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No. 17307

Don't really know much about her besides she's a animu girl with huge fake tits. She seems like she would be interesting to discuss.

No. 17308

File: 1445211525443.jpeg (22.69 KB, 236x354, image.jpeg)

No. 17309

lol you shouldn't be allowed to own a corset if you're over 120 lbs
it's just pathetic to see fat girls trying to pretend they have a waist

No. 17310

lol she mentioned her patreon on her youtube page so i looked it up

she's getting paid 1k a month just to be fat and have fake tits

No. 17311

To be fair no one who waist trains ever looks good

No. 17312

>why are my boobs so big

because you're fat, honey

No. 17313

true enough, it's the female fedora

No. 17314

File: 1445213418345.jpeg (41.28 KB, 328x580, image.jpeg)

No. 17315

File: 1445213510315.jpeg (164.26 KB, 1920x1080, image.jpeg)

No. 17316

What the fuck are those bottoms…

No. 17317

Jesus, this looks terrible. Corsets like this make people look inhuman.

No. 17318

it looks like she's wearing two pairs of underwear, kek

No. 17319


Christ, this is like a legbeard checklist.

>Hot Topic level hair

>Super Sonico
>Conveniently placed Zelda game (just in case you forget she's a gaymur grrrrl)
>Cheap shitty corset tied way too tightly to actually be healthy or safe (also is it supposed to be fucking My Little Pony themed or something?)

No. 17320

File: 1445220589723.jpg (22.47 KB, 480x360, 535px-10.jpg)

No. 17321

Don't forget Adventure Time because she's totally hip and lolsorandum.
I can't believe she's defiling OoT like that though. Doubt she even played it. I want to steal it from that bitch.

No. 17322

She's trying her best to be politically correct but you can tell by her tone she doesn't care for "average" female bodies

No. 17323

No. 17324


Of course. How could I forget?
Panty and Stocking seems to be kind of a trend with legbeards, too.


That fucking music drowning her voice out, jesus christ. Is it supposed to be a joke or something? That's some Deadly Premonition-tier shit.


Hahahaha jesus fucking christ my sides

No. 17325

Is it just me or is she putting on a fake posh British accent in this video?

No. 17326

Eh, I don't have a problem with this girl.
Her OP video made sense.
Yeah she's fat, so what.
Not snowflake material.

No. 17327

I saw this bitch in a documentary, her husband pays for all her shit, including her boobs. They live in Japan too.

No. 17328

No. 17329


you know, if you want this thread to die >>17326, you should stop replying

No. 17330


Ooh, what's it called?

No. 17331


I don't want it to die, it seems kind of…. bottom of the barrel.

No. 17332

Are you a fat girl with neon hair?

She's not that interesting but at least it's not another Berry or Ember thread

No. 17333

her husband is so creepy https://youtu.be/0qLv9ayrX_Y?t=140

No. 17334

God, she's fucking passive-aggressive and rude.

No. 17335


Are you?

No. 17336

Ah, you're a fat girl with normal coloured hair then.

No. 17337

Fatty with big fake tits…And I thought regular fatties were unattractive enough with their sloth, she has to go and up the ante on looking like an obscene representation of narcissism and food addiction.

No. 17338

I saw this bitch on DA, super cringe shit. Does anyone remember her handle?

No. 17339


You're unusually aggressive Anon, you should go have a cup of tea.

No. 17340

Seeing those big tits must have triggered her Ana brain

No. 17341

ew, you can see how sore her waist is from forcing it into corsets

No. 17342

pathetic samefag

No. 17343

>unattractive girls who happen to watch some anime are grounds for being a snowflake
Lelno. Face it, you're only posting her here to be salty about her making $1k for being fat and having inplants while you get nothing for being yourselves.

The world is unfair.

No. 17344

Nah. I didn't know how much money she was making before I made this thread. Only posted her because of boobs and strange body.

No. 17345

I've seen a few girls at my local gym like that, it looks pretty painful.

No. 17346

Are her boobs really fake? Because I would think it would be dangerous and that no surgeon would do that because of the risks?

No. 17347

File: 1445362928547.png (86.04 KB, 1132x800, XxZ.png)


Nope, I'm only >>17339

No. 17348

That proves nothing. You can just type in a different password. Samefag confirmed.

No. 17349


Do I really need to film myself reloading the page, selecting the post and attempting to delete it in order to prompt the denial, upload it to Youtube and link it here.

You're wrong, just slink away like a good little bitch.

No. 17350

She looks so bad. She still looks like a big apple on chicken legs and has NO ass.

No. 17351

Only a samefag would try to deny samefagging this hard. Keep digging yourself deeper.

No. 17352


You know your post would be a whole lot more irritating save for the fact that I know I'm not samefagging so there are at least 2 of us chuckling at how retarded you look right now and I can't wait for her to get back to this thread so we can chuckle in unison.

No. 17353

File: 1445404449284.jpg (40.71 KB, 666x853, fdfgggfg.jpg)

Just some gamer grill heifer that is insecure about her body.Also a huge sjw, and thinks very highly of her self. "I've always had a small waist and big boobs" 200% lie. Though I've never understood why people get these huge balloon tit implants, yet they don't also get a brazillian butt lift. She has the lardiest flat ass ever, she could've transferred some of her fat there instead of compressing it down and shoving their rib cages so far into there lungs.

No. 17354

Is she faking her voice? I really hope I am not being an ass for saying this but it kinda sounds like she is exaggerating it?

She sounds like she should be a matron in a war time television period drama.

No. 17355

"why are my boobs so big"

Because you got implants.


Didn't really need to take a 3 minute video to say that now did it luv?

No. 17356

Alright so I'm at 2:19 and so far I like her voice and agree with her opinions. Am I supposed to be feeling any hatred towards her yet or does it get worse?

No. 17357

She's very annoying for sure….but I do agree with some of her points. They're very valid. All these leg beards talk about how video game bodies are 'unrealistic' and 'objectifying women' then when asked what they would have a character look like….they want a flat chested chubby woman….

Well I just so happen to be thin with large breasts and a traditional hourglass shape….does that mean that my body isn't real? My body isn't a realistic portrayal of a woman? My body is somehow bad and should be replaced? There are many women with my body so clearly it's a real body.

I think she has a fairly good point, annoying or not. I don't think that this particular video was snowflakey.

No. 17358

File: 1445525891533.png (252.02 KB, 357x346, 1327974741374.png)

I think the issue is that women have different bodies and that in culture etc women are expected to all have the same kind of body, and that those who do not have that body are ridiculed. I have seen arguments for having various bodies, not ruling out one type altogether, so its a bit of a redundant argument.

No. 17359

No. 17360

So, apparently she claims now to have all of these disorders including DID..

She's also been on Botched and makes about as much sense there as she does anywhere else.

No. 17361

File: 1514592896133.png (Spoiler Image, 110.82 KB, 1024x619, fromdeviantart.png)

Much of this stuff is still on her deviantart or can be found over on yuki.la

No. 17362

>1:35 skip for le edgy singing

No. 17363

File: 1514595416301.jpg (25.59 KB, 480x473, 1476402115982.jpg)

what is this garbage?
why do people who say they have DID are always the biggest attention whores?

No. 17364

From her website:

>TL;DR my mother was very sick for my entire childhood, and dad was out of the picture for the most part. So, I spent an absolutely insane quantity of time-consuming media.

>I sometimes debate with myself on what has been the most influential… Cartoons? Well, certainly they had a huge impact. But I'd argue literature was more directly to thank for me developing complex opinions… But how can we ignore music? Not much can match music when it comes to simplicity and emotional connection.

That's not just with me either, I think music has a unique way of interacting with its audience. It's short, so it's much more readily consumed than most other forms of media. On top of that, it's usually only got a few lines, and it leaves a lot of emotional interpretation up to the person listening. I haven't even mentioned the obvious stuff, like the feelings that we get as a creature when we hear a well composed tune, or that many musicians are more approachable and easy to connect with than other forms of celebrity… But, at the end of this pointless little introspection, I arrive at the conclusion that, very specifically, Musical Comedy is the lifeblood of what makes me who I am.
If you can take something as serious as composing a song, and riddle that with comedic hooks and satire, I am putty in your hand. Nothing makes me more happy than listening to musical comedy.

Vid is her claiming that she was sexually abused at SDCC this year.

No. 17365

File: 1514611709860.jpeg (87.23 KB, 524x502, milk.jpeg)

She got majorly fucking TRIGGERED on FB a few weeks ago.

No. 17366

My greentext was fucked. Didn't think that post went through because it led me to tempcow.

No. 17367

Wait, what? She fucking cries in another video about how growing up she wasn't allowed to play video games with boys unless she fucked them. She cries about being isolated and so not like other girls.

You should check out the above video. I'll probably get called an incel or apologist but this girl has always been sketchy with all these disorders she claims to have, the shit she does for attention, and then going as far as to allege in that same video that people don't take cosplay sex assault seriously because of her huge fake tits. The victim complex with this one is too much and I legitimately do not believe that "everyone at sdcc stood and laughed at her while she was groped".

No. 17368

Wow. I hadn't actually seen that video - I've known her for years but just sort of gradually lost interest when I saw her being incredibly melodramatic over dumb shit and incredibly confrontational when someone tries to reason. Plus one of her irl close friends is SuperMaryFace AKA the girl who didn't want the internet to find out she did a nude photoshoot at 18 so asked the photographer to take them down and when he didn't she lied saying she was a minor in the photos and accused the dude of being a pedo.

That aside I've never seen her so out of it in a video before. The SDCC con wasn't the first time she claimed to have an incident at a con but all the previous times they were "too traumatic to retell, I'll just get upset all over again" which… again… so melodramatic. I get the feeling whatever conditions she does have they lead her to blow up situations out of proportion.

No. 17369

Exactly, her behavior is just so damn bizzare. That isn't even the only video that she has this weird tweaking breakdown in. Pic related is her talking about her struggles as a girl gamer. She is just all over the place as a person and the self diagnosing shit that she does hasn't helped.

