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File: 1564754649170.png (36.06 KB, 700x425, toy.png)

No. 43388

Dolls, action figures, plushies, model kits, and other collectables are all welcome here. If you've got customising techniques to show off or just wanna share pics or toy news, this thread is for you! Or do you have some memories to share? Statues are cool too but there should be a focus on articulated things.

Here's some questions to generate discussion:
>What's your first vs your latest toy?
>If you're a collector, when did you start?
>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?
>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?
>What's the most expensive item you own?
>Waiting for a package to arrive?
couldn't think of a pic to use so I threw up a logo, yadda yadda graphic design is my passion
also never made a thread before, hope I didn't do something wrong/thread doesn't die

No. 43389

File: 1564754975789.jpg (190.87 KB, 1200x1200, Fairyland vinyl.jpg)

So WonFes came and went, lots of official things and garage kits were displayed and I stole this pic off 4chan. This is apparently Fairyland's new vinyl body, I don't anything about the character but I like her design. Moe anime heads are very hit or miss with me but in this instance I like it.

No. 43390

no offense but this is a tacky and tasteless base. idk why you guys like this kind of stuff.

No. 43391

File: 1564755469753.jpg (103.14 KB, 1024x576, EAheo0eU0AEcRAu.jpg)

As for something else, here's some Dark Souls garage kits by GillGill. Yes, they're 1/12. Yes, they're articulated. It's a dream come true because the Figma Black Knight is stuck in Good Smile purgatory and nobody else wants to make Dark Souls figures for some reason. I think Siegmeyer and the Elite Knights are reruns, but Artorias is new(!!!). Not pictured is the Dragonslayer Spear which I'm pretty sure was sold with the rest of the things on display, and they all cost too much for me to justify, not that I could get my gaijin hands on them anyway. ;_; I just want the spear and a shield for my Oscar.

No. 43392

I'm actually not familiar with bigger dolls so I can't say I have seasoned taste but it looks alright to me besides the boob shape, lots of owners seem okay with it though and I just assumed it's for the way the clothing fits?

No. 43393

File: 1564771723907.jpeg (53.55 KB, 533x800, Siona1470233522.jpeg)

I mainly collected anime figurines, but I liked anything that could be considered collectible, really. Vintage toys, ponys, Living Dead Dolls, LPS, plushies, porcelain dolls, etc.
Sadly I'm not really able to buy whatever I want anymore, so I stopped ~actively~ collecting things like 2 or 3 years ago.
Long story short, up until 2015 the US dolar (most collectible things are valued in that currency where I live) was very cheap. 100 dolars was nothing. I remember paying like 300 usd for 1/8 figures no problem. Then, at the end of 2015 we elected a new president and oh boy. The price for the US dolar went from like, 10 pesos to 45 pesos. So basically now everything is fucking impossible to afford. And if I can afford something, the price is so ridiculously high that I don't even think it's worth it anymore. Like, I could buy a motorbike instead of buying a single 1/8 figurine. I hate this 3rd world shithole lmao.

Anyway, the good thing is that most of the collectible things I own are very expensive now, so I guess I have a lot of virtual money, in a way. I mean, I don't plan to sell anything, but if I have to, at least it going to be worth it I guess.

I will answer the questions specifically about my anime figurines, since they are the most decent thing that I used to collect (well, I still kind of do, but I buy like 1 figure per year max)

>What's your first vs your latest toy?

First was 1/8 Ayase from Oreimo, (Thanatos Cosplay version) by Kotobukiya. And lastest was one Goku Black by Banpresto. Tbh Banpresto is the only brand I can afford now lmao.

>If you're a collector, when did you start?

I guess I started taking collecting more seriously when I was around 16. I always liked the idea of collecting stuff tho, and I intentionally didn't throw away or donate my toys when I grew older because I already tought about keeping them as collectibles.

>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?

I'm not really saving money for anything in particular, but there are a couple of cheap Dragon Ball figures that I'm planning to buy at some point. There are of course lots of figures that I wish I could buy, but I will probably die without even being able to see them in person lmao. So I don't even consider saving up for them.

>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?

Not really. I even bought some figures of series I didn't watch, just because they were so pretty. Still don't regret it. Specially knowing how valuable they are now.

>What's the most expensive item you own?

Honestly, no idea. It may be pic related, but I'm a little lazy to look up prices and to be honest I'm also very inexperienced with that, so I'm never sure where to search. I never bought anything on my own since it's a bit difficult where I live, so I bought all of my figures through facebook stores.

>Waiting for a package to arrive?

Sadly, no. Btw the last figure I pre-ordered never arrived and I guess the owner of the store I ordered from basically scammed me, but it's a long story so I'll leave it there. Never pre-ordered or bought figures that weren't in stock since then.

Sorry for the wall of text, and obligatory ~sorry for bad english~. I hope this isn't impossible to read, lol.

Also >>43389 that doll on the left reminds me a lot of Oda Nobunaga from the Fate series. I feel like a disgusting cringy weeb but I love military themed outfits, kek.

No. 43394

File: 1564775852807.jpg (43.2 KB, 400x600, 32318247270_ca327cd066_z.jpg)

Can I discuss BJD shit here? I know there's an ANCIENT doll thread but it's from four years ago and this is a general, idk if mods would want it necroed if this is already inclusive.
So, anyone here into collecting male bjds?
I'm a poorfag student atm so I only have one (I'm redoing his faceup tomorrow actually…it's been two years so I hope I'm not too rusty) but I'd love to have a whole team of them someday lmao.
I'd love to own one of Little Rebel's boys someday, as well as several of Dollshe's (although I heard shipping from them can be a disaster wrt wait times?). In particular I'd love an Aramis, pic related, in a darker skin tone although I'm quite sad the rhythmos body was discontinued because it was so cute. Dollpamm's new male bodies also appeal to me, even if the naming pattern he has is iffy I can't help but want one someday.
I like keeping an eye on the market although I know it's going to be years until I can afford any of them.

No. 43395

>The price for the US dolar went from like, 10 pesos to 45 pesos.
Jesus, anon. Sorry to hear that. I never really saw the point in statues until I was gifted a Banpresto and now I can appreciate them as a nice piece of art and craftsmanship even if they 'don't do anything'. It's great you don't regret a purchase either because I have a few figures of my own that I've never done anything with besides check them out of the box (maybe that's a good reason to collect statues, hah). A good place to check an item's original price is MyFigureCollection, imo.

Yeah! BJD stuff is a-okay. I don't collect them myself due to the high entry cost and high chance of them becoming a pretty paper weight but I really like Soom's Idealian Kahn, it's a shame I can't even find him anywhere even just to look at photos. It's like he doesn't exist outside of their shop.

Speaking of doll stuff I'm looking for a 1/6 head to fit on an Azone body, preferrably with eye holes can someone rec me some? I don't like the Obitsu heads or the ones from Parabox.

No. 43396

File: 1564781067446.jpg (96.65 KB, 680x476, DxMsMAkVAAEUMiE.jpg)

>If you're a collector, when did you start?
4 years ago, when I got my first job at 16.
>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?
Some nendoroids of FOTM shows I got when I was new to collecting. They were in poor condition to sell (missing parts, no box) so I gave them away online. Just nendoroids in general, one or two looks nice but their cheapness becomes really noticeable to me when there are too many grouped together.
>What's the most expensive item you own?
A Kagamine Len DDS
>Waiting for a package to arrive?
Just this. I don't collect figures that much anymore because I feel the prices have risen too much for the amount the quality has increased. Also am running out of space.
I am more of a vinyl collector but I like looking at pictures of BJDs. I guess I haven't found the one doll that really speaks to me yet.

No. 43397

File: 1564789008082.jpg (250.13 KB, 1181x1181, sozai kun hobbybase.jpg)

I hope the anon who collects Marvel Legends can post and rec me a bigger 1/12 or 7" figure, I want to customize it but all the characters I'm finding have a lot of… bits in the way? I need a tall male figure who's not super muscley without needing a lot of work to take off the original character's parts. If only we had more options for 1/12 male blanks that aren't super skinny or short teenagers.

No. 43398

File: 1564802045887.jpeg (61.45 KB, 531x800, 3832A8D4-82C3-4E63-BB19-4C000C…)

>What's your first vs your latest toy?
I first started collecting one coin figures for stuff like Evangelion and the Tales games. The last figure I bought was the Megahouse Raidou.

>If you're a collector, when did you start?

Mid 2000s and 2013 was my biggest purchase year.

>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?

If I got around to selling the figures I don’t want to keep I have a couple older ones in mind. Besides that I haven’t bought any figs for a few years.

>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?

It’s not that I regret them but I have a couple figures like Jojo SAS that I’ve lost pieces for, or bought with missing pieces. I know that if I list them anywhere toy collectors are very anal about that sort of thing. Like someone left a negative comment about a figure being messed up when it was a sealed SAS I never even took out of the box.

>What's the most expensive item you own?

I paid preorder for that one Aoba scale by Max Factory, it just sits in my closet and I never even took it out of the box. Definitely was an impulse buy when I bought it and I haven’t tried selling it because of the size.

No. 43399

File: 1564803733716.jpg (76.29 KB, 500x282, g2IWpfSkzXMHbteDaT8ddLBxqc5.jp…)

I collect Bratz dolls. There was this collector in my area who was selling her entire collection all brand new in box. So I got many that cost $100+ online for around $10 each. I also like getting bundles of used ones that have fucked up haircuts from their previous 7 year old owners and pen marks on their faces and fixing them. I've hidden them for years out of shame tbh but considering putting them on display. I love that they're having their moment on social media right now, the 2000s fashion being so in, etc..Hope it doesn't die out too soon.

No. 43400

File: 1564809580061.jpeg (296.37 KB, 1200x1200, 52097D3C-7E50-4DD4-AEC9-7D807A…)

OP here with some more questions:
>Do you only buy what you like or are you a completionist who wants the whole set?
>Have you ever thought about where your toys will go as you get older? REALLY old?
>Have you kept your childhood toys?
>Any toy/merch horror stories, as a kid or an adult?

pic related is the Ikea SOCKER

No. 43401

File: 1564816109039.jpg (34.95 KB, 375x500, shatterstar.jpg)

I wish Marvel Legends would do some of the more obscure characters (and no, I'm not talking about "obscure" costumes for popular characters). I mean, shit. If they can make Boom-Boom and Cable figures, they can make Shatterstar. Is an original x-Force set too much to ask?

All of my favorite cape shit characters are too obscure to have more than one or two action figures, and they all suck. They've got really ugly joints, are made of shitty material, and have weird handjob-fists.

I've honestly considered just using Blender to make a model and have it 3D-printed. I'm not an amazing artist, but shit, I could do better than this. For your purposes, I think you should 3D print the additional accessories.

No. 43402

File: 1564821429926.jpg (143.3 KB, 999x813, 07dc8205a618405e5d5a78cc1b11fb…)

That reminds me of those American Girl minis. I had a few of them as a kid, they were so cool…

No. 43403

Bratz dolls were all I wanted as a kid because all my friends had them and I couldn't get any. I got this Christmas edition one for Hanukkah named Dana because she had the same name as my mom and she thought it was funny. I even tried to win one on a game show for kids but all the other kids were faster.

You just brought back a lot of memories for me anon.

No. 43404

File: 1564840716101.jpeg (101.98 KB, 880x742, E6F7EE1A-69BA-4D75-BFC1-4A6FDB…)

I loved these! I still love diorama type stuff, wish I had time/space/resources to build my own from scratch. Do any anons make dioramas/scale replicas?

No. 43405

That's crazy cool. I'm in love with mini and mini sets. I have one 45cm ball jointed doll and always wanted a smaller one to do mini sets and backgrounds with.

No. 43406

I don't but I know a channel you might like, here's one video

No. 43407

>weird handjob-fists
my sides, anon.
Don't know anything about capeshit but I went down the rabbit hole that is Rob Liefield and I remember seeing this guy. He has one hell of a mullet.

I considered sculpting stuff from scratch before I knew that people prototyped in 3D but it's all for naught on me anyway because even though I'm decent at drawing, my head just 404's if I make anything in 3D. It's literally a whole new dimension and my peabrain can't handle it. But yeah I'd love to learn how and then sell little things on Shapeways.

Never heard of these, what scale are they? If I didn't know any better I'd think they were made from scratch by someone with a lot of time.

No. 43408

File: 1564870907632.jpg (142.21 KB, 685x1000, 2103849105227093929.jpg)

Thank you for making this thread, OP! I tried to make something like this like a year ago but it bombed. Wrong time and OP that could use more love (I haven't browsed /toy/ even once when I made the thread, so I approached it from the wrong side).

Anyway, let's get to the questions!

>What's your first vs your latest toy?

I have no idea as I had too many firsts. Are we talking dolls, anime figures, vintage My Little Pony? What comes to my mind is a Playarts Aerith figure (the first one, based on FFVII), which is pretty special for me. I sold my Naruto manga in order to buy her, cause I had zero pocket allowance. My parents were against the idea (it was the beginning of our financial issues), but I really wanted her and I am glad she's still with me. I need to buy a Cloud figure to keep her company!
The latest one that I purchased is a Princess Ai figure. I loved that manga as a teen and still do. I remember drooling all over pics of PA figures and dolls. I can't wait till she arrives, even though she's not a very high quality figurine. Not sure if I should unbox her or keep her sealed.

>If you're a collector, when did you start?

I've always been one, as a kid I was always trying to get other kids to trade with me so I could get their beautiful Barbie dolls or Happy Meal figurines of Disney Princesses. The day a friend decided to trade with me for her chibi figures of Sailor Moon I was crazy happy. I wish I haven't lost them!
When I was thirteen I started collecting MLP and cheap gacha anime figures that I could buy at conventions.
I also collect fashion dolls (though I want to give up part of my collection), Furbies and other adorable/aesthetic toys (like the Zelfs - I wish the brand didn't get killed by the Trolls franchise, they were so much cuter).

>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?

I am the L2 Elf figure sperg from the merch thread, so I already bought the one figure I've been obsessing about.

>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?

Probably some cheap trash like a Hetalia One Coin figure (I didn't even like Hetalia, just wanted to join a friend in the fun).

>What's the most expensive item you own?

My BJD was pretty expensive when I bought him, but he was still cheap for a BJD (made by a no-name company) and I doubt he is still worth much. I love him to pieces and want to buy him more clothes, as well as to learn how to style his wigs (I hate all the stray hairs, any advice will be appreciated).

>Waiting for a package to arrive?

The L2 and PA figures as well as two genuine G1 My Little Ponies.

No. 43409

>L2 Elf figure anon from the merch thread

i remember you, awesome that you were finally able to get one! some of the figures from that series are really pretty. i still want some even though i havent played it in about 8 years haha

No. 43410

lol, it's one of the train loli's from Maitetsu.

I have a few Figuart Kamen Riders and some Gunpla.
Plastic Models are fun to build.

No. 43411

File: 1564887197452.jpg (122.69 KB, 1025x1024, D_rHRqOVAAAWRXP.jpg)

oh vomits
She looks great as a doll though, shame about the original property. I gotta share my Megami Devices doing stuff eventually. Pic related isn't mine but it's of an MD I own.

No. 43412

File: 1564943421934.jpeg (296.84 KB, 1200x900, d_EgD2no.jpeg)

I've started collecting Monster High dolls to customize and have also gotten these cheap Cutey Honey figures to repaint aswell
I'd love to try my hand at a BJD face-up somewhen, but BJD's are pretty pricy in general so I'm still saving up
anyone else here customizing/ repainting toys?

No. 43413


I do MH face ups. Got really into it watching dollightful et al. I've done two I'm happy with including their wig and clothes and my next project is one of the 17" dolls. If you need any help or recommendations let me know.

No. 43414

File: 1564956227758.png (759.98 KB, 776x1012, blondielocks.png)

ayyy I'm doing MH faceups as well! my first one was actually an ever after high, tbh I really dont like their faces anywhere as much?? MH dolls are so much prettier and their faces are closer to a real persons.
every time I go to a thrift store I manage to find them, but they have really similar cheap plastic BJD/articulated dolls on ebay for like, fuck all $$$
pic related, I turned a blondie locks I found into a gudetama themed one. too bad my hands shake so bad from my meds it's incredibly hard to do fine detail QQ
if more doll customising anons come out of the woodwork we should start a seperate thread as not to shit up this one. it's getting more and more popular, which honestly is so cool. Dollightful is straight up a shot of dopamine to watch

No. 43415

samefag but yeah there's millions of these knockoff ones, not sure about the quality. there's also people reselling the legit MH torsos/parts/lots of dolls so I'm sure if you're trying to do it on the cheap there's something on ebay for you <3 please keep us updated, I dont know anyone IRL who does this shit so its so nice to doll sperg for a sec ahaha

No. 43416

File: 1564956514961.png (981.11 KB, 2210x1378, base.png)

No. 43417

File: 1564957997781.jpeg (86.1 KB, 750x550, Kaneel1547180441.jpeg)

This is my fucking thread, right here.

>What's your first vs your latest toy?

God, I've been collecting so long, it's hard to say. I think my oldest is a tiny BJD. Latest thing to come in the mail is Snow Miku #1000 Snow Princess ver.
>If you're a collector, when did you start?
After I got my first job out of high school.
>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?
Revoltech revealed a painted prototype of Harley Quinn that looks cool. If something is too pricey, I tend to shrug and move on or else my wishlist would get cluttered with shit I can't afford, lol.
>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?
I regret buying as much Madoka-related figures as I did, I've been selling most of it off.
>What's the most expensive item you own?
I can't really say without outing myself because it's very specific and uncommon, but next one after would probably be a Batchix Mini-Machina Delta.
>Waiting for a package to arrive?
Waiting on some dolls and some things from Mandarake. I have to force myself not to think about it because waiting for registered SAL sucks.

No. 43418

File: 1564961381446.jpg (164.73 KB, 400x690, 373749-156727-shatterstar.jpg)

The funny thing is that half the artists who penciled him didn't even give him a mullet. A lot of them decided to just give him long hair, sometimes with bangs (pic related). Then in the 2000s XFI just gave him short hair and it's been that way since.

Anyway, if you have Blender or Zbrush, there are "bases" you can download for things like action figures. All you have to do is add the features and design elements (just like those cringey old Deviantart bases lmao). Then you 3d print it, but if you want stronger material you can make a polyurethane cast.

Then the fun part, which is painting it. Airbrushes are your friend for that sort of process, but hand-painting works well, too. I've never done model painting, but my dad and brother have. They say that the little pots they sell at hobby stores work best. I imagine you'd probably also have to prime the figure.

No. 43419

Seems like the thread is going steady. I'd like to post some actual news/content but for now I'm just glad you guys are keeping it alive. I don't see why doll faceups would shit up the thread, hearing about what you do with them is useful since the same materials can be used to customise other things. Also I'm hoping we get anons who make dioramas to stick around.

Nice faceups, I especially like the one in the middle. Good job!

That actually looks nice, you can never go wrong with ponytails. Imagine having enough hair left over to make a random braid out of it, baldies are seething

I have Blender, I think in my few hours of playing around I know that the X button does something lmao. I was actually thinking of printing my Skyrim character's head and putting it on pic related because the facework is already done (but I think that involves resizing and making it print ready which is ???). Then I'd paint the details in gold to look like the older TES ebony armours.

No. 43420

File: 1564980607230.jpg (153.12 KB, 768x1155, Vampire-Legion-Builder-18.jpg)

oh fugg, well here's pic related

No. 43421

File: 1564985570217.jpg (47.7 KB, 640x480, s-l640.jpg)

I was an avoid collector as a kid (I was sort of spoiled lol).

I loved Calico Critters. I had a pretty nice collection of the rabbits going. I had a set very similar to pic related, but with rabbits and bears instead of dogs. I had to sell them off for college expenses. It's the kind of thing I would love to collect when I get old. I love the idea of a nice little china cupboard with a bunch of Calico Critters in it.

The other day, I was picking up groceries at Walmart and I saw an aisle with Calico Critters out of the corner of my eye. I got really wistful, and I came close to just buying one of the little blind-bags.

No. 43422

same with dollightful for getting more into it, though i first saw Nicolle's Dreams tutorials since she did BJD stuff aswell
Her tutorials are so detailed aswell
Still haven't tried making wigs or rerooting, I'd be afraid to fuck it up and then have wasted money on the utensils and doll hair
thanks anon! the middle one was my newest one, guess you can tell

No. 43423

How do you plan to repaint those CH figurines?
BTW if you don't care about the ethics of buying bootleg BJD, you can get recast heads for cheap on aliexpress. Just felt like letting you know so upu have the option.

No. 43424

I had no idea they were called Calico Critters in the US, I've always known them as Sylvanian Families. Interestingly it seems to be more to do with licensing legalities than a deliberate Americanised rebranding.

Nayrt but seeing Dollightful's videos has got me interested in face ups too, I feel way too old for it but I'm excited. I bought some cheap MH heads online to practice on before I ruin a real doll but I'm still researching sealants.

No. 43425

File: 1565004969215.jpeg (194.96 KB, 1000x1000, BCA26421-1BDA-4704-808A-671A9A…)

Ugh I’m trying to shop for doll eyes but I’m getting really confused at the unreliable scaling on AliExpress. While I haven’t bought it yet I’m looking at this head to put on a Pure Neemo which apparently takes 11x8mm oval eyes (or 10x7) and the irises are 5mm. Basically I can’t find better than stock eyes at this scale so am I SOL? What if I took standard round 10mm eyes (not the iris, the whole thing) and sanded it to shape? What do you guys think?

No. 43426

File: 1565007606814.jpg (116.91 KB, 400x534, dk_poodle_charcoal_free_dog_am…)

>What's your first vs your latest toy?
Precious Moments cat stuffed animal was my first, and my most recent plush amuse shiba inu.

>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?

I want a loppy usa bunny, a skullpets plush, Hangry&Angry plushes, and I want to get into crocheting amigurumi plushes. I really want this poodle kit from Edward's Menagerie because my bf has a poodle.

>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?

I was at a con and I saw figures for one of my favorite anime, Gintama, it Hijikata Toushirou. He didn't look anything like the picture in the box, he ended up looking like another character from the show, Yamazaki, but with a sword. I would've been fine with it if he had a tennis racket instead of a sword, but it's a clear fuck up.

>What's the most expensive item you own?

I think it's this little key chain I bought that cost a little over $69 AUD.

No. 43427

File: 1565008452470.png (1.25 MB, 1163x694, brothertiti.PNG)

planning to go over the clothing where the coloring went over the lines to neaten it up, maybe add shading and then try to make the face presentable
i'm hoping i can work with watercolor pencils on the face like on MH dolls
it was this person on ig who actually inspired me to try it out, they've repainted a few jojo figures and i love the results

also I'd rather not buy recasts but thanks
some companies make cheaper practice heads and i've thought about ordering one of those

No. 43428

about sealant, mr super clear seems to be hard to get in the US but maybe you can find it where you're from?
It's what most of the youtube doll customizers use and i was lucky a local model making shop stocked it
at least with it you know it works since you can find a lot of reviews
did you research any good alternatives?

No. 43429

So this is the merch thread except the merch thread had cooler shit? Lol

No. 43430


You can get really nice doll hair from Aliexpress and HeXtian has a good tutorial for wigs should only cost you $2 max for the hair. Rerooting is a thing of pure evil though. I do not have the patience for that.

No. 43431

Me coming into this thread: “what’s the likelihood that this won’t be a thread full of weebshit?”
>first post is weebshit
Damn, 0% I guess

Calico critters are cute but SO. DAMN. EXPENSIVE.

No. 43432

File: 1565049111930.jpg (136.12 KB, 1280x853, EBGIyScUEAIe-0G.jpg)

I like my weebshit, (not) sorry that my taste in toys don't align with yours. If you don't like anime merch feel free to post something that isn't.

No. 43433

i have tons of calico critters too! i'm workin on a custom "town" table atm, just a small one, i'm going to make cute grass terrain for the 2 houses i have.

No. 43434

>complaining about weebshit
>doesn't know calico critters are from the nippon


No. 43435

Man, that's what I was thinking when I first checked this out. Imagine spending so much on a phase. It's like them scene kids in 2004. The only cute shit in this thread are those calico critters and the mini houses.

No. 43436

Calico critters aren't anime.

No. 43437

File: 1565055816382.jpg (130.51 KB, 538x810, 1488318845007.jpg)

>inb4 it's not a phase
You don't sound familiar with 'weebshit' but it's just like any other geeky interest, is it so much cringier than the people who spend their money on toys that are literally for children? Post content.

No. 43438

i've got some bad news, anon.

No. 43439

i love dollfie dream! i mostly collect azone purneemo because the size is easier to keep a lot of but dollfie dream dolls are so pretty!

No. 43440

post content or gfto, nobody itt besides you and that other anon gives a shit about what you have to say about people's personal interests that they come to post here.

No. 43441

I would try 12mm rounds with a small iris. It's easier to find eyes in 12mm, and if you buy 10mm and the whites are too small, you can't do anything to fix it.

No. 43442

any recs for bjds on aliexpress?

No. 43443

Ah, I didn't know what doll this was. I saw the picture floating around online and saved it because it was really pretty.

Thanks. I realise I might be being a dummy and that eye cavity might take round eyes anyway but I can't be sure without the head in hand (the other price of shopping for parts in one go is that you can't check compatibility…)

I've never bought an entire doll (or doll body) off Aliexpress so I can't tell you. Idk if this is bait for recasts but I'm not into proper bjds enough to have an opinion on them.

No. 43444

File: 1565073664085.png (953.57 KB, 798x1104, Untitled.png)

Me again, here's a picture in the doll head's description and an image from a listing of the same eye in another colour.

No. 43445

don't buy recasts, there's cheap legit dolls on the market

No. 43446

>there's cheap legit dolls on the market
Also what's wrong with recasts if they are of a good quality. Everything gets ripped off, idk why overpriced BJD get the special treatment. I can understand being protective over small brands, but I cringe about people furiously defending Iplehouse, Volks or Dollzone.
I don't own or plan to buy recasts, but someone who buys a $100 recast will not buy the $1000 original anyway.

No. 43447

Where did you buy yours bjd anons? Any site recommendations? Also, there is a big chance that I gonna pay extra customs charges for a doll?
And what do you think about smart dolls?

No. 43448

What's the best website to buy merch(figurines, plushies, wall prints etc.)? I really want to decorate my room.

No. 43449

are you referring to general weeb shit? if you don't care about it being opened/2nd hand, try Buyee proxy service and browse suruga-ya.jp

there's also yahoo auctions, sometimes listings for figure/merch lots would appear but i can only imagine the shipping would cost an arm

you'll have to do some copy-pasta for a specific character/franchise in japanese in the search bar if you can't read JP as that yields more results

No. 43450

New figures -amiami
Secondhand w/international shipping - Mandarake
Secondhand w/ shopping service - Surugaya

Surugaya ships to Hong Kong and China if you live in either one.

No. 43451

I think smart dolls are meh, Danny never got around to making them 'smart' so they're just regular dolls where you could get way prettier sculpts for your money.

Depends on what characters, western or anime?
Only buy from Ebay and Amazon as a last result due to bootlegs and scalper prices.

Obviously check western stores first for merch on western IPs. You may also support your local stores and smaller online shops (but if it's an import item it'll likely be more expensive as they inflate the price to cover the cost of them getting across borders + profit).

For anime shit I know you have lots and lots of choices. First and foremost are the well known Japanese stores (AmiAmi, HLJ, 1999.co.jp (AKA HobbySearch), etc), you don't need a proxy service like Buyee to buy from those. Proxy services are for shops that only sell to their own country (obviously) which you'll need if you want to buy merch from Yahoo Japan Auctions. Mandarake is another Japanese online store that sells 'second hand' goods (a lot of stuff there is actually new, it's just been out on the shelves of a physical store). I know more to this but don't wanna type more in case you're not even looking for that, hah.

semi related but this just reminded me I bought a knock off in my own country for £33 with shipping pushing it to £40 when I could've just gotten it from Aliexpress, free shipping, for £20. Hurts.

No. 43452

Yeah, general weeb shit is what I'm looking for. I'm checking out all the sites you anons linked and I'm gonna need a bigger wallet. Jeez… guess my dreams of a true weeb room are a ways down the line. Thank you so much for the suggestions and info.

No. 43453

I think the prices of more recent products have gone up a lot in the last couple years. Like really nice Alter 1/8 figures used to be around 9k yen and now figures in the same series start at 12k.

At least with Mandarake they do big markdowns on boxes with a small amount of damage.

No. 43454

File: 1565103530088.jpeg (48.18 KB, 400x400, BadWolfVindici1550659026.jpeg)

RIP, girl. If only they weren't priced like the luxury import products they are but it is what it is. On the bright side I think the quality of everything is better than it was even just a decade ago so even the smaller, cheaper prize figures look really good. Banpesto's Q Posket seems pretty common if you like affordable big chibi heads, common enough that I got this Wonder Woman easily on a whim in the UK for £14 from a local store and I adore her. If you're UK like me, check out Forbidden Planet, but if you're US there's also BigBadToyStore. Personally I shop at HLJ because I'm willing to pay shipping for more niche things.

Seconding Mandarake as a good choice because of those markdowns, apparently Japanese are really uptight about box damage (and it's like a small scuff on the corner, stuff nobody notices).

No. 43455

File: 1565104072072.jpeg (53.53 KB, 638x475, 742645B2-0021-45E7-B5BB-9AF182…)

Any of you anons collect GI Joe? I think I like the 12 inch better than the tiny figures. They come with lots of cool accessories. I never thought I would end up there but I got one and now I want more

Kek smartass but clearly that’s a recent thing and they’re based off euros anyway

No. 43456

File: 1565137950255.jpg (2.45 MB, 3206x1579, 20190806_172730_989.jpg)

Any other Godzilla gals here?? I got ahold of the Neca Rodan today. His articulation is poor and his flight stand doesn't work for squat. I ended up taking a spare obitsu stand and that works for him well enough. Despite all this, I'm still happy to have him haha. He looks good to me, at least.

No. 43457

File: 1565139296832.jpg (141.86 KB, 616x1000, -3331350336354820113.jpg)

Not GI Joe, but I recently got a Blade action figure and he came with an insane amount of accessories. Sunglasses included.
I'm really amazed with these kinds of toys. I used to have so many Barbies where the accessories would come separately, it ended up being so costly as a child.

No. 43458


Oh my god anon that is some good taste.

No. 43459

File: 1565140393656.jpg (98.1 KB, 640x480, barb.JPG)

I have been dreaming of this thread for so long. I have a pretty sizeable late 80s-late 90s Barbie merch collection (pic related is one shelf of tat) I don't much care for the dolls unless they're BNIB but I love the merch. My fave thing is probs a set of boxed Barbie and Ken walkietalkies. I have a bunch of G1 MLPs, some Jem and the Holograms stuff, vintage Polly Pocket, Moondreamers and a bunch more random pink and sparkly 80s/90s stuff. I started collecting about 2 years ago but had some stuff I'd held onto since childhood (born in 96). I don't really know why I'm so into the super pink girly stuff cos I'm nothing like that irl but I guess the visuals are just pleasing to me. Does anyone know of any good FB groups for collecting this era/type of stuff that aren't full of crazy nasty middle aged women??

No. 43462

I’m a very casual toy collector, most of my toys are just random things that catch my eye from Target/CVS/GameStop/etc and a few anime statuettes. I love every one though and I especially love blind bags. Plus a small load of stuffed animals, mostly Pokémon ones.

How do y’all display your collections? Currently I have one shelf in my bedroom dedicated to it, but it’s a mess and I’m hoping to get shelves with smaller/shorter levels since most of my toys are tiny. The ones that are still packaged, with the little hook to hang, I have up on a wall hanging from push pins. But my plushes just sit in a chair lmao, I’d like a shelf to put them on eventually but I don’t have room yet. I literally can’t wait until I have my own home and can display stuff in other rooms!

No. 43479

i don't give two hecks about recasts.

No. 43514

File: 1565168166252.jpg (41.27 KB, 460x405, calico-critters-wooly-alpaca-f…)

My favorite Calico Critters family is the alpacas, closely followed by the hedgehogs.

I love the packaging for 80s and early 90s Barbie stuff. I don't know why, maybe it's because it's peak flashy 80s graphic design.

No. 43515

File: 1565168238641.jpg (86.78 KB, 710x426, 020373219236.jpg)

Here are the hedgehogs. So cute.

No. 43516

>azone pureneemo
i've been wanting to buy one of these for forever.. i wanna get a plain one, paint on a cute face, and make a huge wardrobe of tiny frilly dresses
they're not even that expensive, so i don't know what's keeping me

No. 43520

File: 1565177190124.jpg (361.76 KB, 1200x1200, Unmasked-Kylo-Ren-SH-Figuarts-…)

Forgot to mention that I also collect Rei Ayanami and Kylo Ren figures.
I wish there were more of Kylo ones that actually resemble Adam Driver, I love his weird beautiful face! TFA Mafex one looked amazing on promo photos but ended up being a huge disappointment IRL. I lowkey want the Figuarts unmasked one but the head seems too big for the body… I hope that one day I will be able to buy an unmasked Kylo Ren figure that has it all.

No. 43527

File: 1565186917732.jpg (329.46 KB, 1131x800, giorno.jpg)

I've never bought a figure before, but this Giorno one… is tempting me.

No. 43545

I have TLJ Figuarts Kylo Ren and he's one of my favorite toys I own! There's no head-scale issue on him, but I obviously can't speak towards the TFA version. I'm pretty into the Star Wars toy scene and I've never heard anyone say anything is off on him, though, so I'd definitely recommend nabbing him if you want him! (tho heads up, the unmasked one you posted was a con exclusive so he's pretty $$$. that's why I have the TLJ one)

No. 43589

Surugaya has international shipping now with their .com domain.

