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File: 1523263181220.jpeg (58.19 KB, 206x275, 345863FD-C6A3-4636-8524-687B4D…)

No. 550456

Last thread reached the bump limit. >>240761

What's recently happened

>Moved to Dallas with fellow scammer hooker called Kitty

>Photoshopping her skin tone and nose more and more often lately

>Changed escort name to Daisy B but used to be called Bunny Spears , Himeka, Momo

>Actively catfishes and scams her escort customers but changes her name to evade being caught

>Currenyly saving for plastic surgery

>Blogs abusive borderline CP images, has daddy issues

>Falls for men head over heels and becomes bitter from it.

>Formerly was a bondage dom and porn producer called Simon Benson who dropped her for catfishing. Next was a dom on fetlife who she almost gave $3,000 but he dropped her because she wouldn’t lose weight.

>has been a lolcow since she was a teenager, posting CP of herself. Claiming anyone saying anything was ~jealous~

>Was caught here multiple times by admins doxxing herself to make lolcow look bad, talking trash about her younger sister and came here to try and ruin Amina

>Got caught red handed shitting on her sister and creating the fake Amina blog in her thread when the Admin revealed which posts were hers

>Was kicked out of her mother's house when her sister told their mom about her nsfw blog

>lies and calls herself a porn starlette despite her only claim to fame being an ashy parody porn she begged a Japanese company to make

> claims to be a ~whittle girl~ but is ballooning by the day and is nearly 200 pounds now

Social Media


candygirl1997.tumblr.com/ (nsfw)



She tends to change the names of her pages often so be sure to keep an eye on this thread if you can find one of her pages

No. 550457

Also she’s formerly known as Himeka, Honey kitten Momo, Bunny Spears and cjanges her name often so be careful

No. 550465

File: 1523263429076.jpeg (38.97 KB, 165x275, 42AD1D3E-1CE4-43A8-8C93-3112E1…)

Daisy’s buddy and scammer in crime. They both use very light foundation way lighter than their skin and abuse PS

No. 550517

Foundation lighter than the rest of the body jfc what a mess

No. 550518

They look like Gangnam unnie horror shows

No. 550524

File: 1523270589840.jpeg (89.46 KB, 340x340, FD6D6DC4-CF7D-45B9-8A35-8CDD9C…)

No. 550534

I feel like the CP and fetishizing little girls etc should come before "she uses filters on her pics" etc. I fucking hate himeka because she's a pedophile, I feel like its retarded to keep harping on "BUT HER NOSE!!!!!" when there's so many other actually legitimate complaints to make about her.

No. 550570

I just copied from the last thread

No. 550601

This girl reminds me of Delandra scamming her prostitution escort clients with catfish photos

Also her twitter is now @xodaisybaby and her illegal website is meetdaisy.net

One of us should report her to the FBI(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 550621

Here's a far better summary. I usually post the new threads but I wait until it's at about 1190 before making a thread. Added all of her names too

Aliases: HoneyKittenMomo, Hime, Himeka, Bunny, Bunny Spears, Daisy Baby

Real Name: Angela Williams

What's Happened So Far

>Posted a wall of text bashing Amina in Micky's thread

>Made a tumblr blog to try and make Amina look bad

>Posted said blog on her own thread

>Got caught red handed shitting on her sister and creating the fake Amina blog in her thread when the Admin revealed which posts were hers

>Was kicked out of her mother's house when her sister told their mom about her nsfw blog

>After moving into her Grandma's broom closet her delusion of grandeur got worse

>Traded nudes for people to do her homework for her. Even though she claims to be super intelligent.

>Claimed to be dating a "super important, super handsome, super rich" guy but never posted his face

>Rich guy most likely never existed as she continued talking about other guys she was fooling around with despite him being "her man".

>Posted a picture of some random dude fingering her yeast infected vagina.

>Says her dad gave her a mansion but it turns out she's living in a rental vacation home

>Was "employed" under Simon Benson

>Filmed one AV in Japan before being booted by Simon

>Moved from Miami to back to her mom's her place

>Started an escort website to try and make money

>Failed to get clientsand had to sell herself for cheap on Backpage

>Claimed to have another video coming up with an American porn company

>Turns around and then claims it's not happening

>Desperately seeking money to get augmentation

>Was tricked by a Dom to give him money and then promptly dumped

>Moved to Texas to live with her friend

>Her and said friend try to get comments via Twitter

>Seemingly have failed

>Friend came to Whiteknight and got banned

Other Things About Her

>Amina is her trigger

>tends to try and whiteknight herself or derail her threads

>backstabbing is her favorite hobby

>besties with Micky, despite Micky calling her a cheap whore

>loves to lie about any and everything

>can't type properly for shit and has abysmal spelling

>thinks creepy DD/LG shit constitutes as "cute porn"

>doesn't care at all about victims of sex trafficking is only concerned with trying to make money from Backpage posts

>went bat shit when her blogs got deleted because tumblr is her life

>not beneath throwing friends and family under the bus to make herself look good.

>has been posting nudes since she was 14

>claims to have been sexually abused by her father

>claims everyone here are jealous haters, even though there's nothing to hate.

>considers everything posted here to be "made up stories"

>likes to Photoshop herself

Social Media

candygirl1997.tumblr.com/ (nsfw)



Escort Page

She tends to change the names of her pages often so be sure to keep an eye on this thread if you can find one of her pages

Just like Micky, Himeka likes to delete her posts to cover her tracks. Be sure to archive and screenshot everything

No. 550645

Don’t touch the poop. It’s getting way too PULLish on snow, everyone’s constantly talking about manipulating the cows and it’s annoying.

No. 550655

Thanks I hope admin can add this one instead

No. 550663

File: 1523288955388.jpg (461.44 KB, 1058x1710, Screenshot_20180409-114149_Twi…)

This girl really believes that people only make $6 an hour. Lmao Most places start you at about $9 - $10 an hour depending on experience and whether you're part or full time. Hell, some places will start you at $11 - $12. And that could be higher depending on where you live. Also, SWs are damn near always begging for money and can barely furnish their "houses".

No, problem.

No. 550666

Ugh, omg, she has a shitty wix website where you can book her for prostitution. Def illegal.

Any way to report it to the FBI or something?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 550670

File: 1523289538169.jpg (408.23 KB, 1079x1397, Screenshot_20180409-115621_Twi…)

There is no way in hell she wanted to be in her current situation at 7 years old.

No. 550674

File: 1523289878428.jpg (452.46 KB, 810x1590, 20180409_115529.jpg)

The fact she more concerned about herself and not the many women and girls who are forced into sex trafficking is pretty atrocious. Then again, most SWs seem like the self centered type.

They have a website. Also, nice trips.

No. 550715

>hiding her nose against


No. 550718

File: 1523294005271.jpg (356.47 KB, 1080x1531, Screenshot_20180409-131211_Twi…)

No. 550721

File: 1523294564616.jpg (76.14 KB, 720x405, 09.jpg)

>Model material

No. 550742

She’s a scammer and got kitty to make fake review. Also she’s scamming clients like Delandra was by using fake photos and catfish photos

No. 550746

Does she really think a business man spending $400 ph for a hooker is going to think she’s classy for using those ghetto ass line stickers

Jealous that you’re more at risk for being raped or arrested and have no real life skills? Go off hoe

No. 550750

>all right after one another in January, Feb

LOL so fake

No. 550841

File: 1523302048975.jpeg (560.38 KB, 2048x2048, 266A0F6F-5483-4FD1-B592-3FFB36…)

Being short and a fat blob doesn’t count as smol sweet tea lol

>conventionally attractive

o k

No. 550843



No. 550875

It's so funny to see her without all the extreme filters and heavy editing. Her styling is such a mess too…

The worn out power puff girls shirt where you can see the graphic cracking from being so stretched out. The lopsided, crooked wig that is sitting on her head at an awkward angle. The unfortunate lighting which is making her harsh features extra haggard. Her makeup is awful too and if I recall, wasn't she super ashy throughout the entire video that this is from?

No. 550893

File: 1523303895567.jpg (184.3 KB, 1079x770, Screenshot_20180409-155240_Tum…)


It's so clear she dislikes them.

I think so. Like the lower half of her body was quite ashy.

No. 551185

File: 1523321853092.png (Spoiler Image,326.26 KB, 678x439, himekajav.png)

I regret going back and finding it.

No. 551503

What do you mean illegal website? Jesus don't tell me she's actually posting CP

No. 551504

Prostitution is illegal in the US therefore her website is advertising illegal services

No. 551506

Oh I see, lmao I actually thought she was posting CP.

No. 551666

File: 1523374563736.png (107.39 KB, 785x515, himeka.PNG)

> inb4 "Daisy" is a huniepop character

No. 551871

You'd think there'd be a line where the dev would stop and say, "hey that's really fucked up and they should get help" instead they go "this should be a character teehee". Jfc

No. 551908

File: 1523392503317.jpeg (430.23 KB, 2048x2048, 68262CA4-D936-4969-A345-DE2972…)

The amount of photoshop she does is horrid. I wonder if her customers know she’s catfishing like Delandra did? Or are they just black fetishists?
Meetdaisy.net I notice how she had professional photoshoots in the past but never uploads those photos(only once because they looked horrible but even then with a LINE sticker). This girl is worse than Kooters

No. 551909

Her website is all very photoshopped selfies but you notice that other ~high class escorts~ use professional photos.

No. 551918

File: 1523392730802.jpg (4.55 KB, 225x225, blackelixir.jpg)




Serious question: is there anything she can do about those deep lines around her eyes?

Are they genetic? I've only seen that kind of thing on FOB Africans/second generation

No. 551928

I’ve seen non blacks with the deep eye troughs too. White women usually get horrible wrinkles and bags like that at age 15. The problem with people who are very very dark like Daisy is that she can’t cover them properly due to shadows. She doesn’t seem like she spends money on improving herself or investing herself outside of cheap takeout, living a lie and a bunch of children’s toys so I doubt she’d invest in decent makeup. I remember the last thread a farmer found out she was doing $100 backpage fucks so she’s probably broke

No. 551929

Damn her nose is huge btw

No. 551932

those are genetic. even babies have them.

No. 551934

Genetic, she can get fillers but that's it.

No. 551939

I actually don't think she's aging bad? She's ugly and broke and probably spends most of her time at home instead of actually living the kind of lifestyle that makes you age like Lindsey Lohan since drugs and booze cost money lmao. Most black people have skin discoloration too and to get rid of it costs money. She just looks like a dumpy, smelly black girl in her 20s who lives off cheap junk food and washes her face with hand soap.

No. 551992


Your're forgetting she does blow. That ages your faster. Also she lacks a skincare routine.

No. 552005

You can get rid of those lines by either, losing/gaining weight, or eating dif foods. i used to have them pretty prominently and they went away somehow…

No. 552012

File: 1523398664703.jpg (436.42 KB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20180410-181251_Twi…)

>associating gangs and gangs sign solely to black culture

>claiming a stupid fucking dance belongs to one culture

Himeka's friend is a fucking idiot. She was probably that annoying fucking anon from the previous thread.

No. 552046

You’d have to be an idiot to be friends Himeka

No. 552048

Not to mention I think the OP was more so saying it's embarrassing that it's 2018, and this 40yo woman is using the very stale Asian fashion/culture gimmick, ie. the "harajuku girls" era of early 2000's.

Though you are right. While I do agree K-pop bites black culture via hip-hop, rap, and R&B themes. Her two examples aren't particularly good ones. There are white, hispanic, asian, etc. gangs, and while twerking is predominantly an African American dance, it was also heavily influenced by the LGBT scene. Sage because I can'tr believe I'm talking about the origins of twerking like it actually matters.

I am curious though. How come Angela now goes by Daisy, and didn't keep the matching "Bunny Spears" persona with Kitty?

No. 552065

I think because “Bunny” doesn’t sound classy 400 an hour hooker at all. Also her customers found out the truth that she was scamming via the threads here

No. 552073

I don't know. Between "Bunny Spears" and "Daisy Baby"… both are pretty awful, though Bunny is slightly cuter?

No. 552130

I think it was mostly for her to evade being caught red handed for catfishing

No. 552141

She copied this word by word from a tumblr post. Also damn she’s gotten really fat. I guess she just doesn’t care anymore

No. 552143

File: 1523407248080.jpeg (Spoiler Image,115.36 KB, 640x720, 1F7624B3-E12B-4C75-B48F-723FE7…)

Here’s the photo I forgot to spoiler it

No. 552153

File: 1523407950723.jpeg (98.7 KB, 640x650, 77DC46B2-962B-4CB0-BEA7-798025…)

She def has insecurities over her nose. She admitted to wanting surgery over it and she tries and covers it all the time

No. 552154

File: 1523408013145.jpg (136.87 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_20180410-204414_Sam…)

This girl does not love herself in any way, shape, or form. Lol


Also, saw this asks on her blog and it makes me wonder which girl she's talking about.

No. 552156

Why does the "nice man" look like a short, fat lesbian?

No. 552172

File: 1523409591573.jpeg (558.48 KB, 2048x2048, 96E3CD01-3EB5-49E2-B635-346CEC…)

The amount of photoshop this kitty bitch uses is horrible. Her nose is wider than Daisy’s lmao at least Himeka or daisy’s nose has some definition. She also wears ghost face makeup and looks like Michael Jackson. Himeka low key shaded her by adding this creep shot photo

No. 552175

File: 1523409732635.png (605.32 KB, 739x659, 903767A3-3100-43EA-B7EB-F175C2…)

Her daddy looks like boo from oitnb

No. 552176

File: 1523410025738.gif (860.98 KB, 240x228, b120870638402a6e76ebf12d78d2e0…)

>"high class escort"
>lets a guy who looks like he smells like hot dog water and chewing tobacco step on her face with his bare ass feet

No. 552178

They are both a hot mess and have similar looks to some degree, but I would argue Kitty is the better looking out of the two. While she's still pudgy, she's curvier than Angela, and her tits only hang half as low.

Oh shit, spot on. Same body type, but with worse hair.

No. 552186

Kitty will be better perceived at the strip club they now both work at because she’s not as dark as Hime (just the truth about how strip clubs work) and she doesn’t look like somebody’s 35 year old shady Nigerian auntie like hime does. They both look frumpy as hell and have horrible flabby bodies. N

No. 552188

File: 1523410845401.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, ADD14C8C-679A-4A85-BD02-4ACC54…)

This is yellowface. Fix it jeeeesus.

Himeka doesn’t love or care about this girl. A real friend wouldn’t let their best friend go around wearing Michael jackson’s last day of life foundation.

No. 552189

File: 1523410908236.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, EFC003AE-2B1F-4100-91A1-36A4E1…)

Her and Hime always cover their fat ass noses. Kitty is worst though especially this god awful makeup. These girls need self confidence

No. 552194

File: 1523411085686.jpg (486.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180410-211039_Twi…)

I'm gonna have to politely disagree with both of ya'll about Kitty. Especially when shit like >>552189 and pic related exists. She got a whole five o'clock shadow going on. I can only imagine how bad it looks irl. She probably gets clowned at her club.

No. 552197

I don’t think she looks good. Both her and Himeka are frumpy af but we all know how strip clubs are and cardi b said it best, dark girls don’t make money there. Especially in the south. If she’s at KOD in Atlanta or something then she would probably be clowned. But she’s probably at some random truck stop strip joint in Texas where she’s the only black girl and relies on being fetishized. I can’t wait until Himeka and her bitch out at one another. I know it’s coming. Between himeka’s shady tweets and fucking kitty’s bf I know she secretly hates her and will be making tumblr blog posts about her within 6 months.

No. 552198

Texas minimum wage is $7.25, she's still wrong but lots of people don't make that much. You're lucky to get a raise to $8

No. 552207

Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't bartenders usually get pay that rivals most strippers in some clubs these days? I've heard stuff about club owners hiring influencers from instagram to bartend and raking in cash. But maybe this is just a thing in bigger clubs, idk. She's really gonna have a hard time making much if this is the case.

No. 552208

File: 1523412065887.jpeg (137.66 KB, 635x829, 98EBEDE6-B808-419B-ABD3-B6D3A5…)

lol I did a shitty un-shoop

I was looking at this original photo and there’s so much curvature in the background (walls and pillows) it’s obvious they photoshopped their bodies from hell to back. Not shocked though because Himeka catfishes already. Also accounted for their real natural skin colors

No. 552211

Let's be real, if she was truly making bank from stripping and well liked by the patrons there, she wouldn't escorting "on the side". I'm also doubting the existence of her boyfriend because she's an escort. Unless he's their "pimp". Another thing that bugs me, Hime said she's supposed to be living in Texas but her and Kitty have been at this hotel for awhile now. I get going there occasionally for "cilents" but why are they just laid up on there? They're definitely not getting guys every minute. So what's the point?

No. 552214

Bartenders get paid very well in clubs and get huge tips as well. Himeka has already shown to be jealous of random girls online to the point where she goes in a rage. If she thinks she’s going to do well stripping at a club and doing porn she’s sorely mistaken.

She’s not even conventionally attractive and at least with camming you can scam customers. She’s gonna be like Delandra I predict and no strip clubs will take her / make no money and start drama

No. 552215

The boyfriend is probably the fat lesbian looking dude, whom they are staying with. No sane or attractive man would date either of them, especially with them both fucking old, fat men on the side for money.

No. 552216

Himeka said on her blog they were going to run an illegal brothel from a hotel room(illegal as hell and she’s dumb enough to advertise it on twitter) and also that next she was going to start working in kitty’s Club. I think they were at the hotel room to meet Johns

No. 552219

You’re right. That old dyke probably is kitty’s “boyfriend” kek. I think some guys would be ok with it only if they were 1-young and broke/wanted to leach or 2-Old fart who is a sugar daddy but even he’ll want her to quit or 3-a neckbeard like aminyan’s boyfriend who will take anyone he can get even a whore

No. 552221

I would not be surprised. He's probably not even her bf and is just some dude who she fucks regularly for money.

>Himeka said on her blog they were going to run an illegal brothel from a hotel room

I hope they get caught by the cops lmao

No. 552223

Himeka has already been banned from hotels for being a prostitute so I wouldn’t be shocked if a police record came next

No. 552225

I could see a young guy dating them, but only to use them or act as their pimp. A desperate old splenda daddy like the fat lesbian guy. Not sure about a neckbeard weeb unless he was particularly into getting cucked. Aminyan's boyfriend is a creepy lolicon and she was the closest thing he could get. Also, even though she is by all means a sex worker, she's not on the same level as Angela or "Kitty" at the very least.

Oh god, I wish this would happen if only for the amazing mugshots it would produce of the two of them.

No. 552232

Sage for derailing but Aminyan’s been vocal on twitter about being a sex worker but for some reason she seems so god damned awkward to me. I can’t even imagine her having sex because everything sexy she tries feels super forced. I doubt her bf is a cuck he just seems like a high key pedophile and slightly rich and they both tolerate each other’s autism. Plus I think she’s living in France(?) now where sex work is legal.

I’m really waiting on the day for Himeka to get caught up in a sting operation. Even if that doesn’t happen I really wonder where this life will take her. Even though she looks old af now she can’t do the “barely legal 18teen!” Thing for another five years. I think this girl will starve or couch surf like Delandra before she works a decent job though

No. 552240

File: 1523414607671.jpeg (431.7 KB, 2048x2048, 8F57685C-BE47-467F-A387-139880…)

Compare this edit with a real candid. She’s a god damn catfish

No. 552250

KEK! Girl looks ready for her casket

And with that granny looking body she probably is.

No. 552968

File: 1523487271164.jpg (Spoiler Image,779.91 KB, 1077x1851, Screenshot_20180411-180313_Twi…)

Why does she think anyone wants to see her nasty ass body in that tag? What's the point of ruining a wholesome tag with shit like this?

No. 553052

RIP to anyone using that tag to actually look at cute animals

No. 553339

Jesus… she really is rough as dogs. I’m glad I’m a quarter black and not full sometimes like I don’t want to sound mean but I just find every asset on black women hideous. Dark ugly pussy, big nose, near to no hair…(racebaiting)

No. 553345

I actually don't think she looks bad in her candids. She has nice skin. But she's definitely a catfish and her upper lip is a little terrifying.

No. 553362

Is that her foot on the bottom right? It looks like a fish flipper

No. 553366

She would be decent if she went the Naomi Chambell route and lost a lot of weight, wore trendy clothes and did her makeup properly. Instead she’s forcing the “barely legal teen!” Look and it looks awful on her. Her facial structure isn’t soft at all and doesn’t fit it and even though she’s short she’s way too overweight.

No. 553433

Lol don't let one ugly black girl with bad hygiene and no clue how yo style herself alter your whole outlook of black women. Theres plenty of good looking dark skin black women out there. Sage for derail, pardon me.

No. 553642

She produced child porn of herself for damn near 5 years and sold it which is a fucking federal offence. When she got repedeatly banned on Tumblr because of it and when 4chan made a fool out of her she said it was out of jealousy. Now she’s a grown ass woman who had gotten braces to allude to being a child, refrences her height all the time (in spite of being overweight lol) and types incoherently like a small child and still doesn’t realize what she’s doing is gross. Stop sexualising children Angela and grow the fuck up.

No. 553644

File: 1523563225264.jpeg (67.81 KB, 640x446, 7FA6A219-03E7-47EE-A1F2-EB6462…)

The tweet in question

No. 553886

File: 1523576306248.png (419.42 KB, 614x609, 56784.PNG)

This is probably the closest to what her face actually looks like, even though it's still filtered.

No. 553942

she has really ugly wide nose bridge. If she’s making so much bank as a stripper she needs to invest in a nose job and liposuction asap lol

No. 553944

Not to mention her lace front has a sumo part pulled halfway back behind her ol 6 head having ass

No. 554079

yikes talk about abusing photoshop

No. 554515

File: 1523636571456.jpg (251.18 KB, 1080x1247, Screenshot_20180413-120019_Twi…)

She's going to regret that in a few years if she gets it.

No. 554516

I doubt it. She’s already mentally fucked I don’t see her going far within the next few years

No. 554876

File: 1523661687633.png (33.87 KB, 580x317, staymad.png)

Apparently Angela showed "Kitty" her lolcow thread and is acting butthurt about it all over tumblr. She even went as far as to steal Shayna (dumdolly)'s line of "I fucced ur dad lel". She's so mad.

No. 554879

File: 1523661855223.png (462.98 KB, 584x758, stillmad.png)

Bonus post. Shoop anon, she's especially upset with you.

The best part is that all her posts crying about lolcow barely got any notes, no one cares about her drama.

No. 554919

Where's the original pic so I can compare? Can only see the Shoop (or unshoop) in thread

No. 554934

File: 1523665911214.png (3.03 MB, 1643x1011, stillfattho.png)

Here you go, anon. With a bonus pic. Even without anon's "unshooped" version, they're still lumpy, fat, and saggy soooo…

No. 554940

the girl on the right looks like she's sucking in like her life depends on it

No. 554946

>i havent looked at it in 3 yrs lol

Except you were deadass trying to defend yourself in the last two threads but ok.

>and WOW u bitches r so damn weird.

Says the girl pretending to and sexualizing being a preteen. Ew.

>u guys r shading ur selves by actively contributing to a hate forum

Lolcow isn't a "hate forum", you sound like a dumbass Christian soccer mom. Also, everything posted is factual, the screenshots are from YOUR pages. Meaning, whatever fucked up shit is said, came from you.

