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No. 470621

Confess your sins, farmers.

No. 470630

I'm getting an art degree and I hate myself

No. 470635

what would compel you guys to do that? i notice there are a lot of art degree people on lolcow. does it really make a difference? is there really a world of burgeoning art where a degree is actually required? i could understand if tuition was normal, but art school is mega expensive

No. 470643

nta and this might be easy for me to say because I live in a country where tuition is more or less fixed for all majors including art school and won't put students in a unreasonable debt. But art school is most definitely a fantastic way to explore and learn art: you get a large amount of resources, supplies, time, workspace, equipment and support to explore and experiment with art (mediums). Not to mention how incredibly inspiring it must be to be in a small community of like-minded people. Unless you happen to be very rich, but the average person realistically doesn't have the funds and/or time to do this besides having a non-art related job or major to sustain themselves.

I very seriously considered studying fine arts; built a portfolio, even got half-way through a strict selection for a prestigious art school in my country, before deciding not to go through with it. They where very clear that "you do this because you love art, not because you're likely to get a job/paid work as an artist" and they're right. I dont regret my decision but I still marvel at how fantastic it would've been to have access to all those resources, equipment and workspaces at art school to explore and experiment with things I don't really have access to now.

half of this is blogposting forgive me

No. 470659

File: 1570564670641.jpg (156.82 KB, 813x1185, 84ae6bcddc383090f20b2a41219ba9…)

I was the second anon who talked about their cringe twitch. My confession is that my curse word twitch is thw n-word, hard r, so multiple times I've almost said the n word in front of my family, friends, and boss. I catch my self by the first vowel, but one day I know Im going to fuck it up. I'm black if that changes anything

No. 470664


No. 470677

I'm just a eurofag, but doesn't that kinda change things? I mean, it's still unprofessional, but it does soften the blow. Or I might just be wrong.

No. 470791

>does it really make a difference?
NTA and Amerifag- no, art degrees are meaningless pieces of paper. Almost any art job judges based on your portfolio and doesn't care about your degree. Animation is pretty much the only category where art school progresses you. Everyone I know who got an art degree regrets it or is in denial about their situation.

No. 470794

I had this problem, almost slipped infront of a customer. The only way to prevent it is to stop using it altogether.

It's less looked down upon if you're black, but still strongly disapproved of, especially among other black people. Using that word is typically seen as very ghetto and trashy. Saying it innfront of your boss would get you in A LOT of trouble, possibly even fired depending how professional the setting.

No. 470810

I wish I wasn't raised religously. I don't believe a god exists but I still get scared because "What if hell DOES exists, I'll end up there and get punished even worse because I was raised religously so 'I should've known'"

No. 470822

i'm really into guys with really red hair (as long as it's natural).

No. 470839

File: 1570620796141.png (368.25 KB, 1024x487, proxy-4 (1).png)

But we'd all be in the same boat. I was raised non-religious though my mom is protestant. Didn't even get that water stuff thing done… But I do know of "God", Jesus and what not. If I were to die, I would still got to hell for not knowing better. Only those very last tribes somewhere in the amazon are safe kek

Even then, I am a spiteful edgelord. That motherfucker let millions of his own "chosen people" die in the holocaust. Idk, he still lets this shit happen every day. I think I'd rather burn in hell, as edgy as it is. He doesn't deserve my worship.

No. 470845

There are many staunch fedoras in the world, so read any of their rantings. Anyone on r/atheist can poke holes in biblical texts, so I know you sane anons will get over this last mental hurdle. There are also some pretty good atheist YouTube channels out there, only of my favorites being darkmatter2525 even though he's a very cringe person.

No. 470848

>Anyone on r/atheist

That just makes it worse, seeing those people makes want to get into religion. Activist atheists are unbearable, they are more annoying and obnoxious than evangelists.

No. 470851

We have a pretty good anti-religion thread on here that many of us find cathartic. I strongly prefer it to athiest corners of the internet because it's mostly functions as a support group and place to vent, as opposed to a pseudointellectual echo chamber like r/athiest. It even says right in the OP it's not meant to be an athiest circle jerk.


No. 470860

People think I want to adopt older kids for all these noble reasons, but really it's because I want my child to be aryan so randos think it's biologically my husband's to avoid invasive questions. It is infinitely easier to adopt an aryan child without disabilities from foster care than to get one as an infant. I also have conceeded that I couldn't help but love the child more if it looked like my husband.

No. 470874

I'm not scared because I believe god doesn't exist. The whole idea is clearly man-made and absurd, especially the monotheistic one.

No. 470878

File: 1570633193851.jpg (18.65 KB, 500x300, 2abbf4addd2a3691936362aa44b05a…)


In this moment i am euphoric

No. 470881

of course the monotheistic one. let me guess ghosts possibly exist but since you grew up in a monotheistic religious society it just can't possibly be possible

omg so deep

No. 470887

My guilty pleasure is dipping Cheetos in spicy cheese dip.

No. 470935


No. 470945


ghosts don't exist, only superstitious yokels believe in ghosts, only djinns and egregors are real.

No. 470957

this is pathetic but I think I need to install an app that blocks access to internet and social media apps without being able to remove it because I'm not getting any of my studying done.

No. 470958

I am a clean person with good hygiene and I constantly have skid marks.

No. 470968

Get a bidet.

No. 470976

eat fibre your your stool has a normal texture

No. 470997

A while ago I was watching mister metokurs video (I know he’s a dumbass) about the sadistic furries that were killing animals and fucking puppies and shit and I accidentally Bluetooth casted it to my neighbors TV and I don’t know which neighbor it was but whoever it was knows that it came from my phone bc it says “anon’s iPhone” or whatever and now I live in shame. I just was interested in the story of those sick animal abusing furries and now one of my neighbors probably thinks I’m a total fucking weirdo

No. 471007

fuck, rip to your neighbour/reputation lmao! Imagine being some 40 year old normie and having that shit come onto your tv, thanks for the laugh, anon!

No. 471008

File: 1570667170380.jpeg (168.43 KB, 502x350, C1331E24-EF71-4707-8896-45DB08…)

>good hygiene
Are you too fat to wipe your ass right? Do you have a leaky asshole, that’s a medical condition

No. 471013


>clean person with good hygiene

>constantly has shitty ass

Hate to break it to you anon, but your hygiene is imaginary if you don’t know how to wipe yourself properly.

No. 471028

use wet toliet paper, spread the ass cheeks and put the wet toilet paper in the butt. or just a bidet

No. 471035

Do you check every time you wipe? You gotta do that anon

No. 471036

Do you have hemorrhoids? Sometimes a flare up can cause that.

