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New farmhands wanted, click to apply!

File: 1644780437222.jpg (142.96 KB, 1200x1000, LCdoodles.jpg)

No. 1064793

Come draw together with anons! Nobody else in? Leave a doodle before you go! Everyone welcomed, artfags or not. Drawings of board-tan appreciated.


1. No namefagging
2. No scrotes/general site rules apply
3. Artistic nudity is fine but no coomer tier nsfw drawings
4. If the room is active and running out of space, please clear your doodles to make space for more drawings before you leave
5. Completed drawings untouched for 30 minutes can/will be erased for drawing space (only if drawing board is full)
6. Post screenshots, have collaborations! Have fun doodling whatever with other anons, but please exercise common courtesy (don't deface other anon's doodles, don't take up too much space, etc)

Basic shortcuts for non-artfags:
B - brush
E - eraser
hold Z to zoom
hold spacebar to pan
Enter to access chat
Under the current settings, each user can have up to 3 layers, so have fun!

Come draw! Valentine's edition: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

Note: Users are locked to their own layers and cannot paste/load images in, so any effects of possible raids/trolls should be minimized. Check replies for room settings (open to changes).

No. 1064794

File: 1644780563573.png (48.91 KB, 832x404, room settings.png)

Room settings for reference, please give suggestions if you have ideas for improvements.

No. 1064807


No. 1064808

This is such a wonderful idea,thank you op!
On mobile atm, but hopefully this will be up so I can join when on desktop.

No. 1064860

OP UPDATE (for future reference if we make it that far) x layers per user apparently meant something else so ignore that kek, will remove this bit from future OPs. P.S. We're drawing, come join us!

No. 1064893

File: 1644786516487.png (526.7 KB, 990x793, based.PNG)

KEK these are so good

No. 1064920

File: 1644788425537.jpeg (42.94 KB, 526x612, 324C617C-3478-478D-9AFF-99CF78…)

happy to contribute. definitely want this thread to stay updated with the masterpieces you guys make! I see a few anons in there drawing some rlly cute stuff & it’s so calming to watch the process.

No. 1064921

File: 1644788432146.jpeg (852.84 KB, 2040x1621, DE4082B9-AB0D-4567-9D5A-43B2E2…)

It’s getting pretty filled up already! Cute drawings anons!

No. 1064924

File: 1644788531149.png (570 KB, 767x699, lolcowfarm.png)

Saved some close ups, great drawings nonnies!

No. 1064928

File: 1644788889071.png (784.8 KB, 1452x1020, lolcowvday2.png)

Lolcow valentines

No. 1064930

File: 1644788935130.png (343.62 KB, 733x847, lolcowgoddess.png)

the lolcow farm goddess

No. 1064931

File: 1644788975956.png (251.6 KB, 656x636, cowaggie.png)

No. 1064937

Just like in harvest moon we're all little farmers and we work hard to bring offerings of milk to our farmer goddess

No. 1064944

Aww man this is cute I might join, we got some anons who can really draw

No. 1064972

love this! we got some artists for real! whatever i contribute will look low quality because i will be drawing via laptop touchpad but i want to attempt

No. 1064977

I'd love it if there was one screen where all the farmers could draw together simultaneously, does anyone know a platform like this?

No. 1065001

Aggie, magmastudio, sketchtogether, drawpile

No. 1065056

File: 1645549148387.png (2.03 MB, 2000x1600, lc drawing room_01.png)

Going to slowly dump the board archives I have… Please contribute if you have any I missed!

No. 1065058

File: 1645549223336.png (2.11 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_2.png)

No. 1065059

File: 1645549235564.png (12.52 KB, 423x117, draw.PNG)

I thought this was another trick.

No. 1065064

File: 1645549303743.png (1.87 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_3.png)

No. 1065069

File: 1645549384161.png (1.47 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_4.png)

(after this one I stopped numbering them out of laziness kek sorry)

No. 1065072

File: 1645549456824.png (1.88 MB, 2000x2000, LCdraws_alt.png)

This was in a short lived alternate room when I couldn't clear the board fast enough

No. 1065077

File: 1645549548632.png (1.92 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (11).png)

We started doing themes around this time! I think this was outer space themed, courtesy of our lovely board janny.

No. 1065079

File: 1645549628002.png (2.19 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (5).png)

Oops, missed an unthemed board! Timeline wise this goes after >>1065058 and before >>1065058 I think.

No. 1065084

File: 1645549797684.png (205.86 KB, 698x618, 1645186860896.png)

That's all I have, the rest is with the other anon. As a special bonus, here's the doodle that birthed 2X-kun. Also gracing this board (but cropped out) were reddit/soyjack doodles, which prompted the start of themes for boards for anons who need inspiration. That's all from me!

No. 1065089

could someone post all the specific /2X/-tan pics(I love him so much)

No. 1065093

I’m just now finding out about him, which thread was he originally posted in? For science…

No. 1065103

File: 1645550359754.jpg (764.97 KB, 2000x1600, 1645142405722.jpg)

I love that you can see the themes progressing from shitposts to more actual art.
Anyway, I'm gonna have to post them out of order since I didn't actually keep the photos saved to my computer. I believe this is the first one. Theme was Board-tan fashion.

No. 1065105

File: 1645550434425.png (1.99 MB, 2000x1600, 1645172410163.png)

No theme

No. 1065109

Wtf these are so good

No. 1065110

File: 1645550591663.png (506.27 KB, 2000x1600, 1645186860896.png)

A very short-lived board lol
I believe this is the first time he was drawn (at the bottom), but this is a genderbent version. The real /2X/-tan is female and she shows up in future boards.

No. 1065113

File: 1645550649538.jpg (714.69 KB, 2000x1600, 1645222111634.jpg)

I believe this was the Draw Sanrio from memory theme. Some of it was cut off, unfortunately.

No. 1065115

File: 1645550717137.jpg (739.31 KB, 2000x1600, 1645268264356.jpg)

This theme was food. There's another /2X/-tan.

No. 1065116

oh, hey, i follow one of these artists on tumblr

No. 1065119

No. 1065120

File: 1645550895217.jpg (930.72 KB, 2000x1600, 1645317927681.jpg)

This theme was to leave a prayer for /ot/. The chronological order is >>1065115 >>1065077 and then this one

No. 1065124

File: 1645550943728.jpg (848.29 KB, 2000x1600, 1645360483500.jpg)

Theme was apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic. One of my favorites.

No. 1065125

it’s a secret

No. 1065128

i love you kuchipatchi anon

No. 1065129

File: 1645551036776.png (2.63 MB, 2000x1600, 1645396410294.png)

Theme was magical girl. Another /2X/-Tan, but as Tuxedo Mask.

No. 1065132

No. 1065134

File: 1645551141375.jpg (682.79 KB, 2000x1600, 1645453082909.jpg)

Theme was winter. Another one of my favorites. There's the non-genderbent /2X/-tan I'm in love with her and Elsie

No. 1065135

File: 1645551185815.png (1.71 MB, 2000x1600, 1645495517645.png)

Theme was wild west.

No. 1065137

File: 1645551300034.png (58.84 KB, 316x280, frog.PNG)

And here's a little doodle from our current draw board. The current theme is random color palette challenge (the color palette is on the board) Come join!

I'll look through the past threads again later and double check to make sure that was all of the past boards, but I think we got all of them.

No. 1065142

Love the short-haired female 2X-tan.
Both m and f versions are hot.

No. 1065149

tfw unhinged post about glowies and pills made it to the board.
thank you anon, maybe your pharmacist rep find eternal hell.

No. 1065151

I love all of these so much, I’ll definitely try to join the current room after my exam today.

No. 1065168

File: 1645552395407.png (159.97 KB, 566x468, cowplanet.png)

Thank you so much anon! It's fun to look through everything, especially the little details and small doodles (I remember one anon drawing pixel snowflakes) to catch things I missed.

On another note, now that we've had 10 days to figure out how this could work (kek) I'd like to change some of the initial rules I've put in the OP:

1. No namefagging
2. No scrotes/general site rules apply
3. Artistic nudity is fine but no coomer tier nsfw drawings
4. Board will be cleared as soon as possible if it's filling up! As there's a layer limit (65 or so), please delete your empty layer if you're only coming into the room to watch anons draw. It would also help if all anons merge their layers after they're done drawing and try to keep it to 3 layers at a time!
5. Post screenshots, have collaborations! Have fun doodling whatever with other anons, but please exercise common courtesy (don't deface other anon's doodles, text/commentary is welcomed but please don't take up too much space, etc)

Do these sound alright? Please let me know if anyone has suggestions to make it better! I also thought about asking anons to keep to a certain size for their doodles (for space concerns) but I kind of like the size contrast of the doodles we have in the final boards, it's a lot of fun to look at, so I don't think that's too big of an issue.

Please also suggest themes for future boards! Currently we have:
>color palette challenge (current)
>left hand/mouse only
>… that's all kek

Lastly, I'd like to give maybe 1-2 more anons the ability to clear the board so the possibility of board downtime is reduced. If you'd like to do it please reply with your tag (you don't need an account, anonymous works) and I'll give you approved user status in the room. I don't want to mod the content or anything in the board, so all you have to do is archive + clear the board if it's full and post the link + new theme for anons in thread!

Whew this was a long post, it was a lot of fun drawing with anons the past 10 days or so in the bunker, thank you everyone and let's keep the room going!

No. 1065191

File: 1645552826381.jpeg (124.2 KB, 720x1280, 1645285365995.jpeg)

Shoutout to this anonna

No. 1065193

File: 1645552867052.png (43.22 KB, 532x224, the blanket party ends.PNG)

No. 1065203

Those rules sound great! I would like to add a couple more themes
>creepy (I wasn't sure if this was in the same line as paranormal, but it was suggested).
>scribble challenge
Thank you again for creating this board for us anon.

No. 1065206

last time i said i was the one drooling but looking back i actually was the one arguing with the wall

No. 1065207

sounds good
>pixelart theme

No. 1065213

File: 1645553624677.jpg (159.3 KB, 400x1087, blankies.jpg)

i didn't remember to screencap before blankie-chan made the first edit so i gave this cat i found in the back alley some catnip for the dramatic reanactment.

No. 1065216

the borzoi no bitches is tasteful

No. 1065223

Has someone screenshots of 2X-tan?

No. 1065225

I put them all in the husbando thread on g

No. 1065232

Wow you nonnies are all so talented!

So many cute and pretty drawings of board-tan.

Who is the guy with the tie in the bottem left corner?

No. 1065253

Thanks to this thing I've started to draw again. I'm grateful to whoever started it.
That's adorable.

No. 1065276

>>1065225 thanks nonnita. I'm 100% going to design an oc after him, i love his punkish/gothic design.

No. 1065296

Obligatory theme suggestion: Husbandos and waifus

No. 1065343

File: 1645557883997.png (24.22 KB, 1200x530, FAF7670C-497B-45EA-8326-534D88…)

I love love love the color scheme theme, please do more of those. I would love a board using colors inspired by the lesbian flag, or other pride flags. It’d be funny to use the trans flag colors but make it a TERF theme.
Other theme suggestions:
>draw in your style
>angels/clouds/heaven/religious imagery
>specific cow themed boards (a Lucinda or Shayna board would be messy and funny)

No. 1065395

Underwater would be nice if we make the whole board dark blue from the start lol

No. 1065621

File: 1645574968267.png (1.83 MB, 2000x1600, c9c414d2c2.png)

Here's the board currently with this color scheme.
These colors make me sad can we have a different set?

No. 1065630

can someone erase the board as well it’s already full?

No. 1065643

File: 1645575881034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 497.98 KB, 1517x1078, Tumblr_l_115345006469383.jpg)

Creepy theme would be like pic related or momo

Another suggestion: half and half

You draw half of something and complete someone else's half drawing

No. 1065671

Love both of these, very very much want creepy theme

No. 1065679


No. 1065698

File: 1645577712380.png (1.9 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room (1).png)

Here's the board, the theme was to use the colors that were randomly selected. It looks very nice! I love KirbDede and their censored slits. Since it all matches this looks more like a page in a sketchbook. Anyway, I was gonna randomize the theme but since you guys want creepy let's do it! New theme is creepy

No. 1065726

Samefag, incase it's not obvious, the board has been cleared.

No. 1065831

This thread reminds me of doodling on my notes in class. They were always my favorite drawings. Ily nonas ♥

No. 1065859

>Thank you again for creating this board for us anon.
>Thanks to this thing I've started to draw again.
I didn't do much! I'm happy anons are enjoying the drawing room so much, to be honest I kinda thought it might be a bad idea at the start and the room would be dead and sad kek

These themes all sound good! The only one I'm kind of on the fence with is specific cow themed boards since I've seen lots of /ot/ users say they don't browse the drama boards and this could be reeeeally slow if not many users know or want to draw a certain cow, I think a general cows/snowflakes board might work better.

Currently, there is only one other anon aside from myself who can clear the board, so the boards aren't always going to be cleared at an optimal rate. As mentioned above, I'd like another anon or two with the ability to clear the board as well, so if you're interested in doing it yourself, please volunteer! It will help to decrease downtime. With janny powers you can also select the theme for the next board.

No. 1065881

I wish I could help, I'm also a mod on the movie night cytube.

No. 1065889

Please for the love of god don't let that degenerate KirDedede shit become some fucking forced meme on here. It's so cringey.

No. 1065893

File: 1645586248913.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

Relax anon. It's ok to have fun and joke about the dumb shit on this site.

No. 1065896

File: 1645586428516.png (88.81 KB, 340x192, 1645558945645.png)

I rather have this, the tokimeki dolls, the dog boy or the fucking amberlynn face become a meme than fucking kirby vagina, it's disgusting, it's fucking gross, reminds me of the most awful porn I've seen in my life, so no thanks.

No. 1065901

>Kirby and Dedede sex
>funny joke
Like >>1065896 said, it's absolutely revolting and the original Anon who shared that should be ashamed. Literally Nemu-tier.

No. 1065903

Obviously I was disturbed by the post at first, but now I just think it's funny because of how absurd it is. Anyway, I understand why other anons may not like it, but I don't think think there's any point in getting upset over a single drawing of Kirby and Dedede that was just poking fun at that post.

No. 1065910

Agreed. Posting moid fetish porn like that is not "lol funny xD", it is revolting.
That's some 12 year old redditor type of humor. Cringe.

No. 1065911

The blankie anons were so cute. Love that representation of us since it's pretty accurate kek. I hope they reappear in later drawboards or that at least their legacy doesn't die off!

Me and my fellow husbandofags sharing a blanket for warmth <3

No. 1065914

>I hope they reappear in later drawboards or that at least their legacy doesn't die off!
Same, that was the most wholesome thing I've seen in this website besides the cat posters

No. 1065915

That drawing on the board isn't fetish porn

No. 1065917

The original with the kirby pussy is though.

No. 1065918

KirDedede Anon was probably a moid, let's be honest. Only a moid could fetishize something so innocent and wholesome.

No. 1065923

If you're talking about the drawing that was posted in the Dumbass Shit thread, I'm not sure what that has to do with the drawboard. I think that was actually just something that the anon who posted it found.

No. 1065926

As of today, this one is my absolute favorite. Great job everyone!!

No. 1065944

File: 1645589594845.png (145.56 KB, 503x505, nina.PNG)

Come draw, theme is still creepy.

No. 1065945

nah, i doubt a scrote would like such a pairing. some fujos just develop degenerate fetishes after years of pornography consumption

No. 1065946

this is such a fun idea, sadly i cant draw and only have my mouse but this is so fun

No. 1065950

You don't have to be good at drawing to join the board! I can't stress that enough. If you want to draw, then draw.

No. 1065951

File: 1645589906714.png (301.45 KB, 1446x579, 54353434342534543453.png)

No. 1065955

Do any of you talented nonnies that draw digital have suggestions for someone who wants to get into digital art?? like a good starting place? ive done some research but i would love to hear from nonnies

No. 1065957

I can’t draw & have been contributing little doodles & stuff on mobile! It’s fun! Join the party!

No. 1065966

Please come by and draw, this isn't just for artfags!!! I love seeing the comments anons leave as well, so if you're self conscious, you could also leave some writing if you want. Come and join us!

No. 1066016

isnt there a board missing? winter themed one?

No. 1066018

No? This one here?

No. 1066295

File: 1645626074903.png (1.82 MB, 2000x1600, ad11a8f1f0.png)

Board cleared! This theme was creepy, I love the Elsie surrounded by stuffed animals, and the drawing at the bottom right. There's lots of cool drawings in this board, so thank you all for participating. New theme is underwater Draw mermaids, sirens, deep sea creatures, and anything else related to water! As per request, the background of the entire board is blue for this theme, but feel free to change the background color for your own drawing. May I suggest this website if you want inspiration for a ocean animals to draw


No. 1066308

Whoever fixed Dedede i love you now we have kirby anon’s fantasy fulfilled

No. 1066319

File: 1645627257841.png (841.34 KB, 1508x1084, 164467146647.png)

The gang's all here

No. 1066332

Your forgot one! >>1065064 the one where Elsie is hiding from him.

No. 1066347

File: 1645629227554.png (958.79 KB, 2066x900, the dog quartet.png)

now they are one

No. 1066355

Next theme if haven't been done should be Board Culture(?) Elsie, CeCe, Driverfags, Komaedafags, 32inch-chans, that weird girl who posts on /pt/ from time to time. etc etc.
No scrotes.

No. 1066393

File: 1645633183766.png (373.11 KB, 523x522, the dog quartet pt.2.png)

samefag anotha one

No. 1066405

File: 1645634394153.png (79.02 KB, 507x418, ocean.PNG)

Now that there are some drawings on the board, how do you guys feel about drawing on colored backgrounds? It might be fun to do occasionally, but I wasn't really sure how many themes we could do with that. Thank you to the anon itt who suggested it though, it looks really great.

Anyway, surfs up

No. 1066561

File: 1645641515734.png (123.25 KB, 946x767, aggie-farms.png)

I had an idea to draw a farm over the entire drawing board. Like a landscape, with valleys and a farm and a few trees and obviously the sky. Then nonnas could draw their favorite cows, board-tan, their OC's, husbandos, waifus… whatever they want obviously these are just suggestions. I think that's be so much fun. I'll try to do it over the weekend since I don't have time right now. I already started a really rough sketch, what do you think about the idea?

No. 1066564

This is an adorable idea!

No. 1066565

I love this, it's lovely! Please do it anon. I love all of the creativity coming out of this.

No. 1066593

Thank you for the encouragement nonnas. I'll do my best!

No. 1066742

this is so fun

No. 1066865

Op thank you for starting this, it’s the most fun I’ve had on LC in years. I love how creative & kind everyone is here, it’s the best thread on the entire board imo.

No. 1066892

i agree with u this has been so fun its so nice seeing other nonnies doing stuff in real time, it was so fun to chat with some last night while drawing it feels like hanging out with some girl friends

No. 1066952

thank you for this it warmed my heart

and thank you to everyone who loves the blankie things and adds onto them

No. 1066970

I love this! Thanks to whoever started it. I stopped drawing years ago so I'm shit, but it's been really cozy to make little doodles and spend time with you guys in spirit.

No. 1066995

I see you tiny heart anon

No. 1066999

No. 1067034

holy shit wake up and wipe off that ugly ass board already you can barely see the nice drawings on that hideous blue background

No. 1067066

I knew someone was gonna complain lol. Shoutout again to the anon who suggested it.

No. 1067070

stop whinging about the board you can clearly see each drawing. I liked the fact we had blue background for once, it forced us to stick with the theme and be more colourful. your probably anon 4770 aren't you

No. 1067087

File: 1645666474206.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 2000x1600, c85a36a6dc.png)

Here's the pic of the board. I'm not sure if the anon who posted about it still needs it

No. 1067094

yay! Thanks everyone, this theme was really fun. I’m looking forward the the next one.

No. 1067100

cute haha i love the lil comic at the bottom

No. 1067109

File: 1645667229489.png (149.86 KB, 720x318, blanket.PNG)

They're scuba divers! I love you blanket-anon and that anon who draws little pixel squares on every board, I see you

No. 1067117

I love all of them so much. The most precious board so far. So cute, so much soul!! Everything looks great, can't even pick my favourites.

No. 1067119

Wheres the anon who draws boobs on every board? Did she miss this one?