>im so ugly n haggard but im still adored n paid for my ugly haggard looks so yeet.

You've only had, what, one or two dudes, and they only paid you 70 bucks, if even that. Sit down, clown.

>also me n kitty dont use photoshop. who uses photoshop in 2018 lmao tf.

Clearly both of your pics are heavily edited. Tucking in your beer guts, wiping away all the cokehead wrinkles, and lightening the shit out of your skin. If that doesn't count as shooping then I don't know what does.

>u just mad bc we getting paid n we’re hot af n ur NAWT.

Ya'll both are a solid 5 without filters and only make 70 bucks weekly. There's nothing to be jealous of.

>we fucked ur inhereitence money out of ur dad👀

Nah. Again, you barely make chump change because ya'll stay fucking poor rednecks. Sit down.

No. 554957

Does Himeka pose with this bitch to make herself look better? Because even in the edited pic the other girl's just so fucking ugly.

No. 554980

Seriously, it's laughable that she pretends she's "hawt" when we've all seen what she looks like without editing and filters.

Also, she's out here fucking guys who look like this >>552143 letting them step on her face for a few dollars. It's cute though that she thinks her life is anything to be jealous of.

No. 555244

>im so ugly n haggard but im still adored n paid for my ugly haggard looks so yeet.

She relies on prostitution for self validation. She literally just said it right there.

Also she’s come here multiple times to talk about other girls so idk why she’s being brand new. She’s also been actively following this thread too lol

No. 555256

File: 1523689612750.jpg (1.75 MB, 2560x1920, 18-04-14-03-05-16-352_deco.jpg)

>My skin is just sensitive to light

Bitch, what? Lol

No. 555259

Dumbest shit I've ever heard lmao

No. 555261

File: 1523690592236.jpg (2.1 MB, 1920x2560, 18-04-14-03-20-35-637_deco.jpg)

Look at this. The three on the bottom are edited by her the top is from her porn. None of the bottom ones match her actual complexion you see in the video. She really needs to get help.

No. 555262

>sensitive to light

I’m sorry what ?? lol alsoif she’s so proud why does she post white girls all day and alter her skin tone and features??? Even if it’s not “Photoshop” she’s using some shitty Asian app to catfish. Notice how she NEVER uploads photos of her done by other people despite multiple professional photoshoots?

No. 555267

Not to mention she’s wearing foundation too light for her body which is the same Gangnam unnie fuckgirl shit that kitty does on top of filters and photoshop to look lighter. No wonder she’s had so many “traumatic” experiences with customers. They probably reacted to being catfished…

No. 555279

File: 1523693389476.jpg (444.35 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_20180414-035834_Twi…)

This bitch.

No. 555280

File: 1523693435798.jpg (258.39 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180414_035823.jpg)

She needs to start loving herself, for real.

No. 555283

She looks like walmart brand Amina here. She's doing that weird ass smile and everything.

No. 555286

Not even Walmart. More like dollar store bargin bin.

No. 555290

>incoming Himeka threads about Amina harassing her

No. 555291

*himeka Tumblr posts I meant

No. 555294

She deleted the posts because nobody gave a flying fuck

No. 555309

File: 1523696485378.jpeg (21.38 KB, 275x199, 92FAA232-0B17-4115-B534-567FEF…)

>hates me because of jealous / no reason

Ummm let’s go back the past few years
>started off as a teen cringe weeb posting sexually charged dance covers and eventually distributing CHILD PORN which is a federal offense and called anyone who spoke out about it as jealous
>harassed dozens of young girls and women
proof: http://somethinblr.tumblr.com/post/112921849423/himeka-messaging-her-stalker-the-stalker-is-a

>came to Lolcow to doxx YOURSELF, Amina and bully your underaged own sister. Proven here:


>changes name nearly every year to evade people finding shit out(Angela, Momo, Himeka, Bunny and now “Daisy”).

>Catfishes prostitution customers with fake photos and claims ~trauma~ when you’ve gotten told out about it(on Tumblr she does this sometimes)

>Falls for men head over heels despite being publicly played and fooled multiple times( Simon Benson, Dom who scammed her out of 3k)

>Pathological liar (calls self a porn starlette, lies and said she was first black AV star, lies every month about a rich benefactor sugar daddy
>Lies about being a successful escort despite barely having money to pay rent. If you had consistent customers you wouldn’t be moving every two months.
>sexualises rape, piss, children, abuse and misgony.

I could list way more but go off sis

No. 555311

File: 1523696594226.jpeg (112.21 KB, 641x818, 7DEC666E-3BC3-4376-B5A1-19EF13…)

Also has lied about being mixed/haafu Japanese and lies on her website saying she can speak Japanese when she can’t at all( meetdaisy.net). She’s trying to softly imply she’s mixed to customers which is on some scam shit

No. 555314

File: 1523697073597.jpeg (523.27 KB, 2048x2048, 7B04102C-FEC0-4D57-B5D2-12A060…)

More than 60% of her twitter followers are fake bots that she bought.

No. 555315

File: 1523697541210.jpeg (Spoiler Image,106.62 KB, 640x816, AF106BD9-FD98-47C6-B6B8-0BABDA…)

Imagine being only 20 and having National Geographic tits already

No. 555333

>National Geographic tits
Topkek anon

152cm is hella short (especially for a black girl), is she lying?

No. 555348

File: 1523705714756.jpeg (108.79 KB, 640x663, CE6F4B9A-EAB7-472B-95C3-825179…)


No. 555349

She’s Nigerian too and Nigerian women are usually tall and chunky. I think she’s short because in photos with other people she looks about 5’2-5’3 but she’s def not 4’11 like she’s claiming. She always talks about being short and childlike (yikes) but when you’re 5’2 and 170 lbs you just look dumpy and unattractive

No. 555356

File: 1523706652770.jpeg (32.72 KB, 284x301, F2A4F2FB-C1DB-48F5-9C2B-0830A0…)

>every1 so jelus

No. 555372

What does her being black have to do with her height?

The fuck? I’m black and I know plenty of short black folks.

No. 555383

No she's right. It's 2018. We have Asian beauty apps which she clearly abuses. Even if she's not doing any editing after she's probably making the mistake of thinking the auto beauty tools are minimal "her best self" and she doesn't look far off.

No. 555386

Nigerians are usually taller just like Japanese are usually shorter. Stop race baiting

No. 555435

How the fuck am I race-baiting? You legitimately just wrote about her being black and somehow that equates with height despite there being plenty of short blacks and tall Asians. You people are fucking pathetic. On this website, you broads find anything to nitpick about even if it makes no fucking sense. Hell, even Kiwi Farms has more sense that the lot of you on this shitsite.

Have any of you looked outside the fucking window or ever gone outside—away from the comfort of your computer screens or cell phones? I highly doubt. Take a look outside instead of having such a distorted view of the world. Goddamn.

No. 555439

Maybe you should try calming down anon lol

No. 555445

Himeka why are you so triggered. Look at the average height in Asian countries and average height in black people. Also calm down

No. 555448


Stop stirring up drama, Himeka. See? I can claim you’re her too. Seriously, I’m not Himeka and I certainly don’t write like her. But, go on. Whatever fits your rhetoric, by all means. There are plenty of short blacks and tall Asians. Either you’ve never been around many blacks to know this or you’re race-baiting.(ban evasion)

No. 555457

nayrt but I just took a look at average heights, and Japanese women and Nigerian women are around the same height on average, hovering between 5'2 and 5'3.
I think it's safe to say 4'11 is very short by anyone's standards (unless you live in a pygmy society), and Himeka is probably bullshitting to seem smol uguu.
Either way, this argument is unnecessary.

No. 555531

Meh While I agree some bitches on here nitpick I'd say a good majority are making legitimate points about the cows. It doesn't make us shut ins or jealous to point out the obvious kek

No. 555550

File: 1523728826452.jpg (154.79 KB, 1078x685, Screenshot_20180414-135911_Tum…)


There are girls in this world that dress far better and look much cuter than her. She needs to chill.

No. 555563

>waiting for people to appear on her doorstep
Himeka, no one cares that much about you. You're the equivalent of a side article people read at the doctor's office when they have nothing else to do.

No. 555610

Okay so why does she stay sending herself messages. This is embarrassing

No. 555696

File: 1523740239898.jpg (592.04 KB, 808x1641, Screenshot_20180414-140604_Twi…)

Kitty hiding her face so we can't see the stark contrast between her foundation and actual skintone.

No. 555700

Her and Micky do this all the damn time

No. 555921

These bitches inspire me to go on one hell of a diet

No. 556063

File: 1523785572959.jpg (477.95 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20180415-054149_Twi…)

Nobody is really bothered, nor is this just for you. Any aliases of any cow or snowflake is always added to the title of the thread or in the OP post. It's so people can find threads and not get confused.

Also does she not understand time zones?

No. 556068

I think she means she'll soon change her name for the 5th time…

No. 556074

She changed her alias so people can’t see the fucked up shit she’s done to people

No. 556079

Someone already pointed that out in here.

Oh thank god. I thought she was going beyond mental

No. 556131

She changed her name way more than 4 times what is she on

No. 556136

File: 1523799354125.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-04-15-09-33-41…)

>I luv being a dark girl soooo much like totally black girls rule and shit. My dark skin so beautiful!

>Skin changes like a damn chameleon between her own pictutres, pictures by others, and videos

Himeka, pls. You're fooling nobody but your own shitty self image and piss poor self esteem. You need to love yourself.

No. 556528

Late to all this, but yes. "Daisy" has a huge problem about changing how she looks in her photos. To even try claiming she doesn't photoshop lmao..just because the program you're using isn't photoshop doesn't mean it's not still photoshopping honey.

Yes, phone apps count too.
Because you edit the lines by your eyes out in every picture you post-that's first of all. Second, you change the size of your nose all the time too as well as your eyes. You brighten the hell out of your pictures which yes, does effect your skintone. but what you have to realize is if you're trying to fuck men as a living you can't have pictures that show you 8 shades lighter than what you really are.

You look ashy. No, lotion doesn't only go on your legs. and you abuse fat girl angles more than anyone I can remember from the myspace era. No ones obsessed with you, you delusional bloated pig. You just do so much blatantly retarded shit that people can't help but take notice and laugh at you, just like the men who reject you every time you think you're going somewhere with them. Dumbass.

No. 556684

File: 1523838035014.png (1.52 MB, 640x1136, BC4C86F1-2EF7-4522-AE5A-C4D413…)

Kitty for sure goes here because she’s starting to photoshop her nose when we all know her nose bridge is about half her damn face

No. 556685

Also she’s fat af

No. 556732

You can literally see where she photoshoped the underwear… she's so embarrassing

No. 556778

Is that their splenda daddy's place? Just look at those incredibly outdated cabinets and counter tops.

No. 557049

File: 1523887157002.jpeg (54.3 KB, 640x545, 7CD54431-E421-4AD6-8B71-A504AD…)

>runs a porn nude blog
>is mad at sex pests

No. 557098

> Wants to be cared about for her personality
>portrays herself as some sex addict bimbo
> people only cares for sex
>why not love me for me
why is she like this

No. 557128

Someone I follow on tumblr just discovered Himeka and is flooding my dash with her bleached out pics
It is encouraging to see they all only have like 30 notes

No. 558407

File: 1524015976553.png (64.23 KB, 941x468, 676.PNG)

And now fake twitter accounts.

No. 558473

File: 1524020499921.jpg (220.78 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_20180417-225928_Twi…)

They slay me with these fake stories. Lol

No. 558478

File: 1524020852174.jpg (565.49 KB, 810x1498, Screenshot_20180417-230250_Tum…)

No. 558479

File: 1524020924970.jpg (164 KB, 1080x698, Screenshot_20180417-230403_Tum…)


She tries so hard to make her life seem like a trashy smut novel.

No. 558538

>cowboy bepop

No. 558548

I'm amazed that she's acting like they would have let her into a 5star restaurant dressed like that without proving she had enough money to actually buy a meal. She would have been kindly asked to leave since with her tits that out the staff would have (rightly) assumed that she was a hooker.

Also why does she need to fully describe what they were wearing in both posts? Why not just take a mirror selfie of your outfits? Geez

No. 558589

It's funny because she doesn't have her hair styled that way. Why even lie about something like that?

Chances are there's some truth to her stories, but she definitely embellishes on them to the max. It's probably more like they got treated to Olive Garden by the fat lesbian "daddy" and families were looking at them in horror while they had their titties all hanging out.

Wealthy white guys have the money to afford attractive escorts, there's no way any guy with the funds would waste his time on these street walker tier hookers. She's still fucking fat rednecks for pocket change just like she's always been.

No. 558601

lol wat even is a 5 star restaurant
michelin only goes up to 3 stars

No. 558723

Maybe she means Yelp ratings lmao

No. 559143

Why does her lips look swollen

No. 559214

I didn't even catch that. She's so bad at lying.

Let's be real. If any of this were true, why wouldn't she be taking selfies/photos to show off her expensive meal at a "five star restaurant"?

No. 559532

File: 1524099921161.jpg (166.31 KB, 818x1024, IMG_20180418_210021.jpg)

Why go into a store intended for preteens dressed like cheap hookers? Like, families and little kids go there, none of them want or need to see that.

No. 559749

was this before or after the "five star restaurant".

No. 559768

File: 1524116318436.png (709.06 KB, 601x600, 1111.PNG)


No. 559864

File: 1524129903923.gif (876.64 KB, 400x251, 08160765-3F54-48E7-9FC0-650AD5…)

No. 559998

File: 1524152298714.jpg (833.74 KB, 1069x1861, Screenshot_20180419-113346_Chr…)

That "five star" restaurant she was bragging about wasn't even five stars smh

No. 560034

knowing her it probably is rated 4 stars on yelp or sometihng. kek.

No. 560044

I googled the restaurant, Ida Claire Texas and you guys are right. It’s a 4.4 YELP REVIEW rated restaurant. Also the food was only about $5-10 per plate. They think that’s high class…yikes lol
I’d like to see what they’d post if they’ve ever been to a real Michelin Star restaurant lol

No. 560054

kek "#10star restaurant yall"

No. 560061

File: 1524157004338.jpg (239.77 KB, 900x1200, DbEaaYJUwAUyxU9.jpg)

She really went out like this. Like, even girls with perky tits at least wear boob tape with these outfits, but she didn't even try.
It looks so sloppy.

No. 560088

File: 1524158887197.jpg (445.23 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20180419-131352_Twi…)

Lol Is she blind? These threads span years and most aren't even back to back unless there's something worth discussing or roasting. Also, why does she think we're jealous? Going to Claire's and 4star hipster restaurants are nothing to be jealous of at all. I can and have done that without having to sell my body. Even the whole, ~*we have so many men falling all over us*~ isn't special. There are far better looking and richer men out here.

Texas doesn't even have any Michelin star restaurants. Lmao They got lied to quite hard.

No. 560141

she's so fucking stupid it hurts

No. 560142

idk this kitty girl very well, but from her icon she looks like she stinks. like a walking yeast infection.

No. 560160

I wouldn't expect someone that posts pictures of themselves putting their near-bare asscheek on the counter of a public bathroom to have the best hygiene.

No. 560312

This is too funny. Ida Claire is a cute little hipster restaurant, charming, but is in no way "fine dining". The fact that they think a place like this, with it's most expensive dinner options being $23 and $27 is fine dining really shows their perspective and where they are in life. Most diners have comparable prices, but I suppose when you are used to fat redneck "daddies" treating you to McDonalds a place like this must seem so high class…

I feel so bad for all the poor families and "daddies" they were disrupting the meals of and oogling. Her top is struggling to stay buttoned, trying to hold in those saggers. She's so delusional thinking that the looks of disgust are from jealously and not because she has her floppy tits halfway hanging out while people are trying to have a nice meal.

No. 560359

I'm sure they meant that as an off-color joke, Anon.

No. 560437

They were being serious.

No. 560558

File: 1524202209775.jpg (50.84 KB, 1078x265, Screenshot_20180420-012518_Tum…)

No. 560562

File: 1524202991520.jpg (508.43 KB, 1079x1439, Screenshot_20180420-012639_Tum…)


>i dont go to tht site i feel like it ages me.

Yet you've been lurking and posting here for years.

>like, the current hot delicious tea is the fact that me n kitty went to a nice resteraunt… whoopty doo.

Girl bye. The tea was that you and your friend lied about being at a Michelin star restaurant. Now you mad you got caught.

>i’ve literaly eaten at the top of the eiffel tower like 2 times.

No you haven't, girl. Stop lying for notes.

>BUT, i told tht story bc we literally googled “chicken n waffle resteraunt” n went to the second one tht came up.

No, you told that lie because you wanted to seem like you were living the rich girl life when you're not even close to that in reality.

>we were so caught off guard tht it was rich daddy central (we looked like britney’s back up dancers!!)

It's a hipster flytrap, the most you saw was a regular middle class family eating and making fun of you tacky hoes. Also, Britney would not have some ugly, tacky girls like ya'll as backup dancers.

>ive been ignoring them for a verrrryyy long time. i think the last time i truly gave tht hellhole of a website my true attention, is in 2015

You've been lurking and talking about your threads for years. Even now, you're lurking and talking about us. Chill.

>when [name redacted] leaked my school and family info.

Stop lying about that girl. She didn't do shit to you. You're just jealous she's better off than you.

No. 560570

File: 1524204150029.gif (1.62 MB, 342x306, waka.gif)

>we looked like britney's back up dancers!
Is she seriously this delusional?

Also, way to show you are TOTALLY NOT BOTHERED by us Angela. She got caught lying and is salty and trying to cover for it. Has she ever even been to Paris or the Eiffel tower? Where are the pics? Yet another lie she can't back up.

No. 560571

File: 1524204246283.jpg (555.47 KB, 1069x1487, Screenshot_20180420-012845_Tum…)


>dont even understand the hate bc ummm tbh we’re perfect n its undeniable. like, everyone who meets us falls in love.

Except, you threw your sister under the bus just to try and save your own ass, destroyed a friendship with someone you were close with for line stickers and being friends with a girl who called you a cheaper whore, shit on your family despite them putting up with your bullshit, and scamming the fuck out of your customers.

>(p.s: thx 4 the 9.4k views on our first evaaah peri broadcast yesterday)

Ya'll didn't even make it past 50, wtf are you talking about?

>we abt to pull up somewhere , post the addy, and wait for one of those weird thots to run up on us. we’re thinking Braums Icecream on Frisco. come thru :3 !! u wanna beat us up so bad here’s ur chance. i wanna see what u guys got. 

Nobody said anything in the threads about fighting you. Also, looks like we struck a berve talking about your whack trips to Claire's and CVS. Lol

>i rly havent looked at that page for a few yrs bc it’s just reaching & its the same thing over n over again. (how many different ways can u say im fat darkskinned with a big nose? ya’ll played tht out real fast)

There's been far more shit discussed than that, but thanks for revealing you were posting and lurking here recently.

>anonymous jealous uglies talkin crap on the net for no reason. ofc they gon drag her in 2 it also bc 1.) we’re friends. 2.) she’s a megababe and 3.) we both chasing this bag.

Anyone that's currently friends with you is pretty trash. Kitty is not even remotely cute and cannot apply makeup properly to save her life(same goes for you). You're not chasing anything but a delusion. Otherwise you'd be on the same level as those high class escorts you hate on so much.

>something an ugly mommas basement type hoe would never be able to comprehend.

A good majority of us make bank, can actually apply makeup properly, are in decent shape, and have our own places. Unlike you who continues to jump from hotel to broomclosets all across America.

>instead of being bitter, get better.

Honestly, you need to take your own advice.

>we are srsly going to get some icecream and any Texas Based LolCower is more than welcome to join us. just expect to get your shit rocked. we don’t do that talky talky stuff. WE NOT PUSSY.

If you were so tough, why didn't you fight your sister when she snitched? Why didn't you fight Micky after all this time? Every person who has confronted you made you leave with your tail between your legs and I'm sure Kitty is the same.

>we got goons. we two baby bimbo princesses who will still ruin ya life. anyway, back to the scheduled program of being better than them. 

You guys do not have any goons. I'm sure if some came to run a fade on ya'll, nobody would come to help and you two would run off crying to tumblr anbout getting beat up. And the only life you're ruining is yours. Ours are gonna remain fine because we aren't stupid. And again, you're far from better than us

No. 560578

You know what would be funny as fuck? If Kitty had been a farmer all along.

No. 560581

File: 1524205302751.jpg (1.92 MB, 1920x2560, 18-04-20-02-17-54-568_deco.jpg)

I can't believe these two really think they look good like this. They look like they buried their faces in baby powder. Lol

That would be the ultimate betrayal plot twist. Lmao

No. 560593

Girl, your face don't match your neck and I'm screaming.

No. 560640

kitty really needs to learn how to blend her false lashes with her real ones. i can spot that gap from a mile away. way too sloppy for someone whos whole job revolves around their looks.

No. 560677

There’s proof on here that SHE herself leaked her own school name, family information and her sister’s real name. She came here and did it herself. Why is she still trying to blame Amina when nobody has ever heard Amina talk shit about these girls despite her making nude blogs of her etc. I hate when people like this make themselves out to be the victim…

No. 560680

These demonic looking hoes have some nerve

No. 560705

Giving me serious uncanny valley vibes. They look like party clowns. Do they know that when they go out looking like that, other people can see them?

No. 560817

File: 1524241354181.jpg (42.82 KB, 300x328, tumblr_inline_mmq6egBJnh1qcgdi…)

Angela straight up looks like Coco Montrese.

No. 560843

did you guys watch the live stream??? they looked like penny wise the dancing clown. they also keep taking streams down fast so nobody can see they're lying about the numbers

No. 560902

If they aren't lying about the number, then it's definitely a case of viewbotting. Getting 9K views would warrent more comments, likes, and retweets than what's on their Periscope posts. It's like when she use to lie about her video on NND.

No. 560906

File: 1524250466526.jpg (144.68 KB, 1064x648, Screenshot_20180420-144625_Tum…)


>they nitpick girls who they wish they cud be

There are no nitpicks heres. Only legitimate criticisms and posts containing shitty things they did openly. Nobody wants to be you, Micky, Momokun, Momokun's calf, Raven, Onion, Margo, etc. All these people are almost beyond fucked in nearly every way.

It's also weird how she says our lives are mundane when most of these cows and snowflakes live boring, basics lives. Her included. Why does she feel that she's instantly better for being able to go to Claire's or an Amusement park or Japan? Hell, her trip to Japan was mostly spent at boring ass restaurants, getting bossed around by Simon, filming a flat porn, and then getting booted. Or when she was doing drugs in Miami at various clubs. There's nothing cute or appealing about that shit. She's trying way to hard to glamorize her boring ass life.

No. 560909

File: 1524250761049.jpg (612.31 KB, 1066x1307, Screenshot_20180420-144424_Tum…)


Kitty and her are not even close to being Nicole and Paris. Nicole and Paris actually know how to dress, are in shape, are rich, and by far are more likable. Kitty and her on the other hand, have nothing positive going for them.

No. 560990

File: 1524259489444.jpeg (93.2 KB, 640x718, C8C6E262-CB54-424A-9AF3-0728B0…)

I watched one of their streams. It was mainly Indians saying “show bob and vageen” rather than legitimate ~fans~ of them. It got 4K views however looking further at the viewers it was egg profiles aka view bots. Something is pathologically wrong with angela where she has to consistently lie about her life. She’s hella insecure. It’s not like Micky who does trashy shit and doesn’t realize it. Angela knows she’s lying and is so insecure she continues. Kitty was shading her by saying the restaurant was a 4 Star YELP REVIEW restaurant than Angela lying and saying it was 5 Star Michelin lol. I can’t wait until they hate one another and the tea we will get about Angela.

