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No. 1406912

Board rules, no racebait, ignore & report bait.
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No. 1406914

The best food is deviled eggs.

No. 1406916

No doubt they're good, but the best?

No. 1406917

Conventional fashion/beauty is as much of a cult in 2022 as alternative fashion/beauty.

No. 1406918

only hill I'm willing to die on

No. 1406925

No. 1406931

If you are a nice girl who is genuinely looking for a relationship you are going to get used for sex. You might think you can’t get a bf because you are ugly or boring but no you’re just not toxic enough. People want extreme highs and lows in relationships like chrisean and blue face. They like beating each others ass, having some wild make up sex and then taking a nice romantic trip somewhere. Men and women don’t want reasonable and safe relationships most of the time. The extreme lows in the relationship(cheating, beatings and stealing) give them a since of euphoria when they are finally being treated right. Usually when people are in toxic and abusive relationships the subconsciously enjoy it.

No. 1406951

Internet culture is better now and more comfy. You can’t just get away with saying any fucked up thing or being a groomer and get away with it as easily anymore.

No. 1406952

??? When I was younger I could google my favorite cartoon characters and not see porn on the front page. When I was younger I wasn't inundated with photoshopped images and mass consumerism, there were unique and fun websites and niche communities full of people with real passion. How long have you been on the internet?

No. 1406953

Maybe, but in the same way people want to eat fast food instead of veggies

No. 1406955

I’ve been on the internet since the early 2000s. I definitely like it more now.

No. 1406960

You must have been a loser or something, because the internet is shit compared to the early 2000s.

No. 1406961

>more comfy
>can't get away with saying any fucked up thing
and you think this is a good thing? kek nice one, you're gonna love the surveillance state sponsored censorship 'anti-hate speech' programs that are cropping up everywhere. also grooming is still a thing, discord is the main hunting ground for creeps to prey on kids, try harder next time Big Brother.

No. 1406964

I’m ok with anti hate speech. You’re probably white and straight so you didn’t really get to see how toxic y2k era internet was. You were in your little bubble.

No. 1406968


Aw man it’s the troon

No. 1406969

Go back to twitter fuck face

No. 1406971

Assuming you're not La Creatura, anti-hate speech means you can kiss sites like the one you're on right now goodbye. Hope that Google shoving a microphone up your ass to make sure that you don't say any no no words makes you feel real cozy and safe.

No. 1406973

Nope not a tranny but as a poc I did have some traumatic experiences online during the early 2000s. It’s nice to be able to post a picture or join an online group without being dog piled or banned.
>unpopular opinion but gets triggered by the unpopular opinion


No. 1406974

I don’t say any no no words some I’m good. I just use TikTok and YouTube. Sorry you need to say slurs to be happy online.

No. 1406978

>I just use TikTok and YouTube
Explains everything. Go pacify yourself with your endless feed of wholesum and inclusive content, I'm sure that this conversation was very triggering for you KEK.

No. 1406979

Why would you admit this?

No. 1406981

I'm not triggered by your wrong opinion, I'm annoyed by your bad bait.
So you're a loser, just like I said.

No. 1406982

Why wouldn’t I?
Ok I will. I enjoy it every time some stupid racist says something dumb then they get doxxed and lose their job because of some bored zoomed. Loves it.

No. 1406985

Whose really the loser here getting mad because the internet changed?Maybe go outside.

No. 1406989

Poor bait weirdo

No. 1406992

Please explain to me what you can’t do now on the internet that you could do in the early 2000s? Are you a 30 year old who is missing the good old days or are you a zoomer who didn’t even experience it?

No. 1406994

File: 1668295162993.png (383.28 KB, 382x538, look.png)

No. 1406995

Exactly. Just don’t use twitter if you don’t want to deal with 17 year old gender specials and idiots. I don’t even have a twitter account.

No. 1407000

fuck im choking at La Creatura that's such a fitting moniker for him

No. 1407006

Lmfao, not even that anon.

No. 1407007

I would 100% rather hear /pol/ scrotes screaming "nigger, nigger" (which is distasteful and I don't cosign at all) than to be online on an internet where you can get banned or worse for calling a troon a male. It is sad that these things go together, they really shouldn't, but the people who are censorious about internet shit are going to do both inevitably. I am not a free-speech absolutist reddit libertarian by any stretch, ban porn all day, but the identity stuff is a tougher nut to crack because while hate speech is one thing, honest opinions are another, and they get conflated. Not just about trannies either, but I don't wanna derail into a racebait discussion.

No. 1407009

I was into Lolita and the cutesy fashion back in the day. I remember in those days MySpace groups had rules that specifically banned black people and Sea from joining. Don’t even get me started on the gross pro ana shit. Maybe I don’t have these rose colored glasses for y2k era internet because of shit like that.

No. 1407011

How come now when anons are fighting about something they need to take it to like 5 other different threads

No. 1407015

> I remember in those days MySpace groups had rules that specifically banned black people and Sea from joining.
That's fucked, but it's literally something troons would compare a female-only space to is what I'm saying. I remember the old internet well and the anarchic nature of stuff let a lot of unfortunate shit fly but that same anarchic energy was the appeal. The internet is so bland and cringe now but it was a special time in history that's not going to get repeated I think.

No. 1407017

Okay and so your ideal solution is total censorship of the web instead of uhhhhhh idk creating your own group for black lolitas? Retarded.

No. 1407020

File: 1668295973996.jpg (209.86 KB, 640x1446, gerolt.jpg)


I can still take over people’s accounts but it’s such a pain in the fucking ass now fuck 2fa

No. 1407022

KEK picrel made me laugh

No. 1407023

based nona after my own heart I remember figuring out how to injecting javascript into yahoo chat in like 1997

No. 1407024

If you are over the age of 30 the internet might be bland to your because you’ve just aged out of it. Would you really want to be doing the shit you did online18 years ago now as an adult?it’s just your mind being clouded by nostalgia

No. 1407026

Like this doesn't happen literally now. Pro ana twitter is rampant and racism is more rampant on the internet than ever. You know what else there is? Literal children posting themselves online to be groomed by pedophiles in discord groups, your data being sold to third parties to flood you with targeted ads, your location is constantly monitored, porn is everywhere. Nonnie you're wearing rose tinted glasses now.

No. 1407027

I fuckig hated the movie " a silent voice". I did not care about the protagonist and how he wanted to commit suicide because people started looking at him badly for bullying a deaf girl. I did not give a single fuck about the side characters. Shōko should've been the main protagonist.

No. 1407028

it's possible but there's no denying the fundamental nature of the internet has changed. people do idealize the old days (including zoomers/young millenials for some reason who weren't even there) but it's a lot of "you had to be there". I was in my mid-to-late teens/early 20s when I first got online and people currently that age are on bland ass social media not finding cool little communities, even if we're talking about being a young person. it's just not the same.

No. 1407029

>If you are over the age of 30 the internet might be bland to your because you’ve just aged out of it

nope, i'm a zoomer and hate current the state of the internet. i was only able to catch the tail end of the oldweb, shit had already started going downhill with social media but youtube wasn't gay and had good videos, people shitposted without fearing losing their jobs, no virtue signaling, it was fun while it lasted.

No. 1407031

nonnie the oldweb died when you were like 10 ilu though for realizing that the internet is shit now just know that you're in one of the few places that burns the flame even just a little

No. 1407032

The internet was never good. That's my honest opinion.

No. 1407035

Make websites for free that people would actually visit, finding forums for niche communities that had an active userbase, anything flash based. Tamagotchi Town.

No. 1407037

I can’t think of any popular online groups that exclude people from hobbies because of their race and they feel they don’t fit “the look” and I was ana up until my 30s so I know most pro ana sites are not toxic like they used to be. It’s usually just full people who have been in the life style for years and weird pro ana types get shut down pretty quickly. I can definitely see why y’all would be nostalgic for it if I was in your shoes but my experience was different.

No. 1407038

File: 1668296446740.png (1.01 MB, 886x633, Screenshot 2022-10-25 15.51.16…)

cosign, sort of. I'll definitely say the internet was a mistake and a net bad for the world, but it was fun for a while. I can't even say it's been a good influence on my life, but it was definitely an entertaining ride.

No. 1407040

The internet was never good but it used to be much better.

No. 1407041

Use my blingee account

No. 1407042

You're just being disingenuous now.

No. 1407044

yeah i'm not trying to pretend i was there for something i wasn't, but i guess by "oldweb" i'm referring to everything up until 2015 ish, which I know isn't accurate but it's just how I categorise it based off my lived experience. This place means a lot to me because it's really hard for people my age to say how they truly feel about things, everyone is so 'matrixed' idk how to explain, but we all unconsciously know that we want to speak our truth, we're just suffocated by fear (ik that sounds dramatic) ig. Idk i don't think any millenials/xers will truly understand what it's like to be a zoomer, because we never will have the chance to be young and stupid, everything has a permanent record now.

No. 1407046

Find unique and interesting personal websites and niche communities, they still exist, barely, but it's a wasteland. You had to be there. And being born in '92 is pretty young to have been there for the good stuff. I'm old though, first got online in '94 and the next decade was pretty cool including the new stuff that came out but social media and phones murdered it soon thereafter.

No. 1407049

You've obviously never been on Instagram, because black girls are bullied there constantly for trying to get into Lolita fashion. You're straight up lying about anachan twitter not being as toxic as ana communities on the early internet.

No. 1407055

I don’t use twitter so I don’t know shit about that, I’m talking about Proana forums like mpa that are still active and there’s always going to be racists but it was worse during the y2k era

No. 1407056

File: 1668297021624.jpg (14.22 KB, 159x159, 2029741k6jfgmtnla.jpg)

Instead of doubling down you could just admit you don't actually know what you're talking about

No. 1407057

Nope that’s my opinion and it’s what I believe.

No. 1407058

There was a small sliver of time where it probably net enriched people's lives because it was full of straightforward information, functional websites, people expressing themselves sincerely, and special interest communities - plus most of the people who spent a lot of time were losers irl and the internet was their major social outlet. It was never what people envisioned it to be pre-WWW, but it was good. Randomly stumbling across niche webpages and communities used to be so much fun.

No. 1407060

Parents micromanaging how their kids play at the park makes me leave

No. 1407061

> ilu though for realizing that the internet is shit now just know that you're in one of the few places that burns the flame even just a little
ty anon idk why that almost brought a tear to my eye

No. 1407070

Very well put nonnie

No. 1407072

Wym? On another hand, parents sitting in the car while their three year old waddles around makes me very uncomfortable

No. 1407073

Animes demographic is children. Idk what anyone over 22 could find appealing about it.

No. 1407082

File: 1668298240204.jpg (140.24 KB, 1170x775, bygonetimes.JPG)


Thanks for unearthing memories of the phrase “I don’t go on the computer”, it used to be considered something so weird to do. I was bullied a lot for it, even by my own family. Now everyone is online. Make it make sense.

No. 1407093

Do you think only young people used the internet in the old wild west days?

No. 1407098

No. 1407135

White privilege is real. I find it funny that some anons here disagree and also get angry at the people on Twitter who are like "white people bad". Because to me you are two sides of the same coin. Both are missing the nuance of the point. No, being born white doesn't mean you are evil or a bad person or incapable of being anti-racist. You can be white and poor, disabled, abused. However there are systems in place that really benefit you and leave non-white people at a disadvantage. I wouldn't suggest you feel guilty or personally responsible about it.

No. 1407142

>settings are almost always in high school or the characters are underage at most early adulthood
>annoying ass fan service that only a child or a pedo could love
>lost of bright colors and fast action to attracted children with slow attention spans

No. 1407155

I agree, where I live all the white people who graduated uni with me got jobs asap without even looking for one and all of us who weren't white couldn't even do our mandatory internships on time because nobody wanted us. I've had some crazy shit said to me at my jobs by either customers or managers while some of the white classmates I had in uni who went to Japan in an exchange program were legit offended that old Japanese people told them they looked like specific American celebrities. It's never a topic I even think about but yeah, from personal experience I'd say you're correct.

No. 1407156

Anime is a medium, not a genre.

No. 1407164

I'm not letting 5 years old kids watching Bastard so no.

No. 1407266

yes, absolutely! the internet used to be considered an entirely separate thing from irl and making friends there was sort of weird and deviant, i still think that way if i get involved in some kind of internet drama. i've talked with my therapist even about internet-related stuff and always prefixed it with how i feel like a weirdo to be talking about online stuff not real stuff but she says it is the same now and it is true. not a good thing as far as i'm concerned.

No. 1407332

File: 1668307486197.png (96.39 KB, 927x647, z07kanihrtt91.png)

90% of self declared Sapphics on twitter/tumblr are straight women in denial, picrel

No. 1407344

I agree with you, i do feel like the supposed guilt they feel can sometimes be a manipulation tactic though in a republican kind of way or is usually what causes all those tumblr profiles with 50 pronouns. Same thing to me tbh.

completely agree. I think lesbianism is over glorified, so many of the lesbian anons here are suffering. I don't see how these little cottagecore fantasies can't contain a sexy handyman. I don't think they were worse than how agps sexualise lesbianism, but at least if they are going to do their little larp they should be doing more to speak out about the injustices against lesbian and bi women even if it's just reposting a call out post.

No. 1407354

Anyone else absolutely hate plugs/ear stretching? It seriously confuses me how people think it looks good. I just can't understand.

No. 1407363

smells like smegma too

No. 1407366

I used to think the couple who made the “iPhone text tones as dances” were super good at dancing and were cool but suddenly I think they’re kind of cringe and I can’t figure out why. Something in me just screams “there’s gonna be a scandal about them” but I’m also on my period so this could be clouding my judgement. They seem well liked.

No. 1407368

honestly i feel a (kind of) similar way for some of what you said. i might be more optimistic though because i didn’t mind the internet too much even around 2017-2018 at the latest. 2015-2016 feels far removed from now and the years after that felt like we were slowly transitioning to the current state. now in the 2020s it’s definitely awful and feels so incredibly different than how things were just mere years ago.

No. 1407378

AYRT, the way I see it things were okay up until 2016, after that there was a steep decline, but 2017-2018 was a transition period and therefore not as bad as whatever the fuck is going on today. I remember when the first few people got "cancelled", it was really strange to watch everyone go from having fun and being stupid/make offensive jokes on Vine to all of a sudden everyone parroting slogans about how everything is a symbol of racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia and how we should all feel bad or get angry about x thing. Idk a lot of the people around me have gone full retard since the pandemic and never looked back, I'm absolutely blindsided at how so many people changed their tune with just a little push from an algorithm.

No. 1407379

I can't believe i ever wanted to do it when i was 13, i even bought one gage. I am so happy i never went through with it all the way, i remember people who got really big gages had to get it sewed shut to reverse the damage. I'm glad it's out of fashion.

No. 1407394

it’s also not just the cancel culture i have an issue with (which maybe would be better if handled differently but it’s mostly just yelling on the internet and very few people who deserve to fall actually get cancelled) it’s also websites insisting on tracking you, people becoming desensitised to shit, low quality content produced that ends up going viral or gaining popularity because if it’s absurd enough it gets shared among friends, people screaming about their opinions at others like they can never be wrong, and of course the algorithm which is way too influential. for example people i knew who didn’t previously seem to care either way about depp/heard for example suddenly felt the need to either meme it into oblivion or get overly involved in the case. i got pushed youtube videos about the case even though i wanted no involvement in it.

No. 1407395

I applaud their dedication I'm just not dedicated enough to do anything like that

No. 1407399

>ban porn
>but protect white moids' ""free speech"" to say nigger

No. 1407400

makes me feel weird looking at them. never understood the appeal, but i guess they’re the ones dealing with it not me.

No. 1407403

If you think porn is the lesser evil there, you're in the wrong place.

No. 1407410

no one said anything about a "lesser evil" just like no one needs any reminder you secretly laugh at your nigels spouting the n word off. i wish white women would shut the fuck up forever

No. 1407423

did you miss the entire point of the movie? you're probably not japanese so you didn't understand some nuance, but it sounds like you didn't get any of it.

No. 1407424

nta but there's a difference between freedom of speech and freedom to abuse/rape women on camera. i personally disagree that all porn should be banned, but that industry should definitely be regulated. speech should never be banned imo, that's an infirngement on human rights in civilised society.

No. 1407426

speech has literally always been regulated. always. it's less so now in fact.

No. 1407427

Nta but white boys will say the n word for as long as they exist and banning it won't stop them being a menace to society, they are already shunned if they say it. Porn is the shared exploitation of women and children that lasts on the internet forever. Why are you sperging about white women and their racist bfs. You know policing language just leads to banning words that actually fucking matter because the moids will 100% try to silence women if we start doing that. It sucks but they will try to use the same argument and probably win bc they unfortunately infest all power roles.

No. 1407435

yeah I seriously doubt anyone here is arguing that white nationalist talking points are based and that nigger jokes are funny but the thing is it's a short step from banning that at least in the current state of discourse to banning all sorts of things that the "politically correct" establishment dislikes including telling troons to fuck off from our restrooms, so I don't have a lot of sympathy for speech policing that has to do with identity politics of any sort. there is zero comparison whatsoever between porn which is exploitative of an actual (female) human being in creating it to saying crass, offensive words even if those words have a connection to truly disgusting history. the comparison is just a dog that won't hunt at all.

No. 1407439

>policing language just leads to banning words that actually fucking matter because the moids will 100% try to silence women if we start doing that
nta but if i’m correct, you can’t even say men or women on facebook without running the risk of getting suspended if they deem the context as hate speech or something. i’ve seen people having to censor those words to even get their point across.

No. 1407445

I'm not on facebook but yes, my understanding is on there and twitter (at least pre-Elon, idk now, it's a mess) that "misgendering" is classed under "hate speech" i.e. the same as saying the "N-word." which brings us to the problem with talking about "hate speech" which goes beyond that, too. talking about the background of rape/grooming gangs in UK/Europe could get you in trouble, too, to keep it within the realm of stuff that is a direct concern for women. there's just no comparison to porn. there's no excuse for porn whatsoever and there are shades of gray in discussion of identity-related stuff that gets classed under "hate speech" primarily because there's actual political and social issues to be discussed with the latter and the former is just exploitation.

No. 1407447

verbal abuse exists and "free speech" doesn't always include slurs. denying that is like the scrote meme "facts don't care about your feelings" a whole history of racial hatred is reflected in the n word. funny how white women literally use scrote-tier "muh freedom!" arguments to erase any sort of oppression that isn't sex based

No. 1407452

you (or that anon) made the comparison to porn, which I think is what people are primarily objecting to here. porn is an entirely different category, it involves a very different sort of direct harm. banning slurs would be no loss, but the same argument is used to ban 'misgendering' etc. which is where we start getting into thornier free-speech issues although I'd hope everyone here agrees there's a major difference between "male" and "nigger" in terms of the offensiveness and the harm done to the person referred to.

No. 1407453

Ayrt I have actually been automatically reported on Instagram because I said I hate males or something on a private story. We are probably already on the path of being imprisoned for saying anything negative about them in the next few decades. Pretty sure that literally happened in Canada and England when people criticized trannies. We're already going down that route and banning words would just be a fast track.

No. 1407458

i didn't make the comparison to porn, the girl i replied to did. any race that isn't black using the n word is a form of hate speech. she said she would protect the /pol/ scrotes while they said the n word but want to ban porn. i'm saying they're both forms of hatred directed towards certain groups, black people and women. the fact that she wanted to protect one yet ban the other reflected her white femaleness

No. 1407459

But free speech does include slurs, many lolcow users technically use slurs, does that mean this site needs to be blown off of the internet? No, because women deserve a space to speak freely, as does everyone else who doesn't actively threaten the life/physical integrity of others.

No. 1407461

porn involves the abuse of a real live human being, some idiot posting slurs doesn't. both devalue human beings, don't get me wrong, but they are categorically different.

No. 1407467

i actually disagree with this. this site isn't meant to be a safe space and safe spaces don't exist on the internet, especially anonymously. it's not about whether or not you can clock tranny or male posters, it's that they come here and we can't stop them from doing so other than banning them. it's just not possible reasonably.

No. 1407469

you sound like a scrote that defends porn by saying porn is art and art is a form of free speech. accept that words, like art or videos, can be harmful and take place within a social context. it's all "sticks and stones" with you beckies until someone says something that offends you and suddenly you throw all that white moid-adopted "freedom" rhetoric out the window

No. 1407474

nta but where did she say anything about porn? it's very different to read people saying unpleasant online to the distribution online of unpleasant things being done to the body of someone

No. 1407476

read people saying unpleasant things*

No. 1407478

not to offend any autist anons but masking isn't fucking real. it's not something exclusive to autism or "neurodivergents" or something, it's literally something every single human has to do. there's a weird us vs. them dynamic around autism now, but a lot of it is total bullshit and fairly harmful.

No. 1407481

experienced something similar, i vented on a private story once and made a joke about decking someone who was being irritating to no end at the time. got a warning for inciting violence like they thought i was going to do it or would inspire anyone around me to do the same kek.

No. 1407482

please read the entire post chain.

No. 1407483

You can't stop people from thinking and saying things unless you literally cut out their tongues and chop off their fingers so they can't type. These people will still be racist even if they can't say nigger. You're not saving anyone or yourself by banning words.

No. 1407484

the 'masking' thing is actually something I identify with. not officially diagnosed with autism and don't care about labels particularly but I know that I feel that the effort that I have to put in to present in a way that is appearing normal and socially acceptable causes me a lot more distress than it does to others. I'd never admit this publicly nor whine about "spoons" online nor use it as an excuse for acting like a bitch but I think to some extent it's a real thing unless i'm missing what you are saying

No. 1407485

Yeah they can still be racist but they won’t be able to get away with it. They will lose their jobs and college educations like Sophia rising did recently.

No. 1407486

I would agree with that actually, I guess I should rephrase and say that women shouldn't be banned from the internet from saying what is on their mind. I think that at most this is a female-centered site.

No. 1407488

yeah I know the first post references porn, but I'm responding to you comparing the anons who are talking about slurs to scrotes talking about porn. it's not a fair comparison at all.

No. 1407492

embarrassing admission but I thought the "noh mask" thing in Memoirs of a Geisha was very relatable and now when I see people talk about masking it's all I can think of

No. 1407580

no it isn't, it's this weird spectrum of being either porn happy or cancel culture happy. It's messed up.

No. 1407582

early 2000s was less far right vs. far left. The sites were more fun.

No. 1407585

yes i definitely agree with all that. i'm not saying that it shouldn't be a space for women, just unfortunately it's not.

No. 1407591

Yeah and trying to force it to be one alienates actual women who just happen to have different views/ways of phrasing things. I wish there was some way to autoban moids by dna recognition or something tho kek. The rule on here regarding that is pretty good imo
>Any posters with a phallus, do not come here for validation or to announce yourselves.

No. 1407593

this is a stupid take. what you're referring to is board culture. call it an echochamber or whatever you like, but imageboards all have their own culture. hell the culture on /ot/ is different still from cow boards.

No. 1407595

I agree with board culture being a thing but there has been recently been an excessive dose of scrote/moid paranoia on here, I'm not the only one who feels this way as I've seen other anons say similar things.

No. 1407596

You think they'll respect that rule? Are you serious? Probably half of the users on this site at any given time have a Y chromosome, you'll just never know because it's anonymous

No. 1407597

That's the point, we can and never will know, we can only try our best to weed them out. From what I've seen any very obvious moid gets banned pretty instantaneously, especially if they create a thread.

No. 1407598

these things are definitely true on top of everything else messed up about the internet now

No. 1407614

I'm glad you agree

No. 1407627

post stories/fanfiction without using disclaimers or tags and ppl whining about "muh triggers"

No. 1407649

i'm talking about how it's not exclusive to autism and that everyone does it to some degree. and people who say it's unique to autism are making it seem like everyone who isn't autistic is just a perfectly functioning robot. which is really not true. i see autists all the time complaining that they shouldn't have to mask and that it's only autists that have trouble integrating into society. not just moids either. it's so frustrating.

No. 1407653

I agree, everyone masks to a degree to get through life and avoid rejection

No. 1407654

that i will definitely agree with. i think that we have a changing userbase even on /ot/ that is more echochambery, in that they are uncomfortable with other people's opinions.

No. 1407660

Yeah it sucks but it is what it is, when it gets bad enough I'll probably migrate to another site. I hope things get better but idk

No. 1407665

They're also always the asexual ones and come across very lesbophobic when they screech that anyone who wants to do more than handholding is a degenerate. They also hate butches for not possibly fitting in the aesthetic they want, because to them lesbianism is that straddling make up thing and loving femininity. They're the ones going to lesbian spaces to say "you might as well date a man" over it. And no you don't have to post your sex life online, but if you constantly talk about how gross kissing is and how vaginas are ugly and that all other lesbians are too sex obsessed, the fuck. Oh and tiktok gay is now a thing, only interested because you'd look good on their tiktok, flirting like crazy online, but straighter than straight irl. I guess the zoomer version of instagram gay.

No. 1407666

I agree with you. There's always pros and cons to every era but I think this timeline is alright.

No. 1407674

What would you say are the pros and cons of this time period?

No. 1407676

it's actually much easier for groomers to groom now, are you high? this era of the internet is much much less safe than it was. children should not be allowed to post shit online.

No. 1407682

That's not true at all. When the internet was the Wild West shit was way more anonymous and thus kids were more vulnerable. Now kids and even adults attach their name to everything so if any adult started something their name would be right there. Less grooming happens today than ever. You can fall for the "creepy pedo discord mod" meme but discord overall has way less groomers than tinychat or any of the other sites the previous generation used.

No. 1407686

File: 1668323275111.png (977.73 KB, 1416x602, sa.png)

its more attraction to the aesthetic then either romantic and or sexual desire, I don't even get how it happens

No. 1407689

I don't think it's better or worse now, it's just a constant that when there are kids on the internet there will be pedos trying to groom them. All things considered there are more kids online now, so I'd say the victim pool has gotten larger.

No. 1407699

then why do we have so many youtubers/influencers/whatever outted as pedos now, 10 years ago it didnt use to be like that.

No. 1407702

The only reason they're outed as pedos is because of what I said… pedos used to just fly under the radar, now they're a lot more exposed due to the public nature of everything which deters other possible groomers from doing anything. It seems like there's more but there's actually less

No. 1407703

>there are more pedo youtubers than ever
>but that doesnt mean there are MORE it means there are LESS
you are a retard, if that was the case people who were groomed 10 years ago would come out and expose the youtubers. Children get groomed now more than ever, troonism is a form of grooming too and it's not only super popular now, with 20% of zoomers identifying themselves with some form of gender barf but most people on the internet is in favour of it. Not so long ago there was a troon who openly admitted to giving hormones to minors and he was only stopped when he got doxxed and swatted.

No. 1407708

Retard, the fact that there are more exposes on pedos nowadays means there is a higher cultural agreement that pedos are bad, not that there are just "more pedos," this type of thing (scrotes fucking minors) just used to be shrugged off as normal and not a big deal and that's why you didn't hear about it because no one fucking cared, idiot. The internet knew Onision fucked 16 year olds while being at least 30 since 2010, they only didn't give a shit about it until 2019 because the culture had changed and the fucked upness of age gap relationships has been highlighted. Nobody used to bat an eye at Leonardo Decaprio's dating history until very recently. Need me to go on?

No. 1407713

people's been making videos about onision for a long ass time and dicaprio isnt even a pedo. You talk as if pre 2019 we were living like the Greeks and it was normal for grown men to fuck children, wtf. The problem is that the modern internet coddles children instead of telling them to fuck off or hide their age. We don't have separated spaces anymore and instead children are ''welcome'' into adult spaces. 10 years ago children would be in club penguin and other regulated safe sites while teens would be in forums/social media sites.

