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No. 1416410

Ask away, dummies.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1399987

No. 1416411

Any job you can get with no diploma's (except high school) that's not retail-related?

No. 1416420

File: 1669022877301.jpg (371.39 KB, 1280x1018, Painter_Cat_Posters__27623.jpg)

Which paint is better for a beginner painter: acrylic or watercolor?

No. 1416429

kek cute threadpic
acrylics are easier to control, and there's more room for mistakes since you can just paint over as many times as you'd like. but they're so different so if you want to be a watercolor artist then just do watercolors, because painting in acrylics wont get you to be good in watercolor and vice versa

No. 1416445

Anything art related; at least in my country. All that matters is your portfolio

No. 1416449

What if you suck at art and don’t have any connections?

No. 1416453

Nta but everyone sucks at art/any craft when they first start out, you have go stick at doing it. With a good enough portfolio you can send it out to as many companies and you'll eventually get a junior position, obviously need to be polite and present as hard working etc. You can do UX design as it's the one you need least artistic talent for. And figma is still free and pretty easy to use.

No. 1416456

You don't need connections to be a junior graphic designer at a corporate advertising agency.

No. 1416490

Nta but a lot of agencies want you to at least have a bachelor’s degree. OP specifically asked what they can do with no diploma.

No. 1416492

We don't know where OP is from, as I've said in the first response, in my country no one asks for a degree

No. 1416519

Is it normal for a highschool chemistry student to have to memorize the entire periodic table perfectly, as well as all of the poly/mona ions by heart? As in we'd have fill in the blank tests. Not an advanced class just normal chemistry class.

No. 1416520

It's been quite long since I've been in high school but I really don't think so. That seems like a waste of time really, that time could be spent learning about what the elements can do and how they work. I study biochemistry in university and no one expects you to remember everything…

No. 1416536

File: 1669047292989.jpg (329.9 KB, 800x680, 1654206385741.jpg)

Hi, nonnies, does anyone get weird eye pain and did you fix it in any way? I woke up with my eyes in extreme pain…feeling tense, pressured, dry and extremely strained–it's even obvious visually because they're a lot more sunken looking when they feel like this, with deep hollows.
I'm not even sure if it's allergies. It doesn't go away with Zyrtec.

No. 1416582

Btw for >>1416469 no but we have an Sports team. Use the catalog tbh i would love to talk about the wc with another nonnie here

No. 1416586

I suggest going to a doctor, if the hollows of your eyes get noticably more hollow looking or your eyes seem bulgier, doctor asap always

No. 1416589

How specific are we talking? We had to memorize the numbers, abbreviations, and element names (filling out a blank table with all three) but not the atomic masses. I feel like that’d be overkill.

No. 1416637

Tried, unfortunately, and didn't really find much in the small tests they ran besides some minor deficiencies that megadosing has barely corrected. And yeah; it is noticeable. In the past I've had people gasp in horror, ask me if I'm ok or need 911, go on about how ill I look. I just always assumed I am just built to be exhausted or something but I guess it's getting so unbearable, especially because the rare good days I have feel so amazing so I know things can be better.

I've lost, like, 7 pounds this month without trying and I'm losing a bit more hair than usual but idk, the eye thing has been going on for years.

No. 1416639

Damn, I don't wanna scare you but any chance of tumors near eyes?

No. 1416692

File: 1669055216301.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 552.11 KB, 1280x1655, E8B19E9E-9EED-4A1F-AC88-FD4A8C…)

Where can I read "Miss don't touch me"? I need to know how it ends, or can anyone who has read it completely tell me how it ends? I need to know.

No. 1416708

can you microwave hotdogs after you already boiled them?

No. 1416722

Yes, but they'll end up dried up

No. 1416723

looks like the whole comic is up here: http://readallcomics.com/miss-dont-touch-me-the-complete-story-tpb/
the ending is quite sad tho, just a warning her mother steals all of her funds and the man she wants to marry is lobotomized for being gay. story ends with her alone and mourning losing both her mother and fiance.

No. 1416737

What are the most invasive Reddit user analyze tool things? Are there any where I can see what subs they have viewed or voted in?

No. 1416800

As an ESL I just want to know the difference between "pretty" and "beautiful". In which instance would you use either? Would you call a cat pretty or beautiful or does it depend?

No. 1416801

Why do people hate/dislike Ayn Rand? I'm not asking to cause infighting I actually want to know why so please Nonnas don't fight over if it's right to hate her or not.

No. 1416808

ESL too but i always understood it as
if that makes sense

No. 1416814

Beautiful is bigger and more elegant. Pretty is like beautiful and cute had a baby. Think you’d call a lover beautiful or a moving sunset. Pretty would be smaller and maybe more juvenile like telling a child her dress is very pretty. Beautiful is more formal.

No. 1416827

Pretty is quite superficial and just how something looks. It also has a feminine connotation and is used to mean things along the lines of dainty, sweet, charming. Beautiful is more substantial and evokes more of a feeling. It's more abstract and you can describe an experience as beautiful and not just how an object or person looks.

No. 1416838

File: 1669062435285.jpeg (155.78 KB, 1200x628, 5DC9DDD4-61DF-4844-8FAB-5B3E6D…)

Why do people hate Lore Olympus? I know there’s apparently a rape plot but whenever I try and read up on explanations I just get terribly online explanations.

No. 1416841

that pic is raping my eyes rn

No. 1416845

i think beautiful makes you feel something, like it moves you, your eyes light up etc, pretty is more of an observation

No. 1416846

its ugly as fuck

No. 1416856

Hades is a pedo, Persephone is depicted like a sexy toddler, the rape plot is treated like revenge porn, the art is inconsistent, all female characters are psychos

No. 1416860

Is it a bad idea to have sex with a moid who is seriously in love with me even though I have 0 emotional attachment to him whatsoever? I don't care about breaking his heart I just don't want to get stalked/murdered when I end things.

No. 1416862

Holy fuck. Not the original anon who asked but I loved that. Thank you for posting

No. 1416881

dont its dangerous.

No. 1416890

dont, you will regret this. Watch some porn.

No. 1416905

let me just start this by explaining that I'm not a moid. But I wonder how anons would react if their favorite artist on the lc doodle board was a moid or their favorite DJ in the streaming channel.

So how would you feel if it was a moid that made all the cute farmer pics and art?

No. 1416910

samefag but I forgot to actually say how I would feel. tbh this is why I don't trust some of the banners in the banner thread, some of them seem extremely male-aligned so I don't really comment on them. If moids lurk the site, then obviously they lurk the drawing board and the synctube. There's no way around it.

I'm not saying it's okay for them to be there, but in some cases we literally won't ever know. I just hope that some of the really cute and cool ones were drawn by actual women.

No. 1416915

Uh nonna did they check your thyroid? Maybe you have Graves disease. Or something else that causes high eye pressure? A glaucoma? Beetus? Please seek help, go to a different doc or something because these issues can get really bad if they're not treated.

No. 1416923

File: 1669065802728.jpg (96.7 KB, 563x825, 3c1f6befa45fb7e9bf5aa9d3c4002e…)

Where do I meet cute guys because I never see any. Extinct species.
I don't even want to date one just flirt with one maybe or hang out. My college's filled with neckbeard manlets.

No. 1416925

Why do so many “gamer girls” have the same room decor? Who started the vines on the ceiling trend and plushies on the floor, Does it get dusty quickly?

No. 1416926

male insecurity killed all the cute boys, now you are stuck with troons, incels, neonazis or fat retards

No. 1416928

Yeah I keep seeing these on dating apps. Wtf. And the guys with nice faces that I do see occasionally all have retarded beards and dress like they're stuck in 2012 hipster era. Or they're balding a 21.

No. 1416932


No. 1416939

Unless you meant meeting through tiktok and then going out irl ngl feels kind of gross to even think about doing that

No. 1416942

you're right i guess, i don't date. but a lot of cute looking guys with style pop upon my fyp so i can confirm a lot of them are there. do with that what you will

No. 1417083

why do i never get full with home made hotdogs? i can eat a single greasy hotdog from the corner stand and i get fulfilled for the rest of the day but when i make them at home i have to eat 6. Whats so special about the street hotdogs, is it the hotdog water? yes, i did eat 6 hotdogs today, and no i am not fulfilled

No. 1417130

my pleasure nona. if you enjoyed it you should read some other work by Kerascoët, Beauty was a fantastic read

No. 1417147

File: 1669079507456.png (143.06 KB, 600x600, 600D716B-B96B-474B-BBFE-8FFCCE…)

Is it an abuse victim response to feel like crying and insanely guilty when your SO hurts themself to the point where all you can do is nervously laugh and be a little scared? Or is that how it is for everyone

No. 1417149

further details needed to understand question

No. 1417153

when you said "homemade hotdog" I thought you meant you were inside your house grinding up the meat by-products by hand and forming the hotdogs yourself and I could not comprehend your hot dog dedication

No. 1417163

Like if they stub their toe or something. It can be indirectly your fault (like left a box a bit in the walkway)or not

No. 1417180

i am scared to death of developing a hunchback is there any excercise i can do to stop it?

No. 1417219

File: 1669082653838.jpeg (161.82 KB, 659x659, A9940099-1128-49D7-85F8-B04CE2…)

My boyfriend is a chef and cooks 80% of the time, if not more. I was thinking about buying him an expensive kitchen appliance + a new cutting knife, but I am overthinking because it feels like an "our" gift and not just a him gift.
It benefits both of us, if that makes sense… and I feel absolutely selfish for it.
My question is, is it normal to gift that? or should I return it.

No. 1417220

Yes you should be laughing at their pain. Stop crying over a dumb ape ass male.

No. 1417221

A quality knife and kitchen tools are a great gift.

No. 1417222

NTA but I thought you meant they purposefully hurt themself to make you feel guilty.
But if you mean something like they just stubbed their toe on something and they got hurt… I think feeling a little guilty for a few minutes is natural, but beyond that, I think that it sounds like some kind of a trauma response. Some guilt is normal, but with how you describe it, it sounds like a bit of a problem. It's something you can work through though.

No. 1417242

I think a nice kitchen tool for someone who enjoys cooking (and cooks a lot) is a great gift, but I’d make sure it’s something they really want and will use. Stand mixers are great, but they take up a ton of space and kinda suck in a small apartment. Good knives are amazing and will last for years, but make sure you know which brand and type he wants, some people are picky as hell about their knives.

No. 1417250

Ok, so…nonnies…is it possible that someone can only really get a good rest during the day? I feel like shit pretty much constantly, always have, but there was one day where I talked to a friend all night (huge for me, I'm very shy + have jaw issues that make it hard to speak) and slept during the day. I woke up in the afternoon feeling so alive and amazing and flew out of bed. The sun also had been directly on me for hours. I felt amazing, my dormmates who had roasted me for being sick looking gasped and said I looked great, I could think so much more clearly, etc. It's just…when I slept again that night I woke up the next morning feeling like shit again. That one day was the only day I ever day day slept because my sleep schedule is the most generically "ideal" it can be.

No. 1417251

Which celebrities, cows or otherwise, would you most like to see go on a terf redemption arc where they became vocally gender critical? They don't have to be very famous or regularly posted in the celebricows thread

No. 1417257

humans are meant to take a mid-day nap at minimum, capitalism ended that. theres a reason small kids cry when they dont get naps, our bodies crave mid day rest

No. 1417258

I found a baby kitten and it has a very stuffy nose and is very skelly. I managed to give it a bit of gravy with a syringe and it’s drank water, but it doesn’t wanna eat. I thought it would after it tasted the gravy but no. It was only a very small amount and I’m worried about how bony it is. I plan on taking it to a vet tomorrow morning, it’s all bundled up, but what can I do in the meantime to get it to eat?

No. 1417264

Sounds like kitty has an Upper Respiratory Infection leading to loss of appetite, possibly a bacterial infection as well since it was outside and has a compromised immune system. Keep it warm and try to feed it later.

No. 1417269

It’s most likely a guy was just being friendly than flirty if his girlfriend was present right?

No. 1417277

You may have to keep feeding it with the syringe. If you can, get a can of powdered milk specifically for kittens (a lot of supermarkets have them in the pet care aisle, at least in Burgerland) and give it that through the syringe if it won't drink normally. When my mom put me in charge of a sick kitten back in the day, we fed him chicken-flavored human baby food with an antibiotic ground up and mixed into it, and it worked to get him eating and better. I'm hoping this helps, and I'm rooting for your little fella. ♥

No. 1417280

Is it possible to make friends through tumblr? By friends I mean someone you can regularly chat with outside of tumblr like on discord and talk about other interests with with, not just being friendly mutuals.

No. 1417360

Sure it's possible, but it depends on the person. If they have asks open, you could always ask them if they were open to talking on discord.
Also maybe this is dumb, but one ways I met a lot of people o could talk to was by hosting a stupid cards against humanity night for a fandom I was in, and I met people on discord for that. You could also start a discord fanclub for things you like or hobbies you have and invite people to join. Having a shared hobby makes it easier because you have something to talk about.

No. 1417391

I feel like such a complete fucking idiot.
Is there any hope for me in this scenario? I sold an item to a buyer, and basically, I completely fucked up on their address, everything is correct, except I thought they lived in Spain, when in reality, it's a Californian city with the same name as a place in Spain, so, the shipping label is all correct for the Californian city, down to the zipcode for it, except I wrote Spain on the package. The tracking shows it indeed went to Spain, but the tracking stops there (back on the 12th)
Am I fucked? Will they realize the issue from the zip code listed on there, and return it to me/correctly send it to the buyer? I can't find a concrete answer online

No. 1417395

I met a girl in the lolita tags back in 2011 on tumblr who happened to live in my town. we're still good friends to this day.
my two oldest friends were from a lemony snicket in '05 and they're both americans. e-friendships are dope and underrated imo

No. 1417398

I'm stoked, thank youu!!!

No. 1417418

File: 1669097739495.jpeg (14.76 KB, 500x279, sdfgbhnm.jpeg)

any nonas here like the monster energy drinks? the white ones or blue ones?? please hel me. how do i quit them???

i was in a very stressful and got hooked on them. i know theyre terrible, but i started drinking them everyday for 0 reason. now i have a better job with nice people but i cant stop buying them. they are so fucking sweet and nothing compares to it. i dont care about the energy or the free sugar aspects at all! i only drank them cause they tasted very sweet and i love sweet things, thats it i tried coke zero and its not sweet compared to monsters at all… i want to quit these awful drinks but i dont know how, i need their sugar rush and i hate it!!!

No. 1417421

I wish I could find e-friendships. All I tend to find are weird prolonged fight-ships with fakebois who love to alog people

No. 1417424

If the address doesn’t match to any in Spain (and I really doubt it does, especially if it’s a US postal code), they should return it to you. However, you might wanna pray that they’re competent enough to do so and within a reasonable time frame. Our shipping services aren’t the best a lot of the time…

No. 1417430

If anons on here love to talk about female separatism so much, how come no one has tried to do so yet?

At the very least you could start a small intentional community since so many people here are obsessed with homesteading as well. Tons of anons here love to brag about their great jobs, so it wouldn't be that hard to buy some property. Also with WFH jobs being so common these days a lot of people could move without losing their income.

No. 1417435

imo 1000% acrylic or guache if you want a middle ground. watercolor is so thin that when you fuck up you cant just go over it unlike an oil or acrylic. watercolor seems cheaper to start off with but investing in some mask tape, mask fluid, and other stuff to block off the water will help a bit.

No. 1417437

Come to movie nights

No. 1417439

The legality and how you set it up is complicated, because you either pool money together or use your own and people living on your property still want security like tennants rights basically. Wanting to farm your own produce has complicated legal shit around it nowadays too, so that's easier said than done. Nevermind that finding other misandrist women in your area is difficult and that leaving your life behind for a potentially 1970's style cult commune in a different (nation)state isn't necessarily appealing. You can't know beforehand what kind of place it is.

No. 1417446

Separatism doesn't have to mean becoming a farmer and living on a commune… chances are anons talking about separatism are simply doing their best to avoid the moid and cultivate relationships with women instead.

No. 1417451

You'd need to at least have money to fund the idea and the main ones rooting for separatism come from a low income background. Most women with money can buy their solitude from men anyways.

No. 1417459

File: 1669102682840.jpg (173.03 KB, 1800x1012, cars.jpg)

if youre at a red light behind a car and in front of another car, and the light is green but the car in front of you doesnt move, then the car behind you honks, do you assume the car is honking at you and get mad??
picrel you are the red car

No. 1417463

Yes.. hopefully for the gf's sake.

No. 1417464

Well, I was rooting for Aubrey, but I can forget about that. It would be funny if Dolly did a surprise attack.

No. 1417467

I saw one cute guy at a Spirit store this Halloween. It was like coming across a unicorn. I just couldn't believe it.

No. 1417481

how do let someone know that i want to hang out with them more without being weird and creepy about it

No. 1417482

I love how men freak out any time some young pretty boy celeb/online figure gets alot of female attention. They default to claiming that women have bad taste and then throw a fit rather than.. actually working on their own appearance.

Straight guys think they not only get to decide what's attractive in a woman but they want to dictate what should be appealing in men too. And their idea of an attractive man is surprise.. being ungroomed and making the most minimal amount of effort. I'm older but I fully support young women who very vocally love the whole pretty boy thing. Because it drives old hairy scrotes mad. Bunch of babies

No. 1417484

I have moments like this maybe once every couple of years. A random sighting of a decent looking scrote. I think this whole rise in women claiming to be be asexual/ demi sexual is largely down to that

No. 1417486

anon….you're onto something

No. 1417494

I think people, WOMEN, just want friends and slap a label on it because that’s easier than being foward towards a specific person about your feelings

No. 1417517

After you hang out
>I had a great time, let's do it more often!
and then be the one to initiate the meeting next time

No. 1417519

Dude I noticed this too. I’m sincerely glad I’m off the market, because when I’m out in public, I notice that there aren’t ANY cute guys around. When I was in high school my friends and I used to love checking out boys and flirting at the mall, dumb stuff like that, and nowadays I see beautiful girls constantly and the guys are ugly as fuck. I have a theory that none of them go outside to run errands anymore, because we have DoorDash and Instacart and Amazon now, so they don’t have to peel their asses off their gaming chairs

No. 1417585

Did anyone here train their voice to sound more pleasant? Is it possible? My voice sound terrible when I speak normally. When I concentrate on speaking nicely it sounds a lot better but I always forget and fall back to my natural terrible voice. Sorry for ESL English and inb4 troon

No. 1417592

I sound like a frog if I don't pay attention to my posture so that seems to help

No. 1417593

I think it depends on what your "issue" is, is it too high, too low, too nasal or raspy etc…
The only truly bad voice I've ever heard was a female teacher of mine with a very high and very nasal voice. Sounded like nails on chalkboard, literally. 99% of voices are fine as long as you properly enunciate words properly and speak calmly.

No. 1417631

File: 1669120806714.png (41.87 KB, 750x657, SUNDE-AnxietyAndAlcohol-Relati…)

The only way for my mind to relax around people IRL (or in general) is by drinking. I want to stop 'socially drinking'. I am an extremely anxious person, really shy when it comes to talking (unless im drunk) and i overthink 24/7. I want to finally break this habit and start acting like a normal person instead of being a nervous wreck. Have nonnies dealt with this? I have some 'relaxing vitamins' but they don't do shit, working as nothing but placebo.

No. 1417632

Why is watching SATC like smoking crack to me? I watched the whole series 5 years ago. Then I watched it entirely again 4 years ago. And now if been sick for 4 days and it's the only thing I'm motivated enough to watch and I'm binge-watching it again. I couldn't even think of any other thing to watch while I was feeling crushed by this cold. Before that, some months ago, I started watching video compilations of the outfits the characters wore during the show. It's just so entertaining to me. And my life is nothing like the lives of those fictional women. Could that be the reason? Could I be hypnotized by the intoxicating mixture of late capitalism, 00s adult fashion and shallow yet exciting fictional scenarios? Is this what happens whn you don't have any friends after high school? The most simmilar addiction with a show I ever had was Neon Genesis Evangelion.

No. 1417636

you need to see a doctor. there's no real form of self medication involved here that isn't getting high or drunk. maybe trying CBT diaries and stuff might help a little bit but if it's to the point where you can't interact with people without alcohol i think you need medical help, and i say that kindly. i know someone who is exactly the same (same anxiety, same way of coping) and it's really concerning.

No. 1417682

Are all country people weirdos into cuckolding and polyamory and swinging and shit?

No. 1417695

I like my voice, probably the only thing i like about myself, but i have been doing voice exercises to pronounce better and because my throat gets dry and then it does sound gross. I feel retarded because it doesnt matter how much i try i cannot pronounce ''better''. Anyways, i have been doing this exercise everytime before i stream and it helped me relax the muscles of my face and sound more pleasant, maybe these will help you too. Also, if you suffer from a dry throat like myself i recommend to stop using artificial sweeteners if you do.

No. 1417711

In my country, if one of your parents didn't have citizenship from birth, you're an immigrant even if you're born here. Is immigrant used the same way in English?

No. 1417717

No, in English you usually aren't an immigrant to a place you were born in.

No. 1417728

I think I irreparably fucked my voice by life long of vocal frying, autistic screaming, and smoking. I think my default voice is unfeminine and froglike. I don’t think I sound like a troon though. It’s okay when I use higher pitch “customer service” voice but I think I sound so insincere and bitchy and everyone can tell.

No. 1417736

Ayrt, thanks nonna! I've been a drawfag for all my life so I should be able to do it okay, I just need to find a company that will hire me (even for just a short amount of time).

No. 1417851

File: 1669139127088.png (417.59 KB, 680x680, 9B2A02EF-B0EA-4EB0-8749-6CD714…)

who is this guy

No. 1417862

Idk but I thought this was contrapoints at first lol

No. 1417869

Does anybody else know absolutely no living celebrities or at least not more than five?
Not counting politicians, I mean actors/singers and all that. I know Tom Cruise and a few others, then many five more where I only know the names but not the persons or their products (like Lady Gaga) and that's it.

No. 1417877

No, but I would honk first most likely anyways

No. 1417891

Update: I took it to the vet, they said it’s probable kitten is not gonna make it. Gums are very white, anemic, internal body temperature very low, heart rate very slow, dehydrated, it has an ulcer on its tongue, making it painful to eat, lots of fleas that they say are sucking all its blood and cannot give it flea medicine bc afraid it’ll kill kitten too, no bloodwork bc of aforementioned. They give me something for its eyes, gave it some liquid for its dehydration subcutaneously, gave me some mineral/vitamin food supplement that is supposed to open it’s appetite, an antibiotic. I’ll take it back next week. I have it on a heating pad, going to give it some food now, and try to take off as many fleas off as I can later.

No. 1417900

thats an ai generated image i believe

No. 1417908

does it count as an addiction if i cycled through different drugs every day for years and thus didn't develop a physical addiction?

