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No. 1413238

Previous thread >1405221

No. 1413241

Been having ghost shits lately, they're amazing

No. 1413248

I don’t like living with a dog. I have to be super careful where I put everything all the time, and I’ve forgotten a drink on my mini table twice that was licked/spilled by dog while I was in the bathroom. The fucker waits until one of us is in the bathroom and the other is busy to do other annoying shit too. I can’t sit on the couch without him jumping up and lying all over me with his stank ass dog breath and general dog musk. No matter where I am in the apartment I can hear him breathing. Why are dogs so fucking loud about everything? When I’m trying to sleep all I hear is taptaptaptaptap sit the fuck down bitch. I feel so unsettled when he growls, too. Perpetually worried he will try to bite me even though most likely won’t. Ugh and he’s not even that bad as far as dogs go they’re just so annoying. I had never questioned it before, but now that I am I don’t understand how anyone enjoys living with any dog bigger than a chihuahua.

I would just move out but I can’t rn and I feel bad complaining because bf and I weren’t ready to live together yet anyway but he is paying for everything because I needed a place to go. I have to work sitting on the couch until we move in a couple months so I can’t escape the fucker.

No. 1413253

Last night I had the most annoying conversation on the suicide line.

I was talking to someone who claimed they were suicidal and had claimed to overdosed on their meds. I asked them to call poison control and she refused. She kept nodding in and out. After a certain point if people don't respond then we are supposed to call emergency services. After waiting 30 minutes with them dozing off and on, she told us that she had only taken four pills and begged us not to call.

However, this bitch has callen in multiple times and knows that it's our policy to call when someone claims they are suicidal and have OD'd. What a waste of fucking time.

Is this an example of BPD behavior or what? If so I can understand why people hate BPD bitches because they drain the life of everyone around them

No. 1413258

File: 1668788888334.jpg (141.58 KB, 736x980, tumblr_p0gll85QIF1wnvmcro2_128…)

How am I supposed to build a portfolio when everything I create fucking blows

No. 1413261

maybe don't call troubled people bitches if you work at a suicide hotline.

No. 1413265

File: 1668789131547.jpg (28.64 KB, 564x677, a25643429d76add3f4f9508688a3c7…)

Damn Quick-Hands Nonnie made this thread before me, and I spent so long finding a cool picture, TCHE. damn these quick-drawin' rootin/-tootin' Cowboy Nonnies

No. 1413268

lol so you are defending people wasting other people's time and energy? It's not just my time she is wasting, but she is wasting my supervisor's time and emergency service's time as well. I would love to see you be so compassionate in this situation

No. 1413269

Did anybody else's youtube recommendations turn to shit few years ago?
I only used it to find music and back in the day it would actually recommend me new songs. Now it just shows and auto-plays the shit I have most commonly listened to recently. What's the point? I don't want playlists (there is a function for that), I want recommendations.

I always want to listen to things, choose a new song while drawing and then it annoys with the same three songs I cannot hear anymore.
OT but this dog is really cute I hope it will be happy. Think dogs with these fur dots have some genetic issues IIRC, but still cute.

No. 1413277

Was the attention you got last thread not enough so you had to post this again

No. 1413304

NTA, but some people who call the suicide are just absolute assholes. There are people who are so toxic that they have pushed every single person in their life away, so the only people left in the world they have to talk to, are the people on the crisis/suicide hotline. We actually have callers who have been calling since the 80s, so we limit them to two twenty minute calls per day. These people know that I always have to pick up the phone to incoming calls but there's only me available that night, so they'll be talking at me, a suicidal teen will call and the talker will get so mad that I have to put them on hold to answer the incoming call that they'll hang up and call again so I have to put the suicidal teen on hold and continue to listen to them. I really do want to help them, but we get so few volunteers that I would rather be there for someone who is actually going through a crisis that has a chance of being resolved, rather them listen them tell me the same feud story they've told me around a 120 times.
Also, sometimes men just call because they want to scream abuse at women and we're not allowed to hang up. They'll hang up and call again until they get a woman answering. Fuck those guys, hope they die.

No. 1413307

Honestly it just reminds me of my bipolar relatives when they weren’t properly managed. Their thing was always taking like 12 Tylenols and a bottle of wine and claiming they were od’ing. It stopped once I started calling the paramedics. Every time. I know it’s frustrating anon, but you do important work. Remember to take care of yourself and your mental health and not burn out on compassion fatigue.

No. 1413310

How can someone be "nodding in and out" if they had only taken 4 pills? Was she faking passing out to get you to call services, but then begging you not to call? I don't get it.

No. 1413311

i never made a youtube account. but the homepage takes forever to fucking load because they want to shove 10000 recommended videos at me. and it's even worse when i'm on a freshly opened browser because the algo is wiped and i get the shit normalpigs view there, which is mukbangs and reaction and haul vids and other adhd zoomer retardation. i think most people in the world are rather stupid.

No. 1413320

NTA but it could be either. Most likely she wanted attention and to punish the people close to her for not giving it. She’s probably someone who’s pushed everyone away doing this to the people in her real life so now the only one she can run the manipulation on is the hotline.

No. 1413326

I literally laughed out loud at this thread pic Nona, I love it ♥

No. 1413327

Today is my birthday and nobody congratulated me. It's kind of stupid to complain about this because I know people have their own lives and all that but I'm still kind of hurt, I expected my friends to wish me a happy birthday at least, it would only take like 5 seconds to send me a message. I don't know if I should just live our group chat.

No. 1413334

There needs to be a bpd helpline so the suicide helpline isn't taken up with calls that aren't life threatening

No. 1413335

I have no idea. I think she was faking or she had taken more but realized she had fucked up when she realized we were serious about calling EMS. Either way the story doesn't add up.
Thanks for being understanding. I appreciate the support.
It makes sense you want to prioritize the people who actually do need support. Hang in there

No. 1413346

File: 1668791566794.jpg (269.82 KB, 720x712, 4700883bdc437cf8dacc77a16f9e08…)

Yeah, hate how it keeps recommending me shit i've already watched
Happy birthday nona!

No. 1413348

File: 1668791662236.jpg (51.35 KB, 508x339, istockphoto-1346787021-170667a…)

Happy Birthday, Anon! I wish you all the best of luck and success for your future! May you get blessed with tons of money and amazing friend!

No. 1413349

My rec is absolutely fucking garbage. I use the never recommend this channel again function avidly and now the algorithm has stopped trying.

No. 1413350

Most people will automatically wish you happy birthday if you remind them it's your birthday. It's okay to tell people it's your birthday. If you're worried about embarrassing them and them getting mad then just make it one of the first things you say, so they can save face by pretending they didn't have time to say happy birthday before you reminded them.
It would be nicer if your friends remembered on their own, but when you want something so small and easy to give you should not be afraid to just ask them to give it to you.

No. 1413351

Who would volunteer to listen to BPD people who aren't at risk?

No. 1413353

File: 1668791920562.gif (19 KB, 500x500, 55F9AC22-3DCD-4969-949B-C79871…)

Happy birthday sweet anon. Fuck it go in the gc and tell them it’s your bday lol Do something nice for yourself today!

No. 1413366

My line is for people in crisis, suicide or not. I've talked with some people who've said they have BPD and they were fine. I just can't work with people who outright lie.

No. 1413367

Lol maybe other bpd fags, or lonely people. I was mostly just making a joke

No. 1413370

>big dog that smells bad and growls at you
At least it will only live to like 9 but I would break up I wouldn't want to live like that until then

No. 1413371

Was the last thread nuked? Again? Wtf

No. 1413373

No the previous thread is here >>1405221

No. 1413385

File: 1668794365135.jpg (16.96 KB, 533x534, 1c2a4c880c3dacaa08ccfc313c29f9…)

I recently made friends with another girl and a dude in my uni class. We usually have our lunches together and went to a bar to have some drinks last night. I suspect the dude has a crush on her and for some reason…I am jealous of the moid. I'm straight and I've never had feelings for a girl before. I keep getting excited when I see that she's sent me a text and I get upset when he clings onto her. I've been daydreaming about holding her hands and kissing her for the past three weeks or so. I don't want to call myself bi because it's the first time I've ever felt like this and I've never been involved with women. I have no idea what this is and I feel stupid for being upset at the thought of them getting together.

No. 1413387

File: 1668794617418.jpg (40.45 KB, 564x425, 12668fa639ea7f43ce7f1dff651162…)

I'm actually really tired of people thinking they know what's best for me when they clearly don't. I'm introverted, enjoy my own company 95% of the time and very selective with friendships (not as in I'm a snob, but I don't see the point in forcing myself into social situations if I don't want to especially if I don't click with the person). I have a lot of financial and mental struggles I'm trying to work past right now, so tbh the last thing on my mind is trying to make new friends. Still, people around me keep trying to push me to do this shit when I'm telling them that I'm really not bothered and I'm not lonely - if I was, I'd put myself out there. Instead I'm just being patronized and told shit like "oh it's just been a while since you saw your current friends nonna…" yeah because I'm fucking broke and busy, I live hours away from them now and I'm in a position where there are more important things than making myself even more broke trying to see them - I have real struggles and real priorities and it feels like people are just trying to force me into a mold that I will never fit in.

The worst thing is, when I answer honestly and say "I'm not interested in socialising with this person, and I don't appreciate being persuaded to. I have more important things to do that need to be done before I think about being more social again" they look at me like I'm fucking retarded or just some sort of quivering shy insecure freak, and they expect me to force friendship and conversation with people that I know I already won't get along or even relate to at all. Why can't people just accept my answers and the way I live my life? I'm not hurting anyone: I work, I try and get my life in order, I feed and look after my cat and pay the bills every month, I mind my business and don't harm anyone. Why can't that just be enough for these retards? It feels like whatever I say is just considered "negotiable" to some people and then they look at me like I'm an evil antisocial witch when I finally snap because I'm sick of being pushed into shit I don't want to do. I'm not doing it, fuck off.

No. 1413388

>I've been daydreaming about holding her hands and kissing her for the past three weeks or so
Nonna, that's not straight. It'd be normal to be upset that the guy "ruins" your friendship-trio dynamic by bringing romance into it, but it sounds like you're more upset you haven't had the time to realize your feelings and make a move first.

No. 1413402

i have a feeling my bf is going to breakup with me when he comes back from work in an hour or so and I wish i could stop time because I am honestly not ready
Im going to miss him a lot nonnas

No. 1413405

Yeah honestly I don't have a problem about the friendship dynamic and I don't worry about it because her and I do stuff outside of uni but the guy just tags along when we're in uni, but rather about the romantic aspect. I just feel confused because I'm in my early-mid 20's and I feel weird that this has never happened to me before and being intimate with a woman never sounded appealing to me prior to this. I worry that this might be some stupid crush and I don't want to ruin the friendship but I also want to be with her in a way.

No. 1413412

i am tired of living at home and after a lot of rehabilitation and self growth, i realize a change of environment is a huge factor necessary for my growth and productivity. i can be content here, yes, but it is easy to slip back into depression. my mother and her boyfriend argue often and sometimes treat me unkindly, i feel too sheltered and held back at 21. the biggest pro is not having to pay rent or work much and im thankful for that, but the comfort at this point (and this is only recent since i got my associates) is detrimental.

my issue is id like to finish a degree, which would take over 2 years, but my heart and even brain keep going back to the idea of moving. i know i could always finish college in the future, hopefully with the ability to get financial aid still, but i do think id rather move now and finish later.

now i wonder if i should just keep saving up to move? im worried i wont be able to find a job to support myself with no degree, and it makes me fearful and i begin to want to hide away and not follow through. i can handle more shifts at the job i hate right now to save up more for this. i am also open to living in a new country, so long as i can get a job and afford things. currently i am in an expensive state.

id just like some input, if thats okay nonnies. how much i should save perhaps, and if this is even possible. i have given this thought and it will not be impulsive since saving takes time, but it is something i keep going back to really feeling is necessary even if it will be hard.

No. 1413414

I'm so shy and agoraphobic I have an issue with my car but it becomes such a huge thing for me to take it to the shop, I don't know anything about cars and honestly being outside around strangers in my current state of mind (changing meds, new therapist) is fucking challenging enough and I don't want to be condescended to by some scrote mechanic on top of the whole thing but I can't keep driving around in this shit, me and my husband are currently separated, I don't want to ask him for shit either, I talk to my therapist he just says take it in simple steps which is God's honest truth but it still seems so fucking overwhelming because of muh mentals and then I feel weak and guilty over that in turn. I hate myself.

No. 1413420

File: 1668797180130.jpg (21.23 KB, 390x400, 3.jpg)

Troon IT workers need to get a tailor made ass cancer virus this is getting ridiculous. Can't even fucking commiserate on an eating Disorder forum without getting dick swing in the face.

No. 1413423

Best advice I can give is take it to a AutoZone or something first if you have no idea what's wrong. They'll give you the diagnostics, so you can Google how much it should actually cost for repairs before taking it to a mechanic. At least then you'll have some idea of what's going on and some scrote won't be able to talk circles around you.

No. 1413427

nonnie this made me kek so hard, but we got this!!! building a portfolio is so mentally exhausting be gentle with yourself love u nona

No. 1413433

When taylor said she wears short skirts and i wear tshirts is she implying she has her coochie out? Anyways this is somehow important to my vent because i wish i could wear mini skirts without the male attention. I have so much clothes given to me that's hoarding dust because I can't wear it in public. From crop tops to pretty bralettes, i simply can't wear it without feeling paranoid of men's demonic stare. It drains the energy out of me like the vampires they are. They ruin the mood. It doesn't help ive been living my so called prime in rags and oversized hoodies to hide my body. I even shaved my head some time ago and have a ugly haircut atm. It deters most men from bothering me and even being nice, but ive still been sexually harassed because i know it's not completely just about appearances. When i looked normal, i was bothered so much more often. It made scared that the odds of one of them being batshit was higher since there was a bigger pool approaching me. Making myself less desirable has led to less men even breathing the same air as me as they should. All at once i wish i didn't care. Ive been assaulted before and im unfortunately such an easy target that it's happened more than once. All my life ive been a victim to a man's boner. They need to hurry up and die out already I want to wear pretty things.

No. 1413434

File: 1668797954708.jpeg (80.91 KB, 640x640, 2033FC16-A6C4-42F1-A3E7-EA4B5A…)

I fucking hate Chad Michael Murray. He is a smug ugly douche bag has been who needs to give up anything to do with the spotlight. More than anything I hate his nose so fucking much. It is an ugly, weak nose. My wife is making me watch One Tree Hill with her for nostalgia (we were both in junior high/high school when it first aired) and I HATED HIM THEN TOO. He got to make out with not one but TWO women who were so beautiful, as well as being in movies that should have had a CUTE male love interest (Freaky Friday, A Cinderella Story) to play off the adorable female leads. Also a friend of mine boned him once and she said he was horrible in bed. His “”””graphic novel””” arc was so cringe. I am totally sperging rn but I fucking cannot stand this man. HIS FUCKING NOSEEEEE REEEEEE

No. 1413440

I am on some new meds and can make it to therapy and get my prescriptions or groceries when I know the store is going to be quiet but that is exhausting, it becomes the only thing I can do that day and sometimes I need a few glasses of wine to do it, like I hate the tumblr "spoons" meme but it applies more than I'd like to admit. I know I'm getting better on my current meds (new shrink actually cut the number of pills about in half but it's twice as effective lol) but that's new. The car thing just feels like an ongoing crisis and to get it fixed is really out of my comfort zone, I lived in NYC for most of my life and never had one and since I had one my husband mainly took care of stuff but I can't deal with him either…see how my mind starts racing off a simple thing, that's always my downfall.

No. 1413441

Lol I never get male attention no matter what I wear. I must be uggo

No. 1413446

I'm being asked to train my coworkers, who are all scrotes, and they are so retarded you cannot even believe it. I tell them one thing. 10 minutes later they ask the same question again. Or the one's brilliant suggestion as to how to improve our process was, "what if we just didn't do half of our job? that would be faster." it was so stupid my manager never even replied to him. he's been working here an entire year. or we have a list of 10 events to classify. event 1 was type c. so the scrote writes, upon my prompting him, type c. then he goes and tries to fill out every other event as type c and i have to stop him and tell him to look and read what each one actually fucking is. like, they have the mental capacity of 10 year olds.

on the one hand it really makes me more confident but on the other i hate giving training to gum-brained moids.

No. 1413451

The fact you can go to the store is great though. Give yourself credit for that. Are there things that would make the store easier that aren’t self medicating with wine? Would bringing headphones or glasses help? Setting up a music playlist of things you find soothing or good to listen to while you do things that aren’t comfortable?
I know the larders make it hard, but try to remove yourself from that. You’re working inside a different set of rules to other people. Don’t punish yourself for your needs. Work with them to get the things you need done done. Work to break things down to easy simple steps that are digestible.
What is happening with the car if you’re okay to talk about it and it won’t stress you out?

No. 1413452

We get scheduled (sometimes not) power outages for some time now in my country that last for a few hours (and it happens every few hours as well). It's not the worst thing in the world and you can adapt, it's also a good thing that I can go to my parents when the outages are longer - they have a gas stove and water (not running in my house during outages because high floor), but I can't escape the feeling that time is running away from me. I'm shit at planning in general, and now it's even worse. I actually hope this might help me get better with planning but so far no major successes, I can only remember to do a few chores, cook&eat, and fill a thermos with hot water. It also gets dark quite early now, and I immediately start feeling sleepy without much light in a room. So even when the electricity comes back I can't get myself to be productive. I guess I should just go out and not even try to do something useful.

No. 1413456

Can you not just tell your boss that they're shit workers and aren't for to work there? Or whip their ass into shape by giving them hard labor work.

No. 1413459

I fucking hate idea people. My friends always go on about all the games, music, and movies they would make. Bitch, you will never do any of this shit. You'd rather spout shit than build up any of the skills you'd need to do the things you claim to want so much. I don't care.

No. 1413470

I'm interviewing for other jobs so I don't care that much. I also do like 2 hours of work a day kek. Not planning to rock this boat.

No. 1413473

thank you so much nonna for listening and your suggestions. the car it is something in the wheel or rim, I had a flat tire but even filled up with air something is still going wrong that I probably did to it by driving on a flat tire, I keep fixating on the idea that the mechanic or whoever is going to think I'm dumb because I don't know this simple stuff. music might help definitely when I am driving around but also if I have headphones in in public though I get anxious like I would't hear someone if they were approaching me but it is a good idea, music is definitely something that helps me enormously. idk, all of these are simple things it is just that my mind races to a million possible bad outcomes every time. the wine is a bad look I know but I've cut down from over a bottle a day when my meds were totally fucked to a couple glasses here and there. all in all I think things are getting better but everything even slightly out of my comfort zone feels like a catastrophe.

No. 1413479

I agree, wannabes who go on and on about what they WOULD make/do are just pathetic, they want all the recognition and reward and social ass-pats for being a great writer/artist without needing to put in the work to actually make anything. It's really cringy. Society needs to normalize absolutely humiliating these people into shutting their lazy dumb mouths. Kickstarter is similar. there are people who promise stars and horizons but somehow require upfront money before they can possibly get to work on it. that's putting the cart before the horse and they're really entitled. but a lot of these narcissists have like 1000000000 twitter followers so there is always some simp in there who enables them with donations. then the product either takes 5 years to come out or never gets produced. they'll "teaser" content and progress for years and then run away with all the money when the jig is up and they don't have anything finished. but time and time again people donate to these pathetic retards.

No. 1413491

You’re welcome. Sometimes we all need someone to listen and bounce ideas off of to think of a new approach to a difficult situation. If it’s the rim or wheel. It’s probably one of two things; either the rim is bent and needs to be replaced or if you’re driving and the car is pulling to one side it could be that you knocked the frame underneath out of alignment and it needs to be readjusted. Maybe knowing that will help you. Mechanics most of the time don’t care. They want to get your car fixed and get paid. Just like any business. You’re the customer. A doctor wouldn’t expect you to know how to do your own surgery. Your mechanic won’t expect you to know how to fix your own car. When you have the mental space for it maybe sit down and look at mechanics in your area and find one with good reviews and give them a call. You can tell them just what you told me and say something like
>>I had a flat tire a little bit ago but something still isn’t driving right. I think may be a problem with the wheel or rim, but I’m not sure. Could I bring it in and have someone look at and how much would it be?
If you have a friend or family member or even a neighbor you’re friendly with you can ask them where they take their cars too for a recommendation.
If headphones make you nervous what if you do something like a single earbud in your non dominant ear. It’s what I do most of the time. So I can still hear what’s going on but listen to music I like. Having two different audios can also help ground you as it makes your brain work to combine the different audios between the ears. They recommend it to Vets at the VA near me for ptsd.
There might be other little things that help too. Like maybe carrying a long umbrella if you’re worried about someone bothering you. Long ranged items make most men leave you alone and it gives you something to defend yourself. You could even hang it on the cart at the store to free your hands if you use one. It sounds like you have a lot of anxiety and what ifs. Maybe work to establish a routine that gives you an advantage over the things you’re worried about so you can reassure yourself easier in those situations. Instead of saying of course no one will bother me. Use one earbud instead of headphones. Park close to the store so you don’t have to park far away and walk across the parking lot. Then when the anxiety starts tell yourself I have done this and this and this so I can handle if anything happens. Then work to focus on something else and distract yourself from the thought pattern.
Cutting down on the wine is good though and it sounds like you’re making progress even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. Anxiety is our nervous systems over reacting so every time you get out of your comfort zone it takes desensitizing yourself to the new situation or stimulus.
Think of similarly to how in martial arts they break their hands over and over again to make them stronger when they strike. Right form and skill and the pain helps you grow stronger with hairline fractures, but that doesn’t mean to smash your hands with a rock and be done that will just break your bones.

No. 1413492

>My friends always go on about all the games, music, and movies they would make
If they're just doing it for fun then I don't see any problem with it.

No. 1413494

My friend always talks shit about my girlfriend. It’s not exactly at something specific but she always finds a way to turn the conversation into something to question her or his acts. For example, if I’m talking about her new hobby, she will start to ask me since when she’s interested in that or she will directly say that she didn’t think she was into it because she thought she was like this and this and that. In a very rude way.
I always try to explain myself and I know I sound pretty defensive but what does she expect? It’s like she’s never good enough for her expectations, not that she should be in first place.
She always kept complaining how I didn’t tell her anything about my relationship but c’mon, I say the most mundane thing about her (like some present she bought me out of the blue or somewhere we went the other day) and she can’t make a nice comment for once. And then she expects me to talk with her about our arguments? Hell no.
The other day I was talking with one of our mutual friends and I told him a new course she’s taking and he told me that said friend already told him and I saw the surprise on his face just because this freak probably told him something bad about her. Why did she had to tell him anything about my partner in first place? He never met her after all.

No. 1413504

Sounds like your friend is jealous. Not necessarrily because she'd want to be in her place but maybe she wants more attention from you or something and she's definitely just insecure if she has to be so negative about your gf for no good reason.

No. 1413506

File: 1668802078933.jpg (49.78 KB, 563x417, demons have souls.jpg)

weird coworker insinuated penises at me. he's been hinting at flirting (can't call it flirting because it was pathetic) now i'm positive he's autistic, i reacted to his message with two judgmental reaction gifs, hope gets what those mean, freaky little man, leave me alone! why do i always attract weirdos

No. 1413507

ok im going to VENT and it might be very ANGRY but essentially my mother kills animals just by not knowing how to take care of them. First of, we had a dog who needed to go out like 5 times a day because she had bladder problems but my mom would just ignore her and only take her out 2 times and wouldn't even walk her enough to go poop because my mom was so fucking LAZY. Our dog gradually develop fatty tumors that wouldn't stop spreading so we had to put her down, but I couldn't stop thinking about how my mom directly impacted her quality of life the past couple of months. Didn't play with her, cuddle her, pet her, or even really acknowledge her, but still has the GALL to post MULTIPLE long Facebook posts about how good of a dog she was and how sad she was. I have so much anger for this woman. Then her bird that she IGNORES and barely plays with suddenly has to be put down too!!! Because she never plays with the bird, it gets angry and bites her. SHe then takes the bird to the vet and the vet says she has arthritis and kidney issues. My mom thinks the bird is biting her cos its in so much pain, which is half true, but god I can't stop thinking about how bad of a pet owner she is.

No. 1413509

all that is good advice tysm and it's just good to vent right here in the vent thread. I do think things are getting better for me my new therapist seems great just everything went to shit at once in my previous therapy and meds and marriage so it is a long way back up I think, currently living in a hotel and spending too much time online, but I am talking with my therapist too about little exposure stuff like starting to take even a walk around the block. it means a lot to talk it out here too though.
> Long ranged items make most men leave you alone and it gives you something to defend yourself.
thats what the 9mm is for lol

No. 1413511

>why do i always attract weirdos
it's called social assortative mating nonnie

No. 1413517

No. 1413518

also fucking weird that a week or so ago another male coworker said something creepy and misogynistic about some women's names, and i went off on him and this guy was standing right there so wHYY did he think that i would find his penis ''joke'' funny? autist.
okay i'm not denying i'm a bit weird and you did make me laugh but i'm not that kind of weirdo

No. 1413523

It was always like this with all my previous relationships too. She always questioned the way I interacted with other people, when she hasn’t had a relationship that lasted more than two months (not that I care, it’s just a fact).
Even when I started hanging with my girlfriend at first she kept telling me how she couldn’t do this “fuck buddy” thing because she’s just not that kind of person. Nine years later, she’s still treating her as if she’s nothing serious to me, while also questioning if someday we will have children and such.
I feel pretty pressured because at first I kept thinking she wanted the best for me but after all this time I’m getting pretty fed up with all of this nonsense.

No. 1413525

i just learned a new term.
cut him off, not totally but make it known that you want nothing to do with him off work or that not work related. You letting him message you in the first place is letting him cross a boundary.

No. 1413526

i can see how you'd think it's my fault but we actually use an app for chatting for work, and you can also talk to people 1on1 on it

No. 1413528

I like the thread pic

No. 1413529

oh i see, sorry. Hm if thats the case try totally ignoring him if he tries to pull something like that again and set boundaries (and if it gets really bad then contact someone higher up). Idk.

No. 1413534

File: 1668803294002.gif (759.89 KB, 500x288, tumblr_189f185bba874de21c2d2ca…)

I finally reached my goal weight and my tummy is flat…. but now I wanna eat all the sweets. I have some sweets… But I want ALL of them

No. 1413557

ok i know this is like bleeding heart of me but i really cant get over it, tw animal abuse if you dont wanna read about that, i was reading random shit on amusement parks and it led me to read about marineland, a really really shitty amusement park in canada, which has a bunch of deseased deers who are constantly dying and being replaced, bears who you can throw marshmellows to and seals and whales and dolphins and a single orca called kiska. the orca there is totally alone, it lived free in the ocean until it was captured in 1979 at three years old when they killed a bunch of them and stole their babies. it used to have other orcas it lived with but they all died cause of neglect and its been alone since 2011, and it just swims around in circles or floats on its side near the surface or bangs it head against the walls, their extremely intelligient social animals and its showing pathological behaviour and is obviously depressed and miserable in a tiny fucking tank, it used to call out constantly for its family and its babies, its 48 fucking years old and they can live to be 80, and orcas in the wild are so social that if they lose their pods they will seek out humans just to interact with something, its literally considered torture for human beings to be placed in solitary confinement and this orca has been in a tiny fucking tank alone since 2011. this orca is only interacted with when it is fed and no other times, its in too poor of health to do shows anymore. it bled out of its tail on and off for months. i sincerely understand why people are vegan and think im going to do it tbh, like, i cannot understand how this is happening and its continued to happen, in stupid fucking canada that is supposed to be civilized for this long, people have been trying to get the park shut down for over 10 years and noone cares, its in corrupt as fuck niagara falls and makes enough tourist money to stay afloat. and the owner was a fucking evil man who was horrible to his employees and shot his neighbors dogs. anyways i know this is kinda late i havent seen blackfish or whatever i know its about the same stuff but i just read about this and watched videos all night and i am so so horribly fucking disturbed at the world we live in and how wrong it is. why cant they let it go in the wild and it can starve to death or whatever but at least die free? why cant they just shoot it if their not going to do basic medical care or find it a companion animal. i feel so so sad also like ive at times been neet and horribly depressed and felt trapped in a small room with no friends and noone to see and its so so horrible that humans do the things they do to animals. anyways vid rel, killer whales rub on eachother to bond and the babies stay close to their mothers side and here is this whale alone hiding in the corner of its tank gently rubbing its head on a concrete wall.

No. 1413559

My boyfriend "forgot" to tell me that he invited a ton of people over in three hours after I spent the entire day rejoicing in my pajamas and making clothing. The entire main area is a disaster with fabric and ironing. Three hours is more than enough time to tidy but it just bugs me having to whiplash from relaxing art to cleaning. I also have been replanting my plants in the dining room so that place is a bit of a shithole, too. The ONLY GOOD THING is I get to immediately wear the clothing I made tonight

No. 1413561


related article from a long ass time ago i dont understand how this has gone on this long, also the bear enclosure doesnt seem up to zoo standards to me like it seems dangerous usually theres a fence and then a lowered area and then another fence, in this vid you can clearly see if anyone fell in they would be torn apart instantly by starving bears. i wanna die like i cant believe, there just that orca sitting there in a fucking bathtub and noone does anything, noone cares, no one can do anything, like its existence is just a state of eternal loneliness and boredom and no one can do anything because this beautiful complex intelligient living thing is just considered a piece of property

No. 1413562

sincerely hoping he's helping you out with the cleaning considering the fact he completely surprised you with that, i get it's your mess but it's his fault for not saying anything earlier

No. 1413566

People like you shouldn’t be doing this job. And I say that as someone in healthcare. You have no empathy.

No. 1413567

Oh he is! He also apologized because he kinda forgot until a few hours ago when one of the people reminded him, kek

No. 1413572

no that's completely thoughtless. you should let people know if you're having guests over

No. 1413576

I get so frustrated when I look into my closet, analyze every single item and outfit, try them on in different combinations for hours a week, and struggle to find the "right" clothes for the day… When most of my days not wearing work uniform are just sitting alone at home or errands or casual hang outs.

"But that blouse is for potential business casual job interviews! What if I dirty or ruin this other one and don't have it when I want to look cute right away (even tho I have plenty of cute outfits)? What if it's too seasonally weird looking even under my fleece and coat? What if I want to be physically active while I'm out and I feel too restricted or sweat and ruin the armpits? These colors/fabrics just don't -feel- right today (big issue for me). That's too dowdy for today. "

I'm generally very paranoid about "ruining" my unimpressive wardrobe made up almost entirely of thrifted clothes. Maybe it's from being poor my whole life, and also somehow always getting stains on stuff and tearing things (I do try to mend!). Still need to try the dish soap/baking soda trick on my favorite cotton poly blend sweatshirt dress which has been my safe go-to but now is "ruined" by a couple big mysterious oil stains (?) kek. Why does this shit cause me so much stress?! Makes me want to toss it all and do a capsule uniform, but I also really love the visual variety I have. My closet is like a shitty museum.

No. 1413586

Dang this is why I can't stand dogs

No. 1413588

File: 1668806372049.png (917.13 KB, 1090x1004, itwasntme.png)

our new cat keeps messing with charging cables, boxes, cords, computers, equipment, my hair, where are our socks, that $59 pair of earrings i never got to wear, my favorite underwear, cracked my laptop etc. and my boyfriend keeps thinking i did it and it's giving me flashbacks to when i was 12. to preface this i used to have a poop phobia where i had to be completely naked to poop so i would go a long time without pooping as it's not easy to get naked in public (flashback to being asked at disneyworld by my babysitter "why are you naked?" why the fuck do you poop with clothes on you disgusting heathen) so i would regularly clog the toilet. but anyway i was 14 and had gotten over my poop issues, but one day the toilet in my bathroom wouldn't flush. i tried for hours to unclog it, to no avail. i asked my dad to help me because i told him "there's no way my poop was that big" and he accused me of "using too much toilet paper." okay

ff TWO AND HALF YEARS LATER. I had numerous friends stay over FOR 2.5 YEARS where I had to tell them "you can't pee here, go downstairs, the toilet doesn't work" but most of the time my brothers would still piss in it anyway, so the bathroom reeked like a urinal. finally i got fed up because it was too fucking gross to be getting ready in the morning and having to shower next to a fucking pit toilet and went full meltdown at my parents. next day, dad starts with snaking (didn't work, but why didn't he do that after i had told him i tried unsuccessfully doing it multiple times), then gets the industrial snake, then takes the whole toilet off, then has to pull out half the pipes in the wall.

IT WAS MY THREE YEAR OLD BROTHER WHO FLUSHED DOWN A FUCKING FLOATING SHIP TOY AFTER HE GOT OUT OF THE BATH BECAUSE HE "liked to see the boat swim." the only time i have, and probably will ever, hear my father apologize was when he pulled out that fucking boat

No. 1413589

i lowkey want to set a trap for the cat and let my phone record so i can feel the same sweet release of hearing "sorry"

No. 1413592

I have to avoid seeing shit like this much because I spiral into anti civ rage. I love animals, I have a white hot burning rage about how people disrespect them. I can't even bring myself to eat them for the most part because I feel so bad for how our relationship as predator and prey has become so grotesque and sadistic. Let alone our fucked up, abusive dominance over the intelligent ones such as orcas. I feel you, anon. It's incredibly painful to empathize with animals in a day and age where people not only exploit their suffering for money, which is historically traditional, but have the video and photo evidence plastered all over the internet where we are inevitably exposed to it yet remain helpless to stop it. There are not harsh enough consequences for this disgusting shit.

No. 1413599

can you baby gate him in a certain part of the home (at least for small stretches of time)? only thing that makes dogs bearable for me is tangible, enforceable control of my personal space, which they have zero regard for. ironic because the bastards are liable to maim or kill you if you disrespect theirs. the smells tho…god, it takes constant effort to mitigate.

