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File: 1590835895333.png (695.77 KB, 1387x2810, pull.png)

No. 561299

> PrettyUglyLittleLiar, a website that is filled with petty jealous teenagers that always try their best to prove that they are much better than cows and lolcow.farm, by saying on how ''woke'' they are while doing nothing but wishing they had an azn husbando and nitpicking over every little thing a succesful cow does;

> Is mostly known for being a website that makes over 30 threads on a cow (eg. SimplyKenna) 100+ pages of which turn into nothing but nitpicking instead of providing milk. Same goes for BestDressed. Eventually milky cow's thread turns into nothing but a nitpick (or old milk) fiesta (eg. Pokimane thread);

> As soon as a random girl (from same industry) starts hating a cow with a thread, everyone start supporting and bootlicking her (rg);
> Also known for a huge amount of slutshaming, every woman that wears thight dresses and dated more than 1 guy is automatically a whore;
> People would do anything to get upvotes, from blogposting to lying that they are "k-pop trainees", "living in Asia" without giving any sort of proof;
> Are also filled with whiteknights even though said website is supposed to take action against WKs (eg. LilyPichu thread, if you don't treat her like a ~ uwu fragile baby who just hit her puberty ~, you are going to be attacked or downvoted;

> PULL admin tried removing downvoting system because of PULLtards who would have a vendetta against a random user so they would downvote everything they say, but instead everyone started whining and begging to bring this feature back so she gave up;

> Nyx is appointing her random friends to admin status, deleteing their messages that might be ''too controversial'' so they could have a clean reputation, users noticed that and started complaining;

Famous PULLtards:
Fukawa Toko
> Spends all of her lifetime spregging on every snowflake thread and making it all about herself;
> Always brings up the fact her husband or boyfriend or whatever is like 20 years older than her and "IT'S TOTALLY FINE BECAUSE HE ACTUALLY LOVES ME AND WE'RE VERY COMPATABLE AND AND AND";
> Also used to brag about being Australian in Kenna's thread;

> Is a pickme with femcel mentality who writes pages-worth messages of hate towards women, every cow she sees always has something to do with being a whore or was molested as a child;

Old TLDR previous thread:
>PULL 1.0 was deleted
>PULL 2.0 was made but also deleted within a week
>PULL 3.0 (current version) is its own website so it won't be deleted
>all the oldfags from 1.0 jumped ship and disappeared when 1.0 was deleted
>3.0 now populated by 12 year old edgelords

Previous thread:

No. 561302

Tinfoil but I think OP is an active PULLtard, look at the state of her greentexts. This might explain some of the newfaggotry, anons tinfoiled that they were LSAfags but I think it's much more likely that they're PULLtards due to their familiarity with, for lack of a better term, cow culture. Is it a good idea to have this thread here when it might attract unintegrated PULLtards?

No. 561396

Easy there, tinfoil-chan. I can always taks criticism towards makinh threads because it's my first one. I got inspired by ProJared drama thread, tried making it look like it. And yes, I am shit at greentexting.

No. 561493

File: 1590866065954.png (75.82 KB, 1078x708, bestdressed ashley (5).png)

Nothing is ever enough.

Thank you for making it.

No. 561586

I'm glad DreamyCat has finally joined the ranks of Qualle and Danganropa girl. She's a fucking psycho at Guru Gossip too.

No. 561673

why so many bestdressed fangirls hijacking the pull threads lately? she’s not even a major cow by pull standards.

No. 561675

what the fuck are you talking about

No. 561696

too many bd whiteknights in these threads. she's barely relevant there and she's not relevant here.

No. 561708

File: 1590888685375.png (163.86 KB, 1375x816, dreamy.PNG)

The fact that this "roast" of hers got 20 likes. Dreamy is an entire cattle farm.

No. 561710

File: 1590888958894.jpg (74.44 KB, 1083x487, Gatekeeping.JPG)

Nakimae constantly dismisses anyone who hasn't had the exact same experience as her,then brags for pages about how hyperempathetic she is. Her posts make me sick

No. 561760

File: 1590893381191.png (223.14 KB, 875x698, Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 9.49…)

This site is a shit show. You get downvoted for not rewriting medical knowledge so that it suits your hatred for an online weeaboo.

No. 561955

File: 1590928202650.jpg (40.33 KB, 1083x186, Moo.JPG)

Ugh the backpedalling, while also insisting any disagreement is just a personal vendetta and anyway it should be handled in private just in case the others finally see what a massive fucking cow she is.

No. 561959

PULLtards always trying to scream how 'friendly and woke ' they are whenever someone mentions lolcow, when in reality all they do is ALWAYS try attacking eachother and seem as if they are insecure mean girls wannabes. It's embarrassing and fake as shit. I have seen so many PULLtards on LilyPichu or Kenna threads doing shit like this.

No. 561960

Samefagging, but i don't think people are / were WKing bestdressed. The only thing people seem to be complaining about that BD threads on PULL are the same as SimplyKenna, nothing but pages of blogposting and nitpicks towards her which comes off as retarded and annoying.

No. 561968

File: 1590932161227.png (69.88 KB, 1047x175, Screen Shot 2020-05-31 at 8.36…)

I love how they all completely missed the point that user was trying to make about false information and disrespecting other users and completely chucked it up to them WK Kenna's diagnosis when they made it clear it wasn't about that.

No. 561985

I think there are things to criticise about her but PULL users really place themselves on a pedestal when they do. Good points are made but there is just so much blogposting to wade through.

No. 562029

I love when they eat themselves.

No. 562111

Their threads are so long and fucking boring. No wonder they start infighting all the time; when you follow the same cow for years and their milk slows to a trickle, but you're determined to keep that shit alive, you may as well argue with each other about irrelevant shit

No. 562135

Just caught up on the last thread and saw that Biscuit deleted her account and her posts are being removed? Didn't see any examples and haven't gone on PULL since she became a mod. Any regulars have any milk?

No. 565984

File: 1591378536241.png (570.33 KB, 1106x1569, screencapture-prettyuglylittle…)

I swear this girl gets more and more insane every time she posts.
I'm really struggling to understand what message she's even trying to convey anymore.

Judging from the downvotes on her recent posts even the other pulltards are sick of her misogynistic femcel shit by now.

No. 566026

The Kenna thread is pure cancer. Girl is tame as fuck nowadays but they're picking apart every single little thing she does/says/posts and twisting it into their own little narrative. They just can't let go.

No. 566041

As a parttime pullfag, the mods will give you a warning if you even insinuate that, the fucking thread is all nitpicking rn.

No. 566069

I part tomed there a year or so ago. I dared to say kenna was annoing but not cow worthy. Got a mail warning from a mod, saying they had multiple complaints about me. Never went back.

No. 566084

>multiple complaints
Jesus, imagine unironically snitching instead of just having it out with someone or making fun of them until their unintegrated behavior stops. Why did i ever use a forum format? it begs for a hierarchy of losers

No. 566092

Wtf, all i got was quite a few upvote, disgruntled pullfags and a mod telling me to stfu and my post deleted. Even though you can still see it quoted up there lmao. Kenna is insufferable but these femcels literally will whine about ANYTHING she does and like someone in the thread said: always a specialist is to be found in the thread. Weebs, man.

No. 566098

Im getting more and more concerned abou the Ashley thread, the poor girl obviously reads through it and the guru gossip threads, she's literally one of the tamest youtubers that still has a resemblance of a personality and people on everything she does out of pure jealousy, she hasn't done anything particularly wrong aside from an amazon collab, and since those threads have gained more traction she has put less and less content and doesn't seem to eager doing youtube anymore.

No. 566102

It's so baffling, does she really have any milk to her name? The posts there are so agressive

No. 566106


She's just a rich kinky libfem who makes sex jokes and lives in nyc, alot of people pick on her for being boy crazy and only dating white men since she's probably living their dream of being a petite rich asian girl but not dating a korean boy lol.
She also broke quarantine a few times to go supply shopping because she just moved to an apartment and wanted to work on renew it while quaratine, then they shit on her for not going out during quarantine to protest for BLM and that she is rich enough to have the privilege to stay home.
There's also the fact that she shittalked her anorexic older sister and has said before that because of her sister's ED she was ignored in her household since her parents mostly paid attention to the anachan, she sounds resentful of them and is not very close to her family, apparently being harmed by your sibling's mental illness is milk in pull lol.

No. 566175

Ashley's always struck me as someone who used to be a horse girl in high school and is now desperate to prove to everyone she's hot and cool. Could never stand her female Sheldon Cooper mannerisms and bad political opinions. Sad it came down to a bunch of teen weebs to bully her offline, though.

Dreamy rage-editing her femcel rants when she doesn't get the upvotes she thought she would remains one of the funniest things.

No. 566179

Post screenshots when you talk about someone or something, it's more useful for the thread

No. 571316

File: 1592393133539.jpg (703.91 KB, 1080x1650, 20200617_084709.jpg)

I wonder how this will end

No. 571783

File: 1592471427171.jpg (76.82 KB, 1077x447, calltoaction.jpg)

fight for justice on the venus angelic forum and her lolcow threads, or you stand by as societal evil reigns.
>Would you tell your mother you didn't want a thread to be filled with repetition of a chant? I don't think you would dare

No. 573142

Pull is down?

No. 573477

It goes down about every other week, their hosting incompetence isn't news

No. 583988

Got word Admin-chan on PULL is handing out warnings like candy, maybe the users who theorised it was biscuit 2.0 were right KEK.

No. 585715

File: 1595005935678.jpg (178.4 KB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20200718-031120__01…)

Slowly dying every time I open Serena's thread.

No. 587280

look at the top of their site
Look at their QUITS

No. 587281

File: 1595297505768.jpg (326.43 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20200721-121122__01…)

Admin troubles confirmed but I really didn't except this

No. 587283

Soz reposted to include the removal of reputation

No. 587287

What does “look at their QUITS” mean?

No. 587288

Could you maybe not lie? She didn’t repost shit. Time stamps. Use them.

No. 587292

Oh shit lol

No. 587299

File: 1595298939504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 236.82 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20200721-120242__01…)

I'm not lying you absolute tard. She initially posted this with an option for reputation included, and had the time briefly attached to the post until modifying the post settings. Learn to read kek, I'm the one who reposted.

No. 587301

Lmao. Announcements just don't have reputation attached, that's literally still up.

No. 587303

You’re actually stupid. She posted an ANNOUNCEMENT that doesn’t ever have rep as well as a post in the News & Announcements thread that DOES have rep on it. Idiot.

No. 587306

Everyone on PULL is getting mad that it was just announced all of sudden without actually giving them a heads up.

No. 587314

The point was that I'm not a liar kek, but thanks for enlightening me on how pull works.

No. 587329

look at this dude
look at his Nyx
look at the end of her site
oh no no no oooh

No. 587335


No. 587336

Looks like the PULL users are gonna migrate here. Brace yourselves ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 587339

Stupid Nyx banned me only to close PULL? What is wrong with you.

No. 587340

File: 1595304404762.jpg (231.21 KB, 640x1136, original.jpg)


God no, can we the ask mods to ban threads on Kenna and Bestdressed? Those are simply the stupid PULLtards being jealous of skinny pinterest girls with money to live their weeb dreams.

Kenna hasn't done anything milky in years she's just being her weird autistic self, and Ashley has obviously been suffering from the straight up bullying these people do to her.
Iits all DreamyCat level better than thou circlejerking shit.

No. 587343

Good riddance.

No. 587344

Awesome, can't wait to read through endless blogposts about how they would respect traditional Japanese culture if they could afford to go there. Maybe they'll treat us all to blogs about their asian boyfriends too.

No. 587348

I figured it would be good to leave a note on /Meta/ about preemptly banning some of those threads so they don't shit up the board, if you guys know any other subjects that also should look into drop by there.

So far I mentioned Kenna, Best Dressed, Serena Lin and Michelle Moé, Michelle's thread has alot of racebaiting shit, it even borders on creepy natsoc shit sometimes.

No. 587352

It's because you're a scrote hiding in plain sight who had multiple accounts where you downvoted anything negative about Belle. Not to mention that Reddit where you worshipped Belle obsessively and continuously reposted her underage pictures kek.

No. 587362

What is the point to ban someone if you will close all two days after. PULL owner is stupid.

No. 587363

honestly you seem a little mad you can't make another account now to continue your shenanigans due to it closing? Sksksksk

No. 587364

Serena Lin is actually milky though. Her photoshops are insane.

No. 587366

get fukt you obsessive white knight belle delphine expert

No. 587367

I don't disagree but all Michelle does is racebait in her videos. If her content was broader I assume there'd be more to talk about.

No. 587377

Hah, bout time since Nyx doesn't do anything but complain about paying the bill and spending so many hours running it despite doing fuck all. Good riddance, the site was going to shit cause Nyx only wanted her friends to run it with her.

No. 587378

man I hope the site at least is able to be archived. the convos are cancerous but the OP posts are usually well maintained

No. 587380

Chill out, Kenna’s already had a thread here and bestdressed is irrelevant. Those topics wouldn’t have been approved regardless.

No. 587406

No she isn’t literally no one gives a fk about her photoshop that thread is full of vendetta obsession

No. 587417

Site is displaying a 522 error lmao
Did Nyx already pull the plug?

No. 587425

I think best dressed would just go in YouTube gen, doesn’t have any milk to warrant her own thread besides being rich and stupid

No. 587427

Tinfoil but maybe Himepen Himari tried sueing PULL because of her rich parents and huge income (she literally keeps spending over 1k$ on loli commissions as we speak) her thread here is >>>/w/103726 .

It was one of the very recent active threads n main reason why she got called out for grooming her little brother.

No. 587429

Seems so. There is crying in discord.

No. 587446

Why would she shut it down before archiving what's already there? She's literally deleting internet history and accountability for multiple online personalities, this is ridiculous.

No. 587448

Because she's a lolcow

No. 587458

She literally said she’s closing down the site for today and it will be back up tomorrow and fully closed for posting on Wednesday learn2read

No. 587463

I find this announcement sus because they've been doing nothing but adding new changes to website over past weeks just to close it later?

No. 587468

Maybe she had an admin lined up but they pulled out?

No. 587474


No. 587477

File: 1595332129912.png (381.5 KB, 2040x772, afk.png)

When PULL was first going to be shut down the admin gave two weeks notice. Nyx came out of nowhere and was 'oh it's going down on Wednesday Morning' without any prior warning.
There was spoused to be a new website made by other users but they had financial issues and Nyx constantly ghosting them during that process.

No. 587480

>I want the site but pay me to run the site

No. 587526

i reaaaaally hope this doesn't mean a migration to lolcow of autists thinking not being sjw enough or shooping your pictures means you're a cow
moral high ground weeaboos are insufferable and post nothing but boring shit

No. 587530

There's been a wave of trannie and sjw anons over past month(s) so i won't be surprised.

No. 587536

agreed, the sjw stuff is not interesting at all and the long convos about japan are just as exhausting reason why i got bored of pull for a few years now

No. 587537

Y’all actin like you didn’t give shit to the old admins before Nyx too. Lol k.

No. 587554

>thinking not being sjw enough or shooping your pictures means you're a cow
God this thought alone makes me want to throw myself off the cliff. I can't wait for the 50 threads of thinking someone using a skin smoothing meitu filter is prime milk or that having a twitter handle with "-chan" suffix is cultural appropriation.

No. 587555

>>587458 She never said that, she said was on today and closed tomorrow

No. 587557

>>587458 forgot post proof. Loos like Nyx suffred some sort of mental breakdown XD(XD)

No. 587558

File: 1595339984650.png (68.59 KB, 1100x338, Capture4.PNG)

Nyx talkint to pulltards, she promised to close tomorrow not today.

No. 587560

Tbh, I'll miss PULL, as much of a trainwreck as it was.

No. 587599

Would love to see their autism bleed into kiwifarms though.

No. 587609

Why close it down so suddenly with (almost) no warning? Wonder what the real story is.

No. 587613

I feel was a sudden decision. Why bother to ban people until 5 minutes before make that public announcement of ending all.

No. 587638

Never used that site myself but this just seems like a power trip and didn't try very hard to hand over the reigns to someone else.
She wants her pet project to die with her when she no longer wishes to continue.

No. 587641

That + appointing mods recently. It probably was a rushed/sudden decision. But that also leaves room for regret and it booting up again in the future. I wouldn't be surprised to see that happen and/or pull members starting a pull clone.

No. 587643

Lol get over it Nemesys. You’re so pathetic.

No. 587658

Meh I grew tired of pull bc of all the newcomers being very obviously underage and retarded cancel culture brainwashed kids but I got into the habit of opening it up to read all the random bs out of boredom since it updates quite often.. otherwise not missing it and glad it’s over

No. 587661

My tinfoil is it's because Belle, (one of their few thread topics with serious cash) send them a sue-bomb.

The early pages of the thread feature her/her boyfriend sockpuppeting and trying to close the thread, plus people were talking about adding her into the banner this week.
She tries to control her image so much with ridiculous fake stories, she didn't want the truth coming out.
I think the site owner got scared and shut it all down, though just shutting the Belle thread would have been sufficient. Admin were recently adding features, and organizing the forums, and they were very active, so it's was a very sudden decision which was not discussed anywhere (and PULL folk love to discuss endlessly)

She also shut it down a day early, it went offline within a few hours after an announcement said Wednesday.

Though it's particularly good news for Kenna who was at about 50,000 posts, to the confusion of everyone else on the internet.

No. 587664

Right, it's completely sudden. They were looking for new mods and making changes, and then suddenly it's closed.

No. 587675

Looks like closing idea was lurking in Nyx mind and suddenly she got feed up with all PULL drama. Admins and Mods had a heavy work with these bitches complaining like Karens in a supermarket trying to manintain their eco chamber clean.

No. 587680

Meh I doubt it. Most likely management imploded. I was lurking their new discord a little and it seems admin failed at securing replacement team, they had been looking for awhile, and as the site is filled with teenagers, no one stepped up. The few who signed up to be considered apparently demanded to be salaried to run the site lol that and recent mod drama (or so I heard) probably broke Nyx. Still a bitch move to not let archiving be completed and keeping the domain to herself.

No. 587683

I assume many will go to guru gossip and many will come here, but I hope they create their own site to contain all the cancer.
I know I'm the only one, but I genuinely don't give a shit about the Kenna threads. I find her a minor snowflake because it's funny watching her be a pigshit and get butthurt over criticism, but I understand people saying she doesn't warrant her own thread.

No. 587687

Its right there in your post, she's just a minor snowflake, her autism can be funny sometimes but kenna discussion should be contained to the youtuber thread, her thread on PULL devolved on people complaining how much more they deserve to go to japan than her because they totes respect the culture or how they are way more valid autists and she doesn't have the tism.

No. 587690

File: 1595357991438.png (665.37 KB, 888x824, pull.PNG)

No. 587691

Hey guys and girls!

As some of you may be aware PULL was deleted very suddenly and we didn't get a chance to discuss future contacts because some of you were awesome to talk to. My username on there was Lochan and I've made a Discord for us all to stay in touch here:


Please come over and say hi!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 587692

Why does she think the site should not be remade?

No. 587695

Probably because it's become toxic idk?

No. 587697

….It begins
At least read site rules before posting PULL chan

No. 587711

fuck i really wish there was some warning before pulling it from life support. it has been down so many times duo fixing/updating? I'm confused lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 587717

the lgbt thread was starting to get quite anti trooney towards the end, kinda sad to see it go really.

No. 587718

The link is invalid. RIP.

No. 587723

I still don't understand why I got warnings for pointing out the kenna spergs were nitpicking and going on for 20 pages about her friend's dad's death, that fucking site deserved to die off kek

No. 587729

same here! also i would lurk out of boredom there when lolcow was slow but i definitely outgrew the site

guys????? jeez i hope not

No. 587741

Did mods ban the cunt posting anon yet? jfc that was disturbing to see.

No. 587751

I wasn't on pull but I did go there to read it occassionally and I remember seeing you get banned because you were sperging about all the "whities" talking about Kenna's friend's dad's death and saying they were all racist. You were an sjw yourself, don't act like you were better than them.

Honestly not sure what they plan on doing now that their forum is gone, but as I said before I hope they don't come here, though I know most of them despise lolcow anyways because we're supposedly all "racist" so I don't think they will.

No. 587768

The sperging over ~PULLtard infiltration~ is a little much at this point. I doubt many will end up migrating over to LC that weren't already here before.

No. 587776

nah, wasn't me that one, good try though.

No. 587779

What a fucking horrible individual. She couldn't give anyone time to archive posts or retrieve information? She lied about when it would go down. Most of the site was a cesspool but a couple sections deserved to be archived.

