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No. 1003379

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It's ok to have stupid questions, girls.

No. 1003380

Going to start off the thread. What's the difference between normal lolcow.farm and original.lolcow.farm? I can't see any discernible differences.

No. 1003403

Why did the musician Aphex Twin have so many aliases? Every time I browse the IDM tag on last.fm I just come across tons of different artist pages that turn out to be him.

No. 1003442

Maybe he’s a BPDfag that needs to keep reinventing himself to feel uwu valid

No. 1003567

Would it be intrusive to wish happy birthday to a coworker with whom we don't talk outside work? I checked his work profile and his birthday is going to be soon. I just don't want him to think I'm stalking him or something (which I do but nevermind…)

No. 1003571

I think you should just say something like “hey, I heard it’s your bday! Happy birthday! “ keep it short and sweet.

No. 1003573

Just say that you couldn’t help but notice on his work profile that his birthday was close by, or tell him that someone told you and say

No. 1003582

where do you like to buy purses secondhand? i'm in the US.

No. 1003620

Forgot to add that neither of us is working anymore

No. 1003638

File: 1640357375847.png (87.21 KB, 490x333, 4E94D2F3-D516-4146-975E-5C968C…)

How do I know if he likes me or if he’s just being friendly?
Also, if he’s handsome, is there any chance he isn’t a manwhore?

Juat go for it. Worst that could happen is that he tells his friends you’re weird and stalking him (people whom you’ll never meet so it doesn’t matter). Now think of the nice things that could happen!

No. 1003707

We like to make fun of Ed Sheeran for his looks and his bland music, but has he actually done anything genuinely bad? Afaik he is only posted in the Celebricows thread when new promo pics drop.

No. 1003721

Is having short stubby fingers for a lesbian the equivalent of having a small penis for a man? Im wondering because I like women but have little gremlin hands

No. 1003725

I don’t think so, not everyone likes to get fingered and there’s more you can do that doesn’t require your fingers.

No. 1003726

I hate his saccharine love songs they make me want to throw up but I have to say Bad Habits is an earworm and I love it

No. 1003728

I think he's cute

No. 1003860

Kek you're right, I'll go for it thank you!!

No. 1003871

File: 1640364734922.jpeg (110.44 KB, 595x560, C0EC7EBB-66E7-4130-AC5B-95B859…)

Why are hands and feet so simple, yet so difficult to draw?

No. 1003883

They are not really simple, they have a lot of movement and joints that makes tricky to get it right and not look uncanny valley/broken. Especially because some stuff can look okay in 3D because our brains recognize it but in 2D it can look fucked due to the lack of complex shadows/perspective/etc

No. 1003917

File: 1640366090192.jpg (68.77 KB, 740x479, Sapphire-RX-580-Feature-740x47…)

Would anyone be interested in a general thread for tech related questions and advice?

No. 1004046

Why do people call yumejos cucks?

No. 1004049

Why do people go through the trouble of selling stuff online for dirt cheap? I made a Vinted account to get rid of some maternity clothes and when selecting a price, the app shows you similar items and their prices to give you an overview of what to expect. I’m listing a pair of pants in good condition that was ~€70 originally and all the suggestions I get are listed for €2-€3. I was expecting €15 at least. Why would anyone go through all the trouble of photographing, communicating with buyers, packaging and travelling to the post office for only €2? I’d rather donate it to a charity shop at that point, but even the charity shops in my area don’t sell pants for under €5.

No. 1004050

Is it possible to be simply incapable of falling in love?

No. 1004054

I see a lot of teengirls on Vinted, most of them probably don't make more an hour at their part time job than what they're selling their tshirts for. I've also purchased from people who're more so concerned with re-homing their clothing for sustainability reasons than making money.

No. 1004058

YES! I'm borderline tech illiterate but want to learn more and would love a space where I can ask questions

No. 1004060

Do you guys think Covid will be over next year? Since the Omicron strain seems to be the weakest variant

No. 1004068

Obv take with a grain of salt but personally I think it'll be closer to 2024-2025 (5ish year mark) before we can really call it over.

No. 1004074

I really hope all those people selling used maternity clothes aren’t teenagers working jobs that pay significantly under minimum wage…
I understand the sustainability angle, but it would be far better for the environment for me to ride my bicycle over to the nearest charity shop than to send out a bunch of packages via the postal system. Idk, it’s still weird to me.

No. 1004082

Oh right I forgot about the moms selling their stuff. Well idk about them.

>pay significantly under minimum wage…

How much do teens make an hour where you are then?

No. 1004096

No ppl are already done with it, once summer comes it's over.

No. 1004100

Ebay in my country is full of like 2 euro items with 12 euro postage.

No. 1004103

people were over it a long time ago, didn't stop the virus or governments imposing restrictions and lockdowns on us

No. 1004142

Last xmas and then this xmas has (where I live at least) shown the pattern of a years worth of steady progress feeling lost as soon as people do shit to celebrate xmas. It's hard to picture next year being much different.

No. 1004192

File: 1640380718248.jpg (29.65 KB, 401x587, PSX_20211224_151738.jpg)

why did Melissa Joan Hart do this to her eyebrows?

No. 1004196

I guess, I'm almost 29 and I never had a crush and I don't crave intimacy, I think I'd be unable to fall in love as well.

No. 1004198

is it possible for a woman to have an actual orgasm while sleeping from a wet dream?

No. 1004200

Someone reply to me please

No. 1004203

Eyebrow trends change and anyone who goes too far from just their natural shape.. they look dumb as fuck a few years later. Same will happen with the ott bold brows.

No. 1004216

Hell yeah and it's amazing

No. 1004217

I have twice, idk how to make it happen intentionally though

No. 1004223

File: 1640382436797.jpg (130.01 KB, 1080x1087, 1598731270344.jpg)

Pick one to fuck, one to marry and the rest you kill

No. 1004228

marry tito , fuck guevara and lobotomize the rest.

No. 1004233

My exact answer. RIP Tito

No. 1004240

Is that really young Stalin and Tito ?
kek the look like they would be edgelords who'd be into anime

No. 1004241

the picture of Stalin is edited to make him look extra dreamy

No. 1004243

I can see how me and Stalin share exact astrological placements, we gorgeous. Like I'm talking about exact degrees and transits. When did Stalin die. Was it before Sept 1990

No. 1004245

File: 1640383090154.jpg (151.9 KB, 960x705, 1506778438207.jpg)

Yeah this is what he more or less actually looked like in his youth
picrel is him during his wife's funeral,
>Svanidze and Stalin were married for just 18 months before she died of an illness in 1907. Her death sent Stalin into a deep grief, and he reportedly said "with her died my last warm feelings for humanity." Years later, several of her family members were executed during Stalin's purges.

No. 1004248

trying to hard to be edgy.
he looks hideous in every other photo, he only has one good photo of him.
He is a fat gypsy ugly rat who starved his people and millions died.

No. 1004254

File: 1640383517517.jpeg (722.87 KB, 2700x1800, D2FFD728-0327-4602-A859-05D6B6…)

Please someone respond

No. 1004256

Oh my god fine. The next time he does a nice gesture, just ask in a cheeky tone if he's flirting or being nice, it's a power move. There's always a chance a man is a whore. How aware is he of his looks? How present he is on sns? Also, even if he doesn't like-like you, he probably would still fuck you.

No. 1004257

Who's that guy with the long hair who's been posted in the copypasta thread and other places?

No. 1004261

stop trying to make fetch happen

No. 1004262

Tito looks like he'd be into protein, Zyzzposting and deadlifting if he were alive today

No. 1004279

what? I know this is a mean girls reference but what? idgi

No. 1004280

I’d ask this in the /g/ hair thread but it’s kind of dead. I used semi permanent burgundy hair dye and then tried to cover it with dark brown permanent dye but it’s still a lot more red/purple than my original color. Will the semi permanent purple eventually fade anyway even though I dyed over it?

No. 1004296

tfw my gf dresses identically to lenin in this pic

No. 1004310

File: 1640390729683.png (13.88 KB, 1254x216, dumbquestion.png)

Can someone tell me what happened today with a male on /ot/? someone mentioned it in the Pixielocks thread

No. 1004311

Your gf sounds stylish

No. 1004313

What’s the difference between transgender and transvestite?

No. 1004315

It's the same thing basically.

But in wokespeak, transvestite is an old and now unused and badly seen term to refer to a crossdressing man.
If you want to get even more woke, transgenders change genders, transvenstites change clothes. Which is the same thing imo.

No. 1004316

File: 1640391336825.jpg (152.28 KB, 942x1024, lg9S6vih.jpg)

kek anon idk if you're agreeing or disagreeing with me about the photoshop, but his eyes are literally painted on in that one dreamy photo of him. He was decently handsome and had a great head of hair but he was not a damn oil painting.

No. 1004317

He looks middle eastern. In a hilarious way.

No. 1004318

Thank you.
He’s not a social media guy at all. Don’t know if he’s aware of his looks, doesn’t flaunt it at least and he’s definitely not a tiktok or insta boy. He’s friendly to everyone I think but he replies to my texts. I don’t just want sex I want a bf.

No. 1004322

So it’s just troonism in a different name? In that case, those enbies/gender-specials are transvestites too.

No. 1004376

A cow down to the shooping lmao

No. 1004437

He was Georgian so yeah, the tend to have a more swarthy appearance

No. 1004517

Too lazy to explain just go through the vent thread

No. 1004556

Stupid eboy and stupid egirl tried to troll with some pathetic shit. Boring and something you should ignore. Kill all discord users.

No. 1004595

Why is so much jewelry made in Bali? Like if the owner of a small brand doesn't produce her/his jewelry in their home country, it's always made in Bali. Why? And is that bad?

No. 1004622

Does a place exist where you can come to read and write, but also bring your coffee?
There is a bomb ass library 30-40 minutes from me, but it doesn't allow drinks. A cafe seems like an obvious solution, but then you have to pay and I cannot afford to do it everyday.

No. 1004627

University libraries, at least my university allows coffee in the library.

No. 1004628

Can anyone just come there? Not only their students?
I know it may be different in my country, but I will feel better knowing it's not an insane idea lol

No. 1004635

Yeah, at least where I am pretty much anyone can freely walk into any university and their libraries.

No. 1004639

have you tried and googled your university library's rules online? i think they should be there somewhere! university libraries differ a lot in my country. my hometown's local university doesn't allow drinks, food, jackets and bags. if you want to take your stuff (writing utensils for example) with you, you have to carry it in a see through bag. my university town's university libraries allow everything, even starbucks drinks in those flimsy cups. BUT because of covid, they check everyone at the entrance and sometimes you have to show them your student id card in addition to your general id card and vaccination certificate. so they might turn away strangers (so called "guest readers") because students are in more need to use the reading tables and stuff in preparation for exams.

No. 1004654

I'm googling and some had the regular 'do not bring any drinks bla bla bla' rules. I haven't checked them one by one, though. It's crazy, but bringing your drinks and pretty much anything isn't considered normal in most of the local libraries yet. But I'm not losing hope!

No. 1004656

Ask him if he would be interested to go on a date with you.

No. 1004661

I literally eat kfc and don’t give two fucks. Imagine caring about the rules. Just clean up after yourself. Happy holidays anon.

No. 1004663

wut? why are you not allowes to take your bag or jacket with you? That seems so unneccersary and impractical, like they want as few people as possible to use it. I don't think I'd use my uni's library a lot if I had to deal with all that nonsense. Imagine having to transfer your books and pens abd laptop from your bag into a plastic bag everytime you want to use the library what the actual fuck

No. 1004722

yes i've experienced it, for me not as strong as usual orgasms

No. 1004731

File: 1640447964230.jpg (5.33 KB, 187x249, cuticules_ongles-preview-11605…)

Do I have to cut my cuticles if I just want to add a clear nail polish? (on natural nails) Lately I want to take more care of them and thinking about pampering them (and my feet) weekly.

No. 1004733

File: 1640448078525.jpg (307.58 KB, 2396x764, 11.jpg)

Fuck, Marry, kill

No. 1004738

Kill Hardy Marry Dafoe Fuck Molina

No. 1004740

It looks more polished imo

No. 1004742

I'd fuck hardy then never speak to him again, kill the other two old fucks

No. 1004754

Have to? No. But you can if you want, just make sure not to remove too much. Or you can just push them back if you like.

No. 1004760

Willem Dafoe is known for having a massive dick so I'd fuck him. Hardy I'd marry. Idk who the other guy is

No. 1004768

How does one arouse another through conversation? I've done it various times before unintentionally but idk how i did it or how to do it when I actually want to which ticks me off. I need to learn how to do it because I can't rely on sex appeal :( I have zero

From what I can remember we were debating/arguing over something, but I can't argue with my bf all the time. help?

No. 1004771

Why do most men think they are the best in bed?

No. 1004777

The bad sex I had in my early twenties… I never had the guts to turn around and make a man aware of how bad it was. I salute anyone who does.

I once had a guy start bragging about my orgasm.. and I corrected him because I certainly didn't have one. I said I had a good time but didn't orgasm (trying to buffer the harsh truth) He insisted I did have one and he saw/heard it.. like holy fuck how do you get through to someone when that's their response?

No. 1004781

If a scrote gets turned on by arguments and debate then avoid him tbh.

No. 1004783

lighthearted debates anon

No. 1004787

lmao I had almost this exact experience. "I felt it, anon. You don't need to be emabarrassed." God I regret all the sex I had in my early 20s.

No. 1004788

I didn't say anything about them not being light, I just know tards love that shit

No. 1004798

What are some decorative motifs that are appropriate for winter but not too heavily associated with religion or snow? The only things I can think of (that aren’t more associated with autumn) are conifers, holly and robins.

No. 1004803

Because most women fake it and/or won't tell them they suck. We need to stand up for ourselves if we wanna have good sex.

No. 1004806

Cardinals, poinsettia, pine trees and pine cones, fireplaces and lanterns, mugs of cocoa, white hares and deer. Hope those help!

No. 1004813

cardinals, bluejays, chickadees, gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, minty treats, jars of seasonal preserves, festive bows just off the top of my head

No. 1004826

For any sewing veterans: if you inserted a bobbin into the case and you try pulling the thread, how smooth should it come out? When I try doing that, it's a bit bumpy and not very smooth. Also, when I try making stitches, it goes smooth for a bit then stops and catches and tangles.

No. 1004838

I should come out smoothly, it may not be wound properly, or perhaps you might be pulling it in the wrong direction. Most bobbins have the thread exit the casing from left to right. I hope that helps!

No. 1004870

how do I find goth fashion on Amazon? typing "goth dress" gets me stuff that looks like cheap costume material. pls help either with better terms to look up or nice clothes

No. 1004877

File: 1640474272948.jpg (341.11 KB, 568x1495, Hhh.jpg)

Which hair color looks cuter?

No. 1004878

Is it perfectly straight to desire closeness with another woman

No. 1004880

First one, especially if you already have brunette hair, you won't fry it trying to go lighter

No. 1004941

unless you want to have sex with her, then you are straight

No. 1004969

I've had a lot of greasy Christmas food and I want to go into the new year feeling nice and energetic. What kind of foods do you enjoy/eat that make you feel refreshed?

No. 1004983

File: 1640487146439.jpg (37.08 KB, 552x677, bb4fb0e58d8ddef91fd9f23c732278…)

is waking up from hunger/not being able to sleep because you're hungry really a thing? i mean not when you're starving for real but when you're just doing some dieting with a calorie deficit between 500-1000 calories. fatties on reddit complain about not being able to sleep because of hunger but i just can't relate. i'm a fattie myself and if anything sleep is the best thing i can do when my stomach is growling and i usually don't feel very hungry right when i wake up. i'm so confused when i read posts like that.

No. 1005047

No. 1005117

Is it just a tinfoil I read somewhere once or is like…official? knowledge??? as in, confirmed, that countries with low birth rates tend to push the production of romance movies and similar media to subtly try to get women intrested in relationships/childen again?

No. 1005149

Never been unable to sleep because of hunger pains or anything, but when I diet below 1000 calories I often feel like I have too much energy (kinda paradoxal, I know) and that can make it harder to fall asleep.

No. 1005156

I'm on the thinner side and I absolutely can't sleep with an empty stomach, like literally physically unable to fall asleep.
I get too tense, my muscles won't relax and get stiff, sometimes even twitchy and shakey and that's why I can't fall asleep until I eat, which then completely relaxes me into a slump and I fall asleep easily.

No. 1005161

Ice cubes

No. 1005193

Idk about it being official but I live in a right leaning country that verges on being a dictatorship and where the president has publicly stated that a woman's most important task is to give birth and all they broadcast in the TV is romantic films and tv shows and inbetween there's myriads of ads for prenatal vitamins and shit like that. So I'd say it's true

No. 1005232

I basically can’t sleep at all on an empty stomach, I can’t focus on anything else so it distracts me from sleeping. If i’m PMSing hard or didn’t eat enough during the day, I also wake up from hunger sometimes (like really early in the morning)

No. 1005308

why do some of you want to fuck undertale/deltarune characters

No. 1005319

File: 1640520239477.jpg (16.27 KB, 220x294, 220px-Sans_undertale.jpg)

You don't want to bone that?

No. 1005335

Comes from a Tumblr "sexy man" meme where some women genuinely wanted to jump those bones, but for the majority it was just a meme.

No. 1005338

i meant the unironic ones

No. 1005372

File: 1640525226339.jpg (527.47 KB, 1080x1644, IMG_20211226_142456.jpg)

What do you nonnies think about this jacket from desigual? Never bought their shit because it mostly looks ugly, but this one is kinda cute.

No. 1005384

looks like my first attempts at trying stamps out in gimp

No. 1005393

The pattern is really ugly lol sorry

No. 1005401

pretty cute, 99% of desigual stuff is really ugly but occasionally they'll make something nice. and the quality is good (in my limited experience)

No. 1005456

pretty cute considering that it's desigual, but for me personally it would be too messy/busy to look at.

>99% of desigual stuff is really ugly
i didn't even know this until i stood next to a woman dressed entirely in desigual stuff and i couldn't stop staring because everything was so loud, for lack of better wording.

No. 1005475

File: 1640535415976.jpeg (50.82 KB, 461x499, DAF7D99D-8F51-4E2A-B434-66CD60…)

How do you know it’s ok to kiss someone? How do you initiate sex?
>just wait for him to do it
This happened once. Years ago. Only boy I’ve ever kissed.
>just stop being ugly
I’m not ugly I’m just autistic and anti social.

How do you recognize flirting?

No. 1005486

If a man talks to you about anything other than school/work then he's flirting. Especially if you're not ugly.

No. 1005527

A common situation for you to initiate: You guys are talking, physically close to each other (your arms are barely touching, your faces are quite close) and at some point there's a silence. You look at him in the eyes and you either get kissed or kiss him.
Just the other day I read from guy's perspectives that just looking at them in the eyes was enough to end up making out kek they're so easy
oh anya anya my beloved

No. 1005535

I always get very hungry around midnight, but I tell myself I should be asleep anyway so it’s not real hunger

No. 1005558


It's ugly but I still like it and kind of want one for myself. I wish the colors were reversed though

No. 1005566

File: 1640540834583.gif (1.79 MB, 480x480, santa .gif)

how to do something you really DO NOT want to do? I have until the 31st.

No. 1005580

Stupid coomer tier answer for a stupid questions thread, but if it isn't in public, put a vibrator in. If it's in public, buy yourself the unhealthiest delicious food afterwards.

No. 1005591

If you're from a country where the 24h-system isn't used, do you have to think for a bit when you read something like 21:43 or do you immediately recognize it as 9:43pm?

No. 1005601

I have to turn my brain on for a minute or two to recognize 24 hour and military time.

No. 1005608

You have to think hard about it but now I always remember that 18=6 and 21=9 because of harvest moon games

No. 1005622

trying to get out of neetdom, but i literally cant adult so please be patient with me anons. im thinking of selling things online, but i dont know if i need a business license or seller's permit or whatever if it's digital goods that im trying to sell through a japanese marketplace? i live in illinois.

No. 1005624

I just assume it's late and move on. I don't make myself work out stuff like that if it's not necessary. I'm bad with numbers

No. 1005634

I went to the ophthalmologist and he gave me glasses but only 0.25 and only in one eye, should I even wear them? I feel weird about it

No. 1005641

I saw it irl and it seemed pretty nice actually. I usually avoid desigual because they're too expensive and colorful/flashy for me but something compelled me to enter their store and they had a few cute jackets like that.

No. 1005646

Is it astigmatism? I think you should, that shit is progressive

No. 1005648

i have a prescription like this (astigmatism in left eye and right eye nearsighted, but only a little) and i got migraines before i got glasses

No. 1005660

Why do Russian pirate sites always have the best stuff? If you can't find something anywhere else it's always on some Russian site.

No. 1005662

I just want to add that yandex.com is the best search engine for pirated games and software.

No. 1005665

Which one is worth it more: Netflix or Spotify?

No. 1005668

Depends on how you feel about music or movies/TV shows. Music is way more important to me and Spotify is probably the only monthly service that has ever felt worth it to me. Plus you don't have to worry about Spotify removing albums at random like Netflix does with seasons and shows.

No. 1005673

Personally I pay for Spotify. To me it's worth it because I can search through hundreds of recordings of baroque music in seconds to find the best recording of a piece that I like. Anything I want to watch, I pirate so Netflix is redundant.

No. 1005676

what period tracker apps does everyone use? I’m tired of the default tracker in the apple health app. I liked the look of flo but it’s paid. I’ve also tried clue but I’m not a fan.

No. 1005679

spotify. I can torrent a movie or show if I like. I pay for my vpn so I may as well do it that way. plus netflix only has what netflix has. my way I can get everything from all streaming platforms. spotify on the other hand is worth the money. it has almost everything. I couldn’t be downloading or torrenting every single album I’m listening to. especially since I like to discover new music frequently.

No. 1005681

give yourself a nice treat after doing it like a nice bath or a bar of your favourite chocolate. or both!

No. 1005683

unrelated but god she is so pretty and unique looking I love her

No. 1005685

love the purple. also like the orange but it’s very hayley williams - not that that’s a bad thing!

No. 1005689

The "advice" is paid, the tracker isn't, but yes it bombards you. I haven't switched because it has my data and I dont want to spend a long time transferring stuff

No. 1005691

None, they literally use the data to sell you shit.

Just pirate whatever you wanna watch, dilemma solved.

