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File: 1655590547145.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1642102174539.png)

No. 1230405

this is intentional

last thread

No. 1230407

Will I get post >>1234567?

No. 1230409

oooooh looking forward to it

No. 1230424

did I do the right thing?

No. 1230837

Oh dear sanic, will I meet him soon?

No. 1230944

Do i know who my soulmate is

No. 1230989


No. 1231013

Will he be here soon?

No. 1231026

spit it out sanic

No. 1231179

so that means no takebacks and no exceptions?

No. 1231208

okay, and then?

No. 1231495

will i get white claws today sanic?

No. 1231498

tomorrow, good ?

No. 1231501

Should i smonk weed rn

No. 1231503


No. 1231504

longterm ?

No. 1231510

long term ?

No. 1231526

Will I get $15 and drinks today?

No. 1231567

Yes or no? I wanna get drunk and have fun for once but I'm broke, please Sanic, bless me!

No. 1231652

should i just play vidya instead of trying to improve my art

No. 1231719

will my efforts pay off

No. 1231722

will i reunite with her

No. 1231977

was I treated badly?

No. 1231982

Should I see him one more time and ask for drugs then ghost?

No. 1231985

Will the twitterfags stop shitting up my favorite cows' threads?

No. 1231986


No. 1231990

So no drugs?

No. 1232000

Will I be in a relationship by the end of the year?

No. 1232001

Oi oi sonic bby

No. 1232003

Just this once sanic

No. 1232034

do i get a hot boyfriend this fall

No. 1232122

will I go on a trip this summer?

No. 1232154

what price? my sanity?

No. 1232166

or my dignity?

No. 1232225

will billionaire senpai notice me?

No. 1232259

Will it happen soon and without embarrassment?

No. 1232284

Should I just stop talking to this guy

No. 1232286

Should I just ice him out sanic

No. 1232311

Will I meet him

No. 1232313

Thanks Sanic. Will it go well?

No. 1232315

Ok thank you Sanic. I will be patient and endure this all. I am forever grateful to you dear Sanic

No. 1232334

you got dubs nonnie that means 'yes…at a great price'

No. 1232402

should i eat pizza after midnight?

No. 1232514

will the best case scenario happen

No. 1232516


No. 1232606

should I move on and never look back?

No. 1233415

Is she gonna flake out

No. 1233435

Is he gonna do one of the things I asked

No. 1233444

does she really want to do this

No. 1233445

well… does she??

No. 1233453

Will it be fine?

No. 1233496

Will I find true love before I graduate?

No. 1233497

Should I do it?

No. 1233529

Will I have it by August?

No. 1233530

Gimme answer sanic

No. 1233531

Ami gonna kill u soinic

No. 1233547

will I lose it this year?

No. 1233703

Is this the one?

No. 1233705

Should I go over there today

No. 1233727

Did I fuck up?

No. 1233782

Will what I want to happen happen today? I really really want it but I don't wanna beg.i just want it to happen. Will it sanic?

No. 1233784

Please sonic please!!

No. 1233787

My day is.ruined. I ask one more time please!!!

No. 1233788

will i get caught?

No. 1233799

Will I get this apartment?

No. 1233833

Will I get another chance?

No. 1234188

guess it's not going to happen today huh?

No. 1234189

Can I better more clear answer then that?

No. 1234190

Ok but really is he gonna do one of the things I asked

No. 1234198

Will it happen? Before it gets to late today?

No. 1234593

will i get the job?

No. 1234610

bump, gross scrote ass below

No. 1234623

Will she get a what’s coming to her?

No. 1234667

Should I smoke right now

No. 1234669

Should I go to sleep after I smoke

No. 1234670

Ok thanks saaanic, I'll see what I can do

No. 1234674

Do they know

No. 1234681

No. 1234711

will I reach my gw?

No. 1234762

is it finally over?

No. 1234937

should I kill myself

No. 1234973

So you lied to me just like that, huh. Not even close to possible.

No. 1235597

Is it fake?

No. 1235796

will i win?

No. 1235800

Am I going to get over it? Will it be painless?

No. 1235823

Is it over

No. 1235833

Did I do the right thing?

No. 1235835

will i look better if i cut my hair?

No. 1235840

will i get hired?

No. 1235943

Will it go the way I want it to?

No. 1235945

Sanic why do you always say maybe or it's possible when I ask a question

No. 1237177

File: 1656056454634.png (1.01 MB, 1131x705, Capture.PNG)

please fucking tell me this is not my future

No. 1237184

i love you anon

No. 1238023

Am I infertile? Be honest

No. 1238028

Sonic pls

No. 1239382

Does he like me

No. 1239423

Will things get better? Will things turn out alright?

No. 1239529

does she really want to stay?

No. 1239577

Will I get old enough to witness the fruits of the Y dying off?

No. 1239578

No. 1239682

will i be okay in the coming month

No. 1239731

He’s going to be a huge disappointment isn’t he

No. 1239873

based sanic

No. 1240564

Will things get better? Will they turn out alright in the end?

No. 1240566

Will things get better? Will they turn out alright in the end?

No. 1240569

will i be okay

No. 1240682

should I put in my two weeks?

No. 1240684

go schizo or no

No. 1240686

Sonic called me to tell you "do it"

No. 1240708

Have I made a huge mistake?

No. 1240764

Should I take an edible sanic

No. 1240765

Sanic. Should I take edibles?

No. 1240779

Will my life get better?

No. 1241851

Did I do well in my last exam?

No. 1242242

should i go to work tomorrow

No. 1242247

Will it be alright?

No. 1242720

Will he get the job and move away??

No. 1242833

Yo Sanic my guy should I eat poutine this morning?

No. 1242862

Will every single moid lurking here die of prostate cancer within the next 20 years?

No. 1242871

should i tell him that i also browse 4chan?

No. 1242874

are you sure?

No. 1242880

3.0+ GPA this quarter y/n

No. 1242961

Will I get any sexy time this year? Lil mouth stuff even?

No. 1243103

will i get the job?

No. 1243108


No. 1243274

Will I pass the test

No. 1243278

pls sanic..

No. 1243281

Will he say something to me tonight?

No. 1243284

Is the friendship over?

No. 1243285

Is it?

No. 1243295

Sonic will nonnies ever collectively realize that post numbers go in numerical order, so rerolling immediately after a 4 will almost always result in a 5?

No. 1243316

should i just go for it?

No. 1243317

will it happen for me

No. 1243319

will it be anytime soon if so?

No. 1243369

File: 1656384236484.gif (129.98 KB, 100x100, 1647396102559.gif)

Will I acquire a soft butch/ tomboy goth girlfriend by the end of the year?

No. 1243371


No. 1243372

Should I smoke teehee

No. 1243373

Should I keep asking questions hehe

No. 1243374

ok not SHOULD I smoke. WILL I SMOKE?

No. 1243375

Should I go to Walmart

No. 1243376

i have to have a sign

No. 1243377

I hate dumb sonic no more questions?

No. 1243378

Will this anon find eternal peace and happiness? And a fat blunt?

No. 1243454

Is my soulmate dirty blonde

No. 1243497

Sanic plz

No. 1243502

Are we compatible

No. 1243524

Am i gonna meet my soulmate soon?

No. 1243557

Will she come early?

No. 1243585

should I confess to my crush?