No. 43592

File: 1565210128449.gif (995.57 KB, 1066x1600, 1.gif)

You can get MSC for a decent price on ebay. I stocked up the shop had a sale of the normal-sized cans for $15(plus free shipping), but you can usually catch it for sale around $20-25 on ebay.

No. 43630

>tfw my local hobby shop has MSC for $10 USD

No. 43666

Wow he is beautiful

No. 43691

Don't fall for it, those ball jointed extra face pieces of shit are not good in person. I have a Jotaro one and it's not worth it at all.

No. 43698

you probably have a shitty knockoff.

No. 43725

Oh, I see! Maybe I will get a TLJ one when I have some extra money to spend on a Kylo figure. Wonder what figure we will get for the next movie…
Also nice to see another fan of him on lolcow.

No. 43732

just for anyone wondering, it's hard to get hold of in the UK! If you search for model shops online some of them have it and are willing to post but it took me about 3 weeks to get some.

I think it's the garish design that I'm the most drawn to lol. I'm getting into the Princess of Power stuff now and that is some crazy 80s glitter big hair power. Sylvanian Families are so cute, sounds super weird but I love how their furry lil bodies feel

No. 43734

I don't. I got it brand new from AmiAmi.

No. 43753

A bunch of SAS are known for having shoddy paint jobs and the older ones like Stardust Crusaders Joseph have issues with their joints popping apart easily.

No. 43756

File: 1565312395511.jpeg (92.5 KB, 600x800, BadWolfVindici1564790302r15650…)

I really want to preorder this nendo, but he costs 100 usd, mmmh. Not sure if it's worth it.
Anyone going to buy him?
I guess I kinda want him as a consolation prize for being unable to buy ALTAiR's Waver, lmao.

No. 43773

Hm, don't know if you stumbled on the same shop I bought my couple of cans from and they were actually reasonably priced. I dug out my invoice to see where I bought them from and apparently I got them from a hobby shop called Hiroboy. Regular MSC from there costs about £7(!!!) and the UV version is £9.

You'd be dropping a whole lot of dollary doos on a very small figure that isn't very articulated. It might be cute af but is staring at a chibi really worth that much? Don't know the character but I'd say only get him if you REALLY love the character or if spending $100 is like spending $10 for you.

No. 43775

my fiance collects nendos because they're really cute so i've gotten quite fond of them over the years. (just still creeped out by the ones with tits ala super sonico) do it up.

No. 43791

Nigga $100 for an El-Melloi nendo? What sort of shitty scalper scam shop are you looking at? Amiami has it up for preorder for $38, get him from there for the love of god.

No. 43809

File: 1565355348459.jpg (207.64 KB, 540x720, e6dbd1eb-208f-4bfc-8192-4ab477…)

Really? That's sad, those figures looked so pretty from the ads. Giorno's has such a beautiful face.

No. 43810

When figures are mass-produced there’s a increased chance of paint issues, which started happening a lot when SAS began to sell more or had re-releases. Most of them are fine but there are a few that were shoddy like the red Dio.

No. 43817

File: 1565365399793.jpg (74.96 KB, 750x750, 66847635_348888746048591_68891…)

Not sure if I should post here or in the Aliexpress thread, but does anyone can tell me how to find small cute backdrops for taking photos of my ponies and dolls? I can mostly find human-size backdrops…. Should I just give up and buy a mini lightbox?
Do you guys have any other tips for taking ~aesthetic~ photos of figures and toys for Instagram?
I wish I could find a better example than pic related but hopefully you get what I mean.

No. 43827

I don't think the nendo is that good looking tbh, but the thing is that it is most decent figure I can afford of that character. Kinda sad lmao.

I have some nendos and even though I prefer bigger, more detailed figures, I still like them a lot. They are the only "chibi" figures I collect, tbh.

Kek, anon. I know it may sound expensive as fuck for a nendo, but that's what they cost where I live. We have to pay a lot of taxes when we import things. It's ridiculous, but it's been like that for so long that you just get used to it.
It's fucking sad because a lot of "expensive" figures are sold for like 100/150 usd, which I can afford; but actually importing them to my country -with taxes, shipping, etc- makes them like 500 usd in the end.

No. 43831

Jesus christ anon which country is this? I thought the 24% import taxes I have to pay for my figures was bad but that's fucking insane. I actually feel bad for you.

No. 43834

because taste is subjective, please stop being an asshole.

No. 43837

this is gorgeous, anon. i would love to try and build a corner in NYC in the seventies. i love that whole rundown, sleazy city aesthetic.

this guy is absolutely nuts, he's really into trains but he's branching out into street scenes, rivers, etc. he goes over everything very clearly and tbh I'm thinking about finally trying something small scale because of his channel.

hms is also great! i love that he works with items that don't seem very expensive, also the fact that he made a mini vacuform is badass.

No. 43866

HMS2 on youtube makes dollhouses and household items for his nendoroids. here's a video for you:

No. 44019

File: 1565531767217.jpg (18.96 KB, 332x500, 3b84ed9cfb5f6e9783587f7d34bf82…)

>What's your first vs your latest toy?
I am a doll fiend (1/6 and bjd alike), but I also have a few action figures, plushies and anime figures too. Not really a collector (besides having a shrine for a character that I try to get all the merch of), as I mostly play with them, but oh well. My first would be a random Kurhn doll. My latest.. probably my newest Jenny doll. It's an extremely rare one so naming it would easily out me heh.

>If you're a collector, when did you start?

Not really a collector, as I said, but I first consciously bought a doll when I was 13 I think. Those were simpler times before usd conversion rates fucked our entire country in the ass.

>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?

I really, really want to get some Resurrection of Monstress figures, but they are quite rare and cost too much to ship here (like 5 times the cost of the figure itself, haha). They are objectively shit, but I am a sucker for camp and monster-themed things so… yeah. I also really want another Blythe, but the one I want the most costs outrageously a lot for what they are. Would like some more Ashley Wood figures eventually. Maybe a few more Play Arts Kai's.
The one thing I can't probably get ever is a Sasha doll by Groove, particularly Nuna. Or a Noix De Rome doll of Iwakura Lain. Both are extremely rare and you can't even get pictures of them really.

>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?

When I started, I bought a lot of bootleg anime chibis. They were the only thing I could get. Later on I found out I fucking HATE most chibis. Like, nendos/q-poskets are the ugliest shit to me. I have some chibis in my posession still, but they are original figures of the characters that don't have a full-size figure available.

>What's the most expensive item you own?

Probably a Serial Experiments Lain statue, picrelated. I don't get why it costs so much, but I guess it's because it was old and not made in huge quantities. It's really subpar compared to modern figures, but that's what you get for liking old anime. If we're talking dolls, that would be my msd bjd, one of them at least.

>Waiting for a package to arrive?

Yeah, waiting on a package from Mandarake. I finally got a figure I dreamt of for about 7 years. It's a shitty one, really, so I won't brag. It's also apparently has some breakage, but I bet I can fix it. Boxed new ones are outrageously priced for what it is and I got it for 1/10th of the price because some stuff is detached and the box fell apart.

>Do you only buy what you like or are you a completionist who wants the whole set?

The dolls/toys I buy have to fit a very particular aesthetic. I couldn't give a shit about getting a full set if parts of the set are ugly to me.

>Have you ever thought about where your toys will go as you get older? REALLY old?

I'm probably not having children, so to the dump?

>Have you kept your childhood toys?

Only one and it's not a collectible, just a beat-up stuffed dog. I wish I kept my oldschool Bratz doll. I never had any toys of value besides her anyway.

>Any toy/merch horror stories, as a kid or an adult?

Not really. Just a lot of dolls I had destroyed while trying to customize that I ended up missing in their original forms and that are too pricy/rare to buy again nowadays.
Oh. I remembered. I got Play Arts Kai Cloud Strife as a gift. I don't know what version since I am not a fan of FF7 in the slightest, but he was really beautiful. One day I came home to him not being in his usual place. I thought I misplaced him. And then I found a piece of him behind the matress. My crackhead boyfriend literally smashed him to pieces because I said something he didn't like. I still wonder how he managed. Kais are pretty sturdy.

No. 44021

Samefag, but. Some cheaper bjds are from 5stardoll, Angellstudio and such. You can literally google "cheap legit bjd" and people have combined lists for you already.
My favourite cheap company is Resinsoul. They have a terribly set up shop with worst pictures ever, but. The dolls are cheap and they are really well-made. They also offer a wide variety of skintones and would mix a custom one for you, including transluscent parts! They do mix-and-match parts of dolls and do minor mods if you write to them directly. The customer support is great and they do real good discounts for group orders (we have a group order in my country's bjd comm and get about 20% on top of the usual discount)
Resionsoul face sculpts are not the best really, they're an acquired taste, but a way to get a cheap bjd is getting a cheap body and making a hybrid with whatever head sculpt you like.

No. 44024

re: resurrection of monstress, i have both phanteana and gilleala! they've got the best sculpts and cutest facepaints. i also had curia, but gave her to a friend. i've never once seen anyone talk about those figures, so cool you know them! of the two, gilleala is my favorite. her accessories are so detailed and i love the octopus on her shoulder. she's adorable.

i'm still eyeing the bishoujo ash from kotobukiya.

No. 44028

File: 1565535668570.jpg (62.06 KB, 960x540, tumblr_p9ev5lUBfd1wksfrpo1_128…)

Ah! I really really want Steela. Her sculpt might not be the best, but Frankenstein's monster is my favourite and she's kinda goals.

Speaking about classic monsters, though it's probably not a toy (still a collectible), I have recently found out about picrelated and I want them all.

No. 44029

File: 1565535692350.jpg (38.42 KB, 960x540, tumblr_p9ev5lUBfd1wksfrpo2_128…)

They're pocket knives from Franklin Mint.

No. 44032

haha, we share similar tastes, anon! these are terrific and i'm going to do some hunting to see what i can find. hope you track down your franken steela!

No. 44493

File: 1565731904117.jpg (383.31 KB, 500x500, ce5612085ef548a9b2fccb6a25cb91…)

I love your figure of Lain. It seems to look very nice and not even for when it was made. Love the diorama! I wish that more Lain figures were released. Too bad that SEL is just a cult classic, cause I don't think we should expect anything new coming out…
Have you experienced Lain's diaries from the PSX game? They have been translated some time ago and they truly are something.

That Noix De Rome Lain is unnervingly cutesy.
I was pretty sure that below quoted page included a larger photo of it than what can be found while googling, but I guess I was wrong. I am posting the page anyway because you and some other anons into 90's anime and dolls might get a kick out of it! I used to browse it religiously as a kid in the early 00's. Wonder what happened to the author.
Most (if not all) picture links still work.
Among others, you can see early Utena merch

I wish I could buy a Haibane Renmei figure, I truly love this series and need to rewatch it soon. I miss anime like that! Plus, ABe's drawing style is truly special.

I relate HARD to your story with chibi figures. I find them shit but when I was a kid weeb they were all I was able to get besides bootlegs of Sailor Moon Bandai figures. I don't get how people can collect Funkos or even Nendoroids. They are so cheap looking and a terrible representation of the character.

I am so sorry about the Cloud and what you went through with the shithead bf, hope you are doing better now!
I really want a Cloud figure for years, hope I will get him soon.

No. 44506

I just won an auction on the 2 toynami Lains i wanted and I'm so happy!

Also i undeestand not liking Funko pops,but i do quite like nendoroids. I like setting them up in dioramas with calico critter furniture and taking cute pics.

Most nendoroids i have fit the character though,the Panty and Stocking ones in particular.

That Suicide Squad joker gives me nightmares though.
Why would they even make that thing.

No. 44581

File: 1565769026102.jpg (37.15 KB, 252x400, tumblr_or9nvgzup01r7542lo1_400…)

I love that Lain diorama myself, it's really, really good for an older figure, but compared to modern ones it looks quite cheap. It's bare bones and minimalistic, which I actually like since the entire series is like that.
I've started reading the PSX translation a while ago, but for some reason I stopped and never came back to it. Well, not for "some" reason really. SELain is deeply personal to me and reading about her actually struggling with mental illness and treatment was too much like reading about myself and my own pain.

Noix De Rome Lain looks nothing like the character really, but I am a sucker for anime dolls and she's really cute. I have a Toynami Lain (guitar version) and she's a dream. I want to get them all one day.
A good website for anime dolls is https://shoujodolls.com/index.php/en/ they have a review of the Noix De Rome Lain.

I need to rewatch Haibane myself, but it put me into such a melancholic funk the first time, I am afraid that now as a much older person I would actually "get it" and it would be even worse. I had nearly got a bootleg of the fig in your picture before I really got into original figures, just because of how pretty it was and how much I love everything ABe touches.

Also there's like two pictures of this Lain doll I found, but I don't think it was ever released. A shame.

Congrats! They are really good! The articulation is incredible and the clothes are well made. My only complaint for toynami Lains is that they are usually butter-yellow in skintone, but oh well, they are Old figures and worse can happen with plastic.

No. 45016

are these the same as sylvanian families? because in the uk we have those. I used to have a few as a kid and I adored them

No. 45020

yes, they're called calico critters in the US because marketing i guess. japanese companies always have to rename shit for the US.

No. 45026

Anons, do you have any advice on becoming less materialistic while keeping your most beloved posessions and ocasionally adding to the collection?
Yes, I am posting in the right thread. I can never see myself being totally minimalist and living without my dolls, ponies, figures etc. but I am tired of being a compulsive spender and having more items than I can enjoy. How do you stop yourself from buying whatever and finding out what you actually want?
Years ago, like most insecure young adult collectors I got memed into believing that the more you have the better, more real collector you are. I have developed a shopping addiction for various reasons and I am trying to unfuck myself. I still get triggered constantly into considering buying a doll or a furniture for my BJD…

DAE here face this kind of issue or maybe has managed to find a solution?

No. 45081

I've struggled with the same issue, and for me what worked was designating 2 shelves in my room to keep my collection, and not letting it spread any further. I used to have so many figurines all around my room and have tons of shelves dedicated to them and would basically keep them anywhere they'd fit but once I parcelled off all the ones I didn't like/feel a huge attachment to I had a small enough lot left to keep confined to one area. Now I have the mindset of "oh, if I get a new one I'd have to get rid off/stow away one of these ones I really like….." which has hugely deterred any impulse purchases. Obviously you can tweak however many shelves or whatever.

No. 45093

I donated 90% of my collection (plushies, figures, dolls, etc.) and feel better for it.

I no longer impule purchase random shit just bc I like it. The way I got myself to slow down was to set up rules like
>the item has to stay in my cart for two days and if I still want it it can be bought
>if it's too similar to something else I own then I can't buy it
>only n amount of items can be bought per month

No. 45115

First if you're a member or even lurker of any specific doll/figure forums or other communities like FB groups or whatever, stop checking them. I know it can be fun to connect with people who share the same interests but in my experience internet groups centered around any hobby that involves buying things is always filled with mega autists who spend an exorbitant amount of money on shit and the culture just encourages constant buying and hoarding. It's so tempting to want to buy something new and shiny when you see other collectors parading it around on social media, it's the whole FOMO thing and if you focus solely on your own collection it's a lot easier to avoid temptation. Learn to love what you already own instead of focusing on what you don't have and definitely don't compare yourself to other collectors.

Also I recommend keeping track of what you're buying. I keep a bullet journal and I write down everything that I buy for each month. When you impulsively shop it's so easy to fall into the mindset of "Oh, but this is just $12, that's nothing" but that shit adds up super fast. When you keep track of everything you bought it's no longer "just $12" but "another $12 to the $150 that I've already spent on doll stuff this month…" and you start to hold yourself accountable.

No. 45117

can you go to an advice thread for this? this is off topic as fuck.

No. 45144

I tried to put some stuff to give away and realized how much I need to buy an extra shelf (that I've been planning for two years, it's not related to trying to stick all my shit somewhere). I realized how beautiful my Barbies are and how much they make me smile when I thought I don't care about them anymore because all this time they were stuck in a box under my bad and somehow I forgot how much I cherish them.

Wow, you are very strong, anon! I don't think I could deal with getting read of that much. I do want to get rid of stuff that does not make me happy when I look at it.
Thanks for the rules, I will try to keep them in mind! Currently I made a list for all the things that I compulsively want (with links), I paste them and wait to see if I still want them after some time. Hope it helps me somehow…

Guess I will have to leave the toy FB groups (that I lurk every once in a while, mostly when they pop up). I used to go to local doll meetups but had to stop as an abusive exfriend/excoworker is responsible for organizing them (she is infamous in the community because of her behavioral issues).
I feel sad about it cause I could meet a lot of women friends that way, but it was too uncomfortable with how many of them ignored/did not notice the organiser's toxic behavior. At least I don't have other people triggering my spending impulses.

You are completely right about how things add up, I am trying to sort this issue out.

I do not intend to clutter this thread with my issue beyond this reply (as I feel thankful to anons that gave me advice), however I wanted to talk with other people who are in the toy collecting community and not randoms that don't have the experience with the mentality that led me to my issues. As far as I understand, this thread is also about being a collector as much as discussing the toys itself. Take a look at OP's post >>43400. At least that's how I understand it, maybe I am wrong. Probably should have worded my post better.

No. 45147

Participating in the collection hobby scene is gonna be a trigger no matter what, especially if you're not over your shopping addiction yet. Once you get used to not buying shit, you can slowly rejoin these communities but it's only gonna cause you to buy more shit rn.

No. 45151

File: 1566245049337.jpg (992.14 KB, 2856x1750, 0819191302-1.jpg)

I only just got around to reading this thread since anon talked about it in another hi hi. But I'm not sure how intense of a customization you're trying to do, cuz there's all kinds of molding on the bodies. We usually only swap heads and paint so I'm a noob. Some male bodies that kinda sound similar are these:

Still in stores:
>Endgame Hawkeye & Black Widow 2-pack, the male body is average, not super skinny and was made to suit any male hero in the movie.
>Ant-Man maybe, the Paul Rudd head is amazing.

>Everett Ross & Killmonger 2-pack, Ross has an average body but a rubber blazer.
>Any Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes fig
>Spider-Man Noir

Spider-Man Noir's fig has a shit ton of bits and a trench coat but he's taller than any other Marvel figure I own and not as super-thin super-muscley as the other Spider-Man figs. Also there will prob be new figs for the Falcon & WS show and the Wanda & Vision show, you might like Vision's or Falcon's body types. Old figs get crazy expensive, waiting for the new waves might be a better bet. I don't have any X-Men but their bodies are usually pretty comic-looking. There is also a vintage-style line thats always pretty cheap and any bits on them are really simple.

Here's a phone pic of my mess of Legends lol

No. 45232

the only advice people in the comm can give you is >>45147. and again, trying to discuss arranging collections or trying to plan what you buy is on topic, but asking how to stop buying stuff is not.

No. 45404

File: 1566405591426.png (905.82 KB, 832x707, 3CF529C3-E0CC-4B32-857A-EEB23F…)

OP here, I’ve been away so I haven’t been able to post content but good to see thread is not kill. Nice range of toys too. Recently my Mythic Legions figures arrived so maybe I’ll post pics of those (female knights? YES.)

Good taste.

I say try the 1 week rule, if it’s in your cart wait for that long. Or maybe even monthly depending on how often you get paid.
And remind yourself about the things you HAVE to pay for (bills, food, toiletries etc). For example my hobby is not as important as a new phone for my mother when her current is days away from death, as well as some serious home repairs and replacing wonky annoying furniture.
I don’t personally see your post as off topic clutter but people are gonna post about wanting and getting toys here which is distracting from your goals to spend less.

What I want to do is mainly parts swapping and repainting because I don’t have the patience to learn how to sculpt or recast things. But those are some cool recs, especially Spider Man Noir and his cool looking coat, he might be the one. It was the first thing my eyes were drawn to on your shelf.

No. 46877

File: 1567277593374.jpg (42.71 KB, 640x640, beanie lizard.jpg)

I have this lizard beanie thing I want to ID, I've seen these things around for over a decade and they're really well made but I guess it's just some generic toy with no label. Really cute though.
>toy horror story
Just a male cousin wanted one when I got mine when we were kids. He thought it was funny throwing it against walls as hard as he could then threw a tantrum when it finally split, the dumbass. I'd never do that to any of my toys, all I can think is "creature cute, no harm

No. 46916

I always see those beanies at county fairs, I used to have a pair of dragons and they were from a fair booth.

No. 46924

These were really big while I was in public school in the early 2000s. We bought them at general/dollar stores.

There's not one manufacturer, they're just known as "sand stuffie/beanie/toy" and they're still for sale on Amazon, toy stores, Walmart even. Unless you meant you wanted to ID that specific one in the picture.

No. 46933

> https://doctorbeth.tumblr.com/
This blog was mentioned on the wholesome media thread, bless the person who fixes all these toys. I’m so attached to my mine I think they’ll be buried with me unless I can pass them down to future kids who don’t play rough.

No. 47344

File: 1567459908992.png (577.94 KB, 751x453, Untitled.png)

I guess this is the fashion doll thread now.

It's because the soccer moms who make these customs care more about the ideology behind the doll than the dolls themselves. They give no shit about craftsmanship, they just don't want their kids to play with "whores".

No. 47345

File: 1567460162872.png (577.32 KB, 876x470, Untitled.png)

Is there still a push for more wholesome dolls, or has Barbie fashionistas cornered that market?

No. 47350

It always was the doll thread. Use the damn catalog before making duplicate threads. You also keep talking to yourself which is weird. You also don't sage which is equally annoying.

No. 47353

It's a general toy thread, not a doll thread. But hey, whatever makes you more comfortable.

No. 47400

What is the general opinion on nendos? I have a couple I am REALLY eyeing up, cause they're so cute, but it's really hard for me to justify the price point.

I have like three funko pops, cause they're cheap but still cute enough to justify for me, but compared to the nendos they're ugly as sin. Plus the accessories for the nendos are extremely appealing. The bunny ears for the Link nendo makes me want to cry. But it's like, ~$50 for a piece of plastic that just sits there seems like too much? I did almost buy a sailor moon fig for $130 but resisted, and in hind sight I'm glad I did.

How do collectors justify/afford the money spent on figures? Do you include it in your budget? Just use credit and pay it off later? Does anybody else feel guilty buying things like this? I'm really interested in how ya'll make it work. Please help me.

No. 47411

>Not a doll thread
>Thread description: DOLLS, action figures…and other collectables are all welcome here.
Why you insist on being retarded? If there's is already a thread why the fuck are you bitching?

No. 47417

File: 1567485370709.png (852.65 KB, 694x714, nendo.png)

Because it would be nice to have a doll thread without other toys being thrown in. Not everyone who's into doll collecting is also into hot wheels or Japanese hentai figures or whatever else.

Nendos are much better than funkos because you can swap their heads around and pose them in different ways. I suggest getting a nendoroid doll or a cu-poche for the body because tbh, normal nendoroid bodies are fragile and annoying to fiddle with.

No. 47426

I will never in my life understand how funkos became so popular. they almost never look like who they are supposed to unless they are very unique like pennywise or Sora from kingdom hearts. they always seem devoid of any emotion or expression.

I love nens, because of the ability to face switch and all the lil accessories.

No. 47431

>Japanese hentai figures
Where do you think you are? Point out at least one person who posted "hentai" figures or mentioned them itt, the most you will see here is a semi ecchi one or some shirtless guy. Along with your unsaged post and previous rant on the other toys thread you are starting to give me weird vibes

No. 47437

It’s probably because they’re cheap and easily available to normies who don’t get hobby shops or importing things, like getting a table from IKEA vs getting some bespoke piece from a Swedish carpenter.. I’d rather somebody gift me new socks than a lump of plastic that doesn’t even look good.

Can’t help you there but this makes me wonder how nendo quality is doing vs figmas which people are rightly beginning to shit on for QC issues and generally being cheap with figures being more expensive for less accessories. Good Smile also came up with a huge headed doll body which nobody around here seems interested in.

There’s no way around affording merch, you have to be insanely rich and/or spend 0 on everything else in your life. Like SailorTortilla on Youtube, she said she had a job in advertising but I think she has to come from some money because her merch room is unbelievable, I can’t imagine how much it all costs in total when one of those shelves has like dozens of things that cost hundreds each. I wonder if she has a problem but that she has a bank account that can take it, it’s more shiny plastic than I could dream of.

Well I’m tired of only having doll threads when I’m a girl who wants to talk about my action figures openly without feeling like I have to infiltrate a shitty /toy/ thread where there really ARE garbage hentai figures posted by guys like that Jasmine anon who found his way here.

No. 47447

Personally I dislike them because all the extra parts are a hassle to keep in check and I don't like chibi style figures in general as they are less interesting than original character designs. Obviously you don't share my point of view. Having said that, if you are going to buy a figure, buy a Nendo rather than a Funko. They are lazy garbage and sooner or later you might regret wasting money on them instead of going for the quality stuff. Maybe save up for a Nendo of your fave character. That way you will be sure that you really want to spend money on it.
IMHO it's a bit like buying a bootleg instead of the real thing. You might think you are saving a money, but the quality is not there which makes the figure worthless.

I would recommend Funkos only if you are desperate for a figure and your favorite character doesn't have any other merch. Even then comissioning an artist would be better, but if you don't have the time and/or money…
I am still salty that there are no quality Bojack Horseman figures that actually look like the characters and not sameface blobs.

No. 47465

File: 1567512494688.jpg (20.06 KB, 466x373, bukbachar.jpg)

Ugh, yes there are so many ugly funkos. Like I said, ugly as sin. Although I have the bulbasaur one and I love it, he has such a cute smile. Pic related.

But I really want a cute fig of my husbando and the nendo is just so much more appealing than the funko, and better quality.

One of the ones I'm wanting(I literally just want two) is actually by Good Smile so I like that style for sure.

I can afford it, technically, it's just justifying that amount of money on something that's basically useless and creates more clutter. I grew up with hoarder mentality and just got every little thing that caught my eye, so I'm wary of falling back into that. I'm mostly curious if anybody else has this issue and how others may deal with it? Does anybody else feel like these are things that they shouldn't be spending money on?

Totally agree with the bootleg comparison. And I feel because funkos are so much cheaper it's easier to buy a bunch of them, whereas having one or two nendos would make them so much more special to own. PLus it would be more difficult to have it get out of hand in regards to collecting.

No. 47650

I agree this Bulbasaur (btw great choice in starter Pokemon, anon!) is pretty damn cute and an exception to the rule.
I wish we could get a popular and low cost series of figures that are not chibi. Even if the quality was not great, it would be nice to be able to buy a cheap and accurate character from series that Funko holds licenses to.
At least in Japan you can get gacha, trading and Sega prize figures if you are on a tight budget….

No. 47683

Not sure what rant you're talking about? And I'm not saying people have posted hentai figures, I'm saying they could because they're technically collectible toys. IMO ecchi figs counts as hentai figs, though, since their main purpose is usually fap bait for scrotes.

No. 47684

There's a hentai fig right there. >>43393

No. 47688

File: 1567537747770.jpg (139.12 KB, 740x740, mariekondo.jpg)

Get the nendo! Japanese toys often rise in price if you don't get them early and if it's a figure of your husbando, it doesn't count as clutter imo. He's close to your heart and therefore will spark joy. Who's your husbando?

No. 47689

Are you joking? Black Lagoon is not a hentai and the figure is not sexually explicit. Jfc

No. 47701

>a statue of a busty anime girl in unzipped bootyshorts isn't merchandise aimed at perverts

Sure, lol. Queen's Blade isn't hentai either and there's nothing explicit about Cattleya in a bikini.

Anyways, the point is that it would have been nice to have a discussion about a specific type of toy without it getting derailed in whatever direction. No big deal, though, I suppose.

No. 47702

File: 1567542945531.png (490.76 KB, 860x603, barbie.png)

Has anyone tried the 2015 Hello Barbie? Is her dialogue still being updated?

No. 47707

Queen's Blade is a borderline hentai. How can you compare a clothed figure to a naked titty monster clinging to a phallic object while making an O face? It makes you sound like you've never seen an actual hentai figure. So what if her pants are unzipped? You can't see anything. Is any hint of sexyness considered equal to pornography to you?

Lolcow is sadly not big enough for 3 toy threads. It's not 'derailing' if it's on topic.

No. 47709

No. She was discontinued pretty much immediately which is a shame. Some more work and she would have been great. Why buy an Echo or Google Home when you could have Barbie do it all

No. 47712

File: 1567551330467.jpg (15.24 KB, 400x317, img.jpg)

Anyone else remember these? I know I still have mine, but I haven't seen it in years, packed away in boxes somewhere since we last were preparing to move. I remember how mad my mom was when I asked for him. I loved it so much; saw it at the grocery store. The thing was damn expensive too, $3.50. It sounds like nothing now, but that was over 15+ years ago and my mom and I dug up change in the car just to go to McDonalds. It meant a lot to me at the time; I carried it everywhere. I took it to school one day, only in the 4th grade, and was belittled for being too old in front of the entire class to be bringing toys to school. Keep in mind I was hiding it under my desk and not letting it distract me from my work, I just used it to calm my anxiety. She took it away and called home, made my mother even angrier; she tried to throw it away and called me a dumbass. I dug it out, so she hid it from me, and that's when it ended up put in those boxes.

Any toys you guys remember from childhood that killed the bank or just caused you guys family problems (lol)?

No. 47713

File: 1567551757557.jpeg (211.55 KB, 1200x1200, D8C0924D-8F1E-4225-B4CC-17B617…)

>comparing Revy from Black Lagoon to Cattleya from Queen’s Blade
>Black Lagoon, "a hentai"
You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about. Also nice strawdoll there, comparing that figure to an actual fetish design. I’d show you some real hentai figures but you’d have a meltdown.

It’s not derailing if it literally says in the OP what kinds of toys are allowed here and you know it’s possible for several anons to discuss things in a single board in parallel. Are you that allergic to content you don’t like despite knowing nothing of it?

No. 47716

File: 1567552571484.jpg (106.71 KB, 659x439, BN-XO084_0220BE_H_201802201603…)

I used to spend all my birthday money on beanie babies.

No. 47717

File: 1567552848725.png (166.26 KB, 364x486, cattleya.png)

Not all Cattleya figures have her clinging to a phallic object while making an O face. Picture related, this is an innocent figure of Cattleya preparing to go for a swim.

No. 47718

File: 1567552926898.png (3.18 MB, 1680x1120, darkeclipse691462648446.png)

lmao that is cheesecake, not even close to hentai. You do know you need to be 18 to post here, right?

>I grew up with hoarder mentality and just got every little thing that caught my eye, so I'm wary of falling back into that. I'm mostly curious if anybody else has this issue and how others may deal with it?
I have borderline hoarder parents which in turn made it really easy for me to fall into a collector hobby and overindulge. If I wanted it and I had the money, I would get it. So it seems like we come from similar places lol.

Honestly, a lot of it is simply self-control and knowing yourself. If most of your pointless purchases are, say, impulsive or something you do while drunk, you need to nip it in the bud when you feel the temptation. I ended up having to create strict guidelines for myself to prevent from overspending on useless shit. I followed those rules for a long time and thankfully don't need to reference them anymore, but it can be as dumb as "will this match your other collectibles?" to more serious "are you spending more than your monthly budget allows?"

Should you be spending money on it? Well, that's pretty subjective. Logically, Nendoroids don't really serve a purpose other than being cute. But there's nothing really wrong with buying cute things as long as you aren't drowning in them. After getting over my spending habit, I started having buyer's remorse over the stupidest things, so try not to fall into that hole, either. You will make yourself miserable over anything that doesn't fall under "necessities", which is a lot of stuff.

If you really want to justify it? Tell yourself you can sell it later if you aren't feeling it. Nendoroids sell pretty well even when they're opened, so don't sweat that part of it.

Mind if I ask where you're buying from? Because Mandarake has a few of the Link Nendos for a little under $30 and MFC has a few open/nib ones for between $30-40, some with free shipping. You can save yourself a lot of money if you know where to look.

No. 47719

File: 1567553327744.png (201.97 KB, 514x376, cattleya.png)

She is literally losing her pants in that image. You can see her thong sticking out. I'm not saying it's hentai nor do I even dislike lewd toys, I'm just saying the primary demographic that buys those figs you're posting is horny men.

I suggest getting the revoltech Revy. She has articulation and you can even see her nipples.

No. 47720

the ppl responding to u are men

No. 47721

File: 1567553537334.png (258.95 KB, 364x478, cattleya.png)

While we're on the topic of sexy toys, parfom has some very cute articulated thots. Here's the Amazon from Dragon's Crown. Hopefully they make the Sorceress soon.

No. 47722

File: 1567553976404.png (269.5 KB, 414x638, sorceress.png)

Dragon's Crown is a great game btw. Shame it's not getting more merchandise.

No. 47725

There are a lot of lesbians on this site, I'm sure they all can't be radfems who hate sexiness.

No. 47728

File: 1567555820818.jpg (123.17 KB, 768x1024, 62533144_cec99a8415_b.jpg)

Oh, I own a plushie from this series! So cute. The PS2 game is also genuinely good and comfy, I highly recommend it (The Dog Island).

I used to be too shy/scared to ask for toys that I was obsessed about. I am trying to get them now.

>Everyone I disagree with is a male: toy edition
Is pic related your fave fashion doll? Cause you (and the other anons triggered by mildly sexy figures) sure sound like that.

No. 47731

Why is there a stuffed animals general?

No. 47739

File: 1567558246437.jpeg (357.57 KB, 2048x1152, 6842219A-7EF0-4E0A-B062-4F7AF9…)

I don’t care if Faye is ‘losing her pants’, she’s a good character, it’s a good if very sexy figure. I can admire how on-model it is and it captures the parts confident and sensual parts of her personality. The fact that mostly men buy these is what bothers you, not me because I can admire the characters behind these figures and I don’t mind cheesecake. I only lament there isn’t more beef and that most bishounen figures are too tame.