No. 1005694

Dae feel almost…high when their period is over? It must be from the hormones, but I get legit laughing fits for no reason when it's over

No. 1005702

Not quite high but those are definitely the good weeks for mood. 2 good weeks followed by a slow decline. Rinse and repeat. Then menopause is meant to be even worse. What a life.

No. 1005719

I feel like that but I think it's from relief that it's over kek

No. 1005723

File: 1640551532662.jpeg (367.08 KB, 1080x1080, FF01EDC9-C234-4F13-B593-0486BC…)


No. 1005727

I want to leave this website and the internet 100% behind (I already did before for the most part but I want to be 100% cleansed from autism) so I figured to consume cancer and fashpoo I should read magazines.
What magazine is better for lurkings cosmopolitan or vogue? Or both?

No. 1005729

I'm probably overworrying/thinking it, but do you guys really think it's okay and it's not crossing any boundaries? We chat about non-work related stuff sometimes but I'm still not sure if this would make it okay. I'd text his work phone from my work phone

No. 1005737

For fashion Vogue for sure

No. 1005745

Are you still thinking about this? Don't you think it's a bit silly to think a single message could be soOoOo intrusive? You sound like an overthinker, try to remain a littke grounded. It's just a happy birthday wish.

No. 1005752

why do junkies get so many tattoos?

No. 1005765

low IQ and incapable of neither taste nor long-term thinking

No. 1005786

Can bald people get dandruff?

No. 1005806

Yes. Depending on the climate they live in they could even be more susceptible to it than people with hair.

No. 1005838

Can a tooth ache in the back molars be at fault for jaw joint pain?

No. 1005841

Yes possibly. Tooth nerves can be weird, you can sometimes feel the pain in places other than the source.

No. 1005859

how do horsegirls run on all fours

No. 1005871

File: 1640560162057.jpg (227.96 KB, 901x1071, Temporalis TrP.jpg)

Yep, it can also be muscle pain from tight muscles in your head or neck. This is just one example, try pressing on the crosses and see if it helps.

No. 1005876

with a flexible spine, I would imagine

No. 1005891

Always cold out, spend more time hacking

No. 1005894

Pen and paper, they all sell your data. I don't care to be put on some repopulation effort list.

No. 1005898

What the fuck do you mean it's worse, what happens

No. 1005915

NTA but holy shit thanks for this anon, you saved my life. I've had terrible tooth pain due to stress-induced clenching and this finally helped me out.

No. 1005917

File: 1640562291358.jpg (285 KB, 680x1000, 5dbcb76e72a99.jpg)

I would like to Water Fast until Friday. How can I succeed and make the fast worthwhile?

No. 1005926

I wanna water fast too. Eat a large meal with protein before you start. Stay hydrated and add small amounts of salt, lemon, apple cider vinegar to your water for electrolytes. Rest whenever you can.

No. 1005931

I've had eating problems since I was about 11 until i was 15. I wouldn't eat all day and just eat dinner, maybe some tomatoes if I really needed food. Both of my parents are tall (my mother is 1.70m and my dad 1.85m) but I'm only 1.60m. Could my eating problems be the cause of this? I've been wondering this for a while, especially since this all went down during my developing years. I think so but I'm really not sure

(I don't want to call it a disorder, I did have fear foods but wasn't scared of greasy dinner, think about portion sizes, calories and what not. It was never an obsession, more of a habit and I came out of it fairly easily)

No. 1005949

Is that true? And what if I talk to a guy about other things than work/school, is that flirting too? But flirting is more than just regular talking, right? Specific kinds of phrases and facial expressions? What is flirting and how do I learn how to do it?

Thank you! I’m still confused but this helps.

No. 1005961

i have a question for the hair anons here:

>been bleaching/dying my hair fun colors for the past year

>decided i want to grow out my natural hair, which is dark blonde, and continue to dye the parts of my hair that are already bleached
>if i get some semi-permanent dye onto the grown out (unbleached) hair, will it seep into my hair and change it or will it just rinse out? not planning on dying the unbleached hair but i could see it happening by accident

just wondering if my plan to grow my natural color out will work.

No. 1005962

Noted. I hope we both complete the fast!

No. 1006004

It depends on what colors you dye it. If you dye the bleached parts warm tones like yellow, orange or red and get some on your unbleached hair it will eventually rinse out enough so you can't tell it's there anymore. If you dye it purple, blue or green and get some dye on your unbleached hair it will look bad, especially on dark blonde hair. It'll rinse out but there will still be hints of purple/blue/green/whatever in it. It also depends on how dark you dye it, if you only want pastel colors don't even worry, they probably won't show up on dark blonde hair anyway. If you want dark colors please be careful though. Cool/dark colors will leave a cast of color, even when washed out. Good luck with your hair nonna, I'm sure it will look cool ♥

No. 1006005

I was thinking of doing this. The answer is: it depends on the product. Semi dyes are often characterized as direct deposits dyes that only coat the outer strand. In practice many semi dyes and hair glosses use developer/activator (usually hydrogen peroxide) to lift the hair cuticle so the dye can get in, they just don’t use AS much as you might use with Demi or permanent dyes. So you need to read the ingredients list to see if it has developer in it. And avoid blue based fantasy colors like blue, purple or green because they are really really hard to remove as they seem to semi permanently stain blond hair. Toners meant to negate brassy or yellowish tones in blond or silver hair are usually marketed for that. Color depositing shampoos and conditioners are usually fine.

No. 1006008

Samefag, I'm assuming you use vegetable based dyes like Directions or Manic Panic! If you use box dye please be careful, do research and read the ingredients

No. 1006022

really appreciate this thank you nonnas!

No. 1006043

File: 1640572043618.png (9.75 KB, 600x500, colors.png)

Which one looks better? I don't know if either of these are good. The third color will only be kind of an accent.

No. 1006044

How can someone avoid looking plain/basic without plastic surgery?

No. 1006048

I don't know what you're using them for so I can't be totally sure which to pick. I think the black looks cool with the white and pink and I think the light yellow looks sweet and cozy with the white and pink so I guess it depends on the mood you want? But I don't think I would pair any of the colors together without the white being involved personally.

No. 1006049

metallic surgery

No. 1006051

isn't plastic surgery designed to remove any distinguishing features and therefore making a person more 'basic'? anyway develop your sense of style ig

No. 1006053

The black is actually just a really dark green. Thank you anon, I appreciate your input.

No. 1006059

Ahhh I think it's because my brightness is turned down

No. 1006089

There's some types of surgery that can change cheekbones or a jawline though so at least something can stand out. I'm screwed when it comes to style cause everything I like is uninspired, but if I tried something 'different' I'll look like a tryhard 'qUirKy' girl.

No. 1006162

someone help me pls

No. 1006164

Possibly getting a tooth extracted. I know it's fairly routine but it will be fine, right? My pain tolerance is high, I'm mostly anxious to have people touching me and feeling something unknown.

No. 1006171

Yes. The needle for the numbing is the worst part, after that it should be fine. The vibrations from the tools might be uncomfortable but it shouldn't hurt. I can honestly say that tooth extractions hurt a lot less than something less invasive like fillings.

No. 1006201

File: 1640585398328.png (1.87 MB, 1788x872, halpshouldItakeit.png)

Anon, I found this loose pill in my drawer. I searched high and low on pill finder to see what it is but to no avail.
Is there any pill conoisseur that could help me here? It's driving me insane.
I40 on one side, round white and a weird 4 separation on the other side.

No. 1006202

Thanks, nona

No. 1006204

Most likely Citalopram

No. 1006212

Trust the science, eat it

No. 1006217

That was kinda my guess, but the thing is, I don't remember having been prescribed it (and that would be pretty recent, I moved and when I did it, I cleaned my med drawer). I checked the treatment box I discontinued but kept just in case and nothing match. There are all capsules.
I might have forgotten, tho.
And I found a second identical loose pill…
What a fucking mystery.

No. 1006218

Idk but I remember an anon saying her extraction felt satisfying & good…

No. 1006222

there is no chance you bought it with a different market name and didn't realize it's a same thing?

No. 1006228

Anons, what are some really weird, not-well-known documentaries you've seen?

No. 1006230

File: 1640587510861.jpg (115.85 KB, 1130x520, eed619cbeae0019c7f461f8074221b…)

fillet fish or fried squid rings???

No. 1006238

I'd gobble them like there would be no tomorrow if I was sure they were benzo but they feel too hard to be.
I don't want to end up sick all day for nothing.
Guess I'll bin them. It's not like I can go to the pharmacist with my two loose pills and ask 'hey any idea what the fuck those might me?'

No. 1006249

File: 1640591067084.jpeg (96.16 KB, 1242x1192, B7FA0F83-A5F9-4902-8929-BD5134…)

Someone please explain flirting to me.
How do you do it? How do you recognize it? When should you do it? How intensely?

No. 1006257

fillet fish

No. 1006260

fillet fish

No. 1006277

Can someone link me to the doll collecting thread? Or let me know what is a cheaper brand of dolls that have a higher level of articulation can stand fairly easily? Is the Barbie made to move a good option?

No. 1006328

The doll thread was closed in favour of the toy thread so that's where you can go

No. 1006360

Does YouTube count as social media?

No. 1006375

No. 1006541

File: 1640624551547.jpeg (428.56 KB, 850x1202, A302C316-E76C-4FD1-BF5B-9DEFBB…)

What are the odds that Komaeda is rich? I know he canonically inherits his parents' fortune, which was large enough to motivate people to kidnap him for ransom, but how likely is it that he maintains or grows his wealth throughout his adolescence? His assets are constantly under the threat of some hyper-specific, unlikely accident— yet, at the same time, they have equal amounts of positive potential. Honestly, his luck talent works in such strange ways that I can't decide if he's more likely to be bankrupt or a billionaire. Though I guess it's a moot point because the apocalypse happens, during the course of which, I assume, traditional money lost its value. I guess a better question is: would you trust Komaeda with your stock portfolio?

No. 1006546

shut the fuck up

No. 1006563

Really into documentaries right now. Not sure what levels of obscurity you're vying for, but here are some of my favourites
>Some Kind of Heaven (2020)
A town of only old people living together in retirement paradise. Explores aging, death, unmet expectations, and social isolation
>Mommy Dead and Dearest (2017)
Gypsy Rose, victim of severe Munchausen's by proxy, conspires to kill her abusive mother.
>Queen of Versailles (2012)
>Follows a wealthy couple as they build the largest house in America, modelled after the real palace of Versailles. Then the economy crashes…
>Thought Crimes: Confessions of a Cannibal Cop
Scrote roleplays online stories of killing, raping, and eating women. Asserts it was only fantasy with no real intent/conspiracy.
>Deliver Us From Evil (2006)
Interviews with a Catholic priest who abused dozens of children yet evaded all responsibility. Victims and their families interviewed as well
>I Love You, Now Die (2019)
Michelle Carter, the teenage girl who "texted her boyfriend to death" and actively encouraged his suicide. Two part film dedicated to prosecution and defense

Hope this helps. My favourite female documentarians are Erin Lee Carr and Lauren Greenfield, they do great work

No. 1006564

>would you trust Komaeda with your stock portfolio?
Child is too early in the morning for this shit, let me get my sunny side ups first

No. 1006575

Have you watched hot girls wanted?

No. 1006582

Why do timestamps on posts say "now" for 2-3 hours?

No. 1006590

are there any songs of men singing about women that aren't cringe?

No. 1006592

I have, and its sequels, once upon a time. It's so painful to watch young women willingly walk into the lion's den. In the same "genre" is Rape for Profit (2012), about trafficked children, namely girls aged 11-17 forced to prostitute on the streets.

No. 1006593

The past was now at some point.

No. 1006601

What's cringe to you?

No. 1006608

Not since the last time men chanted to the goddess Athena.

It's now all just different genres of whining about the one that got away. Because men are incapable of seeing your value until they can't have you.

No. 1006611

This probably >>1006608

No. 1006636

nta but any song where the guy is still whining about a girl who rejected him or was mean to him in highschool (so about half of pop-punk songs)

No. 1006646

i like this one

No. 1006687


No. 1006688

File: 1640632749536.jpg (101.55 KB, 1080x1107, 1674053688875.jpg)

I want to start bartending. Where or what locale will hire me the fastest? I'm turning 21 this weekend, and hope to have to have this gig in February the latest. I've never had a job before kekekek

No. 1006695

>never done customer service
>wants to start by dealing with drunk people

Good luck, nona!

No. 1006696

He/She/Xir try to be in close proximity to you, seems extra interested in the shit you say, wants to hang out more. Flirting = Deliberate Kindness, in my opinion.

No. 1006697

Thank you, ma'am.

No. 1006701

I wouldn't trust him with any large sums of money but I would expect him to win a double-or-nothing on smaller amounts.

No. 1006874

What causes racial preferences (excluding nationalism and white supremacy shit) in romantic partner? Is it true that we're wired to prefer people who look like us or whatever?

No. 1006912

Maybe it has to do more with desire to seek out new things/risk taking.

No. 1006923

It's not just looks and race. Cultural similarities lead to much more cohesive relationships which usually aligns with race naturally. I've tried to date typical American men but it just made me even more resentful that their values (or lack thereof) were so different. It is a comfort to be with someone who by default understands your upbringing and perspective vs dating outside and having them try to "melting pot" away my life, preferences and history. And with men, it's usually them I have to adapt to, they refuse to learn my language or understand the pride I have for my cultural heritage. I can imagine the same challenges would be faced by most trying to date outside their own cultural circle, but it may be less pronounced. It can still produce long term cracks in the relationship due to immovable perspectives.

No. 1006926

where can I meet someone rich? i give up nonnies.

No. 1006928

Idk but remember rich and generous are different things.

No. 1006943

Can't vouch for the latter, guys of my race are those I find the absolutely least attractive

No. 1006950

Rich doesn't mean generous like anon above said. You could go for a truck driver bc they're gone for long periods but you risk getting STDs bc they like to use prostitutes. Maybe a fisherman who's out to sea for a long time.

No. 1006958

ty, i will keep an eye out for a fishman

No. 1006966

File: 1640648581600.jpg (49.38 KB, 960x540, shape-of-water-main.jpg)


No. 1006993

But he’s fucking the fish

No. 1006998

File: 1640649999895.jpg (24.99 KB, 460x340, true love.jpg)

Fishman is the best scrote

No. 1007017

File: 1640651406121.jpg (156.69 KB, 1200x900, bs.jpg)

I need someone to explain me what the fuck is cryptocurrency and NFTs.
Every time I ask someone what the fuck it is they can't answer me if you can even buy milk with it, like it is something that doesn't even exist and you can't use it but collective society decided that it is as real as a dollar??
Same with NFTs, how is any type of real money involved in that shit? it makes 0 sense and there's like millions of these images around, I just have to right click it and save it and now I have ur house wtf.

No. 1007018

idc, as long as he's wealthy nonnies

No. 1007019

It’s basically a mixture of digital beanie babies and MLM. Cryptocurrency theoretically has a use but in real life it’s not stable enough to be used as a currency, and people only buy it in the hopes that they can sell it for more later on.

No. 1007022

I’ve seen this said online elsewhere but it’s literally astrology for scrotes but less helpful

No. 1007024

okay so, correct me if I got it wrong, I buy this digital coin for X dollars and I keep it around so in the future I can resell this digital coin for a higher value so I can get real money back? something like that?

No. 1007038

Yeah, that’s why people buy/mine cryptocurrency. But the only thing that makes it increase in value is getting other people onboard with buying it (again, in the hope that it makes them money later). If a cryptocurrency makes it big in this way, the people who bought it at the beginning make a lot of money from all the people on the downline driving up the price. This is why people act like they worship their cryptocurrency of choice- it’s partly to convince other people to “invest” and it’s partly to convince themselves that it’s a good decision.

No. 1007041

File: 1640652775393.jpeg (114.59 KB, 1200x675, 6063031b90a87.r_d.1083-871-0.j…)

Holy fuck that is so wild, digital scam circlejerk. Thank for taking time off your day to explain me nonny. Here, have a cryptopizza you can't eat.

No. 1007070

Why do libraries only carry 1 or 2 copies of an audiobook? it's digital so why isn't it unlimited?

No. 1007078

File: 1640656293868.jpeg (104.05 KB, 900x600, B572A8CE-1E3A-4A08-BD81-3A577F…)

Scammer moid here. I make a living off scamming people for their coins.

Quick rundown: crypto doesn’t have real world vital utilities YET. It’s in it’s infancy and extremely volatile. It is the future, if you have patience. Misinformation about it is spread by the media 24/7, so don’t believe the news, look into it by yourself.


Some coins out now will be very important one day so i recommend you slowly accumulate those. Preferably LINK and XMR, the reasons for this you can find on 4chan’s /biz/. You can lurk there for some basic knowledge on how to get started, but people tend to withhold the best projects and strategies to themselves.

What is XMR? It’s the ONLY coin that fulfills what I said in the third paragraph. Men working on the federal reserve have assured me that XMR is the one currency the U.S government can’t trace. It has big intrinsic value for that alone. Good luck!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1007082

Abs or gtfo

No. 1007083

kek thank u scammer moid

No. 1007089

licensing agreements with the publisher, they must be treated like physical copies.

no way he should break an egg on his head like that one guy did that one time. Anyway, he's wrong. Cryptocurrency's purpose is for the anonymous purchase of drugs and child sex abuse material.

No. 1007102

Is anybody else's boyfriend just fucking accident prone? Constantly get into a sickly state or hurting himself by existing? Is this normal or is he terminally retarded?

No. 1007107

The best analogy I've seen is comparing NFTs to one of those "name a star!" thingys. You pay money to name a star, but your rights to have named that star only exist in a very specific database and exists just as a receipt in their database since there is no real overarching organization that dictates the naming of stars. NFTS are like that. You buy a thing, and your ownership of it exists on the blockchain and someone can go in there and see that you have paid for it and that's about it.

No. 1007134

And you can only pay for an NFT with a cryptocurrency or are ppl using actual real money for this absolute scam?

No. 1007141

Realistically, when will this troon shit die out? Will it ever die out? I'm tired, nonnies.

No. 1007146

God same, im so fucking exhausted, troons ruined everything but nobody has the balls to end this once and for all. We are so close to 2022 and i don't see changes, the future looks extremely bleak and dystopic

No. 1007157

why do I sometimes feel hungry just a few hours after eating a full meal? more often with different kinds of pasta. I'm not fat either so it doesn't make sense.

No. 1007158

What's weird about that? Most people eat multiple times a day…

No. 1007159

Refined carbs digest quickly so it's common to feel hungry faster after eating carb-heavy foods like pasta. Meals with more protein and fiber digest slower, so they're good if you want to feel full for longer.

No. 1007160

Seconded!! I ate pasta like two hours ago and I'm hungry already

No. 1007164

Drink water. Thirst signals itself as hunger sometimes.

No. 1007165

tbh i thought it was normal until a few anons acted like it was weird and said most people don't need multiple meals

No. 1007167

For real, I'm actually dissapointed in society for not getting over this shit, it implies a bigger problem and that our politics and general social climate have been stagnant since fucking 2011, is actually pathetic that as a society we haven't left all of it behind, and now zoomers are copying it all because that's all they've seen and they have been conditioned to think this is liberating and rebellious when this fad has been around for so many years, it's like people don't know how to progress anymore, or maybe the social climate is forcing them not to, because there's no true freedom of thought.

No. 1007172

Anons are dumbass anachans who get off on thinking their eating habits are superior to others. There are different 'types' of eaters, some people are best suited to one big meal a day and some of us are better on frequent smaller meals. Ultimately if you're not over or undereating who cares? Even if you're on a diet it doesn't matter, I've always been able to effectively lose weight eating small amounts every 2-3 hours.

No. 1007175

Nah, for most people multiple meals are the best way of getting your daily caloric intake in a balanced way. Obviously if it works for someone to have a single big meal then there's no problem, but I used to do that and it just left me feeling a lot hungrier and less satisfied than when I spaced meals out, even though I was eating the exact same amount of calories. You're not weird.

No. 1007181

You're just going to believe whatever people say online? Okay.

No. 1007202

Anybody here who really “lives” a subculture? Wearing metal/raver/weeb (lolita)/whatever clothing every day? Always involved with their subculture and everything related to it?

No. 1007209

File: 1640673478544.jpg (333.17 KB, 1600x1600, ezgif-3-3ee9c7d65c.jpg)

Have any of you anons used the rainbow light womens multivitamins and can tell me if they're any good or have any good affordable recommendations?

No. 1007280

how can i consistently have a good attitude at work? i’m going to start working as a barista again, i really enjoy the job itself, but customers are SO CRUEL and just straight up horrible, it puts me in an awful mood sometimes and ruins my day.
i really admire the baristas who stay positive and happy every day no matter what.
how can i be like that?? i want to be a happy, bubbly, person and stay positive and all that but it’s hard.

No. 1007286

I'm generally a bubbly person, but when it comes to cruel or just grumpy customers in general I prefer to be completely neutral, as in don't give them anything they can escalate the situation from. That way I can save my bubbly energy for the customers who are actually nice and polite. I feel that cruel customers are going to use your positivity against you anyway, so why bother.
If you want to be cheerful and positive all the time, you can try to pretend like you're just an actor playing a character other than yourself while at work. I did that a lot in jobs where management demanded you smile all the time.

No. 1007295

Customer services takes gruelling practice and patience. Usually after a few break downs you find the strength to just not give a fuck. I've learnt to be happy to be spiteful. When you can do that you can anything you desire.

No. 1007325

Same, I actually hate having meals and prefer snacking throughout the day, it makes me way more energetic

No. 1007337

Anon you're better off just targeting what vitamins you need, all you're going to do is make your pee neon yellow and smell weird. I currently have a stash of vitamin C and occasionally vitamin D, magnesium, and biotin for hair/nails/skin.

No. 1007341

Does anyone else ever feel like they’re getting away with something and the other shoe is about to drop any minute? Whether it’s something bad you actually did, or just a general feeling of “things are going too well, something really bad must be coming” ?

No. 1007345

OCD or anxiety

No. 1007348

im also a barista and i find it easiest to just laugh at the chstomers. not to their face or anything but i just smirk under my mask and think "wow, this person is really worked up over the coffee they wanted" and i just think its so funny. i dont take it to heart, just know that they are so unhappy they need to take it out on someone trying to do them a service. I worked christmas morning and found it almost hilarious that people were so mad that they had to either wait for their drink or get a refund. I get pleasure from knowing that im unbothered by the shit that they are furious about. Also, being a barista is a lot of fun and the customers are only a small aspect of the job, so just take as much from the rest of the work that brings you joy.

