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File: 1640483952226.jpg (9.35 KB, 300x232, downloadfile-1.jpg)

No. 175675

This is a thread to share music made by women who are unapologetically angry.
>Angry at society
>Angry at life
>Hateful towards people
>Frustrated at societal pressures
>Frustrated with stupid shit
>Angry because of the opposite sex
Any genere is welcome. If you share a song tell us why you like it. Recommend stuff. Discuss!

No. 175677

thank you for making this thread anon, I am looking forward to everyone's recommendations!

No. 175678

this topic already fits in the women musicians thread >>173389 . Post stuff like this there, don't keep splintering off into more and more specific categories. I like this topic but the other thread is already barren as it is and there's no good reason to split this off from it.

No. 175679

I cannot wait to spam the shit out of this thread

No. 175681

Take a souvenir and stop your staring
Just cause I'm screaming
Don't mean I'm sharing
Can't keep my mouth shut
if you keep that dress on
You can't negotiate
Not with me this time

you go so low
your faggot rainbow
your Nazi Halo
won't save you this time

Bring your IQ and try to understand
Just cause I'm listening
Don't mean we're still friends
Can't fix my problem
You crossed a thin line
You can't just work it out
not with me this time

you go so low
your faggot rainbow
your junkie ego
won't save you this time

you go so low
your tragic disco
your Nazi Halo
won't save you this time

You're so predictable no shadow of doubt
when you are suffering know who sold you out
Fuck your opinions
Fuck your lack of spine
When you are miserable
Know that I'm just fine

You go solo
your faggot rainbow
your junkie ego
won't save you this time

you go solo
your tragic disco
your Nazi Halo
won't save you this time

No. 175682

I think is fine to have this thread because on the indie artist thread you can also post poets or illustrators for example. As for this thread is solely for musicians.

No. 175683

I love this, thank you for posting the lyrics

No. 175684

GRLwood - I'm Yer Dad

"Feed me food while I watch sports
In my man cave made for sports
Whores in my porn, porn in my sports
Whores and porn and whores all in my sports
Fucking sports
Fucking sports

No. 175685

kek this is sick i love it

No. 175686

Just because a musician happens to be a woman it doesn't mean that they're openly a misandrist or make songs about hating men and society. There's plenty of pickmes, libfems, and mras making shitty music out there. This thread is for people who are actively avoiding that kind of music and want to listen to new cool stuff made by angry women. This is a niche thread for a reason, it has a purpose. Learn to read first and stop the bootlicking.

No. 175687

Isn't GRLwood libfems, and one of them is a troon?

No. 175688


based anon

No. 175689

This thread was requested, and being a female artist =\= female rage songs. You're being a dumb minimod for no reason.

No. 175690

I remember going to a free exhibition in a library about the punk era in the UK, and there was a section where they played a mini-docu of women who were part of the punk era (but obvs lesser known). I found out this band from that day and this particular song always stuck out to me the most

No. 175691

File: 1640485864101.jpg (53.94 KB, 393x580, lol.JPG)

I don't know but they sound like a mess

No. 175692

nonny share the mini-doc

No. 175693

More mainstream but satisfying to sing

No. 175694

A classic

No. 175695

I tried to pin you down at 3am
by 5 looks like you've won me over again
I've spent the last year watching you deteriorate
you're a likable bully
all along it's been my mistake
cause all these nuanced conversations
that cried for quiet consolations
were affectations of affection
that stemmed from suggestive rejections
and still I loved your lilting anger
dissected every word you sang there
now I know every loaded line
I've heard them all too many times

but I don't believe you anymore
this insincerity is starting to bore me
and I can't figure out what's wrong with you
when these indiscretions start anew and
I'm torn