No. 561030

I absolutely love when cows get mad and try to turn on farmers by claiming we're just jealous. They can only make wild assumptions of our lives, but have no idea who we are, the lives we live, etc. But I would say it's safe to say that most of us are doing better than fucking old, fat hillbillies.. oh, excuse me, "daddies" for Micky Ds and walmart shopping sprees. How many of us have our own homes, real, secure careers, don't think a $12-$15 meal is "fine dining" and have never let a man who looks like a fat, lesbian, dwarf, step of their face for a cheeseburger? Angela, "Kitty", please. Explain what we're supposed to be jealous of?

And before you claim it's your "perfect looks" again. Seriously look into a mirror. You both are fat, lumpy, saggy breasted, street hookers with bad weaves, orange faces, and loose falsies.

No. 561218

Oh my god Kitty what in the Ghost Face Killa??!?! I almost want to say that's just foundation that can't handle flash but the problem is her photo-app'd pictures stay looking 10 shades lighter than her real skin anyway so
And stop shrinking your nose Himeka, we all know that shits a 10 car garage.
Girl, no one wants to be like you!! You're out there hoe'ing and catching HIV and everything else out there! Sure hope you're getting STD + HIV tests often because it's not a matter of if honey, it's when. I guess that's all you have to look forward to when you have to fuck stranger men every day for a living (if they actually give you the chance anyway since most end up rejecting you for being too dumb and ugly). If you were actually worth anything they'd want to wife you and take care of you, not one night you. I'm sure all you can say back is "well I fucked your dad". If we were all from a trailerpark or the projects, sure maybe LOL

No. 561228

I'm pretty sure kitty is gonna get tired of "daisy" mooching off of her soon.

No. 561254

File: 1524288983422.jpg (339.7 KB, 1077x1237, Screenshot_20180421-013113_Twi…)


Bitch those are your ribs, and they are only showing like that because you're sucking it in. Lol At no point has this girl every had abs. This is some straight up Momokun shit right here.

No. 561255

File: 1524289216413.jpg (625.09 KB, 1063x1691, Screenshot_20180421-013405_Tum…)


My fave would never embarrass themselves like that. Step your makeup game up. Also, you still don't look good, no matter how many times you spam that mess.

No. 561259

does she not know… what abs are?

what the fuck am I reading
what the fuck am I looking at

No. 561278

love the work out lines

No. 561282

She thinks a flat tummy is abs?!? Who wronged her in life??? By the way Himeka good catch with the "had" because we all know the gelatin gut you're stuck with now from all those "5 star restaurant" meals
I'm convined Kittys actually laughing at her. There's no way you can look at someone with their face an entirely different ethnicity than their body and pretend nothings wrong without secretly loving it.

No. 561332

Kitty does the Gangnam unnie makeup too though lol. She thinks she’s light skin. They’re both from the south though so I wouldn’t be shocked if they were both very color struck

No. 561352

Damn at least blend the foundation

No. 561666

File: 1524345335086.jpg (838.13 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20180421-033735_Twi…)

She looks genuinely retarded.

No. 561702

Why's she looking up? Looks cross eyed too. Not sexy at all…how did she post this without shame?

No. 561721

She’s probably looking up because the ears are making her Party City fright wig slide down/off and she’s trying to get the pic before it does.

No. 561726

Yah, my life is totes mundane - I’ve never been thrown out of a hotel for being a hooker or made my mom cry because she’s ashamed of me or “nuffin’” (ugh). How exciting that must be!

No. 561737

I can't stand how badly edited these are to the point that all the darker colors in the picture look weird and pixelated (usually like her hair and stuff) looks terrible

No. 561889

File: 1524363689537.png (123.59 KB, 771x814, urjealuzz.png)

>we r perfect n its undeniable

No. 561894

It's beautiful

No. 561895

She's trying to ahegao, like a hentai character.

No. 561921

Countdown to Angela reposting this and throwing a shit-fit on Twitter/Tumblr in 3…2…1

No. 561922

>sum one on lolcow maed fanart of us becuz they r jealuz haterz n we r so purfect!!1!

No. 561926

File: 1524366353393.jpg (388.47 KB, 1080x1701, 20180421_230130.jpg)

>tfw you expose yourself as a catfish
Bummer there's no fullsized thumbnail for this. It's from a livestream they did, I think. Even though it's just a portion of her face, it's wild how drastically different she looks compared to all the other shit she posts.

No. 562004

omfg anon im dying that is perfect

No. 562007

File: 1524376859282.jpg (269.62 KB, 1080x640, 20180422_015956.jpg)

Their live stream is so dull. Though it's funny watching their views wildly flux between 200 and 100.

No. 562010

No. 562014

Holy shit, this is worse than I was expecting. No wonder they have to use so many filters/beauty apps on their photos. Yikes.

No. 562018

They just openly acknowledged us on their stream. Also they jumped to 500 views weebs immediately when m went back down to 100 to 200 views. Lol Those bots were going into overtime.

No. 562020

What did they say

No. 562023

The usual "you guys are jealous of our bodies. We're perfect. You won't pull up on us" shit.

Why is it that ugly girls are so eager to fight when people mention their appearance? It's not that serious. Lol

No. 562024

It was like watching Lainey. Except they are (probably drunk) eating Popeye's. Classy af.

No. 562026

A summary of the live so far:

>Barely engaging their audience and instead adjusting their tops and talking to some dude in the background

>Heavily drinking

>"hurr dur fuck the haters lol"

>Ignoring questions unless it's insulting

>Stuffing their faces with greasy junk food and smacking while eating

>Begging people to send them $2 on CashApp

It's a real shitshow.

No. 562036

Lmao they're back to claiming they have goons and people who would ride or die for them. Stop the lies.

The fact they keep bring up this thread and talking about it is hilarious. Especially when they follow it up with, "we're not bother by them" and "we don't check the threads". Even though they went on two rants about us and referenced a recent post.

The post they talk about says the thread has spanned years but dont realize how that's a bad thing on Himeka's behalf. There are plenty of dead threads here because people have changed and chilled out. Himeka has only gotten worse.

No. 562039

Yeah I just saw that part. Kitty referenced the fat lesbian comment which was pretty recent. That means you read here…

No. 562044

I’m pretty sure Kitty read here before Angela moved in with her. She only has a problem now because we’re bringing up her. In actuality her and Angela are toxic to each other. I don’t see them lasting 6 months in the same house. In some streams they act passive aggressive af to one another. Especially Angela is rude as hell.

No. 562045

I noticed that at some points during their stream that Kitty would side eye the fuck outta Angela. I also noticed that when Kitty would leave their views would drop. At one point, Angela left and the views shot up and Kitty looked smug about it. I think she secretly doesn't like Angela and is only putting on a front to "gain" cilents and followers and use her for whatever money she has left. Sad that Angela is too dumb to pick up on that.

No. 562048

Both are tragic looking, but Kitty isn't as dark-skinned as Himeka, so she probably benefits from colorism and gets a kick out of being the "attractive" (and I use this term loosely) one in a crusty duo.
In fact, the only way for her to not look horrible is probably to befriend even worse looking girls than herself and skin walk to lowkey be "the better version" of them.

No. 562116

They look like two linebackers in drag

No. 562157

File: 1524411666269.jpg (96.89 KB, 1075x661, Screenshot_20180422-113600_Twi…)


They had genuinely had 100 or less real viewers. The highest was 500 but it was bots and it only lasted a split second.

No. 562160

Is Angela/Himeka/Bunny/Daisy capable of telling the truth ever?

No. 562175

File: 1524413509739.jpg (377.05 KB, 661x1102, 1349921716170.jpg)

An ancient Himeka post from 2013. This is honestly quite depressing. It doesn't justify how she is now, but it certainly explains the behavior. Anyone would turn out shit with parents like that.

No. 562181

I have no clue who is she is this is the first time im seeing her thread so for the dumb q but does she work in japan or is she just a weeab

No. 562183

> the only nice people are pedophiles
you lost me there feeling any sort of sympathy for her.

No. 562198

She briefly went to Japan to feature in an AV. Now she's in Texas barely scraping by as a prostitute and bumming off of hand outs from her friend.

No. 562216

She was like 14 in that post and (apparently) a CSA victim, so it's not too surprising. Yuka did the same shit, but still people whiteknighted her.
It certainly explains her obsession with being a teen bimbo porn star or whatever.

No. 562273

File: 1524421541404.jpg (351.71 KB, 1064x1175, Screenshot_20180422-142246_Twi…)

She's acting like being a SW is something you're born as, like sexual orientation or race. Bitch, it's just a job. Just another whack ass job. It's not that damn serious.

No. 562309

She was at least 16 years old. Also she should’ve changed by now. She’s too damn old to be doing the same shit she’s doing

No. 562311

She has something mentally very wrong with her. This was the same girl purposely appealing to online pedophiles at age 14 and distributing child porn. She needs serious psychological help. PT level of delusion.

I think Kitty will drop her soon tbh but kitty seems crazy as well.
This is another failed teen wannabe jpop idol. Rini is now “kitty”

No. 562319

Can this be the new thread pic when we reach max? It’s fuckin flawless. That flappy tummy, dem saggy tits, that offcolor foundation. Bravo anon, bravo.

No. 562324

Her haggard ass isn't making any pedophiles happy. Who is she kidding? She looks at least 30 and has granny tits to prove it.

No. 562352

wait how old is himeka now? also, her mom paid for her to go to japan, so does that mean went twice (once for whatever trip her mom paid for and then the other for the av)?

No. 562356

20 or 21 I think

No. 562410

She went once with her mom as a teen and another time she paid herself to film a porn and follow Simon around

No. 562438

How do you know this?

No. 562444

File: 1524429494686.jpeg (392.57 KB, 1242x694, 5456CF1B-BD26-4CA9-82C5-B92946…)

Why did you delete this anon

No. 562463

File: 1524430329424.jpeg (398.92 KB, 1242x694, DE5395C0-466A-4B2C-99DD-F7A886…)

No. 562472

File: 1524430810578.jpeg (104.33 KB, 639x795, 8F0C50D6-38F7-4D86-A9D7-2749DE…)

This bitch is a broken record lol. I thought the fan art flattered her

No. 562474

File: 1524430850782.jpeg (111.45 KB, 640x809, 369976B8-1654-4978-97B6-BDF064…)

No. 562478

File: 1524430942966.jpeg (101.43 KB, 627x775, 0FB6F753-0C9D-45E8-98FC-928744…)

Her entire validation and self esteem is relying on old lumberjacks and rednecks paying to fuck her. When you have a car, a house, an education or a man then say something Angela. But for right now you’re a homeless bum sleeping on your fake friend’s couch lmao

No. 562488

you got it on the money, anons.

imagine getting so angry because you actually believe you look like >>560581 when in reality you look like >>562472

No. 562490

File: 1524431206531.jpeg (101.89 KB, 640x640, E3371DB3-E608-4AC9-91B7-F35DD4…)

>posts archive link of Aminyan drama from 2015
>claims not to look at this thread but consistently does.

Ok Angela, are you going to post the part to your followers when you came on here and YOU trashed your underaged sister, YOU doxxed yourself to frame Amina and
ultimately you were caught for the liar you are. Proof is all here: >>>/pt/133414

No. 562498

She wants us to focus on their Aminyan vendetta so hard. No can do, Himeka. You're the cow that keeps on milking.

No. 562505

> make 400/hr
> says 2 hours is 600
Does she not know that 600 isn't the correct amount lmao

No. 562507

i think she meant that her rates are 400 for 1 hr so most clients book her for 2 hours (which is 600)

No. 562510

If her rate is 400 an hour and they book for 2 hours it should be 800 not 600?

No. 562535

She’s desperate

No. 562545


It's a common tactic to make dudes spend more money. $400 for 1, $600 for 2, and I guess at her rate $700 for three.

If she was smart she would save the steepest discount for the last number but as we know.

It's similar to subscription services making the monthly price less expensive the more months you pay for at once.

No. 562665

File: 1524438861806.png (1021.73 KB, 956x452, towongfoo.png)

Angela literally looks like a weeb version of Wesley Snipes in To Wong Foo, but with a worse body…

No. 562671

File: 1524439068265.jpg (600.91 KB, 1079x1825, Screenshot_20180422-191647_Tum…)


Posting a clearer, full image. Also, she went back to, what, her second thread to grab and post archive links about something that was already discussed in full. The conclusion was her and her sister were full of shit and jealous that Amina was getting views and genuine fans from her NND lives unlike those two. Not to mention she was actually having concerts and was on her way to/already going to Japan. Which is why they hated her. So, I don't know why she wants us to revisit that.

Do you want us to once again comfirm you're jealous of others more successful than you? Or that you have a long standing vendetta against someone who did nothing to you? Because you just proved that on very ask.

No. 562680

I'm laughing at how, despite being a literal man in a dress, Wesley Snipes manages to have a better figure.

No. 562694

File: 1524439756464.jpg (276.94 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20180422-191856_Tum…)


>i get so so so much more luv and support !

If that was so you wouldn't have to beg for $2 on your lives, would have your own apartment, and would be showered with gifts. But the only thing you can get is trips to Claire's, Grocery stores, and some cold Popeye's. So amazing.

>me n kitty are abt to go to a vegan restaurant n than h-mart to shop n pick up yummy snacks …

There's nothing extraordinary or extravagant about this. There's vegan restaurants damn near everywhere, same with H-Mart. Only Koreaboos get excited about H-Mart anyway. Lol 80

>meanwhile they r currently setting up the conference call to discuss todays #bunnytivities

Oh yeah, because there's absolutely no way we could possibly post while doing something more important or posting while taking a break. Yeah, our entire days evolve around talking about how jealous we are that you get to sleep on a run down couch, eat cold fast food, drink cheap alcohol, and beg for money online. Hot damn, we're so jealous. /sarcasm

No. 562760

File: 1524441959337.jpg (1.68 MB, 2560x2560, 18-04-22-20-02-39-009_deco.jpg)

They did a live at H-mart. They didn't speak to their viewers and i'm pretty sure I could see the other shoppers snickering at them and talking about then. Kitty mentions people are staring at them and she's upsetabout it. Thry both looked a hot mess.

No. 562761

File: 1524442049131.jpg (535.51 KB, 1080x1573, 20180422_195705.jpg)


Look at these messy koreaboos. They went to H-mart for shit they could have gotten at Walmart. Lmao

No. 562787

File: 1524443755931.jpg (499.79 KB, 1077x1435, Screenshot_20180422-203230_Twi…)


It was actually just 40 - 50 viewers the whole time.

No. 562790

File: 1524444042569.jpg (1.89 MB, 1920x2560, 18-04-22-20-39-11-779_deco.jpg)

They're really trying to fool people. Also noticed that Kitty tried to hog the spotlight on their H-mart live. Lol

No. 562829

I'm watching the livestream now and the whole time Angela looks like she has zero self-esteem. She doesn't come off as someone that would be particularly loud-spoken irl. And the chemistry between her and Kitty seems… off. Like their friendship seems very insincere. It's weird seeing them in motion. Here's the link btw: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1OyJANQgNNbxb

No. 562836

They're streaming right now.

No. 562859

People joke about Himeka seeming special needs at times but she's really coming off that way on Periscope.
Kitty seems like more of an exasperated mom than a friend.

No. 562909

She's being kinda awkward and letting Kitty do most of the talking.

No. 562916

Seeing how these two act in motion makes me think that Kitty seems like the type who would drag a bitch through the mud by her hair.

I can't wait until the eventual shit storm between these two. Something is a brewing and I can feel it in my old bones.

No. 562919

Jesus. Those guts… and Angela's weird potato face. She has a horrible jawline when she isn't working the fat girl angle shots and abusing filters.


I can't believe she went out dressed like this. I can't believe she thinks all those stares are the good kind.

No. 562929

File: 1524449963756.png (679.39 KB, 923x597, kek.png)

Imagine walking in a grocery store and seeing this

No. 562932

File: 1524450155866.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x2560, 18-04-22-22-18-39-907_deco.jpg)

There bodies are so sad. Both have flat asses, box shaped frames and beer guts. Their faces don't help their situation. Also, what's the point of doing lives so often if you're going to barely interact with viewers and when you do you talk down to them or ask them to send money. What are they giving you money for? Being lackluster, box shaped shitheads?

Oh, and their views were so low, the highest was 35. That's sad, they should work on their presences because it's not bring home any bacon.

No. 562937

I usually enjoy poking fun at himeka, but I wish that I hadn't seen the things posted today. It's making me feel bad lol. What is this girl's life…

No. 562945

Same weirdly enough. She fronts so hard that things are okay and that she's living her best life with her ~*bestie*~ but her demeanor shows otherwise. If she didn't constantly feel intimidated and try to tear down anyone that she thinks is doing better than her, things would be a lot better for her. But maybe that's wishful thinking. The direction she's chosen for her life has done nothing but make her miserable.

No. 562954

Are those her big ass dinner plate nipples coming out of the top? Girl those arent sexy

No. 562973


Don't feel bad for her. She chased out all the people that cared for her. She could be living a decent life with her family and repaired whatever rift between her and her mother by now. But instead chose to live this bland, broke bitch life, where she's disliked, out of shape, and has no one to really turn to. All because she chose to appeal to sick fucks and glamorize SW. She brought this on herself.

No, it's her bra, which clearly doesnt fit her right.

No. 562980

really? i dont agree, in >>562007 and any other screenshot from their streams they look about the same color. maybe kittys a shade lighter but that really isnt enough to benefit from colorism. theyre both pretty dark imo

No. 562993

They aren't the same color at all. Look at >>562790 >>559532 >>553886

Kitty is lighter than Angela. But she definitely isn't as pale as she tries to make herself out to be.

No. 563002

Idk. From what I've read, her mom seems horrible too. It wouldn't surprise me if Himeka's mother really did say those things about how she will never be successful, that she's bad at everything, etc. It just feels very strange to me for a parent to say these things to their child. From this, I'm not sure how worthwhile or healthy trying to rebuild a relationship with a person like that would be. It sounds like Himeka's life is fucked up and will continue to be fucked up because this girl is kinda stupid/naive/uneducated/whatever, and she is surrounded by other people going nowhere. Everyone here should be thankful that they have a better combination of enough common sense, self-respect, and support in their lives to not end up as the sad story that is Himeka's life. Sorry for the long post.

No. 563022

Angela has a tendency to lie about how her mother and father treat her. She only says it just for the sake of making people feel bad for her and getting asspats.

Angela just a generally shitty human being. She posted about her sister here, spread CP on her blogs and old Twitter, and tried to frame someone else for it all. Not to mention her constant sexualization of child like things. The girl has been a sick fuck for awhile but she uses other people as scapegoats for her own disgusting behavior. Which is why when her friendship with Kitty falls to the wayside, she's not going to take any responsibility for it. It'll all be Kitty's fault. Like when Cola and Barbie had that falling out and one was blaming the other for everything.

No. 563039

Angelic parents rarely beget such fucked up children.

No. 563041

You'd be surprised, it's entirely possible to have shitty children despite trying your best to raise them right.

No. 563048

Sage for half-asleep ramblings but does anyone remember that Tracey/Barbie chick who was on Catfish, who was raised by a single immigrant parent and turned out into a fucking harpy nightmare? Himeka absolutely reminds me of her.

I sort of believe her when she says her mom said those things. I also think that the clashing of cultures has something to do with why Himeka is the way she is. Not to excuse any of her bizarre/disgusting behavior, but it does make you think

This literally looks like a screenshot of some worldstar trash in the making

No. 563050

Does anyone know whatever happened to her sister, Bibi/Debra(?) I wonder if she's managed to straightened up.

No. 563069

Seems like she chilled out. Which is good. She was apparently the smarter of the two and had the grades to back it up. She's likely focusing more on school and building a solid, comfortable future for herself to avoid ending up like her sister.

No. 563077

Proof that Angela wasn't just a product of bad parenting. She has no one to blame, but herself for the sad state of her life.

No. 563085

I know every cow here magically sprung from good parents but it's not a very common phenomenon in real life. It's possible to be a shitty person and also have shitty parents / other family. I'll wager she both lies about it, and also does have shitty parents. Two sisters off the rails…

No. 563088

My parents were abusive as shit to me but I buckled down and got myself together. Once you become an adult your parents can no longer be a valid excuse as to why you treat people so badly and for Angela this is the case. She should’ve went to college got a decent job and left. Or hell if she wanted to be a sex worker I don’t mind. She could’ve been like Cardi B and used sex work to get out of an abusive relationship. My problem isn’t with her being a sex worker. It’s that she sexualizes childhood and tries to profit from it and that she tears other people down. Also she’s a pathological liar. Someone should’ve told this girl if she’s going to be a $400ph hooker than she should do it the right way.

No. 563101

Yeah I get that, some, like yourself, can exceed the limits placed on you. I went and got therapy instead of following my parents' teachings. But some people just become their parents basically. In fact more do than get out of it and make changes. Acknowledging she probably has shitty parents isn't whiteknighting for her present day behaviour. Any parent who thinks they did a good job when their two girls turn out like Angela and her sister is lying to themselves.

No. 563108

Holy shit Himeka is fat and dumpy looking. She looks like she's had at least 2 kids by now..seriously. Looks like she's someones 40 year old aunt, nowhere near her 20s let alone teens. She's the ugly friend for sure.

No. 563145

File: 1524500005216.jpg (154.75 KB, 1079x630, Screenshot_20180423-121051_Tum…)


Angela, how many times do we need to point out that you were caught red handed posting on here? The Admin revealed your posts and you've getting constantly banned here ever since. Stop it.

No. 563173

File: 1524501993629.png (35.33 KB, 494x324, 181D362F-943A-42EF-94C7-572BFD…)

Remember this? Did she really get scammed out of 3k from an Internet Splenda dom?

No. 563175

Angela’s PULL thread has been really concise too and people are posting again in it

No. 563215

I don't really think that this is proof. Abusive parents will often favor one child over another. I'm glad she didn't follow her sister's footsteps though.

No. 563352

File: 1524512675048.jpeg (29.39 KB, 192x275, 696E9343-8349-456F-8E78-6068F2…)

No. 563367

This was already posted and discussed in a previous thread. Also, Backpage is gone and so are the craigslist personals section.

No. 563412

File: 1524515983958.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, 9460F1D4-C1FD-45E0-B241-40E4D6…)

She reposted this. She’s so ugly she has to hide every photo taken of her by someone else with a sticker or something. Even in her limited altered selfies she’s not much of a looker so I’m pretty sure she’s more of a butterface in real life. The only men willing to pay her $300 an hour to fuck are rednecks with ebony fetishes. They aren’t “daddies” or rich doma. They’re the same men that pay Delandra. old white men who fetishize black women and see her and say “this’ll do”. If she were getting real business she wouldn’t be bragging about it on tumblr all the time (people with money don’t brag, broke people do) and she wouldn’t be sleeping on couch to couch begging geezers on fetlife for shelter every so often. She’s pathetic

No. 563457

File: 1524517958979.jpg (50.17 KB, 615x410, Celebrity-Big-Brother-Tiffany1…)

I hate the way this girl types. Not even the just the syntax errors, the way she describes herself is absolutely disgusting. Ugh.

