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File: 1676943690387.jpg (8.13 KB, 275x183, download (1).jpg)

No. 1505271

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1474086
Nepotism thread: >>>/snow/1623442

Let's not get retarded in here.

Awards season continues!:
Brit awards looks starts here, nipples and transparent dresses galore >>1497024
Grammy awards looks start here >>1493794

Ham Smith and friends continue to terrorize the body shop:
>>1493812 Ham and Him with a flock of fags at the grammys
>>1493815 Both smith and petras win an award for unholy. They also performed.
>>1493821 Bratz posted a very flattering interpretation of Ham and Him's red carpet look.
>>1493902 , >>1493962 IRRELEVANT Dita Von Teese larper from Rupaul's Drag Race is thirsty for attention and over estimates how famous he actually is.
>>1494402 Members of the general public share the negative sentiment towards Sam.
>>1495410 NSFL Ham wrapped in twine.
>>1495524 More escapades with twine and suffocating his body fat.
>>1495861 Disgusting performance on the Graham Norton show.
>>1497023 Ham looking like an amalgamation of multiple inflated trash bags at the brit awards. >>1498044
>>1497026 Him Petras with a head scarf to hide his frog neck >>1497146
>>1497253 , >>1497270 Ham rip offs Rammstein at the brit awards.
>>1499859 Ham with a rubber band on his moobs.

Botched - Madonna edition:
>>1493921 , >>1493921 , >>1495148 Madonna completely destroys her face all for the aim to be relevant to younger zoomers who don't care about her. Of course we already knew this, but now we get a proper look at the damage she caused. Madonna 5 years ago >>1493930
>>1494059 She posts this really weird narc meltdown to show how unaffected she is about the backlash.
>>1499346 Tread with caution, desperation ahead.
>>1494387 Madonna being cringe at the grammys party.
>>1503183 vintage milk about her sleeping with an underage boy.

Moid Degeneracy:
>>1494448 Armie Hammer is sad about not getting away with being a degenerate.
>>1500198 A podcast done by the Fifth Column adds skepticism about Armie Hammer being a groomer or doing anything potentially illegal. Is the still a coomer? Yes.
>>1497044 , >>1497157 Drag queen being a degen. what a surprise.
>>1495149 Kanye west, who had been MIA for a while is spotted wearing a tight shirt looking gay as hell.
>>1493866 Dylan of the mtf thread fame and now his own thread was invited to the grammys by the power of nepotism.
>>1498486 John Cena in stockings and a skirt.
>>1498483 Lewis Capaldi looking absolutely revolting whilst dating a fit influencer type woman.
>>1497050 more news about Ezra Miller roaming free.

Is Jim Carrey a serial killer? he's probably just sick
>>1494894 sold his expensive house in LA.
>>1497390 Deleted twitter
>>1499839 Jim Carrey dated a purified scientologist. Could he be one too?
>>1499385 Are you ready to die Jim Carrey?

Megan Fox and MGK:
>>1493841 Speculation of Megan being abused by MGK.
>>1493907 MGK cries about no winning despite being shit.
>>1498257 , >>1498302 Rihanna performs at the superbowl and receives a lukewarm reception. she is also pregnant again.
>>1497519 Megan Fox posts a instagram pic with a cryptic caption alluding to mgk potentially lying to her.
>>1497524 Fans chime in on the post.
>>1497781 She eventually nukes her instagram, not being unfollowing everyone except Harry styles, Timothee Chalamet and MGK's arch nemesis Eminem.
>>1498539 A video of how MGK cheated on his last GF for Megan Fox.
>>1498707 It's speculated that MGK cheated on Megan with Sophie Lloyd
>>1498877 Megan's Bi larp is revisited (tbf the larp is probably ongoing) and she stated she only wants a pure goldstar lesbian despite being "tainted" by moids herself.
>>1498983 Anons speculate that Megan has been grooming her sons to want to wear girls clothes as opposed to the narrative that the children did it voluntarily. Picrel shows she even bought those tranny propaganda books.
>>1498978 The boys with the father have not been seen in girls clothes once, fueling this further.
>>1500080 Megan Fox and MGK seen leaving marriage counseling
>>1500112 Sophie Lloyd with her ugly bf.

Misc milk:
>>1495474 Adrianne Curry describes Melanie Lynskey's body of being one of "luxury", completely unsuited for The Last of Us tv show.
>>1494275 Raven being vile towards Amber Heard. Imagine being a whole ass lesbian and being a fucking pick-me?
>>1496174 Matty Healy of the 1975 faces backlash over a culturally insensitive interview.
>>1497345 Britney spears posts a weird sexy selfie again.
>>1497290 Zoe Saldana is now starring in all 3 of the highest grossing films of all time.
>>1497178 EYY BAWSE
>>1499230 LSA tinfoil that Travis Scott is autistic due to his bizarre behaviour.
>>1499238 Jessica Simpson stages a picture of herself pissing.
>>1499719 , >>1500333 , >>1500414 Lana promo pics.
>>1499961 proceed with caution. Emrata and Eric Andre can safely be confirmed as dating with this interesting instagram post.
>>1500244 Brad Pitt in an.. outfit.
>>1500260 Bella Hadid trying to prove she totally eats like a fatty chan like the rest of us.
>>1500664 , >>1500671 Maneskin releases an album with disgusting pedo bait art.
>>1500882 Lady Gaga is in the Joker 2.
>>1501246 , >>1501248
Moby being a cringey male leftist. Got fame off saying eminem is a misogynist whilst he himself dating barely legal women. >>1502026
>>1501558 Kim Da Young from Physical: 100 has been accused of being a horrid bully.
>>1501726 Selena Gomez is fat
>>1502641 Bam's substance abuse issues lead to him potentially losing custody with his children.
>>1502994 A brave and powerful woman shouts at Ham for being demonic, a bastard and a pedophile.
>>1503010 Bruce Willis' dementia continues to worsen.
>>1498404 Kendall posts a weird shoop that makes her looks like she has a mile long ass.
>>1503224 Jeffree star proves a broken clock can be right twice a day and thinks non-binary is bullshit identity.

Please… make more picture edits. I beg you.

No. 1505272

I just noticed i posted the wrong thread link it's here:

No. 1505294

File: 1676948234598.jpg (66.69 KB, 736x736, 7bee5bde49a24272f0f65e2dfcfd04…)

Thanks for your hard work putting this together nonnie. I know Celebricows is one of the messier threads to put together a new thread for, so I appreciate you.

No. 1505315

File: 1676951611463.png (1.98 MB, 1883x2047, bc8a1ad32.png)

thanks for the write up and actually organizing it

No. 1505363

Thank you, I appreciate it! sorry about some of the mistakes i made with the organisation

No. 1505367

File: 1676956203020.jpg (57.89 KB, 680x679, FpGoTfiWIAY6ELS.jpg)

Chris brown has a collab with Chloe Bailey and her fans were not happy about it for obvious reasons, namely that people are getting annoyed at the fact that black women in the entertainment industry are constantly being made to collab with someone who is known to hate them and is also an abuser.

No. 1505369

File: 1676956427424.png (383.8 KB, 589x651, Screenshot 2023-02-17 154653.p…)

It does end here, Chris brown chimes in saying that he doesn't understand why people are still cancelling him and not white rock stars who have slept with underage woman. Of course he would pull the what about card, but to say he has been cancelled is laughable considering he is able to tour around europe right now with a lot of dates that are sold out and still makes it on the billboard top 40. Picrel is that brings up that blueface literally makes a career out of being in an abusive relationship, bare in mind the only reason why anybody still knows blueface outside thotiana is pretty much against their will.

No. 1505370

The moral of the story is that scrotes get away with everything and celebrity women are usually spineless.

No. 1505378

>The moral of the story is that scrotes get away with everything and celebrity women are usually spineless.
I wish people would understand this, only the most extreme pick-me women will ever become famous

No. 1505386

File: 1676958541069.jpeg (500.43 KB, 828x1070, 31727B6F-D17B-4A12-9D57-F76659…)

Jim Carrey threatens to sue random right wing grifter YouTuber with only 100k subs for reposting a random fake epstein list tiktok, YouTuber posts screenshots of cease and desist, and things are getting hairy


No. 1505388

File: 1676958802577.jpeg (116.59 KB, 828x455, F3EBA919-405F-4678-843D-6D66C1…)

Deborah "Debby" Klein, one of the attorneys listed in this header, is one of his attorneys. She is also listed in the end acknowledgments of his clusterfuck novel.

Now real question is what his end goal is. First he's trying to flee LA, then he's allegedly dying, then he's trying to start a cult, then he's suing someone. Has he gone fully off the rails?

No. 1505393

File: 1676959321487.jpeg (396.71 KB, 719x1390, F1B8A600-8791-4B9B-B5C4-71D231…)

The bots were crawling all over the reddit posts for this and downvoting and dismissing anyone who brought up his ex-girlfriend, mocking and belittling them, even on r/conspiracy. I didn't bother to look on twitter. At this point am convinced he's using astroturfing to the max to keep the narrative down he's an abuser, but it's been spread to the nines ever since he retired last year and there was rumor he was going to be outed for more creep behavior and his superspreading.

He's really on thin ice at this point and no amount of internet falsehood can save him. This retard should just stop while he's ahead, drop the suit, and go to whatever cult he's got in Wyoming, drop dead, paint some more ugly art… just… stop.

No. 1505419

So like is he fleeing so he wont get called out as a pedo or something??

Like 99% of men in Hollywood are pedos, so why is he nervous.

also unsaged for the faggot moid that's posting

No. 1505440

File: 1676964563427.jpeg (452.4 KB, 828x914, 31BCAF4B-7913-4C53-B3B5-A6763B…)

He's afraid he's going to get weinstein'd now that he's no longer a valuable asset in hollywood?

No. 1505448

Pulling a Johnny Depp

No. 1505485

Someone put this crackhead out of his misery. He acts like the Rihanna incident is the only time he’s ever abused someone. He’s a human pitbull with no place in society.

No. 1505504

File: 1676976885840.webm (9.97 MB, 482x270, ariana debose (2).webm)

BAFTAs were yesterday.
First I want to post this video of Ariana Debose's performance. She's been getting clowned for this kek

No. 1505506

File: 1676977032426.jpg (197.78 KB, 1000x747, anya taylor joy.jpg)

Anya Taylor Joy. I think she looks beautiful and I love the actual dress and cape/hood, but I really wish it was a different color. I think she and her stylist were going for a monochromatic thing with how similar the color is to her hair and skin, but I'm not feeling it.

No. 1505507

File: 1676977063136.jpg (203.98 KB, 1365x2048, michelle yeoh.jpg)

Michelle Yeoh. Lots of jewelry but no necklace.. She looks very beautiful though.

No. 1505509

File: 1676977107272.jpg (326.65 KB, 1449x2048, florence pugh.jpg)

Florence Pugh. Whoever Florence's stylist is, they do a great job. She usually looks amazing and has flattering clothing when I see her.

No. 1505511

She needs to ditch the bleach blonde

No. 1505512

Stylist needs to be fired for putting her in things that don't stand a chance against camera flashes. Not the first time her panties/puss/nips have been on full display because of it.

No. 1505513

File: 1676977417086.jpg (289.89 KB, 1366x2048, kate middleton.jpg)

Kate Middleton and the dude that likes to get his ass fucked. The dress is beautiful and she looks great in it, but why the super long gloves and gold earrings? I don't like that William is wearing two different blacks either.
Oh shit I didn't even notice

No. 1505515

File: 1676977497432.jpg (190.85 KB, 1365x2048, cate.jpg)

Cate Blanshit.

No. 1505517

File: 1676977610538.jpg (303.28 KB, 1494x2048, monroe burgdorf.jpg)

Monroe Bergdorf. Was trying to figure out who this is and apparently he's the UK's first transgender model.

No. 1505518

File: 1676977701163.jpg (569.42 KB, 1365x2048, hyoyeon.jpg)

Hyoyeon Jung. Maybe I'm being picky but I don't care for this particular shade of gold. She's gorgeous though.

No. 1505520

File: 1676977884550.jpg (244.93 KB, 1365x2048, ellie.jpg)

Ellie Goulding. The sleeves are making me giggle kek. Brown hair looks nice on her.

No. 1505521

I thought this was Ariana Grande's new face at first.

No. 1505523

File: 1676978357360.jpg (260.53 KB, 1395x2048, ana.jpg)

Ana de Armas. She's pretty but it's so bland.

No. 1505525

File: 1676978644432.jpg (369.18 KB, 1360x2048, viola davis.jpg)

Viola Davis. Another actress who I never really see in bad looks.

No. 1505526

File: 1676978697636.jpg (197.61 KB, 1365x2048, vera wang.jpg)

Vera Wang. I like it, it feels like her.

No. 1505527

This is really nice.

No. 1505528

File: 1676978866656.jpg (272.16 KB, 1469x2048, angela basset.jpg)

Angela Bassett

No. 1505530

File: 1676978916659.jpg (302.49 KB, 1472x2048, patricia bright.jpg)

Was surprised to see that youtuber Patricia Bright was there

No. 1505531

File: 1676978949649.jpg (245.84 KB, 1465x2048, lily james.jpg)

Lily James. Imo, she's one of the best dressed from this night.

No. 1505532

i don't get this look

No. 1505533

She must’ve paid a fortune for the tickets.

No. 1505537

File: 1676979492769.jpeg (103.03 KB, 555x740, BE08E71C-70E8-47F1-B12A-176910…)

Ethan cain stealing lana’s ex in a desperate attempt to stay relevant

No. 1505540

File: 1676979642056.jpg (435.58 KB, 1411x2048, jodie turner smith.jpg)

Jodie Turner Smith. Love the color and makeup but I don't really care for anything else about this.

No. 1505541

The most failed nepo baby. extremely unlikable and a bad actress especially after her power trip allegations came out

No. 1505543

Lana fucks shitdicks? I knew she was down bad.

No. 1505548

wait when did they break-up?

No. 1505569

>uk’s first transgender model
clockable upon first glance

No. 1505584

I run into him at a queer new year's eve club night and was thought he was just a low-effort drag queen until my excited friend clarified lol.

No. 1505602

File: 1676988401147.jpeg (370.88 KB, 747x708, B672C120-35AB-4D71-BB96-EBB37E…)

I wouldn't be surprised if he knows depp's lawyer adam waldman, they know the same comically evil russian oligarch.

I read somewhere jims assistant linda does his dirty work for him. brunette handler in picrel who follows him around a lot, once you notice her you never unnotice her

No. 1505685

The same guy is into bestiality, roadkill and (male) cousin incest, too. Probably has a lot of STDs.

No. 1505697

What has she done

No. 1505701

File: 1677000293575.jpg (55.75 KB, 800x738, ariana debose.jpg)

Samefag, just saw that she apparently deactivated her social media accounts after this. Maybe our of embarrassment or because of the jokes people were making.
Guess who she named her child "Roman" after.

No. 1505704

File: 1677000723065.webm (646.06 KB, 828x462, mywomanking.webm)

idk how many times I've watched this part

No. 1505714

File: 1677000956648.jpg (82.17 KB, 819x1024, gwendoline.jpg)

Gwendoline Christie. I love this, I think it's in my top 3.

No. 1505716

File: 1677000996578.jpg (152.27 KB, 2048x1365, puppets.jpg)

This was cute, the puppets from Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio were there lol

No. 1505722

File: 1677001393463.jpg (655.33 KB, 2730x4096, eddie.jpg)

Eddie Redmayne. His face looks like some kind of animal but I can't figure out which one.

No. 1505725

File: 1677001561167.jpg (168.14 KB, 1242x1541, dolly de leon.jpg)

Dolly de Leon. Very cool and interesting.

No. 1505726

File: 1677001589884.jpg (123.11 KB, 828x1792, brendan.jpg)

Brendan Fraser.

No. 1505729

“Ethel” Cain is not going to happen. Please stop trying

No. 1505730

please Brendan just lose 15 kg for my sake, I know you can look great again

No. 1505739

Brendan is so cute. I really want him to be happy and healthy again. He was my himbo crush in the early 2000s.

No. 1505740

No. 1505742

File: 1677003342334.gif (990.95 KB, 244x140, honk-funny.gif)

No. 1505743

I keep thinking this moid died. i hate his ugly ass abusive face and the fact that he still has a career after beating the shit out of women is awful. Men can do no wrong. The women who are okaying this and collabing with him are garbage as well.

No. 1505746

She looks like a boss of a giant corporation. I love this look.

No. 1505750

I love it. Vera always looks great to me.
She's so beautiful, but I dislike the texture of the dress.
Love this color on her and her bag. Angela always looks great imo.

No. 1505768

this looks like one of those stan twitter thicc memes

No. 1505822

File: 1677009225742.png (227.74 KB, 608x754, YW5pbWUucG5n.png)

it's not bad imo, but I only see a Pokemon cosplay when I look at it

No. 1505926

Jesus. Imagine how you would feel if you were Lana and were shit on your entire career by the media and critics for your lyrical content, aesthetic, romantic life, ect for obviously misogynistic reasons and then some man in a wig shows up to shamelessly skinwalk your entire life and he receives instant support and acclaim. I hope Cat Power is successfully peaking Lana behind the scenes

No. 1505969

So Jim Carrey is finally going to stop getting lorded as some new age guru? The amount of pro Jim weird, spiritual propaganda you can find on YouTube is astounding. He's been unironically larping as a religious figure for like 10 years now and npcs have been lapping it up (much like Russel Brand).
>It (your ego) will tell you that you cannot stop until you've left an indelible mark on the earth until you've achieved immortality. How tricky is this ego that it would temp us with a promise of something we already possess. - Jim Carrey

No. 1506003

I love her edgier looks so much.

No. 1506008

What the heck is going on with her hairstyle?

No. 1506010

>some man in a wig shows up to shamelessly skinwalk your entire life and he receives instant support and acclaim
Damn that's a good point nona

No. 1506011

I love her, i hope she posts about how she was able to attend. I know she is rich as fuck but damn.
That is so true, yet another reason to have that ugly troon. Tbh i don't think he will take off the way Lana did anyways, especially with the brow ridge that rivals neanderthals. Troon music doesn't really appeal to normies. How long did it take for Tim Petras to finally get a hit? And when he did, it was mainly because people were there for Sam smith. he is still a nobody.

No. 1506014

God this was so cringey I had to take 2 breaks while watching it. It was really nice of Jaime Lee to bop along and smile when she was mentioned though, she seems really nice I hope all the tinfoils about her being a creep aren't true.

No. 1506016

Gorgeous and so elegant!

No. 1506020

File: 1677029219236.jpeg (142.5 KB, 701x755, 2ADB2686-B1C4-4BB7-A69B-986A1E…)

What's weird is this guy made a pretty good amateur doc on the life of Charlie Sheen, but he can't be honest about Jim Carrey.

It's like everyone is too scared to actually look at the nuances of Cat's case and mention her. They only look at the headline and never the details. The details make him look so fucking abusive. She had nightmares of him killing her after only their first breakup, and he took her back multiple times. This video was understandably made a few years ago, I wonder if the creators perspective has changed or if he's learned more about her case.

And for the record, Carrey is crazy, and he enjoys being crazy. He's like the horseshoe theory version of kanye west. He is the "leftist" ye down to his status an annoying, feral, aggressive coomer pest who thinks his word is law despite him flopping the last decade

I wish someone would start talking. His ghostwriter looks annoyed sometimes. Someone tell Dana Vachon he'll make better money off a Jim Carrey tell all than the sales from Jim's novel kek

No. 1506070

That performance was coincidentally was on anniversary of Fergie's national anthem

No. 1506073

>I hope all the tinfoils about her being a creep aren't true.
what rumors

No. 1506076

It was about some kind of painting in an Instagram video of hers that was deleted. It was mentioned in tinfoil thread. Kinda reminded me of the Hilary Duff picture thing

No. 1506078

I can't wrap my head around how bad this is. How does this happen? Was her in-ear mic thing not working? Is she really that up her own ass? Would not surprise me bc literally every single person who wants fame is an asshole.

No. 1506080

it was discussed here too
she had a photo of a naked child hanging up in her house

No. 1506082

File: 1677035953030.png (37.37 KB, 690x302, fergie.PNG)

She said she was trying to do something special and take a risk. Honestly it feels on brand for Fergie. We've all seen those videos where she was doing cartwheels on stage while singing, and that pic where she peed herself.

No. 1506097

Wow ATJ really sucked out not just the buccal fat but the whole cheek jfc

No. 1506111

kek nonna she called him Ethan

No. 1506183

is that on the same day as this interview? I remember thinking he was so cool and real but looking back at it now he’s just an egomaniac who attracts the worst type of people (the comments)

No. 1506193

Her stylist really knows what to put her in

No. 1506203

>for obviously misogynistic reasons
Oh please

No. 1506213

Nta and I agree with you but can we please not start another Lana infight this early in the thread lol

No. 1506215

this is an imageboard

No. 1506216

nta but it’s basically impossible atp. You can’t even mention Lana without her retarded fan girls itt seething and screeching

No. 1506217

I think that's the anon who doesn't know how to tag the posts she's replying too, she makes that mistake across several threads. I think she was referring to this post >>1505506

No. 1506218

Both sides are just as screechy lets be real, the seething last thread over random Lanafags being nice was retarded and annoying and carried on for days. Both sides need to stfu and keep their opinions to themselves

No. 1506221

I'm pretty sure that infight started because of Lanafags being sperging at someone for saying they didn't like her photoshoot though.

No. 1506224

Then you missed half the infight, both sides are always sperging at eachother, it's annoying and there's never going to be middle ground. I miss when infighting got nonnies redtexted

No. 1506236

Idk why but since she got her cheeks done she reminds me of picrel.

