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File: 1664804790199.jpeg (16.17 KB, 512x512, twitter-ugly-birds-icons.jpeg)

No. 1362168

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No. 1362191

Half of black Twitter is making fun of random black women without even being subtle about it

No. 1362192

I've always felt bad for people in such images, this is why i do not post my face online. If she got upset she would be gaslighted to hell and back.

No. 1362194

Basically this tbh.

No. 1362197

File: 1664806722088.png (315.22 KB, 600x607, CAPTURE.png)

So this is just bullying, like I swear there's something really fucked up with the way people act on twitter, its different from KF or 4chan, its not direct rather its kinda of an effeminate passive aggressive meanness


No. 1362210

File: 1664807826530.png (444.55 KB, 748x760, Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 08-36…)

I don't hate this tweet itself, but look at this nonna playing poker who calls this guy out on his bluff before he starts having a fit. It's funny too because he looks so awkward leading up to it. Like why do this if you can be read like a book?

No. 1362220

Manosphere moids seethe at her, they want to say she was cheating and are basically making her seem like a poker succubus. This also happens in gaming, moids are all the same

No. 1362221

He looked like he was going to spill his spaghetti the entire time!

No. 1362256

Men seethe at the fact that any women who understands how retarded they are can read them, hint it’s their room temperature iq that makes them unable to bluff worth a shit. Literally the tortoise and the hare.

No. 1362275

That was incredible. Even the commentator kept saying "I wonder what she's thinking" and was doubting whether the graphics on screen for her cards were correct. Also the look on the loser's face was very funny

No. 1362418

mabe a ridicoulous idea but this made me think how women could potentially be much better at poker than men, for safety reason we have to be good at reading body language and a large part of our education is to instill emotional intelligence. Having to do guess work around men's emotions is mundane for a lot of us already kek, good for her !

No. 1362544

File: 1664824203594.png (38.4 KB, 629x296, Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 16-06…)

Apparently she has been tweeting about this (being called a cheater by tons of moids) and there's even this tweet about the loser.

No. 1362565

File: 1664825242070.png (116.89 KB, 595x516, CAPTURE 1.png)

I was looking up HoTD ships and accidently came across this account, this is beyond weird, now in most cases I'd say this account was run by a white cuck but the inclusion on asian and latina women(and complete absence of black women) makes me pretty sure that this account is run by some black incel who has a weird hatred against black women

No. 1362597

Twittermoids are literally mad that she either misread her own hand or just… treated a gamble like a gamble and won. If it wasn't a woman, they'd be spamming Chad gifs.

No. 1362646

>lose gamble
>corner and threaten other person
moid moment

No. 1363238

File: 1664877813256.jpg (217.21 KB, 604x1583, 03.jpg)

not the least bit fond of kanye and his antics but I'm surprised the reaction twitter is making over just this, tis kinda ridiculous, just one phrase is enough to make them seem like he's committing the worst hate crime, its like they want to live in a world where white supremacists are killing black en-masse to justify their own persecution fetish

No. 1363248

That Jemele girl is dumb as hell, it's obviously a marketing stunt and she knows it, yet she's talking about it which is the end goal of that marketing stunt to begin with, even if people talk negatively about it. If she was so offended she should have ignored it.

No. 1363249

… were you looking up Jace x Helena ships, nonnie? Be honest.

No. 1363253

File: 1664880593964.png (256.71 KB, 543x536, goffman facework.png)

>it's obviously a marketing stunt and she knows it, yet she's talking about it which is the end goal of that marketing stunt to begin with
That's the point nonna. The troll gets amplified and the person doing the amplification gets to virtue signal against it

No. 1363265

One day twitter retards will realize that celebrities pull crap like this so people would keep talking about them.

No. 1363272

Yeah that's what I'm saying. And that Jemele girl also knows it and she still talk about it anyway like a dumbass.

No. 1363885

File: 1664913818291.png (528.15 KB, 835x591, cow (harvest moon).png)

so true!

No. 1365739

Why do I keep seeing women use the word sapphic instead of lesbian on twitter? Like they’ll use it four times in one tweet. Why is lesbian still a dirty word lol

No. 1365761

File: 1665048097696.png (2.09 MB, 1162x1771, 4a.PNG)

Maybe I'm overreacting but I hate when people use dumb reaction images in response to real tragedies like this, it feels so disrespectful
Picrel is game developer 4A putting out an information about one of their animators dying defending Ukraine

No. 1365768

Yeah it feels like the guy is mocking the dead soldier/animator.

No. 1365804

Well, what are you waiting for nonna? Go make millions in poker. Extract money from all those dymb moids

No. 1366162

File: 1665078436256.jpeg (569.27 KB, 814x1430, 7B92F942-ACB2-4283-92DD-42F15C…)

No. 1366163

File: 1665078460011.png (39.41 KB, 646x337, 3.png)

Misogyny… but make it woke by adding "white" in front of "women"

No. 1366170

File: 1665078934029.jpg (340.14 KB, 2480x1128, trxrlVy3Kc.jpg)

samefag, a lot of moc have these kind of fantasies and attitudes towards ww and it’s sick, and as a socialist its awful seeing them using leftist rhetoric to justify their perversions and fetishes

No. 1366171

Lemme guess… He also disappoints non white women?


White women don't even look at them most of the time, not even that way.

No. 1366177

No ones fucking him

No. 1366185

why all this weird sperging? if he has a thing for white women, he can literally just get with one at any time, it's the 21st century, it's not illegal and most people don't care. so why all this other weird nonsense?

No. 1366187

File: 1665079896784.jpg (Spoiler Image,1019.09 KB, 1280x1280, 8de5aff3224f46bd9c18128f7fa057…)

Kek just compare this to a positive way of using leftist rhetoric about sex they're two women

No. 1366190

Reminds me about how Aziz Anzari had a line in his comedy special about how when he's fucking a white girl he is thinking about how his ancestors are clapping him on the back and congratulating him. That was even before his me too shit acting rapey towards that one woman

No. 1366199

>most people don't care
tbh if you happen to know the very few people who care this can be a problem. My parents care very much about that shit so if I ever decide to date a guy outside my race I'd have to hide it for years or be harassed. But since this is a man we're talking about I just know he wouldn't be treated like this for dating white girls. You just know he must be a weird loser irl and nobody wants to touch him with a 10 foot pole.

No. 1366204

that's awesome. cool art

No. 1366212

File: 1665081010104.png (329.71 KB, 654x998, 4.png)

I really fucking hate woke moids of color, they say the most misogynist and offensive shit about women, but by "adding" as a prefix to everything they make their blatant misogyny PC approved and considered deep social commentary

No. 1366323

Yeah but see, you can respond to the shitty situation normally, like express frustration at having to factor family circumstances into relationship choices, without being a total creep. And this guy adds all this weird political misogyny and it's like why. Genuinely he'd be more respectable if he was at least straightforward like "yeah i like hooking up with (race) women, ladies get in my DMs if you're interested" and skipped the nonsense politics

No. 1366407

All social media has these kinds of people on it, but only on twitter would a reply like this be celebrated. Tweets making light of other people's suffering regularly get thousands of likes, and then a few weeks later they'll get copied word for word by another clout chaser. It's unbelievable how unempathetic users are on there. I'm glad I left a few months ago, seeing shit like this every day was fucking with me mentally.

No. 1366500

>Yeah but see, you can respond to the shitty situation normally
The problem comes from the fact that he's a man. He cannot act normally because of that.

No. 1366545

sapphic is "inclusive"

No. 1366644

File: 1665125497377.jpeg (155.85 KB, 1170x409, 510C536A-82E7-4A7C-B76C-F0414C…)

how are these ppl fr

No. 1366645

File: 1665125689013.jpeg (251.59 KB, 1170x744, C8030DFF-1197-4EE2-85ED-1B1743…)

like, it’s fr parody at this point. has to computer generated. all of it

No. 1366653

It's twitter, nonna. Everything is about 'us vs them', everything has to be absolute. In all things, from politics to anime cultures.

No. 1366657

File: 1665126989403.jpeg (524.59 KB, 828x1145, 56FD751F-3B30-4AC6-9CDD-9A618B…)

i’ve seen this argument several times and each time, the explanations get more and more baffling. apparently sticking your whole ass out and jiggling it around in skin tight/short clothing is not sexual and only whyppl “made it sexual”. speechless. no words. just read the comment section if you wanna feel like you’re the only fucking intelligent person in this world


No. 1366658

It's always the moc from the most misogynistic cultures imaginable too. This guy seems to be either pakistani or indian and in either case I'd shut the fuck up about any group of women if I were him.
I remember when (left-wing) men would be told to keep feminism out of their mouths a few years ago. Now they can say whatever the fuck they want with no backlash as long as they attack the "right" kind of women. Unsurprising that troons have pretty much taken over the movement since pickmes have been enabling this exact behavior for ages now. Bleak

No. 1366841

sapphic is a bs term for spicy straights and the bisexual women who would fuck but never date a woman and insist that there is no difference between them and lesbians.

No. 1367324

File: 1665193039993.jpeg (541.59 KB, 828x1325, 37F799CD-174C-401B-9B1C-DE92A2…)

mind you this is ted bundy

No. 1367330

we need to bring back cyberbullying for special cases like this

No. 1367464

Anon bringing back cyberbullying is the purpose of this website

No. 1367472

he was so fucking ugly

No. 1367550

sincerely thought this was Dennis from It's Always Sunny until I caught sight of that humongous brow bone

No. 1367665

File: 1665233545997.jpeg (334.04 KB, 1242x1842, 2E55CC16-7211-4F6A-940B-909ADA…)

No. 1367667

These two don't deserve genuine friends. They are worth more than any moid.

No. 1367679

Is the first half of the first post wrong? I don't think so.

No. 1367681

That reply is so twitter it hurts

No. 1367688

At a certain point it's hard not to get frustrated that they keep going back to him after crying for help over and over. Compassion fatigue and makes you feel like nothing you do or say matters to them anyways so why bother being their friend

No. 1367691

First post is correct.
The reply is assmad over friends giving her advice that she knows she should take.

No. 1367697

File: 1665236801664.jpeg (343.52 KB, 1125x645, 1665230955106.jpeg)

from the pixielocks thread, but GOD THIS IS SUCH A SHITTY AWFUL TWITTER TAKE FUCK.

No. 1367791

Is this person trying to say that it’s trauma for the people actually involved or fans parasocially attached to their buzzfeed men can count this as ‘trauma’?

No. 1367793

File: 1665246464180.jpeg (612.93 KB, 1242x1429, 96ADF1DD-91F3-484C-A7A0-A2E966…)

This was not nearly funny enough to post a screenshot of your own review
But then again there are very strong NLOG I’m a ~cool~ girl who watches the sopranos vibes from this female actress girl comedian so

No. 1367812

Those retards have never had a single bad thing happen to their life ever. Disgustingly weak characters.

No. 1367841

Watching your friend fall deeper and deeper into a pit of abuse and deteriorate more and more with each passing year is extreme codependency ladies, if a man hits his gf it’s out of your control and trying to speak up about their autonomy is toxic uwu

No. 1367842

literally fucking trauma nonnie

No. 1367848

Whats the movie about, and have any anons watched it, and is it any good

No. 1367887

Paranormal horror movie with jumpscares. Go see Barbadian instead.

No. 1367911

the review is cringy as fuck but scrolling to see her in a literal maid costume… i wonder if she has been picked yet

No. 1368392

I sometimes lurk the tcc side of Twitter, and I can't believe there are retards that post their faces.

No. 1368420

letterboxd and twitter shouldn't ever have combined. scrolling through review sections has always been a rough time but now the whole front page of reviews on a popular film will be quirky one liners or memes or someone relating their painfully unfunny experience. i used to block these users so i could find actual reviews (or at least actually funny ones) more easily but they just multiply so fast..

No. 1368454

File: 1665305223050.png (421.26 KB, 767x765, 545345.png)


No. 1368544

Fuck you lol. It was good though btw. I guessed the entire plot less than halfway through but was still fun.

No. 1368760

File: 1665331153956.jpg (94.13 KB, 720x950, 20221009_085253.jpg)

Lmfao this is nothing to be proud of, too many women with OF tend to overshare so much in their life

No. 1368761

File: 1665331295060.jpg (58.71 KB, 720x413, 20221009_085309.jpg)

This is actually really gross and so male of him… If your daughter has an OF that's NOT what you should do

No. 1368792

It's disgusting and he probably thinks OF is easy money and will blame his daughters appearance if it's not what it's advertised to be

No. 1368793

Uhhhh he needs to be put on a list. Immediately.

No. 1368797

This shit is so weird

No. 1368805

this is so weird

No. 1369217

Matt smith could play him

No. 1370431

File: 1665466568381.jpg (170.06 KB, 1178x928, FeQ14d.jpg)

>most tolerant Indian
Americans(including minorities living in the west) don't realize how horribly racist the rest of world truly can be

No. 1370436

>makes racist joke
>gets upset when the group you're offending does the same thing to you

No. 1370442

Americans aren't any better tbh, they're just less direct sometimes. My sister went to the USA on holidays once and was only treated like a person by some white people there because everyone mistook her for a Latina, she was shocked because we were told over and over again that the US is a "melting pot" of cultures when growing up.

No. 1370476

It’s always funny to me when white wokesters who oversimplify the entire world as white people vs. POC encounter two different groups of POC who despise each other. You can almost see their brain explode and dribble out through their nose as they try to figure out which group is the oppressed and which is the oppressor, especially when it’s men vs. men (when it’s women vs. men they usually treat the men as the bigger victims because misogyny runs deep).

No. 1370555

That's really fucked up but he had it coming, why provoke them for absolutely no reason? What he said was just as bad.

No. 1370588

Based Pranav. I’m sick of black moids shitting on everyone because they think they’re the ultimate victims. IMO other “minorities” have the right to be racist back.

No. 1370647

>No demographic of males that gang rapes women and children at their insane rates can ever be "based" lmao
And reptiles, apparently:

No. 1370648

I can't stand racist black moids, but racist Indian moids are too funny to me. Find toilets first, and try using them instead of worshiping them. He'll probably start crying if anyone reminds him of the 95 year period of Brits occupying India, too

No demographic of males that gang rapes women and children at their insane rates can ever be "based" lmao

No. 1370672

I hope this doesn't get labeled as racebait but from what I've seen, black americans on twitter have a habit of making fun of other races but act super offended when someone does the same to them, I think they expected Indians to act like the way white liberals or westernized indian american liberals act

No. 1370723

Nah, these two are retards but pranav went way overboard, that was seriously fucked up

No. 1370732

are you that indian moid who spams dick pics all the time here. Both of them are loser moids.

No. 1370750

What the living fuck?????

No. 1370765

That's because they always forget that people from all over the planet use twitter and not just Americans.

No. 1370788

Indians have a far more severe inferiority complex. In the US they look down on black Americans and Latinos, worship whites, but almost everyone else here hates them and/or thinks they're smelly and unattractive. It doesn't help their image that outside of silicon valley, most of them run gas stations, 7/11s, and liquor stores.

No. 1370943

It's the foods they eat, very oily and very pungent smells. I heard a lot of landlords will try hard to not rent units to indians because it's almost impossible to get rid of the indian food smell from the apartment when they move out.

No. 1370953

I swear “white feminism” is a buzzword that used to actually mean something but now people use it to say straight up anti feminism or misogynistic shit

No. 1370966

Peanut sized brains.

No. 1370979

as >>1370943 stated, its mostly cause of the shitty diets that have been common place in south asia, no protein, just a shit ton of oil and various spices, my family(who are from northern punjab) often complain about it, my grandmother whose 75 years old still hasn't gotten used to the smell of the people here in the cities

No. 1371149

>if my ancestors were whipped like rabid dogs for half a millennia
>brown skin indian
No pun intended but this is the pot calling the kettle black

No. 1371171

how easily they forget when england starved 4 million of them to death just for fun.

No. 1371288

File: 1665532312620.jpeg (165.53 KB, 933x1275, 45E4B1BE-BAFF-4902-9D7C-E79055…)

What revenge? They’re both ugly as fuck one has hair and one doesn’t

No. 1371299

That’s exactly it, nonny. One has hair and one doesn’t

No. 1371317

>one bald
>one not bald
Does this have to be explained?

No. 1371360

Girl it’s a joke

No. 1371722

Too bad moids age like milk, Cillian was cute like 20 years ago.

No. 1371769

Hair makes all the difference.Bald men are so ugly.

No. 1372187

File: 1665593568603.png (50.43 KB, 563x294, 1665542301796964.png)

>the mythos of precious white female flesh defiled

No. 1372195

>precious white female flesh defiled
Ngl when I read that yesterday I was like ?????

No. 1372197

Feeling embarrassed that I used to crush on him back then.

No. 1372217

Kek he sounds jealous that actual women get more attention.

No. 1372226

He's seething.

No. 1372228

i never understood the obsession with cillian murphy. he looks like he came out the womb with too much plastic surgery

No. 1372239

what kind of mental gymnastics –??
it's worse when women go bald because it means there's something wrong with their health, as we aren't supposed to go bald. as well as it being waaaaaaaaaaaay less socially acceptable to be a bald woman, than it is to be a bald man

absolute fucking retard

No. 1372241

why are mtfs seething about something that isn't even about them lmao. the creator of that video didn't even say anything bad about being trans, just pointed out the obvious fact of their own hair loss while being on T. but i guess if a trans person dares to post something that isn't 100% sunshine and rainbows it's 'clickbait for bigots'. also bold of you to go after people for not wanting to be bald when your whole shtick is performative femininity, nice try hontra

No. 1372242


ya man he's giving heavy sexual predator energy cuz no one took it there but him… It's alarming to see a 21 year old woman as bald as the creepy math teacher who wears sketchers and eats a banana during lectures. Women that young normally are not bald. It's normal for men to go bald young if their dad's did, testosterone is hell on any body, even the ones made to handle it.

No. 1372251

>No one cares when boys go bald.
Yeah well they probably should! I know way too many guys in their early 20s who are balding horrendously. I feel like it never used to be this bad? Balding was associated with middle aged men and maybe a few younger guys with truly unfortunate genetics. But it seems sooo common now. Clearly indicative of something being wrong.
>But "girls" evokes the mythos of precious (white) female flesh defiled
What the fuck? No…"girls" is just the proper term for the female teenagers who are experiencing this. Of course he had to add white in there. Testosterone will wreak havoc on women and girls' bodies regardless of their race.
Trannies hate being compared to Buffalo Bill and the like but then go and sound like straight up serial killers talking about "precious female flesh"

No. 1372259

I think the increase in balding early is unironically due to porn addiction and masturbation

No. 1372271

kek me too nonna its okay

No. 1372289

File: 1665601050528.jpg (164.35 KB, 740x866, 7854.jpg)

No. 1372295

This is what TikTok does to a teenage girl

No. 1372298

Is that a mtf?

No. 1372303

It has Xqc's fugly haircut.

No. 1372312

That thing? Sexier? Please, I have to laugh, she(?) looks like she's diseased and contagious.

No. 1372316

remys fallen on hard times huh

No. 1372322

To be frank he's right and anons are completely misinterpreting him, never thought I would say this about Hontra but you know what they say about broken clocks. The "look at what horrors this does to you pretty teenage girls, you don't want to be UGLY do you?!" thing is sort of disheartening due to focusing on looks when it comes to issues regarding teenage girls instead of how trooning out will destroy them from the inside and cause multiple horrible health effects and mental anguish, as if looks were the most important thing young women ever had.

No. 1372335

>precious (white) female flesh defiled
This reminds me of Alok’s “little girls aren’t innocent, they’re kinky” post. It really upsets these men that people are concerned about the well-being of girls. Why? If their issue is that boys are not getting enough care and attention (they are) then focus on that instead of making female children out to be unworthy of protection. But of course they don’t actually care about boys, they just want to remove all safeguards around girls.

So I’m guessing that this is a TIM saying that testosterone/male puberty made him cooler, smarter and sexier than actual women. What happened to “if you make us undergo natural puberty we’ll die”?

If this were an actual woman (TIF) she wouldn’t be calling herself a girl.

No. 1372350

File: 1665603880480.png (238.43 KB, 517x585, k.png)

looked up her account and its a TIF(I mean she mentioned taking Testosterone and is making herself look like an anime boy, it should have been obvious)

No. 1372359

What wrong with that? He hasn't done anything shitty afaik and has an age appropriate wife (actually she's older than him), that's top 1% of male celebs in terms of being a decent person.

He's got a weird face but imo he used to be super hot and is aging as well as you could hope for a 40+ moid.

No. 1372361

Why do tiktok users always look like that?

No. 1372371

I also wonder what the fuck is up with balding. I've had two college classmates, younger than me, both sporting that "45-year old physics teacher" look. It's weird because these 16 year-old boys lose like 90% hair density before they turn 25. And then they say women age like milk.

No. 1372398

File: 1665608016429.jpeg (439.74 KB, 828x1064, 48C83D30-63BC-4135-9E05-5D47E6…)

No. 1372409

He kind of looks like "Drake" here.

No. 1372415

His eyebrows are so distracting

No. 1372426

File: 1665609353683.png (284.92 KB, 592x393, firefox_gEMNQjGLfc.png)

I'm seeing another wave of drawing basicass anime characters as black and trans, it feels like a parody of 2010 tumblr, but maybe it's just that the western idol fandom never changed.

No. 1372427

File: 1665609369187.png (221.98 KB, 459x225, TheArtistKnownas Drake and Him…)

A beard doesn't make a feminine man sexy, but these fools think it does. We all know whats up

No. 1372428

File: 1665609435786.png (563.54 KB, 596x836, firefox_M1Iy6m1SBp.png)

I'm only posting this btw because twitter has been putting this more often on my recommended because of the games I play, I might finally remove the recommended tweets. I also KEEP getting over and over that joke format of
>"Trans people: I am trans
>Society: ok"

No. 1372432

>testosterone makes you smarter
Nice sexism

No. 1372433

Pretty funny considering women are eclipsing men in high education and medical fields

No. 1372434

You are my favourite anon, bar none.

No. 1372442

File: 1665610661656.jpg (42.97 KB, 736x981, benjamin shapiro.jpg)

in what fucking world is a man in a cardigan sexy. erectile dysfunction fit
he looks like picrel

No. 1372446

the file name kek. never stop being you, nonnie.

No. 1372451

File: 1665611096995.png (44.24 KB, 632x160, Screen Shot 2022-10-12 at 5.44…)

So left wing twitter has been in a hoopla over a black woman who vented about being assaulted by a homeless man and has been racist jokes all day


No. 1372453

He looks like a TIF with mascara smeared on his face.

No. 1372455

File: 1665611294397.jpg (35.28 KB, 680x365, commie racists.jpg)

racist shit all day, I'm so heated. This is shit I expected from right wingers.