No. 563777

They went to the gym to live stream earlier. Lol

No. 563798

File: 1524537553561.jpg (178.19 KB, 1080x695, Screenshot_20180423-223655_Tum…)


That's not fucking cute. That's disgusting. I hope she doesn't have kids and isn't allowed to be around them because she's fucked up.

No. 563816

don't get me wrong, I hope she doesn't have kids either because she's a massive fucking retard. but nothing about this implicates she's going to harm or cause children to act sexually, just that she's claiming she's been a slut since she was in the womb - like when people claim they've been lolitas since the moment of conception. It's just another attempt at having some form of identity and justifying her lifestyle.

No. 563828

File: 1524539027183.jpg (439.37 KB, 1072x1227, Screenshot_20180423-225735_Twi…)

She looks quite ashy from the neck down. Does she know what lotion is? Also, she once again edits her face and skin. The girl don't love herself.

Are you forgetting this is the same girl that posted CP on her blog? Not just of herself but other people and drawn shit. And with the drawn picture she claimed it was her and Micky. Like it was cute. A child wouldn't be remotely safe around her, all things considered.

No. 564187

File: 1524558824317.jpeg (167.31 KB, 1115x1285, 5F654F2D-1D2E-4286-B2BF-D89E50…)

they really went to the gym like this

No. 564188

File: 1524559149358.jpeg (35.65 KB, 375x525, B8D184C0-5B13-46EA-AAD6-9DC230…)

her totally real stretching. I love the "bimbo" aesthetic that she tries to push but doesn't even have any pink work out clothes

No. 564190

She looks she's almost 40 yrs old in that pic. Had someone showed me this without context I would assume this was some middle aged housewife. She needs to take better care of herself.

No. 564191

No wonder their tits hang this badly, they desperately need sports bras that actually give some kind of support for their breasts instead of that thin as fuck Primark fabric that doesn't give any support at all

No. 564195

Kitty must keep her around to make herself look better. Next to Angela not only does she look lighter, but her chest looks less saggy and her stomach seems smaller in comparison. They both still a mess though.

Also, didn't Angela straight up say Kitty is the only one who drives? So she's sleeping on Kitty's couch and depending on her to drive her around too?

No. 564202

File: 1524560810258.jpeg (175.4 KB, 1242x992, F11F3A9A-BFCB-46D7-8830-C91AC8…)

she was just "dancing" because she clearly couldn't do most of the stretches kitty was doing

No. 564203

File: 1524560967804.jpeg (155.61 KB, 1242x880, 335D0E96-10D0-4727-9CDB-9FF173…)

Last one but she awkwardly sat there while kitty was doing splits. I'm convinced kitty hangs out with her because it makes her feel better about herself

No. 564205

Kitty does not like Angela and is using her for clout from porn bots lmao. I personally think angela looks better in the face than kitty but because kitty is a shade or two lighter everyone will say she looks better. Her gut and body shape is horrible. Both of them are fat as hell but Kitty’s body is like Mariah Carey on New Year’s Eve fridge body.

Also Angela has no job, no car, no place of her own, no education, etc. She also mentioned stripping a few week’s ago but I think kitty’s club rejected her because if she were dancing now she’d be talking about it nonstop.

No. 564207

Kitty hasn't mentioned it either. Which is weird because you think she'd brag about constantly.

No. 564208

they both look a mess but i feel like she (kitty) kept trying to show off by doing things she knew she wouldn't be able to follow..like doing splits while Angela just awkwardly sat there waiting for her to move on to the next position
also she told her to pull her shorts up all the way like that which made her look worse

No. 564212

Kitty does not like her and will kick her out by the end of summer. I’m betting money on it. Angela is very rude and vindictive so the only people who even talk to her are either as toxic as she is or are afraid she’ll do to them what she did to Aminyan. Her and kitty are fake friends. Also this situation reminds me of Cola and Delandra Barbie. Delandra was going from place to place begging to sleep on people’s couches(What Angela has been going on fetlife) couldn’t make enough money as a stripper and prostitute(also will be Angela because she can’t stop eating). And ultimately I see Angela ending up in a homeless shelter or something still delusional as hell.

No. 564213

It's quite trifling that they have their shorts pulled up like that. It's a public gym with hella germs.

No. 564214

Hiding their fupas

No. 564215

Where can we watch this live stream?

No. 564224

File: 1524565741983.jpg (819.93 KB, 1080x1985, Screenshot_20180424-062726_Tum…)


She's going on and in anbout makeup, even though this is clearly edited.

No. 564226

File: 1524565949514.jpeg (136.53 KB, 975x1604, F7EE44A1-B2F2-45AC-B1BC-52C5BF…)

Two men came in to workout before they cut the livestream off after kitty started going off about blocking people, they both assumed every comment that wasn't kissing their asses were ~lolcow haters~.she said it was because couldn't engage with the audience while they were ”exercising” but I feel like they were just embarrassed because the other two men were working out in the same room

No. 564228

File: 1524568945768.png (944.22 KB, 640x1136, 4443D2FC-04C5-46EB-A876-1112D4…)

Kitty looks like Shrek

No. 564230

I don't doubt it. Also, I'm shocked they didn't get kicked out for their outfits.

No. 564263

Kitty doesn't look that much darker than Himeka. In majority of these pictures they look to be damn near the same shade. I know color struck blacks might think Kitty is more attractive, but to the average person the difference in skin tone is pretty unnoticeable. Both are trashy af, but Himeka>Kitty.

No. 564268

They're both disgusting-looking, but they're definitely not the same color, anon. Just look at >>564187.

No. 564272

Whenever I see girls showing up at the gym with dumb outfits like this I know they’re just pretending to work out… What a mess

No. 564305

ok theyre both terrible but i think that the only thing that makes kitty a tiny bit better is cause she has nicer eyes and jaw line than the other. daisy's stomach is better cause its not as old lady and lumpy. but she looks like she shoved a watermelon under her shirt so i wouldnt take it as too much of a compliment lmao >>564263

No. 564306

Kitty’s makeup and nose bridge makes her look like Fiona from Shrek though

No. 564397

ngl for once she actually looks good here. Like even for an edit.

No. 564405

File: 1524588301463.jpg (210.65 KB, 1080x1040, Screenshot_20180424-124223_Tum…)

Someone apparently replied to her pic here >>564224 but she deleted the reply. Hmmm, looks like someone was afraid of getting exposed I see.

Kitty's eyes are squinty and her jawline is masculine af. Neither of these girls have something appealing about them.

No. 564446

I didn't say that they were the same color. What I'm saying is that no one cares (besides people obsessed with skin color). They're both dark skin. I doubt the men who seek out girls like Himeka and Kitty care about what shade of dark they are.

No. 564450

Kitty isn't dark skin though. If she was she'd be the same color or darker than Angela. That side, she isn't as pale as she would like to believe.

No. 564460

Lol she’s not dark skin but she’s not light skin either. She’s brown and the average color of most black people
>inb4 there is no dark skin
Some black people, particularly American and Afro Latino black people aren’t dark but they’re not light either.

No. 564467

I don't think that the white men fucking them care.

No. 564469

That's irrelevant.

No. 564478

Hm? How so? These were responses to my comment on how others probably view them. So I'd say it's 100% relevant?

No. 564489

It's still not relevant.

No. 564491

File: 1524594956996.png (551.26 KB, 448x670, 9898.png)

I'm willing to bet Kitty makes more money than Himeka, even amongst their bottom of the barrel white trash demographic, to be honest. It may not be fair, but it wouldn't be surprising.

No. 564503

I don't think you understand. I'll move on so you don't have to think about it anymore.

No. 564523

Oh definitely. It's definitely telling during the lives. People were speaking spanish to Kitty and saying she could sing well. Angela doesn't get much outside of being, "the fat one" and being asked to take off her top or to stand up.

No. 564539

I mean I think Kitty gets more clients because she speaks more languages. She speaks Spanish and English (Japanese too apparently but I doubt if it's as good as the first two) so she can appeal to the people who don't speak English (which in Texas is a lot of people believe it or not, I'm a former Texan). The way she edits her pictures are terrible and she doesn't look much better on the lives but honestly I'd still pick her over Angela. Her ass looks better if I'm being honest, which well isn't saying much.

No. 564551

File: 1524598329274.png (93.44 KB, 236x208, 4730d0f377ab1a0aa462381811fe41…)

Jesus this pic is so edited her bloomers look like they were put on in mspaint

No. 564558

ok wtf i genuinely think those are painted on

No. 564577

Pls stop. neither of them speak Japanese

No. 564589

Which is why I said >apparently

No. 564611

Could she not find a clean pair of socks like ew

No. 564923

File: 1524628421791.png (212.26 KB, 750x1024, IMG_6985.PNG)

No. 564927

No. 564928

I can't wait to see how awful this is going to turn out. Especially if the doctor doesn't do a lift and nipple resizing with the augmentation.

Maybe they won't rest on her knees when sitting down anymore though, at the very least?

No. 564948

>it only took us like 3 weeks lmao

we already know that she lies about her pricing and brags about making more than she does, so no doubt she's getting a cheap ass one in dallas

botched boob jobs incoming. can't wait

No. 564949

Also, hasn't she been trying to get a boobjob for forever now? Only three weeks. Okay…

No. 564955

Aren't you supposed to have a free consultation before hand? Sounds like they're about to get botched.

No. 564961

File: 1524634039085.jpg (220.67 KB, 1080x774, Screenshot_20180425-012448_Tum…)

No. 565069

They’re probably going over to Mexico to get it kek

No. 565070

Why is she obsessed with being short?

No. 565075

File: 1524646938416.jpg (471.66 KB, 900x1400, saki.jpg)

Typical, "I'm so smol n cute" bs that seems so popular with cows.

Googled these gravure/av idols and oh no. Their boobjobs are going to be a mess if this is their endgoals.

This is who Angela wants to model her boobjob after.

No. 565076

File: 1524646987524.jpg (97.54 KB, 640x799, jun.jpg)

And this is Kitty's…

No. 565112

Her tits kind of look natural. Japanese implants are the best in the world for looking realistic but I doubt they’ll find that in bumfuck Texas. Not for the prices they can afford.

No. 565118

That looks ridiculous, the implants are nicely done but it looks so unpropotional and upper heavy, she looks like one of those 18 wheelers without a trailer
True, texas is known for giving Bolt ons, American plastic surgeons either go to extreme and it looks unnatural and gross or they don't do it enough for more results and you p much just wasted 20k just to have your boobs look slightly bigger, especially since American plastic surgery is so damn expensive, Americans would be better off just booking a flight and rooms to Japan or south Korea, maybe even thailand to an extent, it would be cheaper and you'd get better results

No. 565122

Place your bets folks. Will this be an absolute disaster or will weeks go by without either of them ever mentioning again?

No. 565131

that's because they're not implants. JAV idols take hormones to grow their tits massive like that.

No. 565132


I'm going with never going to happen BUT will get mentioned ad nauseum after Micky and Kitty 'break up'. Of course it will be Kitty's fault for it not going through.

God, I hope Kitty gets a good titty job and Micky gets nothing.

No. 565141

Angela not Micky

No. 565144

Oh! Thanks for correcting my mistake but to be honest, I wouldn't mind if Micky also gets nothing.

Angela and Micky: no titties for you!

No. 565232

I get confused with micky and angela threads too. They act alike.

No. 565289

File: 1524674147088.jpg (62.83 KB, 1080x468, Screenshot_20180425-122854_Tum…)


So, were supposed to believe she and Kitty are both going all the way to Miami to get surgery from Dr. Miami without going the process of consultations? Bitch, bye. Enjoy your fucked up Mexican breast implants.

That's because Micky is trying to copy her. Micky always tries to act exactly like whatever girl she's stalking at the time. It's fucking weird.

No. 565296

File: 1524674444208.jpg (Spoiler Image,518.72 KB, 808x1728, Screenshot_20180425-122805_Tum…)

No. 565318

Wouldn't it make more sense to just get a lift? I mean, idk how this shit works so…

No. 565561


haha angela you don't need to worry about that

No. 565725

File: 1524700316302.jpg (Spoiler Image,480.04 KB, 1080x1712, Screenshot_20180425-195040_Twi…)

I can't wait for Kitty to just turn on Angela and start acting like besties with Micky. Lol

No. 565792

Trust me, they won’t. Micky is painfully trashy and doesn’t even make an effort not to look like Walmart white trash. She’s so trashy she doesn’t even realize how she comes across. Whereas Angela and Kitty both meticulously photoshop, alter, and obviscate to try and paint a certain lifestyle they don’t live.

No. 565793

File: 1524705980943.jpg (539.08 KB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_20180425-212430_Twi…)

That delusion though.

No. 565800

10 years? They really expect us to believe they’ve been internet hoe friends since age ten? lol hilarious

No. 565832

First off, they exepct us to believe they've been on social media since they were 9/10 yrs old.

No. 565854

File: 1524710839898.jpg (325.6 KB, 1070x1071, Screenshot_20180425-224507_Tum…)


Angela is saying all of this like we didn't see her post on backpage where she was charging 50 to 70 bucks. The girl is not making bank and she needs to stop acting like she's made it big time.

No. 565877

This is the same girl who was posting backpage "specials" for $70 a fuck and $25 for half and half as seen here. >>563352

Yeah, okay, Angela. Keep sending yourself those anons.

No. 565885

Dr. Miami waiting list for pre consultation is of 3 years at least. Tried to get an appointment with him and first you go to his assistant even before talking to him face to face for the first time. HER Lies are amazing.

No. 565887

She said she is going to a doctor IN Miami, not Dr. Miami.

No. 565894

File: 1524714633550.gif (499.03 KB, 480x228, tumblr_lx9jb1SPMr1qdrpdr.gif)

These dusty hoes are really about to get a backalley operation in Mexico. Lmao Maybe of they had gotten normal jobs they could afford to go to someone like Dr. Miami.

She said pretty famous doctor in miami. She's talking about Dr.Miami, anon. And if she wasn't, that doesn't make what that anon said any less true.

No. 566006

File: 1524724550044.jpg (190.85 KB, 1069x732, Screenshot_20180426-015103_Tum…)

No. 566154

I lived in Miami and that was one of the places I’ve ever been with high demand for plastic surgery. Reliable doctors are completely booked for a minimum of 1 year wait and it became pretty much of a requirement to see first an assistant. i think they do that to weed who is really serious with getting a procedure from time wasters like Angela. And the typical wait time for an appointment with an assistant is actually worse as of a doctor as Dr. Miami, because of celebrity status, and we are not even talking about price for consultation, at my time was $500 for the first time(2013-2014- ish, when he was first exploding on instagram, just to see his assistant). So no, I don’t believe she is going there for her boobs, probably getting from a butcher in Mexico for $2K or a small town in Texas wherever hell hole she found out by reading RealSelf. Also, take in consideration the fact that Miami’s sex industry is much more busy nowadays and porn actresses from there and surrounding states are in higher demand than anywhere else in the country, and with that we have another reason to believe that she is not getting her boobs done there at the time she is saying with any good doctor from the Miami area. At total she would have to have at least $30K in cash to even get noticed by a pretty famous doctor there, or whatever she said

No. 566157

You should stop saying your posts anon

No. 566158

*Saging(learn 2 sage)

No. 566162

>aim for pro photos once you’re able

Is that why your website is littered with overphotoshopped selfies?

No. 566169

Not painted on but colour changed. You can tell they were previously black and she had to do so much work changing them that they look neon now.

No. 566500

Every time I read this thread, I am reminded of the "Oh honey" bit from How I Met Your Mother.


No. 567003

File: 1524818402796.jpg (318.56 KB, 1068x1024, Screenshot_20180427-043613_Tum…)

No. 567005

Can’t wait till Kitty exposes this bitch

No. 567101

File: 1524837350642.png (639.83 KB, 571x573, Capture.PNG)

this pic of kitty makes me laugh lmao where did that alien come from xD

No. 567122

File: 1524840083478.jpeg (31.17 KB, 275x242, F7F5D6F4-4660-4752-902F-4CC73F…)

>I’ve wanted to be a porn hoe and prostitute since I was a fetus!

Why does Angela keep lying like this. She said so herself Simon Benson, porn producer who dropped her for being a scammer and catfish was the reason she decided to go into porn and hooking. Now she’s changed her story. This was only posted last year so idk why she thinks people are dumb enough to fall for her lies

No. 567123

It’s kinda sick they try and portray themselves as underaged

No. 567124

File: 1524840322683.jpg (50.39 KB, 1200x1200, 0d11a1d5bbc0f74412be62107bb6a2…)

Kitty looks horrible.
Let me guess, Himeka posted this?

No. 567125

dead hahaha yes she did. its been up for a while im surprised no one else has posted it yet since people were tryiing to find a non makeup pic of her lol

No. 567128

File: 1524840502878.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, 67C6F2E4-920B-4586-81F3-B40DDF…)

Kitty is a lot fatter than she likes to let on.

Also considering neither of them ever cook, I’m sure getting take out and eating at all these 4 Star yelp reviewed (lol) Waffle House restaurants will only make them get even fatter. For some reason Kitty and Angela think being short (5 feet) and fat still makes them ~smol~ and ~delicate~ when in actuality it just looks dumpy.

No. 567129

She’s still wearing makeup in that photo and it’s still photoshopped

No. 567130

File: 1524840658595.png (130.53 KB, 1440x838, 95113C04-2083-4BC6-8F22-38720C…)

Remember when she supposedly had a sugar daddy with a black Mercedes? What happened to this? Or was it one of her many lies?

No. 567132

besies her skin being 50 shades lighter and shooped, this is pretty much as close as we will get for how she really looks. maybe she didnt like it and angela shooped it real quick for her

No. 567141

File: 1524841578463.jpeg (716.43 KB, 2048x2048, C618287F-8818-4340-A0EB-17C2A6…)

Reposting because this was only a few months ago(November 2017 when she posted this shit) but it’s relevant now. She is not living with Kitty because they’re “best friends”. She’s living with her to mooch as much as she can. Angela always complained that the sex industry in Miami was slow(not true. Florida is the porn and escort capitol of America, she’s just a catfish) so she was completely broke. She was begging random people online to let them live with her. First Japan, then Chicago, then New York…
Now she’s in dallas? I can’t imagine her having much business there. She’s essentially mooching off of Kitty

No. 567145

File: 1524841979202.jpeg (385.41 KB, 2048x2048, B00CC655-DD86-40F6-A136-75043F…)

Also she mentioned family issues and lack of work(aka broke) for reasons she wanted to move. I found the first photo funny because she’s essentially wanting to mooch(like she is with Kitty) but says the person has to be a man her age or a girl, that would for some reason let this sloppy bitch live with her for free. I guess kitty was the retard who finally said yes. She truly reminds me of Delandra, going state to state scam to scam sleeping on people’s couches.

No. 567157

In what world is she petite? Being short but fat isn't the same thing as petite.

No. 567197

There are non edited pictures of her in this thread, here are a few.

No. 567269

File: 1524852198039.jpeg (4.88 KB, 89x87, 799AB180-CD33-4C0D-AE26-E4554D…)

Fix it Christ. Martin Luther King Jr didn’t die for this bitch to be doing white face

No. 567321

what a little bitch honestly. We all know she bragged about wanting to be a sex worker long before simon came into the picture, it seems to me that he just used contacts to try and help her get a foot in the door, but she couldn't handle the reality. I'm not closed off to the possibility simon was a bit of an abusive scumbag, but I was once in contact with him and he seemed fairly articulate, fair and straight forward and open about his expectations. and in general this girl is a proven liar so idk..im inclined to believe her sloppy ass couldnt live up to his expectations

No. 567464

>being a dom = telling someone what to do
well since you couldn't even pass the preliminaries, there's no point being a dom to a useless sub

>live-in cutie sex slave
>how fun would that be
it's fun for her because she thinks she'd be living on her terms, and she'd be treated with some semblance of human respect.

No. 567491

What happened to the supposed mansion that she was living in lmao

No. 567649

File: 1524881116086.jpg (468.61 KB, 1080x1557, Screenshot_20180427-205604_Twi…)


That's borderline Dwarfism. She can't be that damn short.

No. 567663

The way these adult women talk about their breasts, I just… Jesus.

WTF is wrong with them? How do you get to the point where this is actually how you communicate your shallow desires to the world?

No. 567701

man, I log in to Twitter like once a year, have about 11 followers somehow, and I get about as many likes and such as her on some of her posts.

No. 567702

shit. i forgot to sage that. sorry

No. 567874

She could be 4’11 dwarfism for women starts at 4’5. Only thing is she talks about being “tiny” yet she’s overweight. Like a short fat Mexican tia. They need to stop calling themselves tiny when they’re fat af. You only get to be “tiny” if you’re of normal weight.

No. 567879

Wth, 4'11 is less than 1.50m, how's that supposed to be normal? She must look pretty fucked irl…

No. 567884

At 4’11” the ideal size to not look stumpy would be 90lbs to 105 MAX. I regret gaining weight, any thing over 105lbs and you get a gut first that is hell to get rid off later. I bet they are at least 125lbs min to look that bad bellies. Of course, could be more lbs

No. 567899

File: 1524914179851.jpg (82.81 KB, 1080x289, Screenshot_20180428-070750_Chr…)

4'10 on down, actually. So, 4'11 would be an inch off from it. But I doubt she's a dwarf becausein the top pic here >>562932 she's taller than Angela. Who likely isn't being honest about her own height.

No. 567905

I think I remember Angela saying she was about 140lbs which on someone 5’7 would be normal/average but on her it’s way too overweight. Simon told her to get to 7.5 stone which is about 105 (aka healthy if she’s actually 5’1). Angela and Micky are about the same size (fatness wise) but Micky is 5’8 and 200lbs but they’re proportionately the same

No. 569764

File: 1525061627568.jpg (138.99 KB, 1080x444, Screenshot_20180430-001123_Tum…)

No. 569768

File: 1525062018656.jpg (827.89 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20180430-001223_Tum…)


This girl is in hardcore denial. She and Kitty are fat and speeding towards obese. That's if they aren't already.

No. 569770

File: 1525062125636.jpg (300.19 KB, 1080x960, Screenshot_20180430-001006_Tum…)


And she's still lying about the views on their livestreams. The highest they've legitimately had was 350. Otherwise it's 60 and below.

No. 569775


Hey Gutso (a/k/a Angela), don’t pretend we didn’t see >>562929. You ARE fat, fat the water rat so lol, die mad about it!

No. 569777

But that isn't just "how bodies work"? There's a healthy height to weight ratio and she's clearly rather overweight.

It's like she thinks if she stells the same lie over and over enough, it will magically become true.

No. 569782

lmao guess you guys really struck a nerve.

No. 570387

File: 1525121902972.png (56.37 KB, 605x430, 78654.PNG)

No. 570392

Since when does nikumikyo have a "gut"? Are these girls that delusional to think that's what they look like?

No. 570403

File: 1525122956578.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.66 KB, 684x1024, niku.jpg)

It's honestly incredible how delusional these chicks are. Nikumikyo is "soft", but I don't know if I'd go as far as even calling her chubby from what I've seen. Angela is just straight up overweight. It's not cute or "babyish" especially when you have such a worn out, haggard looking face and body.

Spoilered pic is of Niku for reference.

No. 570413

File: 1525123294673.png (Spoiler Image,800.07 KB, 734x581, basicallytwinsies.png)

Wow. Obvi so similar guys! Stop being so jelly, you haturz.

