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File: 1639792247698.jpg (55.75 KB, 640x366, isdorg.jpg)

No. 998064

Unleash your dumbassery
Previous thread >>>/ot/988041

No. 998066

File: 1639792544704.jpg (15.59 KB, 370x286, DTwm9XvXkAA7FaG.jpg)

I was really pumped for the last plate of spaghetti, I literally haven't had any of it, and I fucking dropped it on the goddamn floor

No. 998068

They call me scrote
They call me becky
They call me schizo
They call me nonny
That's not my name, that's not my name, that's not my name. That's not. My. Name.

No. 998072

File: 1639793019226.png (341.63 KB, 608x448, MKDD_Thanks_For_Playing.png)

I wish I had someone to play Mario Kart Double Dash with right now. My players would be Baby Luigi and King Boohoo. I was about to suggest a specific cup too, but they're all great and pretty short anyway, so I'd say we're playing them all (though I never got the story behind the dinosaur stage, but maybe it's a Yoshi thing).

No. 998073

god I hated that song, a sandpaper for my ears

No. 998076

File: 1639793557153.jpg (41.03 KB, 736x493, 95c9caaed5fdaf05e0206044dd8ed7…)

I would love to play, and Mario golf/party too

No. 998077

Yessss this is my favorite Mario kart, I always go with Daisy and Bowser!

No. 998078

I love double dash! Me and my college friends would play Baby Park over and over and over for hours. I always played baby Luigi and Toadette.

No. 998080

File: 1639794069046.jpg (103.28 KB, 794x1112, il_794xN.2510612900_24ma.jpg)

I have not talked to him even once I cannot believe he still lives here. This is bonkers. I told myself I would never make pitfall seeds but enough is enough. I'm going to start bullying people. I have three jocks on my island and I hate them all.

No. 998081

I think you have to talk to villagers at least once for them to want to leave. Try doing the 2 week skip trick maybe? TT two weeks in the future, see who wants to leave, get them out if you want them out, and if not, TT back and repeat.

No. 998086

Thank you, I will try this!

No. 998101

File: 1639796696720.png (103.22 KB, 444x294, Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 10.0…)

No. 998104

Oh no, not mom's spaghetti

No. 998119

File: 1639800429274.gif (447.42 KB, 241x180, tumblr_m7jei0ioIw1qg2dh0o6_250…)

My jam

No. 998123


No. 998130

Sabrina watching party when

No. 998141

Gonna meet up with an online fren tomorrow!! I'm so excited and nervous

No. 998145

Real soon! Gonna pick up from last time at episode 12

No. 998154

How do you make online frens. Help a fellow nonnie

No. 998160

For the first time ever I looked, like really looked, at my name, and I get why people mispronounce it the way they do.

No. 998166

File: 1639805716250.gif (5.56 MB, 640x360, rip.gif)

RIP spaghetti, never forgetti

No. 998230

File: 1639812550819.jpg (132.79 KB, 410x370, Thoronir.jpg)

Went to two different doctors this week, they both sounded like NPCs. I could feel the dialogue options popping while talking to them. One kept repeating the same phrase without any context, the other just took weird pauses before saying script lines, the way he talked was so standard yet trying so hard to sound likeable that I felt I was in a commercial. I can't fucking explain it, but it was so fucking weird.

No. 998244

No. 998245

File: 1639815182062.png (1.03 MB, 1539x896, bemywife.PNG)

Sorry image didn't post

No. 998261


No. 998267

File: 1639821772657.png (123.71 KB, 874x874, craigs.png)

This guy has a weird chubby face like Norm McDonald did. I'm gonna need more than that to find him a wife
Here I'll drop a funny post I saw too

No. 998346

File: 1639833575275.webm (5.65 MB, 405x720, I_didn't_see_that_coming.webm)

Dare I say Based Jordan Peterson

No. 998351

He always made it clear that he's a leftist but he doesn't believe in the patriarchy or at least believes such a system is natural and good. Just like how in the video he said "it's like women being angry at men" as if we don't have a single reason to. He completely dismisses women's voices and issues, like any other scrote. But i do enjoy seeing incels seethe because their daddy peterson tells them they're bottom of the barrel males

No. 998352

File: 1639834738762.jpg (27.64 KB, 612x406, istockphoto-471166819-612x612.…)

Women on the internet fighting over which cartoons they masturbate to

No. 998353

when I was 14 I used to unironically argue with my irl school friends over which fictional characters were our husbands. Like "I read the mortal instruments first so character is MY husband" "ok but other character is mine. and I read Harry Potter first so Draco is my husband too" "no I read it first! he's mine!!!" good times

No. 998355

Kek, I was way too civilized and would always apply the “if she likes him, I don’t like him” rule. I remember dying to have Inuyasha as my husband, but I already liked Link, so my best friend at the time was like “I like Inuyasha” and then I dropped Inuyasha like a hot potato because I-It’s not like I liked him or anything. Tbh, I don’t know what was that I saw on him, Link is clearly superior.

No. 998356

File: 1639835689382.jpeg (43.15 KB, 400x400, DF129BC2-D754-4BCA-AA1E-8837E0…)

inuyasha is a shit moid. loved watching the old series over again over the pandemic. sesshumaru on the other hand…. prime specimen.

No. 998358

didn't sesshomaru get into a relationship with a little girl in the sequel?

No. 998361

When she came of age for their time in their world.

No. 998362

the new series has little involvement by the woman who wrote Inuyasha to my knowledge. i don’t consider pedoshumaru to be canon because of how nasty a train wreck the new series is but i understand why people wouldn’t want to touch it now. i mean really, your gonna force the entire cast of inuyasha into suspension so their kids can grow up alone and unloved?? how the fuck did that ever green light

No. 998363

I mean to be fair it's not like the manga doesn't have its own sketchy shit, but at the same time it sucks that this new anime sounds so bad. I was considering checking it out for the nostalgia factor

No. 998399

I'd like to contact anons from the friend finder thread because some of them sound my type of people and I feel lonely being an adult (25+) weeb but then I think back to the times I've talked to lolcow users outside of the board and they're always more or less crazy and cow-like themselves. I've found a few good, sane friends via LC too though so it's not all that bad but it's such a gamble.

No. 998487

No. 998566

I never got the hype for Sesshomaru. He's an ass, Inuyasha at least has a soft side sometimes, especially when he becomes human. Is it because he's pretty? If so, why is there so little Naraku simping?

No. 998575

Naraku needs that little bit of eyeshadow/eyeliner that sesshomaru got.

No. 998676

File: 1639856562305.gif (77.02 KB, 400x300, naraku.gif)

He already does, he just hasn't got any whiskers or a Sailor Moon Moon on his forehead.

No. 998682

File: 1639857030600.gif (9.2 MB, 540x400, Tumblr_l_45382589995498.gif)


No. 998689

File: 1639857199421.jpg (51.12 KB, 640x480, Tumblr_l_44920226143813.jpg)

No. 998690

File: 1639857221511.jpg (80.95 KB, 599x591, Tumblr_l_44914041224759.jpg)

No. 998692

File: 1639857243028.jpg (67.56 KB, 800x600, Tumblr_l_44916446368436.jpg)

No. 998693

whats your mission

No. 998699

Obviously their mission is to spread Christmas cheer with this little guy that has antlers. Rudolf who?

No. 998706

Thought the tts should have a moment but I don't want to get banned:((

No. 998708

File: 1639857826179.jpg (124.72 KB, 1080x1340, tumblr_37e204582440a56fa059b0b…)

Shelly Duvall and her iguana.

No. 998709

Things :)

No. 998711

File: 1639857930669.jpg (110.24 KB, 805x1000, FEQ2_fUVEAEGqlb.jpg)

Iguana and her Shelly Duvall

No. 998713

File: 1639858119708.jpg (106.74 KB, 720x960, Tumblr_l_60766549498720.jpg)

No. 998714

What the fuck I want one

No. 998715

Kek I used to do that too, I remember there being a fight because one person made another person's husbando their profile photo without asking first.

No. 998716

File: 1639858351242.png (292.51 KB, 771x546, real talk.png)

the overwhelming urge to a-log today….

No. 998723

Oh in the british bakeoff a lady actually made one of those, with the sticky floor too

No. 998785

File: 1639864496274.jpg (584.6 KB, 1246x1246, 1639858772431.jpg)

No. 998810

Sometimes I wonder if the original anon who got triggered by borzois is still around and how she's coping with the fact that they became an endemic meme

No. 998812

i would be proud of myself if i were in her place!

No. 998813

Maybe it's like exposure therapy to her.

No. 998819

inuyasha and kagome >>> pedo overrated femboy looking sesshumuru.

No. 998827

Could make a good threadpic for vent

No. 998829

File: 1639867481945.jpg (22.48 KB, 480x640, vegeta.jpg)

This is the only anime man that matters

No. 998832

Well he looks very practical and waterproof.

No. 998841

two queens

No. 998872

yumes vs fujos

No. 998877

I dated someone who’s been posted here before because they’re close with someone else, and we dated and broke up way before they started having cow behavior but seeing how they are now and how they’re still a cow makes me feel like my continued hatred for them is justified.

No. 998879

If you're both then your soul just ascends

No. 998884

Nta but can confirm, everything looks neat up here.

No. 998895

just tell us the name already. hate this mystery game shit.

No. 998925

Lmao I love these cosplays

No. 998964

celebrity or nah?

No. 999071

File: 1639901740917.jpeg (198.39 KB, 757x970, 1B39F1FD-D91F-4402-867E-7DB194…)

The lack of incubus art is disappointing, especially in comparison to how much there is for their counterparts. Doesn’t need to be that erotic I just want MORE GOD DAMN IT

No. 999072

File: 1639901822551.jpg (143.24 KB, 800x582, armored searobin.jpg)

I've gone completely insane. I can't stop reading about cartilaginous fish. Do you know the bighead spurdog? It has no anal fin. I am seeing things humans shouldn't see. The seas should not be explored.

No. 999073

And the demons better be sexy. I agree.

No. 999077

I laughed

No. 999078

men with horns just do being male better

No. 999087

joined a random show streaming/chat based site similar to cytube, didn't realize it was full of pink haired anime pfp trannies and rainbow pfp qweer twitter fags, made my name trannykiller, they warn me and tell me to change name. so i make it BustedTrannyProductions which is a legit (now defunct) movie production company in alberta, canada. pink haired anime troon is in a total uproar, permabans me no matter the validity of busted tranny productions.

No. 999088

File: 1639905945448.jpg (67.22 KB, 638x960, lol.jpg)

I sent my mom a text messages confronting her about something and she posted this on her FB 10 minutes later.

No. 999089

No. 999092

damn that's passive aggressive as hell, is your mom a narc

No. 999094

She's something, mostly dumb.

No. 999101

dunno if age is making me softer but I've been crying for solid 6 minutes for a manga character, I just felt so bad for them I wish I could hug them. Don't you hate empathizing with fictional characters? I make myself cringe kek

No. 999105

File: 1639909227577.jpeg (132.35 KB, 571x720, A0CBEB93-9D66-4801-8F46-046548…)

Please, nonny, you’ve got to tell us the site’s name

No. 999106

i don't know if it'll curb any of the cringe, but it's a normal response since we typically automatically place ourselves into the context of a story. if you didn't have any empathy/identification with characters it would probably be a sign of not being all there.

No. 999107

i'm so high i just typed this entire post in the email field but am i allowed?
it is hidden.pm shhhhhh its a secret

No. 999109

I can't listen to love songs by male groups/bands, there's something so weird about listening to a bunch of men together making music about a relationship with a girl or banging a girl or some shit

No. 999115

But fiction that makes you emotional like that is the best. You don't have to worry nonnie. It's even pretty cute tbh.
What character?

No. 999123

File: 1639913338288.jpg (205.97 KB, 700x1113, C78C-N596701N-48.jpg)

Thank you anon, this actually helped me feel less cringe. I guess having empathy for fictional characters is better than having no empathy at all

Natsume, I just feel like the author captured his loneliness so well it breaks my heart every time he's afraid he's being a nuisance. When I made it to this part I was a sobbing mess, his face in that one panel. Just found out the author was a woman, I find woman tend to write the most heart wrenching characters

No. 999150

File: 1639916692908.jpg (32.86 KB, 736x730, Tumblr_l_421364255620599.jpg)

No. 999340

Every night, without fail.

No. 999360

File: 1639936182457.jpg (8.75 KB, 200x220, 2582485-63b0dacad05c31675d0e42…)

God I can't wait for women to eradicate men

No. 999379

over the past month both me and my husband got raises from our jobs making things so much more comfortable budget-wise so now our new favorite thing is calling out small purchases like "oh we got salted caramel money all the sudden?" "we got leave-the-kitchen-light-on money now?"

No. 999391

File: 1639938094008.jpg (105.67 KB, 800x484, 12111.jpg)

No. 999394

Kekk that is so cute

No. 999396

Are you one of those people making 5 hour long videos on the hidden nazi undertones in paw patrol or something

No. 999400

I'm so hungies and dinner sucks

No. 999407

Punch it, punch the din

No. 999411

File: 1639939260374.png (386.02 KB, 500x360, tumblr_inline_oa2vu65btM1rqe1y…)

Yeah punch it teach it a lesson

No. 999415

File: 1639939334690.gif (905.29 KB, 240x240, dancing_lizard_gif.gif)

If I were God I'd flood the earth of humans too. Worst thing I ever created. When everyone dies the lizard people will rise. Lizard supremacy

No. 999427

If I have to be single and work nye and nyd(ay) I'm going to buy tobacco so I can roll proper joints for the new year. In fact fuck it, tomorrow is my last shift and then I'm off for Christmas and I'll buy tobacco tomorrow. Spend 2 days solid getting high. I can do that shit I'm an adult and I can also see my friends. Fuck yall

No. 999429

No. Fuck the royal family.

No. 999436

File: 1639940676474.jpg (113.89 KB, 800x533, IMG_20211219_155317.jpg)

>tfw you acquire the knowledge that males have in fact longer eyelashes than women

I feel scammed anons

No. 999442

File: 1639941327837.jpg (42.46 KB, 564x411, 329398f77c147d5d4cd6ba2962470e…)

It always amuses me how when there's a cow post history review, they only post petty shitty. I know they are cows, but damn, they never shitposted something truly funny? Never fawned over a cute kitty pic? Never let steam out on the vent thread? Never caped for an ugly man at /g/? Not one food craving post? A movie or series recomendation? One single, positive post that is not about themselves? Such boring lives. It would humanize them so much, but it's always shit stirring and drama.

No. 999445

File: 1639941628137.jpg (116.28 KB, 487x750, b7cb9f70c12d493515e94c4d2520c9…)

They're hairier overall so it makes sense. They're the ones who should always have seductive lashy cartoon eyes.

No. 999448

File: 1639941839320.jpg (119.12 KB, 1200x1200, Chill cat is chill_afbe44_6674…)

That's why they're cows I guess. Can't even chill out enough to enjoy some cute cat pics.

No. 999450

I'm watching some random animal videos that show up on my recommended and I just watched a fox bring his toy to a little baby fox he's meeting for the first time. What the fuck. So cute!! What the fuck!!! Animals are too good for us.

No. 999452

It's very unfair that men get good traits without even trying. Effortless clear skin, big butts, and long lashes I mean, I have a big butt and long lashes, but still. They don't deserve it

No. 999453

File: 1639942351126.jpg (441.85 KB, 601x660, Tumblr_l_18503450847628.jpg)

Good afternoon to my fellow black farmers and yall only. Even if some of you shit up the thread it's still nice to talk about black girl things with other nerds.

No. 999454

This picture is so cute, good afternoon to you too nonna.

No. 999455

I love the Save a fox channel. Mikayla is so passionate about her rescue foxes. Look at the prequel with her introducing the fox baby to the adult foxes here.
I just wish they didn't get all balding and ugly when they get older. Gotta give us eyecandy.

No. 999469

Good afternoon sis, how's your Sunday going?

No. 999472

Where do you guys live to see men with big butts. I see men with 0 butts and they're into weight lift and exercising and whatever but they don't do shit to their butts cus "that's gay" like dude your butt looks like shit it looks all wobbly and weird do something about it. The existence of buttless men is one of many of my frustrations in this earth. They should be arrested for daring to think they look good when in fact they only look 80% good because they're neglecting their ass unless when it's to do nasty shit. No. They need to look 100% or don't even try.
Fuck them (figuratively and definitely not in the ass)

No. 999477

>Fuck them (figuratively and definitely not in the ass)

No. 999483

Love when I manage to talk myself out of ordering takeout

No. 999521

File: 1639946737645.jpg (118.14 KB, 1500x633, Woman-Money-Shower-e1507319467…)

Same. I can feel my meagre savings growing when I managed to whip together something at home instead.

No. 999527

Dumbass LG washing machine won’t let me unlock the door and take out my clothes fuck this shit I thought home appliances were supposed to be convenient

No. 999530

Me too, I love being too lazy to talk with the delivery guy, but not lazy enough to cook something delicious at home.

No. 999537

my husband says his ass is the result of running for so many years

No. 999552

I need a 11mm bar for my piercing but the standard sizes are 10-12 mm. And it needs to be titanium. Whhhhhhhhhy the fuck is it so hard to find piercing jewelry in europe in general. I don't want to have to order a single barbell from the US for like 5$ and then pay 10-20$ for shipping. Uuuuuugh

No. 999555

File: 1639948573477.png (95.05 KB, 2674x180, Screenshot.png)

Farmers make me so sad sometimes wtf is this

No. 999565

this reminds me of that one anon who fucked up her teeth for a scrote

No. 999566

File: 1639949145439.jpg (19.96 KB, 332x307, kgr39xnwiq451.jpg)

Check out my gooning set-up

No. 999571

She needs to stop being such a push over and at the very least make him shave as much as she does.

No. 999572

Girl simply has no self respect, she is aware that was she’s doing is pathetic and yet she won’t dump him or at least stop shaving if she doesn’t want to

No. 999575

The teeth one is worse, it still makes me cry and laugh in horror

No. 999581

I'll spend nearly 200 dollars just to get mediocre dick, fuck my life

No. 999583

File: 1639950212883.jpg (28.88 KB, 400x388, 1945077.jpg)

My work crush just announced his wife is pregnant and I'm weirdly sad about it. My crush on him isn't really that serious, he's charming and handsome but I'd never actually try to flirt with or pursue a married man so I just admire him from afar. But when he showed us a picture of the ultrasound my heart dropped, I guess it immediately killed the fantasy. Reminds of being 12 and my fave celebrities would reveal they were in a relationship; even when there's no chance of being together that shit still hurts and feels like betrayal in a retarded way. Anyway I'm a sad lonely idiot and I'm gonna go scream into my pillow.

No. 999596

got my partner his christmas present only to find it cheaper on other retailers online. so annoying. why me lord. why my wallet. oh right, the free shipping. guess it works out same-same

No. 999599

I always forget about the MTF villain in Pretty Little Liars

No. 999600

How I felt when I ordered a fun factory dildo.

No. 999604

It's going great so far! Went to the park to look at ducks with my bf, gonna unwind by working on loc extensions. How's your Sunday going?

No. 999613

File: 1639954130893.jpg (48.37 KB, 355x281, 1638578723818.jpg)

Based on our conversations I always thought my boyfriend was a smart guy, but recently I'm starting to think he's absolutely retarded when it comes to problem solving.

>there was a formula on a website that he had to copy paste into a word document

>can't select it or save it
>instead of just screencapping it he wanted to install a converter for svg files???
Even worse, his major was related to computer science.

No. 999615

really? were there others you ended up buying for cheaper that were better?

No. 999616

Dieting is hard and not fun at all.

No. 999624

Is your bf black too?

No. 999644

File: 1639957920466.jpeg (86.79 KB, 960x722, iu-54.jpeg)

Everyone hates Peggy but she's my fucking queen. Feminist, good mom and confident. Fuck all the moids who hate her she's based af

No. 999653

Who tf hates Peggy Hill?????????

No. 999655

File: 1639959654885.jpg (59.63 KB, 851x885, kween.jpg)

No. 999656

You'd be surprised. NTA, but when I first started watching KOTH, I was so ready to hate Peggy because I've read so much shit about her online, and then…. nothing? I personally don't think she's amazing or anything, she has a bit of narc in her Bobby best character, but she's just like every other KOTH character. I think they are all pretty well rounded, with flaws and qualities alike. The worst by far is fucking Cotton.

No. 999676

Why have you done this to me?

No. 999681

They're playing kenen and kel this is so cool

No. 999689

Cotton is hilarious simply because he’s so fucking horrible kek

No. 999692

It’s just scrotes. She’s not even a bad character. I’m having trouble deciding who’s the worst between Cotton, John Redcorn, and Buck Strickland.

No. 999695

John Redneck is pretty lame. They could have done more with him. Buck is sleazy, but in the right way. Cotton is a gem.

No. 999698

men are nothing but objects to be desired, their entire emotions literally do not matter since they don’t even give a shit about their own or other people’s emotional needs.

