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No. 442082

By confessing our sins and repenting of them, we receive forgiveness and salvation.

Let it all out, farmers.

No. 442092

File: 1564609782220.jpeg (70.88 KB, 1024x522, 886C603C-7113-49FF-A1F4-979E97…)

i constantly think about the first boy i ever had a crush on from secondary school. i was 100% convinced i was gay until he started flirting with me and it hit me like a truck, he was such a pretty boy but he also worked out and had a really nice body and he changed everything for me lol. but he was a dumbass boy and i cut ties because he was two timing me but a year or so after i left school i found out he moved back home so i added him because i couldn’t stop thinking about him and we talked and he told me i changed his entire outlook on life and relationships and that he loved me and it fucked me up. i know he didn’t actually love me but it made my chest burst lol. a while after that my ex made me take him off facebook because they knew each other and he was jealous that my first crush was fine as hell lmfao. i cant seem to get over him even though it was so many years ago now (i was 15/16 when i liked him and i’m 21 now) and i have a wonderful bf who i love so much, i think it was the lack of closure maybe. i also think it’s because i wanted to lose my virginity to him but was too awkward, insecure and uneducated to make the moves even though he was very upfront about him finding me attractive. i know it sounds dumb but i always get the feeling that he thinks about me as well and lowkey hope that we run into each other again one day

No. 442096

Basically.. i am sucking dick for drugs

No. 442099

Stay safe, anon

No. 442102

File: 1564611801823.jpg (290.85 KB, 1200x675, 74492029_p0_master1200.jpg)

Next spring my boyfriend will propose to me to get me out of this country and allow me to live with him. I will have to give up my studies since I can't transfer credits, and my parents will kill me. We really are in love and in a serious relationship, so it's not like our marriage wouldn't be serious.
My parents already disapprove of our relationship. They'll think I'm too young to get married and too young to go to another country.
I feel bad for hurting them this way.
I just want to be happy. Getting away from this shithole will make me happy. And I'll be with the person I love. It feels like my parents feelings matter more than mine. I'm legally an adult, I don't know why I'm probably going to let them stop me.

No. 442104

You better wait until you get a degree at least. Look for your independence because you choose something so radical. You could regret it later, even if you stay with him. Don't rush things

No. 442112

I'm going to go to university when I move there, so I'll end up getting a degree regardless, and I have a lot of money saved in case things go wrong - and in the worst case, I have another plan.
I'm prepared, I'm just terrified of my parents being so upset. They've been abusive and controlling my whole life and I know they "want what's best for me" but I have to make my own decisions..

No. 442116

but why cant you chase after him or try to make a move?

No. 442120

Wait until you get this degree anyways. There's no rush if you're actually serious enough to move countries and get married.

No. 442124


i’ve been with someone new for three years now and i love him a lot, he’s my perfect match. but i can’t stop thinking about my first “love” which i think is just a lack of closure. i wouldn’t leave my current bf to chase after someone i haven’t spoken to in years, it doesn’t make sense kek. after posting on here i went to see if he was still on facebook and couldn’t even click his profile because i got too flustered, he most likely doesn’t even remember me which is for the best i think lmao

No. 442126

Where are you moving from and to?

No. 442137

File: 1564618299935.jpg (18.07 KB, 480x480, 1557465744905.jpg)

I posted nudes to soc when I was 16

No. 442138

same here anon. i wrote "whore" on myself with lipstick because some scrote asked me to when i was a teenager on /b/. those pictures, i'm sure, are out there somewhere sadly. i'm SO SO SO glad i never included my face.

No. 442141

Why did you do something so blatantly degrading?

No. 442142

i was an easily influenced 14 year old who wanted affirmation from men because i was under the impression that it was important for me to have male attention. i've grown a lot since then and i thank everything for that. if i were still the same person now that i was then, i would off myself lmao.

No. 442151

Teenage girls are retarded and really have no idea what they're doing. They don't realize how harmful and degrading they're being treated they think they're doing something funny and cool and likable, not realizing how they're being preyed on.

No. 442170

if i'm bored or feel nobody is paying attention to me, i may as well be dead.
i lose weight repeatedly so others help admit me to hospitals and nurse me tenderly and make each day stop hurting. i break my family and others patience. by the end of 2021 i want to eat treats and soon after eat a shotgun.
i'm a BED at heart so tomorrow i am going to eat 5 orders of large fries with mayonnaise and mustard, a hamburger with a slice of tomato, onion, and pickles, a strawberry cream-cheese pretzel, and 2 slices of pizza because i can't stop thinking about.
i'm ordering from a hospital grill. belongs on mpa but block. sage for being anachan confession.

No. 442251

File: 1564650970837.png (6.89 KB, 412x435, self hate spiral.png)

The most important thing in my life is male validation. I don't go out of my way to attract attention from men (I don't dress provocatively, I'm not loud, I don't shove my love of vidya down their throats…), but when I have to interact with them, I always hope they think I'm pretty even though I'll never be with them. I need them to indicate they like me so I can feel good for a while. Nothing else makes me feel as nice.

Also… I feel like I'm repulsive. I wish I could be one of those naturally beautiful girls – the ones that just slap on some BB cream and mascara and look gorgeous. I'll never be that beautiful and I cry about it more often than I should. I just can't handle that fact. I've realized that 99% of girls online are fake and shopped to hell and back, but when I go out and see real, beautiful women, I have to try and keep it together. My biggest fear is being unattractive. If I already feel like my looks aren't that great now, I can't imagine how I'll look in 20 years.

No. 442282

Anon, I feel you. I also have that issue for male attention and validation, and I hate it.
I think it stems from a different cause for me, as I am aware that I am good-looking (I haven’t always been, though).
I also never act on it but when I interact with a man I always wait for the moment he will show he wants me.
I think to be wanted gives me a small power trip, I just love the feeling.

No. 442287

I've tried to be a "Stacy" for such a long time as a teenager and when I was in my early 20s because I thought that's what normal girls were like and I was not normal therefore I was unlikable and cringy.

I've since embraced my horse girl energy and I'm about to marry a guy who finds me funny and endearing, but I can't help but think that I'm still somehow less than girls who are more outgoing, socially acceptable and conventional.

No. 442300

No. I understand I think. My boyfriend also likes it when I write humiliating stuff on my body in lipstick for him. It seems to be common.

No. 442309

File: 1564668190252.png (277.16 KB, 285x508, 5753757753.png)

Men are… weird.

No. 442313

I think there's something about your first relationship or desperate falling head over heels for someone that encodes itself really deeply in people's brains. A lot of people talk about their "first love" and for most people it happens during adolescence (teens-early 20s) and it's always seems to be the most affecting memory, probably a result of how plastic the brain is at that stage of its maturation whilst swimming in hormones. That's why it feels like you never get closure, or why every relationship after that is usually less affecting because after the first you've got some frame of reference over the path that memory carved.

I still feel a bit extra affected about my "THE Ex" even though that relationship was an immature, bipolar mess because we were both 21 at the time and after dumping me he continued harassing me for 5 years whingeing about how he never got over me. Growing up's weird.

No. 442316

It's not your fault. Your feelings are a product of a society that's always told us we're as worthy as others find us attractive and useful.

No. 442318


Still blows my mind. maybe i have some sort of complex because the most i could ever post in my egirl days was cleavage or butt in a cosplay. Even as a severely naive teenager with no self esteem on the internet I could never get myself to post nudes or even lewds, really. Always thought my body was worth more than giving it up for free to some random men.

but to each their own I suppose, sorry you had some tough times.

No. 442319

That surprises me because you were part of the cosplay community which is toxic AF. Full of really promiscuous sexposi types.

No. 442320

Yesterday morning I got annoyed at how noisy my dog was being, so when I took her outside for her walk, I made her walk down the block with me without letting her sniff anything and tugged at her harness a few times to get her to keep walking with me (she's old, our walks are less walking than they are her very slowly going about and sniffing at the same spot for 20 minutes). I didn't make her walk past the end of the block where we usually go, but she was still obviously upset and hurried back to go home.

Even though I showered her with cuddles last night and this morning, when I took her out for her walk today she pooped immediately after we got outside, and then turned around to go back inside. Didn't sniff anything, didn't wanna look around at anything. I feel like a piece of shit.

No. 442323

I'm a year and a couple months from my 30th and I've finally gotten past my first loves memories and I was with the dude for 8 years, engaged and living with him for about 4. I can't even remember the facts of our homes together or our first or second bedroom. I stayed with him years after it should have ended. I was also in therapy for the last few months and my therapist wanted to discuss my actual relationship, she thought it was strange I never discussed my fiancé in respect to anything lol. I remember after that session and coming home and realising how much my love for my partner changed from romantic to almost sibling like and how there was no passion. I was also the only one working so felt horrible for ending the living arrangement and he seemed so content even tho I always brought up our lack of passion. Think it took me 6 months to finally pull the plug for both of us and we never spoke again. We've both got into a serious relationship a few months later and with the same person. It feels so good finally to have that chapter closed. He use to creep across my mind habitually and sometimes a mutual would interact with his socials and I'd nosey. I haven't even been interested to look at his public pages in about 8 months. It's so weird how I lived and was with him for so long and now even memories you'd think I'd remember forever aren't there because it does not interest me. Honestly it's great.

No. 442325


It was, I sent feet pics once to get some guy to leave me alone, so I understand the pressure, but idk. I hated myself yet thought someone should have to at least pay to see my body.

Also totally unrelated but due to the nature of this thread, I'll get this off my chest. My babysitter was female so I guess it's not a huge deal since she didn't physically hurt me but when I was 6 or 7 she made me touch her body and kiss her, and she taught me about puberty. Sometimes I wonder if I was always bisexual or if it's that experience that affected things. Sorry if it sounds extremely silly, but my ex and an ex friend are the only people in the world who know about it. I don't know what to make of the situation. Sometimes I think of it and wonder if I should have told an adult. I dont think it happened more than once or twice.

No. 442326

Women who smoke cigarettes are so fucking attractive. Especially when/if they wear lipstick during and it comes off onto the filter.

tfw no glam butch smoker girlfriend

No. 442327

Just touch her on the outside or what? It's a bit weird if she was older, I remember doing that with a boy but we were the same age and we showed each other parts and probably proded each other with fingers but never in actual sexual motions. I also learnt to kiss with another girl my age (we were about 13) at a sleepover so kids do experiment innocently like that. Was she a teenage babysitter? Although if you don't think it's effected you negatively you don't really need to answer or explore this. My older cousin showed me his dick once when I was like 8 and he was teenage but he was drunk af and I screamed and ran away.

No. 442331

lol this op

No. 442418

I hate how my BDD tripled since I got into cosplay. I used to enjoy it so much in the early 10's but now it's just a social media influenced beauty competition.
good taste

No. 442475

Happened to me too but it got a lot better after I stopped using social media almost completely. Now I just fuck around with friends in our costumes and it's much more fun than letting the effects of social media ruin your self esteem and making you miserable about your looks.

No. 442500

I like and dislike this because I dated a cute woman with one of those longer Italian-like jawlines and it looked so good when she smoked but she always ran out and I'd spend all my spare cash on new packs. kinda worth it ig

No. 442538

I want to lose a ton of weight to make my ex bf regret breaking up with me, although I don't even want to get back together with him.

No. 442547

I enjoy revenge, from planning, to execution to the result. It's my biggest motivation, even before doing things for my own sake or out of love and sympathy for other people.

No. 442550

me too anon, me too.

No. 442551

yea, that shit feels so good. i heartily agree

No. 442656

You sound like a movie villain, what sort of things do you do?

No. 442733

Same. Trust me, I tried to be the type that lets things slide, because revenge supposedly "makes you feel worse"… but I think it wasn't the case for me. I feel better after revenge.

No. 442751

My sexual fantasies absolutely disgust me. They make me feel like an awful person, despite me 100% never wanting to act them out IRL. I don't watch porn, but recently I've started reading erotic stories again because ignoring my sex drive is difficult sometimes. I know why I'm like this but I don't seem to be able to unlearn it or re-route it or anything. I struggle to get aroused by real sex; in fact I often get turned off by it. I think I have a real serious problem. I don't know how to fix this and I really want to.

No. 442960

Ugh me too.
My confession about revenge (and its petty as fuck, no judging here lol) is that around the winter time when I was super depressed, I tried to reach out to this guy to be friends again (someone who kind of just ghosted me for whatever reason, and I wasn't super hurt by it, before that we had only kissed), he asked me how I had been, mentioned his new girlfriend and such, I said that he's lucky, etc etc. But at the same time he went and liked all my "selfie" pictures on my profile. But still gave me his number again and such. I cried out of relief for having someone to talk to. Next day I messaged him and he did a complete turn around (whether his gf found out or because he had a change of heart) and was super rude. Mentioning how happy he was with his girlfriend, etc etc. I was under the impression though weird he wanted to be friends. Eventually he unfollowed me.
After that, I made it a point to NOT unfollow him, and like all of his pictures and the obnoxious couple pictures he posts because every time I do, it triggers him into looking at mine. And now recently he started liking my pictures again. THEN his girlfriend must have gotten insecure about it, because she followed me for whatever reason, but she didn't even last 24 hours before unfollowing me.
I never do this shit but I was in such a low place at the time (still am off and on) and he did that bullshit. And honestly now I like the power trip of being able to make them insecure in their relationship just by liking his pictures on instagram and nothing else.

Sage for long story and petty bullshit

No. 443146

I love drugs but i swear prostitution isn't worth it.

No. 443237

I've sucked dick for both drugs and college. Life is fucked. What a pill.

Please get help for whatever makes you do drugs (childhood abuse etc).

No. 443293

One time when I was in elementary school, I was called by my friends that there was a family member of mine waiting at the school gates to pick me up. It was break time so everybody was outside and it was not unusual for parents or close family members to come over during that time to give their children stuff they needed for the next school lessons if they forgot it like sports gear for example. Anyways, friends came to me and said that there was a family member of me waiting to pick me up. I was like "uh?" because neither my mum or my dad told me something about it but my friends already dragged me over to the gates and there was a woman waiting for me. When she saw me she said that I should come with her because apparently my parents (or mum idk exactly anymore) told her to bring me home. I was super confused because I've never saw this woman in my life before but she knew my name (even my family name). I reacted pretty confused because I had no idea how to react to such a moment. I said that nobody told me that somebody would be pick me up during break, but the woman insisted on coming with her. My parents told and taught me not to go with strangers, so I said no again and just turned around and walked away. My friends around me were all confused by this because they didn't expect that, neither did I. Of cours they asked me if I knew who this woman was but I just shrugged and didn't talk about this.

When the school day was over I was still super confused by all this and was super careful when I went back home. When I came home I thought that my parents would say something about the said woman but they didn't. At this point I knew that this thing was super fishy but didn't told my mum or dad about it because I felt it would make them even more controlling than they already were at this point (specially my mum). At some point I forgot about this but from time to time I think about it and what would've happened to a child that would've went with her. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't just somebody confusing the schools in that area, because a few streets away was another elementary school with a similar sounding name, maybe they looked for a family child there (my name isn't that uncommon so it could be) BUT around the same time a pair of siblings where abducted and later abused, raped and murdered in brutal way not so far away from me (by two guys though, no woman was involved).

I've never told this story to anybody expect to one former friend. Idk how my mum would react to this now. I just feel like a dodged a bullet back then.

Hope that all of you remain save in the future.

No. 443372

>I've sucked dick for both drugs

Did you enjoy it? Sometimes it turns me on in a horrible way.

No. 443375

I've heard of abductions happening this way. I'm proud of child you for standing up for yourself and telling her to fuck off.

No. 443379

I used to fuck my hookup for weed in college, and even then the weed was just shitty dried shake with mostly seeds.
The best weed I ever bought was through a friend of my ex's that I paid for with my money.

I think men holding drugs over your head in exchange for sex will never give you the best stuff. They already think they can rip you off because you're a woman who's not supposed to know shit about drugs, and even if you do it's not like you'll threaten to kick their ass or something.

No. 443381

That's a freaky fucking story anon, I'm super glad you stayed safe. Like >>443375 said this is a pretty common abduction tactic which is why a lot of schools nowadays are required not to let children leave with anyone but their parents or a registered contact person and some parents teach their children a "password" to verify trusted adults with. I know of at least one case in which a kid was picked up from school by a seemingly friendly woman claiming to be there to take them to their parents and the kid ended up being killed.

No. 443390

i think i don't feel true empathy. i can fake it but inside i feel envious. i'd rather others pay attention to me.
my friend's mother died and while i comforted her i tried to care but feels so hollow.
i want to care about others but i only emotionally take. i lose friends like dandelion seeds

No. 443414

Shit, anon, I remember being 14, too. It'll get better.

No. 443418

Wtf anon almost this exact same thing happened to me when I was in school? My parents had a stalker (in love with my dad, hated my mom) who would sit outside our house and then eventually staked out in front of my school. One day she tried to pick me up but luckily my teachers did not let her, my parents explicitly said no one other than my mom was allowed to pick me up from school. She actually got arrested because she was violating the restraining order. She showed up at my school and at our house countless other times. I never understood when I was little until my mom told me about it a few years ago, but I remember a couple times waking up in the night to see cops in front of our house talking to my parents about it

No. 443473

I know this is selfish and immature but hey that's what the confessions thread is for.

but I hate it when there's something I like that becomes very popular, especially if it started out not very popular and then gained popularity, but even if it just is popular. or if it turns out someone I don't like likes something I like, it can almost ruin the enjoyment for me.

my favorite book series (which later became a movie series) is very popular with pretty much everyone and honestly it makes me enjoy it less.

again, don't come for me, I already acknowledged it's immature.

No. 443485

I literally masturbate and fantasize about a very specific guy that’s completely unattainable and not even that cute. Oh and I’m married. My husband knew about this obsession when we first got together and gave me a “hall pass” of sorts for him, but when I pursued it the guy basically led me on and hurt my feelings so my husband retracted his initial allowance of it….. but I still fantasize about him all the time even though I know the guy is a dick. I’m probably an awful wife for this lmaooo I love my husband and we have great sex but it doesn’t hit that “spot” so to speak lol

No. 443486

anon I think you need to talk to a psychologist and figure out what your obsession with this guy is

No. 443489

>no health insurance
but it’s an obvious nod to my “daddy issues” since the guy is older and all the things I love/hate lol it definitely didn’t help that I used to see him frequently and we would flirt, he had a way of getting me riled up unlike any other man I’ve met.

No. 443492

I'm angry that all the popular kids that excluded me are all doing so well now in their careers or getting married. It's not fair that they can't suffer, I feel like a school shooter sometimes with my revenge fantasies.

No. 443495

oh yeah, I forgot therapy costs an arm and a leg.

but maybe if you ever actually did have sex with him it would be really disappointing? you never know.

No. 443499

honestly yeah, with how much I think about it the chances of him living up to my expectations are slim as hell. I do wish I could chill the fuck out about it but….. my brain is all “big strong older man uwu” forever I guess

No. 443500

I remember feeling angry and jealous of people in school who were wealthy and popular, who graduated uni on time and seemed to have it all.
The best advice I can give to you is just to remove these people from your social media feeds. It might be kind of hard at first (because we naturally want to compare ourselves to others), but you’ll feel much better. I used to torture myself by following certain people who just seemed to have the perfect life. But, that only made me feel bitter about my own.
Sometimes life is unfair, but everyone has to learn to cope and make the best out of our own situations.

Revenge fantasies are fine, but don’t go shoot up a school irl anon kek. Things will get better.

>sry 3 glasses of wine

No. 443515

It's not even that my own life is so terrible its just that I hate the fact that good things can happen to bad people. I hate that I'll never feel good about myself or that I deserve to be liked/loved because of these people. Sorry for the rant.

No. 443524

Most people don't put their problems on social media but that doesn't stop them from having them.

Usually this would be a bad thing to realize but honestly most people's lives are shit and they just hide it. E.G. if you're jealous of four women statistically one of them got molested as a kid and she most likely hasn't told anyone in her entire life never mind her facebook wall.

No. 443905

If I text someone first nearly all the time and they never do it back, I start to ignore them and play games. It's petty but if you cba to show interest and take initiative, why should I always be the one that starts a conversation?

No. 443911

File: 1564961506807.jpg (135.32 KB, 640x1138, gt2rfh0xy6k01.jpg)

I've finally found an image that has triggered me. I've been incredibly anxious the last couple of days after seeing this image. I've even been getting chills and chest pain just thinking about this picture. I almost feel like vomiting. It's a bunch of dog food in a motorcycle engine if you couldn't tell.

So I've been pretty active on the internet all of my life and have seen a bunch of fucked up shit naturally. I've been around to see tubgirl, goatse, lemon party etc. For better or worse I was never too badly affected by these images.

I'm also pretty ok with seeing gross stuff in real life a lot of the time. I'm never bothered by insects or worms, for example.

However, a few days ago my roommates noticed rat poop in our apartment. This was the first time I've had to deal with this and I didn't think it was a big deal. However I started up looking images of rats. Then I got sucked into the rabbit hole of pictures of rats/squirrels putting dog food into cars and motorcycles. For some reason, these pictures trigger me like no other.

I'm not really sure why I'm so triggered when rats alone don't bother me. I think it has to do with the fact that food doesn't belong in automobiles and it's mixing unnatural and natural things so heavily.

No. 443924

Sorry anon I'm incredibly stupid… what's triggering about dog food in motors? What does it have to do with rats.

/sage cause dumb question

No. 443927

I don't know why it's triggering me. I just know that I've been feeling really bothered.

Dog food ends up in motors because rats have a hoarding instinct. So if you leave dog food out next to your car, it may end up in your car's air intake. Rats also might build a nest there or really fuck up your car by chewing the wires.

No. 443928

whenever i see a big pile of dog food like that i want to stick my hand in it

No. 443955


ngl, I got hungry because I thought those were chocolate chips

No. 443959

Is it just dog food in engines, or would breakfast cereal in toilets trigger the same feelings?

No. 444028

File: 1564979584963.jpg (188.37 KB, 828x848, lovesick.jpg)

I definitely have a crush on the girl who works loss prevention for the store I work at. I think she's a few years older than me and to me gives off gay maybe bisexual vibes but who knows. Not like it matters anyways, there's a strict policy against any sort of outside fraternization between LP and employees, can't interact in any sort of way outside of work and I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon. I just like being around her, which is kinda rare anyways because she's usually in her office doing LP shit. She kinda ripped into of my [male] managers today for saying some stupid shit over the radio and I feel kinda gross for saying it but hearing her put someone in their place was hot. Ugh.

No. 444030

Could always just make friends and see where it goes! If the crush fades, you've made a cool friend.

No. 444035

And if it doesn't fade it will only hurt more!

No. 444044

i think you have ocd anon.

No. 444085

My boyfriend talks with his exes, he says it is purely platonic and that there aren't any feelings left between him and them. What should I do?

No. 444089

You tell him it makes you uncomfortable and that you'd like it if he'd stop. If he's worth keeping he will.

No. 444094

My confession is that I have small ugly spaced out teeth that look exactly like Lillie Jean's

Seeing just how much people think they're ugly is honestly fucking me up. I always wanted to get new teeth as soon as I have the money to, but my mother also assured me no one else apart me cares that much.
I guess she was wrong.
I don't go around smiling with my teeth out tho.
To answer questions from the thread: It's literally just genetics. In my case my scrotoid father blessed both me and my brother with the most unfortunate looking set of teeth.
It's not baby teeth, I lost my baby teeth like anyone else and.. got small new teeth after.
Dentists don't care, my teeth are extremely straight + no food gets stuck ever.

As soon as I have a job I'm getting them replaced. Thank you very much.

No. 444135

Think about why it bothers you. If anything, I would consider the fact that he's still friends with his exes as a good sign. If there's no sign of anything romantic going on and it still makes you feel bad then you should work on your lack of confidence

No. 444165

its bothering us because she's larping as a beauty gooru, attacking any critics and faking everything including pheellipe the French boyfriend. she's insufferable and ridiculous.
if youre a normal nice person with spaced teeth I'm sure nobody who knows you gives a fuck. it's your choice what you do to make yourself feel better though, just giving my perspective.

No. 444177

Talking to exes is normal? Is there another problem I'm missing here?

No. 444186

I had a child when I was 17. I quickly left home and let my mother raise her as I had no interest in having children. If you're wondering why I didn't abort I'm from the south and this was the mid 90's, abortion wasn't really a thing you could do on your own without permission, it was extremely hard to make happen and I didn't have permission funds or transportation to the big city where it was available.
I am an old fag now she is now 21. I am so fucking embarrassed of her. She claims to be trans but is a total transtrender. She's just insufferable. She is a fucking homestuck cosplay weeb fucking dork that loves musicals. She ships people, she writes fanfic, she doesn't and has never had a job or a driver's license nor has she ever even attempted to leave that tiny shit town. She's obese and doesn't brush her long bushy wild hair nor does she bathe or groom at all. I am so utterly fucking embarrassed of her honestly she could be a lolcow. I have no contact with her or my family, I've gleaned all of this information second hand and from her social media. I am so angry I didn't have access to abortion back then.

No. 444189

What were are you trying to quote? I googled the name and couldn't find anyone with weird teeth

No. 444190

File: 1565011468340.jpg (818.99 KB, 2448x3264, neiqrdhar5i21.jpg)

Here's another picture that's triggering to me. It's dog food placed in a car's air intake by rats. If you don't secure your dog food then it might end up there.

As to why I'm posting in the confessions thread: I've always felt that other people were too sensitive about pictures, especially those relating to trypophobia. Now I feel a little bad about being disturbed by such relatively harmless pictures lol.

>i think you have ocd anon.
Why do you think that? I think being triggered by repetitive patterns is associated with ocd, yes. But I don't think I have any other symptoms.

>Is it just dog food in engines, or would breakfast cereal in toilets trigger the same feelings?
Honestly I think it's just dog food in engines. I'm still not really sure why. My guess is that toilets are relatively clean to how engines are dirty. Toilets are more associated with food, because we poop in them and we use porcelain for sinks too. I don't really find toilets to be totally unhygenic. And it's pretty easy to imagine someone disposing of food in the toilet for me.

On the other hand, I don't think car engines and food have anything to do with them whatsoever.

This sounds like bait.

If you're not raising the kid and you don't have any contact with your family, why do you care about what she is like? And if you don't know her at all, how can you tell she is a transtrender? (Unless you think all trans men her age are trenders) Also homestuck has been out of trend for a couple of years now. Either way it's just for the better if you let these kinds of people live their life.

No. 444192

The apple never rots far from the tree.

No. 444196

>>444189 Sorry I've been here for months but I mostly lurk. Will a link work? >>>/snow/834298

Thank you for being nice. And yeah, I know people have mostly problems with her for being fucking weird and a fake, plus she makes her eyeballs huge and flaunts the teeth and it creeps people out… (as I said, I don't even smile with my teeth out and when I talk it's not that noticeable)
But the comments about the teeth do get to me. I'm extremely insecure about them and seeing people actually hating on them, calling them shark teeth etc makes me feel bad. It's fine tho.. I have had my mind set on the surgery already for a long time.

Also, since it's so rare I actually wondered if we may be related lol I live in Europe tho.

No. 444197

Kind of fucked up to look down on her this way when this is what you put her at risk for when you abandoned her for all these years.

No. 444198

>>444197 Exactly what I was thinking. The woman abandoned her and now is wondering why her daughter is all fucked up.

No. 444199

is it impossible to be friends with someone when you want them? guys always say this but i don't think it's so true, it's just that they don't want to actually have anything to do with the person unless they can possess them/fuck them

No. 444220

I don’t even think her daughter sounds all that fucked up. She just sounds like your average cringey nerdy girl. Plenty of people from normal families with decent upbringings act like this too. It’s pretty common.

No. 444228

man that's really weird
you never stop learning, i didn't know rats did this
i can't stop looking at the pic, it feels eerie

No. 444230

>>443911 Anon I really like pet rats and imo this is cute hoarding instincts. Makes me kek its triggering to you but I don't know why you search for more pics if you hate it so much.

No. 444248

So I should have thrown my life away at 17 to raise a child I never wanted? I was forced into carrying a pregnancy to term against my will and the result of it is now a drain on society with no positive contribution. It infuriates me that my mother made me carry this child, it infuriates me that I had to go through the pain of childbirth and pregnancy, it infuriates me that she grew up to be an embarrassing person whose whole persona is old top cringe Tumblr. Maybe I wouldn't be so angry had she grown up to accomplish literally anything, or just been not the type of person we come here to laugh at and document.

No. 444257

i'm telling her she has OCD. this is OCD behavior.

No. 444266

i think you have OCD because you seem kind of obsessed with this and being triggered by it. you keep looking it up and you're even showing pics here for others to see.

No. 444293

I used to shoplift as a teenager. Not to the extent of those tumblr shoplifting blogs, but I would take like weekly trips to Target or other clothing shops and usually come out with 1-2 pieces of clothing or make up. I know it wasn't out of need, I know I wasn't really "sticking it to the man", I just wanted cute and nice things so I took them. I was never caught, but I didn't stop until maybe after my first year at college. It wasn't working at retail that stopped me, I just sorta stopped thinking about it (I was away for college and my only shopping was at the thrift store or online, so couldn't really shoplift).

It's weird when I'm at a store now. Sometimes I'll see something and think "huh, if I was still a teenager this would be so easy to steal" but most times if I see something that I like but is a little pricey, I'll just put it back. Maybe it's because I started downsizing and cleaning out my room- I don't like an unnecessary amount of small things/clothing, free or not. I'm glad I grew the fuck up. Still feels weird because I've kept some of the clothes I've stolen, and I still wear them out on occasion.

No. 444299

This sounds like fucking bait
>woman in her 40s browses lolcow
Top kek

No. 444305

are you the kind that thinks only 18 year old neet weebs use imageboards?

No. 444313

Yeah it sucks that she's an embarrassing teenager but that's not the worst she could have turned out to be. Gentle reminder that she is only 21.
It sounds like adults in your life made decisions above your head that forced you to "grow up" quicker and you were probably pretty independent by 17 as a result, but don't use your troubled past as a yardstick or roadmap for her. It actually kind of makes me happy for her that her worst troubles are questioning her identity and getting mad over media crushes. That's standard normal teen shit.

No. 444316

I think men who are anti-weed are MUCH more annoying than men who talk about weed constantly. It's like hey, chill out and smoke a joint. You need it.
Rare to find a man who knows what moderation and balance is though.

Hardcore straight edge men in general are always obnoxious and they never stfu about it either. The ones who don't even drink or smoke.

No. 444322

i dated a guy that was a sxe vegan. he was a huge fucking bore tbh and yes, it's all they talk about.

