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File: 1570558444319.jpg (76.29 KB, 770x960, ZTASHec.jpg)

No. 470621

Confess your sins, farmers.

No. 470630

I'm getting an art degree and I hate myself

No. 470635

what would compel you guys to do that? i notice there are a lot of art degree people on lolcow. does it really make a difference? is there really a world of burgeoning art where a degree is actually required? i could understand if tuition was normal, but art school is mega expensive

No. 470643

nta and this might be easy for me to say because I live in a country where tuition is more or less fixed for all majors including art school and won't put students in a unreasonable debt. But art school is most definitely a fantastic way to explore and learn art: you get a large amount of resources, supplies, time, workspace, equipment and support to explore and experiment with art (mediums). Not to mention how incredibly inspiring it must be to be in a small community of like-minded people. Unless you happen to be very rich, but the average person realistically doesn't have the funds and/or time to do this besides having a non-art related job or major to sustain themselves.

I very seriously considered studying fine arts; built a portfolio, even got half-way through a strict selection for a prestigious art school in my country, before deciding not to go through with it. They where very clear that "you do this because you love art, not because you're likely to get a job/paid work as an artist" and they're right. I dont regret my decision but I still marvel at how fantastic it would've been to have access to all those resources, equipment and workspaces at art school to explore and experiment with things I don't really have access to now.

half of this is blogposting forgive me

No. 470659

File: 1570564670641.jpg (156.82 KB, 813x1185, 84ae6bcddc383090f20b2a41219ba9…)

I was the second anon who talked about their cringe twitch. My confession is that my curse word twitch is thw n-word, hard r, so multiple times I've almost said the n word in front of my family, friends, and boss. I catch my self by the first vowel, but one day I know Im going to fuck it up. I'm black if that changes anything

No. 470664


No. 470677

I'm just a eurofag, but doesn't that kinda change things? I mean, it's still unprofessional, but it does soften the blow. Or I might just be wrong.

No. 470791

>does it really make a difference?
NTA and Amerifag- no, art degrees are meaningless pieces of paper. Almost any art job judges based on your portfolio and doesn't care about your degree. Animation is pretty much the only category where art school progresses you. Everyone I know who got an art degree regrets it or is in denial about their situation.

No. 470794

I had this problem, almost slipped infront of a customer. The only way to prevent it is to stop using it altogether.

It's less looked down upon if you're black, but still strongly disapproved of, especially among other black people. Using that word is typically seen as very ghetto and trashy. Saying it innfront of your boss would get you in A LOT of trouble, possibly even fired depending how professional the setting.

No. 470810

I wish I wasn't raised religously. I don't believe a god exists but I still get scared because "What if hell DOES exists, I'll end up there and get punished even worse because I was raised religously so 'I should've known'"

No. 470822

i'm really into guys with really red hair (as long as it's natural).

No. 470839

File: 1570620796141.png (368.25 KB, 1024x487, proxy-4 (1).png)

But we'd all be in the same boat. I was raised non-religious though my mom is protestant. Didn't even get that water stuff thing done… But I do know of "God", Jesus and what not. If I were to die, I would still got to hell for not knowing better. Only those very last tribes somewhere in the amazon are safe kek

Even then, I am a spiteful edgelord. That motherfucker let millions of his own "chosen people" die in the holocaust. Idk, he still lets this shit happen every day. I think I'd rather burn in hell, as edgy as it is. He doesn't deserve my worship.

No. 470845

There are many staunch fedoras in the world, so read any of their rantings. Anyone on r/atheist can poke holes in biblical texts, so I know you sane anons will get over this last mental hurdle. There are also some pretty good atheist YouTube channels out there, only of my favorites being darkmatter2525 even though he's a very cringe person.

No. 470848

>Anyone on r/atheist

That just makes it worse, seeing those people makes want to get into religion. Activist atheists are unbearable, they are more annoying and obnoxious than evangelists.

No. 470851

We have a pretty good anti-religion thread on here that many of us find cathartic. I strongly prefer it to athiest corners of the internet because it's mostly functions as a support group and place to vent, as opposed to a pseudointellectual echo chamber like r/athiest. It even says right in the OP it's not meant to be an athiest circle jerk.


No. 470860

People think I want to adopt older kids for all these noble reasons, but really it's because I want my child to be aryan so randos think it's biologically my husband's to avoid invasive questions. It is infinitely easier to adopt an aryan child without disabilities from foster care than to get one as an infant. I also have conceeded that I couldn't help but love the child more if it looked like my husband.

No. 470874

I'm not scared because I believe god doesn't exist. The whole idea is clearly man-made and absurd, especially the monotheistic one.

No. 470878

File: 1570633193851.jpg (18.65 KB, 500x300, 2abbf4addd2a3691936362aa44b05a…)


In this moment i am euphoric

No. 470881

of course the monotheistic one. let me guess ghosts possibly exist but since you grew up in a monotheistic religious society it just can't possibly be possible

omg so deep

No. 470887

My guilty pleasure is dipping Cheetos in spicy cheese dip.

No. 470935


No. 470945


ghosts don't exist, only superstitious yokels believe in ghosts, only djinns and egregors are real.

No. 470957

this is pathetic but I think I need to install an app that blocks access to internet and social media apps without being able to remove it because I'm not getting any of my studying done.

No. 470958

I am a clean person with good hygiene and I constantly have skid marks.

No. 470968

Get a bidet.

No. 470976

eat fibre your your stool has a normal texture

No. 470997

A while ago I was watching mister metokurs video (I know he’s a dumbass) about the sadistic furries that were killing animals and fucking puppies and shit and I accidentally Bluetooth casted it to my neighbors TV and I don’t know which neighbor it was but whoever it was knows that it came from my phone bc it says “anon’s iPhone” or whatever and now I live in shame. I just was interested in the story of those sick animal abusing furries and now one of my neighbors probably thinks I’m a total fucking weirdo

No. 471007

fuck, rip to your neighbour/reputation lmao! Imagine being some 40 year old normie and having that shit come onto your tv, thanks for the laugh, anon!

No. 471008

File: 1570667170380.jpeg (168.43 KB, 502x350, C1331E24-EF71-4707-8896-45DB08…)

>good hygiene
Are you too fat to wipe your ass right? Do you have a leaky asshole, that’s a medical condition

No. 471013


>clean person with good hygiene

>constantly has shitty ass

Hate to break it to you anon, but your hygiene is imaginary if you don’t know how to wipe yourself properly.

No. 471028

use wet toliet paper, spread the ass cheeks and put the wet toilet paper in the butt. or just a bidet

No. 471035

Do you check every time you wipe? You gotta do that anon

No. 471036

Do you have hemorrhoids? Sometimes a flare up can cause that.

No. 471037

get wet wipes or something anon

No. 471048

when i was 15 i got groomed by some weirdo i met on /x/ back in 2009-10 and i didn't realize that was what happened until pretty recently and i feel like an absolute idiot. i don't really feel traumatized, but i wish i knew who he fucking was, and i wish i had been smarter. i heard about someone from unichan with the same (pretty uncommon) name that i thought could be him, but i was never able to find out. idk, it's not like it haunts me but it definitely doesn't make me feel good. i've never told anyone before though because it's a pretty fucked up weird sad neet thing y'know?

No. 471071

I reported someone for tax evasion for working an under-the-table job and it makes me smirk in satisfaction knowing they got fired.

Get wrecked, you toxic two-faced bitch. Pay your taxes.

No. 471087

I keep getting constipated and work in an office and sometimes I can smell shit coming out my ass so I have to stuff toilet paper up my ass. Can’t wait to start having normal shits again cause I can’t live like this

No. 471112

Is there a better word for "white, blue-eyed, and blonde" that I'm not aware of?

No. 471132

lol just say you want the adopted child to look like your husband. no one gives two hoots about what your husband looks like.

No. 471142

someone's pissed at someone else using a word that's not in their vocabulary lmao

No. 471143

File: 1570715185973.jpg (46.8 KB, 500x327, ebd90489b3bd03e6d9c900e6ed3f9f…)

>reporting someone for tax evasion for working an under the table job
You're a piece of shit.

No. 471145

You are also a two-faced bitch, congratulations.

No. 471146

Wow, you really are a bad person. I pity the child that ends up under your care.

No. 471147

I actually think antivaxxers are a good thing because they can help to stop the human over-population on earth and improve natural selection for the species.

"Arian" sounds like a word only an alt-righter would say though.

No. 471151

>its a bad thing to report tax evasion

Ah, a libertarian, i see.

No. 471156

File: 1570717331673.jpg (63.37 KB, 735x1103, How-to-make-homemade-nut-milk-…)

I mix cashew milk and regular low fat milk together & pretend it's coffee at work because I'm addicted to drinking milk.

No. 471158

Right, because the excessive military budget losing out on some under the table employee's meager tax contribution is totally worth costing someone their job over.

No. 471160

This mentality is fucking retarded and draconian. Retarded parents=\=retarded kids. Kids shouldn't have to suffer for their parent's idiocy.

No. 471165


>i just want to take from the system, but not put in like everyone around me, they have to pay for me.

the military is not loosing anything in any case either, deficits means Lisa won't get braces.

No. 471167

What's so terrible about not wanting to deal with insensitive invasive comments and questions from randos? I know a lot of people who have interracially adopted and literally all of them deal with this shit regularly. It's great there are people willing to put up with this shit, but since I have other options I'd rather not.

No. 471168

I really wish you had the self-awareness to know how stupid you sound.

No. 471177

my boyfriend sometimes says shit that's inappropriate when joking around(faggot, racial slurs, etc) and I don't care. It makes me super ashamed because I used to be really PC about that kind of stuff but, as I've gotten older, it's whatever to me. It's really hypocritical of me as well because I told him he's not allowed to say nigger even though it wouldn't bother me, it's more that it's been ingrained in me never to allow friends/partners to say that around me.

He never says this kind of shit in public and it's not often but if anyone found out he joked around like that, they'd freak out.

No. 471183

>>471177 gross anon, you just let yourself go like that.

No. 471184

File: 1570719537369.jpg (58.06 KB, 715x402, edixjf9183.jpg)


The Ministry of Newspeak is not pleased, Your social credits are now in the negative numbers and the speech police is coming over.

No. 471186

have you ever tried the pomodoro technique? I used it when I was studying and it helped me. you can do 25 mins studying, 5 mins break and so on. it helps combat burnout and afterwards you can check your socials

No. 471189

you shouldn't feel like an idiot. you were 15, you weren't to blame. I hope you can find him and confront him tbh. it might help give you some closure?

No. 471190

Unless he happens to have that personality where he makes fun of everything and anything and he doesn't hold any harsh feelings I doubt it. He probably looks as I expect him too as well

No. 471205

This. I've noticed with slurs, I pay more attention to who is using them and the context than just the word alone.
Racists, homophobes and sexists often tell on themselves in all sorts of small ways they're too stupid to conceal (and that's why when they use it and get social repercussions, they cry about how their free speech is being snatched away - there's a reason some people get away with saying it and you don't), but when they actually use slurs, they basically do everyone else's job and fully expose themselves.
Use of slurs cuts right to the chase and remove all doubt. That's why I still kind of support their stigmatization, even though I don't really take offense.
The guy who listens to rap music and has a twisted sense of humor/bluntness about everything, including his own demographic? Whatever. Might be kind of shady, but usually nothing.
The guy who already has a weird, negative fixation on people who aren't like him, has strong political opinions, has already made tons of sideways or "suspicious" comments, and is particularly passionate about how his demographic should be able to call other people slurs as if it's integral to his very identity, on the other hand? Lmao. They're not the same, no matter how much Guy B insists he's actually Guy A. We can all tell.

No. 471214

nta but if they didn't want to risk losing their job they shouldn't have avoided paying taxes in the first place. Getting fired is the consequence of their own action.

No. 471225

Can relate, my husband is the same way. He’s not a hateful person, just listens to edgy music and has a friend group that’s constantly trying to one-up each other on shock humor. He’s been like this as long as I’ve known him but he’s very conscious about saying that kind of shit around me because I don’t like it at all. We’ve had a few discussions about it and his position is it doesn’t matter if there’s no meaning behind it. He doesn’t use 4chan, has only ever said the slurs in discord with his dumbass friends, would never say them publicly because he has a very socialable and friendly personality. He’s got a wide range of friends irl that would probably be irked if they knew but I truly don’t believe he’s a malicious person, even when he says things that would make someone ree over Twitter.

No. 471245

When people work under the table, it's because the employers want them to instead of putting them on the books, you fucking moron. They fired that person to cover their own ass. Stop pretending there's anything noble about costing someone their job because they worked under the table. It's disgusting.

No. 471258

File: 1570726012091.jpg (6.69 KB, 262x192, liber.jpg)


i have the tingling sensation certain anon is not paying her taxes either

No. 471266

no one's forcing them to avoid paying taxes you fucking moron.

No. 471278

Weak attempt at a "gotcha", sweetheart. I just have this thing called a conscience. Get a therapist and maybe they can help you get one too.

A lot of people work under the table jobs because they can't find official ones, so actually you can't say difinitively that they aren't being forced to. However, no one is forcing you to cost someone their livelihood and pat yourself on the back for it.

That's my last post on the subject, I don't wanna clog up the thread anymore. If you wanna delude yourself into thinking what you did was morally justifiable, you have fun with that, hopefully karma will bite you in the ass eventually.

No. 471283

I'm not even that anon who reported them nor do I believe it was a noble thing to do but they were most definitely in the right by reporting it. Ultimately tax avoiding is illegal. "I can't find a tax paying job" is a lame excuse and doesn't justify it.

No. 471299

He really doesn't have any ill will towards anyone else and he definitely makes fun of everything/himself included. He's only half-white himself(which I know doesn't matter, just more context) and he's never been hateful to anyone.

I guess it's more that he doesn't censor himself around me where most people would never say certain words, no matter what the context.

No. 471316

File: 1570739999474.jpg (21.36 KB, 640x352, D2huTV0U0AA4T2r.jpg)

>"I can't find a tax paying job" is a lame excuse and doesn't justify it.
… So, they should just sacrifice any possible income and starve/be homeless because their precious paultry tax contributions are worth more than their lives to you… Okay…

No. 471322

Taxation is theft.

No. 471323

I'm confused about this tax evasion argument, isn't it obvious anon reported this person over a personal grudge rather than any particular concern for paying taxes? It just sounded like a convenient avenue for petty revenge, in which case the real question is what did that person do to deserve it?

No. 471324

I didn’t prove his point. I know you think you sound intellectual and all that but frankly you sound like a disgruntled employee that didn’t get moved up to fries. If you really feel like everyone should make the same pay, go start a business, pay all your taxes, pay every employee about $50,000 a year, and supply them with healthcare. It’ll take about 6 months before you either raise prices or go out of business

No. 471325

I agree as well.
Taxation sucks but I get mine every damn paycheck and I am NOT well off yet I'm just above poverty to pay the shit.
No one cares about my situation. Why's some random special?

No. 471328

i cry over death note at least once a week because that anime ruined me (in a good way) ever since i made the mistake of watching it a few years ago. even hearing the op/ed or seeing a scene for a split second makes my nose burn and eyes wet and my entire collection in my room isn't helping me at all but oh well

inb4 anyone points this out, yes i know this sounds so incredibly retarded but it be like that sometimes

No. 471329

You're constipated, but you have shit leaking out of your ass? And your solution is to stuff toilet paper up your asshole? Sorry but wtf

No. 471331

It's not about them being ~special~ it's about not intentionally brutally fucking over under the table employees because you can. Y'all are acting like these people are only working these jobs just to get out of paying taxes, when in reality it's the employers who choose whether or not they go on the books and these people are just trying to get by like everyone else. Yet here you guys are, justifying hurting people in such a severe way over ~muh taxes~ because for some reason it triggers you so much that these people aren't paying an almost certainly inconsequential amount (the vast majority of under the table work is very low paying) in taxes. It's gross.

Also, under the table is worse than being on the books because it makes you much more vulnerable to being taken advantage of and you get no benefits at all, including workers comp if you get hurt. Stop acting like they have it ~so much better~ than you and need to be knocled down a peg. I am genuinely disgusted by how shamelessly heartless you guys are being over something that has no fucking impact on you.

No. 471333

I don't cry but I get chills when I listen to the soundtrack. I can be snobby about anime but DN is one of the few super popular series that totally deserves the love, it's just such a great ride.

No. 471334

why not make choccy milk

No. 471335

I feel like if they did something severe enough to warrant it, anon would have actually said what it is by now. They probably just complained about anon behind her back, most likely for legit reasons since anon is clearly a vicious cunt.

No. 471338

I'm assuming you quoted the wrong post because that makes zero sense?

No. 471340

It won't suffer because it will be dead.
Also, the argument is not anthropocentric, so it doesn't take human feelings into account, just what would be best for most of the species in the planet.

No. 471342

How many tax avoiders are truly unable to pay taxes for xyz reason? Most certaintly few, most are using it as a lame excuse to justify avoiding paying taxes. Let me put it this way: if you can pay taxes you should, and most tax avoiders can. (this includes rich ass people avoiding to pay their taxes

Taxation allows you to live in a country with moderate to high living standards. Taxation helps the government to ensure your (relative) safety and provides you with resources that allows you to live in freedom and develop as a person. Without tax you'd probably not even have roads to drive your car on to work or school.

Call tax theft all you want, and yes paying tax sucks, but it's a neccesity.

No. 471343

>brutally fucking over under the table employees because you can
The government "brutally fucks" me just because it can, and yes, you're saying someone else is special and don't deserve the "brutal fucking."
Meanwhile, their special asses reap ALL the benefits that someone else getting brutally fucked pays up for.
You're supposed to report income period, "my employer didn't help me" isn't a valid excuse.
>under the table is worse than being on the books because it makes you much more vulnerable to being taken advantage of and you get no benefits at all, including workers comp if you get hurt
Almost like that's a huge personal risk and you ought not go that route, but wait, motivations like not paying taxes add up so much that people feel incentivized to do it. Because paying taxes fucking sucks.
>you're all shamelessly heartless for not respecting these special lambs!
Pay. your. taxes.

No. 471352

>Almost like that's a huge personal risk and you ought not go that route, but wait, motivations like not paying taxes add up so much that people feel incentivized to do it. Because paying taxes fucking sucks.
Or maybe they're incentivized by this little thing called survival? Like literally everyone else who works a shitty job?

How the fuck does them losing their jobs benefit you or the rest of society in any way? All it does is severely hurt them. Here's a crazy concept… you can be rightfully annoyed about under the table workers not paying taxes… without actively causing them to lose their job. I know the idea of not being as harsh and brutal as possible toward other humans is lost on a lot of people on this site, but it's really not that hard.

No. 471355

Unless they're a felon or a person without legal status, why would anyone have trouble finding a job that's not under the table?
How is saying they ought to pay taxes suddenly the same as taking away their jobs?
How is saying that they ought to pay their fair share brutality?

Tumblr please leave.

No. 471360

>How is saying they ought to pay taxes suddenly the same as taking away their jobs?
… Anon, this entire argument was started because someone said they reported an under the table worker for tax evasion and caused them to lose their job, which they were very happy about. The argument is not about whether or not people should pay taxes (I agree that they should) it's about whether or not it's morally justifiable to actively get under the table employee's jobs taken away.

>Unless they're a felon or a person without legal status, why would anyone have trouble finding a job that's not under the table?

Finding a job in many parts of the US is ridiculously difficult. This is not news.

No. 471363

>caused them to lose their job
Because they did something illegal, which is why they lost their job.
You think everyone self-employed, under contract, working non-traditionally, or just accepting donations don't report their incomes? You're supposed to report everything.
>not it's morally justifiable to actively get under the table employee's jobs taken away
Seems like the employer's choice, not because of anon's report. Weren't you just saying stuff about employers who take advantage of this?
If you think someone should pay taxes, then reporting was still the right thing to do.
What about losing their under the table job prevents them from seeking actual employment?
>Finding a job in many parts of the US is ridiculously difficult.
Finding a job one wants is difficult. Getting a job anyplace is nothing.

No. 471369

>Seems like the employer's choice, not because of anon's report. Weren't you just saying stuff about employers who take advantage of this?
Yeah, because employers get in trouble for having off the books emoloyees, so they had to fire them to cover their ass due to anon's report.
>Finding a job one wants is difficult. Getting a job anyplace is nothing.
This is simply not true and really showcases an impressive amount of ignorance.

Look, we're gonna have to just agree to disagree and call it a day. You guys think people who work under the table should be reported and lose their jobs, and I think people who think this way are needlessly harsh pieces of shit. We've been arguing about this literally for hours and there's really no point in continuing, so I'm out.

No. 471371

?so they had to fire them to cover their ass due to anon's report
Sounds like you're more pissed at employers who game the system than citizens who are rightfully angry that people avoid taxes and do their duty to report it when they see it.

Anyway, something something brutality, something something too harsh.
Sorry it struck a nerve.

No. 471372

File: 1570748772428.jpg (817.12 KB, 1536x2048, 1570711379416.jpg)

Taylor's chonky noodle is a cute.

No. 471376

This toxic cesspool makes my mental health even worse, but I also need the outlet for my own toxicity. There is no winning.

No. 471378

>You guys think people who work under the table should be reported and lose their jobs

It it is an illegal the report needs to go to ICE too.

No. 471381

I was groomed too by someone who was meant to be my mentor. It was all online, but I got harassed (stalked me/contacted me on other accounts to tell me to stay away from him) by his partner who was twice my age and had several kids with him. Was fucked up because I was like 15/16 and he (27 or w/e) apparently was a prolific cheater. I really hope she and her kids got away from him, 'cause that situation was really bad.

I don't feel traumatised either because I didn't do anything like send nudes or w/e, but it makes me feel uncomfortable and guilty when I do remember.

No. 471386

File: 1570750900100.gif (4.56 MB, 270x480, DE490709-3777-49AF-852E-680508…)

No. 471398

People who work under the table are usually undocumented, not necessarily because they are illegal aliens, some people dead ass can not afford documents proving they exist. I’ve found most cases I know to be foreign students who need to eat and survive. They have to support themselves because not everyone is some mainland Chinese heiress. On top of paying outrageous non-resident tuition, going to uni full time, they have to work in shoddy places for peanuts with no one to protect them if they get abused. And then there are anons who are blissfully ignorant of the grays of society. I truly hope the person she reported deserved it.

No. 471414

And if the taxes in your country are high, but the living standards are so shit that you don't even have good roads and the hospitals are dismal? What then? Keep paying taxes, watch those in charge pocket the money and hope they change their mind?

No. 471417

In the US our taxes mostly go to our overfunded corrupt military. The fact there's people so blindly sheepish they consider it one's "duty" to report under the table workers for not paying ~their share~ to our military industrial complex is astounding to me. Gotta pinch every penny to make more drones and nukes, I guess.

No. 471421

I had sex with my nephew 3 couple weeks ago,I don't know If I regret it or not(Most likely bait )

No. 471423

…….. Please tell me he's at least legal

No. 471425

he's 19 and I'm 36

No. 471428

I hope you know the majority of the people picking the fruit you eat are also paid under the table, and paid shit wages. So are the people getting their limbs cut in meat factories owned by corporations like Mc Donalds. Same for the women making shit clothes in sweatshops.

If anything, Americans take advantage of undocumented workers.

No. 471460

I'm American and people love taking advantage of undocumented immigrants. They only see them for the work they do.
My boyfriend used to work in factories where majority of the workers were undocumented and he witnessed how poorly they treated him compared to the undocumented. Lots of things put him at risk for losing his job, mostly suggesting things he wanted to make the work environment safer. One issue was for a machine that ripped out a previous employee's limb, thankfully he never witnessed that but a coworker once brought it up. HR never wanted to deal with his concerns, at multiple factory jobs mind you, because they knew he'd never get hired on permanently because he wasn't undocumented, which meant he'd have to get paid more.

No. 471463

gross. are you the original "i want to fuck my nephew" anon we had a while back?

No. 471477

It's truly revolting how we treat them. I worked at a place that had an undocumented worker who had been there for 10 years and when the ICE shit started getting real, our bosses just straight up didn't pay him. Owed him 5k and when he made a fuss they basically said he should work out of gratitude they weren't reporting him to ICE.

Thankfully, another employee had video evidence he secretly took of one of the owners sexually harassing a waitress in the past, and threatened to expose it if they didn't give the guy his money, so it all worked out in the end. (It hadn't been exposed previously because the waitress didn't want to do anything with it unless it escalated, which luckily it didn't)

I've also read a lot of horror stories about female undcocumented workers being specifically targeted for sexual abuse because people know they will probably get away with it, since it's not like they can go to the cops.

No. 471486

>it's not the employers who take advantage of these workers, i-it's you guys!
Okay fruit loop.

Love the reshaping of this narrative to be about undocumented people now, cause that's not a total strawman, because you totally lost the argument about a legal citizen getting reported for cheating on taxes, which was actually the OP.

All you have left now is assuming your opponents buy shitty underripe grocery store fruit, fast fashion, and mass produced meats. Full circle.

No. 471495

You’re changing the story… OP simply said it was a person working under the table, one would naturally assume that this person does not have permission to work, so they could not pay taxes even if they wanted to. Can’t think of a reason why a documented, permitted person would work under the table as it is almost always guaranteed that you’ll make so little money you’ll be exempted from tax anyway. You already know you did a shitty bitch thing out of personal spite so idk why you’re even trying to save face.

No. 471497

>You're changing the story
No, you are.
>one would naturally assume that this person does not have permission to work
Why would one "naturally" assume this when plenty of documented people want to avoid paying taxes, and ones of those ways is to pick up odd and "under the table" jobs.
>you already know you did a shitty bitch thing out of personal spite
Lmao, I'm not OP so I didn't do anything. Looks like you're frustrated that more than one person thinks you're full of shit.

No. 471498

Onision didn't report his taxes properly because he was trying to avoid paying. We have sex work lolcows who've been in trouble for not reporting because they don't want to pay.
Only illegal immigrants have a motivation? Hardly. Gtfo.

No. 471510

I worked under the table years ago simply because it was the only job I could find in my area that I qualified for that paid over $10 an hour and gave me enough hours. I know plenty of other people who have done so for the exact same reason. I'm so fucking sick of people in this thread acting like all under the table workers are either undocumented or just taking these jobs to avoid taxes, like holy shit.

(Before anyone starts sperging about tax evasion to me, my state allows a large amount of under the table hours before you have to be official and this was a temporary gig… not that I knew that at the time nor cared, I still would have taken it anyway since I'm a fan of having the ability to eat)

No. 471511

> work in factories where majority of the workers were undocumented and he witnessed how poorly they treated him compared to the undocumented.

the only reason lefties want open borders and defend illegal inmigration so much. To exploit the cheap labor on companies owned by wealthy liberals. Of course the damage all those undocumented people cause to the economy, collapsing the public services, cheapening the labor market and not paying taxes is on the back of the local working class and ironically legal immigrants.


I bet you want to vote for Yang too , free thousand dollars maaan. the math checks out

No. 471512

… But if the boarders are open, it would be harder to exploit them since they wouldn't have to fear deportation for reporting abusive empliyers, so your argument is fucking retarded.

No. 471515

>think the military industrial complex is bad
>"you must be a Yang supporter!"
Imagine being this much of a troglodyte

No. 471526


you are using the same phallacy every leftie uses, yes the military gets subsidies and so do public schools, when a deficit comes knocking is not the military that will get cuts in funding. Your argument for why you want to use services for free but not pay anything is worthless, the same with wanting swarms of undocummented migrants to overcrowd those public servicesand the job market without paying for shit either. You and your peers are the only ones to loose, not the man, the man will be just fine you hippie cliche, the billions to Israel will keep on flowing while your lower middle class neighborhood turns into Little Guatemala.

No. 471529


You're a dumbass

No. 471535

I fucked my friend's ex-husband before their divorce was even final

No. 471541

No. 471547

File: 1570804478332.png (7.91 KB, 262x193, index.png)

No. 471549

nta, but that typo was far from being the dumbest thing about your post.

No. 471640

I get bored of romantic relationships extremely easily if there isn't a power imbalance in my favor. I suppose I just like being clinged to and needed emotionally by someone I love and care about, it feels more intense. With normal relationships it always seems like there's a certain kind of distance which makes it feel less intimate to me.

After moving in with my bf who begged me to, he stopped being eager to please. He's no longer clingy like when he was first infatuated with me, but rather overly comfortable and mellow now. All I can think how boring that is and how I'd rather be alone than be stuck in a relationship without passion. I love him but I don't think he could give me the kind of relationship I want. Maybe I should just opt out of relationships after this if things don't work out, although I will try to put in more work in this one and look at things from a different angle. I do like being alone too, in the end I don't think getting invested in people is too worth it unless things absolutely work out.

No. 471643

Freudian slip haha.

No. 471658

You sound narcissistic and empty inside when you can’t manipulate and use a partner. Definitely remain alone.

No. 471660

File: 1570838161681.jpg (201.68 KB, 1274x848, 25ieoofhg9t11.jpg)

No. 471661

I crave romantic relationships, yet just like you I always get a bit disappointed when I'm with someone long enough and they just don't try as hard as they used to. The energy dies. Things fall into routine.
It makes me feel so "bought" I guess.


No. 471666

File: 1570838947809.jpg (59.3 KB, 625x469, nancy-spungen-sid-vicious.jpg)


toxic codependent relationships might ruin you but they are never boring, i give you that.

No. 471685

I'm the original OP of the IRS report post.
The person whom I reported it, I felt like they deserved it. They were smug about not having to pay more taxes because they were PT levels of delusional. They would spend their money irresponsibly, and they were very racist. They looked down on undocumented immigrants and spoke badly of them. They were also an animal hoarder and with their income, supported the terrible addiction of owning many animals, even illegal animals and kept them as pets. Many animals in their area overpopulated and bred because they didn't spay/neuter the pets they had.

Yes, it was also due to a grudge but also because this person has done some really cruel things that have fucked up other people's lives including myself because they are a vain, selfish narcissistic person that only use people for their own benefit.

So it was my own way of revenge. Call it fucked up, but as a full-time worker who pay my taxes, pay my bills, and not abuse the system, I will report people who get paid under the table whether I have a grudge on them or not. Hating this person and having them be a shitty person made the process easier.

Like I also reported someone to the social security department for lying about their autism to get SSI income. I do not tolerate people who abuse the system like that.

No. 471691

And I don't support illegal immigration either. I just think it's very fucked up that they spoke in a way they seem superior for being an American working an under-the-table job when they were capable of working an on-the book job.

They were being smug and not wanted to pay taxes so they could buy more kawaii shit and be a parasite and a hoarder.

No. 471708

Well, what's the point of a relationship if the guy isn't completely devoted and isn't putting his all in for you? I just don't want a standard boring "comfy" relationship where both people turn into slobs around each other, I want to be in one where we always put in effort to woo each other. Otherwise, there's no point in being in a relationship.

Yeah, it's like they already have you so they don't need to try anymore. It feels like a complete waste of time when it gets to that point.

I don't like controlling and violent guys. I'd rather be single forever

No. 471710

You wouldn’t be capable of comprehending what healthy people get from relationships. Stay single forever.

No. 471715

same. but i also need my friendships to be like this. i have no personality and i've rather not people catch on too quickly.

