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No. 1376950

An anon in /m/ suggested a thread about fandom psychology, but it seemed like a better fit for /ot/ than for /m/.

Discuss why you think the following phenomena exist:
>Harassment of the creators of the content fans purport to enjoy
>Pro/Anti shipping drama
>Outlandish woke fanart/headcanons
>Parasocial relationships with actors, often involving stalking
>Fans dogpiling each other over petty bullshit, like having a "problematic fave."
>Autistically detailed knowledge of lore, but zero understanding of themes
>Acting completely unhinged in public spaces (conventions, meetups, etc.)
Include examples of these behaviors if necessary; they do not need to be recent.

Remember that while the following topics are relevant and it's fine to discuss them, they also have their own threads:
Tumblr: >>>/ot/1245504
Twitter: >>>/ot/1362168
Tiktok: >>>/ot/1291087
Reddit: >>>/ot/1347741
Fujoshis: >>>/ot/227162
Transwashing: >>>/m/235564
Western Animation Industry: >>>/snow/1585248

No. 1376989


Anon… I…

No. 1377005

I know that middle figure is supposed to be Steven from SU but my brain automatically went to Nikocado lmao

No. 1377009

too much free time and autism

No. 1377052

Probably lack of attention at home

No. 1377172

>Parasocial relationships with actors, often involving stalking
>Autistically detailed knowledge of lore, but zero understanding of themes
>Acting completely unhinged in public spaces (conventions, meetups, etc.)
I agree with >>1377009 I think that this sort of thing can mainly be attributed to literal autism. Especially with teenagers, specifically teenage girls with trouble socializing in their real life and too much time spent on the internet. Not to say that males are exempt from this though.

>Harassment of the creators of the content fans purport to enjoy

>Pro/Anti shipping drama
>Outlandish woke fanart/headcanons
>Fans dogpiling each other over petty bullshit, like having a "problematic fave."
This is a little more interesting to me. I think that the stuff mentioned above is classic annoying nerd behavior, but the obsession with moral purity and wokeness above all else, is more recent IMO. I do think that a lot of people end up moving past this mindset as they mature, and that probably a good number of people who do this are secretly ambivalent and going with the crowd out of fear of getting dogpiled. I'm not really sure why some people genuinely act this way though. A lot of people are not media literate and can't understand that showing something "wrong" in a piece of media doesn't necessarily mean that the author endorses it. The internet makes it easy for retards to put their opinion on blast for thousands of other retards to agree with and enforce. Seems that a lot of people also just love feeling vindicated on the internet.

Sorry for writing a book, I just think this kind of thing is interesting. Hope some of this made sense, I'm tired.

No. 1377173

Samefag, it's pretty obvious but also maybe worth mentioning that a lot of these people are consoomers. All the remakes coming out now featuring an All Very Diverse And Special cast with terrible writing are created to profit off of this demographic and the idea that if you don't like it, you are transphobic/racist/etc.

No. 1377177

File: 1665988882418.png (207.76 KB, 600x444, 9c01ea1319cb70be6a3f035eaf252b…)

i miss being part of a fandom(used to be a pegasister and SP autist). I wonder if fandoms with that old school feeling still exist?

No. 1377188

File: 1665990227108.png (939.13 KB, 1268x896, d4f605547001e29e56ac8c07bf16eb…)

oh and also, does anyone have a list of artists kicked off a fandom by the sweaty squad? I can only think of Gashi Gashi

No. 1377192

i used to love the brony fandom too. have you played PonyTown? it’s really cute, kind of brings back that feeling a little. it’s very charming and cute

No. 1377195

> I think that this sort of thing can mainly be attributed to literal autism
To some degree I agree, but a lot of it is also just kids being kids. But maybe I'm just butt hurt because I'm an autist kek I was the only autist in my teen weeb group and I was the only one who didn't want to come off as cringe while the normies would read yaoi in public and address their family with -san, -chan etc. I think it's just the same normal teenage mentally that leads girls to obsess over celebrities and talk about boys all the time, just focused on some media franchise for this group.

No. 1377200

It's okay nona, I'm an autist too lmao. I've known many people personally who behave this way and a number of them claimed to be autistic, but these days it honestly could have just been a lie. In some cases I really think it was true, though. I really do agree that it's a very teenage mindset in general.

No. 1377202

File: 1665991893543.jpg (13.76 KB, 224x225, 20220605_213009.jpg)

>was super into online fandoms because I liked some manga, video games, tv shows, etc. but didn't find anyone to talk about them irl and had no other hobbies because I was dirt poor and sheltered by my paranoid, religious parents
>made a tumblr in 2012 at 17, thought it was gonna be like lj and old forums in terms of armosphere
>lol no
>everyone is a sperg, gender hc debates everywhere at all times even back then, the normal fangirls would just post art, fics, actual headcanons and would try to guess what would happen in next games, chapters or episodes but they all turned into sjws or left
>befriend girls who are into Ace Attorney
>one of them is obsessed with it and with Persona 4, admits she's diagnosed with aspergers
>I delete my account at some point in 2016
>befriended girl in uni who was a foreign student and who seemes very shy and awkward in a normal way, we bond because we both like Persona 4 a lot and ship two of the guys together
>she loses focus years later, skips classes and ruins her careee prospects because of FF14
>cries like a baby in pure rage because one girl in her FF14 guild "stole" some graphic ideas to present her own warrior of light in a pptx file, idk I think she used the same background color as my friend did or some shit
>I see her this weekend
>her weird tics and lolsorandumXD interjections have gotten worse
>she tells me she highly suspects he's a high functioning autist and she'll ask her therapist
>talks about others by calling them "normies", hates fandoms but acts like it's the only thing she has
I'm suspecting it's all autism now I had doubts, I thought people from all walks of life were into fandoms but there has been some sort of shift imo years ago when somewhat mentally healthy fans got fed up and left or created their own small private groups with friends online and the underaged retards and the actual, diagnosed retards are now running the asylum. Now that I have irl friends and other hobbies and occupations on top of liking some video games and series I don't have the time or patience for this shit and now that I'm far removed from this insanity it's all so obvious that fandoms have turned to shit because of this when I check some tags on tumblr or twitter.

No. 1377204

File: 1665992120246.jpg (82.24 KB, 612x359, 1426743113928.jpg)

Unironically letting middle schoolers into fandom discourse was a mistake. you can't even lightly comment on something without some kid going "so how much cp do you have saved on your computer huh???" like it's a winning argument and I'm supposed to kneel in respect or something. some woman in fandom in drawing/writing in the middle of nowhere is not the prime face of pedophilia I promise you. For the rest of you, try joining fandom servers/circles that are populated by older people, have age gated salt channels, strict ship hate/discourse rules or all three. If you gatekeep autists hard they can't do anything but flail around in anger
Media literacy is genuinely in the shitter these days, because I see a take like this almost daily trying to interact with public fandom
>generally unlikable and ignorant character says something ignorant about anything or anyone
>this means that the author thinks this too and hates minorities or agrees with this theme
>why would you want to write about bad things?
jesus christ

IMO the voltron fandom set the bar even more than other fandoms. I feel like they completely normalized trying to harm the crew behind a show if you don't like something that they did. It only takes one schizo to send glass shards in a cupcake, or try to hold leaks hostage or something. Now you can't just disagree with or dislike a plot point. You can form a parasocial relationship with the people behind the show and try scare them into submission if they don't do what you want! excellent

No. 1377208

ooo i think about this a lot actually. One thing I've noticed is that the more "saccharine" a piece of media is, the more aggro the fandom is- take steven universe and animal crossing, for example, you had people sending death threats over fanart and villager gijinkas. Meanwhile fanbases like iasip and brba while still massively autistic at times aren't as rabid as the fandoms for childrens shows. Correct me if i'm wrong, though, i don't keep up much anymore so who knows.
I think part of why people start to get high and mighty about fandom drama, policing other people and sending followers after one another is because they don't feel important or popular IRL, twitter gives them the ability to be the regina george they've always wanted to be. I wasn't ever a fandom wokie, but I still used to be a little shit on the internet and it was pretty much due to feeling like a loser at school and wanting to be able to "hit down" at someone. Pretty embarrassing in retrospect.

No. 1377209

studying/getting a job/having irl friends really puts all that shit into perspective. even if i was a teen back then, i cannot fathom spending that much time being this autistic about online fandoms anymore.
sometimes i remember 20+ year olds getting into debates about kinning, gender headcanons and their right to draw mpreg porn as part of their "transmasc identity" and realize they must've been actually retarded. to their credit tho, one of them actually admitted that schizophrenia made her mentally disabled kek.

No. 1377211

File: 1665993057778.jpg (65.35 KB, 640x892, 1650655655106.jpg)

At this point building your own community is the best option, honestly.
the Animal Crossing fandom is so fucking autistic, remember when they attacked a girl for using space buns? Animal Crossing festers those autistic people, it's a game made for children and Japanese women that spend 25 hours daily working and need to hold on to something to not off themselves, not for 20yo trooners whose only goal in life is to get the most ratios on twitter and have never worked a day in their life.

No. 1377215

No. 1377218

I find this topic very interesting, glad a thread was made for it.
Just yesterday I was talking with someone about how entitled fandom have become, I feel people now take stuff like free fan translations, scans and uploads for granted, ignoring all the work and money that happens behind them. Lots of people dont appreciate them because they think its "the work" the person who owns these things is supposed to do; and I have even seen others re-uploading translations/scans without credit just because they disliked who the OP was.

Though this & everything mentioned in the OP thread is not a problem of just fandom, but of the current internet culture in general. Now that everyone and their grandma uses internet (read: the same 4 social media), the lines between real life & internet persona blurred so it gave birth to all: even more parasocial relationships now that we have access to everyone's lives 24/7, the need to be morally correct all the time because it now affects your real life, entitlement and low valuing art due to how short-lived posts in social media are, having your political views in the open…
Before there used to me spaces for fandom/geek stuff and spaces for your real/private life, but now everything is smashed together on the same apps…

Like others have said, lots of the dumb behaviour in fandoms are just 15yos being 15, but honestly I feel adults fighting those teens to "own" them is just as pathetic. It sucks that often artists, writers and such are chased off social media because these teens though (sometimes even getting their accounts banned). I wish we could stop having stupid labels like anti/pro and just accept we all have different boundaries and put the line on different places. And that following someone doesnt mean you agree politically on everything with then.

No. 1377227

I feel like there is also a bigger overlap between SFW and NSFW content, artist dont make separate accounts anymore and dont hide their gross kinks from the public. I remember back in my pegasisters days (when i was 14-15), it was a shock to find out that the artist you followed also did NSFW/fetish art under another pseudonym, and most of the time said accounts were either behind a paywall or in one of those sites you had to make an account to access. I hate following an artist for their cute art, go to their profile, and see its filled by gross fetish shit. I really miss DeviantArt for that, Twitter was a mistake.

No. 1377232

I dont mind NSFW myself and everyone is free to do whatever they want with their accs, but yeah it sucks to have it shoved down your throat when you follow someone for their SFW stuff.
I appreciate japanese artists lots for this, since they often put their NSFW on sites like fursetter so you have to go out your way and click the link to view the art, it isnt displayed on the tweet itself. It's very easy to turn a blind eye and follow people thanks to it.
Western artists though… they will call you a prude and sex-negative if you dont feel like viewing porn and they dont even use the new content warning flags twitter added because it will make people engage with the tweet/art less (and when they use it, its for jokes). At least some people put the +18 emoji on their names, but still…

No. 1377244

I don't mind nsfw stuff, I sometimes look for it but I hate the dudebros who don't even care about a franchise and will shit out nsfw art just because muh rule 34. I see it with shit like pokemon all the time, you'll have a new game announced with a new trailer and a bunch of people drawing porn of the new characters JUST to say they did it and they're fast artists, and it's for "the memes" or whatever.

No. 1377272

I feel you. I used not to mind it, but now it's just everywhere you look. Even in small Discord communities there's 15 year olds spamming poorly drawn fetish art because I bet that's all they found when they looked up their favourite characters online and they just think it's normal.

No. 1377273

File: 1666000432767.jpg (84.89 KB, 540x507, 835.jpg)

There was also Zamii070, who was chased out of multiple fandoms. I guess she doesn't hold a grudge though, because she's back into a lot of the fandoms she used to be part of.

Same. I miss the old Homestuck fandom, back before all the social justice crap took hold around late 2012. Aside from a handful of people acting like maniacs at conventions, it was cringe in a fun, carefree way.

Sadly, literally everyone I was friends with in the fandom as a teen has since trooned out. I'm super thankful I didn't, though I'm not sure how avoided catching the gender bug. I was into yaoi and stuff too, and I was tomboyish. I guess I just really lucked out?

No. 1377275

>the more "saccharine" a piece of media is, the more aggro the fandom is
I don't think that's always the case, though it often is. The GOT fandom was fucking unhinged (in a scrotal way, of course) while the show was airing. They literally harassed Jeoffrey's actor to the point that the guy had to quit acting for a few years.

I think the idea of "cutesy source material / insane fandom" mostly applies in the realm of shit popular with women and SJW types. When the source material is ~heckin wholesome~ and potentially even aimed at kids, the crazies have a built-in pretense for leading puritanical lynch-mobs.

No. 1377277

>the obsession with moral purity and wokeness above all else, is more recent
The fact that most of the people acting that way are 13-25 just blows my mind. All the previous generations spent those years being rebellious and having fun, meanwhile zillenial teenagers act like Jehova's Witnesses with a woke coat of paint. Bizarre. I'll be very curious to see what these peoples' midlife crises will look like.

Gomen for doubleposting

No. 1377284

>I'll be very curious to see what these peoples' midlife crises will look like.
not to doompost but i doubt most of them would even reach midlife

No. 1377297

>canonly either thin or muscular but obviously fit either way male character
>drawn as an obese fakeboi
I know this happens all the time with female characters too but with male characters there's also the smug ass pick-me layer of "MEN NEED BODY POSITIVITY TOO!!" No, they don't. Piss off.

No. 1377332

good thread.
>I feel people now take stuff like free fan translations, scans and uploads for granted
People who dedicate their spare time towards making content available for everyone are doing gods work, but how dare they aren’t fast enough/have opinions you hate/dont pander to your taste or whatever nitpick you have. It’s the same consumerist attitude people have towards authors and content creators, “WAAH my entertainment fix didnt come fast/didnt pander to my taste enough!!” it’s bleak and disrespectful as fuck. In their eyes everything that doesnt pander to them is hostile or wrong and needs to be corrected or shat on. Also the sentiment that people who have different opinions need to be seen as enemies or be ridiculed is so toxic. I wonder were this comes from, being salty because someone said something you hate/has different headcanons or what? Can any oldfags confirm if this is more common nowadays? I’ve seen people in fandoms casually talk about screenshotting posts of other fans for simply having different opinions on their favorite characters or whatever unimportant shit no one actually gives a fuck about. Literally what the hell is wrong with them, nobody cares you think, but then you find a group of people somewhere who are unironically getting riled up and make vague “call out posts” on twitter about shit as trivial as opinions on fiction while trying to give it a moral flavor kek.
>i doubt most of them would even reach midlife
I think about this too but not because of doomery but because sometimes I wonder how someone manages to sustain basic needs on their own when everything that doesnt pander to them triggers them into minor meltdowns.

No. 1377343

>I wonder were this comes from, being salty because someone said something you hate/has different headcanons or what?
this is definitely related to headcanons shifting from filling any kind of blanks in canon to forcing representation even if it doesn't make sense and blatantly contradicts canon. harder to accuse people of thought hate crimes over disagreements about some character's favourite band or ice cream flavour as opposed to a character's sexuality or gender or race or mental illness.

No. 1377360

>I wonder were this comes from, being salty because someone said something you hate/has different headcanons or what?
>harder to accuse people of thought hate crimes over disagreements about some character's favourite band or ice cream flavour as opposed to a character's sexuality or gender or race or mental illness.
The way I've seen this play out in real time as a spectator is that a lot of headcanons are just projections. If you disagree with someone's cringy sexuality/trans/race headcanon, you're not just attacking the idea but attacking the identity itself and/or person directly. It's actually kind of sad. Just say it's a projection then, shit.

No. 1377371

Pretty much. Most "headcanons" no longer fit the definition of headcanon but rather projections of fans' selves onto their favourite characters, which combined with the minority representation obsession makes for a very toxic fandom environment. At least fanfics like My Immortal (this one is almost certainly a trollfic, but many others similar enough to it are not), while obvious wish fulfillments, do not guilt trip you and imply you're a bigot over disliking the butchering of canon characters.

No. 1377378

Honestly, anime fans have always been psychotic toddlers about people having different opinions. I remember really triggering somebody back in the day because I said I wished fucking TokyoPop hadn't been the ones to license a specific title. Because TP is/was shit. And then TP fucked up the DVDs, because of course they did. I remember times when I triggered people just trying to compliment other people. There was one message board where I had some bozo riding my ass in every thread I posted in, just because she disagreed with me once.

No. 1377413

I'm really interested in this specific topic so thank you OP for creating this thread!

Fandom is such a bizarre landscape to me nowadays because it feels more vitriolic than ever. I know there's been petty drama in the fandom's past but topics like the pro/anti debate and the trans headcanon stuff have made me not even want to participate anymore (granted I can't for the most part due to real life)

IDK if any other anons feel like this but it's almost like fandom can't just be a hobby anymore it has to be your life and attach everything about yourself to it. You can't just be casual about it you have to be posting about it every fucking minute on social media and as someone who first got into fandom stuff during LJ and DA days it's overwhelming. Granted I like my dumb interests and ships but I'm not dedicating my entire existence to that.

No. 1377432

Honestly I wonder how much of the puritanical mindset of a lot of fandom zoomers is a reaction to the gore/NSFW art that was everywhere back in the day for MLP and other children's fandoms.
While depraved content of children's series certainly existed when I was a kid (I'm late 20s) it was relatively hard to just stumble across it. I didn't see any Pokemon porn or anything like that until I was middle school aged and I was going on Encyclopedia Dramatica, so I went in expecting edgy content. While I gawked and thought it was weird and gross (and in hindsight don't think I should have been seeing that stuff at that age) it did not disturb and effect me as much as it would have had I just stumbled across it.
Contrast to a lot of 18-22 year olds I've encountered who had the misfortune of finding really disturbing brony content when they were still in elementary school and innocently searching for their favorite cartoon characters on Google images or YouTube.
Given all that I can kind of see how they developed a mindset that leads to them writing callouts for relatively minor things.

No. 1377437

File: 1666021427811.png (66.34 KB, 757x661, wtfisthisshit.PNG)

Y'know I've noticed that projection has become a major and large part of headcanon when that defeats the purpose of a headcanon in itself. A lot of people tend to make the character they love their own rather than appreciate the character for who they are originally. It gets to the point where people will change the character with all sorts of stuff that it just resembles an OC who has ties to the original character rather than the original character itself. I don't really understand the appeal of LGBT headcanons either.

To me, most lgbt headcanons are purely for shipping reasons and as a multi-shipper aficionado I feel it's restrictive to have a fictional character with no pre-established sexuality be restricted to a sexuality that keeps them from other interesting ships is boring and sort of ruins the fun. I already treat each ship as it's own contained universe of sorts anyways.
Speaking of which, what's with the weird disdain for "hetships"? It always feels like M/F content is seen always weird, wrong, or boring and when there is a hetship it's always the girlboss/malewife, bi4bi, t4t shit.

Race headcanons also don't appeal to me and I barely understand them and why. Though that's probably because my fandom has no humans in the slightest.

The quote retweets of pic related are very telling as to how the modern fandom approaches headcanon, my fandom is so cancerous and rife with this shit at times and I hate it so much.

No. 1377446

>Autistically detailed knowledge of lore, but zero understanding of themes

God this. I’ve noticed that individuals with generally poor media literacy end up being the worst all around, even socially. I.e kylo stans, snapewives, etc. I once lost a friend because I made the most on face obvious observation about intended messaging, but because it displayed her fave in a poor light she went full autismo.

The creator even backed it which made her even more mad. I think people who heavily endorse the literary concept of “death of the author” simply want to exist in their own fantasy.

No. 1377448

notice how it's literally never same sex ships headcanoned as such, in fact when characters in canon same sex relationships are actually implied to be or literally are called bisexual they're often headcanoned as gay with "comphet", unless they really are too obviously into the opposite sex as well. "Bi erasure is problematic!!" but only to yell at people calling straight ships straight.
>I already treat each ship as it's own contained universe of sorts anyways
I would consider this the fairest approach tbh

No. 1377450

>notice how it's literally never same sex ships headcanoned as such
Actually, I've noticed this SPECIFICALLY for lesbian ships and couplings in general, someone will always headcanon one of the women as either transfem or a bi-sexual. It's seldom that both of the women are just lesbians, no, they're "sapphic" or wlw.

No. 1377455

Oh my bad, yeah, I've never seen it for male/male ships to be more accurate. With f/f ships there's also the thing where female characters are less and less commonly called lesbians even in canon, same-sex attracted female characters are more likely to have indeterminate "wlw" sexualities but male characters are usually firmly established as gay.

No. 1377459

I feel like this attitude in the fandom heavily correlates with consumer culture in general. In 10s nerd media was all the rage and people defined themselves as geeks because they consumed marvel movies and bought merchandise. It was that weird shit like "I am what I buy" or "I am what I watch". Now your subculture was defined by what you watch, like GOT, Marvel, fucking Harry Potter, whatever. People felt that this stuff is part of their personality. It's a very early-mid 10s thing, I think you all remember so-called nerds who made Star Wars or Harry Potter their whole personality. And obviously, if that stuff defines you, you don't want your media of choice be problematic or toxic, otherwise you would be known as a toxic person. So obviously more rigorous and autistic fans wanted to make fandom spaces and media more "wholesome" since you don't want to be that weirdo who participates in "unwholesome" fandoms. It's a case of terminally online people who make their dumb assumptions show or bibio games their whole live and want to tailor the media and fandom to their wants.
This also makes people "claim" work of other people. I noticed this cringe when soyboy on reddit drool over Marvel movies making a lot of money in the box office, acting like they "won". Tumblrtards act the same, except they have different approaches. They treat the media as if they own it too, but instead of gawking at sales, they police everything artists do and feel obliged to "fix" the work if something goes wrong (they think so). It all began even in 00s whe fans wanted to fix Harry Potter and claimed that JKR got it all wrong and she doesn't know shit, because eshe mistreated our boi Snape. Then in 00s fans started claiming that they know about race and gender more than creators and treat headcanon as canon, because fans know better and they actually own the media property.
Ooof, it was very chaotic, but I hope I explained my point clearly. In short, fandom drama is a mirror of general mainstream consumer culture, but more twisted, dark and retarded.

No. 1377465

>people defined themselves as geeks because they consumed [franchise] and bought merchandise
to be fair people defining themselves by what they consoom is a staple concept of fandom itself but only in the 2010s did big corpos truly realize how much bank they can make off "geeks" by actively pandering to them instead of merely acknowledging them every once in a while

No. 1377471

Before it was a thing for weirdos, freaks and spergs. In 10s even normies started associating themselves with media. Who cared if you liked unwholesome shows in the 00s? If you were a geek, people still thought you was a weirdo, so what's the point in making yourself non-toxic and woke? Now everyone and wants to put on a face and some people take it too far.

No. 1377481

If you think about it fandom is modern day religion mostly driven by corporations and organized religion itself is proto-fandom taken to the extreme. Both offer a sense of meaning and belonging to a community based on a fictional medium, religion is not corporate but that's because corporatism did not exist millenia ago, fandom is (generally) not used to justify oppression but mindless corporate worship. Even those who use headcanons as a way to "rebel" are still shackled to the corporation that creates said media since they still consoom but in a… tsundere-ish(?) way.

No. 1377492

there have been many discussions already about Jesus being the original husbando, nuns are the original husbandofags, marrying their husbando

No. 1377496

Exactly. Sectarianism is also basically headcanon drama. I'd say imagine actually killing each other over which Jahova's Bizarre Adventure spin-off is superior but that's what literally actually happened and is still happening.

No. 1377504

>Jahova's Bizarre Adventure
thank you for making me laugh nonna, you have no idea how much I needed that, you're really all important to me. What could you compare the iconoclasm of Islam and protestantism too? Not allowing lewding? "Antis"?

No. 1377508

>Jahova's Bizarre Adventure
kek nonna

No. 1377512

>Unironically letting middle schoolers into fandom discourse was a mistake.
I was saying this in 2014 and I will say it again in 2022. Children do not belong in fandom spaces. Almost all of fandom content is created by adults due to the sheer volume of people over 18, the oldest geeky millenials being in their mid 40's by now. But at some point every adult was demanding 14-16 year olds to be allowed entry because they were projecting their own past to those kids, being barred from the cool big adults' club and left to peek from the crack of the door while being shooed out the moment they tried to sneak in. They never realized that it was for their own good, to prevent them from learning a destructive mindset or being exploited themselves. There are plenty of stories of "proship" kids being pressured by their peers into dogpiling and harassing creators to prove their loyalty since that's basically the quintessential teenager mindset, and there are just as many stories of these kids being abused by adults who claim to be "one of the good ones" because they don't (openly) like problematic ships, but nonchalantly start grooming the kid either sexually or manipulating them into being their personal assistant.

>I feel like they completely normalized trying to harm the crew behind a show if you don't like something that they did.

Voltron normalized this on a larger scale because the creators were the first ones to be present in social media and who would give in to the demands set by the schizos threatening their big name property and the production. That sent a signal to everyone about being unhinged paying off, and once that genie's out the bottle it's almost impossible to put back in.

No. 1377524

>Speaking of which, what's with the weird disdain for "hetships"? It always feels like M/F content is seen always weird, wrong, or boring and when there is a hetship it's always the girlboss/malewife, bi4bi, t4t shit.
Not addressing the tranny headcanons but a lot of LGB people get almost zero representation in media and all the rare well-made, genuine, balanced, non-opportunistic same sex couples are more of a nudge and a wink from the creators that could be just played off as being "good friends", so shipping gives them a chance to enact an alternative universe where being homosexual is as normalized and common as heterosexuality. For someone who didn't grow up as a gay kid deprived of feeling loved and being accepted as a potential romantical or sexual partner, it's probably hard to understand and only looks like "stupid heterophobic queerios making everything gay". And due to heterosexual ships being so common and especially because female characters are even to this day portrayed as pretty prizes for the male protagonists, yeah, a lot of people hate them for what they represent. For me I'm much more enthusiastic about gay ships because they rely on fandoms keeping them alive while hetships kinda just exist there in the canon, they don't need my help.

No. 1377547

That's a very good point but all the attempts to spicify/"queer" het ships are still absolutely ridiculous, actually including for the reasons you listed.

No. 1377553

Good argument, but there is a not so small portion of fans, who are straight and cis (or at least spicy straights or "queers"), yet still pedal all that genderspacial crap.

No. 1377554

any artists or creators in here who are extremely paranoid about putting your characters out there because of this crap? i want to make a videogame but if some gendershit "fixes" my oc i might flip my shit.

No. 1377556

File: 1666031170837.png (61.31 KB, 1280x773, starwars.png)

I agree with this too. It's pretty saddening.
>I think people who heavily endorse the literary concept of “death of the author” simply want to exist in their own fantasy.
Death of the author in current day fandom specifically is horrid. It could be used for something interesting but nooooo, it's almost exclusively used by people who have some sort of petty inconsequential disagreement with something the author wrote or made. Just say that, just say it's petty and move on and go write some fanfic. Sometimes you just end up disagreeing with things or the author is an average idiot.
>That sent a signal to everyone about being unhinged paying off, and once that genie's out the bottle it's almost impossible to put back in.
Fuck, it's sad. I think I spoke to an anon in the art salt thread about this. It really did set the standard that being unhinged pays off. You can really make a genuine attempt into crybullying a whole property into including something, huh? Sure there have always been tards (i'm looking at you, mlp) but it has never been this bad, has it? Death threats have long been a thing of course but I feel like now the audience-crew relationship is especially bad.
I feel like a lot of these problems could be fixed by just writing better female characters (impossible apparently) and people would become naturally more inclined, no? In my limited experience it's these ships that I've seen some of my fandom buddies get hyped for. It… doesn't help that the problem is compounded because there's much less of people like you who just want to do your own thing at the back and chill, and unfortunately more of incessant schizos who make it a morality game and start crybullying.
I think the moral of the story is that children and schizos need to get the boot. I think this is something we can all shake on, because this is the most peaceful discussion I've seen on this issue so far and thank goodness for that.

No. 1377559

why mention "cis"? transhets (as in trans identified people excusively attracted to the opposite biological sex) aren't any less straight than "cis" straight people

No. 1377565

I'll be honest with you, I didn't understand a single fucking word that you just wrote, so take your tranny bullshit elsewhere. I literally don't give a fuck over any of that tranny shit and what labels they make up for themselves.

No. 1377568

I'm sorry, nonnie, I didn't meant to be rude to you. I love and respect you. Still, what retarded tranny arcade magic is that?

No. 1377569

huh? i just said that there is no point in saying straight AND "cis" as opposed to just straight because only liking the opposite sex still means you're straight no matter how many gender labels you put on yourself

No. 1377570

I'm honestly a thousand times more scared of a schizo trying to get me to eat glass or trying to blackmail me or someone who works for me into getting something or some ship to become canon. But at the same time I agree with you, why can't gendies just keep their dingy little fixes to themselves. I swear some of these people think that they are doing the entire world a service by shitting out some hot cringe. Like, it's not hurting anyone, sure. But I still get to laugh at the "fix".

No. 1377578

Anybody remember andythanfiction? This stuff has been happening for so long sadly

No. 1377604

>religion is not corporate but that's because corporatism did not exist millenia ago
Religions have been used for monetary purposes centuries ago though, so the comparison still works. Between the Muslims invading African countries and forcing local populations to convert to islam by imposing very high taxes on non-Muslims, European Christians much later also invading Africa and America to get resources from both continents and seel and buy shit there, then Catholics in the middle age being forgiven for their sins if they paid their local church, etc. globalization as we know it wasn't a thing yet but almost.

No. 1377612

Sure, sure. Yeah, I worded myself poorly, I meant more in the vein of "these books were written millenia ago so the real author(s?) are unknown therefore copyright cannot be enforced like with modern corporate media", these cases are more like each group monetizing their own fanfiction of something that no one actually knows who created it.

No. 1377686

> There are plenty of stories of "proship" kids
Shit, samefagging to correct to say "antiship" kids, not "proship". Proships do have their own cuckoo drama but it's mostly genuine pedos and sickos forcibly co-opting the narrative to defend their degeneracy.

>Death threats have long been a thing of course but I feel like now the audience-crew relationship is especially bad.
Yes, before the fan communication went through multiple walls before reaching the creator but now any psycho can tweet at the creator telling them they'll rape and murder them if they don't comply. And it doesn't even have to go that far as in threatening the creators, they can just start running the franchise to the ground, call for boycotts, overall organize a huge ruckus to destroy what they claim to love simply to get their way.

No. 1377881

>I think people who heavily endorse the literary concept of “death of the author” simply want to exist in their own fantasy.
These people want ocs but they're fucking cowards + internet validation it's their lifehood. Also it's an ouroboros, they fear doing original content in case a random autist does the same thing they do

No. 1377885

File: 1666052202773.png (760.3 KB, 1280x849, 3B38E0D6-84DD-4066-BABF-6D0C50…)

I had the perfect meme I found weeks ago and was gonna post it but I forgot until now kek

No. 1377901

That's because adults started to like and make fandoms around literal children stuff. It's not the same Star Wars (even if it's for all ages, it is obvious that children are a peripheral audience) than fucking Steven Universe or other almost-for-toddlers stuff. Or you're going to tell a 10 yrs old that she can't like mlp? They started accepting kids because there was nothing else to do

No. 1377908

has anyone seen this at all? if anything i think it'd say welcome or they would try to blend in since they have no respect for kids or their boundaries

No. 1377929

When I was in college working on my history credits, I used to jokingly refer to altarpieces and such as "Bible fanart."

This corporate bullshit made me resent the Superwholock fandom when I was younger. Whenever a business used the term "fandom" or "geek" it was typically one of those IPs. I think it really inflated the egos of the people in them; they thought they were the fandom, and that liking British shit made them cultured or more intelligent. They were so condescending to the other fandoms on Tumblr at the time, especially anime fans and Homestucks.

Agreed. Kids under 13 shouldn't be on social media at all, frankly. I suppose I'm more sympathetic to IPs with children as the target audience, but most fandoms are for things marketed to teenagers or adults. Kids shouldn't be engaging with adult strangers online, and people used to understand that. The onus should be on the parents and owners of the site to regulate what kids are exposed to, not the sites' adult users.

This is not a defense of degenerate fanart, by the way, but unfortunately that shit is always going to exist in every fandom because of cumbrain scrotes and people trying to make money off of cumbrain scrotes.

No. 1377936

Are you kidding me? Voltron was nowhere near the first IP to have creators active on social media and interact with fans directly. This has been happening for as long as people have had internet in their homes, the only difference is that the demands of fans have gotten gradually more extreme over time.

The author of Homestuck was way too generous with listening to fan input (owing partially to the suggestion box early on) and it came back to bite him in the ass. People just became increasingly entitled and more critical of the material (which, granted, did jump the shark a little bit.) Now he's abandoned social media almost entirely, and his most recent story is all about parasocial relationships, groupthink, and fan culture. Go figure.

No. 1377953

File: 1666057386252.png (502.18 KB, 787x640, Screenshot_1645.png)

thanks for making this thread, fandoms are an alien world to me. This is both terrifying and educational, I had no idea how bad things really got.

No. 1377982

the consequences of helicopter parenting and being unnecessarily afraid of the outside

No. 1378035

the kids were simply autistic, didnt have good social skills, only interacted with people on the internet and made echo-chambers that bombardated them with similar media. What I have noticed is that people (teenagers at that time) grow up of that phase and continue their life as normal adults but now people make wharever media they consume their entire personality

No. 1378076

File: 1666070577225.jpg (14.78 KB, 261x102, Furry_subreddit_2014May4-June1…)


I'm personally curious on dissecting the sexual facets/subsects, the causes of such kink phenomena - and moralities behind the furry fandom - and I'm looking to pick up some nuanced and more objective input in regards to it.

How much of the sexual attraction to anthros or intertwining subcategories kinks/fetishes within the fandom is caused 'organically'/'by itself' by sexual imprints during formative years? How much of it is caused/enabled by calculated grooming/procuring? And how much of sexual harassment within the fandom consists more of a case of autists/awkward coomers with no calculated/predatory intent - just having a poor sense of filters and subconsciously being inconsiderate of boundaries?

Is the established fandom in itself, to any degree - really a front/scheme for grooming? using saccharine artstyles/media to pander/lure naive/vulnerable children (and adults who have a similar youthful/childlike naivette - emphasis on those on the autism spectrum/developmental disabilities) into abhorrent sodomy?

Also - is the statement that 'most furries are relatively decent people - it's only a small minority that happens to be personality disordered/dramatic/toxic/rapey' true for the most part?

Answers and discussions regarding these pieces (and prompts beyond of furdom psychoanalysis) would be greatly appreciated - especially from those who have more substantial, prolonged and direct experiences within the fandom themselves (and a grasp of its technical history as well.)

No. 1378078

Not to derail but how would teen rebelliousness or lack of affect a future midlife crisis?

No. 1378084

>It gets to the point where people will change the character with all sorts of stuff that it just resembles an OC who has ties to the original character rather than the original character itself.
and thus 50 shades was born from Twilight

No. 1378171

What's being said is that Voltron was the first big name show that had first of all approachable creators and secondly creators that actually caved in under the demands of sick people out in the open, some even throwing the bone themselves like the nonbinary-identified voice actor of Pidge not-so-subtly trying to push her as a themlet when she was a tomboy.

A lot of furries have their first contact with the furry fandom during their formative years i.e. when they're around 12-15. It's because the cute animal mascots and sparkledogs are obviously approachable and interesting to kids of this age, I know I thought they were cool when I was 13 while I doubt I would be getting into the entire furry genre at an older age. So add into that a predatory adult that lures them in with their fun, charismatic roleplaying fursona and gradually starts grooming them and by 17 they'll be identifying with different pronouns, porn addicted and possibly issues with substance abuse that impairs their cognitive abilities.

>Also - is the statement that 'most furries are relatively decent people - it's only a small minority that happens to be personality disordered/dramatic/toxic/rapey' true for the most part?

Possibly, but they're not doing anything to stop it and would rather pretend it doesn't exist while demonizing other communities to deflect. But that said I don't think it's just a "small minority" issue when it comes to furries. They've been defined by degeneracy since the 80's to the point there's a distinction between them and anthro artists who don't want to be associated.

No. 1378172

Great thread, I've been thinking about this subject recently as well. It's been sad to see how people are less likely to lurk/integrate into older fandoms/subcultures, and instead demand that creators and traditions be reshaped around their ideas of reality.