No. 587788

It was you, because you were the only person who was sperging over the topic of her friend's dad. You're not getting any clout from being banned for sperging on a forum full of retards.

I don't think she was horrible, but it is ridiculous that she didn't give anyone time to archive. I suspect that it might have had something to do with host/server costs, since I know the fees can get out of hand. I do wish she'd come forward and give a full statement because it'd be interesting to hear, but it's done now, so whatever. We'll probably never know the full situation.

No. 587790

Shut the fuck up schizo-chan, your tinfoils about anons' identities are wearing thin

No. 587796

I didn't "sperg" and I wasn't banned, I also was warned about derailing when they were nitcpicking, asking why they even made a nitpicking thread in the first place, I think they deleted my posts though. You truly sound unhinged and I sound butthurt.

No. 587798

You can dig around on archive.org and see some of the old content:

No. 587800

Maybe that is what happened then. My mistake and apologies. There were so many retards on that board that it's easy to mix them up with one another, especially when it was on Kenna's forum, which was mainly nitpicking and people infighting with eachother about menial garbage.

Your "-chan" insults don't have the same weight on here that they did on PULL.

No. 587808

Anon, for someone who claims to use this site, surely you know that hi ___ is frowned upon

No. 587876

Shame that it's down. I found it really entertaining to read all the butthurt in the bestdressed thread. it even spawned a spinoff jealousy-driven thread on kelly stamps, who is also skinny and rich (go figure).

No. 587880

pulltards already trying to get pushy over at KF, should be a good show for everyone.

No. 587882

Haha a lot of thecolorful characters are in discord, really give them free reign to sperg
Man i fucking hate Flurry I wish she would stfu
My personal lolcow tbh her post history was so cancer

No. 587886

I remember after 5 straight pages of nitpicking on bestdressed for being skinny and rich while she didn’t even produce any new content, they were all asking for her to be upgraded to the snowflakes thread because her thread was top of the page for a week. wonder why her thread was constantly at the top

No. 587891

The anachans were foaming because bestdressed said her anorexic older sister made her home life awful and doesn't talk with her parents because they basically neglected her to take care of her sister.
It must've been hellish to live with the ana bitch by the way she talks about it.

No. 587894

Not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss PULLL users’ superiority complexes. How they pride themselves on being sooo much less toxic than other sites, always mentioning that they’re nursing students/moms/more hardworking and poorer than flakes as if it makes whatever dumbass nonsense they spout more credible. Now how they’re gonna post here without even trying to integrate. The delusion of it all

No. 587903

I'm just glad I won't see that user sugi anymore she was always throwing herself into conversations.

No. 587940

Aw man, I was enjoying watching the Kenna thread blindly feel their way to having a race and phenotype discussion and watching the inevitable tantrums ensue.

It's a shame the site is gone, for it was entertaining, but I also wish that the mods had enforced their rules more actively. 80% of the discussion was everyone chiming in to say the exact same two-line opinion or an endless post about someone's personal life. There were also plenty of instances where users would contact snowflakes and report back which ruins the fun.

No. 587949

I was on PULL 1.0 when it still served some kind of purpose but after that it went downhill so fast.

But idk, the whole thing seems kinda selfish? Sure she kept the site going but it wasn't her idea to create the forum way back so clinging to the URL is weird AF

No. 587959

God the kelly stamps thread was so funny, “she’s problematic cus she makes jokes at the expense of herself!!! Anti feminist!!!”

No chill lmao

No. 587970

Kelly Morita/lovelyzkelly had a thread on there that I liked to read, tho it was nitpicky. I feel like she's a rising cow but not worth making a whole thread about on here yet. She did shit like block another jblogger for correcting her about saying there's only one tampon brand in Japan. I'm one of the only people who cares about these dumb weeb battles lol

No. 587997

File: 1595388500430.png (121.35 KB, 750x837, image0.png)

wahaha is it true? that admin was being mean to pullfags in their server to dissuade them and got kicked?

No. 588002

where can I go to shit talk kpop idols now?

No. 588006

There should just be a /k for all you kpopies. Kinda like /w, so easy to just ignore.

No. 588011

No, fuck off.

No. 588013

What is there to be proud of? Stupid message

No. 588014

That’s cringe ngl

No. 588019

must have been desperate, either way pulltards are probably thirsting for milk. going at it with making channels on every mod and admin, especially nyx for the most part. curious to know how nyx feels since shes lurking there

No. 588022

99.99% larper

No. 588025

I don't wan pullfags to come to lolcow and ruin the fun lol
Please just go to gurugossip and stay there with your high ground morals

it could work as a containment thread or two but to be honest Kpop fags are cancer and they should get the fuck out

No. 588036

File: 1595401548292.png (12.89 KB, 990x139, bannerlol.PNG)

laughing really hard at this banner which just redirects them to kiwifarms.

No. 588051

I'm fucking cackling, based admin

No. 588056

House of 1000 Keks

No. 588068

It's fucking sending me i love it

No. 588069

sometimes i wish we could have a k-pop thread but then i remember the PULL thread about jennie full of nitpicking by anas and fatties who can't handle anyone skinnier and more successful than them.
gurugossip is right there.

No. 588073

Based admins LMAO KF is perfect for PULL refugees. Plenty of autism for all.
I honestly didn't even notice the announcement of it closing, announcements do not jump out at you. I visited PULL one day ago too.

No. 588129

I'm a data hoarder, I would have saved several threads in their entirety, including the images, had I had one fucking day to do it.

The krotchy thread, where her dad was posting, for example. The Taylor R menclub thread had stuff worth saving. And all of Kiki's spergposting under fake names.

No. 588130

File: 1595419877643.jpeg (158.22 KB, 822x702, 21852693-8B63-4146-A9F6-427BA8…)

I genuinely can’t tell if this is a PULLtard or a fucking troll

No. 588131

Not that it matters but it was posted in pnp’s thread

No. 588144

what Nyx did was fucking petty, she basically said "If I can't have PULL then no one can", obsessive much? won't she still be paying for the domain? I low key hope an original mod opens it to fuck with Nyx but I doubt it works that way.

Also behold the cosplayers who think they won some battle against cyberbullying lmao

No. 588147

File: 1595422891349.png (457.73 KB, 1400x695, averagepullposter.png)

>be a pullfag
>browse PULL
>the year is 2019, month of january
>see the banner, Nyx is looking for a new Admin
>ignore this and go to the thread of Simply Kenna - where I have posted an extensive history of 263.5 posts of pure contribution
>think to myself, today shall be a new day of my upmost contribution
>upload a zoomed in picture of her makeup
>"this bitch dares to have PHOTOSHOPPED her pictures THIS HARLOT HEATHEN, HOW DARE SHE!"
>check my grammar and spelling using my course book I gained when I did my degree in english at the best community college of Montana
>yes i am an expert in all things because I have a degree!
>check thesaurus for any suggestions
>chuckle to myself of my enlightened wittiness and intelligence
>stumble upon a post of Nyx saying she's done with PULL
>Go get some starbucks with my bf's credit card

Fast Forward to 2020, the month of July

>Log on to PULL to once again contribute an extensive gallery of Simply Kenna content

>See Nyx is saying she will shut the site down in three days since she can't find a new admin
>decide to start archiving things in three days
>Two days later the site goes down
>My fury is like never before, this is way worse than when my boyfriend asked me to get a JOB!
>He is so insensitive, we are in a global pandemic and I am so stressed out and anxious, how dare he suggest that I get a JOB!
>luckily my boyfriend has decided to apologise to me for his ridicilous demand, and has procured me a PULL domain to restart
>tell him he better get on skillshare to learn coding so I can talk some more about Simply Kenna
>get on Discord on my account that has my best selfie as my profile picture ran through 10 filters
>realise everything in my life is the fault of that Harlot Nyx, how dare she stop paying the server bill on my favourite site.
>That entitled evil BITCH!

>start talking to my fellow genderqueer female identifying humans on the Discord server we ourselves had to make because the evil Nyx is so entitled

>btw why did she shut down PULL with no signs out of nowhere, what a fucking BITCH

No. 588153

Positively cackling

No. 588158

File: 1595424738458.jpeg (67.89 KB, 850x400, 17024808-4F5F-4431-ADEE-4D0EF4…)

No. 588160

This is the greatest thing I've seen.

No. 588163

File: 1595426246365.jpg (37.74 KB, 413x395, 1505111782929.jpg)

this is wonderful, my sides are no longer functional

No. 588182

isnt this a picture of basically everyone who posts on lolcow too tho? like every single thread on snow is basically that. i feel like the overlap between here and PULL is like 85%.

or are these basically two groups of women claiming the other has BPD worse?

No. 588188

File: 1595433228543.jpg (97.68 KB, 937x403, Screenshot_20200722-114657_Sam…)

It seems some anons are falling for the banner, kek. pnp's thread seems to attract them

No. 588189

Shut up Pulltard

No. 588197

The kpop merch was a very nice touch

No. 588206

speak for your fucking self, what the hell.

No. 588214

Yes. Not to mention their post was too detailed, had to be projection. They can’t deny it, they can only say “Speak for yourself pulltard wtf” the hundreds of Shoe threads are no better than the simplykenna ones on PULL

No. 588216

Marry me anon

No. 588218

>Comparing Shoe to Kenna

No. 588219

File: 1595436937276.png (263.6 KB, 640x730, 99D27F8F-00C2-46AA-B0E5-6DF6CE…)

No. 588220

What makes Shoe worth 30 threads retard?

No. 588224

fucking kek, I agree and I've been on lolcow for years. This holier-than-thou attitiude is fucking stupid. We're all sly nitpicky bitches on a gossiping website here. But I still love lolcow

No. 588227

Certainly more than just being a rich cute weeb in Japan, seethe more
PULL unironically thinks it’s doing the world a favor by HOLDING PPL ACCOUNTABLE but ok

No. 588231

> Certainly more than just being a rich cute weeb in Japan

Great non-answer

No. 588235

We don’t spoonfeed on lolcow. Just go read the OP of her threads dumb bitch gtfo.

No. 588236

Out of all the low quality milk cows that there are, you pick shoe? C’mon

No. 588238

I have read the threads. There hasn’t been anything new in months, it’s all nitpicking and repeating the same things, exactly like Kenna’s thread

No. 588242

>There hasn’t been anything new in months
Hahaha wtf are you talking about??? I realize now that you’re newfag simp.

No. 588245

>There hasn't been anything new in months
C'mon now. I agree that Shoe isn't as interesting as a lot of farmers think but you could try harder to hide how new you are.

No. 588246

Being broken up with isn’t “milk”

No. 588247

Yeah ok. She will never fuck you.

No. 588249

You can’t deny the most recent threads are worthless

No. 588253

A large amount of pull users are kpop stans so anon got that right. Was always weird seeing some of them bitch about colorism while having a washed out bb cream ghost as their profile pic.

No. 588254

Without going to the drama highlights of the beginning of her milk, ill throw you a bone of modern shoe milk. Now most of Shoe milk is agreed to have been directly tied to Septic and his antics, but here are a few chosen excerpts of her own fuckery.

>pandered to alt righters

>dumps her black boyfriend because her fanbase didnt like him
>becomes a commentary youtuber and goes towards trad waifu image
>goes on the incel trip to mexico where incels steal her nudes and leak them
>goes on a bunch of /pol/ meetups, pics are posted on 4chan /pol/
>starts orbiting original lolcow admin
>gets mod rights and starts stalking posters she doesnt like
>admin changes and her access is revoked
>cheats on her that time boyfriend with septic on multiple camping trips arranged to fool septics wife
>septic is cheating on his wife at the time with 3 other women
>septic starts dating shoe while cheating on her
>shoe pretends its their kink while having meltdowns on it
>meltdowns get leaked and she stops posting them to her online friends
>pretends she has been an owo virgin all along and has never kissed a man before spetic
>has old videos where she talks about what a hoe she was in high school and all the dicks she sucked
>changes to alt left and starts pretending her trad waifu phase never happened
>starts publically posting about how its so hot how septic treats her like shit
>throws Lauren Southern under the bus because her fanbase don't like Lauren
>tries to crawl back to Lauren
>Lauren tells her to fuck off
>tries to do public speaking and gets BTFO
>has been Septics sugarmomma all these years
>tries to become besties with Contrapoints, who BTFO's her because shes a snake

For the more recent antics, go read the fucking thread you underage pulltard. The fact you got so offended by that post shows it hit close to the truth.

No. 588256

All PULL users need to be put on a list. There were several unwarranted threads about boring asian girls because they’re that fetishistic and sick.

No. 588257

All of that is old news

No. 588260

then why were you asking to be spoonfed if you knew all of that, and if so are you really saying none of that is milk?

If so, what do you consider milk?

No. 588261

A shoe wk in PULL thread is unexpected. Like are PULLtards lowkey altright pick me sympathizers? Kek

No. 588264

I think all the threads on the white girls in Japan are worse. I seriously can't believe they gave Kenna that much attention for being a conventionally pretty, thin white girl in Japan. The blogging also gets me, the walls of text about how "I'm totally better than her guys, if I was in Japan I wouldn't eat gross western food like a burger! I respect the culture!" It seriously detracts from the milk in the threads when you have to scroll through pages of users humblebragging. I hope PULL users either learn to integrate properly or take their faggotry elsewhere.

No. 588266

Bet it’s a KF scrote lurking to get server invite to sext with minors

No. 588268

I’m not asking to be spoonfed I’m asking why there are still threads being made about her when she’s boring
You’re retarded if you think she’s a white nationalist, and I’m not wk’ing her, I’m pointing out that this site isn’t immune to nitpicking

No. 588269

File: 1595439860498.jpeg (241.87 KB, 636x424, 74683B11-6F6C-4F68-9D81-11938E…)


No. 588272

The bestdressed thread was 10x worse than Kenna’s. There was never any milk, she was just pretty and asian.(You were just warned to stop the spam.)

No. 588274

Lmao love how this reaction literally confirms it, suicide nao simp

No. 588290

This is a bit off-topic, but I've always wondered why the PULL thread is on /ot/ when the KF thread is on /snow/. Seems like they should both be on /snow/, no?

No. 588316

File: 1595445318272.png (150.14 KB, 362x556, Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 12.1…)

>PULL dies
>migrates to cgl
Welp RIP cgl. You've already been going to shit and now you're going to shit even faster than before.

No. 588327

What makes them think their fuckery will be allowed to exist on cgl? Cgl coming down hard on gossip and drama is the reason why lolcow exists, not that I want those people here.

No. 588357

I'm kinda going to miss being grossed out by invadernoodles and keeping up in wylona.

No. 588378

What? /cgl/ has been a literal graveyard for at least the past 4 years. You can't kill something that's already dead, anon. I say let them have it, at least you can shit on their snowflake SJW politics anonymously there.

No. 588379

The one thing PULL did amazingly was piss off Kiki and I will always respect the forum for coming back even after she got it taken down once (over nothing). I know which host I'll never use for anything in the future.

No. 588395

Cgl mods are super inactive and don’t care about the board. If they don’t ban coomers who make thirst threads, they’ll let PULL slide as well.

No. 588406

File: 1595459724219.jpeg (76.37 KB, 1242x251, 23925923-596E-4DC7-9880-BEB481…)

Does this mean prettyuglylittleliar.net is free to be used?

No. 588413

I hope the user that unshoops wylos pics contributes to the Vicky Shingles thread

No. 588415

to be fair there was some really fun milk during her Japan saga. when she took a selfie while prancing in the street like a retard and got flipped off in the background by some Japanese guy. when she took creepshots of cute boys in stores while reeeeing about how she’s aroace and therefore immune from fetishizing Asians. her fanfiction about old Japanese people stopping her on the street to tell her that she’s beautiful and smells like flowers or whatever. that stuff was gold, perfect /w/ material. i get sad when i imagine how much more milk we could’ve had if pulltards weren’t obsessed with cowtipping and moralfagging.

No. 588424

Are you retarded, the details are based off the fact pullfags keep pretending they didn't know the site was going down. Keep coping.

No. 588431

We can only hope farmers actually call out blog posts, nitpicking and lead by example instead of joining in but I don't know how much I expect that to happen

No. 588449

Holy shit, is anyone watching what's unfolding in their server? These bitches really scapegoating the fuck out of Nyx.

No. 588451

Imageboard, newfriend.

No. 588452

It's currently happening and there are 100+ msgs every minute, ss inc later. Just wanting to give headsup for others who want to help capping.

No. 588453

So some troon posted logs about how nyx offered them the site and they spazzed out about not trusting her and not having money and being an unemployed neet and they're still raging about being a neet because of corona. I can't believe that faggot was a mod, best that dumpsterfire burns.

No. 588454

And the pulltards are buying it. Pusheen is felice fawn reminiscent cow and i cant wait for the pulltards to realise this bridge they're selling does not exist. I did some googling based on her fan fic cap she posted and shes a grade A++ canadian druggie cow ebegging online and has her real name and face attached everywhere. Can't wait for kiwis to catch on half of the new team can be doxxed in less than 10mins and have prime high fat fresh milk.

No. 588455

I fucking doubt they even ~lost their job~
Their attempt to build a new website was a fucking bust and they wanted out, leaving Nyx hanging in the wind with the broken site

No. 588456

File: 1595467181637.png (96.36 KB, 1708x710, Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 9.17…)


Nah, prettyuglylittleliar.net is still reserved by Nyx and is just redirecting to that github.io URL. GitHub offers free webhosting for static sites called GitHub Pages that have this URL format. The repo Nyx created can be found at: https://github.com/prettyuglylittleliar/PULL

If you download the repo and open index.html in your browser, you'll see it's the same as what shows when you visit prettyuglylittleliar.net.

No. 588457


No. 588458

Post screenshots. No one is going to track and identify you.

No. 588459

I would if I could, I bet someone else will later. >>588455 Is a better summary.

No. 588460

How are some people here defending Nyx lmao(Go get a job pulltard)

No. 588461

Someone link the cord plz

No. 588462

We know you just been linked here so please just stfu

No. 588468

Pusheen is the epitome of snowflakery. Pathologically. She doesn't know how to not lie and not be a victim.

No. 588470

It just sounds like a bunch of catty bitches pointing the finger at one another and exaggerating shit in the process. It's making it a bitch to follow what allegedly happened.

No. 588473

File: 1595469709323.jpg (303.41 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_17c1b523562a8bcdbe5698f…)

Literally took me 5minutes of google to find out pusheens real nme, face, address, drug addiction, gender queer, scam artist ebegger profiles.

Drunk deity on all social media platforms. How is she going to mod a drama board when she's this incompetent. Pics of the rest of the team incoming as I finish their dox files.

No. 588478

File: 1595470362504.gif (1.13 MB, 350x432, 1583460221356.gif)

No. 588480

Jesus imagine being a crazy, histrionic genderqueer sjw lesbian who writes avengers gay fan fiction while acting high and mighty while complaining about not having job. Then you look like this,a fat lost sister of shrek but a fake ginger.

If she kept the same energy up for job search as she does for being a victim, she would have all the jobs

No. 588484

They're blaming their laziness and stupidity on a "pandemic" over and over again. Like a very obvious blanketed excuse.

Poor banana-sama seems to be asking the right questions, but got blocked by Pusheen lmfao

No. 588486

File: 1595471964470.png (107.93 KB, 1281x742, pee.png)

>user asks why the people involved in making new site didn't just stay any help Nyx while their "covid-induced unemployment" halted development of 4.0 indefinitely
>"b-b-but fixing broken site would have cost even more money than building new one" say monocakes and pusheen, being purposefully dense
>user kept repeating that no one was asking them to fix it, just help keeping it open for now
>get dogpiled to hell
They're on full defensive mode

No. 588487

Yeah, I tried to get the kenna thread going here back in the day, because like you said she was fucking cringy and so out of touch, but the way pull acted towards kenna really soured anons here towards any discussion on her. The thread on pull for her was unreadable with all the nitpicking and blogposting though.

If pulltards can follow the rules and lurk long enough to integrate properly I don't see a problem with them coming here. Nothing wrong with more users and discussion, really. But we all know most of them would fit in better at guru gossip.

big yikes. imagine having your actual face attached to a shitty gossip website top kek

No. 588490

I read through all of that before I got kicked. Unfortunate. Godspeed anon

No. 588491

You didn't get kicked, they nuked the server to cover their asses. Lmfao

No. 588493

Fucking LOL

No. 588494

The irony.

No. 588495

LMFAO retards

No. 588499

Most of them are gonna be completely lost now? Are they still in Pull 3.0 server?

No. 588500

lmao. Did Pusheen seriously post a rape fanfic about Nyx? I wonder why she jumped ship, dealing with these people.