No. 471744

I know this will sound creepy.I cyber stalk my best friends since almost two years ago.
It all started when I noticed they were getting distant and I didn’t know why. Turns out I found by other friends they were kind of sick of me because they thought I was annoying and clingy. Instead of telling me, they told other people and even on their twitter private accounts where they literally made fun of me.
Instead of getting pissed (because it hurt a LOT) what I did was to give them that distance (they immediately knew something has changed but couldn’t tell why) and made some fake profiles.
Since then, I watch every move, every day, every thing they say about others and me included without knowing it. They accepted me in their fake profiles and I even interact with me almost on a weekly basis.
I feel so bitter about it because now I think it’s living like a double life, the life I wish I had with them IRL and I have it online with a fake profile. I want to end the friendship with them. We meet IRL every week too but I know at least for me it’s not important anymore.
What they don’t know (and that’s why I’m posting it here), is that I’m doing this to end up our friendship basically letting everyone know how shitty their behaviour is. I opened my eyes and I can see now that they’re acting out for jealousy but the things they say are terrible and definitely not anything I would let some stranger (as “I am”) read.
They made me lose contact with everyone around me when I met them and I had to read for years how they laugh at the fact I’m so lonely someday I should kill myself. So basically I’m saving receipts to let everyone know how they truly are when they think nobody is watching, how their horrible behaviour makes them say things they don’t think at all.

No. 471748

Before anyone calls you out for being crazy I want to tell you that I understand your actions completely. Take vengeance on those cunts. However, leave it at that. Don't start stalking them for years on end after you've broken up your relationship with them, it'll fuck your mind up something bad. Just dump them out of your life after ruining them and move on.

No. 471751

I am having an online relationship with a married man who is 32 years older than me. We met on Fetlife because I'm degenerate.
We cam every week when his wife is out. We chat every day and send pictures.
I feel disgusting, but I also love him. He is the sweetest most caring man I've met.
Our relationship is only online, and it's quite sexual, but he is also just so smart, we have conversations and he helps my self-esteem and depression. I wish he'd leave his wife but couldn't live with being a homewrecker.
I try to tell myself I "respect" his wife, that he's a good man. But damn, it's so gross he's cheating on her. I'm gross for being the other woman.
It's been 4 months now, and I don't know what to do.

No. 471752

Don't play stupid, you know what to do. End the relationship.

He isn't the sweetest and most caring man if he cheats, simple as that. He's 32 years older, even if he were to leave her (which he won't) he'd trade you for someone younger in 5 years time. Anon, you know how men like this are. Be glad it's online - you can simply ghost him.

No. 471754

Thank you for your answer. That is exactly what I’m planning to do. I’m very stubborn when it comes to think about what is fair and what is not so that’s why their behaviour is pissing me off nonsense. After all those years I’m getting tired of having to read the same shit over and over again. At first it hurt because I had blind confidence on them and I couldn’t believe they were this way but after all I think my life would be better without them.

No. 471757

You're absolutely right. It's just that right now it makes me so happy. Urgh. But you are right anon, thank you.

No. 471769

What toxic cesspools. I rarely think people deserve to be straight up ghosted, but I honestly think that's the route you should go. Just completely ignore them and never speak to them again.

No. 471779

I used to have an art page, it was relatively popular and I made lots of artist friends.
There was a trend where accounts stealing art were popping up every where and no one stole my art, this made me angry because I thought my art was better than the stolen ones so I made my own art thief account and stolen my own art and a few other drawings from my friends so it doesn't look suspicious.
Then I made a post calling out my fake account and saying that they're an art thief, my followers and my friends followers attacked my other account and I stayed up all night that day fighting with them and fighting myself from my original account, at the end my account got deleted because it was mass reported.

No. 471783


I assume every artist that gets into internet drama is doing this. Just by default.

No. 471910

based anon
go get em tiger

No. 471950

If you remember DeviantArt, there was a somewhat big scandal in 2012 when someone posted a list of all of the popular artists who had faked their own art getting "stolen" so you're definitely not alone

No. 471956


And also all the teen devianartists that turned out to be actually 15 yr older than they claimed in the profile

No. 471958

Yeesh anon this sounds a little uh… unhealthy to me. Like maybe you needed to see a therapist. It seems to me like this happened a long time ago, so I hope you've gotten help or learned better since then.

Popularity on the internet, and the resultant theft, is not indicitive of quality. The internet values novelty and sex above all else. Network with industry professionals irl– they have a lot to teach, and getting compliments from them feels better than a thousand likes online.

I know it's hard, but also try not to attach attention online to your self-esteem. You shouldn't need to rely on other people for a sense of self-worth, especially to the point of faking being victimized.

No. 471959

it's teenage insecurity and trolling chill

No. 471961

Trolling yourself? Are you the anon I replied to?

I'm just trying to offer advice.

No. 472018

I cheat on my boyfriend. Our relationship has been messy for 4 years. I used to only cheat with blackout hookups when we were fighting, and he knew about those. But now I am shadier. This summer I had a coworker fuckbuddy. Now I have a side guy at college who thinks I’m single. My bfs dad is a legit billionaire which makes it hard to break up permanently bc there is always the what if and I miss the money and power that I get to experience being around his family. He also is super entitled and is rapid cycling bipolar so it’s just a shit show emotional roller coaster sometimes. He has had other crushes and may have cheated on me at points in our relationship. Idk why but I feel no guilt. I’m selfish. I don’t know what to do

No. 472020

Assuming this is real and not scrote bait you should just break up with your bf right now

and as someone who was cheated on fuck you

No. 472030

>I don't know what to do

Either stay in a miserable, unhappy relationship and sell yourself out for the possibility of money.
Or break up.

Seems straightforward to me.

No. 472047

Most relationships end after just one incidence of cheating, I mean why carry on after that? The relationship you're describing makes dying alone sound like a more pleasant choice

No. 472066

It sounds like you don't actually give a fuck about this guy past his money. You should break up with him, no amount of money is worth this kind of life long term. If you really do love him, then come clean about your degeneracy. I had to come clean about cheating before and it has actually strengthened our relationship. If you admit it to them, there's still some trust. If they find out themselves, all trust is obliterated forever.

No. 472098

I genuinely feel like Lolcow has made me better as a person. I’m less blindly empathetic, think more critically, I’m more careful of cow-ish/unstable tendencies, don’t lie because I realize how stupid you look when you get caught in a lie… I’m a bit too blunt at times now but I like it better than being a pussy.

No. 472134

I see alot of my past tendencies in cows on here, it's like taking a painful look at my cringey and over sensitive early-twenties

Now I'm less inclined to listen to constant 'uwu my mental health causes everything'

I'm sure alot of posters are in a similar situation. Easier to spot a liar or bullshitter when you've been there too

No. 472149

Lately, I have thoughts about being with a younger guy again. Definitely not someone in their teens though but maybe around 5 or 6 years younger. I've never been with a guy the same age or older than me although I've matched and went on first dates with them that never led anywhere. It's not that I deliberately targeted younger men in the past either but some of my interests and my attitude are perceived as "immature" in nature so maybe that's why. I feel like too much of a creep and too much embarrassment to swipe on guys in their early 20s though so I don't know if that will happen again.

No. 472289

lolcow has 1000% made me a better person. i used to get fucked over a lot. but now i can spot red flags from a mile away. better ability to trust those who are good, and know who isn't worth my time. i'm dumb, but i know how to not piss people off to a t, and understand why people would get upset about certain behaviors. you guys taught me how to do makeup, grew my style, made me a solid human being.

however, if any of my new friends knew i posted here…. they would disown me in an instant. keeping my reasons for being suddenly good at life a secret is hard.

No. 472296

I regularly have to stop think when I come across "C.S. Lewis" or "Louie C.K." in something I'm reading. I don't get it but I get them mixed up in my mind somehow.

No. 472297

One of my friends lurks lolcow but she doesn't know I know about it. I saw a post in the vent thread that I obviously knew it was her. So now I'm always wondering what else she may be posting about that she doesn't tell me personally. It's kind of amusing to think the next shitpost I read could be her

No. 472298

My husband is considered unattractive by many and I know he isnt considered handsome but I love him so much because he's faithful, intelligent, angelic, and a genuinely good person. I feel so physically attracted to him even as someone who is really interested in the physical beauty of myself and others (male and female) so I wonder if I'm not having cognitive dissonance lmao

No. 472303

Jealous. Wish I had friends, just even one, who lurks lolcow wth but mine are uwu’s who think ig memes are peak un-normiedom

No. 472305

tbh i wouldn't want my friends to also lurk lolcow. i feel like a large percentage of us are petty bitches

No. 472310

Imagine her telling you about some stupid post she read, and slowly realizing she's talking about something you posted.

No. 472317


boards here are slow too, so that would be a real possibility.

No. 472337

wow maybe its like youre in love or something lmao. stop doubting what you got if its legit and be glad you didnt bag a gross scummy asshole for a spouse.

No. 472340

I have friends who browse 4chan with me but I'd be kinda sketched out if they recognized I posted here. I don't think I post too awful things, but some of them are things that are kinda vent-y and personal to the point where I wouldn't want them knowing.
It's just nice to have an anonymous chan space to myself.

No. 472399

be glad of what you have anon, it's good

No. 472405

This. I'm honestly baffled by the "lolcow made me a better person" posts. How in denial about yourself do you have to be to actually believe that?

No. 472406

A lot of people consider my husband ugly too, but I think he's the most beautiful creature on Earth. I think personality genuinely does impact how attractive you find someone. I've known a few gorgeous men who became "meh" looking to me because their personalities were just so offputting.

No. 472412

>muted my friend on twitter
>… still go to her profile to see what stupid shit she's venting about to strangers on the internet
Why am I like this? No wait I know, I don't want to see idol spam everytime I open my dash.

No. 472420

Might sound mad but I'm in my thirties and in the last year I've learned alot about red flags in relationships and mostly from posters here and on Reddit

I would love to have known all this at least a decade ago

No. 472523

i´m obsessed with plucking my pubes with tweezers, I wish I was joking. its just so satisfying, I think I have a form of trich, only with plucking and the pubic situation

No. 472525


ive been doing that a lot lately and its probably gross but i actually like when i have ingrows it's so satisfying, but it rarely happens. I've stopped lately since i tried plucking hair that has barely emerged and kinda hurt the skin too much. but it's so satisfying

No. 472529

I do this too, anon. In my case I hate the hair, it feels uncomfortable for whatever reason and satisfying to pull out of my body.

No. 472541

that's a decently common form of trich. i've struggled with it since i was a preteen (pulling individual hairs out of certain spots on my scalp though) and i had an online acquaintance that pulled her eyebrows and eyelashes. it's a shitty impulse disorder to deal with.

No. 472640


feels really nice to not feel alone about this

No. 472718

I do something similar with my ingrown hairs, sometimes its really easy to get them out of your public area before they start to hurt

No. 472813

I logged into my facebook account that I have not used in over two years, it is full of posts about going vegan and animals being tortured.
[also one of the people i knew there became a full-on transgender when he was just a crossdresser]

No. 472830

Be careful not to start pulling other areas like your head or eyebrows. As another Anon said it's an impulse disorder. People that do it often have anxiety disorders or another underlying condition.

I've been pulling for twenty years and the one area I've never managed to leave alone is my eyelashes, I have basically no eyelashes at all times but I'm ok with that. I manage to leave my head hair alone so as long as you pull an area you don't care about it can at least feel more controlled. Still the underlying cause/anxiety needs addressing

No. 472928

File: 1571151666483.jpg (55 KB, 630x630, 1927482_1.jpg)

I use Tinder to get free sushi dates a couple nights a week. Last night it was sushi and a movie.
Don't even have to give fucc either.

Sometimes it's nice just to have conversation.

No. 472934

yep and unfortunately it's one of the hardest disorders to treat from a psychology standpoint (i've looked into it extensively). there are some online support groups if you are willing to seek them out. r/trichotillomania is pretty dead but there are some good resources and advice in the top all-time posts.

No. 473015

Do you ever run into a guy that wants to go halves on the bill?

I see guys online claiming they do that now cos 'if women want equality' blah blah

No. 473032

most of them think if they foot the bill they'll get laid

No. 473042

thanks for letting me know. I feel like its very controlled, only do it at night and very specific areas, but ill be more aware now if something changes

No. 473134

none of those anons but plucking my pubes excessively got me to stop pulling my hair and eyebrows out. not really solving the issue but it feels better than being a cue ball up top lol. i just really like it when the hair comes out with the bulb..

No. 473150

I bring a form of payment just in case. I haven't had it happen yet but if that shit gets pulled I'll suddenly think of an excuse to be shrewd and leave. Gotta train em somehow.

No. 473163

You're training them to be MGTOW.

No. 473164

not the same anon but i have severe trich that’s sort of controlled. i still pull but in smaller amounts. there are some spots on my head that are thin and I have a small gap in my eyelashes. my pubes are a mess tho. i prefer that over missing head hair/eyelashes/etc. mine is pretty severe tbh, i think I only still have hair in some areas because of genetics and making it manageable. having severe (albeit medicated and controlled) anxiety disorder doesn’t help. this helps me sometimes but if im having a bad urge, i’ll watch hair pulling videos on YT. they can be really soothing. there are lots of Japanese ones for some reason, I recommend those. i even pull my leg hair out and i eat the hair roots/bulbs too. there’s a “my strange addiction” on YT about a girl who does the same thing. it’s a few years old but it adequately describes the repetitive process and how soothing it is. idk if other anons do that but if u do, you’re not alone.

No. 473165

If they mgtow over one date they're weak af and will look for some other reason to mgtow anyway. There are women out there who get beaten and raped on dates and don't hate men.

NTA but I'm a girl who likes paying for myself only so I can avoid male entitlement over that at least and so if he does wanna talk shit it won't be about me using him for money. Most men I've met will literally beg to pay for dates. I also have a good paying job so when I offer to pay all together they get so hilariously offended. I guess they're afraid women will treat them how they treat women when they insist on paying for dates

No. 473167

hair pulling videos help? i've pulled for a long time but i couldn't actually watch it.
sometimes i go and look at pictures of people who have plucked themselves bald to try to scare myself straight but it only works for a little while.
mine is severely triggered by anxiety though.

No. 473168

I have something similar with biting my lips, I hate it but I don’t notice I’m doing it until it’s too late.

No. 473169

same anon - they help for me sometimes. mostly when i just want to see the bulb/root/damage and care less about feeling it pulled. for me the videos replace that urge, and can help with the sensory one. it doesn’t always work tho. identifying what you’re craving and how that helps alleviate whatever you’re feeling (for me it’s anxiety/disassociation) is important. I tend to want to feel the hair being pulled more when I’m disassociating or having a panic attack. that makes me pull more because im chasing that certain sensation. just wanting to see the root (etc) is more like just a satisfaction thing for me. if i were u, I’d try watching a video once and if that makes it worse, just never do it again. but if u can ID what you’re feeling at the time and what the pulling is trying to solve, that helps a lot too.

No. 473174

I'm obsessed with this girl I used to (still kind of so) hate since elementary school. She used to make fun of me and my friends. In high school, I finally stood up to her and made her cry. Fast forward to college where I found her personal tumblr and used to stalk it because she's post quite frequently about her problems (her bf cheated on her with her friend, she stole a different one of her friends bf, and general depression posts). She doesn't post on there much anymore, but does post on instagram and recently followed me. I didn't follow her back, but I use instastory.com to view her stories and posts. I don't know why I'm still doing this. I don't hate her (don't like her either) and her life isn't going particularly well. I'm not sure if I'm obsessed because of jealousy (over what I don't know) or because I want to befriend her. She has a secret insta account that I desperately want to follow (I know she'd accept my friend request), but I don't want to take it further than I already have because I feel like a crazy person!

tldr: I'm obsessed with my ex-bully's social media and check it daily even after years of getting out of school

No. 473176

If they're MGTOW they had that mentality way before they signed up on a dating app.

No. 473188

i think i'm just fucked because it's like a sensory thing for me feeling the hairs between my fingers and stuff. at least it's not as bad as it was a few years ago…

No. 473289

Pretty fucked up tbqh

No. 473290

Mgtow are spoiled little boys that miss undivided attention from their moms.

No. 473292

Where I'm from that's really normal… It does suck if you're poor though

No. 473353

File: 1571219766682.png (23.3 KB, 150x150, tumblr_p9oj8zqx601wrrqbro3_250…)

I'm engaged to a guy I've only known a week.

No. 473354

No. 473355

Enjoy the divorce in under a year.

No. 473360

We both want the same things, have similar upbringings. He's a no bullshit kind of guy. He wants to pay for my degree so I have some level of equality and independence, and then make me a housewife after some income. We both want kids.
We're getting married in a year, if we're still together then.

No. 473361

you must know that's bound to end badly right?

No. 473362

I already want to commit sudoku, so this is an upgrade.

No. 473363

Careful he doesn't hold paying for your degree over your head to try and control you down the line.

No. 473364

>some level of equality and independence
>make me a housewife

you can't have both simultaneously. Be very careful if you decide to go through with this anon, one year is not enough to really know someone, especially if you haven't lived together. Don't settle just because you're desperate.

No. 473366

I’m sure you can know that for sure after a week lmao. The naivety of some people!

No. 473373

I've brought up all of your concerns to him prior. I had the same thoughts running through my head. One year is a short period of time to know someone, I'm well aware, but I do know how to handle myself if things ever got bad. Frankly, I think he's very genuine, and likely on the spectrum. Of course what I feel isn't fact, but there isn't much to lose on my part. Abuse is heavily ruled out my the fact he's made all of his work public to me, and his livelihood actually depends on his home behavior, because it's investigated. He' not a low quality dude to put it lightly.

No. 473374

But still, why not wait a little? Why marry now/in a couple of months? Why not move in together first? Wait at least another year?

No. 473377

Trusting a literal stranger and saying you’re so in love you will marry them. 90 day fiancé contestants have stronger bonds

No. 473386

>brought up my concerns
>with said guy i don't even know
>he's not a low quality dude
>agreed to get engaged after a week
>likely an aspie

are you sure you're not a fucking aspie, anon?

No. 473390

Didn’t think it got stupider than ldr but here it is. Raw, unprocessed retard.

No. 473395

File: 1571228395092.jpg (70.17 KB, 400x532, Man-as-Object.jpg)

i like to emasculate my boyfriends and make them beat themselves when they cross out of line with me (usually when they're acting like worthless boyfriends) because i hate men
it's honestly just funny to me seeing a normal guy do everything i say, slowly breaking them into a freak who loves being humiliated and used by women exclusively
i'm pretty sure this is a fetish for some women wanting to dom guys? i guess? either way ive converted several guys from all walks of life into being submissive and i don't really feel ashamed of leaving them like that because i'm sure there's some woman out there wishing she could do the same. my current boyfriend has a bubble butt and is so thin, he was asking for this to happen. i just keep getting lucky with beautifully blessed men because my ex was muscular and hung lmao it's like god wants me to live my deviant best

No. 473403

bad larp scrote

No. 473404

Please keep us updated, I want to know how this disaster pans out.

No. 473405

Anon you'll look back and laugh (or cry) at this stupidity some day, not even being mean. I married too young and too quick

What ages are you two?

No. 473406

>pay for my degree so I can be ~independent~
>then make me a housewife

You know this is exactly what Onision did to his wife, right?

No. 473407

Any man that talks marriage after a week is dodgy as fuck

No. 473417

>engaged after 5 days
>marrying in a year
>paying for your education
>making you a housewife

he's trapping you. I guess you don't know how to handle yourself because otherwise you'd see right through this.

No. 473434


Yo I've been through this and IT DID NOT END WELL.

Did he smother you with flattery? You're the most beautiful girl he's ever met? Love at first sight? He felt a connection as soon as you met and feels that it's "meant to be"? Giving you lots of gifts and calling you constantly?

If so, he's love bombing you to trap you. He is playing a game with you because you're dumb and now you've agreed to marry him, the fun is over and he's probably love bombing other girls to test how alluring he is for his own narcissistic boost.

BE CAREFUL, if anything sounds like what I've described he is not who you think he is.

No. 473443

Before you get engaged it makes sense to know a person a while, meet their family members and friends, hear about past relationships and how civil (or not) the break ups were. Holiday together and see how you get along, live together and see how you get along. Read up on what a healthy relationship is and what the red flags are for abuse. He's either locking you down to abuse you or he is unhinged to be planning all that so soon

Get back in touch with reality anon and make sure to take your birth control

No. 473444

Submissive men are still as shitty as the rest, took me a while to take off those rose tinted glasses

No. 473446

it sounds more like anon is trying to take advantage of him, especially if she thinks he's an autist. sounds like a mira situation here.

No. 473447

You could be right, we're all concerned about him being an abuser but even the most romantic minded woman on earth should have the sense to say no to an engagement a week in

No. 473493

I do the same shit except for entirely sexual reasons, I call it a "consensually abusive relationship"

note to >>473353 we got married within 4 months of dating lul

No. 473507

No. 473598

i am extremely ashamed of my self harm scars and i don't know how to.. accept them? i have three scars on my inner wrist (which is a cliche i know) they aren't even that big, but you can clearly see they are cutting scars.

i haven't worn a t-shirt in 7 years because of this, but plan to get a tattoo to cover them up next year. i know they'll always be there, but hope they won't be as visible or triggering to look at.

i don't know why i am so ashamed though. i know self harm isn't uncommon and i have never judged others for having self harm scars. these dumb ass scars are the main reasons for me avoiding romantic relationships.. idk i feel like if i were to date a guy i would be tricking him somehow, it's like the scars are a manifestation of how fucked up i am (or i used to be)? idk! i'm so annoyed at myself for this.

No. 473683

Its not real anon,you can't just "turn" someone into a submissive

No. 473695

Let me dream

No. 473698

Its a dumb LARP anon and actually trying to gaslight someone to become submissive is incredibly fucked up,their was a post on /g/ sometime ago by a anon who wanted to convert her bf into submissive so she tried to finger him a couple times in hopes that would bring out his sub side but he just knee'd her in the face and tarted yelling at her

No. 473700

men'll do anything sexual you want if you just associate it with their masculinity and orgasm and slippery slope them, most of them already do it to themselves without realizing it with porn

No. 473704

Trust me there are lots of guys who don't mind and actually a lot of good-hearted dudes are willing to put up with a LOT of crazy to have a decent gf so it's the least of their worries if they found out you had a relatively minor cutting problem once upon a time. I used to be mentally ill and my husband put up with a lot back in the day because I've just always been kind to him and loved him and that's enough. Trust me you would not be tricking a guy and those three scars should not prevent you from dating. If you are really worried in general maybe some chunky bracelets can make you able to wear t-shirts but I've even had coworkers who had scars like that and no one said anything or really cared because it's okay to have gone through bad times in the past and just good that you're better now.

No. 473712

But anal has nothing to do with submission

Then they just want to use you to get off

No. 473717

Just stop this dumb LARP scrote,no woman I know thinks about dumb fetishes this much or how to convert a man into submissive

No. 473718

if you can keep them chasing an ego boost you can get them literally not wanting to orgasm if you'd like

No. 473719

Nta, I wouldn't actually do it but I do fantasize about it. Let me guess you think all women are submissive?

No. 473722

I think all kinksters are mentally unwell individuals

No. 473728

mentally unwell AND in a failing relationship that cannot be saved no matter how many gimmicks and toys you try

No. 473751

I know about one of my close friends' Reddit accounts. I found it totally by accident. I don't tell her that I know what her reddit account is and even sometimes send her posts that she's commented on like "I saw this and thought you'd enjoy it". She gets really deep/personal on that account talking about stuff she's never told me because it's too private. I love having this window into her life that she has no idea about.

No. 473770

there's literally nothing wrong with this. women are put at a major disadvantage in relationships. if a guy can't see that and isn't HAPPY to make the relationship cater towards the person that's systematically disadvantaged, i want nothing to do with him. if he can't see the discrepancies and seek to amend them so i feel more safe or happy, then he's shit, and almost all of them are shit. and just generally, if guys aren't willing to or just can't keep that fire for you, why keep them around when you're happy alone? they're just a nuisance then tbh.

i keep my fire for people who feel the same way, but only if they can prove they're like me and will be as invested, but they never are. they just try to call us narcissists or whatever for not immediately accepting their 3 minutes of passion as if it's as sustainable as what we have to offer. if a guy can't match it, he's literally just a burden to me. gtfo, i'm fine on my own. make yourself an asset to me or leave me alone. almost all men fade quickly once they realize the chase is over.

No. 473776

I recently removed my ldr boyfriend of several years from my life, sometimes I feel shitty for just leaving him like that but it wasn't worth it, Everytime I think I miss him all I can think about is how unforgiving he was over nothing and how spiteful and unaffectionate he was. I'm older and more mature now and I found someone who showed me what fulfilling relationships are supposed to be like, I just feel bad he has to deal with the years of emotional damage my ex had caused me

No. 473788

I am a snob and I can’t help but judge everyone else and have these thoughts like “damn they suck compared to me “ or like “ew she’s so ugly.. unlike me, good thing I don’t look like that.” “He is SO stupid who would even say something like that”
I don’t act on my thoughts and I try not to be so critical of everyone else and gas myself up internally does anyone else have this ? I’m well aware that I’m eh but sometimes I swear that I’m better than everyone else.

No. 473810

So my best friend has been diagnosed with a personality disorder a few months ago and she really changed.
She goes on forums and reads about the experiences of other people and it’s one of the topics she mainly talks about.
Her way of thinking just weirds me out now and I really don’t know how to deal with it?? It’s not that I want to end our friendship, but her behavior has changed so much and I can’t be honest with her about it because I know she can’t handle that…

No. 473816

If it's bpd then those forums are full of sob stories. They don't see reality, they see their own version of it and these forums only pander to it

No. 473838

That’s sad anon and I’m sorry for your pain. I have tons of sh scars from like a decade ago. I’ve had a few rude strangers ask about them (I was a cashier) but nobody of worth will judge you negatively, ESPECIALLY if you’re in a loving, positive relationship. I wear lots of jewelry and have a few tattoos but they’re still visible and I’ve kinda just quit caring. To me they serve as a memory of something I overcame, a reminder to not fuck myself up even more and a barometer for nosy, probing assholes.

No. 474023

She will most likely get over it. Getting diagnosed with a pd is a big thing with certain novelty to it at first and it's all exciting and interesting and new (especially true for people with bpd) but it'll wear off.

No. 474422

File: 1571440649580.jpg (28.97 KB, 290x512, 1570994823576.jpg)

I unironically enjoy Jopping and find it catchy. Whip me, Kpop Crit

No. 474433

Well I like Sujus new song, they can come at me too.

No. 474442

My guilty pleasure song is 'Open Mine Tonight'. It's sexy when you don't think about how dumb the lyrics are

No. 474448

File: 1571450743220.jpg (66.89 KB, 540x536, tumblr_ot1nydNUcU1specteo1_540…)

I really feel like I want to kiss somebody. Like have a hot and heavy make out session. I've never enjoyed kissing/making out in the past, but now I feel kiss horny? lol

No. 474470

I took my exes' 4chan tripfag names on twitter and instagram and basically made accounts that mock both of them. Both of them were abusive assholes so I don't care if it's being immature.

No. 474473

who was he? spill. is this mystery?

No. 474478

Keep your secrets anon, it’s what they deserve.

No. 474547

If only I had someone to talk to about the details of these people, many of them incredibly fucked up in nature. I’m afraid I can’t on here due to safety reasons. I’d only ever spill milk on these people in a public forum if they were dead.

No. 474640

I feel like there are a lot of posters here who I should feel bad for and post sympathetic messages to. But I feel like if these people ever saw my photo or knew anything about me, they would nitpick the fuck out of my appearance and my life. That makes me feel better about not feeling sympathetic towards people here.

Like for example >>474470 was the victim of an abusive relationship so I guess I should feel bad. But I figure she would probably call me fat or something, so what's the point?

No. 474642

Honestly anon I feel the same way. I like it a lot here though kind of for that reason? People are more mean anonymously but also you can connect to people you never would because of those superficial reasons.

I consider myself "nice" but I have plenty random nitpicky reasons I wouldn't be friends with someone irl. So do you probably.

No. 474655

Understandable although I wasn’t really fishing for sympathy and I’m not one of the anons who visits the nitpicky threads. Just have no one else to talk to about my imageboard-induced troubles.

No. 474959

Many years ago, my professor in a sociology class was previously my therapist in a program offered by the school. I never directly spoke to her in class, and overall I tried to remain as invisible as possible. I was doing pretty well in the class and by the end, I still tried my best on the autobiographical final essay, in which I reflected on many of the issues we discussed in a therapy setting. She gave me 180% on it, and that's the highest grade I've gotten in my life.

No. 474964

That's sweet tbh

No. 475044

that is one of the sweetest things i have read on lolcow ever.

No. 475104

I unironically play on Neopets.com still. I had an account as a kid and lost it when I was about 12. I got it back this year and have been on it pretty much non=stop. My bf just bought me an 8$ monthy membership. Its kind of embarrassing but I deleted my facebook a couple months ago because social media was causing me a lot of problems, and to fill the "hole" to say, that social media left I do this instead and its 1000% more wholesome.

No. 475126

that's cute anon!! I like Neo as well but stopped playing because the website's a mess and the only thing that seems to matter is getting UC's :/

No. 475647

Whenever I hear people talk about how kids get help for their depression, my first thought is how i had it so much worse and no one helped me even after i reached out to the adults at school. My second thought is how i am happy how these kids can get the help i never did and how it's great to see that some adults actually do give a fuck. I don't wanna be some "muh life was sO MUCH HARDER THAN YOURS, KIDDO", that's nasty. It just physically pains me to think how many others had a family unit as a kid, other adults who gave a fuck and remain to have that in adulthood. I am now an adult who has no one from my childhood or teenagehood around me and it's mortifying. Bittersweet bullshit.

No. 475675

Same here. I’m happy for anyone who gets help but can’t not think of how much better/different my life would be now if I hadn’t waited, oh, 20 years to address my issues or had someone looking out for me.

No. 475727

File: 1571773133832.png (272.94 KB, 384x386, kau.png)

same anon, I made a "new" account like 8 years ago and play it everyday. But now I'm way better at hoarding neopoints than I was as a kid and I can paint and customize my 'pets the way I always dreamed of. pic related is my dumb baby ready for the season

No. 475747

File: 1571776064894.png (49.08 KB, 331x316, tumblr_pggui5LSS51vltj92o4_400…)

i'm pretty much normal in the head but i can also get so creepily obsessive and stalkerish of anyone and start running on freak mode.

i remember when this random person followed me on my tumblr last year and i suddenly devoted my entire time into stalking and finding more information about them. in under 2 hours i found out their real name, all the names they used to go by, what their abusive ex had done to them, who they used to date and also all of their old usernames and other social media accounts. i even saved the selfies they posted when they were so much younger vs the ones they posted now.

i made sure to save all their account links on webarchive sites so that they'd be forever there for me to look at and no matter how many times they changed stuff and deleted, i'd still have enough evidence to obsess over. i kept an entire text file and folder dedicated to all the information i gathered about them, made sure to send them anon asks to get more information about them and always pretended to be someone else and typed all differently so that they wouldn't think that it's just one person. and they always answered the asks which fueled my stalker fantasy even more. this went on for months, even when i was in a relationship.

i also remember spending so much time into thinking how our friendship would be like, how they'd joke around with me and pretty much convinced myself that they're meant to be my best friend. at one point i had such a big crush on them but that lasted only about 2 weeks. and then suddenly they messaged me months after, telling me that they like my blog and always have but were too scared to message me. i was seriously all over, so damn excited and we started talking.

we're still friends to this day and they know none of this and i have zero intention of telling them. i somehow managed to leave my delusional stalker bubble and now i barely text them despite them acting all excited whenever we get to talk (which should be making me so happy but it annoys me now). this is some weird shit man.

No. 475750

I'm not in love with my boyfriend anymore.

No. 475751

File: 1571777729640.jpg (114.64 KB, 960x720, IMG_20191014_010332.jpg)

No. 475802

You're seriously mentallly ill, don't kid yourself. Get help for fucks sake.

No. 475834

Ive been using shampoo and conditiner on my skin and it actually works.