No. 1407719

>people's been making videos about onision for a long ass time
No one who was normal was watching Mr Repzion and he wasn't even that popular kek. I'm talking about the fact that Chris Hansen covered him in 2019 which brought him to the mainstream. Plus Onision had a shitton of fans who used to religiously defend him from those hate videos, now there's none in sight because the culture is changed and they realized he's fucked up.
>The problem is that the modern internet coddles children instead of telling them to fuck off or hide their age. We don't have separated spaces anymore and instead children are ''welcome'' into adult spaces. 10 years ago children would be in club penguin and other regulated safe sites while teens would be in forums/social media sites.
You literally contradicted yourself in one post. Kids do "hide their age" when they're in "adult internet spaces," especially in previous years when it was more anonymous. Kids back then didn't just "fuck off to club penguin," they stayed around and lied about their age and ended up getting groomed anyway or sending pictures to older men while lying about being 18. It's actually safer for kids now because everything is less anonymous, those same pervy older men would have to think about their irl reputations/being doxxed.

No. 1407727

>It's actually safer for kids now because everything is less anonymous, those same pervy older men would have to think about their irl reputations/being doxxed.
this make no sense, children are more exposed than ever, uploading videos to tiktok/yt with their full real life names. The pedos are still anonymous, it's children and zoomers who dont know about security who end up doxxed and with their reputation destroyed for saying the nword under their real name. Cry/Dream/that roblox guy/john bob/most of the exposed pedos are anonymous and get scott free all the time. I seriously dont know in which alternate universe you live in, most exposed groomers bounce back because it literally almost never affects them IRL because they arent retarded enough to fucking tie their internet personas to their real life face.

No. 1407730

>Cry/Dream/that roblox guy/john bob/most of the exposed pedos are anonymous and get scott free all the time.
If they were truly anonymous they wouldn't have been exposed. I said doxxed too. Your average pedo scrote isn't that smart and it's fucking hard to hide your identity on all social media. You literally just said there's more youtube vids outing pedos than ever now you're backpedaling trying to say pedos are geniuses at staying anonymous or hiding their ways and they get away with it. Stop contradicting yourself kek

No. 1407731

File: 1668328411931.jpeg (246.89 KB, 2048x1536, 2EB67D3E-BD1F-4646-8C50-CD0A41…)

This shit is too dramatic for me like… can’t we work on the rampant pedophilia or racism problem first or something. No but seriously people who have stuff like this are always talking about “curb stomping yer local terf” but they have three rape allegations and love coercive sex, it’s never anyone normal

No. 1407741

literally none of the ones i posted went to jail, getting ''exposed'' online means fucking nothing, they are still living free and probably grooming other children under another online handle. My point was that children are more exposed than ever now and that being a pedo nowadays is easier than ever, most of them unless they do something irl get away with grooming.

No. 1407742

As a millennial I feel so fucking thankful I have no idea who any of these people are

No. 1407770

i remember when pedobear was a joke when we were kids at least kids are more aware/know what grooming is etc. it was so normalized back then. i wish we could get rid of pedo groomer predators but unfortuynately i think they'll always be a part of society

No. 1407775

It's the same who claim there's a tranny genocide, they are so dramatic while they never leave their homes.

No. 1407823

No I "got it" I just didn't like it lmao

No. 1407825

>Let me racially abuse you or it's total censorship
Lmao. You know you can still call people "nigger" on garbage sites full of other shit people like 4chan's /pol/ or Stormfront? Go there instead of pretending you're oppressed because normal people are tired of your edgelord bullshit and racial harassment on sites that are meant to be decent.
Not being white on the internet is not comparable to being an AGP white scrote trying to browbeat women, by the way.

No. 1407826

What's this symbol exactly?

No. 1407830

File: 1668339252761.jpg (79.03 KB, 2000x2000, R (8).jpg)

it's this symbol mixed with the 'skull and cross-bones' pirate flag I think

No. 1407831

Ah, I see. Why are troons so bad at graphic design?

No. 1407837

File: 1668340405962.jpg (103.88 KB, 474x600, Makhno's_flag.jpg)

this is based on the Makhno flag, NOT a pirate flag

No. 1407848

Everyone makes fun of aging millennials but zoomers are going to have a crisis over turning 30.
Hipster aesthetic tumblr girls and bacon flavored craft beer millennial moids go into their 30s just clinging onto their cringe childhood consumer nostalgia.
How the hell are zoomers going to react? Their entire culture revolves around youth worship and putting up a face on social media. Sure millennials still read Harry Potter and become Disney adults but how are you going to let go of social media pedopandering and pedo anime aesthetic erotic dance videos without a serious meltdown when you age out of being part of the demographic?
Idk there’s just a whole culture of zoomers parading around their youth as if they aren’t going to grow up. I haven’t really seen it before until now.

No. 1407855

Back in the day children were highly encouraged to never share their personal info and most were segregated to their own spaces that were heavily moderated (neopets, game forums, dollmakers, fandom livejournals). The only time you’d run into groomers were creepy pedos on yahoo chat rooms which already had a reputation so the retarded pedo moids were easy to avoid.
Now the internet is way more open and accessible and everyone is encouraged to put everything about them on display. There is WAY more grooming going on and predators now have way more blackmail and leverage. You can literally find dox and revenge porn encyclopedias and imageboards on clearnet of butthurt moids posting all the women and girls they target. This shit did not used to exist, not at this scale.

No. 1407859

No. 1407878

What people like that don't realize is their egirl makeup, Botox, fillers, and whatever else, it will look "dated" to young people who aren't from their generation. It will actually age them ultimately.

No. 1407881

>The only time you’d run into groomers were creepy pedos on yahoo chat rooms which already had a reputation so the retarded pedo moids were easy to avoid.
What about Habbo hotel?

No. 1407883

This, online games were full of creepy adult groomers.

No. 1407894

and the moderation being good is a fairly recent thing. I saw porn for the first time via a link shouted in some random habbo room. At most a few words changed in game to bobba, but not every porn site has "porn" in the name and there were no restrictions to sending links. Pedo's would also share their msn to try to get kids to go off the game. On other games it happened too, but I just remember habbo to be particularly bad. Especially with HC giving clout and furnis being used to bribe kids.

No. 1407904

I used Gaia in the 2000s and trolls would spam the forums or send users private messages filled with gore, hentai art and porn. IIRC it was so frequent that they removed being able to link images from any website and only allowed images from photobucket.

No. 1407936

Idgaf if moids call themselves sigma or alpha or whatever when they maintain faithfulness in their relationship (ie reject women, look away from women who are dressed slutty) even though it should have been the bare minimum to begin with. Taken moids use to be a safe bet then for a while it felt like they were the worse of them all trying to bed any woman that looks nice or gives them the slightest of attention, and then would assume all women just want to fuck them. If moids reject women and everyone pats his ass for being sigma fucking great despite how cringey it is, and incentive to get moids to stop cheating every chance they get is a good incentive to me, even if it's cringe.

No. 1407938

All of my friends and me ran into pedos when we were kids. On random flash game websites for kids, livejournals, Club Penguin, Habbo and similar games, early tumblr and facebook, even Stardoll…

No. 1407962

oh sure, that's why you ran away from the rest of the internet and came to lc, because it's just oh so "comfy" now KEK. idk why so many anons are trying to meme themselves into thinking that everything is better and a-ok now when we are literally witnessing the death of the internet in real time.

No. 1407975

>we are literally witnessing the death of the internet
Nta, but are we?

No. 1407982

i mean just take a look around, all of the rich and well written personal websites filled with information and good content are dead, the forums with hugh quality conversations that are ghost towns, you have cookies and trackers everywhere, search engines are rigged, bots, corporate interests that push certain political ideas, and not mention how easy it has become for certain groups to wipe the internet of content they don't like. it's pretty bad.

No. 1407994

Im not for plastic surgery but I have major respect for women, specifically influencers or celebrities who get it and post about it. It's so relieving when moids go on a tangent about how their favorite influencer or whatever like daisy keech doesn't have plastic surgery because they look too nice and "they don't find plastic surgery attractive" and not like stupid bolt ons like what moids think plastic surgery looks like but then you can pull up her channel and see they made an entire vlog the day they had surgery

I just wish moids had a better grasp of how common and easily disguisable plastic surgery is

No. 1407995

how is this an unpopular opinion

No. 1408185

>Idgaf if moids call themselves sigma or alpha or whatever when they maintain faithfulness in their relationship (ie reject women, look away from women who are dressed slutty) even though it should have been the bare minimum to begin with.
this is the part that resonates with me, but it’s weird and dumb that men get inflated egos over doing low bar shit.

No. 1408207

I decided to go check up on the old ftm threads again (they used to be called fakeboi threads) for nostalgia reasons and i just realized how different the culture was here, the first 6 threads all were defending trannies, the people posting in them were trannies and they used this logic of accepting trannies only if they pass (truscum) and only calling out the ones who don't.

doesn't this in a way mean that most oldfags are tranny loving TRA.

No. 1408212

Even Kiwi Farms wasn't "redpilled" on trannies in the beginning. The trannies have just been so insufferable over time that they've alienated people who'd support them, or beat them down entirely into joining the cult. There's not much of a middle ground left.

No. 1408219

Well yeah there is a lot of ex-tifs and actual tifs who are convinced They're Not Like Other Trannies/slowly detransing,we all are aware of fags and troons digitally self harming here but we genuinely overestimate the amount of ftms on the farms too. But the other anon is right too, trannies radicalized a lot of people over the years.
Personally idgaf, they're women and belong here unlike troons and any poster with an actual dick. But sometimes their wking and nlogposting gets annoying and very clockeable.

No. 1408223

Yeah. If "sigma male" bullshit revolved around being a good partner it would be fine. If moids need some cringe term to be decent people then so be it better than when men thought cheating any chance they get while neglecting and not fucking their actual partners is cool

No. 1408231

Some anons either believe "it's nobodies business if women get surgery" even though toxic moids will happily compare and contrast women's natural bodies to ones with plastic surgery, under the impression they're natural or just simply tear women apart about why they don't look like ig models. Or women will simply just feel bad if they don't look that way + moids pretend like they're female body experts and can easily spot surgery or they'll simply lose attraction to a woman they find out had plastic surgery because they're obsessed with the idea of "god tier genetics" that don't exist, even if they liked how the woman look beforehand. They just don't want to admit what they want is fake.

>Inb4 just leave toxic moids

Some women are heavily manipulated, brainwashed and pushed to stay in relationships with awful moids. It takes a while to get out of that stage of life but it does ease the pain during a very hard time in your life when moids have one less thing to emotionally abuse you over.

No. 1408331

It bothers me so much when people claim "men don't care about women's hair/clothes/perfume/home/nails! Only women judge other women for that uwu" like yes, yes the fuck men do care about these things. Almost all my ex boyfriends have been critical about what I wear and moids will subconsciously pick high maintenance women over the other whole convincing pickmes it's best to be low maintenance just because they enjoy bashing women for whatever they possibly can

No. 1408422

I don't think there are too many reboots in media now. As I explore more media from the 60s-90s I realize there were a ton of remakes and reboots back then too. However I wouldn't have learned this without reading their Wikipedia pages. I think back then people didn't recognize that a lot of things were reboots.

No. 1408425

but now the reboots are being rebooted

No. 1408434

File: 1668386552710.jpg (165.45 KB, 1200x865, Scarface 3.jpg)

it made sense to reboot something back then since there was a big enough upgrade in technology to explore the idea again without its original limitations, plus most reboots were enough of their own thing. Its really dumb to make a reboot of something from 10 years ago now and just change the race/gender of a character to comply to modern audience sensibilities.

No. 1408435

i think they should reboot the reboots. and then reboot those.

No. 1409840

The friendzone is real and refers to a particular power imbalance where person A is aware of person B's romantic interest in them, but doesn't want anything further than friendship. This is a situation I've been in several times, on both sides. I don't understand why so often, person A's will argue until red in the face that all person B's should accept friendship and if not they are immature. If I befriended every single guy I had wanted to date I'd have a menagerie of scrotes with what common trait, that I find them fuckable? Bf material isn't the same as friend material and if you won't be my bf I sure as hell don't want you as my friend. Men aren't for friends. I don't get why this is controversial

No. 1409913

I think the onus should be on the person with the crush to remove themselves from the situation before things get weird. Because sometimes.. the friend has no idea. Thats the only thing that bugs me when people talk about the friend zone. That people assume the friend always knows and is therefore responsible for the other persons hurt feelings.

No. 1409919

"Ignore it and they'll stop" when it comes to bullying/mobbing at school/on the workplace/in the family doesn't fucking work and I can't believe they teach kids what's basically learned helplessness with shit cheesy phrases. Being the better person won't make assholes stop. They will never stop in fact, because they fing your pityful endurance play funny. They like to torment you and look at how you won't even react back.

No. 1409938

facts! that's why my kid will know martial arts from the start so it can defend iself. I used to kick the bullies in the nuts and my kid will too

No. 1409987

I think femcel is an okay term for a certain type of woman and referring to it as the female version of incel is silly because men and women will never be the same. Also saying that femcels don't exist is ignorant because some women just can't get a date no matter how hard they try.

No. 1409991

i think femcelism is really just a very wide ranging internet subculture of mentally ill women. it describes both from women who are actually incapable of getting into relationships to like girls who watch sofia coppola movies and read my year of relaxation. it’s deviated from its initial meaning to essentially describe neo-tumblr sadgirls, in some circles it has little to do with sex and relationships and maybe the label is retarded in that case but it is the established label.

No. 1410005

Femcels were women that were choosing to be celibate and called themselves involuntary celibates because the state of men was so shit they’d never find a decent one worth it. Don’t degrade them like this.

No. 1410016

The entire concept of involuntary celibacy is fucking retarded. I've said this somewhere else before, but I feel like screaming it whenever someone unironically uses the term, you cannot be involuntary celibate unless you're in some abusive situation where you have no right or control over your own sex life.

No. 1410034

That was their point anon. Congrats you won the money. The femcels said our society was so fucked and men were so awful they had to be separatists because there would be no good and respectful relationship with a scrote with how things are. It was literally a group of women who wanted relationships but thought men are trash so it was them telling men this is your fault. Your shit. It’s not us being “cold picky bitches”.

No. 1410036

femcels exist otherwise there wouldnt be terms in multiple different languages that mean "spinster". or just the existence of that word in general. in my language its bayra. its mindblowing that people deny it, there's a woman who used to spend time with me when i was little who's like 53 now and has never even been approached in her life. i think she's still waiting. well, i wish her a good nigel

No. 1410060

Might poke the wasp nest but I don't mind "dark" and "taboo" kinks in fiction at all (eg: age gap, rape, incest, gore, etc). But somehow only if women draw/write it, because I feel like men can't keep a kink fictional while women can.

No. 1410142

maybe its because i never ever saw a moid who is not a cheater but i dont think its bad to cheat on boyfriends/husbands. "ahh but not all men cheat" yeah not all men but probably 99% so while you are being a faithful tradwife he is hooking up with every woman willing to and exposing you to a variety of stds.

No. 1410164

I agree. Just because someone writes something, doesn't mean they condone it. People can't tell fiction from reality.

No. 1410178

A pick me can be just as dangerous as a man but in different ways.

No. 1410181

Don't think that's unpopular here. They're basically moids 2.0.

No. 1410649

The "attractive women I would fuck" thread title sounds so scrotey. Just leave it as attractive women. Women discern beauty at a higher level anyway, "hurr want to FUCK it" is for ychromo neanderthals

No. 1410652

>"hurr want to FUCK it" is for ychromo neanderthals
Some of you still haven't discovered that women also have sexual feelings, like sex, and some want to have sex with other women. So stupid to act like expressing sexual desire is for men.
Btw, there is a general attractive women thread.

No. 1410663

Women also like sex you retard

No. 1410674

>Women discern beauty at a higher level anyway
excuse me what? explain why pick mes settle for the ugliest moids around then? are they just discerning their beauty?

No. 1410704

This is lolcow not a steford wife tea party

No. 1410713

Women can’t even express the desire to have sex with someone now?

No. 1410741

A lot of scrotes actually do camp that thread and post shit there and have been exposed and banned. You can really tell the difference between the retard chymp sex and women.

No. 1410761

I don’t get women over 30 who pay half on bills it’s suck an ick. I could never do 50/50. If I’m living with a man he’s going to need to pay all the bills and if we don’t live together he’s going to need to pay for every date. It would just turn me off if I’m on a date and we paying half. Especially knowing men will try to move mountains for women they really like and then for me they Cash apping me for a fuckin taco.

No. 1410785

i could not find a single banned post in those threads, the fuck are you talking about?? the only moid bans i see is in the women you're ashamed to say you'd fuck thread and its one scrote saying he wants to fuck Molly Ostertag several years ago, and a scrote saying tits or gtfo 2 years ago.

No. 1410786

They're pickmes. Same with splitting the bill on a date. No self respect

No. 1410789

I think that anon might be talking about me. I'm not a scrote but I got called one by some anons a few days ago for saying a girl in that thread is hot…which is the point of the thread. It was really weird. I think it was because she had light features and a lot of anons here constantly froth at the mouth with rage over women with such features.

No. 1410792

>newfag retards not realising banned male posts get removed aka scrubbed from the thread

No. 1410799

It's only in recent memory that mods delete all tranny and male posts. I think before the posts would sometimes stick around. Nta.

No. 1410804

They still stick around usually. That other anon is retarded and a newfag themself.

No. 1410806

Are ypu dumb? No they don’t always do. Are you just upset at being called a newfag for not considering that posts can get deleted and are just going ‘no u’ out of embarrassment? The post was correct that some banned posts get removed.

No. 1410807

I don't think you fully comprehend the posts.

No. 1410808

kys newfag like >>1410806 says some tranny and scrote posts get removed but not all. It is the same with the threads they create.

No. 1410809

Not sure if unpopular, more controversial maybe, but pink pill threads should be brought back to a visible place again like ot. We get spammed by scrotes anyway and it’s a good way to bait them and just funny to cause male seething. It’s too quiet when they’re elsewhere.

No. 1410812

Yeah, we still have and use the femboy thread created by some 4fag troon.

No. 1410814

Quiet as in slow

No. 1410816

Nta but like, what is your problem? The other post said all male posts get deleted and that's why anon couldn't find any banned male posts, but that hasn't always been true and still isn't always true so calling them a newfag is dumb.

No. 1410832

>Women discern beauty at a higher level anyway, "hurr want to FUCK it" is for ychromo neanderthals
Guess I should troon out because arousal hits me like a truck and isn't an intellectual cottagecore endeavor characterized by careful discernment kek.

No. 1410873

File: 1668579964791.jpeg (564.29 KB, 1107x2208, BB7976F2-A834-43AB-BF98-BACF8C…)

The ideal male body type imo is skinny fat. I don’t like men who are too ripped because they feel like a bag of rocks, skinny feels like I’m being poked by bones and too fat is just disgusting. Skinny fat is perfect because they got some cushion but still are in shape and not landwhales.

No. 1410879

i agree. the guy in the pic is pretty ugly though, his body is so wide you can tell he's gonna have the disgusting bloated stubby "dad bod" with cone moobs in a few years.

No. 1410881

men can have muscle without being "ripped" though. nothing about fat on men is attractive

No. 1410883

>in shape
Skinny fat is less in shape than any of those other options. You can find fat guys with muscles underneath who can DO things like American football players. But if he's a pudgy wimp he will get exhausted from an ikea trip and sigh if you ask him to carry something. Even being skinny at least takes more effort than skinnyfat, it's the true failmale build

No. 1410888

Muscular men shouldn’t feel hard as rocks unless they’re super roided out or in the 1% of bodybuilding. Men with built muscle are the best because it can be hard and shapely when they flex but still soft and squishy when relaxed (that’s how I got a pec obsession). I’ve never gotten the whole trend with wanting a skelly pale goth bf or sickly Pete Davidson man either. Skinny fat just means you’re sedentary and eat fast food too much, like the majority of people.

No. 1410891

File: 1668584484976.jpeg (111.95 KB, 596x596, 16627604521.jpeg)

I agree that roided are gym freaks are disgusting but not fond of obese or "pudgy" men either, what you posted isn't a skinny fat man, its a man who an average build with no discernable amount of muscle or fat, however >>1410888 is objectively wrong, skinny men are also hot and should exist for a better society

No. 1410898

I agree for the dates but I don't get it for the bills, it would make me feel like some kind of trophy wife with zero autonomy (but I would never move in with a guy in the first place).

No. 1410906

It's funny how all the losers come out of their lonely caves like roaches to make fun of us roided muscle-crackhead enjoyers.
I'm feeding my pig carcinogenic protein dust by the spoonful and he let's me punch him in the jaw because he's too poor to buy his own MEGA BIG-BOY PROTEIN EXTRAVAGANZA CHUM BUCKET from Decathlon. I don't have to worry about when to dump him because his heart will give up on him before I do.
You will be buying diapers for skinnyfat faggot with your own retirement money in a couple decades but MUSCLEPIG will already be six foot under & STILL mogging your faggot even as a skeleton.
Imagine being too scared to drop kick your Nigel becuase he might fucking die. Couldn't be me! Mine is already dying. A heart attack wouldn't be out of the ordinary in an autopsy situation.
Bucktooth Becky's stay seething over the PIG-PUNCHING Stacy. #mindset

No. 1410909

this. skinny lovers rise up. i only date men i can beat up.

No. 1410914

i just wish moid had a more female fat distribution sometimes, i like guys with meaty thighs but that always means they are either fat or skinnyfat. god did us dirty on moids designs.

No. 1410917

No. 1410920

Nothing beats the feeling of being held in the arms of man with muscles. Men aren't supposed to be skinny fat scrotes that get out of breath taking the grocery shopping inside. They are supposed to be strong because they are built for labouring and dying in wars.

No. 1410923

You are unfathomably based and the first woman that intimidates even me. I thought I am the edgiest in the world, but Queen I bow to you. Enjoy watching his decay

No. 1410925

wrong. men are supposed to be small and frail so they can worship us. women should be strong.

No. 1410930

They manage to look grotesque no matter what. sad

No. 1410931

To each their own I guess, I only like skelly men, probably because I'm skinny myself, I like guys that are weird looking in an attractive way.

No. 1410943

This. I also like to feel safe next to big bicep nigel when out and about on nightwalks for similar reasons why I always wanted to adopt a Rottweiler or Doberman dog. A massive and violent-looking man that does as you say and obeys your command. Women can feel strong by proxy without ever needing to hit the gym. Plus they're usually funny thanks to viewing everything in a very simple minded lens.

Also in my experience the ones who are actually strong have better values and dont get off of dominating women because they're focused on dominating men at the gym (sounds gay and kinda is) so they're safe to keep around. It's always the skinnyfat soy looking ghouls that end up having to violate and rape women to feed their pathetic ego.

No. 1410951

Fuck I almost choked. You go Gigastacy

No. 1410989

eww no. don't get me wrong quads are sexy but male bodies are not supposed to be soft and jiggly

No. 1410997

File: 1668596028441.jpg (Spoiler Image,129.84 KB, 1232x647, DwVHn9MXQAQE8lG.jpg)

i like squishy guys, though only pic rel has the type of squishy male body i like i want to squish his thighs so badly

No. 1411000

WHERE. WHERE ARE THE THIGHS. Stop lying so openly. I know you know they aren't there.

No. 1411007

File: 1668596622891.png (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 1907x1297, Illustration.png)

he has nice thighs to me.. i think they are more noticeable when he's sitting. he also has really nice feet

No. 1411009

nta but I really don't see it, he's just a regular average bodied man

No. 1411010

maybe i am just horny then

No. 1411021

I don't thinkk he's very squishy, he has low body fat percentage actually. It's just right imo. I know because I like actually squishy guys

No. 1411024

Tiktok is absolutely the worst social media.
It's loud, obnoxious, and is frying away the attention spans of already pretty fucking stupid and needy people who need an endless supply of attention.
Whenever there are criticisms about it at all, stans have gotta cape for Tiktok by bringing up whataboutisms but deep down they fucking know Tiktok is the worst of the worst.

No. 1411033

I hated Vine back then but seeing TikTok makes me long for it.

No. 1411086

>daisy keech
Her plastic surgery is insanely obvious and kinda gross looking kek scrotes are just retarded

No. 1411142

Unless you're some Greek god of a streamer/Let's Player, don't show your face. This especially goes out to every pasty, boring-looking scrote I see playing Rimworld. YOU'RE UGLY. YOU'RE NOT ATTRACTIVE. TURN THE CAMERA OFF.

No. 1411152

watching men play obscure games almost killed my nerd/autismo kink

No. 1411160

Skinny fat isn't ideal, but it sure is a hell of a lot better than being obese! Fat men in particular disgust me because the male metabolism is so efficient and the body doesn't hold onto fat the same way women's bodies are designed to. At the same time, I also hate how feminists approach fatness, as if telling women to self-medicate with food and consume endlessly will ever help us. I have sympathy for new mothers, ED-chans, and those who have gained weight after being on steroids for medical issues though.

No. 1411290

File: 1668622700035.jpg (115.23 KB, 700x831, Daisy-Keech-Bio.jpg)

I agree, skinny fat is one thing but men have zero excuse to be fat
To each their own. I think she looks good and it's not really noticable unless you've seen a before and after picture but she's usually not seen outside of a sports bra, unless you're talking about a specific picture where it's obvious

No. 1411308

I think simps (irl orbiter types, not rando internet dudes who are annoyingly flirty) are fine and good as long as if they are sane and don't hurt her, aren't in a relationship with another girl and benefit the woman financially or physically. It may not be perfect but having a support system is good because you'll never know when you need cash to ditch your living situation, need a ride or tire changed or just any other sort of emergency most normie friends wouldn't be bothered to help you with, like the Sally McNeil case where her simps bailed her and supported her when she killed her abusive husband

No. 1411315

i have a few irl and online simps that will all give me money and honestly i think the only people who don't like simps are men who are angry that women don't need to settle for them. i've never sent nudes to any of them and they are definitely different from men who just want to be friends with you for sex(i've known people like that and vet them pretty quickly) some of my simps have been simping for me for almost a decade and have never gotten anything from me at all. it's pretty sweet honestly.

No. 1411319

I think nonnies only think skinny, barely fit, or or skinnyfat dudes are better because they have never actually experienced a muscular guy with nice titties, arms, and back and a juicy butt and thighs. I’m not talking roided at all. Only exception is weirdos who are genuinely into actual skellies. Muscular guys are pretty rare especially in the US so I realize a lot of you have to settle kek

No. 1411326

do you know how simps treat the other women in their life who they are not simping for….there is a reason why they are hated and it not just from what you mentioned.
Just because you benefit financially from them because they want tohave sex with you doesn't mean you have to defend them.

No. 1411339

someone doesn't have simps.

No. 1411353

same, men did this to themselves so fuck them if they want to give me free games then i take it.

No. 1411377

If they are sane, why are they simps?

No. 1411390

I’m fucking screaming nonnie KEK

No. 1411415

My first experience was with a muscular man my own age. After that I couldn't date any other type of guy. Then I unfortunately developed a feeder fetish along the way so I ruined several muscular men over the years and made them fat. Skelly men look either like developing teenagers or starving homeless druggies. There is no in between and they both do not spark any joy in me. Shit taste.

No. 1411428

>I unfortunately developed a feeder fetish along the way so I ruined several muscular men over the years and made them fat
Damn anon, shit taste is right

No. 1411439

Nta anon but simps tend to treat the women who actually like them like shit for whatever reason. But this is why I don’t think having Simps is an issue, for one girl who is using a man for money there’s probably like 2 other girls in his life he’s pumping and dumping and won’t even buy a Big Mac. Simps deserve to be used.

No. 1411448

Samefag and funny story about simps. I remember when I was like 29 and I was fucking some 19 year old. He wanted to have sex with me but he would constantly act like I’m a creepy person for “fucking a child”, said I should be his sugar momma and would say nasty shit. A few months later he comes back begging for sex and I find out he’s been giving a woman older than me all his money, paying for her games and bills on his McDonald’s salary while living with his mom lol
The whole time he was making me feel like shit for my age while I was in a drunken vulnerable state, meanwhile simping for a woman older than me.