What a retard. She sounds objectively bad. What the fuck

No. 1506237

File: 1677059444963.png (32.04 KB, 170x237, PinkyandtheBrain.Pinky.png)

Dropped pic

No. 1506241

I dont get it why she got plastic surgery, she was naturally beautiful enough to work a model and get acting roles anyway… was it really necessary?

No. 1506250

File: 1677061344486.png (156.15 KB, 495x292, 235893474958619.png)

I can't unsee her toes being upside down in those shores. Why do celebs wear this uncomfy shoes

No. 1506251

I hate how twitter says they hate her style for dressing like a tall person when she is short, when in reality translation is
>ummm flo you are a bit stumpy not a skinny anachan goddess like rose depp for example, you can't dress in short skirts and show off your fat legs!

No. 1506252

She's still beautiful, but damn, whatever she did to her cheeks took away from what made her unique. Sad.

No. 1506253

What do you have against attaching an image nona

No. 1506254

Anon, hes getting there! Slow and steady is far better than a crash diet! Hes looking better each photo taken publicly

No. 1506257

File: 1677062485278.jpg (1.49 MB, 1170x2016, IMG_5223.jpg)

Here you go

No. 1506258

Cowards. They can’t even say skinny.

No. 1506259

File: 1677062757281.gif (9.06 MB, 540x400, FD63DCF0-A3F4-4B11-8BD4-9CFFC5…)

The only himbo to ever exist

No. 1506261

So you do know how to tag posts?

No. 1506262

I hate peeptoe shoes so fucking much. Either show all of them or none because I can’t stand it when they look like suffocated microdicks trying to escape a torture device

No. 1506263

I'll riot if he loses Oscar to fucking dogface Buttler that is still stuck in Elvis role. He is so fucking annoying and looks like he smells.

No. 1506264

I thought you were talking about flo milli but yeah twitterfags also said the same exact thing about jenna ortega, how she was too short to wear a long dress. seriously who do they think they are to police women’s bodies types and clothing? you are an unemployed terminally online faggot, not a celebrity stylist

No. 1506265

I bet it's a fag complaining, usually is. And anyway 2 of those outfits look fine and the other 2 would look goofy even on someone ~tall and willowy uwu~

No. 1506267

But.. she looks incredible? She doesn’t look “stumpy” in the slightest. This definitely reads like a jealous seething loser who’s mad they’re not the one being dressed in valentino kek

No. 1506269

I checked,her bio says
>Young, Gifted, Black. Fat. Contrarian Wit. Optimist. Writer. She/Her.Grogu enjoyer. Too soft for all of it.

No. 1506271

Kek anon you didn't tag anything here >>1506251 and I just assumed you were new and didn't know how to

No. 1506277

Eww why would you say such a thing? Now I can’t ever unsee that micropeen kek

No. 1506279

No, I'm just lazy
Now I blame you for reading previous post, damn it

No. 1506301

why do so many anons here cape so hard for brendan fraser?
he's just an old fat hollywood moid

No. 1506302

Because we had a massive crush on him back when he was a fit hunk.
He also doesn't seem to be a bad person, unlike most Hollywood moids.

No. 1506310

spoken like a moid who definitely doesn't want to be seen as a horrible abuser anymore. right.

what the hell has he done to even better himself? people don't seem to even think of chris brown anymore when rihanna does anything. whereas at least with people i know, whenever chris brown is brought up all we remember of him is that he abused her.

No. 1506311

Yes, and it's odd how the female interviewer was criticized for alluding to his exs death and making faces when he's done both the same but she's not allowed to do it. He mocked giving his ex herpes on Norm Macdonald Live and called it "rumors". She conducted herself with tact given how uncomfortable she was.

There was a story I stumbled across about this where the actual backstory is Jim's pettiness. The event wouldn't allow his whole posse in, so he made a scene

No. 1506314

power trip allegations? what is that about? i tried to search it up but only got results about her allegedly having affairs with dominic west and armie hammer.

No. 1506320

File: 1677072482583.png (864.97 KB, 572x848, wendy.png)

No. 1506331

File: 1677074235837.jpg (74.07 KB, 680x730, add.jpg)


No. 1506335

File: 1677074755447.jpg (628.56 KB, 1600x1903, florence.jpg)

wow it's very interesting! i love how they did the ends in a fan like structure that's similar to the ruffles of the dress

No. 1506346

>twitterfags also said the same exact thing about jenna ortega, how she was too short to wear a long dress
anons here said that too (tho these threads also have twitterfags so i guess that's expected)

No. 1506400

File: 1677080871368.jpg (15.59 KB, 236x353, Nasty bitch.jpg)

Pigs in a blanket toes, vomitrocious

No. 1506404

File: 1677081330623.jpg (97 KB, 720x860, sad.JPG)


No I was just being lazy and assumed people would know what I was talking about since you don't have to scroll up that much to see

She fucked up her face. I don't pay attention to her and I've only seen one or two movies she's been in but it's jarring even to me. Suddenly everyone want to look like michael jackson in the last years of his life. Everyone looks like they went bathing in nuclear waste and the dresses/fashion is new levels of tasteless too kek I'm getting such whiplash from nonnas in recent threads liking all this shit. Or the ones saying that ATJ was just sucking in her cheeks LMAO or whatever the fuck that was.

It's part of why I keep coming back though, we're such a different species of retard here in celebricows

No. 1506410

>Everyone looks like they went bathing in nuclear waste and the dresses/fashion is new levels of tasteless too kek I'm getting such whiplash from nonnas in recent threads liking all this shit
Same. I don't get the appeal of any of the """good""" dresses ITT, some of them look only half-finished.

No. 1506411

I guarantee some gay PS industry moid convinced her agency she needed this. Ironically shes less suited to high earning roles now. not a bit of relate-ability left, and even if she did look like an "ethereal elf" and not a hungry alien, theres not many roles often for that type of look. Cate blanchett or Tilda Swinton are out of her league acting ability wise so it was a risky move to attempt to emulate their aura if that was the goal.

No. 1506429

Ugh. She's said she'll always see herself as ugly. I emphasize, but I'm glad I can't fuck up my face. It's sad how it is pretty obvious from looking at her how much she dislikes her own face.

No. 1506432

I feel like this argument would fit even more for Nicole Dollanganger (though she supports troons anyway lol). The guy skinwalks her more than Lana.

No. 1506435

File: 1677085367168.jpg (4.11 MB, 3072x4096, samenight.jpg)

I really think this is just a combination of losing some weight, heavy contouring makeup, and sucking in her cheeks. Mostly sucking in. Picrel are pictures from the same night. In candids her face looks more or less the same as she usually does. I think the only difference now is that her face is thinner now that she lost quite some weight.

No. 1506436

why would Cat Power peak her? I'm so out of the loop, I didn't even realize she was back making music

No. 1506439

I want to curb stomp whoever did her hair. There's no reason someone with that much money should have hot roots wtf

No. 1506440

File: 1677085590389.png (410.55 KB, 1440x1335, Screenshot_20230222-110306.png)

Jim carrey has only one kid-his daughter and his daughter has had only one kid- her son-his grandson. Must be weird to be them with all this stuff coming out idk.

No. 1506448

File: 1677086708613.webm (11.11 MB, 640x360, BslZgwkHjoQGFNlA.webm)

could she ever top this (from rock in rio last year)

No. 1506449

She and Lana are close friends and Cat posted something from Dave Chapell recently, plus she just gives terven vibes, idk it's just wishful thinking

No. 1506457

This isn't THAT bad.. it's cringey but that's about it.

No. 1506460

Ayrt you’re hilarious. She looks the same in your pics as she does in mine. Yes there is extreme weight loss etc but also plastic surgery. Keep believing in your face sucking theories though it’s creative and sends me every time

No. 1506465

File: 1677088084244.png (221.35 KB, 515x408, what is this.png)

samefag i know this is stale milk sorry but just, lol

No. 1506473

I'm a sensitive bitch, but it's sad that she got so much hate for this. Yeah, it was way cringe and her performance got weak when she broke it down but complimenting female actors individually was nice imo.
I'm so sick of Twitter bitches always having something ugly to say when they're neither stylish nor would look a fraction as good in Jenna or Flo's most modest outfits. I can tell someone's ugly before even seeing them.

No. 1506475

File: 1677088843713.webm (4 MB, 640x360, brit_.webm)

Britney's at it again, she posted a bizarre manic video of herself doing an…Australian? New Zealand? accent, talking about a dress, and saying not to call the cops if she deletes her Instagram.

No. 1506478

I know, right? It wasnt as bad as people made it out to be. They just want to hate on her because she's a woman complimenting other women.

No. 1506479

Why doesn't anyone make her get the medical help she obviously needs?

No. 1506480


No. 1506484

I demand a Mummy and George of the jungle movie night. Oh my goddd

No. 1506486

Oh my god yes please. I think young Brendan Fraser was responsible for my sexual awakening, kek

No. 1506487

She looks great, especially in that black dress. Damn, why people so mad.

No. 1506489

Gross. The human embodiments of the movie Gummo.

No. 1506513

We've already had one with George, now we need the Mummy as well to be complete.

No. 1506525

If i recall correctly, she did an interview where she said she was bullied for having a weird face as a child. I absolutely believe her tbh, not because i think she was ever ugly, she really wide apart eyes are a very unique feature.I don't doubt for a second she would let a plastic surgeon bully her into procedures. It's probably the same story with a lot of hollywood women, maybe some male actors too.

No. 1506535

Lol gay

No. 1506584

Who is this? Looks scary af

No. 1506586

>who is this?
that's wendy williams. do you live under a rock?

No. 1506592

I thought it was her but I wasn’t sure. I haven’t seen her for a long time.

No. 1506593

she was so gorgeous in thoroughbreds, she didn't need to do anything to her face. The pale blonde really washes her out too.

He was a disneyland slash deadbeat dad after the divorce from his first wife, who he cheated on. They bonded more when she was an adult and after she had her son. She worked crappy jobs for ages and he never gave her any handouts. I can understand not spoiling your child but why forcing her to tough it out as a shit wage waitress?

She never went the nepo route, she appeared on American Idol but never had any major attempts at a music or film career

the weirdest was him dragging Jane to his ex's funeral. How awkward it must be for her knowing her father's abused, dead girlfriend was so close in age.

No. 1506597

Nta and not a fan but if Lana wasn't primarily liked by women and and teenage girls then her (successful) career wouldn't have been treated like a dumb joke. The only women artists who truly get away with hyper sexual images are ones that pander to men. Lana didn't porn larp and that's a huge reason why people treated her like garbage

No. 1506604

Yep. She went off the rails and ain't ever coming back.

No. 1506615

File: 1677100230939.png (941.88 KB, 1440x1736, Screenshot_20230222-150908.png)

Megan fox-statement regarding everything going on.

No. 1506618

File: 1677100402942.png (757.76 KB, 1440x1639, Screenshot_20230222-151309.png)

No. 1506619

Different anon but are you sure it's not because of her lolita larp…I never saw anyone complain about her not being sexual enough

No. 1506652

Wait that's what sanpaku eyes are? Someone tell Billie Eilish she's doing it wrong lol

No. 1506663

>(though she supports troons anyway lol)
I feel like a lot of celebrities just do that because they have too, if she didn't she'd never hear the end of it. I often wonder what celebs are just putting on a show to tame the tranny obsessed masses.

No. 1506665

To be fair she was a lot younger in the "before" pics, maybe even in her teens. And she's a lot thinner in the after pics, it's possible her face just lost fat due to anachanning and natural age progression.

No. 1506666

Aww this makes me so sad, she must've really went through a lot as a kid to be so far gone mentally. She doesn't even sound like herself, is she putting on a british accent or something?

No. 1506690

File: 1677106324504.jpg (108.46 KB, 739x856, 45846.jpg)


No. 1506691

I feel like she’ll take him back soon, just a moment ago she was alluding to cheating and now this.
Seriously what happened to her? I know her legs and foot looked weird because of some health issue but mentally what is going on? Drugs?

No. 1506694

She sucked the fat out of her cheeks and now she looks like that ugly fish from Shark's tale.

No. 1506713

He's been doing this weird sexual shit for a while at his concerts. I am surprised he would do this in a post-covid society.

No. 1506717

Yes, it is. Also the lead up to her divorce probably took a huge toll on her because of how often tabloids would post about her husband getting another woman pregnant, although she says that she thanks them for doing this because it gave her a reality check. I don't think her health in general has been doing too good either. The leg thing is lymphedema, which is tragic to have when you aren't even a fatty chan, but she seems to have a control over it. i don't think she ever has been in the past either.

No. 1506720

Hahahahahaha is that supposed to be sexy? He looks like he's age regressing back to infancy

No. 1506730

I wanna alog whoever the fuck manager or surgeon or whatever agreed she should go for the buccal fat removal asfdgrkgksbwtf

No. 1506736

>Posts Beyonce's "Lemonade" lyrics and 'jokes' about hooking with Sophie
>Oh my GODDD can everyone just stop with the rumors, eye roll Why are you all so obsessed with us!

It's giving "girl from high school vaguebooking for attention" energy, kek: "I just honestly can't deal right now. SOME people just can't be trusted!"
"What happened?"
"I don't want to talk about it…"

No. 1506760

It is. Some fans are just determined to rewrite the narrative, ignore their asses kek

No. 1506769

>What's a cool funny reference to hook in the zoomers with? I know, how about uhhhhh… AI-generated text and images

No. 1506860

i hate this tranny so much but i must not a log. i must not a log. i must not.

No. 1506869

File: 1677124276978.webm (2.4 MB, 480x352, 1677112213537.webm)

>just do that because they have too, if she didn't she'd never hear the end of it.

It's not just celebs who do it, anon. Tranny's are totally fucked up, obnoxious and everyone who's educated knows how their story ends.

I hate them - as well but they've sealed their fate. Just sit back and let darwin take over.

No. 1506927

Yeah, this is exactly why her entire face structure has changed, along with the shape of her nose and brow bone position. Just growing older, losing weight, contouring, and sucking cheeks in. KEK

No. 1506959

It's true though. She's short and fat and doesn't look good in these outfits.

No. 1506978

File: 1677136396469.jpg (103.07 KB, 946x1452, 20230222_184322.jpg)

Did anybody mention this already?

No. 1506981

File: 1677136548099.png (1.12 MB, 415x513, Screenshot_20230222-175057.png)

It looks like she got filler above her cheekbones to try to reduce the appearance of her puffy cheeks, but it's so bad. Truly botched.

No. 1506985

You forgot to say 'imo' because she looks great to me.

No. 1506986

I didn't even regocnize her. She's really going for that cat lady look.

No. 1506988

oh. my. god. I was like "who is that?" until I expanded the pic to read the username. Completely unrecognizable. Horrific. Why.

No. 1506990

She has on a filter nonna

No. 1506995

File: 1677138183255.png (498.29 KB, 520x931, kjhgtfr.png)

She looks a bit like Lana Del Rey now, I think it's a combination of weight gain and filler. Although it's hard to find any tiktoks of hers where she doesn't have a filter over her face, and she really likes that baby-fied filter that shrinks the face and head to resemble a baby. It's creepy that's what's popular on tiktok.

No. 1506998

File: 1677138882318.png (1.6 MB, 1440x2052, Screenshot_20230223-015227.png)

Has anyone else here watched this channel before? Thoughts, opinions?


>& yes it's on topic to this thread

No. 1507000

File: 1677139251257.png (2.94 MB, 1439x2104, Screenshot_20230223-015943.png)

A very warped chrissy teigen.

No. 1507003

My baby

No. 1507009

How is selena a millionaire yet giving off chavvy council estate vibes

No. 1507011


No. 1507013

the absolute evil you need to have in your soul to look these women straight in the eye and tell them that filler is the easy path to eternal youth while you pump them full of hyaluronic acid until they resemble the stay-puft marshmallow man

No. 1507026

i didn't think of that, but that somehow makes total sense KEK

No. 1507028

that's such a weird looking filter. i don't understand why all these ones that warp the face this much are so popular. people look unrecognizable with it

No. 1507029

File: 1677144727744.png (111.67 KB, 818x656, Screenshot (18316).png)

I know this phrase existed long before lc but the inclusion of it in Piers Morgan's weird angry rant about Madonna was so funny to me. Confirmed farmer perhaps? lol

No. 1507032

I just dont understand why you think someone is SUCKING THEIR CHEEKS IN on a red carpet. Try it, it feels and looks so dumb and difficult and you cant do that with your mouth open

No. 1507034

I tried it myself and it is easier to suck the cheeks in while having the tongue between the teeth and your mouth slightly open. However I did not notice anything different in the appearance of my face, but I have fat cheeks so idk kek.

No. 1507036

She always manages to look absolutely terrible.

No. 1507038

Nta but lol I did the exact same thing and had the same result, it's easy to do with keeping your mouth open but it didn't change my face at all. But my mouth sort of did the same thing hers is doing in this photoset, the pic on the top right >>1506435 Maybe she's just trying to highlight her cheekbones cause that's one of her identifying traits, like how she used to do makeup that made her eyes look even further apart lol

No. 1507041

It’s actually incredibly easy to do, I used to suck in my cheeks for pictures as a dumb insecure about my face teenager all the time. I thought it made my face look slimmer but it looked dumb.

No. 1507044

Imagine having all these followers and worshippers and still seethe at models and act like a middle school bully. Also idk what happened to her face but she looks constantly bloated

No. 1507046

I think I read it in a blind item that she was the bully and just said she was bullied to garner sympathy. I mean she's a rich kid who went to a private school after all

No. 1507048

…that's just a filter, right? It can't be her actual face?

No. 1507049

Don't look up the most recent Katie Price images.
>Nonna, Katie has looked terrible for ages!
You are not prepared. Seriously, do not look up her most recent pictures, released like a day ago. DO NOT DO IT

No. 1507052

This is an imageboard, you bring the pictures

No. 1507104

Well I think he should kill himself!

No. 1507108

>& yes it's on topic to this thread
No it isn't, it belongs in the youtuber general thread

No. 1507110

File: 1677158249962.jpeg (143.45 KB, 1200x1200, 62D59246-D385-4C6D-AD00-B17104…)

I only know of this woman because britbongs hate her but she makes me sad

No. 1507111

File: 1677158336608.jpeg (62.97 KB, 620x413, CF2C1BD6-3B1E-4238-BC42-1C418B…)

Surgeons who do this need their licences revoked

No. 1507115

Yeah, look at the bottom left corner. It’s the Bella Hadid filter. That’s what’s making her chin so pointy and whatnot.

No. 1507120

How do women botched to this degree live with themselves? How do they not cry their eyes out in front of the mirror every second of the day??

No. 1507125

Alcohol, other drugs, medication or no brain left to even be able to think. And not only to they look horrible, they have to live through some amount of pain on a daily basis, no one can tell me that your body will react to these surgeries without being in pain.

No. 1507129

I've heard some people claim that some go back for more surgey to get more painkillers because they get addicted to those.

No. 1507130

I think it's some sort of body dysmorphia, like they can't fully see what everyone else is seeing.

No. 1507140

Anatomy straight out of the bad art thread.

No. 1507144

She’s 5,4 she isn’t short. She is beautiful btw and I hate trannies that have to insist the average height for women is short because they’re insecure about being gangly 6ft tall men

No. 1507153

Human skin is amazing. It can stretch so far. How is she not worried about those busting open.

No. 1507174

she reminds me of a sims character for some reason

No. 1507221

File: 1677170608986.jpeg (261.31 KB, 828x890, B18FCA8F-58FA-4905-B64A-594F8A…)


oh god I found this. sounds like jim carrey and came out around the time that he was still entangled in the ex-gf lawsuit

>Jane Doe claims the man made her engage in unwanted rough sex, ignored her requests to stop, and belittled her by laughing at her protestations and spitting on her

>She also says he threatened to anally rape her … all while she worked for him

>To make things worse, according to the docs, the man refused to use a condom and exposed her to HIV because one of his recent sexual partners allegedly tested positive

>Jane Doe claims he told her she should get tested
>The woman's suing for unspecified damages

No. 1507239

File: 1677172375988.jpeg (51.36 KB, 448x680, FphC2koakAA_3OF.jpeg)

i hate this evil manipulative snake and her insane fans.

She knows what she is doing when she posts shit like this because her comments were flooded with her obese fans hating on bella hadid and saying how selena is more gorgeous.

Also whats up with her fans fabricating fake rumors about ''celebrities'' bullying selena every month. Do they do that as a way to boost up selenas relevance or what. Because whenever i try to look for proof of what that ''bitch'' celeb did to selena i never find any proof, her fans just fabricating shit for fun.

No. 1507247

jfc that poor woman… We need to treat rape offenses the same as murder. You are violating someone's body against their will and also exposes them to horrible things. I feel so bad for any woman who has experienced this. They deserve better.

No. 1507257

This just confirms my suspicions that he's superspreading sexual abuser who targets a specific type of woman he thinks won't talk

Single moms and inexperienced young women? Good lord

No. 1507267

Am I crazy if I say that I never found her that pretty even at her “visual” peak back in the day. For years everyone claimed she was the most beautiful of Disney stars and cited her facial neoteny as making her the most beautiful star. I love how she’s aging terribly kek.

No. 1507270

File: 1677175910408.jpeg (153.64 KB, 750x1125, 11E68C3A-7A58-457B-8907-0EDD68…)

She's been going too hardcore with the plastic surgery and looks weird now. She looked so good a few years ago.

No. 1507290

am i crazy or is she not going through intense medical treatment for an autoimmune disease that makes your face bloat? was this not covered in the last thread? yeah she almost definitely has fillers like every other celebrity on the planet but i'm pretty sure this sudden, drastic change in face shape is because she is literally going through steroid therapy. also probably other shit as well since she had an organ transplant.

No. 1507292

File: 1677177740998.png (3.73 MB, 1572x1496, prednisone.moonface.png)

dropped pic but this is another girl on the same drug. it just does that to you unfortunately.