No. 1243587

well shit

No. 1243785

Will I bump into g again soon?

No. 1243885

should i smoke weed RIGHT NOW

No. 1243886

Thanks for watching out for my health sanic, but I might anyway

No. 1243975

are the next 3 months going to be okay

No. 1243988

are the next three months going to be okay…for me?

No. 1244006

will i ever stop being such a fucking loseeeerr

No. 1244020

Will I get my email tomorrow?

No. 1244124


No. 1244126


No. 1244127

Will I also get a terven gf this year?

No. 1244133

Wow congrats!

No. 1244739

Should I go for Frenzied Flame ending first?

No. 1245571

…will I also get a cute terf gf?

No. 1245819

Will my soulmate find me soon???

No. 1245835

Please sanic

No. 1245840

Sanic plzz

No. 1245854

No. 1245856

No. 1246011

will tomorrow be okay at least

No. 1247653

Was that my ex at the show last night?

No. 1248263

Was it?

No. 1248266

will i beat this stupid cancer?

No. 1248296

Hey blue dude, will I meet him?

No. 1248335

will i ever get to speak to him again?

No. 1248376

will we be happy?

No. 1248398

Does he like me romantically?

No. 1248403


No. 1248521

Am I going to meet my gf today?

No. 1248523

File: 1656771637974.gif (1.42 MB, 498x278, shadow-and-shrek.gif)

mwah mwah thank you sonic ♥

No. 1248604

will we end up together?

No. 1248605


No. 1248791

Will I find it in time?

No. 1248794

Are things going to be ok

No. 1248796


No. 1249056

was that just a weird coincidence?

No. 1249591

Will I get a boyfriend this year

No. 1250411

Will the temperature go down AND STAY DOWN on Wednesday like they forecast

No. 1250417

Is he a player?

No. 1250422

Was that him at the show?

No. 1250454

Will I always have no good stable family?

No. 1250455

Am I destined to be alone from now to all future Christmases, not counting hanging out with fellow abandonees?

No. 1250458

Is my thought process right?

No. 1250520

Should I pursue the new person?

No. 1250646

Will I get a boyfriend this year

No. 1250980

Is this guy actually interested and will he text me after exams?

No. 1251334

am I in love with him?

No. 1251336

asking again

No. 1251784

Should I break up with him?

No. 1252473

Does anyone love me

No. 1252497

Will (it) get better?

No. 1252536

will we move into a nice home?

No. 1252558

Should I do the trip?

No. 1252584

will I ever get the happiness I want

No. 1252585


No. 1252589

BTFO but it's what I deserve, desiring can only bring suffering

No. 1252597


No. 1252607


No. 1252615

Did she really die?

No. 1252619

Did they seriously want that, like were they prepared to go down there

No. 1252637

Is something funny going to happen at work tomorrow

No. 1252640

Does A really love me?

No. 1252645

I need a better answer

No. 1252648

will it work out?

No. 1252744

well he ended up being exactly that lol.
Sanic will I get better?

No. 1252745

No. 1252761

will i have this problem solved

No. 1252778

is it true?

No. 1252798

will anybody outside of my family contact me this summer

No. 1252799

just lovely

No. 1252823

Does he regret it

No. 1252904

Should I redownload Genshin Impact

No. 1252906

Should I reinstall the Chinese gacha game Genshin Impact

No. 1253055

Is this idea I have a bad idea?

No. 1253057

will he ever forgive me sanic?

No. 1253071

Will my hair get better? Will it stop falling out?

No. 1253176

it's meant to be, right?

No. 1253233

Do I give up on him?

No. 1253506

Should I do it?

No. 1253510

will thing work?

No. 1253511

saneek pls

No. 1253514

Will I get the job

No. 1253515


No. 1253533

should i clean my closet today?

No. 1253556

how about this question, should i go through old papers?

No. 1253558

Should i continue pursuing this?

No. 1253641

Will she peak in the following three years

No. 1253642

Will we still be close friends by then

No. 1253643

I’ll just go cry

No. 1253651

Does she respect me?

No. 1253683

Is he a piece of shit and in the wrong?

No. 1253689

Does HE respect me?

No. 1254793

will it work out?

No. 1255563

Does he exist irl

No. 1255723

Will we find each other eventually?

No. 1255726

Will we get married

No. 1255730

Will she be okay soon?

No. 1255784

Sanic do I need to go to a doctor about this finally?

No. 1255790

Okay. Do I need to go to a doctor about this?

No. 1255809

Will we still be together 5 years from now?

No. 1255823

Will I change for the better?

No. 1255867

is the problem not solvable?

No. 1256607

Will I ever find love?

No. 1256746

Will i be in a relationship in the next 5 months

No. 1256753

Will I always feel this lonely

No. 1256757

So will we meet soon?

No. 1256761

will my brothers drop dead

No. 1256920

does he love me

No. 1256922

omg please

No. 1257308

will this actually happen

No. 1257321

i’ll take whatever answer ty sanic

No. 1257330

w he thaught

No. 1257373

Wow sanic really said 'im going to slaughter your brothers myself' based sanic

No. 1257446

Will I get a best (girl) friend soon?

No. 1257914

Is it because of me

No. 1257921

Will i get a car by the end of the month

No. 1257924

Is he interested in me romantically?

No. 1258004

is it over

No. 1258040

an ok day tomorrow?

No. 1258045

No. 1258074

Will I have a good life?

No. 1258075

No. 1258076


No. 1258088

well is it or not

No. 1258089

will this be worth it?

No. 1258094


No. 1258095

No. 1258148

Is it bad?

No. 1258279

Should I eat before going to sleep?

No. 1258411

Will my heart be broken?

No. 1258629

Is about me?

No. 1258842

Should I an hero?

No. 1258852

Listen to the sonic totem nonna

No. 1258857

I will even if he's saying no rn

No. 1258858

(Listen, not kill myself!)

No. 1258867

Good, don't do it nonna. For real.

No. 1258874

should i buy it?

No. 1258904

Is it two?

No. 1258912

Are there any feelings left on his end

No. 1258914

No. 1258924

Will we ever have a thing again

No. 1258926

Will we?

No. 1258947

will we meet in september

No. 1259101

Is she acting like this on purpose to piss me off

No. 1259124


No. 1259139

Will I achieve sex?

No. 1259250

Should I play vidya?

No. 1259457

Am I gonna get it sanic?

No. 1259458

At least that's something thanks sanic

No. 1259649

Should I stay at my job or go for the new one Sanic?

No. 1259652

Will it be fun if I just go

No. 1260178

Does anyone care?

No. 1260180

I'm already suffering, what the hell. Is anyone going to say something?

No. 1261431

Will I get a man

No. 1262341

Do I go in (called in)

No. 1262345

For how long? 2 hours?
Or just no dont go in

No. 1263085

Is it him?

No. 1263174

Will he talk to me first?

No. 1263176

Ok sanic, will he talk to me first?

No. 1263324

Will I suffer for disobeying your advice

No. 1263339

Will I meet my goal by the end of August?

No. 1263344

Don't be coy with me

No. 1263375

Is that really how they feel?

No. 1263569

Good morning Sanic! Am I doing anything productive done today?

No. 1264434

will i ever find (romantic) love?

No. 1265651

will I get anything out of him?