No. 1411481

he sounds pathetic I hope the older woman drain all his money

No. 1411551

its not just the women that he doesnt find attractive, its his family too, simps tend to be very abusive towards their family members or spouses/partners.

No. 1411552

>he sounds pathetic
One time he cried on my steps because it was cold outside and I refused to give him a ride home. I can’t blame him for being retarded because I shouldn’t have been messing around with a teenager but his behavior went beyond just being young. I was so happy he ended up getting scammed at out all his McDonald’s money by a 32 year old woman kek

No. 1411565

if a man doesnt look like a worm from men in black i dont want him

No. 1411577

It's good in theory that there's moids who just want to send women they like money, gifts and do whatever but not be douchebags about it but unfortunately most simps have girlfriends and like you said treat others like shit. I once worked with a guy who had a pretty gf and kept simping for an objectively less attractive girl all because they had a single shared interest. He actually ended up getting fired because of his simping and him and his gf were homeless in a new city while she was recently pregnant all because he thinks some magic girl is going to take him away if women have the same interests
>Inb4 she's stupid
She is but I hate anons that try to circlejerk about how stupid the woman is for staying with shit men when we should be roasting men who are shitty to their families instead

No. 1411620

Men express love by spending money. Women don’t like to admit this but if a man doesn’t spend within on means to buy you what he can he doesn’t like you.

No. 1411626

Real. You’re his biggest investment, men literally exist just to be able to fuck you once or twice, it’s their life purpose. They would blow it all for “the one.” And if he isn’t, there’s another woman. Plus males hate nice women. They become more attached the more you push them around, like dogs.

No. 1411634

I've found this to be true. Men who didn't truly value me would split 50/50 on dates or let me pay, while men who were genuinely interested in me or loved me would be tripping over themselves to pay even if I offered and tried to be considerate. For example, my fiance was literally poor when I met him. He made a proper budget and cut out a lot of expenses to buy me at least one gift each month. I didn't even ask him for gifts or demand anything. Even poor men will find a way if they care about you.

I really wouldn't look at it that way. I mean sure, the majority of men are like that, but the goal is to find one who isn't. If a guy gets distant when you're nice, and more attached when you treat him like shit, he's literal garbage.

No. 1411640

i find the fearmongering about aging badly extremely pathetic. who gives a fuck

No. 1411642

Dogs don't like that. Go ahead and do it with men tho.

No. 1411644

Simps are like pet lions. I'm pretty sure that their owner think they're fantastic and cute and inoffensive but the rest of us can't decide if we should run for our lives or watch the animal bite their owners head. And being around with someone who has pet lions is an horrible experience because you could never be sure if their killer animals are around. Simps are wild animals for everyone but their owner.

No. 1411650

File: 1668645891469.jpg (94.92 KB, 638x1200, FhmytkbXEAc1AzV-_1_.jpg)

i saw this screenshot today about this girl who has been getting botox since she was 21 which sounds insane.

No. 1411651

All men are men, the “good ones” still don’t magically function the way a woman would. Men are born with inferiority complexes that demand they chase after what doesn’t want them (this means they’re better than him) until the target eventually gives in. A woman who lowers herself to his level (free attention, free pussy, splitting bills) will never have the same success she would’ve had if she played the dog’s weakness.

No. 1411659

That's… not true. I'm both kind and proactive with my fiance and he's obsessed with me and worships me. Being distant and playing games only works with immature moids with personality disorders. Even then they're still unpredictable because they need novelty so if you don't keep them on their toes they lose interest. I dunno why would you want to put in that much work keeping trash around instead of ignoring them.
If you really believe that literally all men are like that, just be single. You will have a happier life.

No. 1411660

Um…most people don’t have wrinkles at 29. I almost feel bad for this girl because she’s going to look botched af in her 30s.

No. 1411662

I'm pretty sure this is the woman who photoshopped that actresses face to improve it

No. 1411663

Bitch im 31 and no wrinkles (I just wanted to brag)

No. 1411667

there already is a cute girls thread, go in there then if you aren't sexually attracted to women and the icky lesbians are making you uncomfortable. or even better just leave the board you cancerous retard.
don't listen to that dumb bitch nonna, she is mentally ill. no matter what kind of girl you post, if it somehow offends mrs crumplebottom's sensibilities she will be there to call you a scrote and smack you with her purse.

No. 1411668

What did Nigel fund in your life so far, little miss unproblematic partner? I’ve gotten a house.

No. 1411673

If you're going to brag at least say how many rooms there are in the house, what kind of view you have, idk.

No. 1411686

agree here. i am also in a good relationship. it took years of searching and dozens of men, but it's possible. moreso if you live in a big city.

No. 1411706

>mrs crumplebottom

No. 1411707

I'm 26 and have marionette lines and nasolabial folds. I should've gotten botox now I wanna cry

No. 1411711

Girl just put on some moisturizer

No. 1411713

how is moisturizer gonna unfold her folds…

No. 1411716

People who get botox early look really off, you're probably better off with wrinkles

No. 1411717

Lurk the skincare thread in/g/

No. 1411726

I've seen many women on youtube older than her with no wrinkles strictly off using retinol from an early age and nothing else. There are plenty of 29 year olds who don't do shit but moisturise and have no wrinkles. She is a clown.

No. 1411730

It's cause when you botox for a long time the muscles start to deteriorate and you end up looking kind of "mushy". Yeah you won't have wrinkles but at what cost.

No. 1411760

I think cheating is a horrific and evil when men do it to women but I don't really care if women cheat on men

No. 1411764

I agree with this kek. A man cheating pisses me off so much I just want his dick chopped off or him to get incurable stds that ruin his life. But a woman cheating? Eh, have fun queen.

No. 1411766

women usually cheat when theyre fed up and the intimacy is long gone. men can cheat the day of their wedding

No. 1411770

I was gonna start getting small amounts of Botox after 30 but this vid made me realize how stupid it is. She literally looks exactly her age and wasted all that money on nothing except making herself look a little weird. I’m gonna wait until later. Standard skincare like moisturizer, sunscreen, retinol, vit c seems more than enough until late 30s otherwise the Botox is just preemptively degrading your facial muscles for no real benefit.

No. 1411771

Same but who fucking cares, it's a normal sign of age which should be something desirable in the first place. I don't get why anyone would want a wrickle-less face, botox often barely even changes anything about the perceived age of the person. It just looks kind of bloated and cold the more you do it.

No. 1411782

Legit anon hard agree. Dermatologist would recommend exactly the ingredients you've just listed. Throw in some TCA peels every few months and that's basically my routine. Botox is better to fight headaches and overactive muscles like the masseter that causes TMJ issues than it is for anti-aging.

No. 1411786

you're not really supposed to have wrinkles at 29 though?

Botox is stupid, all you're doing is chasing a beauty standard that's not meant to be reached and you're lining the pockets of the people who profit off making you insecure soo.

No. 1411808

Retail/customer service Jobs are awesome. I love meeting new people everyday and being incredibly busy. I worked in 3 outlet stores and two AAA stores for big brands and I always enjoyed it.

No. 1411809

Personality Disorders are curable but the treatment needs to be trauma based. CBT may be good for managing symptoms in the beginning but using it as the only treatment is just a band aid.

No. 1411811

God I wish that was me

No. 1411818

There's fuck all for complex trauma though which is the kind which leads to personality disorders. All trauma treatment is about picking one or two instances and the rest gets ignored. This is one of the things I've struggled with at intake interviews and stopped me from getting treatment, because no there aren't just one or two instances I need EMDR for and then I'll magically be cured.

No. 1411824

I mean with EMDR you should be using specific moments as examples for whatever core wound/belief you have. It’s not really about that one moment it’s about all of the things that one moment makes you feel.

No. 1411868

Isn’t Botox just gonna make you look puffy and therefore older? Dumb ass

No. 1411871

Yeah the only people I know who've had wrinkles at that age either drank a ton, smoked all the time, or both.

No. 1411875

You have lines from smiling? What a fucking travesty, you're basically horrendous now. Christ.

No. 1411890


I've moisturized for like the past 13 years, I've drank maybe a total of 30 times in my life since my teens, and never smoked. I think it's just the way my face is and the positioning of my mouth and nose, those lines form even just from smiling slightly, they really started to set in around 23 but now there full on wrinkles that are visible even when I'm not making any expressions at all. My sister is 5 years older than me, drinks a shit ton, and has tanned her entire life and still doesn't have the same wrinkles.

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not but I know!! But what was I supposed to have done not smile or laugh? I'm gonna kms

No. 1411902

This. It's actually proven men cheat when relationship satisfaction is highest which is just….? You cheat on a woman that makes you happy just to prove you can cheat? It's also a MAJOR red flags if a moid claims all his exes cheated, he either lied, is going to use it to be manipulative and controlling or for some reason can't keep women satisfied

No. 1411905

They're fine in theory but management likes to make it as hellish as possible

No. 1411914

I am begging you to spend less time on here

No. 1411928

Hey anon, I also have those wrinkles at 25. This must mean we're both in good company a lot of the time, and smiling lots. Doesn't sound so bad!

No. 1411964

Because he already has you under his thumb. Time to move on to the next victim.

No. 1412176

Lol shit girl me too

Thank you Nonnies, and that's a nice way to look at it ♥

No. 1412290

Generation bashing is stupid and usually done by people who have no self awareness about their own generation and will just automatically bash the youngest one. It happened to gen x by their parents, it happened to millennials by gen x and now it's happening to zoomers by everyone
>Muh mental illness normalization
As if millennials didn't own emo and gen x idealized being manic
>Muh bad grammar
Most older generations can't even have an entire Facebook post without having grammar errors kek. You're all stupid
>Can't hold down a job
This usually only applies to gen x, boomers, etc talking about millennials and gen z, but after all it was them who voted for right to work states and removed most workplace rights, refused to raise minimum wage, and then tell the younger generation to spend every living second working while also magically having time for family and shit. It's not their fault Karen born in the 1966 voted to allow workplaces to fire employees for whatever they want without even using their braincells to know that it will be abused as fuck.
>Bad music/style/etc
Every generation got bashed for it's music and clothes until 20 yrs later then it's magically nostalgic
>They're so sexual!
I hate kids being sexual as much as the next guy but let's not pretend like every rockstar in the 80s and 90s didn't have a bunch of teenage girlfriends and girls would disappear with creepy older men and go to concerts and events in skin tight mini skirts and crop tops.

The only thing they really have on gen z is copycatting and remaking everything but it's not necessarily their fault and it's usually marketed to them by much older people who just want to make the 100th Disney remake and have fashion that is either almost naked or you're dressing androgynous

No. 1412360

The zoomer hate thread is just embarrassing. You'd think before posting people would actually know criticisms of different generations and therein you could actually find kernels of what is unique about generation z. But, no. Most of the shit talking about zoomers was actually criticism first lobbied at millennials. The "hipster" millennial style is an offshoot of Gen x emos, the "emo" millennials is an offshoot of 80s goth and punk styles mixed with some asian fashion, there's not really "original" subcultures, they're mostly co-opted in some way. Gen Z has hundreds of different subcultures because of how specific in influence fashions are because of the internet and algorithms. It's also funny seeing millennials bitch about how "crowded" or specific certain subcultures are when a bunch of millennials subcultures like lolita were extremely specific. I've also seen millennials bitch about how subcultures and aesthetics are now lifestyle based down to the scent and that it's embarrassing these subcultures consume the identity of the Gen Z youth. Suddenly every millenials has amnesia in regards to how emo, lolita, hipster, etc. were not just fashions, but in fact, you were often encouraged to live your lifestyle, hobbies, etc. according to certain brands and that it was often a point of contention if it was just a fashion. Then you have other millennials who bitch about the fact that subcultures now are just about the aesthetic and not the lifestyle…my point is, it just goes on and on and on and it seems so stupid to me. A grandma would be equally as grossed out by the see through blouses showing off your bra clubwear that millenials wore the same as a slutty Gen Z outfit. It's all the same…

No. 1412608

Millennials like to pretend their cringe in their day isn't all still searchable. Other generations were cringe as fuck too but it wasn't until the 2000s we unleashed all of our cringe online. Existing in general is just cringe sorry

No. 1412628

yeah, no, zoomers are not OK, look no further than genderspecials, that's not a trend you can equate to whatever cringe earlier generations got up to which at worst involved drugs or cutting

No. 1412629

the zoomer hate thread is directed at the terminally online ones, retard.

No. 1412641

You can always hide the threads you don't like anon

No. 1412689

For one, you don't have to constantly deal with rape jokes and other rapey humour. Also homophobic and racist slurs are used less.

No. 1412695

File: 1668732729052.jpg (118.93 KB, 2048x1696, 1668538780388.jpg)

No. 1412746

>>Millennials like to pretend their cringe in their day isn't all still searchable

Couldn't they just erase their cringe or would a web archive have it?

No. 1412747

>>you're not really supposed to have wrinkles at 29 though?

It's possible not to with a good lifestyle, always wearing sunscreen, cut out alcohol, and use anti-aging in your early 20s.

No. 1412751

People like to complain, so what? Also, don't get zoomers so it's interesting to read about them.

No. 1412771

That thread is mostly populated by women in their 30s-40s who are feeling old and want to shit on teenagers/early 20s to feel better about themselves. I also hate how American-centric the concept of generation labels are, they really do believe that what is true in America is true for every country on the planet.

No. 1412788

zoomers suck because they're far more willing to cut their genitals off for attention, it's really not that complicated.

No. 1412798

Found the zoomer who thinks everyone is jealous of her youth (doesn’t realize she will also get older too)

No. 1412803

>That thread is mostly populated by women in their 30s-40s

shout out to all the older women of lolcor. do not let the zoomies bully you out. this place gets worse and worse the more "18" year olds shit up the site

No. 1412844

quit calling it lolcor

No. 1412846

The site should be 21+ I swear

No. 1412855

zoomers are mid twenties now anon not just minors larping as 18+

No. 1412857

accurate and this isn't just about 'muh youth', since several zoomers who thought they were millenials because they're not teenagers go to that thread too to inadvertedly shit on themselves. Thanks to globalization and americanization a lot of things have become similar, but I'm not sure whether Muricans know that there used to be a delay and that older zoomers had access to Murican millenial childhood media or that the emo phase lasted a lot longer in other countries.
Oh and other countries have their own early 2000's defining tragedies. There is more in the world than 9/11.
gender specials this gender specials that, milennials were all demi poly genderqueer genderfluid pansexuals then if we're going that route. And gender trans shit has been around since the 70's and mostly pushed by genx and millenials, how many zoomer ceo's, teachers, social workers and pr people are there to push this? Oh, right.

No. 1412888

Wew girls take a break, touch some grass. It isn't that deep and you both will also be old and icky one day too, I promise.

No. 1412933

I'm 29 and wrinkle free and I don't do any of these things, maybe it's from my celibate lifestyle where there's no stressful relationship to weigh down on me.

No. 1412946

boku no pico wouldn't have been anywhere near as infamous if it were loli instead of shota

No. 1412947

You're right nonnie. Zoomers have a lot to be criticized for but I can't help but laugh when I see all the "they're so lazy!" posts in that thread because they're just rehashes of what each generation said about the following generation in the past. I know we're all bound to become the grumpy adults eventually but we need to take a moment to self-reflect before posting such boring takes.

No. 1412962

I am well aware of the fact that I will age and get get older and have made peace with it. Doesn’t mean I have to be okay with older people shitting on me just because of my age. Funny how my pointing it out is worse than them doing it huh?

No. 1412973

That’s just common sense Nona. It’s only shocking because a male is the victim.

No. 1412975

I don’t believe in long COVID. If someone tells me they have it or goes on the news crying about how they’re 21 and can’t walk up stairs anymore I immediately think “fuck off you lying malingerer”.

No. 1412977


No. 1412979

It’s not your age that they’re shitting on, it’s all the embarrassing things you say, do and wear.

No. 1412988

which is what every older generation does about the newer ones and what was said about millennials too. Why pretend like millennials didn't popularize the genderqueer gender fluid pansexual demisexual poly shit? Zoomers haven't even been around for long enough to have much influence within PR, as teacher, social workers, as CEO's, marketing etc. Most of the shit being pushed on zoomers is done by older generations, yet zoomers get blamed for it. There's actual critiques to be had, but instead you sound exactly like what your parents said about you, just general "young people bad and cringe" shit.

No. 1412992

Sofia Coppola > Francis Coppola

No. 1413013

>Zoomers haven't even been around for long enough to have much influence within PR
oh but we have, haven't you noticed that most of us have had social media accounts since the day we turned 11? we have a lot of influence over media because our opinions and tastes are amplified through the internet unlike other generations, i do agree that a lot of the cringe originates from millenials but we definitely perpetuate it.

No. 1413019

No I mean, are all PR personnel zoomers? No. Politicians? No. Marketing personnel at big companies? No. Millennials influenced zoomers through vine, Tumblr, YouTube, myspace, vampirefreaks etc. Who did shit like Buzzfeed? It's not like the moment 2007 hit that zoomers suddenly had all the influence because the first group turned 11. It started with copying Millennials.

No. 1413021

You didn't remember the andros of the 80s? Or the troon and gender bending scenes from the 90s? For the past few decades the same shit has always existed but it's only been out there and made to be popular because of the internet

No. 1413024

i mean i agree that it started with copying millenials but you can't deny that we perpetuate every cancerous idea they have without ever critically thinking or questioning anything. to me the defining trait of zoomers is LARPing, on tiktok they LARP as their "aesthetic", LARPing activism/'social justice', LARPing as a type of person without ever doing anything to become that person. that's what makes zoomers worse than millenials imo, millenials were earnestly stupid, gen z is aware that all of it is a performance, so they ham it up and adopt more and more extreme ideas for attention.

No. 1413025

Yeah, they like to pretend the millennials are all Stacys and would never dare partake in any degenerate thing like zoomers do, even though you could quite easily find proof otherwise. I wonder if these same people who blast zoomers would be happy to show us their old internet accounts from the 2000s to really prove to us how much cooler they were and how we're all cringe like them

No. 1413031

maybe the younger zoomers, but there are enough older ones who aren't on TikTok, deleted all social media etc. Which is another trend. You only see the most annoying ones, because the sane ones have abandoned everything a long time ago.

No. 1413041

unless bushes or trees are impacting walking areas, parking, or some form of gate the excessive cutting and trimming them all down to look naked and barren for "presentation" is retarded. I will take seeing over grown trees with flowers and bushes around where I live than the ugly new condos being built and the weekly noise that goes on for 2-4 hours to trim branches off trees. so stupid. also leaf blowers create too much noise. give them a rake it will be faster with better direction.

No. 1413059

The one thing they hate to be reminded of is that they're not that different from zoomers. They do all the exact same shit, down to the gender nonsense, except they additionally fret about having nasolabial folds, and all the moids in their age group suddenly being balding and ugly.
All the tranny shit you see today is the result of grooming by their millenial moids and pickmes, it was not organic.

No. 1413070

nta 99% of the people who have they/themed me or asked for pronouns were millennials. It's millennials at HR and marketing who want you to put pronouns in your email signature at work or even ask for pronouns before admitting you to the hospital. The GPs trying to refer to gender clinic are genx or older generally. Majority of zoomers of my own age bracket I come across irl are turbonormies. The one time I came across what I thought were insufferable zoomer gender specials irl, they were millennials complaining about zoomers chatting them up, while these millennials at the same time have pronouns, said they are poly and were openly talking about doing bdsm with their friends.

No. 1413085

Dark meat is inferior to white meat, it's greasy and has an overwhelming meaty taste that grosses me out. I'm never buying thighs again, breasts forever

No. 1413094

> made to be popular
And that's why it's a problem

No. 1413103

I’m 31 with no wrinkles. I’m an alcoholic and I have never worked out a day in my life.

No. 1413105

Aren't thighs also white meat if you're talking about chicken? It's just a bit fatter. Dark meat is like beef or duck

No. 1413120

No, legs are the dark meat on a chicken. Beef is red meat.

No. 1413125

File: 1668779422532.jpeg (55.9 KB, 750x422, japan-band-28baf591-60b7-41d8-…)

>You didn't remember the andros of the 80s?
that was a fashion style, i miss men being comfortable being gnc and looking actually hot
>Or the troon and gender bending scenes from the 90s?
and this almost never happened outside of anime and anime wasnt popular until the early 00's in western countries, and even then it was never supposed to be fetishy it was just supposed to be part of the plot and always treated as a ''curse''

No. 1413218

Oh got it

No. 1413341

Nta but are you white? I'm not racebaiting no one rage at me but it's just a known fact that certain races show their age much slower, like brazilian, asian, hungarian. I'm 27 and white and already have wrinkles

No. 1413343

hungarians are white lol nonny wtf
brazilians too can be white

No. 1413364

File: 1668792356568.jpg (21.63 KB, 800x432, iuhygtfrdesgthyjkl.jpg)

Okay then I should've said ethnicity, obviously hungarians and brazilians on average look pretty different from a random lily white brit fag. Just as an example the majority of the hungarian women I know look similar to the pic, dark eyes, dark thick hair, curvy, tan skin. And they always look about 10 years younger than anyone else I know around their age

No. 1413466

Do you work with Hungarian gypsy ex-pats? Hungarian women do not on average have "thick hair and tan skin" We do have dark hair on average though. t. born and raised in Hungary

No. 1413482

I like when people mention they're trans on female-centered subreddits or other platforms because I instantly know to stop reading.

No. 1413485

File: 1668800659982.jpg (36.56 KB, 448x252, strawb.jpg)

strawberries from grocery stores taste like nothing and i assume anyone who says they are their favorite fruit (and doesn't specify they mean wild / home grown ones) just doesn't eat fruit.

No. 1413488

strawberries are basically a weed with how relentlessly they colonize everything, idk why you'd ever need to buy them or specify they're wild or homegrown

No. 1413499

For me it's mainly funny how every text book defines gen Z as "born digital" and ones who'll totally master technology and have a deep understanding of the dangers of the internet, and everything I experience working/studying around zoomers is the complete opposite lol

No. 1413505

nta but they definitely don't commonly grow in the wild here and that's coming from soneone who does some foraging.

No. 1413519

yeah that's because the younger zoomers, although they were born with the internet, they were raised on mostly smartphones and social media apps

No. 1413540

Not in the wild necessarily, but forget one pot on the ground and your entire garden is full of them so you have kgs of strawberries every summer.

No. 1413569

I’m black. I did go and get Botox but the doctors said I don’t need it and I should be focusing on my acne (harsh).

No. 1413606

Being ghosted is better than being sent a nice text about why a person doesn’t wanna date you. I’d rather just believe he died or something. I’m used to being ghosted so it’s whatever to me.

No. 1413629

I don't understand people who get upset by ghosting. Its a clear sign that this person who decides to ignore you for a long ass time so suddenly no longer wants to deal with you. Instead of feeling like you need to bring the connection back just take the pride loss and move on. Ghost hunting is pathetic

No. 1413635

People are always like “we are adults! Just telling a person you aren’t feeling them and move on”. Knowing they will feel insecure or pissed about it or they will try to convince the person to date them.

No. 1413637

I'm early 30s, white, zero wrinkles, super unhealthy lifestyle apart from I've barely gone outside or seen the sun since I was 16. I think it's mostly down to sun and genetics.

No. 1413643

Exactly, what if the other person feels bad or reacts like a pathetic loser to a polite text message? We should all just stop talking to people with no warning or explanation whatsoever. Clearly that is the more mature, responsible option.

No. 1413646

What about informing and then blocking them? Then you both don't have to care about their reaction but at the same time you communicate like a mature human being

No. 1413650

Why do you need to inform them of why you’re ghosting them if you don’t care what they think anyway?
Most of the time if you are a woman then your ghosted usually come back after a few months or weeks so there’s no point in even thinking about or trying to contact them.

No. 1413651

Your ghoster*

No. 1413655

>inform them of why you’re ghosting them
It's not ghosting if you inform them, and offering closure is a mature, correct way to end things with another person; it's not a video game where you get to just turn it off and carry on. Some people are like nonna >>1413606 and won't care but most will, and out of respect for their time it's just decent to inform them you're no longer interested and never will be. No need for sugarcoatig, apologizing or giving any explanations, just informing.

No. 1413660

I find telling a person why you aren’t interested can be more condescending than mature imo. Like a scrote who hooks up with you once then wants to act all mature and nice guy by letting you know he thinks you’re a great girl but he wants to check out other options. Yeah you waited until after we had sex to be mature kek people give explanation to make themselves feel better not the other person.

No. 1413673

I guess it's gotta depend on a person… and a lot on the way it's said too. I was ghosted by a guy after we had sex and it felt extremely dehumanizing and degrading to see someone go from being friendly and interested to pretending I don't even exist within 24 hours. I'd much rather hear him say "I'm not interested in pursuing this anymore, thank you for your time" than this

No. 1413688

metal music obsessed type moids only settle for the easy, self hating pickme clones proliferating their scene, but would rather pick a more conventionally attractive, multifaceted, and stable woman for a long term investment if possible, every time. be promiscuous and singleminded if it brings you satisfaction, of course, but the bpd women who over-invest in a performative edgy, degen lifestyle "brand" cry over these bottom barrel nasties who use them and refuse to better themselves until some unaesthetic stacy that just shares some interests comes along, are pathetically deluded. pls love yourself, girl.

No. 1413689

You’d think those guys would want rocker types but they usually just want young blonde normie types like every other white man.

No. 1413697

With how dating is now a day I pretty much just go into hook ups expecting to be ghosted then have him pop up a month later. There’s really no point in them letting me know how they feel lol

No. 1413799

If a scrote can’t get women he’s gotta be retarded because women are so easy to get. I was looking at my full trash can and thinking if I were a scrote and went over a girls house and saw her garbage full, I’d offer to take out her trash. She would probably think I’m a Prince Charming since no guys she just met have gone that for her before.

No. 1413807

That would 100% work on me with my butler fetish.

No. 1413815

No. 1413828

this isn't specific to white men tbh, it's all 'weird' or unusual guys. not just metalheads either. they can be weird/schizo larping/alternative but they only like uber normie chicks (who they always used to say were boring). it's not even the women they date, they literally only surround themselves with these "boring" women and then lament how superficial they are, why are men like this?

No. 1413837

This. Muscles doesn't mean bodybuilder, someone can be lean and still have muscles. I am trying to get some muscles as well to be less skelly, I don't like it with men either and skinnyfat is even worse, when I think of skinnyfat I think of youtubers, rich shaltered boys and hipsters and I fucking hate these types lol. I generally dislike fat tbh, especially because it's usually not even evenly distributed but people with fat thighs or upper arms while the rest is much thinner, a fat stomach is a no-go for me too regardless of the gender.

No. 1413839

thirded, holy shit i can't believe scrotes don't understand how easy it is to seduce a woman. I'd actually want a bf if men were like this.

No. 1413842

Raw seafood and fish is better than anything cooked, raw meat is also great and rare steaks trump everything else that's not outright raw.

Sweets on the other side never taste good and sugary shit and sweets are over-hyped IMO. If you want something sweet eat fruits, they are juicy and much better and have a better taste than anything with a kilo of sugar.

No. 1413846

This would be creepy imo and feels fake (even a woman that does this is creepy IMO), if someone does this it means they want something from you, I prefer my men distant like I am. I know I have found a good friend if someone can sit besides me and not say a single word while we are eating. Silence is underrated.

No. 1413868

I mean if someone is pursuing you romantically of course they want something from you. If they want to prove themselves as enrichment to your life then let them. Men should be trained to do acts of service for you for the entirety of a relationship and not as just a performance during courtship.