No. 1372457

Why do I feel like the one on the bottom is probably a tranny?

No. 1372459

File: 1665611787491.jpg (87.94 KB, 950x400, fDxOakkrrS03t.jpg)

reminder Ben Shapiro and Omar al-Bashir share the same Y-chrosomomal haplogroup (A3)

No. 1372464

Having to deal with homeless men irl changed my entire politics this year. I used to have extremely pro-homeless views (housing, letting them live wherever they felt like staying, etc), but after seeing them “live and in color” daily I am almost anti-everything that people consider left wing. Seeing them basically showed me that my views are bullshit and that homeless men wouldn’t be homeless if they didn’t fuck is their lives.

No. 1372465

curious so I went to their twitter (99% is them proudly showing a screenshot of them being blocked by someone) and is definitely dating a TIM. I think it's a TIF.

No. 1372468

Happened ages ago but I think it was a foundation for me losing compassion for homeless men; a person like that was begging door to door for money for food because he was sooo hungry and struggling; and even though my family was not really doing great financially my parents wanted to help him and prepared a nice package with bread, some basic sandwich ingredients, few cans of different canned food, things like that; moments later I saw him throwing entire package to the dumpster. Bleak and so upsetting

No. 1372469

Am retarded, what is this supposed to mean topkek

No. 1372471

File: 1665612423467.jpg (76.72 KB, 617x900, racist22.jpg)

i don't know if I should post more, but I feel like we should create a collage of racist leftists, for future reference

No. 1372473

haplogroup: a designation for a group of folks who share in common a unique set of DNA markers & a common ancestor.

No. 1372475

Do these retards not realize they perpetuate gender stereotypes themselves? I literally don't get it. The whole point of their movement was that you can look however you want and label yourself however you want.

No. 1372477

>>Black woman
>>Short blonde hair
>>Collared shirt
"YOu look LikE a ThEy/Them"
Oh so short colored hair equals they/them? Or is it deeper and more racists, saying that because she's a BLACK woman with short colored hair, she doesn't look female or male, so much be a they/them.
Fuck them.

No. 1372479

lmao they share the same great (x30) grandpa, cousins!

No. 1372480

I follow that woman and she is one of the most down to earth radfems on the whole of radtwt. Troons literally seethe and post her selfies all the time saying she's just a girl who was ugly and has to be a they/them because they actually can not mentally grasp the concept of a woman having a buzz cut

No. 1372484

She's not even ugly, the way these people target women inside and outside of their movement is sick. Most these fucks are ugly in real life and thats why they don't want to be a gender, because they ugly in both of those bitches.

No. 1372486

isn't she a divestor or something ?

No. 1372487

how is this racist? stop throwing around buzzwords. Sure it is mysiginistic and gendered butt when you throw out the racism card its a bit hypocritical especially considering who the creator and most active poster in this thread is.

No. 1372493

I noticed this trend of leftists who let misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc. slide (especially if directed towards women) but transphobia is the ultimate cardinal sin.

No. 1372495

Ha you are smarter than me, then. Sorry that happened.

No. 1372496

true, even some of the "Fuck everybody" commentary channels draw the line at transphobia, I can't remember the name but there was a youtube who'd freely say the N-word but when it cames to trans shit or criticisms he was very very careful about what he said and how he said it. We are living in a world where offending troons is taken more serious vs. racism.

No. 1372502

They’re all seething. None of them could look as pretty as she does even in their dreams

No. 1372504

Go read the comments on the original posts, blatant racism

No. 1372508

Sorry but I really think there should be an extermination of homeless men. At least the ones who don't gaf about their lives. I feel like there would be a lot less crime and trash around everywhere. But these people are customers for drug dealers and of course guinea pigs for medicine so they don't want to get rid of them.

No. 1372512

Because troonsphobia is anti fetish, it’s anti coomers in mens eyes, and in womens eyes its the worst because no one even sees the pretender as what they pretend themselves to be (because they aren’t what there pretending to be). They think at least the other isms like racism, sexism, and homophobias victims are acknowledged as being what they are, and therefore have it better than troons. Of course, that’s because they actually are those things.

No. 1372516

File: 1665614764989.png (39.86 KB, 592x478, twitter.PNG)

Their bio says nonbinary and "they/it/he" so close enough kek
Also funnily enough, they're now saying that moid is ableist and racist

No. 1372517

Yeah, I’ve seen scrotes who pretend to be radical and edgy only capitulate to troons because it’s part of defending their coomer brothers.

No. 1372521

well this is actually correct though…

No. 1372525

This bitch is talking out the ass

"femoid" started because incel meme women=/human and oid is a suffix for human-resembling objects ex. Humanoid

No. 1372526

File: 1665615382428.jpg (139.39 KB, 1381x579, lu1EuST2JW2k9.jpg)

what counts as incel talk in the West is mainstream political talk in south asia, this man is an elected official basically stating that he and his people deserve to marry light skinned women aryan women as reoperations for being oprsssed

No. 1372533

Yeah but you know he doesn't actually care about the health ramifications either

No. 1372540

Kek, a huge part of why I keep on side-eying people that claim incel/misogynist rhetoric is just for basement-dwellers that never go outside. There's a few countries where it's normal among men.

No. 1372541

File: 1665617156604.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1439x1714, 16FF0AC1-7984-40EA-82D6-D037FE…)

This is what he looks like btw. The audacity of him to try and come for anyone else’s looks

No. 1372550

Homeless men behave how men with nothing to lose behave. Just man's true nature.

No. 1372557

Silly nonnies! Transphobia only affects straight white males! Of course it's the only "oppression" that's seen as the most serious.

No. 1372564

I am so tired of this racebaiting thats been going on lately. Anyway, jah's account is awesome and she is one of the coolest radfems that i follow. Tired of trannyfags putting stereotypes onto a piece of clothing, color, lifestyle and hairstyle. Whats next, people will judge your gender by the way you sneeze?

No. 1372569

Radtwt seems like a mess but she always seemed cool when I lurked

No. 1372604

Why boo her? She's right! Homelessness men are kinda the worst.
Maybe it's parasocial relationship talking, but I see myself in her: black woman that dresses in a "alternative" way but people would be very surprised by my radfem takes. She has more guts than me.

There's this phenomenon with lefties if you're not model minority for them then you're wrong  and you dont know what you're talking about, nevermind your lived experiences dealing with racism and sexism. They horseshoe their way to be even more racist then the conservative freaks. That loser probably thinks the black girl is "one of the good ones".

No. 1372651

don't know her but she's cute as fuck, he looks like if philosophytube and contrapoints had an adult baby and one of them had to give birth via their asshole

No. 1372668

>be a woman who doesn't have long hair or wear dresses
>shit on trannies for being sexist retards who want to claim womanhood because they have a fetish for performing gender stereotypes and misogyny
>also know that trannies are wrong for telling people that they cannot be women or men just because they don't wear the "right" clothes
>the only insult they can come up with is calling you a hypocrite because you look like a "they/them" in their limited troon minds since they're obsessed with upholding gender stereotypes
the cognitive dissonance, holy shit

No. 1372697

File: 1665631861225.png (30.84 KB, 606x251, why.png)

So there's this funny tweet some nona referenced in another thread
But then I scrolled down to see the replies. Jesus. Please tell me they're being ironic.

No. 1372718

Underrated comment, you are right.

No. 1372749

File: 1665636881447.png (68.81 KB, 596x643, looool.png)

trannies self-owning is my favorite song

No. 1372751

how is this a racebait?

No. 1372775

This black young woman seems based, good for her. I hope she doesn't take all that bs online too seriously and just blocks and ignores everyone.

No. 1372784


No. 1372803

Its a good name choice, cause Lilith is supposed to a demon who eats children, perfect metaphor for troons(and retards please don't spout the BS story about Lilith being the first wife of Adam who refused to serve him and was actually a feminist icon, she's only mentioned in the Midrash, which are allegorical stories written by rabbis to explain aspects of Judaism, her specific tale of rejecting Adam came from the 9th century, she would have played no part in the early Abrahamic theology)

No. 1372836

>haha dumb terf you're ugly you look like a man- i mean a "trans girl" teehee
Do these people have any sense of self-awareness?

No. 1372846

>no one cares when boys go bald
Yeah because moids have a fucking meltdown over it whenever someone (especially a woman) brings it up lmao. Go talk to your fellow men about it Hon maybe they'll listen to you.
This is so true. All these 2egdy4u "skeptic" commentary channels have zero problem with being proudly racist and misogynistic, but transphobia is off limits to them. Imagine bluntness and owning the SJWs being the basis of your whole channel while walking on eggshells in order to not offend troons, top fucking kek. Clowns.

No. 1372874

I mean the search bar is clearly visible
meant to reply too >>1363249

No. 1372883

They literally joked about black femicide being good, on top of other BS in her comments. How is that not racebait?

No. 1372890

>T makes you smarter and cooler (implying women are naturally inferior)
>trannies being misogynists when they feel their cult is being attacked with actual facts
What else is new?

>It really upsets these men that people are concerned about the well-being of girls. Why?
They unironically believe "think of the children" is something only conservative Christians say when they're grossed out by someting new and "progressive" (therefore "good"). They never stop to think that maybe, just maybe, children are actually being damaged and people (mostly women) are justifiably worried about their well-being. Of course, if it were an issue that affects boys only, these people would be more hesitant to dismiss those concerns because scrotes would realize that it affects them and that they can use that for oppression points.

No. 1372895

Average "blunt" and "unapologetic" commentary channel content:
>Lol, lmao, SJWs at it again, look at these faggot snowflakes being so oversensitive again! Gay rights?? Gender and racial equality?? Stop pushing your degeneracy on me! … W-wait, did you just misgender Chris-chan? I can't believe it, don't you know trans women are literally dying?!?!?!

No. 1372912

>All these 2egdy4u "skeptic" commentary channels have zero problem with being proudly racist and misogynistic, but transphobia is off limits to them. Imagine bluntness and owning the SJWs being the basis of your whole channel while walking on eggshells in order to not offend troons, top fucking kek. Clowns
Now that several people have pointed this out ITT, I'm starting to think that maybe those edgy types have realized that they can get away with saying anything against the groups of people they hate as long as they don't touch the subject of trannies. And when they are accused of being racist/sexist/homophobic, they can just publicly defend trannies (virtue signal) to avoid criticism and even get supporters. Because I really doubt those kinds of people actually believe that TWAW.

No. 1372963

could any of them be closet tranny chasers who get overly defensive over their fetish? these "anti-sjw skeptics" are also openly very supportive of paraphilic coomer shit in general.

No. 1372972

I have somewhat of a hard time beliving this, could you name me some of these alleged anti-sjws who are supportive of troons ?

No. 1372979

Shoe0nhead, Vaush, Armored Sceptic too iirc

No. 1372987

yeah everyone in that circle pretty much. Chris Ray Gun, Elvis the Alien, h3h3, even Hunter Avallone apparently lmao. Even the less political ones who are more focused on media commentary are extremely pro gender ideology.

No. 1373000

other then Armored Sceptic and Shoe I would consider all these people left-wing, like part of the dirtbag left but I'd never think vaush was an anti-sjw

No. 1373004

idk about Vaush but all of the other ones explicitly referred to themselves as anti-sjws, "skeptics" or centrists. They gave themselves that title. Anti-sjwism isn't synonymous with being right-wing

No. 1373023

Here's a horrible moidlet on twitter who keeps on posting shitty long threads of antifeminist takes under the guise of benevolent misogyny at first, [removed] – then his threads start to degen into recycled moid talking points like "single childless women with a phd are just secretly more unhappy deep down", and "women are designed to stay in the home and have limited activities while the man runs the house and can go out whenever" or "if you dont make her fear you, her pussy goes dry and she will lose all respect for you as a man".

Believe, one of his endgoals is to strip women's rights and make them completely dependent on Man's mercy. Fuck this whiny ass pre-troon, he should be mass reported and spammed like how the trannies use those strategies to try and mess with JK Rowling

No. 1373106

Another black male whining about women working, another day ends with a y(racesperging)

No. 1373115

Wasn't there a link in this post? Was it removed by farmhands?

No. 1373308

File: 1665692749497.png (971.71 KB, 1020x1342, Screenshot_20221013-212532-971…)

No. 1373311

Cringe. These quirky social media managers ruin the images of brands for me. Duolingo already had a good brand but my respect for it just went down.

No. 1373315

why is every single "le funny meme" ALWAYS having to do with porn or dicks or cum? I swear it's on the surface level tiktoks or reels, the joke will be like "LOL IT LOOKS LIKE MY CUM!!!" "i want patrick bateman to be my daddy" or whatever. The stupid "im trash" from a couple years back was better than literal 12 year olds parroting the same "meme" they hear where the punchline is sexual

No. 1373316

Maybe I'm just being sensitive but I hate that there can't be pictures/footage of women without men making sexual jokes about it.
I hate that Duolingo embraced their meme status. I'm tired of brands trying to go ~le viral~ and appealing to memesters and coomers

No. 1373330

I cant believe this went through PR hands (because I guarantee you, every quirky tweet like this gets seen by multiple people before it's published) and they still let it happen, sexual jokes are so cringy and childlish, aren't the app users kinda above this sort of thing? Like, I'd imagine the target audience are people who want to educate themselves; and even if the tone of the app is fairly light-hearted I still can't see how that could be considered an audience for cum jokes

No. 1373347

Disgusting and cringe as fuck on so many levels

I use Duolingo every day, but I don't use Twitter so I couldn't have seen this if it hadn't been posted. I'm sure a huge portion of the userbase don't either.

No. 1373402

what's the joke?

No. 1373420

Andrew Tate fanboy who rips off and reposts manosphere quotes constantly rails on Hasan Abi for being a PUA who ran a blog called Brofessor back in the day.


Didn’t support Hasan’s actions, its obvious he’s a “male feminist” only to get girls but a shitty moid loser like his RW incel counterparts underneath, but isn’t it just bizzare how antifeminism has risen so quickly and seems like the default mode for men? Could it be, that Man’s true nature and root causes for misogyny are:
- “rapemaxx reapmaxx many women asap” mindset, harem fantasies, only get married to a girl 3 decades your junior at 50 while using party girls and women your own age just as tools to fuck and discard
- believing men are superior to women as a whole, biologically and naturally. that women cant do anything as good as the most below avg man, and how boys have more worth than girls.
- thinking that women are not people with dignity and free choice but “window dressing eye candy side props who are only aesthetically important and limited in function and inner workings, not as complex as Man”. Dehumanize women and claim its ok to treat them like shit for being “less than”.

Why cant more pickmes and “women who dont mind being under men” know that true nature and stop giving benefit of doubt to males?(post caps)

No. 1373421


rightwing men only like to acknowledge male nature’s bad side with limits, so they only call out non-white men who rape women and men they are politically opposing (usually leftist) which happened to commit a misogynist or pro-trans or grooming crime. That’s their tactic, rightwing men only reveal male nature in limited forms

No. 1373425

>b-but he grew out of it
I hate this take.

No. 1373474

File: 1665701587025.jpg (120.79 KB, 1295x383, Eha2VE3UYAA2tnb.jpg)

It begins.

No. 1373475

Duolingo bird cum.

No. 1373481

im confused why does this have that amount of likes considering this is the type of humor that only pornsick men and boomers would find funny.

No. 1373484

Same level as cringe as the entire Discord team.

No. 1373661

wtf? why is anyone supposed to make that connection? why would a green bird necessarily or even likely have green cum? what a stupid, far reach and a terrible, inappropriate joke

No. 1373840

I can't wait for this retarded trend of brands trying to meme and be edgy to finally die out. This is giving me flashbacks to the burger king tweet. Cringe.
I also love how zoomers roll their eyes at brands/public figures/media trying to be hip with the kids UNLESS they make some kind of porn joke. Goes to show how fucking stupid and easily manipulated they are.

No. 1373875

>"unlike boomers we're smart and not to manipulated! We don't fall for advertising! In fact seeing an ad makes us want to support the brand less!"
>brand does a stupid marketing stunt that either involves memes or cooming
>"omg this is too funny let's pass this thinly disguised ad around on twitter and leddit! I love this brand now for being hip and cool"

No. 1373883

Duolingo markets itself towards gamers, not towards serious language learners ironically so the type to use that app may not be the "levelheaded above memes" type of userbase you think of at first glance.

No. 1373884

it's funny how defensive people get of their Duolingo streak, even though they haven't learned anything useful from it and have nothing to show for it kek

No. 1373887

Gamification is one hell of a drug lol

No. 1373927

File: 1665747918066.png (3.63 MB, 1170x2532, E4A79E12-A663-473C-8599-587326…)

putting white in front of women doesn’t make it anymore more misogynistic. we should hand out nooses to moids to encourage them to kill themsleves

No. 1373928

i hope one of this ladies calls police

No. 1373935

Does he think black women don't fear men…black girls and women go missing at high enough rates for them to be just as scared if not more.

No. 1373937

I want to a-log so bad.

No. 1373943

>haha lol I will pretend I want to commit crimes against women in front of women because that's funny xD fucking karens lmao
Room temperature IQ right there. I want to bump into him with a car at full speed, it's such a common way of dying for men so it's funny according to him, right?

No. 1373947

I had a white friend that would always tell me not to worry in bad neighborhoods and that it was a racist fear. The truth was he was a man that's why it was safe for him. We had a black girl friend that just started dressing and acting like a guy to survive and not draw attention to herself.

No. 1373950

Yeah he has no idea how retarded he is. He only has to do this around the wrong woman and he's incredibly fucking fucked, fear is a strong emotion and humans will do anything to protect themselves, he is making himself into a massive fucking target and he will have literally asked for it.

No. 1373975

This is just a predator mad that women see through him due to knowing of all the cases of moids like him ending up in the news.

No. 1373990

File: 1665754314640.png (220.01 KB, 702x772, Screenshot_20221014-153052.png)

Samefag, but of course.

No. 1373994

It’s even more annoying when white people do this. This guy is pasty as fuck and thinks that throwing a yt in there somehow gets him off the hook.

No. 1374032

Yeah, I'm not white so in theort I shouldn't feel targeted by this bs and yet. You just know they're talking about all women, and you know these white men are hiding that they're racist because they know it's socially unacceptable to joke about racist shit nowadays. It's the same shit as with male "feminists" yelling online that adult female characters in anime are too sexialized but in private they molest kids or have a shit ton of CP in their computers and phones. They're deflecting their morally reprehensible sides by joking about people who are supposedly bad because they're supposedly white.

No. 1374035

White women, 'Karens' and TERFs are such scapegoats for accepted misogyny nowadays. I wish all the scrotes who adapted woke vocabulary to hate on women without any backlash like spineless cowards just off themselves already.

No. 1374117

They like to pretend women being cautious in public is because of dumb overly paranoid Karens watching too much true crime. But then in the event that something actually does happen to us they act like it's because we weren't cautious enough. It's always our fault. We're always hysterical and overexaggerating until something happens to prove us right and then we were stupid for not carrying pepper spray, a gun, a knife, and having super human self defense skills. I'd rather offend some moid, idc what race he is, than take any chances around someone who's making me feel uneasy.
I know I probably shouldn't put this out into the universe but I hope something really bad happens to him for this. Either a woman actually does call the cops and he gets his shit rocked or he himself gets kidnapped with his own zip ties and only gets rescued by some older white lady calling in some shady looking shit

No. 1374150

>Either a woman actually does call the cops and he gets his shit rocked or he himself gets kidnapped with his own zip ties and only gets rescued by some older white lady calling in some shady looking shit
I could see a woman fucking him up personally too. It's a myth that ALL women internalize everything and just self harm as a result of trauma. Some externalize, learn how to shoot a gun or other forms of self defense. If he wants to larp as a serial killer or kidnapper, he's fucking around and he's going to find out some day.

No. 1374154

That makes it even more obvious that he's just being misogynistic tbh.

No. 1374171

File: 1665764616978.png (80.58 KB, 589x502, 2394832940820.png)

An author shared one (of many) DM some kid sent them saying they'd beat her ass because a character died and some of the responses were unhinged. They were dismissing it as normal teenage behavior or playing up race to excuse it. I hate how Twitter has normalized letting teens harass and threaten everyone and telling adults they need to get over it because they're "just kids". If these kids were just saying dumb shit fine, but they cross the line by dogpiling and doxing other users. That is not normal behavior! Picrel in particular, that whole thread is people dismissing this as "the culture" and "gen z".

No. 1374172

File: 1665764699593.jpg (45.5 KB, 624x680, normalteenbehavior.jpg)

this was the one DM the author shared. She deleted the tweet but here's the archive link for the curious https://archive.ph/Rz1Km

No. 1374179

File: 1665765101064.jpg (63.34 KB, 449x674, Aileen_Wuornos.jpg)

>Some externalize, learn how to shoot a gun or other forms of self defense. If he wants to larp as a serial killer or kidnapper, he's fucking around and he's going to find out some day.
We can only hope. Can't tell you how many times I've fantasized about some female vigilante justice, but even then my empathy overrides and I'd never be able to actually do it. Any woman who does has my support tho

No. 1374183

lmao. Annie Wilkes energy

No. 1374188

Hi angel Aileen!!!

No. 1374198

Always cheers me up to open lolcow and see Aileen on the front page. Based queen.

No. 1374208

sorry for blogposting but when I was 13 I did get to meet an author ai liked and I did ask him why he killed my favourite character because it did emotionally affect me. We had a little back to back talking about her death's narrative purpose and it was a really pleasant experience. It would never had occurred to me to be so aggressive wtf. I hate that people are trying to excuse this bc the person is young. Twitterbrained teenagers have no sense of boundaries

No. 1374212

This is really nice nonna, who was the author you met? It's great he wanted to discuss and explain things to you to make sure you understood!

No. 1374244

that's so cute nonna! I'm glad the author made it a pleasant experience.

No. 1374252

File: 1665767738053.png (36.65 KB, 599x270, adfds.png)

>Robbie Coltrane dies
>the first under-tweet reply
I fucking hate trannies and sjwfags.

No. 1374280

>sees sexist take undermining women or sexual assault in some way
>writes about being a "husband and father" in their bio.
every time.

