once a blue moon the anatomy looks passable and then u get this.

No. 592377

>Whats with all the anons asking for thoughts on random artists? Not trying to police the thread but unless there is milk what do you want us to say lol
Honestly I dont think it's bad to have a bit of discussion like right now! I don't think (at least i hope!) anyone here will go now and write hateful comments under her twitter posts but it's interesting to analyze where the numbers/popularity is coming from.

No. 592378

Uwu art community is one of the fakest ones to exist on twitter, so people are always busy praising eachother for 5 minutes of fame and subcount. Everyone are too afraid to lose all the clout and I am sure that no one is dumb enough to start their tiny withchhunting out of nowhere under her tweets.

No. 592379

why does she only seem to care about big, well-known musicals, rather than something more specific? if she were a theatre teacher you'd think she would talk about/like some more obscurer and not well known musicals

No. 592382

>Whats with all the anons asking for thoughts on random artists? Not trying to police the thread but unless there is milk what do you want us to say lol
Because this thread gets constantly raided by jealous teenage artists who don't understand that you don't have to be good at art to be a popular artist on social media. I really don't see the point in constantly posting some generic instagram weebs with "THOUGHTS ON THIS BITCH HOW CAN SHE GET 10K FOLLOWERS WITH ANATOMY THIS BAD I LITERALLY CAN'T". Non-artists follow anyone who can draw something more elaborate than stick figures and work with pandering subjects, it's not rocket science and not worth getting so mad over.

No. 592399

I guess I get what you mean. This thread isn't "dry" but it's hard to find interesting artists to talk about, so I get why some anons may bring up other artists. Toasty is just kinda boring to talk about imo. Even though her art is nice she's a dime a dozen, like a lot of the artists anons bring up. I wish we could have more drama in the art community like the Loish Copying poisonhoney or whatever her name is.

No. 592415

We just want civil discussion, get it? We don't meant to shit on others art whatsoever

No. 592420

Yeah most artists dont really do anything to warrant being brought up for longer than a minute. The artist community is one of those groups that you think is the worse cause of the people at the front but the further you dig in it's pretty basic and not noteworthy

No. 592462

Watercolor reccomendations anyone? Im looking for a vibrant and affordable watercolors, tube watercolors preferably

No. 592466

There are so many different brands, I think you're best off looking at general lists on the internet. It also depends on whether these are for personal use/practice, or for commercial use.

No. 592486

If you want a good brand to practice with, I highly recommend Winsor & newton cotman line. They are good quality for the price, though they are not very lightfast. The pigmentation is good and is great for learning colour mixing and getting a hang of the medium

If you want a really good watercolour for professional use, I really recommend saving up and buying Sennelier watercolour tubes. They are a honey based paint and They are wonderful for layering, have great pigmentation and They are easily the best watercolours I have ever used.

No. 592495

I'm a Schmincke Horadam girl (they are affordable where I live.) You could also try the Mijello Mission Gold pure pigment set, I've seen it around for like 70€ (which makes < 3€ per 15 ml tube) if you don't mind them not flowing as much as other brands due to their binder. They're def vibrant.

No. 592519

I'm finally buying a screen tablet and want to know the best for what I'm doing. I do illustrations and comics and want to use CSP and SAI. Is buying the Cintiq Pro worth it? Anons that have used them, do they have a million driver issues and does the touch screen work just like the iPad pro or is it better/worse?

Is XP pen or Huion Kamvas a good alternative? I keep hearing they are good at first but start having issues around a year in. Idk…its a big purchase so I want to be sure you know? Any anons experience with newer models of screen tablets would be helpful.

As for the iPad pro I have used it and liked it okay but that was the first gen (I'm not a fan of drawing on apps) has anyone found the newest versions of the iPad to be different and more innovative? Not knocking them they are good but I hate drawing on glass and in apps.

Sorry this was a bit of a ramble. Just whatever takes y'all have I'd appreciate. Thanks.

No. 592541

Lol at the radfem defense of "proud yaoists"

But-but men draw gross shit all the time and aren't crucified!! Yeah because they can admit rape is bad and still enjoy the porn.

Yaoists claim it is peak romance. Had a fujo coworker try to convince me 12 year old boys can consent after detailing her favorite Naruto Sasuke romance fic to me. They are exactly what fujoshi means in Japanese. Rotten women.

Bara is also porny the non porn romance comics are called geicomi. In addition, gay (trigger warning for Karen) cis men in Japan are targeted and harassed by women for even drawing and publishing yaoi. It is a female owned space and men aren't welcome. It has nothing to with actual mlm romance and everything to do with porn that fetishizes concepts of homosexuality thought up by straight women that get informed through stereotypes. Yaoi began as women being allowed to create porn for themselves when the sexist industry did not allow it so they made the woman a man and called it gay to fly under censors (I am not making that up lol Google is free)

No. 592542

Don't know about Wacom. I have an xp.pen I use for illustration and photo editing. I haven't had any issues with the drivers, it works perfectly. But the screen is really sensitive and I scratched it after 2 weeks. So if you get one, keep the protector on. Other than that they work well considering the cost.

No. 592555

Where I live, the most affordable watercolors are White Nights. I like them a lot, but I cannot say I tried a lot of watercolors. The other set I have is from shinhan, it's nice too.

No. 592580

This is so full of strawmen and false information idek.

No. 592608

>But-but men draw gross shit all the time and aren't crucified!! Yeah because they can admit rape is bad and still enjoy the porn.
Is this bait? They know rape is bad, yet they do it the most in real life??
t. not a fujo, in fact I watch only gross straight porn/hentai because I hate myself and I can assure you the "women secretly enjoy rape" trope is omnipresent in it

>Yaoi began as women being allowed to create porn for themselves when the sexist industry did not allow it so they made the woman a man and called it gay to fly under censors (I am not making that up lol Google is free)

So you're saying homosexuality was more accepted than a woman drawing/writing straight porn in Japan, to the point women would change her work to represent an entirely different sexuality?
I'm curious about this because it doesn't make any sense to me, but I seriously can't find any information about it googling the origins of yaoi etc. Actually I've only heard the opposite i.e. fujos making 1 of the guys more feminine so they can pass it off as straight to publishers.

No. 592639

I'm by no means an expert on this but last I checked japanese censorship covered penises as well as vulvas. Afaik one strand of m/m porn is oldschool shoujo manga somebody mentioned which was focusing on more chaste romantic relationships where I don't know enough about to say why they picked boys (if it was due to censorship… was romance seriously not a subject of shoujo manga before that?) But I think there's also a development strand that is mostly parody manga. That one has to do with women reading and watching media intended for a male audience like shounen manga which usually has the key development relationships happening between boys and men (like the aforementioned Sasuke and Naruto). I think it's probably similar to the origins of slash fanfictions in the US in the 70ies which was basically also women extending intense relationship between men into sexual actions because it's interesting and hot to them. Which is pretty much still going on today because lots of mass media focus on men and their relationships. (Especially professional relationships which might be particularly interesting to women who entered the workforce more and more at that time.)

No. 592646

Any anon knew some good/wholesome art communities online? I just want some mental boost right now as im getting back to art after awhile.

No. 592682

You're really just talking out of your ass.

No. 592684

File: 1596055116224.png (387.17 KB, 1920x1080, B207979E-4BF4-40C9-BE13-EAA447…)

so this is the power of megat0nraid when she doesn’t trace…

No. 592686

It's not bad but, still lacking. They look really stiff and ungrounded.

No. 592690

File: 1596055428604.jpeg (100.93 KB, 795x936, B1ED4A72-D1D3-465B-B570-384434…)

Persona characters have long legs. That pic makes them look like little people.

No. 592696

Christ, this post is all over the place

On another note, fundas cook up the best drama.

No. 592712

> so this is the power of megat0nraid when she doesn’t trace…
Anon, are you sure? Their untraced stuff normally looks worse than this

No. 592716

What do you specifically draw?

No. 592717

Is tracing really that bad? Not tracing someone else’s art, but if you need to get a general pose or face proportions right, isn't that okay. As long as it’s not a carbon copy. Sometimes I just look for random pictures of faces to see the angles and shit, and copy the general lines of the face. Isn't tracing sometimes necessary in order to have good anatomy etc, unless you're a person who can do it from their head.

No. 592720

no there was no censorship for straight romance at all. shounen ai and shoujo ai is an aesthetic, it's what most japanese anime fans will tell you and it was mostly drawn by women because in 70s men were drawing some weird gore porny shit for boys like go nagai that raised a generation of today's heads of anime industry.

No. 592722

Mostly anime and anime inspired art. Not particularly in any kind of fandom though, just weeb shit.

No. 592723

uh you know porn of any kind was so censored there it was illegal to show pubes.

No. 592725

Samefaging but i want to learn fundies too so somewhere that I can get some feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank u in advance!!

No. 592726

you said romance not porn. only genitalia and sexual intercourse was censored. tits and ass was always common

No. 592729

>gay (trigger warning for Karen) cis men
You really typed this thinking you'd convince everyone you're not a Karen, kek. What a mess.
>It is a female owned space and men aren't welcome.
Based if true.

No. 592737

This is the worst fucking bait I've seen on this site in a while.

No. 592739

You know just because it was illegal people drew it anyway, look at any issue of Garo or other alternative-type magazines…it’s similar to American comics being forced to follow CCA guidelines and the underground comix movement that followed next to it

No. 592743

Pretty sure she traced over 3D modeling dolls or something because these poses look uncanny as fuck and have realistic proportions which makes them look off because Persona characters have long limbs and making them realistic just fucks up the proportions of the designs.

No. 592750

File: 1596060740517.png (595.4 KB, 1836x1320, jesus.png)

20 min edit on mspaint. just made the legs a bit longer and it's a lot better already

No. 592754


Maybe I just don't get it, but as a poc I find it insulting that a lot of these "inclusive" artists always make brown people look super ugly. I get that ugly people exist too, but I never see white characters drawn this way.

No. 592759

That's queer culture (fetishizing ugliness and bad habits) but yeah, I'm white and that's also been bothering me. The POC I see walking around in this city look like normal people and attractive on average. It's like some of the artists conflate being brown with being ugly in their head or something.

No. 592776

File: 1596064586798.png (281.99 KB, 946x308, muh diverse cast.png)

I just about missed the Validate hate train, but I feel that the creators are especially stretching it with some of these Asian ethnicities they've slapped on a few of these characters. Like, this dude looks about as Chinese as the name Isabelle Morrigan sounds Spanish. Would actual East Asian looking characters not be woke enough for this kind of game?
And the ones that actually do look their ethnicity of course fall into the most regressive stereotyping imaginable. Wow, how groundbreaking - a southeast Asian ladyboy and a hairy Pakistani girl. "Progessive" artists like this usually aren't actually that informed at all of different cultures because they rarely leave their American suburban neighborhoods, so I get the feeling that these little flags were added to the characters' bios for some extra brownie points.

No. 592782

bold of them to assume i can recognize any of these flags

No. 592784

I really want to start getting serious about digital art, and I’ve been looking at the Xp pen 13. Already seems a bit more trustworthy than Huion simply based on the fact that it’s a Japanese product and those tend to hold up pretty well in my experience vs cheaper Chinese alternatives

No. 592785

You guys are so cute trying to reverse uno card something already set in stone

No. 592789

Not to mention how generic most of his art is now that he just coasts on blow up doll portraits. Some of his older landscape stuff was actually decent before he stopped giving a shit.

No. 592792


wow i somehow deleted the first half of this

Angel ganev drives me up a wall with his literally everything about him His entire personality is just a superiority complex slapped on as a personality and talking about views and likes ever 10 seconds.

No. 592803


is youtube recommending his stuff to you now also? he just appeared on my dash last week and it seems like all I see is him now

No. 592817

That's what you're doing, though. It's always Mandy, Karen and Brenda from Ohio who move to the big city, get pixie cuts, throw on some blue hair dye, place "zie/zem" pronouns in their bios and post lengthy rants about how the Mongolian cartoon femboy fandom is literally Satan or whatever.
Those of us who already have flavor from birth focus on important issues, since there's no reason to LARP.

No. 592818

They think "representation" is just naming different places and saying their ugly characters are from them, it's extremely tacky and like you said, American.
I don't get why they wouldn't try to study those cultures, or at least talk to people from those countries to get a handle on how to write/design good characters. If they can't be bothered, why even throw in the flags? Just let them all be Amerimutts in peace.

No. 592823

File: 1596070651770.jpeg (171.02 KB, 615x888, C2101DAF-CFCF-4536-A35C-A468AF…)

But anon, some of the creators “””studied””” the cultures and ethnical features. I mean, look at the Anoki character. Truly that is a face of a true Native American, and if you can’t understand that They’re here to subvert the social expectations that society has created, then it shows your whiteness is showing /s

No. 592829

Didn't watch the vid, but i like the thumbnail art. Pretty girls might be boring and basic, but his style and the colors are nice.

No. 592834

isn't the dav a crazy black girl that hates mix peoepl and white people? that may explay why all the cast is balck/brown

No. 592872

File: 1596076704078.jpeg (293.19 KB, 1920x1080, C7CB1248-C9F7-4395-9947-1D0E83…)

I think it’s kind of hilarious how they also put the least ugly characters at the beginning of the “*~Cast~*” presentation in the website and the weirdest and most ugly looking ones at last.

I feel like if anything, this game is the biggest troll stunt I’ve ever seen, I kind of want to play it because it’s hilarious how the characters are stereotypical and the quotes. The quotes that represent them are extremely retarded, I just wonder if anyone, specially any of the developers of the game, would be able to date or even be seen in public with those characters if they were real people.

And yeah, characters are not supposed to be 100% realistic, but pic related is probably what makes me think this is all a huge joke.

No. 592893

Yeah, I was initially curious but everything about him makes me want to peel my skin like an apple. His voice, accent, jokes and general approach to 'teaching' aka making himself look good and tearing down people doing the same thing he is.

No. 592907

I'll never understand pearl clutching loonies either tbh, they're so loud and obnoxious about the things they don't like either and constantly claim they're innocent Angels and all that nonsense. Those types of people have always bothered me, essentially when they're showing off their denial like a red flag.

No. 592909

Honestly they all look like different shades of black, but just all strangely ugly AF. I still think they're trolls

No. 592912

I still hope the Validate game is a troll game at least tbh.

No. 592913

It's slightly racist of them to assume that all POC are only black. Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Middle eastern? Just black. Representation my ass

No. 592921

anons i have a dilemma. i'm currently jobless, and since i recently got back into drawing i'm considering taking comissions. problem is that the only account i have is my old deviantart that i made as a teen and has been inactive for like, five years. other than that i have no other art to start a proper account and attract customers, so i was wondering if i should just suck it up and start posting on my old account again, or just start anew and slowly post more content. any advice??

No. 592922

Honestly it seems that a lot of things nowadays get called tracing that aren't even close to tracing, tracing is you drawing over the picture (aka tracing the lines, daa) and if you need a pose etc, want to figure out the proportions etc, then instead of tracing you either copy or reference. The reason is that tracing is mindless and lazy, it doesn't really teach you anything or force you to observe. You can use tracing to study _when_ you use it to break down an image (say a photo) into a flat 2d lines, in order to well observe it. Referencing is usually using a photo or multiple to loosely base around them while copying is more like eýeballing a certain part or whole image so it looks close to the original. Both referencing and copying are far better tools for art and frankly if you need to rely on tracing, you're just a bad artist.

No. 592923

i'd start a fresh account. most people left deviantart and you'd be surprised how fast you can gain followers if your art is good. just tag smartly and engage with other artists in comment sections! good luck anon

No. 592925

I feel like crap bringing this up again but for all the artists on here that are selling their original prints.. how do you price them? I don’t want to sell myself short or too high.. I was thinking of opening an Etsy and doing it there but Idk where to start about the price.

No. 592929

You can either price it how ever you feel is fair or you can price it by the amount of time you spent on it with minimum wage like some do.

No. 592935

File: 1596084497401.png (1.78 MB, 1280x1440, artsits.png)

Anyone have any knowledge/advice on how to start moving your style to something more like this?(Olivia Margraf Posta top 3 and DeerlordHunter is the bottom one) The kind of more dynamic and flowy poses with really nice varied body types? I've been trying to do something like it more lately. They both have actual art school experience but, I can't afford art school and was wondering if there was exercises to do or something along that line.

No. 592943

This! that's exactly why Disney doesn't get shit on for their forced diversity. You can't disagree with me that Disney really doesn't care about POC and all they see are dollar signs but at least they hire people who do proper research and actually send their artists to the countries the characters they're writing are from. Disney also doesn't stray from conventional attractiveness, no matter the race of the character. Even the movies like Mulan that aren't entirely PC, are still pretty good to a point where china was beating itself up for a while because Disney beat them to their own story and made a fuck ton of money off of it.

This is very funny to me "you're making fun of a fictional character, so you're actually making fun of me." I can't stand that type of logic.

No. 592957

I love how often anons here say go back to Twitter/Tumblr when confronted with opinions that differ from their own cuz those are the biggest social media sites for artists and no artist anons here have a following or friends so they come to their hugbox to ree about popular people on social media sites they've failed at

No. 592958

File: 1596087329760.png (649.77 KB, 478x593, creepybugeyes.PNG)

checked angel ganevs insta out of curiosity. this looks so creepy and disproportionate. who thinks this looks good?

No. 592959

File: 1596087492567.jpg (74.29 KB, 486x427, tips 33 (2).jpg)

same anon, easily could be fixed by balancing the stylized features

No. 592966

File: 1596088088913.jpg (156.04 KB, 1142x1384, realistic-alien-4-sculpt-3d-mo…)

No. 592971

"art schools dumb!! i dont need to be taught anything!!"
his paintings:(emoji)

No. 592977

Weird cast aside, this design sucks soooo badly… There's no consistent color scheme and the outfit is weirdly plain and cobbled together without anything matching.
If they wanted to have characters from lots of different countries, it could have been cool to try and incorporate the flag colors into the design somehow, imo

No. 592985

Gesture for the flowy poses and the other is mostly character design focused on shapes. You can watch Proko to understand gesture.

No. 592987

File: 1596089576886.png (2.27 MB, 800x1000, s_n_a_c_k__by_angelganev_ddzfo…)

this dude….

No. 592996

Look up gesture drawing, it helps with the flow of a figure.
Art school helps a lot but there are other stuff you can go after if you want a more solid base. So many artists sell classes, courses and videos online. Some youtubers like proko can give some solid understanding of anatomy for example. Just target the things you struggle and try to learn the basics of everything like perspective, gesture, lighting, gestalt, color theory they help in a long run. Some people overlook these kind of stuff thinking it's "simple and basic",but they are super hard to truly master.

No. 593034

>Using "cis" and "problematic" unironically
>Thinking the Aidens that complain about this are "actual gay men"
Opinion discarded.

>Source: this deleted post I saw on Tumblr five years ago
Opinion double-discarded

When will these people just admit they want an excuse to judge other women for liking shit they don't like. Jesus Christ, this is fucking LCF and judging people for petty shit is 90% of what we do here– there's no need to front about having a "woke" reason to talk trash.

No. 593036

I thought she said she was done buying cheap 1$ shit, because it doesn't really work. Also, how does she charge that much for her work, when she only wants to use dollar store items ? It'll fade in no time.

No. 593044

Lurk moar, anon. People aren't saying "go back to Twitter/Tumblr" because they disagree with someone. They're saying it to people who aren't integrated with board culture. There's nothing wrong with using other sites, but if you're going to use an image board, treat it like an image board.