No. 570416

File: 1525123444693.png (577.83 KB, 512x639, lp.png)

Let's be real, this chick looks like a fat child. Without the editing, I wouldn't doubt she looks almost as porky as Himeka.

No. 570425

Nah, "anon". Let's be real. She looks very soft and babyish, but there's no way this girl is anywhere near Angela's size. Just look at >>570413 . While yes, Niku's is obviously edited and posed, Angela's arm is still easily twice as thick, her gut way overhangs, and her tits are hanging low and almost resting on her stomach (if it weren't for that tanktop). Sage for replying to bait.

No. 570444

Why the scare quotes around "anon"? You think Himeka would ever insult herself with the word "porky"? Her sister, yes, but herself, definitely not - she's too much of an insecure, delusional narc.
I'm sorry if you look like that, but a whale is a whale is a whale. Some whales can edit themselves to pass as normal bodied humans, but there's usually something that gives them away (this chick's giveaway being her face and arms). Anyway, this thread isn't even about the cosplayer, so let's not infight.

No. 570503

Not that anon but I don't buy it, her arms don't look even slightly chubby to me, I think you are reaching. The obvious Loli cosplay she was trying to do is essentially the round face shape 99% of asians have

No. 570512

That Niku girl definitely edits her body too, not just her face. A lot of pics have a really obvious blurred line where her stomach pokes put, and wearing underwear like in those pics is a good method yo hide a gut.
But I agree her and Himeka are not the same size or on par with one another.

No. 570516

kek very obviously talking about Simon and his rules for her. thought she was over him tho??

take caps next time so there's legit proof she's lying.

No. 570601

Kitty reads here too. Niku isn't anywhere close to Himeka's or Kitty's size. If you really need confirmation, just go look up her video clips. She's got a slight tummy at most which is why I said she was "soft" but she's in no way anywhere close to Himeka's bloated, sagging wreck of a body.

She'll never be over Simon. He was the closest thing to an actually "rich" sugar daddy she's ever had, but in the end she didn't meet his requirements and wasn't good enough for him, so he dropped her. She's been obnoxiously salty ever since. She tried to rebound with that tumblr dom who wanted her to give him 3k and also lose weight, but she didn't meet his requirements either. So now she's back to just banging and blowing fat rednecks for icecream money I guess.

No. 570617

>id never have rock hard abs
>cos its just so … harsh
Anything to justify being a fatty

No. 570661

File: 1525139752835.jpg (32.23 KB, 485x263, 20180430_212154.jpg)


>take caps next time so there's legit proof she's lying.

You can see the views here >>562856 . They're always on display during the live at the bottom, on either the left or right side. The on in my pic is from this live >>562007.

It's weird for her to say that because here >>561254 she says she had abs. We know they're not, but why make that claim and then turn around and say abs are gross.

No. 570885

File: 1525162504704.jpg (231.14 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20180501-041222_Tum…)

No. 570891

No kidding. She's incredibly bad at covering it up too. Both posts are nearly identical minus that she purposely uses ever so slightly better grammar for "4'9" giiirlie" than she usually does.

No. 570895

>bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar mask twice a week

Jesus Christ, no. That clay mask is pretty strong and can be particularly brutal to skin. Using it once a week is already overkill. Also, using a harsh clay mask 2x a week in addition to over exfoliation? I bet this bitch has a moldy konjac sponge sitting in her shower next to a St. Ives Apricot Scrub, and thinks that washing her face with that every third day she showers is good skincare.

No. 571036

File: 1525189954213.gif (839.36 KB, 245x190, giphy.gif)


how does she even have skin left

No. 571279

Let's be real, it's not like Angela is actually following her own advice. She probably googled it.

Her skin is okay minus how ashy it is, but she also tries to pass off her heavily edited/smoothed skin as what it really looks like. Like this bitch seriously tried to claim she doesn't have pores anymore. >>564224

No. 571323

Looks like Kitty went to the gym, but there's no Angela in sight. Hm.

No. 571381

Well, considering the last time they went, it was Kitty doing all the work while Angela awkwardly sat beside her, struggling to do half of it. Kitty is still tubby, but hey, I guess good on her for actually trying to better herself? Angela is going to forever be the ugly friend. I wonder how much longer Kitty is going to keep her around?

No. 571524

File: 1525227048293.jpg (374.68 KB, 1078x1425, Screenshot_20180501-220633_Twi…)


She's not even using the machine properly. That's how you get yourself injured. This is no different from IG thots pretending to work out to get attention. This likely the only other time she's gone.

No. 571533

She's just using the abductor machine to do "squats;" it's certainly not unheard of. Although it's really misleading for her to brag about 205 lbs, since really all that weight does is counterbalance the squat to keep her from doing the splits. Her form is bad though. Really bad. Going-to-get-hurt bad.

No. 571535

File: 1525228173151.gif (882.36 KB, 400x267, A4D54070-2C7C-4376-9C3C-40B548…)

Yeah, she definitely did that much weight. Definitely. Yeah. Just getting back to the gym and she does that much. Suuuuure.

No. 571548

File: 1525228850232.jpg (106.37 KB, 1073x551, Screenshot_20180501-221432_Tum…)


Oh, so now she's saying they're not abs. Lol

Yeah, but you're definitely not suppose to use the machine that way, you're not going to get the results you want and it doesn't make women look any less stupid doing it. Mostly "fitnes", see thots with ass shots, models do this dumb shit. Doing squats with dumbbells or a barbell would be way better. Also, she's not lifting 205 lbs, she only put that in to entice gym nuts. Kitty would benefit from getting a gym trainer and watching actual videos from genuine fitness gurus and not some IG thot pretending to know fitness after getting her third butt shot. It'll benefit her in the long run.

No. 571568

this completely defeats the entire purpose of squats, a compound strength movement. no balance, no bracing, arms doing half the work.

No. 572425

File: 1525325732199.jpg (161.11 KB, 1080x641, Screenshot_20180503-013416_Tum…)

No. 572449

It's very possible to do that much on that machine even if you're a newbie. It's just that as anons have said her stance+the way the machine works, it's not that impressive to do that much weight. It would be impressive if she did a classic squat with just a bar and plates with that weight as a newbie.

No. 572715

She should just stop hitting anon and just talk to herself. This one is -very- clearly her, who the hell else types like that. Did she even try.

No. 572757

File: 1525367022587.png (42.84 KB, 727x257, himeka.PNG)

The anon is clearly repeating something she said before.
Do you not see the "Say it ain't so!"
Not saying it's not self-sent, but christ, don't be stupid. The anon just didn't put quotations around it.

No. 572780

That further proves she sends shit to herself.

No. 572791

Well my bad

No. 573138

File: 1525391829670.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 2560x1920, 18-05-03-19-54-56-420_deco.jpg)

Kitty has absolutely no ass at all. Holy shit.

No. 573165

she looks pretty good to me ngl

No. 573211

There's literally nothing there, what are you on about lol
This is tragic. If she did some REAL squats, maybe she'd have something to work with.

No. 573505

Her body is a fat shapeless blob

No. 573608

File: 1525447389254.jpg (8.34 KB, 210x210, Humbah.jpg)

No. 573966

File: 1525477031603.png (Spoiler Image,375.81 KB, 480x465, what.png)

No joke. If it weren't for that thong, her back just goes right into her ass. There's no definition above or below her ass cheeks and it's bewildering looking. Here's a shoop where I removed the thong.


No. 574267

Oh come on Angela - we all know the reason you’re backing off porn is that you won’t make any bank and it will be too difficult to lie about it.

No. 574415

Literally the only porn that will take her is ghetto gaggers and ~ebony takes big black dick~ stuff. She won’t be the barely legal tween porn “starlette” like she’s hoping

No. 574820

Ghetto gaggers would break her..lol

No. 576120

File: 1525729212801.jpg (128.74 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20180507-173929_Tum…)

No. 576122

File: 1525729332259.jpg (172.72 KB, 1080x689, Screenshot_20180507-174142_Tum…)

No. 576148

>lettuce wraps
That's like the one thing I've taken from their Periscopes. Kitty has to wait on Himeka cos Himeka seemingly cannot do a damn thing for herself.

No. 576623

File: 1525769175714.jpeg (89.8 KB, 633x631, 3E1CDFCD-0D6F-444C-B1D0-4ADD83…)

>I’m very happy with him
If you were “with him” it wouldn’t be a crush. If he wanted to make it official he already would’ve. How long before this one drops her or pump & dumps? Remember the “multi millionaires” she was talking to on Seeking Arrangements. Or alleged CEO daddy with the BMW? The Japanese “sugar daddy” who flew her to Japan allegedly? Simon Benson who clowned and dropped her? Or the Dom that tried to get her fat ass to lose weight and scammed the bitch out of 3 grand? This bitch is so utterly desperate and she’ll most likely die alone.

She also made another post about said crush being in a “board meeting” trying to make it out as if he’s rich. Anyone want to take bets how long this flash in the pan will last?

No. 576689

File: 1525786629285.gif (2.15 MB, 480x270, E753C43A-2C40-45E3-96B1-DB884E…)

Yep - here we go again. How many sugar daddies has she claimed to have had now?

No. 577030

This is at least #5…

No. 577148

how much do you guys wanna bet that it's the stumpy lesbian looking guy that she let step on her face?

No. 577177

Probably. He owns his own dumpy looking house by the looks of things too. I highly doubt the dude has a job that would require him to attend a "board meeting" it's most likely her exaggerating per usual. Especially with her obvious desperation to keep boasting about his "board meeting".

It's funny too that she thinks she's worth more than just the street prostitute that she is to these dudes. Does she seriously think one would want to sugar her when they can just pay her little to nothing to get their dick wet?

No. 577261

File: 1525842387329.jpg (222.31 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20180509-010127_Tum…)



Angela, you dumb bitch. If you make a claim, you are the one who's supposed to back it up with evidence. That's how it works. Otherwise, keep your lying mouth shut.

No. 577305

There are so many thin, healthy looking, well kept and intelligent high class escorts. Angela really needs to consider a new career because odds are some rich guy won’t be going to see her. It’s not that Miami/Tampa/Dallas/any place she’s been is “slow for business” like she claims. She’s just not attractive or smart enough to be on that level. Not everyone has the chops. She’s honestly barely above backpage girl $100 a fuck level

No. 577313

So I did my best to google it and literally came up with nothing? All I could find in relation is that he has a habit of fetishizing Asian women in the past and he's currently dating a white woman? But he hasn't seemingly straight up said anything outright anti-black women as far as I can tell. Even the "your fav is problematic" on him has nothing other than a quick blurb with no sources claiming he's anti black women. So uh… Angela. Where? She only chases white "daddies", has fetishized Asians, and has participated in raceplay before too, so I don't get why she's acting like she's any better.

This is the same chick who was offering "specials" once for $25 a pop. She's simply not sugar baby material. She's bound to be a streetwalker forever.

No. 577314

It must suck being literally the only black girl on the planet to be both fat AND have no ass

No. 579137

File: 1526023221379.jpg (311.18 KB, 1077x1346, Screenshot_20180511-020105_Twi…)

Idk why she posted this. She still doesn't have an ass. Lol

No. 579320

so……what happened to the boob jobs? they were supposed to have gotten them last week

No. 579353

File: 1526051208570.jpg (78.79 KB, 1077x378, Screenshot_20180511-105919_Tum…)


I highly doubt she's an xs/s. Her and Micky are super delusional when it comes to their sizes.

Nothing about her screams a xs/s here >>562932 and here >>562929

No. 579919

what if the clothes they're wearing in >>562932 are actually xs/s tank tops that aren't cropped

No. 580222

if you listen closely you can almost hear the fabric ripping at the seams

No. 580382

File: 1526142145409.jpg (174.07 KB, 1078x1061, Screenshot_20180512-121915_Tum…)

No. 580658

She’s built like an Oompa Loompa lol

No. 580963

File: 1526179449515.jpg (69 KB, 1080x320, Screenshot_20180512-224323_Tum…)

No. 580965

File: 1526179478391.jpg (174.08 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20180512-224159_Twi…)

fucking hilarious

No. 581100

On what planet is she a XS/S? She has the same body type and height as my 50 year old mom and she's an L/XL.

No. 581944

She's referring to him as a crush because that brat grrl chick she sucks up to referred to her bf/ex as her crush too.

No. 582778

That's funny because I could've sworn a year or so ago she (Angela) was talking shit about her

No. 582781


No. 584480

File: 1526442898286.jpg (537.94 KB, 809x2087, Screenshot_20180515-233643_Twi…)

Unsurprisingly, Angela still talks shit about Amina on her alt account. What's wrong, Angela? Mad your life isn't going as well as hers?

No. 584585


So did she get that boob job yet?? As someone who's gotten one before, you're in bed for a solid 3 days or so and even after that you can't bend too low or lift your arms up in case it causes rips in stitching which I'd say in total the recovery time was about 2 solid weeks. So it's funny that she was looking for a party when she should have been recovering..guess it didn't happen afterall. AGAIN.

No. 584699

Amina is living with her boyfriend/husband(?) I don’t really know, actually working a job and is in education. She doesn’t post as much as she used to but she’s seemed to grown up and literally I’ve never seen her talking about Angela. It’s really weird how Angela is obsessed with her…I mean honestly this can’t be healthy. Her and Micky judge other people so much yet both live on other people’s couches or are constantly begging for money.

No. 584704

Who is the girl replying? Isn’t br4ttitude angela’s Alt account?

Also idk why Angela is clowning her for leaving japan when she tweeted a little while ago that “I would never want to live in Japan!” Despite wanting to move to Japan years ago. She also tried to follow Simon around London and stay there, or so she said on Tumblr.

Idk it’s really weird to me that Micky and Angela both blame everything bad in their lives on Amina and not the fact that they’re both cringey and musty as hell. And since 2012 neither have them have shown an iota of proof that Amina is a ~bully~. The only thing Angela showed was a nude blog which could count as revenge porn if anything.

No. 584705

Wasn’t the boob job supposed to be in June? Either way Angela will NOT get it. She’ll self sabotage herself like she does with everything else.

No. 584725

>Who is the girl replying?
Idek who that girl is. Probably another crusty "friend" of hers.

>Isn’t br4ttitude angela’s Alt account?

Yes, but it's a locked account, so yout can only see the other person's replies.

>The only thing Angela showed was a nude blog which could count as revenge porn if anything.

What's worse is that the nudes aren't Amina's it was sone other girl's stuff. So Angela's shittier for doing that.

Yeah, it's supposed to be June. So be ready for either bolt-on boobs or poorly shooped boobs. Maybe both.

They're bitter because all their efforts to ruin her life fell through. On top of that, they have no real accomplishments to speak of. They might not genuinely feel stupid for it now, but once they hit the 25 abd ovet they're going to really hate themselves for wasting their time on that shitt.

No. 584887

Sometimes I worry about you guys. There is a difference between being short and having dwarfism. I'm not saying she actually is 4'11 but as a 4'9 woman I can assure you that I am not a dwarf and have never been classified as one by any medical professional.

No. 585025

I honestly wonder what Angela plans on doing with her life? She failed as a sugar baby and now as a hooker.

No. 585078

File: 1526495769784.jpeg (89.48 KB, 629x627, BBA5FC9E-BBE3-4EB6-BE3B-E4C948…)

> has no place of her own
>dropped out of education
>living on her fake friend’s couch
>suddenly has an ~emergency~ and begs for money every other month

Yet somehow she can spend thousands in days on worthless shit and a tit job. Her and Micky are a lot alike. They both base self worth on likes/reblogs from porn bots and chump change money. So insecure

No. 585087

If there’s any plastic surgery Angela and Kitty needs it’s rhinoplasty and lipo

No. 585127

File: 1526497581804.jpg (219.53 KB, 1080x771, Screenshot_20180516-150335_Tum…)


She should really cut back on the makeup. She doesn't even apply it correctly. She'd be better off getting some cheap drugstore makeup and practicing.

No. 585130

File: 1526497615601.jpg (124.57 KB, 1076x403, Screenshot_20180516-145700_Tum…)

No. 585135

File: 1526497698170.jpg (492.49 KB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_20180516-145411_Twi…)

Can't wait for this shitshow. She's going to get a shoddy boob job and then say it's Dr. Miami's work. Lol

No. 585176

Pretty sure they put strict restrictions on you before you get a boob job…does she plan on staying in Miami during recovery too???

No. 585213

and this is why she will never ever become a high-end escort because instead of investing wisely in better beauty products and quality clothes, she supposedly spent 1.5k on cheap makeup and shit from justice? quality > quantity. and she likes to fool people into thinking she gets big money but i know she doesn't. she has never been booked for a date over two hours. and an upscale client would never. even her site, the bio, the design, everything screams amateur. what she should've done is taken that 1.5k and gotten a better lace wig installed professionally.

No. 585331

A quick Google search said that 1 week prior to surgery,it is advised to stop consuming alcohol and any blood thinners. I don't think shebis aware (assuming that she is actually getting the surgery) how much pain she is going to be in for like 2 weeks. If she is really expecting to party during the time, she is even dumber than we thought.

No. 585357

File: 1526507370718.png (16.06 KB, 659x260, dwarfism_classification.png)

Technically, anyone under about 4'10" are classified as dwarfs. But they don't necessarily have to have a medical condition. So if Angela really was under 4'10", she'd be a "dwarf". But I doubt she's that short.

No. 585394

With that money she could’ve gotten professional photos, a nice lace front, a new professional website, adverts and invested in herself. She has a broke bitch mentality and will forever remain a broke bitch. A man that is booking a high class escort wants someone he can actually chat with, take to events and fuck later. All Angela can do is lay on her back but even that wouldn’t be aesthetically pleasing considering her butterface and flabby body.

No. 585398

She probably makes $4k a month if I’m being generous. That’s about average or above average if we’re not accounting for taxes. She’s not as rich as she likes to make out but with the easy money she makes she could easily be investing in herself or her future. Instead she spends it on child toys when the bitch is essentially homeless and doesn’t even have a place of her own. This is the same bitch who went on Craigslist and fetlife begging ransoms for a broom closet to stay in…and instead of investing for rainy days or the future this idiot spends it all. I’m 100% sure she has a problem with hoarding or has serious mental illness. She always needs to try and fill a hole in her life with either old ass men, likes from bots on twitter /tumblr or bragging about shit she doesn’t have. I give Angela five years from being in a ditch, destitute or in prison.

No. 585402

*begging randoms

No. 585421


Things Angela should have done with her money instead:

>Get a decent apartment and filled with decent furnishings(or get a pre-furnished one)

>Get her driver's license

>Get a decent car

>Get some car insurance

>Go to a black owned salon and get her real hair done

>Buy clothes that actually fit her (Forever21+ is your friend)

>Get those dumb braces removed (she's fucking her shit up by keeping them)

>Open a savings account and squirrel away the rest of her money

She would benefit so much more from doing these things than what she's currently doing with her money. She's too worried about impressing the nobodies on her social media pages instead of focusing on having a decent future. I'm sure she's going to be broke and mooching off her mom again within a year or so. Just like her buddy Micky.

No. 585524

I wonder how long she's going to keep those old ass braces on.

No. 585541

Who knows. The only reason she got them in the first place was for her whole teen bimbo bullshit.

No. 586138

does anybody know when she actually got those braces? she probably doesnt get them changed or maintained …. disgusting, i never noticed that till now.

No. 586700

File: 1526595362755.jpg (330.36 KB, 810x1720, Screenshot_20180517-180852_Tum…)


Angela, we know you're lying. Stop it.

Sometime around June of last year.

No. 586808

File: 1526598136694.jpg (137.28 KB, 1080x593, Screenshot_20180517-181034_Tum…)

No. 586874

A simple "yes" would have sufficed.

No. 586880

She deleted this post. Lol Don't want to be caught in a lie? Then stop lying, Angela.

No. 587517


lol ok bitch

No. 587625

lol a CEO with the maturity of a 12 year old ok Angela

No. 587920

File: 1526687412890.jpg (316.26 KB, 1075x1379, Screenshot_20180518-194903_Tum…)

No. 588792

File: 1526772144990.jpg (701.84 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20180519-192149_Tum…)

No. 588835

Angela’s feet look so busted omg

No. 588950

jfc this is how you can tell she's bigger than she claims, her fucking FEET are fat

No. 589044


Ugh. So, I don’t think that’s fat. That’s look like edema, fluid retention. You can tell from the severe lack of pores (despite the filter) and the puffed out look on the top of the foot. It also appears localized to one side of the body, the other foot appears different. (Can’t tell for sure.) It’s not good, it implies poor circulation to the lower extremities. The body isn’t managing its own water filtration system. and it’s super dangerous, particularly considering African American women have: a higher predisposition for diabetes and heart disease, as well as the highest rate of obesity.

That shit catches you fast when you’re from certain backgrounds. Her shit lifestyle is catching up with her.

Sage for autist medical rambling.

No. 589199

File: 1526816618260.png (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 640x1136, 0DBBFC88-FE90-470A-9E50-ECC9A1…)

Look how fat these bitches are now though. Both have tons of fat rolls. Also the dark Spots on Angela’s feet… are they hyperligmentation or something else? I have a cousin with diabetes and he started getting those dark spots on his feet and face before he was diagnosed. Hm…

No. 589256

the spots could just be from wearing ill fitting shoes.

No. 589499

oh man, even when she's trying to hike them up those long ass cassava titties of hers still manage to spill out

No. 589722

File: 1526853928020.jpg (275.13 KB, 1080x965, Screenshot_20180520-175953_Twi…)

So I was looking at her tweets and she posted this awhile back and like none of that is true. She never even finished school, so wtf does she mean by this?

No. 589748

Her Japanese is horrid. She needs to stop lying

No. 589765

File: 1526856014791.jpg (362.84 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180520_180202.jpg)

>that lace front
>that gut

That's sad. Lol

Right? She couldn't even tell that the guys viewing her NND lives were shitting on her. Lol

No. 589932

this is not the kind of girl who can afford a lacefront.

No. 590011


did she pull up her bikini bottom over her gut? kek

No. 590023

Lying about having a degree lmaooo

No. 590085

Near the bottom left corner, the background looks all warped and pixelated from what I can only assume is her stretching it to make her waist look smaller in a photo editor app. Shame that it didn't do shit because that gut of hers still looks like its fighting for its life with those bikini bottoms.

No. 590845

In the reflection in the corner, you can see some kiddy pool park shit. They look like they are at some shitty public pool, not a fancy spa with a pool like they are trying to make it out to be. kek.

No. 590873

You can see the lace in the front. Lol

I really don't understand why she would lie about that when we all know she dropped out and started whoring herself out to rednecks on the regular.

It's probably a hotel pool. Lol

No. 591004

>> not knowing about NND live shitting on her

Her ass lying but to be fair NND was a long time ago she could've learned by now. She didn't but she 'could' if she wasn't lazy af. I don't think it's valid to use something like NND as a reason to say that she doesn't know Japanese, it's better to use stuff that's more recent.

No. 591034

she had too or it would have swallowed them whole hahaha the gut fat roll under her where she hiked up her bikini is hilarious xD(XD)

No. 591082

She was saying she knew Japanese then too. She's been saying that for years.

No. 591121

Yes I know but I'm saying, just because she didn't know it then doesn't mean she doesn't know it now. We all know she doesn't know shit but that was just an awful example tbh because in that time frame she could have learned the actual language if she gave a damn.