No. 475845

I love my boyfriend dearly. The first couple years of our relationship were great, we were both motivated and independent and did a ton of awesome stuff together. Recently his work schedule has been obscene and he had a full on panic attack and has been pretty fragile since. I'm going through some major mental shit myself right now since my mother had a stroke and has been declining since.

I feel like a complete cunt but I resent the situation. My ex was schizophrenic and I neglected my own mental health and shouldered all the emotional labour because he refused to get help and I'm getting flashbacks. I can't express my own pain and issues because it stresses my boyfriend out more.

I find myself wishing I could have a guy who's just normal, boring, and stable. I don't want to add onto someone else's stress with my own shit but I'm desperately unhappy and feel very alone.

I feel like an incel femoid hate fantasy or something idk

No. 475863

Sounds like you've been through a lot, anon. It's not weird at all that you feel overwhelmed and could kinda wish your boyfriend was more of a sturdy shoulder to lean on.

Just don't get lost in that "grass is greener" mentality. There's a lot of normal/stable boyfriends out there who are quite emotionally underdeveloped and won't be much of a help in times of need either. Hell, all this stress and negative emotions you carry are hard to share whether people around you are supportive or not. Is there no one else around you to talk to? Maybe you could carefully bring up needing some more support from your boyfriend? Even though he's in a dark place himself he might find it rewarding to carry some of your burden with you. It's complicated. I hope things get easier for you soon anyway.

No. 475871

I couldn't reply to you all individually, but I'm the anon that got engaged after a week. I'm calling it off. I wasn't too serious in the first place, but willing to give it a shot. Dumb of me; he turned out to be abusive like I thought, although it wasn't physically toward me, it was animals. It will be me sooner or later, and now I regret him ever meeting my pet. All of you were polite replying and being concerned, so thanks. I feel better that I'm not alone in noticing something is off. I grew up in a house where arranged marriages were normal, found out it wasn't for me. No one should do it, honestly.

My new confession: I'm a lesbian. Anything physical with men is miserable, neutral at best. I met a cute girl at my local fast food, who complimented a rainbow trinket I was wearing and winked at me. Honestly the first time in years my heart ever fluttered for someone. I'm not rushing into that, but the mild flirtation was nice when going through immature behavior from the guy I mentioned. I've had feelings for girls as a kid, tried to ignore it because of my upbringing in religion. I told myself I was bi, but I've only genuinely been attracted to one guy in my life, and his porn addiction killed anything we could have had. I just need time to myself right now. This whole experience has been rotten.

No. 475873

I'm glad you could see it from the beginning anon. Best of luck.

No. 475875

That's a relief, thank fuck you found out sooner rather than late

No. 475877

Good luck, anon. Good on you for dodging that bullet, and I hope he didn't do anything to your pet.

No. 475878

Glad you're okay anon! But don't throw yourself into the next relationship, make sure you're 100% ready and emotionally available beforehand.

No. 475888


No. 475908

lel, do people seriously buy this?
oh, wow bwahaha

No. 475913

This seems like a fiction in the way it's written, but benefit of the doubt: it looks like girls might be a better idea for you.

No. 475921

Kek so you just realized you’ve been a full fledged lesbian this whole time because a girl winked at you?

No. 475924

File: 1571835965553.jpg (74.57 KB, 638x420, 156184345171.jpg)


>got engaged after a week

>nevermind lol
>wtf , a girl winked at me i am a lesbian now

this is either a larp or you are an unhinged bpd jumping at her first impulses, at this rate you´ll end up joining a cult and with all your savings in dogecoin.

No. 475990

i shave myself with razors made for men because they get rid of the hair better and don't grow back immediately

No. 475996

mens and womans razors are stupid anyway. They both get rid of hair, what's the point of differentiating between them anyway? I'm 99% sure it's some marketing trick to sell woman lower quality razors because they'll buy them anyway because woman are expected to go around hairless.

No. 476017

Thanks anons.

I was emotionally available, he pushed me into a corner by trying to change everything about me. He didn't like I was a tomboy and wanted to physically alter my appearance permanently. I told him I was willing to do minor changes like make up, hair color, wearing dresses, etc. but he kept pushing past that and not respecting my boundaries. He insulted my career, and my father's profession because of how much he made (keep in mind, my father can provide), and said he wouldn't bang my mom among other nasty things. He wanted to get rid of any independence I had, like my car. Lastly, when he was drunk, he threatened to choke me out and that was my final straw. I never said anything back to the girl that flirted with me, other than "thanks" for complimenting my keychain/charm. He, on the other hand, talked about his past exes and girls in porn frequently, and what he liked about them I should do, but he never gave me the choice, it was a requirement. Don't turn that on me.

>first time in years my heart ever fluttered for someone.
>I've had feelings for girls as a kid, tried to ignore it because of my upbringing in religion.
>I told myself I was bi, but I've only genuinely been attracted to one guy in my life

No. 476030

Anon, I never "turned anything on you", I was just giving general, well-meaning advice. I made that mistake once and was just trying to be nice.
But damn, that's wild. He is scum and I'm still glad you could remove yourself from that situation.

No. 476032

Sorry I got on the defensive. I just broke up with him. He told me he wants to "talk" tomorrow, but I'm just there to give him his shit since it's worth a lot and I don't want him coming by my house to claim I "took" his stuff. Thanks for the well wishes.

No. 476037

men's razors are designed to shave coarse facial hair, so they're sharper. women's razors are designed to shave soft leg hair (which accounts for a much greater area of skin) so they have larger gel strips.

No. 476055

I never got this extreme about obsessing over someone but I used to find this sort of behavior really addictive. It was basically the result of me feeling extremely socially isolated and not having any friends at the time.

No. 476061

> all your savings in dogecoin.

> implying bpds have savings

No. 476067


they don', they spent it all on shitcoins

No. 476112

File: 1571861486221.jpg (9.99 KB, 159x326, help3.jpg)

i have a crush on my boyfriend's brother because of how sweet, funny, cute and successful he is. he's also 10 years older than me.
i feel guilty as fuck.

No. 476117

fuck him and don't tell anyone

No. 476126

no anon that's terrible.

fuck him and then tell us.

No. 476127

my bad you right. i wanna know the juicy details.

No. 476134

thank you for the laughs anons.

No. 476141

I hope your bf is also all these things you've mentioned, anon?

No. 476148

So you knew him for a week, he spent that week treating you like shit and telling you to change how you look and act for him, and you thought giving marriage a shot was a fun and cute idea because he was so romantic and sweet?

It’s bad writing, your story makes no sense. There’s better on menwritingwomen.

No. 476151

>fun and cute idea
I'm on the streets now, anon. I have no place to stay. I'm packing up my shit and going to be living in a shelter.

I give up. I can't even get empathy from an anonymous person of all people, where what you say has no effect on you, and you could literally say anything. I had an atrocious upbringing and didn't want this, but I got tired of my situation. My mother has been pushing me into the arms of worse men. She completely denied it today. I honestly want to off myself. People are so disgusting. The last guy I build a years long relationship with strung me along with no intention of actually being with me long term and cheated; you wonder why I would run to the first guy who isn't appalled by the idea of getting married.

No. 476157

Either that or some BPD false flagging. That's some prime manipulative speech and straight up lying right above me. Sort of fun to read tbh.

No. 476158

You need therapy, not marriage.
Idk how anyone could possibly think engagement after a week was a good idea, but if you’ve been so abused and misguided into thinking marriage is something to seek after leaving an abusive relationship, go see a women’s shelter and they can get you the psychiatric help you so clearly need.

You got shit on because you dismissed genuine advice repeatedly based on an obvious fantasy. When told it was a fantasy, you doubled down on ‘it’s real love’.

You got healthy advice, rejected it, got as burned as you were told you would be, and are now offended about not getting sympathy.

No. 476160

trying to rely on an image board to be an emotional crutch is folly anon. i feel bad for you but this isnt how you fix it. you cant tell your mom to fuck off? if she is as bad as you say, telling her about her being a shithole of a human isnt going to magically get her to stop. find a backbone and stand up to the shitty people in your life. take control of what happens to you instead of living life for someone else.

No. 476174

>he turned out to be abusive like I thought, although it wasn't physically toward me

1 week ago here >>473373
>Abuse is heavily ruled out my the fact he's made all of his work public to me, and his livelihood actually depends on his home behavior, because it's investigated.

And also here >>476017
>he threatened to choke me out

So which is it? You were totally deceived and had no idea he was abusive? Or you knew the whole time and went along with it anyway? He was supposedly only abusive towards animals but he also threatened to physically hurt you? At least try to be consistent with your fiction.

No. 476178

>So which is it?
It’s a lie. Probably not even the same anon, just someone posing as them to get attention.
If it really is a same anon, none of this might have even happened. Just a social experiment, and they forgot their own story after some days…

No. 476179

You posted this in detail in another thread, didn't you? Are you okay lol

No. 476183

Yeah I'm assuming it's bait, mostly because I don't want to believe someone this dumb is out there on the street trying to marry the first retard who will look their way.

No. 476252

This netflix documentary about these men who were sexually abused as children reminded me about how FUCKED it was that a 20 something yearold man groomed and sexted 14 year old me. I feel disgusted and angry. Ive been in therapy for years but I can never bring myself to talk about it. When I was younger I was too scared.. but now it seems almost pointless. What can be done? I'm 23 now. I can't believe Ive been used by a pedophile. It was all online but the impact remains. How to cope?

No. 476262

Not to be an internal misogynist but don’t a LOT of women do this????? Like a lot.

No. 476263

File: 1571900345472.jpg (45.29 KB, 500x500, f7e.jpg)

people are still defending that moterfucker

No. 476265

Do what, marry complete randos? No???

No. 476266

Marry total strangers after a week because the stranger showed sexual interest and promised he’s like, totally not gonna abuse her? No. Most women avoid that like the plague.

No. 476296

>that pic
Non-pedophilic men don't keep the shit he had in his house. Lying fans.

No. 476315

>NOTHING was found
You know besides all the child porn

No. 476321

Anon those were just pictures of young boys wearing no clothing and in sexual poses totally diffrent from child porn /s

No. 476331

(((chosen people)))
first of all, if God was policing everything that people do, the free will concept would make no sense. You have really shallow perception of what Christianity is about. Like a lot of other edgelords who spouts things of the likes of "an old bearded man in the sky"

No. 476334

All i wanna do is talk to her again, but it's just gonna make me feel so pathetic. I shouldn't be missing her, I shouldn't be feeling so lonely. but i wanna call her and hang out with her, maybe even get her to confess she's been missing me too. just a stupid fantasy i shouldn't even be having

No. 476351

File: 1571919646938.jpg (16.95 KB, 418x418, 9322d9d40a82fedc9735b171389c46…)

I just saw this guy with the tightest ass in grey dress pants and a button up. I couldn't stop staring despite trying and imagining spanking it and groping it. I hate myself.

No. 476353

Decide to marry a random ass man to escape a shitty home life or as coping mechanism for a shitty upbringing bc they think it’s their only option is what I mean. I feel like I know plenty of people who do or would do this dumb shit. It’s more common than you’d think.

No. 476355

good shit anon, god knows that men need to wear tighter pants, the sadness i feel seeing a cute guy in slouchy baggy shit is indescribable

No. 476361

Okay, Escaping Neverland was good, as well as Surviving R. Kelly, but the documentary I was referring to is called Tell Me Who I am. I found it to be really good.

No. 476365

>I told myself I was bi, but I've only genuinely been attracted to one guy in my life
Being genuinely attracted to one guy in your life still makes you bi though… lesbians aren't attracted to men, not even "just one"

No. 476417

I've been obsessed with a serial killer for the past year and even have gone as far as trying to write a letter to them that they haven't replied to. My obsession laid dormant for a few months until the serial killer's daughter talked to me and sent me unseen pictures of her father with her mother which made my heart flutter. I'm seriously mentally ill and need help

No. 476425

are you interested him romantically or in a "he's interesting and i want to learn more about who he is" way?

No. 476427

You make women look fucking terrible. Get help.

No. 476429

The latter. I don't want to date or marry anyone.
I'm not your personal PR, retard.

No. 476432

I try to be woke, but I still engage in a lot of toxic behavior

No. 476433

how did you get the daughter to send you unseen pictures?

No. 476440

i said i doubted who she said she was and then she started messaging me and telling her to ask any questions and she said she knows her dad is semi famous on the internet. then she said she was going to show me a picture of her father with her mother (presumably for proof). i can't find the image anywhere else on the internet and her mother was cropped out of the photo to protect her identity.

No. 476462

LMAO this shit cannot be real, I thought it was a shitpost fuck

No. 476526

I understand why guys who get rejected no longer want to be friends with the girl.
When I find out I'll never be be to touch a guy's pp he becomes instantly less interesting to me. Makes me feel like a shallow asshole nicegal but…it is what it is. Might be because I'm less friendship-driven in general though.

No. 476551

I'm suicidal again. I'll always be ugly and a failure, no job, no work experience, studying to become a bottom tier wagecuck, relationship going to hell, old trauma resurfacing and keeping me up at night crying, skipping school because I'm too fucking tired. Maybe I'll get the courage to do it next year, January or so, before my birthday anyway (turning 28, jesus christ). I don't feel like ruining Christmas for my mom.

No. 476566

If I was hot enough to be a stripper I would totally do it

No. 476568

I don't think the whole "friendzone" dichotomy is really all that bad
basically both people want different things, which is normal in a lot of different relationships

It sucks, but in the same way that someone only wants to be friends, someone only wants to be in a relationship–there's nothing wrong with calling it out, but it's shitty to deal with and it's never good when you only look at it from one perspective

If someone wanted to go from acquaintances to friends, and another didn't, it's basically the same thing–no need to call it anything other than what it is

No. 476574

I agree, not for those exact reasons but it makes perfect sense to want to distance yourself from someone who rejected you and isn't on the same page with what they want. If I reject a guy I cut the friendship off because I don't want the awkwardness, and of course it'd be even worse for him.

My main problem with the use of the term is that incels think it's an act of pure evil and means women are malicious emotional leeches. In reality, out ability to want friendship with someone we aren't attracted to >>>> male inability to even tolerate the presence of an unfuckable women. They have zero moral highground.

No. 476591

>I don't think the whole "friendzone" dichotomy is really all that bad
NTA but I don't get what this has to do with "friendzoning". when a guy gets rejected by a woman that he's friends with, he'll say he's "friendzoned". the term came from the show "friends" when chandler and joey said that if you're friends with a woman too long she'll never want to date you because she only "sees you as a friend". but any time men get romantically rejected by a female friend they think that they've been "friendzoned" when really the woman just isn't interested in them that way. they blame "frienzoning" so that they don't have to deal with the fact that she just doesn't like them like that.

I agree with the first person though, if I liked a male friend and he rejected me I wouldn't really want to be friends after that. it would just be awkward.

No. 476592

File: 1571966351982.jpeg (67.51 KB, 680x478, 0CWcwo0gOt6soKQDS.jpeg)

I had a crush on Nux from Mad Max Fury Road

No. 476627

understandable. he's supposed to be a sympathetic character.

No. 476636

I'm into the war boy look, I dunno why. It helps that the actor is hot though.

No. 476666

I was at cheesecake factory today and two handsome young Finnish businessmen kept glancing over at me and talking amongst themselves. Even my mom noticed. I started fantasizing a relationship with one of them, meeting their Finnish family members and seeing their homeland, going to their fancy business parties and standing amongst their friends while they speak in Finnish to each other and I don’t understand a word of it. I imagined giving him the best blowjobs he could ever have and falling in love and having children. All while sitting at that damn cheesecake factory table, my chopped salad in front of me. They kept shooting me glances but eventually had to get up and leave. I was almost disappointed that one of them didn’t approach me. Life is sad sometimes

No. 476673

Please don't take this personally, but I just imagined this comment coming from the obese smelly fujo who sits in the back corner of my Spanish class and I can't stop laughing.

No. 476710

File: 1571991661125.jpg (89.06 KB, 1000x801, ddf2e5e6373f470c97b4acfcc21245…)

No. 476735

File: 1571994847419.png (188.13 KB, 601x630, 787AE05D-C0E1-4E50-9DB5-62B354…)


i have a fever and i'm in bed feeling like shit but this made me laugh. also i hate to be so finnish but are you sure they were looking at you and not just looking all around like lost puppies? (how i always recognize finns abroad: we stare… but then try to hide it)

No. 476761

As a native Finn my sides are in stitches after reading this. Thanks for making my shitty day better anon.

>we stare
Where the fuck does this happen, staring is like the cardinal sin of our ethnicity that one should never commit and it's also why anon's story sounds so damn funny, as a finn you should just slightly peek and make it as undercover and unnoticeable as possible

anyway torille

No. 476771


i think they were just paranoid there would be other finns hearing or seeing them. i know i am, that's why i constantly check out my surroundings. you'll never know when there will be muita suomalaisia and you have to play dead

No. 476824

>shitty day
That's just a regular day for a finn

No. 477133

File: 1572052863036.png (84.05 KB, 679x274, gah.PNG)

I'm not admitting this to other people, because I'd look like a narcissist, but the only reason I didn't cut when I was younger was because it I thought it'd make my skin look ugly. It's not because I was some depression romantic who only wanted the cool and emotional side, but because one of the roots of my depression was moderate eczema. Cutting would simply make my problems worse

No. 477155

File: 1572054896864.jpg (105.4 KB, 800x550, 3753d98ab26a74579320b0dce38a02…)

And here I thought I was the only one who was still on a DN high. It's so good! After 12 years of putting it off I recently finally blew through the whole thing in 2 days and let me tell you I was on the edge of my goddamn seat the entire time. I'm so glad I got to enjoy it now as an adult rather than when I was a middle school edgelord weeb. I don't think I would've fully appreciated it then. Ended up pre ordering L's new nendo because I'm an idiot.

No. 477168

File: 1572057774440.png (38.86 KB, 815x624, 9f0fdcf6.png)

>>476771 huutist, you should never be too loud even abroad and switch to english when you spot other finns koska hyi saatan666

No. 477170

File: 1572058079385.jpg (37.71 KB, 563x674, 9e93e003d31a9ce756b1e583f09346…)

Would never publicly admit it but I love drawings like these with bandaged/bruised/bleeding dudes.
Don't know why but I think it helps me cope or something.

No. 477194

l feel guilty to confess this but as a virgin I am sad that I didn't even get molested as a child or adult. I go out for a jog fairly often late at night but nobody dares to lay a hand on me and they don't want me consensually either.

It just makes me feel sad about how my classmate told me the only way I'd lose my virginity is by rape. Of course I wouldn't want to actually get raped, that's not possible, but I wouldn't mind it if someone finally wanted to have sex with me, be it some stranger that wouldn't even let his presence know or some sort of soulmate or whatever. Just no STDs pls.

No. 477198

Anon you need some help. And rape is about power/domination not them wanting you. And if you're that serious about losing your virginity and don't care about an actual relationship it would be really easy, most guys are extremely desperate to put their dick in pretty much anything. Just go to a bar or a party or tinder and tell them you want to fuck and they'll probably accept.

I am by no means recommending you do this, im just saying you could.

Also your classmate was a cunt.

No. 477206

Yeah I need actual help I guess, which I've been getting supposedly for a long time, I am pretty functional on the surface though despite everything. (I managed to become functional myself since no official therapy works for me)

Men don't want me because I sperg when they are about to humiliate me/"make love to me". I think only once this guy wanted me and I refused but that's because he wanted to record me.

And I normally told my psychologist that Idk how to boyfriend, but then she offered me to go to this match making service that focuses on people with severe disabilities. I think I refused too after one try of going to their gatherings but that's because I don't wanna wipe someone's ass and I sorta want to pretend a guy is sentient.

As for classmate, it used to hurt me a lot when I was young but now I don't seem to care about any sort of pain, I am still feeling ugly and unwanted that the kind of abuse I suffered was non-sexually and it makes me just feel meh. Is it schizophrenia?

No. 477212

Same, bonus points if they're mentally damaged too

No. 477215

Thats rough. That doesnt sound like schizophrenia though. Schizophrenics have auditory and visual hallucinations and are often extremely paranoid, and believe weird things like they were abducted by aliens or that jesus is tlaking to them. I can't actually say though since I'm not a psychologist.

Have you ever tried another dating service like eharmony?

No. 477222

I have the constant empty can't feel any real emotions symptom, which makes me think of bpd too, though my therapist did literally say she doesn't understand me. Oh well…I figured out how to function on most aspects anyways.

Eharmony? No I never did, I stopped trying after a while. Is it like tinder or can there be le soulmates be found?

No. 477226

From what ive heard people with bpd often have very intense emotions and mood swings but maybe lacking emotion can also be a symptom. Also you dont need all of the symptoms to have that diagnosis. Lacking emotion can also be a symptom of depression and other illnesses though.

I've never used eharmony, but it's not like tinder. Its more sophisticated and tries to set you up with people based on interests and stuff like that. Unfortunately though you have to pay for it.

No. 477235

Meh, even if I would have something severe as npd or whatever, no matter how much I cooperate(d) there was not a single therapist that knew how to treat me and the closest to cure is me trying to pretend I am alive/get a successful life, which I am busy with. I am pretty contained with becoming the 40-year-old virgin or the dead virgin, though it did give me some thoughts how I really tried hard.

I am willing to pay the price, I have nothing to lose anyways..thnx for the name.

No. 477259

Yw anon, good luck

No. 477294

Is your therapist otherwise good? I've never got professional help but idk how to feel about a therapist who says that…

No. 477442

>thinking all strippers are hot chicks
I've got good news anon!

No. 477514

File: 1572135245938.jpg (312.57 KB, 958x916, 1569620619332.jpg)

I've really been into watching fights and fight compilations. I can't figure out if it's because of some trauma I've suffered before, or if i really just enjoy people blindly beating the shit out of each other. They're kind of funny to be honest.

No. 477536

tfw when SO was a former Boxer and I obsessively watch clips of him when he used compete

No. 477617

I like the smell of my own farts

No. 477625

I used to be an apologist and supporter of organizations like Al Qaeda,The Viet Cong and Imperial Japan because I was going though a Anti-America Phase when I was 16 years old. I'm dead serious.

No. 477715

right? the fucking 'art' books of naked little boys? fucking disgusting

No. 477717

>I am sad that I didn't even get molested as a child or adult


No. 477718

i've picked up a slew of kinks i vehemently (yet silently, because people can do what they want) hated earlier this year. i don't know how it happened lmao.

No. 477719

File: 1572191156163.jpg (251.08 KB, 900x1148, thepictureeveryonehasseen.jpg)


Sorry anon but I laughed. I started imagining you having a Hetalia phase at the same time. Like Ahuviya Harel or whatever that cow calls himself these days, I think he was a tranny now? At least you didn't go that far, anon.

No. 477734

File: 1572193540513.png (131.48 KB, 720x842, Screenshot_2019-10-27-12-22-55…)

When I was a dumb anti-SJW test who only new about the world was from "SJW CALL EVERY ONE HITLER", "I mean was hitler that bad???", and "retarted People should be erased from the gene pool" reddit posts. So I came put to my dad as a nazi.
I'm black
Every day I cringe looking bsck and I surprised my dad didn't mention that event ever again

No. 477738

I'm seeing more black Anti-SJW's now more then ever,nearly all of them are zoomers who like pewdiepie

No. 477748


>retarded people should be erased from the genepool

well… i mean… you were right sbout that at least. we really don't need more hartley hooligans (rip) on this earth. it's for their own good too, i don't think it's ethical to continue a pregnancy where you know your baby will have mental retardation or other severe deformities. i don't think this makes me or anyone a nazi, idgaf about the "racial purity" side of eugenics for example. just the medical.

…i guess that would be my confession. not all eugenics is bad and in fact there should be more screening and in worst deformations abortion should be the only legal choice. it is sociopathically evil to birth hartley hooligan tier monstrosities and let them suffer through life for years and years (the other hooligan was 13, the other 17 when she died) just shitting and drooling and catching every illness under the sun until they finally croak.

No. 477750

where's the line though? some issues do not show in pregnancy. what should be done to those people?

No. 477754

i feel like i keep seeing this internet viewpoint shilled for the past 15 years. it's weird how some things will get suppressed but this has been kind of forced by internet users since the 2000s.

No. 477776

That screencap is so apt to all the "Uhh no all the alt-right stuff is ironic to trigger you snowflakes haha see kekistan issa meme you dumb boomer" shit going on today.

No. 477777


if despite all the screening a deformed child is born and it's alive, well, it's born. you don't just yeet it out of the window of course but the mother should not be forced to raise it. given up to adoption to people who want to raise it, or if there are no volunteers (doubtful), there are homes for the mentally disabled. of course i'm not saying "kill already existing and living retarded people", come on now. i'm talking about prevention. and i think i know what i'm talking about, sorry for blogpost but i happen to have a severely retarded cousin. like, non-verbal, can't use the toilet without assistance kind. he is in his 30s but mentally like a young toddler.


"shilled" ok, so this is not just common sense? i know it's not very "correct" to say it but i bet more people than you think silently hold this view. and it's not about hating people with mental disabilities, why should i hate them? i just pity them and think their parents were selfish and cruel.

No. 477785

Well yes, the point many people secretly have these views isnt a surpriseas the internet leaks into mainstream and society lowkey has these messages anyways. Im saying idk why people say it like something special cause everyone who isn't a turbo normie or in a niche group finds themselves lowkey sympathetic to these views anyways. You just dont get it

No. 477871

I love acting innocent and naive when someone hates me behind my back because then I can indirectly expose them to other people and still being seen as the good one.
I try to act surprised when people come to me and tells me someone is talking trash about me when I perfectly know they do, so I can get their sympathy and make the others seem worse. So far it worked every time and people always tells me what a good person I am and how I don’t deserve such those friends.
What they don’t know is that I’m manipulating everyone into think about me about how I want them to see me, not how I am.

No. 477877

When I was a child I didn't wash my hands after peeing. I just turned the faucet on really loud so my mom thought I did. I think I did it to spite her, but I don't know what it was over

No. 477883

I actually feel really good when an anon says my advice helped them on here, even though they're probably the same anons who chew me out in other threads when we fight lmao.

No. 477938

Most millennials are already conservative, but they're just doing it under the guise of idpol and gender politics.
Zoomers right now remind me of how edgy I used to be in my early teens up until I was about 21. SUPER offensive, politically incorrect humor. I went on YTMND and Newgrounds daily, if you're familiar with how the websites were back in 2004-2010, it's basically similar shit these zoomers are repeating now. Probably even worse, but it wasn't wrapped up in ironic political shit. Anything that seems alarming is most likely a rebel phase.
TBH I do miss some of the stuff that was "acceptable" and funny to know about back then. Try to show somebody this now, as a teen, and you're set up for getting publicly shamed by an adult autist.

No. 477957

Here's a thing, zoomers hate the race-baiting and insanity Americans have too.

No. 477958

I saw the article, I read the tweets. I doubt most of these zoomers ever saw the article, and if they did they skimmed over it and forgot about it because there's things out there that are more worth looking at than some soccer mom spewing shit she thinks is concerning. Just like the articles about millenials ruining so-and-so things, majority of us don't bother to even look, we forget about the article in a few hours.

No. 477994

I still go to sites like omegle to sext when I'm really horny and drunk.
It sucks because I know it's just hormonal teenage boys trying to talk all sexy and stuff but somehow it still does something for me when I'm really far gone.

No. 477999

Stop sexting teen boys anon that's a crime

No. 478144

18+ is legal anon

No. 478264

I like turning things in last second because it spites my classmates. I share all the exact same courses with 7 people, except 1 or 2 different classes. Yet they're always complaining about how they can't do their work. One girl bitches about how it's to much work for one class while socializing while I've seen kids literally complete their work in one class. Another girl, who has all the same classes as me, broke down crying during a lecture because she was that stressed out. I feel bad for them, because 2 of them have had abusive childhoods (along with one being in and out of therapy), but I feel their complaints are over exaggerated. Someone else wanted the administration to do something about the professor being to harsh (the proff gave us extra work once most of the us didn't turn in 1 assignment. In this new assignment the same group of people didn't turn it in and they're acting so confused on why the dudes so irritated). They also complain about how they 'were forced into the class'. All of them were told before hand how hard it was and how they could change classes if they wanted, but now they want to drop the course 4 months in and are confused on why the admin is reluctant on letting them switch.
I can't really express this to them, the crier one is my friend, so the only way I can express my rage is in some petty freudin way. I get joy from putting all my work off until the last day and finishing it at once without complaining it's to much work. The worst part is that my grades are literally better than the girl who tri-daily has a mental break from how she never sleeps and eats from having to much work, she also had a metal health day. We have all the same classes. I usually get the course work done in class, but for some reason she's so slow it takes her until midnight to finish it. They're good people, but they're fucking annoying in classtime. They take the professor just doing their job as a personal attack on them.

No. 478309

For this past year i've thought about killing myself. Every damn day. It's downright scary to see how I think I'm doing moderately ok yet after filling those depression screening test things, I score so fucking high. My best days are too high for those test and I feel like I am too far gone but there's too many responsibilities I have rn to actually do anything drastic. I feel like some sick joke.

No. 478416


when i traveled through SEA i was told to do this as a tip.mworked fine for me.

No. 478433

I just started thinking in lecture today how much I'm nostalgic for high school. I know high school sucks and it's the worst time in your life, but I actually really enjoyed my high school experience and going to university was a let-down in so many ways.

In high school, I had a good time. I got to see people every day and get to know them over the course of the year. In university, you have to make so much more effort to see people. Right now the only people I see regularly are my roommates. Also it really sucks if you aren't good at making friends quickly like me.

In high school, I acted super weird all the time and people acted like it was funny. Even if they were super annoyed, I didn't give a shit. Now I feel like I have to impress people all of the time and leave a good first impression. Of course my social skills have improved since then but I feel exhausted sometimes because I feel like I'm forced to wear a mask and can't be myself.

Since high school, I've gotten to do a lot of amazing things, namely travel a lot. However, there are still things about high school that I miss. No, of course I don't want to go back but I do feel like some things were better.

I guess it's super weird.

No. 478435

So you're annoyed or amused by the fact that your friends are breaking down because of stress?
I hope the next time you think you're amazing and special and intelligent enough to do your work at the last minute you actually fail to complete it.

No. 478457

Anon what year of uni are you in? I hate to break it to you but it sounds like you're holding yourself back from enjoying university, there's really no point in trying to fit in when it's over in only a couple of years. The stereotype of uni is literally "experimenting and finding who you are".
Join some societies, join societies in other universities too if you have to (I did, it confused people at first but once I explained that my uni didn't have those societies they accepted me).
You're not going to find people who like you for who you really are if you wear a mask all of the time, passing your grades is exhausting enough so there's no point in that extra work of a fake self.

No. 478494

I'm actually 25 and I'm in my last year of university lol. I've actually attended university for several years. I've actually been involved in different clubs and such. Like, a lot. So maybe my confession is extra sad. Whatever.

I think one thing was in high school it was easy for me to hang out with people on a superficial level. I could talk to them in class, eat lunch, and do clubs, and I was fine with going home at the end of the day. I think in college you have to be closer with people to hang out with them on a regular basis. Otherwise it's easy to go without seeing anyone and that fucked me up. I think people will avoid you if you don't put on a good first impression.

No. 478519

I thought the urethra was on the clit, not below it. Yup, for 23 years I thought I peed from my clit.

No. 478556

My brother forced my coming out by telling everyone I had a girlfriend I messaged. For a whole year an older female family member made fun of me and made inappropriate jokes about it. Things like saying we scissor, how I'd eat her out, etc. These were always in the car or almost public areas, very awkward.