No. 444323

Girls abandoned by their mothers usually end up a lot worse. You absolutely should be ashamed, but of yourself and not her. It's horrible that you couldn't get an abortion, but unless you were raped, it was still your fault you got pregnant and you chose to abandon her. You have no right to be ashamed of her when you're the one who fled your maternal responsibilities. Honestpy, you're a vile piece of shit, plain and simple.

No. 444341

>girl has mostly harmless nerdy hobbies and doesn't hurt anyone
>most likely has problems but still turns out better than most abandoned children would
>a 40 year old on a gossip board looks down on her for it

Get a grip. If she hasn't grown up right that's partially your fault, but it could be SO much worse than fucking… musicals and fanfic.

No. 444349

While she sounds pretty embarrassing, you honestly sound like a piece of shit.

I get pretty much being force to have a kid is really fucked up but you never thought about putting her up for adoption? Pretty much instead dumping onto your mom (who probably didn’t want to raise another kid) and being self centered and selfish. Now she’s a cringe adult and you don’t seem to have any compassion or care for her. I get that you didn’t want to be a mother but she didn’t ask to be born either. Honestly, I feel bad for her over the fact that she has you as a mom.

No. 444353

Adoption was and still is a thing.

No. 444368

File: 1565040922465.jpg (21.96 KB, 450x338, 05d.jpg)

Can you sage your hateful garbage?

No. 444371

Let me clarify this since it's not clear. My mother forced me to have a child as my punishment for having sex. She then wanted a do-over baby since I was such a sinful whore. She did adopt her, and I bounced because what the actual fuck that whole situation was sick. No I wasn't "raped" against my will but I was underage and the father was 25 at the time so in this day in age that would be considered rape. Back then it was considered more like"ur just a fast slut". He was super religious Baptist just like my mother and was also against abortion so when I asked him to please take me to an abortion clinic he took me to a "crisis centre" which ended up being one of those religious run keep your baby or go to hell mills.

No. 444373

I'm not quite in my 40's but close enough. But honestly who do you think started image boards? My elder millennial generation have been talking shit on the web since the days of BBS boards and iRC, we grew up here. I'm not trying to gatekeep, I'm happy to share my playground with young people but just know we've been here and are still here.

No. 444387

You must be a newfag if you're unaware of all the literal mums using this site.

No. 444390

Hey! I'm 30+ and I'm not a shut in.

No. 444395

You said you're an oldfag now. All those years, did you even once think to check on her? To give her a bit of guidance? Come back into her life?
Hell, did you even say you loved her or a simple "Hi"?
Fuck you, you have no right to shit on her when you were never there. It sucks the hand you were dealt, but you decided you were checking out for good. Keep that same energy and don't judge now.

No. 444396

I've seen a 50 year old on this site. Nothing new.

No. 444398

>leave daughter in the hands of insane mother that victim-blamed you for being groomed and pregnant at 17
>when this daughter grows up and (predictably) turns out shitty under the care of someone like that, instead of feeling bad for her, you actually get upset at her, feel disgust, call her a lolcow and wish she was aborted
There's no defense for this. All things considered, you should be glad she didn't turn out a lot worse. Holy crap, anon.

No. 444407

Gross, yes that is disturbing. I had rats at one of my homes and they would fill all kinds of things with kibble from my dog and cat's food dish. They liked to stuff them up under the hood of my mom's car and they would also chew the wiring. The pic you left is extra gross; that is a very large ass pile of food. Yuck. I think the anons who think it's not a big deal have never had a rat problem and don't understand what a pic like that actually means.

No. 444415

Sometimes I don't wear panties when I go out for groceries and mundane chores like that. Not because of any kink reasons at all but because I don't own a washing machine and want to save my clean underwear for work.

No. 444420

i do that too for the exact reason lol

No. 444439

Again, if wanted her to turn out better you should taken responsibility in how she was raised earlier. It's really only your mother that should be embarrassed right now (and not for how she raised your daughter). Your attitude and entitlement is absolutely disgusting.

No. 444441

>Let me clarify this since it's not clear. My mother forced me to have a child as my punishment for having sex.
>I then let this mother raise her
You're not making yourself look better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 444447

The more food that is stored, the more rats that are out there.

No. 444449

You should be embarrassed for yourself. I can see that you are narcissistic as hell. You are not better than your daughter, you are even worse.

No. 444466

I literally cannot stop thinking about this one person I didn't even date

Half of the time I'm just daydreaming about spending the rest of my life with them and then I get mad at myself for not stopping myself more
The other half I have genuine hope that despite not talking for at least 2 years, they'll still want to talk to me

I'm going to start trying harder to move on, but for some reason the only way I feel like I can do that is to throw myself into the dating scene
But I just get depressed every time I do that because it's just not the same as how I felt about them and also I feel like I'm slowly becoming a shitty person

No. 444484

I dated an sXe dude during my teen years. Strange how they change their minds about alcohol as soon as they reach legal drinking age.

No. 444487

>i'm telling her she has OCD. this is OCD behavior.

>i think you have OCD because you seem kind of obsessed with this and being triggered by it. you keep looking it up and you're even showing pics here for others to see.

I think my behavior is kind of abnormal and unhealthy but it's laughable you think you can diagnose people over the internet. OCD is when you have a serious breakdown in function in your life and you spend huge amounts of time doing something. Sometimes I get carried away reading about stuff, and I'll forget about it in a week or two.

No. 444494

buy more panties

No. 444496

what the fuck? I hand-wash all of my underwear. are people actually this disgusting

No. 444498

the not wearing underwear part i get but what's gross about not handwashing ur undies

No. 444502

Not you again. Didn't you shit up a thread with this a couple years ago? It's okay to machine wash underwear with the rest of your clothes, goddamn.

No. 444505

Haha ironically the guy I was with was like 5 years older than me and I had just turned 21. He was like the biggest hipster ever and reeked of pretentiousness but I thought he was hot so that’s where my head was at the time.

No. 444870

I am semi- responsible for the deaths of two people I used to be best friends with and it doesn’t eat me up at night

No. 444887


Reminds me that two people I previously dated were texting me just a few days before they committed suicide (two different occasions years apart). I didn't respond to either of them and wonder if things would be different if I did

No. 445023

I feel the urge to beat and abuse so many of the men in my life. I don't want them dead and they haven't done anything extremely horrible for me to feel like a resentful victim. It's just that every time they act dismissive or inconsiderate I want to beat them into submission so they're afraid to annoy me again.

No. 445039

Are you the second coming of Ted Hughes? I would think really hard about why two of your ex lovers commited suicide. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe you have a taste in unstable people or are an abusive person.

No. 445059

Did they reach out about it? They always say it's the people you suspect least that have already made up their minds and are unstoppable.

I wasted years of my life submitting to my abusive exes suicide threats and now I'm genuinely salty that he's alive. I've never wished death on anybody else but if he didn't have a family I would probably get in touch with him again just to tell him to follow through already.

Sounds unhealthy, either get counseling or just cut people out of your life if they inspire such anger

No. 445068

Confession: I am mildly obsessed with dog food rat woman in this thread and I want to be her friend.

No. 445070

I need friends, I want a female friend to hang out with that gets my humor and doesn't think I'm weird. I'm really lonely.

No. 445094

I just found out my coworker is also bi and since we work in a kind of huu dee duh conservative workplace where we have to deal with a lot of old Christian women, I was seriously enlivened to learn that. I work with her a lot and we've been talking a lot, she and I had similar home lives when we were younger and similar mental struggles and she's almost like an older sister figure, I honestly admire her so much and she even went out of her way to buy me stuff for my bday when she didn't have to. We even talked about like our religious beliefs and shit being more spiritualist and we really are a lot alike, except she's a mom and almost 10 years older than me and she'd had her daughter by the time she was my age. She and another coworker who I don't see much anymore bc she got a second job were the two coworkers I've entrusted the most besides my boss and I think that she esp is such a sweetheart, I've seen her distraught the last few times I've seen her but I don't wanna ask her what's wrong bc I know sometimes she's not comfortable revealing it, today we were mostly in good spirits tho. I'm glad that I have met someone I can confide in in the workplace if somethings awry when I don't always feel comfortable telling my boss or other coworkers. I wish my other coworker who I trusted besides this one was around more often and not as busy with her second job (I told her that someone was stalking and harassing me last year when she was still fulltime and she said that if anyone touched me she'd beat their ass), I miss her too

No. 445164

>>445070 Same. I really understand what you feel. Being this lonely fucking sucks.
Personally I'm in uni and I try so hard to make friends and be nice to people, but no one seems to want to actually hang out with me. Plus as you said a lot of them don't get my sense of humor and think I'm weird.
It sucks.
I hope you will find someone soon anon. I believe there is someone for all of us..

No. 445178

So I'm going on a trip to an event with a guy friend of mine at the end of the month - we had a sort of online fling a while back but it didn't work out, so we just stuck to being friends. I still fancy him and I'm sure he still fancies me. He's just started seeing someone after breaking up with his girlfriend - I don't think he's told her about us going on this trip together. He's also made it very clear he's REALLY looking forward to this trip, moreso since I said I'd come along.

I kinda hope we fuck. Scummy I know, but at one point he said he couldn't trust himself to be in a room alone with me. Now we're going to be alone with each other a lot during this trip. He's not official with this girl, otherwise I wouldn't even dream of wanting to fuck him. But God I want to fuck him.

No. 445190

At least make sure he tells the new girl so she doesn't waste time with a scumbag like him.

No. 445192

I've been speaking to this guy online for about 8 months. He lives in mexico but isn't mexican. He says next year he'll get a visa in the USA since he wants to work IT. He is hoping to get the chance to meet me, claiming "love" and other things I don't believe. It's shitty since I've been accepting his money to help me (little bits like $10-25 every once in a while): but I really hope/doubt he is coming to the US. His story about checks out, I don't think he's a creep. But he's got a lot of that latino sexism in him and honestly I am a bit worried it's worse in person. I've killed some of it, but don't just wash a life time of culture out of someone within 8 months. Should I cut off talking to him? I feel like a desperate fuck but he is my only "friend" that's why it's been going on this long. I live in rural america surrounded by trump supporters (I'm part mexican so I'm bombarded by racist shit a lot) and the feeling of isolation really eats at me sometimes. Am I a bad person?

No. 445204


It was a bit coincidental and I also might lean a bit towards being attracted to unstable people. But I didn't date either of them for very long and in both instances we had already been out of touch for some time when they reached out

No. 445207

you aren't a bad person, but it does sound like you're doing a bad thing. of course you should be honest and direct with him, and offer to pay him back if that's appropriate/possible.

especially because it seems like you have a pretty low opinion of this guy. like obviously pretending to like someone to get attention and stuff from them when you don't like them is a bad thing lol. you learned this in middle school, anon.

No. 445244

I'm a shit activist. So many things are important to me and I want to apply myself to help those causes.
But browsing social media where I follow news and other activists just makes me… Burn out. I don't want to read another post about awful males who post about raping women, or how climate change deniers did so and so and whatever.
I'd like to have a meaningful life that makes an impact but I think I'm too weak mentally. Or I'd need to keep being positive and see nothing but the good things, which is almost impossible. Feels bad.

No. 445265

You shouldn't feel bad for wanting positive change in society. Just living and being a good example to others can make an impact.

I too find social media burns me out emotionally and I can only keep up with some news/causes at a time. There's just a hell of a lot of bad in the world it sucks, and it can feel daunting to try and keep on top of everything that needs attention.

I do lazy activism in which I very rarely have time to go volunteering or canvassing, but research charities to set up monthly donations to. Online petitions for causes, you can check government websites for upcoming debates and voting issues and most times there are petitions that can be signed online to voice your opinion, then if they reach the threshold of signatures your representatives will have to debate on etc.

I wish I could do more too, but I don't think we should feel bad for it because we do want change for the better.

No. 445288

being constantly switched on to the 24hr news reel feeds our anxiety, loneliness and sense of helplessness. physically doing work feels way better than sitting down and obsessing over social media. if you want to do the whole 'activist' thing but don't want your brain to be constantly swamped in miserable shit, maybe doing practical footwork and volunteering for charities or political parties would work for you.

No. 445289

being constantly switched on to the 24hr news reel feeds our anxiety, loneliness and sense of helplessness. physically doing work feels way better than sitting down and obsessing over social media. if you want to do the whole 'activist' thing but don't want your brain to be constantly swamped in miserable shit, maybe doing practical footwork and volunteering for charities or political parties would work for you.

No. 445309

I called my husband Hubcaps one time. He didn't find it funny… even when I said he could call me windshield-wifers too. idk I love dumb names haha

No. 445313

tbh I like those anon

No. 445392

I seriously find the Saudi prince so fucking hot. He's a literal monster and it makes me feel like Miranda Constable to admit it but god he is so my type looks-wise. He looks like his dick would smell like the world's fanciest cologne.

No. 445401

who, the dude who was banned from I don't remember where for being too seductive and pretty, or the actual Saudi prince ?(because if so I'm confused as he's not very good looking)

No. 445406

I call my small dog puppo or buppy! I've seen people get so mad and worked up over the word 'doggo' like chill I'm not hurting anyone and it's not like my dog gives a shit lol

No. 445407

Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud or Muhammad bin Nayef Al Saud

No. 445422

File: 1565213129853.jpeg (56.08 KB, 850x479, 479.jpeg)

It's the forbidden fruit perhaps anon? But also to be fair, he is legitimately quite good looking. I feel it. Can anyone think of a bone saw sex joke?

No. 445430

No. 445439

Yessss him. I am so ashamed but he really juices my oranges IYKWIM. He is the fucking devil on earth but fuck I would gobble his duck.

No. 445453

i had a friends with benefits relationship with a guy I encountered years later that knew me in hs who was middle eastern, he was a total nerd when we were younger but lost a lot of weight and grew up to be an attractive guy. it kind of sucks that he was also a dickhead who was fucking around with me when he had a girlfriend and i felt like a horrible homewrecking bitch without meaning to be since I didn't know at first. he got all angry and horribly chauvinistic when he found out I told my friends and we broke off contact and that was that. kind of sucks that middle eastern dudes can be so sexist because some of them are good looking.

my maternal aunt married a middle eastern dude who is actually a really wholesome guy and they've been married the longest out of all my moms family members

No. 445455

File: 1565216211863.jpg (57.78 KB, 780x438, 171018111028-richard-spencer-e…)

Don't feel bad anon, at least you're self-aware enough to know it's a bad attribute you should keep on the dl. Guilty crushes on terrible people are the funniest, it's not like we can help it.
Just make sure you know if you ever feel any strong inclination to move to Saudi Arabia or marry an extremist, you should go and get a glass of water instead because you're don't really mean it and you're just thirsty.

No. 445649

I'm dumping my bf because he started to bald. He also got a beer gut recently and I just feel grossed out whenever he touches me.
Last night was the last straw, he actually wasn't happy with the dinner I made after I got home from a long and exhausting day at work. Of course, all the mess he made in the home was waiting for me too.

So, I packed my things and I've left a note that it's over. I haven't felt this good and relieved in a long time.

No. 445677

>>445649 Proud of you anon, goodluck for the future

No. 445695

Thanks. I hope that other anons that are in similar relationships (I know there are) do the same. You get nothing from a relationship like this. The moment you start feeling like a slave or that you're not getting enough in return, dump him. I'd rather be single for the rest of my life than go through something like this again.

No. 445738

File: 1565282603239.jpeg (26.81 KB, 389x299, 1565034112749.jpeg)

My dog woke me up by barking at 3:45AM last night. I got out of bed to pee and to tell her to knock it off by tapping her head with my finger. Then she woke me up at my regular wake up time (perfectly fine) but I was upset that I woke up groggy again because she fucked up my sleeping times. I usually time my sleep/wake up time so I wake up between sleep cycles, but for the past month I've been waking up for no reason at all and it throws it all off and I end up waking up super groggy.

I walked to the kitchen but she kept stumbling and running too close to my legs so when I went to move her aside with my leg, she tripped over some shoes nearby our doorway/kitchen and the image of her flopping over is burned into my head. She wasn't hurt, she's become very clumsy recently and will flop and trip over herself all the time, but fuck I feel terrible. She didn't come into the kitchen after me for maybe 10-15 minutes (was probably sitting outside like she tends to do sometimes), wouldn't eat her breakfast, and wouldn't even accept some cheese (she gets some every morning with her medication). This was also one of those mornings where she just didn't feel well and threw up, which explains why she didn't want to eat. She at least went out on a walk with me and I went to give her some cuddles before I left for work and left her to go to sleep, but fuck I feel bad.

I just want to go home and tell her I'm sorry and give her all the cheese in the fridge. I know I shouldn't be getting upset at her because she's old and probably going senile, but fuck.

No. 445742

nice one. what an ungrateful fuck.

No. 445743

Good for you sis. Men are so unaware of how disgusting their appearance can get if they don't stay on top of things.

No. 445760

I wish someone would love me the way necessarySpeed4 loves her autistic husband(t.necessarysped4)

No. 445773

That takes an incredible amount of strength. You're my hero for today, anon. Women deserve better.

No. 445784

I get off watching my husband fuck other women. Not because I'm a lady-cuck or whatever you'd call it. It's because I low key wish I was a dude that could fuck women :( I'm not trans or non-binary or any of that shit, I'm happily CIS female, I just reeeeally wish I had a giant honking dong to fuck cute women. Since that's not an option I just set up threesomes so I can watch him do it.

No. 445785

Why not buy a strap on?

No. 445793

>giant dong to fuck cute women
is this female pornsickness?

No. 445804


My first few sexual fantasies were me being a guy and fucking a woman, I still get it sometimes, like another poster said.. strap-on

You can get some pretty realistic ones if that's important or strapless ones if you want to feel it. Basically the same stuff transguys buy

No. 445810

Sorry that sounds creepy out of context. I said giant dong because he is rather well-hung and is my point of reference and all the girls were really cute.

I thought about the strap on thing but what I want is to actually feel it. I don't know how to explain it but I want to fuck with a real dick but I don't want a dick. Brains are stupid and for now I'm content just to watch.

No. 445811

it stills sounds kinda creepy tbh. it's like you want to wear your bfs skin to fuck women.

is this auto-andro-philia?

No. 445814

I had to google what that meant haha. No that's the thing, I don't actually want to be male or to actually have a dick 24/7 I'd find it gross. I really love being a woman and having a vag and getting fucked too. I'm stupid and weird.

No. 445818

Seconding pornsick theory anon, did you watch a lot of porn growing up or something? I could only get off by pretending I was essentially a phantom dick at one point because my sexuality was conditioned by it.

No. 445822

yeah, I think not actually wanting to be trans is just the GC influence of this site. AGPs transition because they're not GC or fall farther into these fantasies bc they're male. you only want a dick in sexual situations, so it sounds like pornsickness or AAP to me.

No. 445828

samefag, but also AGPs don't actually want to be women. they just want to be their sexual ideal if what women should be. giant dong to fuck cute women sounds like a sexual ideal.

No. 445832

File: 1565298175375.jpg (67.57 KB, 600x900, merlin_138837282_d518bb04-a81c…)

The troon from Euphoria is actually cute. I'm straight and that's probably why, I see "her" like a cute boy than a woman.
It looks better in motion btw.

No. 445834

Seems so vain, but I want to take a fuckton of cute selfies and food pics and make an insta. I want fun and pretty pictures. Wouldn't be professional of me as a late20's teacher though. I also want to take instathotty lingerie pics too. They look so nice. Maybe my husband would appreciate it?
Idk if I were younger, I'd definitely give insta-fame a go.

No. 445835

First time seeing him, and yeah, looks like a cute guy. What a shame.

No. 445843

This is also going to sound really bizarre but I swear it's true. I've only seen porn maybe a dozen or so times in my life. It really embarrasses me to watch and makes me feel uncomfortable. I wasn't molested and I didn't grow up sheltered so I have no idea where that comes from. I wish I had a reason to understand why I feel the way I do so I could point to it and go ahh yes this is why and maybe try to work through it. I guess I'm not hurting anyone and we do have a fun sex life and luckily as a side effect I'm not jealous or anything so there's a silver lining. But yeah I am kind of ashamed of how I feel and wish I knew why.

No. 445844

I say go for it if for no other reason than to have a record of how hot you are at this moment in time. If not now then when, you know? Time flies by so fast and you'll wish you did it when the inevitable hands of time changes your looks. So go ahead with your hot self anon!

No. 445847

File: 1565302574377.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, dylansprouse.jpg)

looks kinda like dylan sprouse

No. 445849

is your boyfriend very sexual?

No. 445883

Not really. I mean normal levels but he's not an initiator usually it's me.

No. 445945

Porn is absolutely cringey, terrible and embarrassing. It's made to appeal to the most oxygen-starved male brain. Nothing weird about thinking porn is shit.

No. 445946

Nope, sounds like you're a cuck who has memed yourself into liking something he likes but you actually get nothing out of (a guy who fucks multiple women is not your boyfriend, sorry anon.)

You're just making him look good in polite company while pandering to his degeneracy, and inventing a niche sexual interest as to why you tolerate it.

Penis envy is a symptom of your inferiority complex, so even the fact you attest your tolerance to penis envy suggests he is in a power position and you are bowing to his will.

No. 445988

Are you bisexual/maybe a lesbian? Embarrassing, but I was really into the threesome thing before I accepted I didn't actually want the guy there at all - he was just an excuse to be sexual with another woman.

No. 446042

I don't see how that's possible when I'm the one who begged him to explore threesomes. He was very against it for the first couple of years but we continued to talk about it until we both agreed to try it out at least once to test the waters. The first one was really exciting for both of us so we continued to have them with that woman for several months before things tapered off since she wanted a relationship and we weren't really sure that we could give her what she needed emotionally and didn't want to hurt her. It ended amicably enough. This is definitely not something he'd initiate or do on his own that is so not his personality. He's really reserved and homey. Of course it's a lot of fun but he's made it very clear that whenever I want to stop he's ready to walk away from ever doing it again and he means it. He's a lot more attractive than I am if I'm being honest so if he wanted to go hoe or upgrade from me he certainly could. He's a really lovely guy and very committed which is rare. I'm grateful he explores this weird shit with me.
Yes! Through this I did realize I am at the very least bisexual but a total fucking bottom funny enough haha which really sucks for what my kink is.

No. 446052

Literal definition of a cuck.
Disgusting bitch.

No. 446056

I need your opinion on something that happened to me.

Then, I had not one single male friend, never got kissed, never held hands, never kissed etc. literally had no idea about any romantic or sexual stuff (my mum also never had a "talk" with me or something).

I started uni around the age of 19 and met this guy(27), who came from my hometown and shared the same major/minor subject.
Basically we spend about 12 hours, 5 days a week together at least.

We quickly turned friends and I really like and trusted him a lot.

He often came over to my place, also in the middle of the night. We usually just played Nintendo or whatever.

One night I wanted to show him my favorite movie instead, so we were sitting on the sofa until he slipped his hands into my pants out of nowhere.

I said 'no' and didn't want anything like this. like I never even had my first kiss at that point and he knew that.
But he kept on going pulled his dick out took my head in his hands and just shoved it onto his dick.
I didn't know what to do, so he just basically used my head to masturbate.

I said 'no' multiple times, tried to push him away, but I didn't try to hit him or scream. My mum was sleeping next door and I was scared she would think I'm a slut or something…

Then it was finally over and he left. I was very confused and just lay in bed crying for the following day.

Now to the weird thing.
I think I can pretty much say that thing that happened above was sexual abuse (although… I could have tried to fight him off better…I guess???).
But after that something in my head just thought ~if I can make him my boyfriend it wouldn't be sexual assault and I wouldn't have to feel dirty about it~.

So I kept on hanging out with him, and he took my virginity while I was crying, fucked me in the ass while I was screaming in pain, had sex with me blackout drunk, all that stuff. He always apologized after sex, so he knew he fucked up.

But I kept on going, he didn't want to be my boyfriend. I thought if I would do anything he wanted he would start loving me. But he never did.

When he left for good he said "Don't let anyone ever treat you the way I did. Cause it was fucked up."
So, all the time, he knew what he was doing to me and to this day I've never told anybody about this.

On one hand I'm so angry.
I'm about his age now and I understand that he fully knew he was abusing me.
On the other hand I can't forgive myself for letting him do all this to me.

I feel like I can't tell anybody, cause it's all my fault. I went back to him all the time.
I can't call it rape, cause I always went back to him.

I don't think I will ever be able to tell anybody. I still feel disgusting about it. No shower, no scrubbing will ever wash away this feeling. And I can't forgive him, cause first I would have to forgive myself.

So sorry for the long text.
I need honest opinions about this.
I tried to kill myself 2 times since then and I feel close to trying a 3rd time these days.

If you could tell me what you think, maybe I could finally talk about it with my therapist or something.
Until now, I'm too embarrassed…

No. 446059

Anon, first of all, I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m really, really sorry.
You have to understand that it was NOT your fault. It wasn’t. Even if you let him do it, it was him the one taking the decision to do it. You were young, naive and innocent and you wanted to believe that maybe he would change and wanted to be your boyfriend and he made you think he was your friend after all.
It’s normal that if you hadn’t have any male friends part of you didn’t see the danger about what you were doing. But it’s important that you convince yourself that the way he treated you was not fault nor how you wanted him to treat you.
I wish you the best in life, anon.

No. 446066

Anon I'm so sorry this happened to you. None of it is your fault, he was almost a decade older than you and used your friendship, trust and age/inexperience as a weapon against you to abuse you and you don't owe forgiveness to anyone except yourself. You're not broken or dirty, you were hurt and you were coping with it in isolation but you're not alone in this. Please don't you ever blame yourself.

I think you need to talk to someone, and your therapist might be the perfect place to start. However if you're scared of making the first step you can reach out to rapecrisis by email or phonecall even if you want to use a false name, and similar organisations exist if you're not in the UK. It can be scary to navigate the site or even see the organisation names, and the language might honestly upon up some floodgates but they can support you to make the next steps.

No. 446068

This is textbook Battered Woman Syndrome. What happened to you is absolutely not your fault, but it's very common for victims to blame themselves for their abuse.


Hopefully this helps you understand how tragically common the thought process you're having is and not to blame yourself.

No. 446085

This is why I mostly have a thing for fictional villain men, then I mostly end up keeping it contained and don't let it reflect my real life taste. Usually.

No. 446157

How is that a literal cuck? Isn't a cuck someone who likes the humiliation of someone satisfying their partner better than they can and the humiliation of being cheated on?

No. 446160

cuck just means your SO gets banged by other people usually same gender as you. it doesn't have to include the humiliation part.

No. 446185

sometimes i'll make what feels like an aggressive post about how i actually feel in a thread and i feel so guilty/conflict avoidant that i immediately won't come back to the site for a week waiting for it to blow over

usually people agree with me, or just ignore it

No. 446189

I've been wearing men's cologne and deoderant lately. My coworkers have begun to wonder/ask me if I have a boyfriend and honestly it makes me really happy. I just need to find an actual boyfriend now..

No. 446202

File: 1565396175069.png (289.9 KB, 500x375, kkkk.png)

I like to fantasise about being badly hurt that I get hospitalised or that I die and my SO suffers and feels remorse/guilt for letting this happen, I honestly get pleasure from people showing worry about me when I get hurt, I like when I get injured -which happens quite often- because then I get a few minutes of attention and love and care which I feel I lack a lot.

No. 446203

get therapy.

No. 446225

I'm the same way anon. I love when people feel bad for hurting me.

No. 446230

File: 1565400851549.jpg (732.13 KB, 768x1024, JPEG_20190806_152230.jpg)

my gfs mom spent way too much money on concert tickets for my gf/myself/herself & a friend and honestly ive never enjoyed the band that its for =(

No. 446257

I have life ruining dirt on a very well loved man who is popular on imageboards. He is also very important in his career. If this information got out then everyone would realize that he is a sick perverse fuck and a sociopath. (Nothing to do with pedophilia if that’s what you’re thinking.) I know this because I was in a secret relationship with him for years. But I would never release this information. It ate away at me for a long time but it’s unnecessary to reveal. I have recently blocked him from my life completely but it’s still weird to know so many secrets about someone that many people admire and love, and knowing they aren’t as holy as people think.

No. 446263

hint who it is?

No. 446271

anon you can't say that without at least giving a small hint.

No. 446273

If it's Keanu Reeves I'll freak.

No. 446284

Is he a gamer, youtuber, actor or musician anon?

No. 446285

I kinda like fucking virgins because many of them will drop on their knees and worship you like the second coming of jesus just for saying you actually like virgins.Truth be told I prefer normal guys.
Plenty of guys with zero self-esteem out there.

No. 446287

You can't bring something like this up and not spill, you wanted the attention so just say who it is. You're anon here anyway.

No. 446293

I used to do this. Power to you, anon.

No. 446299

Without telling us who it is, can you tell us what makes him so perverse and why you think he's a sociopath? Please I need something to brighten my Friday night.

No. 446356

one time I had been looking at porn on my laptop at home. forgot to close it all out when I was done and just left it open when I shut my laptop. later I went to a cafe to use my laptop (I go there about once a week) all of the seats except one are positioned so that pretty much everyone can see your computer screen. the seats I usually sit in were taken but the only seat where your screen isn't visible to most of the cafe was empty so I sat there. as soon as I opened my laptop there was a huge gif of an ass bouncing on a dick. I slammed my laptop shut super fast and I'm pretty sure no one saw it (there were some people behind me but they were facing the other way) but even so I was really embarrassed. I just always think of what if the seats where I usually sit weren't taken and I sat there? the whole shop would have seen it. it makes me fucking shudder every time. I'm SO lucky that that seat just HAPPENED to be empty and the other ones HAPPENED to be taken. it's weird because I've been there a million times and that's almost never the case.

No. 446371

Abusers, narcissists and sociopaths seek out kind, trusting people to drain of energy and resources. You were targeted because you're such a good person. But you can avoid these people, too. You need to not rely on character traits or events happening in good faith, and treat people with distrust. If someone oversteps your boundaries, get away from them ASAP. Similar has happened to me, but not as extreme. I thought I could make these guys love me if I only did X and Y

I recommend avoiding dating until you are in a safe and secure environment and with a greater understanding of men than you do at present. For example, as I learned, men are like robots. They have a set plan which they do not divert from. You cannot change a man's plan, but you can work around it.

It's not your fault.

No. 446375

Also I should add: you are not the only one

Guys do the same thing over and over. He had a routine of abuse that worked, and he did that over and over with different women. I would not be surprised if he assaulted children either based on the fact he continued sex with an unresponsive and confused you. I reread what you wrote and it sounds like he facefucked you. That happened to me too, it was sprung on me and I cried afterwards.

I empathize and I'm sorry. Do bring this up with your therapist, that's what they're there for.

No. 446383

>I can't call it rape, cause I always went back to him.

Incorrect. The first incident was rape, which formed the basis for the rest which was grooming and his perpetuating of the abuse cycle.

At no point was any of this your fault.

