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No. 1399987

Ask your stupid questions here.

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No. 1399998

kek good threadpic anon

No. 1400003

kek anon they don't. forget the wings, the whole damn bird hates women.

No. 1400010

Stop responding to moid bait.

No. 1400012

I e-mailed a university asking about admissions stuff, but they haven't responded in almost 5 days. Should I just email them again next week (but rephrased)? If so, should I mention previously e-mailing them or just leave it?

No. 1400014

aw fuck sorry. just got on lc for the day and didn't know we were being raided. thanks nona

No. 1400046

Email them again, there’s a good chance yours just got lost in an inbox and the person answering emails isn’t the person deciding whether to admit you.

No. 1400101

Is it bad to swallow my phlegm? Im tired of constantly getting up just to spit it out (I got a cold or something)

No. 1400132

File: 1667755364112.jpg (46.63 KB, 750x749, i get knocked down, but i get.…)

when you get pre-period shits/diarrhea, what does it mean when you suddenly start getting severe knee, back, and uterus pain, (but mostly in the knees), as you're shitting, feel like you have to vomit, and start getting super lightheaded and shaky to the point of almost passing out? i'm slightly better now but that has never happened before..the pain hasn't gone away tho. so what could suddenly cause this?

No. 1400141

girls i’m having a crisis do i get korean fried chicken or greek food????

No. 1400146

No, it's not bad.

I've had similar things happen when I got really nauseous and dehydrated. Getting sick like that will drain you of fluids, so you may need some iron supplements, and to drink some water. It should help, at least.

No. 1400153

Dunno whats greek food but friend chicken is always my go to option for moments

No. 1400185

Is it bad not to exercise? I have bad memories of PE during my school years so I've never enjoyed sports, I know exercising is objectively better for you (especially as you age) but I have a healthy diet and a regular weight, so is it fine for now?

No. 1400196

do you at least walk a fair bit?

No. 1400201

Yeah I'm not a neet thankfully.

No. 1400203

Yes, it's bad to not excersise.

No. 1400204

Are swag and bruh the same saison of slang?

No. 1400205

I always felt like I recover faster when I spit it out.

No. 1400208

You're thinking of hikis, I've never walked more in my life than when I was a neet.

No. 1400211

should I add my ex on facebook?

No. 1400212

If you're still friends, sure, if not, don't.

No. 1400215

Ah yeah true, I tend to conflate the two.

No. 1400232

swag is more outdated, hasn't been used in about a decade

No. 1400246

its constantly used by zoomers but not as in actual swagger, like the way cool doesn't mean cool anymore it just means good like they'll call the riddler swag for example when he has the least amount of swagger on the planet
everything is
>so swag

No. 1400270

>so swag
are you sure.. I feel like unironic use of swag disappeared sometime during the 10s. Literally never hear anyone use it anymore.

No. 1400280

I never do it, I eat whatever I want whenever I want and I am still underweight but besides that the healthiest person I know (maybe one 1-2 day long cold per decade, never had headaches, the flu or and any kinds of pain/whatever-aches) so I call bullshit and say it depends on the person.
If you don't have any issues then your lifestyle is fine. Don't waste your time on shit normalfags tell you to do. The vegetarians I know all always sick despite their "healthy" diets that taste like shit.

No. 1400291

Yes it is bad. Working out helps you build and maintain muscle mass which helps you age more gracefully and retain muscle function as you get older. Do you want to be able to move without pain as you get older? Work out and stretch.

No. 1400292

yeah because im a zoomer and my entourage uses it all the time. like i said more often than not its said to be the equivalent of good or cool nothing to do with what swag was in the 90s-like 2009 maybe even 2012. like they would call dream the minecraft guy swag for example as in good, awesome etc. nowadays this word just makes me think of steven universe fan-esque cringe people rather than obey hat wearing swagfags kek

No. 1400296

The consequences are mostly long-term anon. You can't really accurately judge someone's health based on the frequency of their colds. A sedentary lifestyle is proven to factor into pre-mature death.

No. 1400297

I don't know if this counts as stupid question but it's a mystery that I could never solve:
What exactly do people do that cannot google?

I have met so many that asked me to search for something online they couldn't find anywhere. I googled, two seconds, I had it. Then I asked them if they googled and they said yes. What's happening here?
There is an empty space to type words into. You type words. Click enter. See the results.

The weirdest thing is that some literally asked my for a specific name of a paper or book. Some months ago someone told me the name of the book in "". I just copied it and pasted it into google and the first result was a pdf of this book. I asked the person what exactly they googled and how they did it but they always get mad when you do that so my hope is that maybe one of you has witnessed one of these persons working once and could solve this mystery.
I literally cannot die before I know what they are doing wrong because technically it shouldn't be possible to do anything wrong in the first place. It's just about typing in keywords.

No. 1400301

yeah many people don't know how to combine keyboards, or that "string" will return results with the literal string, or that -string excludes results including said string etc etc might as well teach them to tbh

No. 1400304

tbf this is slightly unrelated but Google is one of the shittiest search engines to research about anything, they are paid to promote certain websites, news stations, businesses, etc. even if they spread misinformation and have filters for spooky bad words like suicide and many other topics you are not allowed to search about unless it’s through shitty mainstream media thinkpieces

No. 1400305

I once saw someone searching for a book about the remains of some viking army in a certain place IIRC and she put a whole sentence into quotation marks. Something along the lines of "book about viking army in [name of area]" and got 0 results of course.
Someone also told me a boomer he knew thought that the facebook search bar was actually google for a longer while.

No. 1400307

My coworker once needed a contract termination template, so she googled something along the lines of "contract termination template because my old contractor didn't send my new contracter new one old one told me i need to do it myself by x date or else will have to wait until next month". I saw her googling some other stuff, and it's always kinda something like this…

No. 1400308

this is exactly what I wondered just the other day when some nona wanted to see the tranny PSA where the dude taps on the bathroom door and shakes his head, trans bathroom psa and boom. found.

No. 1400310

This type of people amaze me. I sort of understand that my 60+ y/o mom still doesn't understand the difference between the google search engine and her browser after explaining it for years but it's baffling how many young people lack in basic internet skills.

No. 1400312

I thought google was fine till a few years ago. Not sure what happened, but all of a sudden I don't find shit anymore. I remember when the internet was so flooded with information you could type in whole sentences with typos into "" and still got results because someone in this world would use this exact sentences with this exact typo somewhere.
Doesn't help that people are mainly using social media places to talk about things now and these places are usually not searchable, like FB posts etc. I learned so many things and joined so many fandoms back in the day simply because I randomly found a good thread about an anime or game I didn't know while I was googling something else.

No. 1400315

>how many young people lack in basic internet skills
The weird part is that some of them I know that make such mistakes are perma-online. I don't know what they do all day though, if you ask them they never watch any series or play any kind of game or have heard about news or bigger online debates, but they are online all day every day and constantly looking into their PC at home or into the phone.

No. 1400318

i'm here reading all your posts nonny

No. 1400319

how often does the average person experience romantic/sexual attraction towards someone? i feel like most people frequently encounter strangers they are interested in and i can not relate. maybe i just suffer from some hollywood brainrot.

No. 1400325

social media, everything is already on their following feed or suggested by some algorithm so they do not really bother looking things up on search engines

No. 1400327

This is really weird because tv makes people believe that everybody was constantly into someone else, but in real life most people I know, women as well as men, don't seem very interested. Most are just forever single and make no attempts to change this and I relate. You never know if something you observe is a common phenomenon or if it's just your personal bubble, so it's hard to tell.
I wouldn't wonder if fiction was over-reacting though. They need to tell stories that attract a larger audience and shoving in romance usually works, so they might paint humans as much more romantic than they actually are.

Personally, I am pretty sure I am some sort of asexual. I like to imagine sex and can be attracted to (mostly fictional) people/characters, but I have no drive to do it in real life for some reason. 30+ now and still a kissless virgin.

No. 1400328

ironically i also keep seeing a lot more spam

No. 1400336

Sounds like you might be demisexual

No. 1400340

File: 1667768295531.jpg (42.86 KB, 640x495, 1666472690098.jpg)

No. 1400342

Love how teenagers created an entire sexuality because they thought not wanting to throw themselves at complete strangers was weird

No. 1400343


No. 1400346

I'm doing a secret santa with a group of people who I have known for a few years through one of my friends, but they now consider me part of that group as well which is awesome, but the secret santa thing freaks me out. I have never done it before, and although we have rules and a budget, I'm just so uncomfortable writing a list of what I want. We're supposed to write 3 things we definitely want, and 3 things we definitely dont' want, but the thing is that I haven't recieved christmas gifts in years. My close friends already know that I don't like recieving them so they don't get me anything, which is lovely, and my family do a big dinner together instead of gifts.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to make sure the giftgiver isn't incredibly bored by my wants, but also not frustrated?

No. 1400362

I don't get it. What did she do wrong?

No. 1400365

she googled the whole damn string between the quotes

No. 1400371

How would you have done it then?

No. 1400375

You can’t be this stupid kek

No. 1400377

would you literally have googled "contract termination template because my old contractor didn't send my new contracter new one old one told me i need to do it myself by x date or else will have to wait until next month"

No. 1400384

"contract termination template"

No. 1400419

does anyone here use whatsapp? I accidently uninstalled it and now it's taking FOREVER to restore. What happens if I skip this part?

No. 1400421

You just lose your message backups. I think it’s loading all your images and videos

No. 1400425

I think you don't get (all of) your backed up chats back if you do that. I think it's better to wait it out, you don't want to lose the old backup to a new overwrite without the old chats. I had that happen to me once, was years ago so maybe they changed it but still.

No. 1400454

it's like when it's super late at night and i am making super personal google searches "why does my cat try to look away when i try to kiss him??"

No. 1400457

File: 1667773297706.jpeg (356.73 KB, 828x858, 5C7C948A-14B5-4FAC-B89C-7E8629…)

What lolcow post has the most replies of all time?

No. 1400460

the one about ken-nified ryan gosling

No. 1400461

File: 1667773556923.jpg (436.63 KB, 1080x1178, 1655361639668.jpg)

scrambled to find it

No. 1400479

No. 1400573

I need it to work by tomorrow morning and it’s already taken all day today. How much longer? I thought this was not going to even be necessary since I reinstalled it immediately after deleting it
I wish I could opt out of images and videos, just need my chats back. It’s stuck at 84%

No. 1400600

Am I right to be suspicious and pissed of at my 53 year old mother asking me about the state of my finances to know if I’ll be able to TAKE CARE OF MY GROWN BUM BROTHER in case she dies? When I told her yes I’d be able to take care of the bills, she added, “even while your brother lives here?” and I was like NO. My brother is not retarded. My brother is not disabled. HE CAN WORK, IF HE DOESN’T WANT TO IS ONLY BECAUSE SHE WAS A DISGUSTING BOYMOM. After I told her absolutely not, he would have to contribute or I would kick him out, she said basically the mortgage would not be mine and I’d have to go rent just like my brother. Fine by me, I rather rent than become replacement mom to my entitled brother who clearly she prioritizes more. Ironic because I know if she died right now he would snap out of the coddled bubble he’s in and get his shit together. She stormed off and said she was refinancing her car so if she dies they take it (I use the car, pay for it monthly and any repairs that come up), and selling her properties abroad so that everything is taken care of. I confronted her about this whole conversation being weird and that she shouldn’t ask questions about stuff she knows the answers to and get mad about it afterwards and she said accidents can happen or whatever.
What the fuck do I make of all this? Am I in the wrong? I swear she hates me and I’ve never done anything wrong to her and I have a myriad reasons to actually hate her, and don’t

No. 1400666

Why is the Amanda Bret thread autosaged?

No. 1400688

How the fuck do you even ask to some teenagers about emotions on a literary work? I've been trying to figure out how the fuck I can make it as clear as possible but everything I write sounds vague as fuck and I want to kill myself.

No. 1400710

File: 1667782669827.jpg (15.4 KB, 260x260, 9cb149abb21d837a2ac536badced7d…)

Boy moms are always in the wrong and always retarded. You have to be constantly simmering in cognitive bias to even give birth to your own natural predator. She wants to protect her darling baby boy and ensure his neetdom continues until you die, before which you would have a daughter to continue on and be his nurse. For every killer, pedophile, rapist, or just regular male menace to the immediate vicinity, there is a boymom ready to defend him. The sad thing is how the sons usually hate them anyway. I am willing to bet your brother resents his mom despite her making a fool of herself birthing and supporting him.

No. 1400744

I know you know this, but do not help your loser brother for any reason. If you give an inch he will try to take everything and ruin your life.
Source: I have a psycho incel gamer NEET-wannabe brother.

No. 1400778

How come if I sit in a specific position in my bed, the wifi becomes really slow but if I shift over a bit it goes back to normal. What influences the wifi signal?

No. 1400779

Nta but I'm honestly so glad I finally had the courage and strength to tell my shitty bum middle child syndrome brother how I really feel about him and I no longer have to worry about him trying to leech off of me in the future. He coped with "well I always hated you since the day you were born"

No. 1400787

thick cement or metal in your walls blocking it

No. 1400791

I didn't know metal blocks wifi. My bedframe is metal so that's likely it.

No. 1400793

I'm also free of my scrote brother now. Cheers to us, nona!

No. 1400849

what are some good books/documentaries about history?

No. 1400850

Just wait for it, mine took all night

No. 1400851

what aspects of history interest you?

No. 1400852

The irony is that even this question is extremely vague.

No. 1400859

>The royal art of poison
>Women's Work: The First 20,000 Years Women, Cloth, and Society in Early Times
>(this ones historical fiction) The Memoirs of Cleopatra

No. 1400862

update but I skipped it and got my most immediately important chats back. Maybe got lucky? cheesing though

No. 1400873

i like american history, but right now i am trying to learn general history.

No. 1400884

File: 1667795068289.jpeg (144.37 KB, 749x715, 4FEF1843-5B88-4417-9876-0EEA14…)

Well fuck.

No. 1400888

Is Facebook farmville still a thing?

No. 1400908

File: 1667796945408.jpg (36.9 KB, 602x469, main-qimg-169529278e8400e398c1…)

Why do some girls wear acrylic nails in situations where it makes absolutely no sense to?

I volunteer at an animal shelter. Half of what we do is wrangle big dogs, and the other half is scrubbing poop off of things. One of the staff members there consistently wears somewhat long acrylic nails (like picrel length) to do that sort of work. Why!? They're just going to break, get chewed off by a dog, or get literal shit trapped underneath them. It strikes me as really impractical and retarded.

No. 1400911

They fell for the "girlboss who wears nails and heels while doing dirty work" meme.

No. 1400926

File: 1667797603603.gif (72.52 KB, 220x167, capoo-sweating.gif)

Is there anyway to stop craniofacial hyperhidrosis or am i gonna live with a dripping face and a damp scalp (after doing absolutely nothing) for life?

No. 1400942

Genuinely asking here as someone new to and interested in radfem ideas: What exactly makes surrogacy incompatible with radical feminism?

No. 1400951

I'm on mobile so I can't get into the nitty gritty, but basically, it is prostitution, not of a woman's sexuality, but of her motherhood.

The majority of surrogates are from third world countries. It is life threatening in of itself, and it permanently alters the body. No one is being paid fairly for that fact, in my opinion. In essence, you are using a woman's body in of itself as a means to an end and it has permanent consequences for the surrogate not just emotionally/mentally but certainly physically. In all aspects a person is changed by birth.

I am far more optimistic for womb reolicators, though I am aware some feminists have issue with that, too. But imo it is not harming or using any women, so I don't have an issue with it. Women aren't inherently fertile or capable of getting pregnant, I don't think carrying children needs to be done by women.

No. 1400953

Idk because other people shouldn’t have the right to buy (aka control) another person’s body or it’s function. RF has Marxist roots and paying for another human beings physical self is peak Capitalism. Some shit like that

No. 1400965

how soon before graduating college should I start applying for jobs? am a computer science major and I've been told I should start applying now but I still have like 6 months before graduating

No. 1400974

Yeah apply now

No. 1400986

ok it seems kinda early to me but I guess I'll start sending those applications out

No. 1400987

File: 1667800363366.jpeg (469.02 KB, 1500x2001, 8BB975F9-D8AF-4CA2-BD76-1BB6DB…)

A coomer wants to sell me about 5 boxes of anime figures, Some of the figures are huge, half naked and ‘rare’/expensive.
Says he’s selling since he is no longer into anime and wants to size down, is it safe to buy figures from men or should I be worried about weird things they’ve done to them?

No. 1400989

I would imagine that it's because it's almost literally selling your body. So it's practically between normal labor explotation and prostitution. Sure, you're not being sexually assaulted, but your body is still being directly exploited to create a baby for someone else inside your womb.

No. 1400991

If they’re rare then flip them. I personally wouldn’t touch them without gloves.

No. 1400992

Surrogacy is almost exclusively rich people buying the body of impoverished women. They wouldn’t ask a friend or women of equal social status to endure that kind of extreme emotional physical stress.

No. 1401007

I did this briefly (I work a lightly physical job that pretty much guarantees broken nails) and it's because I wanted to have pretty hands and was annoyed that I don't get to have that simple pleasure just because of a job that I don't even want. I got sick of it quickly but maybe that staff member is used to them. She could also be practicing to be a nail tech.

No. 1401023

Why not?

No. 1401039

Is every guy horny upon waking up?

No. 1401040

did this for five years and found it thrilling as a gag but it was absolutely harder than doing the same job without heels and nails so ultimately joke's on me

No. 1401041

I worked with another woman who wore acrylics and I didn't understand it and was kind of a bitch about it to her and realized that so I got acrylics too and my eyes were opened to another universe that I couldn't handle

I wore heels and she would never do that except for special occasions so we were both drinking dumb bitch juice in different flavors but we had fun honestly.

No. 1401043

nta but it would not be stupid. that's what the company wants you to do. new hires for the company & free money for you. I worked at a job that had such a referral program and you got $100 if your referral was hired & made it past their 90 days. so make sure you and your friends understand the fine print. and hopefully it's not a total shit waste of time place to work but whatever, that's a different matter.

No. 1401050

I'd get one and a half month worth of salary if my referral got hired. The only thing keeping me back is that, as I said, I don't know anyone personally who'd be fit for this position, so I'd have to ask strangers on the Internet

No. 1401058

How could I remove the smell of pesticide from my walls without repsinting them?
I had a treatment about a year ago anx when I touch the wall at any place, my hand stinks afterwards

No. 1401062


No. 1401064

Probably because they feel like they have to look gorgeous in a situation where it doesn't even call for it.

No. 1401071

maybe try contacting the company that did the treatment?

No. 1401074

Because I like long nails and I'm not willing to give them up for my job. It's the little joys in life. I've never had a nail break from handling dogs, they're not practical chew toys and gloves exist. Unless you are trying to knead shit with your hands you won't get dirt stuck underneath.

No. 1401086

holy shit lol can you coach me please? I will do it. I can relocate

No. 1401106

Kek, I live in a shitty Eastern Eauropoor country so it's a laughable amount of money if you convert it to other currencies

No. 1401128

If you got sleep paralysis while wearing a sleeping mask, what would happen ? Would you just feel the thing/monster as if you were blindfolded ? Or would you still see it

No. 1401138

Why do moids seem to think making women insecure is a good tactic for dating? Anytime I'm insecure I don't want to be seen, touched or anything else. Are there actually women who put out more because a moid called their ass flat or their boobs weird or something?

No. 1401140

It chips away at girls with low self esteem who settle for bare minimums.

No. 1401141

i wear a mask at night to prevent that. You can still hallucinate dizziness and audio but I havent had visual hallucinations during paralysis since I've worn the mask. might be just luck but i think the mask helps

No. 1401142

if you had a glass eye would you get a replica of your one working eye or make it different?

No. 1401144

I’ve never thought about it, but a different looking one for sure.

No. 1401154

It’ll be a rinnegan for sure

No. 1401164

Do you get removed from lists permanently if you deactivate your twitter? I remember being added to a friends list a while back, but my account isn't on it anymore. I wonder if me deactivating had something to do with it, I don't want to jump to the conclusion that they hate me

No. 1401173

File: 1667821948833.jpg (39.83 KB, 638x479, 91e4207dfbd902c9c396ef4f6b14d1…)

Why is it that there are no overarching art movements now just like in the centuries before?

No. 1401191

There are a lot of art movements now, more than ever actually because art has became much more accessible to learn and share than in the past. The graphic you've shared is the dumbest thing I've ever seen, how is "digital art" an art movement? It's merely a technique, as if we were saying that, I don't know, oil painting was an art movement in XV century.

No. 1401232

File: 1667828876636.jpg (434.34 KB, 640x1059, Victorian Women Behind Their C…)

Does anyone know of a good website/Youtube video/online course where they explain what makes the composition of a photo good or interesting?

No. 1401256

definitely a different one. Shameful confession : I think Kelsey Ellison is kinda hot when she wears one of her funky prosthetics.

No. 1401263

Is vitamin d supplementation actually effective? I'm tired and my sleep cycles are messed up, and I think it's because I never get sun. I don't want to go outside, it's muggy and disgusting.

No. 1401265

Only if the vit D deficiency is causing your issues. Need to get a blood test done to know if you need to take it, otherwise it might just do nothing.

No. 1401267

Absolutely, vitamin d deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the industrialized world because we’re crammed in boxes all day. It can cause fatigue, sleeping problems, and depression among other things.
Humans aren’t designed, physically or mentally, to live like we do.

No. 1401269

I sleep way too much but nobody knows why, took Vit D for a while because I never go outside and it's already night around 4pm here in winter, but it didn't change anything.
You should try it, but if it doesn't change anything it might be psychological which I assume is my problem too somehow. Thought it was the blood first because I only had half of the amount of the erythrocytes I should have, but it got better and the sleep addiction never changed.

No. 1401277

Why do anons seethe so hard when you point out that one celebrity who wore a nude body stocking was dressed revealing? You don't even have to say she needed to cover up, you could just say point out she dressed revealing and anons start flipping and claiming you're calling for all women to wear burkas. Are visual descriptions hurtful now or is it just scizochan starting shit?

No. 1401293

Well, it could just be me being a depressed bitch, but I've only been outside 3 days in the past 2 years or so. Will try because nobody is wearing masks anymore and I don't want to go to the doctor.
Have you taken it before? How much? I'm seeing so much conflicting information about people taking anywhere from 10k-50K IU when the supplements we have here at 1k IU. The fuck?
Maybe you're a depressed bitch too. Also, by any chance do you have ADHD, because that shit makes me sleep all day if my brain is not stimulated enough.

No. 1401300

I'm assuming it's newfags causing infights cause there's basically no consequence for it.
The supplements don't come in high dosages because it can cause calcium buildup in the body. Normally dosages like 10k+ are prescribed to severely deficient people. Usually you will get some vit D from food and some from the window even if you are home all day, it's not safe to take such high amounts without a doctor rec. Also anon that's so little time outside, I'm worried for you. Are you okay?

No. 1401324

Morning wood usually isn't caused by arousal. According to guys I've talked to about it, it often goes away when they pee, so it could just be the combination of laying down in a weird position and the bladder affecting blood flow.

No. 1401336

I think I read it's to have blood flow on the penis so it doesn't die and fall off kek

No. 1401339

Ayart and I guess I can't speak to how often dogs would cause long nails to break because I always keep them short. But I have various cuts/scratches on my hands and everywhere else from leashing up and walking big, under-trained dogs. When you give them treats, they'll sometimes put their mouth around your whole hand (not biting down though.)

