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No. 780388

Jude Bishop is a "goth" (she whipped out her Black veil brides guitar lmao) Girl who was recently featured in a Barcroft Hooked on the look documentary featuring her best friend Rosemaryonette (Rosie hinton) as well, a "Lolita" (shes fairy kei not Lolita) who shares a house with her dark and brooding best friend

the whole point of them existing or being popular is that one wears black and the other wears pastels and that somehow makes them interesting?

((Drama)) allegedly Rosie had a depop where she sold items but the customers never received the items. all her listings are gone and the only reviews left are ones shes purchased from , not sold.
//also FBs marketplace//
she had claimed she was a Lolita in the barcroft video when in fact she is a fairy/pastel kei

Jude is allegedly a nasty person to fans or other goths irl and very elitist (name brands or you're trash essentially"
also shes heavily into DDlg as insinuated by her Instagram bio "Daddys pretty little fuckdoll" https://www.instagram.com/yung_bish0p/

( A R0ttingd0ll video but it also touches on jude and rosie at 1:18)

(Barcroft documentary)

(INSIDER Documentary )

No. 780389

File: 1550821362559.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.95 KB, 1238x705, hhvhjb.JPG)

fuckin yikes lmao(namefagging)

No. 780390


New threads should be posted in /snow/

No. 780391

Just wanna add that this "goth" listens to lil peep and music similar to his so

No. 780395

>Jude is allegedly a nasty person
Oh no will the tragedy ever stop somebody call the police
Where's the real tea OP? These weird weaboos never deliver enough milk to have their own thread

No. 780401

I heard after the video came out that one (or both) of them were racist but didn’t ever see any proof of it
Since this thread is here for some reason if anyone has any proof of that I’d be interested to see

No. 780402

Oh no! goths are only allowed to listen to The Cure!

No. 780405

I find it out how Jude is so open about her kinks, but also about where she worked. Like now every time an potential employer googles her, they're going to find out she's into knife play, wax play, and ddlg. She has since quit Cyberdog tho

No. 780407

Considering her looks she wasn’t doing anything normal anyways.

But yeah we need milk beyond a girl who likes calling her bf daddy

No. 780408

File: 1550840379298.jpeg (542.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-30-23-43-18…)

She's the kind of girl that claims she's bi but only really likes cock

No. 780409

File: 1550840429846.jpeg (460.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-30-18-32-00…)

But then says shit like this

No. 780410

File: 1550840473054.jpeg (431.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-02-20-02-37-23…)


Not to mention how she bashes bi guys while she is oh so bi

No. 780415

Sure, she's a bit of a idiot, but where's the milk?

No. 780417

>>780409 Jillian Vessey 2.0

No. 780429

File: 1550846862935.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 178B93F1-AD4F-4297-BE40-8CB956…)

Yeah some of her answers make me uncomfortable like this one. Like sorry but encouraging minors to try kinky stuff seems creepy - I have a feeling she could be milky wish there was more stuff on her
does anybody know where they both work? I like Rosie tbh she seems sweet but Bishop seems a bit stuck up

No. 780433

>>780429 Rosie works at Cyberdog, Camden. Jude recently quit there but hasn't revealed her new job.

No. 780506

>bashes bi guys
um? where??

No. 780525

I was hoping a thread on her would pop up, if you have viewed any of her stories especially q&as she is so conceited and cringe, it's fantastic. And of course she is into ddlg uwu~ tbh I think Rosie is alright, but Jude is a complete twat

No. 780553

Ok this is gross, I still don't think she should have her own thread. Y'all should try discussing her in the Kinsters General thread, if someone can dig it up. She's not really milky, just an attention seeker imo

No. 782249

Rosie doxxed herself and Jude in her latest video. I have the enhanced caps, but I know it is against the rules.

No. 782257

File: 1551469791384.jpg (78.47 KB, 720x489, 20190301_194923.jpg)

Rosie/rosemary isnt her birth name?

No. 782259

File: 1551469904337.jpg (282.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190301-194914_Fac…)

No. 782332

File: 1551479942419.png (723.17 KB, 750x1334, A971F8E9-D2B9-4813-AB1D-BF39B9…)

Omg I like Rosie but that was a bit stupid of her, I’m guessing Rosie isn’t her legal name then? Or is she changing that?

Also more over sharing from Bishop

No. 782529

Jude is currently jobless. She quit cyberdog because it was 'shit' there.

No. 782553

To be fair to her I know a couple of people who have worked there and have said management treats the shop floor staff poorly.

No. 782580

>>782553 seems rather impulsive to quit your job before you have another job. Especially as she HAS to be goth at work. God forbid she has to adhere to work uniform.

No. 782651

>into extreme bodymod
>into ddlg
>mentally ill
>was raped as a child

in other news: water is wet. she'd be camgirl like the others if she weren't into looking hideous.

No. 782690

In one of Judes Instagram pics 'missing daddy' she uses a bunch of body positivity tags.. isn't that the tag bigger girls use..

Nobody is going to shame her for having a slim body

No. 785056

File: 1552193588052.jpeg (880.89 KB, 1125x1585, 995EEF7A-26CC-4648-9D01-19E8D2…)

Oof her and r0ttingDoll are friends , not surprised

No. 785469

File: 1552325487270.jpeg (598.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-11-14-01-49…)

She lost her shit

No. 785495

Someone's triggered. She could've said all that in one sentence.

And yeah there's nothing wrong with talking about what you're into, if you want to help others, until you say this:
>I don't even think ddlg is a kink personally
Like what

No. 785498

I think Jude wants to be this edgy idgaf person, but tries too hard and comes across as doing it for shock/attention.
I don't even mean her look, she can wear whatever. It's stuff like where in a haul video she said "I got pink stuff even though I'm g0ff fuck your standards" but there was only one pink thing. Don't make a big deal about it then?

No. 786256


She comes across as extremely dull in her videos, her aesthetic and “shock factor” posts are all she has to compensate for her complete lack of personality. It seems like a common trend among altcows lul

No. 786594

File: 1552587077706.png (522.53 KB, 649x1049, wp_ss_20190314_0006.png)

>Jude wants to be this edgy idgaf person
She's actually triggered pretty easily. And pretends to be superior bc of it kek

Also, should we move her to the dd lg thread cos the most milk is there. She said in another q&a she acts little in public even without "daddy".

No. 786669

Omg wtf kek

Sage for no milk but her skin can’t be in great shape with all that crap she puts on her face

No. 786911

File: 1552655658354.jpeg (214.76 KB, 1125x995, 12B215EA-D880-425E-AAAE-2DD5FB…)

Context - newest video $500 kill star haul / used “gay” as a bad thing I guess ? Anyway people no likey

No. 786927

No. 786955

File: 1552665593337.jpg (38.46 KB, 640x640, 51805592_481662485700396_50395…)

>her skin can’t be in great shape with all that crap she puts on her face
Pic related. It wasn't taken by her so i guess she couldn't edit it. It was dead.deeds on Insta, they've done Rosie a few times too.

They joke about being broke and then do stuff like this. Maybe all your spending on clothes is why you're broke?

Wonder what Rosie thinks, she is gay. Also wonder what she thinks about Jude faking being bi.

No. 786960

Damn Rosie still looks good unedited ?
Jude not so much

No. 786969


Omg her teeth are disgusting

No. 787003

Did she forget to brush her teeth? Oh dear…

No. 787018


Maybe she smokes which is why her teeth are so gross. But she doesn’t smoke because she’s so straightedge hmm

No. 787039

Her skin looks pretty rough, does she do full face every day? Let your skin breathe.

Yeah and she brings it up a lot. Like in the haul, she said she's wearing a cigarette shirt cos she's SXE, for ~shock value~. She brings that up a lot too. Nothing wrong with having fun but agree with >>786256 she's using it instead of a personality.

No. 787075

She sure loves plugging the Barcroft doc and her instagram, Lord

No. 787110

Well Barcroft and pics of her makeup is the only reason she has subs.

Btw what about milk on Rosie? The OP description says there was something about a depop scandal.

No. 787117

How old are they?

No. 787423

File: 1552770138206.jpeg (117.2 KB, 744x1209, 526122B4-E19E-4479-8B2A-607435…)


Her Depop is inactive and only has 4 reviews which are all 5 stars so I don’t know if Depop allows users to remove negative reviews once they’ve deleted all of their listings.

No. 787427

File: 1552770194154.jpeg (110.07 KB, 750x1096, 830A76CE-8BE5-467D-AE16-CB36B4…)

Samefag to add second pic

No. 787465

File: 1552776683063.png (530.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190316-225031.png)

Jude's current story. I can't tell if these are lyrics or what?

No. 787466

>>787117 Jude is 22

No. 787483

They’re lyrics from a song called Exposure by a guy called Tom MacDonald

No. 787487

you can’t be a little with a big nose

No. 787489

No. 787498

File: 1552783372209.jpeg (232.79 KB, 750x1192, F280BDED-61E7-4F5A-96E8-D706AD…)

Imagine being so far up your own ass that posting a photo of yourself is all you have to do to make yourself feel better.

No. 787524

It's her followers asspats that make her feel better, they like her looks (and not much else). Same as everyone on Insta tho.

Yeah, he does hip hop. Her fav genres are hip hop, trap and emo sound cloud. $o g0fF.

No. 787602

File: 1552814202515.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190317-091553.png)

No. 787655


“I’m just honest” yes but it doesn’t hurt to learn to be tactful out of respect for others. She literally prides herself on being an asshole.

I have a feeling her disgusting attitude and over the top appearance don’t do her many favors IRL. Speaking of which, has she found another job yet?

No. 787657


Maybe she’s plugging Killstar so much in the hope they’ll ask her to model for them kek

No. 787688

File: 1552841910294.jpeg (293.41 KB, 1120x1715, ECE83432-2901-4963-AAFF-6091CA…)

What a hill to die on

No. 787701


Omg she’s such a piece of shit. Just apologise and say you didn’t mean to cause offense, it’s not hard.

No. 787702

File: 1552845608901.png (4.84 MB, 1125x2001, 2CD06212-E109-47BE-968D-537E7F…)

You don’t love animals unless you’re vegan lmaooo

No. 787715


Oh kek she's a holier than thou vegans. She's already sanctimonious about being an asshole - "I'm brave enough to speak my mind, you sheep!1!" There's a difference between that and being edgily triggered at everything. She's the 2nd one.

No. 787870

File: 1552895599562.png (715.83 KB, 643x1074, wp_ss_20190318_0013.png)


>has she found another job yet

Judging by this, nope.

No. 787995

File: 1552946314664.jpg (386.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190318-215740_Ins…)

No. 788007


I wondered how long until the e-begging begins. She can’t even keep a consistent schedule for YouTube so what “content” will people be paying her for?

No. 788033

Well she said in a Q+A (she has one like every other night) she wants YT full time. Following the footsteps of e begger mall goth Jake who's idea of full time is also scattered kek. No wonder he's her fav YTer eh.

No. 788043


What a great time for her to start doing YouTube full time when it’s dying kek

Jake as in Toxic Tears’ asshole bf?

No. 788104

It's been dying a while but they still get newcomers. Yep Kaya's bf. Jude said he's her fav YTer in another Q and A. She's full of QnA's, good source of milk.

No. 788159


Jake is such a poser lmfao, not to mention dull and egotistical asf. Him and Jude would make the ultimate goff poser couple kek

No. 788708

File: 1553121261310.png (997.3 KB, 649x1120, wp_ss_20190320_0008.png)

Jude is on Twitch now, kinda.

Background on this guy: He turned goth a month ago cos he liked Jude's look. They became friends and J is "helping" him be g0ff. And they both share a love for emo soundcloud, so there's that.

No. 788723

File: 1553124784623.jpg (439.03 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-233246_Ins…)

No. 788793

File: 1553139342366.png (471.14 KB, 651x985, wp_ss_20190321_0004.png)

Here are some of the more lulzy q and a answers

But what will her content be, just makeup and hauls? All the other alt YT cows are doing that already.

No. 788795

File: 1553139783104.png (480.83 KB, 654x1016, wp_ss_20190321_0003.png)

Stop forcing carnivore pets to be vegan.

No. 788796

File: 1553140207043.png (438.86 KB, 643x1008, wp_ss_20190321_0006.png)

Yep, people like you. You act edgy to be shocking, but when people have even just a diff opinion u get triggered (but also "soo don't care" at the same time?)

No. 788806

She didnt say that tho it was the asker

No. 788851

i'm intrigued to see what the hell 'daddy' looks like

No. 788853

File: 1553172664407.jpg (468.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190321-125044_Ins…)

No. 788873

I really like Rosie and I was pretty excited when she started her YT channel but Jude has ruined both of them for me. How could anyone live with, and call that bitch a best friend? She’s delusional.

No. 788998

Jude and Rosie did a QandA on YT, Jude said she's the nice one and Rosie is snarky. And in the barcroft doc said "i'm nice despite what people think of me". Sure jan

PS for someone who 0mg doesn't care about anything fuck u! Jude sure loves q and a's huh

No. 789099

>I want to help people and make the world a better place
She's delusional.

No. 789191

No. 789194

>>789191 at around 9:50 she says her mental health is so amazing because she believes she can do social media full time. She then goes on to use gay in a negative way again.

No. 789196

File: 1553278165221.jpeg (603.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-03-22-01-24-19…)

She always gets so pissed when people ask her for Rosie

No. 789216

She could've simply just said, yeah were good, but our friendship isn't what my IG is about that's all.
"I don't get triggered" my ass kek.

No. 789229

Rosie got a giant face tattoo

No. 789231

File: 1553286431339.jpg (4.09 MB, 3520x2688, rosietat.jpg)

No. 789263

damn id be kinda hurt if my friend talked about me like that if someone asked them how i was lol

No. 789294

Why is this girls persona just overreacting at everything. She's basically just a mishmash of every other cow on here.
>ddlg cunt who is overly defensive about her 'lifestyle', encourages minors to be a part of kink shit
>another "bisexual" who exclusively goes for dick
>calls herself goth (or g0ff) but doesn't even listen to goth music, just another poser doing killstar hauls
>Spends excessive amounts of money on said killstar hauls despite having no job and aspires to be an e-begger full time.
>Edgy "IDGAF what you haters say" persona despite the fact that literally no one cares what she does, she just has to be anti everyone and everything because she has no other personality. No one cares that you're G0ff and bought a pink thing ffs.
>"I'm so anti PC, I don't get offended about anything" to justify shit like using gay as an insult, proceeds to get triggered and write long defensive paragraphs when people ask how her roommate is, despite the fact her whole claim to fame is being a duo.
>~I just want to make the world a better place uwu~ delusional bullshit. No Jude, you just don't wanna get a proper job that you have to put effort into or can't dress like a snowflake. Acting obnoxious online and expecting strangers on the internet to give her money for barely producing any content is what she'd rather do all day.

Idk, Rosie seems like a nice enough girl that just dresses weird and collects stuff but Jude is unhinged. Maybe there's some actual dirt on Rosie besides the depop stuff because I don't understand how any self respecting person could spend more than 5 minutes with Jude let alone live with and be branded as a packaged deal with her unless she was a cow herself. If Jude really is the nice one out of the two of them then yikes.

No. 789301

This. She's full of contradictions and attention-whoring. And kek how she asserts "i don't give a fuck!!1" so much. People who do that actually care a lot of what others think of them.

>I don't understand how any self respecting person could spend more than 5 minutes with Jude… unless she was a cow herself.

If she is it doesn't come across. Plus Jude acts normal to people she likes - she talks to that sadboiaccount guy alot and he's never complained about her.

>If Jude really is the nice one out of the two of them then yikes.

Right? But again Rosie doesn't come off as cunty/milky even tho she's just as active on IG and YT.

No. 789309

The girls met in college because they were both going for art diplomas according to the best friend tag video. Curious to know why she can't find a job in whatever she learned at college. She'd rather make endless hauls, draw spikes on her face and talk about herself instead of doing something that requires work? She didn't even have an Instagram until the video made them popular, way to jump for ad money on that fifteen minutes of "normies think I'm weird" fame.

No. 789353

They're British, so it's probably a sixth form college.

No. 789354

my friend was a huge fan of Judes and found her really inspiring, then on her livestream she asked her a very harmless question and Jude went off her nut, so much for being a good role model

No. 789370

Lol. Bet Jude's defence will be "well she was being a cunt, and cos I'm so hard i put her in her place!"
What was the question? And what was Jude's response.

No. 789402

>>789309 they both dropped out of college. The main reason jude cant find a job is because she HAS to be goff at work. She wont adhere to uniform policies at all.

No. 789427

christ why does she sound exactly like david brent when she talks

No. 789435

File: 1553354426385.jpg (298.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190323-151944_Ins…)

No. 789437

Why do all girls with these same ugly piercings look alike, I almost thought this was poopchan

No. 789464

She talks with a lot of vocal fry and like she's trying to make her voice sound deeper.

No. 789575

Lol i kinda see it now. It's the pink nose ring. At least Rosie doesn't wear fried wigs tho.

No. 789584

File: 1553395319993.png (476.38 KB, 600x972, wp_ss_20190324_0002.png)

>Acting obnoxious online and expecting strangers on the internet to give her money for barely producing any content is what she'd rather do all day.

It's not just money, they already want to send clothes and even sex toys. Their money, they can do what they want, that's cool. i just wanna understand why they're doing it to this extent when Jude has only just started YT and stuff.Her content so far has just been normal things - makeup and hauls?

No. 789585

File: 1553395341678.png (431.27 KB, 603x963, wp_ss_20190324_0003.png)

>sex toys

No. 789601

they wanna be her and supporting her by giving her things they want to see her in allows them to feel a sense of ownership. when it comes to ""creative"" people like this their fanbases are always of people who wish they could be like them but are too fat, ugly, busy, and/or broke to do it.

No. 789605

Nta but sounds about right. What about the sex toys though? To my knowledge Judge doesn't have a premium Snapchat…

No. 789672


That address isn’t even for a PO Box, it’s for a marketing agency. I wonder if she actually works there and isn’t telling anyone

No. 789765

Rosie really does strike me as a nice person just with weird interests, shes a lot more soft spoken and seems actually mindful of what she says unlike the other dolt. When the barcroft doc came out I was scrolling through comments and found a fairly long one accusing rosie of being a snobby bitch to this person and his friends in college, and acting like they were weird, but when I went to the commenters profile he was literally a fucking furry so tbh I think hes just bitter that rosie wasnt part of their degenerate clan lol.
Between judes fucking cold answers to questions about rosie, and the difference in attitude, I dont really think they both love living together much at all besides for the aesthetic. I think the best friend tag was just to capitalize off the look of their friendship, and that Jude is a snarky bitch. I bet she calls out rosie for being the snarky one if rosie dares to talk back or stand up for herself tbh.

No. 789809

File: 1553450025552.png (321.59 KB, 720x1082, wp_ss_20190324_0019.png)

The address has several companies working there, and one is a postal service.

No. 789845

File: 1553454569967.png (653.74 KB, 629x956, wp_ss_20190324_0021.png)

Explain this insanity though.
Bishop has only been popular for a few months and people already willing to drop higher levels of cash. (A lot of ddlg shit too kek, someone asked to send pacifiers…)

No. 790133


Why do I feel like some of the suggestions were posted by herself, making her seem more popular.

I mean, her poll about the patreon was gping so so bad, I woldnt think people would rather send her shit instead of paying a quid monthly

No. 790237

Yep. It’s the equivalent of having an IMVU character and spending money on buying it clothes and different features instead of yourself. It applies to camgirls too who get free shit sent because the guys wanna feel a sense of power over them.

No. 790286

File: 1553539026766.jpg (376.41 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190325-183641_Ins…)

No. 790312

My only question is why? Id understand if she'd done content for a long time or it stood out in some way.
But she's new and her vids are the same as all the popular goff YTers. Yet people are already all over her like? Only difference I can think of is the doc and her makeup.

No. 790314

File: 1553544240466.png (391.75 KB, 622x959, wp_ss_20190325_0015.png)

No. 790321

Looks like she has shit taste in everything-even music now lol

No. 790337


Plugging Jake in the hope he’ll date her instead of TT kek

No. 790453

She also loves trap and emo rap (lil peep), black veil brides and escape the fate.

She's basically an extremely dressed emo. Not much wrong with that until you start mislabelling yourself with a whole different subculture that already has enough misconceptions. Oh and all the "normies" going "yaasss my goth kweeeen" on her IG

No. 790462

>my only question is why?
>Only difference I can think of is the doc and her makeup

That's why. The doc is viral and boosted her following, plus omg she looks cool new goff royalty i want to interact with her.
And like some other anons said, owning her kinda by giving her shit. Bonus points if it's hand made or costly.

No. 790568

Rosie’s room is so cluttered, when she gets her snail out of his tank in the doc, she has to clear a bunch of random crap off the lid to open it.

The contrast between her and Jude’s rooms are interesting, not just because of the aesthetic, but Jude’s room almost looks minimalist in comparison kek

No. 790965

File: 1553715090299.png (523.33 KB, 653x1013, wp_ss_20190326_0005.png)

She talks about being Little like it's the essence of her being, doesn't she have a personality beside that (other than spoopy makeup and ~shock value~ ofc)?