No. 1413906

I'd get paranoid and think that the person thought I was dirty with a stinky trash can kek

No. 1413910

This would indeed work on me, but only if it was consistent behavior. He can't take out my trash unsolicited one time and expect some twat.

No. 1413922

Sometimes I feel like the only artist in the world that is happy Twitter is dying. I'm tired of seeing fucking fanart everywhere for everything, I want to see more original content and interesting shit again.

No. 1413935

Same, idc if I have no followers or engagement I don't like popular shit so I'm not gonna draw it.

No. 1413945

I was with you until the fruit. There's no fruit thta tastes as good as it looks, I'd rather eat a vegetable instead.

No. 1414043

That would make me cringe because I hate when people want to do shit for me, I need to be in control all the time.

No. 1414063

Nobody owes you anything. Doesn't matter what you did or if it makes the other person fucked up.

No. 1414119

YouTube shorts is the racist version of tik Tok if that makes sense. I know tik tok in itself is racist but something about reading the comments on YouTube shorts that makes me realize just how racist and misogynist a LOT of people are. Any post with a white woman having an opinion on anything is met with misogyny. Any post with a black person doing anything cringe is met with tired fatherless jokes and how black people should’ve never gotten equal rights. It’s crazy because you can literally go from watching videos of cats or something cute and then you go to the e next video and it’s a “based Andrew tate” short. It’s fucking wild. YouTube is the cornerstone for radicalizing a whole nation. They will pay for their sins!

No. 1414131

I'd probably think he has OCD or something, it's good when men are clean but I beware of those that are obsessed with cleanliness

No. 1414201

I see everywhere people calling themselves ''artists''. It seems like, in English, it's pretty normal to call yourself that. But I'm ESL and I find it so moronic… It's just ridiculous! Just because they know how to draw (and a lot of people only do fanarts and shit like that), make music or take pictures with a very expensive camera that doesn't make them artists. Not all paintings, music, buildings, photographs, poems, clothes, etc.. are ART! I think art is something higher and that you can't just say that something you made is art. It may be the poem/painting/song/design you're most proud of, but that doesn't make it art. In an opposite direction, I also think there's a lot of literature/music made by dead men that is considered art and it's actually just rubish.

No. 1414218

My native language makes this distinction between art and regular media (drawings, songs, paintings etc.) as well, but I actually prefer the English definition. If I want to look at what is considered art I probably have to go to the museum or an art gallery, but I don't think the elite of the art world should get to decide for me what is and isn't art.

Not an artist btw.

No. 1414236

I do like sweets when they're decent quality, but you're right. I've never understood the point of those giant milkshakes or cotton candy burritos or whatever they're called because after a certain point there's no way that it doesn't just taste like pure sugar with no distinct taste

No. 1414237

Are you a “real artist” yourself or do you just like believing that you’re the arbiter of what art really is despite never actually making any?

No. 1414247

nta but please don't start telling artists they are the arbiters of what real art is lol. I've seen so many "my oc don't steal" type psychos that I know they don't know either

No. 1414264

Art is when you have a long ridiculous explanation for your work that no one would ever guess without reading the plaque next to it.

No. 1414278

being an artist means nothing nowadays other than you like holding a pencil and scribbling, i have seen better touhou artists than actual modern artists with a degree and paintings hanging on museums, who cares honestly

No. 1414288

we won't understand how incredible art is until millennia from now when it is uncovered as material culture from the past

No. 1414351

There are different types of art. You don't have to like all of them.

No. 1414360

i think its just the fact that in her native language, translation of artist means something much more. im turkish and we also never use the word "artist" (as a direct translation) for anyone who does casual art. so it does feel like in english, artist is used very freely - even if you just draw as a hobby.

No. 1414630

Rachel Dolezal was valid and didn't deserve the hate she got.

No. 1414728

Youtube Shorts seems like the most retarded social media platform ever. I've never used it because it just feels so low IQ, there is nothing interesting or intelligent to be seen on there. Probably because a lot of the users are actual children. Even Facebook with only boomers is better.

No. 1414787

People owe apologies when they mess up, it's being accountable.

No. 1414789

This is such a dumb selfish mindset kek

No. 1414791

you're lucky nonnie

No. 1414806

I feel more triggered by trannies than i ever did by her. At least she is delusional in a funny way, she doesn't threaten people nor is she going around demanding any kind of special treatment per say. I feel like she is different from the other black fishers because most of them do it get get attention from black moids and are vitriolic pick-mes. Even with them, i don't feel triggered because god usually takes care of them.

No. 1414809

I don't agree, but most people genuinely live by this mantra and never face any repercussions for it.

No. 1414813

I totally get what you mean, but in this specific example I'd be skeptical and wonder if he was trying to go through my trash for some reason kek

No. 1414827

>>Why pretend like millennials didn't popularize the genderqueer gender fluid pansexual demisexual poly shit?

Urgh, don't remind me nonnie. I miss the word tomboy but my generation messed that up.

No. 1414831

that might do it, stress it bad for aging

No. 1414838

>> happy to show us their old internet accounts from the 2000s to really prove to us how much cooler they were and how we're all cringe like them

Have fun with my fandom from a kids cartoon then, lol.

No. 1414880

Her excuse is she grew up around black people and felt more connected with them. Modern day black fishers are, just as you said, pickmes who want to look like Beyonce or Kim K. Rachel also was abused by a black moid and went through hell. Her already abusive parents made her world crumble so I do have a lot of empathy for her honestly. Transracialism through growing up with and identifying with another race other than the one you were born with is more valid than trannyism will ever be.

No. 1414931

Isn't that because you are ESL? Maybe you have a similar sounding word to artist in your language but it isn't the best translation. In my language artists are considered what you described so usually hobbyist, beginners, professionals would describe themselves on the type of art they make, photographer, illustrator, writer etc it's way less common to people describe themselves as artists, since it sounds either vague or very specific to art museum types. You are overlapping a word from your culture to different word from different cultures. Words aren't just sounds, the semantics of a word are built around how people commonly use and understand it. I believe these subtle differences are what make translations so hard btw.

No. 1414933

File: 1668912426678.png (1.23 MB, 1200x1145, you did it.png)

Sunshine is my favorite Mario game going purely by the vibes, but no other game, be it Mario or any other series, has such a high concentration of levels that make me go "Oh my god I fucking hate this mission".

No. 1414944

I love that game so much its unreal

No. 1414947

It's the most fun and innovative super mario that's for sure. The water jet mechanic was ahead of its time. Not only are the vibes great, but the levels and mechanics themselves were really special and different.

No. 1414973

I'm so glad I got the mario 64, sunshine and galaxy bundle when it was out. I'm replaying Sunshine to full completion and am well aware of its bad reputation and understand why its not well regarded and dont give a fuck. The other 3d marios dont do it the same for me, and I can wear nostalgia goggles if I want to, its a hell of a drug

No. 1414975

Love to see Sunshine enjoyers here. Very immaculate vibes and controlling Mario peaked with this game IMO

No. 1414978

What "beauty myths" have worked for you? Mine is that I have spot reduced fat, waist trainers worked for me and diet helped me get clearer skin

No. 1414981

>controlling Mario peaked with this game

It really did. Even without FLUDD. Idk how everyone else reviewing these games doesn't feel it, every other mario is clunky feeling. Like a slight delay is happening or he's moving through thicker air, less agile feeling, less fun. Just doing parkour around the map was fun in Sunshine, later games movement is just a means to an end.

No. 1414982

Wrong thread anon lol

No. 1414996

Absolutely agreed, especially about it feeling less agile. Later Mario 3d games don't really have that "kinetic" movement that made Sunshine so special to me. I remember playing Galaxy and I could never shake my discomfort with the controls and how the parkour there was so unsatisfying.

No. 1415004

Hate nikocado avocado as a person but I use to be have a lot of friends who were chubby chasers and nikocado avocado quickly made them drop their stupid shit. These women aren't hot thickies with big ass and tits they're disgusting blobs with mishapen ass and tits that will likely shit the bed if you keep enabling them.

No. 1415005

Anyone interested in this topic should look into Sunshine emulated and modded.

No. 1415143

Wait how long did you use the waist trainer for? And did you wear it 24/7 or took breaks to sleep?

No. 1415175

File: 1668929065049.png (12.38 KB, 350x280, big-baby.png)

>Doesn't matter what you did or if it makes the other person fucked up.

No. 1415365

all fujocoomers are potential aydens

No. 1415387

I like the jabs that he makes at amberlynn. He's a clown but at least he's pretty obvious about what hes doing.

No. 1415570

Nasolabial folds and marionette lines aren't signs of aging but genetic and happen due to your bone structure/fat distribution. It's just a thing some people have and some don't. Skin quality is mostly decided by genetics. I've had expression lines and small wrinkles since I was a teen. Some things like retionl, sunscreen, moisturizing, being hydrated, eating good and minimizing stress help but it's mostly out of your control no matter what influencers, derms and beauticians shill. Aging is a privilege not everyone gets to experience.

No. 1415608

The main problem with feminism is people don’t understand that different genders require different things but still deserve equal rights. Yes you should go to work and pay all the bills, pay for dates and not try to beat my ass to death just because I hit you first! Yes I slapped you but you are 6’4 and 200 lbs, use common sense but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve equal rights. Different but equal is the logic we should use and I think the problem is we always tried to go about things claiming we aren’t different and can do the same shit.

No. 1415674

Women wearing really low cut shirts or very revealing clothes in a professional setting is bad etiquette and imo it’s setting woman back a bit. I’ve recently seen a woman comparing people saying she shouldn’t center the video on her huge cleavage in a barely-there pink top if she wants to be taken seriously while talking about science to compulsory hijab. Comments agreeing with her said that it has roots in patriarchy (I get) and racism (what?? She was white btw).
Idk men also don’t wear revealing or sexy clothes in academic setting. They don’t wear casual or sexy clothes when they wanna be taken seriously. It’s embarrassing.
Of course during your free time it’s more than normal to dress however skimpy you want but I feel like people saying it’s feminism that women are wearing really revealing unprofessional clothes in professional settings is weird and doesn’t make sense to me. Also who wears huge cleavage and centers the video on the boobs just ‘for themselves’ anyway, laughable.

No. 1415691

not unpopular

No. 1415695

porn should be banned on the internet or at least all social medias. imo allowing porn on your social media is opening the gates to child sex abuse material eventually being posted. there is a reason why every porn site out there also has cp on it. fucks sake soon as tumblr banned porn (because of csa being posted!) all the freaks went off to twitter and now twitter has its own fucking paedo community ffs. i also feel like when you ban nsfw/porn shit in general, the social media becomes more female dominated & therefore less batshit insane because all the moids and weirdos left.

No. 1415697

not unpopular on lolcow. sad thing is this will never happen

No. 1415768

I feel this way about extremely revealing clothes in general. You're not empowering and showing the moids you're just giving men what they want and they've been getting more and more desensitized to the female body that they're not longer impressed by most women revealing themselves, they'll just bitch about how they've "seen better" or complain about how you don't have the ass or boobs for the outfit. At one point I thought moids only liked seeing women's bodies to point out what's wrong with them and not for their enjoyment

No. 1415815

Honestly I don’t think desensitisation of moids is a bad thing but I still think women shouldn’t expose themselves so much when we want to be taken seriously. For example Japan while it has its very prominent issues I feel like found a perfect place of semi casual female fashion where women can express themselves femininely or masculinely in a creative way but don’t necessarily show way more skin (chest and ass) than men do.

No. 1416009

The best solution is to have a porn only domain (.xxx maybe) and have it limited to about 1,000 pictures and videos. Those pictures and videos can be curated to make sure none of it includes any sexual exploitation, and you need to have an ID to sign up and access the domain.

Can anyone explain to be why we need a bagizzilion different porn sites and videos? And why we as a society need to be filming thousands of more hours of porn content a day? Surely coomers can be satisfied with 1,000 videos for their little vice. And if they're not, then why not? Why do you need this insatiable appetite for porn? Why does this even need to be an industry?

I fantasize about this happening so much it's unreal. Until you take a step back and look at the issue objectively, you never realize the absurdity of this stuff being perpetually produced.

No. 1416024

The fact that therapists and psychologists aren't pushing people with depression and anxiety issues to get offline is a sign to me that they're not really interested in solving the problem. If depression and anxiety as mental health problems have gone up exponentially over the last few decades, then obviously the material conditions and lifestyle choices that we make now are the most likely causes for people's depression and anxiety. Regressing back to an analog lifestyle should be literally the first step for these people.

It's obviously not going to be a cure for everyone. But for every zoomer going in for le anxiety and le depression, step one should be taking their phone and computer off them and seeing if the problem goes away on its own.

No. 1416031

They're either too out of touch or too afraid of the backlash for saying this, but you're absolutely right it's sad. It's the same solution for trannies. It wouldn't erase all mental disorders but would cut down on them. I always had social anxiety but strongly feel I started on the wrong path towards depression due to the internet

No. 1416038

I left goth "community" scene because it has devolved to being completely oriented around younger idiots who's idea of goals is being an anorexic, pornsick, consumerist bimbo (but wearing black! so it's totally meaningful and better than those normies that get the same shit off Amazon in different colors! Killstar is different than Lululemon philosophically, not just because the latter makes actual quality and functional garments!). Gen Z will not carry the torch of from older music/culture creators/appreciators of the scene imo. Hell, even worn out millennial women in their 30s are trying so hard to shill sex and partying as a personality, clinging to social popularity contests which used to be at least a bit more oriented on creativity and accomplishments in less status quo approved hobbies/interests. Rob Zombie, suburban metalcore, Stephen King, fake crystals, the xerox copy possessions and style, mirroring social structures/habits of "normies", all sooo strange and artistic! A subculture that used to be for weirdos to commiserate is now dominated by young normies raised in well off and loving households who are so devoid of motivation to gain skill or talent to set them apart that they latch on to things their parents don't like (but also don't condemn because they're so coddled) and bring with them their attachment to all things status quo. Male gaze repackaged as empowering ruins everything. Yes I'm blaming men, sue me. Feminism has gotten so fucking stupid and meaningless since it was commodified to sell better and leaked into even previously fringe niches of society. If it's not a goddamn struggle it's not change oriented.

(I know this is dramatic and probably not so unpopular with older nonas here, kek)

No. 1416040

It's pretty much codified into law that you cannot deny people internet access anymore, they argue it's due to the internet being a necessary tool for communication and survival. Increasingly even pedophiles convicted for looking at cp or molesting children aren't allowed to be denied internet access. So maybe it's just that literally psychologists and therapists aren't allowed to enforce this as treatment for terminally online kids, or there's a risk of that being the case.

I bet if it did become a policy to boot depressed zoomers offline. Enby Emily will be crying right away about how they're abusively keeping her isolated from the world.

No. 1416041

Agree. It's this idea that to be equal we have to be the same and truth is that's still a misogynistic viewpoint.

No. 1416051

Is someone paying you people to post this same take every day for the last I don't know year

No. 1416059

Honestly regulating porn to the point it HAS to be behind a paywall is something I strongly believe in. Less exposure to kids, men actually have to maintain at least some fucking semblance of boundaries and effort in terms of access to women's bodies. How can anyone with a sense of ethics and basic grasp of psychology/sociology deny this would be beneficial? We don't legally have to serve children pure sweets at every meal just because they throw a fit. We shouldn't have to cater to objectively socially degrading habits (but we do because lolmen). If we can have laws that don't allow people to put arbitrary substances into their body in the privacy of their own homes, someone please explain why something like this isn't feasible?

No. 1416215

I have the same belief as you Nonna and it's crazy because my music taste is very 'goth yet when I ask any alternative or goth looking young adult thier music taste they always tell me a bunch of rap music.

No. 1416251

File: 1669004573764.png (78.98 KB, 821x584, disgusting.png)

Canada's MAID program being expanded to include mentally ill people is awful. It totally neuters the defiant anti-society nature of commiting suicide. If you want to kill yourself it needs to be janky as fuck and widely looked upon as horrific by all involved. It's not supposed to be all professional and health-carey like the vet coming to put your dog down at christmas. Oh yeah my suicide's scheduled for 12:30 next thursday, i got a great deal with a coupon and everything. Fucking disgusting. I will NOT let the establishment normalize suicide and incorporate it into the system of society. It is for ME in the WOODS with a ROPE. Fuck the healthcare industry, you can't have this.

No. 1416271

cute slightly above average men are better than male model chad type men. if you know you know

No. 1416272

it seems like a covert form of population control and slightly eugenics

No. 1416282

Nta but I've noticed this for years. Anyone dressed "alternative" (i put this in quotes because wearing a black shirt and having black hair is considered goth now by gen z) is never actually into alternative music anymore. Anyone who's actually into punk, metal, goth, and other underground music scenes looks normal now anyway which should be expected of grown adults. It's cringy when people act like you have to look a certain way to enjoy certain things as well.

No. 1416306

Is this about assisted suicide? Is that that common in Canada?

No. 1416325

Can foreigners come to be killed? Is it a free choice or do you have to go through years of assessments etc.?

No. 1416334

I don't think i've ever been attracted to a single twink in my life.

No. 1416336

Zendaya is ugly as fuck. Same with the Hadid kids. I do not understand the hype

No. 1416339

Shoutout to the scrote psychiatrist who said he'd fill in the assisted suicide forms for me and kept asking me why I wasn't suicidal because I let the misandry slip out back in the day as a teen. It just becomes a thing to throw at patients you don't like, Canada be warned.

No. 1416343

The most anti-society thing to do is to live outside of it, not kill yourself. You weirdo
I don’t have a problem with MAID for people who are terminally ill or have a degenerative condition. It was supposed to be a last resort thing. But people aren’t even getting the help they’re asking for. Waiting lists, especially for mental health, are exceptionally long. Like you have to wait years and years. Affordable housing is few and far between and when it is available, it’s often rundown and full of black mold and bugs and they often don’t include utilities so you need to pay for that yourself. Disability benefits are absolutely abysmal in every province, like literally well below the poverty line, and the policies surrounding it are unfair and effectively keep people impoverished. Like in my province, the maximum amount of money a person on disability can receive is $1169 CAD (although I think they’ve upped it to approx $1200 recently). I personally can’t find even a bachelor apartment below $1400 even in cheaper areas. A single room ranges from $700 and up. Even if someone did work, they can only keep $200 before they start clawing back 50% from every dollar. Keep in mind that you’re already in deep poverty and ill on top of that. And disability doesn’t cover all medical equipment and expenses, so you might have pay for that as well. Basically everything is a constant fight with no winning. The government dangles hope over the heads of people every couple of years, with absolutely no improvement. MAID is faster, and cheaper, and people are giving up and opting for it because it is easier to die than to get support in this country. It’s disgusting and shameful. Canada’s idea of affordable housing and care is buried 6ft underground, apparently.

No. 1416344

My feelings on assisted suicide aside, it isn’t a ban on you roping yourself you know. Besides killing yourself isn’t some radical sacred act. You want to be looked at as if you’re art, you want to traumatize, to make some kind of statement, leave some kind of mark with your death because you couldn’t do so in life; do you really even want to die? Well, I never think about any of the histrionics I saw blowing their faces off. Just another shock video getting passed around, a prank, it didn’t say anything.
Maybe write a really good book first. Or spend many decades serving a god. Then we can pretend it was purposeful.

No. 1416352

File: 1669015105381.jpeg (542.25 KB, 750x987, 5F8C5B81-37D3-43F0-A16C-62132A…)

Yeah I’d rather people get assistance than take the moid route which is literally taking yourself out and an entire family, strangers, and whatever else is around them. Make assisted suicide more aimed towards mentally ill moids and Canada can focus their funds on shelters for women.

No. 1416376

Somehow I doubt scrotes would take the service offered to them. They don't really want to die, they only want to punish. They should be assisted against their will with a bullet.

No. 1416384

Men can’t even kill themselves with honour. Reprehensible animals.

No. 1416387

File: 1669018384084.png (272.14 KB, 923x1368, Screenshot_20221121-001027_(1)…)

Picrel is taken from the government of Canada's website. Being only depressed won't qualify you but the requirements will probably change next year.

No. 1416390

Very articulate and astute post, anon.

To want to traumatise and scar people on your way out as one last “fuck you” to the world is such a moid mentality. I think that the social taboo that you want to perpetuate because it’s ~aesthetic~ is precisely what has prevented us all as a society from having sensible and sincere conversations about assisted suicide.
We are moving into a secular age. The sanctity of life is being eroded by reason and we are finally having conversations about abortion and assisted suicide.
>>1416343 your view of the situation is crystal clear. However, I would argue that the option of a painless death over a painful life with shitty support is at least compassionate, even if it’s just a side effect of cynicism on the part of the Canadian government. I have been trying hard to navigate the NHS mental health services for two years after a suicide attempt that left me in a coma. My life has only continued to deteriorate while they string me along; I lost my teaching job, lost my PhD scholarship, and what little treatment I’ve received has only served to make my situation worse (hyperparathyroidism from lithium, crippled in the ICU by an untrained moid ward attendant, sexually assaulted by another patient in the psych unit). I would love the opportunity to choose a dignified, painless death. In the current situation in the UK, I keep trying and failing to kill myself, being resuscitated against my will and coming out a little bit more retarded, crippled, and/or traumatised each time. My DNR requests are denied and ignored because I “haven’t explored every possible option for treatment” of my so-called mental health problems - but the treatments are all totally unattainable due to waiting lists and the prohibitive cost of going private, and therefore may as well not exist. But medical professionals aren’t prepared to have those kind of conversations because muh Hippocratic oath, completely ignoring that the dignity and wishes of the patient are at the core of the Hippocratic oath and not the indiscriminate sanctity of life. “Above all, do no harm” - they’re actively harming people by leaving them to rot whilst stringing them along. Hypocritical oath, more like.
Sorry for the rant, I have a lot of feelings about this

No. 1416391

…I mean, nobody’s stopping you. You can still have your questionably effective death in the woods, this is for people who want the peaceful route

No. 1416446

islam is a disease and the world would be better off without it.

No. 1416447


No. 1416450

Cara Delevingne was never pretty enough for the hype she got a few years ago compared to basically any other model.

No. 1416457

I hate that this is an unpopular opinion people is so fucking retarded.

No. 1416459

Seeing your family every single week when you've been moved out for years make it less special. My partner's family (including grandparent) all live in the exact same neighbourhood and they literally cannot go more than 1 day without all going to someone's house despite all the kids being moved out. I have a good relationship with my family/other relatives and seeing them for a few days every couple of months+phone calls is enough and better in my opinion because it makes visits more special.

May as well just stayed at home if you were going to go back so often. Obviously if it's a situation where grandma has the kids because parents need to work that's different but I'm talking about when it's out of complete choice

No. 1416460

People meet up with their families often because they like to stay close, not to make it "special", no?

No. 1416659

I truly do not give a fuck about the holiday season. Not one damn. It was always either sad or annoying because I grew up estranged from most of my family, so the get back together and see relatives you haven't seen for a year part is gone. So I can understand the people who get depressed during holiday season. But I hate them when they get vocal about it. Like okay, I'm sorry you got divorced on Christmas Eve and now it's tragic for you, but can you either just stay home and keep your sad posting online or buckle up and grin it out? Must you bring your negativity into everything? Let people enjoy Christmas and thanksgiving, you don't need to talk about how the holiday industry is a giant scam. Some people actually have decent families and make good memories, why take that away from them because you're big sad? Fuck. They're more annoying than the overly excited people.

No. 1417054

The Thanksgiving parade is more enjoyable to watch alone anyway.

No. 1417094

Stanford is an overrated school. Never met anyone good who graduated from there. ime, Northwestern and UPenn grads are a lot better.

No. 1417114

This is a take scrotes, 99.99% of robbers and criminals, would love

No. 1417131

Older people who whine about how teenagers don’t have an awkward phase anymore don’t go outside. They definitely still look weird and gawky they just hide it really well on social media.

No. 1417134

Oh my god, they look the most weird and gawky that they ever have. The combination of GMO foods, the long term effects of the cellphone hunch, and these spergy fashion trends make me literally turn my head in the other direction when I see kids leaving the high school I live next to

No. 1417138

File: 1669079008348.jpeg (37.84 KB, 260x338, C5275AB9-9D60-4C64-814C-2B066A…)


No. 1417152

based and facts

No. 1417304

If you are going to try to bait at least lurk for 5 seconds before posting, retard. Highest IQ scrote.

No. 1417364

File: 1669092119684.png (1.54 MB, 1024x1024, DALL·E 2022-11-20 20.50.49.png)

This isn't unpopular

No. 1417366

Getting someone offline today it's like admit someone in a mental facility. It's an extreme and disruptive method that it can backfire. Sadly the pandemic made it that way, being online it's a important part in people's lives. Reduce internet's consumption should be a must on anyones mental health journey, that's right. But going cold turkey is sadly an extreme method in in today's landscape

No. 1417385

wtf is going on with that image

No. 1417390

>it seems like a covert form of population control and slightly eugenics
It is. The same is true for troons. Look at it this way - in previous eras we sought to fix people, or at the very least lock them away in asylums so they don't bother normal people. But there's a problem with that, and the problem is you can't fix the unfixable and it becomes a money sink. For that reason a new plan was devised. Why treat and waste money and effort on the mentally ill? It is far more profitable to just let them do their thing and destroy themselves, and by proxy remove their worthless genes from the gene pool. This is why absolutely everything is "allowed" today, be it homosexuality, feminism or troonery. None of these reproduce, but normal people do - so yes, this is eugenics, and it's beautiful. We're fixing humanity and making it stronger in the long run by allowing the diseased to burn themselves out of the species.(male)

No. 1417404

>like homosexuality and feminism and troonism
>comparing troons castrating themselves medically to a woman who puts her foot down as people who won’t ever have children
Go away tradthot no is stopping you from having ugly rape babies with your moid. Eugenics should be used on people like you instead of enabling a new generation of retards to shit on lesbians and feminists, save that ire for predatory men and troons.

No. 1417406

>This is why absolutely everything is "allowed" today, be it homosexuality, feminism or troonery.
Subtle bait

No. 1417407

I kinda agree with this post but the thing is, the troon cult indoctrinates other peopple and then even normies seem to want to transition or larp some mental illness online. People who are super schizo and people who just have mild and controlable depression seem to be falling for it. What's the threshold then? Everyone seems insane to me thanks to twitter and troon antics. Everyone supports this shit now and even normie places have tranny flags. And it's not separated by class either, both poor and rich people seem to be the ones transitioning.

reposting to say there's nothing wrong with female homosexuality and feminism. Wow your post sucks now

No. 1417408

awesome I'll be emigrating to canada now so I can kms in peace

No. 1417410

Hope you die from a UTI

No. 1417412

this kinda sucks because in the grand scheme of things people are depressed because of things like housing and work and education and lack of money, and not being free to do things that make you happiness. So it makes sense that some people might think assisted suicide by the government is just bleak

No. 1417416

>None of these reproduce
ever heard of ivf?

No. 1417444

i know some people who would visa marry you bb.

No. 1417513

fucking hell anon

No. 1417516

When I read about messed up people the most common university they attended is Stanford University. Something is wrong with that place either in who it attracts or who it produces.

No. 1417748

I like old CC music, but I've never really been able to sit through a concert video.
This shit is sad. I know hindsight is 20/20, but it's so obvious from here that the dude was taking advantage of her. Weird groomer really had this drunk, high white girl flopping around on stage screaming, looking barely aware of her surroundings or the words she wrote to the songs, and a bunch of people thought it was all "just art". There's a weird pain mixed with cringiness to all of it.

No. 1417750

NTA but sign me up too pls

No. 1418044

If your man is trash and you are aware of it but don’t leave then you are trash. A lot of women say that their own morals have nothing to do with the man they are with and that is incorrect. You are also guilty by association.