No. 1374297

I feel you. Even though I can't personally relate. I relate to the anger you feel, but I'm usually able to restrain myself. I've chocked it up to "empathy", but in reality it's probably closer to self preservation kicking in. I know my efforts will be fruitless in the end in our society. It sucks because I don't think the solution is necessarily to be one more like men, in the sense of being violent as a means to an end disregarding the emotional toll it takes on yourself and everyone involved. At least I don't want that to be our solution. Society as a whole would be better if everyone operated on the rules of female socialization. But I also think, realistically, that's the only way for us to see any significant change. If we want things to be better for ourselves, we need to communicate that in a language that men will understand and it seems there's no better language they understand than violence. The cards are stacked against us though.
I think it's something many of us can relate to in the sense of the rage we feel at the injustice of it all. I wouldn't be willing to jeopardize my freedom and the lives of my family and friends to carry out revenge on the men that have wronged me. But I won't condemn women who choose that path either. It's hilarious to me how Aileen Wuornos is so often framed as one of the worst female serial killers, literally inspiring a movie called "Monster". All she did was shoot Johns and rob them - still murder, but a relatively quick and painless death. Meanwhile male serial killers will rape and torture their victims, killing them in the most horrific ways you can imagine, then raping their corpses some more. It's laughable to compare someone like Aileen to them just because they can't fathom a woman using violence as a means to an end like they do.

No. 1374317

That's probably somebodies' nigel.

No. 1374353

>twitter hates true crime fans for humanizing criminals
>think they’re morally superior for pretending to be criminals and “punishing” them.

Kinda reminds me of twitards freaking out about KF being a “doxing and harassing website” while dozing and harassing anyone they think browsed there.

No. 1374382

Friendless, wifeless, childless behavior. Really telling on themselves that nobody in their life cares for them because they are assholes.

No. 1374427

But discord from the start positioned itself as an app for gamers so “how do you do fellow kids” humor was always expected from them

No. 1374469

I hope he gets shot

No. 1374502

Who gets something as mundane as zipties and turns it into being mad at women? Can scrotes do anything in their daily life without making it about women?

No. 1374543

Sorry but that shit is funny. Wealthy middle aged Caucasian women are always making up stories thinking they’re going to get trafficked and it’s ridiculous. They genuinely think they’re the main character in a Steven king novel. IMO it deserves pushback.

No. 1374576

Remember to report and move on.

No. 1374633

this makes me so sick, over 20k people liking this, praising him like a king and women tweeting this
>oh my god, do it!
>as a white lady who consumes too much true crime but also understands actual human trafficking, my 100% expert opinion is that you’re still a true American hero
and there really are 100s of people claiming white women don't get kidnapped at all

No. 1374658

Why are you guys ignoring that the tweet was a.) a joke and b.) it’s a very real problem for suburban wealthy white women to pretend they are at risk of human trafficking. Instead of sharing the real signs of it, they’d rather make up these fictional rainbow fentanyl tier conspiracies.

No. 1374701

it's just a joke!!!
making people scared for their lifes isn't funny bitch.

>it’s a very real problem for suburban wealthy white women to pretend they are at risk of human trafficking.

yeah now that's the real problem… not bad moids being violent and "good" moids "joking" about being violent

No. 1374706

It's a troll. Just ignore them.

No. 1374707

>It's just a joke
genuinely how do you tell anymore on the internet in 2022. Someone could post the most outrageous shit and the chances of it being dead serious are just as large as it being a joke. No, larger actually, we live in a world where people believe people can change genders after all and that's on the bottom of ridiculous believes people try to unironically shove down our throats.

No. 1374719

If you can’t handle a joke about throwing zip ties at wealthy, detached women desperately trying to be the main character then idk what to say.

No I’m not. I’m serious. I will never clutch my pearls at these women because they’re annoying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1374736


go back to twitter dick devotee or do us all a favour and kys.

No. 1374738

Wtf how would you know which car belongs to a wealthy woman or a white woman? And do you think white women don't deserve to feel safe and it's a fair game to scare them? Why?

No. 1374740

Bitch this isn't Ace Attorney, this is real life. Let me shoot people in the face and say during the police interrogation and the trial that "it was just a joke your honor", let's see how fast I'll go to prison.

No. 1374742

People who watch videos about signs of trafficking aren't paranoid 24/7. They just see it on their tiktok feed, maybe feel upset for a few minutes and make a mental note of it, but move on with their lives. There is no "serious problem" of people constantly living in fear about that.

No. 1374744

wtf is your problem??

No. 1374755

File: 1665787074846.jpg (136.38 KB, 1080x571, IMG_20221015_003714.jpg)

Leftist moids love to "joke" about or call out white women en masse but when somebody suggest doing the same to black men they're all outraged, too much of a weakling to take on somebody their own size

No. 1374764

You sound like you're also from a wealthy suburban area

No. 1374781

If he'd get shot that would be legit funny tho and there's probably an argument which could keep you out of prison. Idk US jurisprudence, but like temporary insanity due to triggering trauma? Self defense? He's literally asking for it.

No. 1374801

Oh I do? Because I see these women constantly posting long diatribes about “was I almost trafficked?” on reddit and see their stupid tiktoks circulate everywhere? Sometimes you guys are so dramatic that it’s embarrassing

No. 1374812

Still more rooted in reality than black moid sexual fantasies about cops kek

No. 1374820

I am the wrong woman kek. I really wish one of these fucks would pull something like this. They won't learn until women start fighting back.

No. 1374827

It's an app for pedos too.

No. 1375139

File: 1665825115930.png (15.75 KB, 579x133, Capture.PNG)

Let's bring ableism into it because why not lmao
On a side note, I don't know if it was discussed anywhere, but this is legitimately the most successful performance protest of it's kind I've seen in a long while, people just won't stop talking about it since it happened. For anyone who missed it

No. 1375149

Even when dead the male is still babied.

No. 1375155

Oh same, I feel like a scrote over it, but I do walk around hoping someone will pull something. I've been preparing for it.

No. 1375183

latefag but this coming from the same communities that have a problem with sexual assault of little girls from their own family members is baffling.

No. 1375251

File: 1665832302243.jpeg (162.85 KB, 576x1024, FeqTP_UWYAEzyLJ.jpeg)

I could tell by his fingers that he was a chunker, but knowing he looks like this just makes this funnier to me.
Short + fat + bald + scraggly homeless beard = opinion discarded.
Why is it always the ugliest moids that feel the need to dunk on women all the time?

No. 1375267

I'd love it for every "scare-prank" a man has ever done to a girl or woman, starting from jumping out and screaming to putting them in distessing situations, a giant fucking troll of a ugly bastard would follow them and jump out at them whenever they're alone and isolated and feel vulnerable.

No. 1375438

File: 1665850972649.png (Spoiler Image,296.75 KB, 594x704, Capture.PNG)

Spoilered for obvious reasons but why the fuck would I want to see a dying 18 year old on my timeline?

No. 1375463

I wonder what happens if you pull the beard hard enough. Will it just rip the hair out, or will you also rip some skin?

No. 1375530

Not the lunch tag kek.

No. 1375532

ok twitterfag

No. 1375563

girl, be so fr right now. Any woman from any race or class can be trafficked. Stop being such a fucking pick me lmao.

No. 1375812

you just know he's bald under that flyover hat too

No. 1375815

they just need to be prank-placed into a prison shower (for prank soap dropping)

No. 1376448

>hideous white scrote
>that beard
>those stubby fingers
Oh god fuck off back to twitter already if women being wary of their surroundings is a "very real problem" to you.

No. 1377560

File: 1666031227251.jpeg (124.74 KB, 1242x964, 75C53DFF-B251-4E7A-A92B-539DB9…)


No. 1377576

being a straight woman is hell

No. 1377579

the normalization of casual sex and the "hoe phase" is so fucking dangerous for women. why tf are you fucking someone you hate, that's a moid mindset

No. 1377584

She could be talking about a partner though tbf

No. 1377618

The tweet doesn't say anything about casual sex anon

No. 1377689

That tweet reads like one of the multiple anons on here I've seen confessing to "being one of the loudest man haters on here but doesn't actually hate men irl". Cringe.

No. 1377707

Yeah who would think that women who have to deal with men and their bullshit on a day to day basis would want a place to vent without judgement or scorn. So cringe.

No. 1377724

File: 1666041345627.jpg (94.8 KB, 814x578, e47.jpg)

No. 1377731

Average female twitter user

No. 1377766

File: 1666044002403.jpg (45.52 KB, 372x251, Dworkin and Stoltenberg.jpg)

Andrea Dworkin be like >>1377560

No. 1377769

lmao true

No. 1377787

its cool though, cause he rejected his masculinity and maleness so he wasn't really a man

No. 1377807

He's just a dude with bangs

No. 1377823

File: 1666047346779.jpg (113.83 KB, 332x500, RobinMorgan_profile.jpg)

Robin Morgan had a similar situation with her husband, If you aren't familiar with Robin Morgan, she was a former child actor from the 1940s and 1950s that got heavily invested and became a major figure in second-wave feminism in the 1960s. She was a "political lesbian" that wound up marrying and having a son with "politically gay" activist Kenneth Pitchford. Pitchford himself was part of the short lived "Effeminist movement" which hated masculinity, hated physical fitness, and the concept of physical attractiveness.

>Founded by Steven F Dansky, John Knoebel, and Kenneth Pitchford, The Effeminist Movement was a short lived, tightly-knit and controversial group mostly centered around their publication project Double F. The movement

>F*ggots and all effeminate men are oppressed by the patriarchy’s systematic enforcement of masculinist standards , whether these standards are expressed as physical, mental, emotional or sexual stereotypes of what is desirable in a man.
>…This means rejecting of objectification of people based on such things as [physical or facial features], genitals, ethnicity or race, physical or mental handicap or lifestyle…
>…Even as we learn to affirm in ourselves the cooperative impulse and to admire in each other what is tender and gentle, what is aesthetic, considerate, affectionate, lyrical, sweet…

No. 1377996

File: 1666061354786.png (35.33 KB, 615x306, its not tho lmao.png)

No. 1377999

>the sexed body is constructed by gender

Which nonce originally said that?

No. 1378001

idk but the idea that these people believe a bitch might suddenly grow a dick bc she changed her pronouns to they/he is cracking me up

No. 1378015

I can somewhat see the point in how people are acting like bodyhair isn't a female secondary sex characteristic and doctors have medicalized it beyond regular PCOS concerns, due to how women are now expected to be smooth baby dolphins. Or how intersex women receive fgm due to ideas about what size clit is normal for a female. However troons have coopted everything ofc

No. 1378016


Abhor how troons want to gender everything, just to validate their fetish and access to women. Fuck them, abolish gender

No. 1378438

File: 1666106921686.png (211 KB, 584x475, 11.png)

a small artist made a series comics about why "pro-shipping" can effect real life people, including children and lead to child abuse and grooming, coomers and fujos on the internet got mad and started drawing porn of the artist OC's being raped by adult men to "own" the mean prude


No. 1378441

Kek should i feel sad for shit that literally never happened, this antibullshit is only used against fujos that dare to ship teen boys or whose husbando happens to be a teen boy(99% of anime characters), they never go after loli/shota artists.

No. 1378466

>started drawing porn of the artist OC's being raped by adult men to "own" the mean prude
Regardless of the pro/anti stuff (not going to engage in that whole debate, personally), this is pretty awful of them if that artist is underage like I would assume and if all they did was make a few pictures without actually targeting anyone in particular. That tweet has 158 quote retweets, twitter is just full of a lot of immature dogpilers.

No. 1378569

File: 1666113473897.jpeg (718.52 KB, 1242x1383, 57BC3D5A-4AFC-4B5B-8067-DC9096…)

How desperate is taylor for her new album? Holy shit I keep getting recommended tweets from news outlets about her album non-stop. I muted her name and her album but it still appears because of topic recs I really don’t give a fuck who wrote this song and what time it’s dropping. Taylor for the love of god please I’m begging you stop terrorizing me with this album I know you want a #1 album but please stop

No. 1378577

I will never take the lecture of a furry-guro artist seriously.

No. 1378599

That's such a cringe song title. She's very talented and a shrewd businesswoman, but everytime she tries to edge up her image a little I can't help but laugh. Please god don't let this album be a repeat of sassy Taylor from Reputation and Lover. The stripped back folksy vibes from her last 2 albums worked so well. Hell I'd even take straight up bubblegum pop like 1989. Anything but another Look What You Made Me Do or Me!
Also her having sole writing credits on a song isn't new. Idk why they feel the need to report it. She's done that for many of her songs.

No. 1378612

I was always neutral about taylor but ever since I watched her Netflix documentary crying about reputation not getting a grammy nomination, my view on her changed. She seems weirdly obsessed with numbers and achievements

No. 1378614

File: 1666115207181.jpeg (186.42 KB, 1170x639, DD94803D-D9A4-4327-9799-84E063…)

I hate Shein coomsumers but how do you say something like this and not expect to get your ass beat.

No. 1378624

What's funny is that the main argument is that fiction affects reality in a significant way, yet the examples are 100% fictional. At least she could have used examples of that retard who posted long ago about how she thought fanfics were actually equivalent to sex ed and that's why she got pregnant and had a newborn as a teen.

No. 1378630

She's right though. Maybe I say that as someone who grew up poor with very few options at the time, even online, and I didn't die just because my clothes (which was almost nothing) were only practical for school and not cute at all.

No. 1378632

Well it’s true, if you’re that financially challenged you have to cut back on some things that are unnecessary. I’ve seen so many people defend supporting literal slave labor by saying “well I’m poor so I have nowhere else to buy clothes” bitch I haven’t bought clothes in years and you don’t need every fucking trend to be able to live. Get some basics and save for quality things that fit your style and last more than a few months. I don’t get people who do hauls every week and constantly shop online because they think clothing defines their personality or interests.

No. 1378633

Maybe she phrased it wrong, but bad take imo. Poor people should be able to have nice clothes, but buying from more ethical stores or even saving money to buy long-lasting and versatile clothing would be better. But with the amount of times I've seen people on the internet doing Shein hauls that cost hundreds of dollars, I'm not even sure if poor people are the ones who Shein relies on.

No. 1378640

File: 1666116218831.png (26.91 KB, 599x123, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 1.37…)

Left wing racists are trying to neg black women into muling for troons.

(this is why "woman as social construct" is so racist. If womanhood is defined by society's perception and stereotypes, then the stereotypes against black women push them out of the women category.)


No. 1378641

>Poor people should be able to have nice clothes
Shein doesn't even have that, they have shit clothes you can only wear a few times until they're damaged.

No. 1378642

It’s just you’d think that Twitter, the Mecca of activism would not support slave conditions just because it lets them buy some hoodie with hello kitty on it for 5 bucks. You can go on multiple resale websites or stores to find options that won’t financially contribute to violations of human rights at the expense of a cute outfit. The lack of perspective seems fucked up, we’re so removed from the reality of the supply chain.

No. 1378643

I meant cute, sorry.
I agree that people probably shouldn't be buying from Shein, I just don't agree with what that tweet said.

No. 1378653

I think she meant "cute clothes aren't a human right" but phrased it wrong. You can get plenty of cute clothes with out Shein, even if you're broke.

No. 1378655

File: 1666117252721.jpeg (201.97 KB, 1280x720, B0DB097B-F511-4C7C-88DE-2B42A0…)

The cute clothes in question ^
I don’t agree that poor people shouldn’t have good clothing but it’s also true that online dumbasses are participating in tiktok & ig fashion microtrends not because they can’t afford anything else they just want to hop on the new trend.
Shein has the worst quality Ive seen a few in person and they are literally 100% polyster plastic garbage, people are just walking around in terrible material like we can’t tell

No. 1378695

Yeah I oscillate between liking her and being annoyed by her. She'll always hold a nostalgic place in my heart since I was the perfect age demo for her early stuff and I was a fan in my preteen years. But there's something extremely calculated and manufactured about everything she says and does. On one hand, it's very smart and just good business sense as a celebrity. But on the other hand, it's off putting and I feel like she'd have no problem selling me into slavery if it meant she could secure another Grammy.
Plus I really wish she'd stop trying to have an acting career (especially not one working with a known abuser)

No. 1378707

File: 1666119878632.jpeg (905.7 KB, 1242x2108, 68DDCAB3-398F-4EE6-A669-D1AC62…)

women in autism

No. 1378709

just thrift

No. 1378711

I like some Taylor songs but I feel like this album will be boring as all fuck. A bad boring, not a good boring.

No. 1378712

kek she wants to live in those shitty romance novels my aunt reads

No. 1378713

File: 1666120286075.jpeg (287.76 KB, 2048x2048, 7FA2F0FF-51E1-48BC-A16E-88BB21…)

Oh yeah definitely but tune in for carly rae jepsen’s new album though it’s dropping on the same day oct. 21 I just know it’s going to be sooo good

No. 1378724

Mind you this is a rich girl who lives in the bay area

No. 1378725

Of course it is. It's always rich young women who view hard work and chores as some fantasy, it's weird.

No. 1378756

Is she not 17 years old? This reads like early 20s naivety at best

No. 1378767

File: 1666123929069.jpg (89.71 KB, 645x680, FfWneCWXoAAXiLg.jpg)

Handmaidens were trying to defend this in the comments. Insanity

No. 1378781

The tranny looks like suck a porker too im sure it was much more than feeling offense going on, a ton of envy perhaps? Lol the other girl is based and only said what everyone else was thinking

No. 1378790

when are women gonna stop capping for men. a 17 year old was choked by a grown man! this is disguising

No. 1378830

She's a cow and has been discussed in some leftcows threads

No. 1378845

That makes sense I figured she was one of those tradthots based on her desperate tweets for male attention

No. 1379108

File: 1666141550782.jpg (294.52 KB, 1080x1005, 20221018_210344.jpg)

No. 1379201

File: 1666151215486.png (168.8 KB, 1182x792, libfems.png)

Thankfully she is getting eaten alive in the qrt but still, what level of libfem you have to be to spout this shit? The opening tweet is "Young men aren’t having sex!" btw.

No. 1379203

Where’s that Reddit thread where the question was what would you do if the purge were real and the majority of men said they’d rape.

No. 1379204

Guess sex traffickers are funding her campaign

No. 1379205

Human connection is very important for peoples wellbeing but so many of these scrotes think that they don’t have to reciprocate the kindness women afford to them. If you can’t even meet the bare minimum of what you expect your partner to be then of course no one is gonna out up with you.

No. 1379206

all the people in the world, ones who actually committed horrible crimes, and you pick amber heard to victimize?

No. 1379208

There's also a reason why thrift stores are overrun with shitty shein clothing right now. half the shit people buy they don't keep because it's cheap material, unflattering, wrong size, etc.

No. 1379212

Based preppy high schooler. He just peaked her even more.

No. 1379216

File: 1666152297996.jpg (38.13 KB, 720x890, 1663729213972.jpg)

What the fuck?

No. 1379251

If I lived in the states I would get a gun after reading this. It's just going to keep getting worse.

No. 1379252

>Black women really be transphobic asl. And I don't understand why
So they intentionally ignore the possible reasons why black women of all people would be against (mostly) white pornsick males in dresses who claim to be more oppressed than everyone else? No idea why?

What's a grown man doing around teenagers anyway?

No. 1379271

yeah why not ghislaine maxwell for example? oh right, she's cool because she helped men rape little girls uwu, the real evil is when a woman is hot, blonde and will never fuck you

No. 1379274

sure alexandra, why don't you lead by example and volunteer as a charity gloryhole? you may not be what incels think of when they fantasize about their 10/10 white stacy, but you'll do in a pinch

No. 1379341

When you are so libfem you circle back to hardcore patriarchal and incel ideology. Literally advocating for the decriminalization of rape.
Amber Heard is and has always been nothing but a scapegoat. I love how he pretends to be some kind of benevolent noble for sparing the "good" women from rape as if he gives one fuck either way. He just wants to rape.

No. 1379397

I hate when people post shit like this online it's like okay? so go do that instead, especially if they're financially able. No one is stopping this girl from doing any of this. It's like how no Twitter communists live on actual communes because then they'd have to do real work and get along with people instead of beig an asshole online.

No. 1379401

There are services offered to disabled people in some places under the same logic of "they deserve sex, but no one will give them a handy". I wonder if this woman or any man will ever volunteer, if not, they should probably shut the fuck up.

No. 1379600

File: 1666192793062.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1175x2089, F5C3278E-3AC8-4853-A82F-7C29CC…)

saged for non-hate but this is so true lol lmao I used to call it bpd makeup

No. 1379703

File: 1666200464321.png (58.82 KB, 648x413, FFElmbX9A.png)

People on twitter say the most surface level things and act like their mind is blown, also why would you admit this about yourself to the entire internet ?

No. 1379713

File: 1666201152377.jpg (69.13 KB, 595x772, FeHgvtbX0AExa3U.jpg)

>what level of libfem you have to be to spout this shit?
That women's bodies are objects and commodities? Libfem level 0 nonnie

No. 1379720

What is this about? Who are "we"?

No. 1379723

In times like this i remember a korean girl who said "every day leftues and anarchists are closer to reinventing the concept of confort women"

No. 1379724


OP and the chick she's coping with…

No. 1379727


Why is a 25 year old on the same cheer team as a teenager?

No. 1379735

based tweet. belle delphine & her clones are a fucking scourge on the internet.

No. 1379739

It's the same logic behind allowing things like surrogate mothers (aka, buying a baby). It's not because sex is a natural, instinctual act that the vast majority of adults seek that it should be a right. It's just a thing that may or may not happen and discriminating when it comes to dating and fucking is a thing for a reason. It's not the same thing as having a right to eat and drink water or a right to have a shelter/home.

Whoever came up with this must be mentally ill or a pervert.
>I wonder if this woman or any man will ever volunteer
Only the most desperate people would do this.

No. 1379740

It’s okay to admit your Nigel cheated on you

No. 1379741

I absolutely agree with her, but I think people should be able to dress in a way that makes them happy. The problem is that a lot of these zoomers seem very obsessed with being the main characters or wanting to be "that girl" and don't want to waste time curating reliable wardrobes that will last them a long time and can retain some value if they ever want to swap out pieces.

No. 1379749

Considering the typical couple dynamics between men and women usually revolve around the woman pacifying themselves to please the man and heavy emotional labor, i can see how this could be true. It looks like she spent time developing interests that are her own and not her bfs and having fun instead of being a pickme or crying on the internet about not being pretty enough for Brad.

No. 1379750

Kek, this really is true. The pickme uniform.

No. 1379759

File: 1666203889897.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1578, 524B967A-6406-4430-B5DD-72250B…)

Chanced upon this on my weekly Twitter cleanse (tranny block spree). The irony.

No. 1379768

>systematic transphobia
The delusions. It kills me seeing troons steal the cringiest sigma male meme format used by 14 year old boys on reddit and rebranding it as “woke” to validate their fragile gender identity is really the perfect way to describe twitter trannys

No. 1379772

File: 1666204418500.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1895, 968DCECE-B7C3-4A29-9E21-12D222…)

A reply to a tweet about how Jodie Comer is the most beautiful woman according to science. Kek

No. 1379774

How rotten your brain has to be to think about sex as "just a service, just like (insert any job here)"? This way of thinking is killing me. So it's totally unacceptable if someone masturbates instead of getting intimate with another living breathing human being, it probably has a devastating impact on one's psyche, we can't allow that, it's simply inhuman, but it's apparently completely ok to constantly experience depersonalization and derealization while risking your physical health. And these people are always confident that there's this special kind of people who are just built this way, it's not a big deal for them, so why not? While they surely would never, but simply because it's not their cup of tea. Just like being a manicurist or a librarian is not their cup of tea, it's all the same. This kind of hypocrisy infuriates me.