No. 17370

File: 1514656293488.jpg (230.36 KB, 642x813, 0e05a86bf45005d06a600fb47c3ef1…)

No. 17371

Yeah… this exemplifies her melodramatic nature so well. I grew up a "girl nerd" too. Yeah at 12 I dated one of the boys from my "nerd group" briefly, because my big sister had gotten a boyfriend therefore I wanted a boyfriend, not because there was this MYSOGINIST GATE KEEPING OF OBJECTIFICATION AND TEH RAPES that literally wouldn't allow me to hang out with these kids without dating one of them. We were friends for months before I dated the kid for literally 4 days.

She's talking like she was forced to suck a dick in order to be allowed access to a vidya.
like, calm down Beyonce.

No. 17372

File: 1514670023499.png (Spoiler Image, 902.95 KB, 1863x2000, botched tits penny.png)

It is irritating because she is completely serious about it. I do acknowledge that there is gatekeeping in the nerd subculture because I had to deal with it myself and so have friends of mine, but it isn't as extreme as she makes it sound. And then she cites 4chan as having turned her into this internalized mursgyny monster just because she was bantering on /b/.. yet here she is still pandering to the exact type of men she claims to have been assaulted mentally and physically by. Her deviantart is full of photos which are blatantly sexually charged but in the same breath she whines about how people see her as sexy. She's doing the same exact shit that Yaya did; Making her huge fake tits the focus and then stomping her feet when people reciprocate. If nobody acknowledged her then she would whine about how she is the victim of unfair standards, as if the average large chested woman is even anywhere near her goddamned size.

She, Yaya, Bellechere, and all the other oppai-titted-tardlettes in cosplay are exhausting. If you criticize them then it means you're either jealous of their tits or a rape apologist but if you validate their "claims" then it just enables their shitty behavior.

In the >>17364 video she mentions a security guard at the con saying, "Damn.." when she walks past and then makes it seem as if due to that remark if she required assistance he wouldn't help her. Dude, wtf with that reach?

>some dude says "Damn" and nothing more


No. 17373

Her response to the commonly asked question of why she got beach ball tits.

No. 17374

>"I'm not going to address taking upskirt photos or grabbing people's butts because honestly I don't think any of my fans would do that to me."

How delusional is she. Is it possible for one person to be this fucking retarded?

No. 17375

File: 1514674579755.png (Spoiler Image, 198.98 KB, 1024x683, stop calling me sexy.png)

No. 17376

No. 17377

thought i recognised her, he did an interview for barcroft a few years back

No. 17378

Why are people necroing the thread when there doesnt seem to be any real recent milk…

No. 17379

Did you watch the comic con vid she just made? Obviously you didn't.

Also this is /snow/, faggot. Not pull. There doesn't need to be a smoking gun for farmers to fucking talk about people. Hide the thread if you don't like it.(sage)

No. 17380

TBH that comicon video is a couple months old. I can understand anon's frustration, as she is constantly whining but what is something new she's doing that makes brows raise?

No. 17381

File: 1514752844975.png (Spoiler Image, 828.97 KB, 752x762, 22335263526367638.png)

Why are people attempting to force PULL-tier etiquette in lc when it comes to cows is what I'm more curious about. There are gaijin idoru threads that continue to get bumped despite the only criticisms being coords and shitty hair, Jill's thread has been people talking about alcohol for who knows how long now, June's last thread and the newest is a literal rehashing of old information from her first threads (and yet nobody is giving those posters any shit despite it being against the rules), Kelly Eden's is constant talk about how bad her hair and makeup is, and the Altcow thread has been

>wah wah ree's bangs

>wah unboxings im sick of it
>wah kaya's skin and hair

for the longest time now.

And yet people are assblasted that Penny's thread was updated because it hadn't been in quite some time because … ?

You have the choice to hide threads you don't care for, but don't try to police what gets posted here when there are a bunch of other threads in which literally nothing five alarm scandalous is occurring. It is called /snow/ for a reason.

No. 17382

File: 1514755232525.png (593.53 KB, 621x570, cringe.png)

No. 17383

Anon there was one post… calm down and take those complaints to meta. You just had to post some recent things and call it a day. I understand your frustration over the PULL influx from Taylors thread(etc) and the constant bumping with garbage, but this isnt the right place to sperg out

No. 17384

Listing what happens on a day to day basis =/= sperging out. This has been happening in several threads in both /pt/ and /snow/. Its tiresome.

No. 17385

File: 1514935124035.jpg (31.76 KB, 586x184, cm.jpg)

ah fuck, what a tall fucking glass of cringe. Now the nearly 30 year old is acting like a fucking tumblr tween XD'ing about her mental illness.
God if she does a "MEET MY ALTERS :D" video ill barf

No. 17386

samefag but she went nearly 30 years of her life - a decade of an online career never mentioning an inkling of even a DID like characteristic, and now all of the sudden she's able to discern things posted by "her other personalities". Her entire behavior has changed.

No. 17387

Lmao she literally has no hips

No. 17388

I seriously wonder what the fuck is wrong with her. Why does she suddenly have DID? And while I can understand rape or sexual assault being difficult to come forward about its as if she has a new sexual assault story every time she makes a video yet never goes into any detail about it. Why bring it up as if its going to be the subject of a video then back peddle 15 minutes in about how the rest is too difficult to talk about? This reminds me of when Yaya Han went like 30+ years without a single incident and suddenly when gamergate took off she was best buds with Anita and claimed that some man grabbed her tits at a crosswalk in NYC.

I feel like I'll be accused of being an incel but I really don't understand these women. They cater to the lowest of the low and are somehow surprised when people treat them a certain way. Penny acts like she gets raped on a daily basis. What happened to her at comic con wasn't rape. The first dude making such a comment and grabbing her was disgusting, but the security guard? Being packed in tight quarters and people bumping into her? The drunk Batman pretending to choke her? That's not rape. And she's so fucking huge that I honestly can't see how people would be able to avoid her in tight corridors of the convention center. Maybe she shouldn't have gotten monster tits and the worse she'd be bitching about is somebody stepping on her feet.

She has no ass either.

No. 17389

File: 1515108985316.png (80.47 KB, 720x435, 20180104_183408.png)

>I support people shitting up cosplay even further by turning it into all about tits and ass

And she wonders why people don't take her seriously when she tries to talk about serious subjects such as mental illness, rape, literature, etc.

No. 17390

File: 1515109132226.png (70.16 KB, 720x402, 20180104_183810.png)

No. 17391

"porn is art"??? Hahahaha what the ever loving fuck. Shut the fuck up, Penny. That's a real insult to actual artists who spend months, even years, working on artistic projects.

No. 17392

Princess Leia doesn’t deserve this shit

No. 17393

Shoving a corset under this cosplay made her fupa more pronounced.

No. 17394

She needs to get a faja and wear it religiously for a few months to mold her body ffs…then wear the corsets

No. 17395

Years ago, Penny had a breakdown on Youtube and deleted her old channel (or moved from it at least) because she said she was sick of just being seen as a big tit girl and not for who she really was, and was actually losing subscribers over this.

So she came back with a new channel a few months later, and one of her first videos she was bouncing her tits again on purpose. Someone commented saying "isn't this kind of making your problem worse?" and Penny replied saying it wasn't any of that person's business and that she never was losing subscribers in the first place.

She's an extremely abrasive person who simultaneously WANTS to be hyper sexualised and seen as a sex toy AND as a person. You can't have your cake and eat it.

No. 17396

I was hoping that there would be somebody else who remembered this. She's been in the scene for quite some time yet it appears as if she wiped away much of her "old" stuff.


From when she lived in Japan.
>Tools of the Trade: bewbs

Annnnd, notice how it changes several months down the road..


>Please people, keep your comments rated G. I am a married woman who is not interested in your penis.

>People like asking me why I do not post nudes and why I am not available for commissioning nudes… Because I dislike people asking for it like I owe it to them because I am a woman. It's incredibly rude of people not to respect my wishes, and having people constantly bombard me with questions makes me uncomfortable. I don't owe anybody my body, it's mine to show when and if I want to. The more of you that ask for it, ESPECIALLY IN RUDE WAYS, the less likely it is EVER GOING TO HAPPEN. Even if you mention it sarcastically, IT'S STILL RUDE AND PRESUMPTUOUS.

>A little about me: I'm a plus sized fetish model, I'm Australian, I'm pretty friendly most of the time,

and I like video games. That sort of sums it all up.

No. 17397

I'm surprised that breakdown basically got zero attention from anyone. Honestly I did feel sorry for her when she first made the video on her old channel crying about being seen as a fetish toy, as I really believed her when she said she wasn't TRYING to come across as that, its just unavoidable.

So when she made her new channel and was straight back to her old purposely bouncing tits shit I was really disappointed. I have no issues with a woman who wants to sell sex to get cash, we all have to get by. But you CANNOT build your brand as "big plastic balloon tits woman" and shout people out when they see you as that!

Does anyone else remember that old Sonico cosplay vid she did in Japan that was literally her wearing a vest top and some headphones and standing by a tree physically moving her tits and giggling like a school girl? How does she think she can make content like that and get an audience worth holding on to?

No. 17398

Sorry for probably stupid question, but. What's a faja?

No. 17399

not that anon but faja=shapewear in spanish

No. 17400

I noticed her Fanservice Friday videos are hard to come by now.


>Guys, I'm an artist!

No. 17401

ty anon

No. 17402

File: 1515351016846.png (456.84 KB, 745x472, killing it how exactly.png)

No. 17403

What I don't get is how she played it off as unavoidable. She's already a tall, hulking meat of a girl as it is so getting bolt on beach balls only exacerbated things. She looked normal before, if not a little froggy in the face. How people treat her was avoidable all along. All she had to do was not get crazy surgery when she already had tits to begin with.

No. 17404

File: 1515363585308.gif (461.66 KB, 320x240, D0117263-78F4-4DFA-BDAB-AB8E03…)

No. 17405

No. 17406

this bitch has a mix of baylee's and suzy's face. no wonder they needed those baby sized pick-me-ups.

No. 17407

File: 1515447658567.png (60.31 KB, 640x640, noper.png)

Yeah, I always wondered what exactly is wrong with her face. Why does she look inbred?

No. 17408

Far apart eyebrows, pig nose, thin lips and long philtrum.