No. 791010


No anon, she’s also a clown, straightedge vegan, goff trash and more than makeup/s

No. 791247

File: 1553789718739.jpg (338.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190328-161445_Ins…)

No. 791252

i think she's just too boring to be a cow

No. 791273

Yeah like many anons pointed out her makeup, being little and being edgy is basically her only personality. Plus this thread is also about Rosie and she has 0 milk.
Should we just bring Jude back to the Altcows thread?

No. 791286

Sounds like someone is having quarter life crisis~

No. 791315

Yet another long rant but she is “so chilled” and never triggered

No. 791326

>don't ever call me woman, a little is who i AM!
Wonder how she reacts when someone in public says, excuse me young lady/miss.

Agree Rosie isn't a cow. Jude is one but minor, idk if she still needs a whole thread but that's just me.

No. 791378

Bishop was added in this a to z of goths video which has a lot of other nongoths in it.
(The creator basically commented underneath "yeah i know there's nongoths in it" and still titled it goth kek)

No. 791481

File: 1553838125231.png (445.32 KB, 435x1011, wp_ss_20190329_0005.png)

The rant continues for like 3 more story posts lmao, but i gotta say she has a point with this part.

No. 791497

>never triggered
>super chill


No. 792274

No. 792370

File: 1554017827529.jpg (357.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190331-083656_Ins…)

No. 792381

File: 1554022922529.png (345.28 KB, 478x923, wp_ss_20190331_0020.png)

For someone ~so chill with everything~ she has strong opinions about what other people should do lol. Wonder what her definition of productive is and does she hold herself to the same standards.

And speaking of the soo chill thing, she's at it again lmao.

No. 792383

File: 1554023342117.png (488.35 KB, 651x994, wp_ss_20190331_0021.png)

Imagine your family knowing your kinks.
Yeah she's one of the extreme lifestyle ones plus she shares it on IG so maybe they'd find out anyway, but tf. Boundaries not a thing?

No. 792387

For someone whos political views sound like they come straight from /pol and her 2edgy4me claim to be into ddlg which is just child fetishizing I do wonder where she gets off talking like we're living in pink floyds 'antother brick in the wall' when she panders to the exact crowd that shitpost racebaiting meymeys.
(Tldr an unemployed edgelord really has no grounds to talk about people "nOT cArInG" because of some asinine .jpegs)

No. 792397


I wonder how her father feels about it

No. 792471

Kek she obviously doesn’t see the irony in this response. She’s so moody and touchy. Also her videos remind me of a 12 year old that just discovered they can swear.

No. 792473

>>792274 the end bit explaining her eye disorder was so weird? she seemed to get so sad so quickly?

No. 792488

Triggered doesn't mean what she thinks it means basically. And when she spouts off she does it in a holier than thou like she's real tough and cool for doing it.

Yeah she seems genuinely insecure about it. Not like it's her fault, she's just not as edgy and callous as she tries to come across.

No. 792501

File: 1554059449727.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 27D1B47D-0AF7-4C2F-A93D-C6F728…)

She does these dumbass q and a things every single day, how self centered could she be? I feel like her idea of being an influencer is just an eternal q and a where she gets triggered way too much and shares TMI about her disgusting “daddy” and ddlg lifestyle. Most of her youtube videos are her answering questions of herself.

No. 792561

But anon she wants to save the world and contribute to society…and the way to do that is assert her opinions in an IG story.

>i hate meme culture, it promotes being lazy and not caring

>I'm so chill and not caring
>ok but look how edgy i am
>ok but this one question triggered me, cos they're being a cunt guys

No. 792611

Also what would her boss feel, if she decides to get a job? Before she didn't have insta but now overshares everything there, what if they did a bg check and find it all.

No. 792659

>>792611 but anon her only goal is to be a full time influencer!! And its totes going to work out!!

No. 792748

>Says meme culture is unproductive
> Wakes up at midnight to get ready and film videos at 3AM
>Doesn’t have a job

No. 792845

File: 1554161440536.png (471.71 KB, 570x1027, wp_ss_20190331_0023.png)

Lol she doesn't even research before writing up her rants. My Immortal isn't about real people, and its a troll fic

No. 792846


Don’t you know being the most honest and true 1000% blackest darkest goth of them all is the most that Jude can possibly contribute to our society of idiots who make memes?

No. 792847

Woooooow, she missed the mark there kek

No. 792853

File: 1554162669650.png (421.63 KB, 525x1087, wp_ss_20190331_0022.png)

A relationship 100% ddlg dom sub shit can't be healthy. She says he's so caring/sweet but also oh yeah the base of our relationship is a kink where he's dominant over me. Isn't having both a paradox?

I usually don't give a shit what people do in bed, but blasting it to the world makes it free game. Ddlg is literally an act and she tries to claim it as part of her personality, and claims to be educating people/normalising it. Tf.

No. 792909

she said she lost her virginity at 13 aka she was raped as a child and is using ddlg as a way to relive her trauma and find sexual gratification from it to deal with the memories. she isnt the first sexually abused little the majority of them are. literally nothing about her image or attitude shows shes into ageplay or age regression she just wants to relive her abuse. she needs therapy and to stop advertising this as a harmless healthy kink. her dom is just a misogynistic pedophile.

No. 792997

Honestly the ‘daddy’ doesn’t even sound like a real person. Sounds like some fantasy Christian Grey that someone who doesn’t know how BDSM works made up for GOFF BDSM HARDCORE BITCH clout.

Unless he’s some older married man and she’s a side piece and their relationship revolves solely around kink. That’s still unheard of in most circles.

No. 793010

She said sex at 13 her choice, dk the dude's age. Kek maybe he was much older and started her fetish.

Pedos yeah. Again do whatever in bed but showing your unhinged fans (sending dildos in the mail to a stranger lmao) that ddlg is a cute aesthetic isn't gonna educate them if that's what you really wanna do.

No. 793939

File: 1554229917997.jpg (364.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190402-193133_Ins…)

Jfc 8?!

No. 793943

File: 1554230122945.jpg (420.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190402-193522_Ins…)

No. 793990


Ugh, she probably reads Lolita multiple times to get off.

No. 794120

File: 1554278043442.png (396.03 KB, 641x924, wp_ss_20190403_0011.png)

>Ddlg is literally an act and she tries to claim it as part of her personality
Kek she actually does. But i think some of it's just talk cos her act and voice is normal in all her videos. It actually sounds like she's trying to make it deeper. Not very little of you Jude.

No. 794121

File: 1554278074248.png (385.26 KB, 638x946, wp_ss_20190403_0013.png)

No. 794135

Cant screenshot but she posted a pic of him a while ago in her stories. Hes young and twiggy looking.

No. 794274

Oh honey kinks aren't personality traits.
Neither is wearing extreme makeup, being edgy, or going on rants to look tough/acting uncaring to look tough (seems she can't decide between those 2 lol).
Plus kinks can be part of you but "little is who i AM!" is just delusional.

No. 794301

File: 1554318316621.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1825.PNG)

sadboiaccount seems like a jerk though, terrible makeup and aesthetic and yet demands double ds and an 'innie vagina'

No. 794302

File: 1554318399104.png (734.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1826.PNG)

esp when u look like a potato with receding hair

No. 794306

This is shit that virgins write

No. 794312

Good god, what an incel.

No. 794341

File: 1554325893355.png (190.12 KB, 373x327, 139035361828.png)

No. 794342

>it is my life. i am little.
phew! thats trauma, sis.

No. 794350

he wants to bone bishop so bad

No. 794369

Super skinny with double ds that are PERKY lmao ok and an "innie vagina" what the fuck is that? An inverted vagina sounds freakish and not a thing in general.
I know he explained what he meant, but like, NO ONE would describe a vagina with small/concealed inner labia like that and also compare it to a dumbass cartoon characters weird mouth no less.

Also why even include no birth defects or deformities? Like that just seems so odd to include that. Did he have an ex with a nub arm or do special ed girls hit on him thinking he's one of their own?? kek

No. 794388

>DD cups
>perfect with no defects
>won't care about your sad appearance
Porn. What you're looking for is porn.

>never seen an outie IRL before
>homer simpson's mouth looks like a vagina

No. 794391

>never seen an outie bellybutton before
something also tells me this dude has also never seen a vagina before.

No. 794423

Lots of people call them innies anon, you could have Googled that

No. 794432

I have never in my life in person to person interactions nor on the internet ever heard someone call vaginas innies or outties. I understand the meaning, but I didn't think that was common terminology. Especially for some dunce talking about what he wants in a gf "a homer simpson vag" lmfao

No. 794538


I'm guessing by an "innie" vagina he means no inner labia visible. Like a small child.

No. 794557

What a creepy fucking loser

No. 794595

File: 1554387167186.jpg (142.02 KB, 800x800, 1Pair-11-28cm-Anime-The-Simpso…)

whoops sorry - it's still blowing my mind that someone would liken a vagina to homer simpson's mouth.

No. 794669


I don't understand why you would even write stuff like that online. It's just as bad as her giving support to underage people who want to get into the DD/lg kink like her.

No. 794879

there was a trend(?) for a while of people shooping homer simpson over women's camel toes/porn stars vaginas. That's probably where he got that from. Still weird as fuck though.

No. 794902

Jude made a poll about her fans and the majority is, surprise surprise, underage.

No. 794943

I straight up have to wonder if this guy is a virgin to compare an actual vagina to Homer Simpsons mouth. Like I know hes supposed to be fucking Jude, but this sounds like something a middle schooler would say.

Or maybe Jude had a wierd looking pussy?

No. 794988

Jude is pretty public about fucking a """super hot dom daddy""", who is not mysadboiaccount. He must be hard for her though. Slim, small butt, tattoos, fits his perfect girl requirements.

No. 795007

I can't help but laugh how insistant Jude is about her 'Daddy's' anti-porn stance. I've yet to know one bloke who doesn't watch porn. I bet he just tells her that to shut her up and not make her insecure, while beating the meat when they are apart.

No. 795032

Well she sends many nudes apparently. But yeah who hasn't seen porn.

She also insists all their views are the same and they never argue. Impossible, unless you date yourself. Or unless they don't intimately know each other as people.
I think it's the 2nd cos like another anon said ddlg stuff is putting on an act. Like nobody is born hardwired to "be" Little (though she desperately wants people to think she is kek)

No. 795115

Some guy made a video about Rosie and Jude calling them cringe. Fans, especially Judes including her little fanboy rushing to protect them in the comments.

No. 795116

File: 1554495762099.png (264.14 KB, 720x1097, wp_ss_20190405_0012.png)

No. 795118

File: 1554495976753.png (52.95 KB, 720x234, wp_ss_20190405_0013.png)

Kek some of them don't even research, Jude is unemployed

No. 795119

at 8?? girl, stop. No really, stop.

No. 795192

in the UK colleges are usually for people not academically able enough to do the last to year of high school or sixth form as we call it. And Art course from a college is usually a BTEC and those are seen as worthless in the UK to the point where BTEC is something worse than something else e.g. Ari is BTEC Mariah

(sage for OT)

No. 795197


The guy himself is cringy.
He could have legit roasted them but instead just does.. that.

No. 795232

Lol yeah all he has to go on is "haha they look funny".
Though imo there's not much to go on for Rosie even if you go deeper. Jude is the cow here. Cringy edgelord whos so uncaring but also so touchy and wants the world to know what she does with her vag.

No. 795259

Slight OT but can the sadboiaccount guy be considered Jude's calf?

No. 795392

File: 1554578805162.jpeg (148.21 KB, 750x1060, 2F440D71-15E5-4FD4-922F-4BFE76…)

“What kind of videos do you guys wanna see? Don’t say style swap because it pisses me off whenever anyone mentions Rosie, we’re not a package deal and I don’t want her getting more likes/subs/attention that me.”

No. 795398

No. 795399

>>795398 confirmed she still doesn't have a job

No. 795400

>>795398 her patreon description

Yo G0ffgang, whats up?
I just wanted to make this so you guys would have a place where if you wanted you could give me a helping hand in creating content for you. as things are I have to have a "normal" job in order to afford to live. Thats obviously time consuming and doesn't pay enough for me to afford things like new equipment. I would really love an actual camera to film my youtube videos on and the time and extra resources to produce more quality content more frequently for you. Any money I get from this this go solely on that, no Killstar, I promise. So if you would like to and are able to that would be dope.


No. 795401

She looks ridiculous as usual. She has a flat, square head wtf

No. 795404

File: 1554581340403.jpeg (138.85 KB, 750x1023, E0B44FB8-FCFF-4D9C-9B4E-4AD530…)


How can she be serious? The cheapest DSLR on Amazon is £239, if she can afford to spend £500 on Killstar, she can definitely afford to spend £239 on a camera.

“Job doesn’t pay enough” sure Juan

No. 795515

Rosie already has more followers than her on IG.
By the way her (and Rosie's) claim to 15 minutes of fame is their style and the fact they're opposites. Is she bitter about that? Kek. A style swap would actually get lots of views and might also force them to get more creative etc

No. 795555

It's cos her hair has 0 volume, when she's not back combing it every other day.

The e begging has begun. Let's see if she does her patron rewards tho, she has legit ones like sending cards. tt and ibf only have a discord and sneak peek rewards.

B-but anon Jude is more than makeup!
The other things about her are so 2D that idk if they count as "more" tho

No. 795663

>Any money I get from this this go solely on that, no Killstar, I promise.

She PROMISES guys. She's definitely going to keep her word and she definitely won't spend her Patreon money on Killstar or deranged shit for her and daddy, kek

No. 795818

File: 1554730226505.jpg (339.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190408-143008_Ins…)

No. 795824


Jfc she gets triggered by everything

No. 795832

she's a right ol entitled cunt, isn't she?

No. 795901

Jude is literally the worst and most annoying poser I have ever seen. Everything she does makes me wanna laugh into her face and tell the truth.

No. 795915

Her definition of a "dead conversation" could be anything though, maybe almost everything cos of her superiority complex lol

No. 796008

Yeah her rants and q and as are all just her showing off her superior goffic vegan uncaring ddlg edginess, what are you overcompensating for Bishop, a personality?

No. 796448

File: 1554882516147.jpg (274.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190410-084802_Ins…)

More begging

No. 796499

how about actually presenting some content before primising to create and stepping up your game

No. 796503


how about saging if you aren't posting milk

No. 796943


only 6 backers. it seems like pateron wasnt the get free money fast scheme she was hoping for.

No. 797267

Duh, she has to make real content instead of "get to know me" videos (you're not that interesting by yourself Bishop) and hauls (goff YT scene is already full of em)

No. 797276

What about the crazies on her Insta stories asking to mail her game consoles and sex toys though. On Insta she does even less "real content", like everyone else on Insta tbh, but people already want to throw money at her.

No. 797309

Tinfoil but I bet that's either Bishop sending those to herself so she can seem popular or people lying to her to seem cool

No. 797366


Easy - people love to send messages to feel close or cool to thier favorites online. Unless they actually send something its just empty words

No. 797518

We've just got to wait for a PO box haul video then. But bc of her non existent upload schedule who knows when that is.

No. 797806

Lol she doesn't even have an excuse for her schedule. She says she hates laziness and is jobless so has free time. Hell, Rosie has a job and has more vids, even though they started YT around the same time.

No. 799262

File: 1555806885035.png (665.98 KB, 712x1050, wp_ss_20190421_0002.png)

Bishop's calf/skinwalker made a patreon too now, though his content's got even less substance than hers…

No. 799311

File: 1555841772325.png (333.89 KB, 720x1067, wp_ss_20190421_0011.png)

At least bishop has her special snowflake looks going for her, that's why most people follow her. It's not enough to deserve the $100 monthly on patreon so far though…

Sad boy meanwhile has 0 lmao.

No. 799312

File: 1555841940510.png (228.86 KB, 720x1047, wp_ss_20190421_0012.png)

>$100 monthly on patreon

No. 799320

"haha what do you mean im mad?"
i thought she was older than 16? this is a really immature mentality for someone whos in their 20s and their own adult in the real world.

so really tasteless call-out posts where you disrespect a user and ad hominem larp at them for a paragraph is "voicing your change?" damn she got some goals

No. 799322

File: 1555847461114.jpg (405.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190421-125027_Ins…)

That moral superiority

No. 799325

Sage for no Jude milk but skinwalkers are the best cringe. His Instagram account got deleted while claiming he has no idea why but then admits to posting a dead body, crime scene picture of someone famous, and spamming copy paste messages to brands to see if they'd promote him. He's using #youcantkillanidea as if he has some higher agenda than posting corpses promoting songs about him hating the person who died to be edgy.

In the newer video he says nobody has sent anything to his PO box after a month of being opened. Kek. Like he's clueless to the fact that most of his followers are underage and only looking at him because he's piggybacking off June's goff gang nonsense. Says right at the start he looks "trapped out" but in his PO box rules post he admits to being straight edge and absolutely hating the idea of drugs. Kek, basic, attention seeking, white boy doing shitty make up in his apartment while trying to profit off drug culture, which he's never had to actually deal with like real trap artists have.

No. 799347

Edgy 16 y.o. is her "personality". She says she's so uncaring but whines all the time. Wants to change the world and hates laziness, but she's jobless and just wants to change people's opinions to match hers.

She's one of those "I'm better than you" vegans as well.

"you can't kill an idea", what ideas did he even put forward? Lol trying to make it deeper than it is. People he spammed probs reported him.

No. 799493

>just wants to change people's opinions to match hers.
lmfao this. She's so far up herself. Change the world sure, what has she done except sit at home and get triggered on the internet. Honey anyone can do that…

No. 799552

File: 1555972910902.jpg (369.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190422-234103_Ins…)

No. 799553

File: 1555972968755.jpg (337 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190422-234111_Ins…)

No. 799562

So she's having a shitfit over Rosie "doing drugs!!!", but it's only her smoking pot? Lame. Rosie needs to move on and find better friends, she seems like a nice enough girl, while Jude is just abrasive and unbearable.

>lists herself as her own inspiration
She's really just the worst.

No. 799613

File: 1555989163608.jpg (324.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190422-220935_Ins…)

So rude

No. 799618

Good. Rosie is a little cringey, but deserves better. Jude is such an obnoxious, rude bitch.

Like how are you going to parade around as "daddy's little fuckdoll", but try to take some stupid "moral high ground" when it comes to smoking weed? Such a stupid hill to go die on.

No. 799633

I get not wanting to live with stoners because ugh the smell, but the way she shits all over the girl who is literally the only reason she has any platform is just uncalled for. Crappy killstar g0ffs who don't like the music and have terrible personalities are a dime a dozen nowadays, being a package deal with Rosie is the only thing giving her any notoriety. At least Rosie seems likeable and doesn't reek of desperation to be famous. I really hope Rosie finds a nice girlfriend and gets the fuck away from Jude's toxic, holier than thou efame hungry ass because she has no milk, just an interesting style.

At this point I'm not even sure if Jude is so cold towards Rosie because she wants all the attention and doesn't want to be outshone, or if she's just this much of a bitch to everyone who isn't willing to send her free consoles and sex toys for laying around all day and doing fuck all. Rosie may not be ~super clean and moral straight edge~ but at least she has a real job and doesn't parade her disgusting little shit all over the internet. Imagine being a potential employer or sponsor, looking Jude up and seeing all the trashy shit she posts publicly. Even for a 16 year old her profile would be embarrassing.

No. 799636

File: 1556006897592.png (6.13 MB, 1242x2208, B073B496-0662-4923-AA13-C9C6FA…)

Looks like they had a fight, the wording implies that Rosie smoking weed was a big issue that led to their friendship ending.

I think they got together because they were both sxe alt kids who were vegan and now Rosie is experimenting with stuff that breaks this, their friendship suffered

No. 799643

Im pretty sure Jude isnt even around any smell or smoke but rather is so peeved just by the concept of her "friends" doing anything that she is against because she clearly lives very black & white (no pun intended)
Not that she isnt just putting on a persona because nobody on this planet can genuinely be such a hypocrite and not notice it but i am very secure that shes salty Rosie dares do something she has declared lame cause it feels embarassing to her. You don't live unemployed, get off to pedo fetishes and try to e-beg for money while calling a BVB member an inspiration and then mount your straight edge high horse without a modicum of humility.
>smoke weed once in a while
>Jude: Ugh you literal piece of shit walking the salt of MY earth
>Also Jude: is about to couch surf and dick hop to stay alive because she refuses to get a job and is addicted to dressing in performative wear and contribute to textile waste also never heard how much of that makeup she wears is vegan cause theres pounds of it that never leave her face

No. 799660

How can jude move out when she doesn't have a job?

No. 799703

File: 1556033016555.jpg (447.34 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190423-162259_Ins…)

No. 799704

File: 1556033188129.jpg (228.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190423-162305_Ins…)

No. 799708

File: 1556033253506.jpg (63.36 KB, 720x368, 20190423_162633.jpg)

This is one Rosie's latest insta post

No. 799709

File: 1556033570677.jpg (345.06 KB, 720x1116, 20190423_163217.jpg)

>>799708 the captain of Rosie's latest post (from a few days ago)

No. 799710

File: 1556033699921.jpg (432.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190423-163448_Ins…)

No. 799715

File: 1556034644830.jpeg (168.32 KB, 628x958, 45EDDB79-91A9-412F-BF7C-16CAE0…)

She says she hates when real life tragedies are romanticized yet participates in ddlg which role plays pedophila and child abuse both real life problems

No. 799718

she uses the word fuck so much as if she was a 5yo who just learned curse words

No. 799741

This is so hilarious. About time she left though, she's triggered if you don't worship her but also does nothing to deserve that, very toxic "friend" to have. And Rosie is an adult, not your pet.