No. 1379778

This is how you end up having to "apply" as a prostitute or other "sex work" jobs, when you apply for unemployment benefits or disability welfare.

No. 1379789

you know that's a parody account right, its whole thing is making fun of guys who make who believe in that shit

No. 1379793

File: 1666205937157.gif (3.06 MB, 194x268, 1665941760186.gif)

Hm, i wonder which unfortunate sou- i mean "worker" is going to offer these services cause i know damn well she will not, she knows who is getting screwed up in such scenario and is not her that's why she's so eager to even imply this could be a good idea

No. 1379795

she mentioned boyfriend OR girlfriend, she was just a loser who didn't get a partner in highschool, just like everybody else, it's no special

No. 1379797

I remember when this happened. He went to a community college and joined their cheerleader team. Then that team went off to a cheer camp and that's when he went crazy cause the girls there didn't have to pretend.

No. 1379819

what the fuck– so this means you just want to be okay with entitled men who use women for sex?? cuz this is exactly what this tweet is
>the likes and retweet ratio
I hate this world

No. 1379826

File: 1666208124746.jpeg (416.85 KB, 1106x2048, Ffcprv6XkAAUg88.jpeg)

She posted this statement later lol

No. 1379829

It will be poor women, the same group of people leftists claim to be fighting for. But I forgot only men count in leftist movements.

No. 1379834

>envisioning a world where young men are good in bed
>achieving this with men being given a living fleshlight who services them

No. 1379835

Those jobs are already suggested in the Netherlands and Germany when you apply for unemployment benefits or disability welfare if you're a woman without high enough education. Afaik they can't force you into it, though maybe they can when it's something like a phone sex callcenter, but not with full on prostitution. However if it were up to her, she'd probably would want to force it, since she thinks it's just a job like any other.

No. 1379840

Go look upthread to Jah from twitter. Leftists hate women who don't tow the line.

No. 1379842

File: 1666209169315.png (12.39 KB, 957x558, 2CD205B9-7391-490A-AB31-7C5843…)

42% of women under 25 had zero sex in 2021 but there is no panic over femcels. Also she provides zero evidence for her claims besides the Washington Post stat. Show the studies that found amount of sex influences the rate of applying to college or buying a house.

No. 1379845

it's the same arguement from "The Right to Sex" by Amia Srinivasan. Women indirectly commit harm to men by not fucking them, she swears she's not enforcing women should fuck men. of course, liberal academics love her.

No. 1379852

that's weird. There's nothing for women with 4 partners but women are more likely to have 5-10 partners.

No. 1379854

She can make as many "feminist" threads dripping in internalized misogyny as she wants, I'm still never dating a man who is pathetic enough to sponsor commercialized trafficking by paying for a prostitute.

No. 1379882

File: 1666210430174.png (1.5 MB, 768x1024, 1651260241505.png)

I'm a nearly 30yo virgin and kind of sexually frustrated sometimes, send me Chris Evans right fucking now and nobody gets hurt.

No. 1379886

Nah that’s the original account. This one’s run by a tranny.

No. 1379890

These numbers are from 2021 when covid was in full swing and people were discouraged from having casual sex. Seeing pre-covid numbers would be more interesting.

No. 1379891

same kek
you are not alone

No. 1379904

As a burgerfag this is really blackpilling. California basically legalized statutory rape earlier today in “an attempt to protect LBGTQIA+ rights”

No. 1379906

File: 1666211284519.jpeg (92.51 KB, 1170x873, 5EFCC8C8-7657-4AE0-B109-A195EC…)

Here’s one I found about number of partners in the last 5 years for 22-30. https://datepsychology.com/how-many-sexual-partners-did-men-and-women-have-in-2021/

No. 1380003

>Violently choking teenagers is so feminine and girly, tee-hee!! uwu

No. 1380004

File: 1666216559648.png (39.43 KB, 597x343, firefox_2t8nOy9081.png)

Woman: likes a TERF tweet
Man: calls english fans insects and acts like a baby all the time
Twitter: they are the same

No. 1380014

>calls english fans insects
So? Is he wrong? Kamiya's english speaking followers were huge retards who spammed his notifications with stupid tweets and he blocked them on sight as a reaction. This whole situation is dumb and all the paties involved should only be judged based on the whole salary negotiation thing that may or may not have happened. What I found very telling is that the "left-leaning" trannies asking for a boycott because "muh living wagz you guys" very suddenly preordered new copies as soon as they thought the VA was a terf and bragged about it, they really don't give a shit about women and workers' rights.

No. 1380018

Kamiya is a full on retard moid, kek. He is an adult who represents a company, he should behave like it. Also his views on women are shit.

No. 1380019

>as a sex worker
This is all i need to know. She's fucked in the head and wants other women to suffer as she did by promoting sex trafficking, actually evil

No. 1380022

File: 1666217800955.jpeg (169.25 KB, 1100x637, DEA36B2D-F6D9-42BE-9868-093E26…)

Nonnie, it’s “toe the line.” You’re not hooking up the line to your Tacoma.

No. 1380023

Yeah, I don't disagree but that doesn't change the fact that his followers are equally retarded at least. Wasn't he mostly just posting his Tetris scores these past few months btw? I unfollowed long ago because of that.

No. 1380026

File: 1666217977300.jpg (24.66 KB, 500x500, 16453464564.jpg)

kek nona

No. 1380037

Little girls outperform boys in kindergarten

No. 1380051

>Those jobs are already suggested in the Netherlands and Germany when you apply for unemployment benefits or disability welfare if you're a woman
HUH??? Mutts love to cite these countries as beacons of sexual progressivism or whatever

No. 1380117

Her other personalities probably kek

No. 1380157

File: 1666224825274.jpeg (266.45 KB, 1170x828, 1316CC30-A57A-4E87-9DE7-D942E8…)

I hate libfems I hate libfems I hate libfems I hate libfems I hate libfems I hate libfems

No. 1380163

File: 1666225178234.jpeg (869.64 KB, 1170x1612, A8776159-8674-46B2-B5FB-F105B1…)

The ad is corny but did you really have to go mask off misogynistic

No. 1380169

I can tell from his profile pic that he's gay. Gay men absolutely LOVE making up fake scenarios to shit all over women for some reason

No. 1380184

Libfems are so good at fence sitting but can never seem to find the middle ground between women being slaves and women being(totes free) sex objects

No. 1380211

File: 1666228603887.jpeg (353.86 KB, 1170x1111, 4F6C8740-9738-47ED-9AA7-975AFF…)

Maybe it was because he was gay not because he was Jewish???

No. 1380215

nobody tell this retard jews arrange and marry off their teen daughters to 40 year old men. Ffs I’m so fucking tired of people whitewashing my own religion to fit their narrative and I’m not even that religious, it’s like the trannies who claim jews were trans inclusive all along because we had different words for different intersex conditions in the torah

No. 1380333

She never heard about orthodox jews?

No. 1380339

It’s all they excel at

No. 1380344

Yeah it's not like there are well known cases of jewish people having organized pedophile rings.

No. 1380351

Wow she is really stupid. Why do dumb people become politicians so often. I don't think she has the capacity to understand why she's wrong.

No. 1380529

File: 1666270159068.jpeg (344.76 KB, 1144x1012, EC0D706E-9956-4504-885F-8014EB…)

This sounds like satire but it’s not

No. 1380530

Vinyl and Mango are unironically better names than Jayden and Emmaleigh, but if I had kids I'd just abandon them in the woods to be raised by wolves, it's kinder than whatever this is. Also, referring to your child as "your teenager" is kinda weird.

No. 1380532

>Vinyl and Mango are unironically better names than Jayden and Emmaleigh
hell no, they sound like my little pony OC names

No. 1380538

>tfw when you don't go to college or participate in workforce bc no bitches
and we should somehow give them the opportunity of "becoming good sexual partners" (which would already happen if scrotes would be interested in anyone's orgasm except their own) instead of opportunity to neck themselves which is right there?

No. 1380539

Probably said 'my teenager' instead of son/daughter because they're an NB.

No. 1380546

vinyl scratch is a real mlp character name so you aint wrong there lel

No. 1380548

Ah yes, looking forward to training the new hires in 10 years time; the nonbinary & twittersexual Lamp, Peanut, and Aerosol.

No. 1380562

This is actually something to worry about. Because ive seen multiple politicians or people in a higher place try to push this bill/law.
If this bill ever gets passed in the future then government forced sex slavery will happen , people dont realize how bad and dangerous this bill is.

No. 1380584

That's dumb as hell, I would have given myself a stupid mary sue oe weeb tier name as a teenager.

No. 1380661

File: 1666278770303.png (195.58 KB, 1487x592, no comment.png)

Another one from another pickme. Handmaidens are like bots or something.

No. 1380663

She's still a woman even if she thinks she's ugly. Is she gonna come out as a she/they now?

No. 1380666

beach house is such a good song

No. 1380831

Does anyone irl actually wear this type of make up?

No. 1380840

yes, I've seen it

No. 1380885

File: 1666289901746.jpeg (287.6 KB, 1170x1159, 832D2193-099E-4354-AD1F-C3720D…)

Rent free rent free

No. 1380923

They’d get along great. Cults built on sexist racist tenants.

No. 1380999

Aren't they the ones always dunking on terfs for allegedly associating with Christian boomers and right wingers? How interesting.

No. 1381032

File: 1666297000008.jpg (129.96 KB, 720x720, 1615ccf2f9ea33ab050e97576d1813…)

The sunburn makeup is weird but when I was their age all my friends looked like pic rel so it actually seems kinda tame in comparison

No. 1381041

That’s nowhere near the same thing

No. 1381081

She didnt say it's the same thing anon…

No. 1381182

But the sunburn make-up is obviously coomer bait while your pic is just teenager edginess.

No. 1381186

>teens acting like teens and dressing like teens and expressing themselves in a completely harmless way, not a care in the world outside of how they’re going to pay for their next monster energy before school, not an onlyfans in sight

No. 1381192

I try not to judge womens appearances too much but they look like they'll die if they dont receive scrote attention at least once a day

No. 1381198

They remind me of that video of that girl imitating discord kittens gaming with guys in chat where she puts on a really cutesy voice, sucks on a vape very two seconds, and gets visibly upset when another girl joins the game

No. 1381208

There’s something so pure about this past style and makes me nostalgic for before social media over-saturation of youth. Like now young girls are just looking at tiktoks and social media influencers copying what girls there do and getting more and more pressure to be sexualized.

No. 1381230

not a single braincell…

No. 1381340


No. 1381437

File: 1666320726143.jpeg (668.92 KB, 1170x1584, 2FEE1769-2DA9-41C7-9106-8B48C7…)

>Transphobes posting L’s
The irony

No. 1381443

That's not how I remember it at all.

No. 1381445

I don't like troons and do not think that transing kids is right. But I think republicans going after parents is completely retarded and I don't agree with it all. They should be going after WPATH and doctors who are signing off on this bullshit.

No. 1381446

100% they’re just looking for easy targets

No. 1381494

Can you link it?

No. 1381614

File: 1666345488208.png (234.85 KB, 648x1026, 5.png)

I swear this isn't racebait but twitter has probably ruined my perception of black americans, they act like such passive agreesive eunnch's, and act like their the only one's who have suffered in the entire world, where I'm from only a gay eunnch would act like the way black americans seem to do on twitter


No. 1381618

Same anon

No. 1381631

damn for the first time im siding w the reps

No. 1381632

File: 1666347306976.png (73.24 KB, 654x614, 6.png)

I have tired reading this multiple times and I still don't understand what this is person is trying to say

No. 1381634

They're the same retards whose education is so bad they think all Ancient Egyptians were black people like them, aka West Africans. Don't even bother with them.

No. 1381642

The replies to this post are coping so hard. Scene culture wasn't completely harmless or pure, it was sexualized to hell and back, full of groomers (like BOTDF), worship of misogynistic gay scrotes (Jeffree Star) and pickmes everywhere, eating disorders, racism, internet brainrot (MySpace, PS'd site models like Kiki Kannibal, efagz, Stickam), consoomerism, children getting doxxed (Jessi Slaughter), self-harm, elitism, etc. I don't think there's been an innocent "kids just being kids" era in the US since maybe the 80s. This was the beginning of the garbage you see today, it wasn't better just because some people have nostalgia about it. E-girls and TikTok culture could not exist without this.

No. 1381644

File: 1666349020670.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.85 KB, 1536x2048, 77B429ED-CBD7-4491-8BBF-410760…)

Meanwhile OP's bf:

No. 1381648

Americans are so obsessed with race because they know they have nothing else. Name any other country that refer to themselves as white, black, or asian instead of their nationality. 246 years and they still haven't figured out their identity, but want to act like they've been here for thousands of years like most countries. Also shocker BA have been influenced by so many cultures that they're not unique. The food? Soul food is largely English, Haitian, with West African influences (mostly spices). The music? Half the time they copy and paste from the Caribbeans. Like I could go on, what culture do BA have that isn't "stolen" or largely influenced by others? It's pure projection.

No. 1381650

Every woke semi-viral tweet ever
>ypipo have no culture
>no seasonings eks dee
>culture thief
Rinse and repeat. I wish they'd at least come up with something new because this is just boring.
Every single time kek the jokes write themselves at this point

No. 1381651

thank you. I'm tired of people saying "this subculture that was popular when I was young was age appropriate". I vividly remember the eating disorders, the sexualization, etc. The reasons you mentions are actually why I never got involved in subcultures as a teenager because of wreck it was. It's easy to look at the past with rose tinted glasses

No. 1381652

>>no seasonings eks dee
That shit sends me everytime because America' food is so fucking cancerous that American fast food chains have to change their recipes and portions to not make others obese. If you showed them herbs and spices straight out of the garden or suppliers they wouldn't even recognize them.

No. 1381666

The term culture sounds like a buzzword to me now, and I suspect a lot of twitter users genuinely don't know what it means. Because if they did, they wouldn't unironically believe that a group of humans devoid of culture can even exist. It's by definition impossible.

Neither do they understand that every culture on this earth has historically been influenced by another culture, either through contact with neighboring tribes, societies or through trade. This weird stubborn black and white thinking that is woke/twitter mentality is so fucking immature.

Lmao nonnie this reminded me of that girl on tiktok I saw who made some kind of lemon garlic pasta with a bunch of fresh herbs and the comments were full of people asking "eww bestie where is the seasoning?? where is the flavor??"

No. 1381668

File: 1666351686493.png (2.83 MB, 1644x3080, Screenshot_20221021-132539~2.p…)

I hate this type of makeup as much as the next guy, but I think that saying it's Asian fishing is kind of a reach

No. 1381670

kek, I saw a professional young chef posting a video of her day while cooking for a rich family on twitter, she was cooking lamb on a grill, picked herbs in their garden and rubbed the herbs on the meat like anyone who knows how to cook, like it's the bear minimum of cooking skills and I say that as someone who doesn't know how to cook, and since she's white she got told by a few people "where's is muh seasoning??? hum????? white ppl smh" meanwhile these same african americans are morbidly obese and drink ketchup from the bottle.

No. 1381671

…pretty sure that type of make up is meant to emulate hentai so what does that say about him

No. 1381674

How is this Asianfishing if they don't even look Asian at all

No. 1381675

It’s influenced from hentai/anime so I can see why someone would say it’s asianfishing but this specific pic they’re not really trying to look Asian. I think this style kind if evolved into it’s own thing once it became mainstream on social media

No. 1381678

Anyone that says that does not know how to cook. I’m positively certain that it’s men that don’t know how to boil an egg saying this.

No. 1381681

Nah, I've seen plenty of American women say that shit too.

No. 1381684

good. these dumb gen x and millennial retards need some prison rape to rethink mutilating their children.

i was raised by dumb xoomers believing that coloreds are human and worth of respect but their dumb behaviour but their behaviour like this made me hate all of them. they are blinded by cultural imperalist marxism that puts american cultural imperalism combined with their dumb talking points as feel-good weapon. i saw half white half bug woman who constantly loved to make terribly racist jokes and painted herself as better because she's "half-japanese" and eats their shitty food. it's the worst with asians, especially commie ones (also they will yell at people about """"orientalism"""" yet they fetishize poverty in post communist eastern european countries, especially commieblocks like ledditor ""urbanists"" do). i still think biggest mistake of europe wasn't wiping all of them. we'd have less problems now.
literally same as one black woman i found that writes shitty YA about hating whites yet mated with ugliest white moid she could. or one of my personal lolcows who is obsessed with cannibalizing whites and she lusts over every semi attractive known white person she can.
>herbs aren't seasoning
i fucking hate burgers and even more colored ones who stroke their egos by hating whites with these dumb memes, when they are most useless retards that need to belittle others to feel better. they are even worse when they take achievement of one of their individuals and try to paint as theirs because muh community. why these collectivist retards weren't fucking genocided. all colored vermin have innate tendency to be commies and they should die. same for traitors
rich commie asian cunts will nitpick everything because they are dumb insecure cunts. asians aren't compatibile with western societies with their dumb face culture, smugness about their "intelligence" and money and innate tendency for collectivism and believing in communism.(racesperging)

No. 1381685

Why can't we laugh at American cringe without attracting mentally ill racists? This always happens, like that one "My dad is a cop and racism is fake" anon from a thread or so back

No. 1381686

because these cringetards are always colored scum that needs to be genocided(race sperg)

No. 1381687

in all fairness it is mostly women/girls who do this.
it's obviously the same scrote that has been trolling here for months, report and don't interact.

No. 1381689

i'm a woman with autism

No. 1381690


No. 1381693

Honestly Americans are so weird with race, why do they attributed race to things that have nothing to do with it? How come they can't dissociate nationality and religion from race?

No. 1381696

File: 1666353966970.jpeg (141.6 KB, 1170x889, 9B23D190-8736-4A45-A6CE-1D4F6F…)

Comments are full of references to the Irish while simultaneously claiming white people don’t have culture

No. 1381698

I think its cause they are going for a "anime girl" aesthetic which is more then enough to be accused of "asian fishing" these days

No. 1381699

I think it's because the straight eyebrows is common in kstyling. White eyeline/eye make up to make the eyes appear bigger is also mostly associated with jfashion.
Also I have heard critique of this type of winged eyeliner that says it's trying to emulate an eye shape that is mostly common for south asian people? Don't quote me on the last part though I haven't heard much about it only some controversities some cosplayers got into a few years ago

No. 1381701

ew at the hentai thumbnail. pickmeism is a mental illness

No. 1381702

i bet asian cunts would harass me for my natural straight eyebrows, given that i'm white because of "muh cultural appropriation". i hate these bitches who moan about weebs yet they are massive weebs themselves and most of them aren't actually korean or japanese, east asian overall or they are highly westernized mutts.(racebait)

No. 1381709

File: 1666356075838.png (533.07 KB, 602x599, Fswv2.png)

>Also I have heard critique of this type of winged eyeliner that says it's trying to emulate an eye shape that is mostly common for south asian people?
how would that even work ? white people and south asian(the non-dravidian one's) have the same eye shape

No. 1381711

when did it become socially acceptable to wear literal pornography in public? i have a very high power level and i still don't wear such gross and tacky stuff

No. 1381715

no one cares about you dont worry

No. 1381729

So cringe. You can tell when she got on TikTok by her thumbnails on her channel.

No. 1381774

The entire concept of asianfishing is idiotic and was invented by crybullies so they can feel righteous while hurling abuse at random people.

No. 1381830

I’ll take my racebait ban but why are so many blacks (especially the darker skinned ones) aggressive? Is it self-hatred? I’m Latina so don’t go claiming I’m a white tranny.

No. 1381832

For some reason this is one of the threads on /ot/ in particular that attract a lot of racebait. I know Paki-chan was one of the ones doing it, the other anons are just weirdos though.

No. 1381837

>"I'm Latina"
>Doesn't know latina isn't a fucking race
Chicano tranny

No. 1381838

sorry i'm esl

No. 1381842

Most people in Latin America have a mixed race background (some whiter, some blacker, along with a combination of indigenous tribes) so “Latino/Latina” isn’t a monolith but some people do consider it a valid race classification. Still it’s silly to group a blond hair blue eyed Argentinian with a dark skinned kinky haired Dominican.

No. 1381843

another reason why womanhood should be defined by biology and not cultural doctrines. Ugly women can't walk in men's spaces and pretend to be them.

No. 1381845

reuse the meme for pointing out the homophobia in both groups

No. 1381847

>some people do consider it a valid race classification
All of them americanized pigs

No. 1381857

Americans judge each other harshly based on race, which is (still) connected to class. I think 50% of all racial discourse is class discourse in disguise

No. 1381863

Blond hair blue eyed Argentinians hate on dark skinned kinky haired Dominicans. Latinos have a very obvious yet "fluid" racial hierarchy. I've seen how they interact with each other (intense colourism).

No. 1381871

I’ve actually known two sisters with the same (Venezuelan) parents. The fair skinned sister was the preferred child while the brown skinned sister was treated somewhat harshly and sexualized. It’s an upsetting reality so when I see Americans treat Latinos as a single race it makes my blood boil.

No. 1381964

I've seen Latinos bullying other latinos for having curly hair, not even kinky hair, CURLY
Fair skinned latinos love bringing nationality while blatantly ignoring race/colorism problems cause they know they are not the same as the other, shits fucked and they benefit from it

No. 1383016

>asianfishing was invented by crybullies
Venus Angelic would like a word

No. 1383035

>The music? Half the time they copy and paste from the Caribbeans.
This has to be some kind of cope or you are woefully misinformed. When exactly were the people who invented, or helped invent, jazz, gospel, rock and roll, funk, rap, and blues fucking around in the Caribbean? And I like how you couldn't even come up with a couple of islands to make this bs sound more realistic.

No. 1383218

File: 1666463969094.jpeg (326.08 KB, 1170x1919, 65C57131-D4FD-4083-8DAD-5183F7…)

What’s the point of these circlejerk question threads on Twitter? She already knows how they’ll answer

No. 1383219

Insecurity takes many forms kek.

No. 1383220

yes thicker women shouldn't ever wear leggins, think of the men!! we should ask the poor men what they want thicker women, hell even fat women to wear, this is the way!!fucking handmaiden

No. 1383230

I bet the anachans here agree lol

No. 1383233

It was years ago I heard that argument and I can't remember what it was. It did sound more reasonable when I heard it then I'm just dumb and have forgotten it. I also meant to type south east asian and not south asian

No. 1383234

When people ask questions like this, I seriously wonder what they will gain. What will she do with that information? If she hears men saying they like leggings and thicker women then surely she already has her answer right? Maybe it's actually directed to fat women in a subtle way, like "do men seriously find this attractive?"
Either way, VS clothing is for women so even if they pander to males I don't think it really matters if men find the woman in that particular ad attractive.