Yeah. I've accepted that whatever original content I make, I'm going to put on a personal website with a ton of GC disclaimers and no major social media connections. At the very least, it means that whatever confused leech (anyone who needs existing work to riff off of is a leech, including myself whenever I shit out fanart) that stumbles across my stuff and feels the need to gendertweak it will face potential blowback for being inspired by wrongthink.

nta, from what I've noticed among friends and acquaintances, people who've had a quarter or midlife crises all didn't take many risks in their youth and had a bunch of built up regret from their what ifs and if onlys while being stuck with things like mediocre relationships, jobs, debt, etc or a complete lack of any sort of meaningful life progress. I imagine there's going to be a lot of buildup of this sort of thing in the people mentioned by the other nona.

No. 1378734

>SP autist
Does SP stand for South Park? Because that fandom never really striked me as being super autistic compared to something like MLP:FIM. But then again I might be sanitized to ugly characters turned into bishounens and fujo shipping.
The fandom just never seemed that big to me. I used to occasionally stumble upon South Park fans back in the day but they never seemed to "force" themselves into others conversation (like saying "does this remind anyone of xyz character?" to literally anything). They mostly seem to just mind their own business. Ironically enough South Park is so integrated into pop culture that I'm sure nobody wouldve mind if their fans started relating everything to South Park
I know they still have fans but I don't see them so much anymore I wonder if it being labeled problematic media has anything to do with that

No. 1378867

theres a whole subsect of zoomers (mostly tifs) who turn all the boys into tumblr sexymen and ship them together. it is quite disturbing since i'm pretty sure they're all supposed to be in 3rd grade.

No. 1378892

File: 1666129617334.jpg (283.45 KB, 1200x1000, Red_Guards.jpg)

I think certain level of moral zealotry is actually typical of adolescence and has been a feature of many youth subcultures in some form or another. Even if the reality of those movements has always been self-serving (e.g. hippies healing the world with "free love").

Young people are more prone to radicalism and black-and-white thinking. It's why terrorist organizations tend to target young men in their recruitment schemes, appealing both to their sense of ethics and their baser instincts ("Fight in a holy war against infidels! Oh, and you also get 72 virgin wives when you die.") Young people blatantly involved in politics also tend to use moral policing as a way to derive a sense of power, especially if they can wield it against their elders.

No. 1378913

Basically this. Red guard teenagers are a good example, they would've given up (and did) their own parents to the state to be executed if it came to that because teenagers have stunted cognitive abilities that prevent them from feeling empathy or considering the long-term consequences of their actions, and of course their general lack of life experience makes their worldview immature. In other words, they live in the moment and have extreme black and white thinking. It's par for the course and nothing new, besides now we're all living on the same school ground as they are and they're even more vulnerable for adults (like the notorious "fandom parents" and just groomers) to exploit for their own gain. It's not only limited to fandom spaces, just look at people like Nick Fuentes or LtCorbis.

No. 1378935

used to interact with fandoms, can't anymore. got way too weird and aggro.

No. 1378959

Kek nonna millenials started the tumblr sexyman thing. Remember superwholock?

No. 1378993

>I feel like a lot of these problems could be fixed by just writing better female characters (impossible apparently) and people would become naturally more inclined, no?
Many women are still drawn to M/M ships and fixate on male characters even when interesting female characters are "available." That's because shipping is a playground for female sexuality and most women are attracted to men. There may be some gay women looking for "gay representation" (lesbians, being women, find relationship dynamics interesting even if it's between men, while actual gay men don't really care about shipping), but treating shipping as some political crusade for LGBT rights is a distraction intended to lessen women's shame over their sexuality by giving it an aura of moral righteousness.

No. 1379110

I mean. Not to defend those fans, but the show itself is disturbing. Kyle's five-year-old little brother got groomed and molested by his teacher. Stan is an alcoholic. Tweek and his whole family use meth. Cartman makes chili out of a kid's parents and tricks him into eating it. Any moral condemnation of the fanart could just as easily be levied against the source material.

No. 1379118

I find this to be particularly true of teenagers living in periods of great social/political upheaval. Even under normal circumstances, kids strongly seek a sense of belonging in their peer group, but in hard times, belonging alone isn't enough to cope, so they want to feel righteous and moral as well.

No. 1379229

>free time
This. It's probably worse if you have actual autism. I stopped doing "tumblr shit" when I graduated high school, went to college and got a job. I can't imagine going back to that bullshit lmao.
The funnest "fandom" chats I had were on places like IMDB forums or other chans. Anywhere else was just miserable woke circling.
I just miss when under 18s got rightfully scolded for talking about how they were underage. Now the internet has to be some safe space for genderspecial kids whose moms took away their phone for thirty minutes.

This is kind of random but I get irritated seeing zoomer/millennials enter the workforce with no concept of boundaries when it comes to signaling their fandom interests. Women working closely with kids will try to make their offices quirky safe spaces with wholocksuper shit everywhere. I just find it ew, you are not their friend.

No. 1379250

Those shows are made for little kids so 16 year old watching them is still weird even if they are minors themselves.

No. 1379359

The consoomer shit and woke circlejerking bother me too, but I'm an adult with a degree and two jobs and I still find time for fandom shit. I just keep to my own small cliques and stay off Twitter, and that seems to work just fine for me.

I dislike when people buy lots of plastic funko crap and other novelty garbage, but I don't see the problem with just hanging posters for shit you like in your workspace, especially if it's a more casual environment. And uh, yeah, women who work with kids use decor in their offices to make themselves more approachable to the kids. It's not unreasonable and I think you're being a little ridiculous as far as that goes.

No. 1379686

The problem is that some people are applying this rule for all fandoms regardless of the age appropriateness of the content in the source material. It is absurd to tell a 10 year old she can't like My Little Pony, but really not at all when it comes to let's say Metal Gear Solid.
There's disturbing for the sake of disturbing, disturbing for the sake of dark comedy and disturbing for the sake of sexually arousing taboo and South Park was never meant to be the latter.

No. 1379889

has anyone tried to build their own community? i have been thinking about making my own discord with rules to ban minors

No. 1379893

I haven't. Sometimes I almost want to post my twitter id so anons can follow me and we could talk about BL and video games and pretty art but anyone can lurk here so that's risky. I hate discord, I deleted my account a year ago iirc, and barely used it before that.

No. 1379926

This is what I define as Adult Only Spaces. They are clearly labeled, locked to the public and boundaries are in place with reasonable expectations that members or followers will be 18+ to even ask to join. If proving age is involved then it still hinges on honesty.

18+ only or DNI: on a public twitter for example is akin to putting plastic spikes on your store roof to discourage pigeons from roosting or shitting on everything.

This is about kids who lie about their ages so that they can see content and interact with creators. Not kids that accidentally find NSFW of their favorite character or when they or adults rightfully have an issue with untagged NSFW in the general tag.

No. 1380031

>treating shipping as some political crusade for LGBT rights is a distraction intended to lessen women's shame over their sexuality by giving it an aura of moral righteousness.
They aren't mutually exclusive though, M/M shipping for example can be both a realization of female sexuality, straight or homosexual, being explored in an environment where they feel safe and confident doing so (in an all-female community with no female sexualization) and it can also be women looking for comfort in a scene where same sex shipping with no scrotes present is the norm after feeling like freaks for all their lives. I get that you're probably talking about the moral crusaders making it an entire political statement and nothing else with no fun allowed but even those people aren't entirely wrong about it, they're just getting it backwards.

I only join 18+ communities, not porn discords but just servers that don't allow people under 18. They're harder to find but still getting more popular these days.

No. 1380503

>Women working closely with kids will try to make their offices quirky safe spaces with wholocksuper shit everywhere. I just find it ew, you are not their friend.
I think this is being overly cynical and hypervigilant about it, they're not some creepy womanchildren who want to relive their childhood through children but just make it a more comfortable environment for the kids that could otherwise feel stressed out. My friend works in social services with troubled children specifically and she has told me that the plushies and funny anime memorabilia etc are useful in making her more approachable like >>1379359 said.

No. 1381225

Fandom as we talk about it ITT has always been about wish fulfillment for women whether lesbian, bisexual or straight, which sure can include M/M shipping for whatever reason depending on each shipper, but we still need to keep in mind that it was always supposed to be female wish fulfillment first of all that actually shouldn't have anything to do with real life men whether gay, bisexual or straight (for the record I do find real life people shippers whether M/M or F/M or F/F really creepy and distasteful). And while the vast majority of media is indeed painfully heterosexual, the majority of it is also painfully male gaze-y and presents women as prizes to be claimed by men, so it's not that surprising that even straight women wouldn't be into that and would rather enjoy content that actually caters to their own desires without being mocked by men and pick-mes for it. For example Twilight, as shitty and, for lack of a better word, problematic it was (basically thinly veiled Mormon propaganda, let's be real), a huge chunk of the hatred and mockery it received came from it pandering to (straight) women (as opposed to straight men) too much. So honestly as long as there are no autistic slap-fights in the vein of "NOOOO MY HUSBANDO IS NOT GAY" vs "NOOOO HE CAN'T BE YOUR HUSBANDO HE'S GAY" I'll just say ship and let ship, don't like don't read yadda yadda yadda.

No. 1381524


I'm envious and in awe of women who have the mental fortitude to tell men to fuck off, that their opinions are worthless and don't faze her. Men are somehow holders of "prevailing and dominant opinion on women's consumption of media" and I hate how easily I absorb it.

On that topic policing sexuality where it falls on the spectrum of "This is mine! Keep your nasty Mary Sue/Fujo/Cishet hands off!" especially the conflict between fujoshi and self insert (is that the same as yumejoshi?).

Ship jealousy is an offshoot of it. I try to think of the ships or interpretations of belonging to the individual. Especially fans who push agendas or force headcanons. I wish everyone could just say, "Fuck off, this is my version and you can go play with your own."

No. 1381579

>Especially fans who push agendas or force headcanons.
Honestly with genuine homophobes they consider just shipping two same sex characters as "pushing an agenda" whether it would be just to be more accepting of same sex relationships or the female gaze.

The fandom I'm part of has a continuous stream of aggressively heterosexual moids and pickmes who try to "claim" every character before same sex shippers get their hands on it and then cry victim and globohomo propaganda when they're told that their nonsensical ship sounds more like a "t-this character just CAN'T be gay!" spite stand, which it usually is. I get that it's "just" shipping which shouldn't be that serious but it does hurt for real when someone considers a ship as a personal attack just because it's two characters of the same sex since homophobia is still very much a real thing, and as lame of a buzzword "representation" is there aren't any canonically confirmed gay couples to fall back on. It's one of those things that just doesn't work if the roles were reversed because the dynamics would be entirely different.

No. 1381590

File: 1666340665670.jpg (25.01 KB, 259x385, Brienne_of_Tarth-Gwendoline_Ch…)

it's especially funny when they say that media is soooo full of lesbians already and that they just can't find any media with a normal female friendship, or that they get upset that you headcanon a masc woman as bi or lesbian, because in their minds the media is flooded with butches and masc samesex attracted women in general. Meanwhile the reality is that lesbian couples are still rare, when they are included it's usually in such a superficial manner and without giving them much personality. Which makes it logical that a female friendship gets headcanonned as a relationship, because they are given more attention and depth. And they have made it a point since the 90's at the very least to "subvert the trope" and make every masc woman as straight as possible. Where is all the butch lesbian media then which needed to be subverted? They were only included as jokes in cartoons and sitcoms and that hasn't changed much with newer media either, even the ones which are supposedly lesbian focused.
Yet some straight women and scrotes with some sort of femdom fetish will get extremely upset if you, let's say, wish Brienne of Tarth was portrayed as a lesbian knight or if it's your personal headcanon.

No. 1381594

Imo it reminds me of that study of men thinking that women talk over them and dominate the conversation when after being measured it turned out it was actually men themselves. Considering yourself the norm makes all deviation feel disproportionate. Like when there's a subtle reference to a character having two mothers people fucking blow up because of gayness being "pushed on them", I had to stop following the western animation cows thread because anons there considered representation done even in good faith as propaganda and agenda pushing.

>And they have made it a point since the 90's at the very least to "subvert the trope" and make every masc woman as straight as possible.

Seriously. This is the bane of my existence. A woman can't be masculine and a lesbian, she must be one but not the other. If she's masculine she needs to be the dominating butch girlfriend carrying a nerdy boy in her arms and if she's a lesbian she must be suitable for that nerdy boy to masturbate to.

No. 1381663

I'm sorry, I meant forcing trans and neurodivergent headcanons as irrefutable truth when I mentioned that part. There wasn't a mention of it in the post so I see where you're coming from. Trans headcanons are infuriating, especially when combined with f/f ships. It becomes almost memetic with twitter and tumblr when a character is "____coded" and then you're hard pressed to escape that. Japanese fan art is a whole other mess though due to futa.

What fandom are you in? I'm still pissed that Jiro from BNHA is into Kaminari. I didn't see that at all. She and Momo were the only ship I could get into. While rarely hate posted about JiroMomo crosses my path it's always for homophobic reasons. I can't see why she couldn't at least be accepted as bi?!

I'm a closeted fujo, but an out lesbian. Media is difficult to find "my type", especially now that Queer is the push. L Word was a starting point for mainstream or not fanfic or fanart content.

Brienne being straight was a surprise, but it might have been wishful thinking. I didn't read the books, or watch GoT often, but at least she wasn't made transgender. One other (soft?) butch character I can think of is Detective Bennet from Law and Order:SVU but I'm a weeb. This could be a controversial ship, but from Terminator: Dark Fate Grace and Dani have a butch-femme dynamic but I don't have fandom experience to add more.

Seriously though, if male characters can be given endlessly stacked traits and combinations of subversive, but not TOO subversive, ways why are women so regulated? (Easy answer: because of men) but even female creators fail with this.

No. 1381720

>If she's masculine she needs to be the dominating butch girlfriend carrying a nerdy boy in her arms and if she's a lesbian she must be suitable for that nerdy boy to masturbate to.
NTA but that's the best description of this phenomenon that I've heard. Hit the nail on the head.

No. 1381723

File: 1666357166913.jpg (169.96 KB, 800x1006, George and Babe Zaharias.jpg)

the vast majority of human beings are straight, IRL most "masc" women(i.e fit women who workout) are also very much straight, most masc sapphic icons are/were also straight women married to men who most of them time were also "masc", its not "subverting" anything, its reality

No. 1381737

then why pretty much every time a masculine female character is introduced you have so many people saying "thank god she's NOT A LESBIAN WHAT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO STEREOTYPICAL" as if mainstream media is actually rife with butch lesbian characters that aren't meant to be unlikable caricatures and hardly any gnc female character is into men

No. 1381739

where do you see this, can you please show me one example

No. 1381741

Now see here anons, you're witnessing the "b-but most people ARE straight so no non-heteronormative representation is not needed" deflection in action.

Now in all seriousness, did you ever stop to consider that representation isn't only to make those represented feel better about themselves, but also nudge the general populace to be more comfortable with different lifestyles and understand them better? The fact that you think "masc" women is synonymous to "fit women who work out" (also Babe Zaharias is definitely not masc so I don't know what you're trying to convey with your picrel) is alone a proof of how much work there is left to do. GNC women, especially gay ones, are invisible unless they're undercut sportstars with a full face of makeup.

No. 1381742

Brienne of Tarth from GoT as explained by >>1381590 is a particularly infamous one lol. yes, masculine straight women do exist. and so do masculine lesbians, and there's nothing wrong or inherently "stereotypical" to depict them on screen as well developed characters.

No. 1381744

I find it very interesting when there is basically several fandoms for one media franchise. Idk how to explain it, but if you hanged out with Star Wars people, you would quickly notice that there is not one, but several fandoms and all of them center around different thing. Even more interesting is that it's like an iceberg, and the deeper it goes, the more insane fans sprout out.
Like in anime, you have your normies who watch OPM and Naruto and absolutely deranged lolicons on both sides.
I experienced this stuff cause I'm into Star Wars (or was in my childhood) and comic books. On surface level, you have your normies who just watch MCU and maybe buy a few funky pops. Then, you have casual fans who watched a few cartoons and played some vidya, maybe read some comics. Then, you have hard-core comic book fans who sneer at all the above. And after that, you get truly crazy schizos like waifufags, autists and she/theys with bitch ass takes. You might think that they like the same thing, but they are all very different. When you reach the deep level you will be greater with unseen levels of autism, while on the surface it's some normies watching movies on holidays.
Idk, it's a weird thing for me, but I kinda think that for every media there is a "basic fandom" and a "deep fandom". All the drama is usually found in the later.

No. 1381746

I was wondering what kind of shithole fandoms you guys are part of that you see this kind of shit >>1381737, but it makes sense if they are infested with moids

No. 1381749

here's the thing, you are just liking fandom wokeoids you claim to hate, masc/fem or whatever bullshit are terms gay moids made up and queer theorists, real life people are complex and healthy human beings identities aren't based on made up BS
she's a well developed character and she's straight just like most human beings

No. 1381753

>real life people are complex and healthy human beings
and not all of them are straight, who would have thought. where even are all these well developed and likable butch lesbian characters all over the media that so many people need to rejoice whenever a well written gnc female character is not one?

No. 1381755

The bigger the fandom the more subgroups it has, simple as that.

No. 1381768

File: 1666359957632.jpg (51.09 KB, 736x860, 8dbf33cec8b6b5bc391711a32dcffe…)

Having to come up with justifications for why you ship this and not that, advocating or fighting against this or that representation in mainstream media, it all sounds like such a bore, I dunno how anyone drags themself through it.

No. 1381771

>Pro/Anti shipping drama
gotta say i agree with what >>1377432 said, i think some part of the moral crusading is just backlash against years of scrotes blatantly lewding kids stuff. the result is the invention of terms like minor coded in an attempt to at least regulate the coomers. on the other hand i do think it's retarded to police shipping fanfiction because even if it's degenerate sometimes it can hardly be as harmful as like futa porn or something. you don't just stumble on explicit fanfiction the way you stumble across porn on google images, at least ao3 has the "adult content" warning, and i'd argue the medium itself doesn't really allow for any surprises the same way images and videos do. not to mention the fact that fanfiction is pretty much always written by women which makes it more justifiable in itself to me kek.

speaking as a former furry, i'm inclined to believe most furries simply cultivate their attraction to anthros by continually exposing themselves to furshit. if they get into it during puberty, the imagery will probably have a stronger influence on their sexuality overall. however, i think some circumstances can make you more prone to developing a "weird" sexuality, like childhood trauma and whatnot. tmi here, but i was diddled as a kid, and although i had been exposed to all kinds of normie porn for a long while, mlp porn and furshit had a much bigger impact on my sexuality once i was exposed to that. or at least i developed a much stronger, or rather, more comfortable attraction to that type of pornographic imagery. i think this is because i already had problems with "normal" sexual depictions of human adults - i associated those with feelings of fear, shame, pain and unease/queasiness. anthropomorphic technicolor animals, however, became a sort of "safe space" for my sexual fantasies and explorations. i'm an adult in my 20s now and to this day i get (sometimes extreme) anxiety after having sex or masturbating to normal porn (i quit all kinds of porn a long while ago though). sorry for the degenerate blogging, just wanted to give my 2 cents on furdom.

No. 1381776

There have been words butch women use to describe themselves since at least the 1920's (see KV in Germany) and even Anne Lister wrote extensively about how difficult it is/was as a gnc lesbian. Lesbian history didn't start in the 70's and not all those terms come from gay scrotes, no matter what polilez, postmodern queerios or tradtards say. These words are DEscriptive not PREscriptive and all words are made up at some point. Do you also get angry at the word "tomboy"?

No. 1381779

>backlash against years of scrotes blatantly lewding kids stuff
That's very fair and I obviously do not disagree with that, but it sucks that now even the obviously not kid friendly media has to be handled with kid gloves because "WHAT IF SOME MINOR FINDS IT" As I have said before, it is indeed absurd to tell a 10 year old she can't like My Little Pony because of the bronies, but it's really not at all absurd to say that 14 year olds shouldn't be allowed to participate in fandoms for M-rated games such as Metal Gear Solid or Red Dead Redemption.

No. 1381811

I do genuinely feel like seeing even one masculine lesbian female character traumatizes people so bad they can't get over it and think butch dykes are literally everywhere in media. I remember some butch recounting how a straight woman was complaining about every female character being a butch but couldn't name anyone else but that character Ruby Rose played. And once proven wrong about this they go straight for the "w-well what do we need these made up labels anyway at least I can relate to characters different from myself!!!" card, every time.

No. 1381814

lmao fr only straights would actually unironically call Ruby Rose or Shane from the L Word butches

No. 1381828

>i think some part of the moral crusading is just backlash against years of scrotes blatantly lewding kids stuff.
Definitely. I believe it's, at least to some degree, ripples from the MLP fandom which started off as a thing for nostalgic adult women and little girls before scrotes got their coomer hands all over it and suddenly the entire franchise was appropriated by misogynistic furry pedophiles. I think that entire saga traumatized online fandoms so bad that they became hypervigilant, but pointed their fingers at the wrong direction - namely women who were always there minding their own business and never caused any harm despite liking content categorized as problematic. We all know why but since it bears repetition every given chance, it's because women are much more reactive to social pressure as they're likely to be given a much harsher judgment than men.

No. 1381850

>she/they with bitch ass comic book takes in the same category as a hardcore comic book reader
The ones I cane across never seem interested in anything that isn’t the fancanon for the bat family and it’s a shame they don’t read the comics because i’d kill for another women’s dominated comic book community.

No. 1381914

totally agree with you there. in the case of adults trying to forbid certain fan content for media that's not even for kids, their main motive is probably something other than wanting to "protect kids". i think it has more to do with a need to separate themselves from what they consider the cringey or weird parts of the fandom. or just wanting project their own shame onto others.

i feel like in many cases people utilize the SJW shit just to win shipping wars. if there is some ~problematic~ aspect of a "rival" ship, they will use that problematic aspect as a battering ram to promote their own ship. if creators pander to a rival ship, they will screech about how the creators are problematic, often under the assumption they can eventually force them to make something canon if they cancel them hard enough. case in point: destiel. considering how freaking hard the supernatural writers pandered to destiel shippers, especially in later seasons, the amount of discontent expressed by them is crazy. like they practically made it canon and shippers still reviewbombed the show and harassed the writers and actors to no end, accusing them of homophobia. that's obviously an unfounded claim, but it's easier to make your childish entitlement sound like legitimate criticism if you coat it in some form of politically loaded commentary. this makes me think that the harder creators pander to fans, the more hate they will receive, because people become so greedy they won't settle for anything less than a completely fanfictional scenario that confirms all their ships and headcanons. like >>1377936 and >>1377332 said.

No. 1381959

Someone needs to do a whole case study on the FF7 fanbase
I've never seen so much misogyny from women to other women in my life

No. 1381970

>it was always supposed to be female wish fulfillment first of all that actually shouldn't have anything to do with real life men whether gay, bisexual or straight.
Unfathomably based. I'm so tired of retards who the feel need to defend the poor wittle men from being sexualized by the evil female geeks, or who bitch about yaoi being unlike real gay men. I don't give a fuck about men's feelings, what they think, or how they feel about being objectified. If they're upset about it, it's a taste of their own goddamn medicine because that's what they've been doing to women (but 100x worse) for most of recorded history. Not that they are actually upset about it, though, because retarded Aidens are the only people I've seen complain about "muh fetishizing gay men."

No. 1381977

who's the fandom guy between sans undertale and fnaf guy?

No. 1381982

I was about to ask the same thing myself

No. 1381993

it goes even further than that, they also can't handle straight gnc female characters either, when they are really honest, it's a constant moving of the goalposts. It's what they go for after they're not called butch or lesbian. I remember conforming straight women falling over themselves to praise how feminine wonder woman is and complaining how there is a lack of feminine female superheroes or movie characters in general. Where? Mad Max Fury Road, Alien, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Deadpool), you actively have to think about it and it still often feels like reaching. Meanwhile strong female feminine characters are practically a staple in Hollywood and the stronger a woman in a movie (or any piece of media really) is, the more feminine and overtly straight she has to be, because other wise it makes people uncomfortable.

No. 1382031

This shit right here is why I agree with creators who are non-responsive and seem like they're just ignoring the community whenever it tries to make demands. Nothing they do or say could ever make these idiots happy, so it's better for everyone if creators to stay farther away from this sort of insanity and continue making things as they please.

No. 1382049

this thread was supposed to be about making fun of retards who hc characters as gay or lesbian, not indulging and justify it

No. 1382059

There is already a thread for that though? >>>/m/200306

No. 1382061

I personally have seen a handful (like literally countable on one hand) of actual literal gay men getting butthurt over fangirls and unsurprisingly they were all terminally online, violently misogynistic and absolutely unhinged. like one tumblr "anti-sjw" gay moid who reblogged some fujo's ship art with death threats for daring to post in gay ship tags while female. He also kept whining about "transtrenders" but still believed in "true and honest real trans men who can be gay men but those dumb transtrending bitches make the real trans men with real dysphoria lood bad". also ofc hated terves for being transphobic against the "real transes" and also misandrist and somehow homophobic and would often call them polilezzes (because real lesbians never actually hate men that's a stereotype!!) and ofc bitches and cunts. i know this sounds like a very unhinged aiden but surprisingly this one guy was a literal male and staunch mra (but don't call him that he's an egalitarian who cares about real equality!! not like those feminazis!!) who also threw ragefits all over tumblr over "misandry" and any positive or even neutral mentions of feminism.

No. 1382062

since when? the op does not mention that at all

No. 1382087

It’s probably the main protagonist is a male character and the two female characters are treated as nothing but shipping options and ship wars are known to attract all kind of nasty attitudes. It’s not really unique.

No. 1382088

>because retarded Aidens are the only people I've seen complain about "muh fetishizing gay men."
yep and it's such an obvious projection kek. they just want to distance themselves from the fujo label.

No. 1382095

that sounds like a very specific like 1 in a million example, most gay men don't care about shipping

No. 1382142

This sounds more like some demented bisexual chaser incel trying to score Aiden pussy than a gay man to be frank.

No. 1382149

that's exactly what i mean, there is so so few of these guys (like i said literally countable on one hand in my experience) and they're all batshit insane so there's no point in listening to them because all the other actual gay moids really couldn't care less about the yaoiz

No. 1382151

They don’t care about “twue twansmen” either, it’s just an act so they have an excuse to fly off the handle about women being anywhere near their precious protected spaces. I swear to god I’m so tired of gay men and their hypocrisy, they’ll defend trans women like a protected species but treat trans men the exact same way they treat women with no social consequence meanwhile women are STILL being virtually witchhunted and demonized instead of just ignored as they do to the other extreme. That KC miller person would not have gotten attention if they were a detrans mtf. It’s just any excuse to shit on women in any way they can.

No. 1382636

File: 1666420020930.png (853.45 KB, 624x3360, macaque.neocities.org_articles…)

Take a moment to skim through this absolutely insane article. When did fandoms start getting infested with nutjobs like these? I noticed the more childish the media the more retarded the fans.

No. 1382652

i really wish my life was so devoid of any real problem that my only struggle in life is mourning a pet bird from a children's cartoon

No. 1382654

every time a sexy man dies in my viddy gams i have a cry and a wank in his memory

No. 1382658

people have always been attached to fictional characters, when arthur conan doyle killed off Sherlock Holmes, fans actually held wakes for Sherlock in both England and America and demanded doyle bring back holmes

>The public reaction to the death was unlike anything previously seen for fictional events. More than 20,000 Strand readers cancelled their subscriptions, outraged by Holmes’ premature demise. The magazine barely survived. Its staff referred to Holmes’ death as “the dreadful event”.

>Outraged readers wrote to the magazine in protest, a woman called him a brute for killing Holmes. Americans started “Let’s Keep Holmes Alive” clubs. Conan Doyle stuck to his guns in the face of the protests, calling the death “justifiable homicide” – referring, presumably, to his own justifications, not Moriarty’s.

8 years later after the magazine offended doyle a sizeable sum of money, he finally brought back sherlock holmes

No. 1382659

>retards who hc characters as gay or lesbian
maybe I'm just old but who cares if they do that tbh? LC been feeling off for a while

No. 1382661

yeah but did they take it as a particularly personal attack because they "identified" as Watson? that's the craziest part of the article imo

No. 1382665

Oh yeah, of course, not denying that. But I feel like over time everything online has to take the next big step, and now instead of people that claim to be overly attached to a character they like, they have to take it as personal offence because they are that character. In order to make their feelings sound more valid, in order to one-up normies that simply like the characters? I'm not sure. And nobody bats an eyelid, in fact, there's a whole community of these people kek

No. 1382671


No. 1382679

It was a tremendous shit show. Doyle got absolute shit from everyone including little old ladies.
again the only reason he brought him back was because after seven years and a middling post Holmes career, Doyle needed money. his own mom didnt want the stories to end.
>“Doyle's attitude towards his most famous creation was ambivalent.[38] In November 1891 he wrote to his mother: "I think of slaying Holmes, … and winding him up for good and all. He takes my mind from better things." His mother responded, "You won't! You can't! You mustn't!"[40] In an attempt to deflect publishers' demands for more Holmes stories, he raised his price to a level intended to discourage them, but found they were willing to pay even the large sums he asked.[38] As a result, he became one of the best-paid authors of his time.”

No. 1382685

NTA but nutjob fans detached from reality have existed since biblical times, if you look at it from that perspective every religion is just a fandom taken too far and they all revolve around a dead man. Online spheres have just made it easier for us to be exposed to their insanity that always existed there and that we never were aware of.

To be fair a lot of people specifically have so many problems IRL they can't handle emotionally so they divert their attention with an obsessive emotional attachment to fictional characters. My friend who years ago was in the trenches of severe depression and anxiety actually talked about killing herself because her favourite character died. Thank god she got on meds.

No. 1382686

Therapy. NOW

No. 1382700

I think its kinda stupid to compare fandom to religion, while I think certain aspects of fandom culture come from the same place as religion, religion is far far more powerful and has hold on people's lives, cause its a matter of their immortal souls

No. 1382704

yeah people were less educated then so they were even more easily memed into believing any bullshit such as "immortal souls" to get that sense of meaning and belonging

No. 1382715

No it's the exact same shit, it's just that religions told stories not just for entertainment but also to try (and fail) to explain facts of life like astronomy stuff and teach life lessons such as "killing is bad" or "women are inferior" or "never eat pork and/or seafood or you'll get sick and die of explosive diarrhea". I mean, people right now are writing novels or movies scripts that imply life lessons on top of entertaining an audience such as shit like Harry Potter teaching kids that the power of love and friendship is very important or shit like that, that doesn't mean people should literally create a cult around it and kill everyone who isn't a potterhead.

No. 1382720

Trannies and their supporters would like you to believe that the main lesson of Harry Potter is "trans bad" therefore potterheads should be killed.

No. 1382722

Yeah and they're mentally ill, obessed people with no real problems in their pathetic lives so that makes sense. I didn't mention them because I was thinking more about the actual content of the books, but then again religions are also based on meta stuff like that.

No. 1382723

I said that come from the same place, the human desire for community and believing in something bigger then themselves but its nonsensical to pretend that fandom culture has the same impact as real world religion

No. 1382725

sure, but it could have just as easily been harry potter rather than the bible if harry potter had been written in a different time, people were far less aware of science millenia ago so they had supernatural explanations for everything that they didn't know how it worked

No. 1382730

I guess, it doesn't matter right now cause we live in the modern age, I'd argue that ideologies like fascism, communism and various forms of ethnic nationalism would have been the replacements of religion, but due to circumstances neo-liberals was the that ended up dominating the world

No. 1382735

My reply fucking disappeared so I'll keep it short: it's not about impact, it's about the system for fandoms and religions. Some OCD ridden pedophilic ginger faggot in the middle east managed to trick people into fasting everyday for a month until it's night time because critical thinking skills and scientific knowledge weren't widespread yet. He decided to call it ramadan and if you don't do it then it's "bad" for you. Now we know better, if some government guy tried to impose a similar diet by law because his OCD or eating disorder told him he HAS to diet he'll be kicked out of his position because we're slightly less retarded in our era and we have gained more knowledge. That's why fandoms now have an impact mostly on the economy and not on every single aspects of our lives.

No. 1382736

was Muhammad a ginger ?

No. 1382740

No. 1382747

I don't really get what you're trying to say. Are you saying stories that have themes and life lessons in them are somehow bad because people might apply those themes to their own lives, or do you just mean the crazy fans who will fall apart if you say you don't like stuff Harry Potter or Marvel and such?

No. 1382753

maybe it's just bc im sleep deprived but this is the funniest post ive seen for a while, ily anon

No. 1382758

nta she obviously meant the latter, but religion has even more nutters who literally will kill you for disagreeing with their book

No. 1382813

Yeah I mean the latter, and I also mean religions are created from such stories to begin with, just like how fandoms are also communities based on fictional stories.

No. 1382856

i'm dying. why is it so eloquently written? i wonder how old this person is.

No. 1382861

File: 1666439135492.png (13.63 KB, 380x116, k.png)

NTA, she didnt list her age on her about, but it is sure an adventure to read.

No. 1382919

>no matter the gender it would be gay
t. straight woman coping

No. 1382975

Nta byt
>Who cares if they do that?
Cause they get aggressive if you don't agree with their ~totally queer~ headcanons, duh

No. 1383003

I understand feeling sad for fictional characters and relating to them to some degree but wtf did I just read? It took me a second to get that the person who wrote this is a kinnie and writing from the characters standpoint. how do these people survive the daily grind just HOW

regarding the fandom/religion discussion, of course fandom isnt the same as big state religions that got established since centuries and have an enormous cultural impact up until today. but the same social dynamics and trends that are found in religion can be found in fandoms or other groups as well and do serve the same purpose for some people, people who act like this in modern fandom context would likely behave similar if they would have grown up under different circumstances in a heavily religious environment 500 years ago (or today) for example. Fandoms and other fringe goups are capable of satisfying similar needs and can be seen as some sort of petri dish for study human behavior. I first read about this theory in that particular doompost from 2012 or something with charlie from the peanuts staring out of the window as a picture that got reposted here somewhere, dont recall which thread. Of course most of those shenanigans are more or less harmless and only worthy for psychological studies or laughs, but crusaders gonna crusade etc. There have been instances where fandom insanity showed a potential for irl violence thats definitely concerning and amounted to death threats towards the creators and such though, so the theory does hold some water imo.

No. 1383006

File: 1666452013232.png (2.18 MB, 975x2089, 2614065f7e583523e958f32d180884…)

I guess better comparison would be cults rather then full religions, tell me some of these traits don't apply to certain fandom behavior

No. 1383111

Religions are cults…

No. 1383292

I mean I think we can all laugh at mega spergs like that. But I dont think hcing a character as gay or whatever is immediate cringe. Honestly there aren't a lot of gay characters out there so I'm empathize

Maybe I'm just being nitpicky about the wording ignore me nona

No. 1383481

File: 1666483708961.jpg (132.52 KB, 1280x720, Me!Me!Me!.jpg)

What are some of your go-to examples of "The target audience missed or ignored the point extirely".

Brief history: Me!Me!Me is a critique of hentai. It depicts the insidiousness of porn addiction starting at a cute bouncy intro welcoming the viewer and progressed through a violent acid trip for the consequences it has on mental health, alienation from real world (romantic) relationships and emotional intimacy.

It has attention grabbing animation, catchy music and sexy anime girls to lure viewers in and more fell for it hook, line and sinker than understood its narrative.

It's memetic and still a staple for fan art, cosplay and derivative works ever since it was released in 2014.


Women have always inspired and imitated art, but currently it's as though women are competing with art because of hentai (or yaoi in some instances)

No. 1383509

they're both the same though

No. 1383512

Tomie from Junji ito. I dunno why so many gen z girls found her and look up to her as an icon for all the wrong reasons. I met a girl with a tomie tattoo who was a huge pick me and kept naming all the guys she slept around with and was even racist. It's weird since Tomie was a comment on how men treat women and the suffering they go through over and over, but so many pick mes think she is a queen for all the wrong reasons

No. 1383513

spicy straights are the worst

No. 1383517

File: 1666486383541.png (5.6 MB, 2048x2048, 1659059354212.png)

I made the OP. The thread is about people who act shitty in fandom spaces, and the reasons for that behavior. If someone is using shipping as an excuse to sperg out and denigrate others (be it in defense of a ship or in opposition to a ship), it's relevant. Scrotes who chimp out at anything gay are one example of that.

When I wrote the point about "outlandish headcanons," I was referring to when people bastardize the characters beyond recognition, like picrel. Simply changing a character's sexuality usually isn't enough, the person also has to do something ridiculous like make the character a polyamorous pansexual lesbian or something in that vein.

Edit: dropped pic

No. 1383521

Is Junji Ito really that based or are you just projecting.

No. 1383530

I read it as appearance first or "This thing is cool and I want it to represent me or to be associated with it"

Iconic status and fan interpretation are more digestible. Gatekeeping is shitty as fuck and I'm not referring to it when I say this, but scenes from Tomie and Uzumaki being sold on t-shirts at Walmart hasn't helped.

No. 1383532

I believed this when I first watched the video, but now I honestly don't think the creators of Me!Me!Me! were actually trying to criticize otaku coomer culture. IMO they were just portraying it, perhaps in a sort of self-deprecating way, and using the relationship stuff just for the sake of giving the video a story, in other words, it wasn't meant to be anything deep, it was just aesthetics. There are also people who think Shindo-L was making social commentary with Metamorphosis, but the author himself said that he was just writing torture porn. I think Me!Me!Me! is something similar to that, in that they weren't trying to convey a message to otaku.

