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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 230087

As inspired by the man-hating thread, how do you anons feel about an all-female society?

Some questions to get your creativity flowing:
>Where would you like it to be? On a tropical island? In a small village in Europe?
>What kinds of amenities would you like to have in the area?
>Would you set up a business in the area?
>What laws would you have in effect?
>In what ways could we be self-sufficient?
>Do you have any ideas for a currency? National anthem? Flag? Coat of arms?
>Any other kind of cultural details you'd like to encourage/discourage?
>What media about all-female societies inspires you?
>What do you think the benefits would be?
>What do you think the struggles would be?

Fantasy questions aside, do you think a society like this is actually possible?

No. 230088

Link to post that started it all: >>229907

Further suggestions made by anons:

No. 230092

Tropical island would be nice, but any other relatively isolated place might do. Actually thanks to rural exodus a lot of villages in some parts of Europe are nearly deserted and real estate there would be extremely affordable.
I think multigenerational integration would be important, rejection of neoliberal values and focus on use of sustainable technology.

No. 230093

I live in the countryside of an European country where we have the best weather and a few abandoned medieval city, I dream of creating my perfect society in one of these ghost towns.

No. 230094

I'm imagining something like that walled community that they had in that one season of the walking dead. With guards shooting at robots that come too close.

No. 230096

File: 1519122704122.jpg (180.19 KB, 642x360, s07e15_415.jpg)

Yeah! I'm also very inspired by TWD. I actually would love a zombie apocalypse lol. Alexandria was full of great women: a female leader, a female doctor, a female hairdresser and protected by badass women like Michonne, Maggie, Sasha, Tara, Rosita and Enid.

There was also an all-female community in that season too!

No. 230129

The Umoja women of Kenya have done this! There’s a documentary of similar tribes that have done the same from Vice I’ll try to find later. The women have learned how to make money by selling beads which I’ve seen at a couple boutique shops before, so there may be a way to support them and buy their beads online.


Some of these groups are exclusively women but some accept men if they follow their rules. The men in these societies absolutely hate it. It’s kind of hilarious.

No. 230142

I have mad respect for these women and I'm going to support them in future. Thanks so much for this.

No. 230143

No. 230147

>Where would you like it to be? On a tropical island? In a small village in Europe?
either or, as long as if there's enough urbanization, anywhere not near a war zone or place likely to get nuked and invaded is fine
>What kinds of amenities would you like to have in the area?
rec center, ice skating, tea and coffee cafe, religious places of all sort for catholics to wiccans and buddhists, schools, including unis and trade schools with the best of the best female administration and teachers, places to take parenting courses and whatnot, farms so we can have locally grown healthy foods that isn't fucked with hormones, we can bike or take horses everywhere, try not to use cars that take up a fuck ton of gas but should only be necessary if you are traveling far away
>Would you set up a business in the area?
yes, I would set up a hospital and medical center, basically including anything any anon may need, plastic surgery center, ER, classes and courses, volunteer center, cafe and cafeteria, rehab, surgery center
>What laws would you have in effect?
just basic, no stealing, no murdering, no abuse and rape/molestation, some basic traffic laws, horrible crimes punishable by death and/or sent off, none of that weird ass "It's highly illegal to park 20 feet from a sidewalk" shit
>In what ways could we be self-sufficient?
own plumbing and sewage, own factories, own currency, own electricity/wifi/radio/cable etc
>Do you have any ideas for a currency? National anthem? Flag? Coat of arms?
we can just have our normal 100 1 cents equal a dollar, etc, we should make basic needs affordable though, national anthem can be cute and relaxing, maybe something sung by our favorite female singers, our flag can be pink and white stripes with a red heart
>Any other kind of cultural details you'd like to encourage/discourage?
encourage freedom of expression, discourage anything that producing misogyny
>What do you think the benefits would be?
freedom, little to no bullying, huge decrease in crime, we won't be scared shitless at night, we dress how we want, we can go to the doctor without worrying about being molested, we can walk everywhere and not be catcalled, we can drink every blue moon without being worried of being kidnapped, raped, or having men run around saying "you know I prefer pure girls", we can get groceries without men taking upskirts of us, we can take interests in whatever we want without men always having something to say about it to bash us
>What do you think the struggles would be?
just putting it together and getting people to come here, I think we should get a population of 2k-400k, once we get settled there would be no problem outside of having men try to nuke or invade it which can be prevented by our all female military, armed with the best and most powerful weapons, skilled and trained. then the men can be brought to internment camps

No. 230153

so I'm thinking we can buy a ghost town, fix it up and voila
adding extras of course though, including hospitals and schools and whatnot, basically stuff most small towns don't have, with borders of course

No. 230156

File: 1519151147795.jpg (60.05 KB, 564x375, cottage-inspiration.jpg)