No. 1383242

Moids are also attracted to children and animals. Who the fuck cares about what they like.

No. 1383248

Tbf she's fat for leggings too. And yet she's talking.

No. 1383251

Low IQ stemming from poverty. Blacks are stuck in the cycle of poverty like many others in poor countries (poverty->low education/low IQ->crime).(racebait)

No. 1383282

File: 1666469291615.jpeg (402.63 KB, 828x1218, 65F1A79D-1814-40EF-98A0-87D1AC…)

this retarded fucking video which is supposed to show that women are evil rude bitches for not wanting some random moid touching them as a prank https://twitter.com/beratstuff/status/1582812868088844288?s=21&t=AhPKpjHjT3ZqYYZunHnlSQ
the video shows some moid who thinks he’s funny laying a pillow in strangers’ laps and trying to lay on them

No. 1383291

Hope he gets pepper sprayed and tased.

No. 1383299

File: 1666470192029.jpeg (743.19 KB, 1170x1350, 28CDEA5C-9E27-41B7-92E7-16ABF5…)


No. 1383309

File: 1666471093188.jpeg (353.78 KB, 1242x1535, 5300C3A2-E546-423C-B4F4-621574…)

I don't get it, so if a moid doesn't find a group of women attractive, they shouldn't wear trendy clothes that are also comfy.
God I hate pickmes so much, like girl, your double chins aren't cute either but there you are, posting them on your boring Twitter, most men don't find them attractive, why is she posting pictures that, even if they're filtered to hell and back, makes her look fat?
This gets brought up from time to time, but just because a woman is fat, doesn't mean she has to wear muumuus for the rest of her life or until she loses weight, she just needs the right size and that's it. Just like how anachans or skinnyfat women look like shit if they wear the wrong size.
Also kek at this girl talking about muh white culture.

No. 1383334

Does it fucking matter? I really loathed women who hate other women because they THINK men hate them or like them. Shit the fuck up, who cares? It's like they look down on certain women but think so highly of scrotes and their attention. That it pisses them off and blows their minds that women they don't personally find attractive get that sweet amazing scrote attention. Do people want women who are too fat or too thin to just be treated like shit, not be lived, happy and picked at everyday? Why does it personally offend some women that men find different kinds of women attractive? There's enough scrotes for us all, and not every woman cares or lives for scrote attention

No. 1383336

I feel like a tool for nitpicking that meme but why are the non-white people portrayed as the chad guy too? isn't the point of that stupid format that the rational person is the Chad guy and the other person is a soyjack or whatever.
Not that it matters anyway. The meme is racist so who cares that they used a meme lame format wrong but still

No. 1383340

It depends on the context, but that meme is awful 100%, i hate SJWs.

No. 1383342

>>People say that Chance the rapper wife looks like a Trans aka a man
>> Trans/Woke people get offended and call it trabsphobia
In a way they are saying that she's being misgendered, kek. But aren't Trans woman women? Why is it seen as a insult to the wokes that people are saying, "his wife looks Trans so not surprised he likes trans porn"
Again, Trans women are women in their world. So she just looks like a woman who could be a Trans woman. Saying she looks like a man, Is rude yes, but not transphobia. Comparing her to a Troon shouldn't be seen as transphobia. I'm thinking in woke logic.
The issue is she's a woman and not a trans/man, everyone knows calling a biological woman trans/man is a insult. Even TIMS use those insults. "She looks more Trans then me, I look more like a woman then her. You look Trans as well"
And don't a lot of troons claim we want to look like them? In a way, the twitter user calling this transphobia IS transphobic. They are proving that there's a difference between us. And yes, I know people who do it do so as a insult but the push should be to say,
>>saying his looks like a transwoman isn't a insult or rude. Transwomen are women. So it's just like saying she looks like another woman,try again Transphobes
Maybe in reading too much into it and NO I don't think she looks like a Troon and it's disgusting how much insults his wife is getting.
She's a woman, looking like a woman doesn't make you one. I even seen some people who dislike troons saying it. But they don't know they are basically saying. "She looks Trans so she's just like a trans" which is the reverse of. "I look like a woman so I am one. I act like a woman so I am one etc." It's bullshit.

No. 1383346

Same anon- my point is calling this transphobia is transphobic. They know saying a woman looks trans is a insult and comparing a woman to a Trans is only shit they do to validate transwomwn. In contexts like this they clearly know what a woman is and what a Trans woman is, and and it's offensive to compare a woman to one.
Because they are men and she's a woman.

No. 1383369

File: 1666475875773.jpeg (830.63 KB, 1242x2093, CE4D370D-BAC3-46FB-B7CA-A79A89…)

Wow. This lady just got married and she’s worried about losing her reply guys jesus this is some next level pathetic attention whoring

If you reach this level of addiction to twitter, you might want to throw your phone away

No. 1383378

File: 1666476946300.jpg (94.71 KB, 1080x880, 20221022_171158.jpg)

This woman deleted this tweet but she's beyond vile for "cosplaying" and making fun of a victim of abuse.

No. 1383380


Is this making fun of a specific person?

No. 1383383

Amouranth, the #1 female twitch streamer (invented bath tub meta, etc, she used to stream literally 14hr a day while looking dead inside and being nothing but ASMR tiddy streamer and earning millions) was actually controlled and physically abused by her husband. The outfit the woman is cosplaying is from the stream when she publically livestreamed a call with her husband where he screamed at her and showed the SMS messages where he threatens to burn all of their money for ignoring him for a few minutes, kill her dogs, eat her horse, etc. The entire situation is messed up and weird, can't be fully proven if it's true for now, but considering that the police finally got involved and Amouranth started being open about never wanting to be a tiddy content creator in a first place, it seems a bit likely to be true. No one knows if she will go back to her husband or not yet.

No. 1383384


No. 1383397


No. 1383399

I just looked at this girl's twitter, she looks like a tranny (has collabed with one though) and has such a dead face. She's trying so hard to ride the Belle Delphine wave, it's not even funny just sad, cosplaying as Amber Heard & Queen Liz but barely breaking 100 likes kek. I think she originally started as an ethot to promo some shitty crypto, hope she gets well and gets a real job

No. 1383401

I was about to say that her expression creeped me out. Something’s not right behind those eyes kek.

No. 1383402

the meme is mocking non-white people though why mention sjws? Do people even still use that term?

No. 1383418

I've seen some real retards on her claim that if you're anti-war or don't like racism you're a SJW but it might just be a few underage edgelords

No. 1383445

File: 1666481537257.jpeg (341.22 KB, 1170x1016, C388813E-9773-4E18-A385-352578…)

I do love it when troons eat their own

No. 1383482

Michelle Obama all over again
This is just racism

No. 1383483

The less cringe term is wokies

No. 1383646

I love how he doesn't even say, "keffals isn't racists" it's just
>>Yeah he may or may not be racists, you guys can agrue about that and waste time, instead of focusing on this MORE IMPORTANT THING-
Sending out a fucking tweet about what he wants to talk about isn't going to change shit anyway. Someone could be agruing about Keffals being racists and also donating or some shit. Just say, that Keffals is racists and you don't want people to keep talking about it because you don't care and like Keffals

No. 1383650

I guess they're saying it harms all women because they're calling her a tranny, but this is just regular misogyny.

No. 1383689

We did these guys think it was smart and decent to film themselves sexually harrassing women in public with witnesses? Are they braindead? Misandry is 100% justified, yet again.

No. 1383757

Why the fuck would she sabotage her campaign by posting something like this? Men don't rape and assault women because they don't know better, they do it because they don't give a shit.

No. 1383797

This is just your typical tradthot. This is how they get their daily dopamine rush whenever the scrotes with the vatican flag in the display names flock to her post. What makes it hilarious though is that she herself seems to be on the chunkier side, kek. And well over 30, too. Who's gonna tell her?

No. 1383911

File: 1666538179269.png (228.58 KB, 593x460, firefox_NdYWJ41fy4.png)

Every day I wonder why Breaking Bad caught on with FtMs
>based on your retweets
I don't watch breaking bad or follow troons?

No. 1383915

I’m thinking because Jesse Pinkman is technically a “soft boy” That aidens flock to

No. 1383916

I hate Jesse Pinkman FtM skinwalkers so much. Troons are truly digital parasites who ruin everything you love and make it all about them.

No. 1383945

I have never seen him that way, at the beginning of your show he's your typical scumbag slacker who deals drugs. I think TiFs just like the character because he's well-written but they're too terminally online to just appreciate an interesting character and instead they have to make it their whole skinwalker personality. Same with The Riddler from the new Batman.

No. 1383949

Ngl it feels like
>I would love to emulate this aggressive masculine loser behavior so people can take my identity more seriously
>also he's my pathetic little meow meow

No. 1383952

Or they just have a crush on him. I remember loser guys like that from high school and there were always girls who thought they could change them and how these guys needed to be coddled and pampered. TiFs tend to confuse sexual attraction with wanting to be the guy they're attracted to.

No. 1384297

File: 1666563984490.jpeg (687.19 KB, 1170x1377, 0C117B81-2588-40D0-9473-E7E404…)

No. 1384320

It’s because he’s shown to have a conscience and empathy, also goes through many terrible events and shows emotions so compared to other macho evil males on the show apparently that makes him feminine.

No. 1384352

No. 1384375

i hate the internet

No. 1384630

This is why it'd be important to beat it into people that "correlation does not mean causation". Adult virgins/men having less sex and also not becoming home owner occuring at the same time does not mean that if people fuck them it'll magically somehow fix the economy.

No. 1384632

Even conservatives are not as limited by gender stereotypes as genderspecials are

No. 1384635

I think that's what a lot of ftm skinwalking/headcanons boil down to. Aidens are straight women who find hot/pretty men attractive, that's it. These hcs are created out of pure horniness kek, which is why they rarely make sense. Case in point >>1384297

No. 1384655

File: 1666602973240.jpg (263.21 KB, 1080x1250, IMG_20221024_111442.jpg)

This is like a brainwashing thing

No. 1384692

I think kinnies/skinwalking TIFs can be divided into two, those who are straight and horny for those characters, and those who aren't actually attracted and just see them as role models that they love platonically. Both probably have autism which is why they can't tell whether it's a crush or "gender envy" as they call it.

No. 1384739

File: 1666621648955.png (421.65 KB, 748x654, ace.png)

seeing the encyclopedia dramatica sysop retweet stuff about asexuality is kek

No. 1384755

File: 1666623504374.jpg (325.02 KB, 1080x1077, IMG_20221024_165804.jpg)

Idk why twitter is shilling me trannie content

No. 1384772

i think you can see what interests twitter has assigned to you in your settings somewhere, but it probably lumps anything to do with feminism together with trannies

No. 1384777

They wanna be women so bad but don't wanna take the accountability that comes with womanhood. When you're a woman you are considered responsible for EVERYTHING, even if it's out of your control or you had nothing to do with said thing. They can't even be bothered to admit there's a lot of tranny's that are fucked up in the head but expect us to ignore it and take them seriously? Most tranny's I've met are mentally unstable, like extremely mentally unstable. The most stable examples I could think of were at least ftms who are usually just stoners

No. 1384887

File: 1666631650340.jpeg (123.88 KB, 925x1200, 5140C391-8CF2-4807-BA89-305A73…)

Am I supposed to laugh

No. 1384900

Princess Bubblegum does not smoke weed and she would think troons are retarded and gross.

No. 1384904

whats wrong with the second one, thats how all trannies look

No. 1384906

she ugly

No. 1385028

File: 1666640362287.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.23 KB, 275x275, m-19.jpg)

I have said it before in this thread but pickmeism is a disease.
You have to be fucked in the head to look at this situation and try to cash in on it to get attention from coomers. Also fuck the coomer molds who thinks this is funny or hot

No. 1385218

File: 1666651012584.jpg (90.64 KB, 736x405, grocery.jpg)

His bio:
>Poetic Depravity. “Vintage”. Putting the B and the T in the acronym. Love to knit stuff & punch Nazis. H-word on main so 18+ please. he/they

No. 1385223

People like this need to be sent to a gulag for a month to reset their dopamine resistant lazy consoomer brains. Imagine too much food in the store and walking around for 10 minutes ruining your day. He deserves to live through scarcity.

No. 1385225

>decision fatigue
Not even real. Just write a fucking list, so useless. How do you not know what you need?

No. 1385227

He's fat

No. 1385228

File: 1666651930340.png (58.82 KB, 598x438, Screenshot 2022-10-24 at 22-48…)

I hate grocery delivery discourse so much it's unreal. i was reading this tweet chain from JortsTheCat recently, and it's wild to see to outrage from retards in a parasocial relationship with a cat at the suggestion someone get their own groceries kek. that said grocery stores are kind of overstimulating and it's difficult to not become enraged at that with the people standing around like cows kek

No. 1385261

I don't see the problem with using curbside pickup and delivery if the store offers it and the employees in that role are compensated fairly. The gig delivery apps can be sketchy.

No. 1385298

File: 1666657853444.jpeg (68.23 KB, 828x164, 3EED3A67-B15B-40BE-92CE-88939F…)

So this account and @Drsweety303 have been mentioned on LC a few times but I find it interesting that I repeatedly see them reference hyper-specific topics that are being discussed here within the same day. It’s almost like they really are drawing their inspiration of impersonating and crudely imitating the humiliation of women directly from here for source material at times. Very interesting.

No. 1385363

File: 1666662614987.png (50.35 KB, 575x487, desperate.png)

I wasn't sure whether to put this here or in the spicy straight thread in /snow/

No. 1385391

Admits that queer means weird

No. 1385457

This is hilarious actually. Maybe all trannies have gas leaks in their house and this whole disaster has an easy fix.

No. 1385684

File: 1666686412031.jpeg (209.91 KB, 1225x781, 7C7ACB49-6AE8-4260-8A1F-8ADDEA…)

What is with americans and public indecency

No. 1385685

File: 1666686463844.jpeg (326.43 KB, 1241x1375, 359AF2F9-C597-42AA-AA1C-B0D558…)

No. 1385687

File: 1666686572297.jpeg (81.38 KB, 1242x404, EE75596A-A055-4CB8-94AC-7835B0…)

No. 1385688

>google naomi wu
>she's a fucking electrical engineer
kek, didn't expect that to be honest

No. 1385689

>As an advocate of women in STEM, transhumanism, open source hardware, and body modification, she attempts to challenge gender and tech stereotypes with a flamboyant public persona, using objectification of her appearance to inspire women.
jesus fucking christ i hate her

No. 1385693

I have that same top from a sex shop. She wears outfits from a sex shop and gets bolt ons and cries about sexualization? She's probably going to pull the whole "how dare you try to define what's racist/transphobic/sexist" card next

No. 1385694

>hey, you probably shouldn't flaunt your slutwear at the movie theater, there'll be kids there and that's kinda fucked up, and also no one consented to seeing you nearly naked like that.


No. 1385701

The ultimate pickme nlog

No. 1385714

it gets worse
>In addition to her public work as a maker, Wu says she also works as a professional coder in Ruby on Rails, using a masculine pseudonym to protect her identity and preclude gender discrimination
so much for muh feminist activism

No. 1385722

there's something cursed about coding in how it attracts so many degenerates

No. 1385725

>they sold me a broken chair
>Uh an IDEEA make your own damn chair KAREN

No. 1385738

Weird ass clown country.
Favorite amerilard activities:

>looking absolutely ridiculous and without any class

>recording themselves yelling at each other in public
>eating goyslop burgers in their cars (bait )

No. 1385744

>hey i objectify myself to "inspire" other women in STEM and "callenge gender stereotypes" by dressing like a pornstar in public
>also i use a male pseudonym when coding to avoid misogyny
so progressive!

That field is extremely sexist in general

No. 1385750

File: 1666692782135.png (1 MB, 1105x707, nw.png)

I do agree it's probably racist for some Americans to praise this woman (Chinese), but get mad at that one. They're doing exactly the same thing.

No. 1385752

File: 1666693292886.jpeg (33.67 KB, 448x252, D7D2C995-BEEE-4175-B2E9-C5CEE7…)

I’m ngl, when I was a little girl (I grew up early-mid 2000s) I thought a hoochie outfit = cute outfit. But could you blame me? Look at childrens media characters and how they dress. They almost always have cleavage, form fitting clothes, crop tops, etc. so idk we as women are just taught that this is how we should look, maybe my mom plopped me in front of the TV too much as a kid, instead of letting me play outside or doing cool stuff like going bowling or skating, but also maybe that little girl is horrified.

No. 1385754

Her "breasts" look like tumours. How can moids find this attractive? I love busty/curvy women but that shit is just disgusting.

No. 1385758

Real question, is she not afraid to walk around moids in this outfit? I hope this doesn't come off as victim blamey but men are hypersexual and entitled. I can imagine one of them getting their sexual assault on, following her until she's alone in a dark place, etc. Like, they commit sexual assault on fully covered women, but clothes this revealing are bound to call the attention of a more unhinged moid.

No. 1385766

>"I'm envisioning a world where young men are good in bed."
Might as well write a letter to Santa Claus. Scrotes can go to hell, the best thing poor women can do to improve their standard of living is DON'T FUCK ANY MEN. Poor scrotes will ruin your life and steal all your electronics on the way out.
KF has a conspiracy theory that she's a fake persona, and that some middle aged American techbeard manages all the social media. Which honestly seems more likely than not, since she also claims to be a lesbian while catering so heavily to the dimwit neckbeard male gaze. The whole account is already so staged, fake, stupid, and made for low IQ western audiences, even if she's "real" she's not really real.

No. 1385779

It's not victim blaming to tell women to be cautious around scrotes and their attention, they're 99.99% of criminals. Also outfits like >>1385750 and >>1385684 are incredibly unpractical and uncomfy to begin with, even a pair of rough jeans will protect you better from any incoming scrote danger

No. 1385788

And then they wonder why they attract the most vile scrotes known to man, but that's none of our business.

No. 1385805

Is not wearing lingerie and sex shop attire in public really that much to ask for? I fucking hate how we've lost any middle ground or nuance. Being told to not expose your bare nips and your crotch in public isn't misogynistic, racist, or whatever the fuck. Their obsession with justifying their public indecency to kids is so creepy too. Bring back shame.

>"feminist activist"
>uses male pseudonym because scared to be confronted by moids
>"activism" doesn't go beyond slutting it up in public
I can't believe this isn't satire.

No. 1385832

KF has a thread on her and they're sure her social media persona is run by her american ex-pat redditor bf who she denies exists and it's convincing enough to me. otherwise idk why a chinese woman, even a very dumb one, would seethe about niche american identity politics in english for hours a day

No. 1385846

isn't she a lesbian though ?

No. 1385849

>"dont sexualise me"
>Dresses in kink gear
>nipples out, vajayjay out
I have seen actual porn stars dress with more dignity in their videos. I hope she gets in trouble, public is NOT the place for this

No. 1385901

that's what she claims, very likely untrue

No. 1385953


It’s a lie, she has a boyfriend. search naomi wu +timaz

No. 1385960

File: 1666716120789.jpg (72.46 KB, 306x673, 35084200-8900825-She_got_it_do…)

>I thought a hoochie outfit = cute outfit
Same, my cousin and I were dreaming about growing up and wearing Xtina's outfit from Dirrty and similar stuff, and we didn't really understand how sexualized it was. Just seemed cool. If we could see ourselves in the future we'd be disappointed because we both dress like hobos now kek

No. 1386011

>What is with americans and public indecency
The average American does not wear stuff like this, what are you even saying

No. 1386014

File: 1666720453355.jpeg (207.12 KB, 1050x1400, 1F2A583E-CF02-44E1-B068-615338…)

She looks fucking miserable. Wonder if this is another Amouranth situation

No. 1386023

It always upsets me to see a female predator. Pedophilia is male culture.
As a woman in comp sci I agree. There’s a whole coding language used exclusively by trannies.

No. 1386028

A lot of people from other countries assume what happens on Twitter is a normal day in America instead of realizing its a hive for mentally ill people you would come across every now and then. Crackheads are more common than Twitter tards.

No. 1386038

This is true but it's also weird because I've seen people say we are "prudes" or whatever for not being so open about nudity. I just don't get it.

No. 1386040

File: 1666721655394.png (452.85 KB, 509x646, 1666630083635232.png)

No. 1386057

A lot of people from other countries are idiots too? Very true. So tired of the europoors of the world seeing some stray retard on Twitter being retarded and thinking they represent the average American. No. Most of us still keep our clothes on.

No. 1386061

File: 1666722911792.jpeg (874.02 KB, 1170x1818, 7EACBD0F-E056-4246-AB14-8A83F0…)

Grant me the confidence of a scrote

No. 1386082

He did NOT get bullied enough after the face reveal.

No. 1386112

honestly I respect for not crying and not giving a shit

No. 1386114

God he is so buttfucking ugly

No. 1386117

his face makes me want, nay, NEED to alog
shane dawson's sweaty twink walmart twin

No. 1386118

Shane Dawson lookalike

No. 1386122

that term has lost all meaning, its just being used for any non-obese male these days

No. 1386131

ayrt…how does sock-crusting teen-grooming cheese-dicked joke of a waste of the internet's hardworking series of tubes?

No. 1386147

Her boobs look like they hurt.

No. 1386148

File: 1666726085179.jpg (494.41 KB, 1080x988, Screenshot_20221025-132707_Chr…)

>how does sock-crusting teen-grooming cheese-dicked joke of a waste of the internet's hardworking series of tubes?

No. 1386150

I know the average american doesn’t go outside in ravewear but everytime I see someone going to a normal place in glorified underwear they’re always from the US.

No. 1386164

fashion is so retarded this ugly moid looks like my tv on the fritz

No. 1386166

$1300 and he still looks terrible.

No. 1386174

Europeans are lot more causal about nudity in some situations than Americans are. In some Euro countries, nudity in saunas is expected, nudity on tv is casual not sexualized, nude beaches are common, etc.

No. 1386187

>nudity in saunas is expected
I've never been in a sauna but I've been in plenty of normal, average hammams in Morocco with my family and I have no clue what you're talking about. How the fuck are you gonna use a sauna or hammam if you're not naked? Soon you'll tell me you take showers or baths in a swimsuit.

No. 1386188

with a towel?

No. 1386189

Some people will use a towel to cover themselves but for me that just ruins the whole experience

No. 1386195

So, naked then? Since a towel isn't proper clothes.

No. 1386198

Still not naked

No. 1386203

>Soon you'll tell me you take showers or baths in a swimsuit
We're called never-nudes nonnie. There are dozens of us!

