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No. 1263826

No such things.
Previous thread:

No. 1263878

I joined a discord that helps with learning languages and conversations in the language you’re learning, I was just dm’ed by a male who said he’d like to help, I want to be fluent but I’d rather do it with a girl. Would it be mean to pass the opportunity up? Idk what we would even talk about

No. 1263886

pass it up anon, there is a 99% chance this guy is more interested in developing a close relationship with you than simply helping you out. this tends to be the case on there. maybe some would consider it mean but who cares, it's online and you don't have much to lose by prioritising your comfort.

No. 1263907

Do not do this. I tried once because the language I'm trying to learn is really obscure and guess what men just act friendly and normal for several weeks and proceed to send you the most disgusting dick pics you've ever seen and threaten to hurt you for wasting their time.

No. 1263915

File: 1657919795026.png (479.78 KB, 536x579, Capture.PNG)

Can someomson smarter and better then me make a new celebricow thread?

No. 1263927

Can you help tack down what you want in summary and I will if no else does? The last thread was such a shit show I don’t even know what to bring over.

No. 1263931

I'm literally retarded at threads, I can't even remember my own life at times. I'm sorry nonnie, I can't help. I just remember the Doja meltdown..uh..and thats it?

No. 1263933

Okay. I’ll climb on later and try to scrub out a proper green text if no one else does in a few hours Noni. That means I’m going to have see Hunter dick again, joy lol. I remember of the top of my head:
>Doja melt down over stranger things boy
>Themi being Themi
>Madonna making scary NFT’s out of her plastic vagina
>Dove Cameron says all her music is queer despite dating tall skinny white bois
>Manson is suing his victims
New things I don’t think I saw:
>Amber Heard Juror not supposed to be there and no mistrial because suck it according to Judge.
>Elon Musk Father had child with stepdaughter.

No. 1263957

is this real? isn't he the puss and boots guy from shrek? or is he just the one who sang living la vida loca or am i just retarded

No. 1263967

What the actual fuck??

Wasn't that Antonio Banderas?

No. 1263968

I really preferred the theory that it was his husbands side piece he was stalking this is so vile

No. 1263979

I’m not a dog person but somehow the TikTok algorithms shows me A huge amount of dog related content. My question is what is the controversy surrounding Doodles? I have seen countless videos of professionals (vets, trainers, breeders, handlers etc) say they would NEVER get any sort of doodle breed but I never see them give a reason why. There was a video of some sort of doggy daycare where the person filming asked each staff member what dog breed they would NEVER own and most of them said doodles. Are they just naturally awfully behaved? In poor health? I always thought dogs that were mixed breeds were considered to be healthier than pure breeds but is that not actually the case

No. 1263984

Yep it's real. It's all over the place. TMZ posted about it usually when they post certain shit I take it as fact (most the time).

No. 1263990

Antonio Banderas voiced Puss.

No. 1264021

My friend tried to argue with me that he was the most attractive actor in Interview with a Vampire and I just don’t understand. I know Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt are bloated corpses now but Interview was their peak.

No. 1264029

Just fucking lol at male gays

No. 1264108

File: 1657931596768.png (160.34 KB, 800x485, F9FE0048-BCB4-42E1-AEEC-744D5D…)

Any nonnies live in this climate and can tell me how often to water my plant? I bought a jade plant from someone and the pot is more than a foot in diameter. I’ve never lived somewhere I could keep succulents outside and it was a bit sickly when I bought it so I’m struggling to know when it’s over/underwatered or how often I should water it. It never ever rains here in the summer and is in the 70s-80s F.

No. 1264110

Christian Slater ranks above him too imo

No. 1264114

That Arrow De Wilde girl from the indie band cows thread has anorexia, right? I don't buy that she's just naturally a giant spoop. Especially since she's like 6ft.

No. 1264118

There was a guy who talked to me once in a college course like last semester and I just looked him up randomly and he's really cute. I know he had a crush on me because he always waited for me but never talked to me. I didn't know what he actually looked like and now i feel so betrayed bc HES SO CUTE. I ended up dating a guy in that class for like 2 months but it didnt work out. Do you nonnies think I could reach out to the cute mask guy? Im fucking pissed tbh, is it weird if I just tell him that I think he was cute or is he gonna be weirded out since I was seeing another guy briefly in that class. Idk what to do.

No. 1264120

Is sex actually a real thing people do or do adults just pretend it is? I feel like it’s fake news.

No. 1264121

Imo she isn't a spoop, at most she is only slightly underweight. It was confirmed her mother had he same body type as her when she was younger so it's safe to say it's some what genetic.

No. 1264124

Jk I'm fucking weirded out, he apparently has a gf but I swore he had a massive crush on me because I would run into him all the time…wtf?

No. 1264143

How do I be happy. I think I've been relatively happy for a while and I know its all about mindset and everything but sometimes I have these bouts.

Most recently, I just got hired at an amazing company and will literally be making 100k a year now. This is what I've been working towards my whole life. I know its not good to have one moment define my life but Im only 20 so, not many life defining moments tbh. But Ive been thinking today, as Im staring at my screen, doing this work, that this is literally the last thing I want to be doing rn. I guess it just hit me like, wow, I have to do this for the rest of my life now.

The thought of it makes me want to jump off a cliff lmao. Im very grateful but idk, maybe its just nerves. How do you be happy with where you are?

No. 1264145

samefag but also my family is poor so me having this job is life changing for everybody so it would kinda suck if I messed it up

No. 1264146

Start investing or making an exit plan for retirement. Work is not the purpose of your life or the end of it. It's what we do to get by. And I say this as someone who locked myself into a shitty industry full of moids but I'm optimistic that I'll make enough money to travel and do things that I like in my spare time.

No. 1264150

Spoiler for vagina related question. Does anyone else get these sort of pimple like things on their clit? Like the line where the hood meets the clit, sometimes there will be like a tiny white dot there. It doesn't come out easy (usually have to nudge it out/use something to help get it out). I don't think it's not dried up discharge or anything because it doesn't come out easy enough to just be some discharge or smegma lodged in there. I use unscented soap to clean my labia and have in particular I'll pull back the hood and clean the area since this happens, but it still happens regardless. It doesn't hurt or anything, but a while back I just wanted to look at my vagina and I saw them. Normally I have to pull back the hood to see them but just now I could even notice part of the hood had a white tinge under it and I could see a bump from underneath. I pulled back the hood and lo and behold, there it was.

No. 1264151

there's a vagina thread in /g

No. 1264154

I posted >>1249985 in the vent thread but realized this is actually something I really want an answer to instead of just crying about it, so please help me.

No. 1264180

It's usually excess grime/discharge that manages to get stuck there.

No. 1264185


As a fellow music lover and one whom knows that "Can't get this one out of my head just got to hear it again" thing all to well and even the listening not fully satisfying the "itch" for it let me see if I can offer a few things that help me when that comes up.
You could of course attempt to put the song on repeat or find one of those "one hour" versions where it's just looped over and over, the problem there is it tends to ruin the song in a lot of cases through overexposure even with the best of them, so I wouldn't advise taking that route personally, though some obviously love it so use your own judgement.
What I typically do is to find similar music to the song in question usually focusing on the part of it that appealed to me most. So if it's from a particular style/genre/time period/etc I usually start there. If it's the lyrics, or the singing style or something along those lines then I'll start there.

I'm thankful that as a former DJ I've been exposed to quite a wide variety of music and having to often pair unlikely songs/styles together that will keep the listeners happy, not to mention requests that can potentially disrupt the flow and or vibe of the overall music if one isn't creative in follow ups that ease people back into dancing/enjoying music more in keeping with the overall set.
The exciting part is that new music is being written/produced all the time by artists, and also that even with a wide taste in music one can still discover and fall in love with new/old songs that become personal favorites.
Allow yourself to explore and to take a chance trying out different songs/styles the great thing about being that if it's not to your taste you can always turn it off or skip to a new song. Good luck on your musical journey anon, I hope you find both new and old stuff similar to the song your currently "itching" for that helps to sate that "itch" for you!

No. 1264188

this post is so cute

No. 1264189

I got a greek olive based soap bar from my grandma. I've been wanting to use more natural hair products, is olive soap something you can use to wash you hair? I'm not sure because of the oils that can be in it, but also I think it might be good for your hair so I don't know.

No. 1264192

No. 1264196

What was it about Effy from Skins that made her so popular and (lack of better word) iconic? There are a million teenage girls in the UK and probably elsewhere who are sort of like her in terms of style

No. 1264202

she was like the mysterious aloof bad boy trope but genderflipped

No. 1264209

If bisexuals are much more common than lesbians, then why has there been 5 lesbian threads on /g/ and only 2 bi ones?

No. 1264229

File: 1657941369169.jpg (144.87 KB, 993x676, Screenshot 2022-07-15 201413.j…)

Skinny, acts grown, is better and smarter than everyone around her, edgy, alluring according to the boys in the show therefore "powerful," could also take it or leave it, effortless style.
I always thought her character was super flat and was always waiting for the other parts of her personality to show and they just… never do. That show's really weird and gives me pedo vibes.

No. 1264230

There exactly 278 bisexuals on planet Earth. The majority are in the Latin countries (Brasil)

No. 1264233


This one is a bit difficult (and also a bit touchy for some of the anons in question) I'll try my best with what I know though.

The Lesbian threads were, obviously, created with the intent to give women attracted solely to other women a place to talk, discuss that and all that implies (family and social issues, dating complications, political movements trying to co-op them etc as well as more light hearted stuff like long term relationships with that special someone, style, fitness, and fashion, etc). Honestly it's really not any different then most discussions between women identifying with a particular group getting together for a bit of a chat and support.
Of course there were a number of bisexual women whom visited the threads as well. It should be noted here (briefly and tactfully) that certain disagreements and issues started to become more and more obvious between those whom women who were bi and those whom were lesbian.
In addition there has been a large upsurge in "bi" and or "queer" identifying people (there are quite a number of posts discussing this scattered around the site including (in Snow I believe..?) A "Spicy Straight" thread (Was still around last I checked but it's been a minute) which further complicated things both for bisexual and lesbian women and their spaces both here and on other apps/sites.
As things currently stand there is a agreement that bisexual women have their own threads to post and talk about bi issues and that the lesbian threads are mostly for discussing stuff specific to that sexuality. Because this agreement was reached more recently then the start of the Lesbian threads, the purely Bi threads are as a result fewer. If your curious about older bisexual issues and farmers identifying as such you'll find at least a few older posts from that in the older Lesbian threads (If I am remembering right). There is also a "questioning sexuality" thread as well for those still exploring and determining their own sexual identity.
I hope that helps answer things a bit, I did try not to bring up too much of the actual issues and conflicts here, again you can read about those for yourself in the threads mentioned. The main thing is (which I think is quite admirable really) is that an attempt is being made to give everyone a comfortable place to talk while not feeling uncomfortable or like their invading another person's space.
Hope this helps explain a bit.

No. 1264234

Samefag, I think I only made it halfway through the second season though so idk about her character development. SKINS is weirdly uncanny valley to me and I couldn't make it any further

No. 1264239

Do the kids on SKINS have "posh" accents?

No. 1264243

She was shown to become crazy later on (I forgot exactly what caused it though, something to do with her therapist?, [who was also nuts and a creep] or trauma from seeing Tony get hit by a car) and I think it's implied that she keeps a distance from others precisely because it makes her go crazy or something, there was even a line from her mom that went something like how she 'keeps her cards up so they won't tumble/fall down' idk

No. 1264244

O shit that's actually pretty entertaining tbh. I'm watching vidrel rn and I think I must be right at that point

No. 1264246

>SKINS is weirdly uncanny valley to me
I love it but it really is, so many parts of it feel like a fever dream.

No. 1264247

most bisexuals end up with other sex, don't need special spaces to discuss that kek. huge part of what makes navigating as a homosexual person different and oppression is due to lack of heterosexual interest, which bisexuals have.

No. 1264249

I wish my dreams were as funny as vidrel

No. 1264251

File: 1657943629050.jpg (48.62 KB, 1073x603, Screenshot 2022-07-15 205349.j…)

Damn effy gets into some shit as an adult

No. 1264257

File: 1657943907229.jpg (55.7 KB, 674x603, Screenshot 2022-07-15 205755.j…)

kek @ her head shape


I'd read it but I don't have a ton to contribute sadly!

No. 1264259

She always reminded me of dasha with her fuckd up headshape

No. 1264263

lmao that is some iconic cringe, it was extremely cool to me as a teen though

This episode is my favourite Skins nonsense, I randomly remember it exists every so often. The 911 musical as well
>then came the day Osama blew us away

No. 1264266

what the fuck is that cooch length pillow dress with tights?

No. 1264275

Kek Dasha wishes she was Cassie

No. 1264276

File: 1657946772825.jpeg (119.22 KB, 828x242, 069A26A0-CF45-445F-A703-784762…)

who this

No. 1264291

True, but what about the bisexuals that are with the same sex? It still does not belong in the lesbian thread, as they are not lesbians.

No. 1264316

File: 1657951492256.jpeg (183.83 KB, 1300x1208, B2BCFDD9-1B06-4B41-BD22-172B25…)

Isn’t it weird how chubby she got? And Lana Depp Rey too. All the coquette waif ana Chan idols turned chubby.

No. 1264318

What kind of mannerisms are considered creepy/weird? To a point where someone was glad that I left the room (or they thought I did kek otherwise I wouldn't hear them). Is it all just from not talking much? I feel like that would give off a background character vibe but apparently not.

No. 1264319

anyone who audibly voiced that as soon as you left the room is the creepy weird onee.

No. 1264320

>lana depp rey

No. 1264321

I'm surprised it isn't more common tbh, restricting and obsessing over your weight (like I assume waif ana chans do) often turns into binging if you're not blessed with super spoop willpower.

No. 1264325

Sorry I meant Lana del Reyes
he's crazy y Cubano como yo

No. 1264327

You are probably just autistic and people find that off-putting. You have no grasp on social ques and norms to begin with, you can't memorize those, they just come naturally to normal people. Maybe try to find other autistic friends?

No. 1264332

File: 1657953698662.gif (3.26 MB, 498x291, laundry-laundry-day.gif)

Anons, what kind of a washing detergent do you use, liquid, powder or pods? I've been using pods, but I'm thinking switching to powder might be more cost effective

No. 1264333

Too much or too little eye contact, not smiling, staring, asking inappropriate questions. And yes, I think being silent all the time can be read as creepy by people

No. 1264335

i use nellie's laundry soda (powder) when it's on sale, it's good. i can't say if it's any better than regular liquid detergent tbh

No. 1264338

I use the powder that comes in the big bag with the baby deal on it I can’t remember the name, it’s wayyyyy more cost effective than anything I’ve ever tried and it works just as well as pricier liquid detergents

No. 1264340

File: 1657954716259.jpeg (35.07 KB, 400x400, 4B891D8F-3A1E-4916-864C-32FC00…)

Samefag but this stuff. I knew I wanted to switch to a powder detergent and I picked this one because I thought the seal was cute kek

No. 1264345

I 100% thought this was gore posting

No. 1264347

that's what i thought at first too

No. 1264357

File: 1657957113487.jpg (71.46 KB, 640x480, Fxo1VyYpQN_HQFljuaMh0TMeD4RBn_…)

What is your favorite early 2000s artstyle, or maybe even an artist?

No. 1264369

Jesus anons, I'm sorry, it didn't occur to me that it might look like gore

No. 1264427


Actually the one you posted isn't that far off. I like some of the anime from back then. Know some friends now whom have similar styles of art (at least in that it's anime though the subjects are usually more modern day). Anyways thanks for sharing brought back some fun memories from watching anime and what not.

No. 1264464

File: 1657966255007.jpg (430.84 KB, 800x640, Yukirin.full.363725.jpg)

I had this as my wallpaper for a long time

No. 1264469


That's a lovely one I can see why you had it so long the moon and stars in the back round really add to the atmosphere.

No. 1264484

File: 1657969060600.jpeg (1.17 MB, 985x828, 155038A2-F644-4176-B6B2-C7814F…)

Lee Sun Young, also known as Kine in Aqua. I think her art book was the first one I ever bought from another country

No. 1264520

Yeah most people interpret someone being quiet as weird, offputting or bitchy.

No. 1264526

Nah, she doesn't have the dry, malnourished look spoops have. Probably marfan syndrome if anything.

No. 1264781

Why are straight men obsessed with turning lesbians straight and gay men obsessed with turning straight men gay? Is all male sexuality just rapey and pathetic men trying to fuck people who aren't attracted to them for an ego boost? What the fuck is wrong with men? Even the MTF are obsessed with raping lesbians and straight men. I don't see women do this at anywhere near the same rate. Not lesbians or straight women. In fact women tend to stick to where they're wanted so wtf is wrong with men. Do they not feel disgusting? Probably not they're all entitled deviants but damn dude. These are the people who run most countries smh

No. 1264797

when you call somebody an autist on here is it just a catch all insult or is it because they exhibit some annoying trait that is associated with autism and that prompted the insult

No. 1264915

File: 1657996745904.jpg (147.96 KB, 1001x1001, 13c1413065b34d15f8a4100777ce2b…)

the excessive nitpicking over the tongues of cows has made me question my mouth hygene
i dont usually brush my tongue and i smoke so i have some white substance on it. i just scraped it with a clean nail file and noticed the build up.
how do you do it normally? brush your tongue everyday or few times a week? and with those tongue scrapers or is your toothbrush / the ribbed back of it enough?

No. 1264916

I don't know what it's called but I make this creamy pasta with brandy, Cajun chicken and capers (my mom taught me as it's her favorite) and I make it for anyone and everyone with no complaints and requests for more- chefs kiss*

No. 1264919

I just go to town with the tongue scrubby part of a toothbrush and I'm set.

No. 1264920

File: 1657997002750.jpg (97.13 KB, 736x981, a96c963ad02085b4549baedbe16f7b…)

Anons, do you have a signature dish? Like something that you can make really well and maybe something that people request you make for them? It can be a dessert, savory dish or even a drink.
I brush and scrape my tongue every single day, twice a day. That's where bad breath comes from and bacteria just sits there. The ribbed toothbrushes don't do much IME, get an actual tongue scraper.

No. 1264926

Sorry for deleting anon! Thanks for answering

No. 1264928

i've had people specifically ask for these dishes because of the way i make them: chili (vegan or regular), breaded porkchops, chicken piccata (vegan or regular), linguine alle vongole, stuffed calamari, blackened salmon, tuna tartare (admittedly very easy). that's kind of it i think. i rarely cook much though because it's too much clean up and work so i really only cook if it's asked of me

No. 1264929

Oral candida (your picrel) isn’t just connected to mouth hygiene. I’ve had it for years and this stubborn bitch won’t go away. It has a lot to do with gut issues.

No. 1264930

yw anon! are you looking to get more into cooking for people or something?

No. 1264932

Nah, I actually cook pretty frequently (although I'm not good at it lol). I asked because I'm about to grocery shop and need some ideas.

No. 1264933

File: 1657997372892.jpg (150.6 KB, 1200x900, semmelknoedel-rezept-bild-nr-2…)

tysm for your answers nonitas! ill buy one of the scrubby things as im stopping to smoke soon anyway, need to get my mouth hygene on point.
also dish nonnie, i make the best semmelknödel in this world. its basically bread cubes mixed together with eggs parsley and a little bit of milk and seasoning (nutmeg is so good in this!!!) and then boiled. its very odd but one of the best ways to enjoy carbs for me personally. I love it the most together with mushrooms, chanterelles to be exact. I guess its a bit like thanksgiving stuffing! at least conceptually. but it orginates from my home country so it makes me feel nostalgic and comfy

No. 1264938

interesting, you don't see a lot of boiled dishes that are super delicious but boiling is so nice and easy in comparison to everything else. i'm gonna try this

No. 1264941

File: 1657997622609.jpeg (58.05 KB, 640x635, 1639184315974.jpeg)

I'm socially oblivious and lack life experience: what is the worst thing that could happen if I hooked up with more than one guy who happen to be in the same class? I know men talk, and it could (and more than likely would) get out. What are the repercussions of being labeled a slut? I just really want to have fun, but I hate tinder. Sorry for autism.

No. 1264948

Thanks anons! The semmelknodel sounds very interesting, but I love stuffing so I want to try.

No. 1264951

I've noticed that men tend to not like 'cute' as a compliment and many claim that if a woman thinks a man is cute they're not actually interested or whatever. Why is that? Because for me at least it's not the case, if I think a guy is cute I find him attractive and it's been the same with my female friends. Like do men think a woman could only be interested in a uber masculine/macho guy? (cuz I'm assuming they take issue with 'cute' because they interpret it as feminine)

No. 1264954

I think they dislike it not just because it is feminine, but because they feel it's patronizing. Like cute is more connected to small things, baby things, girly things.

No. 1264963

I have some smooth wooden planks (meant for furniture) laying around, is it possible to use opaque watercolor on them? I don't plan on doing something intricate, I'm just bored and have had these planks laying around forever.

No. 1264977

How can I motivate myself to finish the video games I started, now that I have more free time? It's not that I'm forcing myself to play them just because it feels like I have to, it's because I started games months ago, got too busy and tired because of work, and now I feel like it's been too long to get into them just like that.

No. 1264980

I think it could be what you said and also because ‘cute’ is also associated with youth. As you said, most men think women are only attracted to hyper masculinity so they think cute means looking like a kid meaning you don’t take them seriously or find them attractive. Obviously that’s not true since a lot of guys with boyish faces are attractive (at least to me), but the masculine ideal is to look strong or like a protector or something like that.

No. 1265016

File: 1658000486769.jpg (311.56 KB, 1060x1060, Untitleddesign-13_c5bb8250-92b…)

What are lolcor's favourite pizza toppings?

No. 1265021

Anchovies. Yes I am unhinged.

No. 1265032


No. 1265034

No. 1265035

Pea and mayonnaise

No. 1265049

Ricotta, pepperoni, pineapple, anchovies, bacon, balsamic glaze. Sometimes all at the same time.

No. 1265062

there have been 2 threads for bi women you said yourself. lot of discussion about relationships and dating online is done by single or people in unhappy relationships, maybe the bi women here in relationships are more likely to be satisfied and not feel the need to talk about it online because they also know other SSA women irl.

No. 1265090

Mushrooms and olives mmmm

No. 1265095

Fresh garlic, pineapple, bacon (or ham or prosciutto), pepperoni, bell pepper, spinach, balsamic glaze (or hot sauce), gruyere cheese (or goat cheese), fresh tomatoes, mushrooms, green olives, and red onions. Probably forgetting some.

No. 1265143

idk where else to ask this but i've been seeing everyone talking about The Boys, all i know about that show is that it's made according to those american comic books of the same name. i know it's super violent and fucked up and probably not LOLCOR's cup of tea but does anyone here like it? i wanna check it out but i can't if there are any rape scenes?

No. 1265161

File: 1658006133464.png (325.24 KB, 463x700, r676575675.png)

Did he do something to his body to achieve this muscled look? it looks fake to as if he got them sculpted, while it doesn't look like the affect of steriods. He just looks weird to me.

No. 1265164

File: 1658006225011.gif (2.72 MB, 540x330, c261df3e2d16fef9d01df64a18361b…)

There is one short rape scene in season one. I like this show a lot, its recent season is the best one because of the focus on a female character which was done nicely, on top of that two "bad guys" actors were doing a great job. But I admit I am not looking forward for the next season because in comparison to the whole season, the last episode was its weakest. On top of that I have read the recent interviews of its creator and I didn't like them.
I recommend to give it a try if you like "edgy" tv shows that show what would happen if superheroes actually existed, they would just turn into disney-bought clowns.
Its entirely different from the comics which is nice, because the comics itself is shit

No. 1265166

It's just that he has higher body fat. Also low pectoral hypertrophy (so, essentially disproportionate muscle growth) which makes the abs look a little bit Ellen Page-esque.

No. 1265167

isn't it shayna?

No. 1265173

Hookup culture isn't fun and isn't ~empowering~ you by taking control of your sexual availability. Giving scrotes meaningless sex will only leave you feeling empty and attaching emotions to moids you otherwise wouldn't look twice at.

Have fun doing something else, Nona.

No. 1265178

I haven't seen season 3 yet, but I fully enjoyed the two first seasons. There is a rape scene indeed, but like the other anon said it is short and it doesn't feel glorified like in shows like Game of Thrones, for example. I like the political jokes and the women in the show are given great moments of empowerment that don't feel pandering or forced.

No. 1265186

Thank you for answering me.

No. 1265241

For a series that is OTT graphically disgusting and violent on purpose, it's surprisingly decent with treatment of female characters imo. It doesn't have women being naked decorations or objects or victims of titillating sexual violence, there's a lot more naked men and the female characters are pretty respectfully written. That's rare for edgy media.