No. 471037

get wet wipes or something anon

No. 471048

when i was 15 i got groomed by some weirdo i met on /x/ back in 2009-10 and i didn't realize that was what happened until pretty recently and i feel like an absolute idiot. i don't really feel traumatized, but i wish i knew who he fucking was, and i wish i had been smarter. i heard about someone from unichan with the same (pretty uncommon) name that i thought could be him, but i was never able to find out. idk, it's not like it haunts me but it definitely doesn't make me feel good. i've never told anyone before though because it's a pretty fucked up weird sad neet thing y'know?

No. 471071

I reported someone for tax evasion for working an under-the-table job and it makes me smirk in satisfaction knowing they got fired.

Get wrecked, you toxic two-faced bitch. Pay your taxes.

No. 471087

I keep getting constipated and work in an office and sometimes I can smell shit coming out my ass so I have to stuff toilet paper up my ass. Can’t wait to start having normal shits again cause I can’t live like this

No. 471112

Is there a better word for "white, blue-eyed, and blonde" that I'm not aware of?

No. 471132

lol just say you want the adopted child to look like your husband. no one gives two hoots about what your husband looks like.

No. 471142

someone's pissed at someone else using a word that's not in their vocabulary lmao

No. 471143

File: 1570715185973.jpg (46.8 KB, 500x327, ebd90489b3bd03e6d9c900e6ed3f9f…)

>reporting someone for tax evasion for working an under the table job
You're a piece of shit.

No. 471145

You are also a two-faced bitch, congratulations.

No. 471146

Wow, you really are a bad person. I pity the child that ends up under your care.

No. 471147

I actually think antivaxxers are a good thing because they can help to stop the human over-population on earth and improve natural selection for the species.

"Arian" sounds like a word only an alt-righter would say though.

No. 471151

>its a bad thing to report tax evasion

Ah, a libertarian, i see.

No. 471156

File: 1570717331673.jpg (63.37 KB, 735x1103, How-to-make-homemade-nut-milk-…)

I mix cashew milk and regular low fat milk together & pretend it's coffee at work because I'm addicted to drinking milk.

No. 471158

Right, because the excessive military budget losing out on some under the table employee's meager tax contribution is totally worth costing someone their job over.

No. 471160

This mentality is fucking retarded and draconian. Retarded parents=\=retarded kids. Kids shouldn't have to suffer for their parent's idiocy.

No. 471165


>i just want to take from the system, but not put in like everyone around me, they have to pay for me.

the military is not loosing anything in any case either, deficits means Lisa won't get braces.

No. 471167

What's so terrible about not wanting to deal with insensitive invasive comments and questions from randos? I know a lot of people who have interracially adopted and literally all of them deal with this shit regularly. It's great there are people willing to put up with this shit, but since I have other options I'd rather not.

No. 471168

I really wish you had the self-awareness to know how stupid you sound.

No. 471177

my boyfriend sometimes says shit that's inappropriate when joking around(faggot, racial slurs, etc) and I don't care. It makes me super ashamed because I used to be really PC about that kind of stuff but, as I've gotten older, it's whatever to me. It's really hypocritical of me as well because I told him he's not allowed to say nigger even though it wouldn't bother me, it's more that it's been ingrained in me never to allow friends/partners to say that around me.

He never says this kind of shit in public and it's not often but if anyone found out he joked around like that, they'd freak out.

No. 471183

>>471177 gross anon, you just let yourself go like that.

No. 471184

File: 1570719537369.jpg (58.06 KB, 715x402, edixjf9183.jpg)


The Ministry of Newspeak is not pleased, Your social credits are now in the negative numbers and the speech police is coming over.

No. 471186

have you ever tried the pomodoro technique? I used it when I was studying and it helped me. you can do 25 mins studying, 5 mins break and so on. it helps combat burnout and afterwards you can check your socials

No. 471189

you shouldn't feel like an idiot. you were 15, you weren't to blame. I hope you can find him and confront him tbh. it might help give you some closure?

No. 471190

Unless he happens to have that personality where he makes fun of everything and anything and he doesn't hold any harsh feelings I doubt it. He probably looks as I expect him too as well

No. 471205

This. I've noticed with slurs, I pay more attention to who is using them and the context than just the word alone.
Racists, homophobes and sexists often tell on themselves in all sorts of small ways they're too stupid to conceal (and that's why when they use it and get social repercussions, they cry about how their free speech is being snatched away - there's a reason some people get away with saying it and you don't), but when they actually use slurs, they basically do everyone else's job and fully expose themselves.
Use of slurs cuts right to the chase and remove all doubt. That's why I still kind of support their stigmatization, even though I don't really take offense.
The guy who listens to rap music and has a twisted sense of humor/bluntness about everything, including his own demographic? Whatever. Might be kind of shady, but usually nothing.
The guy who already has a weird, negative fixation on people who aren't like him, has strong political opinions, has already made tons of sideways or "suspicious" comments, and is particularly passionate about how his demographic should be able to call other people slurs as if it's integral to his very identity, on the other hand? Lmao. They're not the same, no matter how much Guy B insists he's actually Guy A. We can all tell.

No. 471214

nta but if they didn't want to risk losing their job they shouldn't have avoided paying taxes in the first place. Getting fired is the consequence of their own action.

No. 471225

Can relate, my husband is the same way. He’s not a hateful person, just listens to edgy music and has a friend group that’s constantly trying to one-up each other on shock humor. He’s been like this as long as I’ve known him but he’s very conscious about saying that kind of shit around me because I don’t like it at all. We’ve had a few discussions about it and his position is it doesn’t matter if there’s no meaning behind it. He doesn’t use 4chan, has only ever said the slurs in discord with his dumbass friends, would never say them publicly because he has a very socialable and friendly personality. He’s got a wide range of friends irl that would probably be irked if they knew but I truly don’t believe he’s a malicious person, even when he says things that would make someone ree over Twitter.

No. 471245

When people work under the table, it's because the employers want them to instead of putting them on the books, you fucking moron. They fired that person to cover their own ass. Stop pretending there's anything noble about costing someone their job because they worked under the table. It's disgusting.

No. 471258

File: 1570726012091.jpg (6.69 KB, 262x192, liber.jpg)


i have the tingling sensation certain anon is not paying her taxes either

No. 471266

no one's forcing them to avoid paying taxes you fucking moron.

No. 471278

Weak attempt at a "gotcha", sweetheart. I just have this thing called a conscience. Get a therapist and maybe they can help you get one too.

A lot of people work under the table jobs because they can't find official ones, so actually you can't say difinitively that they aren't being forced to. However, no one is forcing you to cost someone their livelihood and pat yourself on the back for it.

That's my last post on the subject, I don't wanna clog up the thread anymore. If you wanna delude yourself into thinking what you did was morally justifiable, you have fun with that, hopefully karma will bite you in the ass eventually.