>I’m not saying it’s hentai

>There’s a hentai figure right there
>Japanese hentai figures

And nah m8, it’s an older Revoltech, the joint cuts are too obvious to me and older Revos have weird articulation that I’m not a fan of. Her face also looks pretty off, not accurate. Usually I prefer articulated figures but if I were to choose I’d pick the statue. Also lol @ you posting that figure, you must assume I’m a male poster talking about her nipples like that and you could only search for that ancient Revo after I namedropped the character.

Whoever is posting Cattleya and the Amazon makes me suspic but I am definitely female and also not the person who has the Revy statue.

No. 47741

File: 1567558932467.png (328.25 KB, 576x800, Untitled.png)

I'm female. I just like having toys with a variety of body types, including large breasted. Them being nearly naked just makes them easier to play dress up with.

No. 47742

Damn. Is the app even still functional? Can you talk to her at all?

No. 47752

Thanks anon!! It was between Bulbasaur and Squirtle but Squirtle's smile wasn't as cute, haha. Plus if I'm gonna get squirtle merch it's gonna be the squrtle squad version!

We do seem to have limited options overseas, and the cheap items like gacha end up not being that cheap when you add shipping and duties onto them, lol.

You anons have convinced me, I'm gonna go for it! Don't judge me but it's Sasuke and the Majora's Mask version of Link. There's also a reasonably priced Vegeta fig I might get too that's not too ugly. Idk I find a lot of the dbz merch to be really ugly too haha. Maybe I'm just too particular.

Yeah, I think you've hit the nail on the head anon. I especially had a problem overspending on clothes until a year or so ago. I did the same thing that you did with the rules, and I barely buy new clothing now. I guess I'm just worried I'm gonna open pandora's box again, but have it be about figs this time instead lol.

But you're right, I don't want to deprive myself from buying cute things, because it does bring me joy. A lot of it is just making sure I don't go over board now, cause owning too much of it all would probably make me feel less happy about it in general.

I was thinking of getting them on tokyo otaku mode. They have the discounts, plus $10 off as a new member. The two nendos I want are $50 each and the vegeta fig is like $20 or something. With the discounts it comes to ~$100 before shipping, which doesn't seem too bad? Especially for new in box?

No. 47756

To stop yourself from overspending on toys, tell yourself to only buy one a month (or whatever amount of time you find more appropriate) unless it's one you REALLY want. To know if you really want a fig, wait a few weeks before buying it. If you can't stop thinking about it, it's probably a good purchase.

No. 47757

You could also get some miniature furniture and make your husbandos little habitariums. Husbando habitariums are fun.

No. 47762

That would be so cute!! What kind of habitats have you done? Do you have any examples/inspo pics? I would love to see!

No. 47766

File: 1567574402124.png (1.73 MB, 673x893, 3FF1E94C-CA16-4C18-822A-CA9000…)

I would have thought their non standard proportions make them harder to get clothes for.

god knows I’m dying for more 1/12 clothes that don’t cost more than my own wardrobe. I don’t have the time to learn to sew on top of my other hobbies but I end up saving stuff on how to make clothes anyway…

No. 47792

Never seen this one before, those red eyes are creepy as fuck
>mfw Terminator Barbie actually existed at some point

No. 47805

File: 1567607158704.png (583.45 KB, 576x748, mario.png)

Look up nendoroid on instagram, there's lots of cute pics of nendos in little rooms. Just imagine your husbandos there.

No. 47806

File: 1567607290004.png (803.65 KB, 748x598, mario.png)

No. 47808

File: 1567607617420.png (995.36 KB, 1024x683, mario.png)

No. 47811

File: 1567608159975.png (674.67 KB, 746x730, mario.png)

No. 47814

File: 1567608344527.png (8.16 MB, 3264x2174, mario.png)

No. 47815

File: 1567608864924.png (1.26 MB, 940x776, mario.png)

here's some actual husbando habitarium pics


No. 47830

What is a good online store to hunt for rare western figures? I really want to buy a NECA Kurt Cobain figure someday, but it's hard to find and quite expensive. I was able to find some on Ebay, but there are like 10 offers. Amazon is even worse. I am wondering if there are any other places I should look that ship worldwide?

No. 47854

oh goodness anon, those are so fucking cute!!

>>47808 This one creeps me tf out though jesus

No. 47862

File: 1567640720317.png (1.07 MB, 1018x732, Untitled.png)

No. 47863

File: 1567640892832.png (873.48 KB, 846x730, Untitled.png)

No. 47868

File: 1567641724877.jpg (18.3 KB, 405x500, tumblr_plbj01rLTl1wurg8x_540.j…)

Do any of you guys remember Aquapets? I suddenly remembered them today and I found them after Googling "water tamagotchi" because I couldn't remember the name.

No. 47869

Looks a lot like a dildo tbh.

No. 47871

File: 1567644014573.jpg (10.29 KB, 300x300, aquapet_tu.jpg)

>>47868 i still have the green one in my parents' house! They were so much fun even tho i never really got what made it do what.

No. 47872

>With the discounts it comes to ~$100 before shipping, which doesn't seem too bad?

That isn't too bad depending on shipping, especially if you prefer NIB. But if you ever want to look into 2nd hand stuff, give Mandarake or MyFigureCollection a go. A lot of Like New (or even unopened) stuff for less than you'll find other places, though Mandarake is in Japan so you have to factor in shipping.

No. 47873

File: 1567644509647.jpeg (25.43 KB, 281x300, CCEB1BA1-69EC-4A71-9042-753CE8…)

I always wanted one of these they are adorable

Did anyone else had this?

No. 47874

Damn this is a big pang of nostalgia. I had this exact one! They were so damn cute

No. 47879

Yeah, I'm a canadafag so shipping is gonna fuxk me over no matter what. Considering going to my local comic book shop to see if they'd be able to order them for me and if it'l be cheaper/less hassle lol

No. 47880

Oh god. I had the blue one called Miku, these things were £15 in the UK and I only played with it for like 2 days because I couldn't keep up with it bleeping for food so often, plus I was really sentimental and couldn't stand being a bad owner so I covered it up and pretended it didn't exist which only made me feel guiltier. Sounds really dumb but there you go. I should have broken it open and kept the cute pet inside as a trinket because the rest of it is just junk.

No. 47939

File: 1567706644453.jpg (142.82 KB, 800x1066, Hb1cb6f56aaea44e9bf01be9c8409c…)

I saw this on AliExpress just now. The anatomy is atrocious, had to share. This would be worthy of the bad art thread had it not been a figure.

No. 47944

Holy shit. I wonder if it's a bootleg or China's original creation?
It's hilarious

No. 47949

>no articulation

No. 47950

File: 1567711224468.png (Spoiler Image,465.62 KB, 482x680, slut.png)

The body shape kinda looks like this Raita actually.

No. 47951

File: 1567711361674.png (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1500x1500, slut.png)

No. 47956

Spoiler this disgusting shit.
I smell a maleposter.

No. 47965

File: 1567717572073.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1836x3264, 5C8CAE5A-D90D-400B-BF4A-FA622B…)

Let’s ignore them and post better content.

I like whatever this Revoltech line is called (can’t remember the name), they’re clearly supposed to be more like articulated pieces of art than play-proof action figures. There’s a dragon one and some shinto/buddhist gods which are really, really cool to look at. If I could afford to I’d get one of the dragons but lol it’s probably inappropriate to put a Japanese mass produced piece of plastic in my household shrine.

No. 47966

File: 1567718256652.jpeg (68.61 KB, 595x800, 2CD89013-5C7B-49D4-AE79-ADD8F2…)

This creature is called a Kirin (Qilin) by the way. It has articulated eyeballs, the ball has an allowance that lets it roll inside the socket and can be ‘posed’ by poking the hole of the pupil with a stick to move it around.

No. 47967

File: 1567719605455.jpg (70.92 KB, 645x968, d8a339017d5a6ceedca0de0c1d4ccc…)

Gorgeous anon, reminds me a little of these samurai Star Wars figures. I absolutely adore them and have wanted them for quite a while. I especially want the Jango Fett version.

No. 47968

File: 1567720402201.jpeg (33.76 KB, 440x879, 0EA5AB17-D38D-46E0-BCC2-BDE833…)

She doesn't have any other more conservative figures, but I find this one to be quite nice considering it originally retailed for under 100, I'd like to find it somewhere where I don't think I'm going to get ripped off (ie not ebay) but maybe I'll take my chances in a couple paychecks.

No. 47969

"My First Dildo" is what these things should have been called.

No. 47972


oh shit, so you have customs to deal with, too. I know some places will under declare for you, but it's obviously at your own risk if something goes wrong.

No. 47987

File: 1567734522744.png (1.71 MB, 1024x700, Untitled.png)

Remember when cellphones looked like bricks?

No. 47988

Oooh, that looks fun. I was never a Star Wars fan but I bet it would look good with the kirin and that samurai Batman design I’ve seen around. Whoever designed this did a great job meshing Stormtrooper armor with the samurai aesthetic.

No. 48099

File: 1567804313136.png (1.7 MB, 716x1486, hairyskeleton.png)

Digging through my MH collection, I found this thot who is pro-ana and anti-shaving. I don't have her diary, but those are some very fluffy legs.

No. 48132

Wow they look like trash now

No. 48146

I've heard that the water turns yellow like this when the toy has been exposed to a lot of sun, enabling the growth of bacteria.

Also, sometimes the water would evaporate to the point that the puppet couldn't move anymore.

I don't know why they filled it with water. They should have filled it with some other non-toxic liquid that is less hospitable to bacteria, or skipped the water entirely and just had the little puppet in the capsule.

No. 48149

Is that urine? I think that's urine.

No. 48153

Yeah. I’m the anon who had the blue ‘Miku’ one and after a few months the water started turning green and I guess it was aglae growing in there. Tbh I can’t think of a non toxic liquid for that purpose. The pet floating in water is the whole gimmick. All alternatives I can think of probably can’t be marketed to children (alcohol, water with chlorine in it? Idek)

No. 48337

best boy chilling in the tub. Oh man, these are all so cute!! I will definitely be googling more rooms and cute nendos

No. 48491

I'm not a doll/toy collector but reading this thread out of boredom, but I just had to say this: totally put them on display anon. I think bratz dolls look really cool tbh

No. 48767

File: 1568062088210.jpg (221.94 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

I just got paid and spent over $30 on some today; they're all celtic themed. I can't wait, I friggin' love 'em. I've wanted princess Diana since I was a kid, but she was too much money because beanie babies were popular back then.

No. 48781

What is she even supposed to be? I can't figure it out.

No. 48806

File: 1568070086739.png (218.67 KB, 480x770, neighthan-rot-doll_tcm577-2550…)

That is Bonita Femur and she is supposed to be a mix of a skeleton and a moth (the original doll has wings). She was part of a line called Freaky Fusions where some of the characters had different monster parents. There's also a ghost mermaid, harpy centaur, and my personal favorite, the zombie unicorn Neighthan Rot.

No. 48894

>she is supposed to be a mix of a skeleton and a moth
>part of a line called Freaky Fusions where some of the characters had different monster parents

I am sorry but I find it hilarious that apparently moths (and skeletons) are monster according to Mattel…

No. 48949

File: 1568132479715.jpg (190.84 KB, 926x1024, 8555845096_d878236e8e_b.jpg)

I finally got a monster high doll! I've wanted Spectra for a few years; she's so stinking cute.

No. 48951

tbf this line came out years after they first started the brand so they were running out of ideas for monsters, kek.

Good for you, anon! That version of Spectra is one of my favorites.

No. 48977

File: 1568143637812.jpg (76.11 KB, 794x1191, songbird barbie.jpg)

Thank you to the anon for posting this doll in the other thread! I had her as a kid but her dress is long gone, maybe even the doll too, but I still have the bird and it somehow still tweets!
Seeing this photo allowed me to reverse image search her and brought back so many memories of how I would just stare at her dress and pretty necklace in my room. Little girls really are a whole different species, that glittery fabric would send me into a dream world.

No. 49021

can you imagine a month and a skeleton trying to fugg

No. 49026

To be fair, her dad's listed as the Mothman, not just a moth. But it would be a lot funnier if he was just a regular moth.

No. 50086

Nice! I own one too, she's my favorite. I really wanted bigger doll version of her and Holt Hyde, but they never made ones.

No. 50988

File: 1568949707121.jpg (4.51 MB, 4160x3120, 20190919_191214.jpg)

Thanks anons. Here's my little collection. I spent more than I care to admit, but I love them to pieces.

No. 50989

File: 1568949930053.jpg (4.15 MB, 4160x3120, 20190919_191410.jpg)

Here's the beanie baby hoard… plus some other bears from when I was a baby

No. 51883

What do y’all do with your blind box duplicates?

No. 51958

I usually give them to friends. Unless i have a lot and no one wants, then i sell them for cheap on ebay or depop

No. 52042

one of my all time favourite characters has plenty merch but quite hard to find, especially at a good deal. i have managed to secure not one, but TWO!! figures for her, and i'm over the moon.

one is a general figure but the other is from the nanorich voice collection and i had never heard of it until now. all the listings i could find for her were pricy but i managed to haggle and lower the price for mine. i just hope the voice box works, i watched some videos of other characters speaking and it seems so cool to have a talking chibi!

i own her figma already so i cant wait to slowly add to my collection. she really is the best, i've never loved a character more.

if my friends like the characters then i'll give them as a gift, but if not then i usually sell it on. eBay is good, as well as any local anime sales groups (ie in my case UK anime sales) i'm not too sure about depop though, it seems more normie.

No. 52160

what is one thing you look for in a figure?

i feel there's no excuse for the bases to be plain on figures (not figmas or nendos)

i preordered a scale figure and i rarely buy those but i loved the character too much. the base is just SO boring and i feel it would work so much better if they had jazzed it up a bit.

when i look at other scale figures i own that were cheaper they're so much more interesting in both base and posing. SIGH. they could've done so much more with her.

No. 52264

File: 1569447453204.jpg (146.13 KB, 680x1024, 9366910493_045f1a3f86_b.jpg)

>what is one thing you look for in a figure?
Intricate details and at least semi-realistic proportions if not from a highly stylized series. I love swirling super powers or nature like trees/flowers, expressive faces, calligraphy, metallic or detailed trim/paintjobs… basically very dynamic. I also look for figures that accurately portray the character, as if to pull them from the screen into the real world. A lot of merch in general just doesn't look like the character, or doesn't suit their personality. Pic related is one of my favorite figure designs, although I never bought it because I didn't have the money at the time.

Plain bases are fine to me if it feels like it would take away from the rest of the figure, although plain bases tend to have equally bland figures attached.

No. 57249

File: 1571057904547.jpg (288.23 KB, 1080x2094, Furby.jpg)

Any anons collect/mod furbies?

No. 57322

File: 1571065564916.jpg (297.49 KB, 1280x1280, wp80280.jpg)

no but i feel so bad cus some people really do some neat stuff with furbys and love them a lot but all i can think about is swampy lol

No. 58097

Resident Furby sperg here.
I do, but I only collect. I have mixed feelings about custom Furbies. They are often very cute and I am in awe of how skilled the artists are. On the other hand I appreciate vintage Furbies just as they are and I think I prefer unmodified ones. It's a bit of a waste to see a vintage toy remodeled because there might be a limited amount of those around (especially working ones) and I feel they should be preserved (unless the Furby was already ruined). I have the same opinion about G1 ponies.

Sidenote but I wish the community wasn't a cesspool of genderspecial kids making 'Furby hates terfs' art, I wish I has a Furby sperg friend tbh
Are you collecting or customizing? What's your fave generation? Opinion on Furby fakes?

No. 58253

File: 1571371908999.jpg (101.67 KB, 938x706, DlgF0LRV4AA3NGw.jpg)

I think Furby collecting is cool, but there are some really hilarious customs like pic attached. I guess I'll leave those customs to the… "experts". kek
I had a 2004 Furby, but left it at my parents house when I moved out because I don't have room for it in my apartment. I already have a shitload of plushes and a handful of action figures but only one Furby so I had to leave her behind.

I want to get into collecting a line of action figures that go together. Something like a cross between Betty Spaghetti and Nendoroids.

No. 59076

File: 1571913405581.gif (2 MB, 250x250, ED3BD4C9-5291-4716-9292-11A790…)

i'm this anon and i received both figures not long ago and i'm very happy with them! especially the VC one, it's so fun to have a talking nendo-like figure and she has SO much parts to swap out! i'm lucky my favourite attendant has so much going for her in terms of merch (RIP margaret stans) and it's becoming really fun for me to haggle the prices for them. i'm looking into more because i want a shrine, lol. she's my favourite character ever.

No. 59164

I got few Happy Meal toys as a kid, I believe I kept one…I need to check.

No. 59767

File: 1572295107046.jpg (1.36 MB, 2448x3264, 20191028_180312_HDR.jpg)

I found it!

No. 62590

File: 1573727607389.jpg (332.47 KB, 1500x1500, Fluttershy-Reveal-The-Magic-Si…)

MLP G5 is coming out…thoughts?

No. 62596

There’s a G5? I thought they finished this gen of the show and that nothing new has been announced? Or is it just a new gen of toys?

No. 62625

Isn't it G4.5 and not G5? It's still the same canon, just with modified look of toys. Just as the abominations known as G3.5

No. 62663

File: 1573771409900.jpg (36.34 KB, 1000x1000, 688e4d54f057438e8f949796ef9639…)

I have finally caved in and purchased a Lucas amiibo. I've decided that it will not get any cheaper anyway and soon it will be hard to get him. It could be nicer tbh (Ness' figure has better expression) but I am so fucking happy to have any Mother 3 merch.

I would like to try to sew a Mr Saturn plushie but at the same time I worry that I suck too much at manual labor. I am tired of purchasing things though. At least I would learn something if I made it instead of commisioning.

No. 62683

>>44024 >>44028
I'm so sad I'm replying 3 months later as I didn't see this before. You two have the best taste in stuff - I've never heard of the Resurrection ones and now I'm adding them to my wishlist! Those pocket knives are incredible as well ahhh.
I actually have the bishoujo Ash from Kotobukiya! Their horror collection is a hit or miss for me but Ash is definitely the best one.

No. 62717

File: 1573806624512.jpg (52.67 KB, 540x405, dodogama.jpg)

Where do you guys get your plushies? I've never bought any but I would love to actually buy cute ones like San-X and similar that aren't totally expensive.

No. 63178

If anyone interested there's a new toy (image)board https://prolikewoah.com/toy/

It's still unknown for sure whether it's g5 or 4.5g

>Just as the abominations known as G3.5

I am honestly not sure which look worse, this new generation have goat body with troll head, ugh.

No. 63210

File: 1574187534494.png (339.58 KB, 1300x1300, 1436_3266_8d74e70f6950129_4398…)

i havent been a fan of cowboy bebop for long but i have considered to buy some merch recently and to my surprise funkopops of the main characters actually exist. i wish i could buy the product shown in the picture but its us exclusive. the chances of finding any other pops besides vicious are slim to none so i guess i should just fuck it.

No. 63253

unpopular opinion: funko pops are ugly and really OTT scenic ones like this make them look uglier by contrast

No. 63288

dont like them much either but they are affordable compared to other figurines and this was going to be a one-time purchase

No. 63295

>unpopular opinion
Only among casuals, most toy collectors found them to be awful.

No. 63483

What’s the point of buying ugly trinkets you don’t need just to fill up your home? Just make your phone wallpaper Spike or something.

No. 63697

I bet some great cowboy bebop merch exists. Funko pop collectors are always poor fags, making excuses for real good jp merch they cant have

No. 64320

These days Ive been leaning more into plush toys like Kirby and Mousemoth.
I'm selling my Monster High collection on Etsy, if I don't sell by the new year I'm donating them to Goodwill.

No. 65002

I SERIOUSLY don't care about Fateshit but that Arthur figma looks really good and I've got my eye on Merlin too. But lol figma prices and quality issues

No. 68094

File: 1576694093475.jpg (59.19 KB, 728x866, EC1F8BC8-6916-4E31-A2B8-AA49C9…)

I am so fucking butthurt that I missed out on this babe.

No. 68100

i can prob find it for a good price bb.

No. 68136

for real?

No. 68907

File: 1577132091258.jpg (76.54 KB, 800x1200, i-img800x1200-1561453668gegtoy…)

Does anyone know places to find tutorials on faceups specifically for DD/DDH and Dollce heads?

No. 68909

I'm a huge fate faggot and love Merlin and Arthur but can't justify paying almost 300 bucks for a figure. They're both absolutely beautiful though.

No. 68910

Does anyone know where to find a brown bunny plush with floppy ears? Amazon is disappointing

No. 68945

biggest cliffhanger on lolcow lmfao

No. 68976

Youtube, I guess? Maybe you can try asking in https://anon.cafe/doll/ ?

No. 68977

File: 1577210057919.jpg (346.87 KB, 870x543, LOL OMG series 2 Alt Grrrl dol…)

What do you think about the new OMG LOL dolls? Looks like they're the new Bratz' successor by MGA.

No. 68980

The clothing on them looks cute, but i am not a fan of the eyes. They are too big for my liking. I think of them as a combination of bratz babies and moxie girls. I see these being super popular.

No. 68983

i'm certainly happier about these existing than the slutty baby versions. now if only they'd get rid of those…

No. 68984

where are you located?

No. 68994

I really sorry for what happened to mga
Like i rarely feel sorry for companys but i really feel sorry for them

No. 68996

Just like Bratz, the artwork on the box looks cuter than the actual doll. I still think I would have really liked these as a kid. If the eyes weren't as saucer-like, I'd buy one immediately.

No. 68997

File: 1577222481999.jpg (255.19 KB, 636x501, Groovy Babe_eyes.jpg)

>The clothing on them looks cute, but i am not a fan of the eyes
I feel the same, I think it has more to with their design rather than size (as a whole); their pupil is too big where as the iris too thin and add to that the small one white dot that supposed to be the shine that reflects in the eye. In other words or tl;dr, there's lack of detail and the pupil is big void.

Which is why I like the latest doll which have yet to be released, they gave her unique details to her eyes which also gives her more of character

>I see these being super popular

Yeah, they keep getting new dolls quite fast

>i'm certainly happier about these existing than the slutty baby versions. now if only they'd get rid of those…
Exactly. Sadly there's no chance they will stop producing that blind bag crap of those creepy babies.

Huh? Why?

No. 69235


No. 70528

File: 1577983938731.jpg (28.25 KB, 486x587, 337142_s0.jpg)

I usually hate Funko Pops but yesterday I caved in and finally bought a flocked Porg Funko Pop. It was a very hard decision, since all the Porgs are very cute. I decided on the flocked one as I find the painting quite ugly on the Porgs I've seen on youtube (it seems kind of blotchy).

Looking forward to buying the lifesize Porg next month. I hope it will not get sold out before I can throw my money at it! I'm worried that soon it will be hard to get Porg merch since not so many was made in the first place and they were not featured in The Rise of Skywalker beyond a quick background cameo…

I really love those creatures, I wish we could get an entire video game about them or a mini series of shorts.

No. 70583

File: 1578001932091.jpg (49.45 KB, 640x640, image1_3_3578.jpg)

I've seen a few doll artists cut out the eyes and then replace them with like the blythe sized ones(looks cute).

My gripe with them is the price because I'm not dropping $35 USD for a doll. I don't care about the blind bag shit so I wish they would just sell the doll already premade/clothed which would cut down on the cost.

I really like the Rainbow surprise dolls too but can't see paying $54 because the dolls are a blind box and come with two things of slime(that doesn't work) also wish they were poseable.

I just can't get with this blind box fad and can't wait till it's over.

No. 70586


Porgs actually lend themselves well to funkos desgin, with their big souless black eyes. I hate funkos too but I'm tempted to get the baby Groot and Agresuko ones simply because they actually fit the design of the characters.

No. 70611

File: 1578012447155.jpg (29.73 KB, 400x400, $_1.jpg)

Im getting in to face ups and I've been looking everywhere for those doll face covers to help protect them while I ship them out, but I've never been able to find them at a good wholesale price. Like do I just need to suck it up and shill out 1-5 dollars each, I've asked on other forms but a lot of people seem to keep it a secret where they get their stuff from.

No. 70635

i thought this was a fetal ultrasound

No. 70658

I don't know what it is, but something about their heads or faces is just awkward, a little off.

No. 70660

File: 1578046117497.jpg (904.97 KB, 1453x2560, IMG_20200103_105919_184.JPG)

I asked my friend to lend me her doll so I could repaint her face and make her a new outfit so I made her a witch. It's not my first attempt but it's my first time using soft pastels. She is a Winx doll.
I would like to redesign dolls like this and sell them, but while I think she's adorable I know it's not high quality enough to sell. The problem that brings down the quality is my acrylic paint always leaves little bumps, for example her socks, eyes and little stars are all bumpy. Does anyone have any tips for this?

No. 70684

Apply more watered down paint in thin layers, seal and then repeat until it's your desired color to avoid bumps.

No. 70686

the socks are fucking awful, get real socks or sand down the feet details.

No. 70695

>>70660 i'd suggest finishing the hems of your clothes, makes it look cleaner

No. 70716

Thanks everyone, I always have problems dilluting acrylic paint because I add too much water and the consistency goes wack. I'll measure next time. I agree about the socks and hemming, I was rushing so I didn't even try on the clothes. Honestly I just put the gold paint on the bottom of her dress to keep it together without hemming it lol I promise I'll try more on that next time.

No. 70842

Her face is cute, anon

No. 73821

Where to buy cute Rilakkuma plushies which are not insanely overpriced? I am not an amerifag so either free shipping or reasonable worldwide shipping is a must.
I thought that it would be easy to find the merch after the Netflix tv series became a thing, but I have trouble anything worthy of my purchase…

No. 73855

I read somewhere you can use the tops of slushie cup lids, which you can buy in bulk online for cheap. I tried looking myself awhile ago, and the extra-large ones with high domes seem right.

No. 73858

Thanks anon I'll look into that

No. 74154

File: 1580434540771.jpg (281.89 KB, 1200x1814, 1580430361124.jpg)

Looking forward to these next month.

No. 74424

Can anyone recommend a 1/12 (figma-ish) male for customs? Even just the head? It’s hard finding a head in the right style, most anime figures have faces that are too pointy when I’m going for something (slightly) less stylized.
Might as well vent while I’m here, it’s annoying all the blank bodies I’ve found are so short. Body-kun, Archetype He, Sozai kun, they’re all about 14cm (5’5) or less which looks dumb when I want them in scale with my girls and they aren’t supposed to be half-pint teenage boys. The figmas for Fate guys are the right height but I’ve zero interest buying those and their faces are still doritos. I wish I knew how to sculpt or 3D print. Just give me something with a defined jaw and nose.

No. 74486

File: 1580785757064.jpg (207.29 KB, 1256x824, EP0e9GdUEAA0iEg.jpg)

No. 74581

anons pls talk me in/out of this:
I want the upcoming figma of Arthur Pendragon but I'm not sure if it's worth preordering and shipping + customs money because the only reason I want it is "cute guy in armor 2 pose". Also feels bad to give my money to Fateshit and GSC these days.

No. 74622

I love Tailmon and Wizardmon so much! I need to snag these!

No. 74852

I missed the boat on Digimon plushies, where can I get a big Agumon? Not a keychain or something hand sized, something huggable.

No. 74930

File: 1581222543503.jpg (276.11 KB, 1040x1200, DKJoICdVwAAYEAY.jpg)

A life sized one came out a few years ago so you could try to track that down on yahoo auctions or mandarake. Failing that, there's the dekkai series from Banpresto.

No. 74962

I wish Digimon had more action figures, dammit!

As someone who bought figmas back in the day when they were still going around 20$~30$ and came with shitload of accessories, don't do it! Paying 60$+ to barebones 10cm action figure with outdated single joints doesn't worth it. Try getting bootleg from AliExpress or whatever, it might be absolute crap, but still more worth than the outrageously expensive figmas nowadays.

Try the usual AmiAmi,Hobbylink Japan and Hobby Search.

No. 74987

These are so cute, thanks for the tips. I found one on mandarake but it's a bit pricey with shipping and customs on top /sigh

This is pretty objective, you're right. I don't know what I was thinking there, I know he'll come with literally two faces and a sword and that's not worth it.

No. 76862

File: 1582728398561.png (1.13 MB, 598x598, Cave Club_5.png)

New dolls from toyfair

More pics here https://prolikewoah.com/toy/res/141.html#q383

No. 76943

File: 1582773336369.png (749.2 KB, 482x598, hairdorables.png)

I don't really get what the unique selling point of Hairdorables is, but the dollskill style shoes, socks and Sailormoon hair on the yellow one is cute.

No. 77468

>but the dollskill style shoes, socks and Sailormoon hair on the yellow one is cute.
I don't think her hair resembles Sailor Moon that much. She's my favorite one too, but I'm not a fan of their ridiculously huge and distracting earrings, it ruins the doll.

The new Miraculous Lady bug dolls by Playmates are great improvement to the Bandai ones. I don't watch the show, but some of the designs are good.

Twisty girls are nice, might grab one if I see it.

Cave Club aren't great as Monster High or Ever After High, but they're quite nice. I want the notPebbles and blue and purple haired one. I think big wolly Mammoth animal would be better choice than big T-Rex. A medium velociraptor would be awesome too. I wish all the animals were flocked…

No. 86785

File: 1588453436831.jpg (833.53 KB, 3000x4000, Groovy Babe_blacklight_face cl…)

Is anyone still here? How's quarantine treating you?

No. 92222

File: 1590428105408.jpg (76.99 KB, 794x1191, il_794xN.2263635613_j1ep.jpg)

I haven't seen blythes mentioned! Not my doll but looks similar but don't want to post since she has a pretty distinct face. They're great dolls but the prices are outrages sometimes (just look on etsy) and then you have the whole debate of legit and fakes but they all look the same. I like the fact you can customize and if I had the money I would buy a whole army.

No. 92232

I thought bootleg/fake dolls were pretty accepted in the Blythe community? Unlike in the bjd community where it's hell on earth if you dare mention bootleg dolls.

No. 92237

File: 1590430588617.jpg (36.29 KB, 400x267, sdcc-2012-winx-club-silver-blu…)

I'm not into doll/toy collecting but I've always wanted one of these Wind Club Bloom dolls, for no other reason than they are really cute and it makes me nostalgic. Unfortunately these were a comic con exclusive almost a decade ago in a different continent. They're for hundreds on ebay, so I'll never have one.

these are rly cute, they're like an Ever After High x Bratz hybrid

No. 92242


Although they are, commonly known as TBL, people still see them as inferior and many groups ban the talk of fakes. Plus, as much as I would like to buy one of the legit customs (RBL molds and such) the prices can reach 1-2k while a fake custom can average between $100-500, depending where and who makes the custom. It's really crazy considered both are factory made and are not artist produced. But they are super cute dolls

No. 92303

I used to love Winx club! This is so cute

No. 92354

File: 1590455875552.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1401x910, 18BE6597-63DB-4F41-AD24-29B0CF…)

I collect tamagotchi! gotta get a new picture as this is last year’s and I got my hands on another devil among some others, but it’s a really cute hobby. Love that there’s functionality outside of purely displaying them, as well. Am happy to answer any questions other anons may have about them!!

No. 92389

File: 1590468997341.jpg (157.06 KB, 1000x1020, 100_year_old_tama.jpg)

Aww that's so neat anon!! Makes me wish I still had mine. I love those lil egg homies. Are the unpackaged ones activated? Do you take care of multiple tamagotchi children?

No. 92398

File: 1590476080180.jpeg (518.24 KB, 608x884, DC2AAE73-9642-489D-8C29-5970C6…)

Thanks anon!! There’s been a ton of fun collabs with other franchises in the last few months so that’d be a nice entry point if you ever wanted to give it another go.
The most I’ve ever ran at once is 4, I believe? Some people in the community go hard with multitasking but I can’t really say the same because of my job in retail. and a lot of the ones out of packaging are ones from my childhood collection, or just assorted ones I’ve just bought/traded for! the hobby is admittedly expensive for certain versions (especially certain rare “vintage” ones from the 90s/2000’s- you won’t find a devil or English ocean under $100 anywhere, or worse, a yasashii like pic related) and you’ll sometimes be able to save a little when you don’t buy NIB. varies from person to person really, but I keep them all stored safely regardless.

No. 92410

Now that you reminded me they exist I suddenly desperately want one, they're just so cute and I like how they're decorative but still a form of entertainment. I can get one from a shop nearby for $30 but when you buy online you can't pick a colour from their selection, you have to actually go into store to pick the colour yourself. Guess I'll just have to risk covid to impulse buy kek. Or I'll give it some time and see how I feel.

No. 92939

I didn't know we had 12 year olds on this website, you're too old for toys, toys are for child development.

No. 92946

Man, these bring me back to my grade school days. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing people with collections like these! Awesome stuff, anon

No. 92948

insert no fun allowed pic

No. 93088

File: 1590640399299.jpeg (28.92 KB, 600x524, 2A9EA6E0-4117-4949-B05D-9AE173…)

mad because you don’t have a cute nostalgic hobby aren’t you

No. 93090

File: 1590640891650.jpeg (60.51 KB, 335x360, 773E33B7-3BEB-4EDE-A0A6-10757F…)

Not an official product but I really love the styling of these custom gothic Barbies someone made years ago


No. 93901

oh fuck YES
Mother 3 needs more love

No. 93903

File: 1590791445185.jpg (158.55 KB, 1024x751, 4005556109456.jpg)

What do you all think of Enchantimals?
I miss Monster High but they're cute af

No. 93921

is it weird i use my twilight sparkle equestria girls doll for drawing poses and shit

No. 94027

Neat and nice pre-cancer webpage

IMO they're pretty bad; low poseabilty, molded tops, etc

There are so much better options out there for drawing model figures; SHF body kun, blank Microman (old but you can find for cheap price and good condition on Mandarake), Drawman by Dam toys, Figma prototype etc.