No. 591135

>> whiteknight
literally what. All I said was it was a poor example.

No. 591138


>just because she didn't know it then doesn't mean she doesn't know it now

>but that was just an awful example tbh because in that time frame she could have learned the actual language if she gave a damn.

It's not an awful example. It's a perfect example. The girl hasn't improved at all since then. Her Japanese has been piss poor from then on out, go back and look at the previous threads. There's no improvement. She even tried sending herself shitty Japanese asks to prove she knew more but that got torn to shreds quickly.

You're honestly trying to defend her by say it's a shitty example when it's not, gtfo and go back to kissing her ass on tumblr.

No. 591147

File: 1527007230283.jpg (226.65 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_20180522-123754_Tum…)


Can't wait to see how tacky and unprofessional this one turns out.

No. 591193

Do you even know what whiteknighting means lol. How am I defending her when I saw it was a poor example, I agree she's full of shit. Quote where I kissed her ass or defended her.

No. 591196

And it's not a good example if she's saying /right now/ shes fluent so to bring up something that came out years ago makes no sense because according to her she wouldn't have been fluent. She's not fluent, she use google translate we already know this.
>> She even tried sending herself shitty Japanese asks to prove she knew more that got torn to shreds quickly
That would have been a better example because its recent that's literally all I was saying.

No. 591201

She quickly deletes every professional photos she posts or changes them drastically because 1) she can’t shoop them as much and 2) she has to put a LINE sticker over her uggo face(esp nose) to even get an iota of likes / reblogs

No. 591203

Can someone say why she hasn’t started porn either? She’s been saying she’s going to do porn for literally years now and hasn’t started. The only porn she’s done was Japanese bbw blackie fetish sexploitation stuff and that was almost 3 yrs ago. What’s the real reason? Did she audition and fail?

No. 591204

That's been well established already, but I'm curious about just how tacky this one is going to be. Especially when she went out od her way to get custom boots. They probably look stupid as hell too.

No. 591205

Her last excuse was wanting to get a boob job before she debuted but immediately went to escorting after that. So she's likely not gonna do it or she occasionally pretend she's gonna bein a video and then "back out" at the last second.

No. 591208

Didn't she say something about industries being bad or something? It was around the time she got those 'professional' photos done and she was saying how she was going to be on some site but like a week later she said she decided not to do it or something.

No. 591224

The porn industry will not take her imo. Black porn stars are rarely accepted and when they are, they’re usually in shape, have pretty features etc. even then for the stuff Angela wants to do (little sister teen incest shit)she will get no work because she’s manly in the face and fat as hell. I bet she already tried getting in contact and nobody will take her and the “backing out” is her excuse

No. 591801

I’m calling now, these boots are one pair from Amazon that costs $15 to $30 bucks. She’s so predictable

No. 592441

File: 1527125830267.jpg (83.38 KB, 1078x373, Screenshot_20180523-213546_Tum…)

No. 592461

how is she going to pay for this?

and where is the boob job she was supposed to get? it's been 2 weeks now

No. 592495

Probably going to try to exchange nudes or sexual favors. kek.

No. 592512

She claims her boob job will be in June.

No. 592655

… does she only need front-end work? I'm genuinely curious about what she wants done

No. 592903

File: 1527185446162.jpg (234.15 KB, 1069x1388, Screenshot_20180524-140812_Tum…)

No. 593731

What’s the point of her getting a new site when she has no professional photos and her text is filled with misspellings

No. 593813

File: 1527279039286.jpg (444.97 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20180525-160941_Tum…)

No. 594900

How is Angela’s CEO bf? Or is she done lying about that? Is that why she deleted everything?
Also next week her and Kitty are supposed to be paying $6,000 EACH for boob jobs by Dr Miami.

No. 595233

File: 1527443437992.jpg (168.12 KB, 1070x694, Screenshot_20180527-134621_Tum…)


Spoken like someone who doesn't honestly take care of their face.

No. 595371

File: 1527455169584.jpg (374.9 KB, 1080x1347, Screenshot_20180527-170405_Tum…)


Says the girl that came her and spammed her and Micky's thread with lies about Amina, sent jrach lies about Amina, started a thread about, and harassed her on tumblr out sheer jealousy. Angela, you have no room to talk and btw, Micky does send herself anons often and lie about her weight.

No. 595395

File: 1527456987079.jpg (163.33 KB, 1080x642, Screenshot_20180527-173305_Tum…)

No. 595401

Wowee, a second apartment? Probably something a little bigger so they'll have plenty of room for those breast implants that they're totally going to get, you guys. Not to mention a guestroom for her big, important CEO sugardaddy who is 100% real.

No. 595729

A second apartment? Sounds like the "first apartment" isn't actually theirs, are they both living with the splenda daddy or whoever is Kitty's supposed boyfriend that Angela also occasionally fucks?

Let's be real, there is no way they are going to get a "second apartment". This reads exactly like when Delandra "Barbie" Johnson used to lie about her multiples houses, vacation homes, condos, etc. in Japan, USA, Philippines, etc. whenever she was visiting some new john or visa hopping.

No. 596214

File: 1527548435842.jpg (101.18 KB, 1080x556, Screenshot_20180528-184922_Tum…)


You're only saying that because he doesn't exist and you didn't finish making up shit to spout about your "sugar daddy boyfriend"

No. 596381

the "first apartment" is a hotel room.

No. 596562

Angela and Delandra are one in the same. They both lie, lie lie and act out towards people who have better lives than them. Angela is young and isn’t a complete hambeast yet (she’s getting to it) so she can make scraps of change that del wasn’t as a prostitute. But at that dries up…
She’s already sleeping on people’s couches like a bum. Claiming her and Kitty are “roommates”.

No. 598187

File: 1527732843924.jpg (109.04 KB, 1080x574, Screenshot_20180530-221253_Tum…)

No. 598308

When is her boobjob scheduled? Should she be drinking heavily and partying just before a major surgery?

No. 598381


>bowlegged and pigeontoed

Is she talking about that forced stance she's always uses to make it look like she a thigh gap and thin legs? Because she didn't do that shit in her lives.

It's this weekend, unless she pushes it back.

No. 599305

File: 1527842398062.jpg (42.06 KB, 1080x264, Screenshot_20180601-024919_Tum…)


Of course this horrid bitch would think something that disgusting and depressing was good.

No. 600732

So her boob job is today or tomorrow

No. 601189

File: 1528060203600.png (35.03 KB, 612x189, sure_jan.png)

No. 601300

So it went from being between the 1st to Monday, to Wednesday now? Sounds like she's just bullshitting. Or maybe she was dumb enough to think she could just walk in and get them done without going through the whole process proper.

No. 601863

File: 1528137091160.jpeg (Spoiler Image,186.68 KB, 749x1199, 6DA8ECB5-B2DD-4D51-B8BF-F9FE25…)

No. 601864

File: 1528137177739.jpeg (Spoiler Image,262.02 KB, 749x1198, D844C0A8-47F7-4F02-815A-EDE190…)

wtf himeka

No. 601865

File: 1528137194980.jpeg (Spoiler Image,236.72 KB, 750x1104, D16CCC17-64E8-42EA-8A5B-D5707A…)

No. 601925

File: 1528142043853.jpg (91.91 KB, 1080x519, Screenshot_20180604-155133_Tum…)

No. 602147

If that were the case she'd be so eager to show off pictures of the clinic, even the lobby if it was as big of a deal as she's making it. I'm not holding my breath.

No. 602583

Something will happen last minute where she magically can’t do it. Remember in the past how she was supposed to go on lavish holidays, move into penthouses, multimillionaire sugar daddies and none of the shit happened? She’s a pro bullshitter. Worse than Delandra’s delusional ass talking about her “multiple houses”.

No. 602603

File: 1528228059483.png (42.27 KB, 750x517, IMG_7693.PNG)

No. 602649

If this is legit, I can't wait to see how wonky these are going to end up. I wonder if they have attempted to fix those dinner plate nipples too?

No. 602726

File: 1528235783095.jpg (239.08 KB, 1066x1238, Screenshot_20180605-174936_Tum…)

No. 602733

are you allowed to soak in a tub right after surgery… irc you can only really shower, but soaking is a pretty big no no for most surgeries and hell even tattoos because it will effect the healing..

No. 602795

File: 1528239530961.png (63.13 KB, 637x390, 798.PNG)

No. 602797

she was also eating 24 hours before surgery, which screams fake as well

No. 602799

File: 1528239960398.png (41.75 KB, 728x316, whyyoulying.png)

You absolutely can not soak, swim, or take a bath so soon after surgery. You aren't even supposed to shower until two days after. She's really terrible at lying.

Also, I did some research. There doesn't seem to be any hotels in Miami that offer a Japanese style hot tub on the balcony of their hotel rooms? There are a handful that do offer jacuzzi tubs on the balcony, but even that isn't particularly common, and those are extremely expensive hotel suites that are way out of her and Kitty's price range. Again, she's straight up lying. Pics are it didn't happen, Angela.

No. 602803

HA! This fat bitch didn't leave her sofa. If she really did get her tits done then she'll be in the hospital soon enough with a terrible staph infection since she's in a hot tub.

She doesn't really think people believe her, does she?

No. 602814

she can't hide forever, she'll have to show her body eventually. boob job recovery is what, 2-6 weeks? how will she play off this lie when the time comes

No. 602826


Yup, exactly. Something will magically come up at the last minute and she'll have to postpone the surgery.

she's probably sitting in her messy apartment bedroom staring sadly at her pendulous tits right now.

No. 602850

>how will she play off this lie when the time comes
She straight up won't talk about it.

No. 602867

File: 1528246663000.jpg (107.88 KB, 1080x561, Screenshot_20180605-205734_Tum…)

No. 602884

I'm anon at >>602799 . I suspect that she is getting a boob job, but is lying about how luxurious it is, where she is staying and what she is doing in the meantime, etc. to try to make her life seem a lot better than it really is.

She's probably getting them done somewhere more local to her which is why we haven't seen any photos of her and kitty in Miami shopping, in their hotel, or soaking in their "Japanese hot tub on their balcony". She's taken photos trying to show off their H-mart shopping, their local icecream stops, but nothing while they are supposedly living it up in Miami for a week or more? Yeah right.

I would be a little surprised if she is dumb enough to straight up lie about getting a boob job though, as if she could hide something like that. Is she just planning on photoshopping her pics to make it look like there is a difference after? She can't be that dumb, can she?

No. 603150

How about going to Mexico? Do people do that for plastic surgery?

No. 603184

People go to other countries a lot, including Mexico, it's plausible.

Miami isn't a huge reach as she's lived there previously. Not all of Miami is that luxurious either. She's definitely over hyping her trip if she and kitty are really out there. It's like how she lied and pretended that little hipster breakfast joint was a "5-star" restaurant and was some kind of fine dining.

No. 603185

Yes people do, all the time. Since she is in Texas now, she's only like 6 hours away from the border which means she can get a botched title job with heroin filled implants for stupid cheap.

No. 603267

How is she genuinely aroused by this? Questionable content aside, that Woody figure…

No. 603479

Maybe he reminds her of the skeezy, old hillbillies she used to fuck in their cars for cheeseburgers back home?

No. 603516

File: 1528317233590.jpg (270.07 KB, 1073x960, Screenshot_20180606-163227_Twi…)

Yeah, this shit is fake.

No. 603531

It's only been one day, hasn't it? It might take longer for bruising to occur, and an infection wouldn't be so immediate. Thins definitely sound off though. Especially if they supposedly soaked in a hot tub right after their supposed surgery. I guess time will tell though.

No. 603532

File: 1528318152435.jpg (115.1 KB, 1080x595, Screenshot_20180606-164638_Tum…)

No. 603568

I have a really good feeling that this will be the end of topless pictures from these two and only pictures wearing VS bombshell bras.

No. 603579

My money's on cross-eyed frankentits.

No. 603593

Yes and being like: "Well after all I just got a 300cc augmentation!!"

No. 603596

They claim to have gone to Dr.Miami in spite of not doing any consultation bookings, soaking in a hot tub immediately after and being able to see Dr.Miami within 3 weeks of deciding to get boob surgery. This is the same Angela/Daisy that can’t afford her own home and goes on Craigslist every three months begging for a couch to sleep on. Even offering to be a live in slave for randoms on fetlife. She really expects us to believe this crop of horseshit.

No. 603635

you bitches are going off on Angela for being an escort, making fun of the guys she's been with ''fat lesbian'' etc but say NOTHING about other girls doing the same shit…….

No. 603637

Angela might be a lot of things but at least she is TRYING to live her best life. she could have just hooked up with a literal pedophile lolicon like SOME people and just used him for money but no she is WORKING FOR HERSELF(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 603712

File: 1528331080250.jpg (Spoiler Image,458.63 KB, 809x1480, Screenshot_20180606-201856_Twi…)

Honestly, it just looks like she put tape on her tits, and they look smaller. I'm pretty sure they're just going to use a VS bombshell bra to make it look bigger.

No. 603731

Except we do? There are other threads for other girls doing the same on lolcow. This particular thread is for these two losers? Begone whiteknight.

Something does seem a bit off here. While they do look different, this doesn't look like a day 2 photo of a breast augmentation. Might just be the layers and layers of filters though.

No. 603745

I cant see through all the filters…
but when I had my augmentation, i didnt get random shitty tape placed all over me like that. I had a tiny piece of medical tape over my incision (under the breast) and a wrap around my breasts that was told that I could take off the next day

No. 603786

File: 1528336392366.png (Spoiler Image,10 MB, 1242x2208, E2F6964A-4E65-4683-9D39-3166F3…)

No. 603789

File: 1528336425593.png (Spoiler Image,6.77 MB, 1242x2208, 79289161-9111-4ECA-963C-6CF0C8…)

No. 603797

Wow, I am genuinely surprised. Looks like they went through with it.That's about what mine looked like 24-48hrs out. All square and wonky. I think Angela's have more tape from a lift but Kitty's bandages look normal.

But yeah they absolutely should NOT be getting wet this early… Yikes. Either she is lying or, well, yeah I guess she is that dumb.

Also, I'm sure someone's pointed this out but there's no way they went to Dr. Miami. Dude has like an 8 month wait list. Miami has plenty of other sketchy doctors for them to choose from tho. I bet they went to one of the skeevy places that charges like $2k for bad saline.

No. 603799


this looks like an actual boob job sort of. How long does the ink from whatever marker the docs use stay on the skin?>>603712

This just looks like she bought a shit load of medical tape and went ham. But her boobs aren't sagging to the floor so maybe they found some back alley place to get it done.

Tons of girls take out loans and credit cards to pay for boob jobs, and seedy hotel type affairs probably only charge 2 or 3k.

No. 603802

is that really all the bandaging you'd have after a boob job? two little incisions?
any other photos I'd seen online was not nearly as clean as that, though I don't have personal experience with it so im not really sure ?

No. 603803

Yeah, boob jobs are actually typically super quick, simple surgeries if they are going in through the crease under your tit. They load up a sterile cone with the implant and squeeze it in like icing kinda. It takes like 30 seconds to get the implant in. There are videos on YouTube.

Other ways might require more bandaging though but yeah the tape/tape and gauze pads is pretty standard.

No. 603843

Tbh it looks like they only got a lift, probably couldn't afford actual implants.

No. 603875

My first thought was that maybe only Kitty was meant to be having surgery and Daisy went as moral support?

No. 604006

I know it’s right after surgery but those look horrible

No. 604020

are you trying to vague Amina? reminds me of how the Micky thread is right now. idk why they keep posting about her

No. 604375

You know they are. It's been years but here they are STILL talking about her lmao

No. 604482

I wouldn't be surprised if Amina is self posting in multiple threads to stay relevant. Hype around her died since she quit being an idol.

No. 604484

Is she even trying anymore though? What would she even gain self posting here now that she quit? Micky still brings her up from time to time on her tumblr, it's not a reach that she's still at it elsewhere too. Especially considering both her and Angela have admitted to reading here still.

No. 604489

why does hers look so different from Kitty's? Maybe only Kitty got the boob job but Himeka didn't want to feel left out

No. 604495

Angela's breasts hung very low and probably required a lot more skin to be removed for the lift compared to Kitty's. It also sounds like Kitty ended up getting a much larger implant than Angela. Angela could only get 300cc due to the lift, and they clearly re-did her nipples too. Kitty got a whole whopping 580cc.

I wonder if Angela is going to be salty about her friend suddenly having the boobs she wanted to have? Originally she was saying Kitty was going to be smaller than her's.

No. 604514

Micky and Angela vague post her on tumblr often though

No. 604540

Don't be foolish. It's clearly Angela or Micky. Hell, it actually might be Kitty since she came her already defending her mooching, dumbass friend.

I doubt either of them have implants. It looks more like a lift and maybe a reduction.

No. 604592

Angela clearly got a lift and small implants, you can tell that her nipples have been cut off, resized, and sewn back on which also explains all the extra tape everywhere.
It looks like kitty just got implants judging by her nipple size/lack of tape on the nipples and absence of lolipop incision marks under the nipples as well.
Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 604700

you can also see green crust where her nipple piercings were.

No. 605129

Shouldn't there be more inflammation though? Or even bruising? Skin isn't usually happy with being sliced open even in a sterile OR. The pictures just look sus.

No. 605627

As bizarre as it may sound, not everyone experiences bruising from a boobjob. However, both of their surgeries were too recent for bruising to really show just yet, but I expect Angela's to look rough soon enough, especially considering she had her nipples re-sized/replaced, and had a fairly major lift. Kitty might get lucky though and have minimal bruising, discoloration, etc. since she only had a small incision to put in her implants.

Also, keep in mind that literally every photo these girls post are extremely filtered and edited. There might be discoloration that we can't see due to the layers upon layers of filters. Give it time and we should get a somewhat better view of what their new work looks like.

No. 605722

Why is it so surprising to everyone that they got boob jobs? With their bimbo aesthetic, sex work, and general stupidity with money makes it obvious they would get them eventually

No. 605727

I think it's a mix of disbeleif that Angela was actually not lying about it for once, she's said she was getting a boobjob before, and something would always come up last minute. Also, these two have lied about smaller things before, like the "five star" restaurant, the "private spa", etc.

Also, I think people are surprised they finally scraped up enough money to get them done? It's pretty obvious they did get work done though.

No. 605729

>It's pretty obvious they did get work done though.
Agreed so can people stop autistically tin-foiling about it now?

No. 605753


Tons of girls get credit cards or loans for some silicone.

It can cost as low as like two thousand (probably a lot cheaper in Mexico). It's not that hard to believe.

No. 605993

um one day post op? you would have a large wrap around your breasts, not just tape. Does she think we’re as stupid as her?

No. 606476

File: 1528596031567.jpg (96.85 KB, 1080x513, Screenshot_20180609-215944_Tum…)

Probably. It's starting to sound like bull with how quickly she's claiming to heal.


No. 606480

File: 1528596213217.jpg (336.77 KB, 810x1607, Screenshot_20180609-215809_Tum…)


Remember when she wanted that dog penis dildo? Well, looks like she's getting it now. She's so fucking gross, god.

No. 606491

This plus she kept moving around the date of the operation. Obviously she got them done, but it's easy to doubt a liar like her.

ew wtf

No. 606500

I do think she definitely got something done, but maybe she's just an idiot and not following her post op self care like she's supposed to be doing? Kitty should be healing up a lot faster than Angela because she only got small incisions, but by the looks of things, Angela got a lot more done?

If she legitimately got it done and isn't following what she should be doing to heal because "we heal so fast lul" she's going to heal terribly.I mean, do you guys remember that scar on her chest from that sore that wouldn't heal? Even Simon Benson was like "what is that? If that is how you heal, maybe you shouldn't get that boobjob". I do think there's some kind of lying going on though, considering she was claiming they were going to take a soak in a hot tub the day after the procedure.

Super gross. If this is any insight into what she's been doing to make that boobjob money, I kind of wouldn't be surprised. She's not attractive enough to be a classy hooker, but she is definitely the type that would fuck your dog for some quick cash. Disgusting.

No. 606564

boob job, dog dildo, all angela's dreams are coming true!

No. 606812

This. I’m shocked she got it too but she obviously had some work done. Angela lies a lot but if there’s something you can count on it’s her wasting her money on shit on stuff she doesn’t need. she’s still sleeping on kitty’s couch but can afford a boob job

No. 609044

File: 1528848398493.jpg (145.18 KB, 1080x616, Screenshot_20180612-200410_Tum…)

No. 609045

File: 1528848465239.jpg (100.8 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20180612-200545_Tum…)


Her shit is going to be fucked up in a minute if she keeps this up.

No. 609046

>pussy juices
So she discharged all over this poor dude's nice car? Angela, go see a doctor for your leaking vag.

No. 609048

I fully expect her to fuck her boobs up. Dumb ass was already trying to soak in a hot tub and shit immediately after the surgery. Here's hoping they turn out like Sere's did.

No. 609062

This is Luna levels of disgusting, see a gyno you yeasty bitch.

No. 609338

Her tits are supposed to be healing. She will be infected…

No. 609351

She must be really desperate for money and broke if she can’t even afford to rest for one week after major surgery.

No. 610076

File: 1528940753046.jpg (251.59 KB, 1080x908, Screenshot_20180613-213821_Twi…)

Angela's salty that her idol doesn't care for sex workers. Lol

No. 610132

>if you give them a couple thousand dollars, you can have sex with them
Angela is probably just super salty that her going rate is nowhere near that. She was advertising herself on craigslist for what was it? $25 for a half/half? As a "special".

Nicki is trash though.

No. 610348

Nicki Minaj has always been trash and the only people who thought she was some progressive prosex icon were ignorant SJWs.

No. 610942

File: 1529018470222.jpg (326.63 KB, 1079x1146, Screenshot_20180614-191720_Tum…)


Lol And those same sex workers are constantly begging for money online. The shit is temporary. Having a trade or working for the government will bring in more money than that shit. Also, idk why Angela is trying to treat it like it's great when she's stuck sleeping on someone's couch and barely pay for shit.

No. 610952

File: 1529018658558.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.33 KB, 1280x1707, d0971a7e-d5ac-4df7-894b-e2a24f…)


Her areolas look infected. They're also pretty crooked.

No. 610958

They look like she's had implants done by the lowest rent plastic surgeon who still thinks you go in through the nipples despite this being keloid city for darker skinned women.

No. 611036

Did she have a lift as well as implants? They don't normally remove the nipple for just implants.

No. 611114

File: 1529027107569.jpg (126.38 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20180614-214225_Twi…)

For someone who constantly says she's not scared of her "haters", she surely loves to go on her alt account and talk shit constantly.

Nah, they look infected. It's gross.

No. 611118

I don’t get why her and Micky have a grudge against someone for something about 6 years ago but when people bring up their cringe worthy and illegal behavior they did they want to say “we were children” and shit. It’s toxic and petty af. Reeks of insecurity…

No. 611121

well yeah because she had national geographic style boobs before. the nipples used to be down the bottom.

No. 611131

I wouldn’t be shocked if she was infected or got a post op infection. She probably went to a cheap doctor, hasn’t been wearing her compression bra, supposedly soaking in a hot tub the day after surgery and is so broke she has to go back to work literally days after. She’s gonna end up botched

No. 611135

File: 1529027920673.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.89 KB, 574x359, 2A9223AA-DA42-4C56-A338-23E6FA…)

This is so fucking horrible omg. And it’s after layers of photoshop and filters so I would hate to see how it looks in reality. She needs to get a lawyer and sue whoever did this. I understand surgery takes a while to settle in but with her neglecting after care and how bad it already looks she will have serious issues.

