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No. 1245504

No. 1245619

Thank you for making this thread nonnie. I don't care what anyone says how "tumblr changed" ever since the mass migration, you still see entitled and crazy people with far-out woke ideas

No. 1245645

File: 1656546039765.jpeg (260.29 KB, 828x814, FD3D4628-FE45-4FE3-A4F0-E3CE03…)

No. 1245657

File: 1656546462735.jpeg (192.01 KB, 1125x1133, 551E66FC-17C0-4B42-80D3-A56797…)

"be gay do crimes" and now this, why must Tumblr users roleplay like they're doing things other than pirating DMMD and stealing Copics from Michael's

No. 1245671


No. 1245679

>add extra malicious intent
The whole point of the saying is to be malicious though. You're not getting stitches in a quilt. The random mention of cops is really stupid though, because I doubt people committing actual crimes together use the phrase very much.

No. 1245685

File: 1656548239480.jpg (531.92 KB, 968x2380, handmaidensupreme.jpg)

Fluoresensitive is so fucking annoying. She LOVES to defend men like her fucking life depends on it even though she's a "lesbian", picrel. She's also a notorious ebeggar, what a surprise.

No. 1245691

If patriarchy isn't t biological then why did it evolve in nearly every society on earth? Males create patriarchy wherever they are.

No. 1245703

Why so many tumblr users with lesbian in their name these days

No. 1245707

File: 1656550458191.jpeg (621.49 KB, 828x1548, F4F7A675-762C-4E29-80C8-7D118D…)

No. 1245715

You hear that, radfem third worlders? You're being inhospitable to americans and, most importantly, trannies. You better put an end to that now!

No. 1245719

She's right in this case
Depends on what you mean, most established civilizations have been patriarchal but societies are complex, The Manchus, Lakota, Gujjara, Khazars, Blackfoot and man many others were not matriarch but they were far more egalitarian then many modern societies today

No. 1245728

I'm becoming so annoyed with the popular tumblr humor nowadays. It's always been grating to an extent, but now it's just so put-on. It's all about soup and bread and taking naps and it's not in an unabashedly annoying wholesome uwu way, it's always put forth like the user is sooooo WEIRD!!! AND WACKY!!! I can't quite articulate it very well, but it all comes across as disingenuous. It's like a bunch of sheltered terminally online dweebs are trying to out-weird one another for some reason. Who can be the weirdest and the wackiest? Who can be the MOST autistic? It's so fucking annoying kek.

No. 1245731

How are radfems/TERFs "hyperconservative", lmao?

No. 1245736

I know exactly what you mean. On my new account I only follow people who post at least 90% photography. If they start reblogging too many text posts and memes I unfollow. I do feel bad as sometimes those people followed me back. But I dislike the tone of many posts on Tumblr.

No. 1245740

Weaver-z makes me want to claw my eyes out.
Tumblr's humor has changed so much. like you said there's that weird sense of "I'M THE WEIRDEST ONE" which I can tolerate but I'm not sure if I'm being a prude but there's a lot of weird "try-hard edgy" humor and coomer jokes.

No. 1245741

That's been a thing for years now.
This variant of tumblr discourse is so lazy "I will reply to your tweet with another tweet!"

No. 1245752

Mentioned making one of these in the twitter thread yesterday and I'm so glad someone did, thank you nona. 2022 Tumblr is the "I am very smart" version of Twitter

No. 1245760

>2022 Tumblr is the "I am very smart" version of Twitter

No. 1245769

Something that I found to help weed shitty accounts is that when you block a user you don’t see their posts, even if they’re reblogged by someone you follow. I had to start doing it because so many shitty e-begging posts kept appearing on my dashboard.

No. 1245785

File: 1656559477999.jpg (201.41 KB, 706x908, 1656460800493.jpg)

Reminded me of this

No. 1245792

When I was more active on Tumblr I noticed that it was acceptable to randomly call women MILF, which made me uncomfortable after a while.

No. 1245896

File: 1656570102839.png (59.9 KB, 508x807, ugh.png)

This is kind of a blogpost but I wanted to vent somewhere and I believe it kinda fits here.

I have started using tumblr more because I have found people to shitpost with but one of them is a girl who is bi and supports trannies and I'm afraid that eventually I'll have to "come out" as a "terf" to her and idk how she will take it. Which sucks cause I hadn't made a female online friend in a long time, let alone from my country and we fangirl about the same thing. Pic rel is something she reblogged.

I hate all the they/thems who identify as trans but thankfully I like many terfy posts and they appear on my dash kek

Another thing that I hate that hasn't changed over the year's is tumblr's shitty code which seems to have gotten worse as some posts of mine don't show up in the tags. Fuck this shit really.

No. 1245906

Is weaver-z a troon?

No. 1245939

File: 1656571514300.jpg (78.49 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20220621-183314_Bra…)

I hate that tumblr is making it harder and harder to see content without being logged in. Back in the day you could browse an entire tumblr tag way back to its very oldest post without needing an account and every single post with that tag showed there in reverse chronological order without showing anything else that did not have that tag! Nowadays I cannot even look at blog archives anymore without being logged in! If they do the same thing with the blogs themselves it's seriously over for tumblr.

No. 1245942

The whole internet is like this now. give us yer data and cookies, junk mail, too many ads. Like a quarter of the internet is actual content

No. 1245946

Shit like that is basically why I don't even lurk on mainstream social media anymore. Every site is doing this, and I bet youtube's gonna be the next. I'm not giving them my info like a retard. If there weren't sites like lolcow i'd stop using the internet altogether.

No. 1245963

I miss old tumblr so much

No. 1245968

lolcow is literally old tumblr

No. 1245980

at this point i have all of my favorite blog urls memorised for lurking the first time this popped up i got so pissed

No. 1245984

ironically those fandom spaces where it's just TIFs posting about m/m ships might be one of the only female-only spaces on tumblr

No. 1245985

Do you think the oversensitive and tranny-pandering culture in social media today is tumblr's fault or was it something that was inevitable in a world where everyone have gotten too comfortable with easy access to echo chambers? Because to me it always felt the radical parts of PC culture orignated from tumblr but it could also just be because it was easier for ideologies to bleed over into whatever fandom blog you were following so it was hard to miss.

No. 1245986

>log in, we need info
they're not even being subtle about it anymore huh

does anyone know if there's any extensions or whatever that help get around forced log ins?

No. 1245990

>tumblr's fault
absolutely. And it's the fault of the en masse migration for banning porn. Banning it was a good choice, but then all the degens escaped into twitter, and twitter was more of a normie social media. Then it went mainstream.

Idk, for me it was always telling that the moment these degens didn't get their porn anymore, they just ran away. They're porn addicted.

No. 1245997

>does anyone know if there's any extensions or whatever that help get around forced log ins?
I have tried random 3rd party sites to access instagram or twitter but they don't always work. Idk about tumblr though.

The thing is that I was browsing tumblr and I saw a blog where a woman was sucking someone's dick and it was just there. Their flagging system sucks and the ban doesn't even work properly

No. 1246003

this is kinda true considering tumblr was pretty feminist and had "male tears" stuff all around until 2013.
I was there and the shift happened almost in the blink of an eye. I really wonder what caused it.

No. 1246007

Tumblr is an abomination right now, I don't get the people saying it got better thanks to the porn ban.

No. 1246009

Radblr is cool

No. 1246021

The porn ban was a wonderful idea that was abysmally executed, but it was not even their own idea. Staff themselves have stated that if it had been up to them it would have never happened but those pesky puritans at Apple made them do it so tumblr could stay on the AppStore.
They're going after the "terfs and nazis" (because those two groups are totally comparable) now and banning them en masse. They also "never wanted to allow terf and nazi communities" but "there were just soooo many nazi terfs and soooo few staff members at the time that we just could not keep up with all the reports".

No. 1246022

>but those pesky puritans at Apple made them do it so tumblr could stay on the AppStore.
wait how does that work for other big social media apps? Like tiktok is softcore porn galore wtf

No. 1246023

Tumblr had quite a big CP scandal. Not that CP definitely doesn't exist on other major platforms but it was tumblr that got an overwhelming amount of reports for CP reasons.

No. 1246025

Maybe but that's not why I was using tumblr. I was using it to look for art, post about food, video games, anime and movies, and mayeb reblog a few funny posts here and there. And all of this has been ruined because good, non-mentally ill artists got their normal posts removed while actual porn bots were thriving, and all that was left were underaged discourse addicts.

No. 1246031

>They're going after the "terfs and nazis" (because those two groups are totally comparable) now and banning them en masse. They also "never wanted to allow terf and nazi communities" but "there were just soooo many nazi terfs and soooo few staff members at the time that we just could not keep up with all the reports".
wait for real? did they issue a statement about "terfs"??

No. 1246034

I don't get why troons in Tumblr think terf = Nazi. Nazis were men and these men killed and raped and put people in concentration camps and did forced "sex reassignment surgery". Literally all that trannies scream about on Twitter that they will do on women who deny their ideology.

No. 1246038

tbh i don't like that GCs and "radfems" are happy to get in bed with conservatives, or are conservatives themselves. it doesn't help. but whatever, anyone who doesn't get wet for troons is going to be smeared, it's lesson 1 in the male agenda anyways. they like to pretend they were the first victims of the holocaust, funny enough so i guess we're nazis or whatever

No. 1246045

Terfs = fascists = nazis plus with them using the word “bioessentialist” to describe terf views that will get most people to associate terfs with nazis. Being a terf means forcing people into strict categories which makes you a fascist Butler also called terfs fascists in an interview but i don’t remember the reasons.

No. 1246046

Not on the official staff account but many verified former staff members have said it.

No. 1246114

Do you have sources? Like interviews or blog posts? I'm curious because everytime tumblr wanted to change things and made updates everyone was complainkng about it.

No. 1246120

>Butler also called terfs fascists in an interview but i don’t remember the reasons.
Was more related to how the gender critical movement as a whole has been infiltrated by fascists, who tend to call themselves gender critical now too and you have some big names who cooperated with fascists in the name of "we both hate trannies". I don't think she commented on the actual principles and seemed kinda annoyed that she was asked about it, when right before she was telling TRA's off about the pronouns thing.

No. 1246136

I agree, GC conservative grifters who think of themselves as feminists are insufferable and there's unfortunately no shortage of them. They do actual feminists no favors in being able to defend themselves from the accusations troons level

No. 1246147

>when right before she was telling TRA's off about the pronouns thing.
Wait really? I'd love to read about that.

No. 1246392

>They love to freeze people's accounts to take their URLs.
I've heard that it was going to be implemented somehow before I deleted my first account, how does that even work? What if someone is inactive for a long time on tumblr, wants to login again just because of nostalgia or to update their blogs, and they see their url has been snatched away from them? I can't imagine how that would even happen.

No. 1246410

I don’t why people sperg when an AAVE phrase becomes common slang. I mean, I get it to an extent but that shit is always inevitable. Especially when you use it on social media where everyone can see it.

No. 1246412

I hate how people in general will call anyone they don’t like Nazis. Nazis were around in Germany during the 30s and 40s. They’re not some retarded MAGAt who’s tweeting out another unfunny “Let’s Go Brandon” meme. At least “Neo Nazi” makes more sense.

No. 1246427

it always puzzled me too, can't wait for people to start saying inshallah and mashallah are cultural apropriation or something because it's muslim

No. 1246459

Noni that already happened on this board kek

No. 1246478

Because AAVE not slang, it has an entire grammar structure and language and contextual rules.

If you use it as slang it just sounds fucking stupid and it's clear you don't know what you're talking about.

You notice no one really has issues with wiggers/cholas/asian gangsters using AAVE (besides from a problack/gatekeeping standpoint) because they actually use it correctly for the most part.

No. 1246492

mashallah thank you for not letting me gaze upon that conversation

No. 1246547

File: 1656619459263.jpeg (718.73 KB, 1284x3838, 54BFC7D8-FA9D-4741-AC18-D2098E…)

This was so stupid to me. How is any of this right wing? I fully support women doing these things to scrotes after they’ve been beating, raping, and murdering us for centuries. Really? Getting upset at the evil terf for not giving some random moid a tip? Laughable.

No. 1246548

The porn ban did literally nothing. I still get followed by porn bots on the daily, and posts that aren’t remotely sexual end up getting flagged.

No. 1246551

Would they be happy to know that my diet is so shit that I slowly let it rip so it comes out silently when I'm in front of a man in line, and if I'm in front of a woman I'll hold it in for as long as I can. Am I still a trumpie minion to these people????

No. 1246552

You’re an icon, nona

No. 1246562

If you ask scrotes on twitter what "petty misogynist things" they do, the responses would be 100x worse but there would be way less outrage.

No. 1246666

I unironically think so. I remember back in 2013/2014 there would be people talking about being nonbinary for instance and outside of Tumblr I would see people saying that's not a thing (like Buzzfeed comments for instance lol, believe it or not I remember they released an enby themed video back then and all the comments were making fun of the idea of being nonbinary), fast forward to today and there are people who actually take it seriously. I would also see people parroting that lie about that tranny throwing the brick at Stonewall and how trannies are responsible for gay rights before it was mainstream to say that, and now that's the accepted narrative. Like the other anon said the mass migration of people from Tumblr after the porn ban definitely contributed.

No. 1246675

File: 1656626872333.jpeg (121.86 KB, 1000x940, 20220111210257_7552d.jpeg)

I don't get the people who say they miss the old tumblr, because both the new and old are bad to me in different ways, the new doesn't let you view without logging in and there are accidental flagging's but when anons here say they miss old tumblr i want to ask if you miss when it was filled with ddlg/kink people, you would have ddlg or porn content pop up when searching tags, was filled with misogynistic porn blogs or porn rape, lots of pro-ana content and self harm, tumblr was a mess and encouraged young girls to get groomed by old men and romanticized that.
I dont understand how anons can miss that, yes i know there was other normal content you miss but that content still exists today so i dont get it.

No. 1246681

I literally work in a job that helps poor people and I fucking hate homeless men, they're always the catcallers and flashers on the train. If you give them money they'll catcall you right after. They're disgusting and I'd be happy if they died instead of hurting and harassing random women on the streets daily.
Women have every right to do petty shit to men, all of our experiences are coming from trauma and a world that fucking hates us. These are def the people who think there's no such thing as sex based oppression though…

No. 1246684

honestly i really looked at tumblr for porn, i miss the tumblr porn, finding hot guy willing to expose themselves in tumblr was rare but it was worth every moment once you found one, now many of those sexy man pics were lost when tumblr banned porn.

No. 1246687

thnx for atleast being honest, i know when most people say they miss tumblr what they really mean is they miss the porn blogs……

No. 1246692

Tumblr in it's very early days, like late 00's was comfy and genuinely funny. At least that's how I experienced it, maybe I was just lucky enough not to run into a bad crowd so to speak.

No. 1246701

Nayrt but I agree, the place always had its issues but it really is dependent on how you curate it and what you’re into/want to see. I was someone who was in a few smaller, niche fandoms back in the early days and the most I ever really had to worry about was drama between friends. The DDLG kind of thing anon was talking about didn’t even really have a big presence yet, although things like pro-ana blogs had come there after being mostly confined to forums and social media like MySpace. I feel like tumblr culture as we know it now hadn’t even really fully developed, so it was much cozier back then. I do miss that. Now it’s much harder to navigate with who to talk to, what to avoid, etc.

No. 1246710

I think people mean that the majority of the users aren’t as intense and I agree. Most people are burnt out from the politics but the pendulum swung back as well which plays a factor into why so many of them flat out do not care about politics if it doesn’t include the TQ+. A significant portion are also trying to be edgy which is always funny to see like yes you’re an edgy gremlin. Tumblr for me was always performative but at least it was fun to an extent but tumblr now feels very boring most of the posts are twitter screenshots but that’s also every other platform. I miss tumblr memes and fandoms but I’m also aware that at some point the fandoms were insufferable as hell. What’s even popular now?
The huge site discourse being led by 15 year olds really fucked over the website’s culture.
I rarely ever saw porn on my dashboard thankfully but I do remember how easy it was to look it up.

Yes absolute. It bled into other we sites as well like reddit and unironically 4chan, there was a thread about Noelle on /co/ that got deleted because it was mocking her.

No. 1246717

but why does conservative immediately get conflated with nazi as well? 2016 really changed everything

No. 1246728

To me it kind of gives off a "how do you do fellow kids" vibe, esp if someone misuses it (reminds me of that twitter account documenting kpoopies using "chile" wrong lol)

No. 1246735

Aside from the humour, the more serious and political posts always have this smug tone like they’re talking down to you.

No. 1246757

“Um akshually like?” short posts migrated to twitter and now it’s do you really expect me to read all this shit posts they treat like academic essays and it even more unbearable, because they often trying to manipulate reader in a mansplaining (ironically) way

No. 1246776

scrotes beat their meat to women getting raped, so, yeah

No. 1246810

File: 1656639480097.png (314.35 KB, 1286x668, ok.png)

>we're very cool here on tumblr unlike those basic twitter users you know. we're edgy, we screencap non-offensive 4chan posts out of context and repost them here, make penis jokes and some of us even have the word "cock" in our urls
>unspeakably offended at children's book author for saying trans women are men

Posting an oldie but a goodie

No. 1246814

Does anyone hate the tumblr posts where the poster obviously wants to sound smart? It’s so fucking annoying we get it you’re autistic and can memorize useless shit, fuck off

No. 1246839

The ones that are like multi paragraph history lessons of dubious legitimacy replying to something super mundane? I hate that shit too

No. 1246877

its because Tumblr is full of adults who used to be the kids that read eragon books and wore the same sweatshirt everyday. you know the ones who wore oval glasses and thought they were emo because they koolaid dyed a strand of their stringy hair. also wolf kids and horse girls. this is why it's such a shit show now. they left Tumblr and bled into normal society and are trying to force everyone to like their bullshit under the guise of being accepting

No. 1246899

File: 1656644587166.jpeg (342.25 KB, 1284x897, B758B0E7-0DB0-41C3-98EA-57EB87…)

I literally don’t understand what this is supposed to mean. I swear they just keep inventing new terms.

No. 1246909

anyone who has ever started a post with "Oh! I know about this! So here's the deal–" should be slapped

No. 1246926

But anon they are autists sharing about their special interest and it's heckin valid

No. 1246927

unclefather type beat

No. 1246928

I swear to god she said at one point that her favorite hp character was Snape.

No. 1247158

a big part of the userbase were young women in academia, where most if not all of this stuff comes from.

No. 1247280

Can't stand that woman. She has a goddamn kid yet is always in need of money and shitposts on tumblr all day. I thought maybe she had changed in the time since I was last on tumblr but I just checked and nope, same old song. Her poor kid is fucking doomed. Also as I typed out the url "unclefather problematic" was the second suggestion, kek.

No. 1247288

File: 1656682241778.jpg (282.32 KB, 1080x1186, IMG_20220701_152410.jpg)

Not even hate just cringe. Something I came across while searching for the jess-woods tag (one of the popular girls from the sad babydoll clique during the mid-late 10's), this girl tries so hard to emulate her in 2022.

No. 1247295

Trannies and particularly Josh "Leelah" Alcorn and Bruce Jenner

No. 1247299

Or forcibly change people's URLs, particularly when it comes to brands. Happened to someone who had the URL disney and tumblr changed it to user[some numbers] because Disney the corporation just needed to have that URL.

No. 1247301

If your blog is terminated by tumblr the URL becomes unusable for anyone.

No. 1247305

File: 1656683317245.jpg (35.04 KB, 677x669, a5yae.JPG)

Anyone else get cancelled for TERF CRIMES on tumblr?

No. 1247307

I feel like the whole Leelah suicide thing had a much bigger impact that Bruce Jenner because he was a harmless HSTS boy with homophobic parents. Bruce Jenner just made it worse very soon after though. Given how that kid's suicide had an awful impact not just on tumblr but everywhere in general, even if that was indirect, I cannot feel sorry at all for him. Not one bit. But I wonder if soemone groomed him into thinking he was a tranny after his homophobic parents punished him for coming out.

No. 1247308

It's more about those who go "never use AAVE EVER if you're not black even if you grew up with it and do use it correctly"

No. 1247312

He wasn't that harmless, he did intentionally martyr himself for the tranny cause and said that in his own suicide note.

No. 1247317

Yeah I know, I remember this very clearly because that's when tumblr turned to shit. It's just that it's easier for late teens and young adult women to feel sorry for a gay and confused teenage boy with christian homophobic parents than for an insanely rich and famous middle aged straight white male. People were mindlessly parroting the good old "brave and stunning" slogan for Bruce but seemed to genuinely feel terrible for that Josh guy.

No. 1247320

Jenner's treatment was more the "yas queen" type mostly because of his association with the Kardashians. I'm neither American nor interested in sports so I had never even heard of the guy outside the Kardashian context.

No. 1247321

I'm a poorfag and exposure to poor men is what made me misandrist, all these r/stupidpol rejects acting like TERFs are punching down on the poor oppressed widdle men makes me rage.
I used to be friendly to men until male taxi drivers and delivery workers took it as an invitation to be creeps. I used to support prison reform and restorative justice until I got stuck working with violent ex-con moids in the same low-wage shit jobs that will hire anyone. Used to treat homeless men like people until one groped me like the savage animal he was. Being a low-income woman will make you lose all sympathy for low-income men.

No. 1247322

I remember that if you registered your desired blogname as an official brand name you could actually use that to get the blogname you wanted.

No. 1247323

sucks for those with "canon URLs" since that means the owner of the IP has all the right to seize your URL

No. 1247324

I agree with you. I think he had caused the whole "never question anyone's gender, they know better than you" stuff.

2014 was when tumblr went to shit, not only joshua's suicide but nobody took the site serious anymore, including dashcon etc. I think tumblr is at fault for modern transactivism.

No. 1247332

This was making me wonder. Do you nonas think though that the way TRAs now would have become as big had the porn ban not happened and swathes of people moved to twitter? I feel like at most, with tumblr it was just an annoyance that wasn’t taken as seriously irl and was just one of those SJW things most normies made fun of. But since twitter is so mainstream and used by many normies and academics and celebrities with broader reach, it felt like it went off the rails and became more in-your-face. Does anyone else agree? I’m just wondering if it had remained on tumblr it would have died out at some point just like every other tumblr phase.

No. 1247333

Not yet, I'm a crypto kek

No. 1247334

I'm not American either and I only know that guy because of that shitty Kardashian show and how present they are online. And even then, I learned about him because he trooned out. I think I read on kiwifarms first that he trooned out suspiciously soon after killing a woman by driving while drunk, then anons here confirmed it years ago, this guy's marketing campaign to hide that he killed a woman and didn't even respect basic rules and laws worked like a charm, since nobody outside of the farms ever mentioned it at the time while spamming "brave and stunning" comments.

No. 1247337

I have no clue. People were already slowly migrating to twitter from tumblr if they wanted to use both for fandom stuff and that's one of the main circles where that shit sprayed so much. I noticed that like in 2015 or 2016 so before the porn ban. There's also the fact that the retarded SJW tumblr users were mostly teenagers and young adults like a decade ago, so it would have happened with them entering the workforce and forcing their shit on well-meaning but clueless normies.

No. 1247341

>Bruce Jenner hits women with car drunk driving, kills her
>Bruce Jenner troons out
>Murder Caitlyn Jenner wins women of the year less than 2 years later.

No. 1247343

Don't you know? Killing women is brave and stunning! Brave and stunning! Brave and stunning!

No. 1247352

File: 1656686576204.jpeg (126.85 KB, 723x473, 0DEDE0FD-C51F-4B5E-B7AE-14DA7F…)

>woman has natural disgusted reaction to sexist religious practices
>”stfu terf you don’t get to feel sorry for her”

No. 1247354

What's the context?

No. 1247358

Video of a girl hiding behind the door when amazon delivery dude gives her her order because she doesn’t have something to cover up with (hijab)

No. 1247361

Yeah I meant that while it was trooning got him internationally famous, it happened only because he was already Kardashian-adjacent. If he were not associated with the Kardashians he'd be just another granny tranny.