Are you using the old style equestria girls or the new ones?

No. 94112

File: 1590943937598.jpg (471.1 KB, 1080x1967, IMG_20200531_185139.jpg)

I know the 'pre-cancer' means the design of the website and not the content, but have you guys even seen the main OOAK Barbie website?
>neo-nazi Barbie
>dominatrix Barbie
Cancerous as fuck.

No. 94115

>Please note: I do not endorse nazis. Nor do I endorse Barbies.
and what's wrong with dominatrixes

No. 94127

File: 1590956929441.jpg (213.99 KB, 1080x1080, What a clown.jpg)

I meant for both, though I did mainly meant the design.
>>>neo-nazi Barbie
As >>94115 mentioned >>Please note: I do not endorse nazis. Nor do I endorse Barbies
Read before you get get triggered
>>dominatrix Barbie
What's wrong with that? I'm not fan of it by any means, however I don't see anything bad about it.
Pls go be a karen somewhere else

Back to topic, speaking of Barbie, what's your opinion on current Barbie? Here's pic of BMR wave 2

No. 94134

would you consider a 12" stuffed toy worth 33USD to be overpriced?

No. 94188

Well, it depends on the quality and detail of that specific plush. I mean action figures/fashion dolls can range between 10$~100$+ going from playline to adult collector line, it probably hold true for plushies as well.

No. 94195

File: 1591008220236.jpg (59.3 KB, 580x326, wtB7mwpomnY.jpg)

I've always wanted a Piglette, I love cute plushies, especially designer ones, but I've never been able to justify the price tag (I'm jealous of all those rich russian children lmao). They range from $160-800, which tbf isn't that badly priced, I'm just a broke fag, maybe one day I'll have enough spare cash to commit to it (I hate to think how much the customs from Russia would be tho)

No. 94201

File: 1591009889864.jpeg (161.84 KB, 550x550, CC590250-541F-4D17-84A2-DE664C…)

>never heard of these before
>see one i really like

No. 94203

>believing bullshit disclaimers meant to shut up critics
>using the Karen meme
Anyway the edgy customs are cringy as fuck, even if it's edge for edge's sake.
Those are so cute, never heard abput them as well! That's so expensive though, not sure if they are worth that much money (of course that's up to individual decision).

No. 94207

I can't be the only one who thinks those eyes are creepy

No. 94208

Now I want to be an exclusive plush designer too..

No. 94218

>going to site full of gothic Barbie customs
>complain about it being edgy
Yeah fuck off karen
There is something a bit creepy about those…it's the solid color/lack of pupils.
As someone who really like bunnies, these look too much like teddy bears with rabbit earrs.

No. 94231

File: 1591025684995.jpeg (110.32 KB, 1000x1668, 901067AE-A2B6-44C5-8BA7-9CE157…)

I’m dying for this Rapunzel Nendoroid, she’s so freaking cute. Compared to other Disney Princess Nendoroids, she’s really expensive… I’m keeping a look out for a decently priced one that’s in unsure will ever come around.

No. 94232

how is goth Barbie on the same level of edgy as latex fetish Barbie and neo-nazi Barbie? Sorry that not everybody likes the same bs as you do. Fuck off with that Karen bullshit, this isn't twitter or reddit.

No. 94234

I see.
I'm using the new style equestria girls twilight sparkle :3(:3)

No. 94239

are you sure you're not the twitterfag invading this thread after yours got nuked? gtfo

No. 94241

File: 1591038563888.jpg (150.54 KB, 1100x1100, Hasbro BTFO.jpg)

>how is goth Barbie on the same level of edgy as latex fetish Barbie and neo-nazi Barbie?
>she doesn't know
If you pleb knew anything about the roots of punk (which is related to goth), you would've known about the use of Nazi insignia and BDSM wear in punk.
>Sorry that not everybody likes the same bs as you do
Just because I don't whine about it, doesn't mean I like it.
>Fuck off with that Karen bullshit
Then stop being a whiny moralfag
>this isn't twitter or reddit
Nor tumblr you faggot and considering your moralfag screeching these places seems to be more up your alley.

>I’m keeping a look out for a decently priced one that’s in unsure will ever come around
Looks like she sold out in most places, I think your best bet is looking for a bootleg.

BTW, I found out Takara have a new Disney princesses fashion doll line (and it's outside the theme parks) called Precious Collection. So far they made Anna, Elsa, Belle and Rapunzel. I'm really looking forward to see how they will do the rest.

No. 94254

I have her! She's super cute but her crown likes to fall of a lot. I've almost vacuumed it up a few times. I hope you can find her!

No. 94258

No such luck, I've been in this thread since the beginning lmfao. I'm certainely not the Jasmine sperg, if that's who you mean.
If I knew my criticism of the shitty customs would trigger you guys this much, I wouldn't say anything. Didn't realize disliking edgy Barbie OOAKs is an unpopular opinion. It's the kind of thing that was probably shocking 20 years ago (at least to some people), but now feels unoriginal and cringe/tryhard. I'm surprised there was no slob weeb Barbie as well as drug addict Barbie on that page.

No. 94266

>I'm certainely not the Jasmine sperg
No, but you're awful as well
>my criticism of the shitty custom
You didn't criticize the customs, but their subject because they hurt your precious feelings and moral conscious you snowflake faggot
>It's the kind of thing that was probably shocking 20 years ago
Really?! Because you still seem shocked by it.
>NO U are the triggred ones
GTFO Karen

No. 94271

Thank you! I’m looking on eBay and other auction sites - I’ve never bought a nendoroid before, I feel like I’ll end up paying tons and end up with a knock off accidentally. Did you get yours when she was first released?

I hope they come out with more of the princess’s like Merida or Aurora, the newish Jasmine one is so pretty..

That doll is really cute! I’m not a fan of a lot of the face molds on Rapunzel dolls but hers is very sweet!

No. 94273

Yeah I pre-ordered her when she first came out. She was one of the last collectibles I bought before going anti-consumption. I've slowly been going through my collection and selling stuff off but she's one I'm probably going to keep. Also I had no idea she had gone up in price!

No. 94283

I’m pretty anti-consumption as well! (Even though it doesn’t really sound like it hah) I’ve been selling a lot of my items during the quarantine, but Rapunzel is a favourite so the nendoroid overrides whatever part is me is trying to be a minimalist. Ideally I’ll buy her second hand when she’s available on eBay or whatever~ your collection sounds neat though! Definitely keep whatever makes you happy !!

No. 94298

>they hurt your precious feelings and moral conscious you snowflake faggot

It's a fucking toy thread, anon.

No. 94318

this is serious business, anon

No. 94418

File: 1591165545890.jpg (64.71 KB, 785x519, dale-cooper-figure-01-785x519.…)

I'm so mad there is no quality Twin Peaks toy merch (yes, I'm the sperg rewatching the series and posting about it lol). All we have is shitty sold out Funko figure set that has Cooper that doesn't even look like himself and a bunch of Pops which is not great. I've also seen a nightmarish chibi figure of Coop from some convention and that's it. I wish something like pic related was available (this is a custom figure).
I caved in and bought a Laura pop but I'm not satisfied. Too bad that if this has not happened around Return, it will probably never happen.

No. 94422

Sorry for off topic but I'm watching Twin Peaks for the first time ever (just watched ep 10) and it's been fun seeing your posts pop up here and there. That custom figure is super cool.

No. 94882

File: 1591451630785.jpg (192.77 KB, 878x1024, 9445493636_e7483acaf6_b.jpg)

I love this doll so goddamn much. My childhood dream.

No. 95070

File: 1591537823425.jpg (63.85 KB, 1080x1080, 35c940cc761694b8e98085321d48e0…)

I finally got him for half the price and I'm so happy I didn't purchase a few months ago for a full price! I love him so much. I'm so sad there probably be no more Porg content. I love them at least as much as Baby Yoda, if not more.

No. 95080

File: 1591541566397.jpeg (37.4 KB, 425x435, 51E4FE84-D7C2-4B9F-9822-1E1B36…)

Holy shit yes, I wish I still had mine. I had the play set too, it was my favourite

No. 95109

Yikes. This looks like Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain.

No. 95229

It doesn't, but how would that even be a bad thing? lol
Not to mention Jayden was obviously inspired by Coop as well (most visible in the "that would be most unfortunate" scene).
It's the most Cooper figure I've seen TBH.

No. 95237

gratz on the find anon. ive always adored the porgs. probably the only redeemable thing to come out of the new trilogy for me.

i remember losing a doggo toy just like that at childcare. couldnt stop crying for months

No. 95268

Haha, I had this when I was a kid.

No. 95269

File: 1591644638311.jpg (155.85 KB, 1000x750, Lttle Mermaid playset.jpg)

>tfw Barbie will never be this good again

I got one small Happy Meal plushie back in the day and I remember there was also sticker campaign for snacks.

>I had the play set too
Is that a barbie playset?! Looks great. What exactly it's name?

I lost an Eric figure in kindergarten (pic related) to make it somewhat even, I stole a few toys from kindergarten.

No. 95273

File: 1591646140470.jpg (69.72 KB, 1100x1164, 61Dzhyyn-XL._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

For me it was Webkinz. I was sort of spoiled as a kid, and they were all I bought with my allowance and all I asked for at Christmas and my birthday. By the end I had over thirty of them (all one one account lmao.)

The crown jewel of my collection was the sherbet rabbit. It was my absolute favorite, and it was one of the retired ones. I still have it on my dresser today. The tie dye dog was cute, too, but its in-game sprite looked like shit.

No. 95277

It’s the barbie swan lake enchanted forest playset. The only thing is that, from what I remember, it wasn’t really to the right scale for the barbies but obviously as a kid I didn’t care

No. 95279

>it wasn’t really to the right scale for the barbies but obviously as a kid I didn’t care
Make sense

No. 95286

Maybe it was in scale for Shelly/Kelly?

No. 95302

I mean they fit in the chairs but the tree and animals were a little bit small compared to them, but I suppose actually making a tree to scale would be ridiculous.

No. 96089

File: 1592230674159.jpg (2.49 MB, 4000x3000, Tuesday Meow_1.jpg)

Recently Na! Na! Na! Surprise arrived to my country, so I decided to give it a try and get one. The concept of combining fashion doll with plush is quite innovative, however the execution leaves much to desire.

The plush bag accessory is really cute and fluffy, I do enjoy it and found it to be a worthwhile.

On another note, Unsurprisingly Barbie/Mattel' shelf space became smaller where as MGA/LOL OMG/NNNS grown lately and it was the case for two different toy shops in different districts. Maybe Mattel would finally get that motivating swift kick like they did during Bratz days…and if not, Mattel death wouldn't be a great loss at this point.

No. 96092

File: 1592230926474.jpg (2.8 MB, 4000x3000, Tuesday Meow_hair close-up.jpg)

Sadly, one of the braids accidentally got caught in the dress' velcro and got ruined which is very disappointing. I'm usually careful with that..I guess I got used to Licca superior non-sticky velcro.

No. 96095

File: 1592231906996.jpg (1.11 MB, 4000x3000, Tuesday Meow_front.jpg)

The body got nice weight to it and have 5 PoA, all of which are swivel joints.

Annoyingly, the doll can't either sit or stand properly due to the hefty body and the badly designed swivel joints for the hips. I don't mind much the lack of ability to stand as much as the sitting.

As for the controversial bra and panties, I do not mind the panties (I think they're a nice touch) but the bra is too much and pointless considering the doll is flat. Unlike what many would claim, I don't think these are looking like kids but rather as stylized chibis; the wide hips are defiantly not a child-like feature.

The printed socks have grown on me and they're quite cute, though separated socks would be better.

No. 96096

File: 1592232044811.jpg (750.94 KB, 3000x4000, Tuesday Meow_profile.jpg)

The printed faces are nice looking even in profile. Heck, they even look better than LOL OMG' face profile.

No. 96097

File: 1592232260173.jpg (1.02 MB, 4000x3000, Tuesday Meow_back.jpg)

I almost forgot to mention I had to cut some big ass ugly tags on the back of the head. It's not like the doll is sold as it is without a box so I really don't see the point of it.

No. 96098

File: 1592232515389.jpg (1.02 MB, 4000x3000, Tuesday Meow_QC.jpg)

The biggest downside of this doll is the non-removable hat which attached to the partial hair and has clear seamlines. Also, the lack of (human) ears is creepy.

No. 96100

File: 1592232811382.jpg (1.36 MB, 4000x3000, Tuesday Meow_clothes and shoes…)

Overall, despite not the best doll out there, it's definitely one of the most unique ones. If you want something slightly different than the usual, I would recommend getting one or two.

No. 96102

what's wrong with the bra? it's looking nice. Would be weird to have so detailed panties without a bra. As long as it doesn't show under the regular clothes it's a right choice. TBH I always hated the sloppy painted on panties on Barbie. Why are they even needed? At least here the doll genuinely looks better with the painted on underwear.

No. 96427

>what's wrong with the bra?
The asymmetrical hanging long strings of the bow and again the doll being flat which make it pointless.
>TBH I always hated the sloppy painted on panties on Barbie. Why are they even needed?
Early Barbies from 60's-70's had actual fabric panties, then they switched to molded ones until the short period of late 90's-early 2000's. Afterwards, they went back to molded panties I blame Bratz for that

No. 96436

so what if the doll is flat, the bra is clearly for aesthetics only and it fits the purpose to a t

No. 96626

Damn anon, because of you I get obsessed with that doll! It looks soo cute!
Now idk if I should spend money for it, to get another junk in my room… though it's not that expensive and it looks cute…
That's a problem with collecting dolls, I don't like too many things to be placed in my room lol.
Still, these dolls are suuuper cute! I like your Tuesday Meow, also I like Minna Moody a lot.

No. 96715

File: 1592751028198.jpg (227.14 KB, 1500x898, LOL OMG Series 3 dolls - Rolle…)

Ah yes, the limited storage problem. As long as you collecting without selling you will inevitably run into this problem. My personal advice is to try buying only toys you REALLY want and also avoid complete collections and instead try to collect from many different toylines to keep your collection varied, interesting and less suffocating.
>also I like Minna Moody a lot
She's cute too. It's nice that at least MGA keep making a few goth/punk dolls after Mattel killed MH for good. I hope LOL OMG will also get dolls like this soon.

Speaking of LOL OMG, here's the new series 3 dolls

No. 96716

File: 1592751074614.jpg (2.28 MB, 8312x2000, Cave Club – Emberly, Roaralai,…)

Promo pics of the new doll line, Cave Club, by Mattel

No. 96786

What toy/doll websites, blogs and so on do you guys go to for news and reviews?
I used to love Toybox Philosopher for autistically long doll reviews, but the owner has moved on from doll collecting. I check https://venivididolli.blogspot.com from time to time, but it's not the same.

No. 96804

File: 1592846047339.jpeg (631.52 KB, 1536x2048, E628AFF2-4893-4417-B4C3-A6CB10…)

Do you guys follow any toy collectors on IG or YouTube? Who are your favourites?

No. 96835

Not really any collectors,perse.
But i watch customizers like Dollightful.
I haven't found any non-doll customizing toy channels that i like. If you know any good english resin/garage kit channels lmk! Because all ive found is Leonas Workshop and i cant stand her.

No. 96862

These are pretty cute though they look a little too much of a mix of Hairdorables and La Dee Das with their face-ups. Though I do like that their legs are really muscular looking with flat feet, hopefully that'll make them easier to pose with out a stand.

On an unrelated note do you guys think that MGA will ever make fashion packs for the OMG dolls? I really miss the old standard for fashion dolls where you can get a brand new pack for the dolls you already have, especially since OMG dolls have their set style for each character.

No. 96876

When I look at them I'm so glad I no longer "need" to own at least one doll from each bullshit line being pushed. I am not impressed. I wonder how the kids will like them? That's the most important thing. The cavemen theme isn't that interesting or relevant. It's like all the other ideas have been exhausted by some other toy line.

No. 96992

File: 1593004609250.jpeg (283.75 KB, 2000x2000, Cave Club Tyrasaurus Chomping …)

>What toy/doll websites, blogs and so on do you guys go to for news and reviews?
I follow some IG accounts for doll news such as crystal_sushi and papusilemele. There's also http://www.youloveit.com/ and https://www.dollyinsider.com/ which are good sites for doll news; the former being for western playline and the later for adult collector japanese fashion dolls.
Sadly, blogs are a dying breed but there's a few I still follow and are active: https://dollsaga.wordpress.com/ and https://dollyconfessions.com/

For toy news I visit the following sites: Taghobby, Figsoku, Toyark, TNI (Toy News International), Fwoosh, Figures.com and ToyHypeUsa

>Toybox Philosopher

Easily hands down the best fashion doll reviewer; her attention to details and high quality photos were great. I'm still bummed about her leaving (tbf fashion doll market was in absolute shambles when she left; many doll lines died and even companies such as tonner) and focusing on fixing generation girl-like dolls.
>I check https://venivididolli.blogspot.com from time to time, but it's not the same
Same. I mostly know her from the time when flickr and livejournal were still relevant. She got an an amazingly huge and varied doll collection, but other than that her photos are still old 2000's crappy quality and her "reviews" are more of lazy show-off like most doll "reviewers". You should check her flickr, she has pro account and all her old pics are still there.

They remind me of Moana quite a lot with the thick thighs and round big-eyed head.
>On an unrelated note do you guys think that MGA will ever make fashion packs for the OMG dolls? I really miss the old standard for fashion dolls where you can get a brand new pack for the dolls you already have, especially since OMG dolls have their set style for each character
I highly doubt it, since each doll have too specific theme/style for allowing mixing and matching, the same issue that started with MH and began this awful trend (and that's one of the main reasons I found MH overrated).

>When I look at them I'm so glad I no longer "need" to own at least one doll from each bullshit line being pushed
How many failed doll lines did Mattel came up with since the death of MH and EaH? 4 dollines: 1. WWE - the average girl couldn't give less of damn about it 2. Wild Hearts Crew - outdated 2000's emo scene fashion with all dolls sharing the same color palate (boring) and having molded bras 3. Creatable World - controversial toyline that couldn't be sold internationally (e.g. Russia) and the wigs were garbage 4. Netflix Nu-Ra - neither girls nor the vast majority of doll collectors gave a shit. It's almost mind-blowing how despite that, plus losing the DC license and Barbie doing bad, Mattel haven't gone completely bankrupt and refused Hasbro' offer to buy them twice (thank goodness)!

I completely agree the dolls are passable, tbh I'm more interested in the female T-Rex from the line and after I found out she isn't being sold with a doll I want her even more! The fact a side animal is more appealing than the main dolls in the line really shows how bad it is…

>The cavemen theme isn't that interesting or relevant

Mattel tried to go with good ol' Flintstones feeling (Emberly "NotPebbles") combining 80's-90's bright colors, but how many kids today even know about the Flintstones >how do you do fellow kids.jepg

IMHO it's not a bad idea in general (it's rather quite unique for fashion doll line out of all things), but the execution is definitely bad. Foremost, they should have downsized the scale to 5.5" inch like original She-Ra to allow world building aka, vehicles playsets which are now, sadly, a thing of the past/limited to Lego and Playmobil. Not to mention it's would've made the paper-thin clothes forgivable. Second, they should've gone with edgier look like tribal tattoos and bone piercings, giving it more caveman/primitive feel to it and making it cooler.

No. 97025

Anon, I am
and I want to say that I like and respect you. You seem like one cool dollsperg with all your knowledge and opinions.
Are there any other places to discuss dolls among female collectors? Some time ago I run into an actual forum (I think it was called Dollieh Heaven or something), but it was mostly dead. Even though I am not as much of a collector as I used to be, I would still like to talk about dolls with others. I love this thread, but it's barely moving and rarely gets engaging posts like yours!
I did not know those doll websites/blogs, will check them out!
I knew something irked me about venivididolli but could not put my finger on it. It's true, her blog is truely straight from the 00's!
The Cave Club also made me think of Flintstones, but I bet that current kids don't know about that and wouldn't care. I feel like this line will fail, but maybe I am wrong (I'm surprised tbh that Enchantimals are still going! They are nothing special tbh).
Side note, but why are there two black/tan girls and no asian character? Unless the guy is asian, but I don't think so?

No. 97186

Thank you so much, I'm truly flattered!
>Dollieh Heaven
You mean Dollieh Sanctuary, I also know about a forum called DollDreaming (but it's mostly for Dollfie Dream and other big vinyl dolls), both are slow. If you want fast-paced places for discussion, I guess your best bet are facebook groups and 4chan (beware, lots of shitposting, asshole attitude and creepy dudes). Personally, I like it here even if it's very slow as I prefer quality over quantity and I'd like to avoid the whole inevitable ego-trip and drama involved with namefaggging

>I feel like this line will fail, but maybe I am wrong (I'm surprised tbh that Enchantimals are still going! They are nothing special tbh)

I will be shocked if Cave Club would succeed considering the harsh competition with LOL OMG, but maybe the lower price point will give it advantage.
Enchantimals still running?! Well, the cute animal theme with small animal sidekick is naturally popular among girls and Mattel most likely took inspiration from once popular Shopkins which also had molded tops (eew) and small sidekicks.

>Side note, but why are there two black/tan girls and no asian character? Unless the guy is asian, but I don't think so?

Probably because Asians care less about representation than blacks? I mean they're still way more attached to their origin countries than blacks and which have plenty of media and merch specifically aimed for them (The three main big/known Asian countries, each have their own fashion doll: Japan- Licca, China- Kurhn, South Korea- Mimi). I doubt there's an ill intent behind that from Mattel and they might've planned Asian dolls for the later waves. Furthermore, I heard Mattel plan to increase the number of black dolls (more shitty Black barbies without eyeshadows and blush, having non-bendable knees and wearing a potato sack just like the shitty white Barbies!) so they're more focus about that.

No. 98221

File: 1593968092258.png (3.01 MB, 3332x1000, L.O.L. Surprise O.M.G. Remix D…)

Lots of doll news! All from MGA because fuck Mattel

First is new OMG wave. From left to right: Kitty K, Honeylicious, Lonestar and Pop B.B.

No. 98222

File: 1593968395103.jpg (251.49 KB, 1329x1500, Na Na Na Surprise series 3.jpg)

From left to right: AnnaBelle Mooosche, Fifi LeFluff, Jennet Jaguar, Dottie DeMil, Jeremy Hops and Sasha Scratch

No. 98223

File: 1593968438414.png (2.23 MB, 1930x646, Na Na Na Surprise Backpack Bed…)

No. 98224

File: 1593968555762.png (3.33 MB, 2138x1024, NaNaNa Surprise Ultimate Surpr…)

Not much info on these, besides being taller and more poseable plus a lot more clothes and shoes.

No. 98225

File: 1593969011837.png (4.16 MB, 5176x1000, Rainbow Surprise Rainbow High.…)

Finally, a new doll line, or more like a successor to Rainbow Surpris Poopsie; without the slime gimmick and being 1/6 scale instead of 1/4.

Each doll would come with an additional outfit including second pair of shoes. Best of all, they're not blindbag crap and shown in visible box like how all fashion dolls used to be.

From left to right: Ruby Anderson, Poppy Rowan, Sunny Madison, Jade Hunter, Skyler Bradshaw and Violet Willow.

No. 98226

Not gonna lie, I hate their faces

No. 98227

File: 1593969039220.png (2.9 MB, 2366x1078, Hair Studio Rainbow Raine doll…)

No. 98228

File: 1593969139232.png (2.33 MB, 2090x1008, Fashion Studio Avery Styles.pn…)

No. 98232

Cute! Curious, do they have inset eyes, or are they printed on?

No. 98244

File: 1593994004640.jpg (198.26 KB, 1024x734, 5407314396_45a54e2c71_b.jpg)

Does anyone remember the Trollz dolls? I'm currently saving up so I can buy them. I wish I bought at least one when they were sold in my country waaay back in the day. They are impossible to get now (at least where I live). Wish me luck, anons.

No. 98247

File: 1593995646736.jpeg (38.56 KB, 500x500, 894ea3ef-e50a-4cca-a9d0-1a0ffa…)

I love Pinkie Cooper's design and I wish the line lasted longer, tbh a furry-esque doll line sounds really fun and has so much possibility, its a bummer that it floped.

No. 98269

Aww she is so cute with her little raincoat and hat, I love her too, thanks for blessing me with her image

No. 98275

File: 1594033188751.png (529.8 KB, 552x587, Glitter and Glam Onyx.png)

Their faces look ok in front, but profile is hideous.

It's insert with real eyelashes! And come with second outfit and still cost less than Barbie BMR 1959, how can Mattel even compete?!

This was one of the best fashion doll line by Hasbro which isn't saying much since they had very few and most of them are garbage ccoughDisney Princessescough
It was way better modern iteration of Trolls than what they did with the Dreamworks movie.
>I wish I bought at least one when they were sold in my country waaay back in the day
In my country, we only got few of them and they were expensive so I skipped them and tbf fashion dolls were still great at that time so Trollz were nothing special. My favorite one was of course the purple gothic one, Onyx, and best version of her imo was the Glitter and Glam one though the second set of clothes were dull (white top tank and wide black pantes). I didn't saw that version in my country.
May I ask which one are you aiming for? Also, good luck anon, may the ebay gods be with you!

>I wish the line lasted longer, tbh a furry-esque doll line sounds really fun and has so much possibility
Same, I completely agree with you
To think it was designed by the original Bratz creator and was made by a smaller toy company entering the fashion doll market for the first time, what a waste. I feel like playline toy market really went down the hill and stale after 2012 as in general and not just for dolls; many great toylines died and Mattel' and Hasbro' dominance grew even stronger. It became completly rare after 2012 seeing smaller toy companies/new doll lines at Toyfair.
Do you own one? I manage to get Pepper Parson and accidently scratch a bit her leg, which is a bummer, but I still like her.

No. 98286

File: 1594040238465.jpg (65.49 KB, 529x519, tumblr_p82tp4EnhA1ri1p5ro1_128…)

Wow that takes me way back as I used play on Trollz website as a kid. I have never actually seen the dolls before despite the fact that me and my sister had a purple and orange gym bags with there faces on it.
Though in hindsight it would mostly likely because am a poorfag

No. 98290

Onyx looks so much like Chibi from The Birthday Massacre, wow!
How where the Trollz better than the Dreamwork Trolls? I have no interest in the latter, but the former seems a bit awkward. I mean, trolls as random animesque teenage girls? I'm not buying that concept.
Though IMHO the best troll like toy line are the Zelfs (RIP).

No. 98326

I've been collecting toys for a while now and I'm at a point where I feel like I'm running out of room but I still have tons of stuff on my wish list. I don't know what to do about this. I've seen collectors say that you should try to stick to just one thing/toyline/type of toy, but I just can't do it. I was collecting only Pokemon plush/merch for a while, but then I couldn't stop myself from buying MLP stuff and other random stuff I see and just buy because I want it. And I have a collection of more realistic wildlife stuffed animals too but to display them it clashes with the colorful/cartoony aesthetic of Pokemon/MLP/Amuse, etc. Does anyone else have this problem? How do you organize your collections? I don't want to get rid of anything but I'm worried I'm becoming more of a hoarder…

No. 98338

File: 1594092712558.jpg (72.89 KB, 960x820, 75d75d0df136e1d61167bc857302b2…)

She exudes so much wholesomeness in that outfit, its definetely my favourite!
Sadly no, they were never sold in my country, a real bummer, when I have some spare cash I really want to buy the raincoat one.
Its so wild how mattel fucks over their best designers, the creator of monster high left to work at Moose Toys, who i am really happy are gaining more space in the market since they seem to be a much better brand, I didn't like his new dolls which seem to be a combo of early 2000s polly pockets and blind bags, Pixel Chix.

No. 98347

I just got a nostalgia bomb I was not expecting. This image opened my memory floodgates. Fuck, I'm getting old.

No. 98364

I'm sorry to tell you anon but there's no way to keep expanding your collection indefinitely without being a hoarder.
You're going to need to implement a "one in = one out" policy. Decide how much space you have for your collection and stick to that, don't let it take over. Be strong.

No. 98733

File: 1594381794060.jpg (59.34 KB, 600x600, 165627.jpg)

I own this now (except for the goo, as I bought the set second hand) and I have zero shame. I really love how cute the unicorn doll is! I have zero interest in the poop though lmfao

No. 98991

Here you go anon, visit again before flash is dead for good.
How where the Trollz better than the Dreamwork Trolls? I have no interest in the latter, but the former seems a bit awkward. I mean, trolls as random animesque teenage girls?
I meant more in the toy form; Trollz kept the fugly charm the original Troll dolls had, whereas the new Dreamworks ones look too cutesy.
>Though IMHO the best troll like toy line are the Zelfs (RIP)
True, although I really dislike their flat profiles which were ugly and weird.
>Sadly no, they were never sold in my country
Bummer indeed, it was the same case for me. I got one through Amazon back then. I also tried looking for Cutie Pops but they were already too rare and expensive at that point.
>Its so wild how mattel fucks over their best designers
I blame the cheapskate overpowered marketing department and Mattel' tendency to appeal to soccer moms.
> I didn't like his new dolls which seem to be a combo of early 2000s polly pockets and blind bags, Pixel Chix
Me neither, it's a shame they forced him to make blindbag crap. His potential is now wasted by both companies.
Got actual pics? Yeah, these are cute and pretty regardless of their disturbing gimmick. It would be awesome if MGA would make smaller and more articulated version of them like they did with the humans.

No. 99184

File: 1594736230459.jpg (709.72 KB, 1280x720, Rainbow High dolls_second outf…)

Pic of the second outfit they come with

No. 99185

File: 1594736476357.png (2.3 MB, 1080x1478, The Best Look Giftset.png)

On another note related to doll news; Mattel have just released one of the last dolls in the soon-to-be-retired, Silkstone line.
It cost 100$

No. 99193

Why the fuck are they retiring silkstone? Its one of their best lines.

No. 99237

i love silkstone? fucking why? what an awful business decision. i hate barbie so much now, it's just a mega corp virtue signalling. after the albino afro doll and vitiligo barbie, i was done with the main toy lines.

fire these morons you hired from tumblr, mattel, they are sinking your company. bleah. so mad about this.

No. 99240

File: 1594766069373.png (355.46 KB, 426x855, so dumb.PNG)

for those who haven't seen them. vitiligo barbie is making the heavily on trend and fashion conscious decision to wear a fucking fanny pack

No. 99241

File: 1594766117082.png (444.96 KB, 638x726, stop.PNG)

No. 99242

>Vitiligo Barbie
Is Mattel tanking financially or why are they latching onto 2 year old tumblr trend aesthetics?

No. 99243

File: 1594766202622.png (328.4 KB, 559x847, just why.PNG)

albino afro barbie. so tiresome when a giant company does this and people suck it up. does the fashionista line even make money?

No. 99244

File: 1594766307772.png (1.11 MB, 700x787, ugly.PNG)

your guess is as good as mine. it's so fucking dumb. it's literally years too late. just stupid. at least this one is uglycute but fucking come on. it's massive pandering and so gross.

No. 99245

File: 1594766518796.png (58.36 KB, 1568x290, of course you got it for free.…)

clearly i needed to vent kek

No. 99246

>MY SON loves this barbie
This timeline.

No. 99249

>my 4 year old SON
>we just happen to have a close friend with vitiligo and she loves the representation!!!!1
Totally not a paid astroturf ad.

No. 99274

im honestly confused who gives a fuck? if you dont want the doll then dont get it. do albino people not deserve dolls? if you dont want it move along and get something else. Barbie is billion dollar company im sure they know its not gonna sell out. And its better late than never albino kids are born everyday. Grow up

No. 99276

i think she is beautiful i knew a little girl that looked exactly like this and had an afro i wish this existed when she was growing up. But again albino kids exist and dolls arent meant for you woman children anyway lol.

No. 99279

of course not. never!

No. 99305


I kind of like it, the fanny pack looks out of place (I will choose another outfit as a whole but I guess that's just personal taste) but the doll itself is not that bad.

No. 99310

>dolls arent meant for you woman children anyway lol
Then why do Silkstone and other black, pink, whatever label dolls exist?
Unless you mean playline specifically, in which case fine, adult collectors are secondary to kids. Not OP btw

No. 99317

Because Mattel can't help it but run all their best toylines into the ground (MH, EaH).
I never collect one, but from what I heard they cheap-out the line at some point and later on, also made an articulated body which didn't kept the voluptuous hence leading to even less sales - https://dutchfashiondollworld.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/the-end-of-the-bfmc/?fbclid=IwAR0M2CzKaZ-KZ8sdSFHtiV5ycVZ9Mt7Cwxhez7K9OGmj0dfhFpwHAqtaHOA .
Robert Best like Garrett Sander was, is another wasted talent in cheapskate and tasteless Mattel.

>Is Mattel tanking financially
Yes, they fired many workers and Barbie sales keep dropping, plus they lost the DC license - https://uk.reuters.com/video/watch/mattel-stock-crashes-on-massive-loss-and-id128074985 , https://www.kxly.com/mattel-is-laying-off-more-than-2200-workers-after-toys-r-us-went-bankrupt/
>why are they latching onto 2 year old tumblr trend aesthetics?
Because they have the most retarded marketing department that probably consist of SJWs alongside shit taste toy designers (Carlyle Nuera), otherwise how the hell you would explain their beyond dumb decision to make a controversial doll line such as Createable WOrld as if their some small niche toy company and not one of the biggest toy companies in the world who should be able to sell their shit everywhere.

