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File: 1673050768245.jpg (140.7 KB, 400x400, 1670845017525.jpg)

No. 1465458

prev thread >>>/ot/1436842

selfies etc:
>>1444166 lea michele has done something terrible to her face
>>1438039 erin moriarty has done something terrible to her face
>>1439295 mindy kaling has done something terrible to her face
>>1442025 gwen stefani has done something terrible to her face
>>1461955 selena gomez is a big fatty
>>1454419 >>1455549 lana is a big fatty
>>1441925 sam smith is a big fatty
>>1447694 chloe bailey posts overly sexy pics
>>1459683 ben whishaw stalker anon finally succeeds in getting a selfie

new music/film/etc:
>>1437420 new lana single
>>1437467 new lana album cover
>>1453354 lana puts up just one billboard for her new album - in her ex's hometown
>>1438904 taylor swift will be making her film directorial debut
>>1439878 halsey collabing with a video game
>>1448352 >>1448358 >>1448370 >>1448982 barbie [2023] dir greta gerwig

personal life:
>>1437557 celine dion is diagnosed with stiff person syndrome
>>1439452 bam margera on a vent due to pneumonia
>>1440326 sza and drake used to date
>>1443645 phoebe bridgers, bo burnham and the 1975 dude want some attention
>>1443726 nba youngboy impregnates his 9th babymama
>>1457700 while nick cannon welcomes baby number 12 (called "halo marie")
>>1458988 megan fox wants to have a threesome with her scrote and a woman
>>1459837 rebecca black has a girlfriend
>>1445816 ellen's dj friend killed himself
>>1454052 >>1454054 billie eilish turned 21
>>1452210 paris and kim hang out for xmas
>>1461504 everyone's least fave avenger runs himself over with his own snowplough

>>1439401 bunch of celebs getting sued over those ugly monkey nfts
>>1436987 grey's anatomy writer faked cancer, abortion, and brother's suicide
>>1437906 jlaw claims she was the first ever female action lead
>>1448968 drake from drake and josh huffing gas in front of his little kid
>>1449126 britney fighting a minimum wage worker at a drive thru
>>1449498 henry cavill deuxmoi stuff claiming he's a gamerbro who dislikes women
>>1452808 amber heard settles with depp for $1m
>>1440015 chris evans' gf posts nudes on ig to distract from an old dodgy tweet situation
>>1455813 z-list 90s singer "h from steps" blocks every lesbian and feminist in the uk
>>1456391 bella thorne accuses director of creeping on her when she was 10
>>1457879 andrew tate gets arrested in romania for human trafficking
>>1441581 kris wu might be castrated after serving his 13yr prison sentence for rape
>>1442443 >>1442512 >>1445599 >>1446758 >>1451039 >>1451981 jkr makes men seethe
>>1444216 meg thee stallion goes to court…
>>1454361 and tory is found guilty on all charges!

No. 1465501

This bitch is definitely going to "come out" as poly in 2023

No. 1465509

File: 1673056171122.png (466.38 KB, 881x779, phoeb.png)

probably. she's already one of those annoying "everyone wants to fuck everyone" truthers. i want a journo to sit her down and ask if she believes gay people are real or if they're all lying.

No. 1465520

Kek she'd probably say something like "of course being queer is so valid, live your truth, like… genital preferences are so fucked, though"

No. 1465530

File: 1673059200419.webm (875.96 KB, 576x1024, 4631579e3f39b82d9e580b5b1b9e5c…)

what is the deal with this tik tok, you'd think now would not be the time to use your child to antagonise your nut bag ex. and also, bound 2? kimye's song? what does it mean? i know north is in to special effects make up and was probably just joking around but it seems so calculated to upload it? it's all so weird, i hate it

north really does look like kanye though lmao

No. 1465531

kim's probably hoping he chimps out again and gives her a new round of positive headlines on a silver platter. i feel so bad for the kids having these two as their parents. literally everyone they're related to is insane lol

No. 1465557

thank you for the thread nonnie

No. 1465569

Love the thread summary kek. Thank you nonna.

No. 1465577

File: 1673066241707.jpg (20.31 KB, 274x341, rht.jpg)

great write up for the thread nonna, best one so far

No. 1465584

this is so gross wth. dressing your daughter up as her mentally ill dad and lip syncing to the song with a music video of them fucking on a bike. deranged behaviour

No. 1465599

File: 1673070727959.jpeg (944.91 KB, 2560x3846, DD0E56BB-CFD0-4C84-BBA8-EA9BB0…)

It still blows my mind that they were ever married in the first place. Do PR relationships ever produce kids?

No. 1465640

She must have anticipated him staying in the music industry and being a highly successful producer for years to come
LOL. Too bad. Next time go for a high value man.

No. 1465665

KEK I was out for the evening earlier but I was WAITING for the celebricows thread to come back so I could post this. Holy shit what the hell right, I thought she wouldn't want to provoke him anymore? Is she just losing attention now that she and Skete aren't together so she has to pull this?

No. 1465748

File: 1673090454284.jpeg (149.92 KB, 1290x1569, 9A8283D1-E250-4EFF-8A67-8C25AE…)

Thanks for the thread anon xx

No. 1465749

What filler migration does to a mf

No. 1465829

File: 1673100411095.jpg (135.85 KB, 1170x1170, Fl1QmVAakAIDyPj.jpg)

ariana on drag race. she's looking very skinny in her face these days tbh.

No. 1465847

File: 1673102316164.jpeg (133.41 KB, 828x1426, 236912FF-4030-45CD-AFF9-B13028…)

Lana posts yet another video where she’s on her fucking phone and driving. I like Lana’s music, I’ll admit it, but this is driving me crazy

No. 1465851

running someone over would probably be great material for a new album. people were saying her music is too samey, this would be a way to shake things up kek

No. 1465861

File: 1673102910928.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.7 MB, 2400x1350, tollundman.jpg)

She looks like a bog mummy

No. 1465878

No. 1465889

File: 1673104298094.jpg (29.45 KB, 460x276, delolio.jpg)

prince harry, in between bragging about killing 25 talibs (kek) and crying over his bald brother pushing him into a dog's water bowl during a kitchen squabble (kek), revealed that he lost his virginity to an older woman in a field by the pub they were having drinks in.

liz hurley has already denied it's her. so who do we think it is? which older lady celeb do you think slapped harry's ginger pubey arse (kek) while he "mounted" her (kek) with his circumcised (kek) and frostbitten (kek) dick?

i think it's nancy dell'olio

No. 1465895

he's really a lolcow and he justifies my dislike for him and Meghan, they all a family of ugly lolcows and they stinky

No. 1465900

Even his brother agrees he's punchable.

No. 1465904

File: 1673105517772.png (925.71 KB, 1220x1200, Ghislaine_Maxwell_MDC_mug_shot…)

bet she did it

No. 1465905

I think him and Meghan are just attentionwhores(I was on their side at one point mind you) they are losers and I feel bad for their kids who will be put into the spotlight over this

No. 1465911

I was on their side too. Whenever people would bring it up I'd just think "it's a lifestyle I'll never know, it doesn't affect me" but now it seems like he wants that tabloid attention. Why would you publish these things with your name attached if you didn't want it?

No. 1465938

i saw a headline with Hairy saying that william and Kate told him to put the nazi thing on, how Meghan asked Kate for some Lipgloss and apperently kate made a face. How Meghan said Kate had baby brain or some shit. Hairy bragging about his "kills'>
I don't care how senstionalized they are, I been knew Harry and Meghan weren't shit or about shit. Why would you marry into that family? Thinking shit would be sweet? It's a family of lolcows idiots.

No. 1465941

i'm genuinely surprised harry didn't go "william and kate texted me when i was in the army and told me to go round calling people pakis and ragheads and queers, and that's why i got caught on tape doing that". he seems to blame them for literally everything else lol.

if he'd just gone "yeah i wore the nazi outfit because i was 20 and dumb as fuck" people might like him more. his ego is too big for him to ever be the person he wants to be.

kek nonnie IMAGINE the headlines if this twist ends up being true

No. 1465958

File: 1673112974462.jpeg (122.2 KB, 687x900, 46056717-E6D5-4A8C-A625-75D215…)

anyone following the celeb chef jack monroe drama?

for those who don't know her: she's a middle class "nonbinary lesbian" (despite having countless boyfriends) promoted by nigella lawson who has been pretending to be in poverty for over a decade. she's been paid £££££££ for publishing terrible poor people recipes (rinsing the sauce off spaghetti hoops and using it as tomato puree for another meal, etc) and dangerous house tips (store the run-off water from your tumble dryer and use it to mop your floors with, use a knife and hammer to open tins if you can't afford a can opener, etc). her appearance fee, if your local food bank would like to get her to come over and do a talk, is £15k.

she was supposed to have a gushing interview in the guardian today, but instead she got off her tits on tramadol, missed the photoshoot, and so the interviewer did a bit of a hitpiece exposing her drug use, theft, and the fact she has thousands of pounds of fancy furniture.

then the times wrote one, and then the daily mail did a proper one, and now everyone's realising she's a con artist, kek.

No. 1465959

File: 1673113164374.jpg (214.9 KB, 889x684, jack.jpg)

and the photo the guardian used is very scrooge mcduck bathing in money kek

No. 1465965

File: 1673113441851.png (583.71 KB, 758x1180, Screenshot 2023-01-07 at 17-42…)

samefag, just posting today's times headline

No. 1465966

File: 1673113621663.png (156.54 KB, 823x1122, Screenshot 2023-01-07 at 17-45…)

samefag again sorry (i just really hate this woman sfhsjfhs)

No. 1465968

>use a knife and hammer to open tins if you can't afford a can opener
>using glass bottles filled with ice as an alternative to a rolling pin
These sound so much more tedious and dangerous compared to just forking out $10 for two tools that should last a decade

No. 1465969

there's a hilarious one, i'll try and find a screenshot because you won't believe me otherwise, where she tells The Poors to get 4 carabiners, an s-hook, and a square of cotton, and attach it all to the sink taps to pour your food through if you don't have a colander/strainer. like lmao what poor person has fucking mountain climbing equipment but not a strainer?????

No. 1465977

Jesus Christ this woman is insane, you can buy a strainer in Poundland. She seems like a hoarder judging by the photos of her house though, so I guess it makes sense to her to presume everyone owns such random crap.

No. 1466008

Why would someone buy a book for 24 dollars if they can't afford a can opener or colander? And why does she think poor people don't already have that stuff?

No. 1466034

My tinfoil is shes a Tory shill trying to kill off more poor people.

No. 1466045

File: 1673120419829.jpg (25.4 KB, 800x535, can-opener-14859743.jpg)

My dad's a professional chef (retired now) and he would flip his shit if anyone tried that with a knife. That's how to break knife tips off and injure people. And if you can't afford a can opener, just use an oldschool one. We've only been using them for 200 years.

No. 1466049

>cardboard rolls with dryer lint
So you're so poor that you can't afford to heat your place, but you have a dryer? Ffs. Just use rolled-up newspaper.

No. 1466067

File: 1673121163040.jpg (132.53 KB, 506x900, 481076F5-C2EA-4A74-94CD-D4A147…)

found it kek

No. 1466160

kek this would actually check out. pls let it be true

No. 1466163

omg nona i was sperging about her over on the britbong thread because i didn't think she was famous outside the UK. read the guardian article earlier and it's incredible. basically confirms she is full of shit

No. 1466166

File: 1673125006140.jpeg (253.5 KB, 1170x1467, jack.jpeg)

what's amazing about the furniture stuff, is this was using patreon grift funds.

No. 1466178

File: 1673125581145.jpeg (365.14 KB, 685x577, 84476DCC-7402-4E09-B45D-D27C88…)

she's so funny. if i had stolen tens of thousands of pounds and used it to buy mega expensive cotswold company cabinets, i would simply not take photos of my house. instead she was posting photos like this every damn day, proudly showing off over £6k of furniture alone. she wasn't even trying to hide her scam, it's hilarious. the nigellas and guardianistas wanted her to be legit sooo badly that they overlooked it.

No. 1466193

it's unbelievable. but of course, anyone who takes her to task is an ebil terf or right wing fascist (because she is a persecuted enby).

like i said in the britbong thread, it's a shame because someone on the mainstream making non-pretentious and realistically affordable recipes is something the country needs but when that person then larps as the spokesperson for what it is like to live in poverty, whilst "struggling to pay" the bills of their £3.5k a month house, they are giving the wrong idea, dangerous advice and real issues people in poverty face remain unheard.

No. 1466206

idk if you saw it nonnie, but jack's archnemesis (jamie oliver) has just started a 4-week-cycle free budget meal planning thing this weekend. i know he's a bit marmite, but i do think he means well (or at least is willing to pretend to mean well if it gets him a knighthood and positive press). i'd trust a jamie recipe over a jack one any day kek

No. 1466226

She’s always struck me as the type to fuck people for validation/attention/career advancement. She gives off hypersexual vibes.

No. 1466233

File: 1673128246886.jpg (45.32 KB, 485x680, brit.jpg)

britney spears and paris hilton hanging out for some reason?

No. 1466239

Maybe shes reaching out and trying to help Brittney?

No. 1466246

hopefully she's a good influence, because brit has really been spiralling recently.

No. 1466250

They've been friends for a long time, Paris was even invited to her wedding. I know they care a lot for each other

No. 1466304

File: 1673132774800.webm (7.8 MB, 720x1278, instagram-post.webm)

alec baldwin begging people to follow his fake spanish wife on insta so she can have a million followers. celebs are so pathetic topkek

No. 1466310

can anyone explain wtf she's wearing? sorry, I don't watch Drag Race

No. 1466320

a can opener would be cheaper than her dumb book.

No. 1466335

File: 1673134531407.jpg (105.49 KB, 897x935, Fl5vrxPXoAEUcza.jpg)

niall horan (irish 1d) and shawn mendes went to a bar together

No. 1466338

File: 1673134708710.jpg (38.92 KB, 405x559, Fl1QmVoaAAAL9zd.jpg)

she's copying this look from a former contestant.

a tin opener is literally 50p in asda, her book is 19.99 lol. a girl's gotta pay for her 40-a-day tramadol habit somehow! pay up, plebs.

No. 1466343

>Irish 1d

No. 1466354

i'm just being helpful by using the globally accepted identification key

>harry (balding 1d)

>zayn (asian 1d)
>niall (irish 1d)
>liam (pedo 1d)
>louis (uggo 1d)

No. 1466355

Chris Evans revealed his new gf, she's of course 25 years old, while he's 41. Twitter, LSA and reddit fanpages are a chaos rn

No. 1466359

Alba Baptista? We already knew about that one. Or does he have another 25 year old girlfriend already?

No. 1466360

i thought we already knew about her??? she's in the last thread and the op of this one >>1440015

No. 1466367

Oh for a sec I thought there was an Irish version of 1D.

No. 1466375

Apparently their relationship wasn't official until now, he posted a cringy video featuring her on his Insta story

No. 1466379

File: 1673136193663.jpg (111.57 KB, 744x743, chrevans.jpg)

i don't get the appeal of him tbh. like yes i'm a lesbian but i can still usually understand where hetty bettys are coming from when they gush about a guy. chris evans is really ugly to me.

No. 1466394

Lmao this bougie larper. Using a kitchen knife to drain food? Has she never heard of a pot lid? This makes it seem like she's never cooked anything herself.

No. 1466396

I still think he's probably gay

No. 1466404

why do people always say this whenever a male celeb dates a woman decades younger than him kek

No. 1466414

I think you're gay

No. 1466422

File: 1673138308569.jpg (73.6 KB, 900x668, tory.jpg)

you might be onto something there nonny

No. 1466432

wow this is really sad kek. and he actually got the 1 million followers. probably bots he paid for.

No. 1466435

and put more pressure on the NHS emergency services, filled with people with bits of metal lodged into them, so it collapses faster. 4d chess

No. 1466447

File: 1673139911761.png (372.28 KB, 794x529, monroe.png)

found this old article about Jack from 2013. there are so many lies in this it's crazy kek. she basically just identified as living in poverty and larped her way into a cookbook deal.


No. 1466451

File: 1673140154783.jpeg (247.73 KB, 946x2048, FllWwhaXkAIqV_x.jpeg)

samefag but notice how in this article she is "working class" but then pic related she admits to being middle class.

what happened to her was unemployment and alcoholism, which sucks but isn't poverty. and we all know the difference between working class + no education makes when it comes to unemployment and getting back on the ladder, whilst making ends meet.

No. 1466452

i remember one anon on here saying he looks like spongebob an d i cannot unsee it

No. 1466459

>>1466233 They have been friends for decades how old are you ten?

No. 1466462

File: 1673140850103.jpeg (121.22 KB, 1500x929, lindsay-lohan-13-8a8c0a95ba124…)

imagine being too young to remember this iconic moment

No. 1466463

File: 1673141071698.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.84 KB, 939x1280, christinahendricks.jpg)

after a few ordinary photographs of her dog etc. she pulls out this photo. typical of her i guess lol

No. 1466507

File: 1673148525003.png (528.35 KB, 627x785, Victoria Arlene Lamas.png)

did we know leo had dumped gigi before christmas? or am i slow on the uptake? he's now with this girl, 23 year old victoria lamas

(genuine q: why do attractive young women keep sleeping with this revolting middle aged man? it can't be fame, because they only receive scorn, so what is it? this girl is pretty enough she could easily land some tech billionaire instead)

No. 1466518

JK Rowling, if you're lurking pls apply for admin. Amen.

No. 1466521

not until she's finished the cormoran strike books. i need the next one asap, and that won't happen if she's busy threadbanning crapchan all the time

No. 1466522

she's too busy facing the troon hordes and trying to support Iranians to help lc, but she's brining supporters to our cause

No. 1466533

File: 1673151252026.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1394, C33FE7F7-D658-447D-900D-8B6987…)

At this point I don’t even think he’s sleeping with them anymore. She’s also Lorenzo Lamas‘ daughter and this is how she looked/looks without all the filters and fillers. Cuter before she tried to look like a Hadid.

No. 1466541

File: 1673151704143.jpeg (68.04 KB, 678x438, 3D789DA0-F6B8-4126-A0A3-B408EA…)

Noooooooo she was so cute!!! Now she looks like every other bitch on instagram.

No. 1466544

>why do attractive young women keep sleeping with this revolting middle aged man?
because most celeb women are genuinely retarded

No. 1466567

they're still in love with 90s leo

No. 1466576

Using dryer lint is a popular camping technique though. Also if you go to a laundromat, you can take the dryer lint after your clothes are done, right? Though I realize it's not as common outside of America to have a dryer

No. 1466605

File: 1673163972237.jpeg (187.96 KB, 1200x1201, C383104D-8753-480A-A80A-965606…)

Her dad is fucking ok with it. The pimp. I want to be professional as usual and quote the article but it’s so revolting how a person can say this to their daughter under 25 dating someone waaaaay over 30. On top of that it almost sounded as if he wanted something more to happen between them despite maintaining that they’re just “enjoying each others company”.

rather lose my leg and have loving mature parents than be famous and have pedo adjacent ones I’m not kidding and being insensitive to disabled people. I’m serious

No. 1466658

can’t wait for the “Britney’s dead!!1!1!!” Tinfoil TikToks to come out trying to explain this lmfaoo

No. 1466659

Wait i missed liam being a pedo wtf happened?

No. 1466794

File: 1673182228973.jpg (73.88 KB, 1000x1000, FTdZfxJUAAAWrzT.jpg)

the girl he was engaged to was 16-going-on-17 when he made a move. i know his love life isn't exactly common knowledge because he's gross and boring, but the underage girl is the one who found out he was cheating by fans tagging her in pics of him with another woman, if you remember that much bigger scandal.

No. 1466811

Literally only straight people think this. The rest of us usually can verify firsthand that the "EVERYONE IS A LITTLE BI" cope is bullshit when we end up liking someone only to find out they're 100% not interested…because they're straight. Go figure. I've never heard 1 gay or bisexual person unironically say this.

No. 1466855

It's valid depending on your definition of attraction…and spicy straights like Phoebe think someone looking pretty is attraction.
It's immature and childish and a call to be different or NLOG that you can't appreciate a womens appearance without thinking you're sexually attrated to her. It's the equivalent of grammar school kids saying "Then why don't you marry it" after some kid says "I love xyz."

No. 1466862

Unhinged. She should just pass away tbh.

No. 1466946

File: 1673191340715.jpg (189.34 KB, 720x1280, marinadiamandis__-1257417236_M…)

Gotta say, Marina does have a pretty insane body.

No. 1466961

the fuck?

