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File: 1673835897820.jpg (29.3 KB, 529x431, he broke my necklace mummy.jpg)

No. 1474086

prev: >>>/ot/1465458

prince harry:
>>1465889 prince harry lost his virginity in a field to an older woman
>>1470314 prince harry jerked off with diana's face cream while thinking about her
>>1467262 a helpful nonnie felt the need to share prince william's penis with us
>>1467629 harry doesn't want to give up his royal titles
>>1469606 harry thinks he was born to be an organ farm for william

selfies, surgery, etc:
>>1466946 marina kept her titties in
>>1472560 lana got a tittie out
>>1469887 jade from little mix got her titty out
>>1470022 crazy nonnie got her titties out
>>1473846 katie price has boob job no.16
>>1465530 north west dresses up as kanye
>>1465829 ariana looking like a bog body on drag race
>>1466233 paris and brit hanging out (but >>1469188 britney denies it in a schizo ramble)
>>1468036 bella hadid looks genuinely hideous
>>1471166 zayn is no longer a crackhead (and >>1472196 nonnies compare the other 1d members' current looks)
>>1469735 anons discuss if anya t-j has had buccal surgery
>>1470826 the cash me outside girl's face is botched
>>1471964 billie powerwalking in shorts
>>1473961 billie powerwalking in shorts again

private life, etc:
>>1471334 lisa marie presley dies aged 54 after a heart attack (rip)
>>1465509 phoebe bridgers is an annoying enlightened bisexual, and surprise surprise >>1472597 she's fucking bo burnham
>>1472599 bella ramsey is a "person" not a woman
>>1466304 alec baldwin really wants you to follow his wife
>>1466355 chris evans and his child bride go social media official
>>1466507 leo's new 23yo gf
>>1468450 emrat & eric andre are dating or possibly just walking out of a door
>>1471343 lil nas x is bisexual

>>1465958 celeb chef jack monroe wants poor people to open tins with a hammer, and >>1466067 strain pasta with carabiners & a bit of cotton
>>1467574 andrew callaghan is accused of sexual misconduct
>>1471216 rick & morty guy is charged with dv & false imprisonment
>>1472859 other cartoon scrotes are also revolting
>>1471113 lee ryan from blue is found guilty of racially aggravated assault
>>1470406 ezra miller pleads guilty to burglary
>>1473406 britney has another public meltdown and her husband walks off

music/film etc:
>>1471254 miley's new song
>>1467013 miley's new album trailer
>>1473705 shakira releases a revenge track about her ex, and >>1473670 puts a witch on her balcony pointing at her ex-mil's house
>>1472427 avatar 2 is making shitloads of money
>>1471718 jacob elordi might be the new superman
>>1471012 the brit awards go gender neutral and promptly forget what women are
>>1470968 evan peters wins a golden globe and the victims' families aren't happy
>>1470118 lana's new year resolution is to stop being a slut
>>1470075 gwen stefani is still being a weeaboo
>>1470110 jeff beck is DEAD kek

golden globe outfits:
>>1469167 anya taylor joy
>>1469168 selena looking busted ( >>1469309 really busted)
>>1469171 natasha lyonne without her hair
>>1469176 liza koshy
>>1469210 laverne cox and his linebacker shoulders
>>1469222 the other troon from pose
>>1469232 billy porter looking like a velvet slug
>>1469686 michelle yeoh
>>1469693 ana de armas wearing a table runner
>>1469718 abbott elementary cast ( >>1470276 quinta brunson shouted out brad pitt)
>>1469722 rihanna & asap
>>1469723 emma d'arcy looking greasy
>>1469740 jenna ortega looking cute
>>1469751 evan peters and neicy nash
>>1469775 austin butler and lisa marie presley in her final appearance
>>1469782 austin butler does his acceptance speech in elvis' voice
>>1469788 angela bassett and letitia wright
>>1469798 daisy edgar jones
>>1469800 viola davis in a soggy dress

critics choice awards outfits:
>>1473993 claire foy
>>1473994 matt smith
>>1473995 elle fanning
>>1473998 atj
>>1473999 daisy edgar jones
>>1474000 quinta
>>1474004 stephanie hsu
>>1474007 sadie sink
>>1474012 lily james
>>1474016 michelle yeoh
>>1474018 kerry washington
>>1474021 angela basset
>>1474024 julia roberts
>>1474031 janelle monae
>>1474037 bella ramsey

No. 1474106

Nonbinary really is the 2020s version of how spicy straights used to come out by saying stuff like "i like people"

No. 1474141

File: 1673840080879.jpg (265.04 KB, 1080x1328, amanda.jpg)

More looks from the Critics Choice Award. Our queen Amanda Seyfried. Not feeling this dress but she won an award, so good for her.

No. 1474142

File: 1673840278212.jpg (69.18 KB, 600x900, fraser.jpg)

big boi brendan won best actor at critics choice.

No. 1474146

This is like a curtain you'd find in an 80's pop singer mansion. Still not the ugliest dress that's been posted the last couple of days.

No. 1474149

File: 1673840416836.jpg (336.3 KB, 1366x2048, natasha.jpg)

Natasha Lyonne again. I actually think this bob is so much better and looks great on her. Very edgy. I hope if she keeps doing straight hair that she sticks to this.

No. 1474152

File: 1673840466889.jpg (722.1 KB, 1482x2048, natasha 2.jpg)

Samefag, I was so distracted by the hair that I forgot to say how Ugly these shoes are.

No. 1474157

File: 1673840587852.jpg (545.2 KB, 1366x2048, sheryl.jpg)

Sheryl Lee Ralph.
She won an award, I believe for her role in Abott Elementary. She deserved a much better dress, this is literal aluminum foil.

No. 1474158

Dare i say hes looking better than the past few years?

No. 1474160

can't wait for cut-outs to die out. they keep ruining otherwise lovely dresses.

there's a reason why gender exploded as soon as blm got going. white fauxgressives hate not being the centre of attention and love being able to self-identify out of being one of the bad guys they spend their day ranting about on twitter. being able to go "i'm not white, i have a gender identity" let them wipe their slate clean.

No. 1474161

File: 1673840801260.png (1.84 MB, 1333x2000, Andrew-Garfield-Critics-Choice…)

Andrew Garfield. What possessed him to choose this color?

No. 1474163

File: 1673840941416.jpg (322.42 KB, 1365x2048, aubrey.jpg)

Aubrey Plaza. I like this.

No. 1474164

the neckline of that dress is really cool but idk about the hair man

No. 1474165

File: 1673841057289.jpg (424.33 KB, 1366x2048, kate hudson.jpg)

Kate Hudson. I think it looks dated but I can't tell why.

No. 1474166

That hairstyle is hideous.

No. 1474168

File: 1673841160069.jpg (316.64 KB, 1365x2048, Fmj5UapWIAAblTg.jpg)

Reece Feldman. A literal who but I think this suit is interesting.

No. 1474169

File: 1673841310631.jpg (538.62 KB, 1321x2047, jenny.jpg)

Jenny Slate

No. 1474170

I really like the outfit but damn the guy looks like a huge dork

No. 1474171

Kek this outfit reminds me of being a child playing runescape and people would try to make their character look naked by wearing skintone coloured clothing

No. 1474172

File: 1673841575439.jpg (380.5 KB, 1397x2048, cate blanchett.jpg)

Cate Blanchett.

No. 1474173

File: 1673841618629.jpg (282.59 KB, 1365x2048, jennifer.jpg)

Jennifer Coolidge. I think she looks great.

No. 1474174

i thought that was a tif

No. 1474175

he looks like peanut butter i wanna lick

No. 1474177

File: 1673841709332.png (1.73 MB, 1024x768, salmon.png)

No. 1474178

her dress looks so cheap tbh. like it's made of that stuff they make shiny helium balloons out of.

No. 1474180

So we're coming out with next threadpic bangers not even 100 posts in, huh

No. 1474182

Wholesome. Best actor for which movie?

No. 1474183

File: 1673842041454.jpg (331.37 KB, 1365x2048, eve hewson.jpg)

A necklace has finally been spotted! It's on Eve Hewson, not familiar with her but she's Irish so perhaps UK anons will be.

No. 1474184

File: 1673842113205.jpg (20.68 KB, 460x690, 703478-the-whale-0-460-0-690-c…)

the whale. he plays a great big fatty and it made actual great big fatties angry because he's only a bit fat irl not super massively obese. it's fatism or something, idk.

No. 1474185

she's bono's daughter

No. 1474189

Thank you! I'm going to check this out tomorrow. I hope he goes back into acting more.

No. 1474191

File: 1673842352089.jpg (250.01 KB, 1368x1268, niecy nash.jpg)

Neicy Nash and her wife, she won an award for Dahmer. I like this dress.

No. 1474192

File: 1673842557214.jpg (837.03 KB, 1366x2048, julia garner.jpg)

Julia Garner

No. 1474193

File: 1673842654758.jpg (259.96 KB, 1366x2048, paul dano.jpg)

Are we even allowed to post this guy? I like the suit. Did he get fat?

No. 1474194

omg i didn't know she was a lezzer, hell yeah.

as in ben affleck's ex wife???!? has she had work done?

No. 1474195

did a cat scratch him or what

No. 1474196

No no, that's Jennifer Garner. Julia Garner was on a show called Ozone.

No. 1474197

File: 1673843172524.png (616.14 KB, 768x612, Screenshot from 2023-01-16 04-…)

Whoever did this to Sarah Hyland needs to be imprisoned for life I'm so fucking serious

No. 1474198

File: 1673843178427.gif (778.62 KB, 225x206, 8wb6y.gif)

the fact this sweaty down's syndrome thumb might get nominated for best supporting actor instead of my man…….

No. 1474201

File: 1673843246875.jpg (1.52 MB, 2292x3438, Fmj88ZZagAAPgJT.jpg)

Inbred Smith.
That's Sarah Hyland? You're fucking lying.

No. 1474202

holy shit i did not even recognise her, what the hell? i thought this was the high school musical girl when i first scrolled past

No. 1474203

File: 1673843338549.jpg (59.4 KB, 900x600, ke huy quan.jpg)

Ke Huy Quan and Brendan Fraser. This is cute kek

No. 1474204

She looks like Vanessa Hudgens


No. 1474206

File: 1673843461453.jpg (254.16 KB, 1365x2048, ke huy quan.jpg)

Forgot to mention that he also won an award.

No. 1474207

File: 1673843550910.jpg (546.12 KB, 1365x2048, viola.jpg)

Viola Davis. No soaked dress this time!

No. 1474208

i feel like she always dresses her age and therefore never really puts a foot wrong. a lot of women in the industry could learn from her lol.

love this burgundy jacket on him

No. 1474209

File: 1673843791322.jpg (315.28 KB, 1318x2048, millly.jpg)

Milly Alcock. Another flesh tone thing like Andrew Garfield, but I actually like it.

No. 1474211

File: 1673843899544.jpg (310.25 KB, 1365x2048, FmjCemBWQAE1yN_.jpg)

Ayo Edebiri.

No. 1474212

should've worn trousers, because the top half is cute

No. 1474214

im in love with this woman but not the dress, colors are nice but loses polish in the details
i love this on her but her makeup looks weird and smudgy

No. 1474216

Can't stand her, hate everything about her, this look is especially awful.

No. 1474217

Did he get hair plugs? He looks much less bald than usual.
Poor thing, she looks awful…why do women keep doing this shit to their faces??

No. 1474220

I have no idea who this is but I love this goofy outfit. She looks cute.

No. 1474223

thought this was jenna ortega

No. 1474225

No. 1474232

File: 1673847274578.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.42 KB, 1002x1188, FmZAPpFXoAEt1CY.jpg)

Lana Del Rey will be releasing a vinyl with this picture as the cover, she tried to post this on her ig without censoring it and it got taken down immediately. she has a seven minute song on her new record coming out called 'american whore', lol i can't wait to hear it

No. 1474233

this buccal fat removal trend is so ridiculous, and it's all over tiktok all these influencers bragging about getting it. good luck looking like a corpse when you're 50

No. 1474237

File: 1673848345594.jpg (105.5 KB, 718x575, 9ea6fd15b4.jpg)

Kanye West Secretly Married His Employee at Yeezy

No. 1474239

Idk, I think it compliments his skintone and hair color quite well lmao.

Blonde does absolutely nothing for her, as per usual with naturally dark-haired women.

No. 1474241

i feel like just yesterday he and julia fox broke up. didnt know he was seeing anyone else, i bet they've been together for like a month lmao

lol he looks like a naked Sim to me

No. 1474242

File: 1673848543238.jpg (245.74 KB, 1200x1287, Low-Social-Media-Profile-5-Thi…)

I thought he was still seeing that Vinetria girl, picrel. I can't imagine why she decided to marry him, especially so fast, unless she's just as crazy. He's definitely going to snap on her on social media.

No. 1474243

samefag my bad, didnt know this was posted in last thread

No. 1474244

Good move picking a less famous beard

No. 1474246

File: 1673848691680.jpg (78.93 KB, 739x542, kanye-west-mystery-date-.jpg)

Samefag, wait who is this woman he was seen with three days ago?

No. 1474249

he's rich(I think) and famous
its the same woman, she just dyed her hair
he's a pseudo-bisexual, not gay

No. 1474250

the same as >>1474237, she just went blonde

No. 1474252

i know it’s a blurry photo but he just looks fat and old. she’s probably insane too because she’s hot enough to marry a billionaire that isn’t just kim’s flabby schizo sloppy seconds

No. 1474253

He’ll never get anyone better than Kim. He should be drugged up and heckled instead of Britney.

No. 1474256

yeah but he's not the only rich and famous man in the world, she could've chose literally anyone else

No. 1474258

File: 1673849287096.jpg (149.12 KB, 980x1470, bianca-censori-spl5314708-002-…)

Oh I'm dumb.
Also surprise surprise, her body is similar to Kim's.

No. 1474263

pls don't defend kim, both women aren't as awful as kanye himself
could she, how often do women come across rich and famous men in their lives
If a troon had the same implants, you know kanye would be dating him as well

No. 1474284

>hEaRtS, nOt PaRtS

No. 1474292

Buccal fat removal is out of control, jesus christ. inb4 I get called a seething fatty

No. 1474293

I remember Kim saying that Kanye preferred her with platinum hair so she bleached it for his birthday "to make him happy"

No. 1474319

You're absolutely right, it is.

No. 1474321

What procedures cause these weird squinty eyes? Melania Trump has them too. I'm sorry for such a dumb question, I honestly don't know and searching for it just shows me procedures -for- squinty eyes.

No. 1474322

nobody was going to call you a fatty for saying the same thing literally everyone else has said a million times, simmer down martyrchan

No. 1474323

File: 1673858099599.jpg (34.94 KB, 500x724, 1ad33885f7b3616b69cc8356cfa391…)

It's just natural hooded eyelids. As you age your eyelids droop more and more so they get even more hooded. It's the sad fate for us hooded eyelid-chans. As far as I can see, Cate and Jennifer always had them.
And as for the squinting, it could either be from the flash on the red carpet, combined with the fact that both of them have really dark eye make up which makes their eyes look even smaller and squintier.

No. 1474325


No. 1474326

File: 1673858619693.jpeg (51.2 KB, 686x386, D76CCBAC-68EF-48F6-8D68-381502…)

>”ayo give me huntress eyes”
>”miss why does the paper you brought say… “inkull” or something?
>”hey I’m not a scrote though”
>”a what now?”
>”Valerie Solanas did nothing wrong” dabs

No. 1474337

They've also had Botox which causes a worse brow drop in the long run as it ruins the muscles of your face (see onision for a great example of someone who could afford like two sessions and fucked his face up more kek)

No. 1474355

>Muh hunter eyes!!
I actually prefer right, left looks too unkept and caveman-like while right looks clean and poised, his eyes also match his face. I'm sick of people shitting on every eye shape that is not cat/wolf like

No. 1474402

The eyes on the right look like a serial killer, the eyes on the lef look like someone who cheats on his partners

No. 1474422

Looks like a cheap outfit from TikTok, what is wrong with people these days?

No. 1474427

lamé more like lame

No. 1474448

File: 1673876582621.jpg (88.31 KB, 1500x1000, tom-felton-3-4eff99048c364856b…)

it's Malfoy

No. 1474462

He's not old. But he IS fat, untalented,stupid and ugly.

No. 1474472

this is everything that should not be worn on her body type. i actually like her face and body, never watched her shows t. lesbian from stoner thread sorry but this look is just the opposite of everything she should be doing. burn the stylist.

No. 1474475

he looks like a gay man's penis after nightclub bathroom sex

No. 1474476

i wish hollywood "stylists" (retarded rachel zoe types i guess) would stop trying to compress large-breasted/wide/extra curvy women. you can tell the difference between a fat fuck and a beautiful woman who is still a sexy shape but large. they did this to christina hendricks in the 00s too, her boobs were always getting flattened.
sheryl lee ralph isn't ugly or fat, she has the 10" difference and a pretty face. just dress her like a normal hot chick, the fact that the 10" difference is between 40 and 30 doesn't make her a "difficult client" or some shit

No. 1474477

she and elle fanning are my marshmallow dream but someone put them in the most retarded clothes this month.

No. 1474479

she's bono's daughter and he buys prostitutes who look like her. i hate him

No. 1474480

i don't know who her wife is but i hate her wife now
with jealousy

No. 1474481

he got fat. he's got his coat tailored the way fat guys do for their fat arms

No. 1474482

didn't he used to be…younger? maybe he's just really hungover here idk

No. 1474484

is she english? this looks like a uniquely english fashion fail

No. 1474500

she's covering her gut but still very clearly has a starving-baby-tier gut. and her neck is photoshopped to death.
still, props to her for doing what fat ugly moids always get to do so i can't hate.

No. 1474501

i hate moids as much as the next farmer but latching onto this severely bipolar man who's never had friends and only yes-men or vampires is only going to fuck him up more. this woman is a huge jerk too and if she has his kids they're going to get all fucked up from having two assholes like this for parents.

No. 1474502

idk nonnnie, i and my whole family have the lids on the left and we're all considered unattractive. my sister and i get told we look like men even though we're both 5'3"

No. 1474507

I just saw this speech and found it kind of nice, I suppose him getting pretty fat irl and playing the character in the movie had quite an effect on him.
I don't follow him but from what I've read here this is a very well deserved win

No. 1474523

everyone used to be younger, that's how time works nonnie kek. but yeah i was shocked to see he's only 51, i thought he was the same age as michelle yeoh when she's actually a decade older.

i think skinny men look younger than they are when they're in their 20s and 30s, and then suddenly become old men overnight.

No. 1474548

just needs to lose 30 pounds more, I know you can do it Brenden

No. 1474554

I love him so much. Ive worked in LA as a gaffer and Ive heard nothing but sweet/fun anecdotes from others who have worked with him as well. For all the shitheads, at least theres this guy being authentic and real. Sure, hes no longer a hottie, but hes a good guy. I cant wait to watch the Whale!

No. 1474574

kanyefags everywhere on the internet are so pathetic, calling this a win, claiming that she's a natural beauty (kek) that "kimberly" is jealous of…

No. 1474700

Face screams trailer park princess

No. 1474782

File: 1673906368225.png (Spoiler Image,464.39 KB, 445x436, janelle.PNG)

What the hell is going on with Janelle Monae? I want to still like her (doesn't help I have a huge crush) but why did she 180 from being an androgynous presenting feminist to this anti-woman hypersexual? pic rel is her pinned post on instagram

No. 1474804

File: 1673908648022.jpeg (286.71 KB, 1283x1181, 40EA215E-164C-42EC-B497-AE4E4C…)

in very random dating news… he has always grossed me out for some reason. he looks like he stinks of onions and sweat.

No. 1474818

in hollywood you either die a powerful gnc queen or live long enough to see yourself become a hypersexualized enby

No. 1474907

File: 1674059870594.jpg (99.83 KB, 1510x657, QueenBee.JPG)

bey fans are mad because instead of releasing visuals for her last album, she will just perform an hour long show in dubai for 24$ Million.

No. 1474925

File: 1674062151807.jpg (128.1 KB, 679x680, Fl6Ydz1akAEVPV3.jpg)

it's not just janelle, pretty much all enbies end up following this pipeline. their thought process is:
>society says women are whores
>i'm not a whore, i have a personality!!!
>therefore i'm not a woman
>but i still crave male validation
>look at my titties
>this is empowering and not at all like when those whores get their tits out for men

enbies use their gender nonsense as an excuse to act as a sex object in a way women get derided for. look in the fakeboi/tif/enby thread for loads of examples of this. they all dress and act more like a walking talking feminine stereotype after coming out.

picrel: my irl personal enby cow called "vincent". pre-enbyness she wore jeans and tshirts and no makeup.

No. 1474930

she's performing an album about her gay uncle in DUBAI??? kek ok

No. 1474932

lmfao ozone, you mean Ozark nonnie

No. 1474939

File: 1674063481754.jpg (73.7 KB, 1200x1200, FmxYyHvWABEz_Uj.jpg)

queen michaela coel is co-chairing the 2023 met gala alongisde everyone's second fave kosovan, dua lipa.

the dress theme is karl lagerfeld.