No. 1007367

Thinking of customers as trash occasionally backfires. Once on a waitress job i accidentally gave someone a glass of hot water instead of cold and when they complained i just started laughing. I thought it was so funny that this poor guy burnt his mouth on his cup. I thought he deserved it for being a customer. Idk

No. 1007373

Is xx down?

No. 1007374

No. 1007377

But I can’t get in, yet I look for the pigsty and it’s there.

No. 1007378

it's 2X, not xx

No. 1007379

Oh, thanks nonnie, I’m a regarded retard.

No. 1007412


No. 1007423

Does anyone else really hate travelling, or is it just me? I swear to god I've not met one person that doesn't compulsively cream their shorts for this shit.

No. 1007430

i've never traveled outside my country except for a school trip to italy that took us a day long bus trip (so uncomfortable as fuck) but i have no desire to travel. if i wanna relax, i stay at home and chill in bed. why would i lug my shit into another country, deal with an uncomfortable hotel bed and waste money eating out all the time? traveling just sounds exhausting as hell.

No. 1007437

I hate it too. I already don't wanna leave my room, and then leaving the entire country? Yeah no, I'll pass.

No. 1007482

Multivitamins don't do much anon, lots of them prevent the absorption of another. Just take some vitamin D or what you're truly deficient in.

No. 1007483

Buddha tier mindset, probably

No. 1007486

I did that too, just keep in mind "wow you're so triggered what a monkey".

No. 1007493

I like going on daytrips abroad but not staying the night.

No. 1007498

File: 1640715597345.jpeg (197.07 KB, 1300x975, 9C0E1A02-48E6-4510-B114-F04590…)

When I’m at work, I sometimes finish my work early, so I end up getting to stretch out my breaks to more than an hour, but what are some screen-less things I could do during my break (preferably stuff that can be inconspicuous and not be seen as me having an extended break),aside from reading, listening to music/podcasts. I’m considering maybe doing cross-stitching in my cubicle

Bonus points for stuff I can at my desk in ‘open-workspaces’, where everyone is looking at you , if I end up transferring to a place that needs to make me work in those places.

Also, does anyone else prefer cubicles over those ‘open-plan’ workspaces? you get more choice in customizing your workspace and more privacy to do what you want

No. 1007499

What does this
> 落下一片树叶就能砸到两三个贵人哪
Means? It’s from some Chinese series about warriors and shit, Oh my general.

No. 1007507

Is this website legit? https://fr1lib.org/

There's a comic I can't find anywhere on stores and I'd like to finish it.

No. 1007513

Girl why this picture..
Anyways something like cross stitching is a good idea, I was also thinking something like embroidery. There are small hoops that can be inconspicuous. Drawing is good too, as the supplies can be on your desk no problem.

No. 1007517

What’s wrong with the picture? I don’t know who the people in this picture

No. 1007518

Eat shit

No. 1007529

just reverse image searched the image. I forgot what epstein loked like fml

No. 1007534

If I sent a message to a foreign mobile phone but forgot to include the country code, where did the message go? Or did it not go anywhere since I got an error message

No. 1007551

Sheesh nonnie who pissed in your cereal? Nta but she just asked a question..

No. 1007556

File: 1640719606061.jpeg (92.62 KB, 736x736, 19EB4320-E172-4BB8-9B0D-2A1565…)

This is a confession, a vent, and a question all in once: a few years ago I was doing very badly in many ways. Emotionally, private life, physically, academically, etc. but there was one guy I met at the final of uni before summer that year who was REALLY nice to me, and selflessly helped me out with some academic stuff even though I was broken as a person. After that, I never saw him again. That sucked because I had instantly developed a crush. In all my pathetic glory, I perused his social media for a bit and discovered his gf and whatever else, etc. After a year I sent him another text to thank him for his help when I was in such a bad place, and he responded very kindly. Never spoke with him afterwards. Eventually, I felt I was being too creepy and stopped checking his stuff. However, last week, after not googling him for years, I looked him up again because I-don’t-know-why, and disovered that he’s single and… works in an office very close to my house.

I barely know this guy, met him only once. Don’t know what he’s really like. He’s probably already forgotten me. I would never visit his office. And yet I can’t stop thinking about him.
How pathetic/creepy am I? Is it normal to develop such an interest in someone because they were… nice? I feel like a freak.

No. 1007569

My bpd ass would have schemed up a meet-cute already. You're not a freak, you just have a strong draw towards someone who was kind when you needed it most. V understandable

No. 1007587

Do it. Get to know him better.
If it was me I would have already "accidentally" bumped into him

No. 1007600

File: 1640722742833.png (1.38 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20201219-164748.png)

Am I fucking gay? I've only ever dated dudes and the only thing I really like doing with guys is giving head. I'd be 100% fine with never being penetrated again ever. I really only find like 2% of men attractive and find women to be nicer to look at overall. If I watch porn, it has to have a woman in it. Watching two dudes do it grosses me out unless it's 2D.
I've never been with a girl intimately but definitely feel like I'd be fine with it. I usually feel repulsed just looking at most men except that slim 2%. I'm attracted to masculinity but find women with "boyish" styles just as attractive as good-looking men. Plus there were a few nude women I drew when I was going through early puberty. What does it mean???
I never really analyzed it much because I read BL garbage and just assumed that meant I was interested in men…

No. 1007602

You're bisexual

No. 1007605

>Am I fucking gay?
>What does it mean???
Here >>153246

No. 1007619

We really can't tell you what you are, but it sounds like you're straight or maybe bi just based off of the description. You definitely seem attracted to men though. Have you ever had any attraction towards a woman (like a crush) beyond "the thought of doing this with a woman sounds fine"?

No. 1007667

File: 1640727940637.jpg (30.04 KB, 540x302, 1640720031129.jpg)

Is it normal to assume all animals or characters are male until proven otherwise? Like this little frog, I automatically think that's a boy frog.

No. 1007679

I wish I were a female frog so i could snuggle him. Or maybe I’ll keep it as a pet. Kawaii.

No. 1007688

File: 1640728656861.jpg (136.8 KB, 700x659, male-and-female-animals-in-ani…)

Of course it's normal anon, how could you possibly tell an animal is female unless it has long eyelashes and a weirdly sexualized body??

Male is the default and females can only be designed with exaggerated feminine markers lest anyone find them unsexy.

No. 1007715

In my country everyone’s working from home again so he’s probably not at the office. :/
I don’t even know how to do such a thing anyway. Camp outside the office for two weeks? “Hey look that weird girl is out there again.”

No. 1007766

File: 1640732855045.png (1.19 MB, 1248x928, Screen Shot 2021-12-29 at 7.04…)

Yeah it's quite the norm but Tigress (Angelina Jolie's character) in Kung Fu Panda is one example done quite tastefully. There's also Blue from Blue's clues (ngl blue seems like an enby/queer awakening coded character kek but I still love the show) Concept art nonitas take note?

No. 1007774

NTA but do you not understand why people would be sensitive to seeing the two in the photo?

No. 1007784

Would it be rude of me to not bring any drinks/mixers to my friend’s house tomorrow? I’m seeing some old friends for a late Christmas and birthday celebration and one friend asked if I’m bringing any drinks but I didn’t plan to… I’m the only one who doesn’t drink and they all know this, but should I at least bring some soda? I do have gifts I’m bringing for everyone but I’m keeping it a surprise but would it be rude to just show up with that?

No. 1007787

I dont think it'd be rude at all! I think it would be rude to assume you'd bring something, especially because you dont drink - I think alcohol is what the "everybody brings something"-thing is about since booze is pricey. Its so nice of you to bring gifts

No. 1007788

I don't give one fuck what you think. I think telling someone to EAT SHIT is considerably less obscene than posting fucking Jeffrey Epstein like lolwhodey.

No. 1007791

Not rude to me at all and your friends shouldn't care if they're decent people. If you do feel obliged, maybe you can bring some cookies or snacks?

No. 1007794

Ok but will lolcow end now or not? I couldn’t find anything on /meta

No. 1007795

Thanks nonas! The one friend who texted me asked “well in your case…” so it felt rather pointed and like he was expecting me to bring a drink regardless… but I know since it’s over text he doesn’t mean to come off like that but lol the host hasn’t said anything either but if I can fit it into my bag tomorrow I’ll try to grab some soda on the way!

No. 1007806

Not for now, there’s a new admin stepping up IIRC.

No. 1007808

I looove Tigress’ design, so good.

No. 1007826

>ngl blue seems like an enby/queer awakening coded character
what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1007828

Spend less time around twitterfags

No. 1007835

This is a pretty broad subject anon, and hard to really contain in a post. Are you asking this about flirting with men or women?

No. 1007838

You're more likely to get a job somewhere like a pub or local low key bar. Start with places that really only serve alcohol to serve alcohol. I don't know what country you're in but it's always good to check pay, award rates, and what hours they expect from you before entering in the job. If you're 21 I suggest maybe a university bar as they're probably looking to hire people around your age.

No. 1007842

List of jobs that has the highest percentage of malefags? (Trying to prove a point.)

No. 1007848

File: 1640742516494.jpeg (40.06 KB, 1024x512, 7FC5B503-CD2A-4C5C-BFB1-0E9C6F…)

>an enby/queer awakening coded character
>literally just a female dog that is blue
i hate people like you

No. 1007850

Makeup Artist
Porn DVD store
Sex club
Fashion designer
Administrative assistant
Professional dancer or choreographer
Target or starbucks (ALWAYS STARBUCKS idk why target)

No. 1007856

I think you've combined gigolo (male prostitute) and juggalo (icp fan) there kek

No. 1007857

A juggalo gigolo is a horrifying though lmao

No. 1007864

i thought cowboys were in movies, what do they actually do

No. 1007871

yeehaws, lasso, and horses

No. 1007879

I wouldn’t mind tbh, it would be a self-aware gigolo.

No. 1007896

Any tips for staying in America for a while?
Texas specifically.

No. 1007901

Define staying

No. 1007962

I've been cutting my own hair for years, I want to go get it cut by a professional and I'm so confused as to what I'm supposed to do??? Do I wash it right before going? Do I wash it the day before? Do I style it? (I have wavy hair and use leave in + gel)

No. 1007976

Does wanting to fuck a werewolf means you are a furry?

No. 1007981

yes wtf

No. 1007982

I almost asked if you meant a real werewolf. Anyway, yes.

No. 1007987

Hmmm… I think werewolves are their own thing, so no

No. 1007997

File: 1640751112267.jpg (101.07 KB, 720x560, Furrychart.jpg)

Show pic of a werewolf in your mind. Are you also aroused by the human? And how does the idea of dog dick make you feel?

No. 1007998

File: 1640751286134.jpg (34.29 KB, 360x450, SR-power-Lycanthropy_02.jpg)

okay so picrel is what a werewolf looks in my mind, not sure were that falls in the furry scale

No. 1007999

they wash it for you. maybe comb it before you go, otherwise they will also comb it for you

No. 1008003

Yeah that's a 3, you're a furry

No. 1008005

Gaddamn it, thanks anyway anon.

No. 1008033

Horny anons, what is the best firmness for Bad dragon dildos? Is the “soft” one too soft?

No. 1008036

File: 1640754512123.png (48.99 KB, 300x331, 756878645487.png)

No. 1008042

File: 1640755427692.jpg (109.3 KB, 749x873, Gadreal2.jpg)

Don't hate on my dog husbando nonny

No. 1008046

I'd go for a firmer one in any case to be on the safe side, why would you want soft anyway

No. 1008055

File: 1640757463045.gif (2.62 MB, 245x342, tumblr_pazsi8rJxW1uutgwwo4_250…)

nta but would liking bigby wolf make me a furry
cause he's technically a wolf that turns into a man

No. 1008064

no if you are only into his human form and not animal dick (typing this made me want to barf)

No. 1008065

but what if when he converts into a werewolf he keeps his human dick?

No. 1008066

File: 1640758619563.png (110.19 KB, 500x323, Bigby_Part_Wolf.png)

He has multiple werewolf forms though, he's real form being a giant wolf and outside his human form he takes a partial wolf worm

No. 1008067

I'll ride him in all his forms nona

No. 1008079

>partial wolf worm
>dicks look like worms

ewwwww stop

No. 1008093

File: 1640764758452.jpg (166.38 KB, 1920x1080, ww.jpg)

meant forms, this was his partial >>1008066
wolf form
picrel is full werewolf form

No. 1008094

File: 1640764890496.png (211.98 KB, 880x545, Bigby_Full_Wolf.png)

and this is his true from, a giant wolf
cause he's not a man that transforms into a wolf, but a wolf that transforms into a man

No. 1008095

File: 1640765111756.jpeg (237.89 KB, 968x1523, sWLYgNU.jpeg)

Is snow white a Furry then ?

No. 1008097

anyone who wants to fuck this form is a straight up zoophile

No. 1008121

what to do on wedding night?

No. 1008122

magic mushrooms

No. 1008136

A male friend posted on twitter about how sad he was, then shortly after messaged me with some memes and when i asked how he was he said he was sad and would spend nye alone. I said i’d spend it with him because I don’t want him to be lonely, even though I kinda wanted to spend it with my sister instead. Now I’m wondering, was he being manipulative, or just a regular sadboy?

No. 1008137

Anon why do something you don't want to do when he didn't even ask for it?!

No. 1008140

The fuck are you a charity? What can you possibly get in return pretending to be his accessory for the night?

No. 1008141

ring in 2022 with your sister.

No. 1008180

Yes he is manipulating you, as are all "regular" sadboys. In general men are not as stupid nor as in need of your coddling as they'd like you to believe. IDGAF if you offered— cancel and spend NYE with your sister

No. 1008195

Thats because he is

No. 1008226

Bpd tier
Next time before you do someone a favor, maybe don’t hate doing the favor? Seriously, you’re a horrible person who thinks they’re nice for existing probably. Apologize to him, but try it sincerely this time and spend the night with your sister.

No. 1008227

Tysm nonitas, I’ll cancel and spend new years’ with my sister. I don’t even know why I offered him, I think I may just be retarded, a doormat, or both.

No. 1008228

You sound like a moid kek

No. 1008229

You’re a doormat retard who’s very very toxic.

No. 1008232

>>1008195 is talking about a frog and not nonas sadboi

No. 1008233

Nah, I’m not a moid. You’re just retarded. Replace the subject of OP with it being a female, can’t you see how horribly gross OP is? Why would you in general as a principle do favors for somebody who didn’t even ask for it and then whine about it behind their backs? I’d be even more furious had the subject been a female.

No. 1008236

>can’t you see how horribly gross OP is?
No. Did OP piss in your cereal off screen?

No. 1008255

File: 1640787627320.jpeg (263.33 KB, 828x1017, 67AB3C69-2391-4DB9-85EF-B07B62…)

Has anyone here ever ordered from Sondeflor? I’m waiting for my stupid order to be shipped. I’m not getting any response to my emails and all they do is post wholesome shit on Instagram I’m starting to be pissed

No. 1008260

It's not the worst thing a person could do but it is stupid and a little scummy. If OP really didn't want to hang out with him she could have just said something generic like "chin up buddy we'll hang in 2022". Or, she could just have him hang with her and her sister, but she seems to not like his company at all so I'm not sure what compelled her to extend the offer. Probably gonna ruin that poor moids day even worse now lmao

No. 1008262


That's like the main part you'd want to transform im kidding.. sorta

No. 1008265

She'd ruin her sister's and her own day too, it's just an overall bad decision for all.
But it doesn't call for such strong epithets as "horribly gross".

No. 1008277

is there a way to add places you’ve lived onto facebook without it making a obnoxious announcement- ANON MOVED TO CALIFORNIA!!!!!!!!!
I’m trying to add places i’ve lived in the PAST and it still makes a fucking announcement on my timeline, if i delete the post it makes it removes the location i’ve added from my profile.
I don’t get it, i put dates from the past and it still makes a fucking post. even if i hide the post from my timeline it’s still visible to my facebook friends and i don’t like that

No. 1008282

The trick used to be to make a private update and then unprivate it dome days later, not sure if that still works.

No. 1008284

You’re dumb as fuck. A woman telling her friend she feels alone on New Years is not the same as a scrote looking for someone noncommittal to kiss at midnight. That scrote could easily hang out with his male friends like other single people but he chose to solicit pity attention from women.

No. 1008289

thank you anon, i just tried that and sadly it doesn’t work, i dont think there’s a way to do it without making a life event.
fuck facebook!

No. 1008290

What are the key things to put in the OP post of a new cow you're posting to /snow/?

No. 1008291


Yeah I agree, that person was over reacting. The offer and now taking it back was a dick move. she would have been better off saying something generic or just straight up ignoring him but I guess women are socially conditioned to make themselves uncomfortable for men or whatever someone's going to come in here and say towards her defense.

No. 1008293

lol what a shit website

No. 1008303

what makes them fun to laugh at. Plz no more threads of photoshopped e-whores who do nothing but smoke and be e-whores, I can go outside if I wanna laugh at a stupid druggie. They have to be funny

No. 1008307

The minimum components are usually
>Who they are, from what community, how they came to relevancy
>Summary of past and current milk, brief us on other involved parties
>Social media links
>Receipts of said milk and general lulzy caps

No. 1008338

How retarded would it be to get a small XX tattoo somewhere only occasionally visible? Mostly for myself, but still able to show it off in public if I feel like it. I don’t have any tattoos and don’t plan on ever getting more. I was thinking white ink.

No. 1008355

Aren't white tattoos supposed to be a really bad idea?

No. 1008356

Girlies, since this is an international board we should do separate new years countdowns. For instance I have to work the early shift on new year's day so I plan on going to bed before midnight so I want to celebrate it with some future nonnies. Would people want to do this?

No. 1008360

We can do it on cytube maybe?

No. 1008361

I second

No. 1008363

I would do it in black ink

No. 1008396

What's the point of dress-up games?

No. 1008400

In general, it's just to dress up cute girls in cute clothes. Personally, I like to use dress up games to create characters or to see how close to a fictional character I can get with the limited clothing choices.

No. 1008413

Do you think mods have their favorite and least favorite posters?

No. 1008414

I'm embarrassed to ask this but what does it mean when people talk about "seasons" in multiplayer online games like league? Is there some kind of plot happening? Is it just arbitrary chunks of time?

I used to come up with a whole name and backstory for the girl and invent different scenarios to dress her up for, like going to visit her friends or going on a date. Then in my tweens-teens I would use them to create an avatar of myself to use as social media pics, like a primitive form of picrew lol

No. 1008453

They're just really fun. Especially if they have a satisfying gameplay loop like the Style Savvy series. I'm still waiting on the 5th game.If you're talking about the kind you'd find on girl go games, I guess kids will play anything as long as it's free and will pass the time.

No. 1008469

Usually a new season is a way of saying new updates, new content, new changes in mechanics that continual-service games release every year or every few months. In League or FPS games, you can’t add or change stuff whenever you want while people are climbing during the competitive period. So they have set time between seasons, aka preseason, when changes would be implemented and balanced, meanwhile rankings won’t suffer penalty during this time. They have the same thing in irl sports.
It’s a way to help new players be on the same page as old. It forces old players to adapt and learn.

No. 1008501

I know they like me, my ban messages always have some sexual tension between us.

No. 1008613

Ok I'm never asking my sister this so here goes: what is the actual psychological payoff of anorexia??
I'm not talking about the motivation of looking skinny for Instagram, but what possesses a person to react to stress with starving themselves? Doesn't that make you even more miserable and stressed just from the physical hunger? It just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 1008643

It's often about control, feeling like you have the control about at least that one thing in your life when you can't control anything else.

No. 1008680

Do core exercises also strengthen the pelvic floor?

No. 1008681

I've heard that but don't get how it applies to starving… Surely being in control means eating what you want when you want it? It takes much more control over your life, money, transport, cooking skills to actually feed yourself properly than say no to food all the time.
Sorry I don't mean to sound bitchy when you're trying to answer the question. Im trying to wrap my head around it and it's emotional for me to try put myself in her shoes

No. 1008698

I heard that this site was made by ian for shoe0nhead for gossip or whatever, but then I also hear it was born out of /cg/ for cosplayers to talk shit about other cosplayers

which one is true?

No. 1008702

for me

Not eating even though your body is telling you it's starving in the mind of someone with an ED is literally telling your body to fuck itself cuz you do what you want. You get to count calories and control exactly how much of them you eat. You weigh yourself everyday and take note of every fluctuation. You get to come up with diet plans and work out routines and you get smaller and prettier and people start to be all concerned about you. You get to show off your bones as dominance over the human instinct to eat. And also most girls who get into EDs are young and often have no control over anything else in their lives. Not even their bodies, which are constantly changing. Not eating slows down all that change.

No. 1008718

File: 1640810916098.png (214.08 KB, 480x208, suspiria-argento-blanc-2-png-1…)

Can anyone name some movies with Art Nouveau elements in them (either architectural or design)? Other than the original Suspiria and Return to Oz, it seems to be such a rare setting in movies

No. 1008729

Shoe0nhead runs the internet and is the most powerful and well connected person online. She is in cahoots with someone at the top of twitter and YouTube who keep promoting her in the algorithm. There’s no way that many people organically want to watch those boring 2013core 240p videos and pretty much all the other skeptics have faded into irrelevancy. She is also in contact with all lolcow websites including kiwifarms and this ones. The mods here were so concerned with her “revenge porn” being posted and basically 24/7 guarding the thread and deleting it when they have never done that before and never even done it since? Revenge porn was posted in the leftcows thread shortly after and they were alerted of it in /meta/ as well like 3 times and just ignored it.

No. 1008732

Should I go for margaritas anons

No. 1008734

No. 1008736

nice pasta but that didn't answer my question lol

No. 1008739

Both are true. This is actually a good way to ID newfags and invading scrotes lol

No. 1008744

how was it both? was shoe also a cosplayer who used /cgl/?

No. 1008748

Bet ty

No. 1008750

It’s much like religious self flagellation as proof of spiritual discipline. But in reality it’s just masochism and an endless quest for distraction from whatever shit is at the root of the mental illness.

No. 1008767

Answers will vary, but it's an easy way to see what to you is progress. You see real world consequences of your actions, on your body. It also makes your life priorities easier - your life starts to revolve around eating since you get terribly hungry yet you force yourself not to eat, and that makes you feel powerful. You can lose yourself in that and forget other issues that are gnawing at you more easily since your body's priority is for you to eat. You feel like you are at least good at this.
There's also some other issues that can be brought out with anorexia - I hated how I didn't have big breasts. By starving myself, I was admitting I could never have the breasts I wanted, but I want leaning into the exact opposite and it made me feel like for once my average sized breasts were helpful to me, because they aided me in this goal of losing weight. I basically was learning to like parts of me I otherwise would hate.