>Rosie smokes pot and partly broke our friendship
>but fuck off I'm not telling!!!
So she brought it up to stir the pot, but won't say details to keep the "I'm superior" narrative.

>I don't want to chat shit when Rosie isn't here
Cos she can call you out IRL, right? You normally love to shit talk.

Lol walking contradiction. No not an act, but she exaggerates herself on purpose. Thirsty for that "influencer" fame but too entitled to work for it, so she takes the edgy attention seeker path.

No. 799742

File: 1556040069540.jpg (356.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190423-182034_Ins…)

How is she going to afford rent if she cant fall back on milking daddy dry?

No. 799744

e-beg ofc. Jake Munro is her fave YTer so she probs got some pointers there + her fans aren't the brightest, willing to throw coin at her for nothing. And don't forget skinwalker sad boi.

No. 799746


Oh so I see even though she dropped the bomb about her leaving Rosie she refuses to give more details and surprise susrprise she is rude to people asking. What a twat.

No. 799788

Poor Rosie. Living with Jude must be so taxing, she flies off the handle and overreacts at everything

No. 799998

No. 800021

Anyone find it gross that Jude's toxic "fanbase" is sending hate to Rosie

No. 800033

for smoking weed, no less. jesus christ, as if it wasn't more painfully evident Jude's dumbbase is full of edgy holier-than-thou kids. i hope they grow out of her soon.

No. 800056

It honestly sounds like Rosie has just gotten done crying and has a stuffy nose in that video I feel bad for her having to deal with that asshole Jude

No. 800057

Rosie needs to ditch Jude ASAP! That shit is ludicrous!

OH and lets not forget all the back handed trash talking Jude does!

They need to split!

No. 800091

I genuinely don't mean to sound whiteknightey but something I've noticed comparing Rosie and Jude's instagrams is that Rosie posts a lot more pictures with friends/co-workers, talks about her family and posts pics with them too and often tries out new fits/looks. Sure, she stays within her "main" style, but her looks are a lot more varied; she changes her hair and face accesories, she tries out new themes (winter wonderland, clown make-up, alien, elf ears she even goes for darker themes even if it doesn't fit her main aesthetic) to spice her feed up. And overall she presents herself as a nice, approachable person (at least from her public social media).

Whereas a quick scroll through Jude's instagram shows that her feed and her looks are all very same-y. I give her credit for trying out different patterns in her make-up, but it all looks and feels very carbon copy. She NEVER goes for anything outside her "goff" aesthetic (we've seen in her stories she's very against "transformation" videos or make-up tutorials) so her content is very stagnant. She posts maybe 2 or 3 pictures with other people but she doesn't seem to have many friends, never seen her mention any relatives or family, only her "daddy".

I don't want to paint Rosie as this innocent uwu bean who can do no wrong, she's just as accountable for her actions as anyone else, but so far I haven't seen Rosie do anything very cow-worthy or milky, whereas Jude has proved herself time and time again to be a bitch and a grade A cunt. No wonder she can't keep friends or a job. I hope Rosie ditches her and continues to thrive, at least she makes more interesting content.

No. 800103

That's just categorically untrue. A lot of people in manual labour jobs do BTECs and many uni's, including some Russel Group ones (top academic uni's in the UK) accept BTEC's. The old stigma has rapidly changed as institutions recognise that not all young people have access to great education options and have to take other avenues, ya elitist tory betch.

No. 800177

Shows her vape around 25 min. So she does smoke, Jude isn't just freaking over the idea of it. But Jude shouldn't be freaking out, Rosie's a fucking adult. Guess Jude isn't.

>doesn't seem to have friends, never seen her mention any family
She's friends with 2 other ~Littles~. Think she doesn't talk to family cos in Rosie's friend tag, says they were really into drugs. Guess she's not over it and Rosie triggered her lmao. But what doesn't trigger her?

No. 800212

File: 1556190303363.jpg (44.48 KB, 804x409, image001 (3).jpg)

Her two friends, on what looks like her bed, holding cigarettes. Very confusing considering Xtreme edge!

No. 800239

She’s a hypocrite what did you expect

No. 800263

What was that eye condition she briefly mentioned at the end of her Q&A video?

No. 800270

So they're ok to smoke/pretend to in her bed, but Rosie who probably vapes in her own room broke their friendship.
Does being uwu little give them a pass? So Jude only respects you if you do everything she likes but you must like her just how she is? Lmfao who does she think she is.

No. 800272

>she doesn't talk to family…they were really into drugs. Guess she's not over it and Rosie triggered her
Nope she's over it if she let her ddlg pals bring cigs in her room (>>800270). Even if it's just for the pic, those are real cigs which they obviously didn't buy for show. They're "allowed" to smoke and Rosie "can't". This cow haha.

No. 800278

File: 1556211306068.jpeg (130.4 KB, 1000x1000, 4D735EEE-E96B-4E63-AE8C-06C96D…)

how can you possibly tell if they’re real. there’s no smoke coming off them whatsoever. you can get incredibly realistic looking ones from party city like pic related, after seeing them in person last halloween it’s impossible to tell the difference at a distance.

No. 800335

File: 1556217658088.png (472.25 KB, 750x1334, 3AD7A173-A5F4-4529-96C0-ED4745…)

No. 800355

File: 1556221709403.jpg (363.17 KB, 720x1042, 20190425_204812.jpg)

No. 800356

File: 1556221849426.jpg (270.16 KB, 720x936, 20190425_204915.jpg)

No. 800358

File: 1556222282932.jpg (237.72 KB, 720x920, 20190425_205748.jpg)

No. 800359

File: 1556222464958.jpg (114.51 KB, 720x547, 20190425_210047.jpg)

No. 800360

File: 1556222595526.jpg (150.58 KB, 720x638, 20190425_210309.jpg)

No. 800361

File: 1556222666480.jpg (128.85 KB, 720x555, 20190425_210402.jpg)

No. 800362

File: 1556222760728.jpg (186.68 KB, 720x861, 20190425_210549.jpg)

No. 800369


Jesus Christ, what a ride. That person asked if Rosie was in the Barcroft documentary with her and she went mental, wtf

“She’s on drugs and needs help” okay so stop throwing yourself a pathetic pity party and try to HELP HER. You’re her best friend ffs

No. 800371

File: 1556224334073.png (688.95 KB, 511x899, Untitled.png)

The Q&A Jude is probably refering to. Pic related from Rosie's insta.

No. 800391

Maybe they're real and unlit, a non-smoker wouldn't take the trouble for fakes just for Insta. Well, unless they're that desperate to be edgy.

Whew she's sperging. And repeating herself. Just make a second post instead of stalking the comments.
Rosie's been much quieter, very obvious who caused the falling out and whose idea it was to vaguepost about it.

No. 800418

Jude acts like Rosie is snorting cocaine and shooting up heroin Jesus Christ she vapes and smokes weed it’s not a big deal

No. 800458


For fucks sake, this girl talks about weed like it's heroin or meth. Smoking weed is the most benign drug someone can do. If she's going to go on about "Rosie does DRUGS YOU GUYS" at least specify it's weed being referred to instead of letting her mindless little skinwalkers attack her ex "favorite person in the world" because they see it as something far worse, because she's making it out to be something far worse. With how much she flies off the handle, the added bit is probably something even more ridiculous to be angry at a grown ass adult doing, like drinking alcohol.

She needs to learn that not everyone who does these things are like her family.

No. 800467

>Do not go and attack Rosie.

Literally… no one was lmao. She's such a fucking clown. The majority of her goth edgy BDSM loving followers are potheads themselves, and they're not gonna send a girl hate for triggering Jude by smoking weed lmao.

It's soooo obvious she wants attention from this. She's the one who hinted that Rosie was smoking and she wanted to move out. She brought this up. She's replying to every single comment. Literally no one makes a big deal like this over ending a friendship. She needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 800486

They were. There was a screen grab upthread of someone telling Rosie to "be ashamed of herself".

Agree with the rest though. Rose said it in 1 sentence in a Q and A. Jude vagueposted, then went autism mode when asked about it. "I don't wanna talk about it!!" Then shouts about it at every single comment.

No. 800503

I feel kinda bad involving Rosie in this thread now , I mostly felt Jude was cow worthy but since they were “ a package deal” I added her to the thread as well

I feel as though now Rosie doesn’t need to be apart of the original post , This has mostly been Jude posts and I knew it would be a matter of time before the friendship would end(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 800529

the only thing that comes to mind when I think about Jude is how is she such a cunt?

No. 800538

Maybe if she smoked a blunt she would be at least 20% less of a huge twat.

No. 800596

File: 1556313242668.png (168.16 KB, 415x605, wp_ss_20190426_0001.png)

She loves being holier than thou but does she not see the irony? She embodies all of these to the fullest.

No. 800924

Jude's friend definitively smokes weed and cigarettes. Pretty easy to find on her friend's instagram.

No. 800981

File: 1556477210157.jpeg (235.17 KB, 750x901, 2F8B7755-A934-4320-A27B-5C3F13…)

And to be frank, although she claims to be more than makeup - that’s all she posts - and her artistry ain’t that hot. Bad blending and only generally using black and white just makes her look dirty.

No. 800999

Nothing wrong with B/W being your main, but if you want to be a makeup "influencer" people will lose interest if you don't branch out.

And "More than makeup" kek the entire goff persona she pushes so hard is just makeup, without it she's just another wannabe edgelord.

No. 801064

Jesus christ that kanji is sloppy as fuck and looks ridiculous

No. 801136

If you look closely the whole look is pretty sloppy, though i don't think it was meant to be. Like >>800999 said if you want to do makeup seriously on social media you gotta try harder than this lol.

No. 801171

…and this is how she plans to save the world, by sitting on her arse all day doing sloppy makeup, getting pissy with strangers on instagram and bleating on about 'daddy'. Also supporting the 'work' of sadboi who in his recent youtube vid says about his discord: 'it was called sadboi's lonely emporium, but it's pretty much all bitches there so i called it sadboi's harem'…smoothe! oh yeah and her massive consumerism is saving the world too.

No. 801232

>here was a screen grab upthread of someone telling Rosie to "be ashamed of herself".

Keyword: someONE. Not a wave of hate and harassment that called for a walltext announcement.

No. 801233

I know someone whos friends with jude and is very open about using drugs (not just weed)… i guess it’s because her and jude are so close maybe thats she taking it so personally?

No. 801246

Yet another goth fashion video to join the hundreds of others. This content will totally "save the world".
Also her "little" voice comes out in this one, like baby talk, different to her usual voice. She mentions "daddy" is there visiting, might explain it. Poor Rosie kek.

No. 801252

not to tinfoil or anything but maybe Jude got sick of everyone relating her to Rosie? she gets asks about Rosie on the daily, which is 100% understandable bc she got famous by doing the documentary, and we know what a self-centered narc Jude can be. maybe the drugs thing was the last straw, the excuse she picked to cut ties with Rosie, and she doesn't actually give a shit whether you use or not.

No. 801256

First 2 bags she shows are given to her by Rosie, I reckon Rosie is the arbiter of taste - as seen by her distinctive and thought out Insta, and Jude is…a stay at home dd/lg'er…not sure how long that will last before she starts selling nudes.

No. 801261

File: 1556577442305.jpeg (175.09 KB, 646x956, 12CC139A-22EF-4E0C-9BC8-171321…)

“I personally love touching little girls in public” we all know that it relates to her disgusting fetish but still imagine stumbling across her Instagram and seeing that shit it sounds pedophillic as hell and the fact that she responded agreeing with this dude is even more gross. Also Jude is one of those ddlg bitches that have no problem practicing her fetish In public around actual children and adults who didn’t consent to your bullshit and overall don’t want to see that

No. 801265

File: 1556577829921.jpeg (111.53 KB, 624x964, BF59D14B-E53C-4D65-8137-12C240…)

Rosie really does deal with Jude’s “little” friends shit

No. 801266

File: 1556578068861.jpg (267.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190429-234732_Ins…)

No. 801268

Why do they still hang out if they're not friends anymore?

No. 801269

>>801246 I find it very bold of her to shit talk cyberdog, whilst also being unemployed. She is already very limited on where she will work, cos she HAS to be super goth. She parades her fetishes online freely under her own name, plus she shit talks her last job. They'll never give her a good reference. It's almost like she doesn't want another job.

No. 801278

File: 1556584124628.jpg (343.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190430-012650_Ins…)

Chlo worked with both jude and rosie so maybe thats why theyre hanging out

No. 801335

She mentions her sister around the start. So she does talk to some family.
>little voice
Can hear what you mean, curious what the daddy is like though

Why does their relationship seem entirely about sex and putting on an act (dom/little) and nothing else? Or at least how that's how Jude plays it up. That can't be healthy.

They had a bad experience at one shop and now the whole company's shit, ok then. Rosie still works there right?

No. 801372

File: 1556631582254.jpg (456.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190430-143915_Ins…)

No. 801382

So unless you tell her beforehand, she'll throw a tantrum because muh trust issues. No wonder she gets off to being Little she's a giant baby lol.

This probably means Jude found out about Rosie vaping, before Rosie could tell her, and went apeshit. Nice room mate.

No. 801412

oh my fucking god, Jude, GROW UP. why do your fellow ADULT AGE friends need to disclose their private habits with you beforehand so you can ""trust them""? what kind of controlling insane manipulation is that?

No. 801436

File: 1556653031929.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, D44AAB44-67A3-487F-8E09-7BC56C…)

Can you imagine being around someone using their little voice in your work environment. Do whatever pedo stuff you want to behind closed doors but don’t implicate others in your sex life. I had the misfortune of hearing her little voice in her instagram stories. So annoying.

No. 801530

File: 1556693488094.jpg (336.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-075030_Ins…)

Seems kinda awkward that she announced moving out when actually its a while away

No. 801532

File: 1556695418811.jpg (479.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-082129_Ins…)

No. 801534

File: 1556695524323.jpg (369.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-082142_Ins…)

No. 801535

File: 1556695628113.jpg (330.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-082152_Ins…)

No. 801536

File: 1556695769812.jpg (317.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-082202_Ins…)

No. 801537

File: 1556695894912.jpg (412.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-082215_Ins…)

No. 801538

File: 1556695966426.jpg (365.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-082230_Ins…)

No. 801539

HOW in any way is SHE changing the world?

No. 801551


"omg guiz I'm gonna save the wurl! I'm doing so much, the burden is so heavy!"
Why does she keep saying this when all she does is reee on IG, post hauls, and makeup looks? If she's referring to how she's vegan, lots of people are vegan.

She just wants to sound speshul and deep lmao. "ugh i struggle and get low. Not cos of depression! Cos I'm sAvInG tHe WoRlD!" By doing….nothing. Right. Takes more than being an edgy 12 year old to make real change Jude.

No. 801563


Apparently "saving the world" means sitting on your ass all day taking pics of yourself and doing qna's every 2 mins about being a little. Okay.

No. 801564

im sorry, but what's up with all this "saving the world" shit?? is this just part of her whole narcissism thing, or is it for the UwU soft goff ddlg baby aesthetic that she clings on to so much.

No. 801571

I assumed it was something from a song lyric, she wants it tattooed or some shit too. She also spergs about batman and basically thinks shes like him. It's so fucking cringe, yes save the world by being a hypocritical, self inflated fool and doing killstar hauls and idolising the cheapest and most fleeting trend of soundclout rappers. Also she answers questions about rosie bitchily (I.e if she had a million dollars and could do anything in the world her childish ass answer was move out) then snaps at anyone asking about it. She honestly has to be fucking delayed, she is so arrogant and blind to her own shit

No. 801578

File: 1556718045034.jpeg (203.05 KB, 642x960, 8D71A5F5-1EF4-45D6-A617-4A9742…)

Imagine being this fucking stupid

No. 801639

Wants to save the world, doesn’t get that black women chemically straightened their hair to fit white norms, and white people nicking their culture off them is rude and crap. This is just ‘being slightly aware of other people’ 101.

No. 801647

go back to tumblr. She's a cow but not because she doesn't adhere to the belief of 'cultural appropriation'.

No. 801651

there will always be different demographics that follow up on certain cows. don't be an autist you're gonna have to deal with the political correctness and ignore it like everyone else.

No. 801659


So you admit you 'work' harder and not smarter? What kind of person WOULDN'T try relieving pressure they were experiencing? You don't sound poetic, you sound like a retard. Actually, what kind of pressure do you even feel? All you do is sit on your ass all day and talk about daddy.

No. 801665

File: 1556748239553.jpeg (308.24 KB, 1262x1906, 2C6A4367-14AA-4CB8-BE27-BF3438…)

The thing is she’s not bisexual and we all know it she dead ass has said before “I could never be happy with a girl” she should just admit that she’s straight now she’s gonna use the I’m “pansexual” type shit even tho she’s also stated “I’m strictly into cocks”

No. 801670

File: 1556749715360.jpg (413.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190501-232753_Ins…)

No. 801714

File: 1556762698988.webm (3.57 MB, 479x852, 59781375_744448475957172_28355…)

voice in question

No. 801718

Sweet fucking Christ. I thought the baby talk was bad but that squealing is the most obnoxious shit I've ever heard in my life. And he's laughing like it's cute?

I'm so sick of these cows claiming they're queer because they maybe had a thing with a girl once, but let's be honest the only reason they won't admit that they're straight is because their fans won't eat it up as much. You won't put a label on yourself because there is no label for it? Bullshit there's so many fucking labels nowadays I find it hard to believe you're that fucking unique.

No. 801808

File: 1556814805508.png (187.16 KB, 427x647, wp_ss_20190502_0005.png)

Fucking cringe kek

No. 801810

File: 1556814954251.png (208.77 KB, 417x666, wp_ss_20190502_0012.png)

No. 801811

File: 1556815170320.png (138.88 KB, 415x578, wp_ss_20190502_0013.png)

>it's not about me
Sure Jan. And whining like the world revolves around you and claiming to single handedly save the world with makeup and ddlg pics totally doesn't make it about you either right?

No. 801813

File: 1556815693161.png (215.78 KB, 437x647, wp_ss_20190502_0007.png)

She also talks about girls like she sleeps with/gets off to them when we all know she hops on ~daddy's~ dick 24/7, and says she hates porn so doesn't even get off to them.
Her first time at 13 was with a girl and I'm guessing she's desperate to hold onto that edgy shit, as well as pretending to be ~pan~ for queerbaiting points.

No. 802258

>its about what's right
Yeah but according to Jude's warped sense of "what's right" the only passable thing in the world is herself. So forcing everyone to be like her and getting triggered when they're not in her mind is saving the world. Yeah…no.

No. 802345

File: 1557039263123.jpg (345.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190505-075209_Ins…)

Yes, jude, the only reason you cant get a job is because of your bodu mods

No. 802360

people with body mods literally choose to look that way, it's hardly "discrimination".

No. 802393

But where does this happen anymore? Apart from where it makes sense e.g. doctor. Health and safety isn't discrimination lol.

And she can't get a job because she needs to dress like a flake 24/7, cos it's part of her persona and she's insecure of her real self. Yeah it also just sucks to have to tone down, but it's worse to mooch off your breadwinner room mate even though you're no longer friends.

No. 802411


Employers rarely care about body mods anymore, although they may ask you to cover them depending on the field.

She lives in London ffs, the employment opportunities are endless but she’s just lazy and would rather go around looking like a Juggalo and ruining her skin with layers of crap

No. 802422

you can't discriminate against someone who chooses how they look. tattoos aren't like hair (in the case of black ppl being discriminated against bc of their hair) or like skin color, you actively have to decide to get them, you don't just get them on accident. i love tattoos and think it's stupid for people to make assumptions about tattooed people, but if it really bothers you that much you shouldn't get them in the first place. the bitch doth protest too much, methinks.

No. 802434

I live in London and have had a full time job for 13 years with body mods, no one cares. It’s more her crusty makeup that would be an issue, oh yeah and her shitty attitude.

No. 802437

>>802345 I'm p sure she is only trying to get another retail job too, given her lack of qualifications and previous work history. The majority of shops these days allow body mods. She is just finding another excuse not to work.

No. 802441

Depending how desperate the company needs employers, she would be a last choice. Imagine how embarrassing it would be to hire someone who dresses like that to represent your company.

No. 802489

Is she doing this to feel better about being jobless? Not hard to get hired with tatts, and she hates laziness, so there's 0 excuse - even if she says "But i wanna be an ~influencer!~" cos she isn't even trying, just posts unboxings and sloppy makeup.

>it's worse to mooch off your breadwinner room mate even though you're no longer friends
Yikes yeah how does Rosie put up with that?

No. 802571

File: 1557110169157.jpeg (153.96 KB, 572x978, F4B1E6F2-8745-4EC1-A591-F72FEB…)

she literally acts like that isn’t mental abuse imagine not calling your partner their fucking name

No. 802579

that, or she's just trying to seem like an edgy cool snowflake. pretty sure it would be cringe to call him daddy in front of other people or in public but then again who knows anymore with these people

No. 802690

File: 1557165164301.jpg (436.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190506-185203_Ins…)

No. 802692

>she needs to dress like a flake 24/7, cos it's part of her persona and she's insecure of her real self
This. She puts on a show like a caricature of herself, pretending ddlg and gawff are her personality traits. Slight OT but reminds me a little of Kelly Eden.