No. 471283

I'm not even that anon who reported them nor do I believe it was a noble thing to do but they were most definitely in the right by reporting it. Ultimately tax avoiding is illegal. "I can't find a tax paying job" is a lame excuse and doesn't justify it.

No. 471299

He really doesn't have any ill will towards anyone else and he definitely makes fun of everything/himself included. He's only half-white himself(which I know doesn't matter, just more context) and he's never been hateful to anyone.

I guess it's more that he doesn't censor himself around me where most people would never say certain words, no matter what the context.

No. 471316

File: 1570739999474.jpg (21.36 KB, 640x352, D2huTV0U0AA4T2r.jpg)

>"I can't find a tax paying job" is a lame excuse and doesn't justify it.
… So, they should just sacrifice any possible income and starve/be homeless because their precious paultry tax contributions are worth more than their lives to you… Okay…

No. 471322

Taxation is theft.

No. 471323

I'm confused about this tax evasion argument, isn't it obvious anon reported this person over a personal grudge rather than any particular concern for paying taxes? It just sounded like a convenient avenue for petty revenge, in which case the real question is what did that person do to deserve it?

No. 471324

I didn’t prove his point. I know you think you sound intellectual and all that but frankly you sound like a disgruntled employee that didn’t get moved up to fries. If you really feel like everyone should make the same pay, go start a business, pay all your taxes, pay every employee about $50,000 a year, and supply them with healthcare. It’ll take about 6 months before you either raise prices or go out of business

No. 471325

I agree as well.
Taxation sucks but I get mine every damn paycheck and I am NOT well off yet I'm just above poverty to pay the shit.
No one cares about my situation. Why's some random special?

No. 471328

i cry over death note at least once a week because that anime ruined me (in a good way) ever since i made the mistake of watching it a few years ago. even hearing the op/ed or seeing a scene for a split second makes my nose burn and eyes wet and my entire collection in my room isn't helping me at all but oh well

inb4 anyone points this out, yes i know this sounds so incredibly retarded but it be like that sometimes

No. 471329

You're constipated, but you have shit leaking out of your ass? And your solution is to stuff toilet paper up your asshole? Sorry but wtf

No. 471331

It's not about them being ~special~ it's about not intentionally brutally fucking over under the table employees because you can. Y'all are acting like these people are only working these jobs just to get out of paying taxes, when in reality it's the employers who choose whether or not they go on the books and these people are just trying to get by like everyone else. Yet here you guys are, justifying hurting people in such a severe way over ~muh taxes~ because for some reason it triggers you so much that these people aren't paying an almost certainly inconsequential amount (the vast majority of under the table work is very low paying) in taxes. It's gross.

Also, under the table is worse than being on the books because it makes you much more vulnerable to being taken advantage of and you get no benefits at all, including workers comp if you get hurt. Stop acting like they have it ~so much better~ than you and need to be knocled down a peg. I am genuinely disgusted by how shamelessly heartless you guys are being over something that has no fucking impact on you.

No. 471333

I don't cry but I get chills when I listen to the soundtrack. I can be snobby about anime but DN is one of the few super popular series that totally deserves the love, it's just such a great ride.

No. 471334

why not make choccy milk

No. 471335

I feel like if they did something severe enough to warrant it, anon would have actually said what it is by now. They probably just complained about anon behind her back, most likely for legit reasons since anon is clearly a vicious cunt.

No. 471338

I'm assuming you quoted the wrong post because that makes zero sense?

No. 471340

It won't suffer because it will be dead.
Also, the argument is not anthropocentric, so it doesn't take human feelings into account, just what would be best for most of the species in the planet.

No. 471342

How many tax avoiders are truly unable to pay taxes for xyz reason? Most certaintly few, most are using it as a lame excuse to justify avoiding paying taxes. Let me put it this way: if you can pay taxes you should, and most tax avoiders can. (this includes rich ass people avoiding to pay their taxes

Taxation allows you to live in a country with moderate to high living standards. Taxation helps the government to ensure your (relative) safety and provides you with resources that allows you to live in freedom and develop as a person. Without tax you'd probably not even have roads to drive your car on to work or school.

Call tax theft all you want, and yes paying tax sucks, but it's a neccesity.

No. 471343

>brutally fucking over under the table employees because you can
The government "brutally fucks" me just because it can, and yes, you're saying someone else is special and don't deserve the "brutal fucking."
Meanwhile, their special asses reap ALL the benefits that someone else getting brutally fucked pays up for.
You're supposed to report income period, "my employer didn't help me" isn't a valid excuse.
>under the table is worse than being on the books because it makes you much more vulnerable to being taken advantage of and you get no benefits at all, including workers comp if you get hurt
Almost like that's a huge personal risk and you ought not go that route, but wait, motivations like not paying taxes add up so much that people feel incentivized to do it. Because paying taxes fucking sucks.
>you're all shamelessly heartless for not respecting these special lambs!
Pay. your. taxes.

No. 471352

>Almost like that's a huge personal risk and you ought not go that route, but wait, motivations like not paying taxes add up so much that people feel incentivized to do it. Because paying taxes fucking sucks.
Or maybe they're incentivized by this little thing called survival? Like literally everyone else who works a shitty job?

How the fuck does them losing their jobs benefit you or the rest of society in any way? All it does is severely hurt them. Here's a crazy concept… you can be rightfully annoyed about under the table workers not paying taxes… without actively causing them to lose their job. I know the idea of not being as harsh and brutal as possible toward other humans is lost on a lot of people on this site, but it's really not that hard.

No. 471355

Unless they're a felon or a person without legal status, why would anyone have trouble finding a job that's not under the table?
How is saying they ought to pay taxes suddenly the same as taking away their jobs?
How is saying that they ought to pay their fair share brutality?

Tumblr please leave.

No. 471360

>How is saying they ought to pay taxes suddenly the same as taking away their jobs?
… Anon, this entire argument was started because someone said they reported an under the table worker for tax evasion and caused them to lose their job, which they were very happy about. The argument is not about whether or not people should pay taxes (I agree that they should) it's about whether or not it's morally justifiable to actively get under the table employee's jobs taken away.

>Unless they're a felon or a person without legal status, why would anyone have trouble finding a job that's not under the table?

Finding a job in many parts of the US is ridiculously difficult. This is not news.

No. 471363

>caused them to lose their job
Because they did something illegal, which is why they lost their job.
You think everyone self-employed, under contract, working non-traditionally, or just accepting donations don't report their incomes? You're supposed to report everything.
>not it's morally justifiable to actively get under the table employee's jobs taken away
Seems like the employer's choice, not because of anon's report. Weren't you just saying stuff about employers who take advantage of this?
If you think someone should pay taxes, then reporting was still the right thing to do.
What about losing their under the table job prevents them from seeking actual employment?
>Finding a job in many parts of the US is ridiculously difficult.
Finding a job one wants is difficult. Getting a job anyplace is nothing.