As anon said, there is one rape scene, but it wasn't graphic and the way it's used in the plot is fairly thoughtful. And uhh there's some weird rapey fish related stuff, ymmv with how upsetting that is since it's predominately more gross than relatable.

No. 1265243

I'm also socially oblivious and lack life experience, but that doesn't sound like a good idea to me. If you're going to have your fun, I'd say just hook up with one guy and call it a day. I just don't think it'd feel comfortable knowing that multiple men in such a close vicinity will have seen you in such an intimate position and will be able to talk to each other (and everyone else in the class) about it. Of course, even if you sleep with one guy it's possible he'll talk to his friends about it, but I doubt there will be much to talk about if he's the only one who has slept with you. It's the same with girls. If a guy has slept with one girl in a friend group, they might talk about it for a little bit, but if he's slept with multiple girls in a friend group then he can become a topic of conversation for weeks (and it's usually not in a good way).

No. 1265302

I’m not racebating I’m just a middle eastern scrote hater so don’t ban be but can German anons tell me how much the surge of male refugees impacted you, if at all? Do you get harassed more and do you feel less safe going out at nights and stuff or is the media exaggerating? I see what these scrotes here are capable of so I’m curious to know if they behave like that there too or if it’s just the right spreading fear.

No. 1265333

Why do christians (and religious people in general) quote scripture to shame people into having kids when there is a verse that says women who are childless will be considered blessed at the end times? And alot of the same idiots screaming "be fruitful and multiply" also quote revelations and say we're currently in the end times. I don't understand how someone can be so loudly ignorant about their own religious text. I'm not exactly a Christian I'm more of a polytheist who chooses to only worship Jesus but I don't see how some people feel comfortable shoving THEIR version of the bible down everybody's throat. Like if God really said childless people are useless then who the fuck is John the Baptist? Is he useless? Like these people just want to shame people into doing something they don't want because they themselves are miserable parents and spouses. And misery loves company. Most Christians are fucking weirdos with malicious intent and are honestly even worse than all the "unsaved" people because at least "sinners" aren't doing hateful and retarded shit in the name of God. I honestly trust atheists before christians because I've met too many who are vile human beings using the Bible to justify their wicked hearts. They don't realize screaming at people will only push people away from God. Which imo is worse than not believing. Like youre literally making people hate Jesus but then wanna act like they hate your beliefs for no reason. Sorry this turned into a rant I just can't understand these inconsistent morons

No. 1265343

File: 1658020013851.jpeg (145.61 KB, 1300x1047, 24EDBBE2-F1DE-4FB9-BB74-3100BF…)

Is PIV sex actually supposed to feel good? Like "good" good physically? Or is the pleasure solely psychological?
Also what does it feel like? Does it hurt?

No. 1265353

Why do I always look like I have more weight (mainly in thighs, face) than someone who weighs more than me and people who are the same weight as me? I don't think it's necessarily height related since these are people near the same height as me. I look downright chubby for no reason and most pants feel and look tight even when they're the right size. Other people have noticed too so i know it's not delusion and I'm not diagnosed with any disorders. Only super baggy sweatpants feel + look remotely normal on me. But losing weight doesn't make a difference either and I'm at a point where losing any more would put me in unhealthy territory. Tbh this has been a problem since puberty, with looking bigger than I actually am despite no drastic changes in weight.

No. 1265354

File: 1658021384369.jpeg (341.45 KB, 1125x780, CEBA9A1E-F2A4-469D-A195-6F3BCF…)

Can any US nonnies give me a ballpark price for what vet costs look like for a cat who might have kidney issues. My fiancé has a 17 yr old cat who is clearly having bladder issues and frankly we’re poorfags who barely scrape by as it is without going into debt so I don’t know what to do. I’d like to at least have some idea of what we may be facing so I can brace for the financial impact, aside from all the other negative things that very much look like they are coming down the pipe. Picrel, his/our cat looks like this but skinnier.

No. 1265358

it should feel good physically, but any tension or vaginismus can commonly make it painful and unpleasant. i used to have pain initially when stretched at the beginning of sex, though with a partner that knows to preform foreplay and help prepare you makes a lot of difference. I'm sure some would argue that piv orgasms are a psychological thing but by the involentary reactions I have when certain spots are hit makes me believe otherwise. Sex used to feel painful and medoicre until I found a partner with a really nicely shaped dick and sense of rhythm, and now its very easy to get off. Its hard to describe the sensation itself, your walls are massaged and filled, and feeling yourself spasm around something hard is imo the most enjoyable part.

No. 1265361

In my experience, PIV sex or penetrative masturbation feels very, very good. Of course I need to be aroused and in the mood for that type of sex. Being wet and excited both relaxes my body and prepares my vagina for penetration. I've only ever had sex with average sized penises and use smaller dildos, so the penetration has never felt like 'too much'. The pressure of a penis / dildo feels nice as does the motion of it entering and leaving my body. I don't always orgasm from penetration, but it always feels pleasurable. Psychologically speaking, feeling desired by someone who wants to make love to me is arousing, but I don't equate sex as being PIV only. Having someone I like / love inside me can be very intimate. Sharing pleasure with someone makes me feel closer to them. Sometimes after longer love-making, my vagina can feel sore, but in the way a muscle is sore after a work out. I haven't had sex with many people, but the ones I have had sex with have been people I've trusted a lot. Being comfortable with a person is crucial for good sex so I've always left a situation if I've felt unsure if I've wanted to have sex or not. Masturbation has been the best way for me to learn what I like and get turned on by, making me confident in setting boundaries when it comes to sex. Forcing oneself to do something because someone else wants it is not a good way to explore anything, least of all sex.

No. 1265363

Is the cat eating but still losing weight or drinking a lot? Cause they could have diabetes and it could be making the cat pee a lot if this is a new thing and they never used to have bladder problems.
Somewhat common in older cats.

No. 1265364

She’s on the skinny side but has been a stable weight for a few years now, and her hunger hasn’t seemed to have changed noticeably. Her urine is having less of an odor, which we didn’t really realize as we have a second cat that uses the litter boxes but we noticed it when she started to go frequently outside of the box. From what I gathered online that doesn’t bode well.

No. 1265390

Unfortunately for an older cat there's not a lot they can do for kidney issues because it just comes with age, other than give you a bag for subcutaneous fluids that you can administer on a regular basis. I remember the last time I took my senior cat in for her kidney checkup, blood tests, anti nausea meds, fluid bag, etc was somewhere around $300 (luckily I have a decent job so I can afford it). Like >>1265363 said, if she is acting alright and eating/drinking fine, then if you can't afford it, you might just want to keep an eye on her for now. You can find ways to up her fluid intake, like adding extra water bowls around the house or diluting her food with water. You can also try getting a larger litterbox or putting more around the house, my cat tends to miss the litterbox just because she can't see well anymore.

No. 1265410

It's advised that people taking medication don't eat or drink grapefruit because it can mess with the medication, but what about grapefruit flavored seltzer? It's just listed as "natural flavors" but could it still effect medication and stuff?

No. 1265420

Chemicals in the fruit and fruit flavouring can interfere with the enzymes that break down the medication in your stomach. As a result, the medication may stay in your body for too short or too long a time. The medication won't work as intended and may have ill side effects.

No. 1265423

i think thats actually a very good question so im looking it up
So it seems that it has to be a decent quantity of juice to affect meds, but i think the amount of juice in any form of flavoring would be so minimal that it shouldnt have an effect? Idk

No. 1265424


Doesn't seem to. I drink a lot of sparkling water in various flavors including Grapefruit and it never seemed to dull the effects or cause a reaction, I'm guessing because the amount of actual grapefruit is so low? Then again I don't know what your taking and every medication is different. Could try looking online you know goggle search or whatever?

No. 1265428

Why did I have a sex dream about my ex who I've known since we were kids. We broke up like six years ago wtf

No. 1265431

Dreams are weird like that tbh. I’ve had random sex dreams about people I’m definitely not attracted to at all. Personally I don’t think it means anything, just your brain being horny maybe.

No. 1265441

Same, every time I start at a new workplace, I dream about fucking everyone there within the first 6 months but it ceases after that. I don't think about them sexually at all when I'm consciously awake. Dreams are weird like that.

No. 1265451

You're correct but at the same time the dream featured a very idealized version of him from the past that I wish I could go back to with improved confidence

No. 1265476

File: 1658037240379.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 2656x2295, EDAD9A0E-0250-4FCB-A800-81301B…)

Do tights with square crotches have a name? Picrel is creepy as hell and I’m sorry but its the only example. I was told I need tights “with a square crotch like cheerleaders wear” and I’m yielding nothing online but I know what they mean (they aren’t replying to my question about brand though and I’m running out of time). Thanks in advance lol

No. 1265484

Dance briefs? Maybe you can find what your looking for in the undergarments section of dance sites?

No. 1265486

Daneskin used have this on their shimmery tights but I’m not sure if it’s still a thing

No. 1265487

Thank you both, seriously. I will change my strange ways.

No. 1265488

Im retarded but I always assumed these were underwear underneath tights

No. 1265498

Anons I've always liked drawing but never posted it online. Now I am feeling the urge to draw art that would have appealed to me as a teenager to fulfill that lost time. Is that dumb?

No. 1265514

No not at all

No. 1265537

File: 1658047527762.jpg (32.59 KB, 488x129, description_image_gusset.jpg)

Maybe they were referring to a gusset? Pants on the left in picrel have a gusset

No. 1265682

If I donate $1 on someone's paypal.me will they see my name or it can be done anonymously?

No. 1265684

pretty sure they see your name

No. 1265689

I think anything Paypal related does reveal your name

No. 1265702

thread pic got me thinking, what accent does Cowardly Lion have that "nerve" turns into "nive"

No. 1265717

I want to experiment with girls so I downloaded tinder. I only attract uneducated generally unattractive women, while I have a very polished profile picture. I am not a narc, but just sad about it. Because when I tried men I literally would get the scum of society. I wonder if this is because the women on tinder just want attention from women that they perceive as “ugly”? What’s going on..do I need plastic surgery.

No. 1265721

Do you live in a big city? If not, maybe the people you live around are just ugly.

No. 1265726

It could be your fat distribution, your body type (endomorph, mesomorph, etc), bloat, or water retention. Try fasting for 24-48 hours to get rid of the bloat and water retention or reduce your carb intake for a week or so and see if it helps

No. 1265734

If you cannot attract even moids, then maybe you are also ugly? You kind of sound a bit arrogant tbh

No. 1265769

Thank you for the extensive reply

No. 1265774

How do you guys brush your tongues without gagging? I feel like throwing up whenever I apply minimal pressure onto my tongue and once actually did.

No. 1265804

i love the boys tbh, but the last season finale sucked major ass (just generally disappointed w the characters, nothing bad or gross happened). it doesn't have violent sex scenes. it's pretty generally based and touches on how women feel objectified a lot actually. much of the content is about satirizing and mocking right wing and toxic men. there's way more male nudity than any female nudity, there aren't a lot of scenes meant to objectify women but there are sexual scenes for sure. like anons have said, it's not like GoT with their fetishization of sexual assault or anything. it is very explicit with violence/gorey things though because the superheros are villains for the most part so

No. 1265874

Are you skinny fat? The people you compare yourself to probably have more lean mass.

No. 1265883

File: 1658076185000.jpg (44.74 KB, 680x554, 1640272586476.jpg)

I'm overweight, pls no bully this is an actual question I have:
I went to a doctor recently and he pushed the idea of getting a bypass onto me. The stomach one. He also mentioned the gastric band. He said I needed to drop the weight as fast as possible or else he's sure I'm going to have some heart complications in a few years.
I don't like the idea of a bypass or gastric band, it's really scary to me, I know people who had bad complications afterwards, and my mom has told me the results in the long run result in your body not taking in enough nutrients and your hair and body looking feeble. Is this true? does anyone know someone with this procedure? Should I trust this doctor?

No. 1265896

Are you, technically, overweight or (mordibly) obese? A doctor advicing such an invasive procedure for someone who's only overweight can't be right.

No. 1265900

I'm overweight, but the doctor said to drop the weight now or have a heart attack later. I got heart complications since 2018 due to a badly administrated medication (mixed two things that weren't supposed to mix)

No. 1265904

Can you get a second opinion from another doctor?

No. 1265911

Why? I just want someone who takes care of themselves just as much as me. No way I’m ugly, I’m 6/10.
I live in a big city. I can never match with the girls that I (think) look like me.

No. 1265917

What is it called when you're sort of…not in tune with your own feelings and sort of unaware how you feel?

No. 1265923

He thinks you're so much at risk for a heart attack at your current weight and cardiac health that he says you'll have a heart attack without immediate intervention… but also that your heart is healthy enough to withstand gastric bypass and stomach band surgery and recovery? Something doesn't add up here. If you can please get a second opinion.
You don't have to answer this but is your heart healthy enough to start light exercise? If he keeps pushing bypass but not healthy eating and exercise where your health permits, he's a bad doctor.

No. 1265928

how tall are you and what's your weight, anon? it wouldn't suprise me if he's just an unscrupulous piece of shit if you're just normally overweight and wants to push invasive surgery on people for $$$. i don't go to male doctors or surgeons for anything, they especially can't be trusted

No. 1265933

I'm so sorry nonna you sound ugly inside and put6

No. 1265934

This post and the entire discussion reminds me of the anon who said that this website has gotten overridden by femcels tbh.

No. 1265936

What in the living hell is your problem? Lol.

No. 1265937

*and out.

No. 1265938

No. 1265939


No. 1265942

Tell your throat that something is going in, don’t take it by surprise.

No. 1265943

File: 1658078644614.jpg (33.55 KB, 720x709, bd61d2b044987182d3383f3029cc66…)

I'm just saying anon sounds like a narc

No. 1265945

That seems extreme, has he suggested diets before?

No. 1265947

You get used to it if you do it daily

No. 1265948

A narc because I don’t want an obese NEET? Lol. I am allowed to have standards, so please get lost.

No. 1265950

I'm sure you'll attract someone one day nonna with that personality of yours <3

No. 1265951

Kek better alone miserable than with somebody like you, a projecting scrote-like asshole.

No. 1265954

What's the inverse of body dysmorphia, where you think you're more attractive than you are?

No. 1265957

If anybody is projecting scrote-tier rhetoric it's you nonna. Calling every women you match with ugly and not worth your time. Stay mad and lonely, love.

No. 1265959

Get help

No. 1265960

Literally what is your problem. They were all angry, obese, drug addict and jobless. I just don’t want to end up having the same problem but with the genders reversed. Like, what? If I should go with that, why? Like why would that offend you?

No. 1265961

Get off tinder and meet people irl unless it's your personality that drives ppl off idk nonna.

No. 1265963

Please don’t tell me what to do you angry fat fuck. Whatever, just disregard my question if it stops you from being a mad asshole.

No. 1265965

File: 1658079297880.jpg (26.67 KB, 800x504, 656574.jpg)

No. 1265967

Don’t want ‘m don’t like ‘m. I make my own chocolate bars.

No. 1265975

Recipes please?

No. 1265978

not any of those anons and just reading the infighting now and you sound like a piece of shit also your are overinflating your looks too much you call yourself a ''6/10'' but the truth is you are just as hideous as those women you are criticizing. If you cant find anyone and only bitch about ugly people/women then you are the problem and are in denial that you are ugly.

No. 1265992

Recipe is simple, I buy cacao nibs which I then roast, peel and then grind. I add sugar and cacaobutter, flowers, berries whatnot.

No. 1265995

Also samefag but here is good video to learn how to make cacao butter

No. 1265997


No. 1266005

Wait idgi, are you thinking the ugly women you matched with want to interact with an ugly women so they match with you?

No. 1266013

I am kind of afraid to ask but what in the world is PULL

No. 1266018

prettyuglylittleliars, a gossip site that shut down a few years ago

No. 1266020

pretty ugly little liar, it was a forum for drama/cows that was basically for a younger userbase, a little like LC. a lot of younger users migrated from there. it closed down last i knew

No. 1266021

it was a well known gossip site that was mostly dedicated to gossiping about cosplayers and influencers. There was alot of drama surrounding that site and the userbase were….something, the site shutdown 2 years ago so some of the userbase deiced to go into w/ so they can discuss the cosplayers.
The culture in pull is very different from here and they are generally disliked.

No. 1266026

Nonnie are you self sabotaging? I had a friend when she downloaded Tinder would only swipe on men she thought were "in her league" & then was upset about all the uggos lol. Are you swiping for women you're attracted to? If so start swiping on women you actually want, not that you think you can get/ are in ur league.

No. 1266046

I see, thanks nonna!

No. 1266053

Finding femme lesbians as a femme lesbian is nearly impossible tier, I wish more fake straight women would just come out

No. 1266086

Can someone help me figure this out? If I need to give 1/5th of a teaspoon per 10 lb of body weight, how much do I give for 6 lb of body weight?

No. 1266087

0.12 of a teaspoon

No. 1266089

just read that argument above about nonny not wanting to date fat ugly women and i've come to the conclusion that the angry lesbians here and just like angry incels
>wahhhhh why won't you date ugly men
>wahhhhh why won't you date ugly women
because no one likes fat ugly people. stop being triggered.

No. 1266095

Thank u nonna!

No. 1266123

Explain pls

No. 1266137

No. 1266167


No. 1266179

What does "mid" mean?

Divide 1/5 by 10, then multiply by 6

No. 1266181

long story short i have recconected with a great friend i adore but we haven't spoken in 2 years before this. during this time i crocheted a lot of gifts for her most of them rat themed because she had a lot of rats along with some other trinkets. she was very excited to hear that and told me i can mail them to her when i finish the last one, cool. turns out one of the rats i made (it looks like a real life rat if you squint) has the exact same colors as her favorite rat that died some time ago(by complete accident). Would it be weird to send that one because i am willing to make a differently colored one if its weird because i do not want to seem like a weirdo after 2 years of no contact?

No. 1266189

Is it ever possible for men to be truly submissive?
My last boyfriend claimed to be submissive but got super pissed if I tried to tell him what to do outside of the bedroom, like full on ape mode at the smallest suggestion, and bossed me around all the time.
Even in bed he was always the one picking the positions, I think he thought he was submissive because he always put me on top but 90% of the time he would just want to do all of the thrusting.

No. 1266190

Average. usually derogatory

No. 1266192

That's the meme, scrotes calling women average?

No. 1266193

Yep lol

No. 1266218

Go to the femdom thread, this kind of thing has been discussed many times before.
In short: if he claims to be submissive he's most likely not and only pretends to be in bed to fuel his "femdom" fetish, and even during sex he won't give a fuck about what you want or what you like.
The most submissive men are submissive even outside the bedroom and don't go advertising it.

No. 1266219

I'm guessing you're asking if men can be submissive in a relationship-sense, rather than just sexually? I'd say it's pretty rare, since very few men want to put others before themselves and even fewer respect women. Definitely not impossible though. Anyway, it doesn't matter how many truly submissive men there are, you just have to find one.

No. 1266223

How can you tell if someone is just awkward vs the dangerous kind of creepy?

No. 1266283

If it's pink or lighter in color with minimal clumps, I consider it light but my heavy days are usually clumps, very red, changing tampon so often- and normal flow is when a tampon works for the 8 and doesn't leak/decent amount of blood but I'm not dying (as much as I normally would lol).

No. 1266287

What other nona said but I also used to have to kinda just wipe my pussy down, kinda like scoop some clots out because mine was so heavy, sometimes I could just not do that and I considered it a lighter flow with the brighter blood color and all.

No. 1266294

I email back and forth with my favorite teacher from high school in short bursts a couple times a year. I always had a crush on him but got over it quickly because he was 40 something. He was my teacher when I was 14 and then I switched schools and eventually graduated. I’m now 21. Our emails have always been normal catching up, nothing weird, and he would send them from his school email address. Until this week, when he started sending emails from his personal email suddenly. In the most recent email he said he finally looked my name up and saw photos of me and said he isn’t surprised if I get flashed given “”””those outfits””” I wear. I don’t wear revealing clothing and at one point in the email he used the word lolita to describe me even though there’s nothing remotely sexual or juvenile about how I communicate or present myself, and I don’t wear Japanese lolita fashion to be clear.
He also asked if I wanted some collectors items he has lying around from a shared interest of ours. He ended the email by telling me to be prudent and be careful around men because a lot of bad ones are out there, lmao.

My stupid question: is this flirting? I know it’s weird and definitely kinda creepy even if he’s not flirting. But for some reason there’s this huge mental block and I can’t tell if he’s flirting. Nonnas my brain is all jumbled up from feeling like my 14 year old self’s desire is validated but also my adult self being worried. I’m fucked and I need someone to shake my shoulders because I can’t tell up from down after reading the email he sent.

No. 1266296

You didn’t fuck up, he’s testing the waters to fully creep on you. Sorry anon.

No. 1266322

it's flirting. I don't want you to doubt yourself when you feel that icky vibe, because it's definitely icky.

No. 1266347

File: 1658108898194.jpg (67.3 KB, 542x567, small computer.jpg)

What are these things? Sorry it’s so blurry.

No. 1266351

Bluetooth speakers with some other gimmicks attached. They're on Amazon and other sites. They're kawaii desu but if you care about audio quality you're better off with standard speakers

No. 1266354

Is there ever a way to break through a guy who negs? Of course not in order to 'fix' them and date them, but just to get them to see what they are doing and call them out?

No. 1266356

Flat out call out what he’s doing, refuse to enable his playing dumb, and say it’s embarrassing for him. I’ve called out negging so many times, and unsurprisingly the guys almost always get flustered and defensive then drop it.

No. 1266357

were there always this many nazichans on this site and were they always so loud and annoying about it? like jesus christ it's like everyday someone is racebaiting.

No. 1266360

No because they do it on purpose. They know exactly why they're doing it. Call it out to piss him off and block if you must but that's as far as you're going to get.

No. 1266366

What husbando thread is best to post in for non-human husbando?

No. 1266373

O wow I would have never guessed. Thank you nonna

No. 1266398

/Rk9/ waifu threads, my buddy posts her husbando, parappa the rapper there sometimes.

No. 1266400

>my buddy parappachan
you're saying "my buddy" as a joke, right?

No. 1266402

kind of. they've gotten more emboldened, especially the women, but female or not they should be called out if seen. nazifags, especially women, are extremely disappointing and pathetic people. still can't believe we have actual women wandering around like sealchan who will post drawings about "kill all men" on her insta etc and then worship nazis. so embarrassing

No. 1266408

Why is it so unbelievably common to find worthless men like this. It's like every 1 in 3

No. 1266418

it started being inappropriate when he used his personal email and it all went downhill from there. he'll think you're leading him on by replying and probably talk shit about you if he gets caught. block him

No. 1266419

it's extremely creepy flirting, yeah. i would stop responding

No. 1266424

Thanks everyone. I’ve calmed down and can think a lot more clearly now. Part of why I was having such a hard time thinking about it lucidly is because part of m wants the validation while the other, sane part of me hopes he gets his dick caught in his zipper. Gotta be strong and sane and not enable any creep shit.

No. 1266429

Who are your top 3 favorite and 3 most hated celebrities and why?

No. 1266433

Dwayne the rock, he's just really hot and gives off Nigel vibes
Angelina Jolie, she is beautiful and has a great humanitarian record
IU, beautiful and great humanitarian record too

Top 3 worst:
Emma Watson
JIM actor from the office (I just hate him. He seems like a douche. Even worse than Emma)
Johnny Depp (obvi)

No. 1266438

who's IU

No. 1266440


No. 1266441

lol my mom had the hugest crush on the rock when i was a kid. i thought it was hilarious but now that i’m older it’s like, yeah i get it.

No. 1266444

a k idol eternally stuck in her lolita phase

No. 1266454

>/Rk9/ waifu threads
I said husbando and I don't think /rk9/ is a board on here? Is it?

No. 1266459

no, it is not. it's on 4chan

No. 1266461

Oh, I thought it was a board similar to the other secret board. I don't really visit 4chan so I didn't know.

No. 1266463

good, don't visit 4chan

No. 1266466

Okay, but I have a question which husbando thread is good for general husbando talk for non-human husbandos. Should I use the retarded husbando horny thread or something else?

No. 1266468

Monsterfuckers thread

No. 1266469

pretty sure the retarded hornyposting husbando thread is for all 2D husbandos, human or not

No. 1266479

File: 1658120864616.jpg (32.43 KB, 563x557, ladG0aF.jpg)

Nonnas what are your hobbies? I need a creative outlet but I can't find enjoyment in anything but reading and starving myself.