No. 1247363

you know you left in the user of the first one in the reply of the second one kek

No. 1247364

Are the sexy men in question those ddlg degenerates with their creepy “come for daddy” captions?

No. 1247370

No. 1247371

do you guys know what freakfem means? what does it even mean?

No. 1247373

radfem and radfem-adjacent edgelords

No. 1247375

Nah it wouldve happened anyway. Tumblr porn ban was in dec 2018, the world was already a tranny heaven by then (but it got much worse during the pandemic)

No. 1247378

Good point, I had forgotten it happened so recently. I was thinking it was earlier bc my years have been fucked up.

No. 1247389

Gender was already mainstream in universities and on Twitter before the ban, but I do think Tumblr culture is responsible for the rewriting of gay history re: Stonewall.

No. 1247391

Yes. Tumblr just like every other platform has a Russian bot problem and I’m pretty sure part of the push of misinformation was that. But I’ll leave it there so I don’t get told to take it tinfoil.

No. 1247471

it is but some of the girlies there can be pretty cringy. I wonder how much of radblr and the farm intersect. That anon blog (femmeanons i think?) has a bunch of humor borrwed from here

No. 1247586

Doesn't she have two or three kids? It seems like every month when rent is due she's posting about how little she has in the bank. I feel bad for her but its been years and she hasn't managed to turn it around.

No. 1247612

File: 1656704775271.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1725, A567DDF2-75AF-4880-946F-24463D…)

for me it was this guy showing up on my dash every day

No. 1247623

Random but I HAVE to roll my eyes when the kweerio he/they/it/zhe/fagself ebeggar tumblrinas go "LOL I AM NOT LISTING MY MARGINALIZED IDENTITIES AND HEALTH PROBLEMS BUT I NEED MONEY" like shut the fuck up bitch, you aren't above the other ebeggars. Go back to reblogging your tit scar yaoi or get a fucking job.

No. 1247659

i think some blogs i check out regularly are farmers because i will see something discussed here and 10 minutes later they post something related on their blog (happened a few times so i don't think it's coincidence anymore)

No. 1247669

I have no idea but good grief, I hope not. If she does she needs to be spayed like a feral cat. I tried scrolling her blog to find out but I couldn't take the wacky "humour" and "capitalism is killing us all!!!" posts. Seriously how does even a mother of one child find all this time to be online? Probably one of those parents that uses technology as a babysitter. I really don't believe her e-begging after all these years, especially if she's had more kids. Why on earth bring another mouth to feed into this world if you can't pay rent?

No. 1247914

File: 1656720492362.jpg (120.4 KB, 700x996, 71etySsWB3L._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I believe another factor was this show with the TIM character. I remember this show being popular on Tumblr when it started in 2013.

No. 1247992

File: 1656726628270.png (126.44 KB, 828x337, 0269B7D9-2EAC-4C40-AE94-6E99B1…)

No. 1248001

File: 1656727181161.jpeg (196.02 KB, 828x796, E70DF198-8F06-4FDE-A87F-0287CA…)

this troon is so annoying

No. 1248014

Most prominent gender critical women I can think of already have a career like professor or author

No. 1248388

Wait, I can be an evil transphobe professionally? Here I am putting effort and time into my job like a fucking schmuck when I could be calling out retarded trannies. Seriously though, troons on YouTube make careers out of selling transgenderism to impressionable children and self-hating gays but sure, the women saying you're nuts are evil grifters.

No. 1248472

Don’t even know where to start with this one. First off, he’s the president, so I at least expect him to be knowledgeable and well-spoken and have his shit together. He’s a public figure, so I can absolutely judge him based on how he’s running an entire country. Secondly, no one expects a president to be absolutely perfect because that’s impossible. I just expect him to be proficient at his job.

No. 1248476

I feel like there is some misogyny in this “joke” because I’ve seen this nurse thing come up a lot of people saying things like “the girl who bullied you in HS is now a nurse” or making jokes about how girls who had nothing else going for them went into nursing.

No. 1248486

Yeah, what the fuck was it with nurse jokes? I've had bitchy nurses, sure. But it is a high stress job and from my experience male nurses have been much worse, and not in a "oh he's having bad day" way either. I noticed towards the end people kinda gave up hiding their hate and just used the word "nurses" in place of "women" for whatever little misogynistic thought popped into their head. I was thinking about rejoining tumblr to sperg about games, movies and books but between troons ruling the roost, rampant misogyny and fandoms becoming nothing more than shipping discussions or worse, shipping wars, idk if it's worth going back.

No. 1248564

I do think it comes from a stereotype of a lot of women doing it because they don’t know what else to do. At least where I’m from in the Southern US, it felt like a lot of “country girls” went after that kind of job for whatever reason. But something like that isn’t an excuse for men to be blatantly misogynistic over it. There are some nurses who can come off as “bitchy” or whatever, but I honestly can’t blame them because like you said, some of them work in really high stress environments with little to no thanks and are subjected to a lot of bullshit from both doctors and patients. Male patients in particular seem to use them as maids or some sort of free sex object to hit on, and then they get mad when the real life nurse doesn’t act like the sexy nurse they saw in porn. I know I couldn’t do that job and I know a lot of people shouldn’t be doing it either because it takes a certain type of person to be able to put up with all that. In the end though it’s just another way for men to shit on women. Anyway, to address your other point, tumblr isn’t all bad now. If you really work at making it a space that ONLY shows what you want to see and block everyone else it’s fine. Every now and again I see a stupid post I disagree with on my dash and I mainly just block or scroll past depending on how well I know who reblogged it. It’s honestly become the most bearable social media for me over everything else. I can’t stand places like twitter or IG anymore.

No. 1248664

I just checked a blog about a video game I like and I wanted to check the archive and that shit appeared after I scrolled down a bit. Annoying as fuck. The worst part is that tumblr isn't just a social media platform, it's also a blogging platform, so what if you have a blog, you want it to be as visible as possible for everyone and that shit happens to your blog? I understand why artists and photographers left as soon as the porn ban happened, it's not even related to the porn at this point, tumblr became straight up garbage on a technical level.

No. 1248966

This weird attitude is only confined to the internet. For 20 years nursing has been found to be the most trusted profession in the US

No. 1249000

>in the US
in the UK they get a bit murder-y and that's where this sentiment came from

No. 1249008

File: 1656797905654.png (239.53 KB, 828x1406, C7873446-8984-428A-A6CB-4FC5F1…)

who cares

No. 1249027

but it's true

No. 1249030

no its not, if we are going by that then it would make more sense to say ''the girl who bullied you is going into psychology'' because there is some truth to that.

But the nurse stereotype is so random and dumb.

No. 1249055

i mean most nurses i have met were really sweet and friendly, i've met maybe 3 out of dozens who were horrible
but i do know that every bully from school either became a nurse, grade school teacher, or just got knocked up
it is an easy profession to get in to and it makes you look good, so these dumb npd women gravitate towards it
many bullies are nurses =/= many nurses are bullies

No. 1249060

I hate the trend of gay coomer jokes about sweaty hairy man pits because ew and also I know most of those self proclaimed fags making said jokes are nerdy online women.

No. 1249099

File: 1656802953055.jpeg (402.49 KB, 828x1045, 9C8F42C7-99B4-4A13-8187-7EF65D…)

the projection

No. 1249113

Basing your entire identity in flags, cartoons, being porn obsessed and an insecure self hating woman it's very deep

No. 1249115

They say this while spamming "TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN" without a second thought kek

No. 1249124

Well they are just observing basic reality, such as that women are adult human females. You don't need to create all sorts of academic mumbo jumbo for that, unlike queer theory.

No. 1249149

They literally know nothing about radical feminism.

No. 1249152

Yes, I'm sure there is quite a range of intelligence and eloquence in people who are constantly forced to debate extremely basic facts that humans have instinctively understood since the literal beginning of life itself. Retards and geniuses alike know the difference between men and woman.

No. 1249205

KEK the lack of self awareness

No. 1249624

Thank you so much for this protip. I never knew and I kept seeing this >>1246547 on my dash and now I never have to see it again.

No. 1249633

File: 1656857670346.png (638.87 KB, 828x2570, A7195398-2020-4448-AB43-EE2CBA…)

Even back when I was a handmaiden and first saw this post, it bothered me how flippant the op was about cp and revenge porn. Because of course, selling your nudes for $5 is way more important.

No. 1249636

get a real job retard

No. 1249714

how old is this post? I'm sure Onlyfags will stay and make it possible to sell your nudes for a few bucks.

No. 1249723

>watching sex workers being eliminated
kek this bitch is trying to sound like these poor, normal women are being put against a wall and shot instead of just having their disgusting social media accounts rightfully removed. She's talking about tumblr like porn bots haven't ruined the entire website for normal people posting normal stuff way before the actual porn ban.

No. 1249730

>paypal is highly religious
do these idiots actually think this stuff? paypal and other payment processors don't allow this for liability reasons.

No. 1249779

It's really gross of her to use that terminology when prostituted women are actually murdered by scrotes so much, comparing not being able to use patreon to that is insane.

No. 1249934

Not completely what he was talking about, but I find it funny when extremely online, financially dependent troons try to be smug about "outmemeing" adult women with actual experiences with reproductive health, children, marriages, real jobs, and everything else.

No. 1250272

File: 1656901413846.jpeg (92.33 KB, 828x294, 900BADE4-7384-4B90-89BD-FCE04D…)

No. 1250273

>troonsphobic death cult
Just like how they used to call feminists feminazis.

No. 1250285

>transphobic death cult
And yes women don't murder trans people. Only men do

No. 1250290

Exactly what a cult member would say.

No. 1250423

File: 1656919028175.png (576.65 KB, 716x753, I guess not being in bikini ar…)

Arle is a girl retard.

No. 1250431

Yeah the 41%er antinatalists that routinely find themselves in kahoots with transhumanists and that literally make becoming infertile thanks to hormones or genital chopping a center point of their ideology are totally NOT the deathcult here

No. 1250433

Man what the fuck ever happened to feminism on tumblr? I remember that shit being EVERYWHERE 10+ years ago. Man trannies really just want to shut it down everywhere they see it, just stomp out any tiny traces of it ever existing. Did all the normal feminists just up and leave tumblr, or are they in hiding?

No. 1250441

I bet some of them became TRAs and then started to hide once they realized that transwomen aren't women in fear of being doxed or threatened. But the majority probably just stopped using the internet as a whole as often as 5hey used to in the early 2010s and just moved on with their real lives, and maybe just took their activism to real life, who knows at this point.

No. 1250445

"trans people being nice to you" when have these trans people EVER been nice to a detrans person? The only one I can think of is blaire white, who has managed to do the impossible by being a wrongthink-trans they're allowed to hate

No. 1250449

Men be like: I will now commit suicide.

No. 1250461

Tumblr is full of radfems and gcs, thats one post

No. 1250474

God, neotrances pisses me the fuck off.

No. 1250627

I honestly think a lot of it was due to feminism being the trendy topic at the moment (2000s and early 2010s) It was very basic for most people though, girl-power oriented with some stuff about uteresus thrown in. I was into that kind of thing at the time but back then I didn’t put much thought into it past “patriarchy bad”. I think most people just moved to the next popular issue which happened to be trans shit, because most people didn’t go on to think more critically about feminism and all the ways women are oppressed, they just realized it wasn’t getting them any points any more, and it’s especially not now.

No. 1250638

I liked the feminist side of tumblr, maybe it was just my bubble but the posts that we getting to me helped me see myself and being a woman in a good light. It started my journey to confidence in my body… but then i saw the girls started being into trans stuff and trooning out more and more and they were posting weird shit that didn't make sence so i left. I'm glad to hear there is a radfem side there though.

No. 1250660

File: 1656946696405.png (18.74 KB, 516x195, hairy men are a gay thing.png)

Why do people on Tumblr just say things

No. 1250666

Or maybe there is some overlap between what straight women and what gay men find attractive! Who would have thought!

No. 1250669

Reeeee, no! Straight men can't physically grow as much hair as gay men! But in the 80's full body merkins became popular for men, as did the idea of muscles.
Just gay history 101. I wonder if that user "learned" these "facts" from a college "class"

No. 1250687

I feel like gay muscle men do it for their own reasons largely to do with sex and being a male pin up but I don't think straight muscle bros are even getting the same sexual pay off for it. I just don't see the female market for that body type being as high as they'd like to imagine. Gym bro shit is more of a boys club in the long run. Maybe they join to get laid more, they don't all get laid, they find benefits it anyway. Has fuck all to do with gays, half the time it doesn't even appeal to us. It's just another sport.

No. 1250691

Well it's probably because straight gym bros make bodybuilding their entire personality, especially if they do take it up to get laid, and that can be quite off-putting to women, but obviously the muscle Chads will generally be seen as more attractive at least at a first glance ~even~ by straight women, as long as they don't look too obviously roided.

No. 1250719

Exactly, straight men do it mostly as a dick-measuring contest without caring about what women actually would like to see (it's not like men even seriously care for women's opinions anyway sadly) while gay men are still men and also attracted to men so they do care about what other men like (then again it's also easier with same-sex attracted people to also "be their own type" so to speak). It's not like straight women are not attracted to muscular men but rather that straight men do not care enough to actually be appealing to women and would rather seethe when women do not actually like what men think they should like.

No. 1250726

File: 1656952496062.png (470.25 KB, 1708x952, Screenshot 2022-07-04 .png)

somehow this idiot published two books lol

No. 1250754

i remember when she charged white people like $30 to follow her and some actually paid her kek

No. 1251300

File: 1656979705583.jpeg (443.51 KB, 828x1269, E45310EC-B530-4254-A118-AEA1BF…)

Why does this retard think it’s the responsibility of gay people to raise awareness about this? It’s a noble cause and all, but I don’t see the correlation. And then the self reblog just shows it’s a grift, kek.

No. 1251307

I see so many of these angry posts and they'll alllllllwayyyyysssss have their paypal information in the second reblog. I don't know how the tumblr public hasn't caught on already but it figures.

No. 1251368

File: 1656984247759.png (337.97 KB, 432x564, 23424.png)

No. 1251370

File: 1656984379361.png (31.01 KB, 377x174, unknown.png)

No. 1251377

Hahahaha it isn't even something you have to take time to "learn" like a class, you just have to be mindful of what you read and take in, or don't.

No. 1251402

That's gotta be a troll… please be a troll.

No. 1251408

If they're not talking about it they probably didn't hear about it yet. This is personally my first time hearing of this. And why are they acting like straight couples don't adopt children too.

No. 1251672

Honestly surprised this thread hasn't existed since 2015 since the Tumblr hate was even worse back then

No. 1251719

There were several threads about tumblr and how shitty it became with time in 2015 or 2016 though. At the very least it was way before the porn ban, but they're old threads so it would have been dumb to necro them I guess.

No. 1251770

from 2014
>General "Shit from tumblr" thread.
there were a ton after this one as well

No. 1251790

File: 1657020882941.jpeg (48.6 KB, 500x530, 1405423203167.jpeg)

I forgot how much lolcow used to be filled up with pickmes/ scrotes back in 2014.

But also holy shit this post is pure tumblr gold

No. 1251804

God I remember this one kek. Talk about a blast from the past

No. 1251832

Ngl I thought the comment was going to be about how transphobic the picture was conflating genitals to sex or whatever the fuck.

No. 1251978

File: 1657036091970.png (352.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220601-120136.png)

yawn nah I don't care if random dudes think they're ugly because of me.

No. 1251988

Good maybe treat your gf better and know you’re the human equivalent of garbage and will never do better. Men getting ego checked back to reality is a civic duty. Kek

No. 1251998

Wait, I can get paid for this?

No. 1252066

>physical traits not sign of morality
Fat men bad. Balding men bad. Fat + balding man is egregiously bad.

No. 1252699

become a tif

No. 1253009

File: 1657129358080.png (832.18 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20220706-192925~2.p…)

Maybe people just shit on those animes because they are genuinely bad?

No. 1253043

Weebs are calling ecci harems romcoms now?

No. 1253152

They have no idea what romcoms are

No. 1253154

*zoomer male weebs

Yes, they're that retarded

No. 1253206

>retarded manic pixie dream girl ecchi shows are now "romcoms"

No. 1253225

>blaming the female characters and not the degenerate coomer authors who created this trash
Of course.

No. 1253227

>Girl go boobies jingle
>Boy go blushy crushy

No. 1253484

you are telling me this cunt is STILL DOING THIS????? is she still pumping out a new fatherless (and always half black for some reason lol) baby every 9 months? i went at it with her like 5 fucking years ago when i was a tumblr teen that got sick of her manipulative retarded bullshit lol. cannot believe she's still living this way.

No. 1253486

she had 2 babies both under 3 ish years old as of 2017/2018.

No. 1253977

File: 1657217539936.png (114.33 KB, 760x443, Screenshot_20220707-111019.png)

Wasn't sure where to post this but wew they really can't help themselves lmfao "brown women are masculine" racist ass

No. 1254070

They say this like 99% of genderspecials aren't bored rich white children who need to feel oppressed over something

No. 1254094

File: 1657223823945.png (858.06 KB, 745x957, 1766d9d79c78531caf9f2868cbe7c5…)

cherry picks two dumb women on twitter

>terfs think these women are men

those posts have like minimal likes lmfao. funny considering how many tims insult older women's appearances if they're deemed terfs too

No. 1254102

I don't fucking get this, I am a turbiterf, the troon enemy numero Uno yet I'm not a fucking racist and I am a hairy bitch.

No. 1254107

I think that Marie account was proved to be a larping TRA but it’s been a long fucking time

No. 1254109

Is this bitch racist against herself? Because in that case she needs to keep her comments to herself and work on that self-hatred. She better not say that in front of me and call me "masculine" because of my thick eyebrows and hairy legs because I'm """brown""" because I would lose all self-control.

No. 1254113

File: 1657224746715.png (18.11 KB, 1000x226, ea8299c2d02dc1f92f55db0496bddc…)

this account is something else

No. 1254125

File: 1657225329592.png (51.04 KB, 438x96, 9480989be617709659cee2d456f278…)

No. 1254140

File: 1657225778051.png (55.4 KB, 637x407, 94bb89617248be35516367b734bc7a…)

neotrances has some nuclear takes lmfao, idk why anyone listens to this 19 year old… does she really not think that women or gay people have a history of subjugation ?

No. 1254158

This reminds me of a tiktok I saw recently where a black woman said that white women cannot be mad about roe v wade and make references to the Handmaid's Tale because apparently all of us are still guilty for the atrocious acts committed by (predominantly wealthy) white women during slavery eras.
This deranged obsession with turning worldwide oppression into a neat little points system is exhausting. I've absolutely no doubt and fully support the fact that poc women face it harder but it feels largely impossible to have any conversation regarding womens liberation or racism because all you get in return is "white woman bad".

I bet the person in your picrel would be conveniently silent when it comes to TiMs comparing themselves to oppressed black women though. Otherwise that would just be transphobic right? Fucking weirdos.

No. 1254169

well she's a tim defender so she absolutely would be

No. 1254204

I am convinced this type of thinking is a psyop that has worked extremely well if this shit developed organically i might as well rope

No. 1254225

"Trans women are women" until someone points out that this also means "white trans women are white women"

No. 1254235

I’m convinced CRT escaped being a political theory to ideology as a push from the elites tbh. New world vs old word values. Who will burn the world first? Instead of just focusing on getting us all clothed and fed.

No. 1254240

I'm so tired of the "white woman bad" rethoric. I had to cut so many people in my life because they kept saying this shit.

No. 1254248

I hate when trannies say "I'm outside the binary". Bruh you aren't. You're an autogynephile man in a dress.
I tried to talk to someone who said some shit like "terfs are racist" once saying "no they aren't, we love hairy women because they're women" and they refused to listen

No. 1254267

this though they never seem to treat white tims the same way lol

No. 1254269

they'll cherry pick some conservative adjacent slightly trans critical woman and act like they're owning the radfems lmfao, they just look stupid doing it

No. 1254406

It might have minimal likes in your post but it’s been plastered all over social media

No. 1254419

yes they continue to be disingenuous and lie that's not surprising

No. 1254445

OT but If nagatoro stayed mean as fuck that manga would have been based. Let women mercilessly bully men!!

No. 1254567

Anon you do realize those characters aren't sentient beings but created by those exact coomer authors, thus are an extension of those people?

No. 1254795

it's just another excuse to be blindly misogynistic because none of the "white woman bad" shit is ever constructive or addresses racism and misogyny properly. It's all just "you are white your opinion is invalid" and I've even had someone tell me that they think white women deserve misogyny.
Part of this is probably just down to society's permanent disdain for women and also the fact that in the eyes of many, womanhood is watered down to a feeling or a fantasy now. Don't get me started on the hyperfeminine twinks who come in droves to attack you with "you're a white feminist scum" whenever you point out that it's actually not a great idea to say that xyz community of women deserve to be punished simply for being a woman.

No. 1257063

File: 1657442381332.jpeg (512.22 KB, 1170x1340, 4FCAB201-194A-467A-9303-3AA17C…)

Do people really feel dread when a new show comes out?
I sympathize with the loss of community and fandom but I can’t take this post seriously.

No. 1257064

I think they’re partially projecting their own feelings on others, but i kind of agree otherwise

No. 1257069

Dread no, but it is a bit of a bummer that as soon as a new show comes out everybody posts about it on social media. I didn't watch the 2nd part of the new Stranger Things series the minute it came out and I saw spoilers about it without even attempting to. I'm not upset about it cause I'm not even that into the show, but people really can't even go a day without saying everything that happened

No. 1257086

>binging culture
I don't get why people think they can call everything and anything a "culture". Not even a "subculture" but a whole, entire culture. And even then binge watching movies or episodes wouldn't even count as a subculture but as just a trend or a habit.

No. 1257139

>I didn't watch the 2nd part of the new Stranger Things series the minute it came out and I saw spoilers about it without even attempting to.
I don't think that would go away with weekly releases vs batch releases though. There would just be weekly spoilers the minute the new ep is out.

>but people really can't even go a day without saying everything that happened

I don't think waiting to post about a show is the solution. Doesn't tumblr actually work better for that than twitter, by blacklisting the tags until you've seen the show? Twitter tags should be less obtrusive in the actual post, so more people would use them and then blacklisting on twitter might work better, and people could avoid spoilers.

No. 1257276

Now this is someone who literally needs to touch grass

No. 1258024

Why do you agree?

No. 1258067

it's literally always been a thing. girl just seems salty she doesn't have time to binge things.

No. 1258355

Nagatoro author also created a lot of zoo+lolicon (yes, both in one, eg there is one where a little girl is getting raped by a pig) doujins before he started working on Nagatoro.
Of all of the picrel animes, I think only Nagatoro and Dress-Up Darling are the bad ones. I think I don't need to explain why Dress-Up Darling is bad. I can't say if Komi manga had a good adaptation (since its from Netflix, I don't think so), but the source material is good.

No. 1258391

File: 1657539538052.png (101.15 KB, 1080x646, Screenshot_20220711-101620~2.p…)

I hate this post because it feels like it's written by a woman who is totally dedicated to her partner and her useless moid doesn't reciprocate. I know I'm wrong but everytime I see it it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

No. 1258398

I don't think this is about moids though, this is more of asian parents thing, where they don't really say I love you a lot, but they show their affections in different ways


No. 1258463

I read this and the first thing I thought about is my parents.

No. 1258475

This is literally the love language shit Tumblr likes to talk about, anon. Not everything is about men.

No. 1258483

i thought this from the perspective of a dog when i read this until i got to the fruit part kek

No. 1258494

I agree with >>1257276 but I do get it too. There are some shows I used to enjoy that came out weekly so I would look more forward to watching it and then talking to friends about it, but then they switched to just putting the entire seasons up and it made me care less because I enjoyed making a little event out of it since I don’t watch much and am bad at sitting there for a long time. I realize I could still do that myself but part of the fun was everyone watching the single ep “together”.

No. 1258705

I find these types of posts corny.

No. 1258922

Welp I'm an autistic idiot who only understands shit when I'm being told things directly, I'll gracefully take this L.


