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File: 1541970278189.jpg (1.27 MB, 1654x2339, 1541826827083_2018110922203292…)

No. 730576

It's Black Friday
Toxic Tears and her fat, chav boyfriend
Adora Batbrat
Sebastian Columbine
Kat von D
Drac Makens
Angela Benedict

With possible mentions of:
Of Herbs and Alters
Erin Micklow
Jessica Lovecat/imastaythatbitch
Snowy Lowther

Last thread
> ibf mooches off of fan in Ireland
> ibf tweets about why her and mr. owl can't have a baby
> kvd vaccine drama
> kvd's tacky wedding
> drac is making yt videos again
> of herbs and alters quit drinking and left their abusive ex and are doing better
> Sebastian likes bdsm but is asexual
> sebastian and her bf breakup over her sexuality
> adora divorces husband and seemingly abandons kids to go party
> adora is sleazier and more of a "shock-value" attention whore than ever
> angela claims she doesn't get paid for her cheap, Chinese clothing hauls
> snowy dropped the goth look to look like her irl friends
> erin micklow is still tacky and will never be punk, despite letting discharge slap her ass
> jessica lovecat continues to be an autist and get back together with her physically abusive, cheating husband

No. 730588


> Sebastian likes bdsm but is asexual

which is nothing out of oridinary

if she gets sexual satisfaction out of this that hovewer would be another story

No. 730598

Is there actually anything new about Sebastian? I remember that she said she will post a video about tge break up?
Does she actually still identify herself as “not a girl” (like in a video title)?

No. 730613

Why is this thread #5? should it be 10?

No. 730628

I can't believe Jake's band is called Munro..I mean, I can believe it because he's so self absorbed but I can't believe that the other band members would go along with that

No. 730632

I'm watching Jake and Kaya's twitch stream and Kaya got donated £400 on twitch.
can we please post this to Jakes recent vlog to show all their deluded fans that they don't need to feel sorry for them because they do better than most people with jobs

No. 730884

They stream 3 times a week? That's about £1200 per month…more than a lot of people make working full time.Are they paying tax and NI? I wonder if they are registered as self employed..

No. 730885

*per week even!

No. 730896

Sorry to state the obvious but regarding IBF pity party tweet about not being able to have a kid til her and Barnaby settle down.. her lack of self awareness staggers me yet again ..it is HER that needs to settle down..she was the one who left him and NZ..if becoming a mum was her TOP priority in life she would have booked her flight back to NZ already(so she can leave as soon as her divorce is sewn up in Germany)..yes, she hates NZ but I seriously doubt it is hell on earth living there.. When a person is truly in love being with their partner comes first not what ( first world) country you can live in and build up yr " underground celebrity" status in..

Or if he Doesn't want a kid and she does..find a UK goth to marry if you are so worried about yr ticking clock..

No. 730934

yeah I highly doubt they pay any tax and they probably still get welfare as well. believe me, they're doing just fine..they want to move house because they have too much stuff, how privileged can you get

No. 730976

They get £1.2k a week?! That's £62k a year before tax. Are these guys for real? It fucks me right off when dicks like this don't work a proper job and get paid a wedge. It's stupid.

No. 731008

I don't think she is lying. Chav, TT, IBF don't have jobs but ang has a proper job. She said she knew she was gonna lose subs when she did the snowy video and gives stuff away. I dont think she cares about money.

No. 731074

Deets en emilie autumn? I know that is dry milk but I keep reading everywhere how a cow she is.

No. 731122

its dry milk, the only "news" about EA is that she's been having severe jaw problems and thats why her music career has faltered. iirc she had her jaw wired shut and was on a liquid diet for over a year. it's possible that her bad posture in playing violin has led to her jaw problems, but thats not really milky.

No. 731127

If they're in the UK there's no way they receive benefits (welfare) if they have that kind of money coming into a UK bank account. DWP (Dept of work & pensions) monitor that shit. They'll also inevitably pay tax on it.

No. 731182

Does Toxic Tears even listen to goth music…or metal? Or anything like that? She really doesn't seem interested in much more than clothes and asking for money to get more clothes. I'm not an expert on all these people, I'm gonna read through some of the old threads. She's just one of the ones that seems to be here to hoard things.

No. 731218

She claims to be goff, but as far as alt things go she is only interested superficially. This is why she's a hoarder, and a laughing stock.

No. 731245

She listens to a heap of 90s pop. Anime type music stuff too

No. 731375

File: 1542089236115.png (2.28 MB, 1298x2048, Screenshot_20181113-160543.png)

She's selling 50 'limited edition' "One foot in front of the other" handmade pendants for $100 each

No. 731378

File: 1542089309553.png (858.78 KB, 1547x2048, Screenshot_20181113-160608.png)

The caption. But she has made a few posts about these on Instagram

No. 731404

This looks like some Pinterest craft store DIY nonsense. I refuse to believe anyone forked over $100 for one of these things.

No. 731405

this is how the invisible hand of free market acts in practice

No. 731409

Fandom gonna fandom.
Well she would probably earn more by selling used panties anyway.

No. 731413

The picture frame charms are 5 for less than £3 (cheaper wholesale) and a meter of velvet ribbon would be less than a quid.

No. 731418

>Time and "personal magic": Priceless

Aka charging you because I touched it. $95 for touching it, $5 for materials

No. 731431

$5 is very generous anon, more like 2-3 per item at most. I know the prices cause I make jewelry as a hobby and I even have the exact same bails, they cost a few cents on AliExpress, frames and ribbons aren't much more as the other anon mentioned. I hope no one's falling for this shit. Don't know who that cow is but holy shit, what a scam. And we were complaining about TT's hair accessories.

TT doesn't really care about goth music, she sometimes mentions or plays the most known songs by the sisters of mercy or joy division as far as I know but she doesn't have a deeper interest and probably only does it for extra goth points/to avoid being called a poseur.

No. 731440

Did "if she sells all of them some" math. I'm a jewelry designer, an amateur etsy one, but I've made ones like hers many many times so I know the pricing.

The total amount of made $$: 5,000 dollars.

Cost of supplies (as found on etsy which is more expensive but I don't expect Emilie autumn to know about buying on ali express, as she isnt a crafter by trade, and not very business savvy)

Ribbon: 50 meters for 19.75$ ( from hongkonglostfound)
Frames: 20 frames for 11$ ( from rosecounty) so total is at most 30$

Cost of supplies: 30$

Per necklace supply cost: 1.70

Labor time: .5 hrs at 15$ per hour so about 7.50$ each to cover labor at a "fair minimum" wage.

So final cost per necklace? Slightly less than 9.50$ when you include labor at 15$/hr and if the supplies were bought on the most expensive platform to get them wholesale. A whopping 89.50$ in profit per necklace.
Approx time to make each one, maybe 30 mins? I'm rounding high to make for easy math, but tbh I don't it's more than 15 20ish minutes per necklace.

No. 731450

I wonder how they both even went into that aesthetics in the first place without any interest in any alt genre of music beside some mainstream metal and later djent in case of him.

No. 731453

K, but what's the point in overanalyzing this case, beyond the fact that she charged more than producer charges for for example Motorhead logo dildos? No one forces anyone to buy or pretends these things are durable precious meisterstück.

No. 731536

I think just because those of us who buy materials/supplies online know how cheap it can be. The "artistry" of writing a phrase on white paper(?) is definitely not worth the money.

I dunno if there's anything new, but on alt music cows: The woman from dresden dolls famously got her whole band to work/tour for free while taking the profit for herself. I wonder if she's up to anything now.

No. 731619

I mean I don't remember alt look to be too profitablet in times around theend of '00s. But mayby that's just my twisted perception.

No. 731854

I think Kaya used to be one of those chicks who wanted to appeal to normies as a hawt mysterious gawffik angel, kinda like vampannie. They're like an anon in the previous thread was saying, some kinda freakshow that appeals to normies. Kaya is fat now and doesn't seem to like attention as much as she used to, so I'm assuming she's still pretending to be goth because she gets money that way. As for Jake, he loves attention. He's just too much of a chav to get it correctly, so he spends time on IG posting pics of his butt cheeks and pubic hair lmao

No. 731881

I haven’t heard much about Amanda Palmer since she had her kid. But yeah there’s was a bit of news about that with her ‘just ask’ or something ted talk, which was basically ‘people are happy to do things for me’ I’m surprised she was able to tour that long without paying people

Sage for no real milk

No. 731918

Living off Neil Gaiman's income and fame most likely

No. 731991


She's writing an album, has put a lot of stuff out on Patreon and has a big dedicated fanbase. Literally just did a run of sell out shows in the UK with Dresden Dolls. Really not living off his fame at all. She gets a ton of income from Patreon anyway, doesn't need to ride on his financial coattails.

Saged because Amanda Palmer milk is nonexistent

No. 731993

File: 1542203949868.png (607.5 KB, 800x468, Capture.PNG)

how TF has this cow not birthed yet

No. 732002

File: 1542206985416.jpg (137.75 KB, 1080x1350, 6tag-6946263-19056023063894194…)

I forgot to post this at the time, but I see Kinashen has realized how much she fucked uo with the editing on this image and deleted it, so here you go

No. 732003

File: 1542207110026.png (632.6 KB, 720x799, wp_ss_20181114_0008 (2).png)

Nice waistarmzip Kinashen

No. 732005

File: 1542207233474.png (893.01 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20181114_0009.png)

This newer pic has some very sharp, jagged areas where they have brought in the body and then tried to sharpen the blurred areas/cut and paste jobs

No. 732017

Coz the baby knows that it's not going to stand a chance against all of the potentially deadly viruses and disease it's idiot mother isn't going to vaccinate it against. The poor thing is probably hanging in there on a grappling hook.

No. 732081


her PULL thread has some old pics and minor milk, she's so obviously fake I can't believe big brands like Killstar are reposting her and doing photoshoots with her.

No. 732083

To be honest, she is where Wylona Hayashi should be right now.
It's almost sad.

No. 732200

File: 1542233845997.jpg (24.7 KB, 215x220, lee.jpg)

Is he for real? His body isn't even cold and he's using Stan Lee's death for more clicks. Haven't clicked myself because it's so transparent.

No. 732201

Jfc, what a piece of shit. this is a logan paul type low.