I like cottages like what's pictures, we need to get something with around 1k acres but the more the better have some farmland and rural area than urbanized areas
suburbans and urban areas,I really like romantic style cottages like what pictured, some nice cemented roads or dirt roads if we prefer that
we can have what any city has, festivals, religious stuff, farmers and crafts markets, a centre and convention area as well as an arena where we can have celebrities perform concerts there

downtown can just include what every downtown has, clothing shops, hotels, accessory shops, shoe stores, cosmetics and health and beauty stores, a cinema, groceries, gift shops, thrift stores, furniture, craft shops, religious shops, ice cream, cake, drink shops, candle shops cafes, libraries and bookstores, restaurants, music stores, spas and salons, bars, repair stores, discount shops, etc etc etc, things of that nature, locally owned but we can open franchises if they're approved, and it can create jobs
with currency we can keep printing and printing until we have enough to be stable
we can have an industrial park for factories but we can ship in things we NEED like fabrics and home supplies and transportation
we should keep low resources for environment reasons so we should have lots of windows in the houses, lots of candles, we shouldn't use light much unless it's absolutely needed as well as electricity, we can wash clothes as they did in victorian times as well as our dishes, we can use low water consumption, low gas, basically good for the environment and be precautions with our wastes, recycle of course, biodegradable products, etc
no smoking obv because air pollution

No. 230168

>we can bike or take horses everywhere
I love this idea. In most cities worldwide it's very dangerous to cycle, it would be nice to live in a place full of cycle lanes where you don't have to fear bad drivers. There could be bike rental places and it might encourage tourism. Maybe find an island that has beautiful hills and scenery and bring women on bike tours, we won't have to worry being raped and murdered while having a picnic!

I also love the idea of horses. I'd love a horse one day but I know I'll never have enough land for one. Imagine a place where owning a horse is as common as owning a dog.

No. 230175


All this sounds lovely but I don't know if "no bullying uwu", "we can dress how we want", etc. would really ever come to be. Look at what website you're on.

No. 230177

File: 1519154523231.jpg (3.01 MB, 3988x3988, BeFunky Collage.jpg)

I'm obsessed with little Italian streets and piazze. If I were to make a little town it would be full of narrow cobblestone streets, tiny piazze with cafés and feminist statues and maybe some little thatched cottages on the outskirts. Flowers adorning every business and outside everyone's windows to add colour and life.

No. 230178

I mean there would be a huge decrease to say the least, plus the internet isn't a lot like real life, if you ever went to an all girls school or have lived in a female only place for a bit you'd notice most girls don't really care and won't bully you unless you are being annoying and a shithead and if you do wear something ridiculous the most you'd get are light jokes

No. 230179

File: 1519155306064.jpg (111.67 KB, 564x704, 91b2b53e5f0cfc8232bb988f60888b…)

italy, france, new england, key west, new orleans and mississippi architecture is really dreamy and fairytale like

I'd love to own businesses here or a farm

No. 230209

I'm up for this, should we start a pool?
Obviously it will take a while to complete but we can work together to make it happen, I'd put about 20% my paycheck every week

No. 230211

Eh I wouldn’t mind it but I wouldn’t want it to be plagued with all the problems that exist in normal society. Like I cba with supporting Tumblrinas that want to be paid for doing shitty art or whatever, or people who are “disabled”, and the sex work anons would be pressed. I would love an optimum-production society that is female-only, for sure.

No. 230213

It's not so much about tumblrinas more about women who want to get away from men, hence why it was mentioned earlier how women who are in countries that oppress women such as india or saudi arabia should be helped and able to come here in order to escape that

No. 230217

I think you’ve misunderstood what I meant. If you don’t think that the SJW intersectional body posi Tumblr Girls will want to come and live in an all-female ~girls supporting girls uwu~ society then…

No. 230218

I mean obviously they would but there wouldn't be a huge wave of them as in it wouldn't even dominate the country if even, I wouldn't really have a problem with a lot of them if they did as long as they're not the amber rose type feminists to screech white feminism and say "stahp with the white savior complex but at the same time don't do nothing about racism"etc

also keep in mind a lot of them are under 18 and can't move out yet and will most likely out grow it when they do

No. 230225

I'm all for it being cute and pretty but can it be socialist too?
Anyway I'm imagining starting from something like a gated community. The "home owners association" would take applications and decide who gets to live there. That would be mostly women who have learned a trade that would be beneficial to the community, have fitting political views, and refugees from trafficking, forced marriage, domestic abuse etc.
Adoption of girls from disadvantaged backgrounds would be encouraged and subsidized.
Subsistence should be as self sustained as possible.

No. 230228

Oh, and as far as it is possible this should be kept on the down-low. Instead of advertising the amazing women-only town, we should keep it quiet and scout for potential inhabitants. We would do outreach among women who need to escape bad situations, but under some unassuming name.

No. 230241

I agree, plus the ones who live here who are disadvantages should comply with either being an employee for businesses or owning one, not just local shops, cafes, resturants, etc but also basic needs like plumbing/sewage, eletricity/wifi/lighting, garbage/recycling, transportation/gas/oil/repairs, farming, agriculture, animal products, medical needs, etc

No. 230242

so should we make a discord?

No. 230245



should we start a go fund me? we should have a discord first obv and a trustworthy anon can me a gofundme, kickstarter and whatnot and we can do fundraising, I know many folks that would love to donate, what would our currency be like anyway?

No. 230246

I've set up a discord server previously, I don't mind setting up another one.

No. 230247

File: 1519172648434.jpg (114.9 KB, 1200x711, john_reinhard_weguelin_-_the_g…)

Personally I take some rather opposing viewpoints compared to those expressed so far.

Girltown should be inwardly focused. It shouldn't strongly advertise nor be activist. While I like the idea of helping women from sexist cultures a new society by definition is fragile and wouldn't have an established enough culture or monetary backing to be able to absorb all these women from such disparate cultures, to say nothing of the language barrier. Girltown's inhabitants are admitted only after rigorous screening to ensure social cohesion and balance (so we don't only admit doctors or artists or people who can't contribute). Desires to aid women abroad should happen through either sponsored volunteerships or financial backing to establish new 'chapters', like sororities do. At its inception Girltown should be 'intolerant' if only to protect its burgeoning culture.