No. 588501

no it was about some marvel characters lul whatever

No. 588503

What the fuck someone please post it ASAP

No. 588504

File: 1595474554831.png (343.47 KB, 1440x1929, screencapture-archiveofourown-…)

No. 588506

LMFAO why is she so obsessed with Biscuit????

No. 588507

File: 1595475161494.png (469.5 KB, 1440x2324, screencapture-archiveofourown-…)

Are your other fanfics also just "meant to be cringe", Pusheen? Because if so, kudos, you nailed it. Go back to Tumblr.

No. 588508

She changed her twitter @ to @iwanttoperishpl

No. 588509

Omg this is juicy. Despite the lack of self awareness on pusheen's part biscuit obsessively wking nyx is right on the money

No. 588510

File: 1595475333581.png (245.16 KB, 589x448, ed.png)

Recovery from what, a feeder fetish? Because it can't be an ED.

No. 588511

Of course it’s a fatty with the thinspo acc

No. 588514

hope everything was collected before outing their info lol

No. 588515

aaaand it's gone lol. Stay mad, fatty-chan.

No. 588516

>fatty munching on a sandwich in profile picture
>muh ED

No. 588517

also, assuming thats they account they were talking to nyx on, why didnt she noticed she was talking to a fatty-chan?

No. 588519

>she took a selfie while prancing in the street like a retard and got flipped off in the background by some Japanese guy

idk shit about kenna but do you have a link to this? sounds funny as hell

No. 588520

File: 1595476677681.png (521.69 KB, 936x600, 1595476190567.png)

#livingdoll but it's a cabbage patch doll

No. 588521

waking up to the discord server being nuked. so much of wanting to 'reincarnate' PULL

No. 588522

File: 1595476808839.png (58.12 KB, 538x704, 1595476301711.png)

what is up with so many fat girls being pro-ana? I guarantee no one in this screenshot is under 200lbs.

No. 588524

>I'll get screenshots later
>server gets nuked

same, I thought I got kicked for some reason

No. 588526

Who’s chubby 8th grade sister is this ? Fucking kek

No. 588529

File: 1595478282526.png (1009.58 KB, 750x1334, 30BBB950-E715-4401-8F6C-8B3D60…)

Ikr, you should see the girls on tiktok who brag about their ED like how you fat but have an eating disorder you can’t even do that shit right! I guarantee their eating disorder isn’t even real just for Internet victim points and so people can be like “nooo don’t lose weight you’re perfect” they demonize skinny girls who show off their body cause it’s ~triggering~ I lose brain cells everytime shit like this pops up on my newfeed.

No. 588531

lol honestly you cant replace a forum with a discord server. not to mention the holier-than-thou act these longtime pull users have is why the site closes down anw. not trying to wk nyx cos birds of the same feather flock tgt even tho the current narrative rn is that most ppl are blaming nyx for what happened

No. 588538

File: 1595480889689.png (Spoiler Image, 127.5 KB, 585x707, perish2.png)

I still had it open and lmfao this chick is fucking deranged

No. 588539

File: 1595480920020.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.97 KB, 675x900, perish3.jpeg)

No. 588540

File: 1595481041566.png (280.98 KB, 592x670, perish.png)

the "ratio" tweet was screencapped because she has a tracker on that tweets how many people follow/unfollow her every day, anyway the page refreshed so this is the end of my caps


No. 588542

File: 1595481672457.jpg (32.94 KB, 567x393, 23s4hdqrcbu21.jpg)

please tell me this is fake, anon. what in the fuck

No. 588543

That thing was trying to get pull passed onto her?

No. 588544

jfc that's messed up

No. 588547

Yeah, wtf happened? I’m guessing there was more mod-related infighting.

No. 588548

F. Still mad at the retards ITT who came to say what happened but didn't take any screenshots.

No. 588549

There's a ton of screenshots in the KF thread, including grabs from pusheen's social media.

No. 588551

no idea why the website was deleted– owner gave no warning or reason.
discord was deleted cuz that girls photos/sms accounts were shared and the new owner of the discord didn't want that to continue happening so closed it

No. 588553

File: 1595484513789.png (9.28 KB, 355x133, 1595472889558.png)

Here's the post in the KF thread with relevant screenshots regarding the discord getting deleted, though there's more earlier in the thread.

No. 588554

Discord mods should have done their job instead of the owner taking her ball and going home two days in. None of them were fit to manage a site, and that’s why pull died in the first place.

Not surprised to hear that at least one user was a cow herself though, that’s hilarious.

No. 588559

that site attracted those types of people, you could tell from the way they talked. I checked it a few times a week but I couldn't get over the PC SJW God complex going on in half of the post. you couldn't have any opinion besides theirs or you would be downvoted to hell, and you have fat mods who post pro-ana content but would ban for similar content on PULL ?? interesting

No. 588560

Pull has died 4-5 times now lol. I think Nyx couldn't take the heat from the site getting traffic from videos talking about the flakes and mentioning PULL, and the potential lawsuits. Nyx has 0 leadership skills she can't run a toaster, let alone a site. She lies to cover up how incompetent she is.

No. 588561


I second this, even if they don't have any particular interest abt the flakes they are talking abt, they always have sth to say abt them. it's good if they have sth substantial to say but more often than not they are just trying to have ppl validate their personal stories. just ew(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 588562

Now I really wish they would have made the site. Fuck, they would have gotten themselves doxxed within the first couple of days at the max. Would have been a fun way to spice up the boredom in lockdown.

No. 588564


lol as a mere lurker, its definitely eye-opening to see these cows in action on discord chats. so many circuses.

No. 588565

File: 1595488102419.png (880.2 KB, 956x625, ss (2020-07-23 at 02.07.19).pn…)

>pusheen was buying circle lenses from wish

No. 588570

File: 1595489138816.png (14.09 KB, 694x76, Screenshot_20200723_002532.png)

No. 588571

File: 1595489330428.png (174.12 KB, 359x399, 1595486728460.png)

Someone on KF dug through pusheen's youtube and found that she has an 86 video playlist on eating disorder videos…

No. 588572

File: 1595489351113.png (109.92 KB, 361x398, 1595486738204.png)

…but a 581 video playlist on food lol

No. 588574

File: 1595489495159.jpg (231.76 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20200723-032027_Ins…)

No. 588576

File: 1595489708930.jpg (161.69 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_20200723-031520_Ins…)

No. 588577

File: 1595489717360.png (714.08 KB, 809x597, ss (2020-07-23 at 02.34.09).pn…)

you didn't even post the best part

No. 588578

Was about to

No. 588579

File: 1595489848906.png (16.97 KB, 643x103, pusheen.png)

This cow can sperg as much as she wants about how she was gonna make a better PULL, she actively broke rules of the site she was supposed to moderate to blogpost about how much she envied another cow's body. The new forum was doomed from the start by the people who planned on making it, not that I have to point this out after everything that came to light about this exceptional individual.


>c. Don’t compare yourself to other snowflakes (e.g. “wow her eyebrows are bad, at least mine aren’t that bad”, “good thing I take care of myself unlike her”).

Screenshot taken from http://web.archive.org/web/20191009013821/https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/3077-pusheen/

No. 588582

File: 1595489983671.jpg (130.2 KB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20200723-031449_Ins…)

I'm so edgy!

No. 588584

Kpop was banned in lolcow for now MIGHT come back if they ever migrate to a better server
All you kpopfags from PULL can join us on crystal.cafe/media.

No. 588588

Of course, this chick is the stereotypical pulltard acting like a snowflake.

No. 588592

File: 1595490975357.png (687.69 KB, 485x574, kennaflipped.png)

tigercdevangana und IG had a little shoot with her and this was the picture with the guy flipping her off

No. 588594

tbh that looks more like a photobomb directed at the camera than him specifically flipping Kenna off. It really emphasizes how dumb she looks though kek.

No. 588597

File: 1595491460786.jpg (146.67 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20200723-031547_Ins…)

They all must be pulltards, and she deleted her Instagram

No. 588601

She must only be paying attention to this thread considering the KF thread has had tons of instagram screenshots up for hours now.

No. 588602

She cant be bothered to go on kf, shes too busy running away from how it doesnt fit her blueballed venus angelic aesthetic

No. 588606

Jesus christ anon this made me snort at least 4-5 times out loud.
>check my grammar and spelling using my course book I gained when I did my degree in english at the best community college of Montana

No. 588607

File: 1595492446676.jpeg (49.84 KB, 741x317, 2CBECD32-5BB6-4BEF-ACAF-BCE8F6…)

They made a new discord. They deleted the first one because of safety reasons lol.

No. 588613

File: 1595493529928.png (15.93 KB, 1191x101, ss (2020-07-23 at 03.32.34).pn…)

They nuked it because pusheen got doxed.

No. 588614

File: 1595493572499.png (18.71 KB, 1310x97, ss (2020-07-23 at 03.38.24).pn…)

and they had to tell their braindead teenage userbase not to have their social media linked to their discord account

No. 588616

I can't believe some of these retards are admitting to being boomers.

No. 588623

lmao there was someone on the PULL threads frequently who claimed to be born in the 40s or some shit like that and I don't want to believe that's true because how pathetic to be 60 or whatever and on a fucking gossip site for teens lmfao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 588626

I don't really understand what moving to a new Discord that seems to be locked by a verification process will really do for them. It doesn't stop anyone here getting in since I assume some of us had accounts there.

The whole thing is just dumb

No. 588627

>Born in the 40s

No. 588628

I’m not really sure I understand why them having their own discord - instead of coming here - is an issue? (Issue wrong word but can’t think of a right one)
It’s not like we didn’t already know what their demographic was.
I don’t know why KF decided to dox someone, I mean I get how stupid pusheen was to link their socials but why does anyone care?
I think I’m missing something… Please enlighten me fellow anons

No. 588630

KF wasn't the one who doxed her, she was doxed here. See >>588473

Most of them are too afraid to go to KF because KF allows and encourages doxing and also says mean words like tranny and nigger and faggot.

No one is saying their discord is bad, it's just pathetic and hilarious to see them struggling after their website got shut down.

No. 588632

Thanks I missed that post and now I see, it’s pretty hilarious tbh.

No. 588634

They could move to GG but their site is buggy and hard to access half of the time.

The only good point of PULL was the thread they had on some lesser talked about people, but even those will be gone now that they're on discord I think

No. 588635

when did someone from here doxx her? Finding the social media accounts isnt doxxing iirc

No. 588640

>born in the 40s or some shit like that

No. 588643

as a pull user, I think the majority of them have nowhere to go. they've said multiple times gg is buggy and down all the time, they always talk trash about lolcow, and like another mentioned kf is calling people autistic faggots which would be insta ban on pull. they themselves are sjw snowflakes

No. 588653

How do y'all get the links to these discord servers? Pls I'm just a stupid farmer

No. 588654

I'm sorry anon the approximate was hilarious I meant no hate. We're in 2020, it's an even number.

No. 588659

File: 1595501654399.jpg (48.43 KB, 620x394, 6ce8e909b96330c1a2d8888e815fed…)

No. 588661

they were verifying pull users with a certain amount of time or points or something

No. 588662

File: 1595502022254.jpg (64.58 KB, 800x800, 255iuxdit0g21.jpg)

ah it's probably boring once in there anyway cope

No. 588672

It’s not really an issue tbh but I find it kinda…well
PULL purpose and pride was that they would expose lying internet personality’s no? This kind of purpose doesn’t work on discord. It’s a closed community and no one can find it so what’s the point other than to be catty and petty? for being so prideful of ~uwu no toxicity we just expose~ pull being a disc server is really a miss lol

No. 588675

This writing style and lack of sage rings a bell or two. True, they couldn't exist for longer than absolutely needed on disco mainly due to their egos and there's the lack of formality that comes with an actual site/board.

No. 588676

Pusheen has deleted all of her social media, but screenshots of her instagram, twitter, and youtube are all up on kiwifarms. It's a shame no one got her tumblr, but that was probably her main social media and the first thing to go once her Drunk Deity identity got exposed.

No. 588678

Working on the server caps I did manage to nab

No. 588684

If anyone manages to get into the server unrestricted, you can archive all the chats with this exporter tool: https://github.com/Tyrrrz/DiscordChatExporter

I don't think it can be uploaded on lolcow, but it'd be welcome on the farms.

No. 588712

File: 1595514809524.png (209.98 KB, 1346x875, FJAM opens hellsgate.png)

Caps from Pull Reincarnated

>server poppin off, everyone hates Nyx

>user named FJ AM started the spergout by coming in with receipts showing several individuals were involved in creating Pull 4.0, but ultimately backing out, leaving Nyx with neither a new site or a new team
>Namely, Pusheen, RockingHorseFly and Monocakes, who have been scapegoating Nyx the hardest in the server
>Pull 4.0 team had been knowing about the possibility of shutdown as early as March but archived nothing even though they said they were

No. 588713

File: 1595514864655.png (620.16 KB, 2883x904, screencap2.png)

FJ AM receipts 1/4

Maybe out of order

No. 588714

File: 1595514903887.png (665.98 KB, 2488x1339, screencap3.png)

FJ AM receipts 2/4

No. 588715

File: 1595514999265.png (484.66 KB, 2883x979, screencap4.png)

FJ AM receipts 3/4

No. 588717

File: 1595515149557.png (772.92 KB, 2745x1340, Screencap5.png)

FJ AM receipts 4/4

Fucking flood fml

No. 588719

File: 1595515223914.png (125.04 KB, 779x785, Initial reaction.png)

Server reaction

No. 588720

File: 1595515271971.png (139.27 KB, 1206x801, FJAM blames Monocakes and Hors…)

No. 588721

thank you so much for actually providing! i was in the server but missed this

No. 588722

File: 1595515310963.png (145.41 KB, 1339x792, FJAM cont.png)

No. 588724

File: 1595515368137.png (159.59 KB, 1121x852, Nyx allegedly blinsided by P4 …)

No. 588725

Honestly this entire situation makes me feel bad for Nyx. Wtf is this team and she always had to pay for this website. She should have plugged it much earlier and found better friends or whatever these weirdos are.

No. 588727

File: 1595515651819.gif (506.89 KB, 500x361, retardalert.gif)


I like that people still blamed Nyx. They tried to get Nyx to pay for their autistic play ground for pretty princess points. At the same time they were giving her empty promises of taking it over. I really lost my sides when they kept on claiming FJ is Nyx, Shadow, Biscuit and Motherfucking Josh from Kiwifarms.

Nyx told them the plug would be pulled this month in March and they knew there was archiving to do and offered to do it for her and offered to take over the site.

Imagine being so incompetent that in F O U R months of Neetdom you couldnt even muster up archiving the site, which is entirely free. Instead they spent four months trying to come up with a narrative to raise their whiteknight army for their spergdom not to come out. To think they wanted a thread on Nyx when their mod team is full of ddlg, russiaboo, marvel universe sperges, retards, weebs, professional victims and furries.

tldr the new mod team couldnt meet Nyx's deadline to take over the site, which was six fucking months. Pic related.

No. 588728

File: 1595515898651.jpg (217.04 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20200723-105048_Dis…)

Really want them to just go to reddit, thats the only place they can be tolerated

No. 588729

File: 1595515929148.png (167.17 KB, 1328x842, Monocakes says shes gonna be a…)

Monocakes got triggered that she and Fly are now up for questioning, I didn't get caps of the whole thing sadly. In this one, she said that she was up to be a mod, but later on says they never had intention to help 3.0 at all.

No. 588732

File: 1595516158039.png (138.42 KB, 806x839, pusheen reveals Nyx location.p…)

Pusheen being a cunt, leaked some of Nyx's info

No. 588734

How can they still blame Nyx after those screenshots? How is it fair that 1 person has to do all the work, including paying for everything? It was her good right to just quit. And the others were talking behind her back on discord too?

>Nyx told them the plug would be pulled this month in March
The userbase or the people who said they'd take over?

No. 588736

File: 1595516314270.jpg (229.04 KB, 664x4096, Jan 1-3.jpg)

Anyway, FJ AM triggered Pusheen and RockingHorseFly to post their own caps of convos with Nyx

Pusheen 1/3

No. 588737

File: 1595516364259.jpg (223.82 KB, 664x4096, Jan 2-3.jpg)

Pusheen 2/3

No. 588738

Did you see the preface to these?
>The day before these screens our admin was there calling the mod team out and she got banned super quick.
>FJ was online then & discussing things with the LC admin in the general channel. >Yesterday mods of the discord claimed LC Admin was never there outside of the kenna channel when FJ brought up her having been there the day before.

>FJ said to one of the mods that they're lying on the situation since they were still scapegoating Nyx on the discord and pretending LC admin was never there.

>Mods get defensive and tell her to prove it.
>FJ says she's gonna prove that they're lying by asking people directly involved with the situation about it.
>A few hours after that these caps were posted by FJ with her proclaiming she had DM'd everyone and gone around asking anyone who might know about the situation.

No. 588739

God I forgot that the way they talk is so fucking cringey ew

No. 588740

File: 1595516491645.jpg (237.2 KB, 664x4096, Jan 3-3.jpg)

Pusheen 3/3

No. 588744

File: 1595516650861.jpg (205.27 KB, 750x3084, May15 - Pusheen flips out on N…)

Sorry I'm dumb there's more that Pusheen release
The context of this is
>Monocakes and Pusheen shit talked Nyx in their Unpopular Opinion thread
>Nyx said she was upset by that, prompting Pusheen to flip the fuck out, saying she had an attitude and being rude with the "Blugh" remarks
>Even though as clearly seen in previous convo, they had a perfectly civil conversation after the Blugh thing

No. 588751

File: 1595517168141.png (87.05 KB, 1313x471, blaming covid.png)

No. 588753

File: 1595517277473.png (1001.74 KB, 1280x720, jay stare.png)

…wasnt she the one going on how PULL costs pennies to host and Nyx is being cheap by not wanting to pay?

No. 588754

File: 1595517347253.png (132.83 KB, 1299x725, px.png)

>all she wanted in the end was to keep the domain HOLDING ON TO POWER UNTIL THE BITTER END

Truly karmic poetry she got BTFO lol

No. 588756

She keeps repeating that she's using the latest software and has 10 members set and ready for a new site.
What happened to that, was she lying back then? Is she lying now?

No. 588757

File: 1595517581521.png (416.17 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200723-032303.png)


No. 588758

So pusheen is upset by this >>588736 conversation - although at that time she chatted with nyx like a friend? Also this is obvious proof that she claimed to have started archiving things back in January already.
And pusheen posted this, isn't she just exposing herself?

No. 588760

Yes all of that. Dumb bitch literally implicated herself lmao

No. 588761

Seems like all she wanted was enough personal information to shit on nyx and have admins/mod privileges without doing little to any work. Nothing they say has been consistent, only way to get some idea if stuff can be achieved and try to dig through the announcemente, doesn't seem worth it regardless. Just some whales shitting on people prettier than them because they can't change their face and drop some weight

No. 588762

Lol dont have the screengrab, but not long afterwards Pusheen was like "aight guys, im gonna go play sims now~"

And then she got fucking doxxed lmfaoooo

No. 588763

Ohhh yeah someone asked "How much archiving was done" they just went "dunno, wasn't my responsibility, maybe a couple of Venus threads, thassit"

No. 588764

Was Rom really admin LMAO I was sure it's a LARP

No. 588765

yes, you can check her account in the official lolcow discord. that's her.

No. 588766

Lmfao @ pusheen saying she wants nothing to do with pull and then getting doxxed bc of it. Karma for being a fat snowflake

No. 588767

Oh shit it's true, it is her

No. 588768

I never had an account on pull but still remember frequently seeing that pusheen girl whenever I lurked. Are people on her side vs. on nyxs despite how much of a dumbass she is, because she was kind of their alpha poster? lol

No. 588771

Same and I never understood why all the pulltards were siding with her even though it was blatantly obvious how much of a snowflake she was

No. 588772

wheres the person who was gonna dox other pull mods??

No. 588773

probably because she mass downvoted anyone in her way and was always on forums 24/7

No. 588774

File: 1595518492986.jpeg (30.31 KB, 510x289, C979617A-DFED-4772-A272-3EC1BC…)

YeAH where’s the rest of it you crazy bitch???

No. 588775

File: 1595518615755.png (14.75 KB, 649x68, 13.png)

I wish PULLtards would stop acting like they're above other drama sites like LC/KF just because they "don't use slurs". They're petty and love drama just like the rest of us, but pretend they're "gathering receipts on people with problematic pasts". What did some of the cows they have actually do? Not to mention I saw someone in the old PULL discord (the one Nyx is going to nuke) say they're the ones who gather the most milk. Really?