No. 999702

my first car was named peggy. i miss her

No. 999703

Amen, i hate when my girl friends try to call me out about """objectifying"""" men, who gives a fuck? they're barely sentient and useless, moids are gross, ugly and the pretty ones are just eyecandy.

No. 999704

You're right. Sometimes I wonder if men are even human, do they have emotions, can they feel love, etc., not because I'm not one, but because they constantly prove that these are concepts they don't understand. I dont think a man can ever love a woman like a woman does a man, because men dont think of us as even fully human.

No. 999708

I'm going to become absurdly famous just because a troon ""chose"" my obscure name that has a bad rep as his, and I'm not having him steal my name and having him becoming the face of it. I'm going to be the flawless, talented, actual woman who everyone is going to think of when they think of my name, cockhost, fuck you.

No. 999709

File: 1639965951902.png (163.26 KB, 600x442, mierds.png)

I cant believe people are actually using this fucking gay erasure flag on shit

No. 999710

Yeah, that why i don't have regular interactions with men, is very weird to talk to someone that doesn't t seem to fully understand your very existence

No. 999711

Go get 'em, nonna

No. 999712

what name? what

No. 999713

I watched enough LiveLeak videos and seen enough 4channers and redditors angrily circlejerking to women being attacked and killed to know I will never give a single fuck about treating men as anything other than a means to an end. Me at my worst= hating ugly baldies. Men at their worst= kill a girl for one orgasm. Even the worst thoughts I have about men aren't as bad as the average teenage boy's derangement do I will not back down.

No. 999735

Growing up I was told my features were mature and now that I'm 30 people say my features are youthful (look my age tho)

No. 999744

conclusion: you definitely have features
that's so interesting though, best of both worlds? did they ever specify exactly what was [mature/youthful] about your face?

No. 999759

Peggy is based as fuck and the show would be nothing without her. I s2g scrotes only like boring television with good morals and bland characters.

No. 999778

No offense, but discordfags are annoying. I hope if there's any drama in the Cytube channel we agree to keep it there other than the stuff that has already happened

No. 999780

all of them are straight up bum fatty bitches

No. 999789

What happened I wanna know the drama

No. 999792

Cytube is beautiful and nice, discord is shit

No. 999797

i have that unhinged picture of her body that she spammed to everyone and no one gave that much of a fuck. why does this place attract narcissistic anons? lmao

No. 999817

I went to the cheesecake factory for the first time ever and now I'm home straight vibing with my to go cheese cake I'm so happy

No. 999818

I mean the menarepigs stuff. Basically some Debby downer got mad that some anons criticized a movie and sperged about it. I think some anons really don't like the movie nights. If you mean the discord drama…I mean there's a lot of it. We have a thread for it here in /ot/ and not to long ago someone posted their nudes in there.

No. 999825

yes i have a hobby, its called picking at the skin around my nails until it bleeds

No. 999867

same we should start a club

No. 999891

idk other women's boobs, but the skin on my breasts are cool to touch and I like to rest my hand on them when I'm reading manga on my phone. this is my privilege of having cool tiddies

No. 999892

Breast skin is very soft

No. 999903

My boobs are also cooler than the rest of my body, but I thought that's just me. I wonder why that is? lmao

No. 999926

I'm scared to post for the next little bit because the millionth post is coming up and if I were to get it I don't think I could stand the scrutiny and judgement, it's too much pressure. A NEET deserves it, and I hope she gets it.

No. 999931

it's honestly exciting. you nonnies have brightened my days for the past two? years. may the best NEET win.

No. 999954

If I answer "normal" to "what are your pronouns" do you think that gets the point I don't do genderbullshit across? Someone from my new uni course asked me and I want to cut that crap off immediately

No. 999957

He will assume you're a terfinator and cancel you irl

No. 999959

Just pretend you have no idea what they're talking about and say "Huh… ok…" every time they try to explain it

No. 999978

Goddamn I didn't realize how close we are to 999999 and 1000000. I mean I saw anons talking about it but wtf

No. 999980

Right? It's hard to believe there's a million posts on /ot/ alone.

No. 999984

just 20 posts to go

No. 999985

shit looks its gonna be 15

No. 999991

now, less then 10

No. 999993

I already "misgendered" some local tranny celeb when he came up in conversation with people (read: "cis" girl zoomers) I go to uni with. That lead to a pretty fiery debate with some of them but I didn't get canceled, I guess because there weren't any actual trannies or genderspecials among that group. Though I 100000% do not give a shit if I do get canceled.

nahh I don't want to circle around that shit that's weak.

No. 999994


No. 999996

Lolcow forever bitches

No. 999997

Oh god oh fuck

No. 999998

File: 1639986203089.png (273.06 KB, 825x609, blessingsbe.png)

Will blessings be for me, and also for thee?

No. 999999

I love you nonnies

No. 1000002

I love my husbando!

No. 1000003

File: 1639986226614.png (934.79 KB, 1070x1056, 2FE95204-379C-41F8-9ACC-D3EFA0…)


No. 1000005

the suspension is killing me

No. 1000006


No. 1000007

awww we love you too

No. 1000008

There were no blessings, but I love you too

No. 1000009

Aww, deserved

No. 1000012

Let's see who got it

No. 1000016

Love is truly the winner.

No. 1000019

File: 1639986426911.png (618.71 KB, 611x982, 5D56669A-F037-4DE9-92AC-3D2DE5…)

I am in despair.

No. 1000020

This is the one that counts the other is trash

No. 1000021

My precious cow…

No. 1000026

based i love you too this is the true post

No. 1000057

Nonny oh nonny my beloved…congrats on getting the 999999th

No. 1000070

>pops melatonin
>pops another
Still nothing
>third one let's go
>contemplating fourth
Idc if I wake up at 4 in the afternoon, I WILL SLEEP

No. 1000073

Just wait for them to kick in nonna. You're gonna be out until Christmas if you take another.

No. 1000079

But nonnita it's been HOURS

No. 1000101

That crap doesn’t work for everyone and honestly women shouldn’t be taking it

No. 1000102

Why should women not take it?

No. 1000114

why? Curious because I have a prescription for it (nta)

No. 1000119

File: 1639997346426.png (143.56 KB, 597x1081, Screenshot (378).png)

It sucks being someone whose into Medieval History, cause I rarely find normal people
its either racists or morons like picrel who think a man calling another man a faggot is somehow proof that those societies were tolerant of homosexuality

I mean I just wanna discuss history and cool stuff

No. 1000143

I feel like a lot of history academic twitter spaces are like this, nonnie. Classics and medieval history especially. Probably because the aforementioned RETVRN tradfags are also popular, so the non-trads have to be somewhat overcompensating in return. For every progressive history academic you also have a ~traditionalist~ academic with marble statues as their profile picture kek

No. 1000156

File: 1640004710037.jpg (58.34 KB, 1000x623, Roti-Island-snake-necked-turtl…)

This is not dumbass shit
this is Wholesome shit

No. 1000173

File: 1640007165314.png (227.2 KB, 982x1168, Screenshot (376).png)

I mean speaking as someone whose brown but is into Indo-European mythology and history, I still find the RETVRN tards easier to talk to overall, hell its better then people like picrel who whitewash all non-european history to an almost insulting degree come that it goes full circle into full blown racism all the time. The way they tell it, humans were just noble brown savages who laid around eating fruit and fucking indiscriminately until evil whitey came along and taught them basic concepts like gender.

No. 1000189

File: 1640009735280.jpg (481.8 KB, 1600x1066, bangkok.jpg)

When I was in primary school the boys had a game called Bangkok. Basically a boy would run up to another boy, quickly punch him in the dick, yell BANG COCK! and run off. It got so bad the teachers held a very special assembly about the risks of genital injury. I don't know why the girls also had to attend.

No. 1000190

What's everyone's technique for getting period blood out of fabric?

No. 1000191

File: 1640009974121.jpg (129.54 KB, 720x1032, IMG_20211220_161525.jpg)

if only my levels of delusion were just as high I would be leading a very fulfilling life

No. 1000196

Kek that would be popular in my school
Boys in my school had the 'card game' where they would pass a piece of paper in another boys asscrack like a credit card or something and shout something about how the other boy 'got the card'. To this day idk what was that about, y retardation I suppose.

No. 1000198

cold water with washing powder and hoping it comes out

No. 1000206

comment "yes u can"

No. 1000214

File: 1640012011266.jpg (15.16 KB, 474x353, downloadfile-2.jpg)

Through my life I really wished I could had punched some annoying people like this but I always contained myself.

No. 1000215

Kek you can almost always tell.

No. 1000216

In my school kids would play mercy a lot, only we called it peaknuckle. I thought that was what pinochle was for years until I watched the Sopranos.

No. 1000220


No. 1000226

our school had an assembly about autism and singled out the one kid who was recently diagnosed (he was not in attendance at the assembly) it was very weird. there was a tense air of confusion at the situation. I remember us even talking about how weird it was to each other when it was finished

No. 1000230

One time the teacher of my 6th grade class told the autistic kid to take a note to the principal's office, and then while he was gone the teacher told us that we had to be nice to him because he didn't have any friends. I felt so bad for him.

No. 1000233

The sure way to embarrass a kid.
My school had us attending this one time thing about safe sex (instead of simply giving us sex ed) and it had a firefighter explaining stuff, idk why it was a firefighter anyway, it was just our class and it was because of a girl who was pregnant, she was probably asked to not go to school that day because I remember seeing her the day before. If you didn't know she was pregnant, after attending to that you would know lol

No. 1000265

I wonder if it's worth it to force myself to learn coding or whatever and switch into a tech career for the money, but at the end of the day that would mean actually working at my job whereas staying in an admin position means easy breezy work, although the pay is shit. Get what you give huh.

No. 1000268

lmao thank you for the stories

No. 1000271

Sort of related but in second grade the boys would do this thing where they would sit in their chair, lean back, fall over and yell "Cherry Bomb!" Kids are weird

No. 1000274

If you're smart but lazy you can get a coding job where you don't have to work that hard. You won't make big bucks but it'll probably pay a lot more than an admin job

No. 1000277

File: 1640016880309.jpg (81.86 KB, 600x450, Tumblr_l_101439803910609.jpg)


No. 1000281

so that part wasn't just some false memory i had huh

No. 1000284

I was asleep and missed post one million :(

No. 1000285

My mother always mixes up the names of brands and it's so annoying. Cappy is Chappy, Neo Citran is Neo Citrate, and she also mixes up the name Dora with Nora as well as Vicky with Nicky. But like every. single. time.

No. 1000287

I was just about to say this

No. 1000296

Where IS IT???

No. 1000301

File: 1640018183010.jpg (214.51 KB, 1200x900, dominos.jpg)

My mom had a whole series of brand names she used to mix up with each other. Shit like dolmio (the jar pasta sauce) and dominos (take away pizza) Just swapped the names round at some point and no amount of correcting her ever did anything.

No. 1000303

the dolmio puppets make me want to commit they're so frightening to look at

No. 1000306

I'm dumb as bricks and am an extremely slow learner so a coding job where I can get away with not working that hard is probably out of the question lol. Sucks to be me.

No. 1000310

who cares, >>999999 is the get

No. 1000312

Nta but what kind of coding role is that?

No. 1000315

This feels unhinged in a cool way. Like she's about to rage in her underwear and I can relate

No. 1000320

real moids almost never redeem themselves, this retard kept on playing the saxophone at 3 pm

No. 1000323

Ba da ba ba ba, dominios

No. 1000326

File: 1640020120272.png (321.76 KB, 631x472, 1113.png)

I'm training at a call center job atm and
>Join the group class on microsoft teams, class has members from all over my country, not just my city
>See someone with an unique name, remember I've only met one person in my life with that name before
>Lets call her Aluxiayay (not her real name)
>Her voice matches the name
>Turns out I went to highschool with this girl, and she was a fujo weeb, kinda crazy and kinda cringe but ok she wasn't that bad
>Nice! Someone I know! Maybe we could reconnect…
>She recognizes me too and we talk
>Send her a DM
>"I only go by Aluxiayay for jobs I'm actually starting my transition now, I use any pronouns and my new personal name is Lee"

Never mind I'm not befriending some brainrotted girl

No. 1000337

I fucking hate you stupid ass flinestones ass ripe fruit coochie ass back arch ass greasy hair ass autist

No. 1000354

File: 1640021563953.jpg (408.46 KB, 750x806, 1637526072487.jpg)

when I thought I couldn't love her more!

No. 1000368


If I make a wish to this post will it come true

No. 1000387

Yes but it has to come from your heart

No. 1000396

I am a simple soul. My 600lb Life is on? Time to pop a Jamaican patty in the oven!

No. 1000398

There is literally 0 tasteful NSFW fan art of my waifu and 95% of the ones that are out there have her with a dick I hate it!!!

No. 1000403

Time to research artists to commission anon. I've done the same although I draw so I can at least make some of my own food.

No. 1000405

I want to learn to draw bishounen-tier men just so I could draw NSFW art off my husbando…why men are so hard to draw

No. 1000406

File: 1640027157188.jpeg (19.47 KB, 540x540, 60dbc2e259a2260dcee7c06a_540_5…)

I'm an administrator at a pretty small company, so I do a little bit of everything there while also providing support for some customers. This place drives me fucking nuts because of how incompetent the boss is at times and it's annoying being the only woman there, but since they've become fairly dependent on me in a few areas I jokingly asked my boss the other day "how fucked would you guys be if I decided to quit tomorrow?" (though it was also a little bit to hint that they need to get their shit together because I'm not going to be there forever) and he just laughed and said "I don't want to answer that" before dropping the subject completely.

This weekend I checked my bank account and realized I've gotten a really nice "christmas bonus". It might just be a coincidence timing-wise, but I would like to think it wasn't lol.

No. 1000414

Based ♥ Love you anon

No. 1000439

My wife

No. 1000462

men are objectively easier to draw because they make no sense physiologically. you can just fuck allll their shit up proportionally and visually and you'll still come out with a plausibly male looking creature

No. 1000483

File: 1640032317228.png (284.37 KB, 324x471, he-she-me-wumbo.png)


No. 1000488

These are the posts I like to see. Enjoy ur bonus nonita

No. 1000508

why does she sing it like this? she's from wales not staten island, correct?

No. 1000511

File: 1640034585312.jpg (573.25 KB, 2000x1500, img_0348.jpg)

A really small, hole in the wall Japanese restaurant opened up in my neighborhood in early September. It wasn't a sushi place, or a Chinese/Japanese fushion sort of restaurant. I feel like the word has lost its meaning but this felt like truly authentic Japanese food. They had staples like tonkatsu and agedashi tofu, but elevated. It really felt like good homemade Japanese food, with just something that made it feel like I was back in Japan and not in my city like when I'm at any other Japanese restaurant here. I sound like a pretentious fuck but it was good food. It was opened up by some dude who is an executive chef at a very expensive sushi place in my city. Two months later I passed by and it closed.

Did it close because of poor profits? It was newly opened, of course it wasn't going to turn a profit within two months. Isn't that just common knowledge if you work in the restaurant business? It was replaced by a Thai place that has a storefront literally on the same block, 4 doors down. Why would you open up a second small store front… basically right next to the main one? Not even really expanding it since there's stores between the stores…

I feel like maybe I should take my tinfoil hat off that something amiss is happening, but I'm just really fucking sad it closed. There isn't good Japanese food like that in my neighborhood. We have lots of other good ethnic cuisine, but really damn good Japanese food that doesn't cost an arm and a leg at some high end restaurant is hard to find, and has certainly never existed in my neighborhood for the 20+ years I've lived here. We only have a sushi restaurant and one of those other places that does bentos but is just pretty mediocre. I really think if they had stayed, they would've found themselves becoming another staple in my neighborhood.

No. 1000517

Track the cooks…

No. 1000521

do any anons know how to extract a 5gb zip file using 7zip? every fucking day i regret buying a macbook.

No. 1000535

the unarchiver opened it for me, but now there's no suitable application to open this stupid game. i'm seething so much right now i waited all day to download it

No. 1000540

>to open a game
Isn't there an exe? Does macs have exes?

No. 1000546


Oh boy, I am so ready to shit on the old "elitist" fans who use broken english.

No. 1000553

File: 1640036778356.png (124.3 KB, 854x344, Screenshot .png)

I'm a giga noob at doing this so please excuse me, but the two files I originally extracted became rar, then I extracted the main one again and it ends in nsp? I have no idea what to do with that type of file though

Oh my god they're actually releasing an EN server? I'm shocked…they're half assing their JP one anyway

No. 1000558

My tiddy milk taste like horchata

No. 1000567

Horchata tastes like vomit.

No. 1000568

File: 1640037395026.png (467.27 KB, 1016x615, Capture.PNG)

I'm bored of otome games but he is so cute hmmmmmmmm should I try it

No. 1000573

It's not otome but good taste, he caught my eye at first too kek

No. 1000574

File: 1640037515254.png (32.8 KB, 878x254, LxMbCVR.png)

Rejoice anon, for I finally get what this is about. You'll have to download an emulator (like yuzu) then use the emulator to open the nsp file

The problem is I don't know what kind of nintendo switch emulator works on mac OS…

No. 1000579

in the 6th grade both the boys and girls came up with some ass smacking game (don't think it actually had a name) and i guess it eventually got out of hand cause after a week or so the principal gave an assembly about it and said she overheard one of the students planning a 'rape day'

No. 1000583

I’m so fucking ready, I want to romance my stupid stalker Rook.

No. 1000594

Oh no, is it like Obey Me? What is it like? What do you do? I can't figure anything from the site. But I'd like to have a 168 cm qt boyfriend who is not only obscenely wealthy but also generous and fun ahhhhhhh and wears eyeliner and a golden snake on his arm

No. 1000595

Thank you anon, I'll do some digging around tonight and see what I can find. I saw online just now that some people transfer nsp files to an SD card and insert it into their switch? I might do that if I can't play on my laptop, though I don't know if that method works either…

No. 1000619

The gameplay is really boring, there's three parts
>rhythm game = very fun, but you rarely play it
>rpg like stages = kinda fun, but you need to grind to level your characters
>training lessons on auto = what you do most of the time, zzz

The boys to flirt with the MC a bit and the game was huge in japanese yume communities, but otherwise the game is trying to be neutral, the story is fun though.

No. 1000625

a random memory just emerged from YEARS ago when i was with my shitdookiestain ex and i had to drive him around everywhere bcus he was a deadbeat BUT i would do this thing in my car where i'd wiggle the wheel and act like i was gonna sharply drive my car out of the lane and he would fucking SCREAM it would terrify him. and i'm laughing about it just as maniacally as i did then. at least he was useful for something KEK

No. 1000629

Well shit, supposedly a mac NS emulator doesn't exist at the moment. And the SD method looks too risky I don't want to get myself banned for not doing it properly. Not buying a pc was such a huge mistake. Truly a dumbass bitch.

No. 1000632

Aw man, I won't get it then. I like the art and animations

No. 1000653

Is there going to be a lolcow awards this year? If not can we have an unofficial one here?

No. 1000665

Mf looks like a quirky lesbian

No. 1000672

interesting that everyone i meet who really likes eternal sunshine of the spotless mind is also the kind of largely cold and unsentimental fuckhead that throws away perfectly nice friendships and relationships over minor inconveniences. they also tend to have the ability to naturally dismiss and ignore people they claim to care for. curious. i think they think they're much more sentimental and tormented by emotion and memory than they are.

No. 1000673

Where the fuck is the new vent thread I want to seethe

No. 1000689

I've been thinking about big chungus all day. maybe he is a bit funny

No. 1000711

File: 1640046579867.png (121.31 KB, 880x525, Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 4.29…)

This was peak internet

No. 1000714

This brings back memories I'd totally forgotten

No. 1000715

Recommendations for media with a lot of good husbandos to choose from like FE3H? (doesn't have to be vidya) I need something to fill the void.

No. 1000716

myscene, barbiegirls, everythinggirl, roisworld, girlsense…. I want them all back

No. 1000717

File: 1640047082003.png (925.44 KB, 780x588, Screen Shot 2021-12-20 at 4.37…)

The new style of makeover games sucks. The simplicity of the old ones is what made them fun. This bubbly mess kids have now is ugly.

No. 1000730

Take me back take me fucking back

No. 1000794

Today nine years ago was the 21st of December, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar and thus, the end of the world as we know it. What were you doing during that time? I was listening to vidrel on repeat, counting down the hours to midnight.

No. 1000800

roiworld (before they got their own american site) was #1, i miss those days and that style of dressup so much

No. 1000805

Quitting cosplay was the best thing I ever did for myself. I know I’m a fucking loser because I originally quit because of my ex (didn’t want to exist in cosplay spaces or anywhere I could run into her), but with a hobby hole in my life I picked up new things I always wanted to try and I’ve been having a blast. I’ve been having so much more fun doing anything and everything. I think identifying as a cosplayer was dragging me down. It made me ~*~quirky~*~ and special 10 years ago, now everyone and their mom is a cosplayer and it’s not a bad thing, but it’s no longer the space for me. It fueled my self esteem issues. I grew the fuck up and don’t give a shit about being special or quirky. I want to be left the fuck alone to do what I want without eyes on me. I think tying my identity down to some shit hobby really dragged my life down as a whole.