She sounds like a child lmao "you wouldn't do this if you cared about me!!" Also he doesn't need to share himself, his uwu Little overshares so much about their relationship already, pretending it's going to save teh wurld.

No. 802694

File: 1557166147695.jpg (367 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190506-185213_Ins…)

No. 802697

File: 1557166226121.jpg (282.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190506-190900_Ins…)

I feel like chloe is a cow herself. Why should other people be exposed to your kinks?

No. 802716

>there's nothing wrong with me bringing my disgusting pedophilia fantasies in public!

people like this should hang.

No. 802808

File: 1557207099130.png (13.53 KB, 288x238, like a bingo card.PNG)

Definitely, I mean her insta bio looks like this. She seems pretty bland personality-wise though.

No. 802869

Lmao she's just as bad as Jude, no wonder Jude likes her.

>people don't get kinks and bdsm

One, bdsm and acting "Little" aren't the same, at least complain about the right thing.
Two, people don't wanna interact with kinks they didn't consent to. "But it's who I AM!" Nope. It's a kink, which you do with consenting adults.

This is all coming from someone who does bdsm, but anyone could figure this out.

No. 802893

File: 1557245311040.png (722.41 KB, 662x662, wp_ss_20190507_0005.png)

Guessing lee_ph is her ~daddy~. He seems pretty "normal" in comparison, no ddlg mention anywhere. I know anyone can have kinks and not parade it around, but that's the thing. Chloe parades it around like it's the only thing defining her (like Jude)…

No. 802928

He has a child - what mental gymnastics do you have to do to be rolling with a 'little' when you technically are a daddy.

No. 802953

File: 1557256818289.jpg (420.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190507-202004_Ins…)

No. 802967

>>802928 sounds like fupa kek

No. 802971

What a narcissist. To "save the world" you need to actually believe in something and do something of importance. Nobody needs you sitting at home, unemployed, buying Kill Star, and jerking off to the idea of your boyfriend being your father. You're an irrelevant bum that got attention from fourteens year olds for being in a weirdly dressed friendship, stop pretending you're superman.

No. 802981

File: 1557261932401.png (170.56 KB, 612x465, frenemy.png)

lolno! They are just roommates.

All that trash talking jude does about rosie!

They are definitely 100% not friends!

>Pic related is what they are!

No. 802992

File: 1557264350789.jpg (395.03 KB, 1080x1920, 2037949217948625712.jpg)

No. 803034

>id rather not have to deal with people's nonsense
This would be understandable, but Jude is way more neurotic than her fans and he deals with her just fine apparently.

No. 803039


Preach, anon

No. 803136

File: 1557314041051.jpg (417.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190508-121332_Ins…)

No. 803137

File: 1557314183013.jpg (438.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190508-121326_Ins…)

No. 803150

Does she not realize how offended and triggered her posts always seem? She acts like 14 year old in myspace.

No. 803156

File: 1557324674982.jpg (476.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190508-151027_Ins…)

No. 803157

She's such a fucking scumbag, I can't get over how full of herself she is considering she's an unemployed loser with a superiority complex. Vile.

No. 803158


Holy hell this girl needs a reality check she is so far up her own ass especially considering she’s mediocre at best at what got her a following - her looks. She goes on about saving the world just because being vegan and straight edge makes her think she has some moral superiority.
Can’t wait for her little 13 year old fans to grow up and realise how cringey and pathetic she actually is.

Also kek at her followers not appreciating her time to talk to them like what else does she have to do besides take selfies and ramble about herself on Instagram what a sad existence

No. 803170

I have never heard of her helping anyone, ever.

No. 803187


So she acts like your fans didn't make her popular? She is aspiring to become an influencer, it's not wise to be this douchey AND delusional.

No. 803201

oooh I wonder how this works out in her head? Like sure she does 'work' and post stuff but her followers are the backbone to her career? She'd be another edgy cunt crying for her 'daddy'

No. 803204

>fan: People have opinions
>Jude: Don't care, you're all so annoying sometimes

Respect is a two-way thing Jude. Also, want to be an influencer? Accept that people have different opinions. Accept that fans are why influencers get big.
She needs to get out of her naive bubble if she wants to be successful. But I don't think she really wants it, or she'd put in way more effort than haul videos and outfit pics - she just doesn't want a normal job so sees this as a way out.

No. 803207

File: 1557337640282.jpg (405.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190508-184623_Ins…)

No. 803208


wow, no

kids stop saying things are "gay" when they're 13. it's not "changed meaning" unless she's trying to say mermaids are joyful and happy…

No. 803212

>"here's objective proof that what I said was offensive, and therefore homophobic"
How stupid can you get

No. 803253

File: 1557348615634.jpg (528.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190508-215002_Ins…)

No. 803263

Bitch I cackled the fact that she says OTHER people are sensitive but when you say something about her appearance or when you talk shit about her disgusting kink she wants to tell you to mind your own business or go on a tangent about how what she does isn’t wrong

No. 803276

File: 1557351831629.jpeg (140.5 KB, 628x966, 7E027EF2-106C-430B-AD8E-134ABA…)

“My name will be remembered” she does realize that she’s already been forgotten by most people right? After her 5 minutes of fame from the Barcroft documentary (which wasn’t all about her) she’ll be forgotten by the end of 2019 and we all know it. she’s pissing off her supporters because apparently they aren’t allowed to have opinions on her page unless their praising her for going on rants on Instagram and sitting on her ass all day and doing Q&A’s about her “kinks” on instagram that nobody is asking her to do it’s clear that she has no actual life it’s pathetic honestly..

No. 803286

Is she seriously defending men harassing women both physically and verbally? cuz a hug without consent IS considered assault and by compliments, women always men catcalling and remarks by strange, random men about their looks.

No. 803296

She’s getting mad for people defending their culture lmao no white person is born with 4C hair black people get told that their natural fucking hair and hairstyles aren’t school and workplace “appropriate” and are fired or demanded to take that hairstyle down but Jude won’t have to deal with this so therefore she doesn’t care and their just getting “offended” because she’s to blinded to see why others say these things

No. 803304


Is this supposed to be a rap? Good Christ, that's embarrassing.

Also ya know, when I really super don't care about something, you know I take time out of my day to write angsty poems about it.

No. 803339

>I don't think she really wants it, or she'd put in way more effort
>she just doesn't want a normal job so sees this as a way out.

This. Her heart isn't in creating content. It just happens to tick her boxes of non traditional work and dress. She doesn't wanna work at it, just does easy-to-make hauls YT is already full of. Ego too big for her "career".

I think it's from a song. But yeah to take the time and find a song to shade your followers with. She soo doesn't care guys.

No. 803345

Speaking of which shes desperate for killstar to sponsor her but said they would never. I wonder if she was being modest (not like her) or if there is a specific reason they wouldnt. I mean they seem thirty for youtubers and dont seem picky afaik.

No. 803347

Did she mean to say context instead of content? Because shes really not helping disprove that shes a fucking idiot.

No. 803353

JFC she seems like one of those Goff Gurlz that claim to be into hardcore BDSM but in reality its always plain missionary with a spank or two.

No. 803576

KEK I predict she’s going to attempt a rap music video or single

No. 803733


A feature with Jake maybe?

No. 803838

I think the lyrics are from a shitty rap someone else did but I can totally see this. Her skinwalker friend mysadboiaccount already makes bad screamo raps on sound cloud…

No. 803944

File: 1557427011541.jpg (383.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190509-193607_Ins…)

No. 804009

File: 1557432643556.jpg (307.55 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190509-210936_Ins…)

No. 804010

File: 1557432742062.jpg (261.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190509-210955_Ins…)

No. 804012

File: 1557432918615.jpg (295.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190509-211000_Ins…)

No. 804067


Ngl that was a pretty obvious joke but why is she so surprised her fans are as sensitive as she is

No. 804168

File: 1557443707417.jpg (966 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190509_171309025.j…)

So she really thinks she can use the derogatory term of gay and then turn around and say that we're all gay and then act like the victim when her post got taken down saying that "oh well I can't say that being gay is okay, you're all against your own team :'("

No. 804181

How is telling everyone they’re all fucking gay letting everyone know it’s ok to be gay when she frequently uses ‘gay’ in a pejorative sense. Is this her hard work toward saving the world?

No. 804232

File: 1557448500172.jpeg (192.96 KB, 634x958, 8443057F-D933-4D94-912A-8FD6FF…)

Is this Jude and her “daddy”? if so then yikes lmao

No. 804235

File: 1557448575711.jpeg (211.94 KB, 642x846, 06B03BB7-2669-4F96-94B2-1B1CD2…)

No. 804239

File: 1557449695616.jpeg (131.65 KB, 642x954, 714E7740-8851-4F25-8CB3-558FCE…)

I thought they were straight edge isn’t vaping included and that’s what he’s doing?

No. 804301

>i use "gay" to mean "lame"
>you're offended? Then you're gay (lame)! Aren't I edgy? I used a cute font with a swear and everything.
>um i meant you're gay as in its ok to be gay, stop hating!!

Kek the mental gymnastics. Doesn't even matter what word she used, it's the fact she's such a dumb tryhard. And when the tryhard act doesn't work she backpedals real fast with "you're triggered not me." Grow up Jude, or is being childish a ddlg thing too?

No. 804319

It's so sad to see that she has a platform to do so much good on then turns around and swears at her followers, calls them names, tells them that they need to stop being "PC Snowflakes" and then turns around and acts like it's their problem when they speak up about the abuse and harassment of someone they look up to. I don't think it's us who has a problem, I think it's her having a narsasistic point of view. Watch her turn around in the future and blame all her "truthfulness" and "realism" on some kind of mental health bullshit. "I act this way because blah blah blah" didn't know ddlg translates to being a prick to the people who support you

No. 804326

File: 1557460987105.jpg (404.13 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20190509-220042_Ins…)

@Anonymous no, this is her friend @rotten_hollow on Instagram, he supports her toxic behavior(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 804395

No. 804496

File: 1557477055767.jpg (35.2 KB, 419x510, image001 (3).jpg)

I cannot stop laughing! No one is asking for these horrendous looks and yet he's churning them out. Does he leave the house looking like this - or is he just sitting indoors all day like Jude creating these amazing looks for the internet.

No. 804503


Trannies have no shame.

No. 804516

Wait he's a tranny for real? I remember his post about "the ideal woman" or whatever and its hard to believe a female wrote that

No. 804536

No. 804639

File: 1557501194828.jpg (355.04 KB, 720x1073, 20190510_161304.jpg)

No. 804644

File: 1557501374106.jpg (267.19 KB, 720x848, 20190510_161245.jpg)

No. 804648

File: 1557501832775.jpg (275.27 KB, 713x950, 20190510_162348.jpg)

No. 804658

File: 1557503167454.jpg (353.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190510-164548_Ins…)

No. 804665

God what a huge baby. She's crying this much about other people being "offended" but the truth is she made middle school tier edge jokes, got called out on them being dumb, and is now self-righteously shidding and farding over what "pussies" everyone is over the course of several heated paragraphs. Someone tells her she said something stupid and her response is "your movement is BREAKING OUR SOCIETY APART!!11"

No. 804668

Lol, how old is she? She really typed out this drivel and sparked off a full-length rap debut all because she got an online spanking for saying "Mermaids are gay" like a 12 year old in the middle of 2009. How can anyone be so fragile? How is she "saving the world"?
These rants are so tiring. She definitely doesn't have the range for this kind of conversation. You can tell her dumb ass doesn't read anything deeper than IG captions, too. Like
>unironically thinking men should have a say in women's rights
Does she even know what she's actually saying here? I doubt she does, so I'm not even going to expand on it or act like she's problematic for it. She is completely unaware, and flat out just doesn't get it. The humor is how much she thinks she has it figured out.

No. 804669

Lol, how old is she? She really typed out this drivel and sparked off a full-length rap debut all because she got an online spanking for saying "Mermaids are gay" like a 12 year old in the middle of 2009. How can anyone be so fragile? How is she "saving the world"?
These rants are so tiring. She definitely doesn't have the range for this kind of conversation. You can tell her dumb ass doesn't read anything deeper than IG captions, too. Like
>unironically thinking men should have a say in women's rights
Does she even know what she's actually saying here? I doubt she does, so I'm not even going to expand on it or act like she's problematic for it. She is completely unaware, and flat out just doesn't get it. The humor is how much she thinks she has it figured out.

No. 804674

>I'll save the world I'll save the world I'm so self righteous look at me
>I'm woke and you're blind, if you think I'm wrong you're the bad guy

Jesus Christ sit down you 12 year old. You made an edgy post and people don't like it so you're trying to pretend it had some hidden woke agenda, and you're going to save the world (sick of her bleating that, what has she done to save it? Nothing.)

No. 804702

What's she on about with the "White people can have braids."? I feel like I've seen her post about that a few times

No. 804711

File: 1557509233362.jpg (908.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190510-112539_Ins…)


This is where I've seen someone post about dreads and braids relating to Jude (considering she's tagged)

No. 804716

File: 1557509536239.jpg (155.78 KB, 1080x748, Screenshot_20190510-113022_Ins…)

Finally getting called out by her peers

No. 804742

File: 1557512130046.jpg (218.35 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190510-191441_Ins…)

No. 804818

File: 1557519637693.jpg (427.77 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190510-212009_Ins…)

Jude is so insufferable

No. 804854

File: 1557521835647.jpeg (27.06 KB, 628x188, 40B3CC8C-2C1B-49A0-BA70-2D511F…)

She does know the original reason women didn’t have rights was because of men right There the reason women had to fight for equality to begin with…

No. 804860

The fact that there are people in her comment section that are saying she gives them hope for the world proves that people will latch onto anything

No. 804867

File: 1557522589659.jpg (798.64 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190510_150832092.j…)

So if she's not straight, claims she's bisexual but is "strictly" into dicks, then what is she?

No. 804870

A idiot

No. 804871

Nope. She doesn't read. She's dumb, don't expect shit from her.

No. 804882

Also she says she’s not in mdlg that she would only ever be with a daddy so therefore she would never date or fuck a girl because “a LiTtLe iS wHO I aM”

No. 804928

File: 1557527148493.jpg (153.56 KB, 1080x845, 20190510_161705.jpg)

She's been losing followers like crazy, had 55.6K two days ago

No. 805101

Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch

No. 805103

>I'm not straight, I've personally suffered because of that
Lmao when? If you're "strictly into cocks" you're straight, duh. Maybe she holds onto "omg I'm bi" to be trendy and justify using gay as an insult. Spoiler it doesn't justify you.

Haha baby's first scandal and she's handling it so poor. Yeah it's not a real scandal but she's treating it like one, dragging it out, sperging lots with badly spelled rants. I think it's on purpose to get attention from this otherwise small thing. Doesn't want to save the world just wants the world to pay attention to her. Bet her big ego thinks that is saving it…

No. 805104

Is that you Jude? At least learn to integrate.

No. 805106

Is that you Jude? At least learn to integrate.

No. 805112

https://vocaroo.com/i/s0Bq9HwfTvYB(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 805125

File: 1557549647181.png (203.71 KB, 1440x1406, Screenshot_2019-05-10-21-16-51…)

No. 805231


Yikes, he's just mad because it turns out his idol is a hot headed, two faced, hypocrite

No. 805255

Reading her fans comments seriously feels like loosing IQ points. From making empty arguments, to trying to argue shit that wasn't even mentioned to the "stop being so sensitive and pc!!!! but don't criticize or be mean to jude in any way".

No. 805260

File: 1557582888327.png (1000.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190511-150306.png)

After someone in the comments asked her what she actually does to "change the world" other than bitching in her stories.

No. 805272


She’s literally the definition of an armchair activist, all she does is share petitions to cut back on plastic waste while not actually showing how she cuts back herself. She probably flushes makeup wipes lmfao

No. 805298

most of the ocean's waste comes from abandoned sea equipment. corporations are the ones having the biggest negative impact on the environment from deforestation, to illegal waste dumping, to animal abuse, to toxic emittions. there is literally nothing that we, as individuals, can do to make a significant, positive impact the environment as a whole. especially not by signing petitions for biodegradeable straws.

wanna make a difference? don't strive to change the world unless you're a millionaire. strive to make a change in your community. volunteer at an animal shelter, donate some dog food, donate utilities to homeless shelters, foster an animal, donate to someone's surgery, help out at a community charity. you know, shit that actually makes a difference.

you're not saving the world for living off carbs and tofu and acting holier than thou on instagram to validate your ego. jude is a planetary parasite for all intents and purposes. she literally expects people to buy her gifts and give her money for taking selfies. not only is she not changing the world she's literally just intending on sucking it dry until she dies. even her relationships depend on her being "taken care of" by her daddy. she's so self centered she can't even keep up a friendship. literally just. useless.

No. 805405

File: 1557602572651.jpg (343.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190511-202237_Ins…)

No. 805417

>Gee why are people so sensitive!
>P-please unfollow, I don't want to read any opinion out of my hugbox and if I block you I can't pretend to be a cool edgelord who dgaf anymore

No. 805419

No. 805421


Why is she even sharing that petition anyways? She can barely eat anything from McDonald’s anyway apart from fries, salad and the veggie burger and wrap which she’d still have to order without the sauce because it contains milk and eggs lol

No. 805490

She can't claim to be uncaring anymore though, cos she turned this minor thing into a triggered shitstorm. All she needed to do was apologise in a story and move on. But instead won't shut up about it, then turns around and says everyone else is triggered and won't shut up. Sure Jan.

No. 805750

File: 1557675200251.jpg (297.82 KB, 720x840, 20190512_163257.jpg)

No. 805772

Jesus Christ. If she's already lost motivation to do shitty makeup videos and try on hauls then she's absolutely delusional if she thinks she can do this for a living.

No. 805918

how the fuck do these people get money for all these clothes and accessories and can apparently live on their own? they can't have very well-paying jobs and their "influencer" thing can't be pulling that much money in?

No. 806133

So all the ~hate~ she got on her 200 unnecessary insta rants made her so sad she can't make vids. Usually, of course take a break if you feel shit. But the insta crap was her fault and her vids are so lazy, so wtf excuse is ~feeling bad~?

No. 806157

She definitely has absolutely 0 chance of Killstar ever sponsoring her now kek

No. 806292

>we will get to a point where it's just true goff gang
You mean where it's just a bubble of deluded fans who always agree you

Also kek at taking a break for muh mental health, thought she sooo didn't care so why's she now a soft lil bean who can't take different opinions? She is not cut out to be a small time influencer let alone "save the world1!"

No. 806358

File: 1557771063755.jpg (823.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-120803_Ins…)

So this is her plan to "save the world"? Because if so why is she sharing these petitions now instead of right from the beginning? Oh that's right, she's just trying to cover her ass

No. 806365

No. 806384

I watched it so you didnt have to

>no job still

> uses an adult dummy
> keeps bragging about not eating? wannarexic maybe?
> treats social media like a job, but in lazy way? acts like dming people is such a strenuous task.
> is a fan of bunny the yter
> says she gained paterons, but she is only on 6?
> kitchen is filthy. she obviously only washes up once a week.
> rosie and jude seem to share food. there is no divide. seemed odd to me considering they're not friends? every house share i've lived in has kept food VERY separate.
> does nothing more than game or watch tv all day pretty much
> thinks this video send an important message cos she's SO real and down to earth

No. 806395


Are you ready for a day in the life of an influencer who wants to change the world?

>implies she sleeps with a fucking pacifier

>fans asked for "day in the life video", thinking her life is interesting
>shows most run of the mill life ever, with nothing unique to her that makes it worth being filmed
>has tea, reads chore list, does chores

Reminds me of Jake Munro vlogs where he just does laundry. Nothing unique to him happens that warrants the vid, just wants to vlog with 0 effort. No wonder he's Jude's fav YTer. This is proof she's using YT as a copout from a regular job, doesn't care about creating content at all. Get off that moral high horse you faker kek.

No. 806397


They probably share food because Rosie is the one who buys it and doesn’t want to put up with Jude’s constant whining and crying about being poor.

That food she made looked disgusting, it literally looked like baby food

No. 806431

File: 1557778398851.webm (2.2 MB, 320x240, goff-make-up-gun_.webm)

>he's already lost motivation to do shitty makeup

She should get a homer simpson make-up gun! That would solve her problem!

[vid related]

No. 806478

File: 1557784730264.png (329.92 KB, 720x507, wp_ss_20190513_0035.png)

Thought anons were exaggerating so I watched it. Nope she dead ass filmed a day doing nothing! Kek'd most when she "felt so down" cos she couldn't to reply to all her DMs and cos her ~daddy's~ working so they can't talk. Life changing stuff.

Also there's shots of her clothes that reminded me how much she has (pic related is only 1 part). Most is probs killstar, but she always whines she's broke? Either she can't put 2+2 together, or she does know and is a fledgling e beggar.

No. 806601

massive nitpick but she can't even make tea properly

No. 806706


All UK anons know this is not a nitpick. Who fucking makes tea like that she's a sociopath

No. 806710

you know can just embed a meme video? no need to upload one.

yeah the kitchen situation seems quite amiable for people going through such a split.

No. 806849

The living situation itself seems too amiable as well supposing Rosie pays most of the bills since she had a job and Jude's only income is 6 patrons. Wonder who she'll freeload off when she leaves

No. 806877

I tought Rosie and her were friends?