No. 1267154

Iya oh great sanic, will either of those guys text me today?

No. 1267156

Okay, will the one I want to more than the other text me?

No. 1267486

is this really it? did i make the right choice?

No. 1267491

sanic i…

No. 1267829

Is he actually going to do it?

No. 1267831

No seriously tell me sanic

No. 1267985

Should I buy the controller?

No. 1267987

will it makes things better?

No. 1267990

Does she really not care?

No. 1268099

Should I use him and then leave him forever

No. 1268548

Should I just leave it alone?

No. 1268549

No. 1268988

will there be a cool encounter?

No. 1269015

Should I talk to him about it?

No. 1269248

Did she think about me at any point during the weekend

No. 1269379

Does he think about me?

No. 1269382

Okay, but does he like me?

No. 1269407

Is it ruined?

No. 1269493

Oh almighty Sanic, will you give me the willpower to stop overeating?

No. 1269495

What if I actually stuck to being gluten free

No. 1269496

Frick you I will

No. 1269770

should I text him more often?

No. 1269792

should I stop texting him

No. 1269799

Did she genuinely love me or was just lonely

No. 1269953

Should I get social media

No. 1270052

sanic pls, should I text him fr?

No. 1271596

Should I cut contact completely after tomorrow

No. 1271605

Aight, I will. Will I still be able to get the thing lol

No. 1271617

would it truly help me if I did?

No. 1271955

Did I fuck up?

No. 1272012

Is the love of my life a nascar driver?

No. 1272015

Will we meet each other soon?

No. 1272155

will i get a job soon?

No. 1272293

should I fix things?

No. 1272298

would it benefit me to fix things?

No. 1272309

Will it this year lol?

No. 1272317

Do I have a serious, life threatening illness?

No. 1272342

will i ever meet >>1237177 in my current life cycle

No. 1272637

Is he lying?

No. 1273621

File: 1658546465206.jpeg (243.09 KB, 1402x1142, 1647022500420.jpeg)

should i take more pain killers sanic?

No. 1273659

thanks, it actually helped this time

No. 1274280

Should I go?

No. 1274281

No. 1274284

Will I like my apartment?

No. 1274286

No. 1274670

Is he into me?

No. 1275235

He was lying to my face, wasn't he sanic

No. 1275251

is it still worth a shot?

No. 1275337

Will we drift away even further

No. 1275463

Will I get over her this year

No. 1276256

should i contact her again?

No. 1276259

is that a yes

No. 1277377

Is she the cause of my bad luck?

No. 1277422

will i find out what i truly want to do before this year ends?

No. 1277423

well…next year?

No. 1277435

will he love m

No. 1277436

bt him

No. 1277461

Is he my soulmate?

No. 1277462

Is this the end of the friendship forever?

No. 1277570

will she ever text me back?

No. 1277571

Does she still think about me?

No. 1277665

Will I ever feel better

No. 1277794

should I let it go

No. 1277801

should I

No. 1277883

is it bad and evil to do?

No. 1278491

Do I need to cut her off?

No. 1278560

did it work

No. 1279876

File: 1658959524643.png (92.16 KB, 872x370, inquiry.png)

what is the answer, my lord?

No. 1279912

kek for all of eternity

No. 1279922

She’s In love with me, right

No. 1279925

Thank u sanic

No. 1279965

Did I fuck it up irreparably?

No. 1280111

Should I leave him?

No. 1280115

Should I do it right now?

No. 1280132

Should I make it?

No. 1280147

No. 1280157

Does she really think I'm pretty?

No. 1281126

Can I do it now?

No. 1281130

How about now?

No. 1281373

Will I get a boyfriend this year

No. 1281412

Should I take an eddy now?

No. 1281425

Should I dye it black?

No. 1281437

am i fucking the greatest

No. 1281472

should I pursue him? be honest

No. 1281474

am i a bad person?

No. 1281528

Should I just say it?

No. 1281530

Do they still want to be friends?

No. 1281553


No. 1281557

Do you like jazz?

No. 1281558

should i break up?

No. 1281561

reroll pls

No. 1281566

Fun or Freedom?

No. 1281578


No. 1281579


No. 1281584

Bottomspeak or Schizo?

No. 1281611


No. 1281627

Should I do it now?

No. 1281636

Why not?

No. 1282291

Should I kill myself?

No. 1282293

Bye nonnas.

No. 1282302

Sanic is just trolling you

No. 1282331

Sanic does troll but also sometimes he speak the truth, that said whenever sanic says kill yourself he means kys or kiss your sister.

No. 1282358

Am I going to get better?

No. 1282385

Is it all going to work out?

No. 1282430

will I be okay this week?

No. 1282468

Should I order flowers or a surprise party?

No. 1282696

will we get over this?

No. 1283337

Is she over me?

No. 1284518

Not a good idea, right?

No. 1285587

Should I come clean?

No. 1285588

Or should I take it to my grave?

No. 1286487

do i go on?

No. 1287513

Should I do it now?

No. 1287514

Come on tell me

No. 1288227

Can I leave tonight?

No. 1288257

Weed for my sorrows?

No. 1288348

Is it going to get better? Am I just freaking out fir ni reason?

No. 1288741

Should I start it now?

No. 1288803

Will he ever find out?

No. 1288972

Do I take a cookie or nah

No. 1288975

Thanks, sanic, those cookies taste like dry shit anyway

No. 1290115

Is she going to be ok?

No. 1290138

do I cut me hair

No. 1290162

Every time

No. 1290262

No. 1290415

does she like me like that?

No. 1290683

Should I stop talking to her?

No. 1291304

Will I regret spending money this weekend

No. 1291306

Answer me

No. 1292217

Will today go by smoothly without any problems and without any emotional stress?

No. 1292615

Should I eventually fuck him?

No. 1293587

Do janies still exist in ot?

No. 1293687

is it best that i cut her off?

No. 1293696

is my life going to be ok

No. 1293817

If I change my habits, will my life be better?

No. 1293881

Will he come back home ever?

No. 1294383

Ok Sanic you gave me a scary answer, but I realize I posted in the old thread so I will ask you again. Should I go on this date tonight?

No. 1294384

ugh sanic why

No. 1294399

Will I meet him thru work

No. 1294402


Will I meet him on the internet

No. 1294406

Fuck. Sorry sonic one last question. Is he in the city I was in before

No. 1294414

Oh sonic, do I give up on anything happening with the boy I text today?

No. 1294415

Again, so I’ll rephrase, will anything happens with me and him being.. anything?

No. 1294576

Does the girl I liked want me out of her life

No. 1294848

dearest sanic, will we end up reconvening in the future

No. 1295422

Will we recover?

No. 1295438

Does he want to cheat on me?

No. 1295495

Are you ruining my life because I did not obey?

No. 1295521

How dare you make such an accusation

No. 1295834

dear Sanic, does he like me?

No. 1295836

will i ever be happy with my career

No. 1295846

lucky lmao

No. 1295883

sanic ill ask it again,
does he like me?

No. 1295957

Are they obsessed with me too..

No. 1295967

Does she know I’m lurking

No. 1296173

will i be successful?

No. 1296272

Will my soulmate find me soon?

No. 1296316

should i move in with them

No. 1296403

Am i going to get my drivers license tommrow

No. 1296407

Should I go see him?