A lot of tactics I learned being anorexic I just applied to facets of my personality that are negative and it's helped me out. It's weird to me how it helps equally painful in a sense, but in this context most people would be proud of me for denying myself.

As for my breasts, I don't like them anymore since I'm no longer ana, so I'm just going to get implants. There's an interesting correlation between breast implants removing anorexic tendencies in studies, and I suspect it's for similar reasons that I experienced.

No. 1008777

Most foods, especially food made with unhealthy components (seed oils, high fructose corn syrup, etc), can disturb the system on a physical level, and this can be especially bad during times of stress. That either makes you more likely to eat (and get the "happy/good" feeling of indulging) to try and distract yourself from whatever's going on, or just abstain for reasons even you yourself might not be conscious of. In the latter case, some anorexics don't know what's fucking with their mind/body so they still eat junk food, but dramatically small amounts of it to lessen the mental/physical impact, or they become very fixated on how healthy their food is, even if they can't detect exactly what's messing with them, so they might turn orthorexic
That, and when you're very depressed, even your favorite foods might not taste so great to you anymore, and eating seems like too much effort. It's very situational and individualized the specific reasons why, but it's typically this, the "control" aspect, or some obsession with saving up/storing food and/or thinking you don't deserve it. This isn't even touching on the body dysmorphia and/or dissatisfaction aspects since you said you understand the "starving for IG" thing btw

No. 1008792

File: 1640813105951.jpg (146.47 KB, 832x1609, 062dc897db020ab3735c4d435add35…)

Is that a layer or a kind of side fringe? I mean those shorter locks near her face

No. 1008804

Curtain bangs

No. 1008807

Nta it's about being skinny and getting attention/care. They think they can only get love and attention if they're physically sick. Also get a female socialization induced kick from becoming skinnier.

No. 1008809

Then why do men become anorexic? Straight men too

No. 1008810

clean your room steven

No. 1008812

Not a male for contradicting your "anorexia is about getting attention and female socialization!!!!" argument lol. The reasons vary, cope

No. 1008841

nta and certainly not Steven but I was the anon with the messy room at my mom's place and it's certainly getting better but on the bright side my own place has gotten squeaky clean.

No. 1008876

Can you specify which of those elements were art-nouveau inspired?

No. 1008898

Is there a way to stop Youtube automatically translating video titles?

No. 1008908

I have the same problem anon, I wanna know too.

No. 1008916

Where is lolcow politically? Anons here aren't hyper leftie types but anything right of center is mocked.

No. 1008924

Probably various versions of left wing since women don't fall for dumbass talk points from the right

No. 1008932

Speak for yourself, libcuckquean

No. 1008940

Begone polfag

No. 1008961

File: 1640821339085.gif (135.99 KB, 100x100, itsnotthatDEEP.gif)

No. 1008991

Common sense. Politics is fake and gay and just replaced religion.

No. 1008995

lolcow mods are retard leftists

No. 1009014

The most "right" leaning views I see here are terf views. I don't think you'll ever see any reactionary stuff or whatever you mean by right but I think it's unfair to assume all farmers are dyed in the wool libs.

No. 1009026

>admitting you fell for dumbass talk points

No. 1009114

If I see a hot take and want to hear nonnie's honest opinions on it, divorced from the original context, is it morally wrong to copy-paste it in a thread and leave it to be responded to?
It just seems a little dry to take a screenshot, post it and say "Thoughts on this?" somehow

No. 1009139

As long as you say you're copying it, not for "giving credit" (because it's anonymous) but just to avoid unnecessary thread-clogging replies from people saying it's their post, or they replied earlier, or it belongs elsewhere, or whatever. As for morally … it's not immoral to repost just likely to make the anon reply and say that was their post which is avoidable by you saying it's their post. Simple

No. 1009162

I’ve recently started watching Revolutionary Girl Utena and my question is: is Miki a dude, chick or gender-special?

No. 1009173

Oh come on anon that didn't exist at the time.

No. 1009179

>It just seems a little dry to take a screenshot, post it and say "Thoughts on this?" somehow
Do you even know where you are? This is an imageboard.

No. 1009186

Are there really people with low libido for reasons other than stress, medicine, trauma? I don't think you can have a low libido if you're healthy. Fertile humans crave sex imo

No. 1009194

I've wondered this too. I'd say my libido is low throughout the month except a week after my period, then it's insatiable for 1 week. But after that I just don't care about sex.

I'm healthy, fit, eat well, not on any medicine.

No. 1009213

Yeah, I can take it or leave it. I think being titillated and horny more than once in a blue moon is a waste of time. I just don't care, I have more interesting things to do

No. 1009215

How much of your diets consists of animal-based products, in particular raw ones (like raw cream or milk)?

No. 1009217

Same trend, get horny before period and then it's a desert

No. 1009218

He's clearly male, he has a female va though. Back then genderspecial shit wasn't around. I kind of relate though, I thought Kurapika from HxH was a female for awhile because I watched the anime and his voice is clearly female.

No. 1009220

What, are you here to preach keto/carnivore/whatever current trend?

No. 1009221

I think it depends. I get horny no more than once a few months but I also have depressive tendencies. In my early twenties. I used to get frustrated at this but I've now accepted it.

No. 1009222

I'm the OP and was curious. Ever since I started drinking raw milk daily and consumed more oysters, liver, other raw animal products, my libido has gone through the roof. I was wondering how the diets are of the people who claim they experience the opposite. But I would encourage this diet from my personal experience if anybody is interested.

No. 1009228

where can i buy raw milk? where do you buy raw milk?

No. 1009231

Directly from the farmer

No. 1009234

any tips for a city girl on getting friendly with a local farmer?

No. 1009236

this nona desperate to up her libido game

No. 1009239

I live in an urban area too and it took me a while to find a reliable source of raw products. Call local farms directly and see if you can order from them. I was lucky enough to discover a milkman who sells raw milk and other products throughout town (and they are very involved in local sustainability projects, which is so great!). Perhaps you have something like this as well, but you're just not aware of it since it isn't really advertised much. So I encourage you to explore groups, whether it is online or irl, that eat unorthodox diets, or just local agriculture or sustainability groups and projects. They often have connections which could lead you to more promising places or exactly the sources you need. Just being able to get close to cows that live healthily is great. Instagram has always been really helpful for me as well. I personally follow a raw primal diet, so that is the content I primarily interact with. There are a lot of weird people in this "community", but you can always ask questions and find them on social media for support and inspiration. It really is difficult once you start this diet, but once you have the right connections and routines, it is super rewarding. Adjacent diets usually all loosely fall under similar terms, like ancestral diet, Weston A. Price, nourishing wisdom or whatever. But it comes down to the same thing and is so worth exploring, especially if you want to improve your health and therefore fertility through your lifestyle. Have fun exploring and sorry for the little rant, haha

No. 1009240

Does anyone else get pimples on their coochie? Pussy acne? Is it normal? I get it sometimes and it kinda hurts to touch it, a few years ago when I was beginning to explore my body I popped one and it HURT hurt so now I stay away from it, I clean pretty thoroughly so idk why it exists but I was wondering if I should get it checked kek

No. 1009242

I have noticed that I get cysts boils? when my period nears, especially if I consume a lot of sugary junk. They hurt and also pop in the same general area. (Along my bikini line, on top of my pubic bone, and near my ass hole)

No. 1009244

samefag, I'm in the normal weight range and I have no health issues. This started like 5 years ago.

No. 1009246

thank you anon this is very encouraging

No. 1009249

Are you a virgin? Sounds like herpes.
I’ll occasionally get a pimple on the front of my crotch but they’re usually the result of ingrown hairs.

No. 1009250

Oh I didn't know that's what they are called, I googled it and that's exactly what it looks like, I still don't know the cause I mean my period is like 2 weeks away rn but it can be some infected hair because last time I got it after I shaved, though this time it's been pretty long since I shaved too so idk, at least I know what it's called now lol

Yeah I've never been within 1 meter of another human being

No. 1009251

My mom had that and went to the emergency room for it because of the pain down there. The doctors said it had to do with her diabetes, like it went haywire or something.

No. 1009270

Where do I start if I want to learn about Pixyteri? I'm a huge newfag in that regard but am really intrigued.

No. 1009273

It usually happens to me when I rub my crotch too much on my undies (ie, they were too tight or made with awful material). Sometimes it's just an ingrown. You have to remember that coochie skin is still skin and any skin gets pimples. Lol at the herpes anon who sounds like a virgin herself

No. 1009275

I think the cecil mcfly video on youtube is pretty good

No. 1009280

you're eating raw liver??? what kind?

No. 1009282

ntayrt but the aggravating factors do make it sound like herpes, t. herpes haver

No. 1009302

Artificial material seems to be a factor. I rarely get boils or pimples in that area but before Christmas I got a really bad boil that was so painful I had to sit on rubber ring. I think it was because I went out jogging in the rain, slipped in mud and then had to run back home in sodden compression shorts and underwear.

No. 1009341

File: 1640841573897.jpg (42.68 KB, 351x500, 54c061fdcbe8b7f00b0ee0b290c956…)

what kind of historical era/nation are those dresses you see everywhere at ren faires supposed to represent?

No. 1009349

I'm assuming that by ren faires you mean renaissance faires so probably the renaissance period.

No. 1009354

I see they don't call this the stupid questions thread for nothing.

No. 1009368

File: 1640845038782.jpeg (71.4 KB, 745x1076, C5D0FF78-F59C-4CBC-9DDC-FA65A2…)

I feel like like the kind of dresses that are in the pic you showed take a lot of inspiration from dirndls. I feel like lots of times when people go to ren faires they want to dress like a peasant, and dirndls did start as the clothes of working class women in the 1600s where Germany is now (so the hre and shit). Though the typical dirndl you see now started more in the 19th century I think. Anyways I feel like this is the typical kind of dress people think of since it’s more simple. Clothes during the actual Renaissance were different (unless you look at the costumes but it’s not really right). But when I think of the Renaissance I think of Italian fashion, and that did not look like your pic. But maybe in Central Europe it did I don’t know really.

No. 1009370

I keked

No. 1009399

This is going to sound like an obnoxious
>eurofag here
post, but I just have to ask. I'm on holiday in the USA and cut a lemon. It has been a few days, and it hasn't molded yet despite being left out on the counter. Usually in my country the lemon molds within a day or two after being cute open and left out. I think it could be because the house I'm in now is extremely cold and probably colder than in Europe, keeping the fruit fresh for longer. I still have to ask… What do you guys think it's caused by?

No. 1009401

No. 1009403

This is so adorable but also truly important and solidifies what I already believed. Thanks for sharing! also lol at me getting cocomelon on autoplay immediately after

No. 1009517

The Beardsley prints on the wall? The curved lines of the sofa and the chair?

No. 1009524

Does Facebook send notifications when you take screenshots or save someone's pictures?

No. 1009526

No, but I'd screenshot rather than save picture. I think in the past they used to notify for saving pictures.

No. 1009541

Can caffeine induce stress? My anxiety has flared up for the past few months and I've been drinking more coffee since I've started my new job, it's freely available everywhere you go. The current climate probably doesn't help though.

No. 1009559

File: 1640868688443.png (113.02 KB, 500x281, c.png)

I understand what saging does and means but I don't get why it is enforced here so much. I don't mean this in anyway as a criticism, more just I don't understand why it matters if threads are bumped or not.

No. 1009567

Yea nonitas can get really feral here over LC etiquette, but thankfully it's mostly in the gossip threads. Plus we've all forgotten to sage at least once. I just bookmark the threads I follow rather than doomscroll in the different boards or simply use the catalog.

No. 1009571

yes it does, you can try drinking matcha which has L-theanine which cancels out the caffeine crash, and doesn't affect sleep as much as coffee would. If you still need coffee, try cold brew.

No. 1009573

Absolutely it can.

Try lowering your consumption, how much do you drink a day? Slowly wean yourself off, or simple use less coffee beans when making a cup, it still tastes the same.

Try putting some glycine in your coffee, it helps with stress/inflammation/a lot of stuff.

No. 1009580

There's the option to hide saged posts so you don't have to read through posts that don't provide milk/info, it's pretty annoying to have to read through unsaged bs posts that don't provide milk. But I'm also pretty sure it's to prevent from the culture of LC changing because of non-integrating newfags.

No. 1009596

How tf do I prevent a cheesecake from leaking? This is my 3rd time making it and as soon as I put it in the oven it starts leaking out and dripping

No. 1009605

Thank you for your replies, I've been miserable since October and I figured out coffee wasn't helping. We only have espresso machines at my office and I grab whichever capsule is the closest, I can't differentiate the various types and have no idea which ones are the strongest, and I drink around three cups/day (generally one lungo and two ristrettos) which isn't much compared to other people. Also coffee never prevented me from sleeping so I was never worried about overconsumption.

No. 1009607

Coffee doesn't prevent me from sleeping either, but it gives me heart palpitations and increases anxiety.

Maybe try decaf? Or buy ground coffee beans so you can control how much you put in your coffee.

No. 1009610

You can't. Just put a pan with some baking paper on it underneath.

No. 1009614

If Canada’s so great why is their dollar so weak? I save a lot buying collectibles secondhand from Canadians thanks to the conversion rate, so I’m not complaining and I’m not trying to bash Canada here. Just curious.

No. 1009845

Is there an uglier eyeshadow color than purple

No. 1009855

bright blue

No. 1009857

Orange and red

No. 1009865

KEK thats not bashing. we have a shit economy thats why. our current pm pushed us into serious debt and our previous one was better with economy so there was actually a long while where canadian dollar was valued higher than USD (thats when my fam and i would go to america to shop, the good days) but i think around 2014 or maybe a bit earlier the dollar went down and our new PM plummeted it into the ground due to how much he fucks over everyone and spends $ like no tomorrow…. not the best explaination but definitely part of it

btw: canada isnt that great anymore lol i would say it was still pretty okay around 2015 but then its just gone downhill since and idk how ill ever live here due to how unaffordable life is

No. 1009877

Stephen Harper lead us to failure by putting all our economic power into Alberta's oil and look where that lead us. Canada never really developed its own strong industry or economic base outside of oil. Now we don't have good economy because we get major brain drain to the States and our gdp is pretty reliant on real estate making housing very hard to acquire unless your parents help you out or you make 500k a year.

No. 1009935

Orange or blue

No. 1009943

Should I bother and shave before a gyno appointment?

No. 1009944

Both of them fuck(ed) everyone over

No. 1009948

Big agree. Time to move to California and become part of the brain drain statistic, I guess.

No. 1009953

File: 1640885846753.jpg (113.85 KB, 1080x1350, 21b9eeb3a6ad9780e27a8976201982…)

Serious question:
Is there an actual physical version of My Immortal that you can buy that doesn't have that absolutely joyless intro ("this is an example of horrible bad fanfiction!!")
I want to enjoy it completely unironically

No. 1009956

I only shave if I think that the gyno needs to look at something skin related that may be important. Like I have this weird blackhead that won’t leave me alone, and I make sure that my gyno can look at it in case it changes in a weird way or something. So if you got any moles that could be concerning or the sorts, it’s better to shave.

No. 1009981

No. 1009992

to live in one of those tent cities on the road??? lmao

i agree, but i thought our wood industry was pretty lucrative? oil would have been nice at least as part of things, but we cant even use our own oil because trudeau/biden shit and the carbon tax ontop is yet another thing fucking us over.

yes, but aside from harper, trudeau is 100% worse in terms of how corrupt, economically stupid, and self-serving he is. socially this country is worse off too and crime is i think the worst its ever been. i blame liberals the most of everyone, but covid has shown every party to be compromised.

No. 1009996

File: 1640887532464.jpeg (40.09 KB, 500x400, DF0733B1-1420-497F-89F6-F55CDA…)

I’ve seen a lot of orange/red eyes in asian makeup

No. 1009998

Can a world history nonnie help me out? Why do I constantly see commie/kpoppers say that the USA started the Korean War in the 50s? I thought it started because the north invaded the south??? Is it just their brain worms that make them say that? Or do I have the brain worms?

No. 1010026

The north did indeed invade the South.

I saw a speech a long while ago made by a prominent American communist (I can’t remember her name, it was an older lady) who portrayed the U.S. as intervening with the “liberation” of the south from capitalism.

Because the U.S. dared to stop the north from invading the South, intervening with this “liberation,” they’re seen in the eyes of these thinkers as the ones at fault for dividing the country the way it is today.

Full disclosure, I’m a burgerchan myself, but also quite socialist and can see the BS in this reasoning.

No. 1010062

There is always that common, sad story of how someone who was fairly successful or leading a normal life gets roped into opioid addiction after being prescribed oxycontin for pain. They often come to a point where they are addicted but no longer can afford or have access to prescription stuff and end up going to the street and getting hooked on heroin and/or fentanyl. I'm trying not to sound like a cop lol, but I've never understood how that transition happens. Most average people don't know anyone who sells drugs, and as a normie American I wouldn't even know where to find something even as tame as shrooms. Do they just walk around the streets talking to people who look sketchy until they find someone selling? I'm just curious as that whole aspect of drug addiction never made sense to me.

No. 1010089

I watch alot of docs about depressing shit like addiction, often wonder this too. Though I used to know a guy who couldn't visit any city without being randomly approached and offered drugs. He didn't do drugs but gave off a vibe like he did?

No. 1010106

Wouldn’t you like to know glowie.
Lmao yeah I get one in the same spot if I wear tight pants too much while on my period.
I wait for it to ripe and pop it.
On drama boards it is annoying when threads bump and there’s nothing new to look at. More importantly it gives away newfags which is useful when you get a lot of selfposters, white knights, and cows themselves.

No. 1010108

Korea should have been left alone by both the Soviets/NK and US. A grassroots socialist/communist movement was really starting to take hold in Korea after the end of Japanese colonization, only to be completely fucked by the stupid war. I cannot fucking forgive the US for bombing around 80 to 90 percent of North Korea just because "commies". Look what the war fucking did. It did fucking nothing and killed any socialist/communist thinking in South Korea (see Jeju uprising) and brought hypercapitalism that's make everyone but the wealthy's life harder than it needs to be.

No. 1010121

samefag but I just wanted to say that who started the war really is not that important on a grand scale… Why it happened and how it affected things is much more important.

No. 1010131

I think the transition is because after their oxy script ends, they try to find somewhere else to get oxy pills, which is not that hard and not that sketchy. This might be via a friend of a friend or something. But oxy pills are expensive, and sometimes their hookup might know someone else who has heroin, which is cheaper and stronger per dose.

Also it might be that they end up broke and living in sketchy places just from buying more oxy pills, and that's when they start knowing sketchy people.

No. 1010140

Do you preheat your oven all the way? Is your crust pre-baked? Do you use parchment paper to line the bottom and sides of the baking tin?

No. 1010203

Do curtain bangs suit oblong faces?

No. 1010205

What kind of cheesecake ? Are you using springform ?

No. 1010213

Tfw commies won in vietnam and now most of us wish we got imperialized by the US instead

No. 1010214

File: 1640896119657.jpeg (24.24 KB, 192x263, 7503BB7E-8ADF-4191-9465-907265…)

Is there a way to keep succulents short and cute? Had one like picrel but it’s gotten tall and now all the leaves are super spaced out. It looks retarded.

No. 1010218

I’m the anon you’re replying to and agree 100% that Korea should’ve been left tf alone. It was a stupid war. Even from a strategical standpoint on behalf of the U.S., they already had secured Japan as a base in East Asia, they didn’t need Korea too but got greedy.

At that, the Soviets got greedy with Korea too and have just as much (if not more) to be blamed for, but I think you already know that and condemn them too based on your comment. In the end, the north were the ones to come marching down out of nowhere, and it’s not like the U.S. weren’t going to react to that.

No. 1010235

File: 1640897693232.jpeg (29.89 KB, 328x326, E7EB7857-7170-4581-A66D-28DF8C…)

Is there a reason that the porta pros from koss got popular aside from just looking “aesthetic”? I actually am seeing people use headphones more now, and I assume it’s for the nostalgia and so on. It seems like insincere nostalgia but whatever. These in particular I see everywhere. Picrel of enya is the only one I recognized, but there’s a ton of randos with them too. I even saw a girl in public with them. I considered getting them, but I don’t like how they’ve seemingly turned into an accessory, but they’re still headphones I’m considering getting. I even considered getting the ktxpro1 (also koss) which are even more obnoxious so I’m probably just being a grump. Or I’m getting the sony mdrv6 studio monitors which I used to have years ago.

Main point is why does everyone have these headphones

No. 1010238

Oh definitely. The Soviets fucked up too. I also dislike how Stalin kicked out Koreans in Siberia for maybe being spies when they were either poor peasants or Korean independence movement workers. Both have their fucked up sides but seeing history and how the US goes into poor countries to destabilize them to setup neoliberal fascists get a poor review of them from me, more so than the Soviets. At least the Soviets managed to set up a communist movement that influenced other countries to kickstart their own movement and to rectify the problems of the USSR.

No. 1010240

They look pretty cool so most likely that.

Also now that you mentioned it, I also noticed the rising trend of overhead headphones. Still remeber being called a moron for wearing them because "buds are better" lol

No. 1010245

could meet people in rehab or NA meetings. but I think you are picturing some high society type in the first place, but really it's just as likely the person was working/lower class to start with and probably already knew people who were sketchy and into drugs. you don't have to look far.

No. 1010257

It's because mid 90's and early 2000's tech shit is back in style.

No. 1010277

I like them because they make me feel like a vocaloid OC donut steel but with a less retarded design.

No. 1010284

A few months ago a guy started making small talk with me, I was slow to realise he was actually chatting me up. He wanted my number in the end and was a lil too pushy by asking a second and third time when I said no. Gotta love scotes. I got pick up artist vibes off of him. First time (only time) I can say I've ever felt that when approached.

The weirdest part, he 'negged' a passing woman and just looked at me as I failed to join in and bash this passing stranger. Is that a thing now in PUA world? Negging others to test you rather than negging you? The whole interaction has bugged me ever since. I got to reject him but it still haunts me with how cringe he was.