I still sew, I handsew clothing for fun and my clothes are neater than any costume I have ever sewn by machine because there’s no such thing as con crunch in my life anymore. I’ll spend 5 hours attaching a sleeve and that’s that. I don’t consider myself a (hobby)-er of any of my current hobbies because I think it makes me feel like I have to succeed, and then I don’t have fun. Now I’m having more fun than I ever did in my 10 years of cosplaying. I thought I might miss it, but I really don’t. It’s not fun anymore. It’s just a pissing contest, and popular cows aside, there are also a lot of shit people I know and am no longer friends with who cosplay and I don’t ever want risk being in the same space as them. I usually try out more outdoorsy stuff to do now. I really went outside, touched some grass, and decided it was much nicer than risking an encounter with a neckbeard eyeing me down and then mansplaining my costume’s inaccuracies to me.

No. 1000807

I remember being sick as shit and thought the world was going to end for me anyway

No. 1000808

Any kind I suppose, it's more about the industry, company or team than the type of programming you're doing. For example the Defense industry has a reputation for being pretty laid back. As opposed to say SpaceX where they work you to the bone.

No. 1000812

File: 1640056667901.jpeg (421.96 KB, 552x891, 3E233F5E-518C-4255-96C8-089058…)

god I love pretty moids, they’re like pretty decorations to use

No. 1000815

this is pretty?

No. 1000818

it’s his eyes anon I want to beat the duck out of him and make him cry

No. 1000819

File: 1640057708070.png (227.42 KB, 400x214, 02B6B6F7-1107-4372-8557-1F5268…)

This made me kek

No. 1000828

Every tranny look more like the left pic. Also u forget the wig and makeup

No. 1000831

>>1000812 (right)
this 2 look too alike it's coincidence no more

No. 1000884

nta but he's an ideal beautiful caveman >>996685

No. 1000885

low effort troons creep tf out of me sorry

No. 1000892


No. 1000896

My winter duvet is in the wash and instead of piling blankets on the thin summer one I'm using, I'm pretending I am my D&D character trying to get 40 winks in a covered wagon with only a thin bedroll and canvas keeping out the biting chill of night air. Although I can hear the low murmurs of my my fellow party members keeping watch and hear the crackle of their fire, I can't feel the heat in here. We have a long road ahead of us, but we've passed the gnoll-infested plains, so I can't really complain about something as minor as heat (or lack thereof).
Night night anons.

No. 1000993

can't tell if anons constantly bringing up "fridge bodies" are just reekingly insecure fridges themselves or reekingly insecure assholes looking to put others down

No. 1000997

>reekingly insecure assholes looking to put others down
There are a whole bunch of these on here, obsessed with their own and other's bodies in a negative way. They should chill out and look at memes and cat pics instead.

No. 1001085

Sometimes I wish the mental health problem roulette landed me on something more crazy than depression. Like yeah, people suffer regardless, but BPDs and narcs seem to at least have big personalities or fueled by mania sometimes, I'm just either boring or depressed, that's the only two setting.
And I know this sounds dumb, hence why I posted it here.

No. 1001097

Same. If I had something more serious it would be easier to get help for it.

No. 1001104

File: 1640094796481.jpg (49.87 KB, 1280x720, blasting.jpg)

update: >>918386
we're getting married

No. 1001114

Congrats? What about the evil plan?

No. 1001115

Its LDR, therefore you barely know him. People are completely different IRL compared to internet (wow, shocking). Not even mentioning the fact that you have only known him for 3 months. How old are you?

No. 1001127

My friend added me to rw groupchat and its actually the most desperate thing ever. My friend keeps sperging about Asians, someone keeps accusing everyone of being a pagan larper, and theres a tradwife in there who immediately started trauma dumping about being unlovable the moment she was added, and I'm just quietly lurking in the background while they debate if inceldom is a choice

No. 1001129

sounds fun can u add me too?

No. 1001135

Nonnie it smells like wank and incompetent pickmeism in there, you don't wanna join I promise

No. 1001151

kek worth a shot! i love trainwrecks. good luck!

No. 1001168

Vegetable soup + parmesan + few drops of Sriracha sauce = perfection

No. 1001169

I'm reading an article about a suicide forum and they named the forum. I submitted a request to join because I'm curious, and as part of registration you have to explain why you want to join. I pulled out from the depths of my memory what I used to feel when I was really depressed. It was very jarring to type out, because my life right now is the total opposite. Every waking moment is a joy and a blessing now. Weird.

No. 1001172

You would love ribollita, anon.

No. 1001179

File: 1640102914940.jpg (56.51 KB, 849x477, tststserser.jpg)

I work at a medical museum and we ask patrons to not take photos of our specimens due to the sensitive nature of human remains. Respect the dead and their living relatives basically– for example, we have a fetus from a mother who comes to visit every year and it's very sad. We're very vigilant and catch/shame/kick out people doing it, but for the other 5% that we don't catch, I hope they get haunted by those they took pictures of.

No. 1001201

I don't get this. They're already on display for the whole world to see, but capturing them in image form is just a step too far?

No. 1001207

Is it the mutter museum by chance?

No. 1001215

nta but I guess it's the same principle of basic respect in graveyards or similar places, even though the bodies aren't actually there to be seen.

No. 1001227

File: 1640105357513.jpg (51.44 KB, 720x479, tumblr_p0thya9Nfc1tjjzxpo1_128…)

Do you think admin will give us a Christmas present?

No. 1001244

>tfw the post literally explained why
It's supposed to be educational, not a freakshow. If we let people take pictures then we're no better than another tourist trap. Not blaming you, we get this question a lot

No. 1001247

I get you
Especially since everyone is "depressed" nowadays

No. 1001251

In 3 months? Kek can't wait to see you on /g/, please update

No. 1001252

I wanted optional snowflakes

No. 1001253

I just hope the site will snow again

No. 1001254

are you on the spectrum

No. 1001258

How does one end up working in a medical museum, what's your degree

No. 1001263

File: 1640107899248.jpeg (130.9 KB, 948x710, 2324082A-4FBA-4E31-B6CF-49B289…)

I love coming on this website. The anonymity gives us all complete neutrality and eliminates any sort of prejudice. The same nonnys that call you a fucking retard in one thread are also the same nonnys that support and comfort you in another, or the same nonnys YOU call a fucking retard, will be the same nonnys you’re kekking with 5 minutes later. You can be as retarded as you like and you will be judged purely on what you are writing, not who you are or your other interests, or what you look like. Then when you’re done being retarded you can go back to posting frog pics.

No. 1001265

Yess, thank you for saying what I'm feeling

No. 1001269

Not gonna out myself but my colleagues have varying degrees– anthropology, library studies, history, museum studies, and even communications. Museums have tons of departments, and any degree would work! If you're into accounting, consider working in the finance department, etc. Hiring is mostly from experience tbh, so that potentially means a lot of working from the bottom and gathering internships/volunteer work

No. 1001270

I've been waiting to say this, love you all nonna's ♥

No. 1001298

snow filter is cancelled due yo climate change

No. 1001312

I hope your autism helped you get those 40 winks anon

No. 1001313

No. 1001320

File: 1640110976772.jpg (75.14 KB, 418x510, 1640097325809.jpg)

>got used to lolcow's nonnies
>visit 4chan sometimes for datamines
>the anons and femanons are more socially retarded than I remember
god that site is so pointless nowadays, discussions are just spergy circlejerks and whoever yells "no u" harder wins, not to mention the utter lack of reading comprehension

No. 1001333

File: 1640111810699.jpg (42.94 KB, 900x600, 002d5714c44f88a16c1f0bdfa97ca0…)

Been thinking a lot about who I am as a person and how I got here, and I kind of really want to send a message to one of the many webcomic artits that used to make diary webcomics back in the early 2000's when I was a teen - her comic really gave me the courage to explore who I am and I probably wouldn't exactly be who I am today if it wasn't for her.Just a thank you message and tell her how much her little comic impacted me, but it's been more than 10 years since she wrapped it up so I worry that it might be a bit weird?

No. 1001339

I think I'm ovulating because Snoop is looking kinda hot to me rn

No. 1001340

You should definitely send the message, and really, there's no better time to send such a message as the holidays. I'm sure your appreciation would be meaningful to the artist

No. 1001343

Snoop Dogg? Snoopy? Which Snoop are we talking about

No. 1001344

You may as well. What's the worst that can happen?

No. 1001348

Snoop dogg yeah

No. 1001349

we had climate change last year too

No. 1001351

File: 1640112574405.jpg (44.22 KB, 512x513, EaoWfKJWoAAo2hV.jpg)

Fuck yeah. I love it here.

No. 1001397

File: 1640114688547.jpg (13.44 KB, 224x445, literally lmfao.jpg)

I'll start 2022 with shitty songs from my teen years and it's gonna be amazing no one can stop me

No. 1001404

File: 1640115229989.jpeg (476.58 KB, 750x888, 54C52DBD-882E-4F4E-915A-3F9F23…)

wow anons you were right kek

No. 1001422

I don't know if it's just me, but lolcow really does give a sort of sisterly vibe. I don't have a sister so I don't really know what it's like and could be totally wrong, but it's the way that anons can be so brutally honest and fucked up but also understanding with legitimately good advice. The userbase has random quirks like the anachan infighting or the occasional unhinged sperg and I just roll my eyes and tolerate it begrudgingly (and lovingly) because while it's annoying, I also wouldn't have it any other way.

No. 1001427

I used to feel that way years ago, until this place became filled with retardo conspiracy theorists and people who want to consistently argue in bad faith

No. 1001434

Ah I wrote a long post about how I feel like my drawings suck and now I feel better and it was boring so I deleted it. I just want to ask, I downloaded Andrew Loomis or whatever his name is' book, and an anatomy reference book. Do you think I should first read the first book or draw everything in order from the second book? I think I am good with color, light and shadow, but anatomy and proportions and symmetry are my weak spots, I mean I can paint very well from a reference photo but without it everything looks like it's melting. Anyway I like the dog in the thread photo.

No. 1001454

Same. It's especially noticeable once you spend more time away from the site

No. 1001479

I got a message like this in my DeviantArt inbox after logging in after almost ten years and it made my week and motivated me into picking up drawing again. Do it, anon

No. 1001497

I'm an EMT and went to an interview and they deadass told me with a straight face that pay was 13 an hour as I looked out the window and the McDonald's next door was advertising for 16 an hour starting pay for a cashier! Lmfao I cannot get the literal nerve of some fucking employers. Now they're gonna bitch about how "they can't find anyone!" Kek

No. 1001517

Same shit here some fast food places say 14-16/hour straight up not "up to" and yet we have med stores with "need pharmacy tech or job with liscence and graduation" doing the same pay or lower.

No. 1001528

File: 1640128863192.jpg (32.53 KB, 975x975, photo_2021-12-19_14-27-08.jpg)

I'm in, where at

No. 1001540

I wish I was drinking yogurt or grape soju with the guy I like

No. 1001561

File: 1640132654200.jpg (110.85 KB, 900x1125, Tumblr_l_1565349988691249.jpg)

I never drink coffee, and tried some for like the 3rd time ever. And my god that shit makes your pee stink bad. I always wondered how my coworkers stank up the bathroom just with a tinkle. I will stay a glorious tea drinker.

No. 1001562

Based teasis. In my case, every variation of coffee I've tried had my stomach in absolute SHAMBLES for an entire 24 hours.

No. 1001563

>people who want to consistently argue in bad faith
shouldn't admit it, but I'm pissed at idiocy of someone completely misrepresenting my post. I sometimes post a reply and delete it 15 seconds later because it's not worthy a weekly ban. Still kinda hard not to want to reply when someone jumps at you out of nowhere with "so you are saying that you would support pedophilia if it was legal???" or "if you say that person X sees us all as Y, that means that you are calling me an Y. How dare you, you hypocrite".
As an ESL, I sometimes seriously wonder if I am discussing with someone who is also ESL, but even more retarded than me or if the person deliberately throws shit at me and hope it sticks, aka other anons will dogpile me without reading what I have said. I'm thankful when someone agrees with me or even argues, but using actual arguments and not of the ad hominem kind.
Another thing that annoys me is when someone posts an potential derail, gets a disagreeing reply and then goes "shut up and stop derailing, no one cares". I admit it's my fault for replying, but I wouldn't had I have faith in mods actually banning derailers w/ redtext and not only random people replying to them. It makes it harder to leave retarded takes alone. I hope Shayna Admin makes mods redtext every banned poster, and will not pick sides.

No. 1001564

Andrew Garfield disturbs me a little. It's funny cause he's the lead in one of my favorite movies, but seeing his interviews all over due to him being in spiderman… he is weird

No. 1001569

It's been like 3 days and you're still sperging about that. Next time, don't try to defend abusing women for sexual pleasure with "At least it's somewhat legal" and then say other fucked up shit is worse purely because it's illegal IRL lmfao

No. 1001588

Maybe don't accuse others of bullshit then, retard. Pedophilia is illegal because it's the worst crime along with rape and murder. WHY? Few things compare to it. It's fucking soul destroying for children. That's why I am against it, not because someone arbitrarily decided it's illegal. It's stupid that I even have to say that. Not to mention that pedo drawings are used to groom children and fuel pedos. If you don't see a difference between pedo porn and ~problematic~ (but not pornographic or even featuring nudity) romances for grown women, IDK what to tell you.

No. 1001601

I don't give a fuck, type out the entire Quaran if you want
>Abusing women is legal shitlord!!!!
is a fucking shit argument, and you sound deranged trying to say pedophilia is bad only because it's illegal

No. 1001612

>you sound deranged trying to say pedophilia is bad only because it's illegal
I never fucking said it, I wasn't even discussing IRL abuse or filmed one. We were talking FICTION until you started sperging about actual violence towards women.
Abusing women is illegal where I live, hope it's the same for you. A drawing or a description of a woman being slapped or called names by an asshole (I wasn't even talking about violent porn, since it doesn't exist in mainstream otome aka what we discussed) will never be on the same level as of a child getting raped. It may be reprehensible and morally wrong depending on context, sure. Women that enjoy it should go to therapy since they have issues with self-esteem, are porn-sick or self-harming. Pedos belong in jail though (and yes, sadists abusing women too). That's it. Keep on projecting if you want, I know what I've made my stance clear.

No. 1001614

Arguing anything's morality based only on its legal status makes you sound insane and disgusting, end of fucking story. Keep working on your keyboard as if you didn't say what you said

No. 1001615

where was that and how did i miss this discussion, i'm on here 25/8

No. 1001616

Things You Hate Thread #11

No. 1001636

File: 1640142897833.jpg (93.41 KB, 640x640, GuedybeZKSAg5GGkNmZcI9ql_WCfOH…)

This cardigan is the ugliest goddamn thing I have ever seen in my entire life. It matches the man wearing it.

No. 1001646

what is this abomination? this man is so tryhard its annoying that anyone thinks his whole fashion thing is authentic

No. 1001674

File: 1640147344957.jpeg (774.12 KB, 828x1253, 1640100430330.jpeg)

No. 1001681

sorry nonas but I actually really like this sweater. The moid can drown tho.

No. 1001688

why are you censoring pedophile & why are you sharing it via gyaru twitter page?

No. 1001694

File: 1640149903868.jpg (655.92 KB, 1200x669, mexican-christmas-frida-orname…)

I'm working retail this week and this lady scolded me for saying "Happy Holidays!" to her after her purchase. She told me "Say Merry Christmas, not Happy Holidays, is Christmas". I'm like ma'am this isn't the U S of A this is MEXICO.

No. 1001695

I hate anyone that think this is le epic own. Being dense on purpose just wastes so much unnecessary energy…

No. 1001706

why do you censor pedo this is lolcow, not twitter, your prude friends cant find you here, go back sending death threats to shadman

No. 1001710

>go back sending death threats to shadman
Not a bad thing to do, actually.

No. 1001720

aren't you guys super mega catholic as a culture though ?
i usually say "happy holidays" because i mean both christmas and the new year, but i roll my eyes at people who say it just to avoid mentioning christmas (not saying that's what you do btw).

No. 1001721

File: 1640153672688.jpeg (24.03 KB, 474x473, ket.jpeg)

my cat fucking loves fruit. he will eat any kind of fruit i give to him (shut up i always look up what kinds are safe) like whenever i have strawberries or pineapple he goes apeshit until i give him some and then he sits and waits for more. he's one of a kind and i love him.

No. 1001725

soooo cute ! i've never met a cat that liked fruit before. my dog is indifferent to sugar and will spit any candy you give him but begs like hell everytime we cook pumpkin, even at the out-of-the-oven stage when it's totally plain.

No. 1001729

thats so cute my grandmother makes her dog's food from scratch and the dog goes NUTS over it, i love when animals get to enjoy good food too. like that scene in babe where the farmer shares his sandwich with the pig or whatever. makes life worth living.

No. 1001735

Interesting how it's always normie/scrote anime creators that westerners would typically defend
Has this ever happened with anything fujoshit/BL related? With how some people talk and sperg over it, I feel like it should be everywhere in that community

No. 1001738

my ex was such a fucking cunt. when we went on holiday he refused to put his toothbrush in the jar with mine and just kept taking it in and out of his bag. i could tell he was doing it on purpose, i just didn't know why.

No. 1001740

omg what does she make it with ? my mom used to feed one of my dogs with rice carrots and peas, idk if that was a good idea

No. 1001744

Just sperging about the MCU for a second: you remember how Tony Stark acted weirdly jealous and pussed off towards Steve Rogers when they first met? And he wouldn't stop talking about his daddy issues and how his father wouldn't stop comparing them when he was a kid? I always found it silly until I saw some scenes of Agent Carter with young!Howard Stark acting like Steve Rogers was HIS love interest and like he lost his husband in the war. You'd think he was the one making out with Steve in the first Captain America movie, it's kinda ridiculous. No wonder Tony would be so weirded out by Steve now that I think about it.

No. 1001745

I wonder as well, rarely see women defend other women when things like this are escalated, instead the women in topic would be the twitter's villain of the day.
On very, very case it's the moids who whiteknight. So pick your poison and don't be a woman on internet.

No. 1001779

My ex always called me childish and would constantly berate me for being joyful and finding delight in the small things and he was a proper drug addict. Cocaine, meth and last I heard heroin. He has to pay a lot of money just to imitate abs fabricate the joy my brain allowed me to have freely that I've retained a childlike innocence and joy. Can't believe I use to let that man upset me. I've never had to pay hundreds just to feel a bit of joy. My favourite Kanye West song can have me feeling like in tripping. Fuck other people that try to bring you down. I got happiness on tap bitches. That mf made me seek out antidepressants whilst with him which made me suicidal. These days I'm medication free, fit and healthy and with an improved singing voice and increase in confidence. Heroin could never

No. 1001832

File: 1640172975748.png (173.41 KB, 500x807, veranthia-gyarukocchi-the-body…)

Oh my god, I remember tumblr championing this series back in the day because the mangaka drew the girls with very diverse body types for anime even though it was just dumb coomer shit about a teen girl with boobs the size of her head.

No. 1001841

Japanese female creators tend to stay out of trouble. The main thing the male creators get cancelled for is sex offending (usually CP, less often soliciting underage prostitutes or sexual assault of underage girls). I've seen a few attempts to cancel female mangaka (Yuri on Ice woman had some 'problematic' tweets from years ago, Houseki no Kuni woman had a previous work that was pretty out there and could offend those with delicate sensibilities, obviously there are a bunch of BL creators that draw extreme stuff) but it's always such petty shit that everyone just rolls their eyes and moves on. Obviously there's a lot of general BL sperging, but those people tend not to actually read it so they're not going after specific mangaka.

No. 1001845

when the rhythm takes me, yea, it feels so good. oh so good.

No. 1001890

It always seemed sus to me that a manga/anime about the process of female adolescence has been clearly written by a male author. It looks like coomer content.
I remember some self-improvement thread having Galko as a picture. Always weirded me out

No. 1001894

did you use "sus" unironically

No. 1001898

My bad, I sometimes pick up dumb internet slang even though I'm not active on social media

No. 1001899

I use sus unironically online tbh

No. 1001910

what's the problem?

No. 1001913

Lets hope you don't say "unironically" outside the internet, thats the real sin

No. 1001915

How the fuck is that diversity? It's the same body but sometimes extended horizontally

No. 1001930

File: 1640184430785.png (630.53 KB, 700x688, 1636489868897.png)

Your cat sounds so fucking cute!! My dog loves also fruit!! Mangos, pineapple, watermelon and dragonfruit are her favorites. We specifically buy the elephant tusk mangoes too, my dad insists on it and says they're better. He literally goes out of his way when he goes to Costco to pick through the mangoes to get the best ones for her. No one else is allowed to eat mangoes in my house now. At one point we did feed her grapes because like a dumbass I didn't look up whether it was safe for her or not. My mom would sit there and peel the grapes and pick out the seeds if we happened to buy seedless and would give them to her (she would eat around the skin and leave a mess so we peeled it beforehand to avoid this). Thank god nothing happened but she was fed quite a few grapes over a long period of time! She's normally not a fan of strawberries, but did demand some once.