No. 1413600

humans are awful honestly. human overgrowth and pollution have destroyed so many environments and decimated animal and plant populations as well as permanently destroyed beautiful natural formations and waterways. cars are especially awful becuase they squash so many animals and they constantly kick off trash, shredded tires, oil leakage, coolant leaks, etc.

the human population needs to be reduced by like 80%.

of course humans are ust as cruel to other humans as we are to animals. i have such depression because i'm forced to live in a tiny shoebox apartment, all i do all day is sit around and work, and then when i'm done work there is nothing to do so i'm on my laptop until bed. i can't afford land or a garden or anything, i feel like a slave living in a prison. i ust want to go outside and enjoy life but all the nature areas are destroyed into crappy suburbs and giant highways. i don't even want to live like this but unless i strike it rich i dont see another choice if i want to afford healthcare (which i cant afford anyway). we've really turned this planet into hell.

No. 1413603

daughters always get blamed for everything

No. 1413608

File: 1668807543381.png (29.83 KB, 196x196, Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 12.5…)

I basically came in here to post this, Im glad someone else feels it too

No. 1413611

and have to do all of the unpaid child rearing, laundry, cleaning, advice, chauffeuring, loaning money, and cooking. during covid i moved home for the first time since i was 18 and cleaned out my little brothers rooms and they were fucking RANCID. packed up all of their stuff, labeled it, burned all of their sheets. now their rooms are amazing for guest rooms. did i get a thanks? nah! got one message that said "WHY DID U PUT MY PS1 GAMES WITH MY PS2 GAMES" fucking i hate AHHHHH

No. 1413614

Are you saying you drive drunk to the store? wtf

No. 1413616

File: 1668807803105.jpeg (18.59 KB, 275x264, 1606178629075.jpeg)

I want to kill myself I can't eat or drink fucking anything because of bladder inflammation and my retarded moid doctor didn't tell me how to fix the inflammation I just want to eat some spicy hotpot and drink a ton of kombucha and alcohol

No. 1413617

last thing sorry i really needed to get this out. one of the brothers came home and completely trashed the room i spent two weeks cleaning out and meticulously boxing and labeling their stuff, filling in the 10000 holes in the walls because men don't understand tape or putty, re painting, stripping out the carpet, putting in new flooring, then putting back in his bed and 'creature comfort' stuff.
one week home from basic and he fucking TRASHED IT. like, was still throwing trash under the bed, rancid food bowls, cups, stuff strewn everywhere. men are fucking mistakes

No. 1413618

I sort of have friends but I often feel like they don't like me much. We rather grew apart with one of them, she got much closer with her newer friend, and we don't have that much in common now except just a couple of things and memories. The second one, I feel like, uses me for emotional dumping, and is not very interested in me in overall. I actually feel like she needs more attention than I can or want to give and that it makes her kind of annoyed with me and dismissive. I also know how negative she can be about our mutual friends so I wonder if she vents about me in the same way. The third one is living too far away and too busy with her life. Some of the older friends I cut off long time ago. There was my ex, but he just suddenly stopped talking to me and unfriended in social media.
I'm not the greatest friend btw, it's hard for me to maintain relationships, and I've been also pretty boring and uninteresting, so it's only fair people don't really want to talk with me and maybe don't care that much as well. Makes me feel bad anyways. I probably dramatize it in my mind and also kind of sabotage these friendships anyway, idk, but it's hard to perceive it some other way. I've felt like this my whole life, that I'm not really needed and likable. Right now I feel like only my parents want to keep in regular contact, but in the past they were also the ones who made me feel unworthy of attention. I used to have some good friendships or I could be friends with some good people but I fucked it up and was friends with narcissists and other shitty people instead, it was really long ago though. I just wonder what'd be if I wasn't so stupid.

No. 1413621

is your doctors office still in? or is a pharmacy near you? a pharmacist can give you what you need even if your doctor isn't in. i can't remember the name of it but it makes your pee pink and dilutes the pain so you're not in constant agony.

No. 1413622

>that image
hehe…only kpop fans will understand/

No. 1413626

Oh thanks nonnie but I'm not in too much pain currently, it's only if I eat/drink certain things or when I have sex. I had recurring UTIs for 2 months that left me with bladder inflammation basically

No. 1413628

I’ve been to ML and there definitely way, way too many bears in that enclosure. There have allegations and petitions and news articles for decades and I don’t think it’s had much impact at all. Canada is small, cruel and apathetic.

No. 1413630

File: 1668808258697.png (549.64 KB, 598x594, r.png)

Don't forget be expected to smooth all conflicts and soothe all egos. To be invested in younger male family as if youre their mommy (or else you get treated like a literal reincarnation of Satan). And lay down & take all abuse by family especially younger male family, or else you're a hysterical heartless bitch for having any boundaries or "selfishness".

No. 1413634

Idk why you would do that for them. I have a strict “no cleaning up after other people” policy.

No. 1413640

yet you continue to work as an unpaid slave. stop being a handmaiden for your disgusting brothers. start putting cat feces in their vidya gayme consoles. tell your parents that their sons are lazy slobs and you aren't a housekeeper for zoo animals. you fawn because you want acceptance and have low self esteem. take the stacy pill and stop caring about the welfare of moids. just walk into their room and spray lysol everywhere at 6 am, including the nasty animals themselves. if that doesn't get them clean, start beating them up. if your parents object, beat them up, too. they're misogynists.

No. 1413644


sorry anon idk how to spoiler but ty for commiserating. its just unbelievable and i avoid it too but learning this shit about this fucking whale is driving me insane

No. 1413656

parents raise their sons like this then wonder why they grow up and become incels. look at nature: men are expected to compete with other males and demonstrate to females that they have virtues and are capable hunters/whatever, useful, and have good genetics. human men think women exist to serve them and we MUST breed with even the ugliest noodle-limbed monkey-eared ugly dumb fuck who treats us like crap and doesn't even have a job. it doesn't work like that and they get mad and cry on /pol/ that no woman wants to be impregnated with their sperm. Go watch a nature documentary sometime. 80% of men in all species are genetic refuse and will never breed. You are that genetic refuse.

HELLO, PARENTS. how do you expect your son to learn to compete for women's attention and the honor of breeding if you coddle your fledgling scrotes this way? they aren't impressing any females anytime soon and your family line will go extinct. Yes, as it should be, women only have interest in mates with exceptional physical forms and virtues of skill. Sub par mates do not deserve offspring. having kids is a huge investment for women–we won't date lazy worthless ugly moids becuase it's a waste of our lives and goes against nature and God. go ahead and let your little prince rot his brain on video games and never push him to put effort into anything. in 20 years you'll be sobbing for lack of grandchildren.

No. 1413662

i went through months of exactly what you're talking about. if you don't already, pee immediately after sex. if you're sleeping with the same person tell them not to use any deodorant / fragranced wash on their privates. between those two things it's usually the culprit (this is what the nurse told me in college, she also added a ton of horror stories because men were spraying so much axe on their pubes that it was a pandemic lmao) i hope you feel better. if you need to scratch the hot itch just eat some greek yogurt/yakult sabor/etc right before and it should save you a little bit of pain

No. 1413663

My favorite part is when they raise pigs like this, that can only attract women with the lowest self esteem and or least prospects, and then forever hate on the woman he settles down with for not being a selfless maid-mother goddess if she matches his energy (usually after eventually giving up on herculean attempts at bettering him).

No. 1413664

i was a child (8-16), children have zero autonomy

No. 1413668

nevermind i'm mentally handicapped, and no i don't know why i did it other than i love them. i'll still bitch about it and hold it over their heads when i eventually need a babysitter. i'm sure in five years dropping off my spawn with one of them for two weeks will be worth it

No. 1413672

File: 1668811769137.gif (657.7 KB, 498x385, 35628924622.gif)

My aunt offered me a job, and now that I'm already at her house (she lives in a city very far away from where I live), I find out someone else is already doing it. She didn't warn me about it. I'm so fucking mad.

No. 1413679

I miss the "videos being watched now" section they had on the homepage in the 00s

No. 1413694

Having an alcoholic parent is fucking awful and I wish I could have known as a teenager how much worse it gets as they age. When I’m not at work or classes I spend all of my time alone and trying to avoid my parents, just walking or driving around until it’s late. It feels like it’s impossible to ever have a normal life.

No. 1413695

My friend trooned out hard a couple of years ago, and today I learned just how bad it was. The self-absorption was off the charts and I'm reeling. Gonna mourn this for awhile, he was a cool dude as far as moids go.

No. 1413715

File: 1668815938571.jpeg (19.9 KB, 236x236, 91E7AA45-7F09-4AA3-99CF-A81E87…)

im going to go fucking insane. how are boomers so fucking clueless about the web i can't understand it the instructions literally could not be any clearer. if the bright button with buy on it says buy then it will probably have something to do with buying the item. where is the mystery ? are they playing dumb on purpose im actually going to pop a fucking blood vessel for real im so fucking mad right now im enraged im sending detailed IMAGE instructions (since they apparently cant understand from detailed instructed speech) on how to do something and they literally are refusing to cooperate. "ummm i only have one phone how am i supposed to work with that with you sending me images when i have to be on the app" by going back and fucking forth? is it really that difficult i swear to god this person already knows how to do that playing card games while texting their senile friends on facebook and doing banking but this is too difficult WHERE IS THE GODDAMN MYSTERY i dont get it at all what is hard i dont get it. if a rectangle says search on it then it will be a search function if it says profile then it sends you to your profile i mean what the fuck am i supposed to do more than showing you DETAILED ANNOTATED pictures like YOU ASKED for im going to rip all my fucking hair out what the fuck. speech doesnt work pictures dont work i cant fly two continents to your country to do it and even when i was there they refused to learn almost, because i was already there to do it so why should they have to i mean just fucking learn ???? just because you're old doesnt mean you're immune to learning sure your ability gets weaker but going to your profile legitimately could not be simpler i swear to christ
i just want their email to buy something using their account since i cant use mine as im two continents away. with MY MONEY before anyone starts with me. i cannot access the account because they dont know what e-mail address they've used and are adamant on another one that ive sent them proof pictures of the system saying that it has never once been used. i just want your fucking e-mail address just go to your goddamn profile and tell me what it is it couldn't be simpler i did everything i could and its still too difficult for them

No. 1413724

It's always get wrenching to see how much worse they can get, and the endless avoiding to go home to see, hear and smell that shit is so tiring. Once you get out and this may sound harsh, once the parent dies and the funeral and money stuff ends, it feels so much better.

No. 1413726

File: 1668816580889.jpg (48.41 KB, 512x512, download (2).jpg)

I wish I could make lolcow into a boyfriend. Someone I can dump all my weird theroies, share some truths and be happy with. Sadly this place is the only place where I can be unmistakenbly my weird self. I just want to be free and weird

No. 1413730

Recently my aunt has asked me to get her online boarding tickets for a flight. I grabbed her phone and after deleting literally 240 facebook post notifications there was a notif for a new email, I clicked it and it opened the email with the boarding tickets. I downloaded it, TOLD HER WHERE TO FIND IT, even left BOTH, the DOWNLOAD FOLDER and the e-mail OPEN so that she just has to look at her opened apps and see it.

Fast forward an hour.

I am in a train because I have things to do. She calls me and says she doesn't find them anymore.
I tell her "okay, open your e-mail then".
She gets angry and tells me I should open her e-mail and ask me why I would never help other people.
So I asked her for the password and she doesn't fucking know what that is.

I tried for FIVE minutes to explain to her that I need a PASSWORD to access her e-mail from my phone. She didn't get it and hung up and raged against me telling my mother what a little shit I am.
They are dumb as hell. Hell, even young people are often stupid as shit, somehow still getting viruses and somehow too stupid to google or torrent. So if even young people are like this you can imagine or boomers must be.

No. 1413731

Lois what happened to your nose?

No. 1413733


No. 1413744

I hate time wasters and meaningless conversations. I don't want to discuss weather with you. I don't want to discuss what's going on in our lives with you. I don't want us to think together about some shit. Make your mind, come to the final conclusion and then talk to me. We are not even close and I don't want us to be. Unless you are wasting or ruining my shit - shut up and gtfo, don't bother me, just put it back after you use it. I don't want anyone to interact with me or me interacting with anyone. I may sometimes feel a bit lonely but even a single thought of talking and spending time together with people outside of my family make me want to puke.

No. 1413748

Nona, this drawing is terrifying. Also, my main Nigel suggestion is to find an outdoorsy, offline BF. They tend to be nice and chill and accepting.

No. 1413749

Omg, portals to what?? The anime dimension?

No. 1413753

File: 1668817494111.jpg (146.76 KB, 995x785, 1668798596265251.jpg)

Moids are embarrassing.

No. 1413754

Nah like demonic portals or something.

No. 1413758

It’s AI generated

No. 1413765

>sick with flu
>havent' had any appetite for 5 days
>food i bought before i got sick is gonna go bad
i'm eating fewer calories than an ana-chan and still not hungry, this is so fucking weird. hoping i can swing this cold into dropping a few pounds.
lmfao why bother helping the ingrate.
>body pillows open portals and cause insomnia
give her the schizo meds

No. 1413766

I'm this anon and everyone canceled so now I just have a really tidy house. Good things come to those who clean!

No. 1413785

Anon, your post made me chuckle but yeah, what you're describing is extremely annoying. What's even more frustrating is when it's evident that a person can actually learn to do new things using technology when he/she needs it but still refuses to do something particular and very SIMPLE. Like downloading something and putting it in a folder. So you can play games on your smartphone with English interface even though you don't speak it, but the simplest commands in your native language make you fall into a stupor? How does it work?
My dad and my ex work at university, and they're always asked to do the stupidest shit, not only by boomers though. At least my dad's job has to do with computers and other equipment, but still, I'm pretty sure they could figure out how to print out some crap themselves, however, sometimes they expect my dad to arrive only to do this when he could work from home. But also guess what, my dad refuses to memorize how to use washing machine. My ex had to make accounts for several teachers on one platform, and they still couldn't use it. I feel like some people are so lazy they intentionally act this dumb.

No. 1413810

damn nonna i just like to imaginate. it's fun.

No. 1413813

Never sever a tendon in your hand, I would rather have a broken bone. Recovery sucks and has been for basically nothing because even with physical therapy a bunch of scar tissue built up over the reattached tendon and to get surgery again doesn't even mean it would be successful. So I don't know what to do. Another 4 months of recovery that might not even work or just live with a stiff finger that can barely bend.

No. 1413822

Why do workers and makeup stores with good makeup on themselves seem to have weirdly bad judgement for others? I have VERY golden fair skin (soft autumn profile for flattering clothing, Mac face and body c0 matches perfectly) but some irritation and acne right now as I get through my retinoid routine purging. When asking for lipstick shade help today, the employee says I'm pink toned and should get a blue toned pink. Last time, the person tried to make some reccomendations based on my "green" eyes, which are clearly as brown as my driver's license says. The lighting is not that weird. Just frustrating. Wish I had a gal pal good at makeup. I'll just stick to my safe brown shades I guess.

No. 1413823

File: 1668823046428.jpeg (29.9 KB, 595x516, E57BDD5A-DEA0-4FB8-B703-2C1C12…)

I wanna broke up with my bf. I'm tired of taking care of him, doing the chores and giving him my precious time. I don't think he deserves someone like me. I truly care, he doesn't. I don't wanna be a trophy wife, I need someone who looks after themselves and help me around the house without my begging them to. I’m tired of him already.

No. 1413832

Break up with him, nonna, he's a little faggot, imagine how tiresome it would be like if you two decided to have a pet, or even worse, a kid, you would have to do everything around the house and he would get mad at you when the pet or kid are sick, bored or whatever.

No. 1413843

File: 1668824297007.jpeg (113.35 KB, 827x671, D438D614-2B88-489B-B3E0-2E2BDF…)

stupid ass vent but my tummy hurts and I am shitting my guts out in the bathroom my roommate JUSR CLEANED and I feel so bad :-( I can’t control the shits(:-()

No. 1413853

ayrt i hope you never have children

No. 1413854

i bought a family sized box of triscuits for my family, not for your greedy ass to take upstairs and eat at your desk!! you have your own money for food!! i used my last 20 dollars to buy some groceries, which includes that goddamn box that you just took! selfish ass! you whine that you don't have grocery money because you defaulted on your credit card?? motherfucker you did that to yourself preordering a pokemon game! and then you take my food! fucking hell!!!!

No. 1413857

idk why men are willing to ruin their relationship and end up dumped alone malding and miserable just to avoid washing dishes or whatever. moids are too lazy to even live

No. 1413861

kek nona you reminded me when I was in 7th grade and I went to browse makeup with two of my friends and a lady who worked there asked if she could do mine. near the end my friends had a look of horror in their eyes and my mom screamed when I came home. I still have a lil bald patch in my eyebrows

No. 1413864

Nta but what are you saying

No. 1413865

babe let us know what she did to you, i'm still looking for the permanent hair removal holy grail

No. 1413879

you could probably do like, cinnamon and berry type colors. very saturated warm jewel tones. MAC 'devoted to chili' or 'dubonnet buzz' would work imo.

No. 1413882

Saging because I don’t want to get made fun of or accused of baiting but sometimes I consider getting pregnant just so that I stop getting so horny to the point of being incapable of thinking about much else during the days that I’m ovulating

No. 1413884

the person I like is obsessed with someone else. grrrrr…I have no chance. It's fine (not really). I just don't know how to get over it

No. 1413886

>When I’m trying to sleep all I hear is taptaptaptaptap sit the fuck down bitch
Lol Nona this made me laugh, I'm sorry your dog is driving you nuts though. That line reminded me of my elderly cat that passed away last year, she had this one weird toenail that was longer than the others and she wouldn't let me trim it. It didn't bother her but it made this tap tap sound when she would be walking around the linoleum and during the night when she got bored I would hear this little tap tap tap up to my door and then when I didn't answer quick enough I'd hear her little tap tap tap away much quicker and with attitude lol. She was very bitchy and I would gauge her mood based on how quick the little taps were, quick taps usually meant she was mad and impatient. I used to say to her "you got your heels on" lol.

No. 1413889

My mum is coming over and I really don't want to see her. I find her overbearingly fake as fuck. She doesn't give a shit about me but thinks she is entitled to receiving obsessive devotion out of me. She also defended my sister who assaulted me and doesn't see the issue with it, as well as won't stop asking invasive questions about my life.

No. 1413896

I got locked into the entrance of Walmart and an employee had to let me out and then he…flirted with me. You are not my knight in shining armor. Why do men have to make every interaction uncomfortable and sexual? I need to learn to just say "no" and walk away when they try.

No. 1413898

No. 1413899

What happened? omg

No. 1413902

Probably. Never ever apologize to anyone for it.

No. 1413904

Thank you for the suggestions! I'll try those when I go back to return the mascara I hate.

No. 1413909

File: 1668830105181.png (488.44 KB, 500x528, EC0960A3-4D7B-47A9-A96D-7B8367…)

A customer from my old workplace died in a house fire and I know they were physically disabled, I was the one who showed them how to do pickup orders so they wouldn’t have to walk around as much to get groceries. I’m not sure if they outlived their parent but it sounded like they were living alone when this happened

No. 1413923

I don't want to hear about the new Pokemon game, but I know it's all I'm going to hear about for a few weeks. It's sort of pathetic seeing people drop money and go to bat for it. It seems fun, sure, but they clearly released the game in its current condition knowing people would still lap it up because of the brand.

I know in the grand scheme of things its easier to just have not think about it and have fun, but it's just another reminder of why I'm constantly annoyed at the hedonistic consumerism without a personal sense of principle that's so rampant today. People will woke tweet about being communist on leftie twitter and hatemob for gender ideology wrongthink, but they can't be assed to think critically against personal indulgence in their day to day. Mush brained behavior.

No. 1413925

Protip: if you surround yourself with people who aren’t empty consoomers then you won’t hear any Pokémon news. Had no idea a new game was coming out until you said something.

No. 1413929

Can't argue with this, you're just right. I need to realize the sunk cost fallacy in my relationships and just be lonely for a bit until I meet people with actual spines that don't piss me off.

No. 1413930

I felt so bad about it at first but now that I'm coming to terms with my breakup, I think I'm starting to enjoy all the free time I have now. My ex basically demanded I spend all my free time with her which I of course loved doing but she made me feel bad if I didn't. She didn't have any other hobbies other than sitting all day in front of her computer, playing video games all day, and hanging out with her discord friends (which again is just playing video games together), and because she didn't have something to enrich her life with she must have expected me to be a constant source of entertainment for her. Meanwhile, I have a job and university on top of a 2 hour commute each way everyday so I barely have any free time to spend on myself. The past year since I've known her, I had stagnated on my art and book backlog but now that we're not together anymore I've been making so much more progress on my hobbies and on myself. And yes, this was a long distance, online relationship. The relationship ended before we met each other irl. But typing out all this, I now feel some relief the relationship ended. Her reclusiveness, video game addiction, and lack of self-improvement was kinda moid-like. It turned me off and made me have doubts of seeing her as a long-term life partner. If we did meet each other irl I don't even know what we would do together or if we would even go on dates because she would just prefer to stay in her room. I have no fucking idea how a grown ass adult can be perfectly content sitting in front of their computer all day every day with no real socialization that doesn't involve talking to her mom or her discord friends over the internet. Such a life would quickly make me go insane but I guess for the mentally ill it's fine. Apparently, she's had this lifestyle since she was in high school and it's just sad she is still this way after nearly a decade despite wishing her life was different. I probably sound harsh right now but I'm only so critical because I had also been in the same place years ago but got help and forced myself to be more productive so I can have a more fulfilling life now. I miss her a lot still but we just have different values and maybe it's for the best we're not in each other's lives anymore.

No. 1413933

it's 5:30 and my cat peed on my bed and woke me up even though she had access to her litterbox. I'm so fucking mad because the litterbow is clean and I can't wash the huge, thick blanket because it won't fit into the washing machine. I'm already sleep deprived because of work, I'm going mad.

No. 1413934

Is your cat okay?

No. 1413936

Sounds like the right move. Better to be with someone you can see a future with, and focus on yourself in the meantime.

No. 1413937

She should be. She's probably bored these days because I'm often outside and my parents are abroad until sunday but I try to play with her as much as possible when I'm home. I don't remember her doing anything else that's weird, she threw up a hairball yesterday but that's it'

No. 1413950

Well… after all the rheumatology testing I finally got a diagnosis. I have RA, at 28. No wonder I'm so fucking miserable all the time. Secondary diagnosis is Sjogrens and my rheum is running another battery of tests to ensure I don't have Lupus or something else that's causing overlapping symptoms. Next week I start Humira after my hep tests come back negative. So now we enter the real venting. My mother, calls me and leaves an ultra concerned voicemail while I'm in the appointment. Says she's worried and praying for me. Once I finally get out of the hospital I call her to let her know what's up, things ain't great but also not the worst. Hardly before I can finish my last sentence, she launches into her whole story about her spinal stimulator finally going in. Completely turns the convo into her sob story. I spent maybe ten minutes telling her what happened while she went off for forty-five. I was waiting in the drugstore parking lot, nose breathing and saying "uh-huh" while in agony, ready to scream my fucking head off. Here I am, in pain just desperate for the Prednisone to help ease my symptoms until I get the proper medication, and my mother is in literal tears talking about her back AS SHE HAS DONE COUNTLESS TIMES BEFORE. Once my RA became obvious and my PCP ran tests… it's just been a constant one upping from her since. I cut the call off abruptly and went in. Today I received three texts asking about my day and I have yet to respond. Fucking stupid, I can't even stand up to her out of concern I'll hurt her feelings. Even though all I want to do is tell her to shut the hell up, stop dwelling and stop using my illness as a way to shoehorn in her own bullshit. I'm not even all that worried about my diagnosis, I can handle this and come out okay. To be fair, my mother does have a significant back injury which required surgery and she's now hobbled for life. BUT, she fucking did it to herself. This was self inflicted. Ugh… this wasn't even a proper vent… God I'm just so disgusted by this whole situation and the fact I even give two shits about it. FUCK.

No. 1413952

I feel like fast fashion is the worst it has ever been. Fast fashion clothes weren't ever the best, but they didn't feel like complete shit and would last awhile if you took care of them. Ever since shein got big I feel like all other stores have stooped to the worst quality imaginable. Even stores that had higher pricing. I feel like I can't get any clothing items that don't suck ass for under $50 and it sucks

No. 1413956

I wish I didn’t get anxiety everyday of my life. I wonder what living is like without it.

No. 1413958

I feel you anon. I wear lolita but i always wanted to expand my normie wardrobe so i can look cute in the summer. But honestly? Most normie clothes don't even feel like clothes anymore, they remind me of those cloths you use to wipe your glasses but thinner. Fuck it, i guess i am stuck wearing leggins and plain shirts outside lolita because everything is SHIT. Why the fuck is my retarded princess dress better quality than a overprice blouse??? Why are so many blouses in normie stores so think and poorly tailored even when they are $190? Speaking of pricey clothing, i can't even buy them because most of them are made for tall people with mile long torsos with no tits.

No. 1413972

I feel like I'm drowning trying to work two jobs. I wish my life had gone better so that this wouldnt be where I am now.

No. 1413977

even expensive clothes have fast fashion quality nowadays. If you compare it to clothes from 40-50 years ago. Where do you even get good quality clothes nowadays? Since thriftshops get scalped

No. 1413980

Tomorrow is that international scrote day and it's one day I'm always forced to stay away from the internet because of how cancerous it becomes

No. 1413987

Oh, I can't sleep consistently~ I can't sleep consistently, yeah! I can't sleeeeeeep, uh, this is the song of no sleep~

No. 1414006

Happy belated birthday, anon! ♥

No. 1414014

File: 1668846433991.jpg (275.63 KB, 960x1280, omochi-freedom.jpg)

I'm rooting for you, anon.
I probably do as well, nonnie. He got me some yesterday and I just got some again not too long ago. I am completely satisfied.

No. 1414015

I feel so unhappy. I don't remember the last time I felt happy or satisfied with my life. Not even when I was a child. I never learned to take care of myself. As a kid, I was seen as too smart to need to be taken care of. Life isn't fucking Matilda, just because I'm not an idiot like my parents doesn't mean I didn't need to be taken care of.

I grew up poor, and yet somehow I fail to be a success story. I'm always being told how much potential I have, and I know I do, but what good is it if I don't even know how to get out of bed in the morning? How to keep a house clean? I'm fucking nothing. This potential is wasted on somebody like me.

I can't even afford drugs or alcohol since I'm still financially dependent on my parents who barely make enough to support the four fucking children they decided to bring into this world, even knowing they were gonna raise us for years in a roach infested trailer covered in black mold, shit, and pins. And yet somehow the condition of that place was also my fault despite me being a kid.

I want so bad to have a peaceful life. I tried therapy but it didn't do shit and I had to stop anyways because my mom was missing work to accompany me. It's not her fault. We need money to live. I'm thinking now maybe a burden would be lifted off my family's back if I died. One less mouth to feed, right?

The girl I love is across the planet, and its hard for me to even consistently talk to her. I wanted to live, I really did. I thought I could still be normal despite all the circumstances but I was wrong. I just want to be high and numb until my inevitable early end. It was so hard to keep going but it's so pointless.

I need help, I'm screaming and no one can hear me. Please, God, hear me. Whatever. I like lolcor at least. Silly.

No. 1414018

I'm so sorry anon. Big hug to you.

No. 1414021

File: 1668846874915.jpeg (86.49 KB, 700x704, 7570DB42-F1BF-463D-BE8D-A95740…)

I’m getting fat and I can’t control myself. I haven’t gained a lot over a short period of time but I’ve only steadily increased in weight my whole life and I hate it. I’m on my period and I binged SO MUCH. My stomach is so bloated and painful I just wanna cry.

No. 1414026

I've been seeing this therapist for like 5 years now and he's retiring at the end of next year, I've been so sad about this because he's the only therapist that I've ever been able to connect with and I've gotten so attached to him in those years. I'm an agoraphobic neet and have been for a long time, that's why I've been seeing him as well as anxiety and a few other things. He's been saying how much he wants to help me get out of my neetdom before he retires and that he won't feel good about retiring with me still in the same position I'm in now. This past session he told me that he wants to continue helping me after he retires if I'm still stuck in my agoraphobic neetdom, no charge and not as my therapist because he would be legally retired but more like a mentor. He said he's wanting to take me out into the world on a semi regular basis so I can start pushing past the anxiety, he's wanted me to do this for a while by myself or with someone else but I don't feel comfortable doing it with anyone else or alone. I was so happy to hear him say that because I've been heartbroken at the concept of never seeing him again. I don't have a very good relationship with my parents, he really does feel like a mentor or role model to me. I'm relieved but also worried about what this means. Like is he only offering this because he pities me or feels bad for me, and if I get out of my neetdom does that mean he would have no need for helping me and I'd never see him again? How would we even go about this like would we text or email, I'd feel like I was burdening him. He's always sharing stuff with me about his life and he's said before that I'm the type of person he would be friends with if I weren't his patient. I feel like maybe this is his way of saying he still wants to be in my life in some way as well? But then I feel like that's naive of me to think because if that were the case he would just say that. I wish I could just straight up tell him I think of him like a father figure and don't want him to go, even if he's not helping me with my agoraphobia I just don't want to lose him. But I'm scared if I say that he'll think I'm too attached or clingy and I couldn't handle it if he told me he only wants to help me get back on my feet and then never see me again. I'm so bad at interacting with people and the complexity of this situation just confuses me even more, I really don't know what to think.

No. 1414034

Can my period chill with the on and off bleeding, geez.

No. 1414035

>He's always sharing stuff with me about his life and he's said before that I'm the type of person he would be friends with if I weren't his patient. I feel like maybe this is his way of saying he still wants to be in my life in some way as well?
This comes across as him crossing some kind of line by sharing a lot about his life and not doing his job well. It's good you've gotten some value out of the therapeutic relationship you have with him, and it's normal to see him as a kind of father figure as a form of therapeutic transference (which is inevitable and should be seen as a chance for analysis, not something to end). Him wanting to help you outside of a therapeutic relationship as a mentor may be a gesture out of kindness on his part but does not seem like it would be good for you. 5 years is a long time and I don't want to diminish what work you've done or progress you've made but I really am questioning how good of a professional he is.

No. 1414037

File: 1668849854295.gif (2.01 MB, 320x275, 1627179117784.gif)

I wanna go for a walk but I'm tired of all the music I listen to.

No. 1414040

Wait maybe I explained it wrong, he doesn't share very personal details about his life just tells me casual things like small talk. And most of the time it's on topic as what we were talking about before, or something I ask about. Like his past schooling and the work he did before he became a therapist, and his plan after retirement, stories he thinks that I'd find interesting or funny, or tv shows and music we both like. Or if I'm going through something he's dealt with as well. He's very professional and formal, he's never said anything weird or crossed boundaries, he's never been creepy or said anything inappropriate. He's been a therapist for like 40 years and only has positive reviews. Why do you think it wouldn't be good for me to take him up on his offer?

No. 1414049

File: 1668853995571.jpg (109.46 KB, 1400x788, 5f2591229d1204227620f40698604b…)

I'm enjoying the pokémon so far, except for the performance issues they'll fix with a patch, but I absolutely HATE that you can't change your character's outfit. You are forced to only choose between 4 variations of it and only between piss ugly shorts or pants. Why are you giving us the freedom to create our own character but taking away 50% of the fun in making an individual character? If they're worried about upskirts and accidental pantyshots then they could just put bike pants under the skirts - like they've done in previous fucking games.

No. 1414053

Proof yet again that XY has the best customization of the series.

No. 1414055

this game looks horrendous how the fuck does nintendo manage to devolve? genshit looks miles times better and it runs on mobile phones

No. 1414066

it's true and you should say it

No. 1414068

File: 1668856101070.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.07 KB, 190x281, asobe_asobase.jpg)

Male gaze and sexualization in weeb media rots my brain. Weeb girls only have three choices
1. Play along and become an e-whore/draw gross porny shit
2. Try to leave the game and pretend to be an uwu smoll nonbinary/fakeboi
3. Avoid this shit like crazy (what I'm trying to do. Anime without fanservice garbage means the world to me)

No. 1414073

Sorry that the blanket got ruined, but the cat might be sick (could be cystitis), keep a close eye on her. One of my cats started pissing everywhere when she got bladder stones (cats can start associating their litterbox with the discomfort/pain they feel so they try to find other places like it's going to solve the problem), and the other one did just like yours but it turned out he was sick and got disoriented because of hightened temperature (and it also was some urinary disease).

No. 1414077

I'm breaking up with him.
>return back to the apartment
>beachball belly bf smashing buttons at his messy computer with headphones on his bald head
>he looks like a melted thumb
>ferociously mashing buttons while he shoots 14 year olds in COD
>squeals like a piggy in delight over slop when he gets a win then flips to mumbly sour grapes when he takes an L
>notices I'm home but does not stop gaming
>when gaming is finally over he comes over to bother me by shoving tiktoks on his phone into my face
>"have a look"
>it's that new retarded Pokemon game he wants because of course he is a fatty consoomer
He's gross.

No. 1414079

I'm mostly over my ana-chanism, but I don't think I'll ever get rid of my habit of calculating "If I didn't eat anything, it'd take me X days to be back to my lowest weight again" whenever I weigh myself

No. 1414080

File: 1668857040461.png (213.31 KB, 494x507, 1646891106618.png)

imagine not becoming a stacy yumejo/fujoshitter and making gay/female gaze porn of anime for moids like berserk. ngmi

No. 1414082

This, so much this. We need to objectify men more.

