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File: 1483494890288.jpg (36.49 KB, 526x526, 15873075_1745621322423897_2039…)

No. 27316

>Is a creepy stalker who copies Kittimei / LittleNyuu
>When accused of copying she cries all the way to the hospital and claims she's being harassed and stalked


Here's an archive with SOME photo proof of her copying, I say some because there was much more but KittiMei has since deleted her Instagram accounts and Emalee has restarted hers a few times since, now copying some of HoneyBloodxo's posts.

She even went to Japan Oct 2016 and replicated Katie's posts, by going to the same shops, buying the same clothes and making posts that where almost identical to KittiMei's Japan 2015 trip.
So yeah, Discuss.

No. 27317

File: 1483495014351.jpg (64.98 KB, 960x960, Emalee (22).jpg)

For those too lazy to click the link

No. 27318

File: 1483495210476.jpg (87.53 KB, 960x960, Emalee (21).jpg)

No. 27319

Who the hell are these people and why should we care?

No. 27320

idk anon, that's some swf shit, my interest is piqued. makes me think of kooter and that kittyphina or whatever chick

No. 27321

lmao who has the kind of time for this kind of SWF-ing?

No. 27322

Also kind of curious because this is creepy

No. 27323

>that hair

No. 27324

Her instagram is already emptied. lolcow lurker level 99.

No. 27325

At first I thought that it might just be a coincidence, but after clicking through the link… creepy. She actually replicated her Japan trip too? How bizarre.

Kittiemei is clearly the better looking of the two. Fawn even looks like a huge creep.

No. 27326

File: 1483498686050.jpg (14.09 KB, 247x247, Emalee 1_zpsobywnqhe.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 27327


Also need to mention that fawn is dating kitti's ex boyfriend… I've seen this whole obsession grow for like 4 years, she's an actual nutcase

No. 27328

No. 27329

That takes this whole thing to a new level! Wtf.

No. 27330

but yeah she likes to think shes popular online, and that she can get away with this, but its pretty disgusting. clearly needs help but wants to pretend shes a perfect smol "fawn" who could do no wrong

No. 27331

i lose track which is copycat and which is Kittimei just going through that album. just FMI is littledeercosplay Kitti??? and littlefawncosplay Emalee??? confusing!!!

No. 27332

…this is bizarre as fuck.
Although she consistently looks like a cheap knock off version which is kinda funny but still … Why???

No. 27333

Littledeercosplay / KittiMei / LittleNyuu = Kitti.
Littlefawnxo / Littleefawn / Darlingdeer / Darlingdeerxo / Littlefawncosplay = Emalee

No. 27334

yeh kitti is littledeer. I know kitti irl and the name little deer has pretty personal meaning to her, and then fawn started using littlefawn like wtf girl go away lmao

No. 27335

This has potential.

No. 27336

She also copied her sailor moon tattoo. This girl would skin Kitti and wear her if she could.

No. 27337

Or Felice Fawn and Mila Mortice.

No. 27338

Are those dermals?

No. 27339

File: 1483501591758.png (794.7 KB, 2534x1206, cache.png)

I Googled her Tumblr and this was in the cache for it, seems she has now deleted these two posts relating to the stalker.

No. 27340

crazy cases of imitation and copying always fascinate me. this one is particularly intense.

No. 27341

I just visited kittimei's Tumblr and I can why the fawn girl would copy her. I think this was a good idea for a thread, OP. I wonder if either will eventually come here.

No. 27342

This is so next level holy shit. I feel so bad for the girl she's copying. What the fuck does one even do in this sort of scenerio? I thought Mila was creepy, and Kittyphina even moreso, but this is a whole new tier of crazy. And the whole dating her ex thing is the final nail in the coffin. Too much.

No. 27343

Jesus, I've had my own little copy before and it was super uncomfortable, and it wasn't even this extreme. Poor girl.. I'd be scared out of my wits if I were Kitti.

No. 27344

Fuck me, I could only get through half of the photos because my phones a piece of shit and it was taking way too long but I saw enough to say this chick is a straight up creep.
She's worse than that Kittyphina/b4by.jpg(?) girl was when she emulated Kooter hard.
It must feel so embarrassing to be so unoriginal. I mean, the whole pastel weeby neko mimi crap aesthetic is not unique in the slightest, but this girl is taking it to the next level.
Wow, I didn't think she was much of a looker from her Instagram pictures but damn…girl looks busted in candids. She hides her uggo well.

No. 27345

I think littledeer has a weirdly shaped face, it's sooo looong. I also feel like there's a massive forehead hiding behind that hair, same with the copycat tho.

Why do they all have big foreheads, i wonder…Maybe still better than a micro forehead (?)

No. 27346

Her forehead is normal irl. At least she doesn't look like a heroin addict like fawn.

No. 27347

Going through her Tumblr I think fawn looks way cuter (minus the horrible candid, ugh) but that is just my personal opinion.

Still that doesn't make her any less creepy and stalkerish

No. 27348

This is like old school starpowerrr drama

No. 27349

I only clicked the link now but holy fuck. It's actually scary. Like this doesn't even seem real to me.

No. 27350

File: 1483514808004.png (85.8 KB, 475x491, meggriff.PNG)

How is that embarrassing?

She looks like my 51 year old ginger mum trying to look like a kawaii princess and it's disturbing.

No. 27351

>looks like a 51 year old mum

that's reaching really really far

No. 27352

At first this was fascinating but now it's just horrifying how far the stalker has gone. I feel so bad for this girl and her safety.

No. 27353

How funny. Her instagram is now private and she only has 2 pictures left. Someone is lurking here.

No. 27354

No, I meant she actually looks like my mum who is 51, hence why I said she looks like my mum, not "a" mum,

No. 27355

Agreed, it really is. I think she looks 22 but maybe she's younger. I can't really tell because filters and angles and all that crap

No. 27356

Omg okay, if I meant she looked like a general old lady, I wouldn't have been so age specific as to put 51, not 50.

I literally meant she looks like my mum.

No. 27357


No. 27358

damn that's her? i went past this photo cause i thought it was an irrelevant picture of somebody's parents

No. 27359

Damn, the japan pic trips were creepy enough, but proof of these things would be great. I wonder how her ex bf feels about this, is he on board with it or unaware?

No. 27360

He must be aware that his girlfriend is exactly the same as his ex girlfriend. Makes me wonder who dumped who. Did kitti dump him and he went after fawn to get some creepy clone of his last girlfriend?

No. 27361

out of all of the people out there why would she copy this kittimei girl?

No. 27362

I feel like there's a (small) chance he may be unaware. If they broke up and he stopped following her on social media and talking to her he might just think they have similar styles but not realize how she's staging and every little thing to mimic her exactly.

If I had to guess though she probs went after him seeing as how aggressive she is about copying her. Sad to see those tumblr screen caps about the copy cat harassing the original too. I don't mind too much when young girls emulate someone online for a bit before growing into their own style, it's a little cringey but not too weird when you're still growing up. This appears to have been going on for so long though, is the clone even capable of existing without the original? Why harass her into hiding when she is so clearly dependent on her for each and every little style and pose choice? I feel like if she succeeded in driving the original offline she'd have a break down without someone to rip off.

No. 27363

File: 1483573684304.png (11.84 KB, 554x233, kittimei.png)

Friendly reminder, guys, don't tip the cow (or, uh, victim of a cow).


No. 27364

Sweet fuck this is some str8 up 'Single White Female' shit jesus christ

No. 27365

doubt it. not maybe farmers tip people off about threads, especially so quickly. someone in this thread claimed to know her personally tho, maybe it was them. or maybe she just searches for herself. either way this post sounds so stupidly dramatic and prosy.

No. 27366

>Yes I saw the post on lolcow about my stalker. Stop messaging me about it. I want nothing to do with it.
pfft this thread gets bumped every 5 hours and lolcow itself is pretty dead these days. have a hard time believing multiple people are PMing her about it just 1 day after the thread of was made.

No. 27367

She's probably the one who made the thread tbh because she wanted to out her crazy stalker. This "friend" seems way too suspicious. Smh. Don't be naive, farmers

No. 27368

She's not, I'm the OP. Kitti has asked me to take this down, I tried but saw that I couldn't. I'm stupid to make this but felt emalee should be exposed for all the shit she's caused.

No. 27369

Even if she was the OP, you can't really deny the plain as day evidence of how odd this girl is. This isn't your every day 'oh she stole my ~*STYLE*~!' tumblr teen crap. This is legitimately creepy, like this 'stalker' girl needs heavy therapy for her lack of identity/dependency issues.

Hell, if anything I think she should be airing this out more. I'm sure she's tired in some ways of this drama, but I would not blame her for going above and beyond for outing this girl…

No. 27370

It sucks that while the stalker is outed, the victim is thrown into the mud as well. So I understsand the feeling of not wanting anything to do with it.

Still, outing them in many places is the best way for encouraging them to stop.

No. 27371

oh. so OP is the "friend" who knows her personally and she is aware that you're the one who made this thread… idk mate I'm just a bit put off by how she mentioned Emalee several times for someone who wants nothing to do with her, and lolcow twice for someone who doesn't like this thread being here. Couldn't she have personally messaged whoever PMed her about lolcow? she had to broadcast that there's a thread about her here for all of her followers to know? looks like she does want people to know about these things and is just attention-seeking in disguise.

if you are her then it's understandable that you'd be resentful and want people to know about this girl and what she's doing because she IS creepy as all fucking hell.

No. 27372

I really don't care if she's the OP. This shit is nutty.

No. 27373

Ugh. That's creepy as fuck. She must be spending a fuckload of money and time to get to that level of copycating.

No. 27374

I never denied it, just pointed out that she is probably op

No. 27375

just noticed, in the OP pic did Emalee pluck her eyebrows to that horrible pencil thinness and wide set distance just to copy her on that too? wtf

No. 27376

From the extent she has gone to copy everything else… I wouldn't be surprised

No. 27377

Damn, this is creepy. I've had a couple people copy me, even to the point of stalking, but this is just insane. She literally wants to wear this girl's skin.

No. 27378

>even to the point of stalking
>but this is just insane
Obviously you have not

No. 27379


Actually, yes I have. I've had two people do something similar to me. One wasn't very severe, the other was legit stalking me and even breaking into my home. Neither of them were legitimately trying to be me, though.(blogpost)

No. 27380

Sage for reviving a dead thread but her Instagram was removed (not by her). She must be paranoid she's privatised her twitter and tumblr.

No. 27381

You forgot to sage.

No. 27382

File: 1485597642076.jpg (451.67 KB, 1529x694, Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 8.55…)

apparently not paranoid enough to actually stop.
She replied to a mutual of mine on twitter and I saw this pic this morning before she went on private.

No. 27383

File: 1485652208412.jpg (132.4 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2654.JPG)

Claims she deleted her Instagram. I'll post screenshots of proof it was taken down by Instagram.

No. 27384

File: 1485652228824.jpg (123.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2653.JPG)

No. 27385

File: 1485652271990.jpg (91.38 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2655.JPG)

And that sweet sweet proof.

No. 27386

>I started getting some very disturbing and threatening messages from a site called lol cow? I think it is? Idk, never even heard of such a site.

holy shit you dumb bitch. this is the most hilariously unconvincing attempt at pretending you're not aware of something that I've ever read.

No. 27387

I'm confused.
Is this the stalker or the original?

No. 27388

I'm a little confused, because I followed littlefawn and before her Instagram disappeared, she did make a post saying she was about to delete it.

No. 27389

Except there's proof she did not delete it, Instagram did. Sorry to break it to you but she's a pathological liar.

No. 27390

The stalker, Emalee.

No. 27391

Damn, what was she actually doing that was considered spam? Must have been legit if Instagram committed to shutting her account down.

No. 27392

I didn't screenshot Instagram's report outcome but I also reported her for imitation and got the same screen. Kicking myself for not screen shotting it.

No. 27393

I don't understand why a grown-ass woman would go so far to copy another person.

I get wanting to emulate another girl's style but she even bought a similar-looking bunny and sofa and does the same poses. No sane person would pull this crap.

No. 27394

File: 1485740174577.jpg (211.61 KB, 1183x864, IMG_2336.JPG)

>>27393 because she's legit a delusional psychopath

No. 27395

Sorry to bump a dead thread but any updates on this? It's so creepy but it looks like both of them have totally disappeared from social media

No. 27396

I think kittimei has been gone for a while already but meanwhile fawnalee was still active for a while before disappearing. After kittimei left it almost felt like fawnalee started to find her own thing, I don`t know what to think.

No. 27397


I used to talk to the girl who was being copied and the ginger stalker one even got
With her ex boyfriend she’s proper crazy!

She’s in hiding because that nut job stalks her constantly

No. 27398

It's a shame she has to hide. She's so creative and her blog posts seem really sweet and she has a good personality. I think she could be a big presence on instagram as a cosplay/kawaii personality if she wasn't being held back by a cheap knockoff stalking her whole life.

No. 27399

It hasn’t stopped. I’m friends with a friend of kitti’s (her real names Katie) apparently she’s had depression for a long time and was in hospital after she deleted her social medias but she’s back now, and so is “fawn”. Katie’s instagram is emervldelf and fawn is velfaii. Katie’s changed heaps but fawn is still the same piece of shit stalker so I’m not surprised she has 800 different personalities, each seeming to appear around the same time Katie tries to find new/express old interests lol…
If I find them, I’ll have to share the screenshots of when Katie opened an online store, and fawn made her own and it looked fucking identical lmao

No. 27400

File: 1524983471495.jpeg (241.08 KB, 1334x1000, 9611D838-7622-4A6E-95E1-407762…)

No. 27401

File: 1524983488514.jpeg (161.87 KB, 1334x1000, E88C75CC-D1DB-49BA-AFAF-46B5B8…)

Yeah lol

No. 27402

Do they know each other irl? Why would the stalker copy a rather unknown girl's instagram pictures and look?

No. 27403

Wow she’s even copying her new aesthetic with all the plants and stuff now. This is really the worst case I’ve ever seen. I thought kittyphina was creepy but this girl legit just wants to be her no matter what look she does.

No. 27404

File: 1525032540923.png (569.57 KB, 497x741, Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 1.07…)

Since this is an image board, I screenshot both of their new instagrams.

Katie/Kitti completely changed her aesthetic from kawaii to witchy-goth…and Emalee/fawn did the EXACT SAME THING. Creepy as fuck

This is Katie/Kitti, the original

No. 27405

File: 1525032571836.png (369.21 KB, 495x609, Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 1.07…)

and Emalee/Fawn, the stalker

No. 27406

Shit that is unnerving. What is will this Emalee chick that she doesn't know how to be herself? With her own interests? I imagine she has zero friends because she definitely doesn't have an actual personality of her own. Disgusting.

No. 27407

Man I followed Kitti on tumblr and didn't even realise she'd stopped posting until seeing this thread. Her aesthetic was really nice and she was one of the good western Larme inspired girls.

but this is fucking mental. Normally these kinds of things stop after a style change, I think because the stalkee represents a perfect ideal of that style to the stalker. Take Kota, for eg. none of her skinwalkers copied anything she did beyond her first "phase" if you like.

The bf is fucking weird as well, who wouldn't notice their current GF copying their ex to this extent? Girl needs help.

No. 27408

Why is she copying this nobody? Why has she latched onto her so badly? This is one of the most bizarre things I've seen, at least copying someone like Kota makes sense considering how iconic she was for a period of time.

No. 27409

I decided to follow these two on my alt account to check them out and wow
actually goes as far as copying her stories. it's so weird. even the captions for pics are similar and worded in the same way. gonna keep an eye for future milk

No. 27410

it's absolute insanity anon.
I have a suspicion fawn is a troll trying to mess with kitti. Of course I could be wrong.
Poor girl, she's clearly psycho.

No. 27411

File: 1525304610396.png (185.89 KB, 750x1334, file-1 (1).png)

so confirmed she lurks, and she's blaming this all on Kitti despite everything on here being a result of her own creepiness? This is next level

No. 27412

>defame me
Oh honey, it's not defamation when it's obvious you're being a weirdo skinwalker. Get some therapy because you obviously aren't okay.

No. 27413

aw they both blocked me on insta :( they definitely check here

No. 27414


No. 27415

do they have tumblr?

No. 27416

File: 1525648939604.jpeg (224.18 KB, 746x1193, file.jpeg)

She removed the "soulbound to Jack" thing, I wonder if he finally realised how crazy she is and they broke up??

No. 27417

Both of these are down now. Did the copycat sew her own stuff, too?

No. 27418

judging by the pics on her store, I'd say yes lol I don't think either of them were professionally trained, but at least the stuff on the kitti de ville store looks hemmed and symmetrical, and not uneven and unironed lmao I feel like she wasn't even trying? She just wanted to make the same stuff as soon as she could to open a store too, but why? It's so fucked

No. 27419

She still follows his sister so I doubt it.

Neither are formally trained but Katie is far better at it. Emalee can’t even cut her patterns on grain. She was also claiming her clothes where real silk, when they’re obviously not. I don’t have screenshots of the designs she copied to use in her store of Katie’s but it’s more proof nothing this girl does is original.

No. 27420

Wow, I am speechless. I saw Emalee`s new account and thought she found another style but I didn`t realise Kitty is back and Emalee is copying her again. This just keeps getting more and more weird and creepyto me….

No. 27421

She changed her username to Lunavien.

If you search her old shop name, her address comes up. Kek what a dumb bitch.

No. 27422

It’s so crazy, like usually a style change gets rid of obsessive people like this, and being popular attracts them but Katie has like 120 followers on ig with this new style? She seems a lot happier now than when I followed her on tumblr with her larme stuff anyway.

I know it’s been said, but I feel bad for the girl, like wtf do you do in a situation like this? Fawn hasn’t done anything illegal that we know of, so can’t call authorties, but like what else can she do besides deal with it or “expose” her to people who know her… :/
Just blows my mind.

No. 27423

Right? This is exactly my thoughts. It's so bizarre to see some random nobody copying every detail about another random nobody. Back in the MySpace days, you'd see skinwalkers of girls like Leda, but they were relatively popular online, like MySpace "fame" or Youtubers. But why this random girl? She is literally, just a random nobody who posts her cute pictures on her Insta..it's so bizarre

No. 27424

“Lunavien” has gone private, do you any of you guys follow her?

No. 27425

iirc nobody’s mentioned her second account blossomsteph_ but it’s private too

No. 27426

I was going to comment why would her account be called steph when her name is emalee but after only 2 hours since you commented, I can't find that account which looks reeeeal sus since it's already been shown she lurks here.
also her bf's ig came up on the suggested accounts when I looked at her profile, his name is akumu.frame
not coming to conclusions but funny how the obviously new account popped up after it was speculated earlier that they weren't togethr anymore, and with her name in runes in his bio because she's sooo ~witchy~…

No. 27427

Either Emalee is a manipulative crazy person or her boyfriend is in on this weird little copy cat game. This situation gives me Tits/Poppy/Mars vibes.

No. 27428

omg you're so right. like even the enrolling in the same school thing. Katie studied photography and Emalee applied to study something (I don't remember what) on the same campus, making Katie feel unsafe because the copying had been going on for months at this point and she left the school. I wish I had a screenshot of her tumblr post when she talked about this, it was so sad. and the way poppy and titanic told all theirs and mars' old friends that mars was the bad person. there so many similarities.

No. 27429

File: 1527818004397.jpeg (732.27 KB, 2727x2117, file.jpeg)

cute wig. and collar… and normally I wouldn't think anything of a pose/angle but this girl is too creepy for that to be a coincidence as well lol

No. 27430

this literally looks like great value vs name brand, wtf

No. 27431

The make up is identical

No. 27432

So creepy. The pose, angle, setting, hair color, style, cut, the makeup, collar… everything. How unsettling.

No. 27433

File: 1528256656949.jpg (4.17 MB, 3000x3520, Untitled.jpg)

out of curiosity I googled fawnalee and her etsy came up annndd…

No. 27434



Excellent spot, anon.

No. 27435

File: 1528275421534.png (407.37 KB, 1796x666, File.png)

well someone's a little butthurt that people are onto her lmao :')

No. 27436

File: 1528334608054.png (480.07 KB, 2366x634, Untitled.png)

or real butthurt hahaha
I don't get why she does this little things to try say "no I'm not a stalker" but never actually comes here or makes a post on her social media defending herself. it's so passive and weird, and it's almost like she thinks she can defend herself from favouriting some dreads but knows she can't defend the whole thing (or y'know anything else lol)

No. 27437

File: 1528410775178.jpg (915.48 KB, 2761x1827, DMXOE3948.jpg)

I've started saving all of kittis ig stories bc fawn even copies her stories ew ew ew

No. 27438

The left one (I assume is the copy) is phrased and performed so badly that the joke falls flat/is non existent. The right one sorta looks like an accidental spot whereas the left is really awkwardly spelt out and wow

Why do this fam

No. 27439

"Search your favourites"

Sure you didn't submit this screenshot yourself?

No. 27440

Oh wait the right is the copy. Well it is in fact the better one.

Taking the same photos and dressing the same etc is still hella weird

She has 153 followers, hardly an "influencer".

No. 27441

diff anon but I don't think it's a selfpost, if you pick random users and look at their favorites, you'll get the same search bar.

No. 27442

no one said she was an influencer or that her story was even supposed to be a good joke. just posted this to show the extent of fawn's mega creepiness.

No. 27443

File: 1528417428628.png (479.94 KB, 2302x622, Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.1…)

went to check if this was still just her whining and holy crap hahaha

No. 27444

Is she banned on here or something? It's funny she thinks that she can pretend like this is all a weird coincidence when there's literally piles of evidence of her copying Emalee.

No. 27445

File: 1528418300839.png (523.29 KB, 2264x672, Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.3…)

update, apparently she apologised to kitti months ago? what did you apologise for? because you're doing all the same stuff you did last year and the year before? why apologise if you're just going to keep doing the same shit haha
>>27444 I want to know how she'd be banned if she is. has she posted on this thread before? I'm confused. also she's acting like she's never heard of someone having more than 1 account when she has 4 that I'm aware of, don't know if kitti has blocked all 4 so any of them could look at her stories lol

No. 27446

Okay hello it’s Katie/Kittimei/Littlenyuu, I can try show proof if anyone asks for it
I don’t know what I’m supposed to say here but I really want to ask you all that you please stop posting on this thread. I’ve asked the admins multiple times to remove the thread, even sent them personal information to prove who I am which made me really uncomfortable, but they said they wouldn’t, so now I’m just asking here.
This girl and I have only met face to face once and that was about 8 years ago before all this started, but we clearly have a lot of history on the internet and social media. I’ll be honest with you, this girl terrifies me. I know she’s told people I know in real life that I’m a horrible person and there’s been times where I’ve been scared to go shopping with my mum in my closest town in case her friends/boyfriend were to see me and approach me in real life. She’s clearly mentally unwell and that’s why I’ve never really engaged with her in this situation, because there’s nothing I can do to make her leave me alone, I’ve tried. She did send me a facebook message in April, apologising for any pain she’s caused, but I took that with a grain of salt because she tried to explain everything away without taking real responsibility for what she’s done. She’s also never corrected herself publicly for the copying (or “accidental inspiration” as she called it), or the lies she told about me. I just asked that she leave me alone and pretend I don’t exist.
But that obviously hasn’t happened, given all the new things I’ve seen on this thread, which she informed me was still active in April, and I have since been contacted on my instagram a few times by friends and strangers asking about it. I really want nothing to do with this stuff, and I’m honestly scared that if this thread pushes her too far, she or her boyfriend will lash out at me or my family worse than they ever have. So please, of course being your decision, I just want to ask that you do not perpetuate this thread, stop screenshotting my posts and Emalee’s too, and let her realise she needs much more serious help in her own time because this all needs to stop.
Thank you.

No. 27447

File: 1528422067596.png (584.31 KB, 640x1136, 90F8233F-7B95-4E3B-A934-17FED4…)

No. 27448

Can you post on any of your social media verifying this is you? Or any other way to verify? Just asking to be 100%.

No. 27449

File: 1528422951807.png (106.45 KB, 750x1334, Image.png)

here's a screenshot of one of my emails to the admins, I'm not going to share the picture of my ID

No. 27450

File: 1528422994509.png (196.65 KB, 750x1334, Image-1.png)

and I just put my ig on private but here's a picture to show that I have access to my account

No. 27451

I can confirm that Kittimei spoke to us and that we decided to keep the thread around since we don't see how it would exacerbate the situation. If anything, it might work as a deterrent for her stalker. We do ask users not to use her real name in this thread as a compromise. If it comes up, we will delete it as promised.

No. 27452

I can't speak for other anons, but I'll respect your wishes given how you've handled this. Best of luck.

No. 27453


Katie, I feel really awful this has been happening to you for so long. I feel like the intent of this thread is to show how creepy this girl is, but I see how it could be making things worse for you. I realize I'm doing the opposite of what would help by posting in this thread again but I just wanted to say I support you and fuck this crazy ass bitch

No. 27454

thank you <3

thanks for being supportive, I know most of the people on this thread are trying to do the right thing, it just scares me seeing all the stuff she says like she's the victim, it makes me think the thread isn't working the way everyone here wanted it to :( but thank you again x

No. 27455

I can promise you, this thread is bad exposure for her and paints her in the worst possible light. This will work as a deterrent like that admin said. She obsessively checks here and it’s getting under her skin badly much to the delight of all of us. The only way she can stop this thread and stops stalking you is if she keeps reading what we’re saying here. You absolutely don’t deserve what this ugly Wal-Mart knockoff is doing to you.

No. 27456

Yesterday Katie posted something on insta stories about the skinwalker copying her illness, with reference to her copying some sort of specific medical test, and then a few hours later her entire profile was gone. Would have grabbed screens if I knew her profile was gonna vanish. Does anyone know what happened?

Feel kind of bad coming back here with it when Katie doesn't want the drama, but the skinwalker's profile is still up and she's happily posting away about her pretend interest in WoW.

I genuinely really like katie's aesthetic and I'm sad she's vanished again.

No. 27457

File: 1530357750262.jpg (404.48 KB, 778x654, Untitled (1).jpg)

Yeah she deactivated, her profiles back now
I've spoken directly to Katie before and she's always been really friendly so I felt like I could ask her about her insta story when she posted about her copycat, and she showed me this screencap a follower sent her of Emalee's story. It's so fucked, also this happened the morning after Katie had a sleep study, that she posted about beforehand on her insta stories.
I don't think she'd want this shared but I'm sorry, this bitch is insane and I can't NOT show people this??

No. 27458

File: 1530358879924.png (1.49 MB, 750x1108, IMG_2242.png)

(same person as above)
and then like a day later emalee posted this when Katie posted the exact same version of a Lovecraft book on her stories like 2 weeks ago (I'm the one from earlier that's been saving Katie's stories for when this shit happens. I just feel so bad for the girl)

also massive lol at your wow comment >>27456

No. 27459

File: 1530359012484.jpg (1.7 MB, 1719x1334, Untitled (2).jpg)

No. 27460

holy shit reading this is so scary. what is wrong with this girl honestly? of course you've been sick for a decade, you just have to yell the loudest that you did it first right? well this isn't a piece of clothing or a book, you absolute nutcase. that's someone's EXPERIENCE you're trying to take. they've also gone private since these new posts have been up
also I feel like she's starting to copy things from katie's ig stories because she knows katie's followers probably won't remember all of her stories and then no one will call her out on it? haha girl check again. if you stopped stalking this girl you'd be able to avoid this criticism all together, imagine that :')

No. 27461

Thanks anon, I was worried she wasn't doing well. Glad to see her back as well.

She's probably legitimately convinced herself she isn't doing anything wrong.

Katie should pretend to do something really crazy, like pretend to get a tattoo and see if the copyer does it as well. That would be hilarious. Katie seems pretty nice though - if this were me I'd be constantly making her do shit that fucked her over.

A very small part of me feels sorry for her. Can you imagine not actually liking anything, not having any interests of her own, spending all of your money in an attempt to… what exactly? What's the end goal here? Become Katie? She must absolutely hate herself to want to destroy any shred of her own individuality like this.

Maybe if she stopped trying to be someone else she'd be able to develop a little self esteem. Copying someone else is not going to make you like yourself.