No. 1383719

NTA, but this is all he said about it
>Q: Both Tomie and Uzumaki seem to be about the power of obsession. Does it require a certain level of obsession to draw these kinds of serial manga?
>JI: I find that odd, because I've never heard anyone refer to my manga as being about “the power of obsession.” However, when I create my manga, I'm consciously aware of things such as “self-consciousness” and jiko kenjiyoku (the urge or desire to show off). So I think the power of obsession is greatly related. In particular, I suffered from being overly self-conscious when I was younger. That's why “self-consciousness” is a theme that I'm very interested in when I create manga.
>However, there's a limit to the amount of material that comes from within yourself, so I do things like read a great deal. In terms of power, people who have a twisted psyches are interested in the past when they used to have power. Or, they're afraid of people who might wield such power in the future.
>Q: In my mind, "Tomie" is an unusually powerful and memorable character. How did you come up with the idea for her and how did she evolve as you were drawing the strip?
>JI: At first, my concept was to depict the strangeness of a girl nonchalantly going to school, although she was actually dead. The girl is neither a ghost nor a zombie, but just goes to school in her own body, even though she's definitely dead. In developing the story, the character was also developed. The girl was established as an unpopular girl because I thought the story would be more interesting if it featured someone that wasn't likeable.
>Tomie's character essentially didn't change. If anything, it was my drawings that developed — they became more beautiful. In changing the personality, it's fine if there's improvement, but there's also the case where the result is worse off because of the change. So it's very difficult to depict different aspects of a character, and there's also the danger of the character become clichéd.
>Ito: No, I’m afraid there wasn’t a beautiful woman who was the model. When I was in junior high school, a boy in my class died in a traffic accident. It just felt so odd to me that a classmate who was so full of life should suddenly disappear from the world, and I had the strange feeling that he would show up again innocently. Ever since then, I wanted to give expression to that feeling in my manga. That’s how I came up with the idea of a girl who is supposed to have died but then just shows up as if nothing had happened. In real life, it was a boy who died, but I turned her into a girl in the manga.
>Ben K: I see. "Tomie" was first serialized in a girl's magazine called Gekkan Halloween 月刊ハロウィン (Monthly Halloween). She manipulates men, drives them crazy, yet comes back to life again and again no matter how many times she is hacked into pieces or killed in any number of violent ways. Why do you think such a character was so popular with the primary audience of girls who read "Tomie" in Gekkan Halloween?
>Ito: Well, immortality, never dying, is something I think everyone longs for. At some point, we all wish we could be immortal. But Tomie lives her life completely as she wishes. She's haughty yet she captivates men. I imagine women have this desire to act like a princess. They envy Tomie's freedom, that's what I think…
>Ben K: Was there anything confirming that in the fan letters your readers sent?
>Ito: Yes, there was. Some girls even wrote that they were aspiring to become Tomie (laughs).
>Q:Tomie is a character who is truly immortal – not just in the stories she’s in, but in the way she lives on in readers’ minds decades after you first created her. Have there been any fan responses that stand out to you about Tomie over the years – especially from female fans?
>A:Tomie is arrogant, a liar, and a monster, yet she’s very beautiful and always has an air of freedom. I found that many female readers connected with the latter qualities. I had fans saying “I want to be like Tomie” which, at first, I thought was a little odd, but I could understand that perspective too. Regardless of the era, I think beauty and freedom are valuable qualities. I see fans on social media cosplaying as her, so it makes me happy as the creator.
If there's something I'm missing, sorry.

No. 1383771

There are zoomer South Park fans who weren't even born when the show started airing so they don't "get" majority of the pop culture references and other themes in the show. Also since an average zoomer's media literacy skills are extremely low they don't even get the jokes so the only reason they watch it is the characters and shipping, so it's considered controversial to think characters like Eric Cartman are funny. They also seem to forget that the writers are middle-aged men in their 50s so they expect them to be aware of something terminally online like DSMP fandom drama.

No. 1385115

File: 1666644728370.png (189.93 KB, 824x279, 516516516516.PNG)

Thanks OP for reminding me why I avoid the western Lupin fandom like the fucking plague. The First movie is so good but lord did it usher in all of these types. I was discussing headcanons like this with a friend of mine (we were also talking about western Lupin III fandom ironically) and how these new fans are always quick to say the thing they're into is actually dogshit (ie picrel).

I genuinely don't understand how as a "fan" you can think like this and have other people in that fandom agree with you. If you don't like it then why are you making fanart and participating in the fandom. Leave it to the people who know the history and enjoy it for what it is. People like Lupin because it's fun and the characters are timeless and shitty top surgery fanart has nothing to do with it.

No. 1385138

Does this person seriously think that she has more of a claim to this character than the people who literally created him? This is unhinged. The point of fiction is to create a compelling narrative, not coddle the characters on behalf of a bunch of terminally online schizos.

If she can't talk about it without being laughed at, maybe she should take a hint and realize how fucking ridiculous she's being. The internet is way too tolerant of "kin" bullshit. You're not even allowed to make fun of this unhinged crap without getting dogpiled.

The article said she was in college, so late teens or early twenties. Bleak.

No. 1385145

File: 1666647297506.jpg (187.95 KB, 1280x712, 1088021.jpg)

>try joining fandom servers/circles that are populated by older people, have age gated salt channels, strict ship hate/discourse rules or all three. If you gatekeep autists hard they can't do anything but flail around in anger
This is how I got back into fandom recently after missing it for a long time. It took a little while to find something that fit and also genuinely interested me, but it's pleasant even if it's very quiet.
>I find it very interesting when there is basically several fandoms for one media franchise.
This is a pattern I've noticed for years even in smaller fandoms. It's the key to finding enjoyment in larger fandoms containing large amounts of batshittery. I used to ship a pairing that had a small following but made others seethe because both characters had other, more popular ships, but overall we simply said "don't fucking care lol" and had our fun. And that's the culture you want to settle into these days. Easier said than done, but not giving deranged autists an inch when they try to give you shit goes a long way. It's also worth it to seek out something at least a little "problematic", the people who are also into it are less likely to be no fun allowed spergs.
Jesus, I never thought I'd live to see the day. Not Lupin…

No. 1385158

File: 1666647819281.png (194.92 KB, 794x745, get therapy.png)

Her kinlist is hilarious, too. It includes but is not limited to:
>Princess Zelda
>Silver from Pokemon
>Susie from Deltarune
>Homura from Madoka Magica
>Louie from Ducktales
>Panty from PASWG

No. 1385209

>Indulging in my past lives helps me with my unstable sense of self
Wouldn't this do the exact opposite? What drugs are they snorting? They're legitimately smoothbrained.

No. 1385221

People like this have always existed to be fair, I watched a whole video about a girl talking about how she wanted to kill herself over Ash x Misty from pokemon not being canon.
I feel bad for people like this, but there really is nothing you can do for them.

No. 1385231

File: 1666652465440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.82 KB, 1360x1050, 1597974243035.jpg)

i wish more females into fandom were unhinged to the point they drive off men and ruin the source material for them, i remember a year ago a super weird yumejo fandom of the comic Eltingville club formed on 4chan, they all wanted to rape the characters and would spam every thread of the comic with their headcanons, greentext, horny art, and who they wanted to rape the hardest, it came to the point where moids started to complain about it and to this day they consider the threads ruined thanks to the yume spam

No. 1385233

File: 1666652805605.png (1.65 MB, 2008x1426, gun.png)

Didn't this also happen with South park basically, but with fujos instead of yumejos.

No. 1385236

yeah, there was also a south park (not)general on /co/ and it was universally hated by moids

No. 1385270

I unironically love South Park fans. On a cosmic sort of plan South Park yaoi feels like revenge for everytime a man has pushed a woman or a girl out of a fandom space that was originally meant for her. But South Park fujos aren't even spiteful(only in the /co/ threads). They genuinely like these characters and ships that's why they participate in the fandom. Unlike men who says "muh r34 says I have to make porn out of it" whenever they are part of a fandom where they aren't the targeted demographic.
Anyway didn't this also happen to Supernatural? I have never seen it but I have heard that it was originally targeted men and the showrunners got sureprised by how the majority of their viewers where women and men stopped participating in the fandom because of all the yaoi.
Same happened to Hetalia. When the anime was new it did attract the interest of historybros but they immediately lost it because of the yaoi fangirls. But to be fair Hetalia did pander to fujos early on unlike Supernatural and South Park

No. 1385289

File: 1666657579731.png (186.08 KB, 919x889, larping as animu is srs busine…)

Their post about them unironically getting fucking furious at people who don't go full schizo mode when larping as fictional characters is the funniest shit I've read in fucking months.

No. 1385343

Wew lass

No. 1385494

Not sure about Supernatural but the writer of BBC Sherlock got salty because his genius show didn't attract the intellectual men he wanted to watch the show but young women who wanted the main characters to fuck.

No. 1385553

In the books at least, Brienne was shown to be attracted to males. If you insist character must be a lesbian "because butch" even with canon heterosexual leanings then it definitely sounds like you think characters in terms of inflexible stereotypes. I'm not saying you do this, it's just the impression you may give to others.

Headcanons can be whatever as long as you don't start thinking that the creators somehow owe it to you to make it canon. A lot of "queerbaiting" complaints are just butthurt shippers trying to make their entitlement seem virtuous and justified.

No. 1385557

My favorite genre of salt is scrotes crying because because their shit got taken over by women. Until about ten years ago, fandoms and male showrunners were so hostile to women, so it's nice to see us getting a few wins here and there.

Young Justice got cancelled because teenage girls were the only people who watched it, but they've since brought it back and now there have been a couple of spin-offs. We're just as lucrative a fanbase as scrotes are, and misogyny is the only reason anyone believes otherwise.

Women might not buy as much plastic consoomer crap as men do, but we're free-advertising machines. We make more fanart, we write more fanfic, and we do more cosplay because we're just better at channeling our enjoyment of things into creative outlets.

No. 1385560

Sorry anons, I stole the OP pic so I have no idea. I assumed it was PewDiePie.

No. 1385605

I love any female fandom that appropriates scrote media and makes moid seethe. The only thing I don't like about them are troon/race/sexuality """headcanons""" but that's more of a recent problem and due to external influence and zoomer brainwashing.
I especially love the ones like the Eltingville Club fags on /co/. I've never read that comic or (sadly) seen those threads in real time, but those women are extremely based. And I love how for these fandoms like South Park, EC, Hetalia, sports anime/manga (they literally made official otome media of Prince of Tennis due to the fanbase), basically anything that wasn't originally meant for women, it doesn't matter if the characters in a piece of media are meant to be hot or not, yumes and fujos will latch on to it anyway.
>Same happened to Hetalia. When the anime was new it did attract the interest of historybros but they immediately lost it because of the yaoi fangirls
AFAIK the webcomic, not the anime, initially was classified as having a target demographic of "seinen". I do remember that fact pretty clearly, and that scrotes seethe so much whenever Hetalia is mentioned. I'm so glad that the Hetalia fandom happened even if those were some of the cringiest years of my life I wouldn't change them for anything (though I wish I had made friends online to sperg with). BASED Hetafags for keeping the fandom alive even to this day. I hope it becomes relevant again so I can join in the autism for the nostalgia.
tinfoil but I kinda believe the theory that Himaruya is female which might explain the art style and the cute male characters

Oh hey what a coincidence.
>they all wanted to rape the characters and would spam every thread of the comic with their headcanons, greentext, horny art, and who they wanted to rape the hardest
KEK they are so fucking crazy I love them.

No. 1385613

I always thought Hetalia was explicitly for fujos. It was basically a moe manga with male cast and a lot of ship tease. I was surprised to see a thread about it on 4chan's /int/ where (presumably) male anons talked about having watched it. I never thought it was on male weebs' radar at all. Or maybe I'm underestimating the number of femanons on /int/.

No. 1385644

File: 1666681681229.jpg (35.05 KB, 606x350, 1597622538088.jpg)

>I've never read that comic or (sadly) seen those threads in real time
i was there to witness it and savour it, i have a crap ton of OC from that thread. A shame it never became a cartoon, we missed on a cringe masterpiece. Just imaginining the unhinged fandom that it could have spawned makes me wish i could live in the AU where Adult Swim picked the show.

No. 1385751

>but I kinda believe the theory that Himaruya is female which might explain the art style and the cute male characters
I didn't even know this was a common theory but it makes sense I honestly just assumed he was a gay man

No. 1385797

can you tell us which persona 4 ship it was please nona?

No. 1385800

so fucking based for actually watching half an hour of fart/poop jokes and centrist liberal gen-xer political takes, sure showing sticking to the moids

No. 1385804

to this day, /tv/ scrotes will reee about women ruining supernatural because the showrunners stopped stuffing the show with coomerbait to lure in male viewers. like it's somehow the female fans' fault and they MADE the creators change the show in a particular direction. and even if it was like that, so what? don't they realize a show running for that long has to do at least a little catering if they want to retain the fanbase?

i still remember a schizopost i saw in a supernatural thread on the board (i lurk there every once in a while just so seethe) about how "middle aged" female fans were getting angry dean was a womanizer who kept fucking hot girls, and they wanted roastie representation or whatever, so then the writers changed his character to wanting to settle down and have kids with a woman his age, like lisa.

No. 1385824

Most fujos hate the majority of Randy episodes though.

No. 1385829

I think it's pretty fucking obvious that fujos don't give a fuck about those things and only focus on the characters. Same with every other low quality series they form fandoms around, they're just looking for something to ship. Also, in case you weren't aware, their existence does piss moids off which is a good thing.

when I was a young fujo I would draw Randy porn though, but I was never part of the fandom, I was just a lone degenerate fujo coomer

No. 1385835

I'm taking about the multi-millonare coomer creators of SP, both seem like self rigteious degenerates, from the same mold as Justin Roiland

No. 1385857

South Park has always been obnoxious and that has always been the show's goal. However I do think the show was less 'in your face' in the past. The older South Park fujo stuff is superior to the new fujo stuff anyway hollycomb owns my heart… even if the elements she incoporated into her fics weren't my cup of tea her writing/prose is some of the best I have seen in fanfiction
>I think it's pretty fucking obvious that fujos don't give a fuck about those things and only focus on the characters. Same with every other low quality series they form fandoms around, they're just looking for something to ship
This sums it up perfectly. While a lot of SP fujos do still follow the show it's obvious they are more invested in the characters than the plot and jokes. I do think some of them genuinely likes the show and finds it funny but a lot of that stems from how attached they have grown to the characters. If you ever see a clip or a quote of the show on tumblr most of the notes are talking how much they love a character, while still acknowledging that the joke was funny.
>spoilered text

No. 1385873

Here's the thing I don't get, whenever I see people gushing about the characters, its always about how "cute and wholesome" the boys are, and I just don't get it, cause they don't act and behave like young boys, they act like adult men in the bodies of young boys and sound like adult men doing funny little accents, like butters voice is so fucking grating to my ears that I don't understand how anyone tolerates that for more then a minute

No. 1385963

Nonnie, if you don't mind me asking, how did you find people in your niche that wasn't batshit? I also liked some very obscure ships for a large fandom but the only people that were also into it were insane and would lance you alive if you dared not ship the characters the "correct" way despite it already being a nonsense thing.

No. 1385979

>they act like adult men in the bodies of young boys
I guess this is basically it. The characters looks cute but since they already behave like adults it's much easier to imagine them aged up. and most South Park shippers age the characters up when making shipping content.
And even though the characters do behave in the most deranged manner they are so stylized that it feels less uncomfortable compared to male characters derange behaviour in live-action media.
also I hate Butters voice too. He is the worst character and I hate him

No. 1385983

I wonder how many of you fujos I've roleplayed with.

No. 1386163

Speak for yourself. I generally liked the Randy-centric episodes. They're funny. I love the one where he's trying to fight the other dads at little league baseball games.

Are you on a different planet? When I was in the fandom I didn't hear anybody say this. I would occasional hear people describing stuff as cute, but typically just things the showrunners intended that way, like Kenny saving up money to buy his little sister a new doll, or Butters trying to be villainous and failing.

No. 1386882

Regarding the South Park discussion, I think that the show's popularity among fujos is a snowball kind of thing where new fujos get attracted to the series solely because of all the fujo fanworks that already exist. The original fans genuinely liked the show before they started to sexualize it, but some of the new ones might be there solely because it has become one of those fandoms with ever-expanding fujo content that exists almost separately from the original media itself (kind of like Hetalia).

No. 1386939

Yes, I think this doesn't apply to fujo content only, but to all fanworks in general. I got into Hetalia because I saw some crossover art and jokes about another series I loved at the time.

But of course, as a fujo you're usually looking for more shipping material, and if you see a big fandom that's mostly about that, you're naturally drawn to it. I don't think it's a problem with something like Hetalia because that one feels like it's made to fuel the creativity of the fans, it's a very random series that focuses entirely on the characters being cute and funny and interacting with each other, so the fans barely discussing the canon material doesn't affect anything. But when it happens to a series that has more substance, continuity, and better writing and depth, it's gonna be more difficult for the original fans to find another fan to discuss that with.

No. 1387863

No. 1387896

How credible is the author because this just looks like a bunch of Twitter screenshots and misconstrued quotes from actual doctors?

In relation to anti vs. proship drama, I find it interesting how proshippers call antis a collective, but antis themselves don't put "anti" in their bio like proshippers do. I just see proshippers calling anyone who criticizes them an anti.

I remember back on Tumblr when people actually would call themselves an "anti" of a ship, but modern teenagers weren't online enough for those times. I feel like only people who remember that still perscribe the term "anti" to people. Now they just use anti to mean any underage person who doesn't like proships. I wish they knew that those teens are not the same as the ones who they argued with on Tumblr, and that they view proship vs anti as a much different thing.

No. 1387918

I have seen a good chunk of people with anti on their bio, but you're right pros usuallu are a bit more obnoxious about it (I guess antis bark more about trans and other dumb political stuff because they tend to be the same people).
But in all honesty, I find both groups annoying, wish we could go back to simplu realizing we have different threshold for media.

No. 1387933

That analysis looks ridiculously srs bsns considering it's about self-important retard teenagers having spats on Twitter. I'm fine with academic studies on weird niche sub-cultures, but framing anti-shippers as some dangerous cult is a bit much. It doesn't seem like the writer has any objective distance to the subjects she's analyzing or has touched grass in years.

No. 1387954

>antis themselves don't put "anti" in their bio like proshippers do.
Racists don't put "racist" in their bios either, nor do homophobes put "homophobe" in their bios. They put in a dogwhistle like "traditional values", just like "antis" put "proships dni".

As an oldfag I can vouch that the pro/antiship discourse existed a decade ago but it wasn't nearly as mainstream as it was during the big Voltron drama in 2018. I get that people think "proships" are a bunch of cringe nutjobs who care too much about dumb internet drama but at one point the entire debacle was so fucking unhinged "antis" were genuinely contacting employers of people who they deemed shipping "problematic ships" or just spreading baseless rumors about them being a pedophile or a groomer, all due to shipping a ship they didn't like. Or even going as far as harassing show creators. You even saw big name influencers parroting delusions about muh minor coded characters and muh MLM fetishization. It's thanks to the active work of all the twitter accounts documenting this and speaking out about the culture that now the only people who you see being anti-proship are mentally ill 15-year olds who have a panic attack seeing their kinnie kiss the wrong guy after entering a space they don't belong in or are mature enough to handle.

So in other words proships sperged so that you could enjoy the content you do in peace, and after all the prolific "antis" hit the magical age of 18 they realized they didn't automatically stop liking the shit they did at 17 and now have to bear the consequences of the mindset they were supporting. The only way it can be seen from a "both sides are retarded" angle is that proships got too generous with their sanctuary shit and (albeit reluctantly) defended heinous moidshit like lolicon because they were told they'll have to either accept everything or nothing, and because so many of them have swallowed the libfem kool-aid they can't bring up the fact that men commit 99% of sexual crimes and are more likely to re-enact and be influenced by the violent content they see in fiction than women. I know I got hush-hushed for implying that maybe men and women aren't interchangeable and that men are born with a defective chromosome giving them impaired impulse control, so maybe we shouldn't cape for them and their degeneracy.

Which reminds me of the another reason why this is such an important issue to study is that teenagers getting themselves into a cult-like movement are in a very vulnerable position, and in the case of these antis it's about older fans setting them up for grooming or exploitation by telling them they can spot an evil person by their tastes in fiction while everyone who conforms to the "wholesome" image is to be trusted with, or that the end justifies the means so that you can be racist or homophobic (like the "freaks of color" incident described in that study) if you're just doing it for the "right reasons". We can't forget the fact that for these teenagers their online being is their entire identity they hang on to so for them the fandom bullshit is just as real as any real world issue would be, an anon upthread brought up a good point about the political youth groups and their extremities and that's actually a very good allegory. Teenagers shouldn't be let to join groups like these because the lengths they go to for social acceptance can become very extreme.

No. 1388463

Both sides ARE retarded anon. I personally view proshippers as being even dumber, and not for the reason that I don't like certain topics in fiction, but because they act so dramatic over internet harassment that they go as far as to write articles over 14-year-olds who harass them. They dedicate their whole existence to like problematic content when they really can just shut the fuck up and like what they like in silence. I only see these types of debates in western societies because they want to put an identity on themselves so bad. You don't see problematic artists from other societies calling themselves "pro-shipper" or "anti". Fiction is so much more nuanced than proship vs antiship.

>teenagers getting themselves into a cult-like movement

What is it with proshippers blowing things out of proportion? These shitty theories only pop up because they view antis as a single collective. They think it's an "us vs. them" deal when in actuality nobody actually cares. If a random person on Twitter calls an incest ship weird, they jump the gun to call them an "anti" when they don't even align themselves with antishipping arguments. They take any anti being racist and say that's the whole group which can be said exactly the same about proshippers. This is why trying to single yourself into a single group is absolutely retarded.

No. 1388468

Samefag, but I too have been in the Voltron ship discourse debates. I used to be incredibly involved in proshipping discourse (on the side of proshippers), but I realized how unimportant these things are. I genuinely think proshippers are online too much because in real life, people have so much more nuanced and worthwhile takes on fiction. People online put "proship dni" in their bio, not because they're an anti, but because they just think proshippers are annoying.

No. 1388500

I agree. There seems to be a certain lack of self-awareness among these people as they genuinely seem to treat it like some kind of activism and not a fun way to troll underage idiots. You could easily just treat the whole "anti-shipping" thing as a joke but when you take it so seriously you become a joke yourself.

No. 1388528

Well, repeating "just shut the fuck up", "why do you even care", "you PWOSHIPPEWS always blow things out of proportions" for three paragraphs in total sure is justified when by this point actual scientific studies around the topic of young people getting roped into communities based on questionable methodology doing life ruination over fictional ships. I get that you would totally tough it out and not give a single shit about people signal boosting a post accusing you of pedophilia but not everyone has that opportunity, especially people who get attacked the most by these people i.e. professional artists who have their real name attached to their portfolio who just happened to like the wrong ship. Or professionals who have their already delicate projects cancelled or funding reversed due to a social media outrage. It's outright dishonest to paint the victims as "just sick freaks who get mad at people disliking their incest ship" when even shipping childhood friends regularly gets labeled as incestuous.

>I genuinely think proshippers are online too much because in real life, people have so much more nuanced and worthwhile takes on fiction.

What do you think the philosophy of these """proshippers""" is based on then? Pride is the burden of the foolish, make sure you just grit your teeth and power through it when you get dogpiled on for whatever arbitrary, problematic thing you like or said in 2018 and the reputation of "isn't that the bitch who…" carries on for years. Of course if you're not creating any content this isn't a concern, but the people in charge of giving you things to consoom have to constantly be afraid of being the next one to lose their heads.

No. 1388533

File: 1666899480238.jpg (4.43 MB, 1000x10610, anti mom.jpg)

Some probably too bored person wrote this obvious fake post on Reddit a month ago and now it's been shared among so called pro-shippers how this is 100% true and it really happens, lol.

No. 1388563

>It's outright dishonest to paint the victims
Anon, not all proshippers are victims. There are just as many bad proshippers as there are antis. This is what happens when people try to group themselves together based on something as broad as proples opinions on the morality behind fiction.

>make sure you just grit your teeth and power through it

This, but unironically. Artists have the power to block these people because the majority of people saying it are just annoying teenagers, who I'm sure is not the audience you want to build in the first place. Artists that do get into drama like the wengchingchen artist only gain more followers after they learn to just say one thing, block, and move on. No one actually cares.

No. 1388593

We're not talking about people who claim to be "proshippers" only to force their degeneracy on others which is a situation similar to tradthots calling themselves radfem for hating trannies, but the people who actively do work to raise awareness about how fiction can be enjoyed and what purpose it can serve. The discussion has drawn a lot of attention to why shipping for example is such a quintessential part of the female fandom experience when before it was deemed as a "stupid girl thing" like boy bands or romantic novels.

>Artists have the power to block these people because the majority of people saying it are just annoying teenagers

Only if they were "just annoying teenagers" that had no power over you, but online you can be whatever you want and push the message through the grapevine so hard "she drew a shirtless 17-year old anime character" turns into "she grooms minors for exposing them to her pedo child porn". It's easy to act as if you'd have the mental fortitude not to be bothered by it at all, just like it's easy to say that you'd totally kick a guy in the balls for sexually assaulting you. When the time comes you realize that you're not Sakimichan being supported by billions of fans and bags of money being too big to ever fall, but just someone trying to break it in the industry and only being abandoned by your fanbase for something you could never predict happening.

>only gain more followers after they learn to just say one thing, block, and move on.

By the way, who do you think are the people following these people and speaking out in their support telling the antis they're being unreasonable? The cringe proshippers taking things too seriously, right?

No. 1388596

File: 1666902853518.jpg (55.29 KB, 762x665, canon and real.jpg)

Yeah, it's MC/Yosuke.

No. 1388643

File: 1666905636849.png (25.62 KB, 361x345, thefuck.png)

Ran into this while snooping on a lolcow's tumblr.

No. 1388699

File: 1666907856862.jpg (197.79 KB, 1080x543, Screenshot_20221027_145706.jpg)

Again, those people need to realize you're not gonna lose your job over something like that, in people in real life don't care as much.

I think proshippers are just an easy target because they make it so open that they're scrotes. They're like lolicons if lolicons actually cared about what others think. At least scrotes like that have the guts to own it and not make it some sort of "oppressed" identity.

No. 1388793

Personally I'm pretty sure my boss would dismiss them as being insane contacting him to complain about the fanart I drew but I don't work in the media industry which is all about connections and social credit. If I did, I would have actual reason to fear.

>I think proshippers are just an easy target because they make it so open that they're scrotes.

What? Oh yeah, because scrotes are so occupied with defending women and their gay anime ships.

>At least scrotes like that have the guts to own it and not make it some sort of "oppressed" identity.

That's not a good thing, anon. Men gloating about liking lolishit with zero shame isn't "based". Stop trying to pass women being reasonably offended with being called pedos for liking a teenage anime shounen ship as the same as men normalizing prepubescent kiddy rape porn that they're probably dreaming about taking to real life.

No. 1388830

not them but I've run into anti cliques where there's a clear adult pulling the strings in the background trying to protect their little uwu pwecious minors by alerting them to the supposed gross shit for them to attack. that's pretty groomy/culty if you ask me and I doubt the ones I've seen are the only ones.

if there's going to be a convo to be had about antis, if anything a good topic to focus on would be how creepy and weasley the adults in that movement are.

No. 1388832

while i agree doing dissertations on this shit is autistic, your take is absolutely laughable, anon. do you realize almost everyone involved in shipping drama is female?

No. 1388842

One thing that's always struck me about call out posts and the like is how counter-productive they are.
>Look, kids! This terrible person draws this questionable shit! Here's the link/detailed instructions/password so you can look at it, too! LOOK!!!
Like okay retard.

No. 1388854

over the years I've run into more weird shit in my fandoms through call out posts than casual browsing. usually weird shit is properly tagged, and especially jap fujos are good at keeping weird shit under privatter and whatnot. last year a jap artist i follow got some cunt calling her out for something she put under like 3 layers of protection, so Cunty McGenderspecial must have actively sought it out.

No. 1388878

I suspect these people either a) deep down like what they're crying about and feel guilty about it so they over compensate like a closeted Christian, or b) get off at exposing other people to it. It would certainly explain the cases where they would have had to have gone out of their way to see it.

No. 1388941

What does that have to do with what I said? Proshippers have the same ideals as lolicons. I wasn't making this a woman vs. man thing. Proshippers and lolicons are two sides of the same coin.

I meant that it's easier to block a man who's going on and on about liking loli because he's open about it. A person sperging about proship stuff is just annoying because they like to act like it's something bigger than it is. I'm not saying lolicons are "based", I'm saying that at least they don't pretend that they're doing something righteous.

Arguments like these are always stupid to me because no one is going to agree on anything in fiction. I just thought it was interesting to observe the difference between the two and how they present themselves.

No. 1389027

>antis themselves don't put "anti" in their bio like proshippers do
They ostensibly do in the form of "proshippers/anti-antis DNI."

Much like >>1387954, I'm also an unaligned oldfag and have elected to avoid this retarded discourse as much as I reasonably can. From where I'm standing, the antis are the instigators. People have been shipping and drawing degenerate shit for as long as the internet has existed, but this puritanical shit where teenagers use the "sanctity" of shipping as a false pretense to destroy each others' lives is an entirely new animal. Ship wars were a lot more surface-level in the past, and focused primarily on what was likely to be "endgame canon," which characters were the most attractive, who had the best chemistry, etc. People certainly treated each other like shit, but at least they weren't pretending it was for any higher purpose.

Not to sound all paranoid of the youths or whatever, but it's kind of sad that young people, who are supposed to be rebellious, are instead wholeheartedly embracing the same ideological principles responsible for McCarthyism and Satanic Panic. Fiction is how people investigate complex moral questions in a realm where it can't cause direct physical harm to others. Of course it can affect reality, but the responsibility for that does not and should not fall on the creator. J.D. Salinger isn't responsible for the man who shot John Lennon, yet for some reason, The Catcher in the Rye is frequently banned while guns remain entirely legal. Art can be inspired by crime, certainly, but it's not to blame for the criminality of others.

If the creation process directly involved/required abuse (i.e., child porn, crush videos, etc,) then it should obviously be illegal. Drawings though? That should just be a matter of social etiquette; if someone draws something degenerate, they should be prepared for social fallout. But doxing their family members and getting them fired is fucking ridiculous. I don't give a shit if the guy who sold me insurance likes to draw bestiality porn in his spare time. Like yeah I wouldn't want to be friends with him, but I don't think it warrants ruining to his fucking life either.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with just quietly blocking someone who posts shit you don't like and moving the hell on? Okay, sure, if their degeneracy is entertaining and cowish, you can post about them here for a laugh. But chimping out and a-logging somebody over some stupid drawings is a retarded way to respond.

No. 1389034

NTA but men aren't often socialized to have shame, of course they're perfectly content to be fucked up in the open. The social consequences for failing to conform are much greater for women because we're told to value the opinions and feelings of others above all else.

Again, I don't align myself with any of these retards, but it's an oversimplification to describe it as "two sides of one coin." I would describe it more as, "lolicon is the philosophy of proshipping taken to its logical extreme." Proshippers just sperg about about how they don't want to be harassed over shipping teenagers, whereas lolicons are adult neckbeards who wank to realistically-rendered children with giant anime heads. Like… they're similar but clearly not the same thing.

No. 1389044

>The social consequences for failing to conform are much greater for women because we're told to value the opinions and feelings of others above all else.
these people know this and that's why they love targeting women and only women. it's sick.

No. 1389095

AYRT, I think your explanation of it makes more sense anon, thank you. I had never really viewed it in that way.

I suppose my point was more on, if you are an artist who draws content that is incestuous or pedophilic, then you can't really be mad if people call you a weirdo. Of course, I agree to call someone a pedophile over it is extreme, but throwing a hissy fit over teenagers online "ratio-ing" or QRTing you on Twitter only calling you a freak is so strange to me.

And not to blogpost, but again, I used to be a proshipper back on Tumblr, but I feel like I've grown too much out of it. I keep to myself on my ships and don't associate with either side. I've found that doing that makes your experiences online so much better. Being a proshipper was less about "muh anti-queer censorship" propaganda like they say now, and more just about wanting to ship whatever you want. I feel like they need to take a page from non-western artists' books and just not put proshipper in their bio and block whoever they feel necessary rather than embarrassing themselves by unnecessarily aligning with a group of people.

No. 1389127

>Proshippers and lolicons are two sides of the same coin.
This is the most mindblowing stretch I've seen. One is trying to allow shipping (a very female specific hobby) to exist without boundaries or harassment of authors, the one is caping for the sexualization of prepubescent girls in a society where it's already a detrimental problem with men accounting for 98% of child sexual abuse cases. Do you also think feminists and neo nazis are the same thing because "they're so annoying like geez why so serious"?

No. 1389178

You having a chip on your shoulder about your pesonal fandom drama in some tumblr community when you were 16 doesn't discount the fact that the entire inspiration of the proship movement is based on a reaction against the harassment people get for doing something that's completely their own business and ultimately very harmless. Acting as if it's "the same thing as lolicons" is such an off the wall comparison to make when the point is the forced moral outrage concerning fiction women write for whatever reasons they might have, pedos muddying the waters saying "oh yeah we're totally anti-antis, let us have our loli porn!" are not the focal group whose rights they're trying to preserve.

No. 1389288

>Proshippers and lolicons are two sides of the same coin.
that is the most retarded centrist opinion i've ever read. there have been several court cases around loli for christ's sake. loli and shota literally have legal boundaries because of how harmful they are. if it's two sides of the same coin, you would see nations making bans on fanfiction and shipping. men use loli as a substitute for real kiddy porn. do you think tweens shipping, say, sebaciel also fantasize about raping little boys? and do you think they sometimes realize these fantasies? because that is the case with lolicons.
>lolicon is the philosophy of proshipping taken to its logical extreme
this take is bullshit as well. lolicon and shipping have inherently different purposes. lolicon is made by men actively trying to work around CP laws. their "philosophy" is just a desire to fuck kids, if CP laws didn't exist then lolicon would eventually become obsolete and the ones who seek it out would start jerking it to real CP instead. do you think the same could be said for proshippers? do you think if CP laws didn't exist, the women who produce and consume fan content of questionable ships would go on to act out their supposedly pedophilic desires elsewhere? no.

No. 1389293

What is the psychology behind fandom always being dominated by shipping/shippers? It's so boring to me.

No. 1389332

I think it's a mix of people being horny and wish-fulfillment/self-projection

No. 1389336

And a sprinkle of being too insecure to actually for relationships with others.

No. 1389340

Here's an interesting article on fandom psychology. The author's other article "How I was cancelled by Doctor Who" touches on the same topic.


No. 1389341

Okay let's try this again

No. 1389345

kek, oh well

No. 1389358

>Racists don't put "racist" in their bios either, nor do homophobes put "homophobe" in their bios. They put in a dogwhistle like "traditional values", just like "antis" put "proships dni".
I mean this in the kindest way possible: is not that serious. It doesn't matter how much they annoy you, proshippers aren't comparable to those things. You sound the same as those Tumblr nutjobs who nonironically think that nazis and terfs are alike.

No. 1389370

And those papers are available anywhere? Because that article that was posted avive is anything but scientific. I get that internet drama can be hurtfull, but please don't put it at the same level of serious social problems.

No. 1389588

Calm down Anon, no one's taking it as serious as you. Lolicons and proshippers both are pornsick to any outside viewer, one just tries to moralize it. You won't change my mind.

I'm talking more on art and the annoying people who boast about liking shota and loli. I'm not getting that deep into it. I just think boasting on twitter about being into problematic stuff is weird and worthy of being blocked. You don't have to sperge out on rants over my observation. I don't care what people write in fanfiction, I'm looking at it on the surface. No matter what is said, I really don't think it's that deep.

No. 1389666

i love anons who can't cope with getting pushback on their opinions so they just convince themselves it's all a single person samefagging. take your meds.
>it's not that deep stop criticizing me waah you can't change my mind anyway!!1
this is a thread discussing the psychology of fandom drama. the purpose is literally to over-analyze meaningless internet discourse, which you probably knew going in. now you're just posting non-contributing nonsense, deflecting any criticism and trying to backpedal on your hyperbolic and retarded statements because not everyone agreed with them, while simultaneously contributing to a deeper discussion yourself by encouraging going into how lolicons and proshippers have the same ~philosophy~ or whatever. sorry not everyone found your "observations" correct or agreed with that dumbass analysis.

No. 1389704

Anon, I know that's not the same person. I don't care if not everyone agrees with me. I simply said I think proship vs. anti stuff is retarded and made my own observation on that part of fandom culture. It's not my fault anons are throwing fits, get over yourself. You don't have to understand my point, all I said was lolicons and proshippers come off the same, simple as is. While others are allowed their own opinions online fandoms, I am too because that's what this thread is for.

No. 1389756

I couldn't tell you why, but something about shipping just brings out the turbo sperg in people. If I were to speculate, I'd say that people become emotionally invested in the ships to a parasocial degree, which is how they justify acting insane in defense of their OTPs or whatever.