No. 1414083

I'm unfortunately with the other anon here, in 5 years he surely became aware of this codependency developing, and knowing about your struggles with interacting with others his goal as a therapist should be to help you find a way to become independent, and more capable to open up to others. The professional way of handling this kind of situation would be him recommending you another therapist to continue your work. I don't think it means that he's a bad therapist overall, or malicious in any way, he's just human as you are and maybe there really is something about your situation that made him feel so personally invested. I think best way of handling it would be kind of a compromise, you finding another therapist and this being your focus - and occasionally reporting your progress to him via mail; but definitely prioritizing your new therapeutic process and not that private "mentorship".
One more thing that stood out to me now that I re-read your post, it sounds like you didn't discuss with him all of these worries and confusions you've listed in your post. In a therapeutic process you should be able to address things like that with your therapist, even if it's not comfortable; please do so next time you see him.

No. 1414089

i'm a detrans woman and everything just sucks right now. i started to identify as trans as a literal child and now after being a tranny for half of my life i realized that it was a mistake. i did go to doctors and saw a therapist for years, and instead of them helping me to accept my body and help with all the issues i had, i was just affirmed as a boy and made to wait for years for hormones that ruined my body. now i'm a 20yo woman with a mans voice and i have hair growing on my face. at least i didn't ruin my body with surgeries, but it still hurts me that my body has changed forever.
i know i am a woman because duh i have a female body, but i still feel like an outsider with women. when i was larping as a guy i felt like i made girls uncomfortable just by being in their presence, and now i still feel like that. i'm so scared that people see me as a guy or as a troon, which is probably stupid. i just don't know who i am anymore, now that i don't have my trans identity. i feel so alone with everything, i lost friends for no longer believing in trans ideology and now i barely have any social life.

No. 1414092

>making porn of anything
It's all disgusting and tiresome.

No. 1414093

for u. I still need more porn of the eltingville club.

No. 1414095

File: 1668858710159.jpeg (203.71 KB, 1200x800, FELI.jpeg)

>making porn out of 4 disgusting nerds to own the moids

No. 1414097

File: 1668858881687.jpg (121.86 KB, 1232x1379, 1648858991300.jpg)

its not to own the moids, it's a long story but it started as authentic autism and in the process we accidentally ruined EC for the moids. It was a glorious thread and time in /co/, filled with oc content. Nerd abuse threads still pop up sometimes and they always reach max reply limit.

No. 1414100

samefagging, and for nonnas that will say ''you are just inflating ugly moids ego'', all of the oc content was fucked up ryona/abuse and anons talking about how they wanted to torture the guys, so moids ended up scared and grossed out.

No. 1414114

so its exactly what I said, trying to "own" the moids by sexualizing gross nerds

No. 1414120

I understand what you're saying. I may be too attached and codependent on him in some ways but he probably doesn't see that, I'm very quiet and shy with him usually. Not because I'm not comfortable with him just because I'm always nervous around people. When he brought this idea up I barely said anything just that I was grateful that he was wanting to help me and he asked me to consider it and said I can take as much time as I need to think it over. He really has been trying to get me to work on my independence and get over the agoraphobia on my own but it's been so many years now and he's worried I won't be able too without someone helping me outside of therapy. It's called "exposure therapy" where I'm supposed to go out and expose myself to the stuff that makes me anxious starting with things that make me the least anxious and working my way up but I haven't even been able to get past the first few steps on my own. I think that's why he wants to help me with that in person by taking me to those places because he knows I'm going to be anxious and panicking and he'd be able to help me with that but also gently push me to challenge myself. But I get what you're saying and I appreciate the advice, also to >>1414035 I appreciate you both being nice and helpful about it, I should've mentioned that in my first reply. And you're right I'm going to talk about my worries with him in person.

No. 1414121

did you even read? no one was trying to own them. We are on the same site that has a several posts longs paul dano/unattractive men crush/nerd threads, you dont think women can like unhinged male? characters?

No. 1414127

File: 1668861404580.jpg (365.72 KB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20221119-073253.jpg)

God, this felt satisfying to read. A woman completes her dream hike alone because her man wasn't fit enough and had to stay at the campsite. You always hear about woman sacrificing everything for men. To hear that this woman achieved her dream and didn't coddle him and give up on what she set out to do is amazingly based. Good for her! I hope you nonas are also accomplishing your dream!

No. 1414129

Good for her. Men always try to ruin everything with complaining and being a couch potato.

No. 1414159

I have no context at all but if her man loved her he should be happy for her and not prevent her from doing the hike or complaining.

No. 1414165

Every single guy on dating apps says he loves hiking and this is what you get when you take his word for it kek

No. 1414185

I was up the whole night before with the baby and was having trouble sleeping because the baby wouldnt sleep. My husband decided to order food as soon as i went to sleep and had the nerve to not get me anything even for the morning because "i was sleeping". The baby didnt stay down the whole night for more than 2 hours and this fucking asshole was watching tv and eatinghis food. Then in the morning in some sorry attempt at an apology he went out to get me a sandwich and dint even check that it didnt have cheese. I cant eat cheese. I want to hurt him.

No. 1414193

This is the future for every farmer that says they plan on having kids

No. 1414196

That’s on you, breeder.

No. 1414197

It's so ugly when men act like they're hot. My newest moid is not cute but I'm attracted to him. And now he's starting to act hot. You know when men start sending posed selfies and shit? Or they give you like a ''sexy look''. Or my worst memory, a moid who would "tease" me by taking his clothes off slowly. I don't give a fuck, I don't even care for your naked body! Get under the covers and hide. I want to feel a mans body, not look at it. Because it's ugly. This relationship is about ME. Men wanting to be seen as hot is so gay and unattractive.

No. 1414198

Hes a real winner…

No. 1414199

No it’s not retard

No. 1414200

Anon… maybe you are gay?

No. 1414202

>A sandwich
Not even any hot meal or any kind of coffee or treat on top of ignoring the cheese, jesus. Men are retards with no emotional intelligence. If it was the other way around the moid wouldve expected a steak and mega asspats

No. 1414203

Sorry anon, that's tough.

Would you rather only pickmes and tradthots "breed" so the world raises even more misogynistic little shits? Hold garbage men, husbands and fathers accountable for their actions.

No. 1414205

I’m so uncomfortable because we have guests in the house that i don’t know well and we don’t really have the same vibe. I don’t know what to talk to them about and the answers are usually short. They also don’t ask questions about me/us so it’s awkward and no real conversation comes up. I literally don’t know hoe to entertain them until tomorrow. Worst case is they leave late in the day.

No. 1414208

I'm stupid and have a crush on an online mutual despite having a decent social life offline.
She's disappeared for a bit now and I hope she's okay above all else, but also wonder if she found someone in real life. It would be good for her if she did, but it also makes me feel like I missed a chance. Being a coward, I failed to reach out to her and form a friendship beyond our minimal, public back-and-forth. If she returns I may bite the bullet, I don't know.

In the meantime I should focus on meeting real people close to me. It's just difficult because of where I live and because I want someone who would be a good match.

Second this. Sounds like you aren't that into men.
t. Went through this and am not that into men

No. 1414210

I’m so sorry anon, what a fucking asshole what the fuck. Sounds like he doesn’t care about you at all

No. 1414213

Theres a working mtf tranny at my gym who cleans the WOMENS bathrooms while women are using the locker room and lately Ive noticed the little sign that asks women to handle sanitary products correctly has had “feminine” marked out with sharpie aggressively and replaced with “menstrual”. Since then they have been cleaned off. I go out of my way to make him uncomfortable in the bathroom, and i loiter a little when a woman is changing so i can tell him to fuck off if hes being creepy.
Hes so scared of me now. Wont make eye contact at all, even outside of the locker room.

No. 1414221

Nta but lets not breed with dipshits regardless.

No. 1414228

Give details on how you bullied the tranny. It's important because if they feel you're approachable they would try to push the girldick on you

No. 1414232

File: 1668870068955.jpeg (990.6 KB, 2048x2048, F7F098B8-1DAA-4AA4-A4D9-4BE316…)

This is making me so fucking mad. Why is this fatfuck with money thinking he is carry bradshaw and needs to flaunt his ugly gut with designer purses

No. 1414234

Look at this huge dude with the tiny picotin purse

No. 1414243

My aunt has been trying for years to get me and my mom to talk to each other, she thinks we're both in the wrong for not talking to each other so I have to reach out to her. Bullshit. I didn't threaten the cops on my mom for not answering her texts on her time. I don't end my emails to her with confidentiality notices. I don't keep a secret from the whole family and go on a full on rage on the person who discovers my secret and tries to sabotage their whole life by trying to say they're being abused by their boyfriend in attempts to trap them back to me.
Two things; I'm glad I'm not blood related to my foot fetish father and I moved states to escape my abusive relationship, never would I go back to my parents.

No. 1414246

From what I hear men act like prince charming until they get comfortable and then become lazy slobs once they have you trapped

No. 1414248

Nta and I kinda agree but the smug tone throw me off. Many males wait to babytrap a women to show their true colors, too, so is not that simple. Anyways holding anon accountable of her situation in that way it's retarded and it should be caled off. Having babies is fine, the problem is how normalized is for males to act like braindead retards.

No. 1414250

Every month when my period arrives I regret not buying a menstrual cup to test out. Why am I so autistic about new things

No. 1414251

I believe it, when I asked my mom why she bothered to marry my dad (who does absolutely nothing besides drink alcohol, watch tv and scream expletives at her) her only reply was “he didn’t used to act like this”

No. 1414256

Order one online now! I honestly don’t like it at all and one time i couldn’t get the thing out i had a full blown panic attack kek i stay with pads

No. 1414270

Nobody in my family talks to me anymore after my miscarriage. Now that I need somebody more than evere, it's crickets. I guess they just cared about the new baby and not the person carrying it.

No. 1414280

File: 1668873151696.jpg (43.37 KB, 1080x808, tumblr_5375cf1d530ca5637ad4e90…)

My local "oldies" radio played two old pedophile songs about 16 year olds in the past 2 days. I read a thread about father/daughter abuse patterns being like father/mother abuse (yelling, denying, placing blame on us being "crazy, disrespectful, insane" when you speak up, placating him by blaming the other woman). Yup, that's exactly my life and my mother's life over her past 27 years of existence. No wonder I'm obsessed with the idea of a nigel who'll obsess over loving me, fighting annoying scrotes, never leave me, loyal like a dog, etc. And I'm told I'm insane for idealizing that when men get that from pickme tradwhores all the time. I'm feeling pretty radical today after a month of stupid fights ending in blaming and insulting me by my "father". I guess that's the life you get for yourself and kids when you get pregnant and marry a scrote after 3 months.

No. 1414281

KEK but you didn't have to rub it in

No. 1414292

I am so saddened to hear this, anon. I know know who you are, but hopefully you can talk more here. It's not fair to you

No. 1414298

You have a chance

No. 1414303

I just ruined my friends birthday by telling him he makes me uncomfortable and i dont like him, i honestly dont care because he called my husbando ugly, my vent is that i am so tired of my acne please die already i want to start attracting cute guys instead of this walking rotten trash

No. 1414307

Do non-dipshit men exist though. I have yet to meet a woman in my personal circles whose partner pulls equal weight in the household and raising the children despite both working more or less equal hours even if they're not as fucking petty as anon's husband.

My mom's the same. I asked her why a woman like her (an attractive, wise, hard working, good person all-around) married my father (literally diagnosed autist, views and treats my mom as his personal maid, bad person all-around) and she told me he behaved like a gentleman until they married, the literal day after he had already flipped the switch. My mom's religious so she won't leave and he knows it.

No. 1414318

She got ring-trapped. Men have two faces: before guaranteed host, after guaranteed host. It is impossible to know how his after-face is going to be like and that's why SO many women end up trapped.

No. 1414332

sister why were you ever with that pig. dump his ass yesterday.

No. 1414344

I feel like there have to be tells, though. Not to victim blame women who get trapped, but men are so fucking emotionally retarded and it's hard for me to believe they have the emotional regulation to keep up the facade without any cracks. Women are too trusting and honest and I think they project that on men too, which causes them to ignore the things that feel "off."

No. 1414353

crazy that this is even a headline because men do this to women all the time and it's considered normal. men are such a worthless gender
my bf ruined my vacation because he was whiny and miserable and lost his shit whenever it rained. he didn't want to go hiking because there were bugs, he didn't want to go exploring because he wasn't familiar with the roads and driving was uncomfortable, waaah waaah waaaah. only reason i didn't dump him was because he apologized for how he acted when we got back, but it's too little too late. i need a vacation to recover from that "vacation". all he wanted to do was sit around the hotel room drinking and playing video games, which he can do at home. what kind of an asshole drags a giant gaming laptop that weighs 900 lbs on vacation. "b-b-bu-but i want to relax. there are no rules on vacation. i can do whatever i want." playing video games is really your best life? it's something i do only if i have no better prospects or am sick. he kept buying huge quantities of liquor to drink alone. we went to the liquor store like 6 times on a 10 day trip. he tried to buy another entire handle the night before we had to leave for the airport and i put my foot down and said he was being ridiculous. turns out i was right and he coudln't even finish it, then he had a hangover on the plane. fucking idiot.

when i am paying $1000+ to go on vacation i want to maximize my time there. not do things i could do at home anytime. he's always so fucking lazy he won't get up before 10 am and takes forever to get ready. he also refused to do any research. i told him 3 times to buy himself bugspray, and then he gets there and there's mosquitos and he's whining like a baby and ruining my trip because–surprise–the retard didn't bring bug spray and i don't use it because they don't bother me. i told him to buy sunscreen. he didn't, then borrowed my expensive sunscreen, then bitched that it made him "break out" (it doesn't) and insulted it and complained for 20 hours about it. i babied him to the extent that i WROTE A LIST of things he needed to buy for himself before the trip. he ignored it, bought nothing, then spent the whole trip complaining.

honestly if i ever get money to travel i am inclined to go alone and leave him at home where he can be a lazy couch-dwelling goblin.

No. 1414359

File: 1668876380364.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1598553404983.jpg)

>squeals like a piggy in delight over slop when he gets a win

No. 1414362

Ever since my older sister found out she's ~non binary~ she has been super annoying and making gender and sexuality her entire personality. I can't talk without her without she saying stuff like "[Character X] is for the gays & [Character Y] is for the trans, [mundane activity] is for the bi" and such. She also tries to "educate" me and our parents pretty often, just last night she was lecturing my mother about trannies and correcting her every single time my mom called a tim "he" when she was talking to my sister about a tim case she saw on TV.

She is one of the most inteligent people I have know and it's sad to see her entering on this almost cult-ish circle, specially since she's almost 30. The whole gender non-sense is truly what root people's brain, she is bi and was normal all these years before (I know some gay people and they're fine too), it was when she "found out her gender" when everything went downhill.

We have always got along very well and I miss having fun conversations with her, everything she says now feels so fake. She was the person who taugh me about feminism and ever since I remember she has been fighting for her rights, I'm surprised she fell into all this.

No. 1414367

>desperately manifesting anons that doesn't have calling anyone with a different point of view a scrote or a troon

Why the fuck do so many anons have issues with nuanced opinions and only think in black/white? Some days I feel so done with lolcow because of how some anons act like this website should act like some sort of hive mind. Everyone you disagree with doesn't have to be a scrote or a troon.

No. 1414370

File: 1668876641173.png (1013.06 KB, 777x764, fuck this shit.PNG)

when i look at this girl's art headcanoning him as trans and reading all the fakeboys in comment loving it, i feel rage, and it's such a shame she's a good artist, her art is eyecandy although empty of sense.

It's maybe about all those girls being so blind about how they literally make self harming procedures look "cute"

I read this art as "hey, you can be cute without being a woman, you could be a femboy/fuckboy if you take t" , "taking testosterone is so sexy and cool!"

Just like many other nonette in this thread who almost fell for the ftm meme, i remember how those sort of messages and comments i'd get online "encouraging" me (i'd say enabling) on those procedures is what fucked so many people up.

it feels like the romantization of self harm scars and suicide of tumblr from 2012 all over again, and for some reason this sort of content makes me afraid i could "relapse" in trannyism.

I remember how i said that i'd most likely troon out if i learn i'm infertile once, and i have an appointment with a gynecologist soon to get my tests soon (my periods got irregular and weird ever since i got vaxxed three times during the pandemic)

No. 1414371

It's crazy how fucking disgusting you made him sound with only words

Find someone else lmfaoo

No. 1414372

Are you also following the nonsense in the celebricows thread lol

No. 1414375

Brainwashed kek

No. 1414376

>wake up
>still hate men

No. 1414377

it makes me sad how low self steem tifs have, tims always headcanon pretty anime girls like miku as troons because they are narcissists, meanwhile tifs prefeer ugly meth addicts and old farts like the gta guy. I honestly think tifs look way cuter than the ugly moids that they headcanon as trans most of the time.

No. 1414379

Tired of being dominant mommy guys, I was raised by primarily male role models so now I'm psychology warped into dating low-self esteem beta males.

My current bf is such a sweet guy but holy shit I just wanna get yelled at and thrown around for once. I love him I just wish he had more confidence in himself. He's 24/7 spaghetti brain and cant hold a good conversation to save his life.

Plus he cries all the time, which isn't a terrible thing I always give him hugs and kisses but when the fuck is it my turn to be a crying little pussy bitch, huh?

No. 1414383

No. 1414384

>I just wanna get yelled at and thrown around for once.
Why would you want your moid to be abusive?
>cant hold a good conversation to save his life
Why are you together? Sounds like he doesn't even know how to comfort you.

No. 1414385

>Tired of being dominant mommy guys
>My current bf is such a sweet guy but holy shit I just wanna get yelled at and thrown around for once.
ew, you know you can be a normal person and not some warped porn version of a woman, right? kek

No. 1414387

I was diaged with NPD and BPD and i honestly think that tifs are as narcs as tims, it's just that they're the different side of the same coin, since you know, surprise surprise – our socialization made us insecure whereas males' make them feel insecure too, but in another manner

look at ads for perfume, the woman will want to be the victoria secret's girl and can grow to hate herself and other women because she can't meet that standards, whereas men will look at the buff man from the Axe or Azzaro video and will want to look like him.

No. 1414389

I was exaggerating
Fair, definitely not an entirely sexual thing. I've been warped by retard moids and need help.

No. 1414392

>holy shit I just wanna get yelled at and thrown around for once.
it's really fortunate that you're able to think this way anon. your life must be going pretty good if this is the kind of problem you have.

No. 1414394

Most of that stems from daddy issues kek I'm in a decent place physically but mentally I am gone.

No. 1414398

why are you dating an autist then

No. 1414401

I dont go outside unless its to workout (at a pool, no fit moids there)

No. 1414402

shame on everyone replying seriously to obvious troll b8 from a scrote. go back to /r9k/.

No. 1414403

Nonna please get help and love yourself before you ruin yourself

No. 1414413

Nonnie how miserable is your life that you make sure to reply to so many vents with this kek. I feel bad for you but shut the fuck up and sort out your life.

No. 1414415

?? this is the first time I've said that here? are you confusing me with another anon?

No. 1414432

Girl why are you even still with him in the first place if you're bitching about him this much Jesus christ
Ok tranny

No. 1414438

Why is every single poster on LC 28? Is this a meme?

No. 1414446

i hate how naturally hating myself comes to me. it just gets me in worse and worse positions and now i’m at a point where i’m in a black hole and i can’t get out. i’m tired

No. 1414452

There are a lot more older women on this site some even are mothers. However since there has been a influx of younger and idiotic newfags that instantly start to dogpile on the older nonnies.
>OMG you're 25 GTFO hag
>Mothers can't be on here, get a life!1!!
And etc. with that I think they just lurk or posts without including their age.

No. 1414455

Born with a vagina, masculine energy is ruining my fucking life

No. 1414461

You deserve self love and self value. Its not the shilled self care motif from companies. Its loving yourself and holding your self accountable. You got this, and you deserve to try

No. 1414462

Good for her. Why shouldnt she go if he cant?

No. 1414464

Women who have low quality men end up like this. It's really sad and has more to do with their choice of men than actual children they choose to have.

No. 1414466

Damn nonna they cant handle the facts you got

No. 1414481

Yeah, I get it, but whenever someone posts age number, it's always 28. I was literally wondering if it was a meme, because, what are the odds?

No. 1414482

I was skinny with a really fast metabolism all my life and after taking some medication for years it all feels irreversibly fucked. My diet is so restricted just to stay at the same weight and not gain, and I have no idea what I would have to do to lose weight. I regularly get episodes of terrible mental illness where I don't eat for weeks at a time, before this would always turn me into a skeleton and now I literally do not lose one fucking lb from it. I don't even know how that is physically possible. I'm not ana-chan and I don't want to be thin but I am hypochondriac and it feels really unhealthy and weird and like my body is fucked up forever. Or was I an anomaly before and this is just what regular women always deal with? I always did wonder why losing weight was so difficult for people and now I feel like a retard now. Metabolism is real ladies.

No. 1414489

Based stacy. Men really trooned out so they can invade women only spaces. you cant change my mind.

No. 1414490

Lmao I had the same thing happen to me with an ex. Vacationing in this gorgeous, walkable city with so much to do and he’s whining every step of the way. It’s too hot, my allergies, I don’t wanna go to the beach, I hate sand, blah blah. And yes he wanted to go and was on board with my plans (I planned every thing) before we went. And yes I broke up with him shortly after. Life is too short. Don’t put up with people who won’t even enjoy a vacation with you.

No. 1414497

Metabolism tends to catch up with you when you are slightly over weight, so it gets really hard to get "skinny" and continue to lose because it is a constant battle with your body. It thinks you are literally starving. Try not to focus on looking a certain way or being a certain weight, just make sure you get enough nutrients and be content with how your body is now instead of chasing an ideal. I've struggled with my weight my whole life and I'll never look like how I want, but we can appreciate what our body can do now!

No. 1414503

This is a great starting point but it honestly isn’t enough. He’s literally still watching you, you need to find strength in numbers and start aggressing. Don’t stay in the defensive. At least throw a maxi pad at him kek

No. 1414512

Im considering contacting the gym owner. They can wait to clean until a female can do it. Or, hire more women.

No. 1414513

What >>1414497 said and if you can and want to, try building muscle! You have to eat food to build it which is nice to encourage yourself to get nutrients, and even with some fat on top it can generally make your body firmer, and it might help you feel healthier that way.

No. 1414534

File: 1668885384827.gif (154.27 KB, 241x301, 3794_nanitheheck.gif)

Nonnies with anxiety and shitty family members or toxic people IRL, i need an advice.
Tomorrow, I am going to a meeting with an uncomfortable grandmother-in-law. She is a lovely lady, but the topic she speaks about, her personality, manner of speech, everything just makes me uncomfortable because she is that kind of a woman who snarkily gossips 24/7 and is a petty lady.
But the thing is, i am not even going for lunch to her alone. We had to also invite partners sister-in-law, who has been troubling my life here for over 2 years, causing hell back and fourth by trying to turn everyone against me (i thankfully knew all of the family members before she showed up), but generally she is an extremely uncomfortable person and i can't stand being around her, as i become extremely anxious. She always tries luring the most uncomfortable info as possible which i always try to dodge, but every fucking time i know i have to encounter her i have panic attacks before going there.
I hate how we have to tag her along, because her, depsite being a 29yo woman, always ignores this grandmas calls for 2 years now, but no, this grandma had to ask my partner to beg this retard to come.
I am gonna be a shakey, anxious trainwreck tomorrow and i really want to do my best to chill the fuck out tomorrow despite it being the most uncomfortable 'circle of people' i will spend whatever hours around. I don't have any meds prescribed against that, and i cant take anything that has the same stuff as sleeping pills otherwise id fall into a coma. I wish i could convince my brain to stop freaking out. I hate it so much.

No. 1414549

>at the grocery store
>see that a super chatty cashier is working I had a prior experience with
>in a bad mood so avoid her line
>the cashier I get is even worse and jokes around with me the entire time
Why are you so jolly anyways, wagies? Can't you see I wish I was dead? Stop forcing me to pretend I'm happy so I don't feel rude

No. 1414565

if you don't want to go don't go.
i ghosted my entire toxic family and regret nothing. i think you can check out of an unpleasant dinner.
self checkout

No. 1414570

>self checkout
No. First of all, I should get a discount for self checkout. Second of all it always gives me some fucking problem that requires assistance anyways (item isn't in their system for some reason because it's too new or I need my ID checked). It's faster to make the employees just do their job. I'm anti self checkout I will never ever use it. Ever

No. 1414589

nta I hate self checkout too though and used to make a point of not using it also because it felt like contributing to taking people's jobs away but now I almost have to (I'm the anon who posted about agoraphobia yesterday) inshallah I will get over it though and get back to making a point of not using it, I hate it when things go wrong with it too

No. 1414592

good, enjoy your social anxiety. more self check machines for me.
>i deserve a discount
with creative scanning you can get a discount.

No. 1414593

File: 1668889572091.jpg (47.4 KB, 594x584, bf4f6e9d9d76add64536cd51a1bdc9…)

I have made retarded mistakes at my workplace again and yet again I have to worry about being fired

No. 1414595

oh my god the cashier's nice how terrible your life is kek

No. 1414599

If people being nice to you because it's their job bothers you so much then just don't go there or go to a different store where you can use self checkout. Seriously, grow up.

No. 1414600

I hate work so much I hope I die in front of all the customers today.

No. 1414602

They're probably joking around with you to prevent from killing themselves. If you can't learn not to radiate diseased energy you could at least learn to use self checkout like every other of us with autism.

No. 1414611

>make the employees just do their job
You mean customer service? Which you apparently don't like? You want people to act like machines but won't use the actual machines provided to you lmao.

No. 1414613

Man, cosmic brownies fucking suck.

No. 1414650

I remember liking those when I was a kid. Like elementary school kid.

No. 1414651

One thing I think about often is how I saw this guy talking about being really poor in college, as in he sometimes couldn’t afford public transport, and how he said he was lucky he wasn’t a woman because he didn’t have to worry about “clothes” and “his appearance”. That didn’t weigh on him. What was important to him was food and bus money, and other basic stuff. Ever since that I just can’t look at beauty bloggers who do promo without being a little ill. Video after video, post after post, purchase after purchase…you know, if everything works perfect, you’d think they’d found the right products and stopped posting by now. It seems so innocuous but how much money goes into shit like this, monthly? And how many young girls get tricked into it, like they need to have a budget for it? How much of that money could go into other things, like classes, trips, experiences? Beauty is money: affording accutane, the right hair products and tools, good quality clothes with fit cuts. Taste and aesthetics are mostly shaped by economic status - you can glean how well off is someone by their dye job, hair cut, even style. But life costs money: real, healthy, good quality food that has a noticeable effect on your quality of life costs a shit ton of money; hell, satisfying your recommended daily vitamin and mineral requirements a shit ton of money. And if you cut back on it, it affects you. You’re foggy, you’re losing hair, you don’t sleep well, you’re irritated. And then you have to go to the doctor, and it costs money, and the supplements they’ll prescribe you (which will only mitigate the problem) costs money. Joining that really fun activity where you might finally meet some new people costs money; finding a teacher to learn that instrument costs about 70-100 dollars per class. Not to mention the price of the instrument itself. Taking Uber instead of a bus late at night to feel a bit safer costs money. It’s not just lost opportunity cost. It’s your whole life.

No. 1414658

Where do you find men like these? Discord? kek

No. 1414680

File: 1668895799042.jpeg (136.69 KB, 1125x1424, FhNXzEAXgAMLG-F.jpeg)

I hate that I'm allergic to longhair cats

No. 1414681

i really wish gays would stop saying cunt all the time

No. 1414687

That’s a common misconception, all cats have dander which can cause your allergies to flare up. The hair length doesn’t matter.

No. 1414688

Everyone I know online and irl are in relationships when is it going to be my turn!

No. 1414689

I haven’t had them in years but at least back then I thought they were delicious, in hyper-junk-food way. I went to buy a single cosmic brownie from a vending machine once though and noticed on the package that it had like 400-500 calories. That kinda put me off them. I can eat way more junk for that ‘price’ elsewhere.

No. 1414690

To add, some cats make more dander than others. This varies on both and individual and a breed level.

No. 1414696

I feel this. I deleted half the music on my phone cause I thought itd motivate me to find new shit but now I just walk around listening to the same 10 songs idk.

No. 1414698

Why the fuck are people on videos talking like living in their car is some great way to exist and it's chill fun time and not that THEY ARE HOMELESS.

No. 1414712

i don't think anyone can "like" anything as a kid because they have nothing to compare it to. the mom gives them some mediocre thing and asks if they like it, they have no means of comparison so they go, "yeah sure" and then for the rest of time it's "oh but you LOVED these as a kid." nta. still mad my parents insisted i liked this or that when i didn't, it was just the only available option.

No. 1414714

I'm so glad we're over the "health care workers are literal angels" phase from the COVID-panic. They deserve better wages, which is something my country only really corrected for doctors, but most of the nurses and medical assistants I've met in my country's systems are just short of being psychopatic. I'm not a zoomer that think every older woman is out to get her (I'm not even young anymore), but I swear most assistants treat any younger woman like shit, they're scared to do the same shit to men though. Bad nurses aren't as common, probably because at least some of them got there out of genuine passion.

No. 1414716

Because it's an elite psyop to make us common people feel like we should be content with less. Don't redtext me towards the tinfoil thread either this is just common sense

No. 1414721

How am i supposed to have empathy for these bithes? lmao

No. 1414723

you know what, fuck it, i'm going to say it. nurses and teachers are both more than adequately compensated. if anything they make too much. teachers in my state start at 80k a year. literally no one else is making that, not even engineers. what do teachers do? they're glorified babysitters. sure, pay college professors well–they actually have expertise on subjects and are well educated. elementary and high school teachers are dumb as fuck and don't provide any value to children, and their "education" is worthless and forgotten. they exist to keep children corraled while their parents work. that's it. they don't deserve the pay they get, they deserve 50k not 80k+. same with nurses. most of the time they're wiping asses and distributing meds a doctor prescribed. even doctors are mostly useless and are glorified search engines/medical dictionaries. have you ever been to a doctor? they never do their fucking job correctly, never correctly diagnose you. you have to go in there with your own diagnosis from your own research in hand, fight the doctor to believe you, then fight him to get a treatment that isn't "wait 3 weeks and if it isn't better come back". the only good doctors are surgeons. the rest don't deserve good money, and nurses deserve 30k given how often their medical fuckups end up killing people. the students who went to school to become nurses were the DUMBEST FUCKERS outside of education majors. they can't even keep THEMSELVES in good health, they're all obese as shit.

>but a bloo bloo grandma's nurse when she had cancer played cards with her once and made her happy before she died

a minimum wage sitter could do that.

how about someone else gets a fucking raise for once in their lives.

No. 1414734

The borzoi poster on this site is so annoying to me

No. 1414738

I disagree, anon, I remember myself liking and disliking different things, and it wasn't really affected by my parents. You yourself admit you didn't like certain things, it's just that your parents were controlling in this regard.

No. 1414742

Goetia and satanism is the only thing that keeps me going

No. 1414745

In my country most of the public sphere has insulting salaries, and they don't even enjoy most of the benefits like job security anymore going into the recession, apart from like doctors and other medical specialists. Teachers make almost nothing until they're 10-15 years into the profession. But at the same time it's also true that there are huge employee-bloats in a lot of public offices with people being paid to sit there and don't even do their job. The tragedy is of people with actual drive and talent to be stuck in the same paygrade with those people. Of course people can leave for the private sphere, but some do feel like the job they can do for the public is more important

No. 1414746

lol why

No. 1414747

File: 1668902083571.jpg (73.84 KB, 768x1024, 1643852602246.jpg)

No. 1414751

I agree. If I did that with pugs I'd be crucified

No. 1414777

So accurate. Also glad we're over the whole "the hospitals are full and there's no medical equipment left!!" in a first world country. I'm a Canada fag and we already had a shortage of doctors and nursing staff, but equipment? Trudeau pours money into everything but he can't put some money into getting more medical equipment? I hate to make comparisons but China was getting hospitals built within a week or two of getting overrun with cases and Canada can't make some fucking room and buy some ventilators? And if we're so short on doctors maybe halt immigration for a bit until we can actually manage the influx of people properly and not leave them dying in the waiting room.

No. 1414815

Who are you even talking about?

No. 1414820


No. 1414822

i feel so alone in my peakdom. this site is the only place that makes me feel less insane. does it ever get easier nonnas?

No. 1414826

I wish I'd had someone in my life that could have taught me basic handiness. My high school axed the woodshop class well before I got there and I just wish I had been taught a little in a dedicated space with materials and some instruction. I feel so useless. "Just watch youtube videos!" I have no space or tools to work on anything. I'm venting bc just the confidence from working with someone who could have helped me with all the snags before they become fuckups would have been invaluable.

No. 1414863

try the Do It Yourself anime

No. 1414866

File: 1668909143365.jpg (56.1 KB, 500x500, 1652134046465.jpg)

There's several of us and we're never leaving.

No. 1414868

I hate to insult borzois like this but they look like the dog version of paul dano

No. 1414883

don't you mean the forbidden man? there's even a banner with them together

No. 1414907

I think I made myself lactose intolerant and now I'm very sad

No. 1414916

How does one become lactose intolerant and how can I make sure that never happens to me.

No. 1414930

I didn't eat dairy for like 2 months, was only eating vegan cheese and non dairy milks. Just wanted to see if it would make a difference with anything. Also taking probiotics. I just had pizza for the first time in awhile and now I'm a gassy mess

No. 1414934

nta but i thought the psyop was getting people to consoom too much

No. 1414935

File: 1668912627070.gif (1.21 MB, 275x275, 1667413600238.gif)

I used to think i wanted to make art/games for the female gaze, but after realizing what kind of fictional guys women lust after i think they have shit taste. That Audrey Plaza video where she talked about wanting to get stabbed and other crazy shit made me realize most women are too insecure and i dont want to pander to them. Its probably the reason why i want to make my own stuff in the first place, never related to crap like shojo, twilight, whatever was the popular female thing at the time and to this day i havent found anything that scratches my itch that was made by women. I seriously wish women werent memed into ddlg tier shit, its fine to like assertive/dominant guys but they are always ugly and abusive. Like seriously get some self steem.