And yeah, while you're not kneading shit with your hands, there have still been times where I've accidentally touched poop because I've picked up a piece of a soiled toy or bedding in the wrong spot, or because the poop oozed out of the bag a little when I picked it up. If your nails are that long, you're going to get traces of poop under them in that situation. Some of these dogs even have hookworm and giardia. There's a reason why many restaurants ban people from having bail polish or false nails. It's been proven to be unsanitary.

To each her own, but I don't think I'd risk catching hookworm for the sake of looking pretty or having fun painting my nails or whatever.

No. 1401355

Thanks nonna, I am fine and I socialize with my roommates and friends. I do go out to buy groceries but I don't count that because it's literally a minute walk, kek. Working from home means I never have to commute, really.

No. 1401363

Art movements are often named retroactively. In a hundred years, there will probably be names for the various art movements going on right now. Also remember that art movements are sometimes underground; impressionism was not very lucrative at the time, but was later recognized for its importance.

Also like another anon said, this chart sucks. It doesn't even include Romanticism or Art Nouveau, which were just as important stateside as Impressionism if not moreso.

No. 1401371

Ah good, I'm also working from home and I had some worries about my vit D levels before. I did take supplements for a while, but nothing helped me stop feeling tired all the time. I think it's just work, followed by housework, that drains me completely. Hope we both get our energy back somehow.

No. 1401376

In all seriousness, how do I tell my close friend of 12 years I dont want to be her friend anymore? Shes always been a bpd mess, but now her hair is falling out and shes turned into a weird pro anachan larper.
I struggle with my own ED but I have gone to therapy and am currently seeing a nutritionist to help rebuild/repair my relationship with food.
It is triggering and frustrating to watch her starve herself in front of her young daughter. Shes a “recovered” alcoholic, but more and more its clear ahe just hopped addictions.
I dont want a fight or drama, but I need to word it correctly; I will be her friend but not enable her self destruction. I tend to be very blunt… so any kinder way to word it would be helpful.
Thank you wise nonnitas

No. 1401380

Damn, I hope you feel better soon, nonna. Maybe we are just burned out. I remember being excited not having to commute to work at first, but working at home is draining too. It never feels like you have a proper separation between home life and work.

No. 1401387

>how do I tell my close friend of 12 years I dont want to be her friend anymore?
>I will be her friend
Which is it? If you don't want to be friends at all anymore and you want to avoid naming her ed larping, you could just say you need space to work on your mental health and then let the friendship drift apart naturally.

No. 1401390

Give her an ultimatum, and tell her basically what you just told us: you're worried that you'll relapse in your own ED if you watch her spiral. If she wants to continue to be friends, she needs to take serious steps to get better and not teach the same self-destructive behaviors to her daughter.

No. 1401395

Any doctor anons, is weed going to affect me under general anesthetic tomorrow? Maybe I should refrain from smoking during my fasting period which is only from midnight but I'd like a smoke before I go to the hospital imagine if I have to be kept in for a night I'd be needing a smoke so bad

No. 1401407

Not a doctor anon, but I wouldn't risk it. Idk if it would actually do anything and weed stays in your system for like 30 days anyway, but meh. Better safe than sorry I'd think?

No. 1401411

1 google search tells you you shouldn't do weed before a surgery. Good luck tomorrow.

No. 1401412

Tell them. I woke up during surgery because of my heavy weed smoking and I literally warned them about it beforehand. They still didn't use enough for me

No. 1401416

I will say, I'm a chronic smoker and 53kg so I'm slightly worried they won't use enough.

No. 1401433

are you retarded? ofc you shouldn't

No. 1401445

Vitamin d toxicity is real so be careful. My understanding is that amounts can be useful if you’re really deficient, because it’ll fix your deficiency faster and you won’t start experiencing toxicity until the deficiency is gone, but those amounts need to be done in combination with blood monitoring and working with a doctor. Smaller amounts (400-800 units) will take a lot longer to correct a deficiency but can be safely used for maintenance after that while the larger amounts can’t.

No. 1401447

>tfw they say weed isn’t addictive

No. 1401484

File: 1667843573396.jpg (136.1 KB, 1000x1000, jgjhg.jpg)

There are iontophoresis tools for the face. You'll have to use it daily for some weeks and then reduce the usage week by week until you'll only need it once a week. They look like picrel though lol.

No. 1401493

Are dark contact lenses as obvious on light eyes as light lenses are on dark eyes?

No. 1401509

probably more obvious, since if your natural iris color is dark enough it can look like part of your pupil from a distance. not the case with light irises

No. 1401541

How do you respond to an ex-moid who says he "misses you"? I can't afford to have any bad blood with him because of work, so I can't block him or tell him to fuck off. Ignoring him won't work, because he knows I'm still active on my socials.

No. 1401547

i was looking at Kiwifarms user counter and I had a thought, How many people do you think are on the site right now? Lurking and actively using?

No. 1401560

What happened to thepinkpill.co?

No. 1401563

There are half transparent all covering lenses tho. They have the most natural look of all lenses but make your vision colored (if you wear green you see everything in green hue)

No. 1401567

The sperging anons seem more prudish than anything else. They were gassing her up for being ~not like other celebrities and dressing slutty~ then got offended because an anon pointed out she dressed sexy after the worm costume. Anons here will do anything before admitting they were wrong about something. Heidi looked hot though anyway.

No. 1401570

I would either ignore him or say “thats nice.” and move on. If he tries to push it further I would just tell him that you think it’s time for him to move on. Be matter of fact with him and use your “customer service” voice kek.

No. 1401610

Is it normal to not want something inside your vagina? I don't ever wish for piv or to insert anything in it. I am extremely sexual but have just never felt the need to shove something inside there. All I can think about is the pain. I'm 25.

No. 1401625


No. 1401626

File: 1667852824654.png (37.93 KB, 603x393, qyosrul5ujy91.png)

What is this "normal 10%" tag on Twitter? I've seen it on other Screenshots too.

No. 1401628

I'm the same way. When I learned how to masturbate, it was by rubbing myself/rubbing up against things. I only tried inserting when I saw it in porn, and even then, it only hurt. When I got used to it, it pretty much felt like nothing. And then I can only associate PIV with getting pregnant, so it turns me off emotionally too. Penetration is super overrated imo.

No. 1401673

Why wouldn’t ignoring it work? Unless he’s completely unstable most people give up after an attempt or two. Block him on social media and keep on person interactions short. He will probably take the hint

No. 1401682

Penetration is something that it tooks years for me to adjust to and like anon here >>1401628
i probably wouldn't have done it if i hadn't seen in it porn or other women hadn't talked so highly of it. even after all these years i still do not orgasm from it without external stimulation being involved, but tbh i do think it enhances my orgasms and that it's worth a try even if it's tedious.

No. 1401692

It’s only ever been something I’ve enjoyed during sex with a moid I like. I get off on the idea that it’s someone I care about inside me, not really the sensation itself. I never penetrate during masturbation unless I’m thinking of a crush or something.

No. 1401721

Glad that it enhances your pleasure when combined with external stimulation, nona. The pain of penetration isn't worth it for me. I'm extremely sensitive just from being rubbed or licked to the point where I'm shaking.

No. 1401723

Yeah, it's normal. Different people like different things, and most women don't climax from penetration alone anyway. Some women are super into it, others not so much.

No. 1401734

Yes, it's totally fine. I had to 'train' myself into tolerating it and then into liking it. (Using vibe/toys, not a scrote lol) If you don't want to do it, just don't do it.

Women are constantly being told from all sides to do shit sexually (and in general) that they don't want to do. Your life will be 1000 times better if you just ignore that and do what you want.

No. 1401841

Should i buy Christmas presents on current sales or actually wait for black friday…i feel like a lot of things get out of stock right before black friday on purpose.

No. 1401965

britfag here, how do i ask my gp to prescribe me antidepressants? every time i try to get mental health help they shove a questionnaire at me and tell me to self refer to cbt therapy. i feel like if i straight up ask for antidepressants they'll tell me to fuck off

No. 1401969

The poetry thread is really old and died years ago so I'm going to ask here. Is it cringy to sadpost online in the form of poetry? I don't write emo middle school diary-tier stuff and I only post stuff on my personal accounts that other people don't know about (but is visible publicly)…but I still feel like it's slightly attention seeking or cringey for some reason. Am I overthinking it?

No. 1401975

Is it gay to send good morning and good night texts, call each other cute and say i love you, have scheduled activities/traditions together, plan a future together, and leave messages for each other if we’re both lesbos or is that just strong friendship?

No. 1401987

Nonna you know it’s not just friendship kek

No. 1401993

I think it depends. Personally I've seen way better deals pre-black friday and have for years. Post-covid it seems most places extended black friday to the whole month of November, so I think it's a russian roulette of what type of deal you'll get what week. I'd say if the deal is really good, ie half off, do it now and don't wait because it will most likely either be all gone by black friday or a shittier deal.

No. 1402002

No it’s a normal thing to ask your healthcare provider to try treatments. Just say “I would like to try antidepressant. I’ve read about xyz and would like to try it.”

No. 1402004

Hmm, not sure. Maybe she’s just being nice.

No. 1402019

Not friends. Will you make it official?

No. 1402022

Is it dumb to not consider going to a work Christmas party because you have no one to take with you? I'm at a new job I really like after being a neet for a long time, with coworkers I get on with well, which is a first, and I'd like to befriend them. The christmas party would be perf for this I think, but when my manager announced it, they said we can bring SOs, friends etc. Basically I have no one to bring. I could go alone but I feel it's weird? Plus then everyone will know I'm a loser with no social life. Should I just not go? it'll probably be boring because it's a work thing by default though i haven't looked at the details. Idk

No. 1402035

Are there any hot male models out there. Do you guys have any favourites. I’m tiring of my 3d husbando and need something new.

No. 1402044

Don't just avoid it because you have no one to go with, go anyway. I doubt your coworkers will notice or care if you went alone, would you notice if they were alone? Going alone is also easier of you need to leave at any point.

No. 1402182

Boomer question since I barely post on social media.

Reels on IG keeps offering me to make a reel out of a highlight album but when it does the thing to match it with the music it just leaves out like half of the pictures and videos I have in the highlight. Is there a way to make it longer and include everything?

No. 1402317

I ended up buying them! I purchased $4000 worth of figures for $225

No. 1402318

So what was that gateway thing?

No. 1402359

happens every so often on here. just some kind of domain issue I guess? usually fixed within a day or so thank fuck

No. 1402366

File: 1668029223582.png (14.83 KB, 1405x118, 1668025178564.png)

No. 1402488

I heard there's microplastics in embryos and newborns and allegedly more microplastics in baby poop than adult poop. What does this mean? Is it going to hurt the development of all babies now more than all of us living who have microplastics in us? Like are their brains and organs and blood developing with tiny bits of plastic already inside? And if so what do you think will happen to them? Are they born already sick?

I really need to know

No. 1402535

Nonnas I’ve been needing to know for days why are gay mens butts so big? Like you can alway tell by their ass they’re gay af

No. 1402537

maybe bc they store all their gay in there. who knows…

No. 1402538

A lot of them do exercises specifically to make their butts bigger to attract other men, like squats. Straight men don’t do any of that because they think it’s gay, so they always have gross flat asses.

No. 1402539

for anorectal violence

No. 1402550

glad im not the only one who noticed this.
not true, ive met gay men who never exercised and they still had some butts.
Not all gay men of course there are flat gay men.

No. 1402632

Why are feminists against surrogacy?

No. 1402639

because its exploitative and they dont get payed that much for the price of destroying theur body.

No. 1402644

Surrogacy exploits women, and is something that only exploits women. It's disproportionately done to poor women by rich couples, and iirc surrogacy pregnancies have higher maternal risk and chance that babies are born preterm or low birth weight. Even if there weren't any additional risks, it's wrong to rent a woman's womb.

No. 1402659

i could understand it it was like 70k to 100k for a surrogacy but instead its something lie 6k to 30k typically and thats just not worth the money destroying your body over.

No. 1402664

you're basically paying someone who's most likely in desperate need of money to carry your baby for you bc you don't want to go through the (often damaging/risky) process of being pregnant yourself.
its a flex of your privilege, and its exploitative. you can understand why so many people opt to do it but that doesnt make it any less exploitative

No. 1402669

we don't know yet, anon. so far there's no evidence to suggest microplastics are extremely tpxic and deadly or anything but again, we don't know, the research doesn't exist yet.
we may find in a few years or decades that there is a massive health risk, but we may also find that microplastics have a minimal effect on our bodies. for now i would try not to worry too much though bc as of yet there's not much we can do about it either way

No. 1402675

I haven't seen a ton of gay men in my lifetime but when I have they are always very skinny twigs or very fat/obese with the occasional ripped one. maybe it's the gay men in your area

No. 1402693

That's not enough money. You can make 70-100K in a year, and like you said, your body will never be the same. Not to mention there's a chance you could fucking die from complications.

I think surrogacy should straight up be illegal, so the actual amount doesn't matter, but even 100k is not a good tradeoff.

No. 1402707

100k is def good if you are struggling financially. Like lets say you get 100k and then when you are done you spent 20k to fix your body and then you are left with 80k which is still a pretty good deal.
This will never happen though since most surrogacy are like maximum 30k so this hypothetical situation wont even happen.
But 100k aint bad.

No. 1402784

I just got a notification on my iphone that AirPods are tracking me and someone can see my location. I'm just sitting at home and have been inside all day. What the fuck is this?

No. 1402811

I have no friends > I don't go to a party because I have no friends > I don't socialize so I make no new friends > I have no friends
You probably won't see this anymore because it's been 2 days but I hope you go, try not to get stuck in this infinite cycle, it's miserable.

No. 1402813

Someone's airpods connected to your phone.

No. 1402820

That sounds creepy af.

No. 1402827

Yeah but like how and why. There's not even a setting to disable it unless I physically have the airpods it says. I turned off track my location in Find My a long time ago when someone was doing this with an Air Tag but somehow the airpods still connected and I got a notification about it.

What can they see with this? Just my location? And for how long?

No. 1402830

File: 1668051562811.jpeg (32.75 KB, 451x328, FBFB0F8F-4A0E-4598-9BC8-D0D6C7…)

is lolcow dying?

No. 1402831

yeah i feel like i'm pretty much just talking to myself at this point

No. 1402834

It's definitely dead compared to what it used to be but sometimes it's just slower than other days.

No. 1402838

the site went back up a couple of hours ago chill, most anons probably dont even that its still up or are busy.

No. 1402854

File: 1668054002390.jpeg (459.74 KB, 800x520, bye.jpeg)

the internet is dying. let's all sing songs and dance in a field from now on

No. 1402857

grass shills out tonight nonnies, watch out, don't touch it no matter what they say, the GDF is brutal and unforgiving

No. 1402872

Ive reread this 3 times and have no clue what this means

No. 1402886

What do people mean when they say they or someone else is a sub or a dom? Is it like a degenerate bdsm thing or are the people using these terms normies who likely themselves don't know wtf they are talking about…?

No. 1402890

I think you know what it means. Weird q

No. 1402892

It sounds exactly what it's supposed to mean. Porn has become so normalized now even normies are starting to use porn terms.

No. 1402903

File: 1668057968115.jpg (92.38 KB, 1300x957, happy-guy-holding-sandwich-loo…)

Here is Dominic holding his beloved sub sandwich, as is meant with Dom and sub.

No. 1402911

File: 1668058714951.png (192.63 KB, 1080x720, cheese analogue.png)

Why doesn't America have a real cheese culture like European countries do?

With the amount of immigration from places like France, England and Italy, it's weird that the most popular cheese in America doesn't even meet the EU's legal definition of cheese.

No. 1402941

File: 1668060139530.jpeg (90.96 KB, 640x1136, 1E64100B-835C-4B2A-A590-DAC605…)

Are most farmers also miners? What’s the difference with the userbase?

No. 1402950

Most of the users are scrotes and trannies on cc. there was even a fucking poll that the user-base participated in and showed that women were in the minority.

No. 1402963

I thought cc was a women's site. today I learned something new

No. 1402964

it is but that doesnt stop moids from posting there.

No. 1402967

just today i reported a moid promoting his discord server as perfect boyfriends for femcels something like that. definitely not a women only site.

No. 1402975

a woman only space online is absolutely irresistible to men, both sites are full of men, the more well know they become the more full of men they will become until it's 100% male users role-playing. the fact that you have to pretend to be a woman to post (you don't but that's how they think of it) makes it even more irresistible to certain types and each post they aren't banned for is like proof to themselves of their cunning and/or femininity.

sad fact.

No. 1402986

Yeah I don't get this either because we also have so many cows. Even if you go to a place like Wisconsin which is known for its cheeses, you won't find anything very flavorful, just variations on milder cheddar flavors and cheese curds. It isn't very refined from what I can tell, though I'd like to be proven wrong.

No. 1402990

Right before lolcow was up again they were circle jerking to an anon for posting about someone who groomed her when she was a teenager and how it was actually her that was wrong, laughed at her, and then accused her of being a moid. Either we have some very, very fucked up women here who actually hate victims of abuse more than actual victims or we have moids larping. I just wish jannies removed these baiting posts faster since preying on women for speaking about abuse is probably the strongest bait possible

No. 1402995

File: 1668064860270.jpeg (447.6 KB, 1200x1486, us cheese stockpile.jpeg)

Every time I move in the US I have to find the good local <$20/lb aged cheddar again and it drives me crazy but there is good cheese here that isn't imported. There's a lot more bad cheese (and "cheese") than good though. I would also like to know why.

Sometime last year I saw someone point out how much we have stockpiled and I haven't stopped thinking about it since. At times a department of the government has worked with fast food chains (Dominos etc) to promote new cheese-heavy dishes and offload stored cheese at their locations across the country.

No. 1403015

There's a local cheese brand here (shatto for any Midwest anons) and their curds and cheese taste like flavorless gum with lightly dusted spices and everyone loves it for some reason

No. 1403030

Blandest cheese selection in the world. If I didn't genuinely like cheddar I would not even eat cheese. I almost gave up on it last time I moved long distance and couldn't find anything decent.

I was thinking if we were Europe there would be 95 different types of hyper-regional cheddars with different names and aging rules. You move across the country and "sharp cheddar" means something completely different to different dairy farms. The rules are too loose.

Eurononnas, do you like the cheese situation in your country or are the rules annoying sometimes?

No. 1403036

is there an origin story of the term scrote as a nickname for men

No. 1403037

No. 1403043

I buy mediocre chunks of yellow cowmilk cheese and brie from the supermarket, occasionaly something from the farmer (tasty but expensive) that's it. I think most cheese at the supermarket is just lots of variations of the same couple of Dutch/French/Italian cheeses. Idk the cheese situation where you are but I doubt ours is that much more interesting than yours.

No. 1403051

The cheese situation is good here. I can buy locally made cheese from a cheese monger or I can buy cheese at the supermarket where there are 50+ different cheeses from all over Europe. I usually have at least five different cheeses in my fridge at all times.

No. 1403079

Why are people buying fanny packs and coping by calling them belt bags?

No. 1403081

i know that but i'm asking when did we start calling men scrotes on lc

No. 1403087

I'm shocked reading this, because I work with an american and he's always raving how much he misses american cheeses and that it's a must try for anyone visiting. Was I deceived?

No. 1403106

Is it better to have the brightness of a screen on high or low? I have the brightness set to lowest on most of my devices and I've often been asked if I can see clearly enough, am I straining my vision with dark settings or is it other people who are blind because of super bright screens?

No. 1403195

What inconveniences can I put on someone with just their phone number? I know that sounds dumb but there's this scrote neighbor I have that I need to fuck with a bit because he deserves it. I was thinking along the lines of phone subscription services that will call him a lot during the day, I want to find a bunch of those and add his number to all of them. Any suggestions for sites like that or other ideas of how I could fuck with him just using his phone number would be greatly appreciated.

No. 1403200

car dealerships are supposed to be good bc they'll harass you at all hours of the day every day from dozens of different numbers

No. 1403294

Being on lolcow has truly rotted my brain, I just spent a whole 5 minutes trying to figure out wtf having many (lol)cows has to do with cheese production until I remembered that cows are real animals that make real milk that is used for cheese

No. 1403319

This is why we need to keep the literal cow thread active

No. 1403338

imagine this scenario:
>you are married with kids
>your partner works while you stay home and take care of the kids
>you want to put the kids into daycare so you can go back to work, but your partner says they can't afford it while paying the rent, utilities, etc.
>your partner gets into a really bad car accident. the lawyers and insurance investigate your partner's assets and you find out that your partner has a bank account with a large sum of money they never told you about
>your partner is severely injured from accident and is now unable to work. doctors say that when they are released from hospital they will need at least a year to make any meaningful recovery
>the money from your partners bank account will have to go towards their medical care and physical therapy, leaving you responsible for them as well as your kids
>your partner's parents are in another country and are unwilling to help out

would it be fucked up to divorce your partner right now? or would you wait? if yes, for how long?

No. 1403353

It is manipulative as fuck that your partner withheld money from you. I'd never be able to trust him again. He can use that money he saved to hire a caretaker.

No. 1403360

>the lawyers and insurance investigate your partner's assets and you find out that your partner has a bank account with a large sum of money they never told you about
That's pretty fucked. I wouldn't feel the need to be their care nurse after something like that was forced to come out. It screams of a situation where they would've been perfectly happy to abandon you and deny you the full amount of child support they're able to contribute. There's no other explanation than them being fully prepared to screw you and the kids over financially when/if you split.

They built this on lies. Let them figure out how to navigate recovery without your free labour.

No. 1403362

I'd divorce immediately - this is fucked, selfish, and incredibly vile.

No. 1403364

Shady as fuck and why are his parents so shitty?

No. 1403365

What the fuck, I would divorce immediately.

No. 1403371

Samefagging here, but what even was the excuse to keep the money a secret? It'd be one thing to say he thought it was better to not use the money for daycare because of this or that reason, if he was still transparent, but this is just suspicious.

No. 1403372

Samefag but this is the most enraging thing I’ve read in a while, and I frequent the Reddit hate threads where anons share tales of women who have to wash their husbands’ asses because he won’t do it himself. First of all, I’m so sorry you had to go through that. I hope you get over the initial shock soon.
This man sees you as nothing but a domestic servitude robot he doesn’t have to pay. If he’s hiding his entire ECONOMIC STATUS from you and is unwilling to help you & your children out, god knows what else he’s hiding. This is not how a good father acts. Hell, this is not how a good PERSON acts. And it’s unbelievable how his parents didn’t care either, they’re in the game together. It’s like an unholy alliance.
Divorce his ass immediately, sister.

No. 1403386

Due to the cow threads being really slow, in some sense, yes.

No. 1403391

Stupid question, but how come you are married with children to someone without knowing the family income? How do you end up in such a situation? Did you just never ask? Do you have no access to bank statements or pay slips or what not? It's such a weird situation, there must have been a billion red flags since the start of the relationships.

No. 1403400

Yeah, there's a difference between income vs savings.

But it's hard to imagine her working and not earning enough money to pay for child care. If her expected income is that bad then it does make sense to stay home though.

But it doesn't make sense to hide the savings when you could just say "I don't want to use emergency savings to pay for day to day expenses" which is a perfectly reasonable position to have.

Then again many normie relationships are dysfunctional to the extreme because they're all addicted to being with someone and will pursue that at all costs.

No. 1403403

thank you, can everyone stop crying about this already? its an anonymous forum, some people aren't gonna give a shit about your sad story, it sucks, nothing you can do so move on.