No. 1259508

File: 1657627147079.png (221.03 KB, 333x796, Screenshot 2022-07-12 135401.p…)

I will never get used to tumblr's culture becoming so openly accepting of porn and coomers, they're treated as a "quirky thing" now.
The pendulum always swings back but holy fuck.

No. 1259510

File: 1657627337040.png (36.05 KB, 597x291, Screenshot 2022-07-12 140129.p…)

No. 1259512

Anon… This was always acceptable and tumblr was even famous for it since at least 2011. Why do you think people lost their shit because of the porn ban even before it was badly implemented?

No. 1259513

File: 1657627435212.png (22.65 KB, 586x232, Screenshot 2022-07-12 135950.p…)

No. 1259515

But not to this degree was it?
There was a sense of shame or it was a "hush hush" thing, maybe my experience on tumblr is different.

No. 1259522

No it was way worse than what you posted, and you had to download either xkit or missing-e if you wanted to hide some posts if, and only if they were properly tagged. And both addons stopped working properly whenever tumblr got an update so you'd have to wait for the addons to be updated too. Because the option to mute tags was implemented very late, when tumblr's popularity was already declining. People would post the exact same things on tumblr all the time, if that post was from like a decade ago the OP would have included porn gifs on top of his explanations.

No. 1259545

you are insane. how do moids live rent free in your brains like this

No. 1259723

wanting to see porn of elizabeth bioshock does not even begin to equate to the strenuous process of color film and contributing to the medium of 3d animation imagine having this level of porn braintrot

to add onto >>1259512 's point as tumblr is infamous for hosting pornographic images and videos. at my previous job, some of my coworkers only knew of tumblr because of previous pornographic content. it used to be so much worse

No. 1259816

File: 1657644514291.jpeg (382.58 KB, 828x997, E9E3AA1B-A1B2-4403-808B-007CF4…)

why do they always take things so seriously

No. 1259941

You can improve that post so much by just removing that "muh gay wrath month" thing at the beginning. And the issues she explained are easily life ruining and aren't just in the USA, so it's worth mentioning that but she made ir so hard to take that post seriously.

No. 1259967

She should have left out the reddit communities that make fun of malingerers too because that's what she is actually talking about

No. 1259973

File: 1657648364439.png (20.49 KB, 640x313, Capture.PNG)

someone has to bully this person into respecting all of these, kinda disrespectful to focus only on pride and ignore people with PTSD, no?

No. 1260565

File: 1657667435429.png (1.64 MB, 1284x3060, 3ADE4CA7-D576-43E2-A162-BC6467…)

Why would this kill a terf? Lil nas x has said he’s liked dick before and upset the TiFs. I get it’s a joke but it’s still stupid.

No. 1260602

Pretty sure it's just a way of saying terfs DNI since it's a post about lesbians and on tumblr lesbian = terf. If they don't add some over-dramatic "terfs I'll break your kneecaps!!" to every lesbian-themed post they get called out for transphobia kek

No. 1260612

It’s kind of funny because I saw strange-aeons reblog it. Way back when I used to like her but then she went complete TRA and rbs this kind of thing owning the terfs often even though she is a lesbian. Maybe that’s why she does it, cancel prevention.

No. 1264163

File: 1657936219851.png (483.7 KB, 1170x2532, 940.png)

>scrote takes a gym selfie, posts on ig under the hashtag grindneverstops
>emotional experience
>aura of ancient archetypical heroism
>honour, power, strength
>w-will you allow me to look please kind sir?

Spotted on /snow/ and sharing here because it's just too good

No. 1264167

>beautiful, proud, intimidating cock
This has gotta be a joke but I laughed either way

No. 1264170

File: 1657936818415.gif (587.54 KB, 217x199, team-america.gif)

gifrel is me after reading that sentence, hope she gets picked

No. 1264175

Wow, a straight woman that is so full of internalized mysogyny that she tries to abandon womanhood and become a man getting annoyed and nloggish over her other straight woman friends not worshipping males and cock as much as SHE does. Only on tumblr.

No. 1264183

>y'all are supposed to like men if I'm following?
>But I swear half the time they're airing grievances with their boyfriends or men in general
newsflash, men are actually fucking horrible human beings and you don't have to worship them as gods just because you have sexual urges. Fucking a moid is never more important than your own well-being.

No. 1264184

I love how she specified straight women at the start too as if most bi women wouldn't also cringe to death reading that

No. 1264190

What a virgin kek

No. 1264210

Imagine your biggest achievement in life being that you are the number one cock worshiper among your group of friends, and being so proud of it that you make a mile long blog post about it on Tumblr. Pass.

No. 1264212

Was that posted by a TiF? Kek

No. 1264267

Peak autism. This dumbass doesn't seem to know that it's socially unacceptable or just generally very awkward at best for women to say they want to feel that one hot guy's big dick inside her pussy so they just say they find that one guy very handsome or hot or that one guy is just her type. She's typing like a fanfiction character written by a virgin on top of that. It's time to prevent teenagers from using tumblr.

No. 1264274

I have no doubt her entire worldview and thought process regarding men is based on gay fanfic lmao

No. 1265128

How do I report porn? Like what option do I pick? I get like a whole list including things like copyright, hatespeech and violence but not specifically porn?

No. 1265132

I'd pick violence, but that might be a bit petty.

No. 1265710

File: 1658068554111.png (54.58 KB, 656x284, ok.png)

Tbh the first one seems like an excuse some gross person would use on a kid, and it makes it even more suspicious with the last point being in the same list.

No. 1265831

People don’t teach their children that. Throats why they run around on the beach butt naked and run around their house after a bath. Has this freak ever been around children? Or do they have a court order? And then the very next one is “don’t judge people for personal decisions!” Fuck off you absolute creep. You deserve to be judged for your shitty decisions.

No. 1265987

File: 1658080227914.png (67.28 KB, 574x773, fuckinggrosstumblr.PNG)

>She's typing like a fanfiction character written by a virgin
I know all fanfic sites are full of this but Tumblr does it the worse. I know the whole "You can write whatever you want blah blah" sure just it's always so glaringly obvious when fics or shit like this >>1264163 is written by a virgin, an older one on tumblr.

>I have no doubt her entire worldview and thought process regarding men is based on gay fanfic lmao
according to her tumblr, she and her boyfriend have been totally having sex/s

Now he’ll rub his cock down my folds, teasing me for ages, saying stuff like “you want my penis inside you? We don’t have any protection… it’s risky if I slide into your vagina…” and I get so turned on it’s fucking stupid. The whole time he’s fucking me im all blushy, feeling his penis move inside me, thinking about how I have my legs spread wide with a real, hard, erect, bare penis thrusting in and out of my unprotected vagina. When he starts to get close I can’t help but milk him thinking about the load of semen I’m about to receive… fuck

100% she's read too much fanfic, oh and she's into getting dicked down by a dog

No. 1266358

People shouldn't be judged for their personal decisions? What the fuck else should they be judged on, if not that? Your personal decisions are one of the main indications of your character.

No. 1266417

has anyone else noticed an increase in moid worship posts like >>1264163 in terms of the whole site and not just porn blogs? also so many of the "viral" tumblr funnyman posts seem to just be dick jokes from what i've seen, like "haha big penis sex" with the occasional haha pussy thrown in, dunno if that's just me, though

No. 1268060

File: 1658224461112.jpg (244.26 KB, 1078x1317, Screenshot_20220719-215145_Tum…)

love how tags correlate with the text ??

No. 1269451

File: 1658319219446.png (377.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220720-135939.png)

Yep, Tumblr has always been a pickme hub, they were just drowned among all the other populations, but after the great porn migration of 2018 the tradthots and NLOGs stayed, that's why they seem more prominent.
Pic semi-related, I'm sick of seeing posts calling any random moid a king, as for the jump of a roof dude he was probably a creep.

No. 1269619

File: 1658329621889.jpg (284.33 KB, 2656x560, 111 (1).jpg)

I disagree, current tumblr is this weird battlespace between early 20s very online women. each hopping from niche to niche wherever someone will listen to their rants about whichever new edgy edge they have adopted, they jump from pagan socialist to greek orthodox feminist to stalinist atheist 5 times a year, their talking points are a bag of alt-lite, pink-pill FDS and obscure 20th century political theory, picrel
>that men should be submissive around women
>simps for varg and wants babies
>self compliments her natural "thick" bodytype

No. 1269622

Tfw you wanna feel oppressed but you're as pasty as fuck. How can you be racist about whites?

No. 1269638

I feel like this is a dangerous way to think but what the fuck do I know

No. 1269641

Do people still seriously ask this? A simple sentence like "white people are demons" is a racist sentence even if it doesn't lead to the systemic oppression of white people.

No. 1269652

They need to permaban you. No1curr and we can call out colorism and racism against whites whenever the fuck we want. Sorry you can't make shit up and have people buy it

No. 1269689

Grow thicker skin, holy shit this is so embarrassing. You are like moids who whine about reverse sexism. I am white and I have never been offended by this bs, because when it is directed at white ppl it's nothing but words, but when at black ppl it becomes a justification of the violence they face. Seriously, people like you are a disgrace to all normal whites.

No. 1269703

Kek, this is not about being offended or complaining. I don't care if someone calls white people demons because I know it's not true and it's someone being angry. This is about definitions and calling things what they are, even if there are multiple stages of something. If someone is angry at white people and treats all white people like shit as a result, there's racial prejudice present whether or not it's seen as "justified".

No. 1269709

Samefag, women who hate men openly admit to being misandrist. Why not just own being racist against white people?

No. 1269710

Europeans being racists against each other isn't that farfetched.

No. 1269750

>Being sexist against men is still by definition sexist
>Being prejudice against straight is by definition heterophobia
>Being ageist against anyone regardless of age is still ageist
>Everything that involves hatred towards a group of people is still that definition, it magically applies to everything except white people (?? because one nobody college hippie in the 80s said so

No. 1269752

Samefag but you can't use the oppression excuse either since a lot of these people have been horribly oppressed and we still are able to use the word kek

No. 1269763

>you can't make up shit
>makes up shit such as racism and colorism against whites
Girl, a man preferring to fuck a blonde isn't colorism. Colorism is not having job opportunities because you're too dark or being assaulted because of your skintone.

No. 1269772

They're retarded hillbillies who think white people going through bad things is proof racism doesn't exist.

No. 1269782

They're retarded becky/brads who think them not getting loved for simply existing/ getting laid because they don't have blue eyes and blonde hair is proof colorism and racism against whites exist.

No. 1269811

File: 1658338678900.jpg (78.51 KB, 615x1198, 0_SSR_MEN_220319fatshametinder…)

Black men aren't going to fuck you

No. 1269817

Retarded skelly.

No. 1269818

Just because I'm not a desperate lardass doesn't mean I'm skelly. Go back to Tumblr no1curr about your ramblings

No. 1269824

maybe back in 2017, but now it's 14 year olds who repeat the cliches like " women : adult human female" becasue they can't bear to call a tranny a tranny

No. 1269831

What rambling, fattie? Being white and not being thin enough must be hard cause whites look wide asf when they're average, I'm sure you get oppressed a lot because of your disgusting body.

No. 1269845

>If I through out random insults then I'll for sure bait them

No. 1269850

black anon here, but honestly 90% of the men of my father's race would give up everything for a fat white woman, they are mentally colonized in every way

No. 1269853

Maybe you can date black men from different backgrounds? Black Muslim men I know don't try to date whites or act as promiscuous as american black men. You could also date white or asian men

No. 1269873

another example of white women derangement syndrome

No. 1269980

this thread is painful to read when you've got a black dad and white mum. Cut it out.

No. 1270009

I only consider dating white or arab guys(maybe paki) but I don't want anything to do with the men of my father's race

No. 1270019

I only consider dating white or arab guys(maybe paki) but I don't want anything to do with the men of my father's race

No. 1270104

If you're dating arabs, pretend you're a virgin who has never spoken to a male in her life, then he'll marry you. Also make sure he spends money on you, some arab men date foreign women for easy and cheap sex because they're retards.

No. 1270111

The racebaiting is upsetting and also why focus on the negative stereotypes of somebody's race when you go out into the world, experience new people and things and understand that someone's skin colour doesn't define them.

No. 1270336

File: 1658355018671.png (109.5 KB, 1221x253, u3.png)

No. 1270338

File: 1658355377369.png (26.47 KB, 437x717, jnhb.png)

Holy fuck kek

No. 1270426

According to the e-begging thread in snow its four? Can't keep track but theres many apparently

No. 1271941

kek hello fellow mulatta nona

No. 1272588

>conflating radfems with femcels
Holy shit they're dense

No. 1272778

File: 1658511779273.jpeg (239.64 KB, 731x879, 3C24C7DD-D341-4C83-A638-0A3770…)

Only on Tumblr would this be seen as a pressing issue

No. 1272788

Did they choose the discord colors on purpose?

No. 1272810

No. 1272858

It's just saying that doing kind things like checking on your love's hydration or spending time with them is an expression of love. It's a bit obnoxious but the message is super normal. At least, here in lesbianland where being kind to your gf is just what one does, it's not some toxic exploitation scene.

Damn they're so oppressed. I'm gonna fgm myself in protest.

No. 1272878

is this the whorephobia I keep hearing about

No. 1272884

I like the energy of this post like sorry not everybody is bi/lesbian it's not straight women's fault that the object of their desire is so nasty on the inside

No. 1272890

straight women really can't imagine wanting to fuck something without deifying it, sad shit

No. 1272916

Why is this retard using a religious symbol that's sacred when talking about feeling bad about whoring around? Lmao.
Normal straight women have irl friends that they can discuss their attraction and crushes, even sexlifes with. Normal women do this but chronically online retards think being straight means you'll be oppressed by the evil bisexual and lesbians even though the only group that shames women for liking men is… Men.

No. 1272979

I disagree, all women (except threesome bisexual ones) over-humanize their erotic targets.

No. 1273014

this is true if you look at kpop fans and johnny depp fans

No. 1273028

Where did anon do anything close to deifying men? This is exactly what the tumblr post was saying you all do so thanks for proving that point.

No. 1273169

Anon that's their profile picture

No. 1273562

File: 1658540151022.png (93.8 KB, 496x1349, arevaginahaversfriends.png)

No it isn't their fault but posts like this seem even more ridiculous when you take into context they come from tumblr where posts like >>1264163 and picrel are the norm.

No. 1273975

Hilarious she's crying about straight girls being oppressed when they're just born that way, but she's "ytphobic"

No. 1274042

I know that's their profile picture but I don't want to see someone using a symbol that's linked to my culture next to their username ytphobic(I'm not white either) while they write about how wanting to fuck men means they're oppressed.
>all women (except threesome bisexual ones) over-humanize their erotic targets.
Anon what do you mean by this, I'm ESL so I didn't get the point. Why is threesomes brought up?

No. 1274083

Of course straight women are not oppressed for liking men but the self-deprecation is still embarrassing. Plus in my experience it's mostly straight women giving other straight women shit for not repressing themselves enough in the name of feminism. When it comes to lesbians making fun of straight women, it seems to be less about feminism and more about being tired about basically everyone in their lives pushing men on them, not the same thing.
Yeah, in tumblr/twitter/tiktok kweer tranny circles being "cishet" is cringe but being "transgay" (straight with extra steps) is based and even "more gay than 'cis'gays" and so terminally online gayaboo sheeple follow suit.

No. 1274099

why is it such a problem if “cis” women are fetishizing mlm, no one ever bats an eye when straight men continue to fetishize bi/lesbian women? it’s like gay boys are their sacred cows to defend, insanity

No. 1275443

File: 1658676558525.jpeg (212 KB, 1080x1758, 40859702-E17C-46CE-AFEF-2C1B28…)

No. 1275447

It's never that serious, but a lot of straight women want it to be so they can perpetually complain. I have 0 problems hearing these kinds of jokes or even making them, and it has 0 influence on me feeling shame over my attraction to men. "Repressing themselves in the name of feminism" lol please. Quintessential tumblrina behavior istg

No. 1275448

File: 1658677049613.jpg (41.02 KB, 615x333, DxnOppJW0AIwTv1.jpg)

>le ~male feminist~
>At night, in bed, whether I'm alone or with a girl, my mind wanders to dark places.
Kek'd. Very I can be your angle or devil fedora energy

No. 1275465

I hope everyone knows this is arin hanson

No. 1275485

this isn't even the original post.

No. 1275546

I’m honestly still amazed he never trooned out (yet). I really expected it to happen. I don’t really like or dislike him, but I’m glad he hasn’t yet and just has some feminine shit he likes without making it into a statement about gender.

No. 1275642

>he had such a feminine body
Where? He doesn't even have boyega hips

No. 1275986

File: 1658707109463.jpeg (494.64 KB, 1284x1509, 52F2B743-3036-4B2E-80E4-B462C2…)

Why can’t they see that this is not a good thing? These autistic people are being sterilized and made lifelong patients for money.

No. 1276024

Most of these people will have self-diagnosed with autism because it’s one of the currently cool things to pretend to have

No. 1276085

AFAIK, there's a lot of trans that aren't aware that they're autistic and their "transgenderism symptoms" are actually just autism.

No. 1276146

I still can't figure out why it's cool to pretend to have autism. Even the most high functioning autistic is an emotional vampire who can't care about anyone but himself. It's a tragedy that we don't have any prenatal tests for it yet.

No. 1276263

The power of advertisement

No. 1276279

It's not 'cool' but it does give them woke cred and allows them to vocalise their opinions without getting shut down for being too privileged (since most of them are by sjw standards, just boring straight white kids desperate to be kweer and disabled for clout).

No. 1276338

Kek, troonism is the new trains.

No. 1279054

File: 1658932087353.jpeg (739.99 KB, 1284x2122, CA9173A7-8F8C-4B6D-BFF6-065C18…)

I have no words. The reason you feel annoyed and uncomfortable with your upper lip hair is because society has made it a huge fucking deal when a woman has any excess hair anywhere. I swear to god handmaidens are fucking braindead.

No. 1279237

Ok faggot, then we should get them for free like trannies, right?

No. 1279239

god this makes me want to a-log. a woman taking estrogen to restore a natural imbalance (i.e. a REAL hormone problem) isn't gender affirming, it's treating a MEDICAL CONDITION. do they think estrogen and testosterone only effect secondary sex characteristics?

No. 1279249

Maybe we should try it. Claim to need it because of gender dysphoria. I mean if “cis” people are just trying to meet gender stereotypes too for validation purposes, why not? Everyone should be taking advantage of this if they want to.

No. 1279324

Why do handmaidens insist on confusing peer pressure for gender dysphoria? She wouldn't remove hair from her lip if no one ever made fun of her (or other women in front of her) for having it.

No. 1279335

Ayrt, that’s what I’m thinking! It’s not like women have some kind of natural desire to pluck and pull and shave. It has nothing to do with being female when females have body hair naturally.

No. 1279566

Thank god this guy isn't a doctor, if he doesn't know what hormonal treatments for non-mentally ill people are for. And according to the person who replied, I'm now a fakeboi because I don't always wax off my very visible upper lip hairs.

No. 1279569

these liberal gays are so retarded. they act so high and mighty because they won't be forced into sexual acts with the opposite sex like baby gays

No. 1279589

The fuck. What kind of weakling do you have to be to think like this. I have a dark mustache area and Idgaf if people think I'm a male or female.

No. 1279697

didn't takei say he got molested at 13 by "a handsome old man" in a positive way?

No. 1279832

True. He has all the ingredients for troonery but they never quite make it in the oven.
>nerdy white male in his 30s
>borderline coomer

No. 1281493

File: 1659067415237.jpeg (320.96 KB, 640x982, 73026DE7-2789-4743-9AFC-1556E7…)

Hmmm could they be talking about MY lolcow dot farms??

No. 1281720

Kek is this satire? Imagine being pro-troon while anti hentai and not realising that trannies troon out because they are massive women hating coomers. Did she just blend the two things she didn't like together, women who hate sexist men and male supremacist movements like the trans stuff and men who hate women? If not satire, imagine coping this hard.

No. 1281724

Kek, someone's card got posted.

No. 1281736

File: 1659077790298.jpeg (24.27 KB, 600x431, 1656217080942.jpeg)

KEK cope, cry and bind, fucker.

No. 1281788

>Did she just blend the two things she didn't like together
Yes. They always do this with radfems/terfs. Everything they don’t like = radfem even if it’s the antithesis of radical feminism, like violent porn (drawn or otherwise). They have no idea what radical feminism is other than Bad(tm). Forget Dworkin, they can’t even be bothered to read the blogs or tweets of the people they’re complaining about.

No. 1281917

This is way too specific kek.

No. 1282902

File: 1659156397016.png (16.04 KB, 499x175, jkr.png)

I know this is supposed to be a diss, but I like how it pretty much showcases JKR's success.

No. 1282905

File: 1659156566206.jpg (217.12 KB, 1080x814, okay.jpg)

No. 1282911

Whole lotta projection right here

No. 1282916

It might just be about GC Tumblr users, otherwise I have no idea what the part about the porn blogs is supposed to be a reference to.
Would be funny if someone were to confirm that.
The cognitive dissonance, holy shit.
If you think "gender affirming" surgeries and things like shaving for "cis" people are the same as the surgeries, shaving and hormone replacement therapy for troons, shouldn't you realize that both are bullshit based on arbitrary and harmful gender stereotypes and shouldn't exist at all because they're rooted in peer pressure and insecurity? Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1282922

File: 1659159344342.png (612.81 KB, 640x433, 1652978259097.png)

KEK, highly likely that this is about us. i love that our literal one (1) extremely little tiny corner of the internet makes moids, TRAs and handmaidens seethe so much

No. 1282925

um sis, the only porn I let my brain rot with is 2D boys raping each other okay? Let's not make wild assumptions like this.

No. 1282927

That's a seething troon, but there are actually tons of pickmes on Tumblr just like this, kek. They appropriate the radfem leanings of LC to feel "edgy", I see them as no different from the TikTok "coquette" girls who talk about using this site.
Anyway, that screenshot is just more proof that anyone who unironically uses the word "femcel" is either a tranny, a pickme, a sad moid or someone who took Kaitly's Atlantic article a little too seriously

No. 1282939

File: 1659160797518.png (495.16 KB, 1192x890, retardsontumblr.png)

Not very work of her to be calling people anorexic as something negative. Does she hate people with mental illnesses? Someone should be cancelled kek.
>weaboo girls
Does she not realise most troons are weaboos?

I actually searched them to find their carrd but their current tumblr profile doesn't have a card link, but her wife does. PtSilentHill is likely an aiden named Adrian and apparently they are 'kin married'. Jfc these girls need to get a hobby other than anime. Also, for shitting on weabs (fair tbh) they themselves are obsessed with anime (JJBA) and likely trooned out because of anime. They also posted picrel recently. Pretty troonsphobic to be policing peoples transness, aiden.

No. 1282957

I clocked this person as an aiden just from reading her post. Such an 3edgy5me totes a dude!!111! and you cannot even bring yourself to use the words bitch or cunt like true woman-hating incels. It's fucking hilarious how they cannot larp moids believably even on the internet.

No. 1283152

>there are actually tons of pickmes on Tumblr just like this, kek. They appropriate the radfem leanings of LC to feel "edgy", I see them as no different from the TikTok "coquette" girls who talk about using this site.
Yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking, imo this is what the post seems to be about and not lolcow. Just two groups of retards attacking each other on Tumblr.

No. 1283204

Kek I certainly don’t think that about JKR now. I think of how much of a Queen she is from building a career from nothing, donating a huge chunk of her money to various charities, and standing up for women. Every time I go to Universal Studios, there are normies decked out in HP gear and drinking butter beer. No one gives a shit about her being an ebil terf other than people who are terminally online.

No. 1283205

Pretty sure women know and have been fighting to be taken seriously despite all the beauty standards society has taught us to follow for the past eternity. It’s not our faults men are absolutely retarded.

No. 1283207

I’ve seen them before too, and it’s obvious that a lot of what they do is primarily for aesthetics or that they haven’t fully gotten on the RF train all the way. I don’t really feel a huge need to care about it because a lot of them seem younger and navigating it all. Hopefully they hang on to the RF stuff and leave the rest behind someday.