No. 1414937

i know how you feel nonny. stop by the dysphoria thread some time if you feel like it, it will get better

No. 1414939

I mean I never took well to milk in adulthood anyway so I'll meet you there but why can't I stomach cheese all of a sudden?
Also African genes if it means anything

No. 1414943

speak for yourself. milk is delicious and has been a staple food for my ancestors for tens of thousands of years. all the most delicious things are made from milk. lactlets can't compete.
oof. something like 95% of africans are lactose intolerant. it's really just europeans, persians, and indians who can drink milk. it was probably inevitable for you, i don't think going without for 2 months caused it.
try goat cheese though i heard it's different

No. 1414950

File: 1668913280019.jpg (25.88 KB, 610x458, __opt__aboutcom__coeus__resour…)

fucking moid i work with is jealous of my skill. I'm an experienced barista - hes a waiter who played barista during covid before they could hire a real separate barista (me). he's poorly trained, which is forgivable, except he's got that moidtard overconfidence and is SURE he's doing things the right way. he's not. he's doing all the things that would be in a "top ten things NOT to do as a barista" list and he has zero attention to detail or understanding of espresso. he gets defensive when i train the backup barista and dont do any of his methods/counter his information. his drinks are mediocre on a good day. i have literally had regular customers pull me aside and tell me i should train him because my drinks are that much better. tbh, while i dont do crazy latte art or anything (just simple graceful rosettas like picrel) I get multiple compliments per shift and i just know im really good with my particular beans and methods. why cant he just be happy in his role and not be jealous? or try to learn from me like i did when i worked with better baristas instead of bragging about totally incorrect information to me trying to show off but just making himself look ignorant…

today he butted in while the backup barista (female, humble, intelligent) was practicing a latte, took over her shot pulling, gave her totally incorrect information and fucked up her shot. i came behind them and shut off the shot and remade it and i dont even care if it hurt his little sensitive scrote feelings anymore. she's already better at pulling shots than him and did not need his help anyway. fucking moids, always in the way being stupid as fuck!!!!!

No. 1414951

I'm mixed black and white, I meant to say, but I have African DNA. Never had a problem with cheese though. Milk and ice cream though yes

No. 1414952

I tell the new guy at work 1 thing a couple weeks ago and now I think he's starting to simp for me. I just want to work in peace, not have a moid who reeks of reddit hovering about.

No. 1414953

Shut up, no, for some girls getting ANY boyfriend is not an easy task. Yes, some of us are undesirable. Yes, I had 0 male attention all my life and yes I do want it. No, I it is not "not that good and disgusting and you don't want it", I want it and you are being fucking annoying.

No. 1414967

Europeans can be lactose intolerant. Like the other anon said, it's just not a natural process. Everyone is lactose and certain people have more sensitivities

No. 1414968

I'm in a completely different industry and see the same thing. Please, please stay resilient against these stupid ass men no matter what you nonnies do for work. Men's egos at best inconvenience and annoy actually productive workers and at worst get themselves and others killed in the workforce (ex: a cocky pilot once started takeoff without clearance and resisted any naysayers, crashed right into another plane on the runway. Van Zanten was an impetuous man who could not be bothered with so much as the slightest inconvenience and who felt everyone else was beholden to him at all times. As a result he is responsible for the deaths of 583 people. They are somehow still trying to exonerate him.)

No. 1415003

I wish I never got cross trained on registers for my shitty retail job. A bunch of the cashiers just quit so I’ve been covering for them and now I’m basically a cashier. I only go back to my old position once every two weeks. They even hired two more girls for my previous position instead of hiring new cashiers. It makes me so mad I hate being g a register slave.
This happened at my last job too like wtf? Why do people keep making me a cashier even though I protest so much??
I keep telling my managers I hate it but they just laugh it off.

No. 1415008

You work with assholes who don't care. Find a new job and don't let them assign you to a position you did not apply for.

No. 1415011

File: 1668917910851.gif (520.27 KB, 220x235, sick lil cat.gif)

Oh no nonas, I woke up with my stomach hurting really bad today (I figured I was just still having a hard time recovering from a hangover 2 days ago) and now I have a fever and body aches. Negative Covid test so far. I'm worried that I might have the flu. Fuck!

No. 1415012

File: 1668917937284.jpeg (119.71 KB, 719x911, 170722E0-B321-42B0-AC7E-B3D94A…)

I love dumb submissive anime guys who get taken advantage of by tomboyish domineering women and that content is virtually nonexistent.
Most femdom content is made by men and it’s either the soulless coomer leather queen shit or pathetic male ego soothing mommy issues bait.
Sometimes I read f/m fan fiction with a male character who is canonically pathetic and weak and they always end up writing him like some daddy dom once romance happens. The only content with the type of men I like is yaoi. Why can’t there be content for women who want to be the seme? I’m tired of reading gay shit I just for a crumb of my type of cute anime boys.

No. 1415016

Everyone is nice and friendly though I really can’t explain it. Do they think I’m kidding or something?

No. 1415024

Are higher ups forcing you to do cashiering? They don't give a fuck about you no matter how "nice" they act.

No. 1415040

I ruined my chances with him

No. 1415066

File: 1668921963774.gif (1.78 MB, 400x249, 46a.gif)

No. 1415071

I have come across so many women as “she/they” and claim to be feminists.

So you want to opt out of being a woman? You think you can tell a rapists moid that “I’m actually non-binary so I’m somehow exempt from all that by feeling my way out of that lowly fucked up state of womanhood into this superior more true state of NOT WOMAN”

What the fuck does it mean to feel like a woman?? Is it the same as feeling like I breathe oxygen instead carbon dioxide or some other immutable biological fact? What does that feel like pray tell??? Oh you don’t like stereotypical modern day feminine things and now you ain’t female? Tell me how that doesn’t reinforce this dumb ass binary that you hate so much.

Sage for the absolute peaking, fucking god damn are all my glands activated for how stupid and nonsensical a lot of libfem discourse is.

No. 1415074

I'm sick of my siblings thinking I'm miserable because I tell them some real stuff like dating isnt what I want right now, i dont care about sex, and that "people being behind" is retarded considering every single person grows up in different economic classes, may change classes, have health or sudden awful life events, and of course fuck up on their own. My siblings all moved out with each other so they cut costs together. I dont live with them because they smoke, are getting into harder drugs than just weed, and practically hoard 5+ animals in a small unit. It's disgusting. So i guess living alone working my ass off to make ends meet while being single means theres something wrong with me. Sick of them bringing it up. I dont feel that I need a gf or she would enhance my life. My oldest sister seems to think being fucked by a man equals being happy with value so I guess me who I'm 99% sure is lesbian means I'm some lonely bitter woman. Feels like every time I talk to them I get brain worms. I love the anons here who say it all very honestly. Sick of the fake "everything is amazing in life because god, live, laugh, love men, and have fun" forced cheeriness. I'm allowed to be "me" who can also feel sad about my shitty economic life outside work. The me with make up and a half smile are a facade to bring in money so I can eat under a roof. It's now how I am every waking minute.

No. 1415120

bitches out there with clear skin on a trash diet kill me when i have to base my entire diet around skincare if i ever want to get rid of pimples and pigmentation. no dairy, no pork, nothing oily or sugary, no artificial sweeteners, no citrus and other allergens. this shit triggers me into anachanism.

No. 1415122

Ok quick rant because I’m just about to head to bed but was scrolling through ig stories and someone I followed posted a stupid ass tiktok where it’s like

>tranny saying “day 215 of being a girl!”

>actual woman saying “well its day 14,445 of being a girl…”
>woman goes on to talk about having her kids cut out of her, spending lots of time breastfeeding, how it feels diminishing to see posts like the tranny’s
>random man spliced in between this woman talking saying “uh huh, uh huh” to her points but when she talks about giving birth he says “it doesn’t make you less of a woman”
>at the end man says “you’re confused” and launches into playing some stupid music and a big “transphobic” text on top

No, that fucking tranny is confused and it is demeaning and I hate that women can’t have anything to themselves, not even a fucking descriptive word to just describe us- WOMEN!!! because men are fucking idiot toddlers who want to coop everything for themselves because they’re greedy, stinky, sorry excuses of a lifeform. Yes I am transphobic. UGH. Goodnight my sisters. I’m gonna flick my actual bean that I was born with and not some fucking chopped up dick malformed into one.

No. 1415123

Anon I was that girl at the sleepover with the 5 step skincare routine and all my friends were like complaining about me hogging the bathroom. Meanwhile theyd just sleep in makeup or not wash their faces at all and look flawless and I'd still have deep ass pock marks, giant pores, hyperpigmentation, you name it. It ain't fair. I feel your pain.

No. 1415169

nuts of basically every kind freak my skin out into those deep cystic ones that take weeks to get rid of and squeezing gives hyper pigmentation for MONTHS. more than 2 coffees, 1/3 a bar of chocolate, too much sugar, my own food allergies that are very large all break me out. I cant eat anything at work except drinks and have to say no to all free food. it makes me hate food. The one upside is my face is almost entirely clear and I have no stomach issues or rashes though.

No. 1415198

I would rather be full on retarded than have ADHD because there is nothing worse than being aware that you'll never live up to society's standards but be considered functioning enough to contort to it.

No. 1415214

i hate those cystic pimples the most. they take a week to become poppable. hurt like bruises and shards of glass the entire time. then once you try to pop them it's as if you're being stabbed, it bleeds for way too long, and takes another week to become poppable again, then it still doesn't fucking go away despite squeezing it from every angle!

free food can fuck off when i am on the diet. all of it has some shit. gluten, dairy or traces of nuts. it really does make you hate eating. then having to deal with the comments from everyone asking and egging you on about how you should try this and why are you not eating pisses me off too. when my period is about to start i tend to give in and it ruins the entire progress. the only time i had consistently clear skin was when i worked a secular job and obsessed over "clean eating".

No. 1415216

It is purgatory. I was born too early to be diagnosed and my hyperfocus on studying sailed me through the early stages of school. Then they blamed everything on me being flaky and lazy from puberty. I found that the only way to be consistent enough for society is being masochistic until burning myself out.

No. 1415223

File: 1668934171868.jpg (82.18 KB, 591x588, tumblr_25f51e97b3563001b09f4aa…)

I feel dead but it's better than crying. I don't miss the before dawn crying sessions especially. Still sucks to wake up from vivid nightmares and take 10 minutes to realize it's not real. My trich has gotten worse too.

No. 1415226

>lately boyfriend starts complaining about how I don’t tell him anything
>start to tell him something and he never listens
>always on his phone, I start to tell him something and he doesn’t answer
>I get silent and leave it just like that
> he doesn’t ask me to continue
>”what’s wrong anon? Are you mad? Something happened?”

>me at my work

>group of colleagues start to talk about something which we should give our opinion
>all of them talk over me
>I’m trying to talk but they keep interrupting me
>their voices are always louder because they SCREAM instead of TALK
>of course I get silent again after more than five tries
>”are you okay anon? Were you going to tell something?”

I know I can change this but for some reason I don’t want to waste my breath with this kind of disrespectful people. It’s not worth it. Let them be intrigued.

No. 1415228

Yes! I almost didn't get diagnosed. It wasn't until I was in my later teens, and it was only because it was highly comorbid with another diagnosis I had. My mom had tried to get me diagnosed younger, but the presentation in girls vs boys wasn't considered then. My heart hurts for you, I know you know you aren't lazy. Your mind is working in overdrive and it comes at a great personal sacrifice. I don't know your situation, but thank you for being strong. Even though you don't have a choice. We know.

No. 1415234

Sorry about your trich. Being stressed makes my pulling worse. I used to hate crying more than anything else and I always wondered if it was a trich thing or general thing because of how crying is perceived in general. Do you know what might have caused the trich to get worse?

No. 1415259

File: 1668941574799.jpg (43.35 KB, 827x621, E7Zu32RWQAEYKWF.jpg)

I think I'm too tired to function properly. It's like when I was a kid and then teenager, my health issues made me so tired despite receiving a treatment I could barely focus on anything, my grades dropped, my memory turned to shit. Now these issues have been solved s well as my physical symptoms for years except I'm still constantly tired. I've been told before by my doctor to just take some vitamin D but it never worked. It's so annoying. My family treats me like a lazy bitch for mostly spending my time at home sleeping when I work 40h a week and sometimes more and when I try to go outside to socialize with my friends, when I told my mother that the gynecologist very recently confirmed that I'm tired as a symptom of my health issues after other specialists confirmed it for now two decades in a row she pretended to not hear that.

No. 1415267

You can't stand your parents? Imagine trying your luck with strangers and now having less money. Suck it up and don't lose focus of your end goal. Save up all you can now so you have money to move out when you graduate and focus on securing a job with your uni before you graduate.

Find a club, volunteer at your uni/community so you can avoid being at home. Keep yourself busy. You feel too sheltered because you probably have no friends and haven't met different people at school to interact with. Get involved, even if you've never left your city, meeting and working with new people and on your own interests/hobbies will help you grow.

If you choose to move, remember that you will have to work more hours to pay for rent. Can you balance work and uni? Cooking for yourself? Will you get paid enough to have a little left over for you to enjoy or will you be living paycheck to paycheck?

I know trying to finish school while living in an unsupportive, shitty environment can be frustrating but time will fly if you keep focused and stay busy. I wish you the best nonna, power through.

No. 1415271

We're becoming more lactose intolerant because milk pasteurization removes the enzymes that help us digest that milk. Raw milk is illegal to sell because Big Farma has capitalized on selling lactose intolerance. Now we have lactose free milk, which involves even more warehouse activity, when this all could be avoided by not even pasteurizing the milk in the first place. Raw milk being illegal because of "harmful bacteria" when you can buy raw chicken at the store with no problem for the same harmful bacterias really makes you think.

No. 1415282

lactose tolerance is use it or lose it. In countries with high dairy consumption, i.e. colder climates, you ingest more dairy after weaning. Meanwhile in cultures where they're not so dairy obsessed (the obsession is understandable due to climate differences), you lose your ability to digest lactose. You produce the enzyme you need to digest milk yourself, until you stop ingesting it, then your body stops producing it because it's not necessary anymore. There is no lactase in raw milk, it's something your own body produces, until it doesn't. Epigenetics and all that.

No. 1415294

You can sell raw chicken because you should cook it, that kills that bacteria. You can't sell raw milk because it's very common to use milk uncooked. You want to drink e. coli nonna?

No. 1415296

File: 1668945654873.jpeg (1.57 MB, 4032x3024, 93F69AAB-A60F-4447-8CA9-A88839…)

I’m on holiday and i hate that everything needs to be bought. Im cold and i want warmth and i need to buy something. My hotel is awful with disgusting snorting coughing men, there’s a cute mouse there and i caught it eating my cookies last night and good for it to be honest. Sorry for the mess but heres a pic. I also started my period when on the flight here so sucks extra hard.

No. 1415298

What's your blanket, nonny?

No. 1415308

Get a nice warm blanket nonny. Where are you on holiday?

No. 1415326

File: 1668948730632.jpg (17.31 KB, 400x400, 1629579236946.jpg)

I complained about it once, I'll complain about it twice, why do my sex dreams always end up being deeply disturbing? I'd rather have dreamless nights than that

No. 1415331

I'm sorry nona, I understand. hope waking up wasn't as bad as vidrel but sometimes it just is.
would a gentle morning shitpost help?

No. 1415333

Its one of those snoodies so you wear it, I bought it just yesterday and it’s extremely warm.
The issue is that I don't feel comfortable in the hotel because there’s so many loud men and the walls are so thin, i came back to my room and wore it because i was cold but was driven out. Why are men so full of phlegm all the time?

I’m in Amsterdam which is lovely despite the rampant commercialism and have currently found what I was looking for in the tropical area of the botanical gardens. Its warm and i don’t have to actively consume to exist here.

No. 1415340

One of my coworkers look eerily similar to my husbando and it makes me question whether my manifestation for my husbando irl actually worked

No. 1415342

File: 1668950990504.jpg (14.6 KB, 226x275, 1659861617312.jpg)

my nigel accusing me of watching something just because the girl "is obviously cute" sorry you only dated nlogs before me who treat other women as fodder for your ego. sorry I love and appreciate women after growing out of my nlog phase. not sorry, actually. women are amazing, sorry that's so gay to you.
jfc "if jeff buckley was alive I'd be bi" says why you watch so many cool talented women? speak for yourself only please men. leave us out of it.
I've laughed harder than I have on these boards than I have with male friends, try and tell me women aren't hilarious and gorgeous.
male gaze gtfo

No. 1415343

lmao no, other topics. I gave up on the celebricows ages ago because of the chris-chan level retardation going on there. But so many anons are unable to understand nuanced thinking, or that one or more thing can be true at once, and it aggravates me sometimes to the point I can't tell if it's bait or they're really that retarded. They are usually so fueled by their hateboner either for the cow or a moid that any other opinion that isn't one extreme way or the other is moot to them. Everything is rarely black/white, even with the most annoying cows and flakes, but lolcow have gotten so invaded by both twittertards with brainrot and zoomers that are strangers to critical thinking that it's lost on them. You can hate someone but still believe their story up to a certain point and you can like someone but still question their actions and intentions, it's not a hard concept to grasp. Lolcow has always been pretty autistic but I miss the time when there wasn't quite as many nonnies screeching moid or tranny (or the new favorite trigger word, handmaiden) as a gotcha the moment someone has a hot take or disagree with their opinion as if we are all supposed to have the exact same thoughts and opinions on everything. It's tiring and I wonder how some of these people function in reality, do they sperg out the same way when someone wants to open up a casual debate about a subject?

No. 1415346

(samefag, sorry) this one goes out to my nigel.
I'm not a musician let me love my cute girly "trash" it makes me HAPPY, I wanna go on a roattrip with Bean and take all the polaroids she ever wants

No. 1415350

God I miss the early 2010's tumblr style fashion

No. 1415352

If he wants to dance, then why is he bringing up the fact that she's cute lol

No. 1415354

You forgot pickme and NLOG, it's so annoying how we can't even talk or shitpost anymore without some moralfag screeching. My view on it is that we have literally no way of knowing who is a scrote and who isn't, so it's up to the jannies to decide on that when we report posts, clogging up threads isn't going to change that.

No. 1415362

Just like how twittertards get their high cancelling people, some anons get their kicks whenever a moid is actually exposed. They want that gotcha so desperately they are grasping at straws. People here needs to chill, and if they think it's a moid they should just report and move on, don't give the supposed moid attention. It's an anon site, they got NOTHING to prove. But current internet climate has instilled everyone with the sense of ego that their opinion is the MOST important and the MOST right and EVERYBODY should read and agree with their CORRECT thoughts and opinions. It's not ME that is wrong, it's EVERYBODY ELSE.

No. 1415364

oh my god nona I feel this, why are we this way?

No. 1415368

File: 1668952814946.jpeg (50.49 KB, 714x531, 2FFC9A1D-AEDC-46B4-9E0B-56CE7B…)

America you make me so tired. Another fucking gay club shooting, a club I visited because homo lady over here and now I’m just ready to never leave my house.

No. 1415369

i was sa’d as a child by a family member. this same guy has been whining years later about how he can’t get a gf and that he’s tired of trying to get a gf. he’s had 3 break up with him over 2 years. i fucking hate him

No. 1415370

some days i wish i stayed in the retard squisher

No. 1415371

Oh, i meant to say its green with red mushrooms on it. I got it from primark and would recommend although i generally wouldn’t recommend shopping there, i just went for some period underwear, which I also recommend.

No. 1415379

I’m really sorry to hear that nona, I hope there will be a day you can be yourself without a potential mortal threat to you. I went to America for 2 weeks once and it was like my fight or flight was constantly activated.

No. 1415386

ayrt me too tbh. less -core bullshit, flowercrowns were the worst it got now every e-girl and troon wears collars. we didn't know how good we had it

it's when I'm watching anything on youtube or listening to music. he calls my stuff trash cause sometimes I don't want to watch fucken the methods of Tool and what pedals they use or how we're living in a simulation/platos cave. like I'm down for that but if I have work tomorrow and I'm trying to chill and find levity he treats me like I'm dumb and tasteless.
motherfucker will only read fantasy where as me reading anything I find interesting (aka anything he doesn't) I'm dumbdumb. same with his music, sorry I like shit you don't cause I'm not measuring it by the technician in my head I'm enjoying myself? I feel like me being haplessly joyful when it comes to something he "knows better" I can never win.
I'm smarter than him when it comes to a lot of things but the music flex wins out every time
I like my trash. if you loved me, you'd let me like my trash. I never play it around you…ever. your trash is worse and more wanky

I'm mad nonas

No. 1415397

I hate him too.

No. 1415398

I can feel myself turning into my parents by writing this, but I really wish to go back to the early 2010's. The music was cringey and repetitive, but fun. People were still trend hopping but it was in a slightly different way - when they did hop to a new aesthetic people really committed to it fully. The SJW movement, albeit still over the top and autistic at times, were still lifting some really good points. Troons were still staying in their own lane (or maybe I wasn't paying enough attention) and the worst identity policing people were the otherkins that everyone agreed on were pants-on-head retarded from beginning to end.

No. 1415424

I'm always seeing examples online where a man, like maybe a stepdad will commit some horrible sexual crime against a child and the reaction is always
> Well the mom is actually way worse than him, she's way more guilty because she's a mom and its her job to..
HE raped a fucking child. He did that. Why is it made into a competition of who is more guilty? Who hears about a man raping a child and immediately rushes to pass on blame to anyone else who could've possibly.. maybe..predicted it. Are we that numb to men being sick that we overlook their shit and instead hold women to a standard of being mind readers and future predictors? I get it in certain circumstances but its the new go-to reaction. Mom is worse than a rapist!

I had a mom and a dad. I have csa in my past. My mom didn't know, my dad didn't know. It was my dads brother who did it. Is my dad worse than him? Is my mom worse than him? I just hate the blame shifting. My mom went to her grave totally unaware of what happened to me. I never wanted her to know. My dad probably will probably die unaware too. That's sadly how it often is. We have no idea what the true statistics are when it comes to csa.

No. 1415429

I have seen a general raise in people just expecting women to be mind readers, as if women's intuition is supposed to be a real life deus ex machina. I have no clue where this has come from and it frightens me. Society will really bend over backwards to find reasons to blame women for literally anything.

No. 1415451

File: 1668959314384.gif (5.12 MB, 540x270, MFW a woman approaches me.gif)

I blame video games and anime for setting my unrealistic standards for masculine and cute autistic himbos who are also sexually inexperienced. There's nothing more hot than an attractive masculine guy who's still a virgin. Who would want a male whore? In all seriousness, if you had a choince between two equally attractive guys, one being sexually experienced and one being a virgin, would you really, really choose the experienced one? Because I wouldn't even consider him. Assuming the virgin wasn't ruined by porn (like my husbandos), you can shape him the way you want in terms of pleasuring you, he's more eager to learn, and what's very important, it's way safer to have sex with him bc you're not in danger of catchig some high risk HPV or other diseases that a condom won't protect you from. Fucking a guy who had sex before you is a literal health hazard. I know so many stories from women who caught shit from men, no matter if it was their very first boyfriend or their husband. It's so sad men like my husbandos don't exist. All attractive men are whores and the only 21+ virgin men are ugly. 3D pigs were a mistake…

No. 1415460

minor little vent but i miss my boyfriend's cat. we're long distance and he used to send me pics and vids of her so often, and i always looked forward to the day i would get to see her myself and pet her, etc. and i feel very very sad for him as he loved her so much. she passed away early this year. we both love cats a lot and we met a few months ago and went to a cat cafe, it made him so happy to be around cats again and one of them looked so much like his. i don't know why it affects me so much, but i miss her

No. 1415461

God, I wish we could go back to otherkins being the big identity crisis we could make fun of again. At least with them it was clear as day we all knew they were ridiculous trying to mimick an animal. It wasn't till about late 2012 the troon shit started surfacing and then making fun of otherkin was starting to get you walking on eggshells.

No. 1415464

Why are my abusers getting happy lives, love and success? Why am I here being miserable, mentally ill, unloved, unwanted in every way and losing what little I have? Why, just fucking why?

No. 1415465

Really tired of instagram recommending me videos of people who made putting sunscreen on their face their entire personality

No. 1415474

I remember lying in my friend's couch having live readings of otherkin blog posts and laughing until we cried, I miss those days. We didn't know how good we had it.

No. 1415504

why is life so unnecessarily unfair sometimes? im willing to work hard but it feels impossible to have what i want. my heart wants to move out, to a new state or country, find a decent paying job that doesnt break me at least, and have a kitty kat and time to work on creative projects. but my brain says i cant have that. i need to stay home and get a degree then be rushed into a fulltime job and not really have a chance for the fun i want.

why is it impossible to live a good life? i dont want anything crazy. just a kitty kat a job and a new place to live. but no, i have to get a fucking degree and drop my creative dreams so i can balance work and school and stay at home even longer. please help nonnies do jobs exist like why cant i fucking get a bakery job that isnt terrible and work and live alone if i go back to school on top of my job what time will i even have for creativity or living i just want to live my life just work and have a small place and a cat fucking hell i regret sobriety on these days. im just crying im so lost and ill be trapped forever.

No. 1415506

The first part of your post. What content is existent?

No. 1415540

File: 1668963856740.jpg (226.71 KB, 1280x1280, 1668955287673.jpg)

I hate images like picrel, I know that the woman making these has ADHD and likes to liken herself as some kind of alien or maybe a giraffe hybrid for some bizarre reason. Learning disabilities are often invisible to the untrained eye and the person with it are often struggling with themselves as to why they can't accomplish something like others around them or comprehend things that others grasps easily like a duckling to water. I myself have dyslexia which people automatically think is the words and letters flying away from the pages as I try to read however it is not like that for me. I have trouble with starting to read and comprehending what it says, the words are just there on page I try to read and it is just a bunch of letters with context that I can't seem to grasp. When I start to actually read and understand bit by bit I however night skip sentences without realizing and lose the context of the text even if I manage to read something don't expect that I can remember all of the context after awhile since my long-term and short-term memory is rather awful. Reading and writing for takes 4x more time compared to others because I need to think what I need to write and how I will write it along with making sure that my writing is legible, correctly spelled and that I complete my sentences when writing. I hate using the phone because I forget what people say to me as soon the call is finished I would not be able to recall what you said which is something that affects my ability to comprehend what people say to me face to face if it is something important I need to repeat it a couple time so that it sticks to my mind. When I younger I used to think to myself why couldn't I grasp the subject like others seem to, why do I need to study so much more then the others, why can't I be like the other, why do I have to be so stupid compared to others, they don't even need to try and I have to think so much just to be able to get it. In the end I just got overwhelmed and made fun of by other that I genuinely thought was I was too stupid to be in school and I tried my best to be smart like the other students so that I wouldn't be alienated because who wants to be different, I want be able to do things with out having to think too much, I want people to understand what I am saying, I want to be normal.

No. 1415550

wait why do you hate picrel?

No. 1415554

Is there a "my friends being abused but it's me having the burnout now" word?

Making 20 appointments a year ago, suddenly doesn't want to go to most, so you call and cancel again, then it goes on and on and on. Every month she's at yours. Rape, abuse, plenty of proof.. Can try and tell them to call the police over and over and over again. He was now out for two months visiting his new girlfriend. The gf wrote my friend to divorce, to leave, to fuck off and die.
He came back to surprise my friend, called the police on her the next day for some scratches. Literally just keeping her in check. The atmosphere shift when I showed up and laid down some facts. I know he despises me. I hated him the first day I ever met him. I knew what he was. It scares him still.
And yet she still doesn't get it. He's all over her with "love you baby, miss you, let's do couple therapy." already dropped all charges..
Psycho 101. And still.. My friend would rather trust him, then the legal system. Lawyers that told her she got an incredibly good case so she can stay despite of him. I'm down to hire them too..

And I'm talking to a brick wall.

I wish I could say "do you even know how much of my life energy you cost me too? I'm an introvert at heart and I am calling people every single day. I've been here for a year and more. I am tired too. I know you will move in with me any way. I fucking love you and want to protect you. And yet here you are.. Talking to your married friends, also getting abused, for advice?
They are literally telling you to stick it out."

No. 1415559

My soyboy bf who I am going to dump just interrupted brunch and got super serious (as if a family member died or a major emergency had happened) because his friend called to tell him David Frank from Power Rangers died.

Holy shit. What a colossal faggot.
Like I don't shame people for being upset when their favorite celebrity dies but WHY DO PEOPLE ACT LIKE THEY KNEW THEM PERSONALLY?!
I really thought based on his reaction, like he wouldn't even tell me what was wrong before he googled it on his phone, that his fucking cousin or something had died. FUCK I am so angry, I've had enough of this pathetic shit! He's making a Twitter post about it as we speak.

No. 1415565

I am.. So tired. So angry. So frustrated. I keep telling her how our legal system works, map it out. She has to make a case. Else my country will not give a shit. Even if she now leaves for a month— her husband can say "my wife ran away, let's annul the marriage" and zjazs it. And she isn't listening to me. She wants to go home, she's distressed, I understand. But if she wants the allowance to stay here, she has to make choices. Those include the truth. Those include consequences.

(she also doesn't fucking listen—that he has the next asian. She wasn't the first. He hit and raped the last too. Now it's her. And he's already got the next.)

Even his mom said "he's a narcissist, I hate him, do you need help with a good lawyer"

Take. The. Fucking. Hint. >>1415554

No. 1415571

I'll cringe on your behalf. He's pathetic.

No. 1415576

KEK nonnie I'm so sorry.. my condolences

No. 1415582

Ew, you let that cum in you without protection too huh? Between this and the poster on /g/ who's man stained her sheets with this sweat and had toilet paper in his asscrack… I'm disappointed in nonnies.

No. 1415586

I know someone who's doing the exact same thing right now. Didn't know who he was until your association. I want to say I don't get it but sometimes a familiar face being gone forever is jarring and hurts, even if you're just in the throes of a parasocial embrace. At the same time these types have breakdowns over every celebrity dying.

No. 1415588

File: 1668965837088.png (134.16 KB, 240x493, 171616.png)

People with dyslexia, ADHD, asperger's or what ever the fuck it is now, etc. often want to be regarded as normal human beings instead of literal aliens like picrel and >>1415540 while yes we don't function like others and sometimes need more time do things compared to them. We just want to be treated like others and not as a literal retard or a lesser being. People online have talked about about wearing a symbol or something similar to signify that we have a disorder or disability and the only thing that comes to mind is the yellow badges the Jews were forced to wear which were badges of shame in reality. People see the badge and just sees instead that there is something wrong with you instead of getting to know you.

No. 1415633

I wanted to order a pizza at this new place that opened up but their website made me make an account and the activation code never showed up in my inbox so I couldn't order. Wtf? Why do I even need to make an account to order food. I just gave up and closed the tab. I'll eat when I get home.

No. 1415651

I could’ve done more this weekend. I only studied like 3 hours today and 4 yesterday. But is it so wrong to want to have a break once in a while? I’m surrounded by such high achievers that taking a break to just play vidya or go for a walk seems like a sacrilege. I work and study every day, plus I learn German for at least half an hour every day too. I meet up with friends. I’m doing enough. Everyone around me is just totally nuts and spends every waking hour being productive, going on internship abroad to like Africa plus doing a high level sport on top of it. I can’t, I just wanna rest once in a while please. Just slack of and be trash. No productive rest like running or yoga and listening to informative videos during it. I just need unproductive time but I feel so depressed and anxious after taking it.

No. 1415662

People who don't live with these issues don't realize that. The clearest indicator of someone doing this for internet points is wanting to be able to signify themselves as you described. It's insanity and I don't understand how/why that isn't very very obvious to them.

No. 1415690

why are you learning german

No. 1415704

>My soyboy bf who I am going to dump just interrupted brunch and got super serious (as if a family member died or a major emergency had happened) because his friend called to tell him David Frank from Power Rangers died.

This is so fucking cringe, holy shit. I'm sorry you have a manchild for a bf. People need to grow the fuck up and stop treating parasocial relationships as real.

No. 1415750

I hate how my family are wasting my inheritance money on my good for nothing pickme sister and her soyboy boyfriend. Holy fucking shit, I am so mad that my parents just announced they are funding my BIL's nurse practitioner doctorate degree. How the fuck do I stop them from doing this? I want OUT

No. 1415758

Because the pay is like five times better there than where I’m from

No. 1415766

File: 1668976626291.jpg (91.21 KB, 700x901, pets-animals-behind-glasses-2-…)

I just got glasses and it sucks. I've been getting headaches ever since I wore them and I can't seem to figure out whether it's because my eyes need to get used to them or my eye doctor gave me glasses of an higher prescription without letting me know (it happened to one of my friends so I wouldn't be surprised tbh). I was also told to stop any screentime but I'm studying programming so I'm fucked. Not to mention, currently my eye prescription is -5 (both eyes) and I hate this already, I'll probably cry if my shitty eyesight got any worse.

No. 1415769

>wasting my inheritance money

No. 1415770

Why were you told to stop screentime? It's surprising to me you went from no glasses to a -5 as an adult. Did you have problems for a long time and just got used to it?

No. 1415771

Why not get Lasik

No. 1415779

same, i went from wearing no glasses to not being able to see past my hand in like 3 years. According to the doctor its genetics but literally no one in my family wears glasses, kek.

No. 1415784

I'm sorry but have you tried contacts? I have -6.5 and I cannot wear glasses, they make me feel sick because my peripheral vision is so different. I have to wear contacts or I don't even feel safe driving

No. 1415798

>Why were you told to stop screentime?
No idea. My eye doctor just said I should completely stop it if I want to avoid ruining my eyesight any further.
>Did you have problems for a long time and just got used to it?
Actually, yes kek. I've had problems since I was around 16-17 but I never got them checked because I thought I'll be burdening my parents (healthcare in general is expensive in my country and they were going through financial problems back then)

I can't afford it at the moment, but I'll definitely get it done once I can.