No. 1466962

i have the exact same "overly-booby-chest and very-wide-femur-head" build and this gave me such a boost of confidence nonnie omg. thank you xoxoxo

No. 1466969

File: 1673192249430.webm (138.91 KB, 384x480, Swimsuit WEBM.webm)

She pulls it off very well…

No. 1466970

I don't mean this in a nasty way nonna but that body type is literally the beauty standard right now so I have no idea how you needed a confidence boost for it

No. 1466984

KEK ok i get what you mean, but the truth is it only looks nice when you're standing up in underwear being sexualised, but actual clothes don't fit - you just look fat 24/7 because you have to buy a couple of sizes up to account for the boob and hip situation. and when you're sitting your thighs splodge out. i've always wanted a breast reduction and lipo on my hips. because i've hated my body since i was like 12 when grown men started noticing it.

it's different when women talk about it tho lol. idk why.

No. 1466988

File: 1673192743866.jpg (86.99 KB, 1080x1190, 313740992_1178793862725761_383…)

It's all about finding you kiibe type and dressing for your shape and all that shit, idk.

She's a good person to look to for inspo tho.

No. 1467013

Trailer for Miley's new album, that will drop on the 10th March.

No. 1467031

>It's all about finding you kiibe type and dressing for your shape and all that shit, idk.
Yeah, you don't know. She is endlessly complaining about not finding cute things to wear. This body type looks good on instagram where you can wrap clothes but that's it. IRL, it looks very different and people hate it because it's too "sexual". This post is a very good example of what happens with regular clothes.


No. 1467045

yeah he's not a full on pedo pedo, but he's still a creep. she met him when she was 15 and he kept her number. compared to the other members, that makes him the pedo one. that's all. (i was NOT expecting liam payne of all people to have shooters but here we are lol)

No. 1467133

Nonnie can you please say whose these people are I have no idea

No. 1467138

No same I’m so confused lol

No. 1467146

Paris introduced Britney to filters?

No. 1467157

pretty sure it's
and her father but noonoo didn't quote. multi-quoting really sucks on mobile btw

No. 1467177

No you're right though, I remember her wanting to start a lingerie company for women with small band sizes and big tits.

No. 1467207

This is the same Victoria Lamas girl and her actor dad. None of u even recognised kek says a lot

No. 1467210

File: 1673206386381.jpeg (36.81 KB, 334x400, AF86FF6B-51DA-4D20-92F6-BEEF54…)

oop everybody thought she was —

No. 1467211

what in the Leonardo diCaprio love child

Leo wants to date his shota self??????!

No. 1467255

i can't tell if she's very unfortunate looking or if this is just an unflattering puppyfat stage. but wow i didn't recognise her at all kek

No. 1467261

Money, trips, nice clothes and purse. Also, you can look at the woman and I stand why she needs a man like Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s not cheap to look like her. Her beauty costs money and she needs a scrote to pay for it.

No. 1467262

File: 1673209750458.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.99 KB, 450x269, 6LAoEnD.jpg)

prince harry says the royal males are circumcised but this looks uncirc'd to me? am i seeing things? the phantom foreskin???

No. 1467264

i hate when women prostitute themselves like this. i wish she'd just drug him and steal his money instead of letting his greasy hands touch her.

No. 1467269

ew what is he doing

No. 1467272

Drugging him won’t do provide her with anything because he never marries these women and never will. He just pays for their plastic surgery and expensive purses then dumps them when he’s bored. I’m sure they don’t mind because they just want to be able to find their life style for a little while.

No. 1467274

Find their life style*

No. 1467275

royal nudes?? woww.

No. 1467277

having a piss during a rugby game or smth.

No. 1467280

the women can't wear anything else but certain clothes and cant even take selfies but the men are free to piss wherever even with potential cameras around. they have some weird rules in that family.

No. 1467286

and the joke is despite all the weird rules and artifice, the female royals still all score higher than the male ones with the british public. everyone likes anne, charlotte, zara, kate, etc. most people either hate the men (andrew, charles, etc) or forget they exist (edward, peter, etc).


i bow to your superior dick knowledge, nonnie kek

No. 1467287

His face, ew.

No. 1467306

Whyyy did you have to post this. Just… gross.

No. 1467308

where is his dick? I don't see shit

No. 1467309

intellectual curiosity. it's good for you to expand your knowledge base.

No. 1467314

File: 1673212585518.jpeg (54.83 KB, 651x960, 229858347_1095849340946889_167…)

not the fucking foreskin discussion from the unpopular opinion thread

No. 1467316

same anon I kinda wanna chew it like bubble gum, like that pink bubble gum. Just chew his dick and balls and blow a bubble, fucking scrote piece of shit
Why was this posted?I've been staring and I don't see shit but flesh covered bubble gum

No. 1467317

WE're already subjected to them enough in the UK without the added grim dick flash but thanks anyway… I gotta bleach my brain now.

No. 1467323

aren't most 1D fans around that age though? 16 year olds are still kids regardless

No. 1467471

Britney's permanently broken, she's never gonna be happy again naturally, only in a drugged-up state.

No. 1467498

NTA but that doesn't mean she "should just pass away" wtf. also the pic with paris doesn't look unhinged, they've been friends for a while

No. 1467550

File: 1673234973849.jpeg (79.76 KB, 481x900, 6269D251-EBDF-4AA1-90C1-4B547B…)

this is the funniest way to deny something i've ever seen

No. 1467574

File: 1673237962667.png (377.38 KB, 325x738, ACallegation.png)

does he count because of his new HBO thing? andrew callaghan has been accused by multiple people of sexual misconduct, the woman who started things off said she gave him a place to sleep for a night and over time he coerced her into sex. i say coerced where she says she eventually consented because it's the same damn thing. disappointing but not surprising, like a lot of dudes with cameras and working dicks. here's a reddit thread talking about it https://www.reddit.com/r/h3h3productions/comments/104hg1q/twsa_channel_5_andrew_callaghan_allegations/

No. 1467576

who is this dude? never heard of him. what a scumbag tho. i hate coercers because they're so insidious and 99% of men have done it which means they're always defending each other. if women had even 10% of the class consciousness that men do, we'd overthrow the patriarchy in days.

No. 1467581

I have no love for this moid but paparazzi waiting for someone to piss in the woods so they can take a pic is disturbing at the very least.

No. 1467629

File: 1673251120858.jpeg (816.38 KB, 1170x1304, 0F14DD64-2A8E-4A64-8B93-B6E63D…)

God they’re insufferable

No. 1467631

>How Meghan said Kate had baby brain or some shit
It was because they had some type of verbal altercation that ended in Meghan crying because Kate wanted the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses to all be completely remade days before Meghan's wedding, but she excused it as Kate just being a little hormonal since she just had a baby.

No. 1467644

Wait a minute, you mean that they had sex outside, like some drunk idiot? What's up with the royal guys being degenerate whores?

No. 1467646

>What's up with the royal guys being degenerate whores?
y chromosome + money

No. 1467655

they really want to have their cake and eat it kek. get $$$ for slagging the monarchy AND flex their titles. never forget meghan and her DSOSS dior bag. they're so tacky

that's always been my issue with meghan's victim narrative tbh. everyone knows aristocrats and royals are a bunch of crusty old conservative degens, if you don't want that the simple fix is not to marry one.

No. 1467667

average british behaviour at the time.
Admitting to taking drugs should mean he gets kicked out of the US if the world was fair.

No. 1467668

Is there a word for that phenomenon where you say you want to help a marginalised group (in this case poor people) and then proceed to do it in the most ill-advised and incompetent way? It happens quite often. If there is a word for it I'm not even sure this is the case here. Anyone can tell that these methods are dangerous (I hate cooking and even I can see this is stupid) so either this is a grift or a troll how did this get past the editors?
A book about cooking on a low budget should be about meal planning and how to properly store food so it can last longer not how knives can be used as a replacement for basic kitchenware that most people already own regardless of social class. If she really was concerned about poor people's lack of kitchenware why not donate/promote a charity? Because she can't make money from that lol.
sorry for rambling about this but it's genuinely making me go apeshit. Goes to show that you can get anything published if you are a celeb. At least she got fired for this so there is a happy end

No. 1467699

Rules for thee but not for me. Money buys you out of any trouble.

No. 1467717

I’m so glad we can finally admit that they’re both insufferable, phoney attention seekers without being accused of either racism or royalism. They WANT to be in the royal family, the only thing they’re upset about is they’ll never be king and queen, they’re both spares. They try to appeal to the younger generation who want to abolish the monarchy completely but they’re FAKE because that’s not what they want.

No. 1467718

in the book it says that meghan was tailoring the dresses herself, and the implication was it was all so shit that it was unsalvagable. idk why this man won't shut up because everything he says just makes him and his wife look worse lol.

i've gone from "harry is kinda whingy and annoying" to "i wish william had drowned him in that dog bowl"

No. 1467732

Harry and Meghan are annoying af. I cried watching their wedding cause I'm a sap but they're Netflix series was for an American audience. Half the shit was out of context. The racist tweets they showed by a British broadcaster were not concluded with the fact the guy got immediately fired and there was outcry.

Most of the criticism against meghan came from the American media and her half siblings.

Before all this you could agree and be like let them step out who the fuck cares Harry's not even going to be king. But the fucking moaning they do and having music producer Tyler Perry make it a race thing and him being a saviour. What was the point in the show just to call Britain racist and kept going on about the commonwealth yet never mentioning australia, new Zealand, Canada etc also being in it. Such an American viewpoint on empire, yet Harry still crying they he wants back into the racist institution and he's too exposed and needs money for security and he's far too exposed so he's going to be doing a media tour to let you know

No. 1467737

Doing drugs isn't that big of a deal to me, so I don't think anyone should get kicked out for it

No. 1467754

Nothing wrong with having sex outside like nature intended

No. 1467792

I don't know, I don't want to go outside while minding my business and see an ugly redhead man with his frozen dick out.

No. 1467813

The story about William beating him must be doing nothing but increase William's popularity and I don't think anyone even believes it.

No. 1467862

Whoa really? I just watched his movie a few nights ago and I did find some of the youtube videos entertaining. It wasnt that Andrew was entertaining, he's actually quite boring 99% of the time so makes sense it isn't just a "calm" persona anymore. I hope these girls really do get this going and get this big enough. I saw one allegation that even involved minors while they (Andrew and camera crew) were on the road. Its always the "leftist" moids that want to act like SJWs, including calling out child molesters, meanwhile dude is getting accused of damn near the same thing and violating women for years.

No. 1467863

Nta but I keep seeing stuff about these two on twitter and it's all normal sibling bullshit. I always thought that was normal for older siblings to not want to hang out with the younger ones in the same school and he complained about William telling him to pretend they don't know each other at school. That's actually so normal and boring I'm shocked that this also happens to royal family kids kek. Maybe I should write a book about my own sister doing this to me from kindergarten to high school if it's that lucrative.

No. 1467867

he's not just rich and/or famous, he's a literal prince who grew up in a castle and wants us lowly peasants to feel sorry for him because his parents and older sibling were strict with him once in his 40 years of life..? just let that sink in…
from nazi druggie to real life shooting games to uwu bullied because we're in love, has he ever done anything useful in his life?
and that constant bringing up of diana as if william wasn't her child as well. for a mum nothing is worse than her kids hating each other, so grow up and talk with him like any person above the age of 18 would do.

No. 1467869

kek when we were little, my sister used to go "hey nonnie, come up here a sec" and when i got to the top of the bunkbed ladder she'd kick me in the chest and i'd go flying. maybe i can get $20m for my tragic memoir……

No. 1467877

the reason he's so bitter about diana is because she phoned him the day before she died, but he was busy playing a game with his cousins and didn't want to come to the phone to talk. the next morning, he was woken up by charles telling him mummy's had a car crash. i imagine the guilt of not saying "hi mum i love you" that one last time has weighed very heavily on him, as well as jealousy that william did stop playing for a moment to chat to her.

No. 1467890

Age isn't what makes people mature and they're having petty arguments like they're still 10 years old. That's funny as fuck.

No. 1467891

File: 1673280050623.jpg (30.45 KB, 728x409, Warrior-Nun-Star-Alba-Baptista…)

Chris Evans is dating a literal child if you compare their ages, and people still claim that he is an angel? The way they both look like together too. He should be her father.

No. 1467897

I truly believe in my heart that you are not this stupid.

No. 1467917

>has he ever done anything useful in his life?
I mean he did kill 25 members of the taliban. Could argue that’s pretty damn useful. But apart from that, I agree with you 100%.

No. 1467927

File: 1673282012061.jpeg (149.99 KB, 686x720, 7A7DD9A2-7A64-4855-AFBB-F706F7…)

>my sister used to go "hey nonnie, come up here a sec" and when i got to the top of the bunkbed ladder she'd kick me in the chest and i'd go flying
Fuck. Even my scrote older brother was never that cruel. Sorry for laughing.

No. 1467930

the taliban claim (yeah yeah i know) that there were no talibs out and about in that region on that day, and therefore harry must've shot civvies. would be a little bit funny if his weird macho bragging ended up with him being sent to the hague for war crimes.

No. 1467933

It's funny how people flip flop on what working class means. From my understanding, it's just above poverty and lower middle class. I've seen many champagne socialists call the working class just anyone who works, so you could make 150k a year and you're working class and anyone who's just sitting on loads of money, basically the 1%, are not working class. It's way too inclusive and we need to gatekeep what it means to be working class.

No. 1467936

Nta but she's 25 and he's 40 come the fuck on, she's not a literal child but she's too young for him of course its weird

No. 1467943

So many “socialists” are just entitled middle class guys it makes me wanna alog

No. 1467945

Anon, are you deranged? Evans is turning 42 this year. She is only 25. He knew what he was going for, especially for her youthful look and roles in riverdale-tier crap like Nun.

No. 1467949

why is he holding it like that kek

No. 1467959

My big sister tried to strangle me to death when we were toddlers because she didn't want my parents to raise me and pay less attention to her kek, when will a publishing house contact me

No. 1468012

Mine cut all my hair off, then started stealing all my things to use, threaten to break, or sell for drugs. I also got beat up and food stolen. Had a knife pulled on me. No one believes me, I was told exactly "It's all in your head." "You instigated, you were the one with a knife" "He was on drugs he didn't know what he was doing" "He needed more attention than you"

We deserved more honestly

No. 1468013

And by that I mean we deserved better

No. 1468029

Kek sorry anon

No. 1468036

File: 1673288759075.jpg (247.52 KB, 1365x1820, bellablonde.jpg)

The blonde dry looking hair, buccal fat removal and eating disorder combo is aging her so prematurely.

No. 1468072

Yeah, I'm sure she has no agency whatsoever. Stop infantilizing adult women. It's insulting.

No. 1468102

Yes when a lot of women have been socialised in a patriarchal society to eventually cape for their abusers/oppressors/whatever you like to call moids. I like that lolcow is giving Chris evans a backlash bc not even “conventionally attractive” moids get a pass in creep behaviour.

This is not the flex some of u think it might be but I speak with moids age 18-22 who agree that this creep culture is a weird and outdated. Idk what to tell you when even the people whose dicks I’d wanna cut off morally align with you even for just a bit.

No. 1468108

Would you say that teachers and grad students are working class or nah?

No. 1468109

File: 1673292477847.png (515.27 KB, 623x498, gi.png)

i have a conspiracy theory that yolanda is actively coercing and manipulating them into these procedures so that, in comparison, she remains the "hot one" of the family. gigi's looking plastic as fuck these days and bella looks 50. it's sad tbh.

i know we shouldn't encourage junkie scrotes, but i completely understand why zayn didn't want yolanda anywhere near the baby. she'd probably dip khai in skin bleach and give her a nosejob for her 10th birthday.

No. 1468114

i think if you have a degree you aren't working class, or are at least moving out of working class into lower middle class. higher education requires time and resources that a lot of genuinely poor people don't have, so i think it's a pretty good class signifier.

No. 1468118

File: 1673292870813.jpeg (775.49 KB, 1125x1691, 8A9FF501-47FF-4994-9BD1-361E54…)

am I the only one low key bored of Harry & Meghan? ( since it’s nothing new on lc)
It’s kinda embarrassing for them tbh (and for those who defended them) the way they’re Kardashianizing themselves. Ok it’s mostly from the book release but still. I’m not even British but I’m ~quite off put

No. 1468124

I just started following them a few days ago and I love watching the train wreck. I’m confused how people can still be sympathetic to them. All I can tell is that Harry and Megan were upset they couldn’t be more prominent in the royal family and decided to flounce. I saw someone calling them anti Monarchists a few days ago kek

No. 1468125

im just so happy that everyone is seeing them for the people they are. No different then the people they whined about. It's nice to see Harry expose them in real time. "Fans" of the royals are fucking crazy. Years ago I used to go on a site Celebitchy, which was full of the most royal obessed women, who claimed to be "Woke" but would constantly hate on Kate Middleton accuse her of crazy shit, say she had a eating disorder WHILE also pretending to be the wokest people on the planet.
The owner would find crazy ass pictures of Kate in mid-word where she looked crazy and post them, then everyone would go, "Oh my god why is she smiling like that??"
Would accuse Kate of flashing while actively looking for any picture they could find showing her getting up or showing her bits by mistake.
Then don't get me started on the Megan haters. Megan and Harry were always protrayed as the rebels and the "Anti- Kate & Harry. No they are fucking fools and I love that it's being exposed.

No. 1468129

Harry and Meghan feel like the attention whore "black sheep" part of the family, William and Kate feel like the uppity sellouts of the family (they flourished because Harry married Meghan and the whole retarded shitstorm with that). They're all so soulless and out of touch. There's just nothing to them.

No. 1468144

File: 1673293801083.jpg (78.4 KB, 1024x1001, jrm.jpg)

ok not to go all qanon on you, but i think harry is being funded by the tories to encourage the left~ to abolish the monarchy. without a monarch we'd have to have an election for a president. think about how utterly shit leftwing brits are at showing up to the polls (see: literally every fucking vote apart from 1997). if we had a presidential election we would 100% end up with president jacob rees mogg.

No. 1468168

Based, me too. I witnessed a guy who makes $50 an hour say he's poor and I was about to smack him in the head and stop pretending he doesn't make more than double of what most of us in the room make. Fucking idiotic.

No. 1468194

she looks older than her age, it wouldn’t shock me if her plastic surgery is gonna age very poorly. she probably will look like Donatella in about 10 years from now.

No. 1468224

funny thing is she would have looked almost exactly like that at 37 if she didn’t rush her collagen/buccal fat/nose muscle/myofascial release system of her face. she’d still look okay but not near as good without invasive procedures.

No. 1468266

File: 1673296549330.webm (12.49 MB, 720x1280, moneys too tight to mention .w…)

behind the scenes of that photoshoot with 'moneys too tight to mention' playing in the background kek. so inappropriate

No. 1468290

NAYRT but I don't think Harry needs any more incentive to do what he's doing, he's a champion whinger already and Meghan doesn't help.

No. 1468361

That's exactly it. Meghan maybe thought Harry was in line for the kingdom, but Williams kids beat him in succession.

Even by meghan own admission she did more royal duties and shit during her last week to go out with a bang and she's trying to spin the royals were upset she was taking the spotlight.

They literally couldn't even wait a year from the Queens death or let Charles have a smooth telrabsition, there's more royal news they have to compete with. People didn't give a fuck still. Its funny Harry complains about the paps because I hardly register anything about them unless they're promoting it themselves.

No. 1468363

Smooth transition*

No. 1468368

um, wasn't he like a preteen when Diana died? he thinks people believe that one of the most famous british children of all time was able to get access to cocaine?

No. 1468378

That's actually the most believable part, Royals and other toffs do coke as naturally as breathing.

No. 1468379

I'm so fucking sick of Harry. He needs to stop acting like he's better than his family, like bitch you literally are just like them, literally just as racist and scummy, now stfu and leave us ALONE. "waaahh my brother told my adult ass to wear a nazi costume so i did!" bitch i do not care, you still did it. I want Meg to take the kids and leave

No. 1468381

I'm completely pro-republic (bong) but I hate Harry and Meghan just as much as the rest of them. He's not just a narcissist, he's also retarded and retarded narcissists are usually some of the worst. Unfortunately so many bongs are complete sycophants and don't realise he doesn't give a fuck about normal people

No. 1468395

> Freya activewear
Marina is confirmed as part of the large boob gang. At least she isn't cramming herself into VS and Aerie like most American women. Now I'm wondering if she's ever sought out advice on r/abrathatfits kek

No. 1468400

I kinda hope she does start that bra company she was talking about, there must be enought interest out there.

No. 1468402

Cute as a button, love her

No. 1468406

*as a pufferfish

No. 1468408

Those are cute too

No. 1468409

Sorry but the mistake was thinking that British people can cook anything that isn't fucking disgusting. Not surprised in the slightest.
That would be so based, the bra industry as it stands is horridly inconveniencing so having another brand that might actually carry a wider range of sizes would be really great.

No. 1468416

If Rihanna could do it then surely Marina can too.