No. 588779

Imagine saying this shit when you cant even archive your own platform even tho mods told u it was gonna go down

a u t i s t i c

No. 588782

File: 1595519808065.jpg (191.76 KB, 750x2667, HorseFly0.jpg)

Here are texts between RockingHorseFly and Nyx between Jan and April


No. 588783

File: 1595519867790.jpg (253.44 KB, 750x4000, HorseFly1.jpg)


No. 588785

File: 1595520011264.jpg (283.67 KB, 750x4000, HorseFly2.jpg)


No. 588786

File: 1595520144277.jpg (261.3 KB, 750x4000, HorseFly3.jpg)


No. 588790

File: 1595520260517.jpg (227.26 KB, 750x4000, HorseFly4.jpg)


No. 588796

File: 1595520358780.jpg (169.51 KB, 750x2667, HorseFly5.jpg)


No. 588797

In case anyone cares, I at least archived the GG/nitenite99/Plaaastic (RIP) thread the same day I found out Nyx was taking down the site. Maybe it's just me, but that was the only thing I ever personally found interesting on the site, and aside from the LC thread, there are no other real records of her online history on the English side of the net.
There's really no telling what receipts other threads held on various other public online figures, though.
Why the mods who've been bitching on Discord and pinning blame on Nyx for everything couldn't do the same thing (especially with prior knowledge about its shutdown and claims that they were doing so in the screencaps of their own discussions with Nyx) is beyond me. I don't understand why Nyx didn't do it, either, but it's somehow even more irritating to me that Pusheen and co outright claimed to have archived things, but didn't.
Can't start a new site, can't even back up an existing forum while you're a mod. Too busy posting shitty fanfiction, ED-posting on Twitter, and bitching about other members, I guess.

No. 588799

Based! I love that thread, thanks anon

No. 588800

lol what a cunt. Why do they write multiple paragraphs for one message. Autism.

Honestly seems like Nyx was tired of their bullshit and just pulled the plug.

No. 588801

Fucking right to not trust retards. She pulled the plug to spite them and I’m okay with that.

No. 588804

>from the time we were still nobodies

No. 588808

imagine trusting someone dumb enough to get doxxed to run a website. nyx was smart jumping the ship

No. 588817

>uwu you've done so much for this site!
And now you stab her in the back.
Also, they started archiving in fucking november…

Funnily enough I only went to pull when there was somebody I hated (in my case e.g. Edvard Avila) but who wasn't considered milky enough for lc. Mods here are actually stricter, on pull you could make a thread about anybody and sperg about any minor thing you dislike about them.

No. 588826

File: 1595522457264.jpg (32.6 KB, 757x220, lol.JPG)

The new discord is just as bad as the other one. All they're doing is bitching about lolcow and KF.

No. 588829

I swear to god if they jump onto another shitty discord.

No. 588831

didn't screenshot, but weren't they trying to argue that they never talked about doxxing? why was pusheen sharing nyx's location then? they can argue "we weren't serious!" but is close to doxxing and seems quite threatening

going by the colors of the names, this is the old discord that nyx is going to nuke (same color as the screenshot in >>588775 , who said it's the old server)
>angry we had no real security
who was angry? pusheen had her own shit out there, that was her own fault. if someone on lolcow discord gets doxxed because they were too retarded to not remove their social media accounts from their discord, that's their own fault too

No. 588832

I do remember someone being in their 40s who often visited the Yumi King paged a lot.

No. 588834

File: 1595522955386.jpg (64.7 KB, 747x540, Capture.JPG)

Wrong pic.

No. 588837

All they do is shit talk about KF or LC even though their site was pure cringe.

No. 588839

Legit lol’d at Nyx warning Pusheen to not trust anyone and use a good IP blocker so she won’t get doxxed by vendetta-chan mods on PULL 4.0 but Pusheen ended up getting soft-doxxed on here just through her own intense stupidity.

No. 588841

>it's so pathetic that they're lurking and screencapping!
>keeps lc's PULL thread open to talk about it

it's almost like we're both sites for drama and we both love keeping tabs, who would've thought?

No. 588846

>I'm getting uncomfotable (edited)
Lol the embodiment of the average pull user in one line

That gorey ed twitter and using the same name for your insta and ao3…girl couldn't be any dumber.

I guess it's difficult to accept that now they themselves are the milk.

No. 588851

File: 1595524163636.png (110.29 KB, 1004x736, hjfflkhiuyhl.png)

They have no loyalty whatsoever lol turning on the mods now

No. 588860


I remember gayassqueen. Actually sucks how all the milk on Cyome is gone now and she will possibly go back to scamming people. I remember the recent bump was from a person who paid 400$ with proofs 2 years ago and never gotten artwork.

No. 588865

wow it seems like a lot of their doxing problems could have been solved by uhh, hmm, using an anonymous message board for gossip….? being anonymous? Who would have thought!

No. 588878

this is so true. Nyx paid for the whole thing and they cry because she openly said she wasn't going to continue with PULL.
How are people hating on Nyx after these screenshots got posted? Can't they read?
Also pusheen doxxing Nyx is a-okay?

No. 588890

As long as it’s not us doxxing then it’s okay

No. 588894


The discord has a new cyome thread so reciepts can be collected again. Aint that bitch ever come back istg

No. 588913

I feel bad for Nyx. She made mistakes but she didn't seem to be well at the end there and tried to wrap things up. The fuckery caused by these clueless, arrogant wannabes on the other hand is insane.

No. 588916

Didn’t one of the active participants for the Cyome thread go on the PULL thread on Kiwifarm, acting sugar-sweet and asking for help from them, and then turned around to shit on them on Discord? kek

No. 588919

you have no idea

No. 588922

File: 1595528991901.png (134.36 KB, 1469x890, kana.png)

Yes, according to the server mods dropping Nyx's personal info was 100% okay and they're not responsible for what other people post. :^)(:^))

No. 588930

lol disgusting

No. 588934

Posting the city a person lives in is hardly doxxing you can usually tell that shit from people's accents like???

No. 588937

Same people were saying they're making a thread on her and then dropping her city and some other personal details of hers.

Lets be real, their plan was to dox her lol

No. 588941

I'll agree that it's not quite doxing, but it's not right. Who even knows if she's correct anyway? Pusheen seems like a massive idiot who'll buy whatever

No. 588943

you can tell shes mentally unstable

No. 588944

Pusheen only got her face and social media exposed anyway, that's hardly doxing kek

No. 588950

it's desperate and pathetic to lash out by dropping the city where an ex-admin of a gossip site allegedly lives. that person has actual enemies (not petty vendettas) and for them it's playing with fire. it's also in poor taste because pusheen wanted to mod pull 4.0 herself and put herself in that position and got warned about internet safety by Nyx

No. 588952

Will you stop going thread to thread with this retarded bullshit? A few users in the belle thread did bad photoshops adding her to the banner. there was no "discussion of adding her". You are obsessed with this girl.

No. 588970

This. If Pusheen had more info on Nyx, she would have fully doxxed her, but apparently she only knew what major city she lived in. Couldn't describe what she looked like or what her first name is. If she knew more she would have gone full scorched earth. Ironic.

No. 588975

Thank you I love it

No. 588984

TL;DR Staged a coup, tried to make Pull 4.0 with some others (had Nyx's blessing) but failed, sperged out against her on PULL and on the discord servers that were made after PULL went down, released info about Nyx, then ran away after being posted here.

No. 588986


Wow that's fucked up, why would they want to doxx Nyx after that. (I deleted my comment in case people wondered I asked what Pusheen had to do with PULL) thanks btw

No. 589008

why is this so hilarious me my sides

No. 589010

>>stage a coup
Was it a coup though? A coup would be seizing control of the site without the owner’s (Nyx’s) permission. Nyx had wanted out since Jan. and had been talking with this group about taking it over but talks broke down after the group decided they didn’t want it after all. No “coup” that Icould see.

No. 589012

A coup, a mutiny, revolution, who fucking cares that’s stupid semantics. It’s clear what they did.

No. 589017

the coup aspect was probably where they went from trying to work things out with Nyx (while rejecting the help she was offering) to openly blasting her by posting screenshots on PULL and expecting the users to side with them and run over to their new forum. It still doesn't make sense because Nyx never hinted at wanting to remain admin in any way, they didn't have any competition

No. 589023

File: 1595541743182.jpg (98.5 KB, 828x1472, 107376754_10159061687647994_77…)

Older dox, I don't think she's been active for a while but there was a huge humblebragging mod by the name of carmiebun a few years ago who blogposted all over the weebflake threads about her authentic asian experiences. She goes by yungbanhmi now and is a woke instahoe that touts love urselves ignore haters uguu

Leave it to PULL users to advertise their social media on a site dedicated to shit talking others.

No. 589034

pusheen btfo repeatedly, you love to see it

No. 589035

Has anyone brought up to pusheen what a huge hypocrite she is? She spent all her time on PULL making fun of living doll uguu kawaii pro-ana ddlg girls all while trying to emulate them. How fucking pathetic can you get?

No. 589036

>She spent all her time on PULL making fun of living doll uguu kawaii pro-ana ddlg girls all while trying to emulate them
Wasn't that essentially the point of PULL? The users there made the most fun of the people who they wanted to emulate the most.

No. 589038

kf narrowing down where pusheen lives rn

ikr? disgusting

No. 589044

>The users there made the most fun of the people who they wanted to emulate the most.
Did you forget that many farmers rode a wave of embittered jealousy called Dakota Rose to get here in the first place? Making fun of Pull is fun and I would like to think farmers are more self aware about it but you can't pretend that farmers don't do the same thing

No. 589046

File: 1595544944961.jpg (167.78 KB, 1080x1922, 1.jpg)

No. 589047

File: 1595545007894.jpg (105.58 KB, 1080x1160, 2.jpg)

No. 589048

File: 1595545044478.jpg (148.76 KB, 1046x1561, 3.jpg)

No. 589049

File: 1595545200656.jpg (101.12 KB, 1080x1593, 4.jpg)

couple out of the stuff i took last night before her insta went down, couldnt look for long without dry heaving

No. 589052

we all do that.

the only difference between pullfags and farmers is that most of us don't give a shit about having a 'good reason' to laugh at a cow, we just do. also FUCK SLURS

No. 589055

File: 1595545789683.png (121.5 KB, 1078x630, DDB91372-1D2C-4846-8708-01636F…)

Nyc bringing back the forum for a month lol

No. 589057

So the only loser out of all of this drama is pusheen and her gaggle of idiots. LMAO get fucked pusheen.

No. 589058

File: 1595546098427.jpg (21.17 KB, 878x248, Capture.JPG)

No. 589063

Can you explain to me how these are relevant or milky, or are we just making a fan page for them all now?
Ngl I'm starting to wonder if this thread is actually full of PULL users that are finally getting to shit on each other

No. 589070

What would you consider "relevant" or "milk". Genuinely asking as I see multiple non PULL related threads doing just this.

No. 589072

r u retarded or retarded?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 589073

they're pulltarded

No. 589074

PULL is back up

No. 589075

Well I’m not trying to see this bitch’s ugly mug over and over again either. We all saw these from Kf anyway.

No. 589087

Now is the time for all PULLtards to archive their favorite threads. If no one gets to it, they only have themselves to blame.
Don't rely on opportunist flakes like Pusheen. These sites are free, use them:

No. 589090

lolcow fags are just as annoying as PULLtards. quit pretending youre better than the other. Youre not. Youre still talking shit about some random cow at the end of the day. I used to frequent PULL and now Ill be here, youtube, instagram, etc because its 2020. I usually watch Venus’ threads here, but they are 90% unreadable with the infighting, retarded theories and bring her mom. Its internet gossip, relax.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 589097

I would also recommend copy and pasting the OPs of the less chaotic threads to migrate them to Kiwifarms.

No. 589112

They made an absolutely massive shitshow of a discord server, invite link is pinned on the homepage, but here it is for the lazy: https://discord.gg/vZFEm75

No. 589119

For all their high and mighty acts about how they're saving the internet by exposing liars and fakes, it's beautiful that they've fled to a discord server where the ignorant masses they're trying to save cannot and will not see any of their cutting edge internet journalism.

No. 589127

I know this will 100% result in a ban but I was a newer lurker on PULL (~2 months, maybe). I never heard of this site or KF until these past few days when the discord server got toxic af. Everyone here and on KF seems to hate PULL too. Could someone please explain why? Genuinely curious why everyone hates each other.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 589128

The thread description alone of this and the previous thread should get you up to speed kek

No. 589129

Majority of the people in the discord aren’t even archiving, they’re just complaining about the site being down, the info going to be deleted eventually from the Internet, etc but refuse to do the work in archiving. When confronted with this they just went back to their little echo chambers hating on girls that have better lives than them. The Kelly Stamp channel is literally full of nitpicks, “oh she was raised wealthy how dare she teach her subs to save money!” “Minimalism is so hard!” “I don’t like her now she went to boston, she went to this place and that place!”
The rest of the channels are the same, people complaining about a chick because she has more money, has followers, etc, and complaining that all their “hard internet detective work” will be gone

No. 589130

File: 1595562543859.png (226.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200723-234812.png)

No. 589132

Why do you fucking care? Why does anyone has to like anyone. Not like you guys want to take up residence here or KF where we're super edgy and toxic.

No. 589134

File: 1595563098913.png (54.68 KB, 694x596, PULL.png)

PULL isn't that different in concept to Kiwifarms or lolcow in that they're drama forums dedicated to following retarded people online and making fun of them behind their backs.

The difference between them is PULL likes to act like they're better than LC and KF because they're more "civil" and ban people from saying mean non-inclusive words like nigger and tranny and faggot. They don't like LC and KF because we say mean words and we're edgy. (see pic)

It's basically a tumblr community dedicated to stalking e-girls they're jealous of. They act like they're doing all of this for the greater good and they're just vigilante heroes getting the tea and reciepts on awful scammers online when it all just boils down to "this girl is prettier and more popular than me and I'm jealous of her so I'm going to look up every detail of her life and try to ruin her."

PULL is basically a forums full of vendetta threads with teenage girls and troons blogposting and humblebragging about themselves, saying things like "wow she's so ugly, I'm WAY prettier than her" as if anyone gives a shit about them. Pro-tip: if you have to tell everyone that you're better than the person you're making fun of, you aren't.

No. 589137

So did Nyx ever actually say how much PULL costed her per month?

No. 589138

File: 1595563600880.png (74.42 KB, 1080x395, IMG_20200723_011550.png)

No. 589141

>It's basically a tumblr community dedicated to stalking e-girls they're jealous of.

remove 'tumblr' and it's different from LC how? The things you described in your last two paragraphs can be largely applied to LC aswell.

No. 589142

Damn so she's spent at-least ~1,000 on keeping that site running. Sad.
Lol at her saying she doesn't care about the shut-down then talking shit about Nyx and posting her personal information

No. 589144

I frequent KF way more than LC, but from what I've seen of LC, most of the vendetta and petty posting gets called out pretty quickly.

No. 589147

50 dollar isn't even that bad, frankly. Sbe could've started a patreon and hand out a special rank or some other perk to entice people to donate. A lot of these people would donate just to achieve some status within the community. I believe that would've largely solved the server cost problem.

No. 589148

PULL has a Patreon, it was just never advertised anywhere, so no one knew it existed. It's even talked about in some of the screenshots.


No. 589149

there's no point trying to reason, have you seen how pretentious some of the posts on kiwifarms are? i think pull has most of the jealous teens for sure, but everyone on all three think they're better than everyone else when they're the exact same. funny watching everyone talk shit about each other nonetheless tho

No. 589150

That's what she did, but few people donated and begging too much causes drama. Same here, we have a patreon too and guess how many people know about it or donate to it. Plus if you make it too visible you're gonna get reported and banned from Patreon, they have a strict no bullying policy.

No. 589152

Neighboring clubs always hate each other so why would cyberbullying sites be any different? The stereotypes are that PULL is full of young self obsessed sjws that don't bother learning how to use other sites and post boring nitpicks. KF is full of misogynist spergs and their forum design encourages them to out-edge each other for points. Lolcow is like most anonymous imageboards in the way everyone obsesses over anonymity and relevance but they are supposedly also all awful mean women even though lolcow has a lot of sjw rules to reduce infighting.

Not all farmers hate every PULL user and many people use multiple sites like >>589144 anons mostly just hate when outsiders don't integrate, nobody likes to see outsiders come into their club house and make a mess
tl;dr lurk more or go try LSA or reddit instead

No. 589153

Lol @ all the Pullfags saying "I totally would have donated!!!". Yeah right. Like sure if you knew shutdown was imminent, otherwise no one would be assed.

No. 589157

File: 1595565559258.png (85.67 KB, 1346x422, 156498498.png)

harry potter and the audacity of these cunts

thinking they're in the position to forgive Nyx when they're the ones tearing her apart on hearsay of mentally ill attentionwhores

also isn't Brightburn the bitch with the husband who bought a domain the other day? she's incredibly off putting but the constant powerleveling

No. 589164

File: 1595567268514.png (24.4 KB, 622x113, numbonnovacaine.png)

It's absolutely hilarious how bad Pusheen is at deleting her shit. I wish we would have gotten her admin era, it would have been great.

She deleted her drunk-deity name off this account, but it's still cached on Google.

No. 589168

File: 1595568361645.png (32.55 KB, 1235x235, pushpush1.png)

And if you look that username up, you not only find her old emo teen youtube account with hair tutorials and a BODTF subscription, but also…

…her MPA account. I know it's hers because any posts you find cached under Numbonnovacaine lead to a user named Guest_Push_Push, and all their quoted posts still show their former username, which is, you guessed it, Pusheen.

So Numbonnovacaine > Pusheen > Push_Push > Account deletion

To read all her posts, google >numbonnovacaine site:myproana.com

She also has a sheer endless thread of food and recipes, which checks out with her bragging about her epic collection of food photos in the PULL discord kek


No. 589169

File: 1595568493296.png (97.38 KB, 1225x593, vitrol2.png)

At one point she was also going by Vitriol and posted one of her ana-themed sites.

No. 589170

File: 1595568678509.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, unknown (7).png)

Pusheen's food porn hoard

No. 589171

File: 1595568697933.png (128.55 KB, 539x383, unknown (8).png)

No. 589172


It's so hilarious to me that she keeps pushing this eating disorder shit. She says she has BED but really she's just a typical fat ass with poor impulse control and not enough discipline to count calories and work out.

No. 589173

File: 1595568782380.png (29.14 KB, 661x128, unknown (9).png)

The heartwarming story of how Pusheen gave away her virginity, posted on Pull discord for everyone to see

No. 589174

No. 589175

File: 1595568927091.png (115.22 KB, 646x647, unknown (10).png)

Proudly proclaiming her love for being used as a cumdumpster at kink parties to a group of weeaboo teens

No. 589177

File: 1595568966656.png (121.79 KB, 665x676, unknown (11).png)

No. 589178

File: 1595568989106.png (64.59 KB, 607x408, unknown (12).png)

You, too, could be engaging in group sex right now!

No. 589179

File: 1595569024940.png (104.73 KB, 649x617, unknown (13).png)

No. 589180

File: 1595569095918.png (114.09 KB, 649x678, unknown (14).png)

She also wants to legally change her name to Natalia Romanova because she wants to be Black Widow

No. 589181

File: 1595569133068.png (119.36 KB, 631x719, unknown (15).png)

No. 589182

File: 1595569152412.png (137.08 KB, 659x719, unknown (16).png)

No. 589183

Get this fat bitch a thread already

No. 589184

Is that her? It's hard to tell since she looks so much skinnier.

No. 589185

File: 1595569293714.png (125.84 KB, 654x679, unknown (18).png)

Also having degenerate sexual fantasies over Marvel characters

No. 589186

File: 1595569301540.png (86.33 KB, 628x499, unknown (17).png)

No. 589187

File: 1595569355958.png (299.21 KB, 506x518, '.png)

No. 589189

File: 1595569413737.png (288.83 KB, 562x509, unknown (19).png)

No. 589192

File: 1595569598510.png (118.99 KB, 414x777, unknown (21).png)

>hey guys did I mention I guzzled a condom

She just throws these out there with nobody asking. Uncomfortable. This was your mod/future admin???

No. 589193

Where are you finding these?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 589194

File: 1595569904891.png (77.32 KB, 647x426, unknown (22).png)

They're all in the official PULL discord. You can see it in the sidebar of >>589170 too

No. 589195


She just left the server lol

No. 589196

Please archive the whole server before they nuke it or Pusheen starts deleting her embarrassing posts. https://github.com/Tyrrrz/DiscordChatExporter

Upload the archive to mega or something

No. 589198

File: 1595570214433.png (145.35 KB, 516x398, unknown (23).png)

I saved all of her NSFW shit, she can delete all she wants. Hope you're hyped for her obsession with making porn on the Sims featuring other PULL members

Also saved some other goods. Those idiots really didn't think at all

No. 589199

Or kiwifarms. The file size limitation is fairly high, but you should be able to upload each channel individually. If you upload it to mega and post it here, it will certainly get uploaded by a kiwi for safekeeping.