No. 1296434

Will I get the job?

No. 1296442

No. 1296556

Will I get a job soon?

No. 1296563

Will we end up having a healthy relationship?

No. 1297366

Should i ignore him for another week?

No. 1297372

will I ever be happy?

No. 1297379

Will I be successful when I'm older?

No. 1297388

should i text him

No. 1297389

am I annoying

No. 1297396

Will Heather learn to move on from her scrote quest?

No. 1297449

Will I get to bring other people on my adventures soon?

No. 1297452

wtf not in the car!

No. 1297456

Will I pass my exam?

No. 1297492

Did I get the job?

No. 1297517

Am I gonna regret this?

No. 1297577

Will I make it (if I work as hard as I plan)?

No. 1297650

Am I gonna get it

No. 1298004

should i text him

No. 1298005

should i text him

No. 1298011

will my haircut turn out good

No. 1298013

should i cut contact?

No. 1298059

Will things get better?

No. 1298120

will I recover from appendectomy with no complications?

No. 1298122

aww thanks Sanic, bring the star shaped pastinas and some broth when you swing by please

No. 1298625

Did he see me yesterday?

No. 1298710

i'll ask again: should i cut contact?

No. 1298713

you cheeky bastard you know i won't do it and that i'll come back asking the same shit next week

No. 1298770

he knows you too well atp

No. 1298875

should i eat cake and ice cream again?

No. 1298876

No. 1299336

Will I be able to pass

No. 1299931

do i do it??

No. 1299933

omg… i'm excited

No. 1300511

Will I pass

No. 1300521

is she gonna have a happy day tomorrow

No. 1300523

thank u sanic maybe ill have a good day too

No. 1300704

Was that the sign that things will be better

No. 1300707

Am I going to make my way out of this on a positive note and more improved than before?

No. 1300800

Am i gonna be single till i graduate college

No. 1300808

Will I be able to move on?

No. 1300814

Will I meet him in the next three months?

No. 1300817

Will we meet each other through work or art?

No. 1300822

will a ghost eat my pussy

No. 1300841

Will I get a mcgriddle?

No. 1300917

Will I ever be able to finish this statblock?

No. 1300997

Yo Sanic am I going to get any sleep tonight?

No. 1301103

One day, right sanic? Haha..

No. 1301154

hi sanic, should I get over him?

No. 1301378

Should I?

No. 1301958

should i do it my blue man?

No. 1302081

Is it over yet?

No. 1302136

ice cream?

No. 1302323

Should I hang out with him?

No. 1302332

Fuck it, I'm cancelling plans anyway

No. 1302807

will i be able to graduate next year

No. 1302808

Do I have a future with any of these three guys?

No. 1302809

Right. Okay Sonic, do I go to this dudes house this week?

No. 1302811

new day new question
sanic should i get over him?

No. 1302837

am i going to get it together

No. 1302846

sanic will i get rid of my fucking acne

No. 1302947

Sanic will we be frens again

No. 1302996

Is it gonna suck

No. 1303024

Is all hope lost

No. 1303120

Do she love me blue hedgehog man

No. 1303129

Should I change my major

No. 1303130

Hey sanic, What does it feel like to be ugly?

No. 1303158

Is it going to go well tomorrow, Sanic?

No. 1303159

wtf not again

No. 1303169

Will I make good art tomorrow

No. 1303170

I don’t want to, will I be able to make art like that of the great masters

No. 1303204

Asking again

No. 1303206

Will it happen like I'm thinking?

No. 1303290

Has he picked up on the fact that I have feelings for him?

No. 1303292

Asking again

No. 1303382

does she care about me?

No. 1303384

No. 1303753

Should I?

No. 1304055

should i do the webcam thing

No. 1306135

am I better than him?

No. 1306196

is he better than me?

No. 1307243

Will he text me

No. 1307313

was leaving the right decision

No. 1307321

Should I sleep some more?

No. 1307357

am I destined to be alone?

No. 1307385

will all moids and bepenised individuals on lolcow lose their penises

No. 1307433

Should I buy those Rammstein tickets

No. 1307435

goddamnit it’s always maybe with you isn’t it sanic

No. 1307478

Will my ex ever talk to me again and work things out with me? ;_;

No. 1307534

am i a loser?

No. 1307538

No. 1307550

Hey Sanic am I too sick to go on the trip?

No. 1307551

Fuck yeah road trip buddies! See you soon too my friend

No. 1307558

Will I figure something out?

No. 1307560

Is the time going to be wasted?

No. 1307561

Not helpful

No. 1307579

is this weekend finally it?

No. 1307581

Should I do it

No. 1307589

should i do something productive

No. 1307590

Will it happen?

No. 1307599

Will this plan of mine succeed

No. 1307602

Am I gonna recover quickly

No. 1307820

Should my bf buy me McDonald's rn?

No. 1307823


No. 1307956


No. 1308183

I’m asking again

No. 1308226

Yes or no

No. 1308243

Will i ever find my soulmate?

No. 1308288

Is tapering off going to make my life better and work easier

No. 1308291

Will the suffering be worth it

No. 1308671

Will I get a boyfriend

No. 1308746

Will I be inspired today

No. 1308747

will I get off my ass?

No. 1308769

Will I resolve my loneliness tonight

No. 1308919

Will I succeed

No. 1308920

Are you kidding me this is the third time I ask about this and I always get 9!!! goddammit!!! How come when I ask love questions I do get answers!!! Sanic whyyyy.

No. 1309088

Will I achieve my dreams if I keep working my ass off?

No. 1309447

Is it all going to become clear soon

No. 1309448

Is he worth the ldr

No. 1309744

Is this new certification going to start the next chapter in my life this year

No. 1309745

Am I going to get a better job by the end of the year

No. 1309773

Am I going to find a good job and stop being single soon? One or both?

No. 1309809

am i going to feel better SOON

No. 1309841

Will I make it by October 31

No. 1309843

Deep down, does she want us to drift apart

No. 1310235

comfy night drive y/n

No. 1310539

Will the semester go well?

No. 1311380

should i exit society for a little

No. 1311384

After the 26th I’m going to stop doing what’s hurting me.

No. 1311386

This month is the last month I’m going to buy speed otc

No. 1311387

yay anon

No. 1311440

Will I meet [HIM] soon?

No. 1311441

Two dubs and a zero… I'm scared, anons…

No. 1311513

Will i be married to the love of my life by 2026

No. 1311639

Will i get a boyfriend in college?

No. 1311640


No. 1311652

Is he nearby - the same state?

No. 1311702

is it over?

No. 1311762

Is he going to make the first move

No. 1311867

Will he talk to me in the next 30 days?

No. 1312013

Will we leave the hospital within th next 2 days

No. 1312025

am I going to neet more

No. 1312037

Will I get laid before the end of the year

No. 1312410

Is my birthday this year going to be chaotic

No. 1312520

Should I leave town for a few hours?

No. 1312646

Would my husbando fall for an ideal version of me?

No. 1312648

should i smoke a joint and go to bed

No. 1312654

damn, guess I'll have to become my best self then

No. 1312666

Will I ever find my true and honest sweetheart?

No. 1312674

Should I take a break this month?

No. 1312676

asking again…

No. 1312677

Lol sanic you really telling me I should be a volcel forever huh

No. 1312679

Sanic matchmaking you with Satan… Satanic…. SATSONIC

No. 1312707

Is it going to happen?