Pro/anti discussion is probably just common in this thread because it's arguably the biggest ongoing fandom controversy right now. I'm sure if this thread was made fifteen years ago, recolors would be the dominant topic.

No. 1389783

Nta but i agree with you. As someone who used to be in mixed weeb spaces: lolicons and proshippers think the same. They even share the same points on their essays defending their fetish, you just don't read them because they usually post on facebook groups, discords and forums while proshippers post on twitter and Tumblr.
However, even if technically it's the same ideology the behavior between groups is quite different. Lolicons (mostly males) tend to level up their fetish once they ran out of Loli porn (i've seen this countless times) and proshippers (mostly females) tend just create more content once they ran out of porn. The "level up the fetish" mindset is why lolicons end up consuming actual cp, either by tracing it or actually jerking off at it. Also males are obsessed with the "realism" on their porn and that's an slippery slope that makes them consume more extreme porn while women don't care.
Anon's defense is pathetic. If i could find the essays that lolicons post defending their fetish (in English) i would post it. Once you read it you can't deny the obvious. However i agree the efects aren't the same, but that's just because the differences between male and female sexuality. Not because proshippers are more virtuous, it's all about a fetish after all.

No. 1389843

i wish the hard drive i had all my sonic recolors from elementary school on could have been salvaged

No. 1389920

i was big into the recolor fandom as a 12 year old with unmonitored internet access. i remember a lot of the drama was based around stealing art and shipping, god forbid you shipped your oc with knuckles because tikalia the demon hedgecat already has him claimed. you had to be the biggest stacy to ship your oc with sonic and not get shit, only a few recolorists could get away with it. The recolor video fandom was really vicious tbh. some recolor ocs would get really "big" and would have a mini fandom that would attack other popular recolorists for their designs and ship choices. I remember seeing so many hate comments even on popular videos, many children seething, kek. I really miss the early 2000s recolor drama on youtube. my videos were so cringe but now I miss my fugly mary sues. sometimes I am tempted to recreate them but I will have to be content with fanart of my OCs.

No. 1390000

Same. I had a goth oc who was a black and grey recolor of Cream the Rabbit, and I used to love watching recolor videos for some reason. I remember getting into t.A.T.u. because a recolor video I liked used one of their songs.

I also remember seeing a lot of recolor rants and watching those just because I thought the discourse was interesting. Maybe that's why I got into lolcows later lmao.

No. 1390533

File: 1667022182956.gif (419.48 KB, 250x183, okay.gif)

I got lucky tbh. I initiated conversation with the right person and got invited into a private discord with a small group passionate about the same thing. Sometimes all it takes is you chatting with someone who seems like they're on the same wavelength as you. I somehow managed this through tumblr via fandom tags. Could always try to find someone that way or contribute to said tags to pull in like-minded people. Might even build a small, tidy group up that way if you keep at it. As cringe as it was, simply being an active participant of the ship mentioned in >>1385145 and being forthcoming in talking about it drew people in. There's a chance there are other less spergy fans of your ship also lurking, so maybe try to do your own thing and see what happens. Also, If there are fanfic authors for your ship that seem cool, comment on their stuff and get a rapport going.

My method of finding a space like this was digging around fandoms for stuff that was 15+ years old. That way I knew there was likely an older audience, it'd be quieter, and the discourse would be minimal or easily avoided. Age of a property is not a guarantee of avoiding dumbasses but I think it helps.

Best of luck, anon. I hope you find or create a fun space for yourself.

No. 1390546

the youtube drama definitely influenced me into being a farmer, I was obsessed with one recolorer I thought was cringe and "cowish". I actually ended up befriending her to find dirt on her but it turned out she was just a little autistic but nice. I just remembered one part I loved about the fandom was recolor adoptions, loved making designs that other kids wanted and asked for.
my oc was amy but lilac and longer hair kek. she had fishnet sleeves

No. 1390732

File: 1667045432785.jpg (68.65 KB, 779x643, QcjRoNe.jpg)

Don't care for proship vs anti drama but I have to roll my eyes everytime I see a fanfic author writing something they know is taboo then acting shocked about the backlash. Once I saw some fanfic writer complaining about how they were getting bullied for a shota smut fic they wrote.
you're writing pedo porn, why are you so surprised? even if it was a non fandom fic you would still get backlash for it.
On another note I completely understand people getting annoyed at kids who have no understanding of love/romance writing think pieces about why xyz ship is abusive. completely understand why people write minors dni, i never understood why there's backlash putting that on your profile. adults talking to minors online regularly is more dangerous than adults blocking them all.
it's a mixture of that, entitlement over another person's story and the need to be proven right. e.g. to this day zutara shippers are still writing paragraphs explaining how the writers sabotaged their ship and it was supposed to be canon. why does canon matter when you can read fanfics? it's been over a decade.

No. 1390743

> Once I saw some fanfic writer complaining about how they were getting bullied for a shota smut fic they wrote.
i dont care about shota but shota/loli tards have such a victim complex, they should block the retards and move on

No. 1391065

I couldn't get into Kataang because Aang was 12 and looked like a giant baby and acted like a baby.

No. 1391187

There was a time before twitter when they could write their ships unmolested (kek) because their shota circles were so insular, and the media they were shipping from was already pedopandering weeaboo stuff. The ones who publicly whinge about the backlash are generally retarded and from a different era. They're all pixyteris at their core.

No. 1391203

I mean yeah, if you like weird shit, expect to be called a weirdo. Yet most of the time the people causing a fuss decided to click on and read/look at the fic/art/whatever anyway which is even bigger cow-tier behaviour imo. That's some crazy levels of no self-control, if they don't just deep down actually like it and their conscience is telling them to repent which I suspect is more common than not.

No. 1391258

Reminds me of a time in an old fandom where some fandom police found someone's rape fic of a semi-popular pairing and decided to draw the entire fandom's attention to it. The fic was cringe ass OOC tripe and author had shit taste, but they had the decency to tag the fic properly and keep it out of the main fandom tags (which calls into question how it was found in the first place, I really do think they seek this stuff out). I, and probably everybody else in the fandom for that matter, would have never known this fic existed if not for the call out and would have rather kept it that way, but as cringe as the fic was I don't put the blame on the author for that because they had basic manners about it.

This was retarded discourse in the fandom for a few weeks at least, with the discourse split 50/50 between people on the call out poster's side, and people who felt the way I did. All because some tardlet for some god forsaken reason needed to put it on blast.

I can't believe this was almost 6 years ago. Time flies.

No. 1391276

At what point does "calling someone out" turn into a-logging, though, and when is it acceptable to a-log? I think that's the question at the heart of all this.

No. 1391292

tbh as far as I'm concerned, if something's properly tagged then it's entirely on the reader if they get butthurt. If someone's not tagging their shit properly, by all means tell them to fuck off, but I only ever see that happen with Aiden's tranny fics of yaoi pairings where one of the guys suddenly has a surprise vagina and chest scars.

No. 1391297


I was in several "anti" communities as a teenager on Discord. I felt evil for enjoying problematic media, fearing telling any of "my friends" anything possibly incriminating about myself. I left only after a long time, realizing that if I feared for everything I said around them, they aren't my friends, and I'll never be/want to be the perfect "anti". All being in the anti camp told me was "Be always morally perfect by never saying anything thats not polite. Never falter, and your friends know much better than you."

Parasocial relationships meddle the whole pro/anti debate more than the actual shipping. People in these spaces aren't potential friends or comrades, but a teenager may believe they are if they’re lonely and inexperienced. Friends are only made when you both feel confortable being vunerable to each other in even a small way, which can't achieve when you don't feel safe being yourself, because if you do, then you may go against the group at large even unintentionally. Doxing and threats happen, but the main fear is social ostracizarion. Its hard to argue with twenty-somethings who truly believe in what they're saying when you're young. It's why many leave the camps entirely when they participate more in offline communities. Even now in the workplace I struggle with the moral unclarity and unforgiving nature of what being "anti" demanded.
I got kicked (effectively banned, many members really disliked me after this) from one of these groups and that changed my life from then on out. Because it was an online-only thing, I feared telling people I knew personally or a therapist that this greatly distressed me and ruined my social life for a time because I must clearly be exaggerating things and lol get off the computer, so I only have recently.

The debacle is overblown but at least proshippers allow teenagers to breathe and be retarded.

No. 1391379

This particular story is obviously fake as fuck but it's combined of elements that happen in real life. Even people commenting on this are talking about how they saw things like this unfold in their lives and I personally have witnessed 14-year olds harassing their peers online and spreading their handles making up rumors about them being a 15-year old rapist pedophile while making it obvious there's some adult puppeteering their actions, a lot of them come from broken homes with little to no supervision and have their entire lives revolve online while yearning from validation and attention from their seniors. It's really sad and there are many stories of these kids years later coming out telling how someone was grooming them when they were underage and they only later realized what was happening.

It's honestly bewildering to see anons on lolcow say they used to be part of the anti grouping since I'm like in my 30's and in my teenage years this just wasn't an issue (at least to this scale), but the unforgiveness and black and white thinking really must fuck your behavioral patterns up especially seeing how young so many participants are. I don't know where the "you must agree on everything with your friends and never upset them" thing came from because, like you said, true friends have enough patience to work through your disagreements, but it does seem like the immature teenage social games taken to an extreme. A zoomer friend of mine once told me that she can't enjoy the perfectly PG media she does out in the open and has to have a separate anonymous account for that because she's too afraid of her friends cancelling her for its "problematic" content or ships and that just sounds insane to me, to treat people around you as stepping stones for moral superiority. But as a young person social connections are so important because you're just learning to set boundaries and often can't.

No. 1391676

Thank you for your response, that really is lucky! I'm a lot more reserved in general nowadays, but I'd like to have maybe one or two people to have stupid moments with talking about these kind of things, maybe I'll try putting my own stuff out there. I've also found that fandoms for older, more niche things are pretty nice, but unfortunately you always have a few bad apples in the batch shitting things up. Thanks again!

No. 1391907

Bumping this thread to say that BNFs also contribute to freaks being even more parasocial.

I've been in multiple fandoms and I noticed BNFs, being the magnet uniting several fans at once, were often considered as the harbringers of good behavior. Most cowish stories I've seen were centered around them anyway.

That being said I still can't stand the worship they receive. Hearing some mentally ill zoomers makes you think they're the saviors of the fandom.

No. 1391917

No. 1391941

Best Name Fan. It's a term that has been popularized circa 2010-2012 and it was referring to famous names in the fandom (fanartists, theorists, etc…). Fandom either worship the ground they walk on or organize anti accounts gossiping about them (in a cow-ish behavior).

No. 1392393

One thing I noticed is that antis will force themselves into whatever bubble the "evil proshippers" are in just so they can complain. Now this wouldn't be anything but cringe and annoying if it wasn't for the fact that these kids have 0 qualms about sending the most egregious death threats and claims of crimes over people doing as much as pairing up two adult characters some teen decided are basically siblings

Are some self proclaimed proshippers absolute degenerates? Sure. But 99% of the time it's 14 year olds with ccards in their bio deciding something completely normal is actually evil.

No. 1392465

BNFs aka Big Name Fans have been around far longer than that. One of the most infamous ones in the internet era is Cassandra Claire/Clare, a bnf in the Harry Potter fandom in the early-mid 2000s. But yeah, most if not all of them are clowns and use their followers to rally against anyone they dislike.

A lot of antis seem to also fall under the "a character saying or believing something problematic also means the author or creator is problematic" umbrella. It's like they have zero critical thinking skills and don't want anything questionable in media even if it's a reflection of reality. I would never condone a relationship between a 16 yo and 19 yo irl, but it is something that happens and no one is hurt when it is explored in fiction.

I'm behind them when it comes to truly repulsive shit people write about, but the inane bullshit they fixate on when it comes to shipping makes me dislike them and want to shove them off their high horse.

No. 1392530

File: 1667164904184.png (322.11 KB, 1318x976, dilucseggs.png)

When it comes to proship vs. antiship, I feel like the genshin fandom is the loudest about it currently. There are so many asinine debates about ships and characters that I can barely interact with the fandom without a single fight starting.

On the topic of that, while I do see a lot of annoying 14 year old antis, I found this 14 year old proshipper, and it just solidifies in my mind that minors shouldn't be involved in any debate of ships, whether it be on the side of proshipping or antishipping. This user dilucseggs has over 20k followers on TikTok, and is a self-proclaimed proshipper. They have an NSFW account that (despite saying no adults can follow) they still allow adults to follow. They have multiple people with "18+ only" in their bio who rally behind them in support. It's disgusting to me, and I understand that all teenagers go through this phase of drawing NSFW, but posting it on Twitter and allowing adults to exploit you like this is horrible.

>just don't interact in a weird way

How does an adult interact with NSFW a minor posts in a non-weird way? Proshipping is almost entirely about freedom to write what you want, but a lot of the content is problematic. This is no space for a minor whatsoever, yet all of their tweets about proshipping and pedophilic ships blow up.

No. 1392562

Considering the ship is kaeluc they're calling themselves proship because the antis consider it incest and will actively harass people for even showing a hint of it.
That being said, minors actively drawing NSFW is something you can't stop but I wish we could report minors for openly having a NSFW account. Teens are dumb but sometimes they need to be protected against themselves.

No. 1392590

Why does everyone keep getting it wrong

No. 1392600

Agreed, Twitter should definitely have a report button for minors who are posting NSFW content.

But for Genshin, I feel like I see the most proship vs. anti debates (at least on twitter) in their fandoms currently. It's less about having critical discussions, but more just about which ship is bad and which ship is good. I think that's where the whole "minor-coded" thing comes in, which I find incredibly stupid. The game has no confirmed ages, so you'll get discourse over every single ship under the sun. And it doesn't help with the translations being different for each languages, making people interpret ships in entirely different ways. The Genshin fandom is a case study in its own.

Kaeluc, while I agree aren't brothers, I feel like a majority of their fans have an incest fetish. I don't care about people who like the relationship for their development and backstory, or people who actually understand the sworn brothers concept, but people who use the other translation yet still boast about it being incest are weird.

No. 1392724

I'm not going to cast the first stone because I sure as hell was drawing porn when I was 14 due to being a horny teenager but kids shouldn't be doing this out in the open outside of their peers, you can tell adults to fuck off and not interact but that's like telling people not to steal your wallet and then leave it unguarded on the table. It's going to happen anyway and eventually someone will make their way in. I think twitter allows you to report accounts like this though.

Genshin is just the biggest thing now so it's going to attract people from all walks of life. The overwhelming majority barely play the game and just know it via memes, especially the underage ones since they don't have the capital to be able to play a gacha game to its fullest extent. Genshin is rather f2p friendly but I feel like a lot of these kids never post about the events, new story chapters, characters outside of butchered meme portrayals or the gameplay in general.

>people who use the other translation yet still boast about it being incest are weird.

I feel like they're doing it just to be edgy and/or to troll people calling them brothers, at least the people I see calling them "brotherwives" etc are doing it as an ironic joke. The people who have a genuine fetish for incest seem to be pretty rare and for most they're in it just for shock value.

No. 1392861

It just blows my mind that 20 years ago admitting you were 14 in fandom spaces was a source of embarrassment, yet these days being a minor in general is worn like a badge of honour and they try to use it control even 18+ spaces. We have people cling on to dear life their minor status, like at 17 acting like they're an itty bitty uwu pure baby so they get a free pass to act shitty (nevermind that past preschool age is no longer an excuse to treat people like shit. save it with the "aww they're just a sweet little 14 year old they don't know any better" like where the fuck is this mentality coming from. WAY too old for that shit)

No. 1392890

20 year ago you had parents suspicious of the internet drilling into their kids heads stories about freaks online and to not give out any personal details. Now it's used a baby sitter with parents seemingly thinking nothing bad can possibly happen so these kids have no filter and on top of it are more terminally online than ever thanks to smartphones. These new generations are fucked in so many ways because of this, and not in a boomer "damn kids these days" way. Their attention spans are proven to be lower, they have less empathy, they straight up can't even fucking read or spell. Ask any school teacher what's happening with students now. It's a disaster. Fandom retards are only a symptom of a bigger problem.

No. 1393247

File: 1667227925112.png (196.11 KB, 1318x962, IEFJHJLJKLJHKJHsada.png)

>hell was drawing porn when I was 14 due to being a horny teenager
Same here, I don't blame teenagers for making this content. I think it's more troubling when they're being egged on by adults to produce it. It's disingenuous for this person to claim they're not sharing it with adults and then are being followed by many "minor dni 18+" accounts and allowing them to follow their nsfw account(>>1392530 ). But this is something I don't feel comfortable blaming the teen for, and more so the people following them and engaging in their content. Kids don't have the brains for this stuff. Proshipping is just an adult topic to me, which is why even engaging in arguments with minors about it is dumb in my opinion.

No. 1393250

This retard's just a plain old attention whore. Wouldn't be surprised if they're not even a minor.

No. 1393254

I don't understand why there's such black and white thinking on both sides of ''pros'' and ''antis''. I think any sane person can see that a woman drawing two 17 year old kissing and moids making hyper realistic rendering of toddlers aren't equivalent in any way. I think ''proshipping'' will be used as a shield by those pedophilic men eventually

No. 1393258

I have to agree with you there. I wonder what the solution is.

No. 1393272

Personally, I don't even know why these terms exist. Trying to make it a "you're either with us or against us" mindset is killing our way of interpreting fiction. Plus, half the time someone gets attacked for drawing some NSFW of an anime boy, these characters at least look like adults. Take jujutsu kaisen or bleach, none of them look like they're 15. But I think saying that also doesn't make you a proshipper, it just makes you normal. These terms need to die out.

No. 1393282

Yeah I'm tempted to believe that this is a troll who's actually 18+, the drawing skills are suspiciously good for someone supposedly only 14.

No. 1393286

or they just judged based off the tags. which is cow behavior in itself but if you make something tagged lolicon & smut etc no amount of dead dove do not read is gonna stop people from reeing at you.
i feel like people who fall in that category either have no self awareness or have a victim complex like anon mentioned. they shouldn't even engage in fandom discourse.

No. 1393296

the arguments pro shippers use already sound like how women defend irl degenerate moids
>this character couldn't be raped because they love their partner
>age of consent is low over there
>rape is their kink though

coupled with their toxic positivity and ship or die attitudes they're really insufferable

No. 1393297

the problem with the genshin fandom is that it has an annoying mix of dumb teenagers with dumb headcanons and actual degenerates. there was a time the antis kept reeing about lumine/aether being underage and calling any ship fanfics with them pedophilia until their backstory was revealed kek. Then there's the lolicons in the fandom thanks to the game pandering to them.
I was dumb enough to fight about the lumine/aether thing a year ago but now I just ignore them. It's kinda embarrassing arguing with kids online. It's funny watching people brag about being able to whale/spend money to make the teen fans seethe though. that entire fandom is a nuclear waste dump.

No. 1393368

Yeah, except those women are getting abused in real life and fictional characters aren't. Way to illustrate the point about not knowing the distinction between real life and fiction I guess?

No. 1393383

I never run into stuff like this. Your average proshippers I've seen are still pretty social justice-y and wouldn't dare try using those talking points, it's usually just "fiction isn't reality". Come to think of it I've never run into lolicon proshippers people itt keep bringing up here either. Are you guys in fandoms infested with moids or something, or just acting like outliers are the norm? That "age of consent is low over there" sounds like moid shit too. What the hell are you guys into that attracts lolicons and shit?

No. 1393390

Putting aside the entire pro/anti ship discourse I have to wonder what the hell kind of corner these people visit to see self-proclaimed "proshippers" caping for male on female rape porn and child porn degeneracy catering for scrotes, every time they post receipts it's some coomer moid with a furry/loli avatar and a trans flag in their username and I doubt they're the generic type of proshipper who's a pretty feminist leaning female fan in her 20's or 30's who wants to see boy A and boy B make out without being bothered.

No. 1393434

How are people supposed to know the difference when both have proshipper in their bio and are caping for the same shit.

No. 1393441

Samefag, but anime tends to attract people like this. I do see proshippers who are into basic television, and they are the more vocal ones about the actual social problems with it. But anime proshippers just like to make a space to share and produce their loli/shota porn. Just look up any modern popular anime and you'll see proshippers posting about degenerate shit like incest and pedophilia.

No. 1393451

I'm a weeb really into anime and I never see this happen, but then again I don't share fandoms with coomer moids trying to push their degeneracy on others. The only women I see trying to paint loli porn as empowering kweer experience for transbians are autistic pickmes who thankfully are pretty rare.

No. 1393470

Yeah, I don't think women are typically into lolishit, that's mostly men. I have seen women who are into shota and call themselves proshippers, but that's mostly in games that are catered to young women like enstars and twisted wonderland.

No. 1393508

some of you are really disingenuous. have you never seen a fujo before? putting aside the hentai and lolishit, which i've never watched myself, a lot of BL fans are particular gross pro shippers. even live action bl i've seen women unironically ship RL actors together and say age gap relationships are so beautiful and we should be more accepting of everyone, being delusional and parroting gross libfem takes that moids love
>inb4 one example blah blah you're a lolicon anyway

No. 1393512

Is this Paki-chan?

No. 1393561

Why do you hate fujos paki chan?

No. 1393565

I have never seen "antis" attack loli artists its always them attacking a woman who is into incest/teen anime boys. It's basically ab excuse to censore women they dont like.

No. 1393606

People have attacked loli fans before. People constantly shit on lolicons, it's more like beating a dead horse now because they don't care. Majority of mangakas are lolicons, it's almost unavoidable with the media. Not excusing it, but just providing reason. Also incest is gross, anon.

No. 1393624

Now you're wrong. People have been shitting on lolicons since the dawn of time of both genders too. But it's true that cancellations only mean something if you're a woman.

No. 1393629

NTA but I think it's way worse to be into characters that look like 7yo girls in sexual situations than drawing 2 brothers/cousins kissing (most of the time women draw that just because they find the male character hot anyways, not for the incest). When pedophilia is included (parent/child, aunt/niece etc) it's as degenerate as loli/shotacon though.

No. 1393740

This, the anti/proship retardation isn't even a thing in fandoms where lolicons congregate (besides maybe Genshin Impact, but the male and female fans are in entirely different corners there) and I'm starting to feel like some people ITT are trying to subtlety support antis attacking random fujos without making themselves obvious by clinging onto the "lolicons would be proshippers too therefore female proshippers are basically pickmes" talking point. We're starting to see more cracks of "how dare silly fujoshit cunts like dumb shit I don't like" as this goes on as we can see a handful of posts above.

No. 1393760

>starting to feel like some people ITT are trying to subtlety support antis attacking random fujos
Someone having a different opinion than you on proshipping does not make them an anti. Fiction is not black or white.

No. 1393768

That's not what you should've gotten out of my post. Telling that you focus on that line out of context.

No. 1393774

The rest of your post was using quotes from people in the thread that you exaggerated. Why would I listen to it. No ones calling proshippers pickmes, and the only anon who brought up fujos was a recurring scrote.

No. 1393776

NTA but paki-chan isn't a scrote, she's just deranged with an obsession for fujos and headcanoning them as porn-addicted pedos because not the perfect tradwife waifus like her. As for this >>1393760 claim, people ITT using typical anti lingo and trying to not-too-subtly paint proshippers as pedophile apologists is pretty textbook behavior.

No. 1394002

I think you're paranoid, anon.

No. 1397402

File: 1667519389503.jpg (104.2 KB, 965x830, 2FSA6hl.jpg)

New shitstorm just dropped kek:
So tumblr is banning lolicon art. cue the response from antis and proshippers

No. 1397404

File: 1667519516520.jpg (140.82 KB, 875x861, a4w99N2.jpg)

samefagging: the state of tumblr, proshippers they will get raided by police because of this rule

No. 1397406

File: 1667519577417.jpg (51.73 KB, 392x710, mXe1iD4.jpg)

antis celebrating

No. 1397408

>tumblr is banning lolicon art

No. 1397409

File: 1667519774820.jpg (46.69 KB, 435x525, a2p8fxs.jpg)

a proshipper saying the pic above gave them an anxiety attack.
my take is why the assumption from both sides that proshippers are responsible for this? tumblr is not like an ao3, they're a company. they probably did this avoid getting a bad rep from the media and future buyers.

No. 1397412

Why are you still pushing this narrative that it's actually the "proshippers" caping for lolicons and not coomer moids that found a workaround for their child porn fetish? Occam's razor, Paki-chan.

Even from the screenshots here you can see that the issue is these antis abusing resources by reporting peoples' ships as child porn when it's not, i.e. shit like My Hero Academia ships. Crying wolf on their part became a huge problem to the point federal agencies actually put out a notice that people should only report actual child sexual abuse/child porn cases because they're legally required to investigate every last one of them while they could spend that time doing something that matters instead of eyeballing some Tumblr user's anime teenager art.

No. 1397421

NAYRT, but I dont think you understood their post. They're not accusing anyone of anything. They're just relaying the info.

They most definitely shouldn't be reporting this to the police, but I get the site not wanting this kind of content there. It isn't a good look at all. It is probably because of what Anon said >>1397409

No. 1397433

i suspect twitter ended up with elon because they had so much porn on there no wanted to touch them.
i think this might end up decreasing the people reporting to the police, because they'll just use a tumblr report for it.

No. 1397447

>i think this might end up decreasing the people reporting to the police, because they'll just use a tumblr report for it.
Genuine question, but how would that work?

No. 1397452

File: 1667521876379.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1154x1603, BDC36AC9-644C-40B4-B03D-DABCDD…)

That probably depends on which platform you’re using. I dropped tumblr fandoms for a few years because I was tired of the shipping and noticed that 4chan and reddit don’t give two shits about shipping and instead focus on speculation and lore which is what I want out of fandom.

A few years ago i remember seeing a post this basically boils down to “female fans create transformative works to show their love while males curate “ or something to that effect I thought it was such a bs explanation because I’m a woman and I prefer the “curative” fan experience I guess.
This is the closest thing I could find? I’m not sure if this is the op and someone ripped it to tumblr or if the op here saw the discussion on tumblr. The original tumblr post had so many essay like replies tho

No. 1397466

File: 1667522433461.jpg (2.09 MB, 3848x3984, V1KRwQA.jpg)

instead of going straight to a csa or police tip line, they just file it as a tumblr violation like gore, spam or bots because they have an option for it now.
>4chan and reddit don’t give two shits about shipping and instead focus on speculation and lore which is what I want out of fandom.
have you not seen their meltdown over waifu wars and harem endings kek?

No. 1397477

No, because I’m not into harem or waifu anime. I’m talking about things like the legend of Korra or attack on titan. On 4chan I only went to /co/ anyway so I avoided moid shipping wars, yes I know that /co/ is filled with waifu threads but I can hid it.
I remember with LoK people were straight up only talking about shipping and with AOT if I it wasn’t reeeing about how the anime is neo-nazi propaganda then the majority were hyper-fixating on Levi and Erin and I just wasn’t interested since the world of AoT had so much mystery and I wanted to see discussions about that.

No. 1397484

File: 1667523511585.jpeg (764.94 KB, 1256x2089, 8FE31CC4-8C9E-4809-BA27-4CA7CB…)

I found another post, it’s not the one I was thinking about and it’s related to the dominance of yaoi shipping, I love the ping pong game that happened

No. 1397485

File: 1667523533441.jpeg (576.08 KB, 1220x1977, F95B5627-9F56-41BF-8423-1FEF2F…)

No. 1397497

File: 1667523872627.jpeg (457.95 KB, 1194x1550, 2BD0D817-E7F5-4E0F-9C9D-2805FE…)


Drst has terfs dni on her blog what a transformation
I don’t really get why yaoi absolutely dominates but I think it’s a mixture of horny teenage girls, the male characters being more interesting than female characters (even until now), and internalised misogyny
I guess just a tldr version of the screenshots

No. 1397510

To be fair this type of autism is waaaaaaaaaaay more fun than twitterfags crying. The bug thing from rescue rangers winning the Gadgetbowl and the shit storm that it caused was fucking hilarious to witness.

No. 1397605

AOT had tons of shipping wars on 4chan once the ending happened wdym

No. 1397617

File: 1667529083607.jpg (35.8 KB, 550x422, 201318_eva_pin.jpg)

evangelion was a way for Anno to reflect on himself, his unability to make genuine human connections or have any confidence in his abilities. He resented hikikomori culture and made the "end of evangelion" to make fun of chronically online evafags.
But fans prefer buying the dumbest shit (picrel is an Evangelion Bowling Pin Cosplay) and arguing to know WhO iS bEsT GiRl.
evangelion shaked my world when I was 14 and now i can't say i love the show bc of dumbass anime fans who ruin everything they touch with their greasy hands

No. 1397622

He ended up pandering to those type of fans though so that's on him.

No. 1397632

I didn’t see it, I don’t use 4chan for anime (that sounds like a nightmare tbh) just for /co/ and on Reddit what I remember was mostly just discussions and hype for the next episode. I do remember one of the aot subreddits shipping even x historia which was a huge shock for me but it doesn’t compare to how shipping centric tumblr is.

No. 1397788

eva was a rip off of ultraman

No. 1397813

I swear the "guys only focus on lore and story and things that matter!" is the new internet age version of "guys have less drama!". Like >>1397466 said scrotes have extreme meltdowns over their waifus being interested in another male character, the wrong girl being picked in the end or a gay relationship between the male main character being implied, they're not at all exempt from "shipping drama". If anything, they're even more unhinged about it because male aggression makes them have less impulse control. But of course because they're muh rational sex they totally discuss deep intellectual subjects.

Also I don't know why anon thinks shipping and being interested in discussing the story is somehow mutually exclusive, literally every shipper that I follow also posts long textwalls about the lore and their interpretations of it. Then again I don't follow literal teenagers who don't even watch the show and only like the ships because of their ~aesthetics~.

No. 1398850

File: 1667649346948.png (23.87 KB, 661x377, fandomtypes.png)

fucking kek I saw the holes and thought of the soyjak face. Very fitting for the kind of person who would consoom that shit
NTA but how was it a ripoff?
>"guys only focus on lore and story and things that matter!" is the new internet age version of "guys have less drama!"
NTA either but it's been acknowledged in fandom that moids do tend to prefer discussing canon and lore and that women tend to prefer creating transformative works and characters instead of just discussing canon, and there's nothing wrong with that. Wording it like "guys only focus on the actual story and girls only fight over imagined character relationships" is a gross misinterpretation of that statement. https://fanlore.org/wiki/Transformational_Fandom

The fact is that not all moids in fandom stick to discussing canon and not all of them are waifufags or shippers, in many cases the former look down on the latter. This sentiment doesn't seem to exist or be very noticeable in the female side of fandom, where discussing lore and characters and creating transformative fan works are not seen as mutually exclusive at all (except among pickme NLOGs who hate those "fujoshits" and worship moid opinions).

No. 1398859

>(except among pickme NLOGs who hate those "fujoshits" and worship moid opinions
Samefag, of course this doesn't mean that every woman who doesn't like shipping and prefers lore discussion is some kind of sex traitor. I'm just talking about those who actively hate on female shippers because they're NLOGs and want to gain male approval

No. 1398976

Agree that sometimes it can get a bit tiring when discourse relates mostly about shipping, especially when you’re not that interested in it. But imo this anon >>1397813
is right in that
>literally every shipper that I follow also posts long textwalls about the lore and their interpretations of it
It isn’t exclusive at all.
I’m not much of a ship enthusiast myself but sometimes it’s fun to gush about one that you think is hot or interesting. I do think people who view everything through a coomer shipping lense and arent actually interested in the story for other purposes are kind of brain damaged and can be annoying but those extreme examples aren’t that common imo, most just love the story and characters so much that they go ballistics over them which often includes shipping. Anyway what I wanted to say is that people who constantly complain about others enjoying media different than them instead of being the change that they want to see are as annoying as the people they seethe about, there will never be a fandom or space or whatever where you will not encounter something that you hate, never.

No. 1400402

Women are biggest policers of each other's sexuality.

No. 1400468

I mostly agree with the textpost in >>1397497 not because I think women should be writing anything other than whatever they personally enjoy but I'm irritated by all the fake ass reasons you always see for why m/m is so popular because it's rare the writers of it will be honest that they just want to fantasize about two guys fucking, they have to frame it behind all of these other stupid reasons. Like I remember seeing some stupid sarah z video about fanfiction that mentioned that femslash was incredibly unpopular despite most ao3 users reporting being "queer", so there were all the typical meme fake reasons as to why that's the case but lmao, the simple answer is that it's straight women writing what straight women want to see, they're putting themselves in this justification corner because they don't want to be honest. Like, keep writing and enjoying your yaoi, but when I see women who love to advertise that they're soooo queer and love women so much but never ever write anything with or about them what am I supposed to assume? Straight or internalized misogyny

No. 1400747

>try joining fandom servers/circles that are populated by older people, have age gated salt channels, strict ship hate/discourse rules or all three.
Yeah this. One of the very few good discords I ever joined is 18+ and has "if you found any meme deemed highly offensive, then ignore it or pm to the mods, no whining" as one of its first rules.

I joined a brand new discord some year ago where they legit let everybody name the themes and words that trigger them to make a list out of it and prohibit any mention of anything listed in there. It contained shit like "monster" "blood" and other general stuff so I instantly noped out.
Fandoms should filter more. If someone is so damn sensitive that they cannot stomach 50% of the words in a dictionary then maybe they shouldn't talk to groups of people in the first place and get a therapist. It's not our job to make everybody feel comfortable who cannot tolerate other people and interests around them.
Nowadays some fandom members think the internet was their private room and try to control what other fans are allowed to post, like and think.

I remember crazies on tumblr that would legit search through the tag of their favorite characters all day and seethe over every post that dared to make fun of them or headcanon something they didn't agree with. They think they owned the characters, even ignored canon because they "understand them better" than the writers.
Also, if someone is a kinny, run away.

No. 1400764

Teens were never factually excluded from fandoms they just weren't officially accepted and so we all shut up in the good old days and enjoyed our porn in silence without demanding anything. I agree otherwise, they shouldn't accept kids. The kids that have a brain will know how to access shit and do it, but they need to stop to try to rule over the fandom and tell adults what they are allowed to do.

I swear it's all puritans with helicopter parents that want to be part of the club but get traumatized if they see a drawn dick the first time. I genuinely wish there was a 18+ art- or fandom-centered website that would otherwise be like tumblr. And you have to confirm you are 18+ so everybody that whines about porn and calls it harmful for kids afterwards reveals that they lied and will get banned.
Not sure if possible but I wish it be like an image board topicwise, in which off topic shit would get deleted. It's impossible to scroll through all the fanart of the people you follow because everybody reblogs endless random shit that floods my timeline when ALL I want is fanart.

No. 1400783

File: 1667786661538.png (334.96 KB, 907x544, VSZisu.png)

What's up her ass? The post is unnecessarily mean. I agree that a lot of F/F avocation is performative like >>1400468 said, but that's a symptom of a larger issue pressuring girls to be overly concerned about others problems if they recognize it as an issue. There's not much you can do other than informing girls who do this without realizing in a way that's not with bold text and finger pointing (jesus).

It's not like moid media creators make finding their Female characters interesting easy. For example, the pic is of a Pokemon character I really like in fanfiction. She ticks off boxes that make me interested because she's not a stick-thin anime woman/girl, which personally isn't alluring in it of itself.
Pokemon's a good case study for why drst's post is inaccurate. It has a good amount of both sexes, but there are less Female characters as opposed to Male ones, and ones that are there just aren't as dynamic with others. Girls/women in media are often too open about themselves, even when suggested they're more insular like in real life. This difference in what a media creator suggests is their intent with a Female character VS what they actually do, because they want Males to coom over them, draws girls away from them without knowing exactly why they're doing that. Particularly open characters aren't often written about in fanfiction, which examines more of the characters' insecurities and curiosities (different from extroverted; think uncompassionate and forgettable.) It's also their limited body types. In Pokemon in particular there's almost no body type differences (aside from height) between two women aside from picrel.

You two both want LiveJournal's fandom architecture. If only Dreamwidth were more active… It was created to replace LiveJournal but no one went on that ship for whatever reason.

No. 1400817

b-but muh lesbian fujos! (where does this meme even come from kek)

No. 1400821

File: 1667789998368.jpg (47.05 KB, 680x578, wUdQaSn.jpg)

I generally hate every fan that is obsessed with other fans' opinions. They never get that they are just as annoying as the people they are angry about.

This isn't the only case, but to name something recent I have an online friend who constantly vents about other fans calling her favorite character bad.
I am in the same fandom and never even witnessed this and when I ask her where she sees that hate she claims she was seeing this a lot without specifying anything. Maybe it was years ago and these people left the fandom by now, not sure.
Thing is she will rant about this endlessly and accuse all haters of her fav fans of some other characters she just assumes these people are. Then she will post hate against said other characters for hours and call their fans hypocrites for liking them but not her husbando and it seems like she gets at least one rage attack a day because of that.

I always try to explain why I think there isn't as much hate (I have seen almost 0) and that the haters might not be fans of the few characters she thinks are the root of all evil but to no avail. She doesn't realise that she's spewing more hate than whatever real or imaginary fan of dude-she-doesn't-like might have said once. And fandoms are full of people like her.