>someone think about the CHILDREN!
Yes, they move on to MGA dolls, because they're actually pretty and have good quality and nice looking clothes, karen
>But again albino kids exist
Sure there's enough of them to justify mass-produced toys:^)

No. 99319

File: 1594801889046.jpg (145.99 KB, 552x887, Bild Lily.jpg)

Oh, and I forget to mention that Barbie started as knockoff of Bild Lily which was character from German comic strip aimed at adult men and meant to be a gag gift, yet the doll became popular among little girls because guess what they appreciate beauty and quality as much as adults do. But I'm sure you "doll collectors" know about that:^)

No. 99320

Why are you putting doll collectors in quotes? Is that some attempt at an insult? It's a normal and accurate term. People that collect dolls are doll collectors.
>little girls appreciate beauty and quality as much as adults to
Bild Lilli became popular because it was the only doll of an adult women and not an child, which is why Ruth Handler's daughter loved it (previously she played with paper dolls). It allowed girls to imagine their adult life and not just being a mom.
Also what >>99317 said about current doll popularity.
>Yes, they move on to MGA dolls, because they're actually pretty and have good quality and nice looking clothes

No. 99323

Because actual doll collectors would know that unlike the filthy casualfags which are what the vast majority of the "diversity crowed" actually are and in fact they never liked Barbie until it began to pander to them.
>Bild Lilli became popular because it was the only doll of an adult women and not an child
It was also a factor, but not the only one and doesn't contradict my claim.
>Also what >>99317 said about current doll popularity
That's me, and that statement >because they're actually pretty and have good quality and nice looking clothes goes along with what I said about Bild Lilly as well.

No. 99333

Ahhh, I misunderstood your posts. Now I see what you meant.
TBH we cannot say how much Bild Lilli's quality contributed to her popularity. Girls could love her even if she was cheap cause there was no real competition. It's true that kids absolutely DO see difference in doll quality. Only dumbass adults think that a cheap bootleg is just as good as a legitimate Barbie (I am not talking about someone not being able to afford a brand doll, just being like "what's the point of overpaying if you can get a doll for half of the price??? It doesn't make a difference anyway, both have the same purpose".
I liked the woke Fashionistas in the beginning because they were quirky anf cute compared to the bloated nightmare that the Generation Girl mold ended up being, but I see Barbie disappearing since the dolls are no match to all the colorful, gimmicky rivals. Not many kids will buy an alopecia doll compared to LOL OMGs and others.

No. 99336

The BMR1959 line is a hot mess, the Fashionistas have some cute dolls but the clothes are such cheap crap. Sad about the Silkstones. I loved the fact that you could still get well-made Barbies, end of an era, I guess. I'll pick the last one up, the outfit is gorgeous.

Are there any other traditional 'fashion dolls' that still exist? I know Gene isn't made any longer, Tonner dolls went bankrupt, too, afaik? Are there European dolls that fit?

Love Bild Lilli; Barbie is a pretty blatant ripoff. Did they just copy her head sculpt?

No. 99395

Isnt it just them retiring the silkstone model or supermodel line only?

No. 99398

i love how they always make vitiligo look so aesthetically pleasing! no weird shapes or jagged edges!

this doll is so fucking tumblr. what shit kek

No. 99452

File: 1594902346562.png (962.3 KB, 1012x599, Priorities.png)

>This timeline
We have Ken that has more makeup than Barbie at this point, I repeat we have KEN THAT HAS MORE MAKEUP THAN BARBIE. WTF is wrong with Mattel?!

No. 99453

File: 1594902934702.jpg (401.74 KB, 1907x1907, Mattel BTFO.jpg)

>woke Fashionistas in the beginning because they were quirky anf cute
Although there might be some truth to that, they were a massive downgrade to original Fashionistas and Life In The Dreamhouse (one the best Barbie lines ever) which finally gave Barbie an actual story and characters only to be immediately vanished and be replaced with random Barbie dolls (you're Barbie, everyone's Barbie!). Worst of all they stopped having click knees REEEEEEEE…and from this moment and on Barbie became worthless shit.
>compared to the bloated nightmare that the Generation Girl mold ended up being
Their fashion was still less tacky and they had BENDABLE KNEES.
>Not many kids will buy an alopecia doll compared to LOL OMGs and others
Not just kids, but actual doll collectors as well. Just compare the upcoming Rainbow High to BMR1959 which share the same price point;
Rainbow High
>Second outfit including second pair of shoes
>Insert eyes with real eyelashes
>Brush, Doll stand and two hangers for the cloth pieces
>Double jointed elbows and knees
>No pixelated face printing
And to add insult to injury they use the same lame "brand tags" trend, only that its actually executed well. How can Mattel even compete at this point?! In fact, I've seen knockoff with better cloths and face printing than current Barbie.

>The BMR1959 line is a hot mess
When Carlyle Nuera' menace would be stopped?!
>the Fashionistas have some cute dolls but the clothes are such cheap crap
It isn't just the clothes, look at their awful face printing; when was the last time Barbie had eyeshadow and blush? Where is that detailed textured softness? Instead you get that sharp pixelated retarded smile that stares into the void.
>I loved the fact that you could still get well-made Barbies, end of an era
The only options now are hybridizing from Ali Express or getting older Barbies.
>Are there any other traditional 'fashion dolls' that still exist?
All I know of is Integrity dolls, maybe you can find more on https://dutchfashiondollworld.wordpress.com/
>Love Bild Lilli
Definitely, wish Barbie would return to her roots being shamelessly attractive and beautiful instead of pandering to small group of attention whore freaks who never liked her in the first place.
>Did they just copy her head sculpt?
You might as well call it remolded recast; the body shape, the joints engineering is pretty much identical, with the exception of the shoes being separated and not part of the feet.

What exactly do you mean? As far as I know, it's just the Silkstone line.

No. 99454

Ken looking like that flaming gay guy that shows up as a villain in every manga series

No. 99458

Y'all are so twisted, calling the way some girls are actually born a 'tumblr aesthetic'. Mattel clearly thinks there's money to be made to appeal to little girls who look a lil different. No one's forcing you to buy a damn doll.

No. 99460

>No one's forcing you to buy a damn doll
Yeah and that's why soon there will be no Barbies at all. The adult collectors are one of the few people that still give a damn about those dolls. Most kids have moved on to LOL dolls and other young brands, like the upcoming Poopsies.
I wouldn't mind the occasional tumblr tier designs if the quality was good and we got some imaginative and exciting dolls.

No. 99465

Once again, who cares? Just don't buy it, why are you so ass blasted about this? Get a new hobby if seeing an albino barbie gets you this pissed.

Personally I'm a little frustrated at the fashion used for dolls as of late. Everything seems to be hip hop influenced and as much as I like streetwear it would be nice to see variety beyond urban wear.

No. 99467

>Once again, who cares?
True Barbie fans and we are allowed to express our disdain towards current Barbie.
Enjoy your virtue signalling dolls until Mattel would get bankrupt due to pandering to you and your small insignificant loud group.

No. 99474

>come into the thread to bitch and argue
>"omg who cares???"
I don't even mind the albino Barbie that much, but it's sad that Mattel thinks that tumblr pandering is the way to go instead of making quality dolls. Sure, make albino Barbies, but give them cool clothes and make beautiful and memorable dolls as well. Oldschool Barbies had cool attention to detail. Even MH dolls did not so long ago, what happened? I never was a fan of theor designs and series lore but I could at least appreciate all the different fantasy body molds, themed accessories etc.

No. 99481

I wasn't aware that representing skin conditions was virtue signaling but keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night. You're complaining about a company marketing a doll line toward children with skin conditions like it's some sjw bullshit. They're a company. They realize that albino children exist and can capitalize off of it. They recognize that this doll might get new customers and want to market toward that audience.

>true barbie fans

Nigga are you 13

No. 99483

>They're a company. They realize that albino children exist and can capitalize off of it.
Wonder why Mattel has not made an albino doll in the 80's, 90's or early 00's? Have A
albino children were not invented yet? What about fat girls? And why they still haven't produced a down syndrome Kelly? Surely children like this exist and play with Barbies.
You are deluding yourself if you think that social media and feminist criticism didn't force Mattel to go all inclusive. They made a curvy Barbie after years of feminist criticism AND because ugly AF Lammily beat them to the punch and gained attention for being a 'healthy, realistic' doll.
I can buy they are trying to appease adult sjws with kids, but not that they care about children that much.
Contrary to what you think, I'm not against diversity in dolls. I loved the Dolls of the World series, Kira was my favorite Barbie friend. But dolls have to be quality and beautiful as well. Mattel is clearly failing here and tbh has been failing since way before the tumblr style dolls.

No. 99487

File: 1594925328694.png (2.15 MB, 2404x1196, fanbasehobby.png)

>Get a new hobby
>Nigga are you 13
Fuck off you filthy causualfag, pic related holds true with the exception of you muhdiversity faggots being majority/mainstream.

No. 99489

>representing skin conditions
>fashion dolls
WTF these two have to do with each other?! Fashion dolls are meant to be fun, not to get massage across.
>toward children with skin conditions
Again, how many kids like that are they to justify mass produced toys?! Mattel isn't some niche toy company, they're one of the biggest toy companies in the world!
>can capitalize off of it
Do you work for Mattel marketing department? Because so far they made 4 failed doll lines (soon to be 5 including Cave Club) and Barbie sales keep dropping.

No. 99490

meant for >>99481

No. 99507

Albino Barbie is a babe I’ll take 4

No. 99511

Idk why your borderline retarded ass needs three separate posts to sperg out but hey different strokes for different autistics. Barbie has always had a message that's the whole point of her having different occupations. If you're as big of a doll collector as you say you are you would know that. Mattel is trying different tactics to see what sticks on the wall it's really not that hard to see. They've been on the out for a long ass time just because a few dolls aren't in your interest doesn't mean it's not worth marketing.

Can you go be retarded in a discord chat somewhere instead of shitting up the thread?

No. 99525

>Idk why your borderline retarded ass needs three separate posts to sperg out but hey different strokes for different autistics
I guess your stroke is assuming that everyone who disagrees with you is the same anon kek.
This thread usually is dead and if we wanna discuss Mattel's shitty dolls, we are entitled to it. Fuck off if the conversation doesn't interest you or post about something else itt.

No. 99530

Considering you all have the same typing style yeah I'm inclined to assume you idiots are the same. I did talk about something else in the thread but your third grade reading comprehension stopped you from understanding that. Complaining about an albino barbie existing solely because they're albino is tired, who cares. Just don't buy it and keep it moving.

LOL Surprise dolls are so weirdly proportioned the heads never match the bodies, looks like a Baby Bratz frankenstein

No. 99537

>Yes, they fired many workers and Barbie sales keep dropping, plus they lost the DC license
That explains a lot. Fastlane political correctness pandering is the final effort companies pull in this day and age before going tits up.

>lmao why do u nerds care so much about a multimillion corporation weaponizing niche minority issues only to milk quick woke dollars from the crowd that's never going to buy their product anyway instead of coming up with something innovative and engaging
I don't know, you tell me

No. 99544

>having different occupations
But that's fun, unlike skin diseases. What's next, Barbie with psoriasis?
>If you're as big of a doll collector
>NO U are the filthy casualfag!
I bet you never knew about Bild Lilli until it was mentioned here.
>just because a few dolls aren't in your interest doesn't mean it's not worth marketing
>muh special minority pandering!
>of course it's compatible with appealing to the majority!
It was already proven here more than once how bad Mattel is doing right now, yet you dishonest idiot keep ignoring that.
>discord chat
Go back to your twitter echochamber or whatever SNS cancer you came from. I'm not a discord tranny.
>Complaining about an albino barbie existing solely because they're albino
That >>99460 anon clearly said she doesn't mind it as long as the doll is good, but keep on being delude think that everyone who argues with you is samefag as if they're part of minority group and not you:^)
>LOL Surprise dolls are so weirdly proportioned the heads never match the bodies, looks like a Baby Bratz frankenstein
But I thought you like everything that is deformed and abnormal:^), oh wait, only as long as it realistic, how boring and depressing.

As the saying goes -'go woke go broke'

No. 99545

File: 1594976887197.png (3.69 MB, 1599x1920, him.png)

I shall dub thee Ken as 'him'

No. 99548

File: 1594978531793.jpg (84.28 KB, 1080x1128, MTM all female bodies.jpg)

Found comparison of all the (female) mtm bodies including the recent petite one

No. 99549

File: 1594978663744.png (12.49 MB, 3216x3344, Hairdorables Hairmazing Prom P…)

Hairdorables Hairmazing releasing two-pack with the first male doll in the line

No. 99550

File: 1594979487769.png (379.46 KB, 966x558, SideshowXTonner.png)

>Tonner dolls
Some good news, Robert Tonner will now collaborate with Sideshow to make new fashion dolls

>Through this new partnership, Sideshow and Tonner will be bringing two exciting new collections to fashion doll connoisseurs, available through Sideshow.com. These unique offerings will encompass both original dolls and licensed characters from fan-favorite franchises, reimagined through the creative, high-fashion lens of Tonner’s iconic design sensibilities.

>The Sideshow original collection will include three 16” dressed fashion dolls inspired by Hollywood, fantasy, and fierce modern fashions, each including a detailed portrait with rooted hair, a highly articulated body, and elegantly tailored clothing and accessories. This line will also include a basic doll for collectors looking to purchase each of the outfits separately for maximum customization and display.

No. 99557

>Considering you all have the same typing style yeah I'm inclined to assume you idiots are the same
Nice cope, retard. This is an anonymous imageboard, if anons can tell your posts apart you are doing shit wrong.
>I did talk about something else in the thread but your third grade reading comprehension stopped you from understanding that
Should have dropped the m-muh albino Barbie bs since it triggers you so much instead.
Idgaf about lol dolls but wonder how they are selling without sjw pandering. Hmmmm

No. 99561


>>I bet you never knew about Bild Lilli until it was mentioned here.

Oh shit look out we got a mega-autist like that's supposed to establish something here. Go outside for two seconds and quit raging about fashion dolls being inclusive you sound demented.

No. 99564

So you didn't know that, huh causalfag:^)? Also, how convenient ignoring the rest of my post and others as well >>99557
>muh inclusive dolls
How many times do we have to tell you retard, that they don't sell and Mattel is dying?(:^))

No. 99589


>>So you didn't know that, huh causalfag:^)

So you are 13, I see. Anyways while you're sperging out over an albino barbie Mattel will most likely continue to push inclusive dolls for the next few months so double up on your diapers next time your parents drop you off at daycare for when they release them.

These are kind of cute actually! I wouldn't mind picking one up for a few younger relatives.

No. 99603

Hope you are gonna put your money where your mouth is and buy many tumblrina fashionistas. If not, you are just confirming that people that care only about inclusivity and sjw don't actually support the products they virtue signal about.
I'm not a Tonner fan but he made some cool and recognizable dolls so I am glad to hear that he has a new project! It was sad to see Tonner go, they were such a big brand among collectors. I planjed to own one Tonner doll someday but it was never a priority. Apparently the prices skyrocketed, so who knows now.
Wonder what characters are planned for the line? I sort of hope they are from something that I like, but also not cause I am trying to not blow my money on dolls as much.

No. 99669

I see yo can only argue in bad faith…you were the one who screeched and samefagging for 6 posts just because few anons made fun of your shelfwarming tumblr dolls. Anyway, gald to hear you like the dolls I posted >>99549

No. 99678

Learn the word projection it will do wonders for your already limited cognitive ability.

Looking at this doll a second time I'm kind of confused why they gave her a fanny pack with a maxi dress. I can tell they're trying to copy the spring break party vibe but a maxi dress just doesn't make sense for the outfit to me. Maybe shorts and a shirt would pair better?

No. 99684

honestly debating on whether to get another American Girl doll. i haven't gotten one since marie-grace, but i'm debating on either melody or rebecca. the price going up again isn't surprising, but has the quality improved? i haven't really kept up with collectors, but i remember a lot of ppl saying the quality dropped back around when beforever got launched.

No. 99698

This is such good news. I loved Tonner dolls.

No. 99700

I don’t like the eyes on these but I love the colors.

No. 100006

I liked his Betsy McCall revival. After Tonner shut down, Azone got the license and release few dolls which were way more expensive than the Tonner. Never got one.
>Wonder what characters are planned for the line?
I wish for DC Giganta, she would be prefect for this scale! Which characters do you wish for?
Hopefully, they will eventually make dolls at the height 12" and under as well, I remember Tonner had dolls in all kinds of scales and styles-so greater variety like in the past would be wonderful.
Wonder what "highly articulated body" means? Is it your standrad 12 PoA for adult collector fashion dolls like Integrity Toys or something like Barbie MtM? It would be quite disappointing if it will be the former.

I'm not fan of the Frozen-esque faces for the females either, in particular their thin edgeless lips. The boy' face is much better and decent imo. Shame they didn't extend the pattern on his jacket to his pants which look kinda cheap and dull. As for the colors besides the female eyebrows (that thick bright turquoise on tan skin, just doesn't look good), are pretty and cohesive. Another thing worth mentioning, it's great that they finally start to give the dolls normal-sized earrings instead those ridiculously enormous ones which are repulsive and disturbing.

No. 100207

I've been wanting one too. IDK why? I could just dig my childhood ones out and clean them up, but I don't have any interest in that. I just want a new one. Maybe one of the minis or a wellie wisher since my apartment is tiny. Are the $25 mini dolls poor quality? The ones I had as a kid I remember being decent.

No. 100240

Rapunzel anon here, the nendoroid gods have smiled upon me and have her back on preorder! So happy!!

No. 100283

All I know about the minis from some reviews is that they're all vinyl now instead of having soft bodies like their 18 inch counterparts like before. I haven't heard anything about Wellie Wishers though

No. 100536

Sorry i only sometimes read a bit in this thread and English isnt my first language.

But I dont think Mattel is discontinuing their whole silkstone collection, its only just this particular supermodel sub-serie

No. 100627

>Which characters do you wish for?
I would love to see characters from Lord of the Rings as dolls. Especially elves like Legolas, Arwen or Galadriel. I am not sure how feasible is that. I regret not being able to buy the Barbie LotR dolls (even though they are not that great), so I would love to get a second chance! Otherwise IDK, I am not into things like Marvel or DC. Maybe a nice Severus Snape doll? Can't believe Mattel hasn't given us that yet, it's the only doll from HP that I would actually buy! Would love a Kylo Ren/Ben Solo doll as well but I doubt it's possible taking into account how big of a trainwreck the new trilogy ended up being.
>I'm not fan of the Frozen-esque faces for the females either
Holy shit, I can't believe I haven't noticed that! I hate those faces so much. I never saw the connection to the Elsa dolls, but now I can't unsee it. I thought that the faces look impish AF and I had no idea why would anyone like them.

No. 100640

>discontinuing their whole silkstone collection
They do
>particular supermodel sub-serie
Huh? I don't think there's sub-line for Silkstone as far as I know
You got some nice list, I do hope the new Tonner dolls will be great and successful enough to keep continuing and expending.
>Would love a Kylo Ren/Ben Solo doll
I'd kill for a good Padme(s) and Anakin!
Sometimes I wish that Azone and Medicom will cooperate to make unique bodied and accurate license dolls but with rooted hair and nice-looking body underneath, in other words combining both companies strong points.
>but I doubt it's possible taking into account how big of a trainwreck the new trilogy ended up being
Disney kept pushing the ST despite being failure, I think they'll continue to try so it won't be completely in vain.

No. 100641

File: 1595591092431.png (5.22 MB, 1688x3480, Fail Fix.png)

Fail Fix, a new fashion doll line by Moose Toys.
There are two more dolls left, but there's no good quality images of them to be found yet.
From up to down: Loves Glam, Slay it DJ, Preppi Posh and Kawaii Qtee.

No. 100642

File: 1595591296560.png (9.89 MB, 2240x5232, Poopsie Q.T. Unicorns.png)

Another variant/continuation to Rainbow Surpris Poopsie line. This one is called Poopsie Q.T. Unicorns. They have no slime gimmick, instead they're all scented.

No. 100689

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a Kylo doll! Though it would ruin my wallet, I could not stop myself from buying it!
The dolls are cute but that is one weird idea for a doll series. I guess at least it has not been done before (to this scale). Not interested in buying any of those.
I will buy at least one of those unicorns! The pink one, probably, and maybe also the blue and violet. They are so cute! I missed buying cute fantasy toy horses at shop. Modern MLP sucks and the G1 repro series is not freely available in my country (the ponies that are available from online sellers are the collector's pose ones I already have as a actual G1 ponies). Those poopsie unicorns make me happy when I look at them. When are they coming out???

No. 100700

This may be a reach but is anyone else reminded of the Nendoroid doll line when looking at this?

No. 100776

The only thing those have in common with Nendos is that they have a slightly enlarged head.

No. 100860

File: 1595703433281.png (161.94 KB, 293x312, 0ab8f70797b441d6e39c9678faeece…)

I realized another reason why I like them. The simple pose, colors and the white mouth area remind me of Takara ponies a lot!

No. 100869

File: 1595709029365.jpg (89.44 KB, 651x1500, Mattel's Harry Potter Severus …)

>Can't believe Mattel hasn't given us that yet, it's the only doll from HP that I would actually buy!
Apparently they just did

>The dolls are cute but that is one weird idea for a doll series
Looks like they try to cash-in on that online makeover games trend…almost a decade later. I kinda like the one with purple hair, but I think I'll have to wait for irl pics to decide and tbh I'm not sure if I'm even gonna bother if they won't sold in my country.

>I will buy at least one of those unicorns! The pink one, probably

Yeah, she has the cutest pose. For some reason I'm drawn to the green one.

>Modern MLP sucks

Now MGA not only BTFO of Mattel, but also Hasbro is being BTFO

>the G1 repro series is not freely available in my country

I wish they made G2 repro, but that's probably never gonna happen tasteless American girls. Other option is getting World's Smallest G1, they have the "basic pose" (idk much about G1). I have them so I'll upload a pic at some point.

>I already have as a actual G1 ponies

You own genuine g1 ponies? Sweet. Can you show some of them?

>When are they coming out???

Fall 2020

>remind me of Takara ponies
I heard someone else mention it too, I just hope Hasbro won't try to sue MGA for MLP likeness they probably will, as g4 gonna shelfwarm whereas Poopsie Q.T. Unicorns gonna sell like hotcakes.

Good to hear Rapunzel anon

No. 100870

Oh my God! And he is gonna get released in August??? I need him on my shelf now! Hope my local doll distributors hurry the fuck up! I don't want to overpay or wait until X-mas to buy him. For some reason, a few months ago I actually had a dream about buying a Snape doll (with a playset??? wtf), and I am not even that big of a HP fan! This is the only HP doll that I want, TBH. Hope the actual doll doesn't look much worse than the promo pic. How did the already released HP dolls compare?
>You own genuine g1 ponies? Sweet. Can you show some of them?
I do have a small collection, yes! I don't have anything especially rare since I live in Europe (they are not as common here, or at least in my country) and I am a poorfag compared to the American collectors. I do love all my G1s a lot! I also have some G2s. A few months ago I was lucky to buy like 5 or 6 MIB G2's from a guy that apparently bought a warehouse in Netherlands full of late 90's toys (I also bought some oldschool Pokemon merch from him). The ponies don't have their backcards as they got destroyed, but they are still in the plastic bubble along with their original accesories (except for a pair of fabric wings or something, IDK what happened). I also got a playset MIB though it's not that great (it's a wedding dinner room or something). I love G2s, even though I wish there were more poses. They were beautiful, but could use some variety! Obsessing over G2 ponies as a kid is probably what started my lifelong obsession.
I will try to take photos of them! Looking forward to seeing the smallest G1!
>I heard someone else mention it too, I just hope Hasbro won't try to sue MGA for MLP likeness
Do they even remember about Takara MLP and do they still hold the copyrights? I know a few years ago there was a huge issue with Hasbro apparently losing rights to G1 characters except for Applejack (which is how FiM mane six happened). But maybe that's not an issue anymore since they are remaking the G1 toys? My head hurts, this is such a mess!

I love your posts so much, anon (apologies if I am wrong, but I feel like you are the one constantly contributing quality content).

No. 101020

File: 1595784329855.jpg (1.41 MB, 3870x2136, Pony Ponyard.jpg)

>How did the already released HP dolls compare?
I don't really follow that line closely so I can't tell, sorry.

>I also have some G2s

Cool, I only own one which the same pony I had as a kid.

Thank you so much! I love your posts too. I'm the anon who keep posting doll news so I do try to contribute as much as possible.

As for the World's Smallest, they're a bit bigger than I expected. They have nice and come with a brush. My only gripe is they aren't made of soft vinyl, but it's understandable considering how difficult would it be to produce at this size, not to mention it's a lot more expensive than hard plastic.

No. 101021

File: 1595784385925.png (3.46 MB, 2292x1524, TonnerxSideshow.png)

Preview of upcoming Tonner dolls

No. 101022

File: 1595784432183.png (533.5 KB, 480x1000, Wonder Woman Training Armor.pn…)

The first licensed one is Wonder Woman movie version

No. 101023

File: 1595784799460.png (10.87 MB, 3208x7880, Secret Crush.png)

MGA comes up with yet, another blind bag doll line, called Secret Crush. Each doll comes with bracelet diy kit including beads which can be put inside the doll' hair.

There are also two big 13" dolls that comes with a regular dolls.

No. 101027

I love them, where can I get one???

No. 101028

They're available on amazon, I imagine they will soon be distributed to other places as well.

No. 101121

Oh I love the green pony

This is a very cute concept, kid me would have gone apeshit for these.

No. 101657

File: 1596078230392.jpeg (194.72 KB, 810x1080, A14F6281-9E26-4BA9-AC25-496B3A…)

Do Sumikko Gurashi count as toys? I think they’re really cute. I want to start buying more of their figures and plushies but I don’t know what a good website is to look for these things (tried Amazon and the selection was pretty limited). Where do you usually shop if you’re looking for Japanese mascot character plushes and figures?

Pic related is the plush I currently have (not the actual one but you know what I mean). I bought him at an anime convention a few years ago and I’m thinking of getting him a friend.

No. 101668


those faces look….rough

i expected more from tonner

No. 101674

I love sumikko gurashi… the concept is so cute

No. 101687

File: 1596099182791.png (7.51 MB, 2576x5728, Fail Fix_2.png)

The rest of the line
As for the basic dolls, they each have different variations of the makeup and outfit they come with

No. 101688

File: 1596099327237.png (2.68 MB, 1952x1794, Shopkins Shoppies Special Edit…)

More from Moose Toys, another exclusive Shopkins doll

No. 101689

File: 1596099482604.png (5.81 MB, 2444x3592, Miraculous Ladybug.png)

Finally some stock images of the new Miraculous Ladybug dolls by Playmates.
Strangely though, they have both Playmates and Bandai logos.

No. 101690

File: 1596099540687.png (8.57 MB, 2208x6896, Disney Zombies 2.png)

Last and least some QUALITY Mattel dolls

No. 101691

File: 1596099567419.png (1.84 MB, 1390x1622, Alex Morgan Barbie.png)

No. 101695

>I love the green pony

>This is a very cute concept

Yeah, I like these so much better than the lol dolls. The style of these remind me of indie toys just without the pretentiousness and the ridiculous price point (although they're still somewhat overpriced).

>Where do you usually shop if you’re looking for Japanese mascot character plushes and figures?
AmiAmi, Hobby Search and Hobbylink Japan, There's also Mandarake which is for secondhand items and those even include MIB with slight "box damage". Also, don't forget that Japan Post international shipping is suspended atm, so most viable shipping options are very expensive fucking DHL .

It really is underwhelming, it's like all the possible bad aspects in Tonner Dolls. Talk about outdated. I mean there are currently 12" playline dolls with more articulation, yet those 16" adult collector dolls have single joints and not even a good looking ones.

No. 101698

SO true. Girls ruined dolls tbh. Doll collecting should've remained as a small closed hobby between 5-6 men!!

No. 101703

That wasn't the point, if you bothered to follow the posts it was referring to SJWs and such like >>99465 .

No. 101705

>implying adult manchildren were the first adults to collect dolls
Yikes. I know you are on some ironic bullshit but still

No. 101720

Sage for being an outsider but question for toy collectors: Do you play with the toys / dolls or are they only for display? If there's lore like Monster High dolls, do you stick to it or do you rename the dolls and come up with your own stuff?

No. 101763

I wouldn't say i play with them,but i like to display them and change the poses every once and a while.

I mostly collect nendos from anime but i put them all in a calico critters house and pretend its a weird crossover lol

currently have Panty hitting on Light Yagami while solid snake watches from the corner.

No. 101771

That sounds really cute anon haha

No. 101778

I collect dolls and don't play pretend with them like kids do, but I enjoy posing them, changing their outfits, and taking pictures. If I'm feeling down I'll hold one or set it beside me while I watch TV or use the computer.

No. 102599

File: 1596559185639.png (12.17 MB, 3192x7848, Miraculous Ladybug_2.png)

More new dolls from this line. There's also a two-pack of Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noi, but they're essentially the same dolls as the single pack just with one fist hand instead of two open ones and there's no good stock photo of it.

No. 102600

File: 1596559262824.png (3.3 MB, 1744x1836, LOL plush dolls.png)

A new subline/merch for LOLs. The clothes and shoes are removable.

No. 102601

File: 1596559304316.png (2.89 MB, 1232x5800, Disney Store classic dolls.png)

New basic Disney dolls of misc characters

No. 102603

I do a little, I should play more. Story wise, I tend to play more with my action figures than my dolls, which I usually end up more just brushing and/or switching outfits. I only stick to lore of franchises I care about it and *MH ain't one of them.

*Only care about them as dolls

>i put them all in a calico critters house and pretend its a weird crossover lol
That's a neat idea

>currently have Panty hitting on Light Yagami while solid snake watches from the corner


No. 104486

File: 1597509168963.jpg (158.16 KB, 750x1000, a12f5e8b413cbcb19b544118636488…)

my bf's therapist asked if I am actually playing with my toys lmfao. She was a bit concerned I may be significantly emotionally delayed since I never stopped adoring toys.
(Like the other anons, I don't play with them, just enjoy looking at them. I hope to take photos as well, I'm so lazy though)
>If I'm feeling down I'll hold one or set it beside me while I watch TV or use the computer.
This is so wholesome, I think I will do it with my BJD boy as well! He gave me an idea for a novel, but that has to wait until I finish the one I am working on now.
I hate the thing in the middle of their chin. Like… wtf???
Oh, those are great!!! I'm tempted to buy Alice (but I will probably not, since I am not attached to the character - the doll looks great though!) or Esmeralda - though it irks me how the clothes look cheap AF, the 90's Mattel doll was MUCH better. The skirt should use much more fabric, and the corset is poor as well!
A Disney heroine doll line was long overdue, but the effort is a bit hit or miss… Maybe they are budget dolls and I shouldn't be complaining that much? What is the price tag?
Megara compares even worse to the 90's Mattel doll than Esmeralda. I adore her unique face mold! The Disney Megara looks too soft and generic.

No. 104487

File: 1597509306217.jpg (114.21 KB, 720x540, 98e0a1d5-1a94-4345-a427-74a810…)

samefag but I ordered pic related (Mattel's Yoda plushie/figure) and I am so excited! The money is not so great at the moment so I asked my bf to buy him for me in advance as this year's X-Mas gift (I am worried they will be sold out by December). I know that 'consoom Baby Yoda' is such a meme, but he brings me joy. I can't wait for the season 2 of Mandalorian!

No. 104488

I have also found out that Hasbro's Baby Yoda animatronic and not gonna lie, I'm tempted to get him someday! It's so adorable, love his moving ears and that he falls asleep when you put him on his back (though I guess it's not a new technology, Furby 2005 was able to do the exact same thing).

No. 104618

File: 1597599205177.png (12.09 MB, 1944x9328, Na Na Na Surprise Ultimate Sur…)

Finally, full stock images of this subline

No. 104619

File: 1597599358749.png (15.65 MB, 3240x6264, Barbie Signature Mattel 75th A…)

More doll news, lots of upcoming Barbies

No. 104620

File: 1597599436578.png (10.85 MB, 3624x5504, Signature Barbie The Gala’s Be…)

The last Silkstone doll

No. 104622

File: 1597599532524.png (9.34 MB, 2152x6128, Brabie Flight of Fashion doll_…)

This doll (final version) cost 120$

No. 104624

these are beautiful!!!

No. 104625

File: 1597599683546.png (12.69 MB, 3736x6592, Barbie Collector Tim Hortons d…)

If anyone interested, there's a doll board dedicated to all kinds of dolls and you can post 5 images per post - https://anon.cafe/doll/

No. 104628

I like the Susan B Anthony doll. Nice to see official feminist Barbie kek.
I like the board, will check it out! Wish it was about different kinds of toys as well…

No. 104694

I have this and he's even more precious IRL! He has no legs, but can wear some newborn/0-3months clothes. Infant headbands fit perfect and look super cute. You can buy legs on Etsy, but they cost more then the plush itself. I've personally been keeping my eye out for green baby tights to try and make my own legs.

No. 104696

Wowww I adore her face and silhouette though the wings look stupid imo

No. 104701

>Megara compares even worse to the 90's Mattel doll
We have 3D sculpting and printing, I don't understand why aren't all Disney dolls are complete character sheet accurate at this point?! Do they to avoid making the perfect version so people will continue to buy their lame updates? Do fashion doll collectors/Disneyfags have such low standards?

>'consoom Baby Yoda' is such a meme
Poor man Gizmo
Gib Jar Jar baby mouse

I kinda dig that Millie (see Mattel you can make Millie head mold look good when you bother), but the dress reminds me of that cloth used to clean glasses. Also she's on that stiff model/Barbie Basics body which sucks, they should go back using Shani body for the collector dolls.

I don't like the black one face mold nor face printing. They should've use Mibili or even Millie.