I love the little blanket nonas even if they look like amongus

No. 1067123

Admin of the board, will you clear it? I saw you earlier on the board and I wasn't sure if you're going to clear it. I feel bad that you haven't been able to pick a theme in a while so I didn't want to do it lol.
There are two boobs drawings (the light blue one at the top, and the one not too far down from it with the censored shirt) but idk if that is bewb-anon. I think she's been MIA for a while.

No. 1067179

File: 1645670788842.png (1.82 MB, 2000x1600, 24968c5951.png)

Ok, I'll go ahead and clear it. Here's the last board, theme was underwater. This board is so fun, there's so many cute drawings! I love the scene of mermaid Elsie, the troon crabs and Ariel running away. I also love the baby turtle. New theme is flora and fauna. Draw insects, animals and plants of all kinds! The background is white this time, but if you all want another color background just let me know what color.


No. 1067223


No. 1067244

haven't thought about aquatic ape theory in so long lmao what a trip

No. 1067331

Oops sorry I saw this late (was asleep), please don't worry about that! If anything I feel bad that I haven't been able to clear the board and it's fallen to your shoulders, I'm not in burgerland and my timezone is in the sweet spot where I'm usually asleep or at work when the boards fill up, so I always miss it. Which is why I'd still like another janny or two, so it won't all fall to you! Thank you again anon, I personally really enjoy your post board reviews! Also I'll try to catch a board to clear soon, my guilt is starting to build up kek

I'm glad everyone is enjoying it, for the next thread pic (when this thread hits 1100 posts) I'd like everyone to nominate their favourite board doodle and I'll make a collage of it. I'll also post my favourite tiny doodles since they're often overlooked.

>ugly ass board
>nice drawings
Good morning tsundere anon, please volunteer or help me find more jannies for the drawing board, I don't want to constantly be posting about it and begging either but I'm also not waking up at in the middle of the night to clear the board…

No. 1067531

File: 1645698254360.jpg (18.57 KB, 474x378, aqvwpe.jpg)

This board is so cute! I hope this thread continues! I haven't drawn in ages and this was such a cute motivator, TY OP, have a blossom-filled day

No. 1067602

New threads are at 1200 posts.

No. 1067619

File: 1645705103159.png (108.13 KB, 341x345, flora and fauna.png)

Come draw! Current theme is flora and fauna: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

I know anon, hence why we will discuss next thread pic only when the thread hits 1100 posts, so we can use the remaining 100 posts before the thread locks to decide what the thread pic should be and it'll be easier to keep track of everyone's suggestions.

No. 1067620

Samefag, missed this reply, thank you nona! I hope you and also our janny have a blossom filled day, too.

No. 1067652

File: 1645706983613.jpeg (7.84 KB, 240x240, cloud.jpeg)


No. 1067683

File: 1645710427259.png (67.4 KB, 354x295, roses.PNG)

So sweet

No. 1067688

nonnie I was talking about the blue background you just had to be there I almost had a schizophrenic episode looking at it

No. 1067843

File: 1645721292679.png (2.59 MB, 2000x1600, bdf429a959.png)

Board cleared. This theme was flora and fauna, and this board is so beautiful! Though all of our boards so far have been great, I haven't had a clear favorite until this one. I really love the frog riding a crab, the axolotl and flowers, both /2x/-tans, the cat and the blue Elsie. All of the bird drawings are gorgeous as well, the shoebill stork one kinda looks like some kind of sports team logo. I know I just listed basically everything, but there's literally not a single drawing here that I don't love!

Anyway, the new theme is waifus and husbandos! Draw your fictional character crushes. I would love to see nonnas drawing their husbandos/waifus on their wedding day lol

No. 1067847

Don't feel guilty anon! I'm ok with clearing the boards and it genuinely doesn't bother me. I do hope we get another volunteer though!

No. 1067855

Aw damn I missed clearing it again, I was waiting too, kek. I'll try my luck again tomorrow, veeery excited to see this theme's board!

No. 1067858

What about this anon

No. 1067862

I read that as a "I wish I could help but I can't because I'm already a mod on cytube" but >>1065881 anon did I misunderstand?

No. 1067892

No. 1067896

Oh! If you're free now could you hop in the drawing room and give me your tag in a reply here? I'll give you the permissions. Thank you so much!

No. 1068375

File: 1645735178572.png (94.71 KB, 441x494, husbando.PNG)

You know the drill. Lots of anime men on the board right now if that's your thing.

No. 1068482

I wanna do it but I am so self conscious to let other people see me drawing, I wish I could just draw at my pace and send it to the board lol

No. 1068560

Generally people are zoomed in on their stuff and dont watch you

No. 1068587

The artists themselves, yeah, but isn't there some nonnies that just like to watch other drawings? Maybe I'll stop being a little bitch and gather up the courage someday

No. 1068819

sweet, love that menacing yugi as a thumbnail. It’s a bit late here and the canvas is pretty full already so I’ll join in next time.

No. 1068842

File: 1645746732030.png (623.58 KB, 935x1558, nice.PNG)

Posting some close ups

No. 1068849

File: 1645746999882.png (446.11 KB, 1286x1206, iuiuh.PNG)


No. 1068858

File: 1645747188262.png (777.92 KB, 992x1406, ddd.PNG)


No. 1068866

File: 1645747601645.png (356.21 KB, 2114x1224, car.PNG)

Mechanophile anon

No. 1068871

Praise the Sun!

No. 1068875

File: 1645748087609.png (759.39 KB, 1599x1273, pyramid head.PNG)

Pyramid head

No. 1068989

File: 1645756693032.png (67.58 KB, 1291x1124, fingers.PNG)


No. 1068996

File: 1645757130189.png (1.22 MB, 1584x1630, bi.PNG)


No. 1069007

Damn is it too late to join in?

No. 1069014

File: 1645758855536.png (2.72 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_husbandowaifu1…)

Board cleared. This theme filled up fast and was quite popular, plus some anons missed it, so let's do husbando/waifu board 2.0! Come draw: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

I'll try my hand at a board review: This theme is really good for zooming in and reading everyone's comments and tiny waifus/husbando doodles! I'm glad komaeda made it, kek. I didn't expect to see a sonichu. XY destroyer gyaru waifu is cute, so are the 2x-tan (short hair) waifu doodles, good job all around anons! Special shout out to anons who drew non-humans.

Come draw your husbandos/waifus anons! Board's empty again.

No. 1069015

Damn I was just gonna adjust my picture, oh well tho.

No. 1069020

Oh no, I'm sorry anon. Come leave a new one!

No. 1069051

File: 1645763963960.png (1.06 MB, 1694x1144, 04820u49.png)


No. 1069108

kek so true

No. 1069158

That Cloud is so hot

No. 1069382

File: 1645794344752.png (4.29 KB, 224x297, pixel.PNG)

Come draw your waifus and husbandos!

No. 1069393

File: 1645794838672.png (11.72 KB, 185x211, 788d1232a32cce6114771e51676dfb…)

kek i figured this would make a nice reaction pic on here.

No. 1069439

I can't take screenshots nor interact with the board (i don't know why, maybe i need to download some add-ons), but whoever is drawing Cedric YOU ROCK!!!

No. 1069597

Shouldn't need a add-on, maybe try clearing your cache/cookies? Or try edit, application settings and clicking "disable graphics acceleration".

No. 1069680

whoever been drawing sexy dark souls, thank you thank you thank you. I screen shot them all and add them to my special folder. Makes me feel like a filthy moid.

No. 1069731

kek nonnie youre very welcome

No. 1069753

for real, i saved some of those drawings too, hot as fuck and i don't even play that game

No. 1069769

First timer here, the site crashes after one second and I get a STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION error. I thought it was my VPN causing it but I disabled it and it's the same. Anyone else ran into this?

No. 1069774

Samefag, this was in Chrome, tried it with Edge also and it lasted slightly longer (5 seconds) but after that I still got the same error message

No. 1069776

i love the doodle room so much, it makes my heart happy. ilysm anons

No. 1069783

Nevermind, it's working now!!! I love the Virgin Snape vs Chad Cedric drawings lmao

No. 1069822

File: 1645813022797.png (26.57 KB, 325x185, 1645758855536.png)

who this

No. 1069832

>I love the Virgin Snape vs Chad Cedric drawings lmao
wtf kek I just saw that

No. 1069833

Looks like some Haikyuu guy but I only watched the very first episode long ago so correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 1069852

No. 1069988

File: 1645817661864.png (735.2 KB, 995x1066, aone.PNG)

More drawfags should get in here, we have some space still https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 1070017

Whoever drew that has some serious skills. Farmers are too good at drawing!

No. 1070020

Personally, I'm just waiting for a board wipe and new theme, I'm not interested in drawing my husbandos/waifus lol but I'm charging my tablet, hopeful the next one will be cool. I hope I catch a fresh board, I've missed it every time because of work lol Drawing Admin - whats the next theme going to be? Do you have an upcoming list? I'm loving the doodle board so much! Nonnies are so creative with the themes.

No. 1070035

Same. I love the Lolcow doodle room, but sadly not interested in drawing husbandos/waifus so it's a bit of a bummer there was two of these in a row. Super excited to get in there for the next one, though!

No. 1070036

Not the drawing admin, but I am a janny for the board and the one who has picked most of the themes so far, and I usually just randomize all the suggested themes in one of those wheel-picker websites. Not sure how the admin does it. So far I have
>religious imagery
>pride flags/terf with trans colors
>scribble challenge
>half and half
>non-dominant hand
>random color challenge (we've done this before, but I keep it because we can always use different colors)

Suggest more if you have any ideas!

No. 1070040

We're allowed to go off topic though right?

No. 1070042

The theme has never been a rule, just a suggestion.

No. 1070051

Oh those sound so cool! Here are some ideas:
>Outer Space (make bg dark with stars)
>Women who inspire you (real or fictional)
>Seasons (split board into four corners for the four seasons)
>Video Games (draw fave characters)
>90s anime style

No. 1070058

I like these! We've done the space theme already so I don't want to bring it back so soon, but maybe in the future we could do it again. I really like the seasons theme.

No. 1070067

Ah I wasn't aware the space theme has been done but yea, down the road, cycling in popular themes could be fun! Spacing them out so that nonnies who missed old ones can get in on it later.

No. 1070092

More ideas:
>food and cooking

No. 1070102

Will keep these in mind as well! We just did flora/fauna and one of the first themes was food, so those will probably be future repeat themes.

No. 1070133

I love the seasons idea! That's really inspiring.
Chiming in with some ideas of my own, disregard if any have been done before:
>heaven and hell
>tattoo flash sheet
>music (art inspired by a song you like, draw your favorite artist, etc.)

No. 1070141

Do we really need a theme every time? I wouldn't mind free drawing.

No. 1070148

The theme is just a suggestion, anon. No one is forcing you to follow it.
Thanks anon, will keep these in mind.

No. 1070198

I thought we could draw a stickman war, like every person draws a stickman with its weapon of choice for example a bazooka, an axe, a dragon, a frying pan, a mega lazer powered gunblade, a hammer and shield made of waffles, …

No. 1070265

File: 1645825861502.png (4.06 MB, 3000x1750, Farms.png)

Phew! Did it before the weekend. Admin! Picrel is for you. I ended up making it a big bigger than the usual board size. You can keep it smaller resolution in case nonnas have issues with it. It's really not that much bigger but idk. It's 3000px by 1750px. It's a PNG btw so you can go import>png when you eventually get to this theme.
Hi nonnas, the farm is all yours! Please enjoy the pastures. I'm a bit self concious about how generic and idillic it all ended up looking aka lame, but that's where your creativity comes in. Draw characters, add new elements to the landscape, really whatever you want, draw the pits of hell opening up if you wish! I left as much of it empty while still keeping some elements to inspire you to fill the space up. Hope you have fun with it!

No. 1070272


No. 1070278

No. 1070341

this sounds amazing

No. 1070342

What time do jannies clear the canvas?

No. 1070348

File: 1645828924164.jpg (136.38 KB, 520x817, 7yg897f765dr7i6t76ti8.jpg)

No. 1070349

I love this anon's little reaction doodles

No. 1070354

When it's full

No. 1070359

Lovely, nonita!

No. 1070361

Why is the canvas blue

No. 1070371

it's not

No. 1070402

probably someone accidentally filling the whole screen

No. 1070409

You missed it, it was for a minute or so

No. 1070468

(Room admin here) Tried to do a board wipe before I will be busy for the next 5-6 hours, but an anon was in a middle of a drawing and needed about half an hour more, so hopefully janny anon will be free to clear it. Putting a message out here so anons don't complain about a late board wipe in thread. Again, we're still looking for new jannies, this is on a voluntary basis and just to cover the gaps where both the current janny and I might be busy/offline.

I randomize it too, but I do handpick it a little to try and avoid anything too samey for a few boards in a row. double husbando-waifu theme might've been a bad idea, slower than I thought, kek. We'll stick to swapping every board next time! Thank you again, jannyanon.

Thank you anon, this is so sweet! I'll give the current janny the permissions to load pics in whenever I catch her online, so when the wheel decides it's time for this lovely theme we'll be sure to use this. Thank you again anon, very cool to see everyone's contributions to make something fun together!

Lastly, just a refresher: Room themes are just suggestions for anons who might not know what to draw (plus it's fun to see when most of the doodles are kind of related), they're not an absolute rule to follow or anything. You're free to doodle anything you want in any of the boards! Most important of all: Not just for artfags! Come by and draw, nonnies.

No. 1070471

I drew a total of five characters on the current board, one of which is already shown as you can see on the latter. Try to find them all! Extra points if you can tell me what the lower two items are and who she gave a kiss.

No. 1070511

File: 1645836086326.png (1.75 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_husbando2.png)

Managed to clear the board!! (sorry to the one anon whose drawing didn't stay on the board for very long…)

New theme is non-dominant hand drawings. Come show us what you can do, anon: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No time for a proper post board review right now, I'll do it in a reply later, sorry!

No. 1070522

File: 1645836375480.gif (3.09 MB, 498x280, keisuke-baji-tokyo-revengers.g…)

mega beef looks like baji from tokyo revengers

No. 1070537

File: 1645836844537.png (61.64 KB, 420x500, get.png)

Did I get it right? Although I have no idea what those two items could be

>(sorry to the one anon whose drawing didn't stay on the board for very long…)
Oh don't worry, the less people look at it the better cuz I'm ashamed of it
>New theme is non-dominant hand drawings
lol I'll definitely do this one

No. 1070558

File: 1645837671220.png (139.77 KB, 328x376, LC drawing room2.png)


No. 1070577

Wow I didn’t expect to see a Cedric lover on lolcow. Nonny, ily for liking the show but you can do so much better than Cedric, sweetie

No. 1070578

Whoever drew koneko chan, you are a woman of culture and virtue

No. 1070594

Did you see it just now, nona? Anyway, I'm glad you liked it!

>she doesn't know

No. 1070746

thanks for doing this!! this has been so fun its made me want to try digital drawing

No. 1070826

File: 1645865300911.png (679.74 KB, 1527x1653, 1445921544715.png)

It's the male 2X-tan (XY-kun?)- the t-shirt is a reference to this pic of Elsie.

No. 1070898

i'm a very big fan of 2X dude

No. 1071035

The mega milk shirt itself is from an old porn doujin.

No. 1071200

File: 1645883528471.jpg (71.26 KB, 492x537, mwah.jpg)

Full points! and one extra. Still a winner in my eyes! Here is your prize!
A bit wonky as I did it with my non-dominate hand but I redid the ugly parts. the first item was hair from Gojo as you can see her dragging a pair of scissors and "love juice". I would have also accepted "Love"

No. 1071383

File: 1645888531795.png (67.4 KB, 800x419, art.PNG)

Theme is still non-dominant hand

No. 1071733

This is the hardest thing ever. I feel like I show practice more with my non-dominant hand since it got the art skills of a toddler.

No. 1071841


No. 1071976

Still a little space, come draw and I'll clear soon

No. 1072085

File: 1645919848438.png (1.51 MB, 2000x1600, 2eceb8c937.png)

Board cleared! Art nonnas are honestly really talented, even when drawing with their non dominant hand. I really love the cats (and dog), Naruto characters, the Elsies, and of course the skiing blanket anons. The collaborative garden and and Kikomi and great too!
New theme is nostalgia! Draw anything and anyone that gives you nostalgia!

No. 1072344

so sick of you multi-talented bitches, it's unreal. non dominant hand and you guys still are able to pull this shit off. it is impressive and it should be ILLEGAL

No. 1072371

File: 1645944420665.png (5.04 KB, 167x189, headd.png)

I wonder what this was supposed to be…

Yay, thank you nonna it was fun, also that is so cute

No. 1072561

Whoever drew this, I love your lines

No. 1072715

>what this supposed to be
I was gonna draw a face with my non dominant hand but i got tired halfway

No. 1072743

My butterfly looks so lonely what the heck does she have cooties? Also I love the new theme

No. 1072856

Lol sorry anon. I wanted those spaces to be filled, but no one was drawing and I was about to sleep so I just cleared it anyway

No. 1073108

File: 1645980186970.png (68.18 KB, 415x366, trauma.PNG)

Almost full, come draw! Theme is nostalgia.

No. 1073255

Most adorable board yet. Anons are so talented. I love the pink Motorola Razr and the Polly Pocket!

No. 1073933

File: 1645997652561.png (4.83 KB, 999x319, seasons.PNG)

I'm going to do a seasons theme next, how do we feel about these colors for the background? I wanted them to be light/pastel so it's more cohesive and easier to draw on.

No. 1073952

They look beautiful! This one is gonna be fun.

No. 1073988

omg wait that’s my silly lil doodle :’) I did it this morning when I was waiting for my meds to kick in before I went back to sleep, glad it was appreciated by someone
looking forward to this one!

No. 1074042

File: 1646001607385.png (2.12 MB, 2000x1600, 0ebb04edd9.png)

Here's the pic from the last board. The theme was nostalgia. It's really hard for me to give a proper review here because I really love every single drawing here, no exaggeration. This is definitely one of my top 3 favorite boards so far, every single art nonna did amazing.

New theme is seasons. Thank you >>1070051 for the suggestion. It's not exactly as you described it, but the board is split into 4 colors for each season. Draw anything related to spring, summer, fall and winter. yes I know the squares are slightly uneven, bear with me anons.

No. 1074051

can you title each square for its season pretty please? it’s gonna get very confusing lol

No. 1074057

dork diaries anon ily

No. 1074060

How old to you think the anons are in this board?

No. 1074070

ffs do you really think everyone is a zoomer? what zoomer is gonna remember what a furby is?

No. 1074074

unfortunately a lot of them have adopted Furbies as their genderspecial familiars. They mod them into 'enby icons' or whatever. The horror

No. 1074075

File: 1646002482155.png (104.54 KB, 501x459, art.PNG)

Sure thing. You can see the names where the squares meet in the middle, I tried not to make them too big. Sorry if the colors weren't that obvious lol

No. 1074078

Judging from what's up there I'd say a lot of anons who participated were born in the 90s

No. 1074080

nta but I'm 21 and I had one. they're also a meme

No. 1074143

File: 1646005738153.jpeg (49.37 KB, 612x612, cea61519-24c7-411b-a218-aae0cb…)

I drew the furby. I'm 23 though I didn't have a full sized one only the little keychains from McDonald's kek. There was a reboot for them a couple of years ago

No. 1074159

File: 1646006292047.png (188.93 KB, 520x238, art.PNG)

Whoever keeps drawing these little guys, they're very cute

No. 1074247

I don’t know i mean a gen x or milennials can find things from 6 years ago nostalgic too

No. 1074248

I love bewbz anon

No. 1074265

The Polly Pocket House is amazing!!!

No. 1074378

File: 1646014734023.png (983.61 KB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room 3.png)

The little house on the island reminds me of ACNH, it's so cute.

No. 1074385

File: 1646016151078.png (1.85 MB, 1297x1978, Kame_House_DB_Ep_16_001.png)

Cute, it's Kame House!

No. 1074400

Oh lmao I should have gotten that but it's been a long time since I've watched any DBZ. It's perfect for the summer area!