Girltown should be walkable, sustainable, low-waste and environmentally friendly. I don't think it could be entirely socialist >>230225 but it can feature strong socialist elements where best applicable.

We shouldn't pool money until we have a much stronger understanding of the town's organization and have planned its long term health and have scouted several locations.

Girl town would be much better as an island nation.

No. 230249

I agree with this anon.
Also I think women who want to live there need to seriously rethink their standard of living. All this self-sustainable lifestyle will take a lot of (physical) labour and leisure time as well as convenience items might be much harder to come by, at least in the beginning.
The absence of men will be worth it though.

No. 230250

Honestly, I think we might best start with a housing project (or several spread throughout the world, although I assume most anons are from Europe or the US). Given enough critical mass and financial backing we then band together in a single location.

No. 230251

Even if it isn't entirely self sufficient we could reduce our footprint by a lot

No. 230255

I agree, we should only allow new members very slowly so as not to disrupt whatever kind of culture we've created there.

>We shouldn't pool money until we have a much stronger understanding of the town's organization

This. It's far too early for anything like that. I wouldn't trust anyone who sets up a fundraiser just yet.

Yeah, I don't think anyone from the US is too keen to leave their country and I don't think Europeans would been keen on leaving Europe either. Maybe creating small communities worldwide and starting a trend would work better for now.

Here's a discord for anyone interested: https://discord.gg/U5v5w but please continue to talk here. Also please wait for a few minutes for me to grant you access to the main channel, I'd like to keep anyone who is obviously a man or malicious out.

No. 230259


Did you pull the discord again? It says it's invalid or expired

No. 230261

No. 230264

Ok since no one has asked yet: What about MTF transgender people?

No. 230265

no thanks

No. 230267

Nope, would not want them in.
If they don't like it they can start their own community.

No. 230270

lol about what I expected to hear

No. 230271

No, there are too many cases on MTF people assaulting women, we're trying to avoid that.

I'd like to ask about anons who already have boyfriends/husbands. Do we allow them for the first generation? What happens to male children who grow up on the island?

No. 230272

File: 1519177729331.jpg (91.93 KB, 564x745, 59ac907c769dedb7a9e51921a65d53…)

I think that kind of goes against the idea of the town. You choose to go there for the female environment. You either choose to go there or remain with your guy but you can't have both.

The town is likely to be shortlived if no children are born (being that there are no men). It grows/maintains with new members (hence why it may only last a generation or two). To solve this problem I propose allowing GirlPlace to allow all sorts of bio-ethics fuckery (like the currently experimental process of turning skin cells into sperm cells) so we can maintain an all female society. Designer lesbian babies and shit.

No. 230274

What part of "no men" is difficult to understand?

No. 230290

>We shouldn't pool money until we have a much stronger understanding of the town's organization and have planned its long term health and have scouted several locations.

the sooner the better, obviously I'm not saying buy right away, I'm saying it would be VERY costly as in billions of dollars, the sooner we can start pooling the better

>have scouted several locations.

yes it should but it shouldn't be like disneyworld or some chain themepark, it's own communities, however there could be a main community on an island and other villages and small ghost towns can be modeled and fixed up for women who want to take part in these things but can't because they have to stay near family, can't afford or can't travel countries for whatever reason, need to stay close to work or school until they can get into our jobs and schools, etc not to mention we need our own military but we have to keep the "girl only" part on the downlow so men don't get triggered and try to abolish us

> While I like the idea of helping women from sexist cultures a new society by definition is fragile and wouldn't have an established enough culture or monetary backing to be able to absorb all these women from such disparate cultures, to say nothing of the language barrier. Girltown's inhabitants are admitted only after rigorous screening to ensure social cohesion and balance

agreed, if the woman doesn't speak well of the official language we can always help her, since it would be a small community, the first thousands of people that come here shouldn't be just neets, we should have forms with lists of people needed, if you're someone who can be part of it then it's crossed off when we had enough of them and the newer incomers can look at the list and choose what they wanna do until we are stable enough

currency is needed plus we have to make it an official country currency so women can trade their countries currency with ours

No. 230291

idk just switch around until your husband dies or you break up, for male children let them stay for females allow them to make a choice if this is what they want to do or not, obviously women shouldn't be forced to come here

No. 230294

>The sooner the better
If an individual wants to start saving that is fine and I'd encourage all female individuals interested in the project to save. But not to pool until something more concrete is in place. We need to pique the interest of lesbian billionaires obviously. Only half kidding but the main reason these ventures fail is due to money so we should be cautious, at least at first.

This is why I like the idea of having various 'chapters' spread across various locales as other ladies have mentioned. A stand alone island nation sounds best but realistically may not be possible. Intentional communities are much more within our scope and even if by some miracle we get our island having various Chapters is more sustainable and the best way to help women in other cultures without having to open ourselves up to the entropy of admitting them.

I do think Girl World should have defenses and if within the purview of nations that allow it all women should be armed. A military probably isn't happening unless we cozy up to China or something to provide military for us. Just in terms of cost.