No. 471369

>Seems like the employer's choice, not because of anon's report. Weren't you just saying stuff about employers who take advantage of this?
Yeah, because employers get in trouble for having off the books emoloyees, so they had to fire them to cover their ass due to anon's report.
>Finding a job one wants is difficult. Getting a job anyplace is nothing.
This is simply not true and really showcases an impressive amount of ignorance.

Look, we're gonna have to just agree to disagree and call it a day. You guys think people who work under the table should be reported and lose their jobs, and I think people who think this way are needlessly harsh pieces of shit. We've been arguing about this literally for hours and there's really no point in continuing, so I'm out.

No. 471371

?so they had to fire them to cover their ass due to anon's report
Sounds like you're more pissed at employers who game the system than citizens who are rightfully angry that people avoid taxes and do their duty to report it when they see it.

Anyway, something something brutality, something something too harsh.
Sorry it struck a nerve.

No. 471372

File: 1570748772428.jpg (817.12 KB, 1536x2048, 1570711379416.jpg)

Taylor's chonky noodle is a cute.

No. 471376

This toxic cesspool makes my mental health even worse, but I also need the outlet for my own toxicity. There is no winning.

No. 471378

>You guys think people who work under the table should be reported and lose their jobs

It it is an illegal the report needs to go to ICE too.

No. 471381

I was groomed too by someone who was meant to be my mentor. It was all online, but I got harassed (stalked me/contacted me on other accounts to tell me to stay away from him) by his partner who was twice my age and had several kids with him. Was fucked up because I was like 15/16 and he (27 or w/e) apparently was a prolific cheater. I really hope she and her kids got away from him, 'cause that situation was really bad.

I don't feel traumatised either because I didn't do anything like send nudes or w/e, but it makes me feel uncomfortable and guilty when I do remember.

No. 471386

File: 1570750900100.gif (4.56 MB, 270x480, DE490709-3777-49AF-852E-680508…)

No. 471398

People who work under the table are usually undocumented, not necessarily because they are illegal aliens, some people dead ass can not afford documents proving they exist. I’ve found most cases I know to be foreign students who need to eat and survive. They have to support themselves because not everyone is some mainland Chinese heiress. On top of paying outrageous non-resident tuition, going to uni full time, they have to work in shoddy places for peanuts with no one to protect them if they get abused. And then there are anons who are blissfully ignorant of the grays of society. I truly hope the person she reported deserved it.

No. 471414

And if the taxes in your country are high, but the living standards are so shit that you don't even have good roads and the hospitals are dismal? What then? Keep paying taxes, watch those in charge pocket the money and hope they change their mind?

No. 471417

In the US our taxes mostly go to our overfunded corrupt military. The fact there's people so blindly sheepish they consider it one's "duty" to report under the table workers for not paying ~their share~ to our military industrial complex is astounding to me. Gotta pinch every penny to make more drones and nukes, I guess.

No. 471421

I had sex with my nephew 3 couple weeks ago,I don't know If I regret it or not(Most likely bait )

No. 471423

…….. Please tell me he's at least legal

No. 471425

he's 19 and I'm 36

No. 471428

I hope you know the majority of the people picking the fruit you eat are also paid under the table, and paid shit wages. So are the people getting their limbs cut in meat factories owned by corporations like Mc Donalds. Same for the women making shit clothes in sweatshops.

If anything, Americans take advantage of undocumented workers.

No. 471460

I'm American and people love taking advantage of undocumented immigrants. They only see them for the work they do.
My boyfriend used to work in factories where majority of the workers were undocumented and he witnessed how poorly they treated him compared to the undocumented. Lots of things put him at risk for losing his job, mostly suggesting things he wanted to make the work environment safer. One issue was for a machine that ripped out a previous employee's limb, thankfully he never witnessed that but a coworker once brought it up. HR never wanted to deal with his concerns, at multiple factory jobs mind you, because they knew he'd never get hired on permanently because he wasn't undocumented, which meant he'd have to get paid more.

No. 471463

gross. are you the original "i want to fuck my nephew" anon we had a while back?

No. 471477

It's truly revolting how we treat them. I worked at a place that had an undocumented worker who had been there for 10 years and when the ICE shit started getting real, our bosses just straight up didn't pay him. Owed him 5k and when he made a fuss they basically said he should work out of gratitude they weren't reporting him to ICE.

Thankfully, another employee had video evidence he secretly took of one of the owners sexually harassing a waitress in the past, and threatened to expose it if they didn't give the guy his money, so it all worked out in the end. (It hadn't been exposed previously because the waitress didn't want to do anything with it unless it escalated, which luckily it didn't)

I've also read a lot of horror stories about female undcocumented workers being specifically targeted for sexual abuse because people know they will probably get away with it, since it's not like they can go to the cops.

No. 471486

>it's not the employers who take advantage of these workers, i-it's you guys!
Okay fruit loop.

Love the reshaping of this narrative to be about undocumented people now, cause that's not a total strawman, because you totally lost the argument about a legal citizen getting reported for cheating on taxes, which was actually the OP.

All you have left now is assuming your opponents buy shitty underripe grocery store fruit, fast fashion, and mass produced meats. Full circle.

No. 471495

You’re changing the story… OP simply said it was a person working under the table, one would naturally assume that this person does not have permission to work, so they could not pay taxes even if they wanted to. Can’t think of a reason why a documented, permitted person would work under the table as it is almost always guaranteed that you’ll make so little money you’ll be exempted from tax anyway. You already know you did a shitty bitch thing out of personal spite so idk why you’re even trying to save face.

No. 471497

>You're changing the story
No, you are.
>one would naturally assume that this person does not have permission to work
Why would one "naturally" assume this when plenty of documented people want to avoid paying taxes, and ones of those ways is to pick up odd and "under the table" jobs.
>you already know you did a shitty bitch thing out of personal spite
Lmao, I'm not OP so I didn't do anything. Looks like you're frustrated that more than one person thinks you're full of shit.

No. 471498

Onision didn't report his taxes properly because he was trying to avoid paying. We have sex work lolcows who've been in trouble for not reporting because they don't want to pay.
Only illegal immigrants have a motivation? Hardly. Gtfo.

No. 471510

I worked under the table years ago simply because it was the only job I could find in my area that I qualified for that paid over $10 an hour and gave me enough hours. I know plenty of other people who have done so for the exact same reason. I'm so fucking sick of people in this thread acting like all under the table workers are either undocumented or just taking these jobs to avoid taxes, like holy shit.