No. 1474941

Serbia is about to invade Kosovo so I bet dua will do a bit of tearful politicizing

No. 1474944

File: 1674063858677.jpeg (90.95 KB, 1320x880, 37744741-5DB3-4E77-B9D3-53D858…)

Gerard Pique is a huge faggot and coward who’s nitpicking Shakira’s latest song because he knows he’s a coward who abandoned his family for mid tier instagram model pussy

No. 1474947

File: 1674063977045.jpg (74.17 KB, 1169x1169, kimmy.jpg)

kim kardashian did a chavvy british girl makeover lol

No. 1474948

Did she switch labels again? They're very good at convincing women that they're on the decline and the only way to electrify their career is doing stupid shit like that.

No. 1474949

File: 1674064322289.png (540.98 KB, 740x780, jam.png)

this is why rita ora is the superior kosovan. she does her silly songs, has threesomes in front of the paps, and doesn't pretend to care about politics like dua and her pretend activism. still laughing at the world cup thing kek

pique's always been a twat. and he let his gf eat shakira's jam without replacing it. kill him.

No. 1474952

So many men are supporting him amd calling shakira a bitter old lady but reverse the situation and they'd be saying she deserves to be strangled for using him and cheating in his house.

Wealthy women should NOT get married and should just go to a sperm bank. There's next to no chance of having a good father in your kids life even as a normal person, let alone having fame and millions which paints you as a target.

No. 1474961

He's so gay omg, i don't know he has these strong homosexual vibes and aura you cannot convince me this man doesn't like dick

No. 1474970

they aren't married actually

No. 1474974

she changed so much. She started out not giving a shit and now look at her. Sad. Hollywood sucks the souls from creative women.

No. 1474976

I still cant get over this ugly faggot cheating on Shakira. Men deserve nothing.

No. 1474978

Thas mento illness luv x

No. 1475048

File: 1674071455873.jpg (516.39 KB, 1279x1600, Fmxk_OfacAEFNG-.jpg)

madonna in vanity fair

No. 1475055

File: 1674071664317.jpg (402.44 KB, 1600x1067, Fmw1mGxWIAMmvaG.jpg)


No. 1475063

File: 1674071898856.jpg (124.92 KB, 1080x608, uk.jpg)

one of the models in this shoot (far left side, eyebrows, chest hair) is this ugly tif gremlin who was demonstrating against female-only rape centres

No. 1475081

ngl I don't hate it. Maybe bc it looks better than the usual photoshop horror show I normally see from her.

No. 1475124

What in the living hell compelled her to marry him? Granted she has probably known him for a while… just why?
I'd argue that he will never do any better than Alexis Phifer because she is the one who inspired him in the first place to build his fashion empire and force Kim to change her image from dumpy sweater dresses to stupid leather gloves. Any woman is too good for him, but you have to be mentally ill to want to date damaged good like him as i already said.
Not an uncontroversial opinion at this point. Western beauty standards, at least facial beauty standards, are becoming far too homogenised. It's getting frustrating seeing literally ever influencer and celebrity fighting to have the exact same face.
Lmao, nothing bad to say, this is pretty funny.
eeew yuck. I get that he does seem to have the kind of look they are looking for but the fact that he is a misogynists gender fag and still gets great opportunities like this goes to show how truly "oppressed" these scrotes are. They literally get anything they want no matter what.

No. 1475131

>he is a misogynists gender fag
It's a tif, anon.

No. 1475133

i like how being a woman with albinism is considered on par with being a tranny. very progressive.

No. 1475136

nta but that looks like a man to me. fat moid neck with adam's apple, ugly broad shoulders and i don't see top surgery scars

No. 1475287

File: 1674076077825.png (1.01 MB, 916x1695, Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 21-06…)

it's a tif nonnie

No. 1476410

the heart Photoshop looks so cheap kem

No. 1476438

Well i stand corrected, she looks clapped in the face so i guess that helps her pass, kek.

No. 1476439

Majority of all rapes are committed by males. If these demonstrators don't have enough empathy to understand and accept that some women don't want to be around men while they're recovering from assault then they should burn.
>fascists poster
Are these people calling these rape survivors fascists? They're literally nazis? It's always the uglies too

No. 1476500

Incredible, iconic, love her so much.

No. 1476531

Ew who is this

No. 1476558

there's rumors ATJ cheated on his wife. the grandma haters in this thread should be happy


No. 1476580

It would be funny if he cheated on her with another older woman

No. 1476588

Good. They need to break up so he can date me. But he has kids with this cougar and I don't really want to be a stepmom

No. 1476596

File: 1674117914700.jpeg (308.54 KB, 1170x1558, 8316D16C-0454-4C58-97CD-AF3E87…)

Spineless coward. Wasn’t he bullied by twitter or fans of the show into coming out?

No. 1476598

File: 1674118149641.jpg (188.71 KB, 500x931, 1674099462118.jpg)

Jesus, what is it about this game that's getting troons and libfems so butt mad, other then some of the money will go to JK Rowling whose already a multi-millionaire

No. 1476600

Kek anon he'll end up cheating on you too, that's how men work.

No. 1476603


It ruins their illusion that JKR is "cancelled" and "everyone hates her" since everyone (normal) who is into video games is hyped for the game.

I used to play video games, now I dont have time for them anymore but I will buy the Hogwarts game anyways because it is a RPG that I always dreamed of as a kid and the high sale figure will spite the trannies even more.

No. 1476612

I've never been a HP fan so I was in shock when I found out it had slaves and stereotypical Jews. I couldn't believe people were ok with that kek. They didn't cancel her for that but did for some trannies? Goes to show it's all just a fad.

No. 1476638

For those who haven't been following the story:
>Pique has been cheating on Shakira with Clara for 3 years allegedly. However there are rumors that he used to frequent bars where soccer groupies would go and fuck them way before he met Clara.
>Clara was practically living in that house that Shakira was paying with Pique's parents as neighbors when Shakira and the children weren't home.
>Clara was eating Shakira's food, asking Shakira's personal chef to cook for her and having sex with Shakira's husband on their bed.
>The personal chef recently told Shakira that he couldn't continue working for her because he wanted to open a restaurant but has been seen outside of Pique and Clara's apartment.
>Clara is seen the background in a Twitch livestream that Pique was doing 8 months before Pique and Shakira's separation. She was answering the door for Pique's friends.
>Pique hired Clara as an employee in Kosmos, a business that Shakira helped him create by introducing him some business partners and investors.
>Shakira was helping her father, who was struggling health issues, when the separation happened.
>Pique brought their child Milan to a livestream show. Pique and his friends made jokes about about sex and drugs in front of Milan.

No. 1476642

I just can't get over how disproportional is the hate and everyone's reaction as compared to JKR actual "crime", holy shit.

No. 1476644

File: 1674123214885.png (521.23 KB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20230119-033205.png)

Damn, my bad. My tired ass didn't notice there was a new thread.
Britney is really manic & not well & I worry for her health & safety.


No. 1476658

Allegedly it was Joey King

No. 1476663

It doesn't have slaves or stereotypical Jews. It has goblins and weird elf things. If we just pretend every uggo creature is meant to represent a minority group then we might as well start agreeing that Varg Vikerness is accurate with his schizo interpretation of Lord of the Rings

No. 1476679

File: 1674131945212.jpeg (257.75 KB, 2048x1384, licensed-image.jpeg)

I hate her because the Wish but like her because she did amazingly in that series with the girl who killed her mom because she was forcing her to take medicines/get surgeries she didn't need.
Then I hate her again for that dumb ass movie where she lies about killing her friend, so her friend can hang with her boyfriend. Her parents end up killing her friends dad to keep the secret and in the end the friend comes to their house and Joey admits she lied
She's in a lot of fun shitty movies

No. 1476692

Something about her face annoys me, idk what

No. 1476696

File: 1674133460398.jpg (237.22 KB, 1080x1446, FmAXSutXEAAr-lB.jpg)

Meanwhile, back at reality

No. 1476701

I swear some racist made it up as a joke to make people agree that jews are ugly greedy goblins and woke people took it seriously

No. 1476705

There are lots of fantasy settings were slaves are a thing tho, you shouldn't equate real racism with such concepts

No. 1476718

Yes, it's racist but they only care about Harry Potter because it was written by Rowling. Some of you really have a problem with nuanced discussions.
>“The dwarves of course quite obviously — wouldn’t you say in many ways they remind you of the Jews?” said Tolkien.
> D&D relies on genetic determinism, which is crunched into ability points and skill sets. All dwarves are strong, so they get bonus points in strength. All elves are graceful, so they get extra points in dexterity. And half-orcs and dark elves (aka drows), described as dark-skinned or black, skew evil.
>“Once you can understand what is problematic, you are in a much better place to decide if there are still parts of the work you can enjoy, or whether the knowledge changes your whole feeling about something,” said Young. “So, for example, you can recognize and reject the antisemitic goblins in ‘Harry Potter’ while still valuing its stories about friendship and standing up for what you believe in — or realize that for you, the racism really undercuts those messages and ruins the pleasure of the stories.”

No. 1476723

are you being serious rn

No. 1476731

The house elves\slaves that represent women especially wives and mothers and how they will be subservient and love the men and children that hurt them. Hating themselves and self harming while loving their masters desperately. It’s why giving them a piece of clothing an act of kindness sets them free.
>>goblins in the bank are Jews
Yeah no. In the book they were described with long fingers and toes and leathery skin that’s it. The director of the movies made them look like goblins so if anyone was being awful it was him not her. But people don’t ever research or look at anything before they get outraged.
People saying this look illiterate and like they never learned symbolism and messaging in school tbh

No. 1476738

please, go back to twitter or get some fresh air. it must be tough being you.

No. 1476745

It was called The Act and she was incredible in it with Patricia Arquette, how hard is that to remember if you watched it?

No. 1476754

File: 1674139274292.jpg (66.36 KB, 417x640, Illustration_of_a_brownie_by_A…)

WTF are you on about, your acting just as retarded as the people claiming house elves represent black slaves, house elves were modelled after a Scottish folk figures called Brownies, there was never any deeper meaning given to them
>A brownie or broonie is a household spirit or Hobgoblin from Scottish folklore that is said to come out at night while the owners of the house are asleep and perform various chores and farming tasks. The human owners of the house must leave a bowl of milk or cream or some other offering for the brownie, usually by the hearth. Brownies are described as easily offended and will leave their homes forever if they feel they have been insulted or in any way taken advantage of.

No. 1476818

you're all being retarded. the point of house elves etc is that you, the reader, are supposed to feel sympathy for them and think the pureblood wizards are scum for enslaving them, the same way hermione does. the plot of the new game is literally that you end up joining the rebellion and helping them.

i can tell a bunch of you slept through your english literature lessons because your reading comprehension is shit. you aren't supposed to be going "ah yes, those fucking elves, i'm glad they get beaten bloody and aren't allowed to speak badly of their masters". this is a book for primary school children, how are you thicker than the average 8yo?

No. 1476821

File: 1674146700370.jpg (100.93 KB, 947x2048, Fm0OwGNXoAAjFdh.jpg)

percy hynes white, the guy from the netflix wednesday show, is apparently a creep who has at the very least been dm'ing underage girls. victims on twitter are coming forward with social media dm evidence, including photos of him nude that he sent to them, etc. there's a lot of stuff and i'm lazy so i can't be bothered to screenshot it all. allegedly he raped one of these girls but there's no proof (not that i'd be surprised about a hollywood man being a rapist pedo).

here's a round up thread: https://twitter.com/serpentarq/status/1616032713030488064

No. 1476825

File: 1674146961632.jpg (173.08 KB, 947x2048, FmzFflhXkAIcPrb.jpg)

predictably, twitter's real problem is that he said he hated his fans and finds them annoying kek

No. 1476830

File: 1674147273363.png (172.52 KB, 740x711, cancelpercy.png)

this is the underage girl he allegedly stat raped, but the proof is just some random capslock messages between her and another fan. she doesn't even have pics with him like the underage dm's girls, so idk. could be an attention seeker jumping on the bandwagon tbh.


No. 1476838

why does he think these photos were attractive to send anyone. Idg men. They are a mystery to me.

No. 1476841

JKR getting that coin. All those tranny apologist and cowards need to shut the fuck up. I wish they were actually this mad for crimes against women and not their make believe world.

No. 1476842

File: 1674147817541.jpg (358.86 KB, 1080x1662, Screenshot_20230119-120121_Chr…)

I just came across this really cringey piece about emrat ebracing her inner bimbo.

No. 1476845

No. 1476847

This. Not a peep about Lord of the rings, Game of thrones, Dragon Age, etc. High fantasy settings usually have slave tropes. Even worse when they treat women like mid-evil cattle, but no one says shit about that. At least Hermione brought up how house elves were problematic, and even Sirius Black didnt like have house elves because they came with his family lineage. People are so freakin annoying and only want to dunk on JKR because she's a woman who spoke out against TRAS and women needing rights,(which is apparently evil to see women as women??)

No. 1476851

Wait so the only evidence that it's supposed to depict black people is the word slaves? People do realize slave is a word for someone forced into labor and not just a word for black people right? And that there were/are slaves of different races? Some people are so dumb.

No. 1476853

Then he shouldnt get any money from his work, then? Aside from Tom (draco), Luna's actress and Hagrid, has anyone else stood up for JKR? the people apologizing for being associated with her should be ashamed. they're all cowards

I swear all these idiots saying house elves = black people never read books outside america or learned actual lore where JKR based her stories on. I hate americans who think their politics is the only politics.

No. 1476857

He's hideous. Why do people think this ugly white man is attractive? It's crazy because gen z is currently sucking Wednesday's dick on netflix and praising it as the best show ever when they never even watched anything else.
I'm not surprised this creep did this

No. 1476861

Men only need to be young, white,tall with long hair to be considered hot

No. 1476862

Hahahaha wtf lip balm makes her feel like a slut?! Fucking lip balm?!?! She's really out here tryna sexualize lip balm?!!? I'm dead

No. 1476873

kek the irony of the jkr infighting going on in this thread isn't lost on me

No. 1476877

why do famous moids constantly send shit to literal strangers as if a preteen's fandom loyalty will protect them from the law??
at least they're consistently braindead

No. 1476879

She's literally one of the ugliest women I've ever seen and I feel so bad for thinking that but her face is infuriating kek
That makes the situation with ATJ all the more hilarious though and I love it

No. 1476885

she's not ugly but her face does annoy me I will not lie, kek

No. 1476889

how underage, cause he only recently turned 21 years old and I wouldn't call a 17 year old and 19-20 year old a pedophilic incident

No. 1476890

File: 1674152075932.png (221.79 KB, 697x625, im retraumatized.png)

Why do scrotes who look like creeps happen to be creeps? It's making it really hard to not judge a book by it's cover but it's making it easier to cut moids out when they look like serial killers from the jump.
>the only evidence that it's supposed to depict black people is the word slaves?
Funny that when people try to be inclusive or morally superior they come out more racist than the people they're railing against. The anon who posted the brownie lore was eye opening to me! I love mythology and need to go read my Irish Faery book now.
JKR loves and supports women and there's no proof that she'd be racist against me so she's a queen and I hope she continues to laugh all the way to the bank and fund her women's only organizations.
Picrel is a glamor shot of that Percy fuck.

No. 1476902

nta I feel like describing someone's face as "annoying" without any reason or features contributing to why, does constitute as finding them ugly nona kek. not everyone can be appealing to look at

No. 1476909

She can be a great actress when she's not in shit movies but her face reminds me of Kathy McMahon's.

No. 1476913

his fans seem like the sort to be more concerned about what type of woman he's with and not the fact that he's a cheating piece of shit regardless of who he's with

No. 1476933

I’m 99% sure the cheating rumour is fake regardless, it came from some random (also middle aged) woman on tiktok. people just want him to be free of his wife even if they have to make up rumours to cope

No. 1477009

Is he trying to resemble the clown from IT in these?? Wtf, he looks so deranged
You love to see it

No. 1477046

You can cope and seethe about it kek. Harry Potter doesn't have racist undertones. Goblins are not (and should never be) immediately associated with jews and elves have nothing in common with black people. The most intentional racism in the whole franchise is a little Irish boy who is implied to be making explosives. In withcraft, especially the kind found in the UK & Ireland, people capable of magic did dealing with weird little impish folk. What you're seeing in the book is exactly that

No. 1477053

>The most intentional racism in the whole franchise is a little Irish boy who is implied to be making explosives
that isn't even in the books, the films added that. (same way they changed the appearance of the goblins from the books too)

No. 1477063

File: 1674165475849.jpg (36.52 KB, 680x528, Fm2O2JAXEAAgWyN.jpg)

alec baldwin is being charged with involuntary manslaughter after shooting a woman dead on a film set in 2021. he faces 18 months in jail and a $5k fine if found guilty.

No. 1477066

Obligatory "he'd be getting years if he wasn't rich and famous" comment. But SERIOUSLY, fuck that stupid dickhead. I'm so glad his ethnicity-faking wife fooled him into marriage and 18 children. What a loser.

No. 1477077

the armourer should also be charged. I don’t like him, but he didn’t literally load bullets in the gun. He fucked himself even harder since he’s known for being terrible and had the worst possible response after the death. He’ll prob go on probation and pay a fine, but won’t spend a day in jail

No. 1477087

Fantasy as a whole genre has racist tropes. Acknowledging it isn't the same as believing that Jewish people are literal goblins. It just shows that those tropes can be used by people who aren't racist. If TIMs cared about racism that much, they would hate Tolkien too but they don't because they use it as a reason to hate Rowling, ignoring the fact that the goblins' appearance was changed for the movies or that she has nothing to do with the new game's plot.

No. 1477104

I feel like Kanye is living on borrowed time. I can't explain it but my intuition tells me he won't make it past 2023. Something will happen to him, an accident or suicide.

No. 1477110

Alec Baldwin is a giant piece of shit and deserves to be in jail for several things, but I do not understand how the shooting can be blamed on him at all

No. 1477140

File: 1674172918422.jpg (453.16 KB, 1053x1676, Screenshot_20230119_185514.jpg)

No. 1477155

I love her shade of red. I have trichotillomania and wear wigs most of the time, and I'd love a red wig like this but I can never find something quite like this, they're always either a darker auburn or fire-engine-clown red and I want some more orange mixed in

No. 1477156

this. it's actually not his fault. there have been these kinds of cases before and the film company is always charged. this isn't in defense of him in particular but don't film companies have certain liabilities to protect their actors?

No. 1477161

He's liable because he didn't check that the weapon was clear before he started firing it towards the crew, I think.

No. 1477162

Perfect so with that taken away she's even less racist than most people think

No. 1477165

But is that even the standard for a movie set? Like when someone is handed a prop knife they don't cut steak to check if it's sharp before they start waving it at their cast member, it seems like such a weird thing to hold him accountable for something that was supposed to have blank bullets when it was handed to him in the first place

No. 1477168

Yeah actors, or anybody who's ever been near a gun, knows to treat every weapon as if its loaded all the time, even if you've just unloaded it yourself.

The fact that he didn't clear it and then blindly fired into a crowd is what makes him liable, he's been working around weapons on sets for 30+ years so knows better than to do dumb shit like that.

No. 1477173

this just isn't true. it might be true for bb or airsoft guns, but prop guns generally don't discharge anything, even the ones that are loaded with the practical effects ammo that pop and drop shells.

No. 1477175

File: 1674176383002.webm (816.18 KB, 320x484, _cTRveY4Pr76tdJh.webm)

This video is about beating up a black person. It's over for him.

No. 1477177

He still had a duty, as an actor and a producer, to not be a fucking moron and start firing it off without checking the chamber first.

This was also after about half of the crew had already quit over safety concerns, too.

Baldwin as producer and the one who pulled the trigger and the armorer as the one who was loading live rounds into the weapon are equally responsible.

No. 1477178

It also wasn't a prop gun, it was a blank loaded revlolver.

No. 1477179

listen, i hate him as much as anyone but this is all not correct on any level. the company is the one with the liability and duty to protect the people on set.

No. 1477180

i know it literally was, but who had access to that information? and why was it even a real gun? the person who purchased it has more liability than anyone else involved.

No. 1477181

Baldwin was the producer and in charge of hiring, it's on him for that alone.

Again, Baldwin was the main producer, this was his film, he was in charge of hiring crew, including the armorer. Even if somebody else had shot her, he'd still be liable for running an unsafe set.

No. 1477184

Ayrt it's insane to me that they even have real guns on set. Famous stars have died from being shot on set already, why not just use props? It's so bizarre that he was just… handed an irl loaded gun by people in charge of props

No. 1477186

It sounds like it was just a failure from the top down on that set. The crew walking off due to the safety shit, the budget stretched way too fucking thin for a proper firearms team, the producers hiring the armorer because her dad was also one (yay nepo babies even exist in the armory world!), the armorer going out and using the prop gun for target practice with her friends, and Baldwin not checking the weapon before firing it.

Just fucked up from top to bottom.