I love sharing my food with my dog. We don't feed her any human food otherwise so it's the only time I get to share. I also think it's really funny that she has preferences about which fruit she likes/doesn't like since I used to always have the idea that most dogs will eat just about anything. She has a favorite type of cheese too (it's gouda).

I wish I could buy you a big edible arrangement for you and your cat to share! Maybe for his birthday? kek

No. 1001935

This is sooooo cute and wholesome. I realised the other day my cat likes baked bean juice. I didn’t give it to him, it was on a plate I was about to wash and I didn’t realise he was on the side! (Very naughty! Not allowed!) so I put a tiny bit on my finger and he lapped it up. It’s not going to be part of his diet though lol. I just thought it was so random and cute.

No. 1001939

I am so tired. I am tired during the day but can’t get to sleep at night for longer than an hour at a time, where I will then be awake for around 30 minutes before falling back to sleep. I hate it. But, unrelated, my skin looks phenomenal right now. So soft, so smooth.

No. 1001951

Once I asked here for similar bags to a Burberry bag that I had been eyeing for years. Something with a similar sort of look would've sufficed, but an anon pointed me to the RepLadies subreddit and I've been obsessed ever since kek. I'll admit I like some luxury bags, but I can never bring myself to justify the price of them, so I'm not above passing over a decent replica. I did end up buying a replica of the bag I wanted, and the process of it felt like a stupid little fun game. Really scrutinizing details of the bag, reading people's experiences of buying reps, researching and talking to sellers, etc. I wouldn't have minded buying it used if it didn't still go for over $1k for one in decent condition. I like my bag and it's a small little thing that I take out occasionally when I want to dress up and look cute. It wouldn't have been worth the $1,500 for me because it's stupid small though.

Kinda want to buy a replica of the book tote one day kek.

No. 1001961

File: 1640189340417.jpg (104.2 KB, 750x750, FC4J3E5WUAYQ2mL.jpg)

zoomer female marvel fans making fancams for mediocre looking dudes will never not be funny

No. 1001964

kek agree

No. 1001990

The fact some of the actors are old enough to be their grandfathers and their crushing on them is a horrifying thought

No. 1002028

File: 1640195574499.jpg (22.67 KB, 1069x580, 71254874.jpg)

The thing I don't understand is how anyone can thirst over Tom Holland with his thin paper lips. He also looks like a kid

No. 1002031


Hes approachable to the girls that simp for him. They're more in love with his perceived personality than his looks.

No. 1002036

File: 1640195959285.jpg (509.9 KB, 1280x1316, B612_20211222_115808_903.jpg)

Real question, how do you kiss paper thin lips? Do you just kiss their upper lip area like collateral damage?

No. 1002041

i'm pretty sure half his fans are kids themselves

No. 1002042

File: 1640196175534.jpg (228.82 KB, 841x1148, Screenshot_20211222-120217.jpg)

No. 1002044

Lipless guys should be bullied, no one should be kissing them

No. 1002046

>tfw can't find any lip size attractive
what did my brain mean by this

No. 1002049

idk these seem like normal lips, I'd say people with big lips look like they have assholes on their faces

No. 1002053

I've noticed I'm in my 30s and I haven't had a personalised ring tone in a few years, I very rarely even change the background on my phone. I don't care about keeping up with the newest phone and I cba learning where the various emojis are preferring instead to use text speak and lol at things than cry emoji laugh. My 60 something year old mother probably knows more about emoji usage than I do.

No. 1002055

This picture is killing me, is it photoshopped or does he really look like this

No. 1002056

File: 1640197427869.jpg (460.92 KB, 1280x1279, tumblr_pnnbt3lt4w1vagvkko3_128…)

I am sick because of stress, I am stressed because of school, I can't study because even thinking about it is stressful and I'm so tired I would sleep all day wtf I wish I could drop out and be a retard

No. 1002066

a yes, we are mega religious therefore we celebrate like a bunch of saints and shit, thus why I often say "Happy Holidays".

No. 1002085

Was listening to this and actually started crying

No. 1002091

Wtf is going on today. I had 3 randoms whisper me in game, on 2 different maps. I've been playing for 6 years and I almost never get them, now I get a bunch wtf

No. 1002106

I just remembered some stupid ass joke a friend told me in elementary school and it was something about saying "see you next year" on dec 31, then seeing each other on jan 1 and saying "wow, sure has been a while!" or something. It's so stupid but I remember thinking it was so funny and genius as a kid.

No. 1002155

I hope England brings back swamp himbos in 2022.

No. 1002159

Idk how that whole brit swamp himbos discussion didn't end up in the caps thread. Shit was funny and I can't find it now

No. 1002162

Based and innocencepilled

No. 1002166

File: 1640204093129.jpg (665.39 KB, 1280x1316, B612_20211222_141437_784.jpg)

He actually looks like this

No. 1002184

No. 1002200

I'm having a little christmas party for some friends tomorrow and i'm so nervous that no one will show up even though everyone I invited said they would. I know it's irrational but I always fear that my friends secretly hate me and are plotting together to embarass me

No. 1002279

I know liking trains is a meme, but I have never seen it in action until this video. Dude really likes trains.

No. 1002314

All of Beyonce's albums are just "ok" compared to B'Day and 4.

No. 1002320

Got asked what I wanted for Christmas and said "a handheld vacuum," next I find out my gramma is telling everyone I want a $1000 Dyson and that I'm selfish. I didn't specify any brand and I told her I didn't want any gifts this year since she helped me pay off a dental bill. One time she offered me two cookies and then got mad I took both. She's always trying to start shit kek

No. 1002326

I can't wait for when I'm an old lady just so I can unapologetically be a bitch

No. 1002327

What a bitch, is she trying to play the martyr? Those $1000 Dysons are excellent tho so if there's a chance she'll get you one take full advantage.

No. 1002347

>People are completely different IRL compared to internet
What a retarded and simply untrue thing to say

No. 1002348

4chan has absolutely gotten worse in recent years - every single board. It's a shame because it's still the most popular anonymous image board, which has it's appeal for autistimos like me.

No. 1002349

No. 1002351

>people who want to consistently argue in bad faith
This. Especially the anons in advice threads. Not everything will turn out horribly and not everything has to be a certain way.

No. 1002357

I want to cut myself a rory gilmore Fringe.

No. 1002367

nta but how? it's very common for people to lie and catfish, or act tough online but cower irl (like users from a certain social media site), or act upbeat on sm but be a huge asshole in person, or only post about positive things/photos in their life but is actually going through a lot, etc there's tons of examples.

No. 1002370

Do you mean catastrophic visions or the whole set of: purposefully misinterpreting points, attacking a strawman or the person instead of the argument, projecting, baiting and then denying participation in the dispute, etc? I've seen both, I'm curious if that is what you mean

No. 1002373

>catastrophic visions
You mean looking out for your own safety.

No. 1002385

AYRT. TBH you are probably right, especially if both you and OP are thinking of the 5+ drive scrote post (you have to prepare for abything). Wanted to ask what anon means without antagonising her and didn't know how to phrase it better. I felt like we had a different understanding of the term, but I can be wrong.

No. 1002389

the anons who act like they want advice then get upset/defensive when given it (even if no one's being harsh to them) are the most annoying. i'm at a point where i can't feel bad for them anymore. then they return months later complaining about their bf smearing shit on the coffee table or something. it almost reminds me of people who willingly ask for art critique.

No. 1002397

File: 1640219099511.gif (576.17 KB, 242x190, sad.gif)

when i first started hanging around here i thought "sage for nonmilk" and sage in general meant like, burn some sage bc your opinion stinks up the place

No. 1002399

it's ok i thought it was sage as in "wise old guy who lives up a mountain"

No. 1002408

I'm going insane. Why does everything on the internet have to cater to moids and their retarded sexual needs? Motherfucker, I just want to find some good ASMR, I don't want to watch "dommy mommy vampire waifu sucks your dick rp" or some shit.

No. 1002413

samefag but on the other hand, I got a good laugh out of finding über cringe like vidrel.

No. 1002427

It kind of does kek

No. 1002441

File: 1640221940034.jpg (13.9 KB, 251x221, 1816.jpg)

I've went my whole lolcow experience without once seeing tranny genital surgery and now some fucking retard posted unspoilered ftm dick surgery in /snow/ (that's a warning for the rest of you)

No. 1002447

File: 1640222450720.jpg (403.72 KB, 2048x2038, 02momo-1-superJumbo.jpg)

Just as men don't feel love, they also do not feel true ASMR. I hope every scrotie who falls asleep to kawaii girlfriend ASMR roleplay wakes up with a sleep paralysis demon hunching over them.

No. 1002457

File: 1640223326547.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, 1537392241704.jpg)

Kek I'm sorry you had to see the meat tube, no one deserves that.
I'm kinda desensitized to it because I used to search that crap on the internet when I was a tranny myself, still, horror movie kinda shit when I think about these women waking up one day and regretting this surgery, knowing they cannot undo it. That kinda thought keeps me awake at night.

Now that shit is fucking scary, fuck you.

No. 1002460

Unfortunately even momo (one in your pic not the other momo) has waifufag fans too, and porn art

No. 1002463

Aw sweet anon, I wish you would never experience such thing and keep living in your candyland. Goodluck surviving in a domestic abuse and find out over how greasy and of a coomer your bf of two months is.

No. 1002466

Fat Tabby Cat Plush Cute Kitten Cat Stuffed Animal Soft Hugging Calico Cat Body Pillow, Striped Birman Cat Plushies Gifts,11.8/19.7Inch https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CBZ9MNZ/ref=cm_sw_r_awdo_navT_g_ZZ82ERV3WP8FVXM4JBJV

Look at the images AND the video and tell me hiw many things are wrong with this listing

I've honestly been laughing for two days about all of this

No. 1002473

File: 1640224655248.jpg (182.26 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20211222-195652.jpg)

Fucking coomers

No. 1002490

When I first saw the listing, I thought "haha wtf anon and other people are being oversensitive, just a cute plush"… then I was wrong. I saw the video. WTF why does a cute plush need a ballsack and butthole?? The plushy would have been perfect without those.

No. 1002494

File: 1640227713140.jpg (169.13 KB, 650x650, Stickers_Shiba_Butt_Black_1_65…)

Can't tell if it's really meant for coomers or if it's just a product of asians thinking dog and cat buttholes are cute

No. 1002500

i noticed this too in a lot of Japanese art even when the image is generally tame/SFW, they add it even if the animal is just in the background lol. and once saw this pic of fake cat testicles toys being sold in a japanese store but can't find it now, it was something like a keychain

No. 1002511

The funniest thing is that the video isn't even the product being sold

No. 1002542

>people who want to consistently argue in bad faith
Lolcow has always had those people (at least while I've been here it has), but I feel like the influx of newfags (from /snow/ and the celebcow thread) + anons from the covid and conspiracy threads I know the conspiracy thread has been around for a while, but it seems more active this past year is why everything feels much more aggressive these days. I feel like you can't really disagree or have a normal conversation with anyone in those threads and infights leak from there into other threads. Also, bans for infighting/derailing aren't as enforced as it was before I'm not saying this to shit on mods, it's an actual thing

No. 1002592

I wonder if there are pet resorts/hotels but for reptiles?

No. 1002594

File: 1640239449885.png (147.89 KB, 951x588, Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 10.0…)

Why are people like this? This is just a video of an abandoned house that had some kids toys in it and this person went full schizo.

No. 1002598

isnt the girl that runs this account the vampire chick that keeps getting entangled with the unicorn girl

No. 1002606

KEK the tinfoil is real, though some people claim he adds in special affects to his videos after comments like this were getting attention so he could get more views

No. 1002642

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this, I'm so tired and almost don't ​wanna come here anymore even though I read lolcow like a daily newspaper (sad). I see a lot of shitty, low-effort bait as well as needlessly aggressive anons. I can never predict what harmless post will trigger people.

No. 1002716

Why does my retarded cat have to screech whenever she wants to play or just slaps one of our other cats? Literally a full on screech or like someone stepped on her tail. It's also ALWAYS her making the noise when SHE attacks, bitch, shut up

No. 1002726

the hate for Americans in the euro thread is so funny

No. 1002735

File: 1640264570503.jpg (65.08 KB, 640x580, YdNRqFx.jpg)

Was food shopping earlier.. it was 8am on christmas eve-eve and people were already being rude and shitty and pushy, old people being the worst by a mile. Fuck you, it wasn't even crowded? Stahp pushin

No. 1002743

I haven't been to the supermarket since Monday and I don't plan on going again until after Boxing Day. Merry Christmas to me!

No. 1002746

I dreamed that callmekevin guy posted a video where he was shitting on jk rowling and had pinned in a different video a comment from some dumb aiden on how fujos are fetishizing the "real gays" and how yaoi misrepresents gay men and that you can't ship m/m pairings unless you're male/fakeboi or non-woman, and I got so angry and disgusted that I came here to write something like how you can't trust any of these tards anymore but then I woke up and realized it was just all a dream… or so I hope.
I'm always half expecting them to turn into dumb male feminists or predators and it's so fucking tiring that I haven't subscribed any new channels by males in a while, though the women are also constantly disappointing me by being huge libtards but I don't expect them to be predators so there's that, I only unsubscribe when their libtardism is off charts

No. 1002753

File: 1640267550741.jpg (304.03 KB, 1075x2000, 23122021144952.jpg)

what the fuck is going on

No. 1002774

There was an anon in g yesterday who called everyone paranoid true crime bingers for saying you should be careful about taking a guy back to your house to sleep over on the first night of meeting him… op was an inexperienced autist and the guy was driving 5 hours to get to her.

No. 1002778

I once had someone in here tell me I was bad for being anti porn kek

No. 1002785

That person was probably a male

No. 1002786

File: 1640272456413.jpg (17.83 KB, 214x232, 1629233701004.jpg)

I'm not a Driverfag(I'm natural towards him) but I can't help but laugh whenever he nonnies refer to him as the "forbidden man" like he's Voldemort or some shit

No. 1002788

Oh boy, she just named the forbidden cult, I hope you don’t get banned, nonnie.

No. 1002791

File: 1640272686878.jpg (232.3 KB, 1072x1021, IMG_20211223_160531.jpg)

Yep, I was one of those true crime junkies. I have not included examples in which I've been involved whatsoever since maybe I'm not being objective and this isn't a vendetta. I look at the screenshoted posts and I see projecting, personal attacks (surely anon being pissed about victim blaming is a NEET rather than a person with a common sense or a ~survivor~) and a low quality bait. Also someone bumped this thread after my saged post. Hmm.
I have infighted every now and then like any anon (I assume since sometimes discussion gets heated and heads butt), but I've never seen such sudden influx of hostile bullshit.

No. 1002809

Debating if I should get this as a gift for one of my old coworkers who I'm very close with and going to see next week… On one hand I'm being a cheap fuck, on the other hand I know she would really, really like this present ugh. Maybe I will. It's Christmas right?

No. 1002810

Just kidding. In the 10 minutes I was going back and forth, it sold out ugh.

No. 1002814

How did we go from "boys can enjoy (typical girl things) as a boy/girls can enjoy (typical boy things) as a girl, stop making everything gendered" to "if you are a boy who enjoys (typical girl things) you are a girl/if you are a girl who enjoys (typical boy things) you are a boy"? We've come full circle. I didn't mind the push for making things gender neutral because yeah who gives a shit if you have XYZ interest or buy XYZ thing meant for the opposite gender? Just let people enjoy/buy things. But in the end we have made zero progress, maybe even taken 3 steps backwards from the original starting point.

No. 1002816

people who got beat by their parents have excellent manners

by people i mean me

No. 1002820


No. 1002828

I'm actually extremely mean and defensive and have no respect for authority

No. 1002832

Everyone in my professional life thinks I'm so charming, happy and courteous and it's like I grew up getting hit if I was anything but those things. Inside I have a burning hatred that must be contained. Such is my mental illness.

No. 1002836

Fake and gay, you're just a ticking bomb waiting to explode, stop defending that shit
Same, as everyone else that got abused by their parents, they just hide it better

No. 1002842

I'm polite but a few years back my dad realized he went too far with the beatings. I was 30 when I got a random half assed apology off him one day. Just out of nowhere.

No. 1002907

Did hiding in my room troon out or is he just shitposting kek

No. 1002912

File: 1640280645678.jpg (60.33 KB, 400x266, 318752-c1f2ea9f553aff6a89842fb…)

I haven't had sex in 2021, didn't in 2020 or 2019 either, bout to officially have three solid years no sex under my belt. When do I get presented with my nun award?

No. 1002927

I wasn’t going to get my family a cake for Christmas because my dad’s stupid outburst but fuck him, I’m in a damn good mood because it’s almost Christmas I’m still gonna buy a cake but I’m not getting a cheesecake like he wanted. I’m getting the damn cake I want and he can fuck off if he doesn’t like it. It’s not even a real family tradition, it’s just something I started doing every year because I like eating cake kek

No. 1002929

Yeah, I agree. I've been reading less threads because of it.
Yes I know everywhere has conflict, I'm just saying that lolcow has felt more hostile, argumentative and bait-y than before.

No. 1002944

File: 1640282407368.jpg (74.22 KB, 1080x483, Screenshot_20211223-145726_Twi…)

Couldn't find a new art thread and the one on snow is not worth bumping so im gonna shoot my shot here.

Does anyone know what happened to Muri/PetitePasserine? She hasn't posted art in months and on her less professional account its all doom and gloom and suicidality, it seems like something awful happened like i genuinely thought her girlfriend nich0lael died or something.

No. 1002953

Use the catalog nonnie >>>/ot/970526

No. 1002955

I saw that one i just meant a more active thread

No. 1002959

In every way except physical, I am a cat

No. 1002960

allow me to make a far fetched assumption. i think people are going to start preaching that porn addictions are related to or excused by neurodivergency. specifically because a lot of imageboard users, and people who use weird websites largely dedicated to porn, are autistic or at least said to be. also because it allows them to piggyback on an already marginalized community/social identity that could be milked for sympathy.

No. 1002969

The more people who admit their sickness the easier it is to cull them

No. 1002988

I once knew a guy who was on the sex offenders register for a large quantity of cp and communicating with/requesting scenes directly from child abusers… his parents paid a psych to write up a letter on how his high functioning autism made him not understand his actions. He lived alone, completed college and worked full time in IT but couldn't understand that cp is bad? He got a suspended sentence.

In the time I knew him he was into those live cam sites and he was on a bunch of hook up apps. Not a care in the world. Pretty intelligent in some ways but coddled to death when it suited him.

No. 1003012

this is the only way I can get to sleep

No. 1003021

I've been watching asmr videos since 2012 and it has helped with my anxiety and sleep issues, but there are so many sexualised asmr videos I can't even recommend it to people any more in case they come across that shit and think I'm a total freak

No. 1003053

Judge Judy is a "Stacy".

No. 1003086

File: 1640294485192.jpg (154.59 KB, 1440x1405, 1f9p6l.jpg)

I watched a Christmas program where they interviewed a lonely man who had given up on love, and framed his relationship story as a Christmas miracle. Last year he met a woman at a yoga camp, took her for a walk and kissed her. The day after he tested positive for covid, so he called her and told her that she had to quarantine in a hotel room with him for 14 days and how they fell in love during that time. No explanation as to why he framed it like that, but the woman seemed like a complete doormat and just giggled nervously during the interview. He ended the interview by explaining how he couldn't wait to have babies with her. Christmas miracle, everyone. Nothing creepy or weird here.

No. 1003117

I hope my single ass never reaches the point of reverting back to being naive and stupidly trusting of scrotes who rush things along like that. Been there, learnt from it, would like to think no level of loneliness would send me back to being flattered rather than concerned by it.

No. 1003128

File: 1640297686707.jpg (21.75 KB, 480x480, 1567576126578.jpg)

Decorating channels and sites: Check these adorable items! You can get them so cheap from walmart/tesco/the dollar tree!
Me, a european:

No. 1003139

File: 1640298297100.jpeg (249.23 KB, 1236x1600, 75B3D6FF-89A5-43C8-A372-83B63B…)

You can get them so cheap from primark.

No. 1003146

File: 1640298938604.jpeg (131.71 KB, 1600x1239, 8BF5B0A2-90DA-4211-BEE9-D3CB79…)

That cake from the vent thread looks delicious, 10/10 would depression eat it on my own.

No. 1003147

it's not like you can't buy the same or similiar shit here at local chains, it's all world-wide distributed chinese crap anyway.

No. 1003161

Anon, your taste in home decor makes my eyes bleed.

No. 1003169

File: 1640301164102.jpeg (710.67 KB, 1932x2016, 2960CB2B-AEFA-4D98-92DC-6CFAB6…)

Ok, nonnie, here you go.