No. 1074417

AW YAY I just rewatched Dragon Ball, Goku as a kid is so wholesome and adorable I can't get enough of his cute little face

No. 1074458

so many nuts busted to roahi android doujinshis with this as the cover

No. 1074626

I'm not bewb anon, I was just inspired by her and it fits the theme

No. 1074831

Just a heads up, I (cowplantt) will not be available to clear the board in these next couple of days. Sorry to admin and the other board janny I think? I'm not sure how many jannys there are actually. for the inconvenience! If you're one of the art anons, please be patient if it takes a while for the board to be cleared.

No. 1074832

File: 1646049136246.png (152.98 KB, 695x357, winter.PNG)

Theme is still seasons, come draw!

No. 1074848

It's just you and me (admin), anon, kek. Thank you for the heads up, I'll try and be more diligent with board clearing the next couple of days. Thank you so much for your work as always nona!

No. 1075329

Hi admin! cowplantt is confused because you, gave me permissions once, and probably forgot kek. im the anonymous croc with approved title on aggie I asked you to clear the board once, during bunker days, you were busy and almost gave permission to everyone but luckily changed your mind and appointed me. I sometimes come in and delete empty layers, and i give you two tech support wether here or in chat on aggie. I only officially cleared the board once since I'm busy and seem to be in an only slightly earlier timezone than you. Anyways lol

No. 1075652

KEK Oh my god oh no I'm so sorry anon, I did forget. I'm, so, so sorry croc anon, I am deeply ashamed that I forgot and you've been helping us all this time!! Thank you so much, please pardon my retardation, I'm going to embed this information in my brain now. I can't believe I forgot, I'm so sorry. THANK YOU!!!

No. 1075657

Lol thank god i fixed that stupid tiger

No. 1075660

can I be a janny I’m the dumbass with the avatar pic with the word avatar in it

No. 1075666

Yes, if you're free to hop into the room real quick now I can give you permissions! Thank you so much!

No. 1075702

I'm so sorry anon I know it's been only 10 minutes since my reply but I got to go sleep soon, I'll stick around for another 5 minutes or so but if I don't catch you, I'll come online around this time tomorrow to try and catch you. We have to both be online in the board for me to grant permissions. Thank you again!

No. 1075719

File: 1646071904447.png (45.91 KB, 304x245, cool fall lady.png)

Seasons board still going (and coming along quite nicely!), come leave a doodle for your favourite season: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 1075750

This is so cute

No. 1075912

Thank you, you made my day anon! I really like making nightscapes and I thought it would be cute to start adding a little demon to them.
I love the snowmen and the drawing on the right is so beautiful!

No. 1076291

File: 1646084088159.png (26.7 KB, 333x351, Screenshot.png)

It's nothing admin! I love this board so thank you for making it and keeping it alive! The pleasure is all mine and don't mind being the substitute/shadow janny kek. Just wanted to clear up the confusion.

To the picrel nonna who didn't finish her knight i accidentally selected your layer. I left it so you can claim it next time just double click. No one claim layer 24 please. I am so sorry!

No. 1076642

carmen diego?

No. 1076726

lol no, but I guess it ended up looking a bit like her huh

No. 1076898

i find it hard to draw with just a mouse but i really love this thread it is my fav thread on lolcow

No. 1077934

All you artistic nonas motivated me to finally get my tablet repaired, can't wait to join you when I receive it!

No. 1078114

File: 1646161571280.png (53.76 KB, 344x351, summerelsie.png)

Seems like boards are slowing down… Hitting layer limit soon, come in and draw something big to fill the space anons! https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

P.s. summer elsie is so cute! Good job nona!

No. 1078577

Mine too… it's so friendly and peaceful! Everyone is so talented <3(<3)

No. 1079827

File: 1646239354819.png (2.2 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_Seasons.png)

Board cleared! New theme is: Women who inspire you (real or fictional) Come draw your personal heroes, anon: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

Seasons was a slower board filling up because everyone took the care to draw such lovely things! My personal favourite is summer with the cool cat sitting under a beach umbrella and elsie making a sand-cow. I also liked that mosquito, kek. Spring has beautiful flowers and one very nicely drawn frog, fall is comfy and spooky (fall elsie is so cute!) and the winter square has a bunch of cute blanket anons. All in all a very lovely board to look at! I try my best with the post board reviews, but I can't possible comment on every drawing. If you have a favourite drawing I didn't call out, please send your compliments in a reply! The anon who drew it will sure be very happy to read your thoughts. That's all from me now, come draw!

No. 1079905

I couldn’t think of someone right away so I contributed a Meduka. I’ll come back soon, I love this thread too much

No. 1080449

Big fan of the "cow standing in the sea" painting in Summer and the lady burning alive above it. Also other Winter Elsie is adorable!

No. 1080797

why are you all so talented!!! WOwowowowowowo

No. 1081277

File: 1646298823898.png (411.09 KB, 498x725, beautiful.png)

Come draw women who inspire you!: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

P.S. I'm pretty sure there's an anon who bumps this thread by not saging and deleting their post immediately, I don't know who you are but I love you, kek. Thank you for your work!

No. 1081358

File: 1646301379410.png (184.94 KB, 467x590, saint olga.PNG)

saint olga anon you are so talented ily

No. 1081360

File: 1646301446205.jpg (88.44 KB, 490x325, princess-giselle-disney-prince…)

That is so beautiful, reminds me of picrel.

No. 1081381

Is this PT I don't know who it is but I will believe it's PT

No. 1081729

I thought the same tbh, I'll never forget her red hair and white dress. Amazing that who she is today was ever the same person.

No. 1081981

nta but aaah one of my favorite movies

No. 1081999

After you clear this one can we have a part two of this same theme? I didn’t get to draw yet nonnie

No. 1082022

There's still space nona! (which means I won't clear the board for another day or so, since I'm going to bed soon and have work tomorrow, so you still have time!) Trying not to repeat board themes anymore since the last one that had a part 2 didn't quite go that well, sorry.

No. 1082085

Whoever drew the sim with no ladder, ily

No. 1082094

thank you! I love the person who started drawing the reaper while i was just planning on drawing a pool scene. i was like "huh..why is someone drawing a reaper??" and then i realized "ohh thats why"

No. 1082177

That was me! I got really happy when I saw you erase the ladder <3

I drew a whole bunch of other things, they all look like they've been made by a different person

No. 1082658

File: 1646342458952.png (47.35 KB, 262x266, art.PNG)

Tiny bit of space left, come draw something small. I'm back btw, will pick up clearing again

No. 1083395

File: 1646359855807.png (884.7 KB, 1120x1106, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 8.59…)

Mitski anon did a fantastic job!! I love the colors

No. 1083779

can we have another color palette for the next one? those are so pretty and cohesive

No. 1084077

I wish I was a good enough artist to draw JKR lmao but this board is wonderful, love all the women

No. 1084081

File: 1646396637810.png (2.19 MB, 2000x1600, b02e116e73 (1).png)

Here's the last board, theme was women who inspire you. The Phoebe Waller Bridger, RBG, Marlene Dietrich, and Rosalind Franklin drawings really stood out to me. I really love the drawing of the woman on the yellow background, she looks familiar but I can't put my finger on who it is. The Anne Lister drawing has also inspired me to watch Gentleman Jack, so thanks to whoever drew that! And shoutout to the anon who wrote "Myself" All of the drawings here are amazing, I really love seeing the great women who farmers look up to.

New theme is psychedelic. I think this board will be very colorful! Draw lots of mushroom pls.

No. 1084092

Samefag, should we do another color background? I don't want to overdo the backgrounds, but it might fit for this theme.
I'm sorry non, I'll try to do another color palette for you next time! I really want to do that pride flag colors/terf theme someone suggested.

No. 1084223

Looking at Hatsune Miku there makes me want to cry because same, she inspires me.

No. 1084234

The Womack + Shayna 4ever thing has me dying. Me too, anon, what a good ship.

No. 1084842

Anons feel free to erase the random blue squiggle i just made, I may open on desktop later but just drew that accidentally on my phone

You're all very talented!

No. 1084903

File: 1646424584885.jpeg (578.86 KB, 2070x2586, 22886648-4A75-418E-992A-7A9F6D…)

Me too nonna

No. 1085196

Too bad she's a woke tranny icon now

No. 1085241

If you let those people damage your brain enough to mention it here then that's on you lol

No. 1085852

someone please post terf miku fan art, i saw some in the old /m/ but i hadn't saved any sadly

No. 1085870

File: 1646479859891.jpg (500.87 KB, 880x556, Tumblr_l_214844755890133.jpg)

No. 1085878

Didn't the company that own vocaloid and Miku tell the tranny who made her a "trans icon" to delete his twitter account and to stop pretending to be Miku while saying stupid tranny shit? It's been some time since then so I forgot some details but the tranny deleted that one twitter account and complained about it on his personal account. So basically, Miku is a terf icon and we stan.

No. 1085889

File: 1646480465904.png (126.93 KB, 329x297, cat.PNG)

Come draw. Theme is still psychedelic.

No. 1085966

oh shit samefag but I just realized what thread this is and that you were asking for anons art not random terf miku memes. sorry kek

No. 1086006

File: 1646484015542.jpg (85.22 KB, 720x792, EtBRE0eXMAM_q83.jpg)

The Hatsune Miku official english account retweeted sjw blackwashing and tranny shit so take your copium all you want but this character has been long claimed by troons and twitterfags, check the thread on /w/. Sage for irrelevant to topic

No. 1086245

if gendies can "reclaim" harry potter and headcanon the characters as pro-trans then we can also take Miku and make her transphobic

No. 1086479

Looks like basic marketing shit where the brand tried to support their fans just to make themselves look good on social media. Nothing more and nothing less.

No. 1086537

That RT happened during the time when they threaten a tranny to sue and ban his account if he will keep associating Miku with troonerism and sjw politics. (Some twitter tranny that fetishists "bang dream" anime schoolgirls and wants to become one was running some meme Miku account that copied the official one). After that twitter started trying cancelling Miku, who is nothing but a voice program with a mascot. Kek

No. 1086868

File: 1646518290856.jpg (152.41 KB, 1024x850, dtjxdrt.jpg)

I can't help but kind of love those different Mikus though, like every woman can see themselves in Miku or some wholesome shit like that. Even if the religious moids force you to wear tents, you can still be a kawaii queen uwu. Maybe I'm just a big baby though

Oh damn it, I would have loved to come and try drawing Tomie

No. 1086871

i’m not gonna lie some of the drawings look like they were done by underaged twitter tards, no offense anons but it’s very obvious who’s a twitterfag just by looking at what they drew

No. 1086874

which ones

No. 1086880

File: 1646518948661.png (190.93 KB, 462x415, art.PNG)

Theme is still psychedelic! There are some really awesome drawings in there.

No. 1086887

If you associate a mascot of a vocal program's character with the person who runs a social media account this hard then you are ruining your own fun

No. 1086933

Why be this vague, just point it out

No. 1087040

I want this on my wall omg

No. 1087226

File: 1646548805201.png (448.74 KB, 602x627, shagadelic baby.PNG)

i want to commission this anon to paint murals on every wall and ceiling in my house. fucking phenomenal

No. 1087292

File: 1646559662387.png (217.88 KB, 483x407, funkyelsie.png)

A little space left, come fill it up with small funky doodles! https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 1087299

These are so beautiful oh my god, please tell me your secrets anons

No. 1087583

File: 1646580359313.png (2.88 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room _psychedelic.p…)

Board cleared! New theme is Half & Half. Come make of that what you will: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn (I made half of the board gray, will leave the other half white, so if you hate drawing on colored backgrounds just use the white side.)

Board review time! This time there's PLENTY of beautiful drawings to look at! I genuinely can't pick a favourite. It might be the most cohesive board (besides the color palette challenge) yet! I love all the trippy elsies, and big shout out to the tiny shrooms picking mouse in the bottom right corner of the board, very cute! The shrooms skateboarding together up top is adorable as well. As usual, please send your compliments if there's a drawing you love, you'll make an anon real happy.

Lastly, just as a general reminder: NO SCROTES ALLOWED. It's hard to raid the drawing board but I don't want any lurking scrotes to draw amongst nonas and I don't want them to feel comfortable or welcomed. No scrotes allowed. Go draw elsewhere.

No. 1087589

i opened the tab again as you were clearing the layers it was the most bizarre thing to witness kek. i thought my computer was shitting itself
can't wait to see what you nonnies create this time!! the doodle board is my favorite thing on this whole site

No. 1087595

This board is so cool! I love the two in the middle at the top, very artistic. The little mushroom guys jamming on a skateboard are also very cute, and I love the three-headed yellow lady and purple vomiting dude. Farmers are crazy talented

May I suggest that for the new theme we do what this nonna suggested? >>1065643
>You draw half of something and complete someone else's half drawing

No. 1087658

File: 1646582766111.png (747.06 KB, 962x720, 065zf13jw0361.png)

Ooh good idea!

Also first thing that comes to mind from half/half are these memes

No. 1087668

I completely missed the original post explaining the half and half concept before posting, sorry! Hope anons see your reply. Sorry to the original anon who suggested this theme, too!

No. 1087696

nonna I would smite the lurking scrotes if you gave me janny privilege queen lmao

No. 1087704

File: 1646584713556.gif (1.58 MB, 500x384, 6b40ae3b1e7f49b85e934ad7a2cf08…)

I'm so in love with the syd barrett drawing. Whoever did this is mad talented and did absolute justice to the beauty of this man. All those other trippy doodles are great as well, so much talent among farmers.

No. 1088057

Please someone draw:
kuromi on one side, mymelody on the other
a white cow with black spots on one side, a black cow with white spots on the other

No. 1088085

Me too. Could we do a topic with kind of "retro" crushes? Female and male ofc?

No. 1088110

sjdhjashdajksfh god I love women. I love you nonnies. ♥

No. 1088347

I want any of the nonas to mentor me, ya’ll so talented bish

No. 1088350

If someone does retro crushes someone please draw me Steve Howe (young) (cute) (handsome)

No. 1088729

I know right, I'm so happy this idea is working!

No. 1089007

File: 1646668804000.png (175.17 KB, 662x466, cat.PNG)

Theme is still half and half

No. 1089014

I'm so grateful for the doodle board and the movie room, I love you nonnies.

No. 1090077

File: 1646721451313.png (180.33 KB, 779x597, dualelsie.png)

This is amazing

No. 1090499

File: 1646746889517.png (67.41 KB, 271x439, art.PNG)

Come fill the rest of the board

No. 1090603

i wonder how long we can go before we start recognizing each others art styles

No. 1090620

File: 1646754683455.png (1.93 MB, 2000x1600, 1851d852b9.png)

Here's the last board, theme was half & half. This is a really cool board, I love seeing all the collaborative drawings! The inverted cow-print Elsie, all of the "I can be your angle, or your devil" drawings, and the weird hybrid lady are just some of my favorites!

New theme is pride flags/terf as described in >>1065343. I decided to just merge both ideas together, so draw something with pride flag colors and/or with a terf theme.

No. 1090626

Samefag but the half and half milk, hand heart and skating rat drawings are also very cute lol

No. 1090638

File: 1646755571061.png (12.72 KB, 646x240, kjjkjhk.PNG)

i find this so cute anon

No. 1090646

FUCK I was hoping no one saw that kek. I honestly just didn't get a good look at the board before so I kept noticing new things.

No. 1090737

File: 1646760645240.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

I know the theme is terf, but I wasn't prepared to see what I just saw on the board.

No. 1090745

What did you see?

No. 1090751

File: 1646761228103.png (35.24 KB, 261x270, miku hatroone.PNG)

It's too real… in all seriousness though, I did jump a little when I saw this lol

No. 1090763

File: 1646761792368.png (13.69 KB, 196x161, 164675483455.png)

kekked hard

No. 1090771

File: 1646762094447.png (18.53 KB, 444x107, 16467546855-2.png)

Also love these little blanket anons

No. 1091134

File: 1646776978660.png (1.17 MB, 2000x1600, 46f14b0f54.png)

This board filled up really fast! If you all would like another board for a lesbian/bi flags color challenge theme (but not necessarily with terf shit) then let me know. Anyway, this entire board is really funny, but I love the lesbian cats, the big ass bird, the pussy-hat wearing dog and the wasp.

New theme is retro. Draw anything from 70s discos to 1920s flappers or whatever was popular in your country during those times. I wanted to keep the theme broad, but please feel free to draw your retro crushes! Happy International Women's Day everyone ♥

No. 1091138

File: 1646777078665.jpg (22.67 KB, 464x661, 38b4b5103fa9f31929b54e99efe76d…)

those two cats are so precious, my heart! Compliments to the artist!

No. 1091140

lole this ones a gemmy

No. 1091145

"My heart!
i loved her!"

No. 1091147

The thread finally got pinned? Wtf?

No. 1091156

Please could we make a positive one? Troons are funny but maybe like, actual lesbian etc stuff. No not r/actuallesbians!!

No. 1091159

this thread is
or r/softboiled

No. 1091160

If I get to clear next time, then the next one will be I promise!

No. 1091164

not that i go on those subs. or even that site, that would be soooo uncouth….right?

No. 1091166


No. 1091263

/2X/-anon, that drawing was really cute and I hope you unhide it

No. 1091306

File: 1646783768233.png (25.17 KB, 427x300, art.PNG)

Theme is retro! Come draw

No. 1092282

I would love to have it as well! although I loved the little kikomi in the last one

No. 1092366

Female 2X is so hot hnng

No. 1093118

File: 1646932634241.png (190.27 KB, 656x461, popn.png)

Still a little space left, why not come by and draw something retro, anon? https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

Also, we got pinned! Thank you mods!
Next theme will be positive lesbian doodles! >>1091156

No. 1093122

I love the anon that drew Pong it looks so perfect

No. 1093203

I'm deleting layers right now. if you weren't able to draw earlier because of the layer limit, please try again now.

No. 1093230

it looks pretty full now, clearing soon?

No. 1093245

Excited for the next theme!

No. 1093313

File: 1646944803808.png (1.51 MB, 2000x1600, 8ebbd98a30 (1).png)

This is the last board, theme was retro. I really love my wife the /2x/-tan, 70s Elsie, both of the cat drawings at the bottom, and the robot at the top.

New theme is lesbian flag color challenge. The colors that you have to use are at the top left of the board (I chose a flag that is like >>1065343 but I tweaked the white to be more of a cream-ish color for the purposes of this challenge). I really highly encourage everyone to draw positive/cute lesbian stuff!

No. 1093328

The little computer with the drawing program giving me flashbacks to playing with kidpix in school

No. 1093334

actually it's sims 1 with everything on fire

No. 1093337

KEK also extremely nostalgic

No. 1093476

File: 1646954020550.png (76.43 KB, 372x397, elsie.PNG)

Come draw some cute couples and Elsies, anons

No. 1093652

I also thought of drawing something from The Sims 1. great minds think alike

No. 1093655

Samefag but I just noticed the hole in the ground. Based nonnies

No. 1093694

Some of the art in here is so good it's actually insane

No. 1093722

art nonnies you have all been blessed with the gift of talent please marry me

No. 1093866

File: 1646984660925.png (542.98 KB, 842x711, elsie2Xtancolored.png)

I am totally obsessed with this drawing of Elsie and 2X-tan, it's gonna be my phone background from now on. Thank you to the artist!!

No. 1093876

oh my god this is beautiful

No. 1093884

File: 1646985641037.png (61.92 KB, 262x503, cuties.PNG)

Lesbians, come draw

No. 1093889

The board looks so beautiful nonnies you’re all so talented it also called me single in 50 different languages

No. 1094058

This board is my favourite ever tbh, almost makes cry a bit I love women so much

No. 1094089

File: 1647005035516.png (30.7 KB, 758x471, daisuki.png)

To the nona who drew this elsie, I love it so much, her thumbs up is so stupidly cute, so I drew a matching 2x-tan (with matching thumbs up), I hope you see this, kek.

No. 1094205

File: 1647013727605.png (189.34 KB, 446x376, nonas.png.png)

i'm screaming this is so amazing, love you talented nonitas

No. 1094245

Same, it's lovely.
Aah Elsie, I accept gladly uwu

No. 1094344

Adore this board! It's gorgeous.
Beautiful and wholesome!

No. 1094364

File: 1647023004302.jpeg (192.62 KB, 584x456, A03E4CED-44FA-4D59-A009-2064C2…)

This board is by far my favorite, holy shit ladies! I think it’s pretty full, I’d love to do another color scheme theme like this. They’re so pleasing to the eye :’)

No. 1094376

A rainbow flag or bi flag, sufragette flag or just a general random color chart would be really nice!