She should have gotten a nose job and a lip lift before getting those massive tits tbh

No. 17409

Of course she plays the ukulele

Contrary to anons above I actually think she is really pretty in the face and I like her voice. I am a bit weirded out by the fact her boobs move with a different obedience to gravity than the rest of her and how you can see her purposefully bounce around weirdly enough to make them move completely separately to her body.

Idk she reminds me of legbeards you always meet who have poorly dyed hair, are in fandoms, carry a battered messenger bag that looks like it came straight from 2010 with pins all over it and who wears corsets, fingerless gloves and still uses the "xD" face

No. 17410

File: 1515542084639.png (143.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180109-185333.png)

That description is startlingly accurate.

Pic related and now she is anorexic? How many disorders does this fucking chick have?

No. 17411

please kill this trend of girls hicking their swimsuits/underwear up like that make it look like they're shapely, it's so weird.

No. 17412

>not eating makes you fatter

Someone feed this woman then she is clearly starving.

No. 17413

Thing is, some girls are shapely and require that type of 80s hi-cut. Penny, on the other hand, has no hips or ass to speak of yet tries to pass herself off as le real lyfe jessica rabbit XDDDD.

No. 17414

File: 1515609000992.png (77.15 KB, 737x676, 191387284364783.png)

It makes even less sense in full context.

No. 17415

I actually understand where she's getting at when she asks to not be complimented on her weight loss or asks people to not bring it up, because it CAN make you obsessive about not gaining the weight back and make you resort to less than healthy behaviours - However I disagree with the fact that she posts on her twitter, instagram and facebook PSA's asking people to not mention her weight to her.

It's completely unrealistic, she's a fetish model on the internet, new people come across her all the time and are bound to comment on her body, again, she's a FETISH MODEL. ONLINE. I also have the tendancy to obsess about my weight when I start to lose weight and people start to point it out, but my solution to that, ANYONE'S solution to that shouldn't be a feeble attempt to censor those who think they're harmlessly complimenting you. The solution to unhealthy thoughts regarding people pointing out your weight loss has to be dealt from within, YOU need to fix how YOU react to those comments, not try to control how the world talks.

No. 17416

I get what you're saying. There is no way this bitch is anorexic like she claims though. This is the same person claiming to have dealt with "numerous rapes and sexual assaults uwu too painful to go into detail" yet in other videos talks about how her childhood was great because vidya and her teen years were nothing grand because she "saw herself as a genderless, sexless being but also had a boyfriend because she MUST have one in order to be ALLOWED to play vidya", then anxiety, depression, goes back and forth between claiming to have zero body image issues whatsoever, and now she allegedly has PTSD and DID.

She has something called attention whore syndrome.

No. 17417

Oh I agree, on her DID video someone actually asked if she self diagnosed and she said she did self diagnose the DID. With Anorexia you can't just say "I have self image issues, I've calorie restricted before, therefore I'm anorexic" there are criteria you need to meet to be diagnosed with it, including actually being noticeably underweight and being in denial about being underweight, it's LITERALLY one of the criterias, and let's be frank Penny has never been even close to being dangerously underweight. She's always talked about being chubby even as a kid.

God self diagnosing rubs me the wrong way. It's attention whoreing 101

No. 17418

File: 1515632048383.png (871.43 KB, 743x883, 32458f31c8f92558d.png)

No. 17419

I will never get into the mindset of paying big $$$ for big crazy beach ball tits, but not taking 15 minutes to put on make up before taking photos to sell! Like who is this aesthetic for? Men who like big beach ball bolt ons tend to love make up too. I just don't understand who is paying for this and how she's getting away with being so lazy

No. 17420

It is a myth that you have to be underweight to be diagnosed as anorexic. You can "starve" to death despite being overweight if you aren't eating the required nutrients. If you show all the tendencies of anorexia you can do some real damage to yourself before even becoming underweight. Weight is not a criteria for anorexia. She well have could have been anorexic as a child, I am doubtful personally because she's not mentioned it heavily and seems to be creating a list of mental illnesses she has/has had that have no actual diagnosis and lead me to believe her symptoms are just being exaggerated for attention. She's literally exaggerated her own tits for attention, why not illnesses?

No. 17421

She has shown photos of herself as a child and she was chubby. She, in her past videos, never mentioned having anorexia as a child or even a teen. She described her childhood and teen years as great and that she was chubby, awkward, and hairy.

Penny also used to have a weekly segment on her old channel called Fanservice Friday, where she would cosplay as something and bounce her tits around for the camera for a minute or so, but most of those have been purged and only some can be found on xhamster. There were other times where she filmed in literally just overalls and a bra.

She wants attention.

No. 17422

>making the assumption any man is looking at her face when they have those two giant distractions to stare at

answered your question anon.

No. 17423

>or persistent lack of recognition of the seriousness of the current low body weight.

It's actually literally one of the diagnostic points in the DSM-5 for Anorexia Nervosa, if a person who is 300 pounds and unathletic suddenly begins displaying anorexia like symptoms and starves themselves into hospilatization in a matter of weeks without having becoming underweight, they are likely to be diagnosed with EDNOS. Body dysmorphia plays a big part in anorexia, girls like Eugenia Cooney likely don't see how thin they actually are.

No. 17424

File: 1516050297980.png (717.62 KB, 740x548, granny.png)

No. 17425

I'm honestly more surprised that someone so fat would bother to get a tacky looking boob job rather than lose at least some of the extra weight…

No. 17426

But anon, she is #bodypositive!

No. 17427

Because people care more about having big o titties and big ass and hips than they do with women being healthy, people would rather rack up debt just to have hideous giant tits than to at least spend it on something important and crucial to her health like lipo

No. 17428

She's clearly big boned but chubby. She's hardly "so fat" There is evidence she's muscular and works out most days.

Lipo has no effect on weight or health whatsoever. It's a cosmetic procedure that is about as healthy as getting fake tits. No doctor on earth has EVER recommended lipo because its "crucial for their health"

God damn the ana-chans on this board are out of control. It's so fucking boring.

No. 17429

File: 1516126626986.png (151.92 KB, 495x410, Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 18.1…)

Penny gets 54k a year for posting make-up less selfies on her phone. I just don't fucking get it

No. 17430


>Penny gets 54k a year for posting boobs


No. 17431

She never posts nipple and she posts boob pics for free to her Twitter all the time, so what are these people paying for? Because its not higher quality than the free stuff

No. 17432

Agreed, I've followed her for years and am honestly here for her personality and the shit turn it has taken as of late. I don't have any issues with her body and anyone who takes two seconds to look at her content will know she actually works out a ton, probably more than the people sitting on their ass calling her fat. She's a big girl, she's never gonna be a size 0.

And LOL "crucial to her health like lipo" lipo has absolutely no health benefits.

No. 17433

A friend was a patron and linked me her drop box. It's literally full of ugly selfie rejects, like she takes 25 selfies, uploads the two best ones to instagram and the people who pay her actual money have the honor of seeing all the rest of the shitty shots.

Patreon so quickly went from 'incentivize your viewers to donate for exclusive, quality content" to "panhandle the internet and give them the scraps of your public content in return."

No. 17434

File: 1516146060991.png (27.54 KB, 308x488, wvezhnR.png)

Sweetie, nobody here is expecting frogmouth to be a size 0. People have seen her body prior to the tit job and she was always chubby with no ass, so it makes no sense for her to have gotten massive botched bolt-ons when she should have focused on working with the mess she had to begin with. Bitches like her have been cramming their asses into corsets and waist trainers for the last 4 or 5 years now and calling themselves curvy.

No. 17435

File: 1516146161400.png (62.93 KB, 634x435, 2EC78BDE00000578-3332497-image…)

And again, she didn't NEED the titjob. Pic related was prior to it.

No. 17436

"I'm MAD a STRANGER on the internet didn't decide to meet MY expectations about HER body."

Nobody cares dude.

Can we get back to talking about her victim complex and self diagnosing attention whoring/her abismal ebegging patreon? Or do you wanna whine a bit more about how much you don't like how she looks while posting 10+ year old photos?

No. 17437


Is this a joke…she’s literally obese…

No. 17438

File: 1516178683803.jpg (295.1 KB, 1152x2048, DSTqV0XUQAA6XLm.jpg)

It's hilarious how mad you are at someone online having the body they want that you're posting supporting yourself.

Pic related was from last year. As much as I hate Penny (for personality and personality alone) she's buff as fuck and could probably lift you with a single arm. Even if she WAS "literally obese" who gives a fucking shit? Now shut the fuck up ana-chan

No. 17439

anon, why are you so offended? she's fat af. she started working out like last year and has lost a little weight and has a bit of muscle. she's still fat. stop crying. she's more than chubby.

No. 17440

why the fuck do you care if she’s chubby or not though? you sound like you have no friends, fucking loser.

No. 17441

It's actually sad you hate yourself so much that this is how you are towards other women's appearances. Please shut the fuck up.(mini-modding)

No. 17442

lol, i'm ntayrt wrt being "obese", but you're the one that freaked the fuck out just bc someone called her a fattychan and thought getting chronically irritated beach balls shoved under her skin wasnt a good idea when the rest of her looks not so great. who cares if ppl think she's fat?

anyways, she's annoying, she's always talking about how high her cheekbones are and how she has always had an extreme hourglass figure (while obviously an apple still to this day). she's pretty narcissistic/delusional and i'm not at all surprised she's coming out with the crazy ass DID shit for attention.

No. 17443

Anon who lifts and was fairly big when younger (similar body type slightly shorter)

She has to be on 3kcal to 6kcal if she’s lifting 2-3 times a week

I’m only 2kcal and I lost 3 sizes.

Weightlifting if done correctly (assuming that she wants to be curvy “cartoon” Jessica rabbit) will elongate your muscles

She wants to be a ham beast

No. 17444


morbidly obese anons detected lmao

No. 17445

Oh my god shut the fuck up

No. 17446

Second this. Seriously anachan no one gives a shit, there are more interesting things to talk about than how mad you are she got fake boobs or wears a corset while comitting the heinous crime of "being fat" in your opinion. Dunno how many times you need to be told no one cares. Can't believe I came back to this thread and it's just 10 posts of you fighting with people. STFU and learn how to sage retard.