No. 1418053

If you don’t shower every day when you have access to one you are musty. Yes people get depressed and skirt hygiene no I’m not shaming them. But you’re still musty. No idgaf if you wash your hair or not but if you aren’t washing that asshole every day and soaping them folds you are musty.

No. 1418060

Goes for friends, too

No. 1418153

Agreed, i don't give a fuck. I couldn't live with someone who didn't shower everyday. I agree it might not be completely necessary, but it's good to make it a habit so it stops feeling like such a chore.

No. 1418174

Period leave shouldn’t be a thing. Employers will discriminate against women even more. Use sick days or campaign for more sick days for everyone.

No. 1418182

I agree, at least take a hobo sink bath

No. 1418189

in what world is period-leave a thing?

No. 1418263

It’s AI generated

No. 1418266

>soaping them folds
What folds? What the fuck are you talking about, which body part?

No. 1418272

File: 1669155910199.jpeg (40.8 KB, 500x595, personal-hygiene-tips-for-plus…)

fat folds and under your breasts if you are heavy chested.

No. 1418285

That's fucked up. You should shower everyday unless you absolutely don't sweat because of the climate or whatever but losing weight in that case seems like the more important goal if you have fat folds that need to be separately mentioned, jesus…

No. 1418287

Just make sure it's at least cold water or else it's bad for your skin's health to shower every day, especially if you also wash your hair. If you're going to use hot water every shower you might as well be a little musty for the sake of your health. Our immune systems need a certain amount of stimulation by normal microorganisms, dirt, and other environmental exposures in order to create protective antibodies and "immune memory." Frequent baths or showers throughout a lifetime may reduce the ability of the immune system to do its job.

No. 1418311

I thought she meant the vulva

No. 1418325

I thought so too at first but then I remembered the only few times I've seen that word referring to a vulva was in horribly written fanfics.

No. 1418327

yeah whatever i'll believe that.

No. 1418329

I find it funny how governments will on one hand deny all the safe pills and drugs used for suicide to the public, even going as far to sniff out the more obscure ones like sodium nitrite the second sanctioned suicide types use them, but at the same time just allow people to make appointments to kill themselves. The state just wants a monopoly on suicide so they can guide and direct it, that's all.

And yes, it's a form of population control. There are many reports from the canadian government about "cost saving measures", because suicidal types are almost universally on welfare. Soon it won't be voluntary. They'll start by killing off all the dementia patients, then they'll basically just lie and obfuscate on forms to kill off all the mental patients, saying they "totally wanted it gaise, trust us". Then it'll move onto prisoners.

No. 1418333

true, I have an 18 year old coworker who is really sweet but cringe as hell. I get where the cringe comes from though so I tolerate it and have this weird older sibling complex

No. 1418340

You are right. Some feminist tried in the 80s. It was called Difference Feminism. It was created in the 80s in reaction to liberal feminism and lost so hard it was barely heard of and no one remembers it. Any feminist ideas that could actually end male supremacy will be pushed to the margins by men, pickmes, and capitalists because they can't commodify it and profit from it.


No. 1418350

So true

No. 1418359

stingy people are a disease. My mom got a stomach ache for eating rice with yogurt because she mistook it for milk. She would rather get sick than throw away something disgusting.

No. 1418363

>me eating the corn dog that was left out for 40hrs because I have to make up for the unnecessary purchase I made today

No. 1418364

I wanna know how the mentally ill can consent to ending their lives when they're prone to hasty decision making and self-destructive behaviours? Why should we trust medical professionals to make these kinds of calls in the first place? It's like we're asking to attract more old men with God complexes into the profession. This is nearly the same question I ask myself everytime the world gets another eunuch with a rot pocket instead of placing a clearly delusional individual under supervision in a mental facility. The world is regressing under the guise of progression and it's honestly disheartening.

My two examples have the "added benefit" of population control in common. It's almost like the rich and powerful's agenda hasn't changed from when we were just peasantry without basic human rights.

No. 1418376

Most mental illness is just a failure to adapt and thrive in society in it’s current configuration. Behavioural problems caused by bad upbringings, poverty, and poor support networks aren’t illnesses. Personality disorders aren’t illnesses. There’s nothing wrong with you if you want to die, it’s symptomatic of social issues rather than individual ones.

No. 1418381

I don't think many people can thrive at this rate with the way economies around the world are being battered by inflation. I don't blame anybody for being depressed as a result of having to work jobs you don't like 40+ hours a week.

No. 1418395

That’s what I mean. There’s no blame on the individual. Nothing is wrong with somebody who is depressed while dealing with social and economic pressures, it’s a normal reaction to an inescapable stressful situation. It doesn’t mean they’re ill, it means that there are wider social problems. It’s easier to throw antidepressants at people who are sad and unproductive than it is to change the system which is causing them such stress.
(I hope I explained it well enough, words aren’t coming easily to me trying to describe this.)

No. 1418403

I don't care about the Tampax thing. I don't see how it's notable, it's just a typical lame joke that all these brands do on Twitter. It almost feels like there's some huge thing I'm missing because I don't understand the rage. Fuck scrotes and fuck trannies and everything, I just don't see why this is such a big deal.

No. 1418450

I think about this a lot. Even about some weirder mental conditions.

No. 1418453

I agree. It's really stupid. It was a social media joke made by an underpaid worker. It's not deep. There are way bigger issues.

No. 1418459

>There are many reports from the canadian government about "cost saving measures", because suicidal types are almost universally on welfare.
Jesus Christ this is so inhumane. And yet the Canadian government will happily let more immigrants in, driving wages down and housing costs up which worsens material conditions and cause more people to become depressed in a self perpetuating cycle. They don't want to control the population, they just want more obedient workers that are willing to slave for the rich.

No. 1418489

You still shouldn't be giving them money because of how ridden of chemicals they are anyways.

No. 1418490

For men it’s a turn off or annoying when women are genuinely physically attracted to them. Good looking men seem more annoyed by women finding them attractive than flattered. This is why the looks gap will never changed because straight men hate being desired that way.

No. 1418495

i am just so tired of everything having to be sexual and is gross that a company that makes products for women makes such a scroteish joke. Maybe i just have bad PTSD from the MTF thread but i have seen so many troons talk about periods in such a fetishy way that i am 100% it was written by some troon.

No. 1418503

Having sex with too many people can ruin your body physically even if you don’t get stds. Ever notice how most scrotes with high body counts usually have erectile dysfunction?people aren’t meant to be cumming all the time like that

No. 1418516

IDK about the veracity of that, but I find promiscuous people gross and I wouldn't date one. Having a high body count means you don't care about your health and can't form meaningful, stable connections with people.

No. 1418522

I feel the exact same way, but in general i really hate sex jokes in general, i am not fond of vulgar humor in general which in itself is an unpopular opinion if you aren't a conservative christian woman.

No. 1418524

I think it’s less the whoring around itself that has effects on the body and more the underlying issues that cause the promiscuity that takes a toll. That being said I’d say I have a semi high body count and have dated a bunch and honestly all I’ve learned from it is that most people are a waste of time. Dating around and bouncing from person to person is draining and unfulfilling and the majority of what I learned about good relationships came from just two people.

No. 1418529

It does secretly suck being a woman and not fitting the beauty standard anywhere. I’m cute/fuckable/average but there aren’t really many women in porn or tv who look like me and that’s how scrotes decide who is s pump and dump and who is gf/wife material/the girls they simp for.

No. 1418553

>I’m cute/fuckable/average
What does that even mean? What's "cute"? How are you "fuckable"
>but there aren’t really many women in porn or tv who look like me
How are you "cute" and "fuckable" but somehow also average?
I just don't understand why would anyone label themselves based on the vague as fuck terms made by moids, specially knowing that they would fuck a giant clam, a cat, a dog, goats, chicken, horses, chicken sandwiches, raw chicken breasts, children, elderly people, people with Down's syndrome and so on.

No. 1418561

Moids have different categories for girls unfortunately. There are girls cute enough to get their dick hard and use for attention and girls who fit their “dream girl type” who they admire and see as wife material. Men find their “dream girl type” from whatever media they consume. I know I’m not hideous but I’m just fuckable but not the kind of girl most guys would want to seriously date.

No. 1418578

That's fucked up tbh, I know that these intrusive thoughts about not feeling beautiful enough or not feeling "special" enough to get picked sucks, but you seriously should correct yourself whenever you think of yourself as "fuckable" because kids, elderly people and disable people get fucked by moids all of the time, that means they're "fuckable" too, and in the end you just have to remind yourself that you're more than wanting to get picked, finding a nigel and so on.
And feeling lonely also sucks, but I seriously think that having good friends and a pet is better than having to deal with a moid that will be all smiles and kisses on camera, and a piece of shit irl, finding a nigel is like buying lotto tickets, and just conforming with the 100$ prize (or a moid that won't beat you up but will cheat on you) when you wanted the jackpot (or a 100% nigel) sucks.

No. 1418638

Just saw the sperging in the twitter thread about religion, and tbh seeing women in the muslim parts of balkans being encouraged and paid to wear burkas, I'd rather shill Christianity to save myself

Though I miss my country's communist era where atheism eas encouraged

No. 1418654

Anons are such hiveminds kek. I've seen anons chase their tails in circles to defend their bullshit of whatever gets the most replies defending it, I also feel like that's why strawmans are so common here because people will just automatically agree with whatever has the most replies even though they have no reason or evidence to back it up other than "other anons agree tho". I've seen anons even try to fight people who have the same exact opinions as them just because one anon took it out of context and started dog piling the OG anon but didn't even take the time to read whatever post they're attacking.

No. 1418656

Thats cause its a rare thing for most anons to have basic fucking reading comprehension skills. It outright insane what some arguing anons cherry pick from posts

No. 1418659

Women do too though? I wish there were more butches in the media so we wouldn't be seen as regressive or just a stepping stone to being a TiF. Everyone seemingly decides shit based on media. You're never competing just with the town or even country, but also you get compared to people on a different continent on insta and tiktok, even if you don't use those.

No. 1418710

I've started skipping showers to save on hot water money with the current situation in the EU. Honestly I don't find like it makes a difference, everyday showers are for those that do physical work or work out everyday. I do squat in my tub and wash my lower region and armpits with cold water on "no-shower days" though.

No. 1418717

> I've seen anons even try to fight people who have the same exact opinions as them
I posted something yesterday and got told to kill myself.. fair enough kek. But then they went on to rephrase the same opinion I just shared? Idk if its an esl thing sometimes. But once someone has misinterpreted your post.. its pretty rare that they'll then be like.. oh ok, my bad. Nothing you say after that will convince them that you're actually on the same page. Its weird but its always the same few topics that bring out the crazy too.

No. 1418721

I remember there was a pedophile panic in the 80's or early 90's that lead to kids being way more under surveillance and helicoptered over, even though the statistics themselves weren't that egregious, it's just that media liked to focus or retell child abduction stories to capitalize on that fear. I feel a bit weird about current calling everything "grooming" too, except it's not even from the direction of parents, but teens have been told about the dangers of online groomers, but now people call offline platonic interactions between adults and teens grooming and call 20 year olds dating 17 year olds pedophiles. Maybe it's the millenial in me, because I've seen my teen friends in way weirder relationships (6-9 years difference, which were considered normal in like 2005) so it doesn't seem that bad in comparison, since a 20 year old is a kid to me.

No. 1418725

yeah many seem as if they don’t know about the power of samefagging and have zero reading comprehension . Also a lot of anons here lately who seem like they’re using an ib for the first time “other anons agree” lmao please be a falseflagging shitposter. braindead hiveminders and agendafags always were my least favorite kind of ib posters.

No. 1418741

It's always happened here. You could get anons to agree with the most ridiculous shit possible if you simply samefagged hard enough and convinced posters the other anon is unhinged. I literally posted once and it was only a couple of words and an anon said "I was sperging for hours and wouldn't stop" kek

No. 1418776

Let it be an entire thread argument where multiple anons join. Its always the losing side that starts tinfoiling that "anon must be samefagging" kek

No. 1418778

Poison Ivy x Harley Quinn is a shit pairing, peak bihet taste.

No. 1418781

There are times I've considered posting opinions here, then stopped because I knew they'd attract some crazy anons or get strawmanned into other shit kek.

No. 1418818

I hate being fat more than anything in this world. I'd rather have cancer than being fat. I am at bmi 29, bordeline obese. In 2019 my bmi was fucking 20.5 and while I'm on the process of losing weight with eating health and excercise, it takes so fucking long. I hate I can't complain about my shreky body on the open because I'll either get called fatphobic or ppl will be ~ur not fat ur beautiful!! I just want my old body back, I hate what I did to myself.

No. 1418840

Filming or photographing random people in public has always been and always will be fucking creepy and weird

No. 1418847

File: 1669213005998.jpg (407.13 KB, 1058x893, VqQa562.jpg)

Maybe I'm just a contrarian but I'm so over the way people shit on modern architecture. It used to have valid criticism about how it all looks corporate but now it's starting to sound the same as people whining about modern music.
Anything that is creative and isn't just rehashing what was done in the past is somehow bad. I hate that because that stunts art evolving just as much the globalism they constantly complain about does.
Mind you globalism is not a new thing. If anything neo-classical north America is proof of that.

No. 1418860

i think it looks cool, mind you i know nothing about architecture

No. 1418872

They’re dumb, I live nearby and the houses next to the modern one aren’t of any significant historical importance. They’re literally just tall houses. You find old looking tall houses everywhere in Prague, they’re not special. The modern Dancing House is such a nice building, it’s meant to look like two people dancing (woman in a dress and a man in a suit - they’re called Ginger and Fred). The view from the top floor is amazing, it’s lit up at night. There’s a gallery on the first floor, restaurant and cafe/bar at the top. It’s not even hated by the locals because it isn’t next anything with historical value (the old centre is a bit further away from it) and iirc no historical building was demolished for this. It’s literally next to a car road.

No. 1418887

People are so dramatic over the most random shit.

No. 1418889

File: 1669216869084.jpg (473.16 KB, 1980x1320, paulay-12-210617-szabo-gabor-0…)

I've seen the Dancing Houses in Prague, it's actually something tour guides show off, a point of pride, not just a random office building. I don't like the giant glass cages trend either, I walk past one almost every day, but that's not it.

No. 1418900

I really love different styles of houses in cities together like that

No. 1418904

File: 1669218491782.jpg (408.76 KB, 1506x1004, zXC98lr.jpg)

i love it, it shows that people kept coming to a city and building

No. 1418973

The reason why Chris Brown gets defended is because a lot of black people are used to violence against women and don’t see it as a big deal. I think all communities just pretend to care about violence against women but for black people it’s normal to be open about it because of reality tv and rap culture.

No. 1418988

That's exactly it. Plus there that angry black woman stereotype that is constantly perpetuated which also insinuates any black woman beaten by a black man somehow deserved it. They are not seen as pure to greater society and to black men. Most black men wish they were white so bad and they project this desire onto black women through anger. Seeing black women drink the kool aid and have so much self hate because a black man doesn't want to marry them despite doing everything in their power to coddle them is tiresome and depressing, but i can't feel too bad for a lot of them because some of them are bitter to the point where they have become rotten and horrid human beings.

No. 1418992

it's not a "black" thing, retard, every ethnic group/nationality etc in existance defend abusive scrote celebrities if they have a smidge of talent or aren't completely hideous

No. 1418996

It is retard since they do it with non-famous men all the time. You have no idea what you are talking about.

No. 1418999

everything you just typed sounds like something somebody with the most intense inferiority superiority complex about black people would write. like you hate those goddamn niggers so fucking much and also stay wherever they congregate online to feed the obsession complex. SAD
literally so does fucking everyone, esl-chan. Once again, it's not a black exclusive phenonmena

No. 1419002

Chris Brown is the Johnny Depp of the black community imo. The consequences he's faced are VERY low vs. what he did. The difference is, you see black women coming out saying, "forgive him" while Rihanna and the other women he abused are saying nothing.
To some their silence and the "embrace" from women in the industry means that, "Chris brown is forgiven and should be forgiven".
just like people do with Johnny, "Twitter isn't real life, most support JD".
Which is funny because I saw this narrative about Rihanna having JD in her show. People were saying "Hollywood supports Johnnny, who cares if yall don't, they do". Chris Brown like Johnny is simply pick me bait. However, some black women will defend a black man, wrong or right PUBLICLY and strongly before they do so for another black woman. I saw this in my own life as a black woman, with a mother who was abused all through out my childhood. It's simply pick me-ism.

No. 1419004

Rihanna did want to keep a friendship with Chris brown

No. 1419007

I don't judge her for that, I hate when it's brought up. Who cares how the abused act towards the abuser? Chris Brown had no buiness abusing women in the first place.
Is it smart for Rihanna to do that? nope. Why does she keep surrounding herself by problematic violent men? Maybe her childhood. Is she a pick me? yeah, but my issue is with what Chris brown did. Not how his victims react to him.

No. 1419009

Calling misogyny against black women a Black thing is exactly why people get away with acting like black women aren't women, are more masculine or somehow this different category from women. How they get away with sweeping domestic violence under the carpet
The other women he abused don't want his rabid fans attacking him. Karrueche has a restraining order against him

No. 1419010

>>Calling misogyny against black women a Black thing is exactly why people get away with acting like black women aren't women, are more masculine or somehow this different category from women. How they get away with sweeping domestic violence under the carpet
THIS! But also, i do think there's different "kinds" of pick me-ism and caping that happens within different communities imo. Like I said, I grew up in the black community, with a black mom, a black absentee abusive dad. I've also been a guest in other communities.
Though this whole, "it's a black thing/black woman thing" is reductive.

No. 1419011

I didn’t say violence against women is a black thing. I said it’s more normalized because of “black media”. Look at chrisean rock and blue face, no one sees that whole shit show as a big deal.

No. 1419015

"they"? who's they? those stupid niggers who don't know better for themselves, huhm? only black people do completely common bullshit that every racial group does!

No. 1419017

It's reductive because it's makes women forget that victims of misogyny are their kin folk in the same way as victims of racism. The women habitually act like pick mes for Chris brown because they refuse to see the women harmed by chris as their own and get offended on their behalf in the same way they do for Chris brown.

No. 1419018

barely anybody even knows who those fucks are, get off of lsa

No. 1419020

You know what I mean,I have an idea who you are, so I'll just say, Go drink some troonshine

No. 1419023

Most black Gen z kids know who blue face is, I’m not talking about white people and the media they consume.

No. 1419026

Just my two cents, people acting like pickmeism is only a black thing or worse with black women is retarded because you can literally look anywhere and see that it's just a woman thing. We're all under patriarchal societies and there are terrible cases of pickmeism everywhere. If you feel like all black women are pickmes or whatever, that's because you're only choosing to look at and expose yourself to black people. I will say that pickmeism manifests in different ways though.

No. 1419030

A lot of these young black male celebrities make people like jd look like saints. These days there aren’t any mainstream white celebrities who act abusive towards women and still have careers because they know they’d be done for. Also, I’m not just talking about black women, these men are abusive to the non black women they date too but it’s not seen as a huge problem to the black community because it’s what they are used to seeing. I never said this was about block women specifically.

No. 1419032

>That's exactly it. Plus there that angry black woman stereotype that is constantly perpetuated which also insinuates any black woman beaten by a black man somehow deserved it. They are not seen as pure to greater society and to black men.
I remember the whole "strong independent black woman who don't need no man" meme, and it was gross to me, though I didn't know why. Now I realize it's this. What's retarded is how many people actually believe it's not a meme and that women's personalities can be boxed by race lol. They don't say it out loud, but some people really do believe black women are "tougher" than other women, and that they either deserve to be abused, or that it doesn't matter when it happens to them. American media (including "black" media) has a weird fetish for humiliating black women on all levels, oversexualizing them and making them out to be "stronger" and "manlier" all at the same time. It's really disgusting. I've even seen white self-proclaimed feminists (including online radfems) unironically think this way and demand that black women "control their men" as if black women not the main ones being abused and brainwashed by blacks scrotes. No one with a functioning brain would ever tell white, MENA, Latina, Indian or East Asian women to "control their men", but it's somehow different with black women because again, burgers are obsessed with their "muh strong independent black woman" nonsense. Don't even get me started on how male trannies and weird white gay moids are obsessed with latching onto black women and dragging them down to their level. I could go on forever about this, it's horrific.

No. 1419034

do have ANY proof of this? no offense, but he's a washed up 1 hit wonder with a dead career - i really don't think even a moderate percentage of black gen z know him, i just think that his pr team is on lsa working overtime

No. 1419035

>that's because you're only choosing to look at and expose yourself to black people.
Samefag, but I should correct this to say "you're choosing to look at black people and be ignorant of what other cultures go through". You could argue that some black women are the most loud about their defense of men, but they're not doing it more imo.
I'm not talking about you specifically (whichever anon you are). I've seen that sentiment shared around /ot/ a couple of times so it was a general thing.

No. 1419039

People know him from reality tv and think his domestic violence is funny. Also I don’t use lsa or twitter and all my siblings and their friends under 30 know him.

No. 1419042

Shaderoom/teen shade room and a lot of highly followed Instagram Urban gossip pages/lipstick alley post about it. Also Blue Face had a popular shitty Bad Girl Club rip off show, I think thats where he met his girlfriend. And correct me If I'm wrong, wasn't he trending because he and his gf, were talking about who he slept with he said a midget and CR was like,
>Was it a man or a woman
And basically outted him as bisexual. Plus he gets reported on TMZ when he has law trouble, sadly people DO know who this scrote is and it's mainly because his abuse/drama and black media gossip site pushing those stories + TMz

No. 1419048

that's just your experience nona, none of my people know him. also, he has a reality show??

No. 1419050

File: 1669228598365.jpeg (Spoiler Image,172.68 KB, 1600x1133, 65AA3C54-EEDE-48F4-9900-7064F2…)

He recently attacked his gf like a month ago

No. 1419051

I saw some anons get mad because someone said Anya Taylor Joy's features would look less weird if she was black, and they said it'd start a "riot" if anyone said anything bad about black women. At the same time, it's almost never questioned when some anons insist that every black women ever is a pickme. So what's the truth of the matter, kek?

No. 1419055

>American media (including "black" media) has a weird fetish for humiliating black women on all levels, oversexualizing them and making them out to be "stronger" and "manlier" all at the same time
You know whats funny, because the other day Latto (formally known as Mulatto), had some reference taps or some shit leaked, and it was a male rapping her songs, talking about-
>I got a small waist, pretty face, big ass
something like that. Latto is biracial, but it made me realize how female rappers main fanbase is gay men/women, yet they all go for a cookie cutter "Sexualized" type look, but it sells, meanwhile men are writing their pussy raps (like MTS's boyfriend is known for writing for women). It's just a huge custerfuck of the media + useful idiots pushing this protrayal of black women. Chloe Bailey regularly gets roasted for trying to be sexy but "failing". When other black women get praised for being hypersexual as long as they can "Sell" it better. I feel like it sends such mixxed messages. If every female artists comes out with the same type of vibe, you syaty doing that and get attention, but when you do it, people act like "Hypersexuality is so played out" but it's really just "you aren't doing it the right way, sell yourself but make us believe it".
I'm rambling, but there's a lot of fuckery behind a lot of this shit

No. 1419058

it's being questioned right now though

No. 1419060

Yes he was on two reality shows recently crazy in love and that bad boys show

No. 1419062

he wasn'ty on the bad boys show…was he? Thats a show with 90% gay men and two "straight" men who whine about how they straight they are around the gay men. he could've been a special guest I don't know though

No. 1419063

This is pretty much the only time it's been called out. It's happened multiple times without anyone arguing with it lol

No. 1419068

He was a judge on the show during the auditions

No. 1419077

File: 1669229254664.jpg (52.08 KB, 736x736, 2liW0Tv.jpg)

My least favorite trope has always been the goth sparky girl. I feel like they are mean girls but they never got treated with the same disdain as traditional mean girls on TV. I've always seen the mean girl trope as scrotes venting about hyper feminine girls who rejected them. While the goth girl trope was them fetishizing goths and adding nlog traits.
The best portrayal of both will always be Mean girls because Regina and Janis are 2 sides of the same coin
None of the people posted on these pages are known irl. I doubt if you played on of his songs irl people would recognise, they are all irrelevant flops. It's like saying the people in snow are known irl.

No. 1419078

not argueing but
>cookie cutter "Sexualized" type look, but it sells
no it doesn't kek none of the prostithot rappers are making money like that, but the record labels are gonna keep shoving this whore shit down black womens throats anyways

No. 1419083

Not entirely related, but this picture reminded me. Remember when xxxtentacion beat up his girlfriend and assaulted another woman on camera, but dumb black and white scrotes and pickmes (especially white edgy/e-girl libfems/pickmes) supported him anyway and cried like babies about his death? Compare that to how fast those same libfems canned Marilyn Manson after he was exposed for being an abuser. If you want the opposite of that and want to see extreme pickmeism, look at all the white women who defend and rally behind Johnny Depp, or the ones who try to argue in favor of Andrew Tate.
This sort of thing is why I can't take any woman who tries to complain about American black pickmes in particular seriously, because American white women are part of the pickme problem too. Or even worse, they're happy to support or ignore the abuse of women, as long as it's a black or other non-white woman. They'll still call themselves feminist girlbosses or whatever at the end of the day, though.

No. 1419085

File: 1669229446298.jpg (9.71 KB, 236x236, CK14If9.jpg)

Samefagging, snarky goth girl*. They just rubbed me the wrong way because they always get painted as underdogs but their characters would spend half their time criticising other people. I also don't like Daria even tho she's not goth. She was a terrible friend like most of the characters in that trope

No. 1419093

Sex work in general doesn’t make much money. I’ve never met a stripper who wasn’t broke.

No. 1419094

Or women who victim blame Nancy Spungen getting murdered by Sid Viscous. Women who blame Courtney Love for Kurt's addiction. Etc, something about music that just turns people into blind worshippers

No. 1419105

File: 1669230590337.jpg (52.24 KB, 700x795, JR00Zpl.jpg)

It's okay nonna think of it this way, people will see you as even MORE defiant and horrifying now, because you could have made an appointment but dangled yourself from a tree instead. You could leave a funny note disparaging the suicide clinics pinned to your body, even!

No. 1419108

Most horse people have deplorable horsemanship. I think horses are one of the most mistreated and misunderstood domesticated animals. Almost every horse person I know gets extremely butthurt when you bring up that it isn’t good to isolate horses in stalls away from other horses. They get butthurt if you bring up how practices like leverage bits cause pain. Having all sorts of tie downs on bridles is retarded and cruel. Trimming horses manes is retarded and just for aesthetic purposes when the mane serves a very real purpose of helping horses shake off flys. Same with trimming horses whiskers is extremely retarded. They need those so they don’t hit their mouthes on the ground.

No. 1419112

File: 1669230876860.png (594.34 KB, 483x727, mev32.png)

I've noticed they like this weird, aggressive and trashy sort of sexual image for black women with the garish colors, drag queen makeup and extreme surgery. I have a conspiracy theory that this is pushed by DL black men who fuck trannies or other men (like Kanye), and it's accepted on a mainstream level because current racist discourse is that black women are supposed to be kind of mannish, anyway. I don't care what anyone tries to say on this: Anyone who can take a beautiful woman like pic related Megan Thee Stallion, slap IG drag-tier makeup on her face, put clown colored wigs on her head and sleep well at night is a tranny.
I think Chloe's sexual image isn't accepted because it's just not the male-identified, "ghetto" image they're used to. She's naturally very soft/more feminine leaning (especially compared to how "harsh" Latto looks) and had more of a pure, "innocent" image before she got really famous, and it's too difficult for them to put her in the same category as the typical rap girls. I actually don't think the reaction to her is that much different from how people reacted to Miley Cyrus suddenly acting hypersexual, but it's rare to see this because 99% of black female celebrities are pushed as "sexy" from the beginning.