No. 27462

but then why would she apologise to Katie if she thought she'd done nothing wrong? She knows what she's doing.
I want to feel bad for her, but she's also done nothing to help herself, she's talked openly about treatment for her ED but never about this stuff, and she apparently hasn't taken a step back from copying Katie for even a month. If Katie's there doing something, so is she. it's disturbing, and the only thing I feel bad about is that it looks like no one in her life cares about her enough to say "hey whether you're aware of it or not, this is an issue and I want you to get help". that's pretty sad tbh

No. 27463


If she pretended to be a white supremacist and love Nazis, that girl would copy her and be so about it hahahaha "guys how kawaii is Hitler, he's been my husbando since I was 15-16 years old!!"

No. 27464


No. 27465

She didn't actually apologise as far as I know, it was one of those
>sorry if you felt that way
fake apologies. She just said the words she thought would make the situation go away. Even if it was genuinely worded, her actions show she was just saying what she thought was "correct" to say


No. 27466

I like how she always has to say she's liked things since she was 16 to make it look like ~coincidentally~ she liked all this stuff first

No. 27467

yeah that's true, I'd be so interested to see the actual apology message to see what she really said.
but seeing how defensive and aggro she gets over anyone calling attention to her copying, it seems so weird of her to put her tail between her legs long enough to even come up with an apology, real or not.

it's always 15-16 hahaha except sailor moon and wow. she's been a fan since she was in the womb guyz gosh

No. 27468

I've wondered if this girl has delusion disorder or schizophrenia and really believes she is the one being copied? If she doesn't then it means she is something more sinister..

No. 27469

I don't think she's that unstable. She's mentioned driving and having a job on her ig so I don't think she's that unwell. To me, it sounds like undiagnosed or severely under-treated BPD because I've seen this kind of behaviour in BPD sufferers before, never to this extreme though so it's really hard to tell.
Like I implied before, she probably won't be the one who sees her behaviour as disturbing or dangerous, she needs someone around her to notice that she's not acting like a sane and stable person and hasn't been for a while. That's why it's sad no one around her has tried to make her get some real help.
If Katie's been dealing with this for as long as it looks like, it's kind of no surprise she hasn't directly tried to stop Emalee, I'd guess this is beyond anything she could do or say anyway :/

No. 27470

File: 1530845471297.jpg (1.01 MB, 1931x2721, Untitled.jpg)

cute caption very unique

No. 27471

File: 1530845990644.png (922.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2369.png)

6 minutes. It took you 6 minutes to see the new post and have a little fit on your stories and yet we're the ones who can't get a kick out of life?

I didn't even post that to point out the look, I clearly pointed out the caption.

get some help for the love of god.

No. 27472

Aaaand it's deleted. This chick, honestly…

No. 27473

lmfao what the fuck is wrong with this girl honestly
like, i'd almost want to call it self-posting at this point, but she has legitimately harassed katie for a long time with her stalking/copying bullshit. she's nuts.

No. 27474

This thread is honestly hard for me to read. I had a similar incident with a girl a few years back, definitely nothing QUITE as extreme as this, but buying the same clothes, using my captions on her photos, copying my tumblr layout and reblogging the same stuff, stuff like that.
It made me immensely paranoid to the point where I deleted most of my social media for a couple years. I feel so so bad for Katie. The girl finally moved on (though still retains bits and pieces of the personality she tried to steal from me lol) and I was told she had BPD.
Sage for blogposting, but man. This thread took me back and I can't stand this shit. It's awful to go through.

No. 27475

>>27471 >>629908
I like that she read that you were only talking about the caption, realised she can't defend that she basically copied Katie's caption/s, deleted this, and then said nothing else hahaha no one can say that she doesn't know what she's doing. She knows full well, and the lurking this thread c o n s t a n t l y doesn't make her look any better. So fucked

No. 27476

yeah it's sad that this stuff happens so often. like I've seen this legitimately happening to lots of people online, but this is truly the worst case so many people have seen, and I can totally sympathise with Katie feeling like there's nothing she can do. She hasn't posted in a week and she's on private so I wonder if she'll even keep posting on ig, and it's sadder that she's already tried disappearing before but the stalker's never far away. it must be scary tbh

No. 27477

Anon the exact same thing happened to me which is why I find this thread so personal I've never posted in it before. It does happen and the skinwalker somehow always manages to think they're the real, true one which fucks you up pretty bad. I can imagine how stressful it is for her.

No. 27478

File: 1530888345946.png (103.4 KB, 750x1334, Image.png)

just saw this on stalker's story
classic bpd, someone tells you you've done something wrong? "guess I'll die"
yeah you've hurt people, but it doesn't take much to just STOP DOING IT, no need to make yourself the victim. sorry if that sounds harsh, I honestly don't understand

No. 27479

Hasn’t she said she has bpd before?

No. 27480

I haven't seen that, do you know where/when she mentioned it?

No. 27481

Katie's instagram is gone again, I feel kinda bad because she did already ask us to stop posting here, but at the same time, her copycat needs to be stopped :/

yeah I've never seen her mention that either, got any screenshots or anything?

No. 27482

So Ingrid Goes West is a documentary after all

No. 27483

lol don't give her any ideas, that movie was just as fucked as this

No. 27484

File: 1531729024229.png (279.29 KB, 750x1334, Image.png)

I followed the skinwalker a few weeks ago for the lols and she just posted this to her ig story, it looks like someone asked her about the thread? But Jesus this answer just makes her look worse and worse. “He” I’m assuming her bf, checks this thread for you?? Even though you’ve indirectly responded pretty quickly to things said on this thread.. almost like you lurk it yourself…
And where’s proof of these accounts made to attack her? Or proof that it’s even Katie? She’s been saying Katie’s been harassing her for so long but there’s been not a single shred of evidence that that is even SLIGHTLY true. And in that case, why engage long enough to apologise to YOUR HARRASSER if you’re just going to continue to publicly call her a harasser

This girl is a lunatic, but I wasn’t wrong that following her would bring many-a lols

No. 27485

omg I can't believe all this stuff! me and a friend follow lunavien and have spoken to her once or twice, we thought she was really cool with the elf stuff but I had no idea it was pretty much all stolen, everything about her D: I feel so bad for this Katie girl, I kind of want to tell Emalee that she's so calculating and cruel because I can only imagine what it would be like to deal with something like this, I'd be shit scared of everything and everyone on the internet, it's messed up(don't use emojis)

No. 27486

how can she even possibly believe she's a victim? there's nothing anywhere on this thread about Katie being the bad guy, but I guess everything here is in Katie's favour for obvious reasons…

No. 27487

also isn't this like slander or something? she's basically accusing her of a crime :/

also sorry for posting more than once, this is my first time on this site haha

No. 27488

yeah this makes no sense, nothing she says about this situation makes sense really. she needs help if her head is really this far from reality, and if her boyfriend actually reads here, you're kinda a jerk for not helping her more to get on top of these mental issues (and alcohol won't help her much either js)

No. 27489

File: 1532578040344.png (708.34 KB, 2896x1742, Image-1.png)

Katie could publish a spot the difference book for children at this point

No. 27490

Katies insta has a new name?

No. 27491

No, I think she deleted her Instagram, I tried to find her but I couldn't, and >>27489 that picture of Katie was posted before she vanished again. Poor girl.

No. 27492

yeah sorry should've clarified that I liked Katie's style so I have a few of her outfit photos saved on my phone

I follow/ed her and she's not in my following list anymore, not with a new name either, so I think she's gone for good which is sad :( she was talking about starting photography again so I wonder if she'll come back to the internet again one day

No. 27493

I don't get how she could possibly be happy being a disengenuous low-rate and cheap version of her bf's ex, because yes hello Emalee, that's exactly what you are. And no mental illness will excuse or change the fact that what you've done/been doing has been calous, cruel, and downright creepy.

sorry if any other readers thought that was a bit much, I've just been through this before, albeit nowhere near as bad, but I understand how Katie feels and I'm sorry she feels she has to keep quiet and disappear.

No. 27494

File: 1532745441163.jpeg (205.86 KB, 750x1334, AD975D87-9202-45F3-9883-2A5704…)

She’s made a new tumblr if anyone’s interested lol

No. 27495

this dude, like how does she wake up every morning with an agenda to stalk and skinwalk her bf's ex.

also does anyone have the Japan replica posts she made? that's the thing that gets me the most, if she actually did that it's next level. haven't found anything on it yet tho

No. 27496

File: 1532768090537.jpeg (580.04 KB, 2155x2390, 3A212BA2-5269-4759-B1F4-DDFD99…)

That’s the same top from killstar. Also she posted the same lyrics a few weeks ago that Katie did when she posted this pic. I’m genuinely curious if she actually listens to the bands who lyrics she shares because she posted the same lyrics from rob zombie and Marilyn Manson after Katie did lol

I’m friends with a friend of Katie’s and she showed my friend a pic of her petting deers in Nara park, and also sent the pic emalee posted and it was so fucked. She was wearing the same pick coat with white fur, the same pose kneeling to pat a deer, an, hair done up with white ribbon and even made a caption veeeeery similar to Katie’s about meeting her real family. It was like someone had just shooped Katie’s pic to have red hair lol. She also posted pictures of the same shop set up from a shop in akihabara and said she was going to make a video of footage from her trip like Katie actually did (and then deleted)
If I find the photos that my friend sent to me, I’ll post them, but this was from like 3 years ago I think. Just goes to show how long this has relentlessly been going on.

No. 27497

Katie is so pretty compared to the skinwalker. I hope she finds peace.

No. 27498

she edits less too , like compare this post of emalee >>27496 to this one >>27326
I mean…… haha

No. 27499

File: 1532830501629.jpeg (620.3 KB, 2758x1716, BEC28A60-D44C-49D2-A7D0-6666FC…)

This is the only thing I can find from my old messages, but Katie sent her original pic to my friend, not a screenshot of her ig post, but yeah the caption was pretty much what emalee said haha. There was just a few posts like this, where she set up extremely similar photos in the same places Katie went and paraphrased captions, I really wish we saved those too.

No. 27500

File: 1532830886534.jpeg (581.28 KB, 2689x2261, 37A464CA-C5EC-46FD-8BEC-26C81B…)

Also found this too in my messages, pretty funny how she even put similar patches in the same places :’D I know there’s no dates but Katie did post hers first.

No. 27501

This is honestly one of the most disturbing threads I've seen here. What's the backstory to this? Do these girls know each other in real life?

No. 27502

They both live in the same city but Katie said here >>27446 they’ve only met once 8 years ago which just makes the whole thing so much creepier to me. Emalee is a fucking psychopath, I don’t understand how she can even deny it.

No. 27503

and now she's just posting pics on her ig stories and saying how much she misses japan hahaha she's so transparent with everything she does

yeah this chick has major problems

No. 27504

File: 1533008085594.png (17.39 KB, 830x449, sudden_removal.png)


Went to her page to see the stories about japan. After watching them, I went to click a picture and the page says it's unavailable. Her whole page is gone now. Did she delete?? She must lurk hard because that was fast

No. 27505

it's still there on my phone, are yo logged in because she might've blocked you lol she blocks so many people and lurks here hardcore

No. 27506

File: 1533011278550.jpeg (136.9 KB, 750x1010, 213E1C89-0B3E-47A3-AEB2-F398FA…)

Having a lurk and she even had a stage where she called herself littleemyu when Katie was littlenyuu. Her tumblr is “lunafell” and when you click on who she follows on Instagram one of the first accounts is also called lunafell. I know lunafall is a wow reference but this girl seriously doesn’t have an original bone in her body.

No. 27507

I don't understand how Emalee could still have any friends at this point, which it doesn't look like she has many at all besides of aquaintences.

I'm looking at her Facebook and she's OBSESSED with dachshunds. Almost half of her page likes are pages about dachshunds.
Is this something carried from Katie or is this an actual genuine interest of Emalee?

No. 27508

Wow she lurks here like crazy, she deleted her Deviantart. Also, "lunafell" on IG is gone too.

No. 27509

File: 1533016461043.jpg (78.12 KB, 960x960, momomie.jpg)

Pics of her and her boyfriend

His cover photo is a picture of someone's chest and I don't think it's Emmalee's because of the black hair.

No. 27510

File: 1533016471291.jpg (222.72 KB, 960x960, mememe.jpg)

No. 27511

woah that's too crazy to me, that crosses the line of 'I want to be like her' straight into 'I want to kidnap her and keep her in my closet while I walk around and make everyone believe we're the same person'

I've never seen her fb, but neither of them have ever mentioned dachshunds haha

I don't doubt she has this open all day every day and just refreshes it see what people are saying about her.


he's not much of a looker himself lol

No. 27512

she doesn't have friends really, she cried wolf about Katie to people who know them both and know that Katie has done nothing wrong, so some of their friends stopped talking to Emalee haha

No. 27513

The only person I see who still talks to Emalee is some cosplayer who goes by Katey Smile. She's an admin of the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Austrialia Facebook page.
It makes me wonder if Emalee only talks to her because her name is pronounced the same as Katie's…

No. 27514

LOL wouldn't surprise me
I looked at her ig and she's another vegan weeb from Melbourne… like another Katie…
Emalee do you want Katie to be your friend or do you want to be her? make up your mind lmao

No. 27515

File: 1533019434177.png (847.6 KB, 891x887, katieemma.png)

i saw these were reblogged by the same person and i bet they have no clue they're two different people

No. 27516

File: 1533019962944.png (86.5 KB, 646x126, katieemma2.png)

No. 27517

File: 1533026878506.jpg (350.64 KB, 700x597, Untitled.jpg)

their closets must be identical.

I can understand why Katie would get so frustrated and a bit scared by this, it's shit never seeing someone like this face the consequences for being a psycho. She can't even try a new style without this little flea following her.

No. 27518

File: 1533038153137.jpeg (49.78 KB, 750x650, file.jpeg)

Her Instagram is actually down now, and she posted this on her tumblr. You know why no one believes that you're actually being bullied/harassed? Because you constantly talk about it but never prove it. I've never seen a single rude message or comment to you ever, and I've been following you both for like 3 years. Like why even post this.

No. 27519

And now her tumblrs gone too lololol
I think she literally just posts this things to validate her own delusions and get attention. There's no other reason for it really

No. 27520

Please post more skinwalker screenshots if you have any

No. 27521

Has anyone here sent her an ask? I think she genuinely believes Katie is behind the thread/anonymous hate but in reality she is perpetuating everything by continuing to be a skinwalker, over a year after she was initially called out.
Emalee youve chased Katie off the internet multiple times, made her afraid to go out in case she runs into your crazy ass, you’re not getting anything you don’t deserve.

No. 27522

Oh no someone anonymous said I wasn’t much of a looker, I’m so hurt and upset.

Just a few of my own opinions on this I’d like to finally express.
There’s a lot of places I could start with this reply and I’m gonna point out that yes I’ve known about this thread since a couple days after it went up, I was asked by Em not to reply and after I tried to reply when I lost my temper I found out I had been blocked from replying.
I even contacted who we suspected to be OP who tried to put themselves as far away from this thread and even distanced herself from Kate after everything.

You wanna know about Ems musical tastes? She was introduced to Manson, Rob Zombie anything remotely heavy by her cousin that would look after her and her sisters. Since I’ve known her she’s always listened to these bands.

Right so that is Ems chest on my FB, she was wearing a wig. She’s got a lot, in all sorts of colours. You know when she started wearing wigs? 2012.
Also on that matter stop taking my pictures from Facebook, doesn’t that violate the rules of this website?

The name littlefawn. First time I heard this was 5 months after we got together in 2012 at her grandpas birthday when he called her littlefawn.

I was always told by Kate that a running joke between her and her brother was that if they were ever gonna break up with their partners they would buy them a copy of WoW.
Funny how she supposedly played WoW first while saying this and when I met Em she already played.

We have our suspicions of who is behind a majority of the posts. Being one of the people who believed they deleted her Instagram account when I sat next to her and watched her delete it :/

You all really think she actually made a tumblr and posted it on her stories when you creep her Instagram all day?
She grabbed a name for it and put in a ISP counter. Not illegal at all websites use them to manage traffic and target ads etc.
She then used this app to source who was looking at her tumblr, all visit besides maybe 5 were from the same IP address even when that took a path to her ask box on tumblr and then she got a really charming message about killing herself.

You comment on the fact she’s posting an old photo from our trip but not mentioning the fact what’s written about missing her friends that she met when they did exchange from Japan at her High School and that’s what peaked her interest in Japan. When she was 16.

Op it does seem like you’re posting again, do you want to see the screen shots of you defending Em and talking shit about Kate you sent directly to her? Because we’ve got them.

She was also helped by who we suspect as op while she was friends with both Em and Kate to open up her online store and also given lots of information about shops and photo opportunities whilst in Japan.

Lastly I’d like to address the part where Kate said she wanted the thread to die. About how she is scared of me, Em or her family lashing out at her. We have never lashed out, sent threats or even spread rumours that Kate has claimed we spread.
If we saw you anywhere in any setting I can guarantee you we would act as if you weren’t even there.

No. 27523

None of this even matters, the copying is here in plain sight, with screenshots and timestamps. None of the points you made are solid evidence just words coming out of the mouth of someone who obviously likes Emalee and you have no receipts. How can you look at these pictures of Emalee wearing the exact same clothing as Katie, copy/pasting her captions, copying her exact hobbies and interests down to not just the same author but same exact book Katie is reading, and not think she is trying to be identical Katie? There is something wrong with you people.

No. 27524

No one cares if you want to defend Emalee. If you don't have any proof of what you're saying gtfo. She's still a copycat as >>27523 said and you look retarded defending that terrible and cheap version of your exgirlfriend.
And I'm glad she deleted her social media because her actions will always have consequences, isn't she in the mood of being original and have her own personality too? That would be fantastic, not just for Katie, for you guys too.

No. 27525

That would be wild considering all I did was view her story. She must have been very paranoid.

Your girlfriend is a skinwalking psycho and needs help. She copies every little thing this other girls likes, says, and does. How does this seem normal to you? If you really care about Emalee, bring her to therapy. She needs help.

No. 27526

She obviously knows what she is doing is wrong. Why else would she baleet everything? She obviously feels guilty about something. She is hurting someone and you need to realize your gf is affecting someone else to the point she can't even use social media like a normal person. Emalee is a bad person and you are just as bad for defending her stalking crap.

No. 27527

Thanks for confirming my suspicions that any attempt of defending her would be blatantly disregarded or side stepped.

She’s already in therapy but it’s not for what you guys like to make up.

She isn’t a cheap version of my ex girlfriend, the reasons I was so attracted to her was that she was completely different from Kate.

The book you’re all carrying on about was bought in 2012 or 2013 long before all of this started. I was there when she bought it.

This whole thing was meant to stay between Em and Kate as that’s what Kate said both times Em contacted her about all of this.
If you truly believe you know all of Ems side of the story message her or myself on FB to get the screen shots from old messages and the ISP screenshots showing the path taken to the ask page on the tumblr.

Nothing I say will change your minds but that doesn’t mean I won’t defend her til I’m blue in the damn face.

No. 27528

Okay your defense is tiny nitpicking details that are mostly unrelated about bands and a joke about WOW? (A lot of people joke about WOW because its ~nerdy~ and many normies have heard of it) So she's liked some random ass bands for a while, that has nothing to do with her copy and pasting literally the same caption as Katie.
Why doesn't Emmalee talk about this book until after Katie then? You have no actual proof that she ever did besides what YOU say.

Katie if you're reading any of this, can you confirm or deny that Emalee has ever contacted you about this thread?
If you have a screenshot of Emalee's messages to Katie that would be some actual defense. You're doing a terrible job of proving anything.

No. 27529

Change our minds with bias words and no evidence? Nah mate. The mental gymnastics you're doing is unreal, should start a circus. Your gf is a creepy skinwalker and if you actually had any brain cells you would see that this thread is filled with screenshots of evidence of said skinwalking.

If you really want to change our minds than answer the questions asked. How do you explain all of it? The style change right after Kate? The same clothes? The same captions? The same hobbies and interests? All after Kate posted it first, as you see above with all the screenshots.

Coincidence? No. She's a skinwalking creepy without a single original cell in her body who needs professional help. You're just enabling her.

No. 27530


>She isn’t a cheap version of my ex girlfriend

Aww poor thing.
Here, just a few examples of pictures Katie posted before your psycho girlfriend.

Can you explain? Or are you gonna invent some crazy sad story involving a family member of Emalee giving her the same exact clothes, ideas, aesthetic, poses, captions for her Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt and everything? Yeah, good luck with that.

No. 27531

Style change, Em always used to dress like she does. Sort of what happens when you’re in the heavy music scene.
She left the j fashion community because of the elitist mentality of the other people in it and didn’t want to fit into a mold.

If you are really friends of Kate why don’t you ask her for the messages between her and Em or even better respect her asking to keep the thread dead.

Mate you’re flogging a dead horse.
As I’ve said contact us on FB and you can have the screen shots and messages.

No. 27532

Not everyone here is friends of Katie.
First, you're still avoiding questions and evidence.
Second, you can post those screenshots here, if you're so sure about them and the innocence of Emalee I don't see the problem.

No. 27533

many people in the thread, like me, only know about these two women because of this thread and the insane amount of copying. we're all aware that neither pastel kawaii nor witchy goth are original styles, but why does em refuse to stop copying katie's exact outfits, poses, projects, purchases, and captions as precisely as she can?

that's the one question anyone really cares about and the one question you haven't answered.

No. 27534

How would I contact you I don't know either of y'all, I don't know your last names, nor do I use Facebook. Either of you could just as easily post them in this thread.
I'd like to see pictures of Emalee with colored hair or elf ears.
And no, I am not friends with Katie either.

No. 27535

You’re still avoiding the fact that people used fake accounts and IG story to anonymously view her stories.

She posted old photos yesterday because she was going through old files looking for her screen shots from her old phone.
We won’t post these screen shots because they do implement people we only suspect involved in creating and posting and self posting on here.

She say’s that she’s scared of running into us but we live the opposite areas completely away from her suburb.
I reiterate if we do ever see her which is highly unlikely we would act like she wasn’t there.

It’s a book of stories, I’ve sat down and read parts of it as well. Glad I never posted it on Instagram.

It all ends with being who did what first. A petty argument that is one sided, I can say Em played WoW first but it’s disregarded or she wore j fashion first but it’s disregarded. I can point out if this had been posted in Ems favour this thread would be going the other direction.

I knew this would be a waste of time but I wanted to actually have a say before we were finally done with this thread.
We are both adding this website to our site block list as we want nothing more to do with it.

Em won’t be returning to any form of social media besides FB.

I’m done and hopefully this is done as well since there is now no lines of communication between any parties.

No. 27536

How come when the boyfriend of the lolcow in question comes in he ALWAYS says the same exact shit. Explaining the mundane things and totally avoiding the focus of why the thread was made in the first place. "She's in therapy and has been for years!! So she's getting help!"
I swear all of you are carbon copies of each other without even knowing it.
Hi, Jack. Those photos were public on your Facebook, so it's not illegal lmfao
I didn't know of Em until she came up on this website.

No. 27537

Good. Good riddance to both of you.

No. 27538

i hope you realize that all you've done in coming here is confirm what everyone already thinks, since you won't explain the main issue, won't present a different side of the story for the main issue, nor even acknowledge the main issue. Way to solidify your girlfriend's shit reputation by not doing a single ting to improve it.

No. 27539

holy shit this is all just too fucking funny to me. I'm the same person who posted this >>27496 saying I'm a friend of a friend and we have screenshots from when Emalee first contacted Katie about this like 2 years ago and she's saying the exact same things as her bf now; that she's done nothing wrong, making irrelevant references to small similar interests and bringing up supposed "evidence" that Katie's terrible and a harrasser without actually sharing it?? She was just like oh well you won't believe me anyway (translation: I can't manipulate you into backing down) so I'm going to go and keep doing what I'm doing.

I hope you do block the site mate because your gf is so obsessed with Katie and the internet that she needs a serious reality check.
Also have screenshots of you messaging HER MUM in a very aggressive manner asking to speak directly to Katie even after she blocked you. Yeah that's not a good sign for you, because you involved her family with no respect to the fact that your gf started ALL of this. I didn't even want to mention that I have these messages out of respect for Katie because I doubt she wants too many people having them, let alone sharing them, but you just had to come here and whiteknight your trash gf. You need your head checked too.

No. 27540

Anon, if you're gonna talk about screenshots post them, if not, go and send them a private message.

No. 27541

"no communication between any parties"?
but it's pretty obvious this has been going on for years and I'm sure Katie has enough common sense to have Emalee blocked on fb? But she's still managed to contact Katie to "apologise"??
and >>27539 just said that you can and have made contact with her family??? nothing you say makes sense, and I can see why Katie would be scared of you guys…
"would act like she's not even there" yeah right when you're clearly so triggered by all of this lol bye felicia~

No. 27542

It's weird her bf would try to bring up music artists she listens to because despite her liking about 30 pages dedicated to dachshunds, I'd expect her to like a few of her favorite bands. The only music page she does like is Melanie Martinez, Belle Haven, and some drag queen band.

No. 27543

File: 1533109692086.png (11.36 KB, 492x178, Image.png)

not going to share Katie's mum's response because she shouldn't have to be involved, but yeah if my mum got a message from someone she knows I don't like, saying they "need words" with me, I'd think that was p scary too tbh
this has been sent from Katie's mum > Katie > my friend who showed me.
also either not going to share the messages between the girls because I don't think Katie would want that, or I'd need some time to put them all in order in one image. I mentioned I had them more as a response to her bf, not as a discussion point. sorry if that's not allowed.

No. 27544

What the hell is wrong with them?
Thank you so much for that anon, do you think you can give us some context of the situation? What happened?

No. 27545

this is fucking strange. like the more innocent they try and act and explain it away the more sketchy they seem. if i was the mum i would have a few more people added to my shitlist ngl. and what do you mean "need words" dude and she's the one scared to leave the house??? um

hope katie's okay dude, my skin would be crawling if someone/my ex & his new gf were doing this to me. i feel sick to my stomach for her.

No. 27546

nothing lol this was at a point when Katie had broken up with the guy she went to Japan with and deleted fb completely, I think she actually attempted suicide around this time too, but Jack and Emalee were saying the same stuff they are now haha apparently very troubled by a couple of visits on her blog by the same IP address? that they couldn't even prove was Katie? (like who tf cares get over yourselves please)
anyway Katie's mum kinda just told him to go away in a more polite way bless her

yep and they've implied that Katie/her friends have been threatening too, but they always have some excuse about why they don't need to prove that.. like yes you do haha

No. 27547

Another part of the skinwalking. Katie made her cover photos on Facebook screenshots from Sailor Moon a few times. A few months afterwards Emalee makes her cover photo a screenshot from Sailor Moon.

No. 27548

contact you on fb how? literally will right now if you want.

No. 27549

File: 1533118847041.png (368.8 KB, 495x609, IJ3p97z.png)

>I'd like to see pictures of Emalee with colored hair or elf ears.

Are you fucking blind? Seems like you don't know what your gf is up to, so you shouldn't be defending her this much.


No. 27550

I think they meant from before the J-fashion stage. Her bf said that she used to dress like this years ago.

No. 27551

Posting in a thread to defend yourself or a loved one is the single worst thing you could do on this website. You wont appeal to anyone's compassion, you'll just make the thread more popular because you don't know how to use the site properly.

Sometimes defending someone is not in their best interests. By defending and enabling her you're doing more harm than good. Most of the people posting on this thread, myself included, have never heard of either party before. If the thread were a vendetta it would have been taken down when Katie asked for it to be taken down. None of us are particularly invested, and we can all see that Emalee has some sort of serious mental issue. If you seriously cared about her you'd be letting her therapist know she hasn't stopped copying, not defending her on here.

No. 27552

I said it before and I’ll say it again directly to you since I have a sneaking suspicion that neither of you have actually blocked this site yet. It’s sad that you and anybody else around her don’t care enough about your girlfriend to get her some serious and HONEST help, to get her off this path because if you keep enabling her and justifying her completely socially unacceptable behaviour, it’s just going to get worse in 10-20 years where she’ll probably end up in hospital against her will or in jail, because this is a slippery slope and you’re basically pushing her further down it.