Thanks nonna, I'll give them a try!

No. 1415806

I just can't stand being a woman anymore. I keep seeing all kinds of misogyny and men joking about how pampered women are and how they live on "easy mode". I hate that they act like it's unnatural for a woman to be in tech or not want to be some fuckdoll incubator who has to like men and only men, and only ever fuck women for men's amusement. I can't fucking believe how normalized misogyny is that you just hear and see it every day and nobody speaks out and if they do they are ridiculed (and they're always women). I see it from the same conservatives and pickme tradthots who have the fucking nerve to complain about all the women trooning out as if they're not the ones helping to push it. When you speak about women like they're just burdens who need to find a husband and pop out babies all day, no fucking wonder they decide they want to be men. I hate being female, and I'm glad I at least know it's still okay to be a woman and have radfem spaces to help keep me sane. I probably would've just trooned out already, even now I want to just dress and look like a man so nobody judges me for my sex.

No. 1415816

i’m so sick of being cockblocked and cucked by islam. i’m so horny and touch starved but to the outside world i’m a chaste and trad hijabi to be avoided. why… sometimes a girl just wants to get her pussy ate from behind…

No. 1415818

The true silenced voices are us women who have never experienced someone being attracted to you

No. 1415819

I don't give a shit about how misogynistic men are anymore. They are only lash out because deep down they realize how inferior and pathetic they are. Don't let them live in your mind rent-free, they don't even deserve it.

No. 1415821

When my parents are spending money on their useless son in law, they are taking away from my inheritance money. How does that not make sense to you?

No. 1415822

File: 1668979035776.jpg (10.88 KB, 300x232, iktf.jpg)

Remove the word "hijabi" from your post and this could have been about me. I feel you anon. It sucks so much.

No. 1415823

>My eye doctor just said I should completely stop it if I want to avoid ruining my eyesight any further.
I really don't think that's true. I have way worse eyesight than you and go to the eye doctor all the time and I've never heard that. Of course you should take screen breaks and spend time outside focusing on things at different distances but that's to avoid eye strain and dry eyes and not because you can worsen your eyesight permanently. Your eye doctor does sound a bit retarded.

No. 1415829

Remember that by nature, men are the disposable sex and the majority of them should never ever spread their genes, I think that deep down many men know how useless they are and they project their worth (or the lack of it) onto other women. Females are not meant to live with men in monogamic relationships 24 h per day, it's way more natural for women to just fuck men once they want to have kids (if you want to have them ofc) and then raise kids communally and kick out males once they're old enough and stay away from the males in general because they're not fit for a commune and they're naturally rape-prone and pedophilic. Remember that in nature female and male sex strategies and interests are different and males and females live in permanent sexual conflict. What's happening right now, with male incelism on the rise and men not having sex and women rejecting men, older women prefering a solitary lifestyle and younger women not wanting to commit etc., is totally natural, it's just the nature taking its course, or women "waking up" if you prefer that term. Male centered society with nuclear families and the majority of men passing on their genes was always against nature and women were only playing along because they were forced to do it, either by physical force or through economic abuse.

No. 1415830

I burst out laughing after the first sentence

No. 1415836

Just like me fr

No. 1415847

good luck!

No. 1415848

This is why married women are cuckd and I laugh at them

No. 1415860

Why is it every time I post in a thread/reply it fucking kills the conversation

No. 1415874

I went to a concert recently and was sat next to this miserable dickhead of a moid and his poor gf. He sat there in silence for about an hour during supporting acts, with his coat on, vaping. Gf turns to him and says "why do i bother making all this effort for us to have a nice night out? you never want to take pictures, you never appreciate the effort i make" etc.. he hits her with "Ughh, do you have to start" then proceeds to spend the rest of the night sulking like a child. ffs i really felt sorry for her and i'm just some random that was in his presence for a few hours. I hope she dumped his ungrateful POS arse.

No. 1415920

Yep, living with a moid also puts your children in danger, especially if they're female. Watch this and tell me that a marriage with a moid is worth it. How many "normal" men do this kind of shit without anyone finding out?


No. 1415929

They don't care and you are probably a pretty girly girl so they expect you to be better at it & thankful for the "easier" job. They do this front person pushing in immigrant run places as well, if you are local or look most relatable to the customer base they will keep trying to put you into customer facing roles. It sucks, happened to me too and I am introverted and too direct to not hurt Karen/Kyle's feefees.

No. 1415931

>tfw my usual bait for replies isn't working
Guess I'll sleep, having no friends sucks

No. 1415932

Maybe your vibes suck

No. 1415933

File: 1668986726987.jpg (100.67 KB, 1080x747, Youtube.jpg)

Look at how easy it is to find these slimey moids. They are the stupidest beings. Why the hell would she put it up there herself?

No. 1415937

How do I fix my vibes

No. 1415938

Lol @ how my boyfriend would rather play video games than have sex with me

No. 1415940

Randos on the internet aren't your friends anons, find a hobby and then it will be easier to find some people you can talk to, that's what I did

No. 1415943

He must be at a really good part of the game

No. 1415949

precisely this. being a teen i often fantasized about this life after watching those youtubers. i thought i would be tough enough to live in a van even during the winter, and did not consider the cold and humidity that these people did not even talk about. they sound happy about it because it is like a vacation to them, and they are not actually living in their car. if they actually do, it has been built by professionals for thousands of dollars and is basically a tiny house. if it's not a turbo van like that, then they grift from people to people while travelling around, staying at their places when the weather is too shite. why do you think we never see videos from then wearing coats, setting fires, installing heaters, and layering up blankets with actually insulating material? they exaggerate for views or really are such narcissistic hippies that they find it perfectly acceptable to not have a real full time job even if they are capable/pretend they don't have one/are so rich that they don't need one. forever vacation while pretending to be sooo independent (hooking up with other patchouli smelling stoners for winter) and basically living off of our views. this lifestyle they vlog is happy because they are not nearly homeless. they are registered on an address (otherwise it's illegal to own a vehicle or be employed), they have their stuff stored somewhere that they can afford to pay for, and they have a huge circle of friends who would like to smoke it up at their place whenever. they are either already stable and well off, thus it is an elite psyop that they are larping as independent, edgy minimalists, or are slutty, suicidal (parking in the middle of nowhere) hippies with commitment issues.

No. 1415950

Oh no I'm a social retard I can't hold proper conversations even if I share a hobby with the person… thank you for replying tho anon

No. 1415951

Nah he literally left me to go play. We were cuddling and I said I wanted to have sex. Then he left me to go to his computer. Lol

No. 1415955

Why do some women put themselves through this? Lost to a video game. Girl.

No. 1415956

Oh kek sorry then anona, gamer bfs are almost always the worst type

No. 1415957

The reaction to the looks of that Theif Cyrtpo/bitcoin whatever stealers girlfriend, really is something.
I see scrotes going, "he had that much money and he chose to date/fuck/give money to her?" pay attention to this. I know i'll be told, "Well Nonnie, we know" but if your scrote was picking at her looks and saying, "Why didn't he buy a hot prostitute trophy wife" don't cackle, because yes, you think she's ugly as well and gross.
Nope. It just shows that a lot of men would quickly replace you with some women he barely knows and is being literally PAID to pretend to like him or just open their legs for him. Even women saying this, it's weird.
The dude is ugly as well. Not every single scrote is going to go, "time to buy an upgrade, since I'm rich". A man would take an woman with no true love or warmth towards him, just because she's pretty or will eat his ass or some shit, over a relationship with a woman they are attracted to and mesh with.
A lot of women are meme'd into thinking that, which is why they also pick at her looks becayse, "Why didn't rich man get a upgrade". Stop the brainwashing.

No. 1415958

That isn't too bad, my ex used to watch TikTok while having sex with me

No. 1415960

KEKKK please say sike

No. 1415963

File: 1668988340363.jpeg (194.95 KB, 1280x743, 98CCAD2B-1407-4372-8890-B20D33…)

it hurts to live

No. 1415964

Ha ha that’s like so funny what a silly goofy guy

No. 1415966

This makes me incredibly smug. Atp some just deserve what they get.

No. 1415968

The only people that "all men are like that" more than women are men tbh, kek. They chimp out on remotely transgressive behavior from men that is harmless or even prosocial. Many whine about gold diggers, but would harass a man that faithfully stays with a homely woman that dated him when he had nothing as opposed to getting a hot woman that only would have given him the time of day when rich. The goalpost never stops moving whenever a man with opportunity opts to not live out the power fantasies of weak-willed and dishonorable men.

No. 1415976

you know what? You are right, however, as someone whose a shut in and lives on lolcow and gossip site, I see this same weird behavior from women, not really on here, but I cannot tell you how many times I've some a scrote who looks like walking dog shit on a stick, but if he dates a woman who isn't some insta-gram baddie or whatever, it'd be all kinds of weird digs at her looks, mainly on Lipstick alley, or twitter etc.
It's this weird, "I don't want him but he's rich so he deserves better… then her because money makes him "deserve" more." then again, I guess you can say thats behavior men started.
Then whenever a rich man does date a woman who doesn't fit that trophy wife type situation, people use her as a "See? Some men with money don't care about looks" and they can't even wrap their fingers around that a man may actually be attracted to the woman he's dating and not find her unattractive like they do.
But again, maybe it's male programmed shit, being installed in Male identifed women.

No. 1415985

Lipstick Alley is full of twitter users and women stuck in the mindset of 14 year old pick me whores so are you really surprised?

No. 1415988

File: 1668989310802.gif (905.52 KB, 340x317, 1631575604316.gif)

>Record hour of video game
>Go back to sort and rename previous days recordings
>Most recent is showing up stuttery/frozen on one frame per every 30 seconds
Thanks OBS I justed fiddled with settings to get rid of that yellow line and this happens. At least I saved it a good spot to restart from

No. 1415989

File: 1668989326957.gif (2.67 MB, 640x360, 4C08B16C-8459-4A1F-9A78-E76D89…)

Direct your rage towards the nipponese, if you please. It’s part of a multipronged attack on western birthrates, revenge for what America did to them during the war. Hentai/BL, video games, and manga/anime: this unholy trifecta is creating a generation of eunuchs, troons, and autists. Since I started blaming Japan for my bleak sex life, I became much happier. It’s not my fault that I’m so hooked on my husbando that I can no longer look at a man without feeling nauseous, it’s Japan’s fault. The reason I don’t have a good job is that the Japanese created games which are designed to light up all our reward centres so much that they malfunction, and now everyone has ADHD. I’m not undesirable or awkward, everyone else is just addicted to tentacle porn/jujutsu kaisen - we’re all casualties of Japan’s groriusu master pran.
Pixyteri was once again ahead of her time. She was trying to warn us, even as she herself succumbed to the sickness. A true and honest queen.

No. 1415990

I'm also a social retard, and I didn't even mean finding people with similar hobbies irl but on the internet. Randos on lolcow aren't your friends but you can find your own community. I found some fairly normal people on /trash/ where we shared similar interests (not degenerate) and we made our own discord and started posting art on twitter and it helped me open up a little more and make some money from my hobby. I know it sounds trivial but there's so many people in this world there HAS to be someone who will accept you and like you

No. 1415992

Are you making a letsplay anon?

No. 1415994

Ntayrt but I try to tell this to my bf but he just calls me schizo.

No. 1415995

He's an iPad kid.

No. 1415997

Take the jap pill and replace him with a husbando, they never have the wrong opinion

No. 1416014

Just recording to record my progress learning and having fun, and post it on my channel with 0 vids since childhood. I plan on letsplaying with voiceovers in the future but I just wanna post misc. stuff for now to get something on there

No. 1416020

File: 1668990530291.gif (8.13 MB, 498x280, 792d01df5154f95d6a5e480a3a6278…)

Went to celebrate 2 past celebration days of in-laws.
In the end, i got 3 hours of nothingburger and THEN 3 hours of an old lady crying, being hysterical while her daughter is trying to throw some weird scheme on us because old ladys daughters and a son are fighting for her will. The woman planned all of it like it's some Spanish tv opera, the manipulation and lies were seen by me from the start, people at first believed it until they woke up from the random 3-hour long of emotional damage. It was so damn stupid. I felt like 'why i was even here', i didn't act rude or anything, was sympathetic and polite but i knew it's all bs. Trying to throw your shitty problems at grandchildren because your bro and sis can't give you entirely everything off your moms will because you never had a job in your whole life and leeched off everyone, idk. After that i had to visit the son (also known as my partner and his siblings dad) to figure it all out and get all of the versions, but deep down i didn't give a shit. All i cared about was how fucking isolated i felt there, how i wasn't needed at all and remembering that my in-laws will never give an actual shit about me past my fashion sense and me being able to gift him good gifts. I miss my family so much, have not seen them in 3 damn years, which is also ironic. So many 3s today. I sound like an ass, don't get me wrong, i feel horrible for the elderly woman. But throwing all of this crap because your daughter tried pulling shenanigans, kept shutting her (the old lady) up and do all of this fake sobstory…jesus.

No. 1416042

are you unemployed right now nonna? if you are, have you just not had any luck finding a passable job? you need to focus on saving up if your main goal is moving out.

a degree will just get you through hr more easily but try looking for smaller companies and those not listing having a degree as a requirement. but even then, just shoot your shot

i think its important to ask what degree you would study and for how long? is there no way you could fulfill those creative dreams while you study and then some more once youre done?

No. 1416067

I bought a new laptop and I hate it do fucking much, windows 10 sucks. I got some new update and after turning my laptop on my pin literally stopped working. I tried to log in through my microsoft account but the code they sent me on my gmail doesn't work either. I hate this shit so much, I literally don't have access to my laptop now, I can't do my work.

No. 1416080

i feel like i need to be institutionalised but i don’t think anyone in my life would support me. i don’t think anyone will believe how bad it is until i kill myself.

No. 1416085

Same, nonna. I just ordered some medicine to finish it and I’ve also got a hoard of prescription tablets that might just do it. I hope it doesn’t suck too much on the way out. I’m sorry you’re in this place too.

No. 1416093

actually too brain dead to call my coworker by male pronouns. I've misgendered her again, and I SAID "Yes Madame" as a joke when she asked me a question. Not even 30 minutes before she showed me her "yeetus, teetus" scars.

No. 1416094

Nonnie she's the braindead one for asking to be called a moid and mutilating herself

No. 1416102

windows 10 is terrible. i downloaded minecraft and it wants to run through the windows store, which i already long since disabled (i don't need a store "app" on my LAPTOP. if i need something i'll download it.) so i had to grab windows 8 version of minecraft and it's having a conniption and won't recognize my product so i can only play offline (which is fine). i've had nothing but issues with windows 10. they tried to make a laptop function like a phone, which no one asked for. it's just garbage. the worst thing is linux isn't compatible with some component of my laptop so i have no choice but winblows. you can make it functional with classic shell and some other third party software. also my fans have never worked correctly, i have to control them manually.

I DO NOT WANT AN "app" ON MY LAPTOP. I WANT PROGRAMS. IT'S A LAPTOP. IF I WANTED TO USE A PHONE I'D BE USING A PHONE. fuck microsoft. i also never allow it to update because every update breaks 10000 random things. what a garbage company.

No. 1416104

I told my dumbass sister that I don't approve of her getting married especially since her scrote is not very attractive and that I won't be attending her wedding. She flipped on me and hasn't responded to my messages in a few days. Why do pickme women have to be so retarded?

No. 1416108

I envy that men can be so ignorant. Walking down the street, not looking around, not having to do a risk assessment for every alley they’re going to walk down at night.

Not having having to make a snap judgement on any stranger that approaches them, like that tiktok of that man trying to lie on womens laps in public and they shy away and he tries to do it to a guy and he allows him and all the braindead commenters are like “ah the bros are great”, not as if a man immediately crossing physical boundaries with a female stranger in public is anything for that woman to worry about huh?

So many times I’ve been walking with a male who isn't painfully aware we’re walking towards a group of dangerous looking men or a clearly mentally unstable homeless man, and i try to steer us away but his oblivious ass is questioning why, and it’s like fuck you just trust me on this??

No. 1416109

you sound entitled

No. 1416111

How am I entitled? My sister's husband is the entitled one for asking for money that doesn't belong to him. I just want enough money to live comfortably

No. 1416114

I have a lingering sense of dread all the time ever since I started my job. I'm always worrying about what I'll have to do this week, wondering in which ways I might fuck up, etc etc. I don't know how my life came to this. I'm anxious 24/7 can't even enjoy the weekend because I'm worrying about the rest of the week.

No. 1416124

I also worry about what to do at work but in a different way. What the hell am I billing my hours to? There is no work! God I hate these sorts of jobs. I wish I could just bill 8 hours like a regular person in retail.

No. 1416135

I fucking hate this too. Also when they can't get it into their thick skulls that I can't just do whatever I want without thinking of the consequences. Like planning how I'm going to get home by myself when it's late or deciding what I can and can't wear if I want to be taken seriously.

No. 1416136

File: 1668996780308.jpg (97.25 KB, 931x1396, 20221030_133255.jpg)

Does anyone else find it impossible to sleep when they're sad

No. 1416138

File: 1668996857115.jpeg (16.42 KB, 225x224, 6BE8A9BD-AEAB-451F-B821-043702…)

I found out a friend of mine from high school passed away recently through Facebook and I told my boyfriend about it. All he said was “damn” and continued to look at his computer. I was reading more about my friend and found out it was a motorcycle accident and told my boyfriend about that and he says “such many cases”. I’m really sad right now, I’m so upset that I’m also with someone who responds to their partner that way after their friend died. I’m just going to leave this dude, I’m extremely disgusted right now. He’s going to pretend that he’s done nothing wrong too.

No. 1416140

yeah it’s impossible. hugs anonita ♥

No. 1416144

What the fuck? Are all moids fucking autistic?

No. 1416145

You're right for leaving him… what a disgusting lack of empathy. I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend anon. Rest in peace to him.

No. 1416147

sorry about your friend, also fuck that scrote of yours.

No. 1416148

oh my god i'm so sorry for your loss. your boyfriend sounds like such a cunt, you deserve happiness.

No. 1416149

The fuck? He could have asked about you guy’s relationship and if you needed anything. My condolences and good riddance anon.

No. 1416152

>Women who have low quality men end up like this.
Live by the fugly, die by the fugly. Screaming.

No. 1416156

Your sister sounds retarded. You're better off without her(samefag)

No. 1416157

Every time I tried to make friends with someone, either through twitter or discord, my ex would always ALWAYS find something she doesn't like about them, calling them "bad shitty people" and she'll break up with me if I continue to pursue them because apparently it's a reflection on me and my values. Is there something wrong with me or was she just a very controlling person? This happens every time I try to make friends but getting interested in someone enough and making friends is already a tremendous effort for me as an introvert. In the end she broke up with me and I'm now left friendless and lonely with no support because I would have to stop making friends or cut acquaintances off because of her. God typing all of this out is making me so emotional and angry at her, fuck her.

I looked her up again and she had another falling out with a friend of hers. I did some investigation and it looked like it might have been an argument over her friend's boyfriend. I highly suspect it was because she didn't like her friend's boyfriend and they got an argument over it or something. Maybe the problem was her.

No. 1416158

Well, you chose him, you deserve it.

No. 1416160

Oh so you want us to breed just because the world is a shitty place and it's my "responsibility" to fix it? Kek no thanks, I won't sacrifice my hypothetical children to this shitty world

No. 1416161

I’m a short 20 year old woman and I will be ignorant as hell walking on train tracks and through the streets at all hours of the night and morning not giving a fuck about whomever I may cross paths with because I remain strapped. Whether it be with my gun, a knife, a fully charged tazer; you name it. It’s unnecessary to make yourself a permanent victim.
If a coomer tries to corner you or even comes at you from behind, remember; aim for just under the ribs and arteries!

No. 1416162


No. 1416163

I'm not even dating men, but I've seen and read enough to know that men can perfectly pretend to be of a higher value and then making a complete turn once they know they have the woman locked

No. 1416165

Antinatalism is a logical conslusion to separatism which is a logical conclusion to being aware of the nature of the male sex. Die mad about it breeder

No. 1416170

>you think my unrealistic vapid ideaology that we should just end humanity is childish and reeks of chronically online? I’m gonna dunk on you by calling you a breeder! Look at me!
Ah yes, such a valuable and logical argument…it’s definitely better if you specifically don’t have children kek

No. 1416171

This "reeking of chronically online" ideology has roots in both philosophy and religious beliefs from thousands of years ago, it's not a reddit tier meme and trying to devalue it that way only proves you don't know anything about it besides the meme part.

No. 1416172

Whatever helps you keep it in your pants, honeygirl

No. 1416173

i mean, from his pov, it doesn't sound like you were close. what did you want him to do? i'm also autistic though but i dont get it.

No. 1416174

Oh yeah, tell me then what's your idea for changing men for the better? Because if you think that's possible you're also implying that no woman and no mother before you was able to do it and they all failed at making men not terrible. But of course, you will succeed, you will help other women by bringing new sons (new men) or new daughters to victimize. You don't even know what men are lmao

No. 1416176

usually you at least feign sympathy because it really doesn't matter whether you think someone should feel sad but the thing that matters is that they do feel sad and they expect a partner to care about that. I think most things are pointless but I realise people around me care and react to shit so I act accordingly, here it would've been nice if anon's scrote would have even asked how she was feeling or maybe even asked about the dead person.

No. 1416181

File: 1669000524012.jpg (58.09 KB, 640x473, omo2wf06wuj51.jpg)

I was looking at old photos of myself as a teenager and was overcome with sadness. I was groomed by a moid when I was young and I felt like I had no positive memories of being a kid. I was looking at my baby face in all the photos and wondering how someone could bear to ruin a child's innocence like that. I sometimes wonder what he is doing and how I could totally ruin his life if I wanted to. I wish my parents had done more to save me, they actually encouraged it at the time. I honestly feel like they failed me. I was 14 and he was 20. It ended when I was 17 and he was 23.

No. 1416182

You really do just sound like a typical redditor when you reduce mothers just to "breeders"

No. 1416184

Imagine being a woman who relegates other woman to a name like "breeder" and makes them out to be a problem. Can't relate to that nonnie.

No. 1416185

It’s not a woman or mothers job to make their son “not terrible”…it’s up to the moid to control his behavior. The fact that you even think that the women in a moids life are responsible for how he turns out further proves that you’re a downie who is definitely better off not reproducing! By all means, keep getting your education from youtube.com! It’s doing you a favor.

No. 1416187

nta but I really do wonder how do you think it's gonna play out, I'm sure most conservatives would be fine if not supportive of you not having children and spreading your genes to the next generation, you die with yourself while they pass on their selves to the next generation

No. 1416190

Yeah, imagine holding women accountable for anything instead of pretending we have no agency, ever…
Kek you didn't understand anything. Of course is not the women's job. It's the radfems who claim that being with men is still worth it because it's possible to change them. But females and males live in sexual conflict and our strategies are, by nature, different, always were, and always will be. It's not possible for the male to change himself and it's not possible for a woman to change him. I don't get my education from youtube, rather from books like Demonic males, and some cultural background from books like Gyn/ecology, which is also important. I just posted a separatist youtuber for you to listen to something else than the crap you're definitely listen to every day. Good luck putting this woman among reddit smegmoids

No. 1416191

>pass on self to next generation
this line of thinking is so fucking creepy. i'm not my parents, i barely resemble them in any way, not physically and not in personality. we don't have the same interests or beliefs, nor anything in common. i don't see a point to having kids (nta) because it wastes what life you do have in order to chase a logically faulty version of "immortality" and "legacy". most people don't even know the first name of their great grandparents let alone 3 things about them. your kids are not you. your kids might not even like you.

No. 1416192

So what? At some point the world will stop exist anyway, all their genes will perish. What's the point of contributing to the pain by creating new life with new needs for the third worlders to fulfill instead of doing something creative and nice with your own life and enjoying it until it lasts?

No. 1416196

It’s always the most condescending and ugly inside people that think they’re tastemakers oh my god

No. 1416199

Actions and ideals influence others and get passed on in a much more valuable degree than genes.

No. 1416202

Whatever just don't be so cold to struggling mothers, you're not helping anyone that way and you were cruel to the anon that brought this whole conversation about.
Is it now a controversial opinion to think we shouldn't call women struggling with babies breeders??

No. 1416206

Lol. Lmao.

No. 1416209

What do you even mean by the first response? I don’t understand why you’re so upset about women having children kek you really do sound metaverse’d

No. 1416210

Women who think they’re better than women who choose to have children are wannabe scrotes

No. 1416212

you're not wrong though I think most of it is male identified or male-gaze obsessed women like you mentioned. I'm biased and I believe much more women act this way from a light form of collective trauma, and find it harder to get mad. go look at the body positivity movement being way more popular than body neutrality–cope because people being obsessed with commodifying and consuming women causes damage. real damage whose scars can't be fully healed. I wish people would stop caring and gtfo any looks-fixated space for women. LSA, tiktok, IG, etc. no more filters. no more selfies. no more overcompensation. I remember not too long ago being an out-of-touch girl in my dorm and my dormmates were all homebodies like me, just way better socialized. in spite of not being vapid in their everyday lives - witty and fun - about looks they got weird and even unintentionally cruel in spite of their extreme insecurities. and I've seen it a lot. it's depressing as hell.

No. 1416214

I’m pretty sure the antinatalist manic panic lefty screaming on the corner about not having babies is much less likely to influence my ideals compared to someone like my mother or father or husband

No. 1416217

Sometimes I feel like a moid. I'm the one who gets quiet and bottles up whereas my boyfriend is the more open and communicative one. I'm so stubborn. I can't rely on him, I can only rely on myself. I'll keep pushing myself.

No. 1416218

The perfect examples of NLOGs too.

No. 1416220

File: 1669002693816.png (140.2 KB, 400x229, oo.png)

ok this isn't the stupid ? thread so I'm sorry, but question for everyone: how the hell do you even manage to physically DATE these men? I have 0 self-worth but the first second anyone has treated me anything like that (didn't have to do with sex but something platonically intimate) I was so repulsed I literally left the room.

No. 1416221

what your telling me that the ramblings of a fat retard who didn't anything are meaningless in the grand scheme of things, who would have guessed

No. 1416222

oh samefag, if it isn't obvious, this isn't me asking for advice, it's rotten morbid curiosity.

No. 1416223

Unless you're part of some richfag clan, no one gives a shit that your kid will carry your blood and dni. Blood is also not a guarantee that your child will carry on anything else from you beside that. However, they do care about the teachers, artists, scientists etc who influenced the world and their vision and intend lives on in countless people as they make it part of themselves.

You sound like you need to spend less time on pol and more time outside.

No. 1416231

Yeah, sounded like someone who gets their idea of feminists from redpillers and cringe comps.
Uh. What? Radfems? Where are you getting this from? I've mostly seen radfems say the opposite of that, that women can't change men nor should, with some aggressively promoting separatism. If anything they bring attention to how people EXPECT women to and how it's fucked up. I am so confused, kek.

No. 1416232

There’s always the element of surprise though. I used to be very obstinate as an avid walker, id constantly be warned about rapists around every corner as a teen/young adult and I’d be like fuck off its a free country and id walk where i liked with earbuds in. It made me eagle eyed and I think a good judge on how to act, I’m just bitter it’s necessary. It is unfortunate though when i go certain places and realise that it’s just straight up not safe to walk alone there. For example San Francisco.

Im lucky to be in a very safe country right now though, a single rape in the nearby city was in the paper for days and talked about by everyone.

No. 1416234

I’m gonna find the photo I have of the antinatalist on the corner that I saw a while ago, in person. Be right back

No. 1416235

I don't care. Please use that time to take a walk instead.

No. 1416237

Are you ok, nonny? It's not really that normal to hyperfixate on a random like that.

No. 1416238

What are you even talking about schizo? What fat retard? Are you taking about me, assuming I'm fat and retarded, or are you confusing me with someone else? Because I don't even know. The handmaidens here literally don't have any arguments besides calling women retards and NLOGs because they dare to go against the status quo and societal expectations. Go read a book, some Gyn/ecology and shit, and learn into basic theory.

No. 1416248

File: 1669004449821.jpeg (12.27 KB, 554x554, images (62).jpeg)

fuck off unfunny scrote

No. 1416249

File: 1669004451586.jpeg (86.01 KB, 540x722, B755BCD4-2847-4299-A5BD-6AD313…)

Feel like my life is cursed. After high school I was “assigned” to be the main caregiver for my grandparents because everyone else was too busy, now I wish I just said no.
I’ve been diagnosed with depression, pretty sure I have Asperger’s or something (former teachers asked my family to get me formally diagnosed, but it was ignored), and I found out that the moment my grandmother passes away I’ll be basically homeless. I’ll inherit nothing, while my uncle who shows up once every few months will get everything.

If I go out for anything that isn’t related to caregiving, even if it’s to visit other family members, I get scolded. I have to eat cheap shit like 90 cent noodle packets, because the less grocery money is spent on me the better.
I am nicknamed “nurse”, but as far as I know, nurses get paid more than 50€ a month and can go outside.
Everyday I’m more miserable, whatever sperg symptoms I have I’ve always kept relatively under control, but now I find myself having breakdowns at night over small inconveniences like guests using “my mug” or whatever.
I’m 20, I want to study, work, create, I don’t care what it is but I want to do something with my life. I do nothing but care-give, play games until 5am, and sleep in 2 hour naps throughout the day. Before I moved, I used to get art commissions, worked out, ate healthy food, and had some semblance of a social life. I haven’t drawn in so long I’ve genuinely forgot how to do it.

My country has one of the highest unemployment rates in the EU, I can’t even get a job and leave. In two years I’ve been interviewed once, they said I had a position and then ghosted me.

I have multiple citizenships so I’m considering moving to the US just to get a job. Either that, or go back to an ex for a free place and help starting a career (he and his family still like me so much that they offer me that, and he recently gifted me a ps4 for when I need a distraction, but idk).
Can’t say I like my options too much, but I’m so desperate to get out of here. Finding it really hard to not just kms

TLDR: 20 year old depressed caregiver NEET who can’t get a job and leave because no career + southern European economy. Only options are moving to the US, moving in with an ex, or lose what little sanity I have left and kill myself

No. 1416254

Taking a single photograph of someone who’s making a fool of themselves isn’t actually “hyperfixating”, lucky for you I cannot find it but Lord almighty it was a funny sight to see kek. He was wearing one of those “make love not babies” shirts and holding up a sign about some antinatalist bullshit it felt colossally faggedy

No. 1416256


No. 1416259

>colossally faggedy
Right. Also I said hyperfixating because it should have been just a silly random, but instead you think this is the default for anyone that doesn't want to have children. What's the point? What are your beliefs? Do you just dislike the "babies will cause the end of the world" people…or the people that think being child free is viable?

No. 1416262

you ever get so anxious that every thought is like someone yelling

No. 1416265

I wish I knew what was wrong with me. I love my friends but right now I feel so distant, maybe because we haven't been able to hang out in a while. Overall it's really easy for me to lose closeness to someone and I have no control over it and it's also why I have multiple friend groups, so I can float back and forth when I suddenly don't feel like I belong or when one is busy, I can pop into another one. Am I dysfunctional? Will I be cursed to just stay casual friends and never have a best friend again? I care about everyone a lot, I'm just weird I guess.

No. 1416269

sorry for that nona. when my mother does this to me i like to think it's because she's empathizing with my circumstances in her own way/is thinking of me when she thinks of herself, or just trying to better relate to my situation

No. 1416274

File: 1669007208544.png (6.09 KB, 63x53, U5LU8ug.png)

my chronic lack of self confidence is hurting everyone around me. i get that, but it's tough to stop. i try to make things better and i end up making things worse; i believe someone will be happier without me, then learn i've only stressed them out by distancing. and now they're pissed off at me so what's the point of me even coming back. it's all so complicated i wanna wipe our memories clean and just end it

No. 1416275

I had a meltdown today out of frustration because of a difficult coding assignment for uni, I definitely feel like I'm in the wrong major but with only a few months left until graduation there is nothing I can do except try and keep it together and not fail my remaining upper level classes
now on top of dreading homework/classes I'm also dreading graduating and having to find a boring soulless coding job at an office with misogynistic techbros and troons as coworkers
why did I do this to myself? unbelievable

No. 1416277

I think that's pretty normal. Ideally it'd be nice to have someone you get along with so well that you're able to maintain closeness with them without needing space or distance, but I think that's hard to find. Not that think you're doomed to never have a best friend again, but I think there will be periods of time where maybe no one in your immediate vicinity is the type of person you could be "best friends" with and hence why you can only get to a certain level of closeness with people around you. It's almost like dating lol. Even if you knew a ton of single men or women around you to date that doesn't mean that you'll necessarily find your significant other among all those people.

No. 1416278

File: 1669007596320.png (575.35 KB, 680x557, FO7ELBRXIAAwrFY.png)

holy shit you sound just like me. kept to this major because my classes were mostly logic and math (and i'm okay at that) and now i'm at the big shit and crying.
i have a few huge final projects due in a few weeks and i'm totally spinning my wheels on them
i don't think i'll go for a coding job though, probably ui/ux. something like that
god bless both of us nona

No. 1416280

Just got back from a smallish concert of my favorite band and oof do I hate TALL MOIDS WHO STAND IN THE CENTER OF A VENUE. FUCK YOU!!!!! And not to mention right next to him were two tall ass MTF troons so you know the man is peak lack of self awareness. this moid was seriously at the front and center with the tall troons blocking the artist, isn’t it like basic concert etiquette to know you shouldn’t do that as a tall man? FUCK MOIDS I SERIOUSLY HATE THEM SO MUCH

No. 1416283

just HOW longg does it take for skin to shrink back after weight loss fml it's been -6 kilograms. i weight lift too. fuck.