No. 593047

I wouldn't be surprised if Rae doesn't think about how long her paintings last. She has so little knowledge of art supplies and honestly, her art sucks.

No. 593052

As others have said, gesture drawing will really help. I’d also study a little animation, as styles like these usually come from a background in animation (even if they just took a class), you don’t have to animate but learning to study and work as an animator does will help you achieve this. Also, don’t underestimate the power of style studies! Study their art and try to replicate it, while not posting it. See what parts of their style and technique you immediately want to replicate into your own.

No. 593054

>cookie run icon
how come those people almost always have the worst takes?

No. 593076

I wanted to comment about how those hands are the worst but then I noticed that all of the anatomy is just whack as fuck. This looks like art drawn by somebody who never goes out and sees actual people with so much of the instagram algorithm in mind that it start looking like those GAN generated images.

No. 593084

what are you talking about it looks okay

No. 593116

it really does not but this is also not something i need to argue any more in depth so let's assign it to different standards of "okay"

No. 593158

There's a couple basic things you should take into consideration to make it a fair price that a lot of people would buy.
1. Materials: Make sure to get your cost of used materials back. Doesn't really apply to digital art that much. High material cost justifies a higher price.

2. Size of Composition. Bigger means more expensive generally, this also depends on materials used, but your bigger work you'll want to price higher. Again, doesn't really apply to digital art.

3. Technical Skill: How much technical skill went into it. Time isn't a really good standard to use for pricing since time depends on the artist. You could spend a week on a drawing, but if it's incredibly simple no one is gonna spend that much money. Judge your art by the end product.

4. Exclusivity: Basically are you doing commisions a lot or rarely. If you only open commisions a couple times and make your money another way, you can justify upping your price since it's exclusive art.

5. Popularity: How popular are you/is your art. You could think that your art is better than Loish or someone else, but that doesn't mean you can price it the same. Are you doing art that is super niche, so someone would be willing to pay a lot of money, or are you doing basic anime art, that a thousand other artists are doing. How in demand in your type of art.

This is super basic and theres a ton of other stuff that goes into it. but I suggest making some sort of framework for pricing.

No. 593161

Could also work: Divide your monthly costs (bills, rent, average cost for groceries, etc.) by the amount of (similiar) pieces you can do a month without burning out. If you think the resulting prices are too high, you clearly need another income source or get faster at drawing.

No. 593173

THIS, is such an important point. I see people in this thread bullshitting that "artists need to pay rent too uwu" and while that's absolutely true, that doesn't mean it's a good idea to charge exorbitant amount of money for your art when people aren't going to buy it. Justifying frankly ridiculous prices, that most people don't want to pay, with this logic makes no sense. I could quit my job today and start selling my art fulltime instead, and I wouldn't make enough money to live, but that doesn't mean I can whine about how "I need to pay bills too". Sometimes artists just need to get another job until they are stable. I suggest not even making a permanent career out of it, until you know you can make neough money to live.

No. 593181

File: 1596118255560.png (737.17 KB, 505x591, before.png)


it's crazy seeing how much he has regressed. here is one of his older drawings for comparison. generic, but not awful. makes me wonder if he was just liquifying/tracing before. really don't understand how else someone could regress this much.

also he is a huge cow.

No. 593182

I used to think "oh, they are just children going through an "i know everything" phase" but most of them are over 18, i don't get it either.

No. 593192

This is nice actually, I think he actually improved on the picture, although the colors are a bit much for me.
I don't really understand what you mean. He's obviously not trying to be semi realistic here. It's weird to see people automatically assume an artist has regressed, because that's not always the case.
>Regression is a return to a former or less developed state
He's not really trying to be semi realistic there, and the proportions are not off by mistake, that's intentional. If he was trying to be semi realistic and got shittier at it, that would be regression. I think it's ugly, but him trying out a different form isn't really regression, the same way someone doing impressionism isn't failing at realism.

No. 593197

Thank u artist anons, i really learn alot from this thread (advise wise). Wish u guys well.

No. 593202

It really fucking ticked me off when they made the only East Asians black, not even Indian brown, just straight out African American. And of course the SE Asian is a ladyboy and Pakistani girl is as hairy as a troll, that's not stereotypical at all. It really seems like they came up with these flags based on a dice roll because Laos/Ecuador, really?

>They think "representation" is just naming different places and saying their ugly characters are from them, it's extremely tacky and like you said, American.
Yeah seriously, these people keep on bitching about cultural appropriation and fetishization but I feel like deciding on random nationalities with only vague knowledge where they exist is just that. I really doubt the dev team knows shit all about these countries except which continent they are located in. What's crazy about this cast is that they all represent your basic first world western middle class experimenting college student in their early 20's culture but have these black avatars just for aesthetics and pandering.

This seriously sounds like some /pol/ parody of a woke dating sim. I'm still stunned over the fact that this is unironic and for real.

Your newfagism is showing, good god let this be a bait post.

No. 593224

File: 1596122768006.jpg (400.03 KB, 1690x771, 57c941ae867e157dd85c0250ec8ce2…)

There was drama at the beginning of the month, this artist said she's doing a painting inspired by willow smith, and people got really mad at her in the comments for making her lighter. I sort of agree, why pick a picture of a borwn skinned woman and then paint a light skinned woman with blue hair?

No. 593227

I mean, the drawing does look lighter, but the skintone choice doesn't look white. It clearly has more browns than peaches. It may be that the artist just doesn't know the proper colors for dark skintons.
though tbh, I don't think it matters. just because you draw inspiration from a certain race doesn't mean that person has to be that race

No. 593228

What the fuck kind of stupid ass drama is this? Another "reeee how dare you whitewash a black person by drawing her skin 0.10% way too light" type of wokeshit like that Nessa fanart one? The person in the reference photo isn't that dark either, and if the painting is simply "inspired by" and not portraying the same person so what's the point in complaining?

No. 593230

Idk, people lost their shit in the commens though. I thought it was funny that the artists thought it was a good idea to tell the audience she was inspired by a black woman and then painted someone who looked more light skinned with light eyes. Why would you even tell people, it's obviously gonna cause drama.

I thought it was a weird choice in general, she tagged willow smith in it as well, and put it in her captions so people thought it was more than inspiration.

No. 593231

Forgot to add. She then got really defensive and tried to prove she isn't racist, and wrote super long statements on ig which are now gone. She also put tons of art on her instagram story to prove that she also painted black people, and said she isn't racist because she's done a couple paintings of black people, it was strange.

No. 593232

>implying that she is a racist
racists don't get inspired by black people or paint them. most people would get defensive. that's a pretty big accusation.

No. 593236

you're fucking stupid. this drama is stupid. gtfo

No. 593237

She obviously just wanted the attention of drawing a celebrity without putting in the effort to make it look like her specifically. I assume she's just another IG artist who draws the same pouty girl expression on every picture so even if she's "cancelled", who cares when there are five million other accounts drawing the same thing? Nothing of value will be lost

No. 593238

this is an imageboard. post something if this is so fucking milky.

No. 593242

There are racist people who are friends with, date and fuck fuck black people.

I agree that's she's (probably) not racist, but this is a stupid argument.

No. 593245

I will never understand why Rae keeps buying pencils when she has tons of unopened packages like?? she has a ton of art supplies she never uses too. All art youtubers are hoarders

No. 593258

slightly unrelated but I'm so tired of this "dark skinned person with neon/light hair and eyes" trend. It's not even about racism, it's just so predictable and boring

No. 593264

so is saying someone is a racist or "they're acting strange" because they get defensive when called a racist.

No. 593265

If you get called racist and lose your shit and act weird like OP said, then that is questionable. Getting defensive when people point out that you could be whitewashing someone isn't really a good way to respond, even if you aren't racist.
Same. There are trends that start off pretty cool, but end up so tired. I hate that trend where the let the paint drip and run down. It almost always looks bad.

No. 593267

….ok? I didn't say that nor did I agree with that statement anywhere in my post but alright.

No. 593274

Then how would you expect someone to respond? I fucking doubt she was thinking ‘This Willow Smith picture is great! It would be better if she was lighter!’ What a croc of shit. It wasn’t fanart of Willow Smith, it was inspired by her, likely the hairstyle. She probably panicked when all this hate blasted her way and reacted defensively because she likely never even thought about that angle while making it and was shocked. What the fuck else could she do? Delete the post? Can’t do that, the mob will think you’re trying to bury it. Change the art? Can’t do that, it’s pandering to seem woke! Apologize? Can’t do that, it’s insincere!

When people cry racism over a piece of art or media that was not intended to be so, there is zero hope for the person being accused of being racist.

No. 593302

That's honestly the stupidest shit I've ever read. When you're called out for something you be a fucking adult about it and respond to criticism in a thoughtful way. Being angry or spamming people with proof that you can't be racist because you sometimes paint black people is pretty much the worst way to go.

>Then how would you expect someone to respond? I fucking doubt she was thinking ‘This Willow Smith picture is great! It would be better if she was lighter!’

You're an idiot. Racism and colorism doesn't have to come from an intentional or malicious source in order to exist. She said she was inspired by a picture of a black woman and then painted her lighter, of fucking course people are going to be annoyed. Whether she's racist or not isn't the point, she handled it badly, if OP is telling the truth.

>When people cry racism over a piece of art or media that was not intended to be so, there is zero hope for the person being accused of being racist.

Racism isn't always intentional. There is hope, considering that this situation has blown over for her and isn't some huge drama, if her insta is anything to go by. Saying there's no hope, and she's the victim or some shit, is fucking stupid considering there are people who are openly racist and shitty, who still have thriving careers.

No. 593313

But she said it was only inspired by it. There’s this thing called artistic freedom you know, which should allow her to be able to draw what the fuck she wants. I think the picture looks nice, the person is obviously dark but if you look at the art and the reference, a lot of things are different than just the skin color. This is not meant to be a copy, a study or a portrait of her, instead it is inspired by the photo, mainly by the hair. People are flipping over nothing and this stupid backlash right here is the reason people don’t even want to draw black people.

This is her art and she’s under 0 obligation to make her darker just to please some over sensitive randos.

You pulling in the whole ”lol some people are racist so she should do better” is fucking dumb. We all like to think that we would handle things better but if you have hundreds of people suddenly slamming you for absolutely nothing, yea anyone would get defensive, doesn’t mean you’re racists, doesn’t even mean you’re unintentionally racist, it doesn’t mean anything.

No. 593316

File: 1596132973925.jpg (187.03 KB, 1280x946, f5b56943ad499ec1cb84c1029568e8…)

Araki got away with that and nobody cares smh

No. 593318

Yeah it just means you're immature and childish. That's what it means. I'm not saying she's racist, I'm saying she handled it in a bad way and can't be suprised she got backlash for it. Why are you whiteknighting so hard.

No. 593327

kek, disney and hollywood aren't racist they're just practicing artistic freedom uwu. artists have the right to draw whatever the want even offensive shit, and people have the right to call them out on their bullshit.

No. 593328

>I don't know how this person actually reacted, I just assume I know based on a vague description the op gave. But based on the image of the situation I myself have created in my mind, she reacted in a bad way ans she shouldn't be surprised of backlash

No. 593360


don't forget she supposedly donates this trash to a local school she always donates to, I've even seen people in her comments mocking her about how many times she says "the local school I always donate to"

No. 593372

>If you get called racist and lose your shit and act weird like OP said, then that is questionable. Getting defensive when people point out that you could be whitewashing someone isn't really a good way to respond, even if you aren't racist.
No, people get defensive because being branded as a racist is a serious fucking insult these days and nobody wants that reputation following them. So they better get on to trying to clear their name. It's not a fucking banter insult you drop at someone lightly. If someone came up to you and started screeching at you being racist for some menial, stupid issue like not drawing enough POC characters or making a black character look "too white", would you try to explain how you're in fact not a racist or would you just smile and be chill about it because "you got nothing to hide" while the callout tweets making rounds hit 15k retweets?

No. 593375

Why the fuck would people be annoyed at someone referencing the pose from a picture of a black woman while painting a different person, who has a skintone that's a little lighter? So if I want to paint a certain type of person and I find a picture that's perfect for the pose but the model is black, I'm obliged to make the character I'm painting black too?
Again, she said it was inspired. Sure it's the same old boring Instagram girl, and she tagged Willow for clout, but this has nothing to do with racism. This girl is getting slandered for nothing and you wonder why she's acting defensive.

No. 593377

Exactly! People don't make racist accusations against art like this to try and get someone to be mindful of their work, they do it to destroy careers and reputations.

No. 593382

lol, yeah every person who gets accused of racism is just a misunderstood victim. if a black person was offended by this, then they're offended, even if it's unsubstantiated, and the way to handle that is not by being petulant and immature. this is obviously an overblown issue, but in general, when a massive amount of people tell you that something is offensive, you don't really get to decide that it's not, you apologize and act like a fucking grown up

No. 593384

>just because you draw inspiration from a certain race doesn't mean that person has to be that race
>if the painting is simply "inspired by" and not portraying the same person so what's the point in complaining?
>It wasn’t fanart of Willow Smith, it was inspired by her, likely the hairstyle
>This is not meant to be a copy, a study or a portrait of her, instead it is inspired by the photo, mainly by the hair
>if I want to paint a certain type of person and I find a picture that's perfect for the pose but the model is black, I'm obliged to make the character I'm painting black too?
End of discussion. Unless the artist's intention was to paint a portrait of Willow Smith, specifically, there is nothing even remotely racist about thi situation. 100% manufactured "drama" and "scandals" so that white "woke" faux-leftists on Twitter can feel holier-than-thou for calling out the "racism" they invented in their mind.

No. 593386

apologizing to these people is never enough. they always want more and more. you can apologize, but they'll guilt you for every single little innocuous thing you do.
if you apologize, you were a person who was racist. if you don't, you're a racist. sometimes being mature is not bending to the will of everyone harassing you in the dm's and sticking to your own opinion.
also, you have no evidence that this artist acted petulant or immature. you are just assuming that

No. 593393

>Thinking just "apologizing" will ever be enough for these people
Either you're being purposefully dense about this or just absurdly naive.

No. 593396

people are allowed to have opinions outside of what everyone on twitter thinks. just because someone doesn’t change their opinion to agree with the majority doesn’t make them “immature”. it’s not this artist’s fault that people were offended. their intention clearly wasn’t to offend.
even if the artist had done something horrendous, they have no obligation to apologize. an apology is given only when a person feels they are in the wrong. and you can’t be right or wrong about what is offensive, because that’s a matter of opinion. if this artist feels bad and wrong that they offended certain people, then they should apologize to appeal to those people. if the artist doesn’t care, then they shouldn’t, because then those people will (hopefully) exit their social circle. then that person can cultivate a social circle of people that are more similar to them.
this isn’t about being an adult, or a child, or being right or wrong. it’s just how interaction between people with differences in viewpoints works.

No. 593409

File: 1596142683671.png (425.3 KB, 570x560, EdOEEcUWAAATICn.png)

If they don't want to add a white person I don't fucking care, but why do they need to be so obnoxious about it. White people aren't mad about not being a part of your game, they're mad because you're being dickheads about it.

No. 593410

Yeah, this comes off as incredibly immature. I actually really do wish games would have more POC characters, but I'd rather they be written well and by competent, mature, level-headed people and not these crybabies.

No. 593411

File: 1596143122815.png (449.3 KB, 537x1741, Untitled.png)

What a shitshow.

No. 593412

You hit the nail right on the head on why I don't like ValiDATE, they're cunty dicks about wanting to make a "progressive" game of their own but ended up making an embarrassing abomination of a game with awful looking characters.

No. 593416

I sincerely agree. I don't mind black characters in videogames either, I just wish these games aren't made by insane political loonies that shove their Social Justice crap into everyone's face and trying to be slick about it. Anyways, I would avoid political crap like the plaque anyways especially when it's forced political crap that feels suffocating.
>Sage for rant

No. 593417

Why couldn't they try and positively pander to poc instead of negatively targeting their anger towards white people? Moreover, why didn't they make the mixed characters >>592776 here look mixed instead of 100% black? could've been interesting to see the biracial characters look biracial

Or maybe they could've just started from scratch and said "we can make a bunch of characters of varying ethnicities; black, white, latino, asian, and so on" and been woke without being exclusionary. You know, like normal people would. Instead they decided to make almost every character black and a stereotype, then wonder why their reception is so negative, including from poc themselves

No. 593418

This is pretty funny in that two polar opposites meet and sperg. The game dev look more sane though, can't deny that.

No. 593423

Imagine having your head that up your ass. It’s kind of funny how most of these idiots would get extremely asshurt if they saw the same message in a dating sim official page that only has white people.

I’m not even white and I honestly think this validate circus should be ignored so they can go back to their irrelevancy hole.

No. 593427

This is just embarrassing and cringeworthy. They're throwing a tantrum over nothing.

Lmfao I love it when them being completely obtuse to the world outside of their woke circles comes to bite them in the ass. Even goes off to call him a "white supremacist" thinking it'd shut him up.

No. 593429

File: 1596144789822.jpg (51.71 KB, 454x562, 1.jpg)

One of the devs has something against mixed people, this is what I found on twitter, but I'm looking for more. There's also something with doxxing, and stealing money or smt.

No. 593438

File: 1596145649292.png (354.08 KB, 336x1335, 2.png)

So, what happened for this dev was that they got commisioned, pocketed the money, and then denied the final product, after finding out the customer followed someone that drew aged up or loliporn.

No. 593440

I dislike the Validate team,but that guy really needs to chill.

No. 593445

I agree, he really needs to chill out in all honesty.

No. 593446

That guy ranting isn't normal outside of his circles either anon. Hoteps aren't exactly the epitome of sane people.

No. 593447

File: 1596146390046.png (159.9 KB, 526x638, EeIjBS2XkAYyukR.png)

they also doxxed someone (@JekoJekoUEM on twitter) but it's okay because he's apparently into lolicon. jfc

No. 593452

I also hope that ValiDATE becomes irrelevant a few years later as well. Same with the game's team too.

No. 593453

He has a googledocs file with all of his evidence that he wants to take to the police apparently. not gonna upload them, theres too much, but here's the link.


No. 593455

jeko is a nasty piece of work though. if you look at his history he's exceedingly confrontational and seen insulting people on multiple occasions while crying about how offended he feels that people call him a pedo. lolicon is nasty either way. I don't feel bad for the faggot tbh

No. 593458

I don't know who he is, but if he got doxxed then that is a shitty thing to do. They shouldn't be acting like this publically. If they actually suspected him of doing somethign illegal they should go to the police.

No. 593462

true, but the police prove time and time again that they're fucking incompetent, same with twitter and taking down pedoshit. lolifag twitter is just the other side of the coin of sjw twitter with their self righteous attitudes that they're somehow better than sjws for fapping to drawn child rape, so I can't help but laugh seeing a lolifag get his ass handed to him

No. 593468

I know that, which is why it was so hilarious that she can't call out a literal kemet worshiper for his bullshit and resorts to calling him a "white supremacist" by some retarded logic.

I usually don't give a shit about people drawing lolicon but this guy seams real seedy with his "femboy" obsession, altright bullshit and pedo connections so for once I feel like it's warranted. At least they're doing it to someone like him instead of a girl drawing a shirtless MHA character for once.

No. 593479

>creator of the anti-pedo flag
Ah yes, mankind’s greatest achievement
I wonder if the guy puts that on his resume

No. 593482

File: 1596152233512.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20200730-193648.png)


Lmao just noticed she changed the buck teeth in the thumbnail to this weird open mouth expression.

Here's the borderline racist asian caricature that's still in the video.