No. 1468422

She already has a good following who will check out her stuff and imo the women's lingerie sector is not saturated enough with brands who care about quality and fit. I hope if she does carry out her dream she also remembers to make them cute because there is definitely a shortage of pretty bras for larger chested people.

Hopefully she does a better job because fentyxsavage is very bland and unimpressive.

No. 1468423

>Hopefully she does a better job because fentyxsavage is very bland and unimpressive.

Yeah they must have great marketing because I only hear bad things.

No. 1468426

her new single comes out on Liam's birthday, and her album comes out the same day as Lana's who did the same thing with her single. lmao

No. 1468435

Tragic. Hate to know how fucked up her head space is.
>i know we shouldn't encourage junkie scrotes, but i completely understand why zayn didn't want yolanda anywhere near the baby. she'd probably dip khai in skin bleach and give her a nosejob for her 10th birthday.
It's revolting that I could see Yolanda pushing all of this on her granddaughter. Probably would push the nose job at age 8.

No. 1468450

File: 1673331055840.jpg (88.79 KB, 592x853, Capture.JPG)

No. 1468455

Hahahahhahaha no fucking way this has to be a joke omg

No. 1468465

Oh my god kek. I'm sure they just happened to be walking out at the same time though.

No. 1468469

I used to go on that site too. They used to have decent reading when they wrote about Hollywood celebs and not 95% about royals like they do now. I swear they were bought out to only cape for Harry and Meghan, it's all they fucking write about.

No. 1468472

I believe it. Women love laughing. Source: I am out of my Nigel’s league but the man is funny.

That said, she’s such an insane narc that I’m having a hard time imagining what they would even talk about. Eric seems like a really down to earth guy, I didn’t think someone like her would be his type, but I guess scrotes gonna scrote.

No. 1468475

It's a good thing I don't have a sense of humor so I don't get meme'd into liking a fat ugly scrote

No. 1468480

>Eric seems like a really down to earth guy, I didn’t think someone like her would be his type
Nona, she's beautiful. Scrotes would fuck a robot love doll if it's attractive enough, I doubt he's with her for some deep philosophical conversations. Men feel attraction and "love" based on appearance, convenience, and availability; and in that order.

No. 1468486

kek im sorry nona but also that's hilarious. kids are so fucking mean

No. 1468517

I mean Bella got her first nosejob when she was what 13? 14? So 10 isn't that much of a stretch

No. 1468525

What happened to the Asian chick he was with for years? Girl was just lying about being with Brad Pitt so this is hard to believe as a serous thing instead of just a random date.

No. 1468527

Meghan and Harry were always boring shit people. Harry in all fairness had to grow up with a family who murdered his mum but you have to question someone who once bragged about the number of people he killed during his military years. I also can't imagine the mental toll of having Andrew in the house. Meghan is just some yank actor who did the classic American move of absolutely shitting all over the walls when they aren't being treated like they're special. All she accomplished was removing Harry from his family and causing a million Americans to crap all over the Irish for talking about some real shit the monarchy has done

No. 1468653

>speed queen
She definitely is, kek.

No. 1468664

god they're so embarrassing

No. 1468748

Remember when he was with Rosario Dawson? Now that was a couple that made sense to me.
Emily's husband was a grade-A douchebag cheater, so she probably wants to date around and be with a (famous) funny dude with a personality for once. For some reason though I just can't imagine them having the same sense of humor, idk

No. 1468793

>Harry in all fairness had to grow up with a family who murdered his mum but you have to question someone who once bragged about the number of people he killed during his military years
plus he also abused prostitutes

No. 1468855

She looks ghastly. I hope this skelly trend dies out soon, but I have a bad feeling it's just getting started. Isn't she using that diabetes drug for weight control? apparently it causes your hair to fall out.

No. 1468856

File: 1673372362485.png (36.22 KB, 811x273, Screenshot 2023-01-10.png)

he's literally always been a sexist scrote. idk why anyone likes him. he's had so many scandals involving women.

the royal fam didn't have diana murdered. if they wanted her dead they'd have just overdosed her on the drugs she was already known to take and everyone would've just assumed she'd accidentally od'd. planning a bizarre high speed chase through a tunnel in front of the world's press, a drunk driver, and no seatbelt is insane. diana died of shear injuries, which you get from not wearing a seatbelt and coming to a sudden stop. if she'd been wearing one she'd've lived. how was the royal family supposed to know she'd not bother wearing a seatbelt? there are so many holes, it's the stupidest conspiracy theory. and tbh if she hadn't died she'd be hated now the same way all women are hated when they age and stop being sex objects. she'd be treated like madonna is now probably.

No. 1468859

I heard the seatbelt fastener was broken and it seemed to have been intentionally broken.

No. 1468872

no, that's part of the fake conspiracy theory. there was nothing wrong with the car, they just didn't bother with seatbelts. the one good thing that came from her death is that seatbelt use jumped overnight, to the point where we now think it's unbelievable that someone wouldn't wear one, hence the need for a "reason" for the occupants of the car to have not used theirs.

No. 1468986

who is the woman? i honestly don't know

No. 1468989

isn't that Emily the Polish Rat

No. 1468995

emrat for real? she looks like much more of a normal person in that photo instead of her generic model type pics.

No. 1468996

Yeah I think it is.

No. 1469000

what did christina hendricks do that makes this typical? i think i've only seen her one other time on these threads and it was just an image

No. 1469015

she's welsh, not american

No. 1469021

Nothing lol.

No. 1469024

She lives in LA now tbf…

No. 1469167

File: 1673399380408.png (1.07 MB, 776x1214, Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 8.08.…)

is anyone watching the golden globes? this opening monologue is awful. who even is this guy kek. anya taylor joy looks beautiful as always tho

No. 1469168

File: 1673399452302.png (1.96 MB, 1110x1458, Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 8.10.…)

selena gomez

No. 1469171

File: 1673399884706.jpg (302.09 KB, 1336x2048, gettyimages-1455606332-2048x20…)

natasha lyonne

No. 1469173

She's admitted on Tumblr years ago they were implants. I also don't feel like opening the can of worms of doubting farmers who claim to "look exactly like" every celebrity known for impossible proportions

No. 1469174

Holy shit her face looks terrible and that dress is ugly as fuck and makes her boobs look saggy

No. 1469175

File: 1673399991362.jpeg (369.88 KB, 1366x2048, FmJqB9fWIAMAsrf.jpeg)

liza koshy. this is awful. the bangs?

No. 1469176

File: 1673400044544.jpeg (367.61 KB, 1365x2048, FmJqCiQXgAA3zg3.jpeg)

the back is even worse kek

No. 1469178

File: 1673400126932.jpg (415.89 KB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-1455607507-2048x20…)

margot robbie

No. 1469182

Agh, her lips look awful and her hair looks half done. Nice outfit though.

No. 1469185

I fucking hate awards shows with a visceral passion, especially American ones, but because I’m a masochist I always check out the red carpet galleries so I can get mad about how awful the vast majority of people look. This years is full of people I’ve never even heard of. Not just actors but TikTok and YouTube losers, it’s so cringeworthy. ATJ looks amazing though, she’s so gorgeous

No. 1469188

File: 1673401667253.png (58.27 KB, 491x293, Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 8.43…)

This shit is crazy. Britney claims to have not gone to this birthday party, or rather, says the pictures most be years old. Which is different than what Paris says, which is that they went through Remini of all things kek.

>>Reports surfaced of Britney’s rumored attendance after Paris Hilton, a longtime friend of hers, shared a series of Instagram photos celebrating Hudson. One snap featured Britney posing with Paris and Hudson, but fans felt something was off about the photo and began spreading a photoshop conspiracy theory. In turn, Paris shut down the claims and called them “absolutely ridiculous.”

TMZ also reported Britney was at the star-studded birthday bash and was seen palling around with Paris all night.

But that appeared to be news to Britney, who posted on Instagram that she didn’t go to the party. Sharing a video of her dancing in a red, Coca Cola-themed outfit, the singer wrote in part, “Also have no idea about these pics of me from a birthday party … I haven’t been to a bday party in forever !!!”

She also may have referenced Paris’ photo kerfuffle, writing, “And as for the pics, those have to be from years ago !!!”

The caption originally said she found it “kind of creepy and weird that no one is talking about that … makes no sense whatsoever,” but she has since edited that out.

No. 1469194

Her teeth weren't that messed up years ago, and she didn't have that insane look in her eyes.

No. 1469198

I snorted. This looks like someone is hazing her and forced her to wear that outfit. Horrible.

No. 1469199

She looks urethral

No. 1469202

this is awful. Dress ugly af.

No. 1469204

She's gorgeous bit I don't understand the platinum blonde. It does nothing for her.

No. 1469207

I agree, she looks better with any other hair color. I think the zeitgeist is just moving in a platinum blonde, exceedingly thin, heroin chic style once more, and her stylists are just doing that.

No. 1469210

File: 1673402717720.jpeg (192.36 KB, 745x921, BE893473-15F4-409E-A37C-5C82E9…)

lmao who told this moid that he passes as a woman

No. 1469212

yikes, doing that creepy ass Belle Delphine/Joker over-pronounced upturned corner smile really makes the coomer jump out.

No. 1469216

I don’t mind the platinum hair on her, I think she wears it well with her ethereal features, but she’d look better with red or dark brown hair

No. 1469218

One of the troons from pose, I think the cock.eyed one got a few likes on LSa while looking alot more busted and manly then this one does, who got a bunch of negative responses. I was confused kek

No. 1469220

I'll say it i.dont like her mouth area.

No. 1469221

Same anon still pretty though

No. 1469222

File: 1673403329132.jpeg (612.9 KB, 744x931, BC74FEA6-EE65-4F7C-8E01-A7BC72…)

This one?

No. 1469223

Ewww kek from the little you can see those legs are so manly.

No. 1469224

She has a habit of pursing her lips which I think is why she often looks like this, if she relaxed her face I think her mouth area would look better but she’s still stunning

No. 1469225


i just still can't believe there are men openly larping as women at these events

No. 1469228

We can always tell. Always.

No. 1469232

File: 1673403668859.jpeg (113.31 KB, 748x493, D3CD0D55-E641-47C7-91C5-779976…)

Billy Porter is an annoying old faggot but at least he’s not in womanface. I really like this outfit too.

No. 1469234

I like this one, his red carpet looks are usually nice.
Both of these dresses would look nice if they were on someone else.
These are all awful, who is styling them?
I actually really, really like the front of this, but it feels weird to see her in it.

No. 1469239

ntayrt but i prefer the legendary anon who said she looks like a cross between a 12 year old indian boy and an ostrich
if anyone has the screencap of that comment please share it so i can properly save it!!

No. 1469240

No she said she felt like a child with implants lol, never that they were.

No. 1469241

File: 1673404848269.jpg (120.95 KB, 728x965, atj.jpg)

This dress makes her look so fat
Planinum hair suits Anya very well, it highlights her big brown eyes. She looks average with dark hair.

No. 1469242

She's had cosmetic surgery since that photo was taken

No. 1469246

She really doesn't look average to me at all there. Darker hair makes her skin look warmer, and her overall countenance seems less ice queen. It is a matter of taste but I think she looks a lot prettier in that picture.

No. 1469248

I agree with you, the super platinum blonde washes her out too much, just like the yellow dresses she insists on wearing.

No. 1469249

File: 1673405697563.jpeg (4.71 KB, 247x204, gingerlove.jpeg)

I was genuinely shocked when I saw her as a real person and not acting from The Queen's Gambit. She's stunning with red hair and would also look amazing as a darker blonde to medium brunette.

No. 1469250

I personally prefer her with a honey/dirty blonde, closer to her natural color. I don’t find her average looking with dark hair, but blonde def makes her look more striking. The platinum is a bit too harsh though imo

No. 1469254

Whoa, she really needs her usual big curly hair. Didn't even know she had that jaw.

No. 1469258

I was gonna say, yellow is a difficult colour to pull off if you’re working with a light skin tone but paired with the blonde hair it’s too much, even on someone as gorgeous as Anya. I really love her with red hair, personally.

No. 1469260

He looks retarded and so does that faggy dress or suit or whatever the fuck that abomination is

No. 1469261

Yeah I feel like her big, curly hair is her “thing” so without it she looks a bit jarring. I love her but whoever styled her here needs a good spanking

No. 1469309

File: 1673416360166.jpeg (216.27 KB, 1365x2048, FEDBF008-23B2-430E-BBA4-E78D57…)

Stylist said fuck a necklace kek. She’s really starting to look like the cat lady.

No. 1469312

Sorry forgot to sage. Not milk but the image other nonna provided up thread didn’t do her botched face justice so I felt compelled to share a different angle. My bad guys!

No. 1469334

She looks sooo good with Queen's Gambit hait.

No. 1469342

This outfit really could have used one. Without visible collarbones, she looks kind of like her head is on backwards kek

No. 1469367

How much surgery has she had? Her face looks oddly tight and pulled back. That lip filler looks bad too.

No. 1469374

shes likely been having filler in for a long time to hide the effects of her drug binges. it spreads out and she gets it again and again

No. 1469389

Ayrt. Harry is just a real questionable guy. Like his whole thing is that his mum was killed, and while he plays that angle nobody acknowledges that his literal job for a while was to gun people down from a helicopter. I'm genuinely surprised nobody is trying to cancel Harry anymore considering all the shit he's done. The prostitute abuse, the nazi costume, etc

No. 1469392

It gives her eternal look, with darker hair she is way more regular looking.
Her fans will look at this pic and say she looks beautiful and in the same breath they will call Hailey a manlike horse-faced tranny

No. 1469415

Nonna or nonnas, I think you're grasping for the word ethereal

No. 1469420

Why is this the funniest fucking headline, like tf does her loving horses have to do with liking his ginger nuts? & what does that even really prove lmao

No. 1469422

So no more Pete? Kek

No. 1469436

File: 1673440777572.jpg (58.13 KB, 743x472, atj.jpg)

They also gave her dark red hair in The Menu (haven't seen the film, but I definitely think the color looks better than the blonde).

No. 1469437

thought this was grimes as I was scrolling

No. 1469449

get your eyes checked lol

No. 1469451

don't be so sensitive, it looks like her lol

No. 1469463

File: 1673444335558.jpg (7.89 KB, 225x225, grimes.jpg)

oh yeah, now i see it - other than the eyes, nose, lips, and face shape they could be twins

No. 1469470

grimes' lips are thin without filler, they both have wide noses and far apart eyes. coconut head bangs make em look like sisters. gnight

No. 1469471

I’d argue that ATJ does not have a wide nose.

No. 1469476

You might be a little faceblind kek

No. 1469477

definitely get those eyes checked anon

No. 1469478

Anya's nose is tiny what are you on

No. 1469523

This drives me nuts because I can't tell if it's botched surgery or she's just gained weight.

It's probably both. Her eyes being yanked back with the fullness of her face is giving me young/old vibes.

No. 1469544

yeah him, but maybe they thought he was just a drag queen, but if Laverne Cock gets "Ew" reactions on lipstick alley and he was dressed "Decently", this fucker looks like a straight up drag queen and I don't get why he got postitive kek.
They could'nt thought he was an actual woman?

No. 1469545

I feel like 50% of the time he gets his GNC looks right. I don't like him but he doesn't look like Harry Styles, he actually pulls off some "Classy" looks

No. 1469584

Ew. While not a literal child she clearly looks like one and compared to a middle aged man she might as well be one. He was partying during the turn of the millennium while she was learning to say "mama".
After a certain age 16-25 seem basically the same in regards to being like children, and 25-30 are still transitioning into adulthood (there's just a level of naivete a lack of life experience gives you). What does a 42 year old man who stopped doing shitty teen horny movies/shows almost 20 years ago have in common with a girl still young enough in her career to be doing them? This is a purely lust oriented relationship but the man is seriously lusting over a childish appearance. Is this why he's seemingly never in relationships and brings his mom to awards? Because the girls he goes for are basically children (or maybe even are?)

No. 1469606

File: 1673457840475.jpg (102.47 KB, 548x805, harry.JPG)

>Prince Harry says he was bred to offer spare organs to heir William


No. 1469609

Yeah we can tell from his hairline

No. 1469618

surely all siblings are potential organ donors if the worst happens… why does harry think this is only true of the royal family? like i'm not gonna be all "oh no my sister's kidneys are failing, oh well!". why is harry so fucking weird kek.

No. 1469622

Delusional, was he watching My Sisters Keeper when he wrote this? Not sure if to place my bets on him doing damage control and going back on everything (like how he never said the royals were racist) or if he’s going to eventually start accusing them of performing blood rituals on him as a kid for his brother kek

No. 1469630

Lmao he is such a fucking idiot, does he believe his own act? Good for him that he was born in the royal family and didn't need to depend on his literary skills.

No. 1469636

she has that alcoholic bloat and she looks saggy af, like she doesnt work out at all.

No. 1469654

I didn’t think I’d find the perfect commentary of the contemporary royal British family here. Love u nonna

No. 1469670

Lmao this sounds like the diary entry of some hormonal teenager.

No. 1469684

File: 1673462477495.png (469.13 KB, 760x1165, salma hayek.png)

Salma Hayek at the Golden Globes last night. She looked beautiful but when doesn't she. I wish the straps were not so obvious though.

No. 1469686

File: 1673462575288.jpg (985.55 KB, 1699x2500, michelle.jpg)

Michelle Yeoh. She won best actress! I think this color is beautiful on her but I don't know how I feel about the jellyfish look.

No. 1469693

File: 1673462895849.jpg (2.68 MB, 4000x3000, ana de armas.jpg)

Ana De Armas. I actually wished her look did suck but unfortunately it's not that bad.

No. 1469711

File: 1673463561925.jpg (1.51 MB, 2656x3984, DONALD-GLOVER-01-10-23.jpg)

He looks like that creepy tiktoker

No. 1469718

File: 1673464200757.png (2.09 MB, 1924x1077, abott elementary (1).png)

The cast of Abott Elementary

No. 1469722

File: 1673464406124.jpg (1.3 MB, 4570x2043, rihanna.jpg)

Rihanna and her boyfriend. I think Rihanna looks amazing, this is the first time in a while that I've seen her and thought that her outfit was great.

No. 1469723

File: 1673464473549.png (644.36 KB, 620x943, emma darcy and milly.png)

Emma D'arcy and Milly Alcock. Kek.

No. 1469728

they look sweaty

No. 1469733

who and whoer

No. 1469735

File: 1673465099913.png (727.32 KB, 540x650, tumblr_58b48a2bf644ed00efcaf27…)

has anya had buccal surgery? or is this just her natural face?? i really can't tell with her.

rih looks better than she has in ages but the bust on that dress is so poorly fitted. i don't understand why rich people can't get properly tailored clothes. like they literally have the money and time and they know they're gonna get papped a bajillion times.

emma looks like a sex offender in this pic. like a sweaty nonce who gets caught when they take their computer in for fixing after getting a virus from a dodgy porn site.

No. 1469737

idiot nonbinary~ nlog masquerading as an actor

No. 1469740

File: 1673465300477.png (2.37 MB, 2000x1394, Jenna-Ortega-abs-Golden-Globes…)

Jenna Ortega. I believe this is the woman who plays Wednesday Addams in the netflix series, but I'm not sure. I think this is beautiful, one my favorites.
They are on the Game Of Thrones prequel.

No. 1469741

Rocking it in her 50s. She deserves it. Loved Everything, everywhere, all at once. Her and Jamie Lee curtis' relationship stole the entire movie for me.

No. 1469742

I really love this dress, but unfortunately all i can think about is that she not even okayed the script for the marilyn movie, but tried to defend it.

No. 1469744

don't like the midriff section but the rest is lovely. i think she's really pretty. i hope pornsick moids don't fuck her career over like they do to all the young up and comers they latch on to.

No. 1469746

I love the fabric and color, but the mid-riff showing shortens her waist and makes her bottom half look stumpy, esp with those longer sleeves. She's short, so should have worn a dress better suited for her height.

No. 1469747

File: 1673465681547.jpg (3.93 MB, 9074x3071, cast.jpg)

Here's the rest of the cast. Ke Huy Quan won best supporting actor. I was also expecting Stephanie Hsu to win something, I'm surprised she didn't. Her stylist did her dirty with this dress though.

No. 1469751

File: 1673465914993.jpg (2.43 MB, 3993x3000, neicy and evan.jpg)

Neicy Nash and Evan Peters. Evan won something for Dahmer. I like Neicy's poofy jacket/cape.

No. 1469754

beautiful, the color really suits her but i agree with anons that the mid-riff shortens her legs. still probably my favorite so far

No. 1469758

File: 1673466194382.jpg (2.48 MB, 4000x3000, dresses.jpg)

Li Jun Li and Michelle Williams. I'm not too familiar with either of these actresses but really liked these gowns.

No. 1469763

Please take time to resize these fucking photos before attaching them.

No. 1469767

Who are these? Camilla Cabello and the Weekend?