No. 1477194

File: 1674179709455.jpg (20.55 KB, 399x399, gpVlR7q7_400x400.jpg)

He looks like a creep but I simply don't trust bitches with skin disease makeup.
Picrel is the accuser.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1477201

You sound like a scrote

No. 1477202

You bitches find any reason to not believe someone. Next you're going to say that her heart is pumping blood and she's breathing oxygen so she isn't to be trusted.

No. 1477217

>skin disease
fucking huh

No. 1477218

Fuck off.

No. 1477219

File: 1674183326925.png (471.98 KB, 525x582, 106.png)

Women with this type of makeup look like they suffer from a rare skin disease.(ban evading retard. )

No. 1477223

So if a woman wears heavy makeup she's untrustworthy? Are you stupid?(do not reply to bait)

No. 1477234

why is it always the uglies who defend shit men like their lives depend on it


No. 1477235

File: 1674185490612.jpg (183.37 KB, 895x928, LMAO.jpg)

what a cow kek

No. 1477237

>hello police id like to report some people who are making mean comments about a actor on twitter and trolling me in the replies.


No. 1477241

File: 1674185868500.jpg (98.5 KB, 780x730, wtf.jpg)

pickmeism is a mental disability.

No. 1477257

Because they have no other prospects in life so they have to cope (shit on other women) to get dick. Their lives actually do depend on it because they’re aspiring trad wives kek

No. 1477272

You have to have a mental age of 3 to think the police are gonna do shit about this KEK. Did anyone reply to her 'serious' report?

No. 1477290

The armorer IS being charged.

No. 1477309

Voldemort's actor supported her too.

No. 1477317

Yep and I'm pretty sure so did Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy). Even Eddie Redmayne (while still being pro-trans) didn't understand the "abuse and vitriol" sent her way. It's mostly just Daniel and Emma being very vocal cunts. Not sure about the others HP related.

>Funny that when people try to be inclusive or morally superior they come out more racist than the people they're railing against.

So true it's painful

No. 1477320

I always thought Lucius actor was the hottest actor in the movies lol. Wont look him up because he probably hit the wall like a gas truck

No. 1477349

>this is why rita ora is the superior kosovan
i hate rita a thousand times more solely because of her godawful earbleeding cover of 'running up that hill'

No. 1477351

I think Ralph Fiennes defended her too iirc, funny how it was mostly older actors who were on her side whole the millennials went to the troon side.

No. 1477356

I feel like it's because older actors have less to lose having already had big careers and so, and millenials maybe fear being blacklisted more?

No. 1477359

I think it's because the millenials were child actors who were always rich and privileged while the older actors had more normal careers and lives overall so they know what average women go through and how they are. Emma Watson will never have to worry about troons in public bathrooms because she almost always has a bodyguard with her.

No. 1477389

Shakira cheated on her ex-husband with Pique - play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
Also Shakira is 10 years older than Piqué. She should have known better.

No. 1477412

File: 1674222921236.png (693.29 KB, 1528x1621, Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 13-53…)

emma watson went to dragon school so she's always been rich and out of touch, and would've been even if she'd never been cast as hermione. that's why she thinks feminism is paying women in the developing world 62p an hour to make ugly pro-woman slogan tshirts for white women to wear.

No. 1477650

you retarded? based on what you wrote people would think emma watson was the one behind the tshirts when infact it waas just some shitty charity (this is why i hate charitys because most of them are like this)

No. 1477651

>Also Shakira is 10 years older than Piqué. She should have known better.
Would have never guessed since she looks 10 years younger than him.

>Shakira cheated on her ex-husband with Pique?

actual proof where?

No. 1477655

No. 1477672

File: 1674245595976.jpg (227.02 KB, 1284x1567, Fm78V8nakAIu-tW.jpg)

what the fuck is happening in this thread recently? did we get linked somewhere full of scrotes or something?

anyway, new willow photoshoot, i think she looks cute and kinda like a na'vi from avatar except not blue.

No. 1477674

File: 1674245658483.png (229.93 KB, 600x338, 023_01_481051_necklace.png)

>Kim Kardashian buys pendant worn by Princess Diana

Not a Diana stan but she doesn't deserve this shit

No. 1477676

File: 1674245881115.png (345.09 KB, 730x738, dakota.png)

dakota johnson made a joke about armie hammer's cannibalism thing and now she's being hashtag cancelled on twitter.

No. 1477679

dont know if i care about objects but she so obviously calculates this to get attention that it makes me angry kek but that's exactly what she wants so whatever

No. 1477680

she…. doesnt deserve to have her jewelry bought and sold? kim Kardashian isnt hurting any body by owning a dead celebs pendant

No. 1477681

idg why kim is so obsessed with wearing dead women's things. like, psychologically, why is she like this?

(that being said, this wasn't actually diana's necklace, it's an alex mcqueen necklace that diana borrowed once)

No. 1477685

Apparently she bought Lana Del Rey's mask that got her in trouble about two years ago, I seen it passed around Twitter

No. 1477687

He was getting too old anyway. Time for a new boy fresh out of high school!

No. 1477691

File: 1674246599029.png (671.29 KB, 723x810, kimmy.png)

nonnie it's a meme kek

No. 1477709

Kim looks so ugly in that Marilyn Monroe dress, I hate her hair, why did she pull it into that ugly bun? Then she looks so golden and her face is so botched. In some ways she looks like a bald woman who shaved her head after tanning

No. 1477713

kek, i love austin for doing this elvis larp, it’s campy. when kim bought marilyn monroe’s dress, i was 99% sure pete was going to pull something similar like wearing john belushi’s clothing, that would’ve been funny. more moid celebs should do this, stop sexualizing dead women and let them become obsessed with other moids

No. 1477714

Imo he didn't age too bad but he only looks hot as Lucius.

No. 1477719

I'm also curious about why she does it. I find it creepy.

No. 1477721

>Would have never guessed since she looks 10 years younger than him.
i got some news for you: that’s what plastic surgery is for.
>actual proof where?
u have access to lolcow but not google? weird.

i got that y’all know her for the Waka Waka song or something but some of us have growing up with Shakira en español and she’s the colombian queen of pick me’s (listen to Si Te Vas)
nonas i got cheated on too but i ain’t no hypocrite.

No. 1477744

File: 1674251928847.jpeg (297.83 KB, 1170x1312, E152626E-E23F-4135-8A26-D3CA9C…)

Holy shit I hope this is just anorexia and not anorexia AND buccal fat removal

No. 1477749

Yeah she doesn't look good I think it's facial work because her body is average sized/normal thin

No. 1477752

She definitely lost weight unnecessarily. As for the cheeks, it looks like she's sucking them in kek probably did get it done

No. 1477754

you can tell she's sucking in her cheeks why are people so blind? if you're skinny, try posing the same way and see for yourself.

No. 1477791

how tf do you suck your cheeks in with your mouth even slightly open? she's had surgery

No. 1477794

Nta but you can definitely suck in your cheeks with your mouth open

No. 1477798

You can suck your cheeks in and hold it between your teeth, it’s actually easier with your mouth slightly open like that. My cheeks are fat though so idk if it’s possible to make them look that defined using that method.

No. 1477827

>Anya shows up with no bucchal fat in the era of bucchal fat removal surgery being really popular
>she is worth millions and can afford to wipe her ass with thepl price of any surgery she could ever want
>"guys she's sucking in"

No. 1477828

File: 1674258825871.png (262.08 KB, 321x383, Capture.PNG)

she looks normal in pictures where she's not doing that face/at the angle. She even did some commerical thing and her face looks fine, she seemed to lose some weight but she doesn't seem gaunt. Also she has a funny looking profile, kek but she's still pretty

No. 1477830

and the make up it’s really obvious kek nonas be tripping

No. 1477848

Don't particularly like this scrote but the "Proof" is so weak. It's just one sided texts making claims with zero screenshots of him doing any of these things. Do these people know what proof is or do they just think saying something happened makes it true?

No. 1477878

AYRT, Jason actually aged very well, nonny! I think he's best as Lucius and Peter Pan, imho. His friendship with Tom Felton is also sweet.

No. 1477946

File: 1674272643078.jpg (5.5 KB, 168x300, 4464.jpg)

Nah. Tiktok fags just got buccal fat removal worms in their brains. A few celebs got it done, and online content creators blew it out of proportion with their clickbait shit as if this is something everyone and their mom is getting. Maybe check on your fav celeb's coke and meth habits before you worry and cry yourself to sleep because she got buccal fat removal and now looks (gasp) 30 at 25.

She's just doing a lite version of the Chad face, it's literally a common model pose.

No. 1478108

>she seemed to lose some weight but she doesn't seem gaunt
idk nonna, there's been some scary looking candids of her out and about

No. 1478203

File: 1674306545444.jpg (39.91 KB, 418x743, timandmegan.JPG)

Megan Trainor and TiM Petras announced a collab together and it's so random. Can't wait to hear this mess of a song because both of them suck.


No. 1478363

Waiting for the inevitable Kim Petras x Trisha Paytas collab

No. 1478365

File: 1674315457554.jpg (48.53 KB, 960x540, 78a5b1457bd6e8fa83f4570b1aaeb6…)

she's like 30 and has a kid, she's too old to be acting this cringe

No. 1478390

Damn "genetics" hit her hard

No. 1478411

tbf 30 isn't really that old

No. 1478425

wow juni didnt age well at all

No. 1478430

she's barely older than meg, doja, dua and much younger than nicki and beyonce, it's just looks weird to us because she a white woman who looks like girl defined

No. 1478438

She looks her age she just isn't attractive to some nonnies (me included) people say some people look older but they just aren't attractive. She looks 29-30 she's just not the 29/30 looking women people want to see making certain kinds of music.

No. 1478441

>omg 30 is wayyy too old to make a silly dancing video ew cuh-ringe much

No. 1478477

30 is young nowadays

No. 1478479

He looked like a creep in that show too

No. 1478508

what the fuck is that thing on the left? it's terrifying whatever it is, needs a spoiler alert

No. 1478526

File: 1674329665540.jpg (68.97 KB, 828x1026, liam.jpg)

1d's least successful member liam payne - who hasn't worked since his album peaked at #111 on the billboard chart - debuts his new face on the red carpet at the beyonce dubai show.

No. 1478532

I thought this was brendon urie

No. 1478539

did you guys miss out on jamie lee curtis' post and delete office pic on instagram? everyone in the comments pointed out the dead looking child stuffed in some sort of cargo box(?) photo that was hanging above the desk, loud and proud

No. 1478543


No. 1478550

sorry about not posting the pic btw, i straight up didnt want to see it again

No. 1478551

File: 1674331615922.png (1.75 MB, 640x1136, 1674313430546324.png)

Hello anon, show me your palm and I will read your future.

No. 1478553

ooo post and delete? i get it, the other anon didnt wanna bet banned for what would be considered child pornography, huh

No. 1478556

here's a link. won't post the photo as it's highly disturbing but it's of a naked child laying on their back with their legs crossed in a big tub of water looking at the camera

No. 1478561

alot of people who 1st saw the post initially thought that it was a painting too, but it really is an actual photograph

No. 1478573

my first thought is "well what if that's a grandkid or something" but it's still senseless…why display that in public

pedo shadow cabals getting bolder and bolder every single day

No. 1478576

File: 1674335003056.png (331.25 KB, 1076x896, jlc.png)

No. 1478589

tbh these are completely harmless photos to me? am i secretly a pedo

No. 1478594

it's one thing to have in your family photo album and another to display a picture of someone else's naked child who is unable to consent to having their picture taken and shown to strangers.

No. 1478595

File: 1674336859470.jpg (431.59 KB, 1080x1220, Screenshot_2023-01-21-13-31-52…)

No. 1478626

this fucking post cracked me up thank you. the 'dabs' is killing me

is this not… just a joke? i find it funny. i'd love to be able to get as mad as twitterfags do about things. it's like a talent

No. 1478631

Regarding the jlc situation, I want to know if the child is okay. Their mom took the pic and gifted it to someone? How many more naked pics did she take of her child and distribute? Whether it's your child or not, shouldn't it count as cp if you give someone an image of a naked child? People are so weird about naked children idgi.

No. 1478635

the solution to all this is obviously mandatory child burqas

No. 1478636

File: 1674341801308.jpg (106.78 KB, 1600x1142, anne.jpg)

gonna post a few sundance 2023 pics bc the thread is dead.

anne hathaway

No. 1478638

File: 1674341973430.jpg (354.14 KB, 2048x1366, connelly.jpg)

jennifer connelly, ben whishaw (sans bananas), and jane campion's daughter alice englert

No. 1478639

I looked up the photographer and she has albums of photos she took of other people's naked children. Another album is literally just photos of 13 year olds. Maybe she is innocent and just taking photos that symbolize motherhood and childhood to her but obviously not everyone who views or buys her art is going to have good intentions. I think if that photo and that photographers art was found in a male celebrities house there would be no question as to if he's a pedo or not. What makes it questionable is that Jamie is a woman and a mother, so she could have the photograph for innocent reasons or bad ones but there's really no way to tell unless other suspicious stuff comes up. Sad though I really like Jamie.

No. 1478640

File: 1674342099192.jpg (128.35 KB, 683x1024, lambert.jpg)

adam lambert (and someone called cody?? sorry to that man etc)

No. 1478641

File: 1674342242651.jpg (140.62 KB, 819x1024, FnB3jkIXgAERzQc.jpg)

mia goth

No. 1478643

File: 1674342324804.jpg (319.7 KB, 1366x2048, dkota.jpg)

dakota johnson

(i like how no one dresses up for sundance, they all look so much more relaxed in normie clothes)

No. 1478645

File: 1674342461291.jpg (468.97 KB, 1363x2048, emilia.jpg)

emilia clarke with director sophia barthes

No. 1478648

Or just not take/share photos of naked children? Obviously pedos use that as porn. You can't be this daft right.

No. 1478650

Always loved how expressive Emilia is. Here she looks like she's smiling for seven people

There is nothing good that can come out of tabooing children's bodies. Like nothing good came out of any other body taboo.
All proper solutions require dealing with the perpetrator, not the victim.

No. 1478656

Well we can make less children victims of being used as porn by not taking nude photos of them to sell as art? It's not "punishing the victim" it's preventing a child's photos from being jerked off too by pedos. There's no way to punish the perpetrators when they could easily just say "I bought this book full of naked kids because it's art."

No. 1478664

Ignore, it's clearly bait anon.

No. 1478665

Naked kids are normal and should be in art and everywhere.
Tabooing them is normalizing child predation and creepyfying childhood.
Go for the pedos, not the kids and parents.(pedo bait)

No. 1478681

She is literally the cutest. Didn't watch house of the dragon, thought she was kinda weird looking at first, but there's something about her face that really sticks out and is enchanting. Kinda reminds me of if Sydney Sweeney wasn't so sexualized, I hope the industry is kind to her but I have a feeling it won't be

No. 1478683

File: 1674346262761.gif (3.19 MB, 498x280, dr-evil-how-about-no.gif)

No. 1478690

Oh no a bare child how will we ever recover as a society
It's not like everyone ever did that
I myself was born in a burqa

No. 1478695

File: 1674346974824.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

This better be bait or else I'm clocking you as one of the pedo trannies who raid this site with CP

No. 1478704

It's not bait and your clock's defunct.
In fact I'm really surprised you of all can't see the obvious pedo normalization and victim-blaming shit.
All generations before you viewed it as normal. And it was just that.
It's on you if you turn it into a taboo.

No. 1478716

This isn't the dark ages anymore. You don't even see naked adults in normal ads. Why the fuck you wanna see naked children so bad
Being naked in general is taboo
You know what else was normal a century ago? Stoning.

No. 1478717

It is absolutely the pedo schizo tranny baiting itt.

No. 1478721

You're the schizo
being naked shouldn't be taboo

No. 1478739

File: 1674350381418.jpeg (757.68 KB, 1125x938, AA27A638-0170-459B-8F01-45C25C…)


love it when moids fuck up this embarrassingly bad. I remember now why this guy was so familiar when I saw Wednesday- he lives in Toronto, went to “one of those” high schools in “those” neighbourhoods (gentrified white liberal area). pattern is clearly him and his manky friend group full of pickme boys and wannabe rappers. He was the creepy artsy guy who set out to sleep with as much underage girls as he can before the age gap gets wide/illegal. Clearly didn’t work for him and looks like he’ll be moving out his 8k flat in Toronto soon. 17 sleeping with 13 year olds in a society like this is predatory idc what y’all say that he was younger then, he’s always done that

No. 1478771

Don't bother, this is likely the same man baiting in the nofap thread right now. Nobody was talking about victimizing or witch hunting the nameless child in that photo until he turned up saying that naked children should be in "art and everywhere".

No. 1478793

I find it deranged naked children are even a problem.
You absolute slut, born without protective clothing.

No. 1478890

File: 1674359858407.jpeg (498.19 KB, 1283x1758, C9AFBC32-FC54-43C7-AB9D-C98CA0…)

they are both ugly

No. 1478891

It doesn’t make me throw up as bad as Billie Eilish 2023 and her pedo.

No. 1478920

I don't understand why twitter is freaking out over these two getting together

No. 1478931

i did a reverse image search and still can't figure out who these are

No. 1478935

selena gozem and drew taggart, one of the members of the chainsmokers

No. 1478946

she still looks like a child in the face, odd person to cheat with when you're dating someone like 30 years older than you… cue "i AiNt GoT nO tYpE"

No. 1478949

Tim's feet are huge kek.

No. 1478962

why he look so different

No. 1478964

like this explanation did it any better? she's been looking at this photo for 20 years and doesnt think anything wrong with it? why would you want a photograph of someone ELSES naked child in your house, that has no family relation to you whatsoever?? she has plenty of money, she could get any painting or photo she wanted, but she has that? why, just why…

No. 1478967

>naked kids should be in art and everywhere
fucking creep, get off this site. what is wrong with you. i think the fbi needs your ip address

No. 1479011

please ignore the pedo. They should die in silence.

No. 1479018

Why not in pain instead?

No. 1479034

I was imagining pain so excruciating that they can't even make a sound so you're right.

No. 1479102

Aww, she has aged very gracefully (with probably loads of treatments and surgeries but anyway)

No. 1479129

KEK, late but all the girls I knew who fawned over him being the best/most attractive Doctor are all ftm now.

No. 1479147

she looks like she could be ATJ's Little Person younger sister

No. 1479151

This is what your life is worth. 5 thousand dollars.

No. 1479154

Well he's ugly and deserves to go to prison for it. Therefore I will be pushing the pedophile narrative

No. 1479159

More like HAGGARD kek

No. 1479220

File: 1674396920373.jpg (45.92 KB, 622x594, FnFO0yIXoAIsHy5.jpg)

sam smith thinks it's a shame the brits didn't nominate any female artists (after he campaigned to get the female category removed)

i hate this slab of ham so much

No. 1479223

I know fuck all about this guy, but spotify keeps harassing me with his music to bully me into getting premium.

No. 1479229

Didn't this happen already

No. 1479231

we already knew the brits hadn't bothered nominating women, but this is a new interview from him where he pretends it wasn't his fault

No. 1479232

I'll never understand his popularity, he looks like an obese walleyed pedophile. Seeing him try to dance "sexy" with the posture and body type of a subway masturbator should be subject to mockery but instead it's praised, I don't get pop culture.

No. 1479237

Hard agree plus his singing is atrocious.

No. 1479292

File: 1674404540666.png (1.47 MB, 1440x1366, ynxk3jl0ral41.png)

mayhaps im stupid but i cant tell what's going on in this video. Who is the woman at the window? why is she staring into the camera without saying anything? Why are there like two voicing speaking over the footage? What's with the same sound effects? Who is the man dancing and why do we have two different angles of his dance? Who is the guy at the beginning of the video introducing this mess and why doesn't he explain what's going on? I'm not even trying to be snarky I genuinely don't know what all this is

No. 1479365

File: 1674409531920.jpg (76.21 KB, 1000x1252, sbrs8rosllda1.jpg)

No. 1479366

File: 1674409608865.jpg (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, 1674383988754054.jpg)

No. 1479367

while the mom does look like Ben Platt, I don't like the idea of picking at random women and saying they look like men as a celebrity, especially since AB is a keyboard gangsta, we remeber her crying on wilding out. She's really an asshole

No. 1479370

I notice that the "shock factor" of Him Petras has worn off, I remember back in the day seeing like 2 pictures of him popping up when people would be like, "some trans women do pass" and "Omg thats a man??"
I think it's agreed upon that he's aging like fucking milk and he's ugly asf.

No. 1479371

File: 1674409863880.jpg (52.54 KB, 458x349, 1674367695648181.jpg)

No. 1479385

Petras looks like that fucking comic blobfish

No. 1479386

File: 1674410974198.jpg (150.19 KB, 737x811, 7888.jpg)

He made this up theres no way.

>If you slow down her voice, it sounds a bit like mine.

Absolute delusion

No. 1479393

I hate this stupid fag so much. He's always attention whoring because he's ugly and he probably gets no male attention (because he's ugly) (or he's just a quick fuck because he's ugly) so he's gotta do something to get attention.

No. 1479401

No way anyone ever thought that.

No. 1479402

Obese white gay males should hide from society. They have no excuse to be this fucking fat and ugly.