No. 1312734

Do only tards buy their bfs flowers?

No. 1312736


No. 1312743

Will it end up fine?

No. 1312745

Lul why did my posts get deleted

No. 1312828

Do they exist?

No. 1312849

will i (redacted)

No. 1312856

Will i ever find love

No. 1312901

Will i get married before i ever turn 25

No. 1313260

Should I keep pursuing this?

No. 1313261

Will it work out w this one?

No. 1313625

Sanic, I know I’m a stupid bitch but do they actually want a relationship with me?

No. 1313765

Will biden wipe my loans out?

No. 1313767


No. 1314089

Will he find out?

No. 1314091

Will his friend tell him?

No. 1314092

Will I make it?

No. 1314093

Did you tell his other friends?

No. 1314097

Will we ever meet irl

No. 1314104

will I see her tomorrow?

No. 1314105

please I need to kiss her asap

No. 1314133

Will she finally drop the gendie bs next year?

No. 1314203

should i ask him to play chess with me again some time?

No. 1314832

should i have a cigarette

No. 1315306

am I right?

No. 1315321

should I be?

No. 1315337

mighty and majestic sanic, you know what I'm asking so tell me, yes or no

No. 1315376

is what i want coming to me

No. 1315388

will i soon?

No. 1316120

Sanic will I get this role!?

No. 1316124

Oh fuck you sanic

No. 1316303

will i get to visit her soon

No. 1316729

Should i stop being apart of the club?

No. 1316767

Please sanic

No. 1316792

Will my passport arrive in time?

No. 1316794

Oh shit

No. 1316803

Will the ritual turn out well?

No. 1316854

Will my skin finally get better

No. 1316855

Well will it? Will the goat milk soap do it's thing?

No. 1317267

Will my boyfriend break up with me?

No. 1317270

Should I splash out on this facy steel dildo

No. 1317277

you're gonna get railed by sonic, congrats

No. 1317414

Am I gonna meet him before the year is up ;)

No. 1317417

Will we meet each other, even if we don’t immediately start dating, this year?

No. 1317419

Are we gonna oust these fuckers from the community

No. 1317614

Did he see me earlier?

No. 1317627

Well, did he?

No. 1317831

Should i?

No. 1317834

sanic can I stop hating on myself so much

No. 1317840


No. 1317848

Is he single?

No. 1317873

I know it's not worth it but does he like me back?

No. 1317874

Am I gonna get the classes I need?

No. 1317876

File: 1661558446868.jpg (49.46 KB, 500x625, 1660251710828.jpg)


No. 1318080

Should I play into this fetish and make some money nor nahhhh?

No. 1318083

should i tell him that i also browse 4chan?

No. 1318087

Am I going to see her soon?

No. 1318361

is kiwifarms ded 4 evah

No. 1318363

Am I gonna have a chili dog today

No. 1318827

Is this going to go well?

No. 1318937

Should I go there?

No. 1318942

Will I see him soon?

No. 1318943

will my life get worse sanic be honest

No. 1318944

too soon since anon recently posted let me make it fair for myself

No. 1318976

Will he communicate with me in the next 14 days?

No. 1318979

Is he phisically attracted to me?

No. 1318983

Will he contact me

No. 1318991

Is my male passed out drunk somewhere

No. 1319021

Will I get a boyfriend

No. 1319084

Is it a bad idea?

No. 1319173

is this the best idea ive ever had (its ok if u lie sanic i know it is)

No. 1319778

Will I meet him online first

No. 1319781

No idea what that means sanic.. umm.. will helping someone lead to him

No. 1319790

will i be more successful by the end of the month

No. 1319791

thanks sanic

No. 1320205

Are trans women women Sahnic?

No. 1320209


No. 1320218

do i have to call her

No. 1320220

No. 1320221

Will the dentist call me back

No. 1320309

Sanic knows what the fuck is up

No. 1320724

Am i going to have a good semester?

No. 1320742

Will I graduate this fall?

No. 1320746

Fuck. Plz give another answer I need to graduate. Maybe I phrased it wrong since id technically be graduating in December, which is winter.
Will I graduate this winter?

No. 1320760

Am I a bpdchan?

No. 1320764

Will I get the job I half-assedly applied to today?

No. 1320765

Okay, asking again

No. 1320788

will it all turn out ok in the end?

No. 1320818

will it be ok and not malignant

No. 1320819

trying again

No. 1320875

will my life get worse

No. 1320883

does it hurt

No. 1320941


No. 1321185


No. 1321774

Will I meet him next year

No. 1321929

Will I see that sexy emo dude tomorrow

No. 1322044

No. 1322045

Will my boss move me to 5 am instead of 4

No. 1322047

NOOO it’s okay I need to find a better paying job anyway

No. 1322085

Will it work

No. 1322086

Okay thanks

No. 1322214

take tiny adderall?

No. 1322218

should I take a tiny bit of my medication from Shire pharmaceuticals, Adderall IR?

No. 1322578

Will I be single by the end of the year?

No. 1322945

Will I still be single by the end of the year?

No. 1322982

Will I be able to get a job soon?

No. 1323014

Will I get cancelled if I get a youtube channel?

No. 1323016

asking again

No. 1323029

is it my fault

No. 1323050

Will anything good happen this month of September?

No. 1323121

Do they think badly of me?

No. 1323123

Can I get out of this?

No. 1323155

can i keep going for another 11 months

No. 1323377

Should I go?

No. 1323380

Will he ever love me

No. 1323741

Will i find love soon

No. 1323745

Will I ever even have a friend?!

No. 1323748

I will be your friend

No. 1323752

let’s go get a coffee tomorrow

No. 1323767


No. 1323779


No. 1323811

Will I give birth without an epidural

No. 1323835

congrats nonna, stay strong you can do it

No. 1325095

Should I do it?

No. 1325103

Don't harm yourself

No. 1325284

will things ever get better?

No. 1325295

Does it matter to them?

No. 1325326

Will tomorrow be awkward?

No. 1325401

Should I go get it

No. 1325676

Is he gay?

No. 1325678

Ok thats pretty gay

No. 1325728

Hey Sanic, do I just need to keep at it today?

No. 1325731

No duh, but do I need to keep trying today anyway?

No. 1326369

Have i met my soulmate?

No. 1326384

have i met
the love of my life?

No. 1326415

Will i be celibate till next year

No. 1326442

are gonna be we friends

No. 1326452

will it happen?

No. 1326543

does she think of me more than she admits?

No. 1326599


No. 1326833

Is it going to be ok

No. 1326842

Will i get good dick soon

No. 1326915

should i give her my number then?

No. 1326927

Will i not have sex for the rest of the year

No. 1327035

Will we meet through mutual friends

No. 1327037

Will I find the love of my life by the end of this year

No. 1327065

Will I meet him at the end of this year

No. 1327238

Will they buy my script

No. 1327281

is something going to happen?

No. 1327288

would she tell me?

No. 1327322

is it disrespectful?

No. 1327350

sanic I'm overreacting?

No. 1327354

tell me

No. 1327389

Is it coming

No. 1327511

Will we get back to the way we used to be

No. 1327529

is it rude to not give my number after she asked again?

No. 1327591

should I be worried about them both?