No. 1469768

No. 1469769

the Am(Eric Andre)am and Emily the Polish Rat

No. 1469770

i like the simplicity of li jun li's outfit, i think it looks elegant.

i agree.

No. 1469771

Nta posting these but why would you want them to be smaller?

No. 1469773

nta but i can see her point, they load much slower because of the size

No. 1469775

File: 1673466914744.jpg (942.52 KB, 2730x2048, elvis.jpg)

Austin Butler and Lisa Marie Presley.
They don't look that big on my monitor so I didn't realize it was an issue. You're going to have to deal with it though, sorry anon.

No. 1469776

i love the color of the purple dress but i don't think i like the material it's made of

No. 1469777

Pretty dress, shit person, but why is one of her eyebrows lifting off into space? The tail goes up and it doesn't come down.

No. 1469779

He cute

No. 1469780

ive been a bit out of the loop on this but why is she a shit person? outside of the whole monroe shit movie and her 'talking to her ghost' or some shit, was there something else?

No. 1469782

File: 1673467260720.webm (5.35 MB, 480x270, speech.webm)

Samefag, I have to add a video of Austin's acceptance speech because I saw people saying that he's still emulating Elvis' voice kek.

No. 1469785

she has definitely had that done

No. 1469786

nta but i think that's mainly it really, the fact she was willing to participate or defend such a movie. only other thing i remember about her outside that is that she dated ben affleck i think.

No. 1469788

File: 1673467687295.jpg (135.97 KB, 700x524, angela.jpg)

Angela Basset and Letitia Wright. Angela won an award for Black Panther 2. Apparently she is the first actor to win a major award for a Marvel movie. I didn't see the movie myself but she's great so I'm sure she deserved it.

No. 1469791

>apparently she is the first actor to win a major award for a marvel movie

with the length of time that the mcu has gone on for and the popularity it's had among the general public, i'm honestly surprised to hear that this is the first time anyone's won an award for it but i'm glad she did.

No. 1469792

Wasn't talking about that post there was a Q&A where she discussed it. Still a pretty unrealistic body idk why anons suddenly think it's okay because she makes good music. If she was a typical cam girl or model she would be ripped to shreds for how fake her boobs are, anons already do that to emrat who has smaller boobs anyway

No. 1469796

He looks like he's cosplaying Lando Calrissian. Kinda works for me if I imagine that

No. 1469797

Not the marina boob spergs again. Post caps or gtfo. She's literally always had a bigger chest and complained about it. You can find old pics before she got famous.

No. 1469798

File: 1673468224185.jpg (114.65 KB, 512x768, daisy edgar jones.jpg)

Daisy Edgar Jones. I'm not sure how to feel about this. I want to like it but there's a lot going on.

No. 1469799

if the skirt ruffles started at her waist it would be cute, but the thigh section is weird to me

No. 1469800

File: 1673468435091.jpg (125.63 KB, 533x800, viola.jpg)

Viola Davis. Love this.

No. 1469803

LOVE that colour on her tbh, really makes her skin glow. tho kek it does kinda look like she's walked through a puddle at the bottom.

No. 1469804

the color looks stunning on her but the bottom of the dress looks like she walked through a puddle.

No. 1469807

Aww Jamie Lee looks so good as usual, love it

No. 1469808

File: 1673468678165.png (16.53 KB, 1100x200, Screenshot.png)

nonnie get out of my head kek

No. 1469809

File: 1673468777870.jpg (436.56 KB, 1365x2048, noel.jpg)

Youtuber Noel Miller and his wife were there.

No. 1469810

File: 1673468812096.jpg (34.33 KB, 1150x206, post.JPG)

No, you have to get out of MY head lol

No. 1469811

I didn't know he was married, his wife is beautiful. Why was he there though isn't he just a youtuber? Was Cody Ko there too lol

No. 1469812

File: 1673468884096.jpg (178.71 KB, 1200x1800, heidi-klum-2-2023-golden-globe…)

Heidi and her husband.

No. 1469813

I think she really did, the stains look too uneven to be an intentional design

No. 1469814

It looks like half lingerie, half dress. Hate it

Absolutely love that color on her, but the bottom makes it look weirdly wet/dirty.

No. 1469815

I love Angela so much as an actress, but I wish she never touched her face. The surgery/fillers are so obvious, but damn it, she's so awesome. I'm happy for her that she won!

The other actress looks stunning in that orange, especially the shoes.

No. 1469819

>anon doesn't know what illusion lining is

No. 1469821

i'm creased is this real ??? it literally sounds like a gag dub

No. 1469822

File: 1673469334015.png (761.16 KB, 517x563, viola.PNG)

She may have. It's a custom gown so I can't find any other pics of it, but in this insta pic from her stylist it's not there. I honestly thought it was just the design so maybe it worked in her favor a little kek.

No. 1469825

Like the other anon said, she was willing to act in that movie after reading the script and went on to defend it. I know the main director was butthurt, saying only feminists hated it, but he literally made a movie about a real life person who was already highly sexualised and misunderstood. Then he added in rape scenes that never happened irl. Ana was fine with that, and even doing the death scene that was very realistic. lost all respect for her after that.

You're probably right, anons. She looks gorgeous here without the weird darker spots.

No. 1469827

Not to mention that really weird scene where her aborted fetus was "talking" to and guilt-tripping to Marilyn. I don't think Marilyn ever even had an abortion, she just had issues with having children due to bad reproductive health.

No. 1469830

File: 1673469898728.gif (3.34 MB, 700x433, smeel.gif)

i'm shocked that mia goth wasn't nominated. not into horror movies in the least yet all i hear about is x and pearl since their release. going to be honest i don't know what the golden globes is besides people being nominated for things and it looks like there's actors here so i'm taking a guess and saying she belongs kek
sidenote, i hate her fake fluorescent teeth they look so obvious in this gif kek takes me out of it and this goes for any movie but especially ones set in the past

No. 1469833

She looks so soft. Chub chub

No. 1469835

can't believe i'm defending this stupid scrote movie, but to be fair the film wasn't supposed to be about marilyn monroe herself, it was about the "marilyn" that the media invented and how they tore her apart and sexualised her against her will etc. the abortion is supposed to be a metaphor for how society fucked her and impregnated her with their beliefs. but it was very very poorly done though. idk why a man thought he could possibly make a film like that when he is inherently part of the problem. you can't make a film about critiquing the sexist industry by making your lead actress strip and be ~sexy~. men who make "feminist" films are always creeps hiding in plain sight.

No. 1469837

She has a beautiful figure

No. 1469838

golden globes are for film and television, so yep she belongs lol. there was a lot of controversy about this years nominees because no women were nommed for best director, etc, and a lot of female-centric stuff was completely snubbed (e.g. women talking).

No. 1469840

She's like Anya Taylor Joy, but not an alien

No. 1469841

File: 1673470355035.jpg (1.24 MB, 2731x4096, cody.jpg)

Cody was there actually. These events like inviting social media personalities, there were tiktokers and stuff there. Kelsey and Aleena looked really nice, Cody and Noel's suits were pretty boring though.

No. 1469845

Awwww omg they look so good, I love Kelsey she's so sweet. Happy for them both

No. 1469847

They turn up whenever she's mentioned, like Marina has the most obviously real tits kek.

No. 1469848

It was never marketed as anything other than a Marylin Monroe film. The source material was basically fanfiction but it the movie never made that clear. You don't bring awareness to sexual harassment in the film industry by having an actress naked, assaulted, dehumanized and humiliated for 2 hours. And you certainly don't attach that kind of story to an actual human being who is dead and can't even protest at scrotes dragging her image through the mud yet again for the sake of a metaphor about lE soCiEtY

No. 1469850

Post caps then sperg.

No. 1469852

File: 1673470670324.png (431.59 KB, 1284x2778, 976BECA1-2DED-4511-840E-6C5BD3…)

I looked it up and apparently it rained in LA the day of the Golden Globes so that’s why her dress is wet.

No. 1469853

it looks like her dress is wet at the bottom too, maybe the venue had wet floors or something

No. 1469857

She's usually so pretty but this styling isn't it.

No. 1469858

Hehe her dress is wet too.

No. 1469860

File: 1673470887912.jpg (350.52 KB, 1364x2048, ayo.jpg)

This actress (Ayo Edebiri from The Bear) also had a wet dress and the brand posted a picture of her saying "the rain soaked hem", so yeah just unfortunate weather for them.

Speaking of The Bear, Jeremy Allen won an award for it. Good for him but I won't post him since he was just in another boring suit like all the other men. I really like Ayo's get up here but I hate that she chose these gloves. It didn't need any gloves at all.

No. 1469861

samefag but i can't wait to hear her talk about the outfits in this event kek it's the one thing i look forwards to every time they happen

No. 1469870

File: 1673471535364.jpg (267.79 KB, 1366x689, worst.jpg)

First awards show of the year and honestly I don't think it was that bad. The music award shows are when the really bad outfits come out, imo. Picrel is who I thought was the worst (Tefi Possoa, Britt Lower and Zanna Roberts Rassi) but none of these people are huge celebrities anyways.
I was surprised too. I thought both of those movies were mediocre as fuck but they were some of the biggest horror films of last year.

No. 1469887

File: 1673472087863.jpg (313.56 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr_d501e1c80ca14f31b911f27…)

is there a word for this style? the one boob out with a nipple pastie? because i'm so fucking sick of it.

No. 1469894

Tell me you are underage without telling me you are underage

No. 1469895

That's a Lil Kim costume, anon.

No. 1469896

Not from what I've seen kek. She was like a c at max and then woke up with magical big boobs. Anons here like to whiteknight her like she would marry them if you sperg hard enough

No. 1469899

i liked the bear but it wasn't groundbreaking, just better than basic netflix drivel. parts of the dialogue just sounded like a millenial writer's tweets kek

No. 1469900

The Lil’ Kim special

No. 1469901

God you're fucking retarded.

No. 1469903

absolutely gorgeous, geez

No. 1469904

You don't even know how bra sizing works kek you really proved your point.

No. 1469906

She was great in X and Pearl, I was surprised by her performances. It sucks she’s with (or just had a baby with, at least) that disgusting scrote Shia

No. 1469907

Who gives a shit if she has a boob job anyway. I love Marina and I would die for her, idc if her tits are fake.

No. 1469908

They're not even though, this nonnie just spergs that they are cause she doesn't get how tits work.

No. 1469909

This picture legitimately spooked me and I'm usually the first one to think Anya is a cutie. What the fuck happened

No. 1469910

If I had titties that nice I'd pop one out every now and then just to remind people

No. 1469911

oh yeah i know jade's copying lil kim in this particular pic lmfao, sorry i'm not being clear. i mean the actual STYLE of top. it's everywhere nowadays. nicki and bey and a billion z-list female singers are doing it too (and not in a lil kim homage way). like what is the proper word for that "cut" of top? (as in, it's not a crew neck, it's not a v neck, etc, what IS it?)

No. 1469912

Nta but why are you so mad about it? kek

No. 1469914

Just because they've been sperging about Marina having fake tits for years despite being repeteadly proved wrong kek. Some anons just never learn.

No. 1469915

Get off the cross, Harry, we need the wood.
This dude had an incredibly comfortable life and while I can understand him feeling distraught over the death of his mother and feeling like he’s in his brother’s shadow, he’s still been a shitty kid for as long as I can remember. I find it difficult to feel sorry for wealthy royal scrotes.

No. 1469916

I hope they roast their own outfits in their video because this is tragic

No. 1469917

Why are you trying to defend her so badly ? It was never confirmed or denied, why did you make up about anyone "being proven wrong"?

No. 1469918

It was in UK glamour or cosmo in like 2006 and she said they were natural and felt comfortable bringing her own bras for photoahoots because of it.

No. 1469919

Kek have you never seen tits or something? They're real as fuck…

No. 1469920

Thank you! Fuck me, some people are dense.

No. 1469926

File: 1673474191381.jpg (58.19 KB, 500x742, Marina-Diamandis-Cosmetic-Surg…)

Multiple large breasted women had said she was fake as well. They're literally round and hard. If it was anyone besides Marina farmers would be roasting her for her bolt ons. Why did this body type of extremely skinny with magical head sized boobs only seem to appear after the 1990s when plastic surgery became common?
Emrata also said she was natural and posted a picture of herself at 14 to "prove" it.

No. 1469927

File: 1673474410656.jpg (166.76 KB, 1080x1350, 311066945_499202755176735_6261…)

you're literally dumb as fuck. Different people have different genetics and MArina is literally half Greek. Mediterranean women are known for being buily like this for literal centuries kek, but keep being a moron, like she has no reason to lie about it nonnie

No. 1469928

File: 1673474490083.jpg (229.13 KB, 640x500, marina_diamonds_critica_artist…)

Her boobs seem to have ballooned in size since 2015

Sage for retardation

No. 1469929

Unless you have caps where she admits they're fake, shut up and leave her and her boobs alone. They're round and hard because she's literally wearing a stage outfit with support and padding along with a padded bra most likely. Having huge tits and a small frame is not a blessing you weirdo.

No. 1469930

File: 1673474517598.jpg (91.84 KB, 687x1024, Marina-and-the-Diamonds-Hot-Pi…)


No. 1469931

I lived in Greece and Italy and haven't seen a single woman with very little body fat and big hard tits lol. Even Mediterranean stars known for being curvy have more body fat than her and have softer breast tissue. These are the same shit tier moid excuses every single moid uses to justify why everyone but their favorite porn star has fake tits

No. 1469932

All I am saying is that her breasts look unrealistic and fake. Some of you are so dramatic

No. 1469933

File: 1673474581694.jpg (244.19 KB, 841x1390, marina-diamandis-of-marina-and…)

this is her in 2010 though

No. 1469934

Just give up retard.

No. 1469936

File: 1673474636459.jpg (849.04 KB, 2599x2746, avz5bvyx18b71.jpg)

Her during Electra Heart tour in like 2012 or 2013 too.

No. 1469938

Did she get buccal fat removal? Something about her cheeks looks really off here.

No. 1469940

File: 1673474710990.jpg (39.44 KB, 280x420, Shutterstock_5621726l.jpg)

Yeah but just look at her breasts today

There's no way that round shape is natural

No. 1469942

She's not going to fuck you

No. 1469943

I hope not. People who get that surgery are idiots. It just ages you badly and makes you look uncanny.

No. 1469944

File: 1673474814933.jpg (25.46 KB, 360x683, 4uzau6rmulf71.jpg)

>Doesn't know how bras work.

Seriously, how dumb are you?

No. 1469945

And you're still a seething moid kek.

No. 1469946

This is ridiculous looking kek. If it was some rando camgirl anons would be roasting those bolt ons

No. 1469947

Keep seething.

No. 1469948

I'm neither knowledgeable enough about implants nor autistic enough for this discussion, so I'll just say Marina is really gorgeous

No. 1469949

Yes? Bras don't magically make your boobs triple, and completely change in shape and texture. If you see a large busted woman in a push up bra it looks vastly different from this. Why are we allowed to conspire about how almost every other celebrity has breast implants but we can't question if marina has them without anons foaming. What did she do that was so special that she can't have boob gossip surrounding her?

No. 1469950

Do you have anything other than "seethe"? If not you lost

No. 1469952

File: 1673475078292.jpg (217.5 KB, 1080x1345, 310595589_5646521968719133_456…)

I'll agree that she's full of botox and filler these days but she's always had massive tits, way back before even her first album.

No. 1469953

I could say something as stupid as Rihanna having implants and anons still wouldn't rage this hard

No. 1469954

Breast implants still existed even before she was famous though. Although imo her boobs have dramatically changed in size like the other anon pointed out, and in ways that bras can't really imitate unless she's wearing a breast form, which I highly doubt

No. 1469956

I'm a huge Marina fan and honestly I don't get this whole infight. Whether or not it's true, every celebrity gets surgery accusations so who cares.

No. 1469958

To avoid dragging this to another thread

Why do anons get so mad when people discuss if Marina's boobs are real or not? Serious question

No. 1469959

The retards that populate this place I swear

No. 1469960

File: 1673475370621.jpeg (41.39 KB, 431x638, ZNHfbSJ.jpeg)

No because here she is back in the day, massive tits. She's one of those people who gains and loses weight there first, like some people gain in their ass first.

No. 1469961

Exactly. Plus usually women who have natural bodies find it flattering when accused of plastic surgery (I've been accused of plastic surgery myself). It makes sense Marina is accused since her body type is generally considered unrealistic and as another anon pointed out, these body types didn't exist until recently.

No. 1469962

Sorry her tits are real I guess.

Cause it's a dumb argument with an obvious answer.

No. 1469965

These body types have always existed though…

No. 1469967

Seriously. I love Marina too and I could not care less if her breasts are natural or implants like who caaaares.

No. 1469969

There is no obvious answer lol. There isn't an answer for any celebrity unless they're legitimately flat chested/extremely saggy/etc. It's completely reasonable to think Marina's boobs are fake

No. 1469970

File: 1673475555878.jpg (144.65 KB, 1242x1525, 1664415900144859.jpg)

Her tits are pretty saggy when not pushed up desu.

No. 1469971

Can you find a picture 1960s or earlier of a woman having this body type?

No. 1469974


No. 1469975

Trisha paytas boobs are even saggier and she confirmed they're implants. If you have lots a breast tissue and get implants they flop, sag and move like normal breasts. It's practically impossible to tell until you see nipple placement. I use to workout with this woman who had implants and they were saggy and moved more than mine. The only thing that gave it away was that her nipples were lopsided which was impossible to tell unless she was completely nude

No. 1469976

Have you ever heard of dense breast tissue? Hourglass figures? It's a rare body type, but not an unrealistic one. I have a massive cup size unless I literally get underweight.

No. 1469977

Who the fuck cares if she has implants or not omfg this is the dumbest thing to sperg over

No. 1469978

>Not as extreme
You got that right. This ladies breasts are much softer and more tear dropped shape than Marinas, she also has a lot more body fat. You didn't prove anything. There's a reason why you can't find women with as low of body fat with as large and round of boobs as Marina's unless they're fake

No. 1469979


No. 1469980

Yeah but emrata only has her looks going for her. When marina came about in the mid 2000s she was young herself there's a music video of her at 17 and she's literally the same build just more puppy fat. I doubt her Greek dad let her get a tit job at 17

No. 1469982

File: 1673475842909.jpg (279.48 KB, 1080x1336, 311147084_416829593862535_9148…)

She's literally always had big tits though. Again, tons of fillers and shit now, but there's pictures of her as a teenager with huge tits.

They ain't gonna listen.

No. 1469983

I'm literally an hourglass and have gotten fake boob accusations before. Dense breast tissue and hourglass bodies wouldn't look that extreme naturally

No. 1469985

Shit, sorry, forgot.

No. 1469986

Kek of course they can!

No. 1469987

oh no she got her coochie all up in the sand like that, girl why…. also spoiler this what the fuck

No. 1469989

Yeah, because that woman isn't wearing a full coverage padded bra. How can one be so dense.

No. 1469990

This was literally posted on Twitter last year and reverse search says no previous results.

No. 1469991


No. 1469992

I scrolled all the way to the genesis of this infight and it all started with an anon saying "marina's body is so great" and another anon going "but they are FAKE", as if that changed the fact that she has a great body.

No. 1469993

A full coverage padded bra wouldn't make her lose a shit ton of body fat and completely change her breast tissue kek. See

The only time I've ever seen breasts look like this naturally are engorged breastfeeding boobs, as far as I know marina doesn't have children. Natural boobs wouldn't look like this, they would never have that harsh of a line even with the biggest push up bra in the world

No. 1469994

>Natural boobs wouldn't look like this

How can one person be this dense?

No. 1469995

Then this pic goes against the "she's always had big boobs" thing then???

No. 1469997

Do you even know what that word means? Literal plastic surgeons online have said that's one of the biggest giveaways of plastic surgery. Are they all stupid and dense too? Unless you'd like to go to med school and prove them all wrong since you're so smart and a complete boob expert

No. 1469998

File: 1673476300556.jpg (119.77 KB, 1080x1300, 311820681_454394170092209_5949…)

Not really? It's from her tour last year, so is this…

No. 1469999

I have no idea what it was that you answered to, but breast fat and fat in the rest of your body are completely different things.

No. 1470000

Literal plastic surdeons also don't know what kind of bra she'd be wearing to make them look like that you absolute mong.

No. 1470001

File: 1673476428234.jpg (Spoiler Image,118.24 KB, 750x1045, 1652398668_68-titis-org-p-anit…)

It was this.

No. 1470003

Yes they would with enough padding and pushing up. I understand you're a chestlet and don't know how bras or different body types or types of breast tissue work but give up already.

No. 1470004

OK, but if she worked out, gained muscles, lost fat (in a non anachan starvation victim way), her breasts size wouldn't change?