No. 593484

File: 1596152381196.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1529, 20200730_193922.png)

This artist has one of the worst cases of same face syndrome I've ever seen.

No. 593486


Angel Ganev is one of the worst artists out there. He is technically good but all he does is copy so his work has very little value. He has admitted to Traci g pictures a lot in the past and I wouldn't be surprised if he still does that.
He has a huge ego and thinks he's an art teacher now (makes tutorials on how to copy photos on YouTube and "roasts" artists on his discord server). I remember there being some small controversy last year of him not crediting the photos he copies from and being rude to people in conventions, saying the girls needed to shave their arms or some shit. Very disrespectful to say the least…

No. 593487

Definitely same lip syndrome

No. 593491

Ariel, Mulan, Cinderella, and Tinkerbell need to lay off the lip fillers

No. 593493

File: 1596153899948.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1200x1855, 93E4DD5B-69F0-4B49-9297-E821D5…)

I always find it funny when people say stop drawing anime and their art is even fuglier than what weebs make

No. 593494

Shame because these are actually pretty. Mulan and Tiger Lily are probably my favorites. The others really do have pretty much the same face.

No. 593503

I'm pretty sure Cinderella and Tinkerbell's face are copy/pasted.

Is this dude a long lost Cullen sibling, why does he have yellow eyes and giant, poorly drawn muscles? And why does the rabid weeb character have visible nipples??

No. 593505

It's funny because this artists anatomy is just as bad as the bad anime drawing he did. Like, why does his head look so fucking small? Why does his pecs look like tits? Why does he has pecs on his back?

They need to be honest and just say "Get lucky and hope you get popular"

No. 593506

File: 1596156389609.png (31.73 KB, 404x451, EeIg_XvWoAIicnB.png)

He's not like a dick about it though. He also says it's stylized intentionally.

No. 593507

File: 1596156866488.png (362.81 KB, 740x724, validate.png)

So they acutally ended up putting a white boy in the game because I'm assuming they met the stretch goal. Funnily eough, I think he might have the most appealing character design out of all of them. All the replies under the tweet are of course obnoxious. I'm a black bisexual female and I would rather play that fucking MLP dating sim than this vendictive, souless, shit.

No. 593512

Someone should call them white supremacists for drawing nearly all their "POC characters" ugly as shit and/or fat as fuck, while making the one white character look cute.

No. 593514

Why people think they are all trolls. And they have a small army of vapid fans who will just scream "You think all black people are ugly?"
I'm just surprised at the lack of diversity and that's the whole point of the game, everyone is black.
Also if any other game stated "If we reach this goal we will add one black character" people would be screaming.

No. 593516

That's different. There's already a market oversaturated with white characters, you can't compare that to adding on white character. They definitely went overboard and were dicks about it, and really fucking annoying, but it's not really a comparable situation.

No. 593518

Big ol kek. You’d think they would’ve made the guy unappealing? He isnt good looking by any means but put him next to the literal trolls in the game and wow gg crew, you played yourselves.

No. 593521

>most appealing character design out of all of them

No. 593523

Honestly, if changed his skin- he’d still look better than most of the other characters. It’s just his overall design which fits and makes him look more natural than the rest.
Maybe they would spin it to say “it’s because he hAs whitE fEaTures” (aka: a line for his mouth)

No. 593524

Hey anon, some of us just cannot imagine Dating this: >>592872

No. 593525

When it comes to Validate, I get if they poked fun at people wanting white character in the game but this is just obnoxious behvior from them. White people may not be oppressed in general, or subject tot he same oppression as dark skinned people, but look at Irish people, Italiens, or people from the Ukraine or Romani People. They might look white, but they are still discriminated against. Racism isn't just black and white, and it's very obvious these devs are Americans, because while white people in america are not oppressed, there are people in Europe who are discriminated against, and race functions differently here.

No. 593526

That and the main dev is ironically racist herself. She's just black
"But black people can't be racist"
She doesn't like mix races or any other race for that matter. Probably why every character looks the way they do

No. 593557

I’ll admit I’ve never properly played it (I just like seeing fanart) but DreamDaddy had a diverse cast of black, Asian, latino, white and, if I remember correctly, a trans man character. All of them were interesting, appealing in their own way and the whole point of the game wasn’t to force ‘woke fuck wypipoo!!!’ Shit down your throat.

No. 593559

Also the art for DreamDaddy was actually appealing. And the trans character wasn't even a big part of his character.

No. 593560

File: 1596162575844.jpeg (156.83 KB, 663x993, EBDB0CF8-88F7-4D29-96AF-8618B3…)

I was about to make the comparison as well, DreamDaddy had a great diverse cast, they were pretty hot and they weren’t too wokè, sure, it had its tiny, little moments of wokeness, but it really wasn’t annoying. The characters are likeable and not whiny.

No. 593562

Yeah they actually look like humans and not like goblins

No. 593563

I really like the artwork, too. You can tell the artist had a good grasp on anatomy and posing. The trans character doesn't really look trans though.

No. 593566

Sage for off topic, but I'm willing to bet actual money that this woman has only ever dated white guys, these types of hyperwoke upper class "POCs" living in the west always do

No. 593567

There are ways to draw unattractive and fat people without making them look ugly, and honestly, considering that many people who aren't conventionally unattractive have issues with their image, what you don't want to do is make them look like that. Sure there's people that are unattractive, and want to look unattractive/don't care, but you don't need to make all the characters look like that.

No. 593571

I'm pretty sure it would be pretty insulting if they made him look super fem-boyish so I'm glad they made him look masculine.

No. 593573

That was literally the point, though.

No. 593576

I hated the player character and his daughter. Game kinda blows when you're forced to be as libertarian left as possible. The bachelors were pretty nice, I wish Dream Daddy worked more like ValiDate.

No. 593586

File: 1596165380770.jpg (73.14 KB, 640x548, EeOB8aJXgAIRYlu.jpg)

I found this in the replies and it pretty much sums up why I hate twimblr art in one picture.
Fuck blackwashing.

No. 593590

These are the same people who Stan while male celebs btw

No. 593601

File: 1596166534963.jpg (69.31 KB, 492x710, queen-of-punjab-princes-bamba-…)

Sage cause this is super off topic but this whole mixed race thing reminds me of an article I read a week ago that made me seethe

It was about Sonia duleep Singh, she was the daughter of the exiled king of the Punjabi Sikh Empire, who lived in the UK with her family

Her father was ethnically a Punjabi Jatt and her mother was half Ethiopian and half German, Sonia and her siblings were all were light brown and looked like many others Sikhs and Sonia lived an interesting life as a suffragette in the Uk and a woman's rights activist

She was however written as being a "black" suffragette in an American black media website, Americans really do seem this obsession that all non-whites are just black

No. 593613

I just love how you simplify text written on one black media website and consider that the opinion of all of America.

No. 593614

Sucks being generalized, doesn't it.

No. 593616

Lmao what are you even trying to say with this anon?

No. 593619

For real

No. 593620

This is why I think the narrative people are trying to push that Jesus was black is just fucking offensive and racist within itself. Whether you believe in religion or not, there is documentation that Jesus as a person existed, and he was middle eastern.

No. 593635

File: 1596168503605.jpeg (83.1 KB, 1080x1085, Ed0efuZU0AAGUiG.jpeg)

Can we stay on topic to the thread please? Fuck. Post some shitty art.

I'll resume.

No. 593654

if that was unclear, I agree! it's a sad truth.

No. 593656

imagine a world in which this thread wasn't a complete shit hole


No. 593661

>shove their Social Justice crap into everyone's face
>Making their own game you don't have to buy
Lol the game is ugly but some of you are so mad you aren't even thinking properly

No. 593720

Anon, I believe that they are trying to make this into a profit. They just released the free demo, people are finding out that the game characters suck, the dev team are racist, and they have $30,000+ donations going into this

No. 593738

This is what happens when you push the "stop drawing anime and become a real artist!!1111" narrative instead of "start learning fundamentals and improve your credibility". People think that if they just make their art fugly and not anime they're off the hook.

Lmfao, this. It's so ironic that amidst all the fat and ugly fashion disaster black characters only the one white person is actually decent and normal looking.

Did anyone even "want" a white person in the game? The gripe everyone seemed to have with it was that it only had western-raised black African Americans and no other POCs (except the hairy Pakistani girl and the asian/latina ladyboy) despite claiming to celebrate diversity.

No. 593743

And? The anon in question said they were shoving their shit in people's faces: no one is forcing people to donate to the game. If people wanna waste their money, oh well. Anons whined for years that sjws should make their own games. They did and now there's a problem because gasp other sjws are gonna back a game for sjws. It's lacking common sense to think this is shoving sjws shit in your face when it's obvious it's not targeted towards you.
A bunch of anons crying over racism towards white people isn't going to change anyone's minds or make them care lol

No. 593744

as far as I can recall they ended up making Damien trans because their fans kept pushing onto it, was weird ngl.

No. 593773

IMO Validate really needs its own thread.

No. 593777


Agreed. I personally have no feelings on the game (though the Posh British names for characters from countries with latin languages are kinda killing me) and I'm kinda tired of all the random hate that's long since stopped being about the art.

No. 593782

hahahah wtf he is cute
why did they design almost anybody else so weird but made him a qt

No. 593786

I'll admit, that last reply I made did sound pretty whiny. I'll stop complaing about the game since I won't buy it anyways. I just have a problem with the dev's behavior but that's honestly it.

No. 593787

I think it’s because all the poc characters and designs are self inserts, and since nobody on the team is white, they freely designed him. It’s funny that the people who will play validate won’t play it for the escapism to date other people (like most dating sim games are for) but to date themselves. The people who compliment it do so for the representation and seeing a character that resembles them, not a character that they want to fuck or romance.

No. 593788

Did this game bring about some other drama tho?

No. 593789

Plenty of the people in the dev team were white though. Maybe 1/3 were black.

No. 593790

Oh, for real? I would have assumed that they didn’t want white people to work on the game

No. 593793

File: 1596191501143.jpg (289.79 KB, 680x1311, 42509f46affa03a3515f7e1b0a4a59…)

Can't find face photos of all of them but at least the drawings say there are a good share of white devils working on it. Of course they could be bullshitting with some "I swear my great grandpa was black/native" to get in or are extremely white passing latinos but I digress.

No. 593795

Samefagging to add that Lisa was Asian but I seem to recall that she was the only Asian in the dev team.

No. 593800

>I'm a black bisexual female and I would rather play that fucking MLP dating sim than this vendictive, souless, shit.
>ahhh noo colored women that disagree with me don't exist!! you're such a brainwashed little baby, you're a complacent colored woman
Pretty based anon, but be careful. These types hate it when we don't agree with them. I can't even count it on my hands how many times I've been called a racial slur by some uwu woke twitter user as soon as I start deviating from their opinion.

No. 593817

God poor Lisa. Being the only programmer can’t be an easy task. Why did they hire a ton of artist but only one programmer

No. 593824

I remember there was a drama about genderbend fan-art. Fujofans of this dating sim and sjws were raging and sending death threats to a person just for drawing it.

No. 593854

File: 1596199448987.png (445.25 KB, 960x315, Dream Milfs OhNIPS.png)

Oh yeah, there was the incident with OhNips when she drew genderbent fanart of the cast. DD fans tore into her because one of the characters was trans (ftm) so drawing them as a MtF was consider transphobic.

There was even news articles about the blowback she received on Forbes and Kotaku.

No. 593855

What was phobic about it?

No. 593857

Forbes really, for goddam dime a dozen Mediocre genderbent fan art

No. 593861

nta but I wish I knew, seems to me like people were retarded and looking for drama lmfao. Maybe they thought that tRaNs MeN aRe MeN so the character should have been genderbent into a regular woman and not trans? This makes fucking zero sense. Unless people are not allowed to genderbend trannies according to sjw because it invalidates their gender. What a faggotry

No. 593864

the way the accusation went is that since the character in question is ftm, drawing him as a female is invalidating their gender identity. Defenders pointed out since it is a genderswap, the character is still trans just mtf now.

No. 593866

Woke visual novel projects are always like this. A ton of "artists", "designers", "writers" and "producers" while only one chump takes care of the programming and the evergrowing pile of requirements.
>inb4 it's only renpy it can't be that hard!!!!
It's actually a fucking chore to program an entire visual novel on your own no matter if it is just renpy, especially with managing flags and doing anything more complicated but writing simple scenario text output. And especially in a project this big. Checking out Lisa's twitter it seems she isn't that experienced of a programmer so I could imagine she's having a hard time with being the only one taking care of the code. People have complained about the demo being laggy which is an indicator of the code and assets being bloated and not optimized, a clear sign of incompetent programming. I'll be surprised if this project ever actually gets finished and doesn't just disintegrate after a few months.

Their reasoning was something like it was ~invalidating~ his pwecious gender struggle by making him into a woman because twans men are men and this is triggering!!!!! But in all honestly it was just a vendetta crusade against ohnips.

No. 593869

Ahh I remember it happening, the day everyone collectively decided genderbending is offensive. Yet it was never offensive for years everyone was doing it on tumblr/dA; it was even considered empowering in some way, especially to imagine beloved male characters as females since there always were far too many fan favorite males anyway.

No. 593870

Yeah,that’s what I was thinking when the whole thing first broke out,it’s literally simple logic.

No. 593874

Wasn’t there also drama within the group too? Between Game grumps and Ding Dong + Julian from Oneyplays? Unless that was a rumor.

No. 593904

i think it's just sexist because men are allowed to be fat blobs but women aren't. but i wonder if the original character was popular or was he only barabait

No. 593913

replies to old posts, because i didn't notice there was a new thread until now lol.

these kinda of comments make me think minors honestly think they are on the same level as minorities now on the internet. they don't realize that the only thing it signifies is that they are stupid and have little life experience, not that they have some special status.

add a few more lesbian options and i'm throwing my money at it.

don't look for something wholesome on a thread called "art salt" on fucking lolcow lmao.

the cookie run fandom is a fucking mess, any game that has slightly gacha-y elements will attract the worst fucking people somehow.

No. 593942

not milk, but this is the kind of art content i like. the commentary isn't obnoxious, and the video actually gives insight on how the painting is done and his techniques. Also, the finished painting doesn't look like dogshit

No. 593949

this video blew up on twitter, but because it wasn't linked it barely got any views from it. this is why reposters are pieces of shit.

No. 593951

>These kinda of comments make me think minors honestly think they are on the same level as minorities now on the internet.
I mean, especially on twitter. You can get swarmed and dogpiled by minors, spammed with gore and porn, be slandered by being called a pedo, have minors jump through numerous hoops to get to your adult content, but don't you dare say anything about it. You'll have these so called "fandom moms" come out and say you're literally killing minors, like really?

tl;dr everyone twitter kids don't like is a pedo

No. 593977

It's partly hilarious because just in a few years they will be 25+ themselves, realize they never grew out of fandomshit, find 17-year old anime boys attractive and then have to face the retarded content police culture they themselves helped to create when the next wave of minors are calling them out for liking something "problematic" and being worried of the human rights of cartoon characters over yours. I guess that's why they're pushing the "21-year old minor" narrative so hard, they never want to grow up and become one of the dirty old hags lusting after muh 19 year old child coded anime characters.

No. 593983

Fandom moms are the ultimate cringe, women in their 30s who spend too much time on Twitter forming paraosocial relationships with people a decade younger then them

No. 594001

>"Y-Y-Y-You can't JUST say 'they're older here' like you suddenly CONTROL the show and how old the characters are! ;__;"
>fanfiction: (exists)
lmfao the sheer amount of cope. I'm convinced this is the same type of autism that Sharky has in feeling personally offended and attacked by people not liking Anoki. Especially the way they act like the MHA characters are going to "grow up" with them just like if they were real people. (spoiler: they won't, not even if they pull a Boruto.)

I also find it funny that this literal who is mad about "aging up" but completely silent when people make babyfur age regression art and other creepy shit along those lines.
>Sexualizing an adult body cosplaying as an anime teen is wrong! But turning an adult character into a baby and sexualizing that? I wouldn't know, I'm just a minor and I don't look at porn. 0:^)
I hate these kinds of people.

No. 594007

It depends on the type of anime art. Chibi-likes and moeblobs have no anatomy, while some fullbody anime have more anatomy than regular cartoons.

Cartoonists who hate anime that have more anatomy in them are hypocrites lol.

No. 594008

Honestly this, "fandom moms" who spend all their time hanging out with people in their late teens while talking about how evil and pedophilic MHA and Naruto ships are is absolutely stunning in how they lack in self awareness. Idk man at least personally at 30 I'm not interested in hanging around people who are a decade younger than me because I'm not a mentally stunted loser who at best seeks validation from teenagers and at worst grooms them in Discord DMs while condemning MHA porn on Twitter.

Babyfurs are the fucking nastiest scrapings of the degenerate barrel, I swear. They're the ones who keep attacking people over baseless pedo allegations but then turn around to retweet toddler ageplay furries shitting their diapers on their NSFW account because ~they're not human so they don't count uwu~.

No. 594015

Do babyfurs seriously think they're in a place to call anybody else creepy? That's just weird.

No. 594017

>It's partly hilarious because just in a few years they will be 25+ themselves, realize they never grew out of fandomshit, find 17-year old anime boys attractive
Yeah exactly. When you're watching shows with younger characters, it's also common to revert back into that mindset. It's also important to not that anime characters don't look realistic, so it's one more step removed from reality. I had a crush on zuko when I was younger and watched atla, and still remember those feelings now that I'm older, but I wouldn't feel that way towards the stranger things cast since they are literal actual children. It's also strange that they lump older teen character in with pre teens and such.

No. 594046

Has anyone else noticed a huge amount of lifestyle youtubers jumping on the cutesy stationery sticker bandwagon and becoming artists?

No. 594056

Pretty easy way to make money, and cute merch, especially if you have a younger fanbase. Any examples?

No. 594067


Yeah that's true, idk I just feel really salty. I think it's because they're selling this idea to their viewers (of what they can do and who they can become) instead of like actual creativity and thought behind the stuff they're selling. And partially I feel like the only reason they are making those sales is because it's fanart. The b-rolls are usually too long and have nothing to do with the actual video too.

Jisu Im



Jess Engle (How is this a business plan)

Aries Studio

Beach Life Studio

Alice Bow

Paloma The Peach (I just can't believe she ranted about people copying her style when she sells fanart)

Jim Reno


Julianna Swaney

No. 594072

File: 1596227956255.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x2192, 92F77DCE-57E3-4BCC-87C3-D8AD2A…)

Oh god that Paloma girl. I saw her FAQ about not wanting to “share” her color palette.

No. 594082

Sorta get it. Kinda like when youtubers release music even though it's obviously not sincere. Easy to be salty when there are people that work hard on their art and care, and then random people do it just for profit.I think stickers are fine though.
Huh? wtf

No. 594088

lmao I'm kind of meh about her because I saw in a couple videos that she tries other styles out but someone called her out for the fanart and she said because everyone does it she thought it was ok. I think anyone actually in the art community knows all the ins and outs of copyright and fanart by now.


Yeah that's probably it thanks. All these studio vlog (what studio you're in your room) youtube channels popping up with the same art hoe/ kpop aesthetic with mediocre art skills has just been growing on me.

I need to learn to be less salty lol

No. 594095

Discord banned NSFW from their partnered servers last year to "create a safe space for minors" but allowed cub porn (i.e. furry shota/loli) based on that very same "they're not humans so they don't count" reasoning because the Discord admins are degenerate furries. They always think their porn is somehow more acceptable than dirty disgusting icky human porn even though furries always have the most fucked up fetishes ever.