No. 1386204

>tfw 10 year old me wanted to wear low rise jeans and tube tops when I grew up because they were aesthetically pleasing, not knowing a thing about how moids fetishize the female form

we live in a fucking society

No. 1386219

nta but how does that ruin the experience (never been in a sauna)

No. 1386220

Yes it is, you're supposed to be naked and just vaguely hide your genitals with a towel if you want at most.

No. 1386222

and only ever vaguely kek

No. 1386232

But you are naked under your swimsuit nonnie. So you are an always-nude like the rest of us.

No. 1386238

>I should be able to wear what I want without being sexualized
>"sexiest at the theater" caption
>"strap on bimbo" as screenname

uhhm kinda seems like she wants to be sexualized?
As a Wu follower, she is gay and has a girlfriend but has a fake white husband "beard" who she lives with, since you are not really allowed to be gay in China (at least not cohabiting and married and such)
She's real and posts many excellent rants, the image is just an excessively "feminine" appearance akin to how gay males get muscled up for other men. She dresses extremely feminine and her girlfriend is a tomboy so it makes sense when you see them both.
She doesn't do porn or anything and is genuinely just an engineer with an unconventional appearance.

No. 1386243

STEM attracts the worst kinds of men. Sociopathic, entitled, god complexes. Computer sciences attract autists. Mix A with B and the rest is history.

No. 1386247

>and posts many excellent rants
Everything I heard about her so far makes her sound like a giga retard.

No. 1386249

File: 1666735054216.jpg (269.67 KB, 956x1200, E1Ja92JVkAApx6i.jpg)

why would you want your gf to get implants though? Doesn't really seem like a typical femme thing either, usually

No. 1386256

There is literally nothing wrong with their relationship and if you’d actually follow her you’d know she is in complete control over her situation and is very vocal that she just uses her body as a tool for marketing herself so she can make more money. She is safe doing this in China, kids think she’s super cool, and she isn’t sexually harassed or assaulted. She feels safe dressing like this and states she obviously is fine with the attention. Why the fuck are you trying to make this into something dark and seedy.

No. 1386278

Agree with this anon. She posted a video a few months back about why she is how she is. In simple terms she related to why Dolly Parton looks the way she does (I'm sure the look helps her on the marketability side too). She also talks about lesbian culture in China and Thailand, the idea of butch and femme doesn't fully translate but it's similar.

No. 1386281

samefag but Dolly Parton basically claimed as a young girl she saw the town hookers/prostitutes as a child and thought they were the most beautiful thing, all dolled up. Figured I should clarify>>1386278

No. 1386292

it's weird that anons mocked the woman at >>1385684 but there are anons who defended the woman at >>1385750
That Wu woman still got mocked but no one really defended the first woman which is odd because they dress the same

No. 1386295

i think neither of them are valid

No. 1386299

Because both are whores but wu has a large trail of information about her to discuss whereas the other is just a regular whore. Stop trying to bait people into fighting about racism, they're here because they're both gross for dressing like porn actors in public

No. 1386311

File: 1666740123132.jpg (84.65 KB, 453x439, disgust.jpg)

i wouldnt care if she was just another pickme thot but why does she pretend she's a feminist activist, it's so annoying and preachy. Moids only think we are valid when we are a 10/10 and also ''good(for autistic moid standars)'', she's only making it harder for women who dont look like blow up dolls to get respected. The only reason why Sirens(the lol team) failed is because they picked the most conventionally attractive girls instead of good ones, because gross lol moids would never watch a feminine team if it looked like their female counterpart(fat, ugly, autistic etc), and it's always been like that and i hate it and i hate her for catering to gross moids, no woman into STEM that knows how it is to always be discriminated by gross moids would look up to her and her very obvious pandering to moids. When will women into male fields start catering to women, i fucking hate that vtubers are better role models nowadays that normal woman.

No. 1386316

Why are you wk for her so hard. She is doing harm by sexualising herself and promoting this bimbo shit to young girls. Als i do not understand how her gf is attracted to her at all, i like femme girls but her breasts look like two soccer balls that are about to explode any moment. Also just because she has a gf doesnt mean she doesnt pander to moids and the male gaze?

She is such a hypocrite

No. 1386332

File: 1666742381767.png (207.85 KB, 545x674, dyingtwitter.png)

Twitter is dying. Tweeting 3-4 times a week already makes one a super user.

No. 1386334

finally god gives us a break

No. 1386336

File: 1666742739011.gif (429.29 KB, 480x270, ohF6aYeOQ-TZfnqyLAT8lVHgcc4=.g…)

No. 1386337

>gross lol moids would never watch a feminine team if it looked like their female counterpart(fat, ugly, autistic etc), and it's always been like that and i hate it and i hate her for catering to gross moids, no woman into STEM that knows how it is to always be discriminated by gross moids would look up to her and her very obvious pandering to moids
this, at least if she didn't pretend to be a super progressive feminist it would be easy to ignore her "choice" of sexualizing herself in public

No. 1386351

File: 1666744746608.jpeg (436.67 KB, 828x861, D8EA6593-2D98-4CA9-9658-7B6C2C…)

Seeing obese people and deathfats reeing on twitter in response to the criticism on Shein being the only “inclusive” and cheap clothing they can get is funny.
I can’t even say I hate fat people, but I think the entitlement to have trendy clothes at a massive size and being so sensitive when someone criticizes a company is funny because it’s obvious they’re taking it personally

No. 1386365

These are probably the same people saying to boycott Amazon meanwhile they defend slavery conditions overseas where people die in factories to make some 5 dollar dress for large Americans to stretch and rip after 3 wears. I almost never find clothes that fit me and guess what I just don’t buy that many fucking clothes. Plus size people love acting like victims over not having clothing options when there are more than ever because inclusive/vanity sizing and specific stores catering only to them.

No. 1386367

The funny part is that Shein still looks like shit in larger sizes.

No. 1386370

It isn't even limited to twitter, criticism of Shein on almost any site will have a chain of replies or comment section full of this shit

No. 1386380

If you are fat, buying durable clothes is vital. Everytime i see bitches complaining about how shein is all they can afford i want to know where they bought their clothes 5 years ago and i want to see their wardrobe before they can whine and whinge about this kind of shit. Most shein clothing is barely wearable by skinny people, let alone fats. Who the fuck would trust a chinese company to design clothes for fat people aside from retards? Nonetheless, there are plenty of viable options for young overweight women, especially at her size.

No. 1386412

It confuses me how people already forgot how they shopped before Shein and similar online stores. I saw a popular thread on Twitter recommending Shein alternatives that are common brands in every mall like Old Navy.

No. 1386418

literally what is wrong with being mildly criticized, the thread wasn't even about hating on people who shopped at shein, it was just a thread of low cost clothing brands for broke people who don't know any better. if I was a fat fuck AND that stressed I would be terrified i'd die in my sleep that night

No. 1386436

Some of you are so melodramatic I genuinely believe you need to log off. You really think some random tech lesbian that is very vocal about being a lesbian and that what she does is “performance art” at best is somehow aiding the patriarchy? She is one person.

No. 1386482

what makes me the angriest ab shit like this is how libfems are always apologetic of it. i saw a post earlier of a literal white man (bill burr i believe it was) bitching about white women and how they "ruined the 'woke' movement" (?) and DESTROYED POC's possibilities at ending racism FOREVER. All of the libfems in the comment section came rushing in with "NOOOO he LITERALLY right!!!". I see them react like this to literally every single example of a leftist man specifying "white women" so they can say something misogynistic. Theyre so unbelievably gullible and genuinely fucking retarded enough to think those white men hate white women for the same reason they do. Whether u wanna hear it or not, despite what they say, white leftist men only openly hate on white women bc theyre the most socially acceptable group of women to target and they know how gullible leftards are. They seriously think straight, white, leftist men hate white women because of their "systemic role in the upholding of white supremacy".

No. 1386484

ntayrt but calling it "performance art" doesn't make it any better

No. 1386528

Bill Burr is always making the most retarded boomer ass takes about women. And of course scrotes love him. I can’t stand him. Not even just the misogyny stuff. The whole angry ranting misanthrope schtick has been done before and a lot better.
>misogynistic “jokes”
>annoying ass voice
>ginger beard
>Patriots fan
It’s like the Powerpuff girls meme but instead of creating little superhero girls, somebody concocted the exact type of person that would annoy the ever loving hell out of me.

No. 1386552

What’s with this thread and associating everything odd or something you don’t like with “Americans?” I get Americans can be annoying online but they aren’t aliens. Go out more.

No. 1386554

>but everytime I see someone going to a normal place in glorified underwear they’re always from the US.

Annoying attention whores exist practically everywhere anon.

No. 1386558

Bill Burr is a great comic when he isn’t talking about women in anyway.

No. 1386559

>”a man with a penis”

That’s a bit redundant

No. 1386573

I have got to stop visiting the side of twitter infested with grown ass gay men who are obsessed with women it’s one of the most pathetic places online omg. How are you not attracted to women but still elbow deep in their business and constantly commenting on their appearance and lives like anything you say matters? You don’t even like them. It’s the weirdest form of misogyny I’ve ever seen. At least straight men have like… something to gain from it.

No. 1386574

Why are you so fixated on her as if she is the vital core to dismantling the patriarchy, she is one woman who does the bimbo act while vocally being gay and not actively saying anything sexualizing about herself at any point, except occasionally to talk about her girlfriend. It’s so ironic that twitterfags are condemned for their extreme black and white thinking and hyperfixation on identity politics and moral goodness when you’re basically doing the exact same thing to this one random Chinese lesbian. You know there are 1.4 billion people in China right? You sound like a crybaby.

No. 1386582

sorry watching a fugly post-wall manlet get up on a stage and regurgitate the most insufferable moid humor possible doesnt peak all of our interests.

No. 1386585

Um where

No. 1386586

>not actively saying anything sexualizing about herself
Nta and I don't care about how she dresses either (she can wear what she wants) but you don't really need to say anything sexual if how you dress is sexual. Like I said, I don't mind her but I don't get why anons are going so hard to defend that particular woman.

No. 1386591

Because she is doing nothing wrong. It’s just a body. She isn’t making porn, she doesn’t have an onlyfans, she doesn’t make pickme posts catering to males. She has her nipples and vagina covered in public. I do not see the big deal at all. Being puritan is retarded, as you can see in the Middle East covering yourself in entirety isn’t some magic empowering cure-all to an issue that isn’t actually caused by miniskirts and tube tops. She’s being defended because some anons are acting retarded.

No. 1386617

File: 1666765295039.jpg (154.11 KB, 1080x1440, EX7v_9iU4AAEitP.jpg)

>i like femme girls but her breasts look like two soccer balls that are about to explode any moment.
exactly this, I understand the clothes to a degree, I understand butch-femme and I'm into both, but if I had a gf with footballs under her skin idk if I could even safely hug her anymore. I haven't met any lesbian before who is into women with huge fake boobs, it's usually a straight scrote fetish.

No. 1386628

Isn’t Naomi a pretty much a fraud? Her Twitter is Almost certainly run by that Timaz guy

No. 1386644

File: 1666767779228.png (165.48 KB, 510x430, 1656397771714.png)

stop using her being a lesbian to deflect criticism, she's gross for dressing like a prostitute in front of little girls, only gross moids and other pickmes want to see her tacky fashion, no normal person sees a woman with a skirt so short you can see her underwear and goes ''omg icon'', she's obviously doing it for moid attention while giving women in an already mysogynistic field that suffer constant sexual harrassment a terrible reputation. Fuck her, honestly, these pickmes always make it harder for all of us and i am tired of defending them just for being women.

No. 1386655

>Why are you so fixated on her as if she is the vital core to dismantling the patriarchy
Because she literally tries to present herself as a feminist icon and activist who's definitely helping women in STEM by dressing like a pornstar >>1385689 >>1385714
Also she thinks she's the ultimate role model for little girls >>1385750 because it's so based and feminist to teach 6 year old girls that they must become hypersexualized objects that pander to the scrote gaze because a woman's only value in society is her beauty and sex, right?
None of this has to do with her being a lesbian, some lesbians can also be dumb libfems. Maybe she's not aware of what she's doing because she was raised as a boy, which would explain her preference for being hyperfeminine, and gives her a different perspective on sexualization, but she's not helping women by wearing a bikini 24/7 as she claims.

Like several of us have said, we wouldn't care about what she does or how she dresses (I would even think she's cool) if she didn't claim to be a feminist activist teaching girls to objectify themselves.

No. 1386658

Dressing like a porn fantasy sexdoll is absolutely being a pickme attention whore for scrote attention and it's gross because its straight out of scrotes wet porn dreams. If a dude walked around in public with only his dick covered he'd be arrested. Public indecency is not ok.

No. 1386660

The only reason a woman walking around in public barely clothed isn't arrested because gross scrote cops are drooling.

No. 1386662

There are men who cut off their penises (Keffals)

No. 1386674

congratulations for fucking up your health more with lead and other toxic shit in shein garbage, on top of being a fatty
i remember one magazine, nylon, which is pretty high profile shilling shein because they support "hispanic heritage month" and funded some murals. for real
i wish manufacting came back to west, people had better paid jobs and could afford quality clothes that last. fast fashion and acceleration of clothing consumption tied with lower quality started roughly in early 00s and got worse since then.
and this garbage is choking thrift stores, even more with that every rich kid and their mom are into reselling, "vintage" is a meme and people overprice clothes in shit states and you're left with normal fast fashion and shein tier garbage. i gave up on trifting at this point.
>decision fatigue
>grocery shoppin
my fucking sides
there's nothing more entitled than this
it's always delightful when they infight, it gonna cause downfall of trannyism and keffags for sure peaked some people with this bullshit. people who buy into his scam are retards

No. 1386677

Actually no he wouldn’t, if his dick balls and asscrack were covered. Find something else to be so pissed about.

No. 1386681

I'm sorry but they look like they smell.

No. 1386683

File: 1666772889998.jpg (123.24 KB, 759x1350, 27c6e7c0cfec16ef07fc347ecaad1f…)

this, you can be sexy and not be a gross exhibitionist, people shouldnt be forced to look at your bare ass in public. You can still have a bimbo aesthetic without being that tacky.

No. 1386699

Nta but the Bimbo "aesthetic" is by definition tacky and oversexualized. It always looks cheap and hooker-esque because that is the intention behind it.

No. 1386715

Okay but the whole point is that the climate in China is completely different than the western climate. They don’t care. At all. It’s a survellience-oriented country with over a billion people. She herself said if she lived anywhere outside of China she wouldn’t dare do it and wouldn’t feel safe or comfortable doing so. I promise you, no children are being harmed when she walks down the street in her platforms in her 1-ply miniskirt

No. 1386721

you are creepy, a woman walking half naked is gross and creepy here or in Alaska, lmao. Dont women in China get kidnapped almost daily? it only makes it more concerning that she's chinese

No. 1386724

Do you dress like these women do irl or what?

No. 1386727

I think it's just one weird, likely racist libfem defending the Chinese woman, not multiple anons

No. 1386728

I've witnessed it happen here, too. Shein consoomers are crazy. The clothes aren't even nice.

No. 1386729

that or a simp moid

No. 1386730

there is always at least one weirdo on here wking women who engage in "i'm such a sexually liberated #feminist because I have my cooch out in public around kids!" libfem bullshit. this is like lizzo shit all over again.

No. 1386750

You still here? its been hours, this has to be a moid by how personally offended he feels about anons criticizing his favorite sexdoll/bimbo/whatever
>no children are being harmed when she walks down the street in her platforms in her 1-ply miniskirt
You're fucked up

No. 1386766

God I love this kneejerk uR a MoId uR a RaCiSt because I have something called critical thinking skills where I judge things on a case by case basis and don’t condemn all women based off of something so genuinely insignificant. I think you just want to be upset tbh.

No. 1386772

>it’s been hours
How retarded do you have to be to not realize people can close a tab, come back an hour later, and then respond.

No. 1386802

File: 1666785876718.png (351.45 KB, 601x1491, the two kinds of moids.png)

(figured this might suit this thread better)

>guys we have to be nice to non-males!!

>you defend women from male harassment? omg you're such a simp white knight cuck, kill all white women, men get harassed too, only two genders but women don't have it worse than men
I hate males

No. 1386805

Where are they going to
It's also weird that twitter's users' have been declining since the pandemic is it related to Elon?

No. 1386809

Maybe people are just getting tired of Twitter drama, bullshit and retardation because it's simply exhausting. I truly hope that's the case.

No. 1386824

File: 1666787249655.png (28.31 KB, 912x188, twatter.png)

>twitter's users' have been declining since the pandemic
I was gonna say that's great news but then I googled it and apparantly it's (at least partially) because the most active twitter uses just want porn and that's trouble with the ad buyers. Classic.


No. 1386831

>Andrew Tate pfp
>tranny-levels of policing gendered language

No. 1386866

yeah they intentionally imitate woke speech but with the genders reversed thinking they're being so clever

No. 1386870

I really hope Musk bans NSFW off twitter. The OF whore meltdown would be worth it. A while ago someone posted that twitter would ban porn and now it might come true.

No. 1386903

I doubt it since that would probably kill twitter

No. 1386909

Musk is probably a coomer, that’s never going to happen.

No. 1386990

nta but you know there's a middle ground between wearing burkas and how she dresses. but like it's been stated a billion times, it's the fact that she's trying to push it as "feminist" and think she's a role model for kids that's the major problem, she's just as bad as the woman in the original post
>I promise you, no children are being harmed
really missing the point if you think it's about physical harm and not the messages and ideas

No. 1386997

he left a woman his age for bpd millennial pussy. atrocious. no wonder his son trooned out and i feel sorry for his first wife who he forced to have two multiple pregnancies because he couldn't cope with losing a kid

No. 1387031

When has she ever claimed it has to do with feminism?

No. 1387055

No. 1387112

File: 1666803441680.png (258.82 KB, 804x960, 2681A79F-9EDF-4DBA-840C-679DBC…)

No. 1387124

Love a non related bad faith argument. “Katy” should make the clown fish one next.

No. 1387125

Oh, so, that's why they agreed to sell.

No. 1387133

Neither of these things are issues nor does she ever mention feminism. Some of you are truly miserable.
>codes under a male pseud
And? Have you ever navigated tech at all? Boo hoo a woman wants to do her job remotely with no issues or discrimination or the thousands of headaches that come with being a woman in tech that makes her ebil

No. 1387150

you really don't see how
>she attempts to challenge gender and tech stereotypes with a flamboyant public persona,
>using objectification of her appearance to inspire women.
is retarded? how is that inspiring or challenging anyone? it's making things harder for other women if anything

No. 1387166

So show me where her “to inspire women” was ever said by her and not a random blurb. You want to be mad kek

No. 1387168

Someday you will realize the majority of lolcow users do not like women advocating for skimpy clothing, lesbian or not. It's gross, and trying to say making yourself look like a sex doll is inspiring and important to women in any way is extremely backwards and retarded.

No. 1387170

Nonny, please. She uses a male name when coding so scrotes don't harass and bully her (understandable), but then goes outside looking like a prostitute and claiming to be empowering other women in the field by objectifying herself. Do you really not see the contradiction there?

No. 1387173

I'm not that anon and don't have the sources for that specific claim right now, but I can at least provide proof that she's saying retarded shit similar to that: >>1385750

No. 1387181

Given lolcows demographic, I don’t care what a majority of our current users like or don’t like. I’m just not on a hatetrain for a woman that isn’t actually hurting anyone and it’s delusional to say that she is or that she has some sort of tremendous influence or power for bimbofying herself with no sexual pretense.

No. 1387185

NTA but
>no sexual pretense
Do you not know how that look came to be..it's impossible to make it nonsexual. Starting to feel like bait tbh.

No. 1387186

Then why the fuck are you even on this website aside from making yourself look stupid. Take it to Twitter or something, because you are doing nothing but taking up space in the thread.

No. 1387193

You can't be serious. It's been explained to you multiple times, are you purposefully being dense or are you a troll?

No. 1387197

I'm starting to think the latter since she purposely doesn't respond to certain posts.

No. 1387237

I don’t respond because I don’t care and I’m dismissing all of your melodramatic black and white opinions, as is my human right.

No. 1387274

Wtf is this discussion about Naomi Wu? Some white western guy (Timaz) runs her accounts and it’s obvious. She’s just the face of their weird tech shit and uses those awful ballon boobs to get views. I kinda doubt she’s a lesbian because she lies about everything. She had a great thread on Kiwifarms but unfortunately I can’t link it.

No. 1387295

I guess it could be because she's a less known cow? At least in the years I've used lolcow I hadn't seen a thread on her. At face value you assume she's another twitter tard spouting the whole "dressing as a sex doll is empowering" argument. Her thread sounds really interesting though.

No. 1387301

I wonder. Is it actually true, or is it because of bot accounts being created and not used? Didn't that stupid beluga looking asshole Musk say he'd do something about the bot problem on twitter months ago? According to that article I'm a heavy tweeter, good lord…

No. 1387308

File: 1666813892313.jpg (17.74 KB, 545x384, punch.jpg)

>mfw I'm skinny and struggle to find clothes my size AT ALL but fat girls who will have a hart condition in their 30s think Shein is a good company for selling cheap polyester crap made by borderline slaves

No. 1387419

The most shit excuse I've heard. Most companies that are cheap carry up to 5xl now, at least in the US, and we make up to 40% of shein's purchases. I've been low income most of my life and still managed to save a bit of money for clothing. They need to just admit they're either shit at saving, selfish, or over 300 pounds. It makes more sense for women who are smaller to have difficulty finding clothing because the average size for American women is a medium. Smalls are still somewhat baggy unless you buy by measurement.

No. 1387429

You have no ability to understand nuance, a lot of what Naomi posts is veiled with a different meaning/shitposting aimed at someone she interacted with recently. If you take it all literally you're an idiot kek. She can't speak completely literally since she's in mainland China and her accounts are being watched (as all people in China using social media are), but if you understand nuance you would understand what she's actually saying.
And the anon REEEing about "she's not really feminist." is missing the point. She's never said she's feminist, and hates the journalists who have interviewed her/done articles about her since they always fuck up describing her, one even outed her sexuality (and got her vanned) when she wasn't publicly out at the time, she now refuses to do interviews, so this subthread spinning from some journalists's inaccurate description of her checks out.

And the scrote(?) who insists it's all her scrote posting "because kiwifarm says so", she has a youtube channel which shows her working? You really refuse to believe a woman can look feminine and be an engineer at the same time? Or you refuse to believe ESL people exist? Sounds very male of you.