No. 1507302

so some of you are underage or you barely know about britney because she was doing british accent since 2007. I guess she likes british accents or something lol

No. 1507312

sure this wasn't Charlie Sheen?

No. 1507386

I thought Charlie's AIDS accusations were from an ex girlfriend and not an ex assistant, not to say he couldn't have done it to an assistant either.

No. 1507396

>Lolita larp
Think about how many singers, actors, and huge influencers who do a Lolita larp, and then compare them to Lana. People hated her Lolita larp because she wasn't directly pandering to moids in a porny way. Why do you think people piss on Lana for doing it but not Arianna Grande who does the most to be an uwu smol bean Lolita larper? Or why Dua Lipa can use her whole ass/almost vagina as an album cover but Lana gets pissed on for showing her breast? I'm not defending Lana for being a pickme, but you can't deny there's a huge difference in how female artists are treated depending on whether they're moid gazey porn larping pickmes or just nlogs like Lana

No. 1507461

I am convinced that she has a mean streak and likes to play dumb.

No. 1507466

File: 1677186291472.png (430.93 KB, 1440x660, Screenshot_20230223-150417.png)

If a person has aids and knowingly infects others…that's manslaughter.


No. 1507479

don't forget the fact that she's also sucking her cheeks in

No. 1507485

A person can't just knowingly INFECT others WHO ARE UNAWARE. Example: Poor F.K.A twigs.

No. 1507502

she was always ugly inside, now she's ugly outside too

No. 1507503

One of the only actual DID diagnosis candidates imo

No. 1507504

She'd be dead now- if it wasn't for her "friend". Her "friend" should have kept her organ and let gremlina gopezz die. Gremlina is going to die anyway by putting her friends organ through the shitter. What a waste.

No. 1507529

I look at this woman and I feel deeply sad for her.

No. 1507532

Whilst we are on the Selena hate train, Sloan dropped a video that has milk i was not aware with. i'll list the things that caught my attention:
>A video of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber literally in the ghetto, likely to buy drugs.
>The friend who donated the kidney to Selena apparently ended the friendship with selena a long time ago because Selena wouldn't stop drinking and doing drugs after the transplant
>Justin Bieber got into a physical fight with Orlando Bloom for trying to fuck Miranda Kerr.
>justin Bieber would pressure Selena to show every he nipple piercing, was somewhat of a cuck, pressured her into sleeping with certain people, an all round misogynistic disaster.

I feel like the true extent of their cowdom is being slept on.

No. 1507542

Lmao. JB & SG going to the hood. TOP KEK! OLD OLD OOOOLLLDDD NEWS!

No. 1507548

Charlie Sheen fucked the troon that also was fucking dating tyga allegedly, the troon said that Charlie brought a mold of his penis or supported him or some shit. I just find that funny.

No. 1507583

I've never been able to see past the fact that facially she looks like a child. Have always side-eyed men who find her attractive for the same reason

No. 1507587

Idk how anyone can defend him. I used to be a fan of his years ago in middle/high school and read his autobiography. He straight up admits to doing fucked up abusive stuff right in his own book

I’m not sure if it’s just exposure because I work with photoshop daily, but do people really look at images like that and not immediately recognize it’s fake?

No. 1507595

File: 1677199086474.png (703.06 KB, 1440x648, Screenshot_20230223-183434.png)

>The Marilyn Manson hard road out of hell autobiography

The claim is that the autobiography is fiction and ghost written by Neil Strauss.


No. 1507596

>why Dua Lipa can use her whole ass/almost vagina as an album cover
which album was that? Don't you mean Lorde?

No. 1507599

Lorde is a snobby elitist cunt.

No. 1507605

Taylor swift is friends with Lorde,Selina and other big personalities and that makes me LOL.

No. 1507608

Nonnie I was 12 in 2007 I wasn't paying attention to Britney tabloid drama I was watching Wizards of Waverly Place and reading J-14 lol

No. 1507611

Like a lot of celeb autobiographies, it was co-written by a ghostwriter. Which means there’s a good chance things got embellished for entertainment purposes, but there’s so much vile shit in that book that even if you pretend it’s all fiction, there’s no way you can read it and think “these are thoughts that a normal person has.”

No. 1507616

All of that has been talked about in previous threads minus the baseless tinfoils about nipple piercings and such. Sloan is a disgusting grifting faggot with an annoying voice and too much lip filler, don't post his videos here the last thing we need is the Sloan fags coming in. Anyone that watches his videos and eats up the bullshit he talks about is retarded and naive.

No. 1507623

what does that have to do with trannies? jeez can we talk about anything without it going back to that? 5'4 is indeed short

No. 1507627

The claim is that he was trying to make it as shocking-as possible-over embellishing with fiction to the extreme.

>I've read it -as well and it's repulsive. I agree with you, about that.

No. 1507649

i have found my people kek. i never really liked her and she always seemed like a bitchy person.

i feel bad for the girl who donated. a waste indeed.

idk why, but this wouldn't surprise me.

i guess it's because that level of modification is now so par for the course for many celebrities that people aren't stopping to check that it might be a filter.

No. 1507654

Whoa, wait, what happened to FKA Twigs?

No. 1507662

File: 1677206652312.png (1.55 MB, 1440x1776, Screenshot_20230223-204327.png)

No. 1507664

5’4” is literally the average height for women

No. 1507669

>Yer a wizard, Harry.

No. 1507672

in the west maybe, its a inch shorter then the average male height in the region I live in

No. 1507673

Sorry for possibly being retarded but if he has herpes, then so does his babymom Mia Goth right? It's not like they used condoms since she's obviously had his baby… Is it true that if you have herpes your child will be born with it? It's something I've heard but I'm not sure if it's true.

He should be criminally charged, isn't it illegal to knowingly pass on an STD?

No. 1507676

then what >>1507485 said doesn't sound like it makes sense. shia knew he had it and infected fka twigs who unfortunately did not know because he didn't tell her. someone absolutely can infect unsuspecting people when the infected person secretly knows they risk spreading that std, when they should have said something about it to whoever they're intimate with, but degenerates will be degenerates (shia in this case).

No. 1507679

Nta but we're talking about a western (specifically american) celebrity

No. 1507680

Yeah I don't believe her. I think some kind of infidelity happened, or MGK at least attempted to cheat. Why else would she post that quote? Unless for attention or this entire fight/possible breakup is a publicity stunt to get money. I wouldnt put it past them. Either way they won't last. They aren't "twin flames", just physically attracted to each other.
Samefag but sorry didn't read the rest of the thread before I posted about possible criminal charges. Still curious about the herpes situation tho.

No. 1507684

kek. I actually enjoy his videos, simply because I cannot find another decent YouTuber who covers current celebrity gossip. Do you know of anyone else? Tmz is so boring to me now.

No. 1507686

i agree. i think shit did happen and any regret she may have had for making the incident so public came too late when she deactivated but people were already speculating then. iirc megan's instagram is back up now but with no posts.

No. 1507696

File: 1677211194433.jpeg (53.43 KB, 640x643, 04FD1A57-29D3-4144-973B-70C674…)

and unfollowed harry styles, timothy chalamet and eminem too. she's really trying to act like nothing happened

No. 1507710

File: 1677213341280.jpeg (1.13 MB, 3497x3497, 3DFFA680-C1EB-4DEF-973F-936003…)

apparently there's some feud going on with kylie jenner, hailey bieber and selena gomez that was ignited over eyebrows and now selena has surpassed them both in instagram followers after this. picrel is some of whatever the hell i've seen was going on. link explains some of it. this is just ridiculous imo.


No. 1507717

middle school tier drama

No. 1507719

File: 1677214524763.jpg (160.51 KB, 798x1148, Capture.JPG)

Mia Goth choosing Shia was so utterly disappointing. Shes a decent actress and has a lovely voice, now she has herpes and a herpes baby. and possibly traces of concealer inside her vagina. This is what low self worth will do to you ladies…

No. 1507720

None of this is milk it's just dumb zoomer tinfoils about nothing

No. 1507725

Off topic but I like the ones that don't insert so much of their personality into it and just talk about the milk, like those dumb little "tea channels" like spill sesh or spill plug. They're trash too and they insert their opinions into things sometimes and their opinions are almost always retarded, but it gives me a rundown of whatever celebrity drama is currently going on. I used to watch some Sloan vids but he pisses me off with how slow he talks and how much he repeats himself and has to say his opinion on literally everything, plus he lies and speculates about shit without any proof. And after he made the video about Chris Chan and had to soapbox about ~respecting pronouns~ and even referred to the rape as "hooking up" I unsubbed and never watched again.

No. 1507731

i know it's not that milky, just curious to know if any other nonnies had anything to say about their stupidity.

No. 1507735

hipster runoff was extremely misogynistic to her for ruining the "purity" of indie with her plastic surgery and daddy's money while other nepo babies got a pass

No. 1507736

Those are comments from the celebrities themselves not random zoomer tinfoils.

Every one of those celebrities directly involved are being childish.

No. 1507788

>while other nepo babies got a pass
Hipster Runoff was satirical. No one got a pass. Everyone got made fun of. Only easily offended people care what was posted there a decade after it shuttered.

No. 1507793

anon why do you type like doanld trump

No. 1507813

Kylie and Hailey were totally shading her kek at least stand up for it girl

No. 1507816

She enjoys victim narrative, like somehow girl that donated her kidney is evil and manipulative but it's totally ok that Selena keeps drinking and using drugs after the surgery.

Her fans are just like her, I guess karma hit Selena for disgusting shit they have been spreading for years, calling Hailey infertile and rotting womb, years later Selena has fertility issues and suddenly it's such a tragedy and something they need to send love and support to their kween.

No. 1507825

They weren't. Selena just loves acting like a helpless little victim that's her whole schtick
Exactly. Selena has built her whole image around kindness and virtue, a couple of years ago she would do her little good Christian girl performance at day and doing crack at night

she's pressured and used her friend for an organ transplant, consistently abuses drugs and alcohol, sends her retard crazed fans to send hate to Hailey because she still can't move on from Justin. And now she's ugly and washed up now lmao karma caught up to her

No. 1507826

For sure, but I do it hilarious how her fans and for some reason Taylor fandom hypes her looks up, as if she in not now all bloated from fillers and doesn't look like an escaped little sister of Bogdanovich borthers, in the same breath they call Hailey a horseface? Zero self awareness, if her fans weren't that annoying and hateful at defending her, I personally wouldn't have this much disdain for them.

No. 1507831

i agree. selena probably wanted to look like a sweet little peacekeeper to the public but could just be seething behind the scenes. somehow she gained more followers than either of them though so i guess she has that.

although i’m not sure how they weren’t shading her especially since it was supposedly hours after selena’s post. what else would kylie’s posts have been about? i genuinely have no idea. like i don’t like any of these people nor do i keep up, i just keep seeing people talk about this weird ass situation

No. 1507837

i feel like taylor’s fandom just does it because taylor and selena are friends. imagine if they had a feud kek

No. 1507846

File: 1677233712438.jpeg (500.44 KB, 1125x1449, 82FEA94B-E109-46BB-8BA4-F1C82E…)

No. 1507853

Tyga?!? AS IF the lead singer of fucking Nickelback wasn't bad enough

No. 1507854

People love hanging with that teenager chasing chaser huh? I guess that's just hollyweird

No. 1507860

Suddenly Selena will become ugly, toxic and evil
This is so random lmao

No. 1507861

File: 1677236278084.png (293.91 KB, 697x700, ky.png)

She's still commenting on shit from fans that's against Hailey/Kylie and seething.

No. 1507863

i'm laughing so hard at the herpes baby i can't

No. 1507864

Idk but anyone that complained about Doja overreacting to shit and going after some youtube that claimed she had multiple surgeries, she did one live about it. Whatever the fuck Selena is doing is way more embarrassing, by acknowledging some eyebrow thing was about her, reacting to Hailey's old ass video, basically turing people to bully Bella as if she is not already fighting with her insecurities and body image.

Did Selena ever confront any other Taylor bully as she is doing now with her ex's wife?

No. 1507877

I cannot understand a single lick of what's going on. I feel like a boomer trying to read this.

No. 1507885

What did Kylie even do? Did she call Selena's eyebrows ugly or what the fuck is going on?

No. 1507908

File: 1677241602975.png (978.48 KB, 1440x1456, Screenshot_20230224-062606.png)

No. 1507949

File: 1677246708641.jpeg (244.54 KB, 1170x1212, AC5B0929-CDB5-45E0-B26B-A1E88B…)

saw this tweet and immediately knew it was a selenafag. they're obsessed with hailey they talk about her nonstop it's so unhinged
his follow up tweet is pure cope
>Selena Gomez, after seeing this, knowing that she doesn't need to beg paparazzi attention, because she is truly famous and the most followed artist on insta. And she didn't need to marry a famous man and get his last name to get there.

kek selena has her Instagram bots and her parasocial fans who also can't move on from a failed relationship that was over 7 years ago

No. 1507980

I feel so bad for her. Men like this should be shamed into suicide. You just dont do this to anyone. It's technically rape. I hate that men get away with this. Shia is trash.

Mia is trash for sleeping him with and passing on his genetics and diseases to a baby.

No. 1508096

ot but I went back to his chris chan video to check, and dear lord. He really told us to respect Chris's pronouns and that the atrocity he committed doesn't warrant us disrespecting "her" pronouns. Jesus. I hate it here. Apparently I watched most of the video before but I completely missed this? So thanks, nona! I was skipping his vids recently because the drama and his speaking cadence was annoying, but now I've unsubbed.

No. 1508097

File: 1677258481613.png (651.5 KB, 1440x2183, Screenshot_20230224-110327.png)

Jim Carrey's message to Emma stone.

It's funny because in the video he alludes that he'd never be with a super young woman…

.. because HE'S OLD

and then there's that 18 yr old gf and idk who else.


No. 1508098

Yeah. That video is full of pure cringe what-the-fuckery is dumb and lulzy.

No. 1508128

File: 1677260359904.jpg (116.05 KB, 768x898, download - Copy.jpg)

it's so so funny to me that this has happened about 2 weeks after he released a track called "Avril's Song" with lyrics as picrel

No. 1508133

File: 1677260667311.jpeg (391.68 KB, 746x974, 80273A3D-7D73-4BBB-B43A-637315…)

he sued a publication for suggesting he was a sexual harasser as far back as the peak of his career

what's gross is that drew barrymore recently praised him on her podcast. given she grew up in the industry so maybe she's more desensitized to how gross men are, and doesn't see him as the predator he actually is. but still disappointing

No. 1508144

I am sure, they're a lot of people that don't know. I will assume that she doesn't have a clue.

No. 1508150

This woowoo-ish lady I knew once told me that selena and justin bieber used to take joyrides in a limo down her backlane in winnipeg lmao. Totally a cow couple

No. 1508164

thing is women in the industry seldom actually praise him, in spite of a false universal affability. I mean you'll see things like araina and doja claim to have crushes on him or people praise his garbage, but note how few of his exes or his former female co stars have much to say about him. the praise never smells legitimate, more like "we fear jim, so everyone claps for him"

the ndas must be very long and intricate

No. 1508173

Oh yeah ndas. I forgot those existed till you refreshed my memory.

No. 1508178

the internet keeps abuzz about his suspicious behavior and still nobody's saying anything.

>selling house of 30 years

>deleted twitter
>rumors he's fleeing
>or horrifically sick
>threatening to sue qanon youtuber over shitty tiktok repost

well victims and anyone who knows him and wants to turn on him, now is a time better than ever to break your nda and your silence

No. 1508179

>it's so unhinged
Are those window-lickers ever going to stop?

No. 1508181

It's looking like it's over for him. More shit will come out. I have no doubts about that. It's all getting uglier, darker and heavier by the day.

No. 1508185

File: 1677264176964.png (579.73 KB, 1440x885, Screenshot_20230224-124213.png)

16 more years have been added to Weinstein's sentence!

No. 1508187

File: 1677264307143.png (683 KB, 1440x633, Screenshot_20230224-124442.png)

No. 1508196

That Jim Carrey+Alicia Silverstone video of him sexually assaulting her by grabbing her face and planting an unwanted kiss - haunts me.

No. 1508212

I hope so too. There's been enough talk, it's time for some action.

For me it's what he did to his ex, and all the rumors surrounding him. It just hits too close to home the kind of narc abuser he is, and I can no longer stomach watching him.

Really used to think he had everything, and my perception has been entirely jilted.

Kek watch him complain some more about his teeth rotting

No. 1508232

I'm kinda shocked when justice is actually served. Good.

No. 1508243

It's a huge relief.

No. 1508291

can you samefagging carreyfags make your own thread or something. you all sound schizo and nobody cares

No. 1508300

Watch them get proven right.

No. 1508304

It's not just schizoposting as much as he has a habit of abusing women and people have finally started to pick up on it. I don't even necessarily believe he was on Epstein's island, just that he's a mass abuser of women who's spread stds galore, and he should pay for that

No. 1508314

>He was a disneyland slash deadbeat dad after the divorce from his first wife, who he cheated on. They bonded more when she was an adult and after she had her son. She worked crappy jobs for ages and he never gave her any handouts. I can understand not spoiling your child but why forcing her to tough it out as a shit wage waitress?

>She never went the nepo route, she appeared on American Idol but never had any major attempts at a music or film career

>the weirdest was him dragging Jane to his ex's funeral. How awkward it must be for her knowing her father's abused, dead girlfriend was so close in age.


>he's superspreading sexual abuser who targets a specific type of woman he thinks won't talk

>Single moms and inexperienced young women? Good lord


No. 1508316

Idk. Him trying to shut down the epstein island stuff ASAP is SUS af tbqh!

No. 1508319

Him acknowledging that shit.

If he didn't put a stoplight on it…

Ya know… it's just strange and off.


No. 1508326



>Jim educating people unintentionally by being a retard. Not everyone is in the loop.
(schizo samefagging redditor)

No. 1508351

File: 1677274737005.jpg (99.93 KB, 1024x683, ciara-boots-tout-4c27044ce9aa4…)

Let me interrupt the schitzo posting, so many celebrities have been wearing this retarded smurf boots. Is this some kind of psyop? WTF IS HAPPENING!!

No. 1508359

File: 1677275077528.jpg (12.12 KB, 310x310, astro boy.jpg)

>retarded smurf boots
how can you say that?!
on a serious note, the boots were made by mschf (mischief), the same brand behing the lil nas x satan shoes that went viral a couple of years ago. they are a brand that focuses on viral marketing/products, that's their shtick - create crazy weird products that gets people to talk about them

No. 1508362

prob some red shoe disney satan shit

No. 1508435

File: 1677281883421.jpeg (514.3 KB, 828x1177, 8BBAB848-C52A-4EBB-842A-D9FD21…)

They left ten minutes apart. Is the arrangement back on?

No. 1508456

what we're seeing with chris brown is like when women worked with sean penn or roman polanski. the rape or beating or whatever crime happened before she was born, or when she was 9 years old, so she's only heard the apocryphal/rumour version of it. remember how we used to make fun of the woman who sued over hot coffee?

No. 1508457

i'm going with AIDS or early-onset dementia

No. 1508460

This isn't suspicious at all

No. 1508461

god damn the mummy was so good

No. 1508462

it's not her fault that thing looks exactly like her

No. 1508464

he gave her motherfucking HERPES. that's a life ruiner. it's fucking beyond the pale. most of us here would probably kill ourselves if our boyfriend we were in love with did that.

No. 1508468

??? she's cute and they dressed her cute

No. 1508469

because the mummy is an insanely fucking good movie

No. 1508471

Are you retarded?
You seriously think rape can be compared to murder?

No. 1508472

File: 1677283928326.jpeg (183.89 KB, 1920x1080, EEAAFD25-E36D-499F-A8DC-613AB6…)

The problem is a lot of people refuse to believe he gave her herpes because he claimed some documents were forged, but when did he ever provide a clean STD test for himself? That's right, he didn't, and he paid the (estranged) family off out of court and convinced them to dismiss. Thing is nobody can look at it with nuance: things can be true, her family could've been greedy but she also could've been abused by him. But all people see is the headlines crafted by his PR team.

He hasn't done an interview since picrel in august or been publicly papped in months, wouldn't be surprising. He's looked increasingly gangly since he dated the dead girl

Chris trying to use the idea that he was 17 during the assault of Rihanna is ridiculous. First of all, he was 19. Second of all, almost killing someone isn't a "mistake"

No. 1508476

Idiot (nta)

No. 1508478

>doja claim to have crushes on him
Aww Doja girl wtf

No. 1508482

Trump just tell us what info you have on Carrey and leave

No. 1508490

ayrt i'm sorry nonna. i shared the link for hopefully more context. picrel was a collage of what each of them did/said but in short, selena said she accidentally fucked up her eyebrows or something, kylie posted a while later a screenshot of a facetime call with hailey zoomed in on her eyebrows and posted a story with "this was an accident?" over her own eyebrows. then some shit involving taylor swift who isn't really part of it at all. just stupid shit i was wondering what other nonnies thought of it.

from what it sounds like yeah but they denied it kek

thanks nonna.

No. 1508501

i feel like both sides are obsessed with each other at this point and neither is in the right. but i'm not understanding how the hell it even escalated to this point from just hailey getting with justin and selena being his ex. like their conflict really started over a moid whose popularity peak was almost a decade ago?

No. 1508503

no that was one of the fat ones i think

No. 1508504

is she aware that she could just…not?

No. 1508505

idk i see so many people who look like a completely different person from 10 years ago like to the point that i feel like it must have affected them mentally in some way
mostly men, but sometimes women

No. 1508507

that dude looks like mr bean had a baby with liam gallagher and it inherited none of their talent

No. 1508508

right? she's only perpetuating it. could have just taken the break and just made a statement through her rep that sophie wasn't involved if she really wasn't. like she probably just needs to stay offline at this point.