All you’ve done here is make us feel more sorry for Katie, because dealing with you guys privately and all your arrogance, when you’re both clearly irrational and hold a very obvious grudge against Katie, that must be a fucking nightmare haha

No. 27553

I meant like any pictures of her dressing like that in the past or before it was Katie's style.

No. 27554

Am I the only one who thinks this is just Emalee pretending to be her boyfriend as to defend herself? You really are a pathetic skinwalker and you KNOW there is no way to defend your actions, that's why you keep beating around the main issue. I hope your therapist knows about your obsession and gets you properly medicated. Try to be yourself for once.

The anon you replied doesn't seem to be the "bf", you can tell it's just another farmer replying. Seems there's some confusion!

No. 27555

yeah I thought that could be possible too, she's clearly got no problem lying for her advantage. either that, or her bf is just as thick as she is, if he really thinks he can defend this crap by talking about random little details that have nothing to do with anything. like katie made a joke about wow being lame? are you serious? I play wow and I make jokes like that all the time haha

No. 27556

I don't think Emalee was pretending to be her boyfriend, they're both cringy and I think that was actually a sad attempt of the boyfriend trying to defend the copycat.
I mean, he's with the girl that's skinwalking his ex!! he knew about all of this, he has proof (even before the thread was created), he's aware of everything and he even messaged Katie's mom, and that's all we know. (Which is pretty creepy so far)
I wish friend of a friend Anon here >>27539 could give us more screenshots or milk but for now that's all we have.

No. 27557

sorry, there won't be any more milk from me. I don't feel right about posting any more than I already have. I'll still post here but just surface stuff, I don't want her to feel disrespected or anything by me sharing her personal messages, especially when she's been clear about how she feels about this thread.
Katie, if you're reading this, I'm sorry and just know that you DO have a lot of support here <3

No. 27558

>The anon you replied doesn't seem to be the "bf", you can tell it's just another farmer replying. Seems there's some confusion!

Welp, you are correct, I thought this was the BF. Please disregard. (I was >>27549 )

No. 27559

Do you guys think this will stop now? Because we’ve seen this before where they both go quiet but any time Katie feels safe enough to come back, Emalee does too and keeps doing what she does. She’s truly obsessed.

No. 27560

Honestly could go 3 ways, best case scenario, they both stay off the internet and emalee stops getting all up in Katie’s business and moves tf on with her life. Worse case scenario, she’s so obsessed with Katie that this silence and no way to get to her will make her try harder and honestly it only takes a couple hours on the internet to learn how to hack someone’s email or trace their internet history and I wouldn’t put be surprised if she did that just to do what Katie does or buy what Katie does before she’s even done it, just so she can say she did it first.
Most likely case though has happened before, Katie comes back one day and emalee crawls out of her hole at the same time just to continue this creepiness. The only one who knows if it’ll ever end is emalee and if she can tell herself to grow up and get some help.

No. 27561

File: 1537185848979.jpg (54.66 KB, 694x1030, Screenshot_2018-09-17-06-57-59…)

She's back.

No. 27562

Fucking… I was thinking about her the other day hoping she left her SWF shit to burn

No. 27563

this doesn't surprise me because Katie came back onto ig too a couple weeks ago, but it DOES surprise me because I thought if she'd ever come back, it would be with a new account and username so no one on here would find her without looking for a while.

dont' unfollow her anon, she won't come off private unless Katie does and I'm curious if she's going to keep up her bs lmao

No. 27564

What is Katies IG?

No. 27565

it's still emervldelf

No. 27566

can someone that follows emalee post some of her stories or posts on here? Im hella curious if shes still copying katie but hiding it by being on private and I dont want to follow her lol

No. 27567

This is the craziest thread I've ever read, holy fucking shit.

No. 27568

What is emalees ig handle? I'm searching "lunavien" and nothing comes up.

No. 27569

It's still lunavien, it's not showing up either because her account's on private and sometimes you can't search for private accounts or she's blocked you lol she's blocked a lot of people even if they never actually engage with her…

No. 27570

File: 1537968229272.jpg (39.2 KB, 720x685, Screenshot_2018-09-26-08-09-13…)

Yup, her account is still up.
I hope someone post some screenshots soon because they clearly can't keep their word as the shitty boyfriend said here: >>27535

>Em won’t be returning to any form of social media besides FB.

Yeah right, she's an attention seeker, she can't help it Jack.

No. 27571

I requested to follow her on my personal Instagram three times and she denied every single time

No. 27572

wow paranoid much, unless you have "I <3 lolcow" in your bio, she clearly feels like she has something to hide

I want to know where following anon here >>27561
went lol

No. 27573

she has four posts now.
anon from >>27561 what's she posting?

No. 27574

Anon from >>27561
She blocked me guys, sorry.

No. 27575

what did you do to get blocked lol

I wonder what her criteria is for followers now that it's easy for anyone to find out what she's really like

No. 27576

File: 1539215281468.png (2.15 MB, 1242x2208, 570CA4DB-2FED-4D3E-9BDF-6341D3…)

Here’s the pictures and captions so far

No. 27577

File: 1539215317939.png (7 MB, 1242x2208, 34CDAE34-B895-486E-B28C-EBB2CA…)

No. 27578

File: 1539215350840.png (3.58 MB, 1242x2208, A639EB29-5FF7-4F61-A174-246922…)

No. 27579

File: 1539215381876.png (4.05 MB, 1242x2208, 9D31B64B-3123-4BCF-BCCE-DE5045…)

No. 27580

File: 1539215420832.png (5.27 MB, 1242x2208, 80A31437-BB9F-4F46-915F-B4BBBE…)

No. 27581

she is literally insane.
Katie mentioned on her story like a week ago not feeling good about her appearance and not feeling like posting selfies, and I know lots of people feel like that sometimes, but considering this girl paraphrased Katie talking about her physical condition, it wouldn't surprise me that she'd also paraphrase Katie's other struggles.
and Katie posted a photo from a sculpture garden on her ig MONTHS ago (I think it's deleted now, it was like a girl and a fox carved in wood?) and when someone commented asking where it was, she replied Marysville, and that the owners of the garden were really friendly
I've already talked about this caption before lol
aaaand Katie's been posting her interest in film photography and her photos in her stories for a few months now.
can't confirm but the "band photographer dream" she's talking about was Katie's first, she was really serious about it, and ofc Em took photos at like 2 gigs and then made a fb page lmao

She just doesn't let go does she

No. 27582

I'm wondering how does Emmalee get access to Katie's account? Katie's locked, too, isn't she? It sounds like Emmalee either found out Katie's passwords or somebody close to both of them is in on this copying thing and letting Emmalee lurk. It's so insane.

No. 27583

It's like she thinks she can get away with it if she copies smaller details that people didn't see or might not remember and being less obvious when she makes her posts, but that makes it even creepier because she's paying so much attention to every little thing about this girl and she's being so manipulative and calculated trying to figure out different ways she can get away with it and still stalk this girl??? I honestly feel yuck whenever I think of this situation

I don't think it's that deep, she could've easily just made a really convincing fake account pretending to be anyone else on the planet and Katie might not have suspected anything

No. 27584

Katie's Instagram is gone again?

No. 27585

yeah seems like it. she hasn't been very good at dealing with sm since she deleted her littledeer/littlenyuu account the first time bc of this stalker stuff, so fair enough I guess. sad to see her go again lol

No. 27586

File: 1539737689270.jpg (252.1 KB, 1920x800, blackswan23.jpg)

This is incredible. It's like the plot of an avant-garde horror film about a mentally ill woman with a fractured identity and obsession with another woman, like Perfect Blue or Black Swan. This is absolutely insane. I feel so fucking bad for that Kitti girl.

No. 27587

File: 1540178551466.jpg (64.05 KB, 750x271, IMG_3222.jpg)

came across her depop account, and holy crap does that icon look nothing like her, she has serious identity issues

No. 27588

looks nothing like emalee but looks a LOT more like Katie than usual. Can't tell if she perfected her Katie makeup or has resorted to shooping herself. Still way less attractive than Katie though.

No. 27589

yeah omg it looks like she's trying to make her face look like Katie's too, that's so messed up

I was thinking about it earlier, I know we all feel bad for Katie but like every time I think about it, I find more to feel bad about. Like despite her illnesses, she's tried multiple times to make a business for herself at home like her online stores, I think she's had 2 or 3? but then emalee comes along and seems like she genuinely enjoys taking a massive shit on whatever Katie's doing. She's had a few dreams that involve using social media to gain customers and followers and stuff, and she can't even feel safe doing that? I can't imagine having someone so destructive constantaly trying to steal and cheapen everything I do.

what else has she posted anon? I'm curious haha

No. 27590

She doesn't look like Katie one bit, don't flatter her. The only thing she's doing differently is putting on a black wig and smokier makeup.

AliExpress looking Katie if you ask me.

No. 27591

File: 1540248910563.jpg (63.38 KB, 958x960, emmawemma.jpg)

here's a higher res pic of emalee's profile pic, she changed it yesterday about 30 hours ago on Facebook.

No. 27592

we said TRYING anon, definitely not succeeding lol imo she looks bloated and isn't flattering her natural features.

dat overline tho it hurts my eyes

No. 27593

yeah this. it's like when you can tell if a drag queen is trying to impersonate a specific celebrity and when they aren't. doesn't mean the gay man underneath the makeup actually resembles the female celebrity. see what i mean?

compare the OP pic with the recent selfie. before, emalee would just copy katie's makeup on paper, like doing thin brows if katie had thin brows, doing a winged liner if katie had a winged liner, but you could still see her busted natural face. >>27591 but in this new pic, it looks like she's actually trying to mimick katie's features and facial proportions with overlining etc, which is even scarier than just copying katie's ideas.

No. 27594

hahaha literally a busted drag version of Katie. the overlining is horrendous and extreme, she really tried it, her brows are waay too light, her face against the black mass makes her jawline look massive, and I can't get over the black dots where Katie used to have piercings. Katie's no professional but she knew better than this lol

No. 27595

holy shit i didn't even think about the dots. can you imagine how many thousands of pics she must have taken to find this angle too?
i wish her stupid boyfriend would come back all "l-lots of people overline their lips! lots of people experiment with makeup!" it's all just a coincidence right? like monkeys with typewriters writing shakespeare

No. 27596

HOLY SHIT i know this is old but i just realized. the bunny and outfit and pose are obvious, but i have that htc phone and they don't make rilakkuma cases for it. so what does she do? does she skip that detail because the rest is close enough? oh no. she fucking finds a stuffed doll and places it behind her so at least a rilakkuma is somewhere in the picture. she is truly insane.

No. 27597

I'm more concerned about the fact she got an almost identical bunny for the photo. Hope it's OK and she's not mistreating it, she looks like the type to purchase a pet for a photo and then forget about it…

No. 27598

her boyfriend is borderline negligent for not trying more to help this situation. we can joke about him being a complete ignorant dumbass but he's making her worse by not making her accept her actions

I think she's said before that she had her rabbit before Katie had hers? But who knows, she speaks more from her ass than her mouth these days ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and Katie's mentioned before that she's had pet rabbits her whole life so that's a non point anyway.
mega creepy about the amount of detail she put into copying that photo though. someone mentioned a couple days ago that she's been copying more of her captions and real life activities recently and that's fucked, she just can't stop

No. 27599

Jesus Christ I didn't even notice that. Now looking at the photo is nightmare inducing for me lol.
How much money has this girl spent on trying to be a carbon copy of Katie?

No. 27600

a heckin' lot considering all those kawaii/larme brands they bought from aren't cheap, and all the fabric and stuff for her fake store

will never forget about this treasure >>27382

No. 27601

honestly tinfoil but ever since he came to the the thread with his ridiculous excuses i've wondered if he's actually somewhat complacent in all this, not just negligent. he's seen the thread with the exact side by side pics. maybe it's similar to the poppy/mars/titanic thing where he's getting a weird as fuck revenge on his ex by replacing her with his own created version of her. now, of course, emalee would still be responsible and at fault, but maybe he eggs her on to do even more copying than she would on her own.

No. 27602

that's entirely possible, he seems like he could be a bit of a creep who might not care about how he treats people and girls in particular. Idk when he and Katie broke up but he's been with Emalee for a long time, meaning he probably moved on to her quite quickly and just wanted to keep dating Katie, real or a fake version haha and yeah he doesn't do much to help Emalee or diffuse the situation, acting like it's all totally normal for someone to act like she does

No. 27603

can you post her 2 latest ig posts? also any interesting stories? I don't believe that she doesn't look at this thread anymore and am wondering if she's posted anymore stupid stories about people bullying her lol

No. 27604

File: 1541562696036.jpg (69.71 KB, 819x1024, Image.jpg)

I know this thread's been quiet but I found this the other day, and good lord, this is the only cosplay I could find that she hasn't copied from Katie, and it's going to give me nightmares lol

No. 27605

LOL YIKES this girl's a mess
good find anon

No. 27606

File: 1542240599278.jpeg (114.46 KB, 820x1024, 8FAA5F5E-91EB-4DDA-9378-6990B2…)

Why do these two pictures look so facially similar? It’s like she tried to edit herself to look more like Katie

No. 27607

yeah she does that a lot apparently. like her real face looks like this >>27326 there's almost no similarities between them.
Funny note that in the pic you posted, she's wearing an "original costume" design that she ALSO stole from Katie…

No. 27608

File: 1542246337144.png (600.77 KB, 960x615, Emalee 6_zpsprl6gims.png)

No. 27609

File: 1542246387478.png (418.65 KB, 960x706, Emalee 5_zpsk1suido4.png)

she has maliciousness in her bones where creativity should be lol

No. 27610

Something about this is just so creepy to me.

No. 27611

it's terrifying, this girl needs help
and Katie needs a restraining order lol
I guess deleting all her social media stopped it from escalating but damn that sucks and the skinwalker will just latch onto someone else eventually

No. 27612

sage cuz kinda irrelevant but a cosplayer/gamer girl I follow on ig just got a restraining order against her stalker, and in her caption, it sounded exactly like this situation like copying images, captions, clothing, styles and interests but also harassing and spreading rumours and even taking the victim's story and using it to gain sympathy for herself even though she was the bad guy
I think it's cuz that girl also received direct death threats and I don't think the stalker in this thread has gone that far that we know of?
but yeah, hella creepy how this happens more than once and props to Katie for not blasting this girl's ass everywhere haha

No. 27613

anyone here still follow her?

No. 27614

File: 1542260599496.jpeg (336.45 KB, 750x995, 6AD3300E-D786-41A7-BAC1-51A073…)

This is the caption on Emalee’s copied cosplay.

“My own version”


No. 27615

File: 1542269823568.png (344.25 KB, 811x260, Emalee 7_zpshpcnagaq.png)

she can't even sound genuine compared to Katie

No. 27616

I'm gonna mega tinfoil here and say she's photoshopping her Katies eyes and bits of her facial features onto her face. I'm gonna see if any of the pics actually layer or anything like that.

Anyone remember that something-something Lawliet girl from PULL 1.0 who did the same thing with Dakota? Literally cut out and pasted her eyes onto her pics? This is giving me the same vibes as that.

No. 27617

I doubt she does that, purely because she doesn't seem very good at editing stuff (judging by her… "night elf" edit /shudders) but that would be something hah

No. 27618

who's the cosplayer?

No. 27619

not the same person but I think they're probably talking about nicoleeeveedavis, I saw her restraining order post too, poor girl

No. 27620

I was thinking the same thing. She looks exactly like Katie does in the thread photo. I think she photoshopped Katie's nose onto her photo too.

No. 27621

File: 1542490230793.png (616.14 KB, 564x707, Emalee 10_zpsakot8xe3.png)

you guys are giving her too much credit
THIS is what she thinks is a good shoop
there's no way she's good enough to successfully blend any edges and put her freckles and nose piercings back onto the pic
I do think she uses a phone app to liquify the shape of her features to match Katie's tho

No. 27622

File: 1542783836927.jpg (600.49 KB, 663x1152, dm.jpg)

No. 27623

I have someone doing this to me right now and I'm a creative person professionally who has to be out and about–locally this chick has absorbed my hobbies, look, etc… and she will delete stuff like this. She's ebbed in and out and I wish I had photos like this–but even with shit like this?? Nothing can be done. This is some predatory fucking bullshit. LEAVE HER ALONE.

No. 27624

File: 1542838536082.jpeg (79.17 KB, 750x480, file-1.jpeg)

lol would've been funny if Katie went to the media, but seeing how irrational Emalee is…
at least it looks like now she has a goal now that seemingly has nothing to do with Katie? I hope she does something worthy with her life, the less she deals with people the better, but those poor animals haha

are you saying leave Katie alone or leave the stalker alone?

No. 27625

i think she's saying for emalee to leave katie alone.

No. 27626

why is this seemingly so common? I wonder if its a psychological phenomenon created by social media? Not to armchair, but its really interesting

No. 27627

Ive been collecting news about copying/copycats on social media (usually where the copier envies the copied) and it's hard to find them & usually I came across them in random places.

Of course one of the most famous examples has gotta be the TeyCindy case in 2014 https://teycindy.com/diary/2017/01/i-am-a-victim-of-cybercrime/

No. 27628

File: 1542936861049.png (604.59 KB, 960x707, Emalee 10_zpsakot8xe3.png)

it's funny you guys mention it, because I was about to delete this pic from my computer from when I posted it the other day, and the uncropped one has a comment from b4by.jpg and so does this pic >>27608 wasn't that kittyphina's account name for a while? I find it absolutely hilarious how a proven skinwalker would follow another skinwalker and her victim and comment on both their pics, so crazy

but yeah it seems like it could easily be a new way for already mentally ill people to express their bad habits, using social media. I don't think any previously mentally healthy person would just start doing this out of the blue, but people who already have personality disorders might think it's okay because it's only over the internet, and their unhealthy obsession probably isn't hurting anyone in real life? or not even realise it at all
it is becoming increasingly common and I can name like 5 people I follow on ig who've dealt with something similar. like I mentioned above, kittyphina and kota is probably the most well known case on these gossip sites

but given the rumours she spread and awful, slanderous things Emalee has posted about Katie, she's in a different league and knew exactly what she was doing, regardless of if it hurt anyone or not.

No. 27629

Kitty copied kooters photos and style, but quickly changed when called out on it. It's not comparable to to Emalee who has been copying Katie (her boyfriend's ex) for years. This situation is significantly worse and if I were Katie I would get a restraining order.

No. 27630

Don’t you have to go to school for almost 10 years to become a vet surgeon?

No. 27631

yeah but how? you can't really take screenshots to the cops of someone being creepy and just get a restraining order. she'd need to receive direct threats or proof of continued direct harassment.
there needs to be a thing where you can report someone who's showing really mentally unwell behaviour, and the person gets a proper assessment. (emalee says she's been getting mental help, but I'd bet my thumbs that she's never been completely honest with a psych about all this crap)

yeah lol

No. 27632

Sorry for ot, but do you have any social media where you compile the comparisons and copycats? I’ve always found it very interesting, especially in cases like Kitty/Kota and Katie/Emalee.

No. 27633

File: 1543028260986.jpg (591.19 KB, 1280x1977, cpycttnry.jpg)

>>27632 I wish there was… I made a website mock-up on photoshop a few years ago called Copycatationery (dumb name, i know) just for fun where we can post copied artworks beside the original ones & compare them, but if this website was real it's gonna have a lot of backlash from people.

Everyone usually just blogs about imitation/plagiarism & comparing photos on their personal sites

No. 27634

I need this website. There used to be a website youthoughtwewouldntnotice.com where people posted stolen art…I like that stuff.

No. 27635

I miss that site so much! It really gave a voice to people who had their work stolen, but now there's no big popular site for that
This would mostly be deviantart tier drama but it would still be interesting, prepare for c&d strikes though

No. 27636

I love that site too! It's one of my favorite sources of copycat/plagiarism news.

It's down now… sadly they only write about big companies ripping off indie artists, & not artists copying other artists :(

No. 27637

Yeah Kitty and Kooter was weird but it was more about the look, and people have copied each other's look and photoshoots forever. It was fun to gawk at but it didn't really make me scared for Kota that some insecure girl wanted to attempt to look like her. It's annoying and lame sure, but it's not nearly as scary imo as someone copying all your interests, endeavours, captions, quotes, all while denying the whole thing and claiming to be the original, essentially trying to snatch your identity. It reminds me of those tv show plots where a character gets a clone and then the clone claims to be the real person and destroy the original.

No. 27638

I know she probably doesn't but I always kind of hope Katie reads here so she sees that she her fears or worries about this girl are completely legitimate to us, because I always used to wonder if she had proper support from her friends and family because she never spoke about it except like maybe twice.
also I miss her blog haha

No. 27639

File: 1545163458054.jpg (24.07 KB, 750x315, IMG_3344.jpg)

Ok I know this thread's been quiet but holy shit you guys he proposed to this nutter
What a match made in heaven.

No. 27640

a creepy af wannabe víctim who hates his ex and her ignorant white knight bf who hates his ex?? That's amazing

No. 27641

I can just image their wedding cake just being a photo of Katie. Poor girl.

No. 27642


At least she’ll have to come up with an original wedding plan kek

No. 37760

File: 1551147471214.jpeg (203.98 KB, 750x1193, 1B133E9D-28E5-47C7-BCBB-DCA817…)

Katie’s posting again on instagram and I checked Emalee’s account and she’s off private but seems to have deleted all her posts from when she was on private?

No. 37761

File: 1551147685064.jpeg (160.57 KB, 737x1334, 6673C76D-53C8-4D5B-8452-B02E9E…)

Also her room’s decorated exactly like Katie’s, this is from Emalee’s story highlights but I distinctly remember Katie posted a photo like 8-9 months ago of her room and she had purple curtains, purple sheets, a big branch coming out from the corner of her bed and those dangly fairy lights with some sort of fake leaves of flowers dangling from the roof… creep.

No. 37805

It says more than enough about them as people that Katie gets 10+ comments on her photos from what look like irl friends and attentive followers and Emalee gets nothing. She’s so unimportant. This situation seems kinda over tbh, which I’m glad for for Katie.

No. 37856

File: 1551205498483.png (640.86 KB, 766x568, 1.png)

Looks like Katie is moving onto a new theme, honestly who could blame her. It appears she’s moved on the Elf style and it's more of a classic white/black color scheme and rockabilly-inspired looking, so we’ll soon see if this situation is truly over if Emalee changes her theme again kek.

She’s deleted her IG again..

No. 37857

File: 1551205537175.png (430.6 KB, 446x795, 2.png)

No. 37871

idk to me it looks more like she only dressed like that to match the diner she went to? just bc the pic she actually posted to her profile has nothing to do with rockabilly and she always seems to stick to her theme
also idk why you cant see it, but her ig is still there

damn that dress is cute tho, I always forget shes actually talented

No. 37892

File: 1551227619158.png (40.91 KB, 640x921, IMG_4881.PNG)

Well she literally posted 2 days ago that she's changing her "theme"…

No. 37904

I just meant that these two pics >>37856 >>37857 are completely different styles and her ig feed usually sticks to one style. Who knows though, just have to wait and see.

No. 38130

File: 1551352245328.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 394D1EEB-CD2D-4F65-88CA-95A0F3…)

She doesn’t get comments because it looks like she doesn’t have any friends. I can’t imagine ever asking randos on ig to have lunch with me just because I have time to kill. Kinda sad, but her behaviour towards Katie makes me believe she’s probably too socially off to make friends.

No. 38355

File: 1551505004500.jpeg (1.26 MB, 4000x3000, 8DEBF566-0696-4BF2-AB37-C8FE6E…)

I only just noticed her hair is in dreads? I wonder if it’s her real hair or a wig, and it’s difficult to see through the literal shit filter, but it looks kinda purple like um

well I definitely wouldn’t want to be friends with someone this delusional, why would anyone else lol

No. 40518

File: 1552990290588.jpg (1.61 MB, 1424x2164, Screenshot_20190311_091353.jpg)

Em's post was out recently, & now Katie's IG is private again. Boo.

No. 40519

Wait, when did Katie go to hospital?

No. 40531

>Need to stop being in denial about my conditions
hahaha the lack of self awareness is astounding.

Katie posted another story about being copied, but she either deleted or isn't allowing rewatches on it so I couldn't grab a screenshot but it was basically a little rant about how she's sick of dealing with this. I feel so bad for her, it must be fucking exhausting to deal with this shit.

No. 40535

Only like a week ago.

It’s almost unbelievable that this girl would only go to the ER because Katie did, but the wording and timing are too close and similar to be a coincidence, and we’ve seen her copy parts of Katie’s illnesses for herself before.

It’s funny, I’ve still seen examples of Emalee copying Katie, but I thought this thread was dead so I didn’t bother posting them, but I’m glad someone posted about this because it’s beyond fucked. I saw her story too where she mentioned having her “worst experiences stolen and faked for attention by a delusional/obsessed person” or something like that among other things, and it made me really feel for her because that’s such a weird and disturbing thing to have happened to you, and more than once too.

No. 40536

Yeah it's one thing to copy someone's style, that's kind of mundane and happens all the time, especially to pretty girls like Katie. But copying her medical conditions as well? That's what gets me, this would be creepy but somewhat understandable if it were just while katie was in her larme/kawaii phase - emalee might have actually liked that style herself, saw that Katie was decently popular in the scene and seen copying her as a way to get attention. That happens all the time, even if the degree of copycating was slightly unusual. But she carried on when Katie changed styles. It's so fucking creepy and why isn't anyone emalee knows getting her help for this? How is she even still seeing Katie's content?

No. 40548

>”even if the degree of copycating was slightly unusual.”
Just slightly? Have you seen the OP’s link?

Regarding the people around her, it doesn’t look like she has many, and her fiancé is an enabling creep with a hate boner for Katie.
And seeing Katie’s content would be easy enough for her since it’s been speculated and proven that she’s had multiple faked and unused accounts over the years. I think I remember Katie mentioning once that her emails might’ve been hacked because emalee knew information that was only on private emails, but that’s never been looked into further that I can tell. Katie’s probably experienced a lot of paranoia from this, which is completely justified imo.

No. 40554

>Just slightly? Have you seen the OP’s link?

Yeah I've seen it. It's just that that meticulously copying images is fairly commonplace in weeb communities and alternative fashions. Maybe you weren't around for it but there were three or four girls who copied Dakota's entire wardrobe and took copycat pictures just for examples related to this site. If you're just talking about when Katie was into Larme, I've honestly seen worse instances.

No. 40555

Yeah I remember them but it was only maybe 5-10 photos they copied, not 50+ like Katie and this girl. And it’s also not just the copying, it’s the complete delusion that emalee was saying SHE was always the original. That’s more than slightly unusual.

No. 40572

Hi, it’s Emalee. I’m going to be honest and say I’m absolutely terrified about coming to this thread because I know I’ll definitely get crucified furthermore, which is fine, it’s your decision and I know it’ll be used against me and torn apart to be picked at, which is also fine. But I’ve been notified by a friend who I’ve told not to contact me about this thread unless it was absolutely necessary for me to unblock it.
I don’t even know how or where to begin or what to say here.

I wish to keep this somewhat short so I’m not going to address things as I believe certain personal matters shouldn’t be aired out online to “anonymous” people.
But for Christ sake, please stop posting her personal things or mine for that matter into this thread or every little thing she or I posts and acting like “internet saviours”.

We are two completely separate people with completely different lifestyles.
My health concerns and conditions are none of your business and quite frankly I was admitted in for most likely different reasons. I am baffled to think why anyone would want to imitate another’s health conditions and waste hospital resources trying to do so. My mum works at the hospital I went to and wouldn’t have gone if I didn’t have to. Can’t I go to the hospital anymore? I’ve stopped myself going to A LOT of places to avoid this exact reason. I’m sick to death of avoiding things “just in case” or “what if” when I am legitimately suffering/have always had those interests and I’m sick of downplaying it too. I’m baffled by a lot of things actually within this thread and the accusations made up. It’s quite clear I’m not welcome to whinge on a social platform or have health concerns or interests. I have my hands tied and mind already made up for me apparently.

