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File: 1659113033695.jpg (35.86 KB, 700x394, MontyPythonAndTheHolyGrail-z7j…)

No. 1282105

Ask away, fools!
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1263826

No. 1282108

What do people mean by 'Nordic lifestyle'? other than minimalism and eating fish

No. 1282128

File: 1659114227997.jpg (153.07 KB, 1052x1561, Merry-Joseph_Blondel_-_Felicit…)

Did the empire waist dress flatter any bodytypes at all?

No. 1282130

Do you think ipad kids are going to be pissed that they were raised by their tablets/internet or will they be too retarded to self reflect? I’m honestly curious.

No. 1282131

File: 1659114392240.jpg (839.75 KB, 1349x1995, Carl_Christian_Vogel_von_Vogel…)

Hell yeah. Women with skinny waists and big hips. But then they were also based off of ancient Greek dresses, so it looked good on a lot of body types.

No. 1282139


No. 1282140

Maybe a slower pace of life? from what I’ve seen they have a very slow relaxed lifestyle, close to nature/farming, verrrrry climate aware with renewable energy, etc. if that helps!

No. 1282145

Can other people see the pics you create in FaceApp?

No. 1282158

Most people can look back on their childhoods and wonder how they would have been different if x had happened or they had y. I think the new trend of people claiming "undiagnosed adhd" is the consequence of late millennials and eaely zoomers having spent their formative years with overestimating TV and computers. Some are starting to realize it was actually the consequence of bad habits and pleasure seeking that they wouldn't have developed if they didn't have everything they could want to entertain them online. I think iPad babies are going to struggle, and some are going to take a child development course before they fail out of community college, and make the connection.

No. 1282159

Might be an tist question, but if anyone's able to, can you explain what scares you about horror movies? I've never felt scared during or after watching horror movies while there's friends of mine who can't seem to get scenes out of their head for weeks even when just catching a glimpse of it.

No. 1282171

What can i do to better fake enjoying sex?

No. 1282174

Don’t fake it. Tell them they suck. Have sex with someone who doesn’t suck.

No. 1282179

Is hugging allowed in the first date?

No. 1282181

No. 1282182

I can't, sex with him physically hurts me and he always gets mad whenever i look like i'm not enjoying it. Also i live with him and i'm not in a position to move out so i'm stuck

No. 1282184

no, it's not allowed.
no hugging (or dating) until marriage, nonnie

No. 1282186

Sex already has enough risks attached, the pleasure makes it somewhat worth it.. but to fake it and take on all those same risks for bad sex.. don't do it nonny.

No. 1282189

If you could get in a place to live on your own with a few months of help you should just go to a shelter, that’s rape and abuse.

No. 1282206

You're asking us how to endure sexual abuse with a smile.

No. 1282212

Then refuse to have sex. Don't reward him for treating you like a dog.

No. 1282214

>tfw that one anon in the relationship advice thread would consider this normal

No. 1282217

If I downgrade my operating system (Windows) would it hard reset my entire computer? Should I backup any game saves? (reposting)

No. 1282220

I'm trying to move out but I can't until I get a better job so I can afford to live on my own. Until then I'm stuck here

Maybe what I should be asking is how to get a decent paying job as an autistic? But it just seems easier to put up with it for a few more months

Is it really "abusive" if it's expected? (i.e. partners are supposed to have sex with each other). I can't refuse him, he expects it.

No. 1282237

You know what's also expected? To treat your partner with love and care, not to hurt them.

It's your right to not be hurt by your partner, he does not have a right to sex or your body. You can refuse sex for ANY reason.

No. 1282238

Yes. No one for any reason is entitled to your body. No one should expect you to have sex. That’s abuse. Point blank. Anon if you can’t say no it’s rape.

No. 1282243

It depends on how you do it. If you're doing a fresh install then back up anything you want to keep. Even if it isn't a fresh install I'd recommend backing up important files because windows isn't exactly reliable and something can always go wrong.

>Is it really "abusive" if it's expected?
Sex should not be automatically expected in a relationship. It should only happen if both partners want it.

No. 1282249


Reminds me of my ex. You should work hard and leave. He doesn't love or like you. He is just using your body.

No. 1282261

Man I hope you're a troll 'cause you're really fucking dumb.

No. 1282319

.tbh a lot of women feel like that. They feel like they have to give a man sex because they get all "if you don't I'll find someone who will" or they get rapey

No. 1282329

Yeah and the users calling other people men, hint, are usually men.

No. 1282332

File: 1659123794816.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.22 KB, 1000x750, spoileredformale.jpg)

Is this a three days stubble or whatever you call it or do dark haired men have this shadow at all times?
t. black haired population literally less than 5%
ffs i didn't spoiler again lmfao

No. 1282337

Five O' Clock shadow, three day would be thicker. Most men with darker hair do yes, and real men do by dinner time which is why the name is tied to the time.

No. 1282343

Started exercising after not exercising for years and now I'm bleeding like I've started my period but I just had my period last week. Other times I've started exercising after a long time I've also bleed then. Why does this happen?

No. 1282353

What’s an alternative to saying “you guys” when speaking to a mostly female audience? “Y’all” sounds weird.

No. 1282355

you all

No. 1282357

Saying everybody or like hey people. Or team/gang if it's at work

No. 1282362

File: 1659125448248.png (139.31 KB, 400x400, static-assets-upload1367288114…)

No. 1282364

No. 1282365

Say "gang".

No. 1282373

Hi gals, hello ladies, whats up girlies, how are we doing today mademoiselles

No. 1282387

That’s perfect. Thanks, anon.

No. 1282390

Greetings, bitches.

No. 1282394

File: 1659127239260.jpg (2.86 MB, 3087x4096, portrait_of_a_young_woman_in_w…)

No one kek but it's so beautiful and comfy though!

>skinny waists and big hips
Nta but this style literally hides the waist and having big hips with this cut makes the whole silhouette bigger because the fabric goes from the under the breast to the hips directly.

No. 1282407

this. i have a small waist and these dresses just completely obfuscate it and make me look like a rectangle

No. 1282449

Or like that other anon in /g/ who thinks not giving in is "selfish" and "immature"

No. 1282527

How can that loser not just see that as a character opinion based judgement when someone doesn't want to give them things? I mean I kind of get it if you earn it, but.

No. 1282546

Are layers good for fine, thin hair?

No. 1282597

I’m 26, ever since I’ve been working out and losing weight my body went from square to slightly more curvy (in a BBL way…just slightly). But coincidentally people have been referring to me as ma’am and miss and no longer see me as underaged. Is it because I need to drink collagen smoothies or is it because I lost weight or both? What is going on? Also 2 days ago I had laugh lines is it related to weight loss?

No. 1282613

You’re just hyper analyzing your body now. Did you start working out for health/strength or for looks?

No. 1282619

People call me maam and I look young, (gangly, babyfaced) it doesn’t really mean anything it’s just formal. Also don’t let society brainwash you into thinking young=better, you can still look good and older

No. 1282622

Its because you need to spend less time online and I dont mean this in a snarky way

No. 1282680

too much may end up looking too wispy but light layers usually helps to fake fullness imo

No. 1282740

How can I speedrun getting over this guy for good? It's making me insane holy shit.

No. 1282741

Samefag, it's a crush.

No. 1282761

bodyshape definitely has a huge impact. idk what your issue is in particular but it could be literally just your figure now giving the impression that you're more matured

No. 1282783

I'm curvy/busty too and people sometimes tell me i look "matronly" or "mature" for my age, it's definitely a thing

No. 1282792

Recently I started trying to drink the recommended amount of water for the first time in my life, and now I need to piss all the fucking time. Will my bladder ever adapt or is this just a permanent downside of the hydrated life?

No. 1282797

I want to get a hairless pet, any recommendations? i was thinking of a gecko, maybe

No. 1282800

File: 1659144260676.jpg (181.18 KB, 1280x1280, Sphynx_Xitten.jpg)

a hairless cat, preferrably one that's rescued if possible

No. 1282806

A gecko sounds really cool you could even put live plants in its enclosure and enjoy that aspect of upkeep as well. I'd recommend a hairless hamster or rat but they have health problems a lot so I cannot in good faith

No. 1282809

File: 1659144761424.png (70.59 KB, 480x480, step.png)

No. 1282810

I have a leopard gecko she's really cool and kind of has the personality of a little cat and catlike eyes. If you're not squeamish about feeding rodents snakes are cool and require little upkeep. Blue tongue skinks are awesome too, they're like hairless ferrets and are a similar size.

No. 1282818

File: 1659145780418.jpg (51.03 KB, 567x567, mern.jpg)

I've been doing it for the past one and a half years and neither did I get used to the amount I need to drink in a day nor the constant pissing. The thought of having to keep doing this everyday for the rest of my life makes me despair.

No. 1282823

i will literally drag you and your oversized timberlands into a hot air balloon with no cell or knowledge of how to fly one and forcibly set you adrift hopelessly in the sky if you speak or gesture negatively of sphynx cats ONE more time in my presence. you deserve the worst

No. 1282934

i think sphynx cats are cute but my mother would hate them
thanks, I think I am going to start saving for a gecko I ended up binge-watching a bunch of videos from Clint's reptiles and they are super cute

No. 1282942

No offense but kys, it's best for everybody

No. 1282956

can an anon recommend a good decaf coffee? i just like the taste of coffee the caffeine makes me feel like shit. I dont mind spending 8-20 on a bag, and im a burger. ive tried a few decaf and they taste less 'full' than regular so i kept putting up with the it.

No. 1282958

Nonitas I’ve been having really bad anxiety these days and i just can’t seem to calm down. Is there a tv show or a movie or something you can recommend to distract me a bit?

No. 1282960

File: 1659164007030.jpg (57.65 KB, 406x744, f787b7da171ff108696c65b14bc429…)

What is this style of dress called or where can I get it?

No. 1282963

Just looks like a knit sweater dress

No. 1282965

I think that’s just a sweater dress. You can find a ton of them anywhere in fall/winter seasons.

No. 1282972

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure most hairless cats are bred and are super expensive. I don’t think anon will be able to rescue one.

No. 1282973

Shrek 4
Seriously, it’s the second greatest film ever made. I watch it regularly.

No. 1282974

Why are humans so retarded
Just fucking drink water and urinate like a human animal moron

No. 1282977

That literally is what anon is doing.

No. 1282982

I tried to drink 11 cups of water a day but pissed myself far too many times.

No. 1282986

Some of us are not mobile, nonna

No. 1282988

NTA but you can be human and self-aware of humanity's faults kek. That's not new.

No. 1283017

File: 1659169921502.png (40.66 KB, 473x486, 0xcb3392c0b41.png)

Anons, do you agree that drunk actions = sober thoughts? I constantly see this opinion shared, almost unanimously, but I have definitely done things while very drunk that I have specifically denounced or generally been disinterested before. Wouldn't drunken antics be slightly liberating instead of almost entirely embarrassing if they were an expression of our desires while sober?

No. 1283061

does it really help or change your body in a way that merits walking up to pee a thousand times a day?

No. 1283062

Nta yes definitely

No. 1283065

i find parks and rec to be pretty comfy

No. 1283067

how so? I was thinking about starting to consume more water since I am a freelancer and it's not so troublesome to take a break to take a piss

No. 1283070

It's most apparent on the skin, that's where you can see the effect. But the rest of your organs are surely better too.
It's also got invisible benefits like energizing you and regulating your digestion.

No. 1283072

thanks gonna try it! it's 11 glasses a day, right?

No. 1283075

ESL nonnitas, how do i get good at English? both speaking and grammar. I tried Duolingo but it sucks, I want to sucker punch that useless dumbass owl. I also tried HelloTalk, TERRIBLE IDEA, it's just full of creepy boomers.

No. 1283082

Try to find your own ideal amount, we're not all the same size, don't have the same bladder, don't have the same amount of blood etc

No. 1283110

I've been drinking lots of water for about a decade and none of this stuff ever happens. I just piss uncontrollably now.

No. 1283119

that's my experience as well

No. 1283183

I have to fill in a sheet for my new college because I filled in the question where you can ask for extra time with a 'yes', now they are emailing me what disability I have. The extra time is for adhd but I also get depressed during the wintertime (can't get out of bed depressed), never formally diagnosed though. They don't have access to my medical record obviously so can I just say I have depression too?

No. 1283188

There’s an “ideal amount of water to drink” calculator on Google. It takes into account your location, weight, age, etc. Unsure about its accuracy, but it’s worth a shot.

No. 1283190

Personally, I got fluent by watching massive amounts of American television. Being a child with a sponge-like brain probably helped A LOT.

I recommend conversing with English speakers. A language doesn’t stick without practice.

No. 1283201

Would a diabetes thread be beneficial to anyone here? Or would those discussions be better in the diet / eating healthy thread in /g/? I feel like a thread would be good to talk about medicine you take and how a lot of doctors treat diabetes.

No. 1283202

i actually only consume english content, and i can understand it easily without subtitles. I most struggle with grammar

No. 1283209

is listing the depression necessary? i think just using ADHD for paperwork should be fine.

No. 1283236

Since the userbase is so small and more threads = more dead, I would only make separate threads if the topic is already overwhelming the main thread it started in.

No. 1283247

I know I might come to school very little during the winter months because that's exactly what happened in high schoo. It's why I want it in there so they know there's a reason and won't just think I'm lazy and don't want to put in effort. Didn't make that clear in my original post sorry about that.

No. 1283254

i just bought my first couple of plants. How often should i water them if they prefer moist soil vs dry soil??

No. 1283259

>so they know there's a reason and won't just think I'm lazy and don't want to put in effort.
They don't care. You show up or you don't. Your depression only becomes relevant if you're failing your courses, not getting enough credits and need help or excemptions.

No. 1283299

>Simon Peter said to them: Let Mary go forth from among us, for women are not worthy of the life. Jesus said: Behold, I shall lead her, that I may make her male, in order that she also may become a living spirit like you males. For every woman who makes herself male shall enter into the kingdom of heaven

I need some christian anon to explain this to me. Why is the tranny agenda in the bible?

No. 1283306

File: 1659196567194.gif (727.63 KB, 960x510, America.gif)


No. 1283308

Can psychologists diagnose ADHD? Or only psychiatrists?

No. 1283313

Holy shit I was also about to ask an ADHD related question
Which is: if you do an MRI, could you detect ADHD with it? Or other types of mental illnesses?

No. 1283316

That's the problem, how much you show up matters a lot for your credit here. I filled in the thing though, I wrote adhd and ptsd (diagnosed) in there and added a note at the bottom of my email that I get depressed often because of adhd and ptsd. I know they don't care about me as a person but at least if I fuck up and don't manage to show up I have a reason for it, might be able to fiddle my way out and actually make it to the next year. My grades have always been good I just fail to show up, might be able to pull some strings if I have it black on white. I have family members that work at schools and how much the professors like you/feel bad for you really matters more than it should. In this case it works in my favor though kek.

No. 1283318

Simon Peter had a fakeboi fetish

No. 1283326

No I have a detransitioner fetish, it's different.

No. 1283327

Not Christian but this is from the book of Thomas, which isn’t in the Bible. It was “found” in 1945. The apostle Thomas did not write them and no one knows who did, but like most men the author was probably an unabashed pervert and like all men he was clearly a misogynist. I wouldn’t give it any more credence than the “found” golden plates of Joseph Smith.

No. 1283329

I'm not a feminist, I just hate moids like you

No. 1283338

Burger econanons, who’s the target demographic for engagement rings? A lot of the financial plans offered by stores are shit like 9.99% APR plans if you pay with their 29.99% APR credit card. That seems like a terrible, terrible, awful financial decision that people with terrible awful financial literacy would make. Are all engagement rings sold to stupid 18 year old marines?

No. 1283347

Target demographic for engagement rings are people who are getting engaged.

No. 1283352

Americans can’t afford cars or houses or rent or student loan payments. I doubt every single person who gets engaged can afford to buy an engagement ring.

No. 1283354

You’re not supposed to finance. That’s the point. The dude is supposed to save up two months of pay and buy the ring before proposing. It’s how you know he’s serious and ready to be a partner to you. Financing is for people who are getting engaged but shouldn’t be.

No. 1283360

Don’t know which type of scan is able to do this, but I think depression could possibly be detected due to a slightly shrunken hippocampus? Also, anorexia nervosa could be seen because of the deceased gray and white matter. I’m no medfag, though.

No. 1283380

File: 1659200944684.jpeg (77.67 KB, 540x556, 26022871-C879-4944-93C4-260789…)

but fr lean in his ear and start booing his ass. if he thinks he deserves sex automatically you deserve to get your pussy ate out from behind automatically. its a shame there are so many doormats on this site, best of luck to you nonnas when it comes to your nigels

No. 1283529

File: 1659206932177.png (152.67 KB, 628x214, Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 2.47…)

who is this??? pumpy or shayna?

No. 1283532

neither? I can't remember her name though

No. 1283533

They are still getting engaged though, and you usually get engaged at a period where you can buy a ring. I don't know what kind of engagement doesn't require a ring, except maybe one that won't last.

No. 1283534

File: 1659207104093.png (11.87 KB, 86x86, rwdesigner.png)

how do i change my cursor on my tumblr to one from rw-designer.com ? i literally cant figure it out. at least on cursors-4u or whatever all you had to do is copy paste the code at the end of your theme, but when i do that to the ones from rw-designer it does nothing, or it tells me that http isnt allowed and it should be https, so i change it to that and still nothing. and when i try to load the link it doesnt under https but downloads it when i enter the http link, if that makes any sense.
i found a forum thread within that website with my question as the subject from 2012 latest response from this year, but it didnt give me any information, just a video with 7 views so far that doesnt even show the person pasting the code into the theme. what am i missing? i tried to paste it above </script> as well, didnt work.
any anons html experienced? im not at all, and im so confused. i just want a cute cursor on my blog. please help! and thank you in advance.

No. 1283575

How do you peak a libfem?

No. 1283579

pinkpill and then show them mtf threads and tiktoks Lol. Let the troons speak for themselves

No. 1283584

I peaked when I saw the 'have sex with trannies or you're a bigot' type posts

No. 1283586

no, this is shit that naive or stupid people say. yes, alcohol lowers your inhibitions but you can definitely do things you have literally no interest in doing but do them because you're drunk or in an environment that encourages it, like stupid things you have no actual interest in doing but because you care less about everything in general, you do it. i hate when people say "drunk actions = sober thoughts", it's completely moronic.

No. 1283590

You know when people say like “A for alpha”, do you have to say the official word in the NATO phonetic alphabet? Would it be weird if you just say a word that starts with that letter if you don’t the official one?

No. 1283592

yeah people typically use the actual phonetic alphabet but i see a lot of people just use regular stuff too

No. 1283704

Is the new spoiler thing a bug or a new feature? On mobile the square is grey and when you click on it the image is hidden behind a grey filter

No. 1283743

It’s not Ember Whann but that other chick who was banned for self-posting around the same era I think? Luna or something.

No. 1283782

Anon in the vent thread got me curious, can you get injections done at your pharmacies? I’ve seen it done in some american shows like superstore and while it does seem convenient in a way, it’s also kinda weird to me

No. 1283800

I got a vaccine from the pharmacy. They take you into the back in a room with a chair and a desk and do it like normal.

No. 1283807

Anyone ever get anxious about the earth? For the most part I've been worried about my day to day life because it's a mess on it's own but sometimes like right now I get this overwhelming dread about how the world is going right now and I get so depressed I wanna give up.

No. 1283820

Yeah, that's why I stopped reading the news and looking at social media, that's helped a lot to focus on me & my situation and not get anxious about the state of the world which is entirely out of my hands.

No. 1283821

There is this artist that I really like but only posts on a chinese app. When I try to install it, google play alerts me that it will basically spy on me.
Should I worry? Google itself recollects data from us all the damn time and I really need to access this artist's posts

No. 1283824

Idk what app we're talking about but you could check if there's 3rd party online viewers first? Like the ones for instagram that allow you to look at posts without logging in.

No. 1283838

It says "shiaohongshu app". I can use the 3rd party view to check the last 4 posts but I can't open them. I just want to screenshot them for personal use (I have like this big obsession with her works)

No. 1283846

can you guys give me any good artists who makes consumerism a theme in their artwork pls?

No. 1283847

like people buying tons of crap or those weeb rooms full of bullshit?

No. 1283853

fastest ways you've lost weight without gym? (no ana chan posts)

No. 1283854

Ok, what a wild concept but does kinda make sense.

No. 1283857

Cut out every junk food and drink, alcohol too, upped protein and water intake and nothing with white flour in it, no pasta, no bread besides actual, dark rye bread. -25kg in less than 6 months.

No. 1283877

nice job anon, but how much did you weigh before? it gets harder to lose when you're near your goal weight

No. 1283878

82kg and I’m still chubby for sure but the weight loss is still going on, just a bit slower of course. It’s around -3kg per month now, pretty reasonable in my opinion.

No. 1283882

that's great, anon!

No. 1283888

I actually checked my notes and it was 87kg but thank you, it’s definitely pretty easy rn, I just eat healthy stuff and pretty often, but also use quite a bit of meal replacement drinks when I’m lazy.

No. 1283912

File: 1659233613578.png (570.5 KB, 3838x2490, 1657447982629.png)

Where can I find some good homoerotic content? I'm not looking for gay porn, but rather pics and videos of men being seductive, kissing, touching, flirting or just generally having chemistry with other men.

No. 1283933

Can I use my work cardio towards my daily goal, workout wise? i am a server and my shifts are hectic.

No. 1283940

Why not, movement is movement

No. 1283953


No. 1283955


No. 1283956

File: 1659237437959.jpg (320.3 KB, 1080x1440, queenelizabethii.jpg)

Has picrel ever slept with or dated a woman before?