No. 1094379

Yes these please, also imagine if someone drew both male and female 2X on the bi board…wheeew.

No. 1094393

>imagine if someone drew both male and female 2X on the bi board
Hawt. I definitely would like to do a bi flag, but we've had two pride/terf themes recently and I wanna get to the farm background that a lovely artist anon drew for us. I won't be picking it as the next theme but the admin might, it's up to her when she clears the board.

No. 1094404

This place is turning into tumblr, yuck

No. 1094405

Ooh that would be great too!

No. 1094416

File: 1647026281287.png (1.3 MB, 990x990, 1598553811084.png)

God forbid women like the flags of their sexualities (lesbian, bi, rainbow) or feminism (suffragettes)

No. 1094426

who gives a fuck about ~sexualities~ on a imageboard? I can find this type of cringy art on shit like twitter and Tumblr(ban evasion)

No. 1094427

I love this, I just want to be 13 paintchatting with my oekaki pals again

No. 1094433

It really isn't. I do hope we can scatter the flag themed boards a bit though and have some other themes in-between. I personally feel more inspired by themes that are a touch more broad.

No. 1094434

Take a look at the lesbian themed board, quite a lot of us

No. 1094437

Just ignore them, there's always someone who wants to complain about the themes or what anons are drawing, and they're probably not even contributing to the board at all.

No. 1094439

Don't be so immature. You have to realize how goofy you sound right now.

No. 1094441

Are we clearing the board soon? It's very lacking in space.
Yep! March is also women's history month so I think it's nice that we've done a few women-centric boards lately, be it lesbians or women that inspire us.
Good point!

No. 1094442

I'm clearing soon! Waiting for nonna to finish her beautiful Utena drawing

No. 1094449

File: 1647028371492.gif (29.32 KB, 82x154, tumblr_lkgyq36qJT1qb7h7x.gif)

Thank you to the doodle board care givers

No. 1094492

File: 1647030475793.png (2.39 MB, 2000x1600, 98329b2944 (1).png)

Here's the last board, theme was lesbian flag color challenge. This is so beautiful, possibly one of our best boards so far. When I joined after some drawings were finished, I thought someone put an orange tint over the board because it's all so cohesive. You can really tell that there was some care put into each drawing, but some favorites of mine are Elsie holding the sign, the Powerpuff Girl versions of Elsie and 2X-tan, the "sleep well" cow, the vagina with limbs, and the "nonny my beloved". If you see any drawings you like, please reply and point it out! It could make an someone's day.

New theme is farm! Kind of vague, but if you go on the board you will see that the background is from >>1070265. I'll just add her suggestions for what everyone could draw
>Like a landscape, with valleys and a farm and a few trees and obviously the sky. Then nonnas could draw their favorite cows, board-tan, their OC's, husbandos, waifus
>I'm a bit self concious about how generic and idillic it all ended up looking aka lame, but that's where your creativity comes in. Draw characters, add new elements to the landscape, really whatever you want, draw the pits of hell opening up if you wish! I left as much of it empty while still keeping some elements to inspire you to fill the space up.

Have fun and get creative! And thank you to the anon who drew the background, it's great.

No. 1094493

File: 1647030483564.png (280.29 KB, 572x422, distru.png)


No. 1094496

I just looooooove how every tiny space is filled out! good job nonnies. I love that the Elsie holding a sign was a collaborative effort. Also the moomins one is super cute. There's a lot of tiny lesbian stuff all over and it's just super neat. ♥

No. 1094497

Don't be retarded please, lesbians and bi women have used this website forever.

No. 1094519

File: 1647031612839.png (13.08 KB, 536x344, aaaaaaggie.png)

I love this one

No. 1094525

Sad I didn't make it in time to draw Too Ticky and Ninny, I love the drawing by WHY MYMBLE TOO TICKY ALREADY HAS A GFFFF

No. 1094526

File: 1647031936414.jpg (88.55 KB, 1200x675, tumblr_inline_pr7i9fov431qh72h…)

Can't believe someone wants Too Ticky to cheat on Ninny after all she's been through, don't you know that Mymble is dating the police chief????

No. 1094527

Gorgeous board. I really love the moomins, the upside-down floaty girls, the lolcow/elsie 大好き, mymelo and kuromi, and of course the super cute space fillers… amazing work nonnies!
Me too! It's so peaceful.

No. 1094528

File: 1647032017070.png (138.78 KB, 410x488, friends.png)

I wanna be friends with the nonny that draws like this

No. 1094529

Guys the thread is pinned now were likely to get a lot of moids and bait just ignore thanks

No. 1094532

File: 1647032050412.gif (996.12 KB, 320x180, 1428695960684.gif)

Oh god it's so beautiful, everything is so wonderful ahhh! The cows in love, all the board-tans, the GORGEOUS Elsie and the long haired anime girl, the kitties in love, the Sanrio cuties, the lesbeans, the lesbian lizards!! And everything else to the tiniest details aahhh! I also always love the anons that come draw something even with mouse or touch pad etc

Also I love 2X having long hair as a man and short hair as a woman, make it canon

NO ANON, Too Ticky is like a mom/aunt to Ninny, she's a child, LETS FIGHT

No. 1094534

Fuckin saaaame, desperately

No. 1094535


No. 1094537

File: 1647032238678.png (468.6 KB, 416x900, ffffff.png)

Also is it me or is the old board where this was in missing?

No. 1094539

? who is too ticky and ninny?

No. 1094542

>Also I love 2X having long hair as a man and short hair as a woman, make it canon
It is canon! It's how the artist who made them draws them.
Right here >>1065103

No. 1094544

thanks, sorry im blind…

No. 1094546

No, Ninny was brought to Too Ticky for her to be her caregiver/guardian, them dating would be pretty sus

Moomin characters

No. 1094547

No she wasn't, Ninny's mean aunt left her with Too Ticky who took her to the Moomins for them to be her caretaker. Too Ticky is not her care taker, and Too Ticky is also a child, that's why she took Ninny to Moominmamma.

No. 1094551

File: 1647032770029.jpg (8.42 KB, 250x195, The_Mymble's_Daughter_and_The_…)

You want to destroy this? The police chief is one of the good ones, nonny.

No. 1094552

I've been visiting this site for 7 years, there was no pride flag bullshit anywhere, most of you are political LARPers anyway which makes that board even more cringy, your kind is going to be the downfall of this website like you ruined all the others, the lgbtdfgvsszx can eat my ass, all of them(bait)

No. 1094554

File: 1647032932657.jpg (14.9 KB, 275x272, 1640795029701.jpg)

Awwww boo hoo, waaaaaaah!!!!

No. 1094559

Real quick, what have you drawn on any of the boards?

No. 1094560

You've been here 7 years and still delude yourself into thinking anyone gives a shit what you say?

No. 1094561

I take it back, I support your ship, lez be frends

No. 1094562

File: 1647033185103.png (102.2 KB, 310x307, they killed kenny....PNG)

No. 1094563

Kek amazing start to the new board

No. 1094566

Oki maybe fighting about fictional childrens characters is a bit retarded, I support you too nonna

No. 1094572

File: 1647033732402.gif (6.93 KB, 85x81, 1638822321972.gif)

We did it, we transcended

No. 1094575

File: 1647033943898.gif (512.68 KB, 320x180, kenny.gif)

this is the second time my drawing has been posted specifically im glad you like him

No. 1094584

File: 1647034263314.gif (184.3 KB, 340x285, 1641921033521.gif)

No. 1094593

wow! this might be my favorite drawing board we’ve ever done. it looks so cohesive and all of the drawings are amazing, good work nonnies

No. 1094596

So now I definitely know who whitewashed my drawing in the past drawing room now kek, way to make it obvious you fucking idiot

No. 1094599

What drawing?

No. 1094603

Why do you keep asking this?
Stfu you dyke I post what I want
It wasn't me I couldn't even access the board that day what are you talking about?

No. 1094608

Nta, but during the bunker threads someone drew a black/brown woman, and another anon got mad, (something about "why do you have to draw black characters on an imageboard") drew "racebaiter" next to it and paintbucketed the drawing to make the character white. You can see it here, >>1065079 it was painted to be brown again. I'm not the type of person to pretend like I know who every anon is, but the anon who was throwing a fit over the drawing was really recognizable, I believe I've seen some of her posts screeching about race before the /ot/ lockdown. I don't know if it's the same anon as the one itt though.

No. 1094613

Ruining others drawings is moid behaviour, that's why the drawball threads on 4chan etc are always just wars to get most area possible to your group lmao

Not even mentioning the constant whining about "woke shit". I mean, most here probably are not very twitter woke libfems either but you know

No. 1094615

File: 1647035891568.jpg (82.55 KB, 275x190, 1531510934717.jpg)

No one wants to deal with your shit

No. 1094624

And I don't want to see your cringy, so gayyy lesbeanz drawings, this is not your safe space sorry retard

No. 1094626

This isn't your safe space either and it looks like you're outnumbered

No. 1094627

The fact that you can't realize you're the only one being cringe here is embarrassing for everyone.

No. 1094628

>"I'm an oldfag"
>Types like a 15 year old moid

No. 1094638

File: 1647037298948.png (182.19 KB, 808x575, farm abduction.png)

Get in here!

No. 1094646

literally everyone drew in the lesbian board with no problem but here you are bitching about "MUH SAFE SPACE NO LESBIANS ALLOWED!!!"

No. 1094648

>Why do you keep asking this?
Because I'm willing to bet that you've been complaining without contributing.

No. 1094649

This place is full of twitterfags and former Tumblr users, of course I'm outnumbered kek
You guys are retarded of course you have no problems entertaining queer bs over and over again
This is the only board I didn't contribute for obvious reasons

No. 1094654

Lesbians on a female only image board, what's next?! What's happening to the world??!

No. 1094655

>lesbian is queer
Literally off yourself. This is how I now know you're nothing but a fucking poltard moid that lurks the war threads while pretending to be an oldfag. You're literally braindead retarded.

No. 1094657

File: 1647038569272.jpg (72.38 KB, 907x1360, 6188pz0jvHL.jpg)

>thinking lesbians are new in this website
>thinking being a normie lesbian in this day and age is "twitter woke"

I warned you that I wanted you a great mod, you troll the janitor and you fuck the janitor I warned you that I would return here to LOLCOR by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything

No. 1094658

I warned you that I wanted you a great lesbian, you troll the dyke and you fuck the dyke I warned you that I would return here to LEZCOR by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything

No. 1094660

You're so crazy, I love you lolcor anon.

No. 1094673

this, how do you accuse others of being sensitive tumblr users and then act like one yourself kek. I wonder if it's the same person who shat and pissed and vomited all over an old board because someone drew a black woman

No. 1094682

No one here cares that much about lesbians or bisexuals they’re all too busy simping for jim carrey in /m/, you have to be one of those derailment scrotes. Hope you get banned faggot!

No. 1094689

Holy fuuuuuck yes please, great idea!

No. 1094751

File: 1647047728196.png (86.91 KB, 290x313, art.PNG)

Theme is still farm! It's coming together nicely.

No. 1094832

Better than that, a character design based theme.

No. 1094861

thank you! i originally made the pink lineart but another anon colored it in, thank you to whoever colored it!

No. 1094884

I agree. The posters are obvious too. Change your typing style and vernacular people Love the thread! the whole flag shit is tumblr/twittery though. I get where anon coming from

No. 1094924

It’s colours associated with lesbians used for a lesbian theme. I went back to read the derailment and you’re both overreacting. Not everything is your tumblr boogeyman, you sound like 12 year old nlogs scared your edgy big bro will judge you. C-c’mon guys, flags!? What will the onlooker in my mind think!?

No. 1095018

I'm not any of those anons but crying whenever something doesn't fit your tastes is more tumblr than a stupid flag, little snowflakes.

No. 1095089

did you know that gay people exist outside of tumblr too?

No. 1095140

petition to have an OC corner in the next board! i want to see all of your wonderful original characters

No. 1095153

I am signing this petition this is my signature

No. 1095172

who went over soren's gravestone and made it say joe mama kek

No. 1095177

File: 1647088012165.png (566.74 KB, 921x658, Screenshot 2022-03-13 1.25.57 …)

No. 1095187

Both good ideas! Added to the list. Thank you.

This sounds wonderful, I'd like to think of how to implement it into a board theme in a way that even non-artfags can participate, since OCs are very artfag specific. Maybe we'll merge it with the fashion design theme? Maybe anons with OCs can draw their OCs, and non-art fags can doodle their design idea over a base or do a thumbnail for artfags to draw their OCs wearing the clothes they designed. Sounds fun!

This is so cute and the board is coming along nicely. Big thanks again to the original anon who made the background!

No. 1095207

As someone who likes drawing but does not have an OC, the themes being together or separate would be fine for me! People can always come up with a character on the spot, but the fashion theme would suit the OC theme nicely too!

No. 1095235

I liked the whole being in a physical space aspect of the farm base- if you're doing the OC-fashion one, you could set it on a stage with mannequins for just clothes, and a red carpet for OCs. Something like that.

No. 1095319

I really love the idea of having a bunch of mannequins that anons can draw on.

No. 1095421

Bases/backgrounds in general are wonderful! Would not mind more of them

I absolutely adore the farm bg it's so pretty

No. 1095425

sorry for being an uncultured swine but where did 2x-tan originate from? im not exactly a newfag since i've been here for 2-3 years but i havent seen her mentioned before this and the husbando thread

No. 1095436

File: 1647108267997.png (80.19 KB, 1294x344, tan.PNG)

Anon pls just scroll up or use ctrl + f. This is the board where he/she originated from >>1065110 . You can also read the original artist's post about 2x-tan (picrel) in the dumbass shit thread >>>/ot/1090178

No. 1095444

File: 1647108577018.png (309.38 KB, 567x362, chillin.PNG)

Theme is still farm. I really love 2x-tan's horn accessories here, what a cute little drawing.

No. 1095452

this drawing is so beautiful omg

No. 1095456

Just gonna post my current theme list so everyone can see what themes we currently have (and it will also be convenient for when I need to pick a new one). If you have any more theme ideas then give them! If you've requested a theme and it's not on this list, please request again. The only theme I'm not sure about is the scribble challenge.
>random color palette challenge (this includes pride flags)
>scribble challenge
>draw in your style
>angels/clouds/heaven/religious imagery
>/snow/ cows
>board mascots/culture (Elsie, CC, ADfags, Komaeda/discharge chan, etc…)
>OC dress up/fashion design

No. 1095457

XX-tan/Elsie forbidden romance slowburn strangers to lovers.

No. 1095462

I am so excited for the pixel art and kikomi themes holy shiiiit

No. 1095463

my OTP

No. 1095471


No. 1095485

I have been having trouble with bad lag on the website when drawing on my tablet but never on my computer. But I can't draw well with a mouse, personally. Does anyone here have the same issue? I wonder if there is anything I can do to make my tablet run the website smoother, idk man. I'm not tech savvy. I have an Amazon Fire HD 10 (and yea I know it's not ideal but I got it used for a steal)


Some ideas:
>>Elements (fire, water, earth, air, light, dark, etc etc)
>>Cultures around the world
>>Video Games
>>In the rain
>>Elsie in Wonderland

No. 1095495

Elsie in Wonderland is genius

No. 1095506

I love those ideas!

No. 1095684

File: 1647121433551.png (236.19 KB, 544x407, detectived.PNG)

The board is coming together, but there's still lots of space left!
Noted! These are really good themes.

No. 1095694

Ok, I'm clearing layers right now. Just a reminder, if you're only going to the board to look at the drawings please delete the layer the site automatically makes for you. It will really help keep space!. Just please be careful that you don't delete anyone else's layer.
Also, if I'm deleting empty layers and I kick you off of yours, I'm really sorry! I promise I'm not doing it to be malicious.

No. 1095705

Samefag, I will merge the finished layers on the board so we won't hit the layer limit as fast. I hope this works out a little better. The only layer I won't merge is the background, so if anyone can go back and erase something if they need to.

No. 1095862

uhm, its Alice though

No. 1095882

are your drivers up to date?


No. 1095895

Hi newfriend, the mascot for lolcow is nicknamed Elsie. Originally Board-tan, if I remember correctly. So the theme is meant to be lolcow becoming like wonderland with Elsie being in the place of Alice. The board would be all wonderland themed.

No. 1095910

File: 1647143118807.png (140.7 KB, 437x257, badforbusiness.png)

The mystery deepens…Come draw (maybe help the detective out with clues) https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

This also made me think of a collaborative crime scene board idea! Maybe I'll do up a background (dollhouse) and include one victim and anons can draw detectives, police cars, possible culprits etc. Sounds fun? Let me know.

I also have a great idea for something late thread, but I'll save it for when we hit 900 posts, heh.

No. 1095921

File: 1647144378744.png (857.15 KB, 880x495, fabric.png)

Please do this!!

(But do the fashion board first)

No. 1095976

Yes anon please do this. Murder mystery theme board is an awesome idea

No. 1095979

yes please! i'm really enjoying the themed boards with backgrounds

No. 1096129

I love the idea of Private Investigator Elsie, maybe paired with butch femme fatale 2X-tan

No. 1096174

This sounds great! Loving all of the background ideas.

No. 1096215

File: 1647181908135.png (84.08 KB, 487x265, thank you.png)

I was intimidated to draw something and was a little overwhelmed but thank you nonnie who added the words to my monstrosity. You made me feel better.

No. 1096437

File: 1647198648191.png (334.04 KB, 1010x258, castle.PNG)

Still some space left, come draw some bigger stuff if you would like!
There used to be a little granny cloud next to this castle. I really wish I got a picture of it, it looked like something from Adventure time.

No. 1096446

The cowboy screaming in the sky is making me kek, I love that meme

No. 1096452

File: 1647199562998.png (261.1 KB, 478x560, sel.png)

No. 1096474

She’s so cute.

No. 1096842

Should I go ahead and clear? Seems like the board is slowing down, but there's still a tiny bit of space left so I wasn't sure.

No. 1096850

Go ahead.

No. 1096886

File: 1647220280205.png (4.13 MB, 2000x1600, fff9a546e5.png)

Here's the last board. The theme was farm using a background that a very talented art anon drew for us. I really love Shayna overlooking the pasture, the fuzzy white bird, both of the cow flowers and Po Tellytubby. I like that anons used elements of the background as a part of their drawings, like all of the stuff on/around the barn and tree. It also looks like someone drew the cow that's at the very bottom of lolcow! This is definitely probably one of my favorite boards so far. If there's a drawing you like, reply and tell what it is!

New theme is angels/clouds/heaven/religious imagery. Draw any kind of religious imagery! Angel Elsie, biblically accurate angels, Mary, etc..

One more thing, I just want to remind everyone that instead of deleting empty layers, I will now just be merging layers if we hit layer limit. If you don't want your layer to be merged for whatever reason, just lock it and I will avoid it.

No. 1096889

It's not a monstrosity anon, I thought it was very cute! Looks like a pixel game character.

No. 1096894


No. 1096917

nonnie can you erase that annoying as atheistcel’s layer please? they wrote their cockblocking autism all over the board kek

No. 1096921

omg the picnic date between Elise and 2X…

This is one of my faves yet! I like everyone creates a scene

No. 1096933

I deleted it. Sorry about that anons, continue your drawing.

No. 1096974

File: 1647226237725.png (153.97 KB, 324x358, uwu.png)

absolutely delightful

No. 1097010

Oooo, ethereal/heavenly theme when?!

No. 1097012

Uhh, right now my sweet sweet nonny

>New theme is angels/clouds/heaven/religious imagery

No. 1097149

Hope there is still room for me when I get up later hnnng

No. 1097150

oh my gawd!!! the board turned out wonderfull! i was stalking it hehe everyone is so talented and creative and funny and cute and i love every single one of you. thank you admin for using my background!

No. 1097156

Samefag, but I feel like I should mention the blankie anon birds! I smiled so hard when I saw those, they're so cute.
Lol anon…

No. 1097179

I'm going to hell but pietas are hot

No. 1097423

File: 1647272475378.png (49.46 KB, 313x268, veggie.PNG)

Theme is still religious imagery/angels/clouds/heaven. Come draw!