No. 1003178

File: 1640301956019.jpg (53.03 KB, 460x460, 98660026f9737d873bb47ede41b061…)

Perfect for pairing with these bedsheets (interior design is my passion)

No. 1003192

NTA but I love stuff like this

No. 1003193

I unironically love this

No. 1003198

unironically amazing

No. 1003202

I'm embarrassed that I got a little upset at my doctor for submitting my blood for a test that's normally considered "not medically necessary" so my insurance wouldn't pay for it. I was mad because why wouldn't you tell me you were submitting my blood for something not considered medically necessary? When I called to ask, the receptionist said the doctor always submits for a vitamin d check for new patients. I said I wasn't paying for it because I wasn't told in advance about it and the receptionist was like "ok, the doctor says we can't make you pay anyway so you don't have to" but easy for them to say since the bill is coming from the lab so it's not their problem!

They called me today to schedule an appointment because some of my levels were abnormal. I ate right before my appointment because I didn't realize I wasn't supposed to eat for 8 hours (usually I have my doctor's appointments in the morning so it's never been a problem even though I've never been told this) so the doctor told me that my levels might be a little off but if they were really weird, she'd call me back to run another blood test. I declined making an appointment and just asked for my blood test results to see myself.

Turns out I have low vitamin D levels kek (and b12 too). Huh, would you look at that? Well my insurance said she can probably resubmit a claim to make them cover it since the results show it did end up being medically necessary. I didn't blow up at the doctor but I did get a bit upset on the phone with them and now I just feel silly kek.

No. 1003229

Not sure what I did to make Youtube recommend this to me but I'm invested in this lobster.

No. 1003231

Owner just posted an update video today. Can't wait to see Leon when he gets his new tank!

No. 1003234

your doctor sounds kind of retarded, or a shyster. Did you ever have any symptoms or anything related to these deficiencies, or anything like that?

If you eat a normal diet these aren't things that happen. Like if you're vegan and never go outside then you might have a D deficiency but otherwise if you eat a balanced diet this is not a thing. Suspect your doctor is either nuts or trying to skeeze you into unnecessary prescriptions… especially considering he already ordered weird azz unnecessary tests.

Don't <clap> trust <clap> random <clap> male <clap> doctors with small privste practices. Go to a hospital or larger clinic. True of dentists also. Go to a big well-reputed place.

No. 1003243

It's actually a woman doctor! I learned the hard way to avoid male doctors lol. I do want to meet with her to go over my levels because according to my results (that are from a big 3rd party lab and I got a copy of it to see it myself), I might have Vit D and B12 deficiencies. My Vit D level is at 10L and B12 at 180… which seems pretty low compared to normal range. I'm not vegan either.

No. 1003247

File: 1640309183956.png (444.43 KB, 482x554, olbinin.png)

tag yourself

No. 1003249

What does it mean if someone’s a “caster” in the context of esports?

No. 1003251

For some reason I’m so against going to any work related social event or being actual friends with anyone from there even if I like them. I just want it to be separate for some reason

No. 1003253

All conservative political social media influencer types seem gay. The men and the women.

No. 1003254

Don't worry I'm the same. I would hate if everything in my life was work related. It feels fake and time consuming, I want to be my own person with my own goals and satisfactions, not just an employee.

No. 1003256

Jesus Christ, the girl of the “what could be better” shirt looks like a girl I was friends with in high school.

No. 1003258

Reconnect with her and make your own sigma female clan

No. 1003259

I hate the sound of men’s voices. Not even in a misandrist way in like an autistic sensory way

No. 1003262

they narrate games/analyze them afterward, like being a sports announcer. But since games are just broadcasted free, there are a lot of "amateur casters" that will stream an esports game with their own unofficial narration also. Its basically just livestreaming an esports game.

No. 1003286

No thanks, she trooned out, reads weird crystals and wants to scam people with that and shitty tarot reading.

No. 1003296

File: 1640313548642.jpg (107.22 KB, 398x390, Tumblr_l_1550490270568740.jpg)

Look at these coomers

No. 1003298

I'm the blue backpack

No. 1003305

Relate and I’m not even autistic

No. 1003311

Komaeda-chan eating her own discharge wasn't weird. It was weird that she was having them as "snacks" and tasting other bodily fluids/waste though.

No. 1003314

what made fujo such a recognizable term to the point where western moids use it to describe all female fans? yumejos seem like a tiny footnote in comparison and it's unknown even among women who might even align with being one. is it just because they think women liking two guys together is nasty? are yumejo just typically quieter with their autism or just a smaller group?

No. 1003316

I thought Fujoshi was a term made by men to describe “rotten women” who are “undesirable” because they have a hobby in which they sexualize uwu men. But it got embraced by the women who got into it and the term kind of sorta got reclaimed.
While Yumejoshi seems to be quite a relatively new way to talk about a husbandofag. You also got “self-shipper” but it’s too western I guess.

No. 1003327

Slash shipping is just more popular among people who are intensely into fandom. Fujos call themselves by that name and it's used in art tags etc, it's not like it became known because haters spread it as an insult.

No. 1003334

thank you nonjos, i want to go scouring jp internet/early blogs for yumefujo discussion now. i think being a casual "x character is so hot" fan is most likely, then a fujo, and then a fully realized yume at the most rare.it's cool seeing yumejoshi being more used as of late. i remember when i discussed it on here and a few anons posted about how they finally had a word to describe what they were

No. 1003338

File: 1640321095077.jpg (208.01 KB, 1280x720, soraka_skin01.jpg)

I know no one cares about Soraka, but I wish my queen would get an updated in-game model like with Wild Rift.

No. 1003346

File: 1640321706815.jpeg (34.54 KB, 466x473, 459EB794-B6A3-42D6-9A63-E6026A…)

Tomorrow when the farm boys find this
freak of nature, they will wrap his body
in newspaper and carry him to the museum.

But tonight he is alive and in the north
field with his mother. It is a perfect
summer evening: the moon rising over
the orchard, the wind in the grass. And
as he stares into the sky, there are
twice as many stars as usual.

No. 1003350

fucking stop its too early for me to cry

No. 1003354

File: 1640322376980.jpeg (127.72 KB, 700x698, FF5F43EB-DFE7-40C1-97FF-09C135…)

I’m sorry nonita I just couldn’t stop thinking about the text today

No. 1003363

File: 1640324759697.png (1.03 MB, 800x800, imagen_2021-12-23_234552.png)

is this really what husbandofags want

No. 1003365

File: 1640325196943.jpeg (72.25 KB, 363x717, 0B6F2FD2-8547-4288-8EF9-BA3C89…)

No, this.

No. 1003376

File: 1640326652563.jpeg (260.42 KB, 842x1200, 9699A917-5B6B-46B4-BB6B-4DBC1E…)

Speak for yourself, I have an insatiable lust for gunhead daddy

No. 1003387

File: 1640327664911.jpg (46.9 KB, 500x378, 1492207941604.jpg)

>tfw have a crush on youtuber then he posts something that sounds like twitter commie speak

I'm clinging to my doubt for the sake of this parasocial relationship

No. 1003405

He’s a YouTuber… what else did you honestly expect?

No. 1003406

I just want to wish all fellow scrote hating nonnies a happy Christmas eve and a merry Christmas! You all deserve happiness and I hope a new variant targeting only men arises in 2022

No. 1003433

Thank you nonnie, you too. Let us pray.

No. 1003466

Merry xmas. I'm going to spend 5 minutes with my abusive family and the rest with my husbandos. Good times

No. 1003473

File: 1640342331901.jpg (65.37 KB, 400x518, 1638932399635.jpg)

No. 1003484

LOL, I totally get this.

No. 1003516

That one Relationship Advice anon is still going, goddamn

No. 1003530

File: 1640351396585.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.06 KB, 1070x601, 82726168483817.jpeg)

Why did I let myself get memed into watching another garbage ass shock value movie. It tries so hard to be disturbing and stomach-churning but it's just so fucking boring.

No. 1003537

I remmember it having rave reviews for being feminist, but it has always seemed boring to me. Never wanted to watch it

No. 1003566

File: 1640353516746.jpg (25.49 KB, 518x392, shugo-chara-star-eyes.jpg)

it's snowing on christmas eve…after all these years
but the rain will probably melt it in 24 hours

No. 1003568

I'm so jealous anon! It rarely snows here. Merry Christmas!

No. 1003592

forget hate sex i want some hate cuddling. nonitas who wants to get into a fight

No. 1003598

H-hate cuddling? Is that another word for judo because I'm a yellow belt three years ago

No. 1003603

Merry christmas nonnie! May your holidays be filled with cheer and scrotes be punished.

No. 1003618

Do belts expire?

No. 1003624

Seconded, do they?

No. 1003631

My niece and nephews (18 and 15) for some reason believes I’m born 1997, and thought my siblings were fucking with them when they told them I’m born 1990. I have no clue how they came to that conclusion or how the timeline would work considering I moved out when I was 19

No. 1003654

nonny, if i wanted to get beat up i'd say that. thank you for the offer, though.

No. 1003665

File: 1640358443276.jpeg (31.46 KB, 225x225, 8F36B9A4-21C8-48DB-BE3E-D7D438…)

CANTV? More like can’t v bothered to offer an efficient service.

No. 1003717

File: 1640360501962.gif (1.31 MB, 530x400, Sc8.gif)


No. 1003734

File: 1640361232062.jpg (24.11 KB, 499x500, e8d1d3d1a0fd6e0eff593a066b3dd4…)

>Can't v

No. 1003748

File: 1640361515211.jpg (158.07 KB, 997x763, Rom.jpg)

I think most of the fundamental problems in the "western world" as well as certain regions in asia(Korea and Japan) is caused lack of both religion and proper ideology
For most of history the system of Feudalism and the Church to gave the people meaning, in the 19th Century most in the post-Enlightenment people saw the eventual decline of religion and figured ideology and nationalism would be the reasonings for the existence of the masses

In most realties Ideology and nationalism would have won out in the west and the east, but in our world America enforced a secular neo-liberal hegemony upon the world, now no one has anything to believe in anymore, just a couple online niches to LARP as an ideologue but not much eles
Its a sad state of the world

No. 1003756

It is my belief that if everyone believed jesus was the son of God and that morals have a universal consequence there would be world peace. God bless.

No. 1003764

>feudalism gave the people meaning
you want to be a serf?

No. 1003771

I'm not saying it was a good thing but it was a stable form of society that gave the majority of the population meaning and purpose

No. 1003774

If we will begin a feudal society, I want to be a noble who spends her days doing whatever she wants.

No. 1003799

I think about the word "bequeef" so much

No. 1003854

File: 1640364208636.jpg (346.48 KB, 694x1024, 12459344214_932ab0307a_b.jpg)

I see what you are trying to say anon but it sounds like you have really no idea what was historically life under feudalism an the consequences that religion had during the period

No. 1003858

I thought it was some hiding spot for weed.

No. 1003859

No. 1003868

>gave the majority of the population meaning and purpose
it didn't, or at the very least it's not that simple, please study the period before trying to generalize history like that

No. 1003879

File: 1640364862629.png (395.73 KB, 558x579, PicassoSS.png)

samefag but I realize I sounded way to obnoxious, sorry I just love the medieval period.

No. 1003911

OT but where is this pic from and also that man in the pic is beautiful

No. 1003929

Go back to 4chan mlp faggot

No. 1003931

Go to china and become a rice planting peasent to get your purpose kek. what kind of bullshit is this.

No. 1003955

I'm not advocating for feudalism, Its a good thing that its gone but this neo-liberal secular world that American has enforced on the rest of the world is false

No. 1003976

MLP meant something to me before 4chan got it's nasty hands all over it, it's not my fault you only associate it with creeps. I'll post as many ponies as I want, FiM is a good show and cozy and I'm going to stream it in cytube in a week just to spite you.

No. 1004004

File: 1640369519164.jpg (57.91 KB, 544x400, EmvwJUDUUAEKtRQ.jpg)

Did you want me whole?" No not for life. Did you truly see me? No not this time. Were you ever sure? No, no, no, not with me.
And for the lovers who found a mirrored heart, they just remind me I'm without you

No. 1004024

Now i want to watch shugo chara again. Merry Christmas!

No. 1004047

I'm the 'O' girl who just joined to make friends

No. 1004055

still going at it in the new thread, even though i hoped it'd be left at that

No. 1004126

I really hope anons don't start accusing each other of being that Steven guy, he doesn't deserve the attention. We don't need some goofy boogeyman making anons feel paranoid, I hope after today everyone just forgets he exists just as he deserves. i hope he kills himself

No. 1004191

File: 1640380541517.jpg (23.04 KB, 600x459, and-im-just-qc43vy.jpg)

What am I doing for xmas? .. uhh let me just check if my parents are still dead and if I'm still single and friendless…

No. 1004194

File: 1640380769213.jpeg (111.02 KB, 1000x681, image-asset.jpeg)

this christmas, I'm only grateful for all the good shits I took

No. 1004270

Same kind of shit happened back in the day when Crumb drew large women because he wanted to fuck them and people acted like he was a hero for drawing realistic women.

No. 1004505

Half the board is anons accusing each other of being moids, the cows, calves or trannies kek

No. 1004512

I love how body diversity always means just differently sized tits and either different variations of the super thin body type or a bbw fatty with big breasts. And naturally all of them have small waists. Now a regular skinnyfat body with the stomach flab every woman naturally has to protect her womb and ovaries? Dream on.

No. 1004515

BL creators are women, thus they're not pedos or sex offenders kek. Every time someone tries to draw direct comparisons between male and female coomers they conveniently forget the fact that women don't take it to real life unlike psychopathic moids. The only time a female mangaka is cancelled (by the Japanese community more or less) it's over art theft or tracing.

No. 1004519

But why would you be meeting people like that IRL? If you meet someone you met online but you barely knew them beforehand, then it's on you. You can make genuine friends online and if you actually knew them then they're no different irl from my experience. Normal people don't act differently to their online friends vs their irl friends. It's not hard to avoid being catfished.
What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1004522

Samefag, should have mentioned I'm NTYRT, just think that when people say people from online act completely different irl they have no idea what they're talking about. It's such a weird point to me. Who the fuck have you been meeting from online that acts COMPLETELY different irl…

No. 1004524

NTA but fuck you MLP is for women and girls. Just because scrotes like something doesn't mean we can't.

No. 1004526

wrong, mlp is for girls, little girls at that.

No. 1004554

File: 1640428212838.png (294.49 KB, 800x960, 6A2816AF-AE86-4B1A-8F82-174BF3…)

No. 1004557

I don't get the first two sentences to the right though?

No. 1004558

how do you get to actually know someone strictly online though, it's super easy to lie even over personal things. there's no way to know if they're telling the truth unless you meet them irl first, then online

No. 1004559

>I'M YOOMING!!!!!!!!!!!
>not a filthy fujoshi but a pure yumejoshi only for her husbando
kek holy shit

No. 1004560

I guess it's how the characters in gachas/husbando game are highschool age?

No. 1004562

File: 1640428695636.png (253.15 KB, 675x900, FHJcSZracAA3hRP.png)

literal 15 yos and 3D version would imply real men?

I for one love yooming but I'm certainly impure too.

No. 1004565

It's also easy to lie about personal things IRL too. Just don't befriend liars.

No. 1004571

I randomly remembered this weird incident as a kid I was like borderline mute and this teacher one day was like I know this is all an act btw. I heard you scream in the grocery store. which never happened and I was so stressed out about it and wanted to move school and my mom the next day was like why did you say that to the teacher and the teacher was like because it’s true. I still don’t get if she genuinely thought she saw me or what

No. 1004572

in some cases you can't know they're liars until it's too late (unless they're clearly bad at keeping things consistent from the start). no one has psychic abilities

No. 1004573

I hope one of her students put a tack on her chair

No. 1004578

File: 1640430369733.gif (2.56 MB, 322x178, 1448776146644.gif)

>goes braless so husbando has easy access any time

No. 1004580

I was the same as a kid, like worrying quiet, a teacher mocked me for it in front of other kids once and I'll never get why she thought that was at all OK lol. Looking back there was a problem in that school. There was a girl I legit never heard say one word and she was just there in normal classes getting no support and never interacting with anyone. She was like a statue.

That wouldn't happen now but I guess this was before much effort went into assessing kids for disabilities.

No. 1004583

I'm rewatching some bob's burgers episodes and I get why people like her, but every time there's a gayle episode I skip it entirely. I get that that's the whole point of her character but fuck man. I wouldn't of blamed bob if he left gayle in the snow to die in that one thanksgiving episode.

No. 1004587

I'm sure it's making fun of weeb characters almost always being teenage, the meme is positive and mentions her being compassionate. Doesn't make sense otherwise. I think the IRL 3D husbandos may be voice actors. Though it makes less sense for Western yumes, so IDK. I doubt it's implying actual grooming though

No. 1004588

File: 1640432493103.gif (704.03 KB, 498x280, tenor (10).gif)

Anons … I want to impulse buy cheap "cutesy" goods on AliExpress but then I remember that all of this Chinese cheap crap is tacky and not worth it….but ordering official goods from other stores is even more expensive….help

No. 1004590

MLP has a retro series released for women collectors specifically. Various stores release licensed t-shirts and merch based on 80's ponies.
MLP survived until G4 partially thanks to a dedicated fanbase of grown up women buying old and new ponies. Hasbro caught on and is selling collector's ponies for that reason

No. 1004592

File: 1640432837118.png (116.19 KB, 500x436, be-a-slut-do-whatever-you-want…)

This convincing enough for you?

No. 1004593

Time to find gratification in something other than consumerism

No. 1004600

>I want to impulse buy
Never impulse buy. Write a shopping list. Write a wish list and wait a month. You might not even want the stuff then.
Also it's xmas so chill.

No. 1004601

This is my cats' first Christmas but I swear they know they are getting presents, the one who never wakes me up early got under the covers and poked me with her claws first thing. They are way more interested in sniffing around under the tree than their breakfast, it's so cute I'm gonna cry

No. 1004617

Just wait and buy it cheaper secondhand, you don't need merch to live and if you buy and hoard cheap knockoffs it'll just make you miserable because you'll know it's not the real thing

No. 1004624

File: 1640438146566.png (834 KB, 640x933, 285E04DE-0A0F-4A18-B221-5EB0D0…)

Is it just me or does this hedgehog getting an X-ray look like straight up fat shaven pussy with 2 days prickley re-growth?

No. 1004629

It looks like a prickly turkey chicken insert cat faced emoji

No. 1004634

I thought this was raw chicken breast that had been sliced down the middle to help it cook quicker

No. 1004645

File: 1640440627892.jpeg (54.53 KB, 768x768, 4FCB529E-DD4C-425D-ACE0-516911…)

rubber heating bottle

No. 1004669

File: 1640443009021.jpg (62.43 KB, 640x740, qj0hooqr4u181.jpg)

Reminded me of this, this is how they xray aquatic pets apparently

No. 1004670

File: 1640443046242.jpg (63.06 KB, 640x480, Tumblr_l_128416848365960.jpg)

Do any of you recognize this picture? I was just texting my friend and noticed this image in my gallery and my first thought was "ok which whatsapp group I'm ignoring is sending rpg horror games" so I went to check and found nothing. I go back to my gallery and find it in my tumblr folder, saying I downloaded this at 8:47 this morning, only I haven't fucking opened that app at all and it's freaking me the fuck out. I think I'd remember downloading something like this. I used google image search and it had 0 matching results. Why me man. Why do I have to become a creepypasta protagonist. Merry cursemas I guess

No. 1004672

either yume nikki or a fangame of this

No. 1004683

File: 1640444223972.jpeg (560.5 KB, 1076x2436, E3AC3775-2326-4DCD-8D1A-329A9A…)

Taking my last dumbass dump before it’s actually 2022

No. 1004705

/w/ should be at top, followed by /g/

No. 1004706

File: 1640446051310.jpg (30.81 KB, 720x822, Tumblr_l_24895279015770.jpg)

If any male is here, kill yourself and do the world a favor

No. 1004709

File: 1640446187518.gif (41.61 KB, 127x160, 2514237x2zb2adqae.gif)

I'll take em out

No. 1004719

File: 1640446928352.jpeg (2.57 KB, 225x225, nothanks.jpeg)

I pass by a store with these products in its windows every fuckin day, and yet I still chuckle every time without fail.

No. 1004743

I want to poke everyone who says touch grass extremely hard in the eyes

No. 1004761

You get the left eye, I'll get the right

No. 1004765

why do so many anons say "they" when they talk about a singular person, is it just to obscure the fact it's a guy they're talking about?

No. 1004770

They're probably just esl. Sometimes I make that mistake too and just notice it too late.

No. 1004772

Idk but sometimes yes, I do this so the "men are all evil" anons don't make my post about how all men are shit, which is often not the point at all.

But I'm also ESL and honestly don't see any problem with using them for a single person

No. 1004774

Noticed it happens in the relationship advice thread often enough. They don't want you to badmouth nigel based on his gender.. meanwhile he's described as being an ass anyway. Instances like that are odd

No. 1004802

omg anons stop ignoring me i would like a hello or merry christmas pls

No. 1004830

I'VE BEEN WAITING HOURS but I didn't forget you!!! Merry Christmas you are the brightest star in the skyyyyy I love yoooou

No. 1004832

thank u anon have a merry christmas

No. 1004836

I thought I would never see you all again. Merry Christmas and happy birthday Jesus!

