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File: 1558933655326.jpg (1.84 MB, 1575x2362, National_Dried_Milk.jpg)

No. 414947

Did your favorite cow vanished from the face of the internet?
Or maybe her milk just dried up?

Vent here about your favorite (ex?) cows, throw some tinfoils around of where they are and why they disappeared, if they'll make a comeback or not, who's the next missing cow, the likes.

Examples: Our queen Pixy, Felice Fawn, Kaka, Orange Citrus, Ashley Isaacs, Bunny Alexander, Ashe (the skin bleaching chick), Ahripop,Charms, so on and so forth.

No. 414958

Ruaridoll. I heard she mostly plays video games now, but has no social media presence and has turned into a very bitter, jaded person.

No. 414961

I remember kids were so obsessed with her so it is no wonder she quit. I feel I already know what they are doing mostly so I'm not curious.
Bitter? Who said that?

No. 414977

Ginger Bronson and Nemu are the ones I miss the most


Anyone know how she's doing? Is she still as crazy as ever?

No. 414981

I miss Nemu's crazy ass. She makes most cows look tame in comparison.

And Kaka.

No. 414983

Do you mean Asha or is there another cow named Ashe? If your talking about Asha, yes, she is still crazy as ever.

No. 414985

File: 1558938060567.png (63.98 KB, 1742x238, rd.png)

Someone who claimed to know her said so in some YT comments. I'm inclined to believe it. I can't find the comments atm, but I did find this comment by a different person, so at least the video game thing has been confirmed by more than one person.

No. 414986

Not specifically a lolcow that’s covered here but I miss laughing at how pathetic and deranged Shmorky is. I’m glad his career is dead because he’s an abusive, awful prick but man was the drama surrounding that dumb faggot a serious rollercoaster ride.

No. 414988

I miss the hey days of ~Kota Koti~, her thread is so dried up now.

I wish she was still being a kawaii moderu tarento in japanese tv. I guess I lived my weeb dream a bit through her, and also hate that she had everything in a platter to throw it all away.

I am still waiting for a Dakota 180º, but I am not holding my breath

No. 414991


Were kids obsessed with her, though? To me she was just a kboo/wboo nobody that liked to racebend. But she was funny at the beginning.


OP here, and I actually meant Asha. I guess Ashe was in my mind because of just how ashy she is badumtss

No. 414992

Quirky Rosie, aka buttergolem. God I miss the milk with her feeder bf.

I also forgot about Asha til now…wish I'd kept it that way.

No. 414993

Oh wow, I forgot about her. Did she just private and never come back???

No. 415012

Yeah. One of the few cows to successfully scrub her media presence. I'm so curious what she's like now.

No. 415028

I really miss ginger Bronson as well

No. 415032

Kadeelynn’s shenanigans were wildly entertaining at the time and i miss her crazy posts addressed to us evil haters. the way she died was sad and gross and fucked yo and tbh i’ve always felt truly awful for her. in the end whatever petty damage she did by lying about/exaggerating illnesses was totally overshadowed by the circumstances of her passing. fucked up shit and i hope we never see another cow go out like that. but i’d always love to see more cows coming to the farms to self post and totally pwn us jelly bitches, it keeps things fun around here.

No. 415050

I really miss Felice. She was fake af but somehow interesting and I really like the fake persona she created. She was so close to actually being famous and shit, if she only hadn't scammed people.

No. 415058

File: 1558956633987.jpg (37.77 KB, 640x480, 1450044314956.jpg)

deerhoof / kiki reed
went stale after about a year after she left tumblr
she has a semi-active thread in /snow/ but at this point keeping tabs on her seems creepy
she became one of my favourite cows because of how much 14 year old me used to idolise her, it felt good to see that in reality she was pretty shitty person

No. 415062

File: 1558957991765.jpg (185.42 KB, 560x420, pt.jpg)

She is so incredibly pretty here, wew

No. 415063

oops, sorry meant kota, no idea who deerhoof is

No. 415070

File: 1558959225661.jpg (117.42 KB, 960x960, 1434364174775.jpg)

Yes to all of that.
Not just her, but I also miss all the other gaijins in Japan.
The ones who've stayed are all sexworkers nowadays while already being married/a mother/haggard-looking (and imo that's no longer funny, just sad) and other than that it feels like most cows are some sort of costhot, a kboo or a sjw (tranny). Even the old jvlogger crew is no longer really active today.
Please give me back the glory days of Nippon, when 1000s of gaijins dressed in taobao/gyaru/lolita pilgrimaged to Tokyo in hopes of succeeding as a model and dating some host/vk guy.

My hope for the future is that Kota gets a grip on herself and starts getting more work again and for Kiki to also move to Japan lol

I also miss the first generation of fakebois (Haku and co., the ones who always cosplayed tokyo ghoul), because I actually followed them on tumblr before reading how milky they are on lc.

This >>415050 as well. And Asha too.
There was another girl, who shooped herself in a similar style as Felice, but was (half) asian, can anybody remember her…?

No. 415074

File: 1558959517671.jpg (38.63 KB, 500x750, 85fcd825a52a36100e8857a5a88c0a…)

I don't know a half asian chick, but Wylo comes to mind. Do you have any other info besides her being a clone? There were a lot around

She's still a cow and her shooping got a lot worse.

No. 415093

File: 1558961990682.jpeg (253.5 KB, 1125x753, 86391345-4AC8-49BA-AA2C-749CAC…)

Yeah just look at the callout blogs. Very obsessed and creepy.
I found it with my dangerous hacking skills.
It could be a butthurt autist who thinks ignoring someone because they're boring = rotten inside.

No. 415094

i miss ginger bronson, she was one of the first cow's threads that i ever read. same for nicole, nicole's thread is actually how i got introduced to lolcow.

the milk i miss the most is pixielocks'. i was caught up with the threads when she was still with colin and living in louise's basement doing the whole "fulltime youtuber" thing. after she moved out and started flunking ""college"" + got called out for the alyssa drama she's dried up. probably lurks and realizes her life has been a charade the past few years and she's crazy ashamed of it, or she got sick of us making fun of how fat and ugly she's gotten. i wish she'd break up with Stephen or for Maggie to put her on blast, her milk was delicious bc she was just so delusional.

No. 415096

Yukapon back in her aidoru days. She was like an icon for all the girls who wanted to be "kawaii aidorus", weeb girls in general and underage /cgl/ users. Beckii went the farthest in the mainstream, but Yuka was trying to be an Akiba idol above all, and she seemed to have been going places. Watching that entire innocent animu facade fall apart, complete with receipts from Akira, was one of the milkiest events of that time period. All her creepy /cgl/ posts with the Crona reaction images about her other ex, Nick, being a degenerate, abusive freak with a vomit fetish (and her "loving it") were wild, too, and so were that same ex's attempts at character assassination on her both on /cgl/ and /jp/.

Honestly, that whole era of the salt-loaded, catty aidoru scene with Tumblr bloggers like dansanohimitsu fanning flames and shit-talking people was just so entertaining. I remember when Dansa tried to start her own "idol group" (Oishii Project) and it was a flop, and also when she went at it with Margo ("I am the real Dansanohimitsu" - Margaret) because Dansa criticized Venus for pedo-pandering (but she praised Yuka, who did the same thing…).

m0m0ko, that Blasian girl who was kind of a quiet participant in that whole scene. IIRC, she got pregnant and also did JAV. At least one person sent Yukapon a Tumblr ask chiding her for being friends with her (because she did porn).

Early Venus, back when she lived in Tenerife and was just a quirky ESL kid with chubby cheeks and a weird mom. Her videos just had a sort of off-beat, but positive energy that disappeared as she sunk into the "living doll" persona.

That one Russian girl from Tumblr who was really skinny and claimed to be 12 (she was actually like 14/15). She took tons of "aesthetic" photos and was almost like an "alternative" version of Dakota at the time. I think she went by "Floretta".

Some of the old /cgl/ tripfags. Curious Bear, Ophelia, flan, Spoony (I bet she's still lurking here and CC undetected, lmao), Annie, Eva Braun, and Nia. I think Nia is camgirl now, and Ophelia's a full-blown porn actress.

Ginsengteacat. I really wish there'd been a continuation to that whole fujoshi deviantART/Tumblr shitstorm. I honestly couldn't tell whether she was trolling or not until her mother intervened and started having blogs shut down for "cyberbullying". I still remember when her boyfriend made an account, too.

Finally, Shmegeh. Last I heard, she works at Hot Topic. I wonder how she's doing from time to time.

As twisted as it is, I kind of grew up looking up to some of those girls as an underage weeb. I'm glad I didn't follow in their footsteps, considering how fucked up most of their lives turned out to be.

No. 415110

I kinda miss Ginger Bronson lol

No. 415114

File: 1558963907624.jpeg (237.87 KB, 1280x853, C1955A45-011A-418C-949B-6B0B58…)

I didn’t read up on the Yukapon truth drama until a few years later, but god what I would give to go back and witness that shitfest as it happened. It would’ve been different if she was known for being provocative or something, but her entire image was literally based around being very innocent and cute in order to pander to neckbeards and here she was peeing in cups and being straight up foul. It’s just so jarring and honestly sounds like something that would only happen in a comedic tv show.

No. 415120

File: 1558964543611.png (93.44 KB, 225x223, 225px-Emilie_Autumn_Makes_Shit…)

Whoever made this thread, I love you. Always wanted to make one like this myself but chickened out lol.

My favorite cows are the artsy types.

First, I fucking miss Emilie Autumn. She's still around, but mostly just peddling merch based on her Mary Sue novel, The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls (which I quite like, despite it's blatant flaws… though I am not keen on the censored editions).
I miss her music back when it was actually good and not just ~tracks from the Asylum musical, coming to Broadway never~, I miss her blog posts and hilarious fandom drama, often caused by Emilie Herself. Who can forget the 'fucking patronizing fucking' rageposting or the sharpie tourbus drama? Not to mention all the 'Gaga/Zack Snyder/whoever copied me' smaller ones. Or when she said her family died in a fire and people were shocked to find out they are alive and kicking…
Besides being a cow, Emilie was truly interesting and it was always a pleasure reading her interviews. She had just the right mix of being a hilarious drama queen and an intelligent artist. I wish she was still interested in music and writing and not an idea of musical that will most likely never come to fruition. Even her instagram/facebook posts are really boring. She's like the aunt who was the wildest, most radical woman in her youth, but you would never guess cause she's so boring now.
It doesn't help that the fandom, once quite large for a niche artist, is pretty much dead.

I also really miss Kayla Day/Ginger Bronson. I adore cows that write edgy uwu poetry. I also wish that Nicole Dollanganger had a thread made earlier so that her edgy bullshit from the past was archived.

Honorary mention goes to Luna, who is obviously still around, but her threads are going slowly and not much is happening. I want more of that milk.
I know she's a mess, but I wish I had her confidence and motivation to take thousands of photos every day, as well as to post my doodles and writings. My AVPD makes it impossible for me to present myself to the world, and I wish I could change, just so that I had an archive of my life.

BTW do any anons know a good way of archiving lolcow.farms threads and mass downloading pictures? I am worried that I will somehow lose the content of my fave cows.

No. 415122

I fucking love Emilie Autumn, I was obsessed eok th her in high school. She was so ridiculous. Don't forget about how she lied about being a decendant of Alice Liddell and claimed Liddell was her real last name, but she didn't go by it to ~avoid the attention it would bring~.

I used to have her book and I kinda regret selling it. It was really aesthetically pleasing and kinda interesting even though it was cringe AF. Her music was really good before her FLAG days too, I miss it.

No. 415126

File: 1558965872806.jpg (112.32 KB, 700x470, Emilie Autumn (2009-04-02 Prog…)

I totally forgot about the Liddell thing! There was so much drama it's hard keeping track of all of it, especially with so many blogs/forums that archived it going down.

Do you remember when she closed the forum because it was dead and used a certain obsessed fan as a scapegoat (his nickname was…something with Ice, I don't remember). He also bought an used Iphone from her on Ebay. She forgot to wipe her contacts list and he called her number to get a reply about some other drama he was involved in (Emilie kicking him out of fandom or not sending him something he purchased? I don't remember the details…).

Oh, too bad that you sold the book! She finally made a paperback version but it does not include the Suicide and Cutting diaries, which were the best parts of the book IMHO. It also contains some plot changes.

I remember when years ago she decided to post the PDF of the original book for sale, I was screaming and leaping from joy when someone uploaded it to 4shared. I've been wanting to read it for years, it was the fandom Bible, but it was impossible for me to get. Even the PDF cost like 50 USD, which was more than I could afford.

Goddamn it, I still love her so much and could talk about her for hours. I wish I could afford her meet and greet (especially when the book was included), those were really special.

Despite her bullshit, I love her art and creativity and the fact that she made a community for mentally ill girls/women. Thanks to her, I finally decided to get help for my depression. She's an inspiration to me to this day.

Her live shows were also absolutely magical and from time to time I still dream about attending one. I wish I went to more than one, but I am thankful for having the chance to see her at all tbh.

No. 415128

File: 1558965969310.png (325.23 KB, 500x332, tumblr_p9550eotsz1r3moc7o1_500…)

Posting this for you, EA anon, as I found it really interesting and you probably haven't heard about this weird similarity.

No. 415136

>being straight up foul.
Half the users of lolcow also did straight up foul things as teenagers under the influence of their much adult boyfriends, even without the promise of irl nippon aidoru success dangled in front of them.
I've always had a soft spot for Yuka, I can't imagine what it's like to have your rise and fall documented online so explicitly, but as I got older it stood out to me that so much discussion of her relates to her being a pervert that got what she deserved for playing with fire but doesn't factor in how there were much older guys standing behind her through that all. It's even rumored it was grown ass Margo Palermo that spread the pee revenge porn, which is fucked up if true.
I'm impressed at how resilient she's been to in her return to the limelight. She could have made a lame attempt to pretend to be someone else or have bared all of her past for storytime videos, but instead she's just still carrying on with following her musical plans. Maybe I just look at her with rose tinted glasses but I want her life to work out ok.

No. 415139

Of course I only want good things for her too. What I don’t find funny is how Akira is a whole sexual predator and isn’t in jail with that other guy who leaked her stuff. To be completely serious, Yuka is one of the only cows who was legitimately a victim of a serious issue and I hope she was able to recover from it.

No. 415140

oh god i miss her too. i want to know so much about her lmao

No. 415149

Agreed, I wish more tabs were kept on Akira but also that jrach guy who was always appraising 12 year old girls on tumblr
Sorry for going off at your post I got carried away kek

No. 415150

File: 1558970938688.jpg (50.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I kinda miss the Slaton sisters, though I miss most of the original cows from lc. These new cows aren't nutty enough for me.

No. 415158

Didn't we have a jrcach thread at some point? We definitely have at least one banner based on him. His blog is still up, I think.
I remember jrcach being extremely racist to all the black girls in the community (though he called Misawawa cute, which was out-of-place, considering she was never an idol), and all the dopey white weebs agreed with and defended him because they somehow thought he was anything more than an old creep, and that he had anything to offer them. Then, the moment he started making swipes at them, too, they started complaining about his racism as one more reason to cancel him, as if they weren't smiling and nodding before.
Akira is still somewhat active on Twitter, but he hasn't uploaded anything to YT in a year.

No. 415159

Abby Brown. I'm not completely giving up hope that one day she'll come back, but it sure isn't looking like it now. Honestly I hope she's doing well now and getting help.

No. 415173

File: 1558974733297.jpg (354.52 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mft7y0kpdZ1qzt48xo1_128…)

God yes, I really want to know what she's up to now.

No. 415186

File: 1558977016492.jpg (32.79 KB, 400x272, tumblr_n8z9oaCSwB1s4hb0so1_400…)

Came here to say her
And Felice Fawn

No. 415192

File: 1558979405004.jpg (121.73 KB, 931x1400, 0c7009371e69b0dc794897da8e5c96…)

I miss our eternal queen everyday.

felice was so much fun to hate and i miss reading about her antics, but i do hope she's become a better person in her absence. i think her and rich are no longer together? I wonder how he feels about his giant fawn chestpeice kek.

No. 415194

I don't think bunny alexander ever had a thread here but i know some anons came here from efagz where she was posted really frequently. She uploaded this in 2017. I hope she's doing okay.

No. 415196

File: 1558980394693.jpg (105.68 KB, 960x733, cgl.jpg)

No. 415210

Kadee Konstantino. Out of all the cows, she fucking annoyed me the most, but I loved that milk and then she goes and dies. What a shitty shitty person she was.

I also miss the ginger British munchie, I'm so bad with names I don't even remember hers, someone fill me in.

No. 415223


oh man i remember bunny. does she still have an insta account? she was one of my favs

No. 415261

Fit Vegan Ginger/Anna Johnson?

No. 415268

She’s still active, look up her kiwifarms thread. I just searched her up after a long time and she now has a colostomy bag lmao

No. 415282


Ahahaha I am so unsurprised to hear Lia is doing porn now. Fantastic. I used to get a rise out of her by bringing up the statutory rape allegations she was involved in every time she dared raise her head in /cgl/ and always posted the tampon eating pics where I dropped little hints about how much dirt I had on her. I'm mostly a retired farmer with her but I'd appreciate links or her "actress" name just to see how her ED is getting on.

No. 415284

I don’t know why but I had a special place in my heart for the gains gremlin fitveganginger. It’s a shame she was cow tipped and scrubbed everything she could of herself. I wonder if she’s even alive still

No. 415314

File: 1559004482674.png (843.19 KB, 937x603, 1478937755873.png)

No, not her, it was this bitch.

No. 415317

I miss Ginger Bronson soooo much. I just thought her meth trailerpark bbydoll persona was so funny and contrived, and it was so entertaining to read her tweets when she started to type lyk dis bc she luvsss all her bby angelqweens to fit in with her new ghetto wifey aesthetic. I was kind of attached to her cause I had seen her stuff on tumblr before reading her threads and while I never took it seriously or was a fan, it was just entertaining to read her poems/put together her fake life story. I don't even really miss the threads as much as I miss her online existence, like I wish we could just see what the fuck she's up to now.

No. 415320

File: 1559007170293.jpeg (10.47 KB, 295x171, 8A9B2F41-82EB-44B8-BA96-274153…)

God yes Shmegeh. I’ve read every post on her blog at least twice. She was just such an interesting character. I was very into the thinspo tumblr scene in 2011/2012 and loved following her and several other girls I wish I had kept in touch with post recovery. I’m sure most of them deleted and disappeared.
Shmegeh started getting really messy though with the alcohol and at the end of her internet fame she basically became a dumpster fire of a person so I’m glad she decided to stay away from the internet and hopefully seek some help. Either way I think of her often

No. 415340

This is going to be a hard one to remember, but that fat girl. I have terrible memory, I just remember her being fat and really milky. It's not Amberlynn or Slaton sisters.

No. 415342

File: 1559013468951.png (888.72 KB, 1088x618, oh god.png)

Looking at this, and then remembering how people on /cgl/ (and even /r9k/) used to worship her and call her pretty is a fucking trip.
She does piss porn, too. Just degraded in every sense. And she said radical feminism is "poison", of course.
Had to repost because there are too many good pictures to exemplify the fall from grace.

No. 415345


No. 415353

File: 1559015409267.png (135.41 KB, 300x225, 300px-An_Actual_ID_Thingy_by_w…)

I miss the really weird batshit weeaboo ones like waluigis-girl and neo-classic-neko/ginsing-tea-cat. I also really miss Pixyteri considering I've been following her online for like a decade now. I hope she's doing well now though.

No. 415359

Fuck, I forgot about this crazy bitch

No. 415362

looking back at old posts during this time, anons always acted like she was a haggard troll IRL but she did look sorta cute. she's still a liar who never looked like her shoops but it isn't baffling that she got so much work during this period of her "career".

No. 415389


Well she got into jail for drugs, if I remember correctly. She worked a bit as a florist for her aunt. I stopped following what she did after she got out of jail, but last time I checked, it was still the same. Horrible photoshopping, doing drugs, and breaking up and getting back together with her boyfriend.

No. 415394

File: 1559030407393.jpg (225.14 KB, 1080x720, 1447967609771.jpg)

This chick?

No. 415397

Oh, I need to add DisneyFan01 to the list! You know, the one in love with the fatass from Disney's Treasure Planet. Wonder what she's up to?

No. 415398

Oh god, is that the girl who faked being a non-verbal autist and made a video about it that became somewhat popular?
Her pictures need to be spoilered.

No. 415403

I'm the anon you're replying to and I am convinced we are talking about different people. There's no way that's the same Lia as a few years ago, she used to be basically ana. Usually blonde, from the UK, went to Goldsmiths?

If this actually is her and she's become a fatty I don't think I could ever stop my keks

No. 415404

File: 1559034684537.png (1.51 MB, 1168x1346, rip in piss.png)

Oh, it's her. It was even linked on /snow/:
She just ballooned up more and more.
Bonus, a throwback image. How the mighty have fallen.

No. 415405

By /snow/ I meant /pt/ ffs
But yeah, it's definitely her. You can even see the face is the same (albeit less sculpted now).

No. 415409

Ahh I forget his name but I used to talk to that creepy fan. He was legit stalking her and told other high up forum members that he was working in your with her helping her and the Crumpets.

I was WickedWench back then if anyone remembers. I was a very frequent poster and chatted to EA and fLea because they'd get frequent posters to defend her to 'control the forum'. EA started so much drama on her own forum it was crazy.