Please tell your therapist this. In all honesty, your therapist probably has a very good inkling or sense that something like this has happened. They're good at spotting this kinda stuff with a presentation like yours, so if it helps to think of it this way, she already "knows" and all you need to do is confirm it to her. This will be inordinately painful, but there is no shame in it.

You've told us already, which means part of you is crying out to be heard by others. Your therapist is the ideal place to start.

I'm not sure if the pain ever goes away fully, but some days it's easier to not want to destroy yourself because of it. You can kinda learn to live around it, or in spite of it. Some weeks you'll just be going around your life and realise you've not even thought about it in a few days, and that the memories haven't even entered your head. I think those days are where life is, so I know it's possible.

But you never, ever deserved any of this. You were a child. You do deserve to live.

No. 446389

Wow it sounds like you're not US. I'd honestly want to find him and take a bat to him. What a piece of shit.

Believe in karma and that he will get it back tenfold. Don't be around men again till you're ready and feel confident to say what you're feeling. If you can therapy, please do.

I'm so sorry anon.

No. 446400

Nta but your comment was so…perfect, it made me cry. I just got dumped from a toxic relationship and your words were exactly what I needed to remind myself. Thanks for making the world a better place.

No. 446420

I am honestly fucking bitter that I have to work a physically strenuous job and get bitched out by supervisors and screamed at by customers for a small ass paycheck meanwhile "influencers" on social media can make a living and travel when ever they want by uploading pointless insipid content where they merely shill a product to their audience. I also hate people with well paying office jobs who basically got there because of connections. I would commit murder to get an office job.

No. 446426

office jobs are literally the easiest thing to get
>go through temp agency
>be even slightly competent
>work for 3 months and get hired on full time
i started out as a shitty low level temp and am now in one of the higher paying customer facing positions. getting paid 20% over the minimum wage to tell people to fuck off is great.

No. 446443

really? I don't even know what a temp agency is. I'll have to look into that

No. 446461

He wants to fuck animals. It’s his main fetish. I had to break things off with him when I found this out because he started projecting his fantasies into me and even the thought of catering to a beastiality fetish makes me sick. And he’s not just some innocent “furry” type of zoophile, he wants to do seriously harmful sexual things with animals. He’s also a cheater. His girlfriend is also known publicly. I know, i’m no better than Commander Holly for going along with it but also understand this relationship started when I was a teenager. Also his girlfriend is a weirdo as well but that’s another story. And to the other anons asking who it is, I can’t say. He’s too powerful that I’m afraid of what he would do to me if he found out. I mainly wrote this confession because I’ve been struggling with this information for a while now. He put me through a lot of trauma and I feel disgusted with myself that I held onto this for so long. As far as I know he has never actually done anything to animals but I’m scared that someday he will. It’s been over a year since we’ve spoke to each other and I don’t know what’s happening with him now. I know I said I blocked him off recently in my first post, what i meant by that is I’ve totally blocked him recently because occasionally he reaches out to me. (Just had to correct that so it didn’t seem like BS.) Hopefully he has not gotten any pets :(

No. 446466

Maybe in the US, where I live you get an office job if you have experience and/or are a native here (not many people are). If you're an immigrant you work in the service industry, clean homes and hotels, pick fruit, etc. I did that until recently and I only got the specific job I got because it came with a load of prerequisites like willingness to relocate to third world countries for months at a time, and everyone here likes their cushy homes and normie jobs too much so they said no.

One thing I hate about physical service jobs is that they're always really fucking exploitative and have a crazy high turnover. You either get yelled at by your stressed out boss or rich, spoiled customers who haven't lifted a spoon their whole life and will then nitpick the work you do just to assert their dominance, even if there isn't anything wrong, because they have this annoying American "it's MY money and I get to say how you will do things" attitude.

Related confession, most of my customers at my old job are new money and it always fucking shows in their entitled attitude and ruthless penny pinching, I love talking shit about them to my friends. I can smell them from kilometres away because they tend to own similar cosmetics, furniture and have similar hobbies and lifestyles which poorly ape "old money" families. I treat everyone equally but I can always predict when someone's going to bitch about the work I do no matter how well I do it and it scares me how predictable and easy to read most of these people are. I also always get a front seat view of all these families' problems, conflicts and insecurities just by looking at their stuff and the way they treat each other and themselves. So many of them are profoundly unhappy.

No. 446473

Elon Musk, if anyone's a dog fucker with a publicly known weirdo gf it's him.

No. 446489

Or Keanu Reeves?

No. 446490

anon noooo don't even suggest that

No. 446531

Doubt it's Keanu, I don't think he's seeing anyone AFAIK? My money's on Musk.

No. 446665


This is a scrote larping as a girl and you can't convince me otherwise. Gtfo with your pornsick fantasy, no girl is genuinely into that shit

No. 446666

IDK how I can prove I'm a girl but I am. That actually makes me feel like shit, am I really that fucked up that I come off like some shitty scrote? I don't watch or like porn so I'm still confused as to how that could inform my stupid kink.

No. 446685

I feel compelled to reveal my fucked up kinks just so you know you aren't alone.

For years I've felt ashamed because I thought I had a fetish for rape roleplay. But one day I read someone else describe my fetish but instead of calling it a rape fetish, they described it as wanting someone to be overcome by desire for me? It helped me feel less fucked up.

I have enjoyed hentai like Bible Black and similar others. It helps to get off to that instead of porn with real people acting it out. I am absolutely repulsed by the actual act of rape and am an empathetic person so idk why I enjoy roleplaying rapey type things?

Things like my arms being held down during sex or having straps attached to the bed and being tied up on the bed during sex. I know there is much worse rape type kinks and have come across them on porn sites but that stuff repulses me. I guess the crazy part is my partner is so nice and vanilla and isn't into any of my fucked up shit but indulges it for me. I also have an impregnation fetish which I feel ashamed about since I know it's typically a male fetish.

I have no idea why I like the stuff and where it comes from. The only thing I can think is I enjoy fetishes that feel mildly debasing or put me in someone else's control because of some childhood (NOT sexual) abuse I experienced. Still, it feels like a reach.

No. 446687

nta but, it's like penis envy. A guy wouldn't be fantasizing about it in the same way.
Though in my case it's more about how much easier it would be to masturbate with a dick. But I'd never want one 24/7.

No. 446706

i just disregard anons who use scrote as an insult lmao

No. 446710

I think I'm probably bi and I kind of don't want to deal with it. I've felt attracted to girls before, but I've never looked at lesbian porn and tried to get off to it until today. I just did it and I liked it and I was attracted to a girl in it.

I still doubt being bi because I've never had a relationship with a girl and for a lot of my life the idea of myself holding a girl's hand or kissing a girl never occurred to me or even bothered me. I also was afraid of being gay in middle school, idk why. All I know is now I'm not uncomfortable with the thought. I also feel guilt about how I watched lesbian porn when I have a boyfriend. I don't let him eat me out much because of my own insecurities… we're trying to improve. When he does do it I can't get off but we keep communication very open and I say what feels good and everything… idk

No. 446836

I have no female friends and I'm lonely as fuck. They tend to drift away from me after a while. One female friend I knew for years, until she got a gf and stopped hanging out with me. Most of my other female friends have moved away within the year I met them. I only hang out with guys now and I feel like they're draining my femininity, it's so hard for me to befriend women now without turning them off. I feel like women are some high school clique I wanna be part of but can't.

No. 447037

Same. My best friends are guys. I had a girl best friend but she was absolute shit to me and I had to cut her out. Other girls have just drifted away.

No. 447082

I literally have no friends and I watch a ton of youtube videos to basically fill the place of friends. I watch pointless vlogs that I have no interest in just because I feel like I'm hanging out with someone. I honestly feel way closer to youtubers because I feel like I'm friends with them and some times I actually forget that we don't even really know each other.

No. 447091

I am very racist towards black people and literally no other ethnicity. I grew up in a very mixed raced city and i even like arabs and asians but black people are something else, they add nothing good to the world.(racebaiting)

No. 447093

>He wants to fuck animals.

Probably Jordan Peterson.

No. 447095

Watch it be a Ben Shapiro lmao

No. 447103

>Sometimes I wonder if I was always bisexual or if it's that experience that affected things.

Everyone knows molesting children is how gay people reproduce.

No. 447106

This doesn’t make sense even as a joke anon

No. 447107

Ugh, I hate to even think about that dishonest piece of shit. Jordan Peterson is my nemesis. I hate him more than anyone else on this planet.

My confession is that Game Grumps makes me nostalgic and helps me sleep but I really hate their sense of humor. They also love to do really shitty, misogynistic impressions of women when they "voice act" for games that have no VA. It's all valley girl voices and talking about dicks and farts. Why do I find it easy to fall asleep to it…

No. 447115

I think about killing myself almost daily. The only thing stopping me is knowing that if I kill myself, my mom will be miserable and it will ruin her life. She's one of the only people that give a shit about me and she's helped me out so much, so I would hate to do that to her. But I'm really just alive right now for her. I'm destined for failure. I worked so hard and went to school for 8 years for a dying career field that's impossible to find jobs in. You only find jobs with "good connections" and I'm fucked because of my depression and social anxiety. I've been fighting my way through life for the past few years but I'm getting really really tired. I wanted to support my mom when I grew up. I wanted to have a successful career, make money, and buy her all the things she's ever wanted. But I sacrificed so much, my youth, my mental health, years of my time, for nothing. Regardless of all that I did, I'm still a failure. I don't want to fight this losing battle anymore.

No. 447119

File: 1565587694257.png (14.79 KB, 1118x838, 3927f0279ed109e35afa4ed19036d2…)

No. 447136

Same except I don't really love my mom, just feel the responsibility, and never finished college, even after trying to five times, because of my inability to be a functional person.
I wish I could just accept I'm going to be miserable forever, getting my hopes up a couple of times a year just for my own ass to fuck everything once again hurts too much.
Being born feels like a curse sometimes.

No. 447152

File: 1565596046420.jpg (112.53 KB, 615x923, PAY-RETIRED-INDUSTRIAL-SNAPPER…)

I don't mind MTF like pic related, he's wearing an appropriate outfit for his age (90 yrs old) and I find his intense blush super cute.

No. 447156

Kek, I had Game Grumps in general. I also noticed their impressions of women, even fucking cartoon animals like Amy Rose or whatever, is always misogynistic. I hate the vg community so much man…

No. 447157

I enjoy being better than my friend because he's like a bratty child who only complains about his life but doesn't want or make an effort to change anything about it. He doesn't feel happy for our happiness either.
With him it feels he's the only one who's entitled to be depressed / to feel suicidal and he's a burden to everyone, even his family.
Ik I sound like a shitty friend but his constant mood of look how sad I am, look at me wanting to die!!! Makes me feel grateful because I have a good job, a nice and healthy relationship with my partner, goals to travel around the world and buy a house…we tried everything to make him have a better life but I guess he'll end up alone anyway.

No. 447158

i really, really enjoy some soundcloud rap and i hate myself so much for it. i'm definitely too old for it too, which is actually the larger offense. i can listen to music and enjoy it for the trash it is, but that other people get so uppity and serious about music that is obviously low effort and just meant to be catchy really makes me so ashamed

No. 447210

I think some trans can be pretty level minded about it, it's just that insane crazies, pedophiles, and fetishists have tainted the trans community and made innocent genuine trans people look bad

No. 447251

i've never had a best friend in my whole life. wish i did though

No. 447299

I am aware her and Julia are a meme couple and look really weird and creepy together, but looking deeper into both of their personalities has made me realise that what they have could actually work. Also, damn, do I wish I could find someone that talks about me like Eileen talks about Julia in this video.

No. 447316

Just watched some of their newer videos on The Grumps (a new channel where they do non-vidya) and it was actually kinda nice. I even laughed a bunch. There were some lame jokes here and there but I'm kinda shocked by how different they are when they're not playing video games. I kind of like them now.

No. 447561

I quit my job today. I'm happy I did, because it was getting in the way of my goal. I realized that life doesn't have to be depressing, or filled with anxieties or sorrows. All you have to do is set a death clock for yourself and everything becomes pretty mellow. I have a date for my suicide next month and everything leading up to it will just be me doing whatever I want. I'm not sad, I'm actually the happiest I've been in a long long time. I finally have a goal I really want and am motivated for. I want to die on a mountain close to where I grew up, in a cave I used to hide in. I'm not being sarcastic, I really am so relieved now than I've made this decision.

No. 447584

>>447561 Hope you find peace and warmth, anon. It's gonna be ok.

No. 447670

I let myself go this month. Now maggots fester in a pot by the sink. Dust lies everywhere. I haven't put away the laundry. This mess won't clean itself, but it's like I'm seeing the world through perpetually fogged up glasses and a dull mind. Apathy chains me to the bed. I can't get out of supine on days without meeting friends. Despite all this I'm able to groom and maintain personal hygiene, so everyone laughs when I joke about living in a crackhouse. Every time I think of cleaning I get overwhelmed seeing the shit left on the floor or the grout on the bathroom tiles I must scrub with my soul. It's fucking stupid. I'll try again tonight but will probably give up and escape into the Internet again.

No. 447684

Try unplugging your internet. It will make it slightly more difficult. You won't be able to immediately use it, аnd will have to wait for it to reboot if you wish to use it.

No. 447685

If it's the thoughts that get you, try putting on one of your favorite shows on Netflix or something like that, preferably something light-hearted that you don't have to watch but can just listen to while you do domestic chores. It really helps me clean just to listen to it!

No. 447687

Please get help.

No. 447692

That's why I'm hiring a cleaning company, I can do dishes and smaller tasks like laundry but dedicating hours everyday to cleaning a sizable living space just isn't my thing. Do you live alone? Its usually easier to keep a place clean when you have someone around to help.

No. 447693

Why in particular do you want to die? Whats missing from your life?

No. 447694

I always try to be polite and mannerly when I post even though it's an anonymous imageboard. I don't know why. Even if I think someone's a retard I usually try to acknowledge their post and give an alternative viewpoint. Why do I do this? No one cares.

No. 447698

I'm the same way anon, I think we're just polite empathetic people? A lot of people come to the internets to pop off and act like assholes because they can't in real life and we just act like we do IRL no matter the circumstance maybe?

No. 447700

I don't even post in the cow boards, not to sound holier than though because I've posted on gossip forums in the past but a lot of cows remind me of some pretty cringy times in my life.

No. 447703

Agree with this. I feel like the cows are usually already pitiful and making fun of them feels like a 'kick the dog' moment. I do lurk though.

No. 447731

It’s good that you do that, i guess it’s kinda “civil”. Some anons who post in pt/ and snow/ are aggressive and nitpick so much, it’s irritaing seeing infighting and anons saying fucked up things to one another for not agreeing on something or for pointing out nitpicking/hypocrisy.

No. 447741

The key difference being what you went through were just phases and a normal part of growing up. Most cows have never changed their ways over several years.

No. 447961

When I get flamed in LoL for no reason I just throw the game bc I know I can easily make the LP back but those insane school shooter ass flamers won't climb.

No. 447965

this is why the league community sucks.
just /muteall

No. 447970

>this is why buhh buhh buhh
Have you tried not being a bitch to someone so they don't wanna grief your game? I love punishing whiny little cunts.

No. 447972

with that attitude, can't imagine why anyone would flame you

No. 447974

I'm actually really nice to my teammates by default, but they do shit like spamming pings on someone for an accidental creep kill or someone not going exactly where they want. I'm not going to carry people like that to a victory they don't deserve.

No. 447979

i just… if it's happening that much why not mute pings and chat?
most of the high-level players that make youtube videos for beginners usually put that out there as a MUST when you're climbing.
the fact of the matter is that the main demographic of that game is males aged 15-30, so yeah they're gonna be shithead speds. but that's kind of what you have to deal with when you play a game like that.
plus if you afk enough times in ranked you're eventually just going to catch a ban anyway.

No. 447981

It doesn't happen that often, I'm just saying if it does happen I'll throw without making it obvious. I don't afk, I just subtly don't play well so it looks like I'm trying but not succeeding lel.

No. 447983

if you start playing shitty after them complaining about you playing shitty that just makes them feel justified.
it sounds like you'd be better off if you could find someone to duo with and then either bot together or do a mid/jg or top/jg. then at least you can guarantee you have 1 person to synergize with and someone to keep you sane.

No. 447984

My friends don't play league anymore and I've come across good players that I can duo with but they all end up using racial slurs or other weird shit eventually. It's kinda gross tbh.

I don't really care about them feeling justified bc I bait them into flaming more and then get them banned. I know they're banned bc riot sends you a message when they ban the people you report.

No. 447991

well sounds like you're pretty set in your ways. just sucks cuz this cycle doesn't improve the community. glhf.

No. 447992

It's not possible to improve a community that is majority young males. I currently only care about getting people banned and wasting their skin $.

No. 448045

sounds like a waste of time tbh

No. 448437

I always score very high in machiavellianism and I fail to see how it's a bad thing. I'm not trying to be 2edgy, I'm more concerned with myself about this and don't know how to work on it because I can't see it a flaw instead of means of self preservation. I find it very natural to hold information against people, not to trust anyone with personal secrets, network with people who matter and being cynical of idealism that you know to be a waste of time etc. I've always thought of myself as just being pragmatic, not malevolent. I guess it's just my upbringing and the result of being exploited a lot in my relationships.

No. 448439

Keeping mum over personal secrets gives people ample ammo to blackmail you and mock you if they find out, and nowadays finding out is very easy. I'm not saying to overshare and say how many times you took a dump to everyone, but it's smarter to just be transparent with things, own your mistakes and learn from them. People will also respect you WAY more.

No. 448450

It's not a very good way to forge close, personal connections, but imo it's only a bad thing if you're acting like an edgy asshole and screwing people over.

But I have similar problems.

Is the externalization necessary? Serious question, is a lesson not learned unless that person is blasting their shit all over social media or telling everyone they know?

No. 448455

whenever i beat an extremely hard level of a video game I get super horny and get this incredible urge to masturbate. I feel so dirty admitting it but its true!! WTF is wrong with me seriously??

No. 448456

>Is the externalization necessary? Serious question, is a lesson not learned unless that person is blasting their shit all over social media or telling everyone they know?
I don't know, is assuming that I'm talking about the other extreme necessary?
Social media is cancer, that's not exactly a secret nor a unique viewpoint. I'm talking about relationships with people in real life, workplace, public relations etc.
Learning from your mistakes is something that happens internally. Being transparent with your mistakes and decisions, on the other hand, is just good communication.
This does not of course apply to kiddy diddlers and other assorted degeneracy.

No. 448483

If it makes you feel any better, I can't stop jerking it to tornadoes.
At least if I ever have the misfortune of being in the path of a strong one I'll hopefully be able to climax before I get impaled by debris.

No. 448486

Reading about fucked up shit happening in USA politics and society gives lowkey satisfaction as it takes my mind off my own shitty country issues.

No. 448508

that's how people in the US feel about the hong kong protest coverage

No. 448510

I sometimes get turned on by music. Especially songs with slow, heavy, dragging bass lines and drums

No. 448512

Opera does it for me.

No. 448534

I'm only ever attracted to dudes with money. I guess it makes me a gold digger? As soon as I learn a dude is broke or struggling my interest vanishes. I myself am quite broke since I just came out of a very long period of NEETdom and I only want to be a in a relationship with someone who can support both of us. I'm not really ashamed tbh, I think it's some sort of survival instinct kicking in.

No. 448543

File: 1565811519158.gif (994.62 KB, 499x500, original.gif)

Arctic Monkeys baybee

No. 448583

I'll probably be in the minority but I think that's OK anon. You don't owe it to anyone to struggle. It is survival and for the longest time it was our only chance to be taken care of. It's probably not very uwu empowering but parting a fool from his money is A-OK with me.

No. 448585

You should just marry a rich old fart then. That is, if you're model tier attractive.

No. 448588

Survival instinct for sure, anon. I say this as a person who went to college and worked my ass off just to have my leech ex not even fucking try for years but thought his restaurant job was martyrdom.
I feel behind now because I wasn't dating a man who had his own shit together and was concerned about propping up my ass to enrich both our lives.

Don't fall for romance memes. Get a guy who's willing to provide unless you wanna be sugar momma.

No. 448589

This. Having a good income means they have their shit together. Don't waste your time on anything less unless you want to wind up being the sole breadwinner while they fuck around at a shitty part time retail job at age 35.

No. 448604

I'm crushing on an incel. I've hit a new low. I'm talking to him larping as a fellow incel. I'm looking up voice training videos for FTM trannies to sound more like a man if he ever wants to have a voice call or something. He's always whining about being an incel yet he'll block me the moment he finds out that I'm female.

No. 448614

Your advice doesn't really make sense seeing as she's in a way worse than your bf. He at least worked retail, she was complately a NEET. So if only having a low paying job makes you a leech, then why should anybody put up with with somebody who's doing even less than that?
She would make her future partner feel behind, because he'd have to literally enrich her life, she'd never be somebody's sugarmom, she'd be the one only taking from others.

No. 448620

this is one of the most disgusting things I've read on lolcow. men are so mean to women and look for any excuse to hate us and mistreat us, and yet you're falling for someone so nasty in terms of personality? it's so unfair

No. 448623

Just delete whatever throwaway you're using now. There's no positive result here and exposing yourself to that ideology is toxic. Moreover it's just a waste of time. I know this is literally a site of people that have nothing better to do except nitpick boob veins but willingly larping as an incel is kind of sad, go outside or read a book or something.

No. 448629

He's probably got swamp-ass and no job. He's trash, stay away.

Next time you message him, tell him you found a hot 9/10 girlfriend who you treat kindly. That'll scare him off.

No. 448636

tbh I don’t think you’re wrong for this at all. I spent years busting my ass, same level job as various boyfriends but less pay, only to put waaaaay more of MY money into the relationship. Not to sound too man hate-y, but men rly will leech off you even if you’re more broke than he is. Totally worth it to find a man who will gladly fund your lifestyle, NEET or not!

No. 448638

i'm doing this because i can see a good person in him that has been buried by retarded incel fuckery. he is spewing the same shit all incels do but i don't think he would be like this if he wasn't surrounded by that echo chamber. he's always getting drunk and high every day to cope. even if we don't date i wish he would get psychological help. if we were dating and he actually knew who i am i could openly try to help him but he doesn't even believe that real relationships and love exist..

lol might do it if he takes things too far.

No. 448643

ya OK. you can feel sympathy for him without falling for him. get some standards, dude

No. 448649

Good for you, anon. I dated a guy who was cheap as dirt and it caused so much resentment and I wasted so much money on gifts for him only for him to whine about him buying some five dollar clearance item for me. If someone cares about you, they will spent money on you, don't let any cheap miserly asshole tell you otherwise.

No. 448653

>if someone cares about you, they will spent money on you
But she won't be able to do that for him cause she was a neet until recently, so why would she deserve somebody who does so for her? It would only be her who keeps taking and never giving im their relationship which is just as unfair as your past relationship.

No. 448661

Is there anything wrong with boyfriends being the ones to buy things for girlfriends most of the time, though?
It's not like we live in a totally equal world where women are prone to have exactly as much resources and money as men do, anyway. That may be the case for some couples, but not all yet (and I'd say not even most), so, I see no point in LARPing as if it is just for the illusion of fairness. It's not even a matter of "deserve", it just makes sense given the way society is.
Besides, I've seen a lot of guys get pissy and feel emasculated if a woman wants to buy things for them too often, or is actually more wealthy or successful than them. They either want to meet her halfway and then surpass her. "Surpassing" can mean either spoiling her way more than she does him (either just because he loves her that much and feels guilty, or so he still feels like he has a right and an investment in the relationship - sometimes both), or doing something to sabotage her career so she can't keep reminding him of his inadequacies, depending on how scummy he is.
The only ones I've seen who don't feel that way, at least to some extent, tend to be actual leeches who never really want to give, only receive.

No. 448667

I cry from Emilia Fart's serious videos about being worthy. She seriously cuts into my soul.

No. 448668

if you really want to get into it, traditional gender roles encourage men to spend to show love while women are encouraged to show it in acts of service. It’s not that far off to assume a man will be okay with this arrangement, unless he’s a leech. Plus men usually make more than women, there’s nothing wrong with sharing the wealth lol

No. 448677

File: 1565841816946.jpeg (64.75 KB, 1242x902, A1C5AC4D-7ABA-4985-A666-76345C…)

I think Moo/Momokun is adorable, I think she looks like a baby piglet or bunny, but the stuffed animal version? I smiled at the photo of PNP's kitten for like two minutes this morning, that kitten is adorable. I also like Shayna/Babypussy's (or whatever her username is now) taste in early 60s and would sometimes watch her live "porn" just to revisit some oldies while listening for milk. The music kinda made it feel worth it, like getting a lolipop after having your arm reset. I hate keeping up with cows and 100% get all of my milk from this website because I don't have social media of any kind. These are things I would otherwise never post, especially not in their threads. I wish I could sage on here for this rambling.

No. 448678

File: 1565842161761.png (6.6 KB, 126x54, fh.png)

>I hate keeping up with cows and 100% get all of my milk from this website because I don't have social media of any kind.
I know the feeling, anon.
You're wrong for that image, though, lmao

No. 448679

>Is there anything wrong with boyfriends being the ones to buy things for girlfriends most of the time, though?
>men who don't spoil their girlfriends tend to be actual leeches who never really want to give, only receive
Anon, you're contradicting yourself. Guy spoiling girl = a-okay, guy not spoiling girl = leech?
I believe that I am equal and can/will earn as much as my future partner and therefore I also don't need to live by some old sexist roles like you just described. Have some respect for yourself, saying "oh men earn more and can't stand not surpassing us and therefore they should be paying for everything most of the time" is just sad.

>if you really want to get into it, traditional gender roles encourage men to spend to show love while women are encouraged to show it in acts of service.
And why would any educated woman want to stick to those gender roles…?

No. 448682

I think she tries too hard to be deep and cries almost every video, I think having little pockets here and there of genuine deep introspection make those moments more special and touching.

No. 448704

>And why would any educated woman want to stick to those gender roles…?
clearly that anon does lol sometimes there are reasons women will choose to depend on someone rather than be totally independent or split everything 50/50 like disability, a lack of education, an inability to find work to support themselves.. or you know… they just want to. As much as it sucks, it does take a lot more to be independent as a woman and I can’t blame those who choose to adhere to traditional roles. Not everyone’s a go getter like you lol

No. 448711

I don't really measure equality or respect for myself by buying men shit, lmao. It just seems like a silly hill to die on. I'd rather they buy me gifts and I give them other things. Also, the reason men are leeches when they do it is because men flat-out don't offer the same things women do in a relationship 99% of the time. It's a sad fact of life. Toxic masculinity is probably one of many reasons why, but it needs to be solved.
Things will have to change radically for society to truly be as equal as you're trying to posit, and I'm not out to give the rewards for equality until I actually see results. Like I said, no point in LARPing for "fairness" we don't even have. You can do as you'd like, but maybe don't try and pressure women into trying to prove something we actually don't have to (and probably shouldn't, in the current state of things, lest men take it the wrong way and add it to bullshit reason #58395385938 "why we don't need feminism") just because you enjoy it.

No. 448722

As long as you don't use your skills to cause harm, it's all gucci. It's worth your while to find people you can let your guard around bc some of that shit is coming from a fear of losing control. Other than that, enjoy easy manipulation of others for harmless gain.

No. 448743

What is your death date? How are you gonna do it?

No. 448744

I'm the opposite way and pour my heart out to people easily and trust way too easily. As long as you feel some empathy for people and your pragmatism stays within the realm of financial or social success I guess its fine. I'm not like that at all and I wish I knew what it was like to be like that.

No. 448745

I don't "deserve" having a man financially support me, but that's still what I want and tbh it is what I got. I've been living with my bf for half a year now and I only started working very recently, at shit job with a shit pay. Why would I want to get into a relationship with another broke person? Just so we could be poor and miserable together?

No. 448749

I cannot interact with my immediate family without it affecting my anxiety/sleep/anger and I hate myself for it. I avoid them as a whole but my younger siblings don't deserve it. I have been so happy with no contact at all…

No. 448761

If you're in a serious relationship and your man (or woman) makes more than enough to support the both of you I don't see the issue, especially if you have children. I still think you should have a degree, some marketable skills, and a nest egg just in case things don't work out.

No. 448771

i did some really degenerate things both on the internet and irl in my elementary school/middle school days thanks to sick fucks who would advertise beastiality and porn sites on websites dedicated to children's book series. i really thought that shit was normal and even though i've tried to repress it for years sometimes i remember it and feel sick again

No. 448799


Just make sure that it doesn't create a weird power dynamic in the relationship. Like if he resents it or if things turn sour but you stay cos you don't feel able to support yourself.

That can go from 'I'm so lucky' to 'I feel stuck' once the honeymoon period fades out

No. 448801

I think Momokun is super cute too. When they say she looks like a turtle I'm like yeah she does, a Pixar turtle and it's adorable. he's approaching deathfat though so I don't find her hot. She definitely was before she blew up. I also find Kaka really alluring and beautiful (looks wise ONLY not personality) even her 'ugly' Walmart candids I thought she looked really nice considering it was a makeupless Walmart trip.

No. 448811

Holy shit lol I got scared reading this like a creepy pasta

No. 448849

This is probably the most haunting photo that I've seen on LC.

No. 448857

I'm not attracted to any of them but I think a lot of the cows are beautiful, or at least normal looking. It feels so deranged when anons nitpick unflattering webcam stils or old photos to tear girls apart.
Maybe it's just that I'm ugly myself.

No. 448939

File: 1565894370801.jpg (142.94 KB, 1920x1080, Onion.jpg)

I want to fuck Onision. Although he has the shittiest personality of all time and I hate him, I still can't deny the fact that I would screw him if given the opportunity. I would just love to violently ride his dick while simultaneously covering his mouth with my hands so I don't have to hear him say something retarded. Please forgive me for this one, anons.

No. 448940

I really don't think a lot of the cows are ugly, it's the fact that some of them shop themselves to look inhuman.

Moo was pretty before she looked like a bloated ballon and got so much lipo and now is doing plastic surgery. Kind of sucks to see her go down the deathfat path.

I don't find Kota or Kiki ugly either, even if their hair is a bit thin. People in general like to nitpick cows looks with a magnifying glass because it's easy to do so when their actions are shitty, even if they're not ugly, their personality makes them ugly.

No. 448942

i wouldn't fuck onion but i also have some shameful wanting to fucks so i feel you anon. it's okay.

No. 448943

if this isn't gurg selfposting then please love yourself anon

No. 448951

Tbh I just wanna see him completely naked and maybe laugh a little

I like it when he uses his deep voice (when he’s not trying to sound young or im14andthisisdeep), it sounds so velvety and sexy. His blue eyes are the color of the ocean.

I’m going to cleanse my thoughts now, ew.