No. 1327618

Will I meet him again someday?

No. 1327621

Is she interested in dating me in the future

No. 1327758

Should I mint

No. 1327821

Should I drop this class?

No. 1327970

Lord, speak thru this sonic and lmk, is it bullshit

No. 1327971

No. 1328020

Hey friend you know what I'm going to ask. Should I do it today?

No. 1328021

Road trip buddies again! Sanic lovely you're the best

No. 1328135

Did it happen?

No. 1328174

Sanic should I start on homework now

No. 1328178

OK asking again, should I start on my homework

No. 1328235

Will I ever get better?

No. 1328239

Should I go camping this falll?

No. 1328243

should i keep putting off studying?

No. 1328271

Will Putin die in 2023?

No. 1328273

Noice, thx so much

No. 1328274

Is there a future relationship there?

No. 1328277

Don’t toy with my heart Sanic baby

No. 1328288

Will I meet my soulmate next year?

No. 1328401

Will he find out?

No. 1328483

Will my neighbors find peace and stop spying on me

No. 1328532

Is the wreath breaking on the specific piece forewarning me of something?

No. 1328569

sanic should I do it

No. 1328908

should I?

No. 1329351

Will I get a boyfriend this year

No. 1329378

Will he seriously find out?

No. 1329390

Should I?

No. 1329457

Will tomorrow be okay

No. 1329469

Should I lift weights rn

No. 1329595

Is tomorrow going to be way better

No. 1329597

Fuck… is tomorrow going to be slightly better? Will I at least spend more time appropriately?

No. 1329599

Ok I’ll take it.. will something relieving happen

No. 1329600

fuck.. sonic is never too generous

No. 1329763

Am I gonna have bad luck

No. 1329781

SHould I go full tist and buy a knuckles plush?

No. 1329784

Is this the year where I'll finally find a friend?

No. 1329801

Will I ever get the courage to do it already

No. 1329942

Should I get sushi?

No. 1329947

Is the meeting going to go well

No. 1329956

Should I study?

No. 1329959

KEK, rip nonna

No. 1329961

Hey it's fine at least I'll get good grades from it

No. 1330020

pls sanic am I going to be okay

No. 1330346

Should I stop responding to him

No. 1330373

Will my chicken pot pie be delicious

No. 1330380


No. 1330384

Did I make it worse

No. 1330497

Ok I'm asking again…

No. 1330523

You were right Sonic. I need to stop
Is tomorrow going to be creative and positive?

No. 1330541

Is it like I imagine it?

No. 1330557


No. 1330558

Will have a productive day

No. 1330573

File: 1662612268822.jpg (5.01 MB, 1382x2048, MV5BMTc5MzIyMDk5Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)

not sanic but benji the dog?

No. 1330588

Will the trannies win

No. 1330590


No. 1330655

Will they raise the 41% after finding out that this still will never make them women?

No. 1330714

will I fail

No. 1330725

will the tide turn

No. 1330727

No. 1330734

will I hate myself more if I go through with it

No. 1330736

Am I right in thinking that the kirby anon keeps samefagging about herself everywhere to stay relevant/for attention, Sanic?

No. 1330743

is today going to be a good day?

No. 1330756

Will i be happy

No. 1330763

Am i gonna visit home soon

No. 1330882

Help a tist out sanic. Were they flirting that day?

No. 1331142

Morning Sanic. Am I going to be able to do art lessons today without getting interrupted by loud jerks again?

No. 1331143

Goddamned motherfucking shitheads. Great. Just great. Thanks for letting me know friend

No. 1332420

Is tomorrow going to be a positive turning point for this situation

No. 1332460

Is my car going to be fixed next week?

No. 1332804

is the queen really dead

No. 1332805

No. 1332812

Her baby scrotum skin suit finally failed to keep that crypt keeper alive, google baby scrotums sold to beauty industry for anti-aging treatments if you don't believe me

No. 1332879

Is my gut feeling right now right?

No. 1333008

Is there something there?

No. 1333047

Will I get married

No. 1333131

hey sanic is there a point to anything?

No. 1333477

Yo Sanic should I go chase the clouds today?

No. 1333478

Close enough to permission! Thanks bro!

No. 1333587

>google baby scrotums
no way shotafag

No. 1333825

Will I have an awakening this year

No. 1333828

Will today be even more positive than yesterday

No. 1333829

Suffering awaits every day motherfucker

No. 1333931

Will we start talking and become friends?

No. 1334531

Will I ever be happy around people?

No. 1334627

will he suffer

No. 1334650

Will my life change much by december

No. 1334655

Are my relatives gonna see me arguing in the Facebook comments section

No. 1334658

Will I?

No. 1334665

will i do well in my masters degree?

No. 1334667


No. 1334748

Hey friend am I going to be less depressed today?

No. 1334751

Okay thank you that's about what I expected

No. 1335444

Is it worth going out in the rain

No. 1335446

Oh sanny boy will it be worth it?

No. 1335962

Will the changes I make today show major results by December

No. 1335964

Will the changes I make today show major results in one month?

No. 1335966


No. 1335973

Morning my man! Is it going to be quiet enough this afternoon to get any work done?

No. 1336064

Should I text him?

No. 1336068

An answer pretty please?

No. 1336077

Should I?

No. 1336122

art trip y/n

No. 1336125

Is it meant to be

No. 1336147

should i eat it

No. 1336307

will things return to normal by the 23rd?

No. 1336319

Uhhhhhh is it embarrassing and depressing or no

No. 1336321

File: 1662941148177.jpg (156.95 KB, 638x632, 1657732288775.jpg)

Bump, careful when scrolling

No. 1336357


No. 1336388

But is it tho

No. 1336401

will this retard ever understand?

No. 1336409

should i leave the friendships

No. 1336411

that's gross sanic

No. 1336415

Can they tell?

No. 1336420

Will i lose my hair because of covid?

No. 1336422


No. 1336472

Is he asleep?

No. 1336480

Should I do it?

No. 1336491


No. 1336863

between now and next week (7 days) will things get better every day?

No. 1336867

will today be exciting

No. 1336992

Am I nervous because something bad is going to happen this week?

No. 1337257

Is it going to be ok tomorrow

No. 1337282

Am i gonna turn this shit around by friday

No. 1337285

File: 1663019877263.jpg (265.94 KB, 1023x711, 9gvzVUS.jpg)

fuck you sonic, i am having the worst fucking week and nobody can give me reassurance in my life because i am too afraid to be vulnerable. AM I GOING TO TURN MY SHIT AROUND? AM I GOING TO GET OUT OF THIS DEPRESSIVE CYCLE?>

No. 1337289

File: 1663019933739.jpg (119.29 KB, 1200x900, un50L1R.jpg)

:( please?

No. 1337300

will putting all of my energy into this class and work lead me to short term happiness

No. 1337301

Will I be successful if I make it?

No. 1337313

Will there be another after this?

No. 1337553

Sanic pls help this nonna out I tell you hwta

No. 1337596

Will i ever be Abel to feel love again

No. 1337672

Should I have that glass of wine

No. 1337702

Will my ex die soon

No. 1337796

Will he message me tonight?

No. 1337819

Is it going to work out

No. 1337823

Please take it seriously. Asking again

No. 1337887

Will he FR find out, even if I try very hard to keep secret?