The last Silkstone is cute, shame she is on that badly sculpted articulated body which completely butchered the beautiful Shani body proportions.

>Nice to see official feminist Barbie kek
She isn't the first doll in the signature line…I'd prefer a fashion doll line of female musicians/singers desu.

>Wish it was about different kinds of toys as well…

Well, there's /toy/ for that - https://prolikewoah.com/toy/ . But the BO of /doll/ said she doesn't mind talking about other related toys such as MLP if it comes naturally.

That doll design screams 2000's dark fairy

No. 104709

File: 1597659456791.jpg (104.93 KB, 640x640, iap_640x640.2458841362_carnhzc…)

Goddamn anon, now I want to customize my Child as well! I have looked on Etsy and I like the most the legs with plastic feet. As you said, they are very expensive though (not to mention the shipping, sigh). I am considering buying just the plastic feet and combining them with baby thights as you said. If you succesfully make legs for your Yoda, please give an update! I suck at crafts but I am really tempted to give this a shot… It irked me that the Mattel Baby Yoda doesn't have legs, but the face is so wonderful I decided to ignore that (plus there is no better option tbh).

I wish Mattel noticed the issue and produced legs for Baby Yoda… or at least someone from China noticed the issue and did it, lol. I just want affordable and accurate Yoda feet!

No. 104710

Now I don't know anything about this doll or dolls in general but if the feet are so expensive, couldn't you try making your own out of clay?

No. 104784

I could, the problem is I'm terrible with craft. Could try until the feet are okay looking though. The problem is that clay is fragile and I don't trust it to withold life for long. Plus I would prefer the feet to match the plastic head and hands… I've ordered the baby thighs for now and I will stuff them so my baby yoda can wear newborn jumpers (the feet are hidden in them, so the lack of weird toes will not bother me in this one case)

No. 104946

File: 1597781086883.png (264.49 KB, 468x492, hdjifutyi.png)

I don't collect toys, but this just came in the mail and I'm just happy about it.

No. 105254

File: 1597950437619.jpg (68.86 KB, 736x736, Exodoll1.jpg)

What does this thread think of these EXO dolls? I'm no kpopfag my any means, and I originally dismissed these dolls when I first saw them ,but after looking at more and more pictures of them, ngl I can't help but find them sorta cute

No. 105256

File: 1597950507823.jpg (43.1 KB, 564x564, Exodoll2.jpg)

No. 105259

File: 1597951090177.png (577.17 KB, 394x492, Mirio.PNG)

Me too!! They're honestly adorable and I love all the accessories they come with. I'm not a kpop fag either but I noticed more and more people making anime ones so I might go those tbh

No. 105268

These dolls are really cute, is the only place that sells these dolls Aliexpress or all of those just knock offs?

No. 105277

Theyre so cute,I love them ,anon!!
Take good care of them.

No. 105291

I love them, but i can never tell the members apart. But theyre so damn cute, I almost want to at least get the Yixing and Min Seok ones.

No. 105292

Oh my gosh, where is this from? I love sheep stuff so much

No. 105394

File: 1598037273374.jpg (218.86 KB, 1140x1520, il_1140xN.2443467502_lwlt.jpg)

I have caved in and bought the cheapest pair of Yoda feet (pic related). I was planning to attach them to the thights, but now I have no idea how. I have realized that it's so easy to do that with the reborn bodies as they already have the 'tunnel' to put in the zip tie. Do you guys have any idea how to attach the feet easily to the thights? As mentioned earlier, I suck at DIY but I'm more than willing to put in some work to make my baby Yoda complete!

No. 105597

File: 1598205061501.jpg (1.4 MB, 2977x3416, Kojo and Kiki_Bush Baby World.…)

I'm not much of plush collector (I do have some small collection from my childhood), as I grow up action figures and fashion dolls became my top priorities while plush as at the bottom. My most "recent" purchase was few years ago, if anyone remember there was small trend of brand called *"Bush Baby World" by Golden Bear Toys (in the US it was called Fur Babies and was distributed by Moose Toys). They've unique and fun gimmick in which you put your finger inside a small socket in the back of their head and then you can move around their eyes and ears. I'm very fond of their eerie 50's toys aesthetic going with their face sculpts and eyes while still being cute! I got the first basic editions which personally I prefer over the later ones with flowery prints, "troll hair", etc. I'm not certain if the brand is dead or not; the website does no longer works, but I happened to see some new products (with even crazier prints, new eye shape, more accessories and even blind bag crap plastic figurines eew), specifically from a Russian site- https://www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/156803803/ , https://www.ozon.ru/category/myagkie-igrushki-7175/bush-baby-world-147308005/ .

*Fun fact: in Japan it was called Gyoroppy and was distrubited by Bandai.

Cute! What plush is it?
>I don't collect toys
If you gonna start beware of that deep rabbit hole!

Turns out these cost 70$ which is a bit steep, I wouldn't mind it so much if the bracelet and socks/tights were actual separate accessories and not printed. Hopefully it will get down to 60$. I like these a lot more than the regular ones since their hats are removable and they have ears, such shame they still kept having printed jewelry and socks, otherwise they would've been perfect. Usually I would prefer bunny over cat and "gothic" look over cute one, but pinkXblack are one of my most hated color combinations and goes more with emo style rather than goth. Overall, I'd like to see more "ultimate" nanana dolls…what are your thoughts?
P.S. some irl photos I've found of them on instagram- https://bibliogram.art/p/CEAceLjH-B3/ , https://bibliogram.art/p/CEAixtHntte/ , https://bibliogram.art/p/CEC9BbRnL0M/ ,

No. 105646

I don't know if she ships abroad. She's closing her website and I grabbed this plush on discount (I had my eye on it for a while).

No. 105650

She doesn't ship abroad unfortunately

No. 105660

Huuuh, her merch is amazing!! Why and when is she closing her website…

No. 105721

File: 1598310094493.jpg (164.68 KB, 640x452, A4nPoM3.jpg)

Bishoujo MLP line is releasing the princesses and I'm actually pretty happy with the mockups. I really don't like advertising I liked the show despite being female and having young family members being the appropriate age who adored it. So I really enjoy this inspired line where I can just say I enjoy the style they go with if asked.

No. 105722

File: 1598310701093.jpg (118.39 KB, 512x362, unnamed.jpg)

These are really cute! I wish they had made the cape thing on Luna's skirt translucent and sparkly like her tail.

Idk if anyone already posted it but here are the rest of the characters.

No. 105723

File: 1598310826563.jpg (274.06 KB, 1127x1600, Sunset-Shimmer-Kotobukiya-Bish…)

No. 105744

File: 1598328374085.jpg (1.08 MB, 1460x2064, fb5MuUn.jpg)

anon who first posted but I'm hoping to snag this and Twilight. I wanted to like Fluttershy but I'm meh on her face.

No. 105749

File: 1598344006530.jpg (45.64 KB, 640x684, ECTn6RSVUAEpqth.jpg)

She has no right to be this adorable!! Rainbow Dash too

No. 105781

My biggest hope is The Dazzlings get their own as well. They were my favorite villains I love a good catty friend group.But besides that, if Sunset looks good in her final mold I'll prob grab her.

No. 106059

Please tell me you are actually into plamo so I can sperge about sanding nubs and thinning paints with you

No. 106065

File: 1598606219056.png (12.99 MB, 4144x5208, Na Na Na Surprise series 4.png)

Another new wave of Na Na Na Surprise
From left to right: Paula Purrfect, Juli Joyful, Bianca Bengal, Melanie Mod, Tommy Torro and Bebe Groovy

No. 106066

MLP: FIM was good until season 3, just one season more after Faust left. Afterwards it did become a stupid show for little 8 year old girls. The new DC Super Hero Girls by Faust is also great, but Mattel toys are hot garbage as usual and now that DC Direct has been disbanded there isn't even a chance for at least nice statues like they did with Super Best Friends Forever.

I kinda wanted the Rainbow Dash one, but I just can't justify shilling out 100$ for a statue when I can just get toys instead, Maybe I'll try to get KO at some point.

Not that anon, but I'm a bit into gunpla

No. 106763

File: 1599150955525.png (13.85 MB, 4368x7008, Barbie Dream House 75th annive…)

Another Barbie doll as part of 75 anniversary of Mattel. She comes with the old cardboard Dreamhouse and 3 outfits.

No. 106764

File: 1599151765468.jpg (7.15 MB, 5880x8768, Barbie Signature Dia De Muerto…)

Second Dia De Muertos doll, first one came in 2019

No. 106767

File: 1599151954613.png (2.89 MB, 1588x2720, Black Suit Black Widow Barbie …)

After the white version which also have been released this year, comes a black version

No. 106768

File: 1599152317308.jpg (753.74 KB, 1438x1920, LOL Surprise Remix.jpg)

last but defiantly not least, full line-up of LOL Remix wave. The shadowed dolls are rumored to be the 2-pack Punk Girl and Rocker Boy

No. 108797

File: 1600869346819.png (6.94 MB, 3520x5208, Licca #Licca #CosmeticsLover.p…)

>tfw you lived long enough to see Licca becoming an instagram thot
tbh I've only started to collect Licca 3-4 years ago
There's a new Licca subline called #Licca I really hate hashtags outside of the internet, it meant to replace the Bijou Series which was also in the same price range, around 40$ and stand as a middle ground between the standard playline Licca and the adult collector line Stylish Doll Collection.
In this new line Licca is 17-year-old in second year of high school (JK), the doll height is 27cm and still can share accessories, shoes and some clothes with regular Licca.

No. 108798

File: 1600869397617.png (6.6 MB, 3400x5568, Licca #Licca #Emocat.png)

No. 108799

File: 1600869500439.png (6.97 MB, 2880x5280, Licca #Licca #RainbowUnicorn.p…)

No. 108801

File: 1600869631622.png (7.21 MB, 3184x5360, Licca #Licca #PeepSweets.png)

No. 109545

File: 1601471766372.jpg (72.38 KB, 870x870, dbe6b6d1e6554b695866183a5aa381…)

Have any of you anons purchased anything or looking forward to?
I'm trying real hard to not order the Snape doll since once seller has imported it to my country. It costs like 150% of the regular price so I'm trying to be patient and wait until you can buy it everywhere. I'm so tempted though! I'm not even the biggest snapefag, but I've waited for this doll forever. It's the only one (maybe beyond Bellatrix? I would consider getting her) that I really wanted to see made.

No. 109560

I can’t believe any of you wants these horrifying obvious coomer fetish fuel pedo toys

These look exactly the same as the big poopsie girls, only their faces are even more disturbing in person. The insta thot bimbofication of this line and LOL and others disturbs me deeply. It pisses me off because the clothes are so well made. Guess I’m sticking to just a hairmazing or two for now

No. 109565

how are the unicorns sexualized? I don't see it

No. 109569

Gee I dunno

No. 109572

File: 1601488338722.jpeg (93.25 KB, 970x300, B36CB68E-C30E-4A81-A190-76011C…)

If you can’t see the sexualization slapping you in the face then that’s quite disturbing

*repost because it attached the video again kek

No. 109573


did a brony come up with this entire concept? just kidding but still wtf

No. 109574

File: 1601489740210.jpg (50.4 KB, 540x369, 1555434872438.jpg)

No. 109575

i've never heard of these but they are so cute! not to be tumblr but are there any ones with darker hair and skin? i love the style but don't want a blonde/blue eyed one kek. if not it's fine, just wanna know if you've ever seen one around.

No. 109576

100% designed by some furfag with an infantilization fetish. i'm not kidding. literally everything about it looks like what some brony's furaffinity gallery would be dedicated to. disgusting how they're trying to make it seem normal and cute.

No. 109578

those look different than the small, sitting unicorns from the post that you quoted. It's the same brand, yes, but I don't see how those are sexualized. Won't argue about regular Poopsie unicorns since they may seem dodgy from a certain point of view. People were criticizing Bratz for the same reason (looking sexualized) though so IDK of things are getting worse or if it's a matter of perception.
Personally I find the big unicorn dolls cute AF but the pooping gimmick is disgusting and 10 years late.

No. 109580

What I don’t get is why do they need tattoos? You don’t tattoo a baby, they wear diapers, why add tattoos? Specially tramp stamps. They’re just unnecessary and not even aesthetically appealing at all.

No. 109583

>pony toddlers with heavy makeup and sultry anime eyes
>they take a shit if you feed them by having them deepthroat a spoon(yes making sure you "hit the back of her throat" is in the instruction video)

gee, that can't possibly be a fetish.

No. 109584

File: 1601497628031.jpg (119.14 KB, 1828x747, christhasleftthechat.JPG)

what i didn't screenshot is that grotesquely jiggly closeup of the glitter-covered bellybutton of the purple pony

No. 109597

File: 1601513498788.jpeg (90.57 KB, 800x800, F827EC02-B3B1-4F0D-BE7F-584DFC…)

I’m really not into toys or plushies but occasionally I’ll go on AliExpress and look at the obscure plushies they have. This nautilus is amazing. I don’t buy anything though because I don’t know what I’d do with it and feel like it wouldn’t give me much happiness after ~10 minutes.

No. 109598

File: 1601513719891.jpeg (75.67 KB, 800x800, EFB4D258-0278-435E-B256-E6D0EB…)

Also this leatherback turtle.

No. 109606

poopy baby unicorn ahegao? disgosteng

No. 109613

What the fuck. Weird.

No. 109619

File: 1601547438015.jpeg (795.12 KB, 1728x2592, Neo Licca.jpeg)

>Have any of you anons purchased anything or looking forward to?
I finally got my hands on Licca doll I wanted for quite some time…I've waited so long for shipping to return back to normal which didn't happen (yet), however there are more reasonable shipping methods besides DHL rape.
>I'm trying real hard to not order the Snape doll since once seller has imported it to my country. It costs like 150% of the regular price
You mean seller on ebay? Maybe try getting it from amazon US/amazon.com? They have international shipping so it might be cheaper. That's where I usually get Western toys from.

>i've never heard of these but they are so cute!
Yeah Liccas are amazing
>not to be tumblr but are there any ones with darker hair and skin?
>not to be tumblr
That's cool then. Yes, there was subline in the 2000's called Neo-Licca which use 4th generation Licca body with 1th generation Licca head and there were few tan dolls in the line and very few *Licca Castle basic dolls. I've noticed that tan Japanese fashion dolls tend to be exclusives or getting regulary released once in blue moon which sucks. I'd love a tan Gyaru Licca going full on thot, lol in the new #Licca line as it would be very fitting to the JK Instagram thot theme.

>but don't want a blonde/blue eyed one kek

I get you; variety is good thing in contrast to diversity which are two different things.

*It's a theme park and museum for Licca dolls, they also sell there OOAK Licca dolls made in Japan and some exclusive fashion packs for Licca usually under the name Little Factory (for the clothes).

UPDATE: The new dolls can't bend their knees which I found out thanks to my pathetic knowledge in moon runes
And I even hold high hopes for CLICK KNEES!
Big oof

Please let -oomer/wojak variant no.13568999 die as it should.

There's nothing sexual about the new Poopsie Q.T. Unicorns unlike their predecessors as >>109578 said.

>The insta thot bimbofication of this line and LOL and others disturbs me deeply

You sound a bit like a Karen

I doubt most of the bronies give shit about MLP outside of Faust incarnation. This is look like the work of hired deviantart furfag with scat fetish tfw you realize deviantart artists are now old enough to become toy designers, the sheer horror.

Don't forget the heart shaped butthole for completion! Tbh I still kinda want one for the lulz.

No. 109626

Snape dollfag here. I come from an europoor country that luckily still gets Mattel dolls in regular shops. Before the regular distributor gets them, usually a small online shop buys few pieces of the new thing and sells it for a higher price. So basically you can get the doll delivered in a day or two, but you overpay for it a lot. I will check Amazon, but probably it will not be cheaper than when the dolls hit. the regular shelfs before christmas.

No. 109650

ooo thanks anon she's really cute. sucks about the exclusivity but i'll look into it. do you have any other cute doll brands like this you'd recommend?

No. 109656

File: 1601574154107.jpg (498.06 KB, 700x700, HTB1o0QvfTqWBKNjSZFxq6ApLpXa2.…)

Have you seen the coelacanth plush? I really want it but I feel like it won't look as good as pictured

No. 109674

File: 1601578551462.jpg (155.27 KB, 1000x1294, 718nXDLy9jL._SL1294_.jpg)

>Have any of you anons purchased anything or looking forward to?
I just ordered picrel as an impulse purchase on amazon. It was quite cheap (30USD) so I'm not expecting amazing quality but I'm still excited to have him lol.

not huge into plushies but that is precious omg.

No. 109694

File: 1601600515773.jpg (38.09 KB, 410x727, kylo.JPG)

The greasy bangs are ugly but a really cute doll otherwise.
I like that there is actual stitching, buttons, and different fabric swatches on this one. Nowadays dolls often come with printed-on clothing that isn't actually constructed in any real way. Especially the Disney dolls are guilty of it.

I kinda want this Kylo Ren. https://solarisjapan.com/products/star-wars-star-wars-the-force-awakens-kylo-ren-mafex-no-027-medicom-toy

No. 109731

I may be wrong, but he's probably a bootleg. If you want to buy bootleg figures, I highly recommend aliexpress since you will pay less for the same shit and will be able to see how the figure looks in real life (provided people have submitted reviews with photos, but they do in 9/10 of cases).
Anyway, share photos with us once he arrives! I wish they made Maria or Angela figures. Love my SH2 girls. I am lowkey tempted by the nurse figure, but I am trying to stop buying so many pricey figures lol.
Fellow Kylo Ren sperg here and a regular in this thread kek. I own this figure and honestly while it's nice, for the love of god don't buy it based on promo photos. I preorded him and was EXTREMELY disappointed that his face looks nothing like the promo pic. You can see what I mean at 5:40. Sorry If you are aware of the issue and I am a dumbass, I just want to save you the disappointed. I am still waiting for an ultimate Kylo Ren figure that captures Adam's likeness and does not cost my monthly salary. Hope we get it someday.

No. 109732

File: 1601642548646.jpg (36.18 KB, 450x450, 518zImGnRqL._AC_SY450_.jpg)

pic related

No. 109749

File: 1601656880343.jpg (471.68 KB, 1920x1920, barles-drw-portraitcrazyboy.jp…)

That is SO disappointing… the face is the only reason I wanted it. thank you anon. It's not terrible but it's not even close to the promotional images wow.

I wouldn't mind if a Kylo figure didn't look exactly like Adam Driver but at least had a hot face that suits Kylo like picrel.

No. 109761

File: 1601663920980.jpeg (95.13 KB, 352x485, 55A42F0D-A0F3-4396-A28B-E26C83…)

I’m really excited for the new Gecco statues of Heather and Pyramid Head. Does anybody know if they’re going to be reprints of their original runs or new statues completely? I’m assuming the former but haven’t been able to find much info about them. I’m curious if their price point is going to be like the original (150 USD) or the new Dead By Daylight statues (360 USD). Probably going to be on the more expensive side, but I’d still be willing to shell out quite a bit for them.

No. 109777

This one is actually super cute. The other versions are really cringe though, especially the one with the cat ears

No. 109779

OT but that is literally the hottest I've ever seen Kylo Ren. Props to that artist.

No. 109804

Same, it doesn't really look like the actor but captures some qualities of his that can exist on a very hot face.

No. 109869

File: 1601750132111.png (1 MB, 1682x865, Mimi and Kurhn.png)

Wow, these are pretty cool! Though I always found plushies to have small play value, but I'm getting more and more tempted to switch and start collecting them instead of action figures which haven't been really fun to collect in recent years. Any plushfags here can recommend me some plushie toy lines/companies? I would appreciate it a lot.

If you're certain the doll will arrive regular retailer stores, it's probably better to wait.

>do you have any other cute doll brands like this you'd recommend?
There are two which I never owned (yet) in hand.
First, "Mimi World", it's a Korean fashion doll which is basically *Jenny KO. You can find them on ebay.

Second, "Kurhn", she's an original (the newer articulated body is a remold of Momoko and Obitsu 27cm) Chinese fashion. You can find them on ebay or aliexpress.

*Taller fashion doll by Takara, now only sold as OOAK dolls in Licca Castle

>I am still waiting for an ultimate Kylo Ren figure that captures Adam's likeness and does not cost my monthly salary
Maybe S.H. Figuarts?

No. 111292

File: 1602405889150.jpg (27.08 KB, 1080x1080, 75$ for THIS - not even a new …)

And today's in Mattel latest retardation; Mattel saw HasbroPulse success and got jelly, so they decided to open their own faggy online store (Mattel Creations) for adult collectors. But instead of, at least offering new toys, they just made cheap clear plastic version of their overused playline toys, slap on it high price and call it a day. Even the most pretentious lazy "pop culture" knockoff indie toy garbage is better than this lazy fucking corporate shit. Mattel just keep going straightway to bankruptcy.

No. 111580

I will watch Pscyho Pass so I can have reason to buy this Gun.

No. 111618

I really want to gave a little pullip doll collection but i never found a well priced one to play dress up with so it’s only a dream still

No. 111639

Look on yahoo japan auctions,i got a used one for 50 bucks including shipping.
You just need a proxy site to buy through.

No. 111641

File: 1602637588522.png (204.83 KB, 720x926, PROD_FEAT_SKELETOR_FullScale_F…)

Forgive me for being ignorant cause I'm not a toy collector, but what exactly would this doll be for? Like to paint over or use as a model or something? Pic related looks cool, but barbie isn't wearing a gown or anything, so there's nothing interesting about her.

No. 111645

File: 1602639008102.jpg (28.83 KB, 600x600, 6008071_grande.jpg)

Can't wait to purchase this lovely Esmeralda & Djali figurine next year!I wished there was some sort merchandise for Don Bluth characters too,I can imagine myself buying a Thumbelina figurine

No. 111646

How utterly boring. Can you imagine collectible Barbie figures of all of her different jobs and costumes, like those Miku figurines? I’d be in so much debt, especially if they were styled after those old illustrations and box art.

No. 111660

Didn’t know I wanted this.

No. 111922

>but what exactly would this doll be for?
>Pic related looks cool
It's the same thing as Skeletor (pic related), it's CLEAR PLASTIC and due to the limited production units, "ExClUsIvItY" which is what toy collecting have become.
>>Pic related looks cool
Indeed, but not for 50$ when the regular release cost like 15$.
>Forgive me for being ignorant cause I'm not a toy collector
Believe me you're better than those few toy collectors who be like: "just consume the product and get excited for the next one!".

>Can you imagine collectible Barbie figures of all of her different jobs and costumes
>especially if they were styled after those old illustrations and box art
I'm not much of a statuefag, but that could be amazing! I mean Mattel are less likely to butcher Robert Best designs as statues instead of as dolls as they've been keep doing recently.

No. 111950

She's so gorgeous! Esmeralda was my favorite disney girl for a long, long time next to Kida.

No. 112001

File: 1602946167839.jpg (39.61 KB, 600x800, GSC90932-3.jpg)

I only own one Nendo but I'm so tempted to buy the Witcher 3 Yennefer one. She's one of my favourite characters and she's just so damn cute! She's around $50 on preorder rn.

No. 112005

patrician taste, anons.
I was tempted multiple times to buy the Yenefer statue, but her face irl looks like shit compared to the promo photos. I don't know what's the problem, isn't Dark Horse supposed to be a quality figure company?

No. 112012

File: 1602950658698.jpg (75.33 KB, 1024x768, hae345b668h21.jpg)

Yennefer-anon here. I have a couple of Dark Horse figures (the newish Yen one and a Daenerys one) and they're both…not great. They were about $40 where I'm from but they look, and are built, like those collectable figures that you get with magazines for $10. Although, the newest Yen one (picrel) is better than the Daenerys one - she has a super lumpy paint job. Luckily I got the Dany one as a gift, so I don't have to regret spending money on it lol.

Repost since I forgot to attach the pic.

No. 112013

File: 1602950739244.jpg (110.06 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Samefag, but the original Dark Horse Yennefer figure was absolutely tragic. She's so beautiful but they made her look like a tranny.

No. 112015

File: 1602951948428.jpg (350.84 KB, 1312x1600, q5FE5WC.jpg)

They really lost it after losing the Disney deal to Hasbro. I was in retail when the body positive line dropped and let me tell you, we could not sell whatsoever because no one in marketing realized the primary function is to dress up. Moms weren't buying uwu so empowering when they'd have to shell additional amounts for separate wardrobes instead of shared ones.

No. 112020

Do you have a Tuesday Morning store in your area? I've never been but I've heard of people finding discounted Pullip dolls there. And I also second checking out Yahoo Japan auctions, lots of great deals to be found if you have the patience.

No. 112047

This figure could be worse but the hair really looks like one of Umbran Witch's Lego wigs

No. 112120

File: 1603038398167.png (6.49 MB, 2488x5232, Billie Eilish Bad Guy doll fro…)

Not really news anymore, but worth mentioning; Billie Eillish got a fashion doll by Playmates.

>I like that there is actual stitching, buttons, and different fabric swatches on this one. Nowadays dolls often come with printed-on clothing that isn't actually constructed in any real way. Especially the Disney dolls are guilty of it.
Besides Mattel and Hasbro dolls, most (playline) fashion dolls, especially MGA ones (LOL OMG, Rainbow High, Na Na Na Surprise) do have high quality fabric and sewn details.

She's my favorite one too (I love how both 80's and modern her looks are). I wouldn't go as far as saying the others being cringe, but they're just not as good. The cat ear one is probably nightmare to brush/keeping that hair style.

>They really lost it after losing the Disney deal to Hasbro
True, they became panicked and went full retard. That's what happen when a toy company get too addicted to licenseshit. It's weird and interesting that we haven't seen even a similarly bad reaction due to the additional loss of the DC license.

>because no one in marketing realized

I swear the marketing department at Mattel (at least for Barbie) have SJWs infiltrated and somehow convince boomer upper management that the loud minority in SNS are representative of their main customers.
>realized the primary function is to dress up
That's what happen you market towards idiots who buy shit to virtue signaling rather than first and foremost use it. The small loyal Mattelfags are now consist of useful idiots who fail to realize the irony of supporting a giant corporation.

>I was in retail

Got anymore interesting stories/insights to share with us? I always dreamt working for a toy store, but it's too late for me.

No. 112129

File: 1603042573101.jpg (115.9 KB, 500x500, 1ad32772315a433782f0dc47d0d3c3…)

I have the DA:O Morrigan figure that came out circa too fucking long ago. She's still in the shell, but it's unfortunate how the features came out on these. Makes me wonder how nice they could have been done by other manufacturers with superior materials and people who gave a shit

No. 112130

File: 1603043205287.jpg (210.57 KB, 1600x921, DEaVn6c.jpg)

I have a few, one about the line again actually. When we weren't selling well enough for management they had us set up a display near the front entrance to try and entice buyers. Old store gambit, put what's not selling up front to try and get the kids worked up as they walk in, parents grab to keep the peace while they do the actual shopping. Cept for this line it really did not work, cause problem B with the line. It's fucking hideous concept of 'fashion' You'd see little kids dig around make faces and ask to go to the actual Barbie aisle.

No. 112161

Thank you anon I’ll check yahoo jp since im a eurofag

No. 112174

File: 1603066608599.jpg (35.99 KB, 512x358, pinkyst.jpg)

Any anons collect Pinky:st? I just started getting into them and they're so cute. I like the fact they're basically mix and match, kinda like Betty Spaghetti dolls from back in the day.
I like the collaborations, kinda wanna get my hands on the Summer Wars and Kuromi figures.

No. 112183

omg ANON these were my LIFE when i was a kid

No. 112189

I got a lot of like… 50 of them on YJA for about 10 bucks, and they are a lot of fun to customise! I havent done it in a while, but since theyre so simple and stylized and not too expensive,they are perfect for a beginner like me.

No. 112193

I think I know someone on tumblr who customizes these to look like vocaloids

No. 112769

File: 1603464859634.jpg (49.44 KB, 800x800, poopsie-surprise-qt-unicorns-k…)

I have ordered my first Poopsie Surprise QT! Can't wait to get my hands on her. Looking forward to getting the blue and green ponies as well.
It's nice for once being exited for ponies that I'm able to buy boxed and not second hand (G1s, the repros are not available in my country).

No. 112781

I actually think they're really cute, not sure how cheap they feel in your hands though. Is it well built or just cheap plastic? I really can't tell from pictures. Though I really can't get over the name and the fact that some of them poops… I wish they could just make some cute colorful pony dolls to collect and that's it.

No. 112855

File: 1603525098395.jpg (97.27 KB, 640x640, wwT8Zl1.jpg)

I want to buy some Calico Critters, small families with houses and other things, especialy the ones with little babies.

They are not sold in my country, so I have to go to an online store. However I want to know your opinions on the toys, I think they are really cute and give me comfort, they also seem pretty fun to draw, but I want to know if it's a good idea.

No. 112860

I think they're adorable, anon! There's such a variety and I love their little clothes and accessories. I think it would totally be a worthy purchase. Especially if they bring you comfort. Please update us if you decide to go through with it!

No. 112871

I had a load of them when I was younger!! They're so cute.
The only advice I can give you: If you're using them for anything other than display, don't get the Persian cats. Their fur is made of some tooth brush bristle type material and it gets dirty IMMEDIATELY and is nigh impossible to clean. Also IMO the official Sylvanian house / play sets are a huge rip off, but if you get any, the camper van set is really cool, and comes with loads of really cute knick-knacks.

No. 112904

File: 1603562442748.png (12.88 MB, 7856x3704, LOL OMG Winter Chill dolls - B…)

Haven't posted doll news regularly in while…
First, new LOL OMG wave called Winter Chill.

No. 112906

File: 1603562603950.png (11.67 MB, 5400x6512, Monster High - Pennywise and S…)

After almost a year of rumors Mattel have finally released the licenseshit MH dolls and they cost 80$.

No. 112907

File: 1603563187409.png (2.31 MB, 3324x1224, Barbie Extra- Swag Chick Nikki…)

Mattel' answer to LOL OMG…Barbie Extra bad . They supposed to cost around 25$-30$, so around the same as BMR which also have ugly tacky clothes but with single jointed body instead of MTM. In addition, they come with pets that look like repurposed blindbag crap leftover. Surprisingly, only Barbie (Pinkalicious) suffer from QUALITY pixelated face.

IRL/in box images:
Swag Chick Nikki - https://bg.endl.site/p/CGnDEV8jQ-A
Candy Queen Lea - https://bg.endl.site/p/CGnD_PyjmJA
Pinkalicious - https://bg.endl.site/p/CGnCaChDEUP

No. 112908

I like the left one but the rest, what theeeeeeee hell are they wearing

No. 112911

>It's fucking hideous concept of 'fashion'
By Carlyle Nuera, the man with no taste and lead designer of Barbie.
>actual Barbie aisle
I don't really see much difference desu, maybe slightly redeemable MTM.

I'm not, but I rembmber thinking these were cute.
I would kill for LiccaxKuromi doll! They made so many Sanrio collaborations (Hello Kitty, Cinnamorol, Liitle Star Twins), but no Kuromi yet.

Congrats! Please post a pic when it arrived.

>I wish they could just make some cute colorful pony dolls
So you mean anthropomorphic like some sort Rainbow High doll hybrid? Because that's what I'm also looking forward to.

I own a few, they're great! They have good quality and big range of figures, accessories and playsets.
Where I live, they're sold under the name Sylvanian Families.
I hope you be able to find them within a reasonable price, anon.

No. 112916

I like far left

No. 112918

Regular Barbie is pretty feminine though with lots of glitter and shiny sure it has the same cuts as the ugly line but it's colorful enough that little kids don't care. The Fashionista line is what extras wear in a low budget Disney channel original movie.

No. 112940

File: 1603595735863.jpg (33.83 KB, 570x855, 5ee64279142b648b37d27ee8a3d1f9…)

IDK why this makes me so mad.
I would rather just have the MH dolls.
I've seen way better fanmade versions for pennywise and the twins.

No. 112957

I like the one on the right in theory/product pics but it's kinda disappointing in the irl images imo

No. 112981

Seconding the point about the camper van, I got to play about with one and I fell in love with all the tiny little accessories it had

No. 113026

File: 1603740072798.jpg (54.6 KB, 1080x1080, Mattel QUALITY.jpg)

>I like the left one
You mean Swag Chick?
>what theeeeeeee hell are they wearing
Mattel' distorted concept of fashion.

Big Wig is really nice too, but her outfit feels a bit lacking/something missing. My favorite one is Camp Cutie, but her light pink shoes don't match well with the rest of her outfit. Either way, I think I'm gonna skip those since I'm not a fan of LOL head mold (the profile is just too damn ugly) so I want to limit myself to few dolls as possible/ones that I extremely like.

>but it's colorful enough that little kids don't care
Now that there's LOL OMG, Rainbow High and Na Na Na Surprise kids don't even look at Barbie direction and her sales been going down.
>The Fashionista line is what extras wear in a low budget Disney channel original movie
I don't watch these movies but it's frightening and sad to think people would dress like that even for a low budget movie.

>I like the one on the right in theory/product pics
She's the most decent one, that's for sure.
>but it's kinda disappointing in the irl images imo
Turns out it's even worse, not only she suffers from pixelated face, but also have bald spots…I think it's time we start to bet when Mattel will finally go bankrupt.

>IDK why this makes me so mad
Probably because it's mediocre, boring and overpriced product after years of anticipation? I know many MHfags desperately eat this shit up because of said desperation for new MH dolls that aren't reboot tier.

No. 113029

File: 1603741019699.jpeg (313.6 KB, 2000x2000, FB45499D-BFF8-4DD4-A75B-1B0F61…)


The sitting one’s not bad, but I can’t handle the ones that look like they have Kwashiorkor, they give me the heebie jeebies.