No. 1417969

Why does every single male’s jeans sag at the bum like a shat-in diaper?

No. 1417978

men are god's worst mistake, like the first ever sims you make, so 99% of them are asslets

No. 1418007

Real. But with everything in the world being made to accommodate their disability, why won’t clothing companies just make the bum region tighter? They think it’s gay, don’t they?

No. 1418032

Gosh, I'm really sorry anon

No. 1418035

Has anyone ever read any self-help books that were actually helpful?

No. 1418047

I never read any of them but I doubt they are anything but quick money makers that sell well in a self-optimizing society of drones.

No. 1418054

How do you remember people's faces after seeing them only once or twice?

I hate watching live action with more than a few characters because I mix everybody up with each other and I don't get how others can memorize all that shit without issues.

Like a movie starts and there is a blonde woman and a bald guy that are shown for a few minutes. I want to concentrate on what they say and the plot, so I just remember "character 1 = woman + blonde" and "character 2 = man + bald".
Everything well so far but then the movie introduces another blonde woman later and maybe even another bald guy and I have no fucking idea if they are the characters from the start or not because the two attributes I remembered about them match as well.
I recently watched a movie with three blonde women I think and it was hassle and I had to go back and forth with the video to see who is who and try to remember other face details to tell them apart.

Nobody ever talks about it so maybe it's just me having that issue.

No. 1418080

maybe you have face blindness, it's a thing i've head about in recent years. i don't have issues visualizing a persons face if i only met/seen them once

No. 1418099

Worst part is that I hate waking it up to feed it or holding it’s head too tightly to get it to not move away. Sucks

No. 1418104

Are you supposed to gift managers at a thanksgiving event they’re hosting? Can’t think of what to get them because I don’t know them well

No. 1418109

You’re doing a good thing anon. I hope pussycat pulls through

No. 1418118

You are already doing more than most actual pet owners, anon don't feel bad for what you do.
I really hope the kitten will make it somehow. But whatever happens it's not your fault.

No. 1418122

Bottle of wine.

No. 1418168

I have pains where my heart is but I can't tell if it's in my breast or underneath. It's quite uncomfortable but I don't have this very often (it is reoccurring though), should I worry? My father had a heart attack a decade ago (he's fine now luckily) so I'm a bit worried. I'm not overweight but have had disordered eating in the past and not eating enough lately because of lack of time.

No. 1418172

How do I use reverse image search on Opera? I tried a lot of extensions, but they just take me to Google's front page. Fuck, I wish I could be using Brave, but it's lagging my laptop for some reason. Is it happening to anyone else?

No. 1418176

use yandex's reverse image search instead

No. 1418190

No. 1418192

consider that it could be simple dehydration

No. 1418196

Why do some people do ",,," instead of "…"? It's very autistic but I find it so fucking annoying to look at.

No. 1418198

Chest pains can be caused by a lot of things, so it doesn't mean you have heart issues. However, the fact that is recurring would worry me so I would get it checked just to find out what it is.

No. 1418201

Do men that stand weird have big dicks and/or balls? Or if not, what’s going on down there?

No. 1418205

Why do African Americans have weird names? Are they actually names from Africa or just made up? Where I’m from, a lot of people make up weird names too in an attempt to “be” foreign or something.. ironically its become a blatant giveaway that someone is very local.

No. 1418208

I'm african, but not american and all i can say is that no African would have those names. It seems like they were made up in an attempt to be unique or whatever.

No. 1418216

another question is why do a lot of african americans have muslim/arabic names? can’t just be nation of islam influence is it?

No. 1418224

Thank you, I did not know that but I have not drank much water today. Maybe I'm being a little hypochondric today, I don't know.

Thanks nonna, my blood pressure has always been low and I don't have other symptoms so it's probably something else. Maybe it is just that I haven't been living very healthy lately and have been depressed, going to look into it and see a doctor if I can't find a direct reason.

No. 1418232

Nonna's who have had an abortion, what was it like? Did you feel emotional, relieved? Was it an immediate choice or did you think about it for a long time?

No. 1418234

I asked my dad this when I was little (we're not African-American, but part Jamaican). He said "why, so can have the name the white men gave us?". So I'm guessing it's a way of giving names not taken from a coloniser.

No. 1418238

If it’s stuff like Ajax and brand names. It’s because of the southern United States and left over remnants from slavery and a lack of education. There’s a subset of African American people that name their children household brands and related because they can’t or don’t read well and claim white people took their culture so they’re trying to make their own.
I’m not sure what names you’re talking about.(global rule 7)

No. 1418248

Not sure if it's the same, but I had to take the same abortion pills because I had a dead baby inside of me. I wanted to get over with it asap and I felt so much relief knowing it was over, for the both of us. Um I was planning to abort the baby if it had some genetic abnormality and it did, but never had to actually "abort" it because it died before I had to choose it's life or death over it.

No. 1418261

File: 1669155138867.jpg (174.8 KB, 1536x1120, 20221104_122731.jpg)

Nothing to see here but a bowl of baby otters

No. 1418267

I decided with the positive test. I wasn't in a relationship with the guy and didn't plan to. After the abortion it was really weird like something from me was missing.

No. 1418281

Daqwan, Deionte, Minesha, Travon, A’leeyah, Canisha, Tae, Ja’nasia, Na’kayla, Dria, Derek, Dayen, Jazzeta, Shatara

No. 1418290

>He said "why, so can have the name the white men gave us?".
Aren't a lot of African Americans who say that also christians? Because if that's the case then lol.

No. 1418296

>There’s a subset of African American people that name their children household brands and related because they can’t or don’t read well and claim white people took their culture so they’re trying to make their own.
Kek what are you talking about anon

No. 1418301

But Ajax is an actual name.

No. 1418302

I think in their minds name and religion is not the same and tbh if I were Christian I can see how there’s “logic” in there to arrive at the perceived dissonance

No. 1418307

Someone tell me what type of person i am.
I crave a relationship but i hate it when someone likes me, but i also hate it when someone hates me or isnt interested.

Most people that are repulsed by people being interested by them are the type of people who like chasing after people or like people who play hard to get but i hate that and i dislike chasing after someone….so why am i so repulsed by someone being interested.

No. 1418309

do you just like the feeling of falling in love? it's a whirlwind of emotion. it's exciting and new and scary and uncertain all at the same time.

No. 1418315

Lord has mercy on us if that's the case. There's way too many extremists grifter cults targeting them like the Black Hebrew Israelites I genuinely feel bad for burgers.

No. 1418316

not anymore i did in the past though, ive become rational and realized its all transactional and conditional.

I think if i saw someone who was my ideal partner in front of me a part of my brain would still try to purposefully sabotage me from getting too involved. I think its a part of me protecting myself since im very naïve and retarded when it comes to relationships so its made me a easy target for abusers.

No. 1418372

File: 1669162808886.jpeg (48.13 KB, 500x471, DBBAB761-05EA-42A5-957A-B4521B…)

What are some good alternatives to the brands by Procter and Gamble for period pads? I just want to be able to buy affordable but soft period pads so I don't end with ass blisters every month, but I also don't want to support Always.

No. 1418388

>Someone tell me what type of person i am.
Or just avoidant.

No. 1418392

Are people born with certain strengths in body parts like it comes naturally and easy to strengthen those parts?
Ex: my bf says he enjoys working out his arms and they're just huge but Even before he started working out he's always had strong looking arms. And I like working out my abs it gives me a euphoria I could do it for hours.

No. 1418408

Do books about exercise count? Because I've read a few of those and actually been inspired to workout because of them.

No. 1418419

I want to know this, too, but all I can offer is that the Breeze brand sold at Dollar General is NOT a good alternative. They're not nearly absorbent enough; I had my 1st nighttime leak in over a decade because of them.

No. 1418488

you are face blind nonna. i never have this problem, most people can see a face very briefly and then remember it a long time.

No. 1418492

nta but do you have any recommendations?

No. 1418508

SO fucking sick of men posting nasty shit. Is it best practice to bump every other thread while waiting for it to be dealt with? How long is proper to wait for it to be deleted before bumping to try to save others from coming across it?

No. 1418510

don't bump threads. it does nothing. hide and report.

No. 1418511

I definitely appreciate bumps with warnings and nice images

No. 1418517

It keeps other anons from accidentally scrolling and seeing it.

No. 1418536

You’re probably a Fearful Avoidant in attachment style terms. You should look more into it and it might help explain a lot of conflicting behaviors.

No. 1418538

What’s it like dating a BPDchan?

No. 1418566


No. 1418567


No. 1418577

Hoping I don't come across as a total dumbass for these, but sure!
>"Fitter Faster" by Robert J. Davis I don't even do the exercises in the book kek, the rest of it just really motivated me for some reason
>"The Bodywise Woman" from The Melpomene Institute
It's all about research into the relationship between women's health and physical activity. It's from 1990, but I really enjoyed it because there's no troon pandering and it was pretty groundbreaking for its time.
>"Walk Your Way to Better Health" by Michelle Stanten
I was already obsessed with walking before I read that one, so it didn't really motivate me. It did help me increase my speed, though.

No. 1418588

Thank you anon! I've going to check them all out.

No. 1418608

i agree what everyone else said also it's boring as fuck. you'll have chapters filled with characters doing nothing and reciting what you already know

No. 1418634

yes, it must be the same as build. some people have bigger bottoms, others have more shoulder muscles.

No. 1418635

they will constantly ask for reassurance. say it's just because they missed you. but it's because they need you. then you start to feel pressure from their need, and it slowly kills your relationship, which they quickly notice but become too self-destructive to prevent. they may or may not be emotionally abusive.

No. 1418636

is practicing a healthy coping mechanism as much work as building any unlikely habit? i haven't kept good copes for long tbh the ones i kept for long spiralled into a mess of eating disorders and body dysmorphia

No. 1418653

Half of gamergorlz suffer from pickme-ism and all want internet fame so they piggy back off one another bell delphine makeup is very trendy for those girls

No. 1418660

Do shorter brows make your face look rounder?

No. 1418664

Why does it seem like such a large proportion of the userbase is seriously mentally ill? Is it BPD dramatics or TikTok or what?

No. 1418667

i think you used to escape your issues in the old internet and now you can hardly tell the difference between online you and irl you. also people are more bored, it's more normalized to be openly mentally ill and even fetishized

No. 1418671

its easier to express mentally ill thoughts and people dont have to take back stupid shit ones said, or simply just face consequences via anons. Some anons are extremely pent up with anger so going online, finding random shit to lash out on is simply cope for their shit lives. It's also easy to get anons to agree with what you're saying if there's simply enough replies to it which anons achieve via samefagging. Thats why anons are so stuck on sperging over nothing or simply just twist shit or play mental gymnastics to find a reason to sperg.

No. 1418701

I’m more asking about all the suicidal anons and the number of anons with EDs, hospitalisations, etc. than the spergs kek but I think you’re spot on about the general unhinged posting on here

No. 1418704

File: 1669195215898.jpeg (146.24 KB, 640x1144, 5B261A50-DE28-4C59-81BA-3E1A8B…)

Does anyone have that pic of Adam’s face in Eve’s crotch? I think it was intended to show Adam prostrating/worshiping to Eve, but ended up looking like Adam was eating out Eve. Anons suggested that it be the next femdom thread OP pic

No. 1418732

Do jaw exercise tools actually work or is it a whole load of baloney? I've seen an even split on people's beliefs of mewing and unsure whether either of these two things work to reshape the face. Please put a misery to my stupid curiosity.

No. 1418734

Wish I had big butt genes desu

No. 1418735

It doesn't actually do anything. Put your tongue at the roof of your mouth and stick your jaw out so that your bottom teeth align with your top teeth.

No. 1418743

probably yes. Some African Americans supported Islamic rhetoric and some still do. Look up how influential it was in the 60s to 90s most recently with Farrakhan.

No. 1418746

Is 5’8” and a UK size 10 an OK size? I’m trying not to obsess over food but I feel so chunky and ugly.

No. 1418751

It does work in the way that if you overexercise any muscle, it will appear slightly bigger. I wear retainers at night and clench my teeth in my sleep and I noticed that my jaw area appears slightly bigger in the morning after a night of clenching. You could try introducing foods into your diet that are a bit chewy once in a while but DO NOT do jaw exercises because it wrecks your jaw

No. 1418761

Sounds very far from fat to me anon.

No. 1418779

did nonnie just delete the new celebricows thread, it was ok, you can post it again.

No. 1418794

nevermind its up

No. 1418830

You've got nothing to worry about!

No. 1418856

does anyone remember in the noughties/early 2010s when loads of media used to depict the act of eating out a girl as disgusting? now pretty much every guy i know is obsessed with it and it’s ime universally looked upon positively by men. when and how were they psyopped into eating pussy? not that i’m complaining

No. 1418868

File: 1669214813135.jpg (260.38 KB, 1500x1002, Loose leaf tea copper bowl.jpg)

Tea nonnies, please recommend me your favorite sites to buy tea from!

No. 1418869

When they realised how fucking gay they sounded. No woman wants to fuck a guy who shrieks like a faggot at the mere sight of a vagina. It’s unmanly and pathetic.

No. 1418870

I remember in the early days of being sexually active (so yeah early 2010s) alot of guys weren't keen on it. They'd have this story about some woman they once went down on who was nasty and that was their excuse. That or they'd be down for it but they'd still tell you about this one nasty girls in their past and act surprised that you don't stink? Idk if they were bullshitting because within a few years it flipped from that to… every man wanting to slurp on your asshole while hes down there. Seems like they just pick up their sexual habits from porn and whether something is shown in porn enough.

No. 1418871

I usually just pop down to Tesco’s and get pj tips.

No. 1418874

File: 1669215188082.jpg (41.64 KB, 800x800, DIY-mouthwash_THUMBNAIL.jpg)

Is a homemade mouthwash with water and baking soda safe or effective? (I don't have essential oils so I won't be using them)

No. 1418875

File: 1669215291441.jpg (205.63 KB, 1070x938, SmartSelect_20221123_065429_Sa…)

Black or silver? The band can be changed

No. 1418876


No. 1418877

i used to use it to rinse my mouth after purging, i think it just neutralises the acid, dk if it actually has any impact on your mouth bacteria

No. 1418880

File: 1669215935650.png (77.83 KB, 275x257, cheek.png)

I saw you cheeky nonnie who didn't understand the question was for a website and not for a flavour

No. 1418928

Would you prefer to date a blue collar man or white collar man?

No. 1418930

White collar

No. 1418932

Harney and sons
Dollar tea club
Genuine tea

No. 1418942

gray collar

No. 1418949

blue collar hands down

No. 1418955

When something says to plant something during X month, is it because those are the temperatures in that climate that are best suited for the plant during that time or does the plant feel it in its bones that it's not X month and will not sprout no matter what until it's time?

No. 1418957

No it's about optimal growth conditions during those months + enough time to become fullgrown before it becomes too cold.

No. 1418959

So if I lived somewhere where it's hot all year around I could plant it anytime?

No. 1418966

Is it more or less equally hot year round then? Does that exist? I'm from a 4 season climate so I'm not sure how that would work then.

No. 1418990

Blue collar.

No. 1418991

You sound healthy.

No. 1418997

White collar. Blue collars are more likely to be alcoholics.

No. 1419036

Has anyone who had Covid kinda felt like their tastebuds got rearranged after? I had it a few weeks ago and food just tastes different now. I have 0 tolerance for sour things or salty things now. It’s like the flavors are overwhelming. But also sweet things taste extremely mild now and some bitter things like dark chocolate.

No. 1419130

Do you guys think dulce de leche and lemon would be a good flavor combo?

No. 1419138

What was the term called again that is like for example trannies thinking dresses and makeup makes them women? It wasn’t toxic feminity, it was something else with feminity but I forgot what it was in english?

No. 1419141

performing feminity?

No. 1419145

I guess if it is something like lemon cake and dulce de leche, it could be good. Lemon zest itself would be weird.

No. 1419148

Samefag, unless you are intentionally curdling it, I love curdled dulce de leche.

No. 1419159

i've been doing >>1418735 and clenching my teeth since i was a child and it doesn't do shit

No. 1419164

File: 1669233860693.jpg (24.15 KB, 354x354, IMG_8759.JPG)

So should i make a tiktok? ive been social media free for all my teens and being a neet with no friends im thinking i have a higher chance if making a friend on tiktok. is it possible and easy?
>yes i don like tiktok types (i find the app cringy)
>idk what to post
>lonely as hecc but desperate as well

No. 1419174

No not that

No. 1419176

also how is tiktok bad from a privacy standpoint

No. 1419178

Instagram is the less retarded tiktok, just get it.

No. 1419181

how so

No. 1419185

Data mining
You should not, I deleted it and haven’t looked back I would sit there for hours scrolling.

No. 1419189

No, everyone there is insufferable (as if it wasn't already obvious)

No. 1419191

Can someone describe what Mastodon is like? It looks like it's some hybrid of twitter and discord but everything is incomprehensible to me. I feel like a boomer on the internet.

No. 1419192

Put your massive amounts of free time towards something productive instead of something highly addicting like tiktok. It's not going to make you happier and is only likely to make you feel (more) shit in the long run. Choose wisely.

No. 1419198

damn it thanks though, making friends is hard.

No. 1419204

Do we have recent news from the anon from Kyiv? Is she doing ok? How about her family?

No. 1419208

latin america anons, how different is the spanish spoken in your countries? is it just a case of accents or do you have different dialects, like do you understand all spanish speakers no matter where they are from?

No. 1419209

it's like twitter but everyone can make their own instance of twitter that you can join, I think
You don't sound in a good place to interact with social media especially something very evocative like tiktok.

No. 1419212

Yeah, it is.

No. 1419257

The black sheep of Spanish accents are the Chileans with their weird ass accent that not even Chileans themselves understand, fuck Chilean accent, fuck that shit.

No. 1419272

is it-
>1 ">" to properly Greentext
>>Two ">>" to properly greet text?
I have asked, and was told it was 1 by a nonnie on here, Then when the site was down on Crystal.Cafe I was told it was two. I feel like I'm being trolled. Which one is it? They both create green text. Also, I have NOT used a "Image board" besides this and sometimes CC (but only when the site is down).
Please be kind, thank you, I've been on this blessed site for years.

No. 1419273

can't you tell from everyone else doing the same thing?

No. 1419275

first one

No. 1419281

sometimes I see nonnies doing two or one. It gives mixed signals tbh

No. 1419283

what about Paraguayan Spanish ? I'd assume it be the weirdest one on account of the fact that Paraguaya also has an indigenous American language, Guarani as a co-language

No. 1419341

Was it maybe appropriating femininity? Worst case if you can't find it, just go with "they're putting on womanface."

No. 1419348

What are some hobbies I could do without spending money?

No. 1419352

Is the long nails style with two kept short for sex also an effective yet semi subtle signal in your opinion? Mine have always been kept short for general practicality and I don't usually notice people's hands until we're to the point of comfort with physical contact.

No. 1419353

Paper mache, the paste is extremely inexpensive to make and newspapers and flyers are free.

No. 1419354

drawing, running, karaoke, learning a language

No. 1419362

Yoga, bodyweight exercise, hiking, free ebooks/library books/audiobooks, volunteering with animals or whatever cause you support, hair braiding, free video games or virtual board games, watching other people play video games, getting into film (piracy or already on subscriptions), joining local board game groups, singing, phone photography/videography and editing if you have a decent one, free museums. Looking on craigslist or fb marketplace for free stuff to use for potential new hobbies. Simply browsing antique and thrift shops is something I enjoy to relax and kill time, there's always interesting and weird stuff.

No. 1419370

How to non-awkwardly communicate how thankful I am to my coworker to being supportive when I had a tough time at work today? I got a news about a death of a relative and cried a bit, everyone ignored me but she asked if I'm ok and if I want to talk or prefer to be left alone, which was so very kind and thoughtful. I ended up running home and not talking to her again today but I want to show her that I appreciate being seen and offered support; but saying that exactly in these words sounds stiff and autistic, idk. How would you do it anons?

No. 1419374

Next time you see her, just say something like "by the way, thanks for being so sympathetic the other day, it really helped"
(If you also need an excuse to start a conversation with her you could compliment something she's wearing, for example)

No. 1419376

Thank you nonna, this sounds perfect, exactly how I want to communicate it! I feel silly to not be able to think it up myself honestly

No. 1419438

Okay I'll ask. How does Shayna have 121 threads? Is she that bad? I feel like it's too late for me to start reading them

No. 1419440

Like a wise anon once said, she's autism catnip.

No. 1419442

it's mostly because of autism and slapfighting, shayna herself is kind of boring

No. 1419449

I say read a few threads, then go to the current threads and read the threads that have shit like, "Sol Saga" or "Break up", it's a TON of nitpicking, just her getting fatter, just read enough from the 1st to get a taste of the past and then scan through.
She's really just gross, crunchy and repetitive and so are the people in the thread (self included)

No. 1419450

Tbh you could choose any random e-whore from Twitter and nitpick them enough to make threads about their cringe tweets and shitty embarrassing lives, shayna is just extra delusional and has been around longer

No. 1419461

Don't feel bad, I would never have thought of it if it was for myself

No. 1419467

Jumping off this question, which cow do you think would have been the most popular if Shayna didn't have a thread?

No. 1419470

Thank you that was me

No. 1419486

Sometimes i ask myself if she is that bad, then once in a blue moon there's mayo ketchup and diapers. I agree she is a dime a dozen, but the main difference between her and other random thots who do the exact same thing as her is that she puts her whole entire life for lolcow to nitpick. She knows lolcow is watching her and laughing at her but she doesn't change. The only good thing about her antics is that she is getting flights out of it, but at what cost? To answer your question, it's not too late, if you go to the beginning and only read the thread recaps you have everything you need to know. Most of the threads is nitpicking anyways.

No. 1419497

What Cows has the most threads? Is Shayna the most popular? Dare I say how "Bleak" that is

No. 1419538

File: 1669261221971.jpeg (80.88 KB, 500x482, 63736022-D5E3-485B-8CF5-F1B61B…)

What can I put inside granola and yogurt (other than fruits because I think they're disgusting)

No. 1419540

No. 1419542

I have no problem with an artist that would have remained unknown blowing up. Good for her. However I hate her and the comic because it's softcore DDLG.

No. 1419549

File: 1669261861650.png (Spoiler Image, 69.62 KB, 259x194, beet.png)

Most of the women in my family have thyroid issues and I pretty much have all the symptoms of hypo issues, but my TSH has always came back normal and it's pretty much the only thing my regular doctor tests for. I was blocked from seeing a hormone specialist by my insurance so I have never seen one and the way my doctor worded it made me feel like there's 0 way I can see one. However I think I can be referred eye specialist so I'll get that done. Thanks for the advice nonny. And yeah, idk, I doubt I have Graves or diabetes. Maybe minor insulin issues.