The kicker? she molested me from 7-8 years old. She wasn't 18+ yet at the time and for years I wasn't sure if it was a series of nightmares. Doesn't matter admitting it now because there's no proof and she'd probably deny. She has messed up memory from years of drugs anyway (though wasn't taking them when I was molested). It just makes my blood boil when I think about it.

No. 478559

Jesus fucking Christ anon I'm so sorry.
I wish you the best.

No. 478587

I got my first obgyn appointment and pap today and it was fucking uncomfortable, I guess I'm a pain sensitive person so i should've expected it was going to feel weird and I'd be nervous

No. 478605

I was posted about here, only in one message ever but seeing my username reminded me of my serious cow days. They're well behind me and I never want to think about them again; I've got a life and real shit to focus on now so it was jarring to see my old username pop up years later on this site. It even made me a little anxious, too.

No. 478611

File: 1572394093151.png (409.31 KB, 1270x1050, I thought it was normal AKA Ar…)

First of all I promise I’m not a scrote, some MtF larper, or even baiting I’m sadly being 100% honest because I found that stupid reddit thread similar to the fantasizes I had as a kid. I never had the best relationship with my parents, but I wasn’t abused or sexually assaulted as a kid either. I don’t know what caused, these frankly disturbing, fantasies I had as a kid. Growing up as a kid I never thought it was weird.
The story was re ran multiple times in my head, each with different changes, but it was usually about a boy from a family that abused him (by neglect, extreme social isolation, overly harsh punishment) or he was severely bullied by his classmates around him. The boy also was somewhat mentally retarded (pee’d his pants when he was scared, was the most hated kid in the school, but always tried to get with the popular girl [was always brutally rejected], failed most their classes, had child like behavior. The kid was like 10-12). The story was about his life being a literal torture until a women came in, who was always paranormal or sci-fi in orgin, who claimed to be his real mom (his abusive parents were called pa and mum and his real parents mom and father). I was always coming up with odd ways the boy could some how been snatched form his ‘Mom’ to be raised by his abusive parents. If I couldn’t I just make it so ‘mom’ got randomly attached to the boy and decided to eat him so he could be reborn as her son. The weird part about all of this was that his real father was always abusive. His father hated the may his ‘mom’ loved him and always tried to ruin it. In some stories if ‘mom’ died father would just banish the boy into the slave mines (until he rekindled his bond with him because of reasons to complex to go into now). The stories never ended, but just menander until I started an new one or fell asleep. Yeah I used these stories to go asleep. I have many memories of incorporating whatever I saw/watched that day into my torture fantasies and salvation of the boy. I used fruit basket, pupa, some random comic I can’t think of, and other shit to fuel my weird obsession. I liked doing it as a kid because I felt a cringe in my stomach and I liked that feeling. Also the kid never grew up. I could never imagine the story beyond him being a mentally fucked up child from the abuse
Another one was about this dude with a daughter. It’s like really weird and I don’t get it, but a bunch of dudes had some genes that would make them attracted to their daughters or the other duded daughters. When they came into contact with the daughter/pseud-daughter they would slowly become mentally retarded. The girls always emitted a pheromone that made them retarded and calmed them down so the they were ever separated form them they became smart again, but increasingly distressed. I imagined they tried to make fake pheromones to replace the girls, but that failed and just made them more irritated. Sometimes if they were stupid beyond saving they’d become stupid beyond saving so they became pets for rich people (they were abused and eventually saved by the girls). I had multiple versions of the dudes being saved from their shitty life by the girls
I grew out of it when I was teen because it was replaced with porn fantasy's. One of the most recurring was about this short stack milf, I swear to fucking god I’m not a scrote, dating a bear, the gay term, demon. It always ending up with the milf turning into a demon herself, she was always gluttony and the male was wrath. It was wholesome. The first half was them being a cute couple in shit until they started having sex 24/7. The story also had reruns with slightly different versions (sometimes medieval japan, sometimes he was an office worker from the underworld, sometimes he was an ancient warrior and she was a princes married to him, sometimes they were both divorced single parents). Him being a demon was somewhat constant, but ti was sometimes changed into being a virus or advanced race. It also combined my fetish of weight gain, breast/ass expansion, and monster transformation (I was a filthy DA degenerate). They never had kids, together, for some reason
When I became 16 I guess my brain got confused and combined the first two stories? I had fantasy at age 16 about a 9 year old having an over protective dad. It started about this dad who was an alien, beast, magic, or whatever the plot commanded him be be genetically (like a big part of the stories were just describing why he was so attached to his some by some weird scientific explanation. Hormones? Pheromones? Inbreed traits? Like the story would get stuck if I couldn’t find some scientific way to explain the events) overly attached to his son. It soon moved on to the son not being from him and a women, but being from him being impregnated himself(from another male, self impregnation, or straight up magic). I grew this weird aversion to women were even if the kid was born from a women his dad would eventually kill her (usually to eat). Oh yeah the father ate humans in 90% of his versions because he was a monster. It was always stated he either liked humans a lot, needed them for their specific nutriance, or he just ate them because they were big sacks of meat near him (he didn’t like fruit much). It was like in the stories he had to eat thrice as much as a normal human and during his pregnancy he had to triple that amount. In latter versions he existed in a pack (pack of animals, secret conspiracy cabal, alien race visiting another planet to find a new food source). The story later Incorporated some elements from story 1, kid was abused to be adopted by his real father, but it mostly stayed away from that in favor of the queen bee stuff. Like his dad was a queen bee who was hyper pregnant all the time giving birth to multiple guards daily and the kid was his special child he cared about, because he was a baby queen bee. The Queen bee was always male for some reason. The stories usually were the father discovering he was a monster, fully transforming, and then giving birth to his son. The son stuff was mostly wholesome. They went to fairs, he celebrated holidays when them. It sometimes had the weird plot of the father killing a robber who came into his house and feeding their remains to his son to calm him down or peeing on his son so he’d smell like his phermones, but out of that it was wholesome. Never saw his son growing up for some reason.
Sometimes I still have these fantasys, but I never thought it was weird. Should I seek therapy for this shit.
Tl;DR I don’t know man.

No. 478634

Anon, you're my soulmate. You're expressing fantasies publicly that are adjacent to ones I thought were too fucking awful to ever share myself. I don't even want to share them here and now tbh, I typed them out but I'm not as brave as you.
Not going to say it's normal, because weird dA fetish stories are considered weird for a reason, but it's probably more common than expected.

I remember once discussing in an old shameful fetishes thread with some anons that weird fetishes in children are probably a result of early development of sexual feelings, just with no sexual content to actually use (and rightly so). I also had Abused Boys narratives, for instance, and am now a femdomfag. But some others like inflation and feederism just didn't stay. But I think with some people it just never evolves into more "normal adult" fetishes and so you continue to fantasize about weird shit.

No. 478710

I've always been better than one of my closest friends (who is very competitive about everything) without even trying.
I had more luck with relationships, work, friendships and everything in general. This person used to have a huge influence on me, I cared about everything they said to me and I felt guilty for just existing.
But one day all of this changed when I opened my eyes and saw they were only doing it because they felt jealous about me. Every time something went well for me, there was always a snarky remark, a passive aggressive comment about it.
And I absolutely love how their jealousy boost my ego. I love to think every bad thing they say about me is because they don’t have a healthy and strong relationship, how they have to comment about the money I make because they earn less than me.
I feel this kind of adrenaline rush which makes me smile inside while to others I’m still being the victim because I never talk bad about anybody.

No. 478746

you're literally fantasizing about adults peeing on children and abusing children? and for super long too?
are you attracted to children outside of your weird fantasies?
you def sound like a pedophile just based on all of this

No. 478767

File: 1572438049311.png (4 KB, 290x280, 4273192423.png)

I keep dreaming about this guy who barely knows that I exist.

To preface this, I recently broke up with my boyfriend of around 8 months. We live near each other, luckily I don't run into him too often on campus (he's one below me in year). But we broke up because I'm going to be moving away in about a few months and I'll no longer be able to be in close contact with the guy bc I'm graduating, not that it fucking matters because we barely saw each other anyway since he kept prioritizing seeing his friends instead of me. He even told me that they were more important than me. Well that just wasn't my cup of tea (he should date a girl who has similar priorities). Hence why I broke it off but…

There's this guy I always see around, for about the past few months, he's such a cutie pie. He's short and kind of muscular and he's got the most adorable face I've ever seen, period. Anyway, what happened was I recently saw him with a group of people working on a group project. I didn't get his name, but I did get the chance to speak to him, and god anons. Fuck!! He kept asking me questions about other classes which was cute, he was totally focused and serious on his task at hand. I'm getting to the confession part I swear, I'm just. Jesus christ on a pogo stick. He never smiled, something which I find decently…unattractive. His entire group was joking and laughing but he just kind of stayed out of it. Not a fan of that, but I remembered one day I was wearing a really nice and flattering outfit and I ran into him (this happened a few weeks before I got the chance to talk to him) and he looked me up and down before walking past me when all he usually does is just walk by without a glance. He literally almost ran into a tree because of me and I literally cannot get it out of my head.

I'm not a dominatrix or anything, I'm just dominant/want to call the shots in general without any of the fetish shit and I wonder deep down if he could be the one. All the other guys I dated, you know how it is, guys who are into being bottoms in BDSM but that's not the same thing as genuinely submitting to a woman which most guys just can't do because they're cowards. I don't really like BDSM but I was just desperate to not be forced to be the submissive one. The way he looked at me wasn't in a predatory manner, it was more like he was caught off guard. After all, I did see him a lot and I'm usually not done up.

I've had eleven dreams about him (ten of those were in the same night) and I just had the eleventh one last night. And it's driving me crazy. He's always the same in them, not particularly interested in anything but always giving me that same eye he did. But he's too young for my taste (I think he's two years below) and not only that, like I said, I'm leaving soon and I want to be single as I'm finding work post-education. Also my ex is still an alright dude despite what I said before and it would suck if I ran into him or he saw me flirting with the guy. What I would fucking give just to stop having these fucking dreams. I'm not someone who dreams, and I've never dreamed about other people, so something's definitely up with that.

Other than the dreams the other confession part of this is that one of the girls in his group is in my class, but I don't like her that much, she's honestly a bit of a cow. I just want to get his name from her but I'm worried it'll be rude if I just nope my way out right afterwards and I feel little bit disingenuous for doing that. Idk. I think I'm gonna do it, just talk to her for one class. I mean, maybe I'll find out she isn't as bad as I thought either, but I still feel like I'm taking advantage…ngl though I think my mind is made up.

No. 478781

kek, are we into the same guy? I mean. Almost definitely not, although I know someone at my uni uses lc and I am working in a group with a guy who fits that description. Is he brown?

But I hope it works out anon!!! I wish all my luck to all manlet chasers out there. It's a weird taste and they're super rare, so we need all we can get.

No. 478791

omg anon this made me feel so relieved lmao good to know I'm not alone. He's a redhead w/ brown eyes, I've never seen that before but the contrast is so attractive to me, so its a different guy. They are super rare esp ones without a napoleon complex, oof.

No. 478799

I'm in the same boat as you anon.
I didn't even really enjoy school but now I feel super nostalgic about it. Back then I also wasn't super popular but I simply had my classmates and some friends with whom I was together all day and now in uni I didn't manage to get close to anybody. In school everything just happened so naturally, plus the workload was also a billion times less stressful. I barely hung out with anybody outside of school too, but I was content that way. Now I don't have anybody in uni and it feels painfully lonely.
>Now I feel like I have to impress people all of the time and leave a good first impression.
>I feel like I'm forced to wear a mask and can't be myself.
Yup, I didn't even think much about how people saw the way I acted, now I feel that I need to think carefully about every single thing I say, otherwise they'll think I'm dumb or weird. It somehow feels more like a hivemind, like there's only one correct opinion and everybody always needs to agree on it. Everbody always says or likes the same things (or at least pretends to), I constantly have to act fake, it's so hard to fit in. And despite trying my best I still haven't found anybody after 5 years.

No. 478809

a lot of women do because we're never taught this kind of thing. i actually did until I was in my late teens/early twenties

No. 478875

I really dislike how, and quite frankly am shocked, there seem to be so many k-pop fans on here

No. 478924

I'm struggling to accept that I'm not the person I thought I would turn out to be. That I've done things, seen things, and said things that I never thought I would.
Every year that passes I realize people even younger than me are accomplishing great things, and it's making me realize that as I grow older the window of likelihood, that I too will do anything that amounts to something, shrinks shut.

I'm more honest with myself these days, and I do my best regardless. It's not to say I'm horrible where I am, just not where I expected to be.
I hope I can like and be proud of myself in the future.

No. 478937

You're fine, most great artists/writers/thinkers don't reach their peak until their 40s and beyond. Even if you reach your goals later than that, it doesn't make it too late. It's actually better to reach your peak later in life because you are more equipped to deal with it and navigate the terrain of your chosen field. That said, I'm glad you are making your peace with it all. best of luck to you anon, don't give up

No. 478981


nta but that doesn't account for all the amazing talent i see younger than me who are the industry standard now. Also, those who are going to make it to that maser elvel at 40 are the same people that are already kicking ass in their 20s. Is not like those 40 yr old started when they were 38, most likely everyone that knew them could tell they were going to break big eventually from much earlier. Underdog stories are a rarity and not the norm.

No. 478993

How come you feel that way?

No. 478994

How come you feel that way?

No. 478997

I'm guilty of thinking this way too, but we all know this kind of mindset it just toxic and stops a lot of great ideas from ever happening. A lot of people could have contributed a lot more for this earth and a lot died never being able to do anything because we have this stigma of having to achieve everything before we hit 30, or even younger nowadays. And we shame anyone who's old enough to get back into a hobby. It makes it worse that the media is always promoting or rubbing it in our faces that we aren't just as great or as talented- just to elevate the few who were lucky enough to make it young. I hate the smugness of it all, all it does is fuck everybody else over from anything that can be potentially great.
This is cheesy as hell but keep on going anon and keep on being the best that you can be. Im on the same path too just trying to catch up with everything despite it being so painful. Just know that you aren't alone in this, and those who are young and successful are actually pretty rare.

No. 479020

Same. It’s obvious that the majority are newfags too.

No. 479056

i think it’s because on twitter where the majority of the fans congregate (and any other social network for that matter) if you disagree with the status quo even a tiny bit you get cyber bullied and people report you until your account gets suspended. so websites like lolcow are the only place to express your own opinions about kpop freely

No. 479072

Even though I have a loving and caring boyfriend, and have a semi-healthy relationship with both parents… I still feel suicidal. It’s mainly self-hatred. No matter how hard I try to love and accept myself, I still want to take a knife and plunge it into my stomach multiple times. Lately I’ve been thinking about searching for a person who would do the job for me, so the people who I love won’t hate me when I’m dead. I know what website to go on for this, but there’s a small part of me telling me to stay alive.

No. 479097

Too bad those same autistic fans have migrated here now, the kpop crit threads are unreadable right now

No. 479207

I love Supernatural and its fandom and I'm so sad that its ending! I literally cried cuz I adore that show!

No. 479212

I still loathe my ex even though it's been over a year, and I think it's mostly to do with how he hasn't changed for the new girlfriend.
He learned nothing.
I wasted four years of my life on this sack of a human thinking he'd change, and all he did was find a new mommy gf to enable him. He dragged me down and set me back, yet he can't even be a better person for all that happened to me.

He's 29 and still doesn't even have a driver's permit. He relies on his gf for transport and to obtain any necessities. His scummy sisters skulk around their lives for sugar and have enmeshed themselves onto the mommy gf. And judging by the way they never post photos of their apartment he (and likely mostly he) must pig it up and continues to not be clean. Not to mention he still treats beer like a personality trait, even though for every one of those bottles he could be putting towards his debts he always blew off, bitched about, and blamed his mom for.

There are people who clap to this shit.

No. 479223

Fuck my mom for telling me it was normal to shower every 2 weeks and fuck my stupid teen self to trusting her.

No. 479232

I'm so sorry anon please get out

No. 479235

Me too except I was posted about here probs 4 times in the past few months. People for asking for tea and such. Had to go back on all my social media and delete really personal stuff.

No. 479246



No. 479266

on top of that, personally, i think the younger generation have it better now like it's easier to access technology and tools

for example drawing tablets and apps for art and cheaper DAWs for making music. Back then these things were expensive and hard to come by

now you can even just casually do these things on your phone and that would have been considered crazy a decade ago.

No. 479269

Well fuck him anon. You aren't alone. Not me but my friend spent three years trying to better a guy but he never grew. It happens, maybe if those troglodytes committed to literally anything else in the same way they commit to being manbabies they'd do something with themselves for once. Just keep reminding yourself he ain't your damn problem and he shouldn't be anybody's but himself's, don't let his lack of growth make you feel bad. Get a good laugh out of it if you can.

No. 479273

File: 1572583336698.gif (6.25 MB, 579x390, 89AC0B97-8870-48F3-A63F-5BF813…)

I’m thinking of hiring a male escort to drop some stuff at my parents place.

My mom spent her entire life blaming me as the reason why she could not date hot men also I’ll be willing to pay extra for him to make my stepdad as awkward as possible

No. 479308

do it and report back please

No. 479315

I fucking hate zombies so much, the thought of a zombie apocalypse is so upsetting to me. I can't watch anything with zombies in it without having an anxiety attack and if my family is watching the walking dead I avoid going in the room so I don't have to see it. I'm 25..

No. 479342

i like to facebook and instagram stalk the people who were mean to me in high school and laugh at the ones who have gained weight or become ugly lol

No. 479346

I don't consider it a shameful thing, but I use guys, including ones that I'm not attracted to, to get over struggles from relationships or exes. I'm open to actually taking it seriously and not just pretending if they turn out to be good people, and I know I'd fall for them if they turned out to be good people, but they always, without fail, turn out to be shitty people anyways, so it's very justified. I'm essentially just waiting for them to drop the act while I also get some emotional benefit. Men get tired of women like clockwork anyways, so it's really like using the honeymoon period where men pretend to be ~sooo~ into a woman, so I can get over my issues, then bounce when they start to reveal their true selves and when they also start to lose interest anyways (muh novelty). Nothing is actually lost on either side, really, but men would have you believe it's such an evil roastie thing to do.

It works out because men usually want you to get emotionally involved and attached, because they're either intentionally or unintentionally manipulative, when they actually have no idea what they want and when their desires change with the wind. Taking men seriously as soon as they claim to take you seriously, and not using them for a few months is useless, because you won't generally actually know what they're like in a relationship until the honeymoon period is over, since they're so accustomed to manipulating and hiding all of their flaws, kinks, fetishes, in a near sociopathic way, so it works out. Anyone else relate?

No. 479366

>websites like lolcow are the only place to express your own opinions about anything freely

No. 479371

I think a good % of users here have cow traits themselves, and use this site for honest appraisal in order to not become fully-fledged cows.

Cows always lock their social media down so it looks like all their crazy antics get 100% approval rating. It's pretty easy to think certain behaviors are acceptable when they aren't.

No. 479372

I approve of your antics but also hate that the male brain leads us to ridiculous paths like these. I wish they could all be honest from the start.
It's like always dating an Oscar winning actor; a character.

No. 479374

My only standards for men is not to cheat emotionally or physically, don't be fat or have bad hygiene, and don't treat me badly

Somehow, so many men are incapable of just this but women do this with a breeze and much more to offer, God I wish there were lesbian pills

No. 479375

I don't get this mindset, how is it an emotional benifit to you to hang out with someone who's an asshole? Sounds like something that'd make you feel worse.

No. 479377

I think it's about hanging out with the guys during the Knight in Shining Armor phase, and then shaking hands and parting ways when he gets sick of putting the nice act on.
I can see the appeal, but I wouldn't do it myself. Guys want to "win" and if they think you benefitted more than them, it usually leads to crazy results. (Stalking, rumours spreading, etc)

No. 479386

I used to do this too, unapologetically. Told my husband about it back when we first dated because while I didn't feel guilty, I figured he should know in case he was uncomfortable with it or something and he's a genuinely good guy. He just thought it was funny.

No. 479391

I'm starting to think your strategy is great. I suspect this is what all women used to do: assume you're getting a performance, intentional or not, and wait it out to see his true colors.

Only recently have we been told to assume truth from men, going into things as honest friendships, etc. Expecting honesty from the get-go is a major error.

No. 479394

To use them as a distraction or to get over my ex, things like that. They aren't assholes at first. They pretend with all their might to be what you want, and that's the whole point of my post. With the ones who are self aware enough to hide, you don't know they're assholes until the honeymoon phase ends. They just always happen to be assholes because 1 in 1,000,000 men are good people. Sometimes it's the case that they aren't just being assholes, they just confuse their puddle deep feelings for something more. Either way, it turns out that they aren't what they claim though. I should mention that I never actually have real sex with them, because it's obviously not worth it and I'm not turned on by them anyways unless I know they're good.

>Guys want to "win" and if they think you benefitted more than them, it usually leads to crazy results. (Stalking, rumours spreading, etc)
They don't find out. You're right though.

It's sad. It's not just male brain though. They're encouraged to be losers like this. Some of them aren't lying, they just mistake lust for love and whatnot. They really do act like stupid children no matter the age, so even if they're being genuine, you can't trust their claims, even if backed up by action. They turn on a dime and lose interest on a dime, so even if their interest was genuine, you can't trust the longevity. The only way to get to know them is to see if the act drops. It's only when men have what they think they want, that they realize they don't want it. The ones that promise marriage and loyalty and offer gestures of love, even have histories of long term relationships, none of them know what they want, so there's really no way beyond actually pretending and waiting it out, for you to know. You can't vet them without actually letting them think you're in a relationship and you feel the same way towards them. They're just too unpredictable.

That's another thing too, if a guy doesn't understand it and can't objectively see why this is necessary, he isn't a good guy. Good thing yours understood you.

No. 479430

I saw a homeless person begging for money or food in the cold while I was stopped at an intersection
I realized I had saved 2 donuts from a party I had earlier, taking them home because I planned on trying them the next day
I was about to wave him over to me so I could just give them to him, but I hesitated
one of the last times I offered sugary treats to a hungry beggar, they declined due to diabetes

by the time I made up my mind, he had moved over to the side of the road as to not get run over–and after realizing I probably wouldn't have time to explain and give them away, I just left the donuts in my bag as the light changed

the next morning, I took a single bite and threw them away because they were disgusting cream filled halloween themed donuts

No. 479439

I'm 100% sure they're the barely legal moralfags in various threads ranting about pedophilia, Japan, fujos, weebs and obsessively nitpicking cows too because that's like the whole roster of topics an average 19yo K-pop faggot screeches about on Twitter when she's not RTing oppa's fancams. The k-pop threads in /m/ are a window into their madness, at the same time they bitch about human rights violations and misogyny but then turn around to call half of the surgically enhanced anorexic idols ugly fatties.

No. 479488

reading the infinifat/deathfat and momokun threads makes me feel good about myself and my decision to change my lifestyle because i have never been that big and now i never will.

No. 479506

Never say never anon!

No. 479541

I like to befriend people who don't have any friends to begin in the first place so that they get excited whenever they see me and are all eager to talk and do whatever. I avoid others who have a big friend circle, because I want someone to depend fully on me and see me as their one and only friend. The feeling I get when someone depends on me for something is really satisfying.

No. 479544

I know this is pretty bad form but I saw an unnecessary but cute thing I really liked and I decided to mention it to my boyfriend to see if he would get it for me as a gift. He doesn't really buy me gifts outside of holidays and it wasnt expensive so I was just testing the waters. He said oh the price isn't bad I should get it myself.

I know it's materialistic but I'm so jealous of girls who have boyfriends who get them nice gifts/flowers/ect….. not all the time but occasionally it'd be nice….. I'd never bring it up to him in fear of looking like some sort of gold digger hence sharing it here to get it off my chest

No. 479552

You're not bad, a nice relationship often involves gift giving and signs of appreciation outside of special occasions. Even small things.

I don't know if there's a proper way to bring it up, but honestly anon that reaction from your bf was super dense. It just seems shitty to me, it's one of the compounding things that would have made me unhappy in past relationships myself.

No. 479555

I hate weebs and pedophiles and all that but I also hate the amount of kpop fans/threads here, though I also hate the nitpicking which is why I hardly ever visit /snow/ anymore. I love the drama on /snow/ but mostly these days the threads I follow are just people taking unflattering screenshots of cow's acne/fat and when I pointed out that it isn't drama and we don't need 897 acne shots I got called a sperg. I also hate the 'women shilled as attractive' thread and it reminds me of my overweight grandma who is hypercritical of people's appearances.

Also I have no idea why you would think that koreaboos would hate weaboos/Japan when in reality those fanbases intersect/overlap an awful lot (a lot of weebs are koreaboos and vise versa).

Not everyone who you disagree with has to all fit in the same tiny box, even though I'm sure you'd like to think so.

No. 479558

>I'd never bring it up to him in fear of looking like some sort of gold digger
What if you do something like a gift exchange? Like tell him you want to get him a little small thing you might think he'll like, and he can pick something out for you as well? Tell him that you think it's sweet and romantic to do little things like that for each other once in a while that show you're thinking about each other.

If he still doesn't get it or he gets upset, he's probably one of those guys who think a proper relationship/romance is high maintenance lmao. Some guys are just like that, they want to ~chill~ and not have to deal with any fussy things like thought or effort in their relationships.

I dunno how the rest of your relationship is, or if he puts effort in other areas, but you can see how strongly a guy feels about you by his actions. Always look at actions and not words. This can help you save a lot of time dealing with low quality men.

No. 479559

come to my campus you coward and befriend me pls

No. 479573

>have older male coworker that I am very attached to and has helped me get through my parents' very rocky divorce
>basically is like a dad to me at this point
>it is completely innocent, I don't have a crush on him or anything, I just look up to him as a role model
>he sends me a picture of him when he was in the navy, because I absolutely refused to believe he was actually in the navy
>I have a serious uniform fetish
>and a fetish for men with guns
>he's not even my type

why would you do this to me, fuck

No. 479575

fuck. that one hits hard.

No. 479579

File: 1572669506399.png (424.95 KB, 525x591, AH SHIT.png)

I think it's worse when considering that this is a fetish I kind of forgot I had, and that picture alone made me remember. just kill me.

No. 479583

We have a good relationship and he does put in a lot of effort in other areas, but as >>479552 picked up, he can just be a little dense sometimes.

The gift exchange idea isn't a bad one, but honestly I'd love a surprise gift or something to show he was thinking of me, not something I'd have to directly prompt him to do. Which makes me feel silly for even thinking about it because what's the point in dwelling on something I can't even tell him to do (hope that makes sense)

No. 479584

thats a fuckin mind bend for sure, anon i hope you can recover lmao

pls not hate tho but ngl i love smart uniforms and weaponry and stupid nazi coats and insignias did look smart and commanding. and inb4 some stupid reactive anon thinks im some supremacist, its just an authoritative thing.
i also have the fantasy that i could shave logan pauls head and stuff his hair shavings into his face. yikes. its probably not like your thing but i love humiliating men who think they have authority and power over other people.

No. 479589

yup I sure as fuck agree with you on that one. uniforms are fuckin hot, especially if they make the person look snappy and smart. I'm not much into the idea of those types of men dominating me, I just want to knock them down a peg. make them regret they ever thought they had authority over me.

my coworker used to mentor interns, so he'd always come by our area to see what we were up to. but in my first few weeks of work as an intern, I noticed that he'd always dote on me specifically. I'm pretty sure it's because I'm the intern HE interviewed and helped to get hired. I always like having someone older than me to look up to and talk to when I need advice. I kind of want to ask him for a hug sometimes but I feel like it'd be weird/overstepping boundaries. but I just need a fuckin hug honestly, I've been having a hard time lately. he always shares pictures with me of his family and his 3 year old daughter specifically. he's a really caring guy. I like seeing dads talk about their family in a positive way, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

so knowing this, I don't want to look at him and think "fuck I have such a huge fetish for men in uniform and my image of you is now tainted". I'm just rambling here but I really needed to talk about it because wires are being crossed here and I sure as fuck don't want them to.

No. 479615

nice. you get it.

but i totally understand. nothing wrong with him being a mentor, thats actually really sweet. but it sucks for him to have activated that in you. doesnt mean you need to do anything with it and its not like you went up to him and said that if he wore that then you would feel like that. you seem fairly level headed about it and thats cool especially compared to some other thirsty anons in this thread. you got this.

No. 479621

>Also I have no idea why you would think that koreaboos would hate weaboos/Japan when in reality those fanbases intersect/overlap an awful lot (a lot of weebs are koreaboos and vise versa).
They really don't. Koreaboos often are the people who were obnoxious weebs in their early teenage years, then "grew out of it" and dedicate their lives to bitch about how problematic Japan and anime are and how weebs are should be necked. While supporting a country that's anything but politically correct and an industry based on exploiting actual young people instead of cartoon characters.

No. 479637

hell yeah, sounds good anon!

No. 479643

File: 1572698319698.gif (964.65 KB, 500x284, BD2F5693-C64A-4516-B6D6-16721A…)

I have my “boyfriend“ a blowjob in front of my parents on purpose.

Long read TLDR at the end

(I apologize for my grammar I’m on mobile)

Let me start by saying I’ve never been close to my mom, she was abusive from when I was 3 and the abuse just became worse over the years until she broke my nose at 11 or so then it became entirely psychological with a few slaps here and there.

I could have forgiven that she was young and stupid.

However after years of off an on dating with different men walking in and out of my life, she finally found someone.

They got married and she decided to dump me at my very physically abusive dads house

She knew that he was abusive and was pretty aware of how much of a monster my biological dad is

4 years in hell that I still have nightmares about to this day

She finally allows me to move in with her and her new husband

Turns out I’m there as the scapegoat for their marital issues, instead of walking into a place to come home after praying for someone to get my out of my biodads house hoping to reconnect with my mother I realize within my first month that they despise each other.

He’s angry he hasn’t had sex with her for moths (why in the fuck would I at the time a minor need to hear about that I don’t know) both involve me in their fights and when they made up they blames their issues on me.

This is an adult couple with clear issues and they knew it but they refused to face themselves and knowingly left me in the worst possible place to only bring me into their home when they needed something to not break up.

It was better than my bio dad but it was horrible in its own way.

She had me as a buffer for his anger and my stepdad kept me as a leverage, as such I was completely denied of any sort of privacy including conversations on MySpace Texts or any sort of communication to my family members was carefully monitored so I wouldn’t say what was happening.

I wasn’t allowed to eat without asking first if I could have some of THEIR food amongst other arbitrary rules

It all exploded one day when my stepdad almost punched me and my mom over something small the exchange student from their church’s Christian college stepped in and asked him to stop

>I begged my mom to leave finally confiding in her that the lengths that my bio dad abused me

and how scared I was that we couldn’t talk anymore because her new husband wouldn’t allow us to talk in private

>Her response:

>“I’m not surprised he did that”

The memories of me praying for someone to help as a young teen covered in bruises from my bio dad flashed into my eyes

All the times that I drank bleach hoping I would die before he came home

How much he hit me when I begged for my mom to come and save me and how much harder the punishments got

And it didn’t surprise her…

How happy I was when she finally told me to move in with her

I was done

I couldn’t physically hit my parents or have any retribution that was illegal so I did the second worst things I could think of

I made sure to make a fool out of myself on every community event with my mom, I dated people that I knew sucked and were losers (in their eyes) and paraded them in their church meetings until they finally stop asking me to go to their wacky church. (Think MLM evangelicals)

That hurt my mom socially and emotionally more than losing her own child

Every morning I would make sure to take his water bottles and dunk them in toilet water (this wasn’t in the plan but he made sure to ask one morning before school why would anyone like me if I’m ugly so I made it my chore every morning as long as I lived in the same roof as him)

But that wasn’t enough

He had made sure that my life was hell when he couldn’t take it out on my mother and made sure I had no one to rely on by cutting my communication to them for years

And then a light bulb moment happened

What was the thing he’d always wanted but my good Christian mom would deny him for months? (Ew I know)

Then I took noticed that my stepdad put cameras so I explained the situation to a guy I knew and he agreed to help

Cameras filming in all the angles he placed himself where I asked him to be

If they wanted a show they were going to get it

I gave the guy a “blowjob” in front of their main camera and spit the “residue” (ty realistic lube) in his favorite motorcycle jacket/ the couch and a wall

But it wasn’t over… I asked the guy to masturbate in front of the cameras whilst I packed my shit, he came on my stepdad dad’s personal computer and wiped it out.