No. 17447


The anons you've been arguing with aren't me? I'm the one who called her frogface and then I left /snow/ for the day because it was slow as fuck.

Also, there is no "you can't talk about this because I say so". It's not PULL. It's lc. There are threads on here nitpicking for the exact same things (being ugly, being fat, being a liar, etc), so I don't understand why people are suddenly offended by this thread existing when other cows exhibit the same behavior.

People are allowed to talk about how terrible and ugly they think Penny looks as well as her personality.

Maybe you should leave and come back when you're capable of disagreeing with others without assuming they must have an eating disorder like it's 2014 with your mpa fixation.

No. 17448

>People are allowed to talk about how terrible and ugly they think Penny looks

Not when it shits up the whole fucking thread and takes away from actual content

No. 17449

.. This has literally been taking place in the past two shoeonhead threads, the altcow thread, and others and as long as posts are sage then yes, people ARE permitted to discuss it. There had been zero mod intervention in any of those threads when it was a debacle spanning days over ill-fitting attire, acne, Kelly or June's implants, and more. Know Why? Because so long as it doesn't become a blog post, it is allowed.

This entire site is dedicated to drama and nitpicking. Once again, it isn't PULL. You don't get to police what is and isn't "milky enough" to discuss.

If you want that, then head back over to that forum.

No. 17450

File: 1516224564962.png (307.83 KB, 720x694, 20180117_162800.png)

No. 17451

File: 1516224580490.png (609.4 KB, 720x1082, 20180117_162827.png)

No. 17452


"Host body" cringe. She's really milking the whole D.I.D. thing full force I see.

One thing that's always bugged me is she is literally the most awkward at posing. Like photos anyone else by any regular means would be like "man this is a shit photo of myself" she seems to think look BOMB.

No. 17453

File: 1516227278907.jpg (166.69 KB, 928x608, giant.jpg)

I think she's been trying to appeal to the 'giant woman' fetish but she just looks bloody retarded.

No. 17454

File: 1516227493153.jpeg (59.35 KB, 750x752, F99796C3-87DF-474E-AC25-0C3892…)


No. 17455

I don't remember if she's mentioned this in a video, but on FB she has mentioned how "Penny" isn't her real name because she had a stalker in the past so doesn't want her real name associated with her online presence.

It's always so fucking stupid whenever someone trying to build a following online says they're "hiding from a stalker". Then maybe don't try to amass popularity online if you're trying to hide? Just a thought?

No. 17456

according to the rest of the caption it has more to do with a demon thing or some shit but yeah it really doesn't help her whole sudden "I ttly have D.I.D. gais XDDDD" ploy

i find it odd that she is married yet her "profession" is essentially being a blow-up doll for sweaty neckbeards online. she bitches so frequently on all of her accounts about how men view her and the types of sleazy remarks she gets but she is selling herself to the lowest common denominator so what exactly does she expect? if nobody salivated over her momo-esque form then she would be crying about how bigger girls aren't loved enough

so /fit/ much jelly

>relies on an alias to hide from a stalker
>gets interviewed by several media outlets
>goes on botched
>continues to this day to try and grow her "brand"

totally the behavior of somebody trying to hide from a psycho, yup.

No. 17457

File: 1516242331326.gif (Spoiler Image, 466.29 KB, 876x1019, 1448344501798.gif)

This is first boob job to second boob job [she's had two, yup, threw a fit when she was told she couldn't have a third]

No. 17458

Is there a post of the tantrum or was it one of the videos she purged on her old channel?

Also jfc those tits.. and there are people itt stanning this shit so hard?

No. 17459

File: 1516243061896.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.16 KB, 320x400, 16109044@400-1427389842.jpg)

I believe it was a series of blogpost rants on her tumblr, I'm actually gonna go check her tumblr out and see if there's anything lolsome still up on it.

She had a furry sideblog for awhile that she deleted and hasn't said a word regarding why about, she also disabled her furaffinity where she used to draw her husband as a bull with huge balls. She seems to have a thing for big round objects, I definitely see a theme.

No. 17460

File: 1516243688980.jpg (Spoiler Image, 222.36 KB, 1280x1280, 1427887322.fruh_easter_bunnies…)

Image description
"The Female Easter Bunny is a hyper sexual creature- that produces a clutch of between five and fifty golf ball sized eggs per month. Her eggs are firm but shell-less. These eggs are then injected into the male with use of her ovipositor. The sack underneath her ovipositor creates an activation syrum- or catalyst, that when introduced to the female's eggs causes swelling. The eggs absorb the catalyzing fluid and become soft and jelly like as they swell. These eggs also have a very strong flavour that is based on the theme of the bunny that creates them. The female featured for example- her eggs taste like fresh milk.

The male Easter Bunny is also a rather sexual creature- but generally more cautious as to who it chooses to couple with. The swelling of the eggs within his stomach frequently causes difficulty moving, even in mild cases, and he relies heavily on the female to keep him nourished whilst the eggs are developing in his womb. The eggs continue to soften and expand whilst in his womb- until they reach a soft enough texture to be inseminated. After insemination occurs, the eggs begin to harden on the outside. Forming a shell to protect the offspring from possible danger once the male lays his crop. So as to be capable of birthing these ostrich sized eggs from his womb- the male produces an obscene quantity of lubricating fluid, that both smells like and tastes like his character theme. In the case of the male featured- cookie dough.
Once the eggs are deposited- a biological mixture of the genetic flavours of their parents- they are abandoned. They will develop within their shells and hatch in a few months if left unharmed.

I have had fun thinking about this species- and do hope other people enjoy the concepts as much as I do."

You can't go to her furaffinity page any longer but you can still see some of her, uh, "art" through links so I'll leave this here for the brave

No. 17461

This… this explains why I've seen her liking futa shit on twitter..

No. 17462

>>17457 From the side boob image I feel like I’m looking at Snoopy

No. 17463

File: 1516255574500.png (819.59 KB, 1127x526, fas.png)

God her face is so FASsy

No. 17464

i was totally not expecting that and tea went up my nose as i laughed. accurate

her tits look so bad. worst part is she totally went over the muscle, most likely saline, as it's literally impossible to get a silicone implant in that size in the US. she could not have chosen worse on size, placement, and material. there's no support and eventually the implants will probably literally wear through her skin by stretching and thinning the skin out (not an exaggeration). she's accelerating ptosis and she already had it bad. she needed to lose weight and work out her pecs, not get anvils for tits. maybe a minor boob job UNDER THE MUSCLE, but this looks terrible and painful.

to be fair, it does look like him. she got that right, and her skills aren't awful, but christ, this chick is straight up gross and annoying. he must be a fucking disgusting furry too, bc who the fuck would put up with a furry woman if they weren't one also?

the stupid, useless, anatomically retarded feet kill me. this is a stupid image for so many reasons, but the peepee kind of looks cute, like, were it real, on a human, and not on a creepy drawing of a fucking tranny cow-rabbit. the fuck

she's gross. furries shouldn't be allowed to have animals.

No. 17465

Well she did say her mom was a gypsy in the sense that they moved around a lot and the dad wasn't present.

I feel like penny, her stans, and a lot of other women don't really understand how implants work. Her chest looks awful and people seem to think implants are a one and done deal when that isn't the case at all. You still need to return for touch ups, as you age more issues DO arise with them. It's literally never that simple.

No. 17466

File: 1516290288221.png (657.91 KB, 720x988, 20180118_104201.png)

Oh, you're such a rebel for wearing animal ears and tails.

No. 17467

File: 1516290315381.png (711.93 KB, 719x1006, 20180118_104235.png)

No. 17468

File: 1516293265064.jpg (78.87 KB, 612x667, 1486093042186.jpg)

all i see is shrek in these pictures

No. 17469

Holy shit, she's worse than Momo.

No. 17470

File: 1516296029915.png (96.95 KB, 720x573, 20180118_121926.png)

Yeah, they've both got the same narcissism issues too.

No. 17471

the resemblance is uncanny

No. 17472

File: 1516296698118.jpg (409.68 KB, 1269x1280, 18-01-18-12-30-36-677_deco.jpg)

No. 17473

Her lack of modesty is what really gets me, in the sense that I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that, but good lord it's hard to see her post a picture that isn't essentially captioned "God, I'm just the most beautiful thing in existence"
I mean look at her explanaiton for trolls "They all secretly love me!!"

Are you sure about that?

Or the way she has talked about her face on video "I know I have a very attractive face" Yeah? Where have you lived that the standard of a beautiful face is a wide face, small lips, a mile between your top lip and nose, a short, wide nose bridge and small eyes with a heavy set brow? Maybe that was the beauty standard to neanderthals but it ain't the beauty standard anywhere she's lived for the past 300,000 years.

No. 17474

Does anyone know roughly what her husband could be making? I know he does something tech related in the airforce but besides that I have no idea about the specifics. I'm just curious how with her husbands earnings, and her nearly $4,500 a month, they have a rent paying housemate, judging by their backyard their home doesn't even seem THAT big.

No. 17475

File: 1516297212652.jpg (185.58 KB, 960x1280, 18-01-18-12-39-14-358_deco.jpg)

No. 17476

File: 1516297574312.jpg (316.52 KB, 1275x1280, 18-01-18-12-45-20-320_deco.jpg)


No. 17477

File: 1516297838224.jpg (222.46 KB, 780x610, self diagnosis.jpg)

Oh cool so she just plainly admits it here.

God her mom sounds like a fucking nut case as well.

No. 17478

>using somebody else's diagnosis as your own

Bitch why. Are you scared of being told that you don't have DID and you're just an attention whore narcissist? That you clearly got two tit jobs so you could pigeonhole yourself into this niche body type and cry discrimination like some sort of victim? Because it sure sounds like that is the case.

And no penny you do not have different accents. You sound the same in every video, every interview, etc.

No. 17479

File: 1516298529096.png (48.94 KB, 720x445, 20180118_130005.png)

An example of the type of people she caters to lol

>People who don't like what I like are a vocal minority

Sure jan

No. 17480

File: 1516298758652.gif (2.4 MB, 480x270, 21254.gif)

An almost 30 year old woman everyone… She's literally the exact opposite of the look that can pull off ~kawaii mannerisms uwu~ she just looks special.