No. 1419562

File: 1669263065198.jpg (12.94 KB, 378x301, ill-drop-before-my-GPA-does.jp…)

I spent most of yesterday and the day before working on finals, and ended last night with this persistent dull ache in the center of my chest. Am I gonna get a heart attack if I keep going? My nigel actually got a minor heart attack from over work once, but I don't want to ask him about it because he will make me stop working and go to the doctor

No. 1419565

Nuts, maple syrup, cereal, maybe a flavored syrup like coffee

No. 1419621

Bless nonas. Posted this in a sleep haze so happy to see you answered my dumb shit. Hopefully I'll get less self conscious of my face knowing it won't change dramatically with exercises or make me look even worse if I do.

No. 1419625

File: 1669268150126.jpeg (85.87 KB, 1024x682, 3A51EC6B-83F0-47CA-852A-74B03F…)

What's a easy job I can get as a autistic high school dropout with a 12 year gap in my resume? (I have previously done camming/porn/prostitution and my history is easily searchable on the internet so many hiring managers don't want me)

It's over for me, isn't it? Is this going to be my life forever? Any other nonnies left/trying to leave sex work have any advice on building a life after it? I am rapidly losing hope of ever getting out

(Sorry for sperg)

No. 1419628

walmart, amazon. It's a start. Maybe consider changing your name too.

No. 1419630

So? Nobody remembers when was the last time she posted and updated us? I just want to know if she's ok, I'm worried about her.

No. 1419639

Last confirmed post I can find from her was 7 months ago and she said at that time that she and her family were doing okay considering the circumstances.

No. 1419669

Yes, I remember that. But it's been such a long time, and the war is still not over. I really she's still doing ok.

No. 1419679

File: 1669271234579.jpeg (200.41 KB, 1920x1873, 4F692233-3C7F-4EBF-91A8-F6A5D0…)

What kind of sociopath thinks that fruit is gross?

It could be a heart attack, but it could also be a multitude of other things, such as pulmonary embolism/blood clot or stroke, indigestion, stress or stress-related tension, swelling, lung-related ailments, or gas. If you're super worried about it, you should see a doctor or go to ER because heart attacks are no joke, especially at a young age.

No. 1419700

File: 1669273699509.jpg (189.01 KB, 720x520, cool style.jpg)

what cartoon is this?

No. 1419704

Did it feel like a pressure or a crushing sensation on your chest? Honestly if docs are accessible where you live I think you should see one. I'm contemplating doing the same too since I experienced something very similar this week.

No. 1419708

Is demons/Occult/tarot/law-of-attraction/manifestation/witchcraft/subliminals/ouija/crystal healing real? Or is it a crock of shit promoted by charlatans? Also, do the Tiktokkers and Redditors who do it actually believe in it, are they schizophrenic, or are they just pretending?

No. 1419712

It is real, but I would not ever go to TikTok, Instagram or hardly any other social media to find it especially these days.

The topics you listed are very broad, but for the most part they do not work like they are explained and take more work (years of work) to do anything with. Looking up a "crystals for X disease!" And putting on a lofi beats subliminal is not going to do anything.

No. 1419718

For most of those, not really, or it depends. You have to apply a bit of reasoning to these things, or read more about it to understand. Does subliminal messaging work in marketing, where experts come up with techniques that have been studied to be effective? Yes. Does looking at subliminal message videos on youtube made by some retard turn you into a mermaid? No.

No. 1419722

Whether or not these things are real in a measurable, empirical sense misses the point. Spiritual or metaphysical phenomenon serves a certain social role, regardless of if it's real in a positivistic sense. I think popular culture produces particularly vulgarized and subintellectual forms of these things though

No. 1419723

Can someone explain whatever 'Goncharov' is as someone who doesn't use tumblr?

No. 1419727

File: 1669275379171.jpeg (343.86 KB, 934x1005, 47E7C8B1-AC1C-4A10-9621-3B79C4…)

Mach a Sebestova, old Czech kids’ cartoon.
It’s about kids who travel through time and space with their magic phone receiver and experience all kinds of adventures.

No. 1419820

this is on the same level as asking "is god real"

No. 1419831

No, obviously not. Some crazy people really believe in it, they typically had a somewhat religious upbringing (even if, or maybe especially when, they reject that religion and claim atheism/paganism later) and are more easily sucked into it because they were taught from a young age to not question impossible magical things and instead accept things and have a "we just don't know everything"-mindset while they consequently reject all the science we do actually know to affirm their oogyboogy crystal witchcrafy healing.

No. 1419834

samefag, adding that placebo and nocebo (something neutral having a good/bad effect on you because you have convinced yourself it does) are real effects because our bodies are controlled by our brains, so I'm sure that also contributes to these people staying delusional

No. 1419836

File: 1669287714517.jpg (28.56 KB, 614x563, 12345654254.JPG)

I have Firefox and LC on a tab open, I wanted to move the LC tab to a new window but I dragged it to a Teams meeting by accident, did I share the link to all my classmates?? I don't see a message by me but I'm paranoid

No. 1419838

>It's over for me, isn't it?
Anon, please don't be dramatic. I had a coworker who got her first job in her 40s because she stayed at home until all of her kids grew up.
Changing your name would be a good first step. Or are you ethnic by any chance? It's common for Latinos or Asians to go by a different, anglicized last name or use their middle name as their last name on their CVs. Secondly, there's more opportunities to educate yourself now than before. You could do courses or certificates online, you just have to choose your direction

No. 1419839

Samefag, another idea: would it be possible to modify your name in all the content you created?

No. 1419841

Still samefag: do you have friends? You could make up jobs on your cv and give your friends as references if they want any. Or you could say that you were caring for an elderly family member or were freelancing in your cv gap

No. 1419901

if it doesn't show up i guess not? but in worst case scenario, say your account got hacked

No. 1419948

If anyone asks just act like you're a normie and heard about the creepshow art drama.

No. 1420022

Is it possible a name change could help?

No. 1420059

Good idea nonnie, thanks

No. 1420070

Not sure which thread this belongs to.
Anyone studying social science (whether it’s at the undergraduate or grad level) how is it like nowadays? I took a few intro courses (sociology and anthropology) that covered gender but i don’t think anyone thought much of it, partially because gender at the time wasn’t as controversial as it is now.

No. 1420111

idk what country you’re in but here in the uk social sciences are completely infested with woke ideology, in my personal experience and also what i’ve heard from friends and acquaintances studying all over the country. keep in mind these are big established respected institutions and not random retarded liberal arts institutions. honestly it’s probably a case by case basis and i’d recommend visiting unis and looking at the course content if you can bc you can get a feel for the academic culture and if it’s retarded and woke or semi normal. if you’re in the us there’s probably a lot more variation between what is taught at unis.

No. 1420140

I had to take a sociology course this year and it focused on gender. I’m not sure how crazy it could get at other unis but ours went over gender bias, for example in one section the professor had us window shop and examine the differences between male/female clothing and hobbies in different age groups. It also went into male and female athletics, careers (women work more service industry jobs and get paid less than men), domestic violence. As it was a US class Title IX was also a large topic. The last section was for transgender topics and we just watched a documentary about kids coming out as trans. Near the end of the class Roe V Wade was repealed so the professor posted about that and it was discussed a bit, too.

Overall I didn’t have any complaints about the class.

No. 1420169

Do you anons eat in restaurants alone? I do sometimes and I love it but worry that people think I am a weirdo or have been stood up for a date kek

No. 1420211

what show should i watch

No. 1420235

the sopranos

No. 1420236

I do and i can tell the employees are judging me really hard. I also went to a sushi bar on my own and my uber driver was kind of judging me for it. I've been hanging out on my own since i was a teenager and there's always been people judging and staring at me for daring to spend time alone and not being overly reliant on friends to hold my hand. People are fucking retarded, apparently if you have no friends you are supposed put your life on pause and cry yourself to sleep every night. Idgaf about having irl friends.

No. 1420237

Breaking bad

No. 1420240

Already did, didn't get the hype.

No. 1420249

File: 1669310631907.jpg (27.03 KB, 600x600, 17c827223affb2b106f7fad6f17c6c…)

Lmao if you didn't like Breaking Bad I don't know why you'd like Sopranos, maybe watch Octonauts or Peppa Pig, something on your level.

No. 1420282

Because Sopranos is good

No. 1420283

I lost some weight pretty quickly by unintentionally being anachan but now my boobs are pretty saggy. Can I made them look normal again by actually eating my daily calories every single day or am I doomed?

No. 1420293

You have to workout to gain some muscle, that usually helps, but also you may need to make sure you have a good posture.

No. 1420294

Yeah, especially that ending, hoo wee

No. 1420307

I don’t have friends so I usually go to places that have the customers order at the counter (like cafes), or grocery stores with a seating area.

No. 1420379

having walter seething in his undies 24/7 wasnt fun to watch. it was boring.

No. 1420409

why are new-yorkers so weird? every one of them I've met has been found to be hiding something sick.

No. 1420418

same but with los angelesians

No. 1420535

File: 1669327486341.jpg (78.06 KB, 828x689, 78797613.jpg)

Has anyone been successfully treated for intense social anxiety? I dropped out of college and have been living as a self-supporting hikki for five years because being around people gives me palpitations. I'm willing to try pretty much anything at this point to alleviate this problem and can pay up to like twenty grand a year if necessary.

No. 1420565

zoloft helps, legit.

No. 1420612

File: 1669333970458.png (226.39 KB, 259x523, 1668186812341.png)

How do I go back to being lowkey at work? I've always been very quiet but a few couple weeks ago I spoke and said something mildly funny and my coworker moids went kinda loony. Not literally, but now they won't leave me alone. I get serious gangbang-y vibes from them, one of them joked with the others about surrounding me even. Idk, they're not harrassing me by any means but I hate scrotes and the attention is overwhelming. I just wanna go back to being ignored, I was only feeling particularly social for one hour but now they expect me to always be friendly.

No. 1420618

Can you please share how you support yourself while being a hikki? I've had good success treating social anxiety through exposure therapy, but that had to come after a lot of therapy where I learned coping skills and how to regulate myself first. I think it would be harmful to just go straight into exposure therapy. Group therapy was also really helpful for me, I did a program as an outpatient at a hospital. It's nice because everyone in the group will be struggling too so I found it a lot less pressure.

No. 1420621

Personally I just ignore my scrotish Latino line cook coworkers. I hate when they make jokes like “ooo look how strong she is” when I’m carrying something it makes me feel so annoyed

No. 1420652

Thanks nonnas. To answer your questions:
1. I considered changing my name but idk if employers will look up previous names. Is that something that they do? Also, I live in a place where name changes have to announced in the the local newspaper, so people will find me again anyways.
2. The reason why I say that it's over for me is because my prospects are legit bleak, the other day I applied to work at entry level cashier and call center jobs and even they said that my past "does not align with the company image". Idk, it's just easy to get discouraged after getting rejected from even the easiest, bottom of the barrel stuff. Guess I'll try Amazon or some sort of warehouse job, that sounds like a good idea.
3. I can't modify my name in the content I created because it doesn't belong to me. I was actually employed by porn studios, cam sites, and prostitution agencies, so I don't own the content or the copyright to the content, they do. (I don't make royalties off it either)
Plus like I said it's too easily findable, I was never famous or even 'popular' by any means (a couple thousands of followers at most), but it really is hard to lie and say I was "freelancing" or "caring for family" when the top results when googling me are my porn and escort pages. I haven't fully "left" either, every time I run out of money I'm forced back into it, so recent results pop up too, and noone wants to hire a "currently active" 'porn actress', especially someone who's done 'real' (professional) porn as opposed to, say, nudes or onlyfans or something.
I've tried to no avail to get them removed from Google, but it's nearly impossible because a) I'm not the copyright owner, and b) every time the get removed from one site (rarely), they always pop up on another. It's like wack a mole: hell edition.
4. I have no IRL friends because I'm depressed and ashamed of myself

No. 1420658

I can’t find any info about this on google but are pregnant women ever prosecuted for successful homicide or attempted murder? I really don’t think we should be but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was like…a rule that every pregnant mother gets a limit of 1 body per pregnancy KEKK

No. 1420674

is it weird to have the same couch for 8 years

No. 1420677

No. I feel like it'd be weirder if you threw your furniture out all the time…

No. 1420678

I know right? My couch is quite firm and the only yikes about it is an ink stain on it but otherwise it's fine and I cover it up with a blanket either ways. It's just that I told someone I moved here 8 years ago and someone told me they've never had a couch for that long and my paranoid ass couldn't figure over text what the vibe was kek

No. 1420684

My couch was passed down through generations since 1976.

No. 1420686

File: 1669341962912.jpeg (49.5 KB, 500x481, 58FE0450-D544-4FA1-80BA-A8F31A…)

>What kind of sociopath thinks that fruit is gross?


No. 1420688

Cornflake, seeds.

No. 1420696

nta, do you like vegetables?

No. 1420712

Should I be worried about a guy that takes selfies?

No. 1420717

Only the ones that don't taste like fruits.

Tomatoes, olives, corn, peppers:no
Potatoes, broccoli, beans, spinach:yes

No. 1420722

If I broke a rib 10 years ago is it weird that it still gets tender sometimes? Not extreme pain but if someone puts pressure on it it feels like a bruise. I don't want to pay for a doctor to check it out if it's just a normal thing.

No. 1420727

Can someone explain to me calories because I am a retard.
I know about TDEE and BMR. Let's say you exorcise 1 hour and burn 300 calories, do you add that to your BMR to get your new TDEE? What about the calories that would have been burned in that hour if you were sendetary, where do they go? Are they just not counted or are they added too?

If someone has TDEE of 1800 calories, but they exorcise insanely and burn like 1200 caloies, does their TDEE just magically go to 3000? What about their BMR, where does that factor in?

No. 1420730

why does my cat not like human food? I'd never met a cat who didn't love it, but he acts like it's the worst thing ever

No. 1420744

how did you get like that? why do you hate fruits? please tell us more nonny, i find you fascinating

same reason humans don't like cat food, it's not made for them

No. 1420752

so if cat food was never made for them, what would they be eating then?

No. 1420758

i don't know, do cats even exist in the wild?
my best guess would be rats and mice, birds, moths and other insects, maybe spiders?

No. 1420761

Feral cats still exist. Tbf domesticated cats are quite spoiled, maybe that's just their own personal preference, some cats are like that.

No. 1420766

Till when go NAmericans to school? I swear every American I have ever seen posting talks about school and homework even if they are like 27. Most people I know finished school with 16 and rented their first apartment then, at best you went to one of the schools that prepare for an university degree and finish it when you are 18.

No. 1420770

Trust me, I'm not interesting. I'm just another example of the Quintessential American Dietary Failure (TM). I was raised on sugary foods and have eaten them so much that fruits just taste bitter and flavorless now. Same with other stuff like water: Coke and Mountain Dew were my staple drinks growing up, so water is gross and unappealing. I think I have drank about 12 glasses of water this year.

I am trying to do better, which is why I'm forcing myself to eat yogurt (instead of ice cream). Also a non-Walmart grocery store recently opened within 25 miles of my hick town in West Virginia, so I can actually buy real food now.

No. 1420779

Not everyone goes to university straight away, like for me personally, i only started when i was 24 for personal reasons. There can be multiple reasons for this, but financial constraints seems to be the biggest reason. I've never actually seen 16 year olds move out in western countries unless they are single mothers or are orphans, but usually still have police officers come by to make sure they are ok because they are minors, that's me speaking about the uk btw. You finish high school at 18 in the US and would still be in full-time education so there would be no way you could afford to move out. Your experience is incredibly abnormal to me. It just sounds like they give you a lot of handouts and you have it pretty easy there, no offence. Not everyone is lucky to have that.

No. 1420780

This, and don't people go to law school or medical school? That would also extend their education too.

No. 1420787

Try sucking on ice chips, or drinking water with lots of ice. Was also raised on soda and I find the feeling of cold makes up for the lack of flavour.

No. 1420815

woman is murdered by tranny "friend" and her 5 other "friends" just watch as he does it

No. 1420816

meant to post this in vent

No. 1420841

nonna 16 year olds are still in highschool, not even in their senior year yet kek they're not allowed to graduate that early. also i don't think they're legally allowed to live on their own at that age either. and then there's the money issue

No. 1420847

I can kinda relate to this, after years of eating cherry/strawberry/orange/etc flavored candy, soda, juice, etc and not eating the real fruits often, the real fruits just taste awful and like a bastardized imitation of the fruit flavors

No. 1420864

Are relationships with someone you first met online versus someone you met organically in person different? Does one bode better for a long term relationship?

No. 1420880

File: 1669361545391.jpg (45.1 KB, 418x338, 1643913019936.jpg)

what does NLOG means?

No. 1420881

Not like other girls

No. 1420882

thank u

No. 1420887

is there supposed to be a difference between a 'stan' and someone who just happens to find a celebrity attractive, and people who might just like one platonically? I thought there was but people keep using the words interchangeably as if they're the same

No. 1420889

By definition a stan is supposed to be a hardcore fan. Doesn't have to be about finding them attractive, you've heard the Eminem song right? It's also casual slang though, context should make it obvious like
>stans of this celebrity are so crazy
>this celebrity looks cute, we stan

No. 1420956

Why TF is there no more space left on my brand new, otherwise empty 32GB memory card after I transfered a 18GB game on it?

No. 1420977

First time ordering from amazon is it possible to get the package before the estimated delivery time? It says 29nov but I’m hoping sooner since it’s shipped out

No. 1420979

I love Hilda

No. 1420981

Ok I’ll try to break this down. Your BMR is a part of your TDEE. Any calories burned by exercise are also a part of your TDEE. So, let’s say your BMR is 1200 calories, and on days when you’re just browsing lolcow, picking up groceries, doing some laundry, etc., your TDEE is 1600 or something. The calories you burn doing little things around the house plus your BMR is your TDEE. If you burn more calories through exercise, that is also going to be a part of your TDEE. TDEE just means the amount of calories you burn in a day. The number is going to vary with your level of activity. So if the hypothetical you starts working out twice a week burning 350 each workout, then your TDEE on those two days is going to be 1950. If you’re trying to maintain your weight, you can either eat 1950 calories on those two days and 1600 on every other day, or you can divide it out into your weekly average and eat 1700 calories on every day of the week, including your workout days when you are technically burning more.
If you’re trying to lose weight, you need to be burning more calories than you consume.

No. 1420997

Do stretches work if they don't hurt?

No. 1421002

If it hurts, you're doing it wrong; but I assume you didn't mean actual muscle pain here, just any sensation? It should feel like stretching, neither pleasant or unpleasant, just feel something happening. If you don't feel anything at all it means you're most likely doing it wrong too (not enough, wrong positioning, etc)

No. 1421047

Is it evil to actively look for accounts that are still logged in on the school computers?

No. 1421048

It's pretty unlikely. I've only ever received them the day of, or sometimes a day later.

No. 1421061

Would it be too weird to slide into the DMs of this small time MMA fighter I've been following online? We're both subpar at our shared language, but she lives near me and I just want to be friends. Would it be worse if I started leaving her simp comments first? kek

No. 1421067

I wouldn't think it's weird, you share an interest and you're not a scrote

No. 1421071

Does short hair make you look older in general?

No. 1421075

I think it's the opposite, it lifts and shows off the face and longer hair usually visuslly drags the face down

No. 1421081

so, my house was in a minor flood ( like 4cm of water ) and my laptop charger/adapter/whatever was in that water for god knows how long but i took it out as soon as i found our, and that was exactly a week ago. can i use it or should i just buy another ? ive left it out to dry ever since. the plug itself wasnt anywhere near the water just the adapter.

No. 1421094

No, see butch babyface syndrome.

No. 1421103

Depends on your facial features. If you have more prominent or sharper features, maybe. Otherwise I think more often it has to do with the assumptions people make about your age based on how you style yourself, rather than the haircut affecting your face.

No. 1421114

That’s just a myth

No. 1421125

Chop it off who cares, long hair is functionally useless unless it’s part of your faith or values

No. 1421133

can i make a general vent thread after >>>/ot/1413238 reached its post limit or is that something the mods do? idk i'm new

No. 1421142

if I lie and say I just threw up, do you think I’ll be able to leave my retail shift early? i hate it here

No. 1421143

sure you can

No. 1421154

Kek I barfed in front of customers and they still made me work the rest of my shift when I was in retail. It's worth a shot if you work with a manager who would feel bad though

No. 1421162

there's already a new one

No. 1421167

dang, i just found a cute cat picrel too. ty though! idk why i didn't see it when i was looking through /ot/

No. 1421284

Whats the coomiest but female orientated media you guys know of? I've been so horny lately and struggling to find anything, anything from shows/movies/anime/manga will do.
No BL though I already know how to navigate my needs there

No. 1421312

i think /m/ has a fujo thread kek

No. 1421378

File: 1669412727615.jpg (253.1 KB, 900x1280, e845fe4165ec35c619eb7e0271c1f6…)

if you like femdom, tsumi to kai

No. 1421387

what is that one philosophy where they pretend not to be emotionally affected by anything called again

No. 1421389


No. 1421390

she literally said ''no bl'' kek.

No. 1421392

that's it, thanks!

No. 1421471

Who even shaves anymore?

No. 1421475

not me, ok my pits sometimes because deodorant doesn't mesh well with longer hair

No. 1421476

me, i like feeling soft and smooth and that's ok

No. 1421486

stopped years ago and never looked back

No. 1421495

Is 90s campiness and nostalgia about to be cancelled? If so, why?

No. 1421497

Me in the summer because hair is gross

No. 1421498

same nona

No. 1421534

So it’s all just pretend?

No. 1421536

I 9/10 times don’t shave but I admittedly think it looks gross so shave if I have to show my pits

No. 1421539

Do people really enjoy travelling on their weekends? Do they really like it more than staying at home and doing nothing?

No. 1421546

Ntayrt but I think they were talking about accents. Wouldn’t be weird anyways because most Latin Americans have their own “Spanish” words that are borrowed from their respective surrounding Amerindian tribes so kinda used to it even if they don’t have an official native co-language or whatever like Paraguay

No. 1421570

Spanish and guarani works like world in spanish Word in guarani they don't mix at all so once you undestrand guarani it's easy. Chile is still the worst by far.
T. Paraguayan and Chilean family

No. 1421575

Yeah that’s what I meant, at least where I’m from we also use word in Spanish word of non-Spanish origin we just aren’t sure of what the origin is so it’s just *our Spanish” to us if that makes sense. It’s like this all over there, as long as you can point at what you mean when you say something differently it’s not difficult.

No. 1421578

Samefag but because a lot of the time sentences are mostly composed of Spanish words you can use deductive reasoning or whatever to define a “weird” word

No. 1421598

thank you the style is lovely

No. 1421640

Can someone recommend me some good songs about unrequited love? I need to feel…

No. 1421659

I have a ton of recommendations.