No. 230296

we should focus on whats needed first
which is food, water, shelter,electricity, hygiene, first aid/other emergencies, temperature control and plumbing
once these are done we can focus on currency, government, court, roads, community, currency systems and how to make currency, transportation and transportation centers, agriculture, notarizing and systems to keep everything safe and prevent frauds

then we can focus on fun stuff like businesses, clothes stores, parks, cafes, festivals, religious centers, etc

No. 230297

File: 1519194303604.jpg (66.32 KB, 815x384, norway49-2004o.jpg)

pastel colored currency, scented, with cute lace and designs on it, floral, and feminist figures with european cursive print

No. 230300

I think anyone interested in this should research permaculture, homesteading etc. If we aren't just buying up houses it would be a big project.

No. 230305

I like the idea of this but I’m already married to a genuinely wonderful guy and we have a daughter together. So I support you ladies but I can’t join you, so I’m out! I really hope this comes together for you all.

No. 230306

same honestly, maybe there can be a certain section for anons with husbands

No. 230313

This might not be a feasible option for all but I think "outside husbands" could be allowed. They could visit once a while and stay over night under spousal supervision but only one night at a time in some nice hotel. Sounds like prison but obviously women are allowed to leave the town whenever they want to visit their husband, v as long as their work duties back home are fulfilled. Sons are allowed up to a certain age and also have limited visiting rights after that.

No. 230314

Since this all sounds extra cult-like I'm pretty sure if this is in the US they'll go Waco on us in no time. Some remote village in south America might also work if no island.

No. 230315

Well since we've decided on small communities rather than one big one, should we also consider matriarchies? Where the only men allowed have to be connected to a trustworthy woman?

No. 230318

No. No men allowed.
Sons up to a certain age ok.
And out shouldn't be matriarchal in the sense that there is a hierarchy among women. We should strive for a true democracy of educated opinions.

No. 230319


The Umoja tribe have been doing it for a generation now, so that gives me hope. We can learn a lot from them.

I also don't see the need to replicate our current capitalist system, is really not that fantastic. Why would we need money other than to take part in outside economy? Everybody works for the community and gets taken care of by the community.

No. 230320

I agree, there could be a section where married women and kids live and whatnot

Or as mentioned earlier women could rotate, maybe spending a week every month or so at girltown then the rest of the month at home with husband

No. 230325

imo one big community would be best but I just dont see how it would be feasible without giant cash investments

No. 230389

This is /r9k/ tier LARPing tbh

No. 230466

I see a big important piece missing from this whole thing, caring for the dead. Things happen, like aneurisms, old age, slipping and falling in the tub, so we need to make sure we have something set in place i.e. a graveyard and other ways to handle the remains of the deceased. I'm all for family style burials, where the families wash, set out the body for viewing, and then place them on their own land because its good for the environment and is much healthier for the grieving process. Others are still a bit skittish when it comes to dead bodies, do we have a funeral home for those who want to prepare the bodies in a more modern way (preservation, someone else cleaning/dressing the body/cremation)? Funeral pyres for those who want to be more economically friendly since cremation takes a lot of energy? Mummification? Leaving the body out to rot in the open air? Do we allow people to do as they please with their deceased like villages that keep their relatives in the house for years after they're gone or do we cater to the general public if they're not into that sort of thing?

No. 230467

Maybe a little but it isn't as if it hasn't been done before. Starting an intentional community is completely within the realm of possibility and the US has had many periods where they were in vogue. That isn't the case right now but they could become popular again.

No. 230470

hospitals have been discussed in the thread as well as jobs being placed off for the first people to have until we have a stable country

it will be the typical traditional style funeral, they get to choose what happens to it and if they would like they can ship the body with the family

No. 230473

How about a compound in Utah? We could all be sisterwives but without the husbands.

No. 230474

possibly, will it be big enough?

also utah, ohio, texas, arizona, louisiana, kansas, dakotas or carolinas, mississippi, alabama, possibly some rural places in canada

basically very empty states filled with ghost towns

No. 230609

Honestly, I think it would do us well to choose a few good men and allow them to become township husbands. Otherwise our population will fizzle out.

No. 230612

I can't imagine any man who would actually want that kind of life.

Anyway, how about just following a process of gentrification? Some women with the financial assets snatch up real estate in a run-down part of town, sell/rent only to women and women-owned businesses. Found a girls school and a women's shelter in the area. Slowly and almost unnoticeably shift the men-to-women ratio. Have something akin to a women's chapter of the freemasons that runs shit.

No. 230614

Why do that when we could just find an attractive man, milk him for sperm every once in a while, then tell him to fuck off?

No. 230617

File: 1519313723979.jpg (82.24 KB, 625x468, death_by_snu_snu.jpg)

No. 230622

File: 1519315991131.jpeg (27.3 KB, 512x288, D4AC744E-255D-41A3-9FEE-BC21DA…)

Gerudo tribe irl? Heck, count me in.

I think we could build a small community first in an isolated area, and when we achieve certain level of organization (social, political and economic structures) and are big enough, we independize as our own nation. I rather do it outside the US tho, I think the societal structure of that country will stop the movement eventually, not to mention that we won’t be able to mantain more than autonomous community status there if something.

I could help with construction, electric stuff and math related stuff.

I love this aesthetic so much

No. 230623

Samefag just to add that we could do this ‘till we perfect lesbian reproduction. We’d abort male fetuses in the meantime though.

No. 230677

They are working on it actually, turning skin cells into sperm cells

There would probably be a guy into that. Chads only.

No. 230692

Matriarchy in China.


No. 230700

I'm sure most guys would be into that.