No. 1508510

she was very pretty when she was still natural, until 2013. right now she's just fat as shit and dresses like crap

No. 1508513

she had to come to hollywood because she is too ugly to live in either norway or thailand

No. 1508515

really fucking hate those teeth. i hate that everyone has 80 year old man dentures now.

No. 1508516

"put out to pasture" IRL means someone is old and broken down. he's calling her a cringe old lady

No. 1508517

i like the way you think

No. 1508528

doja's barbie doll hip joints are embarassing. she should have just stopped at the tiny bit of stomach lipo

No. 1508529

good lord their faces both look like troll dolls

No. 1508531

everyone i've ever met who's from newmarket is a big ego, massively easily offended tantrum thrower/drama haver

No. 1508536

Are you a Peterborough anon kek

No. 1508540

hahahaaa i was the original HIV guesser from the last thread and i really feel like i'm gonna be right
if he gets caught, i'm glad he'll be tried in the USA instead of up here where our pussy courts keep releasing wife beaters and karla homolka

No. 1508542

wow great job now lock cosby back up

No. 1508543

no no anon, carreyfags are the ones who want to fuck him. these are just happy women.

No. 1508545

i know you think you're doing some kind of trollish annoying on purpose humour here, mr. troomp, but it's not working. you're just coming across like the ('・3・) guy from that 4chan thread. if you want to own da terfs, you'd be better off getting a job, saving money, and buying a house out from under one of us in a bidding war.

No. 1508547

no, it's worse imo. there are tons of situations in which murder is ok. war, a guy trying to stab you, two drug dealers killing each other (a problem that solves itself!), shooting the guy who raped your son, and many more! but rape is never ok.

No. 1508550

nope, etobicoke

No. 1508559

the 110% sound like this when they go outside, I cannot accept any other reality

No. 1508560

Nope. No one wants JC's gonoherpasyphilaids, abuse and to get whacked.

No. 1508562

that's also how troons sound when they're inside

No. 1508596

It's literally right there in the screenshot that Drew refused to work with him before.

No. 1508619

average doesn't mean it can't be short…

No. 1508649

Nta but now i'm confused. isn't the whole point of being short having a height below the average/below the most common height? if she doesn't look shorter than the majority of women in her country then she won't look short. otherwise how do you figure out what a medium-size height is then

No. 1508653

I know that's why I said
>I know this phrase existed long before lc
I just thought it was funny to think Piers is a farmer lol

No. 1508672

I don’t believe for a second that this woman saved his life. Do you anons think this is a PR stunt to brand him more as a “family man” or are they genuinely delusional and think that one person can fix another? I hate when shitty men say the latter because they hop from relationship to relationship and refuse to go to therapy. Cope. In reality his new partner will be the perfect medicine for such a tortured man until one day she’s not anymore. Then it’s onto the next stupid/naive woman. Honestly I’m biased here as a man hater but I really don’t think someone who put makeup on their dick to infect a partner with a permanent std is really redeemable even with intensive therapy.

No. 1508675

>Honestly I’m biased here as a man hater but I really don’t think someone who put makeup on their dick to infect a partner with a permanent std is really redeemable even with intensive therapy.
i don't think you're biased, shia also shot several stray dogs to "get in character" for a role, he's full on psycho. there's no redeeming that.

No. 1508760

Too short for those outfits you goddamn autist. Also nta.

No. 1508772

"She blew me a kiss and I didn't want to blow my brains out anymore". Hauntingly beautiful. This man is nearing the age of 40 and is still writing "she's the coolest girl in school and I am such a tool" lyrics.
This isn't a declaration of love, this is a predator verbally terrorizing his prey before attacking. Jim Carrey has the mind of a serial killer. I wish we could preemptively imprison him, because if he hasn't already killed his first victim, he's absolutely going to soon.

No. 1508783

File: 1677318539040.jpeg (73.37 KB, 780x884, E2281889-E9F2-4331-8136-A30DE1…)

you mean his first victim wasnt his dead girlfriend?

saw someone say in the r/conspiracy threads the other day that they met him in public. they talked. he acted similar to characters from his movies, poster said carrey had an aura that was somewhat ominous, like you wouldn't want to get involved with him. he showed the poster pictures of his "farm" dog definitely implying he has some kind of country home.

poster also said he has a skull tattoo. went back through pictures where he has his arms out and though it's hard to see, he appears to have a faint impression of one around his wrist. is he just edgy, or is the skull supposed to symbolize something?

No. 1508788

>he appears to have a faint impression of one around his wrist
Am I blind or are you delusional
Does peeing take longer as you get older? Never heard of that.

No. 1508886

If you’re a man it might get slower I think. Could be related to something I read on here ages ago about how men peeing while standing up can create future health problems over time. That sounds correct however, I am not a doctor.

No. 1508932

File: 1677339455591.jpeg (83.35 KB, 780x884, AF74E950-FD70-4C83-B2CC-037EA0…)

circular dark outline, appears to be covered with makeup

No. 1509186

File: 1677351797154.png (512.4 KB, 1440x1348, Screenshot_20230225-130157.png)

No. 1509195

File: 1677352911157.png (616.81 KB, 1440x447, Screenshot_20230225-131952.png)

No. 1509197

File: 1677353289105.png (994.64 KB, 1440x2577, Screenshot_20230225-132713.png)

No. 1509219

I physically recoiled from the cringe of imagining this scenario

No. 1509282

Yeah. Seriously.

No. 1509285

Wow. Making cringe pop songs seems easy af. Talk about a career. lol.

No. 1509308

Can the Carreyfags make their own thread? Half of the discussion is pointless speculation or blind items

No. 1509319

I don't believe that there's enough to make a thread on him. Idk what you all think but I don't see that much stuff tbqh. Obviously go for it if you want but I think that it would dry up fast.

No. 1509324

Sage can go up your ass because this is ot, I'm not that anon but shut up(the Celebricow thread is an exception and does need to be saged)

No. 1509422

>the Celebricow thread is an exception and does need to be saged
Since when?

No. 1509465

Forgive me if I'm wrong but /ot/ threads aren't required to have saged posts since they're conversations rather than archives like the cow threads

No. 1509475

Based mod

No. 1509477

File: 1677378965018.jpeg (167.07 KB, 680x689, CD9D4E04-45F9-48F9-9427-17D8E3…)

it's a surprisingly sparse well of tea for someone so famous and obnoxious, he must be a big spender when it comes to hush money. a thread would dry up because he's a highly cyclical cluster b nutcase who does the same things over and over again, and that's when he's not hiding during his hermit periods

the real milk is if someone could find his numerous alleged burner accounts, because they definitely exist

No. 1509479

File: 1677378998143.jpg (83.09 KB, 779x1061, Capture.JPG)

this is my favorite nepo baby.. Dakota looking real good at milan fashion week

No. 1509481

im this anon, I had no idea this was a rule. I was banned (like for 2 mintues) with a 5 hour ban, for a rule I did not know existed. It said, "To add redtext" I assume it was because they wanted to use my post as an example, I didn't get the memo that celebricow needed to be saged. Sorry mods, and thanks for lifting that ban. I was about to be mad if I was actually banned for 5 hours for a new rule.

No. 1509486

that rule has always been there or at least begged by anons that often make the new threads but you guys always ignore it and whine when the new thread is there pronto after the thread locks up

No. 1509488

Nta but that rule has not always been there. For years saging has not been necessary in /ot/, and I've never seen jannies enforce that in this thread before. I honestly think this thread should just go back to /snow/ if it's an issue.

No. 1509497

why are you lying? I've never heard of this until now unless i'm in a fucking alternative universe. And why was I rebanned

No. 1509503

>begged by anons that often make the new threads but you guys always ignore it

No. 1509526

What does that have to do with what I said? it wasn't a rule before, if it was asked for fine, but it wasn't a rule. Thats all i'm saying, now it is. Lets not derail further on this

No. 1509599

File: 1677387966540.png (2.46 MB, 1494x1170, Screen Shot 2023-02-25 at 9.02…)

I didn't even know who Mod Sun was, but holy shit EW. Also he's 35?! He looks like a 55 year old dad going through a midlife crisis

No. 1509608

I don't even want to enlarge that image…so I just won't. Ew.

No. 1509610

I still can't get over avril marrying the guy from Nickelback.

No. 1509629

File: 1677391229589.png (967.39 KB, 1040x832, 1677365916493542.png)

It's official, Luna Lovegood is based

No. 1509683

AHHHHHHHHH I love her so much, I’m so glad to see a younger female celebrity speaking out

No. 1509694

Finally a sane opinion!
I wish they would call it womens right row though. Or be honest about how tras threaten her.

No. 1509698

No wonder she was always my favorite character

No. 1509718

Thank goodness. She's going to be harrassed no doubt, unfortunately. I desperately hope this inspires other famous women to voice their support of JK. I'm hoping she stays strong and doesn't backtrack.

No. 1509738

File: 1677404669753.jpeg (336.96 KB, 828x1138, 29184294-B090-481C-86AD-CA2091…)

Michael Mando has been fired from his upcoming apple tv series.
>Sources say the Better Call Saul alum, who was set to star in the eight-episode series from Ridley Scott, was dismissed from the show following a clash with a co-star. Mando’s role has been recast, with Narcos alum Wagner Moura set to take on the part. Moura will reteam with Apple after previously appearing in Shining Girls for the streamer.
>Sources said Mando, who played Nacho on all six seasons of AMC’s Better Call Saul, was let go after an on-set incident. Producers attempted to smooth things out, and the decision was made to let Mando go from the series and recast the role.
>Oscar nominee Brian Tyree Henry stars in the series… Mando was poised to play Manny Cespedes, a good-hearted friend of Ray’s (Henry), who he first met when they did time together in the youth authority. That role will now go to Moura. Marin Ireland, Kate Mulgrew, Amir Arison, Ving Rhames, Dustin Nguyen, Nesta Cooper, Idris Debrand, Liz Caribel and Will Pullen round out the cast.
Posting because he’s husbando to a lot of the nonnas here.

No. 1509742

Oh no, that's a shame. I can't wait for someone to spill what actually went down.

No. 1509745

Wonder what he did

No. 1509748

The prevailing theory right now is that something went down between him and Brian Tyree Henry. He’s rumoured to be a pretentious asshole and Mando is very earnest but also intense, I can easily picture something going down between the two of them and production kicking the guy with the lower billing. I guess all we can do is wait and see.

No. 1509810

Avril dating this man is the weirdest throwback, because I remember when he dated this "model"/"internet celeb"/vintage lolcow Hanna Beth back in 2015 or so. According to his Wikipedia page he was also in a polyamorous relationship with Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau, both of whom are 10 years younger than him, of course. Avril's taste in men is questionable at best

No. 1509835

>He’s rumoured to be a pretentious asshole
goddammit really? that's sad to hear, I imagined him being not too different from his role as paper boi who was chill. what a shame because I like both actors. Hopefully we can get more details on what went down

No. 1509846

File: 1677417236602.jpg (139.22 KB, 1056x680, nick.JPG)

No. 1509860

File: 1677418899704.jpg (1.81 MB, 4654x2308, JUt1xV6gtm3o1FfG.jpg)

>teehee, I'm not like other girls, I like ugly moids
God she's so fucking annoying

No. 1509865

I wish this ostrich ass bitch would disappear already. Lips look like were filled with herpes instead of filler. It's so disgusting, imagine the STDs.

No. 1509871

>a hungry alien
KEK nonnie

No. 1509872

How nice of her to blatantly call her own bf ugly. She seems so kind.

No. 1509874

It’s a pretty common thing for women to talk about how they like “medium ugly” men these days. But at her old age it’s less quirky and silly and this just comes off as mean spirited, especially because Eric doesn’t seem like a terrible dude, just a shitty comedian (no y chromes are funny)

Anon you sound like a bitter moid. I implore you to do better.

No. 1509888

I just assume all of the harry Potter film-anyone who worked on it is getting harassed in general. The men who have chopped off their cocks&balls that call themselves women have been screeching for years.

No. 1509891

We're far past that point. SHE HAS HORRIBLE TASTE IN MEN!

No. 1509902

She got her 10 seconds of fame for that gross blurred lines video. How has she managed to get in the spotlight for another 5?

No. 1509903

File: 1677422134887.webm (581.89 KB, 576x1024, tiktokdownload.online_16774218…)

you know her relationship with eric andre is only gonna last for a few months and then be forgotten about, her real soul male is her son who she definitely projects upon
>the caption for this tiktok was "My date knows how to take care of me ❤️"

No. 1509913

File: 1677422863635.png (887.6 KB, 1440x1877, Screenshot_20230226-084717.png)

No. 1509914

File: 1677422902010.png (414.21 KB, 1440x1179, Screenshot_20230226-084810.png)

No. 1509920

Ayrt, boy moms are so bizarre, I hope I have only girls bc this shit is just so weird

No. 1509925

>His swagger was gone
When did he ever have any

No. 1509931

His narcissist ass thinks extremely highly of himself.

No. 1509933

File: 1677424336385.jpg (139.15 KB, 853x1280, e0cb1f608b043051cc285c94e97731…)

No. 1509937

it's simple really, Every relationship she has had with a male in her life has been awful, as they only saw her for her body, so she feels that the only person who shows her unrequited love is her son, and she will then use him as a surrogate husband.

No. 1509938

I frankly hate both of them and wish that they would spend one year in a labor camp

No. 1509940

… not wishing them death. Wtf?

No. 1509941

File: 1677424744750.png (691.2 KB, 1440x1367, Screenshot_20230226-091825.png)

Yep. It's really gross and fucked up.

No. 1509942

the ugliest man she's dated was her neanderthal caveman cheater ex, her ugly current boyfriends are handsome by comparison

No. 1509944

I'm not that heartless, I genuinely wealth and materialism corrupts the soul of people and that hard labor will fix it

No. 1509945

No. 1509946

>kardashian curse
god i fucking hate the "they ruin every mens life uwu!" narrative
>kanye thinks he's a god and is so close to commiting a cult massmurdersuicide
>kim's back then ex was ok with showing his gf in a porn
>tyga is a borderline pedo and a cheater
>khloe's dude cheated on her mutliple times and got his sidepiece pregnant
>scott is a (probably also cheating) alcoholic who immediately fucked an 18yo after breaking up with the mom of the kids he never cared about
>bruce wore his teen daughters clothes and did god knows what in them

No. 1509947

Davison always trashes his exes. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1509948

This and so much more. Yeah there's a lot of stuff. I agree.

No. 1509955

File: 1677425818062.png (1.49 MB, 1439x1698, Screenshot_20230226-093600.png)

No. 1509957

File: 1677426104798.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2125, Screenshot_20230226-094113.png)

No. 1509962

File: 1677426767542.png (261.09 KB, 582x540, Screenshot (33).png)

So here's some actual milk, Julia Fox who once went on a rant about how people who call out "hollyweird" are just paranoid nutjobs has come to the defense of her friend and long time sponsor Alexander wang, who has been accused of 11 counts of sexual assault and date rape (7 men, 3 women 1 FTM)

No. 1509964

Nobody takes her seriously or listens to anything that air-head has to say. I can't wait till her 15 seconds are up.

No. 1509967

I was rooting for her when she stood for Amber Heard, wtf. It'd be something if he said the allegations weren't proven but if she really does believe them to be true and still defends him, that's on her.

No. 1509997

File: 1677428750573.png (94.59 KB, 1604x420, Screenshot 2023-02-26 at 16.24…)


No. 1510003

File: 1677429024705.png (1.34 MB, 1440x2624, Screenshot_20230226-103003.png)

No. 1510007

>man was violently racist screaming slurs to black strangers in fucking recording in multiple videos. came into beauty scene just to harass random women for years over the dumbest shit calling them cunts and stuff over lipgloss. literally being constantly told he is the second coming of jesus because hes gay and does shitty eye makeup.
>libfems say "but hes funny. hes my problematic fave!" the whole time
>man says they/them is stupid
>libfems are saying he is the devil
its almost comical>>1509997

No. 1510010

So that's official now? Saying that enbies are delusional is worse than being a raging racist and sexist asshole for years who paid a straight guy to pretend to date him?

No. 1510012

Trannies are THE MOST oppressed group EVER in history, didn't you know? They're being GENOCICED as we speak!

No. 1510014

Jeffree just killed at least a thousand trannies.

No. 1510023

NOOOOOO I just literally finished BCS today and was waiting to finally see him in a new role nonas I'm going to starve

No. 1510024

No. 1510025

What they forgot is that, above all else, he’s a “cis” white male. He also chooses to live on a ranch in Wyoming, so I feel like that says enough about him as a person.

No. 1510028

I guess after the MM case is over. He'll have a clean slate, be vindicated and free. That's how it's looking.

No. 1510029

Kek, Jeffree has had a LOOOONNNGG career, where multiple people rubbed shoulders with him and ignored or hand waved his "racism", but this..this is beyond. Oh my god, he was transphobic?
We all know nowadays troons can be openly racist but don't talk about the twannies. Edgy youtubers can say the N-word on twitter but don't miswender a traswnwoman, too far man, too far!

No. 1510032

No. 1510042

File: 1677431171079.jpg (390.61 KB, 1440x1574, Screenshot_20230226_110255_Fir…)

Drake betting on Logan Paul. I can just tell. These 2 made passionate love to eachother. Why else would one throw $400K at logan for? Papi Fruity needs to come out of his closet. Fruity tooty booty.

No. 1510049

This. I can't stand Jeffree but I also hate these delusional, narcissistic trannies and libfem handmaidens

No. 1510059

You sound like a pornsick moid defending this nasty behavior. What sane person takes naked thirst traps with their son for Instagram likes? and only got famous for being underage in that video where she now claims she was sexualized?? How could anybody even try to defend this type of shit! ?

No. 1510081

>What sane person takes naked thirst traps with their son for Instagram likes?
what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1510101

File: 1677436893859.png (167.92 KB, 1017x551, CAPTURE.png)

>Alexander Wang releases response to sexual assault claims via Instagram
Surprised to see that he's not even denying it

No. 1510109

The pic has been posted in these threads before, it's repulsive. Look for yourself if you want to, but it's twisted and extremely disturbing.

No. 1510112

taking her son to a feminist art show with naked women bodies, "I'm sure that will scar the baby for life"

No. 1510114

Talking about the one of her fully naked with her son in the bathtub that caused alot of drama on Instagram.. It seems to be gone but it's been posted here.

No. 1510115

Bunch of men were commenting how they wish they were the baby, wanted to be breastfed by her etc really nasty things were in the comments for a while. Just didn't find it appropriate to share with millions of people.

No. 1510116

lil bit embarrassed about my aw purse right about now

No. 1510129

You didn't know. It's not your fault.

No. 1510130


Unconditional nonny

No. 1510152

If she had never bought that purse none of this would have happened

No. 1510163

>polyamorous relationship with Bella Thorne and Tana Mongeau
oh fuck, i remember hearing about that. i didn't care about any of them at that time, just knew about bella thorne. didn't really know how to react to that.

No. 1510166

because somehow she built a career out of that and panders to moids

No. 1510184

File: 1677443864134.png (706.02 KB, 634x923, 68088195-11794151-Stunning_Jan…)

Janelle Monae's looking good again these days. Hope the non-binary BS is done with.

No. 1510213

>paid a straight guy to pretend to date him?
for real ? this is the only one i didn't know about kek is that true

No. 1510216

She's supported her openly since the beginning, but it's actually amazing to see her do some action. Based Luna Lovegood! She truly was the best girl in Harry Potter.

No. 1510222

I wish they would call it pro women movement instead of anti trans, because they make it look like a hate movement, which is what normies will think looking at this headline, vs pro women/feminist movement. Based Evanna however.

No. 1510223

At this point, all the women are just as responsible and idiotic as this disgusting man. I hope he dies soon

No. 1510233

There were rumors that the boyfriend we see on a bunch of older videos was just gay for pay, but I don't remember if that was confirmed or not. That guy was probably so high from whatever drugs he was taking he didn't even process everything going on. At least I hope so because Jeffree is ugly as fuck, I can't imagine anyone touching him with a ten foot pole unless they don't have a choice.

No. 1510244

Nate is a bisexual chaser. Even when him and Jeffrey broke up he was following tranny pornstars and jeffrees black basketball player bf, said that Jeffree said that Nate was constantly texting/cheating with Trans and biological women. Nate said himself he was attracted to jeffree because his look, a scrore whose not a tranny but with a fake ass and everything but breasts.
Nate probably stayed longer because the money, but he's not straight and there's no such thing as gay for pay idc. I now believe Nate was genuinely attracted to Jeffree because he likes GNC men aka Troon/drag queens. He likes men with dicks and wigs. As well as actual women.

No. 1510266

It didn't seem like any cheating was going on. They kinda had an open relationship type deal and would regularly have threesomes & whatnot. I am not sure why the relationship ended but it appeared that j-star got tired of Nate's BS-whatever it was and cut him off.

J-star was def ONE OF nate's MANY sugar mama/daddy's. I assume Nate has more than one-a sugar baby usually does. It's not smart to keep all your eggs in one basket.

No. 1510272

I also believe that rumor that Nate slept with Nikita dragon they probably had a threescore. Shit he probably slept with Nates brother too

No. 1510340

Jake lost by decision, Drake's curse holds true

No. 1510566

File: 1677480162923.jpg (626.13 KB, 2200x999, zendaya (2).jpg)

Hope you nonnas won't mind if I post some SAG awards looks. doesn't seem like there's much going on itt anyway
First is Zendaya. I both of these are beautiful, and even though I didn't include a closeup of it, the makeup was also stunning. I really appreciate seeing some necklaces.

No. 1510567

File: 1677480237932.jpg (289.04 KB, 1365x2048, cate (2).jpg)

Cate Blanchett. Like the dress, don't like the lady.

No. 1510570

File: 1677480313793.jpg (299.8 KB, 1364x2048, michelle.jpg)

Michelle Yeoh. Someone glued crinkle cut fries to her.