No. 806884


what did she do? milk first?

No. 806891


She left it to “brew” for like 10 minutes before adding milk

No. 806893

>>806877 read the thread

No. 807017


that's spoon-standing-up level of brew

No. 807029

File: 1557869479165.jpg (214.66 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190514-223047_Ins…)

No. 807030

File: 1557869527544.jpg (223.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190514-223053_Ins…)

>>807029 if there was an issue, wouldn't rosie post on it too?

No. 807031

File: 1557869616233.jpg (267.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190514-223058_Ins…)

No. 807032

File: 1557869746412.jpg (263.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190514-223102_Ins…)

No. 807067

I don't really know how PO boxes work since I've never had one but maybe they had sepparate boxes and only Jude's got fucked up? This whole situation seems kind of strange though

No. 807075

I want to say maybe the staff thought some of the packages contained weird shit, it's not likely but i mean hey Jude's followers are unhinged as her, would be a funny reason

No. 807152

File: 1557903283856.jpg (445.23 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-075426_Ins…)

Someone cow tipped

No. 807154

Because in clown world being strictly into cocks means "cis men" and trans women, therefore being bisexual.

No. 807155

This is so fucking sad. Imagine BPD being the only personality you have

No. 807158

well a least she confirmed she's not worth the effort of a thread. what a sad case

No. 807240

>mental illness is my personality, it's so edgy and proof I'm not bland

Just cos an illness name has personality in it doesn't mean it's your personality. Just cos your illness is mental doesn't mean its your personality. They teach you this in primary school.

Btw that post is near the end of the thread, if someone else didn't link her the post, she read most/all of the thread by herself kek. Either way she's gonna show Jude. Can't wait for the sperg-fest.

No. 807275

File: 1557945626785.jpg (442.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-193949_Ins…)

No. 807282

I guess she finally figured out that she isn't "strictly into cocks" and instead is just struggling with her sexuality LMAO

No. 807294


Tl;Dr: I'm straight as a ruler and i hate other women so much but I gotta pretend I'm special for internet brownie points

No. 807320

No. 807321

>>807320 she's not doing her little voice..which is odd considering she says she does it most of the time and that it isn't an act anymore…

No. 807330

Anyone in UK put on E4. She's on tattoo fixers getting matching tat's with Rose to celebrate their friendship

No. 807331

>>807330 Series 6: Episode 8: Tattoo Fixers: Extreme is the episode

uk fags can watch here: https://www.channel4.com/now/e4

No. 807350

File: 1557956052517.jpg (291.63 KB, 1005x560, tattoo.jpg)

>>807331 the finished product

No. 807351

This girl has more tattoos. Doesn't look like the same person.

No. 807383

File: 1557959061828.jpg (622.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-232328_Ins…)

No. 807385

File: 1557959101544.jpg (562.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190515-232519_Ins…)

No. 807389


ouch that one on the right is a botched job

No. 807400

Nope it's her. She doesn't always show her tattoos on IG and stuff, but she's pretty covered.

No. 807406

I feel bad for pointing this out but is she a burn victim? The skin on her arms looks strange

No. 807409

>>807406 they're scars from cutting. She's said this herself.

No. 807410

File: 1557961027498.jpeg (34.17 KB, 276x314, 089E6C9A-E830-4087-9403-686279…)

But it twists really strangely

No. 807415

>>807410 they're just deep cuts. She has said that she has severe nerve damage, as well as muscle damage from going too deep.

No. 807443

Uh, anon, you can see her arms in >>806365. Even the right forearm tattoo doesn't match. None of them do. Unless you're saying she covers them for her Bishop persona and draws new ones for this channel.

No. 807459


This isn't Jude, if that's what you're wondering. It's her best friend.

No. 807538

Yeah that's what i meant, this is Chloe who is pretty covered. Didn't know some people were mistaking her for Jude lol.

No. 807540

Jude's Insta has gone…

No. 807544

File: 1558010896699.jpg (24.92 KB, 703x1215, 20190516_134805.jpg)

Does this mean she deactivated?

No. 807545

File: 1558011009487.jpg (35.26 KB, 720x331, 20190516_135020.jpg)

No. 807546

I reckon she found this thread and is having a mad one.

No. 807548

File: 1558011769277.jpg (17.48 KB, 336x667, image001 (3).jpg)

No. 807561

Report what lol ??
That it’s gone ?(namefagging)

No. 807568

Why bother? All she contributed that was original was a lack of a killstar sponsorship. I've never seen male g0ffs but it seems like her friend brings more to the table than she does just in look alone. She'll probably make a new account or something and then he'll promote her.

No. 807644

File: 1558033709809.jpg (139.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190516-200814_Ins…)

No. 807648

File: 1558034004390.jpg (40.94 KB, 795x144, deavctivated.jpg)

Do you think she got hacked? I thought that if you account is deleted for breaking rules, you'll get an email stating that?

No. 807673

Am i missing something? I thought they are no longer friends (I understand this was filmed a while ago i mean them watching it together)

No. 807677

File: 1558040017186.png (838.3 KB, 750x1334, EBFC701F-28C7-4EB4-B1F9-B2ED0A…)

So her fanboy posted about her account being deactivated followed by this. He is just as cringey as she is honestly what is this huge “idea” - they’re both completely vapid and self absorbed kek

No. 807687

>>807677 is the idea about using gay as an insult? that's the only thing I can think of that would get her banned.

No. 807689

File: 1558042267138.jpg (91.19 KB, 720x540, 20190516_223102.jpg)

No. 807694

Even if they're no longer friends, I see nothing wrong watching a show featuring you and your roomate with said roomate.

No. 807707

File: 1558045003370.jpg (358.25 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190516-231609_Ins…)

Its interesting that chloe hasnt said anything about judes account? Shes part of the reason why she has a following?

No. 807754

my theory is that Chlo doesn't actually like Jude, that's why she was reading the thread and won't mention her account being removed

No. 807822

Take a shot every time she says "adorable". Cool now you need an ambulance.
That nitpick aside though, she seems like a normal person, not half as asshole-y as Jude. Wonder how their friendship works.

And maybe why she hasn't told Jude about the thread? Cos she definitely hasn't told, or Jude would be popping off on her other social medias lol.

No. 807839

>>807822 this thread is result number 2 for me when you google judes name. I think she probably already knows?

No. 807860

jude also goes by jude blasphemy (judeblasphemy) or jblasphemy
I think it's a BVB reference

No. 807930

Weird that she's keeping quiet about it then. Maybe she is the one who told Chlo that we posted about her.

No. 807950

Apparently she's Jude blasphemy on Pinterest. She has a board called "new apartment diy" made almost a year ago, guessing that refers to where she lives atm, so they haven't actually lived together very long.

No. 808090

She's back.

No. 808093

File: 1558141641214.png (687.95 KB, 671x1084, wp_ss_20190518_0005.png)

No. 808138

For everyone talking about her daddy, i'm 99% sure its the instagram user Rotten_hollow. Not only do they have incredibly similar aesthetics, but she's posted videos of her "daddy's" voice and it sounds EXACTLY like his. He has some extremely similar kinks to her, including one about sexually choking a sub until they pass out and look him in the eyes while he does it. Which Jude has mentioned she LOVES many many times…hmmm

No. 808146

Also, its so fucking sad, her "daddy" doesn't even want to reveal himself cause of the consequences, like god even he knows his girlfriend is problematic trash with overly fucked up kinks, and he doesn't want to deal with the backlash…yikes. talk about being embarrassed, that cant be a healthy relationship…like at all

No. 808154

Once I said in a livestream I figured out who her daddy is and she went ballistic. After she was done screaming at me, she said "don't tell anyone" and 0.2 seconds later Rotten Hollow followed me…strange coincidence.

No. 808157

No. 808179

i really think it's rotten hollow, he defends her and says stuff pertaining to her that he wouldn't know otherwise. He takes pics from in her room and tries to hide where she is, will wear her accessories. She also once she said she likes to match with him and they have an incredibly similar makeup look, and when someone asked her who took those pics of her, she said her daddy did. It's too similar to be a coincidence.>>808157

No. 808181

File: 1558149740929.png (1.55 MB, 906x1174, Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.1…)

No. 808182

File: 1558149789579.png (1.12 MB, 958x1118, Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.1…)

No. 808183

File: 1558149884848.png (66.04 KB, 570x432, Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.1…)

No. 808184

She was referring to this look, too. Not to mention him and her have many other matching looks.

No. 808260

stirs the teabag, god knows why

No. 808342

File: 1558178135000.jpg (493.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190518-121520_Ins…)

No. 808345

File: 1558179385774.jpg (80.04 KB, 720x449, 20190518_123447.jpg)

No. 808434

it says he's single on his profile - if he was her committed daddy - why would he even have that there. plus judging by the photos of him having nights out in london with other women - i really doubt it's him. plus jude mentioned her daddy doesn't live near. it would make sense if he was her daddy - and who knows if it's misdirection - but i don't think it's him.

No. 808454

>Jude: I inspire people to ~be themselves~
>Also Jude: Your opinion doesn't perfectly match mine?! Fuck you!1

No. 808504

Rotten hollow isnt judes daddy, i know will, hes single and hates relationships. Id be extremely shocked if it is him. Like you pointed out, he has a lot of female friends.

No. 808512

File: 1558201785787.jpg (442.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190518-184929_Ins…)

'Equality' fs

No. 808604

Thank god we have Jude out here answering on the most important issues.

No. 808623

Lol this. Desperate to say she'll change the world but won't do it - she really only cares for her image. Wants to seem cool and tortured so ~I'm saving the world its a big burden~ but she's hypocritically lazy so all she does is pretend to be woke on Insta. And gets triggered when you don't accept her opinion as fact.

No. 808633

File: 1558214637743.jpg (273.55 KB, 750x1334, 60484056_864577653924240_74310…)

One of her followers is actually doing something to "save the world", this phrase is so overblown but Bishop keeps sperging about doing it and then never lifts a finger while people are actually doing something.

No. 808639

I made a video about you guys


No. 808668


No. 808669


big yikes

No. 808699

Farmhand. Cringe.

No. 808711


Imagine him, sitting behind his computer, thinking "oh yeah thisll get them" as he rubs his hands together like an actual fly.


No. 808717

File: 1558223641023.jpg (64.4 KB, 640x452, tumblr_progkxDBHY1r4v9a3_1280.…)

i was actually looking for something to hardcore cringe at today and then your mall goth humpty dumpty lookin ass showed up to selfpost LMAO

strictly into cocks makes her straight. why do altfashion losers always pull this shit??

No. 808723

Tfw the only people who watch your videos are your " haydurzz "
Return to hot topic whenst yee came , looking like Ronald Macdonalds bloated corpse. Not even big enough to get your own thread, just a mention in the self serving fast fashion circle jerk that is Jewd.

No. 808746

Lmao I love how salty and obsessed everyone on this server is. Praise baguette messiah ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 808751

it's called an imageboard, not a server, but i wouldn't expect anyone that dresses like a retarded party city dumpster fire to know the difference.

you can go back to your failed youtube channel and cry about it some more, now, it'll REALLY show us how #NotBothered you are, you embarrassing nematode-looking ass faggot. (but hey, at least you saged your shit this time!)

No. 808763

Actually - while he's here can he explain what you can't kill an idea is because I see no idea by either him or jude and my haydur brain can't keep up.

No. 808870

You guys do realize that you are not any better people while bashing others anonymously? I pity you and your sad little lives.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 808875

Learn to integrate, nobody fills in the nameportion so before your newfaggot self wants to ride the moral high horse try not to out yourself first.
Also unless anons here claim to be bisexual while saying theyre strictly into dick, have a saviour complex, self harm to the point of our arms looking like a ribbed condom only to turn around and denounce drugs of all things as if flesh wounds are easier to treat than a shroom trip or playing the vegan card while contributing to the expansive textile waste thats part of the leading causes for pollution, i mean shit I can go on.
You're all hypocrites and some people taking a shit while looking up what dumbass fringe personalities like you cut up potatoes decided to post on social media isnt cyber bullying and nobody claimed they were better than you. Were all just saying you're bottom on the social totem pole for having the opinions of actual autistic incels in the shape of mall goths.

No. 808885

You left your email

No. 808916

>>780388 hi kisumisu.1993@jippii.fi

No. 809012

File: 1558281437776.png (280.44 KB, 720x1182, wp_ss_20190519_0024.png)

The link was deleted but the vid's up on YT, here's a summary.
The pic is from the comments.

>found lolcow, 4chan for SJWs, responding cos he's mentioned

>they're all flakes, goth elitists, anon cos they're scared, and calling him virgin is projecting (the homer Simpson…thing)

>doesn't wanna fuck bishop cos guy and girl can just be friends (no we think that cos u skinwalk)

>he used to be a drug dealer, that's such a trap lifestyle so he knows what he's talking about

>#youcan'tkillanidea = his account being deleted was him being censored and oppressed

No. 809036

Imagine thinking you're oppressed just because you post selfies.

No. 809053

What's up about the whole 4chan thing

No. 809064

No. 809095


Failcow would have been better. at least Mr. Toad tried. Gold star for him

No. 809097

He's such a bad YTer, even for a beginner. Any smart person would know that if you can't read the thumbnail you won't generate clicks

No. 809140

They're probably still together secretly. There was a loads of tension in that stream, felt like they were hiding something.

No. 809151

File: 1558299385610.jpeg (645.29 KB, 1125x1704, D6EBFCE8-05D6-4D16-A5FA-CBF0D7…)


No. 809161

The cringe is strong with this one.

No. 809163

>>809151 him and jude are just as pathetic as each other. they deserve each other.

No. 809173

>>809151 jesus he calls his fans "the harem"?

No. 809175

Well when you want only seen on screen porn pussy + basically describe your best friend as your ideal girl…you gotta clarify your virginity somehow

No. 809177

File: 1558301120620.jpeg (150.61 KB, 1125x433, 3A84D53C-6690-4672-BB08-B674CD…)

The cringe continues

No. 809182

>>809177 i love how he spouts this whole joker from batman "we live in a society you cant kill an idea" crap and then goes to his discord that probably only has 5 members and pesters them to like his barely viewed videos kek

No. 809188

oh my god this ugly little naked mole rat is so pathetic. and he tried to act all hard in his video when he's ablooblooing in his discord over fucking youtube likes? this is so tragic

No. 809200

Jippii.fi doesn't exist anymore

No. 809209

I don't even follow this thread but I had to hit him with the dislike just for this behavior.

No. 809221

he looks like nick crompton if he was a goth

No. 809224

File: 1558306083949.jpg (93.61 KB, 720x809, 20190519_174729.jpg)

The likes to dislikes new ratio.

No. 809227

>>809224 seems the harem didnt come through for daddy lmao

No. 809228

File: 1558306297974.jpg (Spoiler Image, 164.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190519-174935_You…)

Well we know who cow tipped now
I'm not sure if we're supposed to cross out the name so I spoiled it.

No. 809230

File: 1558306804835.jpg (278.2 KB, 750x1334, 2046742799882962285.jpg)

vegans rise up

No. 809236

Being vegan is cool and shit, but I bet she still eats imported produce when it’s out of season there.

No. 809239

Is killstar vegan? Or ethically sourced? Or whatever it is they say.

No. 809280

No. 809283

File: 1558312466611.png (75.2 KB, 810x847, 516a2cd605b9aad64c32265eaf9546…)


According to this site they're "not good enough"

No. 809290

According to jude your best isn't good enough when it comes to being ethically right. Guess she's gotta toss her clothing.

No. 809299

File: 1558314736076.png (522.97 KB, 1227x813, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 6.11.…)

update on captain hot topic: he hid the like/dislike numbers on the lolcow vid. we did it reddit

No. 809301

File: 1558315157516.jpg (90.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190519-201901_You…)

He thinks he won by hiding in his comments and turning them off.

No. 809303

File: 1558315270103.jpg (352.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190519-202039_Ins…)

You guys he outted us! He found our true colors! Hurry before he gets his 31 likes after us.

No. 809304

holy shit the levels of pathetic are reaching over 9000

No. 809305

File: 1558315462236.jpg (42.53 KB, 800x450, goff.jpg)

actual image of sadboi with jude

No. 809306

Honestly I'd take Jude serious as a goth before taking someone who uses the word boi unironically serious

No. 809307

File: 1558315504858.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, 764Esfnr.jpg)

>I win.

you didn't, you pussied out. you're a pussy. go cry to your fellow pussy of a friend that you love to skinwalk! maybe she'll interrupt her sperging about toilet seats enough to acknowledge you with an asspat.

pot meet kettle you hum-drum monochromatic blobfish! we're all laughing at you!

No. 809309

Someone make a thread on sadboi
He's tons more interesting than Jude
I think Jude is your typical English girl at this point
But Mr. Clayton? Mr. Simpson innie vagina? Mr. Self proclaimed harem of 12 year old girls? Golden.

No. 809310

I think it's funny how sadboi was quick to #youcantkillanidea jude but since supposedly jude never sleeps, it's weird how she's kept quiet.

Although we should tread carefully; he might get princess on us.

No. 809314

Every time I read scace i think it says scat and I wonder "who the fuck would call themselves shit?"

No. 809325

File: 1558317179803.png (13.37 KB, 437x315, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 6.48.…)

pillsbury sadboy has finally achieved 2 patrons on his patreon btw. he also promises an exclusive patreon video once a monthly goal of $100 is reached. how many want to bet itll be a basic killstar haul

No. 809326

I think sadboi removed his discord.

No. 809329

File: 1558317507032.png (45.6 KB, 430x452, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 6.56.…)

also holy shit some of the reward tiers on their patreons. at least sadboi only charges a max of $5 per month, who would want to give jude $20 a month just to see pictures that you can get off of instagram.

No. 809331

File: 1558317654447.jpg (38.12 KB, 155x275, 1554017827529.jpg)

her whole rant on how "unproductive" meme culture is is fucking stupid when you look at her tier names too. she also mentioned in her killstar haul video that she enjoys ironic/stupid imagery on the products, but its different because its self aware or edgy or black or something.

No. 809332

Can he please have his own thread. He's hilarious.

No. 809337

File: 1558317931495.jpg (168.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190519-210007_You…)

He can't even come up with a bad comeback anymore. At this point I'm starting to think
1. Jude is better prepared to take criticism even amidst her freak outs
2. Clayton thought he could get his soundcloud off the ground by using Jude and turning into a "goth" to appeal to her audience (looks more like Japanese street fashion inspo to me)

Not saying #2 is true but at this point Mr. Nick pillsbury sadboi is tanking so hard that I think people only support him because he's judes friend.

No. 809339

File: 1558317940398.png (38.22 KB, 423x401, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 7.04.…)

yeah cause i really want to spend $50 a month (or $600 PER YEAR) to talk to an immature goth girl. i can go to my local middle school if i want that

No. 809342

>>809337 the milk is delicious on this fine evening

No. 809345

If he keeps this up he's going to become a favorite cow, the insecurity is palpable

No. 809346

File: 1558318374104.png (72.47 KB, 1195x427, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 7.12.…)

holy shiiiit

No. 809354

File: 1558319346696.jpg (163.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190519-212632_You…)

The video is him playing video games.

Sad thing is is that on his scat channel this was uploaded 3 years ago so he gained views just from time and he has less views on that channel than on his pillsbury sadboi one

At least he tried.

No. 809357

He got the only 1k video on his scat channel but forgot to mention that his other channel only averages 90 views.

No. 809362

>>809354 he also doesnt seem to mention the roughly 100-300 views hes gotten on basically every other video on the scat channel, with only a few that broke 1k. he barely uploads on scat or any scat related social media. his pillsbury sadboi channel, one that actually features him and his personality and isnt just a commentary-less video on him playing overwatch or halo or whatever also get about 100-300 views with the highest viewed video being the one he did with jude. skinwalker much kek

No. 809363

File: 1558320133635.png (54.39 KB, 1094x203, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 7.41.…)

No. 809365

Again I proposition that Mr. Skinwalker probably thought that he could use Jude to get Scat (ahem, Scace) off the ground but instead it tanked. No proof. Just pure "this is sad"

No. 809366

File: 1558320459304.png (49.59 KB, 1122x257, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 7.47.…)

this man just keeps squeezing his udders

No. 809367

File: 1558320671852.png (35.12 KB, 1103x158, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 7.51.…)

No. 809368

who wants to bet in the near future he's going to release a #youcantkillanidea merch line

No. 809370

5 dollars say it'll be written in tell tale deathmetal band font like his scat hoodie

No. 809374

Actually it's disgusting how he calls his "fans" his harem when their oldest of his "inspired by" is MAYBE 18. I know it proves nothing but I was in his discord for five seconds and they all seemed underaged.

No. 809375

File: 1558321348530.png (23.81 KB, 556x351, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 8.02.…)

the fact that he calls his lvl 1 patron tier "disciples" is enough to creep me out a bit

No. 809376

File: 1558321403028.png (168.54 KB, 1124x568, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 8.03.…)

the milk flows

No. 809377

File: 1558321518799.png (21.36 KB, 671x136, Screenshot 2019-05-19 at 8.05.…)

No. 809379

"Would you tell your family?"
I read as I tell my family and friends about lolcow and how much fun the gossiping is.

No. 809380

how tf does this guy expect to get a decent following online if he reacts at lolcow of all places? thats like getting mad at /pol/ for being kinda racist

No. 809381

I don't even feel bad for Mr. Simpson Pussy.