See I could have just left after the church stunt but it didn’t actually hurt him at all

He didn’t care about what people thought of him at all for years he was happy to be an outcast and weirdly proud of being a nerd (not in a good way more like in a fedora way) only a few friends no one besides my mom actually liked to be around him because he’s so … off putting outside of small doses

All that he cared about was his pride as a man of the house, the fact that he didn’t get laid, his computer and how much he could push me around to get some sort of payback to my mom instead of you know get a divorce and sort out their shit like adults.

I was a minor in the video to confirm that they had cameras would get them in jail for filming me in my room (Very illegal where they lived)

It’s been (8) years since I’ve ever spoke to either of them I’m happily married

They are still together and still hate each other


Abusive parents use me as a scapegoat and bring me into their marital issues then set up cameras to be extra crazy so delivered a gooey Hollywood production with extra revenge on top

No. 479646

Your mom and step-dad some what remind of the Alpha Couple

No. 479767

I'd really have to see evidence of that, because in my personal experience anytime ive seen a koreaboo they also are weebs or like anime.

No. 479769

nta but I agree and let's be real at this point it's just pure yellow fever. If China becomes more relevant with pop culture stuff these people would likely be Chinaboos too.

No. 479783

A couple of days ago I was doing some random late night googling and I stumbled upon a pretty big list of symptoms of asperger syndrome in girls & women and I cried for like half an hour because I checked like 98% of the symptoms. Everything I struggled with all of my life suddenly made so much sense, I had a revelation lol.

I know self diagnosing is frowned upon but there are 0 resources for autism/aspergers in my europoor country if you're not under like, 8 years old.

I would just like to know for sure if I do have it but it's pretty much impossible. Is it bad that I'm considering the possibility of self diagnosis?

No. 479788

File: 1572733024321.gif (1.78 MB, 500x534, 1571105487507.gif)

At first I was concerned yet totally interested in how that situation came about. Honestly? Good on you & fuck those people that made you so miserable. Doing that little shit to get under their skin, especially after years of abuse? They deserved every uncomfortable inconvenience.

A+ confession.

No. 479790

It's not bad, per-say - you're free to think of yourself any way you like, but you just lose access to appropriate services without a proper diagnosis. Being in a poor country as well as being female, the cards are already pretty stacked against you.

No. 479794

If you're not flaunting your "diagnosis" for internet points it doesn't really matter. What's important is - if you don't have access to treatment for it - to learn about coping strategies and self-improvement. Obviously don't self-medicate, but there's a lot of free work books and advice online for a plethora of mental illnesses so I'm sure there are some for autism. Maybe even lurk in an online support group and see what tips you can pick up. Just don't fall down a rabbit hole of people who glorify dysfunction and never take steps to help yourself (which is the problem with most self-dxers). And of course it doesn't hurt to bring it up to your doctor just in case they might help you.

No. 479795

I recall reading someplace that an adult diagnosis for women doesn't really help us much. Basically, we've already socially conditioned to mask most symptoms and have developed ways to cope whether we're conscious of it or not.

I've often wondered if I'm on the spectrum too, but at this point I don't think a diagnosis would be helpful–if not stigmatizing. I always think of how some cognitive behavioral therapy might help me on some issues, but again it's not like I need a diagnosis. I'm not even from a poorer country and I feel this way.

Only you can choose anon, but it's just my 2c.

No. 479801

I'm so glad to hear you got your happy ending and are free of them and living with someone who truly loves you now, anon. My god those evil people made you live a nightmare. Props to you for surviving it and making it out the other side.

No. 479958

anon I was diagnosed recently with ADHD and it helped me considerably finally knowing what the fuck is wrong with me and why being medicated for depression/anxiety didn't help. I thought I was autistic for a long time but there's a bit of symptom overlap and I was diagnosed with ADHD instead. I'm now on medication and I have my life under control for the first time ever. so best of luck to you, getting a diagnosis is hard enough on its own. but then having people BELIEVE you when you say you have it is an entirely other issue.

No. 479964

If I could reroll in life I'd probably choose to be a burly russian man. I don't want to be a tranny but just saying if I could be reborn as anything I want, I'd be a man. It's living life on easy mode.

No. 479988

I'm too afraid to check my bank account

No. 480000

shid arent we all.

best of luck anon,

No. 480002

samefag but thos quads got me going.

No. 480007

A lot of the list of symptoms for women with autism seem like bullshit to me. Apparently, if you are a woman likes poetry and is sensitive, you might have autism lmao. Just seems like a way for people to feel special.

I would consider self-diagnosis if you have serious symptoms. I'm not an expert but things like not being able to ride a bike and being a very picky eater seem like symptoms from people I've known with autism. Otherwise the other symptoms are too vague?

No. 480009

Op here, thank you all so much for your advice, anons. I would only tell my mom and my partner that I think I may have it. I don't even take meds for my anxiety/depression so self medicating is not a worry.
I think I'm already pretty good at handling it/coping but being able to put a name to my struggles would be a huge relief. I'll look into some help online

No. 480079

I'm glad you're already in a good place anon, that's a relief. I struggled for years and I abused benzos and alcohol. when I finally was able to put a name to what was wrong with me, it helped me a lot. for me it was kind of like "saying the demon's name", if you get what I mean. regardless I'm now more stable than I ever have been. my boyfriend and I both have ADHD so we can relate pretty strongly with one another. also we can both support each other and help each other with our inattentiveness. if you have a solid foundation, it becomes a lot easier to embrace your disability as being a small part of you, and not see it as a hindrance.

as one word of advice, if you ever see a doctor, I would strongly advise that you bring up autism as your main suspect rather than a side note. you can bring up that you FEEL depressed or anxious, but you suspect that something else (ie. autism, ADHD) is making you feel that way. in my experience, my lack of treatment for ADHD caused me to become incredibly depressed and anxious. also a symptom of ADHD is emotional instability, so I have a lot of issues with mood regulation. and this is ignoring the fact that autistic and ADHD women often don't get diagnosed until way later in life. like ADHD girls tend to be the inattentive type rather than hyperactive, so they're not actively disrupting classes and making a teacher's life hell.

I'm rooting for you anon, I really hope you find peace one day!

adding onto this is that a lot of symptoms overlap completely with ADHD. like one major symptom of autism is becoming overstimulated easily (loud noises, itchy clothing, etc.). but that's also a symptom of ADHD, too.

obviously this list is for children but it still can apply to adults:

from what I've experienced, autistic people have social issues from the get-go and will always struggle with that area of life, whereas with ADHD, you get kicked around so much for being "weird" that you end up becoming severely socially anxious as a result and just forget how to interact with people normally. that's what happened to me, anyways.

No. 480104

>also a symptom of ADHD is emotional instability, so I have a lot of issues with mood regulation.
>like one major symptom of autism is becoming overstimulated easily (loud noises, itchy clothing, etc.). but that's also a symptom of ADHD, too.
>with ADHD, you get kicked around so much for being "weird" that you end up becoming severely socially anxious as a result and just forget how to interact with people normally. that's what happened to me, anyways.
NTA but reading posts like yours makes me wonder if I might have ADHD (inattentive type obviously). However when I read posts about ADHD on reddit for example (pls don't bully) it looks like misplacing keys and things like that is one of the main hallmarks of ADHD but it's not something that happens to me.

No. 480115

NTA I was actually diagnosed with ADHD combined type recently after a big 4 hour evaluation (I was also diagnosed as a child, but my parents were spergs wouldn't let me be medicated so I just suffered). As my psychiatrist put it, adults with ADHD that goes unchecked for a long time tend to build a lot of "mental scaffolding" to cope, and so as adults they will seem more functional/not seem to have the stereotypical hallmarks of ADHD like losing shit or being disorganized. They wind up becoming dysfunctional in other ways that don't seem even remotely related to ADHD such as severe depression/anxiety, noise sensitivity, BPD-tier mood swings/instability and fear of rejection, etc.

My coworkers were really surprised to learn I have ADHD because I worked so efficiently and was very organized (really, I was just hyperfocusing and never took breaks ever - also an ADHD symptom!), but I was a total mess in other completely unrelated ways. Meds have made my life so much better, I'm happy I pursued testing for it. The depression diagnosis I was saddled with as a teenager never fit and anti-depressants did literally nothing, even though I tried more than 10 different ones through my teens and twenties. But my doctors were never like "hmm, maybe it's NOT depression" and were content to keep putting me on shitty drugs for something I did not have. I had to be really persistent about getting tested and it finally paid off.

No. 480179

I'm a 28 year old woman but I'm still terrified of dolls to this day

No. 480193

>becoming dysfunctional in other ways that don't seem even remotely related to ADHD such as severe depression/anxiety, noise sensitivity, BPD-tier mood swings/instability and fear of rejection, etc.

omg what. is this why i'm like this?

No. 480213

i have a hard time saying no to men because i don't like making people feel bad but they perceive my avoidance as affection and being into them which just leads to more pain for them and i freak out, i wish i weren't such a doormat. even when i say no repeatedly, even when i cry, even when they promise to stop being creepy, they do it again and again and i end up either panicking a ton or giving in slightly to what they want, just to panic.

No. 480214

addendum to the confession: i told everyone in his friend group what he did to me and how he gaslit me and broke promises and pressured me and how he did this to several other girls. they all cut him off. this was the first time i've actually done something like this, i was always too scared but i finally didn't just grovel at someone's feet, i took initiative and hopefully no more girls experience this at his hand but i am not so sure he will give up.

No. 480220

Went to a party this weekend and drunkenly took some money I thought was my own but didn't notice before now. Might send one of the hosts a message asking whether it's their money but also kinda considering just donating it to charity so I don't have to stress about it.

No. 480266

I've been like this before, anon, and let me just tell you, you will reaching a breaking point eventually after they walk all over you. Men don't pick up on subtlety and you have to clearly tell them you aren't interested and sometimes be rude about it or they will pursue you relentlessly.

No. 480312

had to ghost a guy i was really into because he turned out to be a racist, misogynistic, climate-change denier. the holy trinity of 'wtf dude'. i don't have the energy or patience to argue his "beliefs" and he's been a creepy weirdo lately anyway, so i'm just going ghost. i acknowledge that this is shitty of me, but he's a shitty person, so hopefully it balances out. just had to get that off my chest.

No. 480329

why the fuck were you really into him then? im of the belief ghosting men isn't bad. we're almost immediately replaceable to them 99.99999% of the time. they just want you to feel bad for it bc man ego. the truth is that they forget about women quickly. there's definitely nothing wrong with ghosting a male this stupid though. he sounds like he'd be an abuser.

No. 480381

>the truth is that they forget about women quickly.
They don't. They remember the women who called them out, it forever hurts their fragile egos. The reason they get so buttblasted is because ghosting/rejecting them destroys their retarded narrative that they're irresistible to all women and should be coddled.

No. 480385

It's funny because every single ugly guy I know swears they have crazy female stalkers who are super hot and just fighting over them, meanwhile how many women you know are like this? Lmao I swear the things men will make up to make themselves seem more popular.

No. 480418

i don't mean literally forget about us. i mean they move on to the next woman in 3.4 seconds and feel just as passionate for her as he did you. you're nothing but a memory of their failings and are an aggravation and source of upset as a result, obviously, but as a 'conquest', they move on very, very quickly.

No. 480440

I'm usually against ghosting but this is totally justified, he 100% deserved it. it wasn't shitty of you.

No. 480457

You did nothing wrong anon, glad you walked away.
Unfortunately a man like that isn't going to realize why you had to take a step back from him and instead it will become more ammunition for why he hates women.

No. 480470

Even though my sister never even aknowleged me growing up and my dad lowkey tried to kill me twice, after not talking to them for years, i kinda miss them. Maybe i miss the image of having them in my life and not the actual people but it makes me feel like an actual schizo.

No. 480548

I want to watch my long-term bf and best friend kiss… They are really cute together lol. I know they would both probably be down with the idea but ya know. I don't think that can of worms is worth the hassle.

No. 480551

Lol, inb4 they start dating each other instead.

No. 480559

anon don't put ideas in my head

No. 480584

File: 1572960640576.jpg (328.48 KB, 1588x1600, IMG_20191103_231306.jpg)

I keep a list of men whom I would never in my life want to have an actual relationship with call them orbiters if you may, I send them random photos of myself to get a morale boost, I don't think that I'm unique for this but in reality I'm a completely different person, no one who knows me irl would ever guess that I do this.

No. 480595

tell me you're getting money out of those losers at least, anon

No. 480597

sorry to disappoint, until now all I get is some attention until now, I don't think I could make them pay me for sending some selfies or risque photos, if you know a way though please teach me, I'm broke as hell.

No. 480617

I secretly have a crush on the guy who used to severely bully me growing up, all because a year or two ago he friend requested me on Facebook (we graduated high school about 8ish years ago). I wish I could make him think I was hot but I never post on Facebook. I was thinking of creating an Instagram and putting the link on FB and seeing what happens. Idk if he even uses Facebook anymore though and I've always been too afraid to check his profile. Wish I had done it sooner

No. 480639

From the ages of 19-20 I intensely dated a 37-38 year old recently divorced man who I met at an event at my college. He graduated from my major years ago and sorta picked me up after this event (weird looking back) and we slept together the first night we met. We then sort of ~dated~ for almost exactly a year until things eventually got weird. I told him I loved him first but he didn’t say it back and it initially broke my heart and made me uncomfortable/a million complicated emotions. It fell apart a bit after that and by the time he got around to telling me he loved me I had kinda lost interest. He bought tickets for us to see a broadway show and we roadtripped together (the show was good) and then pretty much after that I ghosted his ass after I met my current (age appropriate) bf.

No. 480670

I really don't like it when anons give cows "tips" to improve.
>"Hey cow if you're reading please don't do _______ bc it makes u look bad do ______ instead."
It's satisfying in knowing these shitstains look hideous to match their personalities, they really don't deserve the free advice and having them fuck up makes it fun.

No. 480675

I hate the advice because it's usually unrealistic, impractical and unwarranted. A cow has a minor imperfection? "Hey cow, get plastic surgery/fillers!". Like they owe the world a perfect face just because it's on the internet. Ridiculous.

No. 480680

When people get plastic surgery or fillers they get shit on anyway because it rarely looks like the natural ideal version of the desired trait so it's even more pointless as "advice" usually.

No. 480681

I more or less had makeup, fashion, and picture choices in mind when I wrote that confession but the ps sperging is annoying in its own right, I agree.

No. 480693

I'm a sex pest
I've snooped in lockers in middle school trying to find things like musical instruments, clothing, etc so I could do weird stuff to it like smell or lick it
I've creeped on people's social media–left weird messages about stalking them anonymously
I've said weird and gross things to people to the point where people just sorta assume I'm creepy now after years have gone by

I thought I grew out of it, but I asked an acquaintance to draw a portrait of themselves just to sort of patronize their art career/hobby and they thought I was going to do something with it
I ended up anonymously donating to their patreon–but it was just a shock to finally understand what other people assume based on how I present myself

I feel like I have a lot of growing up to do, but I just don't know how to shake the idea that I'm regressing in some way

No. 480715

File: 1572992696084.jpg (1.03 MB, 1858x2560, A1GDVmUpGrL.jpg)

I steal from my work (even though most of it has been thrown out). I've stolen the odd pen and recently stole a paint palette (like where you put the paint to mix), a few paint brushes - just because I wanted them and knew they wouldn't be missed. that's the actual stealing. I've also taken things that were meant for the rubbish - so many things over the years even though its very much against company policy. I've taken books, dvds, a flash drive, a lockable money bank, sunglasses, among other things. they're so wasteful at work and I don't see too much wrong with taking things that'd just end up in landfill. I don't care if I'm a womble. if anything I'm doing a good thing… just, very much against policy. I'd lose my job if they knew.

No. 480716

same here anon. Recently went online stalking and found my elementary-middle school bully and he hasn’t been out of my head since. I feel ashamed and confused.

No. 480743

that being company policy is so retarded. i used to work at a shitty chain pet store and would take returned (unopened) food and day past sell-by-date and donate to shelters. or just take toys or food for my own pets.

they would destroy the returned or past-sell-by date stuff anyway, it was so stupid.

No. 480763

My boyfriend cheated on me with this ugly as sin girl with a refrigerator body and skin walks me (I broke up with him so he started dating her) so I constantly post my natural body and naked face and my job on Instagram and Snapchat because she stalks me and I know how much it kills her on the inside knowing that when he fucks her disgusting saggy tits, fupa, and smelly pussy, his dick was once in me, and everyone knows men compare their partners like the Olympics, it makes me happy knowing my existence and past destroys her self esteem and that she will never match up to me

No. 480764

>>480763 so you got cheated on because you were too perfect

No. 480765

I say this for your own good: The only one who cares so much is you. Stop caring about them.

No. 480767

Nah men cheat no matter what, a cheater is a cheater, whether you're a 2 or an 11 if he wants to cheat, he will

I would but she creepily skinwalks me and attempts to copy my hobbies, my style, even my career path. The entire reason she even kept going for him is because she constantly tries to be like me

No. 480769

You should be doing all those nice things for yourself for your sake, not to potentially spite some girl who hurt you and for all intents and purposes you ought to forget about. You must know she skinwalks because you go on her social media, don't do that. Erase both of those toxic people from your life, this is no way to live anon ffs. The fact that men will cheat with whoever is all the more reason why your comparison doesn't really matter.

No. 480775

>ugly as sin girl with a refrigerator body
>her disgusting saggy tits, fupa, and smelly pussy
Funny that you write an entire essay about how (supposedly) subhuman this girl is, wanting to see her get "destroyed" while not saying one bad thing about the actual cheater…
Maybe you were left because you act like a narcissistic psycho?

No. 480776

It's more fun to think if this girl were more attractive than anon. What would anon do, kill herself? It's dumb.

No. 480778


you sound 16… I hope for your sake you are… what's more pathetic: being ugly or devoting time to attempting to make someone jealous? spend less time doing that and more trying to not have a shit personality

No. 480779

Oh I have a lot to say about him
She repeatedly tempted him and chased him, both are shit, but it's fun to spite her

Did you really think the confession thread was going to be jolly and innocent?

No. 480780

I am numb about issues in my family because of being away at college and having lots of therapy. During my first year I'd be heavily distressed about my mom having an adderall problem and sister abusing alcohol. Now during my last year I have a much healthier view. I want to support them and help them but I'm no longer feeling this pressing weight to be the "fixer" or to obsess over things out of my control. Even with this improvement, part me of feels like I've abandoned my sister. I know I haven't… ugh.

No. 480782

and yet your stupid ass stayed with a cheater long enough to build up that /snow/ tier skinwalking fantasy. trying to act like youre better than them is very amusing

No. 480783

I didn't "stay with him" by breaking up with him?
anyway all I'm doing is posting pictures and showing off, it's not like I'm actively trying to bother this girl

No. 480786

lmao, it doesn't matter who someone is with before, because it's the past.

No. 480788

I miss weighing less than 110 pounds. I weigh 113 now when my highest was 130 and my lowest was under 100. Being under 100 was awful energy and emotional wise but I liked how I looked. It's because of my very upper thighs that I hate this weight. That was the only time I'd worked off all the fat…

No. 480789

I am broke as fuck and it's seriously making me consider prostitution. I'm too shy to be a cam girl or sell any content online for all to see so I guess I'd resort to meet clients irl. I'd rather get one sugar daddy instead of many people but no sites like that exist in my country, I actually logged into seeking.com to search from my country but it was all trolls and scammers so I gave up. I don't even want some luxury life, I just want to be able to pay for looksmaxing (saving up for rhinoplasty, beauty salon, hairdresser's, fixing my teeth…) because I'm sick of being ugly and my current salary all goes to rent and shit like that, leaving me with almost nothing. (By ugly I mean to my standards, I have had men thinking I was sexy before so I guess I still have a chance at whoring, I mean… I'm not a junkie or diseased or completely "used up"). Damn this is pretty pathetic but oh well

No. 480791

>saving up for rhinoplasty, beauty salon, hairdresser's, fixing my teeth…
wtf anon. You want to take up a soul sucking male serving job just to do soul sucking male serving things with your money? Even if you did take the massive risk to your physical safety and mental health and become a prostitute, at least spend the money wisely. Invest it, or invest in your education or career, get therapy, anything that will actually benefit your growth rather than increasing worthless male attention.

No. 480792

Tell that to men who are obsessed with comparing their currents to their exes and girls who obsess over their boyfriend's exes

It may not matter to you but laughably most people care because everyone is insecure

No. 480798


I understand what you're saying but I was bullied for my looks a lot in my life. Now that I am an adult I want to finally feel beautiful. As you can read I had men thinking I was sexy before but it doesn't matter because I want to be beautiful to myself. To look at myself and not cringe.

I am currently studying, luckily in my country it's not very expensive, so I don't have to worry about that. Therapy I've tried and it wasn't worth it in my case tbh

No. 480799

I’ve never been as horny for anyone as I am with my current boyfriend and now I just want to fuck every single day. Maybe that just means it’ll get old quick but I just want to fuck like bunnies. It makes me happy because I used to think I was asexual with past partners so it feels nice to feel normal and get.. naturally.. lubricated again.

I genuinely want to please him and have fun with it. In the past it would feel like a chore or like I would be forced to say yes or service my ex so it’s nice to have a fun time on top of such a deep emotional connection.

I want to find a shared bathroom stall or something of the sorts tomorrow..

No. 480809

if you want a more positive body image of yourself, prostitution is NOT the way to go. that will literally make your issues worse. because not only will it make you more focused on your appearance, but then your money will depend even more on it.

No. 480816


I thought so too but looking at the ads in my country it honestly seems like men will pay basically anyone with a vagina for sex. So many borderline obese women, obvious junkies etc. asking for the same standard rates as anyone, even the better looking women. And they've got plenty of reviews too. Just… I don't see sex as something that special and sacred. It seems like a pretty easy way to make some money sometimes, not even full time as I still have an actual day job.

No. 480824

or you could…. just work on your self esteem so you don't even need to pay for all these bullshit procedures or debase yourself through prostitution.

I'm tired of all of you anons with ridiculous self image and self esteem issues. Most of your problems would vanish if you'd just give yourselves a chance and stop drinking the koolaid.

No. 480855

>Oh I have a lot to say about him. She did this and that…
You're so pitiful, you sound genuinely fucked up. How can you not realize that he wasn't chased and stolen away by an evil temptress, your man left you because he wanted to! And he would have still done so if it wasn't for her. How can anybody be so pathetic? Handmaiden level 3000… The world is not out there to get you, her "skinwalking" is probably just in your head, you were simply dumb enough to fall for an ass.

No. 480869

Your dream guy won't ever settle for a former sugar baby that spent on plastic surgery. He'd want someone with the confidence to feel sexy as God made them.

No. 480871

I think it being policy could tie in with… confidentiality? unsure tbh. that's so nice of you that you'd donate to shelters. so many perfectly fine things are thrown away, why not help someone, or even yourself. that's how I see it.

No. 480873

I think it's a liability thing. They don't want be sued by idiots that get sick from eating refuse.

No. 480880

File: 1573044819774.gif (4.35 MB, 300x356, tenor.gif)

Why are you being so predisposed over a situation you literally don't know about outside of my confession? If your only reaction is false assumptions about me and the situation then you literally have nothing, and yes if you knew someone was in a relationship and still chased them until they gave in you should be just as accountable for your actions as the cheater, why is acknowledging this somehow making me a handmaiden? A handmaiden is someone who defends men no matter what, not someone who holds men and women accountable for their actions, you're actually doing harm by throwing the word handmaiden around and allowing it to lose its meaning

No. 480914

Why do you suddenly act as if you care so much about anything related to feminism when you just posted the vilest shit I've read in a very, very long time?
I called you a handmaiden (tho you actually sound more like an incel) because the worst you manage to say about your cheating ex is "both are shit" - while putting the entire blame onto her, making up fantasies about how gross her genitals are, wishing the worst onto her and obviously dedicating a big part of your life to coming up with ways to spite her.

>Why are you being so predisposed over a situation you literally don't know about outside of my confession?

You are the one who said that the confession thread isn't going to be all jolly, what did you expect after going off like that? Nice replies, people feeling sympathy for you? It doesn't matter that you fell victim to a cheater, everybody can clearly see that you're a major cunt.
Now continue taking selfies of beautiful you to make the girl who get's fucked by your bf die inside lol

No. 480929

>Dog haters wishing dogs were violently murdered
>Anons comparing rando cam girls to serial killers
>Stalking, cheating, and abuse


>Somehow posting sexy pics to make some girl I don't like jealous is the most vile thing ever

It's clear you're coming from a place of insecurity which is why you're overreacting like this and hopelessly defending my skinwalker

This is one post about one person, yes I have talked about him on her and said much worse however my posts were about her, sorry I don't treat her like a poor special innocent fairy like you apparently want me to

No. 480932

the fact youre still on this after having totally moved on being ultra pretty with a mega serious job and not wanting to flaunt how amazingly happy you are, youre still scrambling to defend being an insecure cunt lol

No. 480939

this is like momokun saying all women hate their bodies. again, that's a problem with them and you. you seem obsessed with the idea that your ex is pining over you.

No. 480942

Imaging being so self centered that you're quick to think everyone is after you after hearing what nice things exit your mouth. I no doubt understand why he preferred the "ugly one" over you

No. 480944

>Bitching about me "still being on this" while still being on this

Wew, not only are you insecure but also a hypocrite, bravo!

No. 480945

How exactly do I think "everyone is after me"? You are again assuming assuming and assuming over people you both don't know much about, whether you choose to believe if she was skinwalking or not is one thing but assuming the absolute worse and that she's a poor innocent child and I'm a big evil meanie who's out to get her says a lot about you and your bias

How am I "obsessed with the idea my ex is pining over me" exactly?
She's a jealous bitch and skin walker and I enjoy fueling jealousy, plain and simple

No. 480946

I've cheated on every boyfriend I've ever had except one, my first. I guess I do it because he cheated on me, then broke up with me, so I'm certain that has something to do with the way I am now.

No. 480956

File: 1573072660360.jpg (38.63 KB, 640x645, Vl3HHo2_d.jpg)

>>480945 BPD fag detected

No. 480957

Dont care about your weird skinwalker but damn, date some better men

No. 480959

>No defense so just falsely diagnoses people based on an internet fight despite the fact psychology students are told specifically not to diagnose strangers
Typical farmer

Then… Just ignore? I dont care about most things posted on lolcow, I most certainly wouldn't reply then claim how no1cur while still giving the subject attention. Unless you're the girl in question then it doesn't involve you, just stop reading, and worry about yourself

No. 480961

>>480959 I swear I can hear REEEing in the distance

No. 480962

Why do you constantly claim that she's jealous, how would you know that? She already got what once was yours, why should she be jealous?
He obviously found her more attractive/sexier/better than you. I doubt she's as physically repulsive as you make her out to be, but even if that's the case, then that just proves that your personality must be seriously awful for him to choose a monster with a smelly pussy over you.

No. 480966

She is objectively physically unattractive, masculine features, bad acne, obese but shaped like a fridge. You really think men get with women they're physically attracted to? And you really think men don't cheat with women they consider ugly just for the heck of it?

She is jealous because she's a clear skinwalker who's been skin walking me a few months after she met me at work, including copying my Instagram and Snapchat posts, getting her hair styled and dyed similar to me, even changed her career path to my field which was way off than her original plan. You can come to whatever conclusion you want but until you see for yourself you cannot make insane assumptions about how she's a pure innocent goddess and I'm an ugly spiteful meanie or whatever

No. 480967

Also I broke up with him when I found out he cheated so he got with her so he wouldn't be lonely and he would have someone to fill his ego, so it's not a situation of something he choose

No. 480977

I think if you really believed what you're saying you wouldn't be defending your sperg for hours. To strangers, who by your own words don't know anything about the situation. Seems like if you weren't insecure/in denial about it you wouldn't devote this much time to convincing people who don't know you. Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself more than anything at this point.

No. 480981

This is some gimpgirl555 shit, anon. People have been dragging you for this (and with good reason), but I kind of get it.
The problem here is that you're going to be very salty and start feeling inferior if she stops skinwalking you at any point to find herself. You're relying on her constant attention, and the idea of her being less than you. Neither of those things are promised.
If you continue on this path, it's going to turn into some bitter, A-logging hag shit like
>"O-Okay, she might have gotten fit, hasn't checked my accounts in a while and started looking better recently, but guess what?! Look at those NASOLABIAL FOLDS! I bet she's wearing shapewear, too! And she's still dating my man! She's fucking OBSESSED with me, so jealous"
>furiously scrolls through her page, checks her stories, and reads her posts
Like, you're going to turn into the stalker and stan if you fixate like this. You sound like you already are, honestly. It's better to just ignore her and your ex. Leave that shit behind you.

No. 480992

I'm asking for explainations of different claims made about me as well as making myself clear because anons here tend to… Have reading comprehension trouble

Anyway, it's lolcow, we like to yap at each other, there's no crazy psychology behind it, you're thinking way too much into this

I'm making fun of her, why is it so hard to understand?

Also first you tinfoil about how she must be a sexy model goddess, then when I go into detail how she looks I'm gimpgirl, what makes her so special? Are you sure you aren't in a situation similar to hers and this is why you're projecting this hard and defending a stranger who, by your knowledge, had sex with a guy who had a girlfriend and now the said ex girlfriend has negative feelings towards both of them?

No. 480999

Because you're clearly emotionally invested and angry with this. I don't sense much pleasure in any of your descriptions, just scorn and disgust that needs to be worked through.
It probably makes you feel better to say I must be projecting and that I'm actually "defending" her, but I'm not. The same way she's a stranger to me, she's not an important entity in your life, or someone you can rely on for shit (not even a petty morale boost). She's some random girl that fucked your boyfriend, and that's it.
Excommunicating her from any part of your mind and doing the same to your shit-tier ex is the healthy thing to do, because dwelling on this and ruminating on the scent of her pussy flaps can only lead to more irritation down the line. It won't help you.
He showed you exactly where he belonged when he went off with someone who's apparently acne-ridden, obese and has identity issues. If you choose to lie down with them and play their games instead of just blocking them, that puts you on their level. You can't call yourself an entertained spectator if you join the circus.
I also want to add that I never tinfoiled about her being a "sexy model goddess". That post comparing you to gimpgirl555 is literally my first reply to you.
Like I said, putting yourself in competition with someone you know isn't shit just means two things: It's a sensible comparison at all (if you're better than her, there really isn't - no one compares a supermodel to a warthog), and that if that person actually does become something, your mental state will worsen.

No. 481003

Most of us are just laughing at the fact you've been "yapping" about this for like over 20 hours? You're kind of just saying the same stuff over and over again. Someone who isn't looking for validation would realize that anons perceptions of your experiences means literally nothing. If you were secure about the situation you wouldn't be needing "explanations" for anons misinterpreting. You wouldn't care if they don't have reading comprehension. You can't prove it to these people, but you KNOW what's happening, so why are you invested in convincing these people?