No. 594119


The older you get the more irrelevant age gaps become. Doesn't mean you have to hang out with actual children. kek But 20somethings are adult enough to hang with the older crowd – and they're young enough to hang with late teens. I'd say it's normal if you hang out with people 7 to 10 years around your own age (in both directions) once you pass your late 20's.


Most of these people are around 20 and white (or white passing) and work from home. Of course this works out bc they literally have no real costs except their business costs. But there are still some serious sticker business owners out there although I think most of them are struggling right now. Especially non-US sticker makers bc they can't ship to the US atm.

No. 594145

File: 1596235357437.png (284.79 KB, 793x964, Screenshot (107).png)

So I found this artist (? I dont fucking know because they rarely post their shitty art) and looked through their card because they were complaining about not seeing peoples genders in their cards before considering following them AND WOW their card is really funny.

LIKE WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?? Can someone explain or does this person just block people because they like the same characters? i recommend reading their card because for some reason Amino is a major trigger for them? like okayyy


No. 594148


Wtf is this, it reads all gibberish to me. Is this some furry shit lingo?

No. 594149

I have always wondered what reading english is like for someone who doesn't know the language, and now I know. what the fuck are any of these words

No. 594150

samefag but apparently amino, 4chan and kiwifarms are triggers for them but lolcow isnt so we should be good kek

No. 594155

otherkin are a fucking plague. they couldn't just stay furries and be gross with eachother. she's basically saying she can't be friends with people who also believe they are x characters irl. these people are deranged. imagine not being able to talk to someone because it will shatter your delusion.

No. 594161

wow, there are people here young enough not to know what kinning is?
also honestly amino is a trigger for me too, all the users on there are fucking obnoxious lmao.

No. 594164

>>594161 but they listed it as a serious (!!!) trigger like shes gonna have a meltdown or some shit when someone mentions theyre on amino, next to violence and shit like huh? did someone on the arts and crafts amino shit on your cereal honey

No. 594166

Why would you block someone for this kek

No. 594173

I think the issue of artistic freedom is a complicated one, because on one hand you don't want racist, sexist or homophobic shit in your work, but then you also want creative freedom in your work. It's weird because while I have no personal problem with this aged up, sexualizing teens thing (even less of a problem in cartoon/anime), I don't really know where to draw the line and I don't think a lot of these people who complain about sexualization of minors do either.

No. 594177

She's 15…

No. 594184

oh my god kinnies, i remember back in 2015-6? being apalled at white kids saying "im quite literally this obscure aztec god!" or ppl that said they were angels/devil/god itself, honestly the less u interact and know about them the better.

No. 594189

No offence anon, but isnt kinning pretty recent? 2014-16 ish? I think most people here should be around the 15-25 age ngl

No. 594192

>>594189 um apparently otherkin was made in the ninties

No. 594194

Yeah I guess we should cut this person some slack because they're just a kid. sike this is lolcow and it's funny

No. 594197

Back when I used tumblr someone actually sent me an inbox message on anon because they were mad I had Makoto Tachibana all over my page and somehow thought I was appropriating their kin or something kek.

No. 594198


For real. One chick made a literal video "how to start an art business in 2020" and she was still living at home at 26 and was saying something to the effect of cutting corners with shipping because she couldn't afford it. Yeah I'm also into the stationery community there's a lot of really successful planner sticker sellers but I usually really dislike their americanized-mother-in-her-40s-that-never-actually-watched-anime-but-has-an-idea(no idea)-of-what-kawaii-means blob emojis stickers.

No. 594201

you read 15 but not "he/xe". how do you even pronounce xe im confused

No. 594203

teenagers are total morons cause their brains aren't developed yet. that's all.

No. 594205

I don't get why some teenagers are normal well-functioning human beings but some of them are.. this

No. 594207

I don't understand how some people are triggered by every little thing, like how do they get anywhere or do anything on the internet?

No. 594208

maybe their brains aren't outwardly broken? i was extremely well put together as a teenager but my brain was a mess. i just didn't have enough time to devote to dumbass shit and i grew out of it before i got to.

No. 594211

kinning is pretty old and this website is supposed to be 18+ even if we have a lot of dumb kids here.

No. 594218

Honestly, I know that some people are brain dead sociopaths, but how many people remember acting like complete r-tards?
I’m seeing a lot more people- primarily over the internet- recognize their age and just say “oops I’m just a minor, I don’t know any better Uwu”

No. 594219

the fact that kinning is back revives my mid 2010s tumblr ptsd and I do not like it, sam-i-am

I literally have seen minors with twitter accounts, especially young girls, posting flagrantly nsfw shit, posts about their vaginas straight up, and then harping about how they feel "targeted" by pedophiles? don't fucking post overtly sexual shit if you're a minor then

No. 594221

File: 1596241498406.jpeg (29.55 KB, 271x320, AD6EA1DC-7220-4EA5-A55E-F55783…)

Can you dumb fucks learn to integrate or go back to Twitter and complain about kinnies.

I got pic related today for a steal, but it's not the book I thought it was. Is anyone familiar with an anatomy book with printed plastic sheets of muscle overlays? This one has them but they're skeletal. Most likely hardcover. It's either that or I just remembered this one wrong.

No. 594246

I found this channel recently, called arleebean, and she's pretty cool and seems chilled out, do you know more channels like hers

sometimes the thread derails when theres nothing milky to talk about, if you don't like it just leave lmao

No. 594266


Thx for explanation, anon. And kek, doesn't that make her an otherkin racist.


More like language barriers. At leat in my case. First I thought she referred to kin like kink bc I wasn't familiar with the therm otherkin.

No. 594271


That's true.
But what I will always wonder: You can do in your art whatever you want but is there a need to share everything? Like, if you want to age up a character for yor own fantasies, just do it. And then keep it to yourself. Same goes for lolicon crap. Nobodies cares what you're into as long as you don't publicly share it.


lol Yes. Those people who only do these low effort stickers annoy me too.
Although I think doing stickers is a nice job for (young/ fresh) moms because having the ability to work from home is a privilege and blessing. Well, and as a seller myself, you just gotta milk that bujo trend as long as it lasts.

No. 594276


Ah yes, arleebean is great. Other ones that come to my mind are Myriam Tillson and Chayenne Barton. Depends on what you are looking for specificially.
I also like kloodwig, although her art's been roasted here before and she's more the grumpy type (or just your typical "cynical German millennial").

No. 594298

>Nobodies cares what you're into as long as you don't publicly share it.
idk, freedom of speech is what a lot of these people say, and I'm inclined to agree. Where do we draw the line at what should be published and what not? For some people, they're iffy about gore, should that not be online as well.

This idea of having a line drawn is really complicated. I think in general if it enforces real life stereotypes or prejudices that’s a no-go zone though. Other than that racism and sexism, exist simply to degrade others. I think this underage stuff exists for various reasons, most of which isn't because the consumer base are real life child molesters. For some they might just be literal pedophiles, but for others it could be metaphorical for something else. The same way some people are into like rape fantasies, as a metaphor for loss of control or something. At the end of the day I'd prefer it to stay in fanwork rather than officially published media.

Emily Mackey art is pretty chill and has a very calming vibe about her, she mostly does nature studies I think.

No. 594308

agreed, especially on the staying in fanworks part. personally i draw the line there, while for fanmedia you can say that there are a bunch of warnings and you have to go out of your way to find it, with published mass media you can't. there's this big spotlight on what fancreators are doing because the people harassing them know they can punch in that direction, mainstream creators not so much. there's plenty of anime/manga that come out of left field with some shit that can be disturbing to people with no warning, and if that person happens to be a child it could affect them (not that it would instantly make them a pedophile, "just" traumatize them).

No. 594309

That just sounds like they're projecting if you ask me.

No. 594337


I hear you, anon and I agree. It's just, idk, it's not about freedom of speech. It's more about the artist's sanity. I mean, we're not talking about galery art that's living in it's own hemisphere. We're talking about everyday art with a specific usage in mind (and sometimes a buckload of emotions connected to it), like vent, gore or porn. And I think creators of such everyday art have to be aware of what's accepted within their circles/ societies and what's not – and they have to be ready to deal with everykind of reaction their art may provoke. That's when artist get weird imho when people don't react they way the artist assumed or does and the artist can't deal with it. (Doesn't always mean backslash, sometimes people just read too much into a piece.) So there is no hard in stone line here because every artist can deal with different amounts of reactions imho.
That's what I would think. But as we're living in an age where people tend to overshare thanks to Social Media and the narcissistic highs we get by constant self-portrayal, I think a lot of people confuse silencing/ denying freedom of speech with beeing wise about what's best to share and what not.


>there's plenty of anime/manga that come out of left field with some shit that can be disturbing to people with no warning

Can you give some examples?

No. 594363

Not op but wings of honneamise

No. 594386

Eh, I'm pretty sure James Gurney is loaded, the Dinotopia IP was really successfull.

No. 594387

First worlders sure have a lot of disposable money to fund this garbage

No. 594407


with how obsessed with POC and wokeness they apparently are, you think they'd use their (possibly hundreds of) thousands of dollars to donate at least an amount of their proceeds to black charities or something instead of making a shitty game fuelled by bitter CISHET WYPIPO hate

No. 594428

i didn't think i'd have to give examples because random fanservice in all anime and manga is pretty common, and this can be considered to go under there, but here we go. made in abyss comes to mind first of all (i don't mean the violence but the horny scenes with children) and usagi drop is a classic example where it takes a sharp turn for something completely different in the end when it was cutesy the entire time.

No. 594451

>it's the feminists fault that black men are viewed this way.
Big yikes…

No. 594453

OP of >>594298
Yeah I agree with both. I think there are cetain shows which cross boundaries but there are cetain shows where it is appropriate and doesn't come out of left field, like Game of Thrones for example. If you watch GOT, then you're consenting to the possibility of torture, gore and rape being shown, since thats the kind of show it is.

Antis have a problem with all 'problemat*c' content. Abuse, toxic relationship, age gaps, literally everything. I think if you have a dark anime that specifically is very horror themed etc, it's fine, because the whole point of that genre is kind of to be outrageous, + children shouldn't be watching it in the first place. If something sexualizec children a lot in a big way, I think you have to be very careful about what media it's in. But when it comes to fanwork, literally no one should care.

No. 594568

What does everyone think of D'Angelo wallace being a famous drama commentary youtuber now? Kinda doing what Creepshow did, but better. (Sorry if this has already been mentioned)

No. 594573

A few decades of makeup artistry and fashion have something to say to this person who "invented" males with eyes closed and rainbow swirls. Not a copy at all, how pathetic to call this out. Also I quite like the funky anatomy hotguy the other artist made.

No. 594577

The colours being poured and the hair are exactly the same. Paint being poured on someone isn’t original but to have the exact same composition with the same colours is incredibly sus.

No. 594583

the original looks like trash tho.

No. 594585

It's obviously inspired, but it's not traced, or copied. If I see an artist draw something and I want to remake that in my own style, thats not copying or tracing.

No. 594607

you're talking about things that aren't based on real objects, try replacing with real objects. if the pictures were both of the same landscape or the same food this would be ridiculous.

No. 594608

But the way the colors are being poured is literally the same. Same colors, same order, same-ish shapes. The artist put a lot of work and original ideas in their piece, but they could have avoided copying those parts.

No. 594688

Honestly the pivot towards "idea theft" where the original idea wasn't even original just seems like artists reaching for drama. They probably were inspired by the other image, but there's no infringement caused by rainbow swirls.
And if we're gonna start chasing down every referenced and inspired image, most Instagram artists are screwed.

No. 594696

I'm neutral to it. I appreciate the effort he goes into to researching and making his videos focused and concise. It's not like Creepshow's videos where she jumps off topic every two minutes. D'Angelo's videos are long because he has content to fill the time. Creepshow's videos are long because she doesn't know how to script or shut up.
That being said, I don't find him funny in any way, and I only watch him every once in a while.

No. 594704

If I gotta be honest it's hard for me to understand how some of you don't see anything wrong with blatantly copying another artist's work just because technically it's not plagiarism or you can't own ideas or whatever. It's still in really bad taste and as an artist I'd be ashamed to do that, even more if I'm profitting off it. If it's something so heavily referenced that other people can point out the similarities, the least you can do is ask the artist you're referencing from if they're fine with it…?

No. 594706

coincidences still exist karen, it's not that unique.

No. 594709

Inspiration is evil, everybody! Nobody ever use references, or explore concepts you've seen around you, ever again! Abstract ideas only! If you see another piece of art, you better forget about it, unless you might make a piece of art similar to it, and that's wrong!

No. 594710

You can't seriously think >>591654 is a mere coincidence lmao. And whether the concept of the og art isn't that unique or not is beside the point, the point is that it's bad fucking etiquette to heavily reference a specific artwork, not even mention the artist and profit off it.

No. 594724

Why shouldn't they profit off of it? Credit should have been given, but it's not blesphemy to see something, think "oh hey, that's cool" and remake it with your own style. There are literally thousands of artists ripping off eachothers styles and concepts. It's very similar, but it isn't traced, so it's literally fine. You can't own ideas or concept, people might think you're unoriginal but that's the extent of it. If artists were only meant to profit off of completely original ideas, almost no single artist would be able to sell their work.
>>591654 is a redraw, nothing more.

No. 594790

I think it says a lot about his skills. His art wasn't very good, frankly, so I can't blame him for chasing off the commentary trend for money. I agree on a lot of stuff he says but I hate his attitude so much, acting self aware about your narcissism doesn't make you less of a narco. The drama with turkey tom was a shitshow, but he deserved to be taken down a peg.

No. 594817

File: 1596327165890.jpeg (2.16 MB, 1474x2065, 241D24EE-FE16-4832-AFB0-6B210A…)

Im not usually one to scream “white washing!!!” but this is really hard to defend. Wouldn’t be surprised of Angel Ganev turned out to be racist since he’s already so misogynistic

No. 594842

The color patterning is literally the exact same lmao, I'm pretty sure the artist just used a mesh deform on the original image. I have no idea how anyone can defend this and I actually like Silverjow's art.

No. 594849

I agree. I'm all for inspirtation, but if you're gonna use a picture of a black woman as reference, then just draw a black woman, how hard is that?

No. 594888

File: 1596336759585.png (132.05 KB, 694x780, notsalty.png)

has anyone seen more of the drama between shortcake and the 'love letter' dev. hilarious how this imploded. honestly if this kinda drama is happening this early i really doubt the game would ever be a thing. regardless of whether it is a thing or not though imagine to be as stupid as shortcake to ruin your rep when people barely knew who you were before that lol

No. 594892

File: 1596336990300.png (64.4 KB, 607x503, tumblr_5b296811f20ab10cbcb4377…)

Viria, the artist behind the official Percy Jackson art, is apparently being cancelled for drawing aged up nsfw art, and for whitewashing her characters. I am exhausted.

No. 594906

I could be totally wrong but I honestly feel like that woman is either Latina or south East Asian I’m not getting black if anything mixed lol. But deff not a Black woman I don’t see whitewashing either?

No. 594937


He's just cynical, and I like it. I think he's better off commenting because he is clearly better at it than at art. lol

No. 594946

It has its own thread >>>/snow/1011715

No. 594954

Because it's a bunch of kids or people with no art knowledge at all. If they can't see how "heavily inspired" that piece they simply don't have the critical view into it to analyze it properly. They clearly don't understand inspiration, even if they believed that was the case,the fact they don't care that he gave no credit to the direct source of "inspiration" should be enough. There are plenty of techniques to be creative, it's part of the creation process, but I guess just ripping other people's stuff is the new norm. Most people who give their 2 cents on the matter don't know shit about copyright by their comments.

No. 594973

Nta but you're right. They probably do the same and think it's okay or they straight up can't draw and don't understand how being ripped off that way can be.

The way the paint is dripping is literally the fucking same. It's not inspired, it's copied. Look at it. The artist could have used the same concept with different colors, or even just a different pattern. But no, they probably even took the original, deformed it and applied it to the face.

No. 594981

NTA but this is definitely not just inspiration. An inspiration is seeing an idea and wanting to execute it in your own unique way, this dude took an idea and executed it almost identically to the original, and that's a rip-off. I don't think it would've been an issue if the artist would've given credit, literally saying "oh hey I saw this cool artwork [link] and I wanted to recreate the idea in my style" would've been enough, I think the original artist would've been humbled, since it's kinda like receiving fanart of your work but this didn't happen. This is less about doing something illegal and more about breaking the basic artist etiquette when it comes to good behavior and inspiration.

No. 595011

I don't know who this artist is, but by my own experience, copics and pencils come in very limited color ranges unless you buy 150+ in bulk, and sets more often than not don't have browns proper for black skin

No. 595012

He's already one of the better drama channels and the way he has approached the Shane/J* drama that made his popularity surge overnight has been pretty tactful as well as thorough. He's kind of obnoxious but most dramatubers are I guess. I did enjoy his videos where he followed popular tutorials and shit even though he was mediocre.

Maybe unpopular opinion but I dont really think this is that unique of a concept. Not enough to call it "idea theft."

No. 595035

Pretty sure she asked them to change the design because they got a new artist and she didn't want them using her design.

This. If you're so untrained you can only see the same concept and no obviously copied nuances and stylistic choices, you have no business saying anything. If it was just "A colourful liquid being poured on a man's head" it would count as "inspired by" but the fact that it obviously, consciously made the same design choices for the setting and the character there's no questioning that it's simply ripping off the original piece.

No. 595046

This. It also shows the age of a lot of people commenting here now are young, because thet cannot even tell the difference between, tracing, copying and referencing. I’ve seen at least 4 times in this thread people talk about tracing, when they mean referencing and otherway around. These kids throw arounf terms they don’t even understand what they mean, so no wonder they cannot tell when something is referenced and when something is a blatant rip off.

No. 595049

Taking stuff from your family members without permission for your shitty "art hacks" video. Classy.

No. 595093


Then just don't post it? Or edit it to make it look darker? Or straight up don't do it if you don't have the materials lol, he's done other copic drawings where he get the skin tone better so I really don't see an excuse here. He also ignored the vast amount of comments asking why it was white washed

No. 595101

Dude this is so stupid, none of the colors match the picture perfectly. The hair is redder, the jacket is darker and different material even but no one complains about those. Her skin is still dark by context it's just not identical to the reference. People need to stop whining over this kind of dumb shit, this here is part of the reason people don't even want to draw POC anymore.

No. 595109

Or people shouldn't become so defensive when poc call them out for something lol if a large group of people are saying something it's not that hard to listen

No. 595129

no one cares to listen to you or the large group, because this is stupid.
if people are really going to get upset because drawings of black people aren't "black enough", then why should people bother drawing black people at all? Unless they look 100% accurate, people will flip their shit. It's just not worth the time investment to learn how to draw one specific race identical to real life, especially if your art is stylized.

No. 595138

>i can't draw dark skin tones accurate to real life, its muh style

No. 595148

most skin tones aren't draw accurate to real life. people only complain when it's poc's, though, making people want to draw them less.

No. 595149

This reply and all the replies to it, sound like the same broken record.

There is no such thing as originality. Originality is dead, our lives are too overly saturated with imagery and media, art corporate and independent alike, that finding a holistically new, untouched concept is impossible. Camilla d’Errico’s entire library of work is basically ‘drippy paint on a pretty subject’, am I to assume whoever make the hyper-realistic guy was stealing, and not inspired, by her because the concept is similar? By this logic, DC should sue Marvel because they made hero comics 5 years before them!