No. 589200

File: 1595570300964.png (62.46 KB, 666x287, unknown (24).png)

These girls truly embody the cliche of the angry, insecure, powerless NEET who has to spend their sleepless nights playing keyboard warrior to feel some semblance of superiority

No. 589201

pusheen really can't complain about being doxxed, seeing as she knows jackshit about privacy..

No. 589202

File: 1595570822164.png (44.86 KB, 580x436, unknown.png)

Some more degeneracy.

No. 589203

File: 1595570869963.png (Spoiler Image, 305.96 KB, 534x496, sims.png)

In her spare time pusheen enjoys making high quality sims porn

No. 589204

File: 1595570906537.png (Spoiler Image, 277.14 KB, 434x662, sims2.png)

No. 589205

File: 1595570961012.png (Spoiler Image, 82.62 KB, 400x516, sims3.png)

Confirmation drunkdiety tumblr blog is linked to her.

No. 589206

File: 1595570980294.png (Spoiler Image, 279.88 KB, 562x663, sims4.png)

No. 589207

File: 1595571045620.png (Spoiler Image, 333.99 KB, 514x538, yunna.png)

Pusheen also likes using her autistic porno directing skills to make sims porn of her fellow PULL users. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

No. 589208

File: 1595571074870.png (Spoiler Image, 299.34 KB, 476x663, yunna.png)

No. 589209

No. 589210

File: 1595571236650.png (Spoiler Image, 316.67 KB, 623x663, seektherapy.png)

It gets better.

No. 589211

File: 1595571277471.png (Spoiler Image, 98.9 KB, 574x621, "boyfriend".png)

Keep in mind pusheens' boyfriend is really another self hating fakeboi.

No. 589212

File: 1595571510542.png (98.14 KB, 677x546, thicc.png)

No. 589213

File: 1595571532023.png (Spoiler Image, 79.53 KB, 406x455, e=wtf.png)

No. 589214

File: 1595571544386.png (86.11 KB, 650x480, projection.png)

No. 589218

what the actual fuck is wrong with this chick

No. 589220

File: 1595572416952.png (110.09 KB, 1167x935, sims.png)

Watch out, she's been making Sims porn for 10 hours…

No. 589221

Oh shit she's coping by making snuff porn of Nyx and Biscuit as we speak

No. 589224

Those IDs are Hungarian student IDs, or at least the one on the left is. One on the right is probably a University ID. https://www.elte.hu/en/plastic_student_card

No. 589225

Who told her to take these photos and post them for PULL users, of all people? Like, who really asked for this shit? Why?
The Sims porn, the self-harm, the ED larping, the group sex, jesus. Who would even trust this human being to own a website?

No. 589226

even though pusheen talks so much shit about getting “dicked down” she radiates strong femcel energy. Who the fuck makes sims porn??? calling her retarded is too soft tbh shes cringe incarnate

No. 589229

Nobody seems to be bothered by this oversharing cringelord, either?

Thoroughly amused by this tryhard. Getting an official name change to LARP a comic book character(or whatever) is a fine start to cow career.

No. 589231

File: 1595574484033.png (269.1 KB, 1070x654, rocking horse fly.png)

No. 589232

her only friends are pull users on discord, who else is she going to talk to her hobbies about?

No. 589237

Okay this all escalated quickly lol, I need bleach for my eyes.
Why would someone who allowed themselves to get doxxed continue posting all of that cringe? Unless they were proud of it?
Urggghhg so much second hand embarrassment

No. 589239

File: 1595577255367.jpg (246.93 KB, 1080x903, Screenshot_20200724-035054.jpg)

She's still using MPA, she just changed her username. A bunch of screenshots just went up on kiwifarms.

No. 589240

how can she be so bad at staying anonymous on the internet holy fuck???

No. 589241

Does someone have the screenshot of the mods telling people to remove their linked accounts and to try and stay anonymous?

Especially pusheens rant about internet security would be appreciated.

No. 589242

File: 1595578130024.png (18.7 KB, 1309x97, ss (2020-07-24 at 03.08.59).pn…)

this one?

No. 589244

"I don't eat anything else that anybody cooks for me unless it is at a restaurant"

tf? this chick is trying way too hard to have an ed

No. 589248

If I was police and doing putasheen's criminal record check for the name change, I'd cuck her for the sims porn cause it be criminal

No. 589249

File: 1595580237801.png (76.61 KB, 1181x271, rocking horse fly.png)

Rocking Horse Fly says that she is sad because all she has is her boyfriend, her dysfunctional family and PULL.

A few months later, she decides to dump her boyfriend of 4.5 years because he doesn't understand her wanting an open relationship and has a crush on his best friend.

No. 589252

this. with all her pro ana larping and fakeboihood all her scandalous adventures are fake. which would be better for her because kink parties are std central

mental illness

No. 589253

>Nobody seems to be bothered by this oversharing cringelord, either?
Slight ot but that's so common on eversy fucking discord. There's always one fag who constantly reveals their entire degenerate lifestory and the rest just goes along with it, that's what being uw supportive is kek Also, I bet that the deleted user is a scrote, he was a bit too enthusiastic…

No. 589260

is pusheen aka jellycar on KF? they are BP, use black widow/scarjo as their avatar etc

No. 589263

There is a user named jellycar on KF that has a black widow avatar, but their post style seems wildly different from pusheen/Natalia's. What makes you think they're the same person?

No. 589266

File: 1595583853916.png (60.83 KB, 1768x194, Screenshot (185).png)

Lmao yes, talking about celebrities, nintendo, sims, never using slurs other than "fat", clearly made up stories,…definitely sounds much more like your typical pull user than somebody on kf.

No. 589270

File: 1595584465905.png (11.88 KB, 701x82, ss (2020-07-24 at 04.49.11).pn…)

>never using slurs other than fat

No. 589274

Wow that rant was the epitome of entitlement. I can't help but feel sorry for the guy

No. 589276

Seems like Nyx is not on the new pull server that she sent the link to on pull discord. Is she completely gone off pull?

No. 589277

Hello everyone. I've found her on another ED website, called mypancakeaddiction. Her account :

Please let me know if you cannot view it. Sorry.

No. 589279

It's not viewable by guests. Take screenshots (and edit out your own account information if it's visible)

No. 589281

Not really related to the pic but the way they're talking makes it seem like they understand that the majority of the user base is under 20s and potentially underage.

Why do they even need a nsfw channel? Especially with the whole security focus they now seemingly have

No. 589285

File: 1595586248000.jpg (61.38 KB, 763x455, push.JPG)

So far:
- Has a megathread called "every recipe possible"..
- Talks about her sex work
- More. It seems you have to be a full member to access everything. There's still much more I am not able to see, sorry.

No. 589286

File: 1595586305181.jpg (38.12 KB, 564x553, een.JPG)

No. 589289

File: 1595586358187.jpg (29.84 KB, 532x405, hm.JPG)

No. 589290

File: 1595586414958.jpg (59.79 KB, 708x548, name.JPG)

Apologies for the blurriness.I'll do a little more digging.

No. 589296

No, according to pull 30 is karen-aged, it's simply supposed to be a "burn".

No. 589306

If anyone is interested, here is the comment by Monocakes in PULL where she calls out Nyx for being a snowflake: https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/2268-unpopular-opinions/?do=findComment&comment=617899

Pusheen and RockingHorseFly start dogpiling on Nyx. They start bickering with Biscuit, who tells them to leave if they hate the site so fucking much. Biscuit's posts have been hidden, but you can still read them as quotes in other people's posts. Then Nyx comes to the thread to defend herself and show the complete screenshots (as opposed to Pusheen, who was only showing partial ones to make Nyx look bad). Monocakes, Pusheen and RockingHorseFly stfu after that.

Archives: http://archive.md/wip/8JSWR, http://archive.md/e4KoO, http://archive.md/t7dqv

No. 589311

“ If you’re so fed up with the site then uh, crazy idea, leave? Like, seriously, what are you still doing here? That’s like saying “I hate how fat this food makes me! continues to eat it anyway”. Put down the fork. Can’t stand when people complain about something they deliberately subject themselves to.”
LMFAO Biscuit saying this must’ve made Pusheen break

No. 589314

I mean it's only reasonable to stay away from that shitshow, she already jumped ship and pull is only on life-support for archiving

No. 589316

File: 1595590223448.jpg (137.74 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20200724-212323__01…)

Thank you anon that was a pretty kek worthy read. This little tid-bit is bang on character too

No. 589329

File: 1595593094956.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, my sides.gif)

Holy shit my sides. Biscuit hit way too close to home there, in fact she described Pusheen to the T. Pusheen literally can't put the fork down, pretending to be an ana-chan in recovery while having been morbidly obese since 14.

No. 589330

Sage bc irrelevant
A bit late and I know the side is back up now for some time but honestly thank you so much!
That thread was amazing and while yes GG had her moments and was a cow in her own ways, she was one of my biggest fashion inspirations and idols. Glad to know the thread is safe.
Ok enough about that sorry for thesperg

No. 589341

Hi, I saw people on KF and here asking why the actual doxes have not been posted. I made the dox files on PULL 4.0 members and I haven't posted them since I found one of the members has been active in very questionable circles that simply put aren't legal and dropping them here would get admin potentially in trouble. I've been debating whether to post the rest of them here after that but I decided not to.

Instead I've taken the morally and legally right action of sending in the information to the correct authorities, since I don't know are the rest of the members involved in the activities. If any milk of this will follow, I'm sure it will leak onto drama boards quite fast.

Without saying exactly what it is, hint is self made adult content and wildly underaged people.

No. 589342

Well then shut the fuck up and get the fuck out. Post or don’t.

No. 589343

Just don’t post the adult content? EZ

No. 589350

File: 1595596089769.gif (1.93 MB, 540x304, 1583202511450.gif)


haxx0r-san don't be a faggot don't cuck us like this

just leave out the underager …or at least tell who it is cause yikes forever

No. 589356

If it's pusheen and she diddled kids online, that's buh-bye to any name changes

No. 589360

Right? Does OP even have anything or are they trying to cover their ass for not bringing the milk?

No. 589362

You've already reported it to the authorities, so why not black out any actual content that might get anyone innocent in trouble, but leave in the evidence of the person being involved (with short sentences explaining context, if needed)?

No. 589364


yeah, you have moral obligation to namedrop kiddie porn producers, do it on KF if ya must

No. 589373

typical pulltard being all precious and twee

No. 589374

Sounds like bambi… she always claimed to have milk on Miranda but proved nothing

No. 589388

no response yet from jellycar. they got @ in the PULL thread at KF and haven’t said a word. huh!

No. 589393

File: 1595600564124.jpeg (98.06 KB, 828x762, E64310ED-7846-4E43-BC6C-F9B450…)

speak of the devil

No. 589406

sage your shit please

No. 589411

? i’m active on kf retard. sage your sperging

No. 589413

So a fat Canadian is changing her name to a Russian one and moving there? Isn't that the ~cultural appropriation~ they cry about when discussing most of their flakes or does it only matter if it's about japan?

No. 589418

LMAOOO good luck in Russia for her, a place where people barely know any English. We also got a stand up comedian that is still popular ever since 90s who have always been joking about how stupid canadians n americans are. I'd watch her starving in a poor country filled w dangerous immigrants.

No. 589419

At least she’d finally be starving

No. 589421

OT but Why do these people romanticize russia so much?
Its not a very good country in any aspect, you’re going to live in a commie block with a drunk neighbor who smokes in the public staircase and calls you a immigrant whore.

No. 589423

I think its more being russian than the country itself. Probably partly bc theres a lot of pretty Russian girls on IG and partly because of the book lolita since the author's russian

No. 589425

That’s a weak ass excuse. PLENTY of pedo’s have been exposed here. If admin hasn’t gotten in trouble by now, they ain’t gonna. Like others said, you can easily block out whatever is CP related. Ya got nothin anon.

No. 589436

lol, they showed up in chat, were told about the call out in the thread, posted that and promptly gtfo the site. makes you think lol

No. 589439

They then posted here too, right afterwards lmfao.

No. 589466


This cow is a joke. She told members that Nyx was actually the snowflake when she was one herself. She was notorious on proana sites for being pro and romanticizing anorexia when she never had it. She's always been a fatass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 589481

kek. They changed their photo on KF.

No. 589491

your sage is bad and you should feel bad

No. 589495

No. 589497

sage goes in the email section, learn to integrate.

No. 589506

other anons called it, pulltards are the reason why farms and lolcow has gone to shit. cant even read the rules

No. 589509

You didn't sage either, you're part of the problem.

No. 589513

you don't have to sage in /ot/

No. 589526

No. 589528

yes, the one on the left is a hungarian student ID card. the one on the right is an ID card.

why the fuck would you share your id though… how dumb can they get?

No. 589532

File: 1595616487185.png (9.24 MB, 1440x18196, screencapture-eatingdisorderce…)

This cow really can't help herself kek

No. 589535

File: 1595616691101.png (3.57 MB, 1440x6396, screencapture-eatingdisorderce…)

~I am Pusheen the Cat~

No. 589539

What I don't get: she's obviously a diehard fan of ScarJo as Black Widow - a woman literally famous because of her sexy curvy body, yet she wants to be ana so bad…?

I bet nothing she claims about her life is true, she's likely a former horse girl, still a virgin, obediently goes to college, never even touched alcohol in her entire life much less drugs, and the mom she shittalks so much is probably a total wellmeaning sweetheart.

No. 589542

File: 1595616990524.jpg (47.99 KB, 952x295, bmi1.JPG)

bmi points like these and insists she's a/n kek

No. 589545


From new shoes to breast implants. Fucking kek

No. 589547

how is her boyfriend 92lbs

No. 589548

I want to have some level of empathy for the girl so bad, but how the fuck can someone who spends so much time laughing at others online lack the basic fucking skill of keeping her own embarrassing life private?

No. 589553

>I bet nothing she claims about her life is true, she's likely a former horse girl, still a virgin, obediently goes to college, never even touched alcohol in her entire life much less drugs, and the mom she shittalks so much is probably a total wellmeaning sweetheart.
lol I could ssee this so much

No. 589596

She literally looks like a fat version of Gimpgirl555, acts like one too.

No. 589599


The best part is that without the interference of farmers, this sperg would have been the next admin of PULL.

PULLtards we accept thank you's in the form of fucking the right off from the farm.

No. 589605

Isn't gimpgirl actually Russian, too, not LARPing? She'd probably low-key look up to her, lmao.

No. 589631


I was thinking this too. Her bragging about her orgy parties sounds more like the kind of fanfic/sims porn she makes. It could be true, but I have a feeling she just likes to use the internet to live out her sexual fantasies

No. 589636

let's be real here. Anyone who is attending these edgelord sex parties wouldn't spend 10 hours on making sims characters have the seccs.

No. 589650

KF posted their new discord link and I still don’t know why they haven’t lockdown their discord yet

No. 589653

File: 1595629327486.png (30.55 KB, 1110x166, gg.png)

they literally have a link to the discord in the pinned announcement on the forum. They're not trying to keep it a secret or anything, or at least Nyx isn't.

No. 589669

What's the point of hiding it? it's not like anyone here has the balls to go into the chat and talk shit directly to them anyways, someone was bound to get in no matter how hard they try to secure it.

No. 589670

what a joke, hey ‘jellycar’ come talk' don’t post and run

No. 589707

>you don't have to sage in /ot/
the newfag excuse

No. 589713

File: 1595646338024.png (126.5 KB, 1252x333, Screen Shot 2020-07-25 at 11.0…)

and… changed again

No. 589720

the tryhard hard er, that's definitely her kek

No. 589722

having a hard time believing she's actually this retarded to link so many of her accounts..

No. 589728

File: 1595651330693.png (150.28 KB, 1250x300, drunkdeity .png)

No. 589729

File: 1595651355020.png (181.88 KB, 1280x576, drunkdeity profile.png)

No. 589735

Not her fucking columbine forum profile, i fucking love this site

No. 589746

A Columbine forum, too? Jesus.

No. 589766

Its like she checked all the edge points from back in the day tumblr, kek she's so dumb

No. 589767

File: 1595665031070.jpeg (141.51 KB, 1280x714, 92BFBCC1-0253-4731-9B57-235F62…)

Ahahhhahahahahhaha I thought this thread would be full of PULLtards complaining about having to integrate with the TERFS but holy fuck making sim porn and pretending to have an eating disorder, describing orgies that never happened.LOL

No. 589794

File: 1595671787771.png (157.71 KB, 718x790, Screenshot_2020-07-25-00-10-44…)

She's a dd/lgfag, too.

No. 589798

File: 1595672736424.png (353.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200725-015108.png)

No. 589799

File: 1595673595825.png (102.88 KB, 720x911, Screenshot_2020-07-25-00-05-30…)

>I used to be a sex worker
According to someone who knew her, the only "sex work" she's ever done is phone sex. She probably had these conversations in The Sims, too.

No. 589801

File: 1595674208748.png (34.02 KB, 882x218, bm.png)

Her Reddit account is sparse, but has a few drops of milk.
>blood magic

No. 589802

File: 1595674275807.png (32.15 KB, 868x210, thesims.png)

Some things never change, I guess.

No. 589803

File: 1595674310306.png (33.3 KB, 872x210, coc.png)

>hates call out culture
>becomes a mod on PULL

No. 589804

File: 1595674520917.png (56.45 KB, 311x401, Screenshot_2020-07-25-00-08-24…)

No. 589805

I don't get why those weird sex freaks are so into Sims, like just play Second Life? Then you don't have to mod the shit out of a game made for literal children just so you can mastrubate to it

No. 589812

the fucking irony is sending me

No. 589818

What I find weird is how many different accounts she has jesus christ

No. 589823

File: 1595678042612.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.39 KB, 1024x926, samantha harrisson.jpg)

spoiler tags on for your own eyes.

>implying I really didnt have more

No. 589824

File: 1595678094304.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.09 KB, 810x1135, samantha harrisson tits.jpg)

Again spoiled for your own eyes.

No. 589829

Colton Rob___*

No. 589836

Shes trying too hard to integrate. Claims to know nothing about PULL, but then voices concern about the migration of PULL refuges, and then spergs about people calling her autistic lmfao.

No. 589839

File: 1595680081393.png (44.01 KB, 1192x213, abdl account.png)

No. 589840

File: 1595680168926.png (203.38 KB, 1194x663, abdl posts 1.png)

abdlic = Adult Baby, Diaper Lover & Incontinence

No. 589861

File: 1595683180016.png (133.31 KB, 1970x424, gq.png)

She's genderqueer, guys.

No. 589862

File: 1595683260617.png (68.63 KB, 1716x180, ijk8.png)

So, her mom knows she's into ABDL.

No. 589863

File: 1595683396858.png (48.73 KB, 844x194, diapers.png)


No. 589864

File: 1595683555838.png (77.25 KB, 1948x208, 4h3.png)

Imagine her regressing into little-mode while spamming your Discord server with her homemade Sims porn.

No. 589865

Literally the lady doth protest too much

No. 589900

File: 1595687407254.png (32.74 KB, 1188x96, pacifier.png)

No. 589901

File: 1595687627132.png (33.45 KB, 1189x92, onesie.png)

No. 589903

I wasn't >>589506 or >>589466 and I've been here for years, so no not a newfag. You don't have to sage in /ot/ and that's a fact.

No. 589907

>"I practically live under 500 kcals"

No. 589914

File: 1595688819283.png (2.5 MB, 2800x8704, wynx-hates-pedos-tumblr-post-1…)

Found an old callout post about her.
Apparently, she used to run an otherkin/witchcraft Discord server (kek) where people posted "sfw DDLG" content around kids (and "kid alters").
Also, apparently, her boyfriend is a pedophile. I kind of wonder if this is what >>589341 was talking about, but they said "self made adult content", so maybe not.

No. 589923

Probably related to it for sure, maybe that pit goes in a lot further than we know and anon found the bottom of the pit?

No. 589927

Might be related to that tbh…. Her and her pedo troon might have been sending their dragon dildo sessions to teenagers on discord and asking for pics from them

No. 589933

I'm very disgusted and uncomfortable from what I’ve seen here. It really shows you can’t trust people I did not know anything that this was the kind of person I was I interacting with I should’ve done my research like you guys so thank you for showing me this persons true colors I’m fucking disgusted and do not want my name associated with this gross person.