No. 1403428

What does he mean by that
>be moid
>start with casual sex
>"we are very good friends"
>text everyday keeps the conversation going
>travel and bring presents
>leave stuff at her home so I don't need to bring it every time
>make it clear I want no relationship
>want no girlfriend in general

Why are men like that idgi. I don't even want a relationship with him I just don't get it is it normal? Sorry if wrong thread but feels like very stupid question

No. 1403437

Very fake, but I'll bite.
Why would lawyers and insurance investigate a persons assets unless they caused the accident and are being sued even then insurance isn't getting involved in that. If your partner is being sued for damages from an accident they caused. I would leave right away but depending on local laws until you're formally divorced you could get mixed up in things.
Not being broadly on the same page with financial shit is a major red flag. Better to up an leave now and hope you have a good support system then waste a year helping a lying scrote recover and have him bail with whatever other money he has squirreled away.

No. 1403446

nta, we don't need this energy here this is not 4chan, we need some guidelines we can't have random retards mocking anons venting abuse, you're going to turn this place into an actual shithole

No. 1403452

the incident i was referring to happened on cc in a bunker thread meant for shitposting, not the lc vent thread. 'this energy' is, to me, common sense.

No. 1403455

Bot Sentinel addon

No. 1403511

Nta but I agree, there's been tons of anons venting about abuse or rape getting accused of being lying trannies and moids and straight up mocked. The excuse "this is an imageboard" just doesn't cut it, this being an imageboard isn't an excuse for it to resemble 4chan.

No. 1403517

stop thinking about it so hard, just move on. if you want to make a change, reply positively to those venting to maybe ease their sorrow, not much else you can do.

No. 1403525

NTA but why do you think her post is fake? Men do this all the time.

What I can't believe is that she's questioning whether or not to divorce him. Her husband sounds like a sociopath and I have no doubt there are red flags she's been ignoring for years

No. 1403544

I just got here retard I'm not "thinking about it hard" I wasn't even around for the initial conversation. Why don't you stop thinking about it and move on if your so bothered

No. 1403561

The answer is staring you in the face. He wants to have casual sex. There is no deep emotional component to the relationship for him. I remember being new to relationships and having trouble wrapping my head around this because it seemed inhuman but it's the truth.
There are very few men who need an emotional connection to have sex. Some men actively keep several sexual partners as "friends" for their own sexual gratification. Make sure you're using protection and you don't get an STD from this manslut.

No. 1403589

i guess by 'thinking so hard' i meant overthinking, not that you were literally spending hours thinking about it. you don't need to come up with any clapbacks about who's "bothered", i'm just trying to offer solutions that actually work instead of moralfagging that helps no one.

No. 1403594

We need to check ourselves, telling anons to "deal with it" when a retard tries them is not the way, shit happens but it doesn't mean we should let it slide

No. 1403602

>check ourselves
>let it slide
or maybe we can just not care and have fun? the vent threads are there for people who need to let out dark thoughts/feelings, let's not encourage even more moralfagging and tone policing than there already is on here kek. (fwiw i was not one of the anons that mocked the original anon)

No. 1403609

Ayrt, I wasn't moralfagging I was simply replying to an anon about an opinion she had that I agreed with, one of the purposes of an imageboard ya know. It's not overthinking to engage in conversation, and it's weird you're having so much trouble just letting people share their 2 cents on something.

No. 1403613

I don't know how i'm supposed to "have fun" while some anon is telling another she's a retard cause she let her bf abuse her. If we don't have at least some etiquette then anyone would start posting here, specially moids who love to shit on distressed women
>the vent threads are there for people who need to let out dark thoughts/feelings
Ok? that's why you shouldn't be "trolling" those anons, nobody wants see a dumbass reply on a serious posts

No. 1403614

your literally "policing" everyones posts right now

No. 1403615

ok well here's my opinion: i think it's retarded to cry about "how oh noes we are turning into 4chan!!" because someone got made fun of on another website. have a blessed day/night, and feel free to share more of your 2 cents lmao.

No. 1403616

It should be slightly brighter than the ambient lighting. Either having your screens too bright or too dim can cause strain.

No. 1403618

There you go now you're getting it.

No. 1403622

it's funny you started off telling people to calm down and stop thinking about it just to end with some angry reply showing how much your seething over it, try not projecting so hard next time lol

No. 1403624

File: 1668109241139.png (55.6 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (1603).png)

nonnies who have long-term fatigue issues of the type where you've felt terrible since you were a child and were constantly lethargic, what helped you feel better? Even a little bit.

I've been trying out suggestions, like seeing doctors. I also have been working out and eating much better with pretty much 0 changes besides losing weight.

No. 1403636

Weirdly enough, quiz shows and crossword puzzles. I record a lot of quiz shows and watch one or two each morning and play along. It's fun and keeps my brain active, doing crosswords/arrowwords help me become better at quizzing and vice versa. As an autist I've always had a passion for leaning pointless facts (no idea why) so tapping into that and also keeping my brain active has been pretty good for me. Of course it's not a total fix and I still get times where I'm slacking with it (been on a down slope the past few days, in fact) but it's something. Finding a passion - even if it's a sedentary hobby like puzzles or video games - has been really beneficial to me. It helped me battle cancer, tbh. Knowing I could escape into a different world or busy myself yelling answers at the tv. Every little helps, y'know? I wish you luck, nonna. I've been fucked over since I was a kid with bad anemia, then PCOS, then fibromyalgia, then cancer. It's tough to dig yourself out of such a hole but the fact you're trying is worth celebrating. We might not be out of said holes yet, but goddamnit we are trying.

No. 1403643

loud music and intermittent fasting and caffeine (I tend to overdo the caffeine which feels bad, actually I'm thinking of quitting it)

Camping really energizes me. Obviously it's calming and pleasant to be in nature but going to sleep when the sun sets and getting up when it rises feels so good. I really struggle with sleep schedules when I have electric lights.

No. 1403651

nta but doesn't fasting make people more lethargic? or maybe it just happens to me..

No. 1403652

Very gross! Thank you for enlighten me

No. 1403662

Does it feel different kissing someone with full and thin lips?

No. 1403668

It can but I'm getting all my calories, I'm not actually starving myself. I basically have a snack around 3pm and have dinner around 7pm and don't eat at other times of day. Usually having food inside me makes me feel extra sluggish and sleepy in my day to day life.
I notice when I'm camping I start eating breakfast and I feel fine so maybe the "fasting" is compensating for my sleep being off but I don't know. It works for me.

No. 1403703

>Shady as fuck and why are his parents so shitty?
His parents are gold diggers. The dad is an alcoholic with gambling problems and the mom wants designer everything to pretend like she's rich because her son married someone foreign.

I agree with everything else you said.
It's not me but a close friend of mine. She's been really stressed out for the past year and is very closed off about her marriage. I tried to be respectful of her privacy but it's hard watching someone who used to be more proactive about her life just go into autopilot mode like she has. She's gained a lot of weight, barely leaves home, and she's already sprouting gray hair even though we're both in our mid 30s. It's like she's a different person after being married to him.
Her sister gave me the details about the accident case and I'm pretty angry at my friend now because I agree there must have been lots of signs he was a bad person before all this happened.

I'm just going off what her sister told me. Sorry if that sounds unbelievable to you for whatever reason. Right now she's worried about getting even more screwed over in the divorce because her husband is basically disabled right now. I'm not a lawyer and have never been married, so I don't know how any of this works.

No. 1403734

only noticeable if the lip sizes are more on the exaggerated side but yes
people with full lips feel "softer" like pillowy which makes sense ig

i never kissed anyone who had injected lips b4 tho so i kind of wonder if that's different tho

No. 1403907

Thanks anon. I was worrying that maybe 10 years from now more children will have cancers or autoimmune diseases because of the plastics, or birth defects because their organs have microplastics grown inside them. But I guess we just can't know yet.

No. 1403916

I want to join and lurk a discord server on a new account but ever since the "member since [date]" feature was added I feel like it would look suspicious. Would it be weird for an account that's only a few days old to join a server?

No. 1403925

Why would it be? Unless it's some super sekrit server I don't think anyone cares, people who don't have accounts, lose their passwords etc need new accounts

No. 1403933

how good or bad has Jerma's MANY collab videos been? I haven't watched a stream since…I can't remember, around the time the sponsered ones started. He literally plays nothing I like, everytime I get an alert it's a game i'm not into or multiplayer. How has those streams been and his streams in general? Don't know where to put this, I guess it's a stupid question but it also fits in Dumb ass shit as well.

No. 1403937

what happened to the "stuff we like that would makes us look like scrotes" thread?
i made a post in there and then it was gone, did an actual tranny began sperging out like they always do?

No. 1403945

No. 1403947

Damn that sucks, hope she gets out.

No. 1403950

it reached the post limit cause an anon had a meltdown and kept posting her nudes to prove that she wasn't a tranny, so no one wanted to make a new thread for obvious reasons

No. 1403996

At least her story got her a hit post on a candle making imageboard

No. 1404019

that was the dumbest shitshow i have ever witnessed on this site. i dont know why she kept doing it, clearly anons were just egging her on to make her keep sperging out (i was one of them kek i was shocked she couldnt realize everyone was just picking on her for being so retarded)

No. 1404585

No. 1404763

How long does eye lenses last? I’ve open a pair a couple months back but never used them. I did change it’s solution every now and then.
I want to start wearing contacts but every time I try to put it in my eye I get nervous how can I stop myself from being afraid to wear them?

No. 1404887

File: 1668152577249.png (97.76 KB, 813x423, kpop.PNG)

What does this mean

No. 1404890

With the new Patreon subscription billing plan, if I signed up on the 30th of the month, and then cancelled before the 30th of the next month, would I basically get access to two months for the price of one, or would there be some pending charge on my card?

No. 1404892

that kpop sucks and steals from american pop

No. 1404895

Believe it or not kpop is literally inspired and outright korean remakes of western music if you go and check out the demo version of popular kpop songs, ie. EXO-Ko Ko Bop youll see theyre from western artist.

No. 1404906

File: 1668154867225.jpg (24.63 KB, 265x536, Screenshot_20221111-041247.jpg)

Can someone tell me why my Google logo looks like this? It last some seconds then go back to the normal logo, did i'm getting hacked?? I'm a literal schizo so i'm very scared rn

No. 1404920

File: 1668156930395.jpeg (20.8 KB, 992x558, logo.jpeg)

isn't that the normal logo though

No. 1404929

You mean the tab icon? Probably just cached from some other site you've visited. If it changed to the normal one then it means it was just loading it. No hacking involved

No. 1404952

Don't they mostly take stuff that American artists already rejected though kek

No. 1405027

When someone says alog/nlog what exactly do they intend to do and what do the words even mean?

No. 1405058

Depends on the contacts. Some are single use, some last a week and others a month. It's always written on the package. If you don't know how long your contacts last and you've had them for a couple of months, toss them out. Don't risk putting expired contacts in your eyes.
About the nervousness, it goes away with practice.

No. 1405061

>A term used to describe one expressing disproportionate levels of hatred for someone, often including wishing them physical harm, usually for perceived "crimes" that they are "guilty" of.
>Anthony LoGatto was A-Logging Chris when he said, "What Saddam did in the Gulf War was potatoes to what Chris has done."

>Acronym for 'not like other girls'. It's used when a girl / women is trying so hard not to be like the other of her kind while being just like other girls who are 'totally' not like other girls. This is usually for male attention and has deep roots in misogyny. Typically used in a "me vs. other girls/you" meme format.
>Sarah: I don’t even wear makeup, and I’m only friends with boys. I could never be w the drama.

No. 1405096

Teenager or male. No other option.

No. 1405124

I'm hoping it's just young anons in their nlog phase, a lot of posts across the boards look like they're made by new and young users.

No. 1405146

Being posted at the same time as a scrote thread popped up.. idk who could it be

No. 1405166

Samefag, and now the whole vent thread is gone.

No. 1405207

My comment was deleted oops. I asked why there was so many posters saying “I hate women actually teehee” that just all came at the same time. Weird behavior

No. 1405212

Do artificial sweeteners in general cause upset stomach or is it only 1 or 2 types you've to be careful with?

No. 1405257

How do I choose and know a great hairstylist? I am in dire need of a haircut. I usually go to Great Clips for haircut but I want to try going to a salon for once and getting a stylish haircut.

No. 1405286

Sugar alcohols, especially Maltitol and Xylitol but sometimes also erythritol, are known to cause bloating, gas, and diarrhea. The others are (mostly) fine

No. 1405305

thanks, somehow I thought these words had something to do with each other lmao.

No. 1405328

File: 1668184748198.jpg (107.44 KB, 960x1280, 20221110_122443.jpg)

Onigiri don't necessarily have to have a filling, right?

No. 1405332

Yup, can just be plain rice

No. 1405357

File: 1668185554799.png (99.4 KB, 300x261, Classic_and_modern_Harley_Quin…)

What does it mean if a guy likes characters like picrel?

No. 1405360


No. 1405361

he preys on mentally ill women and gets shock pikachu face when they're unhinged

No. 1405426

Do people still have pale blogs on tumblr? I kind of want to make one. I'm feeling nostalgic and they looked so good

That's just every male.

No. 1405628

I always see this homeless woman around town (sitting with shopping bags). I know of a homeless center not far from the places I see her, would it be condescending if I came up to her, talk a bit at first of course, if she's okay etc. and tell her about it? I'm socially retarded so I don't know if that could be considered rude, but I really don't know if she knows about it. I see her every time I walk into the city so I know she doesn't have a place to go, she always looks so sad and winter is coming.

No. 1405638

Coomer. Superhero comics have such retarded poses.

No. 1405682

what other flower has similarly strong scent as lavender? especially when dried? something that i can plant

No. 1405686

Just ask her for the time. Or directions. They’re good starting points towards asking if she’s doing ok, since she looks sad. It’s sweet you care and honestly even if she doesn’t need help it’s good character development to risk embarrassment, trust me.

No. 1405687

why do you think she doesn't know already? maybe there is a reason she doesn't want to go there, like predatory men or dangerous conditions. sometimes homeless people will avoid shelters because they aren't allowed to do drugs while they're staying there and they would rather be high. i've heard it's also very common to have your stuff stolen when you stay in a shelter, and in general the risk of conflict is greater.

No. 1405705

Mountain Mint (I think the Hairy Mountain Mint variety looks nice in the winter after it dries out/dies)
Also would try Sage and Rosemary because they're so easy and I like the way they smell, but maybe that's not for you if you're looking for a "flowery" smell.
Some types of roses are low-maintenance and smell great fresh or dried.

No. 1405720

Thanks nonna's, still not sure what to do. I think she doesn't know about the homeless center because I think she'd be there if she did. I never saw her before so I think she might be new in town or a refugee perhaps. I think I'll leave her alone for now but if I still see her so often when it gets really cold I might go up to her. I know it's none of my business but I just feel bad for her.

No. 1405722

same anon replying again
Lemon Verbena smells amazing if you can grow it in your climate. I'm not sure how it dries.
and fyi mountain mint is not nearly as strong smelling as lavender, but it is nice smelling and you can dry it easily.

No. 1405724

File: 1668202875065.jpg (43.98 KB, 540x375, tranp acktually.jpg)

why is there a windoze 11 when microsoft (penis) promised 10 would be the last one that would be constantly updated back then when 10 was released? bill gaytes is such a faggot.

No. 1405767

File: 1668204695789.png (39.52 KB, 370x320, 273941781@2x.png)

how do you find online friends who aren't retarded enbies and gaidens? i just can't deal with shut-ins who claim to be genderless voids for wearing hoodies in fall.

No. 1405769

Go to movie nights n tunesdays

No. 1405772

the friend finder thread

No. 1405791

imagine being this naive

No. 1405793

Anon wants you to add him!

Jk jk

No. 1405848

File: 1668209024825.jpg (43.67 KB, 600x685, 1646701487473.jpg)

how do i ''glow up''? i am so tired of being ugly as sin, i want to grab a hammer and hammer down my ugly nose

No. 1405862

if someone with an "ugly" nose has really good teeth it automatically makes the nose super charming once they smile. I don't make the rules that's just a fact.

No. 1405868

Does anyone else get super anxious while sitting in traffic that’s basically inescapable? I can deal with it up to a point, but once I’ve barely moved for 20 minutes I start to freak out

No. 1405875

thinking about this some more and just my personal opinion but they don't have to be perfect teeth. A snaggle tooth or something is fine they just can't be rotten or stained or badly broken, that's all.

No. 1405906

Skincare routine (konjac sponjes changed my life) , take good care of your hair (you can start by washing it every other day and leaving the conditioner on for 2 or 3 mins before washing it off, and don't wash it until it's squeaky! It's supposed to still be soft after rinsing), pay more attention to the cut and fabric of your clothes - no more frumpy t shirts and ill fitting jeans!
And the most important tip of ALL: accept that you have the right to look good. You have the right to have a skincare and haircare routine. You have the right to wear skirts, blouses, nice shoes etc. You have the right to wear makeup if you want to.

No. 1405919

Stupid question because I know they all are, but what are some signs that a guy is pornsick? Particularly subtler ones?

No. 1405936

takes his phone to the toilet and is in there for a long ass time "shitting" supposedly

No. 1405958

Nitpicks a woman's appearance out of the blue. Whatever he picks apart is what he's into on the low.

No. 1406024

File: 1668221032852.jpg (638.97 KB, 1125x1078, cofuscat.jpg)

If someone asks about your family, is it wrong to not mention your half-siblings if they're like facebook friends you only encounter every few years and you didn't grow up with them?

No. 1406027

who cares about half siblings ? i dont even know their names

No. 1406032

I agree with this but in my experience it's the opposite. They pick every minuscule detail apart because it's not like the actresses in their porno so they can't get hard if you have regular nails or three cellulite dimples

No. 1406054

Am I kissing wrong or is it usual of moids to vacuum suck your lips when you kiss?

No. 1406055

Like literally my whole mouth gets engulfed when I'm trying to be gentle and slow

No. 1406074

pretty sure only fish asphyxiating on dry land smooch like that

No. 1406080

Why have the farms been so slow recently? Not even a complaint, I'm just curious as to what the reason is, I remember not too long ago I could barely keep up with all the posts on here, now it feels kinda dead.

No. 1406081

I don’t know but I think it’s good for them

No. 1406082

I say I have six and a half siblings when asked because that’s what it adds up to when I include half sibs but absolutely no one has ever responded positively to counting like a half sibling is half a person — the reaction is sometimes really negative lmao but I hate being asked about my family so I keep doing it like a complete social retard (idc)

No. 1406092

I'm obsessed with you.

No. 1406122

can i get some netflix recommendations? i don't like their series much (ive only finished downton abbey before) but i binged dead to me yesterday and now im despressed i have to wait few weeks for the 3rd season.
just please nothing with sex, im allergic.

No. 1406141

I think it's a combination of multiple factors driving people off
>The website has gone offline multiple times this year alone now with no or next to no communication from admin
>LC being understaffed, no hellweek (though moderation at least on /ot/ seems to have picked up a bit again)
>underage newfags from tiktok and twitter coming in who refuse to integrate

No. 1406160

Maybe this should go on /g/ but /ot/ is more popular…
Lost a good amount of weight and now my tatas are smaller but the skin is a bit loose. Is there any cream I can use to tighten up the skin? I don't want to get surgery or anything.

No. 1406164

unsolved mysteries
"inventing anna" is good and only has one sex scene (that you cant even see anything and lasts like 10 seconds)

No. 1406166

File: 1668240669181.jpg (134.57 KB, 640x640, ab67616d0000b2734fa36b14a276fe…)

Which of Utada Hikaru's albums should I start with if I want to get into her music?

No. 1406167

none, they are all trash and her evangelion song was the biggest trash of them all

No. 1406169

Exfoliate, use firming creams, wear compression clothing, and have patience. I've heard people have had quicker results with derma rolling their loose skin

No. 1406170

"first love"
"This is the one"

No. 1406171

exfoliate? you mean with one of those exfoliating towels or those soaps with micro balls?
Do you know the name of any of these creams that are good?

No. 1406194

thank you nonna i will give them a go

No. 1406199

pretty sure i share a vent with my neighbor. randomly at 1-4am the vent we share gets this awful smelling of burned plastic, hard metal and putrid weird shit. does that sound familiar to any anons on a specific drug hes maybe smoking? or making? the guy is weird as hell he doesnt talk to anyone and once when he saw me he went to double check his door was locked then left.

No. 1406213

Sounds like crack or meth to me, though meth tends to have a strong ammonia smell.
>t. Worked in a library where lots of heavy drug users would congregate

No. 1406216

File: 1668249305973.jpg (64.35 KB, 295x395, 34573567.JPG)

I am fucking retarded, how do I convert ng/ml to mg/kg (assuming the density of the liquid is the same as water).

I googled and someone said to divide by 1000 but idk if it's right I am stupid

No. 1406223

1000 is right.
1 mg/l = 10⁶ng / 10³ml = 10³ ng/ml

No. 1406225

File: 1668250727628.jpg (81.47 KB, 1152x648, crappy instruction.jpg)

Hope this helps, this is how i have been doing

No. 1406231

File: 1668251974399.jpg (10.71 KB, 335x245, nibbles.jpg)

is the weekend farmer meetup thread officially not a thing anymore? last post is 12days ago which means we didn't have it last weekend either

No. 1406234

Thank you so much nonitas! Saved that pic, I've been in uni for a couple years now but unit conversions STILL fuck me up kek

No. 1406237

it flopped

No. 1406304

Lolcow was down last weekend
Make a post, bring it back, maybe other nonnies forgot

No. 1406306

>tfw from metric country but never heard of ng before

No. 1406308

>Lolcow was down last weekend
? Nta but no it wasn't, it was only down (well technically up but with posting errors) this week

No. 1406338

How do I make masala chai tea? A friend brought me back loose leaf chai from India and I realised I don’t actually know how to brew it. Do I use water, milk, or both? And do I do it on the hob or just add the leaves to a cup and let it brew like regular herbal teas?

No. 1406340

How do people get bios on kiwifarms? Is there like a post minimum or something

No. 1406428


No. 1406438

File: 1668269897629.png (233.39 KB, 540x302, 1648197566795.png)

What entry level job doesn't need much talking? I have a speech disability, health issues and an untreated (too expensive) jaw issue that makes it hard and painful to speak. I've also become selectively mute in the last years–I can't really hold a conversation with someone or really think of anything to say ever.

I sell stuff online but I'm now wondering if homelessness is in my future because I've spent years pretty much destroying what little social abilities I have and it's only a matter of time till then. Now I panic nightly about the future and I don't feel very good.

No. 1406521

I used to be a package handler at FedEx and the pay is decent and you pretty much barely have to talk to anyone as long as you focus on your work. The main issues are the weird hours and hard labor, depending on what they make you do.

No. 1406531

I used to work in housekeeping and you don't even have to speak the same language as your coworkers to get the job done. If the pay was better for how physical it is I would still be doing it.

No. 1406561

Data entry

No. 1406642

Mullets seem to be super fashionable atm but is it an ironic hipster thing where people know they look bad and think it's funny to wear one or has culture sunk so low that people genuinely like them?

No. 1406655

File: 1668278465920.jpg (78.52 KB, 720x720, raised by wolves.jpg)

I never thought mullets were ugly. never got one myself though.

I guess I'm not really answering your question. I think it's still ironic most of the time but i see young people with mullet-esque hairstyles and I think we're going to see genuine affection for it again. a wolf cut is just a shaggy mullet and look how popular that one was.