I can’t stress it enough, but please stop posting her personal stuff on here. You guys are free to tear me to shreds, because you’ve already been doing that anyway from the looks of it. But just stop. I sure as hell know I can’t be bothered to defend/explain myself anymore or trying to anyway, I’m exhausted from trying to do so and given up. Why? Because it gets me no where and honestly what’s the point?

I’ve refused to stop blocking your throw away Instagram accounts because I have nothing to hide. I don’t know how I can prove to you that I don’t fake accounts. Never have and never will. I know the blossomsteph account will be brought up and honestly that was my anorexia recovery account and I went under a different name because I wanted to remain anonymous, it was and still is a lonely battle and I wanted to be around people who were also suffering. Yes I know how toxic that community is as well, hence why I deleted that account years ago. I don’t know where all this comes from, saying I’ve been hacking into someone’s private fucking emails is so far fetched and to say I’ve been going to the same school as her somehow? There are so many far fetched and fakes ideas in here.
I’m sorry but I don’t have all these “mysterious” illnesses you guys like to believe about me. Absolutely none of you know a single ounce of me and neither did the OP of this thread.
Admittedly when I looked at the recent replies, I wanted to go private but I can’t because apparently she has and if I do, it’ll be seen as following in her footsteps.

This isn’t “milk” or whatever you guys call it. The fact that you think this is something to laugh about, nitpick someone or whatever really shows what kinds of people come to this site.

I’m also questioning how I’m even seeing her content too. There’s legitimately no possible way for me to when I’ve blocked all her url links the same way I did for this site and I want nothing to do with Kate.

I’m trying to live my own life and got far more concerning things to worry about other than this thread. I can guarantee you, this thread and site causes more anxiety and unnecessary stress/drama than anything else by watching every little movement or every small change a person does.

Do as you wish, but I think I’ve stressed my point enough. Thank you.

No. 40578

Booooo go away stalker.

No. 40583


>When accused of copying she cries all the way to the hospital and claims she's being harassed and stalked

No. 40584

>We are two completely separate people with completely different lifestyles.

lmao you are so fucking delusional it physically pains me. fucking book a therapist appointment you psychopath.

No. 40585

Stop skinwalking, and there will be nothing for anybody to talk about. Get your own identity.

No. 40589

>I'm also questioning how I'm even seeing her content too. There's legitimately no possible way to

And yet you keep adapting your style, interests and personality from her. What a mystery.

I truly cannot stand people like you. I mean that. I had a girl like you in my life some years ago and her obsessive skinwalking of me, down to buying the same clothes as me and copying every photo of myself I took (and the captions, sound familiar?). She was just like you when confronted, too. "I don't know what you're talking about, it's simple coincidence!" She caused me years of paranoia and anxiety that left me scared to even exist on the internet.

I don't feel bad for you. None of us are going to feel bad for you until you figure out your fucking life and leave that poor girl alone. Truly alone.

No. 40597

the lack of self-awareness here is astounding.
leave katie alone you skinwalking psychopath. literally get a life.
crying to lolcow isn't going to help you. if you read the threads you're clearly on the losing side here.

No. 40601

File: 1553057938127.gif (2.75 MB, 275x211, 1552394907916.gif)

Good ass fucking milk, Emalee

No. 40602

You need to delete all your social media and find some purpose in life other than trying to become someone else. Jesus. Get help

No. 40722

>copying someone's post about their disability

Mental illness in one image

No. 40741

Well that’s a couple minutes of my life I’ll never get back. You wrote so much and yet said absolutely fucking nothing to make me think that you deserve any of the sympathy you’re begging for, and from lolcow of all places. You’re so scared of everything huh? Have you legitimately ever taken a single minute to think seriously about how Katie must feel? It just sounds like you’re plugging your ears and singing la la la I can’t hear you, because you’ve never had to face any repercussions for what you’ve been doing (aside from this thread) which is both unfortunate for Katie and why this thread has stayed around for so long. Like everyone else has said, you need some time off social media and some serious, HONEST therapy.
I don’t trust you saying that you have enough self restraint to block her pages/not look at them, because you have no self restraint when it comes to copying her, or your attention to this thread. “A friend” keeps an eye on it do they? Did your boyfriend give up being your eyes? Even though it’s obvious you’ve lurked here continuously for ages? Please.
And you did go to the same school as her. In 2015, she was due for another semester at the school you went to, but she heard about it and left her course. To get away from you. And you’ve never actually reflected on why she might take such an extreme step to avoid you. It was around the same time you were posting on your blog about filing a report with the police about YOUR stalker? Do you remember that lie? I do and I’m sure Katie does too. You couldn’t possibly let people think you were doing the exact same thing, you’re definitely always the good guy.
You’re unwell and I hope one day you seek legitimate treatment. God knows it’s overdue.

No. 40789

Well said anon. Do you have any screenshots about the school and the police thing? Because if they’re true, that’s insane. I never realised she was so desperate to look like the victim that she’d go to the cops, to what? Cry about a girl on the internet copying her pics, even though the dates always prove that Katie posted hers first? while Katie was too scared to be on the same campus as her… absolutely wild.

No. 40802

Emalee doesn’t actually believe any of the shit she wrote, she’s knowingly lying about being oblivious to the stalking. What she has no idea about is how the outside world sees right through her charades. Writing this fabricated narrative portraying herself as the victim and Katie as da bad guy is a weak attempt to manipulate the public’s opinion of her. She’s only delusional in thinking that anyone would believe the shit she’s spewing, or find her attractive when she’s pretending to be someone else. Emalee knows very well she’s a stalker, she’s ashamed which is why she lies about it, what she can’t admit to herself is how unconvincing and off-putting she is to everyone else. It would shatter the perfect shiny skinwalking characature of Katie she’s been desperately trying to cultivate and protect. She must have no self esteem, skinwalking’s probably the only thing that brings her confidence judging from how she’s clawing into Katie like her life depends on it. Therapy isn’t an instant fix, there are more incompetent therapists than we like to admit. For all we know she could already have a therapist. Maybe Emalee going through a traumatic experience and having a wake up call, a moment of clarity to have some self reflection, to see how this doesn’t actually uplift her life but in reality hurts, stunts, and degresses it (unlikely) or Emalee finds a new obsession to take over her mind, probably if she found another woman to skin walk (much more likely).

No. 40812

I don’t sadly. I’ve tried the wayback machine to find anything from her old tumblr but nothing. I know no one on this site likes just taking people’s words for stuff like this, but I afraid I have nothing else haha you could ask either of them what school and campus it was and they’d answer the same (if they chose to reply at all), and I’m almost certain that she never actually went to the police, she just said she did to sort of intimidate Katie and make people think that her claim about being stalked was soooo much more legit that should /could/ go to the cops. Truly pathetic really.

Her bf mentioned her being in therapy when he came to white knight her previously, but the thing is, I don’t think she could ever say out loud to another person that she’s done anything wrong with this situation. I could only imagine her bringing it up to a psychologist to use as another reason why her life is ~so sad~ and she’s ~so anxious~, that she was a victim of stalking. Her head is too far up her own arse to ever sit down and be like “yeah I’ve done something messed up but I want to fix myself so it doesn’t happen again.” She’s a pathological liar and a therapist can only do so much with what they’re told from a liar if they don’t want help. She needs a professional intervention lol

No. 41544


Did you try archive.today?

No. 41958

Yeah, still couldn’t find anything. I wonder if Katie kept screenshots of her tumblr posts because they were bordering on legit slander.

No. 42043

File: 1553917089061.jpg (472.66 KB, 1080x1705, 20190329_233733.jpg)

Katie from 3 days ago

No. 42044

File: 1553917112726.jpg (718.59 KB, 1080x1850, 20190329_233716.jpg)

Emalee from 2 days ago

No. 42048

Can this be considered progress? She only copied one thing this time, as opposed to how she used to copy literally everything.

No. 42050

Yeah I’m a bit confused. Using a similar font doesn’t seem that bad or am I missing something?
At least she didn’t quote the same song and go on about hot much she’s loved that band since she was 2 weeks old despite never mentioning them until Katie did like she used to lmao

No. 42051

she's go a massive stalker history, nitpicking over this font or that one is fruitless. she'd like to prove the thread wrong right now after posting here so I'm sure she'll make some effort to be "different". she has come off like a dangerous person and scared the shit out of someone, lied here, her bf lied here, she is not to be trusted.

No. 42098

Oh I know she’s a massive creep who lies as often as she breathes, I’ve read the whole thread and used to follow her. I just don’t think the last comparison was worth posting here. She’s obviously making a conscious effort to be different from Katie and that post IS different.

No. 42786

File: 1554276346895.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 7CC11F45-1544-4A86-8140-55E26B…)

Katie’s most recent story
Good for her. The Kitti De Ville store had a really distinct style and she is talented.

No. 42789

I would be SO curious to see if Emalee suddenly starts talking about sewing again or if she can actually stop herself from copying whatever Katie decides to share
Like you said though, good for her, she shouldn’t be scared forever or it’ll destroy her.

No. 44567

File: 1555768435611.png (134.07 KB, 640x884, IMG_4953.PNG)

Emalee is now shifting from the purple/green elf theme, to black/white gothic theme… it was only a matter of time (1/2)

No. 44568

File: 1555768489204.png (118.28 KB, 633x925, IMG_4954.PNG)


No. 44574

File: 1555775394002.jpg (555.84 KB, 1080x1768, 20190420_114702.jpg)

Don't forget Katie posted this before Emily posted that.

No. 44575

File: 1555775416446.jpg (1.42 MB, 2560x1920, 19-04-20-11-49-35-502_deco.jpg)

No. 44587

>One day later
Holy shit this girl has some money to blow is she can change up her whole act just to skinwalk someone

No. 44611

File: 1555798148844.jpeg (208.67 KB, 750x1189, 4DC8A0AB-2007-44FF-9141-70A40F…)

Her theme was already pretty dark before Katie started posting again (>>37760) but it was way more witchy. Her posts are definitely looking more straight gothic now that that’s what Katie’s posting.

Yeah the whole “I love reading now, especially fantasy books” thing bothers me too because Katie shared some books she’d read on her stories like last year, and then posted a summary of a book she’d read on her profile about a month ago, then emalee bought this one book and hasn’t shut up about it. Not a coincidence.

Omg I’ve noticed that too, like she must have some source of money because she mentioned on her stories going back to Japan or Europe for her honeymoon and they’re not cheap options considering most people don’t leave their country for honeymoons. She’s also got a new PC a few weeks ago to act as her new WoW machine because she doesn’t know how to play anything else. And she’s studying like a full science degree, I know Australia has a program where you just pay for your schooling once you get an income, but there’s still a lot of out of pocket fees. Not to mention that on her past tumblrs she’s mentioned having all of her teeth fixed due to her ED, and bought a brand new car like a year or two ago that was released the same year?? Just all these random high expenses coming from nowhere for someone who apparently dog sits as a job.

No. 44637

Remember when Emalee posted a month ago saying how she never checked here and didn't want to block us because she had nothing to hide?
Guess who just blocked me on Instagram for watching her story lol. Nice to know you're still lurking around, E.

No. 44718

LOL she’s probably blocked half this thread by now just because they watched her stories. Why be so protective over a public account idgi

No. 44777

File: 1555961790989.jpg (250.64 KB, 720x1393, Screenshot_20190422-163033_Ins…)

from emalee's story, still skin walking them books

No. 44818

Japan is a pretty cheap destination from Australia (obviously Europe is not). There are no out of pocket fees to study at all, you can even defer your small student amenities fees into your HECS debt for later. She lives in Melbourne (right?) - rent and the cost of living are high. She must be getting subsidised in some way if she can both study and have some free spending money.

No. 44830

File: 1556006970877.jpeg (663.79 KB, 2181x1689, 7AC6C06A-0A2D-4BF2-A300-F154B7…)

I’m guessing that’s her engagement ring, but anyone else notice that it’s a flower? Like the ring Katie’s wearing in almost every photo where her hand is visible

No. 45196

File: 1556272993646.png (3.74 MB, 750x1334, 2BE74E0B-1477-4E0D-8CDE-127652…)

Her latest ig story. Why do so many irrelevant girls on ig think that anyone would be genuinely interested in watching them play games? Like she has next to no active followers on ig, what makes her think anyone would watch her play WoW over and over…

I don’t know if she actually lives in the city. Probably not, and she’s possibly on Centrelink? Just still a lot of random high purchases. I’m convinced jack probably pays for a lot, he seems pretty whipped lol

That’s just next level. It’s worse if you consider that she may have asked for her ring to look like that. So creepy.

No. 45489

File: 1556494033099.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3217x2825, 3835DA16-D1A1-499F-A333-2AA8CF…)

Yes, tell us again Emalee how you don’t see Katie’s stories?
Katie’s on the left is from about a month ago, and Emalee’s is from today.

No. 45494

This is so fucking creepy. This girl literally went out and bought some fucking Vans for this single Instagram story

No. 45495

I kinda doubt that just because everyone in Melbourne owns those vans lol they’re just like identical stories, like they’re both walking videos in the same clothes talking about being tired/whatever
However there was that time that Emalee bought the exact same pair of demonias as Katie so who knows haha

No. 45501

I dunno about the shoe thing, but to have almost identical stories within 24 hours of Katie is no coincidence. Emalee said she was trying to move on but she's definitely still down the fucking rabbit hole. What a creep.

No. 45521

yes it's really common to have those vans in Melb and to wear black too, but the rest is no coincidence at all. don't whiteknight her.

No. 45522

>>45501 not exactly within 24 hours…
katie posted that story about a month ago or a few weeks ago

No. 45524

Definitely wasn’t white knighting her lol I just said that I don’t think she bought the same shoes JUST for an ig story. I agree with you completely that the whole story itself isn’t a coincidence, and she’s basically just outing herself that she’s still keeping tabs on Katie.
I genuinely can’t tell if she’s still copying her because she’s actually vindictive, or if she just can’t help herself when she sees Katie’s stuff all the time, like a subconscious tick. But yeah, she’s definitely and undeniably a massive creeper.

No. 45526

If that's true I think it's even creepier.

Definitely the latter. People who do this stuff don't even put much thought into it anymore - checking in on Katie's stuff is most likely routine for her.

No. 45527

That’s such a depressing and slightly pathetic habit to think about, let alone have.

No. 45528

I agree with y'all. It's the latter cuz seeing Katie update is very unsettling for Emalee & she won't rest until she one-ups Katie or does something similar. I understand how it feels cuz I've been through it. Years ago there was this artist that i highly envy & whenever she uploads something online, I always follow whatever she drew but we're in different fandoms. Thankfully that life for me is over now but I can still feel the anxiety & the "imbalance" between us whenever she came up with something new.

No. 45530

See, that’s so weird to think about because she has “one-up’ed” Katie in a big way, by literally becoming engaged to the guy Katie used to have a relationship with. And she’s studying science which isn’t an easy feat, and is completely unrelated to Katie and Katies goals. That’s why this situation is so fascinating and terrifying to me, because it feels like in emalees mind, there is no “end goal” and there is no limit to how far and how long this will go on if she can’t even stop monitoring this girl when she’s (apparently) doing well in her own personal life.

No. 45542

She probably did. Have you seen the thread? People buy clothes after seeing them on ig all the time. I can't imagine how unnerving this must be for the OP.

No. 45565

Mhm, the big thing here is that Emalee isn't trying to beat Katie or "win", or anything. She's just completely lacking her own identity and has latched onto Katie's. At one point, probably when she first started dating the ex, she began to idolize Katie and see her as someone admirable, cool, and interesting. She has no sense of self identity and obviously a lot of self-esteem issues, so rather than develop herself, she decides "well, if I can be just like this person, I'LL be admirable and cool and interesting too!"
It won't stop until Emalee makes a concerted effort to make it stop. She has to admit it's harmful behavior (which she doesn't see it as), ACTUALLY block all of Katie's social media, and get some professional help for her insecurities. Not to sound armchair-y or like I'm diagnosing her, but such extreme changes in identity, especially in an attempt to behave like someone else, can be a symptom of borderline. Even if it's not, she won't stop until she (and her enabling boyfriend) get her some genuine, serious help. But she has to want to be her own person first, instead of a cheap knockoff.

Specifically, she has shown that she will consistently go all out to buy the exact same clothes as Katie. It sounds ludicrous to most normal people, like there's no way someone would make so much effort for something as stupid as shoes. But Emalee's shown that she will try her best to skinwalk this girl down to the smallest detail.

No. 45581

File: 1556580300376.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, 4616BD60-5DB2-4A39-9830-751F65…)

This. 100% true. I remember when jack came to the thread and said she was in therapy to make it seem like she was doing the right thing, but therapy can’t help you on certain issues if you’re not willing to be honest about them and I would be so surprised if emalee has ever once admitted that she’s the one in the wrong here. I would bet money that this whole situation hasn’t even been mentioned to her therapist and they only talk about what she’s comfortable talking about. It’s sad that there’s no real way for this to end for Katie, it all relies on a mentally unstable girl doing something very unlikely.

She just posted this on her ig stories and I know it’s a gaming reference, but it’s just funny timing considering that there’s been a discussion on this thread for the first time in a while, and massively ironic that that saying could apply to how she got any attention on her ig in the first place: by being scarily similar to someone else, like copying someone’s homework and cheating lmao
also I don’t think she followed lushsux until after Katie took a pic with one of his pieces a couple months back on her ig stories so there’s also that.

No. 45724

File: 1556695260292.jpeg (1.41 MB, 4096x2125, 0BAB1DEB-5EC0-4A75-ADBF-910A5F…)

Emalee just posted a new pic and the outfit is pretty much just a copy of Katie’s because we know she has the same top and the corset is super similar, and obviously the rings and nails too.

No. 46508

File: 1557173538944.png (513.47 KB, 1080x1272, Screenshot_2019-05-06-21-08-53…)

dyed her hair black like katie now? or a wig.

No. 46525

File: 1557180922829.jpeg (419.94 KB, 2858x1815, CCEE143C-25AF-48AB-A41E-7AEA7F…)

Most likely a wig since she’s posted selfies with hair like that before, because having a wig like Katie’s hair isn’t skinwalking and scary at all…
But just a comparison pic for reference, she’s tried to copy Katie’s hair and make up, and maybe even her jaw line?? And Katie’s selfie was only posted 6 days ago.

No. 46526

File: 1557181040862.jpeg (124.93 KB, 750x892, BC04E05C-1197-4116-B4C0-A2032B…)

Her real jawline. There’s a big difference between those pics lmao

No. 46539

What the actual fuck, that makes my skin crawl. She’s literally wants Katie’s face to be her own, why can’t she get a grip

No. 46542

How many aesthetic changes has it been? 4? Fuckin hell.

No. 46547

yeah like it’s a lot for a normal person to change this much this often (I’m guessing Katie has some issues with her sense of self too, which are probably exacerbated by this Emalee stuff) but for emalee to adapt and adopt her every change? That’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before, certified craziness

No. 46583

4 changes? I remember only 3, the kawaii lolita phase with all pink, the witchy forest goth with all green n purple, n now just goth and all black

No. 46628

Idk about other anon but I personally consider kawaii and larme two different styles and aesthetics, especially when Katie was working on her store. She was doing more punk-y designs and her style was less weeaboo and fluffy.
So of course Emalee did the same, each and every time. She’s sick.

No. 46640

File: 1557261808301.jpg (844.56 KB, 1080x1919, 20190507_164104.jpg)

This is a very poor copy of Katie's makeup in >>46525. Embarrassing.

Katie's also gone private again. I feel bad for her. She probably looks at this thread every so often, or at Emalee's profile, and gets freaked out when she sees her doing this doppelganger shit.

No. 46642

File: 1557261968820.jpg (546.86 KB, 1080x2024, 20190507_164614.jpg)

No. 46649

It would make sense that she doesnt like this thread or being reminded of this stuff. shes already dealt with it for years and did once ask us to stop posting here. Its sadly funny looking back that everyone thought this thread would deter or stop her behaviour…..

this is so vague you can tell she only brought it up so that people would feel bad for her

No. 46650

tbh it's not that much of a shift to go from emo/goth teen to j-fashion back to goth, they're all kind of related styles and Katie always veered pretty gothy when she was into larme.

No. 46681

god this is so unnerving. she can't leave Katie alone for a second without wanting to wear her skin.

No. 46691

Idk I still think they’re big changes, and especially the people in those communities that you associate with are very different. The only real thing they have in common is that they’re both “alternative” from normal styles, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end.
In terms of Katie, it does seem like she’s struggled to find somewhere she’s completely comfortable so she only really focused on one thing she enjoys in different periods of her style instead of embracing all of them. And Emalee, well, almost none of her enjoyment for these things has seemed genuine to me and she’s just spent this time tripping on Katie’s coattails after she tried too hard to make her bf like her by replacing his ex lol

No. 46831

Aaand now emalees on private too. Anyone here actually follow her account?

No. 47433

File: 1557776402990.jpeg (1.64 MB, 4000x2305, 9CACC12D-8F91-44D6-8734-C0DE78…)

update: she’s still missing the point and is glossing over everything she did herself. Traumatising someone by stalking them and making up a false narrative that THEYRE the bad person is way more than “questionable” you fruit cake. One crappy apology where you apparently didn’t actually take any actual responsibility doesn’t give you a free pass to continue what you’re clearly still doing.
Good for you for taking a break, you genuinely need it, and you should get some help while you’re at it.

No. 47436

>The thing I've been struggling with for the past 3 weeks has been a miscarriage, and I am entirely blaming the thread for it.
How fucking insulting to any women on this site who have been through the same thing, imagine being able claim you are't vindictive then blame strangers for something so traumatizing in the same breath.

She has no idea how to take responsibility for herself or her actions no wonder she wants to be Katie.

No. 47438

Literally like, no one deserves to go through a miscarriage and I’m not saying it was her fault either, but with her past(?) history of eating disorders, her “chronic illnesses” and it being her first pregnancy, it’s not uncommon and her body probably isn’t compatible for pregnancy yet. It blows my mind that she could blame an entirely voluntarily-viewed website for something like this when she should be asking why she feels the compulsion to come here so often if she hates it and it stresses her so much.

She’s just a broken record whenever she posts these sympathy-seeking posts, “I’ve never done anything wrong (except stalking a girl for years and spread rumours making people believe she’s a terrifying monster, but I’ve never spread rumours or done anything wrong) everyone else has done something wrong and I have all this evidence to prove it, even though I’m not going to share it or actually use it for anything, I’m just saying I have it so people believe me”
Why are her and her bf the only people to have come here to defend her if she has so much support and understanding from people who USE lolcow?

Girl, just get rid of your account and go. We’d be better off not trying to translate your constant fallacies anyway lmao

No. 47465

1. “I’ve done some questionable things and I apologised for it” you never apologised publicly though. Whether you started the “rumour” or not, Katie was still accused by other people of stalking and harassing you and you never attempted to correct that.
2. “But I also still yearned for that emp/hardcore kid” Katie’s look is more genuinely rooted in hardcore than your dark elf-y whatever look rn. Though whinging on the internet is quite emo so well done on that one.
3. “No one owns a damn style.” True, and not once on this thread does it say that Katie’s owns any of these styles.
4. “I wore a wig because I despise my hair colour” ok? Doesn’t explain why it had to be the same colour and cut as Katie’s hair. Same with the purple wig with straight bangs that you used fo wear when Katie’s hair was purple with straight bangs…
5. “They actually come to me and find out the truth.” Okay but that would mean comparing stories and talking to Katie about her side, and I’ve asked her about details before and she never answers. She doesn’t want to draw out your “I’m right, the other person is wrong” bullshit it seems.
6. “Numerous threats have been made to me publicly.” & “you manage to spew hate on the thread and on my social media” wheeeerrreeeee? You always say you’re getting harassment and I’ve never once seen anything like that on your social media and you acknowledge yourself you could be addressing trolls but you’ll never get them to feel sorry for you by doing this.
7. “It’s sad that either of us have to keep running off” do you really not understand what you’re doing at all? I doubt Katie gets scared of this thread, it’s probably more to do with the person who wants to be her and ruin her at the same time, that seems more likely…
8. “I’ve been dehumanised” commenting on your behaviour as creepy and uninvited is not dehumanisation at all. We’re all aware you’re human, just a very unwell one who needs to wake. up.
9. “I don’t display any of the criteria from the PPL test” I think whoever called you a psychopath was just using hyperbole for a point but like, you have the uncaring, selfishness and insincere speech down pat in this story alone.
10. “You’ll not care for anyone’s wellbeing” because you cared so much about Katie’s when she used to beg her stalker to leave her alone on her ig and tumblr, right? But you apologised so it’s fine that you continued to disregard her telling her audience that you caused her so much stress she had to delete her original account, you just didn’t stop. But it’s fine, you apologised. Ok.

I think I’ve made my point.
You need to address these flaws within yourself before you’ll ever be able to move on. Leaving social media is good start but it’s not enough. Hopefully you don’t give us more reasons to reignite this thread after this, like you have over and over.

No. 47484

>I had a miscarriage and it's LOLCOW'S FAULT

This has to be a new one, holy shit. We've been blamed by cows for a lot of stuff, but really?

No. 47495

It’s obscene and a complete stretch of logic, though everything on this thread proves that she’s quite good at that lmao

No. 47498

>I'm a poor innocent bb who has definitely not made someone's life a living hell by shadowing her every move for years, to the point of that person dropping their online following and shop
>Also I date that person's ex
>It's just the meanies on lolcow reaching to say I copied even though there's a compiled thread of like 60 identical pictures I took and posted
>Also the anons on lolcow personally reached into my uterus and caused my miscarriage, it's definitely not because I'm a highly strung person with many mental health problems I am not addressing at all

No. 47505

Lol this is so on point. I can’t believe how manipulative that whole story was, like she intentionally used this language to make herself seem like a victim and it just sickens me that she’s a real person. God help anyone who actually buys this crap or gets in the way of her lies.

No. 47531


Seconded. I didn't think she could get any more disgusting or manipulative after she quickly appeared here but it seems she's gone lower than the bottom of a well at this point.

I hope you get professional help but how manipulative can you be to use something as serious as a miscarriage to blame people who happened to notice the abuse and behaviour towards Katie? you clearly traumatised an innocent girl who's trying to live her own life, then you come and play the victim, THEN you post this story with all the manipulative one-sided language, good riddance because anyone who even reads this thread finds out the truth about you.

No. 47542

Yeah I thought the same but it looks like she just can’t handle when things don’t go her way like when she posted here, so she just keeps pushing

It’s interesting whether or not she talks like this to her fiancé or family/friends, because manipulation like this rarely has an on/off switch, and I can easily imagine her being incredibly manipulative and toxic to those closest to her as well. It’s probably why her fiancé stays and is apparently so supportive of her bullshit, because she uses this language on him too to make him thinks she’s an uwu innocent perfect child who’s been attacked by meany Katie and the internet, regardless of clear evidence.
It’s no wonder Katie couldn’t put an end to this herself in the beginning, this girl stretches anything to fit her side and doesn’t absorb any genuine criticism of her behaviour, I can’t imahine trying to reason with her after she’s already set her eyes on you as a target. She’s an actual nightmare haha

No. 47546

So I've been missing the Raven thread because her brand of manipulative crazy is next-level but whew lad, a challenger has appeared. What an absolute fruitcake.

No. 47571

Eh I’d say it’s probably like 15% she’s manipulated his thoughts about this situation this whole time, 85% he’s just really utterly stupid lol

No. 47919

why does she need to delete her Instagram? why not keep it private and vet who can see it? It’s like she wants Katie to see what she’s doing. This speil paired with her constant victim seeking behaviour shows how manipulative and sick she is.

No. 47953

Because if she does that, then no one’s going to care about her crying lol everything she does is for some form of attention

I’m still waiting for those “lolcow users” who apparently believe her bullshit to come and tell us that we’re wrong and “just hating”

No. 47961

>>47919 i was thinking the same thing

>>47546 what Raven thread? Who is this raven n is she a manipulative copycat too i need to know anon

No. 48224

She was probably never even pregnant.