No. 1283268

i have once seen somebody say something along the lines of "she could've kept quiet and stayed the most beloved children's author but she fucked it up" and it was coming from some tumblr pseudo commie which really shows how little they actually care about advocating for what they belive in if it let's them stay higher in society

No. 1283915

It's so telling that her number one criticism is muh fascist terfs on a site with so many threads dedicated to making fun of women. Also weren't most tumblr people also bullied in school?

>time to choose an oc name for myself
>oh shit there's already so many aidens out there, better be more original than that
>adrian! perfect

No. 1284791

Adrian is the name of the character she's obsessed with kek as if we needed any more proof that she's a woman

No. 1287738

File: 1659534525718.jpeg (176.56 KB, 750x565, C783E6F7-661A-4254-BD7A-A27741…)

The urge to a-log. Also this is just more proof that it’s all a social contagion. Fun fact, straighties! If you relate to other gender you are that gender, also gay. Hope that clears things up!

No. 1287745

Extreme nlog, holy crap

No. 1287748

This fucking disgusting troon invading lesbian spaces just admitted he doesn't even know what women look like fucking top kek

No. 1287755

Or consider the possibility that female characters in a lot of media and therefore relationships involving female characters in said media are poorly written by men for a male audience, combining with the already existing internalized misogyny in women, makes women prefer to engage with fictional relationship without female characters. Rooting for and relating to fictional "mlm" (do any actual men use this term kek) relationships written by women for a female audience (the source media is usually written by men for men but fanfiction is definitely not) as a woman doesn't make you a gay man any more that cooming to male gaze yuri as a man makes you a lesbian.

No. 1287758

>74k notes
we’re never gonna make it out of this are we

No. 1287789

At least tumblr isn’t indicative of the real world.

No. 1287798

didn't the "trans women of color gave everyone gay rights" hoax start on tumblr

No. 1287801

I hate androphiles so much it’s unreal.

No. 1287843

Yep and just like COVID on Facebook Russian bots put it everywhere. This entire thing is astroturfed which is why it’s hitting 1.5 b a year in profits by 2026

No. 1287861

Explain the influx of aidens then. It unfortunately represents at least a part of the real world as aidens usually have jobs, even if it's just crying in the back of a starbucks

No. 1288528

File: 1659575797620.jpeg (488.26 KB, 1125x2436, 9927D6A7-60F7-4B50-B32F-3B21AA…)

This bio is so insane I almost love it. What do you need that many caards for.

No. 1288529

powerful. and yet, so horrible. do i groan? do i laugh? do i clap.

No. 1288532

>ask me about my clown collection!
>don’t even think about talking to me
It’s too good I’m hoping its satire

No. 1288534

Tag yourself, I'm "my body masks my clown DNA".

No. 1288541

This is honestly great.

No. 1288544

this reads like slam poetry

No. 1288555

I’m obsessed with this. Omw to follow them but I hope to god it’s satire lmao

No. 1288557

Isn't stinkyhat a tranny? This is just the tumblr humor trends of schizorambling, manifestion, clowns, catholicism, mercy from overwatch (funny to tumblrites because she's a boring white woman), etc. It's basically tumblr humor buzzwords word salad.

No. 1288570

File: 1659578813061.jpeg (160.6 KB, 750x616, 10EDE05C-C6AD-4E84-BDB1-86565B…)

I took that screenshot about a month ago and i guess they’ve removed the clown shape shifting affirmations. tragic. Seems like now they’re mostly inactive except for reblogging “all I want for Christmas is you” sound files and a few random posts like this

No. 1288577

File: 1659578967700.png (172.32 KB, 308x418, Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 9.51…)

why do tumblr artists make cute characters criminally ugly?

No. 1288578

Maybe this makes me schizo but I know what you mean and I think you’re probably right

No. 1288579

File: 1659578991829.png (1.49 MB, 730x1046, Screen Shot 2022-08-03 at 10.0…)

No. 1288585

File: 1659579228059.jpeg (22.47 KB, 640x640, pieck finger (1).jpeg)

actual character
this sounds autistic but ???

No. 1288589

File: 1659579857338.png (6.54 KB, 499x158, like ok.png)

Whenever I go on a random blog, I sometimes see shit like this and laugh. Rent free.

No. 1288591

File: 1659579941638.png (76.66 KB, 736x591, ...png)

Also came across this. Incels? lol Handmaidens don't even know what they're talking about.

No. 1288593

They must cope because the people they support are incels.

No. 1288628

Idk, I like the art style and honestly don't think there's anything wrong with drawing female characters like this, It doesn't look "ugly" to me. However, she does not look anything like in canon and that's what makes the art suck.
I don't understand how the hell they come to the conclusion that misogynistic violent males who demonize and blame women for their own lack of worth or lack of sex = women who reject the idea that an autistic male with a porn addiction and a cross-dressing fetish should be considered a woman just because he feels like it.
Yeah, it's obvious that the troons they defend have far more in common with the incels they're complaining about. Both TIMs and incels hate actual women for having boundaries and not offering them sex, both of them are obsessed with anything sexual, both of them blame women for everything.

No. 1288642

Could be way worse. Pretty tame for tumblr. Tumblr kids draw characters ugly because they are ugly. for them, it's just another way to project their ugliness onto others in the guise of fanart.

No. 1288647

Can't stand when artists shade lips like this, it always looks like a mustache

No. 1288976

Even weirder when they try to mimic it irl. I’ve seen some try doing black lipstick on the top lip only and it’s so strange.

No. 1289771

Incel just means "person I dislike" to most of these people. If terfs were really incels all those stunning and brave trans women wouldn't be begging to fuck and date lesbians and then throwing violent tantrums when they get told no. Kind of like incels, huh?

No. 1290651

File: 1659705818338.jpeg (28.54 KB, 640x548, B25EFD0D-CFCD-4F0E-A2F2-50D76C…)

Stay the fuck away from my husbando. I hate how this is literally me

No. 1291788

I know this tard, one time he reblogged some post from the farmercaps blog (not directly but it got big, the one about Canada) and I sent him an anon telling him that that post is from lolcow which is an evil terf site and the retard literally deleted it without even publishing the ask kek

No. 1291793

No. 1291796

funny enough most tumblr users have no problem reblogging 4chan caps even knowing damn well it's full of racists and and pedos and incels but terfs? no that just crosses the line!

No. 1291798

Their beloved trannies are 4chan users so racism, pedophilia, and misogyny are a-okay to them.

No. 1291803

Why are tumblr (as well as tiktok and twitter) users such sheep? So many of them are so quick to change their opinions if a popular user says so. See for example the "asexuals are queer" sentiment, I remember myself among others being insulted years ago for saying asexuals are not "queer" until some more popular tumblr users started saying it and it became a whole divide where both sides got equally big. Same with Steven Universe, everyone used to love it and if you disliked or made fun of Steven Universe you would get called a bigot for "hating representation" until I guess some big name tumblrinas started making fun of it and now it's considered "cringe" to still like it.

No. 1291842

It's gullible, insecure people who mean well who are the most active on tumblr. They don't want to offend others so they hold back until someone popular says out loud what they've been thinking the whole time.

No. 1292612

they don't have a problem posting 4chan caps because they want to give off the impression that they're at least somewhat edgy and if all they post is a 4chan cap without any context to it they can easily deny any talk of racism or pedophilia. but like the anon above me said they barely have a single original thought and also often try very hard to come off as progressive so terfs get to be the main big bad because they're an easy target and hating them is kind of a quick way to show you're woque

No. 1293464

File: 1659907516704.png (124.48 KB, 655x1064, jkr.png)

yes this completely fictional and ridiculous scenario is probably exactly how she thinks punishment should be doled out

No. 1293469

People like this are the worst kind of people oh my god

No. 1293471

If these people ever payed attention to HP in general, which isn't hard to do, they would have noticed since the very first book and movie that most wizards and their societies are fucked in the head, even the good guys, just in an entertaining way, you know, for kids and teenagers in the audience. This is the story where a shit ton of life threatening shit is going on every year yet parents don't seem to give a fuck and barely try to bring their kids back home to avoid having them slaughtered by trolls, big ass dragons, serial killers, etc. because it's fiction.

Did that person watch the latest Fantastic Beasts movie and expected a profound socio-political commentary that can be transposed to our current reality on justice, courts and prison sentences from a scene where the main character and his brother escape from prison by dancing? Video related, for context.

No. 1293507

File: 1659911745277.jpg (95.24 KB, 1080x1393, unnamed.jpg)

the jokes write themselves

No. 1293520

I have not watched any of the Fantastic Beast films and I haven't cared about Harry Potter after I finished the books, but I've never seen a bigger bunch of whiny shitheads than these people. I remember when jkr finished the books and the movies were over, people were begging for more content and more information about the Harry Potter universe. Jkr happily shared more information, sometimes too much information I guess, but she did so because people were begging her for it. Now suddenly these same people are telling her to shut up because god forbid a writer has any sort of fun with their own creation. If I had such a huge amount of idiots following my work I'd be tweeting about spells for vanishing poop as well.

No. 1293536

the "we need to talk about hp in a completely serious way" people are fucking annoying as hell. They just want to find things to nit pick lmfao when I would never see them do the same to some other big fantasy authors hmmm

No. 1293618

J.K. Rowling Derangement Syndrome.

No. 1296948

With the Steven universe thing I think there was just a change in the tide especially due to the fucked up things fans have done. when you see enough people saying the thoughts In your head you start feeling more secure in voicing them.
Queer as a term means anything and nothing I’m sure that’s part of it. It is pretty ”not normal” for someone to say they have no sexual attraction to them hence it’s queer. They stopped associating queer with homosexual.

No. 1296951

It’s really weird how tumblr views 4chan now. I remember if you ventured into reddit people would claim you’re a Nazi.

No. 1296955

They probably love Reddit now since it’s troon haven

No. 1297040

File: 1660157320993.jpeg (637.12 KB, 1202x1162, 0B81020C-4499-4A2C-A9D1-E93469…)

No. 1297046

What a fantastic way to say I have no active listening skills and will continue to screech with my fingers in my ears that I am not like other girls.

No. 1297055

>my sexy 2D monster husbandos love me and never judge me and always take me as I am and they think I'm sexy af
>this is very queer and gay of me
and this isn't the average straight female onlinefag behavior… how?

No. 1297059

Everything women say and do is ‘cringe’ or simply ‘wrong’ according to these retards, then we wonder why girls are trooning out en masse. My husbando would tear this faggot’s limbs one after another btw

No. 1297065

what a weird thing to gatekeep lmao. tumblr users find the weirdest hills to die on.
>"i'm the monster!"
kek says the person that gets offended when a straightie wants to fuck the same monster she does. can't even order mcdonalds etc

No. 1297066

She typed two whole paragraphs to say she's so ugly she might as well be a monster and she can't get a bf. Amazing.

No. 1297075

I’m pretty sure most women also enjoy monster stories for the reason that they’re not judged under stereotypical male gaze at least to an extent. Imagine being upset other people have sexual fantasies about the same characters as you but for not the right reasons or whatever. I’m sure only the kweer folx understand what it’s like to be judged and oppressed unlike those cis privileged scum!!

No. 1297079

>the chad normie women simply enjoying a romantic, loving monsterfucking fantasy
>the virgin themlet being so desperately insecure she can only fantasize about creatures that cannot perceive her

No. 1297080

Bitch is dumb as hell, why the fuck would a want to be the monster? Who said cishet monster fuckers use the monster as symbolism as real men? Bold of her to presume that some of us don't use husbandos in place of actual men, not as a representation of any real men. Anything to feel superior i guess.

No. 1297096

I don't think she meant that the monsters are supposed ro represent real men, just that they represent men. So in a way it would be similar to you having a husbando and wishing you could be with him I guess? I don't think we should try too hard to understand what that clinically retarded tumblr poster means though.

No. 1297251


No. 1297276

So stupid. Not everything has to have some deep meaning. Some of us just want to fuck monsters because wings and horns and sharp teeth or whatever or hot. I don’t pretend like there’s anything more to it. Everyone feels monstrous sometimes anyway bc they don’t fit in, jfc can’t stand some of these nlogs.

No. 1297322

she seems to be under the impression that only "kweer" people deal with being scrutinized at a physical level while it is in fact a very female issue. the lack of frivolous physical expectations is what most monsterfucker fantasy tends to play off, and the reason why its so appealing to women at large.

No. 1297373

>85,000 notes

yeah, anyone who says tumblr is still mostly good is a fucking liar

No. 1297775

Who wants to bet this is a straight girl larping as some kind of gender/sexuality while only ever fucking men.

No. 1301161

File: 1660395316333.jpg (25.14 KB, 540x136, what.jpg)

You know what I'm sick of seeing? Nice aesthetic posts with the post god awful dni image ruining the whole thing. like what the fuck is this

No. 1301186

Luigi would not give a shit about all that.

No. 1301195

Tumblr users are getting so sensitive and uppity that they no longer possess the ability to simply block people they don't want to interact with, now they have to preemptively ward off the people they don't want reblogging their posts and in typical tumblr fashion they believe that people will care and abide by their retarded logic kek. How did this even start like what's the logic.

No. 1301198

File: 1660398234016.jpg (9.25 KB, 480x480, catlul.jpg)

underage tumblrinas genuinely believe racists and homophobes not only actually identify as racist and/or homophobic but also kindly respect DNI requests

No. 1301209

My fav is when they write “freaks DNI” like tumblrs userbase isn’t just made up of freaks lol

No. 1301377

i hate all the dipshits who tiktok spell all the e-begging tags so you cannot blacklist them, not only it makes me even less willing to donate but i actually wish them to get robbed.

No. 1301388

as well as the faggots who reblog e-begging posts on blogs that are supposed to be about one specific subject. if it's not e-begging it's politics on a blog otherwise dedicated to an apolitical subject

No. 1302014

File: 1660442061077.png (152.36 KB, 1082x1245, annoying.PNG)

Idgaf about her opinion but the way she acts sooo self-righteous is so fucking annoying. The ebegging at the end is a nice touch.

No. 1302015

File: 1660442223649.png (83.21 KB, 989x654, annoying2.PNG)

Kinda funny how mad she got for someone that said tumblr doesn't matter.

No. 1302026

she talks like a middle schooler

No. 1302031

This has gotta be one of those bi discourse blogs run by a woman who's never seen a vagina

No. 1304435

File: 1660611991215.jpg (21.25 KB, 720x343, he slash they carrd owner.jpg)

I see so many tumblr posts exactly like this and they're always so unfunny. We get it, you're obsessed with gay men and wish you were one but unfortunately for you you never will be

No. 1304447

They have to beat every joke into the ground until it’s not funny

No. 1304461

I fucking cannot stand lmaonade. They're part of the fast fashion tumblr post makers. It's always some retarded McElroy-esque joke.

No. 1304534

File: 1660619719141.jpeg (85.13 KB, 443x693, E99D2D45-0DBE-4B07-84DE-8F2441…)

I know this is a month old but I've been reading through this thread just now and this comment reminded me of this post I see every now and then kek

Like unsolicited dick pics are horrible but she really just wasted all that time writing about it.

No. 1304536

I hate bogleech

No. 1304540

I think a lot of people forgot the Leelah situation was really publicized at the time too, and because he used tumblr, a lot of users were in uproar about losing "one of our own". My Christian mom heard about it on the news and openly asked me about the situation because she heard that Leelah used tumblr kek. It was both a lot of people's outside exposure to transgender stuff and tumblr users' connection to it. The fact that Leelah's tumblr was archived and could be read through added to it.

No. 1304759

I know these are meant to be like the sickest of burns but my eyes glaze over by the beginning of paragraph two. Like you talk too much.

No. 1304791

Right. Like we get it, you're smart and obviously better than the idiots sending unwanted dick pics but it just comes off like she's trying way too hard to prove herself. Guarantee you those scrotes won't have a long enough attention span to read all of that.

No. 1304818

>ughhh actually i'm very smart and a Dr. Scientist™ so you shouldn't send me dick pics!!!
what? would that be any less creepy if the dude actually knew how to pronounce saponification? i swear these nerds are all retarded

No. 1304839

Peak 2014 feminism

No. 1304984

No. 1305062

One of the essentials of a joke is timing and she missed that by a longshot. It's like listening to that autistic kid in school stutter out a retort that gets him beat even more.

No. 1305894

honestly as obnoxious as this is I yearn for this over current era tumblr "feminist" posting

No. 1306739

File: 1660783057875.jpeg (374.39 KB, 826x1267, F40293D8-DA38-4A5D-A4EA-F6B435…)

maybe there’s a grain of truth to this but white people who are this apologetic about their whiteness are seriously annoying

No. 1306745

She’s 100% right

No. 1306767

She sounds annoying. I hope I'll slap myself before I get to be as annoying as this.

No. 1306780

Same, at least you could make posts about feminism and womanhood without getting attacked for not including men in those things.

No. 1306799

HUGE ego, probably bigger than any of her bioreactors

No. 1306814

tbf some anons here type the same way

No. 1307029

I’ll take it over the troon postin libfems are doing, also the post really isn’t that bad and she’s right.

No. 1307125

Someone on tumblr paid real money to blaze their suicide note yesterday and it was shown to thousands of people before their account was deactivated. I’m not particularly bothered, but it is kind of crazy that an actual suicide note was approved as a sponsored post. No caps, sorry, I didn’t think to get a screenshot before it was taken down. I know their url but it feels a bit distasteful to post it.

No. 1307169

lmfao that's insane.

No. 1308444

Yeah she's not totally wrong and dick pics are gross and unnecessary but if she really wanted to make a humorous post it could have done without that whole second paragraph kek. Being smart or acting like you are doesn't exempt her or any of us from moidery unfortunately.

Just reads as a very weird brag but that is the kind of egocentric attitude many of us like to make fun of kek

No. 1311676

File: 1661147697019.jpeg (693.07 KB, 1125x1689, 5E16F177-860B-432B-9C26-AF87D6…)

Saw in the Things You Hate thread. The issue with it isn't the mask wearing. It's the weird self-praising patting self on the back attitude that's coming off this.

>You have my permission to channel my feral Aries rage at them

No. 1311685

post it

No. 1311749

>please remember me
I don't know you bitch.

No. 1311756

why does everyone on tumblr have main character syndrome and talk like this.

No. 1311765

That's what too much edgy shonen jump manga and YA novels does to your brain.

No. 1311768

who the fuck is blaine ?

No. 1311774

What? Did I miss something again?

No. 1311786

some idiot is jumping on threads and accusing random people of being blaine or a tranny or a pedo, just report and move on.

No. 1311796

oh thanks nona will do. I figured it was a troll but wasn't sure if I missed something.

No. 1311810

probably is, feels like multiple people might actually be messing with us farmers just minding our own business because i can’t tell who is who so i also let them know on meta.

No. 1311984

Remember those popular tumblr posts that were like
>blatantly made up shit

No. 1312200

I'm more used to
>topics that are on the news on a daily basis

No. 1312204

File: 1661184928446.png (179.96 KB, 828x626, 2156C9AA-DCFD-4C32-9677-56C552…)

the yearning bitches have started watching breaking bad

No. 1312213

this is the most dumbest take I have seen ever about breaking bad

No. 1312225

Oh the aidens love breaking bad now

No. 1312228

they see jesse and go "literally me!" for some reason

No. 1312235

Jesse will be revised as a lesbian soon mark my words.

No. 1312240

not a lesbian but a gayden

No. 1312252

I always hate those or any kind of guilt tripping post because I only go on tumblr for fandom things and I’m not going to rely on tumblr to be my news source anyway.

No. 1312265

how dare you not post american news on your fandom/personal/meme blog!!!!!

No. 1312296

Ok but seriously why do the Aidens attach to Jesse? Why do they project and headcanon that he's a FTM? Is it because he's shown empathy before or what?

No. 1312452

this take makes me want to break things

No. 1312457

Because he's 1) young, 2) emotionally expressive, 3) funny 4) attractive, 5) talkative, 6) suffers a lot and prettily and 7) vulnerable. He's in the Stiles Stilinski, Jaskier, Loki type mold, which fujos fucking love.

No. 1312556

File: 1661205428174.jpg (145.7 KB, 669x2048, F8Za7rM.jpg)

Kurpco is in the right but obviously getting dragged

No. 1312558

I can't imagine anything weaker than complaining that people can take jokes tbh

No. 1312641

File: 1661211027963.jpg (56.06 KB, 540x540, jesse wondering why bald walt …)

of course they'd pretend jesse was a gayden because these 1950s time travellers think a man having any kind of emotion makes him an icky woman. maybe this is an unpopular opinion but i still think walt/jesse is a fun and interesting ship and i hope it would make the gaydens mad to think a terf would like the same pairing as them

No. 1312863

Jesse/walt is how you got gaydens infecting BB in the first place, majority of gaydens are former fujoshis and all fujos are future aydens

No. 1312979

Wait people pair them? Wtfff

No. 1315357

File: 1661398186208.png (398.07 KB, 828x1861, 028AF3D0-B3CD-4E15-A260-8AD11F…)

who gives a shit

No. 1315373

>nobody can have fun ever because theres a black disabled faggot who needs £10
oh my God just let people live their own fucking lives without being burdened with the responsibility of constantly looking for gay people and minorities to feel bad for

No. 1315393

Sage because old but this is blatantly untrue?? Bioshock Infinite had a massive impact on how companion characters function in videogames. The AI for Elizabeth was so fucking advanced with tiny details people never noticed, right down to the way her eyes would scan objects in a Z formation like a real human, set the standard for companions that even now a decade later big game developers are shamed for not having somethi g as intricate as her. Comers are fucking embarrassing if they think porn animation shit is the only legacy this game had. Retards

No. 1315450

People on tumblr can't enjoy anything, they constantly ping pong between something being good, then bad, then good actually, then actually bad again. Must be exhausting reading this discourse all the time especially for such trivial stuff.

No. 1315628

I'm still retarded about Tumblr, do the 50k notes belong to the OP or chilewithcarnage's response? Basically, are people agreeing with that whiner?

No. 1315759

>here's a cute picture of my kitty pal please wish him a happy birthday!

Brain damage

No. 1315761

>porn is good it helps advance society!
no it doesn't you absolutely coombrained individual. I hate porn addicted fuckers so much.

No. 1315798

It’s just the notes im total so every like, reblog, or comment on the post as a whole irrespective of who is sharing it. It’s not like twitter

No. 1315813

at this point i hope these black and brown kweer trannies do actually finally become homeless so they can get the fuck off the internet and get jobs. go panhandle on the streets instead of on my dashboards you fat greasy fucks. god bless

No. 1315867

I remember a post saying the same thing about making gfms for sick pets that basically went "fuck your dying dog black trans women need your money for transition" needless to say it peaked me way back in 2016

No. 1316696

the same blogs reblogging this post, inevitably, about 20 minutes later: reblog of a post with 50,000 notes about how chilled out tumblr is now and how everyone is so cool and edgy and hard to offend unlike twitter

No. 1316728

File: 1661473475223.jpeg (273.99 KB, 1164x641, A360D7B2-CCEB-4195-B924-968417…)

Shut up faggot

No. 1316744

This doesn't even work because women get therapy, also implying that the way women are brought up is also traumatizing. Almost like the way people are brought up traumatizes them and sets them up for needing or requiring therapy later. Does it not? This has nothing then to do with whether or not maleness or femaleness is this or that, though with more males in therapy I bet we'd see that more males go for personality disorders rather than things like depression and anxiety. I'd bet some money on it, you'd see it. Then we'd have to get to the real discussions.

No. 1316745

What's all this "we" stuff

No. 1316752

File: 1661474425565.jpeg (345.65 KB, 1170x967, 04B4649D-57DD-4FE1-ACE0-9A0421…)

Boo hoo mommy didn’t like him

No. 1316761

Sounds like he'd have a ton of male friends, as they can all bond over the same experience of being outcasts and misunderstood, especially since other males don't punish each other or criticize each other, right? Anyway I bet he has no male friends either.