No. 415419

File: 1559038728527.jpg (91.39 KB, 614x661, ea.JPG)

I wish I remembered you, anon. I was mostly a lurker.
Thanks to you I found an account of the Iceaxe drama, pic related. More in the discuss comments.
>"Here's my take on this.
>Iceaxe became an ex-moderator because he discussed with another PR in open forums about software that could be used to rip video of a Emilie Autumn show which was against the rules to discuss. His account became restricted as the moderators discussed what to do with him. (This I know from personal experience as he and I were on friends terms at the time) He told me that he was getting aggravated with the moderators because he thought they were heavy handed on him and that it was a misunderstanding. Weeks went by and he became more abusive to the moderators because he thought he was unfairly restricted. The moderators finally came to a decision and banned him from the forum. Months later, he joined the "Reform" forums trying to cater support and use it as another place to complain about the rules and the moderators. He created his own forums where at one time, he posted emails that he sent and received from the moderators and Melissa about his ban. Before he was banned, Emilie put an old Iphone on Ebay for people to bid and she left some songs and some voice messages etc. Somehow Iceaxe found a phone number left on the iphone. He didn't know if it was Emilie's or not. After a year gone by with Melissa not able to address his problems because she was busy on tour with Emilie, He took it upon himself to try to contact Emilie by calling that phone number that was left on the Iphone. Needless to say, it was STILL Emilie's phone number! She freaked out and promptly banned him from anything Emilie Autumn.
That's all I know as the moderators were tight lipped with what was going on behind the scenes. However seeing the emails that he posted on his forums, he was really being abusive to Melissa and the moderators.
If you read the 9th post on the page below, you will see a timeline of events and emails he sent to Melissa and the moderators. What you need to keep in mind however when reading is that these emails were the "nicer" emails he sent. Basically to cater support from his friends. The other ones that are no longer on his forums were really abusive and were super long"

Fathergod was a mean cunt but she might have a point here.
Judging by his EA collection (https://shefightslikeagirl.tumblr.com/post/26734756058/if-you-have-to-ask-who-owns-this-collection-you), he was a turbosperg. I remember him handing around WVC for sometime. I wonder what he's up to now? Hope he's alive, last time I heard he was supposed to have a surgery for a life-threatening illness.

No. 415421

She wasn't that much of a cow actually but I miss the Emily Hu thread. She was really popular on tumblr and active on tumblr and twitter for a while and seeing her here being an pretentious asshole made me realise I shouldn't really pay too much attention to artists on social media. She's not posting all that much now and her art is still getting worse but there's really no milk. The threads about omocat and that one webcomic artist who asked for a lot of money and ran with it without providing books and merchandises she promised were also interesting. I'm disappointed that the threads about weeb artists doesn't provide a lot of milk too

Everytime I saw her threads and pictures of her I would recoil in horror, I agree with >>415398, we should spoiler her pictures.

No. 415473

Yes! It was Quirky, god I miss her so much.

No. 415494

I miss asherbee so much. Not just her bad cosplays but like when she pretended to be a rape victim and used to talk about her spirit friends molesting her and shit. That was great.

No. 415600

File: 1559072259823.jpg (70.08 KB, 602x413, 1417244341080.jpg)

For some reason I miss Orange Citrus. Looking back at it, her drama wasn't really milky but her threads were entertaining to read.

No. 415641

File: 1559081160053.jpg (156.24 KB, 1080x1920, FB_IMG_1553203182885.jpg)

I can't stop laughing.

Thank you anon ur the best

No. 415832

Nikocado avocado. I liked hating on him but his thread completely died pretty much and I didn't want to look obsessive in trying to revive it.

No. 415836

I wish we hand an active thread about Amberlynn Reid

No. 415838

I’d be down for a new thread.

No. 415840

Amber trips me out.
I can't believe she's basically shortening her lifespan just for some cheap Youtube notoriety and adbux. All because she's lazy.
I can't imagine killing myself in this way. How terrible.

No. 415847


I actually feel so sorry for her. Sometimes when I read the KF threads I start hating but then I realize she's probably going to die very soon and get sad. She doesn't even seem to care.

No. 415951

Isn't it crazy? I think the irrational part of her brain is telling her that she's too far gone to change and reverse what her body is. So she puts on this sassy character for YouTube to try to convince herself that she's "owning" being a morbid bingemonster when in reality she's drowning and everyone else knows it.

No. 415989

File: 1559160420537.png (178.47 KB, 231x345, e73a5d25d68d16a77f50114b79e0ca…)

This is from her recent video. She can't even walk for more than 3 minutes without getting winded. I guess at least she can still walk at all.

No. 416040

I ask myself every time I see a morbidly obese person… how does someone let themselves get like this?

No. 416054

Mental illness and denial.

I'll say that she looks better than most people who weigh 600 pounds. Not really a compliment though, and who knows how long she'll stay that way before things start to spiral downwar.

No. 416066

File: 1559177079586.jpg (58.44 KB, 225x340, mila.jpg)

MIla Mortice because I had a personal involvement with her.
Long story
>Friend starts dating her
>he's been with her for many months
>Never met her in this time span and I thought it was weird
>Ask why and friend tells me sketch stories about how she never leaves the house etc
>Finally end up meeting her and she was pretty rude to people she didn't know and didn't seem very open to outsiders at the time
>Had this gut feeling that she was invested in trouble and would drag others down with her in drama
>Advise friend that maybe dating her might not be such a good idea
>Friend is infatuated with her and believes she can do no wrong
>Time passes and friend just gets wrapped up in her drama and she takes advantage of him
>Looked up her real name out of curiosity
>Connected the dots and learned her online Mila Mortice persona
>Discovered lolcow in the process
>Went down the rabbit hole
>Posted what I knew about her
>Mila Mortice disappeared from the internet around the time I made those posts (no shit since I was telling the truth about her so she freaked out)
>She wipes the slate clean and disappears from everyones lives who she knew IRL including my friend to my knowledge
>Now her location and what happened to her remain a mystery and has shown no signs of returning to her old shenanigans
I was certainly mad at MIla for bringing so many problems into my friends lives at the time.
I hope she got help though.

No. 416067

didnt she like to date old indians and stuff? just any old men? how old was your friend?

No. 416070

Last I heard she was dating some older guy for whatever reason. Not sure if she liked to do it exclusively.

No. 416076

Felice introduced me to the world of lolcows.

I saw her on a "this is not goth" blog and decided to look her up as I had no idea who she was or what the fuss was about. I came rather late to the drama(pretty much as it was ending) but not only was she pure unfiltered cringe but the fucking insanity she brought out in people on all sides of the divide is why I wish I was there when it was all happening as a lot of the blogs that reported on it have been deleted now. Even today attention whores are still tagging themselves as her on tumblr, as doubtful as it is she'll come back I would love to see it if only to witness the crazy in real time.

No. 416078

I wish Nemu would come out of her hidey-hole already. Her lolcow threads were like crack to me, as I followed her antics years ago on Tumblr (and she was one of the few Tumblr people I had looked up to, as pathetic as that sounds….)

I'm curious what happened with her over the years too. I remember her weird self-insert Waluigi porn and that one photo of her on a log-fume ride wearing an anti-"Waluigi/Daisy" shirt.

You guys remember Alix Hendrol? The Sonic-fucker?

No. 416082

this is gonna out me as a tumblr refugee, but i remember the drama of Ember Whann, Whismical, and Emilyologist, and that one blog, Satanic News and Reviews. These girls were so messy and enjoyable to keep up on.

heres something for yall who remember her

No. 416112

>(and she was one of the few Tumblr people I had looked up to

No. 416130

I discovered nemus threads more recently and I'm saddened by the lack of recent milk on her too

No. 416133

I was a naive person and she usually gave off this vibe of being "supportive" to people. Having people call her "Mama Nemu" and she would give advice to people, stuff like that.

I'm older and wiser to now see through such facades, ughhh.

No. 416148

I was friends with her at one point until I got the dreaded narcissist's callout a few years ago. It's so funny seeing somebody you used to talk to become one of the biggest horrorcows. Nice lady needs her attention!

No. 416151

It was funny until they started trying too hard

No. 416178

I miss euthanizeallwhitepeople or Jun. That was just such a good laugh! Wonder where that cow is now

No. 416192

All the older lolcows were more interesting. I have intense nostalgia for how social media was when I was a teenage. People just had no shame! And maybe because there weren't a lot of consequences irl for online behavior, and we were all less jaded and paranoid. PT, obviously is Queen! Although I'm glad she did eventually go offline and hopefully grow up. I miss the tumblr ana girls a lot (outing myself as a former tumblrfag and anachan) - Shmegeh and Felice stand out as the biggest names, but there were so many and there was always so much drama happening. I wonder about Starpowerrr too, because she had so many copycats and really drove that geek girl tumblr aesthetic at the height of her popularity.
I think the biggest thing I miss about old cows is that they were often apolitical. Now it's all trans this and body shaming that and everyone spergs about the dumbest shit. It's not as fun when I'm genuinely annoyed.

No. 416213

>People just had no shame! And maybe because there weren't a lot of consequences irl for online behavior, and we were all less jaded and paranoid.
>I think the biggest thing I miss about old cows is that they were often apolitical. Now it's all trans this and body shaming that and everyone spergs about the dumbest shit.
Yes, to both! Nowadays every idiot knows that doing bullshit online can cause you to lose your job, because employers monitor their employees internet activities.
And so many people are considered cows because they're either too pc or said something politically incorrect - which is simply boring.
I also think that lately way too many threads are about camgirls or costhots, which also isn't as interesting imo.

No. 416297

What ever happened to them? I never really kept up with them, but did something happen to scare them off the internet or did they just stop posting?

No. 416358

does anyone remember eurasian tiger from a couple of years ago? i remember he had multiple threads in ot, but they all just dissapeared one day. the last i remember is that he was cheating on his supposed wife with some greek camwhore and he threateneed suicide multiple times.

that was a wild thread lmao

No. 417192

She’s already been posted, but that insane munchie Robyn. Her appendectomy saga was fucking hilarious.

Alexys Jones and her sickest little baby in the paediatric ward shit was hilarious. I wonder why she stopped.

From the pro-Ana boards, Crying Emily was a real delight but I’m kind of glad and happy she got her shit together after having a kid. Good luck to her, I hope her child never comes across her 3 million crying selfies and her I BELONG IN DA DIRT WIF DA WORMS posting.

Last but not least, Soren (and Ginger Bronson). I’ve never been more enraged and fascinated by a cow on this site.

No. 417272

I faintly remember there was drama about them being outed as non asian and although no one posted proof of this it seemed enough to scare whoever "jun" was to stop posting.

No. 417273

Samefag here I think jun was catfishing, I remember posts here of pics jun claimed was his but it was traced back as to someone else's.

No. 417275


Eurasian Tiger is still supposedly spamming on various Reddit accounts. 8Chan has an entire board dedicated to him and his antics(8ch.net/tenda/) and the Greek woman (Persephone) is constantly posting there. Her youtube channel is "Revengestar," and she recently got a tattoo of Elliot Roger to piss EurasianTiger off. But don't give her channel views. Instead, use invidio.us or some other source.

No. 417281

yes, it turned out they werent his photos, he was stealing photos from a taiwanese model iirc. there were also other things, like the little girl he claimed was his sister in photos turned out to be the actual guys daughter, and the woman he claimed was his fwb was the actual guys wife.

im convined that one of those two women he was "catfishing" was actually him, they were both acting really suspicious when "he" was exposed.

thank you anon, he was incredibly milky

No. 417288

File: 1559520782887.jpg (60.12 KB, 400x526, tumblr_nvlycyAFCI1uewr7vo5_400…)

>that pic
GOD I miss her, Haku, and their gang. I don't know what it was about their Eva cosplays but it definitely intrigued me.
I remember that other girl that would hang with them, don't remember her username but she was abusive towards her gf? and when she got a bf she immediately dropped the fakeboi act kek. Maybe someone else remembers her name? I think she had her own thread but I can't remember…
Also What's Haku doing these days anyway?

No. 417290

Who's the girl on the bottom center? I feel like I know her irl but can't remember her as a tripfag.

No. 417325

File: 1559532135171.png (903.87 KB, 601x603, smegma.PNG)

There are two pictures of her on the chesterfield hot topic instagram. I can't tell if she's still a skellie.

No. 417350

Are you talking about Kaden/Reece/Jae? >>>/snow/70404 She was the half Korean half Puerto Rican girl who was accused of raping a drunk girl and pretended to be a man, then finally "detransitioned" back to being a girl after she got a kawaii korean oppa boyfriend. That sure was a wild ride. I'm still pretty certain the threads were 80% Haku's gang circlejerking and they were hellbent on arguing how much Kaden skinwalked her.

She was pretty hot during her kpop boi phase though, not gonna lie.

No. 417358

I'd like to know what happened to waluigis-girl too, she was one of my personal lolcows back in the mid to late 2000's and it's been over 10 years now. Is she still obsessing over Waluigi and drawing anti-Daisy art at 30?

The hardcore weeb lolcows were the most fun and it seems like they just don't exist anymore, or at least seem wholesome compared to the sociopathic SJW tranny scam artist cows we have today. I remember Andy Reyes (the origin of the "a map of your eyes" thing) being a huge meme in maybe 2006, he was the guy obsessed with Princess Peach and later on developed some sort of a giantess fetish. He was this guy nearing his 40's and worked as a janitor, and sure looked the part. He was pretty harmless though, the man just had some strange fascinations. He didn't even really react to the trolls trying to egg him on iirc.

Then there was Kirbyslover/Andrea who was a woman in her 20's obsessed with Sonic, Luffy (from One Piece) and various kids' cartoons. I never got if she was legitimately autistic, had a mental illness or just had an awful upbringing, but she threw massive psychotic tantrums over a book store not carrying the sticker book she wanted and claimed to have PTSD due to missing a Sonic X episode because of a cancelled flight. You just don't see shit like this these days.

No. 417361

File: 1559540862950.gif (44.58 KB, 761x839, Untitled-06.gif)

>Alix Hendrol
psst: It's actually Alix Henriol but
I'm surprised she resurfaced a few years ago due to someone making a video about her because this is such 2005 oldfag territory. She was the French chick who had a forum dedicated to posting about your fetishes concerning Sonic characters. She constantly posted nudes too and I was pretty impressed how someone so crazy had such a good body and massive bolt-ons just to please a cartoon character. IIRC She ended up closing the forum and disowning Sonic because she learned he was voiced by a human which broke the illusion. However I don't know if she was fully pretending to be insane to get attention and infamy or if she legitimately was batshit crazy. I vaguely remember her saying that she was just obsessed with becoming a celebrity so who knows what's the truth. I'm surprised this page detailing her character is still up http://www.sonic-online.com/sonicpassion/

No. 417424

Cows doing immoral or illegal shit is interesting but I miss when cows were cows for being entertainingly stupid and you'd laugh at the delusional antics instead of moralfagging.

I don't miss them but seeing almost all old cgl tripfags landing their asses into camming or scamming really makes you think.

No. 417430

Wow, I can't believe I haven't heard of Kirbyslover before. Definitely will check her ED page out.

I think it's because in the past the internet was way smaller and less normies were on it.

No. 417437

File: 1559558760035.gif (857.75 KB, 498x278, choices.gif)

>she recently got a tattoo of Elliot Roger to piss EurasianTiger off.
Holy fuck that is so pathetic.

No. 417449

Random note but I really do think Kirbyslover does have autism. Their ED page has a blog entry about calling Easter Seals, which is an organization for disabled children.

Wonder what she is up to these days.

No. 417450

right? isnt she married as well? imagine being her husband lol.

and also i checked the 8chan board and the majority of posts are made by her talking shit about him and his family lol.

No. 417458

This, the days of simply laughing at dumb people are far gone.
>Someone thinks she's an japanese aidoru because of a windchime in her back yard: UGGHH THIS YELLOWFACING RACIST BITCH MUST DIE FOR FETISHIZING ASIANS
>Someone is obviously with stunted maturity and obsessing over shit meant for kids: dude not cool he's obviously autistic leave him alone
>Someone has really weird kinks and fetishes and isn't afraid of showing them off: YIKES this guy is a sick fucking pedo for displaying this on the internet for all the 17yos to see!!! did someone call the FBI already for fucks sake!!!
>Someone is a degenerate tranny: Ummmm anon you should respect her identity, trans* people are suffering and it's a real thing, i should know i'm genderfluid nonbinary agenderkin myself!!!

And as for old cgl tripfags, they deserve the shit coming their direction. Jesus christ 90% of them were ungodly insufferable and barely even were into cgl stuff.

No. 417510

According to her channel she is no longer married, and she is still conversing with EurasianTiger while still sperging about hating him. She also sent her nudes to Emilia Fart. She is a huge attention whore.

No. 417571

she could be such an entertaining cow, but the only problem is she seems to thrive off of attention, so i bet shed love it if she had a thread

No. 417655

Star-Ultranova. She used to be a fat hairy autist who pretended final fantasy characters lived in her head and had a few threads here, but now she's lost a ton of weight, is in school, and actually does some sort of socialization program for other autistic people so she's getting out and making friends. Basically a best case scenario for someone like her, I'm kinda proud of her. I think she still might pretend characters live in her head and shit but she's doing pretty well it seems. I've been lowkey following her tumblr for years watching her improve.

No. 417708

File: 1559622579604.jpeg (296.3 KB, 1437x2048, 1539863260524.jpeg)

YES That's her!
Thank you anon and holy shit she's changed so much.

>thread was made 4 years ago

wew I've been here too long

No. 417861

File: 1559658908873.png (31.44 KB, 606x190, todo.png)

I'm newfag so dunno if you ever had a thread on Todokara, but that was one of the funniest cows in the osomatsu fandom, which in itself was a trashcan on fire. I was in kiwifarms at the time, and the thread about her is the best content the site ever had.

No. 417875

That's a huge change. Does she still insist on he/him pronouns?

I tried searching for all the others I followed back then:
Shmegeh is still inactive, her friend circuitbird is on tumblr (but she never really did anything), "Xia" is still posting "his" shoops https://www.instagram.com/poetbastard/, Haku seems to have deleted https://www.instagram.com/mikhxii/ and Cain (vonvamp) is nowhere to be found.
Very sad lol I really want to know how they look nowadays. They're no longer young girls, I bet they already regret taking T. Once you pass a certain age, looking like a soft uke gets more and more difficult afterall…

No. 417916

No, she did a 180 and became a full time cis girly girl again.

No. 417924

10/10 choice, no doubt she'll be back soon as well

No. 417931

File: 1559669582872.jpg (28.42 KB, 288x450, 98815079-288-k376919.jpg)


No. 419981

File: 1560099733652.gif (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 360x240, icovery.gif)

not a cow, but icovery was discussed a lot on here. i wonder how she's doing now
the "where are they now" thread hasn't been posted in for 7 months and i didn't want to bump

No. 420203

I miss Yumi King, she was the reason why I became active on this site. But I think she came to her senses and stopped being a cow when she got a job outside of the home. But I still think it's pathetic how sheltered she is, she went to China like 6 months ago and she is STILL posting boring content from there. I also think it's hilarious how creepy she is, you can just tell when she interacts with little kids and when she smiles. One creepy thing she did according to PULL was that she went to her old English school to look for the teacher that she had a crush on (or was it an ex?) while in China with her old Splenda Daddy husband.

No. 420459

Haku's new Insta is @rodelwort. He's still on T, and I think he was the only legit trans person in that entire group.

I wonder what happened to ThugxWife from the efagz days.

No. 420476

File: 1560207401259.gif (2.18 MB, 196x187, 1467745244686.gif)

>Yumi King
>actually employed

Holy shit, really? I'm shocked.
Then again, it must've been really frustrating waiting around for sugar from Splenda.

No. 421527

She was my first cow long before I knew what a cow was. I followed her during her heyday and was so hooked on her drama. I was an anafag too, but her ‘thinspo’ really turned me off of that side of tumblr. It was sad to see her spiral downward so fast however. I still think about her time to time too.

I also miss Abby. Please come back to us. >>415320

No. 423476


For Alexys you need to go to /snow and check the Munchies thread for a surprising update!

No. 423477


I need an Amanda Baggs update

No. 427991

Not sure if she’s a lolcow but someone who wrote a blog in 2009-2013 ish about all of her wild story’s in London I think she did a lot of partying and drugs and got into a lot of drama but remains anonymise the blog was called girl in London, it also had another name but I can’t quite remember she posted a lot of nice tumblr style pictures as well but I mostly remember her drunk ramblings about partys lol. She’s just disappeared from the internet, does anyone remember her?

No. 428085

I lurked kf and someone posted on there said she anwers a lot of questions on quora, not much else going on

No. 429578

Out of all my fave cows only June and Vicki remain, but the milk is sparse these days.

Same, I really liked her wannabe ghetto Lana Del Rey persona. I'd love to know what she thinks of Soren. Did they interact at all on tumblr?

>>415314 was my fave munchie, shame she disappeared after her wedding, but here's hoping she might have gotten saner.

I miss Charlotte's threads, it's been ages since she's been mentioned anywhere.

For cow communities in general, I wish I've been earlier on tumblr for nymphets and Nicole Dollanganger and her calves. I have a shameful weak spot for this kind of aesthetics. Also I

No. 429579

clicked send too early

I wish we had fat acceptance threads again, as well as author cows.

No. 429596

Lilychu, the thread died when someone decided to accuse everyone of being Lily

Sirencove was a cringe factory too, she's said a lot of milky things and done milky things, too bad most the thread were "her tits are weird and she has a razor bump in this one picture! She must have 5 different types of STDs, cancer, bed bugs, and live in a junkyard", as most camgirl threads are however

Emo cows, I like the lilth threads too, most of them weren't milky but I enjoyed their thread

Boob Nazis were my favorite threads because everyone focused on how fucked up they were instead of ones looks unlike most threads here

June threads were quite milky but it seems anytime this bitch opens her mouth milk comes out

I miss old onion drama and luna too

No. 429599

I miss old Aly threads when she was still a spoop and everyone was creaming their panties for Dante.