I genuinely these people are suffering from some condition because it's not normal to tremble in hate because someone criticized your fav somewhere on tumblr once. And I also think it's not a good sign if they fail to see how biased they are while they are calling everybody else biased. This person is 27 years old btw.

I hate that we cannot just discuss characters and their mistakes and cool parts anymore without fans and haters losing their damn shit over it.

No. 1400835

File: 1667790674217.jpg (119.11 KB, 607x428, 1650089570165.jpg)

Troons ruined every single fucking fandom, i swear. I wish i could back in time and warn the 00's fujos that they were going to become more ostracized than pedophiles for liking anime men kissing eachother.

No. 1400968

File: 1667799633123.jpg (174.47 KB, 1280x628, tumblr_c9c49c7358d1d859b23ac7d…)

NTA, here's this 2013 post about the possible reasons for the lack of lesbian ship fic (pic related): https://centrumlumina.tumblr.com/post/59705055745/a-chart-illustrating-all-of-the-possible
AO3 census (2013): https://centrumlumina.tumblr.com/post/62895609672/ao3-census-about-you
2008 LJ poll: https://wisdomeagle.livejournal.com/931805.html
Collection of different surveys from 2003 to 2008: https://melannen.dreamwidth.org/77558.html (this seems to prove that most slashers are "queer" but that's not the same as lesbians being a huge percentage. In these surveys, lesbians are still a minority inside the "queer" group, with bisexuals being a majority)
2019 survey: https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/fansplaining/viz/TheFansplainingShippingSurveyResults/Welcome
As you can see, lesbian women are always a minority, while bisexual (male or female leaning) women are as common or nearly as common as straight women. A lot of women who identify as lesbians write m/m, but they still write it less than bi or straight women. Thus we can conclude that the vast majority of female m/m writers (and probably readers as well) are attracted to men.
(Needless to say, in recent years it's difficult to tell whether the "male", "asexual", "queer", "pansexual", "non-binary" or "transgender" respondents are actually just straight, lesbian or bi women, for obvious reasons, but I think it'd be pretty safe to say that the actual demographics haven't changed much)

IMO, the main reasons for the popularity of m/m are the same as the ones >>1397497 listed.

> I wish i could back in time and warn the 00's fujos that they were going to become more ostracized than pedophiles for liking anime men kissing eachother.
You know, I've been thinking about this.

Women are harshly criticized for "fetishizing gay men" when we are, for the most part, not attracted to real life gay males and don't like to think about real gay men having sex. We also don't think we can turn them straight, the most we do if we happen to be attracted to a gay moid is wish he wasn't gay and that's it. Is there any risk of a woman raping a gay man to "cure him of his homosexuality"? Of course not. Women also don't spam yaoi at gay men to bother them (the only fujos who annoy gay men with yaoi are particularly unhinged/autistic 14 year olds and I haven't heard of such a case in about a decade) or write conversion therapy fics en masse to offend gay men.

Meanwhile, scrotes actually do fetishize lesbian women all the fucking time. "Lesbian porn" is made for males to fantasize about fucking two women who also fuck each other for his viewing pleasure. The vast majority of moids would never in a million years fake being into men to attract women. Males rape lesbian women, and a lot of non-rapists don't even think women are truly capable of not being attracted to men at all. They always say that lesbian women will change their minds when they get "a good dicking". Moids flooded AO3, a website predominantly used by women, with corrective rape fics.

We're not nearly on the same level, and fujos absolutely do not deserve all the hate. Moids do though, and that includes pedotroons.

No. 1401009

Anti fujo types will obviously never admit it, but it all comes back to them being NLOGs.
Starting off, it's not a coincidence that a shit ton of them are fakebois who are desperate to get men (especially gay men) to like them and enjoy putting other women down and policing them due to this. They have an issue in which they constantly project onto anime characters (I'm a smol uke uwu) and hence start to view every non batshit woman making shipping fanart of fictional characters as art of 'themselves' this also goes hand in hand with 'kinning' culture or whatever. Back to the male worship though, you pretty regularly notice posts from fakebois talking about how much they'd 'worship' their would be boyfriend it's honestly fucked up how hard these women have either deluded themselves or gaslight themselves so hard into basically becoming pearl clutching housewives.
On top of that, men are so disgusting that they openly parade their degenerate ass fetishes while the majority of women (especially in fandom) are shy on some level even about things like enjoying BL, this makes them an easy target for harassment by fakeboi types (who also generally like BL and are also ashamed of it for some reason) because they have such huge issues with projecting onto others, at the end of the day though, they can't project onto a scrote since they know they're not one deep down.

No. 1401026

>warn the 00's fujos that they were going to become more ostracized than pedophiles for liking anime men kissing eachother.
I'm so sorry for asking to be spoonfed info but I'm so confused by this, what are we talking about? I am that thing and I don't feel ostracized but I assume it doesn't apply to me since I'm not really an active creator in any fandom I just read stuff I like

No. 1401069

I agree with you and I'd like to add that imo the post is right about the fact that the relative scarcity of depictions of female pleasure in fanfic despite the overwhelming majority of writers being women has to do with internalized misogyny. In general I'm not gonna ree about women writing about the things they like, and portraying fanfiction as some political crusade is fucking cringe in any case, but it's interesting to analyze how societal attitudes are reflected in (fan)fiction. The people whining about the lack of good female characters / femslash in fanfic should become the change they want to see anyways.

No. 1401070

Twitter is going to become even worse and I'm seeing many english speakers saying they're considering deleting their accounts, I wonder if it's gonna have an impact on fandoms there. Because tumblr turned to shit when a lot of people left to go to twitter but I'm not seeing other alternatives used by this specific type of internet users. Artists don't see to like insta anymore and tiktok isn't ideal at all to post art, fics, long texts, etc. it's a normie friendly platform instead.

No. 1401079

The studies conducted in the 00's are questionable to a degree because a.) the reach was terrible b.) BL particularly wasn't as widely known in the west as it is now, most things that were seen as "fujo content" were actually just shoujo. Curiously in the only recent questionnaire you posted (the 2019 one) lesbians in the shipping fandom are almost as common (~14%) as straight women (~20%) while bisexuals are the overwhelming majority at 42%. I also like to think that there's a certain distinction between the demographics interested in shipping and the one consuming BL/gay media as a genre since plenty of straight shippers just enjoy shipping characters and not really indulging in original BL/gay content, much less creating it. It's based on my personal observations since this is a thing that isn't studied a whole lot and the results remain very inconsistent, in some others the prevalence of lesbian participants has been as high as 30%.

However this goes on to prove that shipping is an universally female experience and as we know, women aren't monoliths, so there's as many reasons as there are participants. For some it's just because they don't want any female competition for their sexymen, but generally I don't personally believe the trend in the interest in m/m shipping to be a case of internalized misogyny except for self-inserting aydens who are told that they're actually a gay man for enjoying a female portrayal of a male character, but for many others it's the exoticism of the setting allowing further escapism. I'm not personally interested in reading about straight relationships because I'm too far blackpilled about their nature and good non-coomer F/F couples are extraordinarily rare to the point I just create my own, so M/M ships written by women are just the best stop for both romantic and erotic content serving the female gaze. I'd imagine this is the case for a lot of women. In short it's not about internalized misogyny, it's about the absolute boredom with heteronormativity that we see in our everyday lives since birth and looking for an alternative to it.

No. 1401227

>The people whining about the lack of good female characters / femslash in fanfic should become the change they want to see anyways.
Yes! If the desperation is so bad to the point of hostility, then spend a few bucks on commissions or else start learning how to draw/write. You have the same access to resources and platforms as fujo artists.

Also, I've seen some f/f shippers (as an example, the one from the tumblr post above) blaming fujoshis for the lack of content and demanding specifically them to instead make the f/f content.
It's a weird logic to me. It feels like they see themselves as victims that need to be compensated.
Why are you guilt tripping someone, who is clearly not interested, to make content for you?
No one is robbing them of anything. If there's so little f/f content out there maybe it's because there is not so many people with a genuine interest in it to begin with.
All that m/m content, who seems so prevalent, it's mostly spontaneous and organic. People are doing it because they like it. You can't force things.

Also this "drst" user crying "self-misogyny" while insulting another woman for her innocuous interest is truly a work of mental gymnastics.

No. 1401400

I'm a fujoshi and I know that if I ever get to write or draw my own shit it'll be with a het main romance because I'll make it just how I like it, for once. Meanwhile for BL there are so many good writers and artists I know I can find stuff I'll love somewhere else. I would make it more about female characters than male characters too. But nowadays younger fans tend to ask and nor give. The ones who ask for things and pay for commissions are ok though.

No. 1401480

>it's rare the writers of it will be honest that they just want to fantasize about two guys fucking, they have to frame it behind all of these other stupid reasons
Women are extremely socially conscious and upset over the idea dehumanizing anyone in any way. It's the whole reason why "fetishization" arguments caught on like wildfire in fandom spaces, even if actual gay men couldn't care less about teenage girls flicking their beans to yaoi. It would probably be for the best if fujos would just take a page from the moids and go "Yeah, so?" when confronted for their smut. But I doubt that's going to happen, as women just can't help but see other people as actual human beings instead of objects that exist for our entertainment (a courtesy which scrotes will never return) and so they will remain reactive to accusations of hurting men or gay people or anyone. Because of this, women feel compelled to come up with virtuous, just reasoning for their fantasies. Screaming "why don't you just admit it's a coom thing?" will only make them try to find even more justifications for their shipping preferences, hence why everyone in fandom identifies as "queer" and M/M shipping is constantly emphasized to be about "queer representation" and lack of female characters triggers essays worth excuses and mental gymnastics.

No. 1401516

I'd consider it a plus if the annoying English speaking fandoms leave en masse and finally let non-English speaking content creators post their work without getting harassed

No. 1401518

ia in general but I wouldn't say it's just a 'coom thing'. Girls in fandoms tend to really love and care for the characters they ship, they aren't like moids who see them as subhuman walking holes to be fucked. They'll write hundreds of thousands of words of slow burn romance, they could avoid smut or porn content entirely, they'll write meta essays on tumblr, they're just really invested in both characters in a ship and their relationship and that may or may not involve getting off to it.

No. 1401521

>It would probably be for the best if fujos would just take a page from the moids and go "Yeah, so?" when confronted for their smut.
I'm genuinely annoyed by this argument because the overwhelming majority of fujos either ignore them altogether, clown on them and/or write community posts about how unacceptable it is to harass people, then get accused of ~being cringe autistics taking it too seriously~ for it so damned if you do and damned if you don't. It's rare for people to actually double down these days because they know it's much noise about nothing and it's thanks to all the people raising awareness about it. People feel much safer not giving a public statement about how sowwy they are for drawing boys kissing. Most of the people who buckle are very young themselves or are literally being spammed with gore to incite a reaction out of them, I know this sounds like a meme but it's an actual thing.

> Screaming "why don't you just admit it's a coom thing?" will only make them try to find even more justifications for their shipping preferences, hence why everyone in fandom identifies as "queer" and M/M shipping is constantly emphasized to be about "queer representation" and lack of female characters triggers essays worth excuses and mental gymnastics.

For some people it is a representation thing. I don't read a 10-volume romantic BL manga barely with any sex scenes for cooming, even in most BL the sex is more likely to be implied than explicit unless you're specifically looking for smutty content. I like reading about same sex relationships and it just happens that most of the female-written works are male ships because it automatically bars scrotes from sexualizing it. I get that there's an annoyance at people writing out these nonsensical "reading yaoi made me realize I was a transmasculine genderless nonbinary gay man" essays but for a lot of people it was also a wake-up call to how much they enjoyed the stories because they were unapologetic but written by other women and how they had been looking for something like this for all their lives.

No. 1401587

AYRT, I was mostly talking about why women feel so much psychological need to justify why they enjoy certain types of erotic/romantic fiction, when men are unapologetic about their preferences. And I do believe there's plenty of sexual neuroticism and shame behind that need, even if talking about M/M shipping as a "coom thing" was bit of a cheeky hyperbole.

No. 1401650

ayrt, I fully agree the reasons behind the justifications are part of the typical phenomena of women killing ourselves with our kindness, I wasn't intending any sort of "why don't you admit it's a coom thing?" as an attack, same as you I want women to be confident and unapologetic in their preferences

I can understand seeking out BL for representation purposes as a reader of the genre like how you're describing your own situation, but it's odd and ridiculous imo when I see women who are WRITING it say that their reason behind doing so is representation. I've seen the argument that BL is something scrotes aren't going to sexualize before, but in the context of writing fan works, what scrotes are trolling around ao3 anyway? The posts I've seen on this site before from anons saying they're lesbians who consume/produce fujo content because scrotes would sexualize femslash feel very overly paranoid to me. I get that most yuri content actively available out there has been tainted by scrote writing but if you as an individual are creating fanfic for fun, what scrote is lurking around the corner to get his grubby mits on some butch lesbian genderswap fic of a popular fujo ship or whatever

No. 1401725

>b.) BL particularly wasn't as widely known in the west as it is now, most things that were seen as "fujo content" were actually just shoujo
A lot of those studies are specifically about "slash" or have "slash" as an option, so everyone who answered then must have known that it stood for male/male. It's pretty clear that's what it means, and also there's not a single mention of "fujoshi" or "yaoi" so there's no way the respondents could've mistaken het media for m/m.
>Curiously in the only recent questionnaire you posted (the 2019 one) lesbians in the shipping fandom are almost as common (~14%) as straight women (~20%)
And there's also about 29% "asexuals", 21% "non-binary/genderqueer", and 9% "transgender" (same with "male"). Also, it's not ~14% lesbians, it's actually "gay/lesbian/homosexual", so the actual percentage of lesbians is lower, though by how much, we can't tell. That's why I said that it's impossible to determine whether those sexuality and gender answers are accurate or just people claiming to be something they're not, or exaggerating, to avoid being a "boring cishet" and become a special "(gender)queer" instead (a phenomenon that's relatively common in recent years, which would probably be reflected in a recent survey such as this one).
>while bisexuals are the overwhelming majority at 42%
Remember that what we're discussing whether lesbians (AKA women who are exclusively attracted to women) really are the majority in slash/yaoi fandom. Everything seems to indicate that's not the case at all, and most fujos, whether straight or bisexual, are attracted to men.

But, that doesn't mean that m/m doesn't attract a relatively high amount of lesbians because of the same reasons you've described. I do believe that lesbians are overrepresented in slash/yaoi fandom compared to the general population. The reasons for women getting into m/m are absolutely not the same in every case and most slashers/fujos have more than one reason, but it's evident that, in the majority of cases, it's driven mainly by an attraction to men, with the obvious exception of lesbians.

Related to this, I've seen a lot of people on here deny vehemently that yaoi characters cannot be seen as female, leading to arguments about lesbians being unable to like yaoi because of it, or non-lesbian fujos getting defensive at the implication that they self-insert in yaoi (something for which others shame them), which some fujos do but they don't want to admit and/or are rejected by other fujos. But they're just drawings, and they don't resemble real men most of the time. I imagine lesbian fujos are able to see past the characters' biological sex because of this. Of course, other people (both fujos and non-fujos) will always see them as men and their sex is a big part of the appeal without which some fujos would be completely turned off. It's clearly not the same for everyone, there's no single way or reason to like m/m.

No. 1401731

>The posts I've seen on this site before from anons saying they're lesbians who consume/produce fujo content because scrotes would sexualize femslash feel very overly paranoid to me.
Come on anon, men even colonized cute boys popular with women by cooming all over them with their femboy degeneracy. You're underestimating their pettiness and compulsive need to ruin everything women like. Either way, it shouldn't bother people that much to begin with. If women across all sexualities find solidarity in M/M shipping and have a community with a history spanning literally decades, who's to say they should do otherwise? If I crossed timelines to an alternative dimension where BL was popular with men only and women were all into femslash then things would be different and I would immediately abandon all my fujoshit business and go to said femslash. It's not so much about the subject matter but the female-driven creativity that it's born from.

Thinking about this actually reminded me of the Genshin fandom, men (and homophobic pickmes) were so butthurt about a heavily implied lesbian couple popular with female players they started writing corrective rape fics in the ship tag. So even if it was a F/F ship instead of M/M, if women like it and men don't, they'll find ways to harass women over it.

The original question was "do lesbian fujos exist", not "are all fujos lesbian". Slash and original BL also remain two different audiences though there's naturally plenty of overlap between them. This anon >>1401400 here is a good example of how straight fujos are much more likely to be just consumers of M/M media than to actively create and be more involved in developing the genre further.
>That's why I said that it's impossible to tell whether those sexuality and gender answers are accurate or just people claiming to be something they're not to avoid being a "boring cishet" and become a special "(gender)queer" instead (a phenomenon that's relatively common in recent years).
If you want to look it from that perspective, it swings both ways. Bisexuals and asexuals can also be repressed lesbians (a very common pipeline), overall including "asexual" in the questionnaire warps the statistic immensely since it's not a sexual orientation. And even if we're being stingy with the 14% lesbian statistic that's still a whole lot more than the general population in which 0.5% of all women are estimated to be homosexual. Therefore it's fair to say that M/M shipping attracts a disproportionate amount of exclusively female-attracted females. 14% or even 10% is still 1 in 10 women, a considerable amount seeing how rare lesbianism is in the end.

No. 1401754

>The original question was "do lesbian fujos exist", not "are all fujos lesbian"
I apologize if I misinterpreted >>1400817 but I thought she was talking about this argument some fujos here use where they claim most of them are lesbians, and most women being attracted to men has nothing to do with why m/m is popular (often used to counter some claim). I didn't think she was skeptical of the existence of lesbian fujos, I think it should be obvious to anyone familiar with fandom that they exist. But they're a minority, and attraction to males is a main factor in every other case, is what I'm trying to say.

I do think it's kinda weird that not even fic writers who are attracted to women write that much f/f (if there really are that many female-attracted female shippers/authors why is f/f less common than them?), because like drst said in this post >>1397497 m/m writers will ship even background characters with no canon backstory or dialogue and give them a whole personality, but the same rarely happens with unimportant (or even semi-important) female characters. Techically, there's nothing stopping female-attracted fic writers from improving canon female characters and turning them into good, appealing representations of women as much as it's done for male characters, or creating settings where women are as powerful as men or more.

If half, or more than half of female shippers are attracted to women, and bi/lesbian shippers are more active content creators than straight ones, why does f/f only have like 1/10th of the popularity of m/m? The more I think about it, the more confused I am. Maybe it really is true that female characters in media are often so badly written and boring that not even bi and lesbian shippers want to fix them. Or maybe they're just so doompilled that they just want to forget about how women are treated in society.

>even if we're being stingy with the 14% lesbian statistic that's still a whole lot more than the general population

Yeah, I mentioned that in my post.

No. 1401825

Are you purposefully being disingenuous right now? Noone said anything about women being the "transformative part" of the fandom (also lmao isn't this dichotomy is just a difference in authority judging from descriptions? I mean scrotes get real names, being professionals n shiet, meanwhile women semi-anonymously keep writing on their ghetto ass tumblr blogs. At the same time both do the same thing - personal interpretation of canon material). We were talking about moids=lore, women=shipping bullshit. Which is so fucking delusional I kind even believe anyone seriously tries to shill this.

No. 1401844

>If half, or more than half of female shippers are attracted to women, and bi/lesbian shippers are more active content creators than straight ones, why does f/f only have like 1/10th of the popularity of m/m? The more I think about it, the more confused I am. Maybe it really is true that female characters in media are often so badly written and boring that not even bi and lesbian shippers want to fix them. Or maybe they're just so doompilled that they just want to forget about how women are treated in society.
A little from column A, a little from column B, some from C, an ounce from D. Everyone has their personal reasons which is exactly why M/M has such a wide appeal to women regardless of their sexual orientation. Some just like looking at sexy husbandos and imagining themselves between them, some don't like female characters due to not being able to relate to how they're written at all, some are just blackpilled beyond repair about any female portrayal, some read the male characters as stand-ins for GNC lesbian women but all of them still consume material from the same female-dominated source.

I know people dunk on the Bechdel test a lot but it comes from a real place - female characters are generally only defined by their relationship with a male. I love a good female character just as much as the next woman but the fact is that they're never given relationships interesting enough to be invested in, and when their personalities check out their designs tend to be either overly sexualized or uninspired. Sure people can create their own female OCs and make them as they want them to be, I do exactly that, but when there's a massive, already established no boys allowed club in front of me it's just more fun to join the party connecting with others via the characters we already share a mutual interest in. I've noticed that a lot of women who are offended about other women only being invested in male characters and not their best girls project a whole lot into the female characters they like and almost make up a personality for them inside their heads. For example some people consider Sakura from Naruto as a misunderstood heroine, others see her as the embodiment of the Token Girl the author had no idea what to do with besides "she likes one of the main guys". I've witnessed many women who would deadass die on the hill of defending some obvious coombait waifu with the personality of a wet dishrag as "she's just like me so I love her!".

No. 1401856

>You're underestimating their pettiness and compulsive need to ruin everything women like.
Fair, sounds like you've seen some real nasty shit. I'm glad you have found joy & female community in the fujo side of fandom, and I totally get the need to have a best fit sort of approach in consuming content, but ultimately it feels incredibly sad to me that any decent amount of lesbians would be creating their own romance-oriented content that doesn't even feature lesbians. I've always viewed a major purpose of creating fanworks being to have the opportunity to put into the world and enjoy whatever specific niche that appeals to you that mainstream franchises are unlikely to have, so it feels sad to me that even in fanworks you still feel too constrained to enjoy/create the kind of content you'd like to in a more ideal world. You seem to place far more value on fanwork community over the specific content of the fanwork than I do though, so perhaps that itself is actually the major factor at play here

No. 1401857

>Noone said anything about women being the "transformative part" of the fandom
Except the reddit post here >>1397452 explicitly says men and women tend to belong to one group more than the other and that this isn't by any means a rule (it also doesn't say women are inferior for liking ships), but this anon >>1397813 started to screech about how pointing out some differences is the same thing as saying "guys have less drama" or that moids never care about shipping (which is not what was said at all). No one said it's an inherently bad thing and that reaction was unwarranted.

No. 1401861

>Techically, there's nothing stopping female-attracted fic writers from improving canon female characters and turning them into good, appealing representations of women as much as it's done for male characters, or creating settings where women are as powerful as men or more.
I think going to fandom looking for "representation" will always lead to disappointment, since it tends to come with expectations of what "proper" (implied "moral") representation is supposed to look like and fandoms are usually too driven by id to be so high-minded, even if the morality police keeps trying to make everyone feel bad about it. Take the lack of female characters in shipping fics; the most prominent hetship from recent decade is Kylo/Rey and it made a lot of people angry for not being the right kind of hetship, i.e. blandly unproblematic.

No. 1401862

>For example some people consider Sakura from Naruto as a misunderstood heroine, others see her as the embodiment of the Token Girl the author had no idea what to do with besides "she likes one of the main guys". I've witnessed many women who would deadass die on the hill of defending some obvious coombait waifu with the personality of a wet dishrag as "she's just like me so I love her!".
I can't really blame them tbh after all we're all suffering from the same sexism in the real world that is reflected on the media we consume. That's the way they choose to cope with the fact that there are no female heroes in supposedly escapist media that they can truly connect with.

No. 1401895

The ubiquity of fandom makes me kind of sad tbh. Pretty much every culture has stock characters that they use to tell stories (e.g. King Arthur, the Greek pantheon), but it seems like so much creativity is getting funneled into these big corporate-owned intellectual properties to the point where those companies more or less have control over a good portion of creative output (and many lives; a lot of people involved in fandom really need to touch some fucking grass). It seems like it's only going to get worse as children are raised surrounded by licensed toys and screens too.
>Their post about them unironically getting fucking furious at people who don't go full schizo mode when larping as fictional characters
Even funnier is that she clearly got into the otherkin shit well past the point fandom had already completely destroyed the otherkin subculture, which is unironically a shame because for as bizarre as it was, it was at least an extremely interesting phenomenon that hadn't sprung up from consumerist bullshit. She's complaining about newcomers to a community that people like her had ruined beyond repair.

No. 1401928

>This anon >>1401400 here is a good example of how straight fujos are much more likely to be just consumers of M/M media than to actively create and be more involved in developing the genre further.
No, she isn't. Have you heard of Naomi Novik? Wrote a boat load of m/m, huge bnf, started AO3, but her pro writing is all m/f? See also, N.K. Jemsin. Writes m/m fanfic and her pro writing is all straight couples. Those are typical examples of straight fujos. M/M in the sheets, M/F in streets.

>If half, or more than half of female shippers are attracted to women,

>and bi/lesbian shippers are more active content creators than straight ones

Doubt. Have you seen wattpad or 50 shades of grey fandom?

>Maybe it really is true that female characters in media are often so badly written and boring that not even bi and lesbian shippers want to fix them. Or maybe they're just so doompilled that they just want to forget about how women are treated in society.

When the female characters are there, f/f writers show up with bells on. See Supergirl, The 100, and Once Upon A Time fandom for the latest big f/f fandoms. f/f fandoms are rarely as big as m/m because of more people in m/m but if there are shippy women main characters, we will be there.

>project a whole lot into the female characters they like and almost make up a personality for them inside their heads.
Are you on crack or just in denial? m/m writers do this all the damn time.

I miss the days when f/f fans were over here doing our own thing and barely if ever interacted with m/m fans, who were over there doing their own thing, firstly because m/m fans a bunch of degenerates, see ABO and crap like serial killer AUs, and second, because this stupid why don't m/m fans write f/f arguments never fucking ends (This is on both m/m and f/f fans). It's always the same arguments every damn time when the truth is quite simple.

Why don't m/m fans write f/f? Misogyny. Internalized misogyny (f/f fans also have internalized misogyny but it doesn't interfere with them connecting with female characters; it comes out in other ways), a touch of lesbophobia, and the misogyny of creators resulting in fewer and less well written female characters, making it harder for some people to write fanfic about them so they write for easier characters. That's it.

No. 1401952

Funny to you to mention those girls, who are doing exactly what fujos do with their characters yet you're shitting on them because it's a woman with a female character. And then you retards wonder why woman have more reservations in showing interest on female characters? The answer is right at home kek. Lesbians end up consuming and making m/m content both because the female community and god forbid that you're a girl who likes a girl character. Who the fucking hell cares about some girls liking Sakura? As if Naruto male characters were that better. It's shounenshit for fucks sake. Who the fuck cares about if it "was for coomers!!!!", Now it's for them. It's all about transformative work and fan interpretation except when it's about a woman and some female character. There it is your answer, "why female-attracted woman end up doing and bl" because it's exausting to deal with both scrotes and fundamentalist fujos barking at you for committing the sin of liking some meh female character.

No. 1402063

>Why don't m/m fans write f/f? Misogyny. Internalized misogyny (f/f fans also have internalized misogyny but it doesn't interfere with them connecting with female characters; it comes out in other ways), a touch of lesbophobia, and the misogyny of creators resulting in fewer and less well written female characters, making it harder for some people to write fanfic about them so they write for easier characters. That's it.
samefag and upon consideration I need to walk this back a bit. Above doesn't apply that much to straight women, because why would anyone be expecting a ton of straight women to write f/f in the first place, cause I don't think it's realistic to expect straight people of either sex to be into fanfic of same sex ships. The more interesting question, imo, is why straight women who are into m/m but not m/f are more into m/m than m/f.

No. 1402177

>firstly because m/m fans a bunch of degenerates, see ABO and crap like serial killer AUs
Maybe if f/f writers actually wrote something that took chances like this instead of pure cottagecore hand holding and smooches they would be more popular kek. The main point why f/f shipping is so dead is that it's just simply boring, most female characters are written in a very boring way and if they're even a bit edgier their background story usually is having been raped/assaulted and that just doesn't fit right with me when it comes to female characters. You can stomp your feet about muh misogyny all you want but you know that most female creators and writers don't want to put or see female characters in terrible predicaments they know exist in real life and possibly have real trauma from so they play with male characters only making them able to create stories that push the envelope, thus catching everyone's interest better. Madoka is something that a lot of women consider borderline torture porn relying on the break the cutie format and it was written by a man, if it was written by a woman it would probably have male mains instead.

No. 1402643

lmao even

m/m is just more popular because mostly of shippers are straight women and male on male is one of the biggest fetish for straight women, simply is that. Straight women aren't attracted to other women so f/f is not appealing to them at all

No. 1402688

Yeah, lol. het women like yaoi the same way het men like lesbian porn, 2 dicks are hotter than one. I hate the way people always over analyze the female sexuality. Het women find men hot and are drawn to them, more at 6.

No. 1402757

>fujo m/ms are homophobic
can I get a qrd? I heard this recently but I don't get it. Because they disregard female characters? I also heard asian light novels are predominantly female-written m/m.
>f/f fiction has lesbian bed death too
I don't like men doing homo stuff though.

No. 1402785

File: 1668048731309.png (229.6 KB, 592x490, Its_Not_That_Deep.png)

>why are straight women more into m/m than m/f
Because it's a double dose of the sex they like, and because same-sex couples don't have the same inherent power imbalance that opposite sex ones do. It's literally everything they enjoy with nothing they don't.

Also, if people only ever want to draw or write one thing, so be it. It's their goddamn art, and people being forced to draw/write shit they don't want to for fear of being called bigots is exactly how you end up with crappy, tokenized representation.

>m/m fans a bunch of degenerates, see ABO and crap like serial killer AUs
This is like saying straight people are degenerates because a handful of them are into DDLG or BDSM. It's retarded to make generalizations about an entire group based on its most extreme members.

A handful of NLOGs online (mostly TIFs and a handful of faghags) call fujoshis homophobic because they're ~fetishizing~ gay men, because god forbid the poor widdle men get sexualized for once in their absurdly privileged existence. TIFs in particular feel like enjoying gayshit is a "right" they "earned" by sawing their tits off.

Actual gay men don't give a crap about this shit, because they have actual lives outside the internet and more important shit to worry about. Every single time I've seen someone bitching about le evil fujoshis fetishizing gay men, it's turned out to be a TIF or a genderspecial. Kind of infuriates me that these women are more interested at berating a niche group of female geeks than they are at combating the much larger issue of how lesbians are treated in media created by and for straight men.

Then you get entitled retards like >>1401928 who get asshurt and start accusing everyone else of bigotry when there isn't enough content for whatever thing they like. Not sure how that's the fault of fujoshis when most online content creators aren't fujos, but go off I guess.

No. 1402815

DDLG and BDSM weirdos are straight people having straight sex with extreme kinks. Fujos aren't homosexual

No. 1402816

>I don't like men doing homo stuff though.
Good for you? It’s still one of the most common fetishes among het women though

No. 1402819

File: 1668050915320.jpg (45.32 KB, 776x602, get a load of this guy.jpg)

Lmao someone needs to tell these speds that Tumblr's moderation team is basically non-existent. Report all you like, nothing ever happens. Sometimes images get censored but bots, but that's the most I've ever seen happen after using the site for over a decade.

If their mythical moderation team actually did their goddamn jobs, the site probably wouldn't have been booted from the App Store in the first place.

No. 1402825

That's not even remotely the point of what I was saying? I was just using an example; substitute straight people with literally any other group that has a small, crazy subset if it's that hard to understand. My actual point was about how a handful of weirdos into ABO aren't representative of fujoshis as a whole.

Seriously. Whenever ABO gets brought up in the fujo thread in /m/, it's in a negative light. If ABOfags were representative of their community, they wouldn't get clowned on so hard by it.

No. 1402826

sure, but >>1402688
sounded like a scrotepost.
I think heterosexual women into m/m romances over het are weird if not sexually neurotic, sort of in the way men way too into lesbian porn become depraved perverts but not to the extent moids go to. But I guess we have to let people like what they like.

No. 1402829

kek im not a scrote but eh whatever. I think the reason why fujos are a little crazy is because they actually exist in the fan spaces unlike scrotes that just fap to porn

No. 1402836

File: 1668051867860.png (148.52 KB, 1462x467, wtf.png)

i dont know where to post this cap. But i just saw it in some manga/manhwa site.

This is what happens when you consume too much content of something, its important to be diverse.
Kpop and manga/anime got this woman hating her skin color.

No. 1402839

This is probably just a bigot LARPing as a brown person. Happens often, unfortunately.

Also, not that it matters, but the characters in Japanese media are typically… Japanese. I'm not sure how people keep missing that?

No. 1402844

>when the lights are closed
sure why not

No. 1402847

File: 1668052951989.png (68.82 KB, 1647x255, lmao.png)

they even wrote a dramatic apology and in their other replies they were suicidebaiting.

No. 1402850

File: 1668053433154.png (37.26 KB, 1165x237, kek.png)

these sites sometimes have secret milk in them.
Lots of infighting between weebs when a site decides to take porn down and of course the one who is NOT pornsick always gets downvoted.

No. 1402910

File: 1668058676747.png (823.04 KB, 874x1155, 1667149962666.png)

these statements neglect the fact that the "bottom" characters in m/m ships are frequently treated as and biologically function as female in all but pronouns, the popularity of A/B/O, various forms of mpreg and the infamous "yaoi hole" where the anus is nothing like an actual anus and the alleged sex between two male characters is more like vaginal penetration
m/m ships aren't 2 male characters, its 1 male character and a pseudo-rule63 of another male character pairing up, I feel similar results could achieved just with regular rule63 and you wouldn't have to lie to yourself

No. 1402923

pakichan, youve literally posted the same thing before with the same image.
How tf are you always active.

No. 1402938

you sure must like that image huh.

No. 1402969

nta but she made a valid point

No. 1402973

I always kek at it. So horny but sexless at the same time. Someone who hasn’t been touched in a long time made drew that.

No. 1402998

honestly wish they could just admit this instead of coming up with weird ass justifications for liking it lol

No. 1403019

No. 1403072

I remember the Eltingville threads! They were so entertaining. That was a solid month or two of yumejo goodness.

Fujos definitely attract fujos. When one fujo oriented fandom dies out they tend to gravitate en masse to the next big thing. The original media is there to help proliferate fan work, they care more for the fandom and fan content than the original thing.

No. 1403098

Female sexuality can be weird depending on how repressed/young you are, I'm not sure why this even needs to be discussed. What exactly is the argument? Women applying female traits to men they draw could just be because they're actually not men so they can't comprehend them having sex in a male way, or they've been subconsciously influenced their whole lives by hetero sex/relationship dynamics and they apply it to their gay male fiction. So what? It's masturbation material and it doesn't have to be 100% accurate to the male experience. God knows men will never bother portraying women correctly, even outside of porn that's quite literally meant to be entirely self indulgent.
I'm personally so confused by what this post is trying to achieve, is it to be some kind of a getcha that frames women in a negative way? Then again I also never participated in fandoms apart from looking at Kingdom Hearts yaoi at age 14 kek. I'll truly never understand these exhaustive conversations.

No. 1403125

>m/m ships aren't 2 male characters
disagree because you’re generalizing in bad faith here. Ships happen often because of whats going on narratively between the characters, sure often on to the basis of both being hot or interesting to fans, but not because of the compulsive need to project your vagina onto male characters at all costs. I’m not arguing that those kind of yaoi coomers don’t exist, as we all know they definitely do. But many women do it because they’re invested in certain characters and like to imagine them in such scenarios too since relationships, intimacy or sex is something that is a part of our lives and interests us and most people are horny its not that deep. Learn to differentiate.

No. 1403137

File: 1668082143274.png (88.32 KB, 1698x427, 2cxsdPD.png)

>So what?
its convinced tens of thousands of girls to see humans as mere sentient blank slate meat blobs that are sometimes born with either a "penis", "ovaries" or some in-between deformity and then we "assign" (or "impose"), you can't persuade me that the various forms mpreg aren't some imposition of undeniable female biology on a character, can you really say that pregnancy, the most female trait possible is just arbitrary in m/m fics, the character that can pregnant IS NOT MALE in any conceivable way

No. 1403143

why would I want to persuade you of something? stop being so paranoid. I just think that what you just described is more of a general issues with the changing relationship humans have to their bodies due to cultural changes, for example the harmful mindest that the body is something ‘customizeable’ like in a video game that is detached from its source aka the mind as the actual human. This is a development that’s been ongoing for years and influences how we consume and treat media and ourselves so it shows in fandom topics due to fandom behavior being kind of a petri dish, but it is not by default a “fujo” problem. It is hard to have discussions over something when you throw around generalizations to make a point. Illiterate behavior. Plus it doesn’t help that there is a general lack of well written female characters compared to male ones for obvious reasons I don’t know why this factor and the impact it has on our perception gets overlooked so often in these discussions in favor of muh “fujo bad” argument.

No. 1403154

File: 1668084093140.jpg (189.77 KB, 894x1200, EcQ2UhVWsAEjVea.jpg)

Omg you really can't give an answer can you, even in 90's Japan you could find doujins featuring mpreg and yet your still finding a way to weasel out of it, you can't acknowledge that an uke is just a rule63 character

No. 1403155

Didn't you post this exact same thing before?

No. 1403333

Did you miss what I said about how ABO and mpreg are niche, and how most fujoshis aren't into them? Asking why people get off on MPREG is like asking why people get off on inflation or feet. It's just a fetish, and there isn't a rational basis for it.