No. 57397

File: 1563160591667.jpeg (177.92 KB, 750x1097, 686C06F6-83EB-4175-8828-F22041…)

Aaand she’s back

No. 57407

File: 1563163098179.png (39.17 KB, 616x163, notweirdatalliswear.png)

The similarities are just a coincidence, I'm sure

No. 57410

File: 1563163995138.png (100.83 KB, 728x464, 1.png)

Jesus. Every single time, huh?

No. 57423

And here I thought she was so utterly heartbroken by her loss and the “bullying” that she’d be gone at least longer than like a month lol

Why does she do this?
At least her pics aren’t super similar, but social media seems to corrupt her self esteem so we'll see how long it takes for her to start copying directly again…

No. 57432

Right? I thought she’d ran away for good. I know I would if I was willing to stoop as low as she did for sympathy hah

No. 57841

File: 1563499793100.jpeg (252.61 KB, 750x1102, 612C6CFF-4E36-4045-A19E-4805A1…)

Anyone else notice the black collectif coat in this pic? Like Katie’s from this post >>46525
I think she really tryna copy that pic because iirc Katie got heaps of likes and followers from it, this girl is soo sad

No. 57847

Big yikes, and just when you think she can’t get any sadder
It’s literally been years girl, move on

No. 57861

you still got a pic anon? gimmie dat sweet sweet comparison

No. 57895

missed anon’s comment. What comparisons were they going to post?

No. 57903

File: 1563563389129.png (592.67 KB, 567x486, katietop.PNG)

sorry! only deleted the comment because the photo was already posted here >>44568
i was comparing emalee's top shirt to katie's shirt in photo attached. not exactly the same, but we all know the similarities.

No. 57904

File: 1563563506035.png (1.09 MB, 775x710, emalee.PNG)

samefag but here's a hopefully non-skinwalking photo of emalee

No. 57926

I’m sorry, I just still can’t get over how less attractive she looks in pics that she didn’t post herself. Like she looks nice in these >>57841 >>44586 but it must be make up/editing because she looks like a totally different person in this >>57904
She also doesn’t look like the kind of person that’s self-assured enough to wear black lipstick outside which just makes her pics feel uncomfortable and we all know she’s only wearing it because Katie does sometimes.

No. 57943

Nah, on the contrary, she looks nicer and way more natural in >>57904 than >>57841

No. 57945

Well I guess we have different tastes but you can tell she looks different in her ig pics, like her whole face looks different, it’s not just the addition of make up, was kinda my point

No. 59732

File: 1564105247428.jpeg (397.05 KB, 750x850, 59A60D1D-50EC-4471-956A-339C64…)

I know this is a personal nitpick, but my god why does she always talk like she has the worst of everything? When most people with chronic physical illnesses have “a really bad flare up” that last “a few weeks” they miss more than one day of uni, and then she ended up doing an activity that involved leaving her house anyway? Like I understand having a period of worsened symptoms and it sucks, but you missed a single day in a few weeks? That’s not “really bad” at all, even a doctor wouldn’t consider that a problem when completely healthy people miss days of school or work here and there when they’re not feeling great. Every little thing has to be a big deal to her and is worthy of being posted for sympathy, she needs some perspective.

No. 60110

Because she has a victim complex anon, I mean she blamed lolcow for her miscarriage so..

No. 60151

Yeah she’s just next level. I’m surprised she’s not more SJW-y with that victimhood but I guess that involves ackowledging that other people face difficulties too and she can’t do that, it’s all about her

No. 60931

File: 1564810737716.jpeg (287.86 KB, 2712x1845, BFC53AD6-E3FF-4FBB-BECF-EF6C1E…)

They’re both black metal lyrics too. Interesting how she only ever shares a new band or genre she likes until after Katie does it

No. 62480

File: 1565934010577.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 33A6869C-1473-4887-9A90-D55BA2…)

She’s reading the bone witch series now

No. 62481

File: 1565934080107.jpeg (614.09 KB, 750x1100, 6838B440-574A-4BA2-B327-40DE62…)

No. 62484

And off to change that identical flower “engagement” ring too, kek.

No. 62603

Did he pick out the identical ring for her? If so that’s so creepy. I always thought he was an enabler at best, at worst involved in making his current gf a clone of his ex.

No. 62620

Not identical but definitely similar, you can see here >>44830 he’s definitely questionable in his acceptance of his fiancés behaviour towards his own ex.

No. 62646

She probably begged for him to buy this for her specifically. They probably brought up the topic of traditional vs non traditional marriages and she instantly told him "I want this exact ring, a diamond is stupid."

No. 62670

Yeah that’s what I thought when I was tinfoiling. And when she saw us compare them on here, she realised someone noticed, panicked, and said on ig that it was only a temporary ring and told Jack she wanted a different one. Again, completely guessing, but knowing her it’s very possible haha

No. 64088

File: 1566699950010.jpeg (857.87 KB, 2414x2064, 32DBF522-EF4A-4F6A-8519-E70EF8…)

Some more of that infamous “oh I totally did it first, you guys just didn’t see”
If I was Katie, I’d still be scared because Emalee still goes out of her way to follow her every move, literally.

No. 64104

To post about the exact same niche shop is still creepy, even if she bit her tongue for a month. So obvious, what a nutjob. Katie privated her IG again, I don't blame her one bit.

No. 64107

This is definitely weird like she’s copying where she goes? Considering her long obsession, this is closer to “normal” stalking than just online stalking.

I call bullshit that she ever even went there before Katie posted about it. She does that all the time, saying she liked something before Katie but just never posted about it when it’s obvious she only did something or liked something because Katie did first.
And I think her account was private when I checked a couple days ago, that might not be related to emalee’s post

No. 64111

Yeah it doesn’t seem like a hugely popular store. I’m from Melbourne and I didn’t know about it until Katie posted it and I’d bet that Emalee found out about it from Katie’s post too, but wanted to seem like she knew about it all along. It makes me cringe and feel creeped out at the same time hah

No. 64478

File: 1566864333807.png (735.28 KB, 720x743, Screenshot_20190826-190454(1).…)

Emalee claims she bought this ET book from there. This photo of the book was posted on July 22nd. Possibly pretending she knew about it days before Katie did.

No. 64482

File: 1566864642271.jpeg (946.98 KB, 2880x3840, 37958198-C30E-41B5-9197-07D1FC…)

Here’s your proof. I even included one from my camera roll for you all… you could say I’ve been “cowtipped” by someone from this forum. I’ve noticed a trend, whenever someone mentions that Kate has gone private… don’t you think it’s because she DOES read here constantly? It’s a pattern and you fall for it every time. There’s multiple screenshots like this due to the fact that I’ve been accused of being there after and actual stalking, so I’ve learnt to document everything. The screen grab from Kate’s profile was provided by this thread (before anyone jumps down my throat). Since I’ve seen that someone is from Melbourne, or probably multiple people are, it seems like 3-4 people frequent this thread, I’ve taken this whole thread to my university coordinator as I do fear for my safety and this thread has been brought up numerous times to me and there are precautions to put up. There’s other underlying reasons why I feel unsafe due to the fact that there’s been quite a few people from this thread finding out my whole personal life and posting about it publicly (and like always, they’ll never mention it because it’s against the rules, as I’ve read), but that’s another matter for me to deal with personally.

I’ve also provided in text on the screenshot, so it makes it easier to understand.

No. 64489

Maybe you should consider seeking therapy and not just your "university coordinator". There's ample proof that you are an actual factual full on stalker with some sort of mental illness. So you have proof of this one instance? How do we know you didn't find out that she frequents that place some other way and follow her there?

No. 64490

I want to be clear in terms you can understand: people talking about the things you post publicly isn't stalking. I haven't seen anyone dox you here. Saying someone sent you private messages with no proof means nothing. Anything discussed here has been presented by YOU.

No. 64493

Girl just get off this thread.
She’s mentioned before that sometimes she feels safe being on social media and some days she doesn’t, which is understandable given what she’s dealt with on there and is entirely YOUR FAULT. But why does that even matter to you if she goes on and off private huh?
I’m with anon here >>64489 you need REAL help.

Totally agree. I’ve never seen anything more than public posts on here and not even a full name.
We just connect dots, and that’s your fault/problem that these dots exist in the first place lol

No. 64496

Girl this isn't a competition lmao, but you're making it out to be

No. 64501

It’s funny that it seems like you’re implying that Katie reads here regularly whereas I’ve never seen a cow get tipped as often as you do. That’s always your excuse to respond but I don’t believe for a second that multiple people have contacted you about this thread on multiple occasions, and you’ve been compelled to reply.
Just admit you lurk and you wanted to respond because you finally had one (1) single instance that you could defend. Congratulations, that’s pathetic.

No. 64503

She's obviously trying to make herself look like the victim.

Just picturing the eventual court case when she calls the prosecutors stalkers for providing evidence against her.

"You have my phone records and search data? You're the real stalkers here. I rest my case."

No. 64506

LMAO I wouldn’t be surprised, her logic is that damn backwards

No. 64508

oh she definitely lurks, hardcore. no cowtipping here. it took her a little less than 5 minutes to respond to the most recent post, given how much info she provided and typed she responded ASAP. she's obsessed.

No. 64515

your university coordinator must be cringing really hard right now.

No. 64518

I’m still confused, was there any actual reason why she brought up Katie possibly reading the thread other than a very obvious attempt at pointing the criticism on the person she victimised? I don’t understand the relation.

And >>64515 why’d she even let them know about the thread in the first place? Like a coordinator or counsellor can’t do anything about an anonymous thread, and if it’s to “protect” her, what does she need protection from? University’s have cyber security and privacy laws for all their students anyway and it’s not like she has a restraining order that they need to know about? They were probably like “umm… ok thanks for sharing”

>>64482 why do you never respond to legitimate questions when you make it very apparent that you care what we think of you? Otherwise you wouldn’t have posted in the first place…

No. 64526


How does this prove that she went to the bookstore before Katie, anyway? Without evidence that the book is actually from The Haunted Bookshop, this doesn't substantiate her claim.

No. 64548

You said that lolcow caused you to miscarry, why on earth are you still here? Just to say that Katie might lurk, too? If you're serious about protecting your health from this thread then just stop visiting it and posting in it.

No. 64549

I think she wants to believe that Katie’s just as bad as she is, like it’s comforting and less shameful to her if she thinks Katie’s lurking too, and lurking gossip forums is bad so Katie deserves criticism but Emalee doesn’t because she’s “protecting” herself.
Who knows honestly, it’s both interesting and difficult trying to understand how this girl’s brain works, she should be studied lol

No. 64556

People like this just jump through hoops to justify their shitty, creepy behavior tbh. Even if Katie did read here and that's why she goes private, so what, is that a bad thing? If every once in a while I realized that my psycho skinwalker is back at it again, I'd go private, too.

No. 64769

Emalee’s on private now lmao

No. 64798

Naturally. She can’t handle people talking about her behaviour, I’m surprised she didn’t go private sooner.

No. 64805

Emalee: Kate has gone private… don’t you think it’s because she DOES read here constantly?
Also Emalee: privates her profile
Following in the footsteps of the girl she's stalking. She's just mad she can't lurk on Katie's shit.

No. 64814

The hypocrisy is enormous given that she probably has this thread open all day everyday. Yeah hi girl we see u

I think this is more that she’s just butthurt nobody cared about her most recent stupid attempt to sway this thread in her favour or discredit all of it with a single post so she’s trying to cut us off, but she’s basically addicted to attention so I don’t think she’ll be on private for long kek

No. 64818

Imagine she really did take this thread to her university. Those people know she's an insane stalker now. Kinda hope she did tbh

No. 64911

They’re probably keeping an eye on her mental stability, not the thread like she thinks lol

No. 65568

File: 1567750216278.jpeg (872.14 KB, 3466x3082, 6BEBECBC-F7B6-486A-9AB0-ABF558…)

Katie’s been posting about sewing more recently so I’m not surprised by Emalee’s sudden re-interest
I want katie to post pics of some really ugly dress just so emalee tries to make it too, that’d be hilarious

No. 66735

File: 1568931717182.jpg (1.66 MB, 2560x1920, 19-09-19-18-21-31-253_deco.jpg)

I'm not saying, I'm just saying.

No. 66737

Emalee looks terrible here, even more than usual. I wonder if she realizes copying Katie so closely just highlights how bad she is at makeup, and how shit her hair looks

No. 66741

Ohmygod the shitty bang and awful attempt at copying Katies brows??

No. 66743

Yeah I can’t stop looking at where her lashes are stuck down and her unblended eyeshadow ew lol
Also Katie wears a very similar shade of lipstick a lot…

No. 66750

I'm cackling at how hard she really tried. Her bangs are way too short, should've waited a week to take a photo.

No. 66790

walmart vs. chanel in the flesh. emalee, this needs to stop, you're being fucking disgusting. not only the skinwalking but the crusty makeup, shitty haircut and knockoff pose. I've seriously never seen a more pathetic skinwalker in my time and i'm an oldfag. emalee, get some fucking therapy and disconnect your internet. serious gronk status.
I know you creep these threads too, and I'd be happy to facilitate more aussie chicks in finding out what a freak you are. seriously keep it up bitch.

I'll take a ban for cowtipping/threats whatever just for saying that but fuck. it would be so easy.

No. 66793

guys give it a break already, the outfits different n shes not wven wearing a moon necklace

No. 66804

She didn't even clean off the eyeliner that smudged up her left eyelid…

No. 66819

Imagine how insane she looked irl with this photo up on the screen, copying the makeup, putting in short bangs, and then finally taking a similar pose and angle. Achievement unlocked! You are now a skinwalker!

No. 66821

Just enlarged the photo and boy that's sloppy makeup in the copy, also looks like the bangs were curled/pinned to emulate the original photo.

No. 66828

You need to chill. Yes this girl is clearly insane, but threatening her will just give her more reason to dismiss anyone and everyone that criticises her, not to mention if anything bad actually happened in real life you could make this situation a whole lot worse for Katie, and from when she came here herself, I’m gathering that’s what most people on this thread don’t want. This isn’t just a normal thread to poke fun at someone who acts like a cow, this girl has a victim that could get hurt.

I think the problem with this post is that for months, emalees been more obsessed with copying Katie’s actual face, not just her outfits. She’s shooped her images in the past to make her face structure more like Katie’s, and as well as attempting identical make up it seem like she genuinely wants to wear Katie’s face, not just her clothes. And that is creepy imo

No. 66841

Stop reading the thread if you don't want to hear the truth, Emalee.

No. 66856

File: 1569034531839.png (530.38 KB, 718x569, Screenshot_20190919-215139(1).…)

>The outfits
None of these comments are about the outfits. only the hair, makeup, and posing lol
Also Katie does have a similar outfit Emalee is skinwalking in this pic

No. 66865

I could imagine Emalee commenting this like “aw come on guys, I didn’t even wear a moon necklace!! I may have copied most details from her pic but not all!! I’m so not a stalker anymore, see? No moon necklace!!” lmao

No. 66870

I agree with >>66828
I'm done making fun of her or nitpicking on the slightest similarities, it's all gonna end up in a vicious cycle of making her account private or deleting it & resurfacing with a new IG account, it never ends.

Besides, both girls have told us all to stop adding to the thread a long time ago. They're not celebrities with maximum level security, they're normal people & IRL are both too scared to go out oftentimes cuz a) Katie might bump into them and b) Emalee might be attacked by someone who reads the thread & if there's any physical violence involved in any of those situations it's gonna be partially our fault.

No. 66871

If any violence occurs, it's most likely to be between Katie, Emalee & their respective boyfriends and families.

If they really didn't want the attention (and this includes Katie as well) they wouldn't post so much. They wouldn't show up in the thread crying about it.

I feel bad for Katie but honestly we are doing her a favor here if she ever decides to take a legal route with this. Everything is documented for years.

So again, Emalee fuck off and get out of the thread.

No. 66872

Emalee wouldn’t be scared to go out if she didn’t do all this herself, but yeah I’m with you, I want it to stop for Katie’s sake but this thread isn’t deterring Emalee like everyone thought it might. We’re not doing anything to help this stop.

I get what you’re saying but Katie’s given up a lot because of this situation, she shouldn’t have to stop posting her photos too if that’s what she wants to do, like most normal people. She can’t stop her whole life because she’s scared of Emalee. Also I think she’s done well at pretending this situation isn’t happening, lord knows I’d have lost my mind ages ago, so I think it’s unfair to say she loves the attention from this situation. Emalees the only person who still cries about this thread, and I think that’s why people still post here, because they think it’s funny to poke the bear per say.

No. 66873

Samefag but also I don’t think screenshots from an anonymous website that has some pretty borderline hateful threads will count as legitimate evidence in court, so I don’t think that’s a good excuse to keep contributing to this thread.

No. 66875

If anything, Emalee now has more ammo than Katie because someone posted a threatening comment, so well done to that person for possibly making this thread backfire. Good job.

No. 66877

Report the comments and ignore them.

No. 66879

It's not this site that is the evidence, it's the screencaps. Earlier in the thread there is a cap from facebook Katie's friend posted too, so no doubt they have loads saved as well. These can all be saved as proof of how crazy Emalee is and given to cops if there is a need.

Before anyone says shit about how screencaps can be edited so cops won't care etc, you can use someone's handwritten diary as evidence in court if needed.

Back in the days of MySpace my friend got jumped by some losers who sent him MySpace messages with threats in them, and he was able to print them and screencap and showed them to the police. the point is cops absolutely will look at shit like this no matter how retarded you think it is

No. 66883

Reporting doesn’t change that Emalee now has evidence to the threats that she always cries about, but we’ve never seen. That person gave Emalee exactly what she craves, another way to act like a victim and prove we’re all big meanies.

Yeah I said screenshots, I just mean the source of those screenshots is questionable if this site was mentioned in a case. Diaries can be used because handwriting is unique and its easy to spot copying. And it sounds like your friend was lucky/it happened before screenshots were really known to be easily faked, like my mum could figure out how to fake a screenshot these days whereas even just a few years ago, most non-tech people thought it was impossible.
I guess it depends where you live, I know the cops in my area would say there’s nothing they could do (but they’re also lazy af) and half the screenshots here are from old accounts or have been deleted so there’s no way to fact check.

No. 66888

File: 1569052179699.png (148.96 KB, 1872x990, vic.png)

Emmalee doesn't realize she's committing a crime. she can't be a victim when she's the perp. screenshots have dates and times, her content IS the evidence. she's an idiot and katie should press charges. Emmalee can't do shit, one "meanie" on a thread does not a victim make.

No. 66889

>I'd be happy to facilitate more aussie chicks in finding out what a freak you are
People finding out about her social media or this read is a threat now? Maybe read it again. The police won't give a fuck, any more than her university coordinator.

Smells like a milking shed in here.

No. 66900

I think anyone with eyes can tell she’s not the victim, but she genuinely thinks she is which is why she’s incapable of seeing how disturbing her behaviour is. I was just saying that one mean comment to her is all the justification she needs to keep believing her delusion.

No. 66907

We are not delivering a therapy program for her. She skinwalks either way, even if this thread disappeared tomorrow she'd still be a stalker. Triple-reverse- psychology attempts have no effect on what she actually does in reality and never did. We can only record it here.

No. 66913

Yeah I agree that she won’t stop, which is why I’m starting to think this thread is pointless. Having everything on a public thread hasn’t deterred Emalee from stalking her, and if Katie wants to keep records of this, she doesn’t need our help. But if you think it’s worth still using the thread, then that’s obviously completely up to you. Just sharing my thoughts before I stop contributing (sorry I clogged the thread with this discussion haha)

No. 67917

File: 1569885773569.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3938x1730, ACD6DD71-1FB9-4F78-A1D2-BDF1AE…)

Katie’s latest ig stories. Can’t say I disagree with her here, this is very weird

No. 67929

That's messed up. I hope that the original girl is okay. Was it her clone that made this art or some random artist?

No. 67930

I’m guessing a random artist. I feel like Katie would’ve said something different if it was Emalee who drew that.

No. 67935

File: 1569892378230.jpg (38.44 KB, 293x493, noooooooooooooooooooo.jpg)

Okay wtf there is a tiny Emalee hiding in the background of the Katie images what is wrong with people

No. 67936

That’s kinda funny, but still the whole concept is fucked up. Why draw this at all? I feel bad for Katie seeing this, no one needs “cute” drawings of them being stalked wtf

No. 67938

This is very not okay, illustrating someone's skin walking and stalking experience is horrible and violating. The person who did this is probably one of those very autistic uwu girls who thought it was funny and cute

No. 67939

This is fucked. I understand how the artist might see it as a "calling out" of sorts but someone else's trauma isn't yours to use for your fucking art project. Emalee is messed up and deserves to be called out but not by needlessly including interpretations of Katie's attempts to have a normal online presence.

No. 67945

Not to mention that they clearly didn’t even ask/tell Katie about it, that’s so exploitative and hurtful.
Why is Katie such a psycho magnet lol

No. 67951

Here is a possible source of the weird images.
Here is the person's deviantart. I haven't found the exact pictures yet but this was the link from the top of the above website. I tried looking for the specific images, but I honestly hate their art style and there's no way I'm looking through 1.600 images of it.

No. 67953

File: 1569901695224.jpeg (114.93 KB, 470x319, 2A281062-CBBE-443D-B587-F18AB7…)

The pics from that soup link were posted in May this year, but it looks like the artist hasn’t posted on their DA for a while so they’re probably not on there.
Apparently they wanted to make something positive out of the negativity, but these pictures only minimise the severity of Emalee’s actions. And like, you didn’t have to draw the actual copying?? That’s so weird. Also saying deer park “scene” like it’s part of a fictional movie or something. I don’t think this person actually understands what happened with these girls and to Katie, and this was just completely thoughtless.

No. 67955

Also emalee’s on private now. Does anyone here follow her? I bet she’s having a meltdown about Katie calling her a sick individual lmao

No. 67964

I think this shows the artist's lack of experience with harassment and stalking to think that there is anything cute about it

No. 67974

File: 1569920622446.jpeg (173.82 KB, 771x1037, 7383_61c6_771.jpeg)

This is really weird. I feel like this person has some sort of "thing" for copying. Not just committing the act itself, but anything having to do with it, including other people's experiences. There's almost some sort of fetishistic vibe to things.

No. 67976

File: 1569921209969.png (1.11 MB, 848x1456, lmly.png)

>Most artists get pissy when people copy their art. Me? I hug the living shit outta those jealous copycats coughtakesonetoknowone

No. 67977

File: 1569921352298.png (1.12 MB, 844x1416, 9898.png)

>Part 4, and the finale for now (and hopefully not the actual finale cuz I wanna see these two make a comeback again n hopefully they'll try different styles).
Bitch, what the fuck

No. 67978

File: 1569921720219.png (780.11 KB, 848x1334, 90-.png)

Definitely a farmer. She posted a cap from the Dasha thread. I wonder if that's why she deleted everything with a quickness.

No. 67981

File: 1569922540494.jpeg (63.7 KB, 500x500, 3988_23ce_500.jpeg)

>When you're busy following online copycat drama involving instagram models & pretty girls in general & lurking at their IG photos and people in the office took it the wrong way 🤣
>I mean if I were actually lesbian/bi/pan it would be a compliment (idk, sexuality is fluid, i might be in the future 🤷‍♀)

>I follow like two ongoing copycat drama online, one of them is pretty much dead at the moment & one's still ongoing (None of them are named Isyana or Irina btw). It gives off the same kind of excitement as when I copied a bunch of artists in deviantArt back in the mid-2000s, all that leveling up & one-upping. Whew.

Guess she's into this because she lives vicariously through Dasha and Emalee. It explains why she thought drawing those pictures was a good idea. She relates to the copier.
I'm not really sure where I was going with this, but it's interesting to find someone like this, in a twisted way.

No. 67984

Shame that this disgusting motherfucker came from here. I feel so bad for Katie, having to see her being stalked fetishized by someone. It's bad enough that she has Emalee to deal with at all to this day.

No. 67989

Hopefully not the finale?? Like they want this copying to continue? What the actual fuck, they clearly don’t care about Katie’s feelings even though it looks like this is where they found Katie/Emalee so they would’ve seen the posts of Katie talking about being distressed. It’s actually cruel to ignore her and draw what has distressed her. This person deserves their own thread, but they’d probably love that lol
I saw they deleted their Katie/Emalee pics but I thought that was because maybe they felt guilty after Katie said how it made her feel, but this just makes it seem like they didn’t want to be called out for their art, which like you >>67981 said seems like a way to express their personal fascination and enjoyment of copying, both doing it themselves and watching others.
This is so fucking weird, it’s making my skin crawl.

No. 67991

>It gives off the same kind of excitement as when I copied a bunch of artists in deviantArt back in the mid-2000s, all that leveling up & one-upping. Whew.


jesus. The bootlicker of the skinwalker. Hey girl, this isn't normal. You don't fabricate a competition via stalking someone. The victim/copied person didn't consent to being in your imaginary "competition."

No. 68039

File: 1569964264795.jpg (1.27 MB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20191001-171008_Ins…)

No. 68053

Right? Like just because you think it’s neat when people directly copy you doesn’t mean everyone feels that way. They have a bunch of stuff of their blog that talks so much garbage about how copying is always flattery and never threatening, but just because YOU see it that way doesn’t mean everyone agrees. And obviously Katie doesn’t but you used her in your creepy little drawings anyway, so gross.

This isn’t really milk, idk why you shared this, unless you think it’s just her trying to sympathy again, but it sounds real to me. It’s sad that she has such destructive thoughts and uses them either against Katie or herself. She needs serious help, but that’s nothing new

No. 68117

>>67977 Is that Katie blacked out in front of the Japanese building in Emalee's version?

No. 68123

I guess so? It's the same building but at a different angle. I think the artist is trying to say they both were at the building at the same time, but one was at the front of the building and the other was at the back of the building.

No. 68147

Hopefully this isn't derailing but holy shit I just noticed the person who drew the "fanart" seems to have posted in this thread almost a year ago…about (unrelated) copying. I doubt it's literally a fetish but it's a weird fixation nonetheless.
>>27627 (maybe, has a choco- related email attached like artist's dA)

No. 68203

This is so creepy to me, that art is probably one of the weirdest things I’ve seen on this site, and the person who drew it sounds like a really weird person to be around. They posted screen caps of conversations with their friends about copying and they sound like they’re not quite right in the head.

No. 68244

>It's one of my favorite sources of copycat/plagiarism news.
"News". Even back then, it's pretty clear she doesn't care much about the mental toll this kind of thing takes on the person who gets copied.

No. 68251

Sounds like Emalee lol

No. 88012

No. 88023

Nightmare fuel

No. 88025

Samefag but why the hell is he posing with frostmourne… What is this kek

No. 88039

The shot with the sword was hilarious. I can't believe they actually tied the knot.

No. 88041

Bahaha it has absolutely no relevance to the wedding I couldn't stop laughing. Pick me confirmed. As if we didn't already know judging by how he treated Katie and his taste in "women" cough empty husk cough. They're perfect for each other kek.

No. 88042

obvious but god damn she doesn't look a n y t h i n g like her photos. hopefully she's chilled the fuck out and stopped trying to steal katies skin.

No. 88083

File: 1586208305612.jpeg (463.85 KB, 750x667, 6CBB17FD-B684-449B-B9D9-F61D6F…)

Oh my fucking god. They actually got married. That’s so surreal, I thought for sure their engagement was a joke or they’d break up before they reached a wedding?? Yikes.
Also am I the only one that thinks she just tried to picture what Katie’s wedding would be like and went with that? Like the black dress, the purple flowers, the crystal crown I could all imagine Katie wearing, but I’m probably being nit picky.

I doubt she’ll ever get over her obsession considering literally her latest ig pic is a failed attempt at replicating a make up look Katie posted on her PRIVATE ig like a week before emalee posted this. But I can’t find Katie’s ig even though I follow her to compare

No. 88120

File: 1586230250948.jpeg (92.77 KB, 750x1333, 3D278045-61A8-4F1F-8003-BDF813…)

This video is so awkward oh my word. It’s like no one told them this was a video, not a photoshoot?? They’re so stiff and unnatural. And the sword thing didn’t really bother me because heaps of people have ~quirky/nerdy~ parts of their wedding these days, what made me cringe is this pic from her stories because his fucking grin makes him look like a child when they convince their sibling to do something dumb. Absolutely not cute.
All I’ll say is thank GOD she didn’t do her own wedding make up lol this is a whole ass mess (I saw Katie’s original look too dw)

No. 88207

I mean the fact they took this pic and brought it up again only confirms it in my mind. That's one unflattering image, but clearly worth for the ~uwu so quirky wow player~ points.