No. 1479404

as an obese flamer he DEFINITELY gets no dick kek you know how gays are

No. 1479405

File: 1674412022213.jpg (240.27 KB, 1080x1080, Fm_qmzNWQAEt3hb.jpg)

No. 1479412

he's painfully ugly and knows he's ugly

No. 1479421

File: 1674412808477.jpg (124.49 KB, 1079x809, 55C3XHPEVBHEDC3TPKFDJFSQLM.jpg)

No. 1479422

Troons are dreaming of having moobs that big

No. 1479423


No. 1479428

File: 1674413143040.jpg (131.35 KB, 683x851, sams.jpg)

No. 1479429

He’s defo on HRT.

No. 1479430

I'm sure there are some who go for him for clout.

No. 1479431

File: 1674413247288.jpg (31.7 KB, 310x465, 0_Sam-Smith.jpg)

No. 1479433

He used to be somewhat passable but he hit the wall big time and swelled up to hog proportions.

No. 1479436

i'm relieved that thing is a faggot because at least that means no woman is subjected to the horror of having sex with it

No. 1479440

This flabby guy in a swimsuit VS appartheid clyde in a swimsuit, who wins?

No. 1479498

File: 1674420218973.jpg (42.81 KB, 400x358, katawaslaughing.jpg)

holy shit, this white whale is fucking 30?! jfc, it would be tragic if he wasn't such an insufferable piece of shit.

No. 1479504

im so fucking mad this picture froze my laptop i fucking hate this man

No. 1479507

damn look at those workout lines

No. 1479530

File: 1674422746830.gif (1.75 MB, 300x225, 1673281703051288.gif)

He's nearly my age? Holy shit, he didn't hit the wall, he hit the entire fucking house.

No. 1479533

Kekk idk what is worse, this or that elon musk pic. Men have no shame, fucking nasty.

No. 1479582

Ayrt, it's a woman who saw Sam Smith filming one of his tiktoks out her window so she recorded it, and the beginning clip is the finished tiktok lol. His hunchback while trying to do a sexy walk absolutely kills me

No. 1479583

Samefag but the other voices and sound effects are just dumb edits, I tried to find the original without it but couldn't

No. 1479591

wtf is that Cody Fern on the left? He hit the wall hard…

No. 1479619

He's got bigger tits than me

No. 1479632

The foot disgusts me, it looks like a foot you'd find a corpse that's been submerged in water for weeks, bloated and bloodless. The fact he's trying to ~daintily~ pose it like it's not the most vomit inducing thing about this photo is shocking to me. What kind of delusion is it that makes him think he's not gross? It's like he thinks he's a 20 something influencer who's famous for being pretty, the looks he gives the camera is always this weird egotistical smirk that makes it seem like he's thinking "yeah I know I'm hot… you're welcome" but he's disgusting. Gassing up obese faggots has been one of the worst things to come about from pop music.

No. 1479649

I fucking shrieked with laughter at every single one of these, he is so awful to look at. Anon >>1479504 he bricked my gf's phone too through sheer proximity lmfao.
This is the WORST fucking one too he's posing like an agp grandpa my fucking sides

No. 1479660

holy kek is sam the irl male kikomi? he looks like a straight fakeboi obsessed with larping as a gay man

No. 1479661

File: 1674439156428.jpeg (49.06 KB, 300x472, BCE7014E-2E74-4BD2-A423-0BF429…)

To me she kinda looked like the female version of that kid in Meet the Millers

No. 1479709

She totally does but I'm also weirdly enamored with that dude's face too kek

No. 1479744

File: 1674456754427.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.24 KB, 620x349, DA397646-66B4-4702-8456-023996…)

No. 1479827

I don't get everyone's problem with this. They're just some fun, well-shot photos. Gay men are overwhelmingly fatphobic and femmephobic so I'm glad he's able to push back against that narrative and break boundaries and be comfortable in his own skin.

No. 1479830

>fatphobic and femmephobic
Get out. Go. Back to twitter with you.

No. 1479854

while this fag is hideous, it's nothing we've never seen before. elon, on the other hand, literally looks lovecraftian.

No. 1479872

… I think you’re lost.

No. 1479891

File: 1674488730569.jpg (107.14 KB, 1200x841, FnGyu1BagAAXSyk.jpg)

No. 1479893

We need a mass culling of men. It's always the ugly ones too

No. 1479932

File: 1674493917679.png (1.17 MB, 634x953, 66864677-11665951-Outfit_The_f…)

No. 1479935


No. 1479939

this entire group of women look soooo old now (jenners, hadids, etc) and i'm wondering if it's the cosmetic surgery/fillers or if it's being a talentless socialite just sucking the life out of them. imagine doing nothing all day every day for years, and existing only to be looked at. it must be exhausting tbh.

No. 1479953

not to defend a generally delusional faggot but he's obviously joking anons come on now…

No. 1479975

File: 1674498282519.jpeg (692.61 KB, 1284x1257, 19080E1F-D147-416B-A968-14B931…)

This is painful to look at. How is his finger not purple?!

No. 1479988

File: 1674499652334.png (763.85 KB, 570x867, dailymailkylielion.png)

She's still so attractive to me, despite the botched surgeries and filler.

No. 1479989

Don't care about Kylie but I do love the dress kek. The randomness of a huge fake lion head slapped onto a typical slinky dress is great. I hope her next red carpet appearance features the severed head of the tin man.

No. 1480008

File: 1674500979059.png (648.16 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20230123-130841.png)

No. 1480014

she looks nice i this picture because most her face is hidden, I think she looks good,but her face is fucking ruined. All that surgery so young, she looks tired and swollen. I feel bad for Kylie

No. 1480015

I realize something, his body kinda reminds me of Shayna (i hate to say that), Also his vibes give me PixyTeri. Some celebrities when they get fat try to purposely make themselves look gross or "embrace" it by just being really unflattering in their looks and outfits. Jill does that a lot, h3h3, Nickocado etc.
They knew they look retarded and they hope it becomes the focus instead of their weight

No. 1480018

I have never hated a fat ugly fag as much as I do this one. I really hope he has a horrible horrible life. Sorry this is pure alog mati, but fuck, I want him to suffer.

No. 1480019

not pexiteri, I mean PixieLocks or whatever her name is, I'm retarded and I'm not familar with either of them beyond a quick glance

No. 1480022

>Gay men are overwhelmingly fatphobic and femmephobic
Oh no, how dare normal gay men not want to touch repulsive men who think they look like bad bitches with a ten foot pole? Anyway.

No. 1480023

Outfit is interesting, I don't hate it.
Her face & body tho? Fucking yikes… She looks like rubber & is aging so quickly.

No. 1480024

and it's not that nobody wants fat/femme men, it's that the scrotes the fat/femme men want don't want them. Their dating pool is smaller, which..is something you gotta deal with.
I'm fat and ugly, I know that my dating pool may be smaller then someone thinner and pretty.

No. 1480025

pretty! they look so nice

No. 1480030

why is nobody complaining about 30(!)yo sam showing himself so inappropriately? he's way too mature for such outfits and behavior

No. 1480032

wtf? what is up with those two? even the pictures in the article are crazy. there’s like a 3 yr old drinking out of a baby bottle.

No. 1480034

File: 1674503397880.jpg (108.64 KB, 757x326, samtits.jpg)

No. 1480039

File: 1674504151731.webm (8.19 MB, 576x1024, ssstwitter.com_1674503849676.w…)

trigger warning

No. 1480045

Both total narcissists & have too many kids to raise any of them properly. One of their toddlers got a black eye a few months ago iirc. Their poor kids seem pretty severely neglected & like they get most of their needs met by overworked/underpaid nannies. Hilary loves taking fake breast feeding videos/pictures to show off her implants, those kids are gonna be some screwed up adults.

No. 1480054

I agree with this. Imagine being 30, looking like that, and sitting mostly nude on a motorcycle filming TikToks or whatever. Fuck that beluga

No. 1480079

File: 1674509963016.jpg (860.5 KB, 1946x2917, GettyImages-1458731018 (1).jpg)

I hate to say it but I love this

No. 1480081

I'm convinced he pays for these articles because who the hell wants to hear what he has to say?

No. 1480086

her being bald really brings the look together

No. 1480090

File: 1674510547002.jpeg (85.16 KB, 976x549, 4B5E41A7-329A-4B65-94C7-C67342…)

No. 1480099

bitch what, no

No. 1480115

File: 1674513434079.png (582.17 KB, 712x447, Capture.PNG)

I know a lot of lolcowers may not care, but Young Miami from the City Girls (Mother of two, from two different dads), talked about liking men to pee on her talk show. She's in some weird relationship with P-Diddy who Just had a new child btw. It's a "open" relationship, that only seems open on his end.
She's like 28 or 29, she's basically alluded at first it was a "Get the head, bread and leave" situation aka "Sugar Baby" situation. But then she'd argue with his other girlfriends/sex partners and get mad when people call her a "Side Chick" after Diddy had a new baby this year at 50 something.
The whole situation is embarrassing because she constantly is saying that she's "I'm the type of bitch who would" aka, "I'll admit to doing gross shit for a man with enough money/I like" and I just can't help but think, how dumb this all is and how often I see women praising basically selling yourself to a rich man, being a public fool for gifts or money. Diddy owns half the show she has, it's on his network, I doubt he's giving her real money.
Also, Young miami again is a rapper, but she doesn't rap anymore(She's also a terrible rapper), so basically her whole thing is connected to this 50 something year old scammer, who just had a surprise baby with his massage therapist, has like 4+ kids, and has rumors of being on the DL.

I really hate how normal it is for female rappers to just admit they are stupid or don't know shit (Glorilla, Caresha, Cardi B not a rapper but Summer Walker) and proudly being pick me's for men, who always win in the end.
I also know a lot of young women/teenagers sadly look up to these women, want their lifestyle and/or think they have to do some disgusting vile acts to be a "Freak" and these men/teenage boys know that.

I can't be the only one who notices how they always try to "Normalize" certain sex acts using music/musicians. Just like they tried to "Normalize" onlyfans for celebrities and it worked, because more celebs then we knew, are comfortable showing off their bits and selling themselves. Of course they are has beens, Teen Wolfe chaser scrote, Tyga another chaser, Lil Fizz has been boy band member showing his asshole, Omarion's brother etc. etc.
I know i'm rambling

No. 1480120

Its well executed, but it grosses me out to look at. Thanks alot, trypophobia

No. 1480124

Twink death is hitting him hard lmao

No. 1480125

he was always ugly and looked like a grass type pokemon

No. 1480128

File: 1674514500510.jpg (59.48 KB, 1083x658, k.JPG)

What's up with people talking about their piss fetish lately? Reminds me of picrel. Here the full interview part.

>he was always ugly and looked like a grass type pokemon

No. 1480131

idk what kind of midlife crisis this landwhale is going through, but it's absolutely NOT twink death. he was literally never a twink. he's always lived on a diet of sausage rolls kek.

No. 1480132

trying to normalize it, just like that song with Jhane Ankio was talking about "eating booty", they use musicians mainly rappers/rnb singers to "push" gross shit, so more can admit it, and then soon enough, everyone will be talking about slurping hot piss like it's Ginger Ale and it's "normal", don't kink shame guise!
You notice who they have doing it. Another "Who" claiming they like watersports is Amara La Negra, some singer/reality tv star from Love and Hip Hop.
When "Drake" comes out or dates a troon, then that'll be normalized as well and it won't be hidden. I notice a lot of singers/rappers like to "follow the leader" in admitting their disgusting fetishes. "He" wants everyone to know about them and for it to become the norm, so they can further push sex work, escorting and monotize degen shit

No. 1480134

Honestly same, and I'm liking this retarded lion head dress too

No. 1480136

it's crazy to me the best Kylie has looked ever to me is in a dress with a huge lion's head on it. I've never really thought she was ever pretty (she has pretty eyes though, they all do except for Khloe) but she looks very nice and put togeather, even if I face looks over cooked

No. 1480143

>what kind of midlife crisis this
he's an enby

No. 1480181

File: 1674519835207.jpg (125.84 KB, 736x1515, 3ede330ff3f8a0b24af500ae7ccdd1…)

sorry anons but get some taste. it's distasteful as fuck, fake or not. even bjork's swan dress was less of an eyesore in comparison kek

No. 1480186

The outfit was featured as part of the Schiaparelli show she was attending, along with some other similar leopard-head dresses. I guess it's a thing for fashion houses to sometimes dress attendees as kind of a preview. Or at least that's what I saw on tiktok.

No. 1480193

File: 1674521309975.jpg (298.88 KB, 1364x2048, doja.jpg)

I like it from a fashion perspective but the length of the skirt is absolutely ruining it for me. I wish it were floor length with a small train,but I also realize that the would have been very hard and impractical with all the beads. Otherwise it looks great.
I thought she looked really nice too, I honestly think the Kar-Jenners benefit the most from nude makeup since it emphasizes their PS the least. And despite the huge lion head, the look felt very toned down. I like the actual dress too, very Schiaparelli imo.

No. 1480195

This makes me so itchy argh. If I had to sit around her I would have to leave because of the discomfort.

No. 1480203

god i love her

No. 1480213

I think part of it might be a bodysuit with the jewels attached?

No. 1480214

But yeah I agree.

No. 1480234

File: 1674524425409.jpeg (63.16 KB, 366x381, CC222D31-462D-4661-A88A-A45893…)

hate it.

No. 1480322

She looks like a crustacean but idk it's kinda cool. I like it more than these dresses with butt windows.

No. 1480324

mystique’s cousin. I like it. i love her push for sensual fashion looks that isn’t porn gazey. It reminds me of those animals that use wild protective colours to deter predators.
I want that for girl’s fashion instead of this weird push for teens to wear nothing but crop tops when they’ve outgrown their baggie eilish cosplay

No. 1480336


I wish the beads on the dress were clear too, but I love Doja’s bald head and these full body monochromatic (?) looks that I’ve been seeing.

No. 1480385

Lady Gaga in her hay day 2.0?

No. 1480393

File: 1674543388776.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1688x1133, 6D5B6553-2655-4D1B-AC3E-424D6B…)

i really like the red look + i hope she does more fun fashion stuff like that, nor am i a gaga stan, but i think comparing them is a disservice to gaga - her old singles aren’t appreciated so much as good songs because they were so oversaturated at the time and even 15 years later everyone is sick of them, but that star power gaga had at her best is just totally out of doja’s ballpark - her new music blows but watch her old videos and you’ll see what i mean, doja doesn’t have that energy at all

No. 1480399

Not even close

No. 1480405

And SPEW is probably a reference to the British feminist org in the 19th century that was also called SPEW.

No. 1480414

ewwww you can see his spit connecting between his lips as he starts lip synching. this man needs to be stopped

No. 1480428

>Female thighs and female breasts
Hahahahahaha in what world? He has fat old man tits

No. 1480431

He opens his eyes like he's Marilyn fucking Monroe lol, super slow and wannabe sultry. The cognitive dissonance between what he thinks he looks like and what he actually looks like is staggering. He's a whole ass cow himself tbh

No. 1480435

Are you the schizo from the first version of tinfoil thread 14? Or the drake truther anon? Either way your tinfoils are growing on me

No. 1480477

I'm so happy for him, I think too he got hair transplants, good for him
I hope he manages to get to a normal weight and be cast in more films

No. 1480478

I am happy for him too! The Whale was beautifully done. I cried a few times in the theater. He deserves all the awards!

No. 1480480

I have no idea who this is so I had to google
> 1 year younger than me
> looks at least 5-6 years older easily
jesus fucking christ WHY
this buccal fat trend will age horribly

No. 1480482

cool. kind of looks like those tribes that do scarification in africa. moar crazy looks please

No. 1480536

File: 1674570046429.jpg (699.24 KB, 1079x1478, Screenshot_20230124_151630_Sam…)

Riley had a baby shortly after her mom died

No. 1480553

File: 1674571517998.jpg (55.59 KB, 807x726, Oscars.JPG)

And now he is nominated for an oscar! I really hope he gets it!

Here are more nominees: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/01/24/movies/2023-oscar-nominees-list.html

Gaga got her 4th Oscar nominee for her song for Top Gun.

No. 1480557

is it just me or does she look like Kristen Stewart?

No. 1480565

File: 1674572277508.jpg (113.26 KB, 600x585, kristen-stewart-riley-keough-v…)

Not just you, people compare them all the time. I'm personally not really seeing it tbh

No. 1480576

All the women in the family have that same unfortunate mega jawbone.

No. 1480578

looks normal sized to me

No. 1480587

File: 1674574812662.jpg (24.69 KB, 330x330, 999rumerqua.jpg)

Anon, picrel is a mega jawbone, they look fine

No. 1480620

File: 1674579200554.jpg (132.13 KB, 743x742, NoMorePanic.JPG)

Brendon Urie announces Panic! at the Disco’s disbandment and I'm very confused over this since he was the only band member left anyways

No. 1480622

File: 1674579853953.jpg (59.44 KB, 1080x813, 68a432f376947397e1bd964f195694…)

No. 1480623


No. 1480627

Well, that’s… bold. I love the detail of the toes sculpted on the shoes, there was clearly a lot of care put in this jrpg final boss outfit

No. 1480654

Dress is gorgeous. Love the shoes and lion head. She looks like she's old af though. All these dumb bitches getting ps so young are going to age worse than ever.

No. 1480664

He has so much money and this seems like the best point of time to retire. Happy for him. I wanted to him tour with Marina in DC, but something came up. Last tour I saw was Pray for the wicked right before the pandemic hit. Good for him, because all the new panic fans were insufferable enbys.

No. 1480708

File: 1674587103700.jpg (84.18 KB, 517x881, samtiktok.jpg)

No. 1480714

He's going to troon out sometimes this year I believe. Despite being a faggot, he is at his core a scrote that believes that women are a fashion statement and lesser beings then men

No. 1480737

Panic! Went on far too long and I feel like he should have retired the name after Dallon left.

No. 1480745

Actually I take that back. Brendan should have retired after every founding member left the band. He’s not even a founding member smh.

No. 1480749

This is the only good Panic! news since the release of Pretty.Odd. But framing it as a disbandment is funny as fuck, there wasn't a band to speak of for the last 4 albums! I hope Ryan is celebrating somewhere.

No. 1480750

ewwww wtf why is he letting his saggy mantits hang out. troon saga when

No. 1480755

File: 1674590901873.png (944.22 KB, 534x926, kylie-schi.png)

She's been on the Schiaparelli train for a while now, it's a good look on her which I would have never expected. Who knew kar-jenners could do camp?

No. 1480774

I like it as a fashion statement, but it’s visually unappealing. She looks like she has some awful genetic illness manifesting with skin condition. Very uncanny valley look.

No. 1480775

>ana de armas "blonde"
i thought that movie and her performance was heavily criticized. why the nomination?

No. 1480778

because shes the new jennifer lawrence, hollywood is really trying to push her as the next big thing

No. 1480785

File: 1674593477702.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_20230124-124053~2.p…)

Noah Cyrus. I truly don't understand the bleached eyebrows trend, it looks ridiculous

No. 1480789

She looks so botched and cross eyed

No. 1480791

Noah is botched as all hell. I’m shocked she’s able to make some sort of facial expression.

No. 1480792

i saw this on instagram and a lot of comments i read were saying how did this not happen sooner or that they're going to pretend the last two albums didn't happen kek. it's likely for the best anyway, both panic! and the fanbase are almost unrecognizable from what i remembered them to be.

No. 1480795

I think it’s probably more of the “unattractive” women (really just insecure) embracing “ugly, edgy, alternative” trends and styles because if they make themselves unappealing to the public on purpose than the insults hurt less. It’s ugly as hell though.

No. 1480796

No more bad music, yay!

No. 1480797

He's turning into Shayna

No. 1480798

File: 1674594176306.jpg (21.1 KB, 320x260, pete-burns-total-umoperiert.jp…)

same energy

No. 1480799

What is with this sudden spike in the usage of the word camp recently??? Years after it was the met gala theme and suddenly its spiking even more so now?? And since they refd. Sontag's essay on it it's used as if it's something difficult to grasp or embody, like since when haven't the KJ family been camp everything about them is over the top and artificial what are you talking about

No. 1480804

File: 1674594506955.jpg (846.89 KB, 2200x1524, Spoerg09-Mona-Lisa-lead.jpg)

I always thought the trend was inspired by Mona Lisa. However all of them are too cowardly to shave their brows off so instead they bleach them.
>They make themselves unappealing to the public on purpose than the insults hurt less
Good insight on their psyche and behaviour

No. 1480805

if the band is breaking up shouldnt it be signed off with panic at the disco? he really just turned it into the brendon urie show

No. 1480809

File: 1674594911097.png (536.78 KB, 573x355, Capture.PNG)

while I enjoy her looks this time, I've been trying to pinpoint why Kylie looks like a evil 45 year old mother in law in the face, and it's her nose. This nose job really did it in for her face, the fillers have given her deep lines around her mouth and I think she did something to her eyes. She does NOT look like herself not like she's even related to her og face. She sucked everything unique/youthful out of her face. Even when she first got lip filler, that shit looked weird in unedited picture and it threw her facial balance off.