We'd be able to pick the top 1% Chads and strengthen our gene pool.

No. 230808

female supremacy yall

No. 231080

still invalid, is there a new discord link?

No. 231245

I think of a society that no man-made technology could be used. We would live in a small village on northern Europe. We would only use basic agriculture and architecture like tents, no concrete monsters developed by would be allowed. Big Pharma Medicine would be forbiden and we could only use herbs likes our ancerstors did. Man would stay at home caring and feeding the children while us women would show our physical superiority in hunting, gathering and security.
The natinal athem would be sung a capela because musical instruments are of the evil patriarchal society. No currencies. Our flag would be a all white field with and horizontal red stripe in the middle.
The struggle would be that our society would just collapse and all of this is a shit idea. Men need us and we need men.

No. 231248

Your shitty 3rd world shithole self taught English is leaking.

No. 231251

>forgot to finish a sentence
>called out because of this

No. 231254

>is literally retarded
>gets mad when called out

K Y S(a-logging)

No. 231257

I have no idea what you're trying to say. Something about living in architect designed tents and men smoking weed because of big pharma? You want to use a field as your flag, tell me, how would that work?

No. 231266

Funny, you sound like the robot sperging in the manhate thread larping as a woman. Men are a danger to women and the root of every issue with society, the smart thing to do would be to leave them to be a danger to eachother or strip them of their rights. The former is more realistic.

No. 231310

Ikr? I thought the exact same thing when reading that post. I even chuckled a bit as well, mainly because the poster thinks that a female leading society would be a mirror of current social dynamics.

Also, wtf is that nonsense of living like hippies? I support botanic and traditional medicine, but the idea of rejecting all medical knowledge is so stupid. Specially when so many women in pharma, biology and medicine are out there. If something, our society won’t be throwing Xanax at every try.

I’m eager to find what can we discover and how we’d grow as a whole, without shitty testosterone ruining humanity.

No. 231428

File: 1519746978901.webm (11.98 MB, 320x240, survivor.webm)

This shit would collapse faster than the hippie communes of the sixties. There is a reason why those villages are abandoned, eventually the investment money will run out.
Life in the countryside isn't as rosy as city folk imagine.

No. 231432

>random girls on a game show prove that roasties could never make it on their own!!1!
Lol nice argument, faggot. I'm sure we'd be fine, at least we wouldn't have to worry about murdering and raping eachother like men would be guaranteed to.

I, personally, am not from the city; I'm from fucking Alabama. A farm life would be fairly realistic.

No. 231448

Oh look, the Survivor meme again. Hello, robot.

You don't look very intelligent if you're going to use a reality tv show as proof for your argument. Here's a real world example of a community of women doing just fine by themselves.

No. 231450

I'm not sure it matters if the community lasts multiple generations. Even if it dies out or runs out of money it would be a nice lifestyle while it is running.

No. 231451

exactly, and those gameshows are randomly picked retards
women here know basic life skills, are tactical, a lot of us are in varying career fields from medical to engineer so it's not like we're random dumb bimbos being thrown on an island and expected to survive

also la (not the city lol) farmer here, the women on the show were cherry picked to hell, many women who live in rural areas have and can do typical "male" stuff pretty easily not to mention a lot of rural women have and still are living on their own no male help at all, since a lot of us know how to work and have guns, protection is easy as well
I just wish men stop using fake ass tv shows to prove their dumbass agenda

No. 231452

>if it dies out
I doubt this will happen since a lot of women there are talking about adopting women in oppressed countries as well as fertilization, the only way it would run out is if all women decided to leave all at the same time, which I doubt, however it can be a bit of a safe haven run by women who want to be there and run for oppressed women from other countries to go to and eventually move if they choose to do so
> runs out of money
doubt this will happen, tons of farmers here are into cryptocurrency, if we are going with the whole "our own country" thing people have talked about making our own currency

No. 231462

Why you gotta rain on people's parade, robot?

We'll have the world's best security and surveillance, rapists and organ harvesters would be shot before they got within ten miles of the perimeter. Maybe submarines patrolling the seas ready to fire at all times. All the money saved on not having to incarcerate our own citizens for rape, theft and murder can be used for security

No. 231463

>Do you really consider living in a mud hut without internet to be an achievement?

It's a step up from living with men, yes. We deeply hate you, get used to it.

No. 231467

No, you know what I think he’s on to something. Women will never be safe when men are allowed to act freely because they are all uncivilized animalistic predators, best to control the entire population as necessary

No. 231469

Like I said, best case scenario men lose their human rights. There are far too many that abuse them, those men ruin it for the few that don't.

Anyways, can you not read? I said raping and murdering eachother. Men do those things to eachother all the time, so an all male society would kill itself very quickly. Women wouldn't have to worry about it, so an all female society would have a better chance of sustaining itself. Also hilarious you thought that was a good comeback, it's more of a self-drag than anything. You acknowledge males are trash who ruin everything, yet you're still an inceloid retard. How much cognitive dissonance are you experiencing?

No. 231473

>Do you really consider living in a mud hut without internet to be an achievement?

It's a step up from living with men, yes.

No. 231474

>literal incel calling someone else a faggot
10/10, beta males are hilarious

But no, I'm not pretending.