No. 1470005

A bra wouldn't completely change breast tissue or cause this harsh of a line. You're the one who doesn't know how bras work if you believe bras can cause that dramatic of a change

No. 1470006

this makes me cringe so bad… why is her pussy in the sand like that omg that can't feel good at all

No. 1470007

>t. chestlet.

No. 1470008

You mean like what happened with Marina?

No. 1470009

>You're a chestlet
Multiple large busted women online have said she looked fake kek. Can you find me a natural breasted woman that looks this way then? No celebrities, porn stars, etc who are notorious for plastic surgery

No. 1470010

Idk nonnie, the 60s were a weird fucking time.

No. 1470012

Back then people just didn't give a fuck. Sandy vagina? No big deal when you have a bush to protect you.

No. 1470013

We'll never know for sure but let's not pretend that this woman has the same amount of body fat than Marina here for example >>1469926 If they are natural (then and now, she definitely lost body fat and could have had implants to keep the same breast size) then it is exceptional. However all the anons defending her have the same energy as teen boys defending their favorite bodybuilder against juicing accusations, it's cute kek

Saying she has big tits because she's greek is retarded

No. 1470014

DOES IT MATTER IF SHE HAS FAKE BOOBS? Seriously. Idk and frankly idc if they're real or fake, but what the hell does it change if they are?

No. 1470015

You can go to literally anny bra sizing forum and find people built like her.

No. 1470017

I'm trying to undestand
>you can't find women with as low of body fat with as large and round of boobs as Marina's unless they're fake

No. 1470018

File: 1673477011351.jpg (65.15 KB, 1080x1080, 316121590_1505685999931621_335…)

No matter what you think they're plainly natty nonnie

No. 1470019

File: 1673477054929.png (768.94 KB, 1080x1478, 1709731.png)

No, Marina got /fit/ and her tits shrunk with it.

No. 1470020

This is the funniest thing about this, the proof of this mythical body type is literally a few clicks away. If it wasn't real specialized companies wouldn't be making G cup bras in tiny bands.

No. 1470022

File: 1673477123666.jpg (Spoiler Image,455.04 KB, 2448x2146, IMG_20230111_164231186~2.jpg)

No ma'am I am not(What the hell.....)

No. 1470023

I'm saying, all these chestlets and moids reeeing about Marina being fake are just looking silly.

No. 1470024

Kek still doesn't make her tits fake.

No. 1470027

I never referred to the size, it was just her body fat % and harsh shape/texture on why I thought she was fake. Plenty of women with similar proportions are natural, they just have more body fat and softer/tear shaped breasts

No. 1470028

this just in: every big breasted woman has the same tits and body as you

No. 1470029

Who are the chestlets and moids?

No. 1470031

File: 1673477252936.jpg (86.1 KB, 696x696, marina-and-the-diamonds-22 JPE…)

But you're looking at her tits pushed all the way up, not sitting naturally like this…

No. 1470033

KEK get help

No. 1470035

Holy shit, are you getting the attention you want?

No. 1470036

Not what I said lol. It's just stupid to claim the only people who would ever think Marina's boobs are fake are jealous fatties/chestlets. I'm very skinny with large breasts and even when I wear push up bras and sports bras they never look how harshly hard Marina's looks. I'm speaking from experience.

No. 1470038

I really don't give that much of a shit, good on her regardless, I've just never seen women with that kind of frame IRL and that's why it's uncanny to me. The ethnic explanation for it made me kek though, you can't say it doesn't sound like crazy talk.

No. 1470039

You are so fucking stupid. You derailed an entire thread just so you could post your own breasts, to prove… a celebrity may have had a boob job? What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1470040

You're right, but typically you can tell if a woman has implants because the implant will be pressed to the top and create a hard round shape when she wears something compressing. Naturally large boobs will create a lot of cleavage but a softer edge

No. 1470041

File: 1673477529036.webm (729.75 KB, 576x720, Oh yes, dancing milkers WEBM.w…)

Idk, I think how they move is a better giveaway than just how they look desu.

No. 1470042

And anons losing their mind over plastic surgery allegations aren't? Kek. I've been accused of having fake breasts before and I'd be absolutely embarrassed if someone seethed this hard in my favor

No. 1470043

I've seen a lot though, lots of body types out there.

And kek, the ethnic explanation is a bit weird but genetics do play a big part.

No. 1470044

not trying to infight but really? im a chestlet and by age like 15 most non fat girls in my class had chests that big i'm not even exaggerating, i looked so trans in comparison kek. might be a regional genetics thing or whatever

No. 1470045

>sucking in for dear life too
You will never get picked.

No. 1470046

Oh yeah that's definitely fake. Mine would be hitting me in the arm if I danced like that kek. There's a reason why women with naturally large breasts need multiple sports bras to do activities

No. 1470047

Anons saying she doesn't have a boob job didn't post their own tits you imbecile. I hope the 4chan scrotes that lurk this thread have saved your pic to make fun of you and repost, you are so attention starved you're posting lewds on LOLCOW OF ALL PLACES

No. 1470048

Actually this answers a question I thought about before. I have small breasts but they start very high up and thus when I press on them I get a very very round shape, kind of like Marina. But my friends with bigger breasts always have their breasts sit much lower and thus they don't get round on top, they just create cleavage. Is it an actual sign of breast implants?

No. 1470049

I love Marina and don't care if her boobs are real or not, but I think some of the anons defending are not from here (if you catch my drift) just based off of certain terms/file names. Maybe I'm schizo though

No. 1470050

Girls that age are also known to wear push up bras and stuff. There's a running joke among westerners about teen girls wearing tons a bras/stuffing during puberty kek

No. 1470052

I'm from here I just know what real tits look like kek…

No. 1470053

Yeah, now that you pointed it out.

No. 1470054

File: 1673477789548.jpg (88.76 KB, 618x412, nbhbh.jpg)

No. 1470055

Kek what? That's natty tit, look at the juggle at the top of her bra.

No. 1470056

It's likely not as dramatic as Marina's, Marina's crease is extremely dramatic and hard looking

No. 1470059

Lolcow is the only imageboard I go on anymore so
There's barely any jiggle. I zoomed in and all and I can't see what you're talking about

No. 1470060

Not when she's not pushing them up…

No. 1470061

There's not a lot but the way they move they're obviously real.

No. 1470064

kek i saw kelsey last night but not cody. why the hell are they there? they don’t even look good

No. 1470065

Yeah really, but mostly talking about the low body fat percentage. I knew plenty of thin girls with bigger breasts but they never looked dry. Or maybe I'm just easily fooled by the push-up bras (am >>1470048), who knows.

No. 1470066

"desu", "natty", "/fit/", "oh yes, dancing milkers", and I think Marina is pretty popular on 4chan too. I'm pretty sure you all just let this thread get derailed by a 4chan moid.

No. 1470068

File: 1673478337031.jpg (334.54 KB, 1080x1350, oH4m3Ow.jpg)

Tbf I get it, but another example of natural sag is this one. Marina's push ups are just fucking industrial strength.

I spent too much time on fucking /mu/ back in the day. The dancing milkers one I just ripped that from reddit for this argument kek.

No. 1470074

I've been gone an hour and left at "Why are you mad" and came back to "you're a chestlet!" Lol if this were any other celebrity there wouldn't be so much infighting over a boob job tinfoil

No. 1470075

File: 1673479388893.jpeg (288.92 KB, 1124x1933, 01493401-D0B1-4ABB-BB7F-3D4804…)

kek, what year is it

No. 1470076

Keke I've been enjoying it, to be completely honest. Reminds me of the same shit in like 2015 here.

No. 1470078

her dad worked in japan and so she thought she was japanese too??? kek

No. 1470080

She needs to just stop fucking talking…

No. 1470081

Did you just post a titty pic because of a celebricows infight? Hahahahahaha

No. 1470082

File: 1673479980248.jpg (256.71 KB, 1183x611, gi.jpg)

so smooth

No. 1470085

nta but it only takes a quick search to realise the movie isn't trying to be accurate and is based on a fictionalised version of her life. if you go into a film about a real figure and believe every part of it, as if films never lie, that's on you.
she also wasn't naked/assaulted for hours, those scenes were sparse and anyone who actually watched the film would know. i agree that a fictionalised portrayal of anyone's life is weird, particularly if it adds assault that never happened, it's just obvious that people are complaining about a made up movie since the "it's constant nudity and it's basically porn" thing is untrue. and it's irritating because if a squeaky clean biopic was made about her, people would be fine with it even though it's still exploitative. the film explores the public narrative of marilyn as this dumb blonde sex symbol and of her as a disturbed, sad woman. both images projected onto her by the public and the dichotomy between them. i don't even think it's good. i don't like the film much, the discourse around it is just weird since it's nowhere near as graphic as something like euphoria which is about literal teenagers

No. 1470087

i almost thought she'd stopped with this kind of nonsense, it's been over a decade. guess not kek

No. 1470088

the pickmeism is strong with her

No. 1470090

I remember it with Hollaback Girl and that why like 20 years ago now, kek.

No. 1470098

No. 1470100

what's going on with the sperg about Marina's boobs? genuinely do not understand what the fight is about. if they're implants or not? (they're not) who fucking cares. why don't you sperg about someone who actually has implants but has lied about it

No. 1470103

There's been one specific nonnie sperging about them being fake for years, I think.

No. 1470104

Don't fail to mention the anon that's been sperging if someone says they're fake kek. They're worse if anything

No. 1470105

I quite like watching it unfold, though. Like, mention Marina and it's the same argument every fucking time.

No. 1470106

wouldn't it be simple as googling pics of her as a teenager? there's your answer

No. 1470108

Yeah no I agree, but there's this weird obsession people have with them being fake, idgi…

No. 1470109

Nah nothing will compare to the one posting her own tits to somehow prove marinas are fake. No matter what, that is peak retard behavior.

No. 1470110

File: 1673481336968.png (804.95 KB, 748x839, beck.png)

ageing rocker scrote and johnny depp's bestie, jeff beck, is dead.

No. 1470111

That was definitely something, wasn't it?

No. 1470112

Not necessarily, even mild comments from other anons suspecting they're fake is enough to set the anon off into sperging. They're just as annoying IMO

No. 1470114

>No see here I'm not flat chested
Anons here are known for being crazy kek don't call people here anything if you aren't ready to be proven wrong

No. 1470116

I think there were about five of them arguing amongst themselves? Fuck knows any more, it's just funny that it's literally any time her name is mentioned.

Kek, lolcow is crazier by the day I swear!

No. 1470117

she looks so beautiful

No. 1470118

File: 1673481788708.jpg (501.04 KB, 750x896, IMG_3033.jpg)

I see. I got accused by my classmates of having fake boobs at 14. fourteen years old. not only did i not have the money for it, it was just an insane rumor. idk why people care so much lol

anyway can we talk about how cute lana is. her new years resolution is to let go of "being a slut" - me too, Lana. I'm excited for her new album

i blame mercury retrograde

No. 1470121

>anyway can we talk about how cute lana is.
Yes!! Cute as a button

No. 1470124

How the fuck did he get bacterial meningitis??

No. 1470125

I could be biased bc I'm a fan but I just think she's such a beauty, and such a beautiful soul, no matter what weight she's at. But she seems so much happier these days. I wish she would find a good man, she deserves it

No. 1470127

I'm honestly here for the Chubby Lana era and not just because I also gained a bunch of weight in 2020 when I started antidepressants

No. 1470129

god this is worse than the newfag handposting. now we have newfag tittyposting? just fuck off already i want to see celebrity gossip not you naive retards posting your literal breasts on a website where moids spam cp all the time. you're fucking retarded

No. 1470135

>newfag handposting.

Wait what? I missed this.

No. 1470140

File: 1673483371436.png (99.58 KB, 220x312, selenawwww.png)

It's both. Her arms look like Shayna's and got a botched eye lift. One eye is higher than the other.

No. 1470142

gotta keep an eye out for seliner

No. 1470147

oooof she's getting those joan rivers facelift eyes

No. 1470150

File: 1673483911398.jpg (221.91 KB, 1430x2000, jocelyn-wildenstein-3-1-47d321…)

No. 1470152

KEK ily nonnie

No. 1470153

Is she still with that bi scrote?

No. 1470167

This bitch still hasnt learned, has she?

No. 1470170

They both fucked their faces wow

No. 1470172

How old is she now anyway? Should've learned decades ago, tbh.

No. 1470174

File: 1673485883546.jpeg (203.85 KB, 1908x1146, 66448311-0-image-a-39_16734319…)

The one was absolutely plastered on stage when their show won kek none of them thought it was going to win

No. 1470178

File: 1673486182226.jpg (52.66 KB, 640x398, 26626a3cedad94880baac41ae99895…)

I don't think so, she was seen with another guy at the end of 2022 rumored to be her boyfriend, but idk if they are together either. His name is Evan Winiker, and idk what the hell he does or how they met. Picrel is him.

Jack has been promoting Lana's new single on his stories but maybe they just ended on good terms. If she didn't have dogshit taste in men she probably would have settled down by now and have the family she talks about wanting in her songs and poetry

No. 1470182

>Evan won something for Dahmer
that's fucking gross. The show was so heavily criticized by victims' families, rewarding it is a spit in their faces

No. 1470184

I love seeing all these celebrities experiment with fillers and botox so they can be the guinea pigs. Seeing most of them botched has definitely turned me off to getting botox/fillers when at one point I was considering it. I'm 28 though, maybe in another 20 years I'll consider

No. 1470187

kek nonna that Kevin creep? I thought the same thing

No. 1470197

Lmao. she's so cute.

No. 1470201

>such a beautiful soul
er..have you seen a single thing posted about her in these threads

No. 1470203

File: 1673487527198.jpg (158.96 KB, 292x611, IMG_5499.jpg)

Evan was in Steel Train with Jack Antonoff. He's a music manager now that works with Jack Harlow. He and Lana are not dating, he just hangs around with that group. He has a girlfriend that he's been with for years now.

No. 1470204

I feel so bad for the families. People act like Dahmer murders happened 100 years ago and no one would be alive today to criticize them, but there are many families of the victims alive… It wasnt handled well and dedicating a show to a serial killer just glamourizes what he did. Evan peters is a hack.

No. 1470213

is there any thread on here talking about the royal shit show at the moment? i can’t find one but there must be one, right?

No. 1470217

Could always use this one nonna.

No. 1470221

it's not active though

No. 1470222

people have made movies about dahmer since that shit happened and plenty of more exploitative shows about other murderers that were a lot more recent.
tiktokfags going on a moral crusade and trying to guilt trip everyone into not watching a legitimately good show is so fucking annoying. i can decide for myself if i can sleep at night with my decision to watch a dumb netflix show or not, thanks

No. 1470224

there is way too much milk, it would even need an own thread. is there really nothing?

i need nonnas predictions for when meg and harry are going to divorce and when harry is going to kill himself.

No. 1470225

Yeah, those are definitely fake.

No. 1470226

>Evan peters is a hack.
samefag but this is what i mean kek. it's just performative outrage where nothing is based in objective facts or critical thought. he was actually really good in it and i say this as someone who was less than impressed with AHS

No. 1470227

i just linked it anonchita

No. 1470228

The crusaders should watch The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer

No. 1470229

>Here we go again…

I mean, you're wrong, but nobody really gives a shit.

No. 1470231

Her boobs aren't fake and she's had the same size chest since she first got famous.
She's literally wearing a bra in the video though? You can see that it's a sports bra/bra with a very wide waistband too so obviously they wouldn't hit her in the arms. Her boobs always look "stiff" as another anon said because she DOES wear quite "heavy" bras. Sorry to ask this but.. Are you all moids?

No. 1470233

>legitimately good show
Embarrassing pickme

No. 1470234

That anon didn't even say you can't watch the show or guilt trip anyone. It's funny how someone dared to criticize a show you like and you start sperging "tiktokfag! moral outrage! performative! you can't stop me from watching it!" like people aren't allowed to have any criticism for tv shows. Someone not liking the media you like is not a personal attack.

No. 1470235

That video was posted to prove they're real, I think.

No. 1470236

who is picking me? jeffrey dahmer? kek

No. 1470238

I'm not going to bother because this is an emotional thing for at least two anons now, but…yeah. They're fake. I'm saying this as someone uninvolved in the argument that likes her. Also not a chestlet (but I won't post my tits kek). It's fine, life will go on either way.

No. 1470239

Nobody said it's a personal attack nor was anyone personally attacking you. Calm down. There absolutely are loads of tiktokfags doing 200 videos about how horrible it is to be watching that show because muh family. That's all. You made a post and people are allowed to add their feelings to it. It goes both ways, now stop crying.

No. 1470241

If he wasn't dead, you'd probably wish for that. Please don't go after his old-ass father like the other stans at least.

No. 1470242

>talking about things i have never even heard of
Go back

No. 1470243

But they're totally real, though. You can google her teenage pics, massive tits.

No. 1470244

I am not the anon that made >>1470204 .
>people are allowed to add their feelings to it
Tell this to the anon getting upset that someone said the Dahmer show was in poor taste.

No. 1470246

>thinking only twitterfags use "stan"
>typing whiny posts simping for a hybristophile show while knowing nothing about what you're defending or the other morons that screech about how "legitimately good" it is
You need to be 18 to use this site

No. 1470247

You are whiny and annoying and you are incapable of having a discussion with someone who has a different opinion to you without starting to accuse everyone of being upset and a pickme. You have untreated mental illness. Please seek help.

No. 1470248

Kek are you ok? I never called anyone a pickme.

No. 1470249

What do you know about what I know, exactly? You're making a lot of assumptions and not coming with any interesting discussions.

It's an anonymous website. Sometimes people will think you are other anons if you are both saying the same things in slightly different words. Hope this helps.

No. 1470250

Yes, it's an anonymous website so you shouldn't be assuming anyone is anyone. That's the point of being anon. Wtf is happening to this site, where are these people coming from.

No. 1470251

Nothing you've said is interesting, you're just bitching that not everyone sucks Netflix's dick. Sorry some humans have empathy.

No. 1470252

The hysterics…

No. 1470253

ok stay mad then

No. 1470254

The projection is off the charts, kek

No. 1470255

Keep replying until the bpdrage subsides and you feel like you've won. It'll enrich your life surely

No. 1470256

Zoomers have taken over. It’s a new world.

No. 1470257

>anyone who replies to me has bpd and is raging
The other anon was right, lmao. Really who are all these unhinged people coming to the site lately?

No. 1470258

crazy, noone seems to give a shit at all here. i understand that they were boring and annoying so far but there is so much more material to armchair now and lots of entertaining bits. i could copy reddit summaries but without some spergs that bring in enough previous knowledge, it won’t be worth it i think.

No. 1470259

File: 1673491409584.png (6.83 MB, 1170x2532, 9CA40988-FC22-4313-BD28-A48BC7…)

Ok is it weird as fuck that Paris Hilton was just making videos with random Vine ‘Star’ (remember vine?) Lele Pons and acting like they’re besties? 1. I almost forgot about lele pons, but I kinda remember her drama with the other vine girl where Lele stole her phone? or something? Idk
2. Ash blonde is NOT great on Paris
3. I didnt even recognize lele pons in this

No. 1470261

I love how anons post this completely unironically after using the word stans, using pickme wrong and then trying to convince other anons that "not only twitterfags use the word stans and know about random true crime twitter drama". The call is coming from inside the house

No. 1470262

I think Lele makes music now. Anyway, I'm sure this is some kind of promo thing. It's a get ready video, so I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sponsor involved.

No. 1470263

Anya definitely looks like she had it done. The thing is, she already had sculpted cheeks so i don't understand why this was a bandwagon she felt like she need to jump on. I always thought she was beautiful but she really ruined her looks.

No. 1470265

File: 1673491959805.png (306.85 KB, 492x752, britney.png)

I don't even understand why that anon chimped out at you. And she's still going.
Dahmer is indeed a shit show, on top of being exploitative. Evan Peters is not impressive. These are not wild statements to make.
In other news: Britney Spears is calling out her mother on IG again.

No. 1470271

See >>1470255, or just get help.

No. 1470275


No. 1470276

File: 1673492546891.webm (891.82 KB, 650x360, quinta brunson.webm)

Quinta Brunson shouted out Brad Pitt during her acceptance speech last night and it stirred some people up on social media. If anyone doesn't remember, just 3 months ago Angelina Jolie talked about how Brad Pitt hit her and their children.

No. 1470277

name one show that's not exploitative

No. 1470278

It looks like a generic rug from Costco stapled on a gown dress, it's hideous nonna lol

No. 1470280


No. 1470282

Why is Hollywood full of pick-mes?

No. 1470283

>"What the fuck do you think Beyonce's mother would do if they did that to her daughter"
Kekk holy shit. Why can she not just keep a diary for this? Surely Britney has people in her life trying to help her.