No. 1010286

Like everything else popular on TikTok, these have been BiG iN JaPaN for awhile

No. 1010298

It sounds like a form of triangulation. That is, manufacturing competition between you and some other woman whom you may or may not remotely know. Even though he was positioning you as the "superior" woman it plants the seed in your head that you need to make sure he always sees you as better than every other girl he surveys so you become dependent on his approval. Thank goodness he was retarded and transparent, you dodged a bullet.

No. 1010323

Yeah I figured it was just that. I’ve heard they’re good so I guess that’s a bonus. I also didn’t know they were popular in japan, so thank you for that anon, that makes sense since it felt like the hype came from nowhere. Also live out your dreams vocaloidanon I support you.

> Still remeber being called a moron for wearing them because "buds are better" lol

Yeah I remember overheads being seen as such a dorky thing so I was surprised they came back.

No. 1010338

Did any nonas have electrolysis hair removal? I'm doing it for the upper lip and it costs a ton, I want to see results but I'm not sure if there are. I don't have any underlying hair condition, just very thick and dark upper lip hair. How long would I have to wait to see the results?

No. 1010351

Porta Pros have been around since the 80s and unlike 95% of what gets popular, these are actually good for the price. They've been a budget audiophile recommendation for over a decade. I much prefer seeing people wear these because they're decent headphones with good sound, instead of seeing people wearing overpriced celebrity endorsed meme tier shit.

No. 1010438

File: 1640913560006.gif (648.89 KB, 359x200, 55ff5393ccf463a731b226.gif)

Where can i find a random discord server that i can join on 4chins or some other place? i hate the results the Explore tab gives.

No. 1010455

4chan's /soc/ is where they advertise servers but they're not of great quality

No. 1010465

i was afraid of that

No. 1010522

How do I get radical feminists to watch me play video games?

No. 1010527

Maybe post on radblr?

No. 1010548

>But I'm also pretty sure it's to prevent from the culture of LC changing because of non-integrating newfags.
I feel like this is more accurate than just wanting to hide saged posts. I never use that function, reading what anons have to say is half the fun, and it can't be that much of an inconvenience to see a couple of mistakenly unsaged posts if you are using it. But if there's an off sounding post and you see that it's unsaged you can be pretty confident it's a newfag and tell them to fuck off accordingly.

No. 1010551

How much of a psycho Karen would I be to make a noise complaint (like with the cops or whatever) about my neighbors dog barking?
This hasn’t happened before but they’ve left it out for hours and it’s the middle of the night and it’s still barking

No. 1010554

Why does /g/ have the worst posters?

No. 1010560

Why not just go back to camwhoring? It’s been 5 years but I logged into my myfreecams account a week ago and thought damn I could make quick money. I wouldn’t even have to get naked and I could make more than I do gigcucking for Doordash or than I could wageslaving.

No. 1010598

No. 1010605

File: 1640934402645.jpeg (41.9 KB, 500x432, 7C5B9E97-4976-4ADC-BC7A-B6394B…)

Why do I always feel like the weakest link in friend groups and like my friends don’t actually like me? It’s not a matter of “meet an asshole everyday your the asshole,” I have friends, but there are so many times in the past few years where people have been nasty to me seemingly without reason, and it still has an effect on me and how much I trust people. I’ve also had friend groups fall apart and none of my old friends keep up contact with me, and I can’t help but wonder what’s wrong with me and why I’m not/I wasn’t valuable enough to stay in their lives. Idk it always sucks around this time of year when all the people I used to know are doing things with their good friends and I’m hanging out with my family/a new group of friends. What am I missing anons? How can I possibly fix this? I don’t know how I can possibly give more of myself or let people know any more that I want to be their friend.

No. 1010607

When admins/jannies reveal a cow's post history, if the cow is using a VPN how do they know which posts were really made by them? Like what if there was a mix of their posts and some random anon's posts? I heard that they usually look at cookies too but what if the cow and/or poster deletes their cookies?

No. 1010627

File: 1640936054075.gif (707.62 KB, 408x303, 5EFBC68D-74BE-410E-84C9-F49B09…)

Why does lolcow seem to attract a more global audience? Maybe I’m wrong about the demographics of here vs /cgl/, but I had the impression that /cgl/ was mostly white, with maybe some black and asian, American and Western European women, which is probably because the board revolves around buying expensive Japanese clothes, so it would attract people from wealthier countries

No. 1010638

I think the pink pill vibe attracts thrid worlder nonnies because they arguably have it worse in that regard. Lolcow is less one-note too.

No. 1010656

we are a diverse bunch, i suppose. though it's still a little inexplicable because our drama boards don't really have a diverse range of foreign cows or whatever. though, i would love that.

No. 1010736

I'm pretty sure there's a big divide between the userbase that visits the cow boards and the userbase that visits /ot/ etc. I think the overlap is small.

No. 1010740

dramaboard users win in being more tolerable.

No. 1010822

Do people seriously believe this?

No. 1010824

You felt the need to say this.. why? Not the point of the subject at hand at all.

No. 1010830

Because it's bait and anon is just trying to argue

No. 1010841

Why the fuck is such cringe as Disney is so popular? Even some adult women I know are obsessed with it. At this point they piss me off so much that I am ready to a-log irl.

No. 1010850

youre right, im sorry. it was irrelevant and i dont know what compelled me. i felt cranky because i lost around 20 dollars today and its made me cry

No. 1010857

Capitalist brainwashing + escapism

No. 1010867

SO is a lifelong vegetarian and I've been 95% veggie since we moved in together almost 10 years ago and he just told me he wants to try eating meat. Chicken breast would be best, right? He's never ate any mock meats so I have nothing to go by.

No. 1010869

That or fish if he wasn't already pescatarian.

No. 1010872

I guess I forgot fish existed lol. ty, anon. Fish and chips type deal is promising since he likes fishy flavors like konbu

No. 1010876

In my personal experience, chicken breast is the worst. I tried it after years of being vegetarian and was sick for a couple of days - so much gas I was in pain and had diarrhoea. Most pure meat will give me stomach problems. The only meat that doesn't is fish and german sausages.

No. 1010878

or I guess oceany-y, not fishy.

No. 1010941

Are there any articles or information on female sexual predators in the feminist movement? I swear I thought there was at least one prominent one.

No. 1010942

would cabbage soup count as a serving of vegetable?

No. 1010945

I don't think so, it's so low in nutrition it barely counts as food at all.

No. 1010952

I’m retarded but how is owning a house with a moid any better than marrying one? Like what’s the difference between having a house together and being married and having a house together and being unmarried.

Also I don’t understand marriage, why are people so freaked out about it? Is divorce really that difficult if you don’t have kids?

No. 1010956

Why does he want to go back to meat? If you're vegetarian and are getting your complete proteins from eggs and dairy then there isn't a nutritional need for meat like there is with vegans.

>Is divorce really that difficult if you don’t have kids?
It depends on the law of the country that you live in. Some countries have no fault divorce and some don't.

No. 1010964

Cucumbers are low on nutrition but count as a serving

No. 1010965

I'd start with something like salmon.

No. 1010968

marriage is a legal contract anon, depending on where you live you may not get out of it easily, or it may have financial consequences regarding your posessions. You don't want to get into a legal fight over the property you own with your moid.

No. 1010970

File: 1640956843657.gif (3.64 MB, 480x270, addams-family-gomez.gif)

Is it just those around me or do people no longer wear earbuds? I don't wanna listen to some retarded tiktok compilation or whatever the fuck that is.

No. 1010977

Why do people put their wallets and phones in their back pockets? Why not their sides? Seems like they're begging to get robbed

No. 1010978

People who don't own airpods don't want to walk around with regular earphones out of embarrassment

No. 1010989

Because the side pockets are often not deep or fake if you mean womens ckothing, you also can't sit with it like that. But yea, I agree with you.

No. 1011003

I took the train with my mom and she started playing her mobile game with the sound on. I immediately told her it was rude and annoying.
Teenagers do it because they think it makes them look cool.

No. 1011006

Yeah, I’ve seen people using speakerphone in public or they have the volume so high on their phones I can hear their conversations. They are mostly boomers.

No. 1011016

How do people who use humidifiers in their room ensure they're not growing mold?

No. 1011018

who are you trying to fuck with. why are you trying to take their humidifier away.

No. 1011032

Has anyone who's on the pill not experienced a decrease in their libido?

No. 1011036

pill anon here, i get a big increase in my libido when i come off my period week and start taking my birth control pills again. i like to joke to my bf that a sex demon takes control of my vessel because it’s so obnoxious. i was very lucky to have minimal side effects on the first pill i tried, Junel.

No. 1011039

Similarly, anyone got humidifier recommendations?

I noticed when I lived in a humid country my skin looked amazing. I don't want mold (didn't even think of that) nor for it to affect any other rooms around the house or destroy electronics.

No. 1011052

I also noticed this, especially young people

No. 1011053

I see no difference, off or on the pill, you should openly talk to your gyno bout it, they should recommend you a different pill that may help with libido issues. The one I'm taking is Vines

No. 1011085

That's a new one, I've seen plenty of not airpod headphones out and about. Some people still have wired earbuds.

No. 1011087

My ex used a cold air humidifier idk if that makes a difference. Didn't notice mold, but I was the one always cleaning it and replacing the water so idk how it's holding up now

No. 1011096

Me. But I take the progesterone only pill.

No. 1011117

I have not seen any decrease, on Lornya. Has other names.

i started off with a very high libido and never took BC in my life before, late 20s.

No. 1011127

What does it mean if a coworker doesn't talk about his dating life at all? Does it mean he's single or gay?

No. 1011149

He could just be private.

No. 1011150

It means he doesn't want anyone in his personal life lol

No. 1011157

File: 1640971112135.jpeg (28.07 KB, 243x300, B6AB08B2-CAAF-4330-8268-3C058A…)

How can I wean off my internet usage until I completely stop using it regularly?
>I really really hate the entire online culture nowadays. I’m disenchanted. I used to find this place a refuge but it’s going in the wrong direction/I’m getting angrier?/I have outgrown it. The virtual isn’t for me anymore but I’ve neglected irl to the point where I have no hobbies. I’ll miss the experiences.

No. 1011165

File: 1640971829215.png (160.67 KB, 838x1000, digital-minimalism-3d.png)

I'm reading this book and it has a plan of how to do it. I'm going to follow it 2022.

No. 1011183

Thank you anon! I’ll give it a read.

No. 1011191

>Some people still have wired earbuds.
Audiophiles will use wired earbuds instead of wireless because bluetooth headphones have a limited dynamic range.

No. 1011203

Do people receive a notification on tumblr for queueing their posts?

No. 1011214

anons, would you hook up with someone that’s 20 years older than you?
i’ve hooked up with someone that was 4/5 years older than me before but never more than that

No. 1011221

I did with someone about 15 years older and I regretted it but I'd do it again.

No. 1011223

>enabling the old moids delusion they deserve young women instead of women their own age
Fuck no, even if by some miracle I was attracted to an old man. It's throwing your older self and other women under the bus, not to mention gross and undignified in general.

No. 1011225


No. 1011231

No, only once it's posted

No. 1011235

Why would I ever wanna hook up with an aged moid over one my age?

No. 1011240

Anons who know front-end coding,
I only know assembly (low-level language) and matlab but wanna get into web development.
This is going to be extremely basic but what is the purpose of <body> tag in html? If i dont use it, header etc. still shows up. What would the difference be if i didnt open a <body> tag?

No. 1011242

Whats the purpose of transhumanism?

No. 1011244

HELP ANONS, EA is no longer providing TS2 and I can't find any good pirates for the game except for G4TW but whenever I click on the linkvertise link for the download it says I have adblock on even though I don't even have adblock anymore? Anyways send other good torrents of the game

No. 1011251

When I was younger I slept with older people (men and women) and now that I'm in my thirties I'd probably go slightly younger than myself if I were going to bother getting back into hook ups. Older men just don't look so hot to me anymore. I used to assume they must be better lovers but ime that's been far from true.

No. 1011265

New religion. Transcend fleshy bods and be God? Who knows it sounds lame and nerdy

No. 1011277

What are some movies with a lot of closeups on faces? I need drawing references

No. 1011299

Ultimate control?

No. 1011301

One of those Wensleydale Anderson movies with many face to face shots, gl with the drawing

No. 1011308

If you can code in x86 assembly why the fuck would you want to enter web dev? You would be better off learning COBOL and get paid a three figure salary for maintaining banking and government software.

You can pirate every PC Sims game from here.

No. 1011313

Can one of you weebs help me figure out something lol. I dropped One Piece like 2+ years ago and I can't figure out roughly where I stopped watching. I remember around where I stopped the crew was sailing from one place to Cake island to take down the giant cake pirate (I don't remember her name). Any clue roughly around how many episodes that is?

No. 1011335

Did you check TPB? I always get the Mr DJ ultimate collection from there

No. 1011342


big mom pirates and probably after the dressrosa arc. its probably around the 700-800s but the island itself is introduced in like the early 600s iirc

sorry i couldnt be more help

No. 1011344

this is big dumb question just popped up in my brain in which i might be a NLOG/pick-me type because my hobbies and interests are often aligned with basic moids, not to mention that I've had my own military training in the past and had grown a niche interests in the weaponry and battle ships (unapologetically into kantai collection before too).

although i've had male friends and lesbians in the past, I don't have male friends anymore since I started to feel ashamed of my overtly masculine interests… I tried to get into more female space but always have difficulty to integrate, and that I can't shamelessly flirt like I was pretending to be a guy (yes, the dudes flirted with other like no problem, but mostly they didn't need to establish rigid boundaries)

wait, am i a pick-me or just a butch

No. 1011353

I don't even understand what you're worried about. Do you have masculine interests because you want to get picked? Do you shit on feminine interests in an attempt to get picked? Then no, you're not a pickme. The concept isn't that complicated, it is what it says on the tin.

No. 1011357

That would mean he'd be 44 which I find icky. So no.

Also, does anyone NOT feel attracted to men older than 30? Basically moid mentality but for younger men. Men start to look old and ugly, or just not as youthful. And I have such a baby face I feel like I'll be stuck in that 18-25 range for a long time.

I'm 24 now and I'm looking at men that are 28+ and they already look shit. I think 22-25 yo look the best but they're so immature. There's no solution to this problem.

No. 1011361

yeah, I guess it just occurred to me randomly that I might be seemed like a NLOG/pick-me to my friends when I couldn't get interested into their hobbies (boring… magical girls). I tried to get into BL for awhile but it got backfired so fast by Aidens, now I'm pretty much lost and feel like I'm making my life harder for not having an linear masculine nor feminine interest.

No. 1011365

I'd be fine with them if moid aging wasn't so universally ugly. Hair loss, beer belly, the weird old man aura they get which makes them annoying to be around. Plus they're too jaded to be fun flirts and porn sickness dick is rampant.

No. 1011380

I can relate to you there, I have a lot of generic moid interests and feel like I sometimes have trouble integrating with other women (while also disliking interacting with men). I don't think you need to be ashamed of your interests, if you aren't acting like they make you superior to other women, then there's no issue.

No. 1011381

>I regretted it
>but I'd do it again.
tbf the porn dick problem is rampant with younger men too. it's a lose-lose situation

No. 1011387

I hate it when I see a man that currently looks hot but I can see signs that he'll age badly (thin hair, deep wrinkles, etc).

Some men do age well, but they're rare. My old company had some men that aged well and were fun to be around, and were respectful to me and didn't hit on me. But the company culture was very good and the ceo was female so hired only good people kek

Honestly, women age better and I wish I was a lesbian.

No. 1011394

>Honestly, women age better and I wish I was a lesbian
Careful, you're gonna trigger someone. Or are you baiting on purpose?

No. 1011396

I have one celeb crush who is aging.. and I try to hold onto the crush but he made a lil new years vid earlier wishing everyone a good time and it's soo daddish.. and not in any good way, like hurry up and finish your sentence dad. Back I go to looking at pics of him from the 90s I guess lol

Men drinking too much and not even thinking about that is an issue too, catches up with them in so many ways

No. 1011397

try disboards

No. 1011413

nta but how is this baiting

No. 1011418

Thanks anon! I was a bit further than I remembered, I'm picking it back up in the mid 800s. I haven't watched anime in a very long time, I'm kind of excited to have a big backlog of episodes to watch lol, feels like old times.

No. 1011420

lesbians don't like when someone says that, see posts from today from the hate thread below

No. 1011424

Kinda harsh kek but it's something along these lines. A man decades older than a young woman, that's even trying to sleep with her is a major turn off anyways

No. 1011425

Was “sit down” used as an insult before Samurai Flamenco and Game of Thrones?

No. 1011430

In Inu Yasha, sort of

No. 1011458

you unlocked memories I didn't know I had kek

No. 1011477

Can anyone recommend a social media for me? Instagram isn't good anymore, and their changes for 2022 make them even less of an option imho. Twitter and reddit are both ran by pedophiles so I don't want either of them. But I'm looking for something to showcase my handmade clothing on. Tumblr might be good, but I did a quick search and don't see much traction there for that specific thing. Is there anything else out there? I had a semi-successful instagram for it but some of the people that follow me were atrocious. Trannies galore, libtards shitting up my DMs about pronouns and shit, and a schizo dude who thought my posts were all secretly for him about anti-Jew propaganda, so I just deleted it. Not once did I ever post anything political, and it was pretty sterile of my personality so I'm not sure what specifically made my audience so disgusting. My clothing is very basic, nothing that would cause "gender euphoria" or whatever. Nothing that panders to anyone except those willing to cover themselves witb handmade garments. Just so fucking annoying. Worst case scenario I might make a new account there and block a lot of the freaks from finding my new account. Please help

No. 1011481

>Instagram isn't good anymore, and their changes for 2022 make them even less of an option imho
Whats happening to insta in 2022?

No. 1011484

It's gonna be doubling down on promoting videos rather than photos to compete with Facebook and tiktok and shit, plus its going to have even more "shopping" options to keep up with Amazon and wish. Think dropshipping rather than handmade art or anything like that though. Just shitty already. The algorithm recognizes when you're trying to be seen and limits your reach to get you to pay for ad space. I will never pay for that shit.

No. 1011492

nta but just btw, Instagram is owned by Facebook.

No. 1011495

Everything I already hate about insta basically.. fuck. It's the one thing I use too. Thanks for answering.

No. 1011496

Sorry, I wrote facebook for some reason but I meant to say youtube. I'm not even sure if facebook is "known" for videosharing kek. Whoops

No. 1011504

meanwhile youtube is also trying to compete with tiktok, annoying as fuck

I don't do anything on instagram other than lurk, but the fact that they're trying to be youtube + tiktok + snapchat + amazon + etsy combined or whatever is pretty laughable

No. 1011530

diff anon but short vids of people who are just desperate for attention.. my least fave thing, no matter what site. fuuck it's spreading

No. 1011551

No. 1011600

It's fucking awful, especially in the clothesmaking catagory because everyone is on their second marriage and 35+ so it looks reeeeaaaally sad to be dancing around to a Pitbull soundclip and relating it to fabrics or someshit. Pathetic as fuck imo

No. 1011663


Are you selling personal stuff or legit trying to open a business. If personal, nothing needed. If business, only if you start making several thousands of dollars. Then you'll probably want to hit up illinois gov and your city or county gov and register the business (which, for an online business, is just filling out forms saying I am doing business under such and such name and then your business gets a tax id number) cause you'll need to start paying taxes. Anyway, hit up an account before you register to find out the best way to register and handle the taxes.

No. 1011664

What does sinus tension feel like? I think I have sinusitis. My area behind nose feels like it's under some kind of pressure, but my nose isn't really congested.

No. 1011666

File: 1641004343462.jpg (145.6 KB, 763x458, sinus.jpg)

That sounds like sinusitis. It's basically a feeling of tension and pressure where the sinuses are. You're more likely to have discharge running down the back of you're throat than out of your nose. You can also suffer from a feeling of pressure in your ears. If you haven't got anything else to hand, inhaling steam will help clear your sinuses.

No. 1011675

Ooh yeah. Definitely a lot of mucus flowing down my throat like a river… The pressure feels like a triangle shaped palm pressing at the back of my nose! My head feels kinda funny too, like it's being squeezed by someone. Thanks, anon!

No. 1011678

I'm trying to remember this film but I've googled it and it's to no avail. It was about this woman (I think she was Scottish?) and she gets befriended by this other woman who introduced her to her fam. They all love her because she looks exactly like their dead daughter. They try to kidnap her and make her live as the dead daughter. They say creepy shit to her as well like "you're a good girl, aren't you?". I watched it on Netflix. Please help me nonnas

No. 1011688


Some questions to ask yourself:

Was 'being nasty' really out of nowhere? I doubt it. Look back at those incidents and see if you can pick up patterns in your behavior or theirs.

Are you a pushover? Sounds like you might be a doormat and nobody respects a doormat. If you are, learn how to stand up for yourself.

Do you like yourself? Believe you are a lovable person? Sounds like you might not. If you don't like yourself, you will interpret every negative event as further proof that you are unlikable vs that person is just a dick, so fuck 'em. If that's an issue for you, try to work on it.

Also sounds like you might be one of those people who falls all over themselves doing for others and think that will win you their love and respect. Yeah, that never works. If you do that, don't do it anymore.

Did you spend one-one-one time with any of the ex-friends? How did that go? Was it enjoyable for them and you? If not, why not?

Do you know how to be a good friend? Are you a good listener? Do respect people's boundaries? Are you dependable? Do you reciprocate effort from the other person? Do you organize any of the get-togethers?

How are you at opening up? Can you open up to people and be vulnerable? Or do you open up too much too soon and tmi all over the place?

What's stopping you from reaching out to your old friends, who you ended on good terms with, and saying "Hey, I miss you. Do you wanna have lunch and catch up?"

Ask your family what they think? "I have trouble keeping friends and I'm not sure why, have you guys noticed anything about me that might lead to that?"

No. 1011695

> I’m retarded but how is owning a house with a moid any better than marrying one?

It's not.

> Like what’s the difference between having a house together and being married and having a house together and being unmarried.

If you own a house with a man but are not married to him, then the two of you together have to sort out what to do with the house if you break up. So, if the break up is bad and you end up hating each other, if one of you wants to sell and the other doesn't, if you both want to stay and want the other to leave, if one wants to get bought out but the other doesn't have the money - all of this will have both of you shelling out money for lawyers to settle it and possibly having to go to court.

If you are married, you have to get a divorce, which also sucks and usually requires a lawyer, but because of all the laws about divorce it's much easier to handle the house.

No. 1011699

File: 1641008135200.gif (1.41 MB, 159x111, E1A6B988-74C3-4425-8F02-A2B38A…)

Best romance book you’ve ever read?