No. 17481

File: 1516298880740.jpg (381.07 KB, 1254x1280, 18-01-18-13-06-05-606_deco.jpg)

I swear if someone read her response to me without saying who it was from I would think it's from Momo

No. 17482

why does she always looks like she's trying to take a massive fucking dump in her pics? If I didn't know any better I'd assume it's a taking-a-shit selfie

No. 17483


Just for you anon, posted an hour ago

No. 17484

File: 1516300182852.png (175.99 KB, 1147x833, sdcc.png)

This was posted on the SDCC video where she claimed she was sexually assaulted and people just "stood around and laughed."

No. 17485

File: 1516300196407.png (41.1 KB, 1051x273, sdcc2.png)

No. 17486

File: 1516300215402.png (100.58 KB, 1037x593, sdcc3.png)

No. 17487

That's her fucking go-to whenever ANYONE asks her anything, especially in regards to her "sexual abuse" stories at cons.

No. 17488

>i dont owe any of you explanations
>but you all owe it to me to campaign for change on behalf of my "abuse"

No. 17489

File: 1516302786143.png (79.23 KB, 1095x641, i hate the attention men give …)

No. 17490

File: 1516302926088.jpg (114.92 KB, 1463x823, sideeyechloe.jpg)

No. 17491

No. 17492

This is the only video she has up that goes into too much detail about their relationship but as usual she randomly starts singing about what a huge nerd she is

No. 17493

Australia, apparently.

No. 17494

Don't insult poor Australia like that, Aussie's have way better taste in women trust me

No. 17495

Not insulting anybody, just repeating what Miss Thang over here claims happened to her.

No. 17496

I cant even watch two minutes of this trite shite without wanting to off my own head.
>Hey kids did you know when i was growing up it wasnt cool to be a NEEEEEERD

Why can't penny at the very least say shes a geek, she has never seemed anywhere near mildly intelligent (just narcissistic) and 'nerd' still very much refers to someone inclined to liking math, biology etc with hints of d&d. Things that take more out of you than just drooling on your tits while anime flavour of the week is playing.

No. 17497

File: 1516304976262.png (224.26 KB, 1600x2400, patreon.png)

I'm curious as to why she thinks that literal children are watching any of her videos and in such quantities that she feels the need to state how things were "back in the day." Most of her viewers are around the same age bracket and those of us who are late 20s+ already know that being into le nrrdy shit back in the 90s and 80s wasn't considered cool.

OT pic related is her "awesome photo" from her Christmas set on Patreon.

No. 17498

File: 1516305132702.png (247.62 KB, 800x1200, why.png)

No. 17499

File: 1516305159015.png (94.96 KB, 667x1000, B5qN3QgCQAE-chz.png)

No. 17500

File: 1516305213335.png (96.84 KB, 667x1000, B5qN3GiCAAAqQXq.png)

>people pay for this shit

No. 17501

File: 1516305230393.png (578.36 KB, 1000x758, christmas_reindeer_by_underbus…)

No. 17502

File: 1516305392665.png (982.42 KB, 1412x781, 910.png)

No. 17503

File: 1516305547944.png (171.74 KB, 1024x1787, tifa_lockhart_by_underbust-d6m…)

No. 17504

I wonder if her husband has ever wanted to leave but is too worried she'd an hero. She is EXTREMELY dependant, like, has a suicidal break down every time he has to go to work levels of dependant and usntable. Super attractive.

No. 17505

He looks like your average soyboy hipster faggot so maybe it's a case of him thinking he can't do any better than penny.

Also they're married yet she has never spoken of their wedding, honeymoon, there's no photos…
She has no actual job besides sitting home all day so she likely married this guy for security.

No. 17506

File: 1516314724548.png (627.42 KB, 720x1037, 20180118_173032.png)

so /fit/ how ever will us "anachans" compete :^)

No. 17507

File: 1516315396570.png (807.68 KB, 720x1042, 20180118_174141.png)

>when you cram yourself into a corset and still look like shit

No. 17508

File: 1516315415139.png (586.37 KB, 720x713, 20180118_174201.png)

No. 17509

File: 1516315450378.png (820.55 KB, 720x1012, 20180118_174113.png)

In both photos they put her in the back lmao

No. 17510

File: 1516315466018.png (627.33 KB, 720x826, 20180118_174053.png)

No. 17511

File: 1516315486101.png (866.91 KB, 720x940, 20180118_174031.png)

No. 17512

To be fair she's not wearing a corset in that pic, that's just her gut. But god the pics with the other cosplayers are tragic, all those conventionally attractive girls who seem to know how to pose and do their makeup and she's just lumbering in the back looking awkward as fuck.

No. 17513

File: 1516317730757.jpg (99.41 KB, 504x696, Freya.jpg)

Her name is actually Freya

No. 17514

File: 1516318328805.png (847.02 KB, 720x1042, 1516315396570.png)

She is wearing a corset in that one though. Its the same trick that Ivy, Yaya, Bellechere, and other coschubs/fats pull. They just layer something else over it to hide the grommets and hooks up the front.

No. 17515

File: 1516318869106.jpg (31.48 KB, 450x462, corset.jpg)

Nah, what you circled are just her weird huge love handles that jut out a meter further than her hips and thighs do since she's an Apple body type in denial ["hourglass" figure my ass]
This is how her Harley body suit looks like with a corset underneath, in the pic you posted her waist isn't nipped in in the slightest.

No. 17516

If she was at the con looking like this >>17514 I honestly question who wanted to "sexually assault" this dump

No. 17517

File: 1516319214480.png (Spoiler Image, 102.2 KB, 1456x819, fP6ZVz6r.png)

courtesy of her subreddit
yet she wonders why she gets treated the way that she does

No. 17518

Mmm, lovely stretch mark ridden, acne covered, red irritated beach ball tiddies.

No. 17519


Even her cat is disgusted.

No. 17520

File: 1516319558483.png (Spoiler Image, 833.9 KB, 1324x3000, YjfLyFF.png)

No. 17521

No. 17522

No. 17523


>"Her breasts are so big that everybody asks everyday if her breasts hurt. But her back doesn't hurt. Harley is strong and her luscious bosom is supported by years of weight training. If anybody can handle these breasts, Harley can, and she does with splendor and ease."

This is literally Momokun levels of self insertion and delusion over here.

No. 17524

i hate when she does that fake kind of RP english accent to sound nerdy/smart or whatever

No. 17525

Tbf she's aussie so she takes advantage of those who can't tell the difference.

No. 17526

She'd probably point to that video as proof that she "slips into different accents cause she TOTALLY has DID!"

No. 17527

File: 1516349274179.png (705.06 KB, 643x580, w.PNG)

at the point where i just want to tell her to download meitu or facetune i just cant stand how fucking terrible and unflattering her photos are. she's really delusional if she thinks her face is attractive and that these boobs look good. they make her look so much fatter by making her head look like a pin, and she's already pretty huge

No. 17528


She looks enormous and her breasts look like party balloons. Ready to pop.

No. 17529

This is definitely a joke/parody, the guy Onyx who wrote it (and is narrating) is a parody youtuber

No. 17530

its a joke, but it's not a joke. she spoke abuot how she used to weight train (before she started again like last year) and she says her boobs never hurt her back. and he probably added in that cheesy shit, or she did, whatever. either way, both of them think she handles it with ease, and probably splendor, given how much she loves blowing smoke up her own ass about how attractive she is

No. 17531

this is ot but i don't understand this trend of furries doing this genitalia-switching shit, it straight up creeps me out as to why anyone would be like "YEAH THAT SHIT'S HOT I WANNA DRAW IT". but back on semi-topic, please tell me this wasn't her drawing her and her husband as genitalia-switched rabbit things

god, and here i had been hoping she wasn't in something i'd seen and enjoyed. she looked so out of place in that video like here's all these cuter girls in sexy cosplay eating hot peppers and then here's penny with boobs the size of their heads just watching and not really doing anything but drinking milk like she barely even tried the challenge. its probably nitpicking but after reading this thread it comes off more like her just going on phil's channel for her "looks" rather than being an actual part of the video

those do not look good at all and honestly remind me of the scene in leprechaun 3 where the dealer lady gets her boobs butt and lips inflated by her shitty wish. who the fuck decides to get two boob jobs and then pitch a fit over being harassed at a convention as a fetish model?

No. 17532

File: 1516381038224.jpg (43.48 KB, 318x618, love handle.jpg)

Her body stores fat so fucking weirdly, like excluding her surgically augmented breasts, her love handles become the biggest thing on her damn torso. It's mystifying to me that her thighs manage to be fat yet look so small in comparison. And I'm SURE she mistakes her massive love handles for "Wide hips".
And on top of ALL that, NO ass, absolutely none. Built like a BMW, body made wrong.

No. 17533

I'm highkey mad at the lack of effort she puts into her photos, and mystified by the complacence of her fans. Even Momo's unshaven ass hairs put more effort into photoshoots than this lazy cunt does. She rips a brush through her frizzy hair, doesn't put a lick of makep on, puts on an ugly outfit that looks like she pulled it out of a thriftstore dumpster, and either takes terribly angled and posed phone selfies or asks her husband to photograph her. AND WANTS PEOPLE TO GIVE HER MONEY FOR IT.

God even Trisha Paytas, love her or hate her, does full glam, hair and makeup, wears more interesting outfits on her days off and pays actual photographers, all for her instagram, all for the fun of it. Trisha's laziest selfie takes more thought and effort than the shit Penny charges top dollar for.

The fucking nerve of this lazy toad to literally want to stay afloat on 0 effort and just her tits. "I got big tits! Pay me!"

No. 17534

File: 1516382331734.png (1007.81 KB, 1334x590, lip.png)

It's hilarious that the only way she has of creating the illusion she has lips is to take photos staring up her fucking nose.

Straight on it becomes obvious how downturned and barely existant her fassy upper lip is.