No. 1470284

File: 1673492916440.png (159.81 KB, 407x271, Screenshot 2023-01-11 220202.p…)

He looks like bob the drag queen lmao.
I just knew it had to be a man. tbf, i actually quite like the dress, it would be cuter on a shorted and an actual woman. His manly upper half if very obvious even with the fake tits.
She is a beautiful lady, she needs a better stylist because this is bland. Even her just putting her hair up would make this better.
This is simply atrocious. Maybe if rihanna wore this to the vmas i'd give it a pass but i hate this on her and for the fucking golden globes. I also feel like she is trying to larp as zoe kravitz and it's not working.
I don't like her hair being so flat.
I want this to be true because they seem to mis-matched.

No. 1470285

The dress looks cheap and the ruching is so tacky looking. Ruching should be used sparingly, the bolero and gloves however are great.

No. 1470287

I think this is really pretty on her (she's gorgeous) but I wish they hemmed the bottom or something. She is quite short iirc, and this dress really emphasizes that, I can see she's even wearing heels with it but it's still dragging. Glad she didn't trip on it but jeez no stylists thought about that?

No. 1470288

you will never top the anon that posted her breasts with these little bitch baby seethes about nonas not liking your tacky edgelord show. this is the big leagues. go hard or go home hoe

No. 1470289

what the fuck are you even talking about? god you guys are so embarrassing

No. 1470290

we're saying to leave, you're shitting up the thread.

No. 1470291

Did zoe kravitz get the buccal surgery too? Still looks pretty, but kind of ghoulish.

No. 1470292

you're replying to an argument that ended ages ago? you're shitting on your keyboard, typing up a storm and then getting mad you got doodoo on your fingers

No. 1470293

File: 1673493579155.jpg (140.97 KB, 1000x1500, MV5BYWFlYTJiM2YtZTFmOC00NmFkLW…)

I don't blame her for wanting to switch up, but she looks best with curls. Picrel is what she wore to this same event in 2020 and it looks way better (although I like the style she has in shows like Russian Doll more). I was wondering why her bob is so flat and turns out it's not a bob but a low pontail with hime-cut looking sides.
I believe she just got something done to her jaw/chin to make it more angular and wider.

No. 1470296

This is so pathetic.

No. 1470297

keep going, together we can unshit the thread

No. 1470301

Ignore the Dahmersperg.

She always looks so pretty.

I actually almost like this one, but she could use more on the skirt and some jewelry.

No. 1470305

Since my brother told me at Christmas matt healeys ma is one of the loose women I've thought he's more gay and unrock n roll than usual. They really went to shit halfway through their second album.

No. 1470307

if any member of your family is clickable on wikipedia then you aren't rock n roll, you're just a dumb rich kid who couldn't pass their maths gcse

No. 1470308

FYI loose women is a shitty day time talk show panelist of women in itv and its shite. Think of the view if you're American but British and more cringe with an air of pretentiousness yet they're all daft and thick as shit

No. 1470314

File: 1673496418733.png (65.26 KB, 902x720, oedipus.png)

nonnies why are we all infighting about pointless shit when prince harry is out here talking about putting mummy's face cream on his dick?

No. 1470315

Kek what the fuck Oedipal shit is this?

No. 1470318

File: 1673497185203.jpg (23.24 KB, 640x332, what the fuck am i looking at.…)

excuse me?

No. 1470324

You ever considered that we didn’t have the documentation tools then that we don’t now? I’m sorry I know this shit is over but the retardation just had to be called out. Every body type has existed
Chill out.
Lmao get over it. You’ve been going for hours Some anons, myself included, think her tits look fake as fuck. If they’re not good for her! But none of us, including you, will never know. So who cares?

To the anon that writes like retard and completely in lowercase shit the fuck up. You can keep trying to fit in and derail but you will never fit in and you’re so obviously talking to yourself. I don’t feel like tagging all of your posts but you know who you are.

No. 1470325

Is this book mostly about his cock? Everything I'm unwillingly hearing about it is about his dick. The entire world doesn't need to know about your penis problems Harry.

No. 1470326

Lol you really scrolled back 2 days to find my previous "cute as a button" comment. What's wrong nona I think she's cute as a button, I think a lot of people are, I'm sure you're cute as a button too.

No. 1470329

Sometimes I write in lowercase just to get you to fight me and then I switch back to proper capitalization to cheer you on in your fit of rage

No. 1470334

I am 100% sure she did get buccal fat removal because she naturally had a very full face. vicrel pointed out she has had a crap ton of work done. Her old face was so cute too, she kind of reminded me of Aaliyah. It looks like she has always had a really sharp jaw anyways.

No. 1470335

tbh i do still believe that a lot of the initial backlash against meghan was in part due to racism but omg harry wants to be oppressed SO BAD he isnt even hiding it anymore. that bit about being a reserve organ donor for william?!? harry get your stories straight, a royal family as evil as you're making yours out to be would simply harvest organs from some unlucky poor person. i feel like this attitude is common among left-leaning straight white males, they have no oppression points to claim themselves so they love being in an interracial relationship where they can co-opt their partners disadvantages for themselves.

No. 1470336

I didn’t scroll up at all there’s a search function, freak.
Didn’t fight me at all

No. 1470340

there's only a search function for farmhands so that's weird? unless you mean ctrl+f. i choose to believe farmhands are the ones being autistic infighters in here though.

No. 1470341

Nta but we have a search function on this site for everyone to use.

No. 1470342

Rude!! I take it back you're not cute or buttony at all, meanie

No. 1470343

am i fucking blind

No. 1470344

File: 1673500662820.png (4.8 KB, 535x112, search.PNG)

No. 1470345

doesn't show up if you use the farmcow mirror kek thought i was going insane. carry on then

No. 1470347

I even use mobile you just click the search/url bar and type in the word you want and it shows you the options to find it on that page. I remembered anon saying button so I just looked that up

No. 1470348

It does anon, I'm also on farmcow. I think you really are blind.

No. 1470349

File: 1673500860634.png (2.72 KB, 419x147, explain.png)

oh yeah? what's this then?

No. 1470350

nevermind i went full retard

No. 1470352

File: 1673500918760.png (2.24 KB, 116x54, little cow.PNG)

You're at the top. Go to one of the boards and scroll to the little cow.

No. 1470359

Omg hi fellow farmcow anons! For some reason I thought I was the only one using it kek

No. 1470364

The whole interview is so fucking embarrassing to read

No. 1470369

Have you not checked /meta/ or the bunker threads at all kek, about half of us can only get in through farmcow

No. 1470379

File: 1673507161208.jpg (189.94 KB, 1200x1200, 20221116_074417.jpg)

And thats how they look without a bra on, they're natural

No. 1470382

I wonder who his ghostwriter is because there’s a couple funny sentences in there, id read a normal book from them

No. 1470388

It should have been John.

No. 1470395

File: 1673511115222.jpg (40.35 KB, 601x339, schizophrenia-2.jpg)

a certain filename jumped out at me too, nonner. it's not just you

No. 1470401

Did Harry have a ghostwriter and just fucking didn't read this shit but then he read the audio book so I think he's just easily led. I'm absolutely baffled by this man. Remember when he had a normal girlfriend

No. 1470402

Imagine the crazy shit Freud would say about this man if he were alive.

No. 1470406

File: 1673512511204.png (468.66 KB, 702x561, idiottoegoblin.png)

Ezra pleads guilty to the burglary to prevent spending 25 years in prison.

>After pleading not guilty to felony burglary charges back in October, The Flash star Ezra Miller has entered a guilty plea for a lesser charge of trespassing after being accused of stealing three bottles of liquor – gin, vodka and rum — from the pantry of Stamford, VT, neighbor Isaac Winokur on May 1.

>Miller’s change-of-plea hearing is this Friday.
>Under the Count 3 of trespassing, Miller would be forced to pay a penalty of $692. Vermont’s penalty for such a crime is to be “imprisoned not more than 3 months or fined not more than $500.00 or both.” Miller’s base fine comes with a surcharge of $192.
>Count 1 of burglary into an occupied dwelling carried a penalty of not more than 25 years or fine not to exceed $1,000 or both in the Green Mountain State. Count 2, petit larceny, carries a penalty of not more than one year, a fine of up to $1,000 or both.



Note the hideous scribbles of Ezra and his attorney in contrast to the prosecutor's signature lol

What will three months in prison do for him? What will he do when he gets out? Be more deranged? Or have an image remake and do some halfassed press apology? Place your bets and predictions ladies

No. 1470407

God imagine being so insecure you post titty pics in fear some random anon thinks you're a chestlet lol, like girl go to therapy it's not that deep
t. a chestlet

No. 1470408

two different anons calling a celebrity cute means we need to chill? sorry you're so offended… that's an awkward reaction.

No. 1470412

I'm actually considering reading Harry's trashy book, I'm gonna pirate it as soon as I can. I'm not giving my money to a rich boy with disturbing mommy issues. Is anyone else here actually reading the whole book or do you just find paragraphs here and there online?

No. 1470413

Seriously, it’s one thing to like her music or think she looks cute even though she’s a hambeast but she’s a complete piece of shit as a person

No. 1470414

I read it in one sitting. I don’t like to do that with books but I wanted to see everything in context before making any judgments online and well… it’s just as bad as the snippets are showing and there is no other context, he’s just spewing stories kek there’s some lulls, it’s pretty poorly written, and he’s an absolute batshit creep but I think it’s worth the read if you’re not looking for something serious.

No. 1470415

I want to read it to laugh at Harry and his bro so that's going to be entertaining as fuck kek. I get that the way they were raised made them mentally ill but I can't pity them, just laugh.

No. 1470433

He lost his mind KEK. What a trainwreck

No. 1470435

She either lost lots of weight or had it done. Never understood the appeal of buccal fat removal btw, it just makes you look old and haggard

No. 1470442

I don't think it's surprising at all that he was born just to be the spare but I really doubt it was about being a potential organ donor specifically, it's usually just an inheritance thing.

No. 1470444

That's definitely that dumb surgery, her face was fuller very recently and she's way too young to have lost that cheek fat.

No. 1470450

We have an animation thread and it wont top the nudity that takes place in live action shows aimed at YAs/Tweens like the sabrina and archie reboots.

No. 1470453

No I know which one, but it's the post name where it was ripped from on reddit to prove a point, they're more schizo than here sometimes.

No. 1470457

There's a thread on /snow/ for western cartoons in general, I remember some anons talking about the show weeks ago in there.

No. 1470478

I hope Depp is next this year.

No. 1470484


Never have and never will understand the Lana freaks. Her music has always been shit imo and I've struggled trying to figure out anybody could find her attractive in any way. She looks like Babe the pig in that last pic posted. "Cute as a button?" Buttons are small and tiny… Lana is huge, greasy and looks dirty all the time, more so now. Old fatty trying to act like preteen still after how many years???

No. 1470514

File: 1673532807018.png (112.14 KB, 1188x490, Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 2.12…)

Azealia is back on twitter kek

No. 1470516

I really don’t get the ones who think her pickmeism lyrics are deep. Album after album they boil down to “I gave my everything to a man and he dumped me because I’m bipolar.”

No. 1470518

Being a terve is her only redeemable trait

No. 1470520

I hope she'll be able to shitpost as much as she wants without being banned this time.

No. 1470522

i think she looks good. she is 37. haters expect her to look 20 or something.

No. 1470528

File: 1673533865101.png (144.92 KB, 1740x624, Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 6.28.…)

confirmed, it was rainwater lol

No. 1470536

Black pick mes somehow piss me off more than anyone else. Come on girl.. He's an old, washed up abuser now. Just like Johnny depp

No. 1470539

File: 1673534443838.png (822.69 KB, 1204x700, Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 2.37…)

still on her jew larp. pretending or converting to Judaism isn't gonna get you back in the industry, girl.

No. 1470546

She needs to take a break from social media. it's not making her better.

No. 1470548

>Black pick mes somehow piss me off more than anyone else.
That's probably because you bought into shitty, scrote-made stereotypes created to justify mistreating black women. The whole "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" thing that even gets pushed in media lol

No. 1470552

she had such a pretty face. Why do these stupid women keep getting surgery? Soon Hollywood will look like korean women with all the same face surgeries.

No. 1470558

I'm glad she got fat. Fuck her

No. 1470562

>jew larp isn't gonna get her back in the industry
That's not what she's trying to do. She's just looking for a rich Jewish bf.

No. 1470586

what the fuck. He definitely deserves 25 years. But I guess this is what happens when you're a male in hollywood. Do whatever you want with zero consequences. I hate Erza so much. He only had one good movie and became a crazy hasbeen after that, terrorizing women.

No. 1470599

More like black women have to deal with enough bullshit to be standing up for abusive men. I hate it.

No. 1470609

How are the "she has fake boobs" anons the bad guys when it's you that keeps trying to continue the argument over debunked topics for no apparent reason?

No. 1470653

I got involved for a bit (not in the drama, just to say I think they're natural) but yeah, can we move on now please?

No. 1470664

Just ignore it. This thread and other threads always has bait similar to that and that anon knows what they are doing.

No. 1470826

File: 1673551786413.jpg (514.38 KB, 1600x2400, shutterstock_editorial_1360713…)

Cash me outside Danielle looks botched already

No. 1470837

No. 1470968

File: 1673556318718.png (39.84 KB, 679x447, poorwoman.png)

>Wah, I had to quit ahs cause it was bad for my mental health uwu
>lemme get into the headspace of a racist, pedo serial killer for this netflix cash grab though uwu
>it's all about bringing awareness uwu
Fuck scrotes and their insincerity.
No hate because I usually like her look too, but if I didn't know of her already and someone told me she was a troon I'd believe it. Her face is long and hard with the deep hollows and being super bony. I like her eyes because she reminds me of a bird but she always has them open so wide that it's also giving the insane troon stare. Love high cheekbones and a bit of definition, but imo it only looks good on someone who was naturally born that way. Anyone who's ever gotten that surgery has aged themselves prematurely and aging isn't a bad thing, but it's going to suck when they're 30 looking 60 by their own making. Why can't people just accept things and age like they were meant to.
Damn, girl. Why'd she even speak on him? How are they in any way connected?
Thought the wives being forced to dress like Diana was bad, but apparently Megan did something right when she wore his mom's perfume to meet him. jfc let this poor woman rest.

No. 1471012

File: 1673558242406.png (548.23 KB, 730x527, brits.png)

the brit awards have gone gender neutral (no more "best female artist", "best international female artist" etc), and as a result all the nominees are male. sam smith caused this by having a tantrum about gendered categories in 2021.

(btw, director sam mendes is pushing for gender neutral oscars at the moment too, instead of best actress and best actor. best director has always been a gender neutral category since its inception in 1927, and in those 96 years only three women have ever won. no woman has ever won the gender neutral category of best cinematography - only 2 have ever even been nominated in total. removing best actress/best supp actress will mean no more female acting winners.)

question: why are scrotes called sam always ruining women's opportunities??

No. 1471014

Omg she has a pillowface and her lips are drooping.

No. 1471017

Award shows have been dying exponentially in recent years. Revenue and viewership are down the toilet. Surely catering to the 1% most mentally ill for the price of pissing off the 99% will turn that around.

No. 1471020

Wow, it's almost like there was a specific reason that gendered award categories were introduced… Because without it men will just nominate other men. Huh. Who woulda ever thunk?

No. 1471023

File: 1673558603664.jpeg (501.07 KB, 1668x1970, 1E83F604-8FEE-4FBD-B27E-6760D3…)

No. 1471031

Men will always be the majority in these award shows. it's why we needed a woman's category to begin with. wow…Britbongs losing it.

No. 1471036

they knew what they were doing when they casted him. They knew he was popular from AHS and had a majority female fanbase. It's really gross he won anything from a series that glorified a serial killer. Even my male coworkers thought the show was doing too much and couldnt finish past ep 3. I feel greatly for the victims families who have to deal with gen z girls calling dahmer hot when he was a real killer who did a lot of hurt to others.

No. 1471040

Her skin is so thin, you can see her veins above her eyelids

No. 1471042

I feel kinda bad for her. She literally never had a chance.

No. 1471043

i really feel like award ceremonies are on their last legs. nominations are complete bs and usually result in public outcry/confusion anyway. like i see harry styles in that pic and there is no way either his music or shitty acting career warrant awards. same with stormzy, who feels like a tired sellout more than anything.
if the brit awards wants to shoot itself in the foot and get inevitable massive backlash after refusing to nominate a single woman this year then so be it.
seriously though fuck harry styles, just looking at him makes me unreasonably mad

No. 1471045

legit never met anyone who likes that man. i feel like the azoff family are just buying bots to stream his music to inflate his supposed success.

No. 1471046

I was thinking the same, feels bad to shit on her when she was fucked from the off.

No. 1471047

File: 1673559947476.webm (864.12 KB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_718754625096150558…)

>Damn, girl. Why'd she even speak on him? How are they in any way connected?
looks like it was multiple people praising him. it's so strange, like why? i also read in the comments under this video that he has the same team as depp so that might explain things although i haven't looked into whether that's true or not. but even then it's soo not subtle so they're doing a horrible job. even more telling that brendan fraser didn't go
>Fraser told GQ in November that he would “not participate” in the awards show due to his history with the voting body of the coveted trophy.
>“I have more history with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association than I have respect for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association,” Fraser said. “It’s because of the history that I have with them. And my mother didn’t raise a hypocrite. You can call me a lot of things, but not that.”

No. 1471048

I want Sam Smith to die an incredibly slow and painful death. I’d like to see him tied upside down by his swollen feet and gutted like the swine that he is. However I don’t think his diseased flesh is fit for human consumption, and can only be stomached by his fellow swine. The pigs can devour him whilst he’s bleeding to death with his guts hanging out. I want him to be wearing that ridiculous jumpsuit as well. That would just make it even funnier.

No. 1471052

damn, based Brendan fraser. I gotta appreciate him for sticking to his guns. Most of these people at award shows need validation and are modern day pick mes.

No. 1471053

> modern day pick mes
Quite literally, they want to get picked for an award.

No. 1471062

brendan's alright but the way he pretends his ex wife is an evil bitch bc he has to pay child support (even though she has custody of the kids and one is severely autistic) drives me insane. all his little fanboys calling her a cunt online while he pretends he doesn't know about it… he can fuck off.

No. 1471070

does he even use the internet

No. 1471078

I'd like for him to suffer the way it hurts celebs the most: lose all his money and only be remembered by the kind of tv shows that go "what happened to that celeb?" Then he can die sad, hungry and all alone, just what scrotes like him deserve.. though last I saw he was kinda fat, so maybe he gets heart failure due to too much lard.

No. 1471113

File: 1673563974836.jpg (180.27 KB, 946x2048, FmSCLd4WYAwqQcq.jpg)

lee ryan from boyband blue was found guilty of racially aggravated assault of a black airhostess today.

his defence in court was "my bandmate is black so i can't be racist" kek

he offered his victim free tickets to the blue reunion tour as an apology lmfao.

No. 1471145

Nah, she was asking for insane amounts of money for alimony though. More than he was realistically making. I cant confirm if he bad mouthed her, but she essentially ruined his career comeback and that's why he disappeared for years. He doesnt even use social media.

No. 1471146

So many racists coming out of the woodwork. I hope he rots.

No. 1471149

25k/month for a child that needs 24 hour care is not insane. the judge found in her favor when he complained about it for a reason. stop simping for a moid.

No. 1471151

Nonnie I came to kindly tell you the word you are looking for is Etherial.
I hate Ham Smith so much

No. 1471155

I have never heard of a kid needing that much money per month. Are they severely mentally retarded? If that's the case, they are wasting resources.

No. 1471156

She's one of those kids who was never treated like why by ANYONE, hanging with grown rappers/dating them, it's kind of like Kylie Jenner, even know people don't realize how fucked it was how she was treated, because she doesn't fit the "victim" role.
Now we have people calling men predators for dating 25 year olds while 35 (They are gross and probably predatory) but I was thinking about how we had a few cases of grown ass men dating/hanging with underaged girls and that not being a "Huge" deal in the 2010's. Even now some of it slips through the cracks.

No. 1471157

kek nonna it’s ethereal

No. 1471158

2 people have said this now and neither of you realised she intentionally misspelled it to make fun of her piss yellow outfit. truly the room temp iq containment thread

No. 1471160

wow my mind is blown, I googled the word she used because i wa confused and it is connected to piss, i thought she was saying she smelled like piss or was pissy.

No. 1471163

That anon's humor was just too advanced.

No. 1471166

File: 1673566108742.jpg (54.08 KB, 692x850, FmSEHkPWYAILQNm.jpg)

it's zayn's 30th birthday. he's gained five stone and now looks slightly less junkie-ish than usual.

(i'm so used to him being skeletal that i genuinely had to check this wasn't an edit kek)

No. 1471170

>five stone

No. 1471171

he looks bloated

No. 1471173

Anon's using British people talk. It doesn't look like he gained that much to me.