No. 481004

>Because you're clearly emotionally invested and angry with this.
You say as you write a novel over situations amoung strangers that doesn't involve you
I have a right to be emotionally invested and angry, I don't know why you say that as if I was being irrational
He cheated which involved me having to kick him out and move back to my parents house and I resent her because she acted buddy buddy with me to get closer to him and blatantly tries to be like me to the point where even others have pointed out her creepiness towards me

>on the scent of her pussy flaps can only lead to more irritation down the line. It won't help you.

I'm not saying it will, this is lolcow, there's much bitter shit going on and being said to milkless cows in snow, me joking about how a homewreckers pussy stinks is literally nothing, if anything, most women who are in situations I am, will do similar, because its perfectly normal to have this reaction

>He showed you exactly where he belonged when he went off with someone who's apparently acne-ridden, obese and has identity issues. If you choose to lie down with them and play their games instead of just blocking them, that puts you on their level. You can't call yourself an entertained spectator if you join the circus.

I don't care, all I'm doing is posting pics and laughing about knowing how jealous she is. That's it. That's literally it. You act like I go out my way to contact or bother them but I do not.

Go preach about muh mental health to anons obsessing over me, even diagnosing me with bpd or the fact there's loons on here running around diagnosing everyone on lolcow with bpd, anons who dox and stalk cows, the anon who claimed me being a snob about my looks and laughed at the jealousy of my bunny boiler was the "most vile thing she's ever read" on a site that has to be heavy moderated because the amount of insane shit that goes on here. Seriously if you think me not being a calm Jan and doing literally nothing out of spite after being cheated on is some ~crazy out there thing only someone who is deeply mentally ill would do~ you need to get out there more and actually see what crazy reactions to getting cheated on is, this is not one. You sound sheltered.

No. 481005

>yapping" about this for like over 20 hours?
So have other anons, what makes me so different other than your bias?

Also what planet you live on where you think people getting frustrated over strawmans must mean they're trying to prove themselves?

No. 481009

>You say as you write a novel over situations amoung strangers that doesn't involve you
Okay, then why did you share this story at all? Don't you have any friends you could've told this to instead of online strangers? Maybe even a private journal or blog that you could've put this in? If you didn't want feedback from people you don't know, there was no reason to come here. In fact, why do you keep responding to us uninvolved strangers at all?
You can't use the "Not your business" defense when you make your own shit into a public affair, lmao. You literally put this thread into your drama. We're on season 3, episode 6 now. There's no turning back.
The rest of your post is too long to read, but you've spent 2 days now arguing with strangers about this. Get some help. Or don't, I (and many other farmers) actually find it really interesting when anons air out their dirty laundry this much.
If you get up to any crazier shit, please make sure to post a detailed update about it in this thread (preferably before any jail time can happen).

No. 481011

Anon gave you some sound advice.
>writing novels
>writing a novel to say:
>"hur durr says the guy writing novels"
For the record, what separates you from the anons is the fact you're desperately coping for validation and the rest of us are just laughing at you. The BPD thing is also mostly a joke, imo akin to calling someone a boomer or incel(may not actually be, but displays a lot of the same hilarious habits and patterns)and the fact that you're stuck on it makes you look worse. Your original confession was pretty average, nothing horrible or "crazy." Your responses to anons is what comes off as "bpd" behavior.
People get cheated on, yes. If you can't handle the fact that anons aren't going to praise you up and down for having an unhealthy coping mechanism that will eventually backfire on you, maybe you shouldn't post.
Anons aren't calling you crazy because of what you confessed, they are calling you crazy because of your sperg. Your reaction to criticisms/being loled at is cow-level.
>"Go preach about muh mental health to anons obsessing over me,"
Topkek. No one's obsessing. No one KNOWS you. You have however become an entertainment in this thread lmao. Most anons probably commented twice. You've obviously been here for hours and hours defending yourself when, once again, a confident person would not do. I can't imagine caring enough about what anons think of my personal experiences enough to post about them and spend the following hours defending it tooth and nail. These people don't know you. who would care other than a person who desperately needs validation for choices they probably deep down know are the wrong ones?
Get help anon, find healthy coping mechanisms. It really sucks you got cheated on, I sympathize with you on that. However, your way of dealing with it (and critism) is abysmal and quite frankly hilarious.

No. 481032

Because it's a confession thread and that was my confession? You act way too emotionally invested in the lives of others, especially over literally the most lowest reaction such as laughing at jealousy compared to how other people react to cheating

If you think silently laughing at my exes current gfs jealous is some crazy insane reaction to cheating you're extremely sheltered and don't know what you're talking about tbh

>The "it's a joke" excuse when someone can't own up to what they say even when it clearly wasn't a joke or it came of some place of actual thoughts
>Insisting "NO ONES OBSESSING OVER YOU!!!" While obsessing over me

No. 481042

Only on lolcow will you see such an overreaction to such a small petty thing such as laughing over someone jealousy. What can I expect from people who have such boring and sheltered lives that they take anything they possibly can and blow it way out of proportion? There are news articles about people murdering their SOs over cheating, there are videos of people destroying their partners or their mistresses things over cheating, those are over reactions, acknowledging a skin walker and backstabber and laughing at her jealousy is not one of them.

No. 481049

I want to fuck my professor. Not even really that, I also want to crack him open and suck out his knowledge and then have his experiences and the things he's learned. I also want to push him until he snaps (but I get the urge to do that for every really nice person I meet). I don't know if I'm experiencing gender envy or something. It's like I wish I WAS him. To be clear, I don't want to be a man. Not in the slightest. But it's like I'm obsessed with this guy. I also can't tell if I'm latching on because he's extremely non-threatening and all my life I've been fucked over by men. Or if I'm using him to replace my deadbeat dad or what. Anyway, just wanted to confess that.

No. 481064

This is so me, I want to fuck my professor but also I want to be him at the same time
also I take creepshots of him in class

No. 481081

getting into arguments on lolcow gives me actual legit anxiety

No. 481085

I'm not sure if I understand you fully, but I think I agree? I hate how much people overreact to small things in general, and ignore the bigger things. I'm not going to give actual examples though because I know it would start a war here.

I've wanted to fuck professors before but not be them. But I know what that feels like to, wanting to absorb someone else's knowledge. Just not in the same person if that makes sense.

No. 481086

Then don't do it?

No. 481087

I don't even get into them on purpose most of the time, it just happens

No. 481088

Agreed, but lolcow has a specific way of making mountains out of mole hills, especially with cows.

No. 481089

I'll agree with that, and I think sometimes it's just because the posters here can have such a vendetta/hate boner for certain cows that they see every thing that cow does as utterly deplorable

No. 481090

especially if its with radfems

No. 481091

I like a lot of the art in the art hate thread, especially the stranger, more obscure art. (No gore or nsfw) I love when artists take a stylistic leap or make shit I have to look at for a while to understand.

No. 481093

I have super stalkerish tendencies, I will literally drive past my ex boyfriend's work to see if he's at work

also I had a crush on a professor one time and googled him, found out his address, drove through his neighborhood a few times, found his niece and brother on social media and would routinely look at their social medias (he didn't have social media that I could find) I even made a facebook account with a fake name (I don't have facebook) to look at their profiles. I'd also walk by his classroom when he was teaching other classes and hang outside the classroom where he couldn't see me just to hear his voice

No. 481096

I get that but it's practically an art form to them. A cow can post "I like the color blue" and anons will spend days in deep discussion psychoanalyzing the post. I honestly don't understand how someone can have the emotional effort for that

No. 481101

that's what I mean, they have such a hate boner that they read into everything the cow does as if it's some kind of crime.

No. 481132

Creepy Lizard Pedo Jared cheated on Disney Princess Heidi with Crazy Bird Lady Holly, and Crazy Bird Lady Holly cheated on Geeky Dream Hubby Ross with Creepy Lizard Pedo Jared. With many cheaters it's pathological, they trade down all the time. Regardless, if she's willing to settle for one she's pathetic, and if you care enough to hate her for it you're more so. Move on with your life. Let them make each other miserable.

No. 481258

All I want in this entire world is to be a mother

No. 481274

I wipe exclusively with wet wipes. I cannot stand toilet paper and I think toilet paper is unhygienic. Even the good stuff can't get everything and might leave behind bits of tp. Me and my bf have high libido so we have sex a lot and I can't stand the thought of him railing me from the back and smelling something or seeing something lmfao. I wipe kind of obsessively too, a lot. Sometimes I stick my finger in my butthole to get it extra clean too. I've always wondered if I have OCD because I wash my hands like 4 times every time i do, which is constantly through the day. I don't understand how people use toilet paper tho.

No. 481276

I use wet wipes too but I think it's insane you would call other people unhygienic while you cheerfully mention you stick your finger up your ass after you take a shit

No. 481277

If you really want it, you can get it. Adoption and the like are always available. I hope you become the mom you want to be!

No. 481278

>>481276 well it's not just my finger it's my pinkie with a wet wipe. Never my bare finger Haha but I do wash my hands every time I even go INTO a bathroom, and especially after I pee or shit or whatever. When I physically touch things in the bathroom I have to wash my hands at least 3 times.

No. 481354

I got my pussy eaten while playing league of legends.

No. 481372

unironic goals (tear emoji here)

No. 481394

That's amazing.

No. 481402

I dont know if I will ever fully grow out of wanting to "mother" my sister, which has only become a thing because of my mother's failures. And besides, is it really so bad that I want to help her make dentist and therapy appts? I want to be that for her because she has no one else.

No. 481416

I’d only be more impressed if you were playing dota, nice one anon

No. 481417

I’m like this with my siblings too, so I understand what you mean. But don’t forget to let your little sister learn by doing things on her own, otherwise she’ll grow dependent on you. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with it if you’re giving moral and emotional support to a sister that wouldn’t otherwise find it in your mom. Good on you for caring enough to guide her through adolescence.

No. 481421

I shaved my head and now my personal trainer doesn’t find me attractive and it stings for no fucking reason

No. 481427

I feel you.

How do you know he/she doesn't find you attractive tho?

No. 481467

Different anon - but I once stopped in the middle of sex to play Dota2. My partner joined me.

No. 481493

I don't mind e-dating per se. Except it makes me annoyed that when shit doesn't work out or if they obv aren't clicking with me, that I wasted my gas to meet these dudes at places. Or if it was a bar/restaurant that I didn't order more or something expensive for them to pay.

I don't even care about having this attitude because I've been so jaded by guys who try to sleep with women even when they don't see a relationship just to 'get' something back out of the encounter.

No. 481525

I got fat in college and have been profiting from selling images and videos to fat fetishists

No. 481545

Where do you find fat fetishists to sell to?
Just curious. I'd ask the same if you told me you sell feet pics to footfags.

People always post about the fetish honeypot yet it's unclear where one would even start.

No. 481601

Mostly Curvage

No. 481602

an old summer fling was back in town and i cheated on my perfectly nice, lovely boyfriend with him
and i don't even feel bad, i just want the summer fling to come back.

No. 481653

This be nasty

My confession is I found this utterly nasty.

No. 481657

>>481653 second this confession. what a bitch

No. 481666

I'm pissed that ethots and game streaming is a thing because my parents told me growing up that nobody would pay me to play video games
I even told them I could potentially be a video game tester and they weren't having it

Now I'm terrible at video games because I didn't grow up playing them and I'm too ugly to be an internet personality
And here's the worst part, my dad is dead and I wish he was alive so I could rub this in his face
I wish he was alive for a lot of reasons, but like, this is something I think about a lot

No. 481675

been through this feeling and in the end, it really wasn't worth it. my boyfriend was better. dummy.

No. 481689

I'm not sure if this was grooming or not, but when I was 16 me and my best friend used this website that I'm not sure if it even exists anymore, but it was the website for the band the black eyed peas and it had like message boards and stuff and a private messaging system. I met this guy on there that was 38 and married and had kids (one of whom was a year older than I). He was also a veteran and I think had ptsd or some other issue(s).

We talked a lot and he acted like he was infatuated by me and told me he had feelings for me. I was fucked up and liked older men back then for some reason and I liked him too (or at least I thought I did). We started texting each other s lot, and he tried to get me to watch porn which never happened. We also agreed that we would meet irl eventually and that he would leave his wife. He also told me all this shit about how he wasnt happy because his wife had cheated multiple times (now I wonder if any of that was even true) but anyway one day we were texting and he accidentally sent a text that was meant for me to his wife and she found out and threatened to call the cops. We hardly talked after that but still had the plans to meet up and stuff, but I realized how fucked up it all was and just blocked him on all platforms. I was so worried that his wife had actually told the cops and that they would try to contact my parents or something but they never did.

I just cringe so fucking hard at the whole thing. I'm so glad I blocked him and SO glad I never told my parents, jesus christ what was I thinking.

No. 481690

You could improve. There's still time.

If that's how you feel then you might wanna break up with your bf

No. 481697

>thinking most ethots are good at video games or even like them

No. 481712

I’m thinking about hooking up with a conservative dude I know

No. 481713

I hate cheaters and would never cheat on my boyfriend, but my coworker is so charming and supportive of me and I would choke on his dick if I was single and he wasn't married. I feel so bad for feeling this way though. It's obviously just a fantasy. I wouldn't actually act on it, because I value my relationship I'm in right now.

No. 481714

I don't know what the point of being in a relationship is when both people have fantasies about other people, it bothers me. I guess it shouldnt but it does

No. 481724

I'm thinking of diving in to writing fanfic but I'm terrified that it'll be super lame and no one will enjoy it or give a shit. The idea is embarrassing enough to me, being totally rejected is exponentially more cringy.

Maybe I'll just write it for myself and never post it.

No. 481741

Currently away on work with 5 coworkers.
I'm staying in a place which is very dangerous for your health, and I had an emergency a week ago.

Even before the emergency, the situation was pretty bad and I complained to my bf about it. Bf started being very condescending, talking down to me and telling me to "stop being a drama queen, you'll be fine". The situation was so bad it was in the news worldwide. He kept telling me what I should do and say instead of being supportive and kind. He used to talk to me like that a lot, even my best friend noticed and said "he's arrogant and thinks he's smarter than everyone".

Then the incident happened and I was rushed to the ER. One of my coworkers was with me the whole time, made sure I was safe, checked up on me, carried my stuff, tried to cheer me up etc. We also have very similar interests and talking to him is so enjoyable because he's so patient and sweet.

I told my bf about the incident, thinking he'd get worried and be a little nicer. Instead he was offended that I was angry with him for brushing off my distress and said I'm blaming him that the incident happened. Which is not the case, I blamed him for being an insensitive ass. I said it's dangerous, people are dying out there. He then took to google and replied with "um ackshually it's only sensitive groups who are dying, not everyone". Which is beside the point.

He wouldn't apologise for his behaviour because "he didn't know what he did wrong" until I started crying and telling him to figure it the fuck out and that it's appalling that he's more concerned about being right than my own wellbeing. He apologised only recently and then started getting huffy because I wasn't being nice enough to him in my replies.

My bf has done many nice things for me in the past, like pay my rent and offer me to move in because I lived in a shitty dorm with no heating in winter. I was kind of dependent on him and still am because I have a cohabitation visa thanks to him. But we've fought a lot because of the callous way he sometimes addresses me and I don't think I can recover from this one. What if we have kids and he tells me to "suck it up" during labour?

I'm starting to regret my relationship and think I'm falling for my coworker, and the feeling is mutual. I would never cheat because I've been cheated on in the past, but I feel so betrayed because a person I knew for 4 months is being better to me than someone I shared a home and a life with for over a year.

No. 481746

>a person I knew for 4 months is being better to me than someone I shared a home and a life with for over a year.

Not to defend your shitty boyfriend, but this is pretty much always the case per infatuation. Feelings that you get with someone new will never be like the feelings for someone you've been with for a while. It's an unfortunate fact.

No. 481748

As someone who used to write a few pieces of self indulgent fanfiction, absolutely go for it. I was surprised by how many people actually liked the garbage I wrote and wanted more, plus negative comments are usually uncalled for even on degen stuff.

No. 481749

break up with your bf, cause theirs no reason to stay with him

No. 481750

I wasn't talking about feelings, just bedside manner, at least on my part I'm trying to keep my feelings entirely out of this for now and think somewhat rationally. My bf was less callous when we met sure, but he had a similar attitude to what he has now.

At the time I just chalked it up to age difference (he's 6 years older) and went with whatever he said just to pacify him and stop him from being bitchy, but I remember him complaining even when we were playing Donkey Kong Country because I sucked and his flatmate telling him to leave me alone.

I'm slowly getting sick of it because even then I knew this wasn't the healthiest relationship, but I chalked it up to me being insecure, poor, unemployed and confused and him being the Rational Adult just trying to help me get better.

I never had any medical emergency before but he always assured me he would be there for me. Now he isn't and is even bossing me around when I'm feeling like shit. My coworker might be an apathetic piece of shit deep down for all I know but even if nothing happens, I'm still deeply hurt because all this time I thought I was being hysterical and irrational, and comparing him to other people just… puts things into perspective, a lot.

No. 481751

it's definitely a red flag that he didn't show any concern for the fact you had to go to the ER, or your safety as a whole.

No. 481795

In the end I know it's mostly my fault I did badish academically, but I secretly blame my parents for some of my current academic record
>They, unknownly, sent me to one of the worst charter schools in my area
>Still stayed after the school showed it self to be extremely incompetent (multiple teacher fired at once, 3 principles in one year, one time was to lazy to print our grades out, it was graded 'd', bad communication, a lot of shit)
>Didn't tell me about a scholarship opportunity for a charter school 4x as good because they were to lazy to research it
>Didn't give a shit about my grades (I could come home with 60's and I'd just get a small slap on the wrist)
>Didn't tell me they heard of a volunteering opportunity, I had to get a few hours for my Cambridge class, because they thought 'I wouldn't be interested'. I was literally 3 hours short that year and had to beg my teacher for an extension
>Mom did jack to help me in school:
>Didn't take her thyroid medication, had a ~natural cure~, so she was always drowsy and mood swingy
>Any attempt to get help on homework was 'ask your dad', dad came home at 11.
>Mom didn't do much to help me or my brother academically. Just left us on the TV and computer
I know I could have fixed and most of this is my own fault, but if my parents ever tried to help me more or curbed my teenage stupidly, maybe punishing me for bad grades, I would be in a better place. It was also to late, junior, when I realized how screwed I was from my bad academic history. I couldn't switch to the fancy charter school now. I don't blame them, but more see an alternative universe were things could have been better. What if my mom tried to take us to a nature museum on her own will once or twice? Or she tried to care about my little brothers interest in coding and get him some books based on that? She could have at least helped me with my homework. I know it's my fault, but my parents also kind of set me up for that path.

No. 481800

To add on I see my little brother going down the same path. He's about to enter highschool, but he plays fortnite 5 hours straight and does his homework last second. His grades are always average and I'm scared he's going to turn into a fuckup too. Is there anything I could do to help him?

No. 481854

File: 1573335611541.jpeg (75.54 KB, 600x400, 1376D6A5-69BE-4F82-B093-0D3D92…)

i adore 2000s celebrity fashion and i wish i could dress like i just walked the red carpet at a naughties music award ceremony.

No. 481859

I feel so inferior to other girls.
Just yesterday I caught myself in the act of offering another student my chair. I'm just so tall, muscular and big, I've always felt like half man. Meanwhile other girls are so much shorter and daintier, so I'm scared that I would hurt them when I touch them, I feel like I must carry stuff for them, that I'm not deserving of sitting down when they have to stand and so on.
When I was younger sometimes my friends expressed genuine hurt when I did things like lightly slapping them on the arm - something that would be absolutely nothing to me. When I hug my mom it feels like I could crush her. So I just feel like a massive brute in comparison to everyone.
I would literally do anything to be smaller, it's been my biggest wish since forever.

No. 481864

better than being small and pushed around all the time/fearing for your life when you walk by yourself during the night outside

No. 481869

Your height/size has nothing to do with you being pushed around or feeling scared, that's got more to do with whether you've got a doormat personality or not.
If that was the case when no tall women would ever be bullied in school, get attacked by men etc.

No. 481870

>so tall, muscular and big
so still stronger than most females. wtf does personality have to do with physical abilities

No. 481873

Being pushed around has nothing to do with physical abilities - unless people are pushing you in a literal sense.
People treat you that way because they sense that you are weak and won't dare to complain. I was always treated that way despite being taller than everyone because most can immediately see that I'm a shy loser. And even if it would come to a physical fight (which is more than just highly unrealistic) when I still wouldn't be able to defend myself because I'd be too scared of hurting others.
Plus if you're smaller men want to take care of you and protect you.

No. 481878

this tbqh, most women go through their life omnipresently aware of being severely physically weaker than half the population and have to factor that into literally everything they do

No. 481882

i meant being pushed literally but idk how to express myself in english

No. 481885

File: 1573341448274.jpg (57.1 KB, 750x735, 1569273974270.jpg)

>I'm just so tall, muscular and big
D-Do you… happen to be into girls, by any chance? Asking for a friend…
…Anyway, please don't feel like this. I've always thought that women like you are so beautiful. Women don't "have" to be short and dainty. Tall and muscular women have their own appeal that many people actually appreciate. Plus, there's nothing wrong with being physically strong. I assure you that only shitty men and insecure women would think of you as "half man".
Take pride in your body, because it's awesome.

No. 481894

One of my best friends is 1,85m and just big for a female and I or anyone never thought she has to carry our books or stand so we can sit or whatever.

Hate to say it but what you're thinking is really dumb and stupid. You need a good dose of common sense and need to alter your way of thinking.

No. 481895

I'm wearing the same pair of underwear that I did yesterday because I forgot to do laundry….

No. 481907

File: 1573348264848.jpg (29.88 KB, 300x250, superthumb (1).jpg)

I sometimes amaze myself at how perv I can be. I was talking to this guy while he was sitting and I was standing besides him when suddenly I got this urge to grind myself against him while sitting on his lap. It was just a random thought I had, he kept talking to me but I couldn't register anything of what he said from that point, I just nodded.

I've only experienced this with two guys in my life. I remember having a conversation with the other one about how he had to study some curves (like, statistics idk) and the very first thing that came to my mind was "I know other curves you can study". It just popped into my mind and I shocked myself like "what did I just thought??? omg I didn't think of that, I didn't… what??"

It's kind of funny because this is not my usual self, I'm kind of clumsy when it comes to "being sexy" or "flirty" or "bold".

No. 481909

>I give men what they want, quirky shit amirite ladies?

No. 481928

I kind of understand since, though I am not super tall, I have always been big and unusually strong. Paired with having mostly male friends for my whole life, I always feel like the "man" in the room whenever I'm with women.
I hope you can grow comfortable with it, anon! There's something really cute about tall and big girls, especially if they're kind and gentle. It's not less womanly-it's just a different sort, imo.
I'm sure you're adorable.

No. 482278

File: 1573451420771.jpg (185.02 KB, 1080x1504, trump humpty dumpty.jpg)

this is such an obvious scrotepost.

It's not a LARP, it's literally a man posting on here to make masturbation material.

No. 482282

Sometimes when i get out of the shower i do poses in the mirror with my towel acting like i'm a famous actress in some sexy semi-nude photoshoot that will be a major scandal. Lmao writing it down now i see how pathetic it sounds

No. 482286

dump him (if you can), what more has to happen for him to be worried about you?
what the fuck
he sounds like an asshole or like he has severe autism

No. 482288

>>481885 s-seconding this, anon
you sound like you're lovely in your own way, don't put yourself down too much because the grass is greener on the other side
i'm short/ average and always wanted to be taller, but all my tall friends tell me they want to be smaller
work with what you got, some other girl is probably jealous of you too

No. 482291

he sounds AWFUL to not care about your health, but to be so nasty about it???? the apathy is bad enough, but to then be mean to you about it? that's appalling, anon. completely unacceptable. he is not a nice person. please get away from this piece of shit. either his true colors are coming out, or he isn't into you anymore, but either way, holding onto someone that is like this is dangerous. he sounds like the type of person that might fuck your shit up even more when you ask for help. the whole reason for companionship is for mutual compassion and care, especially in times of need or emergency. he does not care in the slightest and is actively aggravating your situation. you deserve someone better.

it was cool of him to help you in the past, but either he's resentful or just isn't into you anymore, because people who care don't treat their partners like this when something serious arises.

No. 482338

Its a LARP because its a scrote pretending to be a woman

No. 482363

Old confession but I used to have fucking awful oral hygiene. For like four years I would only brush my teeth in the morning. I would wash my face at night but be too lazy to brush my teeth then too (unless I had eaten something sugary), so I didn't even realize for so long that it was not normal to wake up with a disgusting taste in my mouth. When I finally went to the dentist, he found four cavities (one in each corner of my mouth) but I feel like I lucked out because they weren't too bad considering how terribly I took care of my teeth. After I got my fillings, the drilling (which wasn't even that bad looking back on it lol) scared me into brushing properly twice a day, and now I force myself to floss every night too. Feels good to wake up and not have disgusting morning breathe or an awful taste in my mouth.

No. 482377

Basically he’s getting bored of pretending to be a decent human being and pretending that he sees you as an equal. You owe him diddly shit so just dump him and ask coworker out

No. 482491

I have a fuck buddy who I keep around because he's 19 and I'm 28. He's the cute boy type who I would've wanted to bang with post high school, so it feels good to feel like I'm reliving that time. Too bad despite being adorable he's an absolute dummy working at a burger stand, smoking weed, and going to the skate park with his friends. He's a guilty pleasure and an absolute snack who's always eager to please.
I could never tell my friends I'm fucking a 19 year old though lmao.

No. 482502

tbqh that's kinda pathetic

No. 482513

an adult man having sex with a 19 year girl is much worse though imo

No. 482518

Why is that? I'm just curious

No. 482519

>being one of the few women who haven't fallen for the 'men age like wine women age like milk' meme that has dictated relationship dynamics and brainwashed women into age related insecurity forever
>fucking who she wants instead of who men tell her she should want (for their own benefit and prolonged access to much younger and better looking women)

I'm jelly, good on anon. If women ever date younger men in droves the way men do younger women, it might become cause for concern. But until then, she's an exception to the rule and there is nothing wrong with it.

No. 482520

If she was having with 21-23 year old I would have no problem but she's an adult woman having sex with a 19 year old, that's pathetic no matter what context

No. 482524

He's legal and willing and there is no societal or cultural pressure forcing either of them into the relationship (unlike older men/younger women relationships. If anything, there is plenty of stigma working against their type of age gap, so they must genuinely want it. So how does a couple of years make any difference? It's totally arbitrary, he wont suddenly become smart or mature at 21.

No. 482527

Fuck buddies are fair game imo. My only worry with younger guys (I don't think I'd go as young as nineteen, but in general) is if they're old enough to have learned how the fuck handle a woman in bed. Good looks don't make up for being shit at foreplay.

No. 482529

He's an adult too, and the least we can say about young men is that when they have sex with older women it's because they legitimately want it.
Unlike the case where young women are memed and groomed into fucking older men and come to regret it.

No. 482546

I love being in bookstores. I like walking around in bookstores more than I actually reading books.

No. 482555

They make me feel guilty tbh. Like, I'm surrounded by so much knowledge and so many amazing stories, but I'm never gonna read even 1% of it.

No. 482558

I have 173 unread books because I love buying them from thrift shops or library sales for dirt cheap. I even have a kindle and could easily download epubs and pdfs of a lot of the ones I have, but I like having the physical copy of the rare ones or old ones with nice covers (like Penguins from the 50s-70s) or the ones that would be like $15-20 retail price. Also, even though I have all those books sitting around I still go to my uni library and check out new ones to read. I feel ashamed for having so many unread books but at least it's only a few dollars a week and they will last me my entire life I guess.

No. 482560

The size difference, mostly. He could abuse her physically as well as emotionally.

No. 482569

I'm racially ambiguous so I purposely cater to racial fetishists because my self esteem is in the dirt (I'm french but I can also pass as Arab, mixed or Asian maybe even a very light skinned black)

I'm also ugly so going for racial fetishists allows them to excuse my flaws that wouldn't be excused on a regular gal such as acne, fridge body, double chin, etc. Most current guys I'm talking too think I'm Asian and always trash white girls, I just wonder what they'll say if I just turn around and tell them the truth and if they still like me or not.

No. 482616

Same, i have probably about 150-200 books, most unread. I also have a nook with pdfs on it. I love buying books at thrifts stores, used book stores etc. Honestly its dangerous for me to go anywhere that books are reallt cheap like a library book sale. And yet I still go to the library lol

I'm trying to get through them though

No. 482651

Several reasons actually

Most men who go for younger girls often do so with malicious intents of manipulation or purposely looking for someone vurnerable, or them actually being pedophiles so they go for girls as young as possible without getting in trouble, men being meme'd by porn and the media to like certain types of women instead of liking what naturally comes to them, them being misogynists and trying to "own" women by claiming to have an endless supply of 18 yr olds, etc.

Most large age gap relationships, in general, are unfulfilling and simply don't work unless both of the people are older or they're in a situation where they can make it work, a young girl fresh out of high school trying to start her career and find herself simply doesn't work with an old man who wants to quickly get married and have kids before he dies

No. 482688

I think I'm prettier than my exes new gf (she's by no means ugly, just seems really plain), it makes me feel better about myself and makes the whole situation a lot easier to move on from.

I feel bad for thinking like this but it is what it is.

No. 482691

How so?

No. 482692

How so what?

No. 482702

i wish i could have a gf whos shorter than me, kinda flat and was shy, cute and lowkey and i can run after and love but bully in the bedroom

lately ive been so frustrated that my ideal type who is also gay just does not seem to exist, considering im teetering on the petite side myself
also butch women are absolutely not for me which seems to be the majority of lesbians

No. 482703

Man I'm a femme looking for another femme and shit feels impossible. My last ex was more of a chapstick lesbian while I'm a full lipstick one. Haven't really tried dating apps because I'm scared of troons doing a number of bs. Though anon the few femmes I have met dont seem to care for sex straight or lesbian. Not sure what you mean by bully in the bedroom but sounds like a turn off.

No. 482740

Like plain looking or looks like she will be boring? What's her features like?

No. 482744

I have a secret twitter account, which is private. I don’t follow anyone but I use it to stalk all my friends on a daily basis and to vent only to myself…I even post there texts that piss me off nonsense, like when my friends are being assholes to me just because or when I want to tell my bf to fuck off.
It’s pretty ironic because irl people always tell me how sweet and nice I am, always in a good mood and with a smile, they tell me nothing seems to piss me off and I can’t help but feel smug because I know I’m probably the most bitter person around them kek

No. 482745

File: 1573588179063.jpg (7.93 KB, 184x184, 1569528912073.jpg)

Eyy anon, I fit your description. I'm ready to be bullied.
>shorter than me
How short are we talking about? I'm 5'3.
Anyway yeah, I'm femme but not into butch women either. I tend to like other femmes or chapsticks.

No. 482748

My husband went home and played video games instead of getting things ready while I delivered our daughter in the hospital. (in a foreign country where it’s not my native language) I’ll never forgive him for it.

No. 482753

How can you even look him in the eye without feeling disgust? How can you stay?

No. 482755

Idk how to describe it, her whole appearance is just plain, which yes, is subject.

Oval/roundish face, meaty jaw, thin lips, pointy long nose, full cheeks, slightly large eyebags, somewhat hooded/deepset eyes, brows that are a bit too far apart and look like > with a thinner tail, strong brow ridge(?) with a slightly large forehead and long, brown, straight hair.

Like I said, she's not ugly at all, would probably look really good with a bit of stronger makeup

No. 482760

File: 1573592825479.png (82.69 KB, 372x457, 1463329188926.png)

Husband…? You meant to type, soon to be ex-husband, right?