No. 1337888

Should I get another pet?

No. 1337891

Should I stick with this story? Is there any point?

No. 1337909

will the birth go well

No. 1337928

will today be my turning point into goodness

No. 1337929

is today going to be studious and creative

No. 1337931

is today gonna fuckin rock

No. 1338036

WILL THIS be over within a month

No. 1338054

Sanic will I find the lady of my dreams?

No. 1338080

should i block him?

No. 1338438

Am I being unreasonable?

No. 1338439

Am I going to suffer regardless?

No. 1338523

Did I miss an opportunity ?

No. 1339240

Sanic oh Sanic did I catch something?

No. 1339242


No. 1339290

WHO am I will I find that out saaaaanic I need to know

No. 1339380

is today gonna be the major happy creative turnaround day i've been thinking of

No. 1339383

Am I bisexual?

No. 1339389

File: 1663164066327.jpg (47.39 KB, 722x950, Doctor-Sonic-coloring-page.jpg)

He's on his way to diagnose you

No. 1339413

Will this ruin her?

No. 1339427

Will my beloved respond

No. 1339487

sanic, will i make friends in uni ?

No. 1339496

Ok but could we possibly secks

No. 1339497

will i find relief soon

No. 1339512

Will we?!

No. 1339629

Will I be forgiven?

No. 1339643

I'm gonna remember Sanic's wise advice whenever I feel a sliver of guilt

No. 1340260

Am I gonna learn something new that I carry with me for the rest of my life tomorrow

No. 1340326

should I get out now?

No. 1340348

Sanic, should I believe him?

No. 1340349

how prescient.

No. 1340426

Am I pretty

No. 1340725

Are my days off gonna be funky fresh

No. 1340727

Will today be illuminating

No. 1340770

That was her, right?

No. 1340804

Sanic I'm really scared. Is today going to go well?

No. 1340806

did I make the right choice in keeping it?

No. 1340807

Asking again?

No. 1340836

Will I ever be able to fit it?

No. 1341252

Will I pass my exam?

No. 1341256

Please don't do this to me. Not right now

No. 1341264

will things ever get better sanic?

No. 1341295

Am I going to end up alone forever?

No. 1341339

Will i find a parking spot tommrow

No. 1341360

Is she lame?

No. 1341445

Asking again

No. 1341453

should i stay up

No. 1341474

Will any of it pan out?

No. 1341511

I actually did jerk off and when I came I had some light cramps and later on decided to do the nasty with my nigel, and while neither of us came it was nice and in the morning after my waters broke. Birth went well too, Baby is healthy thanks sanic!

No. 1341516

was it

No. 1341520

Will it happen in the wee hours of the morning?

No. 1341533

Congrats! wishing you a happy motherhood

No. 1341552

sonic knew what's up. Hope your baby is doing ok!

No. 1341560

Should I go to the doctor

No. 1341608

Will things go back to how they were soon?

No. 1341625

Bored and horny what shall I do

No. 1341752

Is our friendship done

No. 1341781

Sanic, is it true?

No. 1342112

should I do it?

No. 1342114

should I ever do that?

No. 1342115

No. 1342323

Will my appointment go well and i find clarity on Thursday ?

No. 1342365

will he??

No. 1342366

what happened then?

No. 1342475

Is he okay?

No. 1342522

Is it gonna get good now

No. 1342543

No. 1342717

Is she a piece of shit??

No. 1342719

That's good enough for me

No. 1343439

is he gonna

No. 1343442

will do, thanks sanic

No. 1343473

Will admin give us another surprise outage within the next month, sanic-sama?

No. 1343498

Do they feel that in a constructive way, and act on it?

No. 1343563

sanic is everything going to turn out okay?

No. 1343692

is tomorrow going to be good?

No. 1343707

Does she dream of me like I dream of her?

No. 1343708

Oh no nonna

No. 1343714

File: 1663623362937.jpg (267.37 KB, 1024x726, hello.jpg)

So should I?

No. 1343715

Once more…

No. 1343721

Was it that bad?

No. 1343723

Will I get over it?

No. 1343737

Erm will i be able to clean my room and download minecraft today

No. 1343749

did my nigel mean it

No. 1343751

kek okay thanks very good

No. 1343891

Is this thing going to clear up?

No. 1343924

Should I buy the vibrator

No. 1343929

Come on man

No. 1344029

Is it too late for me?

No. 1344034

No. 1344035

Tell me

No. 1344040

File: 1663646604096.gif (1.8 MB, 1600x1200, no.GIF)

Trying to bump disturbing imagery from the front page. Please be safe.

No. 1344049

File: 1663647491503.jpeg (544.79 KB, 1536x2048, 82E95B22-8908-400F-9104-C1BE3B…)

Haven’t seen it but bump, thanks nonna

No. 1344069

Should I wake up my cat to give her cuddles?

No. 1344121

Will i get diagnosed with adhd

No. 1344207

Should I buy it?

No. 1344208

Vague but, I'll take it as a yes/maybe. Last question cursed sanic-sama, will I succeed and pay it off?

No. 1344280

sanic should i fall for the meme and buy it?

No. 1344575

Am I gonna return to equilibrium now

No. 1344577

Ok well am I going to have a very pleasant rest of the month

No. 1344790

Will we get back together again at some point?

No. 1344842

should I bless him with my presence

No. 1344848

should i buy the art

No. 1344849

Should I pick up a part-time job this October?

No. 1344852

Should i buy the table

No. 1344876

Am I delusional?

No. 1344877

love you sanic

No. 1345070

does he like me

No. 1345075

Should I go on vacation this year?

No. 1345088

will I be okay

No. 1345484

should i go outside?

No. 1345515

Am I gonna fit into those funkin pants by the end of the year

No. 1345519

WHaT never? Come on brah … what about the beginning of next year?

No. 1345521

No? Answer my ducking question bitch

No. 1345576

does he like me?

No. 1345577

should i stop talking to him?

No. 1345579

will her new living situation after her current roommate moves out go okay

No. 1345580

thats what he would say though, what do YOU think sanic?

No. 1345582

Do they not want to be friends anymore?

No. 1345584

Anons is this a negative or an affirmative to my question? No as in no, they do NOT want to be friends anymore, or no as in no they DO want to be friends?

No. 1345599

Will it go well?

No. 1345601

If I hit them up and apologize, will we be friends again?

No. 1345604

Am I gonna be able to afford all this shit

No. 1345606


C'mon I'm desperate

No. 1345738

will i finally end this degree?

No. 1345740

yes? no? pain(maybe?)?

No. 1345752

Will she be okay soon?

No. 1345761

does he really care about me?

No. 1345794

Will disaster strike if I don't keep these two personas completely separate?

No. 1345797


No. 1345897

Does anyone wanna kiss me

No. 1346040

Should I put in my two weeks in December

No. 1346066

Will it work this time?

No. 1346355

Am I going out to eat tonight?

No. 1346358

will the presentation go ok tomorrow?

No. 1346359

No. 1346360

will i lose more weight if i keep eating strawberry shortcake popsicles

No. 1346416

Will I get the job

No. 1346450

So I guess I’m not friends with her anymore?

No. 1346487

Is something crazy good going to happen within a week

No. 1346491

Is resting the key to my success atm

No. 1346512

Hi Sanic, I know I'm not supposed to, but should I do it?