I thought I'd gotten through to you but
then next day looked like you'd one-upped me again
your machinations leave me speechless and resigned
and while I won't deny your talent
I'm gonna quit wasting my time
note all these ripped-off observations
encasing sly retaliations
they're declarations of defection
from your beguiling new deceptions
but I still love the way you eye me
you gauge my temper
satisfy me
and you're so quick to realign
but I've heard that song too many times

but I don't believe you anymore
this insincerity is starting to bore me
and I can't figure out what's wrong with you
when these indiscretions start anew and
I'm torn

so why'd you have to change?
or have you always been this way?
I miss the way you were before
you figured out that I'm not yours
and at every show
I'm just another face in your front row
but now I know you're so alone

so why'd you have to change?
do you ever miss me the same way?
I miss our long talks on the porch
with shifting eyes and sweet retorts
and it's been so long
I can't remember what went wrong
I miss you but
I'm giving up

No. 175696

idk if this counts as ragey but I always listen to this when I just have a 'fuck it all' feel

No. 175697

When you're so frustrated and angry, but you still chose love.

My best friend is back in town
There's a bad taste in my mouth
Her eyes fell low and heavy with shame and cum
She must have been desperate; she acted so lonely
She is deserving of affection, I am glad that she found love

What love lays bare in me is energy
So I give up that which keeps me going and I still end up lonely
Sick with loss and shame so I edit for mistakes to determine what I'd done that made her act this way
She'll forget her actions
Someday, I'll forget her actions
Ashes to ashes to ashes to ashes, we will all die someday

I am full of light
I am full of light
I am full of light
I am full of light

I am filled with joy
I am filled with joy
I am filled with joy

I am full of peace
I am full of peace
I am full of peace
I am full of peace
I had this dream that I forgave my enemies
My enemies

No. 175698

this song is so cute. cheers to the cute skateboarder gf I never had

No. 175699

No. 175700

Grace Mitchell - Kids Ain't All Right

No. 175704

Ye i really like it. The artist is cool, she made like 3 albums then became a lawyer and now works for the UN actually quite high up.

No. 175706


I wish I could, but I think it was an exclusive one they held at the library. It was in London, in one of their major ones. They sometimes hold museum-like exhibitions and if they had interesting ones for free I would go lol

Also another old school punk song that needs a worthy mention

No. 175710

the amount of times I've belted along to the intro of this song is honestly staggering

No. 175712


No. 175713

how i console myself when i can't find my money

No. 175714

I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet


No. 175716

anything by Genitorturers really but this one in particular

No. 175717

No. 175719

I know that when I'm angry at scrotes, Miku has my back

No. 175721


The word "queercore" makes me want to die

No. 175725

I'm not sure if this fits, but Courtney Love stage dove and immediately had her clothes ripped off and was assaulted by men. Everyone ran with it saying she was "asking for it" by being a woman who stage dove and she wrote this song to cope with it.

In the past couple months I've done a ton of research into Courtney and it really sucks how much scrotes smeared her. She's autistic, her dad gave her LSD as a child to try and make her verbal. She had the same addiction as her husband but he was boo-hooed for it and she was demonized for it. Idk.

No. 175727

>She's autistic, her dad gave her LSD as a child to try and make her verbal
jesus christ

No. 175728

If it makes you happy
It can't be that bad
If it makes you happy
Then why the hell are you so sad?

No. 175741

Doubt she is autistic. She was skinwalking Nancy Spungen's childhood (which was pretty peculiar) in interview and her mother backed it up in her memoir (released well into CLove's celebrity days). She will say literally anything for attention. Her spin doctors pushed hard a libfem narrative of her being a vilified feminist queen even though she said shit cancerous even for libfems (you won't get raped if you don't have victim energy; a girl going backstage with a band deserved to be assaulted cause "what did you expect?", nobody likes feminism because feminists are ugly so hot feminists are a good thing; women and men have inherently different minds and that's good, etc.). Among others, she tried to present herself as an uwu poorfag pee girl even though she was a fundie (Google Linda Caroll, her mother is a famous therapist, her grandmother was a writer with a Wikipedia page). I've seen the LSD incident questioned too (because Hank had a restraining order on him through CLove's whole childhood and wasn't around plus she kept changing stories, just like with the one about meeting Kurt), but IDK.
I've been through the whole circle and have to sadly say it's not just misogyny, she is a shit person and a media whore. The diving incident? Horrifying and telling, though. And LTT is a peak "men could never understand" album. I love most of Hole's music, and the whole LTT aesthetic.
i will shut up, you can find more feminist courtney-critical information on the net

No. 175745

In the garbage can it goes.