No. 1421660

No. 1421676

No. 1421685

No. 1421761

File: 1669441530415.gif (1.66 MB, 220x220, go-crazy-go-stupid.gif)

I have a mental health problem but I don't really know what it is. It's rare, but there are moments where I become completely still, frozen in my position and mute. If I'm in this state and feeling a lot of stress I'll eventually experience a meltdown and psychotic symptoms. I was told that this happens because I have emotional intensity but I'm not sure what that means.

No. 1421774

Look up catatonic states, they can happen in people with schizophrenia, or possibly other psychotic disorders. Seems like maybe you’re dissociating too, so look into dissociative disorders.

No. 1421831

Does all spicy taste the same?

No. 1421839

Why do people want to be victims so badly? I'm a zoomer and even when I was a teenager I hated being seen as a victim, still do. It's crazy to me how people way older than me will go on tiktok and complain about how bad they have it (dangerhairs with a regular income). Is it boredom, not wanting to grow up, what is it? I know it used to be big on tumblr but I've never seen that shit outside it, now I know people irl who awkwardly try to fit they/them and other crap into our language even though it doesn't work kek.

Nah, eating sambal with a spoon and black pepper by itself is a hell of a difference imo. I think most powdered ones taste the same but there is a lot of difference in sauces and things like chili peppers (they all set your mouth on fire though).

No. 1421850

By pretending to be a victim everything you do is justified and everyone who pisses you off is automatically in the wrong, that's why trannies love playing victim, it gives them a pass for their shitty actions and everyone who opposes them is "evil" because…why would you doubt someone who is so pitiful and vulnerable?

No. 1421857

Its like a get out of jail card. The same people who cry victim hate to 'take accountability' for their own shit. Even when they hurt others. Thats just my trauma showing! etc

I have some shit in my past, I could cry about it but tbh.. I've also been the person who negatively affected someone with my bs. The best thing I ever did was stop viewing it in such a black and white way where you're either a victim or a bad guy. Most people will fill both roles at some stage in their life, even if its not in an extreme way.

No. 1421974

Why so many people don't capitalize the first letter of the first word in a sentence or capitalize the I? I don't want to start a fight I just want to know, I am ESL and always thought those were big mistakes I should avoid.

No. 1421978

when you read good smut fan fiction, do you ever masturbate after? or do you just read it for “the writing”

No. 1421985

You see it alot on here. I think its just a casual thing. When I ask the sanic totem questions I tend to skip it. I make an effort for my nonnies but not for sanic.

No. 1422009

Do straight women who are submissive actually physically enjoy doing painful or uncomfortable submissive acts (like anal) or do they just enjoy being submissive itself? I always thought stuff like "cumming from anal" in porn or really anything very submissive was always 100% acting and the whole point is that you're pretending that you like it, but everyone knows you're pretending and you get off on acting like you enjoy such an unenjoyable thing? Am I retard?

No. 1422047

Not submissive or masochistic but for a while i only liked anal stimulation (no dick) due to trauma relating my vaginal area and the only way to get off was through anal play. Wouldn't ever insert an actual dick there unless it was really really small and most men are too immature to handle it if poop comes out

No. 1422051

because i'm lazy

No. 1422055

I don't like using the term "submissive" I prefer passive or just being lazy in bed, I have only tried anal once(we use lots of lube and did prep) but still my rear end hurt for a full week and so I never tried it again

No. 1422058

Am I right in thinking that if there was no dick that it wasn't explicitly painful or degrading for you? I can see how that might be enjoyable. I'm more talking about acts that are definitely painful or degrading. It's interesting to me though that you got off through anal play since I didn't think that was a real thing for women, thanks for your answer.

No. 1422068

>Do straight women who are submissive actually physically enjoy doing painful or uncomfortable submissive acts (like anal) or do they just enjoy being submissive itself?

Neither. They don't enjoy themselves at all in sex, they just enjoy the fact that they have a man to perform for

No. 1422070

you sound like a male who thinks women don't have agency

No. 1422095

Muh agency. Just another word for choice. And choices are culmination of external factors.

No. 1422101

>they just enjoy the fact that they have a man to perform for
Tbf that’s most women during sex, not strictly submissive or heterosexual, and that’s the real reason they don’t cum.

No. 1422102

When I delete an image, it is automatically permanently deleted from my computer instead of being sent to the trash. How do I change this?

No. 1422106

If a woman is in a straight relationship doing anal then her nigel is just a closet faggot who’s probably cheating on her yet she remains degrading her body for him because of trauma or some dumb shit like that

>they just enjoy the fact that they have a man to preform for
If this is how you feel during sex that’s ok but it sounds more like projection/wanting other women to “relate to” kek…I personally am a woman who enjoys herself during sex w my nigel, but that’s probably because it’s not something that we do very often since we’re religious

No. 1422108

>oNLy a MaN wOulD DiSpArAgE f3mAlE maSoChiSm!
>the no.1 go-to “man defending female masochism/self destructive behaviour” phrase.
Nta btw kek kys tyfyt ttyl bbl

No. 1422111

Anon, she wasn’t saying that about all sex. OP asked about people who go out of their way to do specifically unenjoyable things.

No. 1422114

The classic "I personally dont experience this so its not a pattern at all"

No. 1422117

I mean the respondee specifically said “Neither. They don't enjoy themselves at all in sex, they just enjoy the fact that they have a man to perform for” so

Ok so do you hate having sex with your nigel too? If you do, why are you with him? Why do you waste your energy and time on him? Kek it’s not even an “It must not happen because I don’t experience this”, I was just using my own experience as an example because I definitely can’t speak for anyone else, but… usually if you don’t want to do what someone is asking you to you can say no. Don’t fawn unnecessarily.

No. 1422121

your opinion doesn't count because you're a religious nutjob

No. 1422130

I like being submissive because I’m lazy and my favorite sex position is missionary with frog legs

No. 1422132

All I said was that you can say no to someone instead of backing yourself into a corner and victimizing yourself? That has nothing to do with me being religious and it also has nothing to do with me being a nutjob. I’ve been a victim of sexual abuse but I grew into a fucking adult and learned that I can assert boundaries within all of my personal relationships, no matter how they may make the other person feel. So many straight women who are fully capable of setting boundaries and saying a firm, steadfast No to these faggy little fucks who wanna try to analize with their microdicks always just choose not to because they want to be a deer in the headlights, for what reason I do not know.

Seriously a lot of you need to stop acting like these little GMO food eating Joe Rogan listening barista bar coffee maker job boys are anything to be scared of or intimidated by. And don’t try to come and respond with a
>mlehh gigachads exist
If you’re on this website I don’t think you’re dating one casually and having anal sex with him. Sorry

No. 1422136

I never tried anal but I enjoy degrading stuff. I’m generally more submissive in bed. I think I’m one of the few women who actually enjoy it and have fantasies involving submissive and degrading acts outside of sex that I get off to (and not just fake it all the time for male partners). HOWEVER I think it’s just a result of my past sexual experiences with my first ever bf. He started calling me a slut, slapping me and all that stuff after the first few times we had sex. At first I really hated it but was too much of a pussy to tell him (I was like 18 and inexperienced + stupidly tried to please him as much as I could). And later I started getting turned on by it as well. Sometimes even more than he did and asked for more. Years later I’m still into that kind of stuff. So I guess he’s one of the main reasons why. I think if he had treated me differently during sex, I probably wouldn’t even think of doing those kinds of things now.

So in the end 95% of the time it’s just the influence of men, from what I’ve seen and experienced.

No. 1422140

I used to hate sex because it was basically a performance that moids expect. I have since worked on the fact that I had internalized this feeling. But I know a lot of other women who unfortunately also have felt pressured to put on a show at the expense of their own pleasure. There's women talking about it everywhere online as well. I don't know what else to tell you but it's not just a case-by-case personal problem

No. 1422143

okay you're religious a nutjob and a sociopath. cool.

No. 1422144

I like being submissive because I’m lazy and my favorite sex position is missionary with frog legs

No. 1422145

Ok first off you really got to get your shit together if you’re still doing anything you don’t want to do. It’s one thing if you’re being groomed into thinking that that’s the way you’re supposed to feel when you’re actually young or something, but I’m referring to grown adult women who actively participate in making themselves feel like shit by having displeasurable or even painful sex with moids who don’t care about them

No. 1422146

And you have no literacy skills! Cool

No. 1422152

That’s not being submissive

No. 1422156

are you male or something? only a retarded moid would complain about women not standing up to malw abuse instead of the male doing the abusing.

No. 1422158

File: 1669489665360.png (1.54 MB, 1172x938, submission.png)

Yes it is don't kinkshame her

No. 1422161

in my opinion they just like the attention

No. 1422163

I don't currently but I just said I have in the past and have had to work to remove myself from the situation. Women are pressured and groomed from day one to have a warped view of sex, so why are you saying its their own fault? Its not so easy to stand up. Marital rape was legal in the USA until 1993. We still have a long way to go socially.

No. 1422165

where is this from?

No. 1422171

I’m sorry if you got confused somewhere but the anon didn’t ask about sexual abuse…she asked about straight women who consensually do anal despite being able to say no. In my response, I said that victims of past sexual abuse will usually degrade their bodies like this for their faggot bf’s, but that doesn’t make them consenting to anal sex that they don’t enjoy abuse. It means that they’re catering to the needs of a faggot who they’re too afraid to dump. I apologize if you saw the word abuse and thought I was referring to doing anal as abuse.

No. 1422172

its from oglaf. made by a man and a woman iirc

No. 1422173

Because if you grow the fuck up and know that you don’t enjoy something or don’t want it from someone, you usually have the ability to develop self defense mechanisms so you don’t back yourself into a corner and victimize yourself again. This can be any number of things, like depending on someone financially and then using “providing for you” as a reason for why you should give them what they want, but you could also very easily put a fucking knife in his stomach and steal his money, the way millions of wives and women have done before us. Defend yourself or don’t.

No. 1422174

File: 1669490421783.jpg (291.31 KB, 3000x1280, 5120_576_2020Banners_Collectio…)

I have an empty lotion bottle (this brand and a different lotion but its the same bottle) What should I do with it? It's pretty small but I kind of don't want to throw it out.

No. 1422175

Get help kek

No. 1422177

and samefagging before someone tries to say
>and what go to prison mlehh??
Think about how many men kill women yearly and are never even questioned or considered a potential suspect by police. Use the idiocy of the police force to your advantage for fucks sake!!

No. 1422178

I said that you should kill someone if they try to anally rape you. How am I the one who needs help

No. 1422179

samefag I'm asking because I'd like to use it for something, dunno what though

No. 1422180

If it's not made of cheap plastic I keep them and use them to store small items or use them as travel-size containers for products that would take up too much space in my bag.

No. 1422181

you sound like a confused moid

No. 1422183

Why do you wanna hoard an empty lotion bottle nonnie? Let’s start there kek

No. 1422186

How do I sound like a confused moid for saying that if you consent to sex that it’s not abuse. I’m a grown woman and I know that you can say no to sex, and if whoever your with tries to force you for some reason, you need to defend yourself. That’s not an outlandish statement. If you know you don’t want something and you back yourself into a corner because you want to be a little scared fawn instead of doing the hard work of defending yourself and your body, or at the very least exercising your right to say NO, that’s your own issue.

No. 1422190

This sounds dumb but I have two full series of YA books, both come in a case. I have no energy to lug these to anywhere and I've already tried selling them, would it be weird to leave a note to my apartment building's notice board that whoever wants them can come get them? Or would it be safer to just leave them under the board and leave a note to take them for free? They are so fucking bulky and I hate these books

No. 1422191

>it's the woman's fault if the moid is overly pushy and doesn't take her no seriously and she gets emotional manipulated into doing something
hmmm i wonder.

No. 1422193

It's a jar nonny, I would keep it too.

No. 1422195

leave them as free. someone will take them. i never use those bulletin boards, you're just setting yourself up for a bad time.

No. 1422200

So some faggy little cuck whining over and over again asking to stick it in your ass is “emotional manipulation”? Is that how weak you all are? Jesus christ

No. 1422204

It’s not like a glass jar for long term storage though. It’s a plastic jar that’s meant to be disposable but the world does need hoarders

No. 1422211

They will groan you for this one. I get being physically threatened, but "emotional manipulation" c'mon you're about to insert something in your ass for a moid get back in your senses

No. 1422213

Yeah like, who the fuck knows who might see that note and be like let me turn up and be weird about it, I do mean I live alone. I just fear no one will take them and then someone will leave another note about them being a fire hazard because nothing is supposed to be left at the corridors, I am very much overthinking this but I also think someone would enjoy these.

No. 1422214

the faggiest cucks are school shooters you retard.

No. 1422216

I used to keep stud earrings in these but I had to clean them very well

No. 1422217

do you have a mail room area? maybe leave them on a counter there.

No. 1422218

You can use plastic for storage if you want to kek. I can think of little things I could keep in there.

No. 1422221

Yeah and they also get rejected all the time because women say No to them. Because they know how to exercise their autonomy. Which is why they’re all incel faggots who end up killing random people or themselves. Need I say more?

No. 1422224

Even being physically threatened, most women are shorter than men so they have an advantage?? You can access so many organs/arteries and stab them easily. Boom, bled out within like 10 seconds. Problem disappeared!

No. 1422228

That was a little like my feeling, that it's a performance and they get off to the performance. Which is fair enough, I'm just not sure are we supposed to suspend disbelief that they actually enjoy it or not? Or is them not enjoying it part of the pleasure for men? I just want to know WHY. From both perspectives. Do dominant men get sexual pleasure from physically hurting a woman, or do they think she is somewhat enjoying herself and they get pleasure from that? Or what? I get off on hurting men but it's 100% about them being so desperate to have sex with me that I can hurt them and make them do whatever I want and have such power over them. I never assumed they get any pleasure from being hurt or humiliated but recently I met a sub who does and I'm confused about is what I experience the norm or are my brain wires crossed wrong.

No. 1422236

It's kinda cute to me, I like the shape. I could put some little trinkets in there or something. Idk, I guess I feel bad for getting rid of a plastic jar when it could be used for something. It wouldn't be taking up room or anything

No. 1422244

>>1422236 samefag again lol but if I don't find anything I will just throw it in the recycle bin. Was just wondering if I could make use of it

No. 1422248

A tealight holder? A small tiny pot for small tiny cacti?

No. 1422298

please does anyone know

No. 1422302

Why are some Africans and Middle Easterners so terrified of dogs?

No. 1422358

File: 1669497881107.jpg (1.15 MB, 1626x2373, 1654684498743.jpg)

How do i improve my concentration? is that even possible?

No. 1422362

girl no, I was worried some Americans are gonna say stuff like that. This is just a building from like 1920s and there's the door to the street, a few stairs that lead to 1st floor apartments, little notice board to let us know about shit and for occasional "lol I'm having a party at this hour, sorry if it gets loud" and an old ass elevator. Mail room, wow…

No. 1422364


No. 1422371

get rid of social media and turn off your devices when possible.

No. 1422434

ended up kissing one of my friends while drunk last night and i'm worried it's ruined our friendship. i went to go pick up some stuff i left at her place earlier and it felt awkward between us and she seemed to be in a bad mood - which i'm aware could be due to something completely unrelated and i'm just overthinking it, but i've been stressing over this all day. should i talk to her about this or just pretend like it never happened? or give it a bit of time and then bring it up? idk what to do

No. 1422441

You could ask her if she's doing okay and ask if she was okay with the kiss- and if it was weird or affected her in some way and go from there

No. 1422452


No. 1422516

File: 1669509716220.jpeg (303.1 KB, 667x1000, 0CB7F8F8-F19D-4881-884F-CFA0AF…)

Does everyone's nose get endlessly stuffy and runny in cold weather or is it only me? Is it because I'm obese?

No. 1422521

What's the Bad Bunny hype about? Why do people like him?

No. 1422533

I like some of his songs just for the hyped up dancey sound. But he does sound like he is “singing” with bubblegum in his mouth lol

No. 1422575

it happens to me too and i'm skelly

No. 1422590

Tyvm nonna I'm off to research.

No. 1422674

I've been wanting to talk to my ex lately which is weird because he was abhorrent in the relationship. But also not weird because he was my only "friend". I guess I feel weird not holding a grudge. I don't think what he last did is forgiveable, but here I am. Since I'm not attracted to him romantically anymore, I don't care what he does. I don't think I should be friends with someone like him, but then again alot of people are friends with people that do stuff they disagree with right? so why should I be any different when craving his friendship? I guess what I'm asking is am I right to think this way and should go for it, hit him up? Or is it weak to forgive?

No. 1422678

It really depends on what he did and what drove you guys apart. Did you just have different values/priorities or did he just treat you terribly? If it’s the latter it’s not worth it and you can forgive him without contacting him.

No. 1422694

Vastly different values, for sure. But they're not values I can respect, so there's that. He didn't treat me terrible, just wasn't as attentive as I would've liked him to be. Should I contact him? can't tell

No. 1422700

File: 1669521064684.jpg (428.88 KB, 750x748, 1665542661373.jpg)

What stains the teeth less, coffee, tea or milk tea?
I need a hot beverage that doesnt stain my teeth, halp

No. 1422713

Probably milk but I drink a lot of unsweetened tea and I have very minimal stains.

No. 1422727

have a reusable straw and dont swish it like mouthwash and youll be fine

No. 1422791

Honestly if you’re genetically predisposed to stained enamel it doesn’t matter lol just drink with a straw and whiten your teeth once in awhile

No. 1422845

File: 1669533934203.jpg (58.41 KB, 750x629, [21-10-11] 1447598898466414596…)

A nona in another thread said something along the lines of ''you arent depressed is the world around you'' or something like that, it was very well redacted but i dont remember which thread it was. I wanna send it to a cunt friend who keeps trying to convince me i can cure my depression by meditating and paying an expensive therapist.

No. 1422847

Maybe unpopular opinions thread?

Anonymous 4 days ago No. 1418395

That’s what I mean. There’s no blame on the individual. Nothing is wrong with somebody who is depressed while dealing with social and economic pressures, it’s a normal reaction to an inescapable stressful situation. It doesn’t mean they’re ill, it means that there are wider social problems. It’s easier to throw antidepressants at people who are sad and unproductive than it is to change the system which is causing them such stress.
(I hope I explained it well enough, words aren’t coming easily to me trying to describe this.)

No. 1422848

thank youuuuu, god i feel that post. So many years going to therapists and getting on how many drugs for absolutely nothing

No. 1422849

also i sent that to my therapist friend and he was speechless kek, thanks nonna for letting me destroy my stupid friend for once.

No. 1422861

I posted that, thanks anons. It’s reassuring to know that it’s not just me who feels like this.
Funnily enough, I spoke to my psych nurse the day after posting that; she basically said yes the world is unhealthy and some people are just badly adapted to live in it. I asked how she was supposed to help someone who was a symptom of a wider problem, she said it’s about managing their suffering.
That seems retarded to me, if you want to reduce suffering you need to help people make material changes to their lives, not teach them just to breathe through it. Meditation and pills aren’t going to help you if you’re living in a shithole with no community around you and no future beyond working in a soul crushing menial job for the rest of your life. No chance of owning a home, no pension, no access to education, and nobody who gives a shit because everyone thinks they have it worse. I think a lot of functional psych cases are just people in bleak situations with self awareness.
Sorry I could sperg on and on, I’m still drunk from last night, but in conclusion fuck the wellness industry and fuck this gay earth

No. 1422867

i could hear you sperg all day nonny. I am currently trying to speak to my snake oil salesman therapist friend about it to no avail, kek. I have been to therapists through all my life(8-19) and it has NEVER helped me, i am so tired.

No. 1422870

Anon I loved your post too. The only thing I'm truly sad about is that I may never own a home of my own that I have land and can remodel as I wish. That I am clawing my way out as much as possible working my ass off but still paying high rent because the price on everything is growing and the laws, taxes everything to keep people in low or middle class are succeeding. If we didnt have those 400 rich assholes or whatever controlling the earth I bet there would be a lot less "depressed" people who feel suffocated in a shit job with shit pay being screamed at by middle-upper class probably boomers that are benefiting off the workers large tax chunk taken out. You can do everything right to be happy but if the environment is toxic it will affect the person.

No. 1422891

i have a bunch of cute pictures of me and my ex. we mutually broke up on good terms and are still friends, but they're all clearly lovey. should i get rid of them?

No. 1422970

what is a “crypto” terf? does it have to do with cryptocurrency or am i an idiot for thinking that?

No. 1422978

Crypto means "secret/concealed", so when someone gets called out for being a crypto terf it means they might be saying terfy things without outright calling themselves a terf, in an effort to get people to agree with them or whatever. You'll usually see people accusing each other of being crypto terfs on twitter, tumblr etc.

No. 1422984

Kek nonny I thought the same

No. 1422985

Why? They're nice memories, just because you've broken up doesnt mean that all proofs of bein gin love in the past have to get immediately destroyed

No. 1423115


No. 1423117

my dear anon, I've literally just posted there 2 minutes ago

No. 1423118


No. 1423120

kek okay

No. 1423128

Because you have to show your Stacy card before posting in /m/

No. 1423134

Why do muslim women on IG cover their faces? if they do show their face they hide their mouths or hide their eyes and show their mouths. Why is that? Some of them reside in UAE.. is it like illegal?

No. 1423147

lately i keep seeing weird questions like this ''why does this race/religion'' do this….its weird is it the same anon making those posts, especially since alot of the time the answers to these questions are already known.

No. 1423156

I think it’s combination of 4ch newfags going on this sites cuz they heard there are white “femcels” who hate porn/trannies so they try to not-so-subtly groom us into /pol/ sister wives. And trannies baiting to affirm their TERFs are literal natzees circlejerk.

No. 1423174

ok, does anyone get a better sleep during the day? it's driving me crazy cuz the only good sleep in memory I had - I immediately felt awake and energized, and felt great the whole day - was during the day. I do have a sleep study in a few months and I am physically incapable of keeping my eyes open past 8PM these days even though I hate sleeping so early, I feel so exhausted and fucked up I can't help it…yet, I've been getting consistently horrible sleeps for a very long time. isn't this weird? isn't my sleep schedule good?
also, taking melatonin makes me feel like I'm choking and can barely breathe, which is scary bc I have asthma already.

No. 1423177

Why the fuck are men allowed on ovarit?

No. 1423179

Why would I suddenly develop restless leg syndrome out of the blue? I've been feeling that crawling feeling in my legs for 2 weeks now and my diet is literally the same, nothing has changed

No. 1423180

I find /m/ to be kind of elitist and mean. I got told to kms by a bunch of anons for posting about my husbando. They weren’t to know but I’d just had a failed suicide attempt that landed me in hospital for a while. I’ve avoided posting there since.