No. 448955

i genuinely don't get this one, anon. even ignoring his personality, the dude is hideous. do you have a gargoyle fetish?

No. 448956

He has pretty eyes and reminds me a little bit of Tom Cruise. Emphasis on little bit. Not a fan of short hair on him but I like the emo look I guess. Trust me, I'm not proud of this.

No. 448960

He reminds me a little of Kurt Cobain, except more psychotic

No. 448961

i usually type url as lolicow.farm the first try

No. 448966

wow no.

this is a flattering picture of him. he has the most noxious personality of almost anyone, ever? bordering on as bad as inceltier without being an incel? this really is shameful

No. 448968

I said I'd fuck him, not marry him and have a family with him.

No. 448970

I just knew from lurking the Onion threads that at least some of the users had some sort of weird sexual tension for the man.
No one said shit (and the very few who did were/are rightfully shamed), but it was palpable. There's just always some weird feeling in those threads that I don't detect in others.
Thank you for confirming my suspicions, anon.

No. 448971

even still, he has a huge, child-like head, bacne, flabby body, underbite. the only compliment i can genuinely give him is that his hair is nice. he would be a terrible lay too.

No. 448972

just goes to show you how different people are, i actually think his eyes are one of the ugliest things about him. watery and weak, and they slope down like someone's attached a string to the outer corners and is just yanking on it.

No. 448975

File: 1565899788910.jpg (38.89 KB, 340x340, 1497240174615.jpg)

I don't find his features ugly but he aged like milk, he was kinda handsome when he was young tbh. Ironically, his facial features are associated with psychopathy like the very proeminent Neanderthal browbone. I think some farmers might be attracted to abusers, just a tinfoil.

No. 448983

File: 1565901336468.png (2.5 MB, 2436x1125, 5094E73A-5555-4ADF-AEEC-161805…)

I said “a little” as in Walmart Kurt Cobain

Anyway, can’t believe this is from 10 years ago

No. 448984

>his facial features are associated with psychopathy like the very prominent Neanderthal browbone
tfw no browbonelet bf…

No. 448992

I find Luna Slater really pretty under the caked on make-up and I relate to her fashion style and interests. I would love to be her friend if not for all the selfish junkie bs. She's my fave cow cause she's both relatable and terrifying.

No. 449033

The Shay thread has ruined my self esteem when it comes to the ingrown hair/razor bumps that I get. But it has encouraged me to consider getting waxed and trimming instead of shaving in the meantime.

No. 449052

No one actually cares about that anon. Farmers just say that to hype up the ~*~dirty unclean whore~*~ narrative they've got for her.

No. 449053

File: 1565916495425.png (52.56 KB, 420x294, 1332010233162_9638490.png)

This. When you read the posts about cows and flakes in their threads, you have to think of it as if anons are holding the world's biggest magnifying glass onto the subject at hand. Even if the person is very attractive, you can expect a farmer to post something like "God, one of her eyelids is a little bit lower than the other, and she has this little crease under one of her eyes, it's so gross and annoying to look at" or "She has such ugly hands, fucking gremlin". No matter what, they will find something to complain about, just out of sheer dislike for the individual. Everything is exaggerated.
If you don't remember all this, you'll go crazy hyperfixating on shit and seeing flaws in yourself (and others) that no normal human notices or gives a shit about. That's how we ended up with the "nasolabial folds" meme.

No. 449070

Pretty sure all of us have experienced a bad shave at least once. Anytime I shave the upper triangle of my pubes, it looks awful lol. The difference is Shayna shows hers off for a “living” and hasn’t gotten any better at preventing it or tried alternative methods to reduce it, I think. Plus all around nitpicking of ANY cow like another anon said.

No. 449075

It legitimately seems like a knee jerk reaction half the time. A cow posts a pic, therefore it needs an insult whether there's anything wrong with her or not.

I think it's pathetic tbh, there's no chance those anons are as skinny and perfect as they expect cows to be. And as a whole they make lolcow look like a bunch of petty, bitter bitches who hate on girls they're jealous of. Usually anons have plenty of good reasons to hate a cow but we lose so much credibility when the real issues are mixed in with dumb nitpicking.

No. 449077

Lol, no that makes you smart

No. 449078

>relatable and terrifying

Same but with Shayna. I went through the cute fun uwu alcoholic phase too and it kinda pains me to see her doing all the same things and having the same mood swings, depression, and insecurity. I tinfoil/predict that she's gonna meet the wrong guy at a bar someday while fucked up, and suddenly ditch the internet from the trauma.

No. 449079

Genuinely, anon, take a break from those threads. I had the same experience and I just hang out in /ot/ now, or even take breaks from lc all together. When you get some space, you realize how blown up your "flaws" became in your mind. It's not you realizing something terrible about your looks, it's just a viewpoint that's been forced onto your face.

No. 449122

The best sex of my life was with a man who was much older than me. Confessing this here because I’m radfem leaning anf I frien upon age gap relationships. I would never date him but he was a great partner and I don’t regret it, but sometimes I feel guilty about the age gap.

No. 449124

I regret turning down a guy because he was shorter than me. Okay I am 5'2", he said he was 5'5" on a dating site which was already short based on men I have dated in the past but he showed up at least half an inch shorter than me. He was so handsome and hugging him was a very different experience than what I am used to. Felt so much more intimate. I was living for tall men back then and I regret it!!! I have been thinking of this guy constantly but lost his contact info.

No. 449136

I‘m currently fully dependent on my boyfriend, and if I wasn‘t I would‘ve broken up with him several times already.

We moved country together, and I‘ve just been given more evidence to how more than anything, he‘s self serving. I‘ve caught him lying about shit he‘s just uncomfortable with telling me. In the instances I see these things the incidents themselves are no big deal, but with the underlying attitude I can see the relationship going to absolute shit in the future, when bigger issues come up.

So once or twice a week he‘ll say something like "I don‘t care, doesn‘t affect me" if he does something rude or inconsiderate, and I‘m filled with this disdain, and my immediate thought is that I need to get a job ASAP (i‘m looking) to be independent and have the option to split. I insisted he get therapy and he‘s agreed, until then there are some core issues i‘m just ignoring.

I‘m quite ashamed that I‘m fully supported by him, and at the idea that I‘d be leaving this guy who‘s seemingly great for me, my family and friends love him etc etc, all first time things for me.

No. 449137

I'm 23 and a virgin and it frustrates me so much that I've gotten so close to having sex, but never actually had it, or been too cowardice to go through with it. I almost did with one of my exes and he put out on me, and the subsequent ex tried to force me into it and didn't arouse me at all because I was still experiencing residual heartbreak, and he got more abrasive as time went on and that made me even less aroused by him. I haven't dated since and it's really angering to feel like a sexually unattractive and unappealing old virgin who's gone to third base but who nobody wants to fuck. I feel like there's something severely wrong with me, I'm not even ugly or as socially inept as I feel like I come across. I want to cast aside my virginity and experience comfortable sex, is that too much to ask? I don't wanna feel like a femcel if I reach 25 and I'm still a virgin. The idea of losing it terrifies me, that's why I want to get it over with. I want to experience the pleasure and not the pain I've come to emotionally associate with sexual acts (even if it's only up to third base) from my failed relationships, and the pain associated with losing one's virginity and the discomfort I've heard you experience the first few times.

No. 449140

are your parents able to help you at all? maybe confess what he's really like to your mom and ask her to help you form an exit plan of some sort?

No. 449141


"I don‘t care, doesn‘t affect me"

Yep make that exit plan. I've been in that situation and was always biting my tongue when he treated me badly because he paid the rent and I didn't want to get kicked out..

Take back your power and get enough of an income to walk. You sound mentally finished with him already

No. 449143


On the plus side a whole lot of women aged 18 to 24 have some god awful sex in those years and some of the threads on here are full of examples of no-foreplay sex and 'forcing you to perform like a porn star' sex etc..

If you're worried about painful sex I'm assuming you haven't used internal toys? I played with toys before losing my V so didn't have that worry. Could help prepare you

No. 449147

I haven't used toys yet, I've been masturbating for years but I'm afraid that if I use too many toys I'm going to somehow give myself too much pain or damage myself internally. It's kind of shameful that I'm too scared to even put a tampon up there, I have anxiety so I shake like a leaf, I'm afraid I'm going to insert anything up there except my fingers the wrong way. Which is strange because a dick is going to be a lot bigger than any of those things.

The other reason why I don't have toys is bc I still live with my invasive mother who has abusive tendencies so if I buy any she'll find them and shame me for it, and I know I won't be able to hide anything because she gives me no privacy and is always touching my shit. Truth be told never bought them when I lived elsewhere either because I was too afraid somebody would find them and shame me for it. It took me until about 14-15 to actually start masturbating and that feels like a "late" age to start doing it. I've felt ashamed of my own sexuality and too afraid to speak about it to anyone, I've always felt insecure speaking about it with my parents and the only thing I ever discussed was birth control very briefly in the case that I ever started having regularized sex, because of my repressed sense of sexuality and being unable to discuss it with much of anyone it's manifested into this awful shame complex and fear of some of the aspects of it, but also wanting to lose my virginity because everybody else is having sex regularly by now at my age, some people are even in serious long term relationships with regularized sex,.. or at least hookups, or so it feels that way. I'm afraid of hookup culture and not dating first tho… lots of scummy guys hang out on hookup apps and I don't want to lose my v to someone who could potentially have a sleazy std/sti.

No. 449151

Nayrt but reading about your anxiety and expectation of pain, I really second that you experiment with toys or even your own fingers first. Get to know your body before getting to know anyone else's, learn to take control of your own pleasure before expecting anyone else to give it to you. How are you meant to tell a guy to keep going or to stop if you're so worried about not knowing what you like yet? I'm worried you're setting yourself up for mediocre sex because you don't know any better, or at worst to be taken advantage of.
Just a note, having penetrative sex for the first time doesn't need to be painful or done in one go. The more comfortable you are with your body and in tune with what feels good for you then the less chance it will hurt. Gritting your teeth and getting it over with is old fashioned bullshit.

No. 449156

I don't mean to sound like a scrote but what is with so many of you grown adults being afraid to use a tampon? I don't even understand the fear at this point, it seems juvenile to me. Is there a reason for this phobia? This isn't just for the anon I'm replying to but for anyone who afraid, I really don't get it.

No. 449170


There's so much fear and shame around venturing inside your own vagina even for practical reasons like menstrual products… Imagine if guys hated their own penises this much

I was a socially delayed young woman with an anxiety problem and sex toys were a godsend. Also I don't know why so many women wait for guys to break their hymen when you can do it for yourself

No. 449177

File: 1565960674586.jpg (32.05 KB, 600x600, medusa-piercing-2_600x600.jpg)

I got a philtrum piercing just to take it out a few months after it healed up so the scar would make my cupid's bow look more defined. It worked according to plan and was cheaper/easier than surgery. No ragrets

No. 449228

>everybody else is having sex regularly by now at my age
Anon, people are having less and less sex. Celibacy is at its peak. This fear of missing out mentality won't help you.

No. 449230

>says some hurdur men shit that's not true
>thinks you break the hymen

lol go back to sex ed.

No. 449232

>it's really angering to feel like a sexually unattractive and unappealing old virgin
>I don't wanna feel like a femcel if I reach 25 and I'm still a virgin
You seriously need to work on your self-esteem if you think that life end at 25. And that obsession over virginity is also really unhealthy.
People lose their virginity really late now or just don't even fuck anymore. Also, get out from the internet and chill, make some good time for yourself and enjoy life.

No. 449236


What do you do with a hymen then? seeing as you don't like the popularly used term 'breaking your hymen'

No. 449238


"People lose their virginity really late now or just don't even fuck anymore"

What world are you living in??

No. 449239

Outside the internet anon, I recommend you to give it a try.

No. 449245


What makes you think that anon

No. 449246

No. 449248

That and I think some use the cows to let out their own general life frustration,

The way some anons are starting up weird infighting with other anons screams of people coming here just to vent a bit of hate or to feel like they can win an argument or be better than someone else.. even if its only on a gossip site

No. 449250

I'm not in america, unplanned pregnancy is as common as ever in my country so sex is still here

No. 449312

If I did succeed in getting a male partner I'd probably physically assault him at some point.
My mother worries about me being too unhealthy for a relationship just in case I end up with an abuser, but I know it would be the reverse. I can't stop hating men and if I was in the wrong mood at the wrong time I'm sure I'd want to take it out on someone. I like men who are much smaller than me as well so the chance of actually harming them is increased.

It's sad. I wish it wasn't this way but I'm unable to change since men actually can be shit. I just take the grain of truth and use it to hate them all and get off on my anger.

No. 449339

I drank soda with dinner yesterday and then had 3 cans of soda at work and a cupcake

No. 449340

It's funny that you hate males so much, but you act exactly like the worst of them.

No. 449343

For me personally its not the fear but the discomfort, tampons hurt and the dry cotton sticks to the sides and is almost impossible to shove completely up there. I also have complications with sex and have to loosen myself up with magnesium supplements, lots of water, and foreplay.

No. 449369

>tampons hurt and the dry cotton sticks to the sides and is almost impossible to shove completely up there.
What do you mean? Tampons shouldn't hurt if inserted the correct way. The only way I can see that it causes discomfort is if you're inserting tampons without the applicator. Those plastic tubes they come in are supposed to help you stick them in easier.

No. 449375

>Those plastic tubes they come in

nta but in my country those things are mega rare, tampons you find in normal shops don't have them.
So it seems most women are doing fine without them.
I always find shoving up something ultra-drying into your unhappy menstruating vag uncomfortable, however.

No. 449422

i mean that's how I deal with it and I haven't developed thrush/bv/toxic shock syndrome etc, but, if I'm not like mega bleeding, I just wet them with my saliva a bit before inserting? works like a charm but then again on ones for example are kinda sloppy to start with

No. 449424

I'm almost certain that both my parents molested me, but I've forgiven them. I've repressed it for such a long time that most of the pain is dulled. There's all these entire patches of my childhood I don't remember, inappropriate behavior from my mother that I do remember, strange discomfort around my father ever since I was young, but at the same time, knowledge that I absolutely needed to act "normal" to appease him. I've been trying to convince myself I've just been making it up in my head for years, but a month ago, I read something that gave me this sudden feeling of familiarity mixed with disgust (a lot of it self-disgust), anxiety, and confusion that I've never felt before. I'm not sure if I would call it a "flashback", but it stuck out to me because I've read some fucked up shit that did nothing to me. Meanwhile, this comparatively tame thing was somehow enough to push me over the edge spiraling. I don't even really want to explain it.
I can tell they still love me. They do everything they can to help and support me. I just don't know why they did that. I don't think I'll ever get it. I thought it was just my dad at first, but I can't reconcile that with my mom's actions after the fact. I think my mom tried to protect me at first (she wouldn't let me sleep in my own room, it was always me and her in one room, dad in another, but when we moved away, I was finally allowed my own), but she just sort of let it happen after some time, and then the normalization of it all sort of "stuck", and that's why she acted in certain ways and said certain things out of left field.
Maybe they thought I wouldn't remember, and I guess they weren't entirely wrong. I'm not even going to try and bring it up to them, there is no point. Even if they admit to it, talking about it won't make any of it un-happen, and they're trying their best to do right by me.
I still act normal to them, but my dad might be coming back into my life, after years. It scares me, because I don't know how I'm going to be able to hug him, now that I'm physically developed and have breasts. One of the few things I still remember is when he groped me when I was 9 or 10 as a form of "play", or a "joke".
It makes me feel so fucking queasy to think of touching him again, but I know I'm going to have to just get through it. Even the way he texts me using certain emojis he only uses with his new wife makes me so uncomfortable. It disgusts me, but I just grin and bear it. Don't really know how to cope fully.

No. 449437

>I just wet them with my saliva a bit before inserting

This has never crossed my mind. Gross lol

No. 449469

Whenever there’s a new girl at my place of employment, I’ll obsess over her for weeks in a jealous fashion. I’ll do anything to assure myself I’m better and prettier than any new girl in my vacuity, to the point of stalking their families Facebook accounts and finding ugly photos of them, to save & laugh at when I’m feeling insecure about myself. I have an uncontrollable fixation on being the prettiest, coolest girl around. I’ll even sabotage girls that feel like a “threat”

No. 449471

It had been awhile since I had fast food and a soda so I went to go get some for my meal today. I got a giant burger, large fry, and a huge soda with no ice just so I could have more flavored sugar water.
Horked all that down I shit you not barely 5 hours ago and I'm already craving again and I'm half tempted to go to the store for a snack.
Crack much? This is so jarring to me. These companies seriously get away with making foods so addictive to go get people eating even more.

No. 449474

I also literally hate other women and hate being around them, for the most part. I just feel uncomfortable and unable to properly socialize with my fellow female because all I see is competition and cattiness. I regularly side with incels and men on 4chan, feed their sexist opinions, and gang up on other girls for being fat or unfeminine. I’m pretty disgusting, really. Nice to get off my chest!

No. 449476

Take an adderall and all your cravings will disappear

No. 449482

Lol I'll pop into my handy dandy pill stash and do just that anon.

No. 449486

I follow instruction to a t and push through the applicator, I just have a vagina that needs to be fully aroused in order to penetrate.

No. 449487

Oh ew I hate people like this, I don't seem to get jealous of other people even when I don't look my best, its nice to be well adjusted I guess.

No. 449489

I wish I could be like you! I genuinely loathe myself over this

No. 449492

Learn to be happy with the way you look and not compare yourself to others. I get jealous occasionally I just don't obsess over it and from my past experience being bullied by other girls and in turn bullying others I've learned that I hate living in that bubble of negativity.

No. 449532

File: 1566037409535.png (515.47 KB, 640x480, 1560033632529.png)

Or you could get a job where it doesn't fucking matter what you look like and then you don't even have to worry about what you look like or be jealous of others. Careers in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, conservationism etc.

Why obsess over the mere LOOKS of others instead of comparing your skill sets/basic competency? This is some basic bitch tier thinking here.
You are blocking so much mental real estate with pointless vanity instead of actually challenging yourself creatively or physically.

Start engaging in hobbies or activities that require you to create or physically challenge your body.

No. 449535

Who actually believes these were written by real women

No. 449542

I’m a real woman. Why the fuck would a guy larp as a girl here? It’s not bait, I’m venting. Lick my cunt anon.

No. 449543

Looks don’t matter at my job. None of the girls are very attractive or make much of an effort. And I’ve got a great skill set, I’m management at my company and quickly excelling. Yet I’m still this way, so micro-focused on being ~beautiful and wanted~
I’ve completely alienated myself from every women that enters my life in any way. No friends at all, just men.
Sounds miserable right? It is.

No. 449545

>I just feel uncomfortable and unable to properly socialize with my fellow female because all I see is competition and cattiness.
That's pure projection. Obsessively stalking other women out of jealousy and bullying unattractive women makes you the catty one. You can't develop healthy social relationships with women because more than likely you have an awful personality. I'm just being honest.

No. 449548

Sounds like you work a bullshit job that provides little to zero real fulfillment and probably could go under tomorrow and have no effect on the world.
What the fuck does a manager create or inspire? What does a manager do for their community or the environment?
You also didn't address why you're so small brained that you are unable to even compare skill sets of other people. Do you assume that the women around you are just completely devoid of any talent or skill? Or that you couldn't possibly learn anything from them? You are misogynistic trash.

No. 449552

I’m a hospice nurse… KEK

No. 449553

So no, it’s quite a meaningful profession that can be very fulfilling

No. 449555

I am misogynistic. That’s the point of my post, my ~confession~ I believe women are of value, of course, but my own inner conflicts & self-hatred are constantly being projected, meaning I never feel comfortable or secure around another woman, and in turn I’m sexist, cruel, judgemental and competitive

No. 449559

File: 1566046191674.gif (887.7 KB, 500x280, 0FpLVT81.gif)

>I regularly side with incels and men on 4chan, feed their sexist opinions, and gang up on other girls for being fat or unfeminine. I’m pretty disgusting, really. Nice to get off my chest!
Then why are you here? Surely, your beloved incels are far better company than us?
Could it be that hatred and isolation from other women is actually a horrible experience? Hmmm.

No. 449560

I decided to not make a woman friend because she was really attractive and extremely smart and educated, pretty funny and I was immediately insecure about having her around my bf.

I‘ve mainly been friends with guys my whole life so this is uncharted territory for me. When I met her I thought she was great, then that my bf would like her, then realised my bf would probably REALLY like her, so I shut myself off from that opportunity, just in case.

I mean it‘s common sense if you‘re in a relationship you don‘t hang with someone else you‘re super into, and he wouldn‘t, but what if that company‘s forced on you because it‘s your partners friend? Shit i‘m an insecure idiot that‘s out to get myself and drag myself down constantly.

She was at the same sort of no-friends meet up I was at, so I really saw potential in it, and I‘m ruining it for myself for the most insecure and I guess sexist reasons.

No. 449561

what's up with incel newfags pretending to be pickmes? go back to reading suifuel posts and sucking knajjd's microdick or something.

No. 449562

You are literally the worst kind of person alive. Ironically this behavior is extremely masculine lol

No. 449563

If your boyfriend easily trips over another woman because shes good looking then he wouldnt be that into you

Yall need men who worship the ground youre on.

No. 449564

Oh boo hoo, was this supposed to hurt me? Would have never have sucked just any random scrotes dick for shit drugs, and even the dark web isn't "safe" in the end. Considering i actually enjoy sucking dick and don't have to pay for any of my LAB TESTED drugs, i think it is all a win-win for me.

No. 449565

>fellow females
okay kek this is a dude

No. 449569

It is. That’s why I come here. It’s kinda like my only real form of communication with other women. I used to have best girlfriends and I miss it.

I’m not a dude. Have vagina and tits.

No. 449571

as you should

No. 449572

Sorry to continue the girl hate train- I don't really hang around with men, I love my female friends, they're kind and cool and fun to be around. But they make me feel like shit. I'm always the ugliest friend, and I start to get really resentful and have horrible thoughts toward them when we do things like get ready for nights out. I hate the constant talking about what outfits they're going to wear for something, or about how crazy their boyfriend went over their new lingerie . It makes me think about how shit I always look in comparison to them, and when I'm feeling horrible about it I'll try to validate myself by thinking about how vapid they are, how they're vain, blah blah, but 1. they are valuable people beyond that, and 2. If I wasn't so fug I would absolutely join in and enjoy it.

I don't want to feel like this about them, at least if I'm gonna be ugly I could be supportive and nice instead of ugly AND bitter and hateful. I don't know how to get past it.

No. 449573

Why is it so hard to just stop being a pick-me, then?
There's nothing to be gained from it.

No. 449576

what points do incels make that you find reasonable? genuine question.

No. 449579

>I used to have best girlfriends
What happened anon?

No. 449580

Trying too hard srot

No. 449589

This just reinforces the idea that the girls with the "Queen Bee" syndrome are hideously insecure and taking it out on other women instead of working on their own flaws.

That's not the girls' fault and not an issue that has to do with women. It's your shitty self esteem and the socialization of women being forced to be judged on their looks alone.

No. 449602

>I don't know how to get past it.
just work on your self esteem and confidence. it sounds like a meme but fomo, comparing yourself, and all that shit is literally just manifestations of low self esteem.

>This just reinforces the idea that the girls with the "Queen Bee" syndrome are hideously insecure and taking it out on other women instead of working on their own flaws.
This is true tho. Queen Bees are the queens of insecurity and lashing out.

No. 449625

File: 1566059857763.png (271.41 KB, 600x338, chickmer.png)

I still enjoy the feeling of holding in my shit, even though it's not heslthy

No. 449646

Kek same anon. It’s oddly satisfying

No. 449652

I’d totally fuck Lainey. Greg is fucking ugly but Lainey is actually pretty cute with a decent body and the style she had before she became a fakeboi and before she was skinwalking Billie too much was actually cute. I miss when she would wear eyeliner even though her brows were always wack.

No. 449656

I thought she looked good in that skate park video where she vaped in the car I think she was with that one girl they kidnapped who lives in their basement or something?

No. 449678

My confession is that I fantasize about dating/being abused by a girl like you. The idea of letting a queen bee type take out all her anger and hatred on me in private and being her arm candy best friend in public really appeals to me. I'm not dumb enough to seek it out in real life but my first tween lesbian crush was on Regina George in Mean Girls

No. 449679

Have you seen Jennifer's Body? You might enjoy it. It's very tongue in cheek.

No. 449704

lmao so it was a dude huh?

No. 449777


>fellow female

>Nice to get off my chest!

Who the fuck talks that way if not some diot incels?

No. 449798

Be my friend and help me heal lol, if you feel you can handle someone awful like me.

For the last time, I’m a fucking woman. I spend a lot of time talking with incels so maybe I’m starting to sound like one

No. 449799

Someone can add me on discord if you want proof I’m a fucking girl

No. 449804

File: 1566103696096.jpeg (7.07 KB, 275x183, images (1).jpeg)

No. 449907

If you spend a lot of time with incels you probably look like no offence

No. 449938

I don’t, but I appreciate that your only criticism is shallow reaching

No. 449944

why do you side with incels? they hate all women and wouldn't even side with you if you threw acid on them.

No. 449957

File: 1566131670204.gif (777.38 KB, 245x245, giphy.gif)

>Why the fuck would a guy larp as a girl here?

Anyway, it's obvious you're a scrot because you made like five different retarded unsaged posts in the last 12 hours where you roleplay as a fucking teen movie queen bee stereotype.

No. 449959

I’m literally not a dude. It’s amusing y’all won’t let that notion go. I thought this was an OT board, what’s the point of saging? Anyways, did it for yah this time!

No. 449960

Because they worship me when I do. It’s just a power play. I’m lonely

No. 449962

Pfffpt no they don't. You're just lying now.

Every time I've seen a woman enter an incel/mgtow space online, she's gotten torn to shreds regardless of what she says.

Jesus Christ, if you're actually telling the truth, that's sad as hell. You're literally wasting your time trying to impress the lowliest, ugliest, meanest bottom-feeders on the internet. If you're really a girl, you need to get the hell off the internet and see therapist, because your self-esteem is in the toilet.

No. 449964

I feel that my self-esteem is forever shattered and that’s why I do these things.

Has anyone ever been to /soc/? Or /r9k/? The incels there will orbit literally anyone, so being attractive means yes… when I agree with them, they worship me.

No. 450037

I have really small boobs and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't want to just lay down and die because of it. I don't wear bras so I don't even know what size I'd be, I'd say A 32 or smaller. I'm flat chested as fuck and it makes me feel like less of a woman. I have a bf of 3 years and he always tells me he likes them/plays with them, says he loves my tiny nipples,etc, but I still feel like it's not enough. I mean how could someone be attracted to the chest of an 11 year old girl? I don't want plastic surgery because I feel like it's a betrayal to yourself and that I should just learn to live with it, love myself whatever. And I've tried so hard. But every time I look in the mirror I feel like a fridge. Tfw "can I even breastfeed my future children?

No. 450042

Why the fuck don't you just master some kind of skill or talent?
If you have all of this free time why not actually enact the discipline to become someone of real value?
Seriously, what the fuck are you going to do when you eventually get older and you cannot rely on the hordes of mentally unstable bottom feeders to validate you?
Now is the time to exercise actual strength and control and devote yourself to skill crafting and training your body.

Stop being weak.

No. 450048

Breast size has absolutely no effect on milk production. The only impact it has on breastfeeding is that smaller boobs leak more often.

Also, as a busty woman, there are definitely perks to having tiny boobs. You don't have to worry about them sagging when you get older, getting ruined after you have a baby, clothes look far less slutty on you, and when you have big tits guys automatically assume you must be a whore and act even more revoltingly than normal. Also, women with smaller breasts and petit figures can pull off a more "elegant" classic look like Audrey Hepburn.

No. 450069

Not having to wear a bra sounds like an absolute dream to me. A lot of smaller chested women want to be bigger and larger chested women often want to experience that braless freedom. It's hardly worth 'wanting to lay down and die over'

Look at any women who've had either a breast cancer mastectomy or a preventative mastectomy.. life is more than perfect tits. I've watched a family member go from large to nothing, she didn't even have nipples afterwards, still a woman and a mother etc

No. 450088

It doesn't seem like your self-esteem is so irredeemably low if you can admit to being attractive. You sound histrionic and use that as an excuse so you don't have to take responsibility for behavior that you know is shitty but do anyway because you love the attention that comes from it. I won't deny that people who constantly seek outside validation have some void they need to fill within themselves but it's not incapable of being improved by adopting the correct mindset. Like most people who are excessively self-deprecating you show little willingness to actually improve so your remorse is inauthentic on some level.

No. 450098

I hope you embrace it over time. I used to hate mine so much and even started to save up for a boob job. They're far apart and also smaller that 32A, I gave up on finding bras so I just buy sports bras.
I started going to the gym more regular and it made me realize how annoying it would be to have bigger breasts, they'd be constantly in the way, extra tit sweat, back pain, having to wear bras constantly for support, creepy guys staring. Yea no thanks.

No. 450107

Get therapy bitch.

No. 450111

Last night I had a dream that my ex was using two dildos on me at once and when he pulled out the ass dildo it had a generous amount of shit stuck to it

I'm ashamed that my brain thought up such a scenario.. why can't I ever have nice dreams?

No. 450321

I work on mastering many things in my free time as well. I have a very busy, professional lifestyle. I talk to these incels before bed, etc

No. 450328

File: 1566186572413.jpg (27.31 KB, 782x363, 189475612.jpg)

No. 450334

I feel so sorry for you and anyone who has to associate with you

No. 450337

>I talk to incels before bed
This is how we all know you live an unsuccessful life, lmao.

No. 450392

this could be a random.txt on Kiwifarms. Hilarious

No. 450393

Can you go over there and talk to them forever and not come back?

No. 450444

stop replying to the scrote

No. 450500

I haven't flipped my calendar forward since May because I hate reminding myself that time is slipping away

No. 450502

No. 450504

I have a friend who's trying to ride a high horse and it's pissing me off. She was only ever a coffee shop worker so her wage was always low. She had no other work or education experience and still doesn't. Her boyfriend was the one who paid for everything, including his house where she lives in addition to driving her all over the place.

Two years ago she got diagnosed with a medical condition that, while it did require a few days in the hospital, she used as an excuse to blow off her coffee job and stay at home full time. It really stressed the bf-now fiance-and they almost called it quits. I even helped them during this time. But my friend quickly realized what a great bf she had and got back together with him after realizing there probably wasn't gonna be another man to financially provide for her like he did. She moved back with her mom temporarily and she couldn't go anyplace because she has no car. I'm sure it horrified her, not only for the prospect of having to start all over.