No. 1266483

Use the husbando thread on /m/ or the devoted thread on /g/. Even if you're not talking horny, I don't want to imagine you thinking horny about some weird animal or something.

No. 1266490

I like sewing, and in particular, handsewing. It can be really tedious and painstaking work, but I think it's pretty meditative. Dealing with patterns can be frustrating, so instead you can just cut out some squares/rectangles and just sew yourself a new pillowcase. Embroider a simple design for some extra fun, I like sashiko embroidery (it's possible to do without an embroidery hoop, I've done a big design before). If you want a little more of a challenge, there's tons of free clothing patterns online. I also like knitting and watercolor painting.

No. 1266498

why does every browser i use freeze up so easily when i don't even have that many tabs open? i clear the cache, cookies, and other browsing data multiple times, i always have an adblocker, what gives? the kind of browser i use doesn't seem to make a difference, i've switched between chrome, opera, and brave (haven't used firefox because it doesn't have the extensions i use). this wasn't much of a problem years ago. most of my tabs are from this site, could that have something to do with it?

No. 1266499

you have so much patience anon

No. 1266501

I'm learning Spanish very slowly. I think everyone should study at least one foreign language.

No. 1266503

Why do people seem to be so against au pairs? I'm American, but they're basically like live-in nannies right? The only reason I can think of to be against au pairs is if they're taking care of and spending time with the child more than the actual parents

No. 1266530

I make/paint miniatures and toys, draw and make visual mods for video games, and whatever misc crafting I happen to do. I also watch channels on youtube that do felting, clay modeling, nails, painting, diorama making… there are many wonderful ones to get inspo from, check the youtube creator rec thread on /m/ for example, there are some creative channels on there >>>/m/186862

No. 1266531

how do people have the energy or commitment for this? i just don't care enough to do any of this

No. 1266532

Well, that's their hobby and they like it. You could start with something simple like wall art. Search youtube/the internet for anything you would find fun to do. But if you do not care for crafting, it's fine too, it's not for everyone!

No. 1266534

Anon what have you done you just reminded me that I wanted to pick up some air dry clay and try making little figures because I made 2 successful ones years ago.

No. 1266543

That's awesome nonna!

No. 1266558

NTA, but having tedious hobbies can be nice because you have to focus and it clears your mind from thinking about anything else, it's sort of meditative. That's why stuff like this appeals to me at least. It also feels nice to not stare at a screen, and make something cute that you can admire later.

No. 1266565

no, it isn't that i don't care for crafting and i'm not putting it down, i think it's amazing for others, i just personally literally do not care about anything at all kek. i have literally no energy for anything at all aside from doing my work, cleaning, and working out when i feel like it. when i'm done with that i'm just dead

No. 1266567

Is it a working memory problem if, let's say, I have a routine that I do consistently but one day I do one thing differently and then I just completely forget what my original routine was? Or another example: I always pack the same things in my work bag, then I go on vacation, and when I come back I cannot recall at all what stuff I usually bring with myself and it's also very difficult to build thag routine back up. Or this is not a memory thing and my brain is just resistent to routines?

No. 1266576

Was 4chan the first online forum/image board to use kek?

No. 1266579

And I mean outside of the game where it originated from

No. 1266594

I'm browsing laptops and one of the descriptions said that the laptop has 256GBs of SDD…is that a typo and did they mean SSD? Or is that a subtype of HDD?

No. 1266598

And while we're at it, which brand is better, Asus or HP?

No. 1266690

File: 1658142458951.jpg (82.64 KB, 509x339, workingirl.jpg)

I have a scrote friend who keeps pulling amazingly sweet women and then breaking their heart, I have no fucking idea how he does that, 99% of the time they're gorgeous with impressive degrees, the kind of women you think wouldn't take shit from a scrote…

Anyway a few days ago he brought another girl and we kinda hit it off, at one point she told me "My best friend doesn't like "scrote-friend" she think he's going to break my heart…", I didn't know what to say. What do you think nonnas, should I warn her or am I going to look like the jealous best friend who's trying to keep him single?

No. 1266694

Warn her, there is a pattern.

No. 1266699

Would anyone be interested in a black metal cows thread? I'm not so up to date on it because I've left the scene for a while, I know there's an Altcows thread already but that just the Fake/Kaya thread at this point. If anyone knows of some cow-worthy metalheads (there used to be major ones about 5 years ago) please name them, I'll make the thread.

No. 1266933

File: 1658159605442.png (268.64 KB, 828x1792, B860A5EF-A21A-46F6-ACC2-A4F735…)

Why does pinterest want me to download this if i just want to follow a website link??? I’m too dumb to use it! Or do i need the app?

No. 1266938

Varg would be the only one tbh

No. 1266939

maybe the website link itselfs promts a download? I wouldn't download it

No. 1267021

Why is malted chocolate so fucking god?????

No. 1267070

If you're husbando is a monster post him in the monsterfucker thread on /m/, or the hornyposting thread on /g/ if sufficiently humanoid.

No. 1267074

Why not metal cows in general?

No. 1267076

Why are you even friends with that asshole?

No. 1267089

He's a huge dick with his girlfriends but he's otherwise a really cool friend. I don't usually concern myself with my friend's private life, but it's kinda getting out of control and it makes me sad to meet cool girls knowing he's going to abandon / ghost them after they fall in love.

No. 1267101

You’re supposedly his best friend but you don’t check his ass? Sounds to me you enjoy feeling like the only “speshul” girl whom he treats well. You don’t actually feel bad for those women at all.

No. 1267115

You know just because he’s not your boyfie doesn’t mean you aren’t still a massive pickme.

No. 1267202

drop him and stop enabling him

No. 1267205

>being bestfrinds with a man who fucks women over
I bet anon has a crush on him and gets pleasure seeing him dump those women and keep her around when in reality he views her in such an unattractive way he has no issue exposing his nastiest shit. Men never let attractive women know about how they emotionally abuse other women, they'll only tell that stuff to unattractive pickmes they don't respect.

No. 1267207

You're projecting.

Should I talk to him or to his gf? Can't really drop him, he's part of my group of friends.

No. 1267209

nta but him, if you talk to her nothing will stop him from repeating the same thing

No. 1267211

I agree but in reality, when men keep a woman like her around it's because they have 0 interest in that unattractive woman(op) aside from satisfying their ego. He uses other beautiful women sexually and then tells all about his misadventures to the ugly woman who praises him for it. It's all about boosting his ego using her pickme-ness.
If he really cared about her, he wouldn't have told her how much he disrespects women and finds it ok to use them, a statement that means he also doesn't respect her. He uses beautiful women for sex and ugly ones like op for emotional labor.

No. 1267213

Do you really have no backbone that you think it's ok to keep a man around even though he takes pride in using women? As a woman yourself? Why is he even a part of your friend group?

No. 1267214

It doesn’t matter what you “look like” you owe that woman a warning. Also shame on you for being friends with that beast.

No. 1267217

Is it normal that when I’m quite sad, my heart feels heavy? Like a solid rock?

No. 1267219

I’ve been in this situation before where a person in my friend group is nice to us yet treats his girlfriends poorly, but honestly what is the solution? Unless he’s actually being abusive nobody else is going to say anything. It’s not exactly against the law to string someone along and get tired of them after a bit. You could stop being friends with him (and your friend group) but that usually just leads to you ending up alone. I’ve dropped friend groups before for stuff like this, but I don’t know if that’s always the right decision. It sucks ending up alone and friendless because you have high standards, but it also sucks to be friends with jerks.

No. 1267220

The woman of course, you idiot. Fuck your friend group also.

No. 1267223

kill him and your shitty friends

No. 1267225

Tell her, matter of factly, that he has a history. And tell him he’s a faggot. I can’t imagine what other characters are in your group of friends if you all don’t bat an eye at asshole who treats girlfriends like replaceable toys. Such male behavior to ignore their friends wrong doings. Women on the other hand would discuss moral disagreement with their friends.

No. 1267226

Not only you're friends with a shitty scrote, but also you're a shitty friend, because if you actually like and care about a person you'd call them out if they're doing something wrong; and hurting women would be one of these things

No. 1267227

Any one have any stats on how many women in the red light district are there due to trafficking?

No. 1267228

Tell her you don't know her and can't give advice but her friend who knows her well can - and that she should probably consult her friends. Since her friend thinks he's shitty, she'll understand you agree with her.

No. 1267230

There is no projection about it handmaiden, men habitually treating their girlfriends like shit is misogyny and to then praise him as a good friend is pickme shit
>well he was never mean to me

No. 1267231

personally i wouldn’t be friends with someone who’s a total jerk to every woman except me.

No. 1267234


Thanks for the honesty.

Yeah it's weird because he's not being overtly shitty, I've never had to deal with anything like thate before.

No. 1267235

yes, i feel emotions really physically and whenever i’m super sad sometimes i can barely move and almost feel suffocated by the weight of my own heart. it sounds cliche i guess but that’s literally how it feels.

No. 1267239

I’ve also been in the same situation but luckily my friends were decent people and we collectively shoved the shitty guys out of the friend group and made it clear none of us were interested in hanging out or maintaining contact because their behavior. These guys were harsssing women for nudes and overall just being super scummy and manipulative, not sure how exactly nonna’s case differs since she hasn’t gone into detail. If the guy is just breaking up with women again and again in the same pattern that’s not evil but it’s also weird and probably indicative of him using them like toys and like all men he’s probably a misogynist. Fuck!

No. 1267243


No. 1267245

Why are 75% of the people who like me on hinge asian? I'm white, live in a majority white country. I've only had one previous partner and they were asian too. I'm not a weeb, don't watch anime or anything like that.

No. 1267248

You have to be really well off to pay live in nanny’s well enough, and most people aren’t so it usually ends up where the nanny is being exploited as essentially slave labor. That, and a lot of people will assume the husband is fucking her.

No. 1267252

I've never heard of people being particularly against au pairs. What kind of things have you heard about them? Against au pairs or against the families who hire them?

No. 1267253

File: 1658168952420.jpg (51.81 KB, 852x480, uncle-irvin.jpg)

bump. Or do I have Alzheimer's or something

No. 1267257

Idk I find that I never have a very specific routine in the morning which makes it difficult to 'get back into'. Every morning I shower, eat, brush teeth, etc whatever, there'll be some order to it but nothing solid. So I never recall the specifics. If that makes sense.

No. 1267258

Just online, I've only seen it a couple of times.
>against the families who hire them?
The families. Basically saying it's slave labor.

No. 1267262

if they are paid, it isn't slave labour kek

No. 1267265

If you’re giving them a $700/month room for rent and no extra pay then yes that is slave labor. Sometimes they might pay you an extra 1k or so a month but that’s still slave labor. I’ve worked that and I only did because I was homeless. The husbands often creeped on me too.

No. 1267268

I would say that people who are rich enough to hire nannys for their children but exclusively go for the cheapest option don't respect or care about the people working for them and therefore don't care about the safety of their children enough.

No. 1267270

oh nonna….

No. 1267271

I don't really know what this means. Are au pairs the cheapest option? What are the other options for live-in caregivers?

No. 1267272

even a lot of slaves in the US got paid

No. 1267278

NTA but I had to google au pair and it’s just a live in nanny but a foreigner. If that isn’t transparency then idk what is. Just like sex trafficking/tourism and surrogacy.

No. 1267279

How do I get milky nailpolish to look even? I love the look but it's really tough to get it even

No. 1267285

tons of thin layers and patience. don’t glob it on all at once otherwise it just kinda goops up and becomes uneven

No. 1267290

getting foreign nannies is human trafficking in some countries. Like in Arabia for example rich families get foreign nannies and then they can deny her to leave the country, stop paying her and force her to do slave labor for them forever.

Its really sad but no one really talks much about this because the victims of this slave labor are poor women.


No. 1267292

>He says he knows many horrifying stories of those “not very good” Arab families who abuse their young Asian housemaids and nannies.
“Some of them see themselves as owners of these girls and really treat them like slaves, confiscating their passports when they start working there, making it impossible for them to leave,” he says.
Other families don’t feed the girls well, or they let them work hard “like machines”, he adds. “Others beat them up or abuse them sexually.”
He says he has heard accounts of nannies being killed, their bodies even chopped up and made to disappear.
“One nanny I ministered to was repeatedly raped by the three generations of men in the house she worked in – grandfather, father and son – before she could escape to safety,” he says.

No. 1267310

File: 1658171771377.jpeg (112.98 KB, 1632x918, butterlamb.jpeg)

So, nonnies do you prefer Squarespace or Wix for your websites? I'm not selling anything, and I'd go for personal/business website.

It's a start up, so I don't WANT to find find a website designer till I make cash, thanks!

No. 1267390

I don't know shit about websites but I'm googling butterlamb for the first time rn and.. beautiful, horrifying, artistic, skilled, retarded, deformed, perfectly formed.. what a wild ride.

No. 1267396

I don't know shit about tech but I loathe HP. I've never had anything from HP that didn't just shit itself within a year or two. I stopped buying anything from them like 10 years ago so I don't know how they are now but I still avoid them like the plague.

No. 1267421

I have this (minus ex-bf) with French men lmao. Considering hitting on someone is purely looks based, I'd assume it's something about fitting into their beauty standards or something.

No. 1267474

Anon-chans, I'm a tired ESLian that can't proper english right now. Please tell me, in "Unless specifically asked, only a third of the men interviewed […]", does it mean a third out of ALL men mentioned thing X or does it mean that a third of the men mentioned X by themselves PLUS those that were asked about it mentioned X?

No. 1267477

A third of the men means a third of All the men. I’m a native English speaker.

No. 1267478

My retarded sister wants to get an instagram account with my phone number, idk what she did but she can't create an account with hers anymore. She probably got her account suspended or whatever. I told her no and to fuck off but if she still tried to use my phone number, will I be automatically informed to activate the account? Or can she ask to receive the activation link by email instead? I made sure to never, ever give my phone number to FB/Meta and I don't want her to ruin things for me given that she's a retarded interney illiterate zoomer.

No. 1267481

As in a third of the men mentioned X. As in more than a third may have mentioned x but only when asked as opposed to prompted.

No. 1267482

A third of the men mentioned thing X without being prompted. More mentioned it when prompted.

No. 1267493

Tell her to use google voice number if possible

No. 1267494

Idk but make it easy for yourself and order a free simcard for her online so she can use that number

No. 1267500

That would make sense but I definitely don't fit stereotypical East Asian beauty standards (I'm not short, super skinny, demure, etc). If anything I'm the opposite… maybe that's what does it!

No. 1267503

I'm not spending a cent on that stupid bitch, she has her own money. I'm done being her 2nd mother. I just yelled at her to never give my phone number for online services she will subscribe to and she told me she won't and that I'm a weirdo for caring so much.

Not sure how that works exactly, but I'll look it up and see if that's possible for her to use that.

No. 1267509

that's why I said free. You can easily get a pre-paid simcard shipped to you for nothing.

No. 1267515

I'll look into it but she'll see our family abroad for a month in just two days so maybe that's a vit too late. She can just make an account by creating and using a new email adress if she's that addicted. When I used instagram I only gave my email adress to create my account and nothing else. Not sure if that would still be enough though, since Meta as a whole is trash.

No. 1267536

What are some skills that i could learn online that would give me some nice money?
Rn i am learning live2D(the program to make vtubers) which i heard can give you some nice bucks but i am scared of the vtuber boom being near it's death. I have somewhat decent art skills and a bunch of free time.

No. 1267545

I paint aircraft models and take photos of my figurine collection. Kinda autistic but it's fun.

No. 1267577

Totally! Too bad I'm not so much in the scene anymore, could have mentioned some. I was mentioning black metal because the bands usually have the most retarded fanbase lol. But I guess >>1266938 is right, black metal retards get posted in the Varg thread anyway. I was just thinking about the old drama there used to be in my online circle like 5 years ago kek. The metal scene is full of retards though, I think if you're in the scene you could dig up some dirt easily.

No. 1267587

(nta) i was never involved in metal scenes but some of my older friends were always befriending metalfags on irc in the 2000s. a decent handful of them wound up in prison for murder, like, i still can’t believe it. i’ve heard some insane stories about weird incest fetishes they had, all the constant shit slinging, heroin addicted couples starting drama, airing out dirty laundry for edge points. can’t imagine having that be your favorite genre and trying to bone over it lol my condolences but i’m sure you have a lot of good stories

No. 1267591

trying to bond over it* jesus..

No. 1267593

How long does it take to you to not sound like a beginner on an instrument? I've been playing for four months now and I still sound like shit. I'm getting discouraged.

No. 1267621

What do compliments even mean anymore? I've been told I'm pretty by both straight/gay men and straight women, but I never thought of myself as anything above average (I don't think I'm ugly, just I have an unconventional looking nose and thick, dark, unshaved body hair). I legit can't tell if they're trying to be nice or genuinely think I look pretty. Guess I'm just autistic. I know this comes off as the worst humblebrag ever but I'm serious, I have never thought of myself as particularly beautiful or ugly so hearing it from others feels weird. It is nice to hear but I just can't tell if it's sincere.

Practice makes perfect! Don't give up nonna I believe in you ♥

No. 1267628

I make filters for social media. It doesn't cost anything, you just need a good computer. And it's fun to snoop on people who use your filters

No. 1267631

It depends what instrument you play- if you're learning the violin, you'll sound like shit for a decade before it gets better. Plateaus are normal, and persevering through them is difficult but rewarding. Four months isn't a long time in the grand scheme of things, but it's an amazing start and you'll only improve from here. I've been playing my instrument for years and I still think I sound like shit a lot of the time. Just remember the Dunning-Kruger effect; you're becoming more critical of faults that you would never have even noticed four months ago, and that's a good thing.

No. 1267675

Did anyone with a shitty work ethic and ADHD/dopamine-screwed brain eventually succeed in cultivating discipline/getting shit done? Or are we doomed forever?

No. 1267676

Why are baby hairs considered to be a black girl hair style to some black girls when the majority of them have to glue pieces of hair on their head to have it? I naturally have baby hairs because my hairs really frizzy and curly and once had a biracial (which is probably why alot of mixed people are insecure as fuck in their racial identities) chick tell me I'm appropriating hairstyles black women caught flack for when I'd literally have to shave them off to appease her. Like I just have these. Youre the ones coping mixed, white, and latina girls with baby hairs what the fuck

That's like Mexicans claiming to have invented zoot suits when black people did.

I feel like everybody probably does this though. But why the fuck would I glue tiny pieces of hair on my head to look like black girls who do that? What the fuck. Clearly it's just my hair texture but some people just like being angry and feeling like they're standing for something I think

No. 1267678

Actually a better example would've been Mexicans claiming to invent afros

No. 1267688

Yes but it takes working with you. I have a specific list of foods and stimulants like caffeine that help manipulate my brain chemistry short term, taking care of myself, and doing everything in a just for this and then you can have that way. I also don’t let myself sit in the executive dysfunction. I have a basis schedule for needs and work. If I have a bad time (please don’t spam undertake kek) I just have to stick to bare bones schedule that has plenty of time to sit and do nothing like a computer with the RAM overloaded.

No. 1267691

>Why are baby hairs considered to be a black girl hair style to some black girls when the majority of them have to glue pieces of hair on their head to have it
This post is probably racebait considering some sentences, but this part was really fucking stupid and ignorant. Black girls do use their real baby hairs for most styles. I don't know what makes you think black women can't naturally have what is just shorter hair from the hairline. If you have a hairline, you have baby hair.
Anyway, it's styled baby hair like picrel that's associated with black women, not the baby hair itself.

No. 1267694


No. 1267717

It's a vaudeville Brooklyn accent, like in vidrel.

No. 1267821

Do the dear leader’s kids ever ask him “hey daddy, when is your baby coming out?” after dear wife has given birth?

No. 1267836

Best mosquito repellent? Any tips to keep them away from me? I have welts all over my face and neck and I was only outside for 15 minutes.

No. 1267855

I bought sauerkraut from the store that's in a jar and found in the refrigerated section. Do you think it has probiotics? Yes I know to make my own but it takes 3 weeks.

No. 1267860

What are some possible negative outcomes of toxic positivity? I’m so tired of being a pessimistic cunt I want to put on a new happy go lucky personality and be likable. Only bad things I’ve read about toxic positivity are regarding other people’s negative emotions but I have enough brain cells to emulate empathy.

No. 1267877

>be friendless hikineet for most of my life
>finally find a discord group of friends
>they ask me to join vc
>I can barely form a sentence and run out of air after it
>my throat hurts now
is it possible my throat deteriorated after years of isolation? or am i just retarded?

No. 1267881

Being very nervous will make your throat and vocal chords shaky and hurt after a while if you talk in that state

No. 1267894

i find it hard to talk even after a few days of not talking, coming from someone who was also isolated for years in the past. clear your throat a lot, say random stuff out loud, drink a ton of water, before going out or joining calls or anything. helps a lot

No. 1267899

omg i want to do this so badly

No. 1268063

do probiotic foods actually help with ibs? I've been drinking tons of kombucha and eating natto, kimchi, and yogurt and it seems to be helping but I really can't tell if it's placebo or not

No. 1268065

Depends on a person but it's known to help! Also since IBS is psychosomatic, if you feel better after eating this kind of food that's all you need to know, no need to determine whether it's a placebo or not

No. 1268066

yes - most probiotic bacteria can't handle extreme heat but can tolerate the cold so refrigerator temps wouldn't have much, if any, effect on them

No. 1268069

>I can barely form a sentence and run out of air after it
shit, that happens to other people to? i can skip the elevator till the 6st floor, but speaking a couple of sentences leaves me breathless.

No. 1268071

Yes. Increasing my insoluble fibre and probiotic intake massively improved my IBS. Plus, as >>1268065 said, IBS is largely psychosomatic, but it can also cause a negative feedback loop. The gut microbiome produces 95% of the body's supply of serotonin, which regulates mood as well as many physiological processes including digestion. Stress can cause IBS which can affect mood regulation. It's all connected, and maintaining a healthy gut helps maintain this balance. Just make sure you're getting the right varieties of probiotic foods. Not all yoghurt has live bacteria, and only refrigerated and ventilated kimchi has it, not the canned kind. Check the labels.

No. 1268076

File: 1658226819119.jpg (156.15 KB, 850x850, sample_8e88d71b205dfa76b9b8ce0…)

where do i even start with dieting/exercise? i am not obese(I think), I am 1,55 cm and weigh around 60KG(sorry amerifrens I don't understand your alien metric system) and I want to get more fit, but I don't have money for a nutriologist rn, so I was hoping that someone could link me to a beginners guide, book or channel that could guide me, I get overwhelmed by the amount of information there is…

No. 1268079

Does anyone else kiss their cat on the mouth?

I have two cats both are 4 years old and i remember back when i had them i loved them dearly but i was disgusted by the idea of kissing them on their mouth, i didn't know what was wrong with people to have this weird anthropomorphic urge to kiss them like that on the mouth… But now i love my cats so so much that i don't know how to express love any other way sometimes lmao i just see their cute little face and i want to kiss them, and i sure do know how dirty their mouth is.

No. 1268080

just remind yourself their lick their ass with that same mouth, don't let their cuteness blind you from the fact you are indirectly kissing cat asshole's

No. 1268087

Any nonnies who use bluetooth headphones, what do you recommend? And is there another thread to ask specifically about purchases?

No. 1268088

No you are not obese at all nonna lmao, I think you are normal weight. Getting fit is never a bad idea though (says me, a true fucking fatass kek). I think /g/ has excercize threads iirc?

No. 1268091

File: 1658228520209.png (143.55 KB, 537x537, JBL_TUNE_660NC_Product Image_H…)

I have JBL Tunes, they are nice because they have bluetooth and cable option for when I forget to charge then (=very often). I would 100% lose Airpods or similar in a heartbeat so the headphones are perfect for me.

No. 1268094

How long do you keep them on? I can wear headphones for hours so they need to be comfortable. Any smaller more discreet options I could use at work?

No. 1268110

File: 1658230364661.jpg (7.72 KB, 181x186, Screenshot 2022-07-19 043258.j…)

I use Sony WIC-400 daily and I like them. Long battery life and sturdy build. My only complaint is that the tones when turning the headphones on/off can be a little loud.

No. 1268124

There's a tech thread on /ot/ for recommendations and discussions.
As for bluetooth headphones it depends on what you're going to use them for.
Circumaural (over ear) - better for use at home better long term comfort
Supra Aural (on ear) - smaller and more compact better for long journeys or where you need comfort and portability
IEMS (in ear monitors) - great for blocking out external sound and are easy to carry around. Inserting them can be uncomfortable and you will need clean ears
Buds - discrete and portable. Unlike IEMs they don't block out externals sounds or seal the ear canal which might be preferable if you need awareness of what's happening around you.