The two images we are talking about are similar, in concept and subject. I don’t doubt for a moment the second artist saw the first guy. But ya’ll are taking about idea stealing, a literal thought crime. It isn’t traced, it’s using a different style, and unless the first artist can, or wants, prove it in the court, since the burden of proof is on him, no copyright was infringed.

And a short thing on ‘link the first guy if you were inspired’ crowd; we aren’t writing fucking college papers here. You shouldn’t need to provide a Works Cited page every damn time you post a drawing. It’s fucking internet art, and ya’ll are acting like these pieces are going into the Met Gala.

No. 595157

You've never heard of plagiarism haven't you?
Also yea no one needs to link every inspiration they use but if you're gonna create someone else's concept and down to a very specific details, then yes, you should give credit, because that goes beyond inspiration. The thing here is that you can take a concept and create that same concept in thousands of different ways but this dude did not. If I tell a room full of people to draw a swing, each swing is going to come out differently, this is because a concept and an execution are 2 different things. This artist could've taken the concept of paint pouring and make it pour from different angle, have different colors, different mood etc, yet they did not just copy the concept but the whole execution of that concept and that is the issue here.

No. 595182

I thought the art equivalent of plagiarism would be tracing or just straight up reposting, since plagiarism is using someone else's work and claiming it as theirs. This isn't that.

No. 595183

Maybe it's because poc people already get whitewashed and edited in order to look lighter. you don't need to be 100% realistic, but if I flip the drawing to grey scale and it's light grey then there's a problem, especially if you took a dark/brows skinned poc as inspo/reference. It your having problems with the tones and the shading that's one thing, but when you deliberately draw dark skinned people lighter, you're better off just not using them as reference at all. People like to exagerate that the sjw will come after you if you do anything racist, but that's bullshit. There are plenty of people who have been called out for racism where it blows over completely.

Artists are just lazy. People here will rip artists apart for saying it's muh style, or for tracing, because it means they are untalented and lazy cheats, but when it comes to this, it's not the artists fault. SKin tones are not rocket science, dedicate even a couple months and you'll have learned how to shade correctly. It's not hard. This excuse of "it makes people not want to draw black people" is stupid, because it's not that hard. Reminds me of that bullshit excuse men give about how they can't talk to women in fear of being accused of sexual harrassment. Like.. it's not hard to not be a piece of shit.

No. 595189

This just looks like something you're trying to be mad about. Why should anyone be forced to do anything? If you want more correctly shaded poc drawing you draw them. Stop trying to force and berate people that don't follow your level of poc perfection.

No. 595235

>Why should anyone be forced to do anything?
Then don't heavily reference pictures of poc you idiot. I didn't force him to use that picture he chose it, and if you seriously don't understand the social implications of whitewashing poc then you're a fucking clown. With your logic why should directors cast women or poc in movies, after all we shouldn't force them to do anything, it's their art.

No. 595246

directors shouldn't be forced to cast women or poc if they don't want to. if a director happens to make a movie with only white men, that's not a big deal. it's only a big deal if that director made that decision out of racism or sexism.

No. 595249

File: 1596389336939.png (248.79 KB, 700x335, simmin.png)

That's not all what plagiarism is, lmao. Also tracing and plagiarism are not the same.

Plagiarism is basically a concept theft, you can plagiarize both art and writing, both are plagiarism just as much. Plagiarism in writing could be copying someone's sentences with few edits or having the content of the writing be mostly the same with the same focal points even if it was written differently. Art plagiarism behaves the same, like someone copying say a the key points of the concept while the work can be otherwise different.

Google Nick Simmons plagiarism for various example of art plagiarism.

No. 595251

by this logic, Hunger Games plagiarized Battle Royale, and Divergent plagiarized Hunger Games.
Just because you use a similar concept or idea doesn't mean it's plagiarism.

No. 595257

Why are POCs lumped together into one sad little group that can't defend themselves and need someone constantly harping on how unfair and horrible life is being a poc? You're one of the exact reasons why people are scared to draw other ethnicities or get out of their comfort zone because it's never good enough or there's not enough minorities for you.

He was showing that he used it as a reference in case someone got mad that he didn't credit probably since that's happened before with him (and I'm not defending him either).

Just something weird to get so angry about. People do all sorts of things we might not agree to or like but you can only control yourself anon.

No. 595306

I think it’s made very clear that it’s not the concept itself but the exucution of said concept that makes something plagiarism.

No. 595318

I think you’re just feeding a troll, anon. or a guy who will use any mental gymnastics because denial that plagiarism =/= tracing is strong with this one

No. 595322

People have been repeating the same shit about that drawing over and over but you still don't get it. Can you read? See? Some of you really have comprehension problems.

The problem is not that it's the same concept, it's that it's executed identically, specifically the part where the paint is dripping. Anyone who continues to deny this is a troll and should fuck off.

No. 595325

No. 595393

File: 1596401927317.jpeg (9.83 KB, 251x242, 2C2896B6-C309-4C9C-8083-B5E6B2…)

No. 595414

I swear to god antis with carrds are some of cringiest people on twitter

No. 595420

vika is a fucking weirdo

during the height of the haikyuu days she and her friends led a RP forum where they would do larp sexual stuff with the characters. Usually this isn't an issue, but Viria was 20+ whereas most of the participants were 17 and younger.

She has also accused other people of style theft(of her very generic style) and sent her personal army to attack them instead of handling it maturely.

No. 595434

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
I'm thinking the only way not to get harassed over stupid shit like this is to pretend you don't speak english.

No. 595460

File: 1596409360629.png (810.12 KB, 887x853, reddit.png)

Anyone else heard of the Mendrawingwomen sub reddit? I only came to my attention recently. It's filled with a bunch of idiots ree-ing with the same "hEr PoOr SpInE" Every other post. Just saw this post as soon as as I clicked on it. She's complaining about a woman drawing other women with big tits. (kek for the mods deleting the post too)

No. 595464

People complaining about anime tiddies and then feeling like the most refined, intellectual artists to ever grace the earth are even more cringeworthy than the people who draw them. Everyone fucking knows they deny all laws of physics and biology, it's not actually that deep.

No. 595481


Tbh I think some of the images are funny but the redditors themselves all jerk themselves off over morals.

'sHe LoOkS eIgHt' and it's a fully grown woman with her bajonkers exposed or 'sHeS cAnOnIcAlLy uNdeRaGeD' but then jerk off to Bakugou

No. 595483

File: 1596412186925.png (449.53 KB, 725x744, lol.png)

I mean, when you have people making posts like this is there anything else to really be said? This kid is probably 14.

No. 595484

File: 1596412382642.png (282.24 KB, 716x751, ss.png)

I'm scrolling through and holy shit it really is a bunch of kids KEK.

No. 595488

I think this type of art is ok if it's drawn by women, but not by men.

No. 595490

she has big tiddy herself, good for her.

No. 595496

I don’t really see the big issue when it some to big anime tiddies, they’re not being sold as 100% realistically accurate representation of women, they’re not either manuals about how to understand a woman’s body nor how it should look like when you hit certain ages.

No. 595498

You'll defend this, and then make a post next week complaining about "blackwashing" because someone drew some fictional character with dark skin, kek.

No. 595499

Because I don't want moids to be happy.

No. 595505

probably complain about all the forced diversity lol. I don't understand what's so hard to grasp about the fact that if you heavily reference something, and you keep everything similar except the skin tone, that is whitewashing. Anons will defend it till death cause they do it themselves.

No. 595506

I don't think people realize how many women that have big tits like drawing really busty girls. I'm a girl with a size dd and I love drawing them. It's not always perverted men, calm down it's not that deep lol.

No. 595512

> This kid is probably 14.
I hope they’re 14 because otherwise it’s sad.
I don’t even know what they mean by “using assets to their advantage”- it’s creepier than saying “large assets for fap material”

No. 595520

I can honestly say that I hate that subreddit with a passion. Nobody cares if stinky men want to draw women with big tits. Men will be men, nothing new, stop demomnizing men for being straight. the whole thing is retarded as fuck and if you're a woman who spergs about men or women drawing sexualizing women you have your priorities in the wrong place. Reddit doesn't even have women on it, it's probably just scrotes pretending to be women as usual.

No. 595526

>stop demomnizing men for being straight

you just went retarded in the opposite direction kek

No. 595543

op, and nope. literally could not care if people draw a white character black or another color. as long as the character design is good, I don't care.

No. 595544

Objectifying and dehumanizing women isn't a straight man thing. It's just a sexist thing, you complete moron. If a man wants to draw shitty bodies in his fanart who gives a fuck, it's just a problem when it's in officially published media and women are singled out to be sexualized.

No. 595559

Thanks I think I'll try this out.

No. 595570

When will it start to feel like pandering to you? I used to always want to see representation when I was younger. But this new form of "diversity" just seems insulting. It feels so fake and forced. Do you still enjoy that kind of representation?

No. 595578

tbh, representation isn’t something that matters to me. I can enjoy media no matter the color or sex of the characters. despite not being a white man, if a movie was only white men, I could still relate to those characters if they were written relatable.
Pandering to me is determined with the reason behind why directors/artists switch races of characters. if they do it because they have a cool design idea, if they think that having a specific ethnicity can enhance the meaning or message of the art, or if having a certain background could add something to that character’s story, those are all perfectly fine reasons for playing around with a character’s original race. if the race is switched simply for the purpose of being “diverse”, however, I would begin to see that as pandering. If the directors/artists/marketers really push the fact that they have a “diverse cast of characters” over everything else, I find that pandering.
However, just because the directors/artists pander doesn’t mean that what they make will automatically be bad. if they market heavily “diversity” and not much else, I’m going to be apprehensive. that’s not because I care what race the characters are, but because the types of people that hyper focus on diversity don’t usually produce good quality content.

tldr: I don’t really notice the diversity. I only notice if the directors’ intentions seem more towards making things as diverse as possible instead of artistically good. you can have both at once, but lately people have only been doing one or the other.

No. 595580

File: 1596425002554.jpeg (9.3 KB, 212x238, no.jpeg)

>stop demomnizing men for being straight.

No. 595599

Thanks for your reply I really enjoyed reading your perspective on it and I do feel the same about it as well. I just really want anything to be genuine and not done just for woke points. I'm trying not to be a contrarian and I can see it coming off that way. I liked reading where you are coming from.

No. 595635

File: 1596438287071.png (652.52 KB, 1534x1704, screencapture-reddit-r-mendraw…)

I went to see this subreddit and it's filled with stuff like this. Like why exactly was this edit necessary? Now you just made her design more generic and her pose lacking in personality and movement. I don't get it. It's not like the original was super sexualized or had awkward anatomy compared to the edit. A lot of OPs are just low-hanging fruits like reeing about a sexy costume in a game made for men, gushing over some random "omg a stunning poc character design with muscles and covering clothing yass kween" characters or "not like other guys!!!" scrotes lacking self-awareness to the point they're posting some generic coomershit as an example of "nonsexualized realistic anatomy" or looking for brownie points for drawing a female character with a shirt on.

No. 595637

I'm fairly certain that pretty much 99% of the users are 13-17 year old tumblrinas. The art style in that Osana already says as much and the other drawings like above just scream tumblr shit.

No. 595640

File: 1596439792924.png (197.5 KB, 981x984, have you ever seen a mirror.pn…)

This sub is a comedy goldmine, I was thinking of making a montage of all the Dunning-Krugers I came across but there are too many to count. I guess >>595637 is right though, I refuse to believe these are functional adults. Gotta love how they made female artists share a flare with "Enby artists" too.

No. 595645

oh fuck lmao, I thought this was another love letter thing, with the right side being one of shortcake's montrosities and the redesign on the left.

No. 595650

Holy shit, I refuse to believe this isn't a troll. These have to be really young kids otherwise.

No. 595665

Antis in general are fucking cringe. I remember one chick on Tumblr blocked me for liking her art because I apparently reblogged a ship she didn't like (of two fictional consenting adults who aren't related in any way) three fucking years ago on my active multifandom blog.

Not to mention all the cow artists who put paragraphs and paragraphs of who's allowed to like their art and who isn't. Don't they have anything better to do?

No. 595698

File: 1596453705100.jpg (109.41 KB, 527x811, 778815.jpg)

r/mendrawingwomen is a pretty mixed bag. while they are incredibly self-righteous about some things and have the energy of bikini armor battle damage, they do post some hilariously bad artwork sometimes like pic related.

the discord is kind of a mess, too. recently they got triggered over the word trap. they also have 'fix-it-friday', where they have a weekly contest to redesign girls in skimpy outfits.

while i don't enjoy their 'reee ribs reee organs' thing which is a meme at this point, i do think they have a point about some of the art they post, where it IS ridiculously fucked anatomy.

the kids posting their art and asking for criticism is top cringe, though.

No. 595699

File: 1596453859726.png (45.76 KB, 625x339, ebbebe0877e6f2e2d1fd20930ae2c5…)

the mods in particular are pretty milky, i'd say. for reference, boulder is a cis male.

No. 595701

File: 1596453894559.png (23.16 KB, 1063x152, 0381e257a294c24e3dfa39e12af920…)

No. 595702

File: 1596454015413.png (122.73 KB, 566x822, e7f2e3c74687c99b3485440a0beb95…)

No. 595704

Okay I normally hate this word but; SIMP. Ffs is he trying hard to get pussy by getting brownie points and being a white knight or something else because wow this is kind of pathetic to see someone this disingenuously pandering.

No. 595708

>Don't they have anything better to do?
Nope, they literally go through years and years of peoples' social media activity to find something problematic. It's most certainly some sort of a personality disorder manifesting or at least a desperate, obsessive effort to get some sort of a feeling of superiority over people. They try to justify this with "I'm just getting rid of pedos!!!" but then only target 20-year olds who ship two 17-year old characters or something. M/F and F/F ships are naturally okay even with huge age gaps but you better not be a disgusting fucking fujo!!!!

As a Fatefag I roll my eyes at their hate boner for Astolfo without ever even watching the anime/reading the LN. Also lmfao at the simpy wokebro bending over backwards to please these troon loons and the "ambush for others" take.

No. 595729

amen. sick of mindless western, almost always anglophone crybabies spreading their sjw ideology on foreign cultural stuff like territorial monkeys spreading their own shit on tree bark

No. 595735

File: 1596461529438.png (53.78 KB, 549x319, 1f33fea24db272c5fe260f6ff0c69e…)

he is absolutely a simp.
he's also one of the more active members..
he also literally has a neckbeard which makes pic related even funnier. lmao

No. 595764

File: 1596467698223.jpeg (191.91 KB, 1000x598, 6CDC917B-AB8A-4BFF-91A4-CA0C5F…)

Ok now

No. 595775

What’s your favorite art supplies that are maybe kind of gimmicky or unnecessary? Why do you like them?

Some examples: derwent inktense pencils for gimmicky, watercolor markers for unnecessary

No. 595821

File: 1596472442165.png (204.42 KB, 604x889, Naruto Whilce art.PNG)


Man, no one had anything good to say about this:

No. 595828

File: 1596472997488.jpeg (646.82 KB, 750x1055, 376335A4-B4C2-4C6F-83BF-5D7F9D…)

Context, anons.
I kinda feel bad for the artist. They might’ve been commissioned or was asked for their art to be used. But someone in the big office decided to approve using it as official merch cover, and now the artists will receive backlash

No. 595831

This must be a gag throwback to all those shitty westernized cover artworks from the 90's. It can't be for real.

No. 595874

Gum erasers, the ones that you pull them off to erase small details. They're kind of gimmicky though, but i feel like they only cost a fraction of a price than those tombow fine details pencils (imo) and are great if you are a tradfag. Because unlike normal erasers, they are very lightweight and you dont have to put a lot of force onto them, perfect if u are working on watercolor pieces or sth very fine and delicate.
We really need another separate thread for art discussions though, i felt like this thread's a little too drama-focus.

No. 595880

i hate naruto with a passion, but this cover is so ugly that i want to buy it. it looks like a bootleg chinese box set.

No. 595956

Literally sexism doesn't even matter in American society. Go cry in a third world country and see how women are being treated over there and you'll see just how good American women really have it you entitled whore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 595965

i smell a scrote

No. 595971

>you entitled whore
Lmao. This thread attracts all kind of cancer, I see.

No. 595984

Calling anons whores and then running to another thread to cry about it some more.. bit emotional eh?

No. 595988

Ignore and report the scrote.

No. 596055

>sexism doesn't even matter in American society you entitled whore
yeah you really proved a point about how good american women have it. Just go jerk off to your badly written joker fanfic or something.

No. 596056

I don't really understand how this got published. I feel bad for the artist too. What would you even call his style?

No. 596060


why didn't they use official artwork? this is so bizarre to me.

No. 596063

it makes my head spin why didn't they use official anime art? even manga art would be a little off because it's not anime

No. 596068

This is bad for marketing because collectors editions usually have pretty elaborate/beautifully done artwork because they're meant to be displayed.

No. 596074

I don't think calling me a scrote really invalidates the argument. Women don't experience sexism in America anymore. and that's coming from a woman who has NEVER experienced misogyny. It's a myth, I swear, you are all safe from those scawy men I swear.

No. 596099


Shut up, Karen.

No. 596128

>Coming from a woman
Press X to doubt. Either you're Racistuncle who panders to neckbeards by being edgy or you're just a neckbeard.

No. 596168


>and that's coming from a woman who has NEVER experienced misogyny.
Hurts to be ugly, don't it?

No. 596184

File: 1596510328461.jpg (29.46 KB, 566x400, 8w548f6dqau11.jpg)

now that's what I call a derailment >>595956

No. 596188

Will the farmhands just ban this baiting dumbass.

No. 596220

not the same person but go off

No. 596229


Fuck, there's two of you that's even worse.

No. 596231

Are you the same "female" that said in another thread that you didn't mind strangers saying your breasts are sexy? Seriously, mods should ban you for your constant stupid baiting.

No. 596252

ahh yes the "boobs are for looking please look" person

No. 596259

I was making fun of the original commenter? i dont agree with >>595956 or >>596074 whats so ever. I called her ugly because she is if shes on a forum calling anons 'whores' lmao.

No. 596271

It's not bait just because you don't agree. Relax, child.

No. 596272

File: 1596521793084.jpeg (25.67 KB, 474x343, download.jpeg)

Lol deflections are so funny. You sound insecure.

No. 596278

i am insecure!! who here isnt!! wow its almost like this isnt an anon thread where people can feel free to make fun of others so they can make themselves feel better!!

No. 596283


I wouldn't be surprised to find out he's racist tbh. I don't think it's a pencil/etc issue bc he's openly admitted that he touches up traditional pieces digitally.

No. 596288


Ope, my bad anon. Couldn't tell

No. 596293

I haven’t seen the other side before and it looks decent imo? Like, the artist hasn’t done anime before, he does X-men covers in like a 90’s style and this does look like that but it also is very much like “old men try to figure out what kind to art kids like” which is SO WEIRD for VIZ to ok this

No. 596298

The character designs don't match the anime at all though. like everyone is wearing these strange ass marvel superhero jumpsuits and capes and shit, it's taken too far to not be some sort of an inside joke.

No. 596299

File: 1596527795884.jpg (232.42 KB, 1280x720, AAAABRalMK3jxD4PCJlYWzFSDAHL6X…)

Theyre designs used in the movie that the art was made for, still looks bad but the characters do actually dress like that.

No. 596338

File: 1596535770052.jpg (37.23 KB, 640x640, Funny-memes-nobody-likes-rever…)

Please fight some more.