No. 732203

She's huge. damn.

Also, she's so damn irritating with her 'so excited for my pregnancy' fakeness. she's doing it for attention. I dunno why she hasnt been cancelled yet. I use Sugarpill and support them, but it bothers me how all the employees still openly use KVD even after the anti-vaxx stuff.

No. 732207

he's just trying to sell his tshirts and using Stan Lee's name as clickbait

No. 732230

I watched it. I watched it for you, anons.

>still doesn't know how to drive

>claims to weigh 170-ish
>got a killstar haul, they'll be a hoarder couple soon
>won't even pretend to support kaya's craft stuff
>claims Stan Lee influenced him, despite never mentioning it before
>Kaya said "Stan is alive right?" before his death, omg guys it's a sign
>"these vlogs are too good for me to just post one a month"

Nope, Jake. You filmed another boring average day, like most of your boring average vlogs. You'd expect more from someone who calls this their job.

No. 732231

Samefag, there is a shameless plug for his pins right after the Stan lee speech.

No. 732251

thanks for the summary! what a fucking ass, his vlogs were never that interesting and the only ppl that are interested in them probably have less of a life than he does. couldn't be bothered to listen to the reason, but he's made what i think is an ig for his fashion called munrostlye (it's private) and i wonder if that's where he'll be posting him wearing the stuff he gets in these hauls.

No. 732450

Jake drags Kaya along to take pictures of him for his "photoshoot" but can't hide his boredom when she wants to go craft shopping.

It seems like he's saying he sensed Stan Lee dying or some shit like he's some super fan just because he liked a Spiderman game for the PS2

They're also traveling again in the next few weeks. You'd think they'd be trying to save up to move into their new house

No. 732470

why is the thread nr 5 and not 10??? this is super confusing

No. 732475


He did something similar when Chester Bennington died. A shitty cover of one of Linkin Park’s songs. Jake is truly a trash human.

No. 733154

File: 1542369693556.png (641.51 KB, 720x1280, 1542339416052.png)

I don't understand what's new about this?

No. 733158

Kaya basically never growing up from her skinny edgy teen days really gives you something to chortle about because mentally jake and kaya are the same damn age.
Jake just wants to flash his junk online and be revered as the hot goff boye who wears makeup and relive his glory days and Kaya is doing exactly the same thing trying to conjure her pink cyber outfit as they both stay pudgy, yellow teethed and crusty.

No. 733185

I am so sick of seeing that outfit.
she gets so much free clothes all the time, there's no reason for her to keep wearing this hideous outfit

No. 733210

Right. It looks like something you'd buy at a sex shop. The harness makes her look very matronly.

No. 733243

I think Kaya has this idea that she's cute or something and not a gigantic, thick grown woman.
this type of clothing doesn't suit her at all.
I can only imagine what she would look like walking down the street in that get up

No. 733251

File: 1542387503173.jpg (37.23 KB, 550x960, 1542130149543.jpg)

I knew I saw this shitty outfit somewhere. It was posted in The Confetti Club thread. what is with this kind of outfit look.

No. 733264

Can't claw my eyes out quick enough. That whole outfit is horrendous, does she really not see how awful she looks? Imagine seeing a grown ass woman wearing that… you'd think they just escaped a mental facility. Dress your age for fuck sake Kaya.

No. 733282

File: 1542390648396.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20181116-174957~2.p…)

This is the outfit she decided on

No. 733313

she wanted to put ripped tights and those hideous fluffy legwarmers wit this, and a bunch of junk in her hair. like why pile all that stuff on, it just makes her look chunkier. less is more ffs.

that same fucking hoodie, clashing pinks and dress that doesn't look like it fits, girl what are you doing. as another anon said, she gets sent tons of clothes but they aren't seen beyond the haul videos. what's the point in even having them if they just sit around getting musty.

No. 733346

I love how she criticizes Liisa's video for beings so short and calls herself a fellow "film maker" when she can't even be bother to attach photos to her videos of the articles of clothing she describes. Since she is sent so much clothes, she should shoot her own goth fashion through time video even though it would never compare because her videos are so low production quality. Then again I doubt hers would be any good either since she only seems to know how to do her makeup one way.

No. 733398

File: 1542404011759.jpg (106.22 KB, 1080x1349, toxic terror.jpg)

another pic
"all dressed up and nowhere to go"
nice to know what Kaya wastes all her time on

No. 733414

File: 1542405935280.jpg (37.75 KB, 400x542, a9f8bcdfbb17db3707686b4e8637cd…)

Kaya's face when the postal man delivers her new killstar promo pack

No. 733430

Opens with "I invented react videos for goths"..
We dont care. "I am obligated to do these videos now"… wow that was pretty egotistical. One thing that annoys the fuck out of me is that shes so repetitive in the one video. When you say something once like "there could have been more tgan one outfit" we get get it. And if your fumbling because you can't string a sentence, edit it. It is also annoying and not endearing. Afterall…. she is a film maker lol.

No. 733465

Okay but I love that coffin suitcase. Anyone know the brand (probs killstar?)

No. 733486

Yes it’s killstar (it’s TT what else would it be)

No. 733530

No. 733550

and this https://www.bitchute.com/video/xI6aY6CYKjs/

Pointing hypocrites and dumbfucks among goths in these videos is truly brilliant

No. 733551

and this https://www.bitchute.com/video/xI6aY6CYKjs/

Pointing hypocrites and dumbfucks among goths in these videos is truly brilliant

No. 733555

If you're going to self promote at least keep from posting the same link twice.

No. 733558

I'm not an author of these videos I dont even live in USA. I posted same link by a mistake

No. 733559

or it's a bug, I remember this imageboard has some issues with multiplying posts sometimes so nothing to be blamed on me

No. 733566

She barely makes videos anymore. She can’t call herself a film maker when it’s only hauls and reaction bs twice a month

No. 733651

Isn't that IBFs mother?

No. 733657

Who's this middle-aged, overweight tryhard? I'm watching the first video and it's so….cringy. Are you the same person from the last thread who got into a huge argument about ~*PC culture*~?

No. 733668

I think she's repeating herself and dragging it on on purpose, so the video would be at least 10 minutes long in order to reach better rankings, which means more revenue for her. Supposedly, Youtube rewards videos that are 10 minutes long or longer because they keep people on YouTube longer. These videos are given slightly more priority in rankings and suggestions.

No. 733672

Yeah, because people posing with Bernie Sanders banners are automatically communists. Does this person even know what communism actually is (and what, for example, socialism is)? Doesn't seem so. Thank you for making me lose a few brain cells by watching this stupid video.

No. 733673

>I like to call them ~*opinion pieces*~ not reacts
Get off your high horse, it's a react. Girl has no substance. Where are the films and books you're making?
Instead of giving life direction you ran away to London and didn't even vlog aka your job.

No. 733674

He spends the first video trawling FB for people 10-20 years younger than himself to argue with, trying (and failing) to trick them into appearing in his videos so he can mock them, while the second video is just him shilling his friends (most of which look just as crusty and dusty as himself).
The intros with his awful, self-written "parody" music and awkward clips of his musty-looking hambeast of a wife stripping are the cherry on top of the shit sundae.
This guy seems like a flake himself, honestly (and a latent cuckold to want people to see "his woman" [sic] that badly, tbh).
I don't know what world such a person can be considered "brilliant" in.

No. 733675

Speaking of her, i wonder what she thinks about her daughter wanting kids this late.

No. 733716

I felt quite dumb watching this. Like, we literally just watched a video of a woman watching another video. And if she really wanted to state her opinion on the video she could've just commented like most people, but of course, she has to get money for her opinion. What more do we expect from the ~*goff kween*~?

That anon always posts these tryhard autistic people. That dude has no actual political beliefs, he just whines about muh ebil commies, while he harasses mentally ill teens-young adults on Facebook.

He reminds me of Shoe, faux liberals/egalitarians who secretly (not really tho) want to be right-wing. He's (whatever his name is, plz don't tell me) a cuckold, and Shoe dated a black guy, has a DDLG fetish and pretends to be bisexual so they won't be accepted. They probably cry every night. SAD!

No. 733844

Well, he is doing exactly the same thing you are doing here, so what's the matter?

Well, he concentrated on self identifying communists. Some of them do happen to support Sanders. About the difference you mean that socialists would get shot 1st as a reactionary element after communist revolution?

He does not look overweight TBH. He has so skinny arms.

No. 733980

>Well, he is doing exactly the same thing you are doing here, so what's the matter?
Nope. Unlike your unhygienic cuckold king, we're not 40+ men who argue with teenage girls and young adults who don't even do anything bad or particularly remarkable besides having political views.
We also don't big up cringy spergs who "aren't afraid to wear MAGA hats, so fuck you!1!!!1" (kek). Stop filling this place with trash, no one here likes or agrees with your autism.

No. 733992

If she can't make up her mind on something as essential as knowing where to live, who to marry and what to do for a career then honestly I'm actually hoping she's not lying about the early menopause.

She's too self-centered to be a half decent mom.

No. 734099

nice sperging, yes what you do here is were much similar, even if you are a female and younger than 40+ (yout obsession with age seems to point out you are around eraly 20s MAX, at least on mental level).

why does it matter?

No. 734105

>who don't even do anything bad or particularly remarkable besides having political views.

supporting political system that led to deaths of aroun 100.000.000 is nothing remarkable?

Well they are exactly like nazi goths - they would be among first to get killed by death squads when their dream system comes to power

>Stop filling this place with trash, no one here likes or agrees with your autism.

That's not true, so speak for yourself.

No. 734138

How is what we do here on an anonymous imageboard similar? You don't have to have an obsession with youth to notice that it's pathetic for 40 year old men to target and attack young women who are still learning about politics and aren't actually hurting anybody all because their views get him buttblasted. Sorry.
It's also funny that he won't touch "Nazi goths", and tries to convince us that nationalism and ethnonationalism are two totally different things (even though he angrily insists that communism and anarchocommunism are totally the same thing in his first video).
>That's not true, so speak for yourself.
Point out one person who responded to your "brilliant" posts positively.

No. 734147

he looks horrible with that make up

No. 734150

He'd be a pretty good model for those shitty Halloween makeup products you see in Walmart tbh

No. 734158

Thank you, well said.