No. 1097522

this is so cute i would love to see this as a lil mini print… if the nonnie that drew this could some out make it a print and sell it… u could have my money

No. 1097530

File: 1647278874477.png (168.68 KB, 489x566, lc doodle.PNG)

im obsessed with this theme… its so good thank u nonnies..
also whoever drew the chicken from chicken run you reawoken my memory of how much i HATED that movie as a kid i would cry whenever my daycare made us watch it lmao

No. 1098289

File: 1647317707843.png (958.42 KB, 1612x1336, Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 12.1…)

Here's my contribution! Good night artnons!!

No. 1098291

Beautiful anon! I saw your sketch right after I finished with my doodle and I didn't know you were going to line it. What a pleasant surprise!

No. 1098427

I can't believe some of the art on the board right now, it's so gorgeous

No. 1098428

That board was my way to learn Mia Ikumi has just died, now my day is ruined.

No. 1098494

I really appreciate these doodle boards. Every time I come on here I end up dropping like 3+ hours into some drawing on this. Sage for blog but it's really making me fall in love with art again, these are super fun. Godspeed nonnies.

No. 1098509

Same!! Something about drawing on a canvas with several other people kills art block in seconds.

No. 1098600

File: 1647356825615.png (1.95 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_religious.png)

Board cleared! The theme was religious imagery/angels/clouds/heaven, some very very lovely drawings here, notable mentions are the Creation of Anon (how grand!), baby zoo angel (my personal favourite), veggie tales and all of the angel cows (cute!). I also love the little poll for anons! As usual, if you have any doodles you like, please reply to them so anons who missed it can have fun looking for it and it'll make the anon who drew it real happy!

New theme is pixel art. I'm guessing there will be lots of hidden gems in this one: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

Always happy to hear anons enjoying the doodle board!

>thank you admin for using my background!
Thank our lovely janny!

P.S. I'll work on the backgrounds for murder mystery board and OC fashion board, will post it in thread when I'm done, might take a while. If you have a great idea for the board backgrounds, please suggest them!

No. 1098612

I love the pic of LC and 2X-tan, I wish it was finished! The two headed calf, little cow walking through the snow, angel cow + devil Elsie and the Panty and Stocking style drawing are also very cute.

No. 1098625

This board is sooo good, visited it multiple times while it was still active just to look at what you're achieving there. The Creation of Anon is AMAZING, I admire skills of the anon who painted it. Angel animals are soooo cute and serene, as well as the both cows in heaven, love the soft color palette there. Also love the biblically accurate worm on a string angel♥

No. 1098630

Love the Creation of Anon!

No. 1098748

I love this

No. 1098826

File: 1647370753857.png (17.4 KB, 226x259, cuteelsie.png)

Hi nonas, room admin here, I dropped by movie night room's tunes tuesday and spoke to the movie night admin a little, we brought up the possibility of a crossover event between the threads:
>anons draw what they feel/think of based off music queued
>could be a preset playlist (themed) or spontaneously added by spectating anons

Please give your ideas for how this could work/be fun for everyone if you have any! It's nice to spice things up a little.
>pic unrelated I just really like this anon's elsies kek

No. 1098855

This is such a good idea! Since the Tune's Tuesday's already have themes, I think anons could just go off of that (so I guess the preset playlists?). The only thing is, since Tune's Tuesday's are only a day long and our boards usually take a little longer than a day to fill up, how will this work for anons who aren't able to attend while it's happening?

No. 1098905

I hope you play some Lingua Ignota, I'm ready to explode.

No. 1098959

Going off a preset playlist and then as anons join then thay can add to the playlist while others draw is a good idea.the music can be of a certain theme and anons add to the playlist while artists try to drawout the feelings from said theme

No. 1099263

File: 1647398431166.png (7.18 KB, 484x315, art.PNG)

Theme is still pixelart!

No. 1099606

Could we crosspost the playlist maybe over here? It would be a possibility to join in also after Tune's Tuesday

No. 1099666

Do you anons have any pixel art tips? Never tried that before, no idea how to even begin

No. 1099775

el diablo

No. 1099777

lucky leprechaun

No. 1099871

File: 1647447875755.png (6.78 KB, 417x312, art.PNG)

Come draw some pixel stuff

No. 1100015

File: 1647456924987.png (9.58 KB, 460x520, buuun.png)


No. 1100504

File: 1647489735570.jpg (199.04 KB, 582x672, wip1.jpg)

Not quite done yet. Note to self: don't do pixel art shit with trackpad during dinner, it's gay and tedious

No. 1100604

so cute nonny

No. 1100639

she's adorable!

No. 1100758

If I had the skills I'd mod her to be an animal crossing villager

No. 1100947

File: 1647529025538.png (437.66 KB, 2000x1600, d0c5fb8c97.png)

Here's the last board, the theme was pixelart. I understand that this theme was challenging for some anons, but I think it still came out really cute! My personal favorites are the vacation postcard, frog, borzoi, BMO, and Elsie drawing a cool S. Please reply and let us know what drawings you liked, I'm sure art-anons would really appreciate it!

New theme is Saint Patrick's Day! Shamrocks, leprechauns, gold, etc… Have fun!

Just a reminder, if layer limit is reached then layers will be merged instead of deleted. If you don't want yours to be merged or if you're AFK, please lock your layer and I will avoid it.

No. 1101015

I love this board, it’s so cute.

No. 1101020

Honestly, it warms my heart to see all these wonderful creative women come together. Sometimes the little scenes that crop organically crop up like the mad framer at the aliens kidnapping (cownapping?) cows make me wish there was a little diy zine theme where we could print and fold together a memento.

No. 1101156

The cow with the blue dress and the little yume nikki and Ness sprites are SO good anons you're all so talented. The raccoon's also very cool, I love that technique. I'm glad someone liked my little borzoi too!

No. 1101185

I was going to draw a couple more things but I fell asleep rip

No. 1101186

I hope the artist of the Elsietsuki can upload a single sprite of her or make her into a banner or something. Would be so cute. The toriningen labeled as Mikan was hilarious too

No. 1101224

What's the Elsietsuki?

No. 1101239

The borzoi is so beautiful, good job!!

No. 1101261

File: 1647545883461.png (34.97 KB, 356x432, fdgiig.png)

elsie madotsuki

No. 1101262

File: 1647545996989.png (92.13 KB, 491x441, im in love with the shape of u…)

Come draw!
Cute! It's so tiny I didn't even see it. I agree it could be made into a banner

No. 1101278

I would like this artist to know that I hate you (respectfully)

No. 1101326

File: 1647550734542.jpeg (43.96 KB, 640x412, A225AE28-EC29-4E01-A023-0267BB…)

This is absolutely adorable, I love it when nonnies draw madotsuki, she deserves good things.

No. 1101344

Based, I love when actual farmers (not scrotes and other shit) are into YN, makes me feel happy and less lonely

No. 1101349

I was too nervous to draw on the aggie so i drew a st patricks board-tan on my own and now im too scared to post it lol

No. 1101352

You could post it in the Elsie thread on /m/, I'm sure it's cute

No. 1101359

Post it nonna! The doodle board is a stress-free zone, don't be worried about how good your drawing is

No. 1101384

post it silly

No. 1101446

File: 1647558765713.png (65.98 KB, 505x331, patty.PNG)

Theme is still Saint Patrick's Day! (I know that some countries probably don't celebrate it, so you can also draw whatever!)

I really love this little pot of gold house.

No. 1101454

File: 1647559162662.png (152.99 KB, 759x526, ed.PNG)

You don't like this, Anon?

No. 1101462

go back to shartcel.pissfe

No. 1101483

File: 1647561481029.png (174.57 KB, 978x570, breathes heavily.PNG)

Anon, don't be like that. Come closer.
When your legs don't work like they used to before…

No. 1101496

heeeeeeeeeeey yallll. hey yall.

No. 1101499

you think youve got it? Oh you think you got it? But got it just dont get it when theres nothing at allll e alll e alll e all e all

No. 1101509

we get together, oooo we get together, but separates always better when theres feelings invoo uuhoo uuhoo uuhoo ooolved

No. 1101522

File: 1647564311317.png (1.33 MB, 1252x1554, tan.png)

I'm more nervous about posting something than i am about it being bad.
anyway here it is

No. 1101523

this is gorgeous anon! i want you to give me a shading and lighting lesson tbh

No. 1101524

Wow, this is really nice, good job!

No. 1101527

This is so cute! I love the clovers around her horns and her bows.

No. 1101552

this is gorgeous anon, i love all the little details you put in! the ribbons and shamrocks you gave her are just darling. don't be nervous to draw on the board, next time let's draw together!

No. 1101640

Damn nona that is a beautiful Elsie, you've made my day

No. 1101648

I love her green bows and the greenery on her horns ♥ good job!

No. 1101783

Please someone draw a cow with clovers!!!!!!!!!

No. 1101789

Like eating them, or just surrounded by them? Or do you mean clover shaped marks on the cow?

No. 1101934

she's a green cow and she is surronded by clovers while eating them and she also has a clover mark

No. 1101937

A cow with a clover cutie mark!

No. 1101967

Im excited to see the finished board, the anons here make such cute art!

No. 1102288

File: 1647613077609.png (95.46 KB, 604x353, elsie.PNG)

Saint Patrick's Day is over, but there's still a little space. Come draw something big!

No. 1102584

SECONDING please someone make a cute green cow with a clover cutiemark!

No. 1102765

This is so good wtf nonna

No. 1102774

Some themes that I can think of:
Anime/japan shit
Your favorite lolcow

No. 1102780

these are all so good nonny, im tempted to suggest a harry potter/magic theme but idk how many of us are actually into that

No. 1102831

magic/witch/wizard theme would be super cool!!

No. 1102861

All of these would be so great! Harry Potter would just be queen Rowling pics tho lmao

No. 1102882

I was thinking more anons could draw their favorite characters (Snape anons im looking at you), or their husbando/ocs in their house uniforms, maybe Elsie in her house robes (what HP house would Elsie be? how about 2X?), scenery from the movies etc but ofc front and center would need to be our queen JK

No. 1102932

File: 1647643264597.jpg (290.38 KB, 750x849, Tumblr_l_2606021213616.jpg)

Theme suggestions:
PS1 video games
PS2 video games
Vidya husbandos
Final Fantasy (as a series or by game)
Horror game husbandos
Lolcow inspired emojis
Flowers from your state/country
Animals in strange places (picrel)
Cats with jobs
First thing you see when you spin around and open your eyes
Famous female ghosts from your state/country
Hybrid pokemon
4moid/reddit bedrooms (another horror themed board)

No. 1103082

File: 1647653383266.png (1.97 MB, 2000x1600, e1827b8772.png)

Board cleared! This theme was Saint Patrick's Day. Some favorites of mine are Lucky Farms, pixel beer and the Elsie with rainbows coming out of her hands. I thought the Elsie with a cane looked like a pencil drawing which was really cool! Please send your compliments to whatever drawings you liked.

New Theme is Harry Potter/magic/witches/wizards. Harry Potter is being streamed in the our Movie night room right now, so please feel free to watch for a little inspiration!

Cytube room (no script required)

No. 1103107

Looks great! Hate the leprechaun!

No. 1103156

File: 1647660471648.jpg (35.32 KB, 720x620, Rl4lylegkdmsjriy9.jpg)


No. 1103164

The lucky farms one is so cute!!

No. 1103318

The Irish republican army are a bunch of faggots that have been gurning about their country being broken for 800 years or so. Clearly your army sucks lads fuck up

No. 1103506

File: 1647691924746.jpeg (179.95 KB, 698x642, 8E5C87E3-8654-457A-81BC-0A66C0…)

I want to marry artanons, wow. This has made me want to learn how to draw more than anything else. I’ve always been interested and doodled but never gotten into it because I suck. Any resource suggestions to learn how to draw? Also I loved this lil Elsie :’)

No. 1103594

File: 1647699350634.jpg (659.83 KB, 1200x1360, 1200px-Women's_Art_Class_MET_6…)

ooh! this just made me think of a new theme! art class theme! admin can insert a picture that we can all copy and interpret, like a still life composition or some anatomical image of a model or a skeleton. does that sound fun? anyone could join and try even if it's with a mouse. what do you think?

also to answer you kek i guess it depends on what you want to draw. if you want to learn more about fundamentals in general, i recommend marco bucci's 10 minutes to better painting, even if you don't like his art style and don't want to paint, those videos are great to learn more about shape language, light etc which is great if you never activated that part of your brain before. best practical advice is to find art that you already like, or photos and draw from them, or from real life if you can! and find other artists online that share their processes. and most importantly have fun!

No. 1103602


No. 1103660

File: 1647702857936.png (142.69 KB, 489x457, art.PNG)

Come draw, theme is still Harry Potter/magic/witches


No. 1103711

That is cute!!

No. 1103736

kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uWu(uWu)

No. 1103800

File: 1647712443162.png (270.29 KB, 758x942, RRREEE.PNG)

This is fucking great I love it lmao

No. 1103830

I'm having so much fun nonas, I feel like I'm actually improving my art by doodling kek

No. 1103916

File: 1647718853001.png (89.91 KB, 403x476, art.PNG)

The board is filling up pretty fast, but there's still some space left!

No. 1104150

File: 1647734883488.png (42.12 KB, 267x249, bug.PNG)

I just moved this bug guy over, I hope the person who drew it doesn't mind! I didn't want anyone's artwork to be blocked (unless it was there on purpose, then feel free to move it back and excuse me for being nosey lol) P.S. The Elsie underneath it is very cute!

No. 1104468

File: 1647767018841.png (487.29 KB, 1013x666, e5hwe4t.PNG)

Nonas are so talented aaahhh

No. 1104470


No. 1104516

Could we have a themeless board sometime?

No. 1104520

That sounds nice too! I always have a problem what to draw though without a theme hah

What is the resolution if I wanted to make a background for a board? Are those accepted? The farm one was so nice and cohesive, I want another one!

No. 1104550

You dont have to follow the theme

No. 1104685

Wish I could doodle with you guys but whenever I open the page chrome just gives me an error :c google won't tell me why either

No. 1104690

try a different browser?

No. 1104693

Every time I doodle something there's always some nonnies writing nice things about it and it makes me so happy! Sage for sperg

No. 1104760

The theme isn't a rule.
This does sound fun, but Admin is already working on the fashion and murder mystery background so idk if or how soon she could make another drawing for the doodle board.

No. 1104776

trip 7 check

No. 1104875

>Admin is already working on the fashion and murder mystery background
Yep, it'll take a while though, sorry for the wait, anons. I'll try to make one a month, but this is a lovely idea and most definitely added to my list!

Thank you for the lovely list of themes, anons, they sound so fun! My personal favourite is lolcow inspired emojis, can't wait for that.

Other anons have mentioned it but yeah, you don't have to follow the theme. The theme thing started in the bunker (back when the boards were all themeless) when we had a bunch of reddit soyjack tier doodles one time and no one else wanted to draw on the same board, leading to a dead and empty board. The theme was just a suggestion to get the ball rolling, but over time grew into a pretty distinctive part of the boards, but please know you don't have to follow it. I don't think I've seen any anons complain about doodles not following the theme but even if there are, this is just for fun so I don't think you should care. I don't mod the content (obvious things aside) on the board at all and highly encourage non-art anons to join for this reason, I don't want it to become a artfags only activity. plus if that happened we'd probably get moved to /m/ kek

Please see >>1064794 if you want to work on a board background! Thank you, kind nona.

P.S. Much thanks and love for the two jannies for clearing the board the last week or so, I've been sick so I haven't checked in much. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you both!

No. 1104888

File: 1647791317453.jpg (8.93 KB, 236x236, 1610407952949.jpg)

>I don't want it to become a artfags only activity
This is true! Honestly my absolute favourite drawings are always the non-"professional" looking ones, even if they are very smoll or just squiggles done with a mouse. I love everyone participating, so wholesome

Thanks to you and the mods for keeping this up!

No. 1104901

Then draw good art

No. 1104906

it was all cowplantt! after i accidentally took over that hollow knight layer i haven't touched another anons layer since!… i know i should just get over it and help out, but i felt so bad about it kek

No. 1104907

NAYRT but the art board is for everyone, even for nonnies who aren't as skilled. It's a doodle board anyway

No. 1104914

File: 1647792051136.png (2.17 MB, 2000x1600, 7d4bb4f91c.png)

Board cleared, this theme was Harry Potter/Magic. Some favorites of mine are the 2 rat wizards (rats get drawn a lot here, I love it!), Snape and Elsie and 2X-tan.

New theme is Kikomi! Draw our MTF thread mascot. Have fun.
btw, if you leave stuff on the board like "Clear already!", just know I have a lot of hate for you. It never takes a long time for the board to be cleared.
>Much thanks and love for the two jannies for clearing the board the last week or so
I think it's just me kek. I appreciate our ghost janny though, she's helped me with a lot.

No. 1104918

File: 1647792079990.png (288.88 KB, 281x623, kikomi.PNG)

Here's a reference of Kikomi for anyone who needs/wants it.

No. 1104922

Don't feel bad anon, I get it! I've taken over many layers accidentally.

No. 1104923


No. 1104926

oh fuck off

No. 1104930

Big thank you to you both anyway, I'm going to try and catch the timing for board clearing more often. (I would put a heart emoji about here if it wasn't a bannable offense) Ghost janny, don't worry kek once you leave the canvas if they come back they can take back their layer by double clicking, you're good! I've also done stupid shit like starting to delete layers before I remember to save a copy, thank god for ctrl+z kek.

No. 1104936

You are allowed to put a heart via Post styling see >>>/meta/6821

No. 1104938

thank you for the reassurance, i'll get over it, promise. love you admin and other janny, mwah!

No. 1105041

Im in radiclaw

No. 1105066

File: 1647799984260.png (68.61 KB, 269x476, art.PNG)

Theme is still Kikomi!

No. 1105363

File: 1647817822101.png (162.55 KB, 348x520, omg.png)


No. 1105368

This is fucking amazing, nonnie

No. 1105374

Jesus CHRIST that is good. And horrifying. Many emotions rn

No. 1105387

No. 1105395


No. 1105400

I love this

No. 1105401


No. 1105411

File: 1647821473787.png (299.14 KB, 384x876, kekomi thomas.png)

congratulations kekomi thomas for winning the 2022 NCAA women's 500-yard free final!

No. 1105620

Lmao I love this

No. 1105732

lmfao, the finishing touch of this masterpiece

No. 1105746

File: 1647855432345.png (348.89 KB, 793x770, u4e56u45.PNG)

This board is violating my mental health

No. 1105915

File: 1647878176351.png (110.53 KB, 391x338, unknown (4).png)

kikomichu may have a male sonichu tail..but that doesn't mean she's not just like me and you!

No. 1105918

I love her so much.

No. 1106007

one of the best boards yet, my sides

No. 1106008

Reminder that aggie.io is better seen on desktop
Its very cringe when people enter the room on mobile and then draw a bunch of squiggly blue lines all over because they want to see the drawings but they just draw over everyone else's stuff

No. 1106010

Someone needs to draw kikomi seething at 2X chan lmao

No. 1106205

I'm fucking howling

No. 1106216

File: 1647904660073.png (146.21 KB, 502x564, Screenshot_4.png)

Come draw, there's still some space left! Theme is still Kikomi.

No. 1106222

I love it and I love Kikomi.

No. 1106225

My tablet for some reason hates browser based drawing programs so writing is nearly impossible. Sorry for my chicken scratch!

No. 1106490

File: 1647935864067.png (1.95 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room - Kikomi.png)

Board cleared! The theme was Kikomi! Love this board nonnas! My favorites are trannychu, the BERF comic, the trannysformation going on in the bottom right corner, toast of tardiness, 41% gender euphoria, trans bio-bio. But everyone else is super valid too!!!
New theme is Emo, since it was suggested we do a music theme for Lolcow Tunesday! Draw everything and anything emo, grunge, goffik and remember, NO prepz allowed!!!!1 The music starts at 4PM GMT Today, more information on the event here >>1106408.

No. 1106498

samefag sorry admin if i hastily did the tunesday theme, i wasn't sure what to do since i usually don't clear and the board was getting full and it was tuesday and well aah. emo sonds fun either way, and maybe this is a good way to just casually test out the waters. forgive me if it wasn't planned for today yet.
oh and nonnas if it wasn't clear, everyone can draw before and after the event, you don't need to wait until then!

No. 1106620

Holy fuck the 2X-tan is my emo dream girl

No. 1106650

Please don't apologize anon!! You did everything perfectly right, thank you so much for clearing the board and kicking off tunesday doodles! I'm excited to see what anons will draw.