No. 1480825

it's been mainly him for years now plus touring members, iirc.

No. 1480852

She also finally revealed her son (didn't want to post a minor) and his name. Aire which translates to penis in Arab and people in the comments are going ape shit over it. She limited the comment section. Lol Stormi and Aire. How creative. She should have stuck with Wolf. How do you even pronounce it?

No. 1480855

File: 1674599054952.png (860.97 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20230124-162308~2.p…)

She really is botched. She looks fine in the first pic

No. 1480859

File: 1674599305591.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20230124-162647~2.p…)

Here's another…

No. 1480861

They all have their moms big close together eyes lol

No. 1480867

She's 23 and already looks like shit due to all of these unnecessary procedures. How sad.

No. 1480873

No. 1480881

>be ugly fat old faggot
>men don't want you despite being a multimillionaire
>hmm should i lose weight? get plastic surgery?
>no i'm gonna become a girl instead, surely that will get me straight men

No. 1480886

not even joking, I think Sam Smith and Shayna are related, I can swear she said something like that once

No. 1480887

he had lipo at age 12 to fix his moobs kek

No. 1480889

fat ass is always thinking about food.

No. 1480892

File: 1674602400335.png (856.28 KB, 500x733, 5aec335f313be0443b35afa39b4058…)

Bjork is so uniquely ugly to me. It looks like she suffers from some sort of syndrome because her nose and eyes are just so off, particularly how short her nose is compared to the face and the distance between her eyes and her nose.

No. 1480902

damn. i always found her so beautiful, not even in a strange or unique beauty way. she looks like a little fairy to me or something

No. 1480903

File: 1674603511265.gif (878.83 KB, 420x241, GrizzledDownrightHeterodontosa…)

Hate. Let me tell you how much I've come to hate Sam Smith since I began to live. There are 3,463 threads on lolcow.farm with 397.44 million words.If the word HATE was engraved on every single nanoangstrom of those thousands of threads and millions of words it would not equal ONE billionth of hate I feel for Sam Smith at this micro instant for Sam Smith. HATE. HATE

No. 1480914

Did she get a bbl? She's so young and already had a nice figure, now she's looking cartoonish like a kardashian. cute titty tho

No. 1480919

I agree with you, nona. I think Björk is very unique and I love her style over the years. She's like a fine fairy wine to me, just keeps getting better.

No. 1480925

I hated him the moment I googled him to see what he looked like when his first song hit the radio. Sometimes you just know

No. 1480927

Ham Smith is a mixture of Shane Dawson, Shayna and Nick avocado

No. 1480928

It's still surprising to me that he went from "stay with me" to complete degeneracy. Bizarre transformation

No. 1480942

yeah like, i genuinely do not understand how he went from singing smash-hit power ballads and bond theme tunes to flopping around on a yacht in a bikini with his f-cup moobs out??? like he went from mainstream success and awards to being an utter creep in like 12 months. what happened?!

No. 1480959


No. 1480969

File: 1674611571958.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, beyonce.png)

Why did the dancers in Beyonce's Dubai show have salad fingers?

No. 1480976

Same. I just can't express how much I hate this fucker, there are no words I can use to convey all this hatred. I hate him so much, and I can't wait for the day he dies or disappears

No. 1480979

I kinda like the look of it but it's so cringe to me when these artists have their dancers like "worship" them on stage.

No. 1480983

File: 1674613122476.jpg (69.28 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>She totally does but I'm also weirdly enamored with that dude's face too kek
same, he's also weirdly buff

No. 1480984

File: 1674613213227.png (966.38 KB, 689x936, kek.png)

It's nice when we can all agree on something

No. 1480986

He got cute nips

No. 1481010

Tbf, people have been calling Beyonce "Queen" for years. I would play up the queen/goddess thing too, she's a performer after all.

No. 1481012

Lolcow coming together to body shame a man is just magical.

No. 1481013

He looks like he has down syndrome

No. 1481014

Thousand-armed depictions of guanyin often have a large halo in the back so ig that's why? Idk why you'd use that immagery in the uae though

No. 1481021

I think bleached eyebrows can look edgy and cool on some people but this is not something that needs to be a major trend since it only suits a small percentage of people. Just goes to show how people only care about jumping on bandwagons instead of taking the time of knowing what suits them. Btw, it goes without saying she looks absolutely botched and rough here. She already has a weird face and when you have a face like hers you really should just leave it as nature intended because one wrong move and everything is thrown off. Personally, i am absolutely sick of lip fillers. There is clearly a limit to how much filler you can put in there before it looks droopy and nasty. When will it be in trend to just embrace the lips you have already? she would look better with thinner lips.

No. 1481030

I wish she had some sharp eyeliner and eyelashes or something.

No. 1481043

File: 1674616645222.jpg (46.96 KB, 564x548, 1930's farmer.jpg)

people with down's syndrome are usually weak and pudgy, I'd say he looks more like an inbred farm laborer from the 1900's

No. 1481063

She's for sure more confident than I am, but if this were me I'd feel so embarrassed around the other hot celebrities

No. 1481065

oh god, get these blubbery ham hocks off my screen. I hate gay moids so much

No. 1481068

You dom't umderstand she's like 2006 era micheal jackson to me

No. 1481074

Is it just me who keeps getting advertisements for his song and his tour? I feel like they must be pushing it on everyone damn. That song is demonic as fuck and I’m not even a Bible thumper either kek. It gives me mad creepy vibes plus the theme of the straight man leaving his “vanilla” wife to do perverse things with trannies is definitely something Ham Smith and TiM Petras enjoy.

No. 1481082

The kid I was babysitting started singing it because her shithead parents let her sit on tiktok all day and I've never felt more fucking disturbed. It's just this gross ass shit tier song and I hate hearing it everywhere. This is why I haven't listened to the radio in like a decade.

No. 1481092

Glad I'm not the only one who finds the song creepy as shit, what weirded me out the most is he censored the only cuss word in the song. Why would he do that for a song that's clearly not meant for children to be listening too in the first place? It makes it seem like he was trying to make it radio/child friendly despite the lyrics and meaning being way too hypersexualized for kids. Also the only "woman" in the video was the dude's supposed wife who later came on stage at the end of the video and took his wig off revealing it to be another man (as if it weren't already extremely obvious lol) and then everyone cheered, like they're celebrating the fact there's no women involved. Bad vibes all around.

No. 1481102

So does the game of dragons girl

No. 1481125

She's so fucking botched already. I'm a few years older & she looks an easy decade older than me. She's gonna look so terrible in 20 years. Might end up looking worse than Rob.
Yuck. Another botched baby. Her dress looks so lackluster & cheap to me. Just yikes.. she'll be lucky at this rate if she doesn't look like >>1480798 at 40

No. 1481132

Kek, are you me? I love how no matter the infighting, we can all unanimously hate that ugly scrote. True solidarity >>1481092
So, when's it gonna come out that Ham Smith is also hiring underage prostitutes from Wisconsin with Ryan Murphy? He seems so nefarious & everything about him activates my fight or flight

No. 1481156

File: 1674638425550.jpeg (145.52 KB, 828x921, D62F77D8-8A75-444F-BA8E-F0F54A…)

Paris Hilton has a bby now

No. 1481160

Omg hopefully it’s a girl

No. 1481164

Unfortunately a boy. I was disappointed too.

No. 1481165

That sucks. Maybe next time she’ll get lucky

No. 1481171

File: 1674640983343.jpg (57.33 KB, 564x705, 7fcaeb1fc66cbdcd912fa4da7517e3…)

>took his wig off revealing it to be another man
The wife was a dancer called Maren Fidje Bjørneseth. She may not be the most hyperfeminine, but I'm pretty sure she's just lanky and tall, not a man:

No. 1481176

Aww fuck really, shit I feel bad now I didn't mean to mess that up I have a somewhat masculine build as well. I only watched the video once and when I saw her go up on stage and take her wig off I just assumed she was another drag queen. I feel like they maybe did that on purpose though, to confuse people. They put her in a trench coat that makes her shoulders look bigger and narrows her hips. Cause like what was the point of having her wear a wig and take it off at the end lol, I feel bad now shit

No. 1481179

She talked so much about wanting to be a mother I thought she'd want to actually carry the child herself, not via a surrogate, but I guess celebs gonna always outsource their own babies now

No. 1481204


Another piece of shit who uses surrogacy - treating other women's body as commodity, so she can stay more fuckable to moids while still larping as a mother on media. At the same time her child gets thrown to nannies.

And not only that, she also chose to have a moid baby too. Barf.

No. 1481209

>unironically using the phrase 'moid baby'
female autists like you are just as bad as the male autists you claim to hate so much, and i mean this sincerely. if it turned out you tortured dogs for fun it wouldn't surprise me. you should be put into an old-timey mental institute so that you can't interact with society because you're clearly too far gone. just a suggestion, but please rope.

No. 1481213

What confuses me about this level of PS is that…do they not see how botched they look? Or they do but they just cannot stop having surgeries because they are addicted? I cannot comprehend

No. 1481218

mald harder scrote

No. 1481222

Did she shoop the baby’s nails? Babies usually have small nail beds, it almost looks like the cuticles were pushed back or something (or am I going crazy? Kek)

No. 1481237

I'm sorry but what's so bad about surrogacy? Genuine question. If the surrogate is not poor/ disadvantaged and its okay with the agreement then I don't see no problem

No. 1481240

They tried IVF as far as i remember probably didn’t work or they tried both at the same time who really knows. I anyways was surprised she wanted s kid. I always thought she was too vain to put her body through that.

No. 1481248

It's ok anon! I was questioning too, I definitely get the sense they wanted to lean into her being kind of masc for their own agenda.

No. 1481249

The majority of women who aren't poor or disadvantaged wouldn't carry someone else's child for 9 months. The reluctance to show the surrogate implies she wasn't a close riend or family member, either.
This shit is just as exploitative as when moids buy women's bodies for sex.

No. 1481250

Nta but it’s not okay to purchase the human body. Body brokers are already a thing, and that’s with corpses. Now imagine that but with living people. People aren’t products

No. 1481259

Aww look it's a baby zoomer using her first big girl words on an imageboard, how cute

No. 1481260

Surrogates look at babies as products. They on average won’t take a disabled baby because they didn’t pay for a defective product leaving the women they’ve bought as body slaves to keep the child and not receive full payment. I don’t think surrogacy and it’s industry is one to defend. There’s a lady near me right now trying to manipulate her sister into because she can’t have kids. It’s entirely exploitive and children aren’t a right for anyone.

No. 1481261

Nonas can we please not start the surrogacy infights again? We've been through this so many times in multiple different threads. Lets just go back to agreeing about how gross Sam Smith is

No. 1481264

Lol I noticed that too, she retouched the shit out of that photo

No. 1481265

These make a lot of sense, thanks for replying

No. 1481275

But Mona Lisa originally had eyebrows, they have faded over time.

No. 1481292

tell the lady near you to just fucking adopt a kid. or maybe don't, because the people who aren't open to adopting a child that already exists most likely will be shitty parents and should not have any children at all. they're selfish assholes.

No. 1481389

Nah I agree. Some of you nonnies take it too far, especially when male babies are concerned. Get a grip, because we all know male children being born isn't something that's going to go away. You sound unhinged suggesting otherwise or that a person would actually kill/get rid of/not want their baby just because it's a male. As far as surrogacy goes, if the surrogate is getting paid and agreed to carry the child of their own free will, who gives a shit.

No. 1481400

i think youre right. the more i look the more it looks like bad ai art and not natural or real at all

No. 1481434

Not even AM could give him the pain he deserves nonna

No. 1481447

File: 1674668401308.png (1.9 MB, 938x1176, lasdasd.png)

People complained about Doja not wearing lashes on her red Swarovski crystals look, so she did this lmao. I'm sorry but this is really funny to me

No. 1481460

Kekk. Whats with peoples obsession with lashes? They always look so fake and ugly and make the eyes look so heavy, I wish women would stop wearing it

No. 1481473

Basado, fake lashes are so unnecessary and gaudy and it's hilarious that people were complaining about her not wearing any with her wacky lobster cosplay.

No. 1481480

you are literally surrounded by women who would never agree to raise a male child

No. 1481557

>As far as surrogacy goes, if the surrogate is getting paid and agreed to carry the child of their own free will, who gives a shit.
nta but this is just a retarded take

No. 1481579

Nta but really, if she's not poor or anything then we can't do a lot about it, its her decision

No. 1481582

how many well-off, happy women do you know that will carry a stranger's baby?

No. 1481590

if surrogacy was a good thing, or empowering, or anything like that then rich women would be gatekeeping doing it from the poor/desperate women. instead it's the reverse - the surrogate always has less power and money than the baby purchaser. use your brain for two minutes please nonnie. the "but what if the surrogate LOVES doing it" argument is just as stupid as going "well what if the prostitute LOVES anal gangbangs in alleyways without protection".

No. 1481599

based. I'm loving this era of Doja so much.

No. 1481601

>tell me you support sex work without telling me you support sex work
It's predatory. Women are used and abused. Carrying a baby to full term takes a toll on the body for a few months to even a year after the fact. It's literally using women as baby making factories, no different from what the nazis did. Yes, read it up. It's the hand maid's tale, but for real. Women and babies are not products to buy.

No. 1481608

I'm like 99'9% sure that Riley Keough had her baby via surrogacy too. There are zero pics of her from the last 2/3 years where she looks even a tiny bit pregnant. Disappointed but not surprised!!!!

No. 1481611

The argument also falls apart when you realize surrogacy agency are against laws to prevent women who have never been pregnant from being surrogates. God forbid we want them to be adults and know what they are signing up for right?

No. 1481612

Maybe an unpopular opinion but out of touch rich women with botched surgeries who hate themselves shouldn't be allowed to have daughters… or kids in general

No. 1481613

>tell me you support sex work without telling me you support sex work
Who the fuck said that?

No. 1481617

I'm talking about a specific situation where the surrogate is not poor, more like a family member or a friend. I'm not denying your points neither

No. 1481618

I wouldn’t be surprised. We have what rebel Wilson, Amber heard, Nick Jonas wife (idk her name and I don’t care. She used a surrogate and she can fuck off), the broadway singer, Paris etc.
NTA but they were saying that excuse is the same bs moids use to defend sex work and it’s shit.

No. 1481619

That just increases the chances of it being coercion.

No. 1481631

Samefag thought of more Khloe and grimes too

No. 1481632

This. Surrogacy is so fucking problematic dude. There’s a lot of money mad in the white-washed version of it we have here which has encouraged it to become an exploitative industry in other countries. In India they use women in villages who literally can’t read the contracts they sign and are manipulated every step of the way. It’s their only way to make money so they do it over and over. If the IVF forms multiples (something that’s extremely common) and the parents only want one baby, the extras are either sold randomly for super cheap or thrown into an orphanage. As long as the industry of buying women exists, the poorest and least fortunate will be exploited as much as can be gotten away with. Don’t support this shit.

No. 1481659

No more fighting about surrogacy. Any nonnie that wants to say “surrogacy is good” should watch this video.>>1481447
I love this look for her.

No. 1481684

wasn't surprised Priyanka had a baby IVF, its actually very normalized in Bollywood, like the Bollywood equivalents of Angelina Jolie, Tom Hanks, John Oliver all have kids with kids using surrogates

No. 1481857

File: 1674693339978.png (187.23 KB, 276x369, julia.PNG)

when did julia fox get so weird looking? And it's not the eye brows either, she looks crazy

No. 1481863

She's always looked crazy because she is

No. 1481902

EW god that face gives me ProJared flashbacks, i hate men

No. 1481903

So happy for her and her gay husband! I hate the nail polish though.

No. 1481906

With the Kardashian Klan, any press is good press and her team saw how much attention and clicks they got when she wore Marilyn's dress. They're trying to be provocative for attention which = clicks which = $$$

No. 1481910

seriously, too many teenagers in this thread. They'll learn someday when they turn 30 and realize they didn't turn into a frumpy schoolmarm overnight

No. 1481911

Reminds me of how every celebrity woman & influencer is expected to have super long talon acrylics at all times. Looking like Khloe's chicken leg fingers. Fake nails, fake hair, fake lashes, plastic surgery & photoshop is even more insidious than it was a decade ago. >>1481618
So did Kim K, Andy Cohen, Tyra Banks, Neil Patrick Harris, Robert De Niro, Ryan Murphy, Ricky Martin, Gabrielle Union, Kristen Wiig, Anderson Cooper, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jimmy Fallon, Matt Bomer, Michael Jackson, Elton John, George Lucas, Elizabeth Banks, Nicole Kidman, Tom Ford & Alec Baldwin's crazy race faking wife as well. It's a Hollywood tradition at this point.

I kinda wonder if that Tina Fay comedy with Amy Poehler, Baby Mama, is part of why some western younger women don't realize how horrible the realities of surrogacy are? I haven't seen the movie in at least a decade, but it definitely wasn't critical & seemed to play a part in normalizing it. I remember there being a lot of pro-surragacy stuff around that time.

No. 1481929

She's so fucking weird, it's hilarious when you go down the rabbit hole of her Española larp. She's Hillary Lynn from Boston, and does all kinds of crazy crap like going on a cooking show and pointing at a cucumber and said "And umm, how you say…ah, coocumber" It's so embarrassing

No. 1481936

She's one of those people where I honestly can't tell if I'm a fan or not, kek. She has some very cowlike behaviors (like doing booty dances/stripping for scrotes on 4chan) but I gotta admit she has some hilarious troll moments sometimes

No. 1481938

She temporarily secured the bag with Kanye and got a bunch more shit done to her body and face while she could

No. 1481942

Smart woman. She's someone I hate to love. She does a lot of based things, but she also does drugs and sex work.

No. 1481944

eh it would only be "smart"/"based" if she didn't end up botched

No. 1481952

well it's decided, i have to stan doja

No. 1481957

I feel being botched is part of her brand. Or maybe she's doing what Noah is doing and emphasizing the ugly so they can say they're doing it on purpose >>1480795
Also she's a drug addict and they don't usually look great anyway. She's embracing it rather than trying to try to be objectively pretty.

No. 1481959

>Alec Baldwin's crazy race faking wife
White woman pretending to be a white woman?

No. 1481960

An ethnically Spanish woman. Think Penelope Cruz

No. 1481999

omg i got a youtube ad for his tour. The only thing good about the tour is that there will probably be tons of milk.

No. 1482044

Wrecking yourself with cosmetic surgeries is neither smart or based.

No. 1482046

File: 1674703510327.jpg (103.6 KB, 828x1022, FmxShRQWAAYBCwA.jpg)

emily ratajkowski and her son sylvester apollo bear at julia fox's son valentino's birthday party

No. 1482061

i'm horrified.

wtf is this gif?

i'm also glad other people hate it too, i'm no prude either but i'm so sick of hearing this song and how more and more hypersexualized shit are becoming massive hits.

that's so disturbing. parents should not be trusting their little kids with tiktok.

No. 1482064

i thought something looked off about it too the first time i saw it, so maybe…

No. 1482081

i agree with a lot of what you said but especially these:
>Just goes to show how people only care about jumping on bandwagons instead of taking the time of knowing what suits them
>When will it be in trend to just embrace the lips you have already?
it's just sad that because of many factors like how critical people can be, or the trends pushed by celebrities that they look up to, i don't even know if just being themselves or stopping this thing of treating one specific look as a trend for a given time period is going to happen anytime soon.

No. 1482087

To be fair the stripping on cam was a long time ago and she's probably grown up a lot since then. Everyone has some cringy shit they did in the past

No. 1482098

ayrt, true, I'm just lucky my cringe behavior wasn't recorded for the internet to see. I guess this means I'm a stan because I think she's hilarious

No. 1482165

Lol same

No. 1482175

File: 1674713048761.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1346, Screenshot_20230126-000136~2.p…)

Has anyone seen this? It's from December. Does this look healthy to you guys? 1/2

No. 1482176

File: 1674713078744.png (797.56 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20230126-000209~2.p…)


No. 1482206

File: 1674714735049.jpg (106.23 KB, 1080x1080, 316172195_509956111184682_1926…)

I forgot about halsey, yeah she does look a lot thinner in her recent pics. Didn't she used to be an anachan or am I thinking of someone else?

No. 1482214

File: 1674715141179.jpeg (330.41 KB, 2048x1364, D0121B6B-1117-40A0-88B8-C24E99…)

guy fieri in his busted faggot era

No. 1482227

Is that bones or muscle? I can't tell. She just had a baby so I hope she's not that thin, but she's a celebrity woman so I wouldn't be surprised if she felt some pressure to "bounce back" quickly.

No. 1482288

Gay fagari

No. 1482322

File: 1674724679450.jpg (158.55 KB, 1500x1500, halsey-3-3250fc5161444b0a9cfe1…)

>appearing on Turkish Vouge cause her babydaddy is Turkish
kek, bet she also claims that her pale, blonde haired and blue eyed kid is also a "POC"

No. 1482326

>stormi and aire
lmao she is such white trash, all her money and racelarping won’t ever change that
The cringy genderspeshul one? There’s always been something off about her face to me too
I feel so sorry for those children having to grow up with attention seeking prostitutes for mothers. A literal crackwhore in Julia Fox’s case. Anons saying she is “based” are fucking retarded

No. 1482327

She claims she is a POC too even though she’s only 1/4 black and looks completely white. There’s no way anyone looks at her and thinks “yes, that’s a mixed woman”.