I'm really tired of this robot who keeps posting his "political" bullshit here for some reason and shilling for the alt-right. Either he's trolling or he's seriously trying to agitate here, which is bizarre. At least go back to the Tradthot thread where it's at least slightly on-topic (even though still cringy as fuck) and stop posting this nonsense here.

No. 734165

So he stuck an outfit video into another of his vlogs. At least he did a better job than TT.
But, I don't get why he makes vlogs. People usually film interesting stuff, he just films himself going on errands. Yawn.
And kek the "please subscribe please" caption at the end.

No. 734428

Just gonna leave this here

No. 734459

Being IBF seems pretty great. You can travel all the time, you're just free to go any time because you don't have any real responsibilities like a job, you never have to consider anyone but yourself for your hobby of going wherever the f you want because you're most important, you don't worry about money because cash cows give it to you on patreon or they give you shit from your Amazon wish list, you can claim to have terrible anxiety but still do international travel on a whim, you can fuck shit up and be forgiven. Honestly a sweet deal.

No. 734467

It's like watching people teach english abroad for a really long time. Getting to live somewhere foreign is wonderful, but what do you do when you get older and don't have a permanent visa. You're years behind career wise so you will never make as much money, which is a bigger deal if you want kids or to retire or own a home. Also, honestly doesn't seem fun to me to have to scrape by every month on patreon handouts. Even if you're stuck in a retail job with no degree or career prospects, at least the pay is more consistent.

No. 734469

Communist goths and nazi goths are both groups of dumbfucks. I don't see anything controversial in that.

>I'm really tired of this robot

"That robot" is at least two people, so stop behaving like an NPC with your mantra about "no one gives a damn someone supports far left but we do give a damn if someone does not bash far right 24/7" and such sperging. If you are so left leaning you refuse to accept that your views are not immune to criticism we have bad news for you - they are not immune. Exactly like views of racist antisemitic pricks are not immune. And we happen to discus at least a one example of such behavior in the past and no one protested. But when someone brought to the light some far left supporters you started your screeching about "bot". Far left is exactly as retarded ideology as far right. Grow up and get over it.

No. 734518


"stop behaving like an NPC"

end your life please

No. 734542

File: 1542598225275.jpeg (303.03 KB, 1242x805, 00689A3C-C5A8-49A9-918F-DC94F7…)

And scam people with your chav boyfriend.

No. 734581

File: 1542604747851.jpg (74.9 KB, 960x540, 0714-gothstan.jpg)

The fact that emo faggots and lolitas call themselves "goth" only proves how utterly retarded and ignorant they are.
Fuck off conformist pieces of shit

No. 734600

IBF is shameless..she will need cash from her patreons to cover the expenses with divorce paperwork and especially with trying to become a permanent resident of UK/Scotland..this is NOT cheap and UK government turns loads of ppl down unless they are millionaires or at minimum can prove a sizeable income..doesnt matter that her grandfather was Scottish, non "refugees" often have to get legal representation to get into "paradise" ..expect a cash grab..she will offer her novel on subscription and do more ebegging/ overtly sponsored videos.Hope her patreons are waking up and throw her off the gravy train..

No. 734613

>he looks horrible with that make up

at least he did one goth thing in a long time

No. 734624

She has no purpose. She'll wake up one day and be a youtube hasbeen.

No. 734630

Kaya is super snotty when people ask her this.This girl was being nice as well

No. 734649

File: 1542622142977.jpg (40.35 KB, 640x766, DsTt5svW0AA9uvt.jpg)

Kaya actually payed to rent out out place to have a photoshoot and this is the photo she makes.
that pose. how was she ever an alt model

No. 734657

wow such an unflattering pose
Also I didn't know tacky 90s emo fashion was back. Complete with striped arm- AND legwarmers!

No. 734663

She looks uncomfortable af

No. 734669

She really needs to drop this "pink perky goth" meme, it's embarrassing and tacky as all fuck. She can't put together a decent, flattering outfit with that scheme to save her life, and she's nowhere near cute enough to make tackiness look good.

You're such an NPC that you'd unironically link us to this >>733530 cringy bullshit and call it "brilliant" because it uses buzzwords that make you feel safe and special, and it targets those evil, terrible young people whose opinions don't line up with yours. Maybe if you'd link some actually decent, milky content and not a low quality video of some middle aged man attacking random teenagers on the internet, and praising other middle aged people who still have the minds of teenagers (much like himself), people wouldn't tell you to piss off. Nice job not actually addressing anything I said, either.

I didn't even say "I'm really tired of this robot" anywhere in my own posts, but I agree with that wholeheartedly. No one ITT ever brought up politics except you. No one gives a fuck except you. We are here to laugh. Go back to whatever echo chamber you slinked out of.

No. 734686

>You're such an NPC that you'd unironically link us to this >>733530

Did I? How do you know if it was me? Maybe it was not? What is your evidence?

>No one ITT ever brought up politics except you.

That's not true. There is at least 2-3 other anons that did. So quit your sperging just because in real life not everyone agrees with your political views. Most goths are both anti far left and anti far right. If you have problem with that I suggest shutting in your basement and not coming out of it. Or growing up.

No. 734688

>Y-You don't know it was me!
>I'm not the one sperging, y-you are!!
Just shut the fuck up, holy fuck.

No. 734697

File: 1542631200212.png (526.43 KB, 478x597, gg.png)

The alt-right ESL autist screeching at people aside, Snowy stays going back to her normie life. Alt fashion always looked like a Halloween costume on her.

No. 734709

>Just shut the fuck up, holy fuck.
said the one who continues and continues own senseless sperging over the fact someone dares to not agree with you



yes, being anti nazi is so alt-right these days. Ah wait alt-right means being against alt-left, right? Damn even center-left is alt-right nowadays.


>Snowy stays going back to her normie life. Alt fashion always looked like a Halloween costume on her.

And where is the milk about that?

No. 734712

File: 1542633794507.jpg (71.89 KB, 440x717, cinema-strange-02.jpg)

I would not say that costume has any particular subculture vibe.

Well stripes are generic punk fashion element since the '80s with so called trad goths included.

No. 734713

She's trying to be a "bubblegum goth", it's basically pastel goth 2.0 but with a different name. As for the apolitical edgelord boomer derailing, just report the posts.

No. 734716

File: 1542635159486.jpg (61.3 KB, 480x720, 576de4f9bf5287364c887d709ad603…)

That reminds me of when Kerli was pushing that "bubble goth" thing for a hot minute in like 2013. It wasn't even really working for her back then, honestly, not sure why TT thinks she's made different.

No. 734758

Her vlogs are so low quality now. And the excuse is nobody had makeup on. So? The vlog is about the place, not you.
And wtf:
>you need to be a patron if you want to know my moving plans
Literally charging people to tell them her plans, how conceited.

Yeah it seems cushy, but she has to work to be likeable or the free shit disappears.
And with all her running from responsibility, she seem less like a ~goff kween~ and more like someone in a mid life crisis.
I'm waiting for the shit show when she tries having kids.

No. 734796

> angela claims she doesn't get paid for her cheap, Chinese clothing hauls

Any other milk on Angela? I haven't been able to find much anywhere online. She seems fairly nice and knowledgeable.

No. 734801

>Tim Burton emailed me twice

No. 734848

the whole outfit is wtf tier but that hoodie is so misplaced, surely she has a black cardigan or jacket she could've worn. the knitwear could also be ok with an all black ensemble, but all this stuff together is just a mess.

No. 734884

File: 1542657610675.png (459.6 KB, 607x545, idiotttt.png)

I had to see it so now so do all of you

No. 734885

File: 1542657641912.png (486.23 KB, 567x556, twat.png)

No. 734888

File: 1542657835771.png (429.66 KB, 570x501, ddddddd.png)

bonus picture of Jake's gremlin girlfriend

No. 734895

Wtf is the context for this

No. 734898

And you was obviously forced to watch this?
Where is the milk in it BTW?

Yawwwn… appearance is not a milk hun(infighting )

No. 734908

contribute or move on, damn

No. 734911

It's the same sperg mad that nobody liked his "brilliant" #Goths4Trump posts. Now he's just coming here to attention whore and bitch.
You can always tell it's him from the shitty English. Best to report him for derailing and ignore his BS.

No. 734975

I liked it. So take your echo chamber somewhere else. Side note - I don't like far left and far right equally. So don't even try to call me "alt right".

Yes, this thread lacks any serious contribution. "Look she is fat" or "He made naked session" is not a milk.(stop derailing)

No. 734984

Can't believe Kat von D's baby is still riding it out. Probably trying to make sure they have to go to a hospital or end up tried for endangering a minor and possibly manslaughter. She's being dragged in her IG comments by other self-righteous flakes for using a half-wool blanket.

I could see a thirteen year old happy with this look, but someone as bloated as she is shouldn't try for cute.

That doesn't look goth, that looks like stage three syphilis.

No. 734998

That's a great look - for preschoolers. Her only job is fashion "content" so why is she so bad, and why do her fans love it?
Yeah IBF is slacking, she's busy with moving. This time though it's very quiet, maybe cos Germany was a shitshow. But maybe face your problems instead of running off, Freya.

Oh and unless it relates to the cows, can politics anons stfu

No. 735003

I remember hearing "bubblegum goth" back on the early 2000s internet. Pastel goth didn't come around until Tumblr.

No. 735012

Someone asked KVD if they’re going to document everything about the birth and Kat said yes because she wants to normalize natural birth.
Does this bitch think she’s the first person ever to go through pregnancy and have a natural birth? Why is she forcing the concept that everything she does is anti conformist and special?!?

No. 735070

Natural birth doesn't need to be "normalized", what the fuck lmao. Women get WAY more shit for wanting a hospital birth, epidural, C-section etc. than for using a midwife or birthing center. Some people are so bitchy about it that they'll even claim you're not really a mother if you don't do a natural birth. This bitch is delusional.

No. 735149

>Why is she forcing the concept that everything she does is anti conformist and special?!?
For the precise reason that she knows she's not.

No. 735204

What is the context here? Why is he filming himself in the shower? What comes next - Jake filming himself on the toilet?