No. 1106678

LMAO the Cars(tm) Kikomi has me dying

No. 1106939

I like the little blue alien guy Thank you for clearing ghost janny!

No. 1106979

File: 1647962081729.png (120.62 KB, 322x430, LC drawing room~2.png)

Come draw! The theme is still Emo. Reminder that the Tunesday listening party starts in less than an hour - 4PM GMT.

No. 1106989

She's so hot I love her so much I want to marry her

No. 1106991

I want her to hug me and tell me that I will always feel safe in her arms, and I want alone together to play in the background while some wolves are howling at the blood moon, we would be surrounded by black and blue roses and we would stare adoringly into each other’s eyes.

No. 1107006

All the art of her is always so good

No. 1107034

Get in line, nona!

No. 1107047

I was here first anon, and I'll be here forever. I would fight Elsie herself for 2X's love.

No. 1107068

>fight Elsie
That's impossible, she is too powerful.

No. 1107116

Everyone has to have a weakness. I would do whatever it takes just for a chance to lick 2x's abs.

No. 1107143

File: 1647975158557.png (60.56 KB, 267x521, normal people scare me.PNG)

No. 1107151

aaw I used to have that exact shirt when I was 11 <3

No. 1107186

Her weakness has been revealed!

No. 1107199

Fuck yes, nta, but since I can seem normal, I can scare her and show 2X-tan my collection of stuffed animals from souvenir shops.

No. 1107451

It’s begging for death note, MCR, and more MySpace.

This just may be the best board

No. 1107524

Ah, someone delete layer 41, the random line they vandalized Elsie with is triggering my OCD

No. 1107596

I just want to say that these drawing boards have been one of the best things to ever be added on this site, I love seeing how talented and creative all you nonnies are and it’s so fun to draw with you as well, I hope we never stop doing these, thank you jannies who clear the board and set the themes I appreciate you so much ♥

No. 1107752

File: 1648031049309.jpg (148.45 KB, 785x980, IMG_20220323_112248.jpg)

Come draw, there's still some space left!

No. 1107897

File: 1648048252184.png (2.39 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_emoz.png)

Board cleared! New theme is Elsie in Wonderland, come draw what you see through the looking glass: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

I love this board! I had an emo phase kek Big thanks to anons who filled up the small empty spaces with emo middle school doodles with me. My favourite parts are all the references to popular emo animez images I remember saving off photobucket, the sincere 2000's LOL RANDOM XD RAWR energy this board is emanating, and the striped armwarmers/checker pattern here and there. Thought of adding a notebook paper background by the end of it to complete the look but didn't want to mess with anons' wonderful drawings! Glad we had this theme, thank you ghost janny. If there's a drawing or doodle you really love, please reply with your compliments, you could make a fellow nonnie's day!

Now come draw Elsie in wonderland!

No. 1107902

I love the Elsie in blue, the small 2x and Elsie hugging, the borzoi, the woman with dark red hair, and the Elsie wearing the "normal people scare me" shirt. All the little drawings make it better.

No. 1107905

Can I see the request list you take the randomisation from?

No. 1107914

File: 1648050107888.jpg (321.72 KB, 1060x1068, fgdgteer.jpg)

Whoever deleted my skull is a bitch.

No. 1107916

File: 1648050133655.jpg (59.84 KB, 344x362, skull.jpg)

Sure, I've been meaning to post the compiled themes list for easy access anyway (Note that some of these have been merged; eg. your favourite lolcow, /snow/ cows merged with board culture theme, etc, video games husbando PS1/2 video game merged into just video games, it's to avoid dead boards with too specific of a theme):

Full list:
>scribble challenge (I'm still not sure what this one means, if the anon who suggested this sees this could you please let me know? Thank you!)
>Outer Space (make bg dark with stars)
>Video Games (draw fave characters)
>90s anime style
>heaven and hell
>tattoo flash sheet
>music (art inspired by a song you like, draw your favorite artist, etc.)
>character design
>draw in your style
>angels/clouds/heaven/religious imagery
>board culture (Elsie, CC, ADfags, Komaeda/discharge chan, etc…)
>Elements (fire, water, earth, air, light, dark, etc etc)
>In the rain
>Anime/japan shit
>Final Fantasy (as a series or by game)
>Lolcow inspired emojis
>Flowers from your state/country
>Animals in strange places/Cats with jobs (merged)
>First thing you see when you spin around and open your eyes
>Famous female ghosts from your state/country
>Hybrid Pokemon/Pokemon
>4moid/reddit bedrooms (another horror themed board)
>magic/witch/wizard theme

Repeating themes (Once in a while!)
>random color palette challenge (rotating palettes, repeating)
>obligatory husbando/waifu fagging board (won't be too frequent don't worry)

Background themes (pending backgrounds)
>Fashion/OC board
>Murder mystery
>Lolcow Art class/still life


Oh no anon, was it this one? That anon erased it and said they were going to 'redraw' it when I asked why, so I thought they were the original artist, sorry! I'm glad I saved the psd.

No. 1107917

File: 1648050188690.png (27.54 KB, 318x346, LC drawing room~2.png)

ghost janny here. god i hope it wasn't me since i did delete empty layers. i did triple check when i was doing it but if it was me i am so sorry!!! i did save a png during that time so I have it, it's not lost to time…

No. 1107918

I love the emo cow!

No. 1107920

It wasn't you ghost janny, don't worry! To be exact, that anon didn't erase it, she covered it with a white layer on top, but due to the word "redraw" I thought she was the original artist who couldn't access her old layer (I changed the setting and now anonymous/non-approved users can't claim layers by others anymore). My guess would be that that anon might not have joined the boards frequently enough to know the rules in the OP is outdated information and thought it would be okay to clear older doodles? Again, sorry anon! I really thought it was the original artist.

No. 1107925

Scribble challenge is basically just drawing a random line ("scribble") and seeing what kind of art you can make from it without erasing any of the line. I was actually going to take that off of the list because I didn't think it would work for non-artist anons and it's also just kind of boring. I found it when we first started doing themes, but I didn't have any ideas so I just searched up art challenges.
Also, we've done religious imagery and magic already. I think we've also done neon/80s, but I don't really feel like checking right now.

No. 1107929

Good catch, I'll take those off my list. We can remove scribble challenge too then. Thanks anon!

No. 1107934

This suggestion is way, way out there but for an experiment we could try doing the same sort of thing but with 3d models? Like, adding to a plain room collectively.
I don't think you could do that with everyone at once, but maybe you could decide beforehand how to fit each person's changes into the room, and anons could link to download their addition.
Yeah, I know most of us wouldn't be able to/wouldn't know how to, but it might be fun to try at least once while a regular board is running.

No. 1107938

i don't think we had a 80s/neon/disco specific theme yet? we did have a retro theme, and a nostalgia theme so maybe you confused it with that? maybe i just missed it though

No. 1107944

I'll double check soon, for now I'll remove religious imagery and magic since I remember those boards, but I think the retro, nostalgia, and psychedelic boards we've done so far is getting mixed up in my head, kek. Thank you anon.

This sounds really ambitious and out of my wheelhouse, but if any other anons are interested in hosting this, please go ahead! This might work in the doodle board with a dollhouse setting though, (anons draw furniture and decorations in), but I was going to draw a dollhouse layout for the murder mystery board theme (anons draw victims/murderers/detectives and add blood/props as needed), so I'm not sure if it'll be too repetitive if I add the 2d version in.

No. 1108084

I like this idea also I want to add we could altogether draw a room or something with furniture etc. Or a whole flat.

No. 1108111

File: 1648066261456.png (34.31 KB, 389x289, pick one nonny.PNG)

Theme is Elsie in Wonderland, come draw

No. 1108697

generally yes, if there's empty space anywhere else fill that up first!

No. 1108703

File: 1648088581396.png (43.5 KB, 310x304, vagina.png)

Yes, it's rude and vandalizing. Unless you mean drawing over someone else's drawing to contribute/add it to, which is fine imo. I think it's nice to see collaborative drawings. For example, the vagina with legs and a face in picrel. I believe the vagina was drawn by someone, and then another anon decided to add the limbs.

No. 1108746

Unpopular, but I think the canvas looks better without the skull. It was low-effort and space-demanding. The space it once took gave way to three more detailed drawings. So, objective good.

No. 1108753

Both the vagina and emo spongebob hair highlights were collaborative and look great.

Yeah, it sucks things get erased, but people should recognize that on a community board nothing is going to remain as it was originally depicted.

Who cares, it’s fun. Draw, redraw, chat with nonas.

No. 1108754

Do you anons (or anon) who think that everything on the draw board needs to be super high-effort and detailed ever shut the fuck up? Stop being miserable perfectionists, the doodle board is for fun and it's open to everyone. I don't want it to die because of people like you.

No. 1108755

Why is the image so low quality?

No. 1108757

who gives a shit kek it's just a doodle room, it's not meant to be high art. i think the less detailed drawings are cute and fun

No. 1108758

File: 1648093593683.jpeg (37.79 KB, 287x387, 1444C772-EB4A-45ED-9DF8-905EEB…)

>draws a fat gray circle
>erased and drawn over
> “perfectionist bitches!!1!1 BAWWWW”

No. 1108759

I didn't even notice that emo Spongebob was a collab piece, it all looks very consistent. Anyway, regardless of it's a community board we should still respect each other's artwork. Don't erase or delete other people's layers.

No. 1108761

I didn't draw on the emo board at all, but sure.

No. 1108766

File: 1648093906486.jpeg (20.55 KB, 480x360, DD1698DE-AA04-43CB-B8C5-CC71CB…)

Just save your “talents” for the ‘Bold & Brash’ board theme

No. 1108772

Votes for Fat Gray Circle theme say Aye!

You’ve got my vote!

No. 1108781

File: 1648095473078.gif (41.66 KB, 80x80, 1638227120005.gif)

I get annoyed when people take up 1/4 of the board with off-theme retard/schizo shit but I know the theme isn't strictly enforced. Plus ultimately the board is first come first draw so you can't complain when there's no space when you come in 8+ hours later. If you want to show off so badly you erase someone else's drawing go use your actual skill to help yourself and make some money.
We notice when someone accidentally draws lines while scrolling or turns the entire background red on a misclick, and when some hateful bitch erases our drawings or puts little markings over their faces/clothes on purpose or legitimately by accident. Does this really have to become some big doodle debate spanning the entire thread?

No. 1108786

File: 1648095918302.png (82.17 KB, 359x347, milk malk mulk.PNG)

Theme is Elsie in Wonderland.

No. 1108791

File: 1648096407113.jpeg (31.25 KB, 720x540, D4E4A844-5DF4-4171-BFD6-CC71B8…)

Board is a collaborative piece. If you want untampered artworks, draw on a piece of paper and frame it.

Discussion over

No. 1108795

yes i drew the spomgeglob and nonnie who did the hair highlights i thank you!! I think collaborating is part of the fun of the doodle boards but covering up someone’s entire drawing and drawing over it is pretty rude, no matter what you think of the drawing.

No. 1108802

I was literally agreeing with people like me who just want to draw and what you're saying but ok I guess my beginning nitpick stood out the most for some reason? Please nonnies read entire posts thoroughly before responding and let's all get along. Looking forward to future themes!

No. 1108806

File: 1648097644257.jpg (2.16 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room emo_alt.jpg)

Alright, just to clear things up (room admin here), please don't blame the anon/s who drew over where the grey skull used to be, after the first anon cleared the space and said they would redraw, they left the room and didn't come back even after I was done doodling. So I left the room assuming she would come back and continue drawing later, I have no idea if the anon who drew in that blank spot later is that same anon or just another random anon who drew where there was space. Near the end of the board I figured it was too little space left on the board, so I asked anons to add silly middle school tier emo doodles before I cleared the board, and I drew the other two doodles as space fillers.

I saved the psd this time because I really liked how it turned out, so here! An alt. board, with the other anon's doodle in tact as well. All the erased doodles were my own board space filler.
Again, sorry grey skull anon! Since everyone is anon it's hard to keep track of the artists and I assume everyone's acting under good faith.

No. 1108808

Well thank you for clearing that up admin. I hope we don't have any erasure problems in the future then.

No. 1108853

heheheheheheheh she loves the mushrome
hope your hand gets better soon and good job nonna!

No. 1108857

So cute lol. Sorry about your injury anon!

No. 1108863

Wah so cute!

No. 1108889

SO CUTE NONNY I LOVE HER! hope your hand gets better soon

No. 1108918

Ooh new theme idea, but it requires collaboration! I think it would be cute it artfags filled up an entire board with drawings and doodles but only drew the outlines. And then non artfags could color the drawings. Like a coloring page. Maybe we could make a separate board for that and fill it up as time goes on, parallel to the stardard themed board.
I'm not set on having artfags and non-artfags segregated like that it just kinda makes sense, I don't think it needs to be a rule. Maybe we could segregate but then do the reverse another time, which I think could be fun too.

No. 1108924

The reverse sounds more entertaining.

No. 1108939

Both sound awesome! As a lazy semi-artfag the coloring book page would be perfect lmao

No. 1108969

I just want to say I really like LC Doodle Room, for the first time I feel like I have art friends to be creative with ♥ Hope no one gets too much into their heads about "expected quality" of the board, it's fun to have both messier, simpler works alongside with something more polished when anons have the skill, desire and time to do so. ILY

No. 1109004

I erased the skull. sorry. I thought boards were deleted afterwards so nobody would care. no ill intent. glad to see it kept this thread active for awhile though. again. sorry. it was cute. won’t happen again.

No. 1109014

this thread is pinned
you accomplished nothing but infighting

No. 1109051

I really like the coloring book idea!

No. 1109053

File: 1648128258349.png (46.36 KB, 495x188, tea.PNG)

No. 1109063

The caterpillar borzoi is so incredibly cute and beautiful!!

No. 1109094


No. 1109096

Relax, we ask before clearing.

No. 1109136

File: 1648133964259.png (2.42 MB, 2000x1600, d20e765a8c.png)

Here's the last board, theme was Elsie in Wonderland. Some favorites of mine are the mouse, borzoi and Kikomi comic. The coloring on the Elsie eating a mushroom also came out very nice!

New theme is sci-fi. Space exploration, extraterrestrial life, robots, apocalypse/post-apocalyptic worlds, fancy technology and anything else futuristic!

No. 1109139

Oh shit I forgot to clear, sorry. Doing it now.

No. 1109660

As a non-artfag i agree but both can happen even it can be a dual theme with non artfags frist and artfags second.

No. 1109668

this has strong LOLCOR energy

No. 1109711

This is sooo cute

No. 1109714

thread pic theme? I love seeing anon's art as thread pics like confessions and vent. Everyone's so talent!!

No. 1109724

nvm i deleted it cause i am dumb and just realized what you meant. i love that idea!

No. 1109731

i thought that drawing was very cute! i noticed something was different next to the borzoapiller drawing. did someone just draw over it or did the artist remove it herself? if it was the former, not cool anon, i thought we've been over this in the last board…

No. 1109750

When I arrived that spot was empty so I just started drawing there. Not sure what happened to the og drawing that was there because I only came to the board towards the end. Apologies if I somehow fatfingered and did something though, was my first time joining in

No. 1109760

don't worry nonna, there's no way you could have accidentally removed it. i love your elsie too!

No. 1110018

Ayo i swear someone just deleted this brilliant drawing of this blue cyborg in the upper left corner.

No. 1110106

Did the person leave their layer for other people to edit/color? Could've accidentally been deleted

No. 1110108

File: 1648185485092.png (184.32 KB, 442x536, alien tan.PNG)

Theme is still sci-fi, come draw.
Jeez fucking louise, hopefully no one is mini-modding and it was just the anon who drew it who deleted. I wish there was a way for us (jannys and the aggiemin) to see deleted layers and bring them back if needed. And crazy enough, just earlier I was thinking that I should save a pic of the board just in case anything is deleted.

No. 1110114

File: 1648185686515.png (Spoiler Image, 100.9 KB, 325x566, blue cyborg.png)

gost janny here. i saved the board yesterday before i left for this reason. spoilering in case the artist removed it herself.

No. 1110121

Room admin here. Just to reiterate, recently I've edited the room settings so non-approved users can't just join a room, take over someone else's layer and delete or vandalize it, anyone trying to erase other anons’ doodles can only do it by making a new layer and putting white over it (and I trust our jannies so it can't be them). So, to summarize, only the anon who drew the doodle (aside from me and jannies) can delete the layer the drawing is on. If there's no white out layer and the original drawing's layer is gone, it means it was most likely deleted by the original artist (in theory). Please let me know if this isn't the case and your layer was deleted but not by you! I'll also be checking in more frequently wherever possible and checking for white out layers in case there's really been a wilful vandalizer going around, since there’s been a surge of anons saying it’s not the first time this has happened. It’s a public collaboration board, so stuff like this is bound to happen, but I’d like to minimize things like this wherever possible.

Also, this board is really just made for anons to have fun doodling together with no strings attached, the quality of the doodles is irrelevant, just have fun! Please ignore anons bitching about the art quality in the board or off-theme doodles and just draw what you want. I don’t want nitpickers to drive non-artfag/self-conscious nonas away from the doodle board.

Thank you for your work jannies! I'll start saving the in progress boards too.

No. 1110123

I put a pic of the cyborg 2X back on the board, but if the anon who drew it doesn't want it up please say so! I don't want anything to be deleted, but I also don't want to keep up drawings that the artist may not have wanted.
>anyone trying to erase other anons’ doodles can only do it by making a new layer and putting white over it
Layers can still be taken over by anon users if the original owner left the layer, and that's how we think it happened (if it was deleted by someone else).

No. 1110127

Oh right, I forgot about leaving layers, the setting was only for taking over offline users' layers. I'll check the settings after work today and see if there's anything else relevant to it that I can try messing with. Thank you janny!

No. 1110129

Based janny. It's beautiful, glad it was saved

No. 1110163

was this also vandalized? who did what?

No. 1110170

The bug was drawn first, and the Elsie was drawn underneath it (or maybe moved there). Some drawings may not show up for some people depending on their settings, so perhaps the person who drew the Elsie didn't see the bug. Or maybe it was all drawn by the same anon. I didn't care to investigate since it could just be moved over.

No. 1110353

I’m relieved to hear that, and thank you!!

No. 1110512

File: 1648216002842.png (184.26 KB, 451x377, cat.PNG)

No. 1110516

So meow! U-uh i mean so t-true! Haha.

No. 1110618

File: 1648221489542.jpg (101.32 KB, 736x1034, 1645486941929.jpg)

Why did my stupid nitpick in the first sentence stand out the most when I immediately stated all the reasons my nitpick was stupid and unfounded because I was wrong and it's not my board? I have talked to and given ideas you based the board on 5 minutes later multiple times but I haven't bragged, minimodded, or fucked with other's drawings. My post was not very hard to understand. I am also bad at art but drawing alongside everyone because I genuinely enjoy it. Like am I stupid for being hurt my post is taken out of context TWO times and get called out when I admitted I was wrong in the exact same post?
More art themes:
Desert railroad
Cactus and succulents
Scrapbook page
Easter bunny's den
Kitchen gijinkas
Y2K fashion (not the modern bimbo coomer kind)
Flowers blooming in wrong seasons (picrel)

No. 1110765

Did you draw this nonnie? Or know the artist? I really like the style.

No. 1110768

I wasn't talking about your post anon and I wasn't talking about ANY post specifically, it's just a general statement. You can scroll up and read similar sentiments to your nitpick in weeks old posts and I've also seen anons talk about the content or quality of the doodle board in other threads as well, so I thought I'd just make it clear that that's my stance on how I'd like to run the doodle board. Don't take it personally, anon, sorry it came across like I was picking on your post. Thank you for the theme ideas!

No. 1110777

YOUR PICREL IS SO CUTE it made me want to start drawing right now

No. 1110860

File: 1648238737765.png (135.23 KB, 494x460, scifi.PNG)

Theme is still scifi

No. 1110867

RIP, lost layer

No. 1110873

If you're talking about the drawing in the pic, I claimed the layer and then left it. See if you can claim it now. It looks very cool btw nonna.

No. 1110899

Shit, this one is amazing

No. 1110913

File: 1648241904096.jpeg (46.28 KB, 348x343, 8F48971B-BBE3-47CD-9294-154711…)

I got it back, here it is “finished.”