No. 429601

Was dante that dude behind her in the coffee shop or whatever?

No. 431217

File: 1562470605998.png (56.89 KB, 611x360, Screenshot10.png)

Bless this thread, I miss Charms. I know she was still talked about occasionally in the Cam Girls thread, but it wasn't as interesting as when she had her own thread. I do hope the milk drying up means she's doing better, she was (is?) SO mentally ill and in a terrible place.

Honestly if any other cow posted about not working because of their "mental health uwu" I would roll my eyes, but in Charms' case, I'm happy to see her say this.

No. 431871

File: 1562625368405.jpg (42.98 KB, 500x500, tumblr_m2lm19TDCh1r0aqf5o1_500…)

>giant fawn chestpiece
I'd forgotten about that. Thanks for the reminder

No. 431893

I miss old Aly threads too… So fucking comfy

No. 431905

She's not, unless something's changed drastically in the last couple months. Last I heard she was working at a pet store and hoarding more animals to murder.

No. 431907

Goddamn I miss the Dante thirst. Those Aly threads were the best.

No. 431972

File: 1562647232947.png (445.86 KB, 829x447, 1411348943820.png)

This girl i used to like using her pictures as stock photos to practice my shooping on so those before/after pictures are the only ones i still have lingering on my pc.

What was her name again? Aisha?

No. 432374

Asha! I remember her posting pictures of her hairy ingrown chest ahhhh the good old days

No. 432398

File: 1562736919183.jpg (47.35 KB, 487x290, joji.jpg.695c857240f487c3e7957…)

joji grey/ kazakai. my first cow. i remember the days when milk flowed plentifully, before i ever knew about websites like this

No. 432548

File: 1562773266076.jpg (Spoiler Image,138.12 KB, 640x961, double.jpg)

Plaaastic / GG because she dies and the milk dried out, forever.

No. 432580

OT but I wish we had a shooping practice thread. it'd be fun.

No. 432597

File: 1562782400527.jpg (125.82 KB, 900x1351, the_crocodile_does_c_r_y_by_gu…)

Good ol' Gutterface.
I miss when she used to post vids on youtube. They're all gone now tho rip

No. 432615

Yes we should although aren't edits of cows not allowed?

It would be fun though

No. 432638

unedited stock photos and celebrity candids would be good subjects, as they're usually high-quality. cows and selfposts could be banned because that's just asking for trouble and autism. then there'd be a thread that we could direct facetunefags to when they shit up threads with edits.

No. 432683

gotcha, I could make one. do you guys think it would be best in /ot/ or /m/ or somewhere else?

No. 432791

ohhhhhh my god yes I remember her and Eerie(?) so well

No. 432870

I had no idea she had a second death, I guess after the first one people stopped caring

Eerie finally parted ways with gutter face. There's a thread for them that was updated relatively recently if you want to fall down that rabbit hole again

No. 432876

Yeah, I guess GG's "I cried wolf" tattoo finally paid off.

No. 438787

File: 1563987872746.jpg (423.36 KB, 1080x1850, SmartSelect_20190724-190402_In…)


She's still active.

No. 486097

File: 1574448804600.gif (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 400x300, WHvx1iu.gif)

Necroing the thread to say that I miss Charms.

I wonder if she still reads here (since she posted here before), but incognito.

Same for Dakota Rose, I am almost positive that she lurks, and probably posts too, mainly on g/ot.

They are probably glad that they don't have active threads anymore.

No. 486102

Fuuuuck, I miss Charms too! I found this place because of her lol. I tried to skim through the camgirl general threads for her since they merged her in there, but there's just too much of girls I don't give a fuck about in there so I gave up.

No. 486120

it was just nitpicking and slutshaming aka the mariah mallad threads (not gonna call her moo anymore). i mean ffs she's a camgirl you won't expect morals nor a normal personality, at least go for the dead good cows who are so vague to me now that I can't recall them anymore.

No. 486132


>at least go for the dead good cows

lmao imagine nitpicking this, lc never fails to amuse me

No. 486286

No. 486295

am I crazy or does dakota look very cute here? she comes across as charming too. huh. I’ve never seen her look this good. on film, no less.

No. 486333

Same. I binge-read her threads for the first time a few months ago. So sad when the threads end. It's like reaching the end of a book and you don't want the story to end kek

No. 486411

File: 1574543946641.jpeg (21.76 KB, 450x338, drmusic2.jpeg)

i miss those too

my fav was drmusic2/mariana hanks, who had a fetish for turning into the werewolf versions of fat dead comedians, like werejohncandy and werebelushi. she also tried to attack mistermetokur for making a video on her. she's still around and goes my monstermaster13 on DA now, and is apparently a TIF named nathan forester.

also ladyalt69 too, who's also around and still insane. she married a pedophile who she got with as soon as she turned 18, and divorced him after he got arrested so she could astral travel with the jacques villain from spyro lmao

No. 486476

Princess Doll of Invetia (infamous self-poster here)

and berry ofc

No. 486668


>Princess Doll of Invetia

Fuck, I was reading her thread a while ago because of the nostalgia since it was around the time I came across lolcow and made me wonder what this girl is doing these days. I hope she grew out of whatever she tried to do but damn that was a short and good laugh.

Another cow I miss is this Rina (?) chick that selfposted back in the Kiki threads, which let her have her own threads in /snow. She was another mental unstable weeb that was a nurse, which she quit at some point to be some sort of a sex worker? She also had an asian boyfriend, which she desperately tried to keep even when he cheated on her, also lived in a very poor neighborhood and the last thing I've read about her was her having a drug addiction and being ins jail for a short time? I know that she is still around here since she once forgot to crop her IG pic on a screenshot in another cow's thread but totally can't remember where it was posted. She also changed her IG user name on a daily basis because she was too scared to be posted here again lol.

No. 486677

Oh man, I remember Berry Tsukasa. I never cared much for girls who just shooped but she was SO obsessed with pushing the whole “I’m super rich and kawaii skinny” aesthetic, and got caught in Wal Mart shoes and Cartier ripoffs at every turn. Her new live-in BF sadly has Hodgkins Lymphoma, so I hope she’s matured some.

I miss Charms too. I went back and read all her old threads. I miss the Lolita scamming, Aoi, and “any woman over a size 2 makes me want to vomit” days.

No. 486703

People like bodiposipanda who pretty much turned the body positive movement into fat acceptance. Not exactly a cow, but cutiepiemarzia/pewdiepie's now wife. Took me way too long to realize how much effort she put in to only show one side of her face. Also putting the camera down, forcing strangers to record them, or pewd's himself. Lying about nose jobs and slowly making the sub boxes worth nothing until the last two.

No. 486793

I was on Gaia online years back when she was still active. I loved the Charms threads!! I mainly found my way here for our Queen PT and Charms.

No. 486931

File: 1574638830611.jpg (41.53 KB, 480x360, d7ti3f6-00a766c0-091d-4e29-be8…)

Fuck, I love this thread. I miss those vintage cows from 3-4 years ago so much.

God, that was amazing. And from Oishii Project we got Himeka too, this was when she was originally honeykittenmomo and she got kicked for posting CP and loli porn on her Oishii Project tumblr. I think it was also around that time /cgl/ tried to send some random girl to Japan to be their flagship idoru too lol

Euthanizeallwhitepeople was fucking hilarious, thanks for reminding me anon. I'm gonna go re-read that thread. I wish they actually got exposed because he was probably a self hating dumpy white girl.

I miss Tinkerchel. She's still around on the internet but last I heard she's legitimately batshit insane and still claiming crazy shit and typing word salads Asha style. She had a whole drama with her ex-bf and the Thai police because she wouldn't stop stalking him after they broke up and she blasted him to all her followers, pretended she died twice, pretended she had several heart attacks, said Yung's family/the Thai police were stalking/harassing her despite her standing outside his house for two hours, and then recipts came out that they were in a BDSM relationship and she bit his cock too hard. She had a thread here but it never gained traction. She still has delusional fans despite her blatant lies and somehow got off scott-free. She also models now?

I also miss Chen/meloetta's drama back in the day with her and Maki's skinwalking. They absolutely hate each other's guts but it's so funny to see them uwu love wuuu at each other. Chen got less dramatic after she got arrested and seems to have gotten her shit mostly together (or at least, she's gotten better at portraying a harmless NEET persona) but Maki's still a flaming hot mess. Maki's also anachan now.

No. 486991

File: 1574654142519.png (Spoiler Image,225.71 KB, 783x609, 1450191945142.png)

Tom Preston/Andrew Dobson. He was so easy to troll.

No. 486997

File: 1574655094448.jpg (366.99 KB, 1080x1920, tommy.jpg)

he's still a major cow

No. 487018

File: 1574658467590.jpg (171.15 KB, 500x494, lhlh.thumb.jpg.dfe9afd06798bbb…)

>Idubbbz's e-thot GF
The milk dried up though

Their relationship has gotten to a point where they're eventually going to get married.

No. 487023

File: 1574659817440.png (242.34 KB, 720x720, 1318427971.hinauchi_ilove.png)

She wasn't that well-known except on DeviantArt and furry circles on Tumblr, but I miss HinaUchi/Samantha Dunlop and discussing her exes, her ever-changing sexuality, her repeated scamming, and all the other teenage furries who wanted to be her so badly. I grew up looking up to her and her exes (around 2010) and idolizing her art before all the drama began to seep out of the cracks. The last I heard of her, she went off of almost all social media platforms, except for a random Twitter page (which I can't remember the username) where she occasionally takes overpriced commissions and retweets dog pictures. She's going to be turning 26 in a few months. Weird world.

No. 487032

> also ladyalt69 too, who's also around and still insane. she married a pedophile who she got with as soon as she turned 18, and divorced him after he got arrested so she could astral travel with the jacques villain from spyro lmao

I’m a huge Spyro fan so that cow has always fascinated me. Haven’t kept up with her in years though. Didn’t know that she divorced her creepy husband or that he got arrested (Doesn’t surprise me however). I’ll never forget the awfully drawn porn of her and the most forgettable boss from the first Spyro game kek.

No. 487069

i forgot about her and she was literally the reason why I'm on lolcow. good times

No. 487183

File: 1574702344324.jpg (Spoiler Image,243.13 KB, 1280x1097, horrifying.jpg)

she still draws awful porn and is 26 and jobless still. also she claims to be non binary and posts BBW fetish pics of her body on deviantart

No. 487184

she wasnt my favorite but i think about isaki tahashi every now and then. sad little weeb. 4 chohn

No. 487191

File: 1574704020944.png (80.09 KB, 740x653, hina.PNG)

Found this on her new twitter… what?

No. 487210

oh chlamydia-chan? I looked her up just the other day! She's a single mom now and is raising a daughter.
I always kinda felt bad for her since she clearly didn't know how to handle the negative attention, but she seems to be doing ok now.

No. 487218

I know this is old but I "miss" Mila too. She is the one who led me to lolcow via her antics on tumblr. My favorite phase of hers was when she abruptly went full MAGA and started debating people in her ask box.

I'm so curious about what happened to her and what she's like now.

No. 487229

File: 1574712300700.png (1.43 MB, 1172x498, ,545.png)

Saxy. I was personally friends with her for a while/directly involved in the drama that got her on LC's radar and she was a whole mess that most people on here don't even know about. Absolutely pathetic person.
Looks like she finally got a gastric bypass though kek

No. 487233

Holy shit what the fuck is going on with her legs???

No. 487234

aww man thats wild. yea she was so helpless and didnt know when to stop. it was sad

No. 487235

File: 1574714052044.jpg (189.98 KB, 1280x960, 1407746957824.jpg)

it's what happens when you abuse your body to such an extreme. permanent damage

No. 487238

And super unfortunate genetics to make the fat pile and lump on like that, clearly. I've seen plenty of shapely obese people who don't look like they're smuggling three tires and two hams.

No. 498290

File: 1577332971821.png (106.11 KB, 405x468, ccccccccccxx.png)

I've seen a lot of people on here mention me and yes I do admit I was a lulcow for a while at least, up until 2014. And I didn't exactly take too kindly to being treated as a punching bag for internet trolls. For the record Mr Metokur didn't even do a video on me, he just did a video that mentioned me and I didn't attack him. I wasn't even mad at him I was simply just stating how embarrassed I was about how I used to be, I consider a lot of my early work to be garbage when I look back at it and I pretty much hate my old persona of trying to be edgy and different.

Most people don't seem to understand this and thought that my transformation fetish only was centered on overweight people, and like having a fat fetish was wrong or against the law…true the werebelushi and such were my bread and butter but it's just that trolls typecast me as that specific type of lulcow that it made me feel like they don't even know me. When I commented on Mister Metokur's video, I wasn't attacking him or saying anything bad about the video, I was just embarrassed about how I used to be as that video showed how I used to be.

People like Crichax of Kiwifarms and EmilyRees don't get that there is more to me than an ED article and a bunch of lame jokes made at my expense.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 498297

kys faggot no one cares

No. 498423

I miss her too. Her scamming was hilarious. She still never repaid those late commissions or fur suits.

Last I read she and the “guy” she was dating were engaged and then the girl went back to Canada and is a girl now dating an older guy. She still goes by Fen.

Her other friends are not around but Malley is now a guy and divorced her husband and she’s working and dating another trans. I don’t think she’s friends with Sam anymore.

Samm also used to be into cub/diaper fur stuff and that got her in trouble too.

That’s all I remember in recent years.

No. 498527

File: 1577417475885.png (73.8 KB, 523x429, vvvvvv.png)

I personally miss the lulcow who trolled me Eyesglowyellow. As stupid as her OC (the Metokur chimera) was I actually found her amusing. Compared to Emily 'I will start conflict with whoever I feel like' Rees.(Namefagging)

No. 498565

why are you posting on the farms, get back to writing werejohncandy stories

No. 498928

I miss Nicole Dollanganger even though there never was much milk to begin with aside from her being your typical tumblr edgelord posting CP and gore and making crappy music about her trauma and ED. The threads were fun to read though even though they devolved into the same old nitpicking over the slightest bit of nonexistens weight gain.

No. 498969

lol i remember seeing Saxy at a Kyary concert in NYC after reading about her drama on lolcow. it was surreal. good on her for losing weight, though. she was an absolute behemoth.

No. 499140

Unpopular opinion I'm sure, but I always found Ember Whann's selfposting hilarious. This is one of the first results when you google her name

No. 499141

omg same anon
I miss good ol' proana milk days

No. 499173

File: 1577620619946.jpg (736.47 KB, 1080x2032, Screenshot_20191229-125634_Fir…)

Oh man, she went from poor ana "spoop" to being a wannabe thot. When you google her name it shows a lot of "cheater/homewrecker" sites whatever they are

No. 558058

File: 1590362936992.gif (1.54 MB, 275x275, 1555181705231.gif)

Two fascinating women:
>Ginger bronson
(i'm really interested in cows that destroy everything to pursue an image/aesthetic a la Luna), we actually have the same aesthetic and i loved backreading her thread. i quite liked her writing, found her trashy tattoos strangely appealing and the modelling thing was interesting as was her brief friendship (?) with grimes. She recently deleted a lot of things/changed to black, I'd love to see her come back to be honest
>Nicole Dollanganger
I miss her tumblr cult following and to be honest enjoy her aesthetic and music. She never really went anywhere with her music and i don't know what she's doing now but her and her calves are remnants of a bygone era on Tumblr that i kind of miss. millie dollgraves is doing well i think and if im not mistaken has more followers than nicole now. kek
Not really a documented cow but was featured here a few times >>>/snow/797728 and I was briefly mutuals with her on tumblr and remember admiring her strange looks and helping spread her posts around to support her. Felt a bit of a chill when I saw her in the ghosts thread on /ot/, i believe she committed suicide and it was quite jarring as she was young and was mentally ill but i thought she'd keep going, i didn't see it coming at all. Her trans gf at the time she died is keeping her blog as a tribute at http://serotoninbluemmy.tumblr.com and he's a bit of a headcase, I remember him threatening suicide online over her death and i THINK posting/somehow interacting with or speaking about her presence on lolcow. I remember anons found out she was at least a lurker and tinfoiled about her making posts on /ot/ that sounded a lot like her. Anyway, she didn't deserve to die.

No. 558059

samefag, *three lol

No. 558060

Ugh…I miss Kayla, I wonder what happened to her.

No. 558075

File: 1590365590043.png (49.76 KB, 447x597, tumblr_inline_mxextwKMTL1speh1…)

I also miss nemu's weird shit. I was dumb enough to believe she really turned around years ago.

No. 558080

Her thread was so amazingly weird and her particular brand of weird was so niche. Truly a great cow.

No. 558090

File: 1590368215020.png (82.1 KB, 384x287, tumblr_inline_nji4y0XBC11speh1…)

Right? I didn't know vomit fetish was a thing til I encountered her. And the characters she obsessed over were so out there.

No. 558104

I honestly kinda liked nemu in a way because she was so weird and she knew she was and owned it.

No. 558110

I really enjoyed going through everything and see her art styles change and how she would depict herself almost seamlessly in each one. It’s an impressive skill, and since I have my own autismo interest in animation I liked seeing all the characters.

Too bad she’s a nasty pedophile.

No. 558117

I think the cow im most intrigued to know how is doing now a days is despairkomaeda, mostly for the nostalgia

No. 558119

I miss galaxyprincet, they were a personal cow before I even knew what a cow was. No idea why old admin randomly banned all discussion about her, i don't know where she ended up because of it

No. 558128

I'm pretty sure galaxyprincet was confirmed a troll lol but oh man I miss it so much. people got so so angry. it was beautiful

No. 558133

Same, it kind of made me feel better about myself since I had fictional crushes too.

No. 558134

Oh yeah i mean they were definitely a troll they took it a little too far to be believable and i looked their old url up and they did a fucking kiwifarms q&a and seem to have slid into being even more annoying than the galaxyprincet persona ever was lmao!

No. 558136

ran into old anachan who will not be named (you know, initials are ew) on TikTok I don’t really miss her powdered milk but seeing her bobblehead again reminded me of a simpler time on /snow/. Things haven’t felt right there since kaydee died

No. 558171

>Princess Doll
Damn anon I feel like an oldfag now

No. 558459

Same. Her thread was a wild ride.
She has some great skill (when she wasn't drawing gross shit) and if she hadn't done the things she did, I think she could've been pretty popular.

No. 558649

I miss the tumblr truth blog era of early 2010s, and especially all the kiki and dakota milk, those were the glory days. I also miss all the dakota copycats, like taylor (who's now a boring housewwife), floretta fiore (now an edgy pseudo artist), lauryniwi (still does the shitty make up and is now a mom) and kittyphina (who the fuck knows what she's up to now), does anyone remember any others? The copycats and skinwalkers we have now just don't have it anymore. The living doll milk was my favorite and it was plentiful. I never cared much for felice fawn, but mila mortice was the funniest shit ever, I wish someone would find out what she's doing now.

Somehow I also miss cathy ostrenga, fortunately we have laur and lillee jean, they really remind me of cathy and kiki.

The late 2000s and early 2010s were such a good time, I wish we could have something similar again

Oh shit I didn't even remember Rina, she was the best

No. 558928

I miss fatslagonwheels or whatever her name was… Phoebe Tickner. Such nourishing milk for a while there, but she absolutely shot herself in the fat foot by going after Lord of the queers Wednesday so I don’t think she can go back on the internet again any time soon lmao.

No. 558930

lmao anon, she was fatvegfemme and then changed her name to fatqueeronwheels which is even funnier

No. 558939

I really miss Soren's threads.. I know there is nothing special about a bumfuck Indian kid with self insert gore and rape fantasy stories but the way he just always proceeded to act like the biggest victim ever despite people debunking his story for the nth time was so entertaining to me. I also remember him from my Tumblr days too and I'm sure I used to follow him at one point. I also think he was one of the first cows I was been interested in.

Now he's not on Tumblr anymore and his Instagram has no proper milk except for him ranting about boring stuff and including his rape stories in tiny parts whenever he feels like it. I know he grew up (even though some of the shit he does and says is still the same) but he's so boring now.

No. 558942

It was an early Soundclout thread.

You just know she still posts on lolcow. Hi Rima, you're still nuts.

No. 558949

File: 1590525213628.png (650.35 KB, 680x680, EL8JKsnWsAIhHba.png)


Holy shit anon, that's the screenshot I was talking about back then. Yes, that's the one! Anyone here has her current IG name or somebody follows to know what she is doing with her life? The last thing I know that she was always high af and wandering around in shady places at night. Crazy bitch was milky as fuck lol


>and kittyphina (who the fuck knows what she's up to now)

her current twitter where she stopped to post as on her latest ig



No. 558985

She didn't have her own dedicated thread but I first found LC when I was looking up info on a girl called Eeeveeemmy. She was australian and had every invisible illness you can think of. She used made up food allergies just to enable an eating disorder and she was obsessed with hoarding toys and talking in a little girl voice. She carried soft toys everywhere and vlogged with her simp bf who worked hard to buy her them toys and video games. She went on a trip to japan to buy more kids shit (courtesy of that overworked and always exhausted looking bf) and she met up with Katy Straub and starred in her japan vlogs. She was like Katy but 100 times worse. Just when shit got really good with her bf buying her a wheelchair and wheeling her around everywhere.. she took down all her vids and even profiles.