No. 482770

I feel like a big portion of the femme dating pool is bi, and then it's just easier for them to end up in a hetero relationship because other lesbians sometimes write femmes off as straight or just dabbling. That's just my femme bi experience though.

No. 482777

Please tell us you’re leaving him. To go tap some buttons and shoot pixels is a pretty big announcement of ‘idc about you or our child and never will’

Unrelated, the number of books in my house has gone over 300 again and I’m tempted to just let it take over. They’re shelved and read not hoarded in piles or whatever but husband and I collect so many things it’s getting cluttered af. Minerals, books, plants, weird thrift store art, scarves, taxiderms, Limoges boxes, things with cats on them, and 1940’s fashion all smooshed into one house lmao. It’s as ugly as you imagine

No. 482778

I'm all for a reduction in population but it makes me salty that the educated, empathetic, and discerning are choosing to not have kids while the stupid, selfish, and short-sighted are propagating their retarded genes. Just feels like this will only serve the ultra powerful in the end when smart people die and the idiots breed for scraps.
I don't know how to stop caring, but it bothers me.

No. 482799

File: 1573603283683.jpg (77.32 KB, 683x1024, 1557028765913.jpg)

tfw I'll never gf pic related

No. 482802

File: 1573604082779.jpg (48.78 KB, 700x466, sonia-malavisi-1449212699cpl48…)

Thanks for making me discover this woman and her perfect biceps

No. 482804

She's stunning, now i'm sad as well but at the same time, never say never anon.

No. 482805

>>482748 congrats on the child but i hope you can dump the guy, he sounds absolutely disgusting.

No. 482808

you're probably not as intelligent as you'd like to think and your genes not nearly as valuable

No. 482809

I'm watching t.v. and right as I was looking at this post and went to Google her and at the same a news story came on tv about a female pole vaulter dying. WTF

No. 482820

Holy shit, that's my arm goals. Thanks based lolcow.

No. 482821

Angry much? I'm talking about what I observe.

No. 482827

Anti natalists are just desperate to shit on anyone who doesn’t want the species to end. Anyone thinking or saying what they disagree with has to be called narcissistic or engage in a philosophical debate justifying human existence otherwise it’s too obvious they’re just assholes who want a reason to shit on a woman

No. 482861

Fuck, I’ve been having sexual fantasies about my co worker for the last week or so. It started because my other co-worker said he found me cute. I’ve never dated anyone and don’t really intend to but he teases me a lot at work and it seems like flirting. He’s a lot bigger than me and I like to imagine him pulling me into one of the back rooms and making out with me cause he can’t help himself. Embarrassing because he isn’t even really my type. I guess I just like the attention? He offered to help with my driving lessons and now I’ve been having fantasies about us fooling around in the back seat of his car, like I wear a short skirt and tight fitting top so it drives him to suddenly kiss me and it goes from there. Realistically, I would never do that with a co worker, cause it’d make things super awkward but it’s a nice thought lol.

No. 482867

I fucked half the people I work with and none of them know

No. 482869

your observations are based on nothing but sheer narcissism, you don't get to decide who "breeds" and luckily nobody does.

No. 482870

Do you mean you have had sex with half the people you work with or have you done something else that has "fucked up" their lives

No. 482871

Oh I'm sure they know honey, congrats on being the inside joke

No. 482909

>anti natalist
I don't think anon is, sounds more like she's wanting to argue from a place of insecurity. Which is why she thinks a critique of selfish and stupid people breeding is a Hitler tier call to action to sterilize all people I see fit. That's why she thinks it's "narcissism."

Not really but I see this topic has caused you great upset and I don't feel like arguing with someone who doesn't know what narcissism means to apply it correctly.

No. 482914

Saying that Educated and wealthy people are best equipped to have kids, and are unfortunately the group having the least children, is now literal genocide and eugenics against the poor and thinking so makes you a personality disordered bigot lmao.
Unadulterated, organic retardation straight from the farm.

No. 482916

NTA but I personally think the downside of poor people having kids is that they often don't have the money/time/resources to raise their kids adequately, and they some times have more kids than they can handle because of things like lack of access to birth control, poor sex education and teen pregnancy etc. Not saying that rich people automatically make better parents, but having money can make it easier to parent.

No. 482917

>Saying that Educated and wealthy people are best equipped to have kids
They tend to be. It doesn't mean there aren't exceptions but providing your kids more direction, access to resources, and opportunities tends to produce better equipped children for life.
I'm sorry this fact is so unsettling for you.
>literal genocide
>personality disordered
Calm your spergout.

No. 482919

On the flip side rich people often will emotionally neglect their children in favour of their careers, how else would they maintain their high cost lifestyles

No. 482920

Being poor doesn't make you automatically emotionally mature and less emotionally neglectful.
That doesn't work.

No. 482922

Who was disagreeing with the idea that the super poor aren’t the ideal people to pop out kid after kid?

Sarcastically pointing out that it’s not eugenics to say poverty isn’t great for kids seems far from a sperg out.

No. 482924

They might not even be doing that because of their job. I was raised in a middle income household with a stay at home mom and yet we were still very emotionally neglected and neglected in other ways.

No. 482926

>Who was disagreeing with the idea that the super poor aren’t the ideal people to pop out kid after kid?
The anon who sperged that it's narcissism to think so.

>Sarcastically pointing out that it’s not eugenics to say poverty isn’t great for kids seems far from a sperg out.

Are we agreeing? The way you worded this is confusing. To be clear, I'm the anon who doesn't think it's eugenics. I was making fun of the anon calling it that and saying it's genocide.

No. 482927

Sooo to everyone, because I can’t go back where I came from, and I don’t work here. It’s become a little better, I’m learning the language, but I also can’t take my daughter from him either. For now I don’t have any money. It feels awful, and I’m trying to stay strong for my daughter.

No. 482929

I’m the same anon and I’m saying you missed a hefty dose of sarcasm and might not be able to read

No. 482933

Fair enough. Sometimes it's hard to track all the retardation in the early hours.

No. 482935

Someone else called them a narcissist and implied anon wants control over who may procreate.
I took the piss out of it being called narcissism and eugenics. Sorry you’re struggling, need anything else explained?

No. 482936

Nice back pedal lmao.

No. 482937

I'm good now hunty, thank you.

No. 482938

Would you prefer a double down?

No. 482940

I'd say sarcasm doesn't translate well on the internet, esp after an anon called narcissism in seriousness, but again thank you for explaining.

No. 482957

Yesterday I was wearing jeans and noticed they were considerably less tight than just a few weeks ago. It made me pleased.

The problem is that I'm already tall and skinny so I know deep down I shouldn't be happy about it. This means I'm now underweight. My depression has made it really hard for me to eat enough lately and on top of that I feel unworthy of food .

No. 482962

Yesterday me my bro and his friend got caught by the cops for smoking weed. I’m so upset because they had us standing in the cold for like a dime. I just think it’s crazy that something that makes me hungry and sleepy is so vilified STILL. I’m honestly glad that all we have is a court appearance to pay a $50 fine. If it was 10 years heck even 5 years ago we would’ve been in jail for sure. Just legalize weed already! It’s embarrassing that Canada has weed legalized before “the best country in the world” sarcasm

No. 482965

I have wet dreams very frequently and they involve women 90% of the time and my boyfriend the other 10% of the time. It's usually with a group of girls too. I don't really understand it though because I'm straight and don't really get turned on thinking of girls when I am awake. Sometimes it makes me question my sexuality because I do find women beautiful and all, but I am pretty sure I am just straight.

No. 482969

Lol I feel sorry for you but this made me nostalgic of back in the days when friends and I also got arrested for hotboxing in sketchy places. Few of those times, I'm 90% sure they planted that bitch in our car! I guess bullying stoners fills the quota easier than catching gang bangers or rapists.
Sure glad as adults with our own place, everyone can smoke pretty consequence-free.
Lucky af tbh. Just embrace and enjoy it anon. Brains just make shit sexual for no reason in dreams. I had sex dreams about many of my friends just because I miss them.

No. 482973

Ugh, all that trouble for a shitty dime. I'm so sorry that happened to you anon.
Hopefully in a few years we can look back on laws like these and laugh at how archaic and nonsensical they were. At least it's a fine and not a sentence.

No. 482980

When you reach that goal, remember to call me.

No. 482983

god it has been years since my last sex dream, i'm so jealous! though i generally don't remember my dreams (last one i remember was like in june kek) which is kinda upsetting, why can't i get free brain movies like, my waking life is already boring enough

No. 482994

i have some nerdy guy friends who are very socially inept but inherently harmless. i don't know why but i really want to sleep with them and show them how to please a woman lol. it's a bit of a stupid thought really because i don't find them hot or want to date them but they're so bad with girls i want to show them what it's like. i think i would too if our local nerd community wasn't so close knit and if everyone didn't know everyone else's business. please roast me.

No. 483020

I think like this, but usually have an attraction to them

No. 483022

I'm so jealous - I've never had a sexual dream in my life.

No. 483024

I am absolutely terrified about the future

No. 483046

granted i was like 16/17 and highly hormonal last time i had one but shit was cash. i hope you get to experience one some day, anon!

No. 483060

They might not want your pityfuck anon
Does it actually come from a place of wanting to somehow help them, or just from a narcissistic desire to feel superior for bestowing 'their first time uwu' onto a guy you think is below your league? Imo just carrying on as you are by being their friend and giving any solicited dating advice sounds like it would be more useful for teaching those guys how to treat women, rather than starting a charitable vagina donation service

No. 483113

I'm working on self love and lately when I need to do things to take care of myself I've been thinking to myself affectionately and I'm liking it.

No. 483147

Every time my bf sucks on my boobs I think how badly I want to go full mommy dom on him. I'm already kinda pushing it, I gently stroke his hair while he does it and it feels almost like I'm breastfeeding. He looks so cute while he does it too, it's so hard to not think degenerate thoughts. I'm not talking about some diaper shit here but like… that he'd call me mom and act cute and little and innocent while I tease him and then blow him. Maybe even wear cat ears to make it more embarrassing for him and then I can "console" him that he is my cute catboy baby. He thinks I get so wet from the boob sucking which is true, I like it, but actually… uh… these thoughts are a big part of the arousal too. Though idk if this is "mommy dom" specifically because honestly I'm not super into ageplay in general but more like… humiliation fetish. Making a guy feel pathetic and horny at the same time, just calling them a baby and cute and whatever is probably the easiest way because it's not exactly what men want to hear I guess but they're still too horny to resist. Good shit.

No. 483298

Same 100%

No. 483327

File: 1573761553143.jpg (36.95 KB, 254x184, 20191112_091330.jpg)

No. 483389

nta but how is that even autistic?

the word autistic/autism has become so overused on lolcow to the point where it has no meaning anymore. someone posts something I find disturbing? they're autistic. someone expresses their annoyance at something? they're autistic. someone posts their opinion that I disagree with? definitely autistic!

No. 483394

God same.

No. 483397

I can relate to what you're saying but the mommy thing is definitely a no-go. I just like making a guy feel vulnerable and submissive to me. I do like to be gentle and loving, but not to baby or mother him because then that just loops back around to service topping him and I don't enjoy that.

No. 483473


Well, I don't mind the "servicing" after I've got my satisfaction (aka he said and did what I told him to and he's reasonably blushy and awkward after it, kek). Luckily my bf likes pleasing me as well and isn't a selfish coomer who only cares about his own pp tingles and just lies there like a dead fish.


This is like my only weird turn on and it isn't even that weird, hardly a kinkfag tbh. I hate the word "kink" anyway, what's wrong with fetish? I have a humiliation fetish. It's only 2 letters longer and doesn't sound retarded.

No. 483496


Where did I say I bullied him? I guess he bullies me too then kek, he has a couple fantasies that are a bit embarrassing for me too but I entertain him nevertheless. Idk I don't feel like I hurt him, I don't feel hurt by anything he does, guess we're fine? It's just roleplay not some weird ass 24/7 bdsm slavery.

No. 483514

back to the fucking anti-kink thread retard.

No. 483661

there's a fidget spinner sat on my desk at work,whenever I feel stressed, I play with the the spinner. it takes my mind off things for a brief moment.

No. 483747

File: 1573848548987.jpeg (38.65 KB, 400x290, 8599E62F-F2A5-43AD-AFCD-46B752…)

i have an American girl doll from my childhood I recently started keeping with me In bed while I sleep. I’m so glad my S/O is nice about it. I’ve been going through a difficult time and the doll has a nostalgic comforting smell and playing with the hair calms me down. I feel like a woman child but w/e I’m not harming anyone

No. 483748

which doll is it?

No. 483751

File: 1573848903607.jpeg (42.64 KB, 400x400, 4C9CCE6C-D61E-4FA6-904F-AE3A40…)


No. 483753

im starting to be more and more ok with speaking to myself, i have not had human interction for a long time and i also don´t really feel like meeting people, talking alone helps keep your sanity, not the other way around, is often enough to feel ok and calm myself and stuff.

No. 483755


dolls freak me out so much, that picture reminded me how i used to have the most uncomfortable time sleeping over with friends who had tons of dolls staring at the bed in their rooms. I was always the kind of kid who was the happiest with a tv with a videogame console and literally nothing else but the bed and my also videogame related posters.

No. 483757

Yeah, I’m glad my SO isn’t creeped out by dolls, if he was I’d put it away obviously. My grandmother took me to the American girl store in Chicago more than a decade ago to get the doll so she holds a lot of sentimental value and my grandmother died recently, so I think it’s partially just me missing me gran

No. 483759

why you can't say that you like dolls without someone having the absolute need to tell you how creepy they find them.
No one cares about your bizzare phobia of inanimate objects, let people enjoy things.

No. 483761


Maybe form your own subreddit together with people who like clowns , people who eat raisings and people who like going to the dentist and have your own support group for misunderstood things that are common phobias.

No. 483800

I thought I would like this guy but tbh he's too shy for my taste. I still wanna hook up with him tho

No. 483808

That's great he's so accepting. Honestly surprised, because most people don't like when there's an object on the bed. Like phones stay on the floor/desk because they're harder than sheets.

Okay and you don't gotta tell everyone you don't like dolls whenever the topic comes up. Way to make it about you kek

Speaking to yourself is so therapeutic. It's basically like journaling with your voice. I found it helps me converse better and speak louder when I have the chance to talk to other people.

No. 483812

File: 1573865261754.jpg (28.18 KB, 563x561, 36872178df93a60616afb8c9f4bb35…)

Tbh I see nothing wrong with that anon, especially since it's from your childhood. I have a couple of small keychain plushes that I take with me in my purse lmao. I'm a very anxious person and holding/looking at them helps me feel better.

No. 483813

File: 1573865880318.jpg (41.3 KB, 500x710, mood.jpg)

I want to break up with my bf but his life has just been so sad and difficult. I feel so guilty for even thinking about it. I'm afraid of what he might do if I did end up going through with it.
I'm just really tired, man.

No. 483814

OT but whose the artist behind the pic?

No. 483815

Thank you for voicing my thoughts perfectly. I find it so rude and self-centered. I do not barge into a conversation to tell how much I dislike K-pop when someone mentions having a blast at a show or something. Dunno why people feel the need to talk about their toy phobia when it's completely irrelevant to the conversation and feels like raining on someone's parade. I've seen it happen so many times.

No. 483852

I fantasize about breaking up with my long term boyfriend and fucking other guys, in particular a coworker I find really attractive. We own a house together though so I feel stuck.

No. 483854

it seems like every confession has been like this lately

No. 483855

Scrote bait

No. 483868

Meh plenty women feel this way, especially in marriages. But they don't get babied like scrotes do on reddit. Just don't be a cheating scrotes. Something something sometimes having someone who loves you is better than someone you love. Figure out a desire break up that's deeper than shallow sexual attraction.

No. 483881

Nah, I’m just stuck in a long term relationship struggling with how to leave. He’s not a bad person but can be verbally abusive, prefers to spend all of his time at work and when I ask to do things together to try to salvage our relationship his heart isn’t really in it. That’s why I fantasize about being with other people, though I won’t cheat. I’m just not sure if I should give him a chance to fix things together or if the whole relationship is done. It sucks because we’ve been together so long and own property together, so even though I feel like breaking up might be better, I’m scared.

No. 483909

I just remembered I read Pamela my senior year of high school, because I liked Jane Eyre and googled "stories with Byronic heroes". I got off to her constantly being harassed by Mr. B, the peak moment being when he pretended to be the housekeeper in bed and terrified Pamela (I don't know if using spoilers a book from 1740 is necessarily). I did read all the Christian shit in the second half but it was dead.

No. 483910

File: 1573882005077.gif (769.98 KB, 260x221, 1518152292204.gif)

>have cute coworker that I am obsessed with but he's a lot older than me and is married
>he's very gentle and is always there for me when I'm upset
>I feel horribly guilty because I want this guy to fuck the everloving shit out of me
>he's not even my type, he's just so charming
>tell him today "I'm going to regret saying this, but if you weren't married, I would fuck you"
>he replies with "don't worry, the feeling's mutual"

even worse is that his wife is hot as hell and I fantasize about having a threesome with them… sigh…

No. 483912

Hey if you're lucky maybe he's one of those guys who will pressure his wife into threesomes!

No. 483914

honestly if I was in your position and I said that to him and he said the feeling was mutual it would seem depressing to me and make me stop being attracted to him

I would just be thinking about what if I was his wife and he was fantasizing about not being married and fucking this younger coworker

No. 483916


this. would kill the mood pretty quickly. i'd just feel bad, a bit disgusted. sometimes a crush is best kept secret. t. been there, noped out at the last moment

No. 483918

Every part of this confession is sad. Sad for you, sad for the wife, sad for their relationship. Less sad for the guy, he’s probably never going to change. There’s no way this ends good for you or the wife, but no matter what happens, he’ll walk out a winner and one of you’ll be hurt. Fuck all of that, you can do better.

No. 483925

gross, why the fuck would you even say that it's so unprofessional and will only lead to problems one way or another

No. 483962

I don’t think it’s that bad like all the other anons. Go for it or don’t!

No. 483968

That was unprofessional of you anon.

No. 483969

You're living my current fantasy. Wish I was as bold as you are. My older co-worker crush is distancing himself from me, feelsbad.jpg
Good luck. Hope nobody gets hurt. I'm sorta happy for you anon.

No. 483972

gross. keep it to yourself. unless he was separating or divorcing, that was not cool. his wife probably thinks the world of him and you're out here placating this older creep's fantasies of fucking his younger coworker.


No. 483974

"Hope nobody gets hurt!" Ya know! Like his wife? Scum

No. 483994

online shopping is really fucking with me. sometimes when i don't even have the money i'll spend hours on a site filling my cart only to just close the page. help.

No. 484013

sometimes i see beautiful, functioning young women who enjoy a good life but have nasty and mean personalities and i get super jealous and frustrated and curse the world for giving these people such normal or good lives. i dont do that with women who are nice; in that situation i just wish i were them, and just feel bad without any negative feelings towards them.
i dont casually tell that to my friends cause i know im bitter and miserable lol

No. 484014

Yes, all of the above are the accepted slang definitions. Get over it.

No. 484018

my uncle who raped and molested me through my entire childhood (from the ages 8-13) died today from a heart attack and for the first time ever it feels like i can truly breathe again. the long path of recovery never looked this beautiful.
i should be feeling bad for these thoughts, but i am really happy. i hope his heart attack was as slow and agonizing as possible.

No. 484041

>i should be feeling bad for these thoughts

You really don't

No. 484044

good for [you]

No. 484045

File: 1573934386618.jpg (156.06 KB, 395x395, 20191116_120028.jpg)

GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE!!! Congrats on your freedom anon!

No. 484047


I felt the same about my dad who was also an abusive pedo piece of shit who never got caught because I didn't dare to tell anyone. The only person I have ever truly wished cancer on and when they found out he had cancer it was so far gone it was too late to treat it. I felt like something out there was finally on my side. Rot in piss. I'm happy for you anon, you deserve to feel relieved and you don't have to feel bad for anything. Good luck on your recovery, I'm still on the way as well but things are looking up.

No. 484055

Please don't feel like you should feel bad for those thoughts, you shouldn't. Enjoy your life anon

No. 484056

I guess "accepted slang definitions" must mean "meaning what ever you want it to mean"

ite then

No. 484062

Congrats to both of you! Don't feel bad for these thoughts, your abusers didn't think twice before doing all of this to you. Rest in piss.

No. 484068

Fucking feel bad for you that he didn't die a worse death tbf, gg still especially if he's in the prime of his life.
Nice bae, glad for you.

No. 484120

cheated on my partner, feeling absolutely awful about it and it's been months. i haven't told him because his self esteem is already low and that would make it drop even lower. i genuinely love him and i'm the worst scum for betraying him.

i've sent nudes to people online and sold them (i'm in financial trouble and my boyfriend knows about it, he is pretty stable but i never asked him for money) and he's really possessive & dependent and would lose his mind if he knew. i mostly did it to make money but i've also voluntarily sent my pictures on impulse to two people after i argued with him and had a breakdown after ending a friendship as well.

i feel like i'm just trying to make up excuses because i'm too much of a coward to confront him about what i've done. i have bpd and for a long time i thought he was cheating on me because i saw some of his slightly sexual messages sent in a group chat (i wasn't there) and that has kind of broken me, ruined my sense of self worth but it's not a reason to do worse. i’m a garbage human being. i ruin everything for myself. i really don't want to tell him but it's making me feel so guilty that i started thinking that i'll burn in hell even though i don't even believe in afterlife.

No. 484122

I have a major crush on a semi-famous person and i'm seriously considering getting back into social media (haven't used any in 5+ years) so there's a chance he would notice me. I'm 100% sure he would be into me because he kind of has a type and i tick all the boxes. God i feel so stupid but i really wanna get to know him.

No. 484126

by cheating i meant nudes, not having sex with other people. i don't have any stds.

No. 484173

he should be paying all your bills anyway anon…

No. 484175

yeah you sound on par with bpd. have you considered to stop feeling bad for YOURSELF and saying you ruin everything for YOURSELF, and considered the actions of your consequences on other people? maybe it's useless to try and explain to a bpd girl, but even your concern about cheating is all about you. Break up with him if you can't tell him what you did. The most selfish thing you're doing is stringing him along because YOU love him. It's not about you. By not telling him, you're not giving him any choice or say in regards to you not being faithful.

No. 484176

i like shota for a ton of reasons that ultimately boil down to "they're cute".
if my irls found out i know i'd get shunned (?), i know i'm hypocritical since i used to, on and off the web, shit on people that enjoyed it, but now i don't know.
never thought i'd be here enjoying this stuff but shit man thems the breaks

No. 484177

File: 1574042934791.png (242.76 KB, 748x952, k.png)

No. 484179

you are and forever will be the worst scum ever so there's no need to worry about that

No. 484182

nta but fuck off please, she clearly feels bad and explains that he might have cheated on her in the past

No. 484183

File: 1574044637395.gif (66.86 KB, 220x123, hiding.gif)

I really hate kissing for some reason. Is that normal? I'm afraid it might be related to some trauma or something

No. 484184

if you've ever dealt with people with bpd, you would realize that the cheating anon most likely doesn't really feel bad for what her actions were, but rather what the consequences of them will be FOR her. also, if she REALLY thought he cheated, she should have broken up with him, that's no excuse at all. People with bpd almost never take accountability for their actions and instead feel bad for THEMSELVES for the consequences of said actions. Just like the original anon.

No. 484190

oh god, not this again. you can't even mention bpd on this site without anons getting triggered out of their minds and having emotional outbursts at everyone who dares to defend people with bpd (oh the irony)

people with bpd are different people, not all of them are the same. some are malignant and unwilling to change, some not. you can't know what kind anon is from that one confession. not to mention I've known leagues of people who didn't have bpd and still never took responsibility for their actions.

>you would realize that the cheating anon most likely doesn't really feel bad for what her actions were, but rather what the consequences of them will be FOR her

umm lots of people with bpd have guilt and shame, and their is actual academic research that suggests people with bpd have a higher proneness to guilt and shame than other people. even if they externalize the blame they probably still feel bad. and it's not like people without bpd never do this either.

>also, if she REALLY thought he cheated, she should have broken up with him, that's no excuse at all

I mean I guess I can see what you mean, but I disagree, unless he repented and promised to never do it again and they decided to move forward but judging by anon's confession I don't think that's the case

you're also forgetting the fact that she's in financial trouble that's influencing her to do this

No. 484197

nta but her bf never even on cheated on her

No. 484199

ummm ok? I didn't say he did? she said she thought did but she never actually said if he did or didn't or if she even knows, so obviously we don't know, but that's not even what I was talking about.

I was responding to the anon who said that even if he did cheat on her it would still be wrong of her to send nudes and I disagreed with that. learn to read please

No. 484200

What kind of shota? Like just shota characters or love stories involving them? If the latter, which kys, is it onee-san mommy shit or boku no pico shit? Or are you talking just straight up hentai (which, kys)?

No. 484203

I've cheated on my partners before and as awful as it feels for you what you've done is objectively worse. You've got to tell them and work out your issues in therapy.

No. 484204

Na I'm bpd-chan myself and it's just true that the only person anon feels bad for is herself for being an uwu dysfunctional cunt. The only guilt and shame these fags are capable of feeling is their innate self hatred, not empathy not morality. Not every narc is borderline but every borderline is a narc. You are the shit you do, that's it, no excuses. Just own up to being fucking garbage, take your punishment, and don't do it again.

No. 484206

Bless u surprisingly honest anon

No. 484231

my anon I'm in the same boat, I used to mock people that liked it but honestly at some point I realized I like it myself. They're cute. I don't give a shit about irl kids but shotas are cute. Not in a pedo "I want to molest them" kind of way but more of a "I relate to these characters more and find their aesthetic adorable" sort of deal.

scrote pandering mommy kink shota needs to go though

No. 484232

i clearly stated that i don't want to ruin his self esteem, i'm not dragging him along because i love him but i know that i'm selfish for giving myself the privilege of choosing whether to confess or not. he should know about it but i'm honestly scared of what he would do to himself because in some situations he's just as unstable as me.

No. 484236

I feel like a toxic scary person sometimes bc I’m so intense and I text a lot bc I am good at expressing myself in writing but I know it’s too much for most people.

Also when I’m especially lonely at points I really get dependent on talking to certain people or I get all low and sad. Wonder what’s going on with me.

No. 484238

It just sounds like you’ve already rationalized not telling him and not breaking up lol. His self esteem sounds non existent anyway, he’s responsible for his own self. Don’t confess, just break up if you think he’ll be a danger to you. I know you won’t though because people like you never leave until you found someone new.

No. 484245

I was genuinely contemplating suicide 2 days ago, and I confessed it to my mom after she walked into my room unexpectedly. She was really shaken by it, and threw away the knife I had taken (not sure what I was even going to do with the knife, I can't stand excessive pain).
Somehow, I feel worse knowing she had to discard a perfectly good knife all because of me. I hope she doesn't have anxiety or PTSD-like symptoms around knives or sharp objects now.
Honestly, it was a mistake to even tell her. I feel like it was almost as selfish as actually going through with it. I wish I could take away her memory of the entire situation.

No. 484284

wait are the nudes the cheating or did you physically cheat?

i hope you both come out ok but definitely dont try to kill yourself with a knife ever, anon, or through any other needlessly painful means. would be a huge and painful mistake.

No. 484287

i didn't physically cheat. i don't feel attracted to anyone besides my boyfriend, i don't think i could ever do that.

No. 484293

a few things:
a) if your bf gave a shit about you so much, i think he'd be helping you out financially so you'd not have gotten to the point of needing cash for nudes
b) it's not great but it's not so terrible, the fact that you just sent nudes. imo, men don't really care. i think they only ever "care" to make women feel bad. their emotions quickly fade. don't do it again, etc etc, but what did the messages in his chat say? imo, the intention is what's important. doing something out of lust is much, much worse than just being an emotional mess and being impulsive.

No. 484300

i just saw some parts of his conversations when i was using his phone and he was getting notifications from the chat. mostly he just made sexual comments about other women and shared porn. i also found screenshots of him but mainly his friends harassing a girl on discord and "joking" about paying her to go on cam. i never mentioned it to him because it just broke my heart but i recovered from it. i know it's not an excuse to hurt him back and honestly i'm scared that i misinterpreted what i saw because i don't have proof of him actually paying anyone for sexual favors.

No. 484306

Me too, anon. Idk though might just be a repressed lesbian. I'm working on it.

No. 484310

that sounds like coming across that could be hurtful. i don't think what you did was so bad considering. it's obviously not advisable, but whatever. the scuzzy porncentric behavior is really normalized so people are taught to put up with it, but i wouldn't want to be with a guy that did this. to me, despite what you doing not being great, it's more important that you only want your bf, while he's out here thinking of other women sexually and watching and sharing porn of women he wants to fuck. no amount of nudes (that aren't sent out of lust) is as unfair, imo. it's an emotionally/sexually imbalanced situation when you only want one person and they are the type that is sexually or romantically indiscriminate.

i'd rather be with a guy that sent out his meaningless nudes out of sadness but only wanted me vs a guy that didn't share photos of his body but wanted to fuck lots of other girls.

i really think you two are coming from two different places. i couldn't find myself being sexually or romantically compatible with someone like your bf and i'm not sure that you are either. perhaps you're better off being alone until you find that right person. i think it'd spare both of you heartache.

No. 484331

Honestly you both sound bad but at least you weren't sexually harassing someone. He sounds disgusting and awful, I dunno how you can love someone like that. You can do way better but you have to work on your self-esteem first. Maybe because you have bpd you feel like that's what you deserve because he puts up with you but he will make things much worse for you. Not worth it.

I think it's harder to find a guy who is romantically/sexually discriminate but it is so worth it. I don't believe you can be in a deep loving relationship if either party is constantly looking and getting off to others, even if it's just porn. Hate how normalized it is. I'd rather be in no relationship than settle for that.

No. 484343

I'm the same and it's horrible. When I first meet people I give the impression that I'm hitting on them just because I'm so intense and I worry that my friendships border on emotional cheating.
I'm not sure if it's the same for you but every sign in my life points to codependency issues, I need to learn how to deal with things alone without reaching out to others for emotional support or needing to 'live my life for other people' but I can't imagine ever doing that.
I get by through having enough friends that I'm not putting all of my baggage into one person or my SO but as I'm getting older more friends are drifting away. My greatest fear is that when all my friends get married and have families I'll be alone. I don't think I'd be a good mother but I can understand why people have kids, the prospect of having nobody to live for is awful.

No. 484364

Oh yeah codependency is a huge huge thing in my life, from a codependent parent to shitty relationships etc. and I know I am codependent on a lot of my friends as well, the funny thing Is that most of them are in serious committed relationships anyway and I’m one of the only single ones and acting this way when I’m single just seems so much worse haha. Like every new love interest that pays attention to me gets tired of me quick because of the intensity. Really trying to tone it down lately but then I feel bottled up when I can’t express myself properly especially to other people..

Lately I feel super conscious of at least the worst behaviors though and I’m trying to fix it. Also nothing wrong with not wanting kids anon. You can still have a fulfilling life without them.

No. 484471

they're cute, i enjoy shota doujins (h and not), etc.

being honest with myself feels good tbh

No. 484523

>mommy kink is for only men

fuck off and die.

No. 484529

what are you even on about !! throwing away a hundred knives is probably something gladly do if it was necessary for you to stay alive.
I'm glad you talked to your mother and I hope you find help and get through this, you are NOT selfish anon. sending you good thoughts.

No. 484539

Most of it is though. Omega tier men love to fantasize about a big tiddy mommy gf to come pamper and sexually serve them.

No. 484556

Sorry, I forgot about pick-mes.

No. 484560

Sorry but one person with bpd doesn't get to speak for everyone with it. That's like saying because I'm a woman I know what all women want and think.