No. 1011723

I think the book thread at /m/ will be more fit to ask this, maybe

No. 1011737

It's happening to pinterest too

No. 1011774

How do you hide a thread? All I can do is hide the main image but it'll still show the thread.

No. 1011779

Press the minus not the word hide, in the index not within the thread

No. 1011782

File: 1641018668519.jpg (59.42 KB, 750x723, i only stan (1) cat on We Hear…)

Thank you anon, you have saved me a lot of mental anguish

No. 1011784

I can feel my brain cells dying off every time I see some wannabe influencer making dumbass videos and getting millions of views just lip syncing reacting to shit or making a mediocre skit playing different characters themselves ugh. It’s so annoying and cringe, I wish I could go anywhere without seeing it but I deleted all my social media so I wasn’t exposed to that contagion. Not sure why but that level of vanity and manufactured content based on whatever is trending makes me depressed.

No. 1011810

Why does boxed wine give me the shits? Like peeing out my butt kind of shits

No. 1011814

I think some people have a sensitivity to sulphates, which wine contains

No. 1011816

Drinking in general gives me the shits the next day but tbf everything with dairy gives me the shits too, I will never have a moment of peace.

No. 1011818

This. The vast majority of wine is trash and makes me have stomachaches, and then the shits. Yet people drink this shit every evening, digestive tract wizardry it is.

No. 1011846

Anons who have/had vaginismus, do you also find that you have general flexibility issues in your lower body? Tight hamstrings, inner thighs, etc.

No. 1011848

Anecdote but yes even when I was regularly taking dance/ballet classes I couldn’t do full splits and had the least flexible legs compared to most others

No. 1011854

where does the daddy's little porkchop banner originate from? god i hate it

No. 1011858

Was it white wine?

No. 1011859

File: 1641034653821.jpg (361.87 KB, 970x600, 6c8b4484-1db0-4bf6-b9ed-b868f1…)

have any of you ever tried any of these diy paper models? i'm super intrigued but i'm not sure if i should get one since they're usually between 30-45 bucks. i also enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles so perseverance probably isn't an issue?

No. 1011860

how do you write in italics on lolcow?

No. 1011861

I’ve done a couple. At first it was fun and relaxing but for me that wore off pretty quickly compared to other things that require the same amount of attention and patience. If you are into things like interior design I think these would be a good match but if you aren’t, they get boring and tedious.

No. 1011862

asterisks I think?

No. 1011864

thanks nonny

No. 1011973

What's the best drugstore waterproof mascara you've ever used?

No. 1011983

The catrice one

No. 1012093

What's it like to feel tied to the place you live in and never wanting to leave?

No. 1012110

It's from the mystery.jpg thread. If you're ever bored, I recommend reading through that whole saga because it was really entertaining while it was happening, but I agree the banner is a bit much.

No. 1012124

Why are vaginismus statistics so low when everyone is talking about it here?

No. 1012134

>vaginismus statistics
Seems like one of those things they'll never have accurate stats on. I mean it has to just go unreported quite a bit.

No. 1012173

nayrt but do have a link? I could do with an interesting read this evening

No. 1012191

So, I'm gonna make an egg+yogurt hair mask tomorrow. Should I apply it after or before shampoo?

No. 1012198

I apply it before typically, just to make sure I can wash all the excess liquid out and let the conditioner do it's own thing.

No. 1012218

Britbongs help
Is there a name for those women who tan obsessively and wear pale lipstick and look insane and trashy. They’re usually from Manchester or some shit

No. 1012228

Do you put sunscreen on your eyebrows?

No. 1012229

I'm American, but isn't it chav?

No. 1012239

Are men from /soc/ as bad as /fit/? I just want an easy lay without having to dredge through tinder or the old fashioned way

No. 1012257

Don't do it, find a normie on tinder and not a male BPD r9k/fitfag sperg who doesn't know if he wants to fuck you or slit your throat more

No. 1012258

You put it on your entire face apart from eyes so i guess naturally some should go where eyebrows are too, no?

No. 1012261

Yea, slags innit

No. 1012297

Here ya go nona. I'm not sure how well the mystery saga has aged, but I remember it being really funny only because she went to r9k for asspats and they also roasted the hell out of her >>>/pt/368493

No. 1012326

I often wake up in the night parched with a dry mouth, I try to drink a glass of water before bed but it still happens, what do i do

No. 1012343

get a humidifier for your room or put a bowl of water under your bed

No. 1012351

You probably sleep with your mouth open. Learn to breathe with your nose and use one of those nose clips.

No. 1012378

Is wearing jeans to a first date a no-no? Does it scream low-effort?

No. 1012379

It depends on what you're wearing with them? I mean does that actually matter? Do people think about that stuff?? There are people who actually hate jeans all together and that just blows my mind. Yo, people are an enigma.

No. 1012387

What makes you suspect a woman is gay vs what makes you suspect a woman is bi? I'm interested in knowing what tips people off depending on their orientation.

>inb4 "they tell you" that's not what i'm asking

No. 1012396

That’s kind of difficult tbh, and why do you even need to know? If she hasn’t told you yet it’s probably because she doesn’t trust/knows you yet.

No. 1012398

When a woman wants to have sex with me.. kinda gay

Seriously though I used go by short hair but ime that's a poor way to try and judge it. It's getting harder to know what people are just from sight. Years ago visual clues were a bit easier but not now

No. 1012399

Wrong dresscode on a first date is way bigger of a no-no; if you're going to the cinema and you'll come overdressed it would be so weird. Don't overthink it

No. 1012401

For lesbo:
I think ‘dyke voice’ is real, like a deep voice. May care a little less about appearances and have masculine body language, interest in vintage aesthetics/clothes (for femmes), being kind of goofy

For genuine bi girls:
I expect more mental illness and hypersexuality (im sorry this is just from experience), interest in theatre, anime nerd, being emo, maybe being the smart girl

No. 1012407

> ‘dyke voice’ is real, like a deep voice. May care a little less about appearances and have masculine body language
I usually hate this phrase but… I feel seen

No. 1012430

Did the whole Steven Michael thing really happen where he doxxed that Romanian girl or was it all one big troll

No. 1012434

does anyone have the meme of a cosplayer (haruhi suzumiya i think?) smoking with the caption "hey kid wanna fuck a anime?"

No. 1012437

If you ask me, it's all a big troll. Just some goofy LARP to shit up our threads. I don't even care if it is real, not going to give my sympathy to a cat killer and it goes without saying that the moid should off himself.

No. 1012438

Jeez I didn't know she was a cat killer, yikes. I guess I need to read through that thread again.

No. 1012441

I'm on here too much and yet I somehow just missed all of this unfolding

No. 1012449

Most of it is in vent thread 100 with the woman crying eating cake as a pic.

Then it turned out Romanian anon was the same one a while back saying she hopes that this site gets nuked and complaining about "rad fems" and is a cat abuser (according to other anons, I'm not sure how they know that stuff)

No. 1012455

>(according to other anons, I'm not sure how they know that stuff)
Read vent thread 101. That's when her true crazy pops out with all the murder fantasies (and putting all the blame on us kek)

No. 1012462

She literally described stabbing and throwing around cats until they die, it's right there on the thread, pretty sure that part was even mentioned in thread 100.

No. 1012494

why do a lot of conventional men look ugly to me? does it mean they're not really conventional at all or is it because uggos keep getting posted in the conventional thread?

No. 1012521

can someone please tell me how the fuck do i meet and make new friends at 27 i’m struggling with it ever since i’ve been working solo & from home and i’ve cut off ties with genuinely shit friends from my early twenties

No. 1012541

Would a tumblr or creating a neocities blog be more beneficial to meeting people in the crafting community? Not looking to sell necessarily, but would appreciate having something as a sort of online résumé for what I've made in the past.

No. 1012554

why is this site all of a sudden overrun with “ed” twitterfags and pretend bonerattlers and how do i block them out? it’s really disturbing to me

No. 1012571

Go to Barre, yoga, etc, Stacy-type fitness classes after a couple of shots to loosen up the social anxiety and hope someone finds you funny enough to talk to. Develop a shallow level acquaintance with a couple of women and maybe meet up a bit before slowly losing contact after realizing they'd never let you into their close friend group. Rinse and repeat.

No. 1012594

No. 1012596

Only those two know

No. 1012638

I’m returning to office in a couple of weeks and I’ll need office-appropriate (business casual) clothes when I do. Where the hell can you buy office clothes? The “adult” places I look like Gap, Banana Republic, the Limited etc are only selling like… tie dyed sweat suits and shit. Is the era of the career woman dead?

No. 1012647

If I'm writing a response to an anon should I sage here? Are there some threads where I should sage and some where I shouldn't?
I always thought sageing was useless for non-cow boards but some anons in /m/ get mad at me when I don't sage my responses so I don't know what anons here think

No. 1012652

i really like secondhand stores/thrifting for those type of clothes. i’ve found some quality stuff there, pencil skirts, sweaters, cute office stuff.
you could also look at white house black market, they have nice clothes

No. 1012658

Ann Taylor, LOFT, Uniqlo

No. 1012661

you don't have to sage here, and anyone who tells you to is a brainless moron. the point of saging on /pt/ and /snow/ is so that only "news" gets on the front page. in discussion boards, the fact that you replied IS the news. you WANT anons to bump threads and keep discussions on the front page. wtf are we supposed to do go through every individual thread in the damn catalog to see if anyone is talking? please, if anyone else tells you to sage, take the time to tell them why they are stupid so others will stop saging as well. there is zero thought process behind their minimodding.

No. 1012663

File: 1641096548811.png (108.07 KB, 626x1015, hfdgdfgdfgdfg.png)

why the fuck does this always happen?

No. 1012666

what's your price range anon? For plain business attire, there's a huge selection of <$50 designer skirts, blouses, trousers, and jackets on therealreal. A.P.C. is nice for business casual dresses.

No. 1012683

My favorite and only platform to sell stuff was Facebook back in 2013-17. After they implemented Marketplace and a lot of weird algorithms it all went to shit. It's almost impossible to sell shit now.

No. 1012684

No. 1012692

I'm socially retarded and a first message of "Is this still avaliable?" feels leagues less awkward/creepy than "Hi, can i come buy this today?"

No. 1012697

Nta but
>Is this still avaliable?
Is an automated response that facebook uses when contacting a seller. You literally just click on it and it writes it for you

No. 1012699

I'd love you so much if you just said, "Hi, can i come buy this today?" I want to sell this thing fast, goddamnit

No. 1012731

File: 1641104251488.jpg (47.74 KB, 500x625, light-brown-hair.jpg)

Where do I get a decent quality wig from? I don't want a $20 amazon costume quality one, but I also don't need a super high-end human hair one either. Just a decent quality wig that looks similar to this

No. 1012760

Are people just racking up tons of debt in order to live and not talking about it? I live in California, unable to change that right now, and I have a decent paying job for my age but I can barely afford to get by with the bare minimum at the moment. I know things would be cheaper if I had a housemate and know that young people typically split rent but there's no way these fuckers are able to live off of minimum wage only with the lifestyles they have and without wealthy parents. Are they going into debt, taking out loans, etc.?

No. 1012781

Do solid perfumes have the same longevity as normal, spray perfumes?

No. 1012786

No. 1012813


if anything, tinder is easier.

No. 1012814

Either you have very high standards or very niche tastes.

No. 1012815

Look up FB groups like "girls in [your city]" and post there, usually you get a ton of replies.

Join the friend finder and find someone in your city

Use Bumble

Join clubs

No. 1012883

Standards for men are really low, so a lot of "conventionally handsome" men are old enough to be granddads or just not hideous. Also people love to troll the conventional men thread.

No. 1012942

Where can I make online radfem friends? Is discord a good place? I see a lot of them using it but I have no experience with it at all. I could try tumblr but I don’t think that’s a good idea tbh. I’m just lonely and tired of my irl shitty friends.

No. 1012948

Why are Australians the best white people?

No. 1012951

Volunteer. Maybe Ovarit too

No. 1012961

Thanks nonnie

No. 1012962

My fave ready made dinner to grab is either the shepards pie or cottage pie from a nearby store.. I've often wondered why places bother having both when the difference is so minimal. I never really notice which one I'm even picking up. I knew it's diff meat but it tastes the same

Am I a tard or are they stupidly same-ish?

No. 1012967

Martha Stewart said that you should only call it Shepherd's Pie if there's lamb in it, and anything else would be Cottage Pie. So idk, maybe that?

No. 1012969

Should I get the iPhone 13 or wait for Galaxy S22

No. 1012970

nta but lol you can't sheep herd a cow. guess that makes sense

No. 1012987

File: 1641136761785.jpeg (95.26 KB, 1170x1048, 34A6B961-9E6D-4021-98BB-0022FC…)

Nonnies who have done acid, did you feel extremely tired for a a few days after taking it? Took acid on new years and I’ve been beyond tired these past 2 days despite not doing much

No. 1012990

Yes but not with every batch I've tried. Seemed like lower quality acid had a bad come down

No. 1012991

>Develop a shallow level acquaintance with a couple of women and maybe meet up a bit before slowly losing contact after realizing they'd never let you into their close friend group.
Ok, that struck hard. Kek. I just don’t understand why it happens so much.

No. 1012992

I've been doing acid for a few years now and always have that experience. Once I googled "child emergency LSD" to read about how they "reverse" the effects when children accidentally ingest it, and noticed that a lot of times they focus on getting electrolytes back into their normal range. So I imagine that has to do with the drained feeling you experience. Since then, I always drink something with electrolytes in it either right before bed or first thing in the morning and it fixed it well for me.

No. 1012993

Acid made me so tired mentally and physically I slept through part of the trip and for days after I felt drained

No. 1012999

Doesn't wearing mary janes make someone look infantile/little girlish?

No. 1013001

Wtf. No.

No. 1013006

Reads that way to me, but I haven't seen it styled in a lot of ways other than school-girl or like 50's retro

No. 1013013

This is why I hate Mary Janes

No. 1013051

File: 1641141083774.jpg (109.48 KB, 1828x2436, babies-cuir-velours-bleu.jpg)

depends. i wear picrel and i think they look very mature and feminine. they come in a bunch of colours and two heel heights


No. 1013069

Reposting to maybe get an answer

Would a tumblr or creating a neocities blog be more beneficial to meeting people in the crafting community? Not looking to sell necessarily, but would appreciate having something as a sort of online résumé for what I've made in the past.

No. 1013078

File: 1641141988617.jpg (46.76 KB, 451x680, images.jpeg-46.jpg)

I don't think so, they're very timeless shoes when styled that way.

No. 1013091

TRIPLE straps? for what purpose

No. 1013097

File: 1641142998435.jpeg (76.3 KB, 637x720, DFA1A49A-266E-44CA-80B5-F94016…)

NTA but the shoes in your pic are so cute. I’ve been wanting to get red, white, and silver ones but I hate the school girl connotations.

No. 1013099

For the aesthetic? Wtf?

No. 1013101

File: 1641143086696.jpeg (106.72 KB, 739x725, AF620930-B71B-45C1-A9F3-4A6F2B…)

Too bad I’m a perpetually broke student who has been wearing the same torn pair of sneakers for the last two years. Plus I don’t wear healed shoes but I’ve always these to begin my Alice: Madness Returns LARP.

No. 1013103

File: 1641143171327.jpeg (89.85 KB, 735x1016, A041CDF0-16E3-4FDB-85DE-F23D0B…)

Samefag but I, too, am a cultured woman who enjoys triple straps.

No. 1013106

File: 1641143255408.jpg (43.12 KB, 333x465, columbia-the-rocky-horror-pict…)

Reminds me of picrel

No. 1013116

File: 1641143680239.png (1.44 MB, 860x1645, 590-5902568_wizard-of-oz-chara…)

Wizard of Oz vibes (still, cute)

No. 1013117

NEETs and lonely anons - when someone asks you how you spent NYE, do you lie and say you spent it with friends/family or do you tell them that you spent it alone?

No. 1013134

File: 1641144497619.jpg (523.59 KB, 1828x2436, Black-leather-Mary-Janes.jpg)

bc they look good? you can also cross the straps.
they're not that much pof a hassle, you can just undo the first one to take the shoes off

No. 1013140

Are electric toothbrushes worth it?

No. 1013142

File: 1641144860848.jpg (55.92 KB, 736x612, e2ebc657fd82dabc6478791d3979fe…)

Who cares, honestly? Say you spent it alone because you wanted to. Stacy move.

No. 1013163

you can find one by looking for a synthetic lacefront, but even good synthetic wigs look synthetic, and lacefronts are difficult to style and wear for someone with no experience with wigs.
I would adjust expectations a bit, you aren't going to get a texture like that without going for human hair, and you will struggle with the lace. You can find a decent daily wear style synthetic wig on aliexpress, but most decent ones will have bangs.

No. 1013175

Do asian girls have hair odor problems ? Third time im seeing it be mentioned out of context

No. 1013179

After using a body scrub, are you still supposed to use a shower gel? Or the scrub counts as one?

No. 1013187

File: 1641146935336.jpg (80.67 KB, 816x765, 242315149_1911330799041473_522…)

personally, as an asian gal I do feel like my hair stinks a little more. When I pull pubes out, the roots stink? If my hair gets a little greasy, it starts to reek. But I have noticed the same in similar dark-haired people, even if not Asian. Maybe I'm smelling the melanin

No. 1013221

File: 1641149650283.jpg (47.3 KB, 640x480, 9b74794cb3831d289c6d478a321bd5…)

This. I've gotten to the point where men tell me I don't have plans because I want to be at home and alone. I correct them and tell them those are my plans.

Enjoy the normies bewilderment at being confidently and unabashedly introverted.

No. 1013222

Does anyone switch typing styles often? For example, sometimes i don't capitalize words, sometimes i capitalize words properly, sometimes i use apostrophes, sometimes i don't. It depends on my mood pretty much. Do other people do this?

No. 1013224

i had one and absolutely HATED it, it was so aggressive and hurt my teeth, and it vibrated the fuck out of my mouth, it was so uncomfortable. i don’t recommend it

No. 1013225

I still use a body gel/bar soap after

No. 1013234

Yes, I like mine very much. I got one of Oral-B's kids toothbrushes because it was the same as one of their regular models except with a decal and like $20 cheaper kek. Only has two modes, normal and gentle. I get to be lazy as fuck with my brushing while still having well maintained teeth. You can get by fine with a normal toothbrush provided you are brushing properly, but I wanted to be lazy while not sacrificing my oral hygiene.

No. 1013240

Where did nerd men go? The kind who read Russian literature and obsess about intellectual pursuits. It feels like theyve all turned into video game addicts instead.

No. 1013242

For me they weren't. I got a 100 dollar one and the brush head is tiny, I put it right over a plaque area, and it didn't remove it.

A 3$ grocery store toothbrush, flossing first, and a tiny swig of whitening mouthwash (hydrogen peroxide) with the toothpaste really cleans my teeth better. I feel like a weirdo brushing with mouthwash in but that particular type foams up and kills the shit out of bad breath unlike the standard alcohol ones.

No. 1013245

They fell into the incel to troon pipeline.

No. 1013263

I'm pretty sure they're still around. I remember when I was in college (like two years ago) there were quite a few of them in my classes because I majored in English lit. I also remember seeing them in majors like history, philosophy, etc. After that, I'm not really sure where they go. Graduate school? Art collectives?

No. 1013270

I somehow never had any adds when I watch Youtube videos on my ps4. This has been going on for around 5 years. Does anyone knows why I have such luck?

No. 1013272

In a way I think they are because you can be lazier but like the other anon said I do think I need to brush a bit with a normal one for the plaque it didnt remove. Some teeth have more grooves and enamel prone to cavities if they dont get brushed right after meals though so you could be fucked regardless.

No. 1013292

Can anyone recommend female fitness vloggers/content creators? I miss 2016 fit youtube, now all the people that were fun to watch either shat a bunch of brats or are being really weird and mentally ill

No. 1013293

I think you kinda need to go to uni for that. Most of my classmates were that sort of nerd but for our study subject, i found it mind-numbing but hey.

nta but I will so try this method, ty!

No. 1013305

They became me (nerd women).

No. 1013306

Not really. But im an autist who gets bothered by the loud noise. I just prefer normal. Don't have to charge normal either.

No. 1013310

What should I get next time I go grocery shopping IF I can't cook or freeze food. Only kettle works rn. No microwave either.

No. 1013314

Not the healthiest thing ever but instant noodles?

No. 1013318

They’re on reddit

No. 1013324

Do male waifufags and yurifags whine about each other all the time like husbandofags and yaoifags do? Just wondering.

No. 1013325

Yeah idk if I have old lady teeth but it felt like my teeth were going to be vibrated out of my mouth. And it tickles, very uncomfortable.

No. 1013326

File: 1641156746590.gif (493.38 KB, 500x281, dac9ecd1665af1b1ebbf19f7d0e1a6…)

You all just reminded me of how obsessed I was with Cassie's gold glitter shoes that I was never able to find, I'm sad now

No. 1013329

I hear male waifufags bitch about yurifags all the time for some of the series I follow, they really hate them. Not sure about male yurifags since I don't see them as much, but I would imagine it goes both ways.

No. 1013341

My parents bought me a $300 one for christmas and I wish they hadn't lol. It vibrates my whole mouth, it dribbles down my face, it makes too much noise, and I just prefer manually brushing my teeth. Now I feel like I have to use it because they spent so much money.

No. 1013345

I only met one intelligent hot man 2 years ago when I traveled. Had to go our separate ways because we were both traveling to different places.

I compare every man to his intelligence now, and I've never had such stimulating conversation as with him. I hate normal moid conversations. Fucks sake

No. 1013377

Carels are ugly as shit. Never seen an attractive person wear these tbh

No. 1013392

From my short time browsing the Genshin general on /vg/, yes they do.

No. 1013406

>$300 vibrator

No. 1013416

Definitely will be trying that kek

No. 1013441

The truth, I honestly never got what's supposedly pitiful about spending holidays alone.

No. 1013449

Can anyone post cute little gifs or pictures of cats? I’m so sad nonnies. And stupid. The night’s always so heavy.