No. 1510572

File: 1677480462469.jpg (274.01 KB, 1365x2048, cara.jpg)

Cara Delevingne. She looks..sober? And she's wearing something that looks great and isn't goofy?

No. 1510573

What has she done?

No. 1510574

File: 1677480680964.jpg (251.77 KB, 1365x2048, CLAIRE.jpg)

Claire Foy. I think the last time she was posted itt we said that her dress had a poor fit, and unfortunately I think she's having the same issue again. I also don't really like the color. Perhaps it's cause I'm used to seeing her in historical roles, but I think she should try something old Hollywood-ish.

No. 1510575

shes not a good actress or singer but fuck this look is crazy. she is fucking gorgeous. honestly should do modeling instead of that kardashian girl who pretends to be emrata. guess im finally team zendaya. she really is worth the hype as far as being insanely pretty.

No. 1510577

File: 1677480946260.jpg (300.63 KB, 1366x2048, angela.jpg)

Angela Bassett doing the thing. Not much to say except she looks stunning and I like the clutch.

No. 1510580

File: 1677481210114.jpg (288.66 KB, 1522x2048, amanda.jpg)

Our queen. I really don't like this though.

No. 1510582

I used to find the hype for her overblown but she looks great here.
I love seeing black women with more subdued makeup instead of the crazy drag queen shit they push on all of them. She really grew into her features.

No. 1510584

I love the cut of that dress, and the color looks gorgeous on her

No. 1510585

File: 1677481557527.jpg (94.64 KB, 680x956, fran.jpg)

Fran Drescher. I love her, took me a minute to warm up to the dress but I like that too.

No. 1510586

File: 1677481632829.jpg (381.53 KB, 1365x2048, aubrey plaza.jpg)

Aubrey Plaza. Very pretty. I never feel blown out of the water with her, but I feel like she does just enough.

No. 1510587

I didn’t defend her. Can you read? I just said it’s common for women to say they like ugly men, but it’s tacky and cringe that she’s doing it. Take your meds schizo.

No. 1510588

File: 1677481757796.jpg (329.55 KB, 1365x2048, lisa ann walter elain hendrix.…)

Elaine Hendrix and Lisa Ann Walter having a little reunion!

No. 1510590

>shes not a good actress
I thought she was really good on Euphoria, she mimicked an addict so well she reminded me of a family member who used to struggle with addiction.

No. 1510592

File: 1677482147194.jpg (474.03 KB, 2048x1028, abbott.jpg)

And here's the rest of the Abbott Elementary cast. They all always look collectively great at these shows, but I wish dude would take that hat off.

No. 1510597

File: 1677482698330.jpg (256.16 KB, 1500x548, sag awards 1.jpg)

Ok, so as to not spam the thread I will just group some of these together (and also because there weren't many bad looks at the SAG). From left to right, Emily Blunt, Stephanie Hsu, Jenna Ortega, Jennifer Coolidge. I really like Jennifer's hair.

No. 1510599

What the fuck is this dress?? So boxy and ugly. Boring.

No. 1510603

File: 1677483274373.jpg (208.8 KB, 1500x534, sag wards 2 (1).jpg)

Ana De Armas, Brendan Fraser (He won something for The Whale), Viola Davis, Rat.

No. 1510604

File: 1677483446686.jpg (231.23 KB, 1365x2048, uh.jpg)

Last one I'll post. Tallie Medel (actually thought it was Lena Dunham), in whatever the hell this is. What a way to fuck up a beautiful top.

No. 1510639

>shaia and hammer apologist
>anti woke
Have some standards nonna

No. 1510645

Nta but what's wrong with being "anti woke?" The "woke" crowd are the ones shoving tranny shit down everyone's throats, and pushing the narrative that sex work is empowering and not degrading for women.

No. 1510647

did she actually defend hammer? i thought she just did some shitty joke mocking him or something

No. 1510650

outfit is not doing her favors but she has a really cute face. indeed looking like the version of Lena Dunham that isn't retarded.

No. 1510682

Sober? The eyes give me a ”half bottle of whiskey later” kinda vibe.

No. 1510744

File: 1677505895185.webm (3.64 MB, 760x480, CEDpi.caa (1).webm)

Sam and Aaron Taylor-Johnson respond to criticism of their age gap

>The pair began dating over a decade ago, when Aaron was a young actor making his name in the business and Sam was an established director. Aaron was about 18 when he met his now wife, who is 20 years older than him, on the set of the John Lennon biopic Nowhere Boy. While some people didn't quite agree with their relationship, given the considerable age gap, they went on to have two children together.

>King remarked that he himself is 26 years older than his wife, and felt that it's only because in this case it's the woman who is older than the man that people seemed so bothered by it. Agreeing, Sam, 55, says: "I feel like it’s one of the last taboos.
>“I feel like everyone comes at me with it in most interviews.
>“It’s interesting because, like you said, I’m sure people don’t ask you often but they do ask me.
>“It makes people feel like they should have something to say and have an opinion on it."

>Aaron then jumps in, saying he has never felt as though there's some chasm between them.

>"I've never really noticed," the 32-year-old says. "I've never really noticed an age gap at all.
>"Spiritually, on a level, I feel like we've only ever been connected as soul mates, so I've never really noticed."
>When asked if they were 'angry' by the reaction of the media, Aaron said it just didn't concern him.
>The Bullet Train star added: "I think you just learn to… from that point onwards… I sort of didn't really pay attention to anything that had to be said about… cause I don't really care.
>"And also, I know that then I'm not following… I'm doing what's natural to me and instinctive to me. I know that I'm following my own voice. And we do it together, so it's never really bothered me."

No. 1510747

Janelle is seriously one of the prettiest celeb women out there to me and I like her music a lot, but her pretentious nonbinary bullshit is too much

No. 1510763

Hard to take them seriously when she cheated on her husband and abandoned her kids for ATJ.

No. 1510767

>cheating on her husband for atj
based tbh (abandoning kids is unbased tho). but all that aside isn't atj rumored to have cheated on her too

No. 1510804

File: 1677514051231.gif (360.79 KB, 220x141, im-smoking-the-mask.gif)

I am laughing my ass off imagining him spouting off one liners from the Mask while having sex.

No. 1510814

i thought stephanie hsu was sitting on a chair to pose til i looked closer lol. Not a big deal just thought it was funny and she looks great

No. 1510839

LOVE this corset top, but why would they style it like this? Ill-fitting pants, ugly SCUFFED shoes, and mall-tier jewelry?? I don't know ho this person is but her stylist and her makeup artist must hate her. This had the potential to look cute as a pants-corset ensemble but they blew it. I guess they're hiring randos off the street to style celebs now.

No. 1510973

herpes sucks because its forever but in terms of stds it's not that bad.. like it's not going to kill you or do any real damage, it's basically a skin condition with an inordinate amount of stigma. like 15% of the population has herpes and they're not all killing themselves lol. someone is going to accuse me of having herpes but i promise i dont kek. a close friend of mine does though and it sucks seeing how much mental suffering/stigma comes w it because it really is just a contagious rash, gross but not worth feeling like youre unlovable bc of it. plus a huge amount of women get it from cheating/lying boyfriends or sexual assault so it doesnt help anyone to keep the stigma of it being a disgusting freak condition. just my two cents

No. 1510987

File: 1677529885990.png (802.56 KB, 1080x968, elon.png)

Elon trying to act relatable with twitter memes is the most bizarre thing

No. 1510992

File: 1677530174277.png (287.83 KB, 492x746, Screen Shot 2023-02-27 at 12.2…)

omg that profile. the baby is adorable, though

No. 1510999

Well this sucks, i really hope it was just some kind of disagreement and not something horrible, that would suck of the anons who had crushes on him.

It's ok, you don't have to defend her. It's fair to say she doesn't do a whole lot to warrant her celebrity status and she is fucked in the head. I really hope her covert incestuous bond with her son doesn't get out of hand one day. She really needs therapy.

Agreed. These moids know what they are getting into when they date a Kardashian, they tend to attract the most repulsive men in the first place.

No. 1511031

Something that has always baffled me about the Kardashians is the scrotiness of just about every single man every one of them has dated/married. I mean, I know they need to have drama and conflicts for clicks and views, and views = money, but with the sheer amount of wealth they collectively have with their billionaire empire, and the millions of men who would gladly cater to Kim & krew, it's shocking none of them have ever ended up with some super-rich yet polite guy who isn't a celebrity. You could basically buy a perfect boyfriend or husband at that point. But yet they keep ending up with these low empathy athletes and entertainers, because it rakes in more media attention, I guess? I wonder what it must be like to have your entire life be one big PR move. I wonder if any of them truly resent it deep down and wishes things were different. Then again, if I were a billionaire celebrity I'd probably just laugh my way to the bank, too.

No. 1511035

It's lonely at the top but the reality of life is- that -they can't stay at the top FOREVER!

No. 1511050

File: 1677536287790.jpg (168.01 KB, 1098x937, harry.jpg)

This is going to be milky

No. 1511066

>King remarked that he himself is 26 years older than his wife, and felt that it's only because in this case it's the woman who is older than the man that people seemed so bothered by it. Agreeing, Sam, 55, says: "I feel like it’s one of the last taboos.
it's like they're purposely ignoring that the issue that most people have with it is that she groomed a teenager ick. also much older males with much younger women are (and rightfully should be) criticized. look at leo decaprio.

No. 1511071

he's so annoying. people falling for his schtick is how he's so popular among idiots

No. 1511087

File: 1677539643748.jpg (63.69 KB, 650x780, SAG-AWARDS-AWARDS-2023.jpg)

Btw, Adam Sandler was at the SAG too. When's the last time he's even been seen in public?

No. 1511088

it was that combined with how he treated her. She would have nightmares after their first breakup that he would assault and then kill her. He also gave her other STDs. Not to mention there's speculation he might have HIV or AIDS and that's one of the things they're not disclosing he gave her

No. 1511089

jfc Maté used to be well respected. probably some PR bullshit put together by their publishers to promote their new books (same publisher I believe).

No. 1511094

Tired of him, I really feel like Meghan should be the only one allowed to make public appearances and do interviews. He should stay quietly at home or something.

No. 1511100

File: 1677540823081.jpeg (378.4 KB, 828x868, ADC33701-D3C2-4A74-A9E5-19B237…)

let’s hope they just keep him in there until he dies.

No. 1511104

Tbh I love the shoes, just not in this setting. Like with a midi skirt and some socks I think that would be an adorably hodgepodge little outfit, with her hair it just kind fits. BUT way too casual for a red carpet.

No. 1511106

I hope she gets back on track with life, she looks lovely here.

No. 1511108

Tbh I'm shocked he's wearing a suit, whenever I've seen pictures of him at events he dresses like a slob (that is, way too casual).

No. 1511120

Ok, this is epic.

No. 1511135

I hear where you're coming from cause I know someone with it too, the worst part for her seems to be finding a partner. Most people don't want to be with someone they can get an std from so the only available partners are ones that already have it, which is probably difficult to vet out and often times the men with herpes are complete man whores. But yeah it's not like an end-your-life-now kind of std but I would cut a man's dick off at least for infecting someone without informing them, wish she was able to sue him or something.

No. 1511137

File: 1677544738296.jpg (170.25 KB, 720x863, 20230227_231711.jpg)

Living for his spiral into insanity like Dostoevsky character, hope he gets tormented every day in prison

No. 1511139

Aww man this is just too good, this is literally the only good thing to happen this year so far I stg. I can't even put my glee over this into words. Amazing.

No. 1511146

He initially paid her an unnamed stipend, it just wasn't enough. Then he claimed she lied about having contracted it from him without ever fully disproving he had it, and he gave her several others, all of which again, he never disproved. She tried to claim she forged results when he's the one who it was on burden of proof of to provide clean tests. They got back together so it makes no sense for him to claim extortion and forgery. The fact that people do not see these holes of a mentally ill young woman put through the wringer by an old moid

Probably just bribed the judge and then case got dropped, family was paid off either way. She was no longer alive to testify herself.

No. 1511153

File: 1677546939720.jpg (8.14 KB, 225x225, prince of canada.jpg)

Here, I just saved you 2-3 hours of bullshit.

No. 1511160

They tried and a judge ordered it vacated.

No. 1511171

Could've all been prevented if he'd of watched Star Wars

No. 1511190

>retard moves to romania for its lack of human rights to exploit women: haha fuck yeah!!! yes!!
>same retard being thrown into a romanian hellhole prison that lacks human rights: well this fucking sucks. what the fuck.

No. 1511192

He aged terribly. Wow. RIP to the cutie I had a crush on in the movie Kickass.

No. 1511194

You mentioned this last time you posted a photo of Cate. We get it, nonnie. That dress is gorgeous.

No. 1511195

Brandan's smiling face just lights up my day. Good for him.

No. 1511197

what a fragile little man. can’t believe this is what moids say is the “top g” they look up to.

No. 1511198

And I will keep doing it. I don't like her.

No. 1511202

I want to a-log this man he's disgusting

No. 1511216

File: 1677557154886.jpeg (85.57 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b2733be777fd4bb1f5…)

I'm excited for south Park! Hell yeah Trey & Matt! Them and their crew have fresh milk overflowing! It's going to be good stuff! I just know it!

No. 1511217

Mr. Taint is in jail atm and is using part of his phone calls to have someone post tweets for him…

No. 1511241

Radio silence with MKG&MF.


No. 1511243

honestly, it's probably a good thing. everything we learned about them throughout their relationship has largely been against our will since they kept shoving it in our faces and having the media talk about it.

No. 1511244

I know but they've been non-stop attention whoring and suddenly there's nothing. The peace is nice and all but kinda eerie.

No. 1511245

machine kun gelly

No. 1511247


No. 1511254

no problem babe it made me laugh. sometimes it's the simple things kek

No. 1511255

i figure megan is now actually embarrassed for once since implying that mgk cheated and thus revealing they're not the "twin flames" they tried so hard to convince everyone they were. an anon also posted a while back >>1500080 that they were seen leaving a building together that hosts couples counseling

No. 1511257

GOOD! ILY 2!!!

No. 1511267

File: 1677560873340.png (1.93 MB, 1440x2388, Screenshot_20230227-230151.png)

No. 1511291

File: 1677561927661.jpeg (911.14 KB, 3072x3072, 0353D788-F268-408A-844B-725329…)

interestingly, that article lead me to this one:


for a summary without having to go to daily mail: megan posted the first three panels to her story, mgk shared that last one. did anyone talk about this on here? it's the first i'm hearing of it. saged for outdated milk

>Finally, the bombshell posted a final snap of the chat in which a person asked, 'Where do I find a billionaire with tattoos and a man bun and tall?'

>Before anyone could answer, the person added, 'Trick question. There ain't nunnnn.'

>That's when Megan seemingly referred to her relationship with music artist MGK, 32, as she replied, 'Mmmhmmmm that's why I stay.'

>Following up on her 'toxic' comment from earlier, a person with the initial 'J' stated, 'How you have the energy for dis I don't understand.'

>Megan quipped back, 'The traumatized and ignored child inside of me loves it,' and wrote in her Instagram Story: 'New self awareness level unlocked.' 

>Fox's better half later responded to his lady love by reposting this final photo while adding 'ily2 @meganfox,' followed by several emojis.

No. 1511323

File: 1677569420884.png (61.67 KB, 800x303, dakotawhydakota21.png)

She sounds like anti le cancel culture than anti tranny
She did that recently but before that she defended both and Depp. In fact she was always on Depp's side.

>The actor recalled her “incredible” experiences working with former costars Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer, and Shia LaBeouf, all of whom have been accused of abuse over recent years. All three actors have denied the allegations.

>She closed out the conversation by clarifying her thoughts on the issue, explaining that she finds “cancel culture” to be “such a fucking downer.”

No. 1511330

I don't know who Dakota Johnson is but she managed to have me type out her name so…

No. 1511331

Yeah that was pretty sus.

No. 1511332

File: 1677570711148.png (512.65 KB, 720x1020, 02t3g0r2g6y91.png)

Reminds me of Cate Blanchett, A Woody Allen apologist and a Roman Polanski apologist who named her son Polanski

No. 1511334

File: 1677570864472.jpeg (218.57 KB, 828x1090, 68B4A2E3-EF59-43AE-AE85-975AC4…)

No. 1511336

why is this being posted again

No. 1511338

Gross. I now can't look at Kate blanchett the same.

No. 1511340


No. 1511341


No. 1511343

he's built like big shaynus

No. 1511344

File: 1677571859923.jpg (232.29 KB, 828x1204, FklOLfDjCRBb.jpg)

>celebs stop being horrible parents challenge(imposable)

No. 1511346

She's just an all around terrible person.

No. 1511349

She's brainwashing her son into becoming a faggot, horrible parenting

No. 1511383

Can someone explain to me how is he regularly tweeting from prison?

No. 1511412

If I ever contract herpes I will straight up kill myself slowly with my favorite drugs. Is that being overdramatic

No. 1511414

Nah, I wanna do that even without herpes

No. 1511434

sus for sure but sadly not surprising. i'm sure most people recognize that two supposedly grown adults acting like lovesick teenagers was bound to be deeply unhealthy

No. 1511441

looked up the music video and the what the hell, who thinks this is a good idea for a 2 year old to watch

No. 1511454

He makes phone calls from prison and tells some schlub what he wants posted. They post it for him. Mystery solved.

No. 1511455

Yeah, I know but I was talking about those insta DM's.

No. 1511460

File: 1677596709201.png (299.35 KB, 1440x830, Screenshot_20230228-090434.png)

No. 1511465

Click "watch on youtube" dumdum

No. 1511467

File: 1677597398960.png (798.82 KB, 540x677, brandandtrumpjr.png)

Kimberly Guilfoyle posted this photo of her and Trump Jr with Russel Brand on her insta

No. 1511469

No surprises there. Russel brand is a spineless, phony, tool.

No. 1511553

Look, Sam: we already have bananas in pajamas, we don’t need bananas in daisy dukes.

No. 1511606

pete davidson dating ice spice better just be a shitty rumor. i feel so sick

No. 1511611

Who is this woman she looks like a Fox News lady

No. 1511626

File: 1677609408464.jpeg (Spoiler Image,601.62 KB, 2048x2048, B5A29878-B598-42B9-8684-EC5D87…)

Sam Smith’s Perfect mag photoshoot. It’s spoiled for safety.

No. 1511650

what a truly horrible day to have eyes

No. 1511661

My eyes are suicidal now.

No. 1511683

god he’s so ugly, humanity was a mistake.

No. 1511718

>keeps doing whatever tf this is
He's like the opposite of lolcow farm

No. 1511721

i barely bother to speak on the guy but why the hell is he promoting wearing a corset like that? both of them are laced way too fucking tight to even breathe. no one should be wearing one that way.

No. 1511724

is this a humiliation fetish? it's the only explanation I can think of for why he always insists on looking as grotesque as possible

No. 1511727

The 50 Shades of Gray woman, she's also Melanie Griffith's daughter

No. 1511731

Men are a mistake.

No. 1511737

I thought he was kinda hot in Bullet Train but I didn't even recognize him at first. Maybe it was the British accent

No. 1511748

>The traumatized and ignored child inside of me loves it
jesus christ megan have some respect for yourself

No. 1511749

He looks like he smells in all four pictures.

No. 1511751

We need to bring back bullying. Zoomers want the 2000s to come back so badly, so it's only fair we stay on-brand and bring back 2000s-style insults, too. Everyone point and laugh and call Sam Smith a fat disgusting faggot

No. 1511753

File: 1677617281230.png (2.1 MB, 1440x1854, Screenshot_20230228-144703.png)

No. 1511755

lol zoomers are so sheltered.

No. 1511761

I hate this fucking salami so much, so fucking gross who wants to see that shit

No. 1511763

Thanks for putting a spoiler up for that ham smith photo and everyone reacting. I will not be clicking on that photo. Thank you everyone.

No. 1511766

bullying still exists it's just for different things and behind the guise of being morally just. (eg, labelling people TERFs, fatphobes, fascists) for not conforming to whatever the hell this is.

we need to bring back shame. something Sam clearly lacks, and obviously not in a good way.

No. 1511769

File: 1677618465563.png (964.1 KB, 1440x1076, Screenshot_20230228-150704.png)

No. 1511771

I agree with other anons here. He's got a humiliation fetish.

No. 1511783

File: 1677619548307.webm (2.84 MB, 1080x606, 1677613507150603.webm)

I think everyone in this thread needs a mental palette cleanser. Vid related. You're all welcome.

No. 1511784

it's cute but i'm also overly skeptical about how authentic anything is regarding the k/j family. maybe it's a stretch but i can't help but think this was just subtly suggested to the kids to try to distract from the kylie/selena shit or make it seem like things are all fine and friendly. just wouldn't put it past them to use their own kids for pr. also kek at

>"[…] I'm just going to take a break from everything." (She has since returned to Instagram.)

No. 1511790

I think I’m going to start calling him Sam the Shameless Sausage.

No. 1511795

I hope her BPD overpowers his BPD and destroys him

No. 1511809

don’t know why anyone would believe this, pete is racist. i mean ice spice is barely black but still. the only reason his ugly ass is still relevant is bc of dumb twitter rumors created by the unemployed keep circulating. please let this man fade into obscurity where he belongs.

No. 1511814

>the only reason his ugly ass is still relevant is bc of dumb twitter rumors created by the unemployed keep circulating. please let this man fade into obscurity where he belongs.
i agree and am begging for this to happen. same with the other people of his tier that he's been associated with.

No. 1511815

iirc kylie jenner was laughing at selena gomez's with that bieber leech on instagram so forcing these kids to get along when k/j are known to mock selena is a little strange to me.

sage for celeb gossip

No. 1511816

>saged for celeb gossip on celebricows thread
I have brain damage forgive me nonnas

No. 1511820

exactly, just feels like a pr move. i feel sorry for those kids being brought into it.