No. 484565

Thanks, anons. Reading these helped me a bit.

No. 484644

That's really not a comparison. Bpd is an illness with specific criteria, specific fears and manifestations. People with personality disorders are really predictable.

No. 484705

I think I'm becoming an alcoholic. I drink a couple glasses of wine and smoke a bowl to get to sleep. I'm self employed and business is drying up. I'm long distance with my boyfriend and I haven't seen him in almost two years. My mom's slowly dying of a brain disease. If it wasn't for my cat I'd kill myself. Also that if I failed and ended up in hospital I'd fuck over this school semester and I don't want to deal with all of that effort being for nothing. It's backwards logic, but if I'm going to be fucking trapped here I don't want it any worse.

I can't tell anyone because I feel like it's admitting defeat. I've had a good six years since breaking up with my ex where I haven't been depressed, where I've been motivated and successful but here I am again. All I have going for me is being the funny friend and the supportive one. I can't be like this, but I am, and it makes things even worse. The alcohol and weed help keep me at least forging onward. Maybe it'll get better. I hope it does.

No. 484764

okay, but you can even apply it to other personality disorders and conditions. for example it would be like saying "nah I have autism and I know all autistic people deal with sensory overload". like, just because it's common doesn't mean all of them do, and non autistic people can also have that problem.

you only need to meet 5 out of 9 criteria to have bpd. it could be a different combination of traits with every individual. some people have 5, some people have 6, 7, 8, 9 and there are different combinations of those traits and those traits don't always manifest the same way in every one. just ask an actual psychiatrist and they will probably tell you the same thing.

No. 484956

I have a crush on a boy 4 years younger.
He looks like an incel parody but he's very cute.
I also love Vichy France (and of course, Maréchal Philippe Pétain)(even if that's obviously wrong)

No. 484975

>crush on a boy 4 years younger
Damn anon, me too.
Makes me feel like a creep haha. Let's be creeps together.

No. 485408

Growing up I had to hide my tears while at the doctor because it was the only time in my life someone showed genuine interest in me and my well being.

No. 485412

i got a crush on a boy 2 years younger but he's got a gf, he's 18 and i'm 21
worse, he actually flirts a lot and idk if he meants it

No. 485416

developed a small crush on one of my boyfriends coworkers after she told him to give her my number if we ever broke up, i love my s/o a lot and would never cheat on him but damn i'd be lying if i said i haven't been thinkin about having a cute girl dom me for the past few days

No. 485436

reading this made my heart hurt. i'm giving you a virtual hug, anon

No. 485449

kinda similar to a lesser extent, but in school i sucked at sports so bad and honestly refused to do most things because i felt like my body was jiggling all over the place and it looked super gross and i didn't want anyone to see that (in hindsight, i was never actually fat but ok). whenever i had gone into mute shutdown mode again, my primary school sports teacher used to take me aside and look me in the eyes and ask if everything is ok and she had such warm light brown eyes it always made me cry but i never answered her.

No. 485475

I'm guessing you must be still young, I'm in my late twenties and I get with guys in their early twenties all the time.

No. 485535

I honestly can't wait for the eventual global conservative pushback

No. 485543

Around four years ago, I found a suicide forum that had a lot of resources and links to suppliers. It closed suddenly without warning but based on the info I found I started making plans. Back then I was worried about failed attempts and also really picky about methods. I contacted a supplier who was apparently active on the dark web and he gave me a quote and details about how to send money etc. It felt really good.

I decided the risk was too high, especially considering the country I live in, which is really anti-suicide and are uttely shit when it comes to suicide prevention because they love censoring any discussion that even suggests that people have the right to end their own lives so they're anal about the import of substances that people could use to commit suicide. The supplier turned out to be a scammer anyway.

Two days ago, I found another forum with very reliable resources and have drafted three plans to kill myself. It'll still be a while before I can attempt with the confidence that no one will interfere or find me, but the peace and even happiness that I feel knowing that the materials I need are easily accessible is unmatchable and I can't wait to get the things I need. I feel almost unbearably sad as well, but it's like I've recovered the will to live as long as I know I have the means to kill myself quickly and painlessly.

I feel guilty about my boyfriend though. I plan to break up with him soon to spare him even a little bit of the pain, but my passing won't be easy to deal with because I know his last partner committed suicide last year..

No. 485544

Second anon and yeah, I'm 22.
It's just weird that he was underage a few months ago. Even if that's still legal in my country. Idk. Feels scandalous.

No. 485546

Your boyfriend seems to have shit taste in picking out partners

No. 485548

you're nasty kek but i'll bite. he does. he's been in >5 serious relationships which have all ended badly, but the last one had the worst consequences. sometimes i wonder why i agreed to being in a r/ship with him even after feeling uneasy about his past but he was my first boyfriend of any kind.

No. 485559

Would you share these resources, anon?

No. 485586

For what reason did you post this here?

Probably 8chan

No. 485593

You're a piece of shit, truly.

So wrapped up in your own individual needs and desires, such a blatant lack of responsibility and duty to others.

You think you're being selfless by offing yourself, but in reality, the only thing you're doing is engaging in some petty, meaningless individualistic desires while actively complicating the lives of everyone around you.

Instead of being a pathetic, mopey piece of shit who can't even commit to dying, why don't you volunteer at a children's hospital, homeless shelter, literally anywhere else where there are vulnerable people.
Why don't you sacrifice yourself for others instead of indulging yourself in these silly fantasies?

No. 485613

Just take some sleeping pills and huff CO like everyone else. Are you the same anon that's been suicide-posting everywhere these past few days?

No. 485619

How do I improve my reading ability anons ?? I must have 50 or so unread books that I have bought this year and yet I can only get through a couple pages

I wish I could just read casually without it feeling like a chore

No. 485628

audio books?

No. 485633

I have some rather obscure books that don't have audio

No. 485635

A couple of pages at a time is fine. Make it a daily habit and try to read an extra page more everyday. Make sure it's a book you enjoy because trying to read something dry and uninteresting to you will make it 10x harder to focus.

No. 485636

I'm the 173 book anon and for me it helps to make it into a daily habit (like reading 50 pages a day). If I'm in a reading slump it helps to get back in again with something a bit easier like a play or a light memoir.

No. 485655

Sounds like you’re in a rut. Dump the bf, spend time with your mom and get a new job.

No. 485659

Mostly I wanted to confess to feeling good about something terrible - this is the confessions thread. Obviously I can't tell people irl, so I chose here.

You sound a bit upset, anon. If I thought I was anything more than a pos, I don't think I'd put this much effort and time into planning such a horrible act. To assume that I've been delaying because I can't commit is fair, but I do actually care about the consequences of how I go and what I leave behind. Were I as inconsiderate towards others as you presume me to be, I wouldn't hesitate to find an easier way that would traumatise more people. Choosing a discreet method and researching to understand what I need to prepare is enough.

While I understand your pov (really), I think you hugely overestimate how many people will care and how much they'll be affected when I go. In the time between finding the first forum and the second, I've recovered from my neetdom and even had a decent job for a bit. Despite this, I feel as though there is something fundamentally wrong with me; after feeling so awful for so long, I'm allowed to choose what happens to my life. I will wrap up every loose end so it should only be a slight annoyance to the very few people who might be affected. It's better than being a burden in every way for decades to come - that is far more selfish imo

No. 485675

Nta but I think it's pretty telling when you counter to suicidal individuals with shaming them into duty to other people, and saying how they'll feel better if only they can make themselves useful by donating their time to service others.

A person's value shouldn't subsist on what they're able to provide for other people. If that's what keeps you going that's great. But individual value separate from what they do for the herd is important too.

No. 485680

Why do you think suicide is "your choice" and not just another programmed choice society has allowed you to engage in?
I highly doubt there's anything wrong with YOU, genetically or socially, but rather the fucked up society we live in, that allows you to even consider suicide instead of reaching out to you and protecting you.

You say like finding a job was supposed to make you happy, but have you ever considered why society pushes finding stable employment with happiness so much? It's because 99% of the time, they are so wholly incompatible that they MUST be forced together to form this unnatural pairing lest we see what they really want from us (to be a silent, willing paypig).

You've probably experienced horrible shit, personal and not, for a long time, so "logically" it makes sense that you think it's you, but who the fuck are you really?

When you are being constantly manipulated, whether it's top down (like political messages, how you should feel about family, your position in life, ideologies, values etc) or bottom up (how you react to the color red, certain sounds, scents), how can you say with SUCH certainly that YOU are the problem, when you can't even comprehend the manipulation and trauma that's being done to you?

I'm rambling now, but what I mean to say is, whatever you think of yourself, is probably not even you. All of these idealations and fantasies, this low self esteem and image, it's all been constructed by literal vampiric demons who feed off of this energy (as well as any money/labor you invest).

No. 485694

Set a small goal every day. Like say you'll read 30 minutes a day, or x amount of pages every day (even if its just one page).

Combine reading with a habit you already have. Like if you drink coffee every morning, put the boom you want to read next to your coffee machine.

Read before you go on the internet because the internet is bad for your attention span and its harder to get reading done after being on the internet because your brain will want instant gratification. It might help to read in the morning.

Hope this helps. I got this advice from a YouTube video.

No. 485747

there's nothing wrong with her post. she didn't ask to be born. she isn't obligated to help anyone considering that she's suicidal herself. she shouldn't feel obligated to suffer for the benefit of others. other people who aren't suffering because they're alive can volunteer and help others. helping others is not a panacea for suffering. there are a fuckton of people out there. if you care so much about helping others, why don't you try to use your shaming tactics to convince people to prioritize volunteering and helping others over popping out kids and pouring all their resources into stupidly and selfishly creating MORE people who are capable of suffering endlessly, rather than using their resources to eliminate the suffering of countless others who are already alive? who says helping others even gives people the will to live? it doesn't if you're genuinely suicidal, i can tell you that much. your post is so stupid and ridiculous.

idk if you were the anon with the dumb post but i agree with some parts of this post. there's nothing wrong with being unhappy or suicidal in a very broken society. broken in many different ways and they want to make everyone who is discontented with being reamed feel like they're abnormal. part of it i think is that suicidality is so pathologized, when it's nothing but rational to be sick of suffering and not want to suffer for no reason, or for the benefit of a few, who hate you, mind you. problem is, unless it can be fixed, what to do? numb yourself by being high 24/7 to avoid suicide?

No. 485768

I like these posts because they really reflect the human experience. When faced with the utter meaninglessness of it all, we only have two choices: suicide or keep living in spite of it. And if you choose the latter, or while you're holding out til the former, may as well not spend that time suffering. After all, you can die whenever.

No. 485808

my redbull addiction is so bad, I feel like I need at least one every day to function and now I think I'm getting to the point that I feel like I need two. I don't wanna think about how much I've spent on redbull these past few years, like seriously, it's so much money.

No. 485829

Damn, nta, but you are amazing anon. I love your rant, please write a blog or a book or something. You are onto something there, what a cathartic reading.

No. 485850

i usually wear pretty casual clothing or live in yoga pants but for some reason it turns me on so much to wear sexy clothing when I’m out with my man. Idk if it’s a symptom of pick-me but I love being able to look good in-front of all these other guys but be all over my boyfriend in public. I’m not into the bimbo lifestyle at all but it’s kind of fun to be/play up kind of qt trophy once in a while.

No. 485858

Tbh anon I get you, totally. I'm usually quite conservative with how I dress but sometimes I like to go out in something a little "risque" with the bf. He's a big guy, bit of a gymbro, and what I get off on specifically is looking hot as fuck and my bf scaring them off/staring them down. The time I realised I loved this a guy was walking passed me in the grocery store and was checking out my dress for like half a second and looked away pretty flighty-like, and I looked at my bf and he was giving the guy a super hot cocked eyebrow, what u think u doin bud, pursed lips kinda look and I about creamed my pants right there cant lie. I think its knowing they want to look you up and down but not being able to/being intimidated into not. Sort of like putting a toy a toddler wants on a high shelf; They cant reach/fully appreciate it and it makes them mad they can see the corner of it hanging off the shelf out of reach. (let's be real I couldn't intimidate a guy into stopping his creepiness, so guess my bf is a way for me to do that?) Idk I call it the "youre not allowed to look at my gf like a piece of meat" look.

No. 485902

If I don't want to cry (ex. infront of therapist, in public. ect.) I've formed a habit of pinching my skin or poking it with my nail to distract. I want to stop, but aside from the obvious reasons about why it's bad, I wonder how this affects how I process emotions? I do it even when I'm about to have a "positive" cry. Ugh.

No. 485907

I sent nudes with my face in them to my ex bf (while we were in a relationship) when I was 19. I wonder if he still has them or ever posted them somewhere. I'm always afraid they're going to resurface.

No. 486024

i feel you. when i was 14 i cybered with a classmate because i was desperate for any kind of positive attention and he told me he took screenshots. my face wasn't in frame but it gives me the sickest feeling knowing that he might still have them saved somewhere. it ended very, very badly, so for years i tortured myself by imagining him showing them off to my old friends to laugh at the dumb desperate emo chick from high school. feels bad man

No. 486039

with face or with no face, they are gonna get shared. do not send nudes. men (and women) share them, people can't be trusted.

No. 486071

I feel this anon

No. 486080

Wow I can relate anon. I also do this when I'm feeling anxious or extremely uncomfortable, dig my nails deep in my hand and fingers to help control it.

No. 486096

Currently trying ethical non-mog stuff and literally having the best sex ever with both my bf and my FWB. Hnnnnnng, I'm soooo satisfied.

No. 486099

I've drawn lewd art of a friend. I'm not sure if he'd mind or not.

No. 486100

>with both my bf and my FWB.
please fuck off

No. 486103

Is your FWB male or female? Just curious.

No. 486108

I'm realising just how much living alone and never feeling pressure to have sex has made me happy this last year.

I've basically always found sex disappointing compared to toys/masturbating but I felt a duty to do it regularly. I once told my ex that I could happily go the rest of my life without sex and he laughed at me cos I was the one initiating sex alot of the time.. yeah I did it out of duty cos he earned more than me so I thought I owed him a good sex life

No. 486115

i automatically find people who have had surgeries less attractive, especially if they look drastically different, and i hate how normalised that shit has become, and there's tons of young women on twitter joking about how their perfect life starts once they undergo a bunch of surgeries. Don't get me wrong, i know how fucking shitty it feels to have certain features or whatever that are considered ugly but i hate how people act as if it's no big deal. i myself think i have many flaws and i have considered sugery myself but one of the main reasons that's stopping me from doing it is the fact that i'd then probably consider myself fake, and everyone around me would know that my body/face actually didn't look like that naturally, so i don't think it would raise my confidence or make me feel better mentally…

No. 486121

what if i tell you that good sex is better than good masturbation? bad masturbation sucks less than bad sex tho and it's only because there's no fuckboy around to make you feel shit. I think good sex is only possible if you aren't so insecure and have a connection with someone.

No. 486124

What does it mean "ethical"?

No. 486129

not to be a virgin but tf does mog mean? if i google all i get is chemicals lol. also fat yikes at the whole "my bf and my fwb" part.

No. 486130

having surgery unless you need it is just so much unnecessary risk and trauma to your body. For like what?? Are people going to love you more with a cuter nose?? Do those people matter?? Ah!! Thanks for sharing anon!

No. 486131

I've been sexually active for 20 years, I've been married, madly in love, all that. I get that sex (for most people) is amazing under the right circumstances. For me it's not

No. 486136

I think they might mean non-monogamous?

No. 486143

My mom cooking isn't very good, its quite bad to be exact but i love my mom too much to say it so i sometimes cook my own stuff when shes not home. She had sacrifice so much for me i don't wanna break her heart or saddens her anymore.

No. 486161


Means bf and I are both completely okay with it. FWB is male. Didn't think people would be so judgey in the confession thread, lol.

No. 486162

Well, you've been divorced, so clearly you have had a bad experience. It really is not true, it's like saying that giving yourself massages is the best. At least you're not blatantly claiming to be asexual, but I think you're wrong about the fapping thing.

No. 486182

I'm not divorced, he died

No. 486198

sorry for your loss.

No. 486247

Would be nice if anons could post "I'm just not that into sex" without someone making a bunch of divorce assumptions and acting like a therapist but y'know.. one that assumes a bunch of details wrongly.. kek >>486162

No. 486252

you called him your ex which clearly implies that you two broke up

No. 486253

nta and pardon my esl, but how tf would you refer to your dead husband then? don't think anyone would say untimely or something to that extent unless they're 76.

No. 486254

Typically you call them your late husband

No. 486255

I hate that this is the way you felt, that you "owed" something to someone to such a point he thought the act was genuine.
But I'm glad you are able to see that now from a distance.

Also sorry for your loss Anon.

No. 486257

I'm still of opinion that when someone else rubs you better than when you do it yourself, in general, without a sad background, it's better. I assumed since you said ex, hey, I'm sorry I guess. But it won't change my opinion in general. I am not a therapist. Anyways, I hope things get better for you. Ironically I don't like sex either but I also don't like masturbation. But don't listen to some dumb anon, enjoy yourself.

No. 486258

ahh ok, thanks!

No. 486263

>I once told my ex that I could happily go the rest of my life without sex and he laughed at me cos I was the one initiating sex alot of the time.. yeah I did it out of duty cos he earned more than me so I thought I owed him a good sex life

I feel you two might have a communication issue, did you ever try telling him that you were unsatisfied sexually and suggest maybe he could try something diffrent to pleasure you

No. 486289

File: 1574511262185.png (29.42 KB, 80x138, 1421084771904.png)

Back in 2008 I hacked Habbo Hotel accounts with a fake website and stole coins and furniture worth thousands of dollars (and got banned together with all of it in the end kek).

No. 486292

you're a monster

No. 486302

It was a fake confession

No. 486325


No. 486378

this was 12 year old me's biggest dream and goal

No. 486459

I just spent 5$ on a latte even though I don't have a job and am quickly going broke

No. 486488

Me and my sister on separate computers on opposite ends of the house would run fake "falling furni" and "chair races" competitions in one of my rooms on Habbo.

Players could "pay to stay" at the end of each round if they lost, with a Habbo Club sofa offered as the grand prize. My sister would always play in the races, always "P2S" after every round, and won every game.

We had so much furniture from our scam, we opened more rooms and more games, all filled with the goods. Eventually we got reported and my account was banned, but my god it felt good.

I also used to hold fake raffles on Neopets and sold omlettes and other crap in my shop for 10k neopoints a piece, these were the tickets. I'd offer a Baby Paint Brush as the prize. Eventually I made 400k NP from these fake raffles and bought myself a Baby Paint Brush. Painted my Lupe with it. I was 11 and extremely proud. Account banned.

Karma is real.

No. 486500

Lately my grandma who was abusive to me as a kid, and only gave gifts to my dad, has been calling like crazy. He died and I never considered her my actual grandma because she never showed affection or gave anything but old books. I just feel no reason to pick up those calls or speak at all. She didn't give me the time of day when I was younger other than to be a POS. Frankly I think it's sad such a bad person outlived their own kid. Don't care for blood ties at all and kinda just wish she'd plop over already.

No. 486505

smartphones have fucked my attention span so bad. any time I'm trying to do anything that requires attention (like reading or sewing or drawing for example) I just want to look at my smartphone every 2.5 minutes. it's so hard to focus any more.

No. 486546

My income isn't much but I can't stop buying overpriced to-go coffee. At one point I realised I was spending more on coffee than food shopping

No. 486548

Ten minute long YouTube vids have ruined mine, I can't enjoy films or TV series anymore. My attention span was much better in my twenties so it's an odd age to suddenly realize I have issues with focus

No. 486549

>Ten minute long YouTube vids have ruined mine, I can't enjoy films or TV series anymore. My attention span was much better in my twenties so it's an odd age to suddenly realize I have issues with focus

Raises hand, I can't even watch a full movie without losing focus

How do I get better anons ?

No. 486572

Does anyone here often desperately wish they could go back in time knowing what to know now and do things way differently? I've been wishing like crazy that I could go back to my first day of high school and just do everything over from there. Take grades seriously, prioritize building a future over socializing, get into a good college, befriend a much better group. It feels so pathetic to be in my late 20's and wanting that this badly. I just don't know what to do about my life and future right now.

I guess it could have gone so much worse, so I should be happy. At least I didn't have a kid or end up with a serious addiction like so many people I know have.

No. 486574

if I could travel in time to hs, I would do the opposite. being a good, responsible child with excellent grades never got me anything besides profound loneliness and sense of missing out.

No. 486575

I honestly don't know anyone who wouldn't want to go back into their pasts and change SOMETHING. Everyone has regrets.

No. 486576

Same here, ladies. I was able to come back from it recently by forcing myself to watch gradually longer things that required paying full attention, without using any devices like my phone during them. I started doing this at the beginning of Summer first with half hour TV shows, then hour long ones, then full length movies. It worked very well. Now, to keep up woth it, I make sure I watch at least one movie a week without touching my cell phone. It's all about rewiring the habits your brain is used to.

No. 486597

No. 486598

I have also had these deep thoughts anon. I wish I could go back to high school, with the social skills and IDGAF attitude I have now. Maybe I'd even make friends. I could stand up to the bullies with ease. I could try harder in my exams and do better.

I'd be a completely different person. I'd be living a different life right now. I wouldn't have my bf, my dog, maybe I wouldn't be so close to my family.

Please try to focus on what you do have, right now, rather than what you don't. You won the lottery even existing right now. If your poor grades make you feel that bad, there's nothing stopping you from signing up to a post grad class to improve them. My brother dropped out of high school 15 years ago but has recently got his grades back and is now going to university. Stay positive!

No. 486634

File: 1574612280828.gif (2.17 MB, 500x375, giphy (3).gif)

Gonna go have a decent binge at the chinese buffet today on my last day off. It's a 30 minute drive one way but worth it. Gonna dig into that cheap sushi, seafood, and dim sum.
They have this eggplant dish that I really like too. I actually really like going to eat alone cause then I don't have to be secretive or polite about loading my plates and stuffing face.

The only thing that sucks is this dude who I buy weed from blew me off last night so I can't get proper high to enjoy it even more. But oh well, I still will.

No. 486656

in the confessions thread because it's too lame and edgy for the vent thread.

i hate living in california. everyone wants to live in the city despite the traffic and ridiculous amount of homeless. after living in a heavily populated area i moved to a tiny city and genuinely enjoy it here. it was so suffocating and obnoxious before. everyone was a wannabe actor, photographer, writer, activist, faux-intellectual type and it was just a lot of dick sucking and jerking each other off in order to "network."

and whenever i meet up with any friends from my hometown i have to bite my tongue while they tell me how great places like san francisco are, how they're non-binary now and how everyone they know is some type of tranny. this shit is infectious. i didn't even live in san francisco and i was dangerously close to being a full-fledged non-binary dangerhair cuck. i'm glad i got out when i did. i still love my old friends to bits but fuck dude, i'm hoping they get over this crap one day but i doubt it considering the uber-progressive cities they live in.

No. 486821

I'm happily married, but I recently realized I'm bisexual and have been imagining women during sex with my husband. I've even requested he go down on me more so that I could imagine a woman doing it. I feel like disgusting cheating trash.

No. 486950

found the social media of one of my exes, she's still fat and ugly and got a terrible haircut and dye job and this news pleases me. it was a bad breakup but to be completely honest i'm definitely the one who hurt the other more, so idk why i'm so satisfied knowing this.

No. 486971

sounds like you're a bad person and you relishing in her decline makes you sound majorly insecure.

No. 486978

this is me but with energy drinks

No. 486979

>her decline
chill, she's doing very well in every other aspect except for looks, which is the part i'm laughing at

No. 487014

I feel guilty for posting Plasticnproud on the insta thot thread almost a year ago…maybe she would be doing better if she didn’t receive so much negative attention? I don’t know

No. 487027

She probably would have. You're not alone, though, I played a huge role in bringing negative attention upon an influencer on here too. Her life has dramatically declined since, and it is clear this site played a large role in that. I can't even try to pretend she "deserves it" or that the threads about her are "just some legitimate criticism" because some of the anons who participate in it are so deeply unhinged. There is at least one person who crossed the line into actually lowkey stalking her IRL briefly, yet most people in the thread saw nothing wrong with it because they were so thirtsy for whatever milk they could squeeze.

The lesson I learned is that you should never bring anyone to this site's attention (or any other chan sote for that matter) because, while you might just want to complain about some dumb shit they did, there likely will be someone out there who will become frighteningly obsessed with them.

No. 487033

I post made up stories on here and Reddit all the time because I'm incredibly bored and lonely. I don't know why, but I get a huge kick from all the attention they receive. Especially on Reddit because there I will sometimes get thousands of responses. I went so far on one Reddit account that I had a whole dedicated persona as a middle aged soccer mom to a hoard of adopted children. I got so wrapped up in it that I almost forgot it wasn't real.

… I should probably get therapy.

No. 487036

Omg I swear to god I thought it was me who originally posted her here but I couldn't remember for sure. Whew I'm glad you posted this

This is super honest and interesting anon. Thanks for sharing

No. 487051

>because, while you might just want to complain about some dumb shit they did, there likely will be someone out there who will become frighteningly obsessed with them.
I 100% understand this and it's the reason why I don't start cow threads myself because it's bound to ruin someone who's already in an unstable mental state. The a-logs become so obsessed they'll be there until the day the person dies, even if the milk ran dry long, long ago. It's not worth doing just to complain about someone doing dumb crap unless they're doing something actually destructive to others around them.

However… here's my confession:
>Had some fat fucked up narc SJW snowflake trying to start calling me and several others out because of petty SJW bullshit snowflake tumblrina reasons
>I'm absolutely not going to deal with this
>Make a thread about this fucker
>People immediately jump at her because she's a big piece of work
>She immediately deletes her existence from the internet
I'm not sorry about this the slightest. Callout culture needs to die and I'm willing to play the game with their rules if it comes down to that.

No. 487064

kek that's always so satisfying
i occasionally check out my exes youtube channel and she still uploads weekly despite not even reaching 30 subs
feels good to know you got out of a relationship better

No. 487093

Thanks a lot for your reply, I appreciate your honesty

I never thought that my annoyance with her would spawn literally 11 threads about her with no signs of stopping. Obviously other people find her extremely aggravating as well since there are thousands of replies?But a part of me certainly feels totally responsible for bringing her to lolcows attention at all even without ever even making a thread for her myself, since really I just believe she is extremely mentally ill and just needs a good therapist. It’s really sad and I feel like a piece of shit for being pretty hateful.

Thanks for reading

No. 487131

Who was it? Kiki?

No. 487133

Are you the one ruining r/ProRevenge with bullshit?

No. 487137

I used to do this on the advice forum on Gaiaonline but it was because I was 14. I used it as another method of practicing my writing/roleplaying, and also I was bored because I was a fucking ill-bred kid with no friends. Maybe try getting into actual paragraph roleplaying or RP in video games. It's the same feel.

No. 487145

Any time a post on here brings out the 'morality police' I always sit back thinking that chances are.. the post that's upsetting them is a made up story

No. 487192

No, I've never even heard of that sub. I mostly posted in AITA.

No. 487284

Kelly Eden. She has 16 threads in snow, despite the milk having been dry for a long time now. Her threads have declined into discussing her art being kinda off, shitting on her body, and speculation about why her friends dropped her.

No. 487414

I dont give up my seat for white people when I take the bus.or any public transport. They have to be disabled for me to do it because The amount of disrespect my grand and great grandparents hell just people who look like me faced during Jim Crow will never allow me to feel pity for the little old white person. Call me racist or evil but idc just hearing about the evil shit people in my family and black people in general went through just 50 yrs ago is enough to make me take on that title with pride.(racebait)

No. 487418

How is that evil? It's petty at best, I mean you do make room for the disabled.

No. 487420

File: 1574773680500.jpg (35.94 KB, 680x453, 1wzjqz.jpg)

I always stand up for everyone, no matter their race, age or gender. Feels good to be good.

No. 487422

good for you but if you're on lolcow how good can you be lololol

No. 487424

Being on lc is the only less than good thing I ever did in my life

No. 487426

do you give up your seats to Arab people? whose ancestors enslaved, raped and castrated millions of SubSaharan Africans

No. 487432

no because there are barely any Arabs in my town and ive never seen one take the bus. Tbh i only give up seats to women, children or the disabled. Also im referring to the black american struggle which is different than the struggles that black people from different countries face. Our whole existence in america was to simply to be treated like cattle. Subsaharan Africans had lives before the Arabs came and desecrated it. My ancestors didnt have that luxury until very recently. Also if im being 1000% i mainly give up my seat to black children,black disabled, black women, or black elderly because quite frankly every race looks down on us whether they realize it or not. Not trying to racebait fyi im just confessing a sin.

No. 487441

who do you think were the one's who sold AA Ancestors to the English, French and Portuguese e.t.c ?

No. 487443

NTA but she specifically mentions what her grandparents and great-grandparents went through, which is facing discrimination by white Americans. She probably grew up hearing stories about segregation, whereas she didn't have any living family members who got enslaved by Arabs. Comparing something that happened centuries ago vs what a living generation remembers is worlds apart.

No. 487444


THANK YOU!! i was just about to say this but you said it for me perfectly and much shorter! A lot of people dont realize that Jim Crow was less than 60 years ago. When my dad was born in '68 it had only ended 3 years prior. Meaning his parents grew up during that era and faced harsh discrimination and segregation by white americans! Let me stop talking about black struggles before lolcow sees me as racebaiting smh lol.

No. 487450

and literal Slavery in Saudi Arabia only legally ended in 1962
1962 can you imagine that

No. 487453

Why does one need to give up seat for abled people anyway…? Just sit away from designated disabled/old/pregnant area. I’d give it up for a mom and her kid. I’d rather not give random men any kind of interaction on public transport.

No. 487460

not so fun fact: only in fucking 2007 were there laws passed that made slave owning prosecutable in Mauritania and 15% of the population there are still full blown held against their will forced farm labor slaves

No. 487462

My boyfriend flirting with other girls and making comments on their body turned me off completely. First we were having the best sex of our lives and I was even able to squirt at certain points, now I just feel so turned off and undesirable anytime we try to do stuff I just can't. Not even the first time this has happened with a guy either, is this just me who finds it an extreme turn off when men show interest with other girls?

No. 487463


NTA but this would only be a good excuse if AA people were treated like slaves or former slaves in African countries. Instead, they welcome them.
Some countries even fund them to return if they want to, and at worst, they're treated the same as white foreigners where only their money is considered important
Africa has already apologized for slavery and is happy to give reparations for it. Americans, Europeans and Arabs on the other hand just refuse to acknowledge it and insist it's all in the past so it doesnt matter(racebaiting)

No. 487482

I have the same 'issue'. I really clearly dislike it as well and become sexually unattracted. The man might as well be used goods in my mind, triply so if he cheated.

No. 487488

why would you continue dating someone who flirts with other people and who desires other people? i'd be dry as fuck and so disgusted, i wouldn't be able to be around him.

No. 487490

Hey sis try lipstick alley, it’s a site geared toward black women but (unfortunately) anyone can join.

No. 487494

can you all fuck off, you all mentioning lsa makes the shit worse. Who keeps mentioning websites as if they're boards for only white /black people to go to. Everyone is welcomed here.

No. 487508

~reserve racism is real uwuu~~

No. 487511

everyone (except men obviously) is welcome here dumbass

take your racebait somewhere else

No. 487683

I know deep inside of me that I would never love a daughter the same way I'd love a son and it makes me scared and sorry.

No. 487686

What’s the logic behind that?

No. 487690

Not really. I've just discovered that I have a preference by working with kids and I'm scared it'd going to reflect on my parenting.

No. 487692

Pickmeism. It's terminal.