No. 113030

File: 1603741043928.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.89 KB, 530x800, 12E3AA80-9E7F-4C18-BD49-DB6627…)


No. 113034

File: 1603742698511.png (5.31 MB, 2156x1080, 17 licca body.png)

Though the promotional instagram pics gave me hope the legs might be bendable, they're indeed solid hollow plastic. And if it wasn't enough, they have ugly seamline in the middle to boot! I know it's a stretch but I'm going to blame Mattel for that, up until 5 years ago before the NuFashionista normalize hollow plastic legs, it was a clear sign of a dollar store knockoff doll that no sane company would dare to do.
As for the overall look of the body, it look like a slimmer Bild Lilli copycat it's yet another Bild Lilli knockoff, how exciting! which doesn't go very well with Licca rounded and puffy face…still ten times better than the mature body used for Stylish Doll Collection which look completely out of place. On another note, the classic lacy underwear doesn't go well with their modern fashion, although I'll admit it's a nice touch, I think a more modern looking one would be a lot better.
On the one hand, I'm happy that's the case with the legs since it wouldn't mess with my toy budget as I collect many different toylines (it just got released), but on the other hand, I was really looking forward to a trendy teenager Licca line and it's really shame they're all doomed to be lame because of that unless knee maybe in the future Takara with update the legsI wish regular Liccas had ball joint hips, goddammit. Maybe if I see the one I wanted under discount I'll get it and rebodied to obitsu 26cm.

No. 113035

File: 1603743835707.jpeg (37.88 KB, 480x480, 5814E5E9-4CBF-427A-A480-2762DE…)

Lottie looks a bit like Licca, hmm

I have this one and a rain coat one. I love them. Their knees bend.

No. 113134

File: 1603805381211.jpg (85.72 KB, 754x918, milleniumprincess2000.JPG)

Question to the wise mattelfags! I have checked on Ebay the Millenium Princess Barbie since it's the one collector's doll I was able to ID on sight from Lilee's collection.
I was curious how much she is worth and ended up being even more confused. Why are the prices for the doll so varied? Was there a rerelease, variant or what? How can it be sold for as little as $9 and as much as $3000 at the same time and in the same condition? The product number is even the same (24154) WTF is going on?

No. 113154

What fashion doll would you guys recommend for a beginner looking to get into the doll hobby? Quarantine has me extremely nostalgic for Polly Pockets, do any current doll lines do the rubber clothes thing?

No. 113165

File: 1603824020668.png (3.37 MB, 4624x1180, fashion dolls with plastic clo…)

Can someone recommend me some good plushie toy lines/companies?

Not mattelfag by any means fuck mattel nor much of a vintage toy collector, however have slightly experienced with collecting vintage toys and have fairly vast knowledge as an avid toyfag.
Thanks to adult collector faggotry popularity, lots of people being mostly consistent of greedy normalfag scum I actually saw a famous toy designer, Stefanie Clark Eskander, who admitted buying repro barbies to resell them high, fucking traitorous cunt who foolishly thinks toys are like stocks that you can buy for cheap and sell for high. Due to that fact, in some cases, especially for relatively new toys, the stupidly high pricing doesn't reflect the true proportions of supply and demand as it was made up by clueless greedy normalfag scum who automatically thinks popular toy equals high price without taking to account that it was mass produced and not that rare. The doll you looking for is an adult collector Barbie made 21 years ago dedicated to special occasion, while it certainly makes it somewhat rare I doubt it deserve more than 100$~200$ top and maybe even that estimation is too generous. Not a long ago I bought 90's playline barbie MIB and she cost even less than 20$! In fact, I've even seen obscure 80's toys MIB costing less than that Millennium Princess Barbie. Let those retards rot and say no to scalpers.

>Was there a rerelease, variant or what?

There are two additional variants: African American (as always) and a brunette. The blond one you want isn't even the rarest of them.

>since it's the one collector's doll I was able to ID on sight

For future references I suggest you check Barbie Collector Guide - http://barbiecollectors.altervista.org/index.html

>Lilee's collection

What?! Can you explain what/who you talking about? Because I have no idea.

>2,770$ for '99 Barbie

Holy kek, this retard seller acts like he's selling MIB 70's Barbie.

P.S. Take to consideration that 90's-early 2010' Barbie have growing demand and becoming pricier thanks to the wasteland that is NuBarbie as more people starting to realize it.

>What fashion doll would you guys recommend for a beginner looking to get into the doll hobby?
Though it depends on your preferences, I suggest starting with cheaper playline just to see if you're truly into that.

>do any current doll lines do the rubber clothes thing?

There are quite few thanks to the "cheap" blind bag crap trend, the two main ones/long runnning are Capsule Chix by Moose Toys and of course LOL dolls by MGA. There also Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise by Zuru, Secret Crush >>101023 and Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Fantasy Friends by MGA.

>Polly Pockets

There's actually new reboot line currently running, it includes both the fashion dolls and miniature dolls which are pathetically inferior to the original hand sculpted Blue Bird RIP despite the 3D sculpting technology .

No. 113172

The shopkins line is a good Polly pocket dupe. But yea the Polly line is straight garbo

No. 113178

aw anon she's adorable! and she isn't expensive, I want her…

No. 113191

>frilly sissy diaper
>anime eyes
>dat belly button
>long flowing egirl hair, tats and overall kawaii trailer trash hybrid style
>the fact that it's an anthropomorphic pony and we can't have nice things
>video up thread with ahegao and dancing, pooping and puking
yeah this trash is the work of a furry/brony. No doubt in my mind

No. 113193

File: 1603832548697.jpeg (497.69 KB, 750x1182, 23536F22-CF59-474D-AA25-62AE38…)

samefag with more about LOL Surprise and MGA Entertainment
Holy shit, there is something deeply fucked up going on with these dolls. Pic is from the wiki article for MGA. I also saw multiple articles about one of the dolls, a "rare" Poopsie Slime Surprise, having a phone number on it. Calling led to a phone sex hotline. Parents' outrage led the company to buy it so it's now kid-friendly, but what the hell? There is too much adding up but it's surreal. This is really strange and creepy to me. It's all around sex.

No. 113195

File: 1603832810665.jpeg (Spoiler Image,42.94 KB, 450x238, AE5DB6B8-D5D0-4EEC-96A9-61FD44…)

The boy dolls have genitals

No. 113197

File: 1603832944180.jpeg (111.84 KB, 672x834, 1D95FB9A-EEA4-478B-AFC2-F7F05B…)

No. 113199

File: 1603833253663.jpeg (221.53 KB, 437x584, 35136066-E0C7-47E7-A146-AAD6C4…)

hope this doesn't count as spam because it's honestly milky. Wtf is going on?

No. 113200

link to someone's video where she tries multiple dolls https://m.facebook.com/hilarylee092/videos/10200317896207908/?t=0

No. 113317

File: 1603893710512.jpg (200.97 KB, 894x894, lildisneyprincess01_89044047_1…)

>I've even seen obscure 80's toys MIB costing less than that Millennium Princess Barbie. Let those retards rot and say no to scalpers.
So people are unfairly inflating prices of the Millenium Princess Barbie? That's insane. I know people do that, but it's crazy how many offers there are with a bullshit price!
You make me want to buy some MIB Barbies from the late 90's/early 00's. Too bad that shipping to my country is almost always super expensive (if the doll is cheap) or there are barely any offers on the doll and so the few available options are expensive as well.
A few months ago I was looking for the Odette Barbie doll from the Snow Lake movie and hardly anyone was selling her! WTF? It's not even an obscure doll! Do you have any tips on how to look for 90's/00's Barbies on Ebay (unless there is a better page with worldwide shipping for that)?
>Not a long ago I bought 90's playline barbie MIB and she cost even less than 20$!
Please show it to me! I adore Barbies from my childhood, kek.
The altervista webpage is genius, I had the link once but I think I lost it… thank God someone made it. I remember the dark times when there was no webpage with complete info on Barbies that were not super vintage.
>What?! Can you explain what/who you talking about? Because I have no idea.
Lilee Jean is a wannabe makeup guru/'celebrity' and a cow from /pt (newest thread >>>/pt/802142). She is mostly known for her insane mother and all the antics that they pull, like buying followers despite being broke and acting like Lilee is a celebrity even though the farmers are the only people interested in her. Sadly, Lilee is also a doll collector and a walking stereotype of what normies think when they hear the term (an immature Christian horse girl-type who is unhealthily obsessed with Disney despite being an adult - to be fair, she's not into horses, but has the same feel)
You can see her collection in the picture. More dolls to be seen here:
And now I'm lowkey salty cause she does have some nice Barbies!

I don't even check Lilee's thread that often but a few days ago someone commented in reply to pic related how said it is that Lilee keeps all the dolls just standing and collecting dust when there are so many little girls that would love to play with them and the common idiocy triggered me lmfao. What makes people think that random children are entitled to adults' properties bought with their own cash just cause those things are toys?

No. 113318

posting some dollfag cringe example so you know what I am talking about
Yesterday I picked up a parcel with the Poopsie Surprise QT! I haven't removed her from the box yet. When I do, I will take photos and post them!
I am pleasantly surprised how big she is - about as tall as adult G1 Ponies.
ATM the only thing I don't like is that the inside of her mouth is white. It looks weird IRL, like someone forgot to paint it red, pink or something.

No. 113383

No. 113408

Dolls like LOL and Poopsie slime surprise are made by fetishists. No way a normal person would think that putting hidden lingerie and poop/vomit in kid's toys (that are supposed to be cute) is acceptable. I'd understand it if they were the disgusting stuff some little boys (mainly) are into, but fetish aside these would be your usual kawaii pastel rainbow shit aimed at little girls.

No. 113447


Agree, toys like this feel like tools for grooming little girls into becoming familiar with fetish shit early on before they know what it is. A decade from now, I can see an older creep talking a teen who grew up playing with these pressuring the girl into dressing up like that and taking pics for the wrong reasons without really understanding the darker sexual aspect of it.

No. 113559

File: 1604070060871.jpg (95.42 KB, 480x640, IMG_3104.jpg)

MGA has been cashing in on pooping unicorns/animals for a long time now. Make of that what you will.

No. 113573

File: 1604076287019.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.42 KB, 640x853, v4zRRcN.jpg)

I've never minded the boy dolls having parts as it's not detailed whatsoever
But yea this is why I'd never get my little cousins any of the dolls. even their main clothing is a bit off The big dolls get a straight up thong and their molds are certainly something.

No. 113581

wow, her pussy looks like the only part of her body that she didn't tan instead of underwear… yikes
What's wrong with this one? The fishnet socks?

No. 113585

Wow, what the fuck? Lingerie on children's toys? Hidden too. That can be used to easily by adults to groom children, seriously.

No. 113586

File: 1604081790954.jpg (129.95 KB, 1080x1019, n4MDArM.jpg)

surprised no one has brought up the flower child line that just straight up gave the doll pasties

No. 113587

File: 1604082025721.jpg (105.04 KB, 750x909, 6f7eb4ebd60c527832cd58a41110bf…)

how is it different than Barbie lingerie? Is the difference that the lol dolls look more childish?
Not defending MGA, just thinking

No. 113588

because that's just adult undergarments? How does late 80s early 90s slip/bra/underwear/stockings remotely relate to near fetish gear being put on a child mold. Nor world those look out of place under some formal business wear.

No. 113591

These clothes are obviously not sexualized. I would have no problems if the LOL dolls had this kind of clothes, it looks like a cuter and girlier night gown. But hidden harness like lingerie on dolls that look like children? Hell no.

No. 113595

File: 1604085643125.jpg (1.28 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20201028_232834146.jpg)

I recently bought all the set of bearschool squishies and they are adorable

No. 114123

Honestly I find the poop stuff to be fine, little kids like poop jokes. I still like them, guess I'm immature. BUT the problem in the OMGLOLsurprisewhatevers is how it has a suspiciously sexual context, when you look at everything else with these new dolls. Like the video in this thread which shows sexy dances & ahegao. The hidden lingerie. You just KNOW something weird is going on.

No. 114125

File: 1604537094175.jpg (37.59 KB, 488x488, terfbaby.jpg)

lol saw these transphobic cabbage patch babies, it's a blue/pink signature reveal(bait)

No. 114171

Why is this transphobic?

No. 114231

File: 1604646049279.png (277.27 KB, 464x263, Nyan Sum.png)

These are so sweet. They remind me a bit of these "Nyan Sum" figures I've been longing for, just too flippin' cute.

No. 114234

how tf is this transphobic its a baby doll and no babies are trans

No. 114245

You're calling a plastic baby doll transphobic? Get the fuck off here…

No. 114283

I thought she was being sarcastic but I guess she wasn't?

No. 114304

My niece is obsessed with these ugly fucking things and I'm horrified. I thought bratz dolls were oversexualized but this is atrocious. Jesus. Defined nipples and pasties on a child doll for kids including a number for a sex hotline, I am done. You would've never been able to sell this shit back when I was a kid.

100% this. Normally I roll my eyes at all the kiddy diddling grooming accusations but this is just all sorts of fucked up and nobody in their right mind can dismiss at being "just cute and playful" or something.

No. 114415

File: 1604808551795.jpeg (49.91 KB, 488x560, 9B77B081-65A6-4C59-BEC6-06EEBF…)

I’m about to end it all because I don’t have $300 to spend on this 2000s nutcracker Barbie collection for myself this Christmas

No. 114418

File: 1604809674265.jpg (33.91 KB, 500x587, 6iFJsPZ.jpg)

I remember when this Barbie line had a bit of controversy because some felt they were dressed like hookers. And now we have LoL Surprise doing this shit.

No. 114441


It's so weird that reddit and 4chan of all places are weirded out and calling this a fetish doll, while the suburban soccer moms are all silent. Are they this naive? Because they are horses? Imagine if this was a regular human toddler like doll, with lush anime eyes and eyelashes, diaper-shorts, crop tops, tattoos and questionable poses in their advertising drawings. It's just too icky for me.

No. 114459

File: 1604842220647.jpg (62.79 KB, 500x499, metard.jpg)

Been looking at these for probably the last couple of years but felt like it'd be ridiculous to buy one at my age… it's due for delivery tomorrow

No. 114464

File: 1604844334008.jpg (1.19 MB, 3000x4000, cool corduroy barbie.jpg)

Here is my new Cool Corduroy Barbie, IMO one of the best playline Barbie ever which also put adult collector and playline NuBarbie into absolute shame.
Having the great combination of the best Barbie headmold (aside Francie/Twist'n Turn), Mackie, with the best body mold Shani (which is beautiful modern rendition of the Bild Lilli body) makes her one the most prefect Barbies. Sadly the Shani body is one of the most underused body molds for Barbie, it was mostly used for adult collector Barbie and rarely for playline, later on it became the base for the Silkstone body which doesn't have click knees absolutely disgusting . I really wish Mattel would bring it back, just add nail details to the hands and feet and give ball joints to the hips and that's it, however with the current QUALITY I doubt it will be any good unfortunately.

>Too bad that shipping to my country is almost always super expensive (if the doll is cheap)
I know your pain…the Barbie itself cost less than 20$ but the shipping was a lot much higher.
>Do you have any tips on how to look for 90's/00's Barbies on Ebay (unless there is a better page with worldwide shipping for that)?
You can try searching Etsy and Amazon too
>Please show it to me!
Sure thing!
>someone commented in reply to pic related how said it is that Lilee keeps all the dolls just standing and collecting dust when there are so many little girls that would love to play with them and the common idiocy triggered me lmfao. What makes people think that random children are entitled to adults' properties bought with their own cash just cause those things are toys?
I do think that only displaying toys and not playing with them is stupid and lame, but overall people should be allowed to buy whatever they want as long as they don't harm anybody else.

P.S. Sorry for the late reply

No. 114465

Can you discuss the actual toys and not the drama surrendering them? I know it's lolcow, but this is a toy thread so please talk about toys.

So, few things to note; MGA take a lot of inspiration from celebrities which would also means immodest clothing…I found it amusing people are more annoyed at dolls for dressing immodestly rather than actual people which can be role models unlike imaginative toys.

LOL babies, despite being marketed as babies (which is wrong on MGA part) don't share proportions with real babies by having wide hips they're closer to chibis/super deformed character designs.

It's not the first time MGA came up with controversial baby dolls, Bratz babies were by far worse than LOL since their body proportions resemble real babies. However, I must say I did really want and still want Bartz Baby Jade, because I find her aesthetically pleasing like I find the first Poopsie Unicorn dolls pretty despite their fetishes because I can see beyond that.

As for the so-called plagiarizing of some instagrammer, copyrights laws aren't applicable to the fashion industry, only trademark so there isn't any legal problem with that.

Are there pervert toy designers out there? Yes. Are toy companies as a whole are part of some pizzagate tier conspiracy ? No.

Last, but mot least, assuming realistic genitals necessarily mean sexual context is wrong, go see BJD dolls.

No. 114467

File: 1604847216818.png (11.75 MB, 4320x7728, LOL Surprise OMG 2-Pack Punk G…)

More doll news!
The last LOL OMG dolls from the Remix wave (aside from the upcoming individual packs of the 4 pack Remix dolls) which includes the first LOL OMG boy.

No. 114468

File: 1604847710372.jpg (5.03 MB, 4624x13776, Rainbow High Series 2 Bella Pa…)

The first revealed doll in the second wave of Rainbow High dolls.

No. 114469

File: 1604847863533.png (3.36 MB, 2080x3084, Kindi Kids Minis and KIndi Kid…)

The latest spin-off of Shopkins, Kindi Dolls Minis which are smaller size version of the regular Kindi dolls.

No. 114472

>Last, but mot least, assuming realistic genitals necessarily mean sexual context is wrong, go see BJD dolls.
I agree, but so many farmers will fight you on that. See: the Danny Choo thread.
>Welcome to Rainbow High, the colorful art school full of bold fashion and even bolder drama
Cringe. Why do American toy companies always focus their doll concepts on 'tEeN gIrLs CaTtY'? How is that supposed to make the dolls more appealing? It makes me even less interested tbh.

No. 114475

Are they meant to be cross eyed? These are cute, though, they remind me of the racers in Wreck-It Ralph

No. 114503

I like that they gave him long hair, a choice I imagine has to do with the fact that a toy with hair that can be styled is more marketable to little girls. Normalize long hair on men lol. That said, there's stuff about his mold that puts me off. His lips look weird, and why are the feet so absurdly detailed? It's like this company is incapable of being normal.

No. 114512

File: 1604867582724.jpg (24.61 KB, 500x333, plush2.jpg)

What do anons here think of these dolls with plastic/ porcelain faces but fluffy bodies?

No. 114513

File: 1604867634945.jpg (143.44 KB, 1080x1440, plush5.jpg)

No. 114514

File: 1604867736255.jpg (64.71 KB, 480x640, plush4.jpg)

No. 114515

I like the one pictured here,its really cute,but the rest freak me out.
Also i feel like i would dislike how it felt if i held it,super soft and light body with a weirdly heavy head is what i imagine it to be.

No. 114516

Reminds me of puppy surprise/kitty surprise dolls except this has a way cuter face than those had

No. 114517

File: 1604869205514.jpeg (64.55 KB, 500x375, 8533AA14-C8A9-4145-8CA6-74FE52…)

it was me being sarcastic but was a dumb move it seems . genuinely did want to hear opinions on the doll. went about it wrong lol

I also like the long hair, but noticed the feet straight away. something about this company is not right idc what anons say. Generally I also find the faces weird, on top of that body it's rather comical but it could be worse

I love these and would like to own some!! when dolls border on cute and creepy, thats what I like most. I dont personally find them creepy though.

No. 114546


She looks stoned as hell lol

No. 114552

It doesn't matter in the least if the LOL dolls are meant to be kids or adolescents, because they're made and marketed for little kids.

Also BJDs cost several hundred dollars and are fragile collector's toys, not kid's toys. Apples and oranges. They're made for adults, so of course they have defined sexual characteristics.

Can you explain to me, if the LOL dolls aren't fetish based, then what's the purpose of hiding tattoos, longerie, fishnets and bondage gear on toys for children? And why not advertise the hidden features so that parents who don't want their kids exposed to that stuff can keep it away from them? If it's so okay, why not be open about it?

No. 114576

I think they are really cute and I would collect them if I could! I can’t ever find any in my local thrift shops.

No. 114590

>excuse me, BJDs, the immensely expensive hobby dolls handmade for adults, have MUCH more defined genitals than these fetish-based dolls made for girls aged 6 to 10 to play with!!!!
Anon what the fuck, I'm sorry people think your baby in bondage gear doll is grotesque but this is a stupid fucking reach

No. 114596

The price and target audience doesn't matter and affect the sexual context, since if it's did than
>have MUCH more defined genitals
would had been true, which it isn't in most cases (yes, most BJDs don't have much more detailed genitals, but since you're not a toy collector, of course you wouldn't know). But even assuming it was true, let's not forget there are other far more realistic playline baby dolls that actually have very detailed and realistic genitals and yet there is no sexual context.

>Can you explain to me, if the LOL dolls aren't fetish based

I already explained but you two, didn't bother to read my entire post and only refer to the "easiest" argument you can counter. So let me explain it again more elaborately; "art mimics reality" - LOL dolls as other MGA dolls are heavily inspired by and influenced by pop culture and celebrities, so instead of venting your anger on plastic figurines, maybe do it on the source of it which is celebrities who dress immodestly.

>I'm gonna misquote you and add bunch of things you didn't say
"So what you sating is…"
>your baby in bondage gear doll
Bold assumption thinking I own any LOL (not OMG) dolls. Personally, I think they're overpriced blind bag crap and I don't think they're anywhere as pretty as Bratz Babies.
>so why are you defending them?
Because I think the accusations against them are exaggerated.

Now let's go back discussing actual toys and not drama.

No. 114597

There many other Barbie dolls you can find for cheaper anon, just look through the collector guide.

>but felt like it'd be ridiculous to buy one at my age…
You should never feel ashamed for buying playline toys, there's nothing wrong with that. Remember that playline toys are also designed and made by adult.
>it's due for delivery tomorrow
Good to hear! I hope you can shar pics

>I agree, but so many farmers will fight you on that. See: the Danny Choo thread.
Let me guess, they don't collect toys and are just there for the drama.

>Why do American toy companies always focus their doll concepts on 'tEeN gIrLs CaTtY'? How is that supposed to make the dolls more appealing?

Since the 60's approximately, teens have been considered cool by kids (especially girls) and add to that the whole subcultures of street fashion which just lends itself perfectly to fashion doll line. However, I do find it cringey and boring to the death having high school setting though as filthy weeb, I wouldn't mind if it was Japanese high school as the main setting (curse you Monster High) which the entire "lore" revolves around.

>Are they meant to be cross eyed?
I think it's the unintentional result of having bubble heads and inset eyes, but it could just be promo pics error as they sometimes happen.

>These are cute, though

Agreed, I prefer them a lot to their bigger counterparts.

>they remind me of the racers in Wreck-It Ralph

True, I didn't notice that.

I was really underwhelmed by this two-pack, it took so long to be raveled only to be disappointing. The Punk Girl look more like edgy Harajuku to me than punk and as for the boy…I was expecting something more in the lines of Bratz boys, but instead we got creepy baby face on fat NuKen-like body, what a letdown.
>It's like this company is incapable of being normal
I think it has to do with the fact that Mattel can easily sue any (successful) Barbie-like portioned doll…they sued Hasbro' Sindy doll for having too much resemblance to Barbie.

No. 114598

>"art mimocs reality"
>LOL dolls as other MGA dolls are heavily inspired by and influenced by pop culture and celebrities, so instead of venting your anger on plastic figurines, maybe do it on the source of it which is celebrities who dress immodestly.

Neither of these points makes it okay to sell dolls with hidden bondage gear to kids. They don't understand the meaning of it, but the point is to normalize it so that younger kids start copying it younger and younger.

Adults who collect toys aren't the target audience for LOL dolls, children are, and children don't need to be exposed to it because outside of fetish scenarios, people really do not dress like that outside of the media.

No. 114601

File: 1604923590716.png (11.24 MB, 4068x3072, Cheburashka and Monchichi.png)

I think plush dolls with plastic face tend to look better as constructing a great plush toy face from fabric only is much harder and more expensive. Monchichi and Cheburashka are prefect examples of how good they can look.


>into the trash it goes
After creating plastic, porcelain should've never been used again for toys, never.

BTW got any recommendations for other plush toys?

>but the rest freak me out
The creepy-cute 50's aesthetic isn't for everyone, but I dislike >>114514 too, it looks stoned with those red eyes lol.

>went about it wrong lol
I'm happy to hear you learned your lesson anon. If you want to talk about a toy just talk about it, without adding some unnecessary controversial statement or whatever.

As someone who hate (big and/or realistic) baby dolls, I find CPK baby dolls to be adorable! I really want a female Asian kid CPK doll.

>when dolls border on cute and creepy, thats what I like most

Yeah, it gives them some "spice" instead of just being blandly cute. Maybe you should check "Bush Baby World", they're modern playline so they should be easy to find and won't cost a lot.

No. 114602

Monchichi was my life as a kid. They make me feel so emotional.

No. 114607

>Let me guess, they don't collect toys and are just there for the drama.
Do you know where you are?
Anyone is allowed to comment here as long as it is within the site rules, if you don't like that then there are plenty of other groups online that require you to prove your worthiness to talk about toys

You can ignore posts about drama if you don't like that, but you can't control what people want to talk about.

No. 114641

exactly. that part had me "wtf?" like I collect toys and that's why I care so much to discuss even their controversies.

No. 114823

File: 1605119282018.jpg (70.43 KB, 640x360, NeJHHgb.jpg)

anon isn't a collector by any means if that's their sentiments. 90% of western doll collection is their controversies with fashion, how it was made, their appeal, and so on. Oreo Barbie is a example of this. Oreo is a term that was used to describe a black person acting white. Causing the doll to be discontinued as result, which made it a collector want.

No. 114936

>kids start copying it
How they can even copy it when they have no means to do so? Are you old enough to remember the needless Bratz hysteria? It's pretty much the same thing.
>outside of the media
Implying kids aren't exposed to the media.

You don't bother to read previous posts, do you? To quote myself;
>Can you discuss the actual toys and not the drama surrendering them? I know it's lolcow, but this is a toy thread so please talk about toys.

>anon isn't a collector by any means if that's their sentiments

I'm one of the few anons here who actually posted pics of their toys.

>90% of western doll collection is their controversies with fashion

That's exaggeration, but sadly it's the truth that girl toys suffer from way more controversies unlike boy toys as girl toys are expected more to be "educational", "no fun allowed" and "in-line" while boy toy can be bloody and gory and what not.

No. 114968

Cept we are talking about toys with images discussing their impact. If you wanna moral fag go to reddit. Also 'boy' toys are rarely shown with real imagery of blood and gore less it's funky colors to get around censors. And have had their share of controversy. Nerf has always been blasted for being firearms for example, the masturbating Tarzan is another.

No. 114973

File: 1605209030931.jpg (729.08 KB, 2048x1530, ZnnZ0k1.jpg)

I want to surprise my friend with a custom Chiaki Nanami (Danganronpa 2) doll for Christmas, and I was thinking of doing a faceup of an lol omg doll instead of a monster high doll because I think the MH body is a little skinny and awkward to put clothes on. However, the lol omg dolls have pretty weird face molds to work with. Pic related is the style I'd go for. What do you guys think?

No. 114975

The lol omg dolls are if you're trying to do something more stylized, but the Monster High is if you're trying to do something more realistic. Either way I'm sure the dolls would look great!

No. 114979

You could try replacing the head but tbh those dolls are way too curvy just like how MH is too skinny. I'd probably go for too skinny since that's at least still lanky enough to read like a teenager which is what Chiaki is.

No. 114981

File: 1605212014299.jpg (53.87 KB, 640x640, uYWoiZU.jpg)

Use Ever After High if you can find. lol body has bend and snap knees which aren't the best for poses and it can corrode after time. Another decent mold is Disney Descendants dolls

No. 114982

File: 1605212556584.jpg (391.7 KB, 1000x1510, Apple02b_original.jpg)

I totally forgot EAH existed for a second! I really love their body sculpts and I think I can work with the round head. I found an Apple White on ebay for 10 bucks and ordered her. Thanks for the advice everybody!

No. 115023

File: 1605242492015.jpg (138.88 KB, 736x736, 01cf8806c0fcfd9d1af78645bda085…)

Just got my first factory blythe and I am so excited
I really love custom blythes, so I really wanna try messing around with it. Even got 2 face plates in case I irredimably fuck up kek
I did some woodcarving in college, so I am guessing it's kinda similar? Anyone here has tips on these?
I also plan on sewing some clothes for them myself, as I have a lot of scrap fabric at home since my mom always needs custom clothing.
I found some tidbits of tutorials and patterns online, but I really wish I could find more, like japanese PDFs of the plenty of books they have on the subject also if anyone has anything like this I would love you forever if you were to share it

No. 115026

I'm not sure how many of them include blythe patterns, but here is the magazine collection of /toy/'s bjd threads:

Also, regarding faceups, there are a lot of channels for blythes.

No. 115031

File: 1605250800689.jpg (445.72 KB, 1479x1080, pixlr_20201113035952839.jpg)

Thanks a bunch, anon!! I just gave it a quick glance and there is some Blythe stuff. Also I know some Barbie clothes can work for blythes with some adjustments, which they also have.
I love dresses that are lolita or just kinda historical for the dolls, but I also think they look super cute in kimono and modern fashion. I'll try to make something modern first for sure, though.

Oh, and I've watched a lot of yt videos on the topic of carving, but I kinda wanted to know the feel of it, idk. Something along that

I'm a bit tempted to get her ears also, because I really love earrings in general, but that will have to wait.

No. 115037

Where did you happen to get your doll from? I bought what I thought was an authentic blythe but well turns out it isn't. I mean it's my fault for impulse buying and not doing research. I plan to try customizing her face a bit so it's not to big of deal as she'll be good practice for when I was an actual blythe.

No. 115045

File: 1605267653705.jpeg (154.44 KB, 800x800, c0163f6a713bebfb4f38f66402e3d7…)

Hey anon, mine isn't authentic either, it's factory/TBL. I really don't wanna drop 300 dollars on a doll that I plan on heavily mess with, specially considering that I may get unpleasant results, so I will only buy a Takara authentic when I feel pretty confident about my skills. Plus, tbh, I really like the variety of hair color and styles of the TBLs and their posability. For those reasons, a lot of custom artists actually use TBLs, pic related. This type of hair is fake only (I guess you could make your own wig for an authentic one though) and the body is fully jointed.

For a real one though, I'd recommend sites like yahoo auction, mercari, amiami and maybe even mandarake for second hand options. For brand new, maybe rakuten? I am not completely sure about this, though. Maybe anons that are more seasoned on this could give you a better advice. But for second hand, all of these are pretty viable options. Best of luck, anon! If you get your hands on one, report back

No. 115076

File: 1605297293761.jpg (37.21 KB, 540x500, 0c32943156d684fc2d35cb144c8000…)

Samefag anon here to add HOLY SHIT ANON.
I love you forever now. I gave it a more throughout look, and this is exactly what I needed AND wanted. This is so complete. I love all of the Doll Coordinate Recipe books, those alone would make the whole link worth it, but there's so much more. Thank you so so much!

No. 115279

File: 1605476168324.gif (1.99 MB, 321x207, SAL shipping.gif)

>refreshing the tracking page even though I know damn well it's been a month since any of my mail updated
Don't use anything through JapanPost, folks. Pretty sure it was my only option at the time, but they're still shut down and my August order still hasn't even shown up to US Customs. Did have some luck with DHL, but that shit's usually pricey.

No. 115357

what are you waiting for, anon?

No. 115366

File: 1605545129910.png (3.18 MB, 1240x1888, shipments nov 2020.png)

Tossed it all in one image to make things easy. I've got figma splatboys, nendo isabelle, Best Hit Chronicle Cup Noodle plamo, and MG Barbatos in transit, nendo amaterasu shipping this month, and Maruttoys Tamotu going out in Dec. Last one was a bit of an impulse add, but he's so darn cute.

No. 115381

File: 1605561046152.jpg (128.59 KB, 800x600, ef9997dbed3f48b1edbad3b2f081b7…)

The 2019 Magical Mirai Miku nendoroid is so cute, I hope they're releasing it on the goodsmile shop, but I'm also kind of torn between spending my money on her and the Joseph Joestar nendoroid.

No. 116068

File: 1606095536641.jpg (100.71 KB, 970x1280, IMG_20201120_171920_356.jpg)

Any doll youtuber recommendations? Especially 1/6 scale, but anything is welcomed

No. 116076

Get miku, Joseph is a loser

No. 116081

nta but my vote goes for Joseph. Miku is a cashcow husk of a character. Also you never know if next year they will not release a figure of her which is even better than the 2019 one.

No. 116087

I like unnie dolls

No. 116124

Very cozy anon, thanks!

No. 116126

File: 1606160575790.jpeg (72.24 KB, 1000x1000, B162B7AE-AAA3-47D8-9DA8-F982CE…)

Bandai is releasing animal crossing blind boxes in Japan. They will be fuzzy and flocked like calico critters I imagine and come with candy!

No. 116127

Flocked figures would be so adorable. I need that Lolly or I will die.

No. 116129

Oh god! I'd love some Dom and Tom Nook toys, I adore them so much, they are so cute!

No. 116131

Lolly and Marshal are so cute, easily my favs

No. 116153


They are so cuteeeee
Would look great with sylvanian sets

No. 116160

ok now where to buy those…

No. 116176

>moral fag
You misunderstood, by pointing out the hypocrisy and tendency to call out girl toys, I didn't mean to say I'm against either, vice versa; I don't give fuck about either situation.