No. 88216

Damn no one saved this??

No. 89158


At this point, I believe that Jack is 100% just as guilty as Emalee. Emalee is obviously mentally ill, and I think Jack eggs on her copying. He came on here vehemently trying to defend her with the claims that she liked and did all of this stuff before or separately from Katie, but also claimed that he likes Emalee because she's nothing like Katie…when in reality, if this really was all just a coincidence and Emalee is innocent, that would make her exactly like Katie, not ~nothing like her.~

He's also proven himself to be at least somewhat aggressive and threatening, based on that message he sent to Katie's mom demanding that she tell Katie to unblock him.

I also don't see how he could be SO innocently stupid as to genuinely not see what Emalee is doing.

I'm curious about the circumstances behind his breakup with Katie. He gives off psycho vibes to me.

No. 89182

absolutely yes. He seems really weird and his logic is completely flawed when it comes to defending emalee. He never addressed all the photos, he just said “yeah but she liked Marilyn Manson and WoW since befOrE sHe WAs BorN!!” I don’t understand how anyone could look at what she’s done and say “yeah? So what??” like it blows my mind

I’m guessing when he says she’s not like Katie, he meant in personality and within their relationship? but her personality comes off as unstable at best, and she clearly can’t handle valid criticism. I’m more curious if they’ve ever had a disagreement and how they handled it lol I can imagine he’d say and do anything to make her not have a breakdown (if she can blame an internet thread for a miscarriage, imagine what manipulative crap she’d hang on him if he didn’t support her 110% for something) he was trying to make Katie look like a bad person, and who knows we don’t know her, but your wife isn’t some sweet, innocent, victimised angel either.
Everything on this thread is her own doing, this thread probably wouldn’t have been made if she got some mental help as soon as people noticed she thought stealing her bf’s ex’s identity while lying about her at the same time was a normal thing to do.. the fact that he was so ready to come and defend her actions instead of getting her help privately and helping her take accountability is the opposite of love and care imo. I would never defend my partner stalking someone and breaking the law, no matter how much I love them.

No. 89186


>I’m guessing when he says she’s not like Katie, he meant in personality and within their relationship? but her personality comes off as unstable at best, and she clearly can’t handle valid criticism.

That's a good point and very likely true, although she's very unstable like you said. I wonder if she goes so far as to try to copy Katie's personality, mannerisms, etc., and we just don't see it since it's not on the Internet.

>I’m more curious if they’ve ever had a disagreement and how they handled it lol I can imagine he’d say and do anything to make her not have a breakdown (if she can blame an internet thread for a miscarriage, imagine what manipulative crap she’d hang on him if he didn’t support her 110% for something) he was trying to make Katie look like a bad person, and who knows we don’t know her, but your wife isn’t some sweet, innocent, victimised angel either.

>Everything on this thread is her own doing, this thread probably wouldn’t have been made if she got some mental help as soon as people noticed she thought stealing her bf’s ex’s identity while lying about her at the same time was a normal thing to do.. the fact that he was so ready to come and defend her actions instead of getting her help privately and helping her take accountability is the opposite of love and care imo. I would never defend my partner stalking someone and breaking the law, no matter how much I love them.

I agree, and that's what's lead me to think that Jack might be a manipulative instigator himself. Emalee's actions are her own, she needs to take responsibility and seek help. I just have a hard time believing that Jack isn't actively making it worse, beyond just trying to defend her. I mean, surely he sees what's really going on; my question is, is he just in denial, or is there something more malicious behind his supporting Emalee? Idk, something about it just doesn't sit right with me.

No. 89192

>I wonder if she goes so far as to try to copy Katie's personality, mannerisms, etc., and we just don't see it since it's not on the Internet.
This has crossed my mind too. When Katie came here, she said she’d only met emalee once, but obviously jack was around her for ages so he’d know her, and I also have a feeling that maybe emalee’s obsession came from jack not being over his breakup with Katie? I think they got together quite soon after Katie so maybe he’d talk about her just a bit more than someone should talk about their ex, so maybe emalee picked up on how Katie acted and what she liked, and absorbed it so she could “keep” jack? Obviously just a theory but there’s so much that could’ve happened behind the scenes to make these people the absolute trainwrecks they are lmao

> I mean, surely he sees what's really going on; my question is, is he just in denial, or is there something more malicious behind his supporting Emalee? Idk, something about it just doesn't sit right with me.

Oh absolutely, like denial is a hell of a drug but his total arrogance in his posts here and the message to Katie’s mum make me doubt that he just doesn’t see it. I think he probably tells her that she’s not doing anything wrong and to “keep being herself” (read: stolen from someone else), because he doesn’t like Katie and any torment she faces and talks about is okay with him.
In conclusion, yeah I agree he’s just as gross as emalee and they both make my skin crawl

No. 89287

It's good to see as time goes on Anons see the puppet strings behind some cows behavior. He was certainly encouraging this, we can assume his first gf broke it off, and when the second started skinwalking his ex probably due to his obvious obsession with said ex - he encouraged and defended it.

It's a way to get back at the ex constantly by harassing her via a third party, and the copycat is pathetic enough to keep up the harassment and skinwalking for years to amuse herself and please him. Imagine being Katie and seeing all this madness go on for years just because you dared to break up with some scrot.

The other cow that people have recently realized is potentially being controlled by her husband is Stephanie from the Fellowship thread. She definitely reached a point in her appearance where it's undeniably something encouraged and controlled by her husband - why would an asexual person go that far. Anyway just thought it's interesting/good to see those nagging thoughts about the role the male plays in this are louder now.

No. 89298

File: 1587341123037.jpeg (183.34 KB, 814x816, 7007E24C-8E2D-492E-99BE-5BD0A3…)

No. 89307

Im glad she got married first so when Katie actually gets married she cant copy her damn wedding down to a T.

No. 89310

Yeah it’s obvious that he doesn’t give a single fuck about his gf’s insane behaviour, and if it was directed at any other girl, it would be creepy as well but because it’s his ex? It just makes the skinwalker look pathetic and insecure, and it makes him look petty, immature and negligent, and if this was happening to me, I’d be worried that they could be dangerous.
I’m also interested in what role some men have in the behaviour of their mentally ill female partners. Like with Stephanie, how far would she have gone if her husband didn’t project his fetish on her? Or was more encouraging of her own interests? And in this instance, I don’t think emalee would’ve gone so far if she had a mature, reasonable and supportive partner. Guys like them just come across as massive narcs and I don’t doubt jack definitely played a larger part in this than it seems at first glance

Where are you guys finding their wedding stuff? I’ve seen her post a couple pics on her stories but that’s it

I just hope Katie can feel safe to share it if she wants to because at least once she won’t have to worry about her skinwalker stealing something important from her (tho I wouldn’t put it past emalee to have another wedding just so she can copy Katie again kek)

No. 89313

She will definitely rush to get her vows renewed . Calling it now if she doesnt stop copying her by the time Katie ever does. “ i know its been less than a year but we’re renewing our vows!” Randomly

No. 89320


She looks like a cartoon villain here, and he looks like a complete asshole. How fitting.


>And in this instance, I don’t think emalee would’ve gone so far if she had a mature, reasonable and supportive partner. Guys like them just come across as massive narcs and I don’t doubt jack definitely played a larger part in this than it seems at first glance

This is what I believe. Not to excuse any of Emalee's behavior, but she sometimes seems straight up delusional and she needs to be in therapy. Jack taking advantage of that and encouraging her sick behavior to torture his ex is completely psycho.

No. 89359

Emalee's name on facebook is Emalee Outlaw

No. 89365

LOL so true. A small part of me wants to see the massive breakdown that would ensue if Katie copied /her/ wedding (not saying she would but that would be some sweet ass milk)

Yep. They’re truly a match made in hell and I’ll bet this won’t be the first time they show their fucked up, anti-social behaviours, because they never had to take accountability or learn from this. God help their children if they still decide to procreate.

No. 89381

File: 1587443763423.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200420-233420.png)

Karma. That shit is a bitch.

No. 89382

File: 1587443825227.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200420-233531.png)

No. 89385

Dealing with an abusive, manipulative parent is terrible, and I’m sorry but how is her name change a deep secret that no one knew about? Jack’s had his real last name public on facebook for a while, and if your dad’s been stalking your social medias, surely he’d know his last name and that you got married because you posted about it? I’m confused about how this is entirely the thread’s fault.
And of course she’d respond to a comment left on a virtually dead thread from 5 hours ago, she is completely incapable of moving tf on. You’re so manipulative it’s sickening

No. 89387

Samefag but this thread isn’t to blame for him harassing your mum at her work either. We’ve never mentioned your parents nor where they work bc why would we know that

No. 89392

>Cow living in her own thread and replying to anons mere hours after they posted, check

No. 89398

Tbh I bet she was the one to post her Facebook name changed to Emalee Outlaw, I doubt many of us didn't know already lmao. And the fact this post >>89359 was made 5 hours before anon posted these from her IG story >>89381 which states we made her dad start stalking her again because we posted her last name… absolutely retarded logic

No. 89400

also she mustn't have been this concerned about her family's safety a few hours ago because she posted a photo of her nephew on her story when her ig was public?? idk maybe I just think that's hypocritical bc I personally don't think anyone should publicly post photos of children on social media, especially if a) it's not even their kid and b) you're already worried about your family's safety, like I genuinely always struggle to understand her train of thought when she has these freakouts

No. 89404

This is a really good point. She’s blamed us for some crazy shit before, and I think she gets a real high from being able to point fingers at someone that’s worse than her, so I wouldn’t put it past her to force that. I wonder if admins could come on and check the ip address for this post >>89359 and see if it’s the same as any of her comments on the thread..

No. 89488

I'm new on lolcow so sorry if I don't fully know how all this works, but I've read literally this whole thread in the past two days and DAMN this whole situation is crazy. I live in Melb so that made this even more surreal. It's really sad that Katie doesn't feel safe posting publicly because she has great style, and I'd definitely follow her. i just hope that oneday Emalee finds her own identity and leaves Katie alone. also it's crazy that she's blaming this thread for all her issues. though some people has crossed a line, most of this thread is way more chill than most on lolcow. very few people here are actively harrassing her, its mainly just people being interested and compiling stuff. shes definitely trying to play the victim.

No. 89499

Yeah it’s definitely one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen on the internet (and sort of real life because I know some people who know these girls). It’s crazy knowing that Single White Female isn’t just some creepy movie, it’s real in emalee haha
and yeah, claiming harassment without any proof is something she’s always done, even before this thread. She used to say it was Katie herself but now it’s the big meanies on the internet uwu I wouldn’t take her word for it that she’s ever experienced any real harassment. That comment with her name is the only thing I think is questionable from this entire thread but she’s over 18 and uses it for her fb, and I don’t think for a second anyone on here has sent her anything directly because the REAL victim has stated it could make things worse and most of us respect that.

No. 89507

Yeah that's true. Plus it's difficult to know whether any of the people being more "rude" are legit, because of the possibility it could just be her trying to make things look good in her favour. I do feel a bit bad for her because obviously she must have some major issues or at least crushing self esteem issues.
Also, does anyone else feel like Jack might be more responsible for this than he lets on? I don't have evidence or anything i just kinda get that vibe. Did Emalee start copying before she started dating Jack? was there any change in her skinwalking after she met him?

No. 89513

idk I used to feel bad for her because of her obvious issues, but that doesn’t excuse her behaviour and if she didn’t have malicious intent, she would’ve apologised as soon as Katie said how uncomfortable she was, so after years of acting like she’s done nothing wrong and that she’s the victim, my sympathy ran out.
Some of us had this conversation a couple days ago and yeah I think he’s just as bad and a complete enabler. As far as I can tell, the girls didn’t really know each other before jack started dating emalee, so everything she’s done to Katie has been while they’ve been together and essentially co-signed by him

No. 89519

Sorry but.. you'd think that if he breached restraining orders that many times, Emalee/her family would have gone to the police/judge, and he would have been arrested and or held in jail right now. I have to call bullshit, if it was that serious I doubt she'd be posting all about it on snapchat. Probably just trying to get everyone to feel sorry for her, the same thing she's always done

No. 89527

yep, at the very least he'd be questioned by the police and if he breached it multiple times, he'd face charges and possible jail time. also pretty sure in victoria they're called intervention orders, not restraining orders, so it's weird that she called it a restraining orde, especially if she's so heavily involved with the the police and the court, and wouldn't she have to apply to modify the order with her new name anyway? for full protection, you have to have your home and work address listed so they know where they can't go… I have a lot of questions

anon >>89382 has she posted anything else?

No. 89534

Honestly taking this with a grain of salt when she blamed lolcow for her miscarriage, too. It wouldn't matter what happened to her, she would deflect it back to this thread. Katie and this thread are her obsession, she has to associate everything with it somehow.

And like >>89387 said, the thing about her mum is total bullshit as we haven't even spoken about her here.

No. 89609

File: 1587597011379.jpeg (48.46 KB, 750x587, EAF8150C-92B9-49C3-A09F-E2F46E…)

This girl really privated her acct and removed her profile pic and bio(why??) because SHE used her real name on her social media
So dramatic

oh totally, she could get hit by a car and say it was lolcow’s fault, she could slip on the ground and say we made it slippery. she wanted a reason to have another cry about us and she would’ve used any excuse

No. 89661

Big kek because this thread is over 3 years old and mostly inactive. But ofc, we are the source of all her woes (if they even exist kek). Theorising her panties must be in a constant state of being in a twist because she responds so quickly to a dead thread. That, and it must be alopecia inducing to be constantly reading/rereading here, being compared to your obsession, but being considered the exceptionally off-brand version. She brought this on herself, along with her autist boyfriend. Luckily Katie dodged that massive bullet. We have some distant mutual friends, and I watched her disappearance(s) from social media. Now knowing why I wish her only the best.

No. 89884

And now she’s back and her ig public again as if none of that bullshit ever happened. It must be an absolute trip inside her head honestly, she’s always going to be a total mess

No. 89920

File: 1587837115950.png (1.28 MB, 1078x1472, Screenshot_20200425-124500(1).…)

Saw this on the wedding photographer's insta. She even commented on it positively lol.

No. 89958

There's something so distinctly crazy looking in every picture of her that she doesn't angle herself.

No. 89966

File: 1587866362222.png (1.31 MB, 923x970, Screen Shot 2020-04-26 at 11.5…)

thank you omg I thought I was the only one who saw she looks like she has crazy eyes irl
especially in this pic (even tho it looks like she's moving or talking, but the photographer still shared it anyway? I'd be pissed if this was me lol)

No. 89968

File: 1587869129727.png (2.78 MB, 750x1334, 99621150-FE61-4C3D-88B9-7D517C…)

This made me snort. Oh you’re so enlightened and above caring about your physical appearance (which is laughable on its own) and you want people to compliment you on your brain? Girl, your brain. is. disordered. And that’s not to say that people with mental/personality disorders can’t be intelligent, thoughtful or kind, because obviously they can be and many are, but when your brain literally tells you that it’s okay to stalk, harass and bully someone whose done nothing to you, then you don’t deserve to be complimented on your brain because it’s ugly too.

No. 89974


(snoops) All of this photographer's photos are very good, but all are basically "photoshoot of woman with man as a prop" she obscures the husband's face half the time.

Kinda hilarious when your wedding photos are you and a lens flare

No. 89975

>while it's nice to feel pretty etc it's just an act

Is "feel pretty etc" a euphemism for skinwalking another woman and driving her offline? What strange phrasing.

No. 89977

doubt.jpg on the humblebrag about her intelligence when she wrote "solve complex solutions" in the same post

No. 89982

Yeah I noticed that too, it bothers me. I’m guessing she spends a lot more time trying to make the bride feel comfortable and confident and the guy’s just there. Still pretty though

Seriously, I’d bet the only time this girl has ever felt confident in her appearance is when she’s ripped a look off Katie. I think it’s why she’s so unoriginal when it comes to her style and makeup, because why do your own thing when you can just copy someone else’s whole appearance?

Lmaoo I didn’t notice that, but wow what a fucking big brain

No. 89983

it's the pencil thin eyebrows, they're way too harsh for her face.

No. 89986

File: 1587883188001.jpeg (Spoiler Image,30.44 KB, 370x397, images (3).jpeg)

Nta, but nope she's definitely outwardly insane looking. She got them crazy eyes.

No. 89992

Just another Katie thing >>66735 >>46525 except it doesn’t look as terrible on Katie because it looks more like ~goff~ brows and not just a horrendous over-plucking job like emalee’s
I wonder if she’ll regret the make up choices in 20 years looking at those pics. The hot pink eye shadow with red hair and a black dress on the wedding day was a choice..

No. 89998

Katie has a naturally angular face, so the brows look ok on her. Emalee tries to use angles in her selfies to appear the same way, but in all candids her face shape looks extremely jarring because she really has very round, full features. The brows don't suit her and her selfies create a huge dissonance between what she portrays and really looks like.

No. 102033

File: 1592904654316.png (444.6 KB, 750x1334, CFC66801-2021-4EE3-AAFF-A612A5…)

Just another reminder from Emalee herself that she’s still a massive piece of shit who doesn’t understand that this applies to her more than anyone else. I can’t believe she STILL wants to play the victim when everything she “had fun creating” was stolen and she essentially gave the girl she stole from ptsd from her creepy ass behaviour.
She’s been posting these boo hoo poor me subtweet-esque posts on her stories for the last couple weeks and it’s so weird (also 17 hours ago was like 3am in Melbourne lol girl anyone who’s ever criticised you is living rent free in your head)

No. 102187

Katie's not jealous of you Emelie and neither is anyone who reads here… "subtly" posting shit like this to your story isn't going to bend reality to your deluded will kek

No. 103563

File: 1593646316679.jpeg (87.93 KB, 750x669, 436F7548-7141-4AD7-97CB-E26765…)

Emalee started following this new account and I’m 100% sure it’s hers. Her followers/following is just her friends and family atm but it looks like she’s opening a new online store after she only started making candles like literally a week ago? I’m sure this will go great, like her completely unoriginal handmade clothing stores even though she had less idea how to make a proper garment than pixielocks lmaoooo

No. 103595

Inb4 we find out Katie's been making candles for months now

No. 103673

I haven’t seen or heard anything about Katie for months. She’s still on fb but I don’t think she accepts friend requests from many people and I haven’t seen her anywhere else. She must be well and truly done with this situation and social media, which is sad but I hope she’s been healing and doing okay

Also yes she posted on this account tagging her main like 20 minutes after it was posted here lol. Why does she think she’s good at everything after a very short period of time and worth other people’s money??

No. 103818

File: 1593834335216.jpg (409.57 KB, 1080x1590, Screenshot_20200704-134059__01…)

Do you know if she's grown/growing out her fringe? If not maybe Emalee has finally accepted her natural form? Not that her style isn't still an old rendition of Katies, she just facially looks like herself.

No. 103852

No Katie grew out her fringe a couple months ago hahaha and posted a couple pics on ig talking about how she’s not used to not having a fringe. and I’m pretty sure emalee cut her straight fringe after Katie did years ago too, and she’s still doing those stupidly high arched brows ugh

No. 103853

File: 1593867596656.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 4C096A2A-E99C-4F32-BD7D-521894…)

Her new obsession is acting like she doesn’t care what we say here, she keeps posting these dumb things to her ig story

She also mentioned wanting lip fillers and after her rant about how she’s so smart and doesn’t care about appearances just made me cackle

No. 103854

File: 1593867630996.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, B7295572-1347-4FA1-8364-C00F38…)

No. 103873

I can't believe I had a small sliver of hope for this one, she's a lost cause.

These posts would normally be inconsequential, but Emelee is a special kind of insane so no doubts there.

No. 103903

It just proves in my mind that when she apologised to Katie years ago, she didn’t mean any of it, she probably just tried to manipulate her to get this thread taken down.
Like after all these years and all this evidence, she’s still delusional enough to think that she’s innocent and we’re just “accusing her of something she didn’t do” like girl, you did this, just own it, get some damn therapy and move. on.

No. 105417

File: 1594934760710.png (4 MB, 828x1792, 3BA72205-791E-4108-9E5C-64F8E0…)


No. 105448

Emalee is literally the evil step mother and Katie is snow white. There's lots of meme, potential for that but Emalee bores me so I cbf.

No. 105457

File: 1594958382630.jpeg (445.65 KB, 750x1084, 8FFF9726-44C8-4D25-A909-2218C8…)

Damn she tries real hard to make people think that she doesn’t look like this. Her face isn’t even recognisable to her selfies and I did not expect her to be that size. I’d feel bad for her obvious body issues if she wasn’t such a terrible person kek
That’s so true. And they’re already the embodiment of Chanel vs Walmart too

I feel like we need to mention her username ghoulira and soyhauntedcandles/soy haunted candles (dumb name but whatev) so that when people google her, the thread comes up. Also can I mention how bad this scent description is? The word “pungent” does NOT make me want to buy this lol and the featured fragrances have no idk harmony? They just sound like random “pungent” smells put together with a label on it that a child could design

No. 105459

File: 1594959324495.png (2.38 MB, 1332x1729, ebil.png)

When I opened the image, it loaded up like this (1/2)

No. 105461

File: 1594959568947.png (2.59 MB, 1440x2560, aaaaaaaa.png)

So I saved the image to try and see it properly, and this happened

Anyway I reopened the browser and finally it loaded correctly. tfw this woman is actually cursed.

No. 105463

Oh also this is a screencap of my photo viewer, because the actual image wouldn't upload and said "failed to resize"

I've never had issues opening PNG on this phone before, in fact it defaults to PNG as an image file format. So…uh…what happened

No. 105464

I am deeply saddened I'll never be able to smell its glory anon.

That's pretty much curse confirmed.

No. 105471

"this candle is two distinct scents… also four other random scents…"
maybe I'm nitpicking and this is normal for candle companies but at the end of that description I no longer know what to expect this to smell like

No. 105479

Your phone needs an exorcism now anon rip

No it’s not normal as far as I can tell. Most indie candle shops describe the scent in a setting sort of way like “smells like fresh blueberry pie on a cold spring morning” or some shit and then list the scents, like “strong scent of blueberries with a light hint of vanilla and caramel”. Most shops seem to describe how the room smells after burning the candle so customers can get some idea and then list the scents, usually no more than 4. I have no idea what this bullshit would smell like, except “pungent tart” like?? That sounds unpleasant at best

No. 105495

File: 1594977628404.png (2.96 MB, 828x1792, 5020AD95-9F40-4198-BAF1-AFAE17…)


imo “pungent tart” describes emalee perfectly. this cringey cursed bitch should have made the candle smell like her: fousty bride dancing in a polyester dress, with hints of desperation, stress sweat, jealousy, and cheese.

No. 105501

This is now my favourite comment on this thread omfg

Also those “totes cute n funny” tv show and wow references are going to age like milk. I thought vowels were supposed to be timeless declarations of commitment to each other, words you remember and cherish forever, not some passing references/jokes that are seemingly already irrelevant to you since she hasn’t mentioned wow in over a year despite being such a ~wowhead gamer grrl~
I don’t use this word much but god that ceremony sounds like pure fucking cringe (and awkward bc I doubt most of the people understood any of it)

No. 105502

File: 1594982562561.gif (1.28 MB, 200x147, unnamed (4).gif)

I appreciate you anon

No. 105738

File: 1595152531302.jpeg (164.18 KB, 1125x2000, 3A0C5323-5630-43F7-839A-C7A65F…)

So emalee posted this pic to her ig stories and I was wondering about the kitten thing since I vaguely remember both girls mentioning kitten stuff, like kitten play?

No. 105739

File: 1595152868934.jpeg (887.05 KB, 3407x2109, 473F679F-7736-4125-84AA-8B1C66…)

So I did some googling to see if I could find out more (like who did it first) which was hard because they’re both had a bunch of different usernames, but I found this kitten play store that had reblogged both of them after getting their collars from the same place and omg???
Katie got hers first, but the caption of emalees wow… it’s so passive aggressive and defensive, like “me and my master take this seriously” but apparently it not seriously enough to come up with a creative, unique collar to you since Katie’s was also pink and white with a bell. Also more of her nonsense trying to defend the use of her littlefawn username (even though jack apparently called her “deer”? Why not be littledeer first then if the nickname existed before Katie had that name…)
So funny seeing how out of her mind this girl is

No. 105741

File: 1595153078589.jpeg (86.83 KB, 832x746, 0F87DF8C-A3EA-4B31-B843-1AC685…)

I think she was just salty seeing as how every time Katie got reblogged by this store, she got way more recognition

I can’t find much of emalee mentioning it after a while but Katie still gave little hints (I followed her back then and she was never super blatant and obnoxious about this part of her life) like using collars in her outfits

No. 105742

File: 1595153186542.jpeg (151.13 KB, 844x960, B913F731-3A3F-4AED-860C-7D66EB…)


Also her store definitely hinted at kitten-y things like the line under the store name >>27400

No. 105743

Crazy that these caps are from 5 years ago and she's still stalking her now.

No. 105780

Fuck she really makes it obvious in her post captions. All the justifications when literally no one asked. Like I don't think it's possible to make it more obvious at this point.

No. 105835

Yeah these old posts are really indicative of her attitude and sort of show why she literally can’t not respond to this thread as often as she had. Like she was that defensive and wanted to prove her (delusional) “superiority“ before many people even called her out, of course she’d champ at the bit to get the opportunity to directly respond once this thread popped up.

I really wish this thread had existed back when they were in their kawaii phases and they were more active/popular, I bet there’d be like 5 full threads on this bitch by now kek

No. 105899

Can confirm that Katie was into the kitten play scene first. Years ago we were mutuals on Instagram and Katie had a pretty popular page and blog, then one day her account suddenly vanished.

I found her again when she became interested in larme and started her online store. I distinctly remember coming across her stalker in both of those communities and even had a hard time distinguishing between their accounts because Emmalee would copy everything down to the small details. I had no idea at the time just how disturbing this all was

No. 105942

It looks like the links and archive at the beginning of the thread no longer work. Is there an alternative source?

No. 105943

Oh shit you’re right, do tinylinks expire? I think it linked to photobucket but I could be wrong. I have a couple of the screenshots saved but not all

No. 105961

Looks like they expire. The archived link says it’s linked to this photobucket user.


No. 105962

File: 1595294389116.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3304x2228, D4F66F3B-EE10-4DEF-B603-CC12F0…)

Absolute legend anon

I don’t really care who did the kitten thing first, the fact that once Katie started doing it, emalee copied her whole personal kink AND her custom collar and ears is majorly fucking creepy. Just yet another reason to ask why jack had no problem with emalee basically cosplaying Katie in the bedroom…

No. 105964

File: 1595294800431.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3335x2792, 464B0F46-B395-458D-A111-F17E8E…)

Also this one is absolutely demented considering the time stamps. She would’ve rushed as soon as Katie posted her pic to take photos to give her bf a boner while trying to look like Katie. Sick.

No. 105967

Jesus, Emalee literally doubled in size since this

No. 105999

I notice skin walking cows always end up gaining weight and looking even more ridiculous skin walking someone they will never be.

No. 106042

And you know it must kill her inside too, can’t say she doesn’t deserve it

No. 109607

Kek did Emmole bump her own thread then delete because no one's talking about her?

No. 109609

File: 1597831129250.png (221.47 KB, 2322x1160, IMG_5844.png)

nah I made a post and then deleted it because errors

but yeah I don't know if this should be saged or not but funny story, I googled this thread because I wanted to see if there was any updates but I saw one of those notices at the bottom of the page when links have been blocked so I clicked on it and this page popped up https://lumendatabase.org/notices/21548863 I thought it might just be a coincidence that it came from the AU so I googled "kittimei" "littlefawnxo" and Emalee's full name and the notice was on all of the search result pages, so obviously Emalee tried to have this thread blocked from search results when you google her name (also it was her married surname so she must've tried to block the page recently) and it just made me laugh at how pathetic it is.
We know you still lurk this thread daily Emalee but this is just embarrassing. Literally nothing on this thread is against AU cyber laws and also none of the evidence is "fabricated" you nutcase. This failed takedown is more fabricated than anything on the thread lol when was your address shared? Where were you threatened?