No. 17535

This is one botched boobjob, wow. I hope the implants are fine, that shape doesn't look good at all

She looks like that Maxxie girl of the Onionpatreons crew

No. 17536

This >>17530
It was more of that "I'm totally this character guys" bs she, Moo, and Pixiefoxx both do.

No. 17537

File: 1516389243031.png (123.55 KB, 1024x667, toxic_spill_by_underbust-da14h…)

but anon we're all just anachans who are jelly of a curvy womyn

No. 17538

File: 1516392927255.png (509.65 KB, 959x485, PENNY.png)

Speaking of the "I'M TOTALLY THIS CHARACTER GUYS" thing [she's also done it with Rose Quartz and Mei from Overwatch]

No. 17539

File: 1516393015447.png (82.92 KB, 832x508, HUMBLE.png)

Dropping in comments about how she used to have terrible self esteem are apparently all the justification she needs to be a literal fucking narcissist in 98% of her instagram captions.

No. 17540

I remember the time she did a cosplay of jim sterling clearly trying to catch his eye but he didnt seem too bothered to the point she had to directly tweet him to ask if he would like some of her pictures. Not sure if he got them for free.

No. 17541

She has whats known as "violin hips" or hip dips. That's why they stick out so far, its where the top of her hip bones are. It's fairly common.

In this cosplay her corset edges were SO protrudent. Surely they sell some kind of body sock that would push it down?

No. 17542

The room mate is her husband's sister so it could be the sister doesn't live alone and wants to pay rent just because some people don't feel comfortable living somewhere for free. Their home is near Vegas so maybe though could make it more expensive than usual?

No. 17543

Currently they live in San Diego

Hey guys, remember to type "sage" into the email field of the reply if your posts aren't adding new material to the thread.

No. 17544

To be fair people were calling out the retard that was going on about how she should have gotten a lipo instead of tiddies and calling her unfit when in reality she does work out quite a bit. No one was really defending Penny or saying anything about the anachan being jealous.

Hell I recognize that she works out a lot and that lipo has 0 health benefits but I still think her love handle to thigh ration is tragic and that she's an apple in serious denial for claiming she has an hourglass figure.

No. 17545

You sound like that anon if it bothered you so much that you felt the need to rush in here and say something.

Yeah, lipo has 0 health benefits and for all the working out Penny does she's still a fat fuck so maybe she needs it.

I don't have any kind words for yet another cow of a woman who tries to push the #bodypositivity bullshit on every social media platform yet refuses to humble themselves in the slightest all the while demanding that everybody else fights for her not to be treated like a piece of meat when she, in fact, sells herself as literally nothing more than just that. And, she is similar to June in the regard that she has shat on other body types in the past but the only difference is she purged most of that evidence and all we have is one video where she claims that the video game industry isn't diverse enough because it doesn't cater to huge chests, yet continues the same sentence with saying that smaller chests aren't a problem only to end her thought with, "but its something I think we should be fighting against because my body is more interesting and extreme".

No one here cares how much she exercises, because at the end of the day she is still a cow in both size and personality.

No. 17546

File: 1516401212782.png (912.3 KB, 1186x765, whale.png)

More trailer trash coords.

No. 17547

I sound like what anon? The one mad she got tits instead of lipo? That makes no sense lol.

Nobody is arguing anything in favor of Penny, or saying she isn't fat. Literally what are you going on about?

Quit trying to instigate infighting, stay on subject please.

No. 17548

No one is trying to instigate shit by saying that you sound like the anon who was so pressed about others saying that thundercunt should have lipo. Its an observation based on how you felt the need to respond to somebody else's comment when you could have (and should have) just ignored it. Don't bring something upon yourself and then complain about the results.

Also, fuck off with your mini-modding. The post was sage and OT about her personality.

Vid related to anybody who cares its when she had her breakdown and purged most of her old content. Its the same wah wah woe is me I'm being treated like an object despite her internet "career" always being centered around being a fetish model a la her deviantart days.

No. 17549

Uh, dude, literally several people called you out on the stupidity of that post, not just me. It's days later and you keep referring to being called an anachan whenever someone posts anything about her body. Like, get over it lol.

>You felt the need to respond to somebody else's comment

you mean your response to me? I'm the one who posted >>17533 you retard. Why wouldn't I reply? Stop getting so triggered over every little thing dude, you sound like the cow herself.

No. 17550

LMFAO holy shit she's delusional

id feel bad for her if sh ewasnt such a narcissist. having to spread her legs apart to create he illusion of hips… so embarrassing. wtf is that hairdo

No. 17551

File: 1516402724501.png (403.85 KB, 800x687, pennybrownlogo.png)

No. 17552

File: 1516402985759.png (688.37 KB, 670x744, pink_20bikini_20set.png)

Supposed to be a whale or something because the hair looks like water spurting out of her head according to her. Pic related more arching trying to look like she has hips but in the first shot you can see the meat flaps.

No. 17553

No. 17554

She loves laying on her back and pointing out how "flat" her stomach is. That was boob job number one, she should had stopped there, I can't imagine the complications she'll have in the future with her skin because of the 2500 cc's of saline in there.
Imagine 70 year old Penny if she has decided against never removing them.

No. 17555

She was already an H cup prior to the first one yet she felt the need to go ott. All she needed was to have them lifted not get beach balls.

No. 17556

well the problem was that she was fat everywhere so ti's not like theyd have been firm or shapely, even though they were sort of big, because really, they werent big for her body. they probably wouldve still spread out and look flat, even after the lift, bc of how wide her ribcage is. you really cant be fat though and have much shape in your chest in general.she shouldve just lost the damn weight and made moves from there

No. 17557

Agreed, she had really big tits, I honestly think she could have stood to lose weight and maybe get a lift or just the first boob job to acheive the aesthetic she seems to desire, the only reason she could possibly still have to think her boobs "still aren't big enough" is because by comparison her body is huge.

Idk, if I was a fetish model with her body and her income I'd do what Trisha did and get a fat transfer from her gut to her nonexistant ass.

Going through her instagram I remembered she had plans of doing a burlesque show once she moved from Okinawa to Vegas, a little bit after the move on her insta there's a post about getting rejected continuously. If she's talking about no one wanting to hire her for burlesque shows it's gotta be because most people don't share her delusions and didn't wanna see a chick with a huge awkward body and no ass parade around in corsets with beach ball tiddies thinking she could do what Dita Von Teese does.

No. 17558


No. 17559

oh my god, the video about her collar. she's the biggest attentionwhore, holy shit. so cringy. i have to wonder how much of a pervy creep cooper is to put up with her attention whoring and general idiocy. is he just a really gross oversexed furry and sees nothing wrong with her, or really kind to put up with her? he seems a hell of a lot more normal than her, but that doesnt really say much

No. 17560

Actually there are multiple of us who can’t believe she is so fat and yet got 2 boob jobs instead of at least dieting and losing the weight first. I highly doubt she exercises much.

No. 17561

Her boobs look like torpedos now…..

No. 17562

Her victim complex never ceases to astound me. She sounds like so many of the body positive legbeards who go around demanding that men find them attractive. She is certainly mental in some form but not D.I.D. The way she discusses her body makes it seem as if her specific form is something which must be worshipped and catered to in all media. In reality she is an extreme exception. No one is obligated to find her attractive.

No. 17563

It sucks I hate her so much because she has a really nice voice. Like her voice would be great for a podcast telling stories or some shit

No. 17564

She does mostly strength training by the looks of it, it's really easy for a female to maintain a high body fat percentile if all they are doing is some lax strength training. She could definitely benefit from some cardio but I imagine running is a bloody nightmarew with those 8 pound watermelons tucked in a sports bra

No. 17565

Don't bother, anon. They seem to think I'm lipo anon when I'm not because two people can't think the same thing, but two people can think the same thing if it aids that anon's specific argument.

I agree that she really must not exercise that much if she is still larding around looking like kool aid man. It's pretty easy to just cram oneself into a corset and some shapewear and take maybe 5 photos a year of oneself in a gym and claim to be working out regularly. Moo does it all the time and you'd think farmers would know better.

No. 17566

No. 17567

File: 1516426538034.png (293.03 KB, 655x566, velmanot.png)

Soooo, apparently she is similar to many costhots in the regard that she thinks she is actually these characters and frequently living under fictional alias.

No. 17568

File: 1516426872897.png (65.79 KB, 654x632, freyafucktard.png)

No. 17569


Yeah, her name, at least before her marriage to Tyson ["Cooper"] was Freya Olsen.


She looks half decent when a professional does her makeup. If only she put that much effort into taking the photographs people literally pay her for.

No. 17570

I really think he is. In a vlog Penny says Cooper came back from work after being gone for a week and they had sex for like 60 hours straight

No. 17571

Oh yeah he's a furry. His furaffinity is still up. He doesn't draw he just has liked pics

No. 17572

Nailed it

No. 17573

Do you have a link to that vlog?

No. 17574

Ew, they're both disgusting then. I fully expect men to be disgusting and contempible, but furry women truly are sickening

No. 17575

She panders to nerd men. "there's nothing wrong with all characters looking LIKE ME!!!! I have such a small waist, huge hips, and have always had enormous boobs!! Theres nothing wrong w video games representing my bodytype!!this is a real bodytype and makes me feel excluded when all videogame characters don't have enormo torpedoes and my TEENSY TINY WAIST!"

No. 17576

When your breasts no longer have the natural sag and you basically have "shelf boob" syndrome without having a pushup bra on, its time to stop filling up that silicon.

No. 17577

I can't find it unfortunately but when she speaks about it she's in bed with her husband (clearly after sex)

No. 17578

File: 1516483849618.jpg (830.47 KB, 1400x1120, Mayor.jpg)

No. 17579

If it was filmed prior to last year you can bet it's probably gone. Penny purged a lot of her channel after the breakdown she had so few videos exist from that era of her career.

No. 17580

File: 1516578562157.png (791.82 KB, 720x728, 20180121_184848.png)

No. 17581

what the hell is going on with her stomach?