No. 596347

File: 1596537573064.jpg (57.84 KB, 512x384, unnamed.jpg)

Kek, very specific but it reminds me of something you'd find painted on a wall in a 90s bowling alley

No. 596434

File: 1596551068749.jpeg (853.95 KB, 750x1176, 276AD599-FA1D-4909-8585-B00A3F…)

How do artist draw the same image 100 times and not get bored

No. 596441

I think it's just fear of trying something new tbh. Also, these anime girls are bow legged as hell, jesus.

No. 596445

When I was like 12 I would draw the same mermaid on a rock over and over with minimal changes just because I was so proud of myself. I really thought it was beautiful and the best drawing I had ever made so I'd redraw it to see it again and feel cool. Maybe it's the same or maybe I'm a dumbass. Or both.

No. 596483

Jazza acknowledges doing way too much shitty click bait. Quite a good video tbh, it was very true, even though I never really watched him a lot.

I hope other artubers like Rae and Chloe Rose see this and maybe, just maybe try to not doing only click bait or braindead art challenges.

No. 596504


No. 596533


Yeah, just some beginner‘s art. Looks effortless and cute at first. They probably stay with it because it brings in follows and likes easily. The first picture was posted on April 24th and they‘re at 4,5k followers.

No. 596537

I'm glad he acknowledged this, I also don't keep up with his videos and this trend of chasing views and the algorithm is unfortunate.

No. 596552

Speaking of, here's Rae's new video. It's a shame that she doesn't properly research and plan videos with a focus on art, because some of the ideas she has have potential.

No. 596568

exactly 10 minutes long so it'll get recommended and have ads

No. 596644

>Uses coloured paper trick which forces the artists to try to avoid using the colour straight off the bat (in this case, orange)
>uses the colour pencil Orange immediately, Image is small and there’s a lot of space around paper
>finds out that a Person can make yellow darker by using brown
>is surprised that black and grey isn’t the only way to darken yellow

At times, I think we’re being trolled by this girl

No. 596717

More of a discussion question than a salt post, but why do so many artubers who make merch make it at home? I get why some smaller artubers who sell only a few items in batches would make products at home, but I'm more referring to larger artubers like Katnipp who sell large batches of product at once.
I understand that printing stickers/prints in the studio helps with on-demand and keeping accurate stock, but wouldn't it make more sense, time and cost wise, for people running a business of that scale to get their stuff made by manufacturers? Do correct me if I'm wrong though.

No. 596718

It's expensive to produce merch at a manufacturer unless for smaller volumes. Manufacturing lines often require a production of 100s-1000s of pieces a day and that's simply not possible for a lot of smaller artists.

No. 596741

They can assure that the products don't get damaged in transit and avoid misprints/factory mistakes

No. 596753

the last tip…. this is so stupid, you're supposed to use a brush to collect debris.

No. 596840


It is literally color theory 101 that you NEVER darken with black or grey. It doesn't make the color a different shade, it removes saturation. You shade with analogous colors, so then you don't lose the hue. If you want to go darker after that, use complimentary colors, so it pulls the color's tint down. The fact she claims to have an art degree and doesn't know this?

Until she can prove she has a degree, let alone in art, I will never believe she stepped foot in a college.

No. 596857

I would've thought that she would've known more of these. Hell, I learned most of these in highschool art classes. Is education in art just really bad in New Mexico or something?

Also nitpick, but jesus christ, the way she over lines her top lip looks horrid.

No. 596909

File: 1596586836114.png (286.64 KB, 604x503, Untitled.png)

she isn't totally consitent about what kind of degree she has, but she says she has a degree in oil painting a lot, as well as this on her twitter.

No. 596915

File: 1596587266532.png (102.3 KB, 749x1325, Untitled.png)


She also had an interview that was put up on the page of her alma mater.

No. 596955

She may have simply went to a 'degree mill' or she was just a bad student.

This actually makes a lot more sense than a "degree in oil painting"

No. 596961

Lots of places have a MOQ (minimum order quantity) of hundreds or thousands not also mentioning the cost of shipping (which has gone up a lot recently cuz of COVID) and customs. And a lot of tubers are businesses of a couple of people so they don’t have the storage to keep them. Imo someone like Katnipp can get her stickers made from a manu since her store sells enough to keep four people employed, but making them in house keeps ultimate control over the quality and production and stock (she also runs a personalization business with her baby bluu store so that’s a lot more cost efficient than using a dropshipper). Most smaller art tubers too use cutting machines for stickers as well, it’s more cost efficient since a sheet of stickers can cost pennies but I’ve seen group orders of stickers from manus where sometimes an entire small sheet of stickers can be a dollar or two, which is less of a profit margin.

Chey Barton is a pretty popular YouTube artist that transitioned from making stickers at home to getting them made through sticker companies, she talks about it in her vlogs and her store has gotten so high volume that it was better if she did since it really is just her running it and maybe a friend helping pack. It just depends on the nature of your business and the cost effectiveness

No. 596986

I've always found it funny that a children's channel like Moriah Elizabeth has better color theory (even giving usefull tips sometimes) and appeal than these channels of supposed "pro artists".

No. 597012

lol I’ve misread artists for autists

No. 597103

I meant specifically artubers who are around Katnipp's level and sell enough to need assistants or staff. I get that people who run a shop by themselves can't expect a manu to be like "yeah we can print you like 5 sheets of stickers," because it's not worth their time/effort.

Yeah, quality control is important. Don't know why I didn't think of that. I was just confused about people like Katnipp who run a larger business than most other artubers (i.e. only one person making the merch, printing it, and packing it) make stickers or prints in-house when she sells enough to justify getting a manufacturer to print them instead of her and her assistants printing them and cutting prints by hand or loading stickers into the cricut.

No. 597104

File: 1596597953637.png (3.41 MB, 750x1334, C6113437-111A-4DF6-B971-B0CAC7…)

Your post reminded me of this artist I found a few days ago. The art is pretty but it’s the same thing over and over again: bust of pretty girl followed by a close-up that doesn’t even zoom in much so it’s completely unnecessary. The lighting and expressions barely change. And the rare times she actually includes more of the body it looks wonky as hell.

I know it sounds pretentious but finding artists like this is kind of depressing. They aren’t interested in developing a range of skills or telling a story, they’re content with the only trick they know. If it gets them attention and/or money then it’s enough. Trying something new may actually alienate the audience they’ve built.

No. 597111

File: 1596598447131.png (3.13 MB, 750x1334, F150D10F-63BF-4529-92F0-B9372A…)

Samefagging but the bottom middle one is a dtiys post, so not her art. Some of the examples she posted actually use different angles/poses and lighting from the original, making their art more interesting to look at than hers even though they’re still pretty girl headshots.

No. 597145

I was gonna say the bottom middle is the best one, but guess not lol.

also, that is some severe same face syndrome

No. 597157

There's nothing inherantly wrong with finding something and sticking to it. You might not become an art master, but a lot of these people just want to draw things they like no matter how simplistic of empty it is. SOme artists are obssessed with symbolism and others focus more on aesthetic. Neither is really inherantly better than the other. Not wanting to improve or diversify isn't a bad thing in and of itself.

No. 597172

Holy sameface. This reminds me of that art "hack" where the person suggested you draw a bunch of generic faces and turn them into brushes so you can stamp them on blank canvases to use as a base for your pieces.

No. 597182

Because they're lacking business skills. Just because people might be talented or have a following doesn't mean they know how to sell and market themselves.

That's not true, imo it costs more to print from home with the cost of ink, sticker paper, and getting the right settings on a cutting machine and then having to buy new blades and cutting sheets (especially time). There are plenty of sticker companies sheets where you can purchase as low as 1-25 sheets and they're pretty dependable like zap creatives (I think that's where Chay gets hers done).

It's not expensive as it used to be.

No. 597184

Like anon above said, it's mostly for quality control when you make it yourself. Even when you have a small fanbase, it still costs less to make things yourself when you factor in how much you'll have to price your merch to even make a profit back. Zap Creatives and Acorn already do that thing where they charge you for printing more than one design per product. Alibaba is a bit better but, the shipping will usually bite you in the ass. And with getting someone else to make them for you, you'll have to pay for shipping the products to you and then to the people that bought them. Compare all that to printing at home where you'll be able to do as many designs as you want and only have to worry about material costs and shipping them out yourself. I sell at cons and only out source things that I can't make myself: Ie. Enamel pins, Acrylic Charms, etc. Buttons and stickers are much more cost effective to make yourself if not time consuming. Cutting out the middle man will always save you money.

No. 597253

It really depends on the market, like if you’re doing planner stickers like Katnipp has, I’ve seen people have tons of cutting machines and similar because it’s just that cheap to make those kinds of stickers by hand. Plus, people who like to buy stickers for planners are not into the kinds made of a thick vinyl imo? I’ve had stickers made by zap creatives and they’re a more durable vinyl but they’re too thick for planners (I make both planner stickers at home and get sheets printed). I just found the YT channel of the girl who runs the Etsy store Plannerface- she’s made over 32k sales on there and runs EIGHT silhouette machines but is popular in the planner and sticker world.

On the flip side, it IS actually way cheaper to make sticker sheets at home which is why planner stickers makers can sell them for cheap. I’ve done the math for my own store:
A 250 pack of online labels weatherproof matte paper is about 130$ (this is a higher end sticker paper too, the normal paper kind is cheaper), You can get 4 sheets of stickers per piece of paper at around a6 size, so each sheet is about 13 cents (doesn’t factor ink & time, I know, but it depends on your setup like if you do a CSS or generic inks in your printer or you run a laser). Zap’s sticker sheets at a6 is about $490 for 1000 sheets, so each sheet is about 50 cents each, however the vinyl is thicker & more like the kind used for outdoors stuff (I’m iffy with zap cuz their colors are usually darker for some reason. Chey uses Vinyl Disorder, she mentioned it in a video, and I like their vinyl a little better and it’s thinner. And I know some factories in China do paper stickers now that are comparable).

So yeah it really depends on the market you’re aiming for and what your goals are for your own store. Lots of people don’t have a lot of start up capital so like, spending about 500$ on cutting machine, printer and paper is more desirable than ordering a lot of stock in one go that you don’t know will sell or not.

No. 597300

Does anyone know where people get their 18+ art printed? Had my first rejection from my usual go-to printer today. Interested in some company recommendations, unless it's better that I invest in my own art printer.

No. 597327

File: 1596637586338.jpeg (145.29 KB, 500x956, 0566890D-9F6F-4E82-9329-C3E676…)

No. 597333

It really depends on a few things, such as Are you at all worried about the price?(the price to print vs price of owning a printer),
How frequently you make a 18+ art piece to print? Generally does the cost outweigh the benefits

Not the same anon, but I literally have no idea what this means. Cool image, ig

No. 597444

Are life drawing classes worth it?

No. 597447

fuck yes. you can obviously do the same shit for free if you find a friend and some good lighting though. but it's nice to have structured drawing exercises and critique from peers.

No. 597448

>is working on anatomy/lighting/shading important in art
Yes anon, yes it is

No. 597474

Im curious anons, which is the best art school in your opinion? SCAD CalArts, RISD, Full Sail, MICA, Pratt, etc etc…

Imo, Pratt or RISD seem like the best. SCAD is the worst (their graduation/acceptance rates speak for itself) and Calarts is overhyped.

No. 597480

Most art schools in the US really are just paying for connections. Don’t really have strong opinions except avoid them at all cost if you’re not rich lmao

No. 597501

Isn't Full Sail a diploma mill like AI?

A lot of people don't think of RISD degrees as valuable either since it's a diploma mill for rich kids whose parents can pay for them to get admitted and RISD's super high tuition and housing costs. A lot of RISD students I've seen recently don't produce particularly good or astounding work either, like vid related or poop-chan's boyfriend.

As far as art schools with students that still produce interesting work goes, I like a lot of Cooper Union's students' work. I like that sort of messy, gotta try everything at least once, artsy look vs. CalArts and RISD's super polished look, hence my love for Cooper.

No. 597503

File: 1596652777324.jpg (1.13 MB, 1500x1054, poo.jpg)

For people who don't know about Poop-chan, this is her bf's art. He graduated from RISD this year with a degree in illustration.

No. 597506

Oh wow that portrait is bad. Idk what his reference looked like if he used one, but that looks like something a 12 year old would make.

The house is really nice and neat, but I can't do architectural work so maybe that's why I'm impressed by it lol. The only thing that ruins it is the bushes/trees.

No. 597511

i can't imagine him going for realism with that portrait, it looks like a caricature to me. it's pretty easy to copy proportions from a realistic reference good enough that you think it makes a decent face, unless he rushed it.
besides that this is very mediocre, definitely not university level stuff. the house's side is wonky and i don't think even the front of the house's lines align properly. the stylized stuff is also really wonky, wily looks the most decent because it's mostly just a copy, but because he doesn't know what makes the style charming his deviations from it on the megaman illustration make it look bad, especially the coloring makes it look flat and lifeless.

No. 597526

Sorry to add to the vague questions but what is everyone’s preferred method of studying proportion and consistency? I think it’s the 2 ideas I’m struggling with grasping so any video or books on the subject would be helpful!

No. 597549

Is that a portrait of that Tucker dude from Fox News

No. 597671

File: 1596670357420.jpg (695.95 KB, 705x1500, house.jpg)

The house doesn't align properly at all and there are a bunch of tangents where he drew part of the line, skipped over, and continued drawing where he thinks the line will continue instead of where the line actually continues or lines that just go off into nothingness.

No. 597675

File: 1596670425647.jpg (29.76 KB, 1024x512, TUCKER-CARLSON-WALMART.jpg)

I'm pretty sure it's Tucker. Pic related is the second result if you google his name.

No. 597746

What do you guys think of this video? There’s something about it that rubs me the wrong way, but I honestly don’t know what it is. Good advice though

No. 597787

it probably rubs you wrong because of her "I don't know where the light source is, lol", "she has a collar because of aesthetic, bitttchh", "I don't know what to do for a background, so let's just use a solid color", and "I don't know how to paint using interesting and dynamic colors, so just use tonal curves" personality.

most of this video is just random information with no cohesion. the information she does give she doesn't go in depth on it. like at 2:03, she just says "it's too much. just learn it" like she can't be bothered to actually make a proper tutorial.
if you were a beginner watching this tutorial (which most people looking up tutorials are), you would be completely lost. this video is only good if you already understand most of clip studio, and just want to pick up some new tricks you might not of known.

No. 597804

Tbh like there’s no real shortcut to learn proportion and consistency other than like drawing a lot from life and undistorted pictures. You get consistent from drawing the same shit over and over and you learn proportion from just looking at how shit compares to other things. Like there’s a reason why most artists say practice and people get frustrated there’s no magical way. Oh and get reviewed by artist peers and portfolio reviewers and teachers often so they can see your stuff and help you if you have questions. It’s all just repetition

No. 597835

I have a 2 monitors and a graphics tablet with a screen. All of them seem to be wildly different from each other though. one is always cooler than any other monitor I encounter, the next is super saturated, and finally, the drawing tablet's colors are always wrong no matter how much I play with them. I've been thinking about getting a calibration device, but I'm not sure if it's worth it since complete color accuracy isn't important for anything I do. do you guys have any advice or recommendations for a cheap calibrator? I've been considering getting a Datacolor spyderX pro, but I also hear they have a bad rep. X-rite ColorMunki Display is also something I've been considering, but a lot of people seem to have software issues (hardware reviews seem to be good)

No. 597845

Rae is literally a joke, i STILL don't understand how she can call herself an artist and think her shitty art looks good. Her "tips" are all pretty obvious, and when she learns something and thinks shes had an awesome breakthrough is so cringe?? like how can you darken yellow with only black and grey? I wish the rae thread wasnt dead because dear god

No. 597848

I'm not someone who has a problem with cursing in real life, but for some reason whenever people do it excessively in tutorial videos it comes off as kinda trashy to me. I think it's because a lot of the time it comes off as a ploy to pander to people who think someone swearing automatically makes them cool and not like the other girls tm.

No. 597851

which is better for screen tablets do all of you think? huion or xp-pen? im not keen on wacom because of my budget but if people really think its worth it i would consider it

No. 597854

I don’t have experience with huion or x-pen but I’ve heard huion breaks down after a year or two while Wacom will last several years. Imo you should look at it as cost/time sorta deal

No. 597866

such an ugly art style

No. 597872

I had a cintiq for 3.5 years and it ran perfectly fine the whole time until one day the color calibration on the screen went wack and it wouldn’t let me recalibrate it (literally wouldn’t even let me click the option). I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver multiple times, completely clearing my cintiq settings, etc. to no avail. A LOT of people online said they had the same problem and Wacom’s customer service is nonexistent so no one ever found a way to fix it. I sold it and bought an iPad Pro instead since it can be used as a screen tablet for computer programs as well as being a portable digital sketchbook. My only gripe about the iPad is the tiny screen size (I have the old 10.5” and am 2poor to upgrade to the new bigger one) and that the screen texture is weird even with the paper screen cover.

No. 597884

I've always detest western wokesters for hating on anime for being "problematic" to them for petty or insane reasons. I just wish japan puts their foot down on these annoying cunty westerners more often tbh.
>Sage for rant

No. 597887

In my opinion, I think art classes are better than art school, since I was told that it's a waste of time and money years ago.

No. 597894

File: 1596710287183.png (120.77 KB, 255x360, EesHNXBU0AAvtUy.png)

megat0nraid / vanillaice has to be fucking kidding now.. i wonder what part she traced /s
i love that she calls him androgynous but he literally just looks like nothing becuase she can't draw bodies for shit

No. 597913

She definitely traced this off a model in a posing app or something. It’s so fucking stiff and awkward, like she’s never seen how anyone moves irl.

No. 597920

Mm chicken scratch lines

No. 597936

wtf is that outfit?

No. 597941

her head is so fucking tiny

No. 597945

i'm pretty sure the face is traced from yuri from fire emblem too. she even outs in the replies thats who he was 'inspired' by.

No. 597948

Quit clogging up the thread with this bozo. We get it, she traces. Make a thread about her if you're so pressed.

No. 597968

Then bring someone new to talk about

No. 597983

Actually it may be better to make a dedicated forum to her, then once in a while bring vanillaice here. That way, when ppl look up her name, especially since she’s relatively new, they’ll see “tracer”

No. 597991

Someone made a thread about another artist mentioned here in another area and got banned for it.

No. 598016

oh wow I legit believed RISD had admission standards other than money /not in US

No. 598022

I think this probs depends on what outcome/career you want because schools have different focuses and house styles.

No. 598072

Honestly that’s every school, as long as you have the money/good grades, any art school will welcome you in despite how shit your work is

No. 598075

where are her arms and tits? once you get past the head the op just stopped caring to draw it

No. 598264

I want to start doing commissions but I'm a bit on the fence about using paypal for various reasons.

What other services could you anons recommend? I'd love to hear your experiences.

No. 598269

What about cashapp and venmo?

No. 598274

I saw someone on /ic/ recommend commiss.io, but I haven’t tried it myself. The fees seem quite high (5% platform fee + 3.4% + $0.30 transaction fee) and platforms like this tend to get overrun with lowballers and people from poorer countries who can do the same work for much cheaper because the US dollar is worth much more where they live. There are people on platforms like these who charge a regular rate like $100+/hr, but being successful like that is rare and they usually have some stupid fast turnaround time or infinite revisions.

No. 598283

What's wrong with paypall?

No. 598287

commiss.io seemed like such a cool thing, but yeah the platform fees are over priced, and it's also not available in that many countries.
honestly i think paypal is the best option right now even with it's flaws, it's available world wide, it only charges a 5% fee, and everyone and their mother already has an account on it. i do think that their charge back stuff needs more human moderation so many false charge backs wouldn't happen, and i'm not sure why they don't just have a tick box for digital goods.