Fast forward to a few months ago and her fiance had enough with providing full time. Also there was added stress with him trying to pay down her medical bills so when they get married his finances wouldn't take a hit.
He asked her to get a job but she wasn't really applying herself and didn't want to go back to working coffee.
He got so fed up that he actually got her an entry job within his own company as it number one solved the carpooling issue and number two gave him a way to verify that she will actually work.

My friend acts like a complete martyr now with the way she talks about work, you'd think she'd been pulling 70 hour weeks for the past thirty years. She vaguebooks about other people with their financial problems now as if she's trying to cover the fact that she herself has never been independent before. She only has this job because of her hubby! And the real slap in the face is that she makes a dollar less than I do per hour, meanwhile I've worked and supported myself all my life and have advanced degrees.
Gee, sure wish I had a husband to get me a job so I could act like a smug ass to everyone about money. Except I fucking wouldn't because I'm not humility-lacking ingrate.
She has no clue how lucky she got off.
I hate hearing her bitch about anything to do with it.

No. 450509

I dont see the point in actively trying to make moms mad (seems like an incel pastime) but I definitely think that something snaps inside a woman's brain when they have a child. The biggest shift in personality is that they start to treat everyone around them the way they treat their child because it "works" in getting people to do what they want. I really hate being spoken to in that constant stern angry mother voice and all those little characteristics of being scolded or talked down to like I'm their little Junior Junior.

moms on lcf: you're fine but oh god please be aware of this, its why so many people get put off.

No. 450511

I hate people who baby their kids to a point where they are more childish than their age calls for. My exes 12 year old son would stay at weekends and didn't act his age in many ways. For months I had to deal with a 12 year old who would shit and not flush the toilet.. every single time I'd get his dad to have a word with him and yet it happened 2 or 3 times every fucking visit… he was babied by both parents separately. Seeing his shit 3 times a weekend felt insulting

No. 450515

I’ve had three abortions and might end up with more… I hate condoms, and birth control makes me feel less feminine (plus fat and haggard). I try to track my ovulation and have my fiancé pull out on those days, if we have sex.

The abortions are always awful but I’m almost addicted to the pain and I’m masochistic enough to enjoy the bleeding and the process itself. I have my last abortion in a jar, on my bedroom shelf. I’m never going to have kids solely because I can’t beat what it’d do to my body, boobs, wrinkles and so on. I should probably kill myself. Lol

No. 450516

Can’t bear*

No. 450517

Seems like an unnoticed pregnancy would result in making you fat over time regardless.

No. 450521

You seem so concerned with what your body looks like/boobs/weight but your mental wellbeing is important too anon, value yourself more. We all get saggy eventually anyway

No. 450523

Wtf make him pull out always

No. 450525

I had a dream where I was a ghost and only my ex could see me, like christmas carol style, and for some reason I had to go around and watch him have sex with 4 different women

No. 450526

>I have my last abortion in a jar, on my bedroom shelf.
Wtf, why? Is this bait?

No. 450528

I’ve never been knocked up for more than 6 weeks, and I have a small frame so it’s not very noticeable.

I would make him but we orgasm together. Like the same time, often, but mine is interrupted if he pulls out.

No. 450529

I'm still just expecting but I'm starting to get why moms act this way, a lot of people fucking hate kids and babies and will let everyone with one know. It gets tiresome when you even mention about having a kid and some childfree idiot has to reeeeeee about how babies just shit themselves and scream and then will proceed to tell some unoriginal dead baby jokes.

I mean yeah some mothers do overreact and are annoying over this shit but I don't wonder why it makes them snap lol.

No. 450531

Not bait anon. I wish. Long story short it fell out intact when I was having contractions in the shower. I didn’t want to put it in the toilet and flush. I regretted the abortion in that moment.

No. 450534

How does birth control make you feel unfeminine?

No. 450536

Throw it away, anon. That's just nasty.

No. 450538

Not OP but while I do want my own babies someday, I understand why no one else will like my babies.
I fucking hate other people's children. Doesn't make me feel bad, it's just a fact that most people don't care for what's not theirs.

No. 450540

I think it’s in my head and I prob need a lot of therapy, but it makes me feel unfeminine because I tend to gain a lot of weight on it, and because it interrupts my body’s natural process. Though I guess an abortion does too

No. 450541

So if you've never had an abortion over 6 weeks you've basically got a giant blood clot and mucus plug sitting in a jar in your bedroom.
Anon that's more unhygienic than sentimental. Eesh.

No. 450542

I preserved it as a wet specimen. I have a lot of wet specimens so it kinda.. blends in?

No. 450571

File: 1566237679661.jpg (913.22 KB, 1920x1080, anons room leaked.jpg)

No. 450649

literally what the fuck. just get on birth control. you sound like an incel with this "birth control makes me feel unfeminine" shit. this is disgusting and both of you are retards. i don't even care about the multiple abortions, but the way you're sentimentalizing this enough to keep it in a jar, and your weird hang up about birth control making you not feminine makes you sound like a bonified crazyperson, like, destined to be a pigeon-lady shit. your fiance is also a huge piece of shit for not realizing how him continually cumming inside of you is turning you into an absolute freak and that it's harming you.

No. 450829

I found lolcow a few years ago when I was LARPing as a shoplifter on tumblr. Never even stolen a pack of gum

No. 450834

that's hilarious. why did you want to LARP as them and associate with them? as someone that used to shoplift frequently bc poor, those tumblr shoplifters were horrible people

No. 451067

lifting tumblr was amazing. watching those thiefs justify stealing 15 palettes, some tampons, 8 vs bras and a grip of thongs as some sort of statement or right was hilarious.

No. 451370

Omg just get an IUD

No. 451520

Tread lightly anon, I too had multiple abortions (although mine were medical abortions AKA the fetus died early on so I had to get D&Cs done) and now my uterus is a scarred mess full of adhesions. Due to this I've haemorrhaged twice once just a hair away from bleeding out to death.

No. 451561

My mind keeps plaguing with images of my brother in law raping or molesting me. I don't find him attractive and only enjoy his company platonically.

No. 451602

If this isn’t a shitty larp you’re exactly the kind of strawman antichoice people pull out of their ass, you genuinely need therapy if you’d rather end potential life than just use some form of fucking birth control, who the fuck doesn’t feel remorse over continuously yeeting their fetuses due to their pigheadedness

No. 451622

Yeah… not a larp idiot, there are 2 kinds of abortions. I did the one where you take a pill at home.

No. 451997

I get this about my father-in-law. I think it's 'Pure O' but I haven't chased it up with a medical professional.

No. 452019

It's called an intrusive thought and it is common with OCD (which can be Pure O, or purely obsessive with no compulsions), yes.

No. 452049

I knew a guy with ocd and various mental health issues, he once told me he had obsessive worries that he was a pedo.. but that he wasn't one.

It reminded me of my general anxiety and the tendency to think of worst case scenarios all the time.. but worse

No. 452600

I'm 21 but and never been in a relationship but lately I keep thinking about having a baby. I want a baby because I really just want someone to love me. I know it's bad.

No. 452613

Its not bad. Its normal. I hope you get that one day.

No. 452622

Get a dog

No. 452624

I love not shaving my body hair. I honestly think there’s a weird sexiness to it and it makes me feel confident.

No. 452628

I would but I can't take care of animals.

No. 452631

If you can’t take care of an animal, what makes you think you can take care of a baby?

No. 452642

I want a girl to choke me. Not sexual or anything I just wanna die. Its starting to become more of something I want to happen and I'm scared…

No. 452650

>not sexual
>gender preference
I mean, it's clearly somewhat sexual?

No. 452653

Yeah, as a child haver as well as previous dog owner, don't have either. Ever, probably.

No. 452655

I really loved Darling in the Franxx. It gave me such nostalgic anime feelings. Overall, yeah, trash!! I had a good time watching it though.

No. 452728

or they just don’t want a gross scrote touching them

No. 452772

Diff anon but I've experienced enough male violence in my life that if I wanted help ending my life it'd be with a woman

I mean plenty of us have been sexually assaulted by guys to the point of not wanting them to touch us

No. 452773

Diff anon but I've experienced enough male violence in my life that if I wanted help ending my life it'd be with a woman

I mean plenty of us have been sexually assaulted by guys to the point of not wanting them to touch us

No. 452981

i became friends with my favorite band after a while of scattered social media conversations and seeing them live; we have friends in common through other bands too. i've had a low key crush on one of them ever since i started listening to them. i've started talking to him (over the internet, he's far from local) because of it even though he's notorious for being a very introverted person. unfortunately for me, his personality is attractive too. we're very similar people who seem to ~just get each other~ and he's opened up a lot with me, which is unusual for a very guarded person. it doesnt help that being close to someone i admire so much as a creator makes me feel extra special lol. things like, he got the whole band rehearsing a song i offhandedly mentioned in conversation was my favorite and promises to play it at the next show i go to, regardless of if he doesn't consider it good enough to play for anyone else. it feels like i'm in a teenager's cliche fanfic tbh.

it's making me hesitant to talk to him because i recognize this is a downward spiral in waiting. it literally isn't possible, we're both in committed relationships, and i wouldn't want to be in an actual relationship with him anyway even if it didnt require a nasty breakup and my whole life falling to pieces. i just can't separate my friendship with him from my attraction to him lol help

(before anyone gets cynical: no, it's not an act to keep me spending money on his band or being a fan. he's never even suggested i should buy anything. he's a genuinely humble person online and in person. he also generally doesn't have this kind of rapport with fans; he's silent on their official social media and his personal is locked down. he's truly an indie artist just happy that anyone likes their work, much less helps support them making more of it.)

No. 453071

why don't you want to be with him?

No. 453073

there are no men that want to be famous that aren't cheating psychos or just yucky people that have to associate with so much awfulness. the lifestyle of any male that wants to be famous means they have to be okay with so much grossness and/or are secretly gross underneath everything

No. 453084

Guarantee you you're not the first or last girl he's talking to like this

No. 453086

I am secretly envious of people who can be vocal about their sex drive and talk with their friends about sex on a regular basis. I'm pretty sure it was because of my upbringing - I only got "the talk" when my mum caught me dry humping a pillow when I was already in my puberty. I had no idea what sex was, it just felt good. After that the only sex talk I got from her was basically lecturing me that it's not worth it.
I grew up with a normal sex drive and whored myself a little in my late teens but I just can't bring myself to talk about it. Hell, when I made a private twitter to vent about my horniness and allowed people I trust on it, they were surprised at my preferences because I always looked like an asexual bitch to them. I only talk about my preferences with my boyfriend and even then it's pretty difficult for me. I just get all flustered and speak in a very low voice.

No. 453126

I fell in love with my cousin.
She's openly lesbian while I'm still in the closet. She invited me to take a short trip with her and I of course accepted. I really look forward to sharing a room with her. Smelling her skin is intoxicating, having her hug me and press herself against me is the best feeling I've experienced so far. We are so alike when it comes to taste and personality. Just the thought of waking up with her next to me seems like a dream.

No. 453133

I literally have zero sex drive anymore. I don’t know why, I’m still only 20, not on medications, but there’s just nothing. It’s been like this ever since my last boyfriend was murdered when I was 17. I love my current boyfriend and still do sexual things with him because I don’t want our relationship to die, but I never enjoy it and just want it to be over as quick as possible. I can only get wet if I’m super super stoned and try really hard to get into anything, other wise I’m always bone dry. sigh. I know it sounds stupid but it makes me feel not as human as other people, because I always see people obsessing about sex and stuff and I just feel nothing? I’m not asexual or anything, I used to get turned on and wet very easily but these last few years it’s just GONE.

No. 453136

In my 30s and have had plenty of friends over the years describe this. The 'I'm doing it so I don't lose my relationship' experience is scarily common.

If you "want it to be over as quick as possible" is it really fair on you to make yourself do it?

No. 453158

I sometimes come here just to argue but I can never find anything to fight over, so I have no way to cool off all the anger and resentment that has been building up in me because my fucking bf refuses to acknowledge the things that are important to me and actually do them, like is it really so fucking hard to get a haircut when it’s triggering my fucking trauma of getting raped because it takes me back to that time???? And now there’s mould because he WONT FUCKING TIGHTEN THE PIPES I KEEP ASKING HIM TO BECAUSE I CANT REACH THEM

pls no ‘dump him’ anons, I just need to vent.

No. 453159

It sounds like you have some unreconciled trauma, anon. And suffice to say bearing through sex because you feel like you have to probably isn't helping you in the long run.

No. 453161

File: 1566657684307.gif (1.59 MB, 444x250, 832085095.gif)

>causing shit with innocent anons because your boyfriend is a retard

No. 453169

>can never find anything to fight over

This isn’t me being argumentative btw, as I said, I can never even find anything that’s worth arguing over so I just keep stewing in this hellish state

No. 453197

too many reasons to list and i'm trying not to get too personal. it's the kind of thing that would be a little ruined by reality, honestly. at most, it would be a mutual affair.

normally i'd agree with you girls, but his case is different. they aren't anywhere near "famous" and that's never been their drive. they've always been a self-run operation and do so out of passion for their art. i'm very sensitive to skeevy men and his behavior isn't like that at all. actually, it's the pureness of it that makes things so hard lol oh no

No. 453203

Is she first cousin or second?

No. 453205

you have a problem girl, work on releasing your anger in a healthy way

No. 453208

are you the girl from norwegian wood

No. 453250

First. It's not like a have a chance anyway. But it doesn't prevent me from hoping.

No. 453260

ngl read this like an incel posted it lel pretty gross anon. you might just be attracted to the fact she is open about being gay.

No. 453272

i really like eating the peeling skin from things like sun burns

No. 453389

I think about my therapist when I masturbate

No. 453464

i used to about a past psychiatrist.

a few years later after leaving his practice, started going to public group therapy and learned that other girls felt the same way about him. had a pretty good laugh. the guy was hot and played guitar and all that stupid sappy shit.

No. 453528

I know it’s not really fair to myself, but I love my boyfriend and don’t want to lose him. He never pushes me for anything and never gets mad about me not wanting to do stuff most the time, but I can just kinda tell he’s unsatisfied. But you’re right, doing this for the rest of my life sounds like absolute hell.
I think you’re right. I have a therapist who I probably should talk to this about, but I’ve been seeing her since I was like 14 so it feels really inappropriate for me to talk about sexual issues with her yknow? I’ll try and do some research of my own and work on it in my own time. Thank you for the suggestion and advice, I think maybe posting about it and getting feed back is a good wake up call for me to confront these issues rather than ignore them.
The book? I guess I never really considered that comparison but yeah probably more than I expected, my dad also killed himself when I was 18 so maybe a little too similar to Naoko for my own liking lol.

No. 453671

i join incel circles just for the purpose of becoming friends with the most jealous and insecure ones, learning about their ideals and then make up a story of me getting laid where i'm enacting their dreams with their ideal girl. they get so butthurt and it's really fun.

No. 453676

i would say whatever but these men are dangerous… youre going to cause one to kill people

No. 453680

it's not breivik fault he killed people
society is to blame!

No. 453685

i didn't mean literally. obviously it'd be his fault

No. 453687

anon tricking incels just makes them more hateful tho. ever heard of the phrase "don't poke the bear"? these people are already deranged, why help them over the edge? whiny incels who baww about not being treated by women because they want to be coddled feed into eachother and enable eachother. it just takes one person validating your feelings to make you think you're right. and anon is both validating them and making them more hateful.

No. 453758

Yeah I agree with the other anon, please don't don't do this. Their only takeaway is the confirmation bias that all women are cock-chasing whores who will fuck Chad but won't fuck them.

No. 453865

File: 1566787149503.gif (1.99 MB, 500x375, 03b9651c22c25b160a171adda8a38c…)

I shoplifted for the first time today, and I'm in my 20's. I did it because my family's money situation has become super strict recently and I've been off my meds due to an insurance issue and waiting for the new one to kick in. I stole about $6 worth of stuff while buying $22 of stuff but god. I don't feel bad, actually feel kind of good in some ways but I really don't want this to become a habit. I was super unstable and crying and freaking out this morning and I think the "thrill" of taking lip balm helped give me a dopamine rush and helped me to stabilize for the rest of the day. I took it from a big box store and while I know it's wrong I can't help but not care about the morality, I'm just afraid that this sense of control will lead to a bad habit.

No. 453869

If your worst crime is stealing $6 of lip balm from some big box company then you're the least of society's problems.

Not to enable the behavior, but I completely relate to the temptation during strained financial times. I never stole anything valuable nor took from a brick and mortar type store. But I did steal necessities that would have added up like a dollar or three here and there, which at the time felt like agony to spend that little extra. During my lowest points I felt like the world didn't give a shit about how much I worked and sacrificed just to afford the little that I could, so much that I felt entitled to take what I needed to keep my sanity. The act doubled as my personal fuck you to the companies that I felt exploited people like me.
When my financial situation got better I didn't really indulge those behaviors anymore because at that point I had the means.
Lack of money and stress really does things to people.

It's good that you identified the reason why you did what you done, so just avoid it if you can.

No. 453884

new semester starts tomorrow and I want to puke

No. 453910

As long as you're not stealing from another person or putting someones job in jeopardy there's nothing wrong with what you did. Being poor sucks and honestly I recommend learning to dumpster dive for free stuff, you can find tons of stuff companies just throw away and make use for them instead of letting it all go to a landfill.

No. 453915

It's really good that you're reflecting on it and feel remorse, anon. Especially if it's something as small as lip balm.

It's not an issue now, but when I was around 8-12 I had an issue with shoplifting and stealing from family/friends. Mostly little stuff. Keychains, make-up, small toys, candy, etc. I never stole anything worth more than like ten bucks. It was just a phase, and I grew out of it. For me I think it just had to do with emotional instability from puberty.

No. 453973

Maybe use bargain hunting or using coupons/going thrifting as a way of legally getting that buzz

I've worked in security for a big chain drug store and making it out the door doesn't mean getting away with it. Cameras are checked after stock doesn't add up (sometimes the concern is that staff are stealing) It's not worth being unable to return to a store, lipbalm isn't the same as stealing food to feed a family.. not trying to make you feel bad but find a better way of getting that buzz

No. 453986

Surely you're not implying that upon returning to the store, the employees would call the police to report the girl who stole some balm a month ago?

Stealing is wrong mostly and not worth the risk, but let's not get crazy here.

Good luck OP and don't make it too much of a habit.

No. 454006

I wasn't implying that at all.. and have no idea why you thought that?

I mean that (example) I know that a neighbors teenage daughter stole something from the store even though she didn't get caught at the time.. you're watched after that to see if you do it again. But people in the store know about her while she feels like it wasn't noticed. Some people get paranoid and never return to the store after stealing one item..local people who would come in regularly before that

No. 454009

If it’s any consolation all stores have stock that they presume will be damaged/go missing, a lip balm won’t harm the store owners nor the workers in any capacity

I too would like to confess that I feel more giddy than bad when I realise I accidentally nicked something from the store (I shop with a pram, things can easily get buried in the cargo basket) - the thought of me having saved $10 by not noticing that bottle of shampoo under all the other groceries I paid for just far outweighs the tiny amount of guilt over petty theft in my mind

No. 454014

Surprised a the amount of 'it's no big deal cos it doesn't hurt anybody' replies. Anon maybe confide to a family member, explain to them that it's a need for dopamine. I don't know what mental health issue it is that you're dealing with but looking to risky behaviour to get a rush is concerning. Stealing, risky sex and self medicating are the usual go to's for that and it can lead to so much more stress in the long run if you use those as a way of coping. It's not worth the small rush

No. 454048

>Surprised a the amount of 'it's no big deal cos it doesn't hurt anybody' replies.

thats the logic lifting tumblr used. its not okay. dont steal. getting new things can feel nice but stealing for that rush is retarded. its sucks being older and realizing you cant always get everything you want, but thats how it is for a lot of people. find a replacement if its about emotional instability, speak to a therapist or something but just dont steal. just because shits less than 10$ doesnt make it right.

No. 454090

File: 1566836128358.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.59 KB, 384x400, s-l400.jpg)

I was at the movies with my date the other day and he asked me to pay for snacks with his cash while he used the restroom.
When I got the change back I got a coin that had a slightly tarnished pic related on the opposite side.

I tried to jest out loud that it kind of looked like Bob Ross because of the rusted afro, and the pen and paper looking like a brush and canvas as a picture of a house scenery was in the background.

It's a picture of Frederick Douglass and no one thought it was funny sadface emoji

No. 454095

nah thats hilarious. that absolutely looks like bob ross and its amazing all of the hands that proof went through, no one thought to point out the similarity.

No. 454100

It's okay, sometimes the best jokes are ones that only you get. And that does look like Bob Ross, anon.
My sister told me about this time she had hooked up with a guy who was dumb as bricks, and afterwards they were chilling in his room. There was a moth on the ceiling and she says, "Oh, you never told me you had pets!" He didn't laugh but when she told me the story we both found it fucking hilarious. I guess the fact that the guy didn't get the joke is part of what makes it funny, though.

No. 454283

Sometimes watching porn helps me feel grounded. I don't have trauma due to sexual assault so I assume that's why it helps me. I'm not sure, maybe just the arousal helps. I should try just masturbating maybe?

No. 454301

Not much of a confession, though

No. 454354

File: 1566872990288.jpg (40.31 KB, 640x480, 1565505057443.jpg)


I am guilty of this very often, not because i don't get the jokes, i just don't find that many things to be that funny to warrant a response, i usually indulge people when they make quips because i know they do it to lighten the mood but i am truly annoyed when they overplay it, its tiresome and sometimes i don't have the energy to string them on. I can't even stand reading reddit comments and look at all the puns, at that level its obnoxious behavior so if i am not particularly in the mood or just tired no matter how much i like you as a person i might totally still reply to the bob ross or moth jokes with a cold "oh… yes" and change the subject. Sorry.

No. 454455

File: 1566889936769.jpg (7.75 KB, 236x236, d650627805b4ffb58ab12c0ac46c71…)

I completely over my cringy BTS phase but I NEED U still makes me feel weirdly sad and nostalgic.

No. 454661

holy fucck, seeing this and then DOG FOOD IN UNuSUAL PLACES anon right under it fucking nearly killed me holy god oh my fucking god

No. 454676

You really may have OCD, anon. I say this because I have OCD and these images are upsetting the fuck outta me.

No. 454715

File: 1566939003094.jpg (30.03 KB, 540x286, 1562292331044.jpg)

I had my first kiss at 5. With a female cousin. She "taught" me how to do it, and it was no smooch, we actually put lots of tongue. We used to makeout in my room when we were alone.
Nobody knows about this aside from me, her, and our parents who found out after a while. It's embarrassing and I've never told a single soul about it. Maybe only my future spouse will know.

No. 454725

what do you find funny, anon?

No. 454744

this is interesting. i had the same experience. maybe i'm your cousin. i think we were slightly older though. i don't think anyone knows but i'm horrified and still so guilty. it was taught to me by a much older girl who lived with me and i did the same with other girls, including my cousin. i am so scared of my family finding out and blaming me even though it was because i was, i guess, abused by another, older child. i am hated by my family enough already, ffs.

No. 454751

nta but literally same, it's one of my life's deepest regrets and i had no idea as a child it was such a serious thing

No. 454767

Same here but it was with my little sister, I think I was 9-10 and she was 4-5? I have no idea why we did that and I had no idea how serious it was as a kid and I wonder if she remembers. I feel so disgusted and embarassed and if she ever brings it up as an adult I wanna offer to pay for her therapy or some shit.

Sometimes I wonder if I was abused and can’t access the repressed memories or if little kids just do weird stuff to each other a lot and nobody talks about it. My boyfriend had a similar experience with a friend his age but at least they weren’t related.

No. 454772

I think even from a young age we feel we have to be "perfect and ready" for men even on the first try so we practice with those we feel the most comfortable with (relatives) and because religion teaches us "girls don't count" it tends to be female relatives.

No. 454794

It makes me so incredibly sad that I will never have movie moments, nostalgic romantic moments with someone perfect, moments where I feel beautiful and loved and adored. The standards I have for this is so ridiculous and outlandish but I really want to feel those feelings before I'm old. It physically hurts a lot. I do have a long-term relationship that I love but he'd probably just die before ever entertaining any cute, romantic endeavors. Guess its time to teach the moron.

No. 454813

Sometimes when I'm cooking by and for myself I get too lazy to grab a knife and just cut the veggies and butter I need with my own teeth.

No. 454816

lol, what the fuck she stole from a store? That's a fucking crime? If financial issues were a problem she wouldn't steal LIP BALM but fucking food / medication.

Just because your family's money is tight and they want you to keep a budget doesn't make you ok to steal ffs.
Your a thief. You all are spoiled.

No. 454817

Who cares, moralfag?
As long as they didn't stole from a mom-and-pop business it literally has no effect whatsoever in the world. At most they are the ones that'll get fucked over it, not the companies.

No. 454819

>she wouldn't steal lip balm if she were a true poor
NTA but poor people want to be hygienic and look good too you know. It's not like chapped lips make someone look and feel amazing. Need I remind you that women are expected to keep up with their appearance and spend a certain amount on hygiene products every year? I can see why women would be tempted to steal these products in a strapped situation.

No. 454825

I consider lip balm an essential toiletry, personally. It's not a matter of vanity, dry lips cause legit physical discomfort. It might be worse for some than others but I genuinely can't not wear it after years of my lips getting used to the extra moisture.

No. 454843

>cut the veggies and butter I need with my own teeth.

Are you the anon that responded in the Celebricow thread to a month old post about how wrong it is to steal? Is this trad-thot maybe? What's your obsession with people stealing. Loss prevention staking out lolcow?

No. 454971

I was looking at old files in my computer and I stumbled across a screenshot of a conversation between my ex and I from many many years ago.
Holy shit I was abusive. I used to scream at him for nothing and gaslight him. Said convo was a screencap he sent me to prove his skype calls weren't reaching me and I was calling him all kinds of names because I wouldn't believe him. I was very unstable at that time but I pity the poor guy now. He put up with a lot of shit and I'm still amazed we ended on good terms.
I want to apologize to him but 6 years have passed and it would be really awkward if I contacted him now.

No. 455020

the screenshots of James Franco being a creep betrayed my pink-pilled brain because it just made me think "oh, so my celeb crush is attainable" instead of "I hate him now"

I'm too old for his taste though lmao

No. 455026

File: 1567015865396.jpg (31.19 KB, 580x435, man.jpg)

I have nothing but hatred for men with long nails. I have a underling coworker whose nails are long and yellow and are disgusting as fuck whom I nicknamed Nine Inch Nails. I don't care for him at all and I sometimes use my authority over him to give him demeaning tasks (such as cleaning the toilets twice in a shift rather than once after we close) because of his nasty hygiene. I don't even care.

No. 455032

File: 1567016462596.jpg (97.15 KB, 720x711, 8b070401238f975b829dca9812bfe4…)

i used to feel the same and not be able to handle ANY bit of nail length on males but lately i've been feeling like it's kind of hot if theyre skinny and have long, pretty fingers like pic related

No. 455047

File: 1567020425490.jpeg (91.95 KB, 634x418, 6513D30B-6917-4BE6-9A18-6644CC…)

No. 455094

this picture makes me want to die

No. 455323

i fantasize about me and my ex sometimes when I watch lesbian videos, and i feel so pathetic and shameful. Like i'm doing something immoral. I shouldn't even be missing her in the first place

No. 455336

Lately, the idea of going to addiction & depression support groups has been going through my mind. A part of me wants to go, try to get better, and change my life. The other part of me thinks it’s all bullshit.

No. 455344

>A part of me wants to go, try to get better, and change my life. The other part of me thinks it’s all bullshit

As far as I understand, you have not yet tried going to support groups. Since NOT going clearly is not working for you, why not give it a shot? You can only lose some time and gain so much more.

No. 455350

I broke up with my boyfriend last Tuesday and within 8 days I hooked up with a guy I met at school last semester. My boyfriend and I stopped having sex two months before we broke up, and he was so bad in bed I was worried that I was becoming asexual/losing my sex drive from drug usage and depression. I feel horrible that within a week I was in someone else’s bed, but this guy was so amazing and made me feel so beautiful and sexy. I know for a fact my ex would not have anyone close enough to him to hook up with right now, before we dated he had been single for 3 years, so I know he’s not out there rebounding. Feels good man.

No. 455362

File: 1567082653164.jpg (9.64 KB, 238x249, 000000.jpg)

I'm sexually attracted to Todd Howard and I don't know why. My bf and I both think it's hilarious but I genuinely want to fuck this man

No. 455364

ProJared looks like my ex who had big dick and with whom I had countless amounts of passionate sex, so when I see PJ's photos in that scandalous gamegrumps thread I think about fucking, which is ironic, because PJ is a literal sex addict and that's what his scandal is about

No. 455365

sorry for laughing but holy shit thats hilarious!

No. 455375

Years ago I used to feel sorry for pedophiles, I sometimes even defended them, saying stuff like "not all pedophiles are child molesters" and "most pedophiles will never touch a child". I thought most of them were just unfortunate people born with a mental illness, they can't help how they feel, and that they would voluntarily seek help if they just got the chance.

My opinion changed though when I slowly learned how absolutely shameless they are. They feel no remorse, they don't think there's anything wrong with what they're doing or feeling. So many of them even celebrate it. I've seen so much repulsive shit that I feel ashamed that I used to think they deserve anything but a bullet.

No. 455378

I think when we hear the word Pedo we assume it's a guy with only an attraction to children, I binge watched a bunch of pedo sting vids on youtube lately covering the US, UK and Canada and men were caught grooming girls as young as 9 when they had wives or girlfriends and had dated women successfully and enjoyed sex with grown women

I think porn, easy access to kids through the internet and a need to seek out the taboo (when porn trains you to want more extreme things) is creating a new type of offender where a true attraction to children isn't even the fuel behind the abuse, it's wanting a sense of power that grown women won't put up with..so they move on to 10 year olds

No. 455381

Some relationships feel like they die out for so long before actually ending that even fucking someone a week later doesn't feel too soon

No. 455386

Yes. A lot of child abuse is done simply because children are easy victims. And porn with it's obsession with young-looking teens is making it worse.

Never ever feel tempted to feel sorry for a pedo. They are trying to gain acceptance within the alphabet soup now that trans and fetishists are taking over Pride. Can't find it now but here was a "boylover" on twitter who filmed himself walking at a pride event in an European city wearing a pedo code symbol t-shirt.

No. 455466

honestly anon as a child abuse survivor (not csa but child abuse nonetheless) I couldn't give less of a fuck about pedophiles and honestly would rather see them hung before a crowd of spectators as punishment for their crimes. I don't consider myself a sadistic person for the most part but I have no remorse at all for child abusers because it's one thing to abuse an adult which is already heinous enough but to abuse a child who can't fight back, esp if they're your relative or someone you inherently have power over, is disgusting and pedos who abuse kids should be hung for it. i dont even care how harsh that sounds. regardless of their gender or age if a pedo rapes a kid and they get found out? hang em, I say. or put them on death row, idgaf, i would prefer to make their deaths as swift and painful as possible, esp if that child was under the age of 10.