No. 1406681

Why do I see like a normal person with glasses but with contacts the world looks convex? Please I feel like my eyes are not actually perceiving. I feel like I’m trippin help nonni

No. 1406759

File: 1668282228375.jpg (11.24 KB, 350x197, joe-dirt-ss1.jpg)

I think it's okay with all the layers people do nowadays and kept reasonably short. part of why people thought mullets looked bad in the past was the blowout on top and all one long length ("business in front party in the back") thing. nowadays it's just a fauxhawk with extra steps. that's not so bad.

No. 1406765

imo mullets that curl into the neck look gross but the mullets that are styled and cut to curl outwards look cute

No. 1406770

How do you settle on one hobby to focus on? I'm always doing different stuff and try lots of different things so I never got good at anything. But I want to get good at something for a change.

No. 1406839

if you like something from somebody's liked tweets tab does it tell them? ive done it before and both or the three times i did they privated their accounts little after kek sorry. i just get bored and my likes serve as saves without the saving and filling up my storage im just here for my own entertainment idgaf about you. but i understand completely how it would look super creepy if you could see someone like a tweet your remember liking last year, like wtf, but like i said im just here to be entertained

No. 1406848

No, there's no notification for that.

No. 1406859

Here’s what I do/did
>Hipster glasses hide my big nose,
>Long hair that I make big to distract from my weird face and peanut head.
>Bangs to hide crooked nose
>work out to tone my body, also helps with posture
>makeup tricks, contouring and nice eyebrows that actually fit my face,
>don’t just follow trends because they don’t look good on everyone. Find what works best on your face, ex: I have very droopy eyes and I used to do big cat eye eyeliner with super thick eyebrows and it did not look good, it made me look mannish and drag queen.
>being stylish is also something that can make you look better, accessorize and hair clips and cute purse or jacket

No. 1406864

nta but bangs have always made my nose look bigger ime

No. 1406921

File: 1668291493095.png (1.03 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20221026-131753.png)

You sound very cute, anon

No. 1406924

File: 1668291749177.png (139.38 KB, 506x538, ???????.png)

46 open tabs? ZAMN

No. 1406935

File: 1668292883823.png (268.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20221112-234108.png)


No. 1406983

File: 1668294753479.jpg (1.58 MB, 1261x1264, something.jpg)

I'm looking for a very specific style/aesthetic for outfit inspo but I have no idea where to look or what to search for. What would you call this? Or do you know any online profiles with a similar style I could look up?

No. 1406986

It just looks like y2k adjacent stuff to me. Go on Pinterest and search y2k or glitchcore.

No. 1406991

First thing that came to mind 2016 tumblr grunge & vapourwave sorta stuff

No. 1406996

No. 1406998

File: 1668295317511.png (44.69 KB, 482x520, ???????????.png)

No. 1407008

I have 500 I have to delete something before I open a new one

No. 1407013

File: 1668295777753.png (216.24 KB, 910x992, ???????????????????.png)

No. 1407051

File: 1668296745330.jpeg (240.74 KB, 773x647, A3944AB2-45B3-4D24-983E-214D39…)

Don’t judge me. I deleted five just for you, I’m done though. We don’t count the non private tabs because.

No. 1407052

What is it about the hobbies you tried that couldn't hold your attention? What were the last things you did in each hobby before stopping? How long did you stick with each one? How much time passes before you pick up something new? Also why are you fixated on being good at something? What do you think you'll gain by being skilled? (aside from the skill itself of course) What kinds of feelings do you want to have when you do your hobby?

No. 1407064

File: 1668297284344.png (23.28 KB, 136x166, hmmmmm.png)

31 private tabs……hmmmmmmmmmmmm…….

No. 1407068

In this horrifyingly expensive day in age, is it better to bite the bullet and buy a house or rent first?

No. 1407069

No babes, the 495 is private. 31 is non private tabs. Take that as you will.

No. 1407078

No comment, nonnie remember that God is always watching.

No. 1407097

Anon what the fuck are you doing with all those tabs? I get stressed when I have more than 10 open. no really…495? What are you doing?

No. 1407104

Your computer is going to combust. I challenge you to get to 1,000.

No. 1407118

File: 1668299444225.jpeg (49.56 KB, 480x542, 79C1303C-14B3-4175-B19C-94909C…)

I save shit so I don’t forget and like to go back to things n have lil surprises I obviously forgot about
I can’t it’s on my phone. They don’t let you go beyond 500 that’s why I have to find something to delete kek.

Don’t ask me how many pics I have on my phone.

No. 1407129

Anon…that's what bookmarks are for

No. 1407134

I think some people can pull mullets off, but no mullet looks good when it is unstyled. they have to be layered and styled imo. i like them than again, i love vk/jrock still

No. 1407150

No. Then I’d have 495 bookmarks not in my face to force me to do something about it

No. 1407261

Why is the suomillanka thread the most popular country thread.

No. 1407265

They are the most powerful of the foreignonnies

No. 1407272

There's a lot of Finnish people on the internet, I think. I've heard it's because they're really antisocial and can't really make irl friends.

No. 1407296

File: 1668305901911.gif (759.42 KB, 320x320, 9D285247-9CC3-409C-A62E-8733A3…)

For any Russian-speaking nonnies out there: what does the phrase "Ты мне понял" mean? Google translate says it means "you understood me" but what is the context? Does it mean, like, "do you get it?", or does it mean "you feel me" ?

No. 1407323

Is it abnormal to not be touch starved? I've read so many times that physical intimacy is apparently a need for humans yet a mere hug makes me recoil (no CSA hapoened if that helps).

No. 1407338

Would it be retarded to ask steam to purge the friends list of my account without me even logging into it? I got away from an ex who hit me and stalked me after I ended things with him. Its 8 months later and I'm scared since he was on his computer a lot he'll be reminded of me and start looking for me again if he sees me online. I don't want to log in for even a second but you cant purge the list in offline mode. I know this sounds retarded but even thinking about logging in and possibly seeing his chat notification or something makes my heart race in a bad way. have 200 games on there so don't want to remake an account

No. 1407343


i know some women like you and they seem to do well? if a simple hug is so unbearable to you, there might be a deeper issue.

No. 1407346

I don't know anything about steam (sorry) but if you can purge him without looking at him or notifying him that's 100% the best option.

No. 1407347

You can ask Steam to do it, but they likely won't. Pick a time when you think he'll be asleep, then quickly log in and block him. Make sure you put your profile on private after. I'm sorry nonny, I hope your ex gets crushed by a bus.

No. 1407352

I could relate to the "touch starved" thing when I was in my early 20s but after that it stopped mattering, I preferred not to be touched honestly.

A hug makes me feel blah, it's ok I guess but no big deal. If it elicits a strong reaction I think that might be abnormal but keep in mind it's ok to be abnormal as long as it doesn't negatively impact your day to day life or livelihood. Maybe you don't want to be hugged, that's fine.

No. 1407361

unfortunatley it seems like steam doesnt even have a miscellaneous support contact, just a self help and specific ticketing system. I'll see if I can work up the courage to log on around 4am, its silly how nervous this makes me. I was really hoping they could do it for me…

No. 1407362

Seconding the anon that said to try and log in at a really weird time where he'd probably be asleep. The moment you log in, you can navigate to your friends list and set your visibility to "Offline". This will log you out of Steam chat entirely and no one will be able to see you're online. Then you can safely purge your friends list and block him. You should also set your Steam profile visibility to private. You can also set it to a mode where NO ONE can see your profile, including people who have you added as a friend. Good luck nona, I know that feeling of dread you're describing.

No. 1407369

Seamstresses of lolcow- I thrifted a Walmart dress with an elastic waistband that goes all around the dress but I hate how the top portion fits, I also don’t have access to my sewing supplies- how bad would it look to just cut the top off and have a free edge? Will I totally regret this?

No. 1407376

Has anybody here experienced an increased intolerance to milk? Another random question but are those airline credit cards worth it as somebody who only wants to make 3 trips a year?

No. 1407384

OK I think there's a way to open Steam without setting off your online status. I just tested this out and hopefully it works for you.
Open the Steam app without being connected to the internet, which will prompt you to start Steam in offline mode. Then connect back to the internet again, and under the "Steam" tab, choose "Go online". You will then be connected to the Steam servers but your status will remain offline, so now you can remove and block your ex. Good luck anon

No. 1407396

Thank you. I'll give it a try around 4am just in case. I appreciate you looking into it and all the other nonnies that replied.

No. 1407441

Does anyone else experience a smell while watching claymation films?
I also have the sensation while looking at marble figures. It's not the same smell as the claymation, like my mind makes up the smell I should be expecting.

No. 1407470

Anon thank you for telling me the limit of opened tabs. I have 87 and I was thinking if it’s time to close some. I guess I can just carry on!

No. 1407508

is it weird if my current prof added me on LinkedIn? I’m in grad school and in my 20s so it’s not like I’m 18 but I feel like generally you don’t add students on LinkedIn until the semester is over?

No. 1407511

I'd say yes. Is it a man?

No. 1407512

File: 1668315404123.jpg (1.18 MB, 2600x1931, 1654450438413.jpg)

can someone rec me old magazines that have archives online? i want to read about people having fun pre internet, all topics are cool but i prefer nerdy/geeky interests.

No. 1407571

Yeah and he’s kinda young like 30s and single as far as I know

No. 1407678

If you like computers and gaming magazines from the 70s-90s, https://archive.org/details/computermagazines?tab=about

No. 1407681

No. 1407684

File: 1668323263161.jpg (78.01 KB, 680x680, 1666676786589.jpg)

thank youuuuu this is amazing, rip my free time

No. 1407695

Can some anons share their favorite non dairy ice cream? I want some tomorrow

No. 1407753

The vegan Magnum bars are so good, especially the almond one.

No. 1407756

What is something mindless to do for a few hours just to pass time? I've tried video games but I usually lose interest about an hour in.

No. 1407758

Oh my god I didn't know I've been waiting for someone to ask me this, I just got so excited to tell you what I've learned from eating dozens of non-dairy ice creams all Summer.
Without a doubt Cosmic Bliss makes the best nondairy ice cream. Chocolate Walnut Brownie is the most like dairy ice cream (it's so fucking good) and Infinite Coconut is my favorite because it tastes like infinite coconut and I love coconut.

No. 1407827

File: 1668339097205.jpg (70.88 KB, 700x933, 1668134376848.jpg)

would it be weird to take my mom to the christmas party? or my niece? both? I don't even know if there would be children's entertainment because I haven't opened the invitation yet.

No. 1407844

I like to scroll through online catalogs of ridiculously expensive stores like Gucci and be amused at how ugly or dumb some things are. While having Netflix in the background, playing a baking show or something.

No. 1407847

File: 1668341404720.jpg (365.18 KB, 2560x1707, Web-thumbnail.jpg)

What are your favorite winter drinks? I am feeling a bit tired from drinking the same tea everytime. I want to maybe try adding something into cocoa.

No. 1407849

you can bring your adult family but don't bring children unless you ask if that's ok first. Kids y/n question is a totally normal question to ask just to make sure it's appropriate for them. I used to have a job with a yearly party where kids were welcome (fun outdoor picnic) & also one where it was not allowed because alcohol and catering contracts (winter holiday indoor thing) so just ask first.

No. 1407853

sahlep and i like drinking milk and honey with a little bit of rosewater

No. 1407854

I like to sometimes drink hot cocoa mixed with mint tea, a bit more concentrated to not water it down.

No. 1407856

I like brandy in hot black tea with nothing else

it tastes really good

No. 1407893

I recently got eggnogpilled

No. 1407900

File: 1668345606886.jpg (54.31 KB, 650x650, 2377b0b1a8d9b55981f54c12323b08…)

Eggnog. I know the American version has alcohol, but is it drank cold? In my country it has no alcohol and it's served hot. With a bit of cinnamon. It's so good, feels like a Pastel de Nata in the mug.

No. 1407906

We usually drink eggnog cold but some coffee places will steam it for lattes. During the winter eggnog is also a seasonal ice cream flavor

No. 1407907

Nonalcoholic eggnog is also a thing in America.

No. 1407911

File: 1668346372026.jpeg (36.31 KB, 289x334, 3C77F65D-7EDD-46CF-9D02-0356ED…)

I really miss the holiday spice flat white from Starbucks

No. 1407942

File: 1668350498879.gif (474.46 KB, 220x220, 1664467823190.gif)

any good alternatives to z-library? i used to get all my books from there. pls help nonas i refuse to pay for e-books

No. 1407944

libgen.rs , sci-hub , audiobookbay.nl, 1337x

No. 1407972

>flat white
Omg she’s literally me!!!

No. 1407990

No. 1407998

i saved this but i'm on second look, what's wrong with kitty? i hope nothing bad

No. 1408011

It really is worth it to learn to use IRC to download e-books! I read a lot and I would go broke if I paid for every e-book. Unless it was a brand new book I've only been unable to find what I want on IRC like once or twice.

No. 1408023

I disagree. I learned how to use IRC before I knew of websites like zlib and libgen and now I exclusively use libgen because it's quicker and easier. Irc isn't necersserily that hard to use once you've figured it out but the steps to take to get an ebook are slightly
cumbersome compared to how easy it is to just search a book, click on a book in the list, click 'get' and that's it.

No. 1408030

can women have hair on the backs of their hands? like a lot of hair?

No. 1408036

if i search someone on facebook and look at their profile, will they know? I heard before that they'll see it in their suggested friends or something?

No. 1408037

I do a little, but they're moderate width, neither fine or thick. I think I could count them if I wanted

No. 1408054

yes. my hands and fingers are slightly fuzzy

No. 1408058

I have hair on my hands that goes up to my knuckles, but my arms are pretty hairy tbqh

No. 1408065

Jumping off this question: which country do all y'all think has the most nonnies (other than USA)?

Why crying? Also, there's a language learning thread here, you may be able to find a better answer >>>/ot/569079

I know you're probably looking to buy ice cream, but I also want to share this recipe, I made it before and it was delicious: https://jessicainthekitchen.com/vegan-ice-cream-2/

No. 1408066

Does anyone else watch videos where people talk in 1.5x speed?

No. 1408069

No. 1408076

would it be weird to tell my crush to grow his hair out because I don't like buzzcuts and I like long hair better? and especially because I'M NOT SURE IF HE'S AN OLDFAG. Of course I would not tell him that, but last time I saw him, part of his hair looked greyish. I was in shock, but I'm not sure if I imagined it. Will have to look better next time, but also want him to grow out his hair. His mannerisms, way of talking, texting, dress, body (what I can see), his FACE, all are way too young looking.. I must be wrong. But if I'm right, I've been MEGA catfished

No. 1408078

File: 1668362059962.jpg (67.22 KB, 700x700, shenyun.jpg)

Okay I'll bite. Wtf is Shen Yun

No. 1408079

Chinese dance show with connections to Falun Gong (anti-CCP religious group/cult)

No. 1408082

their dance performances are pretty fuckin lit, ngl. too bad its a cult

No. 1408092

My boyfriend and I are going to a Sikh temple today to meet his friend. Is there anything I should know beforehand in terms of dress code? I'm excited to eat Punjabi food!

No. 1408094

File: 1668363141093.jpg (202.13 KB, 1170x1536, 28912849291831101.jpg)

It's 5,000 years of civilization reborn.

No. 1408104

im trying to determine if this guy im talking to is actually a TIF on HRT but i dont feel comfortable posting a pic of their hand. they have a lot of hair

No. 1408106

File: 1668363881972.jpeg (37.9 KB, 600x600, 1645244554282.jpeg)

can someone please yell at me to clean my house?

No. 1408110

Either ask your bf or google it
its not hard to use search engines if you have the ability to use lolcow

No. 1408117

File: 1668364443570.jpeg (123.82 KB, 1200x630, 3802197D-B4EC-4AB4-9832-7B9B08…)

Clean ur house, bitch

No. 1408118

Please clean your house anon. Put on a fun 3-5 minute song and try to stay focused on cleaning just for that duration. Chances are you'll want to keep going. Even if you don't, that 5 minutes is still better than zero!

No. 1408120

what for? it's gonna get dirty again.

if you clean, make sure it doesn't get dirty again then

No. 1408123

thank you

for your input

No. 1408124

File: 1668364960659.jpeg (342.67 KB, 828x505, 4A0CF5F4-D538-4D8C-926D-1E4095…)

CLEAN……or else

No. 1408126

Homeless people usually hate these places, so there is a chance she knows about it but doesn't want to be there. I never met a hobo that went there, they rather sleep on the cold streets.

BUT what you can do is talking about all other kinds of things or gift her something. Actual homeless people are really grateful most of the time. A friend I have is regularly giving them a bread or can of beer or other food when he buys something for himself and so far they were always shocked and happy that someone cared since most people mistrust them or hate them.
You can start with a bit of money if you aren't sure what she likes. Or observe her and see what she's eating or drinking the next time you walk past her.

No. 1408129

Glühwein/mulled wine from the christmas markets.

If I wasn't so lazy I would finally check out every christmas market my city has, there are 30 I think and I wanted to do this for ages. We even have one on the top of a skyscraper and gay christmas market.

No. 1408131

I'm in the beginning stages of trying to open a hot pot restaurant. I'm really exited and feel that my city is perfect for restaurant like this as there aren't any in the area and there is a growing interest in this eating style, but I have this fear that my being non Asian (I'm basically white, my paternal Grandpa is Mexican and I have a Spanish last name because my Husband's paternal Grandpa is Mexican too lol) will cause controversy. Nonnies, is this a stupid fear?

No. 1408132

Real talk, how to nuke tiktok?

No. 1408133

Have Elon Musk buy it.

No. 1408136

File: 1668365712979.png (106.77 KB, 1200x1200, falungong.png)

Thank you, I'm going on a deep dive now

No. 1408137

Good idea. Maybe it will happen soon.

No. 1408143

What's the point of tumeric lattes? Does it even taste good? (I only know tumeric as being a flavoring for curry, so putting it in a latte sounds disgusting)

No. 1408145

Does anyone know who capsulebunny‘s new video was about? I tried some searches, but I just have no idea where to look. I might be oblivious about a giant lolcow, but I’m curious still.

No. 1408146

idk which country has the most anons, but I know which one has the least: Ethiopia (one nonny, me)

No. 1408148

so cool, off topic but what kind of music would you say young ethiopian people listen to? what are the trends there? i'm always curious to hear this kind of stuff lol.

No. 1408149

I made one once, it was earthy and sweet iirc.

No. 1408151

remember, it has to stay clean FOREVER

No. 1408152

is it true ethiopians and somalis are all very pretty?

No. 1408160

Yes. It is definitely true for the women at least.

No. 1408182

We listen to all kinds of music, a lot of people like traditional music and it's still popular and played on the radio, but also jazz, r&b, trip-hop, and funk are popular in "pop" music and influence a lot of songs (vidrel, for example, is very jazz/funk inspired and was a top song this year)
American music isn't really listened to here but European bands are weirdly popular, the album Mezzanine by Massive Attack (British) and Si Dieu Veut by Fonky Family (French) were both in the top 100 selling albums in Ethiopia few years ago despite both being 90s European albums lmao. Also, Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons both has a cult following.
A lot of the pop music is in the natively spoken language, Amharic, but many middle-class young people also speak Arabic, French, Somali, and English, so songs in those languages also get popular.
Some popular singers and bands from Ethiopia are Aster Aweke, Abinet Agonafir, Dub Colossus, Abyssinia Infinite, and Maki Kb. They're still heard on the radio a lot, despite many of them being music from many years ago. Older music is still appreciated a lot.
And yes, TikTok is popular here too, and lots of singers became famous from TikTok, like Biruk Jane and Beki Aman, though TikTok music is widely considered "trash" compared to other stuff (i agree, a lot of of it is copycat mumble rap lmao)

No. 1408198

I’ve never had hot pot but know of it due to an old boyfriend that lived in HK for years really want to try it. New “exotic” food cultures are pretty much always popular and sought out in the US and Americans are already familiar with Chinese food so a hot pot restaurant would likely be a hit. You do need to think about who your target audience is and choose whether you’d like to have a very traditional restaurant or a somewhat Westernized version. It would probably be best to employ or straight up collaborate with someone from China or HK imo, not because of cultural appropriation or anything silly like that but because they will have more knowledge about what makes a hot pot restaurant appealing and will know what Chinese customers expect. I’ve read that Asian grocers and restaurants practically have their own supply chains for fresh ingredients. This might make it difficult to source ingredients and shit if you aren’t “in” with your local Asian business owners but I’m not sure how true this is. Not speaking Cantonese or Mandarin (idk what is predominate in your area) might make business dealings difficult if they don’t commonly use English for business. Like, one of my good friends growing up was Korean and her parents owned a beauty supply store and I remember them doing a lot of business type stuff (not customer transactions) in Korean despite being perfectly fluent in English. It might be similar in the Chinese community.
Of course, good branding and marketing can also make or break a restaurant.
Hopefully this ridiculous response gives you some things to think about and I hope your restaurant is a success!

No. 1408217

You have amazing food and very nice people, I wish I had an Ethiopian gf.

No. 1408272

File: 1668376120602.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3072x2420, AB39C315-71A9-45B9-8A52-5AA0BE…)

i’m worried this is too stupid to ask but i’m going to anyway. i was never taught how to properly remove pubic hair. it’s gotten too long and i’m too afraid & can’t afford to get it waxed right now. i looked up how to do it and these instructions came up in wikihow. do any nonnas think these are actually good ideas? because they’re not striking me as such but i could be wrong. (i’m referring to the ideas of homemade sugar scrub being used down there and standing up for shaving)

No. 1408276

It's best to trim it since shaving/waxing is a bitch plus it's high maintenance to prevent bumps

No. 1408279

Use like, shampoo in the shower and don't stand up, I don't know how that'd make you see any better.

No. 1408280

sorry anon for not being clear, my question mainly was whether the homemade sugar scrub being used down there and standing up while shaving are good ideas or not. because they don’t sound like they are to me but i also don’t know. i haven’t shaved yet but was googling to get more info on what to do.

No. 1408283

yeah the info given about standing up was partly what was confusing me. my bathroom has shit lighting, my vision sucks and i feel like i’m quite hairy i think i would have to bend down to see where i was going if i was standing up and that sounds even more uncomfortable than necessary.

No. 1408285

File: 1668376765745.jpg (26.2 KB, 564x574, 90f408d25691d5ee5045c6d6ee9c99…)

Does adderall actually work? I'm not diagnozed but have extreme problems with starting tasks and spacing out, I'm trying to be disciplined but still. I want to be able to study and write without so many hoops to jump through first

No. 1408287

Yes but I have seen many people become dependent on adderall while at the same time suffering from negative side effects… The side effects can be negative regardless of if you have ADHD or not.
If I were you, I would talk to your pcp about the fact you have executive functioning issues and see if medicating is a good avenue from there

No. 1408288

Is there a way to find out what exactly the reason is why a wiki entry got (semi) protected? Hovering over it, I only see that it's protected until X because of sock puppeting.

No. 1408289

You do realize we are in the stupid questions thread, right?

No. 1408302

I'm almost certain I read once that using sugar near the vagina could help contribute to yeast infections. I don't know anyone that stands up shaving like that. From others I generally hear about sitting or one leg up, but it's about what's best for you, don't take a WikiHow article as gospel.

No. 1408316

File: 1668378433422.jpg (1.84 MB, 4000x3000, 20220630_182930.jpg)

Unrelated but I love Ethiopian restaurants.