(Before anyone starts sperging about tax evasion to me, my state allows a large amount of under the table hours before you have to be official and this was a temporary gig… not that I knew that at the time nor cared, I still would have taken it anyway since I'm a fan of having the ability to eat)

No. 471511

> work in factories where majority of the workers were undocumented and he witnessed how poorly they treated him compared to the undocumented.

the only reason lefties want open borders and defend illegal inmigration so much. To exploit the cheap labor on companies owned by wealthy liberals. Of course the damage all those undocumented people cause to the economy, collapsing the public services, cheapening the labor market and not paying taxes is on the back of the local working class and ironically legal immigrants.


I bet you want to vote for Yang too , free thousand dollars maaan. the math checks out

No. 471512

… But if the boarders are open, it would be harder to exploit them since they wouldn't have to fear deportation for reporting abusive empliyers, so your argument is fucking retarded.

No. 471515

>think the military industrial complex is bad
>"you must be a Yang supporter!"
Imagine being this much of a troglodyte

No. 471526


you are using the same phallacy every leftie uses, yes the military gets subsidies and so do public schools, when a deficit comes knocking is not the military that will get cuts in funding. Your argument for why you want to use services for free but not pay anything is worthless, the same with wanting swarms of undocummented migrants to overcrowd those public servicesand the job market without paying for shit either. You and your peers are the only ones to loose, not the man, the man will be just fine you hippie cliche, the billions to Israel will keep on flowing while your lower middle class neighborhood turns into Little Guatemala.

No. 471529


You're a dumbass

No. 471535

I fucked my friend's ex-husband before their divorce was even final

No. 471541

No. 471547

File: 1570804478332.png (7.91 KB, 262x193, index.png)

No. 471549

nta, but that typo was far from being the dumbest thing about your post.

No. 471640

I get bored of romantic relationships extremely easily if there isn't a power imbalance in my favor. I suppose I just like being clinged to and needed emotionally by someone I love and care about, it feels more intense. With normal relationships it always seems like there's a certain kind of distance which makes it feel less intimate to me.

After moving in with my bf who begged me to, he stopped being eager to please. He's no longer clingy like when he was first infatuated with me, but rather overly comfortable and mellow now. All I can think how boring that is and how I'd rather be alone than be stuck in a relationship without passion. I love him but I don't think he could give me the kind of relationship I want. Maybe I should just opt out of relationships after this if things don't work out, although I will try to put in more work in this one and look at things from a different angle. I do like being alone too, in the end I don't think getting invested in people is too worth it unless things absolutely work out.

No. 471643

Freudian slip haha.

No. 471658

You sound narcissistic and empty inside when you can’t manipulate and use a partner. Definitely remain alone.

No. 471660

File: 1570838161681.jpg (201.68 KB, 1274x848, 25ieoofhg9t11.jpg)

No. 471661

I crave romantic relationships, yet just like you I always get a bit disappointed when I'm with someone long enough and they just don't try as hard as they used to. The energy dies. Things fall into routine.
It makes me feel so "bought" I guess.


No. 471666

File: 1570838947809.jpg (59.3 KB, 625x469, nancy-spungen-sid-vicious.jpg)


toxic codependent relationships might ruin you but they are never boring, i give you that.

No. 471685

I'm the original OP of the IRS report post.
The person whom I reported it, I felt like they deserved it. They were smug about not having to pay more taxes because they were PT levels of delusional. They would spend their money irresponsibly, and they were very racist. They looked down on undocumented immigrants and spoke badly of them. They were also an animal hoarder and with their income, supported the terrible addiction of owning many animals, even illegal animals and kept them as pets. Many animals in their area overpopulated and bred because they didn't spay/neuter the pets they had.

Yes, it was also due to a grudge but also because this person has done some really cruel things that have fucked up other people's lives including myself because they are a vain, selfish narcissistic person that only use people for their own benefit.

So it was my own way of revenge. Call it fucked up, but as a full-time worker who pay my taxes, pay my bills, and not abuse the system, I will report people who get paid under the table whether I have a grudge on them or not. Hating this person and having them be a shitty person made the process easier.

Like I also reported someone to the social security department for lying about their autism to get SSI income. I do not tolerate people who abuse the system like that.

No. 471691

And I don't support illegal immigration either. I just think it's very fucked up that they spoke in a way they seem superior for being an American working an under-the-table job when they were capable of working an on-the book job.

They were being smug and not wanted to pay taxes so they could buy more kawaii shit and be a parasite and a hoarder.

No. 471708

Well, what's the point of a relationship if the guy isn't completely devoted and isn't putting his all in for you? I just don't want a standard boring "comfy" relationship where both people turn into slobs around each other, I want to be in one where we always put in effort to woo each other. Otherwise, there's no point in being in a relationship.

Yeah, it's like they already have you so they don't need to try anymore. It feels like a complete waste of time when it gets to that point.

I don't like controlling and violent guys. I'd rather be single forever

No. 471710

You wouldn’t be capable of comprehending what healthy people get from relationships. Stay single forever.

No. 471715

same. but i also need my friendships to be like this. i have no personality and i've rather not people catch on too quickly.

No. 471744

I know this will sound creepy.I cyber stalk my best friends since almost two years ago.
It all started when I noticed they were getting distant and I didn’t know why. Turns out I found by other friends they were kind of sick of me because they thought I was annoying and clingy. Instead of telling me, they told other people and even on their twitter private accounts where they literally made fun of me.
Instead of getting pissed (because it hurt a LOT) what I did was to give them that distance (they immediately knew something has changed but couldn’t tell why) and made some fake profiles.
Since then, I watch every move, every day, every thing they say about others and me included without knowing it. They accepted me in their fake profiles and I even interact with me almost on a weekly basis.
I feel so bitter about it because now I think it’s living like a double life, the life I wish I had with them IRL and I have it online with a fake profile. I want to end the friendship with them. We meet IRL every week too but I know at least for me it’s not important anymore.
What they don’t know (and that’s why I’m posting it here), is that I’m doing this to end up our friendship basically letting everyone know how shitty their behaviour is. I opened my eyes and I can see now that they’re acting out for jealousy but the things they say are terrible and definitely not anything I would let some stranger (as “I am”) read.
They made me lose contact with everyone around me when I met them and I had to read for years how they laugh at the fact I’m so lonely someday I should kill myself. So basically I’m saving receipts to let everyone know how they truly are when they think nobody is watching, how their horrible behaviour makes them say things they don’t think at all.

No. 471748

Before anyone calls you out for being crazy I want to tell you that I understand your actions completely. Take vengeance on those cunts. However, leave it at that. Don't start stalking them for years on end after you've broken up your relationship with them, it'll fuck your mind up something bad. Just dump them out of your life after ruining them and move on.