No. 1419123

>it's accepted on a mainstream level because current racist discourse is that black women are supposed to be kind of mannish, anyway.
Despite the fact this discourse does exist and is very real and fucked up, it's not "mainstream" in the urban/rap/hip hop community to fuck troons.
These scrotes can try to masclize black women all they want, but there's a reason why troon "outtings" always are a "Shock", because that shit isn't accepted as "normal" and the "DL rapper" is something thats talked about a lot, but because it's true.
Alot of them will fuck troons/men on the low, but very few will date one, and the ones who do are almost always scrotes who are called gay or dress differently.
Like Lil Uzi Vert came out as Non-binary, not even his rapper girlfriend respects his pronouns (kek).
If he were to come out Bisexual, it'd be huge news and full of people talking shit on urban sites, including all the weirdo rappers with podcasts and shit.
Also, troons are replacing gay men when it comes to hair doing and make up, because gay men are trooning out.
They hang around these women, see the attention they get from straight men & think, "If I troon out, I can be just like them, being a woman is only drag make up, wigs and fake tits/ass??"
I do feel like the narrative will start that these rappers are all DL/bisexual and troon attracted because, "Black women look like troons because of surgery and wigs" when thats retarded, because being a woman isn't about wigs or huge tits/ass. But I already see retarded people doing that. So the scrotes will follow and everyone will act outraged, when go on LSA right now and you'll see someone comparing a woman like MTS with stage make up and big colorful wigs with surgery and go, "Well she looks like a trans, no wonder so many men are attracted to trans". When anyone with a brain knows they want the dick, they want fake body parts on a MAN. A woman is a woman, not "body parts and make up"

No. 1419133

here's the thing, I have actually seen some wokeoids on twitter argue that going for a "natural look" is somehow confirming to white supremacy and patriarchy and that hyper feminine troon tier aesthetic is queer and anti-colonial

No. 1419140

Underrated post, and so accurate.

No. 1419326

People aren't born with any kind of sexual orientation. Culture influences it a lot.

No. 1419344

I’m fine with abortion being illegal so long as a father abandoning his child and the mother being punishable by castration and/or death. If an absence of a father figure is why children have fucked up development, those men are basically leaving their offspring to die and should be killed. That way they cannot reproduce again and further hurt more children.

No. 1419345

What about people who were born and raised in a homophobic country/household yet have same-sex attraction though?

No. 1419349

Just go for a nord modell-type of situation where the women getting abortions thanks to an irresponsible men aren't punishable, but the men who try to walk away get legal consequences, maybe they'll think twice about spreading their worthless seed so casually then.

No. 1419375

If you already force a woman to give birth you better force the scrote to work and provide than kill him off, so she has money to raise the kid. Organ harvesting sounds like decent compromise here too lmao

No. 1419434

i highly doubt so many people in their 20s have actual religious trauma from being Christian. i see it online all the time, “i have religious trauma uwu” and 9 times out of 10 their religious trauma is from their parents dragging them to church on Sundays. it just doesn’t sound believable. “i have religious trauma” is the new “i have BPD”

No. 1419444

This is, outside of people who were in cults, is a made up thing by generation after generation getting more secular and not wanting to confirm to the basics of their parent's religion. Identifying with it is more of a zoomerpilled lame version of what a generation ago might be listening to extreme music and cutting yourself. It's a cope.

No. 1419458

Piercing babies and toddlers ears is so trashy.

No. 1419462

for me, it goes against any consent. And it involves sexism. Piercing a literal baby's ears because they're a girl is sexism. Piercing a baby in general is modifying a human being's baby without their consent. my ears were pierced when I was a few months old and they never healed properly because my ears were pierced with a shitty gun like at claires. it should be illegal or held with extreme distain to pierce a baby's ears.

No. 1419464

We should all be fine with women having the rights to their own body. what the fuck is wrong with you.

No. 1419465

The woman still suffers…

No. 1419484

People who are this dramatic about piercing a baby's ears are so funny to me kek

No. 1419491

>Making a post on the unpopular opinion thread is dramatic
Is watching paint dry your favorite way to pass the time?

No. 1419492

>Making a post on the unpopular opinion thread is dramatic
That's not what I said, but alright anon.

No. 1419505

A moid typed this

No. 1419508

This is why I would never wear that either. Well it's not my style and doesn't match my personality but more important than that is that I would feel stupid as fuck with it, no matter the situation but especially if it's job or uni-related.

No. 1419510

Just prohibit the internet in general because cp could be posted on it. Retarded take. I don't care about 3DPD porn though, but even then there is a connection between porn ban and countries with high rape quota.

No. 1419514

What fucking country does this?

No. 1419517

Burgerland of course. I'm sure other countries as well but I can't say for sure. Babies are so much cuter without earrings.

No. 1419544

Tbh burgers do that but also alot of hispanics too. Its so prevalent that any woman that doesn’t have already pierced ears is seen as weird in my area
>t. Someone who had their first piercings when they couldn’t even speak kek

No. 1419548

Blue Face streams now and him and his gf are kinda trending right now. My friends send me clips of that stream all the time

No. 1419552

I had my ears pierced as a toddler and I rarely wear earrings. If i never had my ears pierced i don't think i would have had it done as an adult. My parents are African but I live in the eu and did it in a grocery store pharmacy. My mum would always wave at the woman who pierced my ears every time we went grocery shopping.

No. 1419554

I remember this song being inescapable as well as that stupid "hide the wet sign just to catch me slippin" line lmao. Anon just needs to accept she is out of the loop.

No. 1419563

People blame Marvel movies for "ruining" Hollywood too much. How is Marvel going away going to fix the issues in dramas or romances for example? There are other factors too, like how streaming changed the game in the past decade.

No. 1419564

You're right I think at the very least a kid should be around 7-12 to say yes for it and it should be an actual piercer. The shitty gun piercings I had as a kid had to be redone as an adult since I really wanted to wear fun earrings. Japan seems to have a ton of non pierce clip earrings if any anon wants some.

No. 1419566

its mostly the quantity>quality, even marvel tards are getting tired and overstimulated. Also the fact that marvel movies created the whole ''sad moment followed by a snarky remark''. I remember reading that Marvel movies are also ruining theaters by leaving no screening room to other movies but i heard that from /co/ so no idea if that's true. I cant wait until the Marvel autism is over.

No. 1419567

i think marvel is just a symptom of people becoming more stupid, the constant political (on either side of the coin) narratives of
are reflected in these movies which is why modern audiences like them so much.

No. 1419569

I agree, but didn't black and white narratives happen a lot in early Hollywood too?

No. 1419571

They should have just stopped after the avengers, but there is too much money thrown into it now to stop. These movies will keep dominating the box office and keep being made until audiences decide to stop seeing them and spend their money elsewhere. The other issue with marvel movies is that they make a lot of movies, so once the people who decide what movies get made saw this phenomenon they wanted to re-create it and thus stopped investing in smaller budget movies.

No. 1419575

To an extent, yes, but to me the superhero is the black and white narrative taken to the extreme, it's literally hero vs bad guy written in plain text. At least old hollywood movies had good cinematography, music, and performances, Marvel has none of that to make up for it.

No. 1419576

Also taking the ''franchise'' aspect into such extremes, holy shit i dont know how people keep up with the MCU. I am a DC fag and i am glad Ezra Miller sabotaged the DCCU because i heard from Marvelfags that the MCU killed any form of discussion about the comics and turned the fanbase from rabid nerds to rabid genderspecial nerds with ADHD.

No. 1419577

I'd say DC has done a better job recently, Joker and Birds of Prey, thye were both interesting takes on two iconic comic characters that didn't veer into capeshit territory. The Dark Knight is also very well written for a superhero movie so I reserve my capeshit sperging for marvel.

No. 1419589

We already know that femcels aren't real, but with the massive amount of handmaidenry and weapons grade pickmeism going around i'm beginning to doubt if male incels actually exist too. The standard for males it's in an all time low, too: no one expects them to have money, work, studies, future or even shut up anymore. Unless they're physically deformed or actually retarded, incels are just mad that they can't bang Victorias Secret models and they're told to date within their league, but they're fully capable of getting laid actually.

No. 1419656

Ngl I'm grateful I had mine pierced as a baby because I was very scared of needles as a kid but liked wearing earrings a lot, so having the trauma of getting my ears pierced done before I could remember it was convenient. They healed fine and are still good today, which influences my opinion. Overall I agree it's still a bizarre thing to have done to your child though and would never do it to my own kid if I had one.

No. 1419659

blueface is a cute guy ngl and he has nice teeth, too bad about the retardation

No. 1419720

I think all slavs and a lot of other European countries too

No. 1419755

Letting your dog sleep in the bed with you is beyond gross and you've essentially turned your personal bed into a giant dog bed in doing so. People who let their dogs sleep in their beds have parasites, and before you say "my fur baby is up to date on his flea and worm medication ackshually!" just keep in mind that your fur baby is bringing parasite eggs (and feces-but that's another issue) into your bed from all the little germs and critters they've picked up from outside in their paws and fur. People who let their dog sleep in the bed smell like dog yeast. Yes that corn chip smell is actually yeast. I could never crawl into a bed after a long day that had feces, parasites, and yeast particles all over the sheets. And one could argue, "that's what washing machines are for DUH just wash your sheets anon" but unless you have one of those iron clad bed bug cases on your bed, that precious fur baby of yours will only be piling on pounds of mites, dander, skin oils, fur, dirt and germs into your mattress over time…sleeping in your bed as a human alone will introduce pounds and pounds of sweat and skin cells over the years, just imagine adding a dogs flora to that. A lot of dog owners won't care about this at all, and will continue to sleep with their dogs in their own personal beds, however my unpopular opinion stands that dogs don't belong in human beds and the people who allow them to do so are really gross

No. 1419778

if you sleep with dogs, etc

No. 1419781

I thought this was a pretty global phenomenon. My ears were pierced, as an adult I fucking hate wearing earrings but the spots will forever be visible.

No. 1419782

Femcel = woman who has voluntarily given up on moids because none of them are worth her time.

Incel = man who could find a woman if he put in the effort. He can't be bothered so instead of improving himself he sits online all day hating women.

No. 1419785

arabs too

No. 1419787

You got that from tiktok, right.

No. 1419789

Are you the dog anal gland fetishist?

No. 1419790

It's what I've always thought. I spent my teens and early 20s (so around eight years ago) avoiding men because none of them met my standards.

No. 1419792

This but also I don't like people sleeping with cats either (or any pets). Just imagine the amount of fur you're going to have on your clothes and sheets. Just the knowledge that a lot of people let their cats free roam everywhere to play with carcasses and then let them on their beds makes me insanely anxious. Who knows what kind of bacteria they pick up with their paws and mouths? And what about piss and shit? Animals don't wipe, no matter how much their clean themselves. You're letting your pet sit down on your stuff after they've just pissed and shat.
The worst for me are people handling and even kissing reptiles without washing themselves afterwards.

No. 1419822

I had mine pierced at 3 yo and it wouldn't have been an issue if my parents didn't forbid me from using earrings as soon as I started primary school because it's slutty or whatever. Now the holes aren't even symmetrical anymore and I need to repierce them on top of that.

No. 1419845

A woman’s value does kind of diminish in my eyes depending on how many guys she fucks or the men she dates. Like, most men don’t deserve pussy but here you are bussing it wide open on the first date or women who stay with men who beat their ass…so you’re staying with an ugly scrote who doesn’t care if he kills you or disfigures you? I do feel bad for you but I do find it pathetic. Men already know they are trash/ugly which is why they think we are trash for interacting with them! I used to get offended during my hoe phase when men would say they judge women on their body count and I get it now. The judgement has nothing to do with us, it is a reflection of how they see themselves.

No. 1419851

>I used to get offended during my hoe phase when men would say they judge women on their body count and I get it now.
>The judgement has nothing to do with us, it is a reflection of how they see themselves.
And yet here you are doing it too?
Perhaps reflect a bit on yourself rather than devalue women for having sex in a manner with which you don't agree. Men will still hate us when we don't fuck them too re: incels.

No. 1419854

Most men are nasty and weird and i do judge other women who engage in hook up culture because why are you giving losers easy access to your body. This is why I’m selective about who I fuck now because I realized how gross it all was.

No. 1419860

It's fine if you personally don't want to engage in that behavior, but the point is that you're still engaging in misogynistic discourse by believing women "lose" when we choose to have sex or that even our "body count" has any tangible impact on our perceived value. As if anyone could possibly know that just by glancing at a woman and knowing what she does behind closed doors.
I wish you'd have as strong opinions about male sexual activity who by statistic have way more casual sex, but instead you choose to have this weird scrote energy towards women who choose a different path than you.

No. 1419864

>I used to get offended during my hoe phase when men would say they judge women on their body count and I get it now. The judgement has nothing to do with us, it is a reflection of how they see themselves.
I met a guy a while ago and we seemed to hit it off. I'm pretty disillusioned with men tho so something told me to have a look at his socials. He likes and follows an awful lot of content thats just men complaining about womens body counts. Not mens, the rule only applies to women. It came off as obsessive.

Ngl I had a 'phase' myself years ago. I've tried some stuff that plenty on here would look down on me for. But I went from one extreme to the other once I'd gotten it out of my system. I'm either living a crazy sex life or I'm going years on end without sex. Currently years into no sex. I'm guessing that at this stage no man meeting me would imagine I ever had that phase. I've gone back into my shell and I probably give off a near-virgin vibe. I'm gonna guess that guy thought he'd be like the second or third guy to ever get the pleasure with me if we'd become anything. Tbh the older I get the more I just think no amount of sex is the right amount of sex for a woman to be having. You'll be picked apart for having too much or too little. Chosing to opt out of sex for a few years outrages men too. Men who you aren't involved with in any way. It occupies their minds to a crazy degree sometimes. And yeah on some level the whole 'tainted by other mens penises' thing doesn't say great things about men. If being in contact with men can make you lose value thats.. telling on themsleves. Not that they like to reflect on that part

No. 1419868

My body count is like in the 30+ range but I’d never admit that in real life. Engaging with so many men definitely made me realize why men hold the opinions that they do. Most men know they aren’t worth shit and they hate themselves which is why they assume women who tolerate abuse or sleep around are mentally Ill/gross and in my case they weren’t wrong because I am mentally ill.

No. 1419870

>Ngl I had a 'phase' myself years ago. I've tried some stuff that plenty on here would look down on me for.
>I'm guessing that at this stage no man meeting me would imagine I ever had that phase.
Same experience here and this is why I will never give a fuck what anyone thinks about women having sex. As long as I don't squawk about how many people I've fucked in the past, which imo most decent people don't do as a rule anyway, no man I've encountered has ever brought up my so-called lower value because they cannot fucking tell lmao. There is no true tell and that drives men fucking berserk.

No. 1419874

>Most men know they aren’t worth shit and they hate themselves which is why they assume women who tolerate abuse or sleep around are mentally Ill/gross and in my case they weren’t wrong because I am mentally ill.

Ok but here's a revolutionary idea: Being mentally ill doesn't lower your value and having sex isn't inherently gross.
Men are wrong, insecure, and retarded. You don't have to believe what they do.

No. 1419879

Being mentally ill does not lower your value but being mentally ill can make you act in ways that make you disrespect yourself. Promiscuous behavior is symptom of mental illness.

No. 1419883

>Promiscuous behavior is symptom of mental illness.
Gosh I hope society starts memeing this on men.
Aren't you sus of such unbalanced social treatment? How many promiscuous men end up feeling really fucking bad that they disrespected themselves and slept with many women? Oh wait, they don't.

No. 1419887

Being promiscuous is also I sign of mental illness in men as well. Ever notice how slutty men always have bpd or bipolar?

No. 1419889

Samefag but
>Most men know they aren’t worth shit and they hate themselves
While this is true, what men hate more than themselves is women who have experience and can size them up. What makes men feel inferior is knowing if you've likely had a sexual partner who pleased you more or had a larger cock than them. What they're malding over is actually your experience to know that you have other options and greener pastures than what they can ever hope to offer.

The majority of men do not actually give a shit if you were mistreated by other men. The part they care about is if other men disrespected you for a reason, so that they will not look bad to other men for getting with you. It's all about themselves, not about your choices.

No. 1419893

>Being promiscuous is also I sign of mental illness in men as well.

Except that's not how culture treats slutty men at all and men are in fact encouraged to sexually fuck around as much as possible. It's even common tropes in media and humor. Don't be so obtuse and act like the rules are the same for men when we both know they are not.
We all know mentally ill men are diagnosed because they are legitimately unhinged, not because a therapist was concerned they were fucking lol.

No. 1419894

the egyptians didnt build the pyramids their slaves did, sure there was a egyptian architect who designed how it should look but all of the labor was done by slaves who were made to work 24/7 in the sun and were whipped if they disobeyed.

Whats the difference between slaves in ancient egypt dying while building the pyramids for rich egyptians who thought they were gods and modern day migrant workers dying in construction or in childcare while working in the middle east.

No. 1419895

In my opinion you’d have to be even more insane as a woman to be promiscuous because men are usually rude,ugly and bad at sex which means there is no gain in even doing it. I’m sure if most men were at least attractive more people could understand slutty women.

No. 1419896

NTA, but then isn't the solution to avoid slutty men? Be the change you want to see. We don't have to copy them, especially since 90% of women do not even orgasm from PIV and a lot of men insist they'd never eat pussy. Not worth it

No. 1419898

Is anyone arguing that there's a difference?

No. 1419903



Be the change you wish to see in the world nonny. Bring this topic up with your friends. Call it out when you see it in the media.

No. 1419906

>Chosing to opt out of sex for a few years outrages men too. Men who you aren't involved with in any way. It occupies their minds to a crazy degree sometimes.
This is true. When people talk about their partner status in casual convos or I get asked, I tell people I haven't been in a relationship for years, men grab their head and drop their jaws and sometimes get really inappropriate and ask how I can manage (without the sex of course). It's as if they've never heard of masturbation or a low libido.

No. 1419907

why do you all keep replying to the same deleted post….its giving troon samefagging energy.

No. 1419909

>because men are usually rude,ugly and bad at sex which means there is no gain in even doing it
Fair point but why presume that is every woman's experience? It really only works if a woman is actively self-harming by sleeping with selfish, ugly, and lousy men who do nothing for her and surely that can't be what every woman who enjoys casual sex experiences. Seems bullshit to generalize.

>NTA, but then isn't the solution to avoid slutty men? Be the change you want to see.
I wasn't saying that I agree that having sex inherently lowers a person's value though.
I brought up slutty men who go on to lead perfectly happy, respectful lives while the public encourages them to be promiscuous while everyone is none the wiser about their exploits.
Meanwhile we're supposed to look down on women who do the same for…reasons. Just pointing out how it makes no sense to come down on women as hard as some do while giving men such leniency so as to push the responsibility on women to avoid them.

Shut the fuck up lmao.
If there is any kind of troon/scrote energy here it's shaming women for having body count holy fuck.

No. 1419915

The majority of women who are promiscuous are doing it as a form of self harm or they do it to feel pretty and haven’t discovered men can find you ugly and still hit it. The ones doing it because they just love scrotes and sex are rare. The ones who genuinely exist are usually over the age of 45.(pasture time)

No. 1419919

ok blaine

No. 1419923

im not on anyones side you fucking retard but its pretty obvious you and the others are giving the troon attention, thats what i meant when i asked why do you keep replying.(infighting)

No. 1419924

>are doing it as a form of self harm
No one says this about slutty men.

>they do it to feel pretty and haven’t discovered men can find you ugly and still hit it

No one says this to ugly men who are only laid because they offer attractive women things like stability or money. Gaslit wives have sex with their ugly, fat husbands out of duty and not out of satisfaction or because their husbands treat them nice. Yet that is somehow more "respectful" to you than a woman who seeks out enjoyable casual sex cause of body count.

Clown world. Women are just doomed to be perpetually dunked on even by other women.

>scolds one particular post instead of quoting the posts you mean to address
You sound like the retarded troon here, go dilate schizo.(infighting)

No. 1419925

Ever heard of someone deleting their post after getting replies? Nothing about that is samefagging, are you new?

No. 1419926

No one says this about men because there is a 99% chance he’s going to at least cum. For women you already go into the situation knowing you most likely aren’t going to cum. I’m not talking about people who casually hook up with an ex or a friend or some shit. I’m talking about people who are in my situation who have pretty much lost count of their body count and just hooked up with random man on tinder or bars. There’s no way a person can be fucking that many men and the sec is good kek

No. 1419927

Conservative men derive "slutty bad" from their belief that women have to remain pure and their need for control where they believe they're less likely to get cheated on or left.
Liberal men think "slutty good" only because they think it'll let them get as much sex as possible until they're ready to settle down and start a family at 55
Hook-up culture critical women think "slutty bad" because they regard any bad-to-neutral sexual interactions with men as a net loss for a woman, involving too much risk for no-to-little pleasure

No. 1419928

>are doing it as a form of self harm
>No one says this about slutty men
Cause women aren't dangerous nor a pain in the ass to deal with, unlike men

No. 1419930

But what if there is? If not, then like you said, you can wind up in a very limited relationship with your first church bf where the end result is not cumming all the same. Soooooo it still makes no sense to presume women having casual sex are at any more risk of encountering sex with no orgasm. Plenty of women have had consistently shit sex in committed relationships.

>Hook-up culture critical women think "slutty bad" because they regard any bad-to-neutral sexual interactions with men as a net loss for a woman, involving too much risk for no-to-little pleasure
Which is something that I would be on board with except when those same critical women choose to ignore the women who state that their experiences were positive and they did not feel a loss of respect or anything else. One could argue relationships in general are a great risk for a net loss to het women, except we all know how unrealistic it is to tell women to just avoid men. It does not help women to perpetuate the same idea (for different reasons) of conservative men because it's a weapon of misogyny.

No. 1419931

Your problem is you have probably have only done fwb and haven’t experienced what it’s like to have casual sex with numerous strangers. It’s like a cam girl telling a full blown hooker that sex work is good. Anyone who has actually fucked a shit ton of men knows is traumatic as fuck.

No. 1419933

>It still makes no sense to presume women having casual sex are at any more risk of encountering sex with no orgasm. Plenty of women have had consistently shit sex in committed relationships
In a committed relationship you supposedly know the other person intimately, with casual sex you're risking it with a stranger. It's far obvious why casual sex is often more dangerous, as you would be interacting with 6 stranger moids per week instead of just one

No. 1419935

Does everyone friend their fuck buddies first? Tbh some of the best hookups I've had have been from dating sites, and the worst sex I've had have been in exclusive relationships with men recommended by friends or having known them mutually.

Either way I'm sorry for your experience, but maybe you shouldn't generalize.

>In a committed relationship you supposedly know the other person intimately
Knowing your partner intimately isn't gonna heal his shrimp dick and lack of oral game. It just tethers a substandard moid with access to your body with more difficult strings attached to cut if you are still unsatisfied.
>It's far obvious why casual sex is often more dangerous, as you would be interacting with 6 stranger moids per week instead of just one.
How do you reconcile this with the fact that a woman is much more likely to be murdered by a man she already knows, such as a husband or boyfriend?

No. 1419939

My original post said I judge women who sleep around because men are gross and I don’t get why’d you’d let losers have access to you. Regardless if the woman enjoys the hook ups or not my opinion of her wouldn’t change. Some people enjoy being shit on but I’d still judge them for it.

No. 1419941

I don't really know "your" posts at this point as I assume I am responding to other anons who are bringing in other points that have nothing to do with your OP.
I have addressed why I think you are wrong and that part of the conversation is over.
>Some people enjoy being pissed on, doesnt mean I don’t think they are weird.
My point is unless those people are going around casually mentioning they enjoy being pissed on, you would be none the wiser which proves the respect heirarchy you have inside is imaginary and ultimately inconsequential if not to try to make people who are different than you feel bad for reading your opinion on the internet cause your judgments can't mean shit or exist unless you know.

No. 1419943

Yeah of course you can’t look at someone and tell they are degenerate, no one can look at me and know I fucked 30+ guys but if someone tries to come to me telling me about it I’m going to judge them. I’m going to think it’s a bad thing.

No. 1419944

Right, so I don't know how you think it helps women to still go off agreeing with misogynistic scrotes who also think women are gross and degen for enjoying casual sex just because you have a slightly different basis for it?
How many women actually come to you to blurt about their counts anyway? And why?

No. 1419946

>Tbh some of the best hookups I've had have been from dating sites, and the worst sex I've had have been in exclusive relationship
ooph, same here. I doubt I'll ever return to having casual sex again. I'm just not down for the risks involved anymore. But I do have have some good memories that'll stay with me. When I'm playing solo and thinking back over hot memories I never think of exes. Its always a couple of casual encounters that stand out as memorable all these years later.

In my last serious relationship the guy flipped over to being the most incredibly selfish lover right at the end. I almost went out and rebounded just so those memories of shitty sex weren't haunting me or tainting the thought of sex for me. Decided against it in the end but honestly.. yeah some of the worst sexual memories I have are with guys who once loved me and then turned shitty. If i could take back some sex that I had in my past.. it'd be that sex.

No. 1419950

If someone comes to me telling me they hook up with random people they don’t need to tell me their body count, I’m going to judge on that alone. It’s common for people now a days to be open about hooking up etc of course I won’t say it to their face but on the inside I will judge. Like one of my friends hooks up with my roommate who is fat and ugly, I don’t hate her and I’ll continue being her friend but I do think she lacks self respect because of the way she lives. It’s misogynistic maybe but it is what is.

No. 1419957

NTA, but why are you so bothered that an anon who's experienced those things herself doesn't think it's healthy behavior? She's allowed to have that opinion, and you probably won't even know she feels that way if you meet her IRL

No. 1419958

Who is actually coming to you to cry about anything? Do you think being this unapologetically judgemental and two-faced towards other women is easily disguisable nlog behavior? She sounds young but she will learn about women like you.

No. 1419963

>why are you so bothered that an anon who's experienced those things herself doesn't think it's healthy behavior?
Why is anon so universally bothered by what other women do in their bedrooms? I don't even think all that much about the lives of people I don't morally agree with to this amount of detail.
>you won't even know how she feels IRL
I suspect because she would lose some of the only friends she has if she were honest about what she thinks of their choices. Which to her doesn't indicate a problem and I am trying to reason why.

No. 1419964

You make it sound like the anon is plotting to ruin the lives of women who have casual sex, chill out. The sad truth is that everyone judges everyone else for their own reasons, and by their own scale (especially on Lolcow).

No. 1419968

>You make it sound like the anon is plotting to ruin the lives of women who have casual sex

I did not say this.
My question that is yet to be answered is: How does it help women to have the same misogynistic judgements that scrotes have about their sex lives just because your reasoning behind it is different? In the end, you're still assuming women are "gross" "degenerate" or otherwise moralistically failed because they have sex on terms you do not agree with.
Feminism fought so hard to liberate women from the very real harm that these kinds of beliefs and opinions cause, what do you care if I challenge OP?

No. 1419973

I just don't see how our liberation is tied to fucking men, or why the whole argument's gone on so long. It's not a big deal if some women choose to do it personally, but I don't see why it should be encouraged, or why women who look down on those actions are problematic. It's not even like any woman who complains can actually do anything to stop other women from having sex, if they want to. It's our own choice, doesn't mean it has to be supported by everybody either way.

No. 1419975

How does it help women to have the same misogynistic judgements that scrotes have about their sex lives just because your reasoning behind it is different?

You just can't admit it doesn't help and isn't productive.

No. 1419978

Skelly Ana types like Eugenia cooney shouldn’t be banned from YouTube. If they want to body check and do weird pro ana shit that’s their right. The truth is people like Eugenia do not trigger young people into becoming Ana chans, I’d say K-pop idols for example trigger people more. Ana chans start off wanting to be the pretty skinny girls then eventually become addicted and become death thins.