No. 1268169

I skinpick my pubic area and I especially love squeezing out/ digging very baby hairs that still only look like dots that haven’t emerged under the skin yet; if I crush this hair fetus between my nails it’ll often crumble very easy or end up as a smear of black. Why is it not solid or in a proper hair shape but like vague blobs of black? Why does it come out so easily like squeezing a pimple? What is it called in this stage? Am I giving myself lifetime scars?

No. 1268194

If you want to cool your beer (12% alcohol content) quicker can you put it in the freezer instead of the fridge? It's hot and I don't feel like waiting.

No. 1268195

JBL is such a good value for the quality I second this anon

No. 1268199

There are so many car washing liquids what the fuck do I buy to just clean it? Wash and wax ceramic waterless what the fuck is all this shit

No. 1268202

If your goal is simply to improve your overall health, you don't need to overthink it. Find a type of exercise that you enjoy. If you want something more social and fun, find a team sport like netball or hockey. If you want something cheap and solitary, start running (couch to 5k is a good and easy way to get started) or yoga/pilates routines on YouTube (I like yoga with adrienne).

In terms of diet, just try to incorporate more vegetables, protein, and whole foods, and have less processed food and sugar. I do a variation of the same meal most nights because it's really easy, cheap, and tasty. A type of grain (e.g. brown rice, quinoa, millet etc.), some vegetables (e.g. broccoli stir fried in soy sauce and garlic, roasted root veg in olive oil/honey/herbs, salad), and a protein (e.g., fried tofu, grilled fish/chicken, black beans).

If your goal is to lose weight, it's calories in vs calories out. Calculate your TDEE (google it), and then try to aim for a daily net caloric intake a few hundred calories below it.

As long as you feel good, you're doing good. Do whatever you like, as long as it's in moderation. I find most fitness/health youtubers have terrible guides because they aren't affordable or convenient at all, although sometimes they have good recipes and routines.

No. 1268207

File: 1658241527067.jpg (7.87 KB, 259x194, frozone.jpg)

Yes, I always do this! Just don't forget about it or it'll explode.

No. 1268209

Haha holy shit, thanks nonna I'll put it in the freezer! It's too warm hot to not have a cold beer and enjoy it with cigarette on the side, ahhh

No. 1268232

idk but reading this while eating was a bad idea

No. 1268240

thank you nonnas I didn't know it was psychosomatic but I will keep on eating probiotic food in that case for as long as I feel better

No. 1268242

Wrap it in a damp cloth and then put it in, it’ll cool super fast.

No. 1268250

About two weeks ago we had sex with my bf and he came inside of me but I have vaginismus, so he wasn't in that deep. Fast forward today, I'm feeling sick (as in I feel like I'm going to throw up), and actually I'm pretty sure it's just reflux because I drank two glasses of orange juice in the morning and two cups of coffee in the afternoon and also had an acidic lunch (vegetables in tomato sauce). I've started feeling like someone was choking me a few hours ago. Should I do a pregnancy test regardless?

No. 1268253

When is your period due? Pregnancy test might not be so accurate at this time, but yeah, there's no better confirmation than a test.

No. 1268255

Forgot to add that I forgot to take the pill 2 days before the sex

No. 1268257

I'm on the pill but forgot to take it some days before we were together

No. 1268258

Do it, what do you have to lose from this?

No. 1268268

File: 1658246756152.jpg (47.07 KB, 382x522, 1-s2.0-S0018506X21001410-gr1.j…)

Why the fuck are men so obsessed with pair bonding if they don't wanna pair bond themselves? They just want women to be crazy about them and don't want to return any sort of faithfulness, loyalty, or even attempt to have a loving relationship? Half the time they wanna treat their own girlfriends like one night stands or side hoes that they're just roommates with kek. Most men check off every single thing for the "cannot" section of pair bonding

No. 1268271

Your bf finsihed inside you during 'halfway in' vaginismus sex and now you have to deal with a pregnancy scare.. bleak. This is why women have vaginismus.

No. 1268272

I literally don't understand your comment

No. 1268277

NTA but what? Anyways nonny take a test to ease your mind and DON'T LET HIM DO THAT AGAIN! Good luck I'm sending childfree vibes. On the bright side maybe since your vagina was/is (?) extremely clenched and he wasn't deep inside the sperm could't make it to your cervix

No. 1268280

Men putting their need to coom in you above all else and putting you through unnecessary risk and pregnancy scares.. is one of the reasons women end up with vaginismus or why it persists. You need a partner you can trust not to drag you through this type of thing all for the sake of him cooming.

No. 1268282

Oh I see what you meant now. Sorry for retardation (I'm not OP)

No. 1268285

Why did you do it without a condom then retard

No. 1268287

Yeah, why not? I'm not sure what you could lose here.

No. 1268296

shut da fuck up

No. 1268307

Don't have sex with a scrote who can't be trusted not to finish in you, esp if you're relying on the pill alone and missed pills tend to happen. Wake up call

No. 1268422

Can my freckles ever join up to make a mega freckle? Rather scared.

No. 1268659

How do you find good discord servers to make friends in? I have no hobbies.

No. 1268733

If u find out don't forget about me

No. 1268735

take plan b maybe? I'm so sorry to hear about your bordeline-rapey, shitty bf

No. 1268759

the lolcow AI is back!

No. 1268760

File: 1658268599203.jpg (47.82 KB, 325x550, c5431c0922954b7199f6d739ace589…)

I have two nona

No. 1268762

File: 1658268623977.jpg (31.72 KB, 290x750, 60bb899df875f3a0e5fb7c9bdcfc51…)

here u go

No. 1268790

How good or bad of an idea is it for me to consider becoming a vegan when I have a history of severe anorexia? I’m currently vegetarian by default due to not eating many different foods

No. 1268801

Good for indulging in your anorexia, bad for your body and the planet

No. 1268807

SA bad for the planet how? I don’t have a negative view of not eating meat in general, I was raised by vegetarian parents and my siblings have healthy relationships with food

No. 1268825

Every nutrient that your body needs can be obtained through non-animal sources. Cattle ranching is the #2 culprit for the Amazon destruction, only topped by soy crops that are grown to be fed to those animals. Water around slaughterhouses and ranches gets filled with such huge amounts of blood, piss and feces completely fucking up the ecosystem and letting the soil permanently sterile.

Boycotting those industries is far from ‘bad for the planet’. I’m hoping you don’t mean something dumb like ‘vegans buy faux fur which is plastic!’ When buying faux fur jackets are not a requirement for being vegan, plus caring about the environment but not caring about anally electrocuting the animals who live in it is nonsense.

No. 1268869

i was vegetarian years before anorexia. became vegan for like 5 years after that because i genuinely cared but it definitely made it easier for me to avoid eating and starve. i wasn’t eating enough while vegan so it was just not good for my body because i wasn’t getting enough nutrients. you can only be healthily vegan if you’re eating enough. i’m underweight still as a vegetarian but i’m way healthier now just because i can eat more nutrient dense food again.

sounds like vegan jam would be for your anorexia in your case. i really don’t recommend going vegan unless you’re recovering because any limit on what we can eat just makes starving easier and nutrient deficiencies even more drastic and likely.
seriously i fucked my teeth up just from not eating enough and now i’m dealing with the consequences down the line.

No. 1268877

samefag but i 100% support veganism and i think more people avoiding animal industries is an amazing thing. and i got mad when people lectured at me about not eating enough when i was vegan. but i seriously regret being vegan while so deeply anorexic because it made it so much more unhealthy. anorexia is bad enough but the nutritional deficiencies of being a vegan who isn’t eating enough just suck. my skin looked grey. my hair never fell out tho thank god. my period stopped for a couple years. skin got rekt. and so on and so on.
just pls don’t choose veganism if you’re already unhealthy and not eating enough. because you’re going to sabotage your own health and be unable to be vegan in the future until you’re healthy again

No. 1268890

Do you agree that the smell of vagina has similarities with fish sauce? Not fish, but fish sauce. In the past I never noticed a smell from mine but figured it has its own unique scent I just couldn’t pick up on much. Now that I’m having sex with women I’ve realized that everyone has this salty quality to them that I really like but it’s like a really diluted version of fish sauce, lmao. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed.

And no, it’s not BV. It’s been the case with every woman I’ve had sex with and they’ve all been healthy. Again, it’s not the smell of fish.

No. 1268948

I can’t say I agree but maybe we just smell things differently, there’s certainly a similar saltiness to every vagina I’ve come to know, wouldn’t connect it to diluted fish sauce but I can kinda see what you mean.

No. 1268967

this just made me 110% more hetero

No. 1269027

yeah a nice umami pussy is unbeatable

No. 1269039

If they're dirty, yeah. If they aren't then there's no smell.

No. 1269042

If you kiss a cat, would it think you're trying to bathe it, or would it understand it's our way of showing affection? I feel like they must be smart enough to understand it's affection but I want to know.

No. 1269043

is it normal for knees/joints to hurt constantly and sometimes so bad i have to sit down? i got a blood/urine test and everything was fine so it's not vitamin deficiency. i work a job where i stand most of the day. is this normal pain or something else?

No. 1269051

If a very strong mood swing made you delusional, why would that be?

No. 1269055

File: 1658286610522.jpg (303.25 KB, 1400x933, 1_ukxguGpC9UKyOxuCVzPDow.jpg)

Question for Hui Chinese farmers: Do Hui Chinese people consider Xiran Jay Zhao to be Hui? She says she's Hui a lot (her dad's Hui/Han while her mom's Han) to the point she put "Hui Chinese" on her profile on Twitter. As a non-Hui, she just seems like a Han Chinese woman who uses her 1/64th Hui heritage to seem ~exotic~ because she doesn't (seem to) practice Islam or Hui culture.

No. 1269062

It's not 'normal' but you are standing all day. Maybe you need those fancy insoles or you need to build up some muscle.

No. 1269064

How strong? How delusional?

No. 1269076

Because you have BPD

No. 1269077

Yeah I guess 'dirty' wasn't the best descriptor tbh
>not even gay
>turned on by vaginal smell

No. 1269082

nta but smelling my own scent while masturbating or during sex is definitely hot. kinda sweet kinda sour

No. 1269089

File: 1658288999298.png (277 KB, 1150x1315, Screenshot 2022-07-19 203909.p…)

not hui but i found this kek. i guess they dont like her. i dont think that theyre discounting the fact that shes part hui but they think shes full of shit. it feels the same as white americans bragging about being part cherokee when they dont know fuck anything, so pretty funny. kind of retarded that she acts like some sort of diplomat between western fandom twitterfags and the mystical great land of china for annoying culturally illiterate diaspora though but whatever

No. 1269101

Cool, I've never regarded it in this way but I love this for you nonnies

No. 1269109

Did anyone else’s dad used to pull you and your siblings pants and underwear down to spank you as a kid. Can someone confirm with me that this is a thing that happened in multiple families and I’m not just unearthing yet another really gross thing about my stepdad.

No. 1269114

jesus, nonna, i'm really sorry, but that's not normal

No. 1269116

Nonna you didnt have a normal upbringing at all. Im so sorry

No. 1269117

my dad tried to do it to me over my pants but i ran away and it’s always creeped me out. but yes i guess that kind of spanking is a thing…although it doesn’t make it any less weird, gross and to be controversial:abusive

No. 1269119

to clarify i mean that spanking in general is a form of abuse to me, but adding the humiliation aspect of nudity makes it one hundred times worse

No. 1269120

Every time I tuck my shirt into my pants or skirt, you can see the fabric of my top making lumps in my bottoms. How can I fix this? It makes me look so sloppy and no one else seems to have this problem. Please help I've been googling advice for the last 10 minutes and haven't found anything close to my issue.

No. 1269123

I find bicycle shorts help smooth the lumps and you can tuck it out nicely

No. 1269124

File: 1658293087656.jpg (155.83 KB, 595x334, daria-20th-anniversary.jpg)

I never had a chance to watch Daria (i spent time watching a different channel that aired anime 24 7 instead). Is it worth watching?

No. 1269127

are you pants really tight?
there’s different ways to tuck https://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/fashion/a33342162/how-to-tuck-in-shirt/

No. 1269129

my dad always did it over clothes but he also actually beat us so i'm not saying he was any better
doing it pantless seems sexually abusive tho

No. 1269131

It really depends on your sense of humor, I watched it in my teens and while I enjoyed it I found it a little dry. It has its moments though, I think it’s a good show to throw on in the background.

No. 1269132

Idk if it’s worth it but I tried watching and was bored out of my mind so I never got very far

No. 1269133

happened to me yeah. are you in the southern US? me and my whole family all got forced butt nekkid and spanked either with a hand, a hickory switch, or a wooden spoon. super painful and creepy, any relative was allowed to do it when they saw fit, humiliating. it’s definitely not good ever but it’s not a guarantee he was being sexually perverse. it’s cultural and depends on what the family background is like. not defending him or my family either, it’s disgusting and abusive and i know so many kids who got traumatized by these sorts of punishments.

No. 1269135

only if you’re an edgy try hard or grew up with edgy try hards as friends. i liked it when i was 13 because i thought i was just like them. as an adult it’s funny to me because i realized the show is making fun of that kind of person. it’s super gen x so a lot of it just isn’t that funny to me still though

No. 1269137

How do so many normie women stay so thin without an eating disorder? Im talking about thinner than average. How do I become that.

No. 1269139

I love tweezing out ingrown hairs in my armpit and pubic hair. One time I got a super long one out of my bikini line area that had been growing inwards for ages and was hardly visible on the outside, and I was honestly euphoric.

No. 1269140

intuitively eating below their TDEE due to upbringing, hormones, environment, or prior/repressed eating disorders

No. 1269142

Burger yeah. Was just watching a movie with themes of child abuse and it reminded me that throughout our whole childhood he did that and got a little grossed out I guess. Yeah that shit hurted lol we were never able to sit down for a day or two afterward. Just wondering why stripping a child naked to beat them with a paddle was like normalized idk.

No. 1269144

I liked it, despite the edgy characters there is actual character development later on and even the non-edgy characters have some nuance.
Idk I just don't feel hungry often/have a low appetite, probably from stress and depression. But I also have a sensitive stomach so even the things I want to eat I can't.

No. 1269155

i’ve thought about why it was ever normal and still is considered normal a lot too. obviously it’s because they don’t see kids as full humans entitled to bodily autonomy and reason and respect. but i think it’s especially common in the US, especially in the southern US, mostly because weird christianity traditions. can’t tell you how many people i knew who were being totally brutalized as kids just for their parents to defend it with “spare the rod spoil the child.” sorry you went through that nonna, i know how hard it is to cope with sicko parents. hang in there. hugs

No. 1269158

>so many
the obesity rate is like 40% and alot more people than that are probably overweight, if you want to stay thin just lose weight until you're at the size you want to be and then learn how much you can eat to maintain it.

No. 1269168

Are you supposed to set color correcting concealer with powder? I thought no, but otherwise it sort of disappears when I apply foundation

No. 1269171

Yeah it all just circles back to how much I hate men. He used to lift my brother up by his ears and scream at him, and shove so much soap in our mouths that we’d choke. It’s weird because all the abusive men I knew as kids are now living or appearing to live mildly normal lives I guess and I don’t think anyone would look at them and think they’ve ever put kids through actual painful, traumatizing abuse because of religion. I’m tired of ever even thinking about it at this point or even talking about it. Like what is there for me to say except that men are evil.

No. 1269173

I don't meant to sound like a moid infiltrating, but what is your favorite male fragrance/cologne? I thought I hated all masculine scents until recently I smelled some I really loved

No. 1269203

No but he did use to burst into our rooms at night butt naked with his dick out and everything just to yell at us for making noise. It’s not like a deliberate thing he just slept naked and wouldn’t bother to put clothes on. He would also run downstairs into the living room or kitchen and my brother and I would be sat there watching tv or something and he’d just burst in completely naked and yell at us. I hate how many times I’ve seen my dads dick. It’s like they’ve unwittingly sexually abused us. They’re not paedophiles or anything but it’s weird as fuck behaviour and nobody should do it ever. He could of just put on a fucking dressing gown.

No. 1269204

File: 1658301029199.jpeg (39.01 KB, 400x475, alice.jpeg)

can any zoomers pill me on what's the look and vibe of the artisty/alt/music/online youth subuculture now? I'm a oldcow, I remember being in collage during the very last moments of the thrift store/alice glass/american apparel/girl at the warehouse noise show era, then remember how it segwayed into the tumblr ethereal 90s raver club kids grimes aesthetic, then the witch house art hoe microtrend, then that oversexualized instagram coutouring baddie vs lolita edgy daddy butterfly knives pedobaiting era of the mid to late 2010s, and then my radar just falls off sometime around 2017-18. I stopped keeping up with youth culture because I aged out and can't get into the new platforms like tiktok or discord to see what kids are doing now. OT I still have a huge nostalgia and emotional attachement for the alice glass/warehouse era, I dont know if it's because I was so young then or because it was the worst period of my life and I never really got to experience it as a participant before it was over

No. 1269205

Cologne only smells good on an attractive man. Women don’t care what ugly balding post-wall manlets smell like.

No. 1269218

There’s too many cliches and stereotypes to keep up with now and none of them are especially unique. They’re all revivals of older trends. Like the quirky thrifting indie girl still exists she just shops on Depop now and wears argyle sweater vests and chunky white special Ed trainers. The emo girls still exist they’re just calling themselves “boys” or “they/them” and just shamelessly listening to Harry styles.

No. 1269236


yeah I think part of my confusion is that activating space moved completely online, whereas the stuff I remember was anchored to the real world space of music/venues/physical neighborhoods.

what about beauty standards? The huge fake ass and big lips look is finally over right? I feel like no one cares about korean skincare anymore either (I still keep up with beauty trends cause I still like to look good in my 30s). I accidentally became acquainted with and follow a 23 year old that currently is shadowing cobrasnake right now (long story lol) and a lot of the girls in the photos I see on his feed have early 2000s Paris Hilton fashions, I can't believe the early 2000s anorexic looks is going to really come back tho, it seems too absurd

No. 1269332

Anon… That's a dirty blending stump.

No. 1269338

Kek thanks nonna. After all, I’m in this thread for a reason lol

No. 1269339

NTA, I thought its may be a woodless pencil so you're not the only one confused by it haha

No. 1269362

idk, everything the men around me wear just smells like irish spring and i fucking hate that smell

No. 1269415

Can I still wear shortish, A-line skirts if I'm in my late 20s? Or would that come across as juvenile?

No. 1269420

You can wear whatever you want whenever you want, people will always be judgemental. I don't think it's even that juvenile, especially in summer, but also being in early 20 you're still very young so idk why do you already think about certain outfits being "too juvenile". Just go for it if you want, nonna!

No. 1269444

Had sex for the first time last night, used a condom and showered and cleaned myself up properly afterwards. I still feel like I’m wet or my vagina is producing fluids. Might be discharge but it feels even more wet and sticky. Is this normal? He definitely didn’t come inside so I’m just checking.

No. 1269445

can you post a pic of what kind of skirt you're thinking of? I can't imagine thinking of an a-line skirt as juvenile, are we thinking of the same thing?

No. 1269454

nta but she said late 20s not early (tho late 20s isn't bad either)

No. 1269457

No idea how I read it as early, I didn't even respond in that much hurry lmao, sorry
Either way I still mean what I've said!

No. 1269480

When I first became sexually active my vagina started producing a lot more fluid, like a combo of discharge and wetness. I think it's fine unless it has a bad smell or itches.

No. 1269486

How wet are your kitty smoochies that your cat could think you're trying to bath it?

No. 1269497

Is it possible to 'inherit' alcoholism? When I was a kid my parents drank every day after coming home from work, during dinner, after dinner but they have always been normal adults with good jobs and were never completely plastered so I never saw it as a particularly bad thing. Now I have been drinking every evening for a while and I can't stop, I know it's my own dumb fault but I never really saw drinking as a big deal as a kid because my parents are functioning, normal people with normal jobs. I have an addictive personality which plays into it too but I feel like drinking being so normal growing up really warped my views on self control and danger. I'm not blaming my parents for my own problems btw it's my own mistake and I shouldn't have been so naive about it. I just think it's a factor that plays into it.

No. 1269500

Some people are genetically more likely to get addicted, you also saw it as an ok thing. This isn't your fault but please get some professional help and throw out all the alcohol you have. I know women like you who got their organs fucked just by drinking a bit every evening.

No. 1269509

I've noticed I tend to throw a liner on the day after sex, same with solo stuff if there was alot of pentration involved.

No. 1269524

Thank you, I was looking for some studies but could only find ones on dysfunctional families with drugs etc, mine never were bad parents to me. My mother never drank during her pregnancy though, how can it be genetic? (Not trying to be mean, genuine question)

Thanks nonna, getting professional help is not in it for me sadly (numerous bad experiences, it has never helped me. I'm very stubborn, it's a good and a bad quality but I can't stand it when people tell me what to do and medication fucks you up). I am trying to drink less and have no problem with drinking just a little bit from time to time, the biggest problem is that I cannot sleep without it. I quit drinking for a week and a half I think at the beginning of this year, I felt better the first few days. But I was groomed when I was young and all those thoughts about it came back in full force I couldn't stand it. I'm completely fucking up my motivation, my body, my life but I would honestly rather be a 'functioning' alcoholic than have to deal with life.

No. 1269542

NTA but as with most traits, it's difficult to separate which aspects of addiction are acquired from your environment and which are inherited genetically- it's most likely a combination of the two. There are many genes which can increase the likelihood of certain behaviours, but they don't always need to be present for the behaviour to develop.

One trait that is passed on genetically and increases the likelihood of developing alcoholism is having fewer D2 dopamine receptors, which impacts your brains pleasure and reward responses.

No. 1269548

Ntas but you should google 'adh1b and aldh2 genes'

No. 1269549

File: 1658324538735.jpeg (94.4 KB, 1122x957, 9965FA35-05DF-44BA-BFDD-25BB27…)

>born from a mother who only likes sangarias and pina coladas


No. 1269557

Can anyone give me some ideas for solo things to do, and as a bonus have small amounts of socialization? I’m unemployed for three months and after one month I think it’s starting to mess with me, it doesn’t help that I don’t really have friends and I use an app for working out at home so I am really alone most of the time. I came up with these so far
>visit museums
>take a pottery class
>go to a bingo game at a casino
>sign up for indoor rock climbing lesson
>sell stuff on eBay (I do this to pay for whatever I spend time doing)

No. 1269573

Thank you nonna's

No. 1269589

that’s normal. it took my body a solid year and a half to get used to sex, having it once every couple of months. id always get full body soreness and a lot of discharge afterwards each time, it hurt to sit, etc. i agree with the other anon who mentioned panty liners

No. 1269602

How old of a thread can I bump on here

No. 1269610

6 months after the last post it's considered a necro and you should just create a new thread according to the rules but I've seen older threads get bumped with no problem when it's a genuine contribution/question

No. 1269640

Thank you anon. I don't have a cat myself, but I get so curious about this stuff.

No. 1269678

Yes, I grew up in LA so it just has to do with religious fanaticism. He was still spanking me that way past the age of 10. My mom spanked me too and also pulled down my pants, but not as much as my dad. What would also happen is my mom would spank us, then dad would come home and spank us for whatever it was my mom already spanked us for. My siblings and I would also line up to get spanked if they didn't know who did something.

No. 1269681

LA meaning Los Angeles.

No. 1269693

nta but im the one who responded and is in the south. everyone being punished when no one in particular could be blamed sucked. religion seeps into the schools here so that was a super common practice among teachers. no one to blame? no one gets recess then, no one gets snack time, etc.

No. 1270028

File: 1658343390040.gif (1.68 MB, 275x155, 1644441595617.gif)

What's the Korean version of "kawaii"? I need to know so I can better describe this hottie.

No. 1270034

Question for autistic nonnas:
I remember sometimes I would see articles about dogs working as support pets for kids with autism but I tought about it again recently and I find it weird. Dogs have no sense of personal space, they are super hyper, they are noisy (although I guess this could be sorta trained), and they can be kinda needy. How aren't dogs too overwhelming? Are they just super very well trained? Or is it easier to get used to a dog if you get one as a kid?
(I'm not hating on dogs btw, this is just a question I've been thinking of because I do feel a bit like this about dogs, particularly medium/big ones)

No. 1270038

You should contact the nearest Korean embassy with such an important question

No. 1270047

I think it's aegyo

No. 1270070

No. Women have 3 phases of life
0 - 13 childhood (cute girly clothes)
13 - 21 adolescence/ young adulthood (cute feminine clothes)
21+ you are now a rotten old hag and must wear either a grey pantsuit to your office job or a dowdy smock.