No. 471751

I am having an online relationship with a married man who is 32 years older than me. We met on Fetlife because I'm degenerate.
We cam every week when his wife is out. We chat every day and send pictures.
I feel disgusting, but I also love him. He is the sweetest most caring man I've met.
Our relationship is only online, and it's quite sexual, but he is also just so smart, we have conversations and he helps my self-esteem and depression. I wish he'd leave his wife but couldn't live with being a homewrecker.
I try to tell myself I "respect" his wife, that he's a good man. But damn, it's so gross he's cheating on her. I'm gross for being the other woman.
It's been 4 months now, and I don't know what to do.

No. 471752

Don't play stupid, you know what to do. End the relationship.

He isn't the sweetest and most caring man if he cheats, simple as that. He's 32 years older, even if he were to leave her (which he won't) he'd trade you for someone younger in 5 years time. Anon, you know how men like this are. Be glad it's online - you can simply ghost him.

No. 471754

Thank you for your answer. That is exactly what I’m planning to do. I’m very stubborn when it comes to think about what is fair and what is not so that’s why their behaviour is pissing me off nonsense. After all those years I’m getting tired of having to read the same shit over and over again. At first it hurt because I had blind confidence on them and I couldn’t believe they were this way but after all I think my life would be better without them.

No. 471757

You're absolutely right. It's just that right now it makes me so happy. Urgh. But you are right anon, thank you.

No. 471769

What toxic cesspools. I rarely think people deserve to be straight up ghosted, but I honestly think that's the route you should go. Just completely ignore them and never speak to them again.

No. 471779

I used to have an art page, it was relatively popular and I made lots of artist friends.
There was a trend where accounts stealing art were popping up every where and no one stole my art, this made me angry because I thought my art was better than the stolen ones so I made my own art thief account and stolen my own art and a few other drawings from my friends so it doesn't look suspicious.
Then I made a post calling out my fake account and saying that they're an art thief, my followers and my friends followers attacked my other account and I stayed up all night that day fighting with them and fighting myself from my original account, at the end my account got deleted because it was mass reported.

No. 471783


I assume every artist that gets into internet drama is doing this. Just by default.

No. 471910

based anon
go get em tiger

No. 471950

If you remember DeviantArt, there was a somewhat big scandal in 2012 when someone posted a list of all of the popular artists who had faked their own art getting "stolen" so you're definitely not alone

No. 471956


And also all the teen devianartists that turned out to be actually 15 yr older than they claimed in the profile

No. 471958

Yeesh anon this sounds a little uh… unhealthy to me. Like maybe you needed to see a therapist. It seems to me like this happened a long time ago, so I hope you've gotten help or learned better since then.

Popularity on the internet, and the resultant theft, is not indicitive of quality. The internet values novelty and sex above all else. Network with industry professionals irl– they have a lot to teach, and getting compliments from them feels better than a thousand likes online.

I know it's hard, but also try not to attach attention online to your self-esteem. You shouldn't need to rely on other people for a sense of self-worth, especially to the point of faking being victimized.

No. 471959

it's teenage insecurity and trolling chill

No. 471961

Trolling yourself? Are you the anon I replied to?

I'm just trying to offer advice.

No. 472018

I cheat on my boyfriend. Our relationship has been messy for 4 years. I used to only cheat with blackout hookups when we were fighting, and he knew about those. But now I am shadier. This summer I had a coworker fuckbuddy. Now I have a side guy at college who thinks I’m single. My bfs dad is a legit billionaire which makes it hard to break up permanently bc there is always the what if and I miss the money and power that I get to experience being around his family. He also is super entitled and is rapid cycling bipolar so it’s just a shit show emotional roller coaster sometimes. He has had other crushes and may have cheated on me at points in our relationship. Idk why but I feel no guilt. I’m selfish. I don’t know what to do

No. 472020

Assuming this is real and not scrote bait you should just break up with your bf right now

and as someone who was cheated on fuck you

No. 472030

>I don't know what to do

Either stay in a miserable, unhappy relationship and sell yourself out for the possibility of money.
Or break up.

Seems straightforward to me.

No. 472047

Most relationships end after just one incidence of cheating, I mean why carry on after that? The relationship you're describing makes dying alone sound like a more pleasant choice

No. 472066

It sounds like you don't actually give a fuck about this guy past his money. You should break up with him, no amount of money is worth this kind of life long term. If you really do love him, then come clean about your degeneracy. I had to come clean about cheating before and it has actually strengthened our relationship. If you admit it to them, there's still some trust. If they find out themselves, all trust is obliterated forever.

No. 472098

I genuinely feel like Lolcow has made me better as a person. I’m less blindly empathetic, think more critically, I’m more careful of cow-ish/unstable tendencies, don’t lie because I realize how stupid you look when you get caught in a lie… I’m a bit too blunt at times now but I like it better than being a pussy.

No. 472134

I see alot of my past tendencies in cows on here, it's like taking a painful look at my cringey and over sensitive early-twenties

Now I'm less inclined to listen to constant 'uwu my mental health causes everything'

I'm sure alot of posters are in a similar situation. Easier to spot a liar or bullshitter when you've been there too

No. 472149

Lately, I have thoughts about being with a younger guy again. Definitely not someone in their teens though but maybe around 5 or 6 years younger. I've never been with a guy the same age or older than me although I've matched and went on first dates with them that never led anywhere. It's not that I deliberately targeted younger men in the past either but some of my interests and my attitude are perceived as "immature" in nature so maybe that's why. I feel like too much of a creep and too much embarrassment to swipe on guys in their early 20s though so I don't know if that will happen again.

No. 472289

lolcow has 1000% made me a better person. i used to get fucked over a lot. but now i can spot red flags from a mile away. better ability to trust those who are good, and know who isn't worth my time. i'm dumb, but i know how to not piss people off to a t, and understand why people would get upset about certain behaviors. you guys taught me how to do makeup, grew my style, made me a solid human being.

however, if any of my new friends knew i posted here…. they would disown me in an instant. keeping my reasons for being suddenly good at life a secret is hard.

No. 472296

I regularly have to stop think when I come across "C.S. Lewis" or "Louie C.K." in something I'm reading. I don't get it but I get them mixed up in my mind somehow.

No. 472297

One of my friends lurks lolcow but she doesn't know I know about it. I saw a post in the vent thread that I obviously knew it was her. So now I'm always wondering what else she may be posting about that she doesn't tell me personally. It's kind of amusing to think the next shitpost I read could be her

No. 472298

My husband is considered unattractive by many and I know he isnt considered handsome but I love him so much because he's faithful, intelligent, angelic, and a genuinely good person. I feel so physically attracted to him even as someone who is really interested in the physical beauty of myself and others (male and female) so I wonder if I'm not having cognitive dissonance lmao

No. 472303

Jealous. Wish I had friends, just even one, who lurks lolcow wth but mine are uwu’s who think ig memes are peak un-normiedom

No. 472305

tbh i wouldn't want my friends to also lurk lolcow. i feel like a large percentage of us are petty bitches

No. 472310

Imagine her telling you about some stupid post she read, and slowly realizing she's talking about something you posted.