No. 1004837

File: 1640470786670.jpg (36.72 KB, 520x440, domo_kun.jpg)


No. 1004839

File: 1640470956088.gif (132.82 KB, 112x112, Tumblr_l_966322403039.gif)

I'm glad we're back nonas, I was really missing the autism of this site.

No. 1004840

Ugh lolcow going down on christmas day?! I can only imagine how many nonnies spending christmas feeling lonely felt. I mean maybe 5, but I know that if certain covid restrictions remained and I spent christmas alone I'd spend all day here for the company, just to have it go down be a kick in the teeth. Every time I think ah I'll go post on asherahs garden then remember that's permanently gone already. I really need to find a backup.

hello anon

No. 1004843

I missed yoooooou merry christmaaaas

No. 1004844

I missed you beautiful bitches. This site going down always freaks me out bc I always think it’s gonna be gone forever.

No. 1004845

File: 1640471254683.jpg (1.03 MB, 1920x1040, 1638418032.jpg)

Merry Christmas, Nonnies! I thought I was going to spend Christmas without you all.

No. 1004847

anon me too, it always take hours to come back up and I'm there dreading the inevitable.

No. 1004849

You are so cute and I love u nonny.

No. 1004850

File: 1640471567935.jpeg (82.7 KB, 750x732, RKJHoYc.jpeg)

Merry Christmas!

No. 1004852

This shit was down for too long. I was so lonely

No. 1004855

I'm so horny and my boyfriend says Christmas is sacred and he refuses to have sex and wouldn't even masturbate on this day growing up. I laughed until I realized he was serious

No. 1004856

Jesus would want you to get some

No. 1004872

File: 1640473548355.jpeg (646.86 KB, 750x922, 180E6EA3-B45E-4671-A823-884C44…)

Merry christmas to all napoleonfags

No. 1004879

but do NOT use condoms (if you're catholic like that)

No. 1004893

I am excited to get gifts tomorrow. I called my bf's grandma to say Merry Christmas and that I'll call her tomorrow too after we pick up gifts she sent and she said "oh after you see what I got you guys, you'll definitely be calling." I'm not even hyping anything up, I'm just happy to be thought of and thankful for her generosity. She hooks us up every Christmas.

No. 1004895

I looked so cute today in my Christmas best and its a shame I just saw family because I can't look like this until next year's festive season.

No. 1004896

just remembered i’m a drug addict

No. 1004898

File: 1640476989453.gif (570.56 KB, 500x500, 1450145676742.gif)

i feel like we really needed the site to go down for a bit after the recent drama and that one moid shitting up /g/. Merry Cursemas indeed.

No. 1004900

File: 1640477151221.png (49.76 KB, 1100x700, d9v9avm-c1d6f6c4-50e6-485e-a04…)

Terrible take, get inside

No. 1004902

Lately I keep taking my glasses off so I don’t have to see anything around me

No. 1004903

but it would've kept going since jannies weren't there to stop them, there had to be something

No. 1004909

Just look away from the screen next time it upsets you so much, stay well

No. 1004927

I was out for a bit, what happened on /g/?

No. 1004937

There's an annoying moid in the masturbation thread just being an annoying moid.

No. 1004954

I am thisclose to buying a $600 dress that is my dream wedding dress even though I am a virgin that has never had a serious relationship lol would buying it be self-care or self-destruction?

No. 1004956

I think: get it if you have the money and you are sure it is your dream dress because maybe in the future it will be hard to come by. Then do yourself a favor and save it inside a box and put it somewhere where you don't see it everyday all the time. The key is not looking at it and not remembering it exist, that way you won't get sad if you don't even marry, and get surprised if you do. Take care if it!

No. 1004959

File: 1640484355848.jpg (30.83 KB, 537x571, american dream.jpg)

I love the vent thread and the fights over petty shit.

No. 1004974


No. 1004984

Yare yare daze

No. 1004996

Seems like a really dumb decision to me but I’m pretty anti-consumerism.

No. 1004997

omfg i had to poop all day abd when i got home i pooped and it was so solid and huge that it clogged the toilet im on flush #15 and its still not fixed. i must have lost 5 pounds. amen thanks you jesus

No. 1005041

File: 1640492036944.png (96.74 KB, 318x310, oerohhhgrtogeoeg.png)


No. 1005042

On Christmas day???

No. 1005093

File: 1640498130254.gif (22.47 KB, 128x128, THEGATES.AREOPEN.gif)


No. 1005100

I should go to sleep. You too probably should go to sleep. I dunno. I leave it up to you…

No. 1005112

I got pinking sheers for Christmas and I'm so happy. Snip snip bitch

No. 1005129

The yarn I'm using for a current project is $8 a ball, which sounds absurd for yarn but I'm also a cheapo. To be fair, it's the size of a beachball, nice quality (I think) and I'm sure it will last me years once I'm finished.

No. 1005134

I'm not into the thread fandom at all, so I have no idea about the usual price ranges. Is $8 for yarn a lot?

No. 1005139

Idk, I've only been in this for about two weeks. The other brands I've bought have been no more than 3 dollars for 120-180 yards. I think the $8 one is 300 yards. The dollar store also sells yarn. There is another yarn that is 364 yards for $3, but I think the price of yarn also has to do with the texture.

No. 1005142

Samefag, but some yarn is $30+ dollars, so I actually think $8 is ok.

No. 1005158

If someone can afford it and wants it, why even care? Their decision and happiness doesn’t affect you in the slightest.

No. 1005171

Just came across a video of someone shaming people who visit Marilyn Monroe’s grave because her burial wasn’t “proper” and I’m sorry but… what? She converted to Judaism because she had no other choice before marrying Arthur Miller. They divorced before she died. People are really out here shaming others for visiting because it wasn’t a “proper Jew burial”. She wasn’t Jewish you fucking retards. Maybe reflect on why on woman had to convert in order to marry a man before shaming people for visiting her “disrespectful” grave.

No. 1005178

I swear complaining is the internet's favourite past-time.

No. 1005233

The way people gatekeep her is extremely strange and a huge red flag. They tell everyone else to leave her alone and let her rest in peace yet make content like what you described doing the the exact opposite.

No. 1005312

>Recipe: "Use cheese"
Okay what kind of cheese?
>Recipe: "Just cheese"
But there are like a bazillion different kinds of cheese! Does the recipe require gouda? Mozzarella? Cheddar?
>Recipe: "Regular cheese"
mgkdlrgsr okay, but how fat does it require the cheese to be? Maybe I can work off that?
>Recipe: "Cheesy"

No. 1005325

My first guess would be Yume 2kki

No. 1005354

File: 1640523933489.png (293.68 KB, 680x459, 1a6.png)

I want him to bully me so bad I'm gonna cry

No. 1005363

KEK I'm so sorry but this is funny anon.

No. 1005369

Same, the way anons used the word really made it sound like another term for "dumbass" in context. Yeah, I also don't know how is that possible

No. 1005385

Just reading this makes me hungry

No. 1005395

I was so drunk last night and I remember getting upset at myself in the mirror for being 'fat' (I'm a size 8) and being so distraught that my hand didn't fit around my waist my hand fits around my fucking lower leg. I was irrationally upset last night because all of my organs don't fit inside of the width of my leg. A little perspective is important to deranged lunatic me.

No. 1005399

kek anon. if I were you I'd look at other, more specific recipes for the same dish to get an idea

No. 1005407

File: 1640528767340.png (30.65 KB, 640x480, EfcH3G7UYAElcdH.png)

This is from a yume nikki fangame called Deep Dreams.
If you're the creator of this fangame trying to do some kind of weird viral marketing you're a fag, otherwise mystery solved.

No. 1005410

Your hand fits around your calf?????? For the love of god nonnie do some calf raises or farmer’s walks i can hear your gastroecnemius crying

No. 1005443

Being underweight and going through the coldest winter in about a decade with the highest electricity prices ever is not a vibe

No. 1005448

That sucks, if it helps I find that a layering a pair of thermo leggings and shirt (you can get them for pretty cheap) underneath my clothing and a hot water bottle bag helps a lot. I'm stuck in cold as fuck student housing (heater broke and they won't be fixing it until after the new years') and I literally sit with a hot water bottle bag on my lap.

No. 1005453

Yeah I'm definitely dressing up more while inside and cuddling up in bed with a wool blanket my mum knitted which helps a lot. My bedroom has two giant windows as well and one of them definitely leaks unfortunately so with that + the horrid prices for using heat lately I just have to suffer more than usual lately.

No. 1005454

File: 1640533339764.gif (5.43 MB, 640x340, he-is-speaking-guy-explaining-…)

I love explaining meme gifs

No. 1005455

It's been 5 years, I'm pretty sure I forgot how to have sex kek

No. 1005461

File: 1640534110147.png (586.69 KB, 960x720, 0sgwjyc14vh71.png)

bag of beef?

No. 1005462

is this ibai? KEK

No. 1005471

File: 1640534743695.jpeg (668.09 KB, 828x1013, 2C15483E-30F7-4314-80F7-0A3B3B…)

Definitely recommend buying something similar to this to seal your windows better or hanging cute blankets on the windows like curtains to block the heat in (my cheap lazy white trash alternative)

No. 1005538

File: 1640539272728.png (2.02 KB, 300x31, 655453.png)

First polyfags now chubby chasers/fetish posters, kek that thread's an absolute dumpster fire

No. 1005539

It's like riding a bike, anon. Your body will remember.

No. 1005559

My Gaia guild had some good drama back on the day. One instance is when two girls in an LDR finally met up after years of e-dating and documented the trip for us, it was very sweet and we we were all super happy for them. They even got cute matching tattoos. A few weeks later one of the girls says she got raped and is pregnant because of the incident. Wtf, right? Poor girl, everyone gave her sympathy. We raised money, people sent her gifts, and her gf was supporting her no matter the decision she made… I don't even remember how the news broke. She wasn't raped at all, she had a bf back home the whole time and he had got her pregnant! Oh my god so much hell broke loose. She had claimed she was a lesbian the whole time.

No. 1005579

How did the truth come out?

No. 1005582

Everything's well I was given left over turkey. I'm having it now. I having a wonderful time. Treat yo self everybody.

No. 1005635

That's the part I don't remember! I think someone who knew her irl was part of the guild at one point years prior and they leaked it

No. 1005636

This fucking video never fails to make me laugh man

No. 1005706

Hehe I love curling cream

No. 1005707

I just wanna homestead on a small farm with a cute girl as best friends and live our bestest lives together.

No. 1005717

What’s your standard for cute

No. 1005734

I feel so bad for the other girl.

No. 1005770

File: 1640553540980.jpg (255.12 KB, 736x1034, tumblr_a2be194992443da180282c7…)

who doesn't

No. 1005774

So I wound up getting it. I am financially able and I think what you wrote to do with is a really sweet and sentimental idea! It's not a traditional wedding dress so if anything I'll have a pretty white formal-ish dress for whenever I need it lol

No. 1005782

File: 1640554063271.jpg (47.14 KB, 640x521, police-reading-panties-houseke…)

Damnit they shut down the buy and sell thread.

Willing to sell my panties to lurking scrotes. Pick your own condiment, yellow, white, brown or red. Have it your way.

No. 1005801

File: 1640555189067.png (129.9 KB, 720x801, 4737372.png)

I guess they're called flared leggings now

No. 1005812

Obvious scrote posting in g is getting old

Wait.. so would jeans now be known denim leggings, trousers known as loose leggings etc, I kinda like it. It's all leggings.

No. 1005818

isn't it called leggings because of the fabric? I could be wrong but it looks like fabric typically used for leggings.

No. 1005820

Jeggings are already a thing. So jeans would be 'loose jeggings'.

No. 1005824

any stretch-fabric item is next. armings, torsoings, boobings, footings

No. 1005828

>boobings, footings
They should've been named this all along, it just makes sense.

No. 1005833

Speaking of leggings. I came across a youtube comment section argument a while back because a scrote thought that leggings meant like tights, like sheer tights. A woman said something about her teen wearing leggings for sports and the dude went mental about what tarts her daughters are and how she should be ashmed of herself letting them do that.

It was beautiful watching a stream of women pop in and all spell out to him that leggings are leggings and are not tights.

No. 1005854

It is very apparent that men know nothing of the difference between leggings, tights, stockings, pantyhose etc. Especially when they troon out.

No. 1005869

File: 1640559969598.jpg (69.62 KB, 432x835, graphicteeswereamistake.jpg)

watching old americas next top model episodes, i cannot believe this chick went up to siman doonan in a graphic tee and newsboy cap im fucking gone

No. 1005872

File: 1640560185045.jpg (159.45 KB, 1280x960, gve.jpg)

samefag but compared to the hooker in the knee highs and yellow tee? it was all bad. ill never get over mr jay in the fuckin leather button down

No. 1005874


No. 1005879

If she resents you now.. can I have her? Bet she's not ok. Bet she's raging, fuming, plotting revenge and an escape.

No. 1005884

File: 1640560599349.png (183.01 KB, 630x539, 06c.png)

animal people are embarrassing but rat people are at the top of the cringe hierarchy

No. 1005887

>rats are at the top of the hierarchy
fixed your typo

No. 1005893

you smell like a zoo and people are too nice to be honest with you

No. 1005902

I don't have any pets.

No. 1005903

Nta but false I smell like the lavender sachets I keep with my clothes.
Also you can train rats to poop in a litter box. Can YOU be trained to shit in a box, nonnie?

No. 1005908

we become accustomed to what we are surrounded by sorry youre stinky

No. 1005914

i wish someone cared about me enough to give me a box to shit in
give your rat (rats?) a kiss from me, anon

No. 1005918

File: 1640562391112.jpeg (35.1 KB, 616x411, 1609774340367.jpeg)

I was given a humidifier not so long ago and it has become my biggest, greatest and healthiest coping mechanism in my life. When anything happens, no matter how big or small, I turn it on and I feel instantly better.

Noisy neighbour?

Small headache?


Destructive self-doubt

I am so happy. It gives me a reason to keep going.

No. 1005921

unless youre in the third world shithole, toilets are a given accommodation. still doesnt stop animal people from smelling like a petting zoo

No. 1005925

what is a toilet anon?

You mean a shitbox?

No. 1005929

of course there's a toilet in my house, but it can never compare to a personal, portable, monitored shitting box. if you can't understand the distinction i can't help you

No. 1005930

Why does diet coke taste so sexy out of a fresh cold can but taste like ass out of a bottle?

No. 1005935

How do you know what ass tastes like..

No. 1005937

Thinking that liking/owning animals is "cringe" is the real cringe.

No. 1005941

the syrup concentrates are different

also no matter how curated a shitbox is, your animal litterbox and dander makes you stinky

No. 1005942

>she doesn’t know what ass tastes like
I’m glad you never had to try a dr.pepper, nonnie.

No. 1005944

Fuck yes, that shit’s better than ketamine and cocaine.

No. 1005947

I am stinky but I am free. Smells do no not inhibit me. I am not imprisoned by odors- I shall walk thru shit and feel no fear or disgust or contempt, only peace! For I know I can weather all sensory assaults with a grace and dignity that no foul secretion can erode.

No. 1005953

took off my pants to masturbate and my chapstick went missing from my pocket looks like god got fed up with my shit

No. 1005954

its easy when youre not the one smelling it

No. 1005974

I used to know a guy who had no sense of smell. He was born like that according to him, no brain tumor or anything. He insisted his sense of taste was fine (how would he know what he's missing?) but in fairness I never got a bad smell off of him. Impressive, especially seeing as scrotes are nearly always stanky boys.

No. 1005981

Idk why but this post feels like it was written by lucinda

No. 1006191

>See pic
>Think photoshop or blackface/wig
>look her up
WTF?! she looks like a white woman in black face

No. 1006192

File: 1640584643916.jpg (552.79 KB, 783x794, Joseph_Barry.jpg)

ah yes, cause disguising yourself to pursue a career in the medical field you otherwise wouldn't have been able to definitely makes you transgender!!!

No. 1006195

>When Americans see north/east Africans or Ethiopians for the first time

Was your first instinct really to cry out blackface?

No. 1006197

She’s cute as fuck
Also that’s a racist thing to say, I think

No. 1006203

Huh? She looks black anon, I definitely think she looks like a lot of African women I've seen, which admittedly isn't a lot since I'm American. She's pretty, I like her voice/accent.

No. 1006205

THANK YOU. barry wasn't trans. she just found something that worked and stuck with it.
the account of her bitching out florence nightingale in front of like 50 people is the most obvious proof that she was NOT a troon. she was a woman who felt angry/threatened/diminished by another woman who did what she did while being obviously female. (kind of like when a tomboy "hates" a very feminine girl in her hobby (i totally used to be like that when i was 14))

No. 1006210

i love the contrast between
> she looks like a white woman in black face
>depictions of dark skinned black people with big facial features are literal minstrel tier

No. 1006214

Most black people in America are ethnically from west Africa, which is just a different look (wider/flatter noses etc).

No. 1006224

I've only had one decent scrote friend my whole life and it led it me liking his eventual wife more than him anyway.

No. 1006255

I remember when my Caribbean best friend learned that I was north African and not a white woman with a big nose and a perpetual tan. That was hilarious. This also reminds me of the model Iman who received a lot of comment about her being black or not, and being described as looking like a white woman covered in chocolate.

No. 1006258

fangirls whining about other fangirls husbandofagging gay (or
even just gaybaiting) characters are literally just as annoying as the "NOOOOO DON'T MAKE MY HUSBANDO GAY" retards

No. 1006270

File: 1640593492718.jpg (185.75 KB, 599x952, Dx8BK2KUcAEpigs.jpg)

This is Edward Sonnenblick, he is a former American chef living in an India as an actor
for the past six years he's played a major antagonist in various Bollywood films, always a British officer which is funny cause he's an American

No. 1006282

Jeff Buckley's Grace & Queen's Bohiem rhapsody are really fun songs to song along with.

No. 1006325

No horror story could ever make me more scared than watching those late 00s youtube Illuminati conspiracy videos. Especially the one about the video for Umbrella by Rihanna. I was in 5th grade and couldn’t sleep for 3 days after seeing that.

No. 1006339

it was umbrella for me too

No. 1006373

Uuh can I have a link please

No. 1006410

Lmao yes, I remember watching one where it said 3 billion people would die from some stupid new world order. I remember trying to talk to my mom franticly what was gonna happen.

No. 1006527

File: 1640623548705.jpg (447 KB, 1960x1427, 20211227_104156.jpg)


No. 1006530

>3 billion people would die from some stupid new world order
covid anyone?

No. 1006555

File: 1640625895891.jpg (320.93 KB, 1536x1024, Before-the-90-Days-Ella-and-Jo…)

>Turbo-weeb "obsessed with anime"
>Gets a random Chinese man who vows to slim her down

She couldn't even get herself a Satoshi-kun, but says she "won the jackpot". As if Chinese males aren't the majority on earth. Lmao

No. 1006559

Why would any woman want an Asian male is beyond me

No. 1006560

she looks like a north african woman. i think anon might be trolling

No. 1006562

he's a pretty ugly one though. only our biggest losers have to settle for white women

No. 1006565

She apparently thinks they're super handsome in "samurai movies"

No. 1006566

She is the one who is settling

No. 1006569

File: 1640626372315.jpeg (320.4 KB, 1200x675, Steven-with-a-V-Johnston-on-90…)

steven and alina have been my obsession. if you know, you'll know. it's so sad.

No. 1006570

Sometimes they’re pretty cute esp. young japs

No. 1006572

Let's be honest, there's not much of a catch either way.

Bit I am looking forward to the part where Chinese mom asks why she's fat

No. 1006573

she could do much better

No. 1006576

They're hideous, they're smaller and physically weaker than Westerners (including most women) and they're also all either pedophiles or gay bottoms because their microscopic dicks can't fuck anything. What's the appeal?

No. 1006580

Even some West Africans look like that honestly, I forgot her name but there was a Nigerian Miss World beauty pageant winner who had a similar look
It's also ironic since African-Americans have up to like 30% white DNA on average from slave rape

No. 1006581

I despise this faggot with a fury. Maybe it's because I grew up in an area infected with Mormons. The toxicity of stating that you, your mother, and your family should convert if you want a happy family that sees each other is immense. He did not get called out enough for his bullshit. The Russian girl is so naive and has no idea how much better she could do.

No. 1006583

you sound like a jealous man. some people like a small man.

No. 1006585

So you're ok with dating ugly pedos?

No. 1006586

This bait is not subtle

No. 1006587

Neither is your pedophilia apologism

No. 1006588

easily the storyline that makes me the angriest. he's absolutely a psycho, that's number one. did you watch the reunion? i swear i've developed a hernia out of pure frustration. this foulfaced michael cera-wannabe weirdo is out here sucking and fucking anything relatively russian and she STILL sticks with him after he humiliates her pretty ass for the 10000th time. she's so much better than him it's nauseating.
get a hobby. no one likes you and no one wants you here

No. 1006596

File: 1640627374973.jpeg (118.55 KB, 1331x1010, 4CAFC2BA-4014-4188-90D8-2AF6A2…)

No. 1006599

>this foulfaced michael cera-wannabe weirdo is out here sucking and fucking anything relatively russian

It was really obvious why he wanted to stay in the hostel and leave her alone on their first night, he is a complete slut. I have no doubt that's the real reason he learned Russian. Mormons boys get to escape their family and engage in debauchery while acting like they're doing missionary work. She was just the first one willing to be pickme enough to convert, so he dangled marriage.