No. 1387434

I'm not American, and I bet I'd be forced to wear oversized shit all the time if I were in the US if it's that bad. It's not just American fat girls clinging to Shein and defending it all the time though. A morbidly obese friend of mine buys shit from Shein from time to time and gets surprised it's bad quality and unwearable after just a few uses. She has way more clothes than me btw. It's frustrating because even her backpacks need to be changed every 6 months or every year because she fucks up the "handles" with her arms but she doesn't want to invest in some very good quality, think leather backpack, she buys slightly less expensive crap every year instead of something that's not even double the price but that will last hear for several years.

No. 1387441

I am not a scrote for pointing out the obvious. From what I can tell the maker community doesn’t even interact with her anymore and she is a CCP shill. Her tweets are clearly written by a native lifelong English speaker and she doesn’t come off as knowledge in her videos, especially if she interacts with anyone else. Honestly, when I first came across her I really wanted to like her but it quickly became obvious that she’s not the person behind the Sexy Cyborg shtick and it’s unlikely it was even her idea. It looks like she still has some defenders but people have been calling her out since like 2017. Sex sells and that’s exactly what she’s being used for: marketing towards a western audience.

No. 1387444

Nah there are definitely people from other countries that cape hard for shein, I just know that a majority are from America and I can only speak for Amerifags since I don't know the fashion industry for most countries. But one day people have to realize you only do yourself a disservice by buying the worst quality clothing because it's cheap and 'in' at the moment. There's no reason to buy this much clothing at all, and you spend more money replacing it over and over than if you dedicated a small portion of what you make every month to buy clothes later. It's almost like being poor means you can't regularly afford luxuries, but God forbid people don't get their $3 croptop they saw an influencer wear.
No point in fighting with the schizoid. Let her be as naive as she wishes.

No. 1387459

Trying to figure out what in that anons post even hints at schizophrenia. I suppose that’s an easy argument to pull out when someone is disagreeing with you though.

No. 1387478

Or it's because there's no point fighting with a woman that's caping for your standard twitter libfem in the twitter thread. Unless you thought I meant the anon I mentioned, in which case I agreed with them but just think its pointless arguing with her at this point.

No. 1387650

>standard twitter libfem
The fact you think Wu is a libfem tells me you don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1387674

File: 1666833517196.jpeg (178.69 KB, 1080x930, C0B317EE-F34D-411F-83C9-5132CC…)

Has anyone ever thought this? Pretty sure everyone knows that her music is just about herself kek

No. 1387681

tbf she made an attempt at being 'woke' with "you need to calm down" but pretty much everyone knew it wasn't sincere including the people she was pandering to

No. 1387686

No one, not even her, tired to paint that song as revolutionary though it was just a try hard gay anthem that hardcore flopped kek

No. 1387700

taylor swift is literally famous for being apolitical, she almost never says shit about politics even when it's very trendy to do so. no one thinks taylor swift is writing about political struggle kek, she's writing about boys. i don't care about taylor but twitterfags can't justify hating anything without making their hatred morally superior and it's stupid. just have fun and be a hater, no one cares.

No. 1387816

File: 1666845117377.jpg (84.17 KB, 680x400, morr ew.jpg)

one of my favorite taylor swift moments is when she doesn't release any new music because it's always boring and bad

No. 1387842

File: 1666847718111.jpeg (28.24 KB, 959x490, 1666778140088763.jpeg)

Triggered fatty then clapped like a seal over her music video getting censored

No. 1387905

WHO considers Taylor motherfucking Swift of all people to be a political revolutionary. She is known for making the most basic shallow mainstream pop music imaginable. This is why i can not stand twitter. Just say you think her music sucks and go.

No. 1387909

I am so tired of people who work in the media basing decisions on tweets. Same for other fields. The active users of twitter are a small amount of people whose views don’t align with the general public.

No. 1388100

Comrade Swift doing gods work and shaming fatties.

No. 1388112

not to seem like a bone-rattler but hard agree. shame body positivity when you're actually not damaging your human form. HAES is a legit cult.

No. 1388180

AYRT and yeah I'm far from an anachan as I'm a bodybuilder, but you're right that HAES is a cult. It's kinda scary to see borderline deathfats tell impressionable young people (mostly women) that it's totally healthy to be obese. Most fat people are bullied hard and looking for community, they shouldn't be met with this delusional shit. They deserve the gods honest truth and help with getting a diet and workout plan together, but if you suggest such things you're a demon to these people.

No. 1388263

This is so funny, they should have left it in

No. 1388427

File: 1666892916366.jpeg (159.96 KB, 1170x558, 54802F4E-1BD5-40DB-A0C8-145D29…)

Oh I’m so jealous of women who are cripplingly dependent on men

No. 1388432

Jealous of what? Being forced to stay with an abuser or risk being homeless and sleeping under a bridge with my kids? Speaking from personal exp, I'd rather kms than be a stay at home wife.

No. 1388434

File: 1666893334551.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x2139, 6B1EB7BC-63B2-47D5-8D39-F5ADBC…)

Tradthot mad when another woman receives male attention

No. 1388435

Stay at home…daughters?

No. 1388438

File: 1666893677709.jpg (126.01 KB, 666x728, 5af.jpg)

stay at home daughters gang rise up
dependent on no man but uncle sam

No. 1388442

File: 1666893843575.jpeg (295.07 KB, 1242x989, AB849897-727D-4233-9EB3-D3CACC…)

samefag but her entire account and is basically just her being an edgelord trying to be a cool girl for the boys
No one has internalized misogyny like the twitter tradthots

No. 1388450

Apple music removed the scene from the music video
It’s funny I didn’t see anyone complaining about the actual scale scene, it’s literally just the people bitching about like one random user who took offense and blowing it up

No. 1388499

>Stay at home…daughters?
she's a NEET living with her parents

No. 1388831

File: 1666915018974.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1170x1791, 5154A42A-C6C9-4BCC-B713-3C2F1E…)

Excuse me making what

No. 1388834

op is referring to a tiktok of a mother who made ice-cream made out of breast milk for her baby

No. 1388836

>children dressed like 18th century peasants
>apples in a plastic bag
if you're gonna larp at least commit to the bit

No. 1388839

Ikr baskets would be the only cute part of the larp…

No. 1388841

Am I the weird one for thinking this doesn't sound crazy? If the baby is in the "introducing new foods" stage it makes perfect sense to me.

No. 1388866

File: 1666916953974.png (2.18 MB, 3324x1776, weird.PNG)

NTA but I think using breast milk in food for a baby is fine, it'd be nutritious for them and it's something they're familiar with if you're already breastfeeding. But including that in the tweet to tradlarp, and fixating on it like this, is definitely weird

No. 1388871

File: 1666917313224.png (967.7 KB, 1177x965, projection.PNG)

Another one, there's more if you look

No. 1388885

These types of accounts start hyperventilating over Tiktok videos made by women with office jobs. Could they really handle a woman with the skills and physical strength required to run a family farm.

No. 1388890

Doubleposting I know he's mostly joking in these tweets, and his entire account seems like it's bot-generated with how surface level the trad shit is. But he also posts opinions about technology and agriculture that are supposed to be taken seriously, so this seems like a fetish he slips into his tradlarp

No. 1388947

File: 1666922664499.jpg (248.54 KB, 1170x607, teDbaiW.jpg)

theyre so mad

No. 1388948

Where are troons going to emigrate now that twitter was bought by musk?

No. 1388955

Seethe more, Eric

No. 1388966

He looks constipated

No. 1388974

Took his wife?

No. 1388977

grimes in gender special

No. 1388986

grimes dating bradley manning

No. 1388991

If these people don't want to be called groomers, using language like "we transed his child" isn't helping

No. 1389131

they were never even married

No. 1389191

No where, they're juat going to bitch and whine. It's no coincidence there have only been a few new social media apps to come out since the late 2000s and the most popular is literally a Chinese spy and propaganda app. Trannys are completely unable to actually build or keep together anything because they're destructive and self-obsesssed and now that they've infiltrated tech to the extent they have it's a stagenent, dead, and useless industry.

No. 1389232

I’m really glad I don’t get the itch to download tiktok, I just watch whatever gets reposted elsewhere. I don’t think it makes you special or anything to not have tiktok but the last thing I need is to doomscroll that wasteland too

No. 1389404

Very late but isn't this common among minorities in west as well
Similar to this guy they want white/upper caste women as reparations for oppression
This thing is almost mainstream on twitter

No. 1389429

I saw the video, it was for a toddler that stopped breastfeeding a few months ago. It's perfectly fine, and good for teething but you know tradtards never saw a baby on their lifes and know shit about how to care for one.

No. 1389444

File: 1666967764463.png (150.75 KB, 748x462, Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 07-38…)


No. 1389458

would say mastodon but it suck ass lol

No. 1389500

File: 1666970003232.jpeg (800.19 KB, 1170x1720, 9F21BFA7-05D3-4B41-A541-A2872A…)

Are genshinfags ok

No. 1389506

they are retarded but genshit is probably the most female gazey game ever, too bad is a shitty chinese gacha spyware

No. 1389511

File: 1666970283520.jpg (56.02 KB, 702x546, 86263472.jpg)

in my time women horny posting was going "kyaaaa" and talking about how "hawt~" men are while spamming gifs from shit movies. I hate this trend of copying moid behaviour when being horny online

No. 1389512

How can men say they are trad and then want to eat the breast milk that's made for their babies, that's not very trad, that's very degenerate actually.

No. 1389515

Do you remember when people would post the "ovaries" explosion gifs? Those were the days

No. 1389516

well your time was retarded, let autistic women on twitter live

No. 1389518

“trad” and “degenerate” are synonyms nonnie

No. 1389524

File: 1666970586188.gif (603.35 KB, 320x240, 1650129485243.gif)

i agree, its super fucking gross how women call men pecs ''milky boobs''. There is nothing i despise more than women refering to men with insults made to shame women's sexuality.

No. 1389531

I have no idea how some women like those bug-eyed freaks. There are only three characters that pass as grown men. They’re better off playing a shitty otome for 5 dollars on steam.

No. 1389561

>"She put it on YouTube that means it must be true! HA HA I'm so much smarter and intellectual."
Literally retarded.
It's not even close to true. All the cheaper physical stores in America cater to fat women. People say foreverkailyn is out of style, but skin tight skinny jeans or stretchy pants, and tent tops are still the majority of things I see in stores.

No. 1389743

Why do you keep posting these images in the twitter hate thread? If that's an account dedicated to posting pixelated animals, why does this bring so much ire to you?

No. 1389982

File: 1666986907477.jpg (778.61 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-10-28-21-51-53…)

What the hell did I just read? I hate American twitter users.

No. 1389994

No she wouldn’t

No. 1390062

Stay at home daughter essentially refers to women who live in their father’s homes until they get married. They’re typically very conservative and religious.

No. 1390740

everyone on my TL is screaming about how they're quitting twitter bc elon is allowing racism and unbanning trump. is there any truth to this or is it just twitter retardation? they realize they can just block racist users, right?

does elon allow terfery? kek

No. 1390741


supposedly the bayonetta VA is a terf but i haven't seen a single receipt for this

No. 1390746

File: 1667046875822.png (45.06 KB, 900x283, Screenshot 2022-10-29 143115.p…)

someone filmed two people that were having sex in public infront of people.
And atleast 50% of th replies were bothered by the fact that this person filmed and not that those people were having sex in a restaurant.


No. 1390750

File: 1667047127390.png (96.91 KB, 688x850, Screenshot 2022-10-29 143811.p…)

apparently you are a prude with a stick up your butt if youre not having sex in public.

No. 1390752

if elon musk succeeds at lowering carbon emissions and impeding the gender specials iron grip over all twitter discourse, i'll forgive him for being cringe

No. 1390762

I saw a similar reaction to this guy catching cottagers (gay men fucking in public). All the comments telling him to mind his own business or imply he's jealous too. They must all read from the same script

No. 1390767

Most of the comments are defending OP and shaming anyone that is defending a couple fucking in public

No. 1390812

Gay males keep giving me reasons to be homophobic against them lmfao

No. 1390885

It's funny how men are constantly taking creepshot of women doing non sexual things and no one seems to care about it. Yet when someone has sex in public gets filmed everyone has a meltdown and start talking about privacy. I don't know if I think filming them was the right thing to do but the double standards are obvious.
Anyway when I first read this I thought it was two people having sex in a private alleyway or at least somewhere hidden but nope, they are legit having sex in public

No. 1390888

it's definitely gross but it's a whole thing to stay, watch, and film the thing kek

No. 1390895

yeah, it would be different if they were somewhere hidden but they were in a restaurant on the street and clearly wanted to be seen, so i don't care about them being filmed and humiliated whatsoever. it's probably what they wanted to begin with. involving non-consenting strangers is part of the fetish for these people. it's fucking gross.

No. 1390908

File: 1667057976236.webm (6.67 MB, 540x960, j0gMsIf_V1w2pvMk.webm)

the video.

Yeah its gross, they were literally doing it outside while people were walking. There is no excuse.

No. 1390919

no it's not, are you serious?

No. 1390923

I'm not a burger, isn't this shit illegal there?

No. 1390925

Kek we'd always pass by this place during our bae crawls. Absolutely not surprised at all

No. 1390926

No actually, in America it's perfectly legal to have sex in public there's no decency laws here. use your fucking brain

No. 1390946

you guys allow trannies, its not so far-fetched

No. 1390974

File: 1667061012699.jpeg (195.44 KB, 1170x652, 69C8AD25-2174-440F-9466-D8FC59…)

No, she’s just a run-of-the-mill conservative.

No. 1390977

If it was filmed and then uploaded to pornhub instead, there'd definitely be moids who watch it and think it's fine.

No. 1390984

The US seems so fucking disgusting I swear every person from there I talked to said this shit was happening regularly and that even some of the anime cons were stealthy orgies.

No. 1390999

I would've started autistically screeching like a bird to get them to stop kek

No. 1391017

That would just make the video so much more bizarre

No. 1391073

File: 1667067775907.jpg (65.15 KB, 591x1280, Image.jpg)

It's kind of odd to me now I've seen more people dropping the n word or complaining about Jews. Anyone find it telling that it's mostly white Trans women who are whining the hardest about this?? Like transphobia is a bigger crime online then anything else it seems. Can't even misgender fucking murderers (like that dude who killed people qnd fed them to pigs, but people will scream at you if you call him a he). Also I thought muta quit twitter?

No. 1391074

I'm talking about the Elon thing btw

No. 1391077

As much I hate musk, I love seeing wokeoids seethe over this

No. 1391089

Why'd he have to be like "oh darn me too I hope it's not more transphobic now " stfu Muta

No. 1391091

>It's kind of odd to me now I've seen more people dropping the n word or complaining about Jews
That's the audience Elon has right now since he's reversing suspensions and "bringing back free speech" or whatever.

No. 1391103

It's not a lie, but it's more prevalent with science fiction and furry cons. DragonCon in particular always had a fetish sex element. When young anime fans started dragging their anime cosplay to that, some of them did not have a good time, because the middle aged fetish scrotes assumed it was an advertisement for role play sex.

No. 1391140

i wonder if he will bring back his boyfriend Kanye west, account back.

No. 1391174

bet you 10 bucks that user is a faggot moid

No. 1391195

File: 1667074382740.jpg (101.8 KB, 1002x400, eYY3nzJJHSQk.jpg)

Muslim Andrew Tate fanboys are just something, also imagine looking a beardless eunnch and thinking Arabs(whom he worships) would ever respect him and consider him a person

No. 1391211

Is this even him though? The account username is @dreamewastaken and not @dreamwastaken

No. 1391223

And you know this how

No. 1391243

Look at the screenshot??

No. 1391265

Are you saying that women DON’T constantly tweet about pussies and cunts and vaginas??? Omg that’s so crazyyyyy

No. 1391285

I don't have a screenshot for this but a tranny long ago asked her on twitter to recorded herself saying "trans rights are human rights" in-character and she dodged him, saying something vague and weird about how she respects everyone and she doesn't want to take sides or whatever. Bayo is a giga stacy and more of a normie, the character would never say anything positive about trannies because girls like that irl endlessly make fun of them.

No. 1391295

Gay males are practically begging people to become homophobic, it's funny.

No. 1391307

Genuinely. Sociopathic and annoying in every way.

No. 1391831

File: 1667125107246.jpg (61.3 KB, 550x680, FfSprYiVEAAA_z3.jpg)

No. 1391912

For every flaw Islam has, it's surprisingly goid at keeping the number of faggots at its lowest. They get stoned to death as they should be. Wish that could happen to western gay moids. The gene pool doesn't need these degenerates.

No. 1391937

You know gays are removing themselves from the gene pool by being gay, right?

No. 1391943

They’ve been sperging out all morning about how much they hate blacks and gays

No. 1391955

That's not even true, a lot of gay men marry women, have bio kids and then cheat on their wives or gfs with men and waste everyone's time and energy on them. Don't even get me started with gays who pay for surrogate mothers.

No. 1392001

Except it is retard.
Don't praise that pedo religion. It's easy to not have a lot of gays if you're allowed to stone anything that offends you.

No. 1392021

You're getting obvious

No. 1392026

Stop replying to obvious bait oh my god

No. 1392056

kek, wtf? why didn't she just ignore the question lmao

No. 1392174

File: 1667144727258.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1170x1870, D16B4DB5-7EB3-4D17-9AB3-930F94…)

I was searching Evan peters on twitter, I had these kind of tweets about him since Dahmer came out especially.

However I saw this reply and I can’t stop laughing. Danofags MUST be trolling and can’t seriously think he is attractive. I laughed audibly when I scrolled and found this

No. 1392219

File: 1667146196772.jpeg (981.81 KB, 1170x1594, A8A2338A-3CA6-43FD-828F-9D3B64…)

I don’t know where to begin

No. 1392231

I hate musk so much but can't deny that I'm with him on this

No. 1392234

Please don't ban me for racebait but white burgers are genuinely obsessed with being as opressed as african americans and white trannies are the biggest proof.

No. 1392235

Be funny if on april fools trans, transwoman, transman, MTF, FTM, transexul, tranny, transbian, transhomosexual all were banned words from posts and anyone attempting to use them had a message: error invalid.

No. 1392239

Nah they're just pissed off at the far left labeling all white people as racist (which is a racist assumption itself lmao)

No. 1392246

No, men get boners from LARPing female oppression. It has nothing to do with race.

No. 1392247

why do trannies act like their people have been genocided or something? as if they've been mass targeted and sent to the gas chambers along with the jews???
it's insane. the only people killing trannies are themselves from committing suicide.

No. 1392251

White men have always had everything handed to them, but as soon as women stopped wanted to have sex with them they turned into larping as women for the sake of crying oppression

No. 1392254

Not everyone that hates you is a far right mega racist, tranny

No. 1392262

try not to bring up race in a completely irrelevant conversation challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

No. 1392268

and yet msm validates these male delusions that they can become legitimate women. so in the end, white men continue to get shit handed to them and oppress women.

No. 1392269

im pretty sure elon takes kanyes dick every night and they have passionate sex.

No. 1392274

File: 1667148494934.jpeg (294.99 KB, 1170x928, 7F1E9D6C-63AB-48DA-8063-8FF21E…)

And then the whole bus clapped

No. 1392283

kanye likes it in his asshole yes kanye likes it in his asshole fingers in the booty ass bitch he did the fingers in the booty ass bitch

No. 1392290

fingers in his ass fingers in his ass kanye west he likes fingers in his ass

No. 1392296

No. 1392297

File: 1667149842179.jpg (420.21 KB, 720x905, 20221030_120953.jpg)

Is she even muslim?

No. 1392298

I think fakebois like him because he basically looks like a fakeboi

No. 1392301

dont start.

No. 1392304

>playing cod, a game with a misogynist fanbase
>defending trannies
of course

No. 1392306

her father really is Palestinian, albeit quite light, not sure if also Muslim

No. 1392314

NTA but the comic literally places them as black people saying they want civil rights, and people who don't support trannies as klan members. Are you guys not paying attention? Anon is right about white trannies equating themselves to black people, I see it all the time. I see American leftists in general do it and think it's "woke" or something, it's just very bizarre

No. 1392316

This but also I think anyone who browses social media or even just the MTF thread has seen trannies use black people (especially women) as shields against TERF arguments

No. 1392317

Is that Bella Hadid or?

No. 1392461

>uwu peace and love all humans and pets are angels all religion is great closes eyes and meditates mmmmh moans and poses sexily i'm so grateful for Life… (insert arabic text quote) My Ancestors…

>visits france oui oui mademoiselle le oops i have stayed le here for'eh 1 week and seem to have'eh adopted a francois accent'e

>goes shopping on rodeo drive slayyy like forreal though fucking protect black trans women and also yes queen and work

No. 1392583

no lmfao and what she's wearing in this pic isn't even islamic wear, it's some sort of traditional arab dress. she's pretty much a larping white girl.

No. 1392668

File: 1667171183120.jpeg (254.7 KB, 828x798, 69F222CE-9F65-409C-AE9E-45F981…)

She is half arab

No. 1392693

Her name is hadid. Take your psychosis to /snow/

No. 1392708

She is also white, so anon isnt wrong.

No. 1392725

No fucking way, she's younger than me? Plastic surgery truly ruined her because I would have never guessed.

No. 1392730

Palestinians are caucasian aka "white"

No. 1392732

She’s been /ourgirl/ on Arab social media for the past year or two since she has outwardly shown support for Palestine, she’s half Palestinian.
I just found out she has a brother with an extremely Arabic name (Anwar) why did her parents give her a very non-Arab sounding name?

No. 1392736

why are you trying to apply your american identity politics to non american countries? what even is white? unlike twitter, you can't just divide the real world between "poc" and white people, because that's extremely reductive and ignores the many cases where people of the same nationality have a completely different ethnic background from one another.

No. 1392737

They probably thought giving her a name that ends with -a was good enough, I know north african parents who do this to name their daughters.

No. 1392742

File: 1667175978870.webm (2.68 MB, 576x1024, cc590181917df991af2adcbea4abfb…)


>visits france oui oui mademoiselle le oops i have stayed le here for'eh 1 week and seem to have'eh adopted a francois accent'e

Kek it just reminds me to this.

No. 1392744

I'm not American
>you can't just divide the real world between "poc" and white people
Exactly, that's why I put white in quotation marks, because the "larping white girl" post was stupid.

No. 1392748

She is so cringey but endearing, i love her.

No. 1392758

i don't think she's doing it on purpose, a lot of people naturally absorb the accent of the people around them, that's just how language evolves.

No. 1392783

Bella Hadid is nice and harms no one I don’t see the need to sperg about her or her race. She’s just this gens Lindsey Wixon. Love that for her.