No. 1408320

i was really disappointed the first time i tried ethiopian food the way everyone talks about it
it was like overpriced bland vegetable mush

No. 1408323

Samefag, and I'm thinking about this again. To expand on the flavor, it tastes like dirt but in a good way. If you want to eat dirt or used to eat dirt you should definitely try a turmeric latte. I think I put a little cinnamon in mine. God, now I want to make another one.
I want to try Ethiopian food so bad. The spongy bread looks delicious.

No. 1408325

I just do it with that hair-remover razor thing people use for other hairs and slap shampoo onto my skin and cut it. I only do it standing too without mirror. Probably not what others recommend though but I am a Neanderthal as long as it works it's fine.

No. 1408333

I have never tried energy drinks before. Will drinking a whole monster be bad for me?

No. 1408335

Depends on what person you are. They never had any effects on me and I just drink them for the taste. Not sure how many cans I would have to drink within an hour to cause anything.

No. 1408336

Adderall is by far the worst ADHD med I’ve ever been on. It makes me feel simultaneously cracked out and exhausted or it feels like I took nothing due to how rapidly tolerance builds. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a young child but didn’t start stimulants until high school because I couldn’t keep up with the workload of AP classes.

If I were you I’d focus on self-discipline instead of going on meds that are extremely difficult to get off of and a pain in the ass to get refilled. Many doctors now require neuropsych testing to “diagnose” ADHD which I’ve read actually isn’t useful for diagnosing ADHD and tends to be expensive. Stimulants do generally help me but I still have to put in a lot of effort to focus on the correct tasks and it can be difficult to move from one task to another.

No. 1408338

thank you and the other nonnas that gave advice, just mainly wondering if using sugar scrub like they suggest and standing like that was ideal. i can see now that everyone does it differently but something about the instructions given on wikihow just irked me for some reason.

>using sugar near the vagina could help contribute to yeast infections
i was thinking something similar. apparently some people do that though.

No. 1408339

If you drink coffee and tea regularly I don't think so. Just avoid drinking it on empty stomach, just in case.

No. 1408340

ive had 4 today and im still not dead yet

No. 1408343

Exfoliating is definitely necessary if you choose to shave but you can use a loofa or an Italy towel or whatever. Shaving bare really sucks and if a lot of work for some people to avoid bumps and ingrowns. Unless you want to be totally pubic hair free for some reason I’d definitely recommend trimming instead of shaving. You can use just scissors or like a cheap electric beard trimmer. I have a cheapy Whal brand one and wish I would’ve bought it years ago lol

No. 1408347

How can facebook still exist and who is even using it? It was always bad but the only people in my country that are still online there are legit tinfoil hats who are afraid of jews/soros and some chip implants.

A friend has recently linked me a video an old boomer (ex)friend of his family made and he obviously turned insane since he started using that place. Was completely dressed in a tinfoil suit and talked about the end of the world and how our politicians wouldn't prevent it because they profit from it (???), obviously even if they are dead and their planet gone somehow, maybe because they can hijack alien bodies or something.
This seems to be the whole population this website has these days. QAnon and hooligans and maybe a few restaurants that still update their menus there.

No. 1408351

It’s still big in other parts of the world afaik. They also own WhatsApp which is used more than normal phone service in places like Mexico.

No. 1408352

Are you American or western European nonny? Where I live young people still use Facebok, it's almost impossible to find any events and talk to people without it (which sucks bc I hate it). Hobby groups and shitposting groups are also thriving here.

No. 1408353

sugar scrub is terrible for your skin, anon. it actually damages it and makes irritation worse.

No. 1408362

Yes, I'm a germanon. I must admit I was never close to very extroverted people so maybe I just don't see the younger ones if they exist there. Everytime I see an unrelated or harmless video originating from FB and search for the source I land onto another shizo account with reverse german flag, racist conspiracies and putin or anti-vacc photos (they will even claim that victims of a plane crash died from the vaccine and that the crash was faked to cover that up).
Feels like bots actually, but if you scroll you see they are indeed people that talk about private shit too or post videos from their town and all that.

No. 1408364

how the fuck does a strike work guys? so the graduate teaching assistants are going on strike tomorrow & my teacher moved class online to zoom. i'm a grad student, one of my friends just texted me and asked if i was joining the picket lines to strike monday morning.
wtf? are we supposed to skip class? i paid tuition for the quarter i can't afford to miss class. i also need to go to work afterwards (not on campus).

i just don't understand how this strike shit works and now i feel peer pressured into attending this shit bc my friend texted me about it

No. 1408365

Any vegan foods/recipes to help you gain weight? I lost some weight after going vegan but I don't like how it suits me.

No. 1408371

the fuck? how does it help anyone if you skip your classes that you paid for? don't go, do what you're supposed to do and don't let yourself get roped into this bullshit.

No. 1408372

Most of the non-western world still use fb as the main social media and also marketplace

No. 1408377

I’m confused. What are they striking for?

No. 1408384

I shave standing, don't know why I never thought of sitting. Smooth brain moment

No. 1408388

more pay + added healthcare benefits, i think. honestly i don't really know i've read nothing about it.

i really would not have had a single thought about this whole thing, except my friend texted me so now i feel obligation. she's a real activist type, so i'd probably offend her if i don't go or something. ugh i don't get it. i wish they'd strike for lower tuition or something, then i'd get involved.

No. 1408390

you have to make the choice between what's more important to you: your education or her feelings. i'm sure she won't care too much, just say that you really want to pass this class or that you have something important to ask the professor or some shit kek.

No. 1408410

What do you do when an acquaintance seems like they are in trouble and are very isolated?

Recently I moved to a new part of the country, and someone I went to high school with 10 years ago contacted me about visiting. We have only met once in the last decade but I was like, sure why not, and I wanted to go to the area anyways for some shopping.

Anyways when I met up I could tell that it wasn't going to be a fun time. My friend just seem very troubled and isolated. She said she really wished she was in a relationship again.

I ended up trying to tell her in a nice way that the things she was telling me were overwhelming me and it was a lot to take in as someone who didn't know her very well anymore. I feel bad but I have my doubts that I could really help her

No. 1408421

This is such a well thought out response, thank you!! The plan is to make this a restaurant that is very accessible to people who are well versed in hot pot and newcomers alike. I love how communal the style of eating is (with the current state of the US, we could all use more opportunities to connect) and I'm passionate about bringing people together to eat delicious food!

No. 1408495

Did anyone else find Olaplex to be severely overrated on top of overpriced?

No. 1408506

Protein powder, especially soy protein (whey protein is better if you wanna build muscle too but soy protein tends to have more calories)
Peanut butter, avocados, bananas, nuts (especially almonds walnuts or cashews) as snacks
Chia seeds and hemp hearts can be added to a shake or oatmeal
Rice, pasta, and other high carb foods contain a high portion to calorie ratio
Cooking with margarine and olive oil can add calories and healthy fats to a meal (most margarine is vegetarian, but there are many fully vegan brands
If all else fails, just try overeating Oreos and bread

No. 1408509

Never even heard of it

No. 1408512

File: 1668391523907.gif (2.34 MB, 480x480, 65E7E7A5-E660-423E-A9CB-EB5145…)

Damn why's this thread have so many replies today?

No. 1408527

Was there ever proof that Chris Chan escaped jail? I'm guessing no but that would be hilarious

No. 1408529

It was just a meme

No. 1408530

Can anybody tell me what kind of mental illness is making me incapable of ever starting/doing/finishing/focusing on anything during daytime but suddenly allowing me to function like a normal human past 3am?
It doesn't matter how much I re-arrange my sleeping schedule so no idea what it is. The silence alone cannot be it either, I am alone and my city is quiet. It also doesn't work around 11 PM, only after 2-3am like now. The whole day I have wasted trying to draw a thing but even if I should manage to do something something in my brain urges me to stop and do/think something else after a minute or so like some primal urge or sudden demon possession.

And now suddenly I can focus. My brain is calm and I can do things.
The only explanation I have is that my brain might be tired and is therefore slowing down so it lacks the capability of forcing me to think or do multiple things. Everybody tells me I should go to bed earlier but I literally can or else I will never get anything done not even the things that would make me lose money, can only fill out papers at night as well.

No. 1408536

Did you grow up in a shitty stressful environment?

No. 1408540

what is wrong with my body that i dont look good in low rise stuff?
im taller and thinner than the average woman so it's not something like that
im scared of asking for kibe type stuff bcuz of the creepy shit that happened before…

No. 1408542

No, I was almost always alone as kid since parents worked all day.

No. 1408551

is your torso long?

No. 1408564

Maybe the inseam isn't proportionate to your height?

No. 1408596

File: 1668397533237.jpg (20.33 KB, 390x280, young-blonde-womans-neck-on-26…)

can men have venus rings on their neck or is that a female only thing? I dont mean neck wrinkles but the genetic skin indents you can get on your neck from birth, like dimples, pic related. its been driving me nuts, I can find that men can have venus dimples but theres no mention or images of venus rings in males so idk?

No. 1408599

Yes, i find aphogee provides the same results at a lower price point and it only requires me to use one set of products once a month instead of a whole system. I still like olaplex though, for some ungodly reason everytime sephora has a sale i will pick up a set because i am a tool.

No. 1408605

I have used adhd medication in the past whilst having no diagnosis and tbh i need it strictly for school. It does work, but you still need to push yourself to do your school work. I just found that i spent less time procrastinating which for me would be day dreaming whilst doing my work. I'd advice you to first focus on forcing yourself to start tasks, for example when I do tasks my main focus is to get them done, fuck a schedule, focus on the due date and only the due date. I find that just doing work at whim works for me all the time tbh, although i will get on adderall until i finish my course because I think it's useful when you have particularly difficult work. Hope me speaking about my experience kind of helped.

No. 1408615

What is it with guys seeing a woman's crotch even if it's fully clothed or wearing underwear and getting extremely horny? Do lesbians and same sex attracted women react the same way?

No. 1408622

>same sex attracted women react the same way?
I guess it depends on the context/setting and what the underwear looks like, but idk. What's not to like about someone in underwear? Even women find men in underwear sexy.

No. 1408629

why are moids and scroutes obsessed with virginity?

No. 1408630

sounds like depression and anxiety

No. 1408637

How do I set better personal boundaries? How do I stop being a “weirdo magnet”? (No better way to describe it). No matter which friend group I am in there is always that one weird, probably autistic person who tries to befriend me just because I’m kind and (pretend to) listen to them. At first it’s fine, but then they start texting/calling me every. single. day. and it becomes exhausting. Besides, I’m not actually interested in them and their interests, I’m just too much of a pussy to be more straightforward with everyone. So in the end it’s a shitty friendship on both sides. I want to break this cycle.

No. 1408638

You could tell them that you're not always available and won't answer their text right away. Also be more selective about who you give your phone number to. Or just change phone numbers.

No. 1408648

Be direct but not mean or just don’t respond if they’re some distant acquaint. I have a hard time understanding why people talk to me (do they want to be friends? is it just small talk?) so I usually just ask people about their intent and go from there. If you suspect some of these people are literally autistic do NOT try beating around the bush as they won’t get it.

If they exist online only who fucking cares just block them lmao

No. 1408649

Because they see women as objects that can be used up and stained. In the moid point of view, taking a woman's virginity is essentially having control over her sexuality and owning her body. I also find it funny because in a way this line of thinking is a self-own because they admit to being being the dirty vile creatures that they constantly deny being.

No. 1408652

they wanna be the first because they know men are filthy and the idea she had sex with someone who isnt him (as if he is somehow more pure kek) makes the woman now contaminated. im sure theres moids who want to see the woman bleed/be in pain by their doing too. since moids are pedos the idea of purity=unexperienced gets them off too.
this is the point where i block someones number and on my own terms decide when to look at the blocked messages and respond if at all. only really matters if they go to your work, school, or shared housing.

No. 1408657

Anons, how do you say "neuron"?

No. 1408661

ner-on. Like I’m saying “nerd” without the D followed by “on”. Why?

No. 1408665

Nehr-ron. Nehr like Nerf and Ron Like Ron Weasley

No. 1408666

new ron

No. 1408676

thanks for validating my suspicions, i didn’t plan on using sugar scrub down there at all thankfully i just thought it was horrible advice to give.

thank you. i don’t want to be totally hair free, i actually like having hair, but lately it’s been too long and i have been hating how it’s feeling and growing around my lips so just want to rid the hair there.

No. 1408679

Ayrt, thanks nonna!

No. 1408681

don’t worry nonna i don’t think it’s smoothbrained to shave standing up. i just don’t think i could personally do it or that it should be advised that everyone shaving there must do it because whoever wrote the article thought it was objectively the best method throughout the board. maybe it isn’t as common but if it works for you that’s totally okay.

No. 1408683

Idk men's dick bulges just look weird or comical to me. Maybe I'm just not a very sexual person.

No. 1408688

Is it just normal as an American to not know what your blood type is if you've never given blood? I've never been told it and it's not in my medical charts anywhere that I can see. I feel like this would be useful knowledge if I'm in some kind of emergency?

No. 1408692

aaannndd this is why i donated blood as a teen just to find out. they send you a card with your blood type and if it was useful.

No. 1408720

Are there any adverse effects of using gel based eyedrops?

I tried it once and it was sooo much better than the regular saline ones but when I tried to purchase one for the second time, the pharmacist told me that gel eyedrops are primarily for elderly people and she recommended me to to use saline ones. My eyes are super dry because I forget to blink when I'm in front of the computer and I feel like saline eyedrops are not enough, I'd neet to use them every 15 mins or something for my eyes not to feel dry. With gel ones, it was enough to use them hourly

No. 1408736

this feels weird to ask but is there any explanation as to why whenever i need to go to the toilet, it usually happens to be at a time that someone else in the house is going? yes, usually. i even woke up in the middle of the night needing to go once and someone else was already there! it’s fucking ridiculous at this point. there’s only one toilet and it’s driving me up the fucking wall.

No. 1408739

Celery good in teriyak?

No. 1408750

I doubt it because my ophthalmologist specifically recommended them to me. I usually use Systane Ultra or Thera Tears. Unless you were buying a brand specifically marketed towards the elderly (idk if this even exists), it’s possible the pharmacist was just trying to help you save money by recommending a cheaper product. My eyes are super dry due to medication side effects and I use lubricating eye drops like twice per day and cheap saline drops throughout the day.

No. 1408766

Make sure to use the preservative free Hydrating eyedrops and not for red eye symptoms if you're just looking to hydrate your eyes.

No. 1408782

my ophthalmologist also recommended me a gel based one. as the anon above me said, just make sure they are preservative free and you will be fine

No. 1408804

File: 1668416262835.jpg (25.85 KB, 410x308, 5921b088e7de5.image.jpg)

Has anyone of you ever won something?

No. 1408813

File: 1668417590777.jpg (299.1 KB, 588x900, anders-zorn-reading-la-lecture…)

Can anyone recommend me artists who sketched/drew similarly to Anders Zorn? In that, they had a 'painterly' way of drawing and they prioritized mass over contour lines

No. 1408819

File: 1668418068797.png (270.55 KB, 576x432, sick of everything.png)

when i was 14 i won a chorizo/sausage at a bingo game, everyone was making sexual jokes about it and when i found out i had the numbers i was pretending it wasnt me but my grandma realized and forced me to pick up the prize

No. 1408822

Fuck off but it turned out delicious

No. 1408829

Kek I'm sorry anon

No. 1408832

the only thing i won was a mermaid drawing contest when i was 8 and i drew a comic a about a mermaid

No. 1408845

File: 1668420792647.png (12.94 KB, 284x284, 1645284839148.png)

Is there an app or some way i can talk to Americans, get to know each other, maybe date/marry?
>inb4 its dangerous
i am going to kill myself anyways, if i die murdered by a scrote outside of LatAM it will honestly be an upgrade

No. 1408850

That's really cute anon

No. 1408852

What to do when you see someone that is very attractive to you for example on a bus, coffee shop or library? Right now I'm mortified and pretend I don't see them which I always feel disappointed about afterwards. Do I look and try to meet eyes? And smile when I do? What if they aren't looking, do I repeatedly look to see if they're looking at me? What if they are looking and I just didn't catch it. But what if they aren't into me, wouldn't that be bothersome to them and make me look desperate. Looking at them and smiling takes a lot of confidence too, especially since I'm from country where people don't smile at strangers during daily life (but whey do when they flirt for example).

No. 1408863

Do ADHD meds help you focus? What does it feel like taking them?

No. 1408870


No. 1408875

Also what's the difference between making mistakes at your job due to ADHD and just making mistakes due to you hating your job, making it hard to pay attention?

No. 1408884

File: 1668424521188.gif (25.23 KB, 360x360, 1643932209778.gif)

what does this means

No. 1408885

I used to take them, but I stopped because the side effects were awful for me. They really helped me focus. Without them my mind would feel really foggy and scattered. After taking them it would immediately be sooooo easy to get engaged with the things I needed to do. Like, I would immediately find everything interesting and fascinating. It felt like it tapped into the natural curiosity and wonder I have, but am not able to sustain because of my shitty focus. I had to be careful to direct my focus to the things I wanted to do, or else I could spend the next 5 hours organizing silverware or something random that sparked my interest.

Are you scatterbrained in other parts of your life? I've always been stuck in my head, which causes me to make silly mistakes often.

No. 1408888

not these having a name fuck that

No. 1408894

nonas why am i so beautiful?

No. 1408895

if you were beautiful you wouldnt be here, we are all the horse girls here

No. 1408908

Men can have everything bad skin-related and it's usually worse than what women have yet women are the only ones shamed for it

No. 1408917

horse girls are beautiful inside and out

No. 1408963

Russian speaking anon
It means "did you understand me?"
Can shorten to "Ты понял(a)?" "Did you understand?"
It's casual btw more formal would be вы меня понимаете?

No. 1409016

Are magnesium-based deodorants effective at eliminating body odor? Has anyone tried them?

No. 1409044

The effectiveness varies very much per person, but in my case it did a poor job and made me half-stink of a mix of sweat and deodorant. After constant use it burned my pits too, had to go back to regular deodorant.

No. 1409050

Is it common for big lips to make a person look more "heavy" in the face?

No. 1409062

AYRT goddamn. You'd think they'd just tell you when you get your blood tested routinely at check ups?

No. 1409099

Not really and why does someone ask this every fucking day? It’s like everyone and their mother decided they need stimulants during covid shit and it hasn’t let up. They’re not some magic pill that makes life easier and they make a lot of people aggressive and snappy. Even people with ADHD can train their attention span.
A few years ago I won $500 off a cheap scratch-off lotto ticket.

No. 1409102

Is it weird for your mom to treat you like a baby? I don't mean the "you'll always be my little girl" thing that moms say. I mean literally baby talking and babbling nonsense to me as an adult and expecting me to do the same (I don't). I also remember when I was a little kid we would "play baby" where I was supposed to act like I was still an infant/toddler. She would make me a pretend diaper out of a towel and pins and make me drink from a bottle. I didn't think it was weird until I had a friend over and she saw a baby bottle in the fridge and asked why we had it when there wasn't a baby in the house. I didn't understand but I suddenly felt very embarrassed and ashamed.

No. 1409103

if they're not defined, it can. but it's all relative

No. 1409104

i dont know if it is my mommy issues taking over but i wish i had a mom like this

No. 1409105

this is extremely weird and kind of creepy tbh, sorry anon…

No. 1409107

How far does the tongue go in when french kissing?
t. libra viring

No. 1409110

Who is this "Caroline" person? why does she keep being made fun of?

No. 1409111

You really don't anon. my mom is very mentally ill and has attempted a murder suicide with me and my sibling before. We both have mommy issues

No. 1409112

Definitely not normal but from what you wrote I also don’t think it’s necessarily sinister. Maybe your mom wasn’t really sure how to display affection towards you as you got older so stuck with baby shit? If she isn’t emotionally volatile you could try talking to her about it.

No. 1409119

File: 1668455858274.png (625.49 KB, 1024x576, Screenshot_4.png)

Does anyone have food allergies/intolerances that make little sense? I've realized I get a weird, sickly feeling a while after eating corn chips…stuffy, hot nose, slight fever, pressured eyes, strange head feel, etc. The only other idea I have is that maybe it's the rancid vegetable oil that was used in the processing. It's just hard to believe it could have such a reaction even if it isn't healthy.

I have a weirdly similar, much worse reaction to onion and I kept denying it because in spite of how awful I felt for hours afterwards I couldn't understand why a food could fuck with me so much. Dumb, I know.

No. 1409128

File: 1668456644551.jpg (60.32 KB, 750x1000, ey yo jimbo.jpg)

picrel without the t

No. 1409131

jimmy neuron

No. 1409159

Can someone link every picrew game that lets you create a couple I want to put my husbando and I together

No. 1409225

What are some similar names to Veronica and Penelope and Phoebe?

I thought up a name I wanted for my daughter but then forgot it and I know it has a similar vibe to those two names but I can't tell if it was actually Veronica or something similar??

No. 1409294

Has anybody here donated plasma before? I've passed out in the past from donating blood and usually take quite some time to recover from it. However, plasma from my blood type is in very high demand… I know the blood gets cycled back into you throughout the hours long process, so would it be physically less taxing? Or should I just not do it given my history with basic blood donation?

No. 1409322

Donating plasma is less taxing because it replenishes significantly faster than blood, my friend did it a few times with no issues but I don't have any experience myself. Given it's in very high demand for your blood type it would definitely be great if you gave it a shot at least once! Were you prepared for blood donation before, the times you passed out? Things like being well rested, very well hydrated, eating a lot of iron-rich food in the days leading up to donation and so? Maybe if you didnt and you would do so this time, it would be less taxing on your body too

No. 1409376

Does anyone else enjoy the starbucks peppermint mocha? I have tried it for the first time last month and have become obsessed with it recently. It keeps my hands nice and toasty whenever I take a walk outside…I used to order the chai tea latte and that was my go-to year round but now I think I'll be on my peppermint mocha kick for a long time. I just can't get enough.

No. 1409382

I’m AB type I heard that’s dank but I’m chronically anemic, does that make plasma dono a no go?

No. 1409400

File: 1668474579743.jpeg (63.8 KB, 850x680, 1963F48B-F477-4A76-9CDB-314E40…)

When do I stop feeling so mentally tired after work?

No. 1409433

Thanks, this was helpful! I've tried to drink and eat plenty prior to both donations and tests in the past, but typically end up fatigued for a couple days following. I do think I'll give plasma donation a try, though!

No. 1409434

I love it but i don't think i will be ordering this year because i am trying to cut down on the amount of trips i take to starbucks. I also have the starbucks at home hot chocolate and it's so nice. I was getting worried i would never find a good hot chocolate that was rich and not super sweet like most us hot chocolates. It's quite pricey though.

No. 1409441

i love it personally but i also just really like mint flavored stuff in general.

No. 1409455

I bought a pair of shoes on sale directly from the brand's website but the sizing is off. I can't exchange it online for another in the right size, I can only exchange it in store but the only store near me doesn't have the size I need. The sale I originally bought it under is over but a different sale was on, but I ended up paying $10 more under new sale conditions. Do you think I could get away with returning the wrong size shoe under the newer order and saying I got sent the wrong size? I only worry because I bought directly from the brand, not a big box retailer that stocks a variety where misshaps are more likely to happen.