No. 1316768

This is quite literally “mommy didn’t love me and now all women are evil”

No. 1316770

he also probably has a dad who walked out but its the single moms fault hes a chronic masturbator failed male

No. 1316778

I’ve seen so many of my mutuals reblog these kinds of posts calling out “misandry” (most of them are TIFs and thus susceptible to MRA propaganda). It makes me want to tear my hair out everytime and go mask off crazy man-hating feminist. Sage for blogpost but I’m so frustrated since they are women themselves and know this isn’t true.

No. 1316821

This idea has been growing for a bit on tumblr i wonder how long it would take before it becomes mainstream and we end up with “actual feminism is bad men are the real victims” as something that is considered daring to say.

No. 1316827

>This idea has been growing for a bit on tumblr
This idea has already been here for a few years. It’s called the trans rights movement.

No. 1317245

There are even statistics that women treat their male children better than their female ones. He’s such a professional victim.

No. 1317249

File: 1661511935283.png (78.06 KB, 275x248, 1658749157437.png)

Why the fuck should I care about scrote mental health when statistically, girl children are abused in slightly greater numbers, scrotes take it upon themselves to never seek help, and when scrotes are statistically the general reason why so many people (males and women and girls) are getting traumatized left and right? Fuck this victim playing tranny, he deserves to join the 41%.

No. 1319402

I'll never understand how troids can be so obvious for their distain for women… and still tifs will bend over backwards to defend them. Like the sheer jealousy they hold for tifs is insane. Picrel is a screenshot of an ask sent to a semipopular tif. She's called out the same relatively large group of white trannies for wanting to rape children and black people like 3-4 times now. I wonder when she'll peak.

No. 1319406

nonnie you didnt attach the file

No. 1319412

File: 1661714730643.png (333.62 KB, 425x618, retards.png)

fine, ill do it kek
they're not even hiding their misogyny anymore. fucking faggots

No. 1319415

File: 1661714849720.jpg (27.11 KB, 500x243, retards part 2.jpg)

No. 1319431

>I wonder when she'll peak.
I've seen the same kind of tranny infighting on Twitter where "transmasc" will argue with male troons usually because of the latter's (male) entitlement. Hoping for a mass peaking of Twittumblr TiFs soon.
Nobody sees male troons as women and they weren't even raised as women kek what misogyny? "AFAB" are the actual victims of misogyny since they are, you know… actual, biological women and always have been?

No. 1319446

“So…the woman with the victim complex is trying to preach to us about misogyny after bullying men? It’s that time of the month huh?”
“When men start deleting after getting anon hate you know some woman blogger just got her period”

Replacing vague terms into real words makes their statements and hatred all the more obvious, they can’t hide behind cloaked speech that way.

No. 1319544

File: 1661723733543.jpeg (325.97 KB, 828x896, B8707B79-D5C7-44BB-8E8D-CA41C5…)

same tranny and he’s just a misogynist generally. this one also had several hundred notes mostly agreeing with the sentiment. trannies hate women, water is wet.

No. 1319823

>Making up a whole entire person to be angry about in your head and that’s A Woman

No. 1328299

File: 1662423332821.png (181.86 KB, 760x804, Screenshot_20220905-170821.png)

>people treat queer men like garbage
…. Gay men have always been more prominent in media over lesbians… Idk what this person is even talking about lmfao Jesus.

No. 1328312

There’s no winning with men, no getting on their good side. You could tell him he looks like a cherub or spit on his face, he would still hate you because of his seething jealousy. Not being a woman is literally a disease. Incurable. Sad!

No. 1328314

Another reason to abort male foetuses, They can’t even be grateful for being born because they hate existing.

No. 1328318

No "queer men" were playing Dream Daddy kek, only straight women with he/they pronouns. Notice how she brings lesbians into it for no fucking reason too

No. 1328324

And Dream Daddy had troons in it, too. No gay guy would want to date a woman in disguise, nor vice versa.

No. 1328325

Lmao wtf is this so many moms or caretakers brush bad shit little boys do all the time then act strict when a little girl doesnt immiedtietly clean up her dishes or farts, petty shit. Mens freak outs are accepted and "boo hoo hes so sad" but a woman would lose her credentials for having a probably well deserved mental breakdown. Men are allowed to be emotional without losing face while women get all sorts of consequences for not smiling enough.

No. 1328327

we clearly didn't traumatize this one enough

No. 1328336

The dream daddy discourse was fucking stupid but yeah the only people I saw really into that game were fujos lol… Acting as if that's what gay men are out here consuming.

I have to wonder if gay men are actually into wwdits or that pirate show cause of what I've seen it's all tifs lol

No. 1328363

This shit cracks me up so much. They try to control the speech of women to get them to only worship troons, so when women do "worship" them they seethe to the moon and back because they know she's lying. They know everyone is lying, even other troons.

No. 1328523

>Gay men have always been more prominent in media over lesbians
They can't even say the actual word "lesbian" in TV shows, games or movies even though so much popular media made in the past few years features at least one lesbian couple. I don't even know why other than lesbophobia+misogyny unless that's all it is

No. 1328551

and their sexualities are still taken more seriously, gay male characters are allowed to be just gay while same-sex attracted female characters are "fluid" or "no labels" or even "lesbians" but still are shown sleeping with men for "plot reasons"

No. 1328635

> transgirl
> transmasc
Ftms never want to actually be seen as men

No. 1328644

File: 1662457955338.jpg (540.93 KB, 1170x930, OZdZIDP.jpg)

I don’t like her and I hate how frequently I see her posts

No. 1328691

they want to be seen as men when bashing "cis" women but as "something else" when bashed by mtfs

No. 1329245

What's wrong with her?

No. 1329253

File: 1662503150781.png (530.3 KB, 2332x596, D3B2E67C-2716-4648-8C3C-AA98B4…)

this post is going around and the url is the backup of normal-horoscopes if you know who that is, an extremely annoying loud blogger. i’ve never seen JKR get upset except to be sassy with a clap back at someone. ik she threatened to sue a twitter user once (for defamation i think), but other than that i’m pretty sure she has enough fuck you money to not care what people say about her. if anything she takes the shit flung at her in stride because of her status. there were ott tags and replies from a lot of blogs like the one here, it’s ironic that this one calls JKR sexist and then calls her a bitch in the same sentence. most people who still like her and HP aren’t even right wing, and ik for a fact the people who keep her name in the spotlight like this aren’t angering her. every time her name gets mentioned in a bad light it’s like free advertising to the people who don’t care about what she said. TRAs are so weird about their hatred of her when they could just ignore her and if makes them come across as really deranged. never seen one express this same level of hatred for “transphobic” men, not even celebrities or politicians.

No. 1329310

So fucking dramatic. I know this blogger I remember he/she (idk) talking about how he/she binded spirts to inanimate objects using witchcraft or something similarly woo-woo

No. 1329424

i think tumblr takes jkr's terfism extra hard because 10-ish years ago it was the norm on there to worship the ground she walked on and harry potter content was everywhere even after the movies ended. these might not even be the same users but to me it feels like the obsession carried over except now it's obsessively hating everything she does. i don't even care about her but a lot of the same people saying her writing is bad had dedicated harry potter sideblogs and wrote fic, some definitely still do. tumblr really is just as much of a brain dead hivemind as twitter except they're all convinced they're different for some reason.

No. 1329439

File: 1662517326033.jpeg (330.45 KB, 1206x1382, 5AE78FB8-0415-4718-9D2E-6AD78A…)

They’re referring to her new book which is getting memed on because of the tweet format.

No. 1329585

>what's your disability? being a land whale?

I'm sorry but I laughed

No. 1329613

Same, that shit is too funny. I wonder what posts she saw on twitter and tumblr for inspiration, they must have been really retarded and hilarious.

No. 1329663

This is so spot on. I laughed when I read that the user's art was "heavily anime-influenced". The guy making the land whale comment (admit I loled too) is a MRA.
Funny how no one cares about JKR dragging PUAs, Nazis, incels and MRAs in this. While having disabled heroes, and a lesbian detective.

No. 1329751

Oh I see. They’re mad because they see themselves reflected here. Kind of wanting to read the book now.

No. 1329860

File: 1662567232562.jpeg (137.16 KB, 945x1827, received_1431949487308311.jpeg)

Every time I look up any character on tumblr to find fanart there's always a million of these headcanons and they're all a blight on the Internet

No. 1330222

File: 1662587417075.png (150.01 KB, 760x626, Screenshot_20220907-144831.png)

What… Feminists are fighting for this. Tif sounding like an mra what else is new

No. 1330253

So by the logic she’s giving, lesbians should be allowed to say no to TiMs because that word is a complete answer and we don’t have to give a reason why we don’t want dick.

No. 1330259

Are those…. Pride flags

No. 1330270

The only accurate thing here is that Haruka is a sperg.

No. 1330281

File: 1662591388379.jpeg (12.86 KB, 442x450, 0.jpeg)

nah you just piss on them

No. 1330286

They look like those paint example swatches

No. 1330529

File: 1662608819619.jpg (32.48 KB, 525x300, hiatus.jpg)

It literally looks like this, lmao

No. 1330598

File: 1662613390536.jpg (130.68 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20220908-170152_Tum…)

hell of a downgrade

No. 1330601

I think the public perception of tumblr is that it's full of autists actually lol

No. 1330605

>autistic transexual with furry tendencies
Isn't that more of a redditor?

No. 1330821

Related to Tumblr but not entirely? I don't know I just need help.

I joined Tumblr in 2009 and have used it as a blogging/journal platform for years because I loved that I could upload pictures and have a password-protected side blog. But now I'm completely over it and their rules and the people on there. Are there any other websites/apps like it where I can make long posts and post pictures?

No. 1330825

i am just getting into neocities so i am not 100% on this but i have of people using a premade site and using it as a blog but idk how tehnical you need to get with premades

No. 1330954

Jealous he never got to be a 2012 tumblr hipster girl. It’s a post of cope.

No. 1332056


No. 1332081

I was gonna say Dreamwidth but an anon beat me to it. There's also Wordpress.

No. 1332173

How easy is it to make mutuals/friends on Dreamwidth, or is it mostly a solo blogging site? Tried it out a few months back but never got much engagement

No. 1332382

is this person really trying to argue that 2022 "5 personality disorders in bio" tumblr doesn't romanticize mental illness? if anything it's even worse than twitter.

No. 1334080

dreamwidth is basically livejournal, if you're old enough to have ever been on livejournal. it's only slightly less dead than livejournal too

No. 1334129

Pillowfort? Idk what the consensus on it is

No. 1334499

pillowfort used to have no limitations on username choice which allowed people to claim usernames such as logout, and blog URLs were pillowfort.io/username which meant clicking on pillowfort user logout's page would get you to pillowfort.io/logout which was… the log out page so lmao. idk how it's hanging nowadays, i have an account but barely used it at all

No. 1335073

Like I have 5 mental disorders, but I'm not just gonna tell you outright, where's the fun in that?

No. 1335166

congratulations. how many are self diagnosed?

No. 1335574

File: 1662895780582.png (353.82 KB, 1440x1149, Screenshot_20220911-132629.png)

So desperate to normalize mutilating yourself that you'll advocate """normal""" people to do it too

No. 1335765

As long as taxpayers don't have to foot the bill for this type plastic surgery then sure, why not. They would still be deranged creeps but they wouldn't have an impact on us.

No. 1335773

>why not
The same reason we don't let people blind themselves or cut off their arm's, its fucking mental illness and morally wrong to let those people do that to themselves

No. 1335778

Maybe I'm speaking out of my ass, but I do believe these gender affirming surgeries seem to heal much worse than most plastic surgeries and even a lot of edgy body modifications, you're basically inflicting disability on people.
I wonder what that person thinks of body integrity identity disorder, probably that you should just let them get amputations.

No. 1335781

Ngl I'm a woman who took testosterone years back during what turned out to be.. a passing phase lol. But I don't regret it, it takes months to do anything and you can watch the effects and stop when it gets to be too much. A year on it didn't do anything that I regret today. I think some people almost need to try it to know its not the answer. I don't panic over nbs taking a low dose and shit like that. Its not the end of the world when its slow acting gradual changes that give you time to react and quit when you want.

But surgery.. one that requires you to ruin your arm or thigh with a skin graft.. you're gonna kill yourself when the phase passes.

No. 1335822

Cross sex hormones are never the answer. That's the mental illness leaking through. How would getting fatter, cystic acne, an enlarged clit, male pattern baldness, early onset dementia, and cancer be the answer to anyone's problem.

No. 1335823

At least they're slowly starting to admit it's about bodymodification no different from getting a piercing or tattoo (albeit more extreme and there's mental illness/fetishes involved) and not about gender.

No. 1335830

Anon taking hormones because of a phase is a bad thing and we should not be handing this shit out to people who just want to “see if it’s for them” or not. Medication isn’t fucking dress-up

No. 1335843

If they do it to themselves like retards at home then boohoo, too bad, I don't give a fuck. Doctors shouldn't enable their bullshit, but they already do plastic surgery anyway and these things are basically plastic surgery anyway.

No. 1335847

File: 1662914774135.jpeg (641.31 KB, 1284x1875, 9E21457B-9001-4C96-B3DB-3661C1…)


No. 1335851

>enter troon
Aros and aces were indubitably traumatized by other queer folx and if you doubt this, you are part of the problem!
>refuses to elaborate

No. 1335853

I love how the internet has bred new meaningless discourse identity discourse. Imagine getting made fun of for being a virgin in high school. Hahahaha anon has never had sex before haha DORK LOSER. And then imagine taking that as such a massive blow to your self-esteem and internalizing the fuck out of it so hard that it is now "trauma". It's LITERAL VIOLENCE to make fun of virgins now. It's LITERAL VIOLENCE to make fun of people who made an identity out of not wanting to date. Top fucking kek all asexuals are loser autismos jesus (not)fucking christ. Maybe if they all played into the not-fucking and virgin jokes the trannies would let them into the club.

No. 1335854

the absolutely traumatic gaslighting in telling people that not wanting to fuck doesn't make anyone inherently oppressed

No. 1335855

what are they referring to?

No. 1335856

They aren't even necessarily virgins and I'd bet less than half of the "trauma" even is mockery, just people directly or indirectly talking about how having no right/ having your rights disrespect is more serious.

No. 1335857

I have no idea. Was there an ace genocide the news didn’t cover?

No. 1335859

It's cool to make fun of asexuals and aromantics because everyone who openly identifies as them are top shelf cringe. So the post is referring to the trend of laughing and making jokes about them and their retarded sexualities. There was a lot of "ace discourse" on tumblr a few years back.

No. 1335860

Yes, they are so oppressed the media hasn't acknowledged it.

No. 1335862

File: 1662915573514.jpg (1.85 MB, 1280x3619, 0c3.jpg)

true, a lot of them love to talk about liking weird fetishes and porn and masturbation and even regular sex somehow isn't inherently incompatible with asexuality kek

No. 1335865

File: 1662915814682.png (51.01 KB, 500x870, ohno.png)

I clicked through few reblogs of this post and would like to apologize to every aro and ace person for doubting their 100% real and devastating trauma of being asked to remove a tag from the post or not being welcome in some online communities. They really do have it hard, anons, this is opression.

No. 1335873

File: 1662916029122.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1284x2388, A3F5BE7E-6992-4A9A-A94F-350B71…)

I looked through some too. All this rambling over nothing. I’m sorry but having people tell you you just “haven’t met the right person yet” is nowhere near the hatred that homosexual people face even to this day.

No. 1335876

lmao as if lesbians don't constantly get told they "haven't found the right man yet"

No. 1335877

The second reblog making me roll my eyes so hard I think I sprained something.
They almost make me wish that they were right about it.

No. 1335894

Whats even ace at this point? Not having sex 24h a day, 7 days a week? Strangely enough all the aces I know have the weirdest fetishes and talk about sex all the time. It's ever weirder when you notice they are very young.
Now aro is the biggest joke ever. "I fail to connect romantically but I enjoy sex", in my time that used to be called being a player, not being "queer".

No. 1335895

most asexuals ive seen still post nsfw on main shamelessly then act like youre opressing them and 'invalidating their sexuality' by finding that contradictory

No. 1335906

I know, I said it wasn't the answer. Tards (past me included) will find a way to tard tho and hormones aren't the part I worry about, speaking from experience. It doesn't go from 1 to 100. The panic about male pattern baldness and a cancer filled womb.. it thankfully takes years to reach that point. Years of actively choosing to keep on injecting. Surgery is the more pressing issue by a mile. Theres no damage control or time to change your mind once you go under the knife and make irreversible changes in one day.

No. 1335912

They put kids on those harmless hormones, idc. They should be banned except in the case of actual men and women with hormone disorders, not "gender" feefees.

No. 1335925

Yeah, maybe in a world were these weren't incredibly dangerous procedures and were more aking to making a piercing maybe. Body autonomy is nice until BDD and munchausen.

No. 1335936

Samefag, i'm all for letting retards be retards. The problem if they disable themselves while doing it.

No. 1335938

I mean I took them illegally so banning it doesn't work. Like I said, tards will find a way. Nobody was talking about kids (or at least I wasnt) but banning hormones from adults is impossible when theres a black market for all that. Surgery is much easier to police and make near impossible to get. That's what I'd like to see more than anything else.

No. 1335951

Fine, then make black market hormone distribution illegal like selling marijuana is. I want to see trannies in jail for years for supplying drugs to children and adults. Just lock them all up.

No. 1335954

>make black market hormone distribution illegal
It already is.

No. 1335956

Barely. I want police to infiltrate tranny discords and take down the tranny grooming rings and send those cunts off to prison. I need there to be active crackdown on it. I genuinely want trannies to live in fear of being sent to prison over black market hormones.

No. 1335961

Testosterone is a controlled substance already. Its not just trannies taking it though. The market is full of men taking it for various purposes too. Only a percentage of dealers get caught. It's not trannies selling it to other trannies most of the time. Its men who don't give a fuck about trannies or what you want it for. They're just dealers.

No. 1335967

Yeah and those moids deserve to be in prison as well. I don't get your point. Glad that taking testosterone was a great experience for you but the person who sold it to you deserves to be shanked in prison for that.

No. 1335969

I was never sold testosterone anon? I'm expaining that test dealers aren't a group of evil trannies themselves. They're regular old drug dealers and the like.

No. 1335970

And I'm saying I want all their asses in prison.

No. 1336324

File: 1662941240144.jpg (255.81 KB, 1080x1353, Screenshot_20220912-120346_Tum…)

the fuck

No. 1336355


No. 1336367

File: 1662946305226.jpg (7.13 KB, 227x222, index.jpg)

I can't anymore

No. 1336377

Are men retarded? Real women don’t ever have trouble passing. Troons really do think ugly women = does not pass as a women, because to them women is an ornament which must look a certain way to be considered a woman or porn category.

No. 1336396

Wtf are handmaidens doing encouraging this shit?

Even if real women were mistaken for men, it doesn't matter. Passing is meaningless when you're an actual woman. Needing other people to perceive your gender for it exist is a problem created for troons, by troons.

No. 1336858

This. Every woman I know who’s been misgendered (usually butch or GNC women) just laughs it off or politely corrects the other person. It’s not even a deal. I’ve noticed trans people (mostly TiMs) trying to start this trend of misgendering women on purpose to make them feel bad but it never works because most people don’t actually give a fuck. If you’re confident in who you are and know what sex you are, why would it bother you? This is true for anyone who purposely tries to make you angry with things like that. I know I’m not a man, if people call me a man idc because it doesn’t have any bearing on reality. It’s not going to make me a man, just like calling a man a woman doesn’t suddenly make him one.

No. 1337010

I fucking hate how they write literal essays in the goddamn tags. That cancer is the reason why AO3 has some asstarded tags. Talk like normal people you goddamn spergs

No. 1337011

File: 1663001032138.png (45.57 KB, 497x278, bbbbbbb.PNG)

Actually yes very based, I don't even like HP lol.

No. 1337016

Kek reading this while listening to an HP audiobook adds so much extra hilarity

No. 1337017

I'd choose a good fart over trans people.

No. 1337019

Kek this is hilarious but I hate how this new zoomer culture is all about sacrificing the most pointless and mundane of things for the "safety" of trannies or other wokies. Everyone thinks they're fucking martyrs for abstaining from reblogging Harry Potter fanart or whichever actor that's been #Cancelled recently. It's all just so stupid. The person in the screenshot is incredibly based, fuck trannies.

No. 1337024

Posting this on tumblr? Seriously based.

No. 1337026

It honestly depends, doesn't it? Sometimes it's an honest mistake which can be laughed away or you can bother to correct them. Though it's kinda scary to me when it happens in bathrooms or changing areas in stores. If it comes down to it, it wouldn't be difficult to prove, but I still don't want security called on me.
Also while it doesn't have any bearing on "objective reality", some women are constantly accused or told they're intersex, for things like PCOS or just any features which are abnormal relative to what the norm is in that area. If that is ingrained long enough, from enough sides, how is someone supposed to have that "duh it's just common sense, you're not any less of a woman" kind of thinking?

No. 1337041

100% yes. And if they don't like it they can always log off for once.

No. 1337057

Why is the reply written like choosing your own personal happiness thanks to a piece of media talking about a lot of relatable themes as opposed to "defending" and "protecting" raging male whores who watched so much porn they decided to cut of their dicks and get bolt ons to have a chance to be treated like their favorite porn star is on camera? Evidence number 62912735937598 that these people have no common sense at all.

No. 1337058

Thank God people are getting sick of tranny shit

No. 1337073

can't be misogynistic against males

These are fucking cringe but I also wonder how aces became the socially acceptable bully-able "sexuality". Should've been neopronouns or trannyism, that's way more ridiculous than claiming not wanting to fuck is.

No. 1337205

File: 1663014080091.png (652.47 KB, 1440x1363, Screenshot_20220912-222020.png)

They really need to try living a life outside of media. Porn-ass brained type wants…

No. 1337214

File: 1663014906083.gif (546.82 KB, 244x164, oprah-winfrey-so-what-is-the-t…)

>we should air a woman and a man having sex

No. 1337221

if they want to see GNC and ugly straight people have sex they should watch other shit. The straight woman audience who eats up gay men in their media will keep making companies money.

No. 1337241

I bet this same person cries, shakes, and pisses if anyone suggests an AO3 fic

No. 1337253

Just goes to show you that "fags" and "dykes" are just a style of dress to these fucks. It's just a -core to them. How is a woman a dyke and how is a man a fag if they are having straight sex with each other. I fucking hate tumblr. I HATE IT.

No. 1337254

A woman with short hair and a guy who isn't fat, anon, that's queer af.

No. 1337345

>gay people only exist for shock value that will make my conservative parents upset

No. 1337584

>how dare you choose something you really like over me, a complete stranger

The collective narcissism of this movement

No. 1337616

Virgin Tumblrfags VS Chad Harry Potter fans

No. 1338477

File: 1663106712892.jpeg (31.25 KB, 1013x175, A6B42209-7608-42FD-9A81-0D751E…)

Well I have some news for you

No. 1338613

Based af. I hope every person who buys HP stuff is secretly a terf

No. 1344042

File: 1663646811225.png (2.98 MB, 1284x5121, 4F2CFAE0-0800-41F7-BEC8-AB9DB9…)

They’re mad that a post about trans women predators got blazed and tumblr didn’t take it down.

No. 1344055

File: 1663647790302.png (2.27 MB, 1284x6278, 136097E6-335D-4EB7-983E-D9AA6B…)

I wanted to see if the blazer of the post was getting any pushback and it’s what you would expect.

No. 1344067

Absolutely based tumblr staff.
Imagine being more angry at someone who said something that you don't like to the point where you support disgusting criminals. Tras are the most braindead retards ever.

No. 1344074

kek. sending my love and support to the tunglr staff remaining based at this time

No. 1344230

It really says something when the troons lose their shit over mentioning rapists

No. 1344469

Even more so when the criminals in question have committed sexual assault and then they feel it’s appropriate to send rape threats.