No. 1471174

File: 1673566485997.jpg (213.8 KB, 1080x1920, bd161cca54c517263b6f1ce2f81b8b…)

i'm joking, idk how much weight he's gained exactly but you can def see it just by looking at his face.

No. 1471176

oh 5 stones is british people talk for weight got you, I thought it was like a HArry Potter joke or some shit

No. 1471177

kek sorry nonnie. 1st = 14lb = ~6.5kg

No. 1471194

File: 1673567277837.jpg (136.2 KB, 840x910, FmTyC1JWAAYeg7l.jpg)

taylor was a surprise special guest at a the 1975 concert today.

i think taylor has a great body but this dress is not particularly flattering.

No. 1471216

File: 1673568484465.jpeg (89.33 KB, 1032x871, roiland charges.jpeg)

Oooo wee! Justin Roiland faces felony domestic violence charges

No. 1471222

That’s crazy imagining being in the shoes of someone whose loved one got horrifically killed by a psychotic man and years later the murderer becomes a pop culture icon and some trendy actor gets to collect accolades on behalf of pretending to be a killer while you go buy flowers to put on your sons grave. Although truly I blame Ryan Murphy who decided to make this shit and not the actor.

No. 1471226

> racist
Was he? I thought that was made up.

No. 1471230

men who are associated with edgy media always turn out to be absolute scum. like when are we as a society going to accept males aren't capable of ironically liking things, or finding deeper meaning in them. if a man says he likes something shitty then he's probably got a woman locked in his basement.

No. 1471233

He lived in a low-income area and targeted men nearby, so several of his victims just happened to be black due to the demographics of his area. He also murdered white men too, but people tried to spin it as a racially motivated crime

No. 1471235

Didn't his sister just get in trouble for refusing to pay a photographer too? What's up with them.

No. 1471236


No. 1471239

lmao yes! Before it was revealed that it was Amy Roiland I totally recognized her voice in the unhinged voice messages kek

No. 1471241

dahmer defenders? on my lolcow??? where has my country gone…

No. 1471248

I love Aleena and she's absolutely gorgeous, you'd never guess she licks snails

No. 1471254

File: 1673570299624.jpg (131.1 KB, 1024x1280, FmEcNvtXwAENWG6.jpg)

miley's new song is called flowers and it's a response to the song her ex publicly dedicated to her. the release date is on his birthday too kek.

No. 1471255

she dated bruno mars? how did i miss this

No. 1471257

oh no lmfao, liam just used bruno's songs to cringeily serenade her. that's why everyone was saying bruno was the child stuck in the middle of the cyrus-hemsworth divorce when they broke up.

sorry, i badly worded that first post kek. i guess i overestimated how much random miley knowledge people have lmao

No. 1471270

>liam just used bruno's songs to cringeily serenade her
I'll presume that's why they broke up

No. 1471319

He looks like a psychopath in the same way Tobey Maguire (or Ellen Degeneres) does; at first glance he might look attractive, friendly and trustworthy, but once you look at a couple of images or watch some interviews where his dead eyes are on display, you realize that he's just putting on a pro-social facade to hide the anti-social emptiness and urge to murder women within.
I feel sad for her. Like others have already stated, this girl had zero chance of becoming someone well-adjusted.
Pretty sure he was also accused of trying to date 17 year-olds at the age of 25. Google "Justin Roiland creep" and said allegations will come up

No. 1471325

hang on, i thought it was impossible for soft uwu bi men to be problematic? i thought they were all leftists with an extensive nail polish collection?

No. 1471334

File: 1673575202439.jpeg (355.44 KB, 737x1167, 9DBD90CF-00B9-4677-9384-D85C7F…)

Lisa Marie has passed unexpectedly

No. 1471336

File: 1673575286407.png (828.94 KB, 1122x863, LMP.PNG)

No. 1471343

File: 1673575597792.png (18.82 KB, 582x225, 4.png)

lil nas x came out as bi

No. 1471361

Oh my god this is heartbreaking. Praying for her children and Priscilla.

No. 1471365

Wonder if it was drugs that caused the arrest.

No. 1471368

tbh i'm sick and tired of bisexual celebs calling themselves gay/les when all along they were capable of feeling attraction to the opposite sex. they're all just playing into the "it's a phase" "you just need to find the right guy/girl" "everyone's a little bisexual" "hearts not parts" propaganda.

No. 1471377

Sounds like coke abuse

No. 1471380

Clot shot and prior drug use doesn’t mix well

No. 1471384

was she on drugs? she looked strange at the golden globes

No. 1471388

She already looked dead two days ago >>1469775

No. 1471417

there's a chance he's just "bi" (attracted to men and tims aka men)

No. 1471429

Bad news week for the friends of Ethan Klein huh

No. 1471485

so nonnies, are salma's boobs fake too? christina hendricks? stfu about marina. and to the anon that keeps sperging that they are "hard" and round as opposed to squishy, how TF would you know what they feel like? just say you're jealous of her tits and move on

No. 1471491

Nonna you're the one bringing her up days after everyone else has moved on

No. 1471501

Yes, nobody cares any more kek.

No. 1471507

Didn't Salma say her tits got bigger after the menopause or some shit? I don't remember exactly…

No. 1471510

Didn't her son kill himself recently too? Shit couple of years for Priscilla Presley and Riley Keough.

No. 1471518

And the rest of her family, obviously, those were just the two that came to mind first.

No. 1471519

Shut up, damn.

No. 1471520

Some nonnies just love rehashing three day old arguments after the rest of us have moved on don't they?

No. 1471537

File: 1673586752934.png (1.8 MB, 1403x905, Godsmack.PNG)

Not that anybody gives a shit but holy fuck does this seem like a pairing generating by an AI.

No. 1471556

Why do men, especially old men, love bragging about old flings? Just makes them look pathetic.

No. 1471558

Especially Godsmack. I had forgotten they even existed until this.

No. 1471568

I'm actually genuinely thinking Brad Pitt paid them to say this stuff. Like a PR move since this is, I think, the first acting awards show since that stuff last October.

No. 1471569

Samefag, I just realized that's basically what the post I replied to said kek. Sorry.

No. 1471570

Honestly probably not even that big a stretch.

No. 1471571

I'd tell everyone if I dated someone incredibly famous in the past.

No. 1471572

Salma's are, actually. Christina Hendricks is fat and wears corsets.

No. 1471574

who are you replying to

No. 1471575

thats not chub, get help

No. 1471579

not to be that person but like… whether he really is actually bi or just gay but also into tims, when it comes to men no one actually believes that "hearts not parts" "everyone's a little bit bi" shit. any man who is not entirely straight is basically gay in the eyes of the general population, he's unlikely to be seen as an example of "fluid sexuality" but rather backtracking and going back into the closet

No. 1471631

His pretentious "im gay" persona always stroke to me that he would be bi larping as gay for internet points.

No. 1471646

Karma got her for starring in the movie that shifts history and glorifies people that enslaved and sold people.

No. 1471650

What?? That's too young to have a cardiac arrest, must have been drugs. Poor Riley and the twins

No. 1471654

why do you have higher standards for black women compared to other women??

No. 1471659

Wrong. Testimony from a man he raped:
>In July of 1979, Jeffrey Dahmer was sent to my unit HHC 2/68 Armor. From the beginning, Jeffrey was a very racist individual. He was in his room in the barracks drinking Beefeaters gin and using racist epithets. He often talked about how his father taught him that he was better than everybody else. On October 5, 1979, I reenlisted for four more years in the Army. My platoon sergeant asked me to train Jeffrey, who was the new man in the unit. My platoon sergeant told me that after I returned from training Jeffrey in the field, he would send me to the sergeant board to be promoted.

>Between October 5 and October 25, 1979, I was in the field with Jeffrey. At that time, Jeffrey was not licensed, and I had to do all of the driving. The training was with a tank unit and we were providing medical support. The last three or four days of the field exercise, our vehicle broke down and was towed to the train station, where we had to wait until the completion of the field exercise. During this three or four-day period. I was isolated and alone with Jeffrey. Somewhere in that time frame, I was sexually assaulted, which included penetration. I believe that I was drugged because I lost time and have memory gaps. I must have been so ashamed because I had very little recollection of the event.

Never try to defend a gay (or straight) child-killing rapist scrote again kek.

No. 1471660

you get me! I was always skeptical but everyone else seemed to buy into it

No. 1471661

Seriously, fuck the creators of that show and every braindead consoomer who dicksucks it and Evan Peter because "omg but it's like so good". Literally shit for brains.

No. 1471675

File: 1673610700879.jpeg (194.49 KB, 828x1394, C925C7A1-B99A-4C86-81F9-985EB0…)

Nona was it this? >>>/ot/707098

No. 1471689

I hate to say this but I thought this was Dylan the troons face reveal. I was confused why this was in the celebrity section instead of.mtf. I'm sorry to whoever this woman is

No. 1471695

Yikes, always thought she looked sweaty and oily as hell no matter what. Something about her top lip makes me uncomfortable, like it's sticking up at all times and it looks smelly and painful.

No. 1471702

This one is a bit weird, looks like a butler’s uniform rather than a suit.

No. 1471718

File: 1673617653930.jpg (1003.49 KB, 3491x2048, oYpXj4R5F7ydqz3.jpg)

>Jacob Elordi (Nate from Euphoria) is on the shortlist to be the next Superman
I might jinx it but I pray to god this does not happen, he has a perfect natural masculine body and I don't want to see them ruin it when he likely has to roid up for playing a comic book superhero

No. 1471723

File: 1673618354093.jpg (28.26 KB, 400x494, Tom-Welling-Clark-Kent-dans-Sm…)

I'd love to see a pretty boy superman again, hopefully he won't go for the oversized steroid look.

No. 1471726

steroid freaks are the standard sadly, its impossible he won't have to roid up

No. 1471799

lmao if it’s between Jacob Elordi & Elliot Page we’re doomed

No. 1471802

weird take anon. i think he would be a great superman. i wanna see more superhero movie leads that looked like Christian Bale in batman. he looked huge but not roided out like the hemsworth guy in thor

No. 1471804

File: 1673624850705.png (1.15 MB, 854x864, Screenshot 2023-01-13 at 10.47…)

dropped pic

No. 1471913

RIP rock n’ roll princess, at least she didn’t die while taking a shit like her dad

No. 1471933

No. 1471934

Elvis died on the loo? Omg

No. 1471939

No. 1471964

File: 1673635230460.jpg (206.89 KB, 792x1671, bill.jpg)

No. 1471966

Celebs try not to become mega fatties when they stop doing coke and amphetamines challenge (Impossible)

No. 1471967

54. holyshit. this is so sad. Too many people are going in their 50s. Drugs and alcohol had to be a main factor if she didnt have a pre existing heart condition. RIP

No. 1471969

I'm sure I saw these, like, three threads ago…

No. 1471970

She looks good

No. 1471974

The hype is dying down now that she's no longer moids beloved underage (child) seductress, so now she's gotta get skinny and really sex it up.

No. 1471975

That's hard to come out with, especially as a man in the military. Dahmer is a piece of shit and anyone defending him needs to check their priorities. Rapists deserve only death. (or human experimentation.)

No. 1471985

File: 1673636026520.jpg (37.21 KB, 500x503, no-roids-needed.jpg)

Robert Pattinson refused to roid up for his recent role in Batman. Not all of them do this. He simply just worked out more and ate a certain diet. Maybe it's just marvel meatheads that do this.

I grew up with Smallville and had the biggest crush on Tom as Clarke.

No. 1471986

Adding Dahmer was shit. He also wouldn’t wear glasses in court room because he refused to look the victim’s families in the eye. Pathetic, vile coward.

No. 1472022

Nobody defended Dahmer, I was just wondering about whether he was racist, because I had recently heard that the race angle was made up by the TV show. I'm still not convinced that he is, but I accept the possibility (one statement versus a lifetime of being attracted to and dating colored people, idk how to weigh that, the guy was a lunatic).

Just because someone is shit doesn't mean every single negative attribute correctly characterizes them and it's perfectly okay to ask questions and clarify.

No. 1472033

Anon he covered a black penis in white foundation.

No. 1472039

the ellen page thing was a joke from a parody account.

No. 1472046

I'm confused. Is it so far-fetched to believe a serial killer in the 1970s is racist when most of his victims were black? Please dpnt say colored people. that's really cringe

No. 1472056

By that standard most of Asia is racist for unironically wearing white face kek.

Seriously though I never followed Dahmer closely, and I'm not invested in him being racist or not.

It's not far fetched, it's just not a given, especially since he was attracted to those people and tried to be with them in his retarded serial killer way.

>Please dpnt say colored people. that's really cringe

What else? Not all of his victims were black.

No. 1472061

Do we really have people on this site defending Jeffrey fucking Dahmer now? WTF…

No. 1472066

So raping and dismembering black men and then painting one their genitals white wasn’t racist? How is that the same as putting on makeup yourself?

No. 1472070

Killing black people isn't inherently racist is all I'm saying.

No. 1472071

They really want to ignore
>>Dahmer kidnapped a 14 year old black kid and drilled holes in his head to make him a sex slave
>>Dahmer raped a man and was extremely rapist in military prior.
>>Dahmer raped and dismembered black men primarily and investigators discovered he had painted at least one set of genitalia white

No. 1472072

More bait in the celebricows thread, what a shock!

No. 1472074

Are you illiterate?

No. 1472075

But Dahmer was. That’s the point

No. 1472078

I know some people like to pretend that race never has any bearing in real life, but this is ridiculous. You can be attracted to people who aren't white and still be racist. We literally see men do the same shit when they're misogynistic and still fuck women.

No. 1472081

Keep defending a piece of shit rapist murderer then.

No. 1472084

I don't even disagree, my whole point is merely that him killing black people is not in itself evidence of that.

Serial killers kill people they have no particular problem with or animosity against. A good example are those homosexual serial killers who pick up random guys they think are hot and then brutally murder them, while having the same skin color and ethnicity as their victims.

These people don't have the same motivations as sane people.

No. 1472086

>I'm still not convinced
Someone who actually knew him and was victimized him is lying, your source: "I watched Dahmer uwu, btw it's not like you can be racist and want to fuck and harm someone of the race you look down on at the same time!! It's not like scrotes don't do that all the time!! Jeez he liked colored people, I'm just asking questions and clarifying"
Shut the fuck up, retard. Go gobble the dead rapist's dick on hybristophile twitter or wherever you came from.

No. 1472087

Are you going to say he wasn't a pedo next?

No. 1472089

Why are you so mad? I didn't even watch Dahmer because it got such bad reviews.

No. 1472091

>Why are people mad I'm defending a pedophilic racist murderer?
You surely must have a defective (Y) chromosome, or be woefully deficient in some other way.

No. 1472093

Are you genuinely very unintelligent, or are you intentionally trying to start shit?

No. 1472096

He wasn't even a cannibal.

No. 1472099

Every single one of your posts has shown that you're either baiting hard or extremely retarded. Wild that this thread has degenerated to attracting this kind of shit.

No. 1472103

>>During his confession in 1991, Dahmer himself admitted to eating various parts of his victims, including hearts, livers, biceps, and pieces of their thighs, even going as far as preparing and seasoning the organs before consuming them. Pieces of his victims' remains — including two human hearts — were found in his refrigerator upon the time of his arrest

No. 1472106

The sub-IQ Dahmerfag ITT trying to convince anons he wasn't racist makes it hard to tell whether you're being sarcastic or not.

No. 1472109

He didn't even kill anyone tbh

No. 1472118

Of course not, he is literally a fictional character from a TV show.

No. 1472125

A handful of coloreds just disappeared and zoomers really spinned it into the crime of "murder", smh

No. 1472127

Not to be rude, but don't be stupid Nonnas kek. Nta.

No. 1472128

(this was sarcasm, pls don't ban jannies)

No. 1472148

don't care about these people but omg i'm so shocked he was the best looking one of them all now he looks like your average indian fuckboy wannabe. what a shame

No. 1472196

File: 1673642922217.jpg (50.19 KB, 893x795, 6bcfbddd6c3aab80443f4df716f16d…)

tbh he's still the best looking one, the white ones have all aged horribly for 30. especially louis kek. like c'mon this is a man in his 50s

No. 1472207

File: 1673643490656.png (1.68 MB, 1280x1283, tumblr_f0e6e1acb15f0367f683df7…)

samefag, just for comparison reasons, here's niall…

No. 1472211

File: 1673643773313.jpg (119.63 KB, 1200x630, 8d129908-44c3-4e9c-ad1b-c07a31…)


No. 1472215

File: 1673643905719.png (488.6 KB, 655x580, apablazatejo.png)

and liam.

idk if it's fame, drugs, or being br*tish, but they aren't ageing great kek. female celebs who age like this are torn apart by the tabloids, drives me crazy and double standards.

No. 1472234

Cant wait for him to go bald. Look at that hairline.

No. 1472241

Amazing legs tho

No. 1472254

you'd think he'd get it treated with all his millions, or accept his fate and shave it off. nothing more pathetic than a man clinging onto his wisps of hair.

No. 1472259

File: 1673645694538.jpeg (113.58 KB, 1200x800, harry-bird-feeder-1670621100.j…)

british men called harry are all hilariously bald

No. 1472289

why doesn't he just get hair plugs? he doesnt have a reputation for being bald yet, he still has time
ironically since he was never hot his looks have deteriorated the least. zayn is still the most attractive among them, which is why he acts like the biggest knob

No. 1472385

File: 1673651681306.jpg (27.79 KB, 310x465, 0_Liam-Payne-unveils-incredibl…)

to me, there is literally nothing knobbier on earth than liam's royal family fanart era kek

No. 1472387

The Royal Family itself kek?

No. 1472391

they can't help being born, but liam can help painting artwork of them!

No. 1472393

File: 1673652358796.jpg (369.71 KB, 1280x1920, rih.jpg)

the boob area is kinda tragically ill-fitting but she looks so cute here.

No. 1472396

Jimmy carr?

No. 1472397

Do you use kiwifarms? Because this sounds like some shit that q kiwifarmer would say

No. 1472398

KEK nonnie

No. 1472401

Yep like some white scrotes won't date white women who slept with black men (blacked as they call it) but will say it's different to sleep with mixed or black women (literally had some retard tell me this)

No. 1472402

I'm glad the Daahmer show won an award. After years of women's murders being mocked and re-enacted on stage for men to masturbate to, I'm glad scrotes are getting a taste of their own medicine. I don't care about rape ape on rape ape crime, you're trying to appeal to emotions I simply don't have.(not the thread for this. Please take it to 2X )

No. 1472403

Yeah but their mothers and sisters (plus the sister of one of the victims who they reacted her court break down perfectly) still suffer

No. 1472407

shows glorifying rapists and serial killers just help normalise these things, and the vast majority of the irl victims will be women. there is no feminist reason to support shit like dahmer just because the victims were scrotes. don't be a retard, nonnie. use your brain babes

No. 1472409

Hang on a second. Liam is the Irish one why the fuck is HE doing royal family fanart? Liam should be drawing car bombs and laughing

No. 1472411

Liam is from Wolverhampton nonna.

No. 1472417

What do you expect? The pickmeism crisis is exceptionally brutal amongst black women in the west. Most black women love males more than they can ever love themselves. Not to mention shouting out Johnny depp was probably a way to make herself feel good about defending a poor wittle xy against the ebil white women who keep oppressing everyone.(global rule 7 Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting). This applies to every poster.)

No. 1472420

i know these boring moids are interchangable, but liam isn't the irish one, he's just a chav from the midlands. niall is irish and zayn's mum is irish.

No. 1472422

so you're just gonna ignore >>1471047 or the hundreds of white celebs who supported depp on social media

No. 1472427

File: 1673654224831.png (1.14 MB, 1197x1018, avatarthewayofwater.png)

nonnies have you seen avatar 2 yet? it's currently on track to become the third highest box office gross ever, after the original avatar and avengers part 48578375

No. 1472428

> After years of women's murders being mocked and re-enacted on stage for men to masturbate to

No. 1472432

he's so flaming, this is likely just to cater to the female fans who are into him
i'd never believe that any moid who takes it in the ass could also genuinely like women

No. 1472433

I don't agree with you fully but the way the black community and women around me STILL treat Megan really showed me that it's kind of different. It's the same misogny but when you are a black woman like me and see how some black women are about black scrotes, it does "Feel" different. The other day I literally heard some woman saying she felt so bad for Torey Lanez and how she hoped MTS suffered because all he did was "Shoot at the ground" not at "her' he doesn't deserve that much jailtime. I can't explain it but I do somewhat get what you mean, but lolcow isn't the base place to have that conversation if you ARE legit someone whose trying to explain it and not just some retarded racist

No. 1472435

nah there's people who legit think he's faking being gay for some reason.