No. 1416284

There’s a difference between being a normal child free person and being a pointed antinatalist

No. 1416322

File: 1669011723743.jpeg (606.56 KB, 540x960, 8983BCF5-2E8E-4325-BB15-511892…)

In my case, it's because I'm a lonely autist who keeps settling for the first moid who looks my way. I coped hard by telling myself "at least it's TikTok and not porn" until my self esteem crashed. (But it was already very low to begin with)

My dating life hasn't gotten much better since then, my current moid is a fat alcoholic who recently got mad and accused me of cheating on him because I didn't buy him beer this week. He may be completely insane and I may be deeply miserable but at least he lets me be a neet so I don't complain too much.

I don't see myself ever dating a well adjusted normie as a literal autist so I just take whatever I can get. It's not going to get any better in any case.

(Not sure about the other anons here, why they'd date loser men)

No. 1416327

Is there a worse feeling than chilling out maxing relaxing all cool then you suddenly physically feel your period blood leave your vagina and onto the pad
I want to die every time

No. 1416328

if i could feel pretty–truly pretty–everything in my life would change. but i feel disgusting no matter what i do.

No. 1416329

I can relate to feeling like you can't date a normie, i have an unconventional personality to put it lightly, so i can never date a normie no matter what. And you know what i do? I simply do not date. It's better to cope with being single by having hobbies and distracting yourself then to cope with being in a relationship with somebody who watches tiktok videos whilst fucking you. Come on anon, there's literally no other option but to end things. Don't even bother talking it out, just ghost him after you told him to fuck off. Do it over text too since he doesn't deserve respect.

No. 1416331

I'm sorry i can't console you, but i feel the exact same way. I am so envious of conventionally unattractive people who are happy being the way they are, i always feel like i have no control over myself.

No. 1416351

Fuck you I read this with Barok's voice.

No. 1416355

full tampon sliding out while walking outside in public bc it's been too long and you didn't shove it up far enough

No. 1416360

i need to sell extra stuff before moving and i want to avoid taxes and the hassle of shipping, so im trying to sell local. the problem is everyone in this town is retarded, doesn't read, and ghosts. i had one guy try to lure me out for a date, and another asking me to meet after midnight at a gameroom probably to kidnap me. im selling everything for cheap and noone wants to commit, i dont get it. maybe its the hick town i live in. this is so annoying.

No. 1416362

Oh I’m there currently too. For me normal guys are either super boring or intimidating. But in dating these men you’re reinforcing the shit self esteem. When i did it i knew on some level i didn’t deserve that treatment, but then if i was being treated that way unapologetically it was like maybe i did? Because if i didn’t these men would recognise my worth and treat me accordingly.
Obviously that’s not true but when your self esteem is already so low it’s easy to fall into that way of thinking. I second the other poster in advising you don’t date and slowly build yourself up. Im on that journey right now and hope to one day have the inner strength to know when to walk away for my own good.

No. 1416368

File: 1669016767678.gif (292.29 KB, 530x298, c7N0XQ.gif)

Don't settle please. I'm sperg, neet, and I even got fat until recently. My Nigel of 5 years is great to me. It's possible!

No. 1416370

Nope, that's just the nature of selling things locally unfortunately. I used to deal with shitheads like that when I used to sell on Craigslist. I'm glad I'm not broke enough to have to do that anymore. I'm sorry anon, I hope you can get rid of all your things.

No. 1416372


No. 1416378

same I have final projects due soon and even thinking about opening an IDE to work on them makes me miserable
maybe there is non-coding tech jobs available that still pay decently, idk I hope so at least
good luck with your final projects

No. 1416385

i met this awsome guy but he lost interest and yeah now I feel like shit. I want to die for believing in him.

No. 1416386

NTA but as someone who is slightly autistic and yet not a visible autist I have this issue as well. What I learned so far is that trying to compensate for my weird personality by dating “nerdy” men just results in me dating generic nerd men who have no real hobbies of their own, just generic male nerd hobbies. These need hobbies never overlap with mine because I don’t like Marvel, anime, or video games but like actual nerdy things like investigative documentaries and conspiracies kek. Even male autists have super generic male autist hobbies like trains and Sonic—moids are a dime a dozen and you should not date relatively uglier men because any quirk to their personality isn’t anything remotely charming, it’s just a generic loser male trait since males don’t have variation in their personalities.
Do yourself a favor and try masking enough to talk to normie guys and figure them out. Most men will not be worth your time so only spend time on ones that you’re attracted to. Do not give moids a chance, that’s a cope fed to us by ugly scrotes and you will have less satisfaction later on knowing you settled. You will learn as you go what you can and can’t tolerate. I’m in grad school and come to the conclusion that I can only date a moid who is grad school educated, otherwise scrotes just talk out of their ass on anything and it infuriates me as someone who has more education than my previous boyfriends. Plus academia moids appeal to me more nowadays as they’re all very autistic anyways albeit very pretentious and somewhat insufferable so you have to dig a bit to find a decent one. But if I don’t find one there then I’m pretty sure I just will live the rest of my life happy alone since I’m intelligent, quirky, and decently attractive to pass as a normie until I open my mouth. Remember that we never need moids and that they are the ones who are obsessed with us. If you treat yourself like you should be treated like shit then your moid will too.

No. 1416396

ty nonna. i wasn't sure what the hell was going on and why something that seems so simple was this difficult, but i guess this really is the nature of selling locally.

No. 1416398

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nonnas maybe it was all a mistake. I took the spiritual way because the materialistic thing didn't suit me. Aka too retarded to get a good job too ugly to be loved and too stupid to learn anything. So now I don't feel my body anymore I feel like just floating through space. Detached from the world and no dreams no ambitiouns. I have no idea where to go from here because like I said the normal way isn't working out for me as well I'm just too stupid. Kinda sad at the moment but not really feeling it lol. To be honest the world is so ugly I just wanted to escape

No. 1416401

I wish I just never said anything, and disregarded that stuff. It’s meaningless, and unverifiable so what does it even matter. Won’t do that again.

No. 1416403

Wtf is a ghost shit

No. 1416404

Based. Get sweet normie guy, get him into your hobbies and interests because they’re awesome and you’re highly knowledgeable. He adores your skill set and passion, he eagerly participates to connect deeper with you.

No. 1416415

I'm eating 600 calories a day because I need to lose weight fast (best friend's wedding in 2 weeks and I gained a lot of weight in my face due to binge eating the past months). I'm starving but in a way I deserve to starve for failing going on a diet for months. The amount of binging I've done is monstrous and I literally can't justify putting even an additional hundred calories in my stomach a day after what I put my body through just for a temporary high.

No. 1416418

How do people meet the love of their life?

You're telling me I'm going to somehow manage to find someone I'm attracted to who is equally attracted to me, but not only that, we're also attracted to each other's personalities, and we both so happen to be financially stable and in the same state? Oh and this person won't end up cheating on me or having some horrific secret like not being able to be 500 ft within children. My brain is too pessimistic to think this is possible I don't know how people manage.

No. 1416419

I fucking accidentally deleted my bookmarked folder filled with songs I wanted to listen to. I didn't put those songs in my watch later list like a retard. I'm sad. Oh well.

No. 1416435

Dog is in the vet having a dental cleaning + extraction of 3-4 teeth. He will be sedated and I won't pick him up until another 2h have passed. The vet suggested me to get him a bloodtest to see if there was any possible risk with anesthesia due to any possible organ malfunction (I rescued the dog 3 months ago and he used to be very underweight). He's young and has no illnesess. I couldn't afford the bloodtest and I'm worried about him and how he will react to the drug. At least I could afford the tests to see he was healthy (no leissmaniasis and other things like that). He's been eating good quality dog food and I walk him a lot. I hope everything goes as planned. I have two cans of humid(?) dog food for when he comes back home. I love my tiny fluffy dog. He's so grateful for being rescued.

No. 1416436

awkward moment when i follow a girl from my class thinking she's directly going to the next when in fact she was meeting her friend nowhere near classes nearly off campus. and she saw me. ummm sorry i genuinely have 0 clue where my classes are. this is so humiliating i feel like my eyes are about to well up with tears. almost want to apologize but that'll probably make it even worse kek well all i can do now is laugh it off. im such a creep but i swear my only intention was going to my classes

No. 1416443

You totally should have explained what happened, you'd both have a laugh and that would be it.

No. 1416444

kek it's okay, nona.

No. 1416477

almost messaged my bf saying "mommy I don't feel good" with the fucking pleading emoji can I kill myself

No. 1416510

I'm cringing as I read this anon. I'm sorry kek

No. 1416511

Sucks but 600 cal for 2 weeks isn’t gonna make a visible difference. You’ll just be miserable. Just start accepting reality now and try harder after the wedding.

No. 1416518

Kinda annoyed I forgot my headphones. Now I can't listen to music or podcasts during my commute.

No. 1416525

I don’t mean this in a condescending way but you’ve got to love yourself. You’re just trying to get nutrients the way you know how, and given how available and addictive modern processed food can be I don’t blame you for binging. Please go easy on yourself, because starving can have long term effects, like being skinny (jokes), better to take measured steps to reduce than having your hair fall out and shit.

No. 1416526

It's very possible. You just have to meet them in spaces you yourself hang out in.

No. 1416527

>husbando's manga has been on hiatus
>have an awful feeling the mangaka is going to kill him off because she's notorious for it, prefer the manga be on hiatus forever
i think i understand the crazy manga fans who send death threats to the mangaka now. if it comes back from hiatus i'm pulling my router out of the wall.

No. 1416530

Wait wait wait nta but please elaborate, how the hell did you make friends from trash??

No. 1416532

The answer is statistically, you most likely won’t find one “love of your life,” that rarely happens irl. Even if you do, it won’t be perfect because people aren’t perfect. But you can be in love several times over the course of your life. Different people can be good for you in different ways. And that’s beautiful too.

No. 1416534

File: 1669047192965.jpg (69.86 KB, 808x424, 20221117_192538.jpg)

Going through bad art block right now. Not art block as in I have no ideas, I have a bunch of ideas that for whatever reason I just can't draw. They're not even complicated. Nothing even changed in my life but all of a sudden I feel incapable of drawing anything and I don't know why. I just feel sorta brain dead. Even when I start it's just not fun right now and it's not going anywhere. Maybe I'm burnt out. Maybe I need to take a break. But I miss drawing…
Makes me feel kind of directionless on what to do with my time now aside from vidya.

Oh actually I did draw one pic but then saw someone upload pretty much exactly what I wanted to draw and then realized if I posted what I did it'd just look lile I copied them lol. Coincidences like that just happen I guess.

No. 1416535

Which husbando and which manga? I can't guess, unless it's Sora in X1999.

No. 1416537

File: 1669047443551.jpg (128.09 KB, 1440x1080, IMG_20210919_054223.jpg)

I have absolutely no motivation to work hard in school, I'm on my way to an exam that I havent read any of the content for at all. I feel like shit going outside lately and I live over 45 minutes away from my university by bus.

Thinking about dropping out but I'm over halfway done my degree and I dont have any other plans other than maybe selling my custom coloring books.

No. 1416538

One of my coworkers is starting to piss me off because she acts as if she’s better than anyone else when actually she’s the newest incorporation and basically she has so much to learn yet.
She always tries so hard to be above anyone else basically asking the same questions over and over again and trying to change some things that are perfectly fine just because she THINKS it’s better that way, even when we explained to her why it is the way that it is.
Lately she’s been asking questions and doing remarks about the job I do (been doing it for the past 12 years, I’m a supervisor there) in such a passive aggressive way, like she’s hinting I’m not doing it well enough, even my boss had to cut her off mid sentence because she was still going on and on.
And of course she uses the excuse of her being on her period to act like a bitch with me, answering just when she wants to and letting me know how stressed she is all the time.
I hate people who don’t know their place and with superiority complex, people who try to be over anyone else and bringing others down to do it. And she’s like that.

No. 1416541

I have two "friends" who always use me like a therapist but don't bother listening to any of my problems so today one of them started messaging me about her shitty boyfriend when I was busy trying to sort out getting a broken window replaced and I was telling her about that so she just totally ignored me and kept going? so I just haven't responded and then my other "friend" started messaging me about some work shit she was having a problem with so I told her I was busy making calls and she said "boo you whore" I know it's a mean girls reference but like?? why are people like this, I'm taking a break from talking to them because it's getting on my fucking nerves plus we're all in our 20s but they both keep acting like teenagers

No. 1416547

How are you guys able to buy pills online? This is like the 5th nona I've seen saying they were able to buy prescription meds online. Can someone drop a url or something you can delete a few minutes after posting but I too would like to buy some pills.

No. 1416556

>Die mad about it breeder
Nta but you're the one who sounds mad, and at least the "breeders" will die surrounded by children that love them and cared for them. Even if their moid undoubtedly turns out to be trash. People like you die bitter and neurotic and alone, shouting at the nurses in the home you're going to be dumped into because you won't have anyone to take care of you or help you out in your old age.

No. 1416573

>because you won't have anyone to take care of you or help you out in your old age.
Nta Kids aren’t your retirement plan. They’re going to be living their own lives most likely away from you, not wiping your ass & making food for you when you’re too old to do so.

No. 1416588

I'm not having kids, I'm lucky enough to be in a big family with siblings/neices/nephews/cousins/friends that have already made agreements with each other to help the older ones out when it gets to the point that we need that. And I don't mean ass wiping I mean making sure we are put in a home that we're happy with and coming to visit so we're not lonely. No one is saying children are only for elder care, but kids that love their parents enough will make sure they're taken care of when it comes time they need it, even if it's just visiting and helping clean up the house a bit. Maybe you have shitty parents and family who you don't care about but not everyone is like that. I've had several aunts and uncles and 2 grandparents die of old age and cancer by now, and they had plenty of people who loved them enough to get them into a care home that did the wiping and food making for them. And I saw people that had burned bridges with all of the family and friends they used to have, ones like the screechy anti natalists, and they were lonely and miserable because anytime someone tried to visit them they just bitched and complained the whole time. Until the people just gave up and stopped visiting, it's sad but it's usually deserved. Even the nice ones that didn't have children had visitors and staff wanting to keep them company because they were pleasant to be around, but the mean ones who made everyone miserable just sat staring at the tv grumbling angrily stuck in their little victim complex. It's a sad site to see but they did it to themselves.

No. 1416592

File: 1669051095837.jpg (71.93 KB, 844x960, 1666961428085.jpg)

The absolute state of the world makes me so depressed, i know i shouldnt indulge myself by visiting rage inducing threads like the mtf threads, but at this point ignoring it makes me feels like i am part of the problem too. I wish i could travel back in time and live in the 90's, the internet was a mistake.

No. 1416596

Are you me nonna? Couldn't agree more

No. 1416597

Every darn day i have to get my cat out of the fridge because she will bolt inside the second i open it. I can't even enjoy my food without her begging for EVERYTHING. She ignores me afterwards and acts all hurt like if I don't feed her. You have food! Eat your damn food! It is expensive! Let me have my diabeetus in peace good riddance. I love her, but she is becoming such a professional whiny beggar. She gets on her back and meows cutesy thinking im going to throw her a bone. Think again fatty these chips costed $8 and they're all for me.

No. 1416602

File: 1669051352075.jpeg (6.87 KB, 320x360, 1664236594300.jpeg)

i wish i was a cat i want to annoy my owner and shit in a box

No. 1416603

in my country you can order some stuff online on legitimate pharmacy websites by just filling out an online survey and the site will send it to your gp who will approve or reject it based on your survey and any past medical history. i’ve also ordered some stuff online from inhouse pharmacy that operates out of vanuatu but you won’t find anything crazy. the only other option is darknet markets which are pretty easy to navigate if you do some googling.

No. 1416605

i wish i could seethe about trannies all day but i have real problems

No. 1416606

ayrt im not reading that

No. 1416612

I've ruined my life by being scared to go into compsci, maths or something similiar. I have no people skills, the only way I could be comfortable is if I sat in a corner doing some data analysis shit which I have to present like twice a week, and get decent money.

No. 1416613

I feel like this too. I'm entering my mid thirties. Up until now I just thought I had bad luck with love. Thought I found it twice and then.. sudden break up the first time and an affair the next. Now my friend group (who I was envious of before) are all catching up to me and either divorcing or splitting up after they just had a baby

I don't view love in the same way I did when I was younger. The whole 'one true love' thing seems naive to me. But some lasting power would be nice. Seems like alot of men who are willing to commit.. are just as willing to leave at the first hurdle. Just a pattern I keep seeing. Women who are there through thick and thin and men who are more fickle. Will feed you all these promises but its meaningless.

No. 1416622

The only close relatives I have are so narcissistic, selfish and toxic I can’t stand them. I hate them with all my heart, all they do is to complain about everything but they don’t do shit to change their situation.
My brother is a copy of my father who’s the most egocentric person I have ever known.
He thinks he’s always right even when I can show him how his opinion is totally wrong, then he takes the victim role and then there’s two options: 1. He starts to cry and guilt trip me about him being the oh so poor man who had to give up everything for his wellness and happiness or 2. He ignores me until he’s not pissed off anymore and starts to talk to me as if nothing happened.
My brother is even worse than him, a man child who only thinks about him and what he wants, even if he has to destroy everything to get it.
I’m tired of feeling guilty for things I can’t control, I’m tired of them wanting me to feel bad. I don’t even know why I get this upset anymore, I should be used to it by now but deep inside I still love them even when I know they don’t deserve it, even when my mind can’t understand how’s that possible.

No. 1416624

women have always been recognized as the moral gender and males immoral flaky slobs. it's the story of how the american west was founded and how women got the vote–the men were alcoholic coomers so the powers that be got women in to vote to preserve the moral fabric of society. the only thing that ever got men to behave was rigid social expectations and the threat of ostracization and/or murder. if you want men to behave themselves again, start removing the teeth from any man who leaves his gf/wife. like animals, moids only understand threats and violence.

No. 1416625

> I'm a lonely autist who keeps settling for the first moid who looks my way
This is past me. My last guy was so bad that it was a wake up call. Now I keep crushing on guys still (anyone who I even have a decent conversation with) but I'm hyper aware of any flaws I pick up on. Thats new.

It annoys me that so many men have this view lately like
> Women are too picky! Dating is impossible because womens standards are set too high
Where? I can't say I see it. Even my non tist friends dated some serious losers in their twenties. And they lied to make them sound better. Getting pickier with age is a good thing.

No. 1416634

When you shit and there's nothing on the paper when you wipe. Clean shits.

No. 1416638

I don't even have an idea how I'd fit someone into my life. It's not even that it's insanely busy, it's that nearing 30 and only having a few fleeting relationships I got so used to the peace of mind of not being bothered with shit in my private life, not having to fight someone about home management or having to keep anyone informed about my life decisions other than my parents. People meeting and then moving together seems like such a bizarre concept to me now.

No. 1416640

I've made peace with the possibility of me never finding a man I like enough for marriage and child bearing. I'm at the age where everyone around me is getting married or in their first years of marriage, so it sucks being single and having no prospects for the first time in my adult life, but it's also kind of freeing. I'm trying to deprogram myself from thinking I won't be able to have kids past 30, but other than that it's nice to not be stressed out by a scrote and their bullshit.

No. 1416656

File: 1669053873006.png (242.37 KB, 583x412, Screenshot 2022-11-20 19.11.43…)

Agoraphobia-anon checking in, not really a vent but a report and kind of a brag. I think my new meds are starting to kick in again because I had a really good morning. I'm exhausted now but I was able to make a couple phone calls about the car and a moid that I trust is going to come over and look at it tomorrow and then we'll take it to the shop (except I'm having trouble finding one that will take me anytime soon). Also went to the store without having any wine and was able to even use the human cashier not the auto checkout. These are small things but I'm feeling really good about it, I was totally broken a week or so ago and barely could make it out of the house at all let alone sober. Thanks to the nonnies who gave good advice, love you, here's some baby borzoi.

No. 1416657

this works for me but i just gain it again quickly when I start to eat normally

No. 1416674

I didn't see your original posts but I'm a semi recovered agoraphobic. I still have a limited 'comfort zone' but just repeated exposure is what I found helpful. Going somewhere so often that it becomes routine. Next thing you're doing it on auto pilot and not over thinking it as much. Glad meds are helping you. I never had much luck with meds personally.

Allow yourself to feel proud of the small steps. Small steps are how you get there.

No. 1416684

File: 1669054861250.jpg (70.88 KB, 700x933, This-is-Rosie-Kittys-Story-5d9…)

ty nonnie love you. I always hated the "small steps" thing that people would say because my mind doesn't work like that, it rushes too fast, but I think that might be the #1 thing meds are helping with. I also have a new therapist, he's a man which I was kind of struggling with but he is very warm and kind and centered, I think I will stick with him. Everything that could go wrong has in the past few months I feel and I'm holed up in a hotel room to get away from my husband but today was honestly the first day I felt any kind of calm and centeredness sine maybe early summer. I feel optimistic and it's an unfamiliar feeling lol. Finally trying to live that small-steps life.

No. 1416702

>24 next year
>still can't draw worth a fucking DAMN
i'm scared. my brain is going to finish developing and i won't have time to learn i will be too late :((:()

No. 1416724

wtf are you me? i literally ditched all my friends to focus on learning as much as i can before its too late aaaaaaaa

No. 1416725

your brain can create new connections even in your adult life nonna, you can learn just fine untill you are old with dementia

No. 1416726

Don't be silly anon, just because your brain is finished developing doesn't mean you can never obtain new skills again. Vincent Van Gogh didn't start painting until he was 27. And I'm 28 right now, I've been drawing pretty much my whole life but I don't think my art got even halfway decent until a couple of years ago. Just keep practicing and you'll improve.

No. 1416734

Thank you anon, your reply made me feel a lot better. I hope I can find that special someone again, but I won't dwell on it. I'll just focus on myself and maintaining the good friendships I do have.

No. 1416735

File: 1669058043328.jpeg (221.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1646604775655.jpeg)

im so fucking depressed and have been drinking or taking benadryl until i dont have to be conscious anymore. i have to clean my whole house and go pick up my cat to bring him back to live with me (i love and miss him so much) but i feel disgusting and just want to blackout. no matter how much caffeine i have i just want to not exist.

No. 1416739

Idk where else to post but I feel so weird about my sexuality/attraction. Growing up I had my first kiss and experimented with girls sexually first, and had a girlfriend in middle school. But ever since entering high school ive only had long term relationships with boys. I went on a couple dates with women but they just always seemed incompatible and fake, like they weren’t really gay. Then post-high school I moved to a new town and downloaded a dating app, selecting women only and went on a couple dates, only to never find anyone I had a spark with. I then added men to my preferences and met a guy after going on 2 dates with other guys, and have been dating him since. I really like looking at female bodies and i always had a crush on my best friend in high school, to the point of feeling turned on sexually around her sometimes. But some part of me feels like I could never be enough for a woman and that I’d always be awkward since my only real dating experience with them is when I was younger. I also have pickier preferences with women than I do men. I think I’m just bi with a preference for men

No. 1416742

No. 1416743

i hate when other brown people with an inferiority complex go off about shit like seasoning i know it’s a dumb thing to get annoyed at but i just find it so cringe and embarrassing. like really the only thing that can mask your inferiority complex is shaking a lidl container of cajun seasoning on your chicken… okay. these people usually cannot cook for shit and are always westernised as fuck. there is so much more to cooking good food than just making sure your chicken is sufficiently orange…

No. 1416749

One the other hand learning at an older age has the advantage of you being more mature and able to handle your emotions during setbacks, and have better critical thinking skills that's necessary for learning art. I'm getting back to learning art again at 25 and I definitely have a more healthy and better mindset compared to in my teens and early 20s.

No. 1416753

SA, but I am also comparing myself to others less and being less of a perfectionist because the expectation for myself that I have to be just as good as other people my age have long passed. This was a recurring thing that would always discourage me back when I did art during my teens. Point is anon don't let yourself be held back just because of age.

No. 1416786

File: 1669060043519.jpg (35.69 KB, 500x336, 1583366876030.jpg)

For some reason only now has it really struck me just how bad the internet's gotten. Americans en masse seem genuinely unable to discuss anything without using it as an opportunity to complain about the US or otherwise dragging US politics/social issues into it (including discussion about non-US-related events in developing countries, which usually comes off as extremely insensitive and tone-deaf) and like they're actively searching for reasons to get angry; like people are getting up in arms and accusing the guy who shot up a gay nightclub of receiving preferential treatment for being white because he wasn't charged with domestic terrorism even though that's not even something people can be charged with. People seem miserable and angry all the time and addicted to their anger to the point where they'll manufacture things to get mad about – even in situations where there's already ample grounds for outrage – and it seeps into everything.
Even though there are a lot of farmers with internet poisoning, this feels like the only place where I can reliably avoid being confronted by a mind-numbing wall of politics and outrage. Hope that doesn't change

No. 1416802


No. 1416804

kek nonna stay off /ic/, they're full of shit and use any excuse to not draw, including muh neuroplasticity

No. 1416818

>Even though there are a lot of farmers with internet poisoning, this feels like the only place where I can reliably avoid being confronted by a mind-numbing wall of politics and outrage. Hope that doesn't change
Sad to say it already has, half the shit people post now is met with this bullshit. Look upthread for example, someone complains about a shitty boyfriend and it devolves into a screeching dogpile of dumbass rhetoric about why women are terrible human beings for wanting to find a boyfriend that isn't trash or wanting to have kids. Look at the sperges in celebricows. Nona's that were on board with surrogacy were getting called tranny sympathizers who are okay with prostitution. They always do that, imply something was said that wasn't and then argue with this fake villain they've made up in their mind. No one on here knows how to disagree, they just get angry, it's so tiresome and has completely taken over the lighthearted mood these boards used to have. I truly think nowhere is safe from the "mind-numbing wall of politics and outrage" you described so well, I wish there was but it's infected everything now.

No. 1416834

kek you're also doing exactly what the nonna you quoted complains about, manufacture things to get mad about out of simple disagreements

No. 1416842

What did I manufacture? I'm saying the political discourse has been going on everywhere and gave 2 examples for it that happened recently. You're a newfag if you think these are the only 2 times that random posts have devolved into political discourse when it started out non political. How am I manufacturing things when I'm literally just describing occurrences verbatim.

No. 1416864

nta but she's not talking about the "simple arguments" she's talking about the political arguments that keep happening based off nothing

No. 1416875

File: 1669063859575.gif (13.75 KB, 247x37, reduce, reuse, recycle.gif)

I've been doing ok on my diet, but I feel so disappointed in myself for falling off of it. So frustrating how gaining weight takes nothing but losing it takes so much effort. I feel determined to get through the holidays without over-consuming.

No. 1416892

I know how you feel, I slipped and am feeling very uncomfortable in my skin lately. I like your holiday resolution I'm going to try to get through it similarly. Each day is so much work but adds up like grains of sand in an hourglass I lose sight of that so easily for a momentary comfort

No. 1416938

I feel like a ghost. nothing ever happens, nothing ever changes. I send applications for jobs, I can never get a better job, I can only get hired for the same shitty jobs I've already outgrown that barely pay the bills. I send queries, I never get anything but stock rejections, even though I know my book is great I just can't get even one single person to notice it. I don't have any accounts anywhere, when I try to make any I never fit in, the only people who message me are bots. I don't have family, I don't have friends, I don't go anywhere. I can't afford to travel, I can't afford a house, I can't afford a doctor. I feel dissociated. It's like I'm in a prison and satan is taunting me that I can never find the way out of the box. It's like I'm in a river and no matter how hard the current is gushing or how hard I row, I am always stuck in place, I can't proceed and cannot go back. Every day is the same. Nothing happens, nothing changes, I speak to no one, nothing I try works, no one I try to contact replies to me. I may as well be a ghost. It feels like I'm trapped in hell.

No. 1416940

File: 1669066869717.png (15.64 KB, 382x322, 1592108921738.png)

i was watching Null's MATI stream and now i want to punch a wall. I hate this world, I want to live in the woods, I am tired of trannies, I am tired of men, I just want the world to crash and burn, it's not safe for children and women anymore.

No. 1416952

I wish i wasn't too scared to sudoku myself, non existence sounds so much better than staying around

No. 1416969

I'M SO BORED OF MY HAIR AND MAKEUP but I'm also a retard that struggle with figuring out eyeshadow and I don't wanna cut my hair and I actually like how I dye my hair at the moment I'm just bored of the me I associate with this current style AAAAHHHH but it's also because I will never have hair thick enough to have big wavy 2012 hipster hairstyle of my dreams

No. 1416970

What's going on now?

No. 1416974

File: 1669069174434.png (180.02 KB, 288x381, COCONUT.png)

I'm too dumb to talk to anybody I just screw it up or flee like a spooked golem. I'll never fit in

No. 1416978

I am so sick and tired of men doing the most inhumane animalistic chimp-ass shit on the earth and getting a pass. I have a desire to hurt them badly, any man i meet i want to slit his throat, beat his face to a pulp, cut into him with an axe. I am so tired of placation, they know no other language other than violence, and i am so tempted to speak it. I really really need to know ways of hurting men (ideally not physically) because i can't take keeping this rage unseen anymore. Such a sick society, and we're all living in it like this is normal.

No. 1416983

I still check my ex's socials and I feel like shit after I do. I know I do it because I miss her every moment of the day and am starved of her affections. Checking her socials is looking into a brief window to her life. But still, why do I do it knowing she'll never let me in again? Is the temporary feeling of being close to her once again, no matter how superficial it is, really that worth it? I feel like a recovering opioid addict who has to be administered small dosages of drugs to prevent withdrawal symptoms. I wish I didn't live in a time where the internet is so accessible because it's so hard to get over her and not think about her.

No. 1416992

i am only 30 mins in but
>a bunch of troons telling a 15yo girl they want to rape and kill her for blocking a tranny that was sending her sexual messages
>guaranteed income program for troons
>Ireland wanting to enact a bill criminalizing hateful material
at least the stream switched to Chantal and her muslim prince telling people to kill themselves

No. 1417004

nonnie he isn't lying but don't forget Josh has an interest in pointing out the most horrible shit, just like the mainstream media but in a different direction. he grifted the alt right scrotes however many years ago and is trying to grift the terfs now. he has a based hatred of trannies but it's because of his personal shit. I don't watch him personally because I've seen enough of the tier of scrote that he is from participating on KF. don't believe the hype.

No. 1417007

I was searching up subreddits (i do like to self harm yes) and was curious to try out searching for r/misandry. Biggest sub was a fetish sub. Unsurprising, whatever. I scroll through and its your most basic scrote femdom, constantly giving head, forever malewife servant shit.
Out of extremely morbid curiosity I searched r/misogyny and one of the first posts was a gif of (if you're apprehensive about even opening the spoiler, i have to say it's bad) a woman getting a toilet brush inserted into her anus and her being in very obvious fucking agony.
I had no idea that I could still get traumatized from the internet after all these years, but scrotes just keep "raising" the bar of degeneracy. I think some part of my lizard brain remembered what it felt like to be exposed to porn for the first time since i was a young kid.
I'm fucking done.
And i was going to go to bed early.

No. 1417008

>trying to grift the terfs
kek, terfs dont give him money his audience is still 99% male

No. 1417013

you could tell because apparently last week he was doing a cringe scrote "smash or pass" type monologue but you can check the kiwi thread here for how well that went over with the terf audience lol

No. 1417017

Why do so many men at my job keep asking me if I'm married? It's like clockwork how predictable it becomes after so many times they'll ask the question. I wonder what goes through their mind. Do I suck at working they're like, "She sucks, she should be at home while her husband works." Or are they like, "She's too pretty to be working, she probably doesn't have a husband." I dunno, I'm not a fucking moid.

No. 1417023

I remember clicking 8chan's femdom board once and it was straight up gore of a man getting holes drilled into his stomach and other wild crap, fucking insane. Also reddit mod team is such scum they will leave openly misogynist subs with straight up rape porn but will ban any radfem or women only sub, they suck.
i wish people would stop treating null like a political celebrity, but the usa mentality of us vs them is too engrained in people now. He's just an autistic guy who lives in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, likes fat woman and hates trannies. I dont agree with most of what he says but i enjoy his streams because they are fun, it makes me cringe when some nonnas try to paint him as a terf idol, kek.

No. 1417030

Thanksgiving is so stressful. I'm basically a NEET who still lives with my parents, and basically we host thanksgiving every year. Every year, I help my mother with cooking and cleaning since no one else in this god forsaken house will. I don't really mind, but my mother has to work until thanksgiving day, which means I have to do a lot more than I expect. Normally, this would be fine, except for my dad, who miraculously doesn't have to work for the rest of the week and came home early, is sitting in the kitchen and dining room area making a mess and being gross and just generally being an obstacle. This doesn't really surprise me at all but it's so frustrating. Cause I rely on my parents for money, I can't say shit to him, but god I wish I could. I love when people playing video games for 16 hours straight, drink alcohol, spill salt everywhere and somehow fling egg yolk all over the kitchen!!
God if I could afford to get kicked out of this house…

No. 1417056

I'm turning 28 next year and I'm so scared of dying alone. I have destroyed 2.5 perfectly nice long term relationships so far and it doesn't look like I'll get any better for me. My looks were carrying me through my 20s, but they're definitely starting to fade. I'm going to end up a childless spinster, like my ex told me, with no one to come home to and cook a nice meal with. That or I'll rot in my parents' spare bedroom for ages. I'm about to get fired for being deoressed, too

No. 1417060

moid larping

No. 1417063

Nah, just a really sad loser. I guess that did sound a little like I'm saying I'm gonna hit the wall. I do want children, though. I just can't stop ruining relationships.

No. 1417065

watchout nonna there is a deranged josh simp anon who likes to call anyone even mildly critical of her nigel a tranny, be careful

No. 1417067

Everyone shush
Shusshy baka
I am trying to fucking relax

No. 1417068


No. 1417069

The nona above you is clearly trying to relax! RUDE!