No. 589947

File: 1595692780001.png (171.18 KB, 986x1114, kinserver.png)

Proof that she ran the otherkin server, from one of her old Tumblr accounts.
Another post to advertise the server, this one with a (now-dead) link: https://blackwidowofficial.tumblr.com/post/177392087202/hi-i-run-a-general-otherkin-server-we-are-also

No. 589951

Another ex friend of Pusheen here. I’m glad I got to see this. I’m washing my hands of them. Goodbye pedo.

No. 589955

File: 1595693363428.png (1.35 MB, 1242x2004, n08.png)

And here is proof that "blackwidowofficial" is her account.
This same photo was posted on her IG.

No. 589958

File: 1595693448120.png (440.79 KB, 1242x1031, n41.png)

No. 589959

File: 1595693496893.png (215.4 KB, 1191x647, rocking horse fly.png)

might be relevant

No. 589961


No. 589962

I feel very good after watching this photo. What a fat monster smh.

No. 589966

File: 1595693786683.jpg (46.44 KB, 540x689, 7d340b1eebef0041adc72fe9d3048b…)

Oh so rape fanfics and rape sims porn of pull users posted on a discord with minors were all kosher but it getting it out to the public is where you guys draw the line anonymously?

No. 589967

thread on this cow when lol

No. 589968

File: 1595693814007.jpeg (260.31 KB, 1242x745, 22109805-8BC8-4160-AE16-E1D703…)

From my convo with ‘em

No. 589969

slightly ot, but what's the best website for archiving? There's a few things on pull I think are worth archiving.

No. 589972

Fuck off kpoop Pulltard

No. 589973

Post more! What did y’all talk about? How was she handling the situation lmao

No. 589975

http://web.archive.org/ saves it to the wayback machine

No. 589977

http://archive.vn + install the chrome extension for faster archiving

No. 589989

How in the FUCK could you possibly be friends with her. There's no way a normal person would let this disgusting shit slide.

No. 589990

File: 1595694494783.jpeg (144.86 KB, 1242x361, CA4EDBF0-630C-4265-8D78-345E4A…)

No. 589992

I generally use archive.is Not sure if it's the one that's in vogue any more, but it does the job well enough for normal stuff.

No. 589993

Because none of us saw this shit until it was posted. She hid every aspect of her past away from us

No. 589994

File: 1595694618753.jpeg (255.54 KB, 2074x433, 9888B711-AEB8-472A-923C-761E49…)

Do what you want with this info. This was not in the kin discord this was in a server were we chatted, I feel disgusted by them and don’t want to associate with them anymore Disgusting hope the link works https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lRTT99_DbM4inUC9eXYh5AHV8jpasAubVSVK_HwfMuQ/edit?usp=sharing

No. 589995

Lol bullshit.

All the fucking pulltards are coming from the discord for a chance to shit talk her.

No. 589996


No. 590000

>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 590001

>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

No. 590002

drop more dms, anon

No. 590003

Come on now, clipped message with no context gives us nothing. Just blur out your tag, your bridge with her burned right? Let us see what she’s like in private with friends, if she’s so gross publicly.

No. 590004

Pulltard knows her messages are just as bad lmfao

No. 590005

That’s fine, we’ll overlook it as undercover journalism

No. 590006

Why posting such a long text? Why 3 times?
No one is going to read that.

Anyway, write more drop more!!!! This is so funny. Lmao

No. 590007

File: 1595695553763.png (79.44 KB, 662x1972, pushkins.png)

screenshot incase the google doc gets deleted

No. 590008

Proof Pulltards are 10yolds if they can't even recognize the Navy seals

No. 590012

lmao that's hilarious. Now I really think her drug/sex stories were just the result of her autism and not ssomthing that happened in real life

No. 590042

>Go get some starbucks with my bf's credit card
>luckily my boyfriend has decided to apologise to me for his ridicilous demand, and has procured me a PULL domain to restart
>tell him he better get on skillshare to learn coding so I can talk some more about Simply Kenna
>get on Discord on my account that has my best selfie as my profile picture ran through 10 filters

Wait this is about BrightBurn isn't it? She was bragging about her boyfriend buying the domain for her as a gift and has been pressed on the pull discords whiteknighting the pull 4.0 team until their dying breath. She has also been calling lolcow incels ever since this was posted.

She really got pressed over this.

No. 590044

shes the only one that still spergs over lc/kf despite no one giving a shit about random users in particular. we want more 4.0 mod drama. im starting to wonder if its an alt account of one of those mods

No. 590089

File: 1595701579265.png (303.41 KB, 1332x708, brightburn.png)


this twat is so annoying! she's a day trader with years of schooling newfags u gaise, not a boomer neet autist who's on discord 18 hrs a day at allll (can we assume it's actually her husband job?)

i like how she was all faggot this retard that until other pullfags got sensitive then she stfu like a true 4chan veteran

she was mod for the nuked PULL discord iirc

No. 590099

File: 1595702691545.jpg (13.95 KB, 846x90, 31.JPG)

getting tired of her lies

No. 590105

File: 1595703212441.png (75.09 KB, 1200x366, image.png)

No. 590107

File: 1595703391129.gif (974.03 KB, 500x324, giphy3.gif)

>actual day trader
>CCSI/CCI released next week worldwide
>having time to be on discord

I'll take 100 for things that didn't happen.

EU business climate and Durable goods MoM are also in next week. This means that every financial institution has their traders readying pitches this weekend and pulling all nighters.

No. 590109


shitburn btfo

No. 590114


prettyuglylittleliar.org (the site bought by Brightburn's husband) currently redirects to Kiwifarms

No. 590126

wahahaaa brightburn left the whois out in the open

it can only be her(Might be uninvolved persons information)

No. 590130

That's not brightburn. She said her husband bought it in his own name, thus it should be a male name.

It also redirects to kiwifarms, so I think its a kiwi troll.

No. 590145

File: 1595706597851.png (106.13 KB, 663x854, aUJHVV.png)


never saw her say it was in his name actually, are you saying kiwifarms decided to put a random woman who's a cglfag-she claims to use 4chan-as the owner? is this not in fact prettyuglylittleliar.org ?

people in discord said something about it and her reaction was
>And? How are they going to use that?
but never once "that's not me"


No. 590150

She was born in 1997, and that post claiming the USED to be a sex worker was made in 2015, when she was 17/18? So she's claiming was an underage sex worker?

No. 590152

Because she is lying. She has claimed to have had it for half a week, it was posted here it was up for grabs and no one had bought it.

The domain was registered yesterday in reality, by someone in an entirely different state to hers. Her explanation as to why it redirects makes zero sense and is not how domains work, you have to manually set that up.

No. 590153

She's also not a daytrader like she claims. She's lying about that too.

No. 590154

File: 1595707306531.png (134.53 KB, 1440x636, Screenshot_20200725-140130~2.p…)

She's incredibly defensive like an actual child and it's funny. An unbothered person doesn't change their name to shitburn to own the troll incels. She's very much stalking the thread.

No. 590156

LOL as if she wasn't the only one in the entire discord screengrabbing every new post here

No. 590160

File: 1595707655295.png (40.65 KB, 573x310, 4353.png)

Yep, she's definitely talking out of her ass. She doesn't own it despite saying she does.

>someone is just sending me screenshots
Yet she reacts to stuff incredibly quickly. She mentioned this anon's tinfoil >>590044 and no one even responded to her lol.

No. 590162

lol she's 100% lurking.

No. 590163


how do you know where she lives

No. 590166

File: 1595708044223.png (79.69 KB, 959x524, unknown.png)

She has blogposted it on pull.

No. 590168

Holy fuck she sounds like a cunt

No. 590171


you're really well versed in Brightburn lore, why would she not lie about this as well ? lol

No. 590178

She's a moron and lies a lot but she has enough portland sperg posts that it seems to be true.

Additionally why the fuck would someone lie about being from fucking Portland, Oregon??? If she was claiming to be from somewhere chic I'd take it as a lie, but fucking Portland?

No. 590185

File: 1595708976219.png (18.01 KB, 900x97, not the brightest burn.png)

She bought the wrong domain. What a genius.

No. 590192

I just red the long green message. It was totally worth it lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 590195


my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined !

No. 590204

are they trying to launch pull 4.0 on an alternative domain?

No. 590217

>domain and kf are the same host
Shes too stupid to be fooling anyone.

No. 590222

File: 1595712714308.jpeg (37.86 KB, 750x326, 0F77991C-6D56-485B-BCC3-21A3F2…)

She’s seeeething still kek
Portland is pretty chic

No. 590223

It’s obvious they’re annoyed or mad about it idk who they think they’re fooling lmao

No. 590224

some of them have mentioned being pressed, i would just ignore them and not give them attention during their spergouts

No. 590250

File: 1595715480207.png (102.53 KB, 1248x705, brightburnsperg22.png)

She's truly an exceptional person. She has been sperging out about lolcow for hours on end every day since PULL shut down. She shows up just to screech autistically about lolcow and then gets even more upset people assume she's bothered. She's now been on a two hour paranoid autistic tirade about lolcow.

People are starting to get concerned at how rent free lolcow lives in her head and now she's going off at them on how she's not pressed, but that they should not try to dictate how she feels.

>brags about her bf buying her a domain

>gets OC posted of her >>588147
>gets an obsession about lolcow
>sperging for three days straight about lolcow for 10h a day on discord

No. 590266

File: 1595717179106.jpeg (324.23 KB, 750x999, 59404830-9788-4856-9D0A-C8A6E8…)

This was funny as fuck. She’s a total cunt to people saying she made them uncomfortable. Making fun of PTSD no less.

No. 590270

Jesus fucking Christ now I understand why Nyx nuked the shit out of PULL. I understood it was full of whiny sjws but this.. wow what a fucking shit show.
Not only have they been caught being absolute autists they keep talking as if we’re not watching.. on a public discord.
I really hope it PULL never gets reincarnated.

No. 590271

File: 1595717792899.jpeg (228.34 KB, 500x749, 552f209c19fce.jpeg)

>>Muh PtSd
Kek, thanks for the screenies anon, this is too funny.
How the fuck someone so incompetent at keeping calm and hiding her own identity thought she was fit to lead a gossip forum?

No. 590272

I knew this writing style was someone, goddamn burn

No. 590273

That's rich. They've made it pretty well known they're aware LC is watching.

No. 590275

File: 1595718008032.jpg (5.62 KB, 250x191, 1396637811612s.jpg)

>However, I'm afraid that there are some deep issues with its culture that I can't fix.

No. 590278

She's so cringe, she's one of the ones with a big obsession for people with barely any milk like Serena.

No. 590280


No. 590281

They deserve their own thread in /snow/ but I think they’d actually like it, especially the one who likes to make sims porn.

No. 590288


One of them asked for the lolcow link and another user posted it. They know they're being watched and they don't care - except for Brightburn

No. 590294

What did she say about Rocking Horse Fly?

No. 590304

Whoever Butterz is, is based af kek

No. 590307

I'm fucking dying at them calling shartburn medically retarded

No. 590309

Will this be tards defending pusheen as the hill to die on round two, but with not very bright burn? How the hell do you not double check a domain before you buy it. This Bright burn milk hasnt been full fat, but it definetly hasnt been skin either.

No. 590310

File: 1595722085801.png (19.34 KB, 300x100, getfvefeb.png)

made a banner with

No. 590311

I can't wait for Brightburn to read back over the discord chat lmao

No. 590313

She got so mad she posted her credit card number, my sides can't be contained anymore.

No. 590314

screencaps or you're gay

No. 590316

File: 1595722557474.png (33.89 KB, 1777x108, credit card sperg .png)

Lots of people are mentioning it there but aren't posting her credit card info, for obvious reasons.

No. 590319

File: 1595722976545.png (2.57 MB, 1080x1920, JPEG_20200723_143033.png)

She posted this boomer screenshot to prove she actually bought it and it has some personal info still visible

No. 590320

She is so dumb holy shit

No. 590321

Oof, looks like they're already done with her shit.
You'd think anyone this involved with gossip culture wouldn't be this fucking reckless with personnal infos would have ran or DFE'd by now but nope. Still taking the bait and offering more milk. This is hilarious.

No. 590324

She has like one or two vehement defenders in the chat, but other than that I think people are questioning her at the very least

No. 590330

That's fucking hilarious. What is wrong with her? Why would she post that without at least covering or cropping out her personal info?

No. 590331

the OG link will never be avilable– she won't ever be able to buy it. Nyx said that it will forever remain under her on her little GitHub message so no one can carry it on so I don't know what she's trying to accomplish?

No. 590333

Holy shit. This is pure gold kek

No. 590335

That no one resurrects it. At first I thought it was a weird flex/if I can’t have it no one can, but given the only people interested in being mods are snowflakes themselves and are behaving like tweens who don’t know how to internet - I can see why.
They’d get themselves into all sorts of shit

No. 590358

Well that's $54 she'll never see again.

No. 590389

File: 1595735280388.jpg (354.29 KB, 1124x3015, sugar.jpg)

So she's a platonic sugar baby to a rich trans woman who provides her with cash, gifts, a luxury apartment living situation…
My question is, where are all these things? Assuming this "relationship" is over by now, there's still no hint of any kind of higher living standards on any of her social media. I've never seen her in anything expensive, her lingerie is cheap and fits her poorly, she doesn't show nice outfits or makeup, and if that person is so rich, then why hasn't she had her boob job yet that she said she was saving up for? This story is full of holes.
And best of all, it's fully platonic. At this point, her sugar baby fantasy isn't even about being a sugar baby - it's about being a live-in maid. Her sugar mama has to be trans for maximum woke points and to have an excuse for not even having to have sex, even though she would, because she's such a kinky sexy queen of BDSM!

Fucking lol.

No. 590393

Is it her mom? Lmaoooo

No. 590397

tbf, some of her instagram posts before she deleted were her in Toronto and she had some pictures from a high rise apartment window. There's also picture of her with food and expensive clothes (a $135 sweater). Not sure if that's proof or anything, but some things kind of line up.

No. 590398

File: 1595736486820.png (57.72 KB, 1134x238, sugar2.png)

Did you take any screenshots? I saw the window, but she could have a lot of opportunities to take these photos - even if it's just a hotel.

Also, they binge marvel movies together! Truly couldn't be a more perfect setup.

No. 590399

File: 1595737053183.png (594.76 KB, 815x602, aedtghrthrat.png)

unfortunately, when I tried to get an archive, the archive website I was using didn't work. I'm checking to see if there are any. I didn't get any screenshots of the pictures from her windows because at the time I didn't think they were funny enough to grab.

Here's one I got of the price tag on a sweater she bought though.

No. 590400

It says right there that it was reduced to 50… and she lives in Canada so 50 CAD are roughly 37 USD. #luxurylifestyle my ass

No. 590404

holy fuck I didn't even watch that lmao

anyway, the archive I tried to make was https://archive.vn/wip/B9tHv but it looks like it's stuck on a failing loop like it was before. I'm really beating myself up for not getting better screenshots.

I do remember seeing photos taken from a high rise apartment window overlooking a downtown city. I've never seen Toronto so I can't say whether it was or not. There were also pictures from the street from downtown Toronto (I assume). Some were location tagged, some weren't. There were multiple different photos from assumed to be different days and certainly different types of weather, I saw one with a huge fog layer below window height.

No. 590407

Her tagging that as luxury/luxurylifestyle proves that she's not used to any sort of life of luxury. A real sugar baby showered with gifts and wealth doesn't brag about a 37 USD sweater. The high-rise photos don't prove she actually lives in a luxury apartment, I live in a major city too and if I was in her shoes I'd just walk into any hotel and pretend to visit someone. Peacocking like this is actually very common for desperate wannabe sugar babies and findommes, they present themselves as spoiled girls to attract more wealthy men willing because acknowledging that you're poor and desperate puts you into a bad position and makes you more likely to be exploited. I don't buy her tale of the filthy rich trans woman who loves Marvel and doesn't even want to have sex.

No. 590416

I bet her life is fine and she is just middle class while trying to be edgy.

No. 590417

File: 1595740779253.gif (1.92 MB, 496x248, 0d3.gif)

>mfw bingeing this entire thread

No. 590418

File: 1595741055877.jpg (55.34 KB, 1080x469, 20200725_153925.jpg)

From the Columbine forum

No. 590426

File: 1595744557138.png (212.34 KB, 1120x676, local dumbcows.png)

These two fags have already been redtexted tons of times for cross posting and spamming, derailing, and posting non-on topic content.


Going through their old posts, they both frequently repost the same thots and comment the same things for their respective thot obsession.


>Threw a fit about being right when they were called out [Meaning thoticus]

>Then got caught samefagging their own posts

This is the type of unsaging idiots come from PULL, kek. Already outted themselves with sameposts. They also posts about Bishoujo obsessively too.

No. 590427

File: 1595744620479.png (443.25 KB, 1254x650, go through her feed.png)

No. 590428

File: 1595744722235.png (231.27 KB, 1211x656, derailing cow.png)

This one is obsessed with Erin Eevee specifically

No. 590431

>Self posting as a white knight

Rotates thots to complain about when they get called out

No. 590434

File: 1595745287159.png (Spoiler Image, 380.37 KB, 940x642, erin.png)

No. 590436

Almost sure that this is Pusheen

No. 590437


>Acts like a literal cunt when called out lol


They both samefag a lot.

No. 590445

Bless you anon, this is severely underrated

No. 590460

She took her fanfic to reddit I see

No. 590461

I have been laughing at drunkdeity for fucking days, she's crying out for a thread

No. 590462

I thought the orgy stories were hilarious but her thinking it sounds good being somebody’s pet/maid for minimum wage is fucking golden. More of her insanity please.

No. 590477

Second this. Drunkendeity has single handedly made this my favourite thread.

No. 590489

File: 1595757322476.png (58.46 KB, 1192x214, abused pusheen.png)

So, Pusheen was a sex worker at 17/18 but left her home at 19 because she was getting sexually abused by her stepfather.

No. 590490

And she still finds time to share her life story with us all. She's so dedicated to her art. Also it's hilarious she's trying to push the ~luxury and opulence~ reduced sweater while she posts about Pusheen and Marvel, that screamed fanfic to me from the get-go. At least commit to the act. I hate to start a tinfoil but is the bitch autistic?

No. 590492


>That really happened

Fucking KEK

No. 590535

Some highlights from a NSFW Q&A by Pusheen:

1:When did you lose your virginity?
I was 14

3: Do you have any unusual kinks/fetishes?
Ghost fucking or ecto dicks

4: Weirdest place you’ve had sex?
On a bridge

5: Favourite sex position?
Doggy style

7: Have you ever had any one night stands?

11: What does your favourite sexy underwear look like?
A pair of black lace panties. Cliche but perfect

12: How often do you have sex?
Right now? Not often

13: Is there anybody right now you’d like to have sex with?
God yes this cute boy in Montreal

14: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex?

15: Most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during sex?
I fell off the couch during sex

20: If you could have sex with anyone right now, who would it be?
Cute boy in Montreal

21: Have you ever had a threesome? If not, would you?
Nope and yes

23: Have you ever sent someone a dirty text/picture?
Yes. A lot.

24: Would you have sex with your best friend?

25: Is there anything you do after sex? (for example, smoke, eat, drink)

26: Something that will never fail to get you horny?
Gloryholes and tentacle hentai

27: Early morning sex or late night sex?
Early morning

28: Favourite body part on the opposite sex?
Jaw lines

30: Something that you have hidden in your room that you don’t want anyone to find:

31: Weirdest sexual act some has performed [or tried to perform] on/with you:
At a play party foot worship?

32: Have you ever tasted yourself? [If no, would you?] [If yes, what did you think?]
Yes and just meh

33: Is it ever okay to not use a condom:
Yes if you are clean and in a long term relationship

34: A food that you would like to use during a sexual experience:
Is ice a food?

35: Worst possible time to get horny:
At work

37: How much fapping is too much fapping:
4+ times a day

38: Best sexual complement you ever got:
“I might have to play with them later” (in response to a tit photo while sitting across from the person)

39: Favorite foreplay activities:

40: What do you wear to bed?
Usually I sleep nakey

41: When was the first time you masturbated:
I don’t remember

42: Do you have any nude/masturbating pictures/video of yourself?
Only nude photos

43: Have you ever/when was the last time you had sex outside?
6 years ago?

45: Have/would you ever had a threesome?
I would

46: What is one random object you’ve used to masturbate?
Vibrating mascara

47: Do you watch gay/lesbian porn? why/why not?
Yes because not that straight and some of the people are hot.

48: Do you like oral sex? (why/why not)
Yes because it feels good why else

49: How do you feel about tattoos on someone you are interested in?

50: How would you feel about taking someones virginity?
I have done that and it is fun.

51: Is there any food you would NOT recommend using during a sexual encounter?
Anything acidic really

52: Would you rather be a pornstar or a prostitute?
I have been a prostitute so lets try being a pornstar

54: Have you ever been called a freak? Why?
Yes for liking blood play

55: Do you feel comfortable going “commando”?