He thought he was being edgy and cool but only ended up ruining his self confidence while his 3 fans felt bad for him.

No. 809387

File: 1558323510728.jpg (101.1 KB, 540x432, tumblr_pq4e1bp6xS1r4v9a3_540.j…)

he thought anyone was gonna read his sad little spiel

No. 809415

Jude: I hate meme culture it promotes not caring and laziness! Saving the world with my IG stories.
Also Jude: Ugh I don't care about anything, am also triggered, and I'm too lazy for YT aka my only job

Pillsbury sadboi: I make vids since i enjoy it so you're dumb for hating and idc about your posts.
Also him: You gossip since you enjoy it? Think of the children! Here read my TED talk about it.

Aw they're perfect for each other.
Also, pillsbury is Jude's calf so he should stay here. Also also, Jude has been tipped but why leave Pillsbury to sperg for her?

No. 809439

Shes a huge pussy, which is why shes more than happy to let her white knite sadboi take the blows for her.

She wants to say something, but is afraid to get ripped a new one.

No. 809495

>wouldn't sit well with you cows
Pure autism on my part but God, I hate when they call us like that. Make me cringe everytime.

No. 809501

I hate projection too. Its literally "haha no u!!" And its embarrassing.

No. 809528

File: 1558364211163.jpg (301.82 KB, 720x1126, 20190520_155646.jpg)

So much edge

No. 809530


girl pretending she have an ass but i can smell the extreme spine arching a mile away.

must be painful. jude, maybe do some squats and you could have some semblance of the ass you pretend you have.

but would switching to health goth be too much for our lazy snowflake? probably since she’s so busy posting about daddy and complaining about the most myopic shit.

No. 809532

she has a granny butt, it looks incredibly pasty and flabby

No. 809539

The fact she just exists to be someone's girlfriend is so tedious.

No. 809541

She's said herself in a QnA that she was "just meant to be someone's little girl". So she knows it, but apparently doesn't know how sad that is. Your relationship isn't a personality trait. What is it with these cows and forcing ~interesting~ ~edgy~ "traits" onto themselves.

No. 809626

I wonder how she's going to feel in a decade or two when she's way too old for this "little girl" shit even by male fetish standards but has built absolutely nothing else for herself in life.

No. 809635

File: 1558382706466.png (42.09 KB, 924x321, Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 1.05.…)

No. 809637

File: 1558382903303.png (367.66 KB, 478x903, Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 1.06.…)

>im going to save the world by piggybacking off of one of my followers who are actually putting in the effort to make a difference!!! #youcantkillanidea

No. 809645

She’s gonna feel so proud of herself when she’s 80 with “fuck doll” on her back legs when she wakes up and realizes she no longer an edgelord “daddy’s little girl” or will she be calling 90 year old men in the same nursing home as her “daddy” too ugh she’s gross

No. 809650

File: 1558384359334.png (283.49 KB, 420x746, Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 1.32.…)

No. 809654

File: 1558384905490.jpg (309.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190520-154012_Ins…)

There's nothing about jude on his profile. I wasnt sure if you guys had already debunked it.

No. 809655

>>809654 jude said her daddy doesn't want to be a part of her online presence. if this is him it'd still make sense that he wouldn't say anything

No. 809659

Imagine being a women today who thinks so little of herself that she decides her purpose in life is to be a toy for whatever edge lord she's dating. No wonder she's so obsessed over pretending she's a world saving hero, she knows she ain't shit. Go to therapy Jude. Kinks are one thing, giving up your life to be a bum that gets stupid and degrading tattoos and saying your boyfriend can cut your face so he can jerk it isn't healthy.

No. 809660

He does follow her mom (?)

Actually he's like…14. If you could say that

No. 809662

Might be her brother.

No. 809672

>>809660 what is her mum's insta?

No. 809691

File: 1558392622901.png (492.21 KB, 455x716, wp_ss_20190520_0032.png)

No. 809693

File: 1558392788640.jpg (242.44 KB, 1024x1820, 59414599_121861335681962_80097…)

Sage cos it's not Jude, but Jude claims to like doing a little voice too but never does in videos. Except Jude wouldn't be nervous, shed love to claim the extra edge points. Maybe she realised nobody would take her seriously kek

No. 809981

File: 1558412574135.png (276.35 KB, 479x917, Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 9.22.…)

holy shit she really wants other people to give a crap about her opinions

No. 809985

File: 1558412800191.jpg (356.41 KB, 2000x2400, 5d377a50a1cd554fa503bd2f209f39…)

Her aesthetic is slutty Loonette.

No. 810169

File: 1558423482396.jpg (423.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-082424_Ins…)

No. 810254

It must be a real treat for Jude's mum who follows her on Instagram to see stuff like this - and to see her daughter's bum and lovely fuck doll tattoo…

No. 810517

File: 1558459409258.jpg (235.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-182304_Ins…)


No. 810528

Does IG seriously ban for old self harm scars?

No. 810537

>>810528 they've been really focusing on eliminating this kind of content lately. I've seen other people getting their photos deleted for the same reason. she basically can't post selfies now, unless her entire arms are covered.

No. 810538

File: 1558461531723.jpg (274.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-185829_Ins…)

If this is a farmer, stop it.

No. 810566

File: 1558463318356.jpg (315.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-192828_Ins…)

No. 810567

File: 1558463340503.jpg (182.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-192833_Ins…)

No. 810573

File: 1558463782584.jpg (256.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-193555_Ins…)

We observe cows, we don't interfere. That's how lolcow works, chloe.

No. 810615

File: 1558465754065.jpg (438.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190521-200317_Ins…)

No. 810846

yeah if this is a farmer reporting her posts please dont. we're just here to laugh at them not interfere with their naturally produced bullshit

No. 810930

I somewhat doubt it could be a farmer. She did recently get a reshare through dollskill so she may have had a lot of reach through her account.

But if it is then that's annoying.

No. 810944

File: 1558509914742.png (314.54 KB, 487x910, Screenshot 2019-05-22 at 12.23…)

>why would you publicly say you throw temper tantrums??

No. 810945

on a smaller update, pillsbury sadboi has removed the mecha girlfriend comments. you cant kill an idea unless you hit the delete button

No. 810985

File: 1558524307746.jpg (560.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190522-122431_Ins…)

No. 810990

With those little followers!?
Heck, there are accounts close to 1million who want that much money, learn to know your worth.

Plus very unprofessional and so much info missing. Most importantly: how many even wath your stories.

No. 811079

yeah - shout outs where? he's not a famous rapper or model…who the hell has a fiver to spare for a nobody to shout them out…somewhere

No. 811165

Why is there a box saying "under age" if under age pedo shit is the point of ddlg anyways

Also kek at temper tantrums, you have those anyway Jude (but she's so uncaring at the same time guys!!). And it's not cute. Wanna call her immature but she'd take it as a compliment wouldn't she, yuck.

No. 811218

rosie is selling things some for Jude as well but only refers to her as "a friend" and doesn't mention her name

No. 811237


Selling on Instagram because of her shitty feedback and Depop scanning kek

No. 811664

File: 1558633376933.jpg (315.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190523-184147_Ins…)

Its interesting how both jude and him hate anal? …possibly daddy..

No. 811710

considering a fuck ton of people hate anal…not really interesting

No. 811744

File: 1558642050034.png (134.21 KB, 294x549, Screenshot 2019-05-23 at 1.05.…)

>>811664 he words this like he's not involved in ddlg himself. he was also asked by someone if they could draw him as a daddy dom and he said to just draw him as he is normally. i guess this debunks a rotten_hollow/jude relationship

No. 811833

They both follow this thread, and we all know if he said he was into ddlg everyone would call it immediately.
He fucks any alt girl in London he can, so I really wouldn’t be surprised if he’s stringing Jude along too. She’s a shut in so he wouldn’t have trouble hiding the other girls he’s seeing from her.

No. 811871

>>811833 This actually makes a lot of sense. As a recluse, it would be easy to become fucked up over a guy she's fucking. Just imagine 'dating' someone who claims to be single in their bio though…ouch.

No. 811929

im surprised she would want to be with someone who isnt outspoken about being a daddy considering how much she talks about being a little and worshiping him

No. 812059

Whoever her daddy is she’s stated he doesn’t want to be made public, so it’s still very plausible that he could possibly be daddy

No. 812123

I think the photos on his insta going out and hanging with other women would KILL Jude - I really don't think it's him.

No. 812131

File: 1558691604051.jpg (393.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190524-105328_Ins…)

Shes going to get her account deleted

No. 812140


The UK is coming down on self-harm imagery HARD. Complaints about self-harm imagery are literally all I hear about on BBC news, as benign a problem as it is.

No. 812169

I kind of doubt if this is a farmer reporting her, but if so, stop. It's fucked up.

No. 812306

Ughh, I guess people that self-harmed as teenagers should just lock themselves up in the basement for the rest of their lives. But publicly posting about ddlg lifestyle is completely fine obviously. I'm not a fan of Chloe, but this is just a completely stupid thing to get banned for.

No. 812334

I’m not a fan either, but banning someone for something they can’t help having anymore or fix and worked hard to not let bother them is kinda messed up

No. 812487

File: 1558738678603.jpg (212 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190524-235724_Ins…)

Does she not realise that this is simply encouraging those reporting her?

No. 812500

File: 1558742929494.jpg (521.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190525-010516_Ins…)

I wonder what shes done to piss off someone so badly that they hold this kind of vendetta?

No. 812576

Bishop's account did get deleted for a bit, though she never said if IG told her why.
But yeah while fresh cuts might be a problem for some, healed self harm scars like Chlo's aren't that ban-worthy.

No. 812667

Just like pillsbury sadboi, she thought she was just being oppressed and trying to be muted by the PC police because of her use of the word gay

That being said - her saying that meanings change annoyed me. Gay used to be used to describe being happy but since the meaning changed we obviously don't use it anymore. Wouldn't it be the same?

No. 812682

>>812667 it's like that South Park episode where fag is changed to mean obnoxious bike riders. Only she's just using it as a lame excuse to be edgy.

No. 812695

File: 1558795326239.png (591 KB, 514x589, Screen Shot 2019-05-25 at 15.3…)

What could a girl growing up in Southern England possibly have endured that caused her to slice up her arms to the point where she resembles an acid attack victim.

British kids are so ridiculously fucking coddled and spoiled, I'm sick of it.

No. 812700

Is that part of England the Beverly Hills of LA?

No. 812701


All of England is fairly privileged, we have free health care, more or less free university, a democracy, and a benefits system.

Northern England is slightly grottier with more violence which is why rent there is half that of the South.

No. 812722

Probably something abusive in her past, there’s no way someone would self harm to that degree for no reason. Didn’t she say she had BPD?

No. 812723

Probably something abusive in her past, there’s no way someone would self harm to that degree for no reason. Didn’t she say she had BPD?

No. 812742

>>812695 wow, anon. just because she grew up somewhere nice doesn't mean she hasn't experienced trauma. She could have been sexually abused as a child. All of the 'privilege' in the world doesn't mean shit if you're being severely abused.

No. 812840

>>812700 london isn't comparable to Beverly hills imo. Whilst there are plenty of rich areas in london, there are a fuck ton of poor places as well. The rich are VERY rich, but the poor are VERY poor. There are places in the middle of course, which is where she would likely fall. She is working a full time minimum wage job and can't afford to live by herself.

No. 812904

File: 1558833532958.png (268.94 KB, 482x908, Screenshot 2019-05-25 at 6.18.…)

oh god

No. 812905

what a hateful and ignorant thing to say. anyone can be depressed, no matter what their circonstances are.

No. 812932

>>812695 damn dude that is a harsh thing to say. i dont care about laughing at the arrogance and self-righteousness of people like jude or the sad state of pilsbury sadboi do but something as serious as self harm shouldnt be mocked.

No. 812935

why would you expose your kink to a literal minor

No. 812941

File: 1558838029551.jpg (539.36 KB, 1440x2265, Screenshot_2019-05-25-18-53-19…)

maybe her boyfriend? didn't hear how he sounds like on her first q&a with her boyfriend. he hasn't been active since september 2nd, you could say. he's a "daddy dom," used to be on youtube and twitter, then went mia.

No. 812943

He's from the US tho. And sounds nothing like her daddy. Very unlikely. He also doesn't seem very monogamous which seems to be super important to her.

No. 812986

Jay went MIA because of abuse accusations and predatory behavior (using his platform to find women).

I HIGHLY doubt that any of that would be cool with her

No. 813041

Both her and Judes arms look like wrinkled plastic bags. No wonder they project on social media when they most likely regret the years they peaked as damaged edgelords.

No. 813080

File: 1558883208698.png (792.19 KB, 591x589, edge.png)

idk what you're talking about, Judes arms look fine to me

No. 813118

No. 813120

File: 1558888375874.jpg (529.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190526-161811_Ins…)

No. 813122

File: 1558888418534.jpg (425.09 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190526-161825_Ins…)

No. 813141


>she's cheated on someone before. she blames it on being young and in the break up phase

> claims to never get embarrassed, despite doing embarrassing things always
> says she fucking loves hickeys
> doesn't know what a cuisine is
> says she has been in an abusive relationship > says she is bi in quotation marks
> has been in 9 relationships bc she cant be single
> goes on rant about how she wants to be a ~real~ influencer.

No. 813190

>Q: What grinds your gears?
>Jude: People who are hypocrites. Or who complain about something and do nothing about it.
Kek the irony. You're describing yourself there Jude.

No. 813195

Her daddy is @rotten.hollow (or whatever is name is now as I’m blocked lol)(cowtip)

No. 813197

More irony from the vid for you:
>id never justify things ive done that are bad or pretend i didnt do it. i dont wanna be like this "idea of perfection"
Lol, especially @ the perfection part, she throws tantrums when people don't agree with her as if she is perfect. But then says Ohh im so real and accepting. Pick one?

No. 813198

This post is so funny because he doesn’t talk about her to his friends. At all. They don’t know that Jude and Will are together because he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend

No. 813202

File: 1558904410120.png (372.67 KB, 462x897, Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 1.57.…)


No. 813220

I used to be best friends with "Rosie" during secondary school. I don't have time to read through the thread, but ask me anything.

No. 813223


Was she pleasant to be around?
know anything of her scamming people?
Why did you stop being friends?
Opinions on Jude?

No. 813225


For the most part yeah, a bit of an attention seeker, she'd go into the toilets at break to cut herself, and act proud afterwards. For the most part, typical 'quirky' girl. I knew her for the few years she was going into, then back out of, her goth phase.

She'd never intentionally scammed people, I think she's just a bit air-headed.

We stopped being friends because she moved school, and focused more on her new friends, so we just grew apart.

Never knew Jude personally, ended up going to the same college, and saw her around a bit, I heard she was a cunt, but never spoke to her.

No. 813228

Some more personal stuff I could tell you about Zarah though, is she used to be an incredibly talented pianist, no idea if she still plays though. She also had an incredible singing voice, if she kept at it I have no doubt she'd be famous for it.

Find attached my oldest photo of her, if anything is interested I could try to find more.

No. 813240

It seems like he's her daddy - but how is Jude cool with him saying he's single on his profile (so he can get more tail). Also it's so weird that he goes out and has friends, while she just sits around sober as a cat indoors. It doesn't look like he's straight edge either. Someone said that they knew him on this thread, does he not mention her so he can fuck around?

No. 813260


I just don't see it. And being blocked doesn't make him her daddy.

No. 813265

>>813195 this is really all speculation on our part, although it wouldn't be surprising if they were together. jude posted an instagram story with her daddy's voice as proof that he exists and comparing it to rotten_hollow's voice on his instagram moments, it sounds pretty similar.

No. 813268

File: 1558918850778.png (339.83 KB, 478x916, Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 6.00.…)

this story from his moments in particular sounds an awful lot like the voice in judes story

No. 813271


alright you're changing my mind…

No. 813273

they have a distinctive way of speaking that makes me believe they're the same guy.
rotten's not at all straight edge. him seen around with other people, other women, could be a way to keep low.

rotten's response to ddlg is vaguely worded. it doesn't prove he's into it or not. ddlg has a lot of different shit and kinks like adult babies and reenacting trauma/rape. speculating that would be the "others" that "disturb" him.

there's pics of him looking dressed as a stereotypical dom jude's liked on instagram.

No. 813274


Jude has said her daddy isn't straight edge before if I'm remembering correctly. Also said as long as he doesn't drink and shit around her she doesn't really care.

No. 813278

File: 1558919761506.png (Spoiler Image, 933.16 KB, 950x1033, 000.png)

samefag, pics i was talking about.

No. 813280

File: 1558920052020.png (781.43 KB, 830x794, Screenshot 2019-05-26 at 6.20.…)

completely unrelated but this pic makes me want to commit sudoku

No. 813324

Why does he look so much like Jake Munro, Jude's favourite e-begging bad musician and failed vlogger YouTuber?

No. 813371

I’ve mentioned this before but once Jude held a livestream with her daddy and I said “I think I figured out who your daddy is” and after she lost her shit screaming at me she said “dont Tell anyone!!” And IMMEDIATELY after rotten hollow followed me…which I thought was a very odd coincidence. She also had matching looks with him, the matching looks were taken in her bedroom and when someone asked her who took the pics of her she said “daddy”. It’s a little too much of a coincidence that they have matching looks both taken in bed bed and her “daddy” took the photos of her…

No. 813384

I’m blocked because I had a massive argument with him before he got with Jude as at the time he’d be stringing another girl on for two years and at the time I didn’t want that to happen to Jude. But now they’re together so they can thank meeeee

No. 813386

First photo is in Jude’s bedroom

No. 813434

read that when you had first posted it. it's too much of a coincidence that i believe more and more he's her "daddy."

didn't notice that in my screen grab.

No. 813461

Anyone who heard the two can easily tell it's the same person. Basically confirmed - her 'daddy' is rotten_hollow.

No. 813506

So her legal name isnt rosie? Also was wondering if judes name is judy or some shit. Do you know anything about what their families are like? Rosie does strike me air headed like you said rather than intentionally malicious.

No. 813508

File: 1558973312176.jpg (321.09 KB, 983x723, Screenshot_1.jpg)


Somebody already figured it out 2 months ago .

No. 813509


What was she responding to tho? I doubt the comment is still around…

No. 813513

I know she's going though the process for a legal change, maybe it's done now. But she was born Zarah Hinton.
Her mother is, French, a Druid, and a Psychologist. She also speaks a whole bunch of languages, and Rosie is also bilingual, and speaks fluent French. Her birth father is also French, and is from a very wealthy family from what I remember, but she doesn't see him often. She has a young brother called Emile, don't know what he's up to these days.
Unfortunately I don't know anything about Jude other than seeing her around college occasionally.

No. 813515

none of this is milk on Rosie, and we knew about her mother and brother bc they've been posted to Rosie's public social media. good for her for being multilingual, provide milk or gtfo

No. 813521

The thing is there really isn't much to say about her, the only interesting thing is how she dresses. Besides that, and her being a massive slut in school, she's boring.

No. 813524

then why would you come to a thread about her and claim you knew her from school if you know there's nothing interesting to say about her beyond what's already been discussed here? for internet clout points???

No. 813528

To see if anyone had any questions about how she was in school. Why are you getting so frustrated? Sorry your used-up whore of an ewaifu isn't as interesting as you thought.

No. 813532


we already knew rosie wasn't her real name. when did she start going by rosie?

No. 813536

Very late 2016

No. 813542

>>813536 she started legally changing it in may of 2016…so she changed her name legally before going by rosie for a while?

No. 813546

15, sorry. She was going by Rosie for about half a year before she stared with the process of making it legal.

No. 813548

>>813546 do you have any proof you knew/know her?

No. 813557

I have a old photo somewhere in my room of her, myself, and a few friends. I'm also friends with her on her personal FB account. I have an old picture of her and her brother.
I don't really know whats already known about her on here, but I can tell you what schools she went to, what street she lived on. What would be considered proof?

No. 813558

>>813557 if you're friends with her on fb, we would appreciate any milk she has one there?

No. 813561

It's nothing but posting shit she's selling and selfies. I can do a short vid scrolling through it if you really want to see.

No. 813564

>>813561 if there's nothing milky then that's okay. I just thought there would be considering she's a massive attention seeker.

No. 813567

Yeah sorry. Most interesting thing is that she was intending to change her last name to 'Kirkland' at some point, but didn't.

No. 813569

File: 1558978670669.jpg (439.43 KB, 684x1216, 20190527_183729.jpg)

Old milk but she was fired?

No. 813576

I believe she was fired from Irregular Choice, but started at Cyberdog on the 24th of Feb.

No. 813578

>>813576 did she post about it on fb? that's gotta be milky. also you should put sage in the email field.

No. 813583

File: 1558979912527.jpg (53.83 KB, 360x816, fb.JPG)

Yes, I remember people commenting at the time, but it all seems to have been deleted.

What does sage mean? You can probably tell idk what i'm doing here.

No. 813588

Did you tell her who you think her daddy is? If not, she has no reason to flip out, unless her daddy's identity is super obvious and she knows it. So this points to it being rotten_hollow as well.

No. 813590

>>813583 sage means you don't bump the thread. So if you have something super milky, don't put sage. Otherwise, put sage.