No. 17582

It seems like it was before the breakdown

No. 17583

Why does her skin look like Neapolitan ice cream

No. 17584

Her tits shield the rest of her skin from the light

No. 17585

Fuck, her sinking Australopithecine eyebrow crease is almost worse than greg's

No. 17586

File: 1516654246067.png (520.51 KB, 720x958, 20180122_154824.png)

No. 17587

File: 1516654356515.png (490.11 KB, 720x809, 20180122_155140.png)

>teehee guys I'm in so much pain

No. 17588

I've never seen someone's stomach do that when they haven't had a baby or lost over 100lbs before.

No. 17589

This video is titled 'self care through demonic possession'.

Yes, farmers.
This is the point we've reached.

No. 17590

File: 1516683317082.png (107.2 KB, 1132x823, fr.png)

Some comments from this video.

No. 17591

What a fine day to further trivialize mental illness.

No. 17592

File: 1516729363221.png (175.05 KB, 720x787, 20180123_124209.png)

No. 17593

combination of her corseting all the time to try and 'lose weight' just pushing the fat in to different areas and making it deflated and misshapen and photoshop.

No. 17594

File: 1516751403297.png (834.46 KB, 1176x744, literally how.png)

No. 17595

File: 1516764590636.png (19.87 KB, 743x162, the irony.png)

She retweeted this earlier.
Wonder if she found this thread?

Also kind of ironic for that dude of all people to be saying something like that. He's basically male J.Nig and has worked with Nigri in further gentrifying cosplay..

No. 17596

File: 1516818584235.png (24.01 KB, 737x183, ego.png)

Is she seriously claiming to have made Twitter what it is today or…

Also her narcissism never ends.

No. 17597

Well he is dating Nigri so it makes sense for him to work with her.

You mean the sites never helped you get your name out there by letting you use their platform? What bastards!

No. 17598

File: 1516841653433.png (1004.17 KB, 1164x659, c3.png)

She really is pushing this demon shit after making that video about dealing with her D.I.D. through demonic possession.

No. 17599

File: 1516908130731.png (417.23 KB, 1163x746, so fit.png)

No. 17600

File: 1517009545627.png (920.81 KB, 1005x740, the comments.png)

No. 17601

She's so bowlegged. She looks like one of those cheap chickens pumped with hormones.

No. 17602

I thought she was just doing it on purpose to look cute.

No. 17603

File: 1517031561624.png (1.41 MB, 1434x934, Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 06.3…)

She looks like she's related to the principal of Matilda.

No. 17604

File: 1517089243055.png (434.98 KB, 1150x744, bleh.png)

No. 17605

Yeah she does. Anon was nitpicking

No. 17606

But surely her "other" selves could make accounts and she wouldn't be any the wiser?

No. 17607

omfg that's uncanny

No. 17608

File: 1517117265428.png (514.94 KB, 745x489, 7390.png)

No. 17609

File: 1517170489499.jpg (264.66 KB, 1152x2048, DUp0Pn2U0AMm7O0.jpg)

Can you imagine setting up your camera and going back and forth with it to take a photo that looks like its candid?

No. 17610


Boy this cunt is so ugly. Her face, although she tries so hard to grimace, is always without any expression. The attempts at hiding that fetal alcohol syndrome bulge between her eyes also fail miserably.

No. 17611

No. 17612


What are those faces she's making… hunger?

No. 17613

File: 1517357801822.png (395.48 KB, 572x558, penny underbust.png)

Ok so it's cool to just outright brag about how you receive money for the absolute bare minimum a fetish model can do. No time, money or effort spent on hair, makeup, outfits, settings, photoshoots, nothing.

What more to expect from the overinflated ego of the broad who literally has her selfie rejects that aren't even good enough for instagram as a fucking tier on patreon.

No. 17614

File: 1517358153751.png (585.53 KB, 1157x560, c38.png)

No. 17615

She really thinks she's artistic as fuck don't she

No. 17616

I had to double take when I saw this. When I first started following Penny she released actual photoshoots taken with DLSRs and edited. Now she's actually just flat out saying "yeah I can't be fucked wit that, I'll just take iPhone selfies of me in my fucking pajamas and get paid for it"

She knows what she does deep down is worthless or else she would not have made this tweet. She isn't a model - modelling is work. What she is doing doesn't even have a term its so worthless.

No. 17617

Agreed. Honestly I question the kind of people who are forking hard earned money over to her for this swill. I'd feel like I was insulting my fans if this was the quality of the content I had the gal to try and sell to fans.

She hasn't done a proper photoshoot in years it feels like.

No. 17618

After her breakdown, channel purge, and return from hiatus she decided that she doesn't owe anybody anything yet she still wants to get paid. All that happened is she got hit with a dose of reality (that nobody cares about her as a human being because they're strangers online who enjoy her fulfilling a niche fetish) and this is her way of "sticking it to those people".

No. 17619


this shit looks painful

No. 17620

Good god, she's hideous in the face. Guess men will overlook anything in the face of breasts, like their brain fails to work and comprehend visuals anymore. Puzzling when there's plenty of pretty AND busty girls out there, is it because they think they might have a chance with a plain jane homely looking girl?

No. 17621

File: 1517508069496.png (491.43 KB, 1150x736, 58c.png)

But anon, she is a sooper kewl big ol' nerrrdddd!

No. 17622

ok im an anon from up above who said I find her facially pretty and I officially take it all back. she has such a posey face? there's a video above where she covers giant woman on the ukulele and for the first few seconds you can see her posing in a way that reminds me of myspace days or being on webcam to someone you fancied. she looks lovely in the face with makeup on but god without she looks like inbred trash. i hate to say it.

Also, what's the deal with that necklace she always wears that looks like a pipe?? I know she made a collar related video but I couldn't watch more than a few seconds in. If anyone could briefly explain that'd be cool

No. 17623

I have been trying for the longest time to work out who she reminds me of and you nailed it anon.

No. 17624

Agree. I think her face is fine, but for someone who is a "professional" model or whatever she cannot fucking pose to save her life. How long has she been doing this and she still doesn't know how to pose her face?? I don't get it

No. 17625

Oh and tldr of her collar:

It is specifically a slave collar to remind her she belongs to herself

No. 17626

I can't unsee Jack Black

No. 17627

1. Thank you!
And 2. Please be joking. Omg.

I now also can't unsee jack black omg it's like him and the Matilda principal had a baby with FAS

No. 17628

File: 1517600690419.png (656.48 KB, 1165x558, c30.png)

>does this
>constantly whines about being treated like a sex object

No. 17629

File: 1517600728340.png (458.34 KB, 1159x741, cowhore.png)

No. 17630

>using the XD face

also i'm honestly so grossed out by her obsession over furry shit and animals and posting text about loving wearing ears and drawing animals with giant balls and huge tits and oh god I can't

No. 17631

File: 1517855374314.png (684.63 KB, 1163x565, ermgerdgiantnrerd.png)

No. 17632

File: 1517855430921.png (327.38 KB, 745x744, no fashion sense.png)

No. 17633

File: 1517855447945.png (879.26 KB, 1161x745, nope.png)

No. 17634


How could someone be so ugly?

No. 17635

I personally don't believe she's ugly, I just think she can't fucking model to save her life

No. 17636

File: 1517866042818.png (44.36 KB, 593x161, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 21.2…)

But didn't you just make a tweet a few days ago saying you are a professional? What is the truth?

No. 17637

File: 1517867109857.jpg (17.6 KB, 636x358, 18l4bzt8w4ec0jpg.jpg)

..Why do both she and mariah do this fucking not-so-subtle self deprecation/reverse psychology garbage on social media 24/7?

No. 17638

Agreed, but I think she should do something with those brows and bags under her eyes

No. 17639

Yeah totally, honestly she wouldn't have to if she didn't contort her face to emphasis every single bump

No. 17640

File: 1517971270796.png (431.73 KB, 1156x737, LOL THE COMMENTS.png)

No. 17641

She clearly has BDD and it seems that her bf has manipulated it and her shitty cosmetic surgeon has pandered to it bc $$$

That said, she has some gorgeous corsets (I'm an ex ana chan, average size now but love tight lacing bc it feels secure and reassuring)

So her having shit self esteem under the cover of body positivity isn't at all surprising


No. 17642

I'm in the corset community, it's how I found out about her. Lovely Rats makes a lot of her corsets and they are fucking gooooorgeous.

No. 17643

File: 1518113535652.jpg (61.17 KB, 586x448, penny underbust wow.jpg)

>I need to shower myself in asspats for doing the bare minimum of taking selfies on my phone

The bar is literally on the fucking ground.

No. 17644

"working hard" woooooooow.

No. 17645

File: 1518375894689.png (761.57 KB, 1160x546, 98y.png)

>from an artistic standpoint


No. 17646

File: 1518375942471.png (929.96 KB, 1165x742, 26e.png)

No. 17647

File: 1518402857230.png (689.21 KB, 1150x550, 1d.png)

No. 17648

For a personality cow there sure are a lot of posts about her body and not her personality.

No. 17649

well, one thing i'll give her, i think she has an amazing voice and i just wish she did audio books lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 17650

File: 1518456264544.png (190.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180212-122343.png)

Hm, it couldn't have anything thing to do with after her mental break down she is more careful with what she says yet still supplies enough in her nasty captions and tweets. Nope. Not at all!

No. 17651

File: 1518456285628.png (182.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180212-122421.png)

No. 17652

There was a post weeks ago about her dealing with her alleged D.I.D. through demonic possession but everybody ignored it. Not sure what more you want. Maybe quote a post and contribute.

No. 17653

File: 1518471293440.png (705.74 KB, 747x539, 36g.png)

She is really playing up the whole "I have a demonic alter" thing.

Also the twitter rant was cringe and her usual, "waaahh why do people treat me exactly as the fetish model I marketed myself as". Does she legitimately lack awareness or does she actually believe that she can make a career from being beach ball tits woman and be seen as anything but comical and disgusting?

No. 17654

>weeks ago
>but everybody ignored it

That was exactly my point, thank you.

No. 17655

I like discussing her over-inflated ego, whiny personality, joke of a work ethic, complete and utter inability to pose or photograph, and the fact that her patrons are neanderthallish enough to throw money at her for shitty phone selfies… But at the end of the day this is an imageboard and I guess like she said in her twitter rant, some people can't see past her boobs.