No. 1270076

i guess it’d depend on the dog, how it’s trained, and its personality. but even the bare minimum upkeep for a dog might be too much for some people. i imagine the more low functioning autistic people would have most of the duties taken care of by someone else like a parent. i’m just a regular sperg who seems normal to people because my diagnosis was given to me as a kid because of sensory issues though, and i have no problem taking care of a dog. they’re lovable and sweet so even when they’re annoying or a lot to handle idc.

No. 1270085

No. 1270087

No. 1270092

File: 1658344874745.png (856.74 KB, 843x1149, CA1F6051-645B-4C9A-A90D-497666…)

Why are men allowed to keep “pets” if they can’t stop raping them?

No. 1270099

I'm glad they got their dicks bitten off at least. Good job, animals.

No. 1270100

>An average of 100 males (mostly men)
Kek but seriously the Shane Dawson video fucked me up. Like I know there are degens who do this but I never think about it in detail and I despair for all the poor animals being raped by scrotes. Ugh

No. 1270106

Dogs can vary a lot in personality, lots of dogs are very calm and gentle and those are the ones that get chosen for training as support dogs.

No. 1270122

How many of you consider yourselves pretty normal and mentally healthy? I feel at home here sometimes because of how many women have similar upbringings, experiences with men, political stances, etc. but then I’ll deviate from my usual threads and realize “wow what the fuck there are a lot of crazies!” and then I start wondering if it’s the same exact people. Like the posters who want to kidnap korean and chinese guys and make them their eunuch sex slaves might be the same ones in beauty related threads giving skincare advice or writing about how bad scrotes can be in another thread.
I know this is an image board and has loose connections to 4chan, cyberstalking, and all kinds of other stuff but so much of the content here is tame, then something reminds me and it all comes tumbling down kek.

No. 1270124

shane dawson raped an animal?

No. 1270126

we knew 'women love screwing dogs' was just projection

No. 1270127

Dogs can be trained extremely well and a well-balanced dog who gets the proper excercise will have no problem staying calm around autistic kids. Plus older dog or specific breeds are naturally very calm. There are literally dogs to guide the blind and who assist people with ptsd, if they get trained they know how to not be noisy or hyper.
Also in my experience bigger dogs tend to be a lot calmer than medium sized and small dogs.

No. 1270128

Samefag I just realized they were making the distinction between boys and men. Duh

No. 1270129

If it's disappearing you can try but it's not a hard rule or anything.

No. 1270132

Some anon posted a video of him and his close friends saying very disturbing things about Shane's proclivities. Vid attatched. Be warned it is disturbing

No. 1270228


No. 1270241

He literally admits to dry humping his cat until he cums. He french kisses any animal he comes across. Films and fixates on their asses and genitals. Makes constant sexual jokes about them. Relays really weird experiences with them that seems like he’s not being entirely truthful. Genuinely this guy is sexually abusing animals and he needs to be put down or left in a cage with pibbles.

No. 1270257

Would you happen to have more statistics on men raping animals? I know that story about the female orangutan that was used as a sex slave in Borneo

No. 1270306

No. 1270314

Seconding this, I’ve always heard rumors about shady shit going on between men and livestock in rural areas/farm communities and I’ve always wondered if there was a bit of truth to it, beyond it being just a seemingly cruel stereotype imposed by “city folk”

No. 1270315

How do you deal with a neutered male cat that keeps getting crusty, shitty balls?

No. 1270333

Stop feeding him stuff that makes him liquidy

No. 1270387

Look into the customs of Colombian moids in the coast of places such as Barranquilla relating to donkeys

No. 1270388

For nonnies who have been able to decide their own work schedule- what schedule has worked best for you? I'm starting my new job soon and have to let my supervisor know what I want my schedule to look like, but I feel a little overwhelmed with all of the freedom of choice lol. I also get to decide how often in the week I want to come to work in person and while I know I definitely don't want to work from home 24/7, I think it would be nice to have some days at home. Would be helpful to hear what kind of schedules other people have so I can get an idea of what I'd want mine to look like.

No. 1270392

After a bit of experimentation, my favorite is actually showing up in the morning in office (more productive for me, it gets me out of bed and actually dressed, reminds me too much of depressed hikki neet life if I don't) and then going home for lunch and working from home the rest of the day.

No. 1270411

Very much depends on your circadian rhythm, I like waking up late, I'm most productive in the afternoon, and home provides too many distractions so my preference is to work from the office 11am - 7pm

No. 1270423

Does nutrition and western diet contribute to dick size?

No. 1270430

I’ve been doing MF from home and TWTh in office. I don’t have a home office besides my bedroom and spending 16 hours a day in one room is depressing, but also being home to do laundry and other minor things during downtime sometimes is nice. Also I can bug theoretically bug off on Thursday night and work remote until the following Tuesday, which is nice for weekend getaways.

No. 1270467

File: 1658362822578.jpg (21.73 KB, 519x650, angel-Badtz-Maru-paint-by-numb…)

I saw some fakeboy using Badtz Maru as her avi, is he a trans thing now or was that just the one troon? I love Batz Maru and will be devastated if he becomes a trans mascot.
Funny story tho before Pepe the frog was a meme (it was a long time ago on tumblr) or at least before I knew he was a meme, I just knew him as a funny little character the moids on the somethingawful forums cooked up; I had him as my avatar and someone sent me an anon calling me a memelord I was shook kek

No. 1270484

File: 1658363706142.jpeg (55.56 KB, 980x491, 6C8C250F-0CC1-4FE2-A173-CA0F4A…)

What period tracker apps do you nonnies recommend? I had been using the one built into the Fitbit app but I somehow bungled putting in my data last month and it totally screwed up my cycle predictions so I decided I wanted to start fresh with a new app. Are there any where you don’t have to put in your previous period cycles?

No. 1270514

i used to use ptracker before it got infested with ads and premium, it had cute themes, but i fell behind. multiple anons have talked about how jobs or other sites try to find out if you're pregnant or on period to advertise and decide on hiring women. i quit using it like 1-2 years ago.

No. 1270523

badz maru is originally for tomboys, and you know anything tomboys like, trannies will grab with their dirty little hands.

No. 1270525

This. It’s so frustrating.

No. 1270526

Anons, do you think blond moids are less attractive than dark haired moids? I saw an incel complaining about being blond and I never realized this was a thing?

No. 1270535

Idk I think both can be attractive but I would never date a blond guy because their faces grow weird as they age

No. 1270549

Um….excuse me???? The first clip alone is disturbing

No. 1270552

they're usually fucking see through and sick looking, but I'm also nordic and see them often so maybe that's why they disgust me a bit. Most men do too though, but yeah blond men are gross.

No. 1270555

Yeah there's a reason why tall, dark, and handsome is a thing. I don't get the hair color fights I constantly see. Like, River Phoenix and tons of other blond guys I've seen are hotter than Joe Smith at walmart. But I'm in America so dark hair has gotten really fucking boring for me.

No. 1270562

Only blond moids I would prefer over dark-haired ones are long-haired blond ones tbh

No. 1270568

Incels will try to think of any reason as to why women aren't attracted to them other than the fact that they're just ugly. I think on average, I find more dark haired moids attractive but there's also just more of them. When I went on vacation to Northern Europe, I saw plenty of blonde haired guys who I thought were really attractive. If you're ugly then you're just ugly kek. Doesn't matter if you had a different hair color.

No. 1270583

In what world would blonde hair be a setback? Incels blame everything but the fact that they're useless and unpleasant

No. 1270605

I dunno, this was the only thing I found on it;
And some reddit / forum posts asking the same question.
Was mostly curious because my moid is blond and I never even thought about it until today lmao.

No. 1270606

I've seen more blonde scrotes that are doughy and gross than dark haired ones, so I would personally choose dark hair.

No. 1270610

This, incels literally think anything and everything is a reason to not be attractive, when their stupid incel womanhating shit is the main reason why theyre so disgusting fore everyone

No. 1270616

They probably think it's feminine

No. 1270648

Who do you predict will be the first to die between the following?

>Shane Dawson and Onision

>Chris Chan and Jonathan Yaniv

No. 1270664

I would say blonde is fine but only if the man is hot to begin with, although Ryan Gosling may prove the opposite kek

No. 1270735

im not super into blondes but i thought blonde was associated with chads and stacies to incels lol. there’s a reason all their caricatures make them blonde

No. 1270847

Yes, not because blonde looks feminine (i usually see 'macho' types with it if anything), no reason really I just like how darker hair looks. Men with darker hair also tend to have other features I like, rarely found a blonde guy who was my type. But someone who's an incel is already gonna be shit regardless of hair color kek. Changing hair won't do much in that case.

No. 1270942

How do you get the swest smell out of a non-leather backpack? I washed it several times, soaked it in baking soda & water, tried shampooing it, rubbed it with bilesoap, but the smell is still there. The problem is that I noticed that even if I wear it with a clean shirt, after a while the shirt will smell like seat too, even if I'm not sweating

No. 1270946

Have you tried cleaning it and then leaving it out in the sun for the day? I used to do that when I had a cat who would piss on things.

No. 1270957

Are mullets really back? Why do all my friends have mullet boyfriends?

No. 1270960

Spray it down in vodka

No. 1270963

I really am from OH because I find mullets hot on the right guy. I also think hockey players are hot af, in the same vein. Not even a particular one. Just hockey players

No. 1270970

Blonde is associated with youth and childhood which is why moids are so obsessed with it. Women are attracted to actual adults because they’re not inherently predatory.

No. 1270980

I actually sprayed it with hand sanitizer but it didn't do much. but I actually wonder if maybe soaking it in vodka would work

No. 1270982

File: 1658399829993.jpg (144.29 KB, 600x946, panderson.jpg)

>Blonde is associated with youth and childhood
picrel, a very popular blonde, very childlish and innocent, come on anon

No. 1270984

Come on, anon. You’re deliberately misunderstanding me. Everyone knows blonde is associated with youth and this particular woman is a bottle blonde.

No. 1270985

It's associated with being northern european. Plenty of blond adults here.

No. 1270986

If you had to choose between being named



Which one would you pick?

No. 1270987

It's also associated with stupidity, ditziness and being an "easy slut" like in >>1270982 image. Bottle or not.

No. 1270990

Anon this is a massive reach. A lot of women like and even prefer blonde men like the craze around Alexander Skarsgard and there's nothing pedo-y about it. Personally I associate darker hair with youth because hair goes gray eventually. Although lighter hair can make you look younger because it creates less contrast therefore making wrinkles less noticeable (which is why a lot of aging actresses lighten their hair) but that's not the same thing as being associated with childhood. I will say some people might associate blonde hair with innocence because it makes them think of those cherub/angel paintings, but still, I think most people associate blonde hair on women with being ditzy/slutty like >>1270987 said.

No. 1270992


No. 1270998


No. 1271000

Gertrude because Trudi is cute as hell

No. 1271005

My libido is very low and I don't exactly enjoy having sex much so I don't date much. I get crushes on both sexes but I've only ever been with men and had sex with them only if they wanted to. The idea of dating girls seems more comfortable, more loving and safe. But would any girl who's osa want to be in a sexless relationship? I don't even know if I am bi or not. But I remember getting crushes on girls too ever since I was a child. Butch women melt my heart. Do I have chances the way I am or should I leave them alone?

No. 1271031

There's a questioning sexuality thread on /g/ that might help you

No. 1271041

It's apparently really great for freshening bedding/comforters so I imagine it would work on your backpack! What material is it again?

No. 1271043

Gertrude is the name of my gun hehe

No. 1271101

I like Minerva

No. 1271119

File: 1658410740658.jpg (14.78 KB, 299x400, cili-omacka-sriracha-extra-ost…)

How does picrelated sriracha taste like and is it actually spicy? (I can easily eat dried carolina reaper and i prefer spicy food) I tried it by ordering once (but i dont know which brand it was), it was not too spicy but it was extremely salty, so I wonder does every srircha have thid taste, because ive been wanting to order picrel. I just want a spicy, tasty sauce.

No. 1271125

Any tips for a first time smoker? aside of don't actually do it
Do herbal cigarettes smell too bad? The weather is bad to smoke outside but I don't think incense will cover the smell

No. 1271128

cute enough
sounds weird and alt

louise it is

No. 1271132

>Everyone knows blonde is associated with youth
I have genuinely never ever heard of this. The only associations I know of are >>1270985 and (predominantly) >>1270987

No. 1271133

As long as it doesn’t have tobacco in it it’ll be okay, the smell will dissipate, but I wouldn’t make a habit of it. Really, just go outside tbh.

No. 1271137

It's kind of sweetish? I'm ok with spicy but never going to hardcore, and I rarely ever use more than teaspoon of it to mix with something else, the spiciness is definitely distinct. Then, I've never tried carolina reaper, so I'm worried you might be not blown away

No. 1271162

It is asociated with youth but it's quite an old thing people these day don't think about much. There is way more blond children in the world than there's naturally blond adults. I was a blond kid too and my hair got dark brown as i aged by itself. It's just a trait that children have, even some darker than an average europen ethnicities, like roma people for example, can have blond haired children. People from the north probably liked that trait historically and those who were blond longer bred more so they are blond even as adults now but it started with blond kids.

No. 1271203

I think my abandonment/trust issues and fear of rejection make me an abusive person in my relationship but I don’t know how to stop. Mostly the controlling thing. I want to stop being overbearing so badly but I don’t know how. I also want to stop being so whiny, nitpicky, and judgemental. My boyfriend sees potential in me which is probably why he hasn’t left me yet but I don’t wanna do away with his patience or have him put up with my current behavior. I feel guilty and don’t want his self-esteem to take a hit or anything similar. I also don’t want him to get used to my sort of behavior because he deserves a lot better and it would tear me apart to know someone is treating him like I am. So how do I stop? I don’t want to break up probably because I’m clingy but also because he makes me a better person. I guess I’m wondering how I can do the same for him?

No. 1271285

Therapy, anon. It will be a lot of work but it's doable.

No. 1271308

Is spraying wool with perfume damaging? I found two beautiful shawls but they smell like a nursery home even though I washed them twice.

No. 1271340

Yeah, blond men are ugly. For me, it's black >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> brown (the lighter the worse) >>>>>>> blond >> red

No. 1271420

Any nonnies take supplements or familiar with them?
I take B12 and today I began to break out into a tingling and burning feeling and my throat felt like it was closing. Niacin(B3) causes a similar reaction which is normal but I never had it happen with B12. Can't find anything on it and I'm a little freaked

No. 1271428

I don't like blonde men but maybe it's because I have black hair myself and think blonde hair looks kind of childish/not 'strong', or bold enough. It gives them kind of a feminine look for some reason.

No. 1271464

What type of B12? Melts or swallow tabs?

No. 1271466

I bought two 100% wool cardigans that stunk. I bought the cheapest bottle of plain vodka and a spray bottle and sprayed them down. Not til they were soaking wet, but just damp, and let them air dry. I had to spray them down a few times, and afterwards I put them in a well ventilated area just for air to go through. They still have the slightest smell, but you have to get up close to smell it. I think wool also naturally has a slight scent because of the lanolin. You can probably also buy one of those clothing scent sachets and stick it in a drawer for it to absorb that smell (I use a bar of lavender soap since the scent is strong and doesn't wear out over time).

No. 1271481

Swallow, the gel capsules

No. 1271560

Are discharge and the wetness produced during arousal (what is that even called) the same thing? pls no booly, i got thrown out of sex ed after i started crying when i saw a drawn penis

No. 1271572

I'm planning to move to Sweden for my gap year (I have relatives there), and only sort of know the basics of the language. I'm not very used to talking in Swedish but I'm ofc planning to learn. I want to work there, and the main question is: is it dumb to even apply to places yet or should I first study the language more?

No. 1271576

No. 1271579

No. 1271613

Why do some guys like to wear women's underwear? My ex used to do this and it really creeped me out.. I think he used to want me to treat him like a girl too. He's not gay or transgender I don't think though. What could be the reason for this?

No. 1271615

That's some agp shit

No. 1271616

File: 1658436624105.jpg (150.2 KB, 544x544, unnamed (10).jpg)

did anyone else notice the weird attempts to normalize age gaps and prostitution in this movie? i mean not only does belle look like a shitty ethot and is probably based off the pedo panderer, but there are casual scenes of camgirls now and then. i think the excessive grief is also perverted in a way. what do nonnies think

No. 1271623

It’s 100% a stepping stone to full AGP/sissy shit

No. 1271624

Is it possible to condition yourself to respond to your own touch only even if you're attracted to someone?
I'm in my first relationship and he's the sweetest guy but he just cannot make me come. I also noticed that my body is more sensitive to my own touch, even if it's just stroking. Is this normal? I can make myself come in 2 minutes and he rubbed me for like 30 minutes and nothing

No. 1271626

are you sure you're attracted to him? or even straight?

No. 1271633

Humiliation fetish

No. 1271637

I like his penis, not sure about the rest of his body (short with big hips). I can only come to fantasies about men having sex with me

No. 1271639

lack of attraction or nervousity perhaps?

No. 1271660

If I'm truly attracted to someone I'm more sensitive to their touch.. if I'm not all that attracted I tend to numb out. I've depressingly wasted years on that shit.

No. 1271665

Is it weird that my ex bf literally never wanted to touch me or sleep with me? We were together for 2 years and he was extremely kind and respectful but we had sex maybe 3-4 times during our entire relationship, and sometimes I genuinely suspected he was faking pleasure. He wasn't religious and I couldn't find anything pointing to weird fetishes or porn addiction. I want to believe normal asexual/low libido men exist, but I have never met another guy like that.

No. 1271669

That is really weird, my guess is he was gay or had abnormally low sex drive. They exist but they're very rare.

No. 1271685

Those are what I'm hoping for too, when I got really paranoid I would get worried that he was secretly into something really dark. He did mention previous girlfriends had gotten upset at him for the same issue

No. 1271688

Youngish men do need to ejaculate more often than that, not even from a libido standpoint but biologically it'll happen by itself in your sleep if you skip a few weeks.

No. 1271691

I had a bf like that and after we had broken up he confessed he had a porn addiction.

No. 1271694

That's another weird thing–with every other guy I've dated, I noticed they were always hard in the morning, and he never was iirc. Maybe he was just like biologically messed up

No. 1271698

Men break their own dicks 9 times out of 10. They pretend like the dick breaking fairy did it but.. only reddit gives men that much benefit of the doubt.

No. 1271704

does anyone actually enjoy sucking dick? not a child or virgin just asexual and I've never actually sucked a dick 'cause that just seems thoroughly gross. it seems like it must be a less than great experience given the connotations of "go suck a dick", but maybe I'm misunderstanding.

No. 1271714

When I'm really horny I enjoy the idea of it, but in reality I hate it. Grotesque experience if you're just getting down without a shower, still awful even if you make the guy clean his dick for you. I think there are some women out there who actually enjoy it (I have things that I enjoy that are questionable and I know many others hate), but I really hate it.

No. 1271717

In general? No. Men are gross, not clean, expect porn shit. But I've been with someone who never asked and when I did do it was happy to let me do whatever at my own pace without expectation which made me enjoy it a bit but intimacy was great with him in general.

No. 1271719

The package says Sun Lotion (with Green Tea) but also Sun Screen Cream and UVA UVB protection. So will this protect me from the sun or will it make me tan? It's from Titanic Bronzana and I think my parents got it from Egypt if it's any help.

No. 1271723

I think it's used as an insult because it's a submissive, giving action and that's very insulting to scrotes. It's not enjoyable to do as an action itself but it's nice to see your partner enjoy the pleasure, same as with eating pussy.

No. 1271728

I'm okay with it because my partner is a very clean, meticulous person with those weird Mary Sue Asian genes that make you never sweat, grow body hair, or smell bad. If he smelled even a little bit bad there is no way in hell I would put my face near his junk. Also this too >>1271723 i guess

No. 1271734

>same as with eating pussy

Not entirely true. Some men do love eating pussy, it's not necessarily about pleasuring the gf because a man isn't going to just do something for a woman's pleasure if he doesn't like it. Also you don't gag and have mucus shot up your throat while eating pussy.

Gay men do. And "go suck a dick" is an insult because men often see sex/getting fucked as degrading. Same with "fuck you" etc.

No. 1271736

No I stopped doing that shit about 4 years ago, I make it clear to boyfriends/fwbs that it's not on the table for me. If I get in a serious long-term loving relationship I would do it to please my partner, of course after making sure he's not an unhygienic subhuman, but besides that my mouth isn't going near a dick.

No. 1271742

I enjoyed it a lot when I first became sexually active in my teens. But that’s only because the first dick I ever sucked was pretty nice looking and hygiene was top notch. His cum didn’t have gross taste either. You can guess my shock and disappointment when I found out most guys aren’t like that lol.

No. 1271758

I meant is the same in the sense that the pleasure of it is seeing your partner enjoy it, not the action itself. I'm saying it from a woman's perspective, ofc a lot of scrotes make everything about their own needs

No. 1271763

I thought I “enjoyed” it but actually I just enjoyed knowing I’m giving sexual pleasure for my partner. I equated bj to cunnilingus because eating pussy feels so loving and intimate. It was psychological. Alas I was naive. Men first of all don’t deserve any amount of single sided sexual pleasure they didn’t work for. And I learned that men view bj as inherently degrading and THAT is what gets them off so I’ve admitted my dislike for it ever since. I see a lot of women scared to say no to sucking dicks because it’s so normalized, basically expected, too many moids online bitching about their wives/gfs having boundaries. Women do too much. Pillow princess when it comes to het sex is unironically based.

No. 1271774

Thank you nonna! I actually called my grandmother for advice and she said to soak in water with a dash of vinegar, but now that they're fully dry they barely smell unless you really put them up to your nose lol. I'll definitely try the soap bar/herb bag thing though, sounds very nice and practical too!

No. 1271874

I get health insurance from my job, and have an HRA plan. I'm planning on leaving soon, but I'm still waiting on a bill from my doctor's office. If I leave before I get that bill in the mail, would I still be able to use my HRA to pay for that bill even though I'm not with the company anymore? I'd ask HR but then it'd be out in the open that I'm trying to leave kek

No. 1271882

i enjoy it a lot but i think im in the minority, part of it is enjoying knowing im causing pleasure but most of it is just an oral fixation. even sucking my own fingers makes me twice as likely to orgasm, not to mention sucking someone elses fingers. the fact that it makes someone else happy is a plus

i definitely dont like swallowing though and avoid it, i "liked" it when i was younger solely due to pickme mentalities and wanting to make men happy. tmi warning, the taste and feel is whatever but it makes my throat and stomach feel weird for hours afterwards and i end up hacking up a lot of spit. idk how anyone can enjoy swallowing beyond making a moid happy he got his retarded porno fantasy fulfilled

No. 1271884

does it not have an spf rating listed? if theres no SPF (Number) its for tanning. generally the term lotion is reserved for tanning lotion

No. 1271887

KHVirgin question, but do you just keep it in your mouth if there's no bin/sink to spit nearby? Or do you straight away walk off to spit it out and then carry on?

No. 1271899

after moving in with my bf blowjobs to completion stopped altogether, we just switch to sex after a few minutes of it now. but before that i would swallow in the beginning, and when i got sick of it i started spitting into the sink LOL. if there wasnt anywhere to spit or it wouldve ruined a moment i wouldve just swallowed it out of convenience though

No. 1271905

Sage because I know you're probably not reading this but I got on a forum for people with alcohol/drug problems and found this guy who has been an alcoholic but clean for a long time. We talked a bit (he told me about his experiences, get out while you can etc) and I promised to not drink anymore and to check in every once in a while how it's going with me. Sounds stupid but making a promise, even if it's to someone I don't know motivates me. I also asked my friends to stop me when I want to buy alcohol when going out and they said they would, they don't like my drinking and don't drink much themselves so I trust them. This is my first night of not drinking, wish me luck! I think it will be okay, I don't drink so much or have for so long that I need to taper (and I can always start tapering when I need to).

No. 1271908

nta but good luck nona! Maybe in the future order mocktails when you go out and feel the urge to get a drink.

No. 1271937

Thanks nonna that's really sweet, I get more of an urge to drink at home tbh than I do when going out, my friends don't drink much anyway I'm usually the only one with a drink lol. If I do get the urge I'll try non alcoholic beers, but honestly it's only been a couple months of (nearly) daily drinking for me so I should be pretty okay quickly again and be able to control my drinking, stop for now and perhaps limit it in the future. I'll see where I land, maybe when I'm used to it I won't think about it much again anyway. (Speaking from experience, I used to smoke a lot of weed, really missed it the first few months of quitting but now I barely think about it and it's been over a year since I smoked my last joint.) It sucks right now but I'm pretty sure I will be okay in the future.