No. 1419980

It's not a misogynistic judgment. It's not integral to our existence as female to have casual sex, and it seems like this anon's viewpoint isn't even only applied to women (whether scrotes pick and choose is irrelevant, as she is not a scrote and she doesn't share their worldview). Casual sex just isn't some great win.
It's not a moralistic thing, either. On an individual basis, we can do as we please, but I'm not seeing how sex with men is a boost to feminism, how it's productive, or why I should take issue with some women not thinking it's good. How does it help us?

No. 1419982

>I just don't see how our liberation is tied to fucking men
Because women were persecuted and prosecuted for voluntarily having sex with men who were not their husbands. And in some parts of the world, this still happens.
Having consequence-free sex for women is equalizing them to men who enjoy (or not) the same benefits.

Casual sex doesn't have to be encouraged but there is literally no reason to assume all women who partake have problems or aren't respectable either. You are tying a women's sexual choices to her value and that is not feminism.

No. 1419984

Nta but tbh
> I judge women who have sex with men
> Who have fwbs
> Who have ONSs
> Who date men
> Who befriend men
Its like groundhog day on here reading this over and over again.

No. 1419986

>I just don't see how our liberation is tied to fucking men
I am saying a woman's respectability and value is not tied to how many men she has fucked. Not that women must fuck casually to be liberated.

You are not stupid and know that deep down. You have had at least two anons so far admit to you so far that the casual sex they had was better than the sex they had in exclusive relationships. Therefore it is dishonest of you to keep pretending for the sake of your argument that there can never be a win for women.

No. 1419988

Yes, women should absolutely be allowed to have sex without having to be married, but on the topic of casual sex, what are the actual benefits? Just because men are very into something doesn't mean it's automatically fantastic for us. The orgasm gap has shown that a bunch of times.
>You are tying a women's sexual choices to her value and that is not feminism.
You can have value as a human being and still make unhealthy choices. A smoker can still be a feminist, but someone else not thinking smoking is good doesn't make them anti-feminist. I'm not the anon who said she judges btw, I just don't get why it's a problem if she personally does so.

No. 1419994

Since we on the topic of casual sex. men do not enjoy casual sex and this is why they are always bitching about post nut clarity, they’d rather have sex with their dream girls that they love but are just too stupid and desperate to say no to any pussy that they can get.

No. 1419996

The thing about casual sex is you can say no. I've slept with men on the second date because it was safe to do so and I was horny. I've ghosted men after the first date cause they were weird and horny. The best way to not get judged is to keep shit to yourself or post on an anon message board about it if you're friends would get weird that you're out doing whatever you want

No. 1419998

I think this might be true. There are also tons of cases of men who cry about how lonely they are, but they're functionally incapable of staying loyal to any woman that crosses their path. I think if they even had their "dream girl", they'd cheat because they don't even know what they want (so, they want everything).

No. 1420001

>what are the actual benefits?
As other anon and myself and brought up, the sex can just be better.
Because there are little to no emotional strings attached, one can actually focus more on the act of sexual performance itself to reach pleasure. There is no bashfulness or the worry of potentially upsetting the other partner when you tell them you don't like something or to try something else.
Arguably, it is also easier to tell a fwb no or to back out of sex if it isn't pleasing to you. How many women are guilted and coerced by their shitty bfs/husbands to keep having sex on their terms, and feel they cannot refuse lest they upset their relationships? And how emotionally messy is it to end an exclusive relationship when the intimacy is shite enough?

inb4 you claim I'm trying to say casual sex is the way to go and will work for all women–not necessarily so–just that it is not the experiences of many to have zero benefit. If those women didn't like it, then they would not seek it.

>You can have value as a human being and still make unhealthy choices.

OP literally said women who do are gross, degen, and have less respect. Don't gaslight me like that nonnie, c'mon…

No. 1420002

I think those men issue is their dream partner is a man. I feel like most whorish men are gay in denial.

No. 1420003

Agreed. I don't even feel like it's normal for most people to talk about everyone they hooked up with to their friends, even among most moids (except the grossest kinds of moids).

No. 1420016

Wasn't there research showing the opposite though, that women are less satisfied by hook-ups? Keep in mind not being bashful, insecure, etc, isn't really something most women can be during casual hook-ups. There's almost more evidence showing other negative trends; i.e., higher amounts of loneliness and unhappiness post hookup compared to men. Also, many women basically do it because of peer pressure and it being labeled as "empowering." The amount of stories of women basically coming out and saying they basically did it because they thought it was normal or for male validation is nuts. Of course I think being with men either ways is a mess, but as far as I can see only a minority of women that do it know how to pick a fwb + have actually 0 emotional involvement and actually get any palpable benefit from it without it being a weird rationalization. Men just gain more from casual hook-ups, especially mentally and physically.

No. 1420019

casual sex for women does not work the same way it does for men. We need to stop this nonsense that it's the same in any way. Women are more vulnerable during sex and while some might not form an emotional attachment, there is still something there. On top of that, women get STDs/STIs easier, not to mention the chance of rape or even pregnancy. We need to stop pushing the libfem agenda that casual sex is totally fine for women, when it's usually not.

No. 1420023

Having good sex with a random sounds statistically improbable.

No. 1420024

>the sex can just be better
Bullshit. Men don't even care about their partner's pleasure, let alone about the pleasure of random women who they see as flashlights.

No. 1420026

Not to mention you can eventually develop cervical cancer because moids can't be properly checked for HPV. (Even if google says its possible, go and try to get your pet scrote checked… youll see its not). Plus, they don't even care about this risk and will pressure you to remove condom asap. It's just a waste of time to have sex with men. You won't cum (>90% don't), you're risking utis at best and cancer at worst, and they'll still treat you like shit even if you fuck them.

No. 1420030

>casual sex for women does not work the same way it does for men
How, why, and what studies proved this? Sounds like female/male brain fallacy. Ever think it all boils down to how men are socialized about casual sex and are condoned to pursue it by societies whereas women are shamed, beaten, or killed for acting the same?
>Women are more vulnerable during sex
You have a pretty decent shot at a man's balls when he's naked and has his guard down so I wouldn't say they aren't as vulnerable, physically at least.
>while some might not form an emotional attachment, there is still something there
Well…which is it? Are women capable of no attachment or is there always a little something there? Is it possible to have sex casually and have positive exp tied to it that isn't necessarily traumatic or bitter cause there was no relationship from it? And why do you think men don't have any attachments going on after they hook up?
Many do, which is why they gotta cope by telling themselves women are whores who they should suppress feelings for.
>women get STDs/STIs easier, not to mention the chance of rape or even pregnancy
Which all happen frequently within the so-called safer committed relationships. In fact, I'd argue women wanting casual sex are using protection more consistently and dip at the first sign of red flags than women who are manipulated into fucking their exclusive scrotes unprotected who are mistreating and cheating on them anyway.

Call me and the other anons chiming in Misses Improbabilities then. Dumb.

A college acquaintaince I knew from my grad program literally caught the cervical cancer strain of HPV from having unprotected sex with her BOYFRIEND who lied about it.
It can happen anytime, with anybody. The only way to escape that 100% is to not fuck men but that is not realistic.

No. 1420032

Men don’t like casual sex either. They usually hate it when a woman actually wants to be casual. Most people are making their lives miserable by engaging in it.

No. 1420035

Penises are a vessel for disease. Most stds exist because men want to fuck everything under the sun from corpses to animals

No. 1420036

People who don’t drink alcohol are boring to me

No. 1420037

>They usually hate it when a woman actually wants to be casual.
Not in my experience but even so, why reveal your emotional hand to men anyway?
They can as easily use your want of being in a relationship to manipulate and hurt you too. That is literally the basis of "pump and dump."
Most people are miserable in their relationships. There are risks for everything, and saying one is inherently worse than the other because of cherrypicked scenarios is retarded cause it comes down to how women feel.
If you hate casual sex, don't do it.
If you hate exclusivity, don't do it.
If your hatred of men exceeds your capacity to have them in your life, then certainly don't fuck em.

No. 1420040

File: 1669303589943.jpg (75.59 KB, 736x736, b43c68d08dba5742dc5f85b7871055…)

>defending random men's sexual prowess on lolcow

No. 1420041

Not all decisions women make are good ones. Women can be idiots too and having casual sex is idiotic. Other women can do whatever they want but I’ll still think they are dumb if I they make dumb choices.

No. 1420042

Those men hate women who want casual because they want to be able to fuck over women who have an emotional need for them. Those men like women chasing them for relationships.
They hate us but need us to feel desired. They hate casual women cause they are afraid to be humiliated. They are scared for a woman to think they suck at sex or that their dicks or small or that their game is weird.

Have a high body count? Tell a man you've only ever slept with your high school or college boyfriend see if the fucking idiot can tell a difference (Spoiler: He won't). If there is no physical or social signs, then logically it can only be about their own ego.
And that is not our problem.

No. 1420044


In your opinion. I am enjoying the fruits of my casual encounters while I get to have a pretty comfortable life minus the obsession and emotional turmoil of dealing with a soloscrote. You do you.

No. 1420045

I’m just saying very few people actually enjoy casual sex, including men. Most men would rather have one pretty girl they love and stick to that.

No. 1420047

File: 1669304262520.png (1.16 MB, 706x934, tf.png)

There have literally been anons posting itt saying how they like casual sex and yet you are doing the equivalent of plugging ears and yelling NOOOOOOOOOOO.

Like agree to disagree at this point, what even is there left to say?

No. 1420049

I never denied that there are rare people who like casual sex but most people don’t. You’re an exception not the rule. Both men and women are generally miserable living a skanky life style.

No. 1420051

>create a social system where women are seen as moral failures or face real harm if they admit to preferring casual affairs
>be surprised that you don't often hear women admitting outside of anonymous spaces their true preferences

No. 1420052

I know plenty of men and women who are in that life style and while they might not be self aware to see how fucked up their life is they don’t look happy to me. The guys don’t seem happy talking about the ugly girls who they don’t like who they had drunk hook ups with and the women don’t seem happy about their orgasmless sex lives. Maybe you are out here fucking hot models who give you 100s of orgasms but you aren’t the majority.

No. 1420053

>you aren't the majority
And neither are you. Unless you have a few studies to spit at me about the subject your take is no more valid than mine. More people hookup casually than you think, the majority of us just aren't like the lolcows posted on this website who trust the majority of people with knowing our business. Deal with it.

No. 1420054

What studies do you have to prove what you’re saying?yes I know lots of people hook up and most of them hate it but are too dumb to figure out why because of sex positivity. Plenty of men in my life bitch about fucking women they don’t like or find attractive then act shocked that they feel gross after. All for a quick nut.

No. 1420057


No. 1420058

Not that anon but
>But women were more likely than men to report that they had engaged in the hookup because they were feeling miserable, feeling lonely, felt pressured by the other person, or wanted to feel better about themselves. Women were also more likely than men to report negative emotional outcomes, such as loneliness, unhappiness, rejection, regret, general negative feelings, and a perception of negative judgment from others. Conversely, men were more likely than women to report positive emotional outcomes, such as greater sexual satisfaction, happiness, self confidence, contentment, and mood improvement
>Essentially, some people may be better than others at compartmentalizing their romantic longings from their sexual desires. For others, emotions and touch naturally entwine, making causal sex harder to keep casual, even if that was your intention. Research shows that women tend to have a harder time than men with preventing emotional attachment, and when this happens they are more prone to feeling used, depressed, regretful, or embarrassed after the fact.
>Tellingly, many studies have found a stronger positive correlation of negative emotional outcomes for women who engage in more frequent hookups, while men tend to experience the opposite—more casual sex creating more positive feelings.5

No. 1420060

>What studies do you have to prove what you’re saying
The burden of proof isn't on me because I am not the one making claims that barely any women casually hook up and if they do they are gross-mentally ill-insecure-self-hating strumpets with no respect for themselves?
I merely came in with my anecdotal experience and some other anons agreed along the way. Would it really threaten your worldview so badly to just consider that perhaps women cannot be honest about the types of sex they like for the reasons I have said?
And honestly, those men sound really fucking stupid and I would tell them as much. Maybe you should spend some time reminding them of how little you respect their choices, and how gross it is to use women who they don't even like.
You sure have a lot of people telling you about their bedroom practices for some odd reason.

No. 1420064

I never said women rarely casually hook up, I said they rarely enjoy it. And I do see those men as losers for fucking women they don’t find attractive but in our sex positive culture using people for sex isn’t considered a bad thing so why would I tell them my opinion?

No. 1420066

File: 1669306068062.jpg (40.25 KB, 600x632, 43a.jpg)

Casual sex is a meme because 99% of men are bad at sex, and they won't bother learning how to do it well unless they care about pleasing their partner. You're significantly more likely to find someone that cares about your pleasure in an actual relationship, and even then, sometimes it's hard. Men are kind of a meme.

No. 1420069

First study is so non-specific and retarded.
>In the study, 701 men and women between the ages of 18–82 were asked a variety of questions about their most recent hookup experience, including their motivations to engage in the hookup and its emotional outcome. The researchers defined a hookup as “any sexual activity from a kiss to coital intercourse outside of a committed relationship.” About half of the sample indicated that they were currently in a relationship, while the other half was single.
Sampling 700 people and asking grandma how she feels about a hookup she had in the 60s probably isn't the best measure to gauge how modern women feel and certainly does not prove anon's "majority" claim? Do we really expect women 40+ whose sexual values were shaped by the relevant misogynistic culture at the time to report anything positive when they have been told they should feel ashamed about it for most of their lifespan?
I can't even see the studies your second article cites because they are paywalled, so I cannot even see if these studies have meaningful samples sizes or are as out of touch as asking grandma about her sexual attitudes and being shocked she is more conservative like in the first one you linked.
But even then the article admits it's more about mindset going in:
>Possible drawbacks, such as emotional distress due to wanting more or sexual regret, will vary dramatically from person to person, essentially based on your mindset going into the encounter and personal history and expectations.
Aka, if you're a dumb bitch who sleeps with a ho hoping it will transform him into a husband, you are misguided.

No. 1420071

File: 1669306428064.gif (489.05 KB, 420x315, 13cec72ff575eb8bf489da24f73e84…)

4 hours into this debate, ngl hookup-anon seems like she's coping hard over something, poor thing probably has seen so many shit at the hands of numerous, random moids at bars. I would too be coping at a obscure imageboard. I don't judge you personally anon, but i really don't want this """lifestyle""" for you or any woman, something tells me is not a good idea at all

No. 1420072

Nta but a husband isn’t a prize, men are disposable

No. 1420073

Ok but where are your studies proving that the majority of women have an awesome time doing it?Anon actually posted to studies but all you have is your own experience.

No. 1420074

A lot of ad hominem from someone like you who's not bothered and comfortable with their own lifestyle. Sorry I made you so mad.

Notice I am actually countering your arguments, not attacking your character at all even though it would be very easy.

No. 1420075

Agreed, but this is how some women think.

I didn't make a claim that a "majority" of women enjoy doing it. Merely that there are more women who enjoy it than you think, who for legitimate fears and reasons cannot be honest about their preferences.

No. 1420076

I used to be hook up woman until I realized that I wasn't doing it for pleasure, I was doing it for external validation. I'm sure there are women out there who enjoy casual sex and can orgasm from it, but I'm also pretty sure that there are plenty of women just like me.

No. 1420078

>dumb bitch
Damn, now who's on some misogynistic shit? Kek. Didn't know older women's sexual experiences don't count, either
Also, FWIW you can always use scihub to check out paywalled studies. Everything is pointing to casual sex not being great. It's not just that scrotes want to shame us, it's that they also can't fuck for shit, they cause mental damage and women with mental health struggles either use it for further self-harm or as a quick (but ineffective) fix of validation. If this isn't true for you, then nice, but you're not in the majority.

No. 1420079

I'm not mad, i really don't want something bad happening to you, fucking around like that…with random moids…it sounds like a very bad idea i just got that feeling i'm sorry

No. 1420081

Fucking around with random moids is not that dangerous, statistically speaking. The real dangerous moids are the ones you know.

No. 1420082

Bless your heart, you think you typed a gotcha. I'm allowed to call anyone I want a bitch and it doesn't make me an automatic misogynist. Try again.
>FWIW you can always use scihub to check out paywalled studies.
Cool, why don't you do that and paste the greentext here since this is YOUR argument and I'm not your fucking researcher?

The way you're saying it sounds like you almost want me to have a bad experience to validate your stance and teach me a lesson.
In honesty, committed relationships have been way worse on me.

No. 1420084

Most “confident sex positive” women are just ladies who got played by men in the past and are trying to take their “pride” back by acting as toxic as scrotes. It’s all ego shit and they get off on doing the same weird shit that was done to them in the past to other people.

No. 1420086

Every man I've let fuck me that didn't end in a relationship they've all went down on me and tried their best to please me to idk guarantee they'd get more sex. Find a man that you can tell finds you attractive. There are lots of steps still in causal sex to take. Think there's a difference between fucking anything and being an adult that is aware of risk

No. 1420089

? It's not my argument, I just went to the trouble of using Google, something you seem to wound up to even attempt. Everything I found happened to say the exact opposite of what you claim here. You really do sound like you struggle with internalized misogyny and probably some other things. It seems like this conversation is triggering you, if you're not always this aggressive. Hope you find your peace, but I doubt you'll change any opinions here.

No. 1420091

I really, really don't want someone to fucking die just to prove a point, its like watching someone willingly run towards a bunch of lions, there's little you can do about it but it still looks insane

No. 1420092

In my experience a lot of it has to do with low self esteem and looking for validation in the wrong places.

No. 1420093

Idg how you can have the mouth of a man you don’t know on your pussy. Just thinking about a stranger looking up at me while eating me out is weird kek

No. 1420094

In my experience a lot of it has to do with low self esteem and looking for validation in the wrong places.

No. 1420096

No. 1420097

NTA, but is that because random moids are somehow safer, or because the majority of women just don't spend time with random moids?
It's like the thing about men being more likely to get mugged, but that makes sense if you consider that it's rarer for women to walk alone at night in shady areas.

No. 1420098

Why are there so many libtards on this site lately? Fuck off and go back to the shithole you came from

No. 1420099

Idk anon I tend to kiss men before letting them kiss my pussy, if I'm happy to make out with them and I'm letting them undress me and they want to kiss me there I'm going to let them, cause at that point I know the dude is in to me and wants to please me so I can relax.

No. 1420100

A lot of women spend time with random moids, because we have to. Not everyone can afford to never leave their house.

No. 1420101

Most men don't even wash their ass, why are you so mentally ill

No. 1420102

I think my issue is I know too many males on a platonic level who will eat girls out then go behind their back and say their Pussy stank. I could never be that comfortable around a stranger knowing how men gossip about women they fuck.

No. 1420104

Most of the criticism about casual sex is more targeted at men than women, so the reaction is a little weird in my opinion. Men bad in bed.

No. 1420107

Literally at any point someone could be telling someone how much your breath stank talking to you, I'm not going to worry about a scenario like that.

No. 1420108

I remember a particular loser who slept with my friend and then called her a toad when he was talking to his friends. Men don't deserve casual sex.

No. 1420109

I obviously said "spent time" as a euphemism for sex, hang around the way men would with the same gender, etc not work or uni, but nice attempted ad hominem, anon, kek.
In general, I'm really tired of the false equality bullshit LARP libfems like to push about how everything's totally equal and your average moid is definitely safe, when they know we all have to take safety precautions IRL. We aren't as free as men, because men barely act human when they think they have the upper hand. Deal with it.

No. 1420112

This. 98.99% of crimes anons, don't ever fucking forget it

No. 1420113

Anon why get so retarded weird and political. Obvz us anons that fuck men without committing to them are dealing with it. Me and my girlies practice safe sex I've never had an sti but thanks for the concern

No. 1420114

I agree with you wrt casual sex, I just think stranger danger arguments are missing the mark.

No. 1420116

So only women who have casual sex seek validation and require attention?
This isn't behavior also exhibited by women in relationships or women who are sworn off of men?
Anon, perhaps the majority of women are just fucking insecure because we're constantly being told what is right or what is wrong about the things we like and the way we feel. There is no specific correlation.

Boomer arguments itt.

No. 1420118

I can’t enjoy sex thinking a guy might think I’m ugly or don’t taste good. I can’t get comfortable. I have scrote relatives and it’s shocking the shit they say about women who they fuck but don’t like. I can only feel comfortable fucking a guy who I know is obsessed with me because of that reason.

No. 1420119

>I just think stranger danger arguments are missing the mark
Where do you live?

No. 1420120

Moid vibes. There's a difference between casual sex and fucking anything with no standards or precautions. Casual means casual ie without obligation. Fuck up.

No. 1420121

Okay but if it's so easy you could post those additional studies. The criticisms of the ones you posted were correct. Those are weak studies you found.

No. 1420123

Imagine having reckless casual sex during a time when men are so openly gay and porn sick. I could never. You can't convince me that women loosely engaging in casual sex don't stink, especially considering most moids hate using condoms. I certainly would never let a scrote put his maw on my pussy either in that type of lifestyle. Most men don't brush their teeth regularly much less scrape their tongues or floss. Enjoy the bacterial vaginosis or worse..
Reposted for a typo but my point still stands. Men are so gross and unwashed I would never

No. 1420125

(Agreed). Someone in this thread is statistically more likely to either already have or incur herpes than other posters. I won't say who.

No. 1420126

Sweden, but I have lived in three other countries and traveled a lot around the world (plenty of solo traveling in non-western countries too). I just don't like seeing women limiting themselves out of fear of men. It feels like letting them win.

No. 1420127


No. 1420128

I can smell the poster who typed this.

No. 1420129

There is a high chance you will die alone. Won't say who–oop.

No. 1420130

>b-but i traveled tho
Lmao of course, shut your ass up

No. 1420131

Just don't understand the hostility towards adults having consensual no strings sex. Maybe another benefit of pretty privilege who knows, I always feel like I have the upper hand when it comes to men and sex. Perhaps growing up with orbiter made it easier to assess guys without letting them get close. I stalk my conquests like a lioness tbh. I get every man I go for. Sorry I'm just bragging now

No. 1420132

I hate first worlders lmao

No. 1420133

You are being more than a little sexist right now. Watch yourself.

No. 1420134

You're right but the resident femoids can't feel like you've won.(''femoids'')

No. 1420135

>Obvz us anons that fuck men without committing to them are dealing with it.
Then why get angry when it's even implied that moids you don't know aren't magically more trustworthy than moids you do know, or that most women generally don't fuck around? What's with the weird copes?

No. 1420136

Uh-oh, it smells in here

No. 1420137

Speak for yourself, idk why you're so angry most anons here don't want to let random scrotes raw dog us. Most people here understand the risks that come a long with having sex with men. Even having sex with your male partner in a relationship is risky because men in general are such slaves to their dicks, much less some randos

No. 1420138

I wasn't any of those anons. There are a lot of anons who have casual sex. Cope.

No. 1420139

>It feels like letting them win
As opposed to have sex with them?

No. 1420141

Stop replying

No. 1420142

Well-adjusted, mentally healthy individuals tend to enter strong, long-lasting relationships and have no need for casual sex.
Twitter moment, of course kek

No. 1420143

I know you've got a stinky pussy because you don't use protection and you don't even vet your Nigels to ensure they wipe their own ass before you suck their committed micrococks so you cannot even fathom other women doing better.

No. 1420144

I'm not having any casual sex, so I don't know what you are talking about.

No. 1420147

See you on
r/relationship_advice and r/breakingmom

Lol byeeeeeee.

No. 1420149

As an aside, nordic anons arguing against other people not feeling safe is always so funny to me. No matter what the topic one always shows up to say they don't get what the fuss is about.

No. 1420150

And yet, you still got mad. Weird as hell.

No. 1420151

>Twitterfag/Female redditor thinks everyone is the same as her and can't imagine life without either worshiping one worthless moid's dick, or several worthless moid's dicks

No. 1420152

>Can you believe some women in civilized societies don't have to live in waking fear of men?

I'm sad for you. Speaking as a non-Nord.

No. 1420153

I'm from the country with highest human traffic and prostitution numbers, i really cannot imagine a world where men aren't trying to fuck us over all the time

No. 1420154

You clearly missed the stuff about living abroad and traveling a lot. Don't let fear of men ruin your life is all I'm saying.

No. 1420155

>wishing herpes on random women because you're upset that they have better judgement than you and can at least tell their men to wrap their dicks first
Waaaaaah. We've had reddit and twitter threads here for ages, clearly there have gotta be lurkers to bring back the drama. Your dumb dumb arguments grow poorer and poorer by the post. Pathetic.

No. 1420160

some of you go so hard on your “radfeminism” (never reading theory and crying about men on lolcow) you loop back into virulent misogyny. i highly doubt any of you have made any sort of positive effect on other women’s lives irl. you’re bitter and psychotic and can’t adapt your crackhead ideology to reality and it shows.

No. 1420161

Well adjusted mentally stable adults can manage having relationships casual or otherwise depending on their life circumstances. I went from being in long term relationships, to being completely single and celibate for two years, to getting back into dating in my late 20s early 30s,including casual sex to now being in the most mature relationship I've ever had where communication is very easy and with life and social experience we know how to make each other comfortable. I don't need to know his past sexual history apart from that he's sti free and if he has any kids. Same with me. He doesn't need to know the ins and out of my romantic history.

In my experience the people that don't know how to socialise apart from their weird little bubbles are the oddballs no one wants to date when their inevitable break ups happen.

No. 1420162


No. 1420165

File: 1669308974494.jpeg (116.68 KB, 720x720, 1646367511113.jpeg)

No. 1420166

Yeah, talking about other women's stinky pussies will never be anything close to radical feminism. That anon needs to get a grip.

No. 1420167

>If you mention the existence of something negative, you are literally WISHING it on me!!
Literally living in a fantasy world and mad that other women aren't, kek. Good luck. Reddit and Twitter hate threads are not the same as threads to welcome users of those communities, especially when they're delusional pickmes and libfems.

No. 1420170

The animal you're replying to is a man

No. 1420171

Hahahaha fuck you.
I'm proud to say I have volunteered multiple times and have put myself between my friends and their misogynistic men.

Why are you so hurt for? You were the one saying shit about my pussy and my life first and then you go all hambo because I give you a taste of your own medicine? I only wish I could know your dox so no woman ever fucking helps your rancid, two-faced ass. Imagine being a fake friend AND retarded.

No. 1420173

>If you stop breathing you will probably die
Retards all of 'em

No. 1420174

Based on the "stinky pussy" schizo in this thread and those agreeing with him/her, we simply don't have many examples of what you're describing here.

No. 1420175

You don't sound like a woman who helps other women. You sound like a moid.

No. 1420176

Sorry, it wasn't about you in particular. Just keep seeing the sentiment.

No. 1420178

idk if it’s an insane lesbian or asexuals or “radfems” or retarded femcels or a man but what some of you need to understand is that is straight women have sex drives and want intimacy. we don’t “let” men fuck us, we choose to do it because we want to. the way you place straight women in a position of helplessness and submission at all times is beyond misogynistic and just mean and bitter

No. 1420179

Crazy opinion: have casual (safe) sex if you want. Be celibate if you want. Be in a committed monogamous relationship if you want (with WHOever you want). And don’t bother caring what other people are doing. Simple as.

No. 1420180

I get you. <3

No. 1420181

Posters like yourself have proven you are not willing to listen and you are lost causes.

No, but you sure do.
Also, sitting for long periods gives you ass cancer. Go outside.

No. 1420182

that was my first post in this thread you drooling retard. resorting to calling women’s vaginas stinky is not normal in any way you complete and utter freak, you sound like a deranged 12 year old moid.

No. 1420183

I've never met a single man that can fuck me like I can fuck me. It's common knowledge among women that scrotes are generally bad at a lot of things like having sex and washing themselves, this is well known even among pick mes who choose to coddle these men in exchange for validation. If it's not a pick me itt trying desperately to seethe and cope it's someone else who's angry we don't want to have open casual sex with the male gender hmm

No. 1420184

It seems like all of this started because one anon who used to have casual sex said she personally looked down on the practice and felt like it indicated poor mental health, and then one anon got offended, then twitter joined the fight and lowered the IQ even more.