No. 1409462

update nobody asked for: HE'S OLD, FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! I saw him today and this time since it seems he hasn't gotten a trim I swear I saw full on white. But there's no way, maybe I imagined it again? I'm thinking he's at most early 30s which is not that bad right? I'm early 20s. but also since when do people get grey hair in early thirties? oh my gosh I hope I hallucinated. I hate that I couldn't take a closer look. I'll have to ask his age when we're finally able to talk. UGHGHHHHHHHHH

No. 1409463

>I also have the starbucks at home hot chocolate and it's so nice
Oh wow I have to buy a pack soon and try this. I usually buy the Swiss Miss brand at the supermarket and I agree that it's very very sugary…I would love to taste how the starbucks hot chocolate is. Maybe I can hint to someone to sneak it in my Christmas stocking this year lol

Mint flavored anything is simply wonderful! I would love to go to starbucks with you girls, order some hot peppermint mochas and say "cheers"!

No. 1409482

Nta but swiss miss always tastes not chocolate-y enough to me. I use to add like 2 packs. Now I just use chocolate bars.

No. 1409484

File: 1668480420544.png (18.29 KB, 400x600, rumchata.png)

put this shit in your hot chocolate nonnas, trust me

No. 1409488

second ayrt, that would be neat but i’m so socially inept irl kek. you seem like a really nice nonna, i wish you the best day ♥

No. 1409498

File: 1668481875925.gif (60.67 KB, 220x168, 208DA78E-BAA3-4A98-930C-82810C…)

Thank you nonnie!

Idk about picrews , but dolldivine.com/rinmaru-games has a lot of them

Please update again when you can, I'm invested in this saga

No. 1409508

Does anyone actually read the entirety of fast-moving threads (e.g the Shayna thread, the vent thread, the mtf thread, celebricows) or do you just skim through a couple latest posts and leave?

No. 1409511

when i have nothing else to do, i read the entire thread. if it’s too convoluted or i’m busy, i try to skim through the photos and updates and skip anything unimportant or just stop when it’s too much kek. celebricows is where i hang out the most often but the infighting is so annoying.

No. 1409515

for celebricows, yes because sometimes i need to see the full context to understand some events, and to make sure something wasn't already posted. for the others, not really unless i'm bored. in the past i used to read vent threads entirely before they turned into infight central, now i just read them solely for infights lol

No. 1409519

What's the safest/best way to download Youtube videos?

No. 1409524

Am I childish for collecting Dolls and figures?
Should I open my dolls to display them and throw away it’s packaging? I am considering leaving only my original monster high dolls in its packaging but opening the new ones since their boxes take up space but I’m not sure if their hair would get yucky and sticky, what do you suggest?

No. 1409530

File: 1668484285149.jpeg (193.26 KB, 750x563, 64E02BE3-2626-4FE3-ADB6-05FEC5…)

It's not childish. Keep them in their packaging, they could be valuable in the future! If moids are allowed to hoard coomshit, then women should be allowed to collect regular dolls

No. 1409542

I only read them when I'm bored and having nothing to do. For the vent thread, I like to read them as they update so that sometimes I can response to an anon's post. Getting responses to my vent is one of the few things I look forward to in a day lol and I'm sure other anons will appreciate advice or just support so I try to do it

No. 1409570

Sorry for truly retarded question, but if both of my cats are brown, and all the litter kittens are brown, then why is one litter kitten gray? I like to joke that he is the Chosen One, but is there a real reason? Is it just probability? What is the science behind cat colors?

No. 1409648

Don't worry, nona! No judgement here. I wish you the best day as well!

No. 1409650

It takes 10 seconds to googlesearch this.

No. 1409701

What's that Japanese word that's adjacent to guro, but not actually it? It just involves enjoying seeing suffering. It's usually applied to depictions of women but you see it a lot for male fighting game characters getting beat up too.

It's not something I'm into, it's just killing me having the word on thr tip of my tongue.

No. 1409704

Samefag, but remembered right after asking. Ryona.

No. 1409709

I wish I kept my dolls boxed, they get dusty and dingy.
also they're worth more boxed. but I'm not selling them.

No. 1409714

i had a caramel color before and now my hair is a really dark reddish brown. I hate it and how it frames my face. Would they able to change it back at the hair salon? I don't have much experience with hair color stuff

No. 1409738

What caused the color to change? Is this something that happened naturally or did you get it dyed? Changing your hair a couple tones is pretty easy for a hair salon, it might still require some maintenance on your part. It also depends on the type of dye you used. Henna? Box dye with developer? Demi/semi permanent cream like Manic Panic or Overtone or Lime Crime? (If it was a cream dye with no developer, just want and it'll wash out.)

A dye job generally produces more of a flat color than natural hair (especially sunkissed hair, which is hard to replicate), so you might need to find a skilled stylist to bring back the highlights/lowlights your natural hair had if you're worried about that. Dye fades quicker than natural color in the sun, and from shampoo, so the color won't stay exactly as the stylist made it for very long (couple weeks? a month or two? can depend on how processed your hair is).

There are other things to consider like the level of damage you want to subject your hair to with developers/dyes etc.

No. 1409772

What are some ways to socialize if you don’t have many friends?

No. 1409782

have you tried talking to yourself nonnie

No. 1409784

No. 1409788

File: 1668506140340.jpg (49.08 KB, 448x324, bear shy.jpg)

how many games do you finish yearly? i finish one game every two weeks or so + the ones i play online…please tell me i am not the only one

No. 1409791

I just happen to be replying first but I don't play any games at all

No. 1409792

my hair went white at 26, as did my brother's. some is genetic, I have chronic anxiety and apparently it doesn't help haha.
might just be a young silver fox? keep us updated (and stay safe, never trust a moid)

No. 1409801

File: 1668506718028.png (502.83 KB, 892x1080, Postal_Dude_4.png)

god i wish i was an stacy like you nonna, sadly the becky life choose me

No. 1409807

When I get admitted to a mental health facility then you will be happy

No. 1409821

Start new each year? Maybe 1-3 these days. Finish? Hahaha

No. 1409930

What's a sure way to remove humidity smell from clothes? The jacket I use for work still smells even after several wash (unlike other clothes from the same cycles), I hope I haven't ruined it.

No. 1409952

Vivian, Valerie?

No. 1409958

Who the fuck keeps on posting this in the STUPID QUESTIONS thread, like leave genius, this thread isn't for you. This thread is for people to ask stupid questions which includes googlable questions. People even be messily asking for relationship advice, but who cares, it a question, fair game.

No. 1409962

Did I dream that lolcow server didn’t exist yesterday or what

No. 1410011

I also had trouble with the lc server a few days ago but I haven't seen anyone mention it

No. 1410019

no, it didn't work for me either, but only some users were having problems.

No. 1410035

I had it too, I posted something and then a second later I couldn't get on. When I finally got back on people had been posting as normal within that same time.

No. 1410039

Soo did admin or a farmhand acknowledge LC being down somewhere? I know /meta/ exists but what's the point of digging there when a farmhand is more likely to redtext a random post in /ot/

No. 1410078

Is anyone here more well versed in Google Meet than I am? I had a meeting with my boss and a couple coworkers and when my boss went into presentation mode I noticed that for him, my camera took up his whole meeting screen, none of my other coworkers seemed visible, or if they were there they were much smaller than I was. It was hard to tell because he switched to his presentation pretty quickly. Could this just have been some sort of glitch when he switched into presentation mode? For me, everyone is always the same size in a grid pattern, I didn't know you could change it around. I wasn't talking or doing anything interesting so I don't know why I would be so big or why nobody else would be visible.

No. 1410088

Alexandra, Ophelia, Bernadette, Victoria?

No. 1410089

Yes Ma'am kek. Baileys also works well with hot chocolate I find

No. 1410138

I love all of these, adding them to the list. Thank you both. When I saw Victoria I felt like "Oh!! was that it?!" so could possibly be.

No. 1410186

Moids are awful, thanks nonnie

No. 1410211

do the "if you're reading this, you are cute, loved, awesome" etc etc type of memes actually make anyone feel better?

No. 1410219

no I always think it's for someone else

No. 1410224

not at all. it's an empty gesture. does a creepy dude on the street saying that make you feel good?

No. 1410232

nope but I see wholesome memes like that shared around alot and think they must work for them to be popular?

No. 1410243

Do women get beer bellies or is that a male only thing?

No. 1410250

Yes. It's alcohol and beer is the one that will make you fat as fuck. It's just that more men drink beer because they don't know how to eat.

No. 1410256

maybe the people posting feel really good about "making someone's day" or something.

No. 1410260

So is the pot belly thing specifically caused by beer or it just make you normal fat?

No. 1410261

What counts as a question to you?

No. 1410263

I think it's because beer is high in carbs, and high carb foods (bread, pasta) are more likely to cause visceral fat and belly fat, which becomes more pronounced due to bloating

No. 1410266

Oh thank you brilliant nonnie

No. 1410270

are you dumb? did you read what anon is responding? >>1409650

No. 1410271

part of the potbelly thing is medical conditions caused by alcoholism like ascites and cirrhosis of the liver.

No. 1410274

what is the logical reason self harm (any form) is bad i never understood that. Why is it only ever regarded as an "unhealthy" coping mechanism if it relaxes a bitch i don't see it as that bad. or is my frame of reference just so out there

No. 1410276

Tf is this crazy scrote saying?

No. 1410279

because you’re literally physically harming yourself lol what is difficult to understand about that. how is hitting/cutting/burning oneself a healthy way of processing emotion?

No. 1410280

People who're mentally healthy don't hurt themselves on purpose anon, it goes against our survival instinct. If someone's self harming that's an indicator there's something wrong with their mental health. (Never mind the fact that it leaves behind scars)

>if it relaxes a bitch
even if that were true, that's not enough when it brings more harm than good.

No. 1410281

Normally unhealthy coping mechanisms temporarily relieve pain but ultimately perpetuate it in the long term.

No. 1410283

Self harm is an addiction. You’re providing good brain chemicals when you hurt deep enough. Just like any addiction and self medicating you need more over time and the self harm gets progressively worse. As you need more pain and more good brain chemicals to compensate. Self harm is broad but can start as scratching, too hot showers, refusing to eat, hitting, biting, all the way to cutting and burning etc.
It can also show a clear lack of self preservation and an apathy to your health and well being. Cuts and burns can get infected and cause health risks, etc.

No. 1410287

>inb4 you defend this shit with "it's not hurting anyone so it's fine!"

No. 1410298

try baking soda

No. 1410401

How do people make friends in their 20s outside of work or studying? Drugs?

No. 1410406

Hobbies, shared interest. Just approach people you think look cool. I always break the ice with a compliment and that can lead to a conversation if we both get a good vibe from each other.

No. 1410411

love this accent

No. 1410428

File: 1668545936774.jpg (46.98 KB, 800x360, elp.jpg)

Nonitas i am overthinking if buying some small pretty set (like picrel) would be a good gift for a woman in 50s that literally has…everything.
I thought of just getting a small gift set in aesthetic like picrel (or a picrel) for her because it looks elegant and nice, but i have no idea how women really feel about pretty shower or candle sets. I personally don't like it when people gift me something like that but that's just me.

No. 1410432

well, i have literally everything and i'd like it. (i have high income and buy myself whatever i want so i'm impossible to get reap gifts for) i like these kinds of things personally. cute clutter, or stuff for the guest bathroom. does she seem like she likes this type of thing?

No. 1410436

All I know is that she likes things that look elegant and is obsessed with candles, I remember i got her a nice candle holder last Christmas. Dunno about the soap, making me wish it was just a candle+candle set. I could also get similar looking hand cream for that too, i guess.

No. 1410441

like i said, if i didn't like it particularly like it for myself, i'd put it in the guest bathroom. if she likes this kind of elegant style she'd like it in her house either way.

No. 1410447

I think it's nice. If she really likes candles maybe you could get her a fancy handmade candle if you want it to be more unique? But I think a set like this is fine.

No. 1410451

This is cute. It's a little generic as there doesn't seem like there's anything special about the candle or soap. It just has that sort of pretty vintage packaging.

You could try getting these natural candles from Etsy. I love them because I don't have to breathe in lead like all manufactured candles have and they smell AMAZING. Even years later unburned, I can still smell them and they smell 100% natural and authentic to what scent you choose. Plus they just look pretty with the flowers and herbs in them. Here's the link:

No. 1410559

Can someone explain Cuba’s plantation pre-Castro? What were they for, who worked there etc

No. 1410617

Have a hobby and join a community for it… The gist is just to be a regular somewhere with peoole who share your interests as a jumping off point.

And be patient. Most people aren't automatically be interesting while at the same time most people do have something interesting to offer with time and familiarity.

No. 1410619

I'm predominantly a JRPG player, about one per month if I keep myself to a schedule, could take longer if not, since those games are 60+ hour commitments and I work full time.

No. 1410623

Why do I always end up high for a day and a half even if I cut the recommended dose of edible for an edible down to a fraction of what it should be? I either don't get high, or I'm high for way too long. No in between.

Really inconvenient since it's the best thing to put me to sleep, but I can't use edibles if I have work the following day and end up losing my weekend to how high I am.

No. 1410628

Someone added me while I was online so I accepted the request, messaged asking who it was and then all of a sudden I was unfriended and blocked. Who could it have been?

No. 1410629

Probably an accident and they blocked you out of embarrassment/not wanting to explain themselves.

No. 1410707

Where can I find some nice thermal tights/stockings in the US for this upcoming winter? I've been buying them off of Amazon, but surely there are better ones?

No. 1410747

i second this. once i received a notification that someone accepted my friend request but it was a person i didn’t know at all and wouldn’t have knowingly added, plus i hadn’t sent a friend request to anyone for literal years. seemed to run in my ex’s circles though i would have never added his friends. blocked the guy and changed my password in case i was somehow hacked. still don’t know what actually happened but i haven’t added any scrotes since.

No. 1410754


No. 1410769

Has anybody ever actually witnessed a polyamorous relationship IRL where the relationships were healthy and the participants were actually hot? The only polys I ever see are a) comprised of troons who are ugly even for troons or b) hetero and poly as one participants vector of abuse towards their partner

No. 1410775

No. Closest you get to “attractive” and “functional” is like polycules between seasoned sex workers who have irreparable emotional damage and lifelong intimacy issues and they just managed to settle in a convenient agreement.

No. 1410783

File: 1668570211790.png (681.64 KB, 724x720, lol.png)

YES I just bought a few pieces of uniqlo heattech and they are getting me through -20c mornings standing at the bus stop. I love them. I also have snagtights merino wool tights and they are super warm and comfortable.

No. 1410822

File: 1668573716208.png (382.86 KB, 960x599, 1668573519426.png)

What does the yellow triangle and purple circle represent? I seen this ugly flag pop up in my country while it was pride month and on the door of shitty political party? Made me wanna commit my first crime by taking it down to cutting it up and sew it so only the true rainbow part showed.

No. 1410826

Intersex flag

No. 1410828


No. 1410850

Off topic but the picture looks so cosy.

No. 1410887

At the risk of summoning romanianon, how are romanian men? I've started seeing one and he claims that men in romania are raised to respect women. Is that true?

No. 1410893

Based on romanianon, no.

No. 1410929

how does using a sperm donor actually work because i saw this humans of new york post about some guy donating his sperm and saying that some people will take it to do ivf? couldn’t he just come in a cup and then that person tip it into their vagina ? why would you need to do ivf. i’m confused

No. 1410932

Women who do IFV usually have fertility issues vs someone who just needs a donor

No. 1410938

I've only known one Romanian, hands down the worst man I've EVER met

No. 1410944

Thank you, nonnies! I never shipped at uniqlo before despite hearing so much about it. Will check it out later.

No. 1410952

Also the sperm is expensive to store on top of the payment for the scrote. Just putting it in doesn't have more or less guaranteed success like IVF does

No. 1410955

No clue about Romanian men but in my experience men that say stuff like "I was raised to respect women" usually don't.

No. 1410960

I'm not in romania but theres a small romanian population where I live and even though they're only a small percentage of the population.. a good chunk of nmurders in the news here turn out to be romanian men killing their partners

No. 1410968

since the topic of ifv came up i have an ignorant question: how common it is for doctors to put the blame on the 'woman's fertility issues' when it's actually the sperm that is dead? does that happen at all? from what i've heard there is an epidemic of retarded sperm and when it started ifv clinics became more common, yet whenever i read online about fertility treatments it's always the woman who has issues. even taylor r denied her husband having any problems when he looks like a squeezed rotten lemon.

No. 1410970

File: 1668593890339.gif (1.72 MB, 325x232, 1668141817253.gif)

how do i find more horny gifs like this?

No. 1410972

what are some short games that would be fun to stream? stuff like lemmings

No. 1410976

Gay porn blogs on tumblr. Or what is left of them.

No. 1410977

Honestly, fag forums. If you google nudes or bulge shots of athletes or celebs they'll nearly always pop up in the first results and they're filled with shit like this.

No. 1410978

i feel like gay gifs are just porn or super gross, i want gifs of hot men without being moidish if that makes sense

No. 1410980

They have alot of stuff thats just on par with what you posted tho.

No. 1410983

Honey all male-focused porn is made for gay men. I bet my ass this gif was made by a gay man, for gay men. This specific subset of 'horny gifs' as you say, is massive among faggots. Junior wrestling. It's going to be so easy to find more if you just stop being squeamish.

No. 1410985

It’s still moidgaze shit

No. 1411004

File: 1668596386356.png (450.84 KB, 500x519, 65075934-B7EE-419D-A204-6B5C45…)

How do I make my window 100% light proof but still have the ability to open it during the day? I want to sleep in pitch black darkness but having a dark room with no view outside during the day makes me depressed.

I cannot fall asleep is stay asleep if there’s even a minuscule amount of light in the room, even the slight bleed through of the street lamps past my blackout curtains keep me up.
I used to foil my windows but even that wasn’t enough. Surprisingly aluminum foil isn’t 100% light proof.

Right now I have custom sewed blackout panels with velcro attached to the walls and it’s not doing a good enough job. The panel itself is lightproof but the small amount of bleed through through the velcroed edges is unacceptable. I swear I’m going insane, I have such bad insomnia. I’m at my limit.

No. 1411013

Combine the blackouts with a tight sleeping mask

No. 1411017

File: 1668597637699.gif (8.09 MB, 270x481, Tumblr_l_1088053256695414.gif)

I always wonder where nonnas find these gifs. Maybe from horny twitter circles?

plants vs zombies

sorry nonna, where's your pic from?

No. 1411018

Eye masks suck they never completely cover the gap caused by my nose and I wake up just as much having to adjust them.

No. 1411019

It’s Jasper from DQ11

No. 1411022

thank you

No. 1411023

I have the same issue with light as you. I use dual layers of aluminum foil taped to the window and foil taped over the tape again. That's pretty light proof, but it's not exactly easy to remove. I don't know how you're ever going to get rid of bleeding borders with a removable option though.

No. 1411026

I used to need darkness to sleep until I started taking naps during the day and it cured me of it almost completely in the span of like 2 weeks. Honestly best thing you can do is to train your brain to sleep without complete darkness. One way is to fuck up your sleep on purpose one night so you're tired enough to fall asleep during the day in a bright room. Once you get passed that step it's easier for your brain to understand that it can sleep any time, not just when there's a lack off visual input.

No. 1411030

I think I found a solution and yes I will drop a few hundo because this issue has been plaguing me my entire life
This doesn’t work for me because I also take naps in the living room during the day and I can never stay asleep because of the lights. It’s not like I can’t sleep at all if there’s some light, it’s more like my brain wakes me up every hour or so to fidget away from it. My ancestors slept in dark caves with no light pollution I’m not gonna just give in. I can’t even if I wanted to.
It’s not a mental thing, it’s a legitimate issue and I can’t just train my brain to stop. After a lifetime of sleep deprivation you’d think something would change but if it hasn’t happened it’s never going to happen.

Trust me nonnie, I literally can’t sleep if there’s even a pinhole sized light from a small electronic device. I literally have used multiple coats of black paint to cover tiny lights if I couldn’t take them apart and remove the connection myself.

No. 1411039

File: 1668600259830.jpg (130.8 KB, 1000x1429, 970A1931_1000x.jpg)

Maybe you could try a wraparound style sleeping mask like picrel?

No. 1411049

It does not work !!!! I would have to spray paint a water-tight snorkeling mask black in order to not see any light.

No. 1411070

Anon it's definitely a psychological thing and probably a symptom of something else, like anxiety. Hope you find a solution, though.

No. 1411079

Why does my bathrooms electrical socket button always pop out and stop working until I press reset? I only have my toothbrush charging in there.

No. 1411083

File: 1668606044578.jpeg (152.89 KB, 828x1559, E6D0B4C7-34D3-4674-A157-69EB21…)

Nonnies I’m thinking about ehat i want for xmas. I want something a bit more luxurious for me. Either jewelry or a bag. I just can’t decide. I like obviously Chanel and Dior but that’s too pricey. I like also Ted Baker but not the extreme cutesy stuff. Maybe a Vivienne Westwood necklace or bag? I had a necklace once but sold it because it wasn’t my style anymore. Idk if it’s too weeby though? I prefer more korean style of fashion. Is there maybe a similarly famous brand?

No. 1411092

It's not, I have the same issue as her. Some people are just very sensitive to light.

No. 1411096

Why are our sleep schedules so delicate? You think we would be more adaptable when it comes to that.

No. 1411130

Does anyone take probiotics after being on antibiotics? I'm on antibiotics (for my vagina) and I'm not sure if it would actually make a big difference to take probiotics after I've finished the medicine. I'm actually wondering if it could be harmful.

No. 1411132

>Templar cross above Saturn
Is Vivienne Westwood a pedophile or what?

No. 1411134

Can't find anything on templar cross + saturn symbolism, where are you taking it from?

No. 1411138

how do i make webms? i wanna make some of my husbando

No. 1411141

Yes anon that’s why i wanna get it

No. 1411149

You should take probiotics after being on antibiotics, at least here it's adviced by doctors. Antibiotics destroy your gut bacteria and you should take lot of probiotics to help rebuild it after the shock of antibiotics prescription.

No. 1411180

where do you live? probiotics will fuck up your gut irreparably.

No. 1411185

don't they cancel each other out and become simply biotics?

No. 1411188

Don't be silly anon, it's not about taking them all the time but just for a bit after antibiotics. Of course taking them for no reason when there were no antibiotics used is dumb and can damage you but this is no the case

No. 1411190

why was lindsay ellis cancelled gain? i still have no idea what happened

No. 1411197

Thanks for confirming my suspicions, kek. Love you nonnas

No. 1411198

everyone's gut biome is different and probiotics are all a "one size fits all" kind of thing. so for most people who take them, they introduce too much of one bacteria that just ruins your gut flora even more. it's not being silly.

No. 1411216

File: 1668618746864.jpg (163.4 KB, 1023x1327, orb.jpg)

It's a coronation orb with Saturn ring. Nothing deep, just quirky space princess aestetics.

No. 1411220

why would you want vw if you don't particularly care about the brand? it's overpriced costume jewelry, most of it's not even plate.

No. 1411237

She was temp canceled a few years ago because she made a date rape skit for channel awesome, but I also want to know the real reason people hate her. I stopped watching her because she's a pick me

No. 1411238

Which lolcow theme is the one that looks like pastel oil spilling. Please nonnas.

No. 1411242

File: 1668620213128.png (286.67 KB, 651x607, CE279235-D661-4FD6-8461-E72BEE…)

No. 1411247


No. 1411249

Thank you, I’m blind

No. 1411251

Best theme actually

No. 1411254

The female gaze thread is supposed to be for stuff like this I think, but it barely gets new posts.