No. 455468

Same, until I went to their subreddit. They flat out admit they will not seek treatment because it's "an important part of their identity" and that they would NEVER harm a child in any way because they ~love~ them, but then turn around and debate if children are capable of consenting. It's fucking sick, they have absolutely no remorse whatsoever and don't even want to get help. A far cry from all those articles that came out years back pushing the idea that they are pitiable societal rejects who can't help what they're attracted to and are terrified of seeking treatment because of the social stigma.

No. 455621

I had sex for money when I was 16-17 with men that I met on sugar daddy sites. I made hundreds of dollars and hid it in my car but one night I accidentally left my car unlocked and someone stole like ~700 of it lmao so I didn’t even have anything to show for it.

No. 456221

It makes me feel like a slut, and maybe I am, but I'd open my legs to any lesbian tomboy who dresses like the worst fuckboy around. Bonus points if she has tattoos and is thin and boyish.

No. 456231

File: 1567261772115.jpg (86.05 KB, 472x574, md.jpg)

I've always said I don't want children but recently I've started to think about what it would be like to raise a little girl. I've always been jealous of girls who have such good relationships with their mothers and nothing warms my heart more than seeing happy and wholesome mother-daughter relationships. I would teach her so much, how to respect and love herself, how to be kind while not sacrificing her own needs and desires, and the value of being a self-reliant and hardworking woman in a man's world. I don't know where this came from…but the chances of meeting a man who I think would make a good father are so slim so for now it's just a fever dream.

No. 456251

I’m sleeping with a manlet and I’m fucking obsessed. He’s just under 5’8”, about 3 inches taller than me, so he’s still a good amount taller than me. I usually slept with guys who were over 6 foot so this feels so different— I love how I can make out with him while grinding on him, and a lot of positions have become far less painful cause of different entrance angles. I don’t know why I was so brainwashed into thinking tall man = strong and masculine, especially cause the tall dudes I’ve slept with were all lanky and looked emaciated— this guy is much stronger and solidly built. I’m like thoroughly converted to manlets now.

No. 456254

I've never liked children but playing Sims 4 made me change my mind a little bit. It's silly but my Sim was a career woman (this is mostly roleplay so don't judge) who had an oopsie baby and ended up having a baby girl as a single mom and honestly it's really cute having a little baby following you around.

I know video games != reality, but it made me think about how much better off I'd be with a baby on my own.

No. 456256

My boyfriend is a 5'8" stocky manlet. Only 5 inches taller than me, but it feels like the perfect difference. Yeah, especially for sex. Glad you see the light, anon.

No. 456257

I'm in the same boat anons, I too wonder what kind of positive impact I would have on a little girl and if she'd turn out better than me. I'm just so scared of men. I'd hate to repeat my mother's mistakes with me and introduce horrible men into my children's life, or have their father figure absent. All because men are less likely to have their shit together these days.

I'm waiting to suss out a better reason to have children, but it just never gets better.
Religious people are lucky, the burden of questioning if having children is selfish is at least taken off their shoulders when their religion says it's duty or a deity's will. Ignorance must feel really nice.

No. 456258

Lol not really.
Try dating a guy who's 5'5 but is convinced he's 6'

No. 456264

Isn't 5"8 a totally normal height?

No. 456265

It is. I think the average is 5'9.
I consider any guy under 5'5 to be entering manlet territory.

No. 456267

Having dated a guy of 5"3 (an inch shorter than me) it's strange to see terms like manlet applying to anything under 6 foot, like are we just trying to get even with men cos of fat shaming or something?

No. 456271


Nitpick much?? I’ve always heard Manlet is 5’8” and below, I didn’t know I’d start controversy by implying a guy who’s 5’7” and a half (measured ourselves the other day out of curiosity) is short. I just googled to see where I got that scale from and honestly all the man dominated sites call men under 6 feet manlets so I’d say it’s pretty generous to consider manlets to only be 5’8” and below, kek.

No. 456276

Admitting preferences doesn't necessarily betray a spite against all men.
Why should men be the only ones who get to reject someone based on looks? They're constantly harping on women about tit, ass, and waist sizes. Not to mention the Goldilocks wankery over women being too tall or too short for men.

Doesn't bother me none when women aren't polite about what they want.

No. 456277

>honestly all the man dominated sites call men under 6 feet manlets
It's a meme and they're exaggerating like they always do. IRL most people wouldn't call a 5'8" guy short. He's just average.

No. 456279

I never said anything about preferences

I just think the term manlet is a bit condescending especially when applied to normal height men. Bit like how women are sometimes called fat for being fairly average too. Applying terms to normal/average bodies to make out like they're not normal or average is strange

No. 456283

This convo reminds me of r/smalldickproblems where alot of the posters are barely 5 inches long and men who have an actual 2 inch dick feel insulted by the 5 inch posters. Welcome to the time where men are the ones measuring themselves and feeling like shit

They also seem to judge each other harsher than women are judging them

No. 456293

I think op was the only one who called an average dude a manlet though.

No. 456294

File: 1567275380388.jpeg (19.87 KB, 225x225, D2800397-D529-435C-AB3B-EC8611…)

i've killed multiple frogs when i was a kid. frogs are cute and harmless, i don't know why i did that.

No. 456300

>only 5 inches
Only?! Lmao, that's still like a head taller than you, anon.

I will never get why women brag about dating somebody slightly below average when they themselves are short as well. You're not charitable, try again when you really date somebody who's shorter than you lol

No. 456321

But I've saved a lot of them so I hope it balances out a little lol

tho I know why I did it, I had a shit ton of rage inside me since I was constantly bullied and neglected, but still not a good excuse

No. 456375

my boyfriend accused me of being suspicious when i wasn't doing anything so i did something suspicious

No. 456397

Her body is not a charity you triggered manlet

No. 456400

my boyfriend does the exact same, are we dating the same guy anon?

No. 456401

I will never not feel like the biggest piece of shit for killing that one cane toad when I was a kid

No. 456402

lol I dated a 5'5 guy before being 4'11 his personality was awful, he was ungrateful, got upset when nobody showed affection towards him but then when I showed affection even just little compliments he said it was "too much"

No. 456408

i wish. maybe i could get him out of my hair lol

No. 456416

I'm saying this as a tall woman who constantly gets told 'why don't you just date short men' by short women, referencing situations like above. 5'8 is not short at all for the average woman. You're out here acting like guys this height are freaks and you're brave for being with them. At the end of the day you're still just a couple in which she is a good portion shorter than him, nothing extraordinary. I'd kill to get a guy who's only 5 inches taller than I am

No. 456419

Why are Americans so autistic over height

No. 456424

I feel like a voyeuristic sick puppy for admitting this but I have a curiosity of watching vlogs about people with terminal illnesses. I find it morbidly fascinating, and it helps me cope a bit more with my own mortality.
Usually moralfags have a huge problem with this, specifically if there's any footage of a person's last moments but to me those are the most gut wrenching and 'interesting' parts. I just wanna know what their thoughts and feelings are.
Most people would get too sad to view these things but I just can't get enough. Sometimes I cry but it feels really cathartic, not a type of crying that I never wanna see another again. Feels like an emotional buildup and then a weight lifted off my shoulders. I'll probably get called a creep but I just wanna know

No. 456425

why did you spoiler this…?

No. 456426

A lot of people spoiler confessions.
And to answer your leading question, no, I'm not the newfag in the other thread spoiling pointless posts.

No. 456430

File: 1567306715138.jpg (69.1 KB, 1300x957, young-woman-shrugging-her-2060…)


Because they are all overweight and a small height makes fatness look much worse.

No. 456439

nta but you're the only one who has spoilered it you weirdo.

No. 456475

Nta but whats wrong with anon spoiling their confession? Quit being autistic, crazy ass.

No. 456486

can you stop calling everyone that? or just find a new insult or something? your repetitiveness is annoying as well as attacking rando ass people

No. 456504

There are spoilered bits all over this thread and I deffo spoilered a secret once in one of the previous threads. Quit being annoying.

No. 456505

you should be more ashamed that you use deffo unironically.

No. 456506

No. 456508

CSA stuff, spoilering in case
Does it make me a bad person that only artistic depictions or discussions of CSA that have to do with my specific experience really gets to me?
I don't really feel anything when I read or see something about CSA. I automatically detach myself enough from it to not be hurt. I believe that they're wrong, but loli and shota don't really make me feel much on a personal level, either.
However, anything that hits too close to home on what happened to me, even if it's not glamorizing it, makes me feel violated on a mental level.
I hate any porn about it, I hate music about it, I hate when it's a plot point in anything. I avoid it all. I don't care if it's depicting the person who did it as bad, I just can't tolerate it. It touches on memories and feelings my mind has mercifully repressed for good reason, and makes me sick. I just get so angry and feel like I've been made unclean.
I feel guilty that I'm so numb to other depictions. I obviously still feel empathy for other victims, but it's like my empathy doesn't stretch far enough. Could it mean my trauma is fake or something?

No. 456517

How dumb do you have to be to think every anon is the same one

No. 456522

ah yes because samefagging never ever happens here and it only takes some crazy mental case to come up with such an insane conclusion right? clearly accusing an anon(s) of being the same person after exhibiting the same behaviors, typing style, and writing is the equivalent to flat earthers

No. 456524

I have a friend I find very annoying most of the time but he lets me go to his house and play on his PS4 during weekends so I keep hanging out with him just for that.

No. 456561

File: 1567333323575.jpeg (20.87 KB, 229x229, 77E1D86B-E9CE-48A8-AF1F-3467F1…)

Sooooooo, I created 1,875 email accounts so I could win one of those ‘whoever refers the most people’ wins contests. I ACTUALLY won and they said they’d email me with instructions in 7 business days it’s been 9 busniness days and no reply.

Tfw when you waste hours of your life doing nonsense and don’t even get the reward you were promised…

No. 456624

They either caught on to your burner emails or maybe you ought to send them an email asking what gives haha.

No. 456666

kek, what reward was it and why the FUCK would you spend all that time creating 1875 email accounts? that's a fuckton of email accounts, dude. i hope to god you mean you only made like, 63 accounts

No. 456668

this sounds like kpop levels of crazy.

No. 456680

how long did that take you..?

No. 456685

lmao this is hilarious to me for some reason

No. 457176

What…was the prize

No. 457319

My husbando is one of my own characters and I’m annoyed that means no merch of him and I’d have to draw my own body pillow if I wanted one. On the other hand I get to decide all his details and he’s completely mine with no stupid online arguments or wars over headcanons or ugly art to ruin the experience. No one can touch him but that means me too ;-; at least he helps me work out what I want out of a real relationship, someday….

Pic related is a personal attack on me, fml

No. 457320

File: 1567513414815.jpeg (505.45 KB, 500x7312, 5FABEA54-0147-44E3-807A-60E7E7…)

Oops, here’s the pic

No. 457321

File: 1567513617971.jpeg (76.04 KB, 800x450, 3450570E-35CF-493B-970D-A4F025…)

Recently, I met a guy and I like him so much that I lied to him about being in college when in reality I’m a LOSER NEET. I’m trying to find a job asap and say I dropped out and work now so I can see him long term without him finding out I’m a liar.

No. 457322

Was the prize something you could have just bought? Like with money earned at a job?

No. 457325

It's better to be a college dropout than just saying you never went…?
Is that how that really works? Lmao.

No. 457326

Technically, I am a college drop out, but he thinks I still go to school when I don’t.

No. 457340

I send my mom wholesome “I love my mom” memes to make her feel good about herself, even though I don’t actually feel like she’s a good mother.

No. 457343

If you tell him the truth early on he might not forever remember you as crazy or a compulsive liar, most people are pretty understanding if they find out you only lied out of embarrassment. Lying long term is a whole other thing though..

No. 457348

You are a good person anon.

No. 457390

File: 1567523513758.jpg (558.46 KB, 684x1024, gettyimages-136877595-1024x102…)

I always wanted to see them get togheter in the series. They were my lesbian awakening.

No. 457416

I wish there were more Mexicans working the fields where I live because there isn't much variety at the farmer's market in town.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 457568

I hate long nails on men too. I find it repulsive!

No. 457573

I agree!

No. 457574

File: 1567546283106.jpeg (70.73 KB, 510x510, 1545411199435.jpeg)

I always bully every fakeboi that i cross on tumblr but actually i think they're really, really cute (specially those "deku" girls) and i would unironically date or fuck them, i wish i had a manic, awkward tomboyish weeby gf like them (i know most are straight since they're are fujoshits but still). It makes me laugh how most people think they are super cringy and here i am, searching "trans boi", "mlm" and shit on tumblr lmao.

No. 457575

I was just playing the sims today and my sim has a toddler little girl and I kept thinking how adorable she was waddling around and playing with the dog. I've wanted a kid (always wanted 2 girls) for years but I doubt it'll ever happen. too scared about the state of the planet

No. 457577

I wish two things
1. That they weren't fujoshi "mlm", just tomboyish bi girls who like yaoi
2. That actual men looked like them, and were also attracted to women
I just want to date a cute twinkish person. Is that too much to ask?

No. 457580

i like cute twinkish men that have big dicks.

No. 457583

No one in my life including my partner knows I can't stand fatties and agree with some radfems. People known me as sjw activist where I live because I used to be a really vocal one.

No. 457648

File: 1567556514828.gif (1.27 MB, 200x274, oof.gif)

I'm having a full blown affair with a former professor nearly 30 years older than me (and no, it didn't start when I was his student). We're legitimately in love, which I understand sounds outlandish given the perceived power dynamic, but we are. I feel comfortable saying that because the affair has gone on for two years now and we've regularly discussed how ridiculous the entire situation is.

It wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that he's married with fairly young kids. Oops.

As we've discussed, I don't expect him to leave his wife, and I'm not putting anything in my life on hold for him. We're just fucking crazy about each other and it's a strange sensation. We text all day, see each other every couple of weeks, have dinner, fuck, and talk. Maybe I should feel bad, but I don't.

No comment on the radfem portion of your post, but I also hate fatties and feel compelled to keep it to myself.

No. 457649

Ew. Homewrecking couples are so selfish.

No. 457650

I'm single, if that makes a difference. I apologize if I wasn't clear on that.

No. 457652

He's not in love with you and that's exactly why he will never leave his wife to marry you. He's a selfish man and sees both his wife and you as fun toys.

No. 457653

>nearly 30 years older than me
Leaving out the obvious moral implications… Ew, it's funny how much more the guy gets out of this relationship than you do. He gets to be with a young woman who is probably in her prime and acts as his submissive toy + a huge ego boost, you get a balding flabby sack of shit and the wrong kind of validation, congrats. Please try to move past your daddy issues and value yourself more.

No. 457654

It doesn’t matter if you’re single, dumbass. He’s a married man. And I highly doubt he truly loves you.

No. 457656

I understand that perspective, but about half a year in, he told me he was going to get a divorce. I convinced him to not leave his wife for the sake of his kids.

Does that make me retarded? I don't know. Probably.

Perhaps you're right that he doesn't love me. I know he hasn't slept with his wife in over six months, but perhaps he's lying. It's a disastrous situation for him. I'm culpable, too, but I'm not cheating on anyone.

No. 457658

So you just want to be part of a homewrecking couple? Wow so much better.

His wife and kid deserve better than either of you being part of their life.

No. 457662

The meme is funny, and I don't blame you at all for finding it gross and/or weird, but I don't have any daddy issues. My dad's always been a great dad and present in my life. I've also never dated anyone more than ~4 years older than me, so I don't really even think I have an old man fetish…(?). I think he's incredibly attractive but I do realize that's entirely subjective.

Serious question: do you think it's better for his wife to have a stable family with the kids (while not knowing he's cheating), or is it just better him to leave? I will genuinely take your advice to heart because I haven't told anyone IRL about this. Thanks in advance.

No. 457664

It’s better to stop allowing yourself to be used by an older man as a sex toy and stop telling yourself that this is love.

His wife and child deserve better than him because he’s a scumbag.

Leave him, learn to value yourself more, and find love with someone who won’t keep you a dirty secret.

No. 457666

Thank you for your blunt but honest advice, anon. I hope you have a great night.

No. 457671

Not the same anon but I think it's the best for YOU to be out of the picture. You have no place in that family business. Whatever happens in the family is up to them but your one and only job is to stop being a homewrecker. I know you think you're madly in love so you don't feel guilty at all but as someone who went through shitty childhood due to my parent's affair, I still fantasize about killing my dad's mistress. Seriously, have some morals.

No. 457674

I am so sorry your childhood was impacted by your dad's affair. Honestly, I didn't consider my role impacting his children. Maybe I'm in denial about it because I just never thought his wife would find out. Thank you also for this advice.

No. 457680

stupid cunt you aren't if you are fucking a married man

Imagine being the wife giving birth to children, working your ass off after your body is destroyed and a stupid retarded imageboard poster is bragging about fucking your husband who has been fooling around for years while you lost time and money to have his spawn.

This seriously made me a radfem and to never have children holy shit.

No. 457682

>thinking a cheater is in love w u
you're both intoxicated with the messy "immorality" of the situation, bet my money that if yall become a normal couple yall be bored real fast kek
lowkey think this is that same bpd husband/bf-fucker who posts fake scandalous sexcapades periodically

No. 457683

Yikes. I'm not stupid nor bragging– just getting something off my chest. I'm surprised by the anger but to each their own, I guess. I understand.

I wish I were making this up, but I do realize there's no feasible way to prove that, hah.

You make a very good point about being swept up in the wrongness. You mean it's like a forbidden fruit thing? It's wrong to do it, so it's exciting. Huh. It's difficult to imagine ever being bored with him but you're most certainly right.

I'll report back when/if things change. I appreciate the responses.

No. 457687

of course its difficult to get bored with him. youre only the side piece. its not boring because you only share the exciting sex part of it and only paced out. you dont have to deal with actual life shit with the guy. god youre naive

No. 457689

That might be the most selfish thing I’ve ever read on here.
You didn’t think it might hurt his wife and kid? You were okay with being part of this as long as his wife didn’t find out about you? Never mind all the sleazy, sneaky “he should be tucking his kids into bed not fucking me right now” shit you chose to partake in?

No. 457691

I think you're right. I am selfish and ridiculous for trying to rationalize my behavior. When everything is described to me in this way, it's crystal clear.

No. 457694

File: 1567562870533.jpg (1.07 MB, 1000x1250, JennaBarton_02.jpg)

I enjoy media with anthropomorphic characters, but I fucking despise furries. So I'm really wary of sharing what media I like so I won't be associated with them. Same with liking anime. Why do weirdo creeps have to ruin innocent cartoons? I just want to enjoy my damn cartoons without being associated with perverts! Also I pray every furry dies in a fire. Amen.

No. 457708

i do legitimately feel awful for the onion kids. home life has to be especially fucked up right now.

No. 457711

I feel for you anon. I have a knee-jerk reaction to furries but the characters that don’t look like Beatrix Potter illustrations and I’ve come across foreign artists who draw that kind of thing and it isn’t weird and sexual. I liiked anime since my childhood but if I were introducing myself to people I won’t mention it for that reason among others.

Yeah, imagine finally feeling secure and safe enough with the man you’ve chosen to build a life with only to be cheated on when the kids can barely walk. End it for everyone’s sake. You’d really do this to another woman? My dad cheated on my mom and while she always stayed strong about it, I always felt as if we did something wrong or weren’t loveable enough if he wanted to be with this total stranger more than me. ‘Best’ case scenario (for your selfish asses), that professor leaves his wife and young kids, those kids will grow up knowing a pillar is missing in their lives. And I don’t even want to imagine the pain the wife would feel. I think you owe it to all women not to stoop to the level of a man who cheats, you have the choice to be better than that.

No. 457724

Anon, I don't take the stance that you gotta be the champion of women and save cheating men from themselves. I don't care that you're selfish.
I prefer to see this in relation to how this benefits you, and I don't see how you win in the long term. This sort of relationship cannot last, and it's not fair to waste your prime on a man who's gonna treat you like a dirty secret.
He was never going to divorce his wife, he used that to test the waters with you and now he doesn't have the pretense to carry on with it now when you made it clear you'd stay anyway. He intends to keep you as a side until the need arises to dispose of your relationship.
You lose while he wins. And what does he win? A family with a doting wife and child while bagging you as his young lay.

Don't worry about this man. If not you, then someone else. Such is the nature of a male cheater. In fact, you probably can't even be sure he doesn't have other former students on the line!
Be fair to yourself and find you a man who will make you his priority. Two years wasted with this schlock is long enough.

No. 457729


Yeah, i liked Blacksad a lot, i don't even recommend it irl because i know i will be called a furfag as soon as the other person sees an anthropomorfic cat.

And i like a lot of Anime too, but hate moeshit, so the same applies. I think all furries and lolicons should automatically go on lists.

Funny thing, i was reading Blacksad on one of those online comic book sites a while ago and all the comments were a furfag sperging with big chunks of text about the female characters not looking like how he thinks the perfect furry waifu should look, and then pasting links to examples of terrible sameface hentai furry art he liked and insulting the authors. Yeah, this dude was mad that a Disney illustrator who is not a furfag drew female characters too correctly instead of Simba the lion but with big hooters. Disregard the actual story and artwork, it was all about his boner and his fetish, i would rather drown than ever be associated with these kind of sick people for any reason no matter how mild.

No. 457780

Sending a hug your way, anon. Thank you for this response: it made me cry because you've given me a lot to think about, and I know what I need to do. You're right. Under no circumstance do I "win" here.

God, fuck me. But again, a sincere thank you.

No. 458023

i secretly wish we could have a real ED/thinspo thread. it's embarrassing. i guess i'm stuck in my ana phase.

No. 458026

God I want to meet someone but maybe me being a loser NEET is a sign I shouldn’t be trying to date. But I’m not crazy and I also don’t think I should deprive myself of normal experiences just because I don’t feel good enough.

Then again I don’t want to the girl he brings home to his parents who see just a sad leech. Oh, who am I kidding, guys these days don’t give a fuck about what their parents think, do they?

No. 458041

Just go on tumblr then

No. 458190

I really really hate that I wanna fuck this repugnant fictional character who ain't even my type and I'm not showing him because I'll get judged I'm so sorry farmers but there's something about this character that makes me fucking horny and turns me on and I wanna die because everyone hates him and I should too

No. 458192


Don't do this to me anon, i need to know who.

No. 458193

just go to /fa/ weirdo

No. 458194

File: 1567708810152.jpg (44.82 KB, 320x240, ewwww.jpg)

Since you're not saying I'm assuming you're describing Howard DeVille from Rugrats…. ugh, get it together.

No. 458195

I can guarantee you people have wanted to fuck worse. Now, please tell us who.

No. 458198

File: 1567709152317.jpg (31.02 KB, 500x353, b8bef05ad75631bdef5f7a1570771d…)

>repugnant fictional character
>everyone hates him

omg its Mineta isn't it?

No. 458212

Self acculisation is actually really important. I decided when I was a child my feet were gorgeous and told my mum and she said they were and now nearly 2 decades later I've convinced every person that's had to look at my feet they're pretty and am not satisfied until the person I am confronting verbally agrees. I don't know why I started doing this maybe I watched too much of the Amanda show as a girl.

No. 458264

you seem extremely annoying and cringey

No. 458270

I bet you'd think my feet are nice too.

No. 458274

I literally spent my whole day on this hellsite. I could have watching so many things instead of being shitposter of the day on the slowest image board in existence

>maybe I watched too much of the Amanda show as a girl.

No. 458284

Stop it, anon, the truth hurts too much

No. 458299

i'd either laugh at you or say weird passive aggressive things about your feet until you stfu then never talk to you again.

No. 458307

>on the slowest image board in existence

nah, thats C.C

No. 458331

IDK anything about this character but feel like pointing out that 'mineta' means cunnilingus in Polish slang.

No. 458415

anon, i know you got piled on here (understandably so) but i appreciate you being receptive to what people are saying. you don’t sound like a bad person; it sounds like you got swept up in a taboo love affair and have been chasing that high for a couple of years. i really do hope you take this to heart and break things off with him for the sake of his wife and children. every child deserves to grow up with parents that are honest and faithful to each other. please update us if the situation changes <3

No. 458416


I left a very inflamatory comment on an artist's from my country first ever youtube video using a blank youtube account i have, he must have seen it because it was like one of the first comments that he ever got there when he first uploaded it and it took a while for his yt account to catch up despite he having a ton of followers on instagram and fb. He is an incredibly popular artist and works on AAA games and i rip him a new one and insulted his art and him pretty badly and very personally because i know stuff about him from sharing the same local community.

I was just very frustated because he is younger and from the same place as me but a lot more privileged financially and hard working so he could go to the first world and become more renowned while i was stuck here working for pennies and without even a family. Its not fair to behave like i did or think that way and it came from jealously and calousness. I deleted it like 2 days letter but i felt bad about it and is one of those things that haunt me, i would really die if somehow he knew it was me. He also knows all the popular artists there are so thats an end to my fucking career before even starting.


Thats super fitting for that character actually. He is like a self insert for perverts who like fan service, its like the worst anime character ever created.

No. 458434

I've only had sex once, I'm 24, and it fucking sucked. I'm also generally repulsed by a lot of physical intimacy…even kissing. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or what but I wish I could be in a normal and healthy relationship where the thought of having to have sex and kiss them just for the heck of it didn't give me anxiety and make me squick. Not sure what's wrong with me.

No. 458439

i'm in the same area as a girl that gets posted on here and i intend to do the same cosplays as her, same content as her, and hopefully replace her. i know a few of her close friends and i know how shitty of a person she is (though i've never exposed any of it here to protect the people i know). it's sad all her fans have is her and i think they could benefit from having someone who's a better person around who's doing the same thing. i generally enjoy doing it, and what she does- she's just shitty. she has done so much to hurt people around her in such disgusting, abusive ways, and no one knows about it.

i feel like eventually someone will think im skinwalking. maybe that's what it is. i like to think i have good intentions, though.

i'm also in the same category as her in terms of competition (i was above for a while, but she moved up a rank recently), but we've never competed at the same con against each other yet. i can't wait for the day i place higher than her.

No. 458450

you think the least bnha's creators would do would make mineta not ugly and unrealistically short to at least try and convince the self inserters that they aren't uggos themselves, like most harem mc's aren't ugly as sin and short like mineta is so I failed to see why bnhas creator felt the need to make mineta look the way he did

No. 458451

I used to get naked on webcam for a guy I met on Habbo hotel when I was 11.

No. 458458

I read incel forums regularly because I think they’re funny. It’s amazing how they can think girls live on ‘tutorial mode’ and hate us, but would kill to be with any of us. I guess that’s why I’m not phased by the woman hate. Don’t get me wrong, they all have a disgusting mindset and are their own downfall, but I can’t help but find how they discuss copes and max’ing and the other shit they waffle on about humourous. I know I should probably stop but oh well

No. 458463

You're not alone sis >>303056 hope you're ok and know kids never deserve that shit

No. 458466

As did I for several gross dudes I met on Omegle. I endangered myself so much. One of them (a fucking cop) was so open with his identity and so sloppy and talked to me through Kik from when I was 14 to when I was 17. I wish I had kept receipts. He flew across the country to fuck me when I was 17 and did it in a hotel right by my house. He got caught with my pics and cops came and exposed me to my family but nothing came of it because the cops scared the shit out of me and I panicked and only confessed to the photos they found. He got to retire and now has a new job. he’s in his early 50s now and I hope he dies soon.

No. 458474

The ‘tutorial mode’ bs showcases their total lack of empathy and theory of mind. I’m happy you’re unphased by it, I admire that kind of toughness. The whole shit about ‘mewing’ bothers me, you can clench your mouth in ways to tuck up your neck fat but none of that is permanent, it’s like those various strips/masks they sell to women that promises to change their nose shape.

No. 458477

I’ve been checking the Onision thread like 15-20x a day

No. 458527

I legitimately want Lillee Jean to get famous to some extent. I think there's something charming underneath all of her crazy and I can't even begin to imagine what she would be like with money and a real following, just the narc-y wildness but amplified. I think its cuz cows are normally annoying assholes but LJ doesn't piss me off like the others.

No. 458571

I feel bad for her because it's clear all the crazy comes from her weirdo narc mom. Also she comes off as slightly endearing in a weird socially oblivious horse girl way.

No. 458576

My sex life has improved a lot since I began reading smut on my way home. By the time I arrive I am already aroused and ready to fuck my boyfriend.

No. 458629

i'm donating to a guy in patreon who makes moaning audios. i found him through his asmr videos and i got addicted to his voice. i can't get off to anything else now and i'm glad for donating to him but i used to talk a lot of shit about people who pay for sex or neckbeards who pay for belle delphine and the alikes on patreon. i'm disappointed with myself.

No. 458633

This has me curious, I've always enjoyed the sound of porn way more than the sight of it, but then the acting is so bad it doesn't sound right or guys are practically silent the whole way through

How do I find this guy?

No. 458637

he is irish and has around 2500 patrons.

No. 458647

I actually like the way pnp does her eyebrows and eyeliner

No. 458836

>>458450 odd anecdote but horikoshi (the mangaka) confirmed on twitter that mineta is a self insert of himself
don't know if that makes the design better or worse, it just made me feel icky about the dude since

No. 458968

File: 1567819549635.jpg (107.13 KB, 720x261, original.jpg)

I am so terrified I will never ever feel as alive as when I was in an abusive relationship.
He completely destroyed me, but I still miss him from time to time and I've never loved anyone as much as I loved him.
I am in a happy and normal relationship and I know that it's wonderful to me. Why the fuck do I crave the highs and lows and feeling like an obsessed person with bpd. I am so disgusted with myself.

I feel like I will never stop loving him, cause every few years I get flooded with flashbacks and feelings

No. 459077

>Why the fuck do I crave the highs and lows
The heady cocktail of brain chemicals released in stressful situations act the same as any drug, over time a pattern of addiction is carved out in your brain because there is comfort in what we're used to. You can break these patterns over time but it's helpful to consider this chemical aspect as a valid obstacle. Consider looking into cbt, either counseling or alone.

It's also possible that you have a separate issue with your current partner, maybe whilst he's safe and nice for you there might just be something else missing and so you're romanticising the past and the devil you already know instead of risking going out into the world and facing a new partner. Or maybe he's perfect and it's really just that you aren't comfortable allowing yourself to feel happy. Try talking through it with him if you can, a good partner is someone we can open up to. Good luck anon, it's nice to see a ASofterWorld comic here.

No. 459111

I had a sex dream about Onision last night. I feel criminal.