No. 735427

File: 1542745250322.jpeg (19.22 KB, 500x382, 51CAFF49-D3E4-4C45-A43C-53CD43…)

This what will happen next. Just without it being tt under him.

No. 735435

I wonder how mr owl feels about her plans to move again? This latest video only proves she’s trying to get her legal documents together and harass another country. She’s so selfish I swear, like someone else said every decision is made with the thought of her « happiness » at the forefront.

No. 735449

File: 1542747648539.jpeg (155.51 KB, 750x1133, D2F6B475-E743-40E9-9102-359443…)

Just when you thought her “photo shoot” couldn’t get any worse. Are both tt and Jake stuck mentally into thinking they’re thin and hot? How are people commenting that this looks great?

No. 735458

They're definitely regressive. How many times is she going to wear that outfit? She's nearly 30 she could still be goth and wear flattering styles, if she learnt how to actually style herself at her age no one would say boo to her about her style. It's how not put together and childish she comes across that has little kids feeling brave enough to heckle her.

No. 735468

Jake on Twitch right now talking about their Japan trip
"They paid for everything…I felt like such a big shot"
"It took me a few days to acclimatise to being given everything"

currently asking for $1000 in donations for their 'spaces'

Sweet, sweet irony

No. 735491

exactly, this makes her look really stubby and i'm sure that's not what she was going for. the legwarmers and jewelry is so tacky and idk what that expression us supposed to be.

jake's not much better. his latest style vlog or whatever was just full of layered all black outfits that didn't seem goth or any of the other labels he put up.

No. 735503

File: 1542755055221.png (755.45 KB, 745x585, png.png)

Kaya always said she wished she was small and cute like PeachMilky.
I think she's going through some midlife crisis right now and trying to make herself look young and cute but it just comes off as bizarre and an eyesore.
I think she wants to fully wear cute pink clothes but she knows it'll be the end of her youtube channel and her followers will leave

No. 735510

I don't think she'd lose followers honestly. Most people seem wildly supportive of the pink phase on Instagram.

She should just go ahead and change the style, her personality is more suited to the PixieLocks sort of audience anyway (boring cutesy rambling, interest in trinkets)

No. 735597

TT's isn't a midlife crisis, it's an identity crisis. Doesn't help that she is so superficial. I think she only sticks to goff cos it's her "thing".

Now IBF is in a midlife crisis. Wants a home and maybe kids, yet runs from her problems to another country…again. You're either going to run out of countries or eggs Freya.

No. 735673

No. 735676

Yeah I think her time expired in Germany. The government finally caught up with her so 'divorce' is also a nice way of smoothing over the embarrassing truth. I don't think she really cares… why would she in the first place if she married for status, festivals and to climb her way to being at the epicentre of GOTH. Which btw it's not… but you've got to expect that is her mentality, so what's new? Mr Owl is obviously dumb enough and loves her enough to allow her freedom to be HAPPY (whatever that means) and this talk about babies and whatever garbage she can spew into a 10 minute rant, is all she's got. I don't think she does anything for the subculture, let alone for herself. Travelling and seeing bands gets old. So will she. If she wanted to go back to NZ she would but she's going to stay the hell away from there (because it's dull as fuck) and keep floating. Book? Please. More talk, more bs and more money she's trying to squeeze from people who think she's interesting. There's nothing more to tell… she's 'as good as it gets'. Next.

No. 735685

File: 1542789514011.jpg (99.16 KB, 1024x602, Witch_of_The_Waste.jpg)


nice cosplay, kaya.
she even has the witches hat.>>734888

No. 735860

Don't do the witch of the waste like that, she at least made something of her life compared to layabout Kaya.

No. 735888

Title: "goth is dead, new goth music is a figment of your imagination"

No. 736005

File: 1542843655187.png (308.68 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20181121_0013.png)

IBF did some close ups in her new vid, and yikes

No. 736060

Oh good lord. You'd really think with as much experience she has doing almost the same look every day she'd be at least decent at doing it now.

No. 736087

Haven’t watched it but title confirms lurking.

No. 736112

Of course he lurks! How else is he going to be able to feed his ego? Then he can claim “I get so many messages saying this and that” when really the chav is just referring to here

No. 736189

Spoiler- he deletes the comments to help his FANS.And the poor bastards are actually for this BS and thanking him for it.Since when ade people who have different opinions to him 'trolls'?
I really hope all their young and naive fans with these disposable incomes eventually grow out of these two wasters.

No. 736190

*falling for

No. 736214

Only Jake would think that people pointing out how much money he makes on twitch and YouTube etc is hate comments.
The only reason he deleted comments is because he wants his dumbass fans to keep giving him money for nothing.
Every one of his vlogs is pure shit, it's not even worth watching to laugh at how cringy he is

No. 736560

>I-I can deal with hate, I only delete them for you cos I'm a good person.
Lmao get a grip Jake. You delete comments to protect your ego and your image. Stop projecting insecurities onto your subs.

No. 736565

Samefag but forgot to add, Kaya told him he wasn't "eating enough" and that made me chuckle. What is enough to them?

No. 736708

Clock the feral nails

No. 736940

File: 1543007215071.png (640.86 KB, 720x875, wp_ss_20181123_0006.png)

So after a year, she finally got off her ass and tried to fix the attic. Thoughts?

No. 737076

looks sad af. did she finally realize no one wanted to crowdfund her attic?

No. 737113

This looks awful! Wtf is this? Truely shows the amount of effort she puts into anything with her life.

No. 737227

This is just sad. She has funds from Patreon etc but it's obvious she didn't spend a penny here. YT is your job, put in some effort.

No. 737511

I think it also shows her lack of creativity. Apart from it looking dingey and depressing, there's nothing interesting going on. She's had so many people send her things and give her decor….. where is it bitch?

No. 737596


Seriously. With all the shit from subscription boxes, killstar, and other companies, the least they could do is dust and touch up the paint. I won't even hate on the sheets on the walls but at least hang them better. There was even a wall tapestry in a Spooky Box.

No. 737629

She worked on this for a year? It's 0 effort. She even did a "house items" haul recently, none of the items are there.
Also, where does she keep haul hoards generally? Kek maybe in the attic, and that's why it took so long to hang some shitty drapes.

No. 737785

The amount of times she is filmed eating out, you'd think a can of paint and some surface spray was affordable.

No. 737789


Misread that as eating the paint and was like Daaaaaamn Anon.

If she painted it herself it would look just as shitty as that garden

No. 737817

wow, this actually bummed me out. At least put some pretty stringlights up. I hope its a WIP.

No. 737855

This looks really cold and depressing meanwhile Jake gets an entire room to himself with proper furniture

No. 737915

For real, Jake posted a vlog of fixing the attic a year ago. Dunno what she's been doing this whole time…Oh yeah, wait. Wasting money on junk food.

No. 737919

File: 1543154148048.png (378.46 KB, 720x402, wp_ss_20181125_0005.png)

Samefag, got screengrabs of what it used to look like. Yeah they did shove their hoarder junk up there.


No. 737924

File: 1543154329652.png (325.32 KB, 720x405, wp_ss_20181125_0004.png)


They show a bit more in the vlog, but these were the best (worst?)

No. 737966

I wonder if their landlord knows about that mess.
I'm guessing they moved all that crap to the sitting room like Jake said and that's why the need to move to a bigger house

No. 738011

File: 1543166637614.png (244.35 KB, 1536x901, IMG_2208.PNG)

Adora uploaded a new photo of her and her "boob-holder".
At this point I dont care about her naked breasts or pictures of her doing it. What really pisses me of is her lying about her boobjob. Somebody aksed if they are natural and her response is "yes" which is obviously a blatant lie.
In one of her videos you could even see surgery scars.

(Repost because I accidentally uploaded in the old thread)

No. 738012

File: 1543166669737.png (58.18 KB, 627x362, IMG_2209.PNG)

That is NOT what natural breasts look like. And, damn it, there is nothing wrong with getting your boobs fixed if you feel you need it and I'm sure three pregnancys did their magic, but why lie about it? She could just ignore the questions like she ignores the comments about her ex.

No. 738013

And while I'm at it: This is such a weird and cringy picture to upload. Her smiling in the front while her ex stands ignoring her in the back looking cleary uncomfortable. Whyyyy would anyone upload this except you think your followers are stupid?

No. 738029


Don't post her kids.

No. 738036

That is a picture she uploaded on her official and public instagram. Would it be better if I censored it? Can try to delete the older post.

Edit: I am not allowed to delete it..

No. 738066


She looks like Janice from the Muppets. Which is an insult to Janice and Muppets.

No. 738113

File: 1543180160362.jpg (1.76 MB, 1958x2560, 18-11-25-22-04-50-384_deco.jpg)

Still not 100% sure..
I mean, her boobs from 2000, before the kids, looks same to me. She did once say she uses both push bra and make up. And I've watched Ru Paul's drag race enough to know what make up can do for boobs!

No. 738135

I've seen her admit to having them done before. She likes to play with words and skip around questions

No. 738147

File: 1543184484879.jpg (27.28 KB, 239x604, IMG_2213.JPG)

This is an old picture of her where you can see the difference. Even in those old pictures where you can see her push up bras there is a huge difference to newer pics of her.

No. 738162

Does anyone remember Kill Natalie? I remember someone asked Sebastian in an ig live if she’d known what happened to her, & Sebastian claimed that she heard Natalie had commited suicide before crying at the thought of what would happen if she herself had died & left her followers in the dark about it

No. 738214

You have to be a man or are literally retarded if you can't tell that they are fake as fuck in this picture >>738012

No amount of make-up or posing will make your natural saggy breasts defy gravity and stand up like two, hard balls.

No. 738244

I agree they have to be fake, but they’re definitely not “naturally saggy”? I’m not sure if you were referring to hers as saggy, but I would say they’re naturally really firm and perky, just lower on her chest if anything

No. 738286

The fuck are you on about??
Re read the comment.

Adores tits are fake as they come and if you can’t tell they’re fake… fucking wow

No. 738296

She looks really cool here I like this style I hate how she looks now it's like she gets worse as she ages. She looked better flatchested imo too.

No. 738395

I don‘t think this should be about personal preferences in boobsize or -shape, but about her lying. She is constantly making shit up from her perfect marriage to her boobs and probably everything in between.