No. 1283958

Aw, her face is shaped like a heart ♥

No. 1283966

idk im not a fan of hers but ill bet everything i have that she has not

No. 1283977

Nonnies I had the coof last week and tested positive last Friday. I got another test this Friday and tested positive as well. I’m supposed to come in for a work orientation this Monday, but should I cancel if I still have a positive test? I’m not sure what the window is for when I’d still be contagious but I just don’t want to get anyone at my workplace sick.

No. 1283978

Yes, especially if your country has quarantine laws. They will be more thankful you didn't knowingly spread your illness. Spreading covid in quarantine law countries can cause small businesses to be shut down for a week and impacts them financially.

No. 1283981

>should I cancel work orientation
Yes it is very boring

No. 1283984

yes, definitely cancel

No. 1283986

How come no one is making new retarded shitposting thread or vent thread? I would but I'm scared to fuck up the formatting and get banned kek

No. 1284032

A new thread isn't required until the old one reaches 1200 posts.

No. 1284091

File: 1659250077730.png (896.99 KB, 742x733, Capture.PNG)

Is it common for a guy to lose his erection while switching positions or trying to find a position that works for both of us?
I've been seeing this guy and he can only get hard from blowjobs but as soon as he could penetrate me vaginally, he loses his erection or he loses it during the 'too long makeout session'. He explained to me before that it's a psychological thing, the pressure to perform makes he lose it. It's super frustrating. Has anyone experienced this with a guy? What helped?

No. 1284107

Should I get the monkeypox vaccine if I'm a straight woman who avoids sex?

No. 1284109

Why are aiden scars so obvious and visible but boob job scars aren’t

No. 1284115

I don't think so

No. 1284120

It's hard to say tbh. It's not an STD and can even be spread through dust afaik, but it seems like it's still mostly men getting it. It's still seems rare in the countries/cities with the most cases, but I don't think there would be any harm in getting vaccinated.

If I didn't have a skin condition, I would probably get it just due to the sheer anxiety all of this is giving me. I've been lurking the Instagram page of the first woman in Georgia who got it from her job, and it is making me worried that it will start spreading more to women and children. If you don't get the vaxx, just practice proper precautions.

No. 1284148

>can even be spread through dust afaik
>first woman in Georgia who got it from her job
Thanks anon, that's really freaky… Yeah, I think I'm going to get vaccinated because I forgot I'm attending a music festival soon and it's going to be crowded as fuck in an indoor space with rowdy people with a small portion that may be possibly half-naked. Really don't want to get sick.

No. 1284160

They don't take care of then. Horrific scars are a badge of honor for tifs. It also doesn't help that many dodgy surgeons are desperate for the troonbux and jump right away to operate tifs even if mastectomies can be tricky to master. So nor the surgeons or the tifs actually care about wellness. Otoh, the breast implant industry has always tried to make itself as discreet, "perfect" & "natural" as possible. Before the bimbo craze and it's revival having a noticiable boob job was considered shameful, and i would argue that it's still the case in places that aren't tiktok. It's logical that their techniques will be perfected to leave as little scars as possible, unlike with tifs who are getting dog ears as i type this kek.

No. 1284161

Be careful and have fun if you go anon! I was debating on attending concerts too. Apparently festivals being held outside where everyone is fully clothed should be low risk but I'm not sure. Everything still feels very confusing right now, literally feels like 2020 again kek.

No. 1284212

I was asking because I’d like to get my boobs reduced as much as possible without removing them but if i have a disgusting scar it kind of defeats the purpose of being able to show them

No. 1284464

My mom said I can live in the house mt brother lives in that she owns and k don't have to pay rent for the next two years if I pay off the bills and taxes he didn't pay (3k in total). I know my mom would stand by this agreement but if something happens to her within the next few years I wouldn't be shocked if my scrote brother tries to demand rent or try to get me kicked out. What legal document should I look I to to prevent this from happening?

No. 1284466

That man is a coomer, one hundred percent.

No. 1284479

My mom had a mastectomy done but for cancer and the scar was pretty brutal. She knew it too. I just remember the wound being tight and not shaped like you'd expect because no tissue was left behind. It was a life or death thing so everything had to go. It dipped inwards. She ended up back in hospital within a week after it burst open and started leaking fluids from an infection that got in. Getting every last bit of tissue out is where I think it gets messy to stitch up again.

From what I've seen with trans surgery the ones who go ham with it leave them with the same bad scars and the inwards dips.

No. 1284504

2 of my friends drop their cigarette butts on the ground. How do I tell them to stop? I've never given feedback to them unless they ask about a situation (which they do a lot, they're often looking to know if they're doing the right thing) but I've literally been to 2 cigarette butt picking up for the environment events and they do it so suddenly and is like the moment to tell them has passed before I can think of a tactful way of phrasing it. Plus I've never criticised anything they do (because so far they've never deserved it) so it's like i don't even have a template to start from.

No. 1284505

There's no need to be tactful just yell at them to pick it up. That's what I did once someone I was walking with littered and it worked.

No. 1284506

Ask them if they know what kind of damages they cause in the environment?

No. 1284516

Are vegan moids just as misogynistic as the carnivore ones?

No. 1284528

Just as pussy and generally more unlikeable somehow

No. 1284538

File: 1659290667824.jpg (39.89 KB, 843x352, fb715e8ab27d2852056a423cf8da98…)

Is it feasible to save electricity by using candles for lighting? Would I need a lot?

No. 1284547

Vegan for like a decade here, they’re more tolerable as friends but you’ll eventually find out they’re just as misogynistic. No matter the year, the space or the country I keep meeting them and they’re all the same.

No. 1284558

Why would eating plants make them less misogynistic

No. 1284560

Literally just tell them, it shouldn't be too difficult if they're concerned with doing the right thing in general. I do this all the time with my smoker friend, she resists most of the time so I have to nag her into throwing her cigarette butts into the bin.

I reckon you'd need a lot of candles to light up a house or a room as candles have less lumens (light output by a lightsource) than regular lightbulbs. Not to mention that you'd need to replace the candles periodically (tealights burn for 4 hours). I think it would also strain your eyes a lot if you used your computer/laptop/phone or if you tried to read in low light but maybe you can make it work by using a few of them (see how many you'd need to be comfortable) maybe as an ambiance thing, idk.
Why are you trying to save electricity? If it's because of money-related reasons just get a low-consumption lightbulb with warm light and make sure you unplug unused appliances and turn lights and fans off when you don't need them.

No. 1284580

not very feasible and it’s a huge hazard to boot. get a couple lamps/lanterns meant for camping. it’s what my family has always used when the power goes out

No. 1284596

What if she's so far gone she thinks they're right?

No. 1284655

why do scrotes purposely desensitize themselves to violence and gore?

No. 1284668

They grew up in a culture completely saturated with violence, so they think it's a normal form of entertainment.

No. 1284680

I get that and I'm talking about scrotes who watch real death or gore videos and/or make jokes about them. I have a younger cousin who likes to do this, but I have a feeling its because he experiences violence in his home and he wants to get ahead of it, like to desensitize himself so he doesn't get surprised if someone gets hurt or dies. But its obviously different for most scrotes, its like they live in a different dimension where they can't comprehend a wrong thing or can't feel trauma

No. 1284728

do you think female (non trans) anons come to this site to larp as gorgeous cool girls? or are we all more honest than that? I'm wondering how many of us were bullied in high school and use this imageboard to live a fantasy kek

No. 1284754

I think some anons are almost normie or stacy except they're insecure about something cows have that they don't

No. 1284759

There are some posts that are obvious larps similar to the girlies on FDS and Vindicta who think they’re bigshots because they got a haircut and are trying to save up for a nosejob; when in reality they’re all quite plain and average, oftentimes below it. But I tend to assume people here are being truthful outside the most exaggerated posts, because it’s hard for me to imagine the point in lying here beyond white lies to obfuscate one’s identity. Maybe I’m just biased because I don’t feel a need to lie on here (except changing identity related things), and once I got accused of making my boyfriend up lol.

No. 1284760

Yes, but I think Regina George larps are more common than Stacy larps.

No. 1284761

Samefag, but it would definitely depend on what part of the site any anon uses and why. I avoid the cow boards because I’m not interested in them and they just give me a sense of voyeuristic doom. But if someone uses lolcow mainly for nitpicking (especially nitpicking people they’re similar to) I’d imagine they’re deeply insecure and probably not that great IRL. I come here for ot and g because they’re one of the few places online I can be comfortably open and honest among women while anonymous. It’s so comfy (until trannoids come along and throw fits because they know they’re not accepted).

No. 1284763

I agree, that’s definitely true. I think people definitely lie more about their social status on here more than their sex lives or looks.

No. 1284764

kys samefagging troon

No. 1284769

I'm not a troon nor did I make the other post, retard

No. 1284771

I can't stand to look at certain cows either, especially 'sex workers'. They make me want to hate women again kek

No. 1284778

ok troon

No. 1284794

I hate some of you so much

No. 1284861

File: 1659304547584.jpeg (17.7 KB, 410x314, 67E47F74-858B-4B43-AE5D-BD7121…)

I have a toe pimple .I didn’t realise it was a pimple until I partially ‘popped’ it when I saw some of the puss leaking out .What should I do? Should I apply Benzyl Peroxide products that are intended for the face one my toe?

No. 1284862

Are you sure this isn't a blister? They make hydrocolloid bandages for toes for this exact purpose.

No. 1284870

Although it feels kind of sensitive to touch, I don’t think it’s a blister since it hasn’t really been rubbing against anything and it doesn’t hurt as much as a blister. Literal puss leaked out of it after all and I don’t think blisters do that

No. 1284874

What does human meat taste like? If capibaras taste like fish, just like some aquatic snakes and crocodiles because of the food they eat and the environment they live at. What does a human would possibly taste like? Specially a human with a good diet, would it taste like a regular steak? Or would it taste like something completely different?

No. 1284875

It tastes like pork.

No. 1284878

So you’re telling me various cannibals all across the world are collaborating to fool the entire world into thinking people taste good? It tasted like lean pork. End of story.

No. 1284883

I’ve read personal accounts of firefighters that won’t touch pork because the smell (therefore the taste also) reminds them too much of people burning. What does meat “look” like? You can use meat glue and a pair of scissors to make anything look like any other thing. “LONG pig” references human height and not all related to my point of humans tasting like pork. Two different things.

No. 1284887

Pigs don’t have hair you absolute fucking retard. I’m from a muslim country and I still know this.

No. 1284890

File: 1659305987755.jpeg (18.31 KB, 640x480, 5454F3F6-9926-4730-934E-1A6486…)

Is it normal to see multiple veins on the top of my hand? I don’t if this is because I lost a bit of weight (only like 6 lbs or 5) or if they have always been like that. Mine are a bit like picrel if I put some pressure while using them, like playing music or something, less though if they’re relaxed.

No. 1284893


No. 1284894

Nta but pigs are mammals. Of course they have hair.

No. 1284896

Yeah it's fine jesus christ

No. 1284897

They look fine

No. 1284911

There's completely hairless mammals, like dolphins

No. 1284912

Thank you for your service, anon.

No. 1284914

They have hair as babies (because all mammals have hair at some point) but either way pigs have hair.

No. 1284920

They do? Pics?

No. 1284928

File: 1659307426784.jpeg (18.31 KB, 580x580, 870b5de6-eb49-4013-9169-d14717…)

Question for other nonnas that cut their own hair. Is getting a nice pair of scissors that are made for hair cutting specifically worth it? I've been using picrel and it does the job tbf

No. 1284930

File: 1659307477569.jpg (17.21 KB, 750x500, Dolphin-Whiskers-close-up-1-da…)

They have whiskers, they fall out a few weeks after birth. It's the same with whales I think

No. 1284938

yes, it definitely helps, and have a few types of scissors. much easier to cut if you have a nice pair of hair cutting scissors and thinning shears if you intend to do layers

No. 1284942

That's not hair that's literally 7 whiskers on each side. Look how smooth it is
Kinda looks like it's got stiches on its nose

No. 1284958

Thank you, I guess it's time to upgrade. Ot but cutting my own hair is so rewarding, I don't think I'll ever go to a salon again

No. 1284965

one of the anons yrt and i totally agree, i've been cutting my hair for a while now and i'm very happy with it. i am so sick of walking out of salons $60 poorer for a cut i'm really unhappy with that i'll have to fix myself. i'm never going to a salon again. it's EXTREMELY hard to find hairdressers that are actually good at cutting long layers. it doesn't matter how much i even spend, $100+ and i still end up with a fucked ass cut. premiums on hair cuts (unless you're going to a super acclaimed hairdresser that is in the top of their field) results in like basically no difference, plus the uncomfortable convo that they obviously can't handle… my haircut suffers because they insist on talking when i don't even want to talk. it's all a shitty experience and a waste of money

No. 1284978

ok maybe it's just something i'm not paying attention to, but when you see a turbo autist in public yelling randomly while being walked by their parents, it's almost always a male child. i can't recall the last time i saw a girl that acted like that, but several boys even recently.
and on a similar note, do you think that some of this behaviour might stem from being coddled to some extent? i'm just thinking about my autistic teenage cousin who is perfectly aware of her condition and uses it to her advantage to get out of responsibilities, for example, when she's shown herself fully capable to preform the same tasks before, but has been too babied by her grandma who she lives with

No. 1284982

Tweezerman Stainless 2000 i highly recommend because they're small, sharp, and cheap. started cutting my hair before lockdown because i was sick of them cutting off excess hair.

No. 1284983

female autists are more empathetic and socially aware and overall just better people than male autists. they care more about fitting in and being chameleons because of female socialization as well. they struggle internally and are prone to burn out but are just less entitled than their male counterparts and actually try to be decent people meanwhile male autists are enabled. autistic boys will have violent outbursts and throw desks in school meanwhile autistic girls just cry in bathroom stalls and draw anime girls on their math homework and wish they fit in more

No. 1284988

i’m getting deja vu from this post, posts here are pretty repetitive

No. 1284995

honestly that's just a normal observation, not everything has to be about eating disorders and this bitch

No. 1285004

idk what to tell you, autism is a common subject especially on image boards kek not to mention female socialization will be discussed a lot where there are lots of radfems

No. 1285064

File: 1659315494406.jpeg (37.84 KB, 500x500, 967319F5-84D2-4A22-BD00-DF0915…)

Why does brown and black not go together? This pains me so much because I want to wear black and brown together but there is something about it that does look off. Brown hair with black clothes like in pic rel looks good to me, but once black and brown clothes are together it can sometimes look good or sometimes look bad. I just don’t know why.

No. 1285065

they go good together imo it can just come across as quite 70s or autumnal which would depend on your style

No. 1285092

Why do so many Asian girls in America date white guys? I swear that is the only interracial coupling I see these days

No. 1285096

What do you mean? Most still date within their group. You probably just notice the interracial ones more.

No. 1285097

most asian women under 25 in the US exclusively date white men, ABG phenomenon is real

No. 1285104

uhuh. i smell ball sweat around here

No. 1285105

ABGs love the rich asian frat boys. Idk if you’re being hyperbolic or is on some ricel shit lol if anything it’s a sector of non-ABG asian becky who entertain redditor white guys.

No. 1285106

Yes which is why it’s ignoring that interracial marriages are less than 10% in the states so it can spout nonsense. Report and ignore for Racebait.

No. 1285108

File: 1659320339220.jpeg (290.81 KB, 828x828, B6732168-5C95-41C6-9784-95875D…)

I won't die if I eat vitamin C pills as a snack, right? Right? What's the worst that could go wrong? I'm genuinely ashamed to admit it, but I physically can't help myself. I eat handfuls of them per day. I haven't died yet but if there's a chance I could die tomorrow, then please, for the sake of my sanity, just tell me.

No. 1285109

You probably won’t die but why do you people do this? Just get a bag of shitty gummy candy, it’s cheaper.

No. 1285111

Vitamin C is water soluble so it’s not the worst vitamin to eat. You still shouldn’t and could get digestive issues and kidney stones. You’d need over 2000 mg a day. How much are you eating?

No. 1285112

i’m genuinely not trying to racebait. maybe it’s a regional think but every other asian girl in my age group only goes after the fratty white guys, not the nerds. it doesn’t matter either way though

No. 1285117

It's the taste of this one specific brand of vitamin I like. I have yet to find anything even remotely like it.

On a "good" day I eat half the bottle

No. 1285118

Samefag, one pill is 500mg. I'm screwed, aren't I?

No. 1285119

Anon that’s… 30,000 mg. Are you having diarrhea

No. 1285122

Only sometimes? Like if I eat them all in one sitting then yeah. If I suck them really slowly and eat them over the course of 2+ hours then nothing happens. I think I may have built a tolerance.

No. 1285123

Try not to eat them all at once. Spacing them out allows your kidneys to process them. Too much at once is hard on your organs. You really shouldn’t be eating them like that anon. Make sure you’re drinking enough water.

No. 1285126

It’s p common for young women to try taste the rainbow type thing in america. Maybe they experiment with white guys more than other races bc of exposure. White men are highly likely to approach an asian girl. Usually are from a certain tax bracket from a certain side of town where black and brown peers are not as robust demographic, on top of black and brown men preferring their own group or white women. In short, the “asian women only want white cock” meme isn’t real.

No. 1285127

Okay, thanks for the advice. I've already tried (and failed) to wean myself off them but I guess I really do need to try again.

No. 1285134

that makes sense, i didn’t mean to imply anything sinister or weird about it

No. 1285136

My asian friends only get approached by white guys for sex, whereas my white friends get approached for relationships. Idk, do you think its a fetish thing? Men are disgusting either way.

No. 1285155

This is exactly it. Every single white guy I know that "prefers" Asian women is in a relationship with a white woman. I remember there was a subset of white moids who went to forums claiming insane shit like Asian women would chase them down the street begging for sex and that's why they're leaving American women (even though they shit on western women who show interest back??) Who knows. Moids who fetishize Asian women are often ass backwards and don't realize that the problem isn't with women but their own standards. They just have extremely low standards for Asian women and want to be able to be controlling as their only standard, they also tend to put in more effort to date Asian women and expect white women to appear on their doorstep and just claim that Asian women are easier for this reason. This mindset also leads to a lot of Asian women getting sexually assaulted by white moids since they're under the impression all Asian women want to fuck them

No. 1285158

File: 1659323939528.jpg (154.12 KB, 1080x1916, FSqVBdrXEAcHlJE.jpeg.jpg)

Every white guy I've ever met who's dated or married an Asian woman is like picrel. Asian guys are hardworking and a very goodlooking, I don't understand why Asian women settle for these morons.

No. 1285163

Also have overheard said guys shit on their wives a loot in private.

No. 1285165

More effort? The only effort I've gotten is them picking up the phone and trying to sext or bootycall whereas they parade their white gfs in public and on dates.

No. 1285166

don’t forget the weebcels and the people who think every asian woman must look like aidorus they see. have seen too many white men with yellow fever talk about how they love asians just to cherrypick celebrities and porn stars, and bash average asian women and act surprised. it’s disgusting and i hate men. their idea of average is so fucking skewed and it makes them incapable of seeing anyone as a real human being

No. 1285183

We should have a thread where we post moid dating profiles to mock them

No. 1285185

we do, dating app thread on /g/ >>>/g/248328

No. 1285189


reminds me when this vid of white guy's asian mail order bride with postpartum depression gets berated for having her "legs closed"

No. 1285194

Why do some people always complain about their stomachs and shitting themselves after eating beans or spicy food? What’s wrong with your stomachs? Grow up and drink some water and do a jumping jack please, you are so unhealthy. You should not need to be clenching you asshole with full awareness after eating a goddamn bean actual diagnosed stomach issues nonas need not respond, just lay off it if you have a serious condition

No. 1285196

>What’s wrong with your stomachs?
how tf am i supposed to know. i already drink a lot of water and do healthy things

No. 1285198

it’s because they don’t eat enough veggies and fiber in general. i seriously thought people were lying about gi distress from mexican, chinese, and indian food until i asked them about it

No. 1285225

File: 1659329668361.jpeg (218.33 KB, 828x1067, 48DF2115-1AD1-48BF-90C4-23CA88…)

Kek @ this channel

No. 1285233

The ironic thing is that anime characters were originally based off of white people (the creator modeled his characters after walt disney) hence why anime characters look more white than asian, these weebcels are looking for a woman that doesn't exist

No. 1285238

Both beans and peppers are goitrogens. Peppers are also nightshade plants,and while beans are not nightshades, they too have lecithin like nightshades plants, which some people are sensitive to.

No. 1285254

tomatoes are nightshades and yet no one complaining about mexican food destroying their intestines gets diarrhea from pizza and mozzarella sticks dipped in marinara

No. 1285265

I know plenty of people whose stomach cannot handle too much tomato, I can't even eat tomato soup anymore but I actually also have diagnosed bowel stuff going on.

No. 1285283

Have you guys ever had male friends that lied to their families about dating you, or sleeping with you? I personally haven't, I'm just curious if that happens.

No. 1285286

Did they say they slept with you, or dated you?

No. 1285292

only once, a guy told his family i was his gf even though i was just a friend. we were like 14 though, a grown man doing that is even weirder

No. 1285300

That sucks, I hope that stuff really only happens as a teen, and I passed all of that now.

No. 1285308

Has anyone else found that coffee elevates their heart rate but does not make them more awake and focused? Is there a supplement or something that has that effect?

No. 1285313

yeah, I was unbeknownst to me a beard to one gay dude I considered to be my best friend, never again

No. 1285317

But isn't caffeine the stuff in coffee that's supposed to make you more alert? Why would taking it as a supplement work if drinking coffee does not?

No. 1285318

What a loser

No. 1285326

How come I still get dizzy/lightheaded easily and have shitting problems despite eating leafy greens and drinking a ton of water? Isn't that supposed to fix those problems?
Also how can I get more calcium in my diet when it always fucks up my stomach and gives me diarrhea?