Another anon hit the nail on the head when she said that ukes and unrealistic sex in yaoi are mostly the product of ignorance. A lot of these geeky teenage girls barely understand how straight sex works, let alone gay sex, so their attempts to write gay sex are going to be misinformed. It's worth mentioning as well that stereotypical semes and ukes are falling out of favor, especially in the west.

I'd agree that the people who are into ABO, Mpreg, and super stereotypical ukes specifically likely have internalized misogyny. However, I completely disagree with the argument that literally all fujoshis are misogynists. Fuck off with that. M/M shipping is often (but not always) thirst-based and occasionally, in certain circumstances, indicative of internalized misogyny. Beyond that, I don't know what the fuck else you want us to say.

No. 1403369

fujos nowadays aren’t as misogynistic and cringe as they used to be too

No. 1403445

File: 1668102981548.png (383.16 KB, 1280x876, tumblr_ndcvsmJGJS1s3ey6do1_128…)

you are right that its a fetish, but certain fetishes can reveal surefire traits about an individual, like how troons feminization fetishes let slips an AGP's intense misogyny, same way a mpreg fetish just reveals a hatred towards the female form, and you can't claim that its a rare niche, A/B/O is one of the most popular and most searched tags on AO3, it makes up around a quarter of all m/m ships and yet your acting like its a super rare

No. 1403482

You seem informed so please help. How the heck are males in mpreg and a/b/o supposed to give birth? I remember being like a tween seeing mpreg of fully showing pregnant guys and it just couldn't click with me and still can't. Is the baby supposed to come from their urethra or something? I doubt a male is going to have a vagina in those genres cause the appeal will always be men so wtf? The misogyny is basically one of the key foundations in these genres whether the people who enjoy them wants to admit it or not.

No. 1403580

File: 1668107510340.png (25.22 KB, 407x871, top tags.png)

Where the fuck did you get this information? It's a total lie. ABO isn't even in the top hundred most popular tags on AO3:


I can't believe how much time you invest into shit you hate, paki-chan. It's fucking pathetic.

No. 1403639

I looked though and it is in the top 100 though

No. 1403650

nta, excuse me I just looked into it and its not in the top 100 what are you smoking

No. 1403788

I looked as well it's number 100 in 2022

No. 1403859

For works created in 2022 only, yes. But if you look at all works created from the beginning of the site to 2022, it doesn't make the list at all.

Not that it matters. Barely scraping the bottom of the list for just one year still means it's far from ~the most popular tag~ like >>1403445 claimed.

No. 1403862

I was just saying where I found it nona not trying to fight over this

No. 1403864

Imagine what these categories would be if men were the ones primarily writing fanfiction.

No. 1403909

i think it also has to do with the fact that we rarelly see m/f dynamics where the man is actually submissive and vulnerable to the woman
also it's interesting that i see some genderbent m/m ships where both or only one character is turned female, and their dynamic is actually better constructed than a lot of m/f and f/f ships lol

No. 1403910

People have the weirdest assumptions about what fujos like, despite the fact that the most dominant fanfic site has a comprehensive tagging system that allows you to clearly see the data on it's content. They'll insist fujos are pedos who love rape or whatever but you can just go see for yourself how small those categories are (and if you actually read them you'll find they're usually not a fetish in the story but used for a dramatic storyline), while stories without any sex at all (pg/teen rated) are usually the biggest.

Anyway I can't blame anons for thinking ABO is gross but I also think the assumptions about internalized misogyny etc are too harsh. It's pretty evident that what girls enjoy about it is animalistic/instinctive forms of attraction and exaggerated 'gender roles' that DON'T involve women being hurt or degraded or insulted. I think it's understandable that women, whose main point of reference for sex and love is their own lives, would retain some appreciation of feminine traits and roles. But they prefer shipping men and therefore came up with a hybrid that lets them enjoy both at the same time. And I'll never blame anyone who wants to gloss over the reality of gay sex, it's gross and uncomfortable and nobody is trying to appease gay men rather than other women.

No. 1403914

why has this thread turned into the fujo defense force lol

while that anon is hyperbolic they can still be cringe especially when they're a large majority in many fandoms

No. 1403921

Because paki-chan and the resident tranny feel the need to start fujoshi discourse in literally. Every. Thread. Regardless of how relevant it is.

Also, things can be cringe without being literal bigotry that Must Be Eliminated. And they're really not a "large majority" of any fandom. They just feel that way in female-dominated geek spaces specifically because fujoshis churn out a lot of fanfic and fanart. Leave Tumblr and you'll find that fujoshis are rarely a "large majority" in fandoms.

No. 1403948

Fujos are incredibly sensitive. I thought anons point made sense too.

No. 1403963

chill anon I've just seen a large majority of fujos in a bunch of fandoms I've been in or adjacent too.

No. 1404009

No but this is such a good point. i like submissive men and there is literally 0 straight sub men content that doesn’t have weird male gaze dominatrix shit out there so i have to read m/m stuff despite the fact that i prefer m/f by a lot. i know way too many m/m shit that i might as well call myself a fujo at this point but m/m at it’s core doesn’t turn me on. I always imagine myself doing things to the sub

No. 1404109

File: 1668134261700.gif (488.02 KB, 499x367, zJVKzB0.gif)

>Anyway I can't blame anons for thinking ABO is gross but I also think the assumptions about internalized misogyny etc are too harsh.
Would these anons actually find it preferable if the people writing fics with dark and taboo kinks had those kinks happen to female characters instead? Look at the logic here:

>Um, why are the rape and abuse victims in these stories always male, do the authors have something against women? Why don't they want to objectify more women in their wank material? Is this what misogyny looks like?

No. 1404118

Fujos are extremely insecure and ashamed of liking m/m despite acting like they aren't. They should act like the moids and be shameless about their fetiches instead of writing essays about female sexuality and shit (which don't even apply to all since idgaf about yaoi)

No. 1404120

is the issue no the fetishes to begin with or am I misunderstanding something ?

No. 1404124

Quoted wrong, meant

No. 1404133

Why arr pro-shippers always screaming about terfs and radfems? Sure fandom is full of TRAs but pro-shippers somehow blame them for the anti movement when mostly of radfem don't give a shit

No. 1404144

Radfem/terf means woman that disagrees with me in their vocabulary lol.

No. 1404156


Sure but anti shippers are also full of TRA and gendies so is funny how they attack each other while FtM masturbate Loli porn and Radfems talk about actual important issues

No. 1404517

File: 1668140017691.png (197.99 KB, 1194x744, 1597909006797.png)

That's a really good point anon, I didn't even think of that. If more ABO weirdos wrote about women (which, unfortunately, there are a handful who do, like Addison Cain) then you'd just have a ton of fiction about women being violently subjugated and sexually abused. Say what you want, that shit is a hell of a lot more tolerable when it's being written about men, who basically deserve it after treating women that way IRL for thousands of years.

The whole thing really speaks to how the anti-fujos just want women to all write nothing but wholesome cottagecore vanilla sex in the missionary position, or face accusations of misogyny and homophobia. Like, yeah it's cringey when women write about two random anime guys boning, but it's ultimately a harmless expression of their sexuality. Incredible that men can get away with literally choking their girlfriends to death during sex and jerking off to videos of women being forced to eat vomit, but everyone flips the hell out when a girl draws gay sex.

No. 1404546

It's an easy way to demonize the people who disagree with them. They use "pedo" and "lolicon" the same way, despite the fact that most proshippers are other women who often ship a some of the same pairings as the antis attacking them.

Clown on clown violence. That basically sums it all up.

No. 1404637

even with the soyjack strawman stacked against her the himejoshi is still more based, kek.

No. 1404682

god they really pathologize and overcomplicate why someone would be a fujo. when i was a fujo it was because i only enjoyed objectifying men and didn't gaf about self-inserting, not because of self-hate or misogyny. it was pretty fucking simple lol.

No. 1404694

>feels nice and healthy loving my own gender
so true

No. 1404697

Not even involved in this debate, but that pic trying to make it seem like fujos are unbothered doesn't work at all. Even in the designated thread for posting fujo cringe, they sometimes sperg out and fight with other anons for having any kind of criticism

No. 1404775

>Anti fujo types will obviously never admit it, but it all comes back to them being NLOGs.
Starting off, it's not a coincidence that a shit ton of them are fakebois who are desperate to get men (especially gay men) to like them and enjoy putting other women down and policing them due to this. They have an issue in which they constantly

Anon…as a millenial who has spend plenty of time on fandoms and internet but has never cared about yaoi, fujos and fakebois are literally the same thing just different generation lol
both are just awkward het women who live and breathe m/m content

No. 1404788

exactly. the main difference between them is that fakebois have tried to moralize and sanitize their interest in mlm content instead of at least partially admitting the self-indulgent and sexual nature, but they are in the same ecological niche. there is mutual projection about who's an NLOG, who's a pervert, and who's a misogynist because they recognize themselves in each other.

No. 1404796

Anon have you seen all those women in their early 30s(my age) that are now "pro-shippers"? They said shit about how "fandom spaces were created by queer people"(90% of them are dating or married to a moid) or how people who dislike their dumb pairings and fics are alt right/conservatives/nazis/terfs etc. They are both full of shit

No. 1404800

tangentially related I think personally the thing find weird is when people argue that it's normal for straight women to only consume m/m or whatever but like I don't think you need to be a certain sexuality to connect and like characters?? Idk just find it weird thing to say.

Maybe I'm oversimplifying idk it's just something that's always irked me when they snap back at criticism of not consuming any sort of female content. As if lesbians only consume lesbian stuff ect ect lol. I'm not trying to fight… just fyi

No. 1404807

well that's because most m/m shippers are horny for the characters, so that would make them straight or bi

No. 1404808

File: 1668146420052.jpg (763.84 KB, 1920x1080, 2_1911181156166-rickandmorty_4…)

How responsible are media creators for the fandom their work cultivates? I've heard through the grapevine that Rick and Morty wasn't a show that encouraged the "I'm so much smarter than everyone else and Rick's so much like me" line of though popular within its fandom a few years ago on Reddit, but it's such a widely believed interpretation of it that I believe there must've been some undercurrent of it within the show. Looking at it from a more feminine perspective…

Did it attract so many morally bankrupt men that they ignored the larger family aspect of the show, or was that aspect always supposed to be lesser in favor of Rick and Morty themselves? Did the showwriters assume their audience would care about the family drama if they cared about Rick, or were they aware of how he'd be perceived by edgelords? They created their fandom without intending to.

And whatever the hell happened with Breaking Bad? It was written with circa 2010s(?) tolerance for gay/neurodivergent/otherkin whatever in larger media at the time, but it's recently gained a large(?) audience of terminally online gendies. One of these fans on Twitter/Tumblr posted about how she was genuinely upset Jesse said retard or something in an episode. Are the always morally-on-their-high-horse people so hypocritical that they cry TERF when they see anything right to their center, but media that has their main characters say retard get a pass, don't get cancelled, because they think Jesse's hot or someone to aspire to look like? From this perspective they're complete frauds. Do they like the writing of the show to the point where they throw out their entire moral compass (if they even have one if its broken by Aaron Paul) or did no one actually watch the show before making it Twitter media of the month? If they actually did, then what does that say about the audience the writers of that show cultivated? They created their fandom without intending to as well.

I haven't seen either show

No. 1404812

I think they just are horny/kin the characters tbh lol I've seen tifs be into it's always sunny and there's pretty blatant "transphobia" in that show. That or they think they're being super edgy.

I originally watched bb back in the day and there were definitely female fans but back then it had a reputation as being a fedora tippers show in certain online sj spaces. I remember them harassing the actress who place Skyler because they hated her character

No. 1404815

Oldfag fujoshis mostly just keep to themselves and draw/like gayshit for fun. The people starting fights and accusing others of bigotry are FTMs 99% of the time.

I'd argue that the people not sawing their own breasts off are categorically less misogynistic than the ones who are. How is it even a competition at that point.

>mlm content
Go back.

You're in your thirties and you're still seething over this shit? You're almost as bad as they are, good lord. Why on earth do you care about what people that retarded think?

People like what they like, and most people have shit taste. You're not going to change their minds by screaming at them about how bigoted they are.

No. 1404820

Seething? As a lesbian I'm annoyed at them being hetero woman using actual gay people as their shields. It's homophobic.

No. 1404825

I wasn't screaming at them for being bigoted??? Where did you get that from… I just don't understand this argument

No. 1404827

The recent Tumblr popularity of Breaking Bad and Jesse and particular really highlights to me that politics are an afterthought when people are getting into new stuff, even people who purport to be as "politically involved" as TRAs on Tumblr. They watched the show, liked it, thirsted for Jesse, then retroactively applied their retarded headcanons to it as a way of making their love of it woke. I haven't watched it either, but my understanding is that Jesse is just an edgelord who constantly says casually misogynistic, homophobic, etc things because he's a white trash. So of course instead of watching something else, or accepting that their politics and casual interests don't have to perfectly align, Aidens turn around and justify their obsession with Jesse by saying that he's ackshually a twans man and that his bigoted rhetoric is just internalized or some shit.

Then a lot of fans take it a step further by trashing the showrunners as a means of virtue-signalling. Denigrating the people who make the "problametic" thing you love is a great get-out-of-jail-free card for SJWs to enjoy the thing without looking like hypocrites. Except they're throwing the people who work hard to create the thing under the bus, and on the whole contributing to a culture of entitlement and content creators being mistreated. All of the sake of looking woke.

No. 1404829

It's funny how anon is acussing others of seething and screaming when she is the one doing that

No. 1404835

I was being hyperbolic. Are you ESL or something?

You're not going to change peoples minds by guilt-tripping them. No one ever responded to being condescended to online by going, "hmm, I'm actually going to do the thing that person told me to do! How insightful."

Again, it's hyperbole, paki-chan.

Fair enough. But both sides of the debate are using gay people as shields. See Aidens claiming to be gay men and caping on their behalf when gay men don't actually care for an example of that.

Guess what? The disappearance of lesbian bars and the word woman being erased from medical documents is not the work of 30-year-old womanchildren NEETs. It's 100% caused by TIFs and genderspecials, so maybe you should focus more of your energy on them, since they're causing actual issues in real life and not just being dipshits online.

I'd take a thousand marms online calling fandom "historically kweer" if it meant we could have lesbian bars back and women weren't called "menstruators" ever again.

No. 1404839

why yall think everyone who is ESL is pakichan? some people are just french

No. 1404842

That wasn't even my point?? It wasn't about guilting anyone into anything I just don't understand why being straight has anything to do with the media you consume wholly. I just found it a strange point to make

You're making the worst faith reading of what I said when I was literally asking a question because I didn't understand. Not everyone in here is trying to start an argument or fight you jfc

I'm not paki-chan… I wasn't even condemning fujos

No. 1404844

maybe people can find people annoying without it being activism lmfao

No. 1404845

Doublepost, but I'm beyond tried of the goddamn endless fujoshi debate. The same points are made by each side every time, and no one ever changes their minds about anything. It's just a bunch of people accusing each other of bigotry and going, "no u."

Whatever amount of potential misogyny going on with either side is so trivial that it's barely even worth the headspace to begin with. We're arguing about whether women have internalized misogyny for liking certain fiction, or if they have it for shaming those who enjoy that kind of fiction. That is such an insignificant non-issue, especially when women's bodily autonomy is being stripped away from us by male-dominated institutions before our very eyes.

Clearly we've had this debate way more times than its actual significance warrants, so can we just give it a fucking rest already? This isn't what I made this thread for. I literally linked the anti-fujoshi thread in the OP, go have this argument there if you absolutely must waste more of your time on it

No. 1404848

Yes, that's my point both are the same shit, just that they are from different generations so they act different because fandom and internet has changed.

30s womanchildren are also huge TRAs and gendies who have cut their tits if you haven't noticed lol not that it affects them because they are st8 with a nigel so the MtF aren't interested

No. 1404850

fuck me I misread ignore that last point.

No. 1404851

It jumps to hyperbole so fast idk why people just can't have a normal conversation about it like yeah ofc some people in fandom are annoying and cringe lol

No. 1404860

Sorry for coming across so aggro about it, anons. Admittedly I misunderstood the thread of the argument going on, since it's been happening for so long.

The question of why people don't create/enjoy content with female characters was asked in bad faith earlier in the thread, and that's why I reacted the way I did. To answer your actual question instead of being a retard like I was: most straight women aren't fujoshis because it's kind of an obscure, geeky thing to be, but fujoshis are straight or bisexual 98% of the time for reasons that have been pretty well established at this point. I don't know if "normal" is the right way to describe it especially given its relative obscurity, though, but there doesn't really exist a word to describe things that are neither normal nor offensive. Harmless cringe maybe? Idk.

Oh yeah, there's definitely overlap between fujoshis and SJW gendie types. There's no denying that. I think that's why some people have coined the phrase "old-school fujoshi" to describe fujosis who aren't gendies, which are unfortunately increasingly rare in the west (though they're obviously still around.)

Maybe that's where the misunderstanding is coming from, because when you say "fujoshi" that includes literally everyone who enjoys slash, including a lot of otherwise normie Japanese women and such, as well as the type of anti-troon fujoshis who post in the thread on /m/. I think a term needs to be coined specifically to describe fujoshis who are western SJW types, just to give the discussion some clarity so we stop lumping people who are simply cringe in with people who cut off their own body parts.

No. 1404885

I guess it just confused me cause I have some fujo pals but they're also pretty well rounded in what they like and consume so it's not all fujo stuff so when I do run across someone like that it's like an alien to me. I just don't get it

Like I feel like it's pretty easy to claim someone is annoying if they're overly rabid and those are the only types that have ever really gotten on my nerves. This can literally apply to any type of fandom person though. Like if you're letting it leak into every conversation

No. 1404891

File: 1668153386317.png (1.74 MB, 955x833, trans_jesse.png)

Exactly, anon. No clue why people get so defensive when you call something cringe or criticize something here. As if this thread wasn't meant for the analysis of fandom culture, good or bad in any direction. Anons should stop taking everything said here as a personal attack.
As this anon said,
I've seen the exact same thing too. Neither side is unbothered because it happens in the regular fujo thread too. Don't know why all the fujos in this thread are acting so morally superior.

It has been so strange to see. I used to get this artist on my timeline so much that I had to block them. I think they enjoy the ironic dissonance of a trans person being in an otherwise "offensive" show that gets them going.

No. 1404914

>God this. I’ve noticed that individuals with generally poor media literacy end up being the worst all around, even socially.
Idk about snapewives but in case of kylo those women read additional lucasfilm books, novels, comics etc yet whole fandom decides to gaslight them into
>women and their fantasies haha they are so dumb
That fandom being predominantly male and filled with "i'm not like other girls" pickmes doesn't help.
Any day I'd rather stand with villain loving women than misogynists that are stuck in
>using twilight as an insult towards women
Organized religions very much had corporate level influence over people, their lives and money. I get what you mean, fandom spaces like religions breed
>us with them rhetoric
I understand some people may need soft, kids media as an escapism but why do they try to turn into something adult? like if you want something like that, there is adult media out there, go enjoy and interact with it. I legit don't get it.
>Women have always inspired and imitated art, but currently it's as though women are competing with art because of hentai (or yaoi in some instances)
It breaks my heart when I see nerdy ex-youtuber girls that nice personality, had their interests and were very much cute, ruin their bodies with implants and injections to turn themselves into hentail like character so they can promote their onlyfans and instagram.

No. 1404933

>I don't think you need to be a certain sexuality to connect and like characters
me neither and I think this is a point that falls more under general fandom behavior than the tiring, endless fujo debate that should have been moved to the fujo cringe thread to begin with. I was the anon annoyed at generalization (because it’s contra productive to any discussion). I dont ship on the basis of two characters having a specific sex, If I ever do but maybe thats rare idk. I think different people have different reasons for shipping and this tells a lot about them through how they approach fiction. I want to to write more about different kinds of media consumers.
Some people go overboard with exploring the narrative and looking for every possible scenario, some seem to view characters through a shipping lense and are only interested in their interactions with other shippable characters on the basis of how much porn you could get from that. Maybe its just different levels of coomer brainrot.

Coming back at my point that there is a general lack of female characters that actually appeal to women (i.e. being more than shitty waifubait, token female or mc support girl); For example you sometimes see artists imagine and draw characters from sausage fest series as women and even shipping them like this. It may be for fun but it may be that some of them are bi or aren’t attracted to men, but attracted to the characters and their personality so much that they want to further enjoy them regardless. I just thought its interesting.
I was wondering about the current increase in breaking bad fanart too, what the hell happened? I never watched it either

No. 1404979

Can't believe I'm saying this, but a lot of a/b/o is also just for M/F pairings. For those it's essentially just an enhanced breeding thing.

No. 1405274

>That fandom being predominantly male and filled with "i'm not like other girls" pickmes doesn't help.
>Any day I'd rather stand with villain loving women than misogynists that are stuck in
This lmao. Idk what that anon is on, losing a friend over her being a Kylo Ren or a Snape fangirl seems next level retarded. Ironically my experience has been the girls who attack and criticize these fangirls are the worst breed of pickme and nlogs, they just hate women so much and attack these dumb fan crushes usually build on fanfics to show how much better and mature they are than some random teen girls online who are just having fun (i mean just look at >>1377881. Someone is a coward for not having OCs?? Literally what the fuck??? Maybe they have jobs and don't take silly internet characters as seriously as you do lmao. The stink of terminally onliness this post reeks of).

No. 1405697

File: 1668201528136.png (59.91 KB, 681x383, FKLKAadjfashd1300922.png)

>Someone is a coward for not having OCs?? Literally what the fuck???
That's not what they were saying, or meant to say. They meant people who feign intelligence or understanding of a fictional character by investing themselves deep into their lore, yet still have no real idea why the character acts the way they do.

I recently saw something like this with HOTDs Daemon. I could be biased because I hate him, but people were incredibly shocked when a woman abuser turned out to be abusive to his wife(which he already groomed and who was his niece). They called it OOC, as if he didn't kill his previous wife, not attend the birth of his kid with his ex-wife(who then died), and slept on and off with a mistress he had no care for. He was always a volatile man, yet his fangirls are the type obsessed with bad boys and thought he would be an obsession with his niece. It would at least be better if these people didn't try to come up with lame excuses. He's a well-written character, one that's supposed to be evil, and it's not a bad thing to admit it.

No. 1405824

Regarding Breaking Bad, I think it was simply some popular ayden who watched the show and went "hey, this is great!" and sperged about it to her followers, who also watched the show, made the same conclusion, and fandom snowballed from there. A piece of media can attract people outside of it's target audience just by being good. The aydens then go their way to project their tastes and preferences onto the show in fandom spaces, hence the surge of fanart depicting Jesse as an anime FTM catboi.

No. 1405917

what's crazy is that you only see the moral policing bs in western fandoms. chinese/jpn/krn/etc. groups are all happily doing weird shit in their own corners. western internet has 15 y/o's and adults treating this shit like it's serious fucking business

No. 1405918

kek even itt you have people crying about fake incest.

No. 1405939

Mememe is fake deep as fuck, it’s literally just coomershit but also saying coomershit bad.
Moids always do shit like this since even when they want to criticize stuff like porn, they’re still not actually against it.

No. 1405950

Western fandom cultures are too obsessed with trying to force identities on themselves with labels. Eastern societies know how retarded that is.

But with that being said, just because we can't read their languages, doesn't mean this discourse doesn't exist (at least in Japan). Japanese women are still critical of how young Japanese women are portrayed in fiction because pedophilic-esque content is so normal there and damaging to them in their own ways.

It's normal for people to find incest, even as a kink or in fiction weird, even if it is still a common trope.

No. 1405982

File: 1668218564501.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x1254, 74F24ED2-173A-4D45-9FE0-90FA92…)

Why do gay/lesbian couples in western shows make me cringe so hard? There is something so… performative about them i can’t put my finger on it. I much enjoy gay/lesbian media from japan/korea, and they are supposedly more homophobic, but they write better stuff. Heck, I downloaded this one shitty russian dating game and it has such cute lesbian romance options and it doesn’t feel forced at all (picrel is a cg from the game). Why is that? Why do people from more oppressive countries create better lesbian/gay stories?

No. 1405992

dont be shy, tell us the name

No. 1405994

gisella’s route in heart of trespia!

No. 1405998

I'm distracted by the daggers floating.

No. 1406003

this is how i feel about camilla and julie from yt shorts/tiktok

No. 1406010

They can't even say the word "lesbian" in American TV and movies for some reason

No. 1406011

Because it's typically either straight men writing a male-gazey version of lesbians (looking at you, Blue is the Warmest Color), or straight women writing an uwu sexless cottagecore version. In both cases, the lesbian characters don't really feel like people.

Obviously it's possible for someone who isn't a lesbian personally to write one well, it's just rare because many writers are too self-absorbed to try and truly understand the experience of a marginalized group to which they do not personally belong.

Maybe I'm just a weeb, but several of my favorite lesbian relationships in fiction are from josei mangas. As for your experiences with non-English lesbian romance, I think it's because when being gay is literally outlawed in a country, you don't have a bunch of virtue-signallers writing half-assed crap to look woke. You still have fetishists, unfortunately.

No. 1406114

It's like fictionalized lesbians are always perfect. They have the perfect look, home, attitude, age and beliefs. No selfish, hurtful and detrimental thought goes through their mind. They act as if they are always being watched and judged. They're never ugly.
Of course, most romance isn't realistic, it's an exaggeration of what real people in those relationships like to see in fiction. Bella x Edward isn't realistic but some women love the pairing. I personally haven't looked too hard for fictional lesbians, the women I know in real life have much more interesting stories and personal ugliness than most fictional lesbians and honestly fictional women in general.
Pic posted is honestly the kind of lesbian depiction I dislike in media but all the power to you anon!

No. 1406184

there's plenty of drama in those spaces, you just don't see it because you don't speak the language. People send eachother death threats over "wrong ships" all the time. Ao3 got banned in China because of fans reporting it to the government for hosting fanfiction of their NOTPs

No. 1409456

What mangas specifically? I've found most yuri to be equally repugnant tbh mostly because it trips over manga tropes or its obviously shilling to men. there's a distinct lack of variety for me

No. 1409917

For me, personally, I don't like manga yuri because uwu cute schoolgirs with big eyes and general moe and cutie feel is not my type. I prefer larger, more mature and "real" women, so yuri is not my cup of tea.

No. 1423533

File: 1669583502896.jpeg (21.6 KB, 479x308, 6217946ee5e2189ac6872bfd_479_3…)

Am I insane for trying to find smut that isn't your typical moid porn garbage repackaged as shipping fanfic? I only read m/f and finding something more normal and emphasizes pleasure for the female character is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. I hate that I can't find something that isn't male gazey even when it's supposed to be through the eyes of a woman. There are times when I think I'm getting something normal and then the porn influence sneaks in and suddenly the characters are salivating for cock and screaming from orgasms and jesus christ, haven't any of these authors had sex. I know the answer is probably no but still.

idk maybe my fandoms are shit but I also think this is the end result of so many people having access to porn while in their formative years.

No. 1423565

It's your fandoms 100% or sites you use. I read her all the time (most mainstream fandoms would be jjba, harry potter, genshin) and I manage to find adequate fics easily. There is still male gazey shit, but a lot less than it was in 2010s. Have you tried looking on tumblr? I mostly read things from there.

No. 1423571

Can't be a tomboy or masculine woman anymore, you must be trans now.
Can't like two men fucking and be a woman anymore, you must be trans to be allowed to like it.

I agree I hate it. I ignore it though, luckily my fandoms are mainly Asian so it's easy to avoid the genderfaggotry.

No. 1423591

Manga don't care about being politically correct (I hate using that term but in this case it makes sense) so the gays can just be anything. Most of my favorite gays or gay teased characters are villains/antagonists. You won't get that in the west because it needs to be lbgt+ friendly and they are afraid of cancellation.

Remember that Karens and trads are already shunning series with gays, so if you would alienate the lgbt+ crowd as well you might as well axe your own series. Anime were always more open and less black and white. Morally gray MCs are way more common in manga than in comics.
Notice the same issue with women in media. In most cases the women are boring because they HAVE To be the voice of reason character or the nurturing character because of virtue signalling and coomer fantasies. There are of course many coomer manga too but even old series like Sailor Moon had diverse female antagonists, shady women, silent women and all kinds of women.

The west is trying too hard to sell a product and advertise it while mangaka just want to tell a story.
Add to that that a lot of western lesbians and gays are simply UGLY lol. Or literal children. Yeah I know Owlhouse has kids being gay thank you but honestly not what I am into, I don't want romances with children at all regardless if gay or het.

No. 1423653

You are posting everywhere with your reddit spacing. Why?

No. 1424181

If by western you mean American then the answer you're looking for is that mainstream American (and American inspired) romance stories are pretty bad and over the top in general, the straight ones lack chemistry and character building because hurr hurr girl meets boy that's all it takes while the gay ones are exoticized to the point they feel performative and too on the nose. In oppressive and homophobic countries it's only the people genuinely interested in the topic creating all the related media so it's also more sincere, while in big name American shows there's usually a more sinister motive of pandering to people who tolerate homosexuality but have no personal experience with it (i.e. "allies").

No. 1424196

>The whole thing really speaks to how the anti-fujos just want women to all write nothing but wholesome cottagecore vanilla sex in the missionary position
Interestingly enough the certain breed of demented anti-fujo husbandofags want fucked up shit like choking, different forms of abuse and forced impregnation etc. in their straight porn while accusing fujos of being degenerates for liking M/M content. They're only mad that they can't self insert into it, not because they think the sexual acts are morally wrong per se. It's also why NLOG Aydens seethe over fujos so hard and demand more FTM headcanons with t-vaginas and tit scars in their M/M ships, it's a compulsive need to hetbend everything they consume. Hence all the "this girl character is actually a MTF and the male character is FTM" headcanons as well, despite claiming to be the kweerest kids on the block their brains can't comprehend anything but penis in vagina.

No. 1424526

God you speak to me because the last fandom I was in had such anti-fujos and their most favorite fics that got like 300 comments were always forced marriage trash in which the female MC was a slave being bought off by the noble rich husbando or some shit.
It fucking disgusts me how popular that trash is among these circles. They have no right to complain about "fetishizing" or abuse because people ship dudes that are canon enemies when they fawn over shit like this.

No. 1424761

NTA but I feel like the over-the-topness and lack of chemistry in straight romances are common in k-dramas and anime as well, not really just a western thing tbh.

No. 1425204

File: 1669701065306.jpg (452.62 KB, 1280x1849, tumblr_p8wpy6O50j1vplkgeo1_128…)

idk where else to put this, but a fandom specific rant
so tired of nu-fandom and trying to find anything good
every character gets trannified, gets turned into a potato-nosed hambeast, turned into a hirsute, whatever
just fucking draw or write the character like they are in canon
no one wants to see your weird projecting take on them
they act like they support it but there's no way it can be preferred to the original canon
people like canon for a reason
and "headcanon" means fucking nothing now

No. 1425407

I'm so tired of it as well, mixing fandom with lgbt and politics was a mistake

No. 1425940

Can any younger farmers describe their experience with “headcanon”? Because I’m 30 and to me, “headcanon” is shit like “this character sleeps on his side” or “this character loves cats”. Small fun things that don’t have much bearing on the character or the plot. Now I’ve seen shit like “this character is trans and that’s my headcanon and if you try to say anything against my headcanon you’re a bigot who must be blacklisted from the fandom!!”

When did this shift happen?

No. 1425944

when trannies and woke shit started invading and overrunning fandom

No. 1426000

File: 1669749903588.gif (1.16 MB, 250x261, 1659935670911.gif)

I don't even look for fanfics anymore and I block people who post their ugly as fuck doodles (not even gonna call them artists), I miss the good old days when I would actually look for fics and find good or decent stuff instead of shit like Ace Attorney gay stuff where one of the guys regardless of pairings will suddenly be revealed to be an Americanized straight girl. The more time passes, the less I think about it though. I think I'm moving on from fandoms but man, I miss the good old days. I feel pure, visceral disgust when I see tranny porn art or racebending art online not even just because that shit is dumb and ugly but because I remember that the people making and posting that shit ruined a hobby of mine.

I'm not that much younger than you but from my own observation it's not just zoomers who decided to change the definition of the word "headcanon", a decade ago I already saw people older than me sperging about their trans headcanon because "we technically never see the characters completely naked and for all we know they have mastectomy scars under their clothes so it doesn't contradict canons" or "technically the race and skin color of that character is never explicitly mentioned until chapter 100000000 so if I say that this Japanese character born and raised in Japan with a Japanese name is African American then I'm not contradiction canon, checkmate!!1!", then zoomers saw this type of argument and little by little they stopped bothering justifying where their headcanons come from and how they're not contradicting canon. I think I first saw that with Persona 4, which is extra funny because Naoto being a transboy doesn't just contradict canon it contradicts the whole point of her arc. Then I started seeing it with Hange in Attack on Titan with the mangaka shit talking his readers for not guessing that she's a woman because of the very rough art style, and with Armin because he has a cutesy round face and big eyes.

No. 1426007

it feels like their drama isn't as focused on moralfagshit as the west's is though. like if they dislike something it's on the basis of just not liking it and not "uhmmmm it's INCEST PEDOPHILIA PROBLEMATIC literally oppressing me :(!" etc.

No. 1426025

>Morally gray MCs are way more common in manga than in comics
Yeah, if the only English comics you've read are capeshit.

No. 1426030

Pretty much what other anons have said. Headcanons we're just fun, silly things, like what band a character listened to, who would play them in a live action adaptation, etc. Now they're just another means for people to virtue-signal.

No. 1426078

Headcannons also we’re just like how would insert character react to the main character of a dating sim saying their pregnant and stuff.

No. 1426226

NTA but I don't know if that's any better than people doing severe life ruination over ships they don't like like the case AYRT mentioned about the Chinese fans reporting someone to the authorities, in their country you could be executed or sent to a prison camp for content that's not government approved. Also in Korean spaces they get muh virtual signaling too but instead of American style black and white race wars they start screeching over a Chinese/Japanese artist drawing a Korean traditional dress on a character because of muh cultural appropriation. Seriously, Asian fandom spaces aren't some exotic wonderland where everyone is just based and completely drama free.

No. 1426253

Koreans in BL spaces get really retarded and expect you to ship everyone equally and give love and mention the other ships. "I noticed you didn't like enough art with X ship… You must be an X ship hater!"
They are unironically that much in your business, even though they are guilty of the same shit too. They claim to be "I love them all" but show their bias anyway.
I love seeing the sour grapes when their preferred ship gets nowhere kek

No. 1426259

>I noticed you didn't like enough art with X ship… You must be an X ship hater!
kek what the hell is this, the police?

No. 1426355

Korean hell. I know Asian fandom spaces aren't perfect, but I'll take on Chinese and Japanese any day of the week over Korean

No. 1426366

My experience with Korean fan spaces was that they track all their posted art and photos through some software then instantly delete their whole internet life when their work get reposted without permission. Didn't matter if they were a popular BNF with years of well-received content–they would just disappear forever. This was years ago so I'm not sure if it's still like this

No. 1426373

that's silly. makes it even harder to find the source if they're so mad about reposted art

No. 1426391

Yeah asian artists are notorious for doing this back in the day. I'm not sure if it's the norm now though

No. 1426864

I can see why they'd do that, if it's for anonymity. I'd hate to have people I know irl find my online accounts and be able to guess its me based on something easy to recognize like art style or selfies or whatever event I went through that I posted about. And Asian fans are very into not posting selfies and staying quiet about their real lives.

No. 1426871

I actually reposted a Korean letsplayer's cute short video once when I was a teen, one they had on another social media but did not upload to youtube for some reason, then forgot about it. Logged in years later and had a bunch of subscribers and a lot of comments, including a lot of koreans telling me to go to prison, kill myself and how XY never gave me permission and then just people why XY disappeared from the web. Apparently they removed every account they ever had, but I don't think it lines up perfectly with my upload.

No. 1426881

How did they find you?

No. 1426894

I don't actually know, I did have the credit to the original creator either in the title or the description box. It also got a lot of views respectively for the game it was in the category of iirc, so some Koreans might just have come across it.

No. 1426895

Seeing all the infighting about it and the way female characters are treated by fandoms, I wonder what it would take to create an asshole female protagonist who does terrible shit (just like moid protagonists in media for males) and gets lots of female fans. Because it seems to me that female fans, unfortunately, tend to judge female characters way more harhsly, whether said characters are interesting but immoral, or moral but uninteresting. Whereas both kinds of male characters get tons of fans.
That's just the impression I get, but I hope I'm wrong.

No. 1426898

>Because it seems to me that female fans, unfortunately, tend to judge female characters way more harhsly
That's because most of them are bad and created for the moid gaze. The only characters fitting your description that I can come up with are the sexy, malepandering femme fatales like Bayonetta or Lady Dimitrescu yet they still do have a very large female fanbase. As for what it would take to create a popular one with a big fanbase, probably to get past all the iron gates kept by male executives who feel threatened by a morally grey female protagonist created exclusively for women. There's a reason why most characters like this are from indie works that never get any visibility.

No. 1426902

I don't know shit about GOT but isn't it super popular with normies, including women, for having male and female characters being crazy, horrible murderers and warlords? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not gonna watch a series that starts well and has a shitty ending and I'm not starting a long series of novels that's on hiatus.