No. 1511838

Your brains fine, honey.

No. 1511839

Please provide milk.

No. 1511840

nta but it was already posted earlier

No. 1511841

Oh. Okay.

No. 1511847

Anon he's an Irish-jew-mutt and was dating an Armenian woman(kim k) and is currently dating an Asian-mixed woman (chase sui wonders). The list goes on.

No. 1511872

File: 1677628158411.png (704.08 KB, 1440x963, Screenshot_20230228-174754.png)

Grimes autistic choice of food: spaghetti

Austin butlers autistic choice of food: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches

No. 1511874

thought pete had specifically made weird comments towards black women in the past so maybe that's what anon is referring to

No. 1511875

lol you guys got to provide sources.

No. 1511877

Please share any racist milk.

No. 1511893

>he said he's not into black women when asked
>Says black women are too strong for him
Also saying he's not "racist" for dating Kim whose still white and a half asian woman doesn't mean he can't be racist towards other types of women.
How many scrotes will date outside their race but still talk shit about other races of women? He was doing the whole, "Black women are too strong for me" thing in some old interview with Charlmange. if he's not into black women, then Ice Spice whose probably not more then half or mixxed with black, is too black for him.

No. 1511894

also he said his girlfriend yells at him like a black woman, so again, angry black woman stereotypes

No. 1511909

He likes the whole "black-lite" thing (Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, some kinds of Latina women etc), but he can't see himself gaslighting and suibaiting a black woman. This sounds like a dunk on black women, but it's ultimately a good thing. The more women spared his anus eyes and mentally ill ways, the better. He should be shilled against more groups of women until he goes prison gay and only fucks trannies.

No. 1511944

File: 1677637389323.jpg (334.84 KB, 745x2048, a4df7439b1.jpg)

Shakira's ex mother-in-law liked some tweets supporting Shakira's new song and attacking her own son
>Translation: "Sorry, but he destroyed his image on his own. If he is a douchebag that's no one's fault, only his. His career ended because he is cocky, and he thought that everyone was going to praise his cockiness. Don't blame someone else for the evil that accompanies him. Maybe he fell in love [with another girl], but that doesn't excuse his actions".

No. 1511945

Pete Davidson and mgk need to embrace their brokeback mountain love.

No. 1511948

This is what every scrote deserves. No more coddling from mothers who will defend their POS sons no matter what. If I ever have a son and he becomes a disgusting cheater despite my best efforts this would be my reaction too lol.

No. 1511954

Based mom.

No. 1511958

She seems like a very smart and accomplished woman, glad to see her not defend her son.
It doesn't take particularly nasty dialogue to say "No, he's accountable." Thank you.

No. 1511964

How is she based? Didn't she let the mistress into Shakira house? This is probably PR tricks

No. 1511969

He just needs to stop being shilled as a desirable PR boyfriend. Hell ariana, why did you have to start this trend? Not to mention his acting is subpar and his comedy leaves much to be desired. I have friends who are attracted to him and don't judge them personally, but I don't get the appeal. There are tall lanky funny men who look like they wash themselves and have souls… and then there's Pete. Why pete?

No. 1511977

Oh sweet summer child. I can't believe people are still this naive. Every single thing celebrities do is PR. Everything.

No. 1511982

There used to be a lot of famous people like that 10-15 years ago (seth rogen, will farrel, vince vaughn, kevin james, michael cera, sarah silverman…) who just played themselves in every role. Pete Davidson is kinda late to the party and those roles don't exist any more.

No. 1511984

ayrt - what? i was just saying that i do believe it could be a pr move. i wouldn't put it past the k/j family especially. i just didn't want to have myself sound like some weird tinfoiler.

No. 1511985

we live in a world where the bar is low for scrotes and people listen to shitty celebrities like they're higher beings and their word is gospel

No. 1511990

the things they dont do for PR and just because they want probably dont end up in the media because they don't want us to know or dont fit in the image they're trying to create. the things they let us know are part of the image they create in the media. especially the k/j, everything they do is thinking of PR, they're basically soulless.

No. 1511994

File: 1677644790007.jpg (Spoiler Image,15.65 KB, 320x180, sam smith's arms.jpg)

No. 1512000

File: 1677645123328.jpg (156.93 KB, 634x890, aktu5-cj6w4.jpg)

No. 1512002

File: 1677645192680.webm (3.73 MB, 1080x1920, Snapinsta.app_320292513_758805…)

sage for OT I have much younger nieces and nephews and I've never seen a two year old look as serious as Julia Fox's kid, he has an intense state

No. 1512020

well i agree and believe that's plausible, i'm just confused why >>1511977 was replying to me like i didn't think the k/j family are soulless shills who operate on pr. unless she was meaning to reply to >>1511769 instead.

No. 1512029

File: 1677648463255.jpeg (79.35 KB, 800x1056, 167764826194652850.jpeg)

… just remembering pic related and having a chuckle.

No. 1512065

Nta but we gotta retire this phrase
>Oh sweet summer child.
It's very annoying and gay

No. 1512139

this always happens when women go too gaga over a man publicly. off the top of my head Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, and Kylie Minogue and whoever that much younger guy she dated. i got a sense when they went all over tv and magazines talking about how great their man was, that he would cheat and end it and it happened every time

No. 1512145

I'm sorry Nonna but these look like shoes that linecooks wear and I have to say it

No. 1512147

Agree with this. It's so annoying and reddity.

No. 1512166

File: 1677676938383.webm (7.62 MB, 828x714, h2.webm)

This was so funny I don't care

No. 1512174

imagine if hailey said ay of the shit about selena that selena has said about her in the last week or so, why are you covering for selena who is just openly trying to bully her exes wife because she’s fat, barren, and bitter, hailey has only ever mentioned her to praise her and try to cover for selena’s bullshit

No. 1512192

i side-eye anyone who sides with selena on this. she’s literally promoting hate against another woman because she’s jealous she can’t get that woman’s man. it’s gross and she needs to move on and stop drinking or she’ll need ANOTHER donor.

No. 1512193

Recently there was a bad celebrity bosses series on snapchat where they claimed that Selena has seas of bottles in her apartment and that she trashes every hotel room she stays in even if it's just one night.

No. 1512204

File: 1677683995548.jpg (239.68 KB, 1287x799, VzadLdPF4nc.jpg)

this reminds me of something, I'm surprised more people don't talk about the fact that Emrata's father groomed his underage high school students, She talks about it on Howard Stern, although she and Stern treat it like totally normal and not creepy at all. She’s just like “but he was tall, smart and handsome!” and she's not estranged form her either, he's very involved in her life and helps raise her son from time to time
This is why I don't trust any celeb woman who says she "support other women" and then uniquely associates with abusers and rapists

No. 1512223

Selena drank herself to kidney failure, took a friend's kidney just to dump her and ignore her afterwards. She's also super ugly and fat so I don't get how she gets any support. Lana gained a little weight and everyone hated on her but Selena being a drunk whale is somehow something I'm supposed to feel bad towards? No thanks.
She's obviously jealous of Kendall for her body and weight and that blonde girl for marrying Justin.

No. 1512225

Her behaviour alone is abhorrent.

No. 1512226

File: 1677686570193.jpg (170.13 KB, 741x739, 5486.jpg)

No. 1512232

File: 1677686918724.jpg (272.53 KB, 1221x2048, FqJWhE_acAE77vt.jpg)

No. 1512243

File: 1677687748811.jpg (27.43 KB, 497x336, Dn9tGWvU0AA2oLS.jpg)

how do people not see that he's just filming his own personal porn? is everyone alive retarded?
he always has sexualized depictions of teenage characters, one ana tranny thrown in, age gap relationships and for some fucking reason wokies will considered his pretentious crap to be super deep and complex, seriously you shouldn't be allowed to fucking vote if you watch euphoria

No. 1512254

You said it might be a stretch so I assumed that you meant …exactly what that means. It's not a stretch at all

Terminally online take. I have no iea what faggoty redditors are doing, it's a common phrase. It is pretty gay though I will admit

No. 1512259

Can you elaborate more? Just saying he groomed students with no link and just a pic of him with her baby.
Just another reason to find her despicable, she's so nasty and unattractive imo. Her personality is the worst part.

No. 1512266

why is it on this site whenever someone gets called racist a retard immediately jumps up defending them. I understand this site is filled with tradthots who racebait themselves but damn.

No. 1512271

He's trying to be like gaspar noe or harmony korine so bad. I can't wait for his downfall.

No. 1512273

File: 1677689633960.jpg (67.15 KB, 598x490, 1640773564913.jpg)

This is trying so hard. He is just another wonky white man lol, and the part you left out in your insistence that he's a "mutt" is German.

No. 1512288

nta but he's literally jewish though, a lot of jewish people work in Hollywood that's really not new information for anyone

No. 1512296

Ashkenazi Jewish people are in European ancestry, and plenty of them will openly acknowledge that they are white (especially if/when it's socially convenient). The whole insistence that they're "not white" or "POC" is dishonest, especially in a country like America where most people have bits of DNA from all over, but will still be known as what they physically present as (and what culture they embody/relate most to). Pete didn't even know he was Jewish until later in life, there's no point in trying to "brown" him. Next that anon might as well insist "Btw I'm part cherokee uwu" revokes any random WASP person's white card.

No. 1512297

File: 1677691453326.png (1.02 MB, 922x1152, 7 Hair and Beauty Trends From …)

I don't get Selena's bitterness, it's obvious Hailey is being treated like shit by Bieber who has a serious case of arrested development since he got so famous so young. It's not even speculation you can find plenty video evidence of Justin being a dick to her, mocking her, belittling her, humiliating her by making sexual comments on live, etc. I guess it's easier to hate on your ex's new partner, especially if she's a model with a paper thin personality and send your rabbid fans after her than to come out once and for all and expose Justin for the trashy person he is.

No. 1512305

this of OT but Jewish are still a very insular group and he only claims that he found out he was Jewish later in life and frankly I don't buy it, for most cases it doesn't matter but with regards to Hollywood it does because they are vastly over represented

No. 1512306

should have explained it better, You have to listen to the stern show with her guest starring but she basically says he flirted with students and then dated a few of them once they graduated and I remember she talked about it very casually as if it wasn't a huge marked red flag

No. 1512308

And this photo and others like it explains the thread pic.

No. 1512310

Her stomach freaks me out so much. She looks like a clone.

No. 1512311

Ew, is he really a manlet? I know Daniel radcliffe is like 5'5, which is insane to me. How tall is Taylor?

No. 1512313

I miss early Destiny child days so much. What a time to be alive.

No. 1512314

File: 1677693261834.jpg (572.54 KB, 2512x1413, 1390929938.jpg)

looks about 5'7 at most

No. 1512319

I always thought Pete had the famous "middle eastern sad eyes" which checks out since he's partially jewish. Bella hadid and her brother also had very similar eyeshapes which is common in middle eastern people. I'm not trying to racebait, my point is that I dont think most western people can tell middle eastern ethnic features unless someone has a classic middle eastern nose.

No. 1512325

It's true that Bella and Gigi are both just read as white to most people who aren't ME (even pre-surgery), most other European people (outside of maybe scandi countries) just wouldn't side-eye them or someone like Pete.

No. 1512326

even in my "brown" country we recognize that Middle Eastern people distinct looking, my father to referred it as "shem ka shakal"

No. 1512328

The Weeknd and Sam Levinson are getting shit, what did they do?

No. 1512331

Sam Levinson is a petty untalented porn addict who writes his porn scripts and disdain for teenage girls and handsome guys for big budget media and gets praised for being "subversive" and the weekend is a slightly more talented porn addict with an asian girl fetish

No. 1512340

File: 1677696142860.webm (707.38 KB, 474x270, 7AgFxUqA9MRaMcxj.webm)

The way he tries to write "bad ass/tough" female characters is also something I hate, its always these scrawny teenage looking girls with booty shorts making men submit through their sexuality of waif-fu

No. 1512341

File: 1677696147870.jpeg (427.17 KB, 828x975, 74D0C28D-C4E7-410C-BC5A-902552…)

No. 1512345

Am I supposed to believe that these characters are in high school? kek what is this shit? I don't get why Euphoria got so popular because before the first episode was released everyone was shit talking it.

No. 1512346

File: 1677696504868.jpeg (137.76 KB, 592x841, 707B088B-41BE-46FD-A08F-F31642…)

>Reports began emerging that The Weeknd was unhappy with the show's "female perspective" that centered Lily Rose's character and called for reshoots — something that he was able to do, as co-creator. New cast members, such as BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Schitt’s Creek’s Dan Levy, were added. Teaser trailers began to drop praising the "sick and twisted minds" of Levinson and The Weeknd.
>Such rewrites reportedly included "extreme" sexual and violent content. In one draft episode, that was reportedly shot, there was allegedly a scene where Lily Rose's character was hit in the face by The Weeknd's and then asked to be beaten more, which gave his character an erection. Another suggestion was reportedly for Lily Rose's character to carry an egg in her vagina, which, if it broke, would result in The Weeknd's character refusing to "rape" her leading for her to beg for it, believing it was the cause of her success (this allegedly wasn't shot because Lily Rose would have had to physically insert the egg).

No. 1512347

It's like he watched Blonde and realised he could get away with so much more. I don't think the general public will take kindly to idol. I hate this man so much.

No. 1512353

kek even skins uk had managed to somehow be more realistic than shitty euphoria.

No. 1512355

The show itself can be pretty decent when they decide to focus on Rue, minus the troon, Lexi and Fezco. Outside that, it either makes me roll my eyes, gag in disgust or is just admittedly fun trainwreck of a show. It's 50/50.

No. 1512363

File: 1677697809799.jpeg (125.61 KB, 1276x806, E747D863-C6C0-41DC-AE61-7156A4…)

No. 1512377

File: 1677699164358.jpg (114.41 KB, 729x671, cronenberg.jpg)

I'm pretty sure this is just PR. They are baiting women to get triggered by rape. All the incels are going to defend Sam "instagram filter" Levinson. He's already being compared to Cronenberg by filmbros who like rape.
Just like Blonde.

No. 1512398

>The Weeknd was unhappy with the show's "female perspective"
I don't know these men but they seem braindead and addicted to porn. Seems like men really don't know shit about art.

No. 1512447

Porn addiction does in fact cause brain damage.

No. 1512462

I wish Selina's "friend" didn't give up her organ. I don't think selina is long for this world and unless she has a black-market-organ seller on speed-dial I'd say it's pretty much over for her.

No. 1512467

All she has to do is go to china

No. 1512474

Mexico has cartels. I am sure that they have a big supply and demand.

No. 1512479

Your pfp is showing, excellent taste in movies though lol

No. 1512488

File: 1677704475302.png (1.46 MB, 1420x2210, Screenshot_20230301-150050.png)

No. 1512495

Who are the men greenlighting this pig's work? They are just as guilty.

No. 1512497

Lmao, I'm banned on twitter, so you can't find me.

No. 1512509

Damn, is it too late for me to pitch my show idea to HBO then? It's a rewriting of Story of the Eye set in an american high school.

No. 1512553

File: 1677710904551.jpg (133.95 KB, 737x685, weeknd.jpg)

No. 1512562

Can someone make a show where this guy and Sam Levinson get their cheeks spread wide and destroyed by power drills in jail? I think that'd be very challenging, subversive and artistic.

No. 1512564

File: 1677711571354.png (938.01 KB, 1439x2038, Screenshot_20230301-165831.png)

No. 1512567

File: 1677711744585.png (950.28 KB, 1439x1812, Screenshot_20230301-170206.png)

No. 1512573

kek even the acting in just that little clip was harry styles level of bad acting.

No. 1512606

File: 1677714944318.jpg (227.49 KB, 683x1024, Tradesy Showroom Opening gqaWB…)

illma gore really fucked ERW's shit up BADLY! DAMN!

No. 1512614

Who is that and what did she do?

No. 1512620

File: 1677717028714.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2259, Screenshot_20230301-183009.png)

No. 1512623

Use a search engine.

No. 1512628

blonde was nowhere near as graphic or filthy as euphoria…

No. 1512667

File: 1677723029724.png (1.96 MB, 1440x1704, Screenshot_20230301-201017.png)

Idk. I just don't believe the lead singer from otep is lying tbqh.


No. 1512682

The 2020's version of "u mad bro?" Cringe

No. 1512733

>This scene also was not filmed because production couldn’t find a way to realistically shoot the scene without having Depp physically insert the egg, another source explains.
i hate myself for cackling at this but it's so absurd i thought i was reading the onion

No. 1512736

No. 1512891

Brendan looks good. Good for him.

I appreciate you nona for always bringing us the looks. I like these collages better too. Thanks for your hard work!

No. 1512894

In turn all the sissy-boys on set also have to insert eggs into their boipucci's. It's only fair.

No. 1512895

nta but if someone's going to claim something or talk about milk it doesn't hurt to at least provide a source or a screenshot of an article instead of an image lacking context with a random caption. this isn't a shitposting thread

No. 1512898

why are they even trying? cut your losses megan you've already embarrassed yourself.

No. 1512899

they're both awful with perverted scrotes in charge of them. no one should stick up for either.

No. 1512901

Thank you anon! I'll continue to post collages instead of one-by-one photos. I think it's a good middle ground because I realize that there are some anons who might get annoyed by the occasional spam.

No. 1512905

i'm glad that fellow nonnas aren't sticking up for selena's shit. how she somehow acquired more followers than anyone on instagram is beyond me unless she has bot followers kek. surely not that many people think she's worth following.

>The Weeknd and Sam Levinson are getting shit
as they should. sam especially

disgusting. i don't usually suggest stuff like this but i'm genuinely wondering if she warrants her own thread. she gives me the impression that she's a genuinely terrible (and ignorant) person.

No. 1512906

nta but i also appreciate the work nonna! so long as the images aren't too large to load quickly but are clear, i'm happy with it. i'm not sure if you also posted the celeb photos in past threads but some of them were very large and would take a while to load even with decent internet (but maybe it was the site? idk) nonetheless i'm glad for your contribution nonna

No. 1512909

I've been posting them for a while so yeah it probably was. Those images were usually super large (like 3000-4000 pixels) because I was merging multiple pics together and I didn't realize until someone pointed it out. Now if I merge an image I try to resize it no more than 1500 pixels. Singular images are gonna vary in size because I usually just grab them off of twitter and post. The site is having problems with images so if you can't load a smaller pic that may be why.

No. 1512910

Nta but the loading is due to the site, yes. Even smaller images take a while to load, it's been like that since it went down during December.

No. 1512913

File: 1677748505750.jpg (153.74 KB, 1242x1237, mzpz0fa9wfx91.jpg)

>disgusting. i don't usually suggest stuff like this but i'm genuinely wondering if she warrants her own thread. she gives me the impression that she's a genuinely terrible (and ignorant) person.
thought about that but her life is fairly static and not much ever happens
>posts semi-nude photos on her insta
>posts semi-nude photos on her insta but with her son
>she does her podcasts where she interviews her fellow nepo babies and complains about hard it is to be rich and how beauty is such a curse she has to deal with
>and she makes very basic feminist rants on tiktok

No. 1512914

thanks again for your efforts nonna, they're appreciated!

yeah i've been noticing that too since around that period but wasn't sure for a while whether it was to do with the site or not, it was just annoying not being able to efficiently load images like before.

No. 1512916

of course she has to be one of those people that like to claim that being straight isn't a thing kek. iirc phoebe bridgers is another such person, funny how they both have cow tendencies

>posts semi-nude photos on her insta but with her son

yeah creepy shit like this and what was posted above is what bothers me the most but so many people still think she's okay?

No. 1512920

File: 1677749273948.jpg (188.07 KB, 1400x436, women.jpg)

Speaking of award show red carpets…Billboard Women's Music awards were today. I was interested in this because I really wanted to see if they would award or invite any trans people, and surprisingly I don't think they did. It was pretty much almost all women except for some random literal who dude.

From left to right, Rosalia (the hell? tacky as fuck), Lana Del Rey, Olivia Rodrigo, Dove Cameron. I feel like Olivia Rodrigo always looks like she saw her invite last minute and had to grab something out of her closet kek.

No. 1512921

>Straight people like totally don't exist
>Only dates men
Why are pick me's like this?

No. 1512923

I like the last two outfits but Lana bby noooooo girl who styled you omg

No. 1512927

File: 1677750025317.jpeg (341.46 KB, 1200x1200, 4BD70F64-BC64-486D-B3D9-CD6D5D…)

even that isn't special about her, their are tons of narcs like her whose entire sense of self worth is based on men finding them attractive, when they eventually get older their main identity is then trying to become the "MILF" archetype
ironically, they don’t ever realize it’s actually a pretty male gazey assumption. women are so sexualized that people cannot imagine anyone seeing them and having zero sexual feelings towards them, and also people think that bi women are hot or whatever so i see a lot of women pressured to perform it. like i constantly see women like “women are so hot, my boyfriend and i check them out together.” and this is coming from like, super feminist people who just don’t want to be straight because it’s not trendy or whatever and they don’t see how disgustingly pickme that shit is. like it’s just constant.

No. 1512931

File: 1677750404685.jpg (248.44 KB, 1400x513, billboard (1).jpg)

I wonder if there was any dress code. None of these people look like they're going to the same place.
Ivy Queen, Doechii (this one is stunning), Chika, Kim Petras. Uh, did I say there were no trannys? Oops..

No. 1512936

She will never be Priscilla

No. 1512940

The dress looks horrible and I hate the clogs he's wearing. Him Petra's moobs squished up to his chest like that really highlights their unnaturalness.

No. 1512942

Is that what she's going for? I'm getting little bo peep going to a quinceanera vibes from this.