But his complete lack of common sense and finesse is also revolting, and I think his foreign lays don't catch that due to cultural barriers or he wouldn't get much sex. Jumping in a pool with a full outfit including shoes and then walking around town dripping wet, terrorizing and capturing local cats, the disgusting wine tasting, his complete asshole way of saying sorry but not sorry (and she accepts, sadly), I really hate him and wish she listened to mom.

No. 1006605

This reminds me of something my dad stated
he said he wished Mormons would go back too being psycho preppers who people were afraid would start an insurrection instead the annoying pussys they are today

No. 1006617

My dollar tree is still a dollar, God bless.

No. 1006619

File: 1640628713713.gif (1006.87 KB, 300x169, Tumblr_l_103146031927682.gif)

Whoever's trolling fit and sending the incels into a blind rage keep going kek

No. 1006620

Based department

No. 1006630

That person has been spamming bait in /ot/ all day and also yesterday.

No. 1006641

Is it the Pete Davidson poster? Kek they really don't have an answer to it

No. 1006655

I fucked a lot of Asian guys and they make good partners, stereotypes aside, most of them actually workout and are toned unlike chubby western men, they have a million times better hygiene, have nice sized dicks, and know how to act in public. They also tend to be better educated and less porn sick

No. 1006681

depends on what country were talking about, from what I've heard most Taiwanese are top-tier guys, Japanese and Chinese are a crap-shoot and Koreans guys are maybe the worst in all of East Asia
South Asian men are 99% trash

No. 1006694

File: 1640632905836.jpeg (302.43 KB, 750x905, 71513EF7-0AC0-42DD-A472-7665A6…)

if a dork diaries movie was made song with the diary of a wimpy kid movies shit would be a good femalecore movie

No. 1006699

What in the fuck is going on with the racist bait? First the autistic IQchan who hates Andrea Dworkin for being a fatty and somehow two famous black women are inferior or something? Kek wtf

No. 1006702

I was googling about one a day or two ago!! I think I even saw a model similar to picrel

No. 1006712

Take a break the ccp will rule one more day, I think your noodles are getting cold

No. 1006721

Thanks to jomon admixture, many Japanese dudes have a broad face, which is very charming. They also tend to be well educated and curious. All in all, a good deal. Also, no one cares about dicks, you’ve outed yourself as a scrote right there.

No. 1006726

Oh no you reminded me of the cute taiwanese dude in my class who always put kaomoji in his emails to me argh i will regret forever not talking to him

No. 1006753

Yesterday I had the easiest shit of my entire life. Granola is truly magic. Just wanted to share.

No. 1006770

>no one cares about dicks
Begone chang this site is for women

No. 1006773

File: 1640637433220.jpg (25.09 KB, 680x503, e73.jpg)

>Jomon admixture

They wish

No. 1006782

File: 1640638024210.jpg (57.66 KB, 970x1400, barnangen_com_nordic_care_sens…)

I just realized picrel body lotion smells like Amour by Kenzo

No. 1006784

I would enjoy this very much

No. 1006790

No. 1006794

Honestly if she's on board with wanting to slim down this sounds kind of nice. He looks homely and sweet.

No yellow fever but I second this. Current bf is SEA and no other guy I've dated has been as clean, stylish, slim/toned, good at sex, etc. He is kind of stupid but I like that.
The only issue asian guys actually have ime is that some Asian cultures can be kind of patriarchal and stoic, and sometimes even younger generation guys still have those traits.

No. 1006796

Is this hypoallergenic? And is it really hydrating? Because it’s honestly impressive how those creams with nice scents never hydrate my thirsty skin.

No. 1006801

File: 1640639431754.jpg (139.64 KB, 1600x1600, 156b60dfee0c25d6bd48efb89237d2…)

Do they have Palmer's where you live? It smells exactly like chocolate chip cookies on me.

This is really true ime. Southern Chinese guys are much better than northern Chinese guys though, unless you really value height and light skin.

I don't have yellow fever, but I prefer Asian men because they usually are better groomed and less entitled than white or south Asian guys, who make up most of my dating pool.

No. 1006807

Old hag seething

No. 1006809

Nah, original manga author did that audio play or something where sesshumaru confessed his love for adult rin.

No. 1006812

>12 and my fave celebrities would reveal they were in a relationship; even when there's no chance of being together that shit still hurts and feels like betrayal
Me with Ricky Martin.

No. 1006841

File: 1640641599437.jpg (220.3 KB, 623x865, Screenshot_20210805-181955_Pin…)

Someone explain this meme for me

No. 1006848

A SEA guy was the only male I've ever met that kept himself and his apartment tidy and knew how to cook. I'm white and the average white guy will usually have no real furniture as well as musty clothes covered in dog hair even in their 30s. It's really sad when they're big babies and the impending doom settles in, the thought that "fuck I'd need to actually take care of this caveman forever. Fuck that"

No. 1006851

File: 1640642247818.jpg (12.15 KB, 182x277, download.jpeg-6.jpg)

>there are rabid bats in my area and i shouldnt open windows
but what if i become a bat spiderman?

No. 1006855

You're about to get Covid-21 from that bat

No. 1006863

File: 1640642919992.png (334.04 KB, 784x647, Screenshot_519.png)

i got a notificaton to watch some etherium live stream and i was confused at first but ignored it cause i didn't care, but then i checked again cause i was confused (i dont follow any of that stuff cause scammy and lame) and when i did it was from a channel called ethereum which was double weird, but triple weird was that i was subscribed! when i went on the channel it's marina joyces channel (don't remember subscribing to her but it's plausible when she had that drama i was intrigued)…. so anyways what's up with this? i guess she probably got paid to host the live on her channel but it's still so strange. sorry for retarded sperg im tired

No. 1006865

Account got hacked and turned into a crypto scam channel. Happens often

No. 1006867

File: 1640643137582.jpg (71.98 KB, 564x1032, f275ab2cb874d9c40794fe09e440b5…)

why do other women think expressing your sexuality is by being naked? expressing your sexuality is by saying how you want your moid and demanding that you see more half-naked sexy himbos in media, bitch. i want to listen to HAP, not WAP.

No. 1006868

Literally just listen to both songs lol

No. 1006869

Half-Ass Pussy

No. 1006878

thats not my problem

No. 1006880

File: 1640644020777.jpeg (133.68 KB, 700x900, 2CF886FA-B958-4000-90CE-522836…)

It should be HAD, hard ass dick. And the music video would have guys dancing while wearing some tight underwear and sexy stuff like aprons, gray sweatpants, ridiculously small swimsuits and sweaters because sweaters are hot as fuck.
Also, the guys would appear wearing some classy clothes at the beginning of the video when they get in the mansion and start singing “there’s some hoes in this house”

No. 1006886

HAP would be Hard ass penis, so same difference, I guess.

No. 1006888

why did I laugh so hard at this

No. 1006889

Because naked women are sexy to everyone including straight women, while naked men are not sexy to anyone except for gay men and a tiny minority of straight women. It's not rocket science.

No. 1006890

Either bait, brainwash or porn brainrot

No. 1006893

Only a scrote into lesbian fetish porn would say that lmao. Seriously we've having so many scrotes baiting recently, and they're all so obvious.

No. 1006895

Not bait, just facts. Straight women just do not operate the same way straight men do. When has male nudity been used to arouse a female audience, rather than shock, disgust or amuse? Playgirl and other similar projects always flop for a reason.

No. 1006898

File: 1640645076015.jpeg (Spoiler Image,33.96 KB, 1024x760, 1458489.jpeg)

Male nudity is very amusing indeed

No. 1006899

I mean, maybe if males were sexualized more often, people would register male bodies as sexy like female bodies. Hot guys are hot. Maybe the thing is that not every woman is straight, therefore, not all of them just want to look at hot guys being hot.

No. 1006903

Most women are straight, lesbians/bi are a very small minority, cut the bs

No. 1006905

Or just admit that straight women are not just gender inverted straight men? We are different and there is nothing wrong with that.
Like you wouldn't laugh if you saw him in a thong.

No. 1006908

Kpop. If men took care of themselves and developed some skills they would have women thirsting over them.

No. 1006909

Only preteens whose hormones are all over the place are into that, doesn't count.

No. 1006914

File: 1640645942817.jpg (22.58 KB, 547x547, bc9ad2a974b5ab8802dd4ba42d3400…)

>lesbian/moid on copium

No. 1006919

I hate that my ex was so much my type and had a nice body that wasn't faggy or over worked that I still have not replaced him. Beyonce lied to me

No. 1006927

This happened to me so I just ended up getting back with him after 2 years. During that time he got super hot and so much better at sex, 10/10 would recommend

No. 1006929

>Or just admit that straight women are not just gender inverted straight men
But we aren't asexual bitch wtf
>Like you wouldn't laugh if you saw him in a thong
I would pay to see that

No. 1006947

We need more himbo clothing, like those sole long sleeves that connect over the chest with a chain. Ofc women's fashion would look weird on men, it wasn't designed for them. Give us men in kimonos with the sides cut out and a sheer back panel, shit like that.

No. 1006949

I don't think a lesbian would argue that anon, probably a scrote

seconding >>1006790 , please

No. 1006951

My ex moid did too many disgusting and sinister things that I won't be doing that but thank you.

No. 1006952

Um i am

No. 1006954

Don't talk about shit you don't understand then, nerd

No. 1006956

You're either just a snowflake or, at best (if asexuality actually exits), like 0.00001% of the population

No. 1006963

I hate the death of the high street, I consider cafes and restaurants not as essential as endless clothes shops. Bitch I want to shop.

No. 1006964

>naked women are sexy to everyone including straight women
Where the fuck did you get this from lmao

No. 1006974

wait no im nta i just wanted to say "i am" as a humorous aparte

No. 1006975

I stg I only ever used to see scrotes called scrotes on this site and only the occasional moid but now it’s “moid this, moid that”
Can we go back to scrote please, it’s actually funny

No. 1006976

When i say "moid" is not that deep, when i say "scrote" i really mean it

No. 1006991

Scrote is sort of like it and moid is more of a he. Moid is humanising whereas scrote is the wild type.

No. 1006994

Really? I always found moid less humanising because it looks similar to mold while all scrotes have scrotums, something human lol.

No. 1007002

Idk, moid gives me mental/retard vibes, almost a complete separation from foresight and learning. Scrote is a scumbag

No. 1007006

I want to clarify, moids have no emotional intelligence. They may as well be mute because those mfs are never making sense. A scrote is malicious dickhead.

No. 1007025

File: 1640651757570.gif (3.19 MB, 480x270, C5BAC397-27A1-4540-A9A7-1B6B34…)

white people seasoning combo (salt and pepper) when you’re sick >>> food with complex spice and heat

No. 1007035

Panty is definitely salty

No. 1007046

Sometimes I like to think I’m immortal because I’ve been told I rarely age and look much younger than 30.

No. 1007048

are you younger than 30?

No. 1007050

I'm 31 and a few people have thought I'm early 20s,one saying 21, however when I'm pmsing whenever I look on the mirror I see my mother looking back at me and I shudder.

No. 1007051

Sometimes when I get high and stare in a mirror I can see my features drift and change and sometimes I look like a melted toad or a fat frog and it's like I'm getting a real visualisation of body dysmorphia.

No. 1007060

you uwuchans gotta stop with this shit, you’re in your 30s anon and you probably look 30 just take off the 20 pounds of soccer mom snapchat filters and you’re set

No. 1007062

I know the songs but I don't get how Duvet is supposed to have femcel-y lyrics

No. 1007065

Not who you responded to but I have to always consider if a guy is genuinely a pedo for hitting on me, and some have been. Not funny, not quirky, it makes one lose hope for humanity and especially men. Not a filter if you never use social media.

No. 1007106

I feel like its more about the kind of “I’m so deep and misunderstood” kind of attitude associated with the songs. With Duvet it seems to be more about the song’s association with Lain rather than the song itself

This post kind of reads like copypasta

No. 1007114

Everytime I buy salt and vinager chips I end up eating too many and my mouth peels the next day. I know it will happen but I keep doing it. Save me from myself.

No. 1007118

Soak the chips in water.

No. 1007119

I cannot express my rage at this, I hope you pee the bed

No. 1007128

Anyways recommending fasting to someone who is struggling with an eating disorder is very evil ngl. If fasting is already hard for normal human beings now imagine how it is to the mentally ill. Eat only when you're hungry and watch out your portions. If you overeat or undereat your skin will get saggy and ugly. And don't take the advice word for word from internet randos in a gossip anonymous forum. That way you will have no one to blame other than yourself. Seek help.

No. 1007132

I agree. Just how you aren't supposed to tell an anorexic to eat more, you shouldn't tell someone who binge eats to just fast. It's more complicated than that when you fuck up your mind and body with an ED. It's honestly better to just accept things mindfully and let it go, do better tomorrow etc.

No. 1007166

>If you undereat your skin will get saggy and ugly
This isn't said enough, this and hair thinning is the reason I can continue to fight off an ED for the rest of my life but also I wish I had known before I already did so much damage to my face
I even tried to gain some weight to see if it would help but the aging process was already jump started, all I can do is prevent further damage

No. 1007178

i decided to have a bit of rum tonight because i'm bored and don't work tomorrow but i forgot i hadn't eaten anything today just drank coffee and i am instantly so fucking wasted oh god oh fuck

No. 1007185

File: 1640670147240.jpg (714.08 KB, 1055x1352, 1639585095407.jpg)

So I know moids will never pass as women no matter how hard they try but some of the claims in the MTF thread are reaches on par with TRAs
like someone unironically said that Hunter Schafer (the Europhoria Troon) looks just like a slightly feminine male and I'm like WTF

Yeah he will never be a woman but he doesn't look like a man either, more like a teenage boy
same with Jazz Jennings, these mutilated boys whose bodies are twisted science experiments at this point

No. 1007188

Love American McGee.

No. 1007190

I don't know who that is, I saw him some anons using this guy as a reaction image

No. 1007194

I’ve turned 30 last August, but had been told I looked around 19-24

No. 1007196

Same. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I don’t see me; I see my mother starred back at me and think about wanting to mutilate my face or break the mirror.

No. 1007199

nta, anon they've mentioned him in the post with picrel (unless there were 2 posts and Exhausted McGee is on his way of becoming a lolcow anti-troon meme)

No. 1007237

Do you think the fact his mother ran away with a MtF encourages it?

No. 1007238

He looks like a feminine older teenager at best, he's obviously getting older. When he was posted yesterday in the mtf thread I thought he looked to old to act in a teen role for a tv show already. And given what Euphoria is about I don't get why the series doesn't take place in university to begin with but that's unrelated.

No. 1007263

ameritards don't know what it means to actually be social. they think dumping all their grievances onto their friends counts as friendship. i've never seen american friend groups that actually shoot shit, joke around, tell stories/anecdotes, go out and just chill, etc. it's always woe is me, let's get together for this particular thing, type of shit.

No. 1007292

I fucked up a haircut I gave to myself in Leo season and its finally got some length back but just to be sure and nutty, I'm going to book a real live hair appointment during aquarius season. I'm an aquarius rising and I think it just makes sense.

No. 1007293

I just received the news that I'll have one more day of work from home for a total of 3 days a week. I'll be able to play more video games than planned this week.

No. 1007309

I live in the biggest Midwest city (I’m not from here) and I’m constantly shocked that people don’t leave this shit behind in their dinky little hometowns. It seems really sweet from a distance but personally I really think it comes from insecurity and typical Midwest fear of change—most of the time half of these friend groups grow up to be pieces of shit but they still have to be treated like family and supported just because they happened to share elementary school classes or whatever. Maybe I’m just cranky because my ex was like this and I had to deal with him going out if his way for his deadbeat, mentally unstable, or otherwise lame friends. The close emotional bond is enviable but Midwestern people are famous for never actually saying what they feel so it doesn’t even matter because they're all politely tiptoeing around one another

No. 1007318

Maybe to you, learn to make better friends kek

No. 1007324

ITT: white girls denying their weeby yellow fever

No. 1007330

Still can't get over someone abandoning their daughter and son to pay for their Tranny gf's surgery

No. 1007338

AYRT and no yeah I definitely have uncurable yellow fever. I was just saying my opinion for that post was not sponsored by said yellow fever

No. 1007343

Don’t reply to the bait, nonnie, it’s surely the same retard who has been shitting the boards for a while.

No. 1007369

idg how someone could be so bothered by people finding other races attractive if they're not obsessive about it. it's their coochie not yours

No. 1007370

Lol I think the admixture is what gave them such jacked up teeth


What about West Asian men?

I'm confused, are you talking about the asian guys that live in whatever country you're from or asian guys in asia? Because I find there's usually a difference.

No. 1007401

what are you even implying lol? i don't have any american friends

No. 1007409

I'm >>1006794 and I am talking about both. The asian guys who live in asia come off more traditional and demanding but the asian guys in the US kind of seem a little spoiled and manchild-y sometimes. Case by case basis, but I mostly agree with >>1006655. Korean guys are absolute scum and Taiwanese guys are S tier bfs (but a little too attached/lovey sometimes imo)

I feel like Indian guys are always left out of this discussion. In my personal experience they are generally also top tier partners and super fun, but I've only met half-Indian or very whitewashed guys.

No. 1007410

oops I meant that I agree with >>1006681

No. 1007433

Like the Kazakh or some shit? The tadjik? Those are mythical ive never seen one

No. 1007443

they get left out for a reason. many of them are massive creeps from what i've seen. of course other men can be creepy too though indian men are more blatant about it

No. 1007445

"ass men" are the fucking worst. if it were up to me every woman would have a flat ass.

No. 1007456

Boob guys are worse since they tend to be autistically outspoken and not able to able to have a normal conversation without talking about boob size and also think all women who don't have massive fat whoppers are flat chested. I use to hang out with a "boob guy" and he would randomly chime in to point out that he thinks so and sos boobs are small. I don't even have small boobs but they're so autistic af and think the world is their bizarre porno judging competition

No. 1007464

I filled out new patient forms at two places this morning and both of them fucked up my first name even though it's right there on the form. My name sounds close enough to a more common name so I'm used to having this happen on occasion but I'm still baffled when someone reads it and somehow still messes it up. They add a whole other syllable!

No. 1007476

I miss the fashion of the early 2010s it was so retarded but so cute I want it back!

No. 1007489

Careful or femcel Pakistan will appear like Beetlejuice

No. 1007496

Wtf anon no they date non indians for fun then marry indians. Not worth it if you're looking for something long term.

No. 1007505

Same, shit is boring nowadays

No. 1007516

When I was in my teens I thought I would meet the imaginary prince charming of my dreams who would sweep me off my feet and we would have children and a family life, just like everyone else ended up doing because that was sort of the normal course of life and it would just happen one way or another.

Now I'm in my 30's, figured out that I was a lesbian in my mid 20's, I'm single, don't desire kids at all and have accepted that I won't ever be having any. It was something that was really hard to accept but in the end motherhood just has never interested me in the slightest. While I like my nieces and nephews they still don't make me want to have any of my own and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by staying childless. I wish there were more role models for women to show that your life doesn't have to end up with being a mother and a wife.

No. 1007521

File: 1640717244224.jpeg (158.46 KB, 485x403, C467B3F3-6E93-4350-8889-469A86…)

men decide to care about women’s rights and then decide to look like they rape and molest women like this is atrocious looking

No. 1007526

kurtis is good looking without the pedo stash why did he do this

No. 1007530

i hat these men because they're always trying to signal with these choices that they're totally not pedestrian and they're only being ironic by choosing to look like a prowling goblin of the night. in general i think it's probably a better, and safer choice, to not dress like a gas station thief "ironically"

No. 1007535

I don’t trust any man with a softboy persona

No. 1007536

i was so happy when he finally shaved and cut his hair and now he's back to looking like this. i'm glad i only watch his videos (+ drew and danny) when i cook or clean, so i don't pay attention to the video footage itself but every time i glance at him, i'm absolutely repulsed.

No. 1007543

I'd say it's a good moisturizer and it has some great ingredients like shea butter and allantoin in it
Omg yess I used it before and the scent honestly made me want to lick it off myself lmao. Too bad it's expensive

No. 1007581

>I don’t trust any man
Fixed it

No. 1007598

Pakistani men are ugly

No. 1007610

I'm so conflicted on this guy. Like is actually decent or pretending?

No. 1007613

File: 1640723390778.jpg (140.23 KB, 1000x843, western-asia.jpg)

What? That's central asia. Do you not know what countries are in west asia?