No. 1417070

Nonnie get some self-respect please. You're a lot better off than if you were married to some piece of shit moid who you're going to divorce in a few years anyway. In your current state you're vulnerable to getting trapped by a worthless moid, don't let them get you.

No. 1417073

File: 1669073908240.jpeg (55.26 KB, 1280x720, 73E7EF51-C3F4-4FF6-B136-396939…)

one step closer to the edge and I’m about to break

No. 1417080

File: 1669074917351.jpg (69.57 KB, 1125x1046, 6b7e4fdcf70e663aa6801defe3dfc9…)

I begin my first job tomorrow, as an ex-neet this is a major happening but also scary as fuck. I can already tell main staff thinks i'm retarded as hell, they were already trolling me first time we meet, also my hearing is also shit which probably makes them believe i'm just unfocused. This week was supremely awful and stressing and is going to get so much worse tomorrow i bet my fucking life on it, i bet they will mock me for random mistakes, act sassy and treat me like trash like people always do, i never get taken seriously. I will probably end friendless and miserable but that's just my regular life so might as well get money for it i guess, Christmas is coming and i want to buy me cute stuff so let's get this bread

No. 1417086

The majority of people in elderly care homes have kids you retard, having kids is no guarantee of having someone to take care of you, like in my country there's so, so, so many old people with kids who don't give a fuck about them. And even if they do give a fuck about them, they just pay other people to take care of them (which you can do yourself if you save enough money in your youth kek), because they have no energy or time to do it themselves or they simply don't want to. And the parents usually deserve it because the majority of people are not fit to be parents to begin with. The people who want to breed but don't know they're not fit to be parents are way worse than those evil antinatalists you don't like so much. You have no right to force another being into existence without their consent.

No. 1417092

I'm rooting for you nonna! I think the first week or two at a new job is the hardest. Work definitely becomes less nerve-wracking the more you do it.

No. 1417111

my fault for having autist hobbies that attract retarded adult children but i wish i could find someone normal-ish to connect with who isnt into baby cartoons at 30 years of age

No. 1417116

Have you tried hobby groups?

No. 1417117

you're gonna make it nonna! do your best to power through any unnecessary bullshit and make that bank!

No. 1417120

thats where i found this group of autists kek. just going to go back to doing fun shit by myself

No. 1417124

I really cannot stand being around anyone who isn’t my moid when I’m horny. Like, being around my parents or family members will make me pointedly annoyed and I’ll get pissed off if they try to touch me. Back the fuck off!! You are not my mate!! I don’t even care if this sounds perverted

No. 1417125

Whats the hobby where you met all of these autists? Just curious

No. 1417127

I don't understand why men say "I'd still hit it" as if they weren't all so horny they would fuck a hole in the ground. Oh wait, it's just cause they're that stupid.

Life would be so much easier if men weren't all such horn dogs.

No. 1417128

>monthly panic attack that I’m 30 and single
>opens tinder
>all moids suck
>fat and balding
>single dads
>”poly” or in an open relationship
>no presentation
>good looking but nothing in common and poor conversationalist
>dead end jobs
All I want is a skinny/muscular nerd with sharp facial features and a decent future and I refuse to settle for less. Why do the men in my country have to suck.

No. 1417133

this is what a mf on some ABO shit sounds like

No. 1417146

File: 1669079470594.jpeg (164.8 KB, 1170x960, F8366EAB-D3A5-4516-9AFD-935CD8…)

I’m not aboriginal, I barely even know what that means

No. 1417151

I mean the cringe fanfiction coomer ABO shit, alpha beta omega shit

No. 1417159

I found out that my bf was cheating on me and tried to pull the open relationship poly shit with me. Saying it was his long time gf, which means I'm the other girl. Said he thought it was okay because he confused one of my male friends for my boyfriend (bull shit)
then started getting mad asking why he was never good enough for people even though he's trying to balance multiple partners
I'm just upset he tried to guilt trip me
fuck that

No. 1417169

it gets dark at 4:30 now and it makes me suicidal. i just want to live in a tropical region but the men there are all UGLY. i got a handsome nigel here but he's the human equivalent of one of those giant poodles that is always anxious and frightened. it might take him 20 fucking years to propose to marry me and then i have to scheme a way to drag him somewhere closer to the equator than to the arctic circle. men shouldn't have human rights, they should just be obedient property.

No. 1417170

>And I'm 28 right now,
How is it possible THAT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU IS 28

No. 1417171

I don’t know what that is because I’m an adult who doesn’t have time to read fanfiction but what part of my post even gave you that type of energy KEK

No. 1417173

>He’s the human equivalent of those poodles that are always anxious and frightened

No. 1417177

i want to live outside society so bad i don't share values with anyone at all at all. i feel sick thinking about social dynamics. i know i'm the problem and i just wanna remove myself

No. 1417181

THIS FUCKING ONLINE PHARMACIST PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF, it's great in so many ways but sometimes the pharmacist decides to send you the weaker dose if you have both a stronger and weaker dose. Like they decide that they know better. what the fuck am I supposed to do with 5mg of anti anxieties? I need the 25mg dose, it was prescribed to me for a reason YOU FUCKING RETARDS. I was extra fucking careful when I put my order to not accidentally click the weaker one. It's supposed to be the best one in the country but I swear to god there is one or two in their staff that thinks they know better than the patient.

No. 1417187

No, there's just a lot of us who were born in 1994. You're ok nona I promise.

No. 1417191

You need to break up with him. I assure there are plenty of great looking guys who live in tropical areas

No. 1417198

tell that cockhead to kick rocks. i would wreck his shit

No. 1417199

File: 1669081900042.jpg (685.9 KB, 1313x1340, Screenshot_20221113_163558_Gal…)

I'm 28 too

No. 1417218

1994 must have been the beginning of the end for productivity what the hell.
t.yet another 28 year old

No. 1417223

the mate part, also better time management makes it so you can be both an adult and do stupid shit like read fanfiction, anyways good luck with the tard horny anger.

No. 1417225

Another 28yo barrelling in, there are dozens of us here, dozens!

No. 1417226

>Be me
>Going to respond to someone online
>Type out an answer and hit post
>The page reloads
>Someone else answered just before me and now it looks like I retyped their answer like a retard and just regurgitated what they said.
>Delete my reply because cringe
>Hope no one saw.

No. 1417229

I've been on this site wasting my time for so many years now. I've barely posted anything and I get so sad about it. I can't connect normally with people at uni and always feel a bit out of it. I've started to spend a lot of time by myself on the internet initially so that I won't be a nuisance but now I actually find it quite comforting. I get anxious very easily and I think it's because of some narcissistic traits I developed due to good academic performance when I was younger paired with being a spoiled only child that's biting me in the ass now. I hate any kind of hard work and I would much rather spend that time on my phone. I'm hoping that I can grow up soon but I feel like the internet/mindless browsing over the years has fried my brain. I am now at 7 hours per day on my phone and I can barley hold one coherent thought much less talk with someone. I feel like this post doesn't make any sense either but it's just a vent so who cares. Ive also started to isolate myself from the people around me and treating my friends and parents like shit (ie not responding to messages, being distant and cold). Right now it feels like I always wear a mask when I'm with other people but I guess that's just the addiction speaking. It started to get bad when my now ex had left for his studies abroad at the beginning of the year and just spiraled after he broke up with me in July due to being an emotionally unstable and judgemental mess so I don't blame him but I do miss him a lot every now and then I don't really know what to do and feel pathetic about myself. I've got my first therapist appointment on Wednesday of next week so we'll see if that gets me anywhere.

No. 1417231

that just means you are soulmates with your twin poster, dont deny fate noni

No. 1417233

File: 1669083472545.jpg (458.68 KB, 563x751, 20221107_132947.jpg)

I hate that I don't own these stackable ducks

No. 1417237

I love them, they're so cute! And they look like they're cuddling

No. 1417240

I don't have friends and never had a bf. I parted my ways with the last person I called friend 5 years ago. I don't know what's wrong with me and why I can't make any meaningful connections and at this point I don't even know whether I really want them. I want to be liked and adored but do I really want friends and a relationship?

No. 1417256

I just turned 27, I feel left out

No. 1417260

the duck centipede

No. 1417271

File: 1669085645357.jpg (88.23 KB, 2048x1152, hey.jpg)

but i'm 26

No. 1417302

>People like you shouldn’t be doing this job. And I say that as someone in healthcare. You have no empathy.
Just wondering, would you actually say this if the person on the other end was a moid or a tranny?

No. 1417306

Isn’t it so funny that when you act accordingly to how someone has repeatedly, deliberately treated you they call you a bitch

No. 1417307

>I lose sight of that so easily for a momentary comfort
So freaking true anon. I believe in us both, good luck with the holidays!

No. 1417309

This resonates a lot actually. I don’t have trouble making friends or socializing and I never have, but I’m not in a place where I think it’s fair or fit for me to seek out friendships or relationships when I’m dealing with the things I currently am. I have a lot of work to do, literally and figuratively.

No. 1417312

He is beautiful to me

No. 1417314

I have to wait until next month to make an appointment with a dermatologist, I hate my skin so, so much i am so tired of it. I hope that she can tell me what the fuck to do about it

No. 1417315

I look so much worse when I smile and its not even my teeth that are the problem. Giant ass masseters

No. 1417317

My coworker who has naturally thick beautiful hair decided to laugh and comment on my sad pony tail I had curled to look nice for work. It was already an insecurity of mine for the past 4 years. I got the shitty genetics of thin hair that falls out from stress or lack of food. Working everyday of the week with minimal breaks havent helped. Broke and have food allergies that I just ignore my stomach if I'm too tired for prepping food. Thanks coworker. You're just like girls who make fun of other girls who have stubborn acne.

No. 1417321

I feel this a lot, especially when people insist i am not being myself. It just makes me want to withdraw from people even more.

No. 1417322

what a bitchy thing for her to do. I'm hexing her right now.

No. 1417334

If it makes you feel better, I have thick hair too and sometimes wish it wasn't as dense. Sure it can look nice, but it can be difficult to manage and take care of. Wash days are a bitch for me

No. 1417336

There’s a lot of things at my second job that piss me off but the biggest thing is some of my coworkers have talked behind my back about me being a “mean girl” and “bossy”. What just because I don’t bullshit around and am honest about things make me this way? I genuinely try to be up front and polite when it comes to either things that bother me or things I think can be done better. They act super buddy buddy and fawn over me to my face so when I don’t play along it can make me look worse to people outside of the situation

No. 1417348

Same idk why girls with thin hair are so insecure about having it. It looks fine and is so easy to take care of. I have curly hair and it's so thick that it acts as an umbrella and never soaks water. Wash days are horrendous as it's basically a helmet.

No. 1417365

I'm not even joking, everyone here ALWAYS says they are 28 when agedoxxing, and it's just not on /ot/ either

No. 1417368

My new roommate turns on the damn light at 4-5 in the morning when I'm still sleeping and leaves it for like 30 minutes and I have a huge problem with going back to sleep after that. We have different shifts and I go back home at midnight. So I have less than 4 hours of sleep until that idiot wakes me up. I don't even know how to approach this because I don't understand how can you even do something like that. My two previous roommates just prepared the stuff they wanted to take/wear before they went to sleep and early in the morning they used light from their phones. That's also what I was doing after coming back from work late, I never turned on the light in order not to wake them up and I just used my phone. I think this is some basic mutual respect. I'm so tired and I don't know how to approach this so I don't sound like I attack her. Also one of the first things she did after moving in was taking my stuff without my knowledge/permission. I just don't know how to deal with such people

No. 1417369

The stuff I have to do for class isn't hard at all, it's not even a lot if you consider that it's all I have to do in one entire week, but I can't bring myself to do anything. I'm trying to work through it, but it's like bashing my head into a wall. My brain simply shuts off and I can't force myself to do it. I was already considering contacting the psych support at my university, but they apparently have a backlog of months so I feel stupid even thinking about it. It's not even a big issue, I know I could do it easily if I just did it. I don't know what's stopping me. I feel like I'm acting childish and only doing what I want, even though I should be able to do the things I have to do at my age

No. 1417422

is this what getting old is? I sleep 2 days in a different bed and my back hurts

No. 1417427

Me too. This feels like some kind of high school reunion a decade after graduation kek

No. 1417433

File: 1669098824043.jpeg (33.08 KB, 680x679, 2FD1DFB4-1D88-4EF8-B9F3-29F542…)

I said “glhf” in Overwatch and got told to fuck off and was harassed the rest of the match. I almost never interact with anyone online because of this shit, why are people so mean

No. 1417436

online multiplayer games are notoriously hostile, especially to women, unless you do a whole pickme routine to have an army of simps. Back in my day everyone fucked your mother and if they found out you're a woman, you had to go back to the kitchen. That toxicity never really went away, so the only people having a nice time are misogynistic scrotes, pickmes, or people who exclusively play with a select group of friends to avoid all that.

No. 1417440

File: 1669099577467.png (625.34 KB, 900x900, Danganronpa_Another_Episode_-_…)

i bleached and blowdried my hair and now I look like that anime retard komaeda

No. 1417441

that's hot

No. 1417448

File: 1669101205726.jpg (54.64 KB, 600x600, krabs.jpg)

Everyone in my general vicinity keeps interrupting some very important tasks im trying to accomplish all day, which is sending me in a mixed state of rage and fight or flight because I cant relax or focus. I've told them I do not want to be interrupted, talked to, or bothered yet they persist. What is wrong with people? Can't anybody be still, be quiet, and mind their business these days?

No. 1417449

You’re right, I remember some of it from when I was like 10 unfortunately
Usually I just stick to my group of friends and family, but it was 6am here and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to play on my own, and try socializing even if just with a “glhf”… I met another female player who was really nice in a previous match, but then this happened. I think from now on I’ll just avoid the chat, like I’ve been doing for years
And thank you nona, I was hoping I wasn’t just being too sensitive. I just hate how common this unnecessary scrote aggression is. Like, do these people not want to have fun? I don’t get it…

No. 1417454

she's aussie (I'm assuming) and mate means "friend"
if you say "look, mate" to someone it can also be offensive.
nothing to do with reproductive mating lmao you associating it with a weird niche type of porn fic is on you, not her. can't believe I actually had to explain that.

No. 1417465

i hate that men make all these haha funny good time edited videos of any pvp type game while using voice chat but you do so much as say "hello" as a woman and either get immediate harassment or cringe flirting from some fat neckbeard pedo or skinny weedbro who lives off vape and energy drinks. men should be the ones met with instant harassment and all the women should be laughing their ass off about it until he leaves voice chat or barely speaks. instead the moment you harass a moid its either a ban or some other desperate girl like "username you cant say that his poor feefees thats messed up!" i really hate female socialization and the male codling.

No. 1417466

Ughhhhhh I probably fucked my chances with a coworker by acting cold when I started working there and not reciprocating. I was in a relationship which wasn’t doing too well and not really paying attention. I was too worried about what was wrong and fixing things and didn’t have space for anything else to register up there.

No. 1417478

What are you being interrupted, bothered, or talked to with/about? You kinda sound insufferable so I don’t see how it’d be unnecessary.

No. 1417485

File: 1669105935286.png (450.38 KB, 567x620, E9487D34-9FEB-44DE-A88E-FD030B…)

ayrt, I hate it too, and then they’ll act like what we go through is the universal experience because someone told them to “git gud” once or some shit, as if it’s even comparable to actual harassment.
Also I’m completely with you, reminded me of picrel

No. 1417489

I have a roommate who chews so loudly that I can hear her eating from the other room. She doesn't smack her lips, but she aggressively chews so there's this loud clack of teeth combined with the wet sloshing of food being thrown around her mouth. She then swallows the food down hard, usually with a huge gulp of water. It's still somewhat audible when I close the door, so I usually put on some music or wear headphones when she gets ready to eat, but sometimes I forget and I'm yet again disturbed by how loud the sound of her eating is. I and several others have made her aware of it, but she doesn't care. She knows I close the door because I don't want to hear it so at least there's that.

No. 1417518

File: 1669110953216.png (14.83 KB, 153x120, Screenshot_20221114_015723.png)

After 2-3 weeks of not calling me, my mother spam calls me all weekend up until Monday and asks for cigarettes. I'm just disappointed because I EXPECTED it. This is common too. I don't mind giving her money for groceries, gas or to help relieve rent pressure because growing up she was always financially struggling and did a lot ofr me- but she always calls for cigs which aren't cheap nor do they last long in that household; it's also why I went starving alot growing up. :I
I'm also living on disability so I am not getting much to begin with- my stepdad makes more than her but doesn't help her with bills at all because he is a selfish prick. It gets annoying.

No. 1417529

i hope the artist they're interviewing in this video dies. i hate men i hate men i hate men i hate men i hate men i hate men i hate men. i will be a husbandofag until i fucking croak because there is absolutely no saving y chromosome possessors.

No. 1417532

File: 1669112935198.jpg (15.95 KB, 408x512, cddd86feb2a83c7e3564851c2fb52a…)

My parents kicked my borderline brother out today after he's refused rehab again. He has been back and forth from the ER 4 times in as many days cos they keep calling an ambulance for his drunken suicidal threats. Yet when he gets to the hospital he acts belligerent towards the staff and refuses help.

He's in a very bad downward spiral and my parents told me today they feel "numb" because they don't think they will ever see him again. I shudder to think if they actually think he's going to die. I'm worried he's going to drink drive.

I love him so much but he's so beyond my help. I live in a foreign country and have for years and we have lost contact a bit (for my own sanity).

No. 1417548

Again I have left my 15 page essay until the very last day, and its not even registering in my head. The last time this was due around a week ago I started from scratch at 3am and ended up almost fainting from how tired I got. Just because my body can't stand being awake for full day because I've been abusing my sleep cycle for years now. I couldn't even keep a single thought straight by 7am and I couldn't stop thinking about that one day I recently had where I woke up feeling rested and I felt so lucid and in high spirits. Instead I had a measly 4 pages and had to confront my professor face to face with something as shameful as this, thankfully its just for a final draft and not the real thing. He gave me an extension and yet here I am, it's due Wednesday and my second chance I felt grateful for I let waste away instead. I used to be able to do tasks fine but now it's like I see the task looming and think yea, at some point I should kick into gear. Yet I never do, it never kicks into gear. Well aware this is all my fault nonnas, it sincerely is. But the apathy, I can logically say it is disgusting and yet I don't really feel it. I don't want to worry, but I want to have a kind of urgency and pride in my work. Ugh nonnas, the worst part is that the subject is something I like, but I've made the thesis so vague. But I don't enjoy anything anymore. I know part of the beauty of discipline is being able to accomplish things you don't want to do, but I just don't feel anything anymore. I'm not even overworked, I think its just immense self loathing and laziness. I don't feel like a person. So many excuses for not wanting to write my fucking thesis ugh.

No. 1417571

File: 1669115625871.jpg (10 KB, 236x313, auguste.jpg)

i've recently come to the conclusion that i've been stockholmed into thinking my family and living situation is sustainable for me.
i've always known my family were not normal. my dad's an alcoholic gambler. my mother was very neurodivergent and never assimilated into our country. one of my brother's has a severe development disability. my other brother is psychotic and suspected to be bipolar. all of them have anger issues. i grew out of mine before i turned 18.
i love my parents so much for what they gave and sacrificed for me. they were both refugees and worked minimum wage jobs to give us a better life than they had. but at the same time they both were emotionally and sexually abusive. they were often neglectful to the point where i really had to raise myself at times. to fail so many times with relationships and unlearn the toxic things they taught me to dole out or tolerate. i had to teach myself how to do extremely basic things like cleaning, (cleaning toilets was something i had to learn how to do since i didn't understand why other toilets weren't black like ours) laundry, dishes, self hygiene. MY MOTHER NEVER TOLD ME TO WIPE AFTER PISSING, i only found that out online by accident when i was 15. i understand that my mother never wanted kids (she told me as much when i was younger) and she was just forced into heteronormativity because she got knocked up (she told me it was rape) by someone else so early that she just went for any guy who seemed decent who wasn't turned off by her having a kid. but at the same time i recognize how much she hurt me. she shamed me whenever i'd bleed on bedsheets or my underwear. she made fun of my 80s bush that i grew when i was 10 years old. she over inflated my ego by using me as her prized show pony when i was a kid, dressing me up and giving me photoshoots and then spurning me when i began to refuse, condemning me into hating my reflection for the rest of my life. now she's degenerating in her 50s to an incurable, hereditary illness and there is no nuance or coherence in our conversations. i'll never be able to use her for guidance. and i'll never have the closure i've always wanted.
my dad knows that i won't be staying for long and will be relocating permanently. and its all so fucking bittersweet. i know i can't live like this. but at the same time it's hard to leave my family behind even though they all neglected me my entire life.

No. 1417591

File: 1669118082219.png (14.82 KB, 598x706, FhSavX5XoAEeTXj.png)

Overwatch community by itself is the worst one I've been to, and i was a challenger in LoL with a girly nickname. OW seems to be full of thirsty normies and pickmes, i have been playing this game since 2018, and whilst i don't give a shit about men barking at me because they hate women, my heart always breaks when a woman will try dragging another woman down for male attention and/or to seem like 'nlog', it's so fucking stupid. It has happened to me and other girls on open mic vc so many times, and for no fucking reason. Even in quick-play games that are the most casual things you'd encounter.

No. 1417596

Every single fucking day I live my life with men making disgusting sounds around me. The grunting, farting, burping, lip smacking, phlegm gurgling and snot swallowing monstrosities should be shamed for their vile existence.

No. 1417597

This isn't the place to ask at all kek but being challenger is really fucking cool, nona! Do you have any general tips with ranked (or I guess just gettin' gud in general, ha)?

No. 1417603

You’re so hot

No. 1417615

I’m so sorry. That sounds very painful. My sister was very similar and in the end we just had to let go and let her destroy herself. If it gives you any hope at all, that was the point at which she pulled herself back up and she’s been sober for coming up to a year. One of the nurses I spoke to during one of my sister’s hospitalisations said that sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do for somebody. Wishing you and your family all the very best, anon.

I can relate to a lot of what you’ve written in your post, anon. I also had to learn about wiping after a piss (and a bunch of other basic hygiene stuff) online as a grown woman, kek. I just want to say that you’re very strong and though you may never get closure from your parents, don’t let your past prevent you from building a happy future. You are and always were deserving of care and respect. You will find people who cherish you and who won’t make you walk on eggshells, if you choose to let people into your life. There was never anything wrong with you as a little kid, and I hope you never ever feel shame over your experiences as a child/young person. Good luck with your new life, I’ll be cheering you on.

No. 1417618


No. 1417626

There needs to be a group of women that does this. I hope some of you nonnies have a group of friends and will start this practice.

No. 1417628

File: 1669120556391.jpg (276.04 KB, 835x1024, istockphoto-471160251-1024x102…)

WHY are people so FUCKING pussyfooted when it comes to giving a shit about others in their close vicinity? I swear to god it's not that hard to be there for others. I CAN'T be the only one that at least tries. Self-harmed by cutting your legs? Don't worry, I'll come over to you to help you cleaning out and bandaging those cuts and listen to you. Your boy/girlfriend dumped you? No worries, I'll be there to cry on my shoulder and help you get distracted. Your self-confidence is in the absolute bottom? Gimme a sec and I'll contact my photographer friends to set up a cool photoshoot to hopefully help you feel yourself for a bit. Everything is just shit in general? I can give you some space if you want but I will be checking in on you every now and again just so you know you're not alone.
Like these things aren't grand gestures that requires much, and I'm someone that suffers from mental illness myself and suicidal ideation so severe my doctors aren't sure whether they should give me meds or not because I have attempted suicide so many times but I still put myself out there when someone needs me, even if it's draining.
Don't get me wrong, it's not like I think anyone owes me anything or they should be forced to do something for me if they're in a position where they don't think they can help. But I'm so tired to hear "we are worried about you" those times when I finally crash, WHO are these fucking "we"? And how do you have the fucking gall to talk ABOUT me when you know I am struggling but NONE OF YOU have the BALLS to take five seconds to even ask me how I'm doing. It's just silence until that one. FUCKING. line. And then you guys wonder why I always pretend like everything is fucking fine until I crash and become a wreck like every second year. You don't even take me seriously when I try to reach out before I get fucked up so I feel like I have no choice but to turn it into a joke or sandwich it between two positives.
I know I will let this go when I'm in a better headspace, but whenever I'm in a bad place and think about it I get so full of hate and anger.

No. 1417629

I'm so mad at myself for throwing out my school books back when I graduated, thinking I won't ever be needing them again. If I recall correctly, some of the workbooks we had covered the basics of the exact topic I'm struggling with right now, so reading up on that again in there would be great. Ordering it online again is no problem, it was like $20 max but to do that I'd have to remember the name or publisher of the book, which I don't lol. I only barely remember what the cover looked like and simply going through every workbook listed on the website is no option, as there are literally thousands of them. Maybe I'll ask my friend if she still has it. Also, one of the categories on the website of the biggest book store in our country is BookTok. I know why they do it but I'm not approving.

No. 1417633

File: 1669120875496.jpg (25.75 KB, 500x500, sfs.jpg)

my browser is too outdated to use nnd and loading up any other browser takes ages reeeeeeeeeeee

No. 1417638

in my experience nnd is slow on every browser and every computer. I genuinely just think the website is poorly coded

No. 1417639

All the things you've listed that you do for others are extremely rare anon, unfortunately. And it's not even that other people are to self absorbed or lazy to do them - they're just too unaware and to put it simply, stupid in this specific matter. Knowing how to act when someone is in mental distress requires a great deal of emotional awareness, which you have because you understand and see your own needs; and through them you know what would be the most appropriate way to help someone struggling. Vast majority of people has never even touched on such awareness. The only way you could maybe help them - and help yourself getting what you need - would be being really straightforward. "I'm feeling like shit, I need you to come over and spend some time with me" level of clear communication.

No. 1417641

going to kill myself. im on the bus right now and only just now found out the shitty armrest was lifting up the entire side of my skirt showing my butt. and no one told me. silently screaming on the inside of humiliation. probably why those old moids were looking i want to die

No. 1417643

One time a lady came up behind me while I was crossing the street and told me she ran half a block to tell me to pull my dress out of my pantyhose. I'm still alive 5 years later.

No. 1417646

it's actually okay-ish for me if I load it up on safari for example, it's just that my laptop, standing strong at seven years old and apparently a granny in laptop years, seems to throw its back out anytime it tries to load up anything that isn't my trusted and tried standard browser. But yeah, I noticed that back then when my laptop was still up to date, nnd took an eternity to load. I always assumed it's because I'm so far from Japan, because I had the problem on several Japanese websites (and bilibili), but I'm not sure if that's how it works lol.

No. 1417648

When I was a teenager I had this deranged driving instructor and I'm still mad about it. Took me out on the real roads my first day even though I said I didn't feel ready because "Don't worry, I'll tell you what to do.". I made some minor mistake (idk what it even was but it wasn't even an accident risk, forgot to signal or something on an empty road) he takes control of the car, pulls us over, and rages at me for ten minutes straight. Screamed at the top of his lungs, swore at me, punched the dash a couple times. Are all driving instructors this fucking deranged or did I just get unlucky? I have major driving anxiety and it all started then, it's not fun to be stuck in the middle of nowhere in an enclosed space with an angry adult man.

No. 1417652

File: 1669122619147.jpg (38.82 KB, 500x667, t.jpg)

thank you sweet anon, your words really helped me. I'm glad to hear your sister is doing better too.

No. 1417653

god. i had a similar experience. i think these weirdos get some kind of power trip in these positions. he even said at one point "i'm surprised you haven't cried" like it's what he wanted. i wanted to cry so badly but i kept telling myself "don't you fucking do it" and i'm glad i didn't. i hope his morbidly obese ass is fucking dead by now, lol

No. 1417661

I quit vaping and my anxiety is spiking so hard it’s unbearable.

No. 1417664

>morbidly obese
Reminds me of the driving instructor in my class who was an asshole. Except there was another driving instructor as well, so I ended up signing up for his lessons. Lucky break for me since he was nice.

No. 1417667

File: 1669124680665.jpg (8.97 KB, 275x266, m-3.jpg)

I ran out of meds fuck my stupid life

No. 1417668

I want to do something with my time but I can't. It just slips away. I've already been awake for 12 hours and I haven't done anything besides eating something and doing half of one assignment. I can't even use this time that I'm not spending with work with hobbies, because the thought of work blocks it off. I don't know what to do with myself anymore. At this point I can only do things when I get lucky with my mood. I feel like I don't have any control over anything

No. 1417674

File: 1669125823947.jpeg (58.18 KB, 640x480, 1648271140532.jpeg)

i hate that im feeling jealousy/envy for the people that i care about. I'm so happy for them but also jealous! I HOPE THEY ARE HAPPY AND THAT I AM TOO!

No. 1417675

You’re playing a game rife with autistic gaycels what do you expect

No. 1417676

Has more to do with the fact that LC started in 2014, when we were all young and actually cared. It’s a good median age because why else would we stick around to a shitty dying imageboard? It’s the same with all imageboards really, then the ones in their early 20s come and yell with capslock on because they cannot fathom

No. 1417680

Get them refilled post-haste

No. 1417692

I apparently lost a little and gained it back in 3 months of efforts to lose some weight… I'm unhappy with where I'm at but after MORE than one decade of calorie counting and food scale obsession and ED I'm trying to lose some of the weight I put on during very stressful months this year in a more sound way. I'm not overweight (barely I guess, BMI is 24.3) and it's so disheartening that it feels like I can't lose unless I go into extremes and lose my mental health in the process.
The thing is that psychologically I feel well, I tried recovery and stuck with it last time because I couldn't take having food on my mind all the fucking time and feeling weak and dizzy constantly… But I don't like how my body looks at this weight that I didn't even gain on recovery but after months of extreme stress due to job and home problems this year. I feel happy with my exercise milestones (I run and do some bodyweight at home) but it sucks that in 3 months of effort I didn't change anything, not a single measurement on my body … I feel like I really have to choose between mental health and having a thinner body and can't have both.
Like no matter how much feminist theory I read I still prefer how I look with less weight on. I'm not even focused on super skinny, just my body pre-stressful times. :(
(Pls anybody who's reading this I'm just talking about my own body, everyone carries weight differently and I'm so harsh about my own body, if only I could appreciate it the way I appreciate others'…)(:( )

No. 1417698

File: 1669128147047.png (380.55 KB, 480x602, 1653184325267.png)

Why is my english so bad, i see other ESLs speak eglish for the first time and they sound miles better than me. Meanwhile i spend 1-2 hours daily practicing and i cant even pronounce ''better''. I also have an accent, which i dont mind so much, but i wish i sounded more ''spanish'' instead of indian, kek. I just wanna make yt videos and stream, crap.

No. 1417705

I hate taking public transport purely because of scrotes. Its never women doing any of this annoying shit. I have seizures that have never been under control so I can't drive. Probably never will. Every journey is accompanied by some guy spitting, belching, acting like he's about to come up and hassle me.. actually coming up and hassling me. Men talking about their shitting habits out loud with each other. Talking about women like we're a sport. Or just being drunk and leery and weird. I don't know why its suddenly gotten so much worse in the last few months but it has. They're like untrained animals who don't belong in public spaces.

No. 1417709

I’m sure you’re doing much better than you think anon! Beside accent is charming.

No. 1417727

what >>1417709 said
having an accent will benefit you in your yt/streaming goals honestly!

No. 1417741

I tried telling my mother that I was depressed and she told me it was all in my head and it won't get better by laying in bed all day, and the last thing is true but how can you say to your daughters' face 'it's all in your head'. I'm a disappointment to my whole family, can't get my shit together and I just don't know what to do with myself at this point. I can't eat, I can't keep up with school, all I want to do is sleep. I'm wasting my parents' money on a degree I hate (changing majors soon though), I had a gap year last year and I just feel like I'm disappointing everyone by wasting my life this way. Nothing is ever good enough to me and if it's not going well I don't want to do anything about it I just don't want to live. I will probably never be able to even move out because the house market is absolutely fucked, I know people who had to move cross country to even find an affordable place to stay. You can spot from a mile away I'm just whiny little bitch, I have one friend who even calls me anymore because nobody can stand me for a longer period of time. I'm a trainwreck of a person, I have no reason to exist anymore.

No. 1417744

I'm looking at houses in my area and everything is 600k+. the mortgage would be $4000/month. Even with a dual income couple that isn't affordable. And in 2016 most of these places cost $200k. imagine buying a house for 200k. I would have no more problems in my life.

No. 1417755

File: 1669133079611.jpg (24.87 KB, 430x357, 1639655164093.jpg)

I feel like I'm having a mid life crisis, currently 29 and trying to get my second degree.
I just feel so old, how do I deal with that. It's not like it's gonna get better with age.

No. 1417761

I'm crying because I can't do anything for my classes and it keeps piling up. There are already like 200 pages of reading for one of them and the thought of going through everything and taking notes makes me want to kill myself. There are at least 300 more in total for other classes and a lot of math and I tried to do it but I just don't fucking understand anything. Last week I could do some of it easily, this week it's like I forgot how to read. I don't want to do anything because I won't remember anyway and right before the exam I'll have to teach myself everything from scratch again. Why am I so bad with all of this, it's generally easy if I could only get it into my stupid head. I want to be like the people who work on things all the time but I just can't for some reason and it's really frustrating

No. 1417763

I moved 6 hours from home to find a house I could realistically afford. In an ideal world I would've loved to have stayed in my original area close to everyone. It wasn't do-able. Instead I started a new life where I knew nobody and I'm not good at making new friends either. I wouldn't say I regret it but I sure paid a social price for the sake of a financial saving. I never see my family anymore. When the day comes that my aging dad gets sick.. this distance is really going to suck.

No. 1417776

Same here I am 30 and I have genuinely no fucking idea where I should go and what I should do.