No. 1110926

File: 1648242569468.png (262.62 KB, 947x519, z.png)

Omg it's ziltoid the omniscient!!! He brightened my day

No. 1111049

So cool, I want this on my wall

No. 1111149

love it looks like the front of a textbook

No. 1111194

Interesting, I've heard that before, I guess I unintentionally have a taste in textbook covers and video game music even though I don't look/listen to those, nor have I played any games. I think I was inspired by a Photoshop guidebook I had in my childhood.

No. 1111370

File: 1648272429855.png (165.22 KB, 529x566, Screenshot_18.png)

Come draw, theme is still sci-fi!

No. 1111545

Ghost janny here. I have no idea how but I accidentally have claimed all layers. Didn't even know it was possible! I just went in as usual to get rid of empty layers and noticed that all the layers were yellow and have my anon ID on them. If anyone wants their layer back let me know and i will leave it, don't want to do it now in case of vandalilsm. So sorry i have no idea how this even happened.

No. 1111929

It's ok, this has happened to me before too and I have no idea how. I was thinking maybe there's some kind of control (like a button) for it, but there's nothing like that listed on the aggie.io help page so it must be a glitch.

No. 1111937

A shorcut, of course! THat's what it was. Just made a quick Aggie board to test out some shortcuts, turns out SHIFT+double click on a layer claims all layers. Must have accidentally held it. Checked through the shortcuts setting too but didn't find that particular setting.

No. 1111943

Thank you for figuring that out anon! Weird that it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere.

No. 1111960

Thanks anons this is going to make clearing the boards so much faster for me personally, kek.

No. 1112006

File: 1648309542906.png (21.47 KB, 263x186, frog.PNG)

Come draw, boards almost full

No. 1112070

File: 1648315121722.png (2.2 MB, 2000x1600, 16da6a16fa.png)

The board isn't completely full, but it was slowing down so I've decided to clear. This theme was sci-fi. I love the lolcow news drawing, squiggly alien and the Egyptian (?) cat lady. If you see any drawings you like, please reply and say so!

New theme is zodiac! Draw anything inspired by the astrological signs, including the Chinese zodiac signs if you're into that.

No. 1112081

I love all of this. Amazing.

No. 1112087

I love the squiggly alien too it's too funny, and the drawing his arm goes through, it looks like cool stickers. And the absolute horror tranny. And I love the alien hitting the blunt and giving an important message. And the iDroid is so cool, I want it, it reminds me of the CAT phone that I thought was the coolest thing ever 10 years ago. And I know I said not to touch him but it makes me happy someone left a kiss on my turian husband. But what does that drawing that says "freedom" mean?

No. 1112104

File: 1648317384040.jpg (45.94 KB, 930x620, 2014-09-18-met1.jpg)

I love the moon with the cow crater! And I love that part of the board just in general, how all the drawings there interact with each other. The alien doing the arm wave is like the coolest thing ever.
NTArstist but did you know that idroid thing exists as a phone case for the iphone 4 or 5 (or both)? It comes in white too, when I saw years ago it I so wanted one. Too bad they're super expensive and from Japan and obsolete now kek. all the buttons are functional too aaa sorry for sperg but since you said you like that shit i had to share

No. 1112108

That's the coolest thing ever!! Wow thanks for posting about it. Too bad it's so big, you couldn't put it in your pocket easily.

No. 1112133

File: 1648318726918.gif (457.66 KB, 500x213, 182189.gif)

Based Elsie torching that sucker

No. 1112182

Nooo goddamnit I missed this! Sci-fi is my fave thing ever, waah

I love the space doggo, turian husbando and space kitty especially!

No. 1112253

File: 1648324094258.png (4.94 KB, 320x311, beep boop.PNG)

Theme is Zodiac, come draw!
I love Elsie destroying Kikomi too! And your Turian looks great nonny.

No. 1112359

NOOOOOOO I missed it… If I had realized what the theme was I wouldn't have skipped this one.
Didn't expect to see Kaz there! I love him. I also have a feeling that some people still don't know what Kikomi is supposed to be… Maybe not in this board but it def happened in the Kikomi one

No. 1112586

File: 1648343698908.png (654.46 KB, 813x618, zodiac.PNG)

It's ok nonna! If you still want to participate you can always draw an animal associated with the zodiac signs. Chinese horoscope is literally just aminals. There are a lot of different ways to interpret the theme.

No. 1112606

That's a samsquantch.

No. 1112630

Borzoi in space made my day

No. 1112640

File: 1648348840837.jpg (174.59 KB, 1099x458, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-kwjY…)

Come draw! The theme is still zodiac/astrology.
I don't know why I'm just noticing it now, but I really love the white dog on this board. So painterly. It's very somber.

No. 1112648

File: 1648349393462.jpeg (133.86 KB, 396x612, 4DC268B5-B2D9-4833-8E38-E20A64…)

>But what does that drawing that says "freedom" mean?
It's supposed to be Richard Stallman, freedoms being fictional in technology.

No. 1112651

I wish I could set borzoi in space as my computer’s wallpaper.

No. 1112659

personally, i hate the minor comments. they take up a lot of space , and can easily be done here with a screenshot or something. i still find it cute how people compliment each other however.

No. 1112660

>they take up a lot of space
They really don't.

No. 1112661

oh sorry, i write comments on the board a lot because i genuinely really like almost every drawing and i don't want to screenshot all of them one at a time. i can erase my comments if you prefer

No. 1112683

i like the comments and it’s nice to compliment others and receive compliments i think they should stay

No. 1112770

File: 1648361693348.png (42.05 KB, 547x499, libra.png)

Can someone shade the clothes? Layer 37.

No. 1112820


I like the comments. people write pretty small amd unobtrusively. some nonas are wanting to police the board to make it look 'good' but the magic is that it's organic and imperfect

No. 1112832

she’s so cute ♥

No. 1112847

File: 1648372462271.png (115.35 KB, 450x281, Screenshot 2022-03-27 10.13.34…)

Lol is someone trying to false flag so board comments will be banned?

No. 1112850

File: 1648373404840.png (494.36 KB, 592x682, dragon is cool.png)

Come draw, theme is still zodiac/astrology. The boards are starting to slow down, so here's a reminder that following the theme isn't necessary! You can fill the space with whatever you want.

Resized, probably just an anon on mobile. I will never ban board comments, in fact they're quite encouraged, it's fun to read them. Just keep them a reasonable size, please.

>the magic is that it's organic and imperfect
I agree with this.

No. 1112904

File: 1648378785225.png (361.44 KB, 778x536, hs.png)

Hamsteak Elsie

No. 1112990

Kek this is so cute!

No. 1112992

I love it! I was the one who originally drew the troll Elsie on the board, thanks to whoever made it look more like an actual Homestuck character. It looks very cute lol.

No. 1113020

Wow…. a dragon… I love dragons I love it it's so beautiful and colorful and glowy and spiky

No. 1113064

File: 1648394367417.png (63.47 KB, 386x185, crab scorpio pisces.PNG)

Come draw!

Also, nonnas please be careful that you don't accidentally draw white or scribbles over anyone else's art

No. 1113077

File: 1648395579483.jpeg (46.08 KB, 348x470, 5DA6E127-4A88-4F78-9028-A78C9B…)

Daffodils by Nonny

No. 1113082


No. 1113086

Some signs aren't on yet. Lol someone draw virgo as a femcel.

No. 1113092

File: 1648396197397.jpeg (37.36 KB, 272x462, 85CD448B-9A1B-41AC-9B3C-5F1C0D…)

Self portrait from memory

No. 1113099

This isn't for just art, it's for art in the communal doodle room. https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 1113108

post your ms paint doodles here >>>/m/188285

No. 1113170

not an art post sorry
i just want to say how much i appreciate this thread and the drawing board. the themes are fun and cute, i love adding my own drawings and looking at other anons' art! it feels like having art friends kek. thank you to all the art anons for sharing ur work and jannies for the work that you guys do to make this a nice place

No. 1113213

File: 1648401223394.png (63.1 KB, 500x500, cc.png)


No. 1113293

File: 1648407929484.png (411.78 KB, 834x694, elisezodiac.png)

Gonna BRB for a while please don't clear the canvas yet.

No. 1113310

>kikomi is the zodiac killer

No. 1113404

File: 1648414287451.png (110.46 KB, 432x296, libra.PNG)

Board almost full, come draw some small stuff.

No. 1113411

I did the original lineart, what exactly are libra-chan's clothes supposed to be? Like cowskin camouflage?
Also, do you ever draw here admin?

No. 1113454

File: 1648417490536.png (3.29 KB, 154x87, Screenshot_5.png)

Reminder to anons who use multiple layers while drawing, please remember to merge them down before you leave. We have a layer limit.
I went ahead and merged some layers down and deleted empty ones. I left >>1113293 unmerged because it seems like she isn't done yet(?).

No. 1113482


No. 1113626

kek love this

No. 1113917

Is this one of the jannies? Not sure why you'd say the next theme is on a background, I'm not done working on one yet (sorry! Been busy.)

No. 1113933

Yeah I'm not sure what that anon means kek. We don't even have any backgrounds, unless they mean the space theme (blue background with stars) but I wasn't gonna do that for a while since we've had a space theme and a scifi theme.
You done nonna? The board is pretty full.

No. 1113947

I'm the admin! And I haven't been online for the last 12 hours or so, is someone false flagging as me or is there a misunderstanding? And yes, the 900 posts thing is still happening, I'm planning something for next threadpic.

Thank you janny!

No. 1113951

Wait anon, who did you talk to? I'm pretty sure the anon you replied to is admin. She's doing the backgrounds.

No. 1114095

Anons beware, A moid is currently posting gore/scat over multiple /ot/ threads. Be safe!

No. 1114103

File: 1648441425286.png (2.56 MB, 2000x1600, e463e0723e (2).png)

Board cleared, here's the last one. Theme was zodiac. I love how this board came out, some of my favorites are the tarot card, Taurus girl with a flower crown, Capricorn goat merman, and the teeny borzoi with an extra long snout. The girl with ram horns is also really beautiful, the blurry style looks so familiar but I can't remember where I think I've seen it. As always, please feel free to leave your compliments.

The new random theme is medieval & fantasy! Decided to merge both ideas since I feel like they go so well together. This one is a little different, I hope you all will have fun with it!

One last thing! here's the most recent theme list. If you requested a theme and it's not here please feel free to request again. Some theme requests were merged or taken off because we've already done them. Also, I'm not sure if the heaven/hell theme is different from the religious imagery theme?
>Stickman war (refer to this if you're confused >>1070198)
>Outer Space (make bg dark with stars)
>Video Games (draw fave characters)
>90s anime style
>heaven and hell
>tattoo flash sheet
>music (art inspired by a song you like, draw your favorite artist, etc.)
>character design
>draw in your style
>board culture (Elsie, CC, ADfags, Komaeda/discharge chan, etc…)
>Elements (fire, water, earth, air, light, dark, etc etc)
>In the rain
>Anime/japan shit
>Final Fantasy (as a series or by game)
>Lolcow inspired emojis
>Flowers from your state/country
>Animals in strange places/Cats with jobs (merged)
>First thing you see when you spin around and open your eyes
>Famous female ghosts from your state/country
>Hybrid Pokemon/Pokemon
>4moid/reddit bedrooms (another horror themed board)
Desert railroad
Cactus and succulents
Scrapbook page
Easter bunny's den
Kitchen gijinkas
Y2K fashion (not the modern bimbo coomer kind)
Flowers blooming in wrong seasons (picrel)

I'm not completely sure what some of the last seven are supposed to be

Repeating themes (Once in a while!)
>random color palette challenge (rotating palettes, repeating)
>obligatory husbando/waifu fagging board (won't be too frequent don't worry)

Background themes (pending backgrounds)
>Fashion/OC board
>Murder mystery
>Lolcow Art class/still life

No. 1114105

I forgot to greentext some of the themes, sorry! Too lazy to repost again for the millionth time

No. 1114144

I would like to request a vampire theme.

No. 1114156

seconding this

No. 1114165

I'd like to suggest Thread theme another anon suggested here >>1109714. Coloing pages (two boards) theme I suggested here >>1108918. I explain what I mean in that post. If that's too much work/too complicated I get it.

No. 1114171

i like your theme anon! it sounds so fun >>1114158
and so what? I want to see that, also I want to draw sexy vampire men

No. 1114302

I think vampire as a theme is great!


The turnover is pretty quick for the drawung board, so you can skip that theme. Or make an angry garlic seller with a little anti-vampire stall. It can have a little framed photo of Blade and everything.

No. 1114509

>Kikomi is the Zodiac killer
that'd make a great threadpic for the tinfoil thread kek

No. 1114513

File: 1648472034870.png (521.62 KB, 899x834, Screenshot.png)

I give up on this drawing if anyone wants to finish it, it's supposed to be 2x-tan in a medieval style portrait.

No. 1114524

would love to suggest a greek mythology or just general mythology theme if there hasn’t been one

No. 1114545

File: 1648474307424.jpg (1.87 MB, 2000x1600, boardbgs_streetocfashion.jpg)

Hi anons, an update on the OC fashion themed board background. I know the original idea was a runway/red carpet sort of thing, but it was hard thinking up how to have it layout in a way where it's easy for anons to draw and not look like cheesy clip art, so I've opted for a more casual, street fashion type deal. Plus it will make for more varied styles and outfits! I think.
The left side will be mannequins for non-art nonas to doodle their outfit ideas and then artfags can draw their OCs wearing those outfits and posing for a group photo together, nonas with less time can add graffiti on the buildings or something like that for atmospehere, so everyone can join! For authenticity and less work for me kek the background is taken from a FRUiTS street snap and expanded with (hopefully) enough space to fit everyone's OCs. Note that it will be a little hard to draw on a colored/complex background for the artfags, but just white out some space on a new layer and sketch over that with the layer on 50% opacity then delete it later or something.

Please let me know what you think of this layout/idea and if you think it'd work, I really racked my brain trying to figure out the easiest and most painless way to do this with the most appealing results. I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts before committing with colors. Thanks!

No. 1114546

Samefag but the colored figures in the sketch are just examples of how anons could add their OCs in, it's not going to have bases or anything.

No. 1114547

This is genius nonnie, thank you for your hard work!

No. 1114548

I support this.

No. 1114552

File: 1648475117769.png (180.51 KB, 293x408, art.PNG)

Theme is still medieval/fantasy, come draw!
This looks really cool already. Thank you for your work Aggiemin!
So beautiful!

No. 1114575

Just a janny, but some issues here might be space (making images big enough to draw on everything but also small enough to allow space for other images) and I think it's also important to find images that allow for enough opportunity for a lot of anons to draw on them, which may be a little difficult. Also, it may not look as cohesive. It's just something to consider, your idea is really good and ultimately it's up to the admin since she's doing the background.

No. 1114589

Thanks anons!


Thank you for the feedback! I actually did also think about taking this approach with a collage/scrapbooking style layout, but scrapped it because of reasons janny mentioned >>1114575, the canvas is actually not that big, and making it any bigger could make it laggier for anons with potato pcs + be annoying to view on lolcow itself. I picked a street location because with Japanese street snaps you can see literally any fashion imaginable, so I figured that's actually the most neutral background I could have and one which most types of fashion wouldn't clash with. Save for gowns and such, I guess.

>who gets the most space isn't decided by who got to the foreground first.

I thought about this too, but unfortunately the nature of the board is just that - whoever comes first gets to draw whatever they want first, and it's kind of hard to try and police the sizes of anons' doodles. I think anons are generally quite good about being courteous and not taking up too much space, plus having contrast always makes things much more interesting to look at! If this theme is popular we could always run it again so anons who missed out can get a turn to share their OCs. When I post this theme (if no one else points out any glaring issue I missed), I'll be sure to remind anons to leave space for others, and to expect some overlap/parts of their drawings potentially getting covered by another anon's art due to the nature of the theme.

>And you wouldn't have to draw it…

I like drawing! Don't worry about it, thank you again nona!

No. 1114595

Samefag and I forgot to mention this, but a big part of why I wanted to do a group photo thing despite the different styles is because I think it'll make for a really cute finished board. I imagine anons' OCs, in all sorts of wildly different styles, hanging out together. This is also what farmers shitposting on lolcow together looks like in my head, kek. Very cheesy, I know, but I think it could look really good!

No. 1114596

File: 1648477803974.jpg (2.33 MB, 3754x2814, street (2).jpg)

>Save for gowns and such
Those photoshoots where women stand in the middle of the street with a gown are pretty popular, especially for weddings. Someone could draw something like that if they wanted.

No. 1114598

I love your vision nona

No. 1114610

File: 1648478853241.png (94.47 KB, 403x521, elsie slays reddit moid.PNG)

This is so funny lol. I knew that someone was gonna draw a moid getting executed.

No. 1114613

I love whoever drew this!!

No. 1114620

File: 1648479358316.png (Spoiler Image, 264.83 KB, 737x596, Screenshot_2022-03-28-16-44-45…)

Totally agree! Sorry for butchering your drawing, but I just made what you have a bit smaller and expanded the area to the right a bit. Hope you don't mind. I think it would get crowded very quickly as the original image is taken from a lower angle so I figure making the image wider might solve that issue. I ran into the same hypothetical issue as I was making the farm bg, and i did the same thing there.

No. 1114662

Personally I prefer the layout of the original one

No. 1114726

Thank you for being so mindful with everything you do regarding the board, admin!
>The canvas will feature a giant LOLCOW (doodle room) in the middle of the board and anons can draw and decorate the letters and the spaces around it as they wish.
I love this idea so much! Definitely voting for it.

No. 1114727

Samefag, but the results for the poll don't seem to be showing? Just voted and it still says 0 votes.

No. 1114728

Oops, give me a minute to figure it out and I'll repost. Sorry and thank you anon!

No. 1114736

Posting it now since I have a feeling we'll hit 900 post before I wake up tomorrow morning. For the secret 900 post theme, it's the thread pic for next thread!
The canvas will feature a giant LOLCOW (doodle room) in the middle of the board and anons can draw and decorate the letters and the spaces around it as they wish. Giant letters are necessary for cohesion and ease of finding the thread in the catalog, and bigger doodles will be resized so everyone gets a chance to draw, but other than that anything goes. The letters will be sketched in low opacity for placement purposes only and anons can draw over them, I'll delete the sketch layer for the final pic.

I was going to make it a theme just so that everyone who wants to participate can draw something and have their doodles included in the next thread pic, but I'm also open to just picking out a completed board and using that; I can just edit the thread title in. Just in case anybody suggests it: I'm against the idea of nominating best doodles and collaging them for thread pic, since it could easily favor the artfags and ignore the smaller doodles, which goes against the spirit of the doodle board. So collages are out. Should we draw the thread pic? Or use an existing board? Vote here: https://strawpoll.com/polls/YVyP20Rw1gN Voting ends when we hit 950 posts, it's a slowish thread and we'll probably figure something out by then.

Thank you for the tip anon, I was looking at your farm bg to try and figure mine out, so this is very helpful. Since anons are replying with their thoughts, I'll wait a bit and see if a general consensus emerges before I decide on a final background. Thank you again!


I agree we could try other photos, but photos like this one aren't ideal either, anons either have to draw the characters really small or have them all stand in a line so they don't block or cover other people's art. There's also an issue of wasted space in the top of the canvas. I chose the original photo for the steps, having some characters sitting while others are standing can help with overlapping issues (kinda like taking a group photo irl, the people in front sit and the people at the back stand, so you can fit more people in the shot) Hope my explanation makes sense.

Fixed! Thanks again anon!

No. 1114778

I really needed something to do while

No. 1114798


No. 1114836


No. 1114837

Ohh I love the fawn (?) Elsie hugging the moon shaped stone and the XX Elsie tarot card so much!

Also I did not know Homestuck had shit to with horoscopes until this board lol

No. 1114840


No. 1114869

It's bull (taurus) Elise hugging a Venus moon haha.

No. 1114936


No. 1114978

File: 1648498637974.png (144.1 KB, 373x431, art.PNG)

Theme is still medieval/fantasy

No. 1115025

is this pixyteri?

No. 1115179

Not the anon who drew it, but it seems like it's Pixy and her famous kanji wind chime

No. 1115317

Do you mind if her outfit is changed?