No. 472317


boards here are slow too, so that would be a real possibility.

No. 472337

wow maybe its like youre in love or something lmao. stop doubting what you got if its legit and be glad you didnt bag a gross scummy asshole for a spouse.

No. 472340

I have friends who browse 4chan with me but I'd be kinda sketched out if they recognized I posted here. I don't think I post too awful things, but some of them are things that are kinda vent-y and personal to the point where I wouldn't want them knowing.
It's just nice to have an anonymous chan space to myself.

No. 472399

be glad of what you have anon, it's good

No. 472405

This. I'm honestly baffled by the "lolcow made me a better person" posts. How in denial about yourself do you have to be to actually believe that?

No. 472406

A lot of people consider my husband ugly too, but I think he's the most beautiful creature on Earth. I think personality genuinely does impact how attractive you find someone. I've known a few gorgeous men who became "meh" looking to me because their personalities were just so offputting.

No. 472412

>muted my friend on twitter
>… still go to her profile to see what stupid shit she's venting about to strangers on the internet
Why am I like this? No wait I know, I don't want to see idol spam everytime I open my dash.

No. 472420

Might sound mad but I'm in my thirties and in the last year I've learned alot about red flags in relationships and mostly from posters here and on Reddit

I would love to have known all this at least a decade ago

No. 472523

i´m obsessed with plucking my pubes with tweezers, I wish I was joking. its just so satisfying, I think I have a form of trich, only with plucking and the pubic situation

No. 472525


ive been doing that a lot lately and its probably gross but i actually like when i have ingrows it's so satisfying, but it rarely happens. I've stopped lately since i tried plucking hair that has barely emerged and kinda hurt the skin too much. but it's so satisfying

No. 472529

I do this too, anon. In my case I hate the hair, it feels uncomfortable for whatever reason and satisfying to pull out of my body.

No. 472541

that's a decently common form of trich. i've struggled with it since i was a preteen (pulling individual hairs out of certain spots on my scalp though) and i had an online acquaintance that pulled her eyebrows and eyelashes. it's a shitty impulse disorder to deal with.

No. 472640


feels really nice to not feel alone about this

No. 472718

I do something similar with my ingrown hairs, sometimes its really easy to get them out of your public area before they start to hurt

No. 472813

I logged into my facebook account that I have not used in over two years, it is full of posts about going vegan and animals being tortured.
[also one of the people i knew there became a full-on transgender when he was just a crossdresser]

No. 472830

Be careful not to start pulling other areas like your head or eyebrows. As another Anon said it's an impulse disorder. People that do it often have anxiety disorders or another underlying condition.

I've been pulling for twenty years and the one area I've never managed to leave alone is my eyelashes, I have basically no eyelashes at all times but I'm ok with that. I manage to leave my head hair alone so as long as you pull an area you don't care about it can at least feel more controlled. Still the underlying cause/anxiety needs addressing

No. 472928

File: 1571151666483.jpg (55 KB, 630x630, 1927482_1.jpg)

I use Tinder to get free sushi dates a couple nights a week. Last night it was sushi and a movie.
Don't even have to give fucc either.

Sometimes it's nice just to have conversation.

No. 472934

yep and unfortunately it's one of the hardest disorders to treat from a psychology standpoint (i've looked into it extensively). there are some online support groups if you are willing to seek them out. r/trichotillomania is pretty dead but there are some good resources and advice in the top all-time posts.

No. 473015

Do you ever run into a guy that wants to go halves on the bill?

I see guys online claiming they do that now cos 'if women want equality' blah blah

No. 473032

most of them think if they foot the bill they'll get laid

No. 473042

thanks for letting me know. I feel like its very controlled, only do it at night and very specific areas, but ill be more aware now if something changes

No. 473134

none of those anons but plucking my pubes excessively got me to stop pulling my hair and eyebrows out. not really solving the issue but it feels better than being a cue ball up top lol. i just really like it when the hair comes out with the bulb..

No. 473150

I bring a form of payment just in case. I haven't had it happen yet but if that shit gets pulled I'll suddenly think of an excuse to be shrewd and leave. Gotta train em somehow.

No. 473163

You're training them to be MGTOW.

No. 473164

not the same anon but i have severe trich that’s sort of controlled. i still pull but in smaller amounts. there are some spots on my head that are thin and I have a small gap in my eyelashes. my pubes are a mess tho. i prefer that over missing head hair/eyelashes/etc. mine is pretty severe tbh, i think I only still have hair in some areas because of genetics and making it manageable. having severe (albeit medicated and controlled) anxiety disorder doesn’t help. this helps me sometimes but if im having a bad urge, i’ll watch hair pulling videos on YT. they can be really soothing. there are lots of Japanese ones for some reason, I recommend those. i even pull my leg hair out and i eat the hair roots/bulbs too. there’s a “my strange addiction” on YT about a girl who does the same thing. it’s a few years old but it adequately describes the repetitive process and how soothing it is. idk if other anons do that but if u do, you’re not alone.

No. 473165

If they mgtow over one date they're weak af and will look for some other reason to mgtow anyway. There are women out there who get beaten and raped on dates and don't hate men.

NTA but I'm a girl who likes paying for myself only so I can avoid male entitlement over that at least and so if he does wanna talk shit it won't be about me using him for money. Most men I've met will literally beg to pay for dates. I also have a good paying job so when I offer to pay all together they get so hilariously offended. I guess they're afraid women will treat them how they treat women when they insist on paying for dates

No. 473167

hair pulling videos help? i've pulled for a long time but i couldn't actually watch it.
sometimes i go and look at pictures of people who have plucked themselves bald to try to scare myself straight but it only works for a little while.
mine is severely triggered by anxiety though.

No. 473168

I have something similar with biting my lips, I hate it but I don’t notice I’m doing it until it’s too late.

No. 473169

same anon - they help for me sometimes. mostly when i just want to see the bulb/root/damage and care less about feeling it pulled. for me the videos replace that urge, and can help with the sensory one. it doesn’t always work tho. identifying what you’re craving and how that helps alleviate whatever you’re feeling (for me it’s anxiety/disassociation) is important. I tend to want to feel the hair being pulled more when I’m disassociating or having a panic attack. that makes me pull more because im chasing that certain sensation. just wanting to see the root (etc) is more like just a satisfaction thing for me. if i were u, I’d try watching a video once and if that makes it worse, just never do it again. but if u can ID what you’re feeling at the time and what the pulling is trying to solve, that helps a lot too.