There is nothing I really desire, everything is bland and boring to me. I just quit and change my jobs every year or so because everything becomes unbearable dull after a while. I don't understand how other people can be so fucking motivated everyday. I hear them talk to coworkers about stuff that excite them and it's just the most mundane shit in existence and I put on the headphones because listening to it would make be fall asleep.

No. 1417796

i’m glad my mum is visiting because i’m on the brink of killing myself but then i also want to kill myself because there are now 5 people living in this small 2 bed flat. i have no privacy now

No. 1417800

I think? my pads are chafing my fucking clit (if thats even possible) because its sore as fuck despite not doing anything to myself besides bleed for the last few days. This has never happened before but it HURTS just to sit and the rest of my vagina feels fine there's no chafing/itch anywhere else, just a sore nub. Literally what the hell is going on

No. 1417811


Yeah feel pretty much the same.
Can't relate to other students in my course since they are 8 yrs younger, but the others 10 yrs older. Everything feels very uneventful. And I'm panicking that I'm missing smth

No. 1417812

It's def possible anon, maybe try some new pads

No. 1417815

As Stacie Orrico once said.. There's gotta be more to life. There has to be more than this. I travel, I hate it. I work, I hate it. I discuss the weather with strangers because theres nothing else to talk about. I eat. I fuck around online. I sleep. Even my dreams are boring. This is a waste of a life but I don't know how to break the cycle of nothingness that I'm in. I don't even know what I want to be honest.

No. 1417845

I don't want to go to a psych ward!!! I just want someone to take care of me for a few days.

No. 1417893

it's been a year since I've last had my period, I don't want to go to the gynecologist. I have untreated PCOS and hypothyroidism. But honestly I don't care anymore why even try…

No. 1417897

The dumb scrote ass bitch moid that I hate is going to be my new boss in 2023. Kms

No. 1417936

I made a deal with myself the last couple of overdoses that if I survived I would take it as a sign that fate is real and/or many-worlds quantum immortality is real. Both of those times I woke up in a hospital. Now I have more tablets than last time and I’m planning on ODing somewhere I won’t be taken to hospital in time and I’m still wondering if I’ll be mystically preserved. The problem is, I think I might survive which would be really awful because I’d have to deal with my family afterwards and I might end up brain damaged or more crippled and stupider. Better for everyone that it works, but I have an unpleasant feeling that it won’t.

No. 1417943

Damn i wish I never read that spoiler. I wonder how a misandry subreddit would work if they just reposted shit from the misogyny subreddit and the positive comments from scrotes there. I mean what could they do? Its the same content and makes blatantly clear why scrotes are inferior beasts.

No. 1417952

i miss my dad. i wish i could talk to him one last time and tell him how much i loved him.

No. 1418009

I have a toothache and they can't see me until tomorrow. I called my parents for advice and they said to break open a tylenol gel cap and put it on the tooth. I'm so desperate I'm about to do that. I'm in great pain, dear God please let it not need a root canal, amen

No. 1418018

I'm so tired of playing moid-mediator. I'm already taking care of everything else here, I don't need to play babysitter for grown men who won't directly confront their fucking problems. Just scream it out amongst yourselves and let me mop the fucking floor in peace.

No. 1418028

I pretty much just gave up on dating because I don’t need a man for anything. They are pretty much useless to me. I try to avoid saying “I don’t need a man”shit idk because it makes me look like a bitter bitch who no one wants but I actually don’t need one when I think about it.
Can’t use them for money because the things I can’t afford they usually can’t either and the things I can afford I can easily pay for myself without hearing a scrote cry about a 20 dollar meal.
They don’t make me feel pretty or desirable because there’s always some porn bitch they’re looking at or they always have to let me know they “settled”.
Don’t need them for cleaning etc because most of them won’t or can’t do it.
Don’t need them for sex because most of them aren’t attractive or good in bed.

I’ll be forever alone.

No. 1418051

Of course my job suddenly has me doing a 12 hour shift on top of a 16 hour shift before Thanksgiving. I planned to make three dishes to bring to my friend's house and now I don't even have the time to do any of them. My boyfriend said he can make whatever he can tomorrow on top of his dishes he wants to bring, but I wanted to make the food I wanted to make. I just don't want to be at work. And Thanksgiving day I'm going back to work and then leaving to go to my friend's house because they're waiting for me to arrive. This fucking sucks. I wanted to have a good time making Thanksgiving food with my boyfriend, but now I can't. Things suck around the holidays and I don't want them to. I cried on Halloween. I'm crying days before Thanksgiving. I'm breaking out in hives because I'm stressed. I truly don't get paid enough for this.

No. 1418055

I feel like I'm responsible for my mom being in a bad mood, even though I know I'm not, and I hope this feeling stops soon.

No. 1418064

God I miss Ko-chan

No. 1418072

Instantly replying too, love that

No. 1418074

Ily ko-chan!

No. 1418081

am sorry ko-chan i just dont want to look like komaeda lmao

No. 1418083

Most of my friends are leaving or have a way to leave my country and it makes me so mad that I will probably be stuck here until everything collapses.

No. 1418088

File: 1669147519428.jpg (48.51 KB, 300x395, Witch_Burninator.jpg)

I decided to get the HPV vaccine at an embarrassingly late age (I was horribly afraid of men when I was younger and avoided them) after finally getting a bf and the nurse made a comment that 'it's cute' that I'm getting vaccinated at my age. I know I shouldn't ruminate over it but cannot stop feeling deeply ashamed over the whole situation

No. 1418096

I'm an older woman and I never got the vaccine because I never needed to and never had a great chance to. My mom was a psycho antivaxxer and prevented me getting it. There's no shame for you Nonnie. Idk what the nurse meant, it's just a routine medical procedure.

No. 1418111

File: 1669148107769.gif (2.25 MB, 332x250, retarded.gif)

Acceptance is the first step I also know that feel

No. 1418114

>in a midwit
KEK idk anon, enrol onto a teaching or social studies degree like all the other midwits

No. 1418135

Every man I've been with has always been intolerable when it comes to disagreements. No matter how nicely I voice any concerns it always becomes a circular argument of "I didn't mean to do it or I didn't mean to make you feel x way" as if that means anything. I can also say insensitive shit and hurt someone without meaning to, but I'll apologize instantly and try to make things right. Even my current boyfriend, who I thought was extremely emotionally intelligent, does the same garbage. Shut the fuck up, apologize and grovel, and change your behavior. It's not that fucking hard.

Men are so fucking pathetic. They don't know how lucky they are to have women who love them despite all the idiotic mistakes they make. This shit always happens as soon as I'm in love, at least fuck up in the first few weeks or months of the relationship and I can fuck off right away.

No. 1418140


No. 1418147

It’s kind of pointless to argue with men. The only thing you can do is say nicely what you don’t want them to do and if they don’t just block them. Arguing with men will only lead to him continuing his behavior just to spite you or him labeling you as a crazy nag.

No. 1418148

my job is really boring and stupid, a monkey could do it. i just pretend to work all day. it's wfh so i've been mostly internet surfing but i'm trying to be productive instead. it's so hard to actually do things. i'm trying to get a better job now, that might end up paying better but it would be actual work instead of pretend-work.
the hilarious thing is they require a uni degree for this, when really a high school kid or clever middle schooler could do this work. our society is buffoonish. we waste our youth studying crap we despise to do work that doesn't require those studies at all. it's a waste of life. i kind of want to be a farmer or something, but my spirit is already dead from make-work jobs and boring studies. they stole my youth and now i'm a lich.
clove is great for toothache but it takes a month to make. you put whole cloves into vodka for a month. then it makes magic happy juice.

No. 1418155

clove powder applied directly also works great for a tooth ache, its how I dealt with waiting for a root canal for 3 weeks

No. 1418160

>uwaa men do this, men do that
>proceeds to keep dating them anyway

No. 1418165

nta but not everyone is a lesbian

No. 1418170

why do you talk to me? where do all of you get the confidence to bother me? when i was a fat ugly duckling i wouldn't dare saying more than a hi to good looking people because i didnt feel like i was worthy enough so why tf do you talk? are you aware of how insulting you asking me out is? do you think so little of me? i want to go on a date, too. i want a hubby. but it's not my fault you all are so ugly and unkept. fr how long does a man have to sit daily to have so much jiggle in his thighs? could you lift a chair without breaking sweat or your spines? you can barely see women this soft on the streets nowadays. arent you embarassed? if you liked me as much as you claim to you would work your ass off, buy nice clothes and for the first time ever wash your hair so that going out with you wouldn't be embarassing. all men here look like gremlins too so you have literally 0 competition and even that is too much. quit. talking. to. me. all of you.

No. 1418173

It's weird, yeah my life isn't exactly fine right now, but it's not something new. Yeah there are certain health issues but I'm not dying. It's not pms. And yet I'm on the brink of tears constantly recently. Not that I want to actually cry, like properly, but I'm always ready to shed a tear or two.

I tried to be optimistic, but I can't anymore, life is shit, and I shouldn't've been born, I don't know how to live life. I'm a pathetic creation but I don't have the guts to end it.

No. 1418175

It's silly to block someone over minor disagreements, when you've been with them for over a year. But yeah, if this shit keeps happening, I'm going to assume we aren't compatible and leave.
>wahhh, stop venting in the vent thread
I want to spend my life and grow old with someone I love. Do you just give up on something if it doesn't go the way you want the first couple of times? I don't. I only give up on the individual moid, but not the overall goal.

No. 1418177

You don’t have to be a lesbian. Take a husbando or seven and live a dignified life alone.

No. 1418180

You could stay you just need to accept what men are like and stop trying to turn a fish into a cow. You’d be happier in your relationships.

No. 1418186

And? Dating is not a necessity
>stop venting in the vent thread
I never said that. Get a diary if you don't want people to have opinions about the things you post.

No. 1418195

you being a bitch isn't a necessity either yet here we are.

No. 1418206

I'm not the one giving men free sex, despite feeling dissatisfied with them lmao

No. 1418207

I ate a box of Aldi’s sugar-free cola sherberts and I feel so so poorly. My intestines are being turned into balloon animals by the insane amount of gas they’re giving me. I have to lie down or I’m in pain. My belly is tight as a drum (very unusual as my body is very similar to panna cotta in tone normally).

I know it’s the sweets, because this exact thing happened last time I ate them. Last time I was so very uncomfortable and sick from the gas that I started dry heaving forcefully. It started so suddenly and with such severity that I ended up completely losing control of my bladder in the middle of Battersea park. I thought I was dying. I’m swearing revenge on the Germans. These things should come with a warning.

No. 1418210

Some people can't afford to live alone. You are very lucky if you can nonnas but for a lot of women it's just not realistic. Roommates aren's stable and wont help you if you get fired and can't pay a month or two. Living with a female friend always ends up with her getting a man of her own and it ruinig the vibe and it's more annoying than just living with a man you choose.
I wish there was more understanding for women from poor countries where it just doesn't work like in somebody elses bubble, and that goes for more topics not just this.

No. 1418212

nona who the fuck would eat so much sugar free candy? it's a diuretic

No. 1418213

File: 1669151966649.gif (2.04 MB, 498x417, animal-crossing-villager.gif)

I HATE, I absolutely HATE the junkie couple that takes the same bus as me after work for the most part during the week. They are loud, smelly and act childish when the do not get a double seat for themselves for a ten minutes ride. They even harass people over this when somebody sits on "their" place because they want to sit down there and tongue with each other in front of everybody. The dude is also super loud and yells across the bus like a maniac. Today the dude even shouted at me bc he thought I would sit on the free double seat, even when I just wanted to get away as far as possible from them. For the whole ride the idiot was watching me with anger over this for whatever reason. Unfortunately they leave the bus at the same stop as me, so I'm cursed with those people for quiet some time because they go to my local supermarkets where I shop as well, in order to beg for money. One time they were there before I went to the store, so they were aggressively asking me and other people for money. Fuck them, fuck those two. Entitled piece of shits. JUst fuck them.

No. 1418214

Maybe she didn’t know about the sugar free haribos

No. 1418219

Is this common knowledge? And I had to learn it on lolcow.farm after getting sick as a dog twice and pissing myself in a park? What the fuck.

No. 1418220

Anon, artificial sweeteners are known for causing gas and other gastro issues: https://eu.metrowestdailynews.com/story/lifestyle/health-fitness/2021/12/07/artificial-sweeteners-can-cause-gi-tract-issues-some-people/6409077001/
It's a shame they are putting them in everything these days

No. 1418226

NTA but the op literally said that she's horny, she clearly meant the reproductive meaning, not "friend" kek

No. 1418229

I don't usually do online dating but I had a look around lately. The main thing that weirded me out.. every other man mentioned having kids. Not that unusual in my age range (I'm early thirties) but they all have either one year olds (wtf) or they have nearly grown kids from where they had them as teens. Two extremes. It all just feels strange

I dated someone with a kid once. Never again. I never told anyone about this irl because it's just gross but this kid hit puberty and started acting like a creep. Dad turned a blind eye to it but agreed to buy a lock for our bedroom door when my personal shit started going missing. I hate it. I hate that I've been reminded of it again.

No. 1418230

>grow old with someone I love
Kek for how many women does this even happen? Most get cheated on the moment the scrote gets tired of them or even before that. Look at divorce rates. Also all older men jerk off to barely legal teens. I’m 100% sure your bf isn’t planning on getting old with you kek don’t be naive

No. 1418233

Nonnies, I am fucking retarded. Had a male coworker who I was becoming decent friends with, we would even bring each other snacks. He was acting weird so I ask him why he's upset or mad, find out he's seeing a woman and I'm happy for him. I try talking to him later when I'm not busy. What does he do? Completely ignores my existence and refuses to even look at me now yet is going out of his way to talk to everyone else. Like, bro, really? What kind of weak shit is that? Only talking to me to get something out of me now I'm dead to you. I am not entertaining men anymore. They're fake ass friends and only want one thing out of you. I know women have said that before but I had to learn the hard way. Female friends only.

No. 1418235

The fuck, no she clearly did not mean mate in a friendly way kek

No. 1418236

Sweet sweet sugar free nona, it is kinda common knowledge, don’t do it again please.

No. 1418239

I hate what the internet has become. We had the ability to connect people across the globe intimately, give them exacy what they were looking for. Fulfill all of their curiosities, give them friends, grant them limitless comforts. Make their lives easier. But we can't even look up recipes anymore without Google demanding we spend 15 minutes sharing every intimate detail our lives. Fuck this shit. And when you finally find what you were looking for- regional IP ban. I'm done

No. 1418246

trying to focus on the friends i do have but i feel like i don't even have the average social life of someone my age so it's a little hard. "i have a couple of friends" sounds both comforting and incredibly depressing

No. 1418255

I'm breaking out on my forearms. It's thankfully just a rash but shit it itches. I wonder if it's the alfalfa that broke me out.

No. 1418258

File: 1669155042564.png (210.42 KB, 1144x1464, 1663935140170.png)

I have had panic attacks last couple days over this exact same fucking thing. I feel you nonna.

My primary friends have their own friend group and we don't see that often. I try to make friends at uni but I changed majors and people have already formed cliques. I feel sad I will never had friendships that started in middle school or even high school like so many people have.

No. 1418300

yes but you're judging anons by your dumb standards, which makes you a bitch.

No. 1418323

mean blogpost
I'm so fucking scared of being a useless lazy piece of shit living with my parent forever. I have a friend who is 20 years old (older than me). She's autistic and bpd and hasn't worked at all in her life. Twenty fucking years, and she went trick-or-treating this past halloween (despite being very fat). All she does is keep eating and watching youtube and whining about how stressed she is, and her parents don't make her do anything and it's not like they're well-off; they're old and poor.
To be honest, she's my biggest motivation to get a good job and improve my social anxiety so I don't end up as pathetic as her

No. 1418328

I was getting together and sending off important legal paperwork before an appointment with my lawyer. I kept getting interrupted to get shown stupid tiktoks or be asked what i was typing or something else totally irrelevant. Its hard for me to stay in the groove and keep productive when I have a million stupid interruptions in the middle of a task.

No. 1418331

you sound way more insufferable than that anon

No. 1418334

I don’t understand why useless neets who don’t have bills just won’t get a fast food or easy job and just save up money since they don’t have bills. A girl on TikTok had 100k saved before 30 working at Walmart.

No. 1418339

I've lost one of my favorite earrings today, no idea when or how it happened and I'm so angry at myself for that, it's the first time I've lost some jewelry. I'll check at work tomorrow, hopefully it fell there but I don't have much hope, I'll eventually contact the original seller, maybe they'll sell me half a pair if they are nice enough but I'm not looking forwars to pay Etsy fees and shipping taxes again just for this stupid shit.

No. 1418344

nothing is fair. I hate all of this. why do loving and beautiful people have to face death so young. My uncle died of pancreatic cancer last year, and now my aunt might have it as well. we're waiting to hear back tomorrow morning on he results but if im being honest we already know what it is. we know these signs all too well.

i can't stop thinking about my cousin, her beautiful little daughter. She's only 7 and she shouldn't be having to deal with this. she was the first girl cousin i had in my family and I'm 16 years older than her, i became so attached to her. I got to spoil her like crazy. I just want to protect her from all of life's hardships but i can't.

No. 1418346

She doesn't sound like your friend if this is how you're talking about her

No. 1418347

>tfw my siblings are 30+ and still haven't moved out yet even with their jobs
we're all doomed

No. 1418349

The economy is so shit almost everywhere now idk how people can move out by themselves

No. 1418352

I have so much rage towards my ex. He fucked my self esteem and self worth up with his narcissism and porn addiction and the worst part is he will never be able to comprehend how badly he hurt me because he's so shallow. Even though it's been a year since I left him I'm still angry if not more angry, at him and at myself for putting up with him for years. I have a wonderful new partner now who makes me feel valued and wanted but I can't get over my rage at my ex who still tries to talk to me like nothing happened.

No. 1418353

Didnt mean to reply to you anon im retarded

No. 1418369

I thought I found a himbo but NO. Today he tricked me I believed him and then he laughed and was like “im jk lol” and I went oh, like a spaz, dare I say, like a real himbo would. Damnit, IM THE HIMBO? He was not a himbo, himbos wouldn’t do that

No. 1418389

File: 1669164001316.gif (948.41 KB, 500x278, PointlessFlatBushbaby-size_res…)

The new pokemon game is hot garbage. So many missed opportunities. But they just went back to adding more to the shit pile instead of building on lore and legends they already have. Example… you're telling me they made a game based around time travel, past and future… and Celebi wasn't even around? Or not even mentioning previous primal pokemon or other time travalers/aliens. But lets be lazy and make future Pokemon be all robots. Also the tera hats are a poor concept and a lot of the pokemon designs and evos are lazy. One pokemon just stands up, that's the evolution. I wont talk about the glitches or the lazy corners they cut to push this money grab out.

No. 1418411

File: 1669165549961.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.93 KB, 1000x563, Pokemon-Scarlet-Violet-Rika-Im…)

You know one good thing about the game? Rika.

No. 1418413

thought he had his dick out

No. 1418427

That's a girl, nona…

No. 1418452

God, even the more toned down pokemon character designs just have to have some retarded ass detail in them. Look at this guy, he is literally wearing a second pair or suspenders backwards and attached to his crotch. What the fuck!

No. 1418456

Is that what it is? I thought it was an ugly tie.

No. 1418457

This reminds me of the video of that guy dancing at a formal party or wedding or something and he squats and his dick and balls just fall out kek

No. 1418461

This sounds hilarious, got a link?

No. 1418462

how. were his pants that unzipped?

No. 1418464


No. 1418465

This string of interaction is sending my sides kek

No. 1418466

(Sorry repost with correct link, beware it is nsfw I’d post the gif but I’m on my phone) https://imgur.com/bVvNQJ0

No. 1418467

not everyone is from america

No. 1418469

File: 1669169411339.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.38 MB, 320x564, FFBFD918-650C-4686-BCFD-F6DCDF…)

Wait test

No. 1418470

it is a tie that anon is retarded

No. 1418471

it weirdes me out that men have a thing that just hangs from them like a limp arm, horrifying.

No. 1418472

his pants must be made out of tissue wtf

No. 1418474

File: 1669169614160.jpg (407.07 KB, 1265x1600, 5432.jpg)

Quit weed two days ago and I feel like shit. Nauseous and my body aches and my dreams are super fucked up when I can manage to fall asleep. Cannabis withdrawal is a thing nonnies and it sucks, don't think it's okay to become a daily user just because it's not a hard drug.

No. 1418479

I almost thought there was a raid wtf.

No. 1418480

How does this happen? Is he not wearing underwear kek

No. 1418482

Kek sorry, spoiled it so it wouldn’t blind nonnies

No. 1418497

there's been blood in my ass crack every time I wake up for the last week, and my left index finger is numb
I don't want to tell a doctor because I already have to go every two-three months normally, and whenever somethign weird like this happens, they just turf me back and forth between specialists until I tell them it isn't happening anymore, I literally never get answers
I think once you get diabetes, everyone just waits for you to die and stop bothering them
a few times per months, my uvula swells up and turns green, and I can't get the ear-nose-throat specialist to take me seriously because you can only go in with an appointment, and I can't just let myself suffocate, so I have to go to the ER, so by the time I see the specialist, he says "Well I don't see any swelling," and I give him the paper work from the ER and he says, "Well the steroid shot looks like it fixed it," and I say there's no way it's good for me to be getting steroid shots multiple times per month, and he just walks out of the room without saying anything else
I also can't wait for me to die and stop bothering everyone

No. 1418500

My last therapy session was weirdly uncomfortable. She didn't do anything unusual and I normally love therapy and leave feeling relieved. This time I was unfocused and not really feeling like we went over anything new in terms of my experiences/behaviors and how to deal with them. Venting to her with no clear goal bothers me because it's a limited time and I'm there to change, not to chat. I know I need to be more active and open to new experiences to even have things to process and talk about though. As I tend to do, I feel embarrassed when I randomly just bring up childhood memories that were insignificant in the grand scheme of the abuse I've experienced, so I hope she doesn't assume I've only had one physically violent experience because it's the only one I've talked about. Would it make a difference if I told her about the physical abuse more? I was sobbing into a tissue last time when it was relevant to describe and that felt cathartic. Sometimes I really just want to tell someone a bad memory to get it off my chest, I hope that's ok even though it's not helpful or productive to my journey to being more functional? At the beginning of seeing her she said she doesn't find it helpful to rehash trauma or something, so now I'm self conscious. I know I should tell all this to her, and I will. Just a bit jarring to have something I look forward to be kind of disappointing, cuz I'm obsessed with "fixing myself" asap.

No. 1418501

this happened to me too but i had it worse because i was using super heavily. it will end though. i hate that people don't understand what addictive means. when people use addictive to refer to drugs what they mean is chemically dependent. drugs that cause chemical dependancy and psychological dependancy can both have withdrawals. technically caffeine has no chemical dependancy. and things like gambling can be addictive despite having no chemical dependancy either. do more drugs that cause addiction aka chemical dependancy have life threatening withdrawal symptoms? yes, but that doesn't mean others don't have any symptoms.

No. 1418506

I have a huge feeling my sister doesn't want to have children because of her career and it upsets me a little. She's one of those types of people who likes to do "crazy" things, like smoke tons of weed, spontaneously travel, and get a tattoo nearly every other month. It's like she's been blackpilled into believing she can't have fun anymore once she has a hypothetical child. I dunno, it was so weird hearing her say that. She use to be the one expecting me to settle down and have children when we got older. Now it's the opposite lol.

No. 1418513

Shit like this makes me so mad as someone recovering from an ed: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFHGhVsb/(imageboard )

No. 1418548

she doesnt look like any of them to be honest, how old is she? why is she comparing herself to teen girls?

No. 1418565

File: 1669176374437.png (148.21 KB, 348x392, tumblr_pqz92aeBds1yo23euo2_400…)

>they got rid of not just one, but TWO and the only bus stops that were right in front of our building
>no news or warnings about it either
well how the fuck am i supposed to try travelling around…why would anyone do that anyway?!

No. 1418575

My mom called my natural laugh which she rarely hears “fake-sounding”.

Welp, prob not lol’ing again

No. 1418580

I wanna tug ittttttttt

No. 1418582

You can barely see it tho. Like tugging a shoestring.

No. 1418585

I look so fat right now I want to die. I probably only gained like 8 pounds but on my 5'3 frame it's really noticeable. My legs look like logs

No. 1418586

Sigh I'm so bored and lonely and sad. I considered making a post on the LC friend finder thread again but I just thought what's the point. I'll either get ghosted or ghost the other person. I had already tried online friend finders on different platforms before like on 4chan and reddit (yes I am pathetic, yes you can laugh) and this one will surely not be any different. Friend finder threads like these just makes me feel like I'm forcing a friendship instead of letting it develop organically like most relationships do. I guess I can try and join communities of my interests but I feel like I'd come off desperate if I only join those communities to make friends. I'm not even asking for a huge friend group. Just a few people I get along well with and whom I can form close connections to. My feeling of loneliness is only exacerbated because of my breakup with my ex. I would have been fine just having her company for the rest of my life and now I have no one. I'm not asking for much. I just want to stop feeling so lonely all the time. Being human is such a lonely existence.

No. 1418590

That tasted horrible but thanks for the tip. In the end only whiskey helped. I think I can finally sleep

No. 1418594

I am so depressed that i fell back to my porn addiction. I am just so tired of being ugly, i hate that all my problems are genetic. Acne, being chubby, greasy hair, being hairy, ugly as shit nose, etc. I know they are ''fixable'' but i dont have the money and i have so many problems to fix. I just wanna be cute, dress cute and feel confident, fuck.

No. 1418619


No. 1418623

maybe try period panties! i personally love them since i bleed a lot and all over the place and miss the pad when i'm in the peak of my cycle. the downside is cleaning them in the morning but the upside is i can get depressive on my period so the fear of bleeding all over my sheets and mattress motivates me to get out of bed and rinse them out. i also like seeing all the blood come out, its satisfying.

No. 1418625

No idea, thought she was also a teen? Guess I'm wrong

No. 1418630

you don't need money to lose weight and if you clean up your diet there's a decent chance your acne will minimize or go away entirely too.

No. 1418645

Sounds like anal fistula. They're not deadly, but you'll need to go to the doctor to get it fixed.

No. 1418665

It’s a good thing extra shit like polls aren’t allowed in here bc I’d be in that shit once in a while asking whether going full trad ignorance is bliss mode & find a Nigel wouldn’t be so bad or if celibacy is the way to go for the future and dissolution of womankind bc if the world wants to kill us and spit at us while they’re at it too, ion think the world as we know it deserves to exist tbh. Me feeling hopeful is looking towards the far future where women run shit and keep males as controlled test subjects & bulls. Idc, if men had it their way, they’d have it worse in the most demeaning way possible bc to be a man is to lord over something - everything even the ones that nursed them or hold the community that raised them together.

No. 1418669

>about to get surgery today
>I arrive at 8:20 at the hospital and my appoitment is for 9:00 because of public transport's weird schedules and according to the nurse on the phone
>I look for a waiting room and the nurse who sees me asks me why tf I'm this early because the actual surgery will be at 10:30
>asks my mom if she brought me this early to drop me here and go to work because she thinks I'm a minor
>I tell her I'm 28 she just came with me to bring me back home later because the hospital won't allow me to get a taxi or go home by myself in general
>"oooh I thought it was because you were a kid you look like one, my bad lol"
I'm this close to going back home and getting the sleep I need holy fuck.

No. 1418673

I'm so fucking sick of it, anons. My friend has been dating someone for about three years but they get into bad fights at least once a month. They fight, breakup, everything is happy for a bit until the next fight. The guy isn't a bad person, but they bring out the worst kind of codependence and push and pull. It's fucking tiring to have to listen to my friend about how the fight's over, that it's okay, and that while she knows it's not a good relationship, she'll stay because it's all she knows. There's a lot of stuff she's been unable to do, like not go to school because she's been put on academic suspension and other general life improvements. I love her, but it's so fucking tiring to never see any improvement or progress in her life. I genuinely do not believe that her life will change in any meaningful, positive way until she breaks up with her boyfriend. Her therapist basically has told her to break up with him so many times, and she won't listen. Though I'm neither her parent nor therapist, I feel like I'm getting too attached to this problem when it isn't even mine. I love her so much, but it's so depressing to watch that it angers me. Irrationally so.

No. 1418674

Sf, not breakup, but make up.

No. 1418681

the fuck that happened to me too earlier this year. They even told me to be earlier than the appointment time, which was already way earlier than the surgery. So I first got made fun of for being very early. Then for being dropped off, when they won't do the surgery unless you're being dropped off and prove someone will come pick you up.

No. 1418686

you know the period shits are gonna be bad when you have nightmares about shitting your pants the night before

No. 1418689

You should take your own advice

No. 1418692

can't help people who don't wanna be helped, nona…

No. 1418696

It's a vent thread, anon
Yeah. I think I need some time away from her because it's draining me quite a bit.

No. 1418703

File: 1669194952162.jpeg (185.35 KB, 828x697, BF13F787-16A4-4F08-BD3F-A5CA48…)

Really hope my lesbian younger sister doesn’t tif out because I wouldn’t want her to go through what I did and mutilate herself. Next time I visit for holidays I’ll make sure to keep telling her its okay to be the way she is without having to be a he/him and that she has reasons to openly manhate like she always does.

No. 1418712

I have such bad balance issues that every winter I have panic attacks before work before the roads are so fucking shit and I'm afraid of getting injured again, I can't fucking do this shit anymore!!!!! fuck!

No. 1418716

no I'm not done, it's fucking humiliating to take 15min to get from a to b when it's usually 4 minutes. it's all hilly too, I am seriously so fucking done, I can't help it that I have a fucked leg, shit ears and it already hurts and I am fucking afraid. I can't become a neet but I am so close go becoming one, I can't deal with this shit.

No. 1418720

I often watch vids made by detrans women (had a phase myself a decade ago but luckily didn't go too far) and it comes up alot that many of them with younger sisters are watching them kinda fall down the same rabbit hole. I don't have younger siblings so I can't imagine the frustration.

Back when I was in that phase I was isolated, had no friends, a dead mom, a disinterested dad and I turned to the internet. I thought I'd found the answer to why I felt so out of place all my life. I'm glad your sister has you.

No. 1418722

I'll buy bottle of liquor and start adding it to coffee every morning because I can't anymore.

No. 1418724

ayrt you’re so kind to say that anon, when I tried to troon out I was at my lowest in life as well. It always happens when you’re a kid and you have no one to turn to for anything or you feel too weak to be yourself so you try to be something else. My sister is lucky she has a gf and life is seemingly well right now. But its hard to shake off that dreadful feeling of having someone you care about start to hate themselves the same way tifs do.

No. 1418733


Tomorrow my university will be celebrating Mental Health Day and as good as it might sound, I learned that there will be a stand of a genderspecials club that was formed some months ago. Well, they call themselves LGBTQ club so you know what it is. It sickens me that the trans thing is getting more vocal here, I don’t even live in a country like USA where it went really far.

Suicide crisis? Ongoing mental health care crisis in my country? Who cares, let’s talk about trannies and “inclusive language” instead!

What also drives me mad is that they included asexuality in their event program. Coming from a woman who had a SJW phase in teenage years I’m guilty of (but I luckily left it and never went too far during it kek) and isn’t interested in sex, it’s sad to see how queers are pushing no distinction between private and public life. Personally I fully accept people who aren’t interested in sex and don’t want it, but why make it an orientation? IMO it doesn’t help them at all, this is a private thing and in case anyone knows, mocking for such a thing is sick… But the representation queer bullshit is what drives many young people now.

What is much worse though is the growing acceptance of not helping traumatized girls. Being someone who saw too many of her irl and online acquaintances troon out (as FTMs or NBs), this is truly depressing.

I don’t want these idiots here.

No. 1418760

File: 1669205302503.jpg (158.47 KB, 1080x770, IMG_20221123_144437.jpg)

Males can't even go grocery shopping without committing a mass murder and we're supposed to believe they're stable enough to hold jobs. No wonder why the world has become a hellhole.

No. 1418764

It was actually a manager, not a shopper, and he started shooting in the break room.

No. 1418772

Fourteen year olds are still children. Just saw a video of a parent saying they cut off their fourteen year old's screen time at 8:30 PM and the comments are depressing. I've been fourteen at the height of the internet; no good comes from someone that age being online at that time unsupervised. Those parents are doing the right thing and the people that say otherwise are either degenerates or perverts.

No. 1418777

It's complicated because overly controling parenting is no good either. What does "no screen" even mean, that the kid can't use any screen past 8:30? What about idk, watching something? Playing video games? Even using internet but responsibly, talking to friends, reading hobby sites etc. Also, would grooming / running into inappropriate content not occur in the earlier hours? There are a lot of reasons to disagree with the parents here.

No. 1418784

I'm seeing a whole lot of conflicting discussions online lately where people can't decide whether 18 years old are still children or whether 13 years old are practically adults. Like there's these 2 extremes battling it out.

No. 1418796

How do I deal with paranoid worries that everyone is against me for some reason? I know I'm not the main character of the universe, I know people most likely dont care but IDK how to shake this disgusting feeling off… I put a lot of effort in avoiding others in social spaces, such as social areas at work, but today I had to go and grab something to eat in a peak lunch hour in the canteen and as I was passing by I felt some people looked and the I had that intense worry that they're disgusted by me, or know something really awful about me and have a laugh at my expense, things like that… it's so overwhelming I'm on the verge of tears now. I'm so fucking pathetic.

No. 1418810

You’re part of the problem and will most likely never see why

No. 1418812

Explain because I legitimately can't see why

No. 1418817

Nothing good comes from a female child being on the internet unsupervised, especially at night. If you’re posting here you should know better than that.

No. 1418819

Women becoming lesbian because they hate men is the exact same as a man having a waifu because they hate women. Both sides are too mentally ill and myopic to see the irony in this men vs women thing they have going on in their heads.

No. 1418822

They’re 99% a lost cause nonny