No. 1512946

>also people think that bi women are hot or whatever so i see a lot of women pressured to perform it. like i constantly see women like “women are so hot, my boyfriend and i check them out together.” and this is coming from like, super feminist people who just don’t want to be straight because it’s not trendy or whatever and they don’t see how disgustingly pickme that shit is. like it’s just constant.
off-topic but i agree with you so hard on this. i've noticed an uptick on sentiments like this on social media too. like i've seen too many women in certain places seemingly almost bragging about being fine with their moids watching porn or joining in and then when someone merely expresses they're not comfortable with doing that with their own partner or say anything against porn they'll act like that person's being oppressive.

No. 1512952

File: 1677754922441.jpg (233.86 KB, 1200x577, billboard (4).jpg)

Heidi Klum, Chloe Bailey, Sabrina Carpenter. I would've liked Heidi's look if it was floor length. This is one of the better things I've seen Chloe wear.

No. 1512953

File: 1677754977045.jpg (249.4 KB, 1500x519, billboard (5).jpg)

Quinta Brunson, Latto, Coco Jones, and Erika Jayne. I was surprised to see Erika, I don't really see the Housewives ladies at these kind of things. Coco is really cute.

No. 1512956

File: 1677755231072.png (511.88 KB, 942x623, kim.png)

Ok, last thing I will post. Another pic of Kim Petras during his acceptance speech for the Chartbreaker award (I think for Unholy). I cannot imagine why he would wear something that makes it look like he has huge masculine shoulders like this.
Iirc, Lana wore a Priscilla inspired look at one of the met galas so yeah it probably is.

No. 1512960

This outfit makes Him Petras look like his skin is rotting off.

No. 1512970

The least awful of these dresses is Chloe’s and I still hate it. The shape is weird and it doesn’t look like it fits properly

No. 1512973

Dove’s stylist does not know how to dress her in the right colors.

I love seeing Quinta doing things.

No. 1512975

Go to an award show you’re not welcome at and you can’t even dress well? Nice, Petras.

No. 1513004

File: 1677762616206.webm (3.74 MB, 720x1280, Snapinsta.app_A44939CBBA038BE1…)

her most recent insta post with her son

No. 1513024

that mysoginistic dipshit axed the original female director because the show "had too much of a feminine perspective". He's a piece of trash.

No. 1513054


No. 1513068

Emrata is peak pick me. She talked in her book about how the thought of not being the single most beautiful woman on earth made her suicidal. I always knew she was trash but this is really unforgivable. She makes me want to alog so fucking bad.

im genuinly shocked that he's still not cancelled. How is this allowed? He really thinks he's Pasolini or something

No. 1513079

heidi looks like someone sneezed blood on her

No. 1513099

File: 1677776393548.png (976.75 KB, 1440x1403, Screenshot_20230302-105856.png)



No. 1513100

File: 1677776750670.png (1.16 MB, 1440x1690, Screenshot_20230302-110445.png)

No. 1513110

For people that don’t want to click: the photos shown are a bathtub full of murky green water, towels covered in feces and soiled clothes around the bathroom. Nothing ‘graphic’ gore wise

No. 1513116

File: 1677777780196.png (604.75 KB, 1440x1614, Screenshot_20230302-112226.png)

No. 1513117

I'd say the fact that the bathwater is dead decomposed body soup…that fits into the category of gore.

No. 1513121

File: 1677778052191.jpg (242.5 KB, 1637x2048, FpMWSwfWYA8iLlY.jpg)

well its not entirely her fault, when she was young her sicko mother wound point out to her that random men were looking at her, and said that she too was a beauty at her age and that beauty is power for women, etc. but all of that was her vicariously living through her beautiful daughter because her husband was a fucking pedo teacher who left her for girls he would date as soon as he was legally able
Emrata is 100% the product of her miserable mom, freak dad, and psycho cousin. Everything I hear about her family makes me feel like she never had a chance in this life.

No. 1513128

Ok why are you wking this pick me ass bitch? She's a grown adult who is capable of making her own decisions, don't feel sorry for her. She's a rich, narcissistic piece of shit who sexualizes herself with her child for men's attention. No sympathy for sick individuals over here.

No. 1513131

File: 1677778853670.png (1.34 MB, 1440x733, Screenshot_20230302-114026.png)

No. 1513141

other then sexualizing herself what has she ever done that was truly "bad" compared to male celebs who have done way worse

No. 1513143

If the body hasn’t been there for more than a half a day it’s not decomp water, it’s most likely just bath water mixed with his bodily excrements, as we do shit ourselves when we die.

No. 1513152

Please lurk and actually read before you make retarded ignorant comments that aren't true.

No. 1513159

File: 1677779986063.png (1.23 MB, 1440x524, Screenshot_20230302-115925.png)

Hot dead body decomposed soup. The jets on the jacuzzi were going the whole time.


No. 1513182

Nta but she literally said
>well its not entirely her fault
She didn't absolve her of responsibility, she's just giving reasons as to why Emily might be like this, you can calm down now.

No. 1513189

nta but defending sexual abusers and rapists is pretty bad >>1509962

No. 1513197

File: 1677782217941.webm (2.56 MB, 1280x720, 1677778048219823.webm)

No. 1513208

Anon I think you clicked the wrong post.. These anons are wking emrata the pick me loser who sexualizes herself and posts thirst traps with her child. Julia Fox isn't any better either though, they're all starved (literally) and love being the center of attention to men all while talking shit about men. Makes no sense why anybody could defend these people, yet they do for some reason

No. 1513253

that's Julia Fox, again other then sexualizing herself you haven't given any proof that she's a bad person

No. 1513288

nta, she sexualizes herself with her child and uses him as a prop. >>1512927 is one example of how she didn't bother to hold him properly in order to pose for a photo.

i wanted to see if there was more, so googling "why is emrata a bad person" brings up people who talk about how she may be racist (what stood out to me was that supposedly emrata made disparaging comments about the looks of black and asian models and allegedly is terrible to work with) this is just from a quick search though so feel free to take it with a grain of salt. many people supposedly don't agree with her brand of feminism either.

she may have had a terrible childhood but she's famous enough that she's surrounded by plenty of people who could encourage her to stop doing this or inform her how her behaviour isn't normal.

i agree.

No. 1513317

File: 1677791867184.webm (4.36 MB, 576x1024, cdc6fdc2dc52886cc4948363190732…)

this person is so completely astroturfed. Despite releasing music for years and years, given opportunities and being placed on met gala red carpets etc. they never garnered much attention or artistic praise outside of a niche following, yet instead of being dropped like anyone else their record label/handlers/whoever have finally pantomimed a 'breakthrough' by piggybacking them in on an established best selling artist. What is the explanation for this and why are there parallel examples of this in nearly every aspect of society where the cultural and political importance of something is being so transparently feigned?

No. 1513358

Dove Cameron's hair looks like she's going bald

>I cannot imagine why he would wear something that makes it look like he has huge masculine shoulders like this.
because he's fat and trying to make his waist look small by contrast

I would be so happy if I never had to see her hideous lips ever again

No. 1513383

If him paytras was an actual biological woman.. they'd look like dove cameron. No?

No. 1513395

File: 1677798478167.png (554.95 KB, 640x640, dove cameron.png)

I don't think so. Dove Cameron has had many faces but I think she's more attractive than Kim Petras. They don't really have any similar features except that they're both blonde, imo.

No. 1513401

in what world would his blunt man bones translate to her (originally) petite bone structure kek

No. 1513404

I disagree, but i do think if he was actually a woman he would be quite pretty even at a higher body weight. But that doesn't mean much since the female equivalent of most men is always somewhat attractive. It's literally just his male characteristics that are holding him back aside from being fat.

In my opinion, i can see how mid level record label would still keep him on. He does have enough fans to have a mid level music career, he just does not have the it factor to be a mainstream popstar. Imo, if he was an actual woman he probably would have made it, heck if he was just a fag, he would undoubtedly be successful. Just look at Sam Smith and Lil Nas X. I think he ruined his chances at ever being a major pop star by being a troon. He will never do better than unholy and heart to break, meaning he peaked 4-5 years ago.

No. 1513416

File: 1677799623931.png (1.41 MB, 1440x938, Screenshot_20230302-172531.png)

Kim has a biological sister but I can't find any pics for comparison-of what kimmy might have looked like- if she was born a bio-woman.

No. 1513420

Otep is so fucking based. I love the songs Hag, Apex Predator, Smash the Control Machine, Oh So Surreal, Rise, Rebel, Resist. Her social media presence makes me cringe but her music kicks ass.

No. 1513423

File: 1677800094000.jpg (663.11 KB, 1015x4005, originality.jpg)

No. 1513437


…at least she's modeling fashion from back-in-the-day like winehouse and not winging-it!!

No. 1513451

>if she was born a bio-woman.

No. 1513452


No. 1513502

why has kim petras aged 15 years in the last 3 years

No. 1513506

I think Chloe's dress is actually nice but sometimes it feels like she's almost adopting Beyonce's style because she wants the same kind of sexy image. That dress looks like something Bey would wear to me.

No. 1513516

Moids age like milk.

No. 1513525

File: 1677810535856.jpg (348.64 KB, 920x799, 16f.jpg)

All the tranny and Twink death memes are real.

No. 1513537

This is why male beauty should be natural and never be allowed to be unnaturally kept otherwise they end up looking like monstrosities, petraas looks like a fat year old boy in a dress, a pedophile's fantasy

No. 1513547

I'd say (s)HE looks more like a melting wax figure.

No. 1513552

again you haven't given any actual proof other then sexualizing her own self, it's very obvious she bought the "nakedness is empowering" and "I'm the cool girl". she was groomed at a young age and that contributes to how she's so "comfortable" being naked in the public eye, albeit in a "tasteful" way. I find it sad that she's so open about having less concern for the lack of boundaries regarding strangers seeing her body, so I'm hoping she will continue to reflect and mature.

This interview about her is also great

No. 1513562

I love Heidi Klum's dress, it looks like it's growing mold

No. 1513567

i only just did a quick search because i was curious myself, no it may not be proof but whatever controversy exists on her can be searched up if no one's willing to answer your question. what i don't understand is why you're willing to stick up this much for a celebrity that doesn't give a damn. no, she's obviously not the worst person in these celebricow threads and is very likely a victim to a degree, that i agree with. but these people are considered celebricows for many reasons and she isn't exempt from the judgement. we would be better off not being apologists for a woman who likely has many opportunities to learn from her actions, but instead thrives off of controversy and doesn't actually care about any of us.

No. 1513572

she's gradually learning and getting better

No. 1513575

NTA but isn't she dating eric andre kek

No. 1513579

No. 1513580

I read that, I just don't see how she's learning or getting better.

No. 1513581

look up her podcast or her interview, she's very clearly growing to an extent and getting somewhat better

No. 1513582

OT but I think its pretty pedophilic to compare a baby goat to a "twink" or whatever term gay moids use these days

No. 1513598

Nta, I've always thought that twink meant a guy that looks like a teenager.

No. 1513601

File: 1677817170957.jpeg (738.26 KB, 1125x1946, 968EACFE-5BF8-4B37-9F5D-E1E182…)

Is this the Carreyanon that’s on here that submitted this? It’s her typing style

No. 1513606

it literally meant teenager in gay circles
>"teenaged, white, into no kink"

No. 1513622

No. 1513634

That's because most fags are pedophiles

No. 1513693

these pictures have made me 99% positive this dude has a fat fetish. Bottom left pic aside those kinds of guys love wearing clothes 4 sizes too small because they get off to how grotesque they look wearing them

No. 1513703

File: 1677831327055.jpeg (541.8 KB, 828x1234, 8809366B-36E6-4AF5-977D-FF1C82…)

maybe there really is a god out there after all.

No. 1513704

Omg love it, incredible, karma at it's finest.

No. 1513706

nice lmao. What colour is your tissue after coughing??

No. 1513714

File: 1677832577447.jpeg (483.56 KB, 1170x2972, 5EC990F9-1F7B-4F3E-9E2F-A15D4A…)

Based Pamela. Everything I hear from her makes me like her even more

No. 1513719

honestly i feel for her. it looks like she just wants to be more lowkey these days and that stupid show about her and tommy brought up all her old shit again. i'm disappointed in everyone that participated in it without her consent.

No. 1513721

She looks so pristine and beautiful

No. 1513722

Karma is real

No. 1513724

someone who twitter mentioned that he smoked something like a dozen cigars everyday for 4 years straight, it's surprising he didn't develop cancer sooner

No. 1513730

This is beautiful! sounds almost as crisp as hearing if he ever got ass fuct in prison the same amount of times he’s ever subjugated women in his life to say he “got laid”. Shalom

No. 1513734

File: 1677835780173.jpg (124.84 KB, 1079x379, Screenshot_20230303_102925_Sam…)

Well, he was wrong

No. 1513735

If Dove keeps on doing the plastic surgeries, she won't be able to blink soon. Her facial skin looks so tightly pulled back

No. 1513736

Downside, the incel porn sick mind slaves might stop smoking cigars too and idk about u but I plan on living to 90 and physically defecating on the graves of every man I’ve outlived.

No. 1513752

Or maybe he’s just contracted tuberculosis from his jail mates. In the EU, TB has the highest occurence in Romania.

No. 1513754

People still get that?

No. 1513755

happens in a lot of shit hole nations

No. 1513762

No, the report mentions that the lesions are carcinoid, so it's cancer

No. 1513776

Maybe I'm a bad person for this but it truly brings me so much happiness that his dumbass piece of shit fans have been smoking cigars regularly as well because they've been duped into thinking it's a masculine activity, please don't ban me for alogging jannies

No. 1513785

Real men die of cancer in before rurning 40 years old! Take notes, scrotes.

No. 1513787

I watched her documentary on netflix and she's a very likeable person. However, can someone explain this to me?
>awful sex tape thing happened to her
>she always ends up defending playboy and not thinking about the consequences that had on how the media treated her on being exploited that way

is it because in her mind, doing playboy was her choice? She even said she didn't make much money from it, but also I think it was an escape from her awful upbringing. But, how has she not made the connection that the same gross scrotes that jerked off to her in playboy are the same ones that paid to watch her sex tape? Why does she not reconcile the 2 and come to the conclusion that she was exploited both times, but got paid the first time?

No. 1513810

Eh, I’d say he’s gonna pretend he’s seriously ill to avoid prison.

No. 1513814

>sitting in a car wearing a blue blouse
>having straight brown hair???
lol it is very obvious Lana tried to skinwalk Priscilla back in the day, but this collage is so bad.

No. 1513820

Mte, pick mes like EmRata only say that dumb shit to seem quirky and more attractive to men. There's no way they would ever consider having an actual relationship of any kind with another woman. Which is good for actual bi/lesbian women tbh, but it's annoying when straight pick mes hint at supposed bisexuality solely to appeal to men

Dove Cameron (and other young female celebs) should really stop fucking around with plastic surgery already

Woof Tim Petras' moobs and brick-like male body. YWNBAW

No. 1513836

It brings me so much peace and joy to think about Andrew Tate slowly and painfully dying of lung cancer in the lonely, disgusting Romanian prison cell of his own making. Will be lighting a candle for this!

No. 1513838

Oh is she now? Did she tell you that while you two were at lunch together talking about how she's gradually learning and getting better? The wking this creep is so pathetic and embarrassing.

No. 1513841

this is terrifying and I would cry if I saw that thing in real life.

No. 1513847

File: 1677853576546.png (1.63 MB, 828x1030, 9548798457698456.png)

New faces of Gucci

No. 1513848

Kek at the greasy fakeboi between two much more attractive and taller people man this is just embarrassing for her.

No. 1513853

Looks like some terminally autistic make a wish kid, and maybe I'm reaching but I feel like I can see pity in both the other celebrities eyes.

No. 1513854

File: 1677854610637.jpg (45.23 KB, 636x382, 68228711-0-image-a-62_16777022…)

No. 1513856

File: 1677854648126.png (1.88 MB, 1440x1071, Screenshot_20230303-084334.png)


No. 1513859

File: 1677854783142.png (1.03 MB, 1440x1218, Screenshot_20230303-084304.png)

> part 2



>Sorry idk how to embed YouTube lives.

No. 1513861

That outfit and photo composition makes the guy in the front look like he's got very short legs. They look much tinier than his upper body, like someone selected and shrunk them in Photoshop. Like, why's his upper arm longer than his thigh

No. 1513862

Compared to asap rocky who already looks soft for a man, ellen page still looks like a bitch lesbian. Asap rocky probably felt this way too or else he wouldn't have risked his rap peers calling him gay.

No. 1513867

People feel bad for ellen paige. Those are just the facts. No?

No. 1513876

They do, unfortunately that's being exploited by advertisers now. People are very likely to clap and cheer support for Ellen. Not because they celebrate their masculinity, but because they see a woman who has transitioned and want to see Ellen be happy with her life. It's pity but it works

No. 1513879

Maybe Luna can afford all of her Ulta/Sephora hauls because she’s MOD’s ghostwriter.

No. 1513885

asap rocky has been called gay his whole career, he's calls himself pretty and is seen as a "Pretty fashion Boy" I don't think he cares. He's too busy shooting at people.
I blame David Cage and all the casting she's gotten that focused on how young and naive she looks. She also did that movie based on Sliva Likens. She comes off as someone very fucking traumatized and I feel like it's from the industry.
Tyga has a big dick, that we first saw because his tranny girlfriend leaked it, I assume he dates who he dates now because he can only get certain types of women who'd be okay with his troon chasing and he's going to transition or at the very least he has a cross dressing fetish, Tyga is the rare biracial AGP but he's also bisexual, it will be revealed)

No. 1513886

File: 1677859214918.jpeg (248.54 KB, 828x1154, 46DDD2B0-3B74-4858-A4A2-0F96EE…)

i honestly liked olivia’s outfit simple is best

No. 1513887

File: 1677859278584.png (609.54 KB, 538x534, Capture.PNG)

i meant to add this picture of asap

No. 1513889

>want to see Ellen be happy with her life

I too want to see EP be happy as well. (s)he seems seems like a nice, decent person. I've never heard or read anything bad about them(not that I'm implying all stories and rumors are true or anything btw). What anyone decides to do behind closed doors is their business. Yep.

No. 1513894

you sound naive im sorry to say

No. 1513904

Princess Nokia put out a new music video. Unexpected sound for her lately, very pretty.

No. 1513906

>andy singore
isn't that an accused rapist and johnny depp fanboy

No. 1513912

there’s a literally a voicemail of her from last year admitting that mansons lawyers wanted her to turn on the other accusers, and that’s exactly what she did, she took a check and sold them out because she’s a spineless piece of shit, pay no mind

No. 1513917

No. 1513918

lol Esme did the same thing. Took a paycheck and ran.

No. 1513920

Nta but why? I also feel bad for her

No. 1513921

Yeah. Andy said that he had a #metoo hoax against him and he understands what these men are going through.

No. 1513930

File: 1677862516082.jpg (426.91 KB, 1080x1350, gigivogue2023a.jpg)

has gigi had more work done or is this just her previous fillers degrading and shifting etc?

No. 1513939

File: 1677862869532.jpg (285.05 KB, 1080x1350, gigivogue2023.jpg)

same anon, i just really think her face looks not like her??

No. 1513944

her and her sister are both aging horribly. they each look significantly older than they are, it's ghastly.

No. 1513951

Probably the drugs and anorexia

No. 1513952

auntie asap

No. 1513956

No. 1513959

Wait that's gigi Hadid? Bella has a eating disorder but ehat the fuck is up with this one? I used to think she was so pretty

No. 1513964

I blame their mother.

No. 1513968

File: 1677864635112.jpg (432.91 KB, 1080x1350, voguenl2023.jpg)

another pic from this shoot.

No. 1513976

that wig line is crunchy and crispy

No. 1513984

She looks like a drag queen. And what's with the price tags? Cheap whore core in now?

No. 1513988

Tf is she wearing? Is this an ad for party city?

No. 1513995

The Weeknd has a rape fetish. Men love to put their kinks in their work. Every single time.

The blind item involving Selena claimed it felt like The Weeknd always wanted to rape her instead of have sex. Lana has a rape fetish too, judging by her involvement with that weird Marilyn Manson video. She collabed with The Weeknd and Stargirl is a little sus too since it mentions her crying. The blind items involving him are also pretty weird.

Sometimes it's like men are always creating kinkporn but we're just unaware. Tarantino's films are his own porn with all the feet shit but we'd never have known without him constantly talking about how he loves feet. Same with video games, riddled with men and their personal porn.

No. 1513997

File: 1677866631107.jpg (543.62 KB, 1920x1080, cover14.jpg)

No. 1513998

At some point she needs to grow up. Luna, Venus, Lille Jean, hell more than half of the cows on here are products of their enviroments and thats still no excuse, why would emrata be different? She's extremly rich, she has the power and time to change her thought patterns and behaviours. I also had an insane mother and yet I'm not like her. Why should she be forgiven? It sounds like you're a pickme too and just looking to excuse your similar behaviour.

She literally defended her pedo dad.I'm sorry but if my dad did what her dad did, I would never ever talk to him again.

She's not, she has been a libfem from the begining and hasn't changed. All of her "feminist" takes are about her and how it impacted her and they're all the most milquetoast takes ever. My non-feminist childhood friends who grew up in way more fucked up situations than her in a shithole country are Andrea Dworkin compared to her.

No. 1514000

Now imagine if someone said the show had "too much of a negro perspective" because of him. There is a war being waged against women in every aspect of the culture.

No. 1514002

The Weeknd doesn't like black people (especially black women), so as long as it was a white person saying that, he'd be like "I feel you white daddy, take the lead" lol

No. 1514010

Lmfao I came here to post this.
People are not happy with ASAP about this, and is it just me or does Elliot look sickly?

No. 1514016

What's the concept for this? A polycule? Lol

No. 1514018

Ellen looks like a sickly hospital patient. People have photoshopped them into a hospital gowns. Yeah. I can't find a meme pic off hand but…

No. 1514023

If the Kardashians really were man-wrecking sirens maybe I would care about them

No. 1514024

But there would be outrage against the person who said it. Although I agree he's a race traitor coward

No. 1514025

She looks horrible holy shit, Bella has a ed but why did Gigis fucking looks go down the drain like this? She really looks bad

No. 1514028

I'll link the video of their controlling evil mother and her behavior. Brb.