No. 1420187

>women have sex drives

Most men are ugly and bad at sex though. You people are making it seem like you are finding these sweet, attractive men who are good at sex and I don’t believe you.

No. 1420188

Whatever schizo.

No. 1420189

At this point I feel like if we started mocking men with small dicks there would be offended replies.

No. 1420192

And you need to understand that sex drive and intimacy are less important than your safety

No. 1420194

also all you retarded thirdies who hate first world women wtf is wrong with you? why do you view them as the enemy, they’re our sisters and we shouldn’t resent them for living in a safer society where they are afforded more freedoms.

No. 1420195

>if I retcon what I originally said to sound better, maybe they will all not scroll up then forget how I called all women who have casual sex gross, not worthy of respect, unhygienic, and other misogynistic stereotypes

Nope. It's there for all to see.

No. 1420196

Even the most deluded pick-mes usually don't resort to calling pussies stinky. You are either a moid or a troon (also moid).

No. 1420197

Anon got that hyper mega plus ultra intuition, she can detect attractive, big dicked, good-at-sex moids with a 0.001% chance of failure, we should get on her level
Weak bait

No. 1420199

Anon is literally acting as if all the dangers women face in third world countries is no big deal. Either stupid or malicious.

No. 1420200

God damn you guys are still sperging?

No. 1420201

>Everyone is the person I argued with, nobody could possibly disagree with me or be put off by my spergouts except for one person in the entire thread
Mental illness.

No. 1420204

Nope. Go back and read what I wrote.

No. 1420205

it’s really not that hard i’m sorry you all live in places where the moids are ugly or you’re too ugly to sleep with good looking moids

No. 1420207

Why do you continue to pretend to be a victim when you said anon's pussy was stinky first? Like we all can see it. Do unto others, shitlord.
This is what was said before anon said you have a stinky puss puss
>You can't convince me that women loosely engaging in casual sex don't stink, especially considering most moids hate using condoms. I certainly would never let a scrote put his maw on my pussy either in that type of lifestyle. Most men don't brush their teeth regularly much less scrape their tongues or floss. Enjoy the bacterial vaginosis or worse..

No. 1420208

Lost cause for what? Casual sex with moids just isn't a win for feminism. That's it. Saying that doesn't stop any of us from doing it. Women can do whatever we please, and we don't even need the approval of random women to do it, so there's no point in demanding it and having misogynistic meltdowns over not getting validation.
The posters calling you a moid are probably right, honestly. Only a massive pickme or a deranged male would try to defend what that poster said.

No. 1420209

Safe travels, anon.

No. 1420210

What are you all even fighting about?

No. 1420212

ur ugly

No. 1420213

Scrote kek

No. 1420214

Straight women globally are choosing not to bother with moids anymore. Interacting with moids in an intimate matter, whether it's casually of exclusively is way too risky. Hell, interacting with them even platonically is risky. Majority of men are so pornsick, desensitized, misogynistic, psychotic…and society has done nothing but enable these monster for decades. Between their actions/decisions alienating themselves and microplastics tanking their sperm counts, I'll be glad to see the moid population greatly reduce in the future

No. 1420215

>multiple posters suddenly cannot read in favor of your argument

No. 1420216

File: 1669309817221.jpeg (59.61 KB, 622x602, 1643769516977.jpeg)

>not all men

No. 1420217

You're wrong (don't worry, you'll recover). Move on.

No. 1420218

I did say the IQ was lowered by twitter users, and that's becoming clearer and clearer as the thread goes on.

No. 1420219

Sorry, but you'll never meme women into thinking that giving random males orgasms is feminist.

No. 1420221

Kek yes exactly

No. 1420222

Schizo anon vpn hopping to samefag her unpopular misogynistic view of women who have sex with men.

Moral of the story: Just don't admit on lolcow that you fuck men and your life isn't a trainwreck for it.

No. 1420223

Men with small dicks are worthless.

No. 1420224

Men are only useful when they die in wars that other men started

No. 1420225

you retards keep calling women whores in the name of feminism and us actually normal women will support other women and occasionally sleep with moids we like and find attractive. you’re worse than my literal muslim fundamentalist father.

No. 1420226

I'm just pointing out that casual hookup anon did mock men with small cocks and suddenly all this morality policing about being celibate or only fucking a designated Nigelrino appeared…

No. 1420227

I think my melody's design is generic as hell, i prefer pompompurin, he's cute and chunky.

Also Kuromi has way better chemistry with badtz-maru

No. 1420229

Men with big dicks are also worthless. And so are men with medium sized dicks.

No. 1420231

Maybe not unpopular here, but making lesbian out of well-known female characters from old classic series is very cheap move and overall stupid.

No. 1420232

No. 1420234

All men are disgusting and sexually worthless.

No. 1420241

I think that's why there's so much blowback happening not just in this thread, but in general. They're afraid, and keep trying to get us to change our minds in the weakest, most moid-tier ways possible ("fucking femcel whores", "your pussy probably stinks anyway bitch", "you will die an old cat lady spinster", etc).

No. 1420242

Men are completely worthless and i don't care if they ignore me because i am ugly.

No. 1420243

Imagine needing and yearning for an unwashed male, or multiple, for validation kek. And you cant tell me its for pleasure because men are terrible and selfish in bed. Also they stink and their stink will rub off on you. Truly pathetic. It's like the old saying goes, you lie down with dogs you'll get up with fleas

No. 1420246

All I'm saying is that there seems to be a majority of men and a small percentage of women really pushing the narrative that most women are emotionally decimated after sex and will never recover unless they commit to a scrote or force themselves to be single against their own desires because having sex with men we don't see marrying is like the worst and most risky thing we can do with no exceptions.
Just, weirdness, but concidence, I'm sure……

No. 1420247

Congrats nonny, you have the most popular opinion in the unpopular opinions thread

No. 1420250

>I had bad sex and you must have bad sex too!
Imagine admitting this.

No. 1420252

How many times are you going to repost this "It's unfeminist to not fuck tons of men actually" take? Enough of the schizoposts, we don't want it.

No. 1420253

>enough schizoposts
Then stop typing, schizarella.

No. 1420255

i just find it really sad that you can’t accept that other women have sex. you can be against it but why do you have to speak of these things with such degrading language.

No. 1420256

Men hit the wall at 20-25. I think it's so funny watching them go bald because they start freaking out. have you guys ever visited any 30 plus beauty space on the internet? It's full of men having a crisis about being ugly and old, begging women to tell them how to look better/younger kek. And most of these scrotes aren't even close to 30 but sure do look like it. Men age like curdled milk. Male pattern baldness so egg headed and ugly I would kill myself if I were a man

No. 1420258

This is a woman's board. You'll be an incel for life, and none of us pity you.

No. 1420259

literally nobody said that, the problem was you essentially started calling women who have sex with men whores with stinky vaginas.

No. 1420260

Men freaking out over going bald is so weird to me, it's not like the majority of them took care or styled their hair anyway.

No. 1420262

He/She/It is a schizo and their motive is to just shitpost and pretend to be retarded at this point in order to bury their really shit take.

No. 1420265

Except I never did either of those things. Why are we arguing like this about whether hookup culture is positive or negative? Sane women who hook up don't act like mentally deranged scrotes DARVO'ing left and right and calling everyone a femcel bitch/whore.

No. 1420266

Those of us who are actually straight women (even the ones in long term relationships with a moid) are not offended by this kind of comment. It's not like she's telling any lies.

No. 1420273

The relationships advice threads shows how big of a bunch of clowns these nonnies are defending their retarded sexual escapades with random crusty men and enduring relationships with said crusty moids, then asking for advice when it should be fucking obvious. I don't feel sorry when they get hurt tbh, they are literally not worth the time and energy trying to coddle a grown woman sworn to make the same mistakes until she dies. I don't care if it's victim blaming, but pretending to feel bad even with my own friends is so annoying.

No. 1420274

Some lolcow users are just as demented and disgusting as their 4chan incel counterparts. Imagine being a burger and spending your thanksgiving screeching at complete strangers that their pussy smells. Get friends.

No. 1420276

It's either a retarded scrote, or a typical lost libfem who heard about this place from Twitter, and is mad we don't share her opinions. Very soon, we'll start seeing posts complaining all the transphobia on this site, "unpopular opinions" that misandry is bad, and someone will start spamming "sex work is real work" in all-caps whenever we try to talk about prostitution being bad.

No. 1420277

Casual sex kind of messed up the dating scene. These days men are so used to women busting it wide open they feel obligated to get a bj after a 20$ meal. Men aren’t even excited by women anymore.

No. 1420278

No one called you anything that you weren't flinging as insults first.
It's called consequences, just like the ones you're threatening hookupchans with. No one feels sorry for you.

No. 1420279

Male bodies are unsightly and nasty. It grosses me out to know how men dont wash their assholes or wipe properly so the poop filled sweat accumulating in a man's hairy ass crack drips down his balls and makes everything toxic and stinky. Its also gross that most men smell like piss and have piss/shit stained underwear. It's so funny that men can't even be bothered to wash and wipe their ass properly but expect the opposite gender to respect them, desire them, or see them as masculine.

No. 1420280

Exactly anon, she is offended her own bad discissions are being attacked. Nobody ever actually said sex in general was bad, rather hooking up was bad.

No. 1420281

>men's porn addiction and obesity as the number one cause of sexual dysfunction is totally the fault of women fucking


No. 1420285

>No one feels sorry for you.
This is a bitter response to it being said that no one pities incels, kek. Men can't help but go mask-off every time.(derailing)

No. 1420287

>she didn't tell lies
Except where she didn't have anything to substantiate her claims, including the insults she threw at hookupchan when she got frustrated enough.

No. 1420288

I don't pity incels. There, see, we can agree on things yaaaaay~
Now stop being a contrarian schiz.

No. 1420289

Men will go on for days insisting women have stinky vaginas. Meanwhile, they never learned to clean their assholes.

No. 1420290

Everyone who doesn't want to coddle dysfuntional irritating women is now a pickme incel, lord you need a straight jacket, not an ugly annoymous dick to ride every night. That one moid namefag was actually defending you.

No. 1420291

Women who die alone without a male counterpart are truly the lucky ones. Women statistically are happier without men. Women were sold the idea of marriage because men benefit from being taken care of. It literally extends their life and shortens yours. It's a literal trap and I swear most men gaslight you into thinking they are some prize "youll die alone with a cat" that sounds really nice actually after a lifetime of male harassment or worse

No. 1420292

I think casual sex and hooking up is pretty safe and not really unhealthy. If you are a lesbian.

No. 1420295

They really do. The funny thing is, they mock us for having skincare routines, but end up crying and try to reverse time when they predictably age like shit after years of alcohol, drugs, unprotected sun exposure, etc. It's weird because even the scuzziest woman in her 20s tends to look younger than balding moids in her same age range.

No. 1420296

You're either responding to the wrong person, or you're the incel in question who's been samefagging so much you forgot who's on your side and who isn't.

No. 1420297

Hook up culture is destructive and so is the person (moid) who is calling vaginas stinky. Glad we can agree.

No. 1420298

Well throw me in a padded room then nonnie. This discussion has made me lose my mind.

No. 1420299

Exactly. "Anna oop you will die alone chile" is still better than ending up with some scrote.
What's interesting is that all the manosphere guys seem to insist women are fiending for marriage and want men to ask them, but in my own experience, men are the first to bring it up. They know their window of opportunity is closing fast, and fewer women than ever give a fuck about marriage or casual sex, as both are proving less and less desirable.

No. 1420300

Agreed. Let's all eat some turkey <3

No. 1420301

no1curr about this FDS sperging, post actual unpopular opinions

No. 1420306

>when the arguing makes the time fly that it's suddenly turkey time
Happy colonizer day, schizo nonettes. Just like old times.

Unpopular opinion: Cranberry sauce is fucking good and an essential part of a holiday feast.

No. 1420308

Men are always the first to bring it up, always in an attempt to trap you and lock down a help mate. Women are the main ones initiating divorces for a reason. Women globally don't want anything to do with men. Birth rates are down in so many places that governments everywhere are concerned about replacing the dying population with more workers for the future. Women are outright refusing to marry at all and definitely don't want to have kids. Not only is the world up in flames but most men are pedophiles anyway and none of them are good fathers I would never have a child with one or marry one. To all the scrotes, I hope your family name dies with you. none of you deserve to be procreate or be taken care of. Women are creators men are destroyers

No. 1420312

I agree but then why do you guys have such a problem with independent women having casual sex with men which is essentially keeping them at arm's length away from their personal life and finances while they fulfil their reasonable sexual needs? With your logic marriage is a way worse outcome than a ons.

No. 1420313

This is why I come to lolcow
only place on the entire internet where you are allowed to be 10% as unhinged as the average male online

No. 1420315

stop replying to the moid everyone

No. 1420317

My unpopular opinion is that Infighting is fun.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1420321

my unpopular opinion is that i don't believe 98% of people who claim to have adhd or other disorders

No. 1420322

You need an unwashed scrote to fulfill you sexually? Gross and sad but do your thing I guess kek

No. 1420326

Deflecting your ballstank by calling other posters moids isn't gonna make you less suspicious.

Men deserve to be used up and die.

I hope more older women ditch their useless Nigels, spend money on themselves, and enjoy their good years fucking younger men with large cocks and who take them on nice vacations. So there.

No. 1420330

Nothing can reverse the fact that you called hookupchan's pussy smelly first BUT you are certainly the last to still be mad about it. Your pussy must be really stanky to be banging on about it still. Let it go.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1420333

The male life span needs to be shortened considerably. I would say that majority need to be sterilized at an early age but luckily it looks like microplastics is already phasing them out for us. Slowly but surely. Men should eat more plastic and poison food, do hard labor,and die early. As nature intended

No. 1420334

He's still at it, even though multiple people have called him out. Must make him mald that he's not convincing anyone with the failed gaslighting attempts and increased misogyny.

No. 1420343

>enjoy their good years fucking younger men with large cocks and who take them on nice vacations.
Remember when there were some hyper-persistent posters seething about just this, with some even trying to claim old scrotes are better, kek? They acted a lot like the deflecting scrote(s) going on about the vaginas and loneliness of women who won't sleep with them ITT.(derailing)

No. 1420346

I think old lonely scrotes in nursing homes deserve subpar care. If you're a nurse in a retirement home, you should only do the bare minimum to keep him breathing so you can continue to make money off of him as a patient. This also goes for nurses and wives taking care of disabled scrotes.

No. 1420349

yeah, there is a CORRELATION between countries with a porn ban, but what ELSE is correlated and might be a better comparison? surely not certain religions and traditional cultures.

No. 1420352

Unpopular(?) opinion checking in that Batman is better than all of the Marvel heroes put together. They can go take a hike but leave me my Bruce Wayne.

No. 1420367

I miss when there was at most 2 blockbuster/superhero movies a year. It was actually exciting to watch

No. 1420370

Based and true

No. 1420374

> "women limiting themselves"
implying limiting our putting out is limiting us, think about that

No. 1420386

Its perfectly fine to gatekeep music

No. 1420387

Gatekeeping is good in most cases. People should gatekeep more.

No. 1420390

Sex isn't a need, framing it as such is toxic especially with incel aggrieved entitlement being a thing. Hook-ups are usually just a net negative for most women. Obviously there's some women that are able to completely detach themselves from it and solely care about getting off, but making default the experiences of women like this is…odd. They're the exception, not the rule. Abstractions like "sex is a need" distract from how few women get off from sex or inequalities like how men on average benefit more with much less risks. Like it or no…STDs, pregnancy, managing birth control - hormonal BC can fuck things up or be painful, having to deal with potentially dangerous or misogynistic men, etc…these inequalities are hard baked into our very bodies and realities, whether or not we like it. So, yeah, it's whatever if a woman wants to hook up, it's just extremely unlikely to bring her palpable benefit so it's usually overcompensation of some kind. That's why you start seeing women get so broken by the system they base their sexuality as being important to reclaiming our power; i.e., >>1420126
when…it actually doesn't matter that much. It's a feeling. Like, if we all were locked in a dungeon and had 0 power, wouldn't being into weird dungeon…stuff be empowering?(dont start this shit again)

No. 1420391

Cartoons, Anime, YA, etc. are for children and it's cringe as fuck when adults brag about YA books they read.

No. 1420395

Sex isn't a need, but I can't have sex for 4 weeks because of surgery and I'm 2 weeks and a day into it and I can't wait until my boyfriend can fuck the life out of me. I'm horny af.

No. 1420397

For example: tiktok
Its completely ruined a lot of good and underground music especially from the past. Even newer artists suffer because nothing is gatekept by real fans, look at Steve lacey. In some ways I miss the old days where everything wasn't so over saturated and so easily accessible. Really set a difference between people who listened to bandwagon mainstream radio music and those who actually wanted to find good music tailor made to their unique taste. Something different and maybe even meaningful to you. Ever so often some of my favorite lesser known songs from over a decade ago get turned into 30 second tiktok trends and it absolutely ruins the song for me.

No. 1420410

Burger King > McDonalds

No. 1420419

Agree, I’ve managed to lose my interest in anime finally, feels so freeing . Anime is dangerous.

No. 1420500

no cuz you’re actually mentally ill

No. 1420505

Quit reading the bible. The people who built the pyramids were paid workers who got to eat meat and beer. Because of their work, they were also ensured proper burials for themselves and their families, who lived in nearby laborer settlements

No. 1420515

im talking about history not the bible. Im using historical facts its a well known thing that the egyptians had slaves and used them for constructions and other labor.

No. 1420536

men are not straight, just holesexual

No. 1420541

nta but slaves in ancient times were different than slaves that europe took from africa. they were more like vassals.

No. 1420548

You're 100% right.

No. 1420569

Faghagism is on it’s way out now that sodomists can bribe starving 3rd world women into becoming their baby factories. The reason some women still involve themselves with faggots is tradition. The original state of affairs that birthed the phenomenon of faghagism has now been entirely eradicated. Women are no longer secure (we never were but insisted on believing so because having a secure male figure you could get close to without him falling in love and raping you was too sweet to give up) among sodomists. They’re just as reproduction oriented as their normal brothers, and the ring of human trafficking that gathers slaves for their breeding is now ready and growing fast. The dark days when the only women who didn’t cape hard for sodomists were retarded self-hating conservatives are over.

No. 1420578

faghags are no longer cool because being gay is no longer cool. being a troon is what the cool kids are doing now, and the invention of 'nonbinary' identity has allowed normies to join in the fun without changing anything about their lives and jeopardizing their personal safety or social status for associating with gays.

No. 1420583

Good entertainment for adults that isn't hypersexual or boring is rare.

No. 1420584

Even nonbinary is losing steam.

No. 1420587

The Pyramids weren't even mentioned in Exodus.

Unpopular opinion: society does a disservice to people by denying inherent talent exists, because it leads to false delusions that wanting it bad enough and raw hours of effort are all it takes to become the world's best. Most of the successful cerebral elite only work/study 4-5 hours a day, most of the best violin players only practice 3-5 hours a day, most of the best sports players don't practice that much more than the average player. I find it cringy how kids will be on the courts at midnight shooting hoops for 8-10 hours straight, desperate to be the next Michael Jordan. Or how Asian parents grindmaxx their kids 12-16 hours a day in the desperate hope to have a world class violin player. What ever comes of those Wunderkinder? None of them ever become famous in adulthood kek, they all burn out. The ones that make it are the naturally talented that do the aforementioned 4-5 hours of consistent, passionate, strong practice combined with talent.

No. 1420589

You’re right but I was talking about a separate phenomenon where women get really gropey with men they think are gay. Now they get hit with the “I have a favor to ask…”

No. 1420592

inherent talent myth is how the retarded and the slobbish make sense of failure.

No. 1420606

not true you’re just a philistine

No. 1420609

Nah, it's not, the daily habits of the historical cognitive elite aren't exactly esoteric knowledge. Most are literally like

>Wake up and have breakfast

>Three hours of writing/work
>1-1.5 hours for lunch
>Long walk
>Smoking cigars socially
>two hours of reading
>smoking cigars/playing an instrument/whatever

The ones that are total workhorses and do the 10-12 hour grindmax are actually relatively rare. Karl Marx was one.

Sports stars themselves often feel apprehensive and awkward at the idea of kids trying to mimic their career path because they know how much it's a 1/100,000 shot. And they know the kids will be better off just studying at school and getting good grades so they can just get a reasonable job.

No. 1420638

holy shit nona, this sent a chill up my spine

No. 1420640

File: 1669336104414.png (474.19 KB, 512x512, 02892-881489630-elden ring sty…)

spider-man: no way home is the best spider-man movie.

No. 1420691

>society does a disservice to people by denying inherent talent exists
I agree and thankfully the society my family is from doesn't deny it. My sister is smarter than me and has always outperformed me academically, even when our parents hired tutors for me to try and catch up to her. She didn't spend long hours studying because she was also an athlete and had to practice. She was always getting honors and went all the way into med school on a boatload of scholarships. I got a couple of scholarships but only because I had to do lots of extracurricular activities to make up for my average grades.
I realized pretty late that I have a talent for art. I was doing self study from random tutorials online for a couple years while working a full-time job before I enrolled in art school. I was expecting to learn a lot there and to be challenged, but instead I was way ahead of 80% of my classmates. Professors assumed I was drawing and painting everyday for long hours when I really wasn't. It was usually an hour at most because I was pretty tired from my commute home and dealing with office drama all day. Whenever I tried to explain myself they'd get upset as if I were mocking them or something so I just let people believe what they want about me now.

No. 1420710

furries aren't inherently bad. it's the males that shit everything up. if we had a space just for female furries who didn't drink the gender koolaid, it would be incredibly fun. there was a short-lived window for this on a small game back in the early 2010s, but i was too shy, and too obsessed with this one guy that baited me into liking him to boost his own ego, to make the most of that space. i really miss what could have been. i don't think another space like that will come around again for a long time.

No. 1420711

I could say the same about you nonna with your disregard to childrens entertainment.

No. 1420713

I know you're not allowed to like marvel on this site, but the spiderman films have been a treat. No way home was amazing and i can't wait for the up and coming film.

No. 1420726

this isn't an extremely controversial opinion but i hate anime and i lose some respect for any of my adult friends who are rabidly into anime still. and i used to be a massive fan as a child, but i perceived my losing interest in anime as a side-effect of normal maturation. i guess that conceptually it's very interesting; animation is a great way to visually present fantastical stories, and it's unfortunate that so much of contemporary western animation is produced exclusively for young children and their parents. i've tried to give "deep" or generally well-received anime/manga a chance also. but even then, when i'm watching or reading berserk (moid jerkoff fodder. casca is a bullshit character), utena, nana, serial experiments lain, evangelion, etc. etc. etc. i feel that i'd be able to observe a more compelling "storyline" just watching two homeless druggies arguing at the bus stop. or by reading literally any shitty ya book. it's not like friendship-killing. everyone has some "immature" or "problematic" interest, myself included. but i hate how seriously weebs take themselves. lmfao. i actually don't have an issue with my friends who're still nostalgically attached to naruto/dbz/bleach/etc. because they're able to recognize generally that they like these things because they liked them when they were children, but i am done with hearing hour-long critical analyses of shows that are about as deep as a puddle.

No. 1420746

It sounds like you are the one who takes yourself seriously tbh.

No. 1420775

I agree with this. Anime rarely ever uses the medium of animation to its advantage. Like, i would love to see stuff like into the spiderverse, animated stuff that use the strengths of animation to tell a unique story, but instead we keep on getting Waifu Of The Season

No. 1420782

Sorry for not wanting to read about divorce i guess

No. 1420822

look into older stuff, like cowboy bebop, witch hunter robin, nana. Modern anime sucks

No. 1420837

Well, at least you posted in the correct thread kek

No. 1420854

i hope they make peter go on without a love interest before they inevitably get to gwen stacy or bring zendaya back.

No. 1420865

Opinion on the villains? I hated the film because they tried to portray the other peters as murderers and the villains as uwu mentallly ill and not selfish retards who killed people.

No. 1420874

I love edm music but I would never go to a concert because I dont give a shit to have very loud blasting music that will hurt my ears surrounded by drugged out sweaty teen-40 year old's flailing or bouncing while intense light shows are going on. I also never like full albums so I would not want to sit through songs I don't enjoy or in-between performances by others.

No. 1420878

I don't think someone seriously into a sport or instrument would have such massive delusions about their chances of success. If you spend that much time developing a skill you're gonna see first hand how rare it is to reach the top, you're going to notice the gap between yourselves and others, you're going to be shown over and over how you rank in competition. That doesn't mean they have to quit or stop working so hard, some people are just passionate and want to do the best they can even if it doesn't mean becoming world famous. I've done a couple of sports as hobbies, and the communities were always full of newbie adults asking if they have a chance of making it to the olympics or going pro (often before they even started…) and all the responses would be like 'sorry, if you didn't start at 3 years old you have zero chance and even if you did you'd be extremely lucky to make it'.

No. 1420879

nta but i hated how green goblin only appeared for the one kill then only came back for the ending. it felt like "we must do something very sad and tragic" but then got lazy with the rest. also made the ending more miserable for sad points. something about it feels like creators who like to torture the character for fun but not written well in a meaningful way.

No. 1420973

My unpopular opinion is that the “-porn” suffix added to aesthetic things is really gross and cringe.
When I want to see pics of stunning landscapes, beautiful crystals or delicious-looking food, I don’t need any coomer shit added to that.
My guess is that the association comes from porn being made to give “pleasure” but to me it’s an association with a disgusting, abusive industry profiting from sexism, degradation of women and sometimes even crimes. I don’t believe in “ethically” made porn, even if it’s not linked with human trafficking you’re still a coomer. I’m disappointed the tags like earthporn whatever-porn gained popularity. Maybe it’s all pandering the moid mentality.

No. 1421137

To be on the high end of average weight or over weight you need to actually be stylish to look good. I just to think I was stylish now I’m just realizing I was just skinny and any basic shit looked good on me.

No. 1421140

Used to think*

No. 1421185


I think this is true too. As humans we all have things we're just good at, like we all have things we're just naturally bad at. And at the same time,just because you're good at something doesn't mean you have to enjoy doing it.

No. 1421190

i can’t stand e-whores. every social media platform is full of women trying to peddle their onlyfans “content”

No. 1421197

My unpopular opinion is that surrogacy isn't all that bad. As long as the surrogate mom is compensated fairly and doesn't have her rights violated I think it's an alright process and I don't fully understand why it's hated. It's a great option for women who can't have kids but want one that's biologically there, and it's a great option for women who have enough money to pay someone else to put their body through pregnancy.

But I do understand that a lot of it is a moral gray area and that a lot of these surrogate mom's are doing it as a way to survive, which makes my heart hurt.

No. 1421210

when it comes to creative mediums I pretty much agree. artsy stuff is the only thing I’m good at so that’s all I can really speak to. while practice does a LOT you really have to have the knack for things like painting and drawing to begin with. there’s some people it’ll just never click with.

No. 1421227

nta it's constantly obsessed about in sports. Wingspan, height, lung size etc. I wish people would notice this shit in girls more instead of just focusing on whether you'll grow up to be a pretty feminine fuckdoll later and whether you'll be appealing to scrotes. Everything is about being delicate, fragile and graceful, you don't get encouraged to do more sports when you actually gain muscle easily, have long limbs and a massive lung capacity etc. A lot of potentially talented women/girls are overlooked and nothing is ever nurtured, just due to misogyny. With many even high level ones it's genuinely just a matter of having been lucky enough to have a supportive family from a young age. Talent means jackshit if you never get discovered/encouraged or way too late, considering