Remember her pictures she postetd from inside a white room where she had light therapy because she felt constantly tired? That was so weird because all the other posts were about having sooo much energy and being constantly super happy.

No. 738408

File: 1543231834827.jpg (1 MB, 1440x2387, Screenshot_20181126-112951_Ins…)

~what some of you plebians call braxton hicks ~

No. 738412

File: 1543233782192.jpeg (144.97 KB, 733x818, 8EB62472-A97C-4E25-A0BF-B077B9…)

Srs tho?!? What is this circlejerk movement of being so anti science that you won’t even use the term named after the doctor who discovered practice contractions? What’s so cool and edgy about that?

No. 738414

I literally gave birth 5 days ago and the second-hand complete embarrassment at Kats behaviour is stronger than ever. The whole freebirthing gang is fucking disgraceful.

No. 738415

Whenever I see rich Americans doing all this Mother Earth shit it makes me cringe. People in third world countries would literally kill for the support and knowledge you have access to. Don't get me wrong I think doing it as naturally as possible is great, nature designed female bodies this way for a reason, but there's a limit. "Practice waves" lmfao

No. 738416

Congrats anon! Hope you enjoy motherhood.

No. 738482

The baby is STILL not here? He's probably hanging on for life in that crusty womb.

No. 738632


Congratulations! Seems like only yesterday I had my baby and she's nearly 8 months old now.

I don't understand why these hags think a few internet articles and books about NaTuRaL pArEnTiNg and woo equate to anything like being more knowledgeable than midwives or paediatricians.

No. 738835

File: 1543282901317.png (345.58 KB, 720x407, wp_ss_20181127_0001.png)

Oof Kaya looks rough in her new video. Like a middle aged mum got dressed by a clown.

No. 738855

Wow. This is just a scary train wreck now. The hell is she thinking? No wonder jake flirts with everyone but her

No. 738973

man its so wild seeing self proclaimed ~classic gawths~ adopt and integrate this pukey pastel lolita aesthetic into everything they do now

its like seeing the sceneXqueens from the early 2000s that are now kardashian clones on instagram

No. 739147

Thank you babes!! Id almost like a crunchy woo parent thread in OT for the likes of kat and all the others.

No. 739205

File: 1543343111674.jpeg (52.64 KB, 750x297, CE16A54A-49F9-4F53-8EAB-A63E1D…)

Oh I don’t know, isn’t he your fucking fiancé?!?

No. 739390

haven't they been dating for years now? you'd think she'd know what he actually likes by now. they're the token internet gawff couple, she could get him something cliche like her blood in a vial for him to wear around his neck or something equally as stupid and internet points worthy

No. 739447

I think she's trying to gauge what her fans want to see, so she can put it in a clickbait video. Not the first time she's exploited an SO for views.

No. 739514

As useless as tits on a bull

No. 739580

why is her lipstick so smudged, is it supposed to be on purpose? she also looks like she has an eye infection.

No. 739710

File: 1543401306264.png (195.95 KB, 1080x1070, 20181128_113412.png)

Not content with one free chair,TT is now begging for a second one

No. 739732


>why is her lipstick so smudged

Why not?

>she also looks like she has an eye infection.

so she at least managed to do some actuall goth related makeup

No. 739735


>Wow. This is just a scary train wreck now.

nice, that's what goth makeup is supposed to be, at least in this department she has a connection with a term she uses to refer to herself as

No. 739782

If she was actually going for that on purpose, you might have a point, but this is TT; she's clearly aiming for some kawaii instagram look and just failing at it. She isn't Robert Smith making a joke of how even Siouxsie couldn't get him to do his makeup neatly, or going for some Nik Fiend look. TT can only be Goth by accident.

No. 739914

She's begging her subs to furnish her attic cos she's too lazy and stingy. Lmao maybe they can save this >>736940
Or just maybe TT should step up for once in her life. Leeches have short life spans.

No. 739928

Queen Kaya wants to be given a brand new chair because her old chair is too heavy. Spoiled much…

No. 739977


That shits not goth at all. It’s her failed attempt at looking “kawaii goth” with her lazy ass effort in applying make up. Shit, she couldn’t even adjust her lighting. It’s TT, she’s the most laziest person I’ve come across in the alternate online community.

No. 740097

Well what can you expect when her fans are constantly praising her makeup "skills" lol

No. 740298

get a job kaya

No. 740478

Seriously. Like fine, if she can make enough to cover basic rent and food fine. But at least get a side hustle. Walk dogs, help out the local elders with grocery shopping, etc. There are things you can do that only take like a few hours to do to make a small amount of extra income. Because sooner or later her fans are going to get tired of her e-begging.

No. 740544

It'll probably be later, they're as delusional as her.
One fan did a video on YT gushing about Jake and kaya, but it was like she was talking about 2 different people.

No. 740545

It'll probably be later, they're as delusional as her.
One fan did a video on YT gushing about Jake and kaya, but it was like she was talking about 2 different people.

No. 740701

Please excuse me while I vomit lol I'm just saying, her fans are like high school age to young 20s Right? Well I can't imagine them supporting her into her 40s.

No. 740802

TT confirms she's gotten Jake into hauls. How long until he becomes a hoarder too? Hes already as lazy and greedy as her. Match made in heaven lmao. Their house will become a tip.
The ones I feel most sorry for are their pets.

No. 740815

please link that video

No. 740842

Kat Von D and her Natzi we’re both posting about how the baby would be here any day now a week ago/ posting about braxton hicks contractions and have been silent since. I’m assuming that means she’s given birth, but going a whole week without whoring out the kid for attention is out of character. I wonder if it was a rough birth.

No. 740883

thank-you, not everyone here is picking on her for the sake of it. am all for alternative fashion and like some of her makeup looks. that one seemed like she was eating, messed up the lipstick and just went with it b/c too lazy to reapply.

wonder if they're doing it on purpose to build up the anticipation.

No. 740957

You 100% read my mind!! Following their M.O, they would be publicly gushing about it if it was the magical vegan natural birth that they’re always touting about.

No. 741213

I hope the baby is safe. Not for her sake, but because it's an innocent at her mercy and that of her fool husband.

No. 741221

>and her Natzi

polannons GTFO

No. 741229

It was posted a few threads ago. She's deleted it from her channel (The Big Bad She Wolf), but she seems to be a big fan. She was also in pics of when Jake TT and Emily did a meet up.

No. 741399

File: 1543605517398.jpeg (74.29 KB, 640x287, 9764D87E-0033-4E33-8070-B409B6…)


A comment on her latest haul video. I’m interested to see if she actually responds to this!

No. 741455

Of course Sebastian only cries about herself lmfao. I hope that Natalie is okay though, I did really like her stuff.

No. 741519

On the positive side,the outfit she's wearing is actually more flattering to her than the pink garbage. She's dressing more her age.

But she ordered a crop-top. They don't flatter her broad shoulders or her larger figure at all, and I actually feel like she recognises that, but can't say anything negative because she's shilling. Buying all the summer clothes now isn't going to stop her hoarder tendencies and her buying MORE summer clothes. >>741399 I hope this comes to pass and acts as motivation for TT to tidy her room and maybe clear out some of her shit. Instead of begging for stuff, she should sell off her excess crap.

No. 741539

This. Maybe she could use the money for things she needs instead of wasting on clothes and then having to beg.
But it's a big maybe, she's so spoiled and lazy she'll likely keep begging.

No. 741677

File: 1543632460446.png (1.07 MB, 1334x750, F3EA30C1-6A1D-499A-A877-9305F8…)

Yet another kill star haul. Nothing fits correctly and everything looks terribly made. Yikes.

No. 741689

No one needs to see that… Why does she say she loves giving presents and never does a giveaway?. Or auction her unnecessary amounts of same old killstar clothing for something worthy? Its sad watching someone sit on the floor and open plastic bags. Freya has no life and is so selfish its appalling.

No. 741714

Which is stupid because with all the shit she's accumulated over the years, she has more than enough pieces to use for multiple outfits and some left over to sell for some extra income. She doens't need anymore clothes and should instead be using that money on the things she actually wants like that chair and whatnot.

Yeesh that is definitely not doing her any favors. I saw the title of the haul and was like "Pfft bitch, it's fucking Killstar. How is it any better or different than the 100s of other Killstar hauls you've done already?"

This is just sad.

No. 741746

It's all black. All boring. All the same. Why does she even do these videos? The PVC looks awful and so cheap looking. I think she's deluded.

No. 741747

It's all black. All boring. All the same. Why does she even do these videos? The PVC looks awful and so cheap looking. I think she's deluded.

No. 741766

To clarify, I agree- no ill will torward the child. He’s going to have enough of a hard time with his upbringing and is totally innocent in this. I don’t want to hear that things went poorly or something happened to him, I was just curious.

No. 741817

Honestly the all black isn't the problem, it's just how cookie-cutter it is. Like if she actually showed more of her creative side with thrift shopping and maybe even coming up with her own garments, it would at least be more interesting and personalized but no, we just get more of this basic stuff.

No. 741843

It seems Freyja is much of a hoarder as Kaya. At least she wears the clothes, but with a film and book "on the way" this is what you splash cash on?
And though I've never seen her e-beg, I guess she doesn't have to. Fans support her Patreon even though there's no rewards smh.
But how does she deserve it?

No. 741849

The video is titled "biggest killstar haul ever", but doesn't she title all her hauls that? She needs to move on.

No. 741851

She mentions in the video itself that she doesn't buy these things - she gets them sent for free, and in return, she has to shill for the company.

No. 741856

File: 1543667263923.png (15.58 KB, 513x224, oof.png)

Kek, apparently her computer ate her book.

Pretty sure IBF is just a persona at this point, we'll never see her in thrifted garb unless it's old or something I guess, her current emo and normie fans want to see some OTT looks and costumey black clothes. Because that's all goth is to them, a costume or something edgy you do for the internet.

No. 741863

All the more reason she should sell all that junk. She could make so much money that way. At least with her the clothes would be in good condition. Kaya on the other hand strikes me as gross and I’m sure her clothing hoard is filthy.
How could someone be that dumb? I swear her and Kaya are the same. How does one damage that many files? I bet she works with cheap flash drives and doesn’t export them correctly. She’s learn so much from film school I see.