No. 1285338

i don’t know but she did have a threesome sexual relationship with a man and another woman

No. 1285343

test your iron levels for the dizziness maybe? also if you’re only eating dairy for calcium and not turning to other sources then you have your solution now

No. 1285344

In order for your body to regulate the water you take in, you also need a proper amount of sodium and potassium. If you get lightheaded while still drinking lots of water, check if you're inhaling enough of those minerals.

No. 1285346

Inhaling? I meant to say check your intake lol

No. 1285347

Nta but I needed to read this

No. 1285351

can i die from eating half a raw pizza? i don't have an oven so I tried to grill it on a stove

No. 1285354

I'd be appalled if I didn't have a very similar experience in college myself. No. You will probably get an upset stomach, but you will not die. For future reference, a microwave will work just fine too.

No. 1285356

thanks nonnie, i tried to put a pan over the grill at the very end because my retarded ass finally realized a grill isn't the best source of heat for a whole ass pizza but the bottom was already burnt so I ended with a half-baked half-raw pizza. Tastes okay tho, it's a pretty good 3AM meal

No. 1285358

What are some terf dogwhistles to look out for other than saying you like Harry Potter?

No. 1285360

samefag, in case it wasn't obvious, I meant look out as in recognizing or. Not oh em gee avoid terfs

No. 1285364

the ones i have met smell nice and don't have bright neon toxic waste hair, overall they look pretty normal, hope that helps

No. 1285376

I meant more like words or phrases you'd see in a profile. Appearance is hard because even non danger hair women might get on the faghag TRA train

No. 1285377

Do people at metal concerts notice if you're wearing bootleg merch (inevitable and normal where I'm from) and will they judge you? I suppose it depends on the country, buying bootleg t-shirts is not a big deal to me but let's say I went to a concert in Europe or USA, do other fans of the same band even notice?

Nonny, if you're still around, what's your type? You think you can fall for a character that is like the moids you're attracted to in real life?

No. 1285384

lesbian not queer, no pronouns listed in their description

No. 1285406

File: 1659341263446.jpeg (111.74 KB, 628x1134, CE653315-60C6-404B-9635-28992D…)

I’m roughly 89% positive that a certain person I know stole this woman’s pictures to make a fake schizoposting twitter to talk to themselves. Is there any way any of you know a good reverse image search engine to find this woman? I want to make sure she’s aware a terminally online twitter timothee is likely using her for laughs. This is their M.O to a T and they’ve done it many times before, and the timing is extremely suspicious. They spend a lot of time in photo editors so it wouldn’t be above them to purposely make sure they all look like hyper edited low-res snapchat self-screens, yes they’re that unhinged and pathetic. They also posted pics of her with her kids. It’s too calculated and way too satirical/parody.

No. 1285407

File: 1659341337873.jpeg (148.46 KB, 733x1430, BAA5276D-8FA3-4B49-B48F-8EA9E5…)

No. 1285470

How can I be more eloquent? I can't speak for shit

No. 1285473

File: 1659353028028.jpg (33.87 KB, 1007x363, PICT0174.jpg)

I don't even know how to word this properly… How do you know if lenses can be made for a certain pair of sunglasses, if you are buying them used and the sunglasses style is not in production anymore?

No. 1285476

Do you read books often? I find this helps me. I see combinations of words that I never thought of before, or words used in new ways. Also if you smoke a lot of pot, stop. Trust me… kek

No. 1285489

Anons who took bacopa or gingko biloba supplements for improved memory and brain function, did it work?

No. 1285501

why does so much drawn porn for straight specifically have pale beautiful woman with headless tan man? is it a race thing or the moids consider it degradation thing? its their self insert to fucking a character?

No. 1285511

1. It’s a form of racist degradation
2. All infants are born with paler skin which gets darker as they age, so it has a connotation with childishness. It’s attractive to males the same way tiny upturned noses and high foreheads are.

No. 1285523

File: 1659361161043.jpeg (63.33 KB, 499x750, 1C9819B7-F3EB-42F8-8227-DF8A1F…)

What do I say to the hairdresser if I want Brigitte Bardot bangs?

No. 1285524

Show a picture to make sure there's no misunderstanding.

No. 1285543

How to prevent assne when you sit on your ass a lot

No. 1285547


Bathe and change ur panties twice a day, shayna(emoji)

No. 1285553

Make sure to firmly reiterate that you don’t want to look like what’s her face, Jamila Jamal or whatever, the girl from the Good Place that’s a compulsive liar. And don’t have the same hair type as Kiki.

No. 1285555

Thank you, I will do both of those things kek. I had it before and it worked for me then. I’ve got quite thick hair and a large forehead so it’s perfect for me. I’m just scared cos I haven’t had my haircut since pre pandemic kek.

No. 1285559

Samefag, not sure why anon deleted after calling me fat lol
What if I just have a job? I’m not trying to have swamp ass by working up a sweat in stuffy work clothes and then sit it. I either wear trousers or skirt with pantyhose so it’s not like I can just air out my ass at frequent intervals.

No. 1285564

Haram Emoji.png

No. 1285596

Obviously exfoliate your skin and such. Get better clothes. Cheap fabric can create a lot of friction and heat against your skin. Wear relaxed fit, switch to stockings + garters instead of full nylon. Wipe down your chair too, that thing is soaked in germs and sweat. Bonus if you get a pillow to sit on so you can wash it regularly.

No. 1285603

File: 1659368564960.jpeg (21.62 KB, 612x612, 53a3f26e-6c80-4077-b2a7-982999…)

I could never have sex with a man who wears briefs. Are they common outside of the USA?

No. 1285607

I see vast majority of young men wear boxer briefs in aus. I think some gym rats prefer briefs because their thighs are too massive.

No. 1285612

I think boxer briefs are ok. I'm watching the Sex Pistols show and these brit guys are wearing panties. Kek

No. 1285616

File: 1659369451452.jpg (60.77 KB, 800x963, 1652267377531.jpg)

There was a pasta here, I think it was from manifesto-chan, which mentioned that life's meaning is to love and women know that instinctively, while men don't. I think it was a quote from one of the bigger radfem authors, does anyone know which one (and ideally which book) it was from?

No. 1285621

File: 1659369993984.gif (15.12 KB, 69x121, 8605E714-2B20-409C-9308-E5F654…)

How do I find a dnd group? Any of you tried before?

No. 1285632


No. 1285637

Nextdoor app. I haven’t tried but I’ve been approached by multiple dudes at different workplaces asking if I wanted to join them. Is it a pretty common interest nowadays or what?

No. 1285639

oh duh, thanks
>Is it a pretty common interest nowadays or what?
I don’t think so, I’m just curious about where to start looking, I’ve been wanting to play for a long time
>I’ve been approached by multiple dudes
guhhhhhh this is what I was worried about, I don’t wanna be the only girl in a group. A women’s only dnd group would be awesome.

No. 1285640

Wait you go through three pairs of underwear a day? Must be some rancid discharge tf

No. 1285641

Yes it’s completely mainstream now, modern “geek culture” started to latch on to it about 10 years ago.

No. 1285642

Yeah I knew it was just their way of asking me to come over. They were normalfag looking dudes so I wondered. But I am mildly interested, I’d definitely give it a try with a group of women.

No. 1285647

No. 1285676

Kek that was so pathetic. Anachan needs an ensure. I got called fat here before just for complaining about back sweat.

No. 1285694

If you have a picture of yourself with that haircut then show that one to the hairdresser. If not, show the one you posted.

No. 1285705

File: 1659375139595.jpg (56.31 KB, 1280x720, Lost_Girls_Love_Hotels-7980014…)

What counts as normal alcohol consumption in regards to frequency? Is it normal to have a beer alone once a week?

No. 1285716

yeah that’s totally normal. even a lot of people will have a single beer every night after work as a way to decompress and that can be normal too (depends on your body weight and as long as it’s not much more than that one drink every day, drinking a ton of beers every day is definitely alcoholic territory no matter the person). some people just crack open a cold one every friday.

No. 1285726

I've been having this issue where the edges around my mouth and lip get really itchy. The corners of my mouth are almost always cracked and it's just kind of painful and inconvenient. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it? Like is it a vitamin deficiency or something? At first I just thought it was chapped lips so I bought Aquaphor and started drinking a lot of water, but now I realize it must be something else. It's been an on and off problem for me the whole summer and it's happened to me before in the past too.

No. 1285728

I remember some vit deficiencies causing that, might wanna get your levels checked

No. 1285747

who is the scary man at the bottom of the orange theme

No. 1285760

tranny woke up

No. 1285779

Bought a pair of cheap shitty loafers last year. I wear them to the office and it's fine but I can't wear them for long walks because they rub the back of my ankle raw, any tips? I've never had shoes that refuse to break in after so long. I think it's because the material is shitty plastic or something. Would taking a nail file and rubbing down the inner back corner help?

No. 1285786

buy some heel pads from amazon or something, they come in clutch for breaking in new and uncomfortable shoes. i rubbed my achilles heel raw wearing shoes for a single hour and i still have scars from it years later

No. 1285796

why were ugg boots ever considered fashion?

No. 1285820

File: 1659380832553.jpg (121.74 KB, 994x1500, 81yjubtfdNL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

With shoes like that I just preemptively put bandaids right where the shoes hit. They make those ones specifically for heel blisters that are pretty cushy and look more subtle than regular band-aids do.

No. 1285831

Were they really ever considered fashionable? I thought they were like crocs where everyone knows they’re fuck ugly but too comfy to stop wearing.

No. 1285833

I distinctly recall all the popular girls in middle school wearing them and you were considered lame if you didn't have them. They were definitely a fashion trend.
I found them pointless tbh cuz they got ruined in snow and slush.

No. 1285835

No. 1285843

File: 1659383155352.jpg (81.42 KB, 1200x630, apply-watch-comparison-1.jpg)

Are things like Apple Watch worth it in the long run?

No. 1285863

If you plan to use the data to monitor your health and improve fitness wise, then yes

No. 1285873

I'd be careful with any kind of vitamin supplement anon.

No. 1285883

File: 1659385265931.gif (782.09 KB, 400x300, Bn80.gif)

No. 1285895

who TF is gonna eat 100 zinc supplements in a day.

No. 1285896

I knew an autistic girl in high school who behaved like that but her autism was a lot more severe than the typical autist girl discussed in >>1284983 who just comes across as socially awkward. With this girl it was immediately clear to everyone she had autism, she was very loud and would often have outbursts. Even then though she seemed different from moids with similarly high tism levels so there definitely is some gendered difference in socialization.

No. 1285899

me! i took them for a long time years ago and it made a significant difference but i was also taking lion’s mane at the same time so it’s hard to say which did which, although i feel similarly sharp when taking lions mane by itself too.

No. 1285951

I need to do this to my brain asap

No. 1286028

I've never gotten a manicure or pedicure; can I go to the nail salon with my (toe)nails painted already and will they remove it for me or is that a rude thing to do? Does it cost extra?

No. 1286037

it's no charge anon! good luck, I hope you like the results. what color are you thinking?

No. 1286061

I want to get more into makeup, fashion, and skincare but I have no idea where to start! Do I start watching videos on YouTube or read guides on the internet? I just have no idea as a woman who's never had interest in "girl" stuff for most of her whole life.

No. 1286070

The quote is from the scum manifesto.

No. 1286094

Is the weird tranny spam that's been happening for the past two weeks finally over? I'm tired of quarantining on 4chan.

No. 1286095

he's still here but he seems to be banned right now. He's been hopping ips though and comes back almost every day

No. 1286109

>A woman not only takes her identity and individuality for granted, but knows instinctively that the only wrong is to hurt others, and that the meaning of life is love.
Is this it?

No. 1286130

This girl I know claims to be 80 kg, but she looks legit no heavier than 68 kg. She is 177 cm. She used to be anachan. Is it common for recovered anachans to lie about their weight in order to appear fit or something?

No. 1286133

Wait nvm i went on the womans body gallery. I forgot that clothes are the ideal way to hide fat. God I need to hit the gym and lift weight and get chiseled.

No. 1286139

Is there any downside to drinking lots of lemon juice? I'm trying to wean myself off of sugary drinks by infusing water with lemons and it's working really well so I'm worried it might be too good to be true.

No. 1286147

just awful for your teeth tbh, super acidic and eroding, worse than soda in that respect

No. 1286281

Has anyone successfully rebaked an undercooked bread or cake? I followed a recipe and the cake is still squishy in the middle despite being thoroughly done on the sides. Baking it longer didn’t help in the past. Can I eat the done parts and put the rest back in? Should I put it at a lower temp? Why can’t people just make recipes that work.

No. 1286293

I mean, how long has it been out the oven? If it's only been a few minutes I would say pop it back in and watch it closely. Ime, cakes don't set up after baking like brownies so you shouldn't let them cool if it's underbaked. Also maybe try using a different pan. If this is happening with multiple cake and bread recipes it might not be the recipe but your pan and/or oven.
sorry for reposting.

No. 1286299

Is it true that if you eat organic food you eat less bc it has more nutrients?

No. 1286307

ehhhh. organic food does have more nutrients but only because food genetically modified to be twice as big will naturally not have double the amount of nutrients. so gmo foods provide more calories but not more nutrients because a lot of that mass is just water. so basically you get the same nutrients from both except GMO would be more calories and more mass and organic would be less food

No. 1286325

No wonder poor ppl are so fat, wonder how much of binge eating is just ppls body starving for nutrients.

No. 1286381

File: 1659423996465.gif (9.81 KB, 135x110, SAlogo.gif)

I haven't been on something awful for years. What is their general stance on trannies?

No. 1286391

hint: "troon" originally referred to agp tranny SA goons, not just all trans in general

No. 1286400

I thought as much. Thanks nonna

No. 1286411

Kek, boy do I have news for you. They're mostly trannies.

No. 1286453

Any chance skater skirts will come back in style soon? I'm decluttering my closet and I have loads of them. I'm wondering if I should hold on to them to sell if they're coming back in style, since other 10's trends have already made minor comebacks?

No. 1286456

Seen people talk about wanting to dress like it's 2013/2014 again. Just have titles/tags relating to that Tumblr era.

No. 1286461

someone who likes the taste of them, just like the nonna above

No. 1286466

Supposedly fashion is a 20 year cycle, so just figure out the last time skater skirts were popular and sell them 20 years from them, or try and relate them to the newest trend by their colour and fabric and print.

No. 1286472

The tagging is a great idea! I hadn't thought about that, thanks!

I don't think the 20 year cycle is really a thing anymore with tiktok ravaging through trends at an insane speed

No. 1286511

I keep thinking about passive income possibilities and thought of a possibly stupid one: would it be feasible to use my apartment as an Airbnb, move to a cheap hotel while the tourists stay at my place, then move back in when they leave?

No. 1286527

This is a bad idea. Cheap hotels are cheap for a reason, such as safety, and lack of facilities/cleanliness. Just do your best to save, cut back on needless expenses you can live without, and look into less life-changing passive income, such as selling stock photos (not a lot, but it can be bought multiple times), or creating art like writing for amazon self publishing etc. There's not really a big income gain from other passive income generators, but it would be a money sink to use your place as an airbnb while staying at a hotel. Good luck.

No. 1286577

Should I spent $1k+ on a new/refurbished laptop (I bought a used thinkpad last year), or should I wait until I move out and have the space for a custom PC? Would $1k get me a decent custom made PC or should I save up more? I don't play PC games often but part of that comes from not having a computer that can run them lol.

No. 1286589

I bought a PC a few years ago (with some parts given to me for free from my Nigel) and it averaged around 1k exactly almost. It can run some games, but if you want an actual good pic to run a lot of games, I know graphics cards can be really expensive right now

No. 1286600

File: 1659449719794.jpeg (81.69 KB, 828x818, 53D56C7F-3A36-47DD-BE2A-64CED9…)

I have an interview for a position I can no longer accept because I have no car. (long story short, was supposed to get one but plans fell through) however, I do not want to miss that position in the future or other closer branches, so I REALLY NEED ASSISTANCE IN WRITING AN EMAIL.
Just a small one, if any nonny could do that for me I'd marry them in a heartbeat. I've lost sleep over this whole ordeal

No. 1286602

Pay me first

No. 1286606

Sure, just drop your email or btc address and you'll 100% get money. You simply must give me your personal information + cc first! Call it admin fees!!!

No. 1286612

idontworkforfree@common.sense or
Whichever you prefer.
I'll send you the email as soon as I receive the money, thanks

No. 1286614

File: 1659450738512.png (371.69 KB, 567x469, eugenie.png)

Mr / Mrs …,
I am sad to inform you I am no longer in a position to accept the job offer. Due to unforeseen circumstances and despite my best efforts, I can't expect to get my hands on a reliable car in time before work starts. It's with great regret I find myself having to pass on this opportunity to (work with your company / be on your team / whatever). Please know I retain a strong interest in the position and will present myself to you as a candidate for it again should you need a (employee/whatever) in the future.
I apologize for this change of plans and hope you can hire a great fit.
Have a good (morning / evening / etc),
your name

No. 1286637

File: 1659452171670.gif (865.3 KB, 380x400, 27E3AD37-27A4-45D6-9B27-D57163…)

Sirs, it's admin fees. Please pay up, I will send you a bill. Thank you, God Bless.

No. 1286638

Thank you beloved nonny. You will be in my thoughts, and I wish you success and money in your near future

No. 1286661

File: 1659453285576.jpg (80.34 KB, 1280x720, hq720.jpg)

please answer, I've been wondering this for like a decade and it's especially retarded.
I see cream cheese in my underwear at night when I've been horny, but also when :
>I've been happy
>I've done something especially interesting or engaging or completed a daunting task and I'm proud of myself
>I've met interesting new acquaintances or socialized with people I like (nothing sexual)
why is this happening ? do you guys also experience this ? is there a name for this phenomenon ? or is it normal to find it every night and the reason I don't always is that I'm just depressed and cloistered ?
I need answers nonnas

No. 1286666

That's just like the list of situations my dog gets a boner in
Maybe you're a dog?

No. 1286667

maybe you’re only doing these things at a certain time in your cycle lol

No. 1286670

might be thicker discharge when you are ovulating, look into how your discharge changes during your cycle. you might just produce more discharge than average, or have some kind of health condition like a yeast infection.

No. 1286680

thank you guys, I'll pay attention to my cycle, makes more sense than my theory ! sadly I'm not a dog.

No. 1286721

File: 1659455361591.jpeg (32.75 KB, 598x337, EAC6BB1C-E449-4EEE-A4DA-C9D334…)

are there any ways to reduce a bruise? I was stupid and used my leg to move a table yesterday and now I have a huge bruise panel on my thigh. I have been using arnica gel since last night. what else can I do?

No. 1286722

wait a week. why do you need it gone quickly?

No. 1286758

I don't think there's any way to significantly speed up the process but my grandma used to say that a hot compress will get the trapped blood flowing? worth a try I guess

No. 1286770

if you want it gone for an event or something you can try covering it with makeup

No. 1286777

i know bruises on legs take the longest to fade because your legs are on the bottom and all the "dirty" blood that's supposed to climb back up to your heart via your veins falls there, so the circulation is not as good.
maybe raising your legs, massaging your legs in the right direction (towards your torso) when they are raised, or taking fast walks or running if you're into that (the blood starts to circulate well after 5 minutes of actively walking).

No. 1286801

maybe he was just really stupid and meant to call you a rug muncher aka a lesbian

No. 1286804

Nta but kek that is hilarious if that's really what he meant to call her

No. 1286819

File: 1659462226034.jpeg (73.61 KB, 811x812, 788A6986-B4F1-47A7-9451-AB7142…)

Anon, I am updating to say you actually got me a job closer to my place in the same company. What the heck, thank you so much. I was freaking out and ready to ghost them.
Thank you so much my beloved

No. 1286848

nta but that's so great!!! Good luck at your new job nonna!!

No. 1286856

just because it's huge and kind of embarrassing.
thanks for these tips, nonnies! I really appreciate it

No. 1286866

File: 1659464002554.jpg (54.79 KB, 600x600, 6b2bfec4024885b9ae07044fd4285d…)

What's the easiest way to get pngs/transparants of clothing items to make collages like picrel? If any? I don't neccersarily need a website to make the collage itself since I have photoshop, but it'd be convenient if I didn't have to manually make them transparant.

No. 1286878

remove.bg works sometimes

No. 1286944

I love you anon, you are so welcome. Enjoy your new job !!!

No. 1286945

Ik you said you don't need a site for creating the collages but Fashmates is ok and it has an option to clip any image from the web and remove the bg. It's the closest thing to polyvore. You can also find a ton of clothing pngs on instagram and pinterest.

No. 1286988

there is another polyvore spinoff called shoplook that has some, tho the source for most of them are from tumblr and IG accounts

No. 1287093

Is there a such thing as emotional pedophilia? Bc my aunt moved in with me and my mom, brought her 2 granddaughters with her that my cousin abandoned, and these 3 are fucking weird.

The girls dotn go to school, they do FLVS, and they rarely bathe and NEVER get dressed except for doctors appointments- they wear muumuus any other time. Also my aunt babies them and coddled them- cooks for them on cue, helps them get dressed and even puts their shoes on for them when they're 13 and 14 years old and she even has both of their hair cut just like hers. My aunt has no adult ties outside of my mom and her mother (my gma)Gmail, and rarely her druggie daughter.

I ask bc when she got here a couple weeks ago, she saw that I had 2 cats in the house and got pissed that she, without even mentioning they had a cat gave hers up to a shelter without even asking my mom if the cat could be here, so now she keeps trying to start shit with my mom about MY cats trying to get them tossed out bc she surrendered hers.

So now, I come home from work today Aunt says both the cats got out around 9am (right after I left work) and says they haven't been back all day despite all 3 of them looking for them outside.

I call bullshit. Cunty aunt definitely did something to my cats, so I wanna unravel her fucking life bc she's now trying to get a job at the local elementary school to have access to even more, even younger children and I'm just not OK with it. This is a woman in her 60s who only hangs out with her grandkids and has spent the last 2 weeks trying to start screaming arguments over me having cats bc she surrendered hers.