No. 231483

File: 1519775392032.gif (1.02 MB, 500x230, source.gif)

it's stupid but i had this feelgood dream the other day where i was in deep shit with no one to help me, and all of a sudden these three elderly women and a young one walked into my house and helped me sort my shit out, cover up any tracks, helped me pack essentials, and whatnot, just acted cool, calm, and collected and made sure i'd be alright, and then they got into their car and left, and i followed the younger woman as she spoke with a hillbilly female neighbor of mine who knew that this secret community of independent women existed. they spoke for ten minutes while the other women waited in the car patiently, never honked once. when i woke up, i felt really sad that it was only a dream. i even googled all-female communities in my city, hoping to find that mad max peaceful sanctuary of warrior women but got high-heel feminism sites, and battered women shelters.

i don't understand why an all-female community would ever be a sitting duck full of defenseless pussy, considering that some women are avid hunters who know how to use firearms, or come from military backgrounds - and especially those who come from military backgrounds are the ones who hate men the most, considering the rape statistics, some suffer from MST (military sexual trauma) and without the support of their communities have been homeless, and unemployed for years after they left the military.

We have women who are homebuilders, and into DYI (like myself) who would love to build houses, and furniture. No one ever said our all-female community would have to be a collection of mud huts on the outskrits of society. It could be a row of houses that prohibit any men from stepping foot inside.

The wonderful things about women is how diverse our passions are. So you'd have some engineers, science geeks, some poets, some doctors, social workers, or psychologists, homemakers, witches, masculine women, girly girl women, lesbians, straight women, elderly women, childfree women. Sure there would be some domestic abuse refugees but not all of us have been scorned by a man and now hate them, some of us genuinely think of them as fucking dangerous predators and want to feel safe.

No. 231488

File: 1519778501712.png (121.53 KB, 250x349, tumblr_nagkh9kUtG1r1ane5o1_250…)

I just have so fun thinking in woman dominating men. Is fun, i know is kinda strange, but imagine put men in all uncorfotable situatios they put woman. Just imagine putting them like whores with cum in their faces, like they do with woman. Does anyone think the same?

No. 231493

Yeah, sure.
Why do you possibly think of that? Is there a reason?

No. 231502

I just think is because i was abused when i was a child, so i often think of killing my rapist, or just think men are all scumbags in gerenal. I don't know, thinking i'm in control of them gaves me goosebumps.

No. 231503

There's a fetishes you're ashamed of thread in /g/
I tried to link it but I'm dumb. A lot of femdom chat there

No. 231505

oh man I had a dream about an all female society too. The ladies were helping prep the little girls for the first day of school, we were making them these grecian style chiton type dresses since that was the school uniform.

cute dream

No. 231509

>Just making a currency doesn't automatically make it worth anything.
it is once it becomes official
, you don't know how currency works don't you?

>Its irresponsible to think that way.

irresponsible to discuss protection, you really don't know what you're talking about don't you?
>What agenda? Why would anyone be worried by this?
kek, have you seen the comments, actually no just take a good hard look at western men, they will go out their way to hell and back to do anything possible to prove how women are pathetic and need to be dependent on them

>just document it on video so people can have a hearty lough.

will do sweety but the only one laughing is us at your pathetic desperate asses while we enjoy ourselves

No. 231518


get em anon

No. 231524

File: 1519812722798.jpg (61.47 KB, 540x405, squad.jpg)

Sage for blogging. I kind of live in an all-female society. I live with my mom, and my sisters. My sisters and I are old enough now to live on our own but we've always been a tight-knit community so we decided to continue living together, and pool all our paychecks so we can upgrade, furnish and buy cute shit for our apartment. I've dated some men but most recently decided to move back home after living with a boyfriend for six months; I absolutely hated cleaning up after him and cooking meals every day. Whenever I'd bring up that housework should be split down fifty-fifty he'd get huffy and feel attacked. It was a slowly-building nightmare of a thankless job.

Finally a friend who got married recently asked me how I liked living together with my bf, and I told her how much I regretted ever leaving my mom and sisters, and I realized that that shit is not for everyone, and that's okay. My friend absolutely adored living with her man. I tried it, and was completely turned off by it. I moved back home the beginning of this month, and my girls kept my room exactly the way it was, even adding some neat wallpaper they thought I might like, and I do! I spent the first two weeks kinda bummed about breaking it off with bf but I kept myself busy by redecorating my entire room. Us girls went to flea markets and antique fairs to find some neat stuff to compliment my room. Everyone spent a lot of time and effort to help me put my room together the way I love it.

Everyone's room looks different, one of my sisters is into Tesla and vintage books so her room is full of details like those, Edison lightbulbs, crystal ashtrays, old crystal and fabric lamps. My mom's bedroom is full of flower prints and nice floral fabrics, her wallpaper matches the bed spread and pillows. I'm into goth shit so my room is black and gold and full of skulls lel

My sisters aren't really into dating either. One of my sisters is completely asexual, another one has had some bad experiences with men so she's not interested in dating again, and the third one is so completely turned off by men because she watched us cry of dumb idiots for years kek. She said no thanks. My mom's divorced so maybe she's bitter but she has absolutely no interest in dating ever again. We're all quite antisocial people, so practically no one ever comes over, but when they do, they're always envious of the way we live. I have a female cousin who always despised how cheap and controlling her father is, so when she comes over, she feels how relaxed and happy we all are. The living room TV isn't hogged by a man every afternoon, there's no one sperging over football matches or video games, no one raising their voice like a retard who can't control himself, no one shitting up the bathroom; no one expected to be a subordinate of anyone else (except my mom gets lots of extra care and backrubs every weekend cause she works hard).