No. 1013451

File: 1641163575038.gif (3.61 MB, 275x275, 1632796669662.gif)

binky cat for you, nonnie

No. 1013471

File: 1641164456790.jpeg (105.4 KB, 1170x1395, 54CF22B2-1AC8-4152-A75A-9278CF…)

No. 1013521

Do I really need to 'reflect my personality' through shit like room decor and clothing? I don't want people to know my personality. I want to hide everything about myself. How do I 'reflect' that

No. 1013524

Just wear comfortable clothing

No. 1013529

File: 1641168398253.gif (896.48 KB, 212x275, 1635691499472.gif)

No. 1013550

File: 1641169973464.jpeg (127.04 KB, 702x449, 51F73812-B97B-471C-A75D-D90BC0…)

What you wear and how you keep your house will reflect you no matter how much you don’t like that fact. Even keeping your house completely empty besides a bed would say something about you.

No. 1013559

Can I have some advice? I met some guy off of Bumble and we made out a few times. He tells me he's a former heroin addict, and I'm a bit hesitant but I want to see what happens. Then today I go to his house and he tells me he has Hep C but he's in treatment for it. This came as a shock to me. I broke things off. Was I right to break things off?

No. 1013563

What are the easiest countries to earn dual citizenship in? And which countries would be the most beneficial to pursue?

No. 1013565

what comic is this?

No. 1013566


No. 1013568

you can't opt out of being perceived. wear what you feel like wearing that's appropriate and put whatever crap in your house you feel like. people will think what they think. but the 'buy this crap to express yourself' is just marketing to make people spend money.

No. 1013570

That depends on the country your coming from, if you’re from latam, you will have a hard time depending on which Latin American country you come from. I’m from Venezuela and it’s a pain in the ass to get a nationality legally, like visiting the pages of the embassies and such, and most of the countries I’ve checked their websites of don’t even consider my country when you look for visas and such.
That’s if you want to do it legally, if you don’t mind working in a shit-tier job for a while, getting married to some scrote and other dangerous shit, the world is yours.

No. 1013571

yes you were absolutely right. junkies relapse all the time, hell he's probably still using and lied to your face. and he has diseases. don't look back.

No. 1013576

Barbarous by Yuko Ota and Ananth Panagariya.

No. 1013577

Peanut butter and bread. Granola. Canned beans (I like the tomato cannellini beans from Trader Joes)

No. 1013579

I get what you mean, I never decorate bc I'm always being picked apart for everything by family, it feels safer not to give them any idea of what I like/value. As for clothes I don't get it, seems like a consoomer thing. I have a hard enough time trying to find nonplastic mixed clothes so style doesn't matter.

No. 1013620

Would it be considered bad form to make a "post your room" thread? I'm creepy level curious about what farmers rooms look like.

No. 1013621

dumb idea

No. 1013631

Do you ever get in such a productive mood that you feel robotic? As if you took your meds blot something but you didn’t?
I feel very productive but I can’t really sit and enjoy anything. I can only work.

No. 1013637

I love seeing people's rooms and I bet it would be fun to see other farmers but it's not conducive to anonymity, almost like posting pics of yourself

No. 1013639

Terrible idea, specially since there’s surely a bunch of mentally stunted anons who have posted nudes on the internet and haven’t moved from their parents’ homes yet. It would be fun to see some cow reveal themselves since they surely wouldn’t handle the idea of keeping information for themselves, but some farmers can be seriously the least self-aware idiots ever.

No. 1013661

Man what the fuck is wrong with men

No. 1013688

No. 1013724

Who is Romanian anon?

No. 1013752

Who is Pakistani anon?

No. 1013755

Who is Komaeda anon?

No. 1013770

Who am I?

No. 1013771

What is lolcow?

No. 1013776

Is it even possible to sit 8 hours in front of a computer but not have red eyes at the end of the day?

No. 1013788

Can I call the police if my neighbor (apartment building) has been blasting music and it’s now 2 am? He’s howling along to it too.

No. 1013789

Non-emergency line only, but yes

No. 1013825

what is cece (the lizard) from? is she like our version of pepe?

No. 1013831

File: 1641197826017.jpg (282.86 KB, 768x867, 1623091096417.jpg)

Crystalcafe. And no, our mascot is picrel, who I like to call Elsie (I don't think that name has caught on though, Board-tan is more popular.)
Here are Elsie's threads

No. 1013834

I just found out that Middle Eastern and North African people are considered white on the American census and it led me to this question…
Does the average woke Twitter user consider Iranians/Syrians/Iraqis POC?

No. 1013836

okay that explains why her name is cece (c.c.)

I love board-tan though

No. 1013842

No. 1013846

>Does the average woke Twitter user consider Iranians/Syrians/Iraqis POC?
Yes. I've seen plenty of "middle eastern POC" tards around. They consider themselves poc simply because they experience "systematic racism" because they get called terrorists kek

No. 1013849

>join clubs
I read that as join cults which actually sounds like a great way to find like-minded friends.

No. 1013854

Canned tuna, veggies, fruit

No. 1013874

does anyone have suggestions of what kind of (preferably cheap) tablet I could get that would be good for doing digital art and possibly photoshop? I want to get into those things but I can't do it on my touch screen laptop because the screen is cracked

No. 1013879

This is embarrassing but… when should a parent stop hitting you?
I know the whole debate on parents not hitting kids and I agree with it but like, if a parent does hit you as a kid. At what age is it considered out of line? Because I'm 20 and I still get slapped in the face and stuff by my mom. Hell, I just got slapped yesterday for arguing with her.

No. 1013885

Are you serious? That's not normal at all. That's abuse, and shouldn't be normalized

No. 1013887

If I’m born in 1995 am I zoomer or millennial?

No. 1013890

Imo millennial.

But the whole thing is arbitrary bullshit anyway. Some people say 1995 and after are zoomers, and other people say gen z doesn't start until 2004. So really it's whichever you want to be.

No. 1013891

Yeah that’s not right or normal at all. Some parents think that kids are their property and going against them in any way warrants violence. It’s normal for relatives living together to disagree and if she’s like in her 40s or something she should be taking the high ground anyway when she’s arguing with a 20 year old. Not to be ageist but yeah. You should move out if you can. It’s abusive to slap anyone in an argument I think.

No. 1013892


No. 1013905

She doesn't do it often, only when she's especially aggravated.
It took me by surprise this time because it wasn't even that big of a spat, just a few 'heated' words exchanged. I know she took her work's anger out on me. I'm not in a position to move out any time soon, though. And this only happens like very rarely.

No. 1013915

that's not embarrassing, you are being physically abused and from "when should parents stop hitting you" it sounds like it's been for a long time. please anon that isn't normal. you deserve so much better. are you stuck living with her at the moment?
my dad only stopped when the bruises were spotted. I thought everyone got hit as hard as me but apparently none of them were ever besides a smack as kids. and as an adult it's a huge sign of disrespect to you and your autonomy.

please look into it and look after yourself.
I hope you're okay anon, thinking of you

No. 1013923

File: 1641206971030.jpg (31.81 KB, 549x454, hmmm.jpg)

I haven't watched porn for like 2 years and decided to check it out today (got kind of horny and wanted inspiration). Genuine question: why is porn so bad? Like I know objectification, made by moids yada yada. But I am not even talking about this: there are plenty asses with zits/cellulite, fatties of both genders, closeups on ugly male butts in most unflattering angles, ugly genitalia, filth and bad sex in general (all those bitches are definitely faking it), so even by scrote standards (assuming playboy and the like shows their preferences) it should be considered shit.

No. 1013936

I saw anons here recommended torrent sites before, do you guys have recommended sites for asian films/drama? I only know nyaa dot se for jp anime & live action. Recently I'm getting hooked more into Hongkong older action films and it has been a bitch to find.
also Thai gay films because I want to watch I told Sunset about You (2021)

Much appreciated!

No. 1013946

there are a couple of reasons, one is probably because a lot of people are making their own porn now, so there's no producer to be like "nah she has pimples on her ass. NEXT!!"

secondly, moids mostly care about certain things when it comes to porn (and probably sex):


>(sometimes) humiliation

if they're turned on enough by one or more of those things in a lot of cases they won't care as much if the visuals are actually good

No. 1013947

Anon, you're too kind. I'm really, really sorry about how your dad treated you. Hope you're doing alright. I don't think my situation is concerning really. I just feel humiliated and ashamed when I get slapped, especially in the face. It doesn't physically hurt after like a few minutes. Can't really move out at the moment so I'm just gonna tiptoe around her like I usually do, kek. Don't worry, nonnie!!

No. 1013962

i'd just watch it on kissasian lol

No. 1013968

Does a parent hitting you as a kid always count as abuse? My mum slapped me a lot and my dad like twice, but that was very common in my country.

My mum's a good person, I think she was just raised to think it's normal to slap a kid. But now, I just can't understand how you'd hit your own child.

No. 1013978

It's not always done with abuse and harm in mind, I guess you could say. It's common where I live too but it's never slapping, just spanks on the buttocks and only until the kid is old enough to know better (so ages 11-13)

No. 1014015

Is Z Library (or any other related site I guess) really as good as it seems? It's copyright infringement obviously, so being able to download a PDF of nearly any book so easily seems too good to be true. Have you guys encountered any malware or other problems from this website?

No. 1014019

Your parents should never hit you in the first place. I'm 27 and still get threatened with being beaten up by my father for.. just existing I guess and my mother is against it. But when I was a physically sick and weak primary school kid my father would often punch, kick and strangle me and my sisters for no reason being yelled at by his boss for being retarded doesn't count as a reason and my mother never defended us because she thought this was normal. Go figure.

No. 1014020

>Does a parent hitting you as a kid always count as abuse?
I'd say yes.

No. 1014031

This is more of a health question, but what does it mean when my pee and panties smell like cat pee?
I don't own a cat. Am I turning into a cat?

No. 1014034

have you considered it might be a uti? my pee will sometimes get a really strong smell and it’s my queue to buy uti medicine and practice safer after-sex habits

No. 1014036

I've had a few signs of a UTI but don't have burning or pain. What's weird is my pee keeps changing smell. I can't get an appointment with my doctor until February though. Ugh.

No. 1014042

Maybe you’re taking a medicine that makes your pee smell strongly? My brother takes some pills for his heart condition -won’t flush the toilet- and his piss smells putrid.

No. 1014046

Nope. No medication. Are UTIs always painful or can they sometimes not be?

No. 1014048

File: 1641220415448.jpeg (272.06 KB, 750x710, D47B8E0C-A33F-413C-9D2D-BDBE3F…)

according to google it can just be a smell sometimes

No. 1014064

from my personal experience my pee has a strong smell after I binged eat certain food/snacks with a lot of artificial flavor

during my keto period, my piss would smell more candy-like too. Idk, watch what you eat.

No. 1014068

If I had to describe my smell it's like burning rubber. Really nasty stuff. I kept reading diabetes was another reason for weird urine smell and other things but idk it didn't seem to smell sweet? Same process as ketosis. I just wish I could see a damn doctor earlier, everyone's busy

No. 1014088

File: 1641222958259.jpeg (122.06 KB, 640x640, 3BD3838D-3CDE-4A05-9E63-9E6416…)

Are there any apps out there for finding female friends (in your area)? Sort of like Tinder but for friends. I hear zoomers use Yubo but idk

No. 1014093

They're not always painful, no. I've had a few bladder and kidney infections that had a weird smell but no pain. Sometimes it's what you eat or drink too. Coffee in particular makes my pee smell really weird.

No. 1014098

bumble bff

No. 1014167

Anons with desktop PCs, what tower cases do you have? Mini, mid or full?

No. 1014168

What would your mom do if you slapped her back? Sometimes physically fighting back is a good way to get parents to stop hitting you cause the realize you are physically adult now and can take them in a fight.

If she's going to throw you out or something like that, not worth. But if you can take her or at least make her pay, maybe it's worth it.
I'm not saying beat up your mom, just make it clear you could.

No. 1014174

Yes. I've never gotten malware from downloading an ebook, pdf, epub, mobi, etc and I've downloaded got be at probably 10000 over the years. Pirate your heart.

But if you are really paranoid, run the books through a virus scanner before you open them.

No. 1014175

Nta but you have to pay for bumble, they don't even let you see your matches or interact with them.

No. 1014223

How the hell do you get verified on the discord

No. 1014230

phone number i think?

No. 1014248

Pretty sure it's by voice

No. 1014299

this reply is so funny to me "okay what if you just hit her back, that's even!"

what if OP just goes full shounen characters infighting when she and her mom just punch the shits out of each other and then they finally recognize the beauty of friendship

No. 1014337

I use libgen.is and it's perfect

same with any app tbh, facebook groups for your city could be a better way to find friends

nta but it would end our relationship lmao

No. 1014373

Mini because it's cute idgaf

No. 1014433

its legit. zlibrary and libgen have helped me a lot. especially in regards to college, they have most of my textbooks so I don't have to waste money.

No. 1014434

Question for amerifags: educated people always say never talk to a cop and always ask for a lawyer, but does that really apply in every single situation? Obviously if I was ever put in an interrogation room I would remain silent until I had a lawyer present, but what if there was a situation where someone had a (legal) knife on them and an officer asked them if they had weapon on them before they did a search. I feel like refusal to answer would be retarded and could get you into more trouble, but simultaneously the advice I've heard repeated over and over again, by both cops and lawyers, is to simply "NEVER speak to police."

No. 1014440

Nta and you're lucky, I can never find my tequired textbooks on those places

No. 1014441

If you were given the job of defining the word "gender" and your definition was going to go in the dictionary, how would you define it?

No. 1014450

I'd just use it as a synonym for sex because saying sex can sound like a dirty word. that or use it to describe gender roles.

No. 1014470


Roughly, I would define gender as socially constructed roles ("masculinity"/"femininity") which are enforced from birth depending on your sex.

No. 1014526

Will I be able to take my birth control pills from UK to US whilst I stay there for a 3 month trip?

No. 1014554

i don't see why not. keep them in the prescription bottle and perhaps carry them in your hand luggage for ease of inspection.

No. 1014588

Do the majority of women experience multiple orgasms regularly? I’ve always only been able to have only one orgasm. After coming once, I get really sensitive and don’t really want to be touched anymore after that. Even if I push through the sensitivity, nothing happens. I never really thought it was that common until my first partner was surprised that I could only come once and he had only been with women who could do it multiple times. Probably just me being insecure, but it also kinda sucks if im one of the unlucky ones who can’t multiple ones

No. 1014594

What even defines a narcissist at this point?

No. 1014600

What is a good birthday present for a 1 yo?

No. 1014601

a teddy with a poetic inscription

No. 1014602

Blankets or clothes for when she/he gets bigger because babies grow insanely fast.

No. 1014604

Most I have gotten in was 7 but it's just tedious at that point. 2 is perfect.

No. 1014605

Am I weird for getting a lil turned on at my doctor when he picks my chin and lifts it up during a physical? lol Idk it's just a thing I like.

No. 1014607

nta but 7?! Were you with a partner or yourself? Just curious, not being malicious.

No. 1014610

By myself, fingers only, was procrastinating in the middle of exam revision.

No. 1014616

I can orgasm many times. Sometimes after the first one, I'm not in the mood anymore but if the sex is feeling really good, my body will do its thing and can keep orgasming multiple times. This is with a partner only. Masturbating is so meh.

No. 1014623

My record is 9, it was a weird day where I felt like I could just continue indefinitely and only stopped because I was getting tired. It's never happened again since then so I still don't know what that was all about. But for >>1014588 it's not uncommon for women to only be able to have one so I wouldn't be insecure about it, quality is more important than quantity anyway.

No. 1014624

you're not weird but you do sound horny and repressed. good luck and Godspeed

No. 1014628

Thanks anon. I am indeed a very horny gal lmao

No. 1014637

I don't know if it's just people in my group that I knew growing up but why does it seem like European men frequently groom and harass underage American girls over the internet? Yeah American men are definitely guilty of this but I've never heard of American men grooming young European girls, how common does this happen?

No. 1014647

Same, i can't keep going after one orgasm, its kinda frustating

No. 1014653

>I've never heard of American men grooming young European girls
Never heard of tsundere chan? Kek

No. 1014654

come to eastern europe lmao.

No. 1014661

Using my supreme powers of deduction. There is a time zone difference. So therefore Euro males will stay up late to harass women but less likely for American males to wake up before noon to harass Euro girls. Either way, France deserves a nuke.

No. 1014663

i am so OOTL on this and from the tidbits i've seen i really wish i wasn't but: who the fuck is romanian anon??? just some random recognizable schizo? I really wish she had a thread or like an easy to digest compilation of her post history because i just stumbled across the latest "you people are making me murder my family and cat" one and i am enthralled

No. 1014667

i wonder the same and i also wonder who steve is? and analblast guy or whoever that is lol

No. 1014675

An anon in the 'real opinions on cows' thread linked to all her posts

No. 1014677

Is there a thread about horror YouTube channels like Nexpo or lazy masquerade ?

No. 1014679

This makes sense. Obviously men groom everywhere but I vividly remember in high school most girls I was close too regardless of likableness and attractiveness was "talking" to a basement dwelling European ghoul (that they FaceTimed with before anyone pulls the catfish card) that was always in their 20s-30s. Pedophile/grooming men are low effort so I assume these men just stay up late from their actual girlfriends/video game and porn addiction to talk to some nerdy insecure teenager from bumfuck Wisconsin. Of course American men can't be asked to wake up an extra hour to groom so young American girls are getting groomed from all corners. Oh and creepy indian and middle eastern men who flirt with obvious teenagers to "sell" their 200$ lotions as if a teenager is going to buy that and it's totally just innocent sales pitch

No. 1014712

Why? Is there milk?

No. 1014739

File: 1641265992108.jpg (52.8 KB, 480x720, 54aac033ce270_-_elle-tom-selle…)

Why is cowboy listed?

No. 1014745

all cowboys are faggots

No. 1014752

File: 1641267466722.jpg (97.62 KB, 600x573, 91358.jpg)

Should I watch madoka? Some people say it's good but some people say it's a lolicon torture porn anime for scrotes with a little of sperging about "muh justice"

No. 1014757

yes, you should

No. 1014758

marry and fuck guevara, kill the rest
this is the only right answer

No. 1014760

but why? how? proof? is it just that the look gay (i agree some do)?

No. 1014761

File: 1641268314307.png (160.81 KB, 265x281, 1412459566873.png)

Yes, it holds up well so I'd say give it a few episodes. It's not lolicon-adjacent at all, there's basically zero fanservice from what I can remember (maybe a little bit in the movie). It is pretty edgy but I would still recommend watching if just for the art direction and OST, both are really good.

No. 1014762

I watched it recently and was worried about it being disgusting scroteshit too, but I ended up absolutely loving it. Hope you can enjoy it too anon

No. 1014767

i loved it but it was so so sad

No. 1014768

What can you eat with chips other than a sandwich? I mean American chips, not fries

No. 1014772

dip? i personally love jalapeno sour cream dip

No. 1014773

Maybe soup? I'm really trying to think but not coming up with much. Not the same but the town I grew up someone would make a taco salad with nacho doritos and Catalina dressing every potluck.

No. 1014779

I am having dip with my chips, but I also just wanted some actual food with it.
That's interesting, I kind of want to try that the soup, not the doritos with catalina dressing lol. Maybe there just aren't that many foods that go with chips? I think I'll just make a sandwich, thank you both.

No. 1014791

God I wish I was eating chips and dip right now

No. 1014807

File: 1641272369555.jpg (53.93 KB, 680x680, French-Onion-Chip-Dip.jpg)

here u go nona

No. 1014810

is it normal to become manic on prozac

No. 1014816

Why do people on the internet call me a shotacon for having a preference for men with shaved pubes? Everyone I know IRL prefers them too, it’s only online that I’ve interacted with girls who like ‘em hairy.

No. 1014819

No grown man looks like a shota so who cares? But for curiosity sake do they have to be hairless everywhere?

No. 1014833

File: 1641274791721.jpeg (374.63 KB, 962x1443, 1634045364401.jpeg)


No. 1014835

UUhhhhhh what the fuck? Who's this

No. 1014842

No. 1014851

File: 1641276144922.png (173.62 KB, 561x511, B357AB64-5238-457A-A55D-209771…)

Nonnas, can I get your opinion? The other day I stumbled on a listing from a reputable antiques dealer for a very old pendant. It’s so cool and right up my alley that I don’t even want to tell you what it is or what it looks like lest someone find the listing and snatch it out from under me. Anyway, I’m thinking about buying it but am not sure. Here’s the pros and cons:

*It’s super cool, beautiful, and I would treasure it forever if I had it.
*I have $8k in my savings right now so I can technically afford it.
*I just graduated and have been thinking about getting myself a graduation present for the past 6 months.
*I generally spend very little on myself when it comes to superfluous things, so it’s not like I’m a problem-spender otherwise.

*I don’t technically need it.
*I am moving soon to a new expensive town, and while I probably won’t be paycheck-to-paycheck, money is expected to be tight.
*It’s $150 just for the pendant. I could get a cheap sterling chain for like $15 but if I wanted to really accent it, I would love a gold filled chain, which might cost more like $50.

Normally if I want to make an unnecessary purchase, I wait a few months and see if I still want it just as bad. But again this is an antique and I can’t find anything similar to it available for sale right now, so if I miss it I might not get another chance to find one that I like as much. What would you do in my situation?

No. 1014856

Why isn't she wearing shoes?

No. 1014857

how can you not know who lizzo is?

No. 1014860

I think 150 is alright to get yourself something for graduating. you could get the gold chain in the future when you are more secure.

No. 1014861

I say get it and then make a plan to not make any unnecessary purchases for the next few months and save as much as you can in your situation.

No. 1014865

listen nonnie, you've probably spent $150 on stupider things, and that's a pretty dope sekhmet charm. also, i would get like, a dark leather cord instead of a chain, but that's just my opinion.

No. 1014885

No. Just don’t like pubes. Not a huge fan of excessive hair, though. Don’t really like chest or back hair too much. Leg and arm and pit hair are a-okay if they don’t look like gross elderly mediterranean men or something.

No. 1014888

Artist anons, what do you use for drawing reference if you cannot use your computer due to eye strain?

No. 1014889

Magazines, albums with pictures, sculptures irl at a museum, a person willing to model, yourself if you have money to print the pictures you take.