No. 1346514

Damn, serving up good judgment…. I might ask again in an hour tho

No. 1346525

Is there still hope here

No. 1346526

Do they still love me

No. 1346573

Okay Sanic, how about now? Should I go do it now that I have caffeine?

No. 1346575

GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME thankies blue brother

No. 1346576

What about now…

No. 1346651

Will I meet my future husband soon

No. 1346681

Should I focus on this older guy

No. 1346773

Please tell me the truth. Is there hope here?

No. 1346775

Please Sanic, I need this reassurance. I just need to know

No. 1346787

congrats nona!

No. 1346808

just answer

No. 1346825

Am I in the right relationship?

No. 1346827

So is it better to just end it now?

No. 1346912

does he like me?

No. 1346955

shhould i do something crazy with my hair

No. 1347272

Do i know my future husband

No. 1347326

Will he regret this

No. 1347327

BASED thanks Sanic

No. 1347386

Will i meet my soulmate in school?

No. 1347387

Am I Gonna slay the rest of the week

No. 1347389

Should I break up

No. 1347392

No. 1347415

Should I ditch all my male friends and live a moid-free lifestyle?

No. 1347419

Is he gonna hook up with some girl from work now?

No. 1347420

Sanic pls

No. 1347441

Should I have a baby for the almighty craic

No. 1347504

No. 1347522

Sanic will it all turn out the way I want it to?

No. 1347531

One more time

No. 1347620

craic boi mental?

No. 1347712

You already know my question, so what's the answer?

No. 1348034

Is my husband in the same major as me

No. 1348251

No. 1348514

is something unexpected going to happen today

No. 1348515

No. 1348517

Am I going to get fired

No. 1348518

Willst I have a good day

No. 1348519

Will I succeed in drying out today

No. 1348531

Is today going to be a good beginning to the next chapter of my life

No. 1348533

Will my friend stop being such a mindless follower?

No. 1348534


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1348711

Will I make some friends soon

No. 1348715

Eyyy some good news

No. 1348743

Will karma hit my former bullies hard?

No. 1348910

will it be filled today

No. 1348923

Just to let you all know sanic lied to me about Kanye west's donda's release date so fuck her ain't that right sanic

No. 1348961

should I call them now

No. 1348968

sonic you were right. wtf.

No. 1349157

Sonny does anybody have a crush on me

No. 1349393

will I drink alcohol today?

No. 1349462

Should I stay?

No. 1349523

Will he try to come back?

No. 1349552


Sanic should i go see La Dispute is this important

No. 1349728

Will it work out?

No. 1349965

Sonic was the song 'cosmic girl' written about me after jay used a time machine to visit me as an adult and discover that I am indeed.. cosmic?

No. 1349994

will i ever be skinny?

No. 1349995

sanic will i ever be skinny

No. 1350011

Will I ever get fat, sonic

No. 1350067

Am I retarded

No. 1350077

No. 1350083

sonic should I post in the friend finder thread

No. 1350133

give me an answer please

No. 1350348

Should I text him back

No. 1350350

samefag but wow I knew it

No. 1350984

Will I find a love interest by the end of this year

No. 1350986


Okay, reroll?

No. 1350987

omfg nonna noooo

No. 1350988

another question - should I be worried about the acct closing?

No. 1350989

WHAT? am i going to get in the shit

No. 1350991

God dammit sonic, don't fuck with me. Is everything going to be okay?

No. 1350999

Should I have been more patient?

No. 1351004


No. 1351008


No. 1351020

Should I hang out with her tonight Sanic?

No. 1351024

should i buy both

No. 1351025


No. 1351063

sonic am I a girl boss building her empire?

No. 1351133

>will I win this time?

No. 1351160

should i continue with buying the art commission, sonic

No. 1351178

Is the move gonna go well?

No. 1351179

oh fuck CANCEL

No. 1351249

Is this really my best career choice

No. 1351389

Reroll because that doesn't make sense!

No. 1351515

Will I ever stop being an idiot amd start doing my homework, o beloved Sanic-chan?

No. 1351560

Should I get high?

No. 1351564

So… yes?

No. 1351599

Am I going to improve my behavior noticeably to others within a year

No. 1351601


Okay.. should I not force it?

No. 1351618

Should I get drunk?

No. 1351632

Will I win on Tuesday?

No. 1351633

Oh well, guess I expected it.

No. 1351642

is it gonna work out?

No. 1351643

sanic i really need it to work out god damn it.

No. 1351677

Should I do it today?

No. 1351976

Should I accept my aunt's offer to travel with her?

No. 1351997

Sanic plz am I going to get better by November

No. 1351998

Thank you Sanic-sama!!

No. 1352022

Will it be good

No. 1352235

That was the sign I needed, wasn’t it

No. 1352236

You’re wrong because I know it was. Thanks though.

No. 1352262

will I meet him at my current job

No. 1352268

Thanks. Will it be at my next job?

No. 1352275

okay, outside of work?

No. 1352277

bro… On the internet?

No. 1352330

When exams are done, will we get together?

No. 1352403

Can we work this out?

No. 1352635

Will my medication be corrected?

No. 1352659

Should I message him?

No. 1352666

Does he want to kiss me?

No. 1352670

Will i get that slot?

No. 1352676

Will i get a good grade on this paper?

No. 1352677

profoundly ominous

No. 1352759

Absolutely devilish nonnie

No. 1353167

It today going to be quiet enough at all to do things?

No. 1353174

Sanic come on which is it?

No. 1353179

My man it's early in the morning and shit's already loud, I just want to know if it's going to stay this way all day and I should leave or if it's going to be quiet enough for chores.

No. 1353181

It's currently too loud for that, unless you want me to make fake sex noises to scare my neighbors off.

No. 1353182

Oh that's actually good advice. Thanks Sanic.

No. 1353199

sanic, this won't tarnish my vacation, right?

No. 1353200

i do need to chill out about this. thanks

No. 1353442

Will there be a fight about this?

No. 1353592

Am I right to be suspicious of them

No. 1353722

Do I move or see if this works out?

No. 1353725

Kek I fucked up my question.

No. 1353733

Am I right to be pissed off at my friend?

No. 1353757

Will I meet someone at the concert next month?

No. 1353787

will my rapist ex-fiancé pay for what he did to me?

No. 1353846

Am I gonna have a breakthrough this week

No. 1355025

sanic am i going to rise like a phoenix from the ashes within a years time

No. 1355027

fuck you sanic
am I going to have a major improvement in my life within a years time

No. 1355082

Will everything go smoothly on thursday

No. 1355084

Will it be worth all the effort I have to put in to make it happen?

No. 1355085

No. 1356962

Should I text him.

No. 1356963

Fucking pwned me..

No. 1356965

If he texts me another gaslighting message should I go ahead and break his ego with my cruel words

No. 1356966

It's true he is a mega pussy Sanic. I don't need that on my hands.

No. 1356969

File: 1664439245552.jpg (22.34 KB, 333x500, 413GLu84jlL.jpg)

Gaslight back nonnie. Scrotes are generally emotionally retarded and not as good at this sort of thing as girlbosses

No. 1356975

She’s never gonna charge me rent in her head is she, sanic

No. 1356988

Am I on the right track today towards my goals

No. 1356989


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

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