We have tons of free-roaming pets like a dog, a cat, and a rabbit, and lots of rodents (we were accidentally sold a preggo rat so there's plenty of curious rat babies in their play areas). The rabbit spends the night stretching her legs on the dining room table, or just chilling. Every communal room in the apartment has cute wallpaper on the walls, we have pink sofas, fresh flowers, a herb garden on the terrace. On saturdays we take long walks to the farmer's market, and on sundays we take long walks to the antique fair, and have breakfast. Housework is spread evenly between my mom and myself - my sisters hate housework but I like it, fuck me.

My parents have been divorced for ten years. I have cut off all contact with my father, and haven't spoken to him in ten years. I hope he got my gift card to the chair and rope store tho! I had a fine childhood but he was always a selfish, cold man. We are thriving without him!

I can't describe how wonderful it is to be surrounded by women only. We're all different personalities but we vibe so well. We respect each other's spaces, bodily you feel safe and secure, and we are free to do whatever the fuck we want, when we want it. Nobody acts like an immature little asshole, ever. If there's a problem, we talk shit out, we argue it out, we hug it out.

If only I could have this much of a good time on a larger scale, I would work so hard to keep it.

No. 231525

that sounds really comfy anon, gives me hope

No. 231532

I wish I had a family like that. There were four women in our house (me, mom, sister and grandma) and one man (father) terorized the shit out of us all so I moved out. My boyfriend was raised by women only and he turned out wonderful, we've been living together for 3 years now and he prepares awesome meals for me everyday and I tidy everything up. We also cook and clean together a lot.

Rather than wishing for an all-female society I wish most of the men were not shit.

No. 231541

File: 1519830036248.gif (2.36 MB, 540x540, 614DBF69-1CA6-4280-808F-5B3AE5…)

Anon reading this made my day.
I’m so proud of you for leaving a shitty relatiship.

I want a woman only family.. unfortunately I’m an orphan.

Good luck with your future anon your present sounds like a dream!

No. 231542

living my dream. do you take applications for adoption, anon?

No. 231548

File: 1519833259639.jpg (22.64 KB, 500x400, tumblr_mu23n6VhQu1rqdszmo1_500…)


I would come get you in a heartbeat, lovely anons! Since I can't, it's still comforting to know that with our attitudes we could have small all-girl pocket societies all over the world, like those all-female Kenyan tribes that are so close to one another, which is also really cool, too.

No. 231577

This whole thread we've been cooking up how to possibly make Girlworld when we can just move into an Anon's house.

No. 231581

File: 1519849466876.png (336.17 KB, 491x336, tumblr_ltfcl6Fyps1qb5sxco1_500…)

Doubt thousands of us will fit into anons house

But I personally feel more comfy living with all women than all men

No. 231631

What a nice wholesome thread. I’d gladly fuck off from my shit life and move to our own hidden sanctuary out in the forest walking dead style.

No. 231662

File: 1519884377611.jpeg (13.97 KB, 605x605, 92376DA9-5237-4CD9-B16C-BCFBC2…)

Anyone knows where I can buy an entire town?
Preferably 500k or less.

(Houses are one million plus where I live)

No. 231670

I'm really failing to be funny today

No. 231743

Theres some links posted earlier in the thread that include islands, villages and towns for sale, towns can range from 100k-600k but islands cost millions

No. 231745

File: 1519934603922.gif (1.48 MB, 500x281, tumblr_n8tnqkvtGk1qfh70bo1_500…)


kickstarter for girltopia when?

No. 231815

Yes but we need someone to be very very trustworthy, maybe we can make a contract? Them share the kickstarter account deets in a group chat with trusted others who can at least prove themselves

Sounds a bit extra but if we are gonna rack up a ton of money we need to be very very careful into what hands it goes into

No. 231929


This, and I'm also all for kicking out shit-stirrers and troublemakers. Just because we're all-female shouldn't make us all-accepting. I want to live in a peaceful, safe environment, and some women are just broken beyond repair.

No. 232087

for a fun aside, what would we call it?

Girltopia is merely a cute placeholder.

No. 232091

File: 1520154575422.gif (4.99 MB, 360x338, cobaye.gif)

The word "girl" is giving me MTF war flashback can't we use women-something instead? We're all adult right?

No. 232107

does "clittyland" make you feel any better?? :^3

No. 232122

>get hit with copyright claim

No. 232125

Double X town.
No Y allowed

No. 232126

Sad world where someone can think about fucking trannies when hearing the word girl.

No. 232134

Scznatch Republic

No. 232145

Themyscira isn't a modern invention, dates back to ancient greece. All clear!

No. 232148

Lesbos? History checks out.

No. 233368

Being realistic I think the best possible start is something like a house-share. It is the smallest scale, most accessible form of female oriented living that doesn't require a lot of money or break discrimination laws. Whether things can grow from there depends on a lot of factors, but the level of trust and community required to bring even a small gated community or Home Owner's Association (to say nothing of a town or private island) to fruition is very difficult to cultivate online. Roomies home-sharing are better positioned to build the bonds and organizational skills required.

So uh, any ladies in LA looking to move out and into a new place with other girls?