No. 175748

Between this and knowing that RDJ was addicted to drugs when he was 6 or 7 years old because his creepy Hollywood dad thought it would be fun, I'm sure there are even more similar cases among celebrities.

No. 175761

Kat Dahlia - Gangsta

No. 175766

No. 175771


I wouldn't consider this rant feminist criticism when you spent most of it just assuming her autism, abuse, and LSD thing with her dad (at 4 years old before the restraining order) was a lie like every scrote does when she's brought up lol

When we can prove a woman lied before we can just negate anything else they claim against men right?

She was an autistic sloppy junkie who went on nonsensical rambles and picked fights, and had a childhood of molestation and abuse. Both can be true and they definitely aren't mutually exclusive. Seems the math adds up. And just because someone's grandmother has a wiki page doesn't mean they can't be withheld necessities and put in a toxic environment lol

No. 175780

I meant feminism mostly in regards to her worse than libfem takes. I only mentioned her family because she isn't a poorfag like she pretended she was. I would believe her autism claim if she wasn't attention whoring for years and if she had displayed any traits. So far, it's as viable to me as when Elon Musk claims to be a sperg.
Believe what you want obviously, I just wanted to share my thoughts as an ex-fan. Personally I was disappointed to find out that she's a genuinely crap person, also toward other women – I'm not talking about her supposed lies, btw.

No. 175781

Anyway I need to listen to Nostalghia more

No. 175785

She has plenty of more angry sounding tracks, but those lyrics are my favorite

No. 175786

Nevermind by The Birthday Massacre

Five glasses changed my mind.
Seems like the ticking hands are taking their time.
I guess I've been at home for longer than it takes to unwind,
So slap me if I step out of line.

Now in smaller spaces, careless lust intoxicated.
Away from prying eyes and rabid smiles and everythings shattering.
My invitation was involuntary dilation and now I cant recall your name.

I think we've met before
It was last christmas on our parent's accord
You where the young man in the costume that was hard to ignore
And I was feeling hopelessly bored…

Now you're conversations scholarships and occupations.
You look so different than before when… Never mind… Anyway…
This reckless violation, tarnishing my reputation
Has left me nothing kind to say

hope it counts. For the one other anon who mentioned the song on /ot/

No. 175805

Poppy – Bloodmoney

No. 175808


No. 175809

Nothing is provocative anymore, even for kids
No room for imagining, 'cause everyone's seen everything

No. 175811

No. 175812

>no one posted Lingua Ignota yet
I don't even know which song to pick, all her music is basically female rage music, and she addresses abuse. Here's a favorite of mine

No. 175814

I wish Rico Nasty put out more songs like "Rage

No. 175815

>Queen Lingua
Here's she is live singing my fav song of hers.

No. 175816

>third post was "dear men your so special post!!!"

No. 175817

Say what you want, there's more backed up information there than any Hole or Nirvana stan can offer

No. 175818

Zheani - Whore of Babylon

No. 175819


kek I literally did the same thing

No. 175845


A scrote-worship tumblr blog probably run by a moid who thinks Courtney killed his suicide senpai Kurt isn't a fount of trust for me

No. 175852

File: 1640560021593.jpg (140.86 KB, 500x662, tumblr_me60b0JIoh1r72tijo1_500…)