No. 1482336

Anyone who struggled with being ana and looks this skinny is definitely still ana. Same with Ariana grande

No. 1482337

File: 1674726877795.jpg (199.9 KB, 1080x1080, 312907297_835406507599751_3181…)

Yeah and she's still taking these cringey ~tumblr thinspo aesthetic~ pics lol

No. 1482355

File: 1674729355266.png (242.23 KB, 1269x800, scs.png)

I made this and couldn't think of where to post it so I'm just gonna stick it here.

No. 1482363

It's so accurate, thanks for sharing anon. The art is pretty too!

No. 1482379

Well done, it pisses me off.

No. 1482387

Let me off this ride pls

No. 1482392

File: 1674735859451.jpg (163.13 KB, 826x1024, cm9pmNU1-freepressjournal.jpg)

It would be a little more based if it didn't badger on the "generic white guy" angle, cause I assure you that walled moid celebs who get praised for just for just existing are found in every country and every ethnic group
picrel Salman Khan, one of the highest paid actors in the world, who despite being 57 years old still plays characters who are supposed to be young and handsome and recently had a film where an actress who played his former love interest 20 years back was now playing his character's mother

No. 1482393

Yeah the influx of anons who keep talking about whities is strange, as if men getting passes for shit women get degraded for is a white thing kek

No. 1482395

most likely twitter/choachan immigrants

No. 1482397

He's actually a murderer. He killed some poor homeless people who were sleeping on the pavement because he was drunk. He got away scot free

No. 1482401

He did a huge pr stunt after it so people forgot it there are many journalists who still want him trailed but unfortunately just like in the west nobody cares about the homeless

No. 1482402

also got his rural bodyguard addicted to high end drugs and then abandoned him when he was suffering from addiction, also he purchased a surrogate baby from Romania

No. 1482403

File: 1674737801949.gif (338.39 KB, 275x205, GIF.gif)

>recently had a film where an actress who played his former love interest 20 years back was now playing his character's mother
ain't no fuckin way

No. 1482407

File: 1674739259825.jpg (163.75 KB, 1743x987, shahrukh-and-alia-1.jpg)

Don't get me started on them. always remember that alia was 22 while srk was almost 50 when they were love interests in a movie…

No. 1482410

File: 1674739427926.jpeg (443.42 KB, 828x940, 1B0E13EC-571E-4D48-840E-DFB98A…)

also just read he killed 2 rare bucks and got convicted for it but not for killing people cool

No. 1482411

File: 1674739485128.jpg (86.37 KB, 802x420, Sonali-Kulkarni-reacts.jpg)

shit I got my details missed up, I think the former love interest playing a character's mother was a different big Bollywood actor whose name I can't remember, but a woman literally a decade younger then him did play his mother once

No. 1482413

When an animal's life is put higher than a human's…

No. 1482420

did a quick 5 minute google search and jesus…why is it that whenever i read something about india, i immediately want to get on a plane and commit murder?
>tells his actress gf that in 5 years she's gonna play his mom
>2015: offers rekha role of his mom
never saw a bollywood movie but nevertheless know her, she's one of the most beautiful women ever
>2017: tells actress who is 2 years younger than him that she should play his mother, people defend him, saying she had it coming because she refused to act with him when she was young
>2019: actress nearly 10 years younger than him agrees to play his mom
this bitch knows exactly what he's doing, offering his peers humiliating roles, knowing exactly how little choices they have because of their gender
>is 57, still plans on getting kids
meanwhile girls half is age are already getting pestered when they don't have any yet…
also did i mention that he's a midget?

i know that something like that happened in hollywood too, angelina jolie acted as a mom of some dude i forgot despite being only a year older but this was heavily criticized plus they were both young. to be an old man and get to roleplay as a kid just because you're xy is so disgusting, unfair and perfectly showcases the power moids have in this world.

No. 1482424

India = incel country
Praying every woman and child will be free from that hellish shithole and all others, especially this hellworld Algeria

No. 1482427

not untrue, arranged marriages, backwardness and a high birth rate guarantees the the ugliest and most loser moid will always find a wife for him(usually from a poorer region) this is why so many asian moids end up struggling dating when their europe and north america

No. 1482433

File: 1674742313239.jpg (92.25 KB, 525x734, DBF2pYvV0AASUIU.jpg)

found something even worse:
>actress sridevi played stepmother of an adult man at the age of just 13
>played granddaughter of actor at the age of 9
>played same actors love interest at the age of 16

No. 1482437

indians are pedos, whats new?

No. 1482438

**Men are pedos
Fixed it for you

No. 1482439

So what?

No. 1482441

File: 1674743218822.jpg (104.37 KB, 702x468, 0xk8WywdOeV.jpg)

Bollywood is a strange complicated beast that would too long to explain, but it involved caste, color, features and nepotism and you still get screwed over sometimes

>Bollywood promotes racial hierarchies in their films, often featuring actors who do not resemble the great majority of Indians. This is not news, and really, is not even the fault of Bollywood, which is simply reflecting the (unfortunate) South Asian preference for fair skin and sharp features.

>Actors from the Indus Valley, particularly Punjabis, dominate the Bollywood elite. This is not surprising, given Khatri families like the Kapoors are prevalent in the industry.
>While Bollywood Actresses tend to have more general Indian ancestry than their male counterparts, this ancestry is extremely skewed towards Brahmins. Brahmins are the traditional elite of India, often known for being relatively fair skinned in comparison to their neighbors, due to their elevated levels of Eurasian Steppe ancestry from the ancient Aryan Invasion. They comprise between 5–10% of the Indian population on average.

imagine if ethnic groups that made up less 2% of the entire population were the only representation in film and media, that's bollywood
picrel is an actual Indian prince vs the actor who they get to portray him

No. 1482443

**Thank you
Fixed it for you again

No. 1482448

In China it's similar, main roles go to actors who are ghostly white and 30cm taller than the average chinese person (and ironically often a minority, e.g. Uyghur, meaning big eyes and nose), while minor roles are played by much darker actors (with normal, non-plastic features), making them look like two different species.

No. 1482453

do you have any articles about this ?never heard of it in China

No. 1482456

Julia fox gave an apartment tour. It’s weird seeing her in motion too.

No. 1482486

File: 1674748075123.jpg (Spoiler Image,282.68 KB, 344x560, f2bb456gf56dsghs.jpg)

You're correct, she is a proud anachan.

No. 1482495

How does a trigger warning help when the potentially triggering content is right there where the tw is? That makes no sense at all, it should be on the slide before the triggering content. I've seen this same shit so many times, you scroll and see a picture of a skelly or self harm and in the description, below the photo you see first, is the warning. Well too late I've already seen your bloody arms. Trigger warnings don't do anything when people don't know how to fucking use them.

No. 1482498

It's just pointless attention whoring. The people who do that don't actually care about tws.

No. 1482499

Julia foxes apartment is probably like 4k a month. It’s a nice apartment she’s just messy.

No. 1482502

That's pretty much how skinny she is now, if that was her lowest point then she's fully back in her anachan habits.

No. 1482519

Ok, I actually really like this apartment tour. It reminds me of a lot of homes i visited while living in nyc, of friends and family. My only issue is the mouse issue? she has mice but wont do anything about it is very dangerous to her and her son's health, but oh well. It's sad when she said both her friends passed away (so young) in the beginning. Probably drugs?

No. 1482527

File: 1674751088597.jpg (48.09 KB, 428x413, 1451079354180.jpg)

>LARPs as some pinkpilled manhater
>actually a chorionic boymom who sleeps in the same bed as her crotchmoid
disappointed but not surprised

No. 1482538

i don't understand how charli is involved in gay moid culture

No. 1482567

Weren't the Uyghur the ones being forced into concentration camps with horrible torture going on? They can be prominent actors in China despite the genocide?
I'm ignoring the stuff with the misogyny and actresses for my own sanity so I'm focusing on this. Literally what was wrong with him? He was cute and his darker skin wasn't ugly but even looks pretty even in this grainy pic. Imagine the amount of self hate in an entire people that you bleach and change the features of a historical figure. How was he not good enough for his future people? He actually looks like a pretty boy!

No. 1482575

File: 1674754731211.jpg (341.19 KB, 2048x1377, 1674548482-ctcam0f.jpg)

Mark Hamill is on the transactivist's chopping board because he liked one of JK Rowling's tweet.

No. 1482579

They're calling out JK for being ~twansphobic~ but not the tranny for being misogynistic? Fuck I hate these people

No. 1482582

File: 1674755413719.jpg (433.06 KB, 1596x1997, 451079354180.jpg)

okay that's the problem with your understanding, Indians aren't a people, their a colonial Frankenstein state, imagine if Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East were all united into one country, that's the level of divesisity India has

the problem with Bollywood is as already stated, minority ethnic groups being prized over the grand majority ethnic groups

No. 1482587

Do these people not have lives? Is everyone on Twitter friendless, loser shut ins who's reality is so small that Mark Hammill, someone they don't even know, liking a tweet is traumatic for them? This is beyond retarded.

No. 1482594

I can't understand how these people can be so sensitive and pathetic kek. All their pleading is so fucking funny to me

No. 1482611

File: 1674757121677.jpg (81.44 KB, 640x754, brtsex3dytv71.jpg)

>Weren't the Uyghur the ones being forced into concentration camps with horrible torture going on? They can be prominent actors in China despite the genocide?
Yes they are and yes they can. Pic is probably the most popular actress.
If somebody with skin and features like her is the beauty ideal, it's of course pretty much unreachable for the billion normal citizens.

No. 1482617

the one on the right looks heavily edited & she has a habit of brushing dark AF contour onto her cheeks to make them look sharper

No. 1482620

god i know. she was my fave in the 2000s with her cute suit and "i stick my head in a hair machine" and now she's a man-baiting bisexual? wtf

No. 1482622

WHOA she looks like shit.

No. 1482645

>female breasts and thighs
pick one

No. 1482649

im so over her internet-addicted 'this will show the haters!1!' attitude. she's already world famous, what else does she need to prove?
Once a pick me, always a pick me, I guess.
Wouldn't be surprised if she's a zoomer-targeting industry plant

No. 1482658

File: 1674761696659.png (1.43 MB, 1125x2436, 368DF791-DD62-4802-B8EB-92E04B…)

while we’re talking about her, I saw this yesterday.
The vid was comparing Doja’s Schiaparelli show look to something out of the Capitol in the Hunger Games, and Julia Fox thought it would be a good time to larp as a relatable commoner

No. 1482663

I doubt Luke Skywalker and The Joker give a shit. Mark Hamill is in his late 70s/early 80s, isn't he? Gen z is so insufferable.

No. 1482664

Selena Gomez looks like an apple-head chihuahua

No. 1482666

People are getting pretty liberal with the term pick me lol

No. 1482679

it was his budget cuts that led to the half-assed conditions on set.

No. 1482681

are you a tif or tim munchie?

No. 1482694

Nta but what's a tim? I feel old and out of touch when I don't know the acronyms

No. 1482695

Yep, Pakichan AKA crapchan coming in to defend the poor white moids again in the thread about western celebrity culture.

No. 1482718


No. 1482725

bayview and eglinton sex addict

No. 1482726

(massive derail but my gfs family is from there and she goes insane about it) there was a pretty bad crackdown in xinjiang after some terrorist attacks years ago, but the genocide theory (as in literally saying millions of people were killed) largely come from adrian zenz who writes schizo books about the rapture (picrel) and pulls statistics out of his ass - simple question is that if there’s a genocide happening there why hasn’t there been a massive refugee crisis when xinjiang is a region with 20m people living there lol

No. 1482727

Nta but not every poster who thinks the white people shit is cringe is pakichan, I'm the anon under the post you tagged and I'm not her. Cue you calling me pakichan, rinse, repeat, yawn.

No. 1482729

Samefag but I forgot to add she didn't defend white moids?? She just said all moids are like that not just white ones cause it's true

No. 1482733

they both look kinda bad in the photo because if this was 50 years ago, they're probably like 19 and a lot of people look fucking stupid until age 25.

No. 1482735

File: 1674764648834.png (201.22 KB, 526x341, jimher.PNG)

her face makes me hungry not even going to lie

No. 1482738

why do fat fags like this always think their bodies are desirable, attractive, or look like anything? like does he really believe someone will actively like his body? there's fucking nothing there. if a woman was shaped like this she'd be invisible, unemployable, and insulted behind her back nonstop.

No. 1482745

i swear someone could post a photo of themself murdering goldie hawn with a chainsaw, a firecracker sticking out of their ass, "god hates fags" painted on their chest, but as long as they took off their shoes all you'd see are thousands of comments ree-ing about how horrifying their feet are.

No. 1482751

Ayrt, what? Lol, are you caping for his foot? I don't think I've ever insulted a foot before in my life, but his foot truly looks gross to me and the fact he's putting it on full display like it's an asset is just too funny to me to not comment on. Weird anons here today lol

No. 1482753

he's a violent piece of shit, he's insane.

No. 1482756

File: 1674765261903.png (281.59 KB, 380x1342, 25A602F0-CC0A-46DF-9E25-FCBE78…)

wow they’re being so lenient & patient with him. when sarah paulson didn’t put her pronouns in bio the ‘cunt’ and ‘bitch’ insults went flying

No. 1482769

she looks like she had acid thrown in her face???? i blame her shitty dad for fucking her mind up.

No. 1482777

why do they let men who look like pigs get so famous? matt damon, kevin bacon, harry styles. rubbery pigmen.

No. 1482786

so many lashes
so beautiful
needs more lashes though

No. 1482798

ah yes, depending on men to give you money is so based. using that money to alter your appearance for men's enjoyment is only more based. yes.

No. 1482805

how tf do people do anything with no muscle tone like that? i see super skinny girls around the gym but they don't have like, just skin over their tendons and shit. like if you can't be a 00 without losing your ability to lift a coffee mug maybe your body isn't supposed to be a 00

No. 1482809

She should have used more fake lashes to have these infamous Rock Lee eyebrows. Doja I know you're lurking again so take notes for next time.

No. 1482810

the guy on the left is way uglier too

No. 1482819

i kind of feel bad for women like her, who have a wider/larger frame, because even at skin and bones you'll still be bigger than other anachans and feel like you're fat. same with grimes, i can see why women with that bone structure/shape become ana because it probably feels like you can never get "small" enough by entertainment industry standards.

No. 1482825

you sound like timaz/colin larping as naomi

No. 1482836

ayrt i have no idea who either of those people are

No. 1482878

My info didn't come from that guy you mentioned and came from following diff sources from over the years. And it's so easy for people who are held in camps to just immigrate, right? I believe the words of the few able to escape and speak of the atrocities they exp/witnessed over your gf being pissed. Thanks for trying to share whatever insight you thought you had, though.

No. 1482886

Big frame? She's 5'4" isn't that considered dead average?

No. 1482896

nta i think she means in terms of bone sizes of body parts, and the width of it. like two people could be the same height and weight but still look different if they have different chest/shoulder/waist/hip/etc bone structures

No. 1482918

Haha, I hope that Mark Hamill is fully aware and trolling these freaks. The absolute cheek of them trying to "educate" him. Also I'm sick of people screaming boomer at everyone older than them when they mostly mean gen x. Baby boomer refers to those born between 1945 and 1964….The baby "boom" after WW2 when people started to get their lives back on track. I mean, if you're going to insult people, at least do it correctly but no because most of these Twitter warriors are thick as fuck.
Also "femenist" kek.

No. 1482955

File: 1674778882222.png (Spoiler Image,422.49 KB, 470x483, Capture.PNG)

apperently people are saying that anita is doing a music video where she's on her fucking knees giving/pretending to give a scrote a blow job, the video looks kinda graphic yuck, what the fuck. I never listened to her music

No. 1482956

File: 1674779007782.png (280.2 KB, 238x460, Capture.PNG)

proof it's her
https://twitter.com/i/status/1618731666184503296 in the same outfit. Even for story telling purposes, why so fucking graphic

No. 1482965

wasn't she one of the celebs who mocked amber heard? im not surprised

No. 1482972

File: 1674780286253.jpeg (60.09 KB, 576x1024, F30CFA7B-8589-415D-9D75-1F3DBC…)

Dilraba is so gorgeous. Gulnazar is another really popular Uyghur actor with similar features.

No. 1482986

Nonnie I love your vision and I'm supporting you fully, please eat her

No. 1482989

pretending? she’s straight up filming porn how gross

No. 1483006

yah i mean like >>1482896 says

No. 1483037

Wtf… so porn can be in music videos now? This makes me unnecessarily sad tbh

No. 1483079

>teehee my lowest point
>looks like 16 bmi at the very least

No love for this attention whore

No. 1483092

I think we should all necessarily be sad about it because there’s no liberation for us in sight, we’re at the mercy of coomers and too many women are choosing to be complicit

No. 1483093

You’re a fucking retard if you actually believe that

No. 1483102

Anitta is one of the biggest attention whores around. She does everything for clout, which includes tattooing her anus. She is a cow in her own right.

According to a leaked audio, this is what Anitta said about the bj scene:

"The song is about losing your mind, going bat shit crazy. That's the feeling the videoclip incites: You watch it and think, 'Was Anitta out of her mind when she recorded that?'. The concept of the video is all about that. I'm singing about the times you get these crazy ideas out of the blue and start acting on them without a second thought."

I tried translating it the best I could, sorry nonita's

No. 1483132

You say this as if it isn't concerning. <18.5 bmi is underweight, <17 meets the criteria for ana diagnosis. Health issues can arrise way before that point. Don't rattle.

No. 1483147


No. 1483148

Do you guys hear that rattling noise?

No. 1483155

shes also purposely stretching her body to show off her ribcage more kek then theres putting the tw on the photo instead of before the photo bcs she def wanted people to see it. i remember when PULL apparently exposed the fact that shes lying about her endo & homelessness. She is probs lying about the dalnos syndrome thing too. I what happened to her in her childhood to make her so obsessed with whatever all this is

No. 1483156

samefag *I wonder what happened

No. 1483158

AYART. I didn't mean to harp on the white guy angle so hard, sorry if it came across that way. It was more a way of saying that a lot of the men magazines describe as "sexy" look similar to each other and generic. Honestly, most of those traits apply to nonwhite sexymen, too.

I didn't mention it in the meme because it's a little pedantic, but there's definitely a tendency among the sexiest women to look racially ambiguous. Like, the darker women bleach their skin lighter and get nose jobs, while the white women get tans and lip fillers. I don't want to sound too Twitter-y, but it seems to me like a woman has to conform to Eurocentric beauty standards while also seeming a bit ~exotic~ and ~spicy~. It's like the Western beauty industry can't decide between fetishizing nonwhite women or denigrating them, so it tries to do both.

Meanwhile, sexymen haven't been expected to tan or bleach their skin since the early nineties. Some guys get nose jobs or botox, but it's not a standard thing the way it is with women. In order to be a tabloid sexyman, you basically just need a squarish jaw and to have been somewhat ripped at least once in the last fifteen years if you aren't currently (and even that isn't a hard requirement as evidenced by scrawny weaselboys like Harry Styles and Timothee Chalemelememe.) The bar is so absurdly low for male celebrities.

No. 1483170

Do you automatically believe everything you read on Twitter?

No. 1483180

File: 1674810162934.jpeg (470.38 KB, 1125x1803, A37C8FE6-0924-4D9E-9561-B85D8C…)

david geffen (creepy old guy spotted with a ton of young male models) for mogul, who for a-list actor

No. 1483182

File: 1674810236179.jpg (486.67 KB, 2400x3196, 20230127_035906-COLLAGE.jpg)

Sure you've probably seen this but sorry nonnys, Hamill is not on her side. He's very much a trans ass-kisser. Reading the comments was just ridiculous – equal parts asking what exactly he was agreeing with, supporting JKR or begging Mark to pweeease don't be a twansphobe wahhh. Sorry the bottom pic didn't fully appear perfect when I made the collage but he liked Tweets pointing out he was agreeing with the faggot saying he's more woman than a real woman. He's no ally to anything but lunacy.

No. 1483187

File: 1674810457663.jpg (736.49 KB, 1712x1958, david-geffen.jpg)

I don't know who this is but I am sure this man is a pedophile

No. 1483210

anon KEKK

No. 1483215

Moids will be moids, they always support their own, so he is doing exactly what’s expected of him. I wish more high profile women would speak out against troons, I bet there’s a whole lot who are cryptoterfs

No. 1483240

File: 1674818468306.jpg (277.8 KB, 960x1008, Untitled.jpg)

No. 1483242

She just keeps getting uglier

No. 1483243

Well, technically this is exactly the same thing Rowling believes, according to her essay, but troons already branded her as genocide advocate so no one cares

No. 1483247

she is iconic.