No. 1347002

File: 1663805040576.png (21.12 KB, 743x187, 4589efd2bf5700f94c76fa6f8fc885…)

then literally everyone can define themselves as this and you can't argue lmfao
tumblr users love being insufferable
also bumping for porn spam

No. 1347280

NLOS (not like other straights)

No. 1347293

KEK, we need to use that term more often.

No. 1348003

File: 1663881301159.png (83.37 KB, 532x441, stupid.PNG)

When does this shit happen, no one does that wtf.

No. 1348018

>how dare nasty yt dykes care about gay things instead of het black things
Racial narcissism is getting just as bad as gender narcissism what a retarded take.

No. 1348029

File: 1663883077292.png (38.62 KB, 760x194, Screenshot_20220922-143650.png)

I don't ever remember there being this many men on Tumblr

No. 1348033

tumblr is tranny haven now just like twitter tbh

No. 1348037

Yeah it is now it's just jarring because last time I was active on there that was not the case

No. 1348038

i'm surprised theres even still trannies on tumblr when they can't post their gross nudes and porn

No. 1348041

This is really interesting to see because there's usually constant in-fights. Not even lesbians are really considered a true protected class anymore because now they're bullied for not liking dick.

No. 1348045

The a-logging on tumblr is so insane nowadays it makes my skin crawl being on there.

No. 1348081

Forreal and then they like to act like they're morally superior and less crazy than Twitter which is like laughable when they're both two flavors of the same crazy

No. 1348304

It’s over the most trivial shit too. Some Jenny Nicholson tweet was making the rounds that was kind of annoying but all of the tags were people hoping she’s off herself because she’s a Reylo. And then they vent post about not having any friends kek

No. 1348540

The unspoken rule of not adding comments on a reblog of a post is stupid. People are writing whole paragraphs in the tags which is hard to read and are often interesting additions that don’t deserve to be hidden there.

No. 1348592

that's because tumblr doesn't give a fuck and being even a little mean on any other site gets you banned. people are repressed.

No. 1348627

File: 1663932463134.jpg (176.21 KB, 1170x861, 4G7jTAW.jpg)

It's really weird seeing the scrote humor on tumblr getting shared by
Picrel isn't really an example but a few years ago this kind of joke would never have been posted on tumblr

No. 1348670

File: 1663934769102.jpg (224.49 KB, 416x814, pcD8dCW.jpg)


It's kind of funny seeing a screencap from here gain this many notes on tumblr. I know they probably think it's from 4chan because nowadays 4chan is weirdly accepted as this edgy but inoffensive website on tumblr

No. 1348674

Oh my god that's my post KEK

No. 1348676

Samefag, I mean the OP of the LC post not the tumblr post, to be clear

No. 1348714

me on the bottom

No. 1348716

File: 1663937462556.jpg (261.03 KB, 2000x1333, enthusiastic-woman-feeling-joy…)

It's you and me babyyyyy

No. 1348785

File: 1663942775302.png (246.24 KB, 535x837, Screenshot (5).png)

How often do tims have to call tifs theyfabs for them to realise that they are just misogynistic men. It's getting out of hand at this point. White man obsessed with Asian porn and loli hentai is the primary personality trait of most tumblr trannies.

No. 1348864

Lmao nonni

No. 1348878

Why is it always okay to call transmascs theyfabs and enbies to some of these people like…

No. 1348880

If women called him a “theymab” he would fucking kill her.

No. 1348892

I just don’t like the double standard at all, I really don’t. They (all encompassing word for people like above and nothing more) make it obvious every time that they will never see trans men as men in any real capacity, call them eunuchs, are absolutely not in any way threatened by them, and categorize their hatred for them as run-of-the-mill misandry for them ‘being misogynistic’ when it is a dripping sort of hatred they never spare for cis men—all while wanting the opposite treatment.

No. 1349146

It's been like this forever. I've been peaked since like 2010 because the way male and female trannies interact is so pathetic and misogynistic. TIMs calling TIFs 'shrimp dicks' and venting about beating them up and/or raping them, and the TIFs don't stick up for themselves because since they're 'straight men' now Alice is just punching up against her oppressor. Pronouns don't change your sex socialization, male trannies are hyper-masculine and aggressive while female trannies are even more submissive and meek than normal women.

No. 1351906

File: 1664120604076.jpeg (556.36 KB, 1170x1195, C3D8B6BD-D51D-4AB8-9525-7D2CE5…)

No I do in fact hate men and I hate trannies too because they are men.

No. 1351920

Tumblr leftist trannies are some of the biggest degenerates ever

No. 1351929

is there a word for when your gendercritical but dont hate all scrotes? feels like nowadays its only ever the whole package

No. 1351935

tbh that’s just the average normie woman

No. 1351938

Well yes.. gender critical.. All gender critical means is that you believe women are women and men are men and people can't change gender.

No. 1351951

Gender critical is fine. Scrotes as a group have done evil things but individually they are just (slightly retarded) people & most of us don't truly hate them, but it is fun to have a place to vent about them so ppl do say extreme things sometimes

No. 1351969

Gender critical works just fine honestly it's just a little less intense than terf since it doesn't have the radical feminist talking points but I expect people that call themselves GC to at least be critical over how people talk about gender in conservative spaces + queer spaces, critical over the ideas of gender roles/gender stereotypes but also critical over the concepts of "I'm a gender void because I don't feel like a woman/man". I

No. 1351971

tbh i think most nonnies are serious.

No. 1351986

nta but most straight anons here have bfs/husbands/otherwise actively date men so I don't think so. Well maybe not most but a lot of them for sure.

No. 1351989

It also means that you're critical of gender roles.

No. 1352003

File: 1664123600020.jpg (37.11 KB, 489x642, Okcupid_ed328f_5431020.jpg)

I'm one of the most rabid anti-men posters around and I actually have decent (not close) friendships with them. I just like to hype it up here because it's the only place where I can get those feelings out. It's like scratching an itch. Anyways kill all moids

No. 1352021

File: 1664124233855.jpg (988.91 KB, 1246x1500, 1646443422614.jpg)

I could've written this kek. Honestly I love having one place where there's no need to go "not all men!!1!" please let me have it and death to all scrotes

No. 1352092

>It's like scratching an itch.
God, same. I'm capable of forming friendships with men but I still truly believe the entire male sex needs to go extinct. If I ever voice these feelings out loud then I will just get called a psycho toxic radfem. No one else understands.

No. 1352153

you are hypocrites and fakers and honestly need to get your life in order

No. 1352223


No. 1352239

I feel like modern men need to reform. Men in the past weren't nearly as insufferable as they are now. At least they'd go die in wars or become philanthropists, or become explorers. Now they're all coomer degenerate pedophiles.

No. 1352296

Jesus Christ you are embarassing.

No. 1352398

File: 1664143273029.jpg (400.83 KB, 1079x1538, Howquestionmark.jpg)

Is there some fucking joke I'm not getting? 16,000 fucking notes for this "comic" that barely teaches you how to make beaded lizards? It's just a "they're cool!" with no punchline and just one frame dedicated to making them. What the fuck. I fucking hate this tumblr user, I have no fucking idea why she's so popular. The Bohug comics are cute but the rest of her shit is not interesting or funny at all. And even when she tries to joke around it's the most horribly saccharine, sanitized, tumblr-autist humor. It's barely humor at all.

No. 1352401

It's tumblr, what do you expect? Everyone there is a fucking aiden who thinks being ironic/qwerky is the peak of comedy/amazing writing.

No. 1352407

At first I thought you were mad at arts and crafts instructions then I remembered that fakebois are obsessed with small animals and this is just a faggot who is creaturecore or some shit nonnie continue to be mad because I am also mad

No. 1352414

>I remembered that fakebois are obsessed with small animals
I hate this so fucking much. I see so many fakebois into small reptiles, salamanders, and bugs and then they think they're special or think liking that must mean they're actually men. It's so retarded

No. 1352421

maybe its also just relatable as many people did those as a kid

No. 1352449


No. 1352482

File: 1664147699145.jpeg (133.24 KB, 1280x706, 8DDCAE9F-0E4C-438A-9B45-D4FC46…)

Oh I hate this fat autist. She’s some flavor of genderspecial now and dating a soy neckbeard. I wish she were more milky though I would love a thread.

No. 1352531

>bihets asserting their heterosexual relationship is still somehow not heterosexual
Tumblr user mysillycomics: Would you eat out a pussy?

No. 1352686

File: 1664165243006.png (15.87 KB, 488x228, 8u.png)

bi discourse on tumblr is always the most annoying. nobody who's touched a vagina is this visibly aggressively insecure about it

No. 1352907

>Nooo!! I'm not in a hetero relationship!! I'm bi!!
>Claiming to be bi means that all of my hetero relationships are actually super special bi relationships!! They're more gay than straight relationships!!
This exact seething insecurity that bihets have at the idea that their hetero relationships aren't special is the origin of queer theory.

No. 1353078

Even in that shitty minimalistic style I can see that her boyfriend is a gross neckbeard.

No. 1353084

They were always coomer degenerate pedophiles tho. Even the ones in wars were usually rapists. At least now there's laws against those things, though still not the best.

No. 1353162

File: 1664209105497.jpeg (273.09 KB, 828x710, 50035C36-A8AB-4D75-96FB-907FAC…)


No. 1353165

Cope, seethe and masturbate troid (not you nona, the one in the pic)

No. 1353187

Lmao oh no, will we get an influx of queerios here now

No. 1353218

>I'm one of the most rabid anti-men posters around and I actually have decent (not close) friendships with them.
I hate wishy washy bitches like this. You guys are not the cool girl misandrists you desperately want to be. If you were really about that life your contact with moids would only be in mandatory cases like work or school. It's either you hate them all or you use misandry as a means to retardedly force moids to behave themselves. Fuck right off.

No. 1353245

Based nonna. I’m tired of penis-worshippers claiming to be misandrists.

No. 1353391

The ones who went to war or became explorers did mass rape and pedophilic practices wherever they went

No. 1353440

I think all the cringy daddy doms in 2014-2018 had their brains and dicks broken by porn and trooned out

No. 1353445

No, not all of 'em. I was reading up on some explorers, for example this one guy who was an enthusiastic botanist and kind of wangled his way into creating an herbarium in Hawaii. Then he traveled to China to collect plants, and studied an ethnic people living in the Himalayas.

No. 1353459

nta but oh brother

No. 1353478

Ntayrt but are you really "not all men"ing here kek that one exception doesn't change the fact that the majority of them raped. Also even outside of war, pedophilia, child, and teen marriages were way more accepted in society in general just without the woke facade. Even some anons have mentioned having grandmothers or great-grandmothers that were married off to older men at a young age. Then there's all the pedrestry done during ancient societies.

No. 1353480

nonnie it is forbidden to ever suggest that men were somehow more tolerable or less degenerate before the advent of internet pornography, do not ever say this again or face terrible consequences

No. 1353482

I mean they objectively were not. A lot of violence against women was very rationalized and marital rape was legal, we couldn't get credit cards, had very little representation… Porn at their fingertips is a horrible thing and caused them to break their brains and dicks but society as a whole and make attitudes towards women was better in like 2012 (not really now so much) than it was in 1970. It has never been good. This is just another flavor of shit. They weren't better, but porn being so accessible now hasn't helped things.

No. 1353534

File: 1664225975235.jpg (98.19 KB, 750x645, tumblr_df362ed3eeb5897fb6fd294…)

Genuinely don't understand how there are so many radfems on tumblr who are also coquettes/female manipulators/whatever they're calling themselves now. I followed some blogs that seemed radfem-ish while LC was down and it was wild to see posts about the subjugation of women sandwiched between "I'm daddy's deranged little slut" content and (in one case) literal school shooter stanning. How are you going to call yourself a feminist and then spend all your time waxing lyrical about how women are innately shallow, useless and emotionally unstable?

No. 1353574

The only thing you need to know about men in the past is that they had zero problem impregnating women until she died in childbirth and then marrying some other poor woman to do the same thing to her. They were all horrible.

No. 1353709

Because they're larpers, duh.

No. 1353964

They adopted it as a rebellious label rather than because they believe in the theory, they just see scrotes and handmaidens reeing about it and want to be seen as different while not actually caring about really being one. It's the same reasons women like that will adopt the femcel label, some edgy retard shit not backed up by true belief, just the desire to be seen as hardcore, and since the push of trannies and prostitution-softening we've had recently, it's seen as hardcore to be against those things like radfems.

No. 1353981

AYRT, LOL, ah shit sorry I broke the groupthink.
Ah yes let's generalize, we love it when men do it to us so let's stoop down to their level.

No. 1353984

AYRT, it's not my fault if you have no clue about a subject but decide to counterargue. Read up on what I'm talking about.

No. 1353999

You generalized all modern men as coomer degenerate pedophiles but can't generalize about men in the past

No. 1354007

Men of the past would literally keep women house-bound, beat and rape them, and genuinely believed that women only existed to serve men. They were the same as they are now, except the laws that feminists fought tooth and nail for that ensure we have the right to vote, work, own property, and generally exist on our own weren't put into place, so great grandpa could marry a woman 10 years younger than him, lock her in his house, and force her to have pregnancy after pregnancy until she was no longer fuckable to him or she died. Do you think it's just an arbitrary cultural difference that women of the past would be expected to have four to eight kids, when that's considered weird and likely fueled by conservative religious fundamentalism nowadays? Women of the past weren't more eager to be broodmares, they just had no choice. You're living in a fantasy.

No. 1354148

Are you lost

No. 1354310

Citing Sonic, yet they raged over the attack helicopter joke.

No. 1354337

Porn is coming back to tumblr apparently. Brace for impact, I guess.

No. 1354341

I thought your post was going to be about City Escape from SA2 without context, I need to go to fucking bed…

No. 1354343

Why? Isn't it still a 13+ platform, not 18+?

No. 1354345

File: 1664292080383.jpg (55.34 KB, 664x172, Annotation 2022-09-27 111918.j…)

It's still restricted to drawn smut/erotica, and it has to be filtered.
>Don’t upload any content, including images, videos, GIFs, or illustrations, that depicts sex acts.
Suggestive stuff with a nip slip is okay. The old coomer shit is reportable even under the mature filter.

No. 1354346

where'd you get this info?

No. 1354348

LOL I actually came close to providing context, but I think your interpretation is better.

No. 1354354

Post is hard to screenshot because it's a bit on the long side, but you can read it here:

No. 1354414

>female-presenting nipples
A nipple with glued on eye-lashes?

No. 1356159

Sorry am I not allowed to have an opinion that varies from yours?
ALL men of the past? Every single one of them? In the entire course of human history? And you've met all of them and read about every single one of them, correct? Get the fuck outta here with that narrow-minded shit, lol
Because I haven't seen one modern moid break that mold. Whereas we have historians who have written about men of the past, whether they're damning words or asskissing ones.

No. 1356185

Why are you in a parasocial relationship with a man who has been dead for centuries

No. 1356195

File: 1664400979726.png (456.84 KB, 500x500, 1646360745494.png)

jesus let it go already. none of those men put in even a crumb of effort defending women the way you're defending them, they wouldn't even spit on you if you caught on fire

No. 1356240

File: 1664403060908.jpg (528.16 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220929-110602_Tum…)

Bending your language to the point of being referred to as a fruit, then getting offended that people find it it silly? Best part is op reblogged a lolcow screenshot before posting this kek

No. 1356257

this loser is so annoying

No. 1356262

You're gonna feel real silly when they get picked and you don't nonna

No. 1356551

never heard of her before 2 minutes ago but she looks like one of those edgy-not-edgy tumblr people who larps like their blog is 4chins

No. 1356825

Based nona. I can't wrap my mind around hettie being a pickme for men who died before she was born.

No. 1357395

File: 1664476300614.png (38.46 KB, 544x419, ppp.png)

Does this TIF think that a random woman who sold her some anime figure is gonna kill her or something because she now knows her name? Girl she's just trying to make money lmao
(Based terf too, glad I'm not the only one collecting figures)

No. 1357431

As if this happened

No. 1357444

Kek like they would win against a scottish terf. All TiFs are like the female versions of reddit soyboys, every single genre of TiF. They're so fucking limp and pathetic.

No. 1357653

What part of this story is unrealistic? Other than the TIF fantasizing that she could win in a fight against a stiff breeze, let alone another human.

No. 1358412

File: 1664547696084.jpeg (610.95 KB, 1284x2077, 33D4F09B-3CA7-4C29-A796-188054…)

The homophobia is coming from inside the house.

No. 1358476

> don’t trust cis people who call themselves
Man that’s weird. It’s like being homosexual isn’t natural and normal. Surely this is not homophobic thought.

No. 1358493

this whole post is a big What

No. 1358893

File: 1664572236121.jpg (340.45 KB, 1080x2039, TheTags.jpg)

Resurrecting this thread just to bitch about this kek. This is a painting of a shotgun. How is this "gender".

No. 1358933

this painting is nonbinary because you see the chintz on the wallpaper is feminine girly uwu and the bloody gun leaning against is masculine manly male.

No. 1358935

i’ve been seeing lc a lot on tumblr past few weeks, which honestly explains some of the retarded nonnas we’ve been getting recently

No. 1359076

nonnas you two are my heroes

No. 1359123

File: 1664593375696.png (130.54 KB, 588x603, gjropedigjopre.png)

>angry about gay people having "genital preferences"
>title of blog is "dicks r us"

like fuck you don't have a favorite type of genital hetty betty

No. 1359315

File: 1664607736583.jpg (720.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221001-195906_Tum…)

No. 1359318

File: 1664607850384.jpg (536.52 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221001-195817_Tum…)

In response to an Iranian girl who said she liked the picture.

No. 1359321

File: 1664607981869.jpg (410.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221001-195829_Tum…)

The account in question

No. 1359326

>I'l Muslim
Opinion discarded. You'd think a Muslim woman wouldn't even give a shit if someone is a terf too because they hate all feminism in general, yet here we are.

No. 1359349

File: 1664610073072.jpg (65.34 KB, 782x704, JIN-JIYAN-AZADI-.jpg)

"Women, life, freedom" is the main slogan of the Kurdish Women's movement. (>>>6536) It's pretty cool to see it spread like this

No. 1359350

Sorry nonnas I don't know how to make the post link to 2X

No. 1359380

Well not like that, but you should not link to it anyway. It's hidden for a reason.

No. 1359751

It would be a TiF who’s salty gay men won’t sleep with her.

No. 1359760

File: 1664643762703.jpeg (291.01 KB, 1176x1281, E5DEC9AD-EAFF-4123-B771-5FC854…)

All I can see when I read those mantras.

No. 1360017

>'real-life human genitals or female-presenting nipples'
Hold up. Is this current? Because I can't believe they are still talking about 'female presenting nipples.' Dumbasses.

No. 1360389

Anon your icon is showing

No. 1362593

Yeah, it's current. Yes, they're still using sillyspeak.

No. 1363263

Lmao, TIFs always fight so hard for TIMs. It's not even mutual. TIMs don't fight this hard for TIFs at all.

No. 1363701

File: 1664905430083.jpeg (755.74 KB, 1170x1656, FFBC899B-8603-4656-BD8A-19AFCB…)

One of the (many) things I hate about tumblr are the innocuous-looking posts that turn out to be kink shit

No. 1364176

File: 1664937021765.jpeg (314.88 KB, 633x3418, FPMyEzgVEBo_FLF.jpeg)

No. 1364189

>female privilege
>boys aren't allowed to cry :(
Men are treated like predators because they have consistently been the ones raping and killing others en masse, and the ones that haven't raped or killed still benefit from other moids raping and killing women (RE: any man who has gotten a girlfriend because "he's not a rapist and doesn't beat me or say anything violently misogynistic to my face," any man that has ever jacked off to porn). And "muh emotional needs" is a cope, actual men get pandered to all the time. Your needs aren't being met because you're now an ugly woman who has signaled to other women that you have zero solidarity with them. Men aren't giving you attention because they know you're female but don't want to fuck you, and women aren't giving you attention because you're a misogynistic woman.

No. 1364218

This is a lie. Males have lots of camaraderie, every day they choose male class solidarity over pretty much everything (social norms, legal norms, their own family, every woman in their life, no matter what. Males would ride for each other for thin and thick and would allow their brother in arms to commit the most horrible acts just because he's a man) Ask any male in your life and you will see how he literally jumped for another unknown person just because he has an y chromosome, repeatedly. Males connect with each other witin seconds, just because they share an sport team or laugh at the same jokes or fuck the same prostitute. Is actually that simple.
The issue here every space of male camaraderie is a very strict NO WOMAN ALLOWED club and the TIF who wrote that post is not the exception and never will be, that's why she feels lonely. And lost handmaidens and manipulative maladaped males who think that every woman should be his nurse play with this, but we know better. Male class solidarity is abundant, mostly does not discriminate (the only males that other males don't want are actual drooling retards) and it can fuck your life if you're on the wrong side of it (and as females, we're always on the wrong side) any group of 2+ males is inherently dangerous, no matter how you put it.

No. 1364274

If she'd grow up gnc, she'd know that there's no inherent camaraderie in female socialization and she's probably getting treated worse than the average scrote.

No. 1364282

>Men are treated like predators because they have consistently been the ones raping and killing others en masse
I agree. Like maybe the reason she feels bad about getting treated coldly by women is because she has actual empathy and no bad intentions (plus she knows why other women aact that way), unlike males who are unable to tell when a woman is not interested.

No. 1364295

>A symptom they're all experiencing from white imperialism
You've got to be joking lmfao
Is this dumbass really trying to empathize with incels. Wouldn't think be considered problematic by Tumblr standards

No. 1364305

All of this is only possible when women are present, actually. This allows males to use us as an outlet for violence they would otherwise direct at other males. There is research proving this.

It's entirely true that men are incapable of connecting with other men. Why would a tapeworm connect with a tapeworm? They can't extract resources from each other.

The solidarity you're describing is male alliances stemming from collective sexual bargaining. It only exists in the context of female presence, immediate or hypothetical. In any given true "male only" space (aka no subordinate or easily accessible women in any capacity), they immediately proceed to rape and kill each other. This isn't the gotcha they think it is, however.

No. 1364843

Exactly. So many women with internalized misogyny make this retarded "men aren't like that naturally, it's just that society makes them feel like unlovable monsters" point without thinking about things like who actually created the societies we live in, who runs these societies, and who benefits from the structure and culture of these societies. They always act like there's such a thing as pointless evil that doesn't benefit anyone, even when we're talking about entire societal structures that couldn't have possibly been built without reason.
Men still benefit from being seen as emotionless terrors, because women are scared of men they don't know, but give way more credit to men they do know because "at least he's not a murderer or rapist." It gives them power. And even the "men can't show their emotions" thing is bullshit, because grown men showing emotions other than anger or horniness is always seen as endearing or important, just like a crocodile being calm and civil would be. It creates extremely low standards for them, so when they act like normal people with basic human decency, they get treated like gods.

No. 1364903

The "men aren't allowed to have emotions" is possibly the most obviously demented idea the public ever bought into. I'm guessing it's rooted partially in self-soothing delusions emotional people naturally come up with (for example, some women with BPD and virtually all teenage boys tend to spontaneously develop the "I am a stone cold emotionless titan of logic and reason, I am shielded from all that is triggering" cope at some point) and average, pre-programmed male lack of self awareness. Males are entirely ruled by their emotions, they just want you to perceive them as reason and get angry if you don't.

Their false self (the aforementioned ubermensch of logic and reason, and by extension the entirety of muh skulinity) is a fictional character that only exists in male imaginations. Testosterone directly impairs impulse control, self awareness and error monitoring. Men are plainly responsible for virtually all violence and crime, most of it excused as impulsive and "passion" driven. They plainly admit that they're coom chimps, but that's not "emotion" somehow. Even male infants are observed to display more emotion than female infants. Everything that males want to see in themselves they're not biologically equipped to perform, which guarantees epic amounts of neurotic coping for life.

Males effectively get to live lives where they act on every single one of their feelings (whether it's within your sight or not), but avoid the logical consequence of not being trusted with anything of importance. We as a society choose to pretend that the emperor isn't naked.