56: Would you have a problem with going down on someone if they hadn’t shaved their pubic hair?
Male no, female yes

57: If you could give yourself head, would you?

59: Have you ever cheated on someone? (Why?)
Yes and for details I would rather not get into

60: If you were the other sex for a day, what are five things you would do?
Honestly one thing fuck someone to see what it is like

63. Have you ever had an erection and someone noticed?
Nope bc dickless.

64. What is your method of masturbation? (ie. toys, clitorial, prostate)

65. What is your bra/penis size?

66. What is the strangest thing you have ever put up your vagina/anus?
Ummm mascara wand

67. When was the last time you masturbated?
2 months ago

68. When was the last time you had sex?
Like 4 months ago

69. When was the last time you watched porn?
This morning

70. Have you ever bought a sex toy? If so, which one did you buy last? First sex toy? If not, which one do you plan on buying when you do?
Yes I have bought one. First one was a lil purple vibrator, last one I bought for myself was a glass dildo.

72. Which not-genital part of your body do you like being touched?

73. Which genital part of your body do you like being touched?

75. Have you anonymously sent a sexual ask to someone on tumblr?

76. When was the last time you have had a wet dream?
3 years ago

83. Have you ever wanted to have sex with someone but knew you couldn't for any reason? Why?

85. Are you loud or quiet during sex? Masturbation?
Depends if I am gagged or not

86. Have you ever been inturrupted during sex or masturbation? Who/what?
Yes during masturbation. By ex at the time. He choked me then went away for training

87. What kind of porn do you like to watch?
Gloryholes and hentai

Questions: https://fyeahaskmemes.tumblr.com/post/175759420262/nsfw-asks
Source: https://drunkdeity.tumblr.com/post/163352576703/1-91-for-ask-meme

No. 590610


>just got hit with another ban evasion

Jesus, they just keep going, huh.

No. 590612

File: 1595780599562.png (51.1 KB, 720x387, m25zzklx.png)

gotta love the back and forth between the three coms. It's like an autistic sexy love-hate triangle

No. 590614

This is not milky nor is it interesting. Stop trying so hard.

No. 590642

right one is a simple ID, the older type tho.

No. 590661


She says she lost her virginity at 15 on Discord, but in the survey says she was 14. Well, I guess that's close enough to call it margin of error.

No. 590676

Off topic slight blogpost sorry.
She’s behaving (to an extent, I’m not deranged kek) like me and my friends did when we were 14 and used the internet in the library (I’m old).
Making up some stupid online persona for internet pointz.. I didn’t realise people actually still do it, it’s so funny but so cringe I can’t decide whether to laugh or poor bleach in my eyes.

No. 590729

Yeah I give that PULL discord a month before they all cannibalize each other and nuke the server. When that Brightburn bitch disappeared after doxxing her husband everyone started shit talking her and calling her a cow and a loser who's similar to pusheen etc and then as soon as she came back they acted as if they were missing her. Reminded me too much of bitchy catty pre-teens. Plus now that PULL is in a more casual chat format rather than forum discussion, there's way too many users who just clog the channels up with their shitty attempts at being witty or funny instead of actual milk.

No. 590730

Yeah I give that PULL discord a month before they all cannibalize each other and nuke the server. When that Brightburn bitch disappeared after doxxing her husband everyone started shit talking her and calling her a cow and a loser who's similar to pusheen etc and then as soon as she came back they acted as if they were missing her. Reminded me too much of bitchy catty pre-teens. Plus now that PULL is in a more casual chat format rather than forum discussion, there's way too many users who just clog the channels up with their shitty attempts at being witty or funny instead of actual milk.

No. 590731

available in several colors

No. 590734

Fuckkk my bad

No. 590735

Agree, they're already blogposting which is one of the main issues with PULL and trying to out-ana eachother. What made me laugh about the brightburn shit is that she tried to play it off as only us who were shit talking her when her own server was as well. Oof

No. 590738

I feel like they all want to be… the ultimate anti-cow, the it girl of PULL, the one who can't be clocked for anything because she has a career and a boyfriend and she's pretty and flawless. Everything circles back to them because they want people talking about them too so they keep promoting themself with their nitpicks

No. 590746

They’re all so fake, like comically fake. Their attempts to post here are always extremely obvious. GOD I wish they’d fuck off into their shitty new site and die already.

No. 590754

Not even a month. As soon as farmers stopped posting milk, they already devolved into sperging about their 32 inch waists and reposting the same Pusheen selfies for the 10th time.

No. 590756

A 32-inch waist is normal and expected of a woman. Do women on this website run on the larger end of the scale? Nothing wrong with that, of course.

No. 590758

Did they typo 23-inch waist? That’s a joke on this board, 32 is big, no one would brag about that.

No. 590759

Honey no… if you're trying not to show off that you're new here then lurk more and learn the local memes

No. 590761

I've been registered here since Stamen Rose but thanks for your contribution

No. 590765

File: 1595795456677.gif (4.7 MB, 430x215, 4ce.gif)

>I've been registered here since Stamen Rose

No. 590767

Stamela Rose was an old webforum, maybe don't be so confident with your newfaggotry and you won't embarrass yourself like this.

No. 590768

girl you said you were registered here, stop trying

No. 590769

Already fighting like PULL users. You love to see it.

No. 590770

I was and have been for years. I have attended several town halls, registered to vote, and actually voted. What are you doing for this chat? Go back to asherah's patio

No. 590771


No. 590773

I'm sad DreamyCat didn't end up migrating to the server. It would have been fun to watch them tear her incel rants apart.

No. 590776


No. 590780

>32-inch waist is normal and expected of a woman
TOPKEK farmhand bring back the 32in waist chan stamp please!

No. 590781

>multiple typos
Fuck off, LARPer. Are you the same person who posted their credit card or something? They had this kind of "proud retard who thinks insisting they're right will make everyone agree or back down" energy in the screencaps.

No. 590783

LARPer? As I stated previously, I'm a /cgi/ oldfaggot. My credit cards were stolen at a local market, recently. I can post pictures of the police report if you need that. Me and my friends are laughing at you over discord right now.
I have never heard of PULL in all my 8 years of being an image border. You know you have to be eighteen to work here?

No. 590784

This is a bold-faced lie. You're obviously from PULL, stay there and stop trying to bullshit here. I'm not even going to correct you on the other thing you made a mistake on in that post because it's entertaining seeing you fuck up like this.
I really hope you're Brightburn, but your English doesn't seem as bad.

No. 590785

>I-I’m oldf-ffag…. STAMELA Rose
>doesn’t know one the good memes
It talks like her for sure, the boomer Karen stench is the same

No. 590786

stop feeding the troll

No. 590787

alright anon you almost had me kek

No. 590788

>fucks up
>is embarrassed
>doubles down
>I was just pretending to be retarded

No. 590789

You're supposed to sage your shit in /ot/, newfag. You're the only retarded one here. I didn't know lolcow was full of… well…. lolcows.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 590790

what the fuck is going on in this fucking thread

No. 590791

Farmers complaining about the behavior of ex-PULL-users and newfags while simultaneously falling for really, really obvious bait.

No. 590792

Epic pwning of lolcow obvs

No. 590952

>falling for really, really obvious bait
You got that right KEK

No. 590974

File: 1595827630925.png (26.33 KB, 843x73, brightburn.png)

>jokes on you, I was only pretending to be a retard

No. 590977

How sad, bored, lonely, and stupid does a person have to be to continuously have to talk themselves up. Brightburn, I’m sorry your husband doesn’t find you attractive anymore and has no desire to lay a finger on you, but you’re only making yourself look even worse. Your delusions don’t change the fact that you’re a sad sack of shit.

No. 590982

anon do you have multiple dating options at your beck and call

No. 590997

Mfw PULLers are pretending to be farmers and are making up dramas on purpose to "save their image".

No. 590999

Post proofs of the dramas

No. 591000

It’s probably the sex goddess pusheen

No. 591003

Assuming this is recent:
The server called out her behaviour regarding LC/KF and she keeps doing it. Isn't she meant to be in mid-20s?

No. 591005

Was she also ironically having a spergout for four days for 10h a day on the discord? Her self-awareness is close to zero, it's baffling.

She thinks people really are going to believe it, without realising that if it was her pretending to be retarded; that's even more pathetic as she also posted the full receipt id which is enough to ask the customer support for a copy of the original receipt by using the last parts of the cc and her state/zipcode. And obviously through that gaining her whole dox. All they need is to either use a fake VoIP number to call and mask their voice or use a convincing email or just use the web customer support robot.

How anyone hasn't bothered to dox her yet is a proof of how pathetic she is.

No. 591011

File: 1595833969741.png (256.8 KB, 1090x651, anime pfp.png)

>uses anime profile picture
>"damn I cant take accounts with anime profile pictures seriously"

Talking about lack of self-awareness

No. 591034

File: 1595835987287.png (26.11 KB, 890x125, toxic.png)

No. 591035

File: 1595836041072.png (58.22 KB, 891x225, sims fun.png)

No. 591045

File: 1595836651364.png (367.41 KB, 623x621, misterious guy.png)

No. 591049

File: 1595836795599.png (74.13 KB, 626x434, gofundme.png)

No. 591056

Honestly it would just be hypocritical if pull members didn’t make fun of and point out the members that act like the cows they make fun of on the daily.
Why not act nice when they come back?
It’ll just ruin the milk if they leave.

No. 591087

File: 1595842490260.jpg (335.21 KB, 1800x2400, Sperg-chan.jpg)

Are you the sperg from /w/ that kept calling everyone PULLers and repetitively a-logging about some irrelevant pulltard kek?

No. 591091

Never seen these screenshots cause I never lurk on /w/, but to me it really seems like as if some PULLtards are trying to bait 'infights' with farmers just to make themselves seem superior. Or are faking convos. I may be wrong, but I've been browsing PULL enough to know that these weirdos are capable of doing such things. At the end of the day they are petty teenagers

No. 591097

Its so funny to me as well because a lot of people were talking shit about her, or at the very least saying they'd not want her in a position of power on their new site, but now all of a sudden it was one user lmao.

No. 591188

Well to be fair it was only a couple members, it wasn't the whole server kek. I read somewhere among the spergouts that brightburn bought the site but wants someone else to run it

No. 591219

Did the discord get deleted lul

No. 591222

it got nuked again

No. 591243

Please.. I truly want them to get their own space so they can fuck off here
But no, we must suffer for every single person there is incompetent.. admin tell them off again pretty please

No. 591261

As a lurker, I thought PULL was ok until I saw further info about them here+them currently mucking up multiple threads with their sperging

They are significantly worse than the majority of lolcow users, their posts are just trash and they are all the cow. I remember some would leave their icons in PULL posts and they were always the exact type of cow they were criticizing.

No. 591277

Wonder why it got nuked

No. 591278

No one knows yet, the biggest theories are that the server owner got hacked or the server got mass reported and taken down for harassment.

No. 591282

They're blaming us and kf apparently

No. 591283

File: 1595869681510.png (24.16 KB, 674x191, 1595865762470.png)

Just saw the screenshots in kf, they really think we wanted their server nuked

No. 591288

File: 1595870192447.png (36.75 KB, 1310x228, 81.png)

Yeah, when questioned this user posted screenshots that had nothing to do with hacking. Here are the posts they screenshotted:


No idea where the hacking idea came from.

No. 591291

They moved to yet another discord but I think this one has been up for a while just not advertised

No. 591292

File: 1595870244290.jpg (65.22 KB, 510x382, Screenshot_20200727-191709__01…)

What in the name of fuck are they even talking about? Yeah, some haxxor farmer "hacked" them for sure!

No. 591293

I think I saw somewhere that it was a previous one that Nyx owns? Don't quote me on that though

No. 591310

File: 1595872181137.png (41.21 KB, 797x281, lawl.png)

They're still going at it.

No. 591315

again? lol

No. 591345

>>591310 pulltards discussing none milk in the taylor r thread are incredible with their assumptions… cannot cope with their stupidity, miss pull

No. 591349

>>591345 samefag, also at the celebrity thread making big ass texts defending grimes, so cringe

No. 591354

also funny how they are desperate for us to cowtip them

No. 591355

Lolcow's downfall is definitely being completely unable to just not react to something and to always take bait. Every time you call out a PULLfag and then proceed to engage in a full argument with them, they're gonna invest more into coming back here to defend themself.

No. 591361

They are mad dumb, it's because they were talking about lolis and cp apparently.

No. 591362

*posting pictures of

No. 591363

It's still speculation. They're waiting for the server owner to come online still.

No. 591381

>>591345 PULL was not only about searching for milk. With time less and less pullers will be here becauses lolcow is very different to PULL.
>>591087 NO , no all people using that word is me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 591385

why do you faggots not know what a-logging is?

No. 591387

Pulltards would call drawings literal cp

No. 591398

>implying the last ~2 years of newfags here don't do exactly this

No. 591405

Meh I’ve only seen the consensus being comparing loli hentai to csa is fuckin retarded

No. 591435

We literally have the pedochan spergout on /m/ every other week.

No. 591439

I never forgot the hanako kun sperg who would scream pedo at everyone who liked the manga and anime

No. 591440

don't forget the anon who bitched about someone in the waifu thread having madoka as a waifu.

No. 591442

I swear it the same one who has autistic meltdown over yaoi and femdom

No. 591445

Very cool story about the cp and loli shit but can we get back to topic? Does anyone have an invite to the new server >>591291?

No. 591479

eh, discord has a rule against shouta/loli porn, and it's known to nuke servers super quick if they get reported. if someone was dumb and posted pics of loli and those got reported. Im still thinking either server own just deleted it or it got reported for loli. mass-harassment reporting wont get a server insta-nuked.

No. 591498

I don't think it was gone because it was reported, because the name was changed to lolcow.farm and all the channels except voice chat verification were gone. I left it before coming to catch up here so didn't grab a screenshot but it makes me doubt it was nuked because reports

No. 591531

File: 1595901363833.png (416.12 KB, 1614x1532, discord.png)

lol the mods are now blaming the users for not telling them the discord rules.

This whole community is a mess.

No. 591536

they banned butterz for that super mean post lol

No. 591538

lmfao holy shit you're right. rip butterz

No. 591546

Ah. Interesting. Honestly, just going by what little info I had at the time. Loli will get a server nuked if reported, but the fact the owner of the discord hasn't been on SINCE it got nuked, it's… suspect.

Yaaaaa… a bunch of these people don't know much about discord and it's painfully obvious. I mean that in the nicest way possible.(obvious PULLfag)

No. 591547

No. 591551

If they don't want butterz, we can take her. wasn't she the one that trolled us with stamen rose and cgi bords?

No. 591554

Your verbiage is exactly the same, kek.

I couldn't fit the multiple paragraphs of autism concerning milkme, that and I didn't care to bother tagging them either.

No. 591560

might catch a ban for this

No. 591568

butterz laughed right at them and they promoted her. ffs pulltards are a joke. Made for a good laugh kek

No. 591570

File: 1595906369798.jpg (14.29 KB, 720x99, IMG_20200728_051754_142~2.jpg)

Admin, we need a text banner

No. 591571

This is something I'll get behind

No. 591625

the @everyone command is open so trolls keep spamming it lmao

No. 591627

File: 1595915835170.png (62.08 KB, 477x469, new acc.png)

brightburn created a new discord account

No. 591628

File: 1595915877817.png (83.54 KB, 409x532, permabanned.png)

…because she was permabanned

No. 591649

I didn't know discord does permabans if they think someone is mentally deficient.

Good to know.

No. 591718

File: 1595935888345.jpg (49.95 KB, 927x624, food.JPG)

they have a fucking food channel kek

No. 591735

Pusheen has to be lurking because we all know how much she likes making megathreads of fucking food on a proana site kek

No. 591914

is the discord back?

No. 592011

Nah, it's the old one that Nyx runs

No. 592072


Pretty sure it's not the same server. The new one is by nini

No. 592490

Pusheen was active on one of the proana sites not too long ago. No shame, huh

No. 592766

Post screenshots, this is an imageboard. You didn't even say which site. If you post here, you have to post screenshots and full context, no vagueposting

No. 593038

File: 1596095813072.jpg (227.14 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20200730-035103.jpg)

NTA but to corroborate their claims: Pusheen was active on MyProAna today but didn't do anything: didn't like any posts, post anything etc. so really there's nothing to show, but this is at least an image showing she was active. She was online from about 3pm to 9pm.

No. 593040

File: 1596096033381.jpg (100.01 KB, 1079x290, Screenshot_20200729-160011.jpg)

and here is a screenshot from around 3:50 showing she was in fact online at that time.

No. 593085

Pusheen is still on pull discords, she just isnt on the official one.

No. 593089

File: 1596104807098.png (40.25 KB, 848x217, ice_screenshot_20200730-122628…)

i saw her in the juleen pull discord.

No. 593100

link for the new discord?

No. 593435

File: 1596145023444.png (947.45 KB, 1730x800, pusheenscript.png)

Since Pusheen did not get to be the admin like she wanted, I decided to give her a moment to feel the sweet power for once in her life.

Thus I wrote a script for PULL, with just her in mind, that replaces all instances and mentions of Nyx with Pusheen! In fact it replaces all links to Nyx's profile to Pusheen's and in case someone happens to wander onto Nyx's userpage, it will also have all mentions of Nyx replaced with Pusheen!

Pusheen sweaty, you will need Greasemonkey to run this btw!


No. 594509


Let's be real here. If Pusheen would have become an Admin, she would have done 0 actual work to keep the site running. Instead she would have spent her days recruiting people for her pedo discord and banning TERFs/SWERFs/anyone who dares to disagree with her degenerate views.

No. 594652

Wait whats this abt

No. 595961

Well i officially hate those PULLtards now since they banned me from their server for literally no reason lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 611671

File: 1598117136493.png (1.79 MB, 2054x754, Screenshot 2020-08-22 at 18.26…)

So PULL is officially down and dead, and the dregs have attempted to create a new site: https://prettyuglylittleliar.forumotion.com/

>Graphic design is my passion

No. 612371

the moment you open the link you get malware and trojan alarms…lovely

No. 612550

Rest in fucking pieces.

I always hated the header of the old site, too. I dunno how a throng of image-obsessed teens didn't contain a single decent art director.

No. 612615

Dang. What antivirus system are you using, because a virustotal search of the URL didn't detect anything. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/65cc1f6a08f3c7dea7dbcf0df4b566a4ee17e59a41e619fff2d94dfba54de30e/detection

No. 612621

I'm using a malware program (malwarebytes) maybe that's why?

No. 612626

fuck that looks like something straight out of the 2000's made by a 10 year old with gimp

No. 612729

It's because they linked it with https and not http like a retard. Using the latter doesn't give the alert.

No. 614375

File: 1598332197910.gif (829.19 KB, 480x237, JCS9XOk.gif)

you have to sign in to see thread

No. 614407

File: 1598335443992.png (424.86 KB, 1884x1498, Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 11.0…)

I made an account with fake details and a throwaway email and none of the threads have any replies except for the Yandev one, so you're not missing anything.

No. 620052

this isn't going to last long. the only members that are active are the mods. no one is going to use this.

No. 620066

I wish I didn’t feel second hand embarrassment but I do. Please, let it die already… come up with your own idea if you are that anal about having a forum to talk shit about snowflakes

No. 620350

I read in the discord sometime ago it isn't officially released yet. So that's probably why.

No. 634811

I’ve seen the moderation there on the discord. It’s pretty bad. Lots of internal fighting amongst moderators, and one of the mods is a pedo supposedly (Mod M) yikes.(this is an imageboard)

No. 634858

Caps or GTFO

No. 641152

File: 1601365640055.png (220.74 KB, 988x531, mod.png)

A look into the mental soundness and emotional maturity of a mod in the PULL discord

>My sister does everything for me because I am stunted idiot

>How dare she call me lazy and stupid

No. 641153

File: 1601365884974.png (116.89 KB, 908x526, mod 2.png)


Hopefully, this mod can continue doing their work in the discord despite being homeless.

No. 643042

Yeah that one really lacks maturity. How did she become a mod in the first place? PULL is so desperate for mods they hire anybody. Also, they police the Kpop section so much. Handing out warns left and right just for saying someone looks like a goblin??? This is a gossip server. I don’t know what these mods expect.

No. 648086

Can you drop a link or disscord name, please?

No. 648514

You really couldn't be bothered looking on their website? >>611671

No. 649501

File: 1602135740069.png (34.63 KB, 882x82, brightburn.png)

No. 649505

File: 1602135934992.png (132.91 KB, 948x544, kek.png)

No. 650141

These…. these people don't even understand what PULL was supposed to be. And then they wonder why PULL died. Y'ALL RUINED IT.