No. 1392823

File: 1667182149109.png (222.38 KB, 399x388, 4oOPbDdwNCFG_sU3tLH9ZeqPMhrPpv…)

That video of the old bitch harassing a lady in a bathroom and saying that she's a little boy is so god damn lucky she pulled that shit on a trans ally and not on someone like me, if that old cunt had accused me of being a tranny like that, I would have beat the fucking shit out of her, I would have smiled in the mugshot. That rancid old shitbag got off so fucking lucky, I hope she keeps pulling that shit and gets a hold of a terf next time, I cannot tell you how mercilessly I would have savaged that bitch's osteoporosis-riddled ass. She deserves to get btfo, "gender non-conforming women are TRANNIES" "butch lesbians TRANNIES" god damn I would have gone to jail that night.

No. 1392824

i saw the same video anon, but i saw it on tiktok since it was originally posted there. Also you mention being a terf but who is to say that woman was not a terf either considering she harassed that woman since she thought she was trans.

No. 1392826

File: 1667182601756.jpg (40.22 KB, 400x400, E7GOTezU_400x400.jpg)

Literally doesn't matter if she is or isn't, she clocked pic related as a tranny somehow, so I hope the next girl she goes after is enough of a terf to stomp the shit out of her

No. 1392827

Pedo schizo tranny alert.

No. 1392828

You write like a particularly violent man.

No. 1392831

I literally saw that video and she was harassing her in the bathroom because she thought she was trans. ive been here for 5 years. Slight different opinion means tranny??? Fuck off retard.

No. 1392834

Maybe I just hate trannies more than you do

No. 1392835

She's taking notes from Alec Baldwins wife

No. 1392836

I have never seen a moid use the word "osteoporosis" before, and I would be furious too

No. 1392842

…youre not making any sense. If that old woman was harassing her because she thought she was trans then that would make the woman the opposite of TRA, she probably hates troons too.
This is the problem with some Gc communities i mean just look at the recent posts in the tif thread shitting on women who are gender non-conforming and calling them troons.

Also why do you keep using terf, use radfem or GC.

No. 1392848

Why the rage? I'd say no ma'am, I'm a natural born woman, but I hate trannies too.

No. 1392849

How are you not getting that I'm saying that if I, as an actual woman and as a hater of troons, were harassed under the pretense of being suspected as a troon myself, in public in front of an audience, I would be fucking furious
I am saying I do not care if the harasser in question also hates troons, if she mistook me, an obvious girl like the one in the picture, for a disgusting troon, I would be fucking irate
I'm not seeing what's so hard to understand about that
You wouldn't be outraged that someone tried to have you kicked out of an establishment calling you a disgusting fucking transvestite?

No. 1392851

What video?

No. 1392854

The rotten old woman in the video says she gets kicked out of the men's room all the time, so she's either a tif or has something else wrong with her anyway

No. 1392859

No. 1392868

okay yeah she deserved to be smacked for that

No. 1392869

Idgi that person who got harassed is obviously a woman. That old lady seems retarded

No. 1392871

>I have gotten called out several times for being in the mens room
The fuck? So only you're allowed to be a tranny? Also the girl is so obviously female

No. 1392877

why not just say i'm a woman? is she a twitterfag?

No. 1392880

>I have never seen a moid use the word "osteoporosis" before
well today's your lucky day

No. 1392882

Everyone under twenty thinks they have to defend trannies or be smited by god

No. 1392887

this shit is so goofy like the woman very clearly looks like a woman in the follow up video. old bitch needs to get some fucking glasses cause what the fuck? id be crying cause id be so offended that someone thought i was a MAN like you old hag we are on the same side here

No. 1392918

>I have gotten called out several times for being in the men's room
What did she mean by this?

No. 1392928

>a lot of people naturally absorb the accent of the people around them, that's just how language evolves.
Yeah if you're a fake hoe. Kek I'd get it if you lived there for 10+ years but like a few weeks? Come on. And it's always only pretty accents like French or Spanish. People don't start faking an accent if they visited Nigeria or some shit.

No. 1392938

File: 1667189012215.png (442.55 KB, 512x512, 1666982270346.png)

told some sexist muslim guy to kill himself and my account has been locked for almost a week. lame

(this happened a few days ago, I can't even bookmark my favourite stuff. read-only nonsense)

No. 1392944

I'm homophobic against them, but this is too much kek. Plus, all religions suck imo.

No. 1392948

this has to be a tranny or male troll thats MtF thread famous tranny Colon, and not the girl in the video, also agree with the anon who said you type like a violent male.

No. 1392949

ok buddy retard

No. 1392952

black muslims are exceptionally subservient, they will never say anything bad about arab slavery

No. 1392953

did you watch either of the videos? She's extremely obviously a girl

No. 1392955

that anon is almost certainly male. on Twitter trannies have been trying to push this angle of “transphobia hurts all women!!!” or some shit lately and this is probably part of that.

No. 1392957

I am literally saying if someone tried to get me kicked out of an establishment for being a troon, I would freak the fuck out on them. I do not know how I can possibly make it any clearer that I fucking hate troons, holy shit

No. 1392958

This is a photograph of the tranny Katy Montgomerie. He thinks he’s entitled to women’s restrooms because men are dangerous.

No. 1392959

okay that's an extremely unfortunate mistake, but the girl in the videos is absolutely an actual woman

No. 1392960

i dont think that retard even watched that video considering they think this person is the woman >>1392826 , when the woman in the video is a different person.

No. 1392961

You sounds deeply unhinged and insecure. I hate trannies like any sane person but you seem batshit. “Freaking the fuck out” on someone for either mistakenly thinking you’re a man or just being retarded would do nothing except ensure you got kicked out. Please learn impulse control before going out in public. I’m nearly 6 feet tall and HAVE been accused of being a tranny and still think you’re off.

No. 1392962

Jesus Christ I get it, I will never use hyperbole on lolcow again

No. 1392982

Nta, but are women not allowed to be angry anymore? Every two seconds I have to see anons calling others scrotes like >>1392828 and I understand why everyone is on high alert a lot but I just keep seeing it so much more.

No. 1392998

nta no you're not allowed to be angry at this. Gnc women in rad (adjacent) spaces fall over themselves to volunteer being thrown out by tradtards, so the expectation is that you agree to allow it to happen and celebrate it, because they're trying to stop the troon menace! I DON'T agree with being violent in that scenario, but it's retarded that the expectation is that you should see a demented tradtard as your based terf ally and be 100% okay with being mistaken for a troon.

No. 1393001

I’m that anon. Of course women are allowed to be angry and I agree that calling other anons men is done entirely too much. Obviously I can’t prove it but this is the only time I’ve ever done it in the many years I’ve been here. That post wasn’t just anger but straight up rage combined with insults women don’t usually use against each other like “old cunt” and threats of violence. It really didn’t strike me as hyperbole.

No. 1393046

This is very clearly bait how the fuck can you all not tell?

No. 1393108

>Gnc women in rad (adjacent) spaces fall over themselves to volunteer being thrown out by tradtards, so the expectation is that you agree to allow it to happen and celebrate it, because they're trying to stop the troon menace!
Some mormon retard on Ovarit came right out and said this to me once, GNC women are an insignificant minority so if we happen to be kicked out of bathrooms it's for the greater good and I need to stop 'making it about me'. Anon's vent was OTT but I don't think she's a moid I think she's just hit her breaking point with rightwing 'feminists' and is going apeshit.

No. 1393154

>People don't start faking an accent if they visited Nigeria or some shit.
or Germany lol

No. 1393156

It's pointless, I committed the worst crime a woman can commit, expressing anger in a non-traditionally feminine way, so I must be a covert moid trying to pull reverse-reverse psychology on everyone
Remember, if you're gnc, it's all your fault for getting called a moid! Only men are allowed to use dramatic language, you must be hysterical! And if you were born too tall, just be fine with it when someone irl calls you a moid!
Women are supposed to be wuvwies uguu~
Fuck you, stupid fucking assholes, give me my ban idec.

No. 1393159

NTA but she's right. Even when you visit a different part of your country you can absorb their accent though it'll fade away a few days after returning home

No. 1393365

autists do this whether they want to or not. maybe it's why we run the world.

No. 1393396

File: 1667238346240.jpeg (391.22 KB, 1170x1361, 5B75AB5D-DEED-4CC2-BD0B-677558…)


No. 1393399

where even is the joke? i legit can't tell what the point of the image is. also, doesn't miku use あたし instead

No. 1393404

chameleon kek

No. 1393416

File: 1667239924361.png (356.21 KB, 920x730, 1541520515516.png)


No. 1393443

File: 1667241842492.jpeg (457.08 KB, 828x1027, 7BB112BB-A07A-49FF-908B-58722E…)

No. 1393447

Some anons in /g/ be like

No. 1393448

i cant believe people really post this kind of shit openly on social media. gross af

No. 1393450

The Nazis were inhumane and killed so many people. Least not forget they killed a lot of lesbians because they didnt suit their regime and did actual human experiments on children. The twins experiments are horrific to read about.

No. 1393452


No. 1393455

that's like a third of the posts in the fetishes thread lol. i'll never forget that anon who was turned on by the literal holocaust itself

No. 1393458

>i'll never forget that anon who was turned on by the literal holocaust itself
This is why I stopped watching porn. I never want to turn into this much of a coomer.

No. 1393466

and they generally killed women who didn't want to get married, didn't want children, weren't feminine enough etc. The category of asozial was full of a lot of people.

No. 1393477

Why do trannies have to make everything about themselves

No. 1393482

Petition to rename the fetish thread to the schizo containment thread

No. 1393495

File: 1667245070422.png (608.19 KB, 1100x908, NLRBGeneralCouncil.png)

I think this sort of thing should be illegal. The NLRB General Council doesn't need a twitter and paying someone to write these posts for government accounts is a waste of tax dollars sorry.

No. 1393503

it's probably just an ironically enough barely paid or unpaid intern posting on most government accounts

No. 1393520

lmao that would be ironic. then it should be doubly illegal just please make it stop

No. 1393766

File: 1667261954164.jpg (48.97 KB, 722x208, burger.jpg)

No. 1393779

Do you disagree? I'm sick of people giving a pass to Russians. Say a generalisation about Brits or Americans and no-one bats an eyelid, but do the same with Russians and all hell breaks loose. The average Russian is a psychopath who supports Putin and Russian ultranationalism, just as much as the average Japanese support Japanese fascism during WW2. Russians will deny the atrocities committed by the USSR (just as the Japanese deny their own war crimes today) but god forbid you point this out. The whole country of Russia deserves to be completely demoralised.

No. 1393798

I am so tired of people like you.

No. 1393807

Only people who know nothing about music or the arts in general have takes this brain dead. None of those things are “aristocratic” they’re really perfectly accessible to anyone with an attention span. Anti-intellectualism is disgusting.

No. 1393850

por que no los dos? it does take sophistication to do those things well and it can also mean that you see your peak as being in the distant past and are not as interested in innovating as you once were. there's nothing contradictory about those traits.

being very modern can mean that you're creative and forward thinking but ALSO impressionable and unprincipled. these are very common groupings of traits for cultures to have and it's silly when people think it's an epic roast to notice them.

No. 1394032

File: 1667277289463.jpg (91.99 KB, 800x600, Bundesarchiv_Bild_183-E10868,_…)

it was mostly romani people and homeless though
kinda sorta, not defending the nazis here but that's false statement, the nazis were fixated on the proliferation of physically and genetically fit aryan families and culling of everybody else, so they extensively promoted the idea of female fitness and playing sports, this would come as a state doctrine for their Bund Deutscher Mädel(League of German Girls)

No. 1394040

So I think the joke is that because USB ports are being removed, it would be one removing Miku's "penis" if she had one.
Also, weeb lesson time, my worthleß Japanese degree will come in handy weeeeee. Theres no set way for Miku to say "I/me". You could use あたし/わたし, tho 'watashi' is much more common, and more neural. 'atashi' sounds super feminine, like how 'boku' sounds masculine and 'ore' sounds REALLY masculine and assholeish.

No. 1394060

File: 1667279688353.jpg (146.48 KB, 720x738, 1667276601282531.jpg)

Do people like this never wonder how the food they consume gets produced?

No. 1394116

Oh god it’s like those people who think public transport is some genius idea that can be implemented nationwide. Yep because having no travel freedom or privacy is a great alternative to a personal vehicle. Not to mention all the crazy people and violent criminals that take advantage of transport to harass or assault people, usually women.

No. 1394211

I live in a city with public transport and the reason why it works is because it's a dense area. Having a car there isn't convenient especially during rush hour, unless you leave the main parts of the city. I don't know how that works in the US because I'm guessing that guy is American but from what I understand big cities aren't very dense specifically to promote the use of cars, which is beyond retarded so I can see his point but maintaining a public transport network in rural areas is hell. People who rely on the bus in small towns and villages in my country have one bus every hour and it's never on time, and there aren't enough potential users for companies to pay for more buses. This guy is naive as fuck and needs to understand that supermarkets don't shit out food out of nowhere, they buy that shit from suppliers, who buy that shit themselves from farms. His idea would only work if all the food of the US was imported from other countries which would be just as polluting as the use of cars if not more.

No. 1394232

File: 1667287892946.jpg (260.98 KB, 1080x964, IMG_20221101_082649.jpg)

Is twiiter so filled to the brim with TRAs or does it choose to promote this content?

I'm a young woman in Europe, with my interests on twitter mainly being art, music and video games. Yet I KEEP getting trans tweets suggested under the guise of
>haha look at this popular meme about transwomen
>are you into breaking bad? Look at these trans jesse comics!
>oh, you're female, you must be into celebs, look at this bitch being a terf!

No. 1394247

The public transit service where I lived just keeps getting shittier. They changed routes and stopped service to places, there was an infamous incident of two people getting stabbed to death trying to stand up for someone getting harassed. Now post covid there’s barely any security and homeless/crazies can hold shit up for hours. You have to always be on guard and that’s really not worth the minuscule amount of emissions saved and time wasted. Idk why these people even think of ideas that would only work in some brand new perfect society.

No. 1394254

I feel this is the biggest issue that people ignore about walkable cities, they would work great in societies that have lower levels of crime and homelessness

No. 1394260

The problem with private vehicles is that they take up space, a lot lot lot of it. For every car you need multiple parking spots creating oceans of concrete, making cities unwalkable and unlivable and people stuck to their cars. Public transportation in cities is a good thing when governments implement and regulate it so it's functional, useful and safe. Everyone who lives in the city benefits from solid public transportation infrastructure whether you're on it or choose travel by car anyway.

No. 1394270

I’ve used public transportation in a few different major American cities and it just absolutely sucks how slow and unreliable it is compared to a car, not even mentioning the crazy/smelly people who always seem to want to sit on top of me. Unless you’re going to Midtown Manhattan or want to escape shitty 405 rush hour traffic in LA, a car is almost always much faster. I know cars aren’t great for us either, I would like public transportation to be more widespread, but it just blows spending hours taking different trains or buses for what could’ve been a 20 min car ride.

No. 1394271

>lower levels of crime and homelessness
the Netherlands doesn't actually have super low levels of homelessness, you just don't see homeless people begging and loitering on the streets, because it's illegal. They put up their tents outside of the city boundaries or in the forest. The majority of homeless people aren't reflected in the statistics, because they only include addicts and because the majority of homeless people are invisible from the average person. Which causes people to say retarded shit like there's no homelessness problem and if there is, they're all just filthy addicts. Same thing with lower crime, it's easy to say there's less crime when the police doesn't give a shit and is too busy with doing paperwork, so they discourage people from reporting, which then reflects in the statistics as less crime. Also they have been closing prisons at a rapid rate, psychiatric hospitals are losing space, so even if the reports would go through, you can't even keep the criminals off the streets. It's the same retarded reasoning which led them to scale down ICU capacity after the pandemic, even though the extra beds were pretty welcome at most hospitals iirc and always useful. No, they actually want to close even more hospitals, thus violating the law requiring ambulances to be able to reach everywhere in at least 45 minutes. Just no foresight and everything is planned like a 'just-in-time' 'just-enough' company. Lean management and it's consequences have been a disaster for the Dutch (race). Nothing works actually, but everything is still walkable af and it's so good that it kinda makes up for the rest.

No. 1394274

>Gnc women in rad (adjacent) spaces fall over themselves to volunteer being thrown out by tradtards
You haven't seen all the apologetic butches on Ovarit apologizing profusely for making all the "gendercrit" conservatards uncomfortable in their bathrooms?

>Some mormon retard on Ovarit came right out and said this to me once, GNC women are an insignificant minority so if we happen to be kicked out of bathrooms it's for the greater good and I need to stop 'making it about me'.
And just as proven, this is exactly why I stayed out of those communities. In all honesty if I had to pick between some idiot tranny sympathizer asking me for my preferred pronouns because I don't look like a girly girl and some christian soccer mom telling me I'm a degenerate troon adjacent to be sacrificed for her bathroom safety I would pick the former.

No. 1394276

>You haven't seen all the apologetic butches on Ovarit apologizing profusely for making all the "gendercrit" conservatards uncomfortable in their bathrooms?
exactly what I was referring to! Don't like Ovarit because of that shit, among other problems I have with it. You see the same thing on gc twitter and basically anything online. Even irl it still happens with some orgs. I was going back and forth between being sarcastic and genuine in that post.

No. 1394281

Well yeah, me too, there are more nd more technical issues with the subway, which creates huge traffic jams with the bus and cars on the road but it's still way better than nothing. The thing with violence is way less common than where I am, you're more likely to hear about suicide attempts during rush hour though. I feel way safer in the subway or inside the bus than when walking or when I'm waiting at a bus stop.But yeah, all of these things depend on a lot of criteria. In some 3rd world countries taxis are used as public transport and shared with several customers for example because it's cheap as fuck but there's no way people in my country would use it as often, people here only use taxis and ubers for emergencies, after drinking too much alcohol to drive or because it's too late to take other forms of public transport.

No. 1394284

He's right though. Of course farmers have to live in distant rural areas because that's a necessity for them to maintain their fields. But it isn't a necessity for some random person who wants to build a big fucking house in the middle of nowhere consuming electricity like crazy with heating alone, then raise a 5-person family and give everyone a gas-guzzling car to drive around every day because that's the only way to get around. They could just as well be living in the suburbs or even the outskirts of the city, not 5 hours away from the nearest town. A ton of co2 emissions come from logistics alone because shit has to be delivered to bumfuck nowhere via trucks, they could be cut significantly if people moved near cities.

No. 1394291

suburbs need to be changed so you don't have to deal with nimby faggots and you can grow your fruits, veggies and keep 1 cow or goat, maybe some geese, like in the good old days. Then put the kids in a bicycle trailer, bring them to school. Put any groceries you need to get or other shit you purchase in your bicycle trailer like a normal person. You can even transport your Christmas tree or another kind of tree on your bicycle too, even without a trailer. If a 10 year old can do it, adults can do it too.

No. 1394292

>it just absolutely sucks how slow and unreliable it is compared to a car,
Yes but fast, reliable public transporation is possible. Look at the trains in Japan, in Switzerland, I'm sure there's more examples I don't know of. The knowledge to implement these infrastructures exists and the US certaintly has the money to build and sustain good public transportation. People also need to have supermarkets, drugstores and other basic needs within a 15 minute distance (preferably on foot) from their homes though, that's another problem NA cities and suburbs need to solve.

No. 1394348

same, I stay the fuck away from anything other than fanart and cat pictures on twitter because its a useless cesspit devoid of any constructive discourse but this still gets shoved in your timeline regardless. originally came to this thread to see if anyone else is annoyed that its flooded with elon musk marketing tweets now that he bought it lol
>kinda sorta not defending the nazis but
nta sorry but it looks like you did just that a bit I dont get what point youre trying to make? They did it only for the purpose of the women being used as baby factories and so that they are able to make ammunition in the workshops faster but sold it to the young girls as “~empowering activism for a better world~”, not to mention any women without the right racial and social attributes were excluded from that and deported later on. Sophie Scholl‘s letters give an insight on how this was perceived as a young girl targeted by this propaganda at the time, she was super enthusiastic about it at first too and its chilling to read how she realizes more and more what she really got into when it was already too late. highly recommended read

No. 1394353

File: 1667301215676.jpg (176.49 KB, 1079x1349, solution.jpg)

>The problem with private vehicles is that they take up space, a lot lot lot of it. For every car you need multiple parking spots creating oceans of concrete, making cities unwalkable and unlivable and people stuck to their cars
Pic rel

I'm not defending the nazis either but they were right about fitness being essential for women's health even if it was for the wrong reasons. Look at what's happening today, more women than ever are suffering a reduced quality of life due to health issues and there's a massive amount of bullshit information about women's health. The left celebrates being fat and sickly while anyone that enters a gym is literally Hitler.

No. 1394362

yeah sure broken clock etc but I still dont get why you need to come up with this if not for the purpose of relativating that anons post and low key defending nazis. anyway not gonna derail this shit any further nazis=bad no matter how retarded “the left” is acting

No. 1394371

>The left celebrates being fat and sickly while anyone that enters a gym is literally Hitler.
I swear this site is stinking of delusional, terminally online right wing nutjobs more and more each day.

No. 1394373

> The left celebrates being fat and sickly while anyone that enters a gym is literally Hitler.

Literally where? maybe the health-at-every-weight retards do this, a tiny niche that very few people agree with. You sound like breitbart lol

No. 1394375

original anon, my point wasn't that nazis were supporting women, my point was that the official state nazi guidance was that women should be physically fit to produce produce physically superior aryans

No. 1394385

I don't really agree with that anon nor do I like either side but I do wonder why extreme right-wing gyms are a thing but extreme left-wing ones arent. You'd think that the antifa types would want to make gym spaces like this for their supersoldier LARPs or whatever theyre up to nowadays

No. 1394396

nazis would have stuck you in a gas chamber for being retarded. go away this isn't /pol/

No. 1394397

File: 1667305327137.png (97.74 KB, 907x647, Capture.PNG)

I hate French twitter slacktivists so much. Pic rel is about a recent infanticide: a mother killed her severely autistic 13 years old son in France recently, was a stay at home mother and had to take care of him fulltime, and now these so called activists are comparing this case to normal disabled people being abused. Given the vague description of the kid I bet he was one of these gigantic and very violent and barely verbal kids who beat the fuck out of their family on a daily basis and spend their time destroying property and screeching for the whole neighborhood to hear. Yet these self-diagnosed adults who are intelligent enough to use the internet say that this specific case of a woman killing her failure of a son is equivalent to them being murdered for existing.

That "la petite Lola" is a phrase refering to a recent case involving a normal 12 yo girl being kidnapped, raped and murdered by a schizo woman, that comparison is beyond insulting because that girl had her life ahead of her AND her killer was a complete psycho, like the little autistic boy.

No. 1394409

Nta, but it still didn't have anything to do with anything so it's weird you brought it up.

No. 1394411

what the hell, you can never justify murdering a 12 year old

No. 1394412

there are serious antifa kickboxing an