No. 459288

It's hard to be offended by incel shit since they vehemently admit they wish they had our lives and affections with the grr roasties are inferior shit being auxillary unlike redpill/mra/mgtow shit that revolves around that. It's like a hobo telling you he hates you beacuse you're richer than him and he wishes you'd give him some money oh and homeowners are fat. It's just sad.

No. 459381

File: 1567894845929.jpg (10.03 KB, 262x275, 1537396204343.jpg)

Dude must hate himself to insert himself like that, Mineta is probably the most universally disliked anime character ever created, not even scrotes like Mineta. And its odd coming from a series with a big cast of generally well liked characters.

>It's like a hobo telling you he hates you beacuse you're richer than him and he wishes you'd give him some money oh and homeowners are fat. It's just sad.

So the incels are the communists of sex and romance, its a good way of putting it actually.

No. 459388

I feel better about myself knowing that I could be severely depressed and on my ass not studying and still do on-par or better in muh manly STEM classes compared to them. No special treatment like they believe we get, just better than them. It's a specific bragging thing but I love knowing that these stupid men are below me, but that they obsess about how stupid women are, no better way to make them really triggered than to be better than them. I still get really angry about some misogynistic shit, but when I think of it this way, I can just be a total bitch and laugh at them. It's a good coping strategy.
They'll come up with reasons or excuses or deny it, but they know in their hearts that women like me are smarter than them, and not only that, I'm pretty too, so I've got both. There are so many other women like me too, some even better than I am. We're better than you and you can either shape up or shut up.
Get fucked, keep obsessing.

No. 459410

File: 1567902849301.jpg (24.18 KB, 480x528, MBsmQHs.jpg)

My family has stopped talking to me I assume, because they feel bad about not visiting my (young) father who now has to live in a nursing home.

No. 459422

I used to get offended when I read all the stuff they write, but over time I see that they just keep pulling ridiculous shit out of their asses and sperging and circlejerking over the same exact topics day in and day out. I feel bad for anyone who's been invested in that "subculture" for like 3+ months, must be boring as shit. In fact I've come to view all these types of internet "pill" communities as being really juvenile.

No. 459426

Turns out I’m really argumentative. My defence to this was to argue with the person as to how I’m NOT argumentative; guess I can see where they’re coming from.

No. 459439

well I'm stress smoking again and I bought a pack of menthols after saying I wouldn't buy anymore cigs, fuck me sideways

No. 459455

i've been wanting to hook up with my coworker soooooo bad for the past couple of months and now that the semester has started again and we have 0 shifts together (campus job), i'm considering it even harder because if shit hit the fan and got weird, it wouldn't be awkward at work until at least next semester. i haven't had sex or even kissed anyone since my breakup in fucking march, i'm dying for some physical attention and i'm excessively busy this semester so it would be 100% impossible to date (even though i've been wanting to date again but i'm so fucking shy and useless at pursuing people i'm interested in + not making myself seem walled off to people). i just want to have a little fun while i'm young and single. being weird-looking and having a weird personality is the worst, man. and i know nobody can please me like i can please myself and i'm better off getting myself off and watching a movie whenever i want attention but i like the whole shtick of flirting and strategizing and carefully manicuring my words and my appearance.

No. 459458

I want the internet to pull the rug from under influencers and see youtube and other money-making platforms get demonetized.
I just want to see their worlds burn.

No. 459466

masturbated and i feel ok again. we've been talking lately so i'm gonna ask him out for (purely platonic) lunch soon because i wanna get to know him better and also am constantly lonely and like having friends to hang out with

No. 459539

same honestly
i'm wondering what would happen to the userbase if making youtube money wasnt an option anymore
also the drama would be fun

No. 459702

I like making a huge mess of my room during the week because on sundays i enjoy the extreme cleaning, it’s weirdly therapeutic and I enjoy seeing the difference.

No. 459767


It’ll happen eventually, there’s no way you can sustain the influencer industry infinitely as normal people are more cognizant of the fact that they’re shills.

But I also want to see that dumpster fire of drama as very few of them have any backup plans and seem to assume that they can run the money train into the ground. Top kek.

No. 459973

I'm a weeb.

No. 460003

i'm going to start doing that now, ty anon

No. 460080

I'm low key jealous of adult children who have dead parents. Not over the parents who were genuinely good to their children, that's just tragic, but the shitty parents who never did any real good for their offspring.
They must be sad because the death of a shitty parent means no more hope for their redemption, but at the same time, how liberating that must feel to be rid of them.

It would be so much easier to say my asshole parents are dead. Instead, if I dare be truthful of the situation it's always a gamble as to whether the person I explained it to will understand my reasons for why I don't have contact with them. Or they do that annoying thing where they insist I have to keep a relationship with my horrible family because of dna and magnets and shit.

People who come from functional homes with healthy parental relationships almost never understand the flawed family. They don't know someone like me will never get closure, because my parents have never grown or have been genuinely sorry. Healthy people think anger comes from things like an argument or a disappointment, because they cannot fathom a lifetime of repeated toxic behaviors that never amend themselves despite numerous forgivenesses and appeasements from child towards the parent.
They'll struggle to understand the irreparable harm a bad parent does, even if the neglect isn't necessarily physical, and how that can fuck up someone's self-worth and future relationships for life.

I won't take delight, but it'll free my conscience to know that once dead my parents will never be able to harm another human in any capacity ever again.

No. 460104

For some reason porn/masturbation really kickstarts my sex drive. I've stopped because I've gotten into a relationship and it feels wrong to me, but there's no denying my sex drive has gone way down. I love doing stuff with my bf but I don't feel I get aroused enough during it. It's already been a couple months since I quit and I still struggle to get turned on enough to orgasm. It takes me a while to get there and it's a huge mental ordeal for me instead of being effortless and easy.

I have no idea if this is because I'm addicted to porn (been masturbating to it almost every day since 10) and I'm settling into my normal sex drive, or if I naturally don't have a high sex drive and it gets me more turned on than I would normally.

No. 460107

File: 1568077281819.jpg (108.87 KB, 1280x720, 702f75b.jpg)

i'm in anorexia program but they leave the kitchen food unlocked and i've been taking bananas and jars of nutella/peanut butter and eat by spoon. i feel ravenous and can't stop thinking about taking food. they caught me downing a box of ensures and said they can't treat me if i'm sneaking off to eat.

No. 460108

Wait, you’re getting told off for eating? In an anorexia program?? Am I retarded or something for not understanding why. Isn’t the end goal to get anorexics to eat?

No. 460112

I'm assuming it's because of the sneaky part. While they do want her to eat, they probably don't want her to get into the habit of sneaking around at night to do secret binges. It also fucks with their inventory and any notes that a nurse may have on anon's daily intake, which is essential for tracking her progress through the program.

Not that I can blame >>460107. I'm definitely a ravenous night snacker too, though it's not a great habit to pick up when the goal is to unlearn disordered behaviors.

No. 460135

File: 1568083723788.jpg (22.78 KB, 563x388, 828ae7399c77d.jpg)

I love watching this acquaintance of mine sperg out on social media.The other day they were bragging about how unproblematic~ their main fandom was and now that it's hit peak popularity it's all going down hill.
Watching her meltdown over some shitty show is both hilarious and sad.

No. 460144

>I'm addicted to porn (been masturbating to it almost every day since 10
You answered your own question, I think. There's no way doing that didn't totally effect your interaction with sex, if it's not addiction, it's some type of dependency that's probably made it so you just don't get off very well with someone else. If you're lucky and you get over it somehow, maybe the sex drive will recover, or maybe it really is just at this level.

No. 460151

I feel like an asshole for temporarily sharing custody of my bunny with my bf who lives 2.5 hours away. It took time to set everything up for her in my place (getting documents, paying fees, ect), so for the last 3 weeks she has stayed with my bf. If I had brought her in here without registering her properly, I could have gotten a 1k fee.

At least she's used to him and loves him. I know he's good to her but I want to care for her how I know she prefers. I feel so bad being away.. I feel I've let her down/abandoned her.

We have decided to make a tooth trimming appointment with a good vet in his area, which means she is staying with him though a surgery. I know she'll be okay, I trust my bf and all, but what if she's scared and misses me?

I feel like I could cause psychological damage to that bun by being gone for nearly a month. I feel like a failure and I miss her.

Please don't tell me I'm stupid for caring about her. She's just like a cat or dog.

No. 460154

>tooth trimming
Kinda weird, my rabbit keeps her teeth trim with toys and such. But you're not weird for caring so much about your rabbit, a single rabbit (with no bun friend) can get very attached to its owner. I think they'll forgive you once you've had them back for a while. Surely they'll have a small elongated tantrum after being moved a couple of times but give the bun time, patience, plenty of things to chew, and plenty of room to poop and they'll be alright. You're already infinitely better than anyone who straight up abandons a pet in a move.

No. 460155

IDK if this is bait but this guy dusty af

No. 460160

I cba to read the Onion thread even though the drama does sound juicy. Seems like the tl;drs are leaving out a lot.

No. 460169


I could never abandon her.. unless it was for her best interest and I've gone nuts or something. T
Anyway thanks for kind of allieviating some guilt.

On the topic of her teeth, she's always eaten tons of timothy hay, which I previously read as being suffienr to wear her teeth. Apparently it isn't.

Issue is, she just isn't a chewer. I've given her a variety of chew toys and apple tree sticks but none of that interests her. She likes food and exploration. I didn't realize something was wrong until the vet noticed her back molars weren't wearing well enough and he told us it'll become a problem if not trimmed. After realizing her need to chew stuff besides hay, I've been looking into creative ways to get her to chew. My bf is thinking of drilling into tiny squares of wood and putting a tiny bit of food inside to get her to chew. She's really food motivated so that's my best idea. I also switched her from 2nd cut timothy to 1st. She didn't like it as much, but she ate it and I think it has more fiber.

No. 460375

File: 1568148484271.jpg (23.68 KB, 563x540, 68d564748d034b845fed0b11f43fdb…)

The cancel culture thread reminded me of that one time when some tumblrite SJW disaster was trying to start a lynch mob against me (and some other people) for the usual trivial bullshit. So I posted her to a 4chan board I frequented and she ended up deleting all her accounts after being attacked by a flood of anons making fun of her ass.

I don't feel bad about it at all. Fuck cancel culture, let them have a bit of their own medicine.

No. 460410

i cant say this around anyone i agree with politically and tbh i completely understand how it is offensive and how in general people really need to be more aware of the intellectually disabled, a lot of people do have veritable learning disabilities other than actual retardation, yes, it's very common, and 'retard' is used against them frequently, but there is a certain almost irreplaceable magic to the word 'retarded/retard' that is so useful and offensive without being way too offensive, and i just want it to be socially acceptable to be able to use it again. it's much better than 'faggot' or 'fag' ever was, imo.

No. 460434

It's not socially acceptable anymore?

No. 460441

Retard was never acceptable to me but I really miss calling people insane, or demented, or mad or any of those other words that you should be able to use when someone does something totally outside the sphere of logical thinking.
What else are we supposed to say?! My neurotypical ableist scum-self is literally lost for words.

No. 460450

I'm really attracted to feminine men, but they don't seem to exist outside of fiction. Overly flamboyant gay men disgust me, and I feel like they are putting on an over the top act. And straight men are so insecure they are afraid of doing so many things, because they worry it will make them look gay. I just want a mild mannered sensitive guy, who knows how to dress, and groom himself.

No. 460451

try to find a non-traditional Asian guy who was born in their home country. it worked for me.

No. 460453

hippy/stoner guys sometimes can be ok with being feminine especially from scandanavian countries

No. 460456

based anon

No. 460461

shit anon, me too. but i guess at this point id settle for a man who has basic hygiene down.

No. 460464

I formerly identified as a 'FTM'. I recognize I can never truly be a man now but I still find myself daydreaming about what it would be like to be reborn as a man. I want to be content in my own body but it's seriously hard. Forever fighting to repress stupid troon thoughts…

No. 460535

File: 1568182563329.png (375.86 KB, 668x625, 1565634451394.png)

I find this version of Link very cute for some reason

No. 460572

Men are disgusting. Why you want to be one? You have a beautiful, superior woman's body.

No. 460872

Thank you for posting this , I have similar feels and yes I am short

No. 460885

File: 1568221180460.gif (23.82 KB, 400x400, ab1.gif)

After group therapy, hearing stories of the terrible people in other's lives, I no longer feel guilt cutting out others immediately from mine. I'd rather focus on my studies… maybe tend to some plants, read a book, play my violin. I don't feel the need to get good at them anymore, or feeling guilt for being "unproductive" because of it. My requirements are to have a roof over my head, food on the table, and health coverage. All else is secondary.

I'm finally admitting to myself I like being alone, and a traditional life is unappealing to me. It seems like unnecessary stress. Why would I trade peace and quiet, for a narcissistic husband who compares me to e-thots, screaming and pooping children (as much as I love them) who wake me up in the middle of the night, getting a degree while taking care of the household and working longer hours to pay for the bigger place that roofs said family, cleaning for at least 2 additional people, and then some? More bills to keep up with, educating the children (from ABC all the way to calculus for 18 years), feeding them (making time to cook on top of working and cleaning, trying new recipes they may not like and hear screaming, figure out the nutrition for their age so they grow healthy and are sick less often), staying up to date with their insurance/dental/vaccinations…, etc. Honestly, fuck the men who tried to guilt me into this and saying it's not that much work. A mother's labor often goes unappreciated or even demonized. Thank you to all the women before me who fought for my right to pull away from the monotony. I will be enjoying my new freedom. Let the scrotes REEEEEEE.

No. 460901

I identified as FTM a few years ago, spent nearly a year on T and just as I started to get 'he'd' by strangers and directed to male changing rooms etc.. I realised it wasn't right. I think a good deal of FTMs are women desperate to avoid men sexualising us and putting us down

Years later I just do what I want, I'm 30 and don't tell people about the trans-years cos I realised I can have short hair, hairy legs, mens clothing and all the things I had before without a whole transformation and nobody cares. I see alot of women in their 20s struggling with the same and it's that 'men are treating me like shit and people are constantly judging my appearance' thing that fuels it

No. 460923

File: 1568225031619.jpg (286.92 KB, 1082x695, 1512364757535.jpg)

Very well said, anon. I agree and wish you the best of luck. May we enjoy peace and quiet for the rest of our lives.

No. 460929

God anon, I felt that post. Good for you for reaching that blissful stage. I'm myself getting there, I just need to get rid of the unproductiveness guilt.

For my confession: I think it's very important to be aware of what's going on in the world and be involved in your country's politics. However, I've recently deleted all of my accesses to news (reddit, TV, news sites feeds, etc.) and am actively avoiding hearing about it. That is because I reached peak anxiety with the combo of HK protests and the Amazonian fires. I just can't bear to see the world tear itself apart because of greed and pride, and therefore have become what I've always despised: an uninformed idiot. If that's the price of my peace of mind, so be it.

No. 460931

File: 1568227094715.gif (3.35 MB, 642x414, 1562629075_1561820312442.gif)

Thank you frens.

If it makes you feel better second anon, I've stopped using news outlets since 2013 and only get news from imageboards and memes now, if I happen to come across them. My mental health has been better for it. You're not missing out; that's what news outlets are banking on… rage and FOMO. Most "news" is bait and/or extremely biased. Anything important, you're bound to come across through in some other form because it will eventually spread. There's lots of news you've never been informed of that you probably should, but will never know because mainstream news outlets filtered it out from their reports and it is lost to history.

No. 460947

File: 1568232820842.jpg (51.75 KB, 874x360, chig.jpg)

I voted for Trump and would again tbh. I still tell people i work with that i vote Liberal because i know they'll start sperging and acting deranged about it.

No. 460952

Absolutely agreed. I can't wait for my quiet life of doing whatever I want, whenever I want. I've got every intention of retiring early to maximize that.

No. 460954

but why? he acts clinically retarded, and otherwise hasn't accomplished anything.

No. 460956

He's really funny though.

No. 460957

honestly, fair. USA is already a dumpster fire, so i actually have no problems with this.

No. 460960

Tbh there's people out there who figure the current political system can't touch their personal lives for whatever reason, and so they choose to vote for a figure who hurts their most disliked out group the most as a form of entertainment and tribal validation.
For some people life is truly a game.

No. 460964

yeah, pretty much, for me at least.

No. 460966

At this point, it doesn't matter who you vote for because all of our nation's efforts are in the name of the 6 pointed star, regardless of the face that represents it for 4-8 years.

No. 460973

>he acts clinically retarded

Trump may present himself like a crazy old coot but democrats are the ones who have become clinically retarded and i would not want one getting into office in their current state. I would probably have supported Hillary on a different context but her party became a trojan horse so i preferred not to have her in office if it meant not having her cabinet of nutjobs as well.

Smugness and condescending like >>460960 really won't get help your cause you know. Its particularly ironic to talk about tribalism when the identity politics and intersectionality narrative the left has been pushing is exactly that, petty tribalism. Maybe understand how you are fucking up instead of doubling down on everything that drove people away and screaming about muh Bernie, muh Ilhan Omar, Muh AOC because you are only dividing your own faction more and if these are the bright "new" faces of the Democratic Party you are in for more of the same outcomes in the next few years.

No. 460975

dude chill, i just said he acts clinically retarded and wanted to know anon's reason. not sure if you think i'm a different anon or what though, i'm not.

No. 460980

>smug and condescending
>even though my statement didn't even mention where I stand in politics
>assume I stan democrats

I want the politician that's going to toss my ridiculous student debt and make it possible for me to see a doctor. Just like the rich want a politician that's going to enable their tax evasions and keeping minimum wage workers under their thumbs.
Everyone stans their interests, not necessarily the political party behind them.

Voting for a politician just to piss people off is awful smug in itself so I don't really know where you get off.

No. 460983

I'm happy the GC thread is gone. Not because I like troons, I used that thread often, but because all the radfem trash are currently outting themselves as paint eating mouth breathers on /meta/.

No. 460987

agreed i'm just surprised the mods did it considering how much backlash they're getting but it's overdue

No. 460993

It's the exact same thing that happened with the pro-anachans and the incels it really just needed to be done. People will get over it and leave eventually.

No. 461010

inb4 they come for the Kpop threads next

No. 461026

Big news through memes sounds manageable, I can't 100% avoid it anyway. It's been only two weeks since the change but I feel much less despair, negativity and stress already. I've also gained time that I'm using to read books I like instead of books I think I should read.

(I would like to add that I love you and I love your gifs, anon. Cheers to a simple, peaceful life. I just wish there were more people like you and >>460923 and >>460952 around me irl.)

No. 461038

>my ridiculous student debt and make it possible for me to see a doctor.

If you had chosen a different career path other than going for that gender studies phd maybe you could get employable and you could pay for your own insurance. That is really not the tax payer's fault.

I lived in two other countries in my youth, if you think America is a dumpster fire, oh boy, if you only know how much of a circus the social security system of other countries can be.. America already has too much wellfare and regulations distorting costs in health and education but some people insist on adding more deficit and more fuel to the fire because "me, me, me, it should be free for me"

No. 461044

> If you had chosen a different career path other than going for that gender studies phd

Do we have an influx of 50yo boomers posting here now or what? Where did that anon say she did gender studies? She only implied that it's natural to vote for politicians that will act in your interest. Maybe get new glasses for reading comprehension, gramps.

Also, don't get me started on how many free handouts the big corps get in the USA on the expense of taxpayer's money but that's okay, right.

No. 461047

>If you had chosen a different career path
People who chose the "right" career paths also don't deserve the financial rape that is student debt. It should be shameful to fund rich college administrators who build sport stadiums that make them richer while actual workhorse roles that make the money like professors and adjuncts go underpaid.
Also I've never met a person in the United States, rich or otherwise, who thought insurance premiums were well-adjusted and got adequate care for their buck.

This isn't about poor people or how you don't think humanities matter, this is common sense and not shooting yourself in the foot to spite some people you don't like.

No. 461060

>to spite some people you don't like.
>OMG trump is killing trooons, concentration caaaaamps.
>"You should shoot yourself in the foot by voting for MY party to piss off people that I don't like"

this is cyclical logic anon. Just deal with the fact that many people have their own opinions and ways of looking at issues, its not about "owning the libtards epic style"

>it's natural to vote for politicians that will act in your interest.

Exactly, and i don't agree Democrats are doing that, i don't agree with their current policies, so i didn't vote for them.

Don't plan to derail further, the fact that people get so outraged is why i don't even say anything irl.

No. 461070

I'm noticing your posting style of arguing shit that no one else ever said or quoted.
>lefty democrats, Bernie, Omar, AOC
>gender studies phd
>social security in other unnamed countries is super bad tho
>concentration camps

Trump is still the most retarded choice.
I'd never sperg out at a Trump voter irl, but I will note that my friends who voted Trump come from very isolated lifestyles and never had secondary education.

No. 461151

While I'm in my bed trying to sleep I can hear my upstairs neighbor pee at the same hour every night.

No. 461157

File: 1568254416104.jpg (43.5 KB, 586x577, 103466b427b6de7b2c49ceee5d5e01…)

please be a scrot. this is so embarrassing. the way you think is so reminiscent of their yeasty-balled politically illiterate bratty nihilism, i cant deal. allegedly you lived in 2 other countries that were worse off, but you agree life "is a game for you". just don't vote if you're this much of a nihilistic retard

No. 461158

>but you agree life "is a game for you"

when? you are quoting someone else on this bs.

>politically illiterate bratty nihilism

Funny, that's exactly how i would describe the left.

No. 461167

Angry scrote alert

No. 461171

almost got yelled at for smoking in the street by busybody neighbors, should've just driven out to a gas station, but nah I'm retarded

literally can't even ash on the street without karen from a few houses down the block yelling at me? fuck off karen

No. 461184

Remember the Trump voter anon who claimed that the USA had "mass shootings against Trump supporters", lmao?

No. 461188

File: 1568264269486.png (151.21 KB, 892x590, B1E591BD-3ED1-4796-8942-913BB3…)

No. 461192

File: 1568264678890.png (246.84 KB, 500x483, jSpd1oA.png)

>when? you are quoting someone else on this bs
oh ok sure it's another dumbass then

>Funny, that's exactly how i would describe the left.

you voted for a man that believes climate change is a chinese hoax and has no idea how tariffs work, but the left is politically illiterate? you really expect me to believe this? you're defending a party that's trying to not only prevent any action on climate change, but is trying to accelerate climate change. you believe there are too many regulations. you know why we write regulations into law? to protect people. the right tries to completely remove consumer protections, labor protections, environmental protections, constantly, but you think because kids on tumblr are annoying… the right is preferable? hillary clinton was a crap candidate but the majority of ire against her stemmed from a 20+ year long campaign against her after she tried to push for universal healthcare. she was the perfect bland and pushy harpy that men could hate. she was just another hawkish neolib, but at least the left is pliable if they're pressured enough, where the right isn't. democratic foreign policy can be changed with enough outrage, while no policy, in any realm, can be affected by outrage when the right is in power. we have a social safety net to also protect people. there's nothing nihilistic about protecting people. you are the spoiled nihilist, maga-chan. you just don't give a shit and think it's funny to vote a 'memelord' television personality into office, and it's especially pathetic that you don't even have the cojones to face the consequences irl for being an embarrassment and instead choose to lie to everyone. at least own your shit, you coward. and you're wrong about the justice democrats, they're rapidly shifting the overton window so we'd at least be on par with less retarded nations that offer basic protections to their citizens.

people on this board don't even believe in gender studies bullshit and we criticize the left from the left plenty. 20 something twitter anarchists or mlists are morons, no one in the real world is listening to them. do your homework before trying to integrate.

literally so embarrassing, and like, do they really think no one is going to call them out or recognize that they're lying and/or wrong?

No. 461338

What this anon >>460901 said, basically. I also work in the IT field. My coworkers are all men who frequently make sexist remarks at my expense that I have to ignore for the sake of peace. My boss looks at me as a child and doesn't listen to a single word I say. I just feel like I never fit in anywhere because men always find the need to draw attention to my tits and reproductive capabilities. I know it's not a huge problem, I have food to eat and water to drink and a home, so I try not to focus on it but I'd like to have just one day where my boss doesn't tell me that I need to get knocked up and find a husband because I'm wasting my youth by not birthing a man's child.

No. 461342

Isn't smoking illegal at petrol stations, because of the risk of fire? Seems like the opposite place to go smoke
I hate being around smoke top but as long as you're not dropping your butts then I don't get how someone felt they could chase you off a street for it

No. 461349

it kind of sounded like anon isn't supposed to smoke in her neighborhood or something and got mad she was called out.

No. 461408

Fuck anon, I'm finishing my IT degree soon and I'm scared this is going to be my work life. I'm hesitating between not caring if nobody takes me seriously and being a cold bitch to force respect. I'm naturally bubbly so I guess the choice has already been made for me.

Small confession so my post isn't 100% useless: I lied to a long time friend so I didn't have to travel across the border to meet them because I'm tired of always being the one covering the distance and they're so fucking negative it drains me.

No. 461469

File: 1568303975636.jpg (79.14 KB, 800x600, h78lgo1_1280.jpg)

I daydream a lot about making my friends and family really cute food.

No. 461471

File: 1568304136788.gif (242.01 KB, 500x375, 933.gif)

I act like I'm above the high that social media can give but I'm just as bad. After I post something I usually keep it pulled up and watch the likes and comments steadily roll in. I think it's alright for the most part; I have other redeeming qualities that can age with me. But as long as I'm young and kind of pretty now, I want to enjoy myself how I can.

No. 461592

Honestly, this is me. I love getting likes on my instagram and people complimenting my outfits but I feel embarrassed for being so vain

No. 461596

it's a lot easier to make than you think, anon! i can already figure out how to make your deco rollcake pic just by looking.

No. 461695

File: 1568337728424.jpg (52.93 KB, 500x418, 156808714826.jpg)

I pretend i am more permissive than i really am when getting to know people, specially potential romantic partners just to test them and see if they fuck up, if they do i cancel them and swiftly remove them from my life before getting more attached. Good people don't take advantage of others just because they seem more vulnerable or open to it.

If you pretend you are a "cool girl" early on they'll also be more open to tell you about their creepy fetishes, their red flags, problematic behaviour and views because they think they finally found someone they can be truthful instead of just lying about them, then i can banhammer them with zero regrets.

No. 461708

I like to find random things in my room and shove them up my butthole or vagina, not even for sexual pleasure just to see if I can do it, I clean it off though
srry to anyone who's ever used my pens and taper candles

No. 461788

Good on you for not settling for trash but do you think you might be training these guys to just lie to future girls? I'm not saying it's your responsibility to train men to be decent people at your own expense, I'm just curious.

No. 461828

File: 1568376973203.png (2.31 MB, 1792x828, 45CD8966-15C7-4451-B359-BE37EC…)

I had a huge crush on Laineybot when I was 15 and definitely snapchatted her a few nudes… she opened them but didn’t reply. I can’t help but still have a crush on her from this era, why’d she have to be a pedo?

No. 461829

I see why, tbh. Even as a fakeboi I still think she's cute as hell.

No. 461875

File: 1568387220092.jpeg (76.69 KB, 828x502, 6D002FBF-0C7E-4354-A525-F80850…)

I genuinely actively tried to hit on Social Repose a little after the Jaclyn drama because we lived in the same state at the time and I was semi thirsty/obsessed with his music/thought he might pick me because I was young and kinda alt. He curved me a little but replied to me for a while (nothing special) I sent him nudes on IG, he read and didn’t respond and I unfollowed him after that. Sad.

No. 461876

File: 1568387264014.jpeg (295.59 KB, 828x1509, 622A3A64-CC98-48D7-A32B-6FC1D1…)

Pic related… I sent him some mushy messages for a while and he replied pretty generally, curving pretty hard. Those pics were nudes. Yikes.

No. 461883

Send him some pics of you crying. That'll turn him on.

No. 461885

what the fuck is wrong with you

No. 461890

>ignoring a polite swerve, then sending nonsexual words of praise for their "art" immediately followed by nudes nobody asked for
Did you learn how to flirt from tindr fuckbois?

No. 461898

He looks asexual and cold blooded af. Why waste your time with these type of men

No. 461899

I laugh, but OP has no sense of boundaries. Sending unsolicited nudes and ignoring signs of rejection is highkey desperate.

No. 461901

I do this so guys will tell me their sexual pasts without holding back, the amount that have fucked a guy one time or hooked up with a crossdresser for a while.. and they're always like "you're the only person I've ever told"

And then I dip lol

No. 461904

What the fuck anon

No. 461917


I don't necessarily tell anyone the specific reason things "just didn't work out". And they would have lied anyway if they knew my standards right off the bat, nobody has to teach them that, people lie about their creepy unsavory seecrits by default unless they feel some sort of validation or leeway to let loose.

No. 461935

File: 1568398423473.jpg (69.42 KB, 800x800, 1567254369021.jpg)

>farmers thirsting and chasing after sociopathic fame hungry cows who will never give them the time of day

No. 461941

I kinda wish i knew an abed irl. i'd date one i think

No. 461945

i came to work really high on benzos and weed and now i want a good nap. 4 more hours to go

No. 461951

i once masturbated with a taper candle when i was like 12. 2/10, good leverage but felt like nothing, do not recommend

No. 461967

>mfw I also had similar experiences to these posts
I was also easily pissed off and would do stuff with my stuffed animals.

Looking back on it now as an adult, my behavior was kinda strange. I’m wondering if maybe something bad did happen to me as a child and I just repressed it oof.

No. 461970

I accidentally killed a lizard trying to get it out of my mom's chair. Still haunts me to this day. Accidentally hurt a dragonfly too, to the point it couldn't fly; I love them so much I actually cried when I did that. whyyyyyy

No. 461974

I am too old to be questioning my sexuality but here I am. I'm sure it's my mind wandering because I'm bored. My boyfriend is good in bed but very vanilla. I find my mind going to women more when I masturbate, mainly in 'one shot' situations that focus more on the realization that we're attracted to each other rather than sex.

I'm the basic Catholic-raised bitch who let herself go and stopped thinking about 'love' after settling into a long term relationship. Maybe I just want to feel attractive to someone again.

No. 461980

No. 461981

I'm catholic raised. 30 years old, been getting off to all-female porn daily since I was 16 but dated men my whole life (was even married for a few years) with lots of dry patches in our sex life

Everybody knows I'm gay but I'm still hiding it for some unknown reason

No. 462001

I unironically enjoy anal sex and can cum from that alone. I feel weird about it because I hear so many women around me complain about males obsession with it, and how painful and uncomfortable it is for them.

I remember really enjoying suppositories and having my temperature taken as a child, I guess I always had a sensitive butt

No. 462010

File: 1568409863437.png (539.07 KB, 630x435, 1547435047736.png)

No. 462011

all girls who claim to love anal say that until they actually get it

No. 462012

I like a guy who has known that I've liked him for 3 years, but has never reciprocated. He occasionally hits me up when he's horny, and I oblige only to feel gross and used after. I don't know how to stop.