>an asshole female protagonist who does terrible shit
The worst things she does is bragging all the time about being a bad bitch, insulting literal mass murdering monsters before killing them to save the world and telling a lost 6 years girl to stop crying, she really doesn't fit that description.

No. 1426904

I'd love an asshole female protagonist but I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon. I remember being in the GTA V fandom on tumblr when the game launched, it's literally 100% female on there and yet there was so much hate for Amanda, the protagonist Michael's wife. Michael is a certified killer but never mind that, Amanda said mean things to him! She also cheated on him after he cheated on her, how cruel! It was so stupid, like she's not even a morally grey character, just a woman who's fed up with her shithead husband and the reaction was pure vitriol and that's just what other women were saying about her. Moids were even worse and I remember seeing plenty of vids on YouTube of people killing her and blowing her up. I just settle for making all my RPG characters asshole women now as I know that's the only way I'll get them.

No. 1426906

>she really doesn't fit that description.
Well, that's exactly the point. There simply isn't a suitable example, that's just the closest that at least I can name with. The morally questionable women in GOT aren't popular and Daenerys (the dragon lady) is a waifu character.

No. 1426907

File: 1669809934881.jpg (137.06 KB, 1200x675, 1ff1923f072972ab-1200x675.jpg)

fucking same, I just want a female Travis.

No. 1426908

>most of them are bad and created for the moid gaze
>created for the moid gaze
OK but I wasn't talking about obvious coombait. I'm talking about characters that either get criticized for doing bad things or for being too bland and boring, not for being created for coomer moids. From what I've seen, female characters that aren't coombait and/or were created by/for women are criticized a lot for either of those reasons. For example, in comments on manhwa/manga sites you can see a lot of female readers shitting on every female character (even if it's the protagonist) for doing something that, if a male character were to do, he would be defended by most readers instead. For example, being a cheater, or physically hurting someone.

No. 1426910

>there was so much hate for Amanda, the protagonist Michael's wife. Michael is a certified killer but never mind that, Amanda said mean things to him! She also cheated on him after he cheated on her, how cruel! It was so stupid, like she's not even a morally grey character, just a woman who's fed up with her shithead husband and the reaction was pure vitriol and that's just what other women were saying about her. Moids were even worse and I remember seeing plenty of vids on YouTube of people killing her and blowing her up
This reminds me of Skyler in Breaking Bad.

No. 1426913

God, yeah. I forgot about the hate she got. Carmela from The Sopranos too.

No. 1426929

File: 1669813383901.gif (2.41 MB, 800x450, 1642908474359.gif)

same, i watch a bunch of cartoons and most of the lesbian ships either come out of nowhere, are super male-gazey or feel preachy. That's why western lesbians ships like catradora attract so many troons. The only lesbian ship i like from a western cartoon is the wiccas from CoTc, they dont feel male gazey.

No. 1426946

yeah i know what you mean. maybe i'm just a bitter celibate lesbo but they come off as very performative. every time they're doing something nice for each other, it's in front of a camera, and the way they look into the camera, you can tell they're looking at themselves through the lens. and i do wonder if they're the same when the camera comes off. plus, how many date nights do you need? ok now i just sound very bitter lol
i think they're a bit performative but hopefully they both still love each other

No. 1426970

this is a children's show?
looks like some dude's fetish

No. 1426996

>this is a children's show?
>looks like some dude's fetish
how so? for me they look cool, they are goth but not in a gross fetishy moid way. Less scrotish than the pink princess and the goth tomboy girl at least.

No. 1427046

I never watched shera but this is the first time I'm seeing someone call catradora male-gazey(but now that I think about it I haven't seen many lesbians actually like that ship). Do you mind elaborating on how it's male gazey?

No. 1427049

It got used as an example by a tranny in one of those "if you like x you might be a transbian!". They are teenage girls and one of them is a cat girl, that seems male gazey enough to me.

No. 1427050

>a tranny likes it that means it's male gazey!
You sound retarded.

No. 1427051

But didn't scrotes hate everything about new She-ra designs?

No. 1427069

She-Ra was blatant created to please woke twitteroids

No. 1427093

Everyone who isn't blinf hated the designs.

No. 1427758

File: 1669854376469.gif (2.58 MB, 498x280, bubbline-obsidian.gif)

Interesting how whenever there's gay respresentation in kids shows, it's always two attractive young lesbians or in rare cases, someone's elderly gay dads who never kiss. Is it because they view gay women as inherently less sexual because they don't view women as having sexual agency, or is it because the male showrunners think lesbians are hot? Unfortunate either way.

I'm reasonably confident that a kiss between two named male characters would be more controversial, because the "gheyz are pedos!1!" nonsense was leveled at gay men more than it was at lesbians. There's a Fionna and Cake spinoff coming out soon, and I'd bet money that there'll be a lot less Bubbline in it than there was in the original show because the characters would be men instead of women.

No. 1427774

Headcanon doesn't have to be mundane, it can also fill holes to draw connections that aren't explicitly hinted but not contradicting anything canon. Like you have character who hates water and you know that there was a flood in certain parts of their world less than 30 years ago you might headcanon that the fear of water isn't just a random quirk but a result from a personal experience with the flood.

But first of all it should never contradict canon and secondly people in the old days wouldn't claim it's confirmed and fight over it. Now fans are fighting because they pretend a character is trans that was never hinted as such, even if it's some medieval story or something.

No. 1427779

Does anybody else know this phenomenon where fans are just.. misgendering characters without any explanation why?

I see it all the time and right now I see it in a fan discord too. Someone started posting her stupid fluff kink fanfic ideas and just calls one of the two male characters "she" without elaborating on it. Half of the discord praises her ideas and is all over it.

Am I the one who is stupid? Am I missing something? Why is this everywhere and why does nobody but me have a problem with fans who call a he a she or the other way around?
Hell they don't even say whether they see the characters as trans or not but I assume transwashing is just so common now that nobody bats an eye anymore?

It pisses me off because for people that care so much about misgendering they surely love to misgender characters. I am pretty sure it's not genderbending, they would have said so and most of these people have trans in their bios.

No. 1427787

I guess this is the end point to "malewife" and other shit zoomers love to throw at male characters

No. 1427792

I see "malewife" being thrown around all the time in those circles so you are probably right.
The worst is that I see so many people who are legit 30 adapting this zoomer speech. I can legit not tell the age of people anymore, everybody acts like a 14 year old even if they are 34 and the fact that they hang up online with literal children isn't just making this worse it's also slightly suspicious.

No. 1427863

I noticed all those "Trans" zoomers heavily into fandoms, tend to be the most mentally and physically gross people in fandoms.
I was a part of a discord that was full of they/them types. One was a recluse, and judging by pictures, lived in what looked like a crack den but was legit scared to be coughed on as she believed it was gonna kill her lmao Despite thinking the air was gonna force her to commit seppuku she was one of the more tame ones.
Another she/they were arrested and blamed the discord.
One they/them (she) would make fun of fanfics for insisting straight male character is straight and he's 'totally Bi' and is a bottom. Yes, she was a fujo, just pointing out the obvious. She wasn't a zoomer so she was a little too old to be getting into internet brawls over her headcanons.
Many zoomers insisted that the characters were trans and if they weren't trans then they'd definitely accept and love them for being trans. It's never worth arguing with them. I mean you could but most tend to leave the fandom within a year…but another zoomer tranny will take their place.
The same discord's admin would message me telling me how she hates how far some of the members take the shit way too seriously. It being art and headcanons but she was too nice to tell them to stfu once in a while.

No. 1427881

That's almost every fandom discord now sadly.
The characters' popularity is solely based on how easy it is to headcanon them as trans in most discords. The twinkier or the more androgyn the better for them because then it's easier to selfinsert and transwash them. And god beware if a show ever gets a character that hints on being trans in any way (regardless if this was even the intention or if it's just crossdressing or something), even if the character only appeared for a single minute fans will be all over them and surely even annoy the writers to force them to give that trash more screentime.

It's rarely about actual sympathies anymore, let alone the story, it's just about playing with characters like barbie dolls and transfy them enough to basically turn them into OCs.
The rest is cringe as shit roleplaying done by 30yos that get the characters completely wrong and SCREAM with caps like some autistic 11 year old fans.

Hell I never see men headcanoning female characters as men, I don't know why almost every western female fan has to headcanon male characters as trans (and therefore biological women).

No. 1428065

i don't watch cartoons, except disney where this is so apparent but I think for live action there's this annoying ass intense uwu softness to lesbian couples and bi people as well. "UwU this is my soft bean lesbian who kisses another woman once during the whole show!" Or like loki being bisexual being used as some stupid excuse to fuck a version of himself as a woman and never actually do anything bi on screen other than just implying it. Instead of being bi in any way he goes, "I'm just interested in a bit of both uwu hehe" i'm a bi woman but I honestly can't even think of a bi woman i've seen on tv cause the representation for female queers is so shit.

If I had to guess? The problem is a lack of people of those identities writing the show. I feel like when gay men tackled interview with the vampire it went well, but of course moids had to throw in a rape scene for their one female character.

No. 1428078

The only gay representation is softuwu beautiful young lesbians kissing or holding hands because it's the least offensive portrayal and doesn't bother male showrunners or conservative audiences since lesbian love isn't "real love" but just some female bonding. It's also easier to censor when importing shows overseas to homophobic countries like China, Arab emirates and Russia since girls are just being really good friends.

No. 1428088

Reading testimonials like this I really have to wonder how young you all are. I'm in my 30's and never come across ridiculous shit like this and most fans in my very popular fandom that I interact with are completely normal and enjoy the characters as they are, I've met maybe one person who had an obsession with headcanoning pretty male characters as trans according to some olympic grade mental gymnastics she (or they as they prefer!!11) applied and she was a complete zoomer aged 20 or so.

No. 1428101

Honestly, a bit of tinfoil posting, but I've always thought a lot of the reason proshippers were so uncomfortable about their fanfic was because for many of them their darker desires stem from either their oppression as women or being assaulted or experiencing csa. I mean, we already know rape fantasies for women are high due to the fact we're not allowed to feel in control of our desires in a world that tells us we can not be. A quick google search says its like like 60-90% and hyper sexuality arises from abuse. Similarly, I imagine for girls into often more violent things like ABO or reylo or something they like it because they finally feel like they can imagine a situation where they maybe don't have to have sexual agency, so you can't feel guilty about it. Hence all the focus on dominance and bdsm. I also think based on those stats for some anti's its really a matter of feeling ashamed of their own very common fucked up fantasies based on these statistics. Some of them really want to be "one of the good ones" with a "normal" sexuality. Besides commodity fetishism, I think this is what drives the feminine fandom space to get so heated about this shit.

Given I'm sure a lot of antis are just disgusted at the material too and I can't really say if putting some of this shit online is ok or what its effects are. Cause some of it is really fucked up, for sure. Idk what the right answers are but I do have to admit i feel bad for them all, at least a little. Seems to mostly be a cluster fuck of internalized sexism. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Couldn't give a single shit about the moids in these spaces tho.

No. 1428143

I'm near my 30s, not really even participating in fandom per se, I only go on social media to see fan art or maybe some interesting theory I've missed and see it all the time on Twitter and Tumblr, even just browsing popular posts. People using "malewife" and feminizing one guy so much they don't resemble the character at all, or outright turning him into an FtM, making up backstories about their transition in childhood, calling adult men "baby girl". I can't even interpret posts that say "I want to steal his gender" or "this manga panel is so gender"

No. 1428165

The "rape fetish" meme is a myth. It's not rape if you have full control over it in a play pretend setting and consent to it, the correct word would be ravishment fetish. It's been proven not to be a result of sexual guilt or trauma but instead simply a high sex drive and willingness to engage in more intense sexual activity. If anything, it's men who report a bigger frequency of having a rape fetish i.e. raping a woman forcibly and violently against her will.

I feminize and call my pretty bishounens babygirls all the time and I don't cape for trannies kek. Even IRL coomer femboys disgust me. Real men could never compare to the fictional gender of anime boys.

No. 1428268

Aside from total semantics on names, There's only one study from 10 years ago using the term rape fantasy with that opinion and the methodology is literally a checklist and questionnaire. so it seems a little more up in the air than proven why an entire gender might experience this sort of thing.

I still think for some, not all since we're not a monolith, this does definitely come from some kind of trauma, be it interpersonal or societal. I mean, you don't just get such high numbers of interest like for a group constantly threatened with rape just because. And idk i just trust years of feminist theory vs one study with honestly really shoddy methodology for measuring societal influence.

No. 1428537

>Asian fandom spaces aren't some exotic wonderland where everyone is just based and completely drama free
that's fair
i still think i'd prefer people telling me to kill myself not because they've deluded themselves into thinking i'm seriously an incest supporter or whatever, but because they're honestly just not into my ship

my theory: they're mainly placed there for the sake of having a gay character. the writers are probably thinking "okay they're gay so they have to be xy & z so i can show i'm not following stereotypes and but they CAN'T be abc because that'd be offensive :))" instead of writing a character that just so happens to like the same sex.

No. 1428543

File: 1669910166791.jpg (37.3 KB, 640x480, [aarinfantasy]_Patalliro_-_15.…)

>Even IRL coomer femboys disgust me. Real men could never compare to the fictional gender of anime boys.
you're like me. i used to hate these types of characters, i wonder what happened to my brain

No. 1428550

This scenes seems like straight up pedophilia

No. 1428617

It's not "total semantics", calling it a rape fetish is entirely misleading when it's a consensual setting with both parties in control and the myth is often weaponized to justify sexual abuse of women, i.e. because so many women have a """rape fetish""" they must secretly like being taken against their will. True rape fetish would be someone gaining sexual arousal only from raping someone else, i.e. male serial rapists. The "rape fetish" women have, more truthfully named ravishment fetish, centers around the woman wanting to feel desired rather than forced. Some people who are survivors of sexual assault feel it's cathartic to relive the scene with them controlling it but for others it's just a different sexual appetite.

No. 1428620

Go to sleep Paki-chan

No. 1428621

>draw thing girls
>call them boys
I have never understand this

No. 1428642

Simple, men are ugly.

No. 1428651

I hate when male characters are shown crossdressing in canon but the fan art makes them more feminine than they looked and acted in the source media doing that. I see these masculine male characters shown crossdressing in canon each as a one time thing and also an obvious joke. They don't even shave their facial hair, one of them was literally coerced into it, and both of them look only slightly better put together than the average transbian on HER but in so much fan art they're either basically trapified or even if they do look as obviously male as they look in canon the artist has to remind people that "actually they're nonbinary/trans!!" even though in the rest of the series outside those particular scenes they're literally just men.

No. 1428655

Then just draw girls and call them girls, I'm always genuinely disappointed when I see a cute girl looking character and it's actually a dude and you know the creators only do that to appeal to the coomers.

No. 1428666

File: 1669914820724.jpg (285.28 KB, 1430x800, 1669190897984.jpg)

I know what you mean

No. 1428676

transbian on HER versus real life

No. 1428687

This could be really cute it was genderbent art

No. 1428697

I am in my 30s too. I even weed out the worst by only joining 18+ discords but even there it's happening.
The example above was from one of such discords and just a while ago I witnessed it multiple times on tumblr and twitter. I happened to see it because one of them stirred up shit against the creator while the other cases were just people reblogging shit and making it end up in my timeline.

Another common thing is feminization in art. I don't follow the artists but someone either reblogs it or I just want to browse the tag of my fav to find art of him but instead I get tranny shit or him being drawn with huge female hentai tits and women on tumblr/twitter praising it because they think that acting like a porn-addicted coomer was some great achievement.

Legit wish there were some 30+ fan discords.

No. 1428702

I don't get the fujo hate. Why should a straight woman have to accept being subjected to tits even in her personal porn of choice? IDK what the alternative would be and it seems like female cuckoldry to me.

No. 1428705

Was the other way around for me, I preferred twinks as teen but can't stand them anymore. I either want women or actual men now. I like masculine women but feminized men are a turn-off and they are never sexy imo.
Anime men don't look like men just as anime women don't look like real women. Even men from seinen don't look like humans in real life. And they have more interesting personalities and roles anyway.

No. 1428707

My tinfoil theory is that it's just blatant homo hate disguised as moral crusade against fujos.
I see homophobic male boomers and fujo haters from dumblr getting upset about the exact same fanarts and pairings all the time.

No. 1428711

File: 1669917044004.jpg (113.03 KB, 663x1000, 1669834762665029.jpg)

when you say "twink" what do you mean, cause I feel like that term gets applied to any male that isn't either obese or a steroid freak, I prefer young fit males with natural muscles, would you consider picrel a twink

No. 1428714

nta but i think twinks are supposed to look more youthful/effeminate than that

No. 1428755

See >>1424196 , most of the fujo hate coming from other women (i.e. not homophobic dudebros who hate everything to do with female autonomy) is just the blatant dislike of not being able to self insert which is why they always go for the "you just have internalized misogyny" accusation or attempt to act morally superior to them. Some of it is blatant homophobia, some of it is both. For example Paki-chan hates fujos because they're not tradwife level pure waifus liking normal heterosexual relationship like the kind she wants with Varg Vikernes.

No. 1428793

oh my god, we just think its weird y'all are so obsessed with turning dues into overly feminized ukes that are basically women

No. 1428815

My personal reason is that I don't like heterosexual romances or find them relatable or interesting. Satisfied? No? Thought so.

No. 1428848

I get on principle but its never just two guys boning, its one hot guy and another guy feminized into basically being a pseudo-female in all but pronouns and many times the latter can literally has the ability to give birth(this has apparently a trope since 80's) so its just a contrived straight relationship

No. 1428870

>its never just two guys boning
it often is, and most fujos who love the former actually hate the latter

No. 1428877

nta but can you stop lying, im a fujo and omega is def a popular genre.
Do you know how many popular bl stories i see and when i click on them its omega.

No. 1428886

I had someone rage at me about how this one girl wouldn't write "Afab/Trans" reader smut. the person raging insisted that the character would have no issue with having sex with a tranny and I simply mentioned, "She can write whatever she wants to write" Also, these characters aren't real. But they persisted with, "She has no right to say He wouldn't like a trans partner." But catch her and multiple others insist that so and so is trans and if you say otherwise you are ~Transphobic~

No. 1428887

it is popular but it's also quite controversial, you usually either love it or hate it

No. 1428893

did the writer actually say she thinks the character wouldn't fuck a fakeboi or did that aiden make that up to make her look like a "transphobe"?

No. 1428913

funny enough she sent a link to the person's blog and I never saw any, "Yeah he wouldn't want to fuck you, sorry Aidens" or variation. I mean, if she did say that and deleted it I don't blame her as the fandom was retardedly rabid. The fandom couldn't grasp that not every blog was out there willing to cater to them.

No. 1428926

By this logic trannies are the gender they claim to be just because they might look like one on a surface level. Or gender-nonconforming people are actually the opposite gender because they don't look like their birth sex. Gender is a societal construct in the sense that there are different set expectations, assumptions and functions for representatives of both sexes and this extends itself to fiction too. An effeminate male character is still male, not female. A masculine female character is still female, not male.

No. 1428929

sure effeminate males are still males, but to be fair she also did mention giving birth, if the character gets impregnated and gives birth then that's definitely not a male no matter how many "he/him" pronouns and "M/M" tags you attach to the fic.

No. 1428934

First it was just about making the guys look feminine, now it's about male pregnancy. That's called moving goalposts. Male pregnancy or mpreg is a niche in fujo circles anyway and most people into it are thought of as weirdos by the vast majority, even omegaverse is clowned on constantly and there's always a heated debate about if it has a place in BL or not due to what could be interpreted as misogynist undertones. That said, the issue of making "men look like women" isn't directly related to making them have ass babies but just an age-old, distinct trope of bishounens in fujo content that has existed since the 70's.

No. 1428956

oh yeah, i see that anon is trying to conflate the two, and yeah i have stated that mpreg and omegaverse are still very controversial tropes among fujos. personally i think omegaverse is just spicy het for those who hate women too much to be regular het shippers and also homophobic and hypocritical enough to pretend their spicy het is totally gay. feminine male characters are definitely not the same as long as no trooning or omegaverse is involved, but i still find it quite frustrating that the designated bottom is so often portrayed more feminine than in canon. it's not even about the gender non-conformity in itself, but why is it nearly always the bottom who becomes visibly less gender conforming?

No. 1428980

>is niche
no its not, omegaverse is a popular category in yaoi, in fact id say its the fourth most popular (with size gaps, supernatural and mafia storys taking first,second and third)

some anons here dont understand that when we are talking about the uke being feminized we arent just talking about physically the uke looking like a underage tomboy (i ignore stories like that anyway since i find them creepy) what i have a problem with is when in a yaoi story they literally give them a straight misogynistic relationship with power imbalances and the uke is obviously being treated like a woman and being judged for the things a woman would be judged for meanwhile the seme is allowed to act like a man.

No. 1429008

Shut up Paki-chan

No. 1429024

im not her and i literally read yaoi. Retard.

No. 1429039

Well I was talking about anime. Anime twinks are basically girls with dicks and male voices. Personalitywise though I don't like soyboys irl either (whatever the non-political term is, we have a proper noun for them in my country), they are usually sheltered hipsters that visit starbucks.

No. 1429045

>I get on principle but its never just two guys boning, its one hot guy and another guy feminized
That's not true and if you would read the vent thread and fujo threads you would see that a LOT of cows are complaining about the feminizations. Hell we already complained in this very thread. A lot of the feminization nowadays comes from people that will sooner or later troon out, I want m/m shit because I like actual m/m, uwu ukes disgust me and the irl people I know that are into them are like 30 now and still attracted to cartoon characters that look and act like 14.

No. 1429047

No. 1429053

Not her but I have never encountered an omegaverse fanfic in my life. Not for the fandoms I am into, that is. I don't search for it so don't quote me on that since there are surely some, but to claim that it was a large part is fucking bullshit.
Show me screenshots of fics for series like Jojo, Golden Kamuy, Yuri on Ice or whatever before the Omega filtering and afterwards because I highly doubt they are more than 5%.

No. 1429054

Freudian slip.

No. 1429055

Well, lolcows I mean.

No. 1429057

you mean farmers.

No. 1429060

But anon in ven thread literally reeed about hating all female characters? And fujos self insert too, that’s why so many fujos are tifs now.

No. 1429066

There are tons of posts in the vent threads. Don't try to pretend fujos were all a hivemind to shit on them.
>that’s why so many fujos are tifs now
And those that troon out that I witnessed were almost always fans that feminize characters before, rarely the fans that stick to the canon designs and behavior. Feminization is a sign of self-inserting. They need so self-insert so they turn one character into a feminized guy, the next step is adding hips and tits, the final step is reversing everybody's gender or turning men to transfems or transmen.

No. 1429078

What you say makes no sense because trannys transwash characters, which means that they are literally turning male characters to female characters. This is the exact opposite of what a fujo is.

Just because these people are everywhere and invade our spaces doesn't mean that they are fujos. It's not gate-keeping, there is a very clear definition of what a fujo is and shipping a woman with cut-off tits with a man is not it.

No. 1429083

File: 1669930363501.png (1.3 MB, 823x897, Waterside-Night-SSFUJOSHI.png)

i dont have to show any proof because you are delusional, no matter what i show, you will still say ''n-no its only a small percentage''.

I follow yaoi accounts on social media and i use multiple manga sources and the amount of trending comics that have omega/alpha shit are way too much for it to just be 5%.
why are you so mad at me saying omegaverse is popular, you do realize that me saying this is not criticizing yaoi right so chill out.

Im not saying yaoi is all about feminized ukes but i do agree that there is 1/4 storys like that, me saying this doesnt mean i hate yaoi or want to genocide fujos so i hope you understand before you rage reply like a brainless cow.

No. 1429139

>invade our spaces
But tifs have always been in fujo spaces, of course they weren't always tifs, but they were there.

No. 1429144

anon what? fujos literally write lesbian relationships with men instead of women. fujos could easily write lesbian or hetero relationships with the same tropes but they don't. and the men in yaoi aren't men at all.

No. 1429244

Briefly passing this sort of discourse is so funny to me, I feel like I’m getting a small peak into this very serious secret community I am lucky to know nothing about

No. 1429531

NTA but you can say "why are you acting like I'm attacking you I'm totally a fujo too!!!" all you want but first complaining about BL having "boys drawn as girls" conflating bishounens with omegas and falsely claiming that "omegaverse is mainstream" refusing to conduct even a very basic social experiment that would take you 2 seconds when everyone even marginally familiar with the community knows you're wrong, all the while using outdated lingo and posting niche small-creator omegaverse manhwas, really doesn't help your case in convincing anyone.

No. 1429659

How shocking the fujo is a typical retard twitterfag reeing that anyone pointing out hypocrisy and degeneracy in bl like abo and and copious pedo and assault shit is either homophobic or ‘just jealous’ about their husbando being in a gay relationship. Twitterfags were a mistake.

No. 1429660

Yeah kek. Fujos trooned out, you see it in the mtf thread with the whole ‘I like men in a gay way’ stuff. They want to larp yaoi irl, it’s why there are so many in fujo fandoms, fujos troon out a lot.

No. 1429700

Go cry about it in your containment thread, you don't have anything new to offer than your "boohoo fujopedotrannies like rape porn" tantrums here.

No. 1429905

A fujo infected by hentai coomer tropes? Tho I suspect half of the people who make art like that aren't sexually attracted to it, just think it is subversive.

No. 1429907

File: 1669997817438.png (824.75 KB, 1080x1806, 1632693400511.png)

I'm talking about a different type of "feminization" of male characters though, It's drawing male characters with weirdly female physical characteristics, like pecs shaped like large breasts, thin waists, and thick hips, it seems to be them putting female characteristics onto male bodies. Sometimes they also make the male characters lactate and get pregnant

No. 1429918

this is a porn category of like grown up traps, it's called male venus or ambushes. men like it on the 4chan degen board

No. 1429929

>Tho I suspect half of the people who make art like that aren't sexually attracted to it, just think it is subversive.
NTA but yeah, that's what I've always suspected. It sounds and looks extremely performative and over the top so I can't really be convinced that they actually find it hot but a form of rebellion and being provocative. Like these big bara men with comedic level tits, thighs and bulges. >>1429907

No. 1429930

File: 1669999230826.jpg (262.59 KB, 1443x2048, Fi0oNu2XoAAB4lx.jpg)

Yeah I see this shit everywhere and I hate it. I never witnessed it 10 years ago, at least not in fujo spaces, it's either a new phenomenon or wasn't popular and not nearly as common back then.

I can't believe that with all the art others draw per day I am starved of m/m fanart even when I am searching for art for fujos or made by fujos because gay isn't woke enough more or something, must be hetero with extra steps.

No. 1429940

>By this logic trannies are the gender they claim to be just because they might look like one on a surface level
No because troons are real and yaoi moids are just drawings, so they can be anything. Going by your logic, since futanari characters have a perfect set of male and female genitals, or since anime traps look exactly like a girl except for the dick, that must be possible in real life too.
Like it or not, people's artistic creations reveal much more than what's on the surface of a person's mind, or more than what an artist wants/intends to reveal. And it doesn't have to fit the laws of reality because drawings don't necessarily represent what's real.

No. 1429957

File: 1670000589427.jpg (130.48 KB, 850x1133, sample-dea6edc230af55ccba13b23…)

>posting niche small-creator omegaverse manhwas,
what the fuck are you talking about that manhwa is very popular. Maybe stop reading only mangas made in the early 2000's. Looks like im not the one who needs to search. You're not used to people disagreeing with you, well get used to it, this is lolcow.
i just hate how many talented fujo artists waste their talent and create those abominations, i am reading full volume and and i really like that manhwa and the art is good but the artist gave the uke extremely HUGE boobs and female hips, it took me atleast 30 chapters for me to get used to the uke's appearance.
I actually really like this story it is very smutty and it has consensual sex but the anatomy of the uke ruins it, he looks like a cow kek.

No. 1429984

are you telling me this isn't rule63?

No. 1430039

File: 1670002954443.png (322.23 KB, 645x551, Screenshot 8.png)

I think it comes from the same place as young women calling middle aged actors terms like "babygirl" or "my precious mew mew", their headlogic is that if they infantilize their male crushes they can somehow flip the obvious power imbalance, its almost a Foucauldian approach

No. 1430064

I feel like a lot of the feminized stuff like your picrel, the intention isn't so much to feminize (tho that is the effect) but to sexualize, it's just that the only blueprint of heavy sexualization we have is for women. Obviously the lactation and pregnancy stuff you mentioned is intentionally feminization, though, while there's plenty of overlap, I think there's still a lot of artists making things like picrel that wouldn't go that blatant because that's not the intention

No. 1430088

is this fucking dennis from always sunny

No. 1430101

Those are great designs besides the boobs. Yeah it's sad that the tits make him weird as fuck because I really like his face and the fact that he looks adult and masculine otherwise despite being the uke.

No. 1430105

>as young women calling middle aged actors terms like "babygirl" or "my precious mew mew"
I never understood that bullshit and it always drives me up a wall but I am not allowed to say anything or else it would cause an uproar.

I fucking hate infantilization so fucking much it's my most hated fandom problem together with trans-washing and I don't think it's a coincidence that both of this shit appeared at the same time and is usually done by the same fucking people. Fandom trannies are all about CUTE BABYGIRL uwuuu my malewife mommy
It legit disgusts me and if I ever saw someone talking like this about me I would resort to violence.

No. 1430196

Women who are just kind of rude are always seen as worse than men who are killers, rapists, etc.

No. 1430244

get that retard's ass

No. 1430336

I agree. I've always found this kind of thing insincere.
It's the more benign counterpart to men pretending to be masochists and performatively lusting after older women because it's seen as a less threatening way to be a creep (see all the 'step on me mommy' crap on twitter).

No. 1430377

>men pretending to be masochists and performatively lusting after older women
Are you saying that they actually aren't and don't find those women sexy? You know moids are known for fucking anything right?

No. 1430463

File: 1670024252402.jpeg (152.88 KB, 1270x1238, AA883B09-38AF-4BB6-8318-A31AD5…)

The IASIP fandom is weird as fuck for being an old and (formerly) polarizing show full of middle aged men, it’s filled with ftm zoomers obsessed with Mac x Dennis

Despite being a waxy faced rapist, Dennis is “meow mow babygirl” bc most of the fandom wants to see Mac fuck him and every single Aiden pushed the fandom into collectively deciding Charlie is a ftm (not helped by the fact that the show is pushing “non-cis” Charlie a bit because they want to be seen as “twaaaaaaans and lgbt fwendly”.)

I wanna blame Rob and his desperation for praise and I hope Jimmi Simpson having an Emmy and he doesn’t chaps his ass. I wanna blame him for everything wrong with the last few seasons of Sunny though I’m sure it’s Glenn, Charlie and that one girl from community’s fault too.

No. 1430469

IASIP shippers watched the gay jokes compilation on youtube and call themselves fans now. They self-insert as Charlie (who is a TIF obviously) so they can read fanfic about him getting fucked by Dennis or Mac. That's 90% of the fandom on tubmlr

No. 1430486

File: 1670024922664.jpeg (94.28 KB, 1159x265, 9FFAC893-1DE1-413A-90DC-4CB3D0…)


The vast majority of the fandom ships mac and Dennis, minus a little chunk of Charlie self inserters who think they’re “just like him a trans chaos goblin uwu” and ship mac and Charlie instead because they don’t see him as the actual dickhead who stalked a woman and had orgies with 20 year old girls and is a huge misogynist dickhead like the rest of the cast.

>1500+ fics for a sitcom ship

Funny thing is that it makes more sense than fucking Castiel and Johnlock though. Didn’t see Dean from supernatural busting nuts into a plastic replica of castiels asshole.

No. 1430514

>Funny thing is that it makes more sense than fucking Castiel and Johnlock though.
Which is evidence that 'making sense' does not make a good ship. Mac clearly canonically wants to bang Dennis but Dennis rejects Mac constantly, and the gang never grow or improve as people. There is no way to ship them without doing some wild contortionist mental gymnastics.

That said re Johnlock, I've always been utterly repulsed by them because they are hideous old men, and I assumed the ship was based off proximity and nothing else. But then I watched Sherlock and realised there was legit gaybait throughout and they were coming for the fujo audience, so I don't really see the issue with them being shipped based on that (appearances aside).

No. 1430522

I genuinely believe that people who talk like that (e.g. "meow meow babygirl" etc.) are unironically clinically retarded.

No. 1430644

Discord mods could solve the tranny problem so easily if they just clarified that transwashing is headcanoning and making a headcanon channels. I say it's less than headcanoning it's just outright AU, but I get that nobody is allowed to say this. But with this you would at least allow fans to have one damn channel to talk about canon content without assholes shoving in their trans shit at every given opportunity and even without any opportunity.

No. 1430662

Ok anon this is maybe a hard concept to grasp but characters aren't real. A character IS their aesthetics and tropes unlike human beings who have the inherent deep that comes with being actually alive and having free will. When something is just a bunch of tropes and aesthetic you can be whatever even contradictory things. So yeah there are male characters that are female in every aspect and even shaped by fictional equivalent of misoginy or actual misoginy except maybe a pronoun and short hair.

No. 1430663

File: 1670039411278.jpg (44.92 KB, 600x760, 40790f0b90c4a9d389cefb3a23d42f…)

>the intention isn't so much to feminize (tho that is the effect) but to sexualize, it's just that the only blueprint of heavy sexualization we have is for women
that partially explains the bara tiddies meme

No. 1430729

You are correct.

No. 1430753

holy fuck, anon, relax. I literally said its not universal like can you read? i get you're triggered by using a different term, but you completely derailed the reply about fuck all. the only people calling it a "ravishment fetish" are stupid sex tip articles reddit threads, which maybe you should consider going back to since that's probably where u got it. not even the dogshit lib fem, sex positive biased questionnaire study you cited and obviously didn't read calls it this term, so idk why you're so up my ass about it anon. Like why are you acting like i'm using deeply offensive language by using it if its what you're citing? fuck off to being a pedantic redditor or engage with the actual fandom topic instead of just repeating what i say with a different word and going "its disproven cause i say so. trust me, bro."

No. 1430767


>I wonder what it would take to create an asshole female protagonist who does terrible shit (just like moid protagonists in media for males) and gets lots of female fans.

I'm not going to watch this because I hate asshole protags and this isn't the type of movie that would get a fandom, but I read the plot summary, and you know those stories about a married middle aged man who fucks up his entire life because he's a philandering douchebag who can't stop chasing 20 year old girls, yeah, Tar (actually Tár) is that movie except the protag is a middle aged lesbian. And she's a world famous music composer and conductor vs a some lame writer or professor. And she's played by Cate Blanchett.

And this makes me feel like someday, even if I do not live to see that day, we will get that fandom asshole female protag. That female Rick or Walter White.

I'd rather a female Raylan Givens, or in another lane, a female Magneto or Deadpool, though.

No. 1430773

nta, but why are you so triggered

No. 1430802

Was looking forward to seeing this movie. I feel like these types of movies don't tend to garner fandoms though except for maybe a small group of lesbian or bi women. It's just not the same

The only characters I can think that are like that and have fans is like maybe Olivia from spiderverse

No. 1430807

just want to rant a bit, but I hate male barafags. I hate how rude they are towards women who like bara and how they accuse us of being 'creepy fujoshis'.

No. 1430817

Male barafags, or I could really just say males in general, have zero taste or sensuality, I don't even want to see the shit they draw. They're so autistically in love with individual body parts, it's like >>1429907 on steroids of nipples the size of a head and hyperdicks and blown out assholes.

No. 1430821

You're just mad you don't have an inherent sexuality of your own and only desire being desired. I love humongous boy milkers and pink nippers. Stay seething coward.

No. 1430822

Because female characteristics are sexy and men are as erotic as walking sticks when not "feminised." Have fun jerking it to a roughly hominid shaped tree trunk. I want my milkers.

No. 1430823

I like sexy drawn men as much as the next nonny, and I even like giant pecks with tiny waists, but I'd rather stay silent if I had the sexual sensibility of a male drawing giant dongs and tits on stickmen in MSPaint

No. 1430827

this is a dude, isn't it?

No. 1430839

dats female homosexuality repressed into androphilia luv

No. 1430867

Based. The female body is sexy to everyone, the male body is absolutely not, except to misogynistic gay men. To everyone else the more a man looks like a woman, the sexier he is, the less a man looks like a woman the less sexy he is. Simple as that.

No. 1430868

I don't like curvy men actually. I like the male pelvis region, speak for yourself hun. I like the v cut

No. 1430869

then why not draw a woman I don't get it

No. 1430871

Because I'm straight and I like penis.

No. 1430874

Speak for yourself. I disagree and I'm bi.

No. 1430875

okay ?

No. 1430877

File: 1670068388794.png (424.74 KB, 604x604, 1660123201050.png)

That's a weird thing to say, a lot of women are attracted to typically masculine features like stockiness, stubby hands, hairy chests, wide build etc. I do like my men more feminine, elegant and regal looking but that sometimes doesn't even feel like a popular opinion on lc, let alone irl.

No. 1430878

literally where, the most famous male band right now all look like creepy ceramic dolls

No. 1430881

you are comparing a man having a pretty face or wearing makeup to men who have wide hips or huge tits. Do you even hear yourself.