Soo yeah, what can I do? This situation isn't healthy at all and also the 2 girls won't look at or talk to me or my mom either, they act like they're afraid of us and will only deal with my aunt. My mom says they've been living like this hopping between people's houses for the last 5 years since my cousin dumped them both on my aunt. Nobody called anybody to report anything, of course, and now they're all in here trying to farm BO and cockroaches and trying to fuck with my cats. I'm enraged.

No. 1287114

what part of florida are you in, anon? i swear to god we wouldn't be dealing with insane family and insane losers if we were not in this fuckhole state

No. 1287276

How difficult is it to mix plush fabric with 90% polyester? I don't have neither enough plush fabric or the other to make a full plush with it. It would be a 13cm plushie, so it's quite small, or would it be too difficult for a beginner to make it smaller? I just want to do something cute for a friend.

No. 1287281

where I live in north europe no one would give a shit, hope this helps

No. 1287282

is my nigel really THE unicorn nigel, or am I just hot this whole time and he wouldnt be here otherwise? FML I never considered that before

No. 1287288

Is shoe0nhead a terf or has she said any transphobic shit at all?

No. 1287290

Nothing you described is even close to being pedophilia. It's certainly unhealthy and overly emotionally attached. That's bad enough in it's own right and doesn't need to be called pedophilia to make it seem more serious, or whatever. The thing with your cats is worth revenge. Be considerate and cautious, see if the cats return, if they don't I would not take revenge swiftly. I'd wait.

No. 1287293

no she's a fucking disgrace and I dont even frequent the shoe thread just see the shit retarded scrotes send me. I doubt she has said anything seriously transphobic in earnest but Im hopeful to be wrong, anons correct me please

No. 1287317

Shoe is retarded, so while being a retarded anti-feminist, she is also extremely pro-trans because she has an ftm childhood friend who is a woman who calls herself Derrick. She has embraced both the most retarded aspects of politics.

No. 1287322

Shoe0nhead has never been based, so no, she has never said anything good like saying men are not women because they say so nor women are not men because they say so.

No. 1287389

If embryos are people at the moment of concept would that mean employing pregnant women would be against the law because of child labor laws?

No. 1287397

My ex broke up with me and I want to get shit-faced drunk but I am a person who rarely ever drinks and only on very special occasions. What are types of alcoholic beverages I can buy from the liquor store to achieve this?

No. 1287401

Interesting thought

No. 1287402

Sorry Nonie I hope you feel better soon. Orange juice or dr pepper as a chaser and tequila or ever clear.

No. 1287404

baileys, she's a wicked mistress

No. 1287410

They’d probably just charge the mother with child endangerment for daring to work while pregnant honestly

No. 1287411

Clear liquor contains fewer congeners than dark liquor. Congeners are compounds (besides alcohol) produced during fermentation that contribute to the severity of hangovers. Good luck nonnie, alcohol is the devil

No. 1287441

i think of this a lot. i’ve accepted that if i were ugly i’d never have drawn my nigel in. we met because he saw my pic with a friend of his and he needed to know who i was kek. he’s an amazing sweetheart and would do anything for me but yeah, sexual attraction matters more than most things.

No. 1287443

NTA, Chiming in to say this is literally true and pretty much the same thing happened to me with my long-time Nigel. Just a fact of life living the human experience I guess. Did we get picked? KEK

No. 1287445

it upsets me when i remember it but you’re right, i just remind myself of it being normal and inescapable. i think it bothers me more than most because i have to like a guys personality a lot before i ever feel sexual attraction

No. 1287530

Does anyone have a recommendation for a youtube to mp3 convertor site that is free, doesn't require a browser extension and downloads in a high bitrate? The ones I used to use are now obsolete and I've been looking for a new one for days but most of them seem dodgy or only download in very low bitrate. Thanks in advance if anyone has any suggestions.

No. 1287556

Is laser eye surgery worth it? I have terrible vision but i am also scared because i have heard of mixed reviews. I just wish i could back in time and slap my retarded 17 yo ass for being a hikikomori

No. 1287559

File: 1659509003706.jpg (47.46 KB, 640x427, 20220803_080718.jpg)

Nonnas, what would you gift to a 80 year old grandma?
She loves coffee and her cat.
Last year I gifted her a nice tea set, but I don't want to repeat the gift.

No. 1287565

maybe surprise her with some really fancy desserts? not to be negative but I imagine at that age possessing stuff doesn't mean much anymore and you just want to enjoy the moment.

No. 1287576

What's a good free online collage maker? Every one I try to use asks for a signup or wants my payment info.

No. 1287579

Yes, thank you!

No. 1287587

a nice blanket or shawl. if she still sees well that's great, if she doesn't it's something soft to touch.

No. 1287592

Would you rather have a low-stress, low-paying job or a high-stress and high paying one?

No. 1287594

Omg I want to make these cupcakes

No. 1287595

Low stress for sure. ofc 'low paying' has it's limits, I'd rather be stressed than legitimately impoverished, but I definitely stick to mediocre jobs for the reduced hours and stress (also didn't get a degree for that reason). I'm lucky though, wages are good in my country and my family is well off so I can get by as an underachiever.

No. 1287596

Neither of those exist. All jobs pay too little and demand too much.

No. 1287598

I used to have a low stress low paying job and i switched it to a higher pay/stress one. Money does make you happier in my opinion.

No. 1287603

File: 1659513027653.gif (194.07 KB, 204x200, 200.gif)

I want to watch a good modern kid's movie. I don't ever watch them, I think the last one I saw that I liked was Monster House. What should I download nonnies? No songs if possible, but not a dealbreaker.

No. 1287605

File: 1659513774764.gif (155.83 KB, 288x229, 31f.gif)

How modern are we talking?
The Lego Movie
Big hero 6
Mary and the Witch's flower
Monsters University
As for tv shows i recommend Gumball and Over the garden wall.
Paddington 2 was good but its not a cartoon, despite having a 3D bear walk around people.

No. 1287608

Perfect, thanks nonna! I guess by "modern," I'm thinking past 10 years or so. I'm also getting the new Minions movie kek

No. 1287617

Enjoy!! I wanted to add The Incredibles 2 was a nice movie if you saw the first one.

No. 1287621

For context, I get sore, achey thighs during my period that dissipate after the third day. A few weeks ago, I started to take bcp which was fine to me when I took it about a year ago. However this time, I get the same sore, achey feeling in my left thigh. What's going on? Is this a sign of blood clots? I should stop taking these, right?

No. 1287630

File: 1659517652407.jpg (840.96 KB, 1680x2520, wolfwalkers-poster.jpg)

i liked wolfwalkers, the bad guys is also great

No. 1287636

File: 1659518434848.jpg (284.67 KB, 566x800, MV5BOTRiNjdkOTMtMWY3My00MDNmLW…)

seconding this,also everything from this studio is great, i loved song of the sea

No. 1287648

nonas quick, is it a bad idea to make myself an enema using just distilled water?

No. 1287654

whats an enema

No. 1287658

My sister hates me, she's always making snide remarks behind my back or screaming or cursing at me calling me a filthy dog or a dirty whore and shit like that. Normal communication is not. possible. but for the most part I'm treated to the silent treatment, and she'll pretend I'm not there. Still I find myself so eager for her to communicate with me like when we were children. Every time the anger about some shit she's done or said towards me subsides, I find myself hoping we'll make up and I remind myself she's undoubtly traumatized by our childhood and that's why she's acting the way she does. But she always treats me like dogshit and deep down I know she's not going to change, and I know keeping my distance is the best thing I can do for myself so why am I so desperate for her to change and for her affection? For her approval of me? Is there some psychological reason that has me keep coming back for more despite knowing shit treatment is guaranteed? God I need to know why I'm like this.

No. 1287661

You have to be 18 to post here anon

No. 1287664

Kek I didn’t want to say it

No. 1287667

Are dental issues a guarantee with oral piercings, specifically medusa? I've read some things that it's possible for the piercing not to touch your gums when it's properly placed and sized.

No. 1287668

I am 20, is an enema something do for fun? I don't get it…

No. 1287670

google is free but here anon, from google
>An enema, also known as a clyster, is an injection of fluid into the lower bowel by way of the rectum. The word enema can also refer to the liquid injected, as well as to a device for administering such an injection.

No. 1287680

Omg thank you nonnies for the beautiful rec's!

No. 1287681

It's when someone sprays water (?) in their ass to get ready for anal sex.

No. 1287710

File: 1659531823131.png (305.51 KB, 367x337, 1644566955196.png)

ewww whats wrong with people

No. 1287729

Wtf do i do to gifts that i don't use. I want to sell it but id only be able to sell it locally which is a pain in the ass. I could try regifting them to someone if I'm lucky…

No. 1287733

is there a medicine or supplement that makes the scalp dry like accutane does? gosh i love not having to wash my hair every day…

No. 1287735

Just be careful with this because I ended up developing the worst dry skin on my scalp by drying it out. It took about a year for it to clear up.

No. 1287760

Donate them to your local charity or thriftstore?

No. 1287765

washing the scalp less and less over time makes it produce less sebum. my hair used to be an oil spill every day but i spent a while weaning myself off of washing daily. i only wash it like once a week or week and a half now, although i still wash my bangs in the sink daily lol

No. 1287768

yes it is probably a bad idea. just once won’t kill you or anything but it isn’t healthy for your insides. why do you want to do an enema? if it’s for health reasons try to buy one that comes with liquid, if it’s for butt stuff just fast for 12 hours if you must

No. 1287780

You can accomplish this by buying a high quality shampoo for greasy hair, washing your scalp thoroughly with it and rinsing afterwards with cold water for at least 2-3 solid minutes (the whole process would be better if entirely followed with cold water). I have greasy hair but while using accutane last year my scalp got very dry to the point of getting dandruff for the first time in my life. While taking the pills I washed my hair leaving 4 days in between, and it was mainly to get the dandruff off it. I finished my treatment 9 months ago and I'm washing my hair once a week. I could spend 10 days without washing it but I'm currently working outside so I get dust on it. I'm using a solid shampoo and brush my hair every morning and every night, during the day I wear an english braid.

No. 1287796

what kind of solid shampoo do you use nona? i'm interested in it because i feel like i go through shampoo very quickly and i can't often find a good one, but the only places i've seen to buy solids are lush

No. 1287809

Okay I came back to reply to my own question for anyone else looking for a youtube to mp3 convertor. I think I finally found one that does all the things I wanted, it's called dirpy.com and so far is working without any malware. It almost seems too good to be true so if anyone uses it proceed with caution because I don't want to be responsible for anyone getting a virus. Okay carry on talking about enemas or greasy hair or whatever it is you guys are talking about lol

No. 1287814

Danke anon, on my way to download all the good quality animu before they take it down

No. 1287830

File: 1659536782081.jpg (10.47 KB, 265x265, champu-solido-fortalecedor-ter…)

I go to a herbalist to buy many hygiene products. Regular herbalists and chain herbalists nowdays all have solid shampoos. They normally come in in a little cardboard package, it's very ecofriendly and you can smell the soap to check if you tolerate the scent. The price range is between 4 and 9 euros, usually. If you buy a solid shampoo you need to find a place/container that protects the soap bar from water, so you can keep it in the bathroom or even in the shower. Sometimes I leave my soap next to a window so it dries faster. I forgot to add that you can do an apple cider vinegar rinse, aslo known as ACV rinse. You put a glass of apple vinegar in a bowl and 5 more glasses of water. When you finish washing and rinsing your hair you use the vinegar water to cover your hair and scalp completely (I use a tiny cup to drop the vinegar water on my head), and after massaging and leaving it for 5 mins, you rinse again with regular water very thoroughly. This will make your scalp achieve a more balanced PH and you can do it every time you wash your hair if you do it every 5 days or so. And pic related is the shampoo I'm currently using, it lasts me about 4-5 months, and I have a mid-back hair length. Sorry for loong post!

No. 1287840

y2mate.is is ok too. i dont see anything weird but i do have adblock.

No. 1287881

I hope it works for you anon! Some songs aren't working for some reason and it just pops up with a "copyright error" but the majority are downloading fine.

Thank you so much for this link, it's working for the songs that the dirpy site isn't able to download.

No. 1287885

You can find solids at the drugstore, typical drugstore brands like Garnier and Guhl sell them too nowadays. Personally I buy mine online for the better stuff though, I like the brand ChagrinValley.

No. 1287937

Not only for anal sex, it's something that's done even when someone gets constipated or needs to be cleaned in preparation to some medical procedures and exams. Idk what anon wants to do it for.

You sure don't sound like you're 20.

No. 1287941

Nta but ACV rinses are sooooo good

No. 1287952

What happens to the 4 billion organisms in my kombucha when I drink it

No. 1287962

why are you so offended she didn't know what an enema was? if she's never needed one how is she supposed to know what it is lol

No. 1287966

nta but enemas are discussed for various different reasons in pop culture and online, even if no one ever uses one it’s like not knowing what a douche is. idk how any adult wouldn’t know what either are to be honest, purely from cultural osmosis. and she could’ve googled it since it’s just a word for a specific object.

No. 1287967

they fizz in your belly and act as probiotics that feed the good bacteria in your gut which make you poop better sometimes

No. 1287973

I'm not offended kek don't worry. She just sounded a bit childish to me, that's all.

No. 1287978

You all sound childish, stop shit stirring this is the questions thread not the argue over enemas and the age of other anons thread.

No. 1287986

File: 1659543915556.jpg (61.56 KB, 980x651, my masterplan.jpg)

Ok so let's say I slather my entire face with sunscree to the point it looks like picrel but I leave my eyebrows out, shape everything nicely, and then go out tanning… My eyebrows grow sparsely and are very light. Would the tan I'd get in that place make my eyebrows look darker?

No. 1287990

nona just get some eyebrow dye, it's super easy to do at home. I use refectocil

No. 1287992

File: 1659544216339.png (691.89 KB, 1366x720, me.png)

Samefag to add that I know it obviously wouldn't change the color of my eyebrow hairs, but would the dark base (ie my skin…) make it look as if it did?

No. 1287993

nonna, are you from eastern Europe by any chance…this sim looks like my friend

No. 1288001

Any nonnies here that get really dizzy when they get up from bed quickly? Like they have to stop for a moment and support themselves? I’ve had this for two months and it’s been bothering me. Did anyone succeed in getting rid of it?

No. 1288002

Eastern Europeans always have this hairdo too

No. 1288004

Just get it microbladed lmao

No. 1288013

I keep seeing tiktoks of burgers vacationing in Europe and complaining about the lack of drinking water at restaurants and the lack of ice given in drinks. What is the deal with this? Does everyone in Europe just have to carry around a reusable water bottle or are they just perpetually dehydrated while out and about?

No. 1288020

What, you can definitely get water at any restraurant? lmao

No. 1288022

Anemia girl, you need more iron. Try eating liver and spinach and see if it helps before taking iron pills though. (Iron pills stress out the system actually). Also drink a glass of OJ along with it because the Vit C helps with absorbing iron

No. 1288025

File: 1659547013622.png (114.8 KB, 646x450, bpchanges.png)

Yes. Standing up too quick can cause blood pressure to drop and that can make people dizzy, sitting up up for a minute before standing can minimize dizzy spells. If you haven't recently, get a blood test to make sure you aren't deficient in certain minerals and check your blood pressure. Low water intake/retention, anemia, and low blood pressure are common causes, but it can sometimes be an issue with the vagus nerve if everything else is normal.

No. 1288039

Even if you couldn't get water at a restaurant, which isn't remotely true, people don't go to restaurants to get water? You get bottled water from the supermarket or convenience store if you don't bring tapwater from home. Surely Americans don't go to a restaurant every time they/you want to drink some water either?

No. 1288048

>>1288013 I went over there on holiday and it was nice just being able to go in to a cafe and have them give you a cup of water to take with you. Here they charge you like $2 for a glass at a restaurant. I think water should always be offered as a complimentary thing

No. 1288055

Thanks for the suggestion, but logic and rationality doesn't work with me maybe I'll look into it
I'm not getting face tattoos

No. 1288081

File: 1659551441451.jpg (301.33 KB, 1500x1272, 407.jpg)

time for a fun/silly question: what's a food from your country/state that you love that you think anons from elsewhere would find weird or gross? I'm from the north of england and fish and chip shops there usually sell "steak pudding" whick is steak and gravy in a soft, kind of gelatinous pastry. it sounds/looks horrible but it's so delicious

No. 1288085

Im coming from the midwestern united states, but fried chicken gizzard are pretty good.

No. 1288097

File: 1659552375205.jpeg (159.07 KB, 528x800, 6ABA635A-A6F5-468A-A85B-A17A3B…)

I'm from Venezuela and a bunch of people think that eating tongue stew is weird but I love it.

No. 1288102

File: 1659552657216.jpg (644.59 KB, 1600x1200, Pfannkuchensuppe01.jpg)

there's a lot of german food that looks unappetizing but apparently pancake soup, of all things, is what really drives people crazy.

No. 1288114

i'm from up north too and i love this!

No. 1288139

File: 1659553945053.jpg (22.34 KB, 800x520, big-two-maamoul-date-arabic-or…)

Thought those were these. My Lebanese coworker made these for me, they had pistachios and walnuts and many spices. so yummy. They were like gumdrop sized so I just popped a bunch in my mouth like a fatass

No. 1288143

File: 1659554079435.jpg (30.03 KB, 360x229, cazon_secundaria.jpg)

Any dish with cazon (a type of shark).

No. 1288144

I used to work at a Chinese takeaway in England when I was in my last 2 years of school. We started moving away from English dishes due to stock chain issues. A woman threatened me over a steak and kidney pie and she smashed the wing mirror off my first car all because we had run out. They taste delicious but I haven't been able to eat any meat pie after that incident.

No. 1288146

File: 1659554333930.jpeg (106.94 KB, 1132x637, 1132x637-1-ZABIJECKOVA-POLEVKA…)

oh boi Prdelačka which is a soup made out of pork broth, onion, pork meat sausage, these random weird white grains and pig blood. And i swear it tastes really good

No. 1288148

This will definitely sound stupid, but why do extremely rich people still try to get richer? It reaches a point it's ridiculous and I don't understand what more could they want

No. 1288149

File: 1659554568246.jpg (176.93 KB, 1200x1800, chicken-chimichangas-6.jpg)

Chimichangas a fried burrito with sauce sometimes. I've been told it's not actually a mexico thing and some find it weird. Also hard shell tacos are an american thing.

No. 1288150

File: 1659554812573.jpg (197.02 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I mentioned these to my friends and they thought it was awful. They're called čvarci, it's basically pork fat thermally extracted from lard. Sounds awful but they're deadass amazing.

No. 1288151

File: 1659554821452.jpg (49.25 KB, 600x400, 828504354.jpg)

liqourice, especially salted

No. 1288152

I would assume land/market capital and basically being able to shape the world secretly by trading money with governments without actually being the leader with a target on your back. They could make the world however they want before they die while making sure their family controls it next. It depends how rich they are though.

No. 1288153

File: 1659555088066.jpg (152.01 KB, 960x1280, 71yzXFZEGVL._SL1280_.jpg)

I'm from a southern state in the US, and pickled pigs feet are somewhat common. I haven't had them in a very, very long time (don't eat meat anymore, and definitely not pork lol) but iirc they're pretty ok. Soft, salty and acidic. Pickled pig lips are also a thing. yes I posted and deleted this earlier
Apparently some people in Puerto Rico eat pigs feet too, shout-out to all the PR farmers.

No. 1288156

Don't you have supermarkets, kiosks and corner shops in America? That's where you get bottled water if you don't have your own. There's also plenty of drinking water taps everywhere to refill your bottle if you run out. Why would you go to a restaurant for it? Ofc they charge for it lol, it's a restaurant. They serve branded beverages.

No. 1288162

These people are plain stupid, you can always ask for water, just don't forget that they will probably charge you for it. And If you need ice, ask for it. I don't understand how is that even a problem… Even if they supposedly wouldn't want to give you water, there are a lot of grocery stores around where you can always buy a bottle of water.
I only grab a bottle of water with me if it's extremely humid and hot, but honestly, I have a lot of tiny grocery stores around me so it doesn't bother me.

No. 1288163

Nta but of course we don't go to restaurants just for water. If you're already eating at a restaurant why would you want to go to a corner store for some water, especially when it's usually free at restaurants

No. 1288170

Well then why ask such a silly question? We do the same, we just charge tourists because they obviously have money to be able to travel abroad.

No. 1288193

>we just charge tourists because they obviously have money to be able to travel abroad.
Well this answer makes a lot more sense than acting like it's weird for people to want water at a restaurant without having to buy it at another place or bring it from home.

No. 1288195

Why tf are incels so obsessed with white women cheating on them? Yeah I know they also think Asian women are submissive meek wives and black women are "exotic" or other racist shit, but the obsession with cucking and bestiality towards women in general in recent years is insane

No. 1288199

Every restaurant I've been to in Europe I was always able to get a free jug of water for the table. You just have to ask lol

No. 1288208

From what I have noticed, they believe every white woman supports sex work, is a washed up '''feminazi''' that would '''get triggered''' over everything. They believe that every white woman supports western fake-woke politics.

No. 1288209

>Nta but of course we don't go to restaurants just for water
Well then, why was anon asking if Europeans are dehydrated all the time if they don't serve water at restaurants, implying that's the only place they can get water from lol

You can usually get free water at a restaurant but you have to ask for it and of course you need to pay for branded water.

No. 1288230

i don't know how you guys but i always carry a waterbottle with me, seems weird to buy water everytime you go outside for longer

No. 1288242

Same, everyone here does that. Our tapwater is drinkable though and water taps in public spaces are common, I know it's not like that everywhere.

No. 1288249

File: 1659558592556.jpg (33.79 KB, 660x372, ducktales-money-bin.jpg)

How much savings do you guys have? Do you save the same amount of money every month? Is it in the same currency you receive your pay in or do you convert it to another currency? Do you invest in anything at all?