No. 1423183

that fucking sucks anon, I had a similar thing happen to me here but about an illness and I am still salty but glad to see you here anyways hugs to you nona

No. 1423187

kind of the same with me, tho i didn't post mine but saw him and other characters and things i liked getting shit on too much

No. 1423190

Please try not to take such replies to heart

No. 1423194

That's horrid. I'm so sorry to hear that, I know everyone has their reasons and I don't wish to assume but I hope you're doing alright now or everything is at least manageable. At this point I've kind of accepted that when it comes to husbando and posting him if your husbando is considered weird or not conventional like an anime boy or buff hunk there's a high chance you will be made fun of, shat on and viewed as a retard. It's better to post him or talk about him with like minded people, like starting a fan-blog or something. It's sort of why I avoid /m/ and /g/'s husbando spaces now.

No. 1423214

Is learning japanese worth it? I want to learn it so I can understand the media and if I have the money, travel there and be able to communicate. The thing is, one of the reasons I dropped my french classes were I actually preferred when I didn't understand what they were saying, now french lost most of the charm for me and I dislike it. I fear it will be the same with japanese. I can't be the only one who felt this lol

No. 1423218

Aw don’t kys who will defend your husbando against mean anons

No. 1423220

japanese is becoming a world language. shinto and japanese cultural soft power has spread deep into the west, and the far east is emerging as a key pole in the capitalist world-system. the sun is rising in japan, and it will only rise higher

No. 1423226

Of course it’s worth it if consuming weeb media is that important to you. It’s pain staking, you won’t see progress quickly and you lose progress without consistency. It must be close to 99% of people who try to learn japanese give up in the early stage. >>1423220
Anon please japanese will not be a world language sooner than chinese.

No. 1423228

The only 2-3 threads I'm interested in are very very slow (and posting in them regularly results in no more new posts for days, so no that doesn't help). My taste in media is probably too narrow and limited.

Japanese is one of the most difficult, time-consuming languages to learn for a native English speaker (assuming you are one). I personally can't imagine it's worth all that time and energy investment just for understanding some media and maybe traveling there. Especially if your taste in weeb media isn't that obscure and most of it gets English (fan) translations. It could be worth it if you enjoy the process of learning the language as a hobby on it's own I guess.

No. 1423236

File: 1669570643038.jpeg (62.18 KB, 640x640, BDDDD26B-61D6-4889-B02F-284134…)

Why do Americans clown on British looks when every American I’ve ever met has been ugly and heavy?
(I’m not saying Brits are attractive, we’re gross too. The only attractive people I ever see on the street are the British South Asian princesses tbh, picrel)

No. 1423253

I doubt it will ever be a world language given how slow Japan is to progress. China is ok with foreigners learning their language if they want to do labor for them and chinese companies are constantly scouting for specialists from the west (at least in my tech adjacent industry); japan on the other hand really doesn't want people to come into their own space. Learning Japanese is honestly good just for one's own fun, nothing else.

No. 1423280

>Thanksgiving trip with boyfriend
>First time meeting my family,I'm terrified as we come from very different backgrounds but everything goes exceptionally well
>They like him and he likes them.
>He even wanted to stay longer and we would have had he not had a commitment back home.
>Me and him, in our moments of alone time on the trip, get to know each other better than ever.
>We both open up about some personal struggles, give each other advice and comfort. Closest I've ever felt to him.
>On the 6 hour drive home we talk about what a great time we had, we blast music we love and sing together. I've never heard him sing before, he's always been a quiet guy.
>Finally entering the city we live in, my phone has died so the music has stopped and we are just talking
>Having a conversation about moving in together, we've been discussing it for a while.
>"Please move in with me, Anon", he says.
>Actually make a plan, I'll start bringing my stuff into his place next week.
>We kiss and happily chatter about it for a while, discussing where he goes to the grocery store and where I'll put my desk, and so on.
>Very end of the drive, it's been a long one so we're both really tired.
>He's quiet for a bit
>He looks actually super angry/upset/sad
>"Are you okay?"
>He says he's sad
>I can see tears welling up in his eyes
>I ask him why but he won't respond, he is gritting his teeth trying not to cry.
>I keep prying a bit because I'm really concerned, ask if he doesn't want me to move in or if I said something that upset him.
>We've parked. He hugs me tight and still has tears in his eyes.
>"No, Anon. You did nothing wrong. Don't worry."

So we kiss and I go back to my apartment. We had such a good time and got so close on the trip, what were the sudden tears about? Were they bittersweet? I've never seen him cry or even come close.

No. 1423283

girl what? are you talking about me? >>1423134
i asked bcs ive been following muslim women lately bcs i like their pics + their rich and i like the lifestyle. i was just curious & google wouldnt accurately answer for me kek

No. 1423285

I'm noticing this as well. It does come off odd

No. 1423289

Well none of us is gonna be able to guess why he cried anon. I’m glad you guys had a good time though. Maybe he’ll be ready to talk about it later.

No. 1423297

what type of ghibli cry moid, just leave him be I guess.

No. 1423305

What to do when you see porn on lolcow? I usually report it and then I bump a random thread with a random picture usually a meme and then write that someone has posted porn.
Is there a standard way of handling porn spam on here? I usually see people use that pic of Elsie holding a gun

No. 1423308

I report, sometimes reply if I know I have something funny at hand even though I know I really shouldn't and finally I hide the thread or the thread image.

No. 1423315

Just reporting is fine. It’s very sweet when anons bump threads so it gets pushed down into the next page. Doesn’t help me since I use the catalog but I can tune them out easy.

No. 1423316

Is there a way to remove what podcasts I've listened to from my Spotify home?

No. 1423322

I think on your phone you can long press it to delete it but I'm not sure if it fucks off completely

No. 1423328

File: 1669573784739.jpg (45.43 KB, 2000x1331, CCV_iStock-619079366.jpg)

why do you think male groups stans tend to have more "degenerates" overall compared to girl group stans ? while both groups show a level of intensity, boy group stans tend to twist their obsession's further, like you won't find eorticzied child rape fan-fiction of blackpink members but you will hundreds of fics with that premise on ao3 of nearly popular or semi-popular boy group

No. 1423334

I believe you anon. We’re just paranoid seeing that there’s a why is x group so weird/ugly blah blah every day. It’s never anything to be objectively answered, just designed to get a rise out of us.

No. 1423340

>you won't find eorticzied child rape fan-fiction of blackpink members
Yes you will tf. And the amount of upskirt, tit zoom fancams? The deepfakes??? Anon you just haven t been in the same spaces as deranged scrotes. Female gg stans don’t overlap with straight moid stans.

No. 1423354

shit, I should have mentioned that I was specifically referring to fan behavior by female stans, I am well aware that most girl group followers in korea are just creepy dudes

No. 1423358

Thank u nonnita. I was genuinely curious as to why some will cover their faces like draw over it, blur it out or use their hands. I guess they're not allowed.
They will say otherwise but het-attracted women are free to express their degeneracy & the "darker" sides of their sexuality without shame. Female-attracted women however are not because they're fearful of not being feminist enough & acting "moid like."

No. 1423362

male fans steal the underwear of female idols in smaller groups. There has been some creepy stalker cases where male fans stalk female celebs bith inside and outside of kpop too. Just look up Bjorn's stalker case or don't it's disturbing I also think Nayeon from Twice had a stalker. Female stans can be creepy but you are mistaken if you think moids aren't

No. 1423386

Why are Europeans so insecure about their teeth when they meet an American? Like all the ones ive talked to felt the need to mention how bad their teeth are and then look normal.

No. 1423391

i think because getting veneers and teeth whitening are more common in america

No. 1423397

nta, but I feel the same. I don't really see myself traveling and there's completely untranslated, old games I'm dying to play, though it really isn't a justification to learn it. Maybe I should just do it for the sake of doing something involved, challenging, and personal.

No. 1423403

File: 1669576024795.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 187.78 KB, 451x600, 9D03EFBE-56ED-4AB8-A043-236388…)

But do you all really think that moids would look better if they took care of themselves from an early age? Would they really ever reach the level of beauty of the average woman?

No. 1423413

>But do you all really think that moids would look better if they took care of themselves from an early age?
>Would they really ever reach the level of beauty of the average woman?
Not in the face but definitely in the body

No. 1423427

>But do you all really think that moids would look better if they took care of themselves from an early age?
of course
>Would they really ever reach the level of beauty of the average woman?
apples and oranges, why should men look like women? more feminine faces in men are ok, but womanly bodies on men are just disgusting

No. 1423431

Why hasn't there been any more variety in radio music in the last decade?

No. 1423435

What do you mean? There are plenty of radio stations, some put more diverse music and some cater to a specific kind of listener

No. 1423438

File: 1669577859856.jpg (161.14 KB, 555x555, uhoh.jpg)

Have any of you guys been a maid or housekeeper? I unironically enjoy cleaning and think it would be a great part-time job but I'm scared of hoarder homes or just really gross situations. Pic rel.

No. 1423439

>why should men look like women?
I mean it in a way that you could look at an average man and think "well, he is beautiful even if he isn't perfect" just like how I view an average woman and think that she's beautiful even if she isn't "perfect".
Honestly, my unpopular opinion is that men being feminine isn't even attractive tbh, men are men and should look like men, they shouldn't try to mimic women's beauty because it's not beautiful on them.

No. 1423440

japanese is extremely difficult to learn if you can't immerse. the language is extremely contextual.

No. 1423441

Oh, I get it now and I agree.

No. 1423457

People in hoarding situations tend to seek out people with more qualifications than the average maid (eg people who can emotionally support them) to help them clean up, if they even want help at all. You very likely won't be hired by a hoarder unless you actively seek out those jobs.

No. 1423462

Hoarders don't hire cleaners because they don't like people messing with their shit and possibly throwing out their prized possessions

No. 1423465

I don't think those type of hoarders want help.. generally..

No. 1423472

Uh, this is shady of you to say because this is the subject of taking care of oneself/grooming, not bathing in an ocean of soy (if soy actually feminized men) and growing hips. Such things aren't naturally feminine by nature, even if troon-rhetoric says otherwise.

No. 1423486

no, i'm esl and just misread "level of beauty of the average woman" and assumed she also meant female secondary sex characteristics, i mean there already are plenty of anons (baiters?) on lolcow who do insist female bodies are naturally more sexually attractive even to straight women

No. 1423494

why is it nearly always converts who turn judaism into their whole identity

No. 1423516

I get what you mean with losing its charm, but I've been learning it since I'm a tween and if anything, hearing Japanese compared to other foreign languages, gonna sound weeby, makes me feel at home because I've been so invested in it for the past decade. Makes me feel at home as in, I can get into new music, shows, books etc right away because it all sounds familiar, while with other foreign media I still feel some kinda distance. Couldn't ever really get into Chinese dramas or kpop for the life of mine for example, even though both of these were, from the sounds of it, right up my alley.

No. 1423519

My grandma cleans for the even older grannies in the neighborhood and so far she hasn't had any horror stories to tell.

No. 1423521

File: 1669582645716.jpg (42.32 KB, 425x505, 81IbU8SQf1L._AC_SX425_.jpg)

What's wrong with Always? I use it all the time. Should I be worried?

No. 1423525

oh, that's fine. The last time I saw someone say similar to what you did, it turned out she was into stinky men that put 0 effort into their looks, kek.
I feel like it could be wonderful, but only in extreme ideal situations; i.e., cleaning a rich woman's home alone surrounded by cats.

No. 1423526

the only pads i use that aren't shit for my heavy ass flow are the always night ones, if there's anything wrong with them i don't wanna know

No. 1423529

Yeah I was talking about my own country. The normal school for worker/normal jobs ends when you are 16 here. Highschool doesn't exist there is only another type of school you can choose if you want to go to university afterwards, that school ends when you are 18.
You don't pay for schools or university here and university is pretty different from school, you only have one or two subjects there, it's more like a complex apprenticeship for a specific academic job.

No. 1423536

The opposite for me. It makes me look a bit like a bishounen though due to my face and type of curly hair but long hair makes me look stupid.

No. 1423545

I never wore makeup once in my live and don't use any (other) cosmetic products but I shave because it's prettier IMO and I go to the sauna sometimes.
Normal people yeah but honestly I don't have a tenth of the energy and motivation normal people have, I usually sleep till 3pm on free days and have trouble doing anything at all.

No. 1423547

what is the point of powdered peanut butter

No. 1423550

Such a sad mentality when body hair is normal. Men really fucked women up, huh

No. 1423553

Watch out, you're gonna get itsmychoicewomensagencyed at lol

No. 1423556

SAME. I mainly care about /m/ but it's so dead.
Honestly I try to counter these people because even if I hate an anime or book I hate it even more if someone calls fans out for liking it. This is a board for everybody so if someone disagrees they can tell why and leave it at that or ignore the posts like I do. I don't like this high horse people that call someone a scrote for liking a guy they consider problematique or coomerish, it's some tumblr mindset and I don't need to see that here as well.
>My taste in media is probably too narrow and limited.
If there are things you like without thread maybe you could make an own thread anon. There are tons of series I would like to discuss and series like Golden Kamuy have own threads as well that work perfectly.
I wanted to open a thread for a franchise I like for a while but admit I was too shy so far.

No. 1423558

Extra money for peanut oil producers? Literally a by product that the food industry is trying to figure out how to market and incorporate into processed foods etc. Seems like they figured out they can sell it to dieters at absurd prices because it's high protein and low fat.

No. 1423559

I feel similar and I am not even from the US or UK. People of other ethnicities often look so pretty and even the men try to look good and take care of themselves. Most white "natives" don't comb their hair properly and I know so many boomers that don't even properly wash their hands after going to the toilet god help me.

I don't use make up either but a person should at least look tidy and clean if they go outside IMO. Might be some mentality thing, I know that Italians look much people than my own people too even though their country isn't even that far away from mine.

No. 1423568

The other way around. Men should shave like that too and honestly I know a bunch that do it and they aren't even gay.
Even if they wouldn't, it's about me. I think it's eww so why should I refuse to do it? I also have some muscles because I like them. I don't paint my face or nails or ever used lipstick or anything but I prefer to not look like something I am disgusted of everytime I see myself in a mirror.

No. 1423573

Are you me anon lol. I feel the exact same way about learning new languages but especially about Japanese and Korean.

Learning any language is worth it if you're interested in the language and whatever media exists in the language but like other anons have said, it's considered one of the hardest for native English speakers.
I predict that Korean will become popular to learn because unlike Japanese and Chinese it's actually easier

No. 1423576


Women are going to be naturally disturbed by depictions of violence against women even if it's fictional but against men it's whatever because for most it exists in the realm of fantasy or sometimes it's weirdly praised idk ask fujoshis and omegaverse fangirls.

I always thought kpop stans were fujoshis that moved on from anime.

No. 1423578

You're not likely to come across extreme horror stories. Where I'm from it's normal to hire maids and a lot of mothers will force their children to clean up before the maid comes to make their houses look presentable.

No. 1423579

Japanese and Korean are really similar in grammar, the only thing making it easier than Japanese is hangul. As far as I know, Chinese is considered the easiest to learn for native English speakers out of the bunch.

No. 1423580

Korean is an incomplete broken language, which you still need to learn basic chinese half the time. japanese was easier for me to learn and then Chinese is still proving difficult because of the tonal language aspect. Korean language isnt too bad, but it's just a sad and incomplete.

No. 1423596

I try to post in as many threads as I can but I'm actually waiting for someone to create a new hp thread. It's like it's just me and some other nonna in that thread most of the time. Cmon guys, just go there, I know you like harry potter too.

No. 1423647

Is non-binary a synonym for being gnc now?

No. 1423656

no, being gnc means you are totes a troon. Being nonbinary means you dress like a Doug character

No. 1423659

UK nonners, what do you use for self defense considering this country is spineless and we can't even have pepper spray? Recommendations please, I don't even know where to begin on this stuff

No. 1423663

because it's actually mostly normie middle aged straight people (no offence, just an observation) fed up with TRA and coomer bullshit and not that much actual radfems

No. 1423664

if i only live on free food, in my car, go to work full time, shower at work, will i be able to pay off my debt?
t. useless degree pressured on me by classist family

No. 1423667

What is "reddit spacing"? I see the accusation thrown around pretty frequently but the actual meaning eludes me because I don't use reddit and the posts getting called out here aren't all the same.

I thought it was when there was a paragraph break after a post quote or before the text of the comment. But is it also when there is a paragraph break between paragraphs??

No. 1423669

nta, speaking specifically about the omegaversefags, I just fail to understand the cognitive dissonance of eroticizing extreme male violence against women as long as the victim is referred to as a "boy" and "he/him"

No. 1423674

you just used it
channers tend to do this instead

No. 1423682

what are the implications of 112% kidney efficiency?

No. 1423684

Why is alcohol often used as a vehicle for hookup culture, even though people can't consent while intoxicated?

No. 1423688

whole lotta pee

No. 1423689

Do any of you know what happened to pinkpill.co? Will it ever come back?

No. 1423691

alcoholism is not taken seriously. excessive consumption is regarded as fun and quirky. anxiety can make people reach for this easy solution to feel brave.

No. 1423696

I've been using chan boards for several years and hardly ever see people type like you just did. there's usually two breaks.

it's when someone types like this.

breaking up every sentence or two with a new line.

it's annoying and comes off as pretentious. I'm not sure what the point of it is.

but if you see someone making a bunch of unnecessary breaks in their posts it's a sign that they're new/not integrating.

it's called reddit spacing because they use it on reddit a lot.

I don't think you were using reddit spacing, also sometimes "reddit spacing" doesn't look like reddit spacing on a phone.

No. 1423714

Damn, that's what I thought. I swear to god, I don't use reddit. I've been doing paragraph breaks like that since I started using chans in 2006ish… I cannot be bothered to be self conscious about this, it's annoying they ruined paragraph breaks for people. Thanks for answering my stupid question.

No. 1423746


No. 1423747

To anons who ever had an issue on Steam and needed to open a support ticket, when your issue's been resolved do I finalize it or do I respond with a thank you? Because if I respond with a thank you I need to click on "No, I need more help" Would the support agent care? I don't know what's the steam etiquette regarding these issues.

No. 1423753

if i were an unpaid third wordler fixing retarded gamer issues like ''uh i bought this booba game and it has no booba???'' and some autist sent me a thank you message i would feel grateful because ther is someone out there who is worse mentally than myself

No. 1423758

The issue was with the Steam Deck, so Valve's own hardware. But thank you. I'm trying to see if they would be annoyed with me opening the issue again and sending them a thank you, it might affect their ratings or amount of work, idk. But at the same time it also seems rude to not respond with a thank you.

No. 1423763

you are autistic they are just going to laugh at your tism like i am doing right now

No. 1423791

how much of a bad idea is selling feet pics? I'm a seasonal worker in retail right now and am evidently too mentally and physically ill to hold down most jobs. my pay is absolute shit right now too, but I'm trying to stick it out just to have something recent in my job history. obviously "selling feet pics" won't go on a resume, but I need something that will actually bring in a little money soon.

No. 1423793

>Saturday: five hour walk/run
>sunday: one hour stroll
>monday: it’s a three hour walk through forests and hills to get to work if i don’t drive. Then i can get the bus back. Will it be bad for my feet/legs if i walk that distance after Saturday’s tomfoolery? I’m tempted, I’ll need a change of shoes though.

No. 1423795

Samefagging but if i go by forest route i will have to use the sun/walk by direction and hope i arrive there. I feel like it’s a bit of a risk but i want to see if i can do it

No. 1423800

Why would it be? Been doing the same for years and no problems for me as far as I can tell. Humans are made for walking great distances after all.

No. 1423801

I’m scared of wearing my boots down. They cost a bit. If i had strongggg boots i wouldn’t be so worried.

No. 1423807

File: 1669597815978.jpeg (97.68 KB, 600x433, 34129858-A2F1-4C08-B7D9-BE722A…)

What is the secret way to stop being tired all the time? Caffeine? I know exercise and eating healthy are recommended, but I'm too tired to even conceive of those things. Is it that you have to force yourself instead of making excuses? I'd rather start with caffeine lmao

No. 1423810

This is a fairly stupid question, so I'll go ahead and ask here. Otome nonas, please grant me your wisdom. I want to get into the genre, and some of the games I wishlisted are on sale. So far I have Piofiore: Fated Memories ($34.99), even if TEMPEST ($42.49), Olympia Soiree ($34.99), Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani ($34.99), Nightshade ($28.79), Collar X Malice ($27.99), Variable Barricade ($34.99). I was gifted $20 as a gift card, so that brings down the price already. Will probably go with one of the cheaper games, but I'd like to see if any of these are worth playing. Thank you, otome nonas.

No. 1423816

Why do the anons in Jill's threads misremember shit so badly? They misremember or embellish things she did it's so weird.

No. 1423822

Caffeine can perk you up but it's not a good long term solution to fatigue since your body gets used to it pretty quickly and you start needing more and more for the same effect. If you start drinking a lot of caffeine it will start to make it hard to fall asleep which will negatively affect your energy levels obviously. If you can keep it to a reasonable limit it's fine. Best to have it as an occasional treat in my opinion.
I would start with sleep hygiene if I was you. Sleep when the sun is down. Don't eat within 2-3 hours of bed time (don't drink alcohol either). Sleep for eight-nine hours. Make sure your bedroom is completely dark, no little lights anywhere, blackout your windows etc. Make sure your room isn't too hot. Keep a bottle of water by your bedside so you don't have to get up if you are thirsty. Just some ideas.

No. 1423836

caffeine makes me more tired ime

No. 1423837

>I've been using chan boards for several years and hardly ever see people type like you just did
no you havent and no you dont

No. 1423838

people call it reddit spacing bc you have to do that to make a new line on reddit, and you dont on 4chan. its implying you format like youre on reddit bc you spend too much time on there. integrate

No. 1423840

Thanks anons, I won't use caffeine then. I sleep a lot overall but at inconsistent times for inconsistent lengths. Some nights I barely do. So I guess I will start there tonight. I hope it makes some difference. I have a lot of habits to change.

No. 1423843

How are you supposed to act when someone gets you a gift that you can’t use? Like clothes that don’t fit. “It’s the thought that counts” but like. Is it?

No. 1423850

wishing you luck, nonny. I suffer similar issues. piggybacking off what the other person said, I also have been slamming down caffeine for years and quit, like, two weeks ago after realizing it really had 0 effect on me and looking into how it can actually make you more tired in the long-run. Also you need to accept the loss, and workout more. What do they say? That if the benefits could be put into a pill, it'd be the best drug invented of all kind.
I mean, it's shitty but you could always buy one, play it, then return it unless you really liked it. People claim CxM is well written and that Olympia is a bit more lewd and dark than usual–also has a female love interest.

No. 1423851

Idk why that anon is being a dick to you because support conversations are definitely monitored and reflect on the person’s performance. I always say something explicit like “my problem was resolved, thank you.” If the ticket was already closed though I wouldn’t reopen it.

No. 1423857

Why's the discord link for lolcow invalid? I joined a long time ago but left am and wanting to re-join. Has the discord just been shut down?

No. 1423859

The invite was closed and iirc it was due to the tranny, I think. Apparently it was supposed to be deleted but now there's just one channel left and that's where they all talk. Afaik, the admin is gone and there's only mods around on that server but I could be wrong.