No. 1483250

not a surprise she used a surrogate. having a baby while you have herpes is dangerous for the baby(not all the time tho but still)

a 4chan whore will never be iconic, gtfo


No. 1483252

she was never a whore, she was a slut. If you're going to use misogynic terms atleast know which ones to use properly.

No. 1483254

So a male telling to a woman that he's more of a woman than her is "speaking truth to power"? What a faggot

No. 1483256

Nta but people are allowed to have negative opinions about your idol, you literally do this everytime someone says something slightly negative about Doja

No. 1483257

she is iconic.

No. 1483276

iconically pickme and she bluntest form of edgy ever, sure

No. 1483279

i don't think the main point of this look is to be conventionally attractive, squished cleavage and all

No. 1483288

already posted

No. 1483292

ofc he would side with the tranny which sided with that murderer that has been executed weeks ago for killing women. that's the ideal world for these bastards, a world in which women are powerless and subservient.

No. 1483323

this looks so fun though, i swear zoomers are some of the most boring people ever because all they want is a rotation of same-makeup, same-fashion celebs as long as they look presentable, gasp how dare a celeb try avant-garde looks that dont make her look like a sex bimbo HOW DARE SHE.

No. 1483333

We get it

No. 1483337

No. 1483338


No. 1483368

File: 1674832012573.jpeg (413.98 KB, 750x1095, 1664009761331.jpeg)

I honestly dislike them both so much, these women do the smallest statements and people go, "based, I love her" but it's all the same artifical, "I stand with women" shit that a lot of these feminist do. Notice both Emrataoaahds and Julia both cape for troons and date weirdo scrotes for the come up.
Just fake feminists making empty stances,also both use their kids as basically accessories instead of children

No. 1483386

No way, this has to be a PR control. He can't "accidentally" like a tweet. He likely did like it forgetting about Twitter algorithm exposing his likes. I can't imagine the amount of calls he got to apologize for liking a tweet. I can only hope he folds over.

No. 1483396

What did jkr originally say to start the war against her? I can’t remember and there’s just so much stuff online about her being a twansphobe I can’t find the catalyst

No. 1483399

Sf wasn’t it pretty tame and then the the trannies went next level batshit saying all kinds of disgusting shit and she doubled down

No. 1483400

her fucking lip fillers are atrocious. shes got daffy ducks bill

No. 1483402

>>”‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

No. 1483494

File: 1674840395643.gif (3.67 MB, 500x282, NextUnconsciousArctichare-size…)


No. 1483498

She said sex is real, then she said that 'the woman who raped you with a penis is a man' in response to a rapist getting locked up with women, she also said menstruators are women. How horrible and disgusting and totally not the norm before the last 5 years.

No. 1483510

he's a delusional old man who needs to get off the internet. Only reason he has relevance is because starwars moids will support him no matter what.

No. 1483515

NTA but that's all she said?? she doesnt deserve death and rape threats for speaking the truth. I had to unfollow this tampon ad on my IG because they kept going 'people who mensurate.' umm WOMEN?? What she said isnt wrong. She doesnt deserve that kind of hate, especially with men trying to take over all women's spaces, like in sports, shelters, lock rooms, etc.

No. 1483544

Here the initial tweet:
>>“‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?
The follow up:
>> “If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn’t hate to speak the truth,” she tweeted. “The idea that women like me, who’ve been empathetic to trans people for decades, feeling kinship because they’re vulnerable in the same way as women—i.e., to male violence—‘hate’ trans people because they think sex is real and has lived consequences—is a nonsense.”
>>“I respect every trans person’s right to live any way that feels authentic and comfortable to them. I’d march with you if you were discriminated against on the basis of being trans. At the same time, my life has been shaped by being female. I do not believe it’s hateful to say so.”

No. 1483545

Followed with
>> “This isn’t an easy piece to write, for reasons that will shortly become clear, but I know it’s time to explain myself on an issue surrounded by toxicity. I write this without any desire to add to that toxicity,” she wrote. “For people who don’t know: last December I tweeted my support for Maya Forstater, a tax specialist who’d lost her job for what were deemed ‘transphobic’ tweets. She took her case to an employment tribunal, asking the judge to rule on whether a philosophical belief that sex is determined by biology is protected in law. Judge Tayler ruled that it wasn’t.”
That’s what they thought deserved rape and murder threats.

No. 1483609

He's doing damage control. If India was actually the person he agreed with, he would've liked the original Tweet, not JKR's reply. Also I don't think he followed India before this, but he's followed Rowling for years. He can lie to save face all he wants, but it's obvious who he originally sided with.

I'm tired of people giving into tranny crybullying online. Shout out to John Cleese, who sided with actual women and stood his fucking ground (last I remember, at least.)

No. 1483801

I cant believe this is all she said. She's right and it's harmless. Women's live, struggles and accomplishments are tied into sex, which is why we get the 'first woman to–' insert subject here. Women are still the minorities in every subject and country. she never deserved this hate

No. 1483828

File: 1674858787563.jpg (58.27 KB, 536x286, himhvnyyhlea1.jpg)

Trump is so bitchy, he's probably a farmer.

No. 1483830

a real farmer would point out that rob also cheated

No. 1483847

Trump is more of a bitchy queen on Twitter than LNX and Nicki Minaj combined

No. 1483853

Do you remember when he called the leader of North Korea fat after they had a falling out? Kek

No. 1483862

That tweet he made about that guy's disrespectful nipples is the funniest thing ever posted on twitter

No. 1483867

I'm kinda sad we never could've had a thread on him since he's such a cow. Something about the way he writes/speaks always makes me kek.

No. 1483915

You and other nonnys are 100% correct. This is insane absolutely insane that we live in a world that doesn't give a shit about women in the year 2023. We are progressively going backwards and god-forbid anyone who rebels against it and continues to fight against sex-based oppression. JK Rowling never said anything wrong and I'm glad she has continually double-downed on it.

It blows my mind that people are trying to boycott the videogame Hogwarts Legacy. I'm so tired of seeing articles about it and how "twansphobic" she is. No one is fucking reading the tweets correctly or her manifesto or they'd actually see it makes sense. Absolutely insane the rape and violent content she gets daily (and other gender critical, lesbian, rad fems, etc) do.

Anywho, sorry nonnas, to keep on topic, yes there has been several actors and (too few) actresses to support her and the pursuit of protecting women's rights. Unfortunately they aren't the vocal minority who gets praise and re-tweets.

No. 1483936

It fucking kills me that this is all it took. Moids are disgusting.

No. 1484081

Who openly supports her? I only know of Tom felton and Luna Lovegood's actress.

No. 1484202

Robbie Coltrane did (RIP Hagrid), Brian Cox, Jason Isaacs, Ralph Fiennes, Macy Gray/Bette Midler (recently found out they spoke out greatly for women's rights and faced backlash this summer), Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Redmayne (to a small extent), Dave Chappelle, Eddie Izzard.

I'm sure there's more, especially in the UK that I'm unaware of off the top of my head, but those are the ones I remember offhand.

No. 1484208

Eddie Izzard, really? Was he in boymode when he said it?

No. 1484262

Doesn't Izzard fall under the 80s 'we were men in makeup' possibly being faggots but still being men camp? Like BoyGeorge

No. 1484276

He trooned out recently. I thought it was a joke, but he still agrees sex is set in fact and biology. It makes no sense for him to Troon out though, especially when he had a whole stand up about a man wearing a dress is still a man years ago.

No. 1484289

iirc Eddie Redmayne said he didn't share her opinion at all but TRAs really need to calm the fuck down and stop harassing and threatening her and TRAs changed their mind on him entirely and started shit talking him for "stealing a role from a transwoman" for being the main character in the Danish Girl or whatever. I wonder if he changed his mind on trans rights completely after that.

No. 1484297

File: 1674918172566.png (495.7 KB, 1920x1920, 1665985488148.png)

remember when troosn and TRA's celebrated the actor who played Hagrid's death, all cause he said that JK Rowling was a good lady and he didn't understand why people were hating on her

No. 1484301

File: 1674918335109.png (166.37 KB, 593x418, fuckmen.png)

fucking hell anon, that's news to me. I never thought he would, but I suppose that at his age he thought might as well. Its a few more bucks he gets to milk from fans, so brave

No. 1484309

Eddie Izzard, though he used to be admittedly very funny, always struck me as a gigantic fucking narcissist whenever I saw him in interviews and such.

Him trooning out has done little to change this opinion.

No. 1484312

I've actually met Eddie Izzard on two separate occasions and, both times, he was really nice.

Sad to see him beating the TRA drum.

No. 1484316

File: 1674919672692.png (88.79 KB, 774x342, eddie1.png)

eddie has a ~very funny~ story about using the women's loos pre-transition and scaring the tween girls in there. he's a creep.

No. 1484320

File: 1674919752176.png (12.62 KB, 755x191, eddie2.png)


No. 1484331

They thought you were about to expose yourself, Eddie, this wasn't some epic own.

No. 1484337

File: 1674921659520.jpg (109.81 KB, 610x900, FnPoTb7aUAEsx9d.jpg)

No. 1484346

Fucking terfs, no respect for anti-smoking laws, someone needs to stop them.

No. 1484351

I'm inspired to Photoshop a wig onto Rodney Dangerfield thanks to you.

No. 1484359

No. 1484386

It’s crazy to me that Mia Goth had a child recently with Shia Labeouf and they’ve been together so long. Makes me skeptical of her

No. 1484398

I honestly can't take her seriously, she's a pathetic pick-me who simped after fucking Shia LaBeouf and appeared in some prevents high art glorified porno fllm

No. 1484413

File: 1674928266759.jpg (48.82 KB, 608x833, fatty.jpg)

i literally don't even know what to say about this kek

No. 1484415

File: 1674928386494.jpg (49.04 KB, 608x608, piss.jpg)

i have vasovagal syncope and this photo is literally triggering it lmfao, i feel so unwell just looking at his flabby pissy body

No. 1484421

Jesus Christ. I know celebs tend to pander unhealthy lifestyles/kink/etc. But seeing all the piss fetish recently shit is really disgusting. Won't be surprised if they want to normalize coprophilia in the next ten years before society finally collapses.

No. 1484430


No. 1484431

that moid is so fucking disgusting he could be posted along with the AGP fetish trannies in the mtf thread

No. 1484437

lol accurate. Can this be next thread pic?

No. 1484442

Who does this appeal to? Is it really just virtue signaling? I don’t even think gays or faghags would be into this. The people pulling all the strings behind him probably make him look gross intentionally to get attention in the form of outrage and humiliation

No. 1484450

Kinda based tbh

No. 1484486

File: 1674933343636.jpg (145.22 KB, 741x770, sam.jpg)

Piss fetish is so empowering.

No. 1484521

????? Whats empowering about men being nasty? They're always like this and society never shamed them, thats why we have fucking sam smith being openly nasty, I don't understand.

No. 1484522

Caping for Sam Smith but forgot to use correct pronouns…..will get dragged for that no doubt, top kek

No. 1484536

Again literally Shayna genderswapped. No personality besides sexuality. Melted butter filled with mayo body

No. 1484559

nah its what her racist big bird feet ass deserves.

No. 1484574

she does hyperpop, wich kinda ressembles techno music, listened in majority by gay men

No. 1484578

Y'all Americans fucked for real

No. 1484579

I wish i could stop listening to it i am aware how bad it is

No. 1484581

you're kind of typing like one kek

No. 1484595

File: 1674944990127.gif (560.98 KB, 498x398, zoidberg-naked.gif)

No. 1484610

File: 1674946372071.jpg (117.14 KB, 1564x1125, FnkbrxwWAAQ8PO1.jpg)

No. 1484619

File: 1674948094406.png (87.02 KB, 1041x782, ontd.png)

it sure would be a shame if this sam smith story from 2016 went viral on black twitter and he got #cancelled and we never had to see his engorged breasts again

No. 1484632

Didn't he almost get cancelled for telling a fan to fuck off or was that some other singer? It seems like everyone forgot about it like a week later tho

No. 1484634

he's so densely fat that he just absorbs and crushes all criticism, like a blackhole.

No. 1484635

I loathe this stinky ass fucking retarded saggy maggot soft flabby disgusting musty piece of dried glue stinky Shane Dawnson Shayna Clifford merged togeather dirty wide faced tiny lipped fat armed soggy titty moobed flat hank hill hamhocked spit smelling dusty dirty mentally unwell gay fucking stinky retarded piece of waste of time so fucking much

No. 1484638

Don’t hold back nonna, tell us how you really feel kek

No. 1484646

It feels so good now that we all have a common enemy famous moid to direct all of our seething anger towards FUCK SAM SMITH he's an UGLY FAT FUCK who can't keep a man because he's what? AN UGLY FAT FUCK so he has to wear nipple pasties and simulate golden showers to get attention. He's probably doing this degen shit to show any bottom of the barrel degenerate gay moids that he's willing to get pissed on if only they'd give him the attention he craves. Fuck that stupid retard. I hope his career ends soon! I bet it'll end with proof of him being creepy towards young men in their dms. He seems that desperate.

No. 1484647

File: 1674950965055.gif (258.91 KB, 220x220, thats-nasty-leslie-jones.gif)


How in the hell is this celebrated? How in the hell does he have the self-esteem to keep showing off like this? Literally nauseated. So vile

No. 1484650

because he's gay mail, and a lot of people don't see gay men as actual people who should have dignity and respect. Just sexual deviants. I say this because, I cannot get how "Woke" people often excuse this shit as, "Queer culture" and expression as if this disgusting this is what being gay is about.
Like it's just normal for every gay man to be a fat blob mockery, being pissed on and hyper sexual. They feel bad for him and/or are degens

No. 1484657

spoiler this shit. I hate faggots so much. Their entire identity is about being a degenerate.

No. 1484658

Hagrid did not deserve this. what the actual fuck. Celebrating someone's death like this is a sociopathic move.

No. 1484661

File: 1674951877148.png (117.13 KB, 237x380, brit.PNG)

He's a brit tho kek

No. 1484665

Yet only Americans glamourize his ~queer~ crap

No. 1484671

>age 30
He looks awful for only being thirty, damn.

No. 1484672

File: 1674952388390.jpg (75.09 KB, 300x300, sam-smith-skin-amas-2014.jpg)

Wtf happened he used to look like a normal guy

No. 1484675

he hit the wall

No. 1484678

File: 1674952707104.png (129.97 KB, 315x315, 2263888_1_50.png)

No. 1484685

This pic is on the same level as nicado avocado spam.

No. 1484691

How old was he here? He looks like he already started to hit that wall. Men really age like cold diarrhea.

No. 1484692

he was only 22 in 2014 kek

No. 1484707

drugs + being english

No. 1484711

I think we can all agree it's a general Anglo problem.

No. 1484732

File: 1674958773500.png (1.35 MB, 1439x1958, Screenshot_20230128-201843.png)

No. 1484743

belongs in the nepobaby thread

No. 1484745

bruh he hit the wall way before >>1484672
I didn't realize we were the same age until someone posted that he was 30. I always thought he had close to a decade on me.

No. 1484788

He's only 30?! I thought he was for sure in his 40s. Damn

No. 1484800

Oh my God, I did not realize he was younger than me. Damn I thought he was pushing 40. Damn he aged like an avocado

AYRT, you're right and I hate it. I hate that stereotype and how people play into it/are lumped into it. Really bleak tbh

This made me cry, nonnys. I originally brought him up and did not know this happened after his passing. I'm not surprised but it still really hurt seeing comments like that. I can't believe we live in a world like this. I just can't

No. 1484806

Wtf? Same! I thought he was like Robbie William's age kek

No. 1484808

Mark my words, he'll troon out before the end of the year

No. 1484836

Don't cry, nonnie. Only evil people speak ill of the dead. He won't be harmed anymore by words. Take solice. It is insane to me to see anyone speak like this after someone's passing. I was told to never speak ill of the dead. The TRAs will get what's coming to them soon. Hagrid is beloved by all HP fans, so his name wouldn't be tarnished by them.

No. 1484849

Ah yes, the very pinnacle of womanhood, terrifying teenage girls into thinking you're about to assault them or make them victim of your sexual voyeurism. Very feminine

No. 1484853

>Won't be surprised if they want to normalize coprophilia in the next ten years
I believe this 100%. Growing up I remember anal still being referred to as sodomy and it would get spoken about in very serious hushed tones. Anyone who took part in it would get looked down on and speculated about having aids and incontinence. Fast forward 15 years and anal is talked about in media, songs, joked about by middle schoolers. It's talked about like it's just another normal sex act, all the risks of it are now labeled as "stigmatization." Bizarre how quick that change was, and I was born in the 90's.

No. 1484855

No unfortunately it's spread to Canadian major cities as well, fag culture is everywhere

No. 1484870

Thank you nona, you're right. Hug!

I agree, I grew up when anal wasn't something you openly talked about. It's pretty wild how mainstream things like that, piss/shit fetishes, daddy everything etc just get exposure and normalized. I remember back in the day when stuff like goatse, tubgirl, lemon party etc was sent as a link for extreme shock value and wasn't easily found. Now you open Twitter or something and it's just there

He definitely seems like he's gonna troon out soon. I wonder who all else will troon out this year? Seeing Ellen Page before/afters still breaks my heart

No. 1484882

>Only evil people speak ill of the dead.
lol what a stupid thing to say.
If a person is a shitbag I will continue to remind people after their death how much of a shitbag they were. Fuck the dead

No. 1484895

>Fuck the dead
Oooh ouch nona, ouchie ow, I just cut myself on that edge, wowie

No. 1484896

Did Papa Roach play in the background while you wrote this?

No. 1484899

Lmao the anons replying to this would probably change their tune if someone like Weinstien or Bill Cosby died tomorrow.

No. 1484904

Well of course, they're both scrotes.

No. 1484905

That's a pretty wild conflation for me gently teasing the nona about the 2edgy4u "fuck the dead" sentence. I'm not even disagreeing with her, make fun of dead people I don't care.

No. 1484948

A real farmer would know that that relationship was a PR stunt. Rob was banging that girl who played Rosalie from the beginning

No. 1484959

If they ever made a film about Jodi Arias, they should cast her.

No. 1484962

I’m a lesbian but this image is still about to make me homophobic. Maybe the conservatives are onto something kek

No. 1484977

File: 1674995595171.jpg (66.98 KB, 1080x550, jkr queen.jpg)

I'm just here to share this with you nonnies, it really brightened my day today.

No. 1484979

God, every day I hope that this woman has a wonderful day. She deserves it for being this based and vocal about it.

No. 1484980

My Queen

No. 1484981

Sam Smith has to be some sort of social experiment by the entertainment industry testing how far they can go into shilling ridiculous shit and then presenting us with the human equivalent of the nasty patty. What is Sam Smith's net worth anyway? It can't be that high lmao.

No. 1484994

nonna my sides

No. 1484995

according to Google, his net worth is between 45 and 60 million dollars…..I don't beleive that though . He's one of those seemingly "popular" artists that no-one in real life seems to like.

No. 1485001

File: 1674998490019.jpg (97.6 KB, 433x680, FnjrgF6WIAE3_il.jpg)

She is the best. From her likes

No. 1485005

File: 1674998968235.png (1.27 MB, 1420x1080, download0.png)

>the human equivalent of the nasty patty

No. 1485028

Damn, goes to show that dressing and looking like a retard is a prerequisite for being an enby/troon

No. 1485063

i like sam's deranged music video because i believe men deserve to get sexually humiliated in media just like they have been doing for women. if it was women in that video wearing those outfits no one would give a shit, but because it is men everyone thinks it's horrible and disgusting. they all feel disturbed because they aren't used to see men getting objectified and humiliated in the say way women are being objectified all the time.

No. 1485069

The difference here is that Sam Smith's degenerate music video is being hailed as progressive and "fighting the good fight" when it's just degenerate gay male shit.

No. 1485074

I love her so much. I hope she's having a good weekend.

Slight OT: It's amazing to me how normies absolutely do not care (or even know) that she has said anything that could be labeled as 'controversial'. Like, I'm 99% sure that when I was talking about the new HP game at work, no one knew that people were boycotting it— our only frustration regarding it was that the game is single-player only lol

No. 1485094

so fucking what? how does that have anything to do with what i said, that men deserve to be treated the same as women always are treated once in a while. fuck off

No. 1485100

Nta but calm down, don't share your opinion on a public imageboard if you're too sensitive to receive replies that disagree

No. 1485102

oh my god go back to reddit this thread always has the worst immigrants

No. 1485105

I've been here 6 years, you're brand new if a tame reply makes you sperg this hard.

No. 1485107

Nta but you know full well Sam isn't being treated like a woman would be for doing this kek. This isn't a humiliation not is it a degradation for a moid

No. 1485109


No. 1485111

cool i've been here longer than you and you still type like a condescending redditor. sorry i don't give a fuck about sperging about faggot and their faggot shit tradtard

it makes men uncomfortable and tradtards too so it is funny. it is obvious people are sperging this hard about it because they aren't used to see males get humiliated in the same way as women

No. 1485114

me: it is good that men get treated same as women always do, let men taste their own medicine
faggot obsessed tradretards: BUT HE'S GAY

No. 1485115

Ayrt, calm down weirdo I'm saying that he's being celebrated for his degeneracy. This isn't humiliation to the vast majority of normie libtard twitter users, this is RADICAL and PUSHING BOUNDARIES and FIGHTING FOR GAY RIGHTS (to be as digusting and humiliating as they want because I guess they want everyone to think gay people are devoid of humility, shame, and self-respect like regular people). A man doing this is STUNNING and BRAVE. Do you get it now you angry freak kek. Do I have to use smaller words? You good?