No. 1288274

i have nothing due to hard time but OMG THIS SCENE IS SOMETHING I'VE DREAMED OF and i think about it far too often.
i'd save and invest if i were in the position to. my granddad offered to loan me money (10,000) and teach me what he knew about investment, but he died two weeks later and it didn't work out.

No. 1288297

I have saved 6x my full monthly pay, and ideally I'd save 2/5 of it every month but I had plenty of expenses lately. I've invested about the same amount in stocks but I'm not expecting any significant gain anytime soon; I wish I had more saved but it's not bad either and gives me certain sense of security. For reference, I'm 30 and been working for 7 years now, but until 2-3 years ago it was barely possible to have anything left at the end of the month at all

No. 1288307

In terms of pure liquid savings that isn't in property or anything I have just over £400K. My regular job working with charities naturally doesn't pay much so it's almost entirely blown on food and bills. I make most of my money betting on sports as I'm autistic enough to keep up with stats frequently enough that I've got a 91% win rate as of writing this. My plan being to cash out and quit gambling if that win rate slips below 75%. Anything I win that doesn't go on bills is saved. My wife and I live pretty frugally as we're both incredibly boring so we're great savers. I do have some savings in euros but that's purely for my wife and I to go on holiday with, since I converted at a good time for our last holiday I thought it made sense to put some away for future holidays. I do fuck around a bit with crypto and I've had beginners luck with it but I don't do it much because I really don't know that much about it and it kinda scares me. I'm 31 and have been gambling on a large scale for about 6+ years, but I had a modest amount saved from my previous jobs and I get a trickle of money from my recently published book too.

No. 1288314

They believe all white women are liberal feminists and that feminism is part of a Jewish plot to exterminate the white race or something.

No. 1288318

About 15k USD right now. I save 10% of my paycheck and put 5% into a retirement investment account. My company matches the 5%. I might start putting some in a Roth IRA in the future but I need to figure that out.

No. 1288321

genuinely cant tell if this post is serious or not

No. 1288329

You can also use youtube-dl/yt-dlp (latest fork) on your computer.

No. 1288332

So you’re doing a microagression against me in the Stupid Question thread? I thought this was a space free of judgement.

No. 1288334

It's Boku No Pico retard

No. 1288335

Thanks nonny, it's just I see a lot of people on the internet talking about how wrong it is to not "support the band".

No. 1288337

I am a fucking retard and I will never trust what I hear guys say again.
I will never recover from this.

No. 1288355

How did you develop such an efficient strategy? Is it just statistics of looking at past wins and failures, and which players are the best? Did you learn some of this from a book or something?

No. 1288359

File: 1659566835113.jpg (96.53 KB, 1200x1200, classic-chicken-feet-dish-scal…)

That looks delicious. I like ox tail and chicken feet, but everyone I mainly work with like shitty fast food.

No. 1288364

Aaaa cvarci! Balknona, volim te.

No. 1288419

Don't listen to those anons, it's PikotoChiko.

No. 1288426

File: 1659570386078.png (224.78 KB, 516x664, 1562659423143.png)

what kind of movies do you what nonna, maybe I am too autistic for only watching kaijuu and class b movies from the 80's but I swear I have never heard of an enema. Hell, I watch fucking anime, the most degenerate kind of media and I have NEVER heard of what that was. The anime boys in the yaoi just go straight into the action, now it feels so gross…

No. 1288428

So, i wanna change my hairstyle from ''i haven't washed in 2 weeks god I am so depressed'' to something more youthful and 'tomboyish', something like pic rel but I am wondering if it's even possible to get a ''fluffy'' hairstyle like this when my hair is naturally very flat. I know nothing about haircare other than it gets greasy if you don't take a shower.

No. 1288429

File: 1659570792976.jpg (27.01 KB, 450x647, Soft-Curly-Hairstyle.jpg)

sorry for samefagging forgot pic

No. 1288446

File: 1659572322863.jpg (45.83 KB, 640x618, 5sn5xvauqwy61.jpg)

I'm very sensitive down there to the point it frustrates me, i cum way too fast. Would a vaginoplasty help me with that?

No. 1288485

Are you saying you have a dick? If so, suicide will solve all of your problems.

No. 1288503

Im not a tranny anon, vaginoplasty it's said to reduce sensation on the clitoris area so I was asking if I should get one too if I'm too sensitive

No. 1288510

if you want the nerves in your clitoris to be permanently destroyed therefore having absolutely no feeling there anymore, than sure, get the vaginoplasty

No. 1288525

Wow I thought it only reduced sensation, i definitely don't want to obliterate my clit

No. 1288530

Im gonna be so real with you nonnie, never trust any kind of doctor when it comes to absolutely any kind pussy surgery and 'sensation'

No. 1288553

I think you meant labiaplasty

No. 1288573

Probably not possible with your hair type anon unless you're styling it. That picrel looks styled to begin with.

No. 1288602

File: 1659580372940.jpeg (40.75 KB, 214x300, 1_d7-MjvU8BruLDrNnY4MuIg.jpeg)

Am I becoming paranoid nonnies? My(20s) coworkers, men and women, more often older(50s) women, will ask for my contact info in case we run into each other on the job again (rotating sites). Or today my male coworker said he could email some info about a working visa (which he did) in a different country to me, am I paranoid as fuck or is this normal in job culture? My work has different sites which different people rotate each job which my mom says is normal and this has happened over two years with no real followups and people are nice but I'm also not sure if I need more meds.

No. 1288608

that is all normal nonna, nothing to worry about

No. 1288610

thank you sweets, I will not worry so much.

No. 1288638

File: 1659582871305.jpeg (37.08 KB, 600x600, A3D65AF0-4400-49F6-95D6-8592FB…)

No. 1288646

File: 1659583596012.gif (119.5 KB, 480x367, malesareretaredfhgfbfdh.gif)

>mfw I am reminded of how my grandpa could have made our entire family rich if he had saved and invested since he started working his really well-paying job when he was young but instead, he spent most of it on supporting mistresses, coke, and beer
I have nada. After my parents die, I am very much doing an offing myself.

No. 1288697

How do you stop being friends with someone? Basically I met this moid on an app and I wasn’t into him after our date but I offered to be friends because I was looking for more friends in the area. But after a few months, I feel like talking to him and hanging out is a hassle and kind of boring and I really don’t want to be friends anymore. I feel like ghosting would be kind of rude since we’ve hung out a few times but also just saying ‘hey I don’t want to be friends anymore’ is also pretty rude so I’m not really sure what to do.

No. 1288699

that's normal

No. 1288705

Slow fade sis. Not quite ghosting, you just gradually limit contact, be less enthusiastic in your responses and make excuses not to hang out until he gives up. At a certain point if they're not taking the hint, you now have a moral justification for telling them to fuck off because they have no self awareness when someone is demonstrating a lack of interest. Chances are he's only being your friend to fuck you anyway so you probably have the moral high ground anyway.

No. 1288718


No. 1288722

Oooooo schizo tranny mad much?
Meltdown more Blaine kek

No. 1288724

It's the tranny trying to stir up shit because he has no friends like he says he does, lol.

No. 1288728

Better to take cats housesitting for a couple weeks where they would have a huge space and sunroom to spend time or leave them at home and have someone check up on them every other day? They are equally needy but adaptable and I don't want to disrupt them too much. What do you think?

No. 1288731

I wouldn't be able to travel to see them more than once due to distance so it would most likely be a stranger (to them) checking on them.

No. 1288736

Do you know if your cats adapt to new places easily? Because they still might be more comfortable in a familiar place even with a stranger.

No. 1288740

Would that be a person you can trust? I don't think it will make a big difference for the cats whether they know the person that cleans their litter and gives them food or not. I used to leave my cat at cat hotel and he seemed to have fun there (it had a lot of outdoor space with a whole obstacle course), but transport was always stress, so it tends to be better for cats to just stay at their own place.

No. 1288754

Tips for alleviating eyestrain other than obsessively using eye drops?
I work in front of a computer and Idk how other people do it tbh, at the end of the day my eyes are red and hurt like hell and sometimes I get headaches that start behind my eyes

No. 1288761

Do you have blue light blocking glasses? A filter over your screen? Drink enough liquid that isnt coffee? If you have prescription glasses are they properly centered at your pupils and otherwise do you need an update?

No. 1288764

have you been to an optician/doctor? i also work at a pc all day and game all night and this doesnt happen, so that's concerning.

i do wear glasses tho, maybe you need some if you dont already

No. 1288787

How do i get rid of blackhead? I clean my face every night and while my breakouts stopped my blackheads refuse yo die, i hate them, they make me look so dirty and gross

No. 1288812

I have never ever in my life noticed blackheads on someone. Quit standing half a millimetre away from the mirror when you look at yourself.

No. 1288829

nonnini are they blackheads or sebaceous filaments? blackheads i think are clogged pores but they look very similar to sebaceous filaments so it's sometimes hard to tell the difference. but either way everyone has sebaceous filaments, because everybody has pores, you just don't really notice them on others. how visible they are depend on your genetics - how much sebum your skin produces and how big your pores are.
anyways, salicylic acid and/or a BHA exfoliator will help with it. the paula's choice one is very good but i find it too harsh on the skin, i personally use the Cosrx BHA blackhead one. also use a gentler cleanser (i use pyunkang yul low ph foaming cleanser) because over-cleansing may cause you to produce more sebum or even destroy your skin barrier and that can cause acne. alternatively if you can afford it you can get facials, hydrafacial, there are even lasers that are for blackheads

No. 1288848

What was the name of the person that supposedly got that other lolcow esque site closed? I remember there was a huge migration of people from the site about a year ago.

No. 1288869

Thanks! They are actually super noticeable, like even from afarand without glasses i see them and they make me uncomfortable, it's all over my face too which sucks. I will check those products hopefully i can find them in my country

No. 1288877

File: 1659611916234.jpg (28.09 KB, 788x1024, PyunkangYul_Low-ph-pore-deep-c…)

This is the cleanser you reccomend nonnie? Its so expensive here, like a 100 usd

No. 1288881

nta but that's some weird skewed price, I looked it up and they sell it for 10 euro here, which is about the same in usd.

No. 1288892

This is retarded but I ordered a white dress with floral patterning (in the fabric, not embroidered) recently, do I use detergent for white clothes or for keeping color in? I'm handwashing it because my washing machine is broken so it won't get a beating or anything.

No. 1288894

File: 1659612883194.jpg (155.87 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_20220804-083127_Mer…)

Living in Argentina is hell nonnie, everything is so expensive despite being a shithole. I once had to pay 600 usd for a 300 usd monitor because this country has like a trillion taxes.

No. 1288896

for light

No. 1288899

File: 1659613557719.jpg (9.78 KB, 465x465, la-roche-posay-toleriane-clean…)

Nta but my skin is very picky and this works for my acne unless it's a bad period or I ate something wrong. the white bottle is for dry skin.

No. 1288902

Thank you.

No. 1288907

What about locally made stuff?

No. 1288912

We only have one national brand, Asepxia, and it sucks. It's the one i have been using since i was younger and its so bad i think it might actually hurt your skin more. I found a page called iherb that lets me import skincare products and its waaaay cheaper(still pricy but i can afford it). Got any more recs nonna?

No. 1288913

Are you also the locally made shampoo bar nonnie? If so, based

No. 1288927

Oh no sorry, I'm not that anon. I do coincidentally also use a locally made shampoo bar but I was more so asking because I was curious if there was a price difference between local made goods and imported goods/Korean skincare

No. 1288958

File: 1659618408246.jpg (766.75 KB, 1920x1280, 20200826-Thai-Durian-article_F…)

My one true love. I feel like you can feel my soul light up when someone else tells me that they also like it. It's good, I promise it is.

No. 1288963

I have $10K USD in my main savings account for emergencies that I can liquidate immediately if needed. Outside of this, I have about ~5k in two other external savings accounts because I run on an "out of sight, out of mind" mentality, and this is my second safety net in case I blow through my 10k (and I have autotransfers set up so it slowly grows). I have 18k in my roth IRA, 1k in my 401k, and about 3-4k split between two brokerage accounts. One account is strictly for stocks and it's my "for funsies" account. I only hold a few shares in a few different companies in this account, because I'm normally not big on risk and don't usually care to invest in individual stocks (also my other brokerage account works funny so I can't buy single shares of stocks on it). My other brokerage account is invested in a bunch of ETFs, my "safer" investment account. I usually keep a cushion of $2500 in my checkings but I guess it isn't really savings.

No. 1288974

File: 1659620383070.jpg (44.82 KB, 750x500, stinky.jpg)

I like soft pungent cheeses, the stinkier the better.

No. 1288977

Nta but damn it would sure be easier at least kek

No. 1288983

Is it weird that medical procedures sometimes make me feel violated, even though people are respectful and it's for my own good?

No. 1288986

Is it true that if you go for a swim when you're spotting, you're more susceptible to infections because your womb is 'open'?

No. 1288988

I have 60k in my bank account, from living with my parents, working full time and going really hard on living cheap/no vacations. It’s kind of depressing because my boomer parents think I’m a massive loser (their words, not me being bitter), but I’m single and any big spending I do will have a huge impact.

I’d like to learn more about investing but I don’t know where to start, all I know is that my new job gave me a HSA account.

No. 1288992

I tried it once and it tasted, looked and had a texture like a very old butter you forget in your fridge for months. I don't get it.

No. 1288994

What I've heard is that your vagina/womb/forgot which one closes when you're int he water and that's why you won't leak blood/as much blood when you're swimming. Could be bullshit though, I always use tampons
There's nothing wrong with wanting to have money, it's literally necessary to live in this shitty system.

No. 1289011

where the fuck do you buy cute gothic formalwear that doesn't look like you're trying to cosplay ebony da'rkness dementia raven way?

No. 1289018

File: 1659624027771.jpeg (101.51 KB, 970x561, rc5c10o078k31.jpeg)

it's funny because they're the same type of white guys who will reeeee if they see a white woman with a non-white man

No. 1289020

File: 1659624161535.jpg (108.87 KB, 760x414, deavan-clegg-edited-photo-90-d…)

and sperging over Deavan even, pathetic

No. 1289021

how long did it take you to save that much money?

No. 1289025

>really I’m just tired of white womunz
You are white women. You are the problem. There is nothing superior about you to whitw women. You are angry they aren’t subservient to you and because you are a racist you decide Asian women will be. Another demographic to attempt to terrorize.

No. 1289031

I’ve been working for about ten years. So I’d say 1/3 of that time was working a couple part-time jobs, and then going into full-time work. I also have to drive so right now I have 8k left to pay for the car I bought last year, and 2k to pay for college classes.

No. 1289046

I really don't understand the hate towards shein. When I go on aliexpress and amazon they literally have the same items. What's the difference? I'm confused.

No. 1289055

If I have a Kohls gift card can it be used towards buying Sephora products sold on Kohls’ website?

No. 1289057

Do you guys think there’s any way to raise a child in the modern age and have them not have internet brain rot but also not raise them so far removed from the internet that they grow up to be media/computer illiterate?

No. 1289068

This has actually fucking peaked me holy shit, I regret watching and reading the comments, even 'Men going their own way' cant leave us alone, the irony

No. 1289077

are you a tranny or something? the anime reaction pics and babytalk are embarassing

No. 1289082

God i hate this dish profoundly: shitty, gummy texture (probably because people undercook it but i don't know) and stinky ass smell no matter which seasoning you use

No. 1289086

all are evil, shein specifically is responsible for shorter trend cycles and influencer marketing that encourages wasteful hauls of poorly made clothes.

No. 1289088

I don't think so personally. But if I wanted to raise a kid in this climate I'd try to get them into outdoor and artistic hobbies, maybe team sports if the coaches and other parents show good cooperation skills and aren't too competitive. Kids get plenty of media recommendations from other kids so that's a chance to watch shows as a family and talk about what's being shown and teach media literacy that way. It gets harder when they're in school and getting internet brainrot from teachers and other students though, I have no idea what parents do about that.

No. 1289098

If you had to guess, without looking it up, what do you think is the most common car color?

No. 1289104

No. 1289127

White or silver

No. 1289130

What do you play in the background while playing video games/crafting/cooking, etc nonnies? I can't pay attention to both things at once, so I don't want to put anything too good on.

No. 1289134

methinks red

No. 1289137

I like listening to the radio because I'm like you I don't like being too distracted. If it's something like cleaning or mindless work like weaving I'll listen to a podcast. I don't get how people can have like 3 things going at once

No. 1289139

I just replay things I've watched before, especially vods from streamers I like, old podcast videos, or just long videos I've watched before. I wouldn't be missing anything new since I've watched it all before, but I like hearing them speaking in the background. Sometimes it's kind of hard picking out a video that isn't too good (so I won't want to solely pay attention to it). I was just thinking about how I have a handful of videos I constantly go back and replay solely for background noise kek.

No. 1289141

Shein has better quality jeans than most fast fashion brands

No. 1289148

Wtf, really? How do you know? I'm intrigued. nta

No. 1289154

agreed,also the only place that works for my wide ass and small waist, yeah they're kinda thin but I'm not wearing them 247 so it's ok

No. 1289157

Because I buy them all the time. Their clothes are actually better quality than forever 21.

No. 1289161

Do you mean PULL? I thought the admin just fucked off one day lmao

No. 1289165

How come when I’m on my period, I bleed more out of the right side? Is my pussy just stronger on that side?

No. 1289167

I like putting on boring push you tubers like critical or nostalgia critic

No. 1289173

I feel like half of the smear campaign is just Amazon's marketing team since shein is beating them in fast fashion. Funny how the same people crying about shien will by the exact same shit from Amazon or aliexpress.

No. 1289176

sedans - black
suvs - white

No. 1289182

No. 1289194

No. 1289201

Not above car color question anon but it makes me think. What's an uncommon but still acceptable car color? My cousin has a dark orange car. I can't decide what color car I want to get that would make it easy to identify in a parking lot, but not so distinguishable that people would always notice it. Also I hate orange so that's not an option for me kek.

No. 1289202

dark purple?

No. 1289203

I am car anon, mine is dark purple! it's not gaudy and gets a lot of compliments

No. 1289204

I used to have dark purple before a mechanic completely fucked me over. Now I have dark green which is also unique

No. 1289214

Oooh, those sound nice! Unfortunately google images only gives me the gaudiest photos but I can see the beauty of certain darker shades.

My dad always gets green or red (it's his lucky colors he says) so maybe I'll carry on the tradition and go with dark green. I always felt like it's a bit of a common color but maybe now as much as I thought.

No. 1289222

File: 1659637832091.jpeg (42.33 KB, 500x375, BBAF888B-8520-4510-8148-55CC05…)

I had a green car that would get a lot of compliments, but I also like bright blue. I’d suggest looking at Toyota colors because there’s are always really funky looking. The one in this pic is called brown sugar

No. 1289291

Woah, I actually really like that color kek. I really want a Toyota because they apparently are cheap to maintain, and that funny craigslist ad for an indestructible Toyota corolla sold me on their cars.

No. 1289299

File: 1659643079734.png (1.98 MB, 2220x3000, 110513_S126_P1.png)

How tf do you clean the lids of these when they have the thick rubber cork thing?

No. 1289306

I have the sistema version of these and the rubber plug is removable for cleaning.

No. 1289325

Why do some youtubers have such overly positive and praising comments? I've been watching some lifestyle youtubers lately (Allison Bickerstaff, Michelle Reed) who don't have a single negative comment on their videos (despite saying some pretty ignorant things) and all of their comments read "Oh I love you so much you're such a positive light in the world you bring me so much joy!" A lot of the comments seem to be from significantly smaller lifestyle youtubers so I'd imagine there's just some kind of engagement group where youtubers comment on each other's content for the algorithm, and someone else is deleting negative comments. Idk why it just really irked me today.

No. 1289329

They make all their comments be held for review before they can become public, so only positive and praising comments are visible.

No. 1289351

I have been on bc for 3 months now, the first 2 months were okay, but ever since I started the 3rd month, I've been bleeding every single day. Sometimes it's brown, sometimes it's light pink. Now, I read that spotting is common but I've also started taking a supplement for an unrelated issue recently that has a side effect of acting as a blood thinner. Could the supplement be causing/exacerbating the issue? Should I stop taking it?

No. 1289446

I was thinking about that too. I think being more aware of what children watch should be a start point. My little 8yo cousin got adhd from sitting on the sofa watching shitty amogus gameplays

No. 1289545

I remember in my school (different grade system but we were about 9 or 10 years old I think) when learning about history we got shown really quite graphic videos of how it was back then (human sacrifice, a child in a factory dying, a man losing his leg because of the work conditions during the industrial revolution). It made me pretty upset at the time, as well as other classmates and I'm just wondering is this normal? Teaching about history is great and of course it's not all wine and roses but in one of these 'educational videos' they straight up showed a teenager being strangled as a sacrifice to some god, nothing left up to imagination, you could see her eyes fall away. I'm a west-eurofag btw which makes this even weirder. It feels so wrong to show children this, I don't remember her being a bad teacher but this is so weird and creepy. Have any nonna's had a similar experience?

No. 1289556

because they have cults

No. 1289631

The irony in this statement

No. 1289662

If you see that being said then there is 90% chance that person is a pedophile. /tv/ is chomo central

No. 1289665

Is it normal to do an underbite when you kiss? I have a good bite normally, but for some reason, surface kisses, I do an underbite for. Is anyone else like this?

No. 1289710

File: 1659663336187.jpg (229.47 KB, 750x750, 598e1ac1-523e-46ad-b05b-2e5f07…)


No. 1289720

cuh-pree, like the pants

No. 1289789

What’s actual good or funny podcasts? Most of the ones I’ve tried just remind me of Redditors.

No. 1289995

Why is there always so much pointless drama in the lesbian thread on /g/? It kind of comes off to me like the thread is constantly being trolled by troons

No. 1289998

cuh pree

No. 1290014

I don't think it's the troons tbh.