No. 813592

No, I didn’t state a name, all I said was “I think I figured out who your daddy is” and she got all mad and flustered then rotten hollow followed…so yeah, super obvious

No. 813598

Not to go off on a tangent but why does jude like all of her own posts lmao like we get it ur obsessed with urself at an obnoxious level

No. 813628

She likes her own posts? Bruh lmao

No. 813630

>>813592 i wonder why she would flip out so hard on finding out who her daddy is. when all you talk about is your daddy to your thousands of instagram followers someones bound to do some digging.

No. 813634


>massive slut

boy you must be good friends

No. 813660

Seeing as this is a very new relationship and jude just exists to be be a fuck doll, it's kind of depressing to see how this will pan out. Why as her daddy would he advertise that he's single and go out to fetish nights without her. He's obviously just a fuckboy bunking up with her when he comes up to London. If he really gave a shit he'd be out and proud about his relationship…but he's not.

No. 813665


Was she not out as gay in school? Also curious as why she wants to change her name so you know?

No. 813671

No, she was still dating boys in school, I think she came out in college.
As for the name, she has never liked the name Zarah, idk why, she had us call her all kinds of names in school, all of which inspired by anime. I think the 'kirkland' thing came from Hetalia for example.

No. 813674

File: 1558991803240.jpeg (228.17 KB, 747x931, B33391E6-46C1-4064-9014-C7498A…)

She recently uploaded pics on these exact stairs which she says were taken by ‘the most perfect man in the world’ I know there’s a good time gap between their postings n just takin pics at the same place doesn’t mean shit but it’s all TOO coincidental
I’m more and more convinced he’s her ‘daddy’ which is sad cause he clearly doesn’t wanna admit it n it’s literally all her life revolves around

No. 813675

>>813674 holy shit

No. 813676

Yup, she’s wearing his top, they have selfies in the same bathroom, he’s photographed in her room and on the same stairs - it’s mega obvious now it’s him. She’s talking about love and marriage and she barely registers in his life. Nice one guys!

No. 813677

No. 813680

File: 1558992710753.png (664.06 KB, 1287x828, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 2.31.…)

>We have only just met but you are already so fucking important.


No. 813681


she's said before that she knows and is okay with it

No. 813682

this is like literally after a week after sad posting about a breakup - so rebound for her with a player who doesn't want anyone to know they're together - o jude, you've bagged yourself a keeper!

No. 813691

File: 1558993878872.jpeg (30.15 KB, 720x187, E68382E3-7A0F-433D-A78C-9D4F69…)

How sad or ‘gay’ in Jude parlance

No. 813693

File: 1558994593328.png (840.72 KB, 1291x831, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.03.…)

bit of a theory incoming. jude posted this valentines day instagram post about 9w ago when her daddy came to visit

No. 813694

rotten took this picture roughly the same time, with jude commenting on it

No. 813695

File: 1558994667964.png (666 KB, 1128x834, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.04.…)

No. 813697

File: 1558994732659.png (592.6 KB, 1191x843, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.05.…)

the background of rosie's vid (and i believe jude and rosie were still living together at the time) and the bathroom in rotten's pic is identical lol

No. 813702

File: 1558994968601.png (763.74 KB, 1286x839, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.09.…)

there are also a ton of the same bathroom pics from rotten right around the time jude posted this instagram pic on how she was missing her daddy, meaning he would have been there at roughly the same time

No. 813712

>>813680 samefriend here, but i just realized the tag says #perhaps my favourite person on this earth. the only person i can imagine to have such a high standing in jude's social circle aside from rosie at the time is her daddy, and im sure she wouldnt be one to say that anyone else is more important than him. HMMM

No. 813713

And she’s feeling ‘rotten’ - I still don’t get how such a needy baby like Jude is cool with him being ‘single’ on the gram

No. 813715

i know will vaguely, although i'm actually a different anon than the one from before. he's absolutely not straight edge & does hard drugs. it's pretty hypocritical that jude is okay with that when she went mad at rosie for smoking a little bit of weed.

No. 813717

And also means this relationship won’t last. Shut in up her own ass Jude with an outgoing club kid - who is she kidding?

No. 813718

File: 1558996060498.png (798.87 KB, 1295x838, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.27.…)

not as concrete proof but this was taken 6w ago by jude. its a look inspired by rotten_hollow and someone else is taking the photos.

No. 813719

File: 1558996089734.jpeg (220.99 KB, 750x1086, 8EC5A7F4-D8CF-4FC2-BF22-2B6DA5…)

Yeah nah they’re not great at hiding it considering he is clearly just using her lmao

Imagine applying all the things she said and putting them against him like wow on a pedestal much - shes made her life abt him and she’s like, a weekend filler for him. Rough.

No. 813720

File: 1558996114411.png (858.68 KB, 1133x835, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.28.…)

rotten posted this 6w ago in the same bathroom.

No. 813722

File: 1558996300832.png (1.17 MB, 1292x841, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.31.…)

jude posted this 5d ago at the same staircase that rotten has also taken pics in.

No. 813725

Lmaooo love how she’s like ‘daddy hates porn and so do i’ But clearly this dude is a fan of the sex industry and friends with adult workers and shit (which is fine not judging that at all) but like she clearly hates the thought of him gettin off to any one but her but he’s also SO clearly doin that cause he wanna pretend he single

No. 813726

File: 1558996356283.png (797.96 KB, 1123x825, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.32.…)

rotten posted this 1d ago in the SAME bathroom. so far, the times are matching up pretty well. poor jude yikes

No. 813727

I said this above G, and it says daddy took em - obvious it’s him isn’t it hahaha

No. 813730

Isn’t that her star contact??? Or does he usually wear the same? Lmao

No. 813731

From her own timeline they've been fucking since the new year - from then she's been obsessed with him and he's kept her secret to not deal with any shit - but they both have around the same amount of followers, and why would he get shit from being with her if he wasn't embarrassed?

No. 813734

He wouldn’t get shit would he like he’s clearly fine standing out, it’s obviously his excuse to just to be like no let’s keep it secret so he can do whatever he fuckin wants. man she’s living in fairy land if she can’t see this

No. 813736

sorry to keep spammin the board but it seems pretty clear that they have to have something going on. i cant imagine that jude and rotten would be complementing eachother in this way considering how devoted jude is to her one and only daddy. i dont see why they would keep it under wraps unless rotten was insistent on it so he could do drugs and hang out at fetish balls while keeping the impression that hes single so all the girls following him dont harass him for being in a relationship, or otherwise hes embarrassed at being with her or just wants to keep fuckin other girls

No. 813737

File: 1558996952844.png (155.46 KB, 486x922, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.42.…)

another intriguing instagram moment. he zooms in on this graffiti of the word daddy

No. 813743

File: 1558997404934.png (431.22 KB, 477x896, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 3.48.…)

he also seems to be quite good friends with ivanahyde, who shows up in a LOT of his/her stories and pictures. im surprised jude is so chill with her daddy partying alongside near naked women.

No. 813744

Jude we know who your ‘daddy’ is and it’s obvious that your obsession with him is not reciprocated. Get a job and some self respect.

No. 813754

File: 1558998745744.png (687.5 KB, 1132x830, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 4.07.…)

this might be a bit of a stretch but rotten posted this pic of him being the mad hatter on february 12-13.

No. 813755

File: 1558998816439.png (624.65 KB, 1286x819, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 4.08.…)

jude posted this on valentines of her being a bunny (maybe like the one from alice's wonderland) and about her daddy. might just be a complete coincidence

No. 813756

File: 1558998996237.png (1004.71 KB, 1137x831, Screenshot 2019-05-27 at 4.15.…)

i was thinking rotten wouldve been around jude at the time according to this post, but jude's birthday seems to be on the 13th of january. weird to post the pics a month late though

No. 813757

We know they’re together at this point. Will he ever admit it and how long will this rebound/fuckboy romance go on for?

No. 813758

>>813757 im hoping jude breaks up with him for her sake if they really are together. on the other hand, hypocrites deserve the company of a fellow hypocrite

No. 813824

Nudes god awful narcissistic personality probably comes from the fact she’s being hidden and he’s always around sex workers , she puts on this super confident dude sexually liberated persona when in reality she’s probably really insecure :((

No. 813826


No. 813922

File: 1559029945546.png (1.95 MB, 1172x2100, Schermafbeelding 2019-05-28 om…)

No. 813923

File: 1559029994405.png (2.9 MB, 1174x2100, Schermafbeelding 2019-05-28 om…)

No. 814021

im the person that said i know will. I was gonna stick by what i said but now seeing all the speculation i guess they are together. He definitely doesn’t want the relationship to go public so girls still think hes single. Hes also the furthest thing from straight edge so it seems a bit of an odd match. Dont where they even met since jude isnt into clubbing and thats all he comes to london for. i guess online

No. 814039

They met through Instagram and when Jude was still working at cyberdog. I knew Will before they started talking and told her about him leading girls like this and being a fuckboi but she thinks she’ll be the one to change him because she’s soooooo wonderful!!

No. 814043

yeah the way she comes across, she made it seem like they were in an actual serious relationship, or maybe that's what she thinks. i find it funny how he's still hanging out with lauren (from her instagram) and they were definitely fucking for a long time. it's obviously fine that they're still friends, but i wonder what jude thinks of seeing her daddy with the girl he used to dom (because it's obvious lauren is into ddlg too).

No. 814053

File: 1559053714237.jpeg (269.06 KB, 750x1166, 8ECA89D4-11B2-4E51-B1FB-BFE7D5…)

I actually dunno how Jude can cope with him hangin out with an ex who was a little if she is one, they’re definitely close and Jude seems like the jealous type, very possessive with her language and descriptions etc.

She thinks he’s the love of her life (right after her previous love of her life like literally weeks I think oop-) he’s out there gettin off his face with his exes and she stays in all day every day just waiting for him to come spit in her mouth :///


No. 814067


Kek at this guy having girls throwing themselves at him

So question for those that know him, does Jude think they are exclusive?

No. 814078

Fucking hell. Despite all the shit we've talked in this thread, I actually feel sorry for Jude now. She's being used - hard.

No. 814081

I’d feel sorry for her but it’s sort of karma? She’s so in her own world and right all the time and deluded to a degree it’s like…. she’s got no one to blame but herself for bein in this sitch

No. 814089

File: 1559058518388.png (742.53 KB, 750x1334, 45209D05-9355-4E06-85B7-72B4D9…)

Lmao rotten is stickin up for sadboi and sadboi has now changed the credit back 2 that girl

No. 814097

I mean…unless he’s bringing her to these events but not posting about it?

No. 814098

she would've never come after him for doing that makeup if he hadn't claimed it was his idea. that's one of jasminbean's defining makeup looks, so it's not her "thinking" he copied her, he absolutely did. if rotten had any unique ideas then he would understand (even his username is a combination of two people's ig handles that he admires who were dating at one point: rottenmorgue and shakenhollow)

No. 814099

she would've never come after him for doing that makeup if he hadn't claimed it was his idea. that's one of jasminbean's defining makeup looks, so it's not her "thinking" he copied her, he absolutely did. if rotten had any unique ideas then he would understand (even his username is a combination of two people's ig handles that he admires who were dating at one point: rottenmorgue and shakenhollow)

No. 814100

she would've never come after him for doing that makeup if he hadn't claimed it was his idea. that's one of jasminbean's defining makeup looks, so it's not her "thinking" he copied her, he absolutely did. if rotten had any unique ideas then he would understand (even his username is a combination of two people's ig handles that he admires who were dating at one point: rottenmorgue and shakenhollow)

No. 814102

I mean…unless he’s bringing her to these events but not posting about it?

No. 814186

They all look like right fucking prats. Sadboi’s makeup is a literal copy of whoever he sees online.

No. 814212

File: 1559066941353.png (70.45 KB, 464x651, Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 11.06…)

romance is in the air, friends

No. 814265

File: 1559069118401.png (205.13 KB, 750x1334, 485A370C-E595-47AA-BC36-FAEFE0…)

Lmaooo dough boi is on one - anyone got any milk on Jude and this jasmine girl falling out???

No. 814290

Rosie did a look with Jazmin's cultcandy palette and mentioned that Jude had been sent one too. I'm not massively into Jazmin's content, but it's far more developed than pilsbury sadboi who has no idea what he's doing when it comes to makeup application. Drag him!

No. 814305

His responses to things are always so immature and stupid god.

No. 814356

My favorite thing is how he’s always saying “you can’t kill an idea” like him and Jude are some interesting revolutionary leaders that society is trying to get rid of…like you’re not special what “idea” is there to even kill, you’re just some person who posts makeup looks online calm down and sit down

No. 814358

Out of interest does anyone know which zone of London they live in? Even if their wardrobe room is the living room that's still a two bedroom property and I can't quite see how two retail workers can afford it even with the extra income they get from social media.

No. 814370

>>814265 your icon is showing

No. 814371

>>814358 rosie doxxed herself in a video posted on this thread. you can find it if you scroll up and watch it yourself.

No. 814400

Side account so idm, thanks for sayin tho

No. 814482

File: 1559083813723.jpg (23.03 KB, 956x279, 4.jpg)

I'd love to know how Jude can afford her share whilst she's unemployed.

No. 814484



No. 814498

I wonder the same esp. with utilities and food and then her hundreds she spent on her clothing hauls - I’m not bagging on her for that I genuinely am just baffled as to how she can do it cause London is expensive as fuck, and if I were Rosie and I wasn’t friends with her anymore I wouldn’t be covering Costs for her much I don’t think

What does she actually spend Patreon money on cause APPARENTLY it’s not clothes but then if not that, what? They aren’t really gettin any content cause she never leaves the house

No. 814604

File: 1559095746557.png (981.82 KB, 640x1136, F03BA09A-3782-45C1-B197-257342…)

This looks soooo bad…someone pls tell me he didn’t go out like this. At least Jude’s makeup looks cool and is put together and has some shred of decency behind how it looks….this looks like he got into a fight with an eyeliner pen

No. 814677

>>814604 your icon is showing

No. 814695

Apparently she's living off savings - from cyberdog? I think not…

No. 814697

He was boasting about his soft hair on his lolcow video, it looks like wispy old lady hair. It looks like he doesn't use foundation, so his crusty skin is always showing through. It's really unfortunate he has little girls in the comments section telling him how good he looks, making this manlet even more deluded.

No. 814702

maybe the nose thing is the idea we can't kill

No. 814703

File: 1559120128284.jpg (166.17 KB, 1303x2048, pillsbury sadboi.jpg)

to whoever coined the nickname Pillsbury Sadboi, I'd like to say thank you.

No. 814705

File: 1559121489579.jpeg (58.5 KB, 345x399, 1DE574C4-6585-493C-BFA3-4651EC…)

He needs to cover that honker up

No. 814711

File: 1559122262758.jpg (19.7 KB, 334x336, tumblr_pm2dn3TmBh1vmrl5a_540.j…)


No. 814732

File: 1559130206718.png (260.28 KB, 358x310, 03ED4E7B-A58B-4D87-987F-71B733…)

He must think he’s the hottest shit with a bunch of 12 year olds telling him how “hot” he is

No. 814749

she has an inheritance she doesn’t like to talk about so she doesn’t sound like a spoiled brat. It’s nearly gone now though.

No. 814754

>>814749 inheritance from who and how much? source?

No. 814871

File: 1559149169771.jpg (154.91 KB, 750x1334, poll.jpg)

someone is insecure

No. 814954

File: 1559155673116.jpg (120.96 KB, 1269x889, Capture.JPG)

adding to the who's her daddy (pun intended) discussion rotten_hollow is wearing a shirt identical to the one in this picture

No. 814956

File: 1559155857754.jpeg (70.85 KB, 443x374, 8BA44556-0F7C-48C2-933C-9DC085…)

And what is your content Jude? TMI about your pedo sex life and a sad glimpse of a shut in, or maybe it’s saving the world by letting everyone know that calling things gay is totally peng? Bonus photo of Will’s shoes in the background when he’s taking a photo of his ‘fuck doll’s’ bum bum.

No. 814957


isn't that her room too lol?

No. 814978

>>814705 yep just pop in some contacts, paint your lips black and draw a sloppy ass cross with some eyeliner. congrats you are goth

No. 814979

File: 1559160534632.png (455.67 KB, 1012x632, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 1.08.…)

No. 814982

File: 1559160746674.png (244.4 KB, 487x916, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 1.11.…)

lmao why is she so concerned?? i thought she doesnt take herself seriously and its all just a bit of laff m8.

No. 815094

He’s disabled comments for this post, is Jude commenting outing him as not single eh?

No. 815138

>>815094 really? i can still see them on my end

No. 815140

File: 1559173265945.png (308.84 KB, 482x913, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 4.40.…)

No. 815142

File: 1559173358254.png (438.21 KB, 488x908, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 4.42.…)

No. 815146

File: 1559173560349.jpg (481.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190530-003939_Ins…)

No. 815147

File: 1559173643277.jpg (439.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190530-004740_Ins…)

No. 815188

anyone willing to ask her if rotten_hollow's her boyfriend or would that be against the no interference rule?

No. 815197


Depends how you word it. "i know rotten hollow is your daddy" is definitely tipping. Maybe word it like "are you and rotten hollow friends?" and see if she praises him like she does with "daddy". (If that's tipping too, disregard)

No. 815207

>>815197 well shes asking for people to make assumptions about her anyway, i dont see why being direct would be bad aside from possibly tipping (although shes probably already aware of this board anyway)

No. 815229

File: 1559181513811.jpeg (183.68 KB, 630x952, FE997C5D-A213-4D3C-B2C9-5FEFBE…)

No. 815234

She’s so obsessed with everything she’ll never be for starters she loves saying how tiny she is but girl where. She’s a average weight and height she acts like she’s 4”5 and 65 pounds also her “I just wanna save the world” thing is beyond idiotic shes making no difference in the world all she does is sit in her room all day with no job she’s even admitted to this so there’s no hiding it.

No. 815237

File: 1559182258711.png (372.74 KB, 484x915, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 7.10.…)

>cares about body
>lets a fuckboy cut her with knives so he can jerk off

No. 815239

File: 1559182515572.png (334.47 KB, 477x909, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 7.15.…)

No. 815242

File: 1559182880050.png (368.04 KB, 481x904, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 7.20.…)

rotten really is manipulating the shit out of her

No. 815245

About the whole daddy rotten hollow thing and asking her about it, she held a live and I was like “you and rotten hollow seem like good friends I’m glad” and she looked down got all shy and smiley and her voice got all soft and she was like “yeaaahh..we are good friends…” so in case that answers that see how she acts when asked question

No. 815262

i sent in an ask/assumption to her instagram, no response as of yet. im pretty sure she stopped answering them shortly after i sent mine in(cowtipping)

No. 815265

File: 1559188448605.png (369.22 KB, 484x911, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 8.54.…)

No. 815271

File: 1559188942468.png (400.37 KB, 470x937, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 9.02.…)


No. 815281

assumed rosie and jude would look for their own place. jude would move then of august >>801530 because tenancy's up that month. so, rosie will only be the one to move out?

if jude had money >>801536 she'd move out. so, that means she doesn't have money to get a place and has to depend on her 'best baby friends' for a roof over her head lol.

idk how that went down. basically means rosie is getting kicked out.

No. 815283

I feel anxiety imagining rosie having to move all of her stuff…she has so much

No. 815285

File: 1559192786572.png (551.16 KB, 492x913, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 10.06…)

>>815262 lol she got triggered

No. 815287

>>815281 how else is she supposed to save the world? she cant get a job to pay rent AND make inspirational killstar haul videos!

i really hope jude isnt trying to mooch off of her ddlg clan.

No. 815295

Maybe she should shut up about her daddy and stop mentioning him every 5 minutes if she does not want people doing this. You cant have it both ways jude.

kek at "my life is not yours/its none of your business" the bitch put all these details out there, her videos are about "getting to know me" fuck her patreon is for basically this, but now she wants to play coy? jude make up your mind, if you want to keep things private do that, you are the one choosing to say all this shit online ya numpty.

No. 815303

File: 1559197720962.png (361.59 KB, 485x867, Screenshot 2019-05-29 at 11.27…)

>i always think i can change their minds

i guess her relationship with rotten makes more sense than we thought

No. 815328

>I wanted someone that would take care of me
>I became it

Sure, that's why she clings to dd/lg so much.

No. 815340

Can you imagine the sheer hell of this new household - a small London flat stuffed with 3 screeching babies having nasty sex all the time. With a bunch of gross daddies meeting on the way to the toilet in between using their fuck dolls. I mean…this will be hilarious to see unfold. I'm calling they all hate each other after 6 months of living together.

No. 815345

every fucking time i scroll past this thread, this same bitch is typing paragraphs about herself. complete “me me meeee” type shit. idek how you guys can bear reading this narcissistic drivel.

No. 815409

File: 1559219438316.jpg (434.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190530-133038_Ins…)

No. 815415

File: 1559221065582.jpg (456.8 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190530-135432_Ins…)

No. 815416

File: 1559221130472.jpg (353.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190530-135914_Ins…)

No. 815419

>that outfit
>in a BBC article
I'm all for alt clothing, but this is so fucking cringy for some reason.

No. 815441

Okay so let's humour Jude and say that Rotten isn't her daddy. Then why is she always in his insta comments saying how pretty he is? Like wouldn't her "daddy" be mad at that? That she is in other mens insta comments like that?