No. 1115420


No. 1115431

File: 1648528837994.gif (2.45 MB, 418x364, ye.gif)

i tried to make a medieval crest with a snarling borzoi on it but I have a touchpad
please know I contributed

No. 1115434

I appreciate it anon, it looks cute so far, I wish you could finish it.

No. 1115440

it's very cute anon, i love it

No. 1115595

Kay note to self, don't start a portrait at fucking midnight, you idiot

No. 1115599

File: 1648543828664.jpg (403.82 KB, 769x950, Screenshot_20220329-034919_Chr…)

this illumination is incomparable

No. 1115608

oh my god

No. 1115615

File: 1648545082631.jpg (177.01 KB, 780x813, Screenshot_20220329-040912_Chr…)

then this is my other favorite for color choice

No. 1115619

more people come doodle and fill in the blanks please. it doesn't have to be good!

No. 1115622

Whenever someone says that I worry people try less hard than they otherwise would at making a good drawing. Small and simplistic drawings also can be good so long as the artist put effort into them.

No. 1115626

File: 1648545596029.jpg (209.23 KB, 792x750, Screenshot_20220329-041753_Chr…)

borderline spamming at thisnpoint but I just realized this is an homage to the blanket creatures of the bunker threads! or unless the artist is the original blanket nona?

No. 1115627

when people draw something they are usually doing their best. even if they're not, it's just a doodle board, not the sistine chapel. participation and keeping the board alive for everyone is most important.

No. 1115634

Ooooh my god you're right. i miss her blankie doodles

No. 1115784

This is BEAUTIFUL I swear I want a calendar or something with all of these beautiful drawings

No. 1115878

If you're going to post a board reminder, please also post a picture and link to the board with it nonna. not trying to be mean, a pic helps bring attention to the post and a link makes it easy to go to the board.

No. 1115914

Isn't the light purple the main version?
Do the pallette version rather than a bi theme if you are doing it

No. 1115921

I mean is it a bi theme or a pink-purple-blue theme?

No. 1115933

File: 1648563659315.png (2.74 MB, 2000x1600, e264f43880.png)

Here's the last board, theme was medieval/fantasy. This board is really beautiful and I love how so many farmers changed their art style for it. Some of my personal favorites are the dragon (I love how it fits around the other drawings!), the blue moon drawing (which looks like a homage to an actual piece that I can't recall) and Kikomi with the petrified cat. The "Loveth ab'rtion, loveth brewing, misprise men. Simple enow." is also funny.

New theme is bi flag color challenge. Draw everything using the colors from the flag that is at the top left of the board, and please feel free to draw cute bisexual stuff! Decided to finally knock this one out before we hit 950 posts. Also, I just want to direct everyone's attention to >>1094379.


REMINDER Please read >>1114736 if you haven't already and vote here https://strawpoll.com/polls/YVyP20Rw1gN

No. 1115938

omg whoever colored my dragon you did an amazing job!! how gorgeous. i love this board!

No. 1115948

Samefag, I forgot to mention the flower decoration to the left of the board. It's very pretty!

No. 1115949

This board is so funny.

No. 1115958

Shit I should've finished the portrait of 2x, whatever I guess

No. 1115962

You mean the one at the bottom right? It looks really nice to me nonny

No. 1115965

I’m busting up at the LOLCOR corner, good job nonnies!!

No. 1115980

This is my favorite board! It's so wonderful and imaginative and pretty. I love that dragon!

No. 1115997

I appreciateth ðe knight duelling ðe snails v'ry much, kek

No. 1115999

Omg that medieval book Elsie/2X makes me almost cry they look so happy

No. 1116008

The beautiful LOLCOR manuscript made me kek heartily. Love ya nonnies.

No. 1116071

Aw sorry i just felt like they were getting annoying

No. 1116079

No. 1116086

File: 1648573719165.jpg (5.7 KB, 80x80, 1638236909647.jpg)

No. 1116095

They're not! I always enjoyed seeing the blankie anons and how you would re-invent them. The blankie birds from the farm theme were so cute

No. 1116102

Samefag, but I also feel like blankie anons are a part of the doodle board culture now

No. 1116105

Same, i was the blanket nonnie for this board and just thought that's the average representation of a nonnie

No. 1116182

nona I love ur blanket doodles

No. 1116303

File: 1648585016058.png (40.92 KB, 236x238, Screenshot.png)

Come draw! Theme is still bi flag color challenge.
there's a spider in the board but she's friendly

No. 1116344

how do anons draw the font like this?

No. 1116404


No. 1116452

File: 1648591887562.png (18.49 KB, 240x122, calligraphy.png)

Hi nonna! I learned calligraphy the old school way, on paper, with a cut nib fountain pen. If you're a digital artist you can practice with a flat brush and rotate it to the angle of the alphabet you choose to learn. The copypasta wasn't written in any specific style just a mess of different styles mosty resembling gothic using the round brush, drawing and erasing to get the sharp ends, faking the cut nib look you'd get normally.
If you're really serious about learning look up The Calligrapher's Bible: 100 Complete Alphabets and How to Draw Them, covers all the important alphabets, and shows you important things like angle of the nib, letter height and order of strokes. i looked it up and there's a free copy on z-lib hehe Anyways hope you try it, it can be very relaxing, meditative even.

No. 1116521

nta but thank you for this nonny! very helpful, your addition to the board was stunning ♥

No. 1116553

File: 1648597746320.png (81.59 KB, 551x569, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 1116588

Aaay another calligraphy nerd, I learned it the olde way too. It's so hard to read illuminated manuscripts with that kind of writing 'cause their penmanship was so casual. You really have to squint hard to make out some letters.

No. 1116651

File: 1648604039640.png (109.34 KB, 688x573, plz.PNG)

haven't had any inspiration to even sketch lately so thankyou anons for inspiring me <3

No. 1116806

File: 1648617064775.jpg (88.7 KB, 782x572, Screenshot_20220330-000917_Chr…)

whichever nona drew this I fucking laughed this sums up my inspiration for this board theme as well. how much longer must we endure this

No. 1116946

File: 1648625762105.jpg (215.03 KB, 1200x1600, 2010_sonnenblume_(Helianthus_a…)

cp bump

No. 1116954

You cant bump a pinned thread sweet nona.

No. 1116965

A photo still helps push the images off the front page. Usually doesn't take more than two or three pictures to do it, though, but it's sweet nonetheless. Thanks for protecting us, image nonnas.

No. 1116998

>>1116954 whoops my bad if that's true but as >>1116965 said, I think it still helped because I saw it on the front page. I was just desperate to bump it as quickly as possible because I was so grossed out by it.

No. 1117001

If anons don't wanna draw on this board then maybe it should be cleared already?

No. 1117013

What makes you think no one wants to draw on it? The medieval board filled up at a similar rate. It would be better to wait until a board is full, some anons might want to draw but are busy atm and might be planning to later. Myself being one of them.

No. 1117260

File: 1648651558114.png (79.99 KB, 956x403, the 3 cuties.png)

Come draw in biflag colors! Some space left: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

Ehh, it's not a race, board are slowing down in general since the honeymoon period is over. If a board is really dead and has no new drawings at all in 24 hours we'd clear it.

No. 1117292

Lmaooo that was me. I didn’t mean anything by it I just wanted to add and I have arthritis in my drawin hand so I just made it quick n silly

I am also spideranon. My bad I didn’t know about the theme til later on

No. 1117541

You're like the person who was screeching about the lesbian flag theme before lol

No. 1117610

come on nonnies didn’t we already have a pride flag theme? can we get to something that I also like already kek…

No. 1117674

No I'm the one who suggested the bi flag theme to begin with and I felt bad for forcing others to do bad themes lol

No. 1117737

aw these are really cute nona!

i love her

No. 1117798

File: 1648681448973.jpg (21.91 KB, 569x291, amazing.jpg)

No. 1118131

Yoooo I'm glad SOMEONE liked my retard animals lol, I was doodling them during a boring Teams meeting

No. 1118174

Did the same nonna turn all F+M implied pics into murder scenes?

No. 1118256

File: 1648726417120.png (1.85 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_biflag edition…)

Board cleared! New theme is famous female ghosts from your state/country/culture. Come draw a spooky: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn
It would also be nice if you could write something concise about them!

The last board was biflag color challenge, my favourites are the bisexual menace, elsie looking at both versions of 2X and thinking "consistent breasts" (kek), the return of blankie anon doodles, and the kitty on a bike. Good job anons!

The next theme after this spooky board will be the one for the thread pic! The poll results seem to favor drawing a new thread pic specifically, so let's do that. Also, a heads up that the fashion board bg likely won't be done until next thread, since I'll be busy for a bit. That should be all, enjoy drawing!

No. 1118268

File: 1648727220590.png (38.57 KB, 276x408, vy8ol7g8.PNG)

Yeah ok should have known the bisexual theme was a bad idea. Not really a fan of these. The bisexual attraction symbol was drawn by me, I'm certainly not a scrote thank you very much. It's not some fucking threesome symbol if the bi-hater nonna thought that, it's just a symbol for being attracted to both sexes…

No. 1118270

Oh there is also a "stay that way" comment oh the "I'm still in the closet" drawing

No. 1118276

The "Fuck off, scrote" shit is meh IMO, misandry is part of LC culture. Whoever drew/wrote the angry shit like "pick one" and "stay that way" in the scratchy/drippy text were definitely incel(s) or edgy, tryhard straight girls though lol

No. 1118277

Thank you anon who drew both female and male 2X with their "consistent breasts". I fancy them so hard.
That's unpleasant, troll layers should be removed not be part of the final doodle screenshot.

No. 1118299

File: 1648729668568.png (5.04 KB, 177x116, no.png)

>That's unpleasant, troll layers should be removed not be part of the final doodle screenshot.
No, this will likely lead to more problems and infighting in the future. Unless it's someone drawing something clearly and objectively against the rules (coomer shit, drawing over other's drawings in a malicious manner, etc), I'm reluctant to start modding the contents of the board otherwise. This nona kept her comments small and unobtrusive, and it's not a 3 paragraph long bi-hating sperg out, so I have no reason to remove her comment from the board.
>Inb4 admin is a bi-hater
I'm not, and my personal feelings are irrelevant. Anons are free to reply to comments on the doodle board like pic rel. I also don't want to add more work for jannies, who are contributing their time and efforts for nothing in return.

No. 1118308

I'm worried that nonfarmers could use the drawing board to troll and derail.

No. 1118325

File: 1648731746787.jpg (46.05 KB, 563x565, 1610126773658.jpg)


No, I understand completely. Modding the contents would be a lot of work and leaves a lot of gray areas. They were unpleasant, but not like someone came to my house and actually hurt me. Plus my whining probably just made them happy.

I love that consistent breast drawing too, that anon is one of my favourite artists here!

No. 1118328

Honestly, if someone writes obviously malicious things, the easiest thing is probably to scribble/draw over their shit. It's a messy solution, but I don't think anything of value or spirit is lost if a scrote shows up and writes "kys femoids" on one of the boards and we just get rid of it, lmao. Drawing over something innocent is a different case (and a shitty move), but clearing off actual vandalism is fine IMO

No. 1118419

Having witnessed actual scrotes attempt to use aggie.io and draw in it, I think we're safe. These guys were massively retarded and creatively stunted.

No. 1118547

Dating men is self-harm.

No. 1118551

No. 1118610

File: 1648748673060.jpeg (229.93 KB, 1800x1300, 7C5C84A5-760D-47FD-B029-FF1432…)

Can someone please draw a Stacy Elsie vs Becky Kiwi-chan? Here’s some things to know (feel free to add)
>isn’t a pick me
>non sexualized design
>accurately represents lolcow as a cow loving farmer who guzzles down milk
>anons put care into her fanart
>eats redditors alive
>loves milk
>pick me
>sexualized design
>is a groupie of a convicted motherfucker
>programmer socks
>has zero personality and is always drawn with a smug face or uwu waifu look.
>tries to be ironic but falls flat on her face

No. 1118615

>bans scrotes
>product of coomerbrained moids

No. 1118618

No. Gross design.

No. 1118623

What do these posts have to do with the draw board?

No. 1118629

Because someone can draw it lol.

No. 1118681

Cringe and the design is bad

No. 1118683

terrible and unnecessary

No. 1118695

Kiwifags have the worst taste and art
Elsie should show her the way of the stacy TERF

No. 1118703

>is a proud TERF
>doesn’t need much to look like the biological woman she is
>designed by women
>can be seen proudly displayed all over lolcow from banners to reaction images
>looks like a troon
>people had no idea kiwi-chan’s design existed until an anon pointed it out kek

No. 1118721

File: 1648753959102.png (296.66 KB, 508x542, kikomizodiac.PNG)

I hope the OG artist doesn't mind but I made the zodiac investigator Elsie transparent for farmer use!

No. 1118756

I’d like to see an X-tan elsie

No. 1118798

File: 1648757573051.png (30.59 KB, 211x275, 1623614479335.png)

Maybe another draw theme can be board-tans/mascots? Not just from here but from other sites as well. I love the art of Elsie hanging out with CC the lizard.

No. 1118801

We already have that theme, it's on the list.

No. 1118802

Why is CC a lizard?

No. 1118804

Thank you

No. 1118809

How do we tell what the current theme is?

Also, love all the lovely art you ladies have done.

No. 1118811

Just check the board clear posts anon… >>1118256. One gets posted everytime the board is cleared, plus the reminders like >>1117260

No. 1118823

File: 1648759228832.png (1.02 MB, 2012x1230, 1629154306962.png)

She's based on the New Mexico whiptail.
The New Mexico whiptail is one of the various lizards that reproduce without males. Essentially, they're female-only species.

No. 1118835

This is so cute. I love this

No. 1118869

yess I love this

No. 1118878

Oh that is based, thanks for spoonfeeding. I love that image

Thank you anon!! Love the original art to pieces

No. 1118881

So coomerish, unoriginal and lame compared to Elsie lmao. KFtards are so pathetic

No. 1118896

>islam symbol
>israel flag
>trans flag
>shoe-less thigh-high socks for no reason
>Momiji AWOOO meme (???)
This is such a male design it's unbearable, it'd be sad if a woman drew this
>is always drawn with a smug face
What? That's supposed to be a "smug" face? lmao it's so bad

No. 1118897

I'm down for this idea!! FUCK kf and their stupid ass Becky mascot, Elsie rules

No. 1118902

im the original artist and thank you for your service nonna! ♥

No. 1118917

File: 1648764886357.gif (236.47 KB, 220x220, Nasty Ass.gif)

Scrotina looking ass

No. 1119017

Damn okay fr can you guys not make your drawings SO FUCKING BIG that no one else can draw? I didn’t have a problem with this until now since the canvas is pretty small anyways for a bunch of participants but goddamn is it really necessary to cockblock everyone?? I know the current theme sucks ass and activity is slow but damn that’s super annoying and I was looking forward to drawing today kek

No. 1119033

What even is the current theme?

No. 1119034

NTA but it's female ghosts from your country

No. 1119073

Pay me and I will, you freeloading bitch

No. 1119099

Can we also do female killers if they're notorious enough? I had an idea but she isn't exactly a ghost
Also I love the Italian ghosts so far!

No. 1119104

please do! i'm pretty sure the themes are just suggestions and you don't have to follow them, and your idea sounds really cool

No. 1119116

File: 1648785852633.png (239.01 KB, 419x583, mavka.png)

Come draw, theme is famous female ghosts from your country/culture. Female killers welcomed as well: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

Thanks for the heads up, resized and moved some doodles around, there's space now!

Please do!

No. 1119120

File: 1648786040962.png (45.76 KB, 636x303, scrote.png)

I'm also hiding this layer since it's likely a scrote (why say hi farm?). Will delete it if no anons claim these doodles to be theirs by the end of the board. Please let me know if this is yours, thank you.

No. 1119276

I'm trying to decipher what it it, I think it's a turian what do you think

No. 1119321

my first thought as well

No. 1119621

File: 1648831986916.png (84.51 KB, 289x223, cute blue lady.png)

Come draw! Theme is still famous lady ghosts: https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

No. 1119654

What is this cute ghost based on?

No. 1120087

Pretty sure it's "La Llorona"

No. 1120118

File: 1648854394044.png (107.85 KB, 439x439, LC drawing room~2.png)

I did not have any ghost to draw because I suck, but I contributed with a small chibi of board-tan

No. 1120267


No. 1120268

aww! it's so cute and good

No. 1120295

NTA but I wasn't sure, thanks. That's the one I wanted to draw.

No. 1120623

what’s the next theme gonna be

No. 1120643

File: 1648910180536.png (36.22 KB, 2000x1600, lcdoodleboardbg.png)

It'll be threadpic for next thread! Please read >>1114736 for more info.
>The canvas will feature a giant LOLCOW (doodle room) in the middle of the board and anons can draw and decorate the letters and the spaces around it as they wish. Giant letters are necessary for cohesion and ease of finding the thread in the catalog, and bigger doodles will be resized so everyone gets a chance to draw, but other than that anything goes. The letters will be sketched in low opacity for placement purposes only and anons can draw over them, I'll delete the sketch layer for the final pic.
Here's the placement guide bg for the title. I'm busy right now but I'll check the board in roughly an hour or two to clear it if jannies haven't already, please hang in there if board's full, sorry!

No. 1120834

File: 1648917576524.png (2.49 MB, 2000x1600, LC drawing room_spooky female …)

Board cleared. Come contribute to the next thread pic! Feel free to tilt the letters to make them look cute, decorate your letters and/or draw something off the side! :https://aggie.io/nypffaequn

Note that doodles on this themed board might be resized to make space for all nonnies to join the fun. It'll be up for a couple of days!

Now for the post board review of famous female ghosts! What a mouthful. My personal favourites are the spaghetti warehouse ghost, the tiny Sadako crawling out of a tiny tv, a-added you from the friend finder thread ghost, and Italian cheese. Admittedly I'm not a big fan of horror so I liked the funny doodles better, please reply with your favourites if you have one, you'll make an anon's day.

No. 1121136

I like the ghost behind Elsie who says ew to troons.

No. 1121300

File: 1648928565112.png (23.08 KB, 448x166, 1.png)

Question: Would you girls want to make a fanzine with the best/coolest/most interesting drawings? Quality of of the drawings is subjective, but the ones who are the most interesting would appear there. This would be digital only and I can make it in my spare time. I think people at lainchain do something similar. I would like to curate it for everyone here. I can go by thread, so when the next one fills up there will be another fanzine, and I would like to make it as nice as I can!

No. 1121309

That would be great!!

No. 1121327

This is absolutely adorable.

No. 1121350

Can we have a pokemon one in the next thread? not immediately but in the future

No. 1121390

Short haired 2X is beautiful but long haired elegant 2X is so beautiful too

No. 1121434

File: 1648933984179.png (679.19 KB, 1114x522, 1.png)

Ok here's the compilation of all previous themes! I will be starting the fanzine soon. Like I said I will curate it, but I'll make sure drawings of all qualities get in so everyone feels included. Just as a heads up, I might not go extrictly by theme, but by similarity (example, elsies togheter, 2X-tans together, etc)

No. 1121516

i didn't mean to make sadako that small but i only noticed how tiny my doodle was when i zoomed out orz

No. 1121541

File: 1648941734850.png (15.89 KB, 640x620, 1DEC62C2-0F57-44E5-970D-2A0820…)

Theme idea: extinct animals (or even just animals though that might be too broad)

No. 1121553

im voting for the next theme to be countries

No. 1121564

>bad art ghost
kek I recognized this immediately

No. 1121618

File: 1648948966797.jpeg (44.54 KB, 500x375, AC71A51F-9E82-4578-84C2-3C35F1…)


No. 1121750

yes please that sounds awesome!

No. 1121799

File: 1648964642356.jpg (49.52 KB, 640x530, yaponskie-deserty-dorayaki.jpg)

Goreposting again

No. 1121925

Yes! Let's draw some dinosaurs too!

No. 1121957

File: 1648973881380.jpg (68.86 KB, 512x358, 512pxArthropleuraParcoNaturaVi…)

omg yessss and giant bugs

No. 1121986

what is this I need it in my mouth

No. 1122046

Dorayaki, basically a red bean paste pancake sandwich

No. 1122066

File: 1648990531594.jpg (49.76 KB, 480x640, images-1.jpg)

Literally fake and gay. You might call that """""""dorayaki"""""" in your weeb