No. 1290070


No. 1290133

All the infighting is between the lesbian anons in that thread kek what are you talking about

No. 1290137

probably the current and former tranny identified lesbo

No. 1290254

File: 1659680265976.gif (1.81 MB, 500x281, 2DC70367-0E0F-4B81-925E-B22710…)

Can I take the inner soles of my converse out? I have plantar fasciitis and I need to put specially curved insoles in my shoes or have terrible foot pain but they seem to be glued on. The internet says I should use a hairdryer and then put them in the oven for like 30 secs to melt the glue. Is there an easier way?

No. 1290259

File: 1659680788036.gif (Spoiler Image, 1014.42 KB, 500x282, 114395.gif)

No. 1290273

Hello, I am your doctor this evening. Please be seated, a nurse will be along shortly to administer the vodka. Here at the internet clinic we specialise in answering vague medical questions with little to no medical information or history, such as this. Due to my expertise, I would recommend you continue to Google it and ignore the obvious fact that you should be asking a real doctor. Fuck those guys.

No. 1290275

Samefag, in all seriousness you are probably having a common (kek not normal, but very common) period response to bc, I really do suggest you ask whoever perscribed it

No. 1290282

does anyone have that kpop guy dog gif but with putin's face shooped on it

No. 1290288

Definitely not normal.

No. 1290289


No. 1290292


No. 1290302

Would plain white vinegar work for a red wine vinegar substitute when making oil + vinegar sauce thing for sandwiches? I've been a mayo and mustard anon up until this point and wanna branch out

No. 1290303

I'm crying at that gif, what an improvement over the original

No. 1290430

EE here, around your age I had a history teacher who really liked talking about nazi germany and went in depth describing the war crimes, tortures happening in concentration camps and especially Mengele's work. Not as bad as showing videos, but kinda proves history teachers are freaks lol

No. 1290447

When I see "↑20" on a twitter bio (mostly jp & kr) does that mean the person is over 20 or they want their followers to be over 20?

No. 1290456

File: 1659694703947.png (349.19 KB, 500x376, tle753cr42606814b79ab6409b7d18…)

Anyone else really miss Fantage? I was obsessed with the fashion show game, and buying all the cute outfits and hairstyles. My friend had like the biggest and fanciest house everyone went to and I was soo jealous kek. I miss all the 2000s virtual kid worlds really

No. 1290516

Try avoid wearing synthetic materials so your skin breathes better - the pantyhose probably doesn't help and if your pants are polyester or synthetic, that could be creating the issue because it traps moisture and therefore sweat against your skin. Go for 100% cotton, bamboo or wool underwear so your butt can breathe. Try a looser fit if you're wearing tight pants.

Change up your soap or bodywash to see if something else works better for you and exfoliate when you soap up with a washcloth or loofah. You don't need to scrub hard or anything but enough to loosen dead skin cells so you get less clogged comedones.

No. 1290520

File: 1659697849527.png (757.69 KB, 764x409, panfu_2.png)

I miss Panfu dearly

No. 1290530

it means that they themselves are over 20. they'll usually specify minors do not interact/18+ only elsewhere if they don't want kids following

No. 1290538

wtf is blaineposting? is blaine the schizotranny sharting on lolcow for the past few days?

No. 1290549

File: 1659698659825.jpeg (8.2 KB, 279x180, remove-bg.jpeg)

There's an action in photoshop called 'remove background' in the properties panel that works fairly well most of the time. Google it if you're not sure.

No. 1290552

What the fuck is going on with the racist posts that wouldn’t stand out on stormfront? The Russian texts? And everyone and their mother accusing me for being “the” tranny? People warning each other with long lists of how this tranny posts and going schizo with witch hunts? The schizo posts like “I know you’re this other posted on thread blah blah blah number #7!!! Just shut up now!!1”
I come here to rant because I’m in an extremely stressful situation and I want to get it off my chest.

No. 1290554

Oh my god yes. I used to have a fantage youtube channel and a DeviantArt where I would post my shitty ms paint edits.

No. 1290568

why are trannies like this

No. 1290574

Russian-speaking moid is from Kuz thread and he doesn't want to leave.

No. 1290579

This is the tranny, don't reply. If you wanted to get shit out your chest you would not had spammed Russian shit on a thread where a discussion about a tranny is happening. No I won't tell you the right thread to do that, you stick out too much.

No. 1290582

File: 1659700139737.jpg (82.88 KB, 1080x408, 1658606851936.jpg)

go dilate

No. 1290592

Okay now I’ve just been accused for being the person who posts in Russian by two different nonnies. Wtf is going on

No. 1290593

I am not a tranny. A mod or janny can confirm. Stop calling me a tranny and can everyone stop being a schizo please

No. 1290597

You can't embed shit newfag

No. 1290599

Do not interact with Blaineposting. Do not reply to blaineposting. Do not encourage blainposting. Do not reward blaineposting.

No. 1290606

Why do we use veins to determine our colorimetry if most of the time the back of our arms its lighter?

No. 1290608

File: 1659701608805.jpg (77.43 KB, 775x537, IMG_20220730_132626_670.jpg)

Should I learn how to crotchet? I have no real skill, I did some embroidery (shitty) before and thought it's relaxing even when it's not that pretty. Is the learning curve steep from this? How did crotchet nonnas start? Also I'm
a bit a poorfag so is getting the materials and stuff a big commitment for noobs?

No. 1290610

It’s very surprisingly therapeutic. You can probably borrow materials from your nan or someone to start, and a relative might show you. I’d say it’s worth it.

No. 1290611

Honestly, your symptoms sound like ADD. For my entire life I'd had issues with being exhausted, having shitty concentration, and the inability to focus also gave me anxiety in social situations. Seems like this is helping you, and you only have to take it once a week which is nice. I've been on ADHD medications (stimulants) that you have to take daily and while they did help significantly, I hated how they raised my heart rate, made me thirsty 24/7, killed my appetite so I lost a lot of weight, etc. It didn't feel healthy for me in a long run, despite it making me a lot more productive and focused, so I stopped and am now struggling with the same problems again.
What you're doing seems to be working for you, and you're having no drawbacks. You're not a junkie, but I understand the feeling. It sucks having to rely on medication to be a functional human being.

No. 1290625

Nta but question for ADHD/ADD anons on a prescription: did it give you acne? Any bathroom problems? Low libido? Change in period at all? What are you on or have tried?
Asking because I feel like I have ADD but have never been on any meds that weren't from health conditions. Never been to a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist.

No. 1290627

File: 1659703313407.jpg (53.45 KB, 564x564, 0f48fbab75a057a3cb9335d03c4c33…)

What hair dye, or combination of hair dyes do I need to get a similar result? I bleach my hair, so it's platinum blonde. I've been looking at manic panic but I don't like how vibrant the colours are

No. 1290628

No. 1290640

Why would you want your hair to look like that?

No. 1290646

This looks gorgeous, good luck nonner

No. 1290653

Try asking in the hair thread in /g/ if you don't get a good response here

No. 1290677

Can eating spicy foof make your lips super dry? Wake up today to dry, itchy lips. I already have dry lips but never this bad, the only difference i can think of is that yesterday i had spicy food.

No. 1290679

Thank you Nonnettes, I will try there!

No. 1290694

File: 1659708363145.jpg (19.72 KB, 730x577, 0a4c51a7-f5a1-401c-a54d-01277e…)

Nonnies who built their computer, do you know any good resorces on where and how to start, or any advice?

No. 1290713

When you finish burning a candle with a nice container what do you use it for after?

No. 1290717

Why do some men leave their menopausal wives (to look for fertile partners) and some don't?

No. 1290837

I almost passed out in the shower 3 times now. I don’t shower often but when I do this happens all the time. What can I do to stop this?
Also I’m already working on taking more frequent showers please don’t jump me for this

No. 1290844

Your blood sugar is low or the heat is too high, this only happened to me when I was an anachan ngl

No. 1290845

1. get a shower chair/bench
2. take cooler showers
3. don't shower early in the a.m.
4. make sure you move around a little bit before you get in. Don't go from sitting or lying down to standing in the shower, walk a few laps of your bedroom to get your blood pressure stable.
5. get checked out by a dr.

No. 1290847

Do you have a window in there or leave the door open? letting the room steam up with no air will make it difficult to breathe, or you could just have low blood pressure
This used to happen to me and I passed out when I left kek, but opening the window wide open helped me

No. 1290852

Spicy and salty food can make your lips dry, and if you already had dry lips then it can make it worse

No. 1290898

whats with aidens and being delusional with male attention? twice i've seen aidens comment about co-workers being into them and then having mental breakdowns when the coworkers obviously end up having 0 romantic or sexual interest, like from what they say its obvious they're trying to be gentle and act as if they're talking to another male but they twist that into "obviously they want to fuck me so bad"

No. 1290946

And that’s a very male way to interpret any small sliver of kindness, is it not?

No. 1290968

I love you anon. I hated the way everything developed after expanding the map with the plane and that evil panda trying to get world domination or whatever that plotline was, though.

No. 1290974

Every time I wear eyeliner, I can never get it off completely when I remove it. There’s always a bit of a dark color that rubs off around my bottom eye creases and stays for about a day. Am I just a dumbass? I’ve tried all kinds of regular eye makeup remover, mineral oil, coconut oil, what am I missing?

No. 1290979

this reminds me of an aiden i used to talk to. her coworker would ask her invasive sexual questions and she called it 'gym locker talk' between bros kek. how could this dumb bitch be so delusional she thought being sexually harassed was meaningless validation

No. 1290990

You're probably, somehow, removing it wrong because oil definitely breaks up make-up.

No. 1290991

is it possible to learn to be more empathetic? for example when my friends are telling me about some terrible thing that happened to them i of course try to comfort them and help out but i feel absolutely nothing. i think i could be of more help if i knew better how they actually feel, is it possible to learn this?

No. 1291009

The best tip I've learned is to ask yourself: "If I were in this situation and felt the way they're feeling right now, what would be MY motivation for feeling that way?" and follow up with: "What would I want people to do for me in that situation?" Sometimes it's also okay to just ask people what they need in that moment, and tell them you want to help but aren't quite sure how and would like to know so you could support them in a way that works best for them.

No. 1291010

File: 1659728645006.jpg (95.09 KB, 410x341, tumblr_inline_olye40nXIE1t438c…)

The question actually made me check if there is any panfu pirated server, and there is! But… There is also a new official version too, apparently? Panfu com. But their twitter account is new and it makes me feel sketchy, they keep saying that they are a real panfu team but I can't find any proof, but the website's name is legit (compared to a private panfu us server). I really thought of playing it for nostalgia reasons, after all I loved the interactions, customization, levels, and even quests.
Love you too nonnie, sadly I can't remember the quest you are talking about.

No. 1291011

I don't have an answer about whether you can become more empathetic or not, but I think it's fine as long as you are trying to comfort them. I am the same way a lot of the time in terms of not feeling or understanding their hurt. But all I know is that I'd appreciate being comforted and helped out more than a person standing there and saying "yes I understand how you feel."

No. 1291018

thank you nonnas i'll keep that in mind insert smiley emoticon

No. 1291019

File: 1659729328130.jpg (47.58 KB, 678x1156, 6546454.jpg)

Any other anons not believe in deities or magic but still practice witchcraft anyway? I don't ACTUALLY think Diana exists and is blessing me every time I pour some wine out for her, nor do I think any of the silly little spells I perform work, but it just feels comforting and focusing. I used to enjoy manifesting for the same reason. It's a helpful way to remember what I'm working towards and what things are important to me, and what things I want to make happen. Plus it's just silly and fun, I would never tell any of my friends or family that I make offerings or pray or cast spells, it's just a little secret for me.

No. 1291020

what is happening in /snow/?

No. 1291029

That's what I do but with the law of attraction/manifesting.

No. 1291030

i do that too nonna, i personally don't really care about if the belief makes sense or not i just know the manifesting has worked and continue to do related stuff. i don't need to know weather the gods/forces are real just like how i don't need to know gravity is real to feel it's effect

No. 1291036

i am extremely sorry if asking this just fuels the retard's ego but why can't he just be permabanned what is so hard about that i see people get bans for other offences why cant the retard shitting everything up get it too?

No. 1291039

No. 1291044

I think it’s also important to recognize that other people have different feelings and emotions. Sometimes it’s easy to disregard something because we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and think “well that wouldn’t bother me” but it’s not always that simple.

No. 1291068

Yeah, that's why I said you have to imagine yourself actually feeling what the other person is feeling and try to figure out why you would be feeling that way. So it's not enough to think "what would I feel in this situation?" but "if I actually, truly felt upset the same way this person does, what would be the reason for me to feel that way?" and try to imagine and dig and build from there. Not saying it's always easy or a success, that's when direct support is better. But it at least simulates empathy for people who have difficulty feeling it just like that.

No. 1291080

make a new candle!

No. 1291089

File: 1659732287615.jpg (61.74 KB, 570x570, 7d9d36563645d66f0fa5c516bfd8fa…)

when i finish a candle with a clear container i paint little honeycombs and bees on it, in little clusters like picrel but ofc it's not raised like this. then i fill it with a white/lighter candle color

No. 1291173

If a guy asks for your number or Instagram which would be better to give him

No. 1291179

Are lesbians that do have sex with mtfs/tifs actually lesbians or would they just be sexually fluid?

No. 1291184

Lesbians having sex with tifs = still lesbian
"Lesbians" having sex with tims = no

No. 1291190

ig, less personal

No. 1291196

Anyone into dick is not a lesbian.

No. 1291201

File: 1659738349523.jpg (133.7 KB, 720x1028, 1f7f38240ea826ce14f01724c16156…)

What's the best website to download movies in hq from for free?

No. 1291219

If you're having sex with a man, you are not a lesbian. Just annoying bis and spicy straights.

No. 1291269

good try, glowie-chan rarbg by the way

No. 1291275

Thanks fren gonna stop eating it then, not worth the super dry lips

No. 1291289


No. 1291303

I use 1337x

No. 1291336

What's it like being a stoner, or what is your experience like being around stoners?

No. 1291338

It’s addictive but alleviating. You might be all around more calm, but your mental acuity may be stunted, also if you’re predisposed to mental illness then it may exasperate it. Everyone’s got a vice, and it’s definitely on the lower tiers of harmfulness. Probably.

No. 1291389

why is "insecure" used as an insult? has it always been used in this way or is it a more recent phenomenon?

No. 1291393

because it is an insult? i've always seen it used this way. insecurities breed paranoia, so people use it as an insult to describe the way someone is acting about something.

No. 1291397

Are low-set twintails as inappropriate above the age of twelve as high-set twintails are?

No. 1291403

I'm 30 and I wear high set twin tails and no one can stop me

No. 1291427

imo the lower and further back they are (like closer to the nape of your neck than your ears), the less childish they seem. It's such an arbitrary distinction but still.

No. 1291450

As long as you're not wearing child's clothes and expecting to be taken seriously during a meeting at work, it isn't inappropriate to have pigtails when you're over 12 years old.

No. 1291524

howw do you embed a youtube shorts?

No. 1291659

What is it like to fuck a buff man?

No. 1291660

it's the best

No. 1291663

I need it. Made the mistake of looking on Reddit only to find brainwashed pickmes saying that they prefer squish. (Low self esteem)

No. 1291664

Fucked men of all body types you can imagine. Best is buff with narrow hips or skinny. even buff guys with wide hips look awful

No. 1291665

>Fucked men of all body types you can imagine
Oh you are so underestimating my imagination

No. 1291668

It's called having preferences. Maybe don't dictate what other women find attractive? Just because some women don't want to fuck firemen doesn't make them pickmes, for fuck's sake

No. 1291671

if they're tall enough the wide hips are very good

No. 1291678

>Maybe don't dictate what other women find attractive?
Someone fucking needs to so bitches stop gassing up uggos. No wonder why so many ugly men have big egos and think they're playboys

No. 1291680

Anon isn't dictating anything, she's making a fair and rational observation. I would add that it's not just being a pickme who wants to coddle dadbod moids, it's a low self esteem thing. I've seen plenty of women admit it and have noticed it in myself in retrospect. We're constantly told we're not hot enough for any man let alone a man who is hot himself, it's easier to tell yourself you prefer less attractive men who are more attainable to soothe your insecurities. It's a pre-emptive defence mechanism because of the rejection they expect from better looking men.

No. 1291681

Ok Boyega-chan

No. 1291683

Idk I find muscles and stripper bodies to be gross and I prefer skinny guys or slightly chubby guys, or swimmer bodies. That's just me. Call it low self esteem, I just do not find guys who look like corn on the cob to be hot.

No. 1291691

swear on god I never took part

No. 1291692

>swimmer bodies
You act like that isn't buff…? They're lean as hell with massive shoulders.

No. 1291696

Skinny guys are attractive too wtf stop acting like a Reddit pick me, you sound like Shoeonhead.

No. 1291697

What hair color would go well with any color for clothing? I am stuck with my character design and it drives me insane. Any unnatural color is fine too.

No. 1291699

How was it fucking an obese man and an emaciated one?

No. 1291753

Why are there so many Filipino gendies and TRAs?

No. 1291765

Terminally online + rigid gender roles + religious trauma

No. 1291769


No. 1291783

Why don't you decide on the colors of the outfit first and then adjust the hair color to that? What general color scheme are you going for, cool toned or warmtoned? I think a mousy blonde or the opposite, dark brown hair would work okay with most clothes though

No. 1291790

Other countries have rigid gender norms and are very religious yet I haven’t met as many compared to Filipinos. I’m also including social media accounts the algorithm recommends to me, so many themlet artists are Filipinos.

No. 1291797

Can an anon recommend any sauce good for sandwiches that doesn't contain: flour, tomato, dairy, high soy (mayo), or peppers? All of them hurt my stomach while mayo seems to cause acne and so does peanut butter.

No. 1291840

Is there a way to play particular Steam games offline without putting Steam itself on offline mode?

No. 1291853

hummus maybe? if store bought kinds tend to include an unnecessary ingredient (like some random soy product) it's not hard to make on your own. and then you can adjust the taste/consistency however you like. balsamic glaze is also a nice addition to things (weird I know but I have used it on sandwiches and would recommend). not a sauce you want to overload on though. you might have to go out of the box a little bit. depending on where you live, there might be some good dairy free alternatives available too.

No. 1291895

File: 1659796558605.jpeg (420.31 KB, 1242x1670, C608EE18-7493-40A5-86A4-8C941A…)

Is it too late for me to start stimming? I fucked up my hands and some other things like my phone cases by stimming, I honestly have managed to stop doing so because I just try to get distracted by other things, but sometimes I go back to picking my skin or scratching things when I least notice it.
I just found out about these stickers that you can put anywhere, they're kind of pretty too, and they're made to be scratched, rubbed and such.
Should I give it a try? Or will this make my stimming worse? I don't want to look like a sped, but I also want to stop fucking up my phone cases and my skin.

No. 1291901

Everyone fidgets so it doesn’t really raise flags for people, tons of normies have stress balls or pick at their nails or whatever. If anyone asks and you just frame it in terms like “oh it’s something for boredom, it keeps your hands occupied” they won’t see it as a sped thing. Personally I wear a lot of rings that I fiddle with in public and no one seems to think anything about it. And it won’t make the stimming worse for you to have other things to do.

No. 1291917

Spicy brown mustard (or any other mustard, but I only like spicy brown lol) or pesto maybe.

No. 1291919

I hate peanut butter but I love Tahini on my sandwiches. Provides some smoothness, creaminess and nuttiness without being over powering.
Mustard, various chutneys (check ingredients to avoid triggers) pesto, there's also weird vegan nut spreads which is basically pesto without the basil. Those both probably have high oil content like Mayo does, but it may be the type of oil in the mayo causing acne. Also look into pickled spread or Achaar made from a variety of foods.

No. 1291928

Hummus on toast with mushrooms on top, so good

No. 1291967

For some reasons Filipinos are very present in English speaking kpop/weeb spheres compared to other asians who prefer their own circles in native language I think

No. 1291970

Theres a trend of Asian artists putting they/them in bio because they’re all fujo and it’s the hall pass against western weirdos

No. 1292059

I need for some project to ask about niche chinese fashion to get some info on it. where should I ask ? I did not find a reaally okay thread on lolcow so I'm a bit lost

No. 1292067

Terrible but emaciated is still better than obese. Underweight guys are easy to push around and control better though so they're a lot less likely to try some rapey bullshit

No. 1292078

PH is a dying, sad country but they also consoom as much TikTok (especially) and twitter as possible, the troonery there reached a point that even normies are talking about it, they mainly believe it's a freakshow (which it is), but young or west-obsessed teens/early adults want everything to be like in the US.

No. 1292084

Chubby guys are so ugly. Women can get away with being chubby/overweight because they hold it well (usually makes them look more curvy, even if they have a big belly), but chubby men look like abominations. They get tits and beer bellies. Horrifying, I don't know how anyone can find that attractive.

No. 1292273

I want to burn something on DVD, which I have never done before. Do I have to burn everything at once, or can I do everything I need to do, and then, if I find something else, keep using the same DVD until all storage is used up?

No. 1292412

File: 1659826634145.jpg (12.74 KB, 220x222, Maxell_DVD-RW_4.7GB_crop_20051…)

you can erase and rewrite them if you buy blanks that specifically say RW, not just R. good luck nona!

No. 1292419

Ideas for using a 3D pen? My mom bought one for me when they were popular for 5 minutes way back when and I have never once used it. The only idea I have is like, trying to make a bracelet for a doll.