No. 1014892

I like to go to the local library and check out art/architecture books, or whatever you're trying to draw

No. 1014897

File: 1641279024362.jpg (10.83 KB, 275x265, 1611103239318.jpg)

y u mendally ill

No. 1014907

Same. After the 1st one, all I want to do is sleep. Or eat a nice big meal. Sometimes I do get horny enough and continue until I orgasm for the 2nd time, but after I do, I’m just extremely tired. And sexual stuff becomes gross to me after a certain point. I wish I could orgasm multiple times tough, I feel like a fat and lazy 40 yo man when it comes to sex even though I’m in my early 20s lol

No. 1014922

Nah. Sorry I meant to clarify if there are similar channels— collection of stories and creepy photos. I like watching them while drawing and I’m having a hard time finding YT channels like these that are more laid back and not screeching YT bait

No. 1014954

1 feels most satisfying, 2 feels the best but is quick, then subsequent ones are kinda meh. I once got up to like 30-40 but these were small ones, maybe 2-3 mins between each

And all masturbating

No. 1014957

How do I make the corner of my mouth heal, it's been broken for 3 weeks

No. 1014958

I can only have one orgasm too. If I want to have a second one then I have to wait at least 30 minutes, but that never happens because I either knock out or I'm just not horny anymore. On the occasions that I am still horny (usually during ovulation) I just masturbate throughout the day instead of one session. It's never really worth it though because my vagina just isn't very sensitive after the first and anything after that is unsatisfying.

No. 1014959

How often do you moisturize your lips? Is it possible that you're "re-opening" the wound from eating/talking?

No. 1014963

I do reopen it sometimes, I moisturize all the time, and I put on moisturizer on my lips before bed but somehow in the morning it's all bloody again (maybe I yawned really hard in my sleep? kek I don't know)

No. 1014968

dunno if you cuties have access to/know about either paw paw or aloe gel/balm. it's legit magical, especially if you compulsively lick/bite/pick when they're bad or windburn keeps getting you. paw paw especially really helps
hydration is a massive one though, try and drink mineral not filtered water while you're feeling dry.

No. 1014971

could be preggo (or not, sorry to assume), I remember having super weird smelling pee. that and temperature fluctuations
there was a weird amount of symptoms during the early days and bizarre piss smell I'd never smelled before was the most memorable.

No. 1014985

That shit is the worst, it's almost impossible to heal quickly because you're gonna reopen it every time you eat, speak, clean your teeth, etc I just try to not to open my mouth too widely and be patient.

No. 1014990

File: 1641294142770.png (32.24 KB, 485x443, вопрос.png)

Does anyone even use /pt/ or /w/ nowadays?

No. 1014992

There are many reasons why corner of your mouth keeps on breaking, from vitamins deficiency to infections, if you don't want / can't see a doctor you should at the very least go to pharmacy, tell them what's up and ask for recommendation.

No. 1015000

the only /w/ thread I follow is terry hall (I used to follow kelly eden but she stopped being a cow unfortunately) there's also pixielocks. other than that, Idk

I never used /pt/ and all and the last time I went there the latest posts in every thread were days old, so probably not

No. 1015005

So is gay a term only for men? Because I'm 100 percent confident that gay woman is a term. But then LGBT is lesbian, gay, bi, trans. Why the differentiation?

My work did some abc's of gay shit and I was like finally some clarity but it's just confused me more. Also the definition of bisexual is people attracted to more than 1 gender according to this…hm, BI sexual, I wonder how many genders that is then.

No joke though this gay/lesbian thing has confused me for years. What's the consensus

No. 1015010

I think gay can be used for lesbian too. Some lesbians also just don't like the term "lesbian".

No. 1015011

i heard this too, and i never really thought gay was necessarily gendered
but i always preferred the word “lesbian” rather than gay. Since it has such a romantic origin lol

No. 1015012

A woman is more likely to come out as gay or queer these days. I watched a show with one of the central plotpoints being about a woman coming out as lesbian to her family and trying to date women and they never used the word lesbian once. I just find it strange. It's like the wokeists decided it's exclusionary orsomething

No. 1015026

is it pick-me shit for a woman to propose to a man?

No. 1015030

I used to think that the whole "I'll just sit back and wait til he gets me a pricey ring" thing was bs but tbh I now think it's like that for a good reason. If he wants you he'll ask, he'd make a whole fancy gesture out of it if he really wants you like that.

No. 1015031

No. 1015032

I don’t know if it’s pick me shit but I personally would not do it

No. 1015043

That's normal arousal

No. 1015046

that is normal and happens to everyone. Why does it feel disgusting?

No. 1015054

Yeah, it's pretty embarrassing.
I'm not saying it never works out if the woman proposes, but guys are the ones who tend to be wishy washy about commitments like marriage so it's pretty important that they be the ones to initiate and plan, IMO.
A guy who hasn't proposed after a few years-granted marriage has been discussed-is a bad sign.
Men actually know rather early into the relationship whether they see you as marriage material or not. Waiting is bullshit, usually the guys who claim they need several years to decide are holding out for other options and will propose if they can't pull their actual ideal woman. If you're someone they want and see a future with they will want to marry you sooner rather than later.

I feel really bad because a friend on my socials who I didn't consider a pickme recently posted about her proposal to her man. Something something "breaking gender norms," but I think she got tired of waiting.
She posted pictures of showing him off with his man ring while she has no ring herself yet…it's very cringe, and if a man is sensitive to being emasculated, then I can think of no better example. Men will tell women they don't care about shit like that but plenty do.

No. 1015057

>inappropriate, disgusting, gross
Choice of words says she's probably religious.

No. 1015058

A couple of years ago I saw a picture of a korean plastic surgery before and after on some thread here where in the before picture the woman looked like a damn model and in the after she looks like every other ulzzang. I tried to find it, went through all the plasic surgery threads but no success?
Anyone know which one I'm talking about? I remember all the replies were talking about how pretty she was

No. 1015059

how do I become an internet pirate?

No. 1015063

peg leg and a virtual parrot furry adoptable

No. 1015098

i wonder if we follow the same girl, because i saw the same thing happen recently. it’s definitely embarrassing, and i feel bad for her.

No. 1015099

So it's maybe a more progressive term for women to be gay? But I've heard it generalised so much as "gay people", referring to both men and women, or has it been that this whole time they've only been talking about men?

No. 1015101

Can a user see who's viewed their videos on instagram? Not reels or stories or IGTV, but if they just make a short video post where it'll say "X views". I remember it used to tell you who viewed the post, but not sure if they changed it along with when they changed how long you could view who looked at your story.

No. 1015275

Not at all. Momokun isn’t really a cow anymore and the other cows there aren’t too interesting

No. 1015411

In a url, say lolcow.farm, what do you call the lolcow part? And what do you call the .farm part?

No. 1015414

I think .farm is the domain, not sure though. And I don't know about the lolcow part

No. 1015415

File: 1641321582311.png (23.1 KB, 730x263, webaddressanatomy.png)

No. 1015419

No. 1015437

What does #26 in someones bio mean if they're not 26? I browsed the tag but couldn't discover any coherent theme or meaning.

No. 1015446

That they graduate from somewhere in 2026?

No. 1015492

How do I get a job in writing? just speaking generally not anything super specific

No. 1015504

I need some serious answers here. I can kind of emphathize with Gabbie Hanna. She's like who I would be if I was addicted to coke and Adderall at the same time. Does this mean I'm a narcissist? give it to me straight nonnies

No. 1015524

why does everyone on tiktok suddenly have adhd and ibs? are depression and anxiety not trendy anymore?

No. 1015529

you forgot autism nona

No. 1015531

IBS are you for real?? Kids these days kek

No. 1015560

Why are women easy to manipulate? Even by our own kin? Even us farmers are easy to fool, something you wouldn’t hope or expect considering we’re e-stalkers. Something that comes to mind is venus and the romanian chan.

No. 1015563

Maybe because we're too empathetic?

No. 1015567

So I must curb my empathy and I shall no longer be betrayed by fuckboys and fuckgirls?

No. 1015574

File: 1641328067381.png (1.46 MB, 1516x902, Untitled-1.png)

Which is the 'correct' way to draw?
Is it to sketch out the general shapes (circles and rectangles for instance, then connect them and work out the details) or starting with the outline and then filling in the details?

No. 1015578


whatever works better for you. I like working with shapes then adding details but some people probably like doing it the other way

No. 1015585

File: 1641328467277.jpg (365.39 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20220104-143414.jpg)

If the second way is incorrect, then so is Da Vinci

No. 1015593

Why would you want to be a man?

No. 1015596

if you are new to drawing then the first method will give you better results. the second method works well if you already have a lot of practice with rendering shapes and how to arrange your proportions. the whole point of the first method is to help you arrange your proportions. if you start with the outline and you don't have a good understanding of how you're going to lay out your subject, you will quickly find that you have misjudged the distance and either have to erase a lot or start on a new sheet.

No. 1015600

That's…kinda of a silly thing to say. He was extremely practiced, he no longer had the need for under sketches, but that doesn't mean he never used them. It was his use of that method that would eventually lead to his ability to draw without them, that and drawing from observation. He also had different opportunities with his subject matter than the average person does, being able to literally dissect bodies and study them up close. Learning about shape and form is important if you want to take drawing seriously.

No. 1015603

The point of the second drawing/exercise (along with many following exercises in Keys to Drawing) is that you learn to observe properly and efficiently when you copy.

No. 1015610

>I've never heard of American men grooming young European girls
How ignorant

No. 1015622

File: 1641330403464.png (1.19 MB, 1001x797, spirited away tea.PNG)

Not sure if I should ask here or the help me find thread, but probably here is better suited. The last time I went to Japan, I went into one of the Ghibli stores and bought picrel, it was a spirited away tea made by lupicia tea. They don't make the blend outside of when they did it for Ghibli (or I can't find it at least) and I was hoping someone might be able to recommend me something similar.

According to this website https://enuchi.com/7010/ghibli-lupicia-original-tea-spirited-away the spirited away tea is "Plum kelp tea is expressed in the form of tea leaves instead of granules. The flavor of plums from Wakayama Prefecture harmonizes with the mellow taste of high-quality Japanese tea and kelp from Hokkaido. A gorgeous green tea with konpeito."

No. 1015656

Why do people think their children need to be mini clones of them? As in have to have the same interests as the parents and if the kids don't have the same interests, belittle the kids for liking different things. Another question similar to the first, why do parents shove their own insecurities onto their own children?

No. 1015678

Is it possible to binge drink daily but lose weight? I've been trying to lose weight during COVID and totally transform myself. I do intermittent fasting, avoid generally bad foods, and exercise 4 times a week/45 minutes, but I noticed that every since my drinking went from a few times a month to every day (few shots), I've become pudgy looking again. I haven't gained all my weight back, but I missed that I was beginning to see some definition around my waist.

No. 1015688

If you manage it you will feel like shit

No. 1015705

I ordered something on new years eve, I knew that the next day was obvs new years day and then the following was a sunday so it promises fast post but I planned for that delay. Heard nothing yesterday or today though.

Those are working days again arent they?

No. 1015710

Because those people have children as a way to fix past wrongs and live vicariously through their kids, not because they actually want a child to raise and love. Or they're narcs, like a lot of men who want a mini-me.
I always felt bad for my childhood friends born to parents like you described. When we were younger they were like little robots doing whatever mommy tells them to, but after high school they all fucked off to another city and went NC with their parents. You could never tell, they all seemed to come from perfect Hallmark families.

No. 1015728


No. 1015732

It's technically possible, but if a portion of your daily allotted calories are from alcohol you'll have to eat less of other foods, and that's not going to be good for you nutrition-wise. You'll end up feeling more hungry and worse in general.

No. 1015741

Gain experience, pitch ideas/pieces to publishers/magazines/etc, write, write, write

No. 1015873

Am I a bad person for finding it hard to sympathise with adult women when their bf starts treating them badly but it was visible to everyone else from a mile away?
So many red flags and they just never saw it coming. I can't help but think "what did you expect?" Not that it excuses the moids behaviour ofc.

No. 1015876

File: 1641342205610.jpeg (97.31 KB, 828x165, B638BEDC-C798-4EA1-9EF9-C03941…)

What does it mean …

No. 1015883

It means the automatically generated passwords to delete your posts nonnie

No. 1015889

Can any tech anons recommend me a good i5 intel laptop with decent storage? Can’t stand my crappy 4gb one I need a better one for school and my sims addiction pls

No. 1015895

Okay I thought so, thank you

No. 1015905

Is it weird to walk home every day with my male coworker who has a gf? How would anons feel if their bf walked home with a female coworker every day? We never walk or sit too close to each other, but I’m paranoid that I’m being rude to her somehow

No. 1015911

i have an incredibly bad idea for a project to do while i am sick but i don't know if i could complete it by my intended drop date feeling like this. should i do it anyway?

No. 1015914

I mean, I would be a little sour. I don't know if that's irrational or not. Especially if you're cute and funny kek

No. 1015915

Is he going out of his way to walk you back home or do you just go pretty much in the same direction accompanying each other? First would be weird otherwise it's just a normal social interaction with nothing inappropriate implied, it's nice you're mindful of this kind of thing though.

No. 1015929

Depends on how mature everyone involved is and how he acts towards you. If he seems to be getting a little bit too friendly then I'd definitely stop, not just for respect of her but you don't want to be dragged into drama of the crazy gf who could also potentially be dangerous

No. 1015946

No. 1015967

in the US, will college professors drop you for missing the first day of school? i have to take my mom to the doctor on the day we begin our spring semester, and I'm not sure how to email my professors since usually the first day is to get all their contact info and such.

No. 1015971

How do ip addresses work? I tried posting at work on my phone and it says I was banned for a post I never posted (it was posted 2 years ago before I worked there) and it looks like a moid posted it. It was funny at first because it made wonder who at my office would stumble upon lolcow, but now it's annoying because I can't post. It's weird because I was posting fine at this same workplace before? So it makes me wonder how my IP could get mixed, especially since I was using data on my phone.

No. 1015989

Depends on the professor but I would say no since around the first week or so they’ll be seeing some faces coming and going as students decide to drop a class/pick up another.

No. 1016006

File: 1641347913238.jpg (143.72 KB, 1024x762, a1a.jpg)

How hard is it to get a rental? I'm going to have to sell my house due to being unwell and unable to work and my family is doomering on me hard about how it'll be impossible. I've only had one flat I got through frens and then this house.

No. 1016011

why when you get off the plane does france smell like a fetid neo-vagina?

No. 1016015

This reminds me of when that anon in the Celebcow thread said that France always has a slight aroma of piss

No. 1016024

IPs are often dynamic and change. Happens to us all the time here.

No. 1016050

It’s not that hard unless you have a terrible credit score or a past eviction on file.

No. 1016053

I love seeing the retarded things that other people get banned for. Warms my heart.

No. 1016055

What do you mean “drop you”? Like force you out of the class? I’ve never heard of that happening, even if the student never showed up to any classes and is failing. Most we’d do is email them and lowkey encourage them to drop/withdraw if their grades are looking unsalvageable.

No. 1016056

File: 1641351320652.jpeg (177.82 KB, 986x2138, bannned.jpeg)

I've gotten one very similar, also while I was at work!

No. 1016063

tips/tricks to achieve maximal pleasure/orgasm as a heterosexual woman? Anything is welcome, I want to hear your thoughts, although I obviously won't want to involve any other people and I don't feel comfortable with toys. But if you have any tips or videos or websites about how to give oral sex to a woman or make her orgasm or just ANYTHING that you think is true and works, please share. I want to teach my boyfriend well lol

No. 1016068

You being on top and grinding against him as opposed to flopping up and down. Spooning on your side (you being the little spoon duh) because that frees up his arm to touch your clit or chest.

No. 1016118

Make him suck your clit, eating you out with focus on that

No. 1016153

kek this reads like a barbarian witnessing civilization for the first time

No. 1016433

can any tech anons tell me if I'm screwed or not

this morning when I was half awake in bed I got a text message that had a link and was very obviously spam. instead of just deleting it my phone has an option to report as spam, which I always do. the thing is, to do this, you have to hold your finger down on the message they sent. I didn't hold my finger down long enough I guess and it opened the link. immediately I was blasted with porn. regular porn thankfully and not any weird shit, but still. I x'd out. I also downloaded avast and did a scan of my phone and there were no threats found. should I be worried?

No. 1016466

File: 1641382180526.jpg (98.39 KB, 700x1050, cute-cardigans-285742-15825844…)

Does anyone actually wear cardigans as tops?
I see models wearing them like this on clothing sites but I never actually saw anyone do that in real life. And would I supposed to be wearing something under that? Or just the cardigan?

No. 1016470

Im wearing one right now kek not a crop top tho. Theyre very comfy and cute sometimes ill wear an actual cardigan over the cardigan top

No. 1016474

I have this exact one but in black I wear it all the time lol. It's a lot thinner irl though, doesn't really look like a cardigan.

No. 1016476

small cardigan + big pants is what I see all the time on skinny girls.

No. 1016483

Should I buy a really old iPad (like iPad 2 from 2011) just to use as a PDF reader? That's the only thing I need a tablet for and I don't want to spend a lot of money on it, they're like 35 bucks on ebay. I'm aware a lot of apps won't work anymore but would reading PDFs be fine?

No. 1016485

Just get a used ereader instead? I don't know why people buy iPads for books and pdfs when it hurts your eyes.

No. 1016489

I have a Kindle already but the way it displays PDFs is terrible so it's basically unusable for that purpose. I have a lot of book files that can only be found as PDFs online so I want a comfortable way to read them.

No. 1016493

Do you think the recent prevalence of stimming toys (fidget spinners and cubes, those pop things) is just a trend or is going along with more ADD diagnoses in current day?

No. 1016495

weren't fidget spinners just one summer's 5 years ago thing? At least in my country it was like that, they were everywhere since it was kind of that "internet meme toy", now completely disappeared.

No. 1016496

Yes they didn't last long but their invention and popularity, and then the subsequent trends of other fidget toys, make me wonder if they serve more of a purpose than just internet memes. Average kids' attention spans are so shot so I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1016550

Does anyone else strategize where to sit/walk/etc when commuting alone? On the train/bus I tend to sit in the front where the conductor is, and usually pick a seat that makes it hard for anyone to sit next to me. I know this sounds paranoid but is there any legitimacy to it? Like, do you think there’s theoretically a way to keep yourself as statistically safe as possible?

No. 1016565

You can use an online converter to convert the files from .pdf to .mobi then send it to the @kindle email address associated with your device.

No. 1016573

File: 1641393369722.jpg (44.38 KB, 680x680, Tumblr_l_148711231099246.jpg)

ok nonas how do i masturbate.
i'm 22 but started watching porn when i was 10 so of course i had a very deranged idea of sex for all of my teenage years.
i got out of a meh relationship so i'm almost one year sex-free/voluntary celibate and i don't want to have sex again until i know what my body/i like (but free from porn-programming if that makes sense)…
all these years i was only able to cum if i was watching/reading something but i don't want to be like that anymore. if i want to be in a relationship where my partner doesn't watch porn ofc i need to do the same thing.
thanks for all your help sisters

No. 1016577

invest in a bullet vibrator, thats always a good place to start with.

No. 1016578

No. 1016581

Yes, most of the time! I use similar strategy, try to sit as close as possible to the front so just in case I'm close to the driver (since that would be the person in power to idk, throw someone out), I'd rather stand than sit next to most men and I avoid situations I could be cornered in (like seats that are too close in a row so its hard to get out if you're next to the window and so). I think this kind of thing comes very naturally to most of the women, almost every one of us experienced something unpleasant in public transport and/or heard many stories from friends and family.

No. 1016599

i had one a year ago and they feel weird to hold idk didn't like it…
thanks nona!!

No. 1016668

I want Drakengard but it costs like 70-80$ suddenly (it was cheaper a lot a few months back, at least on my local sites). Would getting it be an investment? I see that it's already pretty rare

No. 1016671

Who do you think is more annoying between the "low empathy" LARPers and "empaths"?

No. 1016673

I ordered something on the 21st December and it still didn’t ship evrn though it says on the website they ship 1-2 days after payment. Should I ask for a refund? I’m getting salty. Also mild tea: i contacted the customer service about whennthey gonna ship anf they finally answered me PLUS made a ton of insta stories showing their shop and emphasizing hoe ~slow fashion~ they are snd ~slow business ~ i felt it was about me pissing them off kek

No. 1016678

I would just ask for a refund. If it's not something made to order or a preorder and it says they ship 1-2 days after payment, I don't see why they wouldn't have shipped it unless they were on holiday this whole time.

No. 1016679

Low empathy larpers for me. Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than when someone talks about a video or movie that scared them and someone else feels the need to humblebrag that it didn’t faze them. No one cares or thinks you’re an edgy psychopath because you watched a gore video and felt nothing. Not that having low empathy is necessarily something to be ashamed of, but it’s stupid when people flex having low empathy like it’s something that makes them special.

No. 1016680

Low empathy larpers. Empaths are annoying as fuck but at least they don't pretend to have 0 feelings. The low empathy larpers will always pull the MUH LOW EMPATHY card to dodge the consequences of being a raging piece of shit.

No. 1016681

File: 1641401556458.jpg (28.81 KB, 640x412, j26at2wsu0371 - Copy.jpg)

Girls I need help with something I SHOULDN'T need help with

Basically when I try to access certain websites, literally normal websites, it's blocked because of our WiFi's 'Child Safety Settings', and I'm 18 years old. I'm very annoyed, because I'm not a child who needs Safety Settings.

I literally just want to look at meme edits, I have been scarred for life on websites as tame as Reddit and Wikipedia, and am very responsible. Does anyone smart know how to bypass this?

No. 1016685

I was just about to ask something similar, placed an order right after xmas and now 5th of jan there was no sign of them posting it… just got the email right now. That is one generous xmas break they had. Wish I'd such a long break lol

No. 1016689

Both are almost equally annoying but empath LARPers are too often hypocritical and narcissistic. At least the low empathy fags aren't trying to hide the fact that they're garbage.

No. 1016699

I'm not a techie but have you tried googling the router's model to find instructions for the settings?

No. 1016704

i read this in a whine-y child voice kek

No. 1016716

Lmfao. The image she posted screams 18 without telling us herself she's 18.

No. 1016740

it screams underage tbh, I'm sorry

No. 1016746

empaths for the same reason the other anon mentioned. would rather have people admit to being shit than hide behind it

No. 1016816

How do I de-escalate the feeling of anxiety when I feel it start to bubble up??

No. 1016828

I'm renewing something online that needs my photo and they're asking me to upload a photo that must "measure 45 millimetres (mm) high by 35mm wide" Is there any way to achieve this measurement with a photo taken on my cellphone? Like how could I crop or readjust the dimensions of a photo to fit these measurements? I don't want to go outside and pay for a photo just to scan and upload it when I could just take a selfie and submit it.

No. 1016831

Just take the photo and then resize and crop it here:

No. 1016834

Thanks for the link anon!