No. 233372

the state or city?
also wb area codes?
farmers who wanna live together can do so and ofc get other women involved

No. 233375

the city, I am in The Valley

anons in other places could feel free to set up house shares too

No. 233376

504 area code, I doubt there's many farmers in my area nonetheless ones who wanna do a house/apartment share

No. 233411

with the shit traffic you are too far away :(

No. 233416

File: 1520838650112.jpg (123.87 KB, 655x516, 【楽天市場】メタルジグブランドリスト _ メロン屋工房 _ …)


No. 233437

I don't mind anon, I'm moving closer to the city, how far away are you?

No. 234670

No. 247709

File: 1525504444871.jpg (9.29 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

Resurrecting old thread

I'm in the SF area code looking to move into NoHo

Surprised this didn't get more traction, but it seems super exclusive

Anyway is anyone else still interested in the possibility of setting up female co-op living arrangements?

No. 248048

>Anyway is anyone else still interested in the possibility of setting up female co-op living arrangements?

Me still. 504 anon here, I def wanna move out of this place one day maybe in cali, new york, Florida, or colarado but its gonna take me years to especially with school and everything

No. 248514

What neighborhoods are you interested in? I was looking at North Hollywood, in the Valley is closer to work but I suppose I have to make sacrifices

No. 248522

I have pretty bad experience being in female only or female dominated groups. I always had to be on guard, even with good friends ready to step in for me. Competition I was always dragged in, dramma, jealousy, endless backstabbing, hippocrycity. People just could not stop being petty over the most insignificant matters.

Now I work in a company with majority of my colleagues being men(it's not all men, just most of them) and, i have to say, like it much more because everyone is only concerned about you doing your work.

There were couple guys who behaved inapropruately, but HR dealt with them once i reported.

I'm very sceptical about female only community.

No. 248527

I guess it often comes down to experience. I've only had good experiences from being in groups with mostly women in it. All my current friends are women. The place I work in is dominated by females, and I've never experienced any drama, jealousy or backstabbing.

In my family there's always the men who will start drama, usually by getting drunk at family gatherings and start throwing insults around, even threaten to fight to the point where us women are forced to call the police. It has gotten so bad, my aunt decided to invite only the women and girls in the family to her birthday party this year. We're all so excited about it, despite having to deal with the guys being super-petty over not being invited.

Based on my own experience with men, I would love to at least live in a neighbourhood with women only in it.

No. 248558

Agreed, women in my experience are more empathetic, the only "obsessed with drama" types I've met were in middle school, I've definitely met drama obsessed men, if not more than women, men CANNOT be told no for an answer, once this guy at my work kept trying to make a move on me and getting obsessed with me, when I started dating someone else he started ignoring me like a big baby when I was trying to talk to him about work and would cry to other people at work about how "i only like bad guys I deserve to be treated bad" and ofc people sided with him, most women I've met either try to avoid drama or are empathetic and listen to both sides

I've only ever been backstabbed by men too, a lot of men are know are compulsive liars so I find it hard to trust them, even over small shit because of how much shit I knew men lied to me about, not to mention they project a lot

No. 248570

Id rather get my ass handed to me because a woman who hated me found out i did a mistake and shes being petty than being hit on because a guy thinks im 'nice'. Some women seem to think possible sexual harrassment trumps possibly being around women being bitchy which quite frankly sounds like they would deal with harassment over women who can actually catch them on their shit. the chance of me meeting a woman who is a complete cunt is significantly lower than meeting a man who wont at some point hit on me or do something to convolute the relationship wether it is professional or not. It feels like no woman is excluded from the thought of 'can i fuck her? Can i date her? Can i do xyz' and people who say that shit is normal/should be treated as such need to kys. I also hear way more innappropriate shit from guys too that arent even funny jokes, just legitimate spectrum level openess because they can't discern 'locker talk' (kys) from being in a lunchroom with co workers who have no relation to you outside of this job.

No. 248668

in b4 "yOu CAn'T sAY WomEn ARe BaD wIThout BeING caLLED a BoT"
but they sound like a bot, obviously women can be bad co-workers at times but claiming that female dominated groups were just drama, jealously, backstabbing, hypocrisy field breeding grounds is just a lie, considering the only people I met who dragged others into drama and jealously were men and how "HR dealt with creepy guys when I reported and that was the end of it" which is also fishy since most places, if you report mens creepy behavior to HR they doubt you, ask for proof, accuse you of lying, or just don't care

also "women are meen hr took care of creeps men are better" anon has awful spelling, unless they're esl I doubt they even have a job with that bad of grammar

No. 248753

Yeah I didn't take it seriously just because of the spelling

like maybe all these "backstabbing" women are just tired of dealing with dumbass anon

Btw women can totally be bitchy and backstab. But it isn't the majority. It's certain jobs, roles and power positions which bring it out. Overall the lying and manipulating is usually done by the menz. The "all women are x" is such a tired argument. Even on an Anonymous forum like this we help and encourage each other.

No. 263979

Semi-necroing this thread because I came across this on Tumblr and found it very relevant to our interests:


I'm beginning to read the history of private life and it got me interested in the way societies are abstractly structured and how this manifests itself in our physical structures (and vice-versa). Any recommended reads?

No. 263986

File: 1530353762553.png (48.22 KB, 527x598, radcel.PNG)

i bet you guys agree with this crazy bitch lmfao

No. 263993

You necro a 4 month old thread to claim we're all crazy and agree with some mentally unstable woman who unironically thinks all men should be killed?

No. 264004

Didn't necro. Someone bumped this thread first. Learn to read.

No. 264035

>4 months
>a bunch of 1 month old posts

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