No. 1423869

Oh, I don't think Nintendo typically offers refunds so easily? I've never done it before on them. Should have mentioned this would be an eshop purchase kek. Thank you, I appreciate your insight.

No. 1423901

File: 1669604202716.png (71.22 KB, 600x600, Yearner-Sleep.png)

I saw a meme or something that said all girls sleep like this… I feel attacked Is this usually how you sleep? What is it about this position comfortable?

No. 1423905

nope, i'm a side sleeper

No. 1423909

I switch between this and fetal position

No. 1423915

Kinda I’m a body pillow enthusiast

No. 1423928

does it have a husbando pillowcase

No. 1423940

i sleep lying face down, hoping i suffocate in my sleep

No. 1423944

What healthier food do you eat when you're craving sugar and chocolate? I went a good few weeks on low sugar now I'm having cravings.

No. 1423959

Maybe magnesium supplements, unless you know for sure you get enough in your diet. Strong chocolate cravings are a sign of a deficiency.

No. 1423961

Oh, kek, nevermind. It's something I've done with physical copies before because I'm a cheapskate.

No. 1423972

File: 1669610428806.png (88.88 KB, 600x600, literally me.png)

yes because that's how my cat wants me to sleep so he can warm himself with my bodyheat and I can pet him with the hand I'm not laying on

No. 1423973

Omg nonnie same here!

No. 1423980

no i sleep with both arms bent sort of holding my 2 pillows and then both legs bent but not on top of each other cause i wanna feel my soft sheets. kinda like a side fetal position. also i hate to admit a big squishmallow i was gifted seems comfier and easier to sleep on than my pillows…

No. 1424025

I usually sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs, but sometimes I wake up on my back with my hands above my head kek

No. 1424035

File: 1669615811602.png (59.75 KB, 800x308, Recovery_position.svg.png)

Looks kinda similar to the recovery position taught in first aid, so it's probably because of stability and it's easier to maintain an open airway than on your back.

No. 1424039

How do i make WEBMs?

No. 1424067

what's even bpd about that post

No. 1424069

webm for baka's /formerly retards/
If you're clipping from a longer video you just need to be able to skip frame by frame and get the start and end times in milliseconds so that you can get it accurate.

No. 1424070

thanks but with which program, sorry i am retarded i just wanna spam /co/ with videos of my otp being in the same frame together

No. 1424073

how to get better self-esteem? I'm tired of being such a downer

No. 1424074

No. 1424080

The program is called webm for baka's, and any video program probably has a precise timing option and frame skip. I just use Media Player Classic.

No. 1424082

No. 1424097

Affirmations – brainwash yourself into believing you are someone with high self esteem.
Little things like standing up straight can make a big difference for your personal self image (mind/body connection keeps you in the present, feeling solid and aware of yourself) not to mention how others see you.
That's just a general broad answer. Really depends on you and your situation. If you are in a bad situation or dealing with trauma it might not be so simple. No matter what's going on, wether you're at a mundane or exceptional point in your life, you will probably have to make a conscious decision to go in some direction and come out the other side a little different.

No. 1424149

Anon, I'd do the name change regardless and would start looking for jobs at maybe very small companies, restaurants, mom and pop shops. I think bigger companies do more thorough searches on their potential future employees as opposed to small ones. Also, you could start volunteering at places and see if you could get a full-time job there?

No. 1424159

if you're gonna do amazon or warehouse shit at least try the post office first (if USA based). It's a way, way better job long term if you can do it. there's a long wait right now to actually be hired (like 2-5 months from application, glacial-paced bureaucratic hiring process with too many steps) but they need to hire badly and they are hiring everyone, the incapable weed themselves out quickly since it's blue collar work.

No. 1424182

Is Scooby Doo castrated?

No. 1424185

He didn’t try to hump any legs in the show so he must be.

No. 1424195

I have a new phone and I can't figure out how to open all the tabs I had previously opened. I'm on android and I use Chrome (yeah I know)
>inb4 Google it
That's what I've been doing for the last 10 minutes but I only get answers for opening tabs I accidentally closed, I just want to open all the tabs when I launch the browser.

No. 1424199

iirc castrated dogs also do tend to get an increase in appetite and scooby is well known for his

No. 1424201

I just tap on the Chrome app, then the uhhhhhhhhhhhh wtf is that shit called, the field with the website on it and it shows all the previous tabs and I can tap them open

No. 1424205

Mines old but it should just be a square top right with a number on it

No. 1424206

Except I want all of them to open at once when I open chrome, if my shitty previous phone could do it I hope my new one can.

No. 1424222

Is vegan food a good replacement for binge foods? I really want nuggies agh

No. 1424231

Ethically yes but vegan nuggies are friend in oil just like meat ones are. Some vegan foods, like vegan cheeses, have much more calories too. Like normal cheese dip is ~150kcal, a vegan one ~650kcal. Vegetables have less energy than meat or dairy of course so there are reverse examples too I think

No. 1424235

File: 1669630526343.jpg (190.62 KB, 1252x1252, dinonuggets.jpg)

thanks gotta check the calories then! I was mostly looking for healthy options to my binge foods, tried ''healthy snacks'' and i liked them but they just dont fill the dino nuggies void… i need something crunchy and oily and that looks like a dinosaur

No. 1424241

Nta, Simulate has dino nuggets. I find that it's easier to find regular nuggets though. I like Quorn.

No. 1424243

>i need something crunchy and oily and that looks like a dinosaur
exquisite taste nona

No. 1424244

I was thinking of making them myself actually! i did those fried smiley face potatoes but in chonky dino form a while ago and i wanted to try to make vegan nuggets myself.

No. 1424245

Oh, maybe try seitan then.

No. 1424246

File: 1669631402337.jpg (74.95 KB, 803x803, new25-30cm-the-great-dinosaur-…)

thank you, i will!
based and dinopilled

No. 1424250

To the Amerifags here–is the high school stereotype of "popular kids" (evil blonde cheerleaders and brutish football players) being fawned and feared at at the same time actually a thing???

I'm not from the US but have consumed a lot of American media since my single digits and always saw these characters on the screen. Since my country's high school heirachy and student types are waaaay different than the US, I always believed those archetypes only existed in fictionaland.

But then I read some American autobio graphic novels (Blankets and My Friend Dahmer–of all things I know…), and there are scenes in both comics where the characters have to deal with the classic quarterback bullies you see in movies. And when I read those scene I was legitimately like: "Wait what? these people exist and aren't just movie-made stereotypes??".

Soooo, are they?

No. 1424254

At the school I went to, yes. It was a small, Dutch reform Christian-founded private school (I am none of those things lmao) and most students were very well off and blonde (whether fake or real) and had some of the worst attitudes/ideas I’ve ever heard. I was very alt and very loud about what i thought was wrong in high school and also a first gen child of Slav immigrants so of course many of them mercilessly hated me. A lot of people attempted to bully me but I was too mean/angry for any of it to stick lmao. I got in a lot of verbal altercations with mean bitchy girls, psychotic red necks, AND football douchebags. Once I told the captain of the football team to look into acne treatment and sometimes as an adult I wish I was that based still.

Tldr; yes, in some areas and schools the stereotype is absolutely real kek

No. 1424263

does anyone elses cooch smell like cookies

No. 1424265

you may have diabetes

No. 1424268

God i wish.

No. 1424274

… you single?

No. 1424285

Samefag but fuck I just realized, seitan has a shit ton of calories so not good for an anti-binge food if your problem is calories. Maybe try tofu or something instead, there's millions of chicken recipes out there. Sorry anon kek

No. 1424286

Let me get a bite

No. 1424289

Seitan tastes like a hotel towel

No. 1424300

File: 1669639136012.jpeg (71.06 KB, 960x490, 2A173551-6DFB-4528-AC7D-E2D969…)

Are you a millennial with a cat and a soyboy boyfriend? Are you a Disney/Harry Potter adult? Just wondering. Picrel comes to mind whenever I read that word.

No. 1424301

No, i am virgin zoomer with an husbando who likes to eat fried potatoes shaped like chonky dinosaur, why?, got a problem?, bitch

No. 1424302

Lmao damn anon, nta but it's just a goofy word. Some people like to talk silly when they're being casual You don't hate fun do you, you smol chonky bean, you!?

No. 1424303

You sound quirky

No. 1424306

>you smol chonky bean, you!?
You have both triggered and tickled me in equal measure, nonny.

No. 1424308

Its my depression and i choose how to label it, leave me alone

No. 1424329

What kind of productivity apps do you guys use?

No. 1424333

I use Simplenote for writing and listing stuff down, it's free on the play store. There's also ZOHO Notebook which has more features than Simplenote, but alas, is freemium now.

No. 1424350

not at mine there were barely any white students to begin with, much less blonde but it depends where you live like the other anon said. the popular kids i encountered were nice, although mean students existed too but idk if they were actually popular. this was also a school with tons of, like thousands and thousands of students despite being in the suburbs so sometimes not everyone was even going to be remembered by everyone else outside of specific classes or events

No. 1424361

Yeah very much depends on the makeup of the school like statistics, demographics. American schools are weirdly tribal too. I went to like 3 different inner city schools kek. Different kids are popular with different sectors of the student body. There’s a clear divide at my schools about who’s popular amongst the middle class students (homecoming king and queen, academic stars, student council) and who’s popular amongst the rest of the school (athletes, theater/band divas, party kids). Whether they’re nice or mean really depends on who you are.

No. 1424399

Help me anons, I'm Fb illiterate. I was going through old conversation with someone and I might have accidentally reacted to an old message while scrolling, but I'm not sure. How can I check this without going through all of the conversations again, is there a reaction history option somewhere where I can check this?

No. 1424400

This was in the Messenger app, not sure if this helps

No. 1424402

How bad of an idea is it to take a bit of shrooms alone if I've never done them before.

No. 1424404

do you have past experiences with psychedelics and do you get anxious/freak out easily

No. 1424406

it depends on the school. I went to a rural public high school in a wealthier area. the popular kids were the smartest, most athletic, nicest and (usually) the most attractive people. There were both rich and poor kids who were popular, but still smart/nice/athletic/attractive. There was usually one or two boys and girls in the popular cliques that were mean, ugly and stupid, but they were nice to the right people. My school had almost zero minorities, but the popular clique was definitely not exclusively blonde. The nicest and most put together popular girl in my year was blonde, though.
After that, there was the normal/nerd/alt groups. They had a lot of overlap with the popular kids because they were also in the advanced classes. They were invited to the same parties, but they had their own cliques. They did different sports, but were often still athletic, could be pretty attractive, and were usually nice as well.
The weird kids were usually early genderspecials, furries, spergs, burnouts, stupid people and sketchy kids.
Being out as gay at my school was not a big deal, so gay and lesbian people were either popular or in the normal cliques. They avoided the “rainbow hair” types.
Most of the fights and drama happened within cliques, and since it was a small school, it was rare that someone was bullied. If you were disliked, you were really just left alone.

No. 1424430

I've done LSD with a friend but either than that no. Also I do get freaked out easily but I can talk myself down every time. Is it too risky?

No. 1424447

At the very least have someone on call/standby in case things go wrong.

No. 1424496

You probably suck at making it kek

No. 1424585

is it worth having pet insurance

No. 1424599

How come people are fatter nowadays? Talking compared to the 80s for example obviously, not medieval ages or whatever. We had cars, junk food and office jobs in the 80s too. Crack?

No. 1424606

Sometimes I watch commercials from that time and think about how people were so much better looking then. Especially guys

No. 1424615

Aside from obeying basic traffic laws and not being reckless, what makes someone a good driver? To me, it's always been about being smooth on the accelerator, easing into braking, avoiding potholes and bumps and just generally avoiding jerky movement. What does it mean to you?

No. 1424617

Technology. We don't need to even get up to communicate with people anymore. Back then to hang out with people you actually had to get up off your butt. Now you can contact someone and have meetings at the click of a button.

No. 1424627

Something that changed during the 80’s was the fact they started dumping high fructose corn syrup into EVERYTHING. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that after they did that, obesity rates have never stopped going up. That shit needs to be taken out of food, but governments are lobbied to keep it in while simultaneously blaming the consumer for eating it.

No. 1424663

I deleted but I'll repost because surprisingly google couldn't answer me, it's all about romantic partners.

How do I reject a proposal for friendship if I'm in the same hobby group and will see the people again in a recreational environment?

I'm going to an event specifically for making friends but there are people I know going there who I strongly suspect will want to be my actual friend and I don't know how to turn them down because I used to be very uncool and never developed that skillset of "sorry i'm too cool to hang out with you". I mean it's not like THAT but my social energy drains quick, so i'm picky on who I invest that energy into.

No. 1424696

Are you really expecting these people to 'propose' friendship like they're asking you out or something…? Just make excuses not to hang out and do the bare minimum in terms of communicating. Overtly rejecting friendship is weird and mean but distancing yourself should be enough of a hint.

No. 1424726

>inaccurate food information (stuff like the food pyramid and the no/low-fat movement)
>more people eating out than cooking at home
>increased consumption of processed foods
>insufficient food education
>huge food portions
>inactive lifestyles

No. 1424830

How often do you need to wipe the floor?

No. 1424850

I like to do it once a week but depending on how dirty it gets you could get away with every 2-3 weeks. Keep up with vacuuming every other day tho

No. 1424851

File: 1669676225431.jpeg (217.32 KB, 828x455, D8C9DF76-6C6D-4075-8CDE-AB7853…)

Does Google snitch to your ISP if your searching for torrents even if you’re using a vpn?
I used to use duck duck go but I heard they were bought off by a corporation that would probably snitch.
I’m literally retarded with piracy and only know the basics. I use Mullvad as my vpn.

No. 1424943

Am I blind or was the thread to meet nonnas deleted? I know the discord is pretty much obsolete so I didn't know if this thread went down too since some posted their discord tags.

No. 1424945

unrelated but this pic so cute do you know the artist's name?

No. 1424960

are you talking about the friend finder thread? its still ova here

No. 1424969

can you actually train yourself to lucid dream? i know that lucid dreaming is real, because when i was a child i'd occasionally have nightmares that were so terrifying that i'd become lucid like midway through and either just dissipate whatever was scaring me (by moving away from it intentionally) or wake myself up. i'd like to lucid dream again (about people i like, in particular. or different fantastical situations), but all of the info i've read online about "training yourself to lucid dream" sounds fishy. and despite how much effort i put into it, i'm not capable of lucid dreaming voluntarily. maybe i'm just not especially susceptible to the phenomena though.

No. 1424975

why did kpoop get banned here?

No. 1424977

it attracted too many twitterfags (although so did lots of other unbanned threads to be fair)

No. 1424983

Bless u, I am just blind

No. 1424996

Difference between a moid and a nigel?

No. 1425012

I’ve always thought it’s fake, same as sleep paralysis demons.

No. 1425015

Nigel is a moid but a different type he is not like the other moidz (can be really nice and a great boyfriend and whatever)

No. 1425016

>Exceptionally good guy, usually a boyfriend or husband
>Demeaning word for any guy that irritates you, or is sub-human

No. 1425021

All Nigels are moids, but not all moids are Nigels. Like squares and rectangles.

No. 1425031

I don’t really “practice” in day to day life, but I’ve become quite good at noticing when I’m dreaming here and there. It can depend on the dream. Long story though. Basically it needs to be a bad dream I want to wake up from. The mirror trick works well (mirrors make no sense in dreams). Other times I’ve tested to see if I’m dreaming by turning my dream-self into an animal. Once I dreamt I was running down a hallway (a hallway that has been in previous dreams) and I said to myself “ok, if this is a dream, I will morph into an obese german shepherd”, then I morphed into an obese german shepherd.

No. 1425034

How to look people in the eyes?

No. 1425037

I think it takes practice nonny, do you have any friends irl you can talk to and try to maintain eye contact with? I had this issue for a long time because of my anxiety. I still get anxious about looking at people directly but I have a friend that loves eye contact kek it got me kind of used to it

No. 1425049

Is it true that people can get high off matcha, and is it harmful?
Would drinking matcha be better than drinking coffee and green tea?
I can't consume too much of caffine so i was looking for altnernative and i am generally curious about matcha.

No. 1425055

no, where did you even hear that? it's just ground up steamed tea leaves. good matcha is expensive though.

No. 1425070

Nigel is supposedly a great guy, not like other moids. It’s often used sarcastically because spoiler: they often are, in fact, just like other moids.

No. 1425097

If I have to watch Billy Madison or King of the Hill to fall asleep every night am I autistic

No. 1425102

File: 1669692348697.png (154.6 KB, 610x437, kirdede.PNG)

Did Kirdede anon get perma-banned from /g/?

No. 1425104

kek, she was too based. I wonder if the jannies though she was avatar fagging too much?

No. 1425106

I hope so. Thank god

No. 1425111

what do you have against her? the odd husbando choice?

No. 1425113

Avatarfagging and general attention whoring. I also just don’t care for her posts, I don’t get the hype.

No. 1425115

if you are in pain but also nauseous at the same time, is it okay to take painkillers or will that make the nausea worse?

No. 1425158

File: 1669696244480.jpeg (390.47 KB, 828x782, F1C08104-FE02-4213-B1C0-D38BCB…)

It’s the Japanese adaptation of Tom and Jerry. They’re heavily yassified lmao

No. 1425169

>It’s the Japanese adaptation of Tom and Jerry.
How havent i heard of it before? I freaking adore tom and jerry and it looks so cute. Also why do asians like TnJ so much? they even have a gacha game with fanservice lmao

No. 1425174

It depends on the type of painkillers. NSAIDs tend to agitate the gastrointestinal tract.

No. 1425186

File: 1669698609541.jpg (60.71 KB, 640x457, Godzilla-Pompompurin-615x461.j…)

Does anyone else like tokusatsu(Godzilla, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Sukeban Deka, etc)? I want to discuss Tokusatsu with other women but the fandom is filled with troons and moids.

No. 1425197

I am the opposite I always look people dead in the eyes and I feel like some find that weird when I'm just trying to acknowledge their conversation.

No. 1425199

Yep, I like tokusatsu, mecha, and kaiju. It can be pretty isolating when you see everyone else in the fandom are males.

No. 1425211

i have a short range bluetooth usb for my headphones if i buy the more expensive long range usb will it stop my headphones from cutting out as I clean?

No. 1425215

How do you look up what website an ip address belongs to? My maleware bytes has been going off continuously as of tonight, but I have a lot of tabs open and I have no idea which website is actually triggering it.

No. 1425236

Does anyone want to hold hands

No. 1425242

depends, did you wash them?

No. 1425244

Uh yeah they’re clean, they smell like lavender

No. 1425247

File: 1669707709975.jpg (36.42 KB, 449x550, otters.jpg)

come here then, lets lie in the water like otters

No. 1425249

I’ll hold them for you for a sec, but don’t make me carry them all day.

No. 1425251

File: 1669708123856.jpeg (46.96 KB, 450x337, E9439FAF-85FB-4703-ABF4-65FEAA…)

No. 1425293

Have any of my fellow crones also forgotten how/when they discovered lc?

No. 1425295

I was thinking about this the other day, i remember how i found 4chan(south park thread on /cm/) but i dont remember how i found this hell hole

No. 1425299

I wish I could forget Onion's greasy face

No. 1425302


I haven’t forgotten. It was seeing a random comment in efagz talking about how the moderator team there was retarded and suggested LC as an alternative. She spoke truth kek

No. 1425304

Medfags: What does it usually mean if someone gets RSV over and over again? Like once a month, not even the flu or covid or anything just the common cold rhinovirus all the time?

No. 1425314

I found lolcow when I idly wondered what happened to Dakota Rose, I remember thinking she was peak beautiful (I was too retarded to realise all her pics were shooped). So I googled her name and lolcow came up, it was amazing to find a place to chat about retarded internet stuff and I loved that there was a woman orientated imageboard. This place really cleared up a lot of things for me, I used to be a pickme jealous troon sympathiser, and I’m overall happier about being a woman. I like other women much more now as well, especially if I imagine that they’re nonnies too.

No. 1425317

an artist i liked deleted their socials after getting into troon shit. i googled them up and found them mentioned in the bad art threads

No. 1425319

I forget everything except the vivid feeling of relief and joy that I'd finally found the female 4chan I'd been wanting all along. I was so sick of 4chan scrotes at that point but so in love with the anon imageboard format and board culture in general that this place was a godsend, I didn't even care about cows at the time but I knew anons were my people.

Weirdly I still remember the first time I saw 4chan even though that was way longer ago, like 2007. It was back when the front page had a side scrolling list of boards and a blog in the middle, and the blog had a picture of a gravestone on it.

No. 1425338

Why did I suddenly develop restless leg syndrome and how do I make it stop? I have this crawling feeling in them when falling asleep

No. 1425340

They've got a really weak immune system? They're hanging around sick people a lot?

No. 1425373

I think I came here via /cgl/, but I only became active since the first Onision thread.

No. 1425374

No idea but I remember when I went to Japan I was eating so much macha food/drinks that I was sitting bright green

I think I saw LCF mentioned on KF or maybe PULL (I didn't even use the latter that much I was just lurking on some fakeboi cosplayer thread), but I can't say precisely, it makes me kinda sad lol.

No. 1425427

i learned to lucid dream when I was younger because of night terrors. I'll still get night terrors sometimes, but if I'm being crushed or drowned, I can wake myself up or escape with a brief window of lucid dreaming. idk how to exactly "train" it but the trick I came up with was imagining myself jumping on a trampoline as i try to sleep. i basically imagined a slight vertigo and freefall in my brain whenever I would picture myself jumping up and down until the psychosomatic sensations feel very strong, usually till I fall asleep. now I can trigger a super intense vertigo in my dreams to jolt myself awake on a whim, and I can occasionally get a free roam dream where I can do what I want for a section of time. tho doing that consistently also made my brain figure out how to dream realistic pain and dying sensations on the regular, plus some occasional sex sensations. think its a lot harder to train unless you dream a lot but taking melatonin as a teen gave me a headstart on it imo

No. 1425444

No. 1425473

Heard about it on PULL while reading posts about LoL egirls kek.

No. 1425474

samefagging but now that I think about it, I do not remember how I even discovered PULL.

No. 1425481

The Peaches PULL thread in 2017…

No. 1425484

came here in 2017-18 i think from a post on the pinkpill subreddit

No. 1425533

So I'm into body language (yes, trying to figure out who likes or dislikes me) and this guy doesn't do any of the usual stuff with me, he just always bends over a little toward me to be at eyelevel, idk if to look at me or hear me. TBH everyone always says I have a quiet voice but they just tell me to speak up, I don't get why he just doesn't do the same. And he's not shy by any means. I'm also not short (5'5") and he's not much taller than me, I think, I'm not sure because he's always freaking bending over when I approach! from afar he looks taller than other guys but shorter than others, so he's probably average-tallish. Does it mean he thinks I'm dumb?