My theory is they sometimes hook up, she calls him daddy in the bedroom, he tells her to keep their fucking on the downlow, which is why she constantly says "daddy doesn't want to be in the public eye". But she has either deluded herself into thinking they are more than fuckbuddies, or she is mentally not all there and truly believes it.

No. 815528


for me the fact that she posted a pic wearing "Daddy's shirt" while there is a pic of Rotten Hollow wearing the exact same shirt was a dead giveaway and she can't hide now.

No. 815550

Got the impression Jude was leaving, like the passive aggressive Q and A answer that if she got £1 mill, she'd move out. Maybe this post was just a cringy joke about having a ~little house~, and she is the one moving. I can deffo see her mooching off her little friends when that happens.

No. 815559

quite a mature response really but i dont see how she can say they arent matching tatoos when they definitely are

No. 815569

Plus his shoes in her bedroom, him photographed in her bathroom, on the stairs, in the hallway holding her stupid sword - that tally up with his nights out in London. Is he coming to London, giving her a shag and then getting fucked up with his mates? Coz that's what it seems like. He also posted an assumptions q&a on his insta after Jude. Coz Jude def lurks here now - we know that you're fucking, why won't your 'daddy' acknowledge your existence?

No. 815647

File: 1559250124827.jpg (83.11 KB, 828x1472, chloe.jpg)

Chloe just posted this. cow crossover.

No. 815650

Doesnt chloe read here? Cheeky bitch

No. 815692

File: 1559255211774.png (682.37 KB, 640x1136, EF640C26-2BC1-4BD9-9A84-6E9578…)

For anyone interested the clip of this is on channel 4’s Facebook


No. 815702

Rosie wearing Pixielocks merch kek

No. 815717

They literally admit they are matching tattoos, what was Jude on about?

No. 815764

She’s on twitch right now threatening to ban her viewers kek

No. 815774

Is this around the same time as Jude meeting her daddy?

No. 815810

the whole thread feels like for lolcow/by lolcow content sometimes

No. 815971

Ban then for what, cos she's always telling the off for something

No. 815972

No. 816059

she actually blocked me when i answered the dumb poll about being there just for the lolz, never interacted with her before, so sensitive even though she says she doesnt care…

No. 816061


We ain't psychic.

WHO are you talking about?



No. 816062

File: 1559332344517.webm (17.2 MB, 1080x1080, jude_rosie.webm)

No. 816068

Jude you idiot

No. 816070

How was I or others supposed to know.

You posted no sauce.

You think that people on anonymous image-boards are psychic or something?

If you don't tell, we wont know.

No. 816073

File: 1559333717658.jpg (287.75 KB, 720x994, 20190531_211508.jpg)

No. 816074

File: 1559333798053.jpg (239.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190531-211438_Ins…)

>>816073 your vag is hanging out jude

No. 816075

File: 1559334028898.jpg (363.33 KB, 720x1139, 20190531_212023.jpg)

No. 816077

She said that they were being “annoying pricks” and she banned someone named “who’s your daddy” because apparently people are talking shit on her discord saying that they were going to “take over” her server. She was being a whiny bitch in conclusion

No. 816100

been said a million times - but how tragic is her shut in content. a straight edge saddo getting dressed up for no one in her bed room. jude - leave your stinking bedroom and actually do stuff. getting her tits out for who? her teenage fans, cool - nice one.

No. 816102

File: 1559338640429.jpeg (109.92 KB, 709x554, 1ADEF724-F5B9-403A-B17C-DED59B…)

Eurgh - I can think of at least 50 accounts that do better makeup than Jude and don’t have this simpering dough boy on their ass

No. 816107

File: 1559339239445.png (263.39 KB, 2124x1002, Schermafbeelding 2019-05-31 om…)

No. 816111

At least she’s making material for Pillsbury sadboi to jerk off to

No. 816115

At least she’s making material for Pillsbury sadboi to jerk off to

No. 816150

she denied any romantic attraction to clay pretty quickly but didnt say anything about rotten

No. 816151

>>815764 i was on the stream for the last 30 minutes or so (not really keen on watching nearly 3 hours of her answering questions about bdsm). she was reeeing really hard and banned a bunch of people. lot of trolls, i would hope not from lolcow but im sure there were some idiots who took it on themselves to trigger her. she did mention that she was aware of her lolcow board and that we all want her to die and we think rosie is better than her. she ended up ragequitting her stream. all in all, great content

No. 816154

File: 1559348931291.png (535.02 KB, 1299x633, Screenshot 2019-05-31 at 5.28.…)

>>816075 >missing her daddy

meanwhile her daddy is hanging out with more women away from her lmao

No. 816175

>this bitch did aesthetic cum lip
>nobody else is doing this

Maybe nobody else is doing "aesthetic cum lip" because its ugly and trashy as fuck

No. 816183

You fuggers need to learn how to record and post shit.


No. 816195

and parma ham commenting on his posts, another cow

No. 816223

Thought you were devoted to daddy and hated porn Jude, but you're here posting lewds publicly and telling people to go watch porn so they don't get off to you. At least keep your story straight, you can't have the moral high ground AND be an edgy thot.

No. 816237

the one on the right is actually a dude. isn't that parma ham himself? he looks different with his hair down

No. 816253

Cant imagine having a nuclear meltdown over your supposed bestie of 5yrs dabbling with some weed(and maybe a psychedelic) in her own time. Yet the dude calling your edgy makeup look "cum lip" is just a super agreeable quote and theres nothing even mildly insulting about it.
Jude is literally an NPC who never graduated high school and has become an alt-chav who thinks slag is a term of endearment while not noticing thats the only thing people call her lel.

No. 816282

File: 1559394417236.jpg (505.33 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190601-140647_Ins…)

No. 816283

File: 1559394676396.jpg (276.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190601-141041_Ins…)

Looks like someone paid a fiver for a shout out

No. 816291

actually will and her are really close friends. i know them both.

No. 816295

File: 1559398457253.jpg (562.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190601-151348_Ins…)

Jude. It's not slander if it's true.

No. 816296

File: 1559398481620.jpg (553.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190601-151351_Ins…)

No. 816304

File: 1559399454676.jpg (522.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190601-153040_Ins…)

No. 816308

Jude nobody on this thread needs to know you in real life in order to know that you’re a delusional narcissistic asshole

No. 816315

oh my fucking god, i hate people who take social media so goddamn seriously.

nobody is their "true selves" on instagram bc it's social media, not real life. and people who try their darndest, hardest to be their "true selves" on a stupid social media platform that doesn't even matter are the most insufferable of the bunch, because what exactly you are trying to prove, and to whom? congratulations, you're exposing all the nasty shit about yourself to a bunch of objective strangers who will never have a meaningful bond with you and will likely never meet you or care about you beyond how you care for a stranger you accidentally bump into on the train, such Honest, much Genuine, WOW. you're in your fucking 20's jude, get off instagram for 5 fucking minutes and go outside to do something meaningful and useful with your life. nobody gives a shit about your "community", your daddy, your make-up or your massive textile waste that constitutes your faux-goth Killstar hauls. it's not that deep.

No. 816317

File: 1559403039569.jpg (398 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190601-162930_Ins…)

Why does she act like instagram is censoring her for her ideas? Your photo got removed because it broke the terms and conditions. She's almost acting like shay.

No. 816329

Plus we don’t hate you, we’re just having a laugh m8.

No. 816334

top-notch rant
imagine getting this butthurt and uppity over a company removing your shitty post on their own website

No. 816335

>>816317 imagine thinking that a shirt that says horny and sad is meaningful lmao

No. 816451

A vague TED Talk length speech that doesn't even address what she's angry about, and using buzzwords like "band wagon" to make it seem legit.
Kek is she sad her post was removed for soft porn? You're not being censored for some deep idea, you're not as revolutionary as you wish you were. Seems like you're not faithful to daddy either, if you're posting public almost-nudes. Lmao, entertaining.

No. 816457

File: 1559426980113.png (26.85 KB, 529x200, potatojude.PNG)

anyone know more about this incident?

No. 816518

>>814604 her icon is showing, she outed herself

No. 816722

esp because she literally started ig like half a year ago or something?? she's literally just new into the whole ig thing and can already be so annoying and obsessed

No. 816797

File: 1559492486867.jpeg (193.94 KB, 750x1060, 10432EE3-92E7-447C-A610-6070FA…)

He’s now using foundation after we dragged his scuzzy face. Making a video about it? Why???

No. 816806

His looks are always so clumsy. I don't even mean his technique, i mean the composition and the stuff he draws. No artistic eye at all but he gives them these fake deep titles like they are art?

No. 816808

his shitty version of "aesthetic cum lip"? jfc idk how Jude can be friends w such an obv skinwalker

No. 816818

File: 1559494690786.jpg (364.93 KB, 720x1041, 20190602_175744.jpg)

Ooft that's not a good look

No. 816819

File: 1559494795918.jpg (512.83 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190602-175957_Ins…)

No. 816822

Jude accidentally becomes a sex worker to fund her Killstar hauls. Both prices are well cheap babe, if that’s how you rate yourself - you go girl!

No. 816824


literal fupa

No. 816827

myfatboiaccount has no personality and no appreciation for actual makeup artistry, I’m so confused as to what he’s actually doing and why it would warrant Patreons.

No. 816898

File: 1559504717397.jpg (585.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190602-204435_Ins…)

We see you jude

No. 816914

>"This 'Horny and sad' shirt stands for so much more now!
Listen, I agree that everyone should be allowed to have their tits out on instagram as long as they don't break the nudity/porn guidelines but this is such a joke. She tries to take the most mundane shit and pretend that she's out here challenging social constructs.

No. 816961

No. 816968

File: 1559519049791.jpeg (93.06 KB, 632x802, 28C87F1B-CD86-44E8-865F-8356E5…)

Did this bitch actually do it lmao? If so don’t you think that’s cheating on her precious dAdDY

No. 816973


Don't personally think its cheating but doesn't it go against what she's said before about not wanting to sell her body or whatever? Feel like she said that at some point… Or maybe she explicitly meant nudes

No. 816983

that was very depressing to watch

No. 816990

>>816968 she goes on about shes 100% sub yet shes publicly humiliating this guy in the way shes talking about him and coming across as a Domme. Bit odd, bitch gotta eat though right?

No. 817137

Plus she puts no effort in her YT "career" so it can't be getting her much, gotta get that side hustle…even if it means being a big hypocrite and selling a foot pic she knows the guy will jerk off to, even tho she said she despises porn and her body is only for ~daaaddy~

No. 817138

File: 1559539425748.png (84.68 KB, 640x1078, wp_ss_20190603_0186.png)

Some comments under mr_ciccio87's latest IG post lol (the feed itself is just boring travel pics, though.)

No. 817139

Samefag but forgot to add, wonder why he still went through with it after Jude blasted him, and why Jude pretends to be morally superior and then does this stuff.

No. 817209

her putting him on blast was probably part of the whole transaction, a lot of dumb sub men get off on that shit

No. 817218

File: 1559559300478.jpg (325.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190603-115424_Ins…)

No. 817233

this is pretty gross bc if he didn’t wanna be humiliated and he has actually paid she’s publicly shaming someone who’s paying her money and that so disrespectful?? Askin for feet pics is weird ya but she’s clearly agreed lmao which is just another sign of how desperate she is imo and she’s just looking really rude and mean as per. Mrs ‘I don’t like porn’ ‘that’s what porn is for’ in reply to comments - like lmao ok then.
Love how she upped the price as well cause she’s clearly on here readin this

Idk she says her daddy is her world even tho they’ve known each other for abt half a year I think and that she’s his but she’ll take money off of random men and laugh at them for it even tho she’s gonna fund her killstar obsession - real good person there huh Jude when u wear whatever u buy just think of the dude gettin off over ur feet

No. 817235

Jude saving the world through the "power" of e-whoring, women must feel so uplifted being taught that if you are paid right you too can cater to mens fetishes~
Trustfund tier babies are the worst

No. 817256

This guy messages alt girls all the time asking for feet pics. Hes asked me and p much everyone i know, he asks that you post making fun of him (ive never gone through with it tho)

No. 817284

Confirmed he asked her to publicly humiliate him

No. 817319

tbh she looks good lmao

No. 817329

File: 1559582022598.png (2.15 MB, 2142x1440, Screenshot 2019-06-03.png)

No. 817334

Ha ha ha - that straight edge lifestyle is doing you a power of good.

No. 817358

please learn to sage

No. 817390

File: 1559589099722.jpg (424.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190603-201123_Ins…)

Pushing for a sponsorship

No. 817520

This is the guy demanding no birth defects and a Homer Simpson vagina

No. 817573

File: 1559603677996.jpg (642.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190604-001438_Ins…)

No. 817579

The fact that shes taking money to be gross is already pathetic but to openly say "i had to be walked thru by my daddy to compose a sentence thats nowhere out of ordinary for me and my usual shit talk bc submissive! My only way of expressing sexuality is to be a mans version of obedient and non-responsible! Infantalize me!"
It goes against her whole hardcore persona bullshit too, one second shes a brootal alt queen who is taking the world w force but jk shes a fuckdoll bby who can only do what daddy waddy says.

No. 817586

Jude your making it even more obvious that you lurk on this thread and that you clearly care about what we say lmaoo

No. 817643

>i talk to daddy about these things
>keeps me feeling submissive like I'm doing a good thing for him
Rotten_hollow has her wrapped around his finger. No wonder she's to blind to him going out to get drunk, bet she thinks he's just partying when in reality its most likely way more than that.

No. 817816

File: 1559645048232.jpeg (302.71 KB, 750x1178, 12294136-8C6B-4DC8-BBE9-34A4EE…)

Why does she think she is of unending interest? And why would anyone want to wade through her shit pile of q&as just to make sure we ask her a good one? Get off Instagram Jude and get a life.

No. 817907

do something new, and maybe people will ask new questions.

No. 817913

File: 1559669023544.jpg (420.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190604-182333_Ins…)

No. 817948

File: 1559673138058.jpg (431.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190604-193232_Ins…)

No. 817956

But instead I will do endless q&as on my instagram and get money off pervs to fund my existence. I will not take part in any actual activism other than sporadically sharing what other people are doing. Jude you are capitalist scum controlled by a guy that’s ashamed to go public with you. The weight of the world must really drag you down as you literally do nothing every day.

No. 817989

File: 1559678168862.jpeg (203.47 KB, 622x940, 7D8F5F43-5E2A-4353-8465-5DFE1F…)

It’s rotten hollow practically confirmed by Jude herself

No. 817994

I can 100% confirm that it is Rotten Hollow everyone.

No. 817998

>>817994 proof or gtfo

No. 818004


But she's aTtRaCtEd tO GiRls too! Why only mention the guy friends?
Actually I'm def nitpicking a bit hard here but it really gets under my skin that she insists she's attracted to girl and not totally straight but then goes to say she's only into dick.

No. 818008

but anon didn't you know it's not cool or edgy to be straight anymore??

No. 818009

I think i know why she spams Q and As so much. She wanted to be an ~influencer~ to feel important and as if she's saving the world (we all know she'd never lift a finger), basically she wanted her ego stroked, but YT means actual work and she can't do that! She's too busy crying for the world! So Q and As are a way to get fans drooling on her without effort. Get a life Jude.

No. 818019

File: 1559684868071.jpeg (169.57 KB, 743x1014, 4E2453B5-F1AC-44AD-A4C0-DC6F5B…)

So what does this dickwad do for a living?

No. 818032

I love that he pulled down his shorts, propped up his phone, turned on the camera, set the timer, walked back over to the couch, and then posed for this super casual and totally candid photograph that was definitely taken by one of his g0ffgang friends while they were hanging out doing g0ff st0ff.

No. 818036

lmao at that jaw contour

No. 818046

Have y’all seen her recent QnA? The ebegging continues

No. 818177

File: 1559703718040.png (731.48 KB, 640x1136, E2FC7DDE-31C6-40D6-A7C4-8B6390…)

She’s now doing 2 QnAs a day? How hungry for attention can someone be

No. 818178

Lmaoooo also sitting like you desperately need to pee in pictures isn’t cute.

No. 818267

File: 1559719365782.jpg (442.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190605-081927_Ins…)

No. 818270

Ffs Jude create some actual content.

No. 818277

Ffs Jude create some actual content.

No. 818282

Who in their right mind suggested it though? Jude creates no actual content, just lazy unboxings, and has no upload schedule. Yeah let's definitely pay her, she looks cooler than the usual e begger so she must be cooler! No idiots it's the same thing, dressed up in Killstar (which isn't cheap and she has loads while claiming to be broke).

No. 818288

File: 1559729035440.png (1.2 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190605-093953.png)

I love how she saying SHE is monogamous and SHE belongs to HIM probably because he isn't

No. 818340

I really can’t stand her facial expression in all these horny and sad pics

No. 818374

File: 1559753074198.jpeg (138.11 KB, 638x958, F7BD5246-98D5-4716-AF99-69E798…)

The thing is does Jude even donate any money to these things?

No. 818395

Kek why does she keep promoting other people's crowdfunds, can't she make her own thing to fundraise for a good cause? Ah yeah she doesn't actually want to save the world herself, but plays pretend superhero to make herself feel important. Grow up girl.

No. 818399

File: 1559756397745.jpg (399.53 KB, 691x1280, 20190605_183841.jpg)

Rosie getting another face tatt

No. 818415

File: 1559758869251.jpg (432.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190605-192105_Ins…)

No. 818458

At least she’s going about her life without begging, plus her looks are more refined than Jude’s sludge.

No. 818459

File: 1559762991695.jpeg (130.77 KB, 750x806, 4EAE2162-7C42-4133-8EBA-5088B3…)

Glad to see he’s into you as much as you are into him…

No. 818478


Ah shoot, I have a tattoo by that guy. When anons and cows collide…

No. 818480

is this some niche shit? she looks like a man. she is ugly. her makeup is trash. the other chick has a monstrous ego but this chick is no better so idgi? the whole thread stinks of vendettafag.

No. 818484

at least it's not by jude's latest artist who branded her with fuck doll - he has a drawing of dahvie from blood on the dance floor "Dahvie from BOTDF ☠️ cuz I love them so much and can't get enough" - yeay pedos!

No. 818491


she literally has a tattoo that says "fuck doll" ? oh man

when she was 19 a good friend of mine had a huge tattoo on her arm reading "crazy bitch" and I feel the same way about the fuck doll one. regret.

No. 818532

File: 1559773289842.png (491.06 KB, 640x1136, 4B89DB70-340E-4026-888D-5F6355…)

She’s so ignorant. Well let’s hope she never gets cancer

No. 818535

File: 1559773420172.png (939.26 KB, 640x1136, FB7CFF7A-4322-49A4-B93B-005186…)

Back at it again with myfatboiaccount

No. 818564

Glad myfatboiaccount has caught on. Who can even be bothered to listen to these two bores chatting? It’s sad they (mainly Jude) have a load of young followers that take her sheltered point of view seriously. Your own boyfriend won’t acknowledge you on a platform that you’re obsessed with. I swear shut in Jude just goes from Instagram to lolcow all day.

No. 818634

File: 1559788158750.jpeg (193.36 KB, 750x923, 20E6B035-4F73-4FE3-A13D-566F31…)

He’s literally wearing her accessories and u can see her hat collection in the back it’s so sad he hides jude when it’s so obvious

No. 818645

It started out as a jude and Rosie thread as in they were both cows. But Rosie turned out to be not that milky, and while she doesnt look like a model she isn't vain either, but Jude is super vain and milky so. Rosie just happens to be her friend (ex friend?).

No. 818689

File: 1559794140483.png (565.4 KB, 640x1136, 135736EC-1F6F-418A-AE30-195333…)

How about some actual content for once

No. 818739

File: 1559807930656.png (394.88 KB, 495x916, Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 12.28…)

posting selfies is really hard!!!

No. 818740

>>816961 i just watched this video and im amazed at the fact that this guy wants to be a full-time influencer centered around makeup and he makes a video using basic products. and he expects people to join his patreon?

No. 818805

true Rosie tbh seems like a nice person, the opposite of Jude

No. 818814

doesn't she just do q&as all day?

No. 818820

Lol you might be right. She says big stuff like "saving the world!" "gonna be an influencer!" But doesn't do squat. Even though she has no job. She just wants to feel special without work so she says these fake-woke things, makes QAs and calls it a day. She wasn't lying that this is her first time on social media lmao.

No. 818865

>>818805 at least she has an actual job and hasnt resorted to ebegging like jude

No. 818919

File: 1559849621788.jpg (240.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190606-203332_Ins…)

No. 818931

Seems like she's fallen victim to ghost banning or whatever it is ig users call it.

No. 818945

If hallow was her daddy surely he would post about her on facebook but there's no photos of them together at all on his facebook

No. 818950

>>818945 if they're together then he wants to keep their relationship secret, seeing as how he lists himself as single. he still has multiple photos with jude on his ig as well as him at her flat/bathroom.

No. 818952

I just figured that he has photos with other girls on his fb,maybe because jude doesn't have facebook she doesn't realize

No. 818968

>>818952 he also has pics of him with other girls on ig. also, sage your posts if you dont have anything too milky.

No. 819009

he's always said he doesn't do relationships. could be commitment issues, more likely that he wants to carry on fucking random alt girls.

No. 819015

Jude's whole ddlg thing doesn't make sense to me at all. I think it's because of the way she dresses and her sour personality, it's hard to