Sure i guess they somehow look good in art, but men with wide hips and big boobs look absolutely disgusting and deformed in real life and the only ones who lust after them are men who are bisexual or tranny chasers.

No. 1430883

According to your logic, the male beauty ideal should be a short, fat, curvy Aiden. Kek

No. 1430887

Ok? But the OP wasn’t talking about just body shapes, I still don’t get why art depicting males in dresses, bras, etc typical female clothing is so popular. Gives me weird vibes I find those drawings creepy as fuck.

No. 1430888

Maybe you should think for why these women giving up control and submitting to men makes them feel "desired." Yes, they don't want to be violently raped, but they still want to be dominated and controlled by men. It's mental illness brought about through trauma and socialization.

No. 1430889

Yeah Tumblr sexywomen are a thing but they're still nowhere near as popular as sexymen are and most of the time they're not just female versions of male characters but have their own characteristics.

No. 1430941

Femininity and female body shapes are sexy, masculinity and male body shapes are disgusting.
You're not exactly wrong, provided that they just look like short curvy "aidens" but they're still actual males and have functional male genitalia. And why mention fat? Fatties are profoundly unattractive regardless.

No. 1430942

you definitely are closeted, no one wants men shaped like john boyega.

No. 1430961

Which is why men like Chris Hemsworth are incedibly unpopular among women…? kek
Just accept that you're more into women.

No. 1430963

okay the discussion was clearly about giving female characteristics, not just female associated clothing

No. 1430970

John Boyega is fat and ugly, of course no one is attracted to that.
Forced meme, it's men who shill him as attractive because they have no idea what women actually want.
Feminine clothing is meant to flatter and enhance naturally feminine beauty.

No. 1430971

we get it your a troll

No. 1431081

File: 1670082014099.gif (6.42 MB, 540x290, A1A94504-B1B3-4D9C-9300-D30EB8…)

You’d have to be mentally out of pocket to ship iasip characters anyway but Im sure Rob Macelhenny is salivating at the e-peen stroking he’d get on Twitter so I wouldnt be surprised if these two DID get together.

Johnlock is based on tumblr kids assigning queerness to literally almost nothing, never saw anything but delusion there. Both ships are shit, I just meant that Mac and Dennis do act like degenerate fags with eachother and the writers run with it, while the Sherlock / Supernatural fujos force some sort of inane conspiracy and throw a conniption.

Funny thing, there’s a huge chunk of the Johnlock fandom specifically that migrated to the MacDennis fandom in 2018 and I have absolutely no clue why. These shows and ships have nothing in common except ugly middle aged men.

No. 1431145

You are an extremely female-leaning bisexual, probably into butches and futa. This is fine, but stop trying to hide it and just embrace it. You aren't into men, besides maybe the dick.

No. 1431187

>never saw anything but delusion there
You're lying or you forgot the episodes. I only atched the first two seasons way back then and many of the side characters were legit wondering if John and Sherlock weren't a gay couple, and they do have a bunch of scenes where it's obvious they care for each other. It's not even queerbait, it's pure fujobait because despite everything it was obviously never going to be canon but it's not invented by the fans. It's like saying teenage girls shipping Naruto and Sasuke are inventing shit despite everything going on between them and the accidental kiss in chapter 2 or 3. Everyone knows that the superior Johnlock
pairings are fromthe original books and from Dai Gyakuten Saiban anyway.

By the way I've heard a lot about that sunny in Philadelphia show because of tumblr, they were completely normal posts back then posted by Americans just watching it on TV and finding it funny but I've never seen a single episode. Is it actually good? I'm in the mood for stupid sitcoms.

No. 1431212

This idea that someone's fictional tastes dictate their IRL sexuality is so retarded to me. If you wouldn't have sex with another woman IRL – if you aren't into PUSSY, aka FEMALES – then you are straight. 2d =/= 3d. Highly idealized, abstracted images =/= a real human being. Come on.

No. 1431256

File: 1670092966987.jpg (299.85 KB, 1628x2048, E9es8g3VcAES14M.jpg)

>female in every aspect

I mean…look: if it has a dick, then it is male. There are no other "aspects" of female than being female; there's no such thing as a "pseudo-female". You either are or you aren't. If you understand these characters aren't real, then I don't see why you immediately contradict yourself and claim them to be women because they…look and act feminine, as women are expected to do.

Feminine ≠ woman. Weak and/or submissive ≠ woman. Acting like a woman stereotype ≠ woman. Artist thinking of a "woman", drawing a "woman", then giving it a dick + flat chest and calling it male ≠ woman, because they're thinking of stereotypes and not reality.

To deny any of this is to admit you believe there's a specific way women act and appear. I should hope nobody that regularly uses LC is that small-minded.

No. 1431257

Anon is talking about men's bodies being unattractive, period. She didn't say "Just 2D men tho!! I like IRL men uwu", and she insulted real life men too.
It's fine to just like dick but prefer women's bodies sexually, enough of this forced het BS.

No. 1431258

It turned to shit after season 12 when one of the main three guys was clearly tired of it and went off to go star in some decent to mediocre NBC sitcom.
But up to then, gotta be one of the funniest shows I’ve ever seen on tv.

No. 1431285

you gotta be shitting me, you know what we are talking about

No. 1431334

File: 1670096999261.png (66.37 KB, 647x521, hqdefault.png)

despite being the same age as these people, I just don't understand modern fandom discussions, its all either about shipping and character tropes, I get the feeling that these people don't even like the shows they watch, they just about the imagined "relationship dynamic" between a few key characters and then trying to accuse people who don't like what they like of having a moral failing or being racist or being homophobic

No. 1431335

>Is it actually good? I'm in the mood for stupid sitcoms
Easily one of the funniest shows I've seen. If you just pick one episode to try, watch The Nightman Cometh. I don't think the first three seasons are very funny tbh but the rest is the best.

I don't think it turned to shit except for season 15, it just had fewer amazing episodes per season. But Times Up For the Gang from 13 and Dee Day from 14 are top 10 episodes to me.

No. 1431342

I am literally heterosexual, I have no sexual interest in female genitalia, only male. Almost everyone naturally prefers femininity, sexuality is about what SEX (genitals) you want to erotically interact with.

No. 1431359

You just reminded me that the last time I had a conversation about fandom stuff unrelated to shipping and character tropes outside of imageboards was like a decade ago. Jesus fucking christ…

No. 1431363

What is she talking about? Is she saying a white blonde person x white blonde person = incest? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.

No. 1431470

nta but you mean kpoop bands? those are mostly popular amongst teenagers, not the majority of women kek

No. 1431473

Literally no come back so you just cry go back to your containment thread because everything said was true and can't be ignored while you try and claim otherwise and that only BL is pure and anyone who reads or likes het stuff with female characters, even the stuff written by women, are evil pickmes for wanting content for themselves, while being mad because you think everyone else doesn't want you to have content for yourself. Hypocrisy.

No. 1431592

Coping hard

No. 1431597

This is why the world is filled with tranny art.

No. 1431599

You want dick girl shit.

No. 1431725

>more violent things like ABO or reylo
I know jackshit about Disney Wars, but isn't Reylo just basic "from enemies to lovers" ship? Why was it so controversial? Was the problem that people shipped Rey with Kylo based on the ship's chemistry and forbidden allure instead of whether or not the pairing was "wholesome"? If that's the case, maybe there's a reason why most fanfic focuses on m/m pairings; they're actually allowed to get interesting without people raising a stink.

No. 1431766

>Why was it so controversial?
It's Star Wars, everything there is controversial. The fandom is such a steaming pile of shit that even I sometimes witnessed the fallout caused by the newest flame wars the fans got into and I don't even watch SW.

I know people who are in Star Wars discords for no other reason than to observe the constant drama and make screenshots of it to amuse others.

No. 1431781

It's a newfag who just know paki-chan is anti fujo and seethes any anon who points out fujo hypocrisy must be paki-chan to pretend it's only one anon that recognises they often hate female characters.

No. 1431784

They say cows because they don't know the site lingo because they are a newfag.

No. 1431835

File: 1670127136911.gif (3.16 MB, 355x201, 1519507170861.gif)

>18-year-old former assassin from the Diamond Syndicate. His former lover Count Larken told him not to return until he could kill Bancoran, but ended up reforming and becoming Bancoran's lover. He has a ferocious temper and seethes with jealousy whenever a bishōnen is in Bancoran's vicinity. He beats up Bancoran on a regular basis, regardless of whether or not he cheats, and somehow got pregnant twice, despite being completely male.
>In the manga he first gets pregnant in volume 10, and a second time in volume 46. He is an expert knife user, and his looks and body allow him to easily pass for a woman with only Patalliro and Bancoran being able to see through his disguise.
>Jack Barbarosa Bancoran
>Major Bancoran of the British MI6. Nicknamed "Bishōnen Killer" for his ability to seduce young men with just his eyes. Patalliro questioned Bancoran to discern if he was interested in his mother, but Bancoran stated that he was only attracted to men. Meeting Patalliro has changed his existence; after playing bodyguard to the most annoying person he's ever met, he's now living with Maraich, who tried to kill him, and their son Figaro. Bancoran is known for his blue eyeshadow (purple in Patalliro Saiyuki), his long black hair, and the fact that he never takes off his gloves, even in bed. His name comes from Henri Bencolin.

so we have
>draw a girl, call it a boy
>give the boy the ability to pregnant
>yet still insist its male

No. 1431861

She's not wrong

No. 1431864

what is she even saying

No. 1431866

ships with characters that have the same hair color is incest(and probably racist)

No. 1431905

So by her logic and your logic, someone who is black with black hair cannot be shipped with someone who is black with black hair? "Because it's racist"? Go back to Twitter and suck your master Elon's dick.

No. 1431944

Because their hate of female centric media hinges on their point of it being filled with misogynistic tropes, so they must deny and cover their ears and close their eyes to the fact that exists heavily in the media they are trying to claim as superior has the same problem and women often read it self inserting as the male, making them the same (also ignoring all which does not have the things they hate) because they need to justify their hatred of something they don’t like but other women do because ultimately they just hate what doesn’t pander to them and their insecurity (hating female made media featuring/pandering to women as the heroine) so they try and conflate male made media that presents women as sex objects with female made media targeted to women which doesn’t.

No. 1431967

>and probably racist

No. 1432057

many blonde people do look like each other so the twitter OP is jokingly saying that any blondexblonde ship is incest
She is obviously trolling though. I'm not saying that you have to find it funny but many farmers fails to recognize obvious trolls. It's fair to call the joke tasteless and gross but it's silly to think that she actually believes this

No. 1432063

File: 1670157137576.png (211.5 KB, 720x886, 1627405791093.png)

tbf its hard to tell with the average twittertard, you have people who unironically believe shit like picrel or how good looking thin black wwomen promote white supremacy

No. 1432100

these people call themselves woke yet they completely erase the existence of bisexual people or bisexuality……thats not woke.

Who is going to tell them that only bisexuality was allowed and homosexuality was frowned upon.

No. 1432131

human beings are bisexual in the state of nature. it was only with the arrival of civilization that notions such as "hetero-" or "homosexuality" emerged in the historical record

No. 1432134

pretty sure it was only a specific type of same-sex activity that was allowed, that being an adult man and a young boy, even in the so called "gay friendly" ancient societies two grown men together was seen as "wrong"

No. 1432152

I regret to say that I kinda see where she's coming from. I mean she's joking but it pinpoints the exact reason why Link/Zelda has always put me off. Sorry to all the blondes out there lol

No. 1432164

File: 1670167169723.jpg (199.27 KB, 468x1200, tumblr_cd249ff3a8e55bf2ffdbfa8…)

I'm not white but I don't live don't in the west either(i have seen white people though and some of my relatives are also blonde and brown haired), I don't get this mentality tbh, the characters are different in every way, they don't have the same shade of hair color from what I remember, is seems like an autistic reason to dislike a ship, it reminds me a lot Andrew Dobson who also had an autistic fixation on hair color

No. 1432167

It's just as autistic as those who do ship characters based on color schemes, and yes those still do exist.

No. 1432197

File: 1670169529334.jpg (58.58 KB, 446x655, EH_vA77X0AMvTEV.jpg)

If anyone's wandering why Dobson hasn't further humiliated himself in the last few years, its cause he had to move back in with his parents, who forced him to get off the internet and get a job
picrel is my favorite Dobson moment btw, he posted this in a reply to Zelda Williams talking about how bad she felt because it was the anniversary of her losing her dad

No. 1432207

File: 1670170269070.jpg (45.44 KB, 640x359, 1645470133262.jpg)

We were talking about a yaoi con in Paris in the mundane thread and it made me check their website, their guests and the events and:
>many of the guests are enby or he/him fakebois
>one of the two important guests is a BL and shojo/josei mangaka but the manga that's heavily promoted is straight shit about some AGP neet guy who wants to be more more kawaii uguu than his breadwinner gf
>another guests is a drag queen who took it so far he became a HSTS tranny, is probably too normie for the audience anyway
>one of the panels is called "identités de genre et fandoms, au Japon et au-delà" which translates to "gender identity and fandoms, in Japan and beyond"
>another panel about muh gender in cosplay on tiktok
That's it, we're doomed. Tumblr was a fucking mistake because even though I'm not going to cons anymore I still have to see shit like this online and in bookstores irl in my own country.

No. 1432213

>>one of the two important guests is a BL and shojo/josei mangaka but the manga that's heavily promoted is straight shit about some AGP neet guy who wants to be more more kawaii uguu than his breadwinner gf
Kek I think I saw a farmer talking about it when I was scrolling the BL thread. That or there are two bl manga with an AGP. I'm struggling to think who'd be genuinely into that even among tra fujos and enbies.

No. 1432216

Nope, if you're talking about the BL thread and I'm correct that one anon complained about yet another manga, the one where some guy became a depressed neet because he got jealous of his idol sister and wanted to skinwalk her. That one seems to be an actual BL. The manga I'm talking about is a josei manga I think and is 100% straight from what I've seen, I want to read the scans to see how bad it gets.

No. 1432218

Still tragic two agp pandering manga targeted at women exist.

No. 1432219

File: 1670171325257.jpg (155.29 KB, 680x976, 5-o.jpg)

I'm not a wokeoid but Wako(the bf) is not an an AGP neet, he knows he's male, he's refereed to as male and confident in his identity, he likes adrogynous fashion and make up(and he never tires dressing as a woman), the name of the series used to be My Androgynous Boyfriend, it was only in the last three years where gender wokies changed the title, as well as deliberately changing the translations
the story isn't BL but it some agp perv story either

No. 1432221

Wait wait wait. That's the manga? I take back everything I said.

No. 1432225

so it's just yet another case of western transwashing…

No. 1432226

File: 1670172053136.jpg (722.99 KB, 975x2392, inyo5UVtQiTFAc4.jpg)

samefag, wako isn't a NEET either(I don't know where people are getting that from) he's a store clerk and part time model, its stated that he out earns his gf, he just has far more flexible hours that allows him to help with the housework more often, the only BL aspect of the series is the fact that his boss promotes this image that he's dating a gay cause she believes that if his fans knew he had a girlfriend it would harm their brand, he's not bothered by it either he's just not fond of lying

No. 1432227

Then the French publishing company fucked up because the summary made it seem like he was a useless neet who got his allowance from his wife who is always working overtime (yes there's an emphasis on that). They kept the "genderless" word in English in the French title to pander to the fakeboi audience instead of using the French word "androgyne" which refers to fashion and looks in general. I got worried because I read the first chapter of "Boys make the riot" because it's published in France as well and it's about a retarded lesbian fakeboi and a male classmate who wants to be a fashion designer. When I say she's retarded, I mean that there's a scene when she's in middle school when she doesn't even say she's like boys, she says she IS a boy, she drops her uniform's skirt outside in front of her classmates and touches her panties and sees she's on her period.

No. 1432230

File: 1670172466656.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 1534x1094, shipping.png)

did you mean klance

No. 1432231

And as much as it sucks, it's not even the weirdest case of transwashing. Sometimes translators and fans really abuse the way Japanese pronouns work in regards to gender. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there was arguing that the MC from the tatami galaxy is trans or enbie because he uses watashi.

No. 1432234

damn, Klance shippers were NUTS, we could have a full actual fujo cringe thread only with Klance shipper behaviour, hell I often see weird shippers in other fandoms and I can just tell they used to be Klance shippers, their nuttery is still alive and well shitting up other fandoms.

No. 1432247

File: 1670173622231.jpg (427.33 KB, 1350x1920, 2-o.jpg)

This is the guy he gets shipped with, he's also an alt model who presents this cool and mysterious image, but in reality he's just a straight dude whose into curvy women
>Then the French publishing company fucked up because the summary made it seem like he was a useless neet who got his allowance from his wife who is always working overtime (yes there's an emphasis on that).
That's strange cause they have literally exact opposite of that dynamic you described, the bf greatly admires how much hard work the heroine puts in her job, but she earns jackshit cause she works as a manga editor

No. 1432266

Weren't Klancefags just former Zutarafags too? Someone should really just give them a Blue and Red pair so they can fuck off

No. 1432268

idk much about avatar but according to fans i know klance shippers went back to avatar to ship zukka and it shows because they're portrayed extremely out of character and more similar to klance than to zuko and sokka

No. 1432283

What's the reason for why artists with gender flags draw so fucking bad?

Not even talking about the fat transbian bullshit anons seethe about, even the art without this is just so.. round.. and amateurish and bad. Like if it was drawn by a kid of person with down-syndrome.
They cannot draw men even if their life depended on it, everything looks like a kid even if they try to draw fucking Hulk, Jotaro or Megatron.

I just saw another awful artist someone recommended to me. Saw the ugly amateurish twinks with round forms and stupid eyes that are supposed to be mechas but rather look like frogs and wondered if it's a genderflagger again and of course it's a genderflagger.

I also noticed that all fandom drama and infights are limited to these people. I upload my fanart since 2007 and never ever had a single issue or fight. Everytime I click through the posts of the aforementioned accounts it's them and their friends being involved in drama, being online stalked, blocking and being blocked, factions, infighting etc. maybe stop being retarded?

No. 1432311

why improve your art when you can get asspats just by shoving flags and pronouns everywhere

No. 1432312

In the summary at the back of the first volume it mentions that the girl works hard while her bf cares only about being pretty for her but doesn't mention that he has a job so I'd say the person who wrote that down did this on purpose to make it look like the girl is some cool working girlboss or whatever.

No. 1432323

fucking dobson. The time he got mad at his now ex gf's family for celebrating Hanukkah and how her little nephew was missing out on Christmas and he just wanted to go home. Then she revealed her family bent over backwards just to make him happy that day. Moving dinner to earlier in the day so he could still drive while it's light out cause he's too scared to drive at night kek
and just like >>1432197 said, Momson and Dadson probably cut down the internet and forced him to get a job. Judging from family photos, they were old as fuck (and this was only in 2013ish or so) so slumming it at his parent's mansion (cause yes dobson grew up well off) isn't a long-term solution.

Dobson is just a fucking idiot who believes that era, where Nintendo had cartoons, is 100% canon to the lore of the characters.

No. 1432339

Is he autistic? That's a realy question.

No. 1432352

this. it's a valid tinfoil to think that people who suck at art put a bunch of gendie bullshit into it in hopes that they get attention for their subpar art. same as drawing characters a different race (even though this is sometimes done really well) or fat.

No. 1432380

Reading through his old Deviantart posts, he's 100% on the spectrum. I mean yes you get that conclusion through his comics but his journals are very telling.
he threw a chair at a coworker because they spoiled harry potter for him lol and at the same job he fell asleep, full out on the floor and was shocked he got in trouble for that.
He's a mix of never being held accountable by mom and dad, leading into his adult life of being aghast that others actually will hold him accountable and riddled with the tism

It's always "I'm just drawing for fun!" but also "I like, worked REALLY hard on this." so the "Just having fun" is to deflect crit but the "I worked really hard" can be played up when they get asspats. And it looks like it was drawn by a 14-year-old but they are 25 or some shit

No. 1432386

I wish more cow's parents would do that, just force them to get a job and stop putting themselves on the internet for people to make fun off

No. 1432796

Why did he post that? Did they have a beef or something?

No. 1432807

I might wrong but i think she just didnt allign with dobson's politics

No. 1432857

>Why did he post that?
You could ask that for most of the things Dobson posted kek.

No. 1432904

I was really sureprised when I noticed that multi shipping is the norm in Japanese fandoms. I know that Japanese wotas(jidol fans) dedicate themselves to one idol or one group for their whole career and youre considered a traitor if you listen to a rival group or stop listening to an idol when they change their genre. I have seen something sort of similar happen in otaku circles where people dedicate themselves to one character(yumejos and waifuism). I kinda just assumed that this dedication would be more common amongst shippers but Japanese shippers seems to be immune to the wota and otaku mentality where you have to devoid yourself to your fandom

No. 1433064

File: 1670218589466.jpg (85.35 KB, 416x536, tumblr_7d5342c0addabd2bf6f25d2…)

he actually greatly admired her and robin williams, he just sent this to her as a “here, this’ll make you laugh and cheer up!”

No. 1433166

This was the reason why Ayato/Yae took off, people saw a kawaii blue/pink ship and subsequently cried heterophobia when they were ridiculed for their terrible taste and nonsensical ship forcibly wubufying two incompatible characters.

I'm not actually sure if Dobson is actually autistic or just brought up sheltered and spoiled. He's a big manchild for sure, but he's always given off more of an entitled bitch vibe than autistic. Further proven by the fact that he cleaned up his act after his parents forced him to get a job and go offline.

No. 1433707

I'm surprised he never trooned out considering his lesbian obsession and Male Feminist shtick.

No. 1433735

also the fact he used to larp as a lesbian teenage girl. His parents pulling the plug may have prevented it though

No. 1433947

File: 1670284746533.jpg (452.71 KB, 1051x1050, qWUpnlG.jpg)

This ship is heading towards klance territory and it be so entertaining to watch.
Zutara shippers just did every klance did first (tinfoiling, brainrot, meltdown when it wasn't canon and finally harassing the creators). Zutara shippers are now Reylo shippers.

No. 1434084

I wonder how they'll react/cope when jenna and the other actress eventually end up with bland generically attractive probably white bf;s, just like every other queer girl

No. 1434093

why can't young girl characters just have friends? why can't two girls love each other platonically? it's honestly insulting that these ppl just demand that if two characters of the same gender like each other, they have to date.

No. 1434096

This is what I have an issue with, shipping for some reason is the focus of 99% of fandom discussion, I really don't understand where this came from

No. 1434097

I get that obsessive shippers are annoying but there's literally plenty of media where girls are just friends anon

No. 1434101

I don't watch the show but they're cute IDC I'll support the cringe shippers this time.

No. 1434105

File: 1670298206986.jpeg (337.65 KB, 639x921, 3CA3C78D-55D2-47F6-9731-91E82E…)

>Same, I keep saying to my friends how I want a female equivalent of the Magnificent Bastard trope, a villain who is all intelligence and manipulation without any god damn fanservice or “she’s so smart she uses her wiles against men” like no I want a sexless but not an androgynous, Ayden-baiting woman. Give me something like female Light Yagami or Aizen Sosuke who is a major villain and doesn’t undress or wears skimpy shit.
I want more female characters like pic related (Marie from Innocent by Shinichi Sakamoto). I also liked the girls in Eizouken. Moids will criticize characters like this for being written "like men" because they only see women as sex dolls and have 0 interest in, or interaction with our inner lives, they don't know women can be weirdos, autists, or unhinged in many flavors. Or simply beings beyond our sex appeal. Male hero fantasy and villain characters aren't realistic representations anyway (that's why they're likeable lmao). Gonna add one last thing. I have in fact seen female characters be appreciated by other women, even in a series like Danganronpa with coomerbait waifus, I don't think it's as rare as anons assume. Depends on the series and its fandom in my experience. It's been stated but I'm not surprised if male characters get the spotlight from female fans since the reverse is true with the parallel type of waifu having male fan, it's sexuality. But more appreciation for fictional women would be great, and more based unhinged female characters.

No. 1434138

Yeah there's discussion to be had about when shipping dominates fan discussion but she's making the same statement here as scrotes who complain about m/m shipping, "why can't two people of the same gender be le friends" as if that isn't the default…

No. 1434139

Seriously. Anytime somebody ships two women or two men even if it's annoying but harmlessly people cry that they're taking away platonic representation, when they're in abundance. They never say "why can't men and women just be friends" when it comes to heteroships. I don't get why people take shipping so seriously.

No. 1434144

I hate how people suddenly become super focused on 'platonic relationships' the instant anyone brings up a gay/lesbian pairing, as if characters of the same sex being friends with each other is not objectively the default in all media. Idk, I know nothing about this show or these characters but after growing up watching thousands of extremely forced hetero pairings where the only justification of the romance is 'he's male and she's female', I really don't see the problem in some teenage girls headcanoning two fictional women as lesbians even if they're cringey about it.

No. 1434155

File: 1670300505326.png (82.29 KB, 527x583, tumblr_130461d5274a2492b748911…)

This reminds of Anita Sarkeesian claiming she didn't like Fury Road and specifically the character of Furiosa, her claim was that Furiosa's gender was not central to her identity, that her role could easily have been gender swapped and that using violence to resolve problems is a male-centric behavior that it actually glorifies masculinity

No. 1434179

She's sort of making a good point, not about that character specifically but sometimes I feel like mainstream movies' attempts at strong female characters mash together the worst traits ie. keeping the women sexualized while simultaneously implying they must be stronger than men, and like men to be empowered. But I do enjoy seeing violent, chaotic female characters so it's not about them not existing but there does seem to be a jump towards this idea of empowerment = male values when a strong female character could alternately still be gentle, still be reserved and "feminine" but in a way that is true to that type of real women's personalities instead of male submissive waifu fantasies. Again tho I don't think I agree with her about this character or about all strong female characters that's just something I noticed as a woman who can't relate to the "strong powerful women" writers default to as the main depiction of female strength lately

No. 1434183

nta, yeah I can see that point but it's weird to me to say this about furiosa specifically. I feel like that character had justified rage that made sense and wasn't just being violent for the sake of it or to fit some flat badass female caricature.

No. 1434184

same anon adding on that it just feels there's this artificial divide between strong feminist woman vs. weak male fantasy and I wish we could go beyond that. strength goes beyond physical and even beyond aggression. But more aggressive women in media isn't a bad thing. I hate when they sexualize them the same as damsels in distress

No. 1434186

File: 1670301907092.jpeg (14.43 KB, 274x184, 3375D327-B794-4903-AB49-354A21…)

It's the wrong choice of character to say that about for sure. It'd be better if she said it about one like Black Widow imo that's who I always think of for strong female characters handled poorly

No. 1434210

I feel like i have progressed as a person to finally understand what she means by this, back in the day i would have thought she was retarded. I haven't watched mad max, but most random action ladies that are made to be super sexy that aren't capeshit, except black widow as mentioned, have this issue.

No. 1434220

but Furiosa wasn't like that, she was visibly wearing practical gnc clothing and visibly deformed

No. 1434230

You should watch it, anon, it's really good and she's an excellent character. She's badass, but still has deep motivations that I think many women can relate to. We just want to be free.

No. 1434301

there is also truth in that when men write female characters, to show them being 'strong', they give them the brutality of males. Furiosa was just to survive, but in stuff like Game of Thrones later seasons the girls just do vile shit to show off

No. 1434307

post examples, other then sansa rightfully killing her abuser most female characters do what they can with their limited power

No. 1434320

File: 1670319308594.png (1.5 MB, 2288x1284, 1591907263624.png)

Why are Americans so obsessed with the idea of gender binarity? That is especially true for Noelle Stevenson, who added a flamboyant genderless lizard in her show. The character still sounds obviously male to me.
I've heard that they wanted to make his color scheme the non binary flag at some point as well

No. 1434325

I've had scrotes unironically explain to me that m/m ships are making them "uncomfortable" because it's "fetishizing male friendships". It's extremely telling when this never happens with male/female friendships, literally nobody ever got mad and said "can't they just be friends" about them. Especially with child characters, everyone thinks it's cute when it's a little boy and a little girl crushing on each other like kids often do, but when it's two kids of the same gender it's suddenly degenerate and "sexualizing children".

No. 1434336

What? Did you never have male friends as a kid?
Nobody will ever accept opposite-sex friendships as friendships.

No. 1434341

Did you read the post?

No. 1434364

File: 1670322505787.png (73.4 KB, 693x486, download.png)

It is the default, less then 4% of the human race shows same sex attraction, this also extends to other primates, your using the same logic troons use to justify them everywhere in media

No. 1434367

I haven't seen the show so idk if the character acts/sounds male, but
>introduce "genderless" character
>looks like a conventionally attractive androgynous/flat chested woman
Every time. It's like they know people will be put off if they actually add more male looking features.

No. 1434369

thank you.

No. 1434375

except they're barely everywhere in media most shows are still het like Wednesday.

No. 1434378

nonna, gays are actually over represented in popular media

No. 1434379

Yes, and humans also can't use magic, elves don't exist, Simpsons couldn't be yellow and time travel isn't possible. Women make up 50+% of all population yet you statistically barely see them as protagonists or key plot characters, not to mention white people being only 57% of the US population yet always being the lead role. What the fuck kind of scrotey redditoid gotcha is this supposed to be?

Go back to /pol/

No. 1434381

your actually unironically using literal whataboutism

No. 1434382

even so I don't see why it would matter that much, I don't think this is true at all but what does it matter if they're over represented. 11% still isn't a majority at all.

No. 1434383

and trannies are beginning to be as well. either way i hate any kind of shoehorned representation in media. media doesn't need to represent everyone's experiences, and token characters are used by the industry to create stereotypes and groups discourage groups from creating their own media to represent themselves how they want.

No. 1434384

they are still over resented compared to their actual population, so I don't see what's the point of making straight characters played by straight actors into same sex attracted people

No. 1434387

Whataboutism is when you divert attention from the question away by bringing up an unrelated issue retard, not when you compare it to a similar situation meant to accent a disparity. You can't use "nooo you can't headcanon a character as gay because gays don't literally exist" as a legitimate reason for representation in media if you're okay with things like men or white people making up the entire majority of US entertainment despite being only half of the population.

No. 1434390

I wasn't talking about america but aren't black people also over represented compared to latinos and asians ?

No. 1434392

why are gay people and trans people being compared what the hell. Do you really just see us as the same thing now?

No. 1434397

If you unironically believe western media is overrun with black people, gays and trannies then you need to cut down your internet usage, block 4chan on your browser and go outside just a bit.

No. 1434398

it's a complex psyop to keep marginalized groups marginalized by controlling how they're perceived through media. it's been proven that representation has effects on children and teens (girls see girl characters and feel more connected to them than boy characters) but they also try to mimic the character's personality and traits. so the media feeds what they want to imprint onto viewers.

No. 1434407

not that anon but idgaf i dont ever want to see a gay moid just now in uni some girls were talking about some faggot show and i live in a muslim country. if it's really just 11% then it's too much and they need to tone it down. more lesbians need to start getting chances to make their own media because that's what i barely ever see and you don't risk the chance of creepy moidery but actual sexiness when it calls for it. i am so homophobic towards faggots its unreal i cant ever escape them

No. 1434412

anon the 11 percent I found includes lesbian and bisexual women, the original discussion was about lesbians. the statistic for exclusively gay men is much lower and what I found says gay representation actually has gone down while lesbians have gone slightly up.

No. 1434414

nta its still too much

No. 1434417

the aliexpress alt fashion community has rotted my brain. I can't help but think that their outfit is loosely based on bdsm gear even though that probably isn't the case
I'm used to artist sneaking in their fetishes in kids shows so i always assume the worst

No. 1434420

then don't watch it you have 89%

No. 1434424

they still over represent popular media, that's the problem

No. 1434426

>It's another kiwifags and ESL 3rd world-chans derailing a thread to screech about "faggots and trannies" and black people
Can't you just keep this shit to the vent thread or something?

No. 1434427

I suspected as much but my bad I will just report

No. 1434438

>i-i can't ever escape gay males!!! they're EVERYWEHRE!!!!!
>lives in a literal third world muzzie shithole that undoubtedly still stones gays/allows retarded muzzie gay-hating moids to murder their own gay family members/etc or at the very least only stopped maybe a decade ago at most
i'm certain that 'not being able to escape faggots' is true and it isn't just a result of spending too much time online. thank you for sharing your experience queen. you're so brave and you definitely have nothing in common with the average woman-hating, gay-bashing, pedophile-loving muzzie moid.

No. 1434446

Kek I can't even name a single mainstream show from the past 5 years that has a canonically gay character yet this anon living in a "3rd world shithole" (while somehow going to uni so she's super privileged by their standards I guess) somehow can't avoid them in media. I also have to wonder if they would be okay with butch4butch lesbian couples or if it's just the girly best friends lesbians they count as homosexuals they can accept.

No. 1434447

im not even from here i moved kek im not defending muslims you demented retard im just homophobic towards males. i have gay male classmates and have since highschool and they were insufferable faggots stereotypically an accessory for girls to have by their side for being the joke that they are. and im a lesbian if it matters. in fairness its the most liberal open barely muslim country but its still muslim anyway

No. 1434458

This isn't the thread for your personal trauma therapy regarding your high school drama. Take your blogging and "gays are taking over media" tinfoiling elsewhere.

No. 1434465

so you CHOSE to move to a muzzie country as a 'lesbian' and still think you're so brave and correct for sharing lukewarm takes about how much you hate gay moids that you apparently 'can't avoid' all because you vaguely knew three of them a half decade ago in school? you're a complete retard. down the road, not across the street.

No. 1434470

So I talked about the manga called my genderless boyfriend because it was marketed in a yaoi con this weekend so I read the first few chapters and it's shit. It's otomen but with adults who act like kids. There's no tension, no conflict, it's super cutesy, the main couple doesn't act like a couple at all, there are jokes about how the bf looks sooo much prettier than the gf so people treat the gf like she's a guy, etc. How did this shit got advertised in a yaoi con of all places? It's so painfully straight… All of this because the bf is cute and likes fashion. It's not just fandoms that are turning to shit, even publishers went full retards. Reminds me of that boring cutesy BL released in the US about a guy in high school who likes makeup and who uses his male love interest as a guinea pig for makeup and cute dresses: the tranny "translator" did "research" by asking American trannies their opinions and he decided to change pronouns and sentences here and there to make the uke less like a crossdresser and more like an egg tranny whose discovering herself uwu. Shit like this should be illegal.

No. 1434477

first off im masculine knock it off with the assumptions and dont break your nails over your savior complex or whatever gay moids hate you btw. do i have to fucking blog my entire goddamn life for the love of christ everytime i express hatred over faggots someone says oh she must hate butches piss off im not pakichan i dont hate fujos i hate straight moids too i hate all males do you fucking understand ? jesus christ. i dont have anything in common with fags besides being gnc ( which straight people can also be ) and same sex attracted meaning not the same sex as them. i do not want to have anything to with any type of man holy shit i just like women. and i didnt choose to move here btw since you want to know about my life so bad >>1434465 damn i take it back that they're overrepresented i know better now but you're seriously telling me to kill myself over not liking a type of man like really

No. 1434479

I get that Tamekou (the person behind My androgynous boyfriend) is a BL artist but why the fuck is this manga being advertised at a yaoi convention? It's a straight romance story. I honestly don't have a problem with the setting because it's not like the androgynous boyfriend is a tranny but just a GNC straight guy but trying to push it on people as an "almost like a gay story" just because the boy is girly is makes my skin crawl.

No. 1434480

>do i have to fucking blog my entire goddamn life
You don't. You still choose to do it unprompted every fucking time.

No. 1434481

I remember seeing it being referred to a deconstruction of both yaoi and shojo, cause both the feminine guys are straight but don't mind if others consider them gay

No. 1434484

because i get shit like
>you're so brave and you definitely have nothing in common with the average woman-hating, gay-bashing, pedophile-loving muzzie moid.
>so you CHOSE to move to a muzzie country
>as a 'lesbian'
like wtf ??? i'll stop now i'm sorry for shitting up the thread but i need to clear myself from these accusations even if this is anonymous kek i cant let people think reply numberwhatever is a muzzie loving polilez or whatever you think i am

No. 1434485

Oh my gosh, the girly male charcaters don't chimp out in a homophobic rage because people assume they're gay and tell them that they don't even mind it, stop the fucking press. I wouldn't be surprised if the marketing team used that thought process though, you're most likely right. That reminds me of that manga, still published in France, where the original title is soemthing like "my lesbian solitude" and the title is "solitude d'un autre genre" (literally "another kind of solitude") which is a shitty pun about gender. What the hell were they trying to do? I think it was to attract pretentious normies in academia because on top of that they made the book huge and it's meant to be read the western way so all the pages and illustrations are flipped.

No. 1434488

last reply sorry but but also
>I also have to wonder if they would be okay with butch4butch lesbian couples or if it's just the girly best friends lesbians they count as homosexuals they can accept.
i addressed it already but this is the second most annoying one

No. 1434550

>every fucking time
Are you presuming she's Paki-chan? Lol

No. 1434574

>They never say "why can't men and women just be friends" when it comes to heteroships
not to racebait but they totally do (or at least definitely used to) with interracial ships, hell even with m/m the stereotypical anti-slash arguments were pulled o