No. 473174

I'm obsessed with this girl I used to (still kind of so) hate since elementary school. She used to make fun of me and my friends. In high school, I finally stood up to her and made her cry. Fast forward to college where I found her personal tumblr and used to stalk it because she's post quite frequently about her problems (her bf cheated on her with her friend, she stole a different one of her friends bf, and general depression posts). She doesn't post on there much anymore, but does post on instagram and recently followed me. I didn't follow her back, but I use instastory.com to view her stories and posts. I don't know why I'm still doing this. I don't hate her (don't like her either) and her life isn't going particularly well. I'm not sure if I'm obsessed because of jealousy (over what I don't know) or because I want to befriend her. She has a secret insta account that I desperately want to follow (I know she'd accept my friend request), but I don't want to take it further than I already have because I feel like a crazy person!

tldr: I'm obsessed with my ex-bully's social media and check it daily even after years of getting out of school

No. 473176

If they're MGTOW they had that mentality way before they signed up on a dating app.

No. 473188

i think i'm just fucked because it's like a sensory thing for me feeling the hairs between my fingers and stuff. at least it's not as bad as it was a few years ago…

No. 473289

Pretty fucked up tbqh

No. 473290

Mgtow are spoiled little boys that miss undivided attention from their moms.

No. 473292

Where I'm from that's really normal… It does suck if you're poor though

No. 473353

File: 1571219766682.png (23.3 KB, 150x150, tumblr_p9oj8zqx601wrrqbro3_250…)

I'm engaged to a guy I've only known a week.

No. 473354

No. 473355

Enjoy the divorce in under a year.

No. 473360

We both want the same things, have similar upbringings. He's a no bullshit kind of guy. He wants to pay for my degree so I have some level of equality and independence, and then make me a housewife after some income. We both want kids.
We're getting married in a year, if we're still together then.

No. 473361

you must know that's bound to end badly right?

No. 473362

I already want to commit sudoku, so this is an upgrade.

No. 473363

Careful he doesn't hold paying for your degree over your head to try and control you down the line.

No. 473364

>some level of equality and independence
>make me a housewife

you can't have both simultaneously. Be very careful if you decide to go through with this anon, one year is not enough to really know someone, especially if you haven't lived together. Don't settle just because you're desperate.

No. 473366

I’m sure you can know that for sure after a week lmao. The naivety of some people!

No. 473373

I've brought up all of your concerns to him prior. I had the same thoughts running through my head. One year is a short period of time to know someone, I'm well aware, but I do know how to handle myself if things ever got bad. Frankly, I think he's very genuine, and likely on the spectrum. Of course what I feel isn't fact, but there isn't much to lose on my part. Abuse is heavily ruled out my the fact he's made all of his work public to me, and his livelihood actually depends on his home behavior, because it's investigated. He' not a low quality dude to put it lightly.

No. 473374

But still, why not wait a little? Why marry now/in a couple of months? Why not move in together first? Wait at least another year?

No. 473377

Trusting a literal stranger and saying you’re so in love you will marry them. 90 day fiancé contestants have stronger bonds

No. 473386

>brought up my concerns
>with said guy i don't even know
>he's not a low quality dude
>agreed to get engaged after a week
>likely an aspie

are you sure you're not a fucking aspie, anon?

No. 473390

Didn’t think it got stupider than ldr but here it is. Raw, unprocessed retard.

No. 473395

File: 1571228395092.jpg (70.17 KB, 400x532, Man-as-Object.jpg)

i like to emasculate my boyfriends and make them beat themselves when they cross out of line with me (usually when they're acting like worthless boyfriends) because i hate men
it's honestly just funny to me seeing a normal guy do everything i say, slowly breaking them into a freak who loves being humiliated and used by women exclusively
i'm pretty sure this is a fetish for some women wanting to dom guys? i guess? either way ive converted several guys from all walks of life into being submissive and i don't really feel ashamed of leaving them like that because i'm sure there's some woman out there wishing she could do the same. my current boyfriend has a bubble butt and is so thin, he was asking for this to happen. i just keep getting lucky with beautifully blessed men because my ex was muscular and hung lmao it's like god wants me to live my deviant best

No. 473403

bad larp scrote

No. 473404

Please keep us updated, I want to know how this disaster pans out.

No. 473405

Anon you'll look back and laugh (or cry) at this stupidity some day, not even being mean. I married too young and too quick

What ages are you two?

No. 473406

>pay for my degree so I can be ~independent~
>then make me a housewife

You know this is exactly what Onision did to his wife, right?

No. 473407

Any man that talks marriage after a week is dodgy as fuck

No. 473417

>engaged after 5 days
>marrying in a year
>paying for your education
>making you a housewife

he's trapping you. I guess you don't know how to handle yourself because otherwise you'd see right through this.

No. 473434


Yo I've been through this and IT DID NOT END WELL.

Did he smother you with flattery? You're the most beautiful girl he's ever met? Love at first sight? He felt a connection as soon as you met and feels that it's "meant to be"? Giving you lots of gifts and calling you constantly?

If so, he's love bombing you to trap you. He is playing a game with you because you're dumb and now you've agreed to marry him, the fun is over and he's probably love bombing other girls to test how alluring he is for his own narcissistic boost.

BE CAREFUL, if anything sounds like what I've described he is not who you think he is.

No. 473443

Before you get engaged it makes sense to know a person a while, meet their family members and friends, hear about past relationships and how civil (or not) the break ups were. Holiday together and see how you get along, live together and see how you get along. Read up on what a healthy relationship is and what the red flags are for abuse. He's either locking you down to abuse you or he is unhinged to be planning all that so soon

Get back in touch with reality anon and make sure to take your birth control

No. 473444

Submissive men are still as shitty as the rest, took me a while to take off those rose tinted glasses

No. 473446

it sounds more like anon is trying to take advantage of him, especially if she thinks he's an autist. sounds like a mira situation here.

No. 473447

You could be right, we're all concerned about him being an abuser but even the most romantic minded woman on earth should have the sense to say no to an engagement a week in

No. 473493

I do the same shit except for entirely sexual reasons, I call it a "consensually abusive relationship"

note to >>473353 we got married within 4 months of dating lul

No. 473507

No. 473598

i am extremely ashamed of my self harm scars and i don't know how to.. accept them? i have three scars on my inner wrist (which is a cliche i know) they aren't even that big, but you can clearly see they are cutting scars.

i haven't worn a t-shirt in 7 years because of this, but plan to get a tattoo to cover them up next year. i know they'll always be there, but hope they won't be as visible or triggering to look at.

i don't know why i am so ashamed though. i know self harm isn't uncommon and i have never judged others for having self harm scars. these dumb ass scars are the main reasons for me avoiding romantic relationships.. idk i feel like if i were to date a guy i would be tricking him somehow, it's like the scars are a manifestation of how fucked up i am (or i used to be)? idk! i'm so annoyed at myself for this.

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