No. 1365350

Absolutely true. Looking at institutions like sports/the military/frats vs prisons illustrates your point. Men know they don’t have access to women in prison so you see them do the most brutal, insane shit to each other. While soldiers, frat boys, and athletes team up with their buddies to terrorize women with sexual violence.
Women like the OP in >>1364176 like to project their empathy onto moids and imagine stereotypical male bonding environments are these weird kumbaya circles where men can finally share their uwu soft feelings with each other. You need only eavesdrop on a group of men talking when they think no one is listening to see their true nature. Women are always shocked to hear the way even the “good ones” talk about women with their buddies. I know I was.
The fact that she wrote all this shit only highlights her femaleness. Men do not engage in conversations like this about women. They do not consider the emotional impact of growing up female in the world and how women relate to each other. They don’t wax poetic about the inner world and pain of the women in their lives. They don’t reflect on ways they might be contributing to that pain. They don’t care. They don’t need any more of our sympathy. We already give them way too much and it will never be reciprocated.

No. 1365390

That post truly is a menagerie of femaleness. The misfiring maternal empathy, the over-humanization, the poorly concealed "I won't judge you for emotions, in exchange you don't kill and rape me" bargaining.

Men don't want what she's selling. They're not the way they are because they don't get to hold each other's hands and wear flower crowns. They don't go to war because they're desperate for camaraderie, they feign camaraderie to go to war.

No. 1365790

>Yes, testosterone absolutely gives you a Dumb Bastard Brain, but that just makes you want to skateboard a wagon down a hill or duct-tape your friend to the wall, not kill someone
This sentence alone should be a reason why you can't change your gender and taking testosterone shots and surgery doesn't erase your female socialization. It's been said by the other anons above, but this person who grew up as a woman still holds on to the cope that if someone just gave men more hugs they wouldn't become spree killers or murder-suicide their families. The absolute projection. Because as a woman she's capable of empathy and her feelings of isolation are caused by social rejection and being treated as a potential predator, she thinks this is the case for men as well. Low-empathy moids wouldn't give a shit if women bowed to them or spat on their faces, they would still resent us just the same.

This. In an all-male setting with no promise of virginal maidens, they eat each other alive instead of working together.

No. 1366254

File: 1665087844724.png (33.62 KB, 635x237, oral sax.png)

The fact that this post was made by a straight man but other butthurt moids (including trannies) kept blaming it on the (radical) feminists/misandrists/terfs/lesbians (basically the same thing to them kek)

No. 1366265

Men will blame women for the things their fellow males do top kek. Aside from that, that post rocks it's true. I'm so fucking tired of all the cocksucking and cock and ball jokes on tumblr because they're always made by some straight woman with internalized misogyny calling herself a gay man or they're made by autogynephiles and every single cock and ball post gets a billion notes for some reason.

No. 1366266

Cant recall his name, but there was this popular guy who posted ""terfy"" stuff often and he always got away with it for being a man. If a woman had made these posts she wouldve hunted for 5 different blog remakes.

No. 1366341

This is seriously eye-opening. I guess it's also why men generally have a problem maintaining friendships with each other outside of structures (like work) that give them this collective bargaining power

No. 1366378

Video games have created a solid outlet for men to create their own "troops" to feel loyal to, IMO. It seems like all the strongest male friend groups I see were in the military together, or play DND or video games together. They need to feel like they're victimized by "the other" (a country their own is feuding with, or jocks/"Chads," respectively) and fighting something together in order to truly get along. If you stripped away their cause (patriotism, nationalism, racism, misogyny, or even just "winning at vidya"), they would immediately start tearing each other to shreds. Men need outside forces to have even a synthetic sense of comradery or solidarity with each other, and they have used women as their target to do so for ages.

No. 1366601

File: 1665119572188.jpg (284.54 KB, 1080x1661, Screenshot_20221007-175519_Tum…)

I'm gonna scream

No. 1366622

Even if you ignored all the facts, science, and common sense, this is absolute proof that changing sex is impossible. TIFs turn into turbo pickmes with their "omgz you guize the mens are suffering toooo! wii need to help them" and TIMs go full degenerate with no inhibitions.

No. 1366854

File: 1665154475027.png (106.05 KB, 668x242, Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 11-53…)

ah reeee
imagine being this pathetic

No. 1366855

This is idiotic, where do you develop such theories? It's completely divorced from reality.

No. 1366857

omg i hope he picks you after this one girl nonnie!!!

No. 1366858

nta but no it's not, just look at male prisons

No. 1366862

Prisons aren't normal environments. If you put rapists and psychopaths into a pen with other people there's going to be a lot of violence, no shit.

But that Anon is completely wrong about male social dynamics. I've been in mixed sex groups online all my life and not a single thing she said is something that actually applies to reality. Thinking men don't make friends with other men is so obviously insane idk how anyone can take it seriously.

No. 1366872

Lmao ofc they're nicer in mixed sex spaces, they're not gonna show off how bad they are in front of women. Men will absolutely tear each other down over the most trivial shit. They're all friends until they disagree with something and then they're mortal enemies. I've larped as a man in all male spaces for a long time and when men talk about how petty and catty women are its 100% projection. I've seen guys cut off communication with close friends completely just for having a disagreement over a video game character. If there were no women left on earth they'd probably all kill each other in a matter of days.

No. 1366874

>"I've been in mixed sex groups online all my life"
>"Thinking men don't make friends with other men is so obviously insane"
NTAYRT (any of them), but did you miss this part, or can you just not read?
>The solidarity you're describing is male alliances stemming from collective sexual bargaining
>It only exists in the context of female presence, immediate or hypothetical
>In any given true "male only" space (aka no subordinate or easily accessible women in any capacity)
Nona specifically said that the comradery only exists because of the existence of women, even if the women aren't in the room. Like >>1365350 and >>1366378 said, men's "solidarity" and comradery with each other only exist when they have someone else to attack together. They may be civil around you and your girl friends in mixed sex spaces, but when they're alone together they can only get along if they have someone else to hate together.
t. Someone who has been the "intruder" in male-only spaces her whole life, and has seen and heard the behavior of multiple men irl when they think no one is listening

No. 1366876

I saw that part and it's lunacy.
I don't care what you claim, if you think men are not friends with each other and only have some bizarre alliance going on for the purpose of getting laid you are as autistic as the original poster.

No. 1366881

File: 1665156959900.jpg (85.93 KB, 750x534, tumblr_9a87da496593c1573323d72…)

Ntayrt, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

No. 1366884

KEK stealing.

No. 1366887

This "one side vs the other side" crap is why that kind of posters are so obnoxious. I can think she's retarded without embracing men. The two are completely separate.

No. 1366898

Not any of those anons either but did you even understand what they were talking about? Of course men make friends with each other and network to scratch each others' backs but it only works when there's a class that's below them present. If you're all from the ruling class, who are you going to be ruling over? What's going to be motivating you other than wealth and privilege? For women who are conditioned to overempathize with men and project their own behavior i.e. finding self fulfillment in things like participating in their community instead of oppressing other groups it's a hard pill to swallow that men simply don't work the way we do when it comes to humanitarian values. You have to remember that 90% of women have the innate ability to feel empathy (LRRN1, chromosome 3) while for most men it's a skill they have to be taught from birth.

No. 1366907

> but it only works when there's a class that's below them present
Yes, I got that, and it's an idiotic position to take. It's baseless and so obviously wrong, it shows that the poster knows nothing about history, sociology, anthropology. It's literally the exact same as incels speculating wildly according to their desires and calling it "evolutionary psychology", and the conclusions are similar too, even down to the science-y term that doesn't say what they say it says (in this case the empathy gene thing).

No. 1366916

This is boring pseudoscience dressed up with a facade of logic.

No. 1366918

>A privileged group only has solidarity with each other as long as they have a group to oppress together
>"No! You have no understanding of history or sociology!"
Quick, Nona: If the Nazis won WWII and killed every minority they set out to kill, would world peace be achieved?

No. 1366927

>It's baseless and so obviously wrong
Okay, I'm waiting for a rebuttal on why even when women were locked inside their homes not being able to participate in society men still kept killing each other over a variety of reasons despite having "camaraderie" for other moids. Incels are actually right in their rhetoric that men are parasites only functioning on their desire to coom and destroy, they just present it as a virtue instead of a flaw on a genetical level.

No. 1366929

Are you trolling or actually this demented?

No. 1366941

Men kill and rape women every day, and are doing almost nothing to stop the culture that creates incels, mass shooters, rapists, domestic abusers, child marriage, or female infanticide. If you can't answer the question, fuck off.

No. 1366942

Science agrees with the sentiment. For example according to this study from 2019, men are less likely to have a brain-level response to seeing someone else being hurt compared to women. https://www.uclahealth.org/news/when-watching-others-in-pain-womens-brains-show-more-empathy The same effect has been observed in animals as well, so we can draw a conclusion that men have impaired empathy skills. Empathy is something required to form and sustain a community because you need to be able to understand the needs of others and how they reflect into your own well being i.e. you don't want others to feel pain because it will trigger a response in your brain as well.

It's a well-known scientific fact that men have stunted empathy skills but because it's not caused by testosterone (as is why a FTM won't suddenly become a scrote after being injected with it and will still preserve her female behavior like the one posted upthread) as proven by studies like this https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-athletes-way/201909/does-testosterone-impair-mens-ability-empathize , the cause is most likely to be found on a deeper, genetical level. But if you still want to buy some bromance fantasy then I guess there's nothing more I can tell you besides wondering why you want to hold on to that cope so bad.

No. 1366944

File: 1665160818420.jpg (52.35 KB, 500x307, 1532827000581.jpg)

Why any woman would defend men on an obscure female only space is beyond me (unless they're moids). Even if you think those anons sound crazy, so what? You think men, even the good ones, ever defend women in their moid only groups when men talk about women being evil or whatever? They just stay silent or laugh awkwardly and let those guys keep going on as they were. It benefits all men, even good men, for women to be a subjugated class and that's not a crazy conspiracy theory it's just facts. Men would all collectively chimp out if every woman on earth decided they had enough and went their own way.

No. 1366949

Listen, retard: I'm not defending men, I'm defending women. We are not walking empathy factories designed to nurture and care for others while sacrificing our own health and wellbeing and desires. We're fully sentient beings who can exist anywhere along the full spectrum of personalities.
It's fine if you hate men but stop shitting on women to do it.

No. 1366951

Literally no one here is saying women are slaves to their empathy who exist only to coddle others. They're saying that men have lower capacity for empathy and thrive on hating others (if you take issue with this second one, explain incels, the KKK, Nazis, etc). That's all.

No. 1366955

Now it's just you buying into the incel rhetoric. They're portraying the skill of empathy and care for others as an inherent flaw and a sign of weakness because of their macho fantasies while in actuality empathy is actually a good thing and a requirement for a functional society that runs of democracy and compromises. Being monkey brains just hitting each other over the head with clubs creates nothing worth cultivating.

No. 1366961

Throwing out random studies that vaguely connect to the issue doesn't vindicate your insane conclusions. Women perform slightly better in some empathy related tasks, but it's uncertain how much of that is socialisation. Probably not all of it, but either way it's a far cry from the bullshit you post.

No. 1366968

This is the exact reason "incels" say women must rear children and men must run societies. If all societies are run by cooperative, empathetic women, the one rare society that happens to be run by aggressive, domineering men will rapidly conquer all the others.
The biological reality is that we are two halves of one species and we are much more alike than different, especially when broadly compared to other sexually dimorphic animals. The social reality (patriarchy) is changeable, but the biological reality is not.

No. 1366974

This study >>1366942 says men have similar empathy levels, lower averaged across different measurements, but similar. But men may be able to turn off their empathy when they are dealing with enemies. To me that sounds like a learned ability but I do admit it does sound kinda like incel shit, and it's coming from your camp and >>1366949 is not an unreasonable response imo.

No. 1366979

That's not what anyone here is saying, at least not what I'm saying. We're talking about the relationship dynamics between groups of men and women and how they differ. I don't think most of the manifesto anons here think that men literally have no friendships and those friendships never have ANY emotional substance to them. But men do not conceptualize friendship in the same way we do and it shows in how they function.
Love the criticism above that we don't understand sociology or history. Ever heard of the Stanford Prison Experiment, just as one example? Those were not actual convicted rapists and murderers and yet when put into a simulated prison environment, they immediately resorted to strict hierarchy and cruelty. You can't even say they were just following the assignment because they famously went above and beyond with it and honestly seemed ready and happy to participate in fucking each other up. Idk if it has ever been recreated with female only subjects but I can promise you the outcome would look different.
Men can have normal and fulfilling emotional discussions not based on subjugating others, but those moments are few and far between. They will admit this themselves and even joke about it on Reddit, laughing about the difference between male and female friendship. They'll joke about how women will basically function as therapists for each other or at least check up on each other frequently, while they just hang out with their bro in silence playing a video game or something. The few times they do appear to make a step towards a more meaningful connection, it's always on a very small scale - with one other person or maaaybe a small group of friends. You will not see male camaraderie that looks like this on a macro level with large groups of men. That camaraderie is always centered on sexual bargaining or eliminating some kind of enemy force.
I'll listen to podcast episodes where the male hosts "get deep" with each other and without fail there are a bunch of comments along the lines of "Wow! It's so great to see men opening up and talking about this stuff with each other!" Do you not find it telling that this is apparently so uncommon that people feel the need to remark upon it with pleasant surprise?
>>1364305 may be wrong in that no, not literally every single relationship a man has with another man in the world is based on fucking over women or each other. But all of them do seem to use sexualizing women, enacting violence on women or cheering it on, fighting each other, etc. as strengthening their bond with one another, even if that's not the only thing the relationship is based on. This is an easily observable pattern, so I think it's fair to draw conclusions about their psychological nature.
Most of their friendships are remarkably shallow. They joke about it and weirdly almost brag about it sometimes. Claiming it's because men are uncomplicated, like they think there's some kind of greater purity in it's simplicity than female friendship. Then in the next breath, they'll lament how lonely and depressed they are and how they have no one to talk to despite having friends. All of this with the underlying implication that this is somehow women's fault or our job to fix, even though it is entirely self imposed. Probably because they view emotional work as something to be outsourced to the women in their lives.
I think a lot of women's greater empathy is socialized, but there's enough of a pattern of disparity between the sexes wrt to empathy across cultures, races, classes, etc. that I think it's naive and wishful thinking to believe there's no genetic component. I would recommend the book Demonic Males to you to explain this better, but I know you're unlikely to read it. It's written by 2 men though, so you can't dismiss it as radfem sperging - one being a primatologist and the other an author who focuses on science and natural history.

No. 1367007

>Being capable of empathy is the same as being weak and excludes the ability to protect your own community from outsider aggressors or being selective with who you sympathize with
Do you even hear yourself, this is actual scrote logic to think that only emotionless killing machines can persevere when eventually they'll be killed by their own as well. Just look at literally any dictator in the history of mankind.

>without fail there are a bunch of comments along the lines of "Wow! It's so great to see men opening up and talking about this stuff with each other!" Do you not find it telling that this is apparently so uncommon that people feel the need to remark upon it with pleasant surprise?
This, in reality most normie men think it's sissy business to actually have meaningful connections with people and constantly joke about soycuck wojacks who actually value their interpersonal relationships as fulfilling of their emotional needs instead of treating them as business deals to exploit and gain from. I know men who meet each other just to talk about their lives and emotions and "deep" topics but for every moid like that I know at least 10 who would think they're pansy faggots for it.

No. 1367013

> Do you not find it telling that this is apparently so uncommon that people feel the need to remark upon it with pleasant surprise?
That's because of male socialisation. It wasn't generally acceptable for men to do this until relatively recently.

Seriously, your theories are so weird, it's like you exist in a world without men where we can know nothing about them except from our selective reading of cherry picked papers. I don't understand how you can be online and yet know nothing about men. Virtually all internet communities are anonymized or pseudonymized, including some where people are very open about their deepest thoughts and feelings. Consequently you end up talking to men all the time and gain some degree of understanding of how they tick. I don't understand how you could avoid this. Where do you exist? Do you have no hobbies or interests whatsoever?

No. 1367015

Then you're probably too retarded to comprehend a very basic take in evolutionary biology.

>The male warrior hypothesis argues that “humans, particularly men, may possess psychological mechanisms enabling them to form coalitions capable of planning, initiating and executing acts of aggression on members of outgroups, with the ultimate goal of acquiring or protecting reproductive resources


No. 1367017

Men admit it themselves when they constantly whine about lack of their own community support groups, mental health aid, and being ridiculed by other being for being weak/faggots/"feminine". They are close insofar as two parasitic worms are in alliance to leech of of their shared host, but not really much beyond that. Moid friendships are built around subjugating women and men of other enemy tribes, they're extremely shallow beyond that.

No. 1367018

You MUST have some cognitive disorder, I'm trying to figure out which. The degree of black and white thinking is absurd. I have friends who are medically autistic and none of them are this extreme, then again my friends are capable of friendship so that excludes lots of kinds of people.

>men cooperate for x purpose [among a million other ones, many taking up far more of their time and effort] therefore all male interaction is solely within the scope of what is required for X purpose

The leap of thought is crazy wide and the conclusion is drawn with such totality, in the face of overwhelming and obvious evidence to the contrary.

No. 1367020

Saying it again doesn't make it more true.

No. 1367024

A leap of thought you invented.

If you see a statement that applies on a population level and then immediately get triggered because you deem it to be untrue in your own interpersonal dynamics, that's a you problem.

No. 1367026

I'm not even whatever nonnie you're talking to. It's literally true. Moid friendships are spamming memes, dehumanizing women, and "banter" between one another.
Actual support and a deep emotional bond is virtually no existent. The closest they have is hyping each other up with their kings/chads/brother talk but it's extremely shallow. It's more of an exercise in hyping themselves up through, again, a shared enemy and only being able to see themselves in other males.

No. 1367029

You seem pathological incapable of conceptualizing the difference between "some" and "all".

No. 1367031

>Being capable of empathy is the same as being weak and excludes the ability to protect your own community from outsider aggressors or being selective with who you sympathize with
I know what you're getting at, but consider how much more easily TIMs infiltrate and gain control over women's spaces compared with TIFs in men's spaces, all while TIMs literally kill women and TIFs literally never kill men. Why are handmaidens so common and the male counterpart nonexistent?
The only thing we're in disagreement on is whether this happens mainly because of biology or socialization. IDK if we'll ever really know for sure because looking for innate biological markers is made more difficult by the way that socialization physically affects the way our bodies/brains develop.
Anyway I object on principle to the suggestion that my biological sex is the dominant influence on my personality (the influence of society's behavior towards me due to my sex being a completely separate thing imo) so I won't argue about it anymore as it would just go in circles.

No. 1367036

If you understood that difference you wouldn't be seething about milquetoast academic theories.

No. 1367045

What exactly are you even disagreeing with me about here? I never cherry picked any papers, tf are you on about? What theories of mine here are "weird"?
I never said said men are straight up incapable of empathy. But I do think they are able to shut it off more easily/have a harder time accessing it (especially when it comes to people who are different from them) than women. They are alarmingly good at compartmentalizing. Look at any of the posts in the reddit hate thread for evidence of this. We have tangible evidence of this irl too. Just look at the world around you.
I never said men can never have meaningful relationships with other men, but their relationships do not mimic female relationship dynamics at all and are on average much more shallow. They also bond over cruelty and violence much more than women. Idk how you can deny that with a straight face.
I literally included an obligatory notallmen to so many of my points and yet you're still pressed.
If all bad male behavior is due to socialization, then why do we see the same patterns repeated across all cultures? Why are there no matriarchal societies aside from tiny tribes that have to constantly fight off male interference? Why do our closest animal relatives (chimps, and honestly all the great apes…yes even bonobos to a lesser extent) mirror this behavior with extremely violent males dominating lower rank members of the group and having authority because of this? It fucking sucks and I don't enjoy acknowledging it, but yes there is something deeply wrong with males on a fundamental level and feminist re-socialization will never change it 100% because it's literally in their DNA. That doesn't mean we shouldn't try to make improvements, but it's woefully naive to think we can change them as a whole through nurturing them more

No. 1367046

Being fat

No. 1367057

Giving in to sociopaths isn't caused by "empathy". Women bend a knee to male demands because they don't have a choice, literally no wiggle room to work with, as we have witnessed with the women who decided to speak up and lost their jobs and were stalked by violent troons nailing rat corpses to women's shelters' doors. You really think trannies made so many advances just because women thought they would be nice and offer their spaces to their new "sisters"? No, a more accurate description would be that they weren't given any options by men hammering their way in and the conforming "okay, I guess this is what we have to live with now, trans women are women then" cope comes later and it's what makes the situation easier to stomach when all they can do is just settle. I have many friends who at first resented TWs but gradually started supporting them because it was easier than constantly be afraid of being singled out for having "terf thoughts". You'll notice that even most female TRAs still slip up in certain ways showing that they still see trans women as men (which is why they repeat TWAW like a religious mantra to brainwash themselves), and even FTMs complain about MTFs being aloof and egoistic in trans spaces. Blaming women for being "weak" for being capable of empathy is the same shit /pol/faggots do when they attempt to gaslight everyone into believing that it was actually the evil feminazis who brought about all the trans degeneracy about when all proof points to conservative male millionaires aggressively lobbying the trans ideology.

Point being empathy doesn't make you stupid, weak or naive. Countries with female leaders thrive because they're more likely inclined to keep their people safe and happy. We hate men because they're ape brained psychos, we shouldn't strive to be like them.

No. 1367151

>stop shitting on women!
>listen retard

No. 1367671

File: 1665234276196.jpg (36.41 KB, 1053x313, 20221008_080258.jpg)

Actual response on a post calling someone out for reblogging from terfs

No. 1367707

File: 1665238081412.jpg (49.76 KB, 491x572, vhsshoric.jpg)

I know these genders are low hanging-fruit, but this is so specific and retarded I can't stop laughing

No. 1367783

File: 1665245177249.png (234.52 KB, 1080x363, Screenshot_20221008-090451.png)

Love how opabinia is just the one who reblogs gendies asking them to define woman

No. 1367786

Do… you think that insulting one woman is the same thing as shitting on all women? Really? Yikes.

No. 1367803

>"men aren't like that naturally, it's just that society makes them feel like unlovable monsters" point without thinking about things like who actually created the societies we live in, who runs these societies, and who benefits from the structure and culture of these societies.

Wow this made me realize something. I'm sitting here thinking about how men have organized themselves to fight to end all kinds of thing that other men created, e.g.
- The Enlightenment
- end the social power of the catholic church in most of the Western World (sorry Ireland)
- End monarchy
- End slavery
- Fight for worker's rights under capitalism
- Ending capitalism

And I'm realizing these assholes could have organized to fight for women's rights. Ever since the Enlightenment there have been random dudes who were, like, the way women are treated is pretty shitty, men should stop doing that. But not once has a group of men organized to fight for women's rights the way they have for everything listed above and other issues. Women's rights movements were always led by women who would eventually get enough men to agree that they could change things. But not once has a group of men led the fight and taken it directly to other men to protect women.

My god, men are so horrible. Goddamn, how do I keep being surprised.

But still, I don't think men are innately monsters to women. I think humans have the ability to dehumanize other humans and the group or groups of men who first decided to dehumanize women triumphed over those who didn't. And now the idea that "women exist to serve men" is so deeply embedded in every society in the world, and provides men with so many benefits, it would take some kind of huge external shock to the world's system to get men as a whole to give it up.

No. 1367900

Go back tumblrfag.

No. 1368256

as a bi woman i've never ever seen anyone with a "bi" url who wasn't totally insufferable and insecure

No. 1368424

BUMP CP warning

No. 1368428

Shouldn't you expect Tumblrfags in the Tumblr thread? How else do you expect screenshots to appear.

No. 1370923

File: 1665513966459.png (376.61 KB, 1080x1410, A41921A2-B5B8-451A-B23F-6E84F0…)

This is obviously a troll but I can’t stop laughing

No. 1371295

I feel like I've definitely seen unironic versions of this on some of the "mlm" straight TIF blogs

No. 1372639

Has anyone notice that there's been more coomer tranny males posting and their shitty posts about "lol i creampie my gf!!" (gross as fuck) or "lesbians love futanari" gets thousands of notes? Am I just making it up?