I miss seeing a grown woman be pushed around shopping malls by a zombie looking bf. She always wore face masks in public too so looked like a cancer patient. Bit of a gypsy rose blanchard vibe to her.

No. 558997

File: 1590530802342.jpg (225.84 KB, 845x845, 7Kmx5nR.jpg)

Sarah McDaniel was one of my favorite cows. The whole story of her faking heterochromia with an obvious cheap contact lens and getting legit modelling jobs is just so funny to me.

I still check her PULL thread sometimes, but it's kind of sad because she's gotten so much surgery to look like her old ridiculous shops.

No. 559010

Jeez her eye looks so fake. Can't believe anyone bought that.

No. 559193

Joy Sparkle BS.
She was simply entertaining af, after you got past the whole "she's faking several illnesses" bit. Her 2nd return was pretty weak, though.
I occasionally wonder how many times since then she has nearly died, how her copper toxicity is, if she lost the weight or if her roommate/bf has to wipe her ass now…

No. 559413

My all-time favorite cows were Felice Fawn, then Kailyn Wilcher (milk has dried up significantly for her since she calved out) and now Yumi King who doesn't post milky content on youtube anymore. Perhaps all the milk is on her Patreon now?

No. 559439

>people actually believing this was real
FFS you can literally see the brown of her eye in the pupil hole of the contact lens.

No. 559445

never underestimate the power of stupidity

No. 559519

File: 1590603631987.jpg (75.44 KB, 508x771, uft0e5dwzko01.jpg)

She still maintains it's real, and that her eyes look different because of "lighting," not contacts. She even got a bright ocular implant. Some people still believe it's real.

I don't think she does a lot of real modelling anymore, but it's hilarious that she got on the cover of Playboy wearing a single contact lens.

No. 559524

honestly i have some weird respect for her for sticking to it for this long. to go as far as to get an ocular implant to keep up the larp? queen

No. 559547

Before the implant, I was hoping she'd come clean, but the heterochromia was pretty much the only notable thing about her. I think it's more sad that she went to such lengths to be ~uwu unique~ when she already looked great.

No. 559593

File: 1590609550845.jpg (6.52 KB, 260x194, download.jpg)

the OG goff queen, ironically enough she dressed a million times better than current altcows.

I hope she's doing well tbh, and recovered from eating disorder and alcoholism, she obviously had some issues and i compare her scamming to some crackhead robbing to buy their next fix, it was obvious that the money went to fuel her drinking.

No. 559605

I was just about to post her, my absolute Queen. I miss her so much, comeback freelice kek

No. 559631

File: 1590614540724.jpg (38.71 KB, 500x375, 1432047771593.jpg)

She's the only cow I actually knew prior to finding lolcow, I've always been interested in her life and style more than milk though.

I also miss all the J-vloggers. Again, more interested in their lives than milk because I'm a weeb. I don't really follow youtubers or use social media or anything so lolcow is the one place I catch up on online personalities these days.

No. 559636

she didn't recently delete a lot of stuff, she did that ages ago

No. 559640

File: 1590615607482.jpg (16.41 KB, 206x275, 1458059541705.jpg)

She also did delete stuff recently, now both her Kayla Day and Ginger Bronson eras are gone sort of.

My biggest hope is that she lost all that weight, she's actually quite beautiful without the fat and could've had a decent career in modelling if she hadn't ballooned up.

No. 559662

File: 1590618295555.jpg (69.39 KB, 275x275, 1488662479550.jpg)

I miss Skyleigh/ahripop's trqnsrace bullshit, UI thought it was so funny

No. 559732

File: 1590624003194.jpeg (334.72 KB, 584x651, 855EB2E1-1C59-4AC6-A915-75689E…)

I miss Kayla’s threads so much…they cracked me the hell up.

She’s most likely doing just fine in her mommy’s mansion rn, I wonder when /If she’ll come back and how she’ll change up her backstory this time

No. 560113

File: 1590672347154.jpg (100.39 KB, 720x960, ashley.jpg)

I guess her thread isn't technically dead but it's not the same anymore. Asherbee was the reason I kept coming back to /cgl/ and after that too Lolcow.

I've found new cows to follow but nothing beats me memories of the poopbrooch and her awful yaoi shoots.

No. 560200

WHO is she, Name?
Im new here

Regards from(lurk moar)

No. 560203

verpiss dich

No. 560466

She's kind of sedate now but it's crazy to me her parents left her in charge of a decent-sized house.
Hope there are working fire extinguishers.

No. 565889

God I miss Charms so much.

I also miss the "black & white ribcage blogs" on Tumblr circa 2011 - 2013. A bunch of sad white girls with eating disorders and Adderall addictions pretty much. Blogs filled with aesthetic pictures of underweight models, stills from Skins, angsty poetry and drugs.

I used to look up to the user Vamoose (lol) but there were lots of others too in that friend group. The only one mentioned on lolcow afaik was Odolnost or whatever but they were all so cringy.

No. 565903

Anyone remember Shiena? I watched her thread almost religiously when she was arrested and put in detention in Japan. I wonder what she's up to now.

No. 566825

I know I'm late to see these posts but I just reread that thread for the first time since it all went down and holy shit, that was gold.
I miss when a lot of anons were actually encouraging her to improve, as much as I love the cattiness the anons in that thread looked like saints compared to current threads.

It kinda felt like a Dangan Ronpa trial or something when she was finally confronted, I really miss what lolcow was like back then and wonder how she's doing these days too, it's pretty obvious she struggled with complex mental illnesses of some kind so I hope she's alright.

No. 567634

I know she's very recent but I miss Racist Uncle! It seems she's quieted down and sticks to only posting art now. I miss her antics

No. 568116

It was fun while it lasted, hopefully she became self aware and is bettering herself

No. 574925

I hope I’m not a necro to this thread but I was really curious about some infamous lolcows? I’ve been lurking for a couple years now but I’m so curious about some people I see on banners or “Queen PT”??
If you guys could link me to some iconic cows to entertain myself throughout the rest of quarantine that would be fantastic

No. 575002

Queen PT is Pixiteri. You can check ED for other cows if you're interested in vintage milk

No. 575058

ED has been down for a while, hasn't it?
sidenote; how do you lurk for a couple of years without finding out about pixyteri lmao

No. 575150

I’ve just stuck to my own cows for the most part haha, I’ve seen references thrown around but haven’t ventured too far. The only cow I’ve followed that I didn’t know prior was Soren and you can guess how that went

No. 594837

File: 1596329781386.jpeg (77.56 KB, 480x396, 252AEA26-BE8A-4B7B-BC6D-FF5A48…)

I don’t really know where to put this, but the cow I’ve been most haunted by is one that I don’t think ever made it here, if only because at his height a lot of people didn’t know about lolcow, and when he was popular on tumblr it was pre-2011. I wish it didn’t feel so obscure talking about it lol.

An aussie named Timothy Luke Warren aka Timothy Von Senden, and he groomed me for a long time, dating back to 2008. He posted a lot of gilded, pretentious poetry and was an anorexic ex-fat. On tumblr he was loup-garou (long since deleted) and he was kind of popular on lookbook.nu (anyone remember that ancient relic?)

I was a vulnerable teenager and had no idea he was so much older than me. He lied a whole lot. Looking back, I’m really ashamed that I never picked up on his really potent creep vibes. He randomly disappeared after crashing with that one bleach blonde tumblr girl with all of the serial killer tattoos up her arms, and she found out he cheated on her and lied about his past, his name, etc. She did a call-out that has also long since been lost to time, and it was radio silent for awhile.

In 2009-2010 he would make long blog posts about his childhood—about how his mother lit his mattress on fire, about sleeping under semi trucks and nearly starving to death, etc. I was only 13 and thought he was really my friend and that he understood csa trauma. He used me, like he did many others, and just kind of evaporated.

Then he gained a lot of weight back and resurfaced as a tattoo artist in Melbourne. He’d do a lot of feminine work, a lot of ghibli and sailor moon type stuff. Tons of women came forward saying he was a predator and would only let them come to the shop alone, and then threaten them to do sexual acts to him or he would charge them exorbitant prices for the finished ink. Then he evaporated again.

Maybe it’s a shot in the dark, but does anyone else here remember?

I think a lot of men are lucky if they committed heinous acts pre-2014, then it was much easier to make it all disappear.

No. 594853

File: 1596331543797.jpg (14.48 KB, 236x331, 1ea3b089e45224e8954ba398c586ba…)

The girl with the serial killer tattoos is TheProserpina/Victoria Campbell (https://www.instagram.com/theproserpina/) and she's still very active on social media, it seems a long shot but maybe you could try contacting her, im pretty sure she would be dying to get some good attention by making a callout on a predator.

Im so sorry this happened to you anon.

No. 594867

File: 1596332895924.jpeg (314.44 KB, 750x1107, 60AB0F8A-A58D-442E-82EA-BC19F7…)

Thank you. This may sound sad, but I’m not sure if that’s even her! It may sound like a stretch that there’s more than one white alt girl with serial killer tattoos over her arms, but my memory is really that clouded. Or at least I don’t remember her looking like that for some reason.

It’s just so crazy to me that all of it has been scraped off the net! He was called out for his behavior in 2015-2016 but when I check the #timothyvonsenden tag on ig, virtually all of the old posts are gone even though there used to be so many.

This was posted so recently, but it’s the only thing I’ve seen about it in a long time. Everything has been wiped. I don’t understand why he’s so protected.

No. 594870

File: 1596333383510.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.35 KB, 500x500, 1427705111580.jpg)


Victoria is a plastic surgery addict, she even had a thread here for a while because of her BDD antics of photoshop and surgery, it died down because she's not really that milky, she's kinda of a less insufferable plasticnproud lol.

Pic related is the tattoo in all its glory, im pretty sure its her, its quite an infamous thing to not be.

I think he's probably protected because the Melbourne tattoo scene seems to be small-ish, in a situation like this if you push people around and threaten them with isolation for the scene they cave in.

No. 594873

If you haven't already, try the Wayback Machine, anon. I always use it to try and dig up old shit from the internet. Doesn't have everything, but worth a shot.

No. 594876

Oh my goodness, I think that is her then! Oddly I remember her as quite pretty, although it was years ago. I can’t pinpoint the year but it might have been 2013. The plastic surgery thing makes sense, and I really appreciate you giving me this info.

I guess the culture of it is just so strange to me. People were claiming he had child pornography for fucksake, and all they wanted to do was “forget it.” There isn’t a single picture of him post-2010 saved as a warning anywhere from what I can see, and all that’s left is the name. Thinking someone this vile can change is beyond me…

No. 594880

File: 1596334527252.jpeg (669.56 KB, 750x1008, 580EEE69-DFD1-4C9B-943D-B01F8E…)

There is a single screenshot of his blog, from 2009. It shows nothing of merit though.

He had another blog where he told stories about an abused little girl named Katinka, at first he presented it like he knew her but she was his ‘imaginary friend’. It was pretty fucked up in retrospect. As a teenager I thought it was coping, but when you have the details about him being an offending predator and also realize that he was 22 years old at the time he wrote it, well. Absolutely vile stuff.

No. 594885

oh god that soft emotional indie boy schlick is exactly the type of trap i would've fallen for anon, im genuinely interest if you come up with something

also god lookbook was a den of anorexics

No. 594891

File: 1596336918629.jpeg (289.18 KB, 497x1157, E79FF64F-78B1-4261-8AFC-5F54A3…)

Yeah crazy how we thought these people were so cool! Guess you can’t feel too bad if you’re just a teenager, we didn’t know any better yeah?

Here is the only writing sample I could unearth, if at least to show what an asshole he was. He would’ve really been fun to dissect on here. So cringe.

No. 594948

what ever happened to charms? i miss her threads.

No. 594986

Anna Johnson/Fit Vegan Ginger. She's still active, though less so and I think she was merged with pro-ana so she doesn't get posted here much, just kiwi. I just don't find the munchie milk nearly as milky as the food concoctions. Raw vegan cinnamon toast crunch type shit was god tier milk for me.

No. 595052

File: 1596370229501.jpg (103.64 KB, 640x640, 28a763e62f38aa0da8e1cb643e61aa…)

I only found out about Yukapon nearly a year ago but I heard a little glimpse of what happened to her in the past when she first came to Japan. I have been trying to find more threads about her but most of them are archived or can't find it. I just would like to hear a whole summary of what happened to her.

No. 595065


I forgot the time when so many weeb girls tried to get popular in Japan by livestreaming on nico nico douga. Oh god the cringe golden age.

No. 599736

File: 1596911739463.jpg (232.68 KB, 383x640, d21gaxg-648876ec-3686-4811-873…)

I still miss Gutterface/Joji when she use to post videos all the time. She was a dirtbag but ngl I still really like some of her old looks and shenanigans.(pic related spoke to me as a teen tomboy kek)
Can't believe she's turning 30 this year! She was my first cow and have been following her for years. Do you guys think she still has all the BJDs she scammed off of people?
tfw all the related images to this pic specifically was filled with ftm/"queerboi" pics which is kinda depressing,but I guess you could say Joji was the original pioneer of the fakeboi persona

No. 599742

She would've been cool if she hadn't been a massive rotten piece of shit. I remember the drama back in the day. The dolls, the cyber stuff, the paintings/bookmarks, the bone collecting. She seemed quite artistic and I feel if she'd applied herself and wasn't rotten to the core, she could have done something great. She's still around, just rarely posts. Last she said, she'd had a heart attack and was living with a meth head. Look up Faern Lief Grey. You'll find nuggets.

No. 599744

Hory fuck I knew about her back in the day by was unaware of cow activity. Down the rabbit hole I go

No. 599939

She looks like Shiloh in that pic, kek.

No. 600009


imagine having that fucking tattoo across your chest, the fact that this was somehow applauded is beyond me

No. 612819

File: 1598233711764.jpeg (18.31 KB, 300x447, images - 2020-08-23T223853.458…)

>Every thread a newfag saying "this was her best era, wish she would do this again!1"
>"Kotex is not wearing her ring anymore, sugar daddy #38392 gone?"
>"Kota is actually a lesbian and dates hafu moderus"
>Token gaijin on random Japanese TV appearances
>Baby alien shoop and chola lips
>Greasy thin hair
>Kiki sperging
>This random gaijin looks just like Kota but is better than her in every way
>"She's hiding in America again!!!"

I miss it all, anons.

No. 612829

I miss the Taco Kiki saga

The theories that kota was a lesbian and dating another model were really something.

No. 612836

File: 1598236540474.jpeg (70.24 KB, 384x512, 10D51E2F-974C-4933-A43B-A5C85A…)

Does Leda count

No. 612839

File: 1598236784724.jpeg (171.29 KB, 750x743, BDD22084-11C8-49F4-96B2-03BC41…)

Samefag. I also miss toopoor’s threads and all the subcows that came with her

No. 612850

one month without an insta post, i wonder what she is doing now
i miss it too anon

No. 612867


Clearly hiding in America again.

No. 612957

The toopoor thread was the reason I started using lolcow, I miss them so much. I'm glad Layla seems to have grown up and doing well, but man I miss her milk and Tyler's so much. I had so much fun reading those threads

No. 613017

She's still alive?

No. 613295

File: 1598284396598.jpeg (61.32 KB, 257x275, 1580486287592.jpeg)

Erin Painter. Left as mysteriously as she appeared.

No. 613928

File: 1598302042976.png (240.58 KB, 700x400, 1539195358866-74.png)

Mostly because we came from the same country, everyone i knew and look up to always saw her as some kind of saint. She is the first cow i actively try to keep up with, the reason why i joined gossip websites and eventually lolcow.
I hated the bitch, don't get me wrong, but at the same time i just felt like there was some connection between me and her, because during her milkiest era I was just a lonely high school student with little to no friends. Her so-called ''art'' was cliché at best but it kinda resonates every time i look back at her main Instagram account, it brought back a sense of nostalgia and pityness to say the least.
I hope she really rest in peace this time.

No. 613943

I found her so interesting. Wish that her book got translated into English completely

No. 614150

Wait—she’s really dead?! I thought she faked it and had a new ig… I must have really confused her with another girl of her caliber

No. 614195

She’s gone MIA again since winter. It’s weird because even when she does her disappearing act she usually pops in and makes posts around her birthday, but not this year

No. 614198

She faked her death once, then created a new ig under a new name but maybe a few months (i think, I don't know the exact time) later actually commit suicide.

No. 614230

I miss mystery.jpg

No. 614286

I was really into Plaaastic and found her blog before i knew about lolcow. It was lolcow that made me aware of her lying. Really interesting photos she did with the russian model. Something about her was really sad

No. 614459

Mel Baggs died in April of respiratory failure. Wonder if it was Covid-related

No. 614513

Common knowledge, but yeah, that's fucked. I don't think it was confirmed to be COVID but wouldn't be surprised.

No. 614526

File: 1598352784893.jpg (196.04 KB, 1024x768, jesus christ.jpg)

no one will ever be this grotesque again. rest in piss

No. 614903

Nothing will be as surreal to me as seeing a copy of the New York Times a few months ago with a decently sized obit for her. It was strange seeing a cow in that context.

No. 614920

wow, you're being cruel and unfunny

No. 614940

do you have any idea where you are?

No. 614959

Do you? Hint: it’s not kiwifarms

No. 614963

in what world is lolcow any better than kiwifarms..

No. 614967

No. 614968

nah, not really

No. 614973

You must be blind

No. 615025

Nta but I read the amberlynn threads on KF and when she was diagnosed with uterine cancer people started talking about her gf probably sucking 'cancer globs' out of her while going down on her.. that for me was a personal moment of realising where my limits are. Cancer talk meets crude vag talk all literally a day after cancer diagnosis.

Similar shit was posted multiple times a day, never getting any funnier no matter how many variations they put on describing a 'cancer dribbling snatch' Meanwhile her thread on here was so so far from that.

No. 615028

To be fair, I remember a thread on here where some ig influencer had a stage 4 (I think?) cancer diagnosis and people were saying she "deserved it" because she was dating a guy with a rape allegations against him and had defended him. Like no, I'm sorry, but that's not a fucking excuse to be glad that someone is dying of cancer. Terminal illness is definitely where I draw the line when it comes to gossip and shit talking cows. Kiwifarms is bad but lc can definitely compete with them from time to time.

No. 615446

I vaguely remember this person being mentioned and the conversation ended at "leave her alone, she's dying".
the difference is that really cruel and sick shit happens here sometimes and not 24/7 like on kiwifarms.
Not to mention Lolcow is less horrible just cause it's not a misogynist hellhole like kiwifarms.

No. 617025

I miss Phoebe Tickner and Robyn Brown most I think

No. 617601

Looks like Phoebe's thread got revived recently. Some farmers think she's selfposting now.

No. 617924

i miss the erin painter threads so much. that shit gave me so much serotonin. when she would randomly bump her own thread with an unsaged peepeepoopoo? absolutely delicious

No. 618072

Only following foodie beautys thread on KF. Hate having to wade through all the elaborate ways that guys find to say "bet her pussy stinks" I dunno maybe it does but it's interesting how these 'totally grossed out' guys want to bring the convo back to that at all times, and the level of detail they go into when imagining it.. Like go get laid.

Expected Phoebe to stick around forever, complaining about Instagram removing her posts every day and then making a new gofundme to upgrade her chair every other month

No. 618120

sage for old but man i miss this phase when japanese people were always commenting stuff like "wow she has a mature face????" lmao

No. 618177

I miss Kota and I miss Felice god damn.

No. 618200

sage for old but man i miss this phase when japanese people were always commenting stuff like "wow she has a mature face????" lmao

No. 618224

File: 1598662045550.jpeg (755.93 KB, 4096x3072, 5EE84748-62F3-4F25-9C43-7D1C48…)

No. 618423

File: 1598675118666.jpg (33.71 KB, 991x806, sailor_moon_redraw___marina_se…)

same old shit, it's kinda sad bc all of her funny critics have pissed off and she's still off in fantasyland

No. 625517

File: 1599593416582.png (734.41 KB, 603x607, 1427980049750.png)

What's fetsu up to these days?

No. 625518

Omg I miss her. I found her so weirdly endearing for some reason.

No. 625524

I first found out about her and other amazing minicows years back when I would read through articles on Encycledia Dramatica. I miss those days lol

She probably has an onlyfans

No. 625626

what an incredible punchable face

No. 625639

I miss Luna Slater being milky and her threads active and always full of druggie milk

No. 625656

She's one of the only cows I thoroughly enjoy, or enjoyed.

No. 626643

Funny as she was, she got really boring after a few years. She's an autistic adult, so any maturing or changing that she'd do now has happened already. She won't really generate any new milk. The novelty of her crush on the manatee cyborg pirate from Treasure Planet has long worn off and with cows like Nemu and LadyAlt69, DisneyFan01 is almost innocent.

No. 631447

File: 1600236514872.jpg (79.57 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Does anyone know what happened to coldnessinmyheart? I heard a rumor that she died but never got any confirmation on it

No. 631450

I really want to know too! all I’d hear is that she committed suicide but it wasn’t confirmed.
Always felt really bad for her.

No. 631457

I’d also like to know. There were a lot of bizarre aspects to this one.

No. 631458

kiwi farms has a thread about her and iirc her friend confirmed she's dead on his blog. I'd check there. I can't deal with her stuff so I avoid it.

No. 631459

She’s still around. Just posts her art on insta. Her old threads are a mess lmao so much nitpicking . Looking back she wasn’t even that bad or milky compared to some of the other cows on here. But that was 2015 LC. Makes me miss when most cosplayers were very active on tumblr and were advertising for spreepicky kek

No. 631469

Yeah her friend confirmed it and also her ex boyfriend.