>Also 'boy' toys are rarely shown with real imagery of blood and gore

Mighty Max, Madballs, TMNT, Ooze-it it's actually very obscure toy, but since it was so cool I though it was worth mentioning, Inhumanoids, Some of TF Beast Wars such as original Cheetor, Treasure X Aliens, Heroes of Goo Jit Zu, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World.

No. 116178

I'm not a big fan of Blythe dolls, but I do think their clothes (official releases) are very pretty and their eye-switching gimmick is neat.

That's awesome, thanks anon! I don't own any Blythe, but I do have Liccas which share similar proportions so it helps a lot.

These could've been so much better if they had 5 PoA and actual fabric clothes.

>fuzzy and flocked

The world needs more flocked toys, there isn't enough of them.

No. 116236

File: 1606271872231.jpg (233.35 KB, 1500x1855, unnamed.jpg)


>actual fabric clothes

Maybe try sewing some from the sylvanian sewing books?
I know it's not the same, but could be cute and fun

No. 116325

Any dolls 1/6 scale anons want to recommend that can endure heavy handling? Currently I'm customizing my first Obitsu and I fell in love with the hobby. I want to be able to take my doll with me to capture views while hiking but I'm worried about parts breaking while in transit. Not trying to break the bank either, would I be better off sticking with Obitsu?

No. 116345

File: 1606362520899.jpg (389.06 KB, 750x750, -14816860711934501891.jpg)

Get one of the cute carrying bags they sell on aliexpress, anon
They do sell smaller/individual ones as well. For blythes I know they have some that looks like a kigurumi, where only the face of the Doll is visible and the rest is animal shaped. Very cute

No. 116382

File: 1606401171869.jpeg (782.65 KB, 1082x1155, 39833B52-6335-4130-8D8A-6A365A…)

Did anyone else collect these from happy meals? How nostalgic

No. 116383

File: 1606401824877.jpeg (442.65 KB, 1077x710, 3EF3D1E6-BA2D-4DB6-8FB2-7EA1F5…)


Oh my god, I remember trying to collect them when I was 7! But unfortunately, I didn’t go to mcdonald’s often enough to get them all.

The same thing happened to me when they released the neopets toys. I seriously obsessed with trying to collect those things in 04 lol.

No. 116385

Wth these are so cute! I only vaguely remember them but they’re still so nostalgic

No. 116390

I love how Hannibal Lector this is lmao

No. 116395

what? do you mean it in the usual retarded "dolls are creepy, am I right??? hehehe" or is this a show reference that I am unaware of?

No. 116403

I am guessing it's because Hannibal stays in a cell with solid glass as a divisor.
But why are you so pressed, anon? Lol some people just find dolls creepy, don't need to be so defensive about it.

No. 116404

File: 1606413298502.jpeg (26.7 KB, 353x334, 0C5A9BB5-9873-40BB-99EE-4F1396…)

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed anon?

No. 116405

>Lol some people just find dolls creepy, don't need to be so defensive about it
I find plenty of harmless things creepy but I don't feel the need to tell it to someone who clearly enjoys the thing. 'Ewww, you enjoy spiders? OMG they're so gross! I could never sleep in a room with one!!' It's a rude and boring reaction.
If anon didn't mean it like that, it's obviously fine. I recognized I could be misunderstanding her comment.

No. 116409

File: 1606417253601.jpg (63.53 KB, 355x400, 478392659264598.jpg)

Nta but there's a famous Hannibal "look" where he's in a straitjacket and strapped into a dolly so they can wheel him around. The dolls look like they're strapped in like that too, it's just amusing to see something so innocent treated the same way, I doubt she meant it as a means to shit on the anon posting it.

No. 116413

Anon you tarded out just admit it. They didn't say ew or how gross it was they just said "I love how Hannibal Lector this is lmao" For all you know they are into it as a creepy aesthetic.

No. 116416

thank you! I see it now! I really need to learn more about Hannibal but the whole brain eating shit makes me put it away… I'm not good with gore
I stated I was not sure if they meant it in 'ew dolls creepy' or making a pop culture reference I didn't get. That's all.

No. 116419

Oh yes, I do remember those toys! I actually collected them all, I'm sure they are still saved in a box in my house.

Light blogposting but my father used to take me and my brother to his workplace and as breakfast he bought us McDonalds' Happy meals, those were fun times, I miss you dad

No. 116549

File: 1606509656793.jpeg (43.55 KB, 403x403, EEED4AC1-F4DC-4012-B639-AC0D7A…)


I remember at some point I somehow latched onto the idea that Madame Alexander Happy Meal dolls were collectible and would be very valuable someday. I wasn’t much into dolls as a kid but I collected some unknown number of these.

No. 116555

I'm the AYRT, I meant it like >>116409 said lmao. For the record I find the dolls very cute, the carrying case is just very reminiscent of the restraints to me.

No. 116729

File: 1606631604737.jpg (318.29 KB, 736x1818, 1b3f55d0f077f492879ef10c35b3c6…)

Milk tea.london's custom dolls are absolutely beautiful, both face and clothing wise

No. 116845

File: 1606739090501.jpg (1006.64 KB, 4000x3000, Happy Meal_The Dog_Beagle.jpg)

But they still have molded clothes underneath…
>Sylvanian Family got sewing books too
Being a toy collector in Japan must be heaven!

The Dog was already mentioned in the thread >>47712, just pointing it, not trying to say it's a bad thing.

I got only one from the Dog series, though I wanted all of them.

90's-2000's Happy Meal toys were god tier, I had many complete sets but foolishly gave many of them to my nieces, not knowing the dark future lay ahead for toys. McDonalds noticed the influx in adult toy collectors and tried last year to catch their attention with the 40th anniversary Happy Meal collection, and while I did start to pay attention again to happy meal, the quality and the creativity of the 90's-2000's is just not there.

>Light blogposting
That's alright anon, I'm sorry to hear about your loss.

No. 116851

File: 1606746697996.jpeg (76.17 KB, 640x640, eb993090c473728c591203d10c8b48…)

I wonder what happened with McDonald's toys? They used to be so fun in the 90's and early zeros. Nowadays even when they make toys from something with a potential, instead of selling cool figures or tiny playsets they make this big plastic crap. Like fake pencil cases, watches or some other bs. Even when they make dolls/figures, they are often of a poor quality. Notable exeption was the one Pokemon collection that was available during that Pokemon Go summer. Some figures were still shitty (they wasted Eevee), but most of them were nice. My fave was Totodile.

No. 116854

File: 1606746978754.jpg (32.57 KB, 393x400, McDonalds-Happy-Meal-Toy-2001-…)

As a kid I adored this 2001 set of Barbie minifigures, especially the one in a bikini. She had movable arms and legs, so you could play with her like with a normal doll. It really helped that those Barbies were roughly the same size as the Lego Scala dolls.
Did you guys have any other favorite McDonald's sets?

No. 116882

I wish Kotobukiya would reprint Megami Device Witch Darkness. HLJ keeps restocking both versions of Magical Girl but never Witch and it sucks. Also I hope to make another thread when this one fills up, I didn't expect it to live this long.

I remember these! Sadly I lost all of mine. I think I had the squirrel Neopet and the bird with the tail. I wish McDonalds still did toys like this, actual tiny plushies, for years all they ever put in Happy Meals now are giant chunks of plastic with a sloppy paintjob (if any) and one gimmick.

No. 116943

File: 1606858383412.jpg (105.25 KB, 580x270, Barbiestardolls.jpg)

not gonna lie, I'd kill to have one of these

No. 116948

File: 1606861049051.jpg (45.21 KB, 420x630, NHiDsNW.jpg)

If I recall correctly you can thank Supersize Me! for it. After it's release fast food chains pretty much dropped actual interesting or desired toys for kid's meals for 'safe' or 'educational' Even though his shit can't be replicated because he lied through a good portion of it.(Like his 'throwing up' his first meal he was vegan prior it had nothing to do with the actual meal) I believe a brit guy tried replicating it and got nowhere near the same results.

No. 116966

File: 1606881025005.jpg (59.75 KB, 570x570, 8040eac484fd8d09303eb8b4fda0a1…)

I am >>115023 and my doll finally arrived today and I love her so much even though I haven't tried to costumize her yet. Even my bf think she's cute, although he finds the lack of eyebrows and the head on stare a bit creepy.
Now I am just waiting for my eyechips to arrive. I bought normie ones, but I like how you can get really creative with it.
Not gonna lie, I already want a couple of friends for her. But I am not currently on a steady job so I'll just wait as for now.

No. 117020

File: 1606925161519.jpg (244.19 KB, 1360x912, pixlr_20201202130034777.jpg)

Someone posted on /toys/ the new RH dolls, and they are all so cute.
My favorite is the rgb led light gamer keyboard one.
All the clothes are too notch as usual, but I think it's pretty funny that the teal boy one is wearing a jacket, a hoodie and another jacket (or flannel) at his waist. This bitch cold
Hope they release a black boy soon, that would be cute

No. 117098

File: 1607016125724.jpg (1.49 MB, 2324x2000, Happy Meal_Snow White 2001_Smu…)

>I wonder what happened with McDonald's toys?
I have two assumptions: 1. Though the retarded who would've thought that eating junk food every day is bad for your health! 'Super Size Me' movie which made McDonalds to shift more and more of their resources into making their food "healthy" and advertising it as that. Although came out in 2004 which would mean the change should've happened earlier, I think it took quite some time as McDonalds have thousands of restaurants over the world to operate 2. I was unable to verify it worldwide, but in my country at least, we used to Burger King in the 2000's and then most of the restaurants got switched to some shitty local brand (that of course doesn't have good toys), so I assume there less junk food chains to compete with McDonalds internationally or perhaps that the gap between them got bigger despite both chains gaining more restaurants.
Third reason that can actually be verified, is that toys quality and creativity in general took a nose dive so the standards are lower for everyone.

>Supersize Me!
I believe it's factor too.
>because he lied
I didn't know that
Makes believe he is indeed a liar even more

Oh, I remember I had the two in the middle! I really wanted the others ones with the dress and the swimsuit, I thought they were better than the ones I had.
Not only those old happy meal barbies are better than happy meal toys nowadays, they're also better by miles than NuBarbie.

>Did you guys have any other favorite McDonald's sets?

I had many. Although I didn't keep most of my Happy Meal toys, I kept many of the catalogs. Two sets that do come into my mind; calendar set of the Smurfs which I even got it's display from the restaurant and a Snow White set that came with big plastic board that have the same image of the catalog.

>Lego Scala dolls

Fellow woman of culture!
Scala was the best girl toyline by Lego, fuck Friends, they're overrated shit that panders to boys.

You mean 4chan /toy/?
I think this new wave is a bit underwhelming, their clothes and hair styles seems very similar, either to each other or the previous wave.

I feel ambiguous about the boy, he's definitely far better than LOL OMG attempt at boys. It looks like he might have painted eyes, instead of inset ones which sucks.

On another note, I wish more RH dolls would have straight hair to brush instead of all those gelled curls.

No. 117104

File: 1607018800069.png (6.29 MB, 3092x3520, Kindi Kids_ Show 'n' Tell Pets…)

More doll news

Moose Toys just kepp coming up with more and more spin-offs of Shopkins

No. 117106

File: 1607019239537.jpg (361.13 KB, 1441x1500, Na Na Na Surprise Sparkle seri…)

From left to right: Becky Buckaneer, Marina Jewels, Andre Avalanche, Daria Duckie, Sailor Blu and Krysta Splash

No. 117107

File: 1607019733192.png (7.22 MB, 4520x1964, Cave Club Bashley.png)

Surprisingly, Mattel didn't kill Cave Club after one wave like Wild Hearts Crew more like Wild Hearts Who? . It's a new character in the line, but she has the same headmold like he rest meh . There's also a new sleepover theme wave, but I'll wait until every doll get stock photos before posting it. Since the entire sleepover wave didn't appear at once, I wonder if it means there are actually more music theme Cave Club dolls besides this one.

No. 117108

File: 1607019802765.png (5.12 MB, 4440x3512, Mattel Hello Kitty and Friends…)

New licenseshit doll line by Mattel

No. 117109

File: 1607020519720.png (3.73 MB, 1896x3412, Barbie mermaid and Ken merman …)

Holy shit! A beautiful Barbie doll in 2020! These are two prototypes based on Angel Kent illustrations, which originally had additional 2 dolls (AA and fatso "curvy"). These are now up to vote by Barbie Signature members, so only one doll would be for sale.

No. 117113

Ah, I remember those McDonald's toys! I wasn't a big fan of the Snow White one though since I only had the well part and the toy was kind of useless if you didn't have the whole thing… It was still a lot better than most modern fastfood toys that I've seen.
The Smurfs I've adored too, but completely forgot about them until I saw your pic. I used to own Smurfette and Sasette. I remember seeing rastas and metalheads with the angry Smurf keychain hanging from their Jansport backpacks. lol
I also loved the later series of plastic Smurf toys with plush furniture/accesories. I remember playing with it a lot with other kids.
I also adores the G2 playset collection (it was all I wanted from my life when I was 6 lol), the Hercules toys, various Mattel dolls like My Scene or Diva Starz…The Dinosaur (2000) movie toys were also pretty elaborate. I miss those times so much!
>Scala was the best girl toyline by Lego, fuck Friends, they're overrated shit that panders to boys
Scala was amazing! You have no idea how much I wanted to own the house, as well as stable for horses. Those playsets were creative and so cute! I wish I could buy them MIB, but they are probably rare, expensive and it wouldn't be the same now anyway.
>fuck Friends, they're overrated shit that panders to boys
How do they pander to boys? Like with being more in line with normal lego? I remember people whining in the past how Lego 'for girls' is too different from regular toys. That was a good thing though! I wasn't a fan of the ugly yellow minifigures, but adores Scala and Bellvile. I adored the beach, modern life as well as early fairytale sets (before Lego started recycling ideas). The dolls were the cutest and surprisingly posable (just like Scala).
I like the Sailor doll, she's cute! The pirate also is adorable. I am not invested enough to buy any of those though.
I'm surprised to see that Cave Club is still going and even more shocked that Enchantimals is still a thing. I saw recently the giant Enchantimals dolls, really shocked that people are buying this stuff.
Really trying to tap into that mentally ill Sanrio sadgirls market. controversial opinion but I wish My Melody doll wasn't tan, though I understand why it is and not Badtz-Maru one. It doesn't fit IMHO
Those dolls are beautiful!!! Would love to own them both. Why can't we get something as pleasing aesthetically in the regular collector line?
I hope that Ken wins kek

No. 117115

File: 1607022117332.jpg (26.7 KB, 400x400, s-l400.jpg)

oops dropped my pic

No. 117128

Found the other docu Fat Head. Guy's a computer programmer and tried recreate Spurlock's 5,000 calories a day using the calorie count and what was shown in the movie couldn't get anywhere near those results. He also attempted to get in touch with Morgan who made a big deal about McDonalds never getting in touch with him in Supersize me to no avail. Also a uni in Sweden had 6 students take on the 30 day challenge, they didn't have any of the liver or cholesterol issues. They reported they were more tired but had none of the depression or mood swings Morgan reportedly had.

No. 117137

>You mean 4chan /toy/?
Yep. I always have it open on another tab yet I've managed to fuck it up kek

The sailor one is adorable

The merman body sculpt is chef's kiss

No. 117139

anons, what tips would you give to anyone just starting out a collection? I have found myself drooling over monster high dolls for quite a while now and I think it's about time I get one.

No. 117174

Decide the maximum number of toys you will ever own, or space you will allow them to fill, and stick to it. Decide now how you will likely cycle out toys e.g. give to charity if worth under X amount, sell online if over etc

No. 117182

THIS. Also think hard about the focus of your collection! I guess you sort of did since you want to collect MH, but decide if you want to own any specific series, character etc. and if it's likely for you to want to branch out to other dolls.
I would also recommend reading a book on minimalism (like Stuffocation for example) first and thinking really hard if you truly want to collect, even knowing what a drain on your resources it can be.
I am not saying this to gatekeep toy collecting, but I've always had the collector mentality and jumped in without considering the drawbacks. I wish I was more mindful back then and knew what I know now. Keep in mind I do not recommend going full minimalist retard as an alternative, but the general idea is worth thinking about! Feel free to disagree with my last point though

No. 117197

I also had a few from the hard plastic line, I had Sasette, papa smurf, the smurf with lame cube and the smurf with the lame tennis ball. I really wanted Smurfette and Brainy Smurf.

Scala was the only toyline I ever wanted to complete. I was blown away that I could own an entire kitchen set whereas I could barely get table and chair set from Barbie!
>I wish I could buy them MIB, but they are probably rare, expensive
I doubt that Scala would be that expensive, it was canceled toyline and one of the least liked Lego lines. As I've said before I've seen obscure 80's toys MIB that cost much less than you would expect, so it may be worth to track down if you want some.
>it wouldn't be the same now anyway
True, you won't have fun with them as you would've as kid, but at least you could own them now.
As I grow up, I noticed Scala had an ugly body so I don't want here anymore as much as I did as a kid.

>How do they pander to boys?

Their parts are interchangeable with regular Lego, so they can buy them for that.
>I remember people whining in the past how Lego 'for girls' is too different from regular toys. That was a good thing though!
Exactly! Why should girl toys and boy toys be so similar?! It's boring and makes them redundant.
I always thought of them as downgraded Scala (who had rooted hair, fabric clothes and removable shoes). The addition of fairy tale/fantasy element was great addition that Scala didn't have.

>I like the Sailor doll, she's cute! The pirate also is adorable

I like the sailor one too, but I think the mermaid one is my favorite because she is so different and unique, shame her accessory is a stupid sunglass. I would prefer a clam purse or something like that.
>I am not invested enough to buy any of those though
The new ones have removable hats which was something previous waves suffered from. I own two dolls from that line; I mean they're cute and all but don't really feel like they're worth their price point (I live outside of USA so it's more expensive). I'm not sure if I will get a doll from this wave, tbh I'm more excited about the upcoming single-pack teens versions which also have bendy wire inside.

>really shocked that people are buying this stuff

Cheap garbage for really young girls who don't know any better, bought by tasteless cheapskate karens.

>Really trying to tap into that mentally ill Sanrio sadgirls market

Licca had few collaborations with Sanrio. It will be by far more expensive than the shitty doll line l by Mattel, but it's worth it.
>controversial opinion but I wish My Melody doll wasn't tan
Agreed. Don't worry it's only controversial among the tumblrfags.

>Why can't we get something as pleasing aesthetically in the regular collector line?

Because Mattel are cheapskate cowardly retards who think they can gain profit without taking risk. I mean even these prototypes don't like premium adult collector quality and we all know, how toy companies in general tend to cheap out on the final product so I imagine the final product would be even more overpriced playline tier like this >>104622 .

I prefer Barbie desu, but I wish she had the same type of tail fins like Ken. Hers looks ugly, cheap af and not durable.

Ken headmold looks weird, I mean it rather looks like AA Ken headmold than white Ken so that's why I dislike him. Mattel should just go back into doing AA versions of each unique Barbie and Ken.

>The merman body sculpt is chef's kiss
It's the same body they made for that Batman and Superman action dolls that shelfwarmed. I noticed the hands look bigger than those baby fists they used for Batman and Superman. This body is so much better than the MTM Ken, they just need to add torso joint like vintage 80's G.I.Joe and thigh swivel. They could even use it for Max Steel reboot which would be awesome though Action Man is objectively superior! .

Just buy toys you really like and want. Don't avoid buying toys because they won't "fit" with the rest of your collection, that way your collection will be boring and not varied enough.
>monster high dolls
Be aware the first waves have glue in their head thanks Mattel!

No. 117459

File: 1607277594343.jpeg (3.26 MB, 3264x2448, mcmlp1.jpeg)

I saw earlier people mentioning about mcdonalds toys. I have a bunch of the mlp ones I see if I can get the rest later. The toys came with figurines and hairbrushes (which i have just in a different bag)

No. 117461

File: 1607277699195.jpeg (3.63 MB, 3264x2448, mchandheldgames.jpeg)

also idk if this goes here but some of the mcdonalds handheld games( mine still work)

No. 117479

Christmas is coming and I have the biggest craving for oldschool Barbie moves dolls (as well as those cheesy movies!).
Like Clara the Sugar Plum Princess, Anneliese and Erica… those dolls were the best, holy shit! I'm going crazy trying to find one of them in a reasonable condition (since I suck at fixing dolls).
My parents never bought me any of those dolls or movies and there is a huge hole in my heart that I am trying to fill even though it's not really possible
I wish I could time travel with my current money and somehow be a kid again and get to enjoy all this shit.
It's stupid, but I'm so fucking obsessed over those dolls now… it's been like a week at least

No. 117480

Mattel's desperation is way too obvious. If only they made the dolls resemble the original counterparts even remotely, I literally had no fucking idea what these were supposed to be at first. Not even giving the Hello Kitty doll cat ears? Making badtz-maru…. that? And what the fuck is that on My Melody's head?

I think that Barbie is actually beautiful and very classy looking, but holy christ did they miss an opportunity with the Ken doll. His hair looks so off and doesn't match with the color and tone of his tail or the overall rose gold scheme at all. He looks like a really gay action figure from the 80's, I wish he had wavy long hair and maybe dark red or blue palette instead.

No. 117484

wooww I had that bottom left Spyro!! This pic unlocked memories lol.

No. 117492

Were the screens on these really as tiny as they look in the pic? I never managed to see one of these IRL.

No. 117501

File: 1607303089516.jpeg (2.18 MB, 2303x2266, FullSizeRender.jpeg)

yes heres a picture of one the spyro ones with my thumb, and i have fairly small hands btw. the games are also made kind like earlier gameboy and gameandwatch machines in that it's little black characters that you wouldnt be able to play in the dark as it's not backlit.

No. 118048

lol I knew they must have been small but wow. Considering these were probably made very cheaply, you kept that in really good condition, anon.

No. 118081

File: 1607737001881.jpeg (82.43 KB, 800x800, 796D75C3-AD01-42D8-80B1-B65EEE…)

Found this jerboa-like doll on AliExpress. Idk if it’s a character from something or just an original design but I thought it was real cute.

No. 118083


*And by original I mean probably a blatant ripoff of some original, considering that this is AliExpress.

No. 118128

link? I like it! I wish there was a cheap bjd pug to buy somewhere…

No. 118131

The design seems like it's of a character from somewhere or a ripoff, but it's still so cute! You should take it if you haven't already anon.

No. 118149

>knowingly buying recasts
anons please love yourselves

No. 118152

lol nah,buy recasts.

No. 118156

ok walmart great value-chan

No. 118166

go moralfag on denofangels

No. 118169

NTA but any idiot knows that you'll probably end up getting a flawed, shitty version of the original with third grade resin and unfinished details. Recasts aren't worth the saved money.

No. 118170

File: 1607794183824.png (297.76 KB, 500x628, dontlikething.png)

No. 118172

Okay, but don't come crying when you receive the pirated doll in mail looking like an abomination and breaking its limbs the moment you take it out and end up having its toxic unregulated resin turn the room into a gas chamber.

No. 118176

File: 1607800809343.png (2.01 MB, 1479x776, Happy Meal_Sonic 2005_MLP G2 1…)

That's awesome you still own happy meal sets and in good condition! Are these from your childhood or new ones you bought?

>I have a bunch of the mlp ones I see if I can get the rest later

I would love to see the rest! What other MLP Happy Meal do you got?

>idk if this goes here

It does, just like Tamagotchi, don't worry about it.

I almost had a complete set of MLP G2, I didn't get the one with air balloon. I only kept the heart shaped box, sadly.
However, I do own some actual MLP G3 ponies.
Your set is almost prefect, I mean they can turn their head and have brushable hair, shame the tail is molded. I've checked and saw there were G3 Happy Meal with rotted both for the mane and tail, however they don't have swivel joint at the neck.

As for the Sonic set, I had the blue one (Sonic) and the red one (Knuckles) and I'm not sure if I had the yellow (tails) one. Even as a kid I thought they were lame (referring to mine), so I have no remorse for losing/giving them.

I found these, hope you found one you like - https://www.aliexpress.com/store/2300047/search?origin=y&SearchText=dog

Actually, recasts can be better quality than the official ones considering they have their seamlines removed for free like every Chinese-based BJD.

No. 118177

File: 1607801694628.jpg (91.63 KB, 816x1500, Mattel Hello Kitty & Friends G…)

Forget to post this one

>I hope that Ken wins kek
Good news anon, he did!

>Mattel's desperation is way too obvious
>If only they made the dolls resemble the original counterparts even remotely
>Not even giving the Hello Kitty doll cat ears?
Yeah, they keep being scaredy-cat cheapskates who aren't willing to take risks and making the cheapest dolls possible.

>I think that Barbie is actually beautiful and very classy looking

Agreed, the only issue is her cheaply-made ugly tail fins.
>doesn't match with the color and tone of his tail or the overall rose gold scheme at all
Now that you mention it, his color scheme isn't great and suffer from being too similar 50 shades of bronze sorry for the lame joke .

>He looks like a really gay action figure from the 80's

Lol, his armor does remind me He-Man quite a lot.

No. 118178

File: 1607802102794.png (2.26 MB, 2684x1360, You vs the girl he tells you n…)

There's another doll in this line that comes with a playset called, Hello Kitty and Friends So-Delish Kitchen Playset. I'm surprised Mattel made a playset (and a complete new mold, unless I'm wrong) so early for new toyline, even Cave Club haven't got any playsets yet.

P.S. The Licca playset is Licca Hello Kitty Suites Cafe and the maid outfit is a separate fashion pack.

No. 118179

File: 1607802859917.png (12.27 MB, 4740x3760, Dream Seekers.png)

New plush doll line, by Moose Toys apparently (I'm not 100% sure) called Dream Seekers.

>Every Dream Seeker Doll has a unique "Dream Mark" on their wrist that represents the Dream they Seek and their personality. Your Dream Seeker will keep your dream safe and wish for it to come true. You can write your dreams inside the Dream Catcher packaging for your Dream Seeker to keep and protect.

I think it's a really concept and enable the dolls to stand on their own despite being blatant Na Na Na Surprise rip-off. What bugs me about these dolls is the lack of head swivel (if you're going to copy Na Na Na Surprise do it properly) and zero attempt at giving them some sort of hands instead of these lumps of flesh like PPG which doesn't go well with the very detailed face.

P.S. Couldn't find bigger pics of Luna.

No. 118189

File: 1607807935005.jpg (16.28 KB, 300x215, c2bd182f336f70ce.jpg)

I've been looking at the rarer Robo-Chi and god, I just want a Bull-Chi to call my own…

No. 118193

>>118189 i love them

No. 118227

File: 1607820972792.jpg (64.35 KB, 400x506, 400-1.jpg)

Does anyone know if this site is a scam or not?
I really want this book but I legitimately can't find it anywhere else on the internet, not even etsy - I even searched for it in japanese

No. 118237

they seem to have their own amazon seller page and have gotten pretty positive reviews as of lately. if anything, keep in touch with your bank after purchasing and nothing shows up.

No. 118238

Thanks anon, that actually puts my mind in ease
I'll read their Amazon reviews.

That Licca is so goddamn cute aaaa

I never new they had so many options, even flowers

No. 118247

File: 1607829549804.jpg (7.48 KB, 196x210, 6f97dbdce02a5155fe36a22e656d79…)

They also had a baby and a robot that had two faces

No. 118249

That baby is super creepy kek
I guess it never came to my country because the dog was super expensive and probably didn't sell well at all.

No. 118290

File: 1607867985873.jpeg (5.31 MB, 2448x3264, 53DCDC33-B165-42C6-8307-49BDBC…)

I said no more plush, especially massive ones. But I couldn’t stop myself

No. 118298

File: 1607870704338.png (1.29 MB, 1672x3072, Rainbow High Indigo Krystal Ba…)

Another doll from Rainbow High second wave, there's only one other left which haven't being shown yet.

Overall, I like this doll and she's my favorite of the wave, simply because purple is my favorite color. However, as I've said previously, I think the second wave is not as good as the first one, having clothes and hairstyles too similar to each other and to the previous wave. As for this specific doll, I'm not a fan of the curled hair, it's boring, look exactly like other dolls and of course not brushable. Also, her pants are kinda ugly imho, the second shirt is boring and while the second jacket looks nice is the same reptitive jacket, Violet Willow had, being used for the third time!

No. 118333

I'm >>117501 and yes these are from my childhood. My mom gave me big plastic bags to put toys in so a large portion of my toy collection is in pretty good condition from being in plastic bags and in a drawer for safe keeping. Every few years I take them out to look and play a little and seeing this toy thread spawned that.

I've been busy and haven't looked for the rest of the mlp mcdonald's but I do remember they come with little hairbrushes and mlp pony themed scrunchies.

No. 118341

File: 1607897024740.jpg (122.8 KB, 1024x740, 170c17558766c5499f0d9551ee52b6…)

>What's your first vs your latest toy?
I've bought/collected cute things in general since I was really young, unfortunately my mattel winx dolls and some other stuff was given away by accident but what I collect now are NIB bratz dolls, y2k care bear stuff (including decor), anime figures, sanrio decor and a lot of stuffed animals (sanrio, tokidoki, peropero sparkles, AMUSE, estherloveschu, hamtaro, etc). think my most recent package was an orange AMUSE 16" hamster plush.
>If you're a collector, when did you start?
used to collect LPS, MLP, care bears, webkinz, ppg stuff, you name it i had it when i was a kid, i was pretty spoiled lol. moved onto anime stuff in high school and in college i got back into buying cute stuff especially when i started working.
>What's on your wishlist, is there anything you're saving up for or something you'll never get your hands on?
still trying to get a full sized collection of y2k era care bears. the cousins are really hard to find in full size, i want bright heart raccoon and gentle heart lamb soo bad. currently own about half of y2k care bears in full size. pic related, i want the mattel enchantix dolls so fucking bad but they cost so much and thats OOB. if only. i used to own all the mattel winx dolls but not the charmix ones, the ones that came with their pixies. unfortunately lost those too.
>On the other hand, is there a figure you regret buying?
i dont regret buying anything
>What's the most expensive item you own?
no idea, probably some bratz dolls i stupidly took oob when i was in middle school and would play with them. i do regret doing that, my mom even told me i would lol. i do have a few dolls NIB that i bought recently though.
>Waiting for a package to arrive?
currently waiting on like ten stuffed animals lol. for now i mostly buy decor and stuffed animals but want to get more dolls in the future. i want to start collecting monster high dolls.

No. 118343

No. 118416

File: 1608033970639.jpg (258.05 KB, 1500x1457, Disney Minnie Mouse сollectibl…)

Usually, I find any other advent calendars besides Playmobil to be worthless, but I found this one to be cute.

Seeing, how this dumpster fire of a year soon come to an end, here are some questions to concluded it, toy-wise;
What was your favorite toy/line this year?
What was your least favorite toy/line this year?
What was your best toy purchase this year?
Did the Corona changed/shifted your toy interests? If so, how?

>I wish I could time travel with my current money and somehow be a kid again and get to enjoy all this shit
We all do anon, we all do…

>It's stupid

Nah, it's fine and sometimes nice to hang on nostalgia/childhood memories.

Had some of the Happy Meal ones, I only kept the pink bear with the heart in the middle of his chest.

That cute anon! What other plushies do you have? Any recommendations?

No. 118570

File: 1608106607922.jpg (66.67 KB, 559x800, a160e35e3175c79f6e03a10cbc0634…)

>What was your favorite toy/line this year?
This is coming from a doll customizer, so I focus more on the sculpt and articulation of a doll. I don't have one yet but Rainbow High looks the most interesting, from the inset eyes to the interesting knee joints. Also, the fact that they let Culur design a line is really cool.

OMG LOL dolls are a close second, but the last of knee joints is a big strike against it, but some of the customs of them are really creative. (pic from a google search) And third is Disney Animator dolls, which, again, are really pretty when customized.

>What was your least favorite toy/line this year?

I don't follow doll releases too closely, but anything without articulation is meh imo.

>What was your best toy purchase this year?

Teen Bratz has a really broad face that gives a lot of creative liberty, and their big hands are really cute. I haven't tried it yet but I bet making shoes/feet would be pretty easy.

No. 118908

File: 1608335989013.png (177.27 KB, 288x356, mametchi.png)

hhh my mametchi finally arrived and i am whole

No. 118923

File: 1608352767398.jpg (46.69 KB, 340x512, unnamed.jpg)


I didn't know Culur designed the Rainbow High line! But now that I look at them, they really do have Culur's touch. I love the Ery dolls so much, especially the tan one like in picrel.

No. 118934

why her ass on the wrong way though

No. 118937

damn, it's so cute! congrats, anon!

god I miss having tamagotchis

No. 119086

File: 1608518826118.jpeg (70.64 KB, 1064x1416, A351P_SP333_13_3L3DK.jpeg)

I just found out these cute alien dolls existed and they were made by MGA almost a decade ago and I'm quite happy I just remembered they were sold back in 2012
We get gross pooping unicorns but not fashionable,pretty alien girls?
They're called Novi Stars

No. 119116

File: 1608546898474.jpg (58.73 KB, 583x606, 3ig6gq.jpg)

She's so, so cool and cute and the little alien pet too, I love her dress and her mask

No. 119147

File: 1608578670339.jpg (112.95 KB, 1186x1500, 81KpraHWWJL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

This one is my favorite and I don't even collect dolls

No. 119152

the designs were cute, but no wonder Novi Stars didn't catch on. They were stuck in the middle between dolls and figures. You could not move their arms and legs, but they had clothes and real hair. Felt sort of cheap, despite light up gimmick some of them had.b

No. 119155

Their inability to be posable def was their downfall. They would of been the IT toyline and coulda gave Monster High a run for it's money at the time if they were.

No. 119180

File: 1608602148084.jpg (12.67 KB, 255x355, doeadeer.jpg)