No. 741871

the fuck who is so retaded and only has one copy of a project they ae working on for allegedly 12 years honestly she deserves it

No. 741917

File: 1543682182705.png (269.43 KB, 720x1164, wp_ss_20181201_0003.png)

Some of the many comments about finances under IBF's haul video.

No. 742088

It's bc at the start (00:55 in the vid) she says "some people" accused her of being bad with money. Lurking confirmed?

No. 742098

Shes so boring. I cant even be bothered watching this.

No. 742228

It seems IFB is in a kind of bind where she might want to move on with her life, but this YT gig keeps her in a little money and clothes etc,and she loves those clothes and accessories. Posting these haul vids gets her free stuff. For now, at least, that's a comparatively easy gig and it will continue till her subscriber numbers fall. I feel like maybe, she's just in a holding pattern till that happens.

They are all the same but I do like that she models them and is straight up about her body, its limitations, and what she feels like she can wear and what she can't.

That PVC stuff does NOT flatter, it's incredibly noisy and annoying, and if there's anything she should do a giveaway with it's the one with the sleeves at the very least. She's never going to wear that. The "bardot" one maybe, it looks less awful on her.

No. 742313

Ew you're probably right… Guess at this point, she has to dress in such an OTT, cookie-cutter costume instead of something personalized and unique (even if simple). I know that some people thought she was obnoxious but I honestly loved looking at the OOTD compilation videos KazlovesBats did because so many of her looks looked creative and personalized yet not so costumey but more artistic.

You know it's sad. I actually watched a few of Freya's older videos from 2-3 years ago and I'm sad to see that the feelings of admiration and wonder I once had for her had been sapped dry. Even her outfits back then before she became a 100% Killstar whore looked kind of nice like the look she wore during a casual day with Matthias.

Fucking hell, that Shannon chick. Is she fucking serious? When Freya complains how she is low on money and it can be pretty tellingly with all the new clothes she keeps getting, it does affect the viewers since she's lowkey e-begging for more people to support her on Patreon. With fans like that, it's no wonder Freya has an inflated sense of self.

I will actually agree her. As painstakingly boring and droll as she is these days, she was always one of the better ones who modeled the clothing in a mildly entertaining way. But that's the only compliment I'm gonna be shelling because aside from that, she's just boring and has been for awhile now.

No. 742329

I agree with all recent points about IBF..well said.She is a lifeless showroom dummie these days.

I can not believe some of her fans think she BUYS all this kill star stuff..how naive can they be???

It suits creators/influencers to have fans not knowing how it all works..so they can plead poverty and ebeg on top of their hidden income..IBF tells only PART of the story.She wants to keep her patreons income..by crying poverty.

The fact is she gets FREE clothes( which she can sell low key on ebay for decent money as it's branded stuff)..if she is BROKE she is hardly gonna keep styles like the PVC which doesn't flatter her.

She gets YT income/ Pateron income.She has lots of patreons.

All that haunt furniture in her flat is free( product placement..that creepy gothic homemaker Voltaire tipped her off about that gambit)

Plus income from people buying kill star or whatever crap she shills for via her codes/links.

What a lot of you tubers don't want their fans or the tax man to know is they get actual cash for shilling.. MAYBE killstar doesn't give her cash payouts…I can't prove they do.But I find it hard to believe they don't..same with Kaya and her endless killstar reviews..

Watch the videos from "pretty pastel please " about YT influencers "(I'm not a fan of ppp and her Japanese fashion hauls.
However, this series she did is super concise/helpful.I respect her honesty as she shills nonstop herself lol)
She explains in great depth how YT ppl get paid for reviews, especially comparison reviews which Raven has just done one..You do not have to have big sub numbers like IBF/TT to get actual payouts..so Jake as an example very likely got paid to front for that alt clothes company as well as new gear to swan about in..

All these ppl over on the Raven Sparks thread think she
pays for her over priced cheapie skull/ horror jewelry/phone cases..hilarious that on the thread anons keep saying Raven is broke,why is she buying over priced jewelry/ phone cases?..Listen up. It's free plus she likely gets a payout! Niche marketing influencers are well paid but want to keep it on the down low.

If killstar doesn't pay IBF cash to shill( unlikely) the bath bombs company and the snacks box/ witch box company did..bath bombs/snack subscription boxes/ witch boxes are pretty cheap to buy if you think they that ammmmaaazzzing..it would be crazy to whore yrself out for a box of 1 euro bath bombs and no pay out..

No. 742345

in the end, being a sponsored unprofessional talking head has a lifespan. it won't last. they'll wake up at 40, be too old to get the same attention (other younger youtubers will be coming through) and they will have nothing. enjoy the free shit while it lasts, it wont buy them a future.

No. 742352

Awww, she was skipping through the leaves singing "Nature". One of the most wilfully Kiwi things a person can do.

This vid makes me realise how much IBF's dialled back on her own personality and become cut off from others. She seemed so happy then. I hope this holiday with Owl works out and they work out how to be in a place where they can just do their thing.

No. 742466

Nope, she's planning to run away to England. She hasn't said how long for but bc it's so behind the scenes I suspect she's fully moving.

Yeah, why does she have so many Patreons? She doesn't give rewards like, y'know, you're meant to.
And I used to genuinely like in IBF too, until she became a sell out. Nothing wrong with hauls until that's all you ever do.

This set up she has seems pretty comfy right now. It'll be a while before she changes.

No. 742675

File: 1543794905558.jpeg (327.42 KB, 742x966, 67513FB9-66A6-431E-A6BC-DE12C4…)

Jesus that caption

No. 742681


>the fourth trimester

Does not compute.

Is the 40 days of isolation a veiled attempt by antivaxers to offset the risks of their idiocy?

No. 742720

I recently started watching these people. I don't know why I thought they would be different from mainstream YouTubers. In retrospect it was stupid. This subculture is also very image based, duh. It's not news to you but I just didn't expect so many fucking hauls jfc. That toxic tears person doesn't seem to care about anything other than clothes. I dont think she cares about any alternative genre of music. I was watching reeree and then suddenly I thought…wtf am I doing? I'm just watching her hoard shit. How many clothes and shoes does one person need. She doesn't seem to be leading some dynamic life to warrant all these things, IBF and her unflattering ever growing pile of things. Angela Benedict seems to be kinda interesting, but other than that…I can just watch Hoarders.

No. 742755


Edinburgh is in Scotland.


If you want to debate Raven's spending, take it to her thread.

And please sage your many opinion posts. Your writing style is easily identifiable.


If you want to see an alt youtuber who is what these posers delude themselves into believing they are, check out Of Herbs & Altars. I don't understand why she is still in the OP since she is no longer milky.

No. 742789

I second the Of Herbs and Altars recommendation. She’s dropped the ~genderqueer~ stuff as far as I can tell, which was the only thing making her milky besides being on disability and living with her parents - which… not really milk on its own. She’s intelligent and that’s refreshing.

No. 742829

The baby in the full pic looks kinda big..is that what newborns usually look like? It already looks at least a month old.
Maybe the anons claiming she liked about how far along she was were right.

No. 742855

Don't be discouraged. These popular YouTubers may be cows but there are genuinely good and insightful Goth or Alternative YouTubers who make content that isn't about hoarding shit. The thing though is that the Goth or Alternative channels that make insightful content that isn't about hauls or unboxing videos usually don't get popular unfortunately. But thankfully, they are just like every day people and have jobs or school so they don't need to rely on sponsor whoring like these big channels do (excluding Angela who actually does have a job outside YouTube).

Someone mentioned Of Herbs & Altars and I can agree with that one. I haven't watched her in awhile because she was becoming annoying with the genderqueer crap and when she was with her ex-girlfriend who I believe was poisoning her(?) but if people are saying she has changed and is back to her old self, I definitely agree to give her a try.

Some more channels…

Radically Dark ~ She's in high school but she's insightful for her age and knows quite a lot about Goth and does various topics about Goth.

LigeaRessurected ~ She mainly does reviews for Gothic Literature books, absinthe, and the occasional music. Not sure if you're into literature but on the off chance you are, you may like her stuff.

TheGothicAlice ~ I know that some people here find her to be a cow because she sounds pretentious at times but at the very least, she does offer something that isn't an abundance of haul videos. She talks about all kinds of things from Literature, films, & music. If you're into these kinds of things and don't mind people who aren't "LOL hyper", give her a try and judge for yourself.

SweeneyDeville ~ He talks about music mostly. Pretty informative guy.

Those are the only ones that come to mind who are regularly active but here are some who while not are as active, may be interesting to check out.

Accumortis ~ Another music guy, really knows what he's talking about when it comes to Goth music. He also shares a bit of his personal life.

Kai Decadence ~ He mostly talks about music and does a few OOTDs but he doesn't shill for sponsors. I think he's more active on his Gaming channel but yeah, he may be worth taking a look into.

Amy Nekrotique ~ She's a Rivethead and talks a lot about Industrial music. She has done unboxing and haul videos but thankfully, they aren't the majority of things she does.

Rose Nocturnalia ~ She mostly does various topics but admittedly, she hasn't been active in a long while. I just like her because she's very down to earth in her videos and hopefully she makes more but I do recommend her nonetheless.

And well… That's all I've got. Going through my subscriber list was actually depressing because the other Goth YouTubers I would've recommended haven't been active in 2-5 years, some even deleted their videos… Going through them, it definitely feels like the Goth side of YouTube was more active back then.

People like VampireLenoire, Victoria Fashen, This Is Raven, Thilda Beinhaus, Wednesday Aleen, Spiritual Crimp, & Zeroy Cruciatum. They've all just seemed to disappear and it's depressing because they did make some worthwhile content that helped break up the obnoxious haul videos that Friday & Toxic Tears were farting out.

No. 742905

It's very obvious her video content quality has gone down a lot in the last year and her channel now just feels like a ploy for her to get free things. However, I think a lot of it is that without her ex-husband she has no life in Germany. So it makes sense why she's trying so hard to leave and go somewhere that she actually has friends and can speak the language. Idk why so many anons are against her moving to Edinburgh because it'll probably mean better content Personally, it doesn't bother me at all that she does sponsored videos or has a pateron since youtube ads don't pay well anymore. Plus, she probably made a terrible financial decision when she moved into two apartments right before the youtube adsense nuke. Still at the rate of effort she puts into her non promotional videos I doubt her channel would last for another 2 years.