No. 1271965

Riddle me this:
Why only my right tit hurt

No. 1271980

how old are you? my boobs hurt all the time until i was like 19 because the breast tissue was still changing a lot. i for real thought i had cancer when i was 15. sometimes i get benign cysts that get kinda sore, also sometimes lymph nodes in your boobs can get tender for no reason

No. 1271983

In my 20s
It feels heavier than the other one and tender but not sore if that makes sense? Breast cancer runs in my family I don't want to be paranoid about this arugh

No. 1271994

yeah thats normal, especially if youre about to start your period. generally one boob is more tender and sometimes bigger than the other. dont sweat it nonna

No. 1271997

File: 1658462555787.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, original.png)

Imagine you're Effy from Skins and Cook, Freddie and JJ (magically aged up so they're 18+) are all in love with you. Who do you pick and why?

No. 1272002

this. simple really

No. 1272003

freddie's the best looking one but also sort of boring and dead anyway
cook was kind of annoying tbh and had an ugly haircut
i guess JJ

No. 1272006

samefag actually i don't like JJ's hairstyle either despite liking curly hair. i change my answer to >>1271999

No. 1272007

all at once

No. 1272008

so tiktok has a beautifying filter even when you're "unfiltered"?

No. 1272009

i would say "how about a 4some lads? x" in effy's sexy and mysterious british voice and watch as they all died from embarrassment

No. 1272010


No. 1272065

Growing up, I paid people back for everything. I grew up working class and so if someone made a $5 purchase for me, it would weigh on me and I'd always pay them back, and vice versa. Now I'm an adult, slowly making more money (though still pretty broke overall) and most of my friend group has a lot of money (not rich, but disposable income for sure). I've started to pick up that people don't seem to really keep tabs on how much their owed if it's under $20. I sent a friend $6 on venmo the other day for some food they got me and they were super confused, asking me why I did that. It's almost like they found it rude? Anyway, do you pay people back, or keep it casual

No. 1272092

For small purchases I’ve always assumed that among friends you “pay them back” by purchasing something similar the next time it comes up. I hate leaving something like that without some form of reciprocity, I don’t like doing it for exact tit for tat dollar amounts but I always try to cover the charge for something similar in the future.

No. 1272105

Depends on the situation. I'll always transfer money (rounded up for a bit of a tip) if someone is like, picking up lunch for everyone in the office or paying a bill at a restaurant. But if it's just a friend and I hanging out and they pay for both of us out of convenience, I'll just pay for something of theirs when it's similarly priced. I don't pinch pennies when buying other people things, so hopefully they wouldn't when it comes to me either.

No. 1272109

I relate to this so much and I think I've acted embarrassingly because I'm weird about money. Sigh

No. 1272318

I don't understand people who are anti-gun. How do you protect yourself against fascism if the only one armed is the government? I am truly not into politics and shit but this always confused me.
Is it because they think normie-on-normie gun violence is a more pressing issue?

No. 1272379

You want to fight the army with your one gun?

No. 1272382

No but citizens with guns can band together. Or if shit really goes down I could use it to protect myself from other people in general.

No. 1272393

From my perspective as someone from a country with very strict gun laws, I feel safe because the chance of me getting shot by a nutjob with a gun is next to nihil. Facism doesn't concern me because even if that happens, citizens banding together with their guns won't be enough to battle the resources of the government anyway. Normie-on-normie violence ending my life early under lax gun laws is far more likely to happen than the government going fascist in my lifetime while we have our strict gun laws.

No. 1272416

I see, that totally makes sense. Thanks for elaborating nona.

No. 1272423

Can oral sex give you oral/throat cancer?

No. 1272433

Can i use the washing machine as a hamper for dirty but dry clothes?


No. 1272434


No. 1272439

My in-laws used their washing machine as a hamper and it caused it to stink, but it could also be because they don't clean the machine enough. I wouldn't do it, but I'm neurotic. I'm sure you'll be fine.

No. 1272443

Actually it might like, block the machine from drying out in between loads if it is smothered by dry dirty clothing.

No. 1272447

No. 1272461

This says oral sex in itself does not cause cancer, it's giving oral sex to someone with HPV is what causes cancer. And women have higher immunity compared to men apparently

No. 1272464

Probably because most mens dirty asses have it

No. 1272502

What does "putting yourself out there" really mean in context of dating? Is it necessarily going on dating apps?

No. 1272504

Reaching out first to someone you may be interested in and not fearing rejection.

No. 1272526

I'm a pretty low energy person but I have a friend who is very omg and types in caps sometimes so I find myself matching her energy a lot without realizing it to seem more casual and less of my usual boring self

No. 1272572

I could definitely see this as an interesting fanfiction.

No. 1272581

Do you have to make an account to use Cytube? I want to join in for the 80s night today, but I've never used it before!

No. 1272602

Nope, you can just join by entering a name in the chat.

No. 1272617

What are some decent vpns that don't have those stupid 30 day trial, subscription, etc. I want to download old anime from a torrent site but my isp has blocked it.

No. 1272623

I use Browsec

No. 1272648

Why does my right wrist feel weird? It hurts slightly when I bend/twist/stretch it. This has been going on for a couple weeks now. I’m not worried, just curious.

No. 1272676

It says SPF30. So I guess it's for protection?

No. 1272687

Is dying your hair seen as effeminate if you're a male? I remember once talking with a girl in my class about how my father dyed his hair from black to blonde for some time but got annoyed with the upkeep and stopped, and she laughed and asked if he was a woman.

No. 1272705


usually men don't bother with that stuff unless they're trying to cover up gray hair, because they can't be assed with the upkeep and people don't really care about men's looks that much unless he's a young pretty boy

No. 1272728

can't lie nonnas the only men i've known who dyed their hair natural colors were insufferably neurotic and vain. its not something men are socialized to care about much so the men who do care enough to actually change their hair color are often really self obsessed. this is just my experience though

No. 1272730

Would you ever start studying at 6pm?

No. 1272738

based girl in your class, your dad sounds like a massive self-absorbed faggot

No. 1272739

Kek I only start studying at 6pm.

No. 1272805

Two questions:
-How did the nickname Shaynus come about for Shayna? Is it in reference to something?
-How come Pumpy from the sex workers thread doesn't have her own thread? I don't follow the camgirls thread but every single time I scroll by she's the only one anons aare talking about. I want to read about all of her milk but I am way too dick to read about all the other cows in those threads.
Just curious, I guess.

No. 1272879

i saw a bunch of reddit moids proud that most people don't have sex over an hour and i was like wtf… are women really ok with only having sex with moids for 15 minutes at a time? i can masturbate way longer than that in a session.

No. 1272885

tbh in a long term relationship i just dont really wanna go for over an hour every time. in the beginning we fucked like rabbits for hours every time we saw each other but once you live together for a while its less likely youll want to fuck for an hour every day. 15 minutes is still way too short though unless thats not factoring foreplay in. cuz i bet those scrotes are counting foreplay into their numbers too so saying "sex takes 10 min" means they get their dick sucked for 5 then piv for another 5.

No. 1272888

Why do people walk outside in jeans and hoodies when it's over 90F/32C?

No. 1272895

Sorry I didn’t wanna get harassed for my unshaved legs and not wearing a bra I’m just trying to get groceries I’m too tired conform

No. 1272899

I used to when I was a teenager because I'm pale with very dark and thick hairs and my parents wouldn't allow me to shave or wax my leg and armpit hairs because "only whores do that" so I just tried to not go outside to begin with. Even wearing a dress or linen clothes isn't enough anymore now, I have no idea how I survived that shit.

No. 1272901

this. its always because i havent shaved or i dont wanna show skin/my body because im self conscious that day

No. 1272904

I'm a virgin so I can't really speak about that but personally when I masturbate it takes me just a few minutes. Is there something wrong with me or is it just normal but unusual?

No. 1272909

Who cares whether you shave or not? Where do you guys live that you get harassed for that?

No. 1272912

I’m the same way. Always have been. I never got into porn though and I think that played a big part. There’s nothing wrong with you Noni.

No. 1272915

idk its just shame from female socialization, knew girls in high school whod skip a day of shaving and get made fun of by everyone

thats normal, everyones different but if i really want to i can finish in under a minute

No. 1272917

Pumpy doesn't have her own thread because there isn't much milk. She shoops, and is generally sad and pathetic. That's all I could gather from skimming it occasionally at least. 90% of that thread is other sex workers vendetta posting.

No. 1272919

Sure, I saw that in high school too but not when just going about your life as an adult grocery shopping.

No. 1272921

samefag, i forgot to say that the reason its weird for reddit moids to say they cum in 15 minutes is because sex isnt just about cumming, generally people prefer sex that prioritizes prolonged pleasure instead of cumming as fast as you can

yeah its just shame based on past experience, find me irrational if you want but its not like i can delete female socialization with a button. i prefer to not feel shame, and since theres no switch to shut it off, i avoid situations that would make me feel more of it

No. 1272927

I'm the one you replied to and I can masturbate in a few minutes too, it's all I did when I was younger. Now I want to do it longer and more efficiently

No. 1272941

It's a long and uncomfortable process but you can overcome the shame. Best of luck nonna.

No. 1272944

I live on earth, get out of your cave once in a while and see how girls and women are treated for being hairy. I'm not talking about having very short, thin, light body hair, I'm talking about hair that can be seen from very far away because of how think, long, dark and curly it is. No with everyone having smartphones with excellent cameras and thinking filming people in public without their consent and publishing these videos is fine and legal it's even worse than when I was a teenager.

>Who cares whether you shave or not?

People care about even less than that and will loudly shit talk you behind your back or point and laugh if you look "weird". You could be just wearing some slightly ugly tshirt and some dumb cunt while film you and post a video on tiktok or twitter with an insulting caption.

I see. I almost never watched porn and the very few times I did it was when that shit was shoved on my TL on social media and it always disgusted me, like seeing a piece of dog shit and barely dodging it while walking. I used to be way more horny than now though and could last longer, now Ii can't even say if I have orgasms or not after being done.

No. 1272946

You never been harassed, followed, or gawked at for not wearing a bra? What utopia you live? I got actively harassed for not shaving in school, now I still get nasty or outragedlooks

No. 1272969

I'm a hairy, tall masculine woman you autist. My nickname in middle school was big foot. I know what it is like to be mocked and harassed for it as a kid/teen but acting like this is normal in your adult life is insane. I go to the beach in all my hairy glory, bush included. You're the one who should touch grass.
I didn't say anything about going braless for a reason.

No. 1272980

i didnt see anon say anything for you to seethe or be spiteful in your reply. Vitriolic twitterfag.

Also adults are just as judgmental, especially the middle aged ones.

No. 1272987

i think she means well and just wants women to be as shameless as she is, but its hard, people really arent very nice to women who defy the norm

No. 1272989

Pretty sure if I went to the beach in a swimsuit without shaving or waxing anything someone would call the police on me for indecent exposure just because of how spread out my pubic hair is. I doubt we have the same experience. If you think all adults are mature I really hope it's just because you're lucky to be surrounded by mature adults. An anon in another thread said a old male customer or coworker was pointing at a female customer with hairy legs and expecting the anon to laugh at her with him, so I doubt I'm the autist here, retarded adults give even less of a fuck than teenagers imo and according to anons here and my irl friends.

No. 1273012

Where do you live because I wanna move there

No. 1273065

Hold up, do people actually not think of silver as metallic gray?

No. 1273066

File: 1658521730846.jpg (162.23 KB, 1200x1737, GettyImages-143064417_copy.0.j…)

Can a person with a wide body ever look (conventionally) attractive? I'm of average weight, but I'm built like a neanderthal so no matter how much weight I lose I still look fat because of the width of my bones. I don't want to be that person who removes/breaks bones to look smaller and skinnier but I may have to just to look normal help

No. 1273072

i have wide proportions too. im underweight and i still feel huge kek. but you sound dysmorphic nonna, having proportionally wide shoulders or a ribcage is really not a big deal to other people and youre definitely just thinking about it too much. width wont make you look fat, it can make loose clothes look frumpier so i advise wearing things that accentuate the waist

No. 1273076

You might have to accept your lot in life anon. I don't think short/wide is ugly and its the shape of a lot of women in my ethnic bracket (self included), but you can't become a 5'9 slimchan by hating yourself.

No. 1273086

Yes, you just have to dress for your body and maintain eatin good hygiene. That is literally it. Lolcow isn't the best place to ask something like this, you know as well as I do that nonnies here have the most unrealistic ideas about weight and bodies ever

No. 1273093

>I could use it to protect myself from other people in general.
Am burgerfag and this seems to be the thinking of people who vehemently defend their 2nd amendment rights. The problem is that it gets out of hand and you see it in the news all the time of people saying "I was just defending myself!" Even the police pull that shit.

It's a double edged sword- you can easily obtain a gun to protect yourself, but the people who intend on using them for nefarious purposes also get easy access to guns. Then you've got nutjobs like school shooters getting easy access too. Also, it doesn't matter if I as a burger can get my hands on a semi-automatic. Even if everyone in my building got their hands on a big boy gun, if the military rolls down my block with their tanks and fighter jets, what are some measly guns going to do? I think that's the thinking when the 2nd amendment was written, so the people could defend themselves against the government. Except now the US has the largest, if not one of the largest, military budgets in the world. It might have worked back in the good ol days but we are nothing against our own military kek.

No. 1273099

My beef stroganoff is insane, and also tomato soup, and falafel

No. 1273101

Do high temperatures melt earwax?

No. 1273111

Is there an actual tell-tale sign to know if a moid is a down-right psychopath? Recently turned out a Scrote that gave me weird vibes despite looking like a decent person was actually abusive towards her ex, but I can't figure out what was about him that seemed off to begin with, and I was curious if you nonnies have seen some patterns regarding these type of moids.

No. 1273120

It's always the best to trust your gut feeling. Aren't psychopaths good at hiding it?

No. 1273124

I'm literally built like a Neanderthal too kek. I doubt people in real life will judge you because of your shoulders/ribcage/whatever you fixate on though. Be easier on your body, it's taken you this far and is probably in relatively good health. I get being mad about your bone structure though, but a lot of the procedures can be dangerous, especially the rib removals. They look tempting, but there is a reason why they aren't common and most doctors won't remove ribs.

No. 1273136

Really you have to assume they're all fucked up until presented with contrary evidence.

No. 1273271

The only way to find out is through experimentation.

No. 1273304

In my experience they are the one who go out of their way to assure you they are a good person, compliment themselves for things like being a great listener or saying they're caring. Then just general narcissism of implying that many women want them but they have to turn them down.
I'd also argue saying that they constantly say they've changed or refer to their past mistakes as the 'old me', and this current self is the 'new me'. Everyone's gotta work on themselves but to imply they're without flaws and fixed just screams that they haven't learned a damn thing and are probably still super toxic.

No. 1273306

trust your gut feeling when it comes to men!!! if you instinctively know or feel that there's something wrong then trust that instinct

No. 1273332

If I do ab workouts, will I lose weight or am I just building muscle under layers of fat. How does this work

No. 1273348

both. engaging your muscles builds them, which in turn makes your body need more energy which it takes from fat. and it speeds up your metabolism over time. you won't look ripped from just doing crunches or something.

No. 1273352

I don't think there are many for sure signs that someone is downright despicable when you don't know them very well, besides the most obviously horrible things, but there are a few general traits and things to be cautious of when first meeting men.
>prone to exaggeration
>obvious white lies
>makes people feel awkward, puts people on the spot
>tryhard attempts at being smooth
>too "nice" (bullshitting, asskissing, gifts you dont want)
>any kind of bad boy or tortured artist larp
>fixation on anything related to the past
>going out of his way to seem humble or sensitive
>seems on edge and skittish for no reason, doesnt seem to be aware of coming across this way
>tries hard to seem distant and independent
>always redirects conversations to himself
>eagerness to blame others
>tendency to talk a lot about exes or other women from his past that he feels have burned him
>sees himself as an authority in any way
>hates his mother and talks about this often, blames her for his shortcomings

And like other anons already said, if you get that bad gut feeling, do not ignore it (this gets complicated if you have ptsd or something though). You can't always know when a creep is a creep, but my gut has never been wrong when it's actually spoken up. When that sinking feeling is there, it's there for a reason.

No. 1273417

If my may add to the last part
>either hates his mother or puts her on an infallible platform, despite mom’s clear issues.

No. 1273504

do you ever see someone online and immediately clock them as a lolcow poster? i think i see many of you in the wild on twitter and when lurking reddit

No. 1273584

My landlord gave me permission to paint with colour approval at the beginning of my lease and now my lease is up and I'd like to paint but I'm scared of getting kicked out after painting. Should I not paint or arrange a new lease on the premise of painting?

My old landlord kicked my mom and I out and sold the house after she painted the suite which is why I am scared. I can't paint without permission though because my landlord does inspections every 10-12 months (I'm a second year tenant that just did the inspection.).

No. 1273592

yes, when i see similar content being posted elsewhere or very rude slang kek

No. 1273603

I’ve thought that about some of the people I follow on tumblr. A few of them have confirmed it by mentioning coming on here

No. 1273623

Im socialized to be afraid of sun rays

No. 1273624

Yeah whenever I see something that has a lot of cross over here. Like when I saw a fic once about a husbando who has a thread here reading Dworkin and using lolcow common slang, or when a fic with said husbando used retard, or when I see someone write scrotes. It makes me kek and be on alert for confirmation.

No. 1273626

some people hate their bodies and showing skin

No. 1273631

Sometimes. I've started following TERFy accounts on Twitter and witb some of them there's a type of unhinged that reeks of image board kek

No. 1273633

I do it as a secret signal to find likeminded people, follow me next time nona

No. 1273637

I just search “scrote” or “moid” on twitter if I wanna check up on what farmers be doing kek

No. 1273643

I do this because I'm at very high risk for skin cancer and it's easier and safer to just cover up as much as I can and put up with the heat. I should probably get around to buying clothes that fully cover my skin but look more 'summery' since I know I look retarded sweating in a hoodie and jeans kek

No. 1273827

Variety of reasons. Anemia. Skin conditions. Problems with harassment. Sun sensitivity. Immunocompromised etc.

No. 1273963

What does being immunocompromised have to do with anything? (Genuinely asking)

No. 1273996

File: 1658576845673.gif (483.38 KB, 295x197, 1aSX.gif)

Is there a way to avoid queefing after sex? It's so embarrassing, I can always feel an air bubble getting in when my boyfriend gets inside of me which makes a farting sound when he pulls out

No. 1274015

Learn to laugh it off. It happens to you, it happens to every woman, it's just air being pushed in. It does ruin the mood a bit but it can't really be helped. Besides, it's not like it actually is a fart that smells, and it's just a quick sound kek.

No. 1274059

Wear linen.

No. 1274062

I think so with terfy girls posting on twitter when they use specific slang like "moid" or "scrote", but that aside I'm really never sure. However, it's really obvious when 4chan weebs are on twitter because they really act like they're still posting on /v/ or /a/.

No. 1274189

What's that style of poetry with disgusting themes called? I don't remember any specific poems, but themes were putrefaction, vomiting, etc. I think it was an 1800s style.

No. 1274207

File: 1658590018179.jpg (648.24 KB, 676x1500, 13-carcass-baudelaire1.jpg)

are you thinking of les poetes maudits? baudelaire's carcass comes to mind

No. 1274214

Yessss thank you nona

No. 1274255

newfag here. Is there a terminology page or something for lolcow? I'm kinda retarded

No. 1274257

integrate by lurking

No. 1274263


No. 1274266

tumblr poets wish they were him kek

No. 1274339

When I was a streamer, I would get raided by a lot of "shoeonhead" comments and my dumbass put the shoe on my head because I didn't know she was a streamer. I was talking about some semi controversial stuff when the comments happened. Why is SHE meme'd a lot?
I have no idea about her and I always see a lot of ">shoeonhead" comments on image boards. I promise I am not her. I am just wondering the connection/meme?

No. 1274403

Oh nonna… i am sorry for you. I hope oldfag farmers will explain to you because i never really followed the threads and and supposedly this imageboard was her idea?

No. 1274413

Tbf Shoe on head literally is an old meme from 4chan where if girls posted selfies they'd ask for them to put a shoe on their head. Her username is based on that. So you doing that isn't exactly stupid, it's what the joke meant to be to begin with.

No. 1274431

Wow, I always thought "shoe on head" just meant "retarded" or something. Why would you name yourself after something like that?

No. 1274433

What are ways to make yourself look older that aren't make up? Any hair styles, fashion choices etc…?

No. 1274437

Cuz she's a pickme boxy wannabe who wanted channer scrote approval, most likely

No. 1274444

My doctor said that was probably the reason why I woke up with a completely plugged ear when I had a high fever, so I say yes

No. 1274459

proper fitting clothes, cinched waistlines, classy over cutesy. depends on your face and features but bangs and short hair tend to make people look younger so avoid those if you can.

No. 1274474

'Shoe on head' used to be a way to prove that it is in fact you in the picture. Mostly because it's such a stupid thing to do. Think timestamp + shoe on head to prove you are who you are on 4chan.
Shuwu did not invent the shoe on head, she was just lul so quirky and adapted the 4channism.

No. 1274475

nta but i feel like bangs and short hair has the opposite effect

No. 1274477

really just depends on your face shape i guess, people who look young already end up looking like kids with short bobs with bangs, but if your face is more mature it can make you look like an old lady fashion designer

No. 1274642

Put one of my spotify playlists through an analyzer and the playlist mood came back as "Vocal obscure songs", what does that mean?

No. 1274724

My cat is a breed that’s supposed to be really quiet but she meows about everything, what’s up with that?

No. 1274817

File: 1658618125852.gif (29.99 KB, 163x80, 1652703022241.gif)

Does a bigger version of this exist?

No. 1274818

Do you talk to her a lot?

No. 1274830

Yeah like constantly kek so she learned from me? That’s cute

No. 1274852

Yes, very likely! Often cats grow up to be chatty and commenting on everything if they're noticing it's a pleasant way to communicate frequently with their human, regardless of breed. And yeah, it's pretty cute.

No. 1274893

Do you sometimes have the feeling because you’re a high quality poster that mods like you? Could you tell me the signs that makes you convinced that mods or the gayhands like you?

No. 1274934

I don't think the mods like me in particular, but I've never been banned.

No. 1274965

Unless this happened during an infighting it’s possible you’re an npc of npcs

No. 1274966

Am I supposed to just wear my engagement ring all the time 24/7? Where do I put it when I need to take it off?

No. 1274979

Yes, you have to wear it at all times and never take it off. That's how the contract of engagement remains valid.

No. 1274981

just wear it whenever. an engagement ring is basically a dowry that the man traditionally gives as proof that he can provide for you.

No. 1274986

Why do you want to draw, if you have nothing in mind to draw?

No. 1274988

what is the post with the most replies?

No. 1274992

No. 1274994

> ways to look older?
> have an old looking face


No. 1275028

how can i befriend a cashier at an alternative store? i think she is cool and friendly but i don't want to come off weird and desperate. i just don't know any other people into this fashion in this city besides tiktok zoomers on the internet

No. 1275042

Do any anons have actual dark triad traits or have taken the dark triad test? What did you score?

No. 1275127

File: 1658643875907.gif (102.84 KB, 373x182, C639C822-2E7C-4194-99C0-FDDCB0…)

No. 1275129

File: 1658644008552.gif (104.68 KB, 373x182, 7A812279-3D26-4425-971D-AB4054…)

have it in pink too nonnie!

No. 1275138

somebody post the dark triad stacy cap

No. 1275178

Nah I've seen posts in the various troon threads garnering more answers than that.

No. 1275190

How do you improve socially? I've watched charisma on command as that's been recommended, and I know people say you have to practice in real life but how do I do that in the best way possible? Like instead of just talking to random people outside should I take a job? My ex once said that working in a fast food place helped him get better socially but he already seemed pretty social so idk how accurate that is. I would prefer to work in clothing retail though. Would that also get me similar results? Or would fast food be the best way to practice?

No. 1275192

File: 1658654053342.jpg (31.6 KB, 434x601, Screenshot_20220723-003531_You…)

What type of shoe is this? Sorry for the awkward screenshot. Best closeup I could get of it.

No. 1275198

Look who rolling in from CC

No. 1275200

File: 1658654608597.gif (1.97 MB, 360x264, 23.gif)

No. 1275202

File: 1658654961635.jpg (77.61 KB, 700x900, superare_shoes1.jpg)

kinda looks like boxing shoes

No. 1275203

The two things which helped me the most :
>Working in retail
>Being a guide in a museum

Anything that forces you to interact with people and especially initiate the conversation.