No. 611142

Jesus christ, they have the texture of battered asphalt. Most famous doctor in Miami, my ass.

No. 611145


She be better watch herself before she gets the Trisha paytas botched titty look.

At least they aren't sagging to the floor though.

No. 611147

They’re lifted but they still sag horribly for a 20 y o.

No. 611151

Holy shit, that keloid scar under each titty is terrible. The over all shape is better than I had imagined, but they kind of look like bad tranny boobs now?

I have no idea how she's going to hide that scarring. it's really bad.

No. 611163

She should’ve gone to someone with experience with black women. She’s dark skin so she will scar very easily and considering black women have a higher chance of certain complications after boob jobs(for example Wendy Williams) it was very dumb of her to go to some random hack job. She’s broke tbh. If she had real money she would’ve afforded a doctor who would’ve done as much as possible to prevent keloids and she would’ve rested instead immediately going back to sex work. She literally is prostituting DAYS after her surgery. I reckon she will have to get them removed…this is very very bad.

No. 611173

File: 1529030006992.jpg (Spoiler Image,320.99 KB, 1280x1707, 750073af-319e-47c6-aae1-c090ba…)


That puckering on the right one makesmy skin crawl. Why does she think this is cute?

No. 611180

And she hasn't been wearing bandages, or her compression bra. Not doing proper after care, letting her wounds come into contact with things they shouldn't. I can't wait to see how they heal up fully.

Oh shit, just noticed Kitty in the back. Look at that huge cavern between her implants. And here I thought her's might end up looking alright.

No. 611218

wow i actually kinda feel bad for her, it's one thing to say dumb stuff online but to be so careless when it comes to your health?? jfc

No. 611221

Don't waste your pity on someone who doesn't deserve it, anon.

No. 611228

You know face wise i honestly dont think himeka is ugly. Ive seen the unedited pics and while she not the prettiest girl obviously i think its bit of stretch to call her ugly.but thoes tits when they heal are gonna be fucked tho. Sage for irrelvancy

No. 611235

Isn't the whole purpose of fake tits to look NATURAL?

The bitch dun goofed.

No. 611241


The worst part is that just eating less and working out could have done a lot to make her look better. But instead she went right for the back-alley doctor.

No. 611251

Holy shit. These girls must really, really hate themselves.

No. 611253

I usually don't feel bad for cows but holy hell that is some botched surgery. she could've been a really cute girl but now's she just, ugh…

Like, you could've gotten a nice boob job if you saved up a bit, this all just seems like she went into a back alley and told some homeless dude with some tools to "fuck me up"

Just, jeez brah…

No. 611262

I truely hope she is only taking off the compression bra for these shitty pictures. I would not be surprised if she gets a triange tear where the hortizonal incision under the breast and the verticle incision from the nipple meets, due to her poor aftercare. Then she's fucked.

She is only what, 2-3 weeks post op? The scaring should flatten out a bit eventually, but that may not other be for months down the road. The are still grossly swollen (and most likely draining).

No. 611330

Kitty's are way worse than hers. Like… I'm dumbfounded.
They look like what implants were 15 years ago

No. 611393

File: 1529054863581.jpg (119.02 KB, 1080x594, Screenshot_20180615-052655_Tum…)

No. 611396

File: 1529055167688.jpg (Spoiler Image,231.06 KB, 1740x2320, IMG_20180615_053042.jpg)


She won't do what's neccessary for a proper recovery, but she'll irritate the wounds and fuck up the healing process for shit tier selfies. Ok

No. 611427

Kitty’s tits look like two boulders omg

No. 611447

What’s the point of showing your titties if your aerolas and scars are in a riga mortis state???? She’s so desesperate

No. 611528

Well to be fair isn't the fake tits look what 'bimbos' strive for or something lol

No. 611555

Those aren't tits, those are pecks.

No. 611562

I don't understand why her boobs start at her collarbones. That kind of boob just makes you look fat. Maybe I'm a small tit chan, but I don't think boobs should look like that.

No. 611617

Compare these with pics of who she wanted to model her boobjob after >>565075

I hope she's just playing up the dumb bimbo act while actually taking the proper steps for recovery, but this is Angela we're talking about

No. 611628

She looks like somebodies auntie. Ditch the ugly Bettie glasses like simon told you lol

No. 611733

New breast implants tend to sit high. After a year is when you see the full results. It takes months for them to drop and fluff. However her scars don’t look like they will heal well. My aunt had a breast lift and her areola made smaller, her incisions looked much cleaner than Angela’s.

No. 611743

File: 1529092108890.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.28 KB, 640x707, 8A092BC5-F54D-4CAD-A6D7-A74514…)

holy fuck how can she look at his picture and go ‘YUP’ post worthy
Girl see a Doctor
Your nipples look like they’re about to fall off

No. 611747

And she deleted it

No. 611750

Oh god those nipples are nightmare fuel! How is she not freaking out???

No. 611776

She look like she has man tits. Lol wtf

No. 611779


That's probably just because they're new.


They look fucking horrible. Bitch needs to lawyer up and get her money back. And she also needs to practice after care because they already look infected.

No. 611784

File: 1529095285795.jpg (575.89 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20180615-163452_Tum…)

No. 611786

oh good, more back-alley doctors to butcher herself with

can't wait for that 90% blindness

No. 611799

Ok. I don't know about boob job boobs, but I'm black and I've had a breast reduction surgery so maybe I can shed a little insight. The areolas almost look about right but they're fucking lopsided is the problem. Could even out once swelling goes down-she better hope they do.

She'll always have that hook-like scaring underneath her boob up to her areola, but how bad it looks ABSOLUTELY depends on how you are taking care of it!!! I'm so in shock that she's not wearing her compression bra it's insane. I almost feel sick lmao. I can't believe what I'm seeing. That's beyond insane.
By not wearing that compression bra she is making her scaring and damage a lot worse. She's going to seriously regret doing that. Even with the most careful treatment the scarring will be noticeable, but wilding out and just letting them loose like that oh my god!!
She's going to have to photoshop her tits in every picture she takes of them now due to all that scaring she's going to have

No. 611803

Can we call her frankentits now

No. 611827

I feel like she's going to bleach her skin next.

No. 611926

Jesus. Even with the warning, I wasn't prepared. Angela is out here serving us fat tranny pornstar realness with those botched pec frankentitties. I hope we get to see more of Kitty's hilarious bolt ons soon enough. I can't decide whose turned out worse.

No. 611982

Keep in mind this is after layers upon layers of photoshop. They look ten times worse IRL

No. 611986

Oh and not to mention she’s still going on dates with “clients” despite her tits looking that awful. It’s also damaging because she would’ve been without her compression bra for hours while out and about sucking red neck dick. She’s hella broke to be jeprodizinh herself over chump change…

No. 612022


I don't understand why her dumbass didn't save up enough money for her to be able to at least take a week or two off from the hoe stroll.

Do y'all think she's dumb enough to attempt to put makeup on them Frankentitties? It'd be like putting lipstick on a pig but there's no way I could confidently thot bop around Texas with my boobs looking like horror moive extras.

No. 612026

It's almost like she wants them to be bad on purpose for her braindead bimbo image. In her mind bimbos can't notice when their boobjob looks like shit and they definitely can't comprehend to take care of it.

No. 612074

Going from National Geographic titties to this, holy fucking shit. I can't believe I'm saying this but I prefer her old ones.

No. 612088

I work in porn and have big fake tits. Mine look as natty as you could aspire to because I went to a reputable surgeon.

I've seen a ton of boob jobs in various stages of repair and her incisions are straight nightmare fuel. She needs to be BABYING those puppies for the first month. Y'all wanna get freaked out? Research capsular contracture.

You HAVE to take care of your implants while they heal. There are so many complications that can come from poor aftercare. Her incisions look so inflamed. Oh my God.

What gets me is reputable surgeons have you come back for checkups. I think like 3-4 days post, 7-8 days, 3-4 weeks. 4-6 weeks is when you are cleared for baths and exercise. If she's not seeing her doc (and a good doc would be freaking out over that inflammation)… That's just evidence she went somewhere back alley.

No. 612108

Her and Kitty only went once the day straight after and not again. It’s been almost two weeks post op and they haven’t had anymore check ups, from photos of her and Kitty neither are wearing their compression bras and Angela is too broke to take time off of hoeing. They will both be extremely infected

No. 612138

I'm honestly just having flashbacks of Housewives of Beverly Hills where Yolanda's crusty implants were the reason she was basically dying. I can't imagine hers were top of the line/super well done considering how long ago she got them.

Congrats on your death by badly done tits, girls.

No. 612141

File: 1529118136483.png (18.15 KB, 576x242, 86685.PNG)

No. 612143

File: 1529118746108.png (Spoiler Image,285.7 KB, 784x267, capsular contracture.png)

Googled capsular contracture and her boobs already look like most of the before photos that came up. This one is particular with that weird, hard, masculine, pectoral shape.

No. 612144

She knows she looks bad which makes it even more trifling she’s taking selfies, fucking around with sex work, soaking in ~luxury hot tubs~ and not wearing her compression bra. She WILL have complications. It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN.

No. 612231

>capsular contracture
Oh so that must be what happened to Lorena's misshapen bust.

No. 612528

Her face actually looks pretty cute in the recent pics (I know she shops alot but her overall face shape/makeup/etc is cute, much cuter than Micky)
Makes me a little angry that she's being so careless with her healing boobs. Like..why not just take care of them PROPERLY so you can take selfies with them looking normal/healthy later? Ugh. She comes off so ungrateful

No. 612596

She always self sabotages herself

No. 612644

File: 1529186564988.jpg (347.9 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20180616-180055_Twi…)

Kitty breats are now pointing in different directions. Holy shit.

No. 612645

File: 1529186586338.jpg (133.58 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180616_180047.jpg)

No. 612647

File: 1529186616817.jpg (144.9 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20180616_180049.jpg)

This shit is fucking ugly.

No. 612649

File: 1529186688052.jpg (Spoiler Image,558.38 KB, 1080x1746, Screenshot_20180616-180155_Twi…)

Angela keeps posting blurry ass pics because she knows they look botched. Lol

No. 612650

File: 1529186702465.jpg (Spoiler Image,397.58 KB, 810x1511, Screenshot_20180616-180217_Twi…)

No. 612653

I see she’s back at it with the yellow face makeup ten shades lighter than her body

No. 612654

Her stomach is huge and the monster tits only make her look bigger. She’s really losing herself. Should’ve invested in a gym membership rather than getting botched.
She needs a damn lawyer

No. 612674

File: 1529188434940.jpeg (130.28 KB, 638x972, B104E4EC-AD82-4DD0-9928-8E7803…)

Angela is pimping Kitty aka Renee out now. Considering they are direct competition both in Dallas, both short and fat, both black, both have monster tits they’re in direct competition with one another. Can’t wait for Angela to get jealous and try and sabotage her.

No. 612675

Those suckers look as hard as rock, jesus.

No. 612676

File: 1529188593182.jpeg (Spoiler Image,102.46 KB, 639x767, 9A865626-2A0C-4CF8-A579-560B3C…)

Why the hell is she so desperate for money when she literally just had a major surgery?

No. 612679

File: 1529188673180.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 640x1136, D830C108-6BBD-4CBD-8487-D738A6…)

Angela is going to die. These look horrid

No. 612692

She's using these pics to advertise herself?

w h y

No. 612694

I guess so when johns see her they can’t claim foul because of her diseased looking tits. She really should’ve saved like 3 months living expenses so she could heal properly

No. 612699

File: 1529189883262.jpg (574.38 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180616-185546_Sam…)


There's a gif of her gross ass tits on her site too. Lol

No. 612704

Why does she keep saying she speaks Japanese?

No. 612710

File: 1529190403342.jpg (534.78 KB, 1920x2560, 18-06-16-19-04-13-849_deco.jpg)

Ok, so I compiled her rates. The top three, from left to right, her current rates, her rates before, and her rates when she first started. She's added some stuff too, which is at the bottom.

Who knows. I guess she wants to seem somwhat intelligent.

No. 612715

File: 1529190595009.jpeg (52.19 KB, 640x215, AA1BFD56-515B-42D2-BC03-A9353D…)

With the way she’s treating them, no they won’t heal.

No. 612716

File: 1529190677957.jpeg (25.55 KB, 633x147, 9611F757-8D07-42EE-8963-390152…)

She also keeps talking about her prestigious university in spite of not knowing the difference between to and too, woman and women, then/than etc. she’s a total idiot and any man outside of a white trash redneck will see it.

No. 612730

File: 1529191029889.jpg (365.94 KB, 1080x1605, Screenshot_20180616-191425_Twi…)

Girl your shit looks infected. That's not ok at all. You're gonna get sick and they're going to have to take them out. You shouldn't have gotten them in first place considering you couldn't even take care of your nipple piercings. You're too unhygienic for this shit.

No. 612733

>I know how to take care of myself and my body
And that's why you were taking ~luxurious baths~ the day after your surgery and stopped wearing your compression bra? Jfc she's so stupid.

No. 612736

File: 1529191302430.jpeg (71.83 KB, 640x402, 84DA2D47-F046-4724-A9A6-98ED8A…)

She’s starting to realize how trifiling she looks. Yikes

No. 612740

File: 1529191341729.jpeg (100.77 KB, 640x786, 51F2418F-4D55-499B-8246-C6263B…)

She is getting ROASTED on Twitter by johns and other escorts. Lol

No. 612741

File: 1529191379782.jpg (248.86 KB, 1072x1126, Screenshot_20180616-192003_Twi…)

Right? Also, Angela acts like taking the time to heal is going to kill her. It's not, it's really not.

No. 612742

File: 1529191389763.jpeg (104.55 KB, 640x665, 61A26C90-765E-4124-BCCA-078D2E…)


No. 612743


Her boobs remind me of those weird silicone-looking fake breast plate things.

No. 612745

File: 1529191494181.jpg (275.2 KB, 1069x1106, Screenshot_20180616-192032_Twi…)

And ofc Kitty comes in to try and whiteknight her. Like, Kitty, no. You and Angela clearly bought your followers. Just like when you bought view bots for your lives. Their dumbasses deserve their botched tits.

No. 612747

She deadass could’ve saved up enough money to go on break until she healed properly. If she’s so rich as she says she could’ve easily saved a couple of thousand to pay rent and live off of for two months. This bitch is working DAYS after major surgery which is not only trifiling as hell but also rude to her clients and reeks of desperate broke bitch. Instead of a tit job she should’ve gotten a good trainer at a gym, under eye fillers and a fucking home if her own. Instead she wasted any money she had on a botch job while she’s still living on other people’s couches and scamming. What an idiot.

No. 612750

>implying handicapped people can’t be sex workers
not trying to go full SJW but her comment made no sense at all. Can’t expect Kitty whose dumbass is letting Angela the Hobo sleep on her couch and convince her to get botched cartoon titties to say anything smart. If Kitty knew what was good for her she wouldn’t let Angela so close. EVERYONE is calling her out on twitter because she’s a trifling mess! Kitty is just defending her because she got botched as well

No. 612752

This also proves her CEO sugar daddy/crush never existed. If he did, she wouod have no problem taking a break.

No. 612758

File: 1529192227542.jpeg (91.07 KB, 640x703, 0AA490BB-EC08-4BA0-AC42-9BF105…)

She is getting flamed on twitter. Everyone is telling her she looks horrible… only person kissing her ass is powder cake face Michael Jackson looking ass Kitty. Kitty isn’t a real friend for real. Real friends don’t let this nonsense happen

No. 612759

File: 1529192251144.jpeg (94.21 KB, 631x518, 31D17915-3E8A-4EEB-8E88-AA288C…)

No. 612761

File: 1529192288122.jpeg (58.26 KB, 613x374, E974C300-F9D2-40CF-AC00-3D2872…)


No. 612762

>i know how to take care of myself and my body
Girl, your acne scars, the ash on your booty, your bloated gut, and the fact that you still can't manage to match your foundation to your skintone beg to differ.

No. 612763

Kitty looks like a busted Second Life character. I'm fucking dying.

They basically just confirmed that the entire trip and procedure was paid for using credit cards and/or loans. They're so desperate to get work right now to pay off the debt.

No. 612764

A real SD CEO would’ve paid for the surgery and after care expenses. She got plaid by a welfare redneck yet again. I strangely feel like she got this surgery because Simon Benson dumped her… it’s as if she’s obsessed with getting his attention again.

No. 612766

>i don’t want that scar
top kek

its sad how hard they try to larp as qt thicc asian girls when they’re really just fat black girls give it up ffs

No. 612771

File: 1529192723720.png (89.33 KB, 761x287, uiiii.PNG)

No. 612773

She's such an compulsive liar. She's not going to any "prestigious uni". It's cute that she's trying to pass herself off as a well educated, "high class" escort all of a sudden now though. We've literally seen this girl advertise herself on craigslist for pocket change. The only way she's "low volume" is because she's probably not pulling in enough clients looking and acting the way she does.

>I'm small and fit in your pocket size at 5'1".

And you are also quite overweight. You are short, Angela. Not small by any means. She's catfishing these johns so hard. It's really no wonder she can't keep regulars or, excuse me, "daddies".

No. 612774

File: 1529192892164.jpeg (508.29 KB, 2048x2048, E85E47ED-889A-4998-8D1C-3CDFDC…)

Angela’s twitter is page among page of bots and bought followers. Who tf are they kidding? She was in one off brand obsecure Japanese fetish porn. She’s not a “starlette” she’s delusional as fuck. She only has 13k because she bought them.

No. 612780

Botch job confirmed. Real doctors need to see you multiple times after a major surgery. I got jaw fillers once which is a very minor procedure but even then I needed a follow up. She probably just went to a hotel room for a pump and go job.

No. 612781

This! You aren’t “petite” and “smol” if you’re obese Angela. But then again the Johns seeing her are just black Ebony fetishists. None of them are going for her ~teen Loli~ aesthetic

No. 612786

File: 1529193333942.png (38.71 KB, 611x240, JJAs7xL.png)

Why is she saying this as if it's something to brag about.

No. 612788

File: 1529193415175.jpeg (69.39 KB, 640x548, AABBBA75-9343-4C37-8DA7-816C79…)

She’s hurt people are being honest with her

No. 612790


>i have no wounds

Does she not see those big ass wounds on her breasts?

No. 612791

File: 1529193650873.jpeg (87.63 KB, 640x680, 6AC1B4AD-FF6C-4D4A-93F3-CDBACF…)

She’s still getting roasted so bad lol

No. 612793

File: 1529193822452.jpeg (108.68 KB, 640x971, D3790CAE-05FB-4965-A557-43D63E…)

She must be crying to herself in a corner right now lol. Even though Kitty’s are bolt on and look like missiles they’re still passable. Angela looks diseased and she keeps getting flamed.

No. 612795

Oh and you know how horrible her tits look to us in her selfies? Just remember that’s after a combo of lighting, and a bunch of photoshop(she shoops so bad that she’s wasted thousands on photoshoots on pictures she can’t use because of the staggering difference). Imagine how smelly, crusty, botched and diseased she must look in reality. I guess for the petty price of $400 it’s all ours?

No. 612810

How stupid can she be? I can't believe she's put herself in debt for botched titties, and on top of that won't even do the basic things to take care of the wounds.

No. 612813

For god's sake, choose a better angle.

No. 612814

Not to mention they wouldn’t even let her goes as big as she wanted and took her money anyway. She’s probably on a payment plan. Dr.Miami my ass

No. 612815

I look forward to her scamming a 2nd boobjob somehow 5 years from now after this one ends up like Lorena's first.

No. 612818

File: 1529195061499.jpeg (59.1 KB, 640x456, 97A66CC9-4517-4F87-8A72-8EBEE1…)

She keeps getting roasted too… this is so sad lol

No. 612819

File: 1529195083910.jpg (10.55 KB, 217x313, boobsforqueens.jpg)

No. 612821

File: 1529195271250.png (34.2 KB, 595x262, OWCnCRg.png)

No. 612823

File: 1529195392023.jpeg (80.83 KB, 610x432, F48DB02E-DB36-4ED6-926A-4FEBB8…)

Kitty is getting her ass handed to her too. This is hilarious. Surely they can’t say it’s all “lolcow haters!”/Aminyan/Uglies now. It’s even other hookers calling them out. Neither of them are true friends. If Angela aka Daisy was a real friend she would tell Kitty to stop buying Michael Jackson’s last day of life foundation and if Kitty were real she would stop Angela from compulsively lying, catfishing and doing desperate shit for men(sending money to them and getting botch job). Both of these hoes are fake as hell even to each other.

No. 612825

File: 1529195534339.png (40.58 KB, 612x243, lhrD3EZ.png)

No. 612827

Any REAL doctor is going to have one week, one month and three month follow ups. She’s scared to admit she was scammed

No. 612832

File: 1529196329103.png (53.68 KB, 613x313, zc61jSH.png)

Angela said hi, guys

No. 612836

She is getting dragged lmao

No. 612839

File: 1529196779695.jpeg (103.53 KB, 640x817, C6EA0264-405A-497B-9DDB-2658C2…)

No. 612840

File: 1529196788538.png (65.6 KB, 612x396, jvhMnNU.png)

It seems like your comment bothered her lol. Why would a real sugar daddy would allow her to get this back alley job done?(cowtipping)

No. 612841

File: 1529196822498.jpeg (113.54 KB, 640x959, 10960F86-A8DD-4043-9041-E192F9…)

How long is she gonna keep lying to herself that it’s “lolcow haters!!!1”

No. 612842

>Prestigious University
>Cannot spell Allowance

fucking hell

No. 612849

A real sugar daddy would have gotten her a decent car and apartment too. She doesn't have shit. The reality is that she and Kitty probably hit up guys they meet at clubs and charge them about 70 for a wack ass blowie behind a run down gas station.

>hi lolcow

She needs to realize not everybody is from here.

No. 612854

File: 1529197326366.jpg (276.76 KB, 1076x921, Screenshot_20180616-210154_Twi…)

>He-Man looking titties


No. 612856

File: 1529197391454.jpg (300.19 KB, 1076x1425, Screenshot_20180616-210131_Twi…)

No. 612860

File: 1529197539040.png (44.83 KB, 612x295, uQmJ4Fo.png)

Can't spell something simple like "again" either

No. 612861

File: 1529197792676.png (46.81 KB, 603x349, BrekkZQ.png)

My god, she's delusional. People are trying to help you, Angela.

No. 612863

File: 1529197911133.jpg (231.21 KB, 1077x861, Screenshot_20180616-211143_Tum…)

No. 612866

File: 1529197981782.png (Spoiler Image,249.96 KB, 646x594, OrqRjgj.png)

No. 612867

File: 1529198088907.gif (Spoiler Image,5.57 MB, 480x640, botched.gif)

No. 612875

If she wanted to prove a point she would use natural light and sit up facing forward.

No. 612880

I am howling at what a circus this has become lol

No. 612885

File: 1529198891230.jpeg (127.4 KB, 635x712, E57D9734-66B5-466B-91CF-F426AA…)

No. 612886

File: 1529198917150.jpeg (111.8 KB, 640x603, 17EB9E30-E42A-47FC-B67F-EAF8B8…)

No. 612897

Light-skinned does not equate to x-files levels of florescent, extraterrestrial yellow. You're not a good friend if your so-called "sister" is out here looking casket ready and you're pretending like that's fine and dandy lmao.