They were strictly against the retarded theory, which you would know had you taken even a passing glance at it. They have highlighted CLove's abusive/toxic behavior, which made her stans seethe. At least one of the mods was a woman. That should be completely irrelevant by now, when information is all that's left.
This, the admins sperged a lot from time to time (so I don't agree completely), but you cannot deny literal quotes from Courtney Love… Or so I thought, but plenty of fangirls preferred to look the other way. That's what happens when someone points out that your idol is a POS. If any celebricow said shit in picrel nowadays, we would never stop hearing about it. Courtney is ancient history, which is why nobody cares… one should though, when discussing her specifically. Retarded and gross to say that, especially for a ~feminist shero~.
TLDR https://l7theband.tumblr.com/post/139617035768/why-i-hate-courtney-love (with some bullshit points, like the Live Through This thing. But mostly accurate)

No. 175853

Precious Things — Tori Amos

So I ran faster
But it caught me here
Yes, my loyalties turned
Like my ankle
In the seventh grade
Running after Billy
Running after the rain

These precious things
Let them bleed
Let them wash away
These precious things
Let them break
Their hold of me

He said, "You're really an ugly girl
But I like the way you play."
And I died
But I thanked him
Can you believe that?
Sick, sick, holding on to his picture
Dressing up every day

I wanna smash the faces of those beautiful boys
Those Christian boys
So you can make me come
That doesn't make you Jesus

These precious things
Let them bleed
Let them wash away
These precious things
Let them break
Their hold of me

I remember, yes
In my peach party dress
No one dared
No one cared
To tell me where the pretty girls are

Those demigods
With their nine-inch nails
And little fascist panties
Tucked inside the heart
Of every nice girl

These precious things
Let them bleed
Let them wash away
These precious things
Let them break
Let them wash away

These, these precious things
Let them bleed now
Let them wash away
These, these precious things
Let them break
Their hold of me

Precious, precious

No. 175856


No. 175857

I don't give a fuck what anybody says about Courtney Love, I'm just here for the rage music, and she absolutely delivers

No. 175866

Why did I see the thumbnail and think it was Cyndi Lauper

No. 175869


Right? I just wanted to post one of my favs and the thread turned into a battleground on if she's autistic or not lol

I've always wanted to get "Might Last A Day / Mine Is Forever" as a cheesy lil lyric tattoo. I don't care if it's cringe, really enjoy that line and love how she delivers it with such a powerful voice

No. 175894

Mommy Fwiend

"I don't wanna suck you off
Just to hold the spot
Of every mental health professional you ever saw
I'm not your therapist
I'm not trained for this
And I don't wanna be forced to listen
Under coercion
Under the threat of your blood on my hands
Let my remind you
That I am not your dad

No. 175927

Stand up
You've got to manage
I won't sympathize
And if you complain once more
You'll meet an army of me

No. 175931

Maybe I like you, maybe I do. Maybe I found something real for just a moment, was I wrong to trust anyone? Tell me, did you tell them everything I said - did you tell them everything?

Did you get a good laugh? Tell me, was it good - was it good - was it good for you? Did you win that race? Did you score that point? Are you so fucking cool fucking cool now? Did you tell them?

GO TELL YOUR FUCKING FRIENDS what I thought, and how I feel, and how


No. 175980

Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best

No. 175981

What are your favorite Jack Off Jill songs? Mine are

>fear of dying

>yellow brick road
>spit and rape
>their cover of the cure's lovesong

No. 175991


on that note..

"I wanna walk through the park in the dark
Men are scared that women will laugh at them
I wanna walk through the park in the dark
Women are scared that men will kill them
I hold my keys
Between my fingers

No. 176000

Here's some obscure female rage from the early aughts.

No. 176010


I'm not a Courtney stan, but I read picrel as sarcastic/mocking. She mentions that bad girls are less prone to drug addiction and they hard quit when they quit…both have never remotely been her experience. I'm not sure, but maybe she's speaking from a man's interpretation of a bad girl?

(sage for OT)

No. 176047

It's a bit too much kek, but I really loved it as a depressed sixth grader

No. 176051

I've been feeling like a ghost in your house and in mine
Condensation, fogging vision, just to melt away
It makes me wonder if I've passed away or been invisible this whole time

I've been feeling like a ghost in your house and in mine
It makes me wonder if I've passed away or been invisible this whole time
If you can't see now, then you never did, and you'll never see me again

No. 176092

I love her.