This girl complains so much about other people doing things to her without proof that it's infuriating

No. 109610

>Complete defamation of character. Fabricated information and thread vendetta against [Emilee Outlaw]. Evidence being used is fabricated and [Emilee] has chosen not the share her side for legal issues. Threats indicated towards [Emilee], doxxing and home address revealed.
This DMCA is more fabricated than anything mentioned in this thread kek.

It should have read:
>Undeniable evidence [Emilee Outlaw] is a skinwalking stalker and manipulator. [Emilee] has chosen to not share her side because it would incriminate her further. One hollow threat from some tardanon was enough to validate her victim complex, along with other fabricated claims that support the complaint. [Emilee] would like to obscure her and her foot boyfriend's malicious, obsessive behaviours through this false defamation claim.

No. 109613

Yeah I had a look at the website and it seems like it’s more about collecting statistics than actually protecting internet users and they basically want no responsibility if the claims filed are real or not. Idk entirely but I’m like 98% sure emalee just wrote that herself, like “has chosen not to share her side for legal issues”, that’s so badly phrased lol I think she meant legal “reasons“ but she’s literally framing this as a legal issue. You have to share your side in an actual defamation case, you can’t just say oh I don’t want to proceed with this legal case for legal reasons wtf lmao absolutely brain dead
Anything to avoid admitting to herself that this is all her own fault

No. 109614

Yeah, I noticed the shitty attempt at sounding professional too. I'm also willing to bet she wrote it herself as well. I guess the poor sentence structure and word choices are indicative of her vast intellect implied here >>89968 kek.

No. 109661

In a weird way, I hope she said the evidence is fabricated purely as a way to cover her ass from future employers, and not because she believes it, because honestly after all this time and all the completely real screenshots how could she still possibly be lying to herself that it’s fake? Real talk, she’ll never move on from this if she’s not honest to herself about her role but looks like an impossibly small chance of that happening.

No. 109668

Someone needs to reupload the comparison pics that were in the OP since it just goes to a 404 now, they were rather damning if I recall.

No. 109672

An anon above found the original link https://s1320.photobucket.com/user/GrettaLei65/slideshow and there’s been some from this link and newer screenshots posted throughout the whole thread.
There’s some pics in there that aren’t timestamped and some don’t even have the username of which girl posted what, but there’s more than enough with time stamps to prove that Emalee was just straight up copying intentionally, without a single doubt, so how she and her rotten husband can defend it is laughable
You know the saying “once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern” well she did it like a hundred times so what’s that kek

No. 109686

File: 1597925262792.jpg (1.39 MB, 1800x2400, pt2020_08_20_22_05_45.jpg)

I feel the same anon.

Also holy fuck the comparisons are damning. This one brings a whole new meaning to the phrase off-brand, and that's me withholding my harsher critisisms.

No. 109687

Jesus, I haven't even seen all of these yet. Really makes me understand why Katie just up and ditched the internet. At this point you can't even claim coincidence. Emalee is a certified creep.

No. 109709

File: 1597944573317.png (348.8 KB, 759x833, jesush.PNG)

It's been a long time since I first read this thread from the beginning, but Emmalee sending Katie these messages pictured in that photobucket and calling her at 4 AM is beyond the pale. Katie has every reason to be terrified of this stalker.

No. 109726

I love the evident fury in her face in the copy, you can really see the madness shining through there.

No. 109736

She probably had Katie’s photo open on her phone and was getting more frustrated as she took her photos because they weren’t similar enough kek side note I’m guessing this is before she started budgeting how much money to spend copying Katie because that wig is yikes too

Damn this must’ve been before I started following her because I never saw these and probs skipped over them in the op’s photos because wall of text lol but that’s really fucked up, the messages are so dumb but prank calling is legit harassment if it really was Emalee, or Jack pretending it was someone else, that wouldn’t surprise me either

No. 109737

File: 1597960531315.png (200.46 KB, 340x409, Lucyelfenlied.png)

i mean this pose is from the series so it could have been innocuous but she copied how katie was doing it exactly so…

No. 109738

File: 1597960646818.png (274.09 KB, 590x360, C41CCE7C-8C2A-48EB-9A9F-55B476…)

Another wall of text I must’ve missed but this has made my blood boil more than anything else on this thread. I always wondered how she used to say it was Katie stalking her, like who could believe that when comparing their social medias at the time but holy fuck, if she goes this hard on a tumblr post, I can only imagine what she says behind closed doors. The amount of vile manipulation and distorting of reality is almost unbelievable, like she genuinely wrote this using the emotional perspective of her victim?? I have no words. She’s a vindictive bitch who knew exactly what she was doing because here she is describing it, “feel like my identity has been stolen” “I have never been so insecure and afraid” “I am not a bad person, I would never think of doing this to someone else.” She wanted to be Katie so badly, she literally tried to appropriate the emotional turmoil SHE put her through what the fuuuuuck

Also her excuses that she’s not a stalker? “I haven’t stalked anyone before, why would I start now?” Is that a joke. There are so many problems with that, where do I start? “I have better things to do” sure jan. “Why do you feel so privileged to even be stalked?” Idk Emalee, here you are complaining about how awful it is to be stalked so why on earth would you also consider it a privilege? Big brain here strikes again with flawless logic. (Also “I will not play games with someone younger than me” I’ve heard they’re like 6 months apart in age lmao)

I hope more than anything that Katie gets some peace after this, every time I think Emalee’s the worst, something else comes up that tops it and I can’t imagine what it’s like to be on the end of this girl’s pitchfork.

No. 109739

Yeah it’s obvious they were recreating that pose, but Emalee definitely copied Katie’s background and lighting BECAUSE she saw Katie do it. I’d bet she wouldn’t have even cosplayed Kaede if Katie hadn’t, like everything Emalee does

No. 109741

Since you still read here, Emalee, you dumb whore, how the hell is it possible that, for years, Katie has someone ascertained the psychic ability to predict every outfit you're going to wear, every hair style you're going to do, every picture you're going to take, every place youre going to travel to, every pose, every caption, every color, and then do it days, weeks, months before you? How? How is it possible for her to have found out about your forest witch aesthetic change weeks before you did it, and how was she magically able purchase every exact wardrobe piece you were going to wear in just enough time to wear it before you did?

Fuck off, Emalee. I take solice in knowing that it is still extremely easy to find this thread by searching your name on google/yahoo/being etc. without it popping up automatically in the search results. You will never be anything but a bland old woman known for copying a sweet, shy girl online.

No. 109766

>honestly, you don't cross my mind

>spent every waking moment stalking Katies socials and dedicated hours every day to copying everything she posted

No. 109767

Oh wow she really claimed that Katie was trying to pre-emptively one-up her by getting a Sailor Moon tattoo "before" she did

The absolute insanity

No. 109769

And about the pink hair “I’m still going it dye my hair pink!! I’ve always wanted to for the last 3 years!!!!” Like okay? How was Katie supposed to know that? Also very different from this >>47433
> Oh I just wore a wig like Katie’s hair because I can’t possibly dye my real hair boohoo

She also posted on ig that she’s going to go to a therapist soon and “get tests done and maybe diagnosed” but she’s previously said that she was already in therapy?? And she’s also said that it’s too expensive and the wait times are too long to see a professional a couple times as well so who knows what the hell is actually going on. But I’d love to be a fly on the wall for a real assessment of this waking talking mess lol

No. 109771

Wow, this is brimming with insanity. Fuck this bitch honestly. If I ever see her in public I won't be able to help myself but crack up laughing knowing the retardation she's spewed online. She more than made her bed when she cruelly latched onto Katie.

I take solace in the fact she'll never know out of the people she interacts with/passes on the street how many know what a malicious shrew she is.

No. 109773

It's possible she could be in therapy and never have this come up. It would be really easy to hide

No. 109774

And that's why therapy will never work for her. If she's not honest about the stuff she's done she'll never get better.

But honestly, Emalee's a nasty, manipulative brat and I hope she gets here's. Katie seems like such a gentle sweetheart, I feel so bad that she had to go through years of being stalked by such a crazy woman. I'm half hoping Emalee comes here and posts just so we can see the crazy, but I know she won't. People who are innocent have nothing to hide.

No. 109777

Yeah that annoys me so much, like this is such a huge part of her behaviour that needs fixing and she could still live her life never addressing it

Well anon have I got a treat for you lol she’s talked about this thread a few times on her ig and she’s been here to defend herself like 2-3 times now? As well as her brainwashed tool of a husband.
>>27522 her husbando
>>40572 Emalee herself
>>47433 her claiming we made her miscarry
>>64482 her again
>>89381 sperging on ig because her real name is public info

No. 109778

I should have clarified, I meant come here and post again, kek. I've been following this thread since the beginning and it's been a ride.

On another note, I just realized that Katie's been gone for months. Does she even have an instagram or anything anymore? I know Emalee Outlaw's is Ghoulira, but when I searched for Kate's nothing comes up. I'm getting really sad about it, because that means Emalee truly has chased her off the internet. What a cow.

No. 109780

Oh yeah her brand of crazy is definitely something to behold haha
I think Katie left in Feb/March? So yeah about 6 months which is a while because usually she tries popping back up with a new username or account but I don’t think she has. She made a post on her stories before she deleted inviting her mutuals to add her on fb but I think I remember her saying she was really done with insta and probably wouldn’t be coming back. Mentally, I think it was the best move for her to completely cut emalee’s access to her and distance herself, but also she’s really creative and she seemed to genuinely enjoy sharing the clothes she made and photos she took so removing that avenue for her to express herself wouldn’t be easy, for most creatives. It really bums me out because you can tell she tried really hard not to let emalee “win” and to just keep doing her but we can’t forget that she was pretty open about having depression and anxiety and there’s not a lot of people in that position that could deal with a vindictive, manipulative stalker cow like emalee breathing down their necks everyday for like 5ish years

No. 109786

I found Katie's Facebook but it's completely locked down. The last public activity was in March, her changing her cover photo. Her profile photo looks a little recent as well.

No. 109787

File: 1598000779828.png (605.38 KB, 474x595, emalee.PNG)

samefag, i'm unable to delete the post for some reason, but katie's profile photo features her with no bangs. emalee surely has seen it because her latest selfie is her poorly brushing back her bangs and it makes her forehead look ginormous.

No. 109788

I remember Katie posted that pic of her and her bf on ig a couple months before she deleted so my guess it's from early this year
She did also mention that she'd been growing out her bangs and posted a couple selfies without them which were cute, so yeah of course Emalee just decided that bangs were no longer for her /eyeroll because yeah she needs them to cover up that fivehead (no shame in having one, I do, just need a good hairstyle that suits your own face, not someone else's kek)

No. 109806

Her marriage must be so fucked up with her doing this shit for years and years, undoubtedly she partly rationalizes this by trying to live up to her husband's ex. But healthy adults don't need to live in the past like that all the time or skinwalk another person. Emmalee is terrifying and all, but she also really needs to get some help.

No. 109833

It might have been fucked up if she was married to a normal person, but she’s with a complete enabler who’s almost just as crazy as she is. Undoubtedly I don’t think the marriage will last more than like 10 years max, but yeah you will never see jack being the one to lead her to becoming a better person because after all this I think he just loves emalee trying so hard to destroy his ex. They’re both a bit fucked in the head

No. 110055

It would be shocking if they even last 10 years in this self-made hell of theirs. Imagine if they do stay like this for a decade, revolving their whole lives around someone from their past who wants nothing to do with them.

No. 110098

Yeah it's weird, like I'm pretty sure she's been doing this since around the time they got together, so so much of the foundation of their relationship is hatred for his ex and defending Emalee's actions against her, I feel like that's how they built the "teamwork" part of their relationship and it's so unhealthy.
I literally will feel so bad for any children they might have because they will fuck them up if they think this behaviour is okay or acceptable in any capacity.

No. 110102

They would make the kids get involved if they did. Weird

No. 110119

this thread is the epitome of the chanel vs walmart meme

No. 110146

Bloody hell. I’ve read about some milky cows on lolcow who are pathetic or entertaining at best but this shit sounds like the background story of a horror movie script.

No. 110149

Agreed. It's even complete with it's own promotional material >>67917

No. 110153

This whole ordeal transcends unnerving.. it’s uncanny valley at best. I hope Katie is not completely ruined by this pathological stalking. Poor girl. Shit needs to be done about serial internet stalking and copying artistic material.

No. 110169

It is literally real life Single White Female. Someone mentioned Ingrid goes West on this thread but she's not creepy enough to embody Emalee lol
Oh man I totally agree. Like unless she had proof of Emalee specifically harassing her, Katie couldn't do anything. There's no protection against this thing and most cops/boomers will say "hah just block them xx" but Katie did on everything. They need like a full IP block option or something. And this bitch copied the entire theme and direct designs from Katie's online store which is infuriating for an artist, but again, what could she do? Fashion designs aren't protected, it might have raised some law enforcement/legal eyebrows in context with the rest of Emalee's stalking but there's no actual ramification for a situation like this (even though if you told me Emalee tried to kill Katie one day, I'd believe it in a heart beat because she's got that many screws loose)
It just makes me laugh any time Emalee threatens "legal action" against Katie and this thread, because like hello? The only one of you with legit proof of stalking is Katie and she can't do a thing, why do you think you can? Because an anonymous person on an obscure website called you fat and you think that's bullying? Maybe consider things from Katie's perspective and you'll see what actual bullying and stalking looks like… Just a thought lol

No. 110204

I've been mutuals with Katie on insta for a while, but she's had to delete her account so many times because Emalee won't cool her fucking jets and it's so sad. Katie is nothing but lovely, she doesn't deserve the hell this creep has put her through.

No. 110206

Same here anon. Katie seems like a really creative and inspiring person, especially in her store days. It's a pity she keeps going MIA due to this cretin. I used to really enjoy her uploads.

No. 110241

Katie is really inspiring to me, and ever since she went MIA I've been really sad. I hope she comes back, she seems to be such a lovely person, and deserves so much more.

No. 110728

File: 1598743990614.jpg (51.87 KB, 1125x2000, 118580845_360317431648176_7772…)

Normally if this came from anyone else I wouldn't disagree, but the fact this is coming from Emalee is just too ironic to swallow.
Emalee, 97% of the stuff on this thread isn't just petty gossiping. You STALKED and BULLIED someone. That is not up for debate. When are you going to get that through your "big brain"? You genuinely don't deserve any cheering on, in any capacity, from anyone. That's like giving a dog a treat after it bit another animal lmao

No. 110791

>stalks a woman intensely for years and drives her off the internet
>people document the madness
>"gossiping is bad guis"

No. 112526

File: 1600217583162.png (711.6 KB, 1134x954, 12876969.png)

So Emalee posted these on her stories recently, and I'm so curious what this is about because her copying honeybloodxo's posts was mentioned in the op (there's only a few pics in the original album of Emalee kinda copying her but not to the extent of Katie)

Is there another person involved in this beef?? Anyone know anything about this girl?

No. 112530

KEK I knew it. Just because Katie's gone doesn't mean Emalee's going to stop being a crazy delusional cunt on social media.

No. 112542

It's bad enough that Emalee has one victim, let alone multiple. It looks like this Lila girl has removed all the posts from her account at some and is on a hiatus? Wonder if it's related.

No. 112546

I'm guessing shannen is her actual name, her and Katie were friends back when Katie was active in the j-fashion/larme community because iirc Katie took photos for a brand called honeybloodxo which must be Shannen's brand.
I don't know if she had anything to do with Emalee, but honestly Em is the girl who cried wolf now. She used to make these same dramatic posts about Katie and Katie never did anything to her, so I don't believe for a second that she's being "harassed" again kek
Though I'm also curious about if Shannen has had any contact with her, especially after this long and if she knew about Katie's situation

No. 112550

File: 1600233427513.jpg (244.27 KB, 1125x2000, 119515675_763776317744329_4002…)

Ok she actually elaborated for once lol
Apparently she thinks Shannen made this thread which is milky af because apparently she was friends with both girls? She could've been friends with Emalee to get tea on her, but yeah this is all weird as hell (also seeing Emalee call someone else a 'lying and conniving psychopath' just fucking tickles me for some reason kek)

No. 112551

File: 1600233666458.jpg (153.09 KB, 1125x2000, 119236315_317153486202867_8011…)

Here's her "proof"? Neither of the message screenshots have a dates, idk why Katie's username is at the top, the ChimiBonBon name is nothing like Katie's or Emalee's etsy store after Emalee copied Katie and having bonbon in a name was pretty common back in the day, and the only similarity in the bottom pics is the phone cases but like.. what does that prove?
She sounds unhinged like "I needed to piece the puzzle together and I have" when I can't make sense of any of this lol

No. 112554

Lmao is emmalee trying to create her own stalker, by looking at the bottom right photos comparing dates? Deluuuusional

No. 112558

I know Katie's sort of relevant to this but god I wish she would just stop mentioning her. Katie's gone Emalee, you scared her away, you did NOT need to mention her name so much. Leave her alone. also you call Shannen manipulative and yet you describe yourself as "a targeted frail/mentally unstable woman"?? The irony is too goddamn much considering you also targeted a frail mentally ill woman…
also maybe I'm confused but I still don't see why she's calling this girl out now? The screenshots at least all seem to be from years ago

No. 112567

>"I literally don't do anything"
Besides trying to ruin Katie's life?

No. 112577

>Your own personal cow
And I keked. Aside from that I could only manage to breeze through her contrived sperg. Isn't this bitch like 25 and married? If it's not making public assertions out of the blue to convince herself she's the victim, it'll be yelling at retail employees and posting negative reviews on fast food Facebook pages. Mark my words kek.

I'll believe spergella when she posts actual proof a new fighter has entered the battlefield.

No. 112596

Yeah that remark is funny
>I literally don't do anything besides being a boring uni student
That's not true, you're doing something right now, almost like a pattern. You, Emalee Outlaw, try to hurt people by publicly starting these venomous campaigns against anyone you don't like, often full of complete lies. This vitriol is so out of left field, like all your other public meltdowns, and it seems like it's just because this girl wasn't a great friend and fucked up? Fine, you don't have to be friends with her. Not every disagreement with someone needs to become this massive public battle.
Saying you're not worth keeping tabs on is just a lie because you post shit like this and it's entertaining when considering what you've put your victim through so lol

Yeah she is lol this is supposed to be your fun years when you can find friends that really suit your growing maturity and this girl is just screaming from the hills "don't ever be my friend and step out of line because I'll never let it go". also
>it'll be yelling at retail employees and posting negative reviews on fast food Facebook pages
straight truth anon kek

No. 112606

File: 1600298009576.jpg (241.03 KB, 1125x2000, 119649917_3539432052773855_207…)

oh my god Emalee, just shut. the. fuck. up.
what is this honestly? why are you still going on about this crap? this thread is pretty insignificant, why are you so fucking tilted all the time? yeah we don't know much about this shannen character but you haven't said anything substantial that would make us care about her involvement. boohoo she made the thread, almost 4 goddamn years ago…
why are you so insistent on dragging katie through the mud with you when she has literally not said a thing about you in ages and as far as I can tell, she doesn't have any involvement with this thread. you need to just keep your mouth shut and get over yourself. who cares about her fucking username anymore?? why does it matter if you were friends on fb?? that makes it worse not better you absolute cretin. you mentioned her full name and I hope she fucking sues you.

No. 112609

File: 1600299755339.png (821.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8624.png)

if you read the site you'd know that full names are fine if the person is over 18, but that outside that Katie has grounds to sue you since you have now clarified that everything you've ever said about "kate" or "katie" is about her and not some other Katie, so good job.
this thread is here to criticise your very criticisable behaviour. you don't express the behaviour, we don't use the thread, but you do. you absolutely do cause harm to people, over and over again by trying to fight us, how do you not understand that? you did fucking drag her, you dumbass, by trying to discredit her side and accusing her (again) of making fake accounts and harassing you, like you've always said and never proven. you tried so hard for years to make people irl and on the internet believe that she was stalking you, and that you're the victim, which we all know is a blatant lie, so by still bringing up her name for any reason other than a massive public apology is dragging her into your utter mess.
there's "nothing you can say or do" because your behaviour is not defendable so stop trying. end of.

No. 112613

Did she just delete her instagram? Because she herself decided to publicly air her years old dirty laundry? Unreal.
I'm with you anon, she absolutely tried to just subtly bring up Katie and once again defend herself with not a single lick of logic. This wall of text is somehow still just as nonsensical as her others, I genuinely don't understand how her brain works, like
>I haven't shared them because it was stated we would keep this between each other which obviously hasn't happened
how does she not understand that while claiming that she's perfect and hasn't done anything wrong, she is implying that there's only one other person to blame which is Katie, and not that she herself has done and continues to do some really questionable shit on social media.
I want to believe that this time she'll finally let this go for real, but given her past record of acting like the world is ending and then sneakily coming back one month later says otherwise.

No. 112615

she needs to keep Katie's name out of her mouth, absolutely disgusting. to still be trying to link herself and Katie even now, in a way that makes her not sound absolutely fucking insane is impossible, and makes her sound still as obsessed with her as always.

No. 112616

It's funny that she acts like us posting about her here is a direct equivalent to her unhinged skinwalking and copying everything about Katie down to the smallest detail for years. It isn't the same at all, this is a gossip board and she is a human terror in the vein of Single White Female, and nothing she does or says can erase all the proof of that.

No. 112618

Emalee, we WANT you to come here. Seriously. Come here and explain everything you've done, the reas ok n you've done those things, and why you think we shouldn't talk about you. You won't though, because you yourself know you're in the wrong and are afraid to come face to face with the fact that you, Emilee Outlaw, are trash. Come here and post if you really think you're in the right.

No. 112619

she will just complain about everyone being anon even if she comes here to post.

No. 112621

That's what bothers me so much. It's very clear that Katie wants nothing to do with this anymore and that Emalee has more than enough problems that aren't related to Katie, yet Katie is still in her head all the time, she's still a target of Emalee's rage, and it's so crazy that she still doesn't see how her behaviour is her own problem and isn't Katie's fault wtf

She has nothing to say lbr if she had any actual evidence other than what she posted about Shannen, she would've posted it everywhere by now. She has nothing and her saying "your evidence is as valid as mine, at least mine has a date" is so dumb because she's posted comparison screenshots like twice? and we have a whole thread lol
I'm convinced she posts these dumb meltdowns on ig to 1) distance herself from the thread, so she can "defend" herself without actually being a part of the conversation and 2) because she wants people to dm her and coddle her and say "aw I don't know what you're talking about but those girls are such meanies and you're perfect uwu"

No. 112652

File: 1600341977418.jpeg (25.11 KB, 554x554, images (4).jpeg)

What an absolute psycho. How does she not conceptualise why she still has a thread? None of these hair-pulling spergouts have any correlation to real life, or any semblance of a substantial trigger/evidence. What's more frightening is she lacks the self awareness to realise she's living in her own paranoid delusion. It's been literal years, and she's still fabricating fanfics about situations where the other parties have long moved on from. I'm amazed she doesn't realise how absolutely insane she makes herself out to be without provocation. Honestly, I'm looking forward to her retail worker abuse/Facebook complaint phase because at least then Katie can finally live her life free of this vindictive gremlin.

No. 112691

that's what's so weird, this latest episode came out of literally nowhere, just because "shannen has stayed silent"? why wouldn't she lol it sounds like none of them have spoken in years, shannen and katie are probably focused on other things (unlike emalee). what purpose would come from her saying "sorry to emalee, I made a mean thread about her" like is it just nice to see someone admit their wrongs in the open? because… I've never seen you admit your wrongs and publicly apologise to katie soooo….
girl needs a full institutionalisation, not just therapy where she can walk away and resume her fuckery

No. 112709

So true anon. I'm still hella curious about the direct apology Emalee made to Katie on fb, because Katie seemed to think it was insufficient and since then we've seen so many examples of Emalee's complete inability to make a logical point that we can understand, so I bet the private apology is just as wild.
Feel free to prove me wrong Emalee and post it here yourself if you stand by it and think you're absolved. I'd be open to reading it.

No. 112731

Hi, not sure where to start if I am being honest…i really did not want to come here but seeing these new replies, its apparent that at least half of you want me to. So, I will take that as permission to post here… In all honesty, I did things to try and push her out of the community I was happily in which as I see it now was not the right way to handle things. I did screw up and I am embarrassed that I tried to belittle someone so much just because they chose to have the same interests and I failed to believe everyone evolves their characteristics and interests too, I did cause trauma and it is all my fault, there’s obviously more to it but I wish to disclose a few personal things and it’s evident that something isn’t right and scary to think that there’s something undiagnosed, however I do not have an obsession with Kate as much as everyone here likes to narrate. I do not want anything to do with her/relating to her/this thread/social media/shannen whatever after this. These are the consequences of my own actions and I do agree that the way I handled things was out of control and seen as hostile. I did make an effort to apologise to Kate which was not well received considering that she made a burner account to view my stories, but then would make a public statement wishing me “everything bad that happens to me, I deserve”, I do have evidence of, it’s kind of what I deserve. Anyway, if I had of done this, it would have been plastered everywhere. I am genuinely curious to know if her mum is aware of this thread and some close friends of kate sharing screenshots (even though she has assured me her friends aren’t involved, I call bs), this thread absolutely stems the main problems for both sides I believe and Shannen created it in a hastily rage way which was obviously not constructed very well. I am not saying I am right or wrong and neither is she. There is blame for both sides. I am not perfect, and I have fucked up, this time I am trying to set things somewhat straight. Things do not convey well over the internet.

I only mentioned her full name because I thought “well mine is being used, it’s only fair” type of way, I do not read anything beyond this thread so I am not aware of the bs “rules” this site has to get away with all the things it does. And to my understanding, her full name was already made public in that photobucket link along with what state she is in.. I have never sent Kate anonymous hate (as I only ever remember viewing her blog on a pink background with different font not white?) nor have I ever called her at some time in the morning like she and this thread claims, I am not even sure how she thinks I could’ve had her number? There is obviously someone out there other than me who does not agree with her for whatever reason. I wrote that massive tumblr post in 2014(?) because at the time I did feel like my passions were being stripped from me when I found out she too was into the same passions, admittedly I was deceitful and jealous. I do have proof of being in the petplay community far longer than Kate and when we did mutually follow each on tumblr, I obviously posted about it and reblogged stuff relating to it, which clearly rubbed off. Even though, I have absolutely no proof, I do know that I was in the Jfashion comm far longer as well and “littledeer” username means bs to her in my opinion considering my evidence with dates titled, as well as my “littleefawn” crap being used on/off Instagram etc. I have had old friends of mine message me about Kate confronting them which is reasonable and justifiable but also feeling like they were being dragged into it, she however is claiming that I have spread rumours about her is totally unjustifiable, I have not spoken about her to anyone besides Shannen and that was once.
Elaborating more on Shannen. On my behalf I believed we were very close at some point in our friendship, and I truly believed I was making progress in terms of developing a new friendship and even getting out of my comfort zone. I came to Shannen for a lot of things, advice, shop stuff etc. I distinctly remember coming to Shannen and asking where to go in Japan as it was my first time travelling there, however I was not aware of Kate going to any of these places. I had even bought Shannen Daffy duck crap to say thank you because we did enjoy the places she suggested. At the start of our friendship, I raised concerns about Kate, and it was mainly about worrying if Shannen would be some sort of messenger for her, idk. But she expressed that she would never do that, and I made sure I wanted to keep things between us all civil, however Shannen would incessantly complain about her verbally. At the time, I found it comical because it was sort of a “fuck you” type thing, but now that things have gotten to this point, its obvious Shannen was double crossing the both of us, at least that’s how I see it. I know there isn’t any more proof than I have provided that would solidify this, but why would I screenshot things if I thought at the time, we were good friends and that I trusted her? She never expressed any concerns.
As I have stated before, I do not wish to share it so publicly regarding my evidence, I think it’s best to resolve it offline and not in the public eye, also reiterating on the fact that I don’t want to share it because it could be taken out of context like everything I do say and to be honest, I fear that Kate would do something with bad consequences, considering she herself has also claimed to be frail and mentally unwell, I think it will do more harm than good at this point. And if that makes me the evil person, I am willing to take that gamble. Also, Kate’s mum has not made us aware at any point during the messaging that she felt uncomfortable with how things were worded, sure there was frustration but after dealing with accusations for so long, it does get fucking tiring, but I also I feel she would be the type of person to straight up tell us to “get lost” or even just block us, but she has not, so I have been free to think that everything was ok?
It has been said in this thread that it’s only being used to document behaviours, yet there is a lot of nitpicking/bullying/shaming/name calling going on as well which I believe is not beneficial to the situation, let alone productive hence my reasoning for not wanting to be spoken about and to combat this I have taken the advice and getting off the internet. This is only doing damage, and, in my opinion, I really do not think its productive. Keeping track of what Kate does is not protecting her like you guys claim, its counterproductive saying “oh she’s gone private, oh she’s back again, she posts this blahblah” because that’s not protecting her from “big bad Emalee”. I have no idea when she leaves/comes back, I do not check that and I know this will not be believed, but I will say it anyway just in case there’s a 0.01% chance of anyone believing a slither of it. I do have evidence of the person screengrabbing my recent stuff and I can assure anyone that no one else has even had a chance to look at my stories because this burner account is so quick yet not so quick to post in this thread, not sure of the reasoning, maybe they don’t want to seem obsessive? I do not know.
Personally, I know I come off as strong and arrogant but that is just how I have always been. But I am also extremely shy, introverted. I do not mean things in a malicious way; I did not mean to try and drag kate through the mud, but I really do apologise if that is how it came off. I am not trying to discredit her and her struggles; however, I do believe some of the things she has claimed and said are a little off and not showing the full extent of everything. I am sure if Kate wishes to see my side of things with evidence, her mum or herself will let me know if of course they feel comfortable. I just want it to be over and not resolved in the public eye as this involves some serious mental health issues that I believe should not be made public unless that person wants to. I am ashamed and its evident that I need more help than previously thought. I had been making positive progress before all of this started back up again and I am making a proactive choice to continually keep my distance after this and will be honest with a therapist. Please, I wish that my wedding photos are no longer posted as I never even made the video public. I would like a chance to move on and to put my problematic past behind me and try and live a somewhat relatively normal life. Please stop.