No. 1472440

and those people are dumb

No. 1472441

She's looking very Michael Jackson

No. 1472445

Nta but there’s countless movies depicting the murder of Sharon Stone, two movies based on Sylvia Likens, lots of media depicting torture of Junko Furuta and Im sure many more examples.

No. 1472447

He’s probably just talking about sucking troon dick.

No. 1472449

File: 1673654949687.jpg (38.58 KB, 308x427, article-2486979-192F3A5C000005…)

sharon tate, babes.

No. 1472451

yeah he said he liked that troon from Eurphoia when he was naming "Women" he'd date if he was straight. However, I legit could see him dating a bio-woman clout chaser. Like that girl from that meme. I think her name is Quinn or something.

No. 1472452

Damn. Sorry I’m an idiot kek.

No. 1472468

My comment does not refute that pickmeism exists anywhere else. Get some reading comprehension PLEASE.

Imo there really is no good place to have this conversation. I am also a black woman and tbh it's maybe because i hate moids of all races pretty equally because of personal experiences. Most divestors are pickmes and there are practically no dedicated radfem spaces for black women. I don't mind explaining it to anybody at this point.

No. 1472479

Quinta Brunson never shouted out Johnny Depp. The Brad Pitt thing was wrong but don't blatantly make stuff up.

No. 1472480


No. 1472488

I never really cared to see it, but I want to even less now that I've seen coomers posting about how you can see the teenage Na'vi character's ass on screen several times in the movie

No. 1472493

I'll pirate it once it's out on streaming platforms but I'm not very excited for it.

No. 1472494

those are 4chan edits of sigourney weaver's character, kiri.

No. 1472499

Nah, but my coworker did and she said the water effects were very good.

No. 1472501

avatar's success is so funny to me, like i feel james cameron could film a blank screen and people would pay a billion dollars to watch it.

No. 1472504

>My comment does not refute that pickmeism exists anywhere else
then why do you and the other posters ITT constantly keep singling out black pickmes specifically over any other race? kind of suspicious..

No. 1472555

Yeah I bet it's this. He's offended some of his fakeboi stans in the past because he tweeted about how much he loves penis iirc

No. 1472557

you'd think daily facials from harry styles would keep you looking young but apparently not…

No. 1472560

File: 1673663940843.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.58 KB, 1002x1187, FmY-7K3acAAYrNR.jpeg)

Lana posted a nip pic which Instagram promptly deleted kek she's getting desperate

No. 1472562

No. 1472566

she has nice legs

No. 1472570

File: 1673665004673.png (1.24 MB, 1550x1645, EXCLUSIVE One Direction fans g…)

lbr harry's cum must be like battery acid.

No. 1472571

File: 1673665054598.png (74.04 KB, 862x573, Screenshot 2023-01-14 at 02-53…)

like everyone who meets him says he stinks. i know he's rotting.

No. 1472597

File: 1673667634695.jpeg (382.07 KB, 828x756, 30F650D2-015F-41F1-9DDD-7FB5A7…)

phoebe spotted with bo burnham at the airport

No. 1472599

File: 1673667794009.jpg (107.29 KB, 962x1280, tumblr_1be8ed6ceb4e998874b018a…)

the young queen of the north or whatever she was in game of thrones has come out as "a person" kek. i hate these nlogs so much.

No. 1472600

Two annoying, obnoxious attention whores who deserve each other. A match made in heaven.

No. 1472601

Damn, I wish I could be a person too. Unfortunately I was born a woman.

No. 1472602

i feel like we called this a few threads ago? both are insufferable so igss it's good they're concentrating their awfulness in one spot instead of letting it spread to others

No. 1472603

he's gorgeous ugh. I hope he doesn't ruin himself.

No. 1472604

groundbreaking phoebi is queering bisexuality by exclusively dating men

No. 1472606

kek, right? if only the stupid bimbos of afghanistan would just learn how to identify as a person instead of a dumb girl, then they'd be allowed basic human rights. it's so simple!

No. 1472608

ugly white woman becoming gender fluid? color me shocked

No. 1472609

We need to fly a plane over Afghanistan and drop leaflets to tell them they can just stop identifying as women. Same with Iran. Heck, I think we just solved all sex based problems world wide, we need to started printing.

No. 1472612

It makes me mad that an attractive, successful, famous bisexual woman, who would have no trouble finding women to date, only dates the fugliest males imaginable. "Everyone's a little gay" my ass. If I were her I'd have sworn off guys forever.

No. 1472619

>Famous bisexual woman
Imagine believing this

No. 1472624

it was the mid 80s to early 90s actually

No. 1472642

Her face kind of looks like Mark Hamill to me

No. 1472647

File: 1673673173342.png (270.37 KB, 521x530, Screenshot 4.png)

I love how her queer fans are literally seething about this, like there wasn't any reality where she wouldn't end up with a tall, straight white guy like every other queer woman

No. 1472661

File: 1673675578205.jpeg (575.53 KB, 828x1431, 622823AB-B9BB-4783-BCD1-049DFD…)

in the quotes you have bi retards pushing the usual “sexuality is fluid” theyre so annoying

anyways the girl who is playing ellie in the live action TLOU came out as a retard

No. 1472664

Another young woman that thinks just wanting to be treated like a human being means they’re non-binary or gender fluid.

No. 1472667

Read the thread anon, someone already posted this an hour before you.

No. 1472673

This is such an unflattering picture of her. Hard to imagine someone’s ever called her a he.

No. 1472679

File: 1673679343299.gif (Spoiler Image,9.92 MB, 540x360, 247c353540fa10ecdb57bc783876c5…)

Late but the fact they chose a notable "teen heart-throb" to play a psychotic serial rapist/murder and then had a lingering scene of him working out with oiled up abs says everything I needed to know kek. Picrel got this off of some fag's Tumblr.

No. 1472680

I'm allowed to say this cause I'm Irish but blonde Irish men are so fucking unfortunate

No. 1472682

Isn't it funny it's always ugly people that say that shit

No. 1472684

Probably because ugly women get regularly kicked out of womanhood, since we're literally supposed to be pretty objects according to patriarchy?

No. 1472687

Who's kicking them out? A sexist media that promotes convention? Denouncing your sex doesn't help you; don't just throw the towel in the ring because you're not being validated how you want.

Like is Emma D'Arcy non binary cause she wants male roles?

No. 1472688

You can’t kick a woman out of womanhood.

No. 1472691

I'm not saying what she's doing is the right thing, I just happen to have a smidge of sympathy and can see where this is coming from. Women are objectified, seen as the aesthetically pleasing sex, the fairer sex, so what happens if you're ugly? Even here every other ugly women is tinfoiled to secretly be a TiM and it seems like the only way to beat that is if they come out as NB ironically enough.

No. 1472692

samefag before the screeching begins, I'm referring with "they" to a group of women who are tinfoiled about, I'm not respecting any pronouns or whatever

No. 1472695

> She said: 'I guess my gender has always been very fluid. Someone would call me she or her and I wouldn’t think about it, but I knew that if someone called me he it was a bit exciting.'

It's actually far more retarded than that.

No. 1472697

Despite her best efforts Emma D’Arcy is quite pretty.

No. 1472698

Ayra stark looks weird af imo but she owns it

No. 1472729

How is calling yourself "non-binary" beating that? Tons of other NBs wear makeup and are conventionally attractive. "Ugly" women who do this are still seen ugly women, just obnoxious, narcissistic "ugly" women. Not being attractive isn't a gender (unless you're a man ig).

No. 1472730

> Not being attractive isn't a gender (unless you're a man ig).

No. 1472734

Massive cope. I'm sick of the hybristophiles stinking up the place. Nobody with a brain wants to see murderer/rapist scrotes glorified. If you think he respected women just because he killed other males, you are a gormless retard.

No. 1472750

I wish more male on male sexual abuse was shown on shows so men knew rape wasn't a cool gotcha towards women and an actual active threat for men too. Men only care about stuff if they're also in danger and the more rape is shown as a sexual crime towards people rather than a porn scene to humiliate women, the better.

No. 1472753

File: 1673687343435.jpeg (Spoiler Image,557.19 KB, 640x680, 4A416EBC-1C29-4CAD-87A6-5D90FD…)

We aren’t supporting dahmer, we just support male rape. Read this and tell me moids don’t deserve to be violently raped. This is how they all think. The more men being raped, the less women being raped, the more psychologically damaged men out there who won’t be a danger to women.(mental illness or baiting)

No. 1472754

>Azalea Banks doing all she can to infuriate white christian men
Kek. Love her for that.

No. 1472755

Nope, not interested in it

No. 1472756

Men already get raped, lmao. They're just too pussy to go tok the police and admit the tranny they paid to fuck or their male friend abused them. They also think women getting raped is natural while men getting raped makes him less of a man and that's why they'll never report their rapists and let the rapist roam freely like they accuse women of doing.

No. 1472757

They awarded an umpteenth portrayal of a serial killer based on Dahmer's bs victim narrative of 'needing to kill so he won't be alone'. It's pathetic

No. 1472759

Rape is criminally underreported in women, because male police officers think like >>1472753
Every time a scrote gets his ass torn apart by a bigger stronger scrote, an angel gets her wings. Every man who dedicates his life to raping other men has a special place in my heart. Deliverance is my favourite movie of all time. That was a beautiful rape scene and if I had a depraved sexuality id probably masturbate to it, but instead it just warms my heart and soul.

No. 1472760

Without even looking at the numbers I can confidently say that is almost entirely international box office returns vs domestic, because idk a single person who’s seen that or wants to see it. I doubt it will even be in the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time for U.S. domestic box office. I looked up Titanic, it grossed $600 million in the U.S., and that was in 1997 money. No way Avatar 2 is topping that kek

No. 1472762

Absolutely unhinged.

No. 1472765

>if I had a depraved sexuality id probably masturbate to it
extreme fujoshi brainrot

No. 1472766

Rape is underreported in women because cops don't believe us, rape is underreported in men because men don't care about their rapists raping anyone in the future and only care about how their ego will be tarnished.

No. 1472767

I barely even know what that means. I don’t understand anime words like that. I don’t have a husbando. I’m not a weeb.

No. 1472769

>If I dislike you you're a fujo!!
As a fellow fujo hater, you're retarded and probably projecting, weeb-chan.

No. 1472772

This is what I hear when I see nonnies talk about the following: Fuji’s, waiffles, husbandoos, aname,

No. 1472773

sure jan. btw
>The more men being raped, the less women being raped, the more psychologically damaged men out there who won’t be a danger to women.
if you think psychologically damaged men, esepcially those who've been sexually abused, aren't a danger to women, you're either an idiot or a retarded larper. if not some sort of extreme fujoshi, likely some hard femdom-obsessed scrote jerking off to the idea of fetishistic manhating radfems.

do you know what the word "extreme" means, or? if you can type "i'd masturbate to rape/murder of men" (or women, but i've fortunately not seen that here yet), you're lying if you're claiming you don't have a depraved sexuality.

No. 1472774

> if you can type "i'd masturbate to rape/murder of men", you're lying if you're claiming you don't have a depraved sexuality.
This, even aside from how demented those posts are, the "I would masturbate to it" comes completely out of the left field. Yeah no shit that goes without saying and bringing it up at all like that makes it sound like a lie to cover your ass.

No. 1472775

IF I had a depraved sexuality, id masturbate to it. But I don’t so I enjoy it platonically.

No. 1472777

Why the fuck do I need to lie? It’s anon. I’m already admitting it makes me happy when men are raped, what would be the harm to admitting I’m an “Fiji” or whoever. Go on /g/ you’ll see much worse kek.

No. 1472778

This is just stupid.

No. 1472780

Nta but love how you're acting like anons on /g/ don't admit to openly getting off to men getting raped, lmao.
Most abusive men haven't been abused. Most men who get abused don't hurt those around them but rather hurt themselves. Blaming men's "psychology" for their wrong doings is retarded and it won't make any of us more likely to care about a man who got his shit wrecked. Boo fucking hoo.(derailing)

No. 1472781

File: 1673689272567.jpeg (52 KB, 475x356, 30a.jpeg)

No. 1472782

What does your insane sperg out have to do with celebricows? I think you're a tranny who gets off on making others read depraved rape fantasies.

No. 1472784

I'm not the anon you were arguing with, schizo. Stop justifying men's crimes by saying they did it because they were traumatized. Men don't rape because they got raped, they do it to hurt women and you're a retard if you think we should feel bad for men who commit crimes.

No. 1472785

File: 1673689462560.jpeg (22.92 KB, 247x224, 2073A67A-4316-484D-AF83-CA2CCE…)

No. 1472786

so because /g/ has degenerates, anon isn't a degenerate? that works even less in her or your favor lol, what are you trying to say?
nothing you said changes the fact that psychologically damaged men are still a danger to women. a moid doesn't magically become incapable or less likely to abuse, exploit or take out his anger on a woman just becuse it happened to him, moron. no one's asking you to care, just don't be delusional and use it to justify weird-ass fetishposting. put it in /g/ if you like, but stop claiming it's politics.

No. 1472788

>men only hurt women because they got abused in the past! We shouldn't let poor men get abused!!

No. 1472791

Report and ignore please.

No. 1472792

>if i greentext shit no one ever said, surely i'll look less retarded!
i agree with the other anon, you must be a tranny seething we won't feed into your rape kink. 41%.

No. 1472794

I'm not the og anon who started the discussion but I disagree with anons who think men act abusive because they've gotten abused in the past. Most abusive men have been bullies their whole lives and you can't blame their traumas or shit for the way they are.

No. 1472795

>anons who think men act abusive because they've gotten abused in the past
no one you've responded to this far thinks that. you have poor reading comprehension. abused men are not magic uwu safe softboys and no one here will ever be convinced they are. moids will moid, mental problems do not cancel out bullying behaviors.

No. 1472799

Abused men aren't magical or anything but that still doesn't mean I'll feel bad for them. Even men mock fellow men who got abused, why should I care?

No. 1472800

no one said to care, we're saying we don't want to hear your fantasies.

No. 1472802

I'm not the anon who posted about it being her fantasy and how she'd get off to it if she was a degen. Take your pills, schizo.(stop derailing retard.)

No. 1472803

once again, 41%.

No. 1472805

Calling me a tranny isn't going to change the fact that your small brain can't tell anons apart, schizo. Go and take your pills.

No. 1472811

You must be too low IQ to realize that no one here cares about your individual differences. You're posting the same shit and trying to defend it, degenerate coomers get the fuck out.

No. 1472814

I love that this pic became a meme Kek

No. 1472816

I'm not defending anons views, I'm saying abuse doesn't change men for the worse and that I don't care if men get abused, schizochan.

No. 1472817

No. 1472820

As long as you keep replying, the tranny will keep replying.

No. 1472822

If you don't care why are you replying?

No. 1472839

File: 1673694340799.png (552.87 KB, 463x680, FWpUu_AaQAEbip1.png)

This is only further proof that males should be aborted as soon as they're identifyable. They can't be "abwused uwu" or abuse if they were never born.(derailing)

No. 1472844

avatar2 will be at about $575m in north america by the end of this long weekend. of course most of its money is international, but it's hardly flopping in america.

No. 1472859

File: 1673697237742.png (229.62 KB, 512x417, 1673656963489617.png)

related to this, In light of the recent arrest of Justin Roiland, some interesting animation industry exploits have been exposed by animator, Nicholas Walstrom (otherwise known as Walrusguy). Walstrom has confirmed multiple things about men in animation, and also confirmed that about half of the things in that EZ PZ western animation industry expose are actually true. Some highlights include:
>Alex Hirsch is an obsessives control freak and shat in a trashcan
>Joe Barbera was a serial sexual harasser and PR covered for him, saying "He's just from a different time." This is one of those "open secrets"
>Dino Stamatopoulos (Moral Orel creator) is a gross cocaine addict, and he sexually assaulted Gillian Jacobs

No. 1472863

most likely a troon trolling but if your a woman, I hope you a safe and happy transition

No. 1472867

I knew it, this is just my opinion but that show always gave me demonic, deeply rotten vibes, like whoever created it lacked selfcontrol and humanity. Turns out he's in fact impulsive and inhumane

No. 1472868

Quendilla or something like that is who youre thinking off. I agree. Shes annoying too. Last time I saw her on tiktok, she was crying over some expensive couch she bought. She was crying over the fact of buying it as a joke or something. Ya know, influencers really showing their struggles in this world lol. Oops bought a couch I put in my card info for.

No. 1472869

File: 1673699608968.webm (1.23 MB, 406x720, 1671891758998.webm)

Dan Harmon(co-creator of the show and open coomer) literally acted out a sketch where he pretend to rape a baby as a parody of Dexter

No. 1472876

No. 1472882

i saw it, better than the 1st one. there are some plot holes but it wasn’t bad for a 3 hour runtime

No. 1472889

File: 1673703595731.png (200.17 KB, 753x610, ew.png)

Ryan Murphy is a total PoS he's always had a hardon for serial killers, everyone knew when it came out he was making the show it'd be some faggot fetish shit, He's done stuff about Richard Ramirez and John Wayne Gacy as well as having Evan Peters play Charles Manson before all in AHS, he's obsessed with serial killer pedo rapists because he's a total fucking edgelord who idolises them anytime he does anything with them in his shows he always portrays them as "cool" and glosses over their crimes unless to show how edgy they are and the actual damage/destruction they did to still living victims or their families not to mention the tortureporn of female characters face in any show/film he makes like getting forcefully impregnated, gangraped, blinded and horrifically murdered 80% of the time, he seems to be the classic gay who hates women everything he makes comes off like he's standing behind the camera with his dick in hand, he's just like those people who send letters to serial killers in prison and get tattoos of their names he's also accuses people or the media of being homophobic when they criticise his blatant fetishism because of his constant use of real people who existed and/or were murdered in anything he makes, it's all just jerkoff material for him

No. 1472891

you're right. I'm not sure why other nonnies are acting dense. men are scum and there's no denying what they do to women regardless of looks, but when it comes to ugly girls a lot of the mistreatment starts from other women in their family and girls in school

No. 1472905

File: 1673705646455.jpg (67.43 KB, 640x640, ahsramirez.jpg)

There was also the Ted Bundy one with Zac Efron, the other Dahmer biopic with Jack Lynch and the richard ramirez biopic with some model, I'm imagining an edmund kemper biopic with some tall hot dude playing him like Nate from euphoria or something

No. 1472916

i wish chris colfer would write a tell-all about glee instead of those children's books. i just KNOW ryan murphy was inappropriate with him back when he was the baby of the glee cast.

No. 1472928

I wish the average latin moid would look like this literal who, they're all so pudgy.

No. 1472931

So, do scrotes ever say or think "Oh, no point in mistreating this one. That's not a woman, that's an enby. Misogyny cancelled"?

No. 1472939

Ryan clearly has a rape fetish I can't think of a season American Horror Story without a rape scene in it and that with the rumours of him being inappropriate with young actors in stuff he's worked on I will not be surprised if it comes out that he was/is doing some Weinstein type shit

No. 1472946

that's not what I'm saying. it's the fact that they feel like they have to turn to that bullshit in the first place because they can't be accepted anywhere simply for existing as an ugly woman

No. 1473015

I wish you a merry y chromosome based early death.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1473091

File: 1673720966730.gif (9.65 MB, 500x414, tumblr_f3ea1ddff81e4fdebd28020…)

I wish the average latin moid would look like Richard(hybristophilia. )

No. 1473101

wait why does everyone hate bo Burnham now

No. 1473102

she's sounding a lot like that "umbrella consent" girl lately. pickme handmaiden. pickmaiden? phoebme?

No. 1473103

her music is so shit and boring but i have a big ol' basic lesbian crush on her and this is a hot picture

No. 1473137

i'm willing to bet actual money that the woman was also distantly related to him

No. 1473138

>if he'd just gone "yeah i wore the nazi outfit because i was 20 and dumb as fuck" people might like him more.
this EXACTLY. thank you nonnnie

No. 1473142

she looks like one of those "i got a haircut therefore i am KWEER" girls who have nice asses that they never let other women touch so i don't even understand the point of telling us you're supposedly into them. t. sad lonely lesbian

No. 1473143

ew, tramadol isn't even fun. who actively chooses to take it?

No. 1473146

is she the one that had that "frugal single mother" cooking blog that i actually thought was really fun? with the brown bread/stale bread ice cream recipe all the health nuts went crazy for? if that was her then i'm sad that she turned out to be a lying douche. that blog was quite cute and not too insufferable, considering it was a literal mommy blog.

No. 1473148

good. maybe britney will finally have a real freidn she can actually trust.

No. 1473149

there is, it's called Westlife

No. 1473150

he has kind of like…a nazi face? i mean like, he looks like when people post WW2 photos of young german soldiers going fishing or mowing the lawn to illustrate the complexities of war or whatever

No. 1473151

Also Boyzone.

No. 1473152

no one cares, she's great.

No. 1473154

this is shooped, her hips&thighs are even wider and hotter IRL