No. 1425545

I think I found lolcor by the nicole dollanger calves thread when I was searching what happened to jess woods kek or looking into bianca delvins murder, one of the two but both were my first interaction with this place

No. 1425554

years and years ago someone was talking shit about charms on /cgl/ and someone else told them to take it to lolcow. i wanted to know what mad shit ppl were talking because she was fuckin rude to me on gaia. now i'm still here on-and-off because i like that there's a place online where women can be anonymous and talk about whatever silly shit is on their minds.

No. 1425581

How do you make a giclee print of an existing painting? Do you have to scan the original or is there another way to do it?

No. 1425586

How do I handle having a family member that loves me and does so much for me but I can't stand them? They irritate me so much. They don't have a job or children or romantic relationship of their own so they essentially dedicated their life to helping others when they can.
Anything they say usually annoys the crap out of me and I feel so bad because the amount of love they have for me is huge. I think I resent the fact that they're using me and others as a way to give themselves purpose, but I never asked them to. I don't want to be in a situation in the future where they feel I owe them something because of what they did for me, even though I never asked.
I could go for weeks not even thinking about them.

No. 1425587

Which option should I do nonnies?

>add planner to already existing order and will be cheaper because of exchange rate BUT it's all in japanese

>pay a couple bucks more to buy it in the states BUT it's the english versoin

I'm not cancelling my already existing order since it's got a bunch of other stuff in there and the planner I wanted was out of stock when I ordered my other stuff, but now it's back in stock and I'm debating. It's like a $10 difference in price. If I buy it in the states I most likely wouldn't have to pay shipping because there's a store in my city where I can get it.

No. 1425592

just say her lol

No. 1425593

just buy the damn planner you can read.

No. 1425625

You just need a print-resolution digital copy of the original. Assuming you don’t have a professional painting photography setup it’s better to do this by scanning.

No. 1425688

When you resign from a workplace, do they delete your email address? And if not, do your ex-managers get notified when you try and log in?

No. 1425701

what accent does this girl have?

No. 1425708

Tbh she seems hispanic but her last name makes it seem slavic or baltic

No. 1425716


No. 1425768

I believe they do, they delete them at my company at least. Whoever manages the email might get a notification, but I don't think they would if the email is deactivated.

No. 1425847

Is it actually bad to pop my whiteheads I don’t want to ask a derm

No. 1425873

File: 1669744960665.jpg (398.49 KB, 1080x1080, COSRX-Acne-Pimple-Master-Patch…)

Yes, stick a patch on it instead. I've definitely noticed my pimples heal more quickly and are less inflamed when I ignore/put a patch on them instead of popping

No. 1425887

File: 1669745305965.jpg (57.23 KB, 570x585, e614559536edabdb4cb9a4a278f7c4…)

Anons, do you think you will take your partner's name when you get married? Or if you're already married, did you change your name? I'm curious to hear how farmer's feel about this.
For me personally, I would change my name if my spouse's last name was cooler than mine. If not I'd probably just combine our names. My family name isn't too important to me so losing it doesn't bother me.

No. 1425903

Depends on the name. For example my dad took the name of my mum because he could get rid of his ridiculous and hard to pronounce polish family name, which I'm very happy about because I do not want to imagine the timeline where I would've lived with that name as well.

No. 1425904

What is the cheapest way to send things to Japan?

No. 1425911

Why does every popular e-girl/tik-toker seem to have the same… smile?(?) I hope someone know's what I'm talking about

No. 1425919

the lips curving thingy?

No. 1425933

I like my last name so I'm not willing to give it up. I'd hyphenate at the very most.

No. 1425960

Ideally I'd hyphenate, but if our names hyphenated sounded weird i'd just take theirs. Mostly because my name is mildly embarrassing (think something like mike rotch, though not quite as obvious) but not embarrassing enough for me to go out of my way to change it as is. But if I got married I might as well, since I like the idea of having the same name as my partner.

No. 1425965

I am married, I didn't take his name. Way too much paperwork. I'm fine with paperwork, I was just like "this is basically creating a huge mess for myself, why go through the trouble?" I didn't care to do it and he sure wasn't going to.

No. 1425968

I got married years ago, kept my own name. Two years into the marriage I was totally blindsided by him leaving. Worked out that I never changed it lol

No. 1425971

No because names get combined here and the husband's name gets placed before my family name fuck that shit lol. He can take my name or there won't be any name change at all.

No. 1425980

I'm not sure about the aspects of the smile itself, just that they're creepily similar

No. 1426001

RIP I'm screwed either way. I got my deadbeat dad's name and it sounds ugly so I don't want to keep it and I hope I'll marry someone who's a real keeper but I doubt it. I considered changing my last name on my own but the paperwork put me off so marriage would be the only excuse to do it.

No. 1426004

I won't get married but if I did I would have kept my name as it is, no hyphenated or anything. No way would I go through all that paperwork, also my name is rare and rather funny, it's the name of a dish and a vulgar gesture in my language, I always love people's reaction when they hear it (although it means a completely different thing in its regional root).

No. 1426005

I wouldn't, I like my last name

No. 1426009

I love to romanticize things, so I'd love to take my partner's last name or combine our last names. In reality, it seems too much of a hassle to get my name changed and then deal with updating everything kek. Also, I have an extremely common first and last name which affords me just a bit of anonymity on the web, and I don't want to sacrifice that by taking on a slightly more unique last name or creating a unique hyphenated last name.

No. 1426014

I’d be fine with keeping mine, or with him taking mine. I’d only take his if his sounds better than mine, but mine is very nice sounding so I doubt it.
Hyphenating isn’t sustainable. What’s your daughter Susie Baker-Jones gonna do when she grows up and wants to marry Jared Black-Parker?

No. 1426043

File: 1669752100537.jpg (104 KB, 640x480, jghj.jpg)

Anybody knows what happened to misandry-mermaid on tumblr? I feel like she just disappeared one day.

No. 1426047

For me it was following the antics of Venus and Kanadajin lmao

No. 1426060

Are there any people who had a positive experience with homeschooling? I know not all parents who do it are religious weirdos and they do it out of good faith but the children generally have nothing good to say about it.

No. 1426067

Children generally have nothing good to say about anything

No. 1426080

I did, we only did it for a couple of transition periods but homeschooling was the best time of my entire academic life. I was bullied pretty bad growing up so it was a nice respite, and I love learning so my parents didn't have to push me much. They had to send me to a tutoring program for math, but otherwise were able to cover subjects themselves.
My parents are old and were starting retirement at the time though, most people don't have the kind of resources adequately needed to school their kids. tbh homeschooling rarely works even under ideal circumstances. The whole thing can turn messy fast if parents don't have enough time/interest, if kids aren't self-motivated to learn, or if the family doesn't have outside support. I had some of the best experiences someone can have for home-school and I can't actually recommend it unless the whole family is dedicated. Sorry for blogsperg

No. 1426083

I didn't take my husbands name. In fact, he wanted to take mine since it sounds way cooler but we were too lazy to deal with the paperwork. Maybe in the future! Either way we both don't care too much kek

No. 1426103

My old best friend was homeschooled and it served her very well, since her mom was a former teacher and graduated from a prestigious university, also isn't religious so her schooling was 100% academics focused. Meanwhile my exbf was homeschooled and was really behind because his parents were the religious types with no formal training

No. 1426107

What was i supposed to do to get videos to show up on lc when browsing on an ipad,i forgot

No. 1426125

when do I know when to multiply or divide in unit conversion problems

No. 1426158

nvm I get it now

No. 1426192

How bad is it for my teeth to eat one or two lemons a day? When will I see effects and can I reverse them?

No. 1426197

what do you guys use as bedside lamps /lights

No. 1426199

sweetie why would you eat a lemon every day?

No. 1426200

They're one of my favorite fruits

No. 1426204

A lemon a day keeps the voices away, duh

Fucking neurotypicals

No. 1426205

Probably genetics, some people just have weaker enamels and some might just be fine. Or don’t eat lemons everyday and address some possible deficiency in your diet nona.
A lamp

No. 1426208

Do you seriously eat raw lemons like they’re oranges or something? Yes it is bad if you haven’t been at least rinsing out your mouth with water right after. If you haven’t had any problems left you probably have blessed tooth enamel but that won’t last forever.

No. 1426209

ty sorry I guess I should specify what kind, that lasts for a long time. I've gotten those fairy lights but they dont last a while, and I don't like the look of those led strips. I haven't gotten an actual little bedside lamp though. I also am just curious what lamps nonnies use

No. 1426222

Lol idk either anon, I just found an old lamp in the garage and has used it for years. It’s very nondescript.

No. 1426238

Then I'll be hoping for good genetics. My mom likes them too and she hasn't had any problems as far as I can tell, so fingers crossed
No, I eat oranges by cutting them in wedges, lemons I have to cut in slices and then divided into four. I used to to keep them in halfmoon shapes, but the corners of my mouth started to get irritated, so I don't let it touch my skin now. The exact fact that it probably won't last forever is what makes me worried, because I feel like my teeth are getting easier to irritate, but I keep telling myself it's because I'm too lazy to floss or something like that.

No. 1426258

They all use the same editing apps that gives them the same facial features

No. 1426320

someone saw me send a cry-laughing emoji while my face was serious. Will they think I'm weird?

No. 1426324

File: 1669764793315.jpg (15.36 KB, 325x236, aGg1AjK_700b.jpg)

I have no image board culture, i just stumbled upon LC by accident. I know 4chan and Crystal cafe but that's it. I've seen gaypg mentonned a few times but when i look it up i only see naked moids.
Do you have any you frequently visit ? I would be forever grateful if you know a kpop image board (not a retarded one like choachan, one like we use to have on here)

No. 1426325

samefag but you're weird if you're actually crying while sending a crying emoji

No. 1426337

Crying laughing emoji is cringe because it's so facetious. I prefer the skull emoji because my skin and muscles peel off my face whenever I laugh

No. 1426343

I associate the skull emoji with obnoxious tiktoks the laughing crying emoji is better purely because it makes people seethe

No. 1426363

Anyone making a new fake/skat/toxic thread i have idea how or i would its been to quiet

No. 1426377

Is there anything I can drink or take to calm down random bursts of anxiety? Lately they've been hitting me hard randomly and I have no idea how to control it

No. 1426388

i think it might have been from sfd_anon on lj or its successor hms_anon on dreamwidth but i can't rly recall

No. 1426397

Yeah alcohol.

No. 1426400

I've always wanted to get into it. Wish I had an autistic irl friend who would force me into her hobby and watch them with me

No. 1426402

My surname is too iconic/unique within my country for me to just take the generic name of another guy that 389404 other people share. Definitely keeping it.

No. 1426407

i did, only did it for middle and highschool tho. i was having waaay too many problems going to regular schools so this was a lifesaver and made it much more easier to do my schoolwork. i probably would've dropped out of school if homeschooling wasn't an alternative tbh

No. 1426408

I can't drink

No. 1426447

how do I stop slurring my words? I don't know what's wrong, but something is wrong with my speech. I speak two languages, and I speak like an absolute retard in both, so it's 100% me. It's holding me back a lot, academically, career-wise, and social-wise. The last one especially bothers me most, trying to make connections with people is already difficult for me, when I push myself, I end up having to repeat myself so much my anxiety shoots through the roof and I avoid interacting with the person again because it's embarrassing and I assume they won't wanna talk to me again. I try to slow down, but that just gives me ample time to be able to overthink things(I live in my head), making me say incoherent stuff in the process of trying to be clear. I'm just so tired of not being able to express myself like I want to.

No. 1426450

I have the same problem nona. My best advice is think before you speak. Generally when im speaking I don't even know what im saying and it all starts to slur once I realize I don't know what im even processing in my brain. Im so used to never critically thinking and that's when the slurring began. It's OK to be retarded, it's fixable with time and practice.

No. 1426452

as someone with a very bad experience I'm interested in the replies for this. good question, nona.

No. 1426456

File: 1669771892564.jpg (207.18 KB, 1080x545, Screenshot_20221130_022931.jpg)

Idk where you're based but look for supplements or teas made out of valerian root

No. 1426468

If I were to think before I speak there would be so many looooooong awkward pauses and conversations would not even begin to take place kek. Please nonna help

No. 1426519

NTA but it’s ok to speak slowly, repeat yourself and make pauses. You probably think it more awkward than it is. I have a problem with tripping over my words, speaking too fast and too loud, losing my train of thought mid-sentence from anxiety/ADHD. I stop, take a deep breath, maybe say “sorry I’m getting excited” or “sorry I’m a bit nervous” and try again slower. Nobody ever seems to mind or reacts weirdly to it. People generally are really nice about it whenever I’m honest about not being a smooth talker.

No. 1426687

Have you guys ever met a guy who agreed with your "misandrist" observations and assertions about males….. but the twist was he thought it was proof of their superiority? like unapologetically proud of it? Are these types just what they call sadists?

No. 1426708

Sort of, they always tell on themselves they just hate hearing it from a woman's mouth. I learnt everything I hate about men from manosphere/red pill types, it's just framed differently. They say
>we hate women, they are dumb inferior children who need to obey us
But shit their pants about evil feminazi manhaters when a woman says
>men hate women, they see us as inferior children who need to obey them

No. 1426718

L-theanine can help with stuff like jitters from caffeine and the like. It comes in pill form or naturally in green tea. Chamomile can also help calm you.

No. 1426741

File: 1669789415774.jpg (14.22 KB, 700x700, picrelated.jpg)

Should I still put on moisturizer under a sunscreen that claims to be moisturizing, or is the sunscreen itself enough?

No. 1426837

No, the sunscreen is enough

No. 1426844

Who is actually offended by the usage of the word retarded? We still use the word idiot and debil

No. 1426851

In my experience teachers, mothers, and sisters of retarded (male) kids. Notice how it's usually women of course caring about something men dont really care about but other women will probably weaponize against another woman for not complying. I also wouldnt say assistants to retarded males because the ones at my school accompanying them looked so depressed, tired, and scared from the 6'5 moid who had anger issues.

No. 1426866

Is there an app/page where you can list the ingredients you have in the fridge and get recipes with said ingredients?

No. 1426870

Mothers of autistic children. Or even mothers of kids with shit like dyslexia. I've known plenty of autistic adults who use the word more than anyone.

No. 1426874

File: 1669806946996.png (200.03 KB, 1589x803, supercook.PNG)

No. 1426901

does anyone have the ''if transwomen are women then why dont they like yaoi'' meme/post/tweet?

No. 1426903

No but I want to see it too now. I've seen a few nerdy trannies calling themselves fujoshi on twitter because they're so retarded they think fujoshi means "female nerd" and not "woman who likes BL and/or likes fictional gay pairings" and that shit looked fake as fuck every single time.

No. 1426911

Are there any anons with dark skin (or who just aren't white) who have had blond hair before? Did you notice a difference in how people treated you when you were blond vs not? I'm really curious about this subject re: colorism and race

No. 1426942

Please take care of your teeth, I know it sounds patronizing but no matter what your genetics are you’re still dousing your enamel in a strong acid really often. I mean you’re saying your teeth are becoming more sensitive and then hoping it’s because you don’t floss and the lemons literally burn your skin, the writing’s on the wall there to me. If nothing else just don’t brush immediately after because that also erodes the teeth and use some Sensodyne shit, doesn’t reverse erosion but takes care of what you still have and stops the pain.

No. 1426976

I am trying to find a vocaloid song, it was about Miku crushing on a guy, it was 2D animated, she was wearing glasses on, len and rin appeared as angels/voice of reason? it was very cute/cheery

No. 1426981

nvm found it!

No. 1427012

Which one was it? Until I got to the end your questions I thought it's Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance.

No. 1427013

Tech anons, when buying a new videocard, is there anything else to pay attention to other than the conpatibility with the motherboard?

Asking this as someone who always purchased prebuilt PCs and doesn't know much about installing or replacing parts

No. 1427014

this one

No. 1427016

When I accidentally like someone's post on Facebook and immediately unlike it do they still get a notification?

No. 1427040

maybe ask in the "help me find" thread?

No. 1427067

What’s your best eggnog recipe and what amount of alcohol is the correct amount to add? I’m a fan of shitty American grocery store nog but I’m not in burgerland at the moment and have to make my own. Trying to get it right on the first try.

No. 1427090

They won't be able to see that you've liked their posts because the notification gets deleted as soon as you unlike it.

No. 1427094

Good to know, thanks a lot nonna.

No. 1427096

That wasn’t true at some point so I hope for anons sake it’s changed lol

No. 1427111

Tech anons, please help. What am I supposed to do when I'm stuck on a "Checking if the site connection is secure" screen? It keeps reloading. It worked fine two days ago. I restarted firefox, haven't changed added or deleted any add ons or plugins and already deleted the cookies and cleared the cache. It works fine on another browser.

No. 1427159

File: 1669830729694.jpeg (109.19 KB, 750x770, 2B317F4C-0ADE-4FD2-A6FE-B9FE46…)

help me tea anonitas, what’s a good tea for treating hyperactivity? lately I’ve had high stress levels due to my exam week and even though its over I get this rush of adrenaline when I have to go to bed. I’ve taken beta blockers and they don’t help, so I suppouse I need something that calms my nerves spesifically, or just something that makes me more sleepy.

No. 1427161

If you could kill all men from once specific country/region, which would you choose?

No. 1427163

Chamomile or valerian root/both together or blue lotus

No. 1427164

everypony doing exams right now- failure just means a change of plans. and if you're working hard, you already have reason to be proud. i think mugwort and chamomile are good, cbd oil is solid too. good luck with your exams nonnie

No. 1427169

File: 1669831309344.jpg (328.22 KB, 1074x1910, Screenshot_20221130-192214_Chr…)

what should I search to find more shelves like this, I like the shape

No. 1427172

thanks anons for recommendations! maybe I can finally visit Equestria in the dream world.

No. 1427173

“Gothic window shelf” brings up similar ones.

No. 1427175

all Muslim men

No. 1427178

File: 1669831593059.png (1.91 MB, 1125x2436, E6A993D3-BB45-4D92-B452-2FDB60…)

AliExpress has a lot of things like this if you’re on a budget

No. 1427182

I am downright embarrassed and confused to say I didn't even think of searching with gothic, thank you nonas how silly of me

No. 1427186

Welp now I'm scared lol. Whatever, I'll see, it's not like I'm going to die.

No. 1427204

How do i stop picking my nose? its kind of a addiction.

No. 1427214

which is the prettiest rising sign for you?

No. 1427382

Background: I agree with a lot of radfem critiques, and am totally down for a genuine identity politics for women (not libfem sex-positive sw-friendly hook-up culture feminism), but I don't feel like I have personal animosity towards men. I kind of view them as an "other" and don't put efforts into friendships with them outside group setting with their girlfriends and wives, but they're fine for what they are and I really love my boyfriend and think he's great.

I know some women here have a bit more acrimonious feelings than I do, so I wanted to ask – how does it work to be attracted to the opposite sex but hate them to some extent? I've never understood when scrotes do it, beyond just literal objectification, so I thought I'd ask y'all here.

No. 1427389

Honestly, nonny, most people here seem to hate K-Pop, you may be out of luck.

I had a friend back in college tell me she used this site. I have no idea WHY anyone would EVER tell someone irl they use this place.

No. 1427392

>how does it work to be attracted to the opposite sex but hate them to some extent?
it's very strange for me personally because I actively cringe whenever I hear a man's voice irl or in a video but at the same time i will fantasize about having the Ideal Moid which is like less than 1% of males. in reality I cannot stand them but in my dreams/fantasies I'm attracted to them, the bitter part is knowing most women will not get the nigel of their dreams thanks to the fact that such a huge percentage of men are actual retards or just generally evil

No. 1427416

Unlike men, women can perceive the individual specimen of male as an individual human being and allows him empathy. That doesn’t have to get in the way of a woman recognizing males as an oppressor class.
You cite your boyfriend (the one singular male) as your reason for not hating men, you said you don’t closely engage with other men outside of him, you view your boyfriend as representative of moid kind. Do you see how that influences your view? I would bet that you have experienced instances of misogyny but you compartmentalize them because as long as the men in your life weren’t the perpetrators of such acts, your idealized view of men can remain intact. It’s a much more comfortable way to live.

No. 1427516

God this is exactly how I feel. I can’t even be friends with men anymore because I don’t enjoy being around them, but I am attracted to male musicians, streamers, etc so I know that I’m obviously still attracted to men. It kind of sucks that I guess I’ll just be single my whole life. And alone probably. I’d love a platonic female friend (or two) in the same boat as me and we could just live together for the rest of our lives so I don’t feel lonely.

No. 1427517

I feel the same way towards men as I do towards male ducks – I think they're cute but I know every single one of them is a bastard, if this makes any lick of sense.

No. 1427587

File: 1669847847197.jpg (26.88 KB, 374x250, 47453939.jpg)

is it normal to look back at the past 5 years of your life and remember almost nothing?? like it would take some time and effort to remember more than what i could count on my own two hands.

No. 1427595

No, that's not normal. Do you have a job? Hobbies? Friendships?

No. 1427599

File: 1669848169794.jpg (388.35 KB, 972x1448, Screenshot_20221130-232341_Chr…)

Are any of these shops legit? It looks like they are AI generated by the same person.

No. 1427603

Did anything particularly traumatic happen in those 5 years? It can cause memory problems sometimes.

No. 1427604

It's pretty normal if you have an unchanging routine and rarely do anything outside of it, all days blend together then. If you can't remember things despite some big things happening then it's a bit worrisome

No. 1427608

Most likely dropshipping; meaning it's legit but if you to search places like aliexpress yourself you'll find it much cheaper.

No. 1427622

is that etsy really hit or miss

No. 1427637

That's what I thought, I want to get a nice phone case while avoiding art theft and other dubious shit, looks like it's going to be harder than I thought.
Etsy's search engine is trash.

No. 1427682

I think it's normal if you're a NEET/hikki who rarely go outside. Being inside the whole day everyday can really rot your brain.

No. 1427705

If I “push” myself to pee really hard when I pee, will that cause me to have incontinence in the future

No. 1427707

i hope not because i do too and i like a strong stream

No. 1427731

File: 1669853261906.jpeg (55.1 KB, 735x533, Son MAC 998 là màu gì_.jpeg)

Asking here because the makeup thread is dead. Does anyone know any good brick colored satin/matte finish lipsticks similar to this one that aren't terribly expensive?

No. 1427752

Look on here

Colourpop has some similar shades (scenic route and oasis) but I don't think they're close enough to what you're asking for.

No. 1427761

File: 1669854987997.jpg (330.7 KB, 1600x800, lipstick.jpg)

Samefag, for lipsticks under $10 I also saw
>Colourpop creme lux lipstick in Gallop
>Maybelline Super Stay Matte Lipstick in Amazonian and Globetrotter (Globetrotter is the one in the pic.)
>Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Mousse in Sub-Saharan
Sorry if these aren't what you're looking for, it's surprising hard to find burnt orange lipsticks that aren't basically brown. You could also look around and see if there are any Asian makeup brands that fit what you're looking for, I think shades like that are more common over there. The pic on the right is from a random Asian brand I found on google, but it seems a little shady.