No. 177443

Itssss myyy reddddd staaaaaar

No. 177444

Boss bitches. People bitching about courtney love need to relax. No one said she's a saint and her music is still phenomenal and she's the best riot girl vocalist in the entire scene.

Lol memories. Birthday Massacre was the shit.

No. 177450

Birthday Massacre is still the shit. And so underrated.

We all know Courtney Love is an asshole. She was also treated unfairly a lot of the time. It's 2022, we got it by now. But the music she made when she was at the top of her game is too good to pass up for me. So I hope we're done with this cause w e k n o w .
Shirley Manson has a podcast apparently. I clicked on the Courtney episode. The two of them seem to like each other a lot. I didn't look at the length, thought it was gonna be like 45 mins at least but the shit was so short. Disappointing tbh.

Anyway, my link is Spiritbox. Another Courtney. Courtney LaPlante. I like her a lot as a person. A great singer. There's a lot of videos where she does live one take performances of their songs. The way she effortlessly switches between perfect singing and screaming is so good. The song I linked is just angry screaming from start to finish which is why I picked it lmao

No. 177540

>best riot girl vocalist in the entire scene
funny that she doesn't consider herself and Hole a part of it. See: Olympia aka Rockstar
>Lol memories. Birthday Massacre was the shit.
They still are. Though the last albums didn't grab me as much, the last one that I loved in it's entirety is Hide and Seek. Having said that, IDK if it qualifies as female rage but vidrel is incredible

No. 178463

this one, seneca falls, and city of angels are all great. also i would love to listen to more punk with female vocals if anyone knows of any.

No. 178464

She's apart of the scene whether she likes it or not. Especially with the content she wrote.

No. 178475

can someone please explain to me bikini kill? i tried so hard to get into them when i was in middle school a longass time ago but i jsut couldn't. le tigre is much better and i'm sorry but kathleen hanna's voice is so hard to deal with. i can't with the rough around the edges punk-type music yet with a boring high voice

god i love courtney barnett, she's soo cute and talented

No. 178476

based but her dating life and marriage life depresses the FUCK out of me. holy shit her life has been a mess. brody is so talented and she did not need that type of life. the hunger is such a fabulous song

No. 178477

courtney is not really a feminist, she has disavowed them many times but then she'll be reasonable and decent here and there. it doesn't change the fact that her music was excellent. her interviews with howard stern are pretty interesting. she's a NLOG in a number of ways but she does support other female rock musicians to a certain degree as long as they don't pose a romantic threat to her

No. 178485

There's nothing to explain, some of us just like how it sounds. I don't even get how you can sit through Le Tigre if you don't like Kathleen's voice.

No. 178487

it's not especially easy tbh. it's only a select few by le tigre that i enjoy as compared to the 0 i can stand by bikini kill. her voice fits some of the electronic rock better. it's kind of b-52s-like in certain songs. if i'm honest i don't understand why bikini kill is held in high esteem when shit like the gits or especially 7 year bitch tend to be left by the wayside. other than her influence itself i just don't get it

No. 178490

The Gits and 7YB are very sonically tryhard to me, Kathleen's music sounds more organic/spontaneous

No. 178553

File: 1641834225515.jpg (40.57 KB, 697x282, Capture.JPG)

I agree Hole's music was great up to Celebrity Skin

No. 178703

I never knew that much about her or her music. Kinda just missed it somehow. I was into QOTSA for a while. And here I was thinking her and Josh Homme were still married. I google it and it's a bitter divorce with problems concerning the children. God, are men even worth it ever. Instead of being an artist with no interruptions, she's dealing with kids, the court and a man. Real depressing shit.

No. 179540

I love Bully so much is indescribable

No. 182596

No. 183857

The Jihad EP and Sevas Tra were both great.

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