No. 462020

had a similar experience, block him

No. 462027

Unironically this. >>462020 If it'll give you peace, send him a final message asking him what he thinks of you and if he plans to ever be serious with you. If he doesn't reciprocate, block him. No shame, that's just life.

No. 462039

I would advise against confronting him like this. It's been 3 years of him using her as a booty call. He's made it very clear what he thinks of her and what his plans are. He looks down on her. Asking him if he's going to become serious is asking to be humiliated further. Just ghost him.

No. 462051

If you know Social Repose, my dumb ass really thought he’d love it. This was right after he got exposed for cheating on Jaclyn/soliciting fans. Finding out you’re too ugly to get solicited was a bit of a slap in the face. Kek, I can’t believe it was so recently. I was almost 20.

No. 462059

Everyone's different anon, although most women I know, from my experience, find it uncomfortable, you just might be one of the lucky ones. I personally don't feel anything at all down there. Not pleasant or painful, like picking your nose, lmao.

Seconding >>462039, >>462012. I was just a booty call for a guy who told me he would consider getting serious with me after I put out… I refused and he ghosted. Don't ask him, 99.9% of men approach when they want a relationship with you. I'm sorry. You'll find someone else, if that's what you want.

Yikes. If you were 14, I could kind of understand the autism. We're not bright when we feel our first hormones, but jesus fuck anon. I can't believe you can vote.

No. 462108

If it helps your confidence in your nudes, I feel like ecelebrities that are in the middle of drama with more than one brain cell wouldn't engage with someone that sends them nudes immediately. That's exactly the kind of person you expect to either be baiting or catfishing you, or might spill everything for some attention online.

No. 462132

a lot of 19 year olds are still clinically retarded, it's normal for them to do all kinds of dumbass shit, but people pretend like it isn't because "you're an adult!!!". just don't do it again… don't send men nudes unsolicited, period. there's literally no reason to. they'll resent you for doing so anyways, even if they respond positively.

No. 462281

> I try not to focus on it but I'd like to have just one day where my boss doesn't tell me that I need to get knocked up and find a husband because I'm wasting my youth by not birthing a man's child.

Very unusual comments from a boss. Tell him to pay you way more than the men there then you'll think about it.

No. 462287

this. people under 25 are still dumbasses. that frontal lobe and all.

No. 462292

I'm a lesbian and I always only fall for bisexual girls. It seems impossible for me to find a pretty, cute but badass lesbian who also has interests similar to mine. All the lesbians I ever dated don't care about their looks and are just too manly in their behaviors.
I know not all lesbians are like that (Im not) but I just cant find girls like that irl.
Also, me liking bi girls wouldn't be too bad if it wasn't for the fact that they never like me back.

No. 462296

File: 1568484630260.jpeg (51.96 KB, 593x519, C59ECAD4-FA70-4486-91DD-A5E4A0…)

Social Repose anon here… I deserve the shaming… sad to report I’ve been listening to his music today and have concluded I shamefully would probably still fuck. He has the voice of an angel and I like his blonde and silver hair.

No. 462301

I secretly wish my friend died because my life would be so much easier without him and his complaints about every little thing. I’m the only one there for him and I know if he loses me, he probably would commit suicide but also I know I’m not responsible of his happiness, I just can’t cut him off at this point.

No. 462303

My ability to function like an adult is postponed until the Onision drama ends.
I have so much shit to do irl but I keep just checking up on the thread, which then leads to me posting dumb shit nobody cares about in every thread on /ot/.
Onision is wrecking my life too!

No. 462308

I like someone but they obviously don’t like me and already told me they don’t want to get into a relationship, it makes me sad because I really liked them but at the end I just gotta accept it

No. 462317

Sorry for Boomer posting, but it's hard to believe people were getting married and managing a household at 19, but now everyone's running around throwing tiddie pics to strangers at the same age.

This belongs in the conspiracy thread, but the water is turning the freakin' frogs gay.

No. 462325

>Sorry for Boomer posting, but it's hard to believe people were getting married and managing a household at 19, but now everyone's running around throwing tiddie pics to strangers at the same age.
um, they weren't. they were mostly highly dysfunctional because they were children that sacrificed their development as people, as humans, to become parents, as soon as possible? they were abusive husbands a lot of the time? if they weren't abusive, they were shells of people, being that many of the mothers were literal adolescents living under the thumb of their abusive husbands, and/or the husbands were adolescents themselves, too. 19 is literal neurobiological adolescence. we know that now.

anyone that pretends -that- was ideal or normal and that now everyone is just immature, is a fantasist. young people were not capable of generally shouldering those burdens then, either, they coped through violence, emotional abuse, substance dependency, a lot killed themselves, etc, and generally when people say this they hark back to the 50s or 60s america when things were a lot more economically favorable and a more positive outlook for young people, so imagine if they had to cope with those responsibilities and the economic situation and general outlook young people have today. yikes.

No. 462329

My 21 yo cousin recently married, bought a house and is pregnant. Not that I want to marry anytime soon, or ever become a mother but I can't help but feel like shit about myself because she's accomplishing things I can't even if I wanted to and I'm a little older than she is. She's doing better in life than I am. And there's more peers in my life who've achieved similiar things.

I just feel shit about my life honestly

No. 462334

anons will reee at this, but beyond buying a house, none of that is smart or enviable at 21 in 2019. having a kid so young is just really dumb. have you met 21 year olds? they can keep it together for appearances but plenty are glorified chia pets once you scratch beyond their ability to support themselves. there's nothing to envy. few marriages so young last, few people know who they are at 21, when they're not even fully developed, so your cousin will probably be a single mother in about 5 or so years with a massive amount of responsibility.

No. 462335

Having a baby with someone at 21 is risky though, anyone I know who did that is now 30 and they hate their ex husbands guts

I got married at 22, I was single at 25

No. 462336

I agree with >>462334. The house thing I can understand, but what's so great about being pregnant so young?
If I got pregnant at 21, I would have never been able to balance motherhood with going to college. Or taking my dream vacation at 26. I'd be scared shitless of men my age being unable to commit and putting my child through a nasty custody situation like I had to go through when I was little. I wouldn't have been able to hang out with my friends like the way I did, and plan things spontaneously.
Even now at 27 going on 28 there's so much I could learn in order to be a better future parent. At 21 I was so emotionally immature and I can't imagine the damage I would have inflicted onto a small child looking to me for nurturing and guidance.

Women are still fertile in their 30s, and it gives me great relief that if a child is what I want, then I have this nebulous time frame in the future so I can prepare myself adequately. NOT feel bad that I didn't pop one out by 29.

Sometimes slow wins the race, anon.

No. 462358

From my own experience, most people who hurry up, get married, buy a house and have kids not even a few years after high school almost always end up miserable and regretting it or it fucks up somehow, especially if they're that young and don't have stable and reliable incomes like most people at that age, pile that on top of barely any job or education experience, kids that make it an obstacle for you to get education and experience, it sounds like a plan for failure, especially at an age like that where people can change their minds about what they want to do with their lives, but now it's just permanent and she fucked herself over

No. 462362

I don't know if the house part even sounds good if it's a mortgage and shared with a 21 year old hubby

She might be lucky, or she might have issues like a divorce, a custody battle, losing the house. It's a big gamble at that age

No. 462365

Depends on where you live. Right now I am absolutely wasting my money renting out an apartment, the problem is I don't have $20-30k saved up to put down for a house where I'll have a reasonable mortgage that's less than the ridiculous rent around here. I dream of my own space, and I don't mind dirty work like maintenance and general upkeep.

I really envy people who can get a house that young because they probably are saving money. But yeah, that's absolutely threatened by a young relationship that may be prone to a divorce and liquidation of that asset anyway.

No. 462369

File: 1568495989740.jpeg (122.92 KB, 828x667, 7B9C2A02-894F-4653-90F5-ACC7F9…)

I don’t even wanna talk about it…

No. 462370

cousin-anon here, you're actually right. I needed that insight, thanks everyone

No. 462381

I never realized how unhinged gc and rf anons were until I saw how paranoid they were of everyone who didn't 100% agree with them.

No. 462386

This is kind of unrelated to the conversation, but I've always wondered how renting versus owning really compares cost-wise. Of course it depends on where you live and things like that. But the idea of having to get several appliances repaired at once is always in the back of my mind.

No. 462389

where i live, renting costs per year about 1/6th of the cost of property in my area basically.

No. 462409

I've told him, and his responses have been that he's busy. It's humiliating to pour my heart out only to be scoffed at like that. You're all right though, and I finally blocked him today. It feels…good. Thank you.

No. 462437

i know for a fact if i was an e-celeb and my personal life was public, i would absolutely have a thread on pt

No. 462446

I'm so glad I thought I was too cool for social media back in my undergraduate days because I was a total lolcow from age 17-22.

No. 462447

it's basically the reason i haven't been posted here lol so glad i avoid posting on social media sites

No. 462448

yeah me too

I've been harassed by a minor cow on here but her thread is dead, she basically disappeared from all relevancy, and I spilled all the dirt I have on her so she's been effectively shamed into nonexistence. I kind of feel like a cow myself for doing it but at the same time she was pretty unforgivable and cringey and she deserved it, so I'm kind of hoping that her disappearing means she's getting her shit together but I wouldnt bet on it. I'll wholly admit that I was also a massive cow in my teen years and I deleted almost all my tracks on sites particularly tumblr from that timeframe because I was so ashamed of them and bombed all traces of those accounts around 2014-2015 to avoid ever having to associate with my younger self again.

No. 462454

Was that cow Christy Lynn/Nemu?

No. 462512

I'm obsessed with my appearance and have no personality.

No. 462558

I’ve lost 70+ pounds in a year from anxiety/anorexia but I feel like I look the exact fucking same

No. 462570

every time I hear the word "pegging" I think of a one legged man with a peg leg sticking it in someone's ass

No. 462571

File: 1568551984313.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.7 KB, 503x724, 2E5D0A2B-542F-47BE-B140-5DFE96…)

I hate Troons but I’d actually fuck this one and I’m not sure if I now need therapy

/dude from soc

No. 462573

File: 1568552293013.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x2342, 7D785303-E603-4A41-9559-774887…)

I’m obsessed with a guy I met on summer camp in 2012, I can’t even remember his name but I haven’t stopped thinking about him for some reason after having a dream about him.

No. 462575

No it means your brain still hasn’t handled the situation

No. 462576

He looks like 3 of my exes I have issues

No. 462578

I'm usually critical of k-pop but I enjoy watching bts run and Jungkook is ruining my life.
I'm 27…

No. 462579

well at least that makes sense

oof this is relatable, I still think of this guy I had a crush on that I haven't seen in years wondering if he's "the one"

No. 462582

i feel you anon. finding him hot makes me feel like an absolute kboo.

No. 462586

I made out with two guys within 1 week. I slept at 1 of the two's apartment, without doing anything (ie. nothing sexual). The guy with the apartment was a fuckboy, and I managed to make him feel used and hurt. I am not even sure if I feel sorry or apologetic. I love this feeling of power after coming out of an abusive relationship of almost 3 years. At the same time I am disgusted with myself. After years of prioritizing some scrot over everything and letting him have power over me, it just feels so good to have power over others.

No. 462589

>happy to make others feel used and hurt
Sounds like you picked up some behavior from your abuser.

No. 462590

I'm supposed to care that a fuckboy who just wants to use up women had his fee fees hurt?

No. 462598

angles and camera lens

No. 462599

Be the better person honestly, nothing good will result from being vile back.

No. 462600

whenever I hear the word pegging I'm going to think of that from hereon out thanks for the laugh anon

No. 462601


I wouldn't feel bad about this either.

No. 462604

Having been in abusive relationships too I think the ultimate power is in not even bothering with men. Any time you hurt their ego they will inevitably take that anger out on the next girl after it festers in their head

Congrats of getting out of hell after three years though, I had a similar length in relationship-hell and was really about to lose my mind at the three year mark

No. 462724

File: 1568584192968.gif (943.91 KB, 500x285, IMG_0141.GIF)

at this point in my life last year i was very anti sex, drugs, drinking, reckless behavior in general. i was a virgin, i was kind of unhappy in a long term LDR.

fast forward to july, i cheated on him with a guy on tinder, broke up with him & started fucking 2 guys from tinder and 2 guys from 4chan. we hung out for the first time in months yesterday and we had sex. it was terrible because well, he is inexperienced and i'm used to guys with a lot of experience. i was really high so i told him after that i didn't enjoy it at all, and didn't want to do it again. we cried for two hours about the broken relationship in general and he insists everything is fine and he has accepted it but he wants to still try to hang out with me. we did go through a lot together.

it hurt so fucking much when he hugged me and i couldn't hug back, i just sat and stared at my wall in horror, wanting to sob or scream out of frustration. it hurt to see him laughing and smiling through the tears. but i am so over him. it feels like god is laughing at me, like i'm such a stupid girl for thinking men won't get emotionally impacted or jealous when i have sex with them and other guys, or feel hurt from rejection. i knew before i started doing this it wouldnt be a good idea but i get a rush out of doing things i know i shouldnt. i always wondered why people hated being an adult but now i see why it really sucks sometimes. now i'm over "spinning plates", i don't want to be in a relationship, at least i don't think i do.

i have a horrible thing for one situation i put myself in, in particular. i met up with a /pol/tard 15 years older than me and i think the reason i'm so infatuated with him in general is because i know i shouldn't like him so much. i dont know why i get a rush out of putting myself into bad situations. i used to be bored and depressed but now i just feel overwhelmed and sad.

No. 462730

Girl tf… just get a hobby

No. 462734

I was super sad about being excluded by some people I considered friends so I called my boyfriend last night and he was like "grab a swimsuit and I'll pick you up in 15"
We legit ended up breaking into a hotel jacuzzi from 12am till 4 am. Smoked a blunt in there too and didn't get caught.

God I love this man.

No. 462745


>>Acts like a teenager

>>~It’s so hard to be an adult~

Hopping on dicks doesn’t make you adult.

No. 462746

i know, i'm just an idiot basically. needed to get my thoughts off my chest i guess

No. 462752

i think this is a form of self harm, honestly. you should probably stay away from men until you feel more in control of your depression. how old are you?

No. 462753

Go to therapy and start loving yourself.

No. 462755

i'm 20, about to turn 21

No. 462768

> i always wondered why people hated being an adult but now i see why it really sucks sometimes
nothing of what you described is adult behaviour, if anything you sound like a late bloomer as most people stop pulling shit like this at the end of hs/1st year of college/uni.

also it just sounds like you're self-harming in a way via risk seeking behaviour

No. 462769

I kind of empathize with men that commit suicide after getting exposed as abusive like Alec Holowka from the game Night in the Woods.
I was never that abusive to anyone but I have done things I'm not proud of and if I ever get exposed or shamed for anything online I can see myself going the sepuku route after a week or so too.

No. 462775

>if anything you sound like a late bloomer as most people stop pulling shit like this at the end of hs/1st year of college/uni.
people going through depression or mental illness or stress "pull this shit" at any age. self harm by sex or risk taking behavior is not something people "grow out of", it's not dependent on age, but on mental state. things like cutting are more common in teenagers, but if anything, i'd say self harm by sex and self-sabotage is more "adult" than most of the other ways people choose to self harm. people do sleep around a lot for fun during their first years of uni and burn out on it, but that's not what's happening here.

No. 462776


I used to psychically self harm as a teen, now as an adult i know there are more profound ways to hurt myself than that. There's nothing i do were i don't self sabotage and sabotage everyone else involved with me, i have a special talent to find the exploit that will bring down everything around me to the ground like dominoes.

No. 462781

i'm the anon she was replying to. i have self harmed since i was 13, whether it was cutting, starving myself, isolating myself, etc. i've been told too that maybe the sleeping around is some new manifestion of self harm for me. i can see that.

No. 462782

wow you are crazy

No. 462788

File: 1568597315028.png (326.89 KB, 642x570, 809.png)

I downloaded every season of Steven Universe and have been watching it all day on my last day off before work but I can confess that I'm trash to you farmers, right.

No. 462789

no anon, enjoy it! is a cute show sometimes

No. 462791

File: 1568597958996.png (123.13 KB, 600x811, alice_weeaboo.png)


we are all trash here

No. 462803

I feel guilty for getting therapy. I have a ton of mental health issues and had a very neglectful child hood, but I was never physically or sexually abused and there are so many people who have had way more traumatic childhoods than mine and don't have as many mental health issues. I feel like a piece of shit for having this many mental health issues and not being able to deal with them myself.

No. 462808


Don't feel guilty anon. Even if your childhood wasn't overly traumatic, sometimes it's good to talk your shit out with a professional who can guide you onto a path of self-development. Plus, you can't compare one person's pain to another and say that one is more important than another. We are all suffering in different ways.

I had a sad childhood more than a majorly abusive one, surrounded by a lot of people who had worse lives than me and it's taken a toll on my mental health. Just because you can't see the scars doesn't mean they are there.

No. 462810

it's pretty much an inherent part of compartmentalizing trauma to feel like you didn't have it "bad enough" to be struggling the way you are. i had a really fucked up childhood with an abusive negligent drug addict mom who is a raging narc and thinks i'm a delusional liar to this day for remembering what she put me through (and continues to put me through). even people who were sexually trafficked or molested by a parent can feel like their trauma isn't "bad enough" to be worthy of help, or to justify how badly their trauma affects them in the current day. anyways, the reason i brought up my own upbringing is that i definitely had the kind of childhood abuse that people use to invalidate their own as "not that bad", and i think everyone with any type of trauma deserves help and doesn't have to justify the ways their trauma continues to affect them. everyone reacts to various traumas differently, i don't believe in discounting someone else's trauma as "not that bad". you deserve help and you do not need to reach a trauma yardstick to earn the right to struggle as you are now. sending love and validation your way, anon. as someone you might have compared your trauma to in order to self-invalidate if our paths ever crossed, you are allowed to struggle and seek help. you unequivocally deserved to have a healthy and loving childhood where your needs were met and your life was enriched by the love and care of your parents. every child deserves that. i have PTSD nightmares to this day about the horrible things i endured as a child and teenager, therapists have told me my childhood was objectively quite fucked, but i could always invalidate what happened to me by saying, "at least i'm not some young woman who endured FGM and other despicable horrors in a third world country somewhere as a child". someone always had it worse, that doesn't mean what happened to you was insignificant or that you're some crybaby for being affected by it as an adult. comparison is the enemy of self compassion.

No. 462825

i feel like a sleaze for liking 18-19 year olds even though: i'm only 22, i've hooked up with anyone from 18 to 24, and i've never pursued anyone below 18. i just like youthful faces - i avoid anyone who actually looks like a child even if they're 20+ lol

i suppose i'm posting to figure out if i should feel like this? and if/when i should stop hooking up with barely legal dudes. i mean, i meet them on tinder and make it clear it's just a fwb situation, so i don't really feel like there's a chance for me to manipulate or use them - but still

No. 462855

NTA but thank you so much, kind anon.
I struggle alot with thinking that I didn't have it that bad and that a therapist might scoff at my trauma (some anons here have sort of confirmed my fears. On one hand I know they were judging me without knowing the whole story, but on the other it still validates my belief that I 'haven't earned' my right to have PTSD and be a trainwreck).
It's nice to hear that I might be valid and deserve to get help.

I am sorry for what you went through. I hope you are happy now and that lots of good things await for you.

No. 462858

I watch Strange Aeons videos but muted only because I really like staring at her face because her voice and speaking cadence are highkey annoying

No. 462859

I wish men were this thoughtful when it comes to age differences and questioning what is right

Your situation seems normal to me though, 18 and 22 isn't wrong. As you get more experienced you'll prob find yourself naturally drifting away from less experienced guys anyway

No. 462860

Anon I'm almost 23 and I have a crush on a 20 y/o and I feel like a total creep.
It's not that big of a difference but it still feels kinda wrong

No. 462881

Why. Your both in your 20s, what is the problem.

No. 462884

I think it depends on life stages and the balance of power. Regardless of gender, a 22 year old hooking up with an 18 year old still in high school is weird, but a 22 year old hooking up with an 18 year old they know from work or college isn't, as long as they aren't in a position of power over them.

No. 462886

I already finished my masters degree and the guy just started uni. There's a big maturity difference and I feel uncomfortable being romantically involved with anyone younger than me

No. 462888

If there is a big maturity difference then I understand but you can't always find someone the exact same age as yourself.

No. 462913

there's always people older than anon are you dumb?

No. 462917

But that would create even a small age difference, that other anon is so wary of.
A few years is nothing when you're an adult. It's all about where you are in life then.

No. 462927

women being brainwashed from childhood to only pine after older guys. had a friend seriously say to me she wouldn't consider dating a guy even just a month younger than her. she did not realise how ridiculous that was at all.

No. 462933

Oh wow, what. Can we please meme old dudes into thinking that they should only be interested in women older than themselves instead, please. No more creeping on young girls and insane movie age gaps.

No. 462947

I'm that anon and thanks for the support, you both made me feel so much better

No. 463030

I'm the 23 y/o anon and I don't like older men or women either lol. I wouldn't go for anybody older than 25.
Idk I thought about why I feel this way and I think it's because it makes me feel like one of those creepy men that hit on women younger than them. Like a college guy with a high school aged girlfriend

It sounds pretty stupid now that I typed it out

No. 463155

I feel so much happiness when I read posts on this site about right wing people not having friends, not fitting in, etc.

It feels like justice somehow.

No. 463160

i act like i'm a sexual masochist but i actually just hate myself and getting treated like shit emotionally and physically by someone i'm attracted to feels like i'm just getting what i deserve.

No. 463162

my ex sexually assaulted me and i didn't tell anyone but my sister about it, so whenever my mum brings him up and tells me that he's partially blind now or uses a walking cane or that his mother has advertised on facebook marketplace for a shower chair, i just can't find it in myself to feel bad for him

No. 463173

i'm that anon and i'm glad that your outlook is just not liking age gaps in general instead of the usual "the boy NEEDS to be older than the girl reeeEE" bs. but yeah, you are both in your early 20s, it is only 3 years, you would be in no way comparable to any of those male creeps, don't worry!

good, karma's a bitch, hope it brings you at least some peace. is there nothing you can do about it officially as well?

No. 463187

I still frequently have trouble with distinguishing left and right, especially when having to give directions

No. 463199

hold both of your thumbs and index fingers up in an L shape, left makes the correct L lol

No. 463204

File: 1568748034244.jpeg (29.22 KB, 585x360, C307FE82-FE2D-4D46-8480-2B7D55…)

i’m currently 9.2st/126lbs and chronically ill which makes exercise difficult but i do it anyway. i’ve become so desperate to lose weight that i’m considering making some kind of terrible decision that will make me so depressed and stressed that i lose the weight from stress alone so that i never have to worry about it anymore because i’m so fed up of hating myself and not ever being able to be happy with myself. i came back from spain with my family a few days ago and looked at pictures from the beach and i’ve been miserable since because i looked so awful. pls don’t be mean anons i know it’s retarded but i’ve been struggling so badly with my ed the past two or three years and i’m at a breaking point with it

No. 463207

it was a couple years ago and i would like to say i'm over it, but it still kind of fucks with me and made my already existing commitment issues worse.

but i think trying to do anything about it would just make things worse so i learned to live with it.

thinking about it as karma makes me feel better which is why i posted in the confessions thread. it's easy enough for people to say things like 'i wouldn't wish such and such upon my worst enemy' but honestly? i don't care. i want him to suffer like i have.

No. 463215

Anon, you're 9st. Unless you're 4'2", you are absolutely fine. If you want to lose weight then you can, but the only way to do it in a way that will last and won't give you a bunch of other issues (like bad teeth from the acid caused by throwing up your food, or weak bones and lanugo from anorexia) is to exercise and eat in a responsible, properly paced way. Have you thought about keto, for example?

No. 463230

>i wouldn't wish such and such upon my worst enemy
I think only people who haven't had something legit horrible done to them say shit like that. not saying blindness is punishment by default ofc, but a predator becoming handicapped/dependant on others is almost poetic.

also if it is ok to ask, make things worse how?

No. 463255

i mean make my life more difficult, in a sense. my mum adored my ex and still mentions him and gives me life updates. she thought he was good for me because he had a lot of money, basically.

she's a huge narc and my dad enables her so anytime something relatively bad happens to me she HAS to be worse off somehow, so even the thought of bringing it up to her makes me wanna puke.

because it happened so long ago i'm not sure how i'd even go about doing anything, and i don't see any point now that it's done. his life seems to be going downhill so i'll just relish in the fact

No. 463260

Most models weigh more than they look due to the fact that muscle tone makes them look smaller/feel healthier please focus on body composition not weight

No. 463263

I'm glad your ex is worse off too, hopefully that bad karma gets all the shitheads of the world too. I'm glad women live longer than men because there's a grave I want to live long enough to spit on myself, we don't have to be full of grace and forgiveness to everyone.

Maybe you need to find a way to embarrass your mum for bringing him up so much. Like try saying to her in front of your dad "why do you think x is so great about him when dad is instead y, what's so bad about y", or "why are you still taking about that guy after x years, did you fancy him or something?". Also present some other person for her to fixate on, tell her gossip about someone or pretend you're interested in them etc.

No. 463264


i’m 4’7” so i think my proportions make me look much worse, i’m pear shaped so the combination is pretty unfortunate. but i’m eating good and working out when i’m physically able so i just needed the occasional reminder that results won’t show quickly and i have to keep at it instead of trying to find the easy route. thank you anon(s) <3

No. 463265

it's weird because right now i have a really great boyfriend who is sweet and patient and nothing like my ex, and she likes him fine enough but i don't think she hyperfixes on him the same because we're long distance, whereas my ex lives 5 minutes away.

but she's an entirely different story haha i've learned how to cope with her over the years

No. 463325

File: 1568769844839.jpg (231.99 KB, 800x586, IMG_1270.JPG)

I wish my parents had died while I was a newborn, than I could of been raised since infancy by my grandparents. I believe I would of turned out a lot more mentally stable, and happy. They were abusive to me since I was a baby, and it's really messed me up. I also wouldn't have a younger brother who I had to be a slave for and who was treated like the golden child while I was treated like shit. I'm still really messed up from all the years of abuse, and neglect. Being an orphan would of just been so much better for me.

No. 463327

r u me? i'm sorry we had to go through this shit, sis.

No. 463366

File: 1568777805674.jpg (88.58 KB, 600x716, dreamcatcher-belly-button-ring…)

I think I have a persistent fungus (yeast?) in my belly button and it won't go the fuck away and stay gone.
It's so fucking embarrassing, I've never had to deal with a chronic stank issue before.

All the internet advice says to wash it and keep it dry, but I dunno, it just finds a way to get sweaty I guess and I don't notice it recurring until I'm chilling at night in my room and I start to smell something foul and it turns out it's my own fucking belly button.
Sometimes it goes away. What I've been doing is attacking it with rubbing alcohol and using a q tip to really get in there. After treating it for a week it seems to go away for a few days but then, BOOM. Right back to wondering if my belly button ghostrides at night when I'm asleep to store the corpses of the undead up in there.

I'm so fucking pissed. I have no insurance. This is such a disgusting problem to deal with by myself. I'm nervous that after a nice date out with my new bf, that we're gonna go back to our places for some hanky panky in the heat of the moment. With no time to do a smell check beforehand, while he's kissing me down from my breasts to my vulva, he's gonna get an accidental whiff of that belly stench and he's gonna die on me like a naked fish.

No. 463370

File: 1568778680888.gif (339.01 KB, 480x270, yuiga.gif)

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a few years while being open about it to everyone except for his family. I'm not of his race despite physically passing. His parents are the type of Asians who want marriages within their culture and have warned him to stay away from me back when we were still friends. Other relatives who defied tradition have apparently been disowned and had their partners harassed to high heaven. When things got more serious between us, he promised he'd tell his parents the truth once he graduated college and found a job so he could gain financial independence.
He's graduating next year so I tried talking about him moving in with me. The mood soured. His circumstances have changed drastically. Turns out the moment he turned eighteen he agreed to have around a few million dollars borrowed under his name in the guise of using it for his own business, despite the money being used for the family company instead. The dad's kind of a shithead who used the money on machinery that now lies at the back of their factory untouched. I'm not sure whether they filed for bankruptcy or renegotiated another deal, but the bank they loaned money from restructured the terms so they have a greater chance of paying the debt with higher penalties. The estimated time needed to clear his credit is six years.
In the meantime he says he can't risk his parents finding out about us. Otherwise he'll lose his chance to indemnify his name. I understand how difficult it must be and want to support him. On the other hand pretending I don't exist while he's on the phone with his mother and not being able to get to know his family sucks. Sticking with that slapstick routine for six more years seems like it would drag my self-esteem further down the drain. He's a diamond in the rough born into a shitty family. I want to stay with him for as long as I can. The few friends whom I've confided in for advice all say something along the lines of "Haha, don't know either," so I'm also at a loss for what to do or knowing whether I'm validated for feeling this way despite knowing it's harder on him.

No. 463372

you're an actual piece of shit and you deserve all of the emotional pain you'll be put through by the kinds of shitty men on 4chan who would consider wasting their time on someone like you

No. 463374

Not really. No one deserves that. Anon is clinically retarded and/or self harming but what those men do is horrible and calculated. They actually want to destroy women. Anon is just a stupid mess that needs to not be in a relationship.

No. 463377

When the advice says keep it dry, it means dry it throughout the day if necessary. It won’t go away until you keep it dry enough for no bacterial/fungal overgrowth.
You’re also supposed to maintain that, not do it for a week and leave it to get stanky again. Have you never treated anything before? Like, even a cold?

No. 463378

Maybe try mixing some tea tree oil with a carrier oil (like baby oil or even olive oil) and apply that with a q-tip? If it's fungal that should help just don't use 100% pure tee tree oil directly on your skin

No. 463380

When the advice says keep it dry, it means dry it throughout the day if necessary. It won’t go away until you keep it dry enough for no bacterial/fungal overgrowth.
You’re also supposed to maintain that, not do it for a week and leave it to get stanky again. Have you never treated anything before? Like, even a cold?

No. 463381

Try mixing tea tree oil with a carrier oil (like baby oil or even olive oil) and apply that with a q-tip. If it's fungal that should help just don't use 100% pure tee tree oil directly on your skin

No. 463385

If you've got a 'cold' that comes back like a cyclical boomerang biohazard, it's more than a cold. This is a different animal and it's been a bitch to treat.

I think I've seen tea tree oil mentioned on some of the forums that I've seen, I think I'll try it. It could be that the rubbing alcohol is just producing more dead skin in there, I don't think it has anti-fungal properties.

No. 463391

so you are treating it daily/multiple times a day? You need a doctor if it’s so smelly it’s noticeable just sitting around after treating it and drying it multiple times a day as per internet advice.