I think it's pretty dumb to critique her for dressing over the top as that kind of look is what draws so many people into the subculture to begin with, and what looks simple to you might look ott to someone who only wears t-shirts and leggings. While killstar designs are really corny, I don't think the aristocratic goth look she wears a lot is super common. Maybe I'm bias, but most "goth" girls in my local scene are the ripped fishnet tops and electrical tape as pasties type so in a way BF's outfits seem less flashy.

No. 742936

I like her but she really went full “popped can of biscuits” here lmao

No. 742945

Kaya keeps being a lazy fuck. Some of the videos of her trying on clothes vanished, so instead of filming new ones, she just leaves a message stating that she lost the footage. Imagine doing that in an actual job.

No. 742956

Gonna add Cemetery Confessions to this list, if anon likes podcasts and discussions about goth as a subculture and identity in general.

No. 742970


Dorian still identifies as gender queer but it's not the sum total of their being and is not an obnoxious snowflake about it. Dorian has written books, recorded albums, and vlogs more out of doors than in these days.

No. 743017


That baby does look pretty big. I don't know how tall/thick cholo goth is to compare size ratio to, but the baby definitely has some chunk to him. Unless Kat had a 10lber at birth I'd wager the little dude is about a month old.

If she did have a giant baby naturally then RIP her vagina for a good minute while it heals.

No. 743040

As much as I like the gossip about them, but the baby looks fine and age appropriate. Also not too big for a natural birth. There are a lot of countries in the world, where a c-section is only meant for a medical emergency and most women give birth naturally. Not every time you deliver a bigger baby your vagina explodes and not every time you deliver a small one it doe not tear. And even if you tear - in most cases you sew it up and fine.

What bothers me about the pics (on both their channels) is the father holding his delicate newborn with sturdy gloves and a grim face just to keep his edginess. Priorities, people, priorities!

No. 743100

he looks like a giant douche even while holding his newborn kid

No. 743229


I like Spooky Brandie and Two Broke Goths. Two Broke Goths has some unboxing videos but a nice amount of DIY and other videos. Spooky Brandie has nice vlog content with a small amount of unboxings. She's also a WWE fan so that's fun if you're into wrestling.

No. 743366

The main issue I have with the haul videos is that is literally the majority of things she does nowsdays. Killstar is just… Eugh… I understand that people like it but after awhile, it just becomes a bit uninspired to see when that is the main company you're shilling for. The fact that she doesn't talk about the music or at least… SOMETHING other than clothes just makes me think she is a boring dull person who has no real interest. Hell, I'd rather hear her talk about her novel or share some books or movies she likes and just have a total nerdgasm. With the fanbase she has, I'm sure people wouldn't mind hearing her talk about something other than clothing for a change.

Yeah Cemetery Confessions is alright I guess. My main gripe with him is that sometimes he makes Goth sound more complicated than it actually is. You can tell he was a philosophy major and while that's cool and all, there is nothing really Philosophical about Goth. It's literally a subculture born out of music. But if you can just sit back and enjoy the banter, his podcasts are pretty cool, I like how he features certain guests like Tara Vanflower from Lycia.

Oh I forgot about Spooky Brandie, I've only see a few of her videos but she seems pretty interesting. I'd also recommend PushingUpRoses if you're into game reviews though in recent times, she's been reviewing a lot of classic 90s television shows and she has this "adorkable" way of going about them.

No. 743415

File: 1543897513765.jpeg (176.33 KB, 1051x1280, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-ima…)

Something that I found hilarious!!!

No. 743449

I'm assuming shes going for edgy but the fucking derpy face is as you say, hilarious.

No. 743530

Well, it doesn't look like IBF's novel is ever going to be done, because the document supposedly got corrupted.

No. 743804

File: 1543965330997.png (403.83 KB, 559x509, piic.png)

what is this look?
is this meant to be cute or scary? I'm actually curious

No. 743809

She looks like the grinch covered in cotton candy vomit. God, that’s a terrible look. Yeeesh

No. 743827

Didn't she do this in her last video too? Jesus. Branching out and being creative is great, but then there is this. How does she have modelling experience?

No. 743862

>when yu dont know if u want to b a kandy kid or a klassik gawth

No. 743943

Yeah I just read but she could still make a video about it. Maybe share what it was about and give a short little synopsis of it.

She looks sick lol

After seeing her modeling pictures above, I'm wondering this too. she looks so stiff and not striking at all lol

No. 744122

She seems to record several videos at once, that's why she's usually wearing the same makeup and outfit in several videos. Looks like she's too lazy/can't be bothered to record more than once a week, if even that.

No. 744141

She looks really awkward when showing clothes in hauls too, never uses her past modelling to her advantage. It's kind of sad.

No. 744215

she looks like an STD

No. 744377

File: 1544049378274.jpeg (573.65 KB, 1818x1818, ADBE9F52-7232-4001-8F85-DA9CE0…)

Excuse me for the shabby edit but I wanted to include that morals comment. Since when was formula immoral? Kat just tries her hardest to make her choices superior to other mothers, this thinly veiled shaming is disgusting.

No. 744415

the way this is worded, it sounds like she didn't feed the kid for two days because she hates formula that much lmao

No. 744434

Not only formula is bad, breastmilk from someone who is not on plant-based diet is bad… I cant wait for next couple of years of her sperging about super-vegan, better than any mother in the universe motherhood. She will be one of those sanctimonious mommies with 'great' advices on parenting while shaming everyone else.

No. 744636

If she's going to raise her kid vegan, that would be one fucked-up kid. Kids need to eat meat. You can choose veganism when you're older, but kids don't do very well with restrictive diets.
Considering she wouldn't vax that kid either, he's gonna be very sickly and even possibly die from something completely preventable.

No. 744645

Not to WK but I know kids that are being brought up vegan and they’re doing just fine without meats in their diet. Just have to make sure they get their vitamins in and protein. Not sure if their vax status though.

No. 744652

>i love how you put your morals before your baby's life

No. 744702

Sure, but I think anon ment that kids don't take veganism that seriously and will rather have something they like/their friends are having in birthday parties, than bring their own lettuce.

No. 744705

Putting your own deluded "morals" before your kids life, to keep that better than thou image going. What a great mother she's going to be. And as for dad Prayers, well…

No. 744751

Two things:

Is checking blood sugar levels a standard procedure in the US? Here in germany it gets only checked if for example the mother develops gestational diabetes, in which case the baby has a higher risk at being born with diabetes. Considering her weight gain I think it‘s possible she had problems with blood sugar herself. (Gestational diabetes is developed due to pregnancy hormones).

It is normal that the mothers milk production takes a few days to really get going and it is normal that babys lose a bit of weight the first days because of that.

The problem with milk from a different mother is that breastmilk changes and for a newborn you would need a donor woman with „newborn“-milk.
But, fuck it, I‘m glad she didn‘t feed him with soy milk or let him starve due to ethical superiority.

No. 744766

File: 1544119664332.png (837.44 KB, 720x987, wp_ss_20181206_0001.png)

Well. At least she's calmed down from the pink.

I hope she doesn't always put her super vegan needs before her actual kid. Gotta have something for her insta posts though, right?

No. 744810

I can't wait till Leafar ingests his first bacon.

No. 744823

I cant wait until he changes his name

No. 744832

She's 100% going to be one of those controlling lifestyle mothers who demands everyone around her child confirm to her beliefs and make exceptions/go out of their way for her special vegan boy

No. 744853

yeah you know how teenage always do the opposite of what the parents preaching.. he´s gonna end up at Epic Meal Time lmao

No. 744881

Yikes.. How long will this kid last on this plant only /vegan based diet bullshit?? I honestly think this needs to be considered child abuse. she's disgusting

No. 744884

How much do you wanna bet she's gonna be a helicopter parent?

No. 744981

Yuuuuppp. Even Kat herself had a rebellious punk phase back in her day.. When teenaged Leafar rebels and wants to piss off his parents he's gonna go to Taco Bell and Chikfila instead of getting tattooes. Let's just hope he doesn't die of a preventable disease before then. Poor kid. His parents are nuts

No. 744998

Thoughts on Dorian's new video?

1 Night, 17 Bars: Is Xanax Really Worth Rapping About?

Of Herbs and Altars

Published on Dec 4, 2018

What xanax is really like, for the sake of taking this honestly very recreationally crappy medication off its ludicrous pedestal! For the love of fuck though, do NOT attempt to recreate this - I suspect 17 bars in a short time period could easily be deadly for some people; it's definitely one of those experiences that I was lucky to walk away from unharmed O_O I do have more to say on the subject of xanax rap culture & the specific drug taking it promotes, because there is another LARGE area of stupidity to tackle - I firmly believe drugs should be legal & we should be able to do with our own bodies whatever we see fit, but as an experienced dabbler, there are logical, harm-minimising ways to take drugs, & then there are the errors that cause endless unnecessary side effects. If you've got drugs in your cup right now, you might want to subscribe to find out why this is a Very Bad Idea!

No. 745026

Does Kat lurk here or were there comments on her post about starving the baby/formula shaming? She edited the breastfeeding post addressing what was discussed here with the usual "I'm not shaming anyone so don't shame me!"

No. 745060

do you think no one else on the internet is looking at her nuttery or responding to her posts?

No. 745109


Here's Jake on stream between 1:01:00 and 1:01:36 saying he's not begging because he actually delivers. Wrong. Conveniently left out Twitch and how many times he and Kaya didn't deliver on those $500 video 'goals'. Might as well be honest and start a fundraiser while sitting and talking about the same Disney, Harry Potter, and Kaya's miserable displeasure of Jake's humor and music taste (Isnt creative and extremely boring with a mopey silent face most of the time). The fans mostly echo her feelings and are ignored if either of them are not already talking about it themselves relevant or not. At least it isn't just metal covers of children's music. I wonder if Jake was as childish as her in voicing his opinions of her taste in music or she pushed him there. As with other reoccurring subjects. May never know.