No. 1292428

In a family restaurant, how can i prove my brother in law is stealing money? Im thinking I double count the drawer and safe behind him or before him in the AM

No. 1292462

if you have enough material and some sanders maybe try mini figures? you could make some 3d keychain like a plant or character you like then finish it with modpodge or uv resin so it wont break easier hopefully

No. 1292515

File: 1659834358571.gif (1.91 MB, 360x203, no idea.gif)

Who the hell do I see to find out if and what mental illness I have? My med doctor suggested I see a therapist and recommended someone who I saw a couple of times but all she did was give me suggestions for stress and anxiety and to be honest, it was all stuff I could have found via Google. I thought she would ask me questions and make suggestions for being assessed. Am I supposed to bring up a disorder or mental illness that I think fits and ask if they agree? Something is wrong but I don't know where to even start, to find an answer.

No. 1292517


No. 1292525

What's the best bubly flavor? I was gonna get peach or strawberry

No. 1292546

What do you think you have lol

No. 1292552

I love pineapple and watermelon.

No. 1292570

Don’t, you don’t want to be put into a system. Any pills they’re going to give you are shit. You know your symptoms and issues research and work on what you can to alleviate them without prescriptions or a “diagnosis”. You could go to 20 doctors and get 20 different diagnoses so I don’t really think it’s helpful. If it gets too bad then seek professional help… though I don’t really even condone it then tbh. Just a suggestion

No. 1292600

File: 1659843565490.jpg (7.11 KB, 279x180, images-3.jpg)

Is the phrase "normal people scare me" cringe or corny? An actress I really admire and have respect for has it as a tattoo

No. 1292607

What was the first ever lolcow post?

No. 1292609

I would assume this (if this link works) >>>/pt/1

No. 1292611

Samefag, yep /pt/ was the first board and that thread is discussing how this site is a replacement for another one so it has to be that one. Kind of interesting to read of you like reading about how lolcow came about.

No. 1292613

File: 1659844928572.jpg (26.83 KB, 500x658, 8895d1988c0ead9bbb805760c4648e…)

ain't that phrase from the first season of american horror story lol

No. 1292617

File: 1659845457531.png (105.13 KB, 1313x1177, exhaustion.png)

Just getting real angry because my landlord doesn't do anything radical/proactive about a mouse problem in his building, his """investment""". I live in a 100 year old house that has been sectioned off into a few apartments and I've never seen mice until this summer. My other housemates have seen them intermittently last fall and now. Like, I get it. An older house will have more intermittent pests but my landlord is shitty and likes money so he doesn't really do anything unless collectively threatened by us. We individually asked our landlord to do something, and he did set some traps and he told me that he called some guy to "fill in entry points" outside the house but I think he's lying since there's a really obvious one where the roof meets brick, if that makes sense.
>first time: saw an easygoing, slow walking mouse coming in from the kitchen/lr area to the apartment door. gone then (July 18th)
>second time: saw one under my desk in my room. should have chased it fully to see where it escaped to from my kitchen/lr (July 21st)
>third time: saw one limping in the hallway and when it saw me, started scampering away to the exit.
>didn't want to kill it so I let it out of my door
>maybe I should have squashed it with my shoe (Aug 6th)
It's so fucking exhausting to deal with this landlord and I don't know what to do other than threaten him with the city if he doesn't do anything again, but I don't want him to set traps because it's not doing anything.
tl;dr Why are mice coming inside my apartment if they're not going through my cupboards and the house is generally tidy? And where the fuck are they going out?? How can I find entry points since they're not obvious to me?

No. 1292625

File: 1659845983550.png (193.91 KB, 500x638, 1575458406763.png)

do you think it's worth "being yourself" if the real you is unpleasant and unlikable? maybe even a huge bitch too sometimes.

No. 1292629

If you live in misery in a facade or break it then the consequences are your own fault.

No. 1292633

i feel like i'd be screwed either way. i'm already miserable as my true self, but of course no one likes a fake either, so idk

No. 1292636

Just do it, being honest is better and the right people will love you more

No. 1292637

It's a phrase in general

No. 1292640

dark brown or silver gray

No. 1292641

it's cringe AND corny

No. 1292669

Is it an autistic thing that I didn't realize for a long time that at work, you have to project a trustworthy work persona and pretend you can do nothing wrong?

No. 1292671

File: 1659851103983.gif (942.87 KB, 500x260, 27f6543h457e8999c87ee41cac.gif)

Where does the "Hugh Jackman is secretly gay" rumor come from? It seems like a very popular well-known rumor like an "everybody knows it" thing but is there any actual evidence? Idk he doesn't really give off that impression

No. 1292673

I've seen because he does a lot of Broadway and because people think he's much more attractive than his wife so she must be a beard.

No. 1292782

Why is my pussy always SO DRY? I never have any vaginal discharge at all, not even when turned on. It's painful and sometimes itchy. What could be some of the causes?

No. 1292785

I think I have a yeast infection for the first time, any advice?

No. 1292793

There’s a thread for this in /g/

No. 1292810

My friends and I discussed our exes last night, and I mentioned that one thing I really liked about my ex is how gentle he was during sex and how he'd whisper things like "I love you", "you're so amazing" and call me beautiful while we were doing it. My friends thought this was really weird and that they'd be turned off if their boyfriends ever started to sweet talk them like that. It's not like my friends want to be called slut or whore during sex either, but they said they'd prefer hearing stuff like "yeah, you like that, don't you" rather than "I love you". Is it weird?

No. 1292816

I love the cringe romantic talk from my bf during. Sometimes he'll bring up something funny I said days before and tell me how much it reaffirmed how much he loves me. It's a little intense sometimes but I'd rather this over porn talk any day.

No. 1292820

>yeah you like that
That's such porny shit, dries me up instantly.

No. 1292821

If he doesn't whisper about crushing our enemies victoriously, burning, pillaging and taking the throne so we rule over what's rightfully ours, I'm not interested in sex

No. 1292826

>but they said they'd prefer hearing stuff like "yeah, you like that, don't you" rather than "I love you"
That is the most drying shit you could hear. Sounds extremely porny and selfish.
What your ex did was not weird at all, my partner is the same.

No. 1292829


Thanks for the replies, nonnas. It's nice to hear about other people's experiences on this.

No. 1292850

You’re friends are weird. That shit is so cringy. I’d rather my partner tell me how she/he loves me instead. Dirty talk is fine in small doses but not the forced porn stuff.

No. 1292873

No, your friends are the weird ones. They sound like they have extremely low self-esteem.

No. 1292885

Is there any good way to advise people to seek help? I don't believe in magic words that make people change, but I'm worried about my mom's mental health. She's never been 100% mentally sound but now that I'm old enough to to see her maladaptive patterns, and how they're getting worse, I don't want to watch her go off the deep end.

No. 1292921

Can I learn digital drawing without a tablet?

No. 1292927

Yee. I did. It takes longer and is more difficult. I liked having a large mouse pad to make it faster and give me more control. Had one already. Did my sketches and photographed them first and then worked chunk by chunk to ink and color.
Otherwise stuck to pixel stuff where I could fill cells. Pixel was much easier than anything else without a tablet

No. 1292931

Any genuine Halsey enjoyers on lolcow? Any Halseyheads in here? If there are: what draws you to her music and why do you enjoy it? Or if there are any Imagine Dragons listeners that see this, same question to you. Why. This is an honest question not a shitpost.

No. 1292960

You can light up and clear someone's path in life, but you can not make them walk

No. 1292964

Btw you might want to look up "osu tablet" or something similar on aliexpress. I got one that's quite good for like 20 dollars that still hasn't broken somehow

No. 1292986

Anons who're into gardening and/or foraging, how do you keep track of what to do when? I'm so disorganized. I don't feel like my regular day to day planner is fit to write in when to sow something or around what time something can be foraged.

No. 1292996

Keep a house journal and learn about the plants you have. Plants have signs for what they need and when their ready. If you learn how each plant communicates you don’t have to keep track as hard because you can just tell.
A lot of our grandmothers kept house journals which is essentially just a notebook full of chores, appointments, dates, random notes, recipes and foraging and gardening notes. Have you tried keeping a house book?

No. 1292998

My planner is big enough I can write those things in it but I also put reminders in my phone calendar and keep a notes page in my phone for tidbits I need to remember

No. 1293099

why are black people so loud??????

No. 1293115

File: 1659891444930.jpeg (52.84 KB, 500x500, 6A09A305-7554-4AE1-9706-749852…)

I like Halsey's BADLANDS album, don't really care for her other music or even know what's out there. It's mostly nostalgia as it came out when I was a teen, but I like the edgy girl lyrics, simple melodies, and the beats too I suppose. None of it is super profound or life changing, I would never claim Halsey saved my life or that she's a musical genius. I couldn't even say her music is good! For me it's really just the simple pleasure of remembering what it was like to be fifteen years old and batshit insane. Also I find it hilarious that she's from white bread New Jersey but is always singing about LA.

No. 1293189

Why are German people like that? I feel like every German person I’ve ever interacted with has been one of the most retarded people I’ve ever encountered, like disproportionately so

No. 1293191

never met a funny German either

No. 1293196

File: 1659895670991.jpg (331.57 KB, 1209x914, german furries.jpg)

what would Otto von Bismarck think if he saw this

No. 1293207

Now it makes sense that the only German I know is a furry TiF

No. 1293208

To me they seem -really- upfront about the way they think and their own desires, never had a problem with that too since idgaf, but I only ever met mentally severe and extremely perverted french women and men. They also always end up being extremely obsessed with sex and degeneracy.

No. 1293209

I live near the German border, my interactions with Germans irl have always been fine.

No. 1293214

It's what happens if autism is part of the culture.


No. 1293236

File: 1659897946632.jpeg (226.78 KB, 466x665, 209F915C-3F0E-411D-811B-C33C1C…)

No. 1293248

A house journal..I've never heard of it and googling bring nothing up but it sounds like a good idea. I might try that, thanks!


No. 1293256

Reminds me of this video where a German bloke brings his plushies on a waterpark trip with his mother, but the plushies have holes in them so he can put his chode in, he's completely shameless about it too, and the devastation in his mothers voice over this pathetic manchild is genuinely depressing, I wish I could hug her

No. 1293275

File: 1659899028554.jpeg (498.5 KB, 828x1415, D15AD404-5E42-408A-8D82-887064…)

What the hell are these and why

No. 1293314

They make your toilet smell nicer. No idea why she's putting so many there, one alone smells strong enough and lasts a bit.

No. 1293317

No clue but my first thought that it's like those soap thingies that hang from the side of the bowl but in the form of jelly that sticks? Kinda cool if it's that tbh cause you got less garbage, those soap thingies come in disposable plastic containers.

No. 1293345

Now that you mention it I hope they aren't all different scents. The combined smell would give me a migrain, but one usually smells really good.

No. 1293357

Oh thanks, that kind of works. Yassified toilet bowl.

No. 1293361

File: 1659901408012.png (48.55 KB, 300x700, bubly_bell_12.png)

Thank you anon. I didn't see either flavors, but I saw a Bellini flavor so I think I'll get that next time.

No. 1293365

wtf we dont have this one in my city, i like the apple and blackberry the most

No. 1293370

File: 1659902082179.gif (466.91 KB, 370x298, 5837ce1cd355429dbb2244e2780b80…)

Is it okay if I don't want to befriend a person because of their best friend? Her best friend has been talking a lot of shit behind other people's back to her (in their friend circle there were two people and he talked shit about them behind their back, I saw through screenshots) and she is known to be a jealous type without that. Her best friend is also larping as a gay woke guy (while being bi) and asks a lot of personal questions. It all smells fishy to me, but my partner wants me to get along with her. I also have a feeling they already gossiped about me before.
Don't get me wrong - I don't mind gossiping about famous people and content cows, but not when it's gossiping about your own friends without them knowing. I am conflicted.

No. 1293373

Apparently it's a summer exclusive

No. 1293380

I like strawberry and lime the best from what I’ve tried

No. 1293381

Anons, what was the reason you quit your job? I was thinking about quitting but I don't know if I should. I was feeling unhappy at work rn…

No. 1293384

Maybe wait until you get a second job lined up. That's why I quit my last one, i got a better paying one with benefits

No. 1293426

If I wanted to get a new graphics card, could it just be any kind or do some graphics cards only work with certain computers?

No. 1293427

Women who prefer Asian men date Asian men, men who prefer Asian women date fat white girls, why? If you prefer Asian women just date Asians then, don't go make a huge deal about how much Asians are better than whites then continue dating white girls. I don't understand men

No. 1293435

asian women hate their moids.

No. 1293438

Men date who they can afford not who they like

No. 1293447

Because men who prefer (fetishize) Asian women are disgusting weeb losers, so those women rightfully avoid them

No. 1293467

Kek true but these same moids gloat about how easy and submissive asian women are to white men but the only people who seem to put up with their shit is white women

No. 1293477

I'm sure they'd prefer those women who look like kpop idols or japanese porn stars but those women would be out of their price bracket. Instead of bettering themselves to get who they want they settle and then take their anger out on the women they settled for.

No. 1293543

Looked into it a bit further. Apparently this guy ‘Garage Art’ or Lord Dobby has a YouTube channel where he goes on unhinged rants. Imagine living with this man

No. 1293547

The mother sounds extremely mentally ill too tbh.

No. 1293683

have any of you ladies bought a nice swimsuit off of Amazon?

No. 1293685

No. 1293700

I just hate fast fashion in general and how much waste it produces tbh. Mostly I just wish people would buy less clothes I don't care where they get it but nobody needs 50 pairs of jeans

No. 1293708

yes, hes a figurehead of MGTOW despite always looking for a new wife to prey on. He has protective orders to keep away from all his previous wives and kids. That vid was actually used in his divorce proceedings kek.

No. 1293719

How do you cure depression?

No. 1293764

You don't nonners, you manage it.

No. 1293926

I love the apple one. Very chuggable.

No. 1293933

kek by that logic women who date uggo men are closeted lesbians

No. 1293967

Graphics cards only work with specific motherboards. Google 'the model of your motherboard + compatible graphics cards' and you'll find a list on the manufacturer's website listing all the compatible ones

No. 1293979

Thank you anon, I'm pretty tech illiterate when it comes to computer parts

No. 1294111

When does a boyfriend earn the Lurch title? What makes a Lurch?

No. 1294119

I feel like I'm going insane… Can you grow and get larger bones in your late 20s? Because I can't fit in some of my old clothes, but when I touch the body parts that can't fit in them (ribcage, hips…) I feel no excess fat. Are my bones getting bigger?

No. 1294124

No. 1294126

Old clothes will shrink from being washed so many times

No. 1294132

You're right nonna, but those are some winter clothes that sat in my closet for the last two years.

No. 1294137

Closet too hot or too damp.
It's not the bones kek

No. 1294140

At what age do toddlers realize they have something or nothing between their legs? I heard it was 3 but my 2-year old nephew who wasn’t wearing a diaper peed on the boat but his stride was the same like any other man taking a piss

No. 1294153

how do you make throwaway discord accounts these days? I can't find a throwaway email that discord allows

No. 1294171

Can’t believe it’s been an hour since this post and no one has called you fat yet

No. 1294174

Can't you just make a random Gmail account or something? There are plenty of email providers out there.

No. 1294191

How often do you change your pajamas/home chilling clothes? I feel like doing it every time you shower is too excessive

No. 1294193

I just used my side gmail acc

No. 1294198

You can just add +1 to your email address if you want to make an account on the same email.
So for example

No. 1294203

Can u help me with my gacha games

No. 1294206

File: 1659965419510.jpg (42.88 KB, 612x497, gettyimages-663534-612x612.jpg)

Anons who slack off in HO, how do you do it? Do you consciously plan out the hours you will work and the hours you will do something else? Or do you just do nothing until you get an email asking you to do something?

No. 1294211

What is HO?

No. 1294252

Home office

No. 1294254

Is it just a malicious myth that among the Irish and English, alcoholism is pretty much part of their culture? Or is there truth to it?

No. 1294271

Do saunas have actual health benefits?

No. 1294274

What does the lite mode do?

No. 1294280

Make the website quicker and easier to load by making gifs static and uh idk what else. So it's 'lighter'. Useful if you have a bad internet connection

No. 1294290

Any ideas on how to make a makeshift watercolor palette? To mix on

No. 1294320

You can use a plate or any lid from a plastic container! If your watercolors are in a case you can use the lid of that as well. Or maybe a piece of aluminum foil? Really anything can be used as a palette for colors as long as it doesn't soak up the color

No. 1294322

i often used plastic bags but those are pretty unstable try plastic containers or the glass in frames and stuff like that

No. 1294323

what does ayrt mean?

No. 1294324

anon you're replying to

No. 1294341

If you buy items in a worth over 10000 yen, you get a 500 yen discount/reduction on your shipping.
But since you only buy fir 210 yen, you'll pay the full, normal shipping cost.

No. 1294342

depression never goes away.

What has helped me living with depression since my pre-teens:

Live a healthy lifestyle (diet and exercise). Walking 30 minutes a day already helped me a ton. I'm usually on my phone then either way just as I would be in doors. Job to spend time on and make money to feel like you're not rotting away and surround yourself with decent people. Find hobbies you like in your free time.

Figure out the warning signs (I know it's going to get bad when all I want to do is game alone, however I do game with friends often enough) and surround yourself with others when it's starting to get bad. Maybe even pray to God if it makes you feel better and have hope. Never lose hope. It gets better.

And of course, if you've the resources, seek professional help. You might have something going on in the background that can be worked on along with a professional.

No. 1294344

If she streamed on Twitch, do you think people would leave her alone or harass her for being ugly and old? Not exactly her, this is a Getty image, but someone of her attractiveness. Does she transcend the ugly-woman-needs-to-be-trolled line or is she just the kind you would ignore? https://www.gettyimages.ca/detail/photo/portrait-of-young-adult-business-woman-against-grey-royalty-free-image/1338113998 sorry I leave a Getty link because the image won't attach

No. 1294345

What does sage mean?

No. 1294346

If you type 'sage' in the email section of the post, it wont bump the thread to the top

No. 1294347

you put it in the email field if your post is non-milky or slightly off topic so it doesn’t bump the thread. some anons have a bad habit of saying they’ve saged the post but they don’t actually sage it

No. 1294351

Once a week. Sometimes longer, but only in the cooler months. I also have separate sleeping and lounging clothes, and only get into sleeping clothes after showering.

No. 1294362

Yea that’s autistic as hell of course people want to feel like they can trust their coworkers, the fuck?

No. 1294367

Other anons already explained its purpose but it's short for the Japanese word for "sageru" (to bring down).

No. 1294369

Something ceramic is the best because the color won’t bead up like it does on plastic or foil. My favorite palette is the bottom of a butter dish, but most plates work as well.

No. 1294371

What wordplay is in the American Dad episode 'red october sky'? It's about communism so I get the 'red' part but what is it a wordplay on?

Thanks nonna's!

No. 1294390

It’s a nickname for the October revolution. The episode is a parody off a book.
>> the Great October Socialist Revolution under the Soviet Union, also known as the Bolshevik Revolution, was a revolution in Russia led by the Bolshevik Party of Vladimir Lenin that was a key moment in the larger Russian Revolution of 1917–1923. It was the second revolutionary change of government in Russia in 1917

No. 1294393

What does the audience guy say at 32:30? I’m ESL

No. 1294404

Which one? The one stage far left. “He did is already but..” he’s explains when the next photo op is for the other two.

No. 1294422

Oops sorry; it should be someone in the crowd (can’t be seen) after bearded guy says “I’ll do this for you”.

No. 1294442

Thank you nonna!

No. 1294454

If it doesn't work with the Youtube field on here, I don't think there is a way to unless you download the video and convert it to a webm

No. 1294458

9/10 times whenever I press play on an embedded youtube video on here it tells me I have to go to youtube to watch it. Is this a mobileposting problem? It's annoying as fuck.

No. 1294460

Same here, on desktop.

No. 1294465

No, that means the video uploader forbid watching their videos outside of youtube.

No. 1294469

No, it's those 72.68 dollars until you get a shipping discount (aka until you reach 10000 yen/74.24 dollars). If you buy more items worth 72 dollars, you will reach a total item cost of 74 dollars and get a 3.71 dollar reduction off your shipping.
So, you can just ignore that bottom square.
Just click proceed and you will be able to choose a shipping method and see the shipping cost.

No. 1294481

how do I spoiler text

No. 1294487

Go to meta and scroll

No. 1294497

thank you

No. 1294551

Does anyone else orgasm in their sleep? I thought it was something that only happened to moids but it started happening to me this year, probably about once a month

No. 1294556

Hell yeah. I get incredibly vivid sexy dreams sometimes. I wish it happens every night.

No. 1294557

When I was in highschool I had a sex dream where I orgasmed it was a sleepy trance of me escaping a vampire only to end up bitten. The next day my neck was extremely sore and I was shook. Coworkers asked me if i got laid lmao

No. 1294561

You probably were bitten..

No. 1294563

Yes, it's a strange but interesting sensation orgasming without being touched

No. 1294580

When you orgasm in your dreams do you really orgasm irl?

No. 1294584

I do. Been happening for years now on occasion.

It's not a very intense one for me, but it's a physical sensation for sure that leaves me sensitive afterwards.

No. 1294586

More like you orgasm irl so you orgasm in dream. Brain is a sex organ fr, I feel the sensation of penetration and everything.

No. 1294590

Yes. I've never had sex or even kissed yet the very rare times I had sex dreams the sensations felt way too realistic and intense.

No. 1294597

I feel like I have once or twice, but it's hard to tell if it was a dream orgasm or a real orgasm. I've also never gotten off without stimulation while awake so there's that.

No. 1294598

why does everyone else get sex dreams except for me

No. 1294601

They're fun until you mix them with a fever dream where you end up having an orgasm while a thousand fleshy eyes stare down at you from the sky and the ground beneath you is on fire. Either that or I had sex with an angel.

No. 1294602

Or until you have one with someone you are related to

No. 1294604

holy fuck, kek.

No. 1294607

This convo reminds me of that otaku femcel anime where the girl tries her hardest to have a wet dream because virgin kek

No. 1294609

Yeah it’s fun and everything but it’s a dice roll between sexy astral boyfriends and disgusting scrotes you know irl, do you accept these risks?