No. 1373062

File: 1665675874845.png (267.48 KB, 1576x619, ok.png)

No terfs can interact, but I guess if you're a channer who worships troons, you're good. She's 20 btw.

No. 1373063

I've noticed it too. They're getting more comfortable now. Funny enough, even if their post/url makes no mention of girl dick or whatever other trannyisms I can still clock them a mile away because they all talk like autistic males (because they are).

No. 1373131

She seems like a dictionary definition of pickme come to life.

No. 1373196

>Women's rights movements were always led by women who would eventually get enough men to agree that they could change things. But not once has a group of men led the fight and taken it directly to other men to protect women.
i think this is true of most social movements. you get your john browns and your tolstoys and what have you, but most of the time, organizing to improve the conditions of an underclass is driven almost entirely by the members of that underclass. people who reap benefits from prevailing structures aren't motivated to alter or destroy them, so the people who decide to do that anyway are either possessed of unusual integrity or, more commonly, fucking nuts in exactly the right way that they'll advocate for the more vulnerable.
moids in general are selfish, lazy, and will do whatever benefits them while demanding the minimum amount of effort, irrespective of its impacts on other people. personal interactions with moids should be based around maintaining as much power over them as possible, and politically, you should expect them to be an active hindrance unless you've maneuvered them into a position where they have no options but to aid you. i think whether or not they're innately evil is irrelevant when every incentive they're given will motivate them to harm you as much as possible for as long as they can get away with it. a man who benefits from doing evil and therefore becomes evil will behave identically to one that was doomed to evil by birth, the impacts of his behavior on you are the same, and the best way to deal with it remains forming a united front with the only people who can ever be trusted to work in your interests: other women.
i'm not disagreeing with you really, just sperging because i think men get more predictable when you realize that the things that drive our choices - kindness, compassion, concern for others, a sense of solidarity - are totally irrelevant to their decision-making

No. 1373640

kek no shit, they already list terfs right next to neo nazis and pedos on their do not interact pages as if the three are somehow comparable, also considering the overlap between being mtf and being alt right and/or a pedo they definitely hate terfs more. living rent free etc

No. 1373686

File: 1665716104075.jpeg (52.46 KB, 828x263, 045EF7FA-6F57-4F87-AB0F-02CEF5…)

>22 y/o they/them
>terfs kill yourself in bio

No. 1373694

>i am like a 14 year old boy

You wish Noncetta

No. 1373866

File: 1665736422089.png (162.04 KB, 994x877, Screenshot_20221013-095721~2.p…)

Oh yeah all these things are totally comparable.

No. 1373899

one of these is not like the others

No. 1373911

This happens so much online I'm starting to feel like I'm going crazy. You'll have xe/zir 13-18 year old tifs with TERF/PROSHIPPERS DNI and then they'll constantly reference 4chan, style their layouts like your pic, post 4chan memes and screencaps. This cognitive dissonance really has me seething kek

No. 1373929

Is the third one how western liberals plan to gaslight ex-Muslims so they don't have to admit they memed themselves into defending an oppressive, misogynistic religion?

No. 1373930

why is this perv talking about young boys “jacking off”

No. 1373938

Ding ding ding ding! Hit the nail on the head. I've also experienced the same shit when speaking out against Judaism (even though I was born and raised a Jew). The big badass liberal atheists are fucking cowards who only criticise Christianity/Catholicism because it's the "acceptable" religion to publicly bash.

No. 1373963

File: 1665751897078.jpg (214.62 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20221014-144415_1.j…)

I keep seeing posts like this and I wish people on tumblr would realize there are movies outside of Hollywood and America. I have been watching a lot of newer movies recently and none of them have been franchise spectacles and you can see the director tried to be earnest. Just watch movies that aren't targeted 10 year old and manchildren then all the complaints the average tumblr user have towards movies disappears.
Lots of old movies where made to make money too. If you read about the production and marketing for the original Star Wars movie from 1977 you see that merch was a focus. There is always going to be spectacle movies meant to be cashgrabs

No. 1373987

That post is painful to read because it’s like they’re stroking out but the sentiment remains true. A lot of movies right now suck. Movies that are being given multimillion dollar budgets are horrible, and not everyone wants to or even thinks to trawl through letterbox looking for indie films. You can’t expect the average person to know about the movies you’re talking about. Even some of the best movies right now aren’t actually groundbreaking or special, they’re just good compared to what else is being offered.

No. 1374007

I'm not even talking about obscure underground movies that are only shown in special theatres. Lots of mainstream theatres also airs movies that aren't blockbuster. But dunno have seen lots of burgers say that their local theatres only show Marvel and nothing else so maybe it's different in USA.
Bit that doesn't change the fact that lots of tumblr users have no trouble finding translations of obscure doujinshis so surely they would be able to find English subtitles for the latest eurotrash movie

No. 1374013

There’s an entire monopoly over cinema here. I think it’s perfectly fine to vent about being tired of things being so abysmally shit in general. Sure they can pirate movies but the fact remains that if they want to have the theater experience they’re going to have to sift through the top five shit ones. Like good for you for not being a burger I guess but it doesn’t change the fact that in America you’re being bombarded with the same shit and most of it sucks. The bag is being fumbled immensely here. Even movies with potential are being butchered.

No. 1374022

nta and europoor, but the movies from my country suck ass, so we just get 94% shitty Marvel shlock and 5% shitty native romcoms, 1% movies made by directors from my country but made in the US (iirc) which for some reason nobody wants to watch with me even though it's actually the most interesting thing I've heard of in years. Why does nobody want to see the lesbian nun movie?

No. 1374041

it's true that there is still plenty of good cinema out there, i agree and get annoyed by people refusing to try something different or make themselves aware of other films while complaining with this specific wording ("90% of movies these days are cash grabs"), but mainstream cinema has never been as creatively bankrupt, shallow, and immature as it currently is. it is truly IQ-lowering shit. disney/marvel films are produced with the main intention of having the films appeal to as many people as possible, and their overwhelming presence has made it so that plenty of non-franchise films aren't getting a shot in your average theatre. yes, hollywood films were often made with the intention of making money, this goes back a long way. however, those films at least had some form of integrity and many gems came out of those times.
ever since the rise of the blockbuster in the late 70s/80s, hollywood films have gradually strived to appeal to a wider age range and a wider audience in general, and they've really dumbed down over time. before that there were westerns, noirs, melodramas, etc. which were produced en masse because it was clear that those were what people would pay to see. but those films often treated the audience like grown adults, at least compared to hollywood films today. but then, it feels as though there is a comedown in terms of marvel shit, like in the past couple of years people have come to generally care less about their stuff. i hope so, anyway.

No. 1374055

I'm not American, and a lot of the newer local films, which are mostly shitty romcoms, or at least the movies you see in theaters, are trying to copy American mainstream millennial humor and portray the lifestyle of Americanized rich out-of-touch people in their 30s and 40s (yuppies) that no one here can relate to. They try so hard to be quirky and trendy, they're so cringe-worthy it's fucking painful to watch. That's not even mentioning how fucking cliched they are, so it's not surprising that they all flop. I'm sure this is happening in other countries as well, so this decrease in quality is not exclusive to the US.

No. 1374202

It’s kind if entertaining tbh there’s now a quasi resurrection with slurs on tumblr that just 5 years ago would have been impossible

No. 1374216

There was some candid of him from last year where he looked terrible and on twitter people were getting mad for others body shaming him while all I saw on tumblr was a post calling him a fat lesbian.

No. 1374240

File: 1665767365136.png (144.2 KB, 1036x866, notgood.png)

how is it even possible to be this much of a pickme

No. 1374245

Gotta be a troll with this username

No. 1374260

Sounds like sarcasm to me

No. 1374261

Yeah I think it's supposed to be a joke

No. 1374274

Maybe she's a slobpig too.

No. 1374286

I'm pretty sure that's a radfem in your screenshot.

No. 1374636

I've read her blog before and can assure you it's not

No. 1374649

kek i think she saw this because after that there is a post about how people misuse the word pickme

No. 1374806

I just checked, and it's embarrassing. She calls herself a misandrist but is a dick worshipper who openly envies other women and thinks that only extremely feminine women can be pickmes, even though she thinks that type hates men more than she does. She gives femcel.

No. 1374881

Posts like this are believable enough to me as long as they're not too over the top because similar posts like >>1264163 are legit

No. 1375791

go back

No. 1376025

File: 1665893120081.jpeg (481.88 KB, 828x1463, 7C5B3EF1-0661-4685-BFEF-BC7852…)


No. 1376150

File: 1665903192578.png (72.05 KB, 480x280, Komaeda thinking.png)

>people who don't have dicks

No. 1376160

ah yes its ok to make fun of women and girls-teens for any little attribute but god forbid a woman says a man with a small penis sucks

No. 1376189

I get so sick of these kind of posts, you aren't my fucking mom, you aren't my handler. "Don't day thos, stop saying that,-" shut the fuck up random person.
It just comes off so fucking weird and stupid. As to how these people think they can control anyone's fucking language. Like people aren't going to stop talking about small dicks or calling scrotes Baby Carrot dicks because you said on Tumblr. I'm getting annoyed with the way people phase thing as if it's a threat or they have any fucking authority over people on the internet.

No. 1376193

FOIDS STOP LAUGHING AT MY TINY PINGAS!!!!! but make it progressive

No. 1376218

Women are nitpicked from head to toe, on features that you can't hide in public. Who gives af about lil dick/ED 'shaming' when only people you're getting intimate should be concerned about it. Find one person who doesn't care about your small dick. Problem solved.

No. 1376420

>using “cunt” as an insult
“it’s Wrong and Bad and every type of -ism to make fun of men’s shrimp dicks but it’s perfectly fine to use a sexist slur based on female genitalia, I’m definitely not a misogynist btw”

No. 1376458

>uses cunt in the same sentence as a insult while she defends men from being called micropenis.

WTF We live in a CLOWN world, does she not see the cognitive dissonance or hypocrisy.
pickmes are literally the most retarded things on earth.

No. 1376475

based on the “girldick” in the url I think that’s a troon. even worse. these men voluntarily atrophy their peens by taking estrogen and then blame women for their insecurities.

No. 1376488

Whoever typed this has the smallest mircopeen imaginable. Whoever liked and reblogged this are either the same or are the biggest handmaidens imaginable.

No. 1376578

File: 1665940897181.gif (332.27 KB, 220x220, 1665089085875913.gif)

I'll make fun of men with small dicks until my last breath. If you can't satisfy a woman or a man in bed because of your micropeen then die. When I learned that men who grew up with the same growth hormone deficiency I had usually have a micropenis, sometimes even after receiving medical treatments that work, I thanked the lord for making me a woman.

No. 1376632

My dad has a small penis and he's, in fact, a dick pun intended

No. 1376658

I don't know why, but that made me laugh.

No. 1376683

Is that a troon? Why would his dick size matter to him, doesn't he want it small and dainty? Or is he (as usual) mentally identifying with straight incels?

No. 1376879

File: 1665957562995.jpeg (70.42 KB, 828x588, 1CC67756-6BBC-4567-BC04-D25C7B…)

OP is a troon of course

No. 1376885

stacy shit. i do it also because it always rustles their jimmies and they question their size even if they have big dicks
why do you know this

No. 1376887

They really, truly think that kinksters parading their weird and genuinely unethical "kinks" that involve abuse, rape, pedophilia, or bestiality are exactly as wrongly victimized as SSA people. Homosexuality hurts no one. BDSM, "rape-play," DDLG, pedophilia, IPV, bestiality, and fetishes that incorporate bigotry (racism, misogyny, homophobia, etc) do.

No. 1376913

File: 1665960859588.jpeg (694.17 KB, 1284x1711, 1DB481C9-5029-4C8D-8514-E60B0F…)

They always tell people to read another book but they literally never shut up about this one.

No. 1376920

Love or hate HP all you want, but don't fucking pretend that Emma Watson is a good actress whose career deserves to be talked about.

No. 1376924

"eople only ever say "we need to hoosh out the freaks + degenerates" when the following become prevalent in a community:
>people who post kink shit to tags about cartoons/stuffed toys/anywhere kids are exposed to it
And that says a lot about the person who made this Tumblr post

No. 1376930

can't wait for the ps5 exclusive harry potter game where you're just a student at hogwarts that shit looks fire

No. 1376932

Wow I'm blind I literally just tried to post this exact text post. I was going to say this is just one big sad fat cope

No. 1376939

I like how he pretends to care about intersex people when he's just looking for -isms to make his small dick grievance sound worse

No. 1376944

Mom told me (she was drunk so yeah)
These people are so delusional and pathetic, imagine falling for the lies of the asslickers in your clique to the point you seriously believe an international franchise is going to die just cause ~le transphobia, bitch nobody outside of murica gives a damn

No. 1376978

Emma Watson should be on her knees shining JKR's shoes because if it weren't for HP, she'd be a literal who.

No. 1377131

File: 1665981162911.gif (18.58 KB, 220x220, hehe.gif)

Can't wait to stream the HP movies this Halloween and Christmas and I also can't wait to play the game. I will be comfy and enjoying the experience while these people scream and punch their reflection in their mirror over some words JK types on her silly little keyboard.

No. 1377541

File: 1666029653079.jpeg (264.77 KB, 828x932, DAF1F9AC-1715-4AC2-9F95-DB8459…)

it’s that time of the year again where jealous grifters bitch about Ao3

No. 1377634

Who is this?

No. 1377635

Which thread is she talking about?

No. 1377637

File: 1666035709220.jpeg (841.17 KB, 1170x1399, B69AC508-CD61-44D4-9F62-1059BE…)

>Op is a terf
Who gives a fuck

No. 1377638

>liking things a terf likes

No. 1377644

File: 1666036088227.jpeg (32.63 KB, 500x333, 4F7D4B33-9312-415F-B530-47EEE8…)

I’m a terf and I like cats. A trans kid gets murdered everytime someone looks at this photo.

No. 1377649

I need to have that cat

No. 1377673

I wouldn't be surprised if this person doesn't have any close friends irl. The vibe is bad.

No. 1377692

Most of them really don’t. I used to be mutual with a fair amount of them and in between all of the sperging would be vent posts about how lonely they were that would be deleted 20 minutes later.

No. 1377747

File: 1666043072409.jpeg (210.16 KB, 1394x930, 6CDEA554-71A9-4F06-8206-528A48…)

That’s Uni the cat - a profesional Japanese model. Link for you nonna.

No. 1377791

>why do people donate to a website that provides them with a service and not me, some bitter rando on the internet who thinks that they should die!
ebegging general if i had to guess

No. 1377942

>having an lolcow thread on me
Who even is this

No. 1377956

File: 1666057649694.jpg (163.2 KB, 1358x905, tumblr_2440246c0e257c4a7b6e7b2…)

thank you, reminds me a lot of a cat at the shelter who would always try to drink the coffee foam during our break

No. 1378109

File: 1666073382585.jpg (178.52 KB, 1456x971, uni the ultimate terf ally .jp…)

I would die for Uni.

No. 1378155

File: 1666077440686.jpg (73.99 KB, 992x1200, enoby.jpg)

I have already planned to make character based on Enoby! Evil playthrough all the way! Ofc with buttlicking every npc who gives me collectables.

No. 1379292

File: 1666160031709.png (19.93 KB, 787x286, Capture.PNG)

Why would you make a public tumblr then

No. 1379295

It's a little orca kitty…cutie

No. 1379456

this wasn't even technically about men, it was about TIFs with enlarged clitoris which they call microdicks, which idk is more or less pathetic

No. 1379491

Bold of you to assume tumblr user rabbitgirldick is a TIF or cares about TIFs, instead of being a TIM with extremely bog standard male insecurities. Anyways haha tiny dick can't pleasure anyone and thinks he's a woman, everyone point and laugh at the retard with the small penis.

No. 1380118

rosaria from the begging thread

No. 1380119

sa. **ebegging

No. 1380407

File: 1666255727588.jpeg (401.42 KB, 828x1002, 9480BC50-8F2E-4A63-BAE0-E4B5CC…)

No. 1380416

Maybe im not "in" tumblr environment for too long but for some reason I feel all of these groups she listed as terf characteristic actually don't overlap at all? (and some famously fit a lot of trannies, like fetish porn or so?)

No. 1380424

"TERF" doesn't actually mean anything to most people. Like the majority of people who use the term have never read a single radfem text, and they just haphazardly apply the abbreviation to anything not conforming to their libfem worldview. Like, you would have to be an actual retard to think anything radfem is repackaged nazi talking points kek

No. 1380427

it's like they're describing fakeboitherottengirl

No. 1380432

This person is probably describing what we call "orbiters." There are a lot of retarded conservative people who get called TERFs by equally retarded TRAs, and think that maybe radfems will like them because we both hate troons. They don't tend to last long, because once we realize they're just fundies and they realize we have actual praxis (& support minorities kek) they tend to leave return to regular fundie circles. These people are obviously not radfems, because they're not even regular feminists. They're usually antifeminist. I don't think it's deliberate on the part of TRAs, but they've created a perfect system to negate any criticism of their ideology by lumping everyone who disagrees with them into one group (autistic black and white thinking), so they can point to the conservitards who hate them because they think they're gay or even just generally GNC and say "everyone who hates us is just an all-around bigot who just hates us for being different" instead of actually acknowledging leftist criticism of them (misogyny, homophobia, ableism, racism, gender essentialism, spiritual thinking, dogmatism, etc).
t. radblr retard

No. 1380436

Samefag but the post also contains blending of disparate groups (female orbiters posting Coquette tradwife shit, orbiters posting porn, and actual radfems posting criticisms of misogyny and rape culture) as well as a lot of obvious projection (Unnuanced political takes interspersed with misogynistic and racist porn? Where have I heard that one before?).

No. 1380440

TRAd on tumblr lump terfs with Republican/conservative women all the time to discredit the movement this unhinged post is just the next step

No. 1380484

This idiot thinks only meanie TERFs hold the completely normie opinions of "trans people are creepy and weird" and "porn is nasty"

No. 1381001

File: 1666296093219.png (2.21 MB, 886x1920, 5FF1596F-152B-40B3-8022-0142A0…)

This is her btw. She’s projecting.

No. 1381014

what the hell is this retard talking about. Those 4chn pickmes with their sexualized female anime pfps or porn LITERALLY HATE Radfems and radfems are also against porn, also coquettes are not radfems and most coquettes dont even get along with the 4chan pickmes she mentioned.
This dumb bich really just lumped 3 groups together who have nothing in common.

No. 1381048

she must be talking about that mena girl, and a handful of other bpd radfems who love to romanticize their abuse and wallow in self-pity

No. 1381056

The type of people she's describing do exist but there's not really a huge number of them. It's mostly red scare wannabes who pander to male edgelords. They're attracted to terf content because it's perceived to be edgy and non-pc, which is why they'll reblog radfem content alongside their gore, hentai, and groyper shit. I assume these are the type of "radfem" blogs that get shared in troon-friendly circles, which is why they're always accusing terfs of being anorexic coquettes when the average ovarit user is a super normal 40 year old mom.

No. 1381196

File: 1666305492746.png (18.26 KB, 647x162, slavery contributes to society…)

Welp, this is one of the worst posts I've read on tumblr in quite a while.
I guess by work harder they mean it's physically harder to work when your pimp beats the shit out of you?

No. 1381241

Who was even saying CEOs get fucked by the government before this?

No. 1381243

right-wing lolbertarians i guess?

No. 1381308

>Dream daddy is a good game with awesome characters
No it fucking isn't, it's a shitty meme VN that has nothing in the way of good plotlines and only got popular for a week because game grumps shilled it.

Sage for OT sperg

No. 1381321

OT I only played it since I found Damien hot. Imagine my disappointment at discovering she was a she.

No. 1381332

didn't that game also have the option to make the mc a tif and even choose between binder and zippertits? no wonder only aidens gave a shit about it

No. 1381447

She tried to come off as someone who has knowledge about ~webcore~! lol

No. 1383033

I pirated it out of morbid curiosity and I found it hilarious that she has printed out Naruto (? I think it's Naruto, idk I'm not a weeb) fanfiction on her bookshelves, m/m too. I can't help but wonder if a dev wrote that in as a burn on TIFs. It's not like people can claim it's unrealistic, kek.

No. 1383376

There was probably just at least one TIF without any self awareness on the writing team.

No. 1385132

File: 1666646369461.jpeg (449.42 KB, 1284x1695, 0B5F8A88-B124-4684-B076-5C9F3C…)

I don’t get some of these. Do words mean nothing? How can you be asexual and gay or lesbian or bi?

No. 1385142

they're talking about romantic, non-sexual attraction I presume. not here to argue about what's "real", just answering the question. like they want to hold hands with another girl and kiss them and go on cute dates but don't care for sex.

No. 1386030

File: 1666721187236.jpeg (90.4 KB, 1170x314, 6D6FC8DF-6CEC-476A-897E-BCB482…)


No. 1386064


No. 1386081

File: 1666723701856.jpg (111.13 KB, 717x895, 1619232422357.jpg)

you will never look like this ayden

No. 1386089

"Asexual lesbians" come in two flavours
>regular heterosexuals who explain their lack of actual physical attraction to women with "asexuality" and also blame their heterosexual urges on "comphet"
>actual lesbians but literally autistic or/and 14 years old

No. 1386158

You're absolutely correct, to the point I suspect that you're a former "aspec sapphic" yourself.
t. an autistic lesbian.

No. 1386233

She was well bullied then.

No. 1386800

If she hadn't been bullied for being weird she would have less reasons to troon out and would love herself as a weird girl instead of thinking she's a failed woman.

No. 1386817

Not being bullied wouldn't keep you from feeling alienated due to autism.

No. 1386849

File: 1666789185156.jpg (408.61 KB, 335x850, ce7FaQm.jpg)

Gerald wearing fem clothing doesn't bother me as much as other nonnies here but this post and the tags were really cringy
"sexy teacher outfit" will always be creepy as fuck.
I'm also somewhat delusional I don't want him to be a gendie. GNC people that become enbies are boring cowards

It doesn't really seem contradictory I'm assuming there's a reason she said heteroromantic and not heterosexual.
So you would be interested in the romantic aspect of relationships but not interested in the sexual aspect.

No. 1386874

nta but being bullied is a large aspect for transition listed by desistors, it follows behind things like homophobia and living in a conservative hellhole. being ostracized by their female peers makes pre-tifs seek male spaces and online company.

No. 1386895

File: 1666791363377.jpeg (261.99 KB, 828x809, 08894A34-06A7-43BF-8A7D-2BCAE9…)

No. 1386972

Of course "bimbocracy" and "potbarbie" would think that.
Also what's up with (mostly) usamericans and their obsession with saying every minute thing is [X]'s culture? It almost never make sense.

No. 1387005

When was patreon ever associated with sex workers lul?

No. 1387146

get a real job retards

No. 1387163

what's a demo sapphio

No. 1387561

before patreon shut that shit down like tumblr and onlyfans became a thing.

No. 1387692

I think "demosexual" was supposed to be "demisexual," which is the aspec identity of "I'm not attracted to bodies, I just want to fuck people I'm romantically attracted to." Like most ace identities, people that identify as it are generally either spicy straights, low libido, autistic (and therefore don't want sex because of sensory overload and difficulty with social activities), or gay with internalized homophobia and trying to psyop themselves into being opposite-sex attracted.
Unless wanting to fuck Demoman from TF2 is an asexual identity now.

No. 1388360

I report every ebeg post that appears on my dash

No. 1388617

Camwhores claiming to be trailblazers in literally every domain will never stop being hilarious.

No. 1393814

File: 1667264869913.png (44.56 KB, 219x265, CE6D6E2E-D68C-4B81-B2B5-6AEA7D…)

I love this campy shit

No. 1394551

File: 1667317318451.jpeg (283.39 KB, 828x1028, 4ED17D11-3F3E-4D08-8091-4BFD66…)