No. 598290

ko-fi and artistsnclients are what i use, personally. they work well for anonymity, the former taking none of the expenses while the latter takes a portion of it iirc
paypal directly is basically just giving your name out to strangers, inconvenient imo

No. 598307

Thanks for responding! Honestly I am having a hard time getting other people to see my work for critique but I am aware it’s what I’m lacking currently…no one seems interested in critique only “ur art is soooo vawid uwuuu” shitty unhelpful comments

No. 598345

How do you use it as a screen for computer programs??

No. 598363

>paypal directly is basically just giving your name out to strangers, inconvenient imo
I hope you realize that if your ko-fi is linked to your paypal, it will still give the donator your name on their paypal invoice.

No. 598389

Not if you use a business paypal

No. 598402

You've opened my third eye…

No. 598445

File: 1596754458600.jpeg (661.01 KB, 750x738, 85093FE8-D10D-4B86-97A6-702B7F…)

>degree in oil painting
>paints this

anyways, it’s weird to me that she still hasn’t changed her channel name. super Rae dizzle sounds like a ten year olds first email address and I feel like a dumbass every time I type it

No. 598462

I know degrees don’t = your skill level, but the amount of art techniques/general facts about colour theory that you learn in middle school, scares me

No. 598469

shes not gonna send you feet pics anon stop wking

No. 598481

if i wasn't told this was an oil painting i would've guessed it was a watercolor or pastel piece. Nothing about the dripping or the uneven brush strokes at the top say that this is an oil piece, nor does she ever do anything new or unique with the medium. She really just spends hundreds on paint that she doesn't even use properly.

No. 598482

why is she so obsessed with this stupid drip effect? she does it on like everything and it makes it look so.. amateur

No. 598485

Ok I know it’s shit but come on, it definitely still looks like an oil painting

No. 598491


lol I thought it‘s gouache or acrylics but not oils.

No. 598502

Nta but the bright colors and streaky presentation makes it look like markers

No. 598504

Honestly, with the texture of the drips I thought it was either oil pastels or watercolor too.

No. 598523

File: 1596767373347.jpg (168.97 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_20200806-212701_You…)

Baylee keeps bleaching and dying her hair. When the hell will she realize shes not gonna have any hair left to do that shit.
I wanna freaking tell her but since I've commented rude things on some of her vids she'll never take me seriously anyway.

No. 598527

she has her own thread >>940051

No. 598528

>I've commented rude things on some of her vids she'll never take me seriously anyway.
Sounds like you need to get a hobby. Literally every thread someone mentions her receding hair line. I'm pretty sure she already knows since she always talks about how damaged her hair is.

No. 598529

You can do glazing with oil, doesn’t seem crazy that someone would think to use thinned paints for transparent effects. I could maybe see thinking acrylic but I never seen watercolor that looks so opaque, even, and vivid. Especially when layered like that.

Some of y’all need to take a break from the art tablets damn

No. 598534

i don't know what watercolors/gouache you've been using but it can easily be that opaque. He'll i'd even say acrylics might've been a choice too, but id never just guess that that piece was done in oils. If anything to me it looks like she did it in pencil or pastel since its so grainy looking and the hair looks like actual shit.

No. 598538

Can you link an example, I’m genuinely interested. I looked up opaque watercolor paintings before posting to double check kek

No. 598539

Dude, not everyone knows everything about every single medium you sound pretentious. Also depending on the brand, tubed watercolors can easily be that opaque.

No. 598541

baylee jae may have a receding hairline and we may all know it, but that's not going to stop me from laughing at how a grown ass woman managed to fuck up her hair that badly.

No. 598542

link an example?? bro i use vibrant paints myself, i love working with bright an opaque mediums i say it from personal experience. Maybe try using a medium yourself instead of looking for examples online. if you want an example i use the koi pocket/traveler set for water colors. windsor and newton and the 15 dollar HIMI set for gouache. All three of those paints can be amazingly vibrant if you know how to use the paint correctly. But like i said it looks more like pastels and pencils.

No. 598543

I use watercolor and oil paint and pastel. Gouache is much closer but plain watercolor? It’s pretty dumb of people to trash her because “it doesn’t look like an oil painting” when there’s a ton of different techniques and there are styles with that lightly brushed on look. She’s bad at it for sure, but still

I just felt like being petty tonight. No one answered art questions but every anon replied to retard scrote bait and I’m salty

No. 598548

I see where you're coming from but what i meant in my original comment was more like why does she use oil paints. Im aware that shes using oil techniques in a technical sense but the final product comes out looking like she had done it with a different medium. My problem is that even if she is using 'correct' ways to use the medium shes using a medium that's extremely expensive when compared to the others and that its a waste of money if she can do the same thing with other cheaper materials. Essentially just i feel like she uses oils to make her pieces fancier despite the fact that they add almost nothing.

No. 598550

Do any anons here use gouache alot? I've been wanting to get back into traditional and wanted to try gouache but, don't know what brands are worth buying. Was thinking of just going with a basic W&N set but, not sure.

No. 598552

Ive been using the W&N set for about a year and a half now and in my opinion its a pretty good starting place for gouache, pretty pricey but it lets you get a good feel for the paint.

No. 598561

Thanks for the reply, I'll probably just go with that then.

No. 598671

I really want to start taking lessons but they're quite expensive (250 per trimesters), and I'm a beginner, I don't want to waste my money on some meme courses.

No. 598687

I second the other anon, I'm also using W&N's introductory gouache set and it's been really kind to me. I like it. But my black gouache tube somehow got rancid? It had an awful, awful smell and so I had to throw it out so, uh, be careful about that.

No. 598721

Considering no previous debt and enough money to pay for the tuition, what are some good arts/illustration masters? I know it’s not needed for freelancing, but it seems convenient for a more stable teaching career. Is it worth it?

No. 598753

Holbein gouache is my fav, W&N has a chalky sort of appearance imo? it may just be me but Holbein looked more saturated. Whichever you choose, paper is just as important when it comes to watercolor/gouache painting so even if you go for cheaper paints you should always invest in the more quality paper

No. 598761

I know. It's so easy to get oil paints to look smooth and yet rae, with her BA in oil painting, manages to make it look like a cheap, streaky gouache

No. 598782

i use a few different brands, i started with w&n but imo they're not worth the price point as a beginner. I would just go with Talens if i were starting out fresh now

No. 598824

Then look for alternatives (like lineofaction)
If you’re a beginner, idk why there’s a need to ask the people on this forum, I mean, have you seen the “art fixes” in the redraw forum

No. 598834

> No one answered art questions but every anon replied to retard scrote bait and I’m salty
I’m sorry, but are you one of the retard beginner artists that keep coming in here asking questions? Kek, gtfo the forum if you’re just going to do that then tell anons that they don’t know what they’re talking about and telling them to link evidence

No. 598857

File: 1596817461548.jpeg (485.19 KB, 828x1235, C79C2972-887D-4EDA-A120-C93860…)

I don’t care about begga, but saying that you don’t like art museums because they’re not spoonfeeding you information about stuff you can look up if you’re actually interested in the art you’re seeing, makes me extremely salty. Why even go to a museum of you’re won’t take notes of the stuff you like/you’re interested in?

No. 598862

I don't mind it being expensive, I just want to know if I should start now or wait for me to get better on my own before enrolling.

No. 598927

She's a living proof that art degrees don't mean shit on their own. If you don't internalize what the classes teach you and aren't willing to research further then it's just a waste of money. I painted shit like that at 15 after watching a tutorial on the internet.

This. I have no idea why she's wasting her money on oil paints, she could just get the same results with pastels. What kills me is that she uses oil paints but barely blends the colours, it's just her slapping them on top of each other.

No. 598989

I get her point. Putting up little informational signs or something is common in a lot of places like zoo, history museums, and historical sites. usually they offer audio guides or pamphlets too. The point of an art museum is not to just house art, its to make that art available to the public and accessable, and that in part includes giving people information.

If a museum isn't providing information about the subjects they are housing then they have fundamentally failed in their duty, and it does lesson the experience.

No. 598996

I agree with you anon since the main point of museums is to allow the general public access to actual pieces of history. You can't fully understand the impact of a painting or a choice the artist made if you aren't given context for it. That's why a lot of people don't value art since it's just displayed as a pretty thing to look at and doesn't go in depth about the importance or message it had.

No. 599019

What museum has she gone to?
>no cultural/historical context
kekw my ass.
Also the “no technique was given”, Is so fucking vague. If she means how the technical skill to create the piece she can go f herself, because most info IS there, in audio, but she doesn’t want to spend the extra cash to get it

No. 599037

The info should still be provided for free in pamphlets. Audio tours/regular tours are usually very extensive and detailed and can be annoying.

No. 599044


No. 599049

No I just asked a fun question about gimmicky art supplies

No. 599060

This is such a stupid reason to not like art museums. If you want to learn about techniques or whatever you can literally go online for that. Museums preserve and present art to people. And almost all museums provide historical context or the history surrounding an artist and there work in pamphlets or on the wall somewhere.

No. 599075

Fuck I never actually watched the original video before this. She's been out of college for three years now, but she's still mad about profs suggesting she not stagnate by only drawing her lazy chibis? I can't believe she spent money on four years of art school just to enter and leave with the same middle school art style.

No. 599085

Didn’t lavender get heated over some controversy with this guy before?

No. 599091

Why is his mic on a blade

No. 599175

File: 1596837072676.png (59.41 KB, 622x779, huh.PNG)

So, people are still out here trying to cancel Vivziepop?

No. 599183

Funny how they always activate just when the person they're obsessed with achieves something. Doesn't sound like sour grapes at all.

No. 599190

People giving her shit for stuff she did as a teenager. I didn't like her at first but now I'm okay.
I just found it funny that the shows animation got better when she was less involved. Other than that, good for her for making something.
I don't think she needs to be cancelled or anything

No. 599210

File: 1596839430658.png (897.98 KB, 1080x817, not cringe.png)

>"guiz my art when I was like 12 is CRINGE :'("
>looks better than average for most tweens, especially for the 2000's
Can't stand it when people do weird flexes like this. You don't even know what cringe means if you use it like this. Just admit that this is a plain ass redrawing of okay looking art for a weeby 2000's teen.

Also I hate it when mainstream usage turns slang into useless buzzwords that don't even remotely reflect their original meanings. Shit like "meme = any joke/macro regardless if it's not popular", "karen = any old angry white lady even if she's in the right", "cursed = just slightly weird/grossout", etc.

No. 599219

eh. he doesn't really say any opinion that differs with LT, nor does he go into much depth about why he would agree with LT. not really a good video. it's kinda boring to watch him reiterate what LT already said.

No. 599220

I feel like he WANTED to say something about her but chickened out the last second
cuz honestly a lot of her advice is terrible

No. 599243

File: 1596842106109.jpg (35.39 KB, 496x500, 500_F_258871395_kEmz0QBPpSIiJY…)

I got the same feeling as >>599220 did, he really hyped up like he was going to go full dramatuber but then went pretty soft on her.

Still can't believe nobody on youtube has pointed out how in the beginning of that video she complains that "just practice" doesn't teach beginners observations, and then later when she complains about copying photos via grid she shits on the very same method that goddamn coloring books use to teach kids how to observe. ffs.
Really unbelievable.

No. 599245

The video was complete shit. He didn’t say anything at all about anything. Just useless rambling and trying to act quirky. His content is bad and he should feel bad

No. 599309

Normally that’s his thing, to say that ‘x artist is bad’, only to elaborate on their points, it’s what he does for baiting views. But this vid in particular feels like he really doesn’t like her “advice”, even if he’s technically agreeing with her

No. 599402

Sorry a little off topic but does anyone else hate how common it is for people to trace and pretend they drew something and other people not having a critical eye and knowing that most of the stuff they think is so amazing is actually just a traced photograph someones pretending they drew?

And then when they horribly color it but people just assume its a stylistic choice?

No. 599505

Just had to come here and ask how is the #faceyourart a challenge? These art “challenges” are getting ridiculous.

No. 599514

I don't really see it as a challenge; more like artists just showing off their art

also, sage your shit

No. 599519

I want to get into digital art, but I can't to spend too much. What graphic tablet model do you guys suggest? Doesn't have to be a screen one.

No. 599522

Individuals that act like clout-chasing spazzes just want any small petty reason to put Vizipop down for her becoming a better person. These people are so embarrassing.

No. 599523

I got my Wacom intuos 4 M like 7 years ago (and bought it second hand) and it still has no major issue. The only thing is the pen pressure gets a bit funky sometimes but other then that works as well as when I first bought it. Imo Wacom is a great brand because you’re paying for quality that will last

No. 599529

No offence but if that picture is your idea of a decent art by a teenager, then you’re just bad.

No. 599558

Lol appleminte's current art looks like average art made by a teen. Also, link the video instead of just screenshotting it.

No. 599573

All art museums I've visited in my life (probably over a hundred) have exactly that sort of information plus extensive online materials if you don't wanna buy their catalogues. Sometimes they even show you materials and technique. Is this European Privilege or what? To me it sounds like she's talking about galleries or something.

No. 599589

breaking news: american doesn't know the difference between art gallery and museum. you wouldn't expect that from a resident of such a highly cultured country!

No. 599604

File: 1596890793875.jpg (27.45 KB, 586x167, 789.JPG)

Just get better if you draw shit honestly, it was about a thread were compagnies ghosted black artists after some # was created for exposure so I sage

No. 599622

>>>Makes art challenge about drawing something you've never drawn before
>>>Draws pretty girl No. 547

No. 599629

File: 1596894076649.png (93.15 KB, 647x908, ErgoJosh challenge.PNG)

Incredible, he failed his own art challenge. Didn't even take long for his fans to completely disregard the entire point of this "challenge"

No. 599639

I once went to an art museum years ago with family, and I enjoyed seeing all kinds of art I saw, I don't know what Becca is smoking tbh.

No. 599658

Agree. It's so weird to see people do this petty "oh my god look at the shitty content I produced at 12 lmao how cringe!!!! now watch me redraw it as a 20something year old" kind of stuff. Of course you'd be a shit artist at 12, most people are. It'd be much more interesting to show development in the same age group, like how you'd redraw and improve a piece you made at 16 as a 20-year old or something. Flexing on kids is such a lackluster thing to do even if it's yourself.

It's always so awkward to see these people who literally draw Chris-chan tier kindergarten doodles complaining about not being taken seriously as artists. Like what do you say to them? They always stand behind this "I'm an autistic trans bean uwu" shield too so you can't even tell them how things are.

No. 599676

>Let's redraw my childhood art

>Uses someone else's redrawing for the thumbnail because it's better and has more effort put into it

No. 599678

The way he made this thumbnail, where he looks to be holding a drawing tablet, with what the viewer would assume to be his redrawing on it, really rubs me the wrong way.

No. 599686

File: 1596905640440.png (3.61 MB, 1334x750, 4EF9DADA-401D-4A31-9C92-84354F…)

I don’t know this artists, but I assume that all she draws are profiles

No. 599697

This is the new “hi cow” cop out post style.

This looks more like it should have been like a three year improvement, not twelve years holy shit. Maybe she was on a drawing hiatus for like eight years or something lol

No. 599702

in what way is it even similar to hi cow, and how is it a cop out when it's true lmao

No. 599714

I have a Huion H610 Pro V2, works well. $50 on Amazon within the US. Just need to make sure the nib is clean before putting it into the pen otherwise it'll mess with the pen pressure, and not to yank on the USB cable because the connector might break after too much abuse. The pen is also a bit fragile, if it drop it on the nib it might mess up the pressure sensitivity, but replacement pens are only $15… So while a Wacom tablet might be more durable, I've heard they sometimes have driver issues and they're much more expensive for the same size. The also have issues with the surface of the tablet degrading pen nibs super fast. A new Wacom Intuos Pro S is $160 on Amazon… The only thing Wacom has over Huion is that you can buy an extra $100 pen that allows you to rotate your brush strokes based off how the pen is rotated (the Wacom Art Pen). This is indispensable for certain digital artists' workflows.

No. 599732

Ehh I wouldn’t be so quick to recommend Huion. Last tablet I got from them had horrible driver issues.

No. 599738

driver issues are really not that common, i have the same model as the other anon, just the v1 version and haven't had any bigger issues. not fucking up the cable and pen is the general rule of owning a tablet anyway.

No. 599740

What's going on Twitter is amusing nevertheless but such a shame that other indie animators who are actually talented,hard-working and drama free don't get noticed at all
Shows how people are super biased

No. 599749

File: 1596912808858.jpeg (522.34 KB, 1536x864, 33FC7BB4-E767-4A6F-BCCC-AA4139…)

Does anyone know good artists with art styles similar to Panty&Stocking or Hanabushi's animation for the "Study Me" song MV? (pic related)

No. 599753

Sorry, anon, just saw your reply. I use Astropad to connect my iPad to my computer.

No. 599769

Have any of you anons heard about that art tracer/character thief named Jeremy Fitzgerald. I'm kinda surprised that no one in the Art Community talks about her and that she doesn't have a thread here despite tracing/stealing art for 5 years and doesn't seem to stop. Like I mentioned above, they are a character thief (because they sell the characters they steal for easy DA points). For anyone wondering, the original art is on the right and the traced Jeremy made is is on the left. She also blocks anyone and deletes comments that call her and refuses to stop tracing. There's callout account on IG that was made to call Jeremy on her tracing as well as spread awareness about her

No. 599770

Are there any ways to improve your shading? I'm complete ass at it. Idk why, but I have a really hard time envisioning where the light source is hits

No. 599773

File: 1596915438479.jpg (241.02 KB, 800x874, Screenshot_20200808-150723.jpg)

Pic related

No. 599775

File: 1596915775744.jpg (253.68 KB, 800x881, Screenshot_20200808-150743.jpg)

Here is the original artwork (pic related). They also happen to have an article on Atrocious YouTubers wiki (called Strawberry Milk) that has a lot of evidence against them

No. 599785

>>599175 these vivziepop haters went ape shit crazy over HH being picked up by A24 and made /tw posts about that. Have you seen the comment section of SaberSpark's post on Twitter that mocks these manchildren. It's a literal battlefield between the HH fans and the Vivziepop haters

No. 599792

Who is A24? I only know about the studio who made Midsommar and Hereditary

No. 599799

Talens gouache is nice, but don't get "Art Creation" sets. Cheaper than W&N, more colors and bigger tubes for similar price

No. 599823

There is no “special way”, Stop being lazy and look at photo references

No. 599833

A24 is the studio that picked up Hazbin Hotel

No. 599835

>>599792 A24 is the studio that picked up Hazbin Hotel

No. 599847

Haley's art is not something to fawn over but holy shit the first tiktok looked like complete garbage in comparison imo.

No. 599870

They didn't ask for a special way you ass, they just asked how to improve and saying "just look at references" is you being lazy with advice. Anyways, >>599770 I suggest you look at videos that explain things like form and shape because it can help you see where light is supposed to fall. Sinix has pretty a pretty decent video on both cel shading and how to improve your shadows. I also like to refer to one of Doxy/Onta's tutorials where he explains different types of shadows that make up cel shading like cast shadows, pools of light, etc. If you look around and avoid the deviantart tier turotials made by people who don't know what they're doing, you'll find decent tutorials on shading.