No. 650156

File: 1602181567300.png (1.3 MB, 1920x4259, newpull.png)

looks like they've made it uglier. if you click on the banner it cycles through a few options.

No. 650517

Do you guys know wtf the mod glitzy did?

No. 650595

there was a person (a mod i think?) named "glitzy" in the GG discord too who got into some drama/arguments with other ppl! now i'm super curious

No. 650641

Glitzy is ableist and transphobic. I always hated her posts on PULL but this shows her true colors. Ableist because she said Best Dressed (Ashley) shouldn't have to appeal to her hard of hearing audience, when Glitzy herself is hard of hearing. Transphobic because in an LGBTQ channel, she said as a CIS STRAIGHT FEMALE, she would never be attracted to trans people. Her opinion is not needed at all, especially in that channel. In the POC channel, she had an issue with her culture’s food getting called bland when she is white. What the fuck? The mod team is ridiculous in allowing someone like this to stay mod, although I do think there must be some people who disagree with her. The higher ups must be in charge of keeping her. Absolutely disgusting that Glitzy was able to get a mod position in the first place. Her Discord tag is kapu#3711 if you want to talk to her about this. Feel free to send anything to her. She deserves it.(do you know where you are)

No. 650644

Uh oh…farmers are gonna go crazy on you

No. 650646

do you know where you are???

No. 650647

Surely this is bait

No. 650663

Muh transphobia is shaking and crying

No. 650674

You can argue all you want whether ableism or transphobia is real, or if what glitzy said IS transphobic or ableist until the cows come home, but regardless of what your opinion is you have to agree that a mod that actively antagonizes or shows obvious contempt for the users they're moderating shouldn't be a mod. It would be like if a farmhand here constantly argued with users and called them names and only deleted the comments of or banned users they didn't like instead of doing their job as a mod. Even before this Glitzy was constantly starting shit with users which would've gotten a normal user even here banned or warned, but because she's a mod and all mods in that server suck each other's dicks she's given a pass. PULL has always had its issues but its sad to see how much of a mean girl clique the server's turned into.

No. 650683

>>she said as a CIS STRAIGHT FEMALE, she would never be attracted to trans people

So if she was an non-binary bisexual person it'd be okay for her to say she's not attracted to trans people?
I have a feeling she'd get the same response from you regardless.

No. 650745

File: 1602219846261.png (71.44 KB, 571x341, image.png)


Was it necessary to share her user contact? Fuck you.

glitzy said that she wouldn't want to date a transgender because they want someone who will be able to give her biological children. There is a user (bakuberry#7149) who is in a crusade to kick her out. The other mods are apologizing and these rabid tumblrinas are not accepting it. They are calling the mods Orwellian, lobotomized, useless, bigots, terfs, etc. Nyx did the right thing by pulling the plug on the site.

I hope that their precious fucking discord gets nuked again. These assholes don't deserve shit.

No. 650748

File: 1602219989650.png (66.14 KB, 572x244, revolution larpers.png)

No. 650753

File: 1602220508241.png (69.03 KB, 565x325, les miserables indeed.png)

No. 650760

Is this glitzy?

No. 650771

Nta but I checked the website and couldn’t find a current link

No. 650786

>Glitzy is ableist and transphobic.

Lmao do you know where you are? Nobody here cares and this thread isn't for pulltards to infight. Make a glitzy thread on your shiny new forum please

No. 650796

>she said as a CIS STRAIGHT FEMALE
Wow. Why would you assume her gender identity, sexuality and her birth-assigned gender? Are you her doctor? You know closeted people exist, right? Rude and bigoted, sick of these terfs on LC (this is sarcasm, in case anyone can't tell, but it's also true, lmao).

No. 650797

> in LGBTQ channel, she said as a CIS STRAIGHT FEMALE, she would never be attracted to trans people. Her opinion is not needed at all, especially in that channel.

So no one is allowed to have a different opinion7 I thought burgerland was about free speech and respect.

> she had an issue with her culture’s food getting called bland when she is white

You must be a troll or an idiot who always had hidden hate towards her. Grow up and do something else.

You seem very embarrassing or a teen who has nothing to do but want to destroy someone random's social life. Really shows how PULL really is. Jesus.

No. 650799

The mods have banned straight cis people from commenting on the lgbtq channel now

No. 650800

So, they're essentially forcing people to out themselves when they might not feel safe. How progressive.

No. 650807

Can you sperg elsewhere. You guys are living autistic embodiment of the culture Nyx was talking about when they axed the original site. We don't need you here crying because someone was mean to you.

Nitpick. Bad layout what's new? Kek

No. 650808

a lot of random people is now muted

No. 650811

That's so dumb of them. I would personally just kick out the anon who wrote all the shit, because it's more than obvious that they care about getting rid of this exact person because they dont like them, rather than the reasons they are stating. Hell they even admitted to that. After this mod there's always gonna be another new traget, I know these kinds of people.

No. 650841

You are right, Nyx closed the site because the original PULL was transphobic and didn't persecute people who refuse to fuck trannies. It's a good thing that the discord fixed that.

The new website reeks of incompetence. The discord has 30+ mods and this is the best they can do? Pathetic.

No. 650932

>obsessing over internet girls and spouting vitriol at them every day is fine
>but saying that you wouldn't date a tranny suddenly makes you EVIL
The cognitive dissonance of these woke faggots is out of this world, I swear

No. 650962

Who is Matcha? And why are they being brought up again and again.

No. 650965

lol what? did they use a proboards layout from 2006? who the fuck designed this outdated garbage, its shit.

No. 651080


Apparently Matcha joined an off-server where other pull members were active in and Matcha posted / manipulated screenshots and sent these to PULL mods and kissed their ass or something and everyone in that server got banned because of that shit. which is also overruling their own fucking rule on PULL. Idk if matcha was a mod though

No. 651293

Matcha wasn't a mod.So the actual mods let temselves get fooled by just a random discord user because she was salty over a mod (Jenn).

No. 651374

Okay now that I know who she is, I give 0 shits about her. Mods have fucked up completely. Can someone just NSFW raid it and put it out of its misery

No. 651428

So GG led a raid on the discord? and the members were so gullible and fell right into it and are destroying their own servers. Typical pullfags.

Let PULL die yalls don't deserve it.

No. 651431

Matcha spied in a PULL chat on GG and took and edited some screenshots to frame Jenn over some private issues and because she was abusing her mod power. She then sent those screenshots to the mods who then demodded Jenn.

No. 651449

So much for trying to keep the server alive

No. 651475

admin BananasGoMoo#8363 is reportedly a pedophile who watches lolicon. his reddit has lolicon that is linked to his discord

No. 651501

I think that Matcha and glitzy are non-issues.

baku was an user that would pay nitro boosts for the discord regularly. She applied for mod and got rejected. Scorned and upset that she wasn't able to pay her way into the position, she went to the GG discord and found other people who were unhappy with the current state of PULL. They dug up glitzy's comments in the LGBTQ channel, which were from weeks ago and received a lot of support at the time.

Then, baku went back to PULL along with her minions, reframed glitzy's comments and accused her of being transphobic, ableist, biased, etc. The mods bent the knee and demodded glitzy. They apologized profusely, but it wasn't enough for the mob. baku then brought up the topic of why she wasn't made into a mod, because she CLEARLY was such a good candidate. After hours of unproductive conversation, the mods muted baku along with her friends. This prompted the mob to go insane and call for a French-style revolution.

baku used glitzy's comments and whatever issues they had with Matcha to paint all the mods as unfit and incompetent. She is a batshit insane vendetta-fueled cow and pulltards got played. Could she had been Pusheen all along or is that too much of a stretch?

No. 651516

No. 651532

File: 1602289404734.png (Spoiler Image, 479.01 KB, 1025x703, bananas1.png)

lmao their admin is a pornsick yellowfever scrote, they were doomed from the start. Didn't expect them to last this long after the last drama but oh well.

No. 651533

File: 1602289514879.png (Spoiler Image, 386.63 KB, 809x590, banana2.png)

No. 651541

What the fuck? How did this coomer even find PULL, much less become an admin?

No. 651544

File: 1602290588833.png (Spoiler Image, 545.76 KB, 594x767, nana10.png)

No. 651545

File: 1602290622781.png (Spoiler Image, 458.31 KB, 598x764, nana9.png)

No. 651547

File: 1602290634672.png (145.03 KB, 1433x456, unknown.png)

Got curious about the "transphobia" they were losing their shit over regarding "Glitzy", and it turned out to be fucking nothing. PULL members are ridiculously easy to wind up using buzzwords.

No. 651548

File: 1602290672727.png (Spoiler Image, 734.22 KB, 596x763, nana12.png)

Can't leave out the yiff

No. 651549

File: 1602290811460.png (Spoiler Image, 624.32 KB, 596x766, nana15.png)

Nice to see a PULL admin support one of the flakes <3

No. 651550

File: 1602291047055.png (Spoiler Image, 457.5 KB, 598x764, nana18.png)

~sexy pregnant asian cosplayer~

No. 651553

File: 1602291280895.png (Spoiler Image, 281.25 KB, 597x764, nana20.png)

Reblogging obviously non-sexual photos of random pregnant women on his porn blog

No. 651554

File: 1602291306373.png (Spoiler Image, 685.32 KB, 596x764, nana19.png)

No. 651556

how did this freak end up as admin on pull. he needs to be rid of

No. 651557

File: 1602291487840.png (Spoiler Image, 362.77 KB, 599x762, nana21.png)

Furries, pregnancy, piss, yellow fever, gang bangs, the list goes on.

No. 651558

This never happened. Keep up the fanfic though, Glitzy.

No. 651560

can someone expose him on pull rn

No. 651564

File: 1602292250665.png (27.17 KB, 591x106, chaturbate.png)

>runs gossip channel
>same username he uses for his stackoverflow and github also leads to his porn blog and chaturbate simpbux account

No. 651571

His name is Gabriel Dylan Tanenhaus, he released a shitty game and founded a company for it. His personal twitter and insta as seen in >>651544 name him as Gabe T., so it checks out.

Come get your mans PULL.(read the rules)

No. 651577

Go to kiwifarms pls

No. 651581

Go away glitzy, we're not going to cheer for your redemption arc.

No. 651583

File: 1602293605636.png (87.3 KB, 260x238, gabe.png)

i SAID come get your man

No. 651584


No. 651588

File: 1602293864625.jpg (21.72 KB, 572x379, Metroman2.jpg)

No. 651589

For users who were so afraid of being doxxed ur awfully quickk to doxx others. Lmaooooooooo

No. 651593

File: 1602294140669.png (52.8 KB, 801x452, weeb.png)

Holy shit he's such a stereotypical incel weeb lmao

>still assuming I'm a pulltard

No. 651594

hush glitzy

No. 651595

I'm >>651547, not Glitzy. I just think the "twansphobia" sperging was retarded. In any case, I'm enjoying the milk on the current coomer/porn addict admin. That's actual milk. A fucking mess.

No. 651596

I don't understand why these people don't use a different username for their p0rn. Have they learned nothing from Pusheen's mistakes?

No. 651597

File: 1602294402151.jpg (19.27 KB, 294x294, 176228948.jpg)

>owns weeb gossip chat
>reblogs jav, hentai and costhots
>japanese and compsci major
>advocates for dual citizenship because he dreams of living it up in glorious nippon

you truly can't make this shit up kek

No. 651598

is he aware that he is being doxxed rn?

No. 651600

I doubt it. Wonder if whoever's tracking his shit is saving receipts, he'll probably go on a deletion spree as soon as he finds out.

No. 651602

Yeah he's lurking, he scrubbed his education info ("studied Japanese at San Francisco State University") as I was screenshotting his shit. But he has 13+ years of internet history under the same name, he'll be busy for a while.

No. 651604


Why did you wait to post all this dirt until now?

No. 651605

Glitzy's Revenge

No. 651610


now that's what I call a school shooter.

No. 651614

This is fucking appalling. Why does this crusty man think he has any place running a primarily female space? This entire server is an embarrassment. I hope the mods don't stand for this.

No. 651615

File: 1602296180215.png (126.74 KB, 500x516, sVwbFig.png)

So let me get this straight, they went on a witch hunt against this mod because she was "problematic" but their admin posts photos of women who clearly don't intend for those photos to be sexual on his porn blog next to furry gangbangs and piss porn and is a high-octane megaweeb that would have his own thread if he wasn't an Admin, and they're okay with him owning a mostly female-centric server? I'm sure mods are lurking here as usual and I would love to be a fly on the wall in PULLcord right now to see if they were aware of this and if they're going to stop using his discord because this is genuinely disgusting as fuck no matter how you want to twist it but especially considering today's precedent

No. 651620

not to mention, if he gets off on certain flakes (seeing as he REBLOGS THEIR PORN) doesn't that make him biased and easier to influence if they wanted anything taken down?

No. 651622


Maybe they are be okay with it because this admin identifies as a woman. This discord might be a lot of things, but it will never be transphobic, the biggest sin in internet today. /s

No. 651630

>woman who says "I wouldn't date a trans person" is a mod
>man who's a literal porn addict scrote who hoards revenge porn is an admin
>complete silence, maybe a "Wow how mean he's being doxxed…Is it the transphobic old mod trying to get revenge??"
Really makes you think.

No. 651631

He identifies as a male, according to the discord tag roles.

No. 651633

File: 1602297550060.png (55.98 KB, 306x683, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 651634

he needs to be removed or the server should get nuked lol

No. 651636


Are the users revolting or is it business as usual?

No. 651640


people definitely know but no one is saying anything.

No. 651642

File: 1602298241297.png (187.21 KB, 512x725, dg.png)

NTA but I'm in the Pull discord and nobody has even mentioned it so far even though they're obviously lurking. They're talking about it in some of the smaller discords (picrel) but nobody has the spine to bring it up

No. 651643

File: 1602298258975.png (193.95 KB, 824x747, dggg.png)

No. 651647

starting 2 think pullfags are more of cows than the mods wit how quickly they run here 2 cry everytime they get upset. can some1 get actual screens of the stuff from discord of the pullfags crying or.. i want better milk???(pure autism)

No. 651650

But they were all screeching about Glitzy, kek

No. 651653

PULL mods banned the person who brought it up.

No. 651654

File: 1602299206818.png (175.46 KB, 1149x884, bananasgomoo.png)

No. 651655

My advice to pulltard lurking here:

Go to Nyx's discord and unmask Banana. He has no power there. Just don't post any nsfw pics.

No. 651656

Smart. Do this. To the DG users: Posting a screenshot of a username isn't doxxing. Read up on what it is and feel free to continue. The PULL mods can't call that doxxing either or they'll look extremely stupid.

No. 651657

bananasgomoo i know ur lurking here, get ur yellow fevered nasty ass out of the PULL server and just step down

No. 651660

Porn shaming! Haha. You'd think these SJWs would acknowledge the power dynamics in this guy's disgusting asian fetishization. Men who go to asian countries to scoop up a "submissive waifu" are fucking scum. Him being in control of a server like this makes me feel nauseated.

No. 651661

Glitzy's twanphobia is nothing compared to this disgusting pedo fetishist piece of shit. Just like to PULL get cucked by a literal coomer and loving it.

No. 651662

The next thread can be made in /snow/. Make sure to write up a good OP for it.

No. 651664

google search ain't doxxing bananas lmao

No. 651667

Many PULLtards don't care about Asian fetishization unless it's a girl who's richer than them getting to travel and fuck Japanese guys.

No. 651668

Anons, am I stupid but I don't think thats doxxing at all? He put the same name everywhere so it's his fault. Anyone could find all this junk, not just lc. It'd be doxxing if people actually tried playing mind games to a point whered they reveal his address or we.

No. 651669

File: 1602300009112.png (Spoiler Image, 724.17 KB, 599x765, nana13.png)

Posting some more examples of his collection

No. 651671

File: 1602300169921.png (Spoiler Image, 580.37 KB, 597x762, nana11.png)

Same girl as >>651544, it was a huge photoset but he deleted the blog (despite saying "lol it's just porn")

No. 651672

Posting nonsexual photos of pregnant women to a porn blog is predatory behavior. In the case of >>651553, it looks like he even reblogged some photos directly? Either way, posting unsuspecting expectant mothers to a porn blog surely can't be deflected just because PULL mods dismiss criticism as "porn shaming." That's tantamount to dismissing criticism of revenge porn distribution as "porn shaming."

Do PULL users in the Discord know the extent of this?

No. 651673

File: 1602300211244.png (Spoiler Image, 156.27 KB, 935x555, nana5.png)

His sex.com account

No. 651674

File: 1602300264779.png (Spoiler Image, 649.63 KB, 597x763, nana14.png)

More SwimsuitSuccubus

No. 651675

File: 1602300371561.png (214.75 KB, 1376x806, 29832.png)

>You MUST date trannies!
>S-Stop pornshaming! That's personal!
This Brightburn person is caping hard and trying to get people to ignore this.

No. 651678

>Probably the same username? What are the chances… like below 50%?

We got a galaxy brain over here

No. 651680

File: 1602300531199.png (79.34 KB, 1368x226, JHTBD.png)

>"not relevant to PULL"
Yeah, nothing suspicious about a grown-ass man with all sorts of weird, race/age-related kinks being the admin of a server populated by girls 15 and up who want to gossip about internet celebrities. Do not porn-shame, guys. There is nothing wrong here.

No. 651682

File: 1602300576641.png (Spoiler Image, 467.92 KB, 597x763, nana16.png)

More random sexy pregnancy girls. There was another photo of a pregnant woman in a bikini holding a sign with how many months along she was but I didn't save it. Also more casually dressed pregnant women doing casual things.

No. 651683

File: 1602300619876.png (119.07 KB, 1104x512, h252.png)

He's trying to defend himself.
>Not l*li but okay go off.
>Okay? Not l*li?

No. 651686

Hurry! Someone bring up the asian fetishization!

No. 651687

File: 1602300797705.png (Spoiler Image, 158.27 KB, 804x698, townhall.png)

He's playing it off as if he's being kinkshamed and a bunch of users are going with it.

No. 651689

>"I don't care"
>"Please stop talking about this, I will ban you if you continue or link to proof by "doxxing" me with shit I personally, purposely put on the public side of internet"

No. 651691

So a computer science major made this >>650156 ?

No. 651692

I would, but I don't really post there, so it'll be too suspicious. Hoping someone else does.

No. 651694

File: 1602301052214.png (Spoiler Image, 331.78 KB, 600x701, nana6.png)

His sex.com account as seen here and in >>651673 has the same title as his indie video game that he registered a company for. How did this degenerate go undetected for so long?

Even if PULLtards want to say he doesn't deserve to be kinkshamed, someone who clearly has NO IDEA how to hide his footprint online and uses the same name for porn, personal, and professional accounts will also have no idea how to keep your community safe and give advice. He's unfit no matter how you want to twist it.

No. 651698


Why is Brightburn defending this? Is she also a pornsick weeb too?

This degenerate fetishist has power over a large group of women. So much so, that you are not allowed to question him or you get banned. Do you not see a problem here, pulltards?

No. 651702

Brightburn hasn't stopped being the insufferable pick me bootlicking bitch she was

No. 651704

>Pusheen gets doxxed (by google)
>PULLtards have a field day with her
>posts her caps 100 times
>literally calling her a rapist for making sims porn

>MAN gets doxxed (by google)

>Don't kinkshame him uwu
>Don't spread dox uwu

PULLtards is a living colony of internalized misogyny.

No. 651706

Mods are all on his side and playing it off in their priv.

No. 651711

File: 1602302405087.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 1278x764, bksj1.png)

No. 651713

File: 1602302451466.png (Spoiler Image, 814.85 KB, 648x1370, kgsb1.png)

No. 651714

File: 1602302503406.png (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 1252x1026, sjknbk.png)

Kim Possible, 16 years old. Katara from Avatar, 14 years old.

No. 651716

File: 1602302640607.png (Spoiler Image, 2.12 MB, 1334x1194, isbukbks.png)

My mistake, Kim Possible's age is 14-15.
Here's Misty and May, both 10 years old. Forgot the name of the blue-haired girl, but I'm guessing similar age.

No. 651718

File: 1602302690544.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 636x1374, 9hgsbs.png)

Pregnant loli, loli oviposition.

No. 651719

File: 1602302738047.png (Spoiler Image, 417.11 KB, 652x370, nkjsnbkjs.png)

No. 651720

File: 1602302773215.png (Spoiler Image, 542.14 KB, 838x518, 98523.png)

More loli shit.

No. 651721

File: 1602302840271.png (Spoiler Image, 389.19 KB, 644x524, wsrnbkg.png)