No. 1275204

File: 1658655223423.jpeg (154.27 KB, 897x1121, 51ACB653-F1C1-4422-A041-1D3806…)

Why do I look like this

No. 1275207

ESL here. Sometimes I think I hear people (usually from the US) pronounce the word "ask" as "aks". As in a sentence: "Let me aks you a question." Is my hearing just broken or is this some kind of a slang? The auto subtitles feature on youtube shows it correctly as "ask".

No. 1275208

A job where you interact with customers and/or co-workers a lot would be good but so would be going to school/doing an (in person) course or such. A clothing store would probably be fine, especially if it's one that interacts a lot with customers.

I shall say though, I think it depends most on your mindset and not on the place where you work, how much you can practice your social skills. I used to have social anxiety and the first job I had as a teen was at a supermarket. I didn't improve my social skills a lot back then despite having lots of opportunity because all I had to do to survive the day was nod yes to co-workers and customers alike basically. Later I got a non-customer facing job that let me talk with co-workers a lot if I wanted to, and I got more practice out of that because I actually wanted to improve. So I think it's mostly a matter of wanting to push yourself out of your comfort zone to talk to people beyond absolutely required to finish the job and not where you work.

No. 1275209

No. 1275222

Yeah some people definitely say it like that, you're not broken at all lol

No. 1275239

When I still thought I want to be sociable I practiced by initiating conversations with uber drivers, going to an exhibition or museum of some sort where I'd have a common topic in being interested what is displayed, or approaching people I knew that worked in the same area I did (corporate center of the city), since just talking to coworkers is an easy mode. Definitely having some sort of a job that would have you engage in conversations would help a lot, anons gave you some good suggestions, I'm definitely seconding the clothing shop idea; fastfood I think would be too intense but maybe working in a coffee shop, or anything like that that would be more cozy and slower could be good?

No. 1275270

Hello lolcow
Should I beat the shit out of my rapist
Or should I kill him
Or should I put him on the internet

No. 1275287

Thank you nonnie

No. 1275289

Just make sure you don't face any punishment or consequences for what you do to him. Trash isn't worth going to court to.

No. 1275295

Yes, treat yourself

No. 1275305

If you can do it without facing consequence, make it pay

No. 1275375

bump for this question

No. 1275398

The vocals are obscure? As in, not common?

No. 1275405

It means that the songs on your playlist are mostly less known ones with vocals.

No. 1275458

File: 1658677830947.png (806.88 KB, 1214x705, 1653265586018.png)

Hello, I have a question. Is there a way to use TyranoBuilder in English without installing the Steam version? When I downloaded it off of the Japanese website, and checked the files in a folder called lang there was both a 'ja.json' and 'en.json' file so I wondered if I had to do anything there. I wish to make a game with my husbando in it but I want to use the latest version of this software as he deserves the best, plus I hate how much of a bitch Steam is. Thank you.

No. 1275506

What the hell is up with feta cheese in brine? What is the benefit of using this type of cheese versus the one that comes crumbled in a box? It's a couple of bucks cheaper than the latter and I wanted to buy it but I have no idea how to use it!

No. 1275525

brine is for preserving it, dry feta is either going to go bad quickly or is full of fake preservatives.

No. 1275579

is 40 too old for lolcow

No. 1275580

No we have 60 and over anons too

No. 1275581

File: 1658687367443.jpeg (116.43 KB, 800x1000, Jss.jpeg)

Would you date Jesus?

No. 1275583

I would do more than that

No. 1275585

All those disciples seem pretty annoying. Also you know he has that ego as the son of God and would constantly make you out as the bad guy

No. 1275598

Nah, too poor

No. 1275605

I hope she’s eastern european so you get disappointed. They all dress alt. Lol

No. 1275614

I would and I would scrub that spirituality bullshit out of him and make him truly wake up to the clarity of reality.

No. 1275617

yes. this is my third time confessing to being attracted to jesus on here. i think looking at pics of jesus in church all the time as a kid created my hair kink

No. 1275619

>I hope she’s eastern european so you get disappointed.

Nta but what?

No. 1275621

I only like when he’s skinny and kinda beat up, I don’t like the weight restored version

No. 1275624

I've heard Eastern European people are pretty unfriendly. Maybe that's what anon means.

No. 1275664

Idk, we're not unless you're rude, kind of like everyone else on the planet

No. 1275679

File: 1658691791774.png (102.48 KB, 296x231, A0E3AE59-C9CE-4FA3-9BBD-F28448…)


No. 1275688

How weary should I be of third party keyboards for my phone?

No. 1275724

Should i learn japanese, chinese or spanish

No. 1275739

Where are you from? If you're in the US I'd say Spanish is the most useful. And it'd look great on a resume too. Much easier to learn than the other two

No. 1275765

Depends on what your goals are. Do you want to learn for fun or does it need to be useful?

No. 1275812

Why do romance novels trigger moids so much? I've noticed that they make scrotes seethe really hard but I don't understand. I've even seen some of them say that they're just as bad as porn (fucking kek) and negatively effecting society, which is the most retarded shit ever because romance novels have a minimal if any effect on society (also they're shunned hard so most women who read it aren't open about it except online), while porn is warping brains and changing how people view sex (in a negative way) on a societal level (and it's pretty accepted, as in it doesn't have the stigma that romance novels have). But anyway, what inspires the vitriol? That they're made by and for women?

No. 1275820

how would you identify if the young person at your job was one of those gen Z tide pod eaters?

No. 1275846

Not only that but porn affects the lives of real life women as well. From the wives, girlfriends, friends, daughters and sexual partners of the moids who consume it, to the women who unfortunately become addicted to it, to the women who are abused, trafficked, drugged and exploited to create it. And not only is it accepted, sadly it has become normalized to openly make references to porn and pornify everything.

Though I'd argue that romance novels and other romance media for women do have a significant negative effect on women since it reinforces harmful stereotypes and ideas about relationships and men that can get women in abusive situations in real life, although these effects aren't as direct as those of porn (which is correlated to things such as rapes, child porn consumption and child sexual abuse).

As for the reason why they hate romance novels so much, it's because they can't admit that the thing they get off to is bad and that they're disgusting pieces of shit for getting off to it, they can't admit that they have a porn addiction so they cope by saying women are just as bad, just like when moids try to defend their egos from crime statistics that say men commit an overwhelming majority of violent crimes and sex crimes, but since there are a few women who end up becoming very fucked up in the head enough to commit one of those crimes, suddenly women are just as bad or there's nothing wrong with men. Also, they hate it when women enjoy things made by and for themselves, they believe everything has to cater to them and that which does not make them horny, but is "supposed" to, deserves to be hated and ridiculed, especially if it's something for women because feminine or girly things are automatically inferior, stupider and alien in their primitive minds.

No. 1275851

No. I am 53 and still use this site. Though most users are in their 20s and early 30s so you might feel old (I know I do)

No. 1275854

Fucking help I wasn't going to reply to >>1275192.
Anyway, I was going to say those look like vintage ice skates to me but I looked them up and it looks like they're not ice skates after all

No. 1275862

You're my mom's age, if she knew English I would have panicked a little.

No. 1275868

makes me wonder where my mom would post if she was here. she's addicted to misogyny so she would probably be nitpicking in snow and calling everyone cunts and whores kek

No. 1275929

swinging by to say this post is 100% right and i completely agree.

No. 1275948

is it normal for a doctor to refuse to give you a pap smear because you don't actively have sex? my dr refused me when i was younger but i'm sort of getting worried because of my age, my mom had pcos symptoms around this time

No. 1275995

yeah that’s the norm. pap smears are primarily done to detect cervical cancer which is caused by hpv, which is sexually transmitted

No. 1276036

Why do I always expect people to be nicer to me, respect me more and be more attracted to me if I’m very underweight? BMI has been 15 or less for months for context but my coworkers and friends don’t seem to respect me at all. I want to feel pretty but I don’t.

No. 1276109

I bumped the vent thread with this on accident because I’m retarded lol but are Brandy Melville clothes well-made?

No. 1276121

How can I git gud at pixel art?

No. 1276126

they are very well made, their undies are so comfy too

No. 1276136

How do you fix executive dysfunction. This has been fucking my life up pretty much ever since I was a teen and had my own responsibilities. I want to be able to have a normal routine and have my life be put-together. I need a way out of being a chaotic, emotional mess. Is there anything you can do on your own and not via therapy? I went to a therapist once years ago and the experience was not great.

No. 1276140

Autism? ADHD? Or Combo anon? I have tips but it depends on where you are on the spectrum.

No. 1276143

Have you looked at pixel art creator apps to start with basic tools and canvas sizes. Then just start small and work your way bigger? Or is there something specific you want to do?

No. 1276156

Tbh I’ve never been diagnosed with anything but I’ve thought I might be autistic for 10+ years now, if that counts kek

No. 1276159

I've been using dotpict. I think starting off with anatomy would be good.

No. 1276165

Sensory input and routine. Being able to have a clear set of things your brain knows is happening let’s it autopilot and decrease the stress on your nervous system. Picture your head as a gauge on a pressure tank. Go to high and you’ll hit melt down or burn out/ executive dysfunction.
Even just starting and ending your days the same in a way that helps you destimulate can make a difference. Depending on your sensory needs doing things like showering with dim lighting and earplugs. To giving your self time to just lay somewhere nice and quiet after a lot of stress and input. Take the pressure off and plan it into your routine so you can avoid burnout.
If you can fuel yourself for success do it. Make sure your b12, vita d, iron and magnesium are solid. They’ll impact your ability to function. Drink enough water. Dehydration impacts your cognitive ability up to 60% or something. Protein in the morning helps the brain as places to start.

No. 1276174

Damn nonny this was the exact kind of solid advice I was looking for, thank you so much. I’ve already been trying to make things more routine, now I just feel encouraged. Going to look into supplementing those things you suggested.

No. 1276213

I keep seeing nonas post that Whang is a tranny chaser, but I've never seen anyone talk about why they're saying that. Please spoonfeed me further disappointment.

No. 1276249

He liked the tranny Keffals tweet about being friendly with troons according to KF https://kiwifarms.net/threads/keffals-clara-sorrenti-lucas-roberts.115295/page-125#post-11529434 . He likely interacts with those types/in those circles similar to Fantano who is also a chaser.

No. 1276250

Samefag it's the redditor nerd phenotype.

No. 1276269

Yeah, I was sent away from the gyno when I was a virgin too

No. 1276281

Thank you for explaining. I've watched several of his videos and just never would have thought.

No. 1276283

File: 1658732867292.jpeg (3.3 MB, 4032x3024, 6E23D7CC-43E0-41B7-A920-D16343…)

When an artist says that their art print/painting is an open edition what does that mean?

No. 1276285

Wait, Fantano is a chaser?

No. 1276301

Both, I’m good at languages so i eventually want to learn all three im just hesitating which one to start with

No. 1276385

A big one kek. He's friends with a lot of breadtube men too.

No. 1276392

Any anons that own wireless overhead headphones?

I want to invest into a good pair but how fast do they drain the phone battery or are they even worth it?

No. 1276408

Get ones which have the option of a removable cord, allows you to use them even if the run out of charge. I have a great pair of 9$ XCD headphones I think are cheap and reliable.

No. 1276421

I have bose quietcomfort 35 ii I think and they're great, they dont put strain on my battery compared to a mobile game or using directions while driving. Their cons are: they will kinda fall down if your head is small, the sound does leak out if you're in a super quiet place, they dont block out super loud environment like construction or gardeners, sometimes the bluetooth noise cancel gets annoying, and the wire it came with is very short. Dankpods on youtube has a ton of better lists for headphones if you have $50-400 to spend. I couldve gotten the HD 600 for better sound quality that he uses as a bench mark but theyre wired which I wasnt going to do for an all around headphone while cleaning or walking. Also the price inflated on them probably because he made them well known.

No. 1276430

How do i stop getting overwhelmed by tiny things?

No. 1276431

Any nonnies who have had concussions here? What are the sure signs of it? I hit my head so hard on a tree bark while looking at my phone and I felt my teeth almost crack.

No. 1276435

Is it normal for a guy to pee more frequently than a woman or is it the sign of something concerning? My bf pees like 20 times a day, and he even wakes up in the middle of the night. I thought I drank a lot of water and so peed a lot but I never have to wake up at night

No. 1276437

I'd also love to know this, I live constant anxiety over everyday things and cannot stop ruminating

No. 1276441

Find bigger things to get overwhelmed by

No. 1276446

I think it's normal.

Same, I fucking cried when I got home because of an interaction I had at the store earlier:
>asks woman nicely if there is a clearance section
>"yeah it's over there with the giant yellow sign hanging in the air that says 'CLEARANCE'
She was working early Sunday shift so I understand the inpatience but it made me feel like shit BUT I KNEW SHE WAS JUST BEING A BITCH AND IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. But still, the feelings persist. I fucking hate not being able to control myself.

No. 1276462

Could be nothing he just drinks a lot, or it could be diabetes or a prostate issue.

No. 1276465

I kinda want to get a depilator but I'm worried that I'm going to miss my body hair if it starts not growing back. Does anyone have hair loss from depilating/waxing long-term? Do you ever miss your body hair?

No. 1276468

have terrible big things happen to you so you don't care about the tiny stuff anymore

No. 1276469

I used an epilator before and it did nothing to reduce the amount of hair I have, pretty sure that's a myth. They also hurt like hell

No. 1276473

Practicing mindfulness, do breathing exercises in a moment where you feel that you're getting overwhelmed, let yourself fully notice and understand what you're feeling, learn how to focus on a good, not bad outcome, even if forcing positive thoughts will feel fake in the beginning. You can try writing it all down, for example. Also silly exercise my therapist recommended and it works sometimes, clench your fists really hard so you feel muscle tension and then open letting all the tension go, repeat multiple times, it's intended to help the brain find a way to let go by doing this physical let-go motion. I'm not sure i'm explaining it clearly

No. 1276475

Anons in relationships, do you find that you have less time for yourself and your hobbies ever since you got in the relationship?

No. 1276476

Samefag, I'm in my first relationship and can't decide if I have poor time management skills or is this normal

No. 1276486

I got tricho and as a result I’m always pulling and epilating my pubic hair so I’m also sure that’s a myth

No. 1276503

I don't understand why you don't just… make more time for hobbies and yourself. You're not taking care of an infant, you're in a relationship, you can do whatever you want. If he bitches about it then leave.

No. 1276535

Is it possible to open up a qr code on your phone that you can’t scan? Like when someone sends you a qr code via text or something.

No. 1276540

You can open the image in google lens, it will recognize the QR code

No. 1276545

Oh shit thank you nonnie!!! My mom asked me for help yesterday with a qr code she got sent in a group chat and in a panic I took a photo of it on my phone and then scanned the photo of it with her phone but I guess that wouldn't always be feasible hahah

No. 1276576

I saw a girl on Youtube saying that she puts Nivea cream on the ends of her hair, because it prevents dryness. Does this really work?

No. 1276606

God no, it's way too heavy. There are dedicated hydrating serums though, or you could use squalane (which is good for the skin as well)

No. 1276643

During a low point last year, I drank way too much, too often and didn’t really mind the horrible painful hangovers the next morning. Because, instead of being stressed out about multiple things, in the moment I only had one thing (the hangover) to deal with and get through. 0/10 would not recommend

No. 1276690

Is it possible to learn a semester's worth of material in 4 days? I need 50% on the paper. It's first year college math if that helps.

No. 1276696

File: 1658764556629.jpg (27.49 KB, 216x654, IMG_20220725_175401_439.jpg)

Do this with coconut oil (maybe) but nivea sounds totally wrong and garbage and has no effect at best and just is impossible to get out at worst.

No. 1276701

Maybe but probably not. However, you should start studying now anyways. Make sure you actually practice and revisit everything you're studying vs. just reading and being like 'oh yeah that makes sense.' Also use the pomodoro method, I find youtube pomodoro videos to be helpful. Start now. Good luck.

No. 1276703

I second this. Oils are cheaper and have great vitamins for your hair. Just make sure not to add too much.

No. 1276704

Look up YouTube tutorials from those random Indian guys (they have the best ones) and practice over and over until you understand completely and if you don't, ask other people or join math groups on Facebook and ask. Get them to check over your work and ask questions if you need to. Take breaks though and remember to rewire your brain that you're learning another language and another way to speak. I'm not good at math (I got accessed in grade 7 and they said I had a grade 3 level- I'm stupid at math) but these tips helped me pass calculus in highschool despite failing A&W first which is considered the "easiest" math course to pass in highschool. You've got this, also any Chinese math hacks are good- my girlfriend actually failed math in HS because she was using Chinese math methods (she was an international student) that made math much easier to understand than here. Also part of the reason I passed!

No. 1276738

seconding squalane for hair.

i love macadamia oil for my whole head of hair but often put heavier oils on my ends. argan is good too. it just depends on your hair type and the porosity and if you need more protein in your hair or less. do a strand test by putting a strand of hair on top of a glass of water. if it sinks within a minute or two you have high porosity hair and would benefit from more protein dense products. if it takes forever / doesn’t sink at all, you have low porosity hair and need less protein since your hair will be prone to protein overload. low porosity hair might also require heat to get moisture to actually absorb

No. 1276742

I from time to time (like twice a month, not often) have very eerie dreams, not nightmares but more like weird fever dreams. I'm usually lost in them, but the weird thing is they are always in the same 2 locations. One is the central of my village except it looks very different and there's no one around. Other is with a path of weird looking stones, old torn up fences, usually a creepy house at the end of it and I need to get away from there but end up there somehow. And sometimes I'm lost in the capital of a city, this night I dreamt I got very lost with my little cousin and we ended up accidentally breaking up in a scary weird house and getting out unharmed but there was a creepy woman sitting in the living room while my cousin ran upstairs. My question is, what the fuck are these supposed to mean? They're not nightmares and I don't have a fear of getting lost anywhere so I don't know, maybe it's a fear of losing control or something. Why are they always in the same locations? I don't get it.

No. 1276887

Girls help! I'll be seeing my bf for the first time again after four months (brief LDR situation) and I can't decide on what to wear. I know he ultimately won't mind, but I still appreciate some advice. I can either wear the outfit I put on to run my errands during the day, which is a really cute but casual look featuring his favourite skirt of mine. I know I'll make him happy wearing this skirt because he loves it so much on me. The outfit is very dainty with white and light blue colours. Or I can wear the deep blue dress I had been planning to wear originally. It is more proper and very stylish. I'll wear it with little heels. So should I do proper that I would feel more special in or casual and dainty with bfs favourite skirt? Thanks!

No. 1276893

I hate that trannies make me not want to reply to these posts, because posts like this are the main reason I come to female boards. A shame.
You might be better to ask in /g/ though.
I say wear the cute skirt with a simple pretty top to keep the skirt the focus, and make sure to bring comfortable shoes or socks if you have activities planned. Sending you good luck!

No. 1276895

Wear the first outfit! I think showing up in a skirt that he adores is a very cute idea. Can you wear the blue dress another day with him?

No. 1276930

why would you wear heels if you're not gonna go for dinners or smth. just wear the skirt if you're just meeting up at your home or something.

No. 1276940

what's a&w? i googled it and nothing comes up

No. 1276942

I think it’s “algebra and walculus”

No. 1276950

a rootbeer

No. 1276970

Can an actual farmer explain wtf is going on in /meta/ and what they're talking about, or is it all you-know-whos posting there?

No. 1277067

i've had vertigo for over a day straight now and i'm really worried. it comes and goes and differs in severity throughout the day. i can't see a doctor right now. i have no other symptoms (headaches, double vision, weakness, fever etc) and i've always had tinnitus but i don't think it's gotten worse. should i be concerned? i've seen that sometimes bits of calcium(???) in your ear can dislodge themselves and fuck up your balance for a few days before it goes back to normal so i'm praying to god it's just that

No. 1277068

It can also be a sign of an ear infection. I’d go to the doc soon if it doesn’t improve.

No. 1277070

yeah, i read about that too… i'm just praying it isn't that because i have no pain or anything kek but i'm really worried that that's what it is. ugh. thank you!

No. 1277072

could be earwax buildup deep in the ear or an infection. or pms kek, that happens to me every month. go to a doctor for sure, they’ll be able to tell you what’s wrong and if it’s your ears they’ll take care of it asap

No. 1277078

does it really happen with pms? that's crazy. i hope it gets better but i'll see a doctor asap if it doesn't!

No. 1277084

just depends on the person but yeah every month before my period starts i get INSANELY dizzy, lightheaded, and feverish

No. 1277100

I bought a giant bottle of mirin and I saw today that I hadn’t closed the cap fully and a tiny fly or mosquito drowned in it. I’m not sure how long it’s been there because I was gone fire a few weeks but… it should still be okay to use right?

No. 1277103

Possibly have the calcium crystals (canaliths) stuck in a semicircular canal. The crystals help it detect movement in your vestibular system. Your eye movement will tell if it is or not. You could go to an audiologist since they deal with balance disorders. They will do a maneuver on you called the valsalva. They cannot however diagnose or treat an ear infection but will refer you to a doctor if it is suspected.

No. 1277105

how do I go about asking my boyfriend to send me audio of him moaning? a nonna posted about this channel called moon x in another thread where the content is like that and I'm hooked

No. 1277106

like do I send him the channel? wouldnt he be jealous?

No. 1277112

Sometimes when I touch the arch of my foot , or when I am getting a massage I get kind of turned on like feel warmth rush to my cooch and get lower belly tingles does this mean I have a foot fetish

No. 1277116

I wanna see what moon c looks like before I get aroused to his moans

No. 1277118

I'm a dummy, how can I post tiktoks here? I downloaded a tiktok video on my phone and I tried to post it but I couldn't, it's in mp4 format

No. 1277124

most of them are average looking, thats why they usually put fanmade art on their videos and thumbnails. the better looking guys are usually ones who do all kinds of asmr

No. 1277126

If I rub my feet on certain textures/fabric it feels better than an orgasm but it's not sexual? Idk

No. 1277127

Yeah that’s what I mean but I also feel like mine is sexual

No. 1277135

Felt this. I legit can’t do it and avoid it because I moan from it and it literally feels sexual. Idk why. I don’t wanna do sexual foot stuff. I don’t have a foot fetish, I’m not into feet. Maybe feet guys are aware that some womens feet are sensitive like ours?

No. 1277143

I always do this when I get into bed at night with the bedsheets and it usually pisses off whoever I'm sharing a bed with.
They just don't understand.

No. 1277163

I experience this too but with rubbing it against a hard object. It's almost sexual but not quite. I wonder how common this is.

No. 1277172

could be stage 4 cancer and you’re dying. you should book a visit to the doctor and get lots of test done

No. 1277176

What the fuck anon

No. 1277177

File: 1658792560493.png (155.88 KB, 333x459, what.png)


No. 1277181

Uhh..maybe it's his tail?

No. 1277182

I had this happen to me as well because of a sudden ear infection. I was so sick with vertigo that every time I ate something, I'd throw it up. I could only eat saltine crackers and soups for weeks. It eventually went away with small head exercises and nausea medicine from my doctor, but I actually thought I was gonna die. Please be careful. It is treatable, but hits so hard. I never experienced vertigo until that time and still think of it.

No. 1277184

File: 1658793037753.jpg (53.7 KB, 570x440, 006077eb4eda7635e79a8882203bef…)

I've been saving some pictures on Pinterest, I didn't upload them but after a few weeks I appear as the creator. Why is that?

No. 1277197

shut da fuck up

No. 1277200

1 - Please see a doctor as soon as possible, especially if you have any signs of infection (feeling unwell, fever, sweats, chills, swelling, redness, pain etc.) or have intense headaches, vomiting or issues with sensation.
2 - You can try the The Epley maneuver (google it), it can move the crystals in the fluid in your inner ear and instantly cures vertigo symptoms in some people so it's worth a try.

No. 1277201

Maybe he has a big horn instead of a dick?

No. 1277202

File: 1658794324235.gif (188.37 KB, 80x80, 1650247518122.gif)

Is there any reason to keep trying to make friends in a new city as an adult, or should I just kms already?

No. 1277205

I’m a professional cook, and a semi-decent one. Mediocre if you compare me to the gods of cooks, semi-decent if you compare me to old ladies and dedicated housewives, and fucking amazing if you compare me to young scrotes and women. My food is kinda amazing but needs some work in the worlds of luxury restaurants. That’s how high the standards are. Thing is, my roomie made a too salty curry, and I pretended to like it. I thought, another time, as a thank you, I’ll cook something for her too. But she’s rejected my advances every time. Even though my food cooking smells amazing (i mean beginning with fruiting the onions always smells good). Just why has she refused my every advance to eat my meal too? I feel heartbroken like an italian housewife who no longer can serve food for her villagers. Ave maria! Mama mia. Save my heart. But for real, can petty people especially ladies who are kinda pickme-ish refuse meals out of jealousy? Or is it my paranoia?