No. 612906

File: 1529199873348.jpg (128.95 KB, 1080x634, Screenshot_20180616-214341_Tum…)

No. 612907

File: 1529199891130.jpg (135.76 KB, 1074x663, Screenshot_20180616-214425_Tum…)

No. 612909

File: 1529199962998.jpg (72.67 KB, 1080x509, Screenshot_20180616-214556_Tum…)


I cant believe she would roast herself like this. Damn, Angela.

No. 612928

kek because the same person that leaves a snail trail behind in her lyft has a perfect grasp on person hygiene

No. 612930

personal* oops

No. 612946

There is no need for this anon. Cool it.

No. 612949

she's so afraid to admit that her nipples look like infected, stapled on pepperonis. i love the delusion. get a lawyer, girl.

No. 612954

File: 1529201630164.png (953.74 KB, 640x1136, A9CFD614-93B4-4450-962E-71E749…)

She should’ve gotten facial reconstruction

No. 612974

File: 1529202351399.jpg (118.14 KB, 1080x566, Screenshot_20180616-222441_Tum…)


We apparently lack self-esteem, but this girl goes out of her way to photoshop herself smaller and lighter than she actually is. As well as her trying to prove her botched tits aren't botched.

No. 612987

She deleted her advertisement twitter post. Idk why she’s still trying to cover her ass on tumblr

No. 612990

so did her surgeon close these up with a nail gun or what

No. 612993

Her face really isn't that bad, calm down.

No. 612997

She’s unattractive. Not horribly so but she’s a butterface

No. 613000

Honestly I don't think Angela is ugly, face wise. If she would stop trying to be a weeb fantasy, work out, and take care of her fucking tits, I think she would be really cute. But she's gone this long being a cow so I doubt it'll ever happen.

She needs to get off social media until her tits are mostly healed and pencil in a follow up appointment. No one likes their job so much they wanna work while their body is in pain and scarred to hell.

No. 613003

Not even without the shop shes about average in regards to looks.

No. 613004

butterface implies someone with a good body

No. 613006

Not even without the shop shes about average in regards to looks.

No. 613011

Average isn’t pretty

No. 613012

File: 1529204795408.jpg (71.51 KB, 720x405, 1486186158033.jpg)

>not ugly
has she been shooping so long you guys forgot what she looks like without it?

No. 613014

You're exaggerating, she looks average. Not pretty, but definitely not ugly enough to need complete facial reconstruction.

No. 613027


her real face is in the OP. She's not ugly, just average. If she dressed and behaved like a person who loved herself, you wouldn't look twice at her.

She just makes herself look ridiculous with her aesthetic.

No. 613030

File: 1529207177197.jpg (103.89 KB, 1080x557, Screenshot_20180616-234537_Tum…)


So she really forgot when the previous admin exposed her posts in her own thread? Or when she posted a whole wall of text on Micky's thread about Amina? Ok. Lol

No. 613032

they look like paper mache omg

No. 613035

File: 1529207654061.gif (889.87 KB, 276x277, 638746854.gif)

Sure you don't post here, Angela.

She was probably the one sperging in Micky's thread not long ago.

No. 613039

>average is not pretty
No one saying shes pretty were saying shes not as ugly as people make her out to be.

No. 613044

The fact that she's trying to convince herself that anyone who is mean to her on twitter/on the internet is instantly "from lolcow" is pretty hilarious. You just know she's extra salty about all the men on twitter saying she looks awful. Even her own followers aren't on board for her horror show of a boobjob.

I think she's kind of ugly, but in a very average sort of way. I think she had potential at one time to turn it around. The braces were a good start, but of course she hasn't kept up on them and is keeping them glued to her teeth for the rest of eternity as some kind of dumb gimmick/accessory. If she had lost the weight, and had a breast lift done by a reputable surgeon, followed proper after care, etc. Fixed her hair, better makeup, flattering clothes, etc. She could be alright. But instead we get this photoshopped, ultra filtered mangled titty monster with her fupa hanging over her way too small clothing.

>How do scars on my breast affect my dick sucking n bouncing abilities plz enlighten me
You are literally not supposed to be exercising until after a month of healing. You are at two weeks post op, Angela. You should absolutely not be "bouncing" with the wounds you have under your boobs. Consider yourself "enlightened". If you have a reputable surgeon, you would know these things and be receiving proper check ups.

No. 613065

File: 1529211508839.jpg (120.45 KB, 1080x410, Screenshot_20180617-005732_Tum…)

No. 613068

File: 1529211642820.jpg (75.31 KB, 1079x465, Screenshot_20180617-005753_Tum…)

No. 613086

tin foil theory what if her and kitty got botched tit jobs just so they could try to get onto botched.

No. 613092

I can't believe she tried to pass those off as just scars. Bitch those arent scars, they are FRESH WOUNDS!!! If someone grabbed them and gave them a squeeze your tiddie meat would fall out!! and to be completely honest her tit job was a fail on multiple levels.
They literally look almost the same?? She already had tits. If she wanted a big change she should have just lost weight. The only thing that looks different about her right now is that now her tits look stiff, crooked, and have big ugly scars that'll last forever with unnatural looking nipples.
Kitty played herself hard too, pun not intended. Her tiddies literally point in different directions. They came out worse than Fatgela's. They truly took being a lolcow to the next level.

From posting about her own sister to actually prostituting/selling herself on craigslist to doing a flop japanese porno to getting rejected countless times by "daddies", getting kicked out, pretending to go to a "prestigious" school, all the way up to getting BOTCHED fake tits and then still trying to continue prostituting/begging for cash with fresh wounds tits not even healed yet!! This cow has been a crazy fucking ride

No. 613098

Angela definitely needed a lift, but what she had done looks like garbage. She had very saggy soft breasts, not much in the way of firm tissue. Losing weight would have helped her overall appearance, but her titties would have just deflated even more.

If the girl was smart, She would have lost the weight while saving up to afford a real surgeon. Gotten a lift and a small implant to add some shape back,. and actually follow her aftercare. She's stupid though and is botched for life now. Even if she gets a 2nd boobjob to correct this mess, there's going to be so much scar tissue.

No. 613108

Damn anon, just caught up with this shit show after not checking for 2 weeks and forgetting about the boob jobs and you called it

No. 613142

>i decided
You mean she got dragged to hell and back on twitter and realized she wouldn't be landing any hillbillies on their lunchbreaks from their walmart greeting jobs any time soon again

Guess she gets to awkwardly sit there and watch Kitty get all the business instead although I'm sure they only catch clients off Kittys face to begin with anyway. At least when Kittys botched boobs fall out she can be sitting right there to pick it up, slip it back in, and tape it shut

No. 613223

>>Considering I can afford to
She clearly can't lmao which is why your ass was ready to get back to work 10mins off of the surgery table. It's so obvious that she's broke af that is honestly getting quite embarrassing. I feel for her mom.

No. 613358

File: 1529255470933.jpeg (68.08 KB, 640x495, 6E7867FD-C07C-4F01-B509-7474B5…)

Wonder when this’ll end ??

No. 613365

File: 1529256123556.jpeg (95.12 KB, 640x778, 419B1F0F-6A47-4B6D-8362-89C11A…)

Meanwhile Kitty’s Frankenstein tits are getting praise.

Also I don’t get why she keeps deluding herself into thinking that foundation matches her body when she’s been dragged for it. Just like Angela keep getting dragged for her monstrosity breasts but they keep telling themselves it’s only lolcow lol.

No. 613368

No. 613415

She'll give up on the lie eventually.

No. 613419

And him stepping on her face…,

No. 613420

File: 1529260325694.jpg (153.01 KB, 1080x639, Screenshot_20180617-133115_Tum…)

No. 613425

File: 1529260440107.jpg (313.28 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20180617-132948_Tum…)


It's so obvious she sent this to herself. Omg At least try to make it seem like it's someone else, Angela.

No. 613716

Im dead. She clearly wrote that. It legit sounds like one of her post on Tumblr lol

No. 613809

File: 1529294965021.jpg (99.55 KB, 1077x555, Screenshot_20180617-230722_Tum…)

No. 613827

Why the fuck is she exfoliating her fresh wounds? Her stitches aren't even out yet. I'm so in awe at how brainless this girl actually is.

No. 613832

File: 1529297278295.png (9.99 KB, 571x197, smalldicksd.png)

Starting to think her "SD" is actually just a fat lesbian. She's confirmed he has a baby dick and is massively fat.

Also, who the fuck brags about tagging along on a trip to Nebraska?

No. 613840

He's not even real. If he was, he would have helped her get a better plastic surgeon.

No. 613844

He's probably that ugly, fat, stump that was stepping on her face in another photo. Clearly not actual SD material though, agreed. Probably not even splenda worthy. Angela always did have incredibly low standards.

No. 613869

Probably just some fat redneck using her for sex. She calls literally any man that shows her attention her “daddy”. She said the same about Simon benson who obviously had little to no interest in her and she did the same about the guy she gave $3,000 to. she’s desperate for a man so her standards are incredibly low.

No. 613934

People keep mentioning someone stepping on her face does anyone have the pic that sounds hilarious

No. 613958

No. 614011

File: 1529327548397.jpg (215.57 KB, 1077x775, Screenshot_20180618-080908_Tum…)


>no scars

God, she's a moron. Regardless of what you got, you'll have scars. It's a surgery that involves slicing you open. Kitty like healed better, but she still has shit breast becaue you went to a fucking quack.

No. 614029


I bet she's so jealous of Kitty's botched tits

No. 614044

Does she understand what scarring is? Scarring happens after the wound has healed. Both of them aren’t completely healed yet. If she takes proper care of herself her scarring will be minimal after a year.

No. 614079

Everyone keeps talking about how inflammed her breast look but to me it looks like keloid scars. It's just something that sometimes happens to WOC after surgery. If she is lucky they will heal in time if not….she is looking at additional surgery to removing scaring.

No. 614130

they look botched. she should’ve went to a doctor who specializes in dark skin

No. 614137

File: 1529340717496.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.51 KB, 1800x1200, DEL.jpg)

Just a random anon passing by here, so I'm not really familiar with any on the two girls.

I'm just confused on why Daisy/ Angela (?) doesn't show off her butt more in her state, use 3/4 angle shots or put her boobs in bras that hide her scarring for now and make her appear sexy. Not trying to be rude or mean, but both gals might want to look into erotic photography.
I'm sure they brought all of the botching upon themselves, but I can't deny feeling somewhat sorry for them.

No. 614206

Angela used to be following a famous dom porn producer called Simon and basically he has a huge bimbo tit fetish. He dropped her because she refused to lose weight and she went desperate for him but he’s married. She’s fixated on the boob job because of him mainly. Kitty is just mindlessly following along

No. 614217

Daisy really likes doing this whole 'bimbo' thing/acting like all she wants to do in life is please men, but she seems completely unaware of what men actually find attractive.

No. 614252

File: 1529349286128.jpg (140.14 KB, 1080x637, Screenshot_20180618-141222_Tum…)


He's a millionaire but he can't afford to get you a good surgeon, pay for the surgery, get you a car, and own place? Bitch bye. He ain't real. Stop trying to flex.

No. 614253

Millionaire… yet you use lyft and Uber because you don't have a car… Can't afford to take -any- time off work, still sleeps on Kitty's couch. Like sweetie what do you think a millionaire is? Just because he can afford to get you anything off the dollar menu at McDonald s doesn't make him rich.

No. 614273

Even if he is a millionaire he’s obviously playing her because she’s still broke and basic af

No. 614281

>aka he could afford any woman he wants but yet he goes with a fat dirty weeb

lmao does she not realize that most millionaires pay actual models to be escorts for them

No. 614311

>hes a millionaire
I CANT YA'LL lmao the lies just keep stacking up. Can someone kindly make a comprehensive list of all the shit she's lied about thus far? This has gotten beyond ridiculous.

No. 614335

She’s had at least three multimillionaire daddies in the past. She has a problem with lying and she’s deeply mentally ill imo. Just like Delandra she’s always flexing when in reality she’s homeless

No. 614336

File: 1529358214920.png (1.17 MB, 720x1087, 20180616_150234.png)

Amina did a porn shoot with simonbenson. Haha the world is small

No. 614337

LMAO I bet she is seething. I hope she sees.

No. 614350

LMAO she’s petty. Anyways let’s try not to get too OT

No. 614375

I know. Just a bizarre coincidence and a weird connection.

No. 614378

It’s not a coincidence. I think she did it to be petty or hurt Angela. sage for OT

No. 614407

Idk if she did, she nowhere near follows or obsesses over Angela, as Angela does to her, but who even cares, Angela is going to fucking explode! Grab your popcorn and microwave that shit, we gunna get another rant anons.

No. 614417

Fyi, this is Micky. She just posted a tweet about it on her Twitter.

If Angela says anything it'll probably be on her locked account. You she's a pussy when it comes to this kind of thing. Though if I'm wrong and she openly addresses this, she'll get chewed out.

No. 614429

File: 1529362845092.gif (366.02 KB, 267x200, 78E1F1A4-4CCE-4D12-93A0-CCDAD9…)

Angela will probably come here like she did last time. Although Amina has said people have contacted her family about gravure stuff and I wouldn’t be shocked if Angela was that low. I’m waiting for the shit storm

No. 614438

From what I can tell, I think she retweeted what Micky said to her locked account. Ofc Also Kitty liked the tweet. So they're probably all talking shit in a group chat like the scary bitches they are. Lol None of them have room to talk shit though.

No. 614444

That's fucked how much they like it.

No. 614448

Is Angela forgetting she was just getting dragged up and down twitter for her diseased maggot tits?

No. 614456

Yes, but stupid is as stupid does. Oh, and don't forget she said she hated cattiness among sex workers, yet her she is hating on another sex worker. Other sex workers would drag her if they knew.

No. 614459

That’s why she has the private twitter. I’ve never heard or seeen anything Amina has done to her and she seems to be living her life. Idk why they’re obsessed with her. Maybe Angela is jealous Simon and no other porn guys wanted her

No. 614460

kek the ot amina sperging will get worse now

seethe, angela, this is what you could've had if you hadn't been such a lazy dumbass.

No. 614462

The problem with keloid scars is that they are very difficult to treat, especially on the chest. If she were to get surgery to try to remove it, it is likely to keloid again when healing. She's definitely not helping the situation though with her lack of proper after care, and claiming to have soaked in a hot tub as well as "exfoliate" them though.

She's so bad at lying. If he's a millionaire let's see you chilling in his mansion, nice car, anything. I'll wait, Angela.

I doubt Angela is on her radar. Simon is constantly contacting new "talent" and has connections with Japanese agencies. It's unsurprising with her new line of work that Simon would pick her up. You know Angela is losing it over this though considering Simon straight up rejected her. She was still calling him her "ex" up until recently too.

I can't wait. Even if she doesn't do it publicly, we all know she's going to be having a huge fit over this. She was obsessed with Simon and kept making their "relationship" out to be more than it really was for a long time.

No. 614467

Damn, Amina's a little savage for that, can't lie

Anyway Angela, no one believes you have a millionaire. You're too fat and ugly. See how much easier thin pretty girls make it in sex work? While you have to beg and plead and still get rejected. You have no car, no place of your own, no luxury heels or anything-nothing but weight gain from shitty eating and now fucked up tits with ugly scaring. Poor dat!!

No. 614468

File: 1529364219884.png (Spoiler Image,154.17 KB, 500x522, 0EA3D935-94EC-48FB-B78E-25BCBF…)

Remember when Angela became a meme by writing Simon all over herself in sharpie to get his attention lol. First twitter drags her for her monster tiddies and now this. she’s going to go batshit.

Also I hope the Aminyan OT autists don’t raid this thread. It’s been obvious she was a hooker for a while so I don’t know what the milk would be.

No. 614470

Sage for OT but anon do you know if there’s a way she could get those keloids removed at this point? They’re likely to stay dark and weird like that even after she heals up a bit. Is there anything’ she could do at this point? Laser?

No. 614474

Looks like she’s back at uploading blurry gifs of her mutilated chest meat. trigger warning: Fucking disgusting

No. 614476

File: 1529364676618.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.06 KB, 640x791, 35A75BB8-6991-4B2A-9CF5-51E6CE…)

No. 614480

I'm no expert, but from what I understand, lasers can be tricky when it comes to darker skin and can actually cause scarring. I doubt it would work on her, honestly. According to google, it looks like there are some doctors that do specialize in removing keloids from dark skin though, they do surgery and then use a radiation treatment to prevent regrowth. She would still have notable scars, however, just not as raised. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see how bad it gets once they heal more.

No joke. Micky is over there trying to say the universe is smiling upon them, but in reality things are pretty hilariously shit for Angela right now.

No. 614498

File: 1529365999511.jpg (495.13 KB, 1080x1403, Screenshot_20180618-185112_Tum…)


She just keeps digging the hole deeper. So she planned, for 4 years, to go to a shit surgeon to get shit implants and for them to become completely inflamed from lack of proper aftercare? Alright, have fun with that fucked up shit.

No. 614502

File: 1529366126692.jpeg (69.15 KB, 640x536, 80684439-5F69-447C-9D01-0F83B9…)

her and Kitty literally picked a doctor without any consultations and did it in 4 weeks notice aka after their quickloans were approved. it’s funny though because now she’ll have the reminder for life. Her bad decisions are catching with her

No. 614522

This physically pains me to look at. Her old breasts almost look better. Why can't she just let them heal properly? She can't take a break from hoeing for one minute?

No. 614524

Oh, wow. It's like she did this on purpose to subtly shade Himeka. She really is doing the most to prove how much better she is than them, and all while keeping their names out of her mouth.

No. 614561

Damn, sorry for adding to the derailment but lmao Amina's such a troll. I think she's a bit of a cow, too (albeit not to the extent of Angela) but I can't help but feel oddly smug at the fact that she's living the life that Angela and Mickey are desperately trying to achieve. Sage for OT.

No. 614707

Sage for OT. I had a cousin who got work done on his.They were on the back of his head and even after mulitiply sessions with a laser the only thing it did was flatten the scaring so it didn't bulge as much.Himeka is going to need additional surgery and probably would have even with a better surgeon.Genetics is wasn't on her side.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 614757

Damn this is funny…Not gonna lie Amina escort page looks really nice. Compared to Angela's page. whos supposed to be a "high class" bimbo escort.

No. 614794

File: 1529387121115.jpg (Spoiler Image,763.97 KB, 1079x1895, Screenshot_20180619-004356_Tum…)

No. 614797

She was so preoccupied with editing the boobs that she forgot to check what her face looks like

No. 614803

What is that white stuff forming at the top part of her scars, right at the bottom of her nipples? Is it infected? Is the stitching coming loose? Wtf is that?

No. 614806


they look like they're going to melt off of her body even more so than her old boobs did. shame because this is ENTIRELY preventable, she's just too fucking stupid to take care of them properly

No. 614807

New to this thread, but JFC these two girls are fucking stupid. The fact that she's making up the lie her scars are fading DAYS after surgery is astounding.

No. 614811

File: 1529389316083.jpeg (Spoiler Image,116.89 KB, 1000x667, 6EAC02E1-7B8F-4AA4-BC27-0972ED…)

anyone else notice the bad editing of Kitty’s ass in this pic?

No. 614812

what are the white bits around her areola? it looks like pus…

No. 614816

Open sores

No. 614820

File: 1529389916396.jpeg (18.91 KB, 261x203, 8FC8DB1D-C76E-41A9-A431-03FB76…)

…is that pus?

No. 614821

Her nips are gonna start rotting off any day now. They are so infected. Why does she have them oiled up? Imagine spending thousands of dollars on surgery no just to fuck it all up post op

No. 614890

I think it’s the glare from the keloid

No. 614898

this is honestly terrifying. her nipples look like they’re about to fall off bc they’ve been badly sewn on. those scars look like someone took a hacksaw to her chest, opened it up, slammed some implants inside, then stitched that shit up real quick.

if this isn’t an advertisement for NOT getting plastic surgery, I don’t know what is.

No. 614904

It’s because she got the lift. I’ve seen other people with lifts who had lollipop scars but not nearly as bad as hers. She should’ve just gotten injections even though she’s was super saggy. Idk how she got so saggy so young anyways…

No. 614908

I understand that she got the lift, but are the scars always that…pronounced and hackjob like? Or is it because her scars are infected & she obviously isn’t taking proper care of them

No. 614913


it's fine that she wanted the plastic surgery, the problem here is that she didn't save up for a reputable surgeon and that she refuses to care for them properly. you'd think that with how much she lurks she'd listen to what people are saying

No. 614918

Why are they so shiny?! Ugh, that just makes them look so much worse. Is this dumb bitch seriously putting baby oil on her open wounds?

No. 614958


I… don't think they're oiled. I think she has edema, and the skin is stretching to make it appear shiny. Her body is overproducing fluid, it's seeping into the tissue, and her skin is trying to accommodate all the extra plastic and silicone. her body is like "WTF is this foreign plastic object".

these are honestly some terrifying, botched boobies. she went for an implant, lift, and areola reduction. there's literally pus leaking from the area where her areolas were sewn up. they look so fake, tight, hard, and uncomfortable. such hideous breasts.

No. 615034

I want to be sick. How blind is she to post this as proof they're not botched?

No. 615263

File: 1529442551887.jpeg (42.39 KB, 640x296, 4C46F9D6-AB73-4ECA-9AAA-6F4470…)

Angela aka Daisy and Micky are wishing Amina(?) death right now

No. 615273

Amina is a really lovely person though, why the fuck does she wish her dead over petty drama?

No. 615281

File: 1529443311841.jpg (82.82 KB, 1070x556, Screenshot_20180619-161204_Tum…)


This is why her shit has open sores and an infection.

They're bitter that their shitty behavior didn't take them far in life.

No. 615282

They’re both vile people but Angela is particularly jealous because Amina apparently did a photoshoot with Angela’s former wanna be sugar daddy or dom. Micky is just egging her own and being edgy as usual. Not surprising considering Micky has dox girls in the past and angela has shown ugly behavior.

No. 615284

This. Also meant to point out that I called it when I said she'd talk shit on her locked account. Smh scary bitch.

No. 615356

That's fucked. Amina works really fucking hard at her job and takes it seriously, she puts her all into it and it pays off (aswell as full time studying at uni). Yet Angela and Micky half ass sex work and see it as 'easy' and just expect men to throw money at them for nothing. Then get jealous when Amina gets opportunities they want, money and travels often… okay then.

No. 615367

File: 1529448658620.jpeg (76.37 KB, 640x795, BCEECCE0-5E30-4CA6-AC27-6D3496…)

She’s shooping herself to look like Aminyan

No. 615371

Tbh, I feel she tries to shoop herself like a kawaii era Nicki Minaj but failing.

No. 615373

it’s kinda fucked everything Angela has tried and failed at Amina has done to some extent successfully. Weeb idol shit, gravure, and now sex work and being one of simon benson’s Petgirls. This must hurt her so badly lol

No. 615380

Nobody follows her private account? I really wanna know what she said.

No. 615387

She probably won’t accept random followers. She’s too pussy

No. 615394

she's straight up stupid to begin with but I think part of the problem is that she has no feeling in those frankentits. No pain so everything must be healing well contrary to visual evidence.

No. 615433

I mean, at least
the frankentits