No. 631473

I miss the Homestuck cosplay drama circa 2012/2013 so much. Mostflogged/Tattobot/Lovely_Paprika/the whole Florida comm/Heaven. More names I can't remember. Good times.

No. 631981

I can't find her ex's blog anywhere but I'm not shocked that she's dead. Still horribly depressing, though

No. 632023

I miss the munchausen threads.
Also, there's one cow who's name i can't quite remember i think its Lola? She had a rich, creepy older bf and there was a video of her crying and wiping her face with his sock? Lmao I wonder what she's up to.

No. 632034

I dunno if she's a cow, but she was a relatively tumblr famous blogger and I absolutely cannot remember her name. She was Korean American and she gave out shitty dieting advice while doling out thinspo photos of herself. The only clear detail about her tumblr name was something related to "lookingforalaska" or whatever, and that her name was Julia, Juliya, and she put a fake British accent in videos.

No. 632044

Ugh I miss those too. Where does anyone get their munchie fix these days? The one on KF is a little slow moving for me

No. 632077

That piece was written so respectfully, I was kinda touched by the writer's care.

No. 632105

I remember when that con drama with MF and JJ went down. Homestuck fandom really brought out the worst people kek

No. 632241

omg i remember her !!! ikilledalaska, formerly princejuliboo called herself julaska sometimes lmao. lots of grammatically incorrect fake deep ramblings and romanticizing cigarattes

No. 632287

Anon, you're the queen!! Yes, that's it! It seems like she swiped everything though. What a shame.

No. 632657

she's actually a good artist now
i miss the edgy asian tumblrs from that time, they evolved into the pale rich boring sjw asians like malitonin, generally and bopeep

No. 632750

Yeah. Those were the good old days. I saw her art and I'm very happy that she's so accomplished!

No. 634331

i miss that orthorexic ice skater who claimed to have POTS disease; ginger something.
her fucked up anachan food was so fun.
vegan cereal that was just raw veg in soy milk topped with fat/sugar-free maple syrup and cinnamon wild

No. 634342

Anon I usually don't like going to KF but I know they've kept up with her and its gotten worse. Still on her crazy restrictive diets and now has a poop bag.

No. 634352

astonishing; what an absolute mess.

No. 634365

Was that the fit vegan ginger girl?

No. 634524

The lack of linking to old threads ITT saddens me.

No. 634755

File: 1600637511340.png (Spoiler Image,800.21 KB, 992x548, 1456934812084.png)

Remember the brownies that looked like they had maggots in them

No. 634758

That looks absolutely disgusting.

No. 634777

That triggered my fight or flight reflex

No. 635878

horror show

No. 635959

File: 1600773377977.jpg (6.5 KB, 226x223, images.jpg)

I miss kiko

I still have her added on spotify, but that's all

No. 635975

This is a bit of a stretch but does anyone remember power tumblr users from 2010-2014 at the sites peak who were obsessed with communism? I remember a guy named Leon who went to Swansea in Wales. Anyone know what happened to him or people in his circle?

No. 635979

I use to talk to her ex Dan all the time on tumblr. She was always jet cringe, hilarious she's a meth head now.

No. 657773

File: 1602927031197.jpg (33.16 KB, 400x400, jaN59iPc_400x400.jpg)

I REALLY miss reading about munchies, especially the ones talked about on /r/illnessfakersgonewild before it closed like elanathezebra and rebellious_story. Would it flop if I made a new thread on /snow/?

No. 657811

I miss Pheebz and her blobface selfies the most,especially when she'd complain about having to clean her flat and the way she'd spin IBS and fatness into a welfare-deserving disability.

As a lazy IBS fag myself, she made me feel so calm and good about myself because I have a job, car, friends etc, nothing special but I'm not a narc munchie wreck.

She was my perfect "your life but worse" cow.

No. 657815

I'd read it if milk was provided. Sounds interesting to me.

No. 657816

I was always amazed that she claimed her symptoms were that bad and yet she crammed the food and calories in… I had bad ibs symptoms for about ten years (mysteriously left after a decade, a fucking miracle) and I can understand maybe being chubby because carbs might be your food of choice to avoid symptoms… depends on the individual but I'm pretty sure a high fat content is one of the top irritants for nearly all ibs sufferers.

Peanut butter on everything. Chinese food?? All while shitting blood.. No loss of appetite whatsoever? Incredible

No. 657832

Wasn't there a quite active munchie thread at some point? Is say go for it

No. 657834

everyday i pray to the milk gods and ask them nicely to bless us with pheebies return. maybe one day, i can only hope.

No. 658011

File: 1602960215880.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, H5oavb7D.jpg)

i check up on bunny Alexander from time to time, and she is still photoshopping her pics to oblivion. the other day she posted about how she's "going to school to be a brain doctor". i figured she had a degree and was doing a masters or something, but no lol she's going to a community college for psychology.. so cringe. she was also bragging about getting a 75% on a paper, like come on.

No. 658015

they’re a banned topic afaik because they’re all attention whores and start self-posting

No. 659304

anyone know what happened to bodyofbugs/rottinggirlsrestingplace? think her real name was Robyn. I used to follow her in my edgy teen days

No. 659332

I'm not familiar with her but this pic has me feeling uncomfortable, like I hope that my chest tatt doesn't look that shitty to strangers

No. 659339

Wasn't she a muslim that later turned stripper?

No. 659364

It does, sorry non

No. 659560

File: 1603133021159.jpg (489.4 KB, 1000x1333, hijab.jpg)


yes lmao. I'm pretty she only did this because her hair was severely damaged from dying it so much. she does onlyfans now and is a "christian"

No. 659561

File: 1603133029018.jpeg (93.99 KB, 480x639, images - 2020-10-19T154417.139…)


She just pretended she was a muslim for a while because her hair was super shitty and she wanted to hide it with a hijabi. That lasted for like 5 months tops

If it's well done, then probably not but you should look elsewhere for asspats

No. 659599

File: 1603135815636.jpeg (25.71 KB, 236x326, 5A9D260D-5E08-4C4E-BD9C-3B96A6…)

Does anyone remember Tiffany Kudrikow? She was quite popular on YouTube in the early 2010s. Pickme type. At some point started dating (or married?) a Muslim and converted to Islam. Always wore hijab and posted about Allah for a few years. Seems to have broken up with the guy within the last couple years and dropped all the Muslim stuff

It was so long ago that I can’t remember any milk in particular, but I didn’t know any pickmes irl back then so I was always shocked by her videos

No. 660979

File: 1603824582186.jpg (34.75 KB, 550x372, 062fe1f57fa61cbf0617d151eb2393…)

Does anyone remember wolfie blackheart? Where is she now? i can't find anything at all about her. I know she trooned out, which is a shame because she was a really cute edgy tomboy

No. 661047

thaaaaank you i was looking for her videos the other day but couldn't for the life of me remember her name
i liked her when i was a teen and looked for "what boys think about X that girls do" content

No. 661214

Is she the one that decapitated that dog

No. 664961

Lol. Bunny was my first lolcow before I even knew what lolcow was. She lives in my city, a lot of mutuals know her. My friends initially showed me her Tumblr back in her gothic/alt model days (2009 I think?) Every wannabe alt girl in town knew Bunny, there were a lot of skinwalkers. It was pretty entertaining watching her go from Victorian goth Tumblr girl to converting to Islam for a month or however long that lasted, to stripping at the local clubs, marrying the bouncer, disappearing, coming back with an open marriage, divorcing, retiring, and now… going to college for psych and doing OF? I recall a video she made awhile back talking about BPD being some of her actions. Just came across her again for the first time in years before stumbling upon this thread.

No. 665341

41%'ed last year.

No. 666103

This is a fucking lie.

I found their facebook page right here: https://www.facebook.com/wolfie.rodriguez.714

No. 666761

File: 1604514963232.png (18.43 KB, 420x238, fb.PNG)

Found this comment on one of her posts, seems like she's not doing well. Smoking meth in the woods? Yikes.

No. 666763

>instead you want to fuck with sorry ass nigga in your gay ass woods
I love it

No. 666765

Does anyone remember Jess Woods on Tumblr? She deactivated her blog and disappeared from the internet, the last time I checked anyway. I wonder what she is doing now.

No. 666769

File: 1604515507969.jpg (33.3 KB, 720x402, 27655404_148969759236625_15932…)

how does one LARP as both a gangster and a wolf at the same time?

No. 666773

File: 1604515765872.jpg (186.25 KB, 954x660, kjn.jpg)

I remember her. In all honesty, I bet she's on IG with a new aesthetic, and no one recognizes her. She seemed to be moving more toward "glam" and pink/girly city aesthetics just before she completely dropped off.
I always think of that one letter from her boyfriend that she proudly showed off that read something like "I want to be the only thing between your thighs" (re: her ED).

No. 666782

File: 1604516487183.png (217.46 KB, 512x375, unnamed.png)

She works as a librarian too which makes it pretty easy to keep a low profile.
I genuinely liked her photography tho, pic related is another one from the fabled sad bbygirl back staring into the creepy background series.

No. 666786

Now she's jumping dick to dick (third boyfriend in a year) and still being kawaii uwu at 30

No. 666793

Wtf She was a cow? I watched her way back in the day, always found it bizarre how she only hung out with guys and had that whole cringey engagemebt breakup

No. 666800

Annchirisu, another Asian YTer, once made a video exposing her after they fell out. She claimed that she made up an entire fake brother who was overprotective of her, claimed that her brother was actually her boyfriend (or fiance), pretended he died, and even sent a photo of a gravestone.
Supposedly, the reason she lied is because her parents were overprotective of her and it was an excuse. I distinctly remember Ann saying "What is with your fucked up incest mind?" and "The statistics are out there, man" (I forgot the context of the latter one, something about views and/or maybe the gender/age demographic watching her videos).

No. 666805

File: 1604517612753.jpg (98.67 KB, 566x848, 1482119412701.jpg)

You made me go down memory lane to the old /snow/ thread(s). I didn't realize she edited this much, damn.

No. 666813

that thread was the best because so many people on tumblr idolized her and believed her lies. i think she was jealous of other bloggers like childoflamb (maja)

No. 666839

holy shit, do you have an archive of it?

No. 666841

The incest talk is funny because her parents are first cousins and she talks about how her dad tried to set her up with her cousin.
What the fuck Asian people

No. 666843

Yes I remember her. I loved her greenery aesthetic during jess-woods and briefly during moonprincessjess, not so much her previous phases. I'm still surprised she hasn't resurfaced, I'd really like to see new photography of her again ngl.

No. 666857

Sadly, no. I did download it years ago, but the HD I had it on died.

No. 667197

She gets brought up so often, she should just remake and not post pics of herself - she actually had a following based on her (slightly above average) photography and aesthetic. I think it was so dumb to throw that away, but maybe she's happier offline.

No. 667395

fuck I miss Felice Fawn, she must be seething that goth gamer gf is the new trend and she isn't the queen of it. I am SO curious about what she's doing.

No. 676451

File: 1605693890159.jpg (59.02 KB, 1080x1075, photo_2020-11-18_10-57-37.jpg)

Jesus, Xiao and the dick hopping.
Xiao in the last year became a desperate girl, she says that her dad trying to set her up and rushing her to get married is annoying etc but she literally finds a new boyfriend every month and everytime she does, she does stuff like this.
There's nothing wrong with couple gadgets but these two have been together for a month.
Before this guy, she had an autist ( you can clearly her him speak) who just spent her videos saying "Aww you so cute!" and doing stuff that embarassed her.
And the guy before that, just ghosted her. She believed a JP-UK long distance relationship, where you see each other once a year, could work, saying "we both workaholics lol" only to cry in camera when he didn't give her attention.
She seems so naive(or stupid) and immature, despite being fucking 30.
She gives me these creepy vibes of an obsessive girlfriend that tosses you out once you don't meet every request of her only to rush to cry on camera making herself the fucking victim.

No. 676465

Well, boo fucking hoo

No. 676476

I can’t believe she’s still doing that voice. Her views have plummeted and struggle to get past 10k, pretty embarrassing for someone who used to get sometimes 700k+ views back in the day when that was super impressive.

I don’t remember her being milky but what was her Vietnamese friends name? She lived in London, tall and quite pale, modelled a bit. She got criticised for her modelling profile listing her race as Eurasian as she was fully Asian, but explained that it was because she looked mixed. I wonder what happened to her.

No. 676488

After reading that post I thought about her too anon, and the parody video of venus they all worked on together! Her name was Anne and her youtube channel is Annchirisu and she used to go by Nyannchan iirc. A moment ago I rewatched her making meme faces from 7 years ago. Talk about nostalgic lol. She wanted to be a model and seemed to have plans to be a big leagues cosplayer, but didn’t take off. She started streaming a few years back but that didn’t really take off either as far as I can tell. I think she does small time modeling now, I know she does hand modeling at least. She posted it in her insta. Her boyfriend since 2014 or 2015 also just bought a house with her some time this year. She seems happy. I remember the Eurasian thing, and her koreaboo phase.

No. 786392

File: 1618774586280.png (467.41 KB, 495x495, mm.png)

whatever happened to mallory maloney? i miss her. she used to have a website and all her social media as mallorymaloney, but it's all been deleted - not even a username change, flat out gone. i remember she made a fool of herself on the egl livejournal in 07, and came back to make a fool of herself on cgl in 2013. trail runs cold around 2015 or so.

she used to post every single detail of her life on her website, it was lulzy.

No. 786411

File: 1618775843248.png (618.13 KB, 755x891, rtyrtyrty.png)

zeriara was one of my favorites, i wonder where she is now

No. 786490

File: 1618781287013.png (511.24 KB, 556x785, 1502555987126.png)

I forgot this chick existed until I saw a tiktok pointing out her terrible shoop. I honestly miss her stupid antics because she got dragged nonstop for YEARS but kept doing the same shit she was getting repeatedly dragged for.

No. 786537


do you have the tiktok? bc wew this brings me back. she was one of my first cows and one of the only handful of people i visited PULL for when the thread here got dry (always something to nitpick on that site haha)

No. 786572

Snapesnogger. Though I haven't kept tabs on her since highschool.

No. 786625

No. 786629

I think she was my first lolcow and one of the first articles I've read on encyclopedia dramatica. Shit, that was so long ago it's making me very nostalgic. I was about to mention that I recall her making a new deviantart called owl something, but this anon >>786625 got me beat. I can't believe she's still active!

No. 786631

File: 1618794219514.jpg (851.52 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20210419-030213_Ins…)

Also samefag but after looking at her instagram I think her art is still kinda shitty kek

No. 786695

This video popped in my recommended and what the actual fuck?
Why is this 30 year old giving her bank info to a so called boyfriend of some months?
Is Xiao really that naive and stupid? Of course the guy is a cunt too but…what the actual fuck?

No. 786702

why the fuck do I like this actually, I guess it's the rendering.

No. 786728

File: 1618809819042.webm (854.52 KB, 576x1024, ssstiktok_1618808365.webm)

>vid rel
I saw another one on my fyp today but I didn't like it and can't find it anymore.

I can't believe she's still active and still has the same kawaii "lol random" aesthetic she's had for like 10 yrs. It baffles me that she willingly gave this guy enough info for him to be able to commit fraud and ID theft after less than a year of them knowing each other.

No. 786749

yeah the guy sucks but… I can't feel too bad. Why the fuck does he have her bank info?

No. 786758

What… exactly is the fandom here? Looks like Back to the Future but even that is too highbrow for old Snapesnogger.

No. 786760

Damn. Video went private. That was fast.

No. 786764

It's Good Omens.

No. 786785

Maybe it’s because she’s getting legal help and they told her to take it down. It was weird that she decided to publicize that info in the first place.

No. 786885

I can see it perfectly fine

No. 791721

I miss Dasha and Phoebe

No. 791826

Stell Bell
I wonder if she already married that old crusty geezer she was presumably dating,knowing she lives in the deep south,probably.
Its no surprise if she's still racist and insecure today,I don't think she has changed that much but who knows

No. 791872

werid to think i was the same age as her when I started browsing lolcow kek. looking back on how mentally fucked up she was already at 16 is kinda sad

No. 792637

Digibro is a cow I miss. He's a strange case because I hated keeping tabs with him after he became more milky. The only way I kept tabs on his drama was because I liked his content in a weird way, he was the only halfway decent anime YT at the time. Digibro right now has spiraled into such insanity his content is no longer even viewable.
From what I could tell he started making weirder and weirder content until he trooned out. His fanabse hated this move because they're all conservative weebs and his view, patron, and like count all halved after his coming out and is still trending downward. His wife, yes he has one, broke up with him. He then cut off all his friends and became friends with a bunch of weird guys who are coercing him into shitty life choices. He also deleted all his old videos, like the last things making him money, because "He wanted a new start". As of now every video of his has comments begging him to stop and shitting on his new content.
He kind of put himself into a corner tbf. His rightoid fans wont accept him and no leftoid will accept him, he likes loli, has defended use of the n-word, etc. He's unironically gonna just kill him self soon

No. 792640

No. 792666

i wish amanda palmer and neil gaiman hadn't learned to keep their shit private. they were some of my favourite celebrities to point and laugh at

No. 792688

on one hand i'm sort of ""glad"" Soren's dead bc she was such a mess of a person and she was likely troubled irl to do the explosive, lolcow shit she did so MAYBE she can now finally rest in peace and doesn't have to suffer or burden her poor enabler family (i hope they sold all of her hoard already, that shit was massive), but they were also one of my favorite cows simply bc of what a horrorcow she was, it was almost too bizarre to be real. i didn't even read the entirety of her threads, but how she managed to come up with such a convoluted insane disgusting "totally real uwu" backstory and it involved real life people (who had nothing to do with any of it because it was fictionalized/made up)… i don't think anyone could achieve that today (thank god tho)

No. 792855

I still kind of don't believe he died tbh

No. 796485

File: 1619934505148.jpg (341.15 KB, 898x970, Screenshot_20180222-090759.jpg)

Idk if she was ever covered here in detail, but I think anyone who was on tumblr circa 2017 is familiar with Angie/skagra/glugged/oldcyborgmovie/a dozen other urls. I even got her infamous DMs asking to reblog her gofundme. I was off tumblr by the time she started getting called out, though. I really miss reading her hyperbolic posts. Her kf thread is a pretty good chronicle of her rise and fall. She's unfortunately mostly private or offline nowadays, but they were able to dig up that she's still been going to court over some lawsuit against the state.

No. 797879

File: 1620069851308.png (711.8 KB, 591x587, 1522040855846.png)

I'm still curious about whether she actually died or just faked her death to get away from her online presence and seek help. Hopefully the latter.

No. 797886

Where can I read more about Ciara? She fascinates me.

No. 797921

I really miss Felice, old Kota and Charlotte Charms

No. 799223

File: 1620179752834.png (1.4 MB, 1362x714, AB0F830E-FA3B-45EF-9EE4-9AE0B8…)

I miss this stupid bitch. I respected the balls she had being completely upfront and honest about her photoshopping, surgeries, etc plus she used to really entertain me back in the day and her mean girl smackdowns on Peter coffin and that one yellow fever sexpest were actually hilarious.

After she had that kid her man didn’t even want she got boring and the trump shit isn’t even entertaining bad behavior, just embarrassing. Also she looks like lori lewds retarded Chinese sister now, but I knew she was going to go down that route once she hit 30, she was super obsessed with the college age american bimbo in 2007 look.

No. 799228

Faked death to get away from her embarrassing image and reputation.

No. 799235

She was always bitchy in an unlikable but entertaining way, but when she had her kid she instantly became insufferable.

No. 801858

I miss felice fawn as fuck

No. 808540

found her. twitter is sewerdoll, instagram is necromimi, and youtube is kittycomb.

No. 808551

It became sad right as she failed to come to terms with her son acting weird, the kid never behaved normally yet she paraded him around like some prodigy. Did she ever admit he was autistic?

No. 808585

Whatever happened to Leda? She hasnt posted on insta in over a year. Hope she's alright

No. 808591

Same, does anyone know why she deleted her blog?

I don't think so, last I remember she made a post saying basically that it was something that makes her extremely worried but never conclusively said either way and basically just said that she hated the concern trolling about it. I got the impression she didn't want to give the people who had been saying it the satisfaction of being right and she probably won't talk about it until he's way older if ever.

No. 820506

anyone else remember blonde milk?

No. 820543

It would appear that Robyn Laura Brown, the queen of Spoonies, is now pregnant. Lord have mercy on that poor child. Saw that on her facebook a few months ago…

No. 820729

wow, she was one of my fav cows lol

No. 820790

I audibly gasped, I bet she's gonna exaggerate every pregnancy related thing and always be in the doctors office both when pregnant and when its born lmao. Her boyfriend/husband whatever must be insane too. Why would you permanently tie yourself to someone as unhinged as her??

No. 822552

im so bummed admin locks the threads of dead/"dead" cows now sometimes u just wanna reminisce and talk shit

I also lowkey dont buy it but maybe it's for the better he got the attention cut off if he did just fake it (again)

No. 822624

File: 1622805340751.png (686.76 KB, 1034x608, Screenshot 2021-06-04 at 12.14…)

I miss Ryden and her husband suicide drama. She was so cute and pretty. Shame she's fat now

No. 822828

is her thread dry? I hate this cunt. makes it harder for ohs to take genuinely sick people seriously. they're already underfunded as it is

No. 851509

omg yes. I wonder what she's up to!