No. 1277210

is it possible she sensed you didn't like her meal?

No. 1277213

Maybe she just doesn’t like your cooking

No. 1277221

some people are just like this. my roommate refuses to eat anything i make or buy, same with my brother. i literally don’t get it. even me who feels like a burden all the time still eats free food

No. 1277230

I can never watch the videos embedded on lolcow on my phone, does anyone know why? It’s just has the little play symbol with a line through it indicating that it won’t work…

No. 1277233

They don't work on iphones. For androids it works just fine.

No. 1277234

Maybe she had health issues she doesn’t want to disclose, maybe she has sensory disorders or is on the spectrum, taste is subjective maybe she’s picked up on the fact you like different flavors pallets and she wouldn’t like your cooking because it’s not to her taste. I’d just let it go anon. It doesn’t really effect you.

No. 1277237

What is the reason for making your bed if nobody's coming over? You're going to sleep in it anyway, I don't really mind messy places though so maybe it's just me but it seems like such a waste of time.

No. 1277238

yeah this. i don’t think it’s personal. some people for real just don’t like eating food made by others they’re not super close to or paying. i cook for people all the time and everyone’s happy but i’ve met people who just avoid even trying my food, it’s their loss

No. 1277243


No. 1277247

nta but that literally makes no sense. bedbugs aren’t drawn to unmade beds. they’re transmitted from location to location and don’t pop up out of nowhere. they’re also impossible to have if you wash sheets in warm water which everyone does anyway

No. 1277249

For me if I make the bed I'm less probe to just sitting in it on my free time, I hate JP but he is right about that

No. 1277251

It's physically comfier. I make my bed really tight with hospital corners I love sliding into it

No. 1277252

Nta but
>they’re also impossible to have if you wash sheets in warm water which everyone does anyway
This isn't true btw. Have you ever had bedbugs anon? I wish preventing them was as easy as just washing your bedding in hot water, but if it was they probably wouldn't have a reputation of being really stubborn and difficult to get rid of.

No. 1277261

Actually an unmade bed is a slightly more hostile environment to bed bugs due to increased airflow etc. which reduces temp and humidity.

No. 1277274

sorry i was actually walking when typing that lmfao. you’re right they embed themselves in the mattress and lay eggs there. i was thinking about how to get them out of clothes and sheets but the mattress is just fucked with bedbugs. i still don’t get how they’d appear without being transported from somewhere though like a hotel or someone else’s house, they’re like the stds of the big world

No. 1277293

is there a thread for discussions about sex or general hornyposting that isn’t about anime boys

No. 1277348

There are several threads in g

How long do emoji post get bans for?

No. 1277350

the ones on g looked mostly about posting celebs and characters, itd be nice to have a thread where i can talk about sex mishaps but i guess they can go in dumbass shit and confession threads. i just dont wanna shove nsfw stuff into a regular thread

No. 1277353

Is it normal to say “I love you” when you just started dating someone? I dated a younger guy who immediately said I love you who said that it was because he “chose” to love me. Normally I would have let the relationship develop and would wait to say it.
Actually this guy decided he didn’t wanna be with me after like two months over a really dumb reason which doesn’t really seem like the sort of commitment that actual “love” rests upon. I’m not entirely certain though because my only other relationship was extremely toxic hence I don’t have anything to really compare it to.

No. 1277358

there are a bad sex and sex advice threads in g, you have to dig for them

No. 1277365

NTA but can I get a thread link?

No. 1277401

Majority of his posts are deleted now tho. But be on the look out for things like "pet tranny/troon" "harmless tranny", defending retarded pronoun usage, saying that the tranny should be given janny privileges, accusing everyone of being Yurine, etc.

No. 1277433

>bed really tight with hospital corners
god i hate that shit, it's uncomfortable
where else are you supposed to sit during free time

No. 1277555

Is anyond elses' single parent shockingly naive/ignorant about sexual matters?
My mother pretty much only had a relationship with my father and sometimes makes comments or does things that are strange to me. Like once we were visiting relatives and my teenage cousin was hesitant about letting people in his room but he eventually did. My mother immediately spotted a line of used tissues in front of his computer and in his bed and while I put 2 and 2 together and realized these are things he used for masturbating and forgot to clean up, my mother didn't, asked him if he had a cold and just casually grabbed all the tissues and threw them out for him. Everyone just stood there and it was really uncomfortable.
She also did something recently, she knew that my bf came over and slept at my place and the day after she told me that she came to my apartment (she has keys) and 'inspected the mattress and noticed that it was quite sunk in the middle and helpfully commented that we should rotate it'. I was also quite weirded out by this because…why would she touch a bed my bf and I had sex in? I felt uncomfortable that she might notice the stains. I'm not the weird one here, am I?

No. 1277557

>asked him if he had a cold and just casually grabbed all the tissues and threw them out for him. Everyone just stood there and it was really uncomfortable.
Hopefully this will teach him a lesson not to leave his disgusting semen encrusted tissues all over the fucking place and to put them straight in the bin like a normal person.

No. 1277562

Dude when my brother was like 18 we moved, and when we moved his bed out of the way there was a MOUNTAIN of tissues. Killing myself for remembering this. Why do men have no shame

No. 1277568

I study in my bedroom and don't like looking at a messy bed/room, it's demotivating.

No. 1277662

What's a dark triad stacy?
I've read it here several times now but nowhere else.

No. 1277667

It's how this farmer described herself and it became a meme

The "dark triad" is some pop-psychology shit, see the test in this thread:

You know what a Stacy is

No. 1277702

Do commercially available bedbug sprays work?

No. 1277711

Kek, thank you for explaining.

No. 1277718

I feel like I know so many famous people who moved from Latvia to Russia, was this common? I'm talking about 10-20 years ago btw. Has this been common in recent years? (Now obviously not but before the war.)

No. 1277732

What is emotional cheating exactly? Is it flirting? Is it being nice to someone in the hopes of getting into a relationship with them even if you already are in one?

No. 1277749

Emotional cheating depends entirely on the relationship and peoples own interpretations. I’d say it’s something men do. That most women aren’t capable of. We just leave when we don’t want the person. Men hold on till something better.

No. 1277756

as an aspie i’ve wound up accidentally doing things that could’ve been seen as emotional cheating but it was never on purpose. i still think about it and how shameless men are. i was leading guys on accidentally because they had crushes on me and kept flirting with me and i was too shy and nervous and guilty to tell them to fuck off, so they thought i was into them too, and it escalated to the point they were trying to have either irl or phone sex with me and i’d just cry and freak out which made them get pissed off at me as if i was denying them their right. im glad my boyfriend at the time was understanding at least, he saw how retarded and vulnerable i was and that i didn’t want any of those guys. the concept freaks me out. i am no longer friends with men. i’ve never had a close male friend that didn’t try fucking me and cornering me and pressuring me

No. 1277802

How many times have you read a story about a woman distressed over a man and concluded she was the one in the wrong? For me it’s close to nothing.

Another question, how many times has a woman told you the guy she’s seeing has an abusive ex gf and the guy wound up just being abusive or a huge jerk himself and eventually made it clear the ex gf did nothing wrong? For me, far too many times and I’ve yet to meet a man who whines about abusive ex gfs all the time who actually had one. More often than not it’s “my gf didn’t put up with my shit.”

No. 1277804

Samefag, but the most recent case of this is my poor friend. She told me the guy she was seeing had been abused by his gf and it’s why he doesn’t want anything serious, it’s why he’s so ~misunderstood and not like other boys~. I told her to run because he was lying and putting on an act for her. She didn’t listen and told me I was being cold hearted to a victim. Turns out I was right and she got into contact with that supposedly abusive ex gf and the reason they broke up is because he was being a shithead to her family and directly insulting them, throwing temper tantrums. She kicked him out of her house and claims it was abuse lmao.

It’s also astonishing knowing how many men I’ve met who loved talking about their moms being evil abusive crazy witches turned out to be rapists.

No. 1277805

Kek fuck off nonna, I'm a woman and a cheater, I did not grow a dick magically by doing so. This belief that every woman is a demure and pure of soul is just a dehumanizing as the opposite. We are humans, and humans do stupid shit.

No. 1277812

Why do people get married?

No. 1277815

To share insurance coverage

No. 1277816

tax benefits, romance, security. Personally I think a legally binding contract isn't all that romantic but most people don't seem to see it for what it factually is.

No. 1277824

this. fds types think if a man isn’t immediately willing to say he wants to marry you then he is going to leave. it’s neurotic af and marriage is historically rooted in property rights and seeing women as objects anyway. i like romance as much as the next person but the obsession with marriage reeks of insecurity in most cases. if someone wants to leave me i’d prefer they just leave instead of begrudgingly staying because of a contract holding them in place.

with that said i’d still get married because detached from everything i just said it seems nice to have a ceremony and tax cuts. but if someone didn’t want it id understand because a good relationship is a good relationship, marriage can’t make a bad relationship into a good one, and it doesn’t guarantee longevity anyway with divorce rates as they are

No. 1277843

File: 1658852450456.jpg (73.72 KB, 1000x667, shutterstock_1069350155.jpg)

Looking for a nice movie with an attractive actor or two. Drop your recommendations!
Was also wondering if Bridget Jones diary would be fun to watch? Having a rough day. I admit i never really watched any western 90s-early00s movies.

No. 1277899

Important question:
1. where do you live
2. do you think that it is normal to put pickled ginger on sushi

No. 1277908

File: 1658857497980.jpg (27.54 KB, 1000x772, samsung-phone-sizes-compared-a…)

Do you have any phone brand recommandation if I want to avoid Samsung and Apple? I had two Samsung in my life and by the 3 years mark they weirdly started to be slow despite clearing it and not having much apps. Apple is fragile and overpriced I feel like, I'm not used to IOS. Idk if anything else is safeworthy

No. 1277916

american east coast
i wouldn’t question it if i saw someone do it but to me pickled ginger is for use as a palate cleanser

No. 1277927

1. Eastern-Europe
2. YES.

No. 1277931

Bridget Jones is fun for sure, recently watched it

No. 1277947

(This will sound really stupid but it’s related to a specific thing that would be too boring/long-winded to explain)

If someone is extremely good at painting, but then they didn’t paint or do any art for a decade or something, would they still be good when they next do it? Would they suddenly be bad but get better very quickly? How much of an impact on skill would it have

No. 1277948

bridget jones is stupendous, 10/10 recommend

No. 1277956

I'd assume it's muscle memory, like riding a bike

No. 1277961

How do vegan anons feel about people with eating disorders who would like to become vegan but have a very restrictive diet? Is there some sympathy there or do they just feel like those people are picky and stubborn? Admittedly I’m asking for myself, I only eat once a day currently and only eat a few different types of cereal. I did switch the milk I put on to non-dairy but that was partly because it has less calories.

No. 1278018

I empathise with you, anon, but I really advise you to try diversifying your food choices if you want to not become deficient. At the very least, look into supplements (B12 is an important one.) You should also check the bioavailability of your supplements. Some forms are more poorly absorbed than others. Pick your cereals wisely, as vitamin content can vary.

Also, proud of you for switching to the plant milk! I, personally, genuinely prefer soy milk over cow’s milk.

Are you doing this for ethical reasons, or something else?

No. 1278030

File: 1658863848086.jpeg (96.33 KB, 602x318, A98D7C7F-0397-4316-A3BF-68B943…)

>go outside
>see another girl who is uglier than me together with a boyfriend
>day immediately ruined
what is wrong with me

No. 1278033

is the boyfriend even attractive? or a decent person at all? then it's nothing to be envious over

No. 1278064

Follow the above anons advice, but also get fortified cereal and fortified plant milk. Try to find nutritional yeast. It's not really good on cereal, but it has a lot of stuff that's important for people who don't eat meat so if you're ever able to eat more food please try it. You could maybe even just put it in water, I'm not sure. I won't suggest iron supplements without speaking to a doctor first, but if you ever take iron supplements please watch how much you take and consider heme-iron ones (they absorb better than regular iron). Some vegan meat imitation brands contain heme-iron and most contain regular iron, just something to keep in mind. If you can find some way to fit vitamin C in your diet I would do that too.

Anyway, I'm a vegetarian but I guess I can try to answer your question. It does bother me that some people with EDs use veganism as an excuse so they can get away with their eating habits, but I don't really think about them that much. Some people also go vegan and end up on really extreme ED diets (like "fruitarian") and that does hurt. I don't think you're trying to be vegan for any bad reasons though, but even as someone who knows nothing about EDs I do kind of worry that maybe giving yourself new rules and limitations could be bad for you. Either way, I wish you good luck and health anon.

No. 1278065

Unironically, she might have a better personality than you.

No. 1278085

Meh, you don't really need to have a good personality to score a moid, in fact, it doesn't really matter, that's why anon shouldn't feel bad about not having a bf: men are worthless and will fuck anyone out of convenience, be that girl or absolute stacys

No. 1278093

>men caring about personality
rather see an ugly girl happy with a bf than an ugly scrote with a hot gf

No. 1278103

I get what you guys are saying and you're somewhat right, but I honestly do think personality matters a lot. I've seen similar posts around here with "but how come ugly girls can get a boyfriend and I can't!", and I honestly do think those women are probably just good people to be around which makes up for their appearance. If anon is looking at random women and thinking that anyway, she's probably not very nice herself tbh.

No. 1278115

“Good personality” to men just means “convenient to be around”. Men thinks good personality means liking whatever the same gay shit he likes, “easy going” aka high tolerance of moid behaviors, and being a good emotional/sexual labor dispensary. They don’t really care what she is really like.

No. 1278119

It’s true that men do sometimes care about personality but I’m not sure why anons replying to you are just assuming your personality sucks. Dating and attraction have so many variables to it. The prettiest women I’ve known struggled to find dates because even attractive men were too intimidated to even talk to them. There’s also a huge factor in how we meet people: you’re more likely to fall for someone who you’ve been around for a while especially with mutual ties involved, e.g. church, school, work, etc. Most cases of a man being more attractive than a woman that I’ve seen are high school sweethearts. It’s also possible you’re underestimating the woman’s attractiveness because you find the man attractive and there’s some unconscious jealousy going on.

No. 1278121

He probably jerks off to other women, doesn't make her orgasm, and doesn't put in effort to make her happy or do any emotional labor. That's the reality of most men, having a boyfriend is nothing to be envious over.

No. 1278123

Why do people vandalized public restrooms with their shit, period blood, boogers, discharge, whatever? And if you personally or know someone who does, what is your reasoning?

No. 1278126

Like I said, I don't think you're completely wrong.
> I’m not sure why anons replying to you are just assuming your personality sucks.
It's just the whole "how come an ugly girl can get a boyfriend and I can't" thing that put me off about OP.

No. 1278127

Samefag but I forgot to say that most men also prefer an ugly pickme over a high maintenance woman who’s attractive. Seriously. Men will fuck anything, we all know that already, and that remains true even in dating as long as the woman does whatever they want.
Look at any forum or the replies to viral tweets and men are very open about “not caring” how a woman looks as long as she’s XYZ (cooks, cleans, “isn’t a bitch,” and so on). Of course they’ll still ogle other women though and watch porn and fantasize about your friends but that’s what 99% of men do regardless of attraction. Damn men. Damn them.

No. 1278128

Would anyone want a song mashup thread in Media for the site rave.dj where you can make song mashups? Nonnies could post the ones they've made and liked

No. 1278132

I’ve never personally seen this but I always assumed the people doing it are children or mentally ill.

No. 1278133

Kek this is me except I see a couple kissing and being affectionate and I think “they’re so fucking obnoxious and they should stop showing off” hate myself for it but it doesn’t change anything.

No. 1278137

This is going to sound awful, but I honestly assume it's either homeless people (some are drug addicts and mentally ill, and therefore don't give a fuck) or just nasty people with no regard for cleanliness or who will use the bathroom after them.

No. 1278141

ngl the ugliest people always fuck and date around the most. don’t sweat it

No. 1278152

Yeah but celebs fuck around a lot and most of them aren't ugly

No. 1278155

idk how that’s relevant when the people anon saw were just ugly randoms on the street

No. 1278186

does birth control stop your period?

No. 1278187

only if you skip the placebo / sugar pills but that might result in spotting sometimes anyway

No. 1278191

depends on which kind. some can actually made periods heavier

No. 1278198

I have an iud and am on the pill and I don't get mine

No. 1278206

>placebo / sugar pills
… explain?
but is it the iud or the pills? i don't want to see a gyno, so i can't get an iud
periods just interfere with my life too much to the point where it has made me suicidal

No. 1278208

the pills you take for a week to get your period are sugar pills and can just be skipped because there’s no medicine in them. if you wanted to not have a period you’d have to take regular pills when you’d normally take the sugar pills.
like the other anon said though it depends on what form of bc you have

No. 1278209

if periods make you suicidal it’s possible that the pill would too, but it’s worth a shot to try bc

No. 1278225

oh ok i see, thanks
not the period itself, just having to take a week off of life once a month because it's too physically uncomfortable to do anything
so much time wasted

No. 1278233

idk, I started both at the same time but honestly, go see a doctor, that shit doesn't sound normal nor healthy.

No. 1278240

Anon promise us you will see a doctor. You shouldn't go on bc without a proper check with a gyno and your periods shouldn't make you suicidal.

No. 1278259

i can't, i'm too afraid / don't want to be touched
but thanks for the concern anons
i am seeing a therapist anyway at least

No. 1278272

I understand but as someone who had precancerous cells caught early enough during a gyno visit I didn't wanna go, you should reconsider. No point in being in that much pain over not wanting to go to a doctor, that's just stupid.

No. 1278280

Not her but you just reminded me I need to schedule a gyno appointment

No. 1278284

going to the gyno ain’t that bad. i was terrified of it but my first visit was so easy and i felt perfectly safe in the hands of my female doctor. just never get a male obgyn. no idea how some women trust them

No. 1278323

Twitch streamers of lc, what's the difference between Steamlabs and Nightbot? I see different streamers use different ones, what's the difference between the two?

No. 1278328

NTA but I also have an IUD and don't have my period. I'm not on the pill either. The IUD doesn't completely stop your period, but it will most likely lighten it (mine was light to begin with so that's why it just stopped). You can still bleed/spot a few times a year. I hope you go to a gyno. Look online and find one with good reviews, and talk to them about your concerns, they're there to help you take care of your body after all. An IUD is two visits (one for insertion, one for check up) and then you're set for 3/5/7 years depending on the one you get. I don't say 10 years because that's for the copper iud and I hear nothing but stories about how it makes everyone's periods 10x heavier and worse.

No. 1278332

Adding to the birth control discussion, pills CAN stop you from having a period BUT you have to have a high enough amount of hormones to stop it, and not everybody can do it. I tried with help from my doctor to do it and it never worked. Also, this is just my experience but, I'd be very wary of taking birth control tbh. I took it for 10 years (started as a teen) and the last 2 years I realized it was making me extremely suicidal when my period would start. Stopping the pills also gave me hairloss which I feel like isn't a talked about side effect. After a couple months I'm finally growing back the hair but I'm not sure if it'll ever be as full as it used to be

No. 1278338

yeah i didn’t wanna scare the anon too much but i basically always advise trying anything else before taking bc. it made me mega suicidal and depressive, made me gain weight even while starving, ended up having daily panic attacks. it also made me vomit all the time. i went off it and felt better within a month but since then i’ve struggled with hormonal acne and random black chin hairs that i have to pluck lmfao.

No. 1278347

Who turgled?

No. 1278350

File: 1658882551577.jpeg (9.65 KB, 360x288, 8.jpeg)

No. 1278351

Made me think, does anyone else have a completely positive experience with the pill? I've been taking it for years because I've always had extremely heavy and painful periods and it honestly has been a life-saver in helping all of my symptoms and improving my quality of life, I've never had any side effects from it either. But whenever I see women talk about being on BC they've always had awful experiences, so did I just get very lucky or do the other women who also experience no problems just never bring it up because it's not usually relevant?

No. 1278353

It’s probably not lolcow bc omg nonny I have this issue too! I never use lc on my pc though. I’m so sick of this shit I have a lot of RAM but it constantly crashes when I use browser for no memory… What OS are you using?

No. 1278355

windows 10. i already got rid of most of the bloatware tho.

No. 1278361

Oh I’m on windows 7 so I really don’t know

No. 1278366

I never took it long term but am on one now and will be as long as it's working, no issues. First time I had bloating for a few weeks though, I had other stuff going on so might have been that, my general mood also got immensily better and that's with bipolar II. No idea how badly it will fuck me up in the long run but almost 6 months in, I'm okay but I have endo and have to be on all kinds of shit.

No. 1278396

this was my experience when i took it as a teen (although it made me throw up still) and then i took a different one as an adult and it ruined my mental health and hormone levels, sucks how unpredictable it all is.
i read that 80% of teenagers who take bc get diagnosed with depression which is horrifying

No. 1278468

what could make someone smell bad if they shower regularly and how do you bring it up? my brother smells (not like armpit BO so its not a deodarant issue i dont think) and its caused his entire room and clothes to smell like it? even our cat who spend most of her time with him can sometimes smell like him. hes a university student, works a job and has some friends so its not like hes some disgusting neet but im concerned about him…could it be medical? no one else seems to bring it up. maybe i should have a male family member talk to him about it?

No. 1278472

Could it be that he's letting his clothes sit in the washer and they're forming mildew? Imo that can really permeate, especially if they're the sort to just dump clothes on the floor.

No. 1278474

fungus or yeast overgrowth especially on the scalp or groin. does he have dandruff? a lot of dandruff is just yeast and makes your clothes and towels smell like cheese. if he doesn’t wash his body enough his skin could have a yeast overgrowth pretty much anywhere

No. 1278476

How do you learn how to sing? Any good video recommendations?

No. 1278482

no its not that but i know the smell youre describing and its awful
is just soap and water enough or would someone need a medication to treat this?

No. 1278487

Not sure about videos, I'd find someone irl who can give you lessons. I don't think you can really learn to sing well without a real person listening to you and giving you feedback. You also need to record yourself singing and play it back, listening to yourself a LOT is essential. (source: one of my best friends went from not being able to sing at all to being able to actually sing really fucking good in a year – with lessons from a local instructor)

No. 1278494

Does anyone remember that time in the early 2010s when something happened and almost every website on the internet was making people reset their account passwords?? There was some slight panic and a lot of websites were forcing people or highly recommending people to change their password simultaneously, so it wasn’t just a routine “update your password!” thing. What was the cause of it?

No. 1278502

File: 1658893753535.jpg (138.06 KB, 560x560, 5548659_image.jpg)

What's the name of this style hat? I want to build a similar outfit to picrel but I'm having trouble finding the pieces.

No. 1278506

Womens newsboy hat, but not all of them have that band and buttons.

No. 1278510

he’d need some kind of anti fungus / yeast body wash and shampoo. selsun blue medicated could potentially be used for both depending on what’s going on specifically but he should just see a doctor tbh. being that stinky definitely has some underlying issue to it that might require meds, even assuming it’s fungal or yeast related there are different meds that work for different types. but i’m gonna bet it’s something easily fixable

No. 1278515

Paperboy hat

No. 1278522

File: 1658894742146.jpg (161.43 KB, 600x600, salted conspiracy.jpg)

Why is salted caramel a flavor in everything nowadays.

No. 1278524

Because it's delicious

No. 1278530

idk but ihate it. no one attack me please i can’t help it. it’s one of the few flavors that makes me gag. maybe i’m just weak

No. 1278538

Because regular caramel is too sweet

No. 1278576

what alternatives are there to webtoon and tapas for online comic hosting? i remember anons mentioning comicfury and a few more, but i can't remember the others.

No. 1278581

> the thrift store/alice glass/american apparel/girl at the warehouse noise show era

God yes I miss this era so much honestly.

No. 1278582

wtf happened during my nap, something about a boymom joke and a tranny janny

No. 1278587

people were joking about boymoms being men because dna from the y chromosome can linger in blood (doesn’t mean these women have y chromosomes) and jannies banned only one user who was making some of the jokes and wiped the posts for some reason. same anon said they were gonna doxx jannies which made them seem like they were the tranny spammer from earlier. i can’t even tell anymore so i’m just gonna go to bed lmao. it probably is the tranny because he’s the only one who randomly talks about doxxing and samefags so much, i’d just feel awful if it’s actually a mom but i doubt it

No. 1278591

nvm it’s the tranny.

No. 1278596

smells like oily stubble and unwashed stockings here now