No. 745186


Totally. His parents are covered in tattoos, so no way he'll rebel by getting tats. If anything he'll probably become a straight edge carnivore or something lol

No. 745220


Actually didn't mind it, first 20 min is a bit much, drug story with the thing. But then we get to the why it's bad part, the influence it has, the drama right now and how the drug abuse actually works in reality to the lyrics.

For a kids don't do drugs vid it fails a bit in some ways, but as informative and a bit frightening and rather funny it gets an ok. But then again I like that shit.

No. 745221

Dorian has such unique experiences I always like her stories.
I'm kinda terrified of her too, since she does/did A LOT of stupid shit. I envy her vitality. With all the drugs and anorexia and shit… I wish I would be so resilient.

By this point after the whole trans-girlfriend thing is over, I don't think Dorian classifies as a cow. Unless a person who honestly talks about past experiences with drugs/ed classifies as a cow.
I follow her on insta and she's been nothing but delightful, she seems to finally be out of her slump and doing much better, she's so full of energy and happy in her insta vids.
I sound like a complete WK, but I really don't think she will be giving us any milk soon.

On the topic of xanax, she's right. SMost psychiatric drugs aren't really fit for recreational use and xanax is an overhyped fad that will be over soon and no one would remember.

No. 745227

File: 1544190755930.jpeg (238.31 KB, 750x628, 671F1E12-2421-4C2C-A74C-6A2A84…)

Here’s the updated caption. She shouldn’t share her parenting journey if she keeps on backpedalling.

No. 745233

File: 1544192100536.jpeg (98.84 KB, 634x1081, F1F51226-9927-4C54-B553-CD57EA…)

That looks like she‘s going to devour him, but can‘t because he‘s not vegan.

No. 745235

Why is she claiming that colostrum isn't milk, that's exactly what it is. It's different from what you produce later on but it's still milk, and it's generally balanced and in a high enough quantity to nourish a newborn without issue. I don't quite understand why she acting as though everyone else is stupid while spreading blatant misinformation. Just admit that you're a selfish hoe, Kat.

No. 745239

No. 745240

WoAh that's embarrassing

No. 745241

Right?!?!? Colostrum is the milk that comes in the first few days after childbirth that is specifically rich in antibodies to help protect that baby from diseases. So, not only was it normal but also crucial for Kat to just feed her kid with the milk she was already goddamn producing but her entire post about it was unnecessary and untrue. Fucking antiscience bitches grating my nerves.

No. 745245

I think this time I do get her. To get the babys blood sugar levels up you would need the „later milk“ that is not colostrum.
Have been through that myself with my little one. In my case we gave him a little bit of formula one time on his second day just for the blood sugar and than continued with breastfeeding.

No. 745251

oh so colostrum wouldn't affect blood sugar?

No. 745255

Mostly it is just not enough to have that influence. Colostrum is awesome, but you do not produce that much - sometimes its really about drops. Of course, when blood sugar is not an issue you just stick to it, because it feeds the newborn and is really powerful stuff. After a few days the „normal milk“ kicks in and in a higher quantity.

I would guess little Leafar was given the donor milk parallel to Kats colostrum.

No. 745256

Colostrum is more protein dense and contains much less lactose (sugar) than breast milk does.

No. 745298

SHE'S STILL PREGNANT???? that baby is going to stay in that womb cause it knows what fate it's gonna have

No. 745305

holy shit put a spoiler on your vore, anon

No. 745312


No. 745341

Why does it matter if the vital breastmilk donor is a fucking vegan?

Please God make sure this child grows up LOVING steaks, sausages, fry ups, and also excitedly gets all their belated shots as well and hashtags it all over the internet. She really forces her awful opinions on everyone in a bid to seem superior, meanwhile everyone knows she is low class scum

No. 745382

What a fucking moo

No. 745480

I thought it was unwise to let the bigger animals off their leash?

No. 745492

16 moon boxes later and she still hasn't bothered with basic research into. There is a wand and all she has to say is "ooo harry potter".
I'm not even a wiccan pagan etc but jfc 16 boxes Kaya. Do you even use the products?

No. 745529

Like, I know nothing about pregnancy but holy shit, is a nine-month belly supposed to be this big? It seems that at least two babies could be there

No. 745590

Honestly, I think it just looks way bigger than it actually is compared to that tiny manlet. It's like an optical illusion.

No. 745628

It really depends on the person, some women barely show throughout the entire pregnancy, others get huge. Women who are already overweight or gain a lot more than expected tend to look really big because the fat builds on top of the baby bump.

No. 745935

Ahhhhhhhaaaahaaaaa jcf what a joke

No. 745937

She looks stoned

No. 746775

What series of message boards was Angela talking about?

No. 747000

Sounds like she's talking about Indi Summers who has been pissing off a lot of local and online goths by popping out of nowhere a couple years ago pretending to be the guardian and master of all goth knowledge. She's had plenty of run ins with Angela, but there's a few other babybats online pretending to be experts.

No. 747106

Oddly, I recognize this name. Is she possibly a neo-nazi? I remember talking to a "goth" neo-nazi girl like 2 years ago, if it's who I think it is then she's definitely not goth, she's a black metal thot larping as goth. Don't know if she was kicked out of her local BM scene or what, any pics of her?

No. 747195

File: 1544488286393.jpg (192.82 KB, 958x960, 20914697_10214327984621309_619…)

She doesn't have any racist affiliations I know of, she's from New York.

No. 747217


That girl is a mess. Her Facebook is all about how great she is and that everyone abuses her. She's not from New York. She moved there from Georgia like 2 years ago and pissed everyone off and now she can't go out anymore. She started threads on FB saying that all goths in New York are drug addicts and alcoholics. The girl who wrote that book 'Some wear leather some wear lace' is from there too and she started a thread telling people to throw her book in the trash because it was a money making scheme. She tried to get this one club shut down because she said she was sexually assaulted there or something but said it on the clubs facebook page in this big negative one star review and mentioned everything else that she hated about the club.

No. 747224

Sadly not who I was thinking she was. This chick is another one of those scene-kids, there to be seen and the music obviously doesn't move them in any sort of way, just a look to these types.

Sounds like a real bitch, honestly, these girls are always so damn obvious but we can never say anything otherwise we get labelled elitists, gatekeepers, or cunts. Why would she try to get a club shut down because she was sexually assaulted?? How about trying to get that person arrested instead? Seems we have a new cow.

No. 747255

IKR? If she was assaulted why wouldn't she get a bouncer or call the police? She says that she is sexually harassed or abused or something all the time. She was posting a bunch of things last year about another club in New York saying that the guy who has it is a rapist and posted an old news report from when he got pulled over for a DUI but it was weird because why would that prove he was a rapist?

She was pretending to be homeless and asking people to send her money on facebook but it was a scam. She said that she had no family because they abandoned her when she was a baby but her family made a reddit post begging people not to send her money. They said she's married and ran away from home with another guy she met from Las Vegas but took a lot of money from her family and then crashed 3 cars her they got her. She ran away to New York without telling anyone. She sounds like a spoiled brat that has a rich family.

No. 747297

Don’t know how you guys found her as all I ever find with her name is some porn star that has nothing to do with it.
I want to see the proof of this train wreck

No. 747302

most of her facebook profile is public

No. 747319

Holy shit. It says she born in 1985 but talks like someone born in 2005. That’s too much trash for me to handle today.

No. 747321

Hm… The only Neo-Nazi type Gothic looking person I can recall is an old YouTuber named Dreiiabat and if that's who you're talking about, I remember she was actually into Goth music, honestly she was one of the few older Gothic Youtubers pre It'sBlackFriday era who actually talked about the music. And the neo-nazi thing didn't happen until she disappeared off the internet and was later found with the Nazi paraphernalia

Sounds like that one episode of Law & Order SVU where that one teenage girl was pretending to be homeless and claimed her home life was terrible until you learned that her family was actually wealthy and she had a privileged though scheduled life lol

No. 747324

Dreiia's boyfriend and now husband was the one who drew her into the nazi stuff, at the time it was some nationalist workers party but they were just big fucking nazis, eventually they were kicked out of the community

No. 747326

I was talking about some chick named Indi, she wasn't a Youtuber I used to talk to her on a chat site. She exclusively listened to black metal and hardcore, pretty sure she even recommended me a rad "goth" band called M8l8th, which is a militant black metal band. I guess I was supposed to know who they were, clearly I know nothing about BM kek. Didn't know who Dreiiabat was, googled her and her username occasionally pops up on some kind of alt-right site, might be her hubby/bf namedropping her.

No. 747327

File: 1544504330590.jpg (239.26 KB, 640x812, heimbachplug.jpg)

No. 747558

Oh okay right. Yeah, I remember hearing about the boyfriend. I'm guessing she only became that way to please him or I would hope so because she didn't strike me as someone who was into that during her YouTube days. Then again, you never really knoenwhat goes on behind closed doors.

Ah okay. Yeah unless it was the indi we're talking about and she drama5ically changed from a black metalhead to goth lol

No. 748569

File: 1544717119206.jpeg (295.03 KB, 743x1109, AD264947-539D-4CE7-9127-F5C281…)

Oh goddammit, who’s this much of a dumbass?

No. 748627

File: 1544723340666.jpeg (135.31 KB, 640x580, 3DFA4004-E5C7-4871-AC64-9CE7AD…)

Someone probably has but you cry “elitist!” if someone mentions any kind of music that isn’t 90s pop?

No. 748632

Oh my god, is she even a goth Jesus fucking Christ. Chelsea Wolfe is literally considered the queen of goths by a lot of people.

No. 748770

>is she even a goth
No, she isn't.

No. 749242

File: 1544822019965.png (16.45 KB, 572x130, self awareness.PNG)

No. 749281

How about washing the clothes then selling them? I understand they might be worried that if they started a giveaway Killstar might stop sponsoring them, but they can easily sell that stuff on sites like Depop or Mercari.

No. 749345

Never in the history of goth has there been a more embarrassing and spoiled public figure. She has no idea what she's saying or doing. Ever.

No. 749448

I think you're missing the point….. ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. She's laughing at the person asking her if they're real. Not the other way around. Adora knows what she's doing, she's old enough to get a kick out of her boobs or whatever. She doesn't give a fuck. At least she's open about it.

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