No. 851512

Did MandaTee ever have a thread here? I miss her old shit when she was peak. She was the woman who has been in love with an obscure Spyro mini boss since the 90s, uses her autism/schizophrenia diagnosis as a justification for saying she wanted to do some very questionable things with a minor relative, and is currently flaunting her Jacque body pillow around on TikTok after fleeing DeviantArt because she was called out by a 17 year old

No. 851530

Is the woman who slept with 4chan scrotes for drugs or drug money?

No. 852541

Sometimes I remember that post that Emily Crocker (Emilyologist or whatever, ""famous"" for copying Felice Fawn as a teen) made about having two wigs or whatever the fuck and she legit posted a picture of her holding the wigs when the op was clearly baiting her
Anyway, now that she's completely irrelevant, I wonder if she's just a regular ass farmer
For that matter, I also wonder if Dakota and Charms also are here, crypto posting about their burnt pasta or explosive diarrhea

No. 852594

She actually died, anon. I hope she's resting in peace now

No. 853394

Hey whatever happened to criedwolves and all those other aiden fucks?

No. 853401

I don't know if she had a thread here but she has an active one on kiwifarms. she goes by AmariStrawberry now and wants to fuck a Grimmsnarl named Leastus

No. 853407

where is nemu? still posting on private accounts or did she finally get off the internet?

No. 853422

I don’t remember if she was considered a “cow” exactly but does anyone remember applemilk ?

No. 853672

File: 1626254881905.jpg (272.48 KB, 1462x2048, 20210714_042644.jpg)

criedwolves is still semi active on Twitter and continues to do the he/they softboy thing which is honestly surprising. There was one other that got a bf, grew her hair out, and admitted to just being a girl. I wish I remembered who that was.

No. 853861


Yes. I feel bad about what went down with her she was a harmless sperg and the various hate machines started spinning around frothing at the mouth like the android in alien.

No. 853896

I agree! She was harmless and I still feel bad that she decided to do that JAV. Just found out she lives in the US and is married with kids. I’m happy she’s at least living a normal life. Wish the same would happen to people like Venus.

No. 930766


This is a long shot OP because you posted this a year ago. I dated (and lived with) this guy for a year, breaking up and moving out at the start of last year. I didn’t know about any of the stuff he’d done until I googled his name post breakup. If you have any questions for closure I’d be happy to help.

No. 930779

Nearly a year later and Feebz is still not back, it hurts bros. I even re-read her first thread the other day and had a laugh at all the shit I forgot about, like her absolute doozy of a twitter filled with slurs and bigotry and her desire to rape people lmao. What a complete and utter bitch she is, I really loved to hate her.

No. 930936

File: 1633440040156.jpg (25.11 KB, 190x316, feebzpo.jpg)

I remember when she changed her name to Fat Queer On Wheels and an anon said that's exactly the sort of thing chavs would shout if they saw her zooming down the road lmao - the lolcow moment that lives rent-free in my head.

No. 930941

I saw this on the front page and had hoped our fat body positively ibs queen had returned. God I miss those days

No. 931327

feeling like pure shit just want her back xoxo
tbh she's one of the only cows who ive seen get rid of her social media presence almost entirely, like she actually took the farms advice and deleted everything. wonder how she's making money now though or if she's just living off of disability

No. 932159

Update: she dead because she fat.

No. 932223

ah Blob bless Feebz and her mismatched tits.

There are some from the old munch threads I sometimees wonder what they're up to. The fakeboi from the UK who claimed to be paralysed and have cancer is one I remember being interested in and annoyed when he wised up and locked his accounts.

No. 933397

File: 1633651860464.png (49.25 KB, 1403x185, why.PNG)

Legends never die.

No. 933408

File: 1633653328338.jpg (60.78 KB, 500x742, CBfqKNfW4AEn4H9.jpg)

Look, I only posted on here because I was brought up in the first place and since the email response I got was a rather rude 'don't care' message, then clearly you do care if I insult you lot by calling a bunch of Kiwifarms wannabes that make Seltzerberg seem intelligent by comparison.

Also…misinterpreting the whole Metokur thing to that I was attacking him, I wasn't, I was just surprised he even remembered me. Also you misgendered me, I am not a woman, I am not trans, I prefer to identify as male and that is it. Clearly if you really don't care, you wouldn't have mentioned me.

No. 933409

Alright girlie

No. 933410

Don’t care.

No. 933413

File: 1633653581266.png (77.09 KB, 596x409, ooosd.png)

Clearly you do care enough to respond, sorry but telling me to 'get help' and misgendering me is the final straw. And also telling me to go home 'and make more werejohncandy stories'. Fuck you, you're just as bad as Kiwifarms is.(do you know where you are)

No. 933424

maam what

No. 933444

Sorry, gal, maybe next life.

No. 935187

WannaBlaze (she had a thread on here) and Traci Hines. I wish the cosplay thread covered more of the antics of the latter, because she's a trainwreck of a bitch. Also, quirkyloverosee had a few threads on here back in the day.

No. 935262

i miss aubrey ahna, the munchie. she's defnitely still doing it, but learned not to post receipts online. her husband's left her as well so maybe she's embarassed about that.

No. 1022429

File: 1641827668544.jpeg (86.43 KB, 500x667, FC406336-D953-429E-BC49-66F110…)

I miss Berry Tsukasa. Wonder what happened to this cow

No. 1022432

i saw this thread pop up and immediately thought of bury. i don't even remember if her twitter account still exists? last i know is that she was taking care of her bf (husband?) who was hospitalized.

No. 1022436

File: 1641828305531.jpg (78.68 KB, 650x852, FIHSTEzXIAcZsaV.jpg)

nvm she still shoops herself to hell and back kek.

No. 1022498

God she was so boring though

No. 1022577

File: 1641838942558.png (1012.43 KB, 774x856, 1480709224904.png)

I really miss Asherbee. She's the reason I kept coming back to /cgl/, and then lolcow, when it got created. She was just a fun, innocent trainwreck. Just ugly cosplays, gross makeup, she really never got any better at anything. But it was just relaxing fun, no scandals, deaths, drugs, etc.

No. 1022610

I completely forgot about this bitch. Oh my lord.

This thread makes me realize how dead lolcow is compared to years ago. I don't even know what /pt/ turned into. Also +1 for Ginger Bronson's thread

No. 1022620

iirc her thread got revived for a moment a month or so ago because she has been scamming people and her cosplays and skills are still as bad as ever.

She used to be my favorite cow too.

No. 1022634


No. 1022638

i'm glad she's irrelevant because apparently i'm distantly related to her.

No. 1022679

kommst du aus Deutschland?

No. 1022727

ja, aus einem kaff ganz in der nähe von krummennaab. meine mutter hat mir damals einen artikel über sie im onetz gezeigt, weil ich selber so ein weeb bin, und irgendwie kam sie mit meinem opa drauf zu sprechen und der hat die ganze entfernte verwandtschaft dann aufgedröselt. es ist so eine "das kind von der cousine der eingeheirateten tante von der halbschwester vom schwager" ding, aber fühlt sich trotzdem ganz merkwürdig an kek

No. 1022778

omg, verstehe. krass und auch ein bisschen unangenehm für dich, wahrscheinlich. Du hast eine echte Kuh im Familienkreis… sie ist auch eine Lieblingkuh von mir, kek

No. 1022858

I miss Laineybot and her stupid boring streams.

No. 1023049

I miss the confetti club threads. It was just such a perfect concentrated collection of autism and fatties with the worst sense of fashion imaginable

No. 1023052

The sheer volume of fupa in that thread was incredible, I've never seen so much drooping fat in one place and that includes the deathfat thread

No. 1023061

File: 1641878989847.jpeg (809.5 KB, 1564x1564, 1506364389830.jpeg)

oh god yes. i cant believe its been 4 years. they were awful but i miss it too.

>"husband cheats on me with younger girl. she has blue hair and loves makeup"

>"well obviously if i dye my hair and do drag queen makeup this will fix my shit marriage"
>pic related

No. 1023085

the lainey saga was what kept me here. it's so pathetic. her situation is so pathetic. you have to almost feel bad for her here. it's a sympathetic position to be in but she absolutely fucks everyone over who tries to help her or care for her at all.

No. 1023113

sadie doyle

and the die cis scum people from tumblr (the one with the black lipstick and the one with the tattoo) that shit was wild

No. 1023128


What happened to the Confetti Club? Did the group actually die off or did interest in milking them just wain?

No. 1023136

i miss her too nonas, she was my favourite and the first cow i was actively watching from the beginning. pls stop larping with your ffxiv daddies and come back erin

No. 1023157

IMO, since a lot of the milk came from actual disabled people (the Dutch lady who was losing her hair) it got kind of sad. Jill on the other hand… even her skinwalkers (looking at you, CheekySparkles) started doing better than her.

No. 1023230

File: 1641906742760.jpg (481.95 KB, 1080x1400, Screenshot_20220111-081215_Chr…)


She comes up on my Twitter feed all the time, @Cyb4rGaL
I actually came here a week or so ago and searched her thread to see if anyone knew what was going on with her. She appears to have two names in her bio with heart emojis, she poly or hwat

No. 1023244

File: 1641907513664.jpeg (106.58 KB, 828x810, 5580CC1A-22BB-4608-8CDA-338B8E…)

It’s insane comparing how much she used to really shoop her face but it seems she’s still full of herself. I do miss keeping up with her even if she was boring, she was just super annoying.

No. 1023267

File: 1641908943586.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.8 MB, 1242x1901, AA2392A1-396A-4693-92C7-40A6F2…)

Tiffany Kudrikow/xxfluffypunkxx
She randomly popped up on my fyp on tiktok and it looks like she dropped that random Muslim character arc and put on some covid weight. Spoiler’d just in case for half-nude and her gross tongue

No. 1304497

The soundclout threads. The soundcloud general group of people was such a mess but entertaining, especially with Layla and her many partners. I actually came across the potato girl on tiktok the other day kek

No. 1304539

File: 1660620693764.webm (16.33 MB, 477x848, Rainbow rash .webm)

Out of sheer boredom and curiosity looked for Daisy Lola, now Daisy Foxglove or Lovesick, to see what she was up. Never would I have guessed “tattooing facial rainbow «cosmic» themed freckles on relatively young people, mostly women” (vidrel) but a cow can’t help to moo.

No. 1304543

File: 1660620925034.webm (13.62 MB, 576x1024, Strange is one way to put it.w…)

She also got a face tattoo because of course she did and I can’t help but to laugh at the efforts she goes to now to conceal the lopsided forehead lettering with her hair.

No. 1304545

I think that's Charles sheen

No. 1304550

I can’t watch this on mobile but daisy lola sounds like a very familiar name

No. 1304720

this looks really retarded. the execution is awful but the idea sounds like it might be okay were it not for the fact that brightly colored tattoos fade fast anyways

No. 1304843

Even if they didn’t fade fast (and in my opinion, awkwardly) on the face, I think the idea might be cute for an outing, not for day to day life and somewhat «forever».

No. 1304979

Really random minor cow, but I miss reading about Elizabunnii during her peak "uguu kawaii" phase when she was still running her blog and trying to be an idol kek. Last I saw of her in the last UK Weebs and Wannabes thread she had a shooped to oblivion pedopandering onlyfans but the milk is pretty much dry other than that.

No. 1306873

The elf ear grimes tweet reminded me of spoony, I miss cringing at her. I was so shocked when those pics of her from the graduation emerged she looked aged 20 years. I'm not surprised she slinked into the shadows I would've too

No. 1306876


No. 1306877

Samefag, no actually gimpgirl

No. 1306926

gimpgirl was such a trip, does anyone know what happened to her?
I was also always a fan of the shoeonhead threads, even when they were shit. I don't follow her on anything so I never know if she's doing dumb shit when her thread is dead.

No. 1306930

Lilboweep, Nika and Jaelle, Raven Sparks, Jacquie, Soren—alas, the list goes on…

No. 1306937

I get kinda sad when I think of lilboweep from time to time, I actually really liked some of her songs. Cow or not it’s sad to think of her last moments

No. 1306966

Late reply but farmers did use to have some sympathy for her situation, up until she groomed Sarah. Deranged freak.

No. 1306974

ayrt but she really didn't groom sarah. she definitely, definitely manipulated her to use her as a nanny, maid, and emotional tissue though. she only kept sarah around because she thought she wasn't greg's type enough to be a threat to her. anything she did in terms of fanning sarah's interest in her was solely done for a very pathetic ego-boost and was completely non-sexual in intention. she's the straightest woman i've ever seen. she never, ever had any sort of sexual or romantic interest in sarah or any other woman.

No. 1306980

She absolutely groomed Sarah. It doesn't matter she didn't have sexual feelings, she initiated sexual interactions and made such an environment that facilitated the older couple having sex with her in the end. She sent a minor nudes ffs

No. 1307240

File: 1660827357603.jpg (614.09 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20220818-225600__01…)

This post aged like fine wine

No. 1307646

Oh, I miss so many.
Shmegeh, Felice Fawn, Phoebe Tickner, the soundcloud thread. What a time to be alive during those dramatic times.

No. 1307658

The newer cows don't really hit like the older ones did. I want Asherbee tier threads again. Or Homestuck drama. I'm tired of pedophilia and troon discourse, I miss the classics.

No. 1308058

File: 1660867731687.jpg (74.51 KB, 960x720, 14718733_1173145102746108_4532…)

I miss Plaaastic. She was such a drama queen, and then she faked suicide just to start all over while lying and getting caught for all lies. I believe she genuinely had schizophrenia though. She 100% had more money than she admitted, but she probably was spending most of it on drugs & alcohol. I still feel bad for her, all her behaviour was classic abandoned child stuff. She came from a rich family, her father was a classic vietnamese actor. It's crazy to think she was abused & neclected as a child, sent away to Singapore at 15 and forgotten. Even when she died, they didn't care, there was no funeral ceremony. they never mentioned her at all, her father never mentions having a daughter.
I still wonder sometimes why she did what she did (fake suicideNiteNite persona).

I wish someone archived her live videos and instagram stories pics, i liked her style a lot.

And Lilboweep. i thought she'd live at least 1/2 years more, but it all ended too soon. people finally called her out, it went somewhat viral. And then she overdosed (accidentally). and now it's all over, just like that.
she should've never left went to LA

No. 1308066

Fuck me, I'm so out of the loop. I never paid heavy attention to her threads, but I had no idea lil bo weep passed away. It's so sad when young people play fast and loose with their lives, RIP.

No. 1308070

It's even sadder bc she did by accident, and her ""friends"" she was with left her to die in the park, didn't call help. one phone call and she could be still here today.

No. 1308216

I'm emo now. I miss them as well.

No. 1308535

I remember discovering Felice Fawn's controversies (don't remember how) somehow back when I was like 13. Wonder how she's doing now. I think I tried to look up info a while back and it'd seemed like she vanished.

Also, mortemer aka Suzy Berhow. I don't actively keep up with her or the Game Grumps group or whatever these days, but I remember how there used to be a bunch of threads (and GG by extension) about her until anons moved onto Holly when the ProJared cheating scandal broke. I briefly looked Suzy up the other day and only thing I really noticed was she'd lost weight and has her own shop. Don't know if she's still a cow though, if so, nobody's really paying attention.

Is Jessica Nigri still around? I don't feel like looking her up but I remember her being popular. I don't see anyone talking about her anymore.

No. 1308542

Sometimes I think of her. I discovered her through Lena Sheildina (used to be a big fan of her works, i still like them and even own some merch from 2016 but she is nothing but a NFT shill now because galleries and corpos no longer want to collab with her because she's russian) Her PULL thread was full of nitpickers but looking at whatever Plaaastic was doing still seemed extremely interesting to me, the last website and never-finished project seemed like a cool, 2edgy4u work of art to me. I always liked her aesthetic, never hated her or anything, but she was an interesting cow to look at, despite everything.
You can still find some of the Instagram lives on YouTube and Instagram stories (but only if you are bothered enough to download PULL archive off kf).
Reminds me of Lil Peep overdose, it wasn't intentional either, his friend took a picture of him, thinking he looks 'cool' or whatever but they didn't even bother calling an ambulance and he was dead by now.
I think Nigiri still does e-thot cosplays, I saw a picture of her last year but she is not 'unique' anymore so people don't seem to care about her.

No. 1308543

we need her back

No. 1308545

>she is not 'unique' anymore so people don't seem to care about her.

Actually yeah that's a good point, e-thot type cosplays now are a dime a dozen. Guess it's not a niche anymore because that kind of thing is weirdly more widely accepted and embraced now.

No. 1308606

File: 1660917013188.jpg (243.82 KB, 540x960, AM3n9sRbDW0.jpg)

Truee, Lena Sheidlina and that other russian chick Plaaastic kenw (something Krukova) are all NFT shills, as if anybody cares. Lena also fucked off to Dubai, as all of them. her art is not as interesting, CGI shit and starring in russian commercials mostly. i preferred her old tumblr girl kinda shit pics

Tbh i understand PULL nitpickers,as much as i like Plaaastic. it was shitty as fuck of her to lie about all this stuff, and throw the blame on Sheidlina, she also was caught stealing art concepts/photos later on. The "cam in the room" thing was really creepy in a way, even if it looked like Chip-chan ripoff and she never did anything new to it. the Nitenite instagram photos were reaaally a drop in quality tho. when i'm looking at them now, i find them really disturbing & creepy and sad for some reason, maybe bc of what happened next. But it was still super interesting from psychologic point of view, i have no idea what was going in her head, why she never came back to Plaaastic account even though it would pay off more. i think she turned full psychotic at that point. She had a secret reddit and anonymously posted on schizophrenia threads, very telling how she slowly lost contact with reality.

I've seen it a long time ago, but Pull thread is archived entirely both on Webmachine and Archive org, it's easier to view that way. anyways i discovered her russian fans archived a lot of her stories on VK fansite, if anyone wants it's here, you need to scroll down past most recent nitenite stuff https://vk.com/mai_nhi_tran_li

I noticed her Instagram is deleted this year, and now her blog is gone too. Thankfully i managed to save all posts from google cache a day after it went down, so i'm thinking i'll make up an archive blog. idk if anybody still cares that is. she used to have huge following like 600K+ at one point tho.
Thanks for the video!

No. 1308817

I wish her threads would be unlocked since she's been subtley active on some of her accounts. I wonder if shell ever come back

No. 1308851

Question though, what happened with Maddie and Ashley threads? why there are no threads anymore? i remember #5 run up its course and then what?

Aside from what i mentioned in different posts, i definitely miss Ginger Bronson milk, as well as Nicole Dollanganger/nymphets. i kind of wish she'd make new album just to see if nymphets will awake from dead

No. 1309029

File: 1660944862459.jpg (735.69 KB, 1080x1675, 1574355331327.jpg)

I miss pnp. So entertaining lol. And fucking alarming. The rash saga? Damn…

No. 1309033

What is she up to now?

No. 1309039

As far as I can tell, still working at the strip club and sugaring. I think she and Matt broke up finally. But she set her twitter to private, and deleted her onlyfans, I think. She still has her public Instagram, scorpioassheaux, but no milk

No. 1309041

File: 1660945526620.jpeg (101.82 KB, 960x733, n2YYpNI.jpeg)

truly some oldfag shit, but i wonder where some of the old cgl tripfags are now.

No. 1309060

Prettiest in the bottom left and middle. Sad how badly she botched herself.

No. 1309062

File: 1660946759291.png (784.78 KB, 1114x788, lmao.PNG)

>tfw a lot of the old Homestuck BNFs I use to follow have trooned out or disappeared completely

Was fucking nuts to see Mostflogged publicly TERF out tho. I could respect her for that.

No. 1309439

Haha one of my old friends lived in the same apartment complex as Kino and roachpatrol, they were both apparently super messy and milky

No. 1309441

deets now

No. 1309462

I remember there being vague drama with the guy who has the kamina tattoos being a slut kek

No. 1309594

does anyone remember the bpd chan Emmy from NZ who took her own life a few years ago? She was nice (although a cow and handmaiden) and I think of her often

No. 1309599

yeah i remember her. she never had a thread but i just recall following her on tumblr. poor thing, honestly. she seemed harmless outside of what she put herself through

No. 1309757

Todokaras was a golden cow. Too bad she went into hiding, but afaik she trooned out and is continuing her horrific way of life elsewhere on the web

No. 1309909

there's some other interesting fuckers in the matsu fandom

No. 1311373

glad someone else remembers her nonnie. do you happen to know any of her tranny ex's socials? michael/'audrey' hockey i believe. interested to see what hes up to

No. 1311873

Feel like shit, just want pedo era raven back.

No. 1312185

File: 1661183699676.jpeg (250.12 KB, 828x567, 13737222-D531-4EAE-A702-198993…)

She wasn’t that much of a cow but I’ll always feel bad for her for having a bf that ended up trooning out.

No. 1312208

His Twitter is literally the transbian agp meme, Angie deserved better tbh

No. 1312405

I'm so mad. Women should be able to drop their transbian partners like hot potatoes when they pull this shit, guilt free.

No. 1312815

who is that?

No. 1312825

Albinwonderland with the pink hair, troon husband with the black hair

No. 1313004

File: 1661240667407.jpeg (44.94 KB, 519x591, 36BBB8D3-A153-471F-9EE7-BEB1B6…)

You’re upset that I am “accusing” you of something? You’re upset huh? You’re upset LOL. You’re just as sick as they are.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1313224

missing the Vivadrag beef today. elaine still posts about her sometimes the milk still poureth

No. 1313388

I don't remember specifics. They were your typical overly online "we're straight but one of us goes by they/them so we're actually queer" but they brought the shit irl heavily, pheebs style. Kino couldn't hold down a job and kept quitting jobs in really dramatic public ways, Roachpatrol worked a soulsucking shitty job to spoil kinos lazy ass, roachpatrol was a misogynist rude know it all, Kino was super controlling and would act like "the mom friend" in really neurotic ways. This was years ago so I don't have any receipts or real milk.