No. 112746

I appreciate you coming here and trying your best to be honest but you're still making clear omissions and implying things about Katie. We asked for your evidence, not your 637th personal statement.
I've listed some things I've noticed where you're directly or indirectly blaming Katie and I'd like to see evidence for these claims:
>I did make an effort to apologise to Kate which was not well received considering that she made a burner account to view my stories
>would make a public statement wishing me “everything bad that happens to me, I deserve”
>I am genuinely curious to know if her mum is aware of this thread and some close friends of kate sharing screenshots (even though she has assured me her friends aren’t involved, I call bs)
>nor have I ever called her at some time in the morning like SHE and this thread claims
>I do have proof of being in the petplay community far longer than Kate… I obviously posted about it and reblogged stuff relating to it, which clearly rubbed off
How can you not see how this sounds exactly like you claiming that Katie copied you?
>“littledeer” username means bs to her in my opinion
Funny, because I asked her about it once before this thread was even made, and she said her boyfriend at the time called her "little dear" and she found it cute and he started making references to her as a deer and she made those usernames as a cute little message to him. Not proof that she had it before you, but you claiming it means nothing to her without even knowing why shows you still hold anger against her
>I have had old friends of mine message me about Kate confronting them
>she however is claiming that I have spread rumours about her is totally unjustifiable
you're doing it right now by making negative claims about her…
>I fear that Kate would do something with bad consequences, considering she herself has also claimed to be frail and mentally unwell,
what an insulting and baseless accusation. What evidence do you have that Katie would do something bad to you? She hasn't so far so where the fuck does this come from? She said she has anxiety and depression, neither of which inherently make people violent or aggressive. And if you're saying "something bad" meaning to herself, why would you care at all? You clearly don't care about her, and your husband clearly despises her so don't act like you care.
>I am not trying to discredit her and her struggles; however, I do believe some of the things she has claimed and said are a little off and not showing the full extent of everything
Yeah her side obviously doesn't show the full extent of everything, it's hard to share all your evidence of stalking in one lolcow post and a couple of blog/ig distinctly made with purpose of asking you to leave her alone.
I've noticed over the years that you say Katie herself says that you copied this or that, but I've never actually seen anything specific like that coming from Katie herself, it's always friends or followers around her that can put two and two together. This thread is a perfect example; people have speculated that you just dated her ex so you could copy her, but Katie has never publicly stated that for a fact. Her followers noticed your Japan pics were identical to hers and so you must've copied her trip, but Katie again never stated that herself. You hold every aspect of other people's involvement against Katie herself when it's not her fault that people saw her photo of a new skirt, and then you post the same skirt 2 weeks later and make the fair assumption that you copied her. That's where so much of this stems, it's literally not her fault that other people have eyes and can compare your content.

Either way, I know asking for evidence is fruitless because it always has been. Genuinely, good luck getting help because lord knows you need it.

No. 112747

Apologises aren't meant to be multiple paragraphs of you subtly discrediting someone who barely knows you exist, with no evidence. I'm a distant mutual, also from Melbourne, who used to know of Katie and found this thread after her disappearance. I've seen other anons elude to that being their only connection to Katie too. This site is for observing insanity for laughs, we're not Katie's personal gang of friends. If her close friends were initially involved, I don't doubt they've long fucked off by now if they're not farmers. Not that it would make much sense considering Katie condemned this thread's existence literal years ago, and posting private milk would be a risk to their friendships.

Being hung up on weird inconsequential shit like "her username" or "petplay" doesn't suddenly eradicate the mountains of evidence we have of you copying her captions, outfits, custom dresses, photos and even harrassing her with your boyfriend… Katie's ex. I don't know why you find it feasible to shirk responsibility (for one of the most unsettling things I've seen on the internet) onto Shannen? So, she allegedly told you where to go in Japan. Does that mean she made you wear the exact same outfits and recreate Katie's photos almost exactly? If I believe what you're saying, Shannen entrapped you using your own vicious obsession. Even if she was playing both sides nothing would have happened if not fuelled by your incessant, illogical obsession with all things Katie. I don't see anything you've said so far as justification for your actions, maybe you should try accepting responsibility and being the bigger person for once?

>As I have stated before, I do not wish to share it so publicly regarding my evidence

Because you know what you do have is laughable at best and condemning for you at worst. It's rich hearing this schtick from a person who has continually attacked people online, in the public eye. Just yesterday you aired a bunch of retarded evidence meant to incriminate Shannen. All it did was make you look even more psychotic to the vast majority of people who had the misfortune of reading your evidence lacking "smoking gun". You're 25, it's about time you grow up and stop making excuses for yourself. Even better move on with your life. You're married for God's sake. If you don't act like a cow, they'll be no milk and this thread will fade into irrelevancy.

Please, stop with the fearing Katie larp. You're the one who as trailed her for years. You're the one who lied to your husband and got him to message her mum "about having words". You're the one replicating every tiny detail about her even down to your current style. You're the one who's considered threatening by your years long vindictive obsession. And you're the one who being unable to deal with the truth, consistently fabricated lies about Katie being a stalker, then spread them to whoever would listen.

What makes you an evil person isn't "being frightened of Katie's retaliation/bad consequences", it's the way you continually frame yourself as the victim even when attempting to have a balanced approach. Get Katie's name out of your mouth, because if I was her, regardless of what you tried to use as "evidence", I would retaliate on the premise you're still talking about me alone. You don't know how lucky you are picking someone with a mental state that's easily affected by your obsession. God, you're dense… Her mother obviously knew what you and her ex were doing and wanted to mediate the situation for the sake of Katie's mental health, and in the hopes you'd fucking leave her alone. I'm sure that's the only reason she was polite. She didn't want to fuel your hatred any further. I don't even know that women, but if you had any concept of sympathy/human behaviour you'd realise that.

No one cares what you think is counter productive, or whether you think you're being bullied. You forfeited your rights on the internet by consistently acting like the worst kind of maniac and you somehow expect people not to comment? It's good you have to read the things people say about you. They obviously don't get through, but maybe, just maybe, one-day you'll be able to understand how Katie must feel. If it's doing damage apply that same logic to her and then realise why she disappeared from the internet. You don't get your feelings respected when you have no respect for anyone else. Keeping track of this with the thread is only counterproductive to your incessant stalking. I'm sure Katie doesn't enjoy it, but if we don't keep track of it you'll continue to do what you do unabated by guilt or other normal human emotions. I think we've succeeded if you're finally logging off. But if Katie returns I'm sure you'll be back too. We'll still be here though, documenting your insanity until you stop hurting other people. It seems having consequences to your actions are an extremely annoying deterrent for you, this thread should have existed from the beginning if I'm being perfectly honest.

>I do not check that and I know this will not be believed, but I will say it anyway just in case there’s a 0.01% chance of anyone believing a slither of it

You're still skinwalking Katie's style holy fuck why would anyone believe you? Clearly she doesn't own the aesthetic but whatever she moves into shortly there's you dressed the exact same, with your social media looking the exact same. Hell, you even grew out your fringe to mimic Katie… which doesn't suit you btw. If it wasn't already obvious there are people sceengrabbing your stories because thousands of people visit this site daily, and you're exceptionally milky despite being an irrelevant thread, on an irrelevant board. That isn't hard to comprehend. You can scheme and theorise it's Katie or Shannen all you want, it doesn't make it the case. You come off as unhinged and entitled, but strong, no. You choose weak victims but shit your pants at any actual confrontation. Nobody here thinks your predatory bullshit makes you come off as "strong". And you certainly don't get to mention her name a whopping 13 times in your post then claim to want to apologise for dragging her name through the mud. Please get the idea out of your head that herself or her mother would ever want to hear from you. I'm sure they've long moved on and would not like to be reminded of the trauma you've cased them.

>I just want it to be over and not resolved in the public eye as this involves some serious mental health issues that I believe should not be made public unless that person wants to.

What you did was public, therefore the public will comment. Don't air your dirty laundry and then expect people not to talk because "muh mental illness". Take responsibility for your actions instead of trying to be the victim by attempting to bring up inconsequential claims about Katie and Shannen - which no matter how you look at it, aren't relevant in proving your innocence. Once again your wedding photos were posted because you decided to upload them to social media. Can you not hear yourself? Pleading with us is exactly how Katie must feel but in regards to your stalking and harrassment. But her pleas fell of deaf ears, so why should yours have any creedence? I feel sorry for you, but not because of this paragraphs design or your intention. I feel sorry for you because you are a delusional person who can't come to terms with their own actions. You're feeling sorry for yourself because there's a force pushing you off the internet so your behaviour isn't constantly trailed… Does this sound familiar to you?

I sincerely hope you get the help you need, but we're not going anywhere. If you choose to continue what you're doing we wont accept your mental health as a valid excuse. Just know that if you decide to continue your old shit again, we'll be here.

No. 112759

Katie didn't "choose to have the same interests" you moron, you skinwalked her WELL after she initially posted or was interested in whatever, months after in many instances, and drove her offline completely by being so relentless. Fuck off.

No. 112760

Seriously. This psycho needs to leave people alone.

Stop lying, skinwalking and copying people. Get your own personality if you're not going to own up to it.

No. 112762

I used to be internet friendly with you for a while back in 2015. I always thought you were a nice girl, but what you're doing isn't normal. At some point you've just got to admit you were in the wrong so you can move on with your life. The sooner you do that and accept your own faults, the sooner you can forget about this and focus on your own life/happiness.

No. 112763

>Being hung up on weird inconsequential shit like "her username" or "petplay" doesn't suddenly eradicate the mountains of evidence we have of you copying her captions, outfits, custom dresses, photos and even harrassing her with your boyfriend… Katie's ex.

Right, which is why her claim of not having Katie's number is bullshit. Like I wonder how she could get Katie's number while dating her ex boyfriend? Wow it's gonna take some sleuthing to figu- oh just look at his contacts or call/text history. Wow solved this case! Mystery solved!

I did not read any of her bullshit past this point, but she obviously has no remorse for relentlessly stalking this poor girl, and STILL maintains that Katie somehow copied her, via a time machine. So dedicated to copying poor Emmy that she travelled back in time to make posts months before Emmy of the same things, and make Emmy look bad! Unbelievable! Wow! Get a life for gods sake and admit to what you did wrong, instead of maintaining this delusional perspective where what you did was somehow justified. You stalked her, plain and simple.

No. 112766

Also fyi I am not connected to this in any way. Just a random farmer, like most people in this thread. Emalee clearly has delusional fantasies where everything is about her and everyone is thinking about her, when she is the only person doing any obsessing.

Also, the internet is a poorer place without Katie, who seems pretty and creative. As someone who has been stalked without explanation, it makes you second-guess everything you post and is generally shitty. Nobody except Influencers should have to deal with this kind of thing, not tiny accounts of creative girls. You're stopping someone before they even start when you harass someone this intently when they're only small and have yet to experience the benefits of their appealing traits.

In summary, fuck off Emalee.

No. 112780

yeah the way she worded that was so bad, it definitely seems like she still thinks she has ownership of something she likes and that Katie encroached on her territory, so she deserved to be harassed and bullied away from that thing, even though in literally 99% of cases, Katie liked the thing first. just pure twisting of facts in her own head.

All in all, it's pretty obvious that Emalee still doesn't see the extent of her actions if she thinks all she did was accidentally copy a caption and two and sit idly by while Katie was apparently doing more bullshit than her, which again, I've literally never seen anything similar to what Emalee has accused her of. What kind of demented logic do you have to have to even humour the idea that the victim of your spiteful and endless shadowing and lies would ever feel comfortable talking with you or would even want to hear from you, in any context, ever again?

If you can't defend yourself without throwing your literal victim under the bus with completely baseless and unproven claims, then you can't defend yourself. And again, if you're putting her name next to anything other than a sincere apology, then you shouldn't mention her goddamn name so much. This thread is about your behaviour and sorry but I fail to see how any of the things you've unfairly accused Katie of would ever make what you've done okay in any way, especially if she never did any of those things (and I think it's the reality that she didn't) which just makes you even worse and frankly more repulsive.

No. 112782

This is a perfect example of why you think you can't come to this thread despite us constantly asking you to. It's because we want a concise and sincere accountability for your actions, and instead you come here and say the words you think other people want to hear, like you're sorry and you don't mean to cause harm, but then you sprinkle in petty remarks about Katie and imply that she deserved what you did to her, and it's HER fault that you're viewed so badly when it's literally just you.
So yes, I know you're probably upset that we haven't embraced you with open arms this time, but it's because you are showing before our eyes that you haven't changed, that you don't care about traumatising someone you said yourself was in the same circle as you, and that you're just trying to get us off your back because we're so ~mean~ when really, we just have empathy for Katie, while you have literally none.

No. 112785

Btw, nice job trying to get stop this thread from popping up when you enter your name and information on Google. Just so you know, when I enter your name or anything relating to you on google, this thread and websites documenting your insanity are the first things to pop up. This drama will follow you everywhere. You can send out all the requests for search result removal you want, this thread will always pop up after searching "Emalee Outlaw".

No. 112802

Jesus christ what a load of rubbish. I had lot of reactions to reading Emalee's comment but you guys >>112746
summed them up pretty much perfectly and I agree with all of it.

Also one funny tidbit I wanted to point out
>In all honesty, I did things to try and push her out of the community I was happily in
because I was a part of the j-fashion community in melbourne and on tumblr/fb/ig and I literally never heard of or saw you before Katie joined. I knew of Shannen very distantly and followed Katie, but I genuinely don't remember ever seeing your name ever pop up in some of the popular groups or in relation to anyone else in the community. Your only relation to the community WAS your skinwalking shitshow and I knew a few people who made a distinct effort to avoid you because you creeped them out, so lol
Stop lying to make yourself look/feel better.

>I do have proof of being in the petplay community far longer than Kate
it's almost like kinks are personal and private and not everyone is comfortable with immediately sharing their kinks publicly or have to be part of the online community to be valid. How novel.

No. 112844

None of this explains your 1:1 copies of all her posts after they were made, which are all documented here. This is either intentional lying or full on delusion. You'll not only never be Katie, but will never be able to shift the blame for what you've done onto her. Live with that.

No. 112867

i swear, i have never seen katie mention emalee by name, just vague posts about how her actions affect her mental state. it's obvious these things hurt her and she's trying so hard to forget about them. then here comes emalee out of nowhere "kate this kate that kate kate kate she's accusing me of doing SO MUCH and I have PROOF that is false!"

No. 112885

yeah exactly, like she sort of explained why she tried to bully katie out of the communities but she never mentioned what compelled her to copy literally everything katie did for yeeears. I want to know what went through her head when she was looking at katie's photos of her outfits, cosplays and sewing designs and what made her intentionally (because we know it was intentional emalee, not an accident like you've implied before) go out of her way to copy every single detail. that is just as pathological as her never-ending smear campaign "bc jelly"

No. 112887

>says she has proof that all of what has been archived so far is a lie
>doesn’t post proof
Great job, Emalee, you fucked up everything even more by trying to twist facts when you got nothing, no amount of photoshop and fake conversations will help you out if this, so don’t even try to post your oh so called “proof” when you’re taking so long to respond

No. 112932

Yeah I don't think she's coming back. I don't know why she came here again in the first place when every single time, she makes one huge whiny post and then ignores all the responses. If you don't care what we have to say or to have a conversation, why come here in the first place??
Another reason to feel bad for Katie, dealing with this girl is infuriating lol

No. 115614

sorry for bumping, but is there an update on this?(necro)

No. 115659

File: 1602389556587.jpg (118.86 KB, 750x892, IMG_8769.jpg)

Well Katie doesn't have social media and didn't respond here, which is kinda disappointing considering how much crap Emalee blamed on her, but not surprising as I doubt she reads here
I think Emalee's active on twitter but on private (with the most ironic header ever holy hell)
This thread is always dead when the both girls aren't active.

No. 115682

She doesn't seem to be active on Twitter, no one is responding to her tweets, at least publicity since last October

No. 173154

Someone needs to create a movie or a manga based on this shit. This is scary af.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 173219

someone already tried bruh >>67917 I think everyone agreed it was pretty fucked
I just hope Katie is doing better

No. 173463

Has Katie ever returned to social media after all?

No. 173473

File: 1632160986406.png (394.75 KB, 1492x1082, yt.png)

I'm pretty sure she permanently deleted her ig because I haven't seen her account pop back up, so if she did return to ig, it could be under a different name but yeah I haven't seen anything. and she didn't really use any other platforms other than tumblr years ago.
Interestingly enough, when creepshow art was being outed on lolcow, I watched Emily artful's videos about her and actually saw this comment from Katie on the first one
Pretty sad if she actually got any hate messages from dumbasses who might've believed Emalee but I was glad to see she hadn't died lol

No. 173475

also samefag but Emalee has been posting on ig on her old account for a while, and when I saw someone had commented on this thread again, she immediately went private lmaoooo some habits die hard hey

No. 191417

File: 1641102109172.png (4.72 MB, 1170x2532, 113F7C4A-3CFD-4530-87FD-9182EC…)

What a meatloaf

No. 191525

>unsaged retarded necro of a tiktok posted at the beginning of 2021 from Emalee’s account that has 51 followers

No. 191585

Katie’s back on instagram. @lavrenthea

No. 191620

She's leagues more talented and artistic than the skinwalker, hope the skinwalker has finally left her alone.

No. 191847

File: 1641454961319.jpeg (1.03 MB, 2693x2211, 8EF77FF4-6B27-4192-9F23-DC27FF…)

Hard doubt. She posted this today, peek the candle kek
Her stories for the past month have also made it abundantly clear that she still lurks Katie’s ig hardcore and has no personality without stealing it

No. 192184

Goodness, it's been over half a decade and she's still doing it. I was hoping Emalee had finally started therapy to sort this shit out.

No. 192695

Copying the home decor like the throw and the couch. Truly sickening.

The stalker is so untalented and unartistic that after this long she still can't even reproduce the original photo compositions properly.

No. 192705

File: 1641955244749.jpeg (797.06 KB, 2727x2070, 77374639-B021-429E-89E7-C00FBD…)

It’s so weird, it’s like she can’t help herself. Months ago, she was posting “sexy” neon and nerd stuff, but now that Katie’s back and posting lots of nature and bookish stuff and actually goes outside? Look who’s suddenly posting the same stuff.
That pic with her dog is weird as hell too because Katie posted on her stories that day about going on a drive to a waterfall and then like not even a couple hours later emalee posted on her stories going for a drive, and then posts a pic at a waterfall… different waterfall luckily for Katie, but like…

No. 192772

I know she's out of her tree, but it's still kind of shocking that she can keep this skinwalking up after so long

No. 192812

I kinda liked her aesthetic beforehand, too… sort of a neon goth weeb which could work with the current y2k resurgence trend. Usually skinwalkers that last this long are stalking a celebrity or influencer but Katie is just a normal girl, which makes it so much creepier.

No. 192827

Honestly I’m not surprised by her anymore. She was still doing it 3/4/5 and now like 7/8 years later and through multiple style changes, she’s made it pretty clear that she either can’t or won’t stop watching Katie. And besides this thread, she has faced NO serious drawback from doing so. She hasn’t been sued or arrested or gotten a restraining order against her so in her head, as we saw, she doesn’t think this copying and moulding her interests to Katie’s is wrong. The damage from her own twisted rationalising and being constantly enabled is done, the screws loose in her head will probably stay loose forever imo

No. 192881

She's truely the queen of bpdfags

No. 193025

Wasn't Katie her husband's ex too? I wonder if she and creepshow would get along.

No. 195764

File: 1643615333066.jpeg (769.13 KB, 2555x2000, 3F37E580-DFD7-4AA6-BBED-45D537…)

I’ve literally been waiting for her to make highlights on her profile like Katie’s and lo and behold they’re the exact same. This girl is fucking shameless.
Her new pic is talking about going to a new uni and I’m praying it’s not the same as Katie’s, because we know she’s not above that level of stalking…

No. 195793

What a fucked up existence. It's baffling that this psycho isn't locked up yet.

No. 195826

Kek she has such few followers that you can instantly spot a couple farmers since they're into lolita.

No. 195831

Emalee blocked my alt account HOURS after I followed Katie even tho I had been following Emalee for months prior. There is no way she isn’t still lurking hard

No. 195849

Katie is missing the perfect opportunity to switch ig aesthetics every week to fuck around with this mentally ill stalker. It'd totally scramble this loser's brain trying to keep up lmao

No. 195860

Absolutely wild. I cant imagine putting so much effort vetting who follows me on social media, but also watching who follows your literal staking victim just to block them, and within hours? Who does this crap.

Shes done that a few times, maybe not weekly but it’s clear emalee will throw all her time and resources to follow Katie. Im still upset she didnt go as far as shaving her head when Katie did kek

No. 195877

File: 1643690022646.jpg (657.85 KB, 1440x2559, Screenshot_20220131-233110_Ins…)

poor katie.

No. 195878

File: 1643690104164.jpg (597.89 KB, 1440x2558, Screenshot_20220131-233149_Ins…)

placing bets, will it look like katie's current hair, or a previous style?

No. 195894

Why are her friends trying to follow her, that’s what I want to know. Her profiles public emalee, surely you don’t need minions to keep track of her lol

I don’t think it’ll be the same as Katie’s, she’s not ballsy enough for bright colours and has previously just bought wigs of Katie’s hairstyles (a perfectly normal and sane thing to do btw /s) but I will put money in that it’ll be a similar length with bangs
And after all the effort of growing them out after Katie did, sigh…

No. 195902

Good for Katie for putting her foot down, she shouldn't have to hide from everyone her whole life just because of one fucked up person who won't leave her alone

No. 196049

i am guessing balayage or bleach with shadow root. then she can use a turquoise toner to match katie. and then if katie changes her hair, emalee can easily match it with a new colored toner

cheaper than buying 500 wigs

No. 196137

File: 1643881233186.png (4.39 MB, 750x1334, 4CCAE8FF-0C10-4257-90C6-93C1F6…)

I was right, it’s front bangs with a medium length lmao sounds like someone we know

No. 196391

File: 1644081751000.jpg (1.9 MB, 2560x1920, 22-02-05-12-19-19-686_deco.jpg)

emalee's PC setup/her photos in general have never had a lantern, but Katie posts lanterns sometimes so now emalee inserts one. she also posted one on her story a few days back. it's such a weird little thing but what else could the inspiration be?

No. 196406

I think it’s from a bar she goes to? Not sure exactly but I know she posted a pic of a single drink next to a lantern in what looked like a bar the other day on her stories (which made me chuckle bc Katie had posted a pic of multiple drinks while she was out that same night a few hours before emalee. Nice to see Katie has friends and emalee apparently drinking alone kek)

Also speaking of friends, I was curious who would be in her follower list that would try to follow Katie and I found a group of people who had a photo with Jack and emalee in it. She has like 2 or 3 other ginger female friends and one them has short bangs with a bit of blonde. She posts shibari a lot which probably “inspired” emalee to post that more sexual stuff a couple months ago. The kicker? Her name is Katie… what does this girl gravitate towards people named Katie??

No. 196430

This is an image board, silly goose

No. 196477

File: 1644160791331.jpg (Spoiler Image,400.61 KB, 1210x1210, ginger short bangs and a bit o…)

Nta but I assume they mean picrel. Nothing too risqué in the picture, just throwing a spoiler because she probably doesn’t want to be dragged into any of this. As >>196406 said, emalee follows a few gingers, all similarish in style. To be fair, none that unique in their respective Aussie cities (majority, if not all, from Melbourne)

No. 196514

File: 1644188246146.jpeg (34.78 KB, 600x511, FDBC6E50-7B95-4B3D-914C-FFAAE1…)

Yeah that’s her. Thanks anon, I wasn’t sure how to post it bc yeah didn’t want to drag some random girl onto the thread. I just find it weird that she absorbs details of all of her friends, like more than a normal person. She’s the definition of this meme.
I just hope for this Katie’s sake that they don’t have a blow out and emalee becomes an aggressive weirdo like she did with that Shannon girl. I’d also laugh my ass off if it was this girl or the people from her friend group who tried to follow Katie.

No. 196515

File: 1644188445059.jpeg (129.39 KB, 1170x2080, 428DEDB5-4174-4F5C-9634-BDAA98…)

Also samefag but has emalee ever mentioned lotr before this? Katie’s been posting about the new show in her stories for weeks and some of her captions are from the books…

No. 196758

File: 1644358508514.jpg (120.78 KB, 1080x1920, 1644358256860.jpg)

is emalee dumb as shit or what. you can literally have this same pump after 1 day of lifting

No. 197764

File: 1645096780561.jpg (421.32 KB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20220217-111727_Ins…)

No. 197769

I understand not wanting to live in fear but if had gone through what she did, I wouldn't share my new tattoo, Emalee has proved herself to be too unhinged

No. 197770

Absolutely agree, the chance of that psycho copying the new one is in the 90%+ range. Katie is not a big influencer so it should be easy to conceal it online.

No. 197772

I was hoping that if Katie shared her new tattoo that she might only show a small portion of it (which, if/when Emalee copies her, it'll just be a manky half assed copy)

No. 197786

She should have shared several fake tats so that psycho would copy them all. That would have been amazing.

No. 197793

wow yeah Emalee's hair looks just like this girl's. I feel bad for her, bet she's the next one to be skinwalked

No. 197829

File: 1645135295867.jpg (86.21 KB, 750x624, 21376547698.jpg)

yeah her posting the new one made me worried too. she also tagged the artist and of course Emalee follows her.
I hope that her feeling like she got some power back will persist through the day Emalee gets the same one again…

No. 197830

tbf her artist also posted a video on her story, and if you're obsessed with Katie like Emalee, it would be easy to recognise her and put 2 and 2 together when Katie posts any photos with her arm exposed.

No. 264723

Has there been any updates for this? Just reread the entire thread again for the first time in years, genuinely disturbing how persistent she's been

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