No. 1007614

File: 1640723420202.png (303.22 KB, 950x650, Diversify Your Campus_ Recruit…)

double-post but maybe this will help you understand

No. 1007621

This is retarded but the ends of my hair are super dead and they look nasty but I don't want to cut my hair because the ends are the last pieces of hair I grew before I started drinking and doing drugs. Those fried ends contain my childhood innocence even if they look gross. I'm going sober on January 1st, so wish me luck nonna's! If I succeed, I'll treat myself to a proper haircut on my birthday (it's in the summer). I don't think I've said anything this autistic in my life

No. 1007633

I went to high school with a fakeboi who claimed to be into ddlg and would go into "littlespace" during class and wear cosplay to school. This "littlespace" literally consisted of playing with stuffed animals and babbling like a baby at the damn teacher. She stopped being a fakeboi a few years ago and is now claiming to be a DID "system" I feel as though she somehow perfectly reflects everything wrong with internet trends.

No. 1007769

I have a hard time deciding where I want to live. I don't like the country I live in because I feel kind of far removed from it. I don't really connect to people so I feel very lonely, like I understand the language but maybe because it's not native I don't feel immersed. But it has the most beautiful landscapes I've known and like objectively things are nice. Then I get home and I'm shocked twofold; just how much easier it is to get on with any one person, and how absolutely shit the state of the country and its people are. I'm hoping to find a country that's kind of a middleground to these two. Culturally similar to my home country but well functioning and beautiful.

I guess it's a regular old immigrants' conundrum.

No. 1007814

File: 1640738282966.jpg (33.38 KB, 728x455, Friend.jpg)

I wish I could own a flamingo they're so adorable to me. NOT A FURRY

No. 1007874

I had this pain on the right side of my face for a few days which I thought it was related to a really shitty pillow and maybe sleeping too long in a same position. It went away but then right after I got this headache in the same side and it also went away, only to be replaced with a brief tooth pain and then a weird sensation in my ear that is now spreading to my face.
No tooth pain now but fuck, it feels like I have something in my ear but there is nothing there. I feel like my ear and part of my face is burning but there is no change in temperature. I know it's coming from behind my ear, like, not really in my ear but on my head but idk what it is and it's driving me nuts. I thought it was my glasses pressing against my head but I know now it's not. My ear feels full/closed though I can hear just fine but it got worse now I accidentally hit my head on a wall. Fuck this. Everyone I tell this just go "aha, it's because you hit your head!" Like, no! I hit it yesterday and been feeling like this for days now before hitting my head, like, you don't fucking listen?

No. 1007882

Snip the ends, it might be a millimeter or less you cut. Treat yourself to some k18 (get a sample), some Wonder Water and a protein mask and moisture mask. You can make your ends look a lot better. Wishing you the best on sobriety nonny. Look into the Sinclair method and other related methods of pharmaceutical assisted sobriety methods (usually naltrexone), they work to gradually reset your brain’s cravings and fried dopamine receptors. If it is naltrexone the treatment is temporary and non addictive. Granted it only works for alcohol iirc but it is something to consider. If you think you might have ADD/ADHD you might also want to get assessed for that, people with ADD/ADHD are more prone to addictions and this can be managed in various ways (not just medication).

No. 1007885

Because my taste > your taste

No. 1007890

I name him Fred

No. 1007904

theyre not furry they have feathers

No. 1007906

might be TMJ. it could also be trigeminal neuralgia but that's pretty rare.

No. 1007908

i want to believe he's decent, just like cody ko, noel miller, danny gonzalez, and drew gooden. but you really can't expect scrotes to be genuinely good guys. their true nature always comes out.

No. 1007915

if he says "bitch" he is not a good or decent one nonny.

No. 1007922

They’re all pretending, nonna

No. 1007975

I don't really care, I just think he's cute and don't give a shit about his politics

No. 1007988

This unfortunately, I hope for the best but expect the worst.

Either way, I have to say I love seeing an overtly nice, feminist ally kinda guy obliterate alpha male/PUA misogynists and turn them into a joke. He's the definition of a beta male simp by their standards but there he is, rich and famous with an army of young fangirls, mocking those assholes and proving that nice guys can be Chads as long as they're funny and cute. And they can't do shit against him because he's not egotistical and prideful like they are. It's based even if he's a fake irl.

No. 1008012

I have this long running fantasy about owning and operating a mall in the 80s/90s. I like to imagine the various amenities, the stores I have and how they are organized and what chains we have in the food court. Keeps me sane at work.

No. 1008025

This happens a lot, I played a French girl in Korea once when I was on student exchange. I'm from Slovakia and don't speak any French.

No. 1008030

This is such a soothing thought, makes me want to steal your fantasy and start a tumblr of how mine would look

No. 1008038

I love this, I also want to steal your fantasy and make like a Sims building model of it

No. 1008040

Pray tell

No. 1008041

File: 1640755371164.jpg (187.18 KB, 768x1023, e307fecf74787e66ee49cbd9cc16fe…)

God help me I've developed a crush on a retarded mass shooter
what is wrong with me

No. 1008045

You couldn't figure out what was wrong with you because you're also retarded. It happens.

No. 1008047

Jfc steven this isn't even subtle anymore

No. 1008060

My mall is built for longevity, as if I was sent from the past with knowledge of how malls get btfo in the future by online shopping. Ideally we are close to transit. We will offer fair priced design consultancy, ugly stores negatively affect the entire mall. For anchors we would have Target, Nordstrom's and Trader Joes (grocery stores used to be common anchors). I would consider putting a postal office in there too.

The retail portion of the mall will be designed from the outset to be more easily converted into entertainment space. A portion would be the 'entertainment sector' and might be open air. We would have a theater chain like AMC or Alamo Drafthouse, along with a barcade chain like Dave and Busters or Round 1. A karaoke club (private rooms) would also be available along with a billiard parlor and a Blockbuster or Hollywood Video. Once online shopping comes for my mall these other sites could continue to do well (RIP blockbuster). Perhaps a bowling alley could fit somewhere.

For dining I'm thinking of focusing on regional chains and dining options that are experiential. By experiential I mean stuff like korean bbq, teppanyaki, hot-pot, fondue, things like that. You might not go to the mall for a Mcdonald's burger but you might go for group hot pot which you probably wouldn't do at home. I want an IHOP or Denny's in there but I'm not sure that is very sensible.

No. 1008070

I HATE COLORADO AND ALL THESE FUCKING MASS SHOOTINGS THIS STUPID LIBERTARIAN STATE take me back to my fucking stuck up new england yuppies at least im less likely to die there shopping at the grocery store or just working my fucking job. a hotel clerk in denver was just killed the other day by some random psychopath, IM A HOTEL CLERK BRUH i cant be doin this

No. 1008076

Idk him but not too into him. I'm saying I wouldn't necessarily fuck but I wouldn't mind cannibalizing him if a Donner Party type situation were to happen.

No. 1008077

nona please stop

No. 1008088

No. 1008101

File: 1640765757964.jpg (67.26 KB, 400x594, p.jpg)

lolcow feels like that sometimes

No. 1008102


No. 1008105

File: 1640766321998.jpg (14.99 KB, 258x195, 1640119958822.jpg)

I'm retarded and keep reading purplepilldebate and getting angry at scrote retardation.

No. 1008108

I make fun of faghags all the time and I'm not into anime men at all

No. 1008115

You guys ever feel so human you feel like you're gonna explode in a million pieces?

No. 1008123

We know, you sperg about it all over the goddamn website shitting up multiple threads and you're incapable of shutting up and stopping embarrassing yourself.

No. 1008128

File: 1640770837498.jpeg (300.12 KB, 2047x1575, D50A8280-A0F3-4FA0-982D-E9C4B8…)

I just love lolcow dot farm I really do

No. 1008134

i was just thinking that, i think you summoned me. i love you anon

No. 1008135

nta stay mad fujoshit

No. 1008144

This is my country's prime-minister
I wish to God the British never left and still colonized the region

No. 1008146

I think I’m going to stick strictly to subbed anime from now on. I no longer feel comfortable with listening to English dubs like I was before and the forced acting/high-pitched voices that try so hard to sound like the og voices irritate me. Not to mention the voice actors’ drama (not picking any sides here), shady dub companies and insertion of idpol/sjw-isms in their dubs.

It’s just not for me man, plus the Japanese voices sound better.

No. 1008150

The voices are the reason I will never get into anime, they are so irritating and unpleasant it's not an enjoyment to watch, it's the opposite. I don't understand how it doesn't bother people, and I don't understand why they would use such unpleasant noises.

No. 1008174

Just one piece of shit after the other. Didn't he also justify men assaulting women, blaming it on what women wear? He's gone through 3 women as his partners, I bet he's a mess to deal with in his personal life as well.

No. 1008182

>insertion of idpol/sjw-isms in their dubs
The only eng dub I ever watched was Ghost Stories (which is quite the opposite of that lmao) so any specific examples? They've started inserting those in subs too though, I have noticed.

No. 1008190

Oh yea i was talking from a phenotype standpoint

No. 1008191

This reads like an isekai manga
"I’m a hikikomori, but I opened a magical mall in a different world"

No. 1008194

File: 1640781558589.png (1.54 MB, 1911x2190, 07E56A29-CB2B-4232-B5E9-AA1F84…)

You didn’t hear about this? It was pretty hot topic

No. 1008201

Vic Mangina deserved what he got

No. 1008202

I know it's a meme to complain about muh ass jee dubyas ruining chinese cartoons with feminism but this is pretty embarrassing, why are they trying to shill forced morals into a series that's already coomershit? It's like putting makeup on a pig.

No. 1008206

would watch/10

No. 1008209

pray for me nonnies. i hope my bf's cum doesn't taste bad… i'll be swallowing it a lot

No. 1008212

why won't you just not

No. 1008214

Idk who crazy samantha is but everytime she opens a new thread I know it's gonna be good

No. 1008215

Enjoy your bleach gargle. I'll pray for your soul.

No. 1008240

Found a youtube channel which is like a funny 30 year old normie woman doing news recap while doing her morning make up, nothing groundbreaking but there's barely any youtubers from my country let alone funny ones. Feels like an older sister rambling at me, love it.

No. 1008243

I always ask people to give me money for my birthday and christmas so I can just buy whatever I want but then I feel bad spending that money. Why am I like this.

No. 1008250

whats the point of doing this for a pedo coomer anime anyway? It doesn't change the fact that kids are getting sexualized kek

No. 1008252

Enjoy that exponential increase in throat cancer

No. 1008268

File: 1640788958722.jpg (71.58 KB, 563x751, 9302f77d1c828eb16d96e7b4cca8ec…)

Putting a whole fucking mattress on top of bookshelves seems dangerous

No. 1008283

i hate when beds are raised at mid height like that, especially in those american dorm rooms. like i would need a fucking stepladder all the time to get into my bed. i get that you can put a lot of stuff under your bed that way, but it looks so wrong to me.

No. 1008285

My parents never allowed me a loft bed, they said with eight years I'm already too old for it. You just kinda made me realize that I'm an adult now and I can do what I want, so maybe I'll get myself a loft bed when I move.

No. 1008294

follow your dreams, nonny! i buy singular candy bars at the checkout because i was never allowed to get any when i was a kid and then later i was too stingy because i could get the whole pack for the same price. but now i'm an adult so if i want a single candy bar, i'll get a single candy bar.

No. 1008306

I'm more concerned about the fact that those are shelves meant for books and not an entire mattress and bed frame. Like it's some weird DIY thing, I feel like the shelves are going to break in the middle of the night and crush whatever is underneath

No. 1008311

ngl I love the look of loft beds. But actual loft beds and not whatever this ghetto shit is

No. 1008322

I hate how the way fandom opinions are like
>x comes out, people really like it
>years pass
>everybody parrots this retarded opinion because x is kind of old so the new generation of fans haven't seen/played/read it
>actually haters, x WAS good for its time, and it was enjoyable and fun soooo yeah!
>the retarded X FUCKING SUCKS opinion dissipates, but nobody talks about it because everybody said it was shit but some really smart people said it was fun so now the masses don't know which opinion to regurgitate (also because, again, the new generation hasn't seen/played/read x so they don't know what to say about it)

And then after a couple of years or so, there'll be an x revival where "hey, actually x is REALLY good and no one's talking about it!" smfh.

No. 1008325

kek i saw this exact cycle happen with free/kyoani's swimming anime. add to that 16-year-olds on twitter saying that "everyone sleeps on free" just because they were 8 years old and not on twitter when free was at its peak.

No. 1008327

someone has to try to make a college boy break his bed and crush his precious MacBook Air with irreplaceable hentai files not uploaded to the cloud

No. 1008336

Damn anon, I made that post about resident evil 4. Fandoms truly are one and the same. Feelsbad.

No. 1008339

File: 1640794345157.jpg (46.07 KB, 480x530, IMG_20211229_120841.jpg)


No. 1008359

It's Hikaru Clinton losing the election again. People don't want to vote for trannies.

No. 1008362

Hikaru Clinton is a crazy typo but I like it.

No. 1008378

File: 1640797602512.gif (900.19 KB, 193x300, tumblr_lzjpc7GYKc1qhmzreo1_250…)

While I absolutely adore my best friend, I'm happy that she lives in a different town so we only get to see each other barely a couple of times a year. Not because I don't love seeing her - I always miss her when we separate - but because despite us being pretty healthy otherwise we get into super unhealthy habits whenever we are with each other. Like way too much snacks and unhealthy food. She just left after staying at my place for a couple of days and I feel so bloated and I may or may not have a date tomorrow so I feel like imma show up like gif related

No. 1008395

Omg snacking too hard with bff so radical. Better live without each others company 4eva. Things you regret when you are old…

No. 1008436

i would break all my bones trying to get on/off a bed like this

No. 1008456

sounds like you need a snack yourself >>1008378
I have a biannual blowout with my bestie too, it's definitely worth it and I hope you had fun!

No. 1008458

File: 1640802262344.jpg (148.06 KB, 1080x847, IMG_20211229_192121.jpg)

Ahaha, I joined an official enstars server and it's absolute cancer. Reminder to myself, never pander to self-proclaimed neurodivergent queer teens.

No. 1008461


No. 1008463

>teacher enjoyers…growls
What the hell?

No. 1008468

Yes, it opened like today and is the official server for the upcoming english version. It's unmoderated and an absolute hellhole of twitter shitposting and telling the chinese mods to kill themselves lol

No. 1008473

Feel like shit just want the old internet back. When I was a preteen, I remember spending all of my time on virtual pet websites, Quizilla, and then later Tumblr when I was older. Even Youtube was more fun just because now most channels are concerned about branding, making money and whatnot since it's a viable career option now. Maybe that shit was only fun because I was young, but I miss that sense of community and how we could all be unapologetically cringe and I could actually make friends since people weren't concerned with internet clout and whatever. I think lolcow is the only space left that I know of that still has old internet vibes, but I wish there was more.

No. 1008475

I could have written this post, I feel you completely anon. Let us mourn the old internet together.

No. 1008517

Peak internet was msn messenger, neopets, geocities, yahoo chat rooms with voice chat, message boards and MySpace.

No. 1008524

>tiktok by some guy about how SoCiEtY doesn't take it seriously "when a man is raped by a beautiful woman"
>half the comment section is men saying they wish it would happen to them
>other half is confused men asking when tf that has ever happened, and anime/meme/gigachad profile pics explaining how it actually happens all the time
kek I love normies sometimes

No. 1008600

File: 1640807800255.webm (2.39 MB, 640x640, tumblr_qi3cbbcMI51yjogx4.webm)

for any anons who may need this today

No. 1008606

I love her accent so much, thanks nonnie

No. 1008658

I love African accents

No. 1008714

Bitch I will!

No. 1008771

Kek I could name at least 10 fandoms where this exact cycle has happened. It happens with pretty much any trend.

No. 1008774

Truly the worst timeline. A self-made female millionaire stands up for women's rights, is rightfully voted the person of the year and the polls are censored. I don't understand how anyone can remain unpeaked in 2021.

No. 1008786


No. 1008803

This reads like a parody, kek. Why are most localisers so shit?

No. 1008848

My boobs are so comfortable right now. No sweat, no bra. Just free roaming tits.

No. 1008850

File: 1640815739339.jpeg (56.49 KB, 724x512, F6AC58CC-8788-44E3-865A-E7EBAA…)

Because they want to feel special and don’t gaf about alienating their fans.

No. 1008852

Today I found out kim petras is a dude

No. 1008873

To be fair the people who are unironically fans of Kobayashi-san deserve to be ridiculed like this kek

No. 1008890

I'm amazed by cows that have parents that somehow seem able to keep up with their rapidly changing phases. I'm 31 and my mom still gives me everything she lays her eyes on that has a skull on it because of my teenage alt phase.

No. 1008894

I wanna be friends with the other black anons so bad…. let's hang and watch moesha

No. 1008904

Drop your discord then sis

No. 1008906

That's cute actually lol. Me personally? I been on this planet 25 years and my mom is still amazed when I tell her I don't like spicy food or pickles. And I've never liked either kek

No. 1008925

bitch add me rn I'm rawhide Kobayashi 7913

No. 1008928

Why do moms do this!! It pisses me off

No. 1008969

I think they just don’t want us to grow up, my mom, aunt and dad will all give me bedazzled stuff and throw pink parties for me because that’s what I liked as a teen. And tbh, I still like them all a lot.

No. 1009005




No. 1009006


No. 1009037

NTA but have the same thought as that anon. It didn't work :(
I hope you're not a scrote/troll

No. 1009052

File: 1640824589107.gif (1.3 MB, 192x192, 1640724364582.gif)

i rly hate anons disclosing their race on here sometimes. can i just vibe without being reminded of that retard logic: certain lvl of pigmentation = zomgtwinsies. gtfo with that shit. goodnight

No. 1009061

You type like a retard.

No. 1009070

great observation.

No. 1009073

This. It's an imageboard, everyone are anons and no1curr about what race you are. With summerfags and PULL closing we end up getting this.

No. 1009078

I thought I had half a bottle of hair oil but I just put it into a clear bottle and it's really only like 3 tablespoons. This sucks.

No. 1009083

add more bacon grease nonny

No. 1009084

No. 1009096

to fill the bottle up

No. 1009101

She said what she said

No. 1009107


that's a weeb scrote name if i ever heard one

No. 1009216

Nobody cares lol

No. 1009226

I gotten a nose bleed two nights in a row at around the same time of night. Is this a sign that I'm dying?

No. 1009232

Lame observation.

No. 1009256

File: 1640833194541.gif (493.71 KB, 500x385, mfw.gif)

my joints hurt so fucking bad and i feel like i gotta throw up and i'm freezing despite wearing layers and the heat being on i feel like i'm gonna die everything hurts

No. 1009268

can you smell smells?

No. 1009321

Was playing Mario Kart online with my friend and his wife. Was having a good time feeling buzzed and competitive and my friend's wife asked me politely if I could please not swear. I know I have a bit of a sailor's mouth when I speak but I blame on it where I live. I felt so embarrassed because she's a Sunday school teacher kek

No. 1009323

Sailor's mouth when I drink* bit I guess speak works

No. 1009325


No. 1009337

Sometimes I randomly remember when I was like 7 or something, I was in the train with my dad, we always took the first car because it was always almost empty and we would be able to travel sitting, and I asked him at some point of the ride if the trains drive themselves, and he told me that no, someone has to drive it. When the train stopped, the driver's cabin opened and this woman with short puffy hair and a big smile waved at me. I thought that was really cool and for weeks after that I wanted to be train driver. She was amazing, I hope she is doing well.

No. 1009342

might just pull an all-nighter and reset my sleep schedule right in time for the new year…!

No. 1009343

That actually sounds so magical anon

No. 1009344

I want to do this but I am weak. I get rly irritable when sleep deprived

No. 1009372

File: 1640845923489.jpg (72.7 KB, 564x902, alittlefatmammy.jpg)

little fat mammy

No. 1009397

Hey guys, wake me up in 3 hours

No. 1009404

File: 1640850290956.jpg (94.78 KB, 874x874, Tumblr_l_1549772174772139.jpg)

Nice pic

No. 1009437

File: 1640854777315.png (895.67 KB, 862x509, good.png)

what the fuck was aggretsuko season 4

No. 1009449

File: 1640856301061.jpg (83.02 KB, 1080x520, IMG_20211225_154643.jpg)

I only now went to check back on this and fucking thank you anon the shit in my pants has been sucked back into my asshole. I had such a schizo fit over this I even started googling what the 8:47 bible verse meant and thought the image symbolized I would die at my new years eve party oopsie poopsie

No. 1009453

Is there anyone out there who counters some of his patriarchy talking points without screeching like a harpie?

No. 1009465

hey nonnie wake up

No. 1009469

it's fucking ridiculous how youtube is making people show pictures of their ID's to see age restricted videos (this never happened to me, I'm guessing bc my account is so old, but I've heard more than a few people say they had to do that) yet you can go to pornhub and see HARDCORE PORN without having to make any kind of account or even check one of those "I am 18 or older" boxes. not that it would actually stop anyone, but still

No. 1009471

We were shitting on it on the anime thread, come see us

No. 1009475

File: 1640859776916.png (10.93 KB, 380x149, d5.PNG)

Kyza is out in FEH and it's cringe

No. 1009499

have any nonnies posted on somethingawful or any of its offshoots within the last decade/15 years?