No. 1313510

File: 1661284991587.jpg (165.45 KB, 1079x1834, 1CJ71Us.jpg)

I miss Pheebie, surprised she actually managed to stay off the internet. Erin Painter, it was absolutely beautiful when Admin released her post log. An amazing milkmas that was. Aly, that recovered anorexic, I used to follow her threads but she got so fucking boring. Her unhinged word salad posts always cracked me up, though. And speaking of anorexics, Ashleigh Isaacs was so fascinating to watch. Can you believe she's STILL fucking alive? I have no idea how. Cows and milk are so different now, the whole site is so different now.

No. 1313531

>Can you believe she's STILL fucking alive?
I… Goddamn everything I have to say has already been said and memed.

No. 1313646

i always wondered what happened to between Angie and Stef(?). They were pretty close but of all sudden they split never talking to each other again, and never got leaked why

No. 1314796

Her bf trooned out like a month after they had their falling out, I always had the idea in my head that it was somehow related. Stef was always a crazy egomaniac so maybe he got into a fight or something with Nico over him transitioning too.

No. 1321486

File: 1661889207079.jpeg (108.15 KB, 596x800, 6C6D3C92-16A7-4403-833D-9B5B67…)

I know she was a microcow from the instagram hate thread, but I sometimes wonder what happened to star_666_. She’s been private on Instagram for a while, I wonder if she’s still into the whole black metal thing

No. 1321516

Her hair is really nice.

No. 1321528

File: 1661892251720.jpg (12.63 KB, 339x340, 1473600682144.jpg)

I miss this crazy unhinged bitch and her adventures in japan and korea.

No. 1321554

I want her to come back so badly. Reading her old threads just isn't enough, I need new milk.

No. 1322012

File: 1661929070775.jpeg (25.63 KB, 398x612, 79B7BD86-1D69-4815-9653-B86913…)

A few weeks ago someone posted about knowing Nana Rapeblossom IRL, but she decided she didn’t want to spill the milk. I REALLY want to know what happened to her and what was going on behind the scenes. Her father killed himself and then she moved to the Netherlands and now she’s permanently unemployed or something?

No. 1322197

remember when she dropped this bop

No. 1322252

Wth happened to them, i don't believe they both stopped being milky all of a sudden? i don't follow Ashley and Maddie anywhere, those threads were ridiculous in an entertaining way. someone should just make a new thread

No. 1322265

why is there never any raven milk anymore? she was one of my favorites

No. 1322338

File: 1661964200861.jpeg (294.99 KB, 828x1526, D15F1B98-000E-4965-8544-8FE276…)

Oh nonna I miss her too. Here is her current feed. I think she entirely focuses on her sport now. I still wanna know what happened between her and Lars. Do you think they got divorced?

No. 1322345

File: 1661964281607.jpeg (146.53 KB, 828x1026, F78B93D5-E0B5-475C-A18B-109A1B…)

She has a YouTube channel too. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC5Gw4r4C5ozlUnZ1x05MJKg

And her Instagram bio

No. 1322660

My Tinfoil on that is that her main cataloguer for a while was Emily Boo, and eventually they buried the hatchet but honestly it's probably just that post-child bride and without beefing with anyone she's not that interesting. I think she even tried to revive drama 6 months ago revealing how she pretended to have a baby for a bit but it's just really boring ramblings and no one cares anymore. I would love to know what's happened to Dorian now though.

No. 1322951

File: 1662007622667.jpg (3.16 MB, 2731x4096, E9aoP3nXEAEbSRE.jpg)

nta but I was thinking that too. Trannies are insecure as fuck and tear each other apart constantly. It's funny since neither Steff nor Alb's bf look like women, just ugly moids with bolt ons

No. 1322956

Honestly I have no clue, I think it was wise of her to keep all of her private life off social media

No. 1323018

Is this a photo of him now?!
I find it weird how alb dropped off the internet, it seems like she had to become his caretaker and it likely sucked the life out of her

No. 1323041

File: 1662017582033.jpg (45.03 KB, 600x442, kotakoti.jpg)

I miss the glory days of Dakota, before the weird asian baby alien shoops. Her Japan milk for several years has been fun to watch and I'm kind of sad she's gone mostly offline now with some occasional vague updates. Tbh her older shoops that got her viral are kind of funny to look back on now considering how normal it is for a lot of popular online people to use facetune and end up looking fairly different irl, Dakota was one of the true originals and deserves more credit

No. 1323044

File: 1662018185412.jpg (146.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I want to see a tranny death match between him and "Brie" (Kristin Chirico's now trooned out husband.)

No. 1323045

Him pre-trooning. He's also featured in this video from when Kirstin was with Buzzfeed. It's sad how you just know she puts up with his tranny bullshit (and probably any other moid bullshit he threw at her) because of her own obvious low self esteem.

No. 1323048

KEK nonny you know I had to share that vid too >>1323045

No. 1323049

kek I'll delete mine but jinx pinch poke you owe me a coke and you cannot speak until someone says your name

No. 1323052

Her weight has ballooned dramatically since he transitioned, she’s clearly not happy about it.

No. 1323053

I remember following that "controversial" art cow's thread but I can't remember her name. She was a hoarder, lived with her aunt, had tons of money problems and last I saw her she did Sirius x James shipping fanart.

No. 1323055

Nta, I watched her occasionally and felt so, so bad for her during the "meet my wife!" video a while back that I stopped watching her entirely. Must be incredibly tough with leftist viewers, biting the hand that feeds if she gives even a tiny shred of honesty in talking about it

No. 1323070

Holly Brown?

No. 1323077

That's her! Thanks anon, wonder what happened to her

No. 1324079

I still wonder who edited her pictures back then. its still very aesthetically pleasing

No. 1324145

i think it was her but she got lazy

No. 1324320

File: 1662141657249.png (1.47 MB, 1356x843, yikes.PNG)

Unfortunate freeze frame aside, Holy YIKES. I haven't watched them in so long (stopped shortly after the troon video but genuinely lost interest) but damn.

No. 1324400

seconding this. we all obviously know she has zero sexual interest in sarah, but grooming is more than that. conditioning her to be their in house servant and to eventually get in bed (for greg's sake) all while knowing sarah had a crush on her is still grooming.

wild tinfoil, but i think lainey has such bad peter pan syndrome that she'd fuck a teen boy.

No. 1324402

I miss the varg and trve arian vikings on twitter thread

No. 1324414

cow cross over: it also includes lovelylor somehow, because lor stopped interacting with stef but she still talks to angie.

that can't be a coincidence, i don't think i noticed that timing??

kudos to all of them i guess for being so tight lipped, it shows some modicum of maturity (which is foreign for content creators) but goddamn that isn't helpful for us kek

No. 1324422

holy shit had no clue her husband trooned out?? im sure she's happy she can call herself queer in LA, but she seems very str8 so i doubt she's that happy

No. 1324873

Her neck is gone holy shit.

No. 1324878

>fat fetishist husband
>troons out, also probably a chaser
jesus christ. i always thought she was honestly pretty cute. this is depressing

No. 1324908

I want an ex-buzzfeed thread so badly but i'm too lazy to make it.
Kristin has been more cringe than ever. She apparently has some level of indigenous DNA and has now been labeling herself as an indigenous person. She also made a video about organizing her house and it looked like a fucking hoarders paradise.

No. 1324911

I wonder about her too sometimes! She lives (lived?) in my city and I saw her and her boyfriend on my regular bus a handful of times. That was a few years ago. Kinda weird to see someone from lolcow irl. Tbh good for her for cleaning up her social media

No. 1324915

No one will ever top Kelly Ronahan for sheer horror. It was a car crash I couldn't look away from. I can't bring myself to read through her threads again.

No. 1325091

It’s so creepy how he followed that “he dared her because he wanted to BE her” pattern.

No. 1331380

omg why have i never thought of this? i think I could manage it. i have an encyclopedia knowledge of who left, why, and who is still in contact with one another. Gabby and Alison, every woman on Lady Like, The try guys, Safiya, Candace Lowry, Quinta Bronson (one of the few real successes after leaving), and a few more.

if there is interest in this, I'll throw this in in thread suggestions to see interest.

fun fact: a lot of people who were still staffed at Buzzfeed when Safiya Nygaard left hated her. A joke was made about her a in a video once. i'd like but i don't wanna derail, I'll include it in OP.

No. 1331417

same anon as >>1331380, but if there are any ppl in particular, post here.

No. 1331664

Do it!!!! I used to love buzz feed when I was a teen

No. 1331897

File: 1662668021481.jpg (72.87 KB, 497x576, DSCN4153-1.JPG)

This was during the EGL Livejournal era, but was anyone around for snipernyan/wuchan?

No. 1331933

do it anon, very curious about safiya beef

No. 1331994

does anyone remember jonesy08 (or something like that) AKA Alexis? I don't typically keep up with munchie threads but she was in a league of her own. just completely over the top lies, acting like a literal infant, super bizzaro conversation screenshots with a "therapist". I want to reread that shit if she's not producing more milk but Idk where to look, I can't find it. I can't be imagining this …

No. 1331996

Isn’t this the girl that wanted to wear starpowers skin

No. 1332206

Please do it! There might not be a ton there to discuss, but we could get a good couple of threads out of it.

No. 1332217

Just because I’ve seen her mentioned here: from her Instagram it looks like Dollltears is out of rehab and in a sober living. Honestly I’m really happy for her and I hope her life continues to look up.

No. 1351341

Does anyone know what happened to Racist Uncle? She was the extremely cringe pickme who was drawing coomer porn trying to be the next Shadman and iirc she also had an obsession with Holly Brown and a-logging her. She made a ton of redraws of other artists' work not realizing her own art was even worse. Is she still around?

No. 1351586

I think she died recently.

No. 1351613

File: 1664087325448.png (16.48 KB, 147x320, 33D04306-14FC-4A4E-A4C4-4AC065…)

No. 1351621

Oh please nonna this sounds incredible, I hope we can get a thread. Buzzfeed people are so funny to look at now in the future

No. 1351701

why did they hate safiya?

No. 1351706

I miss checking up on the insanity surrounding Nika. Also KT Price, the old friend-turned-full-blown schizo stalker of Arin Hanson from game grumps, kek

No. 1351795

I’m pretty sure once she found out she had a thread she decided to get offline. I don’t think she even had enough milk to fill up one thread

No. 1352752

Soren's been active?

No. 1354914


I finally did it! Now with all the ned drama, i knew now was the best time


No. 1354932

Sometimes I wonder what Paul Fetch is up to

No. 1355100

I can't remember where it was posted, more than likely KF, but long after Sorem "died" they were caught adding things to their depop wishlist. Someone contacted the seller of this item and it was confirmed that the item added to the wishlist had only been put up for sale the week prior, meaning Soren is absolutely active on Depop and learned literally nothing from her mistakes considering the first time lolcow farm discovered she was alive was because she updated her Amazon wishlist kek.

Soren will likely never pull the same shtick they were before. The absolute insanity of her last days claiming to have torn apart babies with her bare hands and chain sawing the head off Sam are attached to her irl identity now so she wouldn't dare

No. 1356440

i thought it was her pinterest that ppl found, and it was shown that activity can happen from other people interacting or something?

i kinda would love for this tinfoil to be true, but if i recall correctly, she had an obituary. idk how you fake that since a certificate of death is needed

No. 1358486

>it looks like Dollltears is out of rehab and in a sober living
Lol i won't believe until i see it. i mean good for her if true but i'd be VERY surprised
what about Ashley? Honestly else would anyone be up for a new thread on Ashley and Maddie?

No. 1476607

I miss when Luna posted her every thought online, her threads are so boring now. The only time they're milky or funny is when Lurch goes on a rampage kek.

Wouldn't mind if the old thread got revived, I didn't keep up with the milk but maybe >>1332217 did

No. 1479610

The only lolcow in this situation is her dad, the blood on the dance floor guy and people like you.

No. 1479620

>I don't care that she was 12, even a 12 year old should be able to figure out not to feed the trolls the way that her and her family did.
Kill yourself

No. 1479663

>a 12 yr old abuse and molestation victim who was gaslit and mentally abused on the internet into believing she was the bad guy was kinda cringey like every other 12 yr old
I can't. It's so annoying when people act like you can't hold others accountable for their actions just because it was on the internet but will flip the switch and hold people accountable if they're the victim and try to blame them for everything for their actions on the internet.This world loves villains, they will let the grossest shit come out of their mouth if it means to defend the bad guy

No. 1480289

I deleted my OP because I thought it would break the "no cows under 16" rule even though she's almost mid 20s now but your reply has piqued my interest. I've read your reply over several times and I can't figure our what you're trying to convey with your convoluted prose. Who's suppose to be held accountable, who's the villain, and how were people defending the bad guy? You're saying that she was gaslit into believing she's the bad guy but she's "kinda cringey like every other 12 yr old"? I'm pretty sure there are plenty of 12 yr olds that aren't cringey and know better than to feed the trolls the way she and her family had. I put more blame on her dad for his "gorilla majilla" diatribe. Basically her and her family were too stupid to understand the consequences of behaving the way they did in front of an online mob and lulz ensued. It may have been a good thing in the end because the attention she received played a part in her dad getting charged for child abuse. Dahlvie should have also been investigated but I'd like to think that the attention she received also prevented him interacting with her.

No. 1481395

File: 1674664503989.jpg (139.52 KB, 1000x750, cNmW0wVOBBWdgcJaiVfC-MhSbXEvei…)

nicole. she's not totally dried up imo but i miss the cassie and destery drama. i even miss cassie herself when she was being a cow defending nate from allegations.
i don't know why but i always need a "uwu im a fantasy tolkien dnd pokemon nerd weeb WoW gamer girl" type of cow in my life. are there other cows that fit this bill?

No. 1481406

Nta, putting the odious of feeding the trolls to a twelve year old is very creepy as that's a child, not an adult who knows better. Don't troll 12 year olds, it's either retarded or pedophilic to do so.
It becomes even more dumb when you consider most of the users of this site currently fed a troll more than I've ever seen before.

No. 1481424

It's kind of out of fashion now, so I also do not know any. But I agree and was coming here to say how much I miss several scene gamur grill cows honestly. It was a quilty pleasure to see what they were always up to. The zoomer scene people are just not real to me either.

No. 1483053

there’s a few cows i’m surprised have successfully disappeared. fat femme veg pheebs, deefhoof kiki, and shmegeh are ones i think about occasionally and love to know what they’re doing.

No. 1483065

kiki got in trouble with the police at an antifa protest a couple of years ago iirc and it turned out she'd legally changed her name to sound more japanese

No. 1483495

>Making fun of a 12 year old is retarded or pedophilic
I look upon that whole ordeal as a lot of wholesome fun. In school we would reenact the whole thing "You've ruined my life, this is my dad" "You lyin bunch of punks, and I know where it's coming from cause I backtraced it!" People on YouTube would also make reenactments and animes of the whole ordeal. It's sad that this has been taken away from us with all the trannyjannies and their "trust and safety" departments in social media. First they prevented trolling of 12 year olds and I said nothing, then they prevented trolling of troons and I said nothing, then they prevented trolling of autists and I said nothing, then they prevented trolling of e-girls and there was no one left to troll.

No. 1484014

You aren't just harassing a 12 yr old for being stupid though, she was harassed because she was exposing a rapist. By trolling and silencing her people just benefitted the pedophile rapist so good job if that's what you wanted

No. 1484018

File: 1674876769668.png (1.38 MB, 1024x768, 24B0516D-B294-4BCD-B52E-3E4888…)

Said it before but I miss Nemu so much. She was my favorite case study cow ever. A disgusting but incredibly interesting person. I hope she is far away from real children. Any one have any updates?

No. 1484019

Nemu is my all time favorite cow. I also lowkey want those shorts

No. 1484022

File: 1674877384636.png (Spoiler Image,286.1 KB, 500x663, 3E649CAF-2610-4396-9ECE-6510A2…)

You just don’t get this type of autism anymore, somehow.

No. 1484038

I always thought Nemu's house looked so comfy

No. 1484059

They spread her nudes of her at 14 all over, I’m pretty sure you can google them. I haven’t cause I’m not a sick fuck, but they should be taken offline forever and Dahvie Vanity isn’t behind bars he’s still making shitty music as “KAWAII MONSTER” and the worst part is if you go to his Instagram there are girls who comment “omgg” with hearts and Jessie Slaughter said on the Chris Hansen show that girls message her to this day and say”he didn’t actually molest you, right?” She trooned out, got fat, married some old hairy fatty who is a kiwifag confirmed. I honestly think her dad did stuff to her too. She just seemed really off and traumatized, poor girl.

No. 1484518

I recall the whole ordeal started because of some forum she was in where tweens would snark on each other and things escalated from there. When her dad chimped out in that video, 4chan was driven into a frenzy much like when sharks sense blood. I've never heard of her being harassed preemptively to prevent her talking about her rapist, where did you hear that?
She also had some form of Munchausen claiming she had fibromyalgia and she was using a wheelchair. What did you think about her video where she apologized to Dahvie for accusing him? Some people in the YouTube comments were saying that she was threatened to make that video but I think she was in foster care at the time.

No. 1490769

File: 1675534880694.jpg (300 KB, 1440x1588, tumblr_1c3dbfcad85d64ee5f37a78…)

I think Nemu would've loved him kek. I actually thought of that when I was watching the movie

No. 1490773

lmao same nonna. 100% agree

No. 1509850

File: 1677417545656.jpg (127.53 KB, 1200x900, 0_LEC_EKR_011118_FROSTBURGERS-…)

Monami Frost, She said she was quitting doing YouTube videos but would leave her YouTube channel up, She then later deleted it without explanation, I heard back in 2021, Her Frost Fast Food Burger Restaurant closed down, So What exactly does she do nowadays? Who's going to wear her shit shitty tack AF clothing line? All she does nowadays is post InstaGram pictures

Also, Dakota Rose, And, Kiki Kannibal, Like they are rarely on anymore, The milk has completely dried up and Kiki, Hasn't been a cow in quite sometime in a while honestly

Morgan Joyce, She used to be so milky but isn't really anymore

No. 1511419

she’s also doing meth and illegal piercings out of a home that her husband’s sugardaddy rents for them

No. 1511420

She does have a kid but that's really all I know, maybe she has a boring normal job?

No. 1514305

File: 1677891101772.jpg (45.81 KB, 720x720, choke.jpg)

Her thread got ghost bumped but what ever happened to Choke??

No. 1514317

I always hated her and her punchable face and smug ass attitude. I felt so vindicated when the rest of the lolita fashion community realized she was a bitch.

No. 1514429

She was found along with Spoony here being one of Kate's anonymous haters. It's a funny saga and you can read up on it if you trawl through the /cgl/ archives from that year and Spoony's thread. She faced backlash from it in real life from her lolita community. She issued some kind of weak internet influencer "I'm so sorry I'm an online bully" apology, but I don't know if her reputation ever recovered. Her wig shilling shop had questionable quality at one point so her overall reputation took a major hit.

No. 1515678

Todokaras, she was fucking crazy and i look on at her with an odd fondness remembering how fucking insanely degenerate the osomatsu-san fandom was in 2015-2016. Simplier times. I was gonna attach a video of her deepthroating a dildo, but unfortunately for me i can't find it, probably for the better.

No. 1515772

don't remember her name but she was a black girl on instagram that did her makeup very poorly and would post gross photos of herself. clearly mentally ill in some fashion. was into jfash had a thread on here, but scrolling through catalog on /snow/ has my internet freaking out and lagging.

No. 1515783

Wasn't her family loaded or something? I always assumed she was fine even after her wig shop went belly up. She always struck me as someone who needed to have an admiring supply, so once the lolita community booted her, there was just no reason to be involved anymore.
I remember her saying some pretty ignorant shit about the Japan tsunami and a few other topics on cgl back in the day, but she is also a legit autist so it makes sense.

No. 1515868

i was just thinking earlier today that i miss nemu so much. what happened to her? will we ever have a cow that funny again? her radiation sickness fetish was fucking iconic and ive never seen anything like it since.

No. 1515915

File: 1678079013515.jpeg (84.15 KB, 497x576, 07711AA7-F65E-4612-BFE7-2440A3…)

Sniper_nyan lolita fashion drama was so fun for little teenage me, it was my first foray into the world of online gossip and drama. I really enjoyed her blog, Aesthetic Lolita, and she was very inspirational for me in terms of style as much as I’m embarrassed to admit. I wonder what she’s up to these days, I’d be interested to see how she aged. I get the feeling she’s probably some right wing tard with kids but perhaps I could be pleasantly surprised. Anyone know anything?

No. 1515921

Soren. She was a breed of cow that's rare/nonexistent now lol

No. 1515952

File: 1678083798936.jpeg (333.69 KB, 1024x1024, 1610077937042.jpeg)

anyone used to follow Kalel Cullen? i vaguely remembered her but she disappeared. recently found a youtube vid detailing she was a spoiled cow who would change personalities constantly, lie about pointless shit and start then quickly abandon youtube channels left and right. the most obnoxious pick me personalities, like edgy girl cuz blue hair, to edgy vegan girl who is clearly just anorexic, to edgy gamer girl randum XD zelda reddit, to beauty guru ikea shit, and last i saw she was a kpopper.
she only had one or two threads in lolcow but had 45+ threads in GuruGossip (shame that site has always sucked). im fascinated by her weird narc shit and wish there was more info. sadly a lot of the content was lost because she deleted her shit constantly.