No. 599932

>Does anyone know good artists with art styles similar to Panty&Stocking or Hanabushi's
>or Hanabushi's

No. 599958

> "just look at references" is you being lazy with advice. Anyways
> I suggest you look at videos that explain things like form and shape
You right, solid and not obvious lazy advice, only An artist would think of that advice.
Sorry that I didn’t include “look at tutorials”, thought it was too obvious

No. 599960

Why are anons in this thread so bitchy when someone asks a question? This is the Artist Salt/DISCUSSION thread. The OP clearly states that this thread isn't just for discussing artist cows but that it's also for general art shit.

No. 599961

"Just look up random pictures" and "Here are some specific videos and tutorials to point you in the right direction" are not comparable my dude.

No. 599965

hey anon, Tyler Edlin and Marco Bucci on YouTube have videos specifically on this subject. it's something I struggle with too. you might also want to try looking at tutorials from professionals on Artstation – a lot of those tutorial are really cheap to purchase and are a wealth of knowledge tbh. also, I'm sure you've heard it, but James Gurney's Color and Light is a good resource too, and is available as a pdf for free if you poke around. I hope you find something that helps you!

No. 599971

File: 1596931909445.jpg (28.07 KB, 848x480, Ed-lA.jpg)

Because artists.

No. 599977

Why does she never do traditional art, besides that one shit sketch? The folded paper tiktok was actually kind of cool.

No. 599982

File: 1596933722359.png (177.32 KB, 1450x1985, 34g.png)


try thinking in 3d space, anon. your drawing is a simulated 3d space.

No. 600022

Because the guestions are so dumb and unspecifc. Seriously what are you supposed to even say when someone asks how to improve? ”Draw from life, use references, practice,” you can only give general answers to general guestions and the fact that these anons come here to ask from others what they should do, instead of showing some self reliance and using the good ’ol google, says more about them than the rest of us. It’s like expecting to get hand feeded all the information without doing any of the work.

And seriously anons, if you want art advice, join art discords. Lot of them are autistic, ego stroking hugboxes but some are more decent with critique channels where you can get actual constructive critique.

No. 600029

This!! I'm not on this thread to answer or look for answers about how to do art or what supplies to use, i feel like thats a personal thing that you have to figure out yourself. See what works best for you and just keep working is literally like all the advice you can give when we arent being given a reference point. Someone will ask 'what gouache should i use' but without knowledge of what or how that person wishes to use that medium theres no real solid advice you can be given. It just doesnt work on an anon thread.

I come onto this thread to see people who are supposed to be successful in art already who have glaring problems in their work that should be called out and usually arent. When i come onto this thread and its just a bunch of general questions, its nothing i want to read and i usually just skip over it. Not to mention that despite the fact everyone on this thread is hyper critical it doesnt mean any of us are good artists. The advice given on this thread could essentially amount to nothing since its usually nothing but an opinion.

No. 600034

idk i've found helpful tips in art threads like these, it's retarded to act like art is somehow special in that it must be learned without others help and resources. the only reason why i'm good at art now is because i bought loads and loads of drawing books as a kid and treated them like the bible. obviously i'm gonna respond "practice" if people are asking basic questions which is annoying yeah, but most people asking that are noobs anyways. i'm always gonna shout out my favorite gouache brands or tutorials if asked and i don't see how it's bothersome to share the resources that have helped me immensely

No. 600045

I'm not saying that young artists should go on without help from anyone but i am saying that this isnt the place for it. Its also good that you found it useful and everything but as someone who is experienced all of it just kind of reads as 'im 14 and i want to impress the anons on the thread so i can prove im not like those 'other' aritsts!!"

No. 600046

Has anyone tried DrawABox? Would you recommend it? How was your experience following the lessons and how do you feel like your art has changed?

I've been wanting to try more art challenges, but It's hard to find challenges that are for actively improving art cause most of them are like mermay or inktober.

No. 600118

This is exactly how I feel everytime someone asks for advice, since we cannot see their art we cannot point them to the right direction so it feels like pointelss ego boost for them to ”show” that they want to improve without actually putting their work on the line. And no I’m not saying that these anons should ”post their work”, I’m saying they honestly should go elsewhere. I already give tons of critique to people on discord and I don’t come to this thread to do the same here.

Dude no one is alluding to that, it’s just that this information exists already and it’s in your finger tips if you bpthered to do a little bit of searcing, just like the art book you had, these people asking these basic bitch art questions could literally find the answer to them all by a single google search and the information would probably be far better than anything anyone is giving here. This thread is art salt and discussion, not art salt and advice. No one comes here to coach beginners into a right path, they come here to discuss art drama and these threads should stay that way. Even worse is that this same art supply concersation happens in every single thread as well and none of these idiots bother to read back on it. Lets face it, no one really cares about the type of watercolors you use, you wanna rave about art supplies, do it elsewhere. It honestly disrupts the thread and when you make it ”ok” for these people to ask advice, it makes every retard come out of the woodwork and spam their stupid questions. Anyone who’s ever frequnted any forum or discussion board, knows this.

No. 600190

I assume that it's easier to record digital art over traditional art.

No. 600194

File: 1596965551530.jpg (1.55 MB, 1988x3056, IMG_20200809_052443.jpg)

DC sure is making some questionable decisions in choosing artist. This is worst than Jen Bartel's Zatanna.

Variant art by Robin Eisenberg

No. 600198

i have to agree, i honestly don't understand why minorfags decided this is a good place to ask the most generic and vague questions when this place has a history of shitting on people who do that. honestly they should just be ignored so the topic doesn't get blown up like this and we can focus on stuff that's actually interesting.

is this really real? it looks so lazy, the style makes me think of rick and morty, but an sjw's adaptation of it.

No. 600200

Not Jen Bartel, I think you mean Jacqueline De Leon

No. 600202

Why is the Rooster Teeth logo on it?

No. 600210

I don't keep up with DC, but its fan boys are always going off about how their quality control/art standards are so much higher than that of other comic book publishers so this really cracked me up.

No. 600213

Some sort of collab between them but I have no idea what RT's part is in this. DC and RT are both owned by WarnerMedia.

No. 600251

What the hell. I hope you are joking. It looks like a fan-art made in paint.

No. 600268

File: 1596978664210.png (502.46 KB, 620x847, DC Wonder Woman 1984.PNG)

No. 600272

I seriously didn't think DC would pull the same crap like Marvel has been doing, and a lot of people in the replies doesn't like this either.

No. 600274

Too bad thats all because of their collaboration with RoosterTeeth who seem to be massive fans of ruining everything they see eg. rwby comics

No. 600275

I'll never understand this trend of making superhero girls fat either tbh. Being fat isn't cute.

No. 600276

File: 1596980013689.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1242x1727, 84680627-9CC9-4C90-A9E7-686C82…)

What do you guys think of 0073.uv? Her portraits are so pretty imo but sometimes I feel like I see the same girl with plump lips all the time—

No. 600282

> 1984
> wears current fashion jeans

No. 600284

nobody tell anon about how the current fashion jeans are vintage, making it accurate

No. 600288

Because the current jeans are the only ones who can give fat girls the sembalance of a shape/waist.

I think it's quite telling that they rather make them either model thin or downright fat - instead of the most realistic shape for a super hero, strong and muscular.
I'm not a wonder woman fan but I totally understand why fans of the origional were so disapoointed because of the movie or shit like this >>600268 The male actors were all cast pretty close to how they looked in the comics, and I don't think I've seen woke art of them being a different race, a whale or disabled etc either.

No. 600290

Also how you supposed to chase criminals & fight crime when you're fat like that? Girl's got the same body type as Shayna the hell, good luck to any city she's gonna have to save lmao
Ew, reminds me of when either Young Avengers or Agents of Asgard came out and Marvel suddenly announced that Loki was both bi-sexual & non-binary uwu during peak tumblr times. The pandering was so obvious

No. 600294

Those jeans definitely look 80s, they're just regular high-waist mom jeans.

No. 600308


No. 600326

File: 1596986252084.png (136.74 KB, 572x925, s.png)

Some days I really hate tumblr.

No. 600332

This is literally describing what an art style is though. You wanna draw realistically because thats what looks good to you? That's realism. You wanna draw in a naruto style, that's anime. I don't understand this at all. Even if you draw the most ridiculous shit ever, chances are it'll fall into an art style, even if you don't intend it to. Also chances are that the beginner artist is inspired by someting and will strive to emulate that style because that's whats inspiring them? How do you think it is that people develop unique reoccuring qualities in their art? Not by just drawing fuck all, but by choosing a specific style that appeals to them and learning how to do it themselves, which eventually evolves in their own interpretation of an art style.

No. 600333


Besides the r/im14andthisisdeep feeling of the second part I don't see the problem. They're basically saying don't worry about stylization so much when you can't even draw properly.

No. 600360

When the desperate pandering starts you know they're in such a desperate situation they're willing to try any last ditch effort to throw anything at the wall and see if it sticks. It's sad because DC and Marvel comics have both been tanking for years, now DC is just trying to do what Marvel did even though anyone can see it's not working and only alienating the people who would be interested in their content. The "YASS QUEEN CANT BELIEVE [SOULLESS CORPORATION] SAID [MINORITY GROUP] RIGHTS!!" crowd only pays lip service, they're not going to spend a dime buying it.

However after seeing that fucking New Warriors Snowflake/Safespace/Experimental internet gas thing Marvel belched out recently I'm willing to believe that it's Disney undercover intentionally trying to destroy the studio from the inside. Nobody can allow crap like that to be put into production without ulterior motives.

No. 600398

I wouldn't be suprised if Disney will destroy every entertainment company in America, because they're that evil. Just wanted to wear my tinfoil hat for a moment.

No. 600423

Nonnie this is a thread for passive quiet bitches irl to complain and chimp out over whatever triggers them that they never say outside of their personal discord servers. Don't expect anything but salt and jealousy lol

No. 600424

Vivzipop is just female Shane Dawson

No. 600440

>One word for the Wonder Woman 1984 variant cover:
Artstyle may be good for a tv show, but not the character or A COMIC COVER
It’s an art piece that looks like it can be done in 10 mins (prob less). It’s stiffness and “”80s aesthetics”” hurts. I wonder if the artist knew a person in the business because I’m 100% sure that without connections, the person would not have created the comic title unless it was a fan page

No. 600463


Shane dawson literally did weird pedo-shit and is racist as fuck while stuff vivziepop is accused of is cringy teen braindead shit, god stop putting actual dodgy people in the same picture as someone edgy

No. 600506

Whenever a trend repeats, it is slightly different than the original. So yes, jeans are almost like in 80s, but not quite. They are obviously 2010s jeans, real 80s jeans are a slightly different cut, which you can google.

No. 600522

the artist who made this is a Rooster Teeth intern. RT has been very "sjw" lately, but it still comes as a surprise given the way all girls in RWBY look.

No. 600534

And some people still think that connections won't get you anywhere without art skill. Look at this shit.

No. 600564

Vivzi had a self insert adult woman in love with a child in her webcomics when she was 20 i really don't see how her and Shane are different. Edgelord pedo losers from 2008 with pathetic autistic teen fans.

No. 600573

Jesus christ. Leave already and take this retarded as hell vendetta back to Twitter.

No. 600598

Imagine baiting like this and then only getting one reply. Should've just put this on Twitter, or left it in the drafts.

No. 600601

This might be a situation where someone preorders a set amount of copies and gets their own limited edition variant cover, idk
It's a thing that usually happens with indie books though.

No. 600608

you're so buttmad her dumb edgy show got pitched. Go cry about it on twitter some more with your pronouns in bio loser friends

No. 600622

lol get a load of this bitch. she's apparently in love with the tumblr style boring-ass pilot.

No. 600641

This is so fucking stupid. Even if you don't like her show, she's nowhere comparable to Shane Dawson. Vivzie drew some dumbshit when she was a teenager. Shane talked openly about sexual shit with minors, groped, kissed, and asked underage fans to post lewd pictures with his name on their bodies (you know that shit onision did and got dragged for). You know, Take your stupid vendentta back to Twitter and bitch about it to 15-yo bungenders.

No. 600654

I'm not even the same anon you were arguing with earlier, but alright. no need to get your panties in a twist lmfao

No. 600677

imagine thinking anyone would agree with your dumb ass statement, and then be surprised people are frustrated with you when you don't get simple logic.

No. 600684

Hazbin Hotel and the rest of Vivzie's animated shows all suck, but at this point the people autistically obsessed with hating her are even more obnoxious than the fans.

No. 600685

I'm still not the anon who made the above comparison above vivzie and shane dawson lol holy shit

No. 600693

No. 600694

stop fucking engaging you dipshit. got baited and won't shut the fuck up arguing about stupid shit nobody cares about instead of posting artist salt

No. 600707

this is literally salt you retard

No. 600710

Anon you kicked the edgelord hornet nest jfc lol

No. 600719

>Go cry about it on twitter some more with your pronouns in bio loser friends
You're not wrong tho
A lot of people in this thread like that lmao

No. 600738

Isn't it still kind of weird that she had an adult self insert that was in love with a teenager? Like I'm not sure about the whole story surrounding that situation but it still seems sketchy to me lol

No. 600757

Shane Dawson sexualized real minors. Fictional characters aren't real and no creepy situation with a cartoon will ever be on the same level as being gross to a real child. No matter how many panic attacks you have over it on Twitter.

No. 600785

>Fictional characters aren't real and no creepy situation with a cartoon will ever be on the same level as being gross to a real child
Are you suggesting that sexualizing fictional characters who happen to be children is okay? Or just not as bad as real minors?

No. 600790

why the hands only have four fingers

No. 600791

Is this bait? In no way shape or form is sexualizing lines on a paper anything akin to harming real children or witnessing their abuse.

No. 600797

More like clarification since the quote seemed to suggest sexualizing cartoon minors is fine with this anon, which is where the confusion is. Don't know why there's a Shane Dawson argument here, but yikes. don't sexualize kids.

No. 600811

Ok lol looked into it and she apparently has 2 pedophile characters. 1 might have been an early hazbin character and 2 was in her old zoophobia comic (I think she made nsfw of one the teenage characters fucking a snake??) idk it's all pretty old and she seems to have changed

No. 600817

This seems to happen frequently with media that teens love. Anyone remember the days of "Steven Universe critical" blogs on tumblr? I'll never forget the time someone unironically started a sentence with "Pearl, a known abuser,"

No. 600827

Idk why you're making light of that, I mean it's been established that pearl literally hates the Irish…

No. 600859

The irony is the same crowd reeing about pronouns in bios are just as whiny and triggerable. The inability to self reflect is hilarious.

No. 600875

Are you retarded? Genuinely curious.

No. 600897

I guess we're both retarded because I'm wondering the same thing bitch

No. 600912

File: 1597039010009.jpg (119.51 KB, 680x680, a5b.jpg)

Just gonna steer this back towards art instead of bitching at each other about dumb shit. What you guy's opinion on Yuumei? She's been my favorite artist for years now and, imo one of the few dA alumni who's quality hasn't dropped over the years.

No. 600915

>"Pearl, a known abuser,"
I can't fucking stop laughing

>N-no it's the OTHER ones being t-triggered, how u doin fellow channers uwu
Leave already, nobody wants you here

No. 600920

While you’re wondering, try to sage your shit.

No. 600922

I could not give less of a shit about her, I find her work to be incredibly droll in the way that devianart famous circa 2009 tier artists are.

No. 600931

I always have a pretty dubious opinion on people who post their "favourite artists" on a drama site. Are people like this so genuinely naive they think they'll be subjecting them to civil discussion and admiration and not causing anons to reply with "she's an overrated piece of shit providing boring subpar crap" or is that exactly what the want?

No. 600934

I was mostly just trying to steer the thread back to art instead of bitching about shane dawson and vivzie lol and just did the first thing that came to mind because I was scrolling through her gallery. If anons tear into her or not I really don't care because I still like her regardless. Just wanted to see what others thought of her.

No. 600948

Her stuff is good but it also feels very generic popular internet art lol. I know thats a bit redundant because she basically codified what type of art was popular on DA for many years (rendered semi-realistic anime with fantasy themes and pretty colors), but it just feels a bit old at this point

No. 600955

She has some good pieces and I started drawing digitally because of her drawings, but the quality of her work has gone downhill. She also has a team that helps her with her comics but somehow she can't seem to be able to finish anything.
Also, I cant's stand how preachy she sounds half the time.

No. 600966

> I can’t stand how preachy she sounds half the time
This. She always tries to make her stories and pieces “woke” and “deep” but she ends up contradicting herself (see: Knite) because she doesn’t have set beliefs herself. She has the self-righteousness of a 2013 Tumblr sjw but at least 2013 Tumblr sjws could keep their beliefs straight kek.

No. 600967

Late, but I knew that Angel Ganev is an asshole, but I didn't know that he's misogynistic. Anyone care to elaborate?

No. 600985

I really enjoy her stuff, probably one of the few artist whose sameface don't really bother me. Her aesthetic & color choices are very much up my alley.
And her cat is cute as fuck.

Used to like her content when I was younger, nowadays I just see her work as really boring and it puts me off how preachy and holier-than-thou she sometimes sounds.

No. 601003

aside from making jokes about womens bodies/anything outside of skinny blow up dolls being deemed casually 'ugly' by him, also just casually insults women by implying the things they like/take inspo from are lesser than him

also he just makes weird creepy comments on women like. a lot.

No. 601007

If you like a similar aesthetic check out Kloodwig, she does the pretty girl theme more diverse imo

No. 601010

File: 1597051302999.jpeg (275.96 KB, 1999x1500, 32AA6872-240E-465F-A5CB-CA3873…)

Do any anons have a mounted screen tablet? What mounting system do you use? Looking for something under $150 if possible.

No. 601011

thoughts on this?

No. 601016

you should honestly just ask an actual artist/tech forum, but in my opinion that looks really inconvenient unless you have a lot of shit on your desk already, most screen tablets have back mounts so you can use them at a comfortable tilt while they aren't on a weird angle which would make drawing hard.

No. 601018

Damn I thought this artist would be kinda decent and shes been popping up in my recommended then I saw this video. What the hell is up with the hands?

No. 601028

It's pretty nice, reminds me of the old art days on youtube when artists would make their own anime and ops for fun.

No. 601066

I was her table neighbor a few years back at a con in Cali, she was incredibly rude to me and pretty messy (she had prints scattered on the floor left over from the previous day of con. I had to pick them up to get them out of my space) Her assistants were nice though. Made me kinda upset since I had bought the cat headphones and sympathized with her over the headphone design drama a while back. Her work is pretty generic though.

No. 601080


he posted a video a long time on his youtube channel talking about sex and whatnot. one of the things he mentioned was that he would never sleep with a virgin. he prefers women who have already had sex because (according to him) women are like horses that need to be broken in/trained first and no one wants to ride a horse that hasn't been broken in.

tried to find it, but it's no longer up on his channel.

No. 601082

File: 1597064763031.png (58.55 KB, 599x334, Capture d’écran 2020-08-10 à 1…)

"Working with neon colors"

I don't know why she's so obsessed with neon colors, it's extremely hard to make it look good, especially if you have low understanding of color like Rae. I bet the whole drawing is going to be 4 different, clashing neon colors, shaded with black.

Overusing rainbow or neon is just a big giveaway that you're an amateur, or just have very bad taste.

No. 601087

File: 1597065133763.jpg (47.74 KB, 564x377, salt n pepa 1980s.jpg)

Proof anon was wrong kek

No. 601095

Yuumei was alright, liked her years back when deviant art was relevant.
Her stuff is pretty but generic. Though artists like that are a dime a dozen now. Can’t blame them since the public likes pretty and generic shit. Easy to consume and steal lmao

No. 601100

File: 1597067019902.png (1.47 MB, 1815x931, just as bad.png)