No. 1427768

not sure about incontinence but it could irritate your urethra pretty easily

No. 1427778

it is mostly their actions, behavior, and personalities that i hate, and although there are many with appearances i also hate there's some amount i find physically appealing, so i come up with an idealized personality for them in my head or stick with imagining live action moids that are meant to be fictional characters from shows and movies. i have no interest in actually dating them in the real world.

No. 1427781

you won't if you have nothing to pick. do you have allergies?
Maybe try gently wiping the inside of your nose with a washcloth or cotton swab. Also this is a bit armchair but it could be a compulsive thing or a fidget of sorts? Does it soothe you or do you do it when bored?

No. 1427835

Nona do you mean you can't remember things off the top of your head, or that you can't remember things despite trying? Some people have poor memory recall, but if you sit down and make an effort to remember things (think about holidays, or look around your room at recent purchases, etc) and write down what you remember, it will help you recall things. I have poor memory recall, and I keep a spreadsheet of "events" (movies or events I went to, concerts/shows, holidays, etc.), as well as a bulleted list of interesting "stuff" that happened every year – this includes everything from new shows I started watching, a new brand of shoes I discovered I liked, etc., to moving houses or starting/ending relationships. I've been doing this since high school and now have a detailed "map" of myself. When I think about the beginning of the pandemic, when all I did was work, I feel like I did "nothing", but when I look at my "map" for that year I find I actually explored quite a lot of interests.

No. 1427847

Gender is irrelevant to me I am not more disturbed if it's women, it depends on how much I like a character regardless of gender.
Age is more of a thing. Violence against old people disturbs me and I will most likely drop a series if they resort to that shit I think.

No. 1427853

Nothing nobody ever dared to attack me in any way even when I hang around alone at night. It's my powerful aura. Or I am just that ugly that nobody cares.
I either sleep on my back with hands crossed over my chest like a corpse or mummy or I lay flat prone.

No. 1427861

Nta but that's actually a really good idea

No. 1427862

It's a mystery to me as well I eat fastfood all the time, love meat and greasy stuff and never move but I weight less than normal.
I can only assume that fat people do something in their private time I don't know about.
I cannot not dream lucid but not sure what causes this, maybe my excessive daydreaming? Since the brain is used to live through all space battle and fantasy bullshit all day it might be more likely to be active during dreams as well. It's cool and legit better than real life because it's like an interactive movie every night or multiple movies.
I have paralysis quite often it's real and not supernatural. I usually get it when I am already fully awake and have the eyes open but are too lazy to get out of my bed. It usually happens when I lie on my back which is my favorite position, not sure how this is related.

No. 1427873

Im a little bit more than a hobby artist and I wanted to buy one of those screen tablets that are all the rage these days. My price tag is unlimited so does anyone have a recommendation that has worked well for them? I don't really trust online reviews anymore because everyone gets sponsored to say anything.

No. 1427877

i know little to nothing about digital art but my friend loves her cintiq soooo much

No. 1427929

i have a super huge standing huion kamvas that feels awesome to draw on, but the pen pressure doesnt work with sai or the doodleboard site so its not perfect. think other tablet brands have better driver support tbh

No. 1427947

What thread did anon post that twitter thread about the model who was friends with Epstein I can’t find it for the life of me and it was like a hour ago

No. 1427950

any good documentaries to get into history, one that goes through the most important events? the longer the better, i just need a good introduction

No. 1428005

of the whole world? Maybe khan academy. It could help to select one area of the world and work your way out from there.

No. 1428011

Not so much a stupid question but more of an intrusive thought: Do mothers always remember what it felt like to breastfeed their children?

All of history or specific events? The Great War by Indy Neidell is an excellent week-by-week documentary series that covers all of WW1, and his production company also has a similar series about WW2. Both series have over a hundred episodes and were posted in full on YouTube by the creators themselves. The Death of Yugoslavia and Medieval Lives: Birth Marriage Death both by the BBC are also good deep dives into their respective topics. Others I know of are The Civil War by Ken Burns, Barbarians by Terry Jones, and Connections by James Burke.

No. 1428072

All muslim men, after that China, after that India.

No. 1428134

Anons who cook every day, how do you plan the dishes? Do you have a planner for it? And what are some staples that should always be in the kitchen?
I would like some tips because I'm an impulse food orderer and spend waaay too much money on food that I could have cooked myself with some effort

No. 1428139

All african men regardless of their ethnicity and religion, including any random european or asian men that just so happen to be there. I bet the whole continent would actually thrive now that they are gone and women can finally be free and productive.

No. 1428145

I was gonna say Muslim men but sincd Islam is practiced everywhere idk. Let's go with Arabs or even all middle eastern men then.

No. 1428151

File: 1669883638356.jpeg (79.72 KB, 720x566, 1663571542929.jpeg)

south american moids

No. 1428155

tbh, i just throw shit together. I look on pinterest for ideas, never go beyond my comfort zone. I always make sure i have veggies and tomatoes on hand. I do bulk cook whenever i can, usually things like soups or proteins.

No. 1428160

muslim men for sure

No. 1428180

there is none. learn korean and follow korean accounts, they feel like imageboard.
good documentaries is an oxymoron. i'd suggest reading history essay books instead. that way you'll get information from actual historians rather than people who were trying to make a marketable movie

No. 1428238

I cook three meals a day. Here’s my tips for groceries for a week:
>>Two to three protein sources. Veg for example: Tofu and Lentils or Meat examples: a pack of chicken and a pack of pork chops.
>>At least two major carbs. Either two packs of pasta, a bag of potatoes, a bag of rice, etc.
>>Three types of veggies you’ll eat and can use for multiple things. Think carrots you can roast, eat raw with ranch, put in soup, stir fries or Zucchini you can sauté, put in bread, roast, stir fry, etc.
>>Fats: Butter and cooking oil of choice I use fruit mostly so olive oil (do not blend olive oil it will bruise and be very bitter, do not bake with olive oil it will make the whole thing taste like olive oil.)
>>Other Basics I Buy Regularly: Bag of onions, bag of garlic, carton of eggs, two to three packs of berries for fruit/snack, spices.
the key is ingredients you can flex into different things and use multiple ways. Shoot for a protein and a carb with one or two veggies a meal. Plan around your week. If you know you’re not going to have time prep things like soups and chilies you can heat and eat during the week after one cook session. Rice cookers or instapots are great if you like rice as a carb, but not necessary.
Honestly the more you learn to cook and what you like the faster you get at it and the easier it gets.

No. 1428273

Idk if it’s normal or not but I have large portions of my life that are blank. Based on events I do remember, I can more or less figure out what probably happened in those periods of time, but it’s not like real memory or anything. Even though I was working and studying, I was horrifically depressed from 12~26 so I just chalk it up to that. My memory has been what I assume is normal since starting to recover.

No. 1428274

i remember nothing from my teenage years, but i remember A LOT from when i was a child in the 00's. I kinda just attribute it to the 2010's being boring.

No. 1428276

whats a good video to learn about modern computers? somethign that explains what they do and what should i look towards when buying cerain parts? i want to learn about it but everything is so confusing

No. 1428279

I was really sick and the anti nausea medicine I took had constipation as a side effect, are there any good foods (not stuff like fast food) that can help me poop?

No. 1428287

I always use veggies and whole grain stuff (with lots of water) or fruits to help with constipation

No. 1428288

you got prunes babe? if not like a big bowl of veggies (peas/beans/broccoli mix SLAPS with a little soy sauce and butter) and next morning the glory of the shittening will be upon you

No. 1428289

Another anon has given good tips but I also keep a folder on my computer with pdfs of recipes! It takes a while to build up, but eventually I’ll just go through and pick one I want for dinner. I organize it by like “chicken dishes” or “tofu” or “noodles” or “vegetable side dishes” so I can usually just think “what am I in the mood for?” then open up folder and go through recipes.

You can just google basic recipes and then once you land on a food blog, go through their recipes and save others you think you’d like to make in the future! It’s definitely helped me, especially one days when I don’t know what to cook.

No. 1428306

What are some insults that Hank Hill would use? I am trying to become more pure hearted

No. 1428316

How do you cope with having a shitty father figure and how does it affect you to this day?

No. 1428324

You either watch king of the hill or develop some weird fetishes, no in-between

No. 1428343

You mourne the absence of a healthy, normal father, accept that the one you have is imperfect, and then move on

No. 1428346

Seconding this!!

No. 1428386

Don't care about him, don't care about men, have a great relationship with my mother and support other women as much as I can

No. 1428454

Is The Kirlian Frequency on Netflix just a welcome to Nightvale ripoff?

No. 1428464

idk but please give it a chance, i beg you

No. 1428468

People argue that it's not becuase they've made - and never released - a live action one-shot of it before Night Vale started airing; but what can be found from said live action (few screencaps of production) looks nothing like Night Vale and the animation that was released in 2017 (so 5 years after WTNV) borrows HEAVILY from the aesthetic everyone associates with WNTV, and even the wiki states that along with new, animated version of the project they've changed the structure of it to the one that matches night vale closely. TBH i'm annoyed when people claim that "since the pilot was made before WTNV" then it must be wntv that stole it, while it's obvious that it's still the other way around, given the Kirilian Frequency was reconceptualized after night vale's rise to fame.
Ultimately there's no solid proof for either so that's just my opinion.

No. 1428501

Are Belgian fries that special?

No. 1428511

They're the same fries as everywhere

No. 1428558

Specific type of potato, thick cut, often prepared in animal fat. Their specific type of mayo is so important to the Belgian they want to enshrine it in the UNESCO heritage list.
if your culture is big on fries, you definitely can tell the difference between all of them

No. 1428562

Sorry anon but I visited Brussels and they tasted same as any old fries. Though I had no idea where to go to try proper ones and I kinda felt like I got tourist-trapped into buying some crap ones

No. 1428689

how many midol do you guys take when youre on your period? i usually take three and i still feel cramps but i feel like 4 is too many

No. 1428710

Aren't they just "French fries" but named after their actual country of origin?

No. 1428718

I don't bloat or whatever extra stuff the midol has in it for, I just take 2 generic ibuprofen.

No. 1428734


Stick to the recommended amount or less, or else you will be curled up on the floor throwing up for hours, speaking from experience. if it's not enough take a different painkiller without acetaminophen instead.

No. 1428738

File: 1669918324566.jpg (24.34 KB, 800x800, flying-goose-sriracha-extra-ga…)

How do i open a bottle of sriracha…

No. 1428740

…Unscrew the lid, peel off the seal, rescrew the lid, give the pointy nipple a twist, win

No. 1428752

As far as I know they're thicker than regular fries.

No. 1428758

I have never ever heard of this thing, meds I assume. I don't take anything.

No. 1428765

I can’t orgasm properly and I don’t get horny unless I go off all my meds. Is it the gabapentin, the tramadol, or the venlafaxine that is most likely giving me clit death?

No. 1428778

No. 1428779

The last one

No. 1428780

Does smoke free workplace mean no tobacco/cigarettes only or does it mean no smoking and vaping? Should I report my coworker for vaping on the job?

No. 1428788

No…? Don’t be a loser

No. 1428816

Review the policy cuz I think it varies. Vapefags are annoying and entitled.

No. 1428822

Are they doing it inside randomly or do they at least step out to do it?

No. 1428835

File: 1669921444334.png (79.82 KB, 800x800, Squidward_Tentacles.svg.png)

Nonnies be honest with me. Do I have an ideal nose shape or do I need surgery? Pic isn't me but its the closest example I could find without posting myself. Thnx

No. 1428838

yeah you look like a fat gay retard (only if you're born in 1995)

No. 1428840

File: 1669921555952.jpg (106.63 KB, 1440x1440, 300185922_1515775855517564_160…)

Thinking about what I should wear next week on my graduation day. I am planning to wear either something cute yet casual or this dress like pic rel because me and my friends will definitely go out afterwards. I'm a bit hesitant because its going to be daytime as well kek

No. 1428850

File: 1669921711987.jpeg (118.12 KB, 750x886, 6C840BD3-173E-458F-98B3-87E0CB…)

What are your New Years resolutions? Usually by now we have a thread about it but I haven’t seen one. Yeah NYR are lame wah wah but making goals for yourself is literally fine and normal. Mine are just to consume media online in only a healthy way, be present constantly in reality, save all of my money towards two specific goals, and focus on school when not working.

No. 1428865

The dress is cute and comfortable to go out in but depending on the fabric I sometimes don’t like how black color looks faded in day light

No. 1428866

File: 1669922123810.jpg (41.42 KB, 459x612, D28D2D28-9985-4301-AA37-232C24…)

Mine is probably getting a decent job that I like, networking with others, getting my driving license, losing a couple of pounds, and learning how to paint digitally. Maybe pick up a few hobbies as well.

No. 1428905

>>>/ot/1428904 made the thread just for you nonnie xoxo

No. 1428907

how is the most boring, basic non-offensive black dress a "libfem dress"

No. 1428915

Stfu obvious samefag no one is biting

No. 1428941

I wasn't samefagging but ok

No. 1428949

Ok sorry don’t engage with bait please xo

No. 1428951

Angloanons, is Keith an old man name?

No. 1428957

No. 1428961

how do some anons get shorter periods that are only 3-5 days and how do i get one too? mine are always 8 days, for all my life

No. 1428971

File: 1669925490415.jpeg (99.02 KB, 1124x1555, 6728B13A-0262-47C5-94E5-C0D341…)

I’m trying to bake some biscuits. It’s calling for an eggwash with buttermilk. I only have buttermilk and no egg. What do??? Pic for engagement.

No. 1428976

stupid question: whose bumbum is that

No. 1428977

File: 1669925759508.png (387.01 KB, 800x1200, No-Egg-Wash.png)

Egg washes give a crust a more golden brown and shinier finish. If you don't have eggs, I recommend not doing the wash at all, because it will make the crust even less golden if you use just buttermilk.

No. 1428986

I've listened to touhou arranges for the majority of my life, but I never got into the lore. How or where do I start?

No. 1428988

Thank you sweet anon!
I believe it’s OC by segu_ishida (lewd warning)

No. 1428990

I do get shorter periods when I eventually got older. It started out at 7 days and then decrease to 5 to 4 days.

No. 1429132

I didn’t notice a difference

No. 1429215

play imperishable night and subterranean animism. torrents are easy to find

No. 1429238

What is touhou and why does every weeb besides me know about it?

No. 1429247

what happened admins/farm hands?

No. 1429253

Go to /meta/

No. 1429464

literally no one sane finds him attractive, its just underage tiktok retards who dont speak for all of us

No. 1429466

Nothing, absolutely nothing.
t. straight

No. 1429470

Who finds this attractive

No. 1429473

all of his copycats are equaly hideous

No. 1429475

File: 1669957438546.jpeg (311.23 KB, 473x1304, 93059FAB-24FC-4367-ACA3-5BF6AC…)

Nothing. He's ugly, a misogynist, and possibly also a discord groomer. That thousand coom stare doesn't lie


No. 1429478

unironic serial killer eyes

No. 1429554

update: he rejected my proposal at staying friends. PFFFFT I'm the one who shouldn't want to be friends with him, the fucking gall. Ungrateful faggot.

This is what I get though for being dumb

No. 1429561

What is your favorite jam or jelly for toast?

No. 1429575

This is brilliant advice anon, thank you!!

No. 1429721

Orange marmalade.

No. 1429798

My office at work is so sparse and empty. Just white walls. It's awful. Any ideas for how I could decorate it to spruce it up? I have a corkboard behind my monitor. I thought of watching videos of how people decorate their workspace, but they're all work-from-home videos.

No. 1429809

File: 1669990817625.png (299.53 KB, 540x292, vivienvalentino.png)

I would buy prints from artists I like or print out stills from my favorite movies. Dunno if that would come off as unprofessional though.

No. 1429812

What's with all this hate for the quote tweets from private accounts? Do these people want to see critics of their opinion or what?

No. 1429849

what does dying from starvation look like? gasping for air or fainting?

No. 1429856

In the beginning, as the hunger gets worse and worse, you search for food really desperately and you'll try to eat all kind of things, even non food items, but as time goes on you get weaker and weaker so you move as little as possible and you just lay there drifting in and out of sleep in a stupor. So it mostly looks like someone sighs deeply in their sleep and then is dead, or they may open their eyes and blink weakly before the lids kinda slide shut but not completely, then the eyes go fixed and the face goes more slack.

No. 1429862

Is there any way to watch the Spotify Wrapped videos from artists you didn't get?

No. 1429871

What's the best way to trim (not shave) your bits? I've been using a mirror and little scissors but i take off too much like that somehow

No. 1429891

No. 1429897

No it's "lack of exposition" because everybody is an attention whore.
The thought behind this is that when someone QTs you you aren't getting the "likes" the QT gets. So far it's true, the thing is that they never get many for art and it's always the artists that complain. I draw as well and when someone QTs me they get like 3 likes and the likers will usually click on the image itself as well and like directly too.

I think it's annoying because it's just another case of unnecessary policing to brand harmless fans as evil. Everytime I get QTs it's always the nicest shit possible, with people talking about my art and considering it too important for a reply, so they QT it to have it on their dashboard for followers to see.

It's usually just praise and talking about the artwork in detail so no idea why so many are so adamant about insta-blocking everybody that does this.

No. 1429899

Nevermind lol I somehow forgot what private acc were and thought you just meant normal accounts, opposed to official ones.

So forget my entire post. Yeah I assume it's because they can't see it. I doubt private accounts are more likely to say anything bad about art than open ones. I think private accounts are stupid and I don't get the point but that's another thing.

No. 1429910

That's a nice idea! I ordered a Moomin print online and hung that up in my office. Never thought of printing out stuff related to movies. I work in healthcare so it has to be somewhat professional, but if I can find things that are vaguely related (like something that looks calming) then I think that should fine.

No. 1429921

Would you rather be super successful with very few friends and family, or have tons of friends but basically no career prospects?

No. 1429925

The former. I don't have the social battery to keep up with lots of friends and family anyway.

No. 1430035

I did a negative pregnancy test, but i'm nauseous, tired and have to piss all the time. What the hell else could it be? The nausea in particular worries me, I usually have an iron stomach. It's been going on for a couple of weeks now and it just hits me at random points of the day. At least it hasn't been bad enough that I've actually thrown up..

No. 1430049

File: 1670003384278.jpeg (375.87 KB, 822x876, F109D3C1-2E30-49C5-8685-2CB398…)

how to bullshit an essay for scholarship? Any tips on how to write the essay that’ll have the foundation consider me? Any videos that show good examples of what they look for and want?

No. 1430061

Keep taking pregnancy tests as false negatives are thing, you can get those cheap ones from dollar stores/bargain stores and they work pretty much the same as the expensive stuff.

No. 1430069

French anons what do you think of people from Brittany? I have a friend from Brittany and she really doesn't like being called French.

No. 1430087

Why would she want to be called "French" if her name is "Brittany"

No. 1430089

No. 1430090

My guess is that she wants to be called "Bretonne", "Breton" is the masculine word btw. She's French whether she likes it or not.

No. 1430094

File: 1670005683439.jpeg (530.23 KB, 723x1172, 997714D6-2120-4AB4-98BE-B1BFA5…)

I know 2022 isn't over yet, but: Which celebrity death were you the most happy about? For me it's Kevin Samuels, good riddance you old moid.

No. 1430112

Idk how many of us has successfully wrote a scholarship winning essay lol maybe survey the essays that won in recent years? Some people might be more willing to show theirs than others.

No. 1430114

File: 1670006763075.jpg (460.89 KB, 1534x2048, IMG-20221123-WA0011.jpg)

You motherfu-
Well she talks a lot about how Brittany used to be independent, has it's own language and gets very grumpy if I describe her as French, so I stopped doing that kek.

No. 1430151

I love Brittany. Swimming in the sea at Quiberon, eating far breton aux pruneaux, camping in Carnac… ♥
Felt like a different country to Toulouse and Pézenas, and a million miles away from Paris. A beautiful place.

No. 1430165

Nonna, have you tried kouign amann? Legitimately a reason I keep coming back to Bretagne every year, these are delicious; there's one bakery in Douarnenez specializing in these for generations, relatively close to the harbor, I'm so glad I don't live there because I'd become the most obese person ever in a matter of weeks, they make it soooooo good

No. 1430171

File: 1670009573761.jpeg (164.33 KB, 1092x1323, D8E6435F-1329-471D-9C2C-D0DC7D…)

Super fucking random but from what manga is moos pfp

No. 1430173

Is having a custom ringtone passé?

No. 1430174

Same way you bullshit anything: say what you think the reader wants to hear, talk yourself up, kiss ass, and remember to proofread.

No. 1430185

I thought it was fanart of her

No. 1430186

who cares, I have a perfume song for mine

No. 1430190

yes but i agree with >>1430186, who cares

No. 1430252

What happened with blackpill feminism? I used to post a lot on saidit, there were two subs dedicated to it because apparently one was infiltrated or something. Of course some trannies and scrotes started posting in it and ruined any civilized conversation. There was a sub on pinkpill co but that never really took off. So where are my blackpill sisters at?

No. 1430408

Yeah all of that was long ago, like centuries ago, then some previous king, François 1er iirc, forced all of France to adopt the one French language, expect entire cultures don't just disappear because you force kids at school to never use their 1st language in public. Same deal with Corsica (their local language sounds like a mix of Italian and French, if you watch that one movie about some young guy in prison for some petty crime the old mafioso sometimes speaks that language and subtitles will appear but it's easy to guess what he says) or Pays basque or Alsaciens (their local language is very similar to German), etc. And you'll see in some regions that local words are used in French like how in Lyon you'll hear people say "pélo" as an equivalent of "guy" or "dude" despite the old local languages not being used or taught anymore. You cab sometimes guess where someone is from just based on first names btw.

No. 1430411

Can a normal amount of caffeine (1 cup of coffee) in the morning affect your sleep at night? My sleep has always been shit because of my anxiety, but I think coffee has the side effect of ramping up my anxiety too. I never drink it in the afternoon or at night. Any nonnas here have experience with this? I'm kinda scared to stop on my own because the last time I did I felt so tired and unfocused. Not sure if it's worth it to try to stop.

No. 1430423

Unless you’re extremely sensitive to caffeine, I don’t think it’s the coffee. Not just one cup a day anyway. Maybe try doing some yoga and/or reading before bed to wind down? Do you take anything for your anxiety?

No. 1430427

Is there a term for mixing up the location of nouns and/or verbs in a sentence? Like "Really thinks you make" or "Do what you cop, I'm not a want". A distant cousin of spoonerism? It's been happening to me quite a lot, and not only when I'm only talking to myself.

No. 1430471

What color clothes should black women wear?

No. 1430475

any color they want duh, though personally I think neons really pop nice against dark skin

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