No. 1515999

Yep, she was one of my fave cows as well. I am surprised to see how long her kpop phase seems to be lasting. Also kekked at how she claimed to be broke and poor and then the next video she pops up saying she's bought a house. I can't with this level of delusion kek

No. 1516704

File: 1678154543625.jpeg (260.24 KB, 1170x619, 56CFC408-EC3C-4F0E-B81B-4E0F21…)

I miss having a thread for Ariana/pnp but ig i understand why it died since she isn’t giving up much milk. Her Twitter is still cringe tho, all she posts is workout pics and bragging ab “sobriety” but talking ab doing drugs and prostituting herself. She stopped oversharing online but i doubt she’s as blessed as she wants to make it seem.

No. 1573865

File: 1683814779850.jpeg (56.97 KB, 828x748, BF64DC50-2ABB-4066-AF0A-533B97…)

Not a cow per se but I can’t believe Lolita’s liked her content back then. She’s was an obnoxious theater kid and her old vids weren’t that funny. Also her coords were shit, so even if I didn’t like Kate or Jillian at least their cording skills were decent.

No. 1573940

File: 1683820618860.png (15.34 KB, 439x390, oyLtH.png)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I miss the Peter Coffin/Night of the Living Ashleigh Doll era of 2014-2017. He was the only cow I ever had any interest in aside from a short interest with Onision drama after Skye left the picture. I would spend hours discussing with anons and making memes and waiting for him to milk himself on Twitter, liquid gold. The conspiracies going around and the deep investigations surrounding medical procedures was some of the funniest content I had ever been blessed to witness.

No. 1573958

File: 1683822317944.png (384 KB, 1162x2048, Alix Henriol - Sonic was all f…)

Speaking of Alix Henriol, she's on ig as jiya.al.salaam and has several posts claiming the sonic stuff and related was fake just to become famous and has a series of proof posts such as, pic related
still mentally unwell as ever

No. 1574145

File: 1683831004518.jpg (69.97 KB, 564x570, 50639b03df7aa20bb351be4f15b1f6…)

Short lived in the instagrammers thread but she was so milky, too bad she was brought up there too late. Can't even find her social media anymore, she was so ridiculous I still read that thread sometimes kek.

No. 1574152

File: 1683831438538.jpeg (147.16 KB, 828x1520, ECB05DCC-9E0E-4A05-BC58-BD313A…)

I miss her too. Here is a ss of her instagram feed if you wanna know. She still has comments disabled on everything.

No. 1574208

File: 1683835569962.png (Spoiler Image,3.69 KB, 900x535, 9000hoursmspaint.png)

I used to follow this tranny back around 2012 I think but I can't remember his name. He was a popular cow though so I'm hoping someone here knows who I'm talking about. He made shitty comics about his self-insert, they might have been catgirls but I can't remember. Might have gone by the name Jen, and I think he was in Canada. Seemed mildly retarded and would sometimes post videos cosplaying his characters.

Picrel is how I remember his art. They all had monstrously large breasts and oval shaped eyeglasses.

No. 1574211

his name is Jennfer A Jay

No. 1574214

samefagging to add that I immediately knew who you were talking about based on your picture, before I even read your post KEK

No. 1574215

ANON YOU ARE AN ANGEL AND I COULD KISS YOU! Thank you so much I've been trying to find him forever.

No. 1574219

Thanks nonna, I guess she blocked me kek because I can't find her. Seems like she dropped the kvlter than thou shit though, hope she's grown out of it.

No. 1574239

Nah she only posts about her sport these days. I’m glad she found something she likes and dropped that dutch dude.

No. 1574288

Wasn't she married to him? When did they split up?

No. 1574326

Good for her honestly, she was pretty young when she posted all the messed up shit. Glad she grew out of it, a youtube video was linked of her a year ago when the thread was still around, it was an interview and she seemed pretty friendly and able to reflect on herself. Guess she's found some actual confidence, nice to see a cow graduate her cowdom. sorry for the mom-post I'm a bit stoned

No. 1574750

Soren killing herself after writing all that Kingdom Hearts / Satanic Cult abuse fanfiction was the right choice for her but also… I kinda miss her wild ass stories

No. 1574760

Does anyone remember that girl who wanted to be a nazi? Or flirted with older nazis idk. She used to dress "trad" and had a weird yt channel.

No. 1574767

TN! TN! TN!!!

No. 1574771

Stella or Stell Bell I believe?

No. 1574772

File: 1683895744480.jpg (284.46 KB, 1078x1749, stellbell.jpg)

Apologize for samefag, but I took a look at her thread and shit, I forgot how retarded she truly was. Who writes something like this about themselves in all seriousness?

No. 1574790

Kekkk how much brainrot do you got to have to write this?

No. 1574817

honestly I don't think she's any less of a narcissist as of now but at least has learnt to pipe it down

No. 1574820

Not really cows that were covered here, but I miss the holy trinity of schizo cows- Terry, Fedsmoker, and Bulla. I miss laughing at the weird-ass shit they said and did. PreciousLeaf kinda scratches that itch but he doesn't post much and Lucas Werner is so gross he's more of a hate watch and is activly dying anyways.

No. 1574850

My very first lolcow was Andrew Dobson and I'm in awe that he disappeared overnight like that, you'd expect that he'd resurface one day but it's been 4 years or so and he's still MIA. I love the theory that his parents cut off his internet access to make him a productive member of society, otherwise he was well on his way of trooning out imo.

No. 1574958

File: 1683906477848.jpg (67.23 KB, 778x750, Shoe0nHeadFace.jpg)

I miss this loser.
Nothing will ever beat the glory of the time her man left her on her bday, after she built her "career" on dissing other women (especially older ones)

No. 1575383

I’m not sure but I remember then trying to get him citizenship. I used to follow both and it took a lot if money from them so I can only assume that they got tired of trying. He’s still in the US. I remember his mom was America or sth? So maybe he tried again at some point. Not sure why kek

No. 1575411

and he left her for an even older woman that lived even further than him, lmao. I am glad that shoe ''ruined'' that loser's life, while she is still somewhat thriving on her yt career.

No. 1583100

i was just thinking about raven and looked up her last thread and then her YouTube, i remember her threads were always so active and i would read through them. does seem like she's not doing much crazy thing anymore, grown up. like most cows.
i really do miss the variety of entertainment that existed 10 years ago, now all the lunatics are either trannies or have their weirdness contained in discord servers. everything else is just your stock-standard attention whore and that's not interesting.

No. 1583118

File: 1684648748082.jpeg (61.12 KB, 750x617, 6A6FDDA2-2346-4DA1-ACFB-02C264…)

Alphawerewolffanxd. He briefly returned to the internet and posted a Tik Tok a year or two ago, no sign of him since. His videos were obvious satire but I loved him nonetheless. A kindred spirit

No. 1583126

File: 1684649314336.png (2.22 MB, 1334x750, 9B949314-FF7E-4C27-A958-8CD2D1…)

Does anyone remember the name of that artist from Tumblr who made creepy childish crayon drawings, similar to Lucifer Valentine (pic related)? He also had SA/grooming allegations IIRC

No. 1583872

Actually yes. Sterility I think? He would ask girls to submit pics of their mouths up close, he was so nasty

No. 1583887

It's got to be shoppingcartfullofpinkturd.

No. 1583894

Oh yeah, him. The pink art and bad English.

No. 1584928

technically not a cow but kek I’m
Wondering how this absolute queen is doing
The amount of male autists that would commentate over her videos thinking she was genuine was so fucking funny. Moids are so fucking stupid.

No. 1596875

File: 1685906866525.jpg (42.2 KB, 640x640, Cry.jpg)

I wonder where is Cryaotic now, and how are the past members of Late Night Crew doing? Never cared for Chey because she was a massive attention seeker, but remembering the early stages of Late Night Crew made me feel nostalgic. Irc Russ was getting cucked again, this time by some uwutuber woman.
I think Snake was the only stable person from the crew, maybe Red too.

No. 1644275

File: 1690330264254.jpg (67.92 KB, 736x980, Einshine.jpg)

What's he up to?

No. 1644583

in hindsight she was actually really cute

No. 1644587

File: 1690344248409.jpg (60.22 KB, 550x366, time.jpg)

No. 1645037

i miss himezawa
somehow her journey was fun to follow, and i even feel bad for her that she felt the need to troon out.
her videos were cringe but nostalgic and i liked watching her fumble around and try to become famous by any means.

wish we knew what she was up to since she disappeared from the internet

No. 1645039

i have relatives that live in the same town/village she comes from, i'll ask them about her just for you, nonna.

No. 1645046

i would genuinely appreciate that! thank you

No. 1645147

>otherwise he was well on his way of trooning out imo.
This is how I feel too, he would've definitely become Andrea Dobson if his parents didn't restrict his internet access. After that Dresden Codak guy trooned out I was fully anticipating Dobson to do the same as they were both balding single male webcomic authors obsessed with lesbians and drama, but the son of a bitch really quit internet for good it seems.

No. 1645821

aubrey ahna, queen of the munchies

No. 1647268

I miss Astrid but I can't find her right now.

No. 1647290

Lucindaaaa! Where did you go? I miss you! My ED fairy unicorn queen..

No. 1647402

I miss Tesah sometimes

No. 1648177

I miss nemu. She groomed me but she was interesting and I always wished I was in her inner circle of friends. I used to get so happy when she'd compare me to her or compliment my art.

No. 1648207

File: 1690643251860.jpg (233.07 KB, 1280x960, 1531739631263.jpg)

She was a pretty popular artist on tumblr back in the day. I don't think she was ever into dangan ronpa but who knows what she's into now. She really liked Professor Layton, Astro Boy, Fairly Odd Parents, and a bunch of other stuff. She has a thread on here and KF. Her art is pretty recognizable though she was very capable of mimicking styles so it's not impossible that she would change her style to avoid detection. Also vomit fetish. She went by Holden before she seemingly left the internet completely

No. 1648215

I saw this on the front page and got excited for a second thinking Nemu was back.

No. 1648221

Sorry anon I was replying to an anon that deleted their post saying they might know her. Got my hopes up too

No. 1648340

She was fucking scary. Idk why she came off as a psychopath to me. I miss watching her transparently trying to get sponsorships from random brands like LaCroix while claiming gastroparesis so severe she couldn’t anything orally. Feeding tubes aren’t even normal for gastroparesis patients but these munchies want extreme and visible interventions. There’s only a handful of motility specialist in the US and one of the more respected ones who literally develop the gastric emptying test straight up won’t tube his patients because it’s unnecessary. If a patient comes to him with a tube he won’t work with them unless it’s removed and referred them to psych lmao. I think Aubrey actually saw him once because of location but she never mentioned it because there’s no way he’d indulge her shit.
You all are obnoxious.

No. 1651988

I miss that nazi fascist girl try-hard, Evalion, After her nazi phase she went into the NaziBol Phase, Then she traveled across the country with her autistic husband? I think, After being gone for over a year she came back all into this, Spirituality shit with zodiac signs and sign reading shit and she used to look like a `14 teen your old but now she looks like a strung-out 45 year old heroin chic woman but she's only what? 26 years old?

Last I heard of her was that she got kicked out with her boyfriend back on the east coast and was homeless looking for a home to buy, I CAN'T find her social media anymore, She went by, VironicaRegretsNothing, But since then idk what happened to her

No. 1652069

She's still a clossal cunt though, i dont get her appeal as shes the og "i need to shit on other women to make myself feel better" and shes bred a lot of annoying modern pickmes online.

No. 1652495

File: 1691045172195.jpg (222.28 KB, 600x849, Danganronpa2691042.jpg)

She was into Danagan Ronpa tho! If you check one of her threads, her and that fat scrote she hung around cosplayed these two at a convention.

No. 1652501

File: 1691045989572.jpg (54.12 KB, 640x444, 1598356707348.jpg)

gimpgirl555 was such a fucked up piece of shit but i honestly miss her comics. they were campy & cute in a way. idk.

No. 1652516

File: 1691049684688.png (Spoiler Image,362.97 KB, 639x435, capture.png)

looker her up and she's still banned on reddit but she still uploads regularly on twitter, Youtube and some comic hosting site. nothing stopping anyone from nercoing her thread.

No. 1652546

she's @hardrockopfer on ig

No. 1652548

The Harem Queen comics were pretty endearing tbh

No. 1695119

i really miss 2016 era shoe and her tacky ddlg outfits from aliexpress. i think i'm gonna reread all the old threads.

No. 1836616

File: 1704171010150.jpeg (61.94 KB, 747x411, images (3).jpeg)

Caught myself thinking about Egoraptor's literal schizo ex, Katie. It was genuinely scary how she started to show real delusion signs and went to L.A.
I wonder how she's been.

No. 1836640

Didn't she get forced into treatment after that incident by her family? That was scary to watch in real time

No. 1836646

No. 1837023

What happened with her? I'm really curious

No. 1837208

File: 1704229469496.jpg (231.18 KB, 873x1280, 1605910871011.jpg)

I miss the original fakebois/weebs/anas so much.
Back then I was so dumb, I had no idea about photoshop, about being "trans", I genuinely thought that anime-like boys exist kek
The most popular one was fake halfu Haku who was besties with Smegeh and dated some older midget named Von who lived in Germany. Another popular one was another midget called Cain.
I tried keeping up for a couple years but they kept deleting or changing accounts. I wonder where they are now, probably back to being normal women.

I also miss the other gaijins in Japan. They were much more entertaining and not really awful people, so you could root for them. The last few years most cows here are nasty camwhores and streamers.

wtf I didn't even realize he's gone…
I wish everybody quitting their internet presence told us why. I can't stand not knowing lol

No. 1837236

I was thinking about the fellowship a few weeks ago. I remember the shegma, Haku, RJ and Co threads from like 8 years ago. I think circuit bird is still active on Tumblr, but she's a turbo normie now. I think most of them don't even talk to Haku anymore. I miss when the milk was flowing with that group. Remember the fake boy Von Geist that Haku dated during the tokyo ghoul cospkay era?
Didn't she de-transition a few months later? I know RJ did. Now she's a hyper feminine woman dating a Korean dude.

No. 1837254

File: 1704232972446.jpeg (40.56 KB, 500x500, IMG_0809.jpeg)

In KT’s defense he drew more art of her and kept it on his DA after he got with Suzy.

No. 1837274

I wonder what happened to this one super fat lolcow named Saxon from North Carolina who had a shop under the name moon kitty productions. She shoplifted dildos and ate 48 dollars of Burger King by herself. Started drama with other people over designs she herself ripped off AP. She had at some point weight loss surgery and her fat skin made her look like a melting walrus. Her personal tumblr was something like magica musume at some point I think?

No. 1837345

NTA but kek I remember lurking RJ/Kaden's thread just to read it and even at that time all those years ago (It was in like 2015 or so I believe?) I still realized it was just the "fellowship" posting gossip about each other. You couldn't keep up with the discussion unless you had insider information and half of the time it was impossible to figure out what the "milk" was because everyone was so vague and petty about everything. A lot of it just focused around seething how much she seemingly ripped "Haku" off which made it even more obvious that it was people who knew her in real life seething. Reading back on those threads they had a very oldschool teenager jfashion gossip vibe I haven't seen in years, probably because I'm now almost a decade older. Also she had a really cute face.

Like mentioned I know RJ detransitioned years ago but is Haku still around? The last I heard about her was when she was in her dainty Russian vampire boy era so a long, long time ago.

No. 1837410

> I think circuit bird is still active on Tumblr, but she's a turbo normie now
She is although I wouldn’t call her a normie. She had a munchie-lite period for a while and still she gets thrilled whenever one of her trans friends tell her they were sure she was “one of them”. She’s still very close friends with Haku (who goes by Misha)

No. 1837602

>I wish everybody quitting their internet presence told us why. I can't stand not knowing lol
pretty sure he disappeared after people found out he was a pedo

No. 1838317

Anyone remember the fat munchie who died a few years ago? I remember lolcow went apeshit and everyone was torn between "so sad" and "good riddance".

No. 1838326


No. 1838763

Amanda Baggs, the fat autism faker is dead? Wasn’t she “Maggot girl”? Please don’t make me explain.

No. 1839293

I miss the vivadrag/dollltears thread. It was always the same 'milk' eventually so I understand why nonnies stopped posting there but they're both stil dumpsterfires.

No. 1839520

I was just gonna comment that I missed her updates too. Last I remember she got real into scientology and was trying to get David Miscavage involved with the whole thing. A genuine schizo cow. She thought Rick and Morty was based off her life as well.

No. 1840716

Not her, some other fat, less hideous munchie. I think she was young, like around 18-19. I just remember she went AWOL and then someone found her obituary and the mods closed the thread to pay respects.

No. 1840806

I miss when Venus Angelic still made cute videos. Now she's just a violent druggie who looks older than her mother.

No. 1842873

File: 1704659052905.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.35 KB, 1080x1350, 404236400_18396337417057519_63…)

Circuitbird always looked like a total normie next to Smegeh and Haku, but I guess they were real friends if they're still together after over a decade. Haku actually still has the same ig as a couple years ago, still looks super sickly and posts maybe 1-2 cosplays a year. Sad how t fucks you up. I also wonder what an obvious fakeboi in his 30s works as…
Vongeist still uses that name and looks like a middle-aged lesbo now.
https://www.instagram.com/poetbastard This one was also part of the group (living in Germany together with another fakeboi) and now does China-tier shooped cosplays. Unspoiler at your own risk.
The other names I sadly can't remember.

No. 1842942

kadee konstantino?

No. 1873386

Whatever happened to the Norwegian chick that shmegeh used to talk to? She was thin and sickly looking before she ended up being a chronic binge eater and ballooned big time.


Michelle destroyed her longterm friendship with babymaria, always wondered what happened between those two.

No. 1873393

Jess woods. And that tumblr era

No. 1873414

Yikes, of course it's Astarion. the easiest bait for turbo normies. What is haku's ig? I haven't followed her drama since the actual fellowship threads.

No. 1873490

File: 1706750860880.png (96.64 KB, 250x250, Kanadajin3.PNG)

I miss reading about Kanadajin3 on PULL. She was such a good cow to laugh at and I used to reread her threads every few months just to get a laugh.

No. 1873522

Venus angelic
pull was so catty, I miss pull sometimes lol

No. 1873549

File: 1706756130262.jpeg (315.33 KB, 1000x1333, IMG_8729.jpeg)

i miss muslim bunny

No. 1877011

I completely forgot she went full Muslim just like Foodiebeauty. The Japan stuff was much more fun. I doubt she’ll ever come back to that tho.

No. 1877119

I miss all the british weeb cows. Most of them deleted all their old stuff too.

No. 1877242

Her tumblr was Arnoldhey, then fordervet, probably had some other screen names at some point of course, a picture from VK that pops up on google has her really chubby w sh scars, unsurprisingly

No. 1877305

what happened to her?

No. 1879102

It's a long story but basically she went off the deep-end and converted to Islam and became radicalized by jihadist rhetoric. She faked being in a marriage with a Saudi Arabian prince for views and started faking living in Saudi Arabia instead of Japan, when in reality she lived the entire time in Canada. She became an anti-vaxxer and disappeared from the internet after realizing that nobody gave a shit about her.

No. 1879111

I don’t miss her but Soren lives in my head rent free. So fucked up.

No. 1879427

i miss the munchie cows like robyn and, of course, feebs. i would love to see fatvagfemme/fat queer on wheels back in action.

No. 1879719

Maybe she finally got a Muslim husband who keeps her dumbass off the internet

No. 1879809

Every now and then I reread robyns threads, she was top tier, truly batshit. Feebs was great too, I miss her crapping her pants and screaming at instagram over like nothing

No. 1885559

I miss reading SimplyKenna's thread on PULL. Honestly, seeing her fake autism made me feel better about being autistic. She inspired me to buy earplugs.

No. 1891834

File: 1708203778559.png (447.78 KB, 626x754, ec0341619b7367e980f27bfafe1741…)

ended up checking on berry tsukasa because of the random question thread and what the fuck happened, kek?

picrel in motion: https://twitter.com/Cyb4rAnGeL/status/1757867174893400122

No. 1891848

feebs was a s-tier cow. i also miss the fitveganginger and her insane recipes

No. 1892203

I miss Phoebe Tickner so fucking much! She is probably the most annoying cow I've ever followed and since she was chronically online there was so much content and bad takes. Bring her back!!!

No. 1892220

i got banned from pull from pointing out how retarded it was for them to say taylor r was fetishizing her fugly husband

No. 1902592


No. 1902596

I remember seeing the original post from one of her boyfriend’s family members chronicling how batshit she was and the rest was history kek. I miss her.

No. 1902600

I'd take any drop of milk from that crazy bitch

No. 1902997

Help me out here anons, I can't remember this cow. I don't know if she had a thread on here, she did have one on KF. She was a fat FTM and was sexually obsessed with her dead mom and would post on tumblr about tormenting her dad over it. I may be mixing her up with some other cows but I think she died? Either killed herself or disappeared

No. 1903021

Are you thinking of Jaelle? That weird girl who was friends with Nika?

No. 1903027

No not her but I will now read about them

No. 1903585

I truly believe she's online somewhere, with new aliases and everything, but I haven't been able to find anything yet. Or she had a psychotic break. Basically the only two options. Just my opinion, she was the most online person I have ever seen, who just kept going despite no interest in her shit. She had multiple vlog channels and profiles on everything, people like that don't normally ever quit, they just go somewhere else. Like Stefany Lauren.

No. 1905137

sahar luna, invadernoodless. sahar has a new face and i haven't read about invader for a long time but i can only imagine how gross she still is

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