No. 1411274

what do you think about people who don't use the internet? no social media, no youtube, no netflix, no games, nothing. only email and necessary stuff like banking.

No. 1411280

I'll need some sources on that

No. 1411281

fucking based, i want to be their friends but they are probably 50 yo

No. 1411282

File: 1668622293392.png (644.79 KB, 744x517, biotics.png)

Ooh I've always wanted to be able to use space magic

No. 1411294

Thanks anon. My doctor didn't mention anything about probiotics so maybe it's not actually a concern, but I'll try to eat a lot of probiotic rich stuff instead of taking any pills or anything.

No. 1411333

what’s a good way to learn french? could i actually get far with duolingo?

No. 1411344

duolingo's made to make you addicted to a game, not to learn you a new language. don't do duolingo only to figure out one or two years down the road you've got no fucking idea what native speakers are saying or writing.

No. 1411369

Duolingo is ok just to have a bit of repetition on a daily basis but when it comes to online resources I really recommend Busuu, unfortunately it's paid but it's the only one I saw that actually focuses on teaching a real language people speak (most commonly used idioms, slang words, things like that), while still delivering it in easily digestible lessons format. (I have a french friend, she helped me with choosing a learning resource so I trust her judgement here)
Also, it's good to watch youtube videos to listen to french people speak naturally - I like Easy French for their videos where they talk to people in the street but theres a lot out there; and Duolingo has a podcast that comes with transcriptions and vocabulary so that's nice too.

No. 1411394

I like to search up drama or terf YouTube channels in the language I’m interested in, also vtubers or LPs. That way it isn’t as boring to learn. Also switch netflix dub to French.

No. 1411397

>not boring

No. 1411400

God i wish that were me

No. 1411422

i’ll check busuu out! merci nonette!

No. 1411449

It’s less boring to listen to a women playing a videogame to me than to someone asking random French people what they think of the weather like in easyfrech or similar language YouTube channels.

No. 1411489

What can I do for pain due to ehlers-danlos? The doctor gave me medicine for arthritis but taking it feels like a million stabs into my stomach, my weight dropped to 89 and I feel so weak but the doctors do not know what to give me or what I should do. My shoulder and wrist constantly dislocates, I can’t walk much anymore and I can’t draw how I use to anymore, what’s some things that I can do to get myself back to normal? It wasn’t this bad until I hit my 20s.

No. 1411533

Why does that one AI image description bot on huggingface.co always give me an error on every single photo I upload? It doesn't instantly give an error, it looks like it's trying to run normally at first but the end output is always error. Can the site IP shadowban?

No. 1411545

No. 1411547

>It’s not a mental thing
It is though. Doesn't make it any less serious but it literally is coming from your brain.

No. 1411582

Do men actually bond emotionally with the women they have sex with or do they completely compartmentalize sex away from feelings

No. 1411611

I've spent enough time lurking male forums to know that men's feelings for you basically don't extend past a form of ownership. If you dump him and it hurts him it's not because he'll miss you as a human but because HIS woman is gonna go fuck someone else and he misses what you did for him.

Men who are deeply in love can easily have sex with someone else anyway so I truly don't think it bonds them at all. If anything they put in less effort and think less of you after you fuck.

No. 1411617

Can boobs grow AFTER getting OFF birth control?

No. 1411622

Most men have the emotional intelligence of a brick, so no. But in my experience, men with high emotional intelligence and empathy bond during sex and tend to view sex only in a romantic context.

No. 1411627

So I’m noticing a pattern. I get extremely itchy after finishing work. Like literally all day I’ll be fine and while on my way back home I’ll start itching like crazy around my chest/boobs/back and it basically doesn’t stop until I fall asleep. Then repeat. What could this be due to? Nothing is stressing me out at home other than the itching. I’d like to just relax but nope. I’m so sick of this

No. 1411628

I think sex can't make men like someone more than they do. This might apply to women too, but not as much as men. (Most people want to like the person they sleep with to some degree but you can't reverse engineer it and think sex is enough to make a deep emotional connection from nothing.)
I have met only one man that couldn't get it up for sex with someone unless he already had fallen in love with them. Even if a woman came onto him it would, like, not occur to him to try to sleep with her just because he could. But he was a weird outlier I think.

No. 1411629

your bra material or laundry detergent is bothering you

No. 1411630

Males don’t actually produce a considerable amount of oxytocin (love hormone) when they fool around with their wursties. This can also be applied to everything else, they reap much less satisfaction from life than actual people (women) do because their Live Laugh Love button doesn’t function as it should. High “emotional IQ’s” in males just means he’s better equipped for manipulating your feelings. There is no breed of scrote that can even come close to being fully human, don’t fall for the fee-fee trap.

No. 1411632

Boob size fluctuates with hormones so yeah, in a way. That happens all the time. Once regular menstrual cycle returns bust size will change with it.

No. 1411654

but why only after work? Good thing it’s done I guess, will get a different one

No. 1411661

probably the irritation builds up through the day. it could also be too tight, whenever I take off a too-tight pair of socks I haven't adjusted after a long day it itches like hell, maybe cause by the blood flow coming back closer to the surface or something, dunno

No. 1411683

File: 1668648179825.jpg (94.79 KB, 773x768, 61Zma8aBcaS._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

For those who have keychains of their favorite anime or character, do you use it? I'm afraid of it getting damaged or lost but it would be a waste not to use it.

No. 1411696

what show or movie is the thread pic of the brazil thread from? i knew someone with a profile pic of the girl in it but i’m too afraid to ask her lol. i’m just curious

No. 1411697

michiko and hatchin

No. 1411699

I display mine on a grid thing I have hanging above my pc because I refuse to damage them kek

No. 1411701

just use it. you may feel like you'll love a show or character forever, but it wanes as new interests come in, so enjoy it before the interest fades and it's just a perfectly preserved piece of acrylic for a show you don't watch anymore

No. 1411714

I had one on a pencil case I only used at home and it snapped in half. I hang them on my pegboard now

No. 1411719

what's a polite way to tell someone "i love you, but you spam me with instagram reels and tiktoks all day long and it's fucking annoying, please stop"?

No. 1411723

I have one and I don't use it, but I made it myself with modeling clay. If you bought one and you don't use it then that's consoomerism

No. 1411728

File: 1668654632793.jpg (392.74 KB, 1440x1800, 269815895_240743111504546_8424…)

There is a difference with having one key-chain vs picrel. Not everyone can have your artistic talent

No. 1411750

Is there a word for a male gold digger? There should be. Lots of them have been on my ass recently. Salesmen, bartenders when I'm not sitting at the bar, waitors who are not mine, randoms with their girlfriends, etc.

No. 1411751

That's not what consoomerism is. Buying one item that ends up going unused is not being a consoomer.

No. 1411788

Probs a triangulation between how hot you are, how hot you make him feel, and how accessible sex is in general, they are egotistical little leeches

No. 1411792

who cares if it gets damaged? it's just a keychain, not an investment that needs to remain in pristine condition.

No. 1411795

Can someone show me something to remind me why I hate (3d) men and why the best option is to stay away from them

No. 1411796

They don't feel anything. I unfortunately found this out myself when I was younger and naive. He ghosted me as I was starting to bond more with him. It's evil.

No. 1411829

Depends on weight and hormones. My boobs went from A cups to large B's on birth control then shrunk back down to A's when I went off it. If I gain weight or during certain times of the month they get a bit bigger, but never back to the B's they were when I was on the pill but I was a neurotic mess with an insatiable hunger on the pill so I don't miss it, miss the titty growth though but it's not worth it

No. 1411851

I made one of my game handles be in cyrillic because I was feeling sentimental about my language but now I wonder, do people have prejudice about that kind of thing? Will they hate me more now?

No. 1411856

Why do international First Ladies cling to their world leading husbands by the arm when either in public or getting off the plane? Like bitch, you own that country too, walk that runway and fuck that nigga, you don’t need him

No. 1411863

Lesbians who’ve had straight sex: how was it and did you think something was off?

No. 1411867

My ex was like this, he'd never had successful PIV sex before me despite multiple attempts, because he'd never been as close to a woman before as he was to me (and it took us three tries, he needed a lot of patience and reassurance). He still cheated on me by sexting random women on snapchat, though. Even when they bond with you sexually, they will still find a way to get sexual validation from other women.

No. 1411869

Someone probably have asked this before but wtf is up with troons obsession of Fallout New Vegas???

No. 1411872

same, what the fuck?. I assume its because its the most zoomie/retard friendly fallout game. I am so tired of troons ruining everything i love.

No. 1411907

It’s what they played and have nostalgia for as teen boys so they still like it now. It’s a troon thing because it was a big thing among many moids. Those failsons just trooned out.

No. 1411920

If you have proof her being a terrible person such as through screenshots you could email them to the company and ask why they hire people like her and it makes you not want to be their customer/work with them etc. Don't lie, just use her own words and actions against her. (Bonus if you could find something where she complains about her job/boss/colleagues kek) At the very least even if they can't fire her right away management will start to see her as a problematic employee so she'll be the first to go if and when they have to get rid of someone

No. 1411932

Am I undercooking fresh pasta?
I always cook it until it's kind of like al dente except it's a bit too similar to the soft texture it is uncooked. However I'm also hesitant to cook it longer because I worry it'll just make it softer.

No. 1411961

So before I went to sleep last night I took a pill. I can still feel it despite having drank some water throughout the night because I’d wake up. Help. When will it go down? Drinking water is slow I’m scared of swallowing anything else. What can I do?

No. 1411973

unrelated but that slug pic is so cute. i love sea slugs sm

No. 1411979

Oh yeah that makes sense, I thought there was a secret tranny plotline I'm not aware off kek.

No. 1411984

anybody else allregic to dry air? i can only funciton in spring and early autumn. Summer air is dry as fuck, winter air is dry as fuck.. how the fuck did i deserve this stupid illness?!

No. 1412062

what are some movies with unhinged female characters whose motivation isnt being abused by men? the only one i can think of is ginger snaps.

No. 1412068

File: 1668695673373.png (368.06 KB, 370x549, may.png)

No. 1412115

Saint Maud

No. 1412126

Would you consider not being able to do shit unless I think about doing it for my husbando as bad as being reliant on a moid? I have zero desire for relationships with IRL men and am actually high-functioning IRL.

No. 1412130

Do you want horror movies where it’s unhinged women killing people and men to save their child or are you looking for thrillers with women as the protagonist?

No. 1412132

Are you on the spectrum? If so it sounds like you’ve invited a way to use a special interest like your husbando to cope and get through difficult or stressful situations which I if it works for you, why not? It’s not a real moid.

No. 1412133

nta but could you rec me some films in the former category

No. 1412146

One of my favorite horror(esque?) movies I've seen lately, Morfydd Clark is extremely convincing as this kind of a lunatic

No. 1412161

It isn't half as bad as being dependent on an IRL moid. IRL moids that you depend on can hold your bank account hostage/have a lot of power to abuse you. Husbandos can't do that. IRL moids are dangerous, that's why they're so bad…

No. 1412162

File: 1668703261826.png (63.67 KB, 229x275, 1659891099048.png)

Has anyone here suffered from a lot of tension and pain around their mouth, lips and the nasolabial area? Any advice on helping it? I do have a crooked jaw and a few bite issues but I can't really afford to get them fixed. And I don't always have tension around my mouth but it's been so bad for the past two weeks and I'm not really sure how to soothe it.
It is such a weird feeling and I worry it's contributing to my RBF.

No. 1412165

why do men use being a cat lady as a insult towards women.
Like geez sorry i prefer being around cats then scrotes.

No. 1412182

because a lot of them operate like they're in a hivemind that's entitled towards women, so a woman existing vicariously on her own makes them feel unneeded/unnecessary.

No. 1412186

>>Prevenge (2017)
Uk movie about a pregnant mother who murders at the request of her unborn fetus.
>>there’s also a ginger snaps sequel and prequel
Mother acts like a dog. Not my favorite but it’s definitely something.
>>Raw 2016
French film. Female coming of age with a side of fucked up cannibalism. Features a sister dynamic and a family one.
>>Autopsy of Jane Doe
Dead corpse shows up. Two men have a bad time.
>>The Babadook
Creature feature with a mother and child.
>>The Lure
two mermaid sisters as carnivorous sirens
>>The Bad Seed (1956)
Mommy and child again
>>Carrie (1976)
>>Flesh-Eating Mothers (1988)
Zombie moms eating their kids
>>Dead Alive (1992)
Overbearing mom refuses to let her son go.
>>Mother (2009)
Asian film about a mother who’s son is accused of a crime and she goes to far down the rabbit hole to try to save him
>>Mother’s Day (2010)
Kidnapping psycho women raises three sons who murder and kill for her. She’s very picky about her rules
>>Ma (2019)
Probably shouldn’t go party in that older womens basement the movie
>>Serial Mom (1994)
Hurt her family she’ll kill you
>>Home Sweet Home (aka The Monster, 2005)
She’s living in your walls and she took your fucking kid

If you want more let me know but that’s what I can remember off the top of my head

No. 1412205

Why does she act like a dog? And that title alone sounds so scrotey

No. 1412207

It’s a heavy handed film by a female director that was indie. Her family takes advantage of her and “treats her like a bitch”. So one day she snaps and starts acting like a dog forcing the father to take care of the children and figure out what the fuck to do.
It’s not my favorite tbh.
Oh and I forgot the French film Inside is another one.

No. 1412219

File: 1668706056931.jpeg (69.74 KB, 439x640, 8FE777D4-80F5-4C36-A549-00AD9B…)

Ingrid Goes West
I Care A Lot
Miss Meadows

No. 1412233

like >>1412207 said, its a both heavy handed and pretentious metaphor, in the end she just stays a dog and that's it

No. 1412236

less then half of those films have the plot involving women killing people to save their children ?

No. 1412241

File: 1668706918404.jpeg (137.19 KB, 1080x1962, 619C8DE1-C1C2-4627-99A7-F6CCC7…)

Started dating a guy with bpd on a scale of 1-10 how fucked am I?

No. 1412244

11. It’s kill or be killed

No. 1412246

The original was about ginger snaps. I tried to think of movies with a similar vibe that didn’t feature a moid as the reason for it. That was the original request. Unhinged women. Some of them like serial mom are people killing for their children.
Oh and Grace is one with a unhinged mother who takes care of a zombie baby. A lot of the horror that features mothers also features rape being the cause of the women going crazy. It’s hard to avoid. I did my best sorry

No. 1412247

I love May. She was good in 12 Hour Shift too.

No. 1412248

Which sub type is he? Is he a shut down or a blow up?

No. 1412250

dangerously fucked unless he has had extensive therapy or worked out his issues. legit advise you run the first time he fails to take blame with grace because if he doesn't he's not recovered

No. 1412252

Don’t be cringe, just use him for narc fuel

No. 1412253

nonnie when is lolcow's b-day? I wanna make something for her

No. 1412257

as other nonnies said it depends on therapy and medication but tbh i would just make the gauge for leaving so minuscule that if he even thinks about starting to rock the boat you’re gone

No. 1412399

Non-American anons, do you have any major holidays you're celebrating this month?

No. 1412409

bonfire night was on the fifth, apart from that no

No. 1412444

Do insects and other animals get raped often?

No. 1412454


No. 1412461

Its just a stupid question in the appropriate thread retard

No. 1412465

No, they only have consensual sexual relationships built on a foundation of mutual trust and understanding.

No. 1412467

Dolphins have proven capable of rape. I think that for the broader population of animals it really depends on what you define as rape, though.

No. 1412470

Kek you don't need to get so mad anon

No. 1412475

oaky any other films about unhinged women protecting their children(or what they think are their children) that you can think off ?

No. 1412479

I think I read that bedbug males actually impale the abdomen of the females and very often they die from the trauma. Males of most species are sped I guess.

No. 1412486

I saw this video of a male beetle trap this female beetle who was trying to avoid mating with him. Then he raped her. I really wonder what goes through the minds of these insects when this happens since their way of living is different to ours.

No. 1412487

Is dried sweat feeling incredibly itchy a normal reaction or is this one of the effects of me being allergic to my own sweat?

No. 1412491

>The five (5) pages are inclusive of an annotated bibliography
does that mean i need 5 pages plus the bibliography, or five pages including the bibligoraphy? esl..

No. 1412493

bumble bff

No. 1412515

5 pages including the bibliography, I believe.

No. 1412522

File: 1668720713433.png (1.07 MB, 1346x944, ht.PNG)

Has anyone here bought from Holo Taco? Are they worth it?

No. 1412532

Anonnnns help, I had a wisdom tooth removed 2 days ago and today I feel like a tiny bit of food got stuck in the hole that once was a tooth; tried rinsing it with water but didn't help, is there any other way of maybe getting it out or will i have to see the dentist?

No. 1412542

Leave it be. Your body is protecting the hole and has formed a clot. If you're too rough or your body is sensitive, you getting the clot out might bring about dry socket which is very painful.

No. 1412588

does reading smut fanfic rot the brain as much as watching porn does

No. 1412598

my friend got some of the holo ones and she does enjoy them but she said the price was way too high

No. 1412601

I mean, it depends on how sophisticated the bug’s concept of bodily autonomy is

No. 1412605

It can but in a different way. You can develop extremely weird to very fucked up fetishes that are not otherwise captured on irl porn.

No. 1412607

Yeah they do, smaller gametes (male) are inherently parasitic and rape is an affective strategy for all of them. Mallard ducks are especially infamous for it.

No. 1412611

What would happen if I took a lactase supplement if I'm not actually lactose intolerant? I'm not sure I am, but I suspect it, and we have some at home, so I'd like to try.

No. 1412612

I avoid the weird degen fics that sound like they're ripped off porn cliches so I'm not in that way, but a different problem I have is that I find myself maladaptive daydreaming a lot more than usual when I find some good fics the night before.

No. 1412613

For example? Can’t really think of anything like that

No. 1412615

NTA, but have you ever heard of inflation? And I don't mean like in the economy. Lots of fics and fanart of that.

No. 1412623

Is the spot you're losing weight from first also the first spot you're gaining in?

No. 1412624

inflation like anon said. extreme body modification, extreme torture/gore stuff that will reasonable mutilate or kill someone but seemingly disappears, extreme rape, there's tons and tons of shit like that and the writers describe the situations in extreme detail. infact, i think smutty fanfics in general can make you have stronger fetishes due to the detail they're described in.

No. 1412627

usually it's the opposite. you lose weight where you gain it last. however spot fat loss can happen if you lift weights around the muscles you're using.

No. 1412632

Ewwwww what the fuck that sounds gross af. Who the hell would be into that??? And I thought omegaverse was bad. Thankfully the most “extreme” thing I ever read when I used to read fanfinction in my teens was a F/F fanfic where one of the girls had a penis lmao.

No. 1412667

Once you get calloused feet, can you ever have soft feet again?

No. 1412676

Are thongs wildly uncomfortable to anyone else or is there something wrong with me?

No. 1412707

Dog owners, help me out here. I just learned that you're not supposed to look a dog in the eye because it makes them uncomfortable and makes them feel like they're being challenged, so where the hell do you look? Are dog owners just constantly averting eye contact with their dogs?

No. 1412714

You don't want to stare right at them for long periods is all. I usually just have a dog in my peripheral vision while I'm interacting with them, and just look at anything else interesting in the vicinity (sometimes they'll check out where you're looking, it's cute). ime most dogs won't mind if you look at the top of their head or their back while you pet them

No. 1412715

How do I stop being annoying and cringe 24/7? Do I zip my lips at work tomorrow? They’ll still think I’m weird.

No. 1412717

They’re uncomfortable. Slightly less uncomfortable when they fit properly.

No. 1412727

No, because it's usually some dumb moid saying it

No. 1412729

they feel like nothing to me. I buy very soft ones not the rough thickmaterials

No. 1412750

File: 1668738257286.jpeg (215.49 KB, 840x776, 26CEDA91-0458-4650-86E4-6101BF…)

Today my moid accused me of cheating on him because I refused to buy him beer

Wtf could his train of thought possibly be??? I'm baffled

No. 1412757

because you're buying some other scrote beer, and now you can't afford to buy him beer. He sounds fucking insufferable nona wtf

No. 1412761

Wtf, did he show signs of being manipulative/controlling before? He sounds like he just made up something to disparage you over not doing what he wants. What an ass.

No. 1412777

06/23/14 (Mon) 08:05:41 PM

No. 1412806

File: 1668744986474.jpeg (63.51 KB, 512x512, EC48ADEF-19B0-42AD-894C-C00305…)

Are hugs allowed on the first date?

No. 1412807

Why do gen z literal children and teenage girls like super sonico so much? Are these children coomers too? What would the appeal be? All I can assume is that it's some cool girl nlog thing. So glad I'm not a kid today. Previous generation young girls would be weirded out by or laugh at that shit and just say ew

No. 1412808

Sounds like that'll last forever.

It's a date. Do what you want.

No. 1412809

tfw Ive been coming here 7 of those 8 years and only just realized it

No. 1412811

Ayy me and you both nona. 2015 for me

No. 1412814

File: 1668745285547.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 342.12 KB, 668x555, 13DEBABC-C235-4DD6-B4E3-1353B4…)

What the fuck is this in my apple pie?
It’s jelly like, I just purchased this pie from the shop.

No. 1412818

tis me period clots, I'd like those back tyvm

No. 1412824

This doesn't strike me as baffling, it strikes me as unacceptable, and wtf are you still doing with this scrote.

No. 1412833

File: 1668747329927.jpg (432.4 KB, 1080x1818, 20221117_235451.jpg)

Am I wrong in thinking this is fucked? Gotta look younger and younger to praise the degen coomers!

No. 1412838

i think the one in the top right kind of looks like regular cottage core style, but the rest are weird

No. 1412851

I don’t think the dresses themselves are weird but the styling and accessories are infantilising

No. 1412853

What are Estonian moids typically like? I just met a super hot one who’s in burgerland for a job. We barely spoke but he seemed pretty normal, if a little quiet. I have no plans to pursue him as I am not single, but I am curious to hear the farmer consensus

No. 1412860

Probably trash like the rest

No. 1412865

What does it mean if guys never hit on you?

No. 1412870

How come women here get very mad/infighty whenever I try to discourage women from fucking/dating men? How come we don't encourage more girls to avoid doing these things here?

No. 1412874

Sorry we are just dickmatized, give us time to heal.

No. 1412877

Kek nonna it used to be like that a bit back. You can look through the g catalogs and see old relationship threads filled with anons arguing for female separatists and I think we even had a female commune thread at one point. All the newfags from twitter and tiktok came here and infested the site, atleast with the huge influx of fujos and husbandofags on the site again it brings some balance in certain places.

No. 1412881

We need to start shaming women who fuck men again. No exceptions

No. 1412882

I don't think anyone minds discouraging women from dating men as long as your not being an asshole and insulting anyone.

No. 1412887

I know it deters them from reaching out for help or whatever but I'm sick of reading [blatant account of a man treating a woman like shit] in every thread. And then the girl responds to any follow-up super defensively because she just wanted to get soothed on her handmaidenship instead of woken up.

No. 1412896

if it helps I did actually go no contact on a guy after nonnies talked some sense into me and were very caring. those types of outcomes never get remembered because theres not much to post besides "you're right I'll break up with this shithead". even then someone went "kek no you wont"

No. 1412943

File: 1668758570679.jpeg (127.38 KB, 1419x454, B2A3CE30-8735-4E81-890A-122C34…)

Will “nose exercises” really make my nose smaller?


No. 1412957

I am pretty sure its impossible to mold bone. You can always manifest.