No. 1514030

Don't be fooled, Gigi has an eating disorder too.

No. 1514033

I thought it was giving a little bit of that one girl from white lotus. Also, she won The Visionary award and her speech was so cute, I'm not gonna post it because of the Lana sperging that follows from both sides.
She looks like she's lost some weight with this last recent event and her billboard magazine shoot she looked incredible. I wish people still used the Lana thread so we could talk about her there without the piggy comments and lolita larping bullshit.

No. 1514038

I don't think either of them were ever good looking enough to be models, actors maybe, but they should have stayed nepo babies

No. 1514039

These are terrible. Her face looks so doughy in the statue of liberty pic. I thought Bella was looking worse but both are equally looking terrible. This is really sad to watch. Getting uncanny freak show vibes. Someone has to be getting off on them going from looking nice (debates aside, they at least use to look better when they were younger) to looking uncanny.
There's no good close up of her and the shots of her in this video make her look like shit. It's noticeable.

No. 1514044

And the plastic surgery.

No. 1514089

File: 1677872551251.jpeg (61.04 KB, 640x716, parasyte.jpeg)

If they ever want to make a live action Parasyte movie, she already has Reiko's "holding baby the wrong way" part down

No. 1514101

No. 1514110

I think either pregnancy changed her face a lot or she got plastic surgery after that that made her look really different. She's always had a round face and now it's more round I think, perhaps that's what anons are seeing.

No. 1514114

>She literally defended her pedo dad
you all keep on claiming that but never give any definite proof or source

No. 1514131

File: 1677876522676.png (579.67 KB, 728x546, tyga.png)

Has the Tyga Avril Lavigne stuff been posted here yet? Very random pairing.

No. 1514132

File: 1677876550964.png (5.33 MB, 2048x2048, avril.png)

No. 1514136

Buccal fat removal is demonic I stg

No. 1514138

Yeah it's been posted about but now your posts look like it's official and not a rumor anymore.

No. 1514141

>I can't believe avril is a coal-burner.

No. 1514142

She deserves to be able to enjoy her life. She was abused by a scrote from a really popular band at the time and she was harassed about her looks on Baywatch and everything else she did. I really like Pamela and hope she has nothing but positive days now.

LMAO She looks like a random butch lesbian. She's so damn short and not meant to be model shit. Ellen, go home. They need to stop letting normies model because they look so bad next to professional models.

No. 1514145

Haha anon the other two people aren't professional models, that's ASAP Rocky and Julia Garner. They do look great there though, especially next to Ellen.

No. 1514146

>this is who Rhianna reproduced with twice

No. 1514148

Ellen Page is a woman. She betrayed her wife who had to end their marriage to save face. Now she's out here pretending she isnt a lesbian, but a man. Fuck that. I dont know where these twt tards are coming from but women pretending to be men are shitty too. She is one of the few open lesbian actresses out there and she threw that all away for what? An eating disorder and top surgery?

No. 1514149

When I said it should have been John yall went against me

No. 1514150

No. 1514151

File: 1677878169890.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.05 KB, 1290x1271, 740F3CDC-AE1B-4F07-98E8-236BD9…)

andrew taint hitting the wall at lightspeed
fugly bastard

No. 1514152

She looks like a try hard and Asap looks like a faggot. Gucci is a ghetto brand anyway, but this is extra hilarious.

No. 1514153

Missed you, Boyega-chan.

No. 1514156

Dating a grooming tranny chaser!!! Agp soon to Troon! Should've dated "drake" if she wanted to date a troon/Troon lover!

No. 1514158

File: 1677878784893.jpeg (31.75 KB, 640x559, C30EF844-FEEA-4595-80EA-B6206C…)

Fucking hell he looks like absolute shit LMAO.

No. 1514161

He's a god. He has given himself and PUA-INCEL-MGTOW's cancer and he himself has deadly cancer and is going to die A.S.A.P!

No. 1514162

I always forget that Ellen page was married. She just never came across as married. Her ex dodged a bullet EP is seriously mental.

No. 1514171

Ellen waited until she felt she had her wife locked down in marriage before dropping the T word on her and trying to leverage social pressure to make her stay like every other tranny narcissist.

No. 1514175

This man is so fugly. He’s 90% face, 10% head.

No. 1514197

No. 1514214

not like he was ever attractive to begin with lol

No. 1514259

This world needs more Andrew taints! People like him are doing everyone a favor!

No. 1514279

File: 1677888996227.jpeg (354.93 KB, 1125x1606, 5A9B277F-243A-4352-858F-A33620…)

i appreciated your willingness to give people a chance at getting better at first but the defensiveness over a self-absorbed celebrity is getting tiring. i looked it up and people are saying there is a howard stern episode where they discuss it. i’m not invested enough to find the specific one and watch it.

side note, interesting how >>1513121 repeats part of a 1 year old reddit comment verbatim.

No. 1514297

File: 1677890717903.jpeg (366.71 KB, 828x788, 48591DDA-5904-4923-93D0-E9A6B1…)

KEK it’s finally confirmed!! I can’t wait to watch all the fanboys and pickmes cry.

No. 1514303

I hate him, but it's so sad, cancer is so sad. It reaches anyone and everyone may have it one day. Kinda off-topic, i guess, but it's so shocking that a "relevant" figure in pop culture may appear randomly with cancer.

No. 1514315

It's not random, he smokes cigars.

No. 1514323

File: 1677892102191.jpg (224.38 KB, 1920x960, kuypiue607g71.jpg)


No. 1514330

I just feel like this is some attempt at a sympathy grabbing scam to get him out of there.

No. 1514334

Cigars are disgusting cancer machines and he smokes multiple cigars a day. Fucker probably literally INHALES the cigar smoke as tho it were a cig too considering he’s retarded. Not surprising in the least.

No. 1514335

File: 1677892947377.jpeg (100.26 KB, 827x938, A632BDDB-4FAE-462A-B822-94B80D…)

I don't know but her response to this was verbal grunting, which was fucking hilarious.

She's been a pickme for ages, and capes for Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. Why is she surprised someone would call her a PR mouthpiece? She enjoys playing victim and selling her carbone sauce more than she does posting actual tea and has lost all backbone

No. 1514346

Yes! I agree. It's also giving very 2000s red carpet. I love divas and showmanship but I miss when celebs used to pull up in more "accessible" outfits.

No. 1514349

she really does look good here i hate her as a musician but its kind of sad to me that her hype has mostly died because i do think shes a better role model for young girls than a lot of more recent examples especially because she hasnt had much (if any) plastic surgery but sadly i think shell be pushed aside for another woman of many faces
what reason would she even have for pressuring people into lying? it usually backfires when it comes to stuff like this and this just stinks of women realizing that fighting against your abuser is way harder than just crying and saying he raped me, that you actually have to fight to get any shred of dignity nd respect from the public and most people still wont give a shit or will think you deserved it so they decided to settle for some clout instead

No. 1514360

She looks like Woody from Toy Story

No. 1514365

wheres the lana thread

No. 1514370

His hairline is an M so you know he's a real Manly Man

No. 1514377

stupid pickme

No. 1514381

Uh? No, nonna, as i said, i hate him. You never had anyone in your life with cancer so you just don't know how much it hurts to deal with this ilness. Stop being immature.

No. 1514382

she doesnt have that though, bella does and i assume gigis cheek fat is next on the chopping block but her face looks fuller here if anything so im going to assume shes overfilled.
my boyfriend was saying he thinks this is because he cant do roids anymore but i know the truth, hes always been this ugly he just doesnt have control over what pictures are posted anymore.
the only people i feel bad for are his mom and sister who will probably be guilted into forgiving him when he hasnt even shown them he deserves it so they can "make up for lost time". i already feel bad enough for his sister for having to have her name attached to him while having a serious job but its not like being associated with misogynists ever ruined a lawyers career so i suppose she'll be fine, i just hope shes strong enough to not be bullied into giving him some gross pity love because god knows he doesnt deserve it and i can only imagine how he treated her growing up since hes always been a raging misogynist.

No. 1514389

>hell more than half of the cows on here are products of their enviroments and thats still no excuse, why would emrata be different?
I don't think anyone claimed she is, it's all just discussions as to what adverse life events help create a turbo pick me. No one said she shouldn't be held accountable or doesn't need to change.

No. 1514391

no idea if this is true & not going to look it up but this sounds like a backronym to me

literally went and bought myself some nice beer to celebrate, cheers nonas. god is kind and she loves the world.

No. 1514396

>interesting how 1513121 repeats part of a 1 year old reddit comment verbatim.
Nta but what point are you trying to make with this?

No. 1514411

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person!
Wonder if the stress and jail stay played a role in weakening his chad immune system which accelerated the opportunity for an existing but undetected early cancer to grow?
Good stuff!

No. 1514416

He's a fucking abusive rapist anon, if a woman he knew got cancer he wouldn't give a single fuck about it, he'd probably even shame her for it. Sorry but you're an idiot to waste any empathy on this disgusting creep. And the fact that he's relevant in pop culture is the most depressing fact of this, not that a dumbass misogynist got cancer. And before you respond with the same "You never had anyone in your life with cancer so you just don't know how much it hurts to deal with this ilness" you gave to another anon I've had probably around 5 family members die of cancer now. Yes it's a tragedy, cancer shouldn't exist, but neither should rapists so I really don't care what illness is going to take him out I'm just glad it's happening.

No. 1514437

>especially because she hasnt had much (if any) plastic surgery
didn't she get implants? or was at least speculated to many threads ago because of how her chest looks in some music videos compared to before

No. 1514483

i'm sorry but can someone explain to me why zoomers cnsor stff? what is the purpose, who is it helping, if it's to avoid triggering people why are people looking up things that trigger them, or if you get triggered easily why are you online at all???? please spoonfeed me

No. 1514491

>especially because she hasnt had much (if any) plastic surgery
do you have eyes? she has the most unnatural breast implants. where the fuck did all of these teenagers come from that are braindead from watching tiktok all day and have no concept of what human bodies look like

No. 1514497

he exploited women for personal gain. who gives a fuck if he has cancer? do you have any brain cells?

No. 1514514

she looks stunning!! I wish we saw more female celebs like this. I know she's had PS but showing her natural skin texture, no makeup is very refreshing to see

No. 1514531

she looks like a confused toddler who just had an accident or broke something and doesn’t know what to do about it

No. 1514552

I was doing a long ass back read……. Who was the retarded pick me bitch who ridiculed the woman who said rape can be worse than murder (bc you still have to live thru it and trauma isn’t easy to just get over esp in a world where guys like Taint and Logan Paul exist???)

I’d personally rather be shot in the head than be one of those fallen women who were unlucky enough to be subjected to sexual assault which rarely ever gets justice. Not to mention those who were unfortunate enough to be the target of serial creeps.

I wanna be celebrating Taint’s tainted lungs and how much he deserves it but I’m pissed that it will not be the last time we hear of people like him when Hollywood itself and the media is built on caricaturing women and identifies their tragedy as melodrama

No. 1514555

He doesn't have cancer you naïve dumbasses. This is his get out of jail free card.

No. 1514559

ah probably i didnt really pay attention to her chest so i never noticed, i guess. i also forget that boob jobs are still common because i never really see them discussed outside of this site anymore.

No. 1514564

I think it's just because the youtube/tiktok algorithm detects certain words and automatically lowers the visibility of videos about those topics

No. 1514565

Shut up, we're manifesting.

No. 1514583

File: 1677924582088.jpg (179.69 KB, 1003x1868, FqVZT8tWwAAPljY.jpg)

what about after seeing this

No. 1514585

File: 1677924882025.jpeg (476.17 KB, 1125x819, 64C56CC6-AD7E-4984-901C-5F5F5A…)

He’s not dying ffs

It’s BENIGN. Let’s go back to defending women and sinking men’s careers.
On a side note, I heard that Canadian rapist actor Percy Hynes White got booted off a few projects bc his employers were also having people peeping tiktoks and threads from reddit. Otherwise ion think the part about him throwing sex parties for 13-14 year olds when he was 17-20 would have been taken seriously by insiders. Small yay for that i guess

No. 1514586

File: 1677924985748.jpeg (807.96 KB, 1125x1850, B341EF42-3180-4E90-B27A-470FB2…)

Tumors can grow now that he has more time growing them in a Romanian cell.

No. 1514589

I suspect his obvious steroid usage played some part, going cold turkey would fuck up his body's hormones to god know what ends

No. 1514591

I’m sure Romania has jack shit on equality but I love how there’s no indication of them really babying Tate and his brother. man look ROUGH and after months of scrolling thru his smug egg head, I get to bask in knowing he’s went cold turkey on having a generally cushy life at the moment. Blisssssss

No. 1514592

What's the concept behind this? Looks like Ellen is the 13yo boy they hired to take care of their garden and now they're grooming him Onision style

No. 1514603

>you are comics books have failed, but I am a success.
I see his intelligence matches his powerful chin. Men are smart and intellectually superior. Also kek at him catfishing using photos of himself with hair, baldy.

Lung cancer is usually environmentally caused. Having a tumor on the lung at his young age (30s and not mid to late 50s) is a massive red flag and a serious warning benign or not. A benign tumor only requires a mutation to become a carcinoma. Ironically the five cars he boasts about here (like a ten year old child), and a short lifetime of fucking up his lungs likely contributed to the tumor forming. This retarded bald man has caused himself to develop a tumor from damaging his lungs via carbon monoxide pollution lel.

No. 1514608

You are the retard here. I guess you don’t have any idea how many women will be assaulted their lives. If all women, who’ve been sexually assaulted, shot themselves, hundreds of millions of women world wide would kill themselves. You are spitting on survivors, edgelady.

No. 1514614

nta but did she say all survivors should kill themselves? stop looking for stuff to get mad about, there’s nothing there weirdo, she said she personally couldn’t cope with it

No. 1514618

Nta but that's not what she said. You can disagree without misconstruing her words.

No. 1514622

File: 1677929322668.webm (232.79 KB, 320x690, t4Nmq_P_G2yn7Xv7.webm)

who could have guessed, only thing he's putting in his mouth right now, is Romanian cock

No. 1514626

Anon how did you misunderstand her point this badly? This reads like a moid acting like sexual assault isn't as important because it happens to most women.

No. 1514627

Lol he doesn't look like a "mafia boss," he looks like a deformed adult version of Caillou sucking on a chode. And he has the jaw physiognomy of a mouth breather. What a faggot.

No. 1514629

That's just so fucking sad for Ellen. She's on HRT and had her breasts removed, and for what? She still looks like a butch lesbian. She's a celeb and thus most likely can afford therapy, I wish she'd taken advantage of that and tried to accept who she is. I also agree with anons who said she looks sickly. She's looked unwell for quite some time now. Looks like transitioning didn't fix whatever underlying problems she has (maybe it even made them worse)

Even though I feel bad for Ellen I also agree she did her ex-wife dirty. She's probably better off without Ellen, I couldn't image dealing with a spouse who troons out and expects me to "validate" their delusions

This is Gigi Hadid? I seriously didn't recognize her. I thought this was a drag queen on first glance like another anon

Kek Tyga somehow reminds me of a basset hound in this pic. It's probably the braids hanging around his face and his droopy expression (my apologies to basset hounds)

No. 1514640

>side note, interesting how >>1513121 repeats part of a 1 year old reddit comment verbatim.
That's because it's necessaryspeed4.

No. 1514643

I haven't laughed this hard in a long time, thank you nonas. the more you let it loop the funnier it gets, it feels like a bit
that's what you get you chinless coomer. seethe and rot

No. 1514644

File: 1677933344368.png (539.43 KB, 1121x863, Screenshot 5.png)

Paris Hilton Reveals Traumas From Her Life(Sexual Abuse, Witnessing A Home Birth and Getting an Abortion) Which Led Her to Use a Surrogate

>For Paris Hilton, surrogacy made a major impact on her ability to start her family.

>Speaking about the decision in Glamour UK's recent digital issue, the new mom, 42, talked about turning to longtime friend Kim Kardashian for advice on in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy.
>"Kim told me about that as well," she told the outlet about surrogacy. "I'm using the same doctor — Dr. Huang, who's the best — and he has a concierge team that deals with everything and interviews the people [the surrogate] to make sure that they're healthy."
>When asked about the choice and if it was related to her age, the "Stars Are Blind" singer said she'd have chosen to use a surrogate at any age.
>She then related that decision back to the sexual abuse she says she experienced at a Utah boarding school, Provo Canyon School, during her 11 months there at age 16.
>"Sleep-deprived & heavily medicated, I didn't understand what was happening," Hilton wrote of the alleged sexual abuse on Twitter in October. "I was forced to lie on a padded table, spread my legs & submit to cervical exams. I cried while they held me down & said, 'No!' They just said, 'Shut up. Be quiet. Stop struggling or you'll go to Obs.' "
>Hilton explained to Glamour UK that when it comes to the medical exams related to pregnancy, "I'm just so scared. I think, again, leading back to Provo of even being in a doctor's office, just all of that. The shots, the IVs that they put in."
>"When I was in The Simple Life, I had to be in a room when a woman was giving birth, and that traumatized me as well," the former reality star added. "But I want a family so bad, it's just the physical part of doing it. I'm just so scared … childbirth and death are the two things that scare me more than anything in the world."
>The businesswoman and husband Carter Reum welcomed their first baby together, son Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum, via surrogate last month.
>"It's always been my dream to be a mother and I'm so happy that Carter and I found each other," the new mom told PEOPLE exclusively. "We are so excited to start our family together and our hearts are exploding with love for our baby boy."

In a separate interview she admitted that she's planning to have another surrogate child as soon she finds a female embryo

>Paris Hilton and husband Carter Reum don't plan to stop at just one baby.

>The "Stars Are Blind" singer, 42, and her entrepreneur husband had embryos frozen during COVID, she explained to Glamour UK as she appeared on the cover of their latest digital issue.
>"Carter and I had already been talking about the future, and then the world was shut down, so I was like, 'What do you think about us making embryos?' " she told the outlet of the process. "And he said, 'Yeah, let's do it.' "
>Of the embryos the couple made, they have successfully frozen 20 embryos, Hilton revealed — all boys.
>Being their desire to add a baby girl to the family, they are continuing to make embryos hoping for a little girl.
>"I just went through the process again a month ago, so I'm waiting for the results to see if there's any girls," Hilton candidly shared.
>"It's always been my dream to be a mother and I'm so happy that Carter and I found each other," the new mom told PEOPLE exclusively. "We are so excited to start our family together and our hearts are exploding with love for our baby boy."
>The businesswoman and media personality also revealed the name she and the entrepreneur chose for their baby boy on her iHeartRadio podcast This Is Paris on Wednesday.
>"Phoenix has a few good pop culture reference points, but more importantly it's the bird that flames out and then rises from the ashes to fly again," she continued. "I want my son to grow up knowing that disaster and triumph go around and come around throughout our lives. And that this should give us great hope for the future."
>"The girl is gonna be named London Marilyn Hilton Reum," she says, going on to explain the meaning behind the moniker. "Marilyn after my grandmother and London because it's my favorite city and I think Paris and London sound cute together."

so she only wants two babies. A boy and a girl. The rest will either be frozen for a long time or maybe even sold the highest bidder

No. 1514664

Oh boohoo poor Paris, she has it so hard! put that labor on a peasant woman instead, makes total sense

No. 1514680

>Hilton explained to Glamour UK that when it comes to the medical exams related to pregnancy, "I'm just so scared. I think, again, leading back to Provo of even being in a doctor's office, just all of that. The shots, the IVs that they put in."
I'm not trying to dismiss her experience because I don't doubt she's been through a lot. But if her reasoning for not wanting to get pregnant and give birth is because of past trauma related to gynecological exams, isn't there also a lot of gynecological related procedures that need to be carried out in order to harvest her eggs for invitro?

No. 1514684

>"When I was in The Simple Life, I had to be in a room when a woman was giving birth, and that traumatized me as well," the former reality star added. "But I want a family so bad, it's just the physical part of doing it. I'm just so scared … childbirth and death are the two things that scare me more than anything in the world."
then adopt a child?

No. 1514685

literally nothing about taint having cancer reminded me of my family members dying of cancer..?
think of it this way: if, i don't know, 1 in a 100 people get cancer, isn't it great that this 1 in a 100 happens to be an actually bad person instead of yet another innocent (grand)parent?

No. 1514693

File: 1677938024155.gif (Spoiler Image,2.49 MB, 350x538, BraveRapidIcefish-size_restric…)

Saw this on a kpop site. These are the same people who call female singers over 20 and 50kg fat hags…
>The clothes are pretty though???
>He's living such a fun life

No. 1514695

nonna how can she, her superior DNA deserves to pass on, plus she deserves owning a pair of accessories

No. 1514697

why is he literally always rubbing his nips in public?

No. 1514698

Oh my god, it's like every time I see him he's fuglier! His shitstain-looking beard and balding hair is so fucking disgusting, I'd have a breakdown if i was that ugly too. Does he think dressing like a teenage girl will fix his ugliness? And the attempt at posing, sorry Ham no angle can make your body look less pudgy. he's disgusting beyond words

No. 1514700

Thank you for spoilering that, anon. I was eating.
>These are the same people who call female singers over 20 and 50kg fat hags…
Kpop stans are notorious pickmes and faghags.

No. 1514701

smart move to spoiler that

No. 1514703

not milk but 2 years ago i went to watch the bts concert at the cinema (because of covid) and im not even kidding everyone there was a literal child between the ages of 5-13. Hell even high schoolers were nowhere to be seen there. It was all elementary/middle schoolers.
After seeing that i finally stopped listening to kpop because i realized the music became shit and its filled with literal children.