No. 1485117

Men are not tasting shit you schizoid.

No. 1485118

File: 1675012012809.jpeg (214.54 KB, 1170x894, E5152D05-12BF-4688-A027-496428…)

yeah but even gay moids hate it lol this is the top comment on r/popheads thread

No. 1485120

Well if you've been here a long time you should know by now that you don't always receive the replies you want, and to not sperg out and get so emotional about it. And I've never used reddit, but you sound like you'd fit in great there.
>sorry i don't give a fuck about sperging about faggot and their faggot shit tradtard
I hate faggots and conservatives, what are you on about?

No. 1485122

If Sam Smith was a woman this fag would call her a talentless haggard fat cunt.

No. 1485129


No. 1485133

Also they want us to be pissed on if you can't see the propaganda i dont know what to tell you. "Drake" is going to claim he likes gold showers as well. The toxic waste we eat has to make alot of our piss extremely toxic. Like p diddys demon juice (alcohol). They want us to poison ourselves via kinks. They want people to start pissing on eachother. Sam Smith Is just another part of the plot, all this piss play talk isn't just for attention. It's with intention.

No. 1485135

and also your last hopefully, learn to sage, don't samefag, integrate or go back

No. 1485142

>complaining about sage
>in ot
>been here for years
Shut the fuck up please

No. 1485158

Sam smith hate needs no sage

No. 1485166

you don't have to sage in /ot/ retard

No. 1485168

This is the worst example of gaslighting and gatekeeping I've seen on this site.
Saged for off topic.

No. 1485175

File: 1675014685755.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.52 KB, 852x480, Alejandro_music_video.jpg)

Did anyone else get the feeling “I'm Not Here To Make Friends” is trying to be a classic Gaga music video?

The song is boring and Sam Smith is fucking disgusting but the visuals of the video aren’t really anything all that shocking or new? Do people not remember Alejandro? Judas? G.U.Y? It seems to me like it’s an homage (or rip off) of Lady Gaga’s music video style back in the 2010’s. The leather gays on the bed and dancing-in-place moves are just too obvious to people who were little monsters back in the day. I’m not mad the video aesthetic tbh think would have been artistic and sexy if it was Lady Gaga doing it instead of Ham Smith.

No. 1485181

File: 1675014922057.png (1.27 MB, 1440x1166, Screenshot_20230129-115426.png)

No. 1485239

Nobody on this board would see the same shit with women and go 'yaaaaaas queen', so take it to Twitter

No. 1485249

sam smiths most popular current song is literally about men cheating on their boring wifes with men.

How is this progressive for women?

No. 1485254

i thought the ellen show was cancelled, why si she still uploading new videos.

Trigger warning: she does asmr

No. 1485257

Yeah and her music videos traumatized me. My sister made me watch them when I was really young and it got me into the idea of bondage far before puberty happened and uncovered what real sexuality is.

No. 1485296

I want to make a mood board just for her based takes.

No. 1485298

I'm a lesbian as well, but gay men in general make me homophobic. Men are obsessed with sex, now make that times two. Gay men are the most hyper sexual, disgusting creatures out there.

No. 1485388

Different anons dumbass

No. 1485427

File: 1675029947410.jpeg (657.22 KB, 1179x1906, CEC4CF31-4BC1-49BA-BEB9-C8637A…)


Mayor of Mississauga Ontario dead

No. 1485448

Okay? I don’t think politicians are celebrities.

No. 1485456

ralph fiennes appeared more than once in epstein's little black book of people who flew the lolita express so fuck that dude eternally

No. 1485466

Nta but a celebrity is just anyone who's famous. By definition, they are celebrities.

No. 1485471

>it is obvious people are sperging this hard about it because they aren't used to see males get humiliated in the same way as women
>faggot obsessed tradretards: BUT HE'S GAY
it's because he's FAT AND UGLY. he's visually unappealing. how are you not getting this and how is this being turned into a sexism thing? 90% of posts are simply pointing out his ugliness

No. 1485478

File: 1675033587257.png (565.75 KB, 685x752, avatar.png)

avatar2 is now the 4th biggest grossing film of all time. did you see it, nonnies?

daddy cameron now holds the #1 (avatar), #3 (titanic), and #4 (avatar2) highest grossing film records.

No. 1485479

File: 1675033736843.jpg (695.74 KB, 1600x2400, aliens.jpg)

in a fair and just world run by lesbians, the #2 record (avengers endgame) would actually be held by cameron's best film (aliens), and then he'd have the full top 4.

No. 1485490

>mayor of whoville

No. 1485572

File: 1675042743554.png (1.58 MB, 1204x958, Screen Shot 2023-01-29 at 5.38…)

JK Rowling continues to be based

No. 1485587

Gross. Men truly live on easy mode. none of those movies aside from maybe titanic are remotely good. Men will really throw their access income at any male director.

No. 1485589

Aliens is such a damn good movie. I need to rewatch it again. The crush I have on Ripley never weakens.

No. 1485591

The Queen continues speaking the truth.

No. 1485605

It feels so surreal to see JKR posting this shit, but someone has to, I guess.

No. 1485629

he wasn’t on the flight logs, but he was in the books. still skeevy regardless, but the world only cares about attacking women for wrongthink now rather than men who freely associate with sex pests

No. 1485630

which harry potter characters do you anons think would be the biggest terfs

No. 1485637

anons here sometimes say hermione would be a terf but she kind of strikes me as an annoying libfem (maybe im just projecting bc of emma watsons irl views though.) mcgonagal ofc would be terf, i like to imagine she'd make up excuses to dock house points from any tranny students at hogwarts

No. 1485669

File: 1675054168010.jpg (193.37 KB, 2048x1360, marc-anthony-nadia-ferreira-la…)

jlo's ex marries girl born in 99

No. 1485671

File: 1675054949210.png (382.51 KB, 442x603, lana.png)

Lana did a photoshoot for Billboard magazine, she looks gorgeous

No. 1485672

Why do people not like her? Did I miss something?

No. 1485674

Alright, that's it. I think I need to go back to therapy.
Thank you nonnies in this thread for being based af & hating this fat fuck, you ladies give me hope.
Nobody can make trannies rage like JK, what a hero of our times. I've never admired a celebrity as much as I do her.

No. 1485683

I thought this was fat Adele

No. 1485684

Every time I see moid celeb date a woman young enough that she could be their daughter, I remember when Taylor Swift was 22 dating an 18yo man and people lost their shit screeching cradle snatcher.

No. 1485686

A high schooler that had recently lost his mother to suicide who Taylor only pursued because she romanticized the idea of being part of the Kennedy family. Men who date younger women are still gross though.

No. 1485691

Yeah, no.

No. 1485692

i thought he was 17? and she was also dropping him off to school, it's not as bad as male celebs with decade age differences but still a bit weird

No. 1485694

I misread this as photoshop instead of photoshoot. She looks decent, but I'll hold judgement til I see the rest

No. 1485695

Hate scrotes. He's not ugly (for his age), but she could do better & is obviously out of his league

No. 1485724

She can do better than a super famous super rich man? I doubt it. She's not with him for his looks.

No. 1485740

File: 1675068774389.png (225.62 KB, 1100x818, Screen Shot 2023-01-30 at 12.4…)

She tweeted an article that referred to 'People who menstruate' and she joked:
>'People who menstruate?' I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”
and now Twitter thinks she's transphobic, evil and 'cancelled'. She also tweeted this for clarification, and everyone still hates her and says she ruined their entire childhoods and hate the Harry Potter franchise now. It's absolute lunacy. I admire her for being unapologetically feminist and not bowing to the social pressure.

No. 1485742

Beautiful inside and out, love her so much. She has such a soothing presence. dare I say… cute as a button♥

No. 1485745

kek I was gonna say this, almost identical. her face holds the extra weight well tho

No. 1485751

File: 1675071718150.jpg (345.45 KB, 2880x2880, 1672007285808.jpg)

Saw it and liked it. What I find weird though is how Britain Dalton, the actor for the younger brother, basically set to be the next protag, never appears in any sort of interviews or tours. The most recent appearances of him you can see he looks awful and some have speculated substance abuse. The official story is that he has 'severe social anxiety' Seems like they killed of the wrong character, because Jamie Flatters seems way more charismatic and gets on better with the other young cast.

No. 1485752

File: 1675071763557.jpeg (51.48 KB, 640x411, DF977805-56EE-4088-B430-006498…)

Hot take: I don’t care if Ellen was mean to some fucking intern or whatever. She got cancelled for being rude while male celebrities have done way worse stuff. Ellen is a lesbian icon and should be celebrated as such. The fact that we never see lesbians like her on Tv says a lot about society, so we should cherish the one we have.

No. 1485757

>She got cancelled for being rude while male celebrities have done way worse stuff.
Very true and sad

No. 1485799

>Beautiful inside
>She has such a soothing presence.
kek it's one thing to like her music but this is flat out delusional. she's a terrible person.

No. 1485807

Then call me delusional lol

No. 1485872

I'm completely indifferent to Ellen but I agree. She's allegedly rude to staff…. okay?? and?? for god sake. they act like she tortured or killed people. Tom cruise is going off on crazy abusive schizo rants at his employees and co-workers and people laugh it off like oh "thats just crazy old tom!". Ellen may be a bitch but men are doing so much worse.

No. 1485876

File: 1675093088612.jpg (178.79 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's looking like the Marilyn Manson case is almost over. Evan Rachel Wood and Illma Gore are the last people standing. No?

No. 1485877

The fact that she even had to clarify is what's wrong with the world. And yes, she was very clear about what she meant, yet I have run into aidens and other wokies who swear she tweeted that trans people should die. No one has reading comprehension on twitter. If she didn't say this now, she would have later and good for her. Men are violently taking over women's spaces and identities. Even I'm vocal about how I feel about it irl. More women need to be.

No. 1485882

Women being a 'bitch' is somehow seen as worse than being violent and abusive like scrotes. I grew up watching Ellen and besides Rosie O'Donnell, there were zero open lesbians on tv. It's sad

No. 1485889

Yes, she could date a millionaire tech bro in his 20s or 30s instead of this crotchety old moid

No. 1485894

File: 1675094215319.png (768.59 KB, 1440x1006, Screenshot_20230130-095507.png)

People are still coming forward.

No. 1485906

It appears that he's paying people off, cases get dismissed, people don't show up and or do the work necessary and things get dropped, people caught lying and making stuff up, ect.

They're people adamant that he's innocent.

How do you guys think this will end?

No. 1485937

File: 1675099004061.png (1.55 MB, 1439x2272, Screenshot_20230130-111609.png)

No. 1485986

Some weird tech coomer? Marc Anthony is at least probably old and boring

No. 1486093

he either
1) is drained of money from paying legal fees (somewhat likely scenario)
2) finds some way to “redeem” himself (very unlikely)
3) goes to jail (pretty unlikely)
4) fades into obscurity and no legal process continues (the most likely)

No. 1486110

Creator of Rick and Morty is a gross pedo. Also as far as I know he's not with that girl anymore, and she was a pornstar (how surprising). Dude was also charged with domestic abuse and dropped from Rick and Morty

No. 1486123

girl you’re like two weeks late

No. 1486129

Sorry, I never lurked or posted in celebricow threads kek

No. 1486147

Someone correct if I'm wrong but doesn't Oprah have ties to Harvey Weinstein? And everyone just ignored that with no push back, but god forbid Ellen acts like a snob and it's the end of her entire decades long career. So dumb

No. 1486304

File: 1675123915582.png (1.08 MB, 1440x1419, Screenshot_20230130-181117.png)


No. 1486338

File: 1675125385676.gif (1.96 MB, 425x306, 900.gif)


No. 1486397

whats crazy is this happened in 2020. he hasnt gone to court yet but all documents related to the incidents are sealed, so is the body cam footage of cops showing up to his house. he tried really hard to bury this thing and keep it quiet but someone knows something since hes kicked off the show and is no longer in control of the video game company he founded. irritating that he still has emmys and other awards despite obviously being a huge piece of shit. i hope he rots in jail

No. 1486463

how is she a terrible person? or is the only thing you can come up with is the lyrics to a song she made 15 years ago?

No. 1486495

Look at her last ex for starters. No normal nice woman is dating that.

No. 1486496

She single handedly created the culture of tumblr sugar baby romanticizing fucking old men for money.

No. 1486497

Nta but she didn't create that, she just jumped onto the trend with the rest of them. The lolita/coquette bullshit started way before tumblr, tumblr and the like just combined all the shitty tropes that go along with it into one nameable aesthetic.

No. 1486548

File: 1675149040205.jpg (185.59 KB, 642x891, FnOChjYagAIwqzp.jpg)

Why would anyone have a picture like that?

No. 1486554

File: 1675149539806.jpg (859.54 KB, 2000x2538, marc-anthony-marries-nadia-fer…)

Disgusting. Also she is taller than him kek. And is it just me or are his tattoos absolute shit?

No. 1486567

File: 1675149929778.jpg (72.33 KB, 800x800, marc-anthony-39-s-tattoos-on-d…)

Another pic

No. 1486572

This is so fucking funny omgggg

No. 1486585

No. 1486586

Same thing in MENA countries and I imagine other Arab and African ones. Only recently did I start seeing women with curly hair in media.

No. 1486612

File: 1675154323863.jpg (519.57 KB, 2096x3000, 142304793.jpg)

he's been doing this forever, her previous wife was also 20+ years younger than him. I also read somewhere that he has anger issues and that's why JLo got 75% custody over the kids. In any case I feel sorry for the girl, imagine waking up next to this Skeletor-chihuaha hybrid creature every morning

No. 1486660

Just checked online, some website say his height is 1.73 while others 1.68. He has always looked like a midget to me so hes's probably around 1.67 or so.
He's so fucking ugly ffs how desperate can those women be

Based. Also she's tall and nothing hotter than a tall, powerful amazonian queen

No. 1486699

He has a 29 year old daughter. Imagine being her and meeting your current stepmother who's 6 years younger than you. Gross

No. 1486727

File: 1675172296561.png (526.3 KB, 1080x1231, Screenshot_20230131-072314~2.p…)

Jesus, her legs are gonna snap in half

No. 1486729

File: 1675172421236.jpg (15.45 KB, 400x400, 20230131_071745.jpg)

She looks ill, and that hair colour is awful on her

No. 1486734

she looks at least 40, has the typical "mouth lines" people not drinking or eating enough get and her lips look like a rubber boat

No. 1486744

File: 1675174158462.gif (6.18 MB, 682x384, cool-mom.gif)

in her milf era

No. 1486848

these anachan bodychecks are getting out of control

wtf happened to her lips? and lol everyone is going blonde this year (just in time for the Barbie movie and the return of y2k!)

No. 1486929

You can tell she loves her legs. What’s in the middle Ari?

No. 1486990

harrison ford used to get mega stoned to do any press, so maybe this kid is getting barred to shit for interviews. in which case he shouldn't have become a film actor and stuck to the stage or maybe been a model? something where interviews aren't half your job. honestly at this point, any breakout star under 25 i assume they've been acting not really by choice since childhood because their lazy parents don't want to work.

No. 1486991

kek anon she's just luna slater + money.

No. 1487005

Besides what other anons have said, there's also her weird instagram rant against other singers. not a crime or anything but that was the most embarrassing shit ever, definitely far from being "beautiful inside" if that's how she views them

No. 1487010

Don’t the chain smokers literally tag team ppl together? Damn Selena ew lol

No. 1487083

did she just get fat or did someone botch her or both

No. 1487210

being unavailable to men is still the biggest crime a woman can commit.

No. 1487214

anon, the shoes aren't part of her legs. she's short and it's hard for them to appear thin even when they actually are. her music sucks but i do have sympathy for short women on tv/media who get EDs. in this photo, proportionally she's still "thicker" than a model, and living where she does she muist see a lot of tall thin women and i can understand feeling fat when seeing those proportions in others.

No. 1487239

File: 1675199217414.jpg (84.59 KB, 295x640, tifs.jpg)

"drake" posting another fellow TIF on his page, ugh just hiding in plane sight like I don't have fucking eyes. Very gross and weird. The implication is odd, because
>He's posting a "man" with a weird ass teenage girl captions
>it's homoerotic
>it's homoerotic not matter how you slice it.
>two "men" or two "Women"
I despise him along with Sam Smith,

No. 1487272

literally everyone: damn ariana is so skeletal
you: she looks so thick i feel so bad for her

stop your rattling, anachan

No. 1487276

Both I think

No. 1487329

File: 1675207265371.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x1821, 12BE8503-56AA-41E8-BA68-900AF4…)


The aesthetic looked beautiful and classy, Selma Hayek and David Beckham were there.

Rumor has it that she’s currently pregnant, yeah…

No. 1487343

I get what you're saying anon, she is bottom heavy like Anya Taylor-Joy is. They can appear "normal" for a lot longer even though we all know Ariana-chan is never gonna recover

No. 1487361

Wondered where you were, missed you bb xx

No. 1487381

>her legs are gonna snap in half
Both her thighs and calves show healthy volume. You would benefit from googling anorexia to see what an actual anorexic body wastage looks like before making silly comments like this.

No. 1487496

those are just black people nonna, that's just how their faces are

No. 1487497

did i say the shoes were part of her legs? i said her legs look like they could snap like a tree branch because she's so skinny. wtf are you on about, ari feeling fat and looking thick here? you are sick in the head if you think this is "thick" or even healthy, get help. go back to the anachan boards, we don't do delusional takes over here

No. 1487500

"heavy volume" you are either trolling, or mentally retarded. fuck off. no one agrees with you, what does that tell you? the rest of us notice how sick she looks, like imagine what her hip bones look like rn… protruding i bet

No. 1487514

No. 1487516

da she's not totally wrong though. i was a 15 bmi for ages and my legs were smaller than that. she's standing with them far apart. she knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 1487539

File: 1675229080357.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1269, 925EC48A-EEED-45AE-9C8A-5D7C1F…)

he can buy all the young pussy he wants like any other scrote but he will have to live with fumbling Jenny from the block….. young flesh rots like any other but talent, presence, and the character built from a literal rags to riches story like hers is timeless baby. So happy for her <3 picrel is old but it’s still chefs kiss

No. 1487546

those two deserve each other and I don't mean that in a good way

No. 1487550

most(not all) black people tend to to have round lower jaws (as opposed to the more angular ones) and have fairly oval shaped faces, that's just how they look, a lot of TIF/TIM "clocking" serious or not fails to account between the differences between Caucasians and blacks/asians

No. 1487553

yea but kinda wanna jus hate on an ugly old rapey rich moid rn not much on some less ugly scrote w his pickme diva ex rekindling love for a lil publicity

No. 1487555


Plus, spicy and age appropriate. I live

No. 1487592

Nta but the rant wasn't about other singers it was about press treatment of her and other singers. It was cringe and sort of self-victimy but she wasn't tearing down the other singers she was shitting on the press.

No. 1487598

lmao she’s a fat, ugly, botched, racist, white trash pedo-pandering, rape and violence-glorifying piece of shit who hates other women

No. 1487600

You’re being wilfully obtuse, she was flagrantly bashing other women, most of whom were black. She’s a racist and a misogynist and as ugly inside as she is outside. She only has a career because her father bought it for her and she fucked repugnant hideous fat rapist scrotes like Weinstein and then wrote a song about it. Fuck her. Subhuman trash.

No. 1487602

>You’re being wilfully obtuse
I don't care either way, I'm not defending her? I'm just saying she wasn't insulting those singers because her entire point behind the post was saying that she did the same stuff as them but got different treatment for it. That was her entire dumb argument, that the press is bias against her. And she might be racist I don't know but mentioning black singers is not racism lol, go back to twitter.
Lol calm down, take your meds subhuman-anon. You're always sperging about something.

No. 1487625

NTA but that anon is right lol.

No. 1487629

I’ve never used twitter and I hardly ever post in this thread, more than one person can have a particular opinion

No. 1487664

her post was cringe af but she just said "if they can sing about X why can't i sing about Z". if i have to think about recent female singers known for explicit songs about sex (which was what she was talking about), cardi b, ariana and dojat cat definitely come to mind. people made it all about race when it was irrelevant and there was only one sentence about these singers anyway.

No. 1487676

Yeah I agree, what should of been seen as a cringe take got blown way out of proportion and labeled as some racist hit piece. And even if she was insulting the singers she mentioned (which I don't believe she was) it's hilarious people itt are using that as a reason to dislike her. "Wahhh she's tearing women down" like do they know what thread they're in? We insult female celebrities and singers all the time lol, enough with the moralfagging.

>she’s a fat, ugly, botched
That's the moidiest reason to hate a woman, why'd you put that first lol

No. 1487686