No. 1412972

File: 1668763290063.gif (715.36 KB, 220x321, seal-jiggle.gif)

No. 1412983

I've tried these in the past when I was insecure, broke and desperate, and they did make my nose look less 'bloated' (no idea how else to describe it since my nose didn't actually get smaller, it just didn't look as fat I guess kek) but then I stopped for a few days and my nose went back to the way it was. So I'd say these 'exercises' are pretty pointless, because the results would vanish within a day or two even if you do them for months.

No. 1412991

File: 1668764598657.jpg (123.05 KB, 510x795, OfZeKui0kB4.jpg)

your nose is probably beautiful nonna

No. 1413003

also before anyone gets mad at moidposting go google "greek goddess" and look at the mediterranean women with beautiful big noses. i was trying to emphasize the different standards in beauty; not suggest anyone looks like a man

No. 1413009

nta women with big noses look regal, small button noses are overrated. Nothing wrong with them either, but it's ridiculous they are seen as the only 'good nose'.

No. 1413040

Why don’t dogs poop in litterboxes like cats do

No. 1413043

File: 1668770214215.jpeg (69.36 KB, 599x630, BC4B0CD9-C1EF-4323-AF45-37863B…)

Agreed. I’m obsessed with Alba Flores’ nose she looks like a persian princess

No. 1413061

Oh my god, what a fucking downgrade. Retarded moid.

No. 1413064

Surgeons will pay for their sins.

No. 1413071

Mostly all women and men look better with their original noses. Unless you got pummeled in a boxing match, don't do it

No. 1413073

>What are Estonian moids typically like?
I worked with one and very similarly to your experience, he was a very kind, helpful person but also quiet and introverted. From what I know about the country I wouldn't be surprised if majority of people there were leaning that way (into introversion), but that's of course just a stereotype

No. 1413083

To be honest, that moid is ugly either way kek.

No. 1413128

File: 1668779669265.jpg (111.56 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nfzdj5hqO01qaxvoxo1_540…)

Any Canucks that have ever used Canada Post please answer my question. If I sell something on ebay should I buy the postal packaging beforehand or will the post office give me the proper size box when I mail it? I've never mailed a package in my life and ebays FAQs were kind of vague.

No. 1413157

As someone who used Canada post to move borders and sell on Ebay I always went to the building. They don’t provide packaging but at least they’re able to weigh and measure your package before it’s sent off. Since it’s your first time I think you should go in person and get a feel of what things cost.

No. 1413163

File: 1668782664111.jpg (258.73 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1626630347.jpg)

Why do youtubers always apologize so much when their nail polish is chipped? Do people actually whine about it?

No. 1413174

"sorry there's noise outside" "sorry the dogs barking" "sorry i look bad" if they never brought it up noone would mention it. Pointless and weird attempt at relatability or something

No. 1413198

I’m watching a room organisation video when out of nowhere the woman starts talking about her legs and says
>Like a lot of queer people, I can’t sit properly
What does this mean? Gay people can’t sit normally? Is this an anal sex joke? She’s a woman, though (a real one I’m pretty sure) and her profile says she’s “ace”. What does it mean?

No. 1413201

whats a song with a similar feeling to psycho killer? that song always fills me with dopamine

No. 1413203

File: 1668785576950.jpg (31.11 KB, 650x355, bisexual_meme_sit_chair_TurboB…)

I've seen this running joke a lot that gays just sit weird in chairs (one leg up, seiza style, both legs up and crossed, etc etc). It's just a dumb joke. I am also gay and struggle to sit properly in a chair for long periods of time so I think it's pretty funny kek

No. 1413211

A lot of gay people are on the spectrum or are non gender conforming so we don’t “sit right” it’s a stupid stereotype the Gen z dumbasses cling to prove they’re so gaaaayyy

No. 1413214

Yes. There’s a lot of people who think it’s unhygienic because it could flake off on food and that it looks like “you don’t care.” if they have a moid audience it could be the moids like nail polish too.

No. 1413221

Thanks for explaining. I’ve never noticed a correlation between sitting weird and being LGB though, most people I know who sit strangely are on the spectrum regardless of sexual orientation (myself included).

No. 1413223

What do you think of man eater? Daryl hall and John Oates

No. 1413325

I dated one and he was okay as far as dating men go, we broke up because eventually his mentally unstable scrote brain wore me down. If you're asking about the exotic factor, the language isn't hot. It kind of sounds like Finnish, kinda robotic in that way sort of. But hey at least you can claim you're dating one in a million because there's only a million of them. Like most men from overseas, eventually they want to go back. Estonia is like hills and that's about it. If you like having backyard goats and chickens I guess it's for you.

No. 1413354

It's like with tarot reading (Noah fence to our occult nonas), they'll just throw something that most people do and let you apply it to yourself.
"hmmm, does the word water mean anything to you?" "omg I drink water!!!! How did you know??"
"I'm seeing the letter m, do you know anyone whose name starts with the letter m?" (regardless of who you are, you probably do)
"you'll hear good news this week", your boss says you don't have to stay late today, "omg that fortune Teller was right".

No. 1413362

SA, no one sits perfectly straight all the time. Gendies and sexuality obsessed people want to be special and different, so they'll try to make their normal behaviors into something special. Mental illness fakers too.

No. 1413363

put it in a single post, doing it in multiple posts in a row is annoying and makes it obvious it's all one person anyway so it might as well be in one post

No. 1413368

I'm bisexual (so quirky I know), I always sit weird but I still don't get the joke. Your sitting style is not tied to your sexuality

No. 1413376

it's a meme just like fast walking, don't have to take it so seriously. It's also something younger ones say to each other to 'test' whether someone is gay without explicitly asking and risking getting massive shit for it. Kinda like the "do you listen to girl in red?" thing, but with more plausible deniability. These phrases have always existed, but in the past it was "are you a friend of Dorothy?" or the sewing circle for lesbians.

No. 1413382

Those questions actually make some sort of sense tho compared to something as common as sitting funny lol

No. 1413404

File: 1668795557024.png (35.9 KB, 643x339, gfmdf.png)

This is a comment on a vid with methods to separate fat from stock. What does her daughter catching her with a hair dryer have to do with that? What does catching her with a hair dryer mean? Why on the stairs? I know what to do with my stock but now I have more questions

No. 1413416

Why do moids always ask if "x woman is attractive/has a nice body/etc"? Some of them will get in literal fights over if a woman is attractive or not. Are they that hiveminded that they cant think a woman is attractive unless she has the validation of other men or are they too stupid and need other men to tell them what's attractive?

No. 1413424

Yes, they're that dumb. Lots of men's attraction to a woman is based on what other men think tbh. They need constant validation and reassurance that they aren't weird for finding a woman attractive.

No. 1413429

some womens' sense of self becomes warped over time when she's with a man.
I think a weirdly good parallel is motherhood and the traumas/consequences that often come from childbirth–as well as how their husbands often demand sex afterwards in spite of the pain (or cheat). Or how a lot of them are single mothers even with a man around, kek. Some are uncomfortable with speaking candidly about how hard it is or even don't like others bringing it up because there is pain involved that it feels immediately better to simply overcompensate than try being vulnerable and feel uncomfortable when other women are. Others even help men groom women and girls into it. Cope, and more cope.
It isn't that all of the women that "not all men!" or whatever randomly are with bad men, but have a vested interest in the status quo.

No. 1413450

File: 1668798852206.gif (9.34 MB, 484x484, A31CB709-43E8-43C8-99A8-C98570…)

saved up enough money and I was stuck between buying a new phone (my phone is completely smashed and glitches every time I open it) or buy a switch lite (I wanted to play zelda botw so bad)
I bought the switch. be honest, is this a bad financial descision? cause I don’t even use my phone that much except for texts and calls…

No. 1413455

its only a bad choice if you regret it
i would've done the same, my phone is 10 years old but get the job done

No. 1413467

thanks nona I thought that was reasonable too but my friends made me doubt my decision besides I’ve only had my phone for like, 3 years? that’s way too early to change phones

No. 1413468

can you not emulate it? Brand new switch games are emulatable on even 5 year old hardware.

No. 1413471

It's pretty reasonable to replace or repair your phone when it's "completely smashed" regardless of it's age….

No. 1413474

I easily could have but I really wanted the switch and tbh I mainly just wanted to spend the money kek

No. 1413478

File: 1668800108126.jpeg (1.29 MB, 2560x1920, 23AEC1A5-89D8-4F41-B5C1-ED4480…)

hmm probably, still can’t get myself to think it’s worth the money

No. 1413483

Yes and then they'll lose attraction once other men think the woman is ugly. I had an ex who'd constantly get off because his friends would call me attractive and then one of his friends said I was a 3 and he distanced himself from me completely and dumped me, all while he almost dumped me months before because another girl at his workplace was hot and ofc only because other people said so. They'll seriously do that and expect us to take it seriously when they say they don't care that much for appearance and only women care about other women's appearance that much

No. 1413484

File: 1668800602763.jpeg (536.88 KB, 1242x1672, 45A941A9-0D04-400F-9685-FA55C3…)

What kind of fucking spell does starbucks have on its customers like holy shit they really can’t go ONE day without their overpriced milkshakes

No. 1413495

Sugar addiction kek

No. 1413510

I have a close friend with "she/they/he" in her Instagram bio (she is a very normal looking girl, not even remotely alternative and you would not expect this from her), but she also talks to me about second wave feminism (we had a great chat about Andrea Dworkin a while ago) and has mentioned wanting to read the SCUM manifesto. What is going on here?

No. 1413522

I made stupid Twitter accounts with my real full name and lost access to them when I was in elementary school. There’s no way I’ve been able to get in to delete them.

If Musk runs Twitter into the ground, will all of the content on there (including my old accounts) be wiped? I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.

No. 1413547

seems like a radfem in the making, just a little lost confused. give her that extra push

No. 1413577

Does she go out of her way to positively talk about or defend trans shit or does she just have the pronouns? Bc if not it sounds like she could be a closet radfem who's using those pronouns as a shield against potential terf accusations

No. 1413587

She's a tumblr user and I've seen her blog, on which she reblogged one or two pro-trans/generally gendery posts. In real life she doesn't talk about this stuff at all though, even when it might be relevant. I think she said something to me once about not caring how people perceive her gender-wise but she's never mentioned any sort of gender identity, even when I told her I used to identify as trans when I was a young teenager.

No. 1413591

File: 1668806651173.jpg (268.38 KB, 896x800, ___1005522_orig.jpg)

Do any anons here generally prefer female characters/shows with a mostly female cast?
A lot of women-only spaces feel lonely to me because I feel like most other women prefer male characters and mostly male casts regardless of sexuality, and liking mostly female characters gets be accused of being a moid when it's an anonymous space like lc.

No. 1413597

Oh strange I never noticed that personally. I definitely prefer female casts especially like your pic! I love 80s and 90s magical girl shows the most. I never was able to get into shounen.

No. 1413601

File: 1668807125968.jpg (228.77 KB, 740x380, therapy-group-title-image_tcm7…)

Does any of you have an experience with group therapy as an adult? How is it?

No. 1413604

I do prefer a female cast and even if it isn't female cast I at least prefer if the series is written by a woman

No. 1413623

Online, irl or either?

No. 1413625

Either is fine!

No. 1413636

Would it be bad to ask your irl friend why they suck so much at texting you back?

No. 1413638

No, if you do it in a polite way, being friends should mean you can be honest with each other about anything. I'd focus on telling how it makes me feel instead making any assumptions about why could that be

No. 1413653

What would be a good idea for a "girls night out" with my 16 yo cousin thag I barely know? She almost trooned out and my uncle wants me to spend an evening with her when they visit. I live in a big city.

No. 1413658

Does anyone else hate sitting in the passenger seat? Id rather sit in the back or be the driver I completely despise the passenger seat it makes me feel weird and like everything is too close? which is why I never understood the term passenger princess I’m more like.. driver princess

No. 1413671

How do you hurt a man who has hurt your feelings back? What can you say to a man that makes them really feel miserable? No the old played out "ur dick is smoll".

No. 1413674

I did two rounds of in person group DBT a few years ago and it changed my life for the better in so many ways. Other people could be annoying as hell when they first joined (as was I). I highly recommend it.

No. 1413675

It's gotta be personal to make it really hurt. I'm sure you know at least one thing about him you can use

No. 1413680

You gotta hit em where it hurts, savagely. Like find out some trauma or insecurity and go for the jugular with your words.

No. 1413681

For how long this these rounds lasted? And how was it in the beginning, was opening up navigated somewhat naturally or was it just something like "ok tell everyone what brought you here"? Glad to know you had a good experience, my therapist is recommending it to me and I'm very anxious to try, no idea what to expect

No. 1413685

My mom's this way. She says sitting in the passenger seat makes her feel like the car's in the ditch. I feel this too when someone drives my car specifically but it's not as bad as my mom. She won't let anyone else drive.

No. 1413691

I went for a year. About 45 minute long sessions. I would say the hardest part was wrapping my head around the idea that the world is not black and white, there are many shades, that just because I felt a certain way didn't mean I had to act on it, that it is okay to just feel bad and empty sometimes, and just general cognitive dissonance from forcibly changing my way of thinking. I won't lie it is hard at first but it will improve your life so much. I feel almost like a different person afterwards, in a good way. Like it's hard to even remember what it was like to be so disordered and reactionary. Also you don't really have to participate much if you don't want to and can merely observe. I recommend Dr Daniel Fox's videos on YouTube in the meantime to get a general idea of things. He's very compassionate. I believe in you nonna!

No. 1413696

It depends on his personal insecurities. But honestly, one of the things I've found most hurts them is when you just ignore them kek. Especially if you make it confusing as to why exactly you don't want to be in contact with them anymore. Imply something has happened or you have realized something negative about them that means you can no longer be in contact. Be careful with this as it can make them go insane depending on the moid. I also wouldn't really advise actively trying to hurt a moid's feelings by insulting them because they have a high chance of trying to physically harm you if you do.

No. 1413698

Same. Well, I can't drive but I hate sitting in the front. I think it's from autism/poor spatial awareness. It feels like the car is going to crash/something is going to crash into the car almost constantly.

No. 1413701

Thank you so much, it sounds very promising, you're giving me hope nonna. My greatest worry is that it would be very uncomfortable and pointless; and I really wish to have such challenging and life changing experience as you did. I'm cautiously optimistic!

No. 1413778

File: 1668819266310.jpeg (124.93 KB, 477x700, F07FA76A-E348-437F-9F69-461F42…)

Is it true that ,when women compares hand sizes with men, the man is imagining how the woman’s hand would compare to his when performing a handjob? I just remember seeing a post of a guy saying this and idk if that one guy was a coomer or if there was some underlying social meaning

No. 1413781

this seems like an extremely rare if true blessed and unimportant thing to worry about sending love congrats

No. 1413783

No. 1413791

This seems unlikely. Not saying it's never the case, but I think it's just a flirty excuse to touch a lil bit.

No. 1413793

Yes. It's pretty cool but can be overwhelming/intense if you're shy (which I am). The whole trick of it is to be as honest as possible. Like if something is bothering you about the group or something that was said, do your best to say it out loud. Then you can process and learn from it.

No. 1413797

Yeah like other anon said female cast < created by women < female cast and created by women. I love that on lc it’s reflected in /m/ how anons generally enjoy media with significant female involvement.

No. 1413798

The fuck. Idk but I’m not even gonna let this cursed thought burden my psyche. I have to shake hands with moids on a semi regular basis.

No. 1413800

When I went to Iran once I saw soo many young people both female and male with nose surgeries because of this, you saw them everywhere it made me sad.

I am of course not saying that people cannot have an own taste, but I think the aquiline nose gets so much hate for no other reason than western beauty standards that spread globally and that people should realise this.

I also have the very retarded belief that humans look always better with the hair color and noses they are born with unless there is some legit deformity. I swear I can always tell when a woman dyes her hair blonde (it's always blonde) because it looks so bad most of the time. Again I am a bit sad switching on Italian TV and seeing women with black eyes and mediterranean features but platin- or piss-blonde hair everywhere.

The pic you posted is especially bad because the guy could legit cosplay a Babylonian king on the left and now he looks like 80% of the male youtubers I have seen.

No. 1413801

It’s an awful idea if you struggle with autistic masking or bpd or general people pleasing behavior

No. 1413808

why do I keep getting these cringe bodybuilders videos nonstop on IG?? I only follow and like meme pages but for some reason the algorithm insists on showing me even though I always skip these weightlifting videos, they keep getting recommended to me even more ughhhh. how the hell did these weebs manage to make lifting heavy metal weights seem this lame and cringe

No. 1413811

It's a bit complicated. Most modern shows I love are sausage fests, most old shows I love are women-only.

The reason is simple, Sailor Moon, Bee Train originals, Wedding Peach and many other old girl-only series are awesome but most modern anime with a girl-only cast is pandering for male otaku that try to get coomer money instead of telling a compelling story. You rather find these in sausage fests.
A series like Kaiji or Golden Kamuy needs to be exciting or have good characters to be win people over because no male anime fan will care about men and even women need good chemistries and characters before they ship or get a crush, so they need to put some actual effort into it to make it work.

I am not saying that modern girl-only shows are bad though, not even the pandering stuff, albeit it's not for me. And there are always series I love like Madoka, Girls' Last Journey and enjoyed Lycoris Recoil, Vivy, Gekidol, Wonder Egg etc. a lot, to just name a few. I totally wish we could get more series like Sailor Moon again actually. I am craving magical girl in general, most recent magical girl series I watched were short and tried too much to be innovative genre-mixes imo.

No. 1413824

When you pick dry skin off of your face or lips, what do you do with it? I eat it

No. 1413833

i roll it around in my fingers

No. 1413834

File: 1668823708530.jpeg (151.75 KB, 1242x453, C993362B-2805-4E42-B7B7-02391C…)

What is this “spoiler alert” and “hot take” thing on twitter it looks like reddit now

No. 1413841

I did a year's worth of DBT for severe depression and it definitely helped. There were people that honestly articulated the real situations they were using the DBT tools in, and it was really encouraging.
That being said, there were 2 very bpd people in the group who weren't being honest, just seeking attention for being the "most ill".
Despite the mixed bag, I learned a lot, mostly from listening to people talk through the individual processes they were going through, trying to actually change their own lives instead of just bitching about it.

No. 1413847

Eat it.

No. 1413848

It's probably something elon asked his slaves to implement purposely to replicate reddit since that's one of the few sites where moids still suck his dick.

No. 1413849

I flick it off wherever

No. 1413851

How do you casually pick skin from a face?

No. 1413860

never experienced dry ass flaky lips even once, or a peeling sunburn huh?

No. 1413872

From what I remember, it was implemented pre-Elon.

No. 1413890

I've never seen it once, the more you know.

No. 1413900

I don’t use twitter or reddit so sorry for this stupid question but does the tweeter choose to put an exclamation like that by themselves or is it like a bot thing?

No. 1413905

next time he asks, tell him to go get beer from his other women

find out what her interests are and take her somewhere related. if you don't know her interests then you can take her to drop-in/walk-in events (lots of places have ice skateing or other walk in family holiday events)

they're called twitter statuses and they're set by the user

No. 1413911

Is there really any point in creating art when you don't go outside?

No. 1413914

Yes, you still have an imagination after all. You don't need to touch grass to draw anime dicks.

No. 1413917

Thanks, glad to know there's no non-gross norm.

No. 1413938

Moids favorite way to manipulate is by accusing women of cheating because they convinced us it's the hands down worse thing a woman could do (except when they do it because the woman should have tried harder)

No. 1413975

Why do diabetic scrotes only seem to fall into either category of very skinny or obese?

No. 1413983

What's that about?

No. 1413990

File: 1668841574542.png (161.07 KB, 678x624, Screenshot (15250).png)

Did you post in the wrong thread at first lol

No. 1413992

Got a problem where sometimes I click a thread in catalog but it clicks the thread above or below and I'm unaware due to it down scrolled yeah

No. 1413994

I recently (like last year) peaked and all of my friends are TRAs… If anybody else was in my situation, what did you do about your social life?

No. 1413999

Lol the same thing happens to me, I once posted a huge vent about my neighbors cat shitting on my front step in the pro ana scumbags thread lol

No. 1414008

Keep it to yourself (in order to not deal with horrible social repercussions) and branch out to make more friends you can actually be your honest self with. There's some friends I dont say that stuff to, but my closest friends know exactly how I feel.

No. 1414020

I accidentally told one who made it seem like I had committed murder or csa levels of being a horrible person. Within a year the friendship was 100% done and I'm glad because she went from NB to possible TIF in a TRA echo chamber. Shes 30 too. I left the other girl I know who became a fakeboi. Everyone I consider a friend knows my stance on troons, that I hate them. I wouldnt have it any other way I'm not going to walk on eggshells or possibly draw something they want to cram tranny or woke stuff into because "anon representstion!!" I've joked with coworkers about the gender stuff and yes 95% will joke around how its absolute crap too. Love my freedom of speech.

No. 1414045

In Anki, does anyone know how to add reversed cards to an already existing set without typing them out by hand? I can't figure it out for the life of me.

No. 1414050

Same for me but I peaked a long time ago. It's just that my friends talk about TRA shit now more than ever, it's annoying.

No. 1414069

File: 1668856128947.jpg (30.15 KB, 400x347, cat-wig2.jpg)

how do i know what kind of hairstyle suits my face best? i am trying to be less uggo

No. 1414070

Blunt bangs will not look good on you if you have a squarish jaw. That is all.

No. 1414072

A good hairdresser could give you advice.

No. 1414076

File: 1668856624735.png (611.98 KB, 465x680, unknown22222.png)

damn i dont understand how people can have friends they cant be honest with. Whenever i have to be fake friendly and walk on eggshells with someone i just met or i am not too close with i feel so uncomfortable and want to fly the scene, i prefer to hang out with my tard friends who i can send unfunny 9/11 and troon memes to. I have a male friend who knows i am a TERF and he listens to me rant about how much i hate men when i am angsty, even when he obviously doesnt share my beliefs. I also have a friend who has a troon fetish yet we are super friendly and play videogames together and she sends me her gross as shit trap art. I seriously dont understand why so many nonnies here are themlets/TRAs irl then come here and shittalk troons, it seems like such a mentally draining way to live.

No. 1414123

NTA but I had an ex like that. To the world she was your average libfem handmaiden but she would shittalk troons with me. In the end she chose to remain a handmaiden and called me out as le evil TERF with zero acceptance of her own previous views. She has this FTM friend who she uses for cool points, it was always "my trans friend" this and "my FTM friend" that. I never even learned the troons name! She was incapable of mentioning "him" without adding that it's a troon because having a "cis" male friend just isn't trendy enough, I guess. I would end up in a psych ward if I tried living a double life like that. Fuck popularity, I wanna be able to speak my mind.

No. 1414190

Is the weird schitzoposter posting unsaged blogposts about her army husband in the Lillee thread Laur? Those posts are really weird and no one seems to acnowledge them. I’m not familiar with the thread

No. 1414408

File: 1668878358952.jpg (44.45 KB, 612x408, Just a look.jpg)

which image looks more obsessive? (1/3)

No. 1414411

File: 1668878414105.jpg (26.97 KB, 437x612, Quality time with you.jpg)

No. 1414414

File: 1668878512414.jpg (31.61 KB, 612x408, It was fate that lead me to yo…)

No. 1414419

this one looks like she's writting the best shitpost ever to grace lolcor
this one is me judging nonnies on the unconventional male attraction thread
this one looks dead inside, i think this one is it