No. 1294614

Forgot to say, when that happened, I had those dreams without really realizing it. I can have lucid dreams but I only had these orgasms in normal dreams I can barely remember once I wake up.

No. 1294807

Should I buy the jacket or the fancy water bottle?

No. 1294820

Water bottle! Work gave me a Yeti the other day and I love it so much

No. 1294823

Ok! Thank you sweet nonny, stay hydrated, I love you.

No. 1294912

when to take a pegnancy test

No. 1294915

Does the temperature of the water actually matter when washing dishes?

No. 1294924

not really

No. 1294926

Hot water helps get the gunk out yeah but I don’t think it kills more bacteria or anything cuz it’s not hot enough plus your soap is already doing enough. I don’t get why people get so neurotic about stuff like that.

No. 1294930

I find hot water really helps, we have a boiling water tap at work and I just blast any stubborn stains to get them clean. I think it has to be really hot to sanitize so if you're putting your hands in it that wouldn't be an option.

No. 1294934

Thanks. I usually only wash with hot water, but I loaded and turned on my dishwasher before realizing that all the hot water was out. I was thinking I might have to do another cycle.

No. 1294973

Why do collard greens give me diarrhea? And also all breakfast foods too, except for toast.

No. 1294974

Depends on if you want to punish your dishes.

No. 1294977

Your body isn’t used the salt

No. 1294978

Collards have a good amount of fiber

No. 1295002

What does penis (soft vs hard) feel like?
Is it anything like the skin between your nose?

No. 1295043

It's different man to man, but I don't remember details from my ex at all (it's been years). I'll try to explain it without getting austismal. Like really thin skin over a slightly harder thing. Like a soft skin sock over a really small forearm that moves over it. When it's soft it has more squish and it's like a skin sock over a deflated forearm without a bone.

No. 1295076

I'll just say that (personally) on an erect penis the veins are scary to touch like they're gonna explode if you squeeze the dick too hard
Also the thin layer of skin seems really loose it's kinda annoying to grasp, I guess kinda like the tip of your nose but musch smoother
I've never touched a soft dick now that I think about it

No. 1295077

The texture of skin on a soft penis and balls is akin to your elbow skin when your arm is spread straight except it's much thinner. A hard penis feels more like a very hard sponge but the thin skin makes it feel soft and velvety.

No. 1295103

very chewy

No. 1295115

File: 1660030710875.jpg (20.84 KB, 474x474, cffc6d72a508337f195093f49ea37a…)

I don't know where to put this dumb discussion, but I had a dumb argument with a friend over her weight loss choices.
She lives with parents, plays games all night and she brags that the way she loses weight is by not exercising, not even by going outside but by simply ordering grocery store food delivery. The thing is, she pays 4 euro for a grocery store delivery WHILE the said store is 15-20 minutes away from her. I know some people say that it's a long walk, but with the roads that are built on our street, it really isn't! It's just a smooth straight walk where you have to cross a tiny street once. We don't live in a dangerous area either, it is full of elderly people and cat owners.
Am I stupid for thinking that it's painfully stupid and a waste of money, especially during our 4th inflation? I grew up in a poor country and I moved out of there so I believe that her decision is retarded. On top of that, isn't it better to move around, 'touch grass' for weight loss? I know it is mainly around calories but there's no way in hell that you are that lazy to go to a damn store walk. I do that everyday.
Mind you, her parents have a mini-gym in their basement but she never uses it. Parents cook good, healthy food too but she is playing a rebel card in her 30s by staying up when everyone are asleep to pretend online how 'cool' she is when she doesn't even bother cleaning and helping her grandma in 80s.

No. 1295124

Would it be strange to hit up a family friend for coffee (to hang out) now that I'm older? Context is she's 15 years older than me which seemed like a lot when I was 20 but recently reconnecting with her at events in my early 30s has been really fun. I think she's really cool and I look up to her a lot and want to be friends. I'm embarrassed to try though!

No. 1295125

and yes, even in my 30s, it feels weird.

No. 1295128

completely normal. go for it and have fun. i doubt she'll decline your invitation

No. 1295130

She sounds retarded but it's not your place to argue with her about her life choices. Making suggestions or encouraging her to exercise etc is one thing but it's her life and it doesn't impact you so you're better off just letting her be.

I get your frustration though, I have an overweight friend who doesn't have much money but she still buys a tonne of junk/fast food every day and thinks a short walk is a massive effort, I just want to tell her how bad her choices are. But it's not my place and I've just gotta mind my business.

No. 1295156

The state of this website.

No. 1295168

File: 1660037452543.jpg (207.03 KB, 703x692, 1660036757390.jpg)

What do I do if my mom is well meaning and generally regarded as a nice person but she's toxic for me?

No. 1295183

I'd also like to know this, my mother has no concept of boundaries, she gets upset about things she has nothing to do with and tells people around her what they should do with their lives and she is surprised when people disagree with her or get angry

No. 1295191

You roll your eyes internally and tolerate it. It's Mom, it's the closest thing to God that actually exists.

No. 1295201

Why do transplants that are lost immediately try to use the term summerfag when they’re upset

No. 1295204

Kek you might as well namefag, damn

No. 1295217

That's the stupidest advice I've ever read on this god forsaken website.

No. 1295219

That's the tranny just ignore and report.

No. 1295220

No. 1295233

You're just mad because you're underage and easily triggered. You responded to a post I made that wasn't even direct at you then act shocked when I assumed you were the op.

No. 1295236

File: 1660039680619.jpeg (430.98 KB, 828x526, 809B6B83-9C7F-4CBC-A459-2DFB1F…)

No. 1295241

I'm >>1295235 can you add it to >>1295201 that was obviously made by him for my own enjoyment kek

No. 1295245

Is there a voice-to-text software that is 100% free and accurate?

No. 1295272

Establish and enforce boundaries. If she actually cares and loves you, she'll learn to respect them eventually, but it will take time, a lot of patience and some very unpleasant conversations sometimes. Try not to argue, repeat what is the problem, what behaviors you find unacceptable and why; and what you'd prefer to happen instead, then cut the conversation short, no need to overexplain and have any back and forth about it. Rinse and repeat every time she crosses boundaries again.

No. 1295288

why do all my desktop icons shift around when I boot up windows again

No. 1295335

File: 1660043792408.png (4.33 KB, 920x500, linkedin-logo.png)

If I decline an invitation on Linkedin because I don't know the person but let's say, year later we end up working together, can they still invite me or it's over for good? I can't find an answer to this but maybe I just don't know how to search for this specific problem

No. 1295337

They’re rearranging themselves because they were talking shit about you while you were away

No. 1295397

File: 1660045531278.png (281.49 KB, 400x334, 1658269773761.png)

No. 1295538

Did ancient (BC) European people smoke or drink anything? If so, what? I know the Egyptians smoked something like weed and obviously some shamans used psychedelics. But what about having a beer with your friends, just chilling? Was that a thing outside Egypt, opium hasn't been around so long has it?

No. 1295632

South Europe (including modern day France/the Gauls) already loved wine, they were importing and exporting wine in the whole region overall. If you go to museums in the South of France you'll see a shit ton of big vases made specifically for wine. They're called amphores in French iirc, not sure about translations.

No. 1295670

Anon, opium was definitely used in BC.

No. 1295685

Whenever you think babby is forming.

Beer was invented in the ancient times and arrived in Europe around 5000 BC. It was said that drinking water in ancient and medieval Europe was so polluted that beer was the most popular drink and was used by everyone in lieu of water (though that's supposedly a myth). Ale was also brewed domestically during that time and was regarded as a generally "fancy" drink in some places so I guess that's what the medieval people would have had at parties.
Also Vikings had "mead" (an alcoholic drink similar that was made from fermented water, honey, and occasionally grains and spices) which is said to be the world's oldest alcoholic beverage (discovered in the Neolithic era, prior to the advent of agriculture) and was often consumed at social gatherings according to historical evidence.

No. 1295756

File: 1660060409079.jpg (85.95 KB, 311x640, 20220809_174718.jpg)

I cant find the sims thread, so im asking here

Does anyone know what hair this is?

No. 1295796

What's that one youtuber who larps as a Victorian woman? She had a sewing video I want to look at but I can't for the life of me remember her name.

No. 1295811

File: 1660063768351.jpg (151.56 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

I think there's a few but I only know of Bernadette Banner. Maybe someone in her circle if not her?

No. 1295812

Yes that's the one, thanks!

No. 1295825

how does the sonic totem thread work ?

No. 1295829

You ask a yes/no question and take the last number of your post # to find your answer. If your post had been a question on the totem thread, since the last number of your post is 5, the answer is "never" since 5 - never.

No. 1295830

got it thanks !!

No. 1295831

File: 1660064980467.jpeg (242.97 KB, 610x1084, 53719751-CE21-40F4-A79E-429776…)

Why do men get so assmad about women with dyed hair? Is there a real reason, or are they just being misogynistic as usual?

No. 1295848

They are stereotyped to be sjw, bpd, feminazi blah blah blah whatever the misogynistic word of the day is, so yeah

No. 1295889

They would also sometimes brew beer with antibiotic properties on purpose.

No. 1295908

Yes, but why? Did the MRAs one day just wake up and decide "colored hair bad" and associate it with feminism/BPD/etc? It seems like the most random thing to be mad about

No. 1295927

NTA, Men hate it when women have any freedom of expression. The same men will hate tattoos, piercings, and short hair because it doesn't make them coom. Unless the woman is in porn then they like it.

No. 1295937

Weird because it's more connected to things like anime and alternative fashion.

No. 1295959

Ramona flowers

No. 1295989

Deviation from the norm makes them mad. Danger hair (in their mind) signals that the woman does not care about their opinion and what they find attractive. That's my theory at least. Old "feminazi" memes always featured 1-2 women with colored hair and that just made the stereotype stick.

No. 1296015

Find workbooks for high school/college students. Take one of those standardized tests that assesses your level, then you'll be able to easily see what you need to focus on to improve.

No. 1296046

If I were to hypothetically pass my cis woman ass as a troon, bureaucratically, how do anons suggest I go about that? Not in the US but I think laws in most troon-friendly countries are close enough that farmers' input might help. There's a bunch of positions open in my area and like 75% of them prioritize troons over natal women, I am fucking livid

No. 1296052

File: 1660073821150.jpg (41.86 KB, 991x1000, 5127rHtRuWL._AC_UY1000_.jpg)

wear this

No. 1296055

It would be humiliating but dressing in mismatchy, outdated looking outfits, especially ones that do absolutely nothing for your waist would be a start. Greasy hair, a bad side swoop bang situation, awful roots and makeup, but I think even some troon flag pins with just shitty very feminine outfits with the shitty knee highs and ugly shoes would do the trick, also a thicker choker that would look like you’re hiding something. A shitty name helps too, think Alice-Astra or whatever tranny names might be popular to you locally.

No. 1296073

Oddly specific but I'll give it a shot. Do any of you happen to know any good horror movies (preferably with werewolves) with a gloomy mood where the story mainly focuses on the turmoil and struggles of the monster protagonist? I have an itch that I cant quite scratch

No. 1296084

Can people hear me when I'm driving and screaming in my car with the windows up

No. 1296087

I think so but I do that too and I love to know people can hear, you’re all a part of this shitshow now babes

No. 1296119

File: 1660076383653.jpg (127.6 KB, 640x1138, swro116iuqz71.jpg)

Is AI-generated art a threat to the careers of concept artists, illustrators and designers?

No. 1296125

No. 1296126

I think AI will help people make art more efficiently

No. 1296132

I really don't think so. It's like saying will this advanced specific tool make profession go out of business. No, because you still need those same professionals to use those tools. At least for the foreseeable future. Also as these tools advance we might see a shift in art, different styles emerge etc, to stand out compared to these AI generated images.

No. 1296140

Birth control newbie here. I got an injection today, 2 days before my period. When does it start being effective? So far I'm gassy, and my discharge also has a bad weird odor.

also, how many days in are you able to tell how it's affecting your body? specifically weight and acne-wise?

No. 1296172

You'd probably have more success asking in MTS's WCIF. You could also look through the creator gallery, though I couldn't find anything. https://modthesims.info/wiki.php?title=Hair_Gallery

No. 1296212

Wtf did Shayna do that warrants her having 100+ threads? You'd think a cow with that many threads would have some legendary milk, but as far as I know her threads are mainly just nitpicking her?? Someone spoonfeed me pls, I don't follow her threads much

No. 1296215

what's that game with the phat titted asian dilfs called

No. 1296220

Will look, thanks nona

No. 1296221

>>1296212 honestly having been a shayfag for a long time, she was a little interesting at first but a lot of her threads are just that; nitpicking and posting every single little update she posted or tinfoiling and whatever. She definitely isn’t interesting anymore.

No. 1296224

File: 1660081983710.png (1.01 MB, 736x981, giuh.png)

What organ do we have where our ribs meet and why did it stop hurting after I drank about a liter when it was so bad that I couldn't sleep the night before?

No. 1296225

Yakuza?? Kek

No. 1296234

i think so fanx

No. 1296240

What do you do if you have a drug test but take prescription meds that could cause a false positive? Do you tell the potential employer about them beforehand? I don't want to be discriminated against for psychological issues if I tell, but I might get a false positive, what do? I believe it's a mouth swab

No. 1296244

That is almost certainly a cartilage, and with full certainty that is not an organ.

No. 1296254

What kind of meds are you taking? They're testing for weed and heroin and shit not psychiatric drugs. If you're taking benzo just show them a prescription, many people are on them.

No. 1296276


No. 1296277

I don't mean the xiphoid process, I'm talking about what's behind it.

No. 1296280

Rinse rinse rinse

No. 1296284

Rinse your eye out. You'll be ok, at the most you'll probably get an eye infection and in that case go see an eye doctor.

No. 1296287

Samefag, I should probably say that you should use eye drops or distilled water and not water from the tap to rinse your eyes out.

No. 1296292

File: 1660085819025.jpg (144.19 KB, 600x400, Tumblr_l_228410868916627.jpg)

I found it!! Thanks again nonnie

No. 1296293

Oh god I just rinsed in the shower and squirted contact solution in them. They’re so irritated, I didn’t deserve this!!

No. 1296301

>contact solution
Jesus anon…

No. 1296303

I saw that antidepressants and an anxiety med I'm taking can cause false positives at times

No. 1296313

Diaphragm probably

No. 1296317

Not sure if this is the right thread but could any kind nonnies please recommend me some good short stories? Preferably ones written in the first half of the 20th century

No. 1296329

What happens when you click on a link that's an IP grabber anyway?I 've never done it, but I see that moid talk about it all the time like he's some sneaky evil genius.

No. 1296351

All moids think they’re sneaky ebil geniuses because of their autistic fixations on ~online power~

No. 1296375

is it normal to want to kys because of the heat? even winters never made me this depressed

No. 1296385

File: 1660095487313.png (220.12 KB, 389x280, flora9.png)

damn anon is that sims 2? i'm not the only one who plays this? kek, i also was downloading old ass hairs the other day, not the same but looks similar

No. 1296388

Modded sims 2 is so cute ugh I really need to redownload it.

No. 1296482

Is it possible my years of getting laser hair removal on my chin/neck caused premature aging in the area or do my genes just suck?

No. 1296508

File: 1660105466496.jpg (33.69 KB, 468x480, fe11d1b874276a19091ecc312fe7c6…)

In which app or program do you write your fanfictions? Should I stick with Microsoft Word or there are better options?

No. 1296517

Does Cocaine have a smell?

No. 1296524

Focuswriter because it's free and I like making my own themes to fit the mood of what I'm writing.

No. 1296543

Ohh, I see what you're doing there kek.
In all honesty though, not sure about cocaine because I've never been close enough to it to snort smell it but I think coca leaves have a bitter tea-like smell, probably

No. 1296545

please update us live from the ER

No. 1296567

Does anyone here follow that advice that's like "wear a ring while out or traveling so men think you are married" or "buy large men's shoes so any men coming to your house (like maintenance men) will think a man lives there"? I've seen variations of these things around but never actually heard of any women IRL actually doing this or how effective this actually is.

No. 1296575

>"wear a ring while out or traveling so men think you are married"
A friend of my mom 100% does this and she says it works. Also, if any male asks you if you live alone, NEVER REPLY YES. If a random dude asks if you have a boyfriend, tell them you're married and have kids. Never tell them your real name.

An uber driver once asked me if someone else was in my house right after driving me there when I got out late from work. I said yes, my mom lives with me. But he then was joking how she was his soon to be mother in law etc and acted nasty. It was fucking gross. So always, always lie and say you're married with kids.

No. 1296597

What is stimming exactly? Is it a voluntary action or is it like a reflex? If someone is doing it, can they make themselves stop doing it?

No. 1296615

I also know a woman who used to wear a ring to work when she was a bartender, she got the grossest dudes fawning over her and she said the ring definitely helped her politely refuse some of them. The shoe thing honestly sounds like a good idea. I’ve definitely had some weird maintenance/repair guys act super creepy before, one of them actually asked who else lived with me in the weirdest way. Maybe it’s unlikely, but you can’t be too cautious with people you’re letting into your house, especially if they think you’re an easy target to rob or assault. I’ve definitely read of true crime stories where single women who lived alone were victimized. More caution is never a bad thing.

No. 1296619

I would also keep a dog, some random men clothes and shoes around, an alarm system, and a big framed picture you can hang or put somewhere in your place where you hug a male friend or cousin. I would also keep said picture on my wallet and phone to show proof you're with someone.

No. 1296711

can fictional character names be copyrighted? even the ones that a real life human being could reasonably have without necessarily being influenced from said character?

No. 1296724

i think i used to do it and mine was shaking my wrists for 3-7 seconds when i was excited or very happy about something. it was like shaking invisible water off my hands and it was like a reflex. i stopped around high school or later after dating a girl who did something similar and absolutely cringing at it. kids are weird as hell these days pretending to do them.

No. 1296806

It’s like a compulsion. Like an itch under my skin that makes me want to move. If I focus I can not move but the harder I focus the more I want to move. The amount of compulsion to begin with depends on the stress I feel in a given situation because sometimes I don’t really feel anything. Stimming is coping mechanism that’s stress relieving to an overwhelmed nervous system.

No. 1296827

For me it's like a reflex to most emotions or outside stimuli. I can occasionally replace one stim with another, but it's not reliable and I can't stop it entirely without getting sick afterwards.

No. 1296840

Lots of laser treatments damage the skin anon, it's possible. Do some Gua Sha.

No. 1296851

I just came across the concept of outdoor showers….. This is most definitely an exhibitionist kink fetish thingy, isn’t it?

No. 1296857

I mean on the internet? Probably. That said I come from somewhere where outdoor showers are super common! But they’re typically meant to be used clothed (bathing suit), it’s to rinse off sand and sea water when going from beach to boardwalk.

No. 1296859

I was choosing a pic for a profile, then I noticed the site's software showed me deleted pictures that i couldn't find nor access on my phone's gallery, how's that even possible? I'm kinda disturbed

No. 1296864

When you delete images on your phone it often just deletes them from the gallery view, you may have a folder where the deleted images are being sent where you can completely delete them. I highly recommend not even taking images you would be worried about being found, often times they are never completely removed from the device.

No. 1296868

File: 1660145909618.png (181.02 KB, 750x782, Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 16.38…)

why is this so small? it normally is longer? or am i blind or retarded or both?

No. 1296885

I get pretty bad bruises all the time on my legs, I don't drink or anything and don't bump into things much that I know of. They're huge sometimes, should I get it checked out by a doctor? I know cancer patients bruise easily but I get them on both my legs so I doubt it's that, I do have vitamin D deficiency could that be a cause?

No. 1296891

me and my mum bruise like peaches. sometimes I dont think it means something is wrong. maybe you could have an iron deficiency?

No. 1296899

Yeah usually it is longer for me as well

No. 1296912

Thank you. The last time I got a blood test was more than a year ago, everything was fine except vit. D but I might get one again just to be safe. This never happened to me until half a year ago so I don't know what to think of it.

No. 1296917

inspired by the anime ost thread in /m/, i started watching this 90s yaoi movie and honestly, this is basically just heterosexuality but with two men? like the other guy acts just like a woman, hell there is even a scene where the dom guy fingers the sub guy's ass and it basically looked like fingering a woman, what's the appeal of this to fujospergs? like i imagines people watch this shit to see two men fuck but this is some of the most heterocoded stuff i have ever seen

No. 1296923

File: 1660149197421.png (Spoiler Image, 922.76 KB, 909x1279, 43432424312.png)

honestly, even the dialog is so heterosexual! does this look gay to you? like is it easier for fujos to imagine to be the other guy or what when the dynamic is so straight

No. 1296927

i don't have an answer to your question but thanks for the nightmares. that man's face is cursed, why is he leaning in so close? what is that weird smile? why?

No. 1296930

not the anti-fujo retards again.

No. 1296935

stop suffering from schizophrenia and tell me what is the appeal of this kind of weird male-man and female-man stuff if you want to watch stuff with two men. like why do you want to watch stuff that is basically heterosexuality

No. 1296936

sorry, not anti-fujo just taken aback by how creepy that guy looks

No. 1296937

i'm just a lesbian who thought to myself that i could try to find out what's this fujo fetish for male homosexuality about like i could try to understand it and then i watch this anime and it is just heterosexuality and i understand less than ever

No. 1296938

i dont watch that type of shit retard, you just cant go a day without sperging about fujos and yaoi.
Also who cares if ''its basically hetero'', there are many yaois where the uke looks manly or buff but that wont fit your cherrypicking agenda.

Also gay men do finger/penetrate each others assholes.

No. 1296941

cherrypicking agenda cherrypicking agenda go on antipsychotics already please

No. 1296942

>imagines people watch this shit to see two men fuck but this is some of the most heterocoded stuff i have ever seen

Then go watch crap made by gay men (which is some of the nastiest stuff ive seen) im sure you will enjoy it since it wont look heterocoded to you, shiteater.