It is quite fucking retarded though to purposefully get implants as large as hers, become and describe herself as a FETISH MODEL ON THE INTERNET and then get triggered when she's treated like a sex object.

No surprise she's friends with that compulsively lying gold digger SuperMaryFace AKA the cunt that photographed in an erotic Lara Croft cosplay and went on a "STOP SEXUALIZING ME THIS IS MUH ART REEEEEE" rant.

No. 17656

File: 1519417638518.jpg (59.85 KB, 577x337, surgeons.jpg)

Didn't the Dr's on Botched tell her if she went any bigger her skin would be at risk of literally bursting? How is "money and finding the surgeon willing to do it" more important than your health when it comes to a fucking fetish

No. 17657

>REEEEEE's at people for treating her like a sexual object, treats herself like a sexual object in admitting she views fulfilling her fetish more important than her health

No. 17658

File: 1519425775819.png (385.25 KB, 596x609, Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 22.3…)

I don't even know what to say. This is how she thinks she looks?

No. 17659


This maybe is nitpicking but it's more on the curiosity side.

Why she never uses make up or a good hairstyle?

No. 17660

That's from either Honey Select or PlayHome (rape themed game) since they have identical character creator modes. Looks like a terribly made character, and looks like she didn't even attempt to make herself look Caucasian and stuck with the default Asian girl look. Also the super thin waist, weirdly high tits, and refrigerator hips looks ridiculous.

No. 17661

Cause why try when people will pay you $5000 a month for looking like you just rolled out of bed and haven't showered in three days.

Also she's using this site where she answers to anon questions a lot, amusingly enough.

No. 17662

It's from Honey Select, every girl is trying it and saying it's such an amazing character creator when you can do that with any basic MMO smh.

No. 17663

File: 1519927269006.jpg (72.85 KB, 572x414, UHM PENNY.jpg)

So her tit jobs were a sexual experience?

No. 17664

File: 1519940782243.png (489.06 KB, 610x575, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 21.4…)

>character development = lazy selfies


No. 17665

File: 1519941007544.png (169.1 KB, 578x383, Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 21.4…)

>character has brown hair


This character doesn't look anything like Mei, yet they apparently both look like Penny? hmmmm

No. 17666


no, it's shitty selfies with a set of toy cow ears-horns so it's character development.

No. 17667

The hell is with everyone jumping on this cow thing lately? Penny trying her hand at a OC now too?

No. 17668

She actually admitted that on BOTCHED when she was on the show. She said she just wants the scars removed and stretch marks gone, but wants to go bigger because she likes going bigger. She loves how huge and unreal her boobs are.

No. 17669

File: 1520353642140.jpg (515.86 KB, 516x1586, rant.jpg)

No. 17670

For a brief part of the convoluted rant I actually agree with her, but then it just devolves into more rants about how she wants the world at large to fix their language and how they talk about friends who are losing weight instead of having considering for a moment she should work on how she recieves and interprets these comments - because her mental health is the worlds responsability, not hers.

No. 17671

Funny enough he just used one of those pictures in a Jimquisition this week, though it was for like seriously half a second and probably just because he needed a picture of himself so why not for lolz.

Made me go look her up again and brought me back to this thread.

No. 17672

File: 1520528170648.png (88.53 KB, 604x405, Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 16.5…)

Can you imagine being upset at America cus your kid died in a mass shooting then Penny comes in and beats the shit out of you for complaining about it?

No. 17673


What rubs me the wrong way is that she wears corsets all the time. She actively strives to give the illusion that she has lost weight and when people comment on it she gets mad? She can't have it both ways. She WANTS people to comment on it but only when it benefits her or when she needs her ego boosted. She is, by no means, someone who should be giving this advice. Especially to people with friends with eating disorders. Half the rant goes on about how if someone has an eating disorder, leave them the fuck alone because your concern or advice will make them starve to death or get obese. WHAT?

No. 17674

omfg shes so annoying. literally how is america better than australia other than she's fat white trash that enjoys fatty american culture more? like there's no conceivable way the us is better than aus. her acting like she's coming from wartorn bosnia is priceless. bih please, americans can and should shit on their country. that americans dont hold the us to a higher standard is what causes all their fucking problems in the first place. just because it's more convenient for you to find 3xl spandex dresses in san diego than it was for you in brisbane doesnt mean their critiques arent totally merited

No. 17675

File: 1520978928998.jpg (42.51 KB, 576x230, bitch.jpg)

They literally weren't suggesting anything, they asked a question. If she's so annoyed to the point of snapping at fans why doesn't she just ignore the questions she's answered dozens of times before or refer people to a FAQ. It comes off as incredibly egotistical to expect her fans to know every detail she's discussed regarding her fetish career.

No. 17676

hate to say it but if her tits weren't so awfully misshapen and warped when naked she probably would do topless shoots.
without a corset under and tight top over to give the illusion of perfect beach balls underneath, those things are really really dodgy looking.

No. 17677

Agreed, the nature of her implants make them project forward a ton, they sit on her torso super weird. It legit looks like if someone stuck two balls on a barrel cause her rib cage is just so broad.
This becomes painfully obvious whenevr she's all sprawled out stretching her chest forward and her shoulders back in a bikini or pasties. They only look ok under a shirt.

There's a surgery pic somewhere up there of her topless and it's a thing of horrors.

No. 17678

File: 1521744276069.jpg (143.9 KB, 602x554, meltdown.jpg)

Also "I do so much!" what you mean those 500 selfies of you without a lick of makeup or even having to pull a brush through your hair? Shit yeah sounds real damn hard. Good thing people don't expect you to take actual professional photoshoots like literally the rest of your industry peers.

Why the fuck did she become a fetish model again? Why? If you can't take the heat get the fuck out of the kitchen you eternal fucking victim

No. 17679

She made Twitter accounts for her other personalities https://mobile.twitter.com/Baelzababe https://mobile.twitter.com/literalcowgirl

No. 17680

File: 1526394265021.jpg (95.29 KB, 1400x685, penny.jpg)

And sh's conveniently a fetish model in both these 'personalities'.

No. 17681

She's really still going with the personalities thing?? Ew god.
Has she posted any more about DID etc?

No. 17682

File: 1526575488592.png (243 KB, 574x391, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 17.4…)

>hasn't slowed down for even a second

She's spent almost every second of every day posting photos and gifs of herself in underwear without make up or even brushing her hair. I don't get it.

No. 17683

File: 1527610907801.png (307.37 KB, 605x548, Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 17.2…)

No. 17684

Ugh. That settles it. The only reason I was even checking in on this girl every now and then was for the possibility of topless shots.

But having see what her tits look like, I've lost all interest. I mean, holy shit, they look even weirder than Amy Andressen's, and I thought those were the worst.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 17685


No. 17686

No. 17687

Can anyone transcribe roughly? I'm not able to watch rn

No. 17688

Made it a min in and had to turn off.
Basically boils down to "I can express my emotions but I'm afraid to voice my opinions" which if you pay attention to anybody like Penny. Basically means nobody agrees with her outlandish hot takes on the world and that doesn't make her afraid. Just pissed off she can't impose her beliefs on others.

No. 17689

File: 1542377653662.jpeg (153.18 KB, 1062x1500, 13F3C864-5E1E-4FA7-B7D6-B623CD…)

Every one of you sad little shits on here, bitching about Penny’s body/relationship/lifestyle/etc are just projecting. You’d fuck the shit out of her if she gave you half a chance, but you know she wouldn’t, so you’re butthurt. There is no other reason to get so bent out of shape otherwise. Pathetic.

No. 17690

While I don't think she's that bad compared to the other cows on the board, she is a bit of an attention whore. She doesn't scam people and is relatively nice,but her demon alter antics and getting angry at being sexualised all the while trying to act sexy (not talking about how her body is automatically sexualised, I'm talking about the patreon and her wannabe seductive poses in the videos)
I hate when people automatically assume you are 'jealous' if you don't like another person's behaviour.
My body and face are actually nicer than Penny's and even if I was an ugly cavetroll, I would still not fuck her because I personally don't find her attractive.
Her boob job is botched and her face is really not my type.

No. 17691

I don't like sex reaking of fat roll and under boob sweat thank you.

No. 17692

99% of the posts here are simple jealousy or misdirected boner rage. What other possibility is there? That these geniuses are trying to effect social change by pointing out every single thing about a person that they hate, in the hopes that they’ll either leave the internet forever, change out of embarrassment, or kill themselves? That’s a disgusting thought, and even sadder than my initial assessment.

No. 17693

Why are you here then if you think it's so toxic?
Also… I am not jealous, I literally hate follow for the cringe. It's like a train wreck you can't look away from.
Not everyone worships Penny like you do, jesus christ.

No. 17694

Literally what hahah, anon (who is obviously unfamiliar to this board), she wears slave necklaces and claims she has multiple personalities, like, that's top tier milky behavior. She's not a huge asshole, but she's kind of a trainwreck to watch, and no, none of us want to fuck her, lol.

No. 17695

Literally ALL of you do. “733201” wants to lick up every drop of her underboob sweat like a fine wine. You’re probably ragefapping right now. That’s the LEAST sad assessment of this circlejerk of a board. I don’t think this environment is toxic, I KNOW it is, and so do you. The sooner you own that and abandon it, the happier you’ll be. Learn how to treat people, women especially, and you’ll be rolling in pussy/dick/whatever your preference.(Whiteknighting)

No. 17696

You do realise 99% of us are women/faggots right?
You can calm down, noone is going to steal your FASsy looking miss trunchbull.
She looks like Shrek in a wig with horrible beachball implants.

We all know bitching is toxic, that's why wecome here to gossip.
What's your excuse? Why do you care so much about what a bunch of strangers think about some fat chick?

No. 17697

You know whiteknighting won't get you any closer to her vagina right?

No. 17698

This is an imageboard for women. We are all women. And Penny is botched af. Her breasts are constantly irritated, stretched and scarred because she has a neckbeard's idea of what a womans body should look like. None of us want any of it. Sage your shit. Thanks.

No. 17699

At the moment she's been doing retarded clothing hauls where she pretends to be a 'chubby robot' named Peach. It pretty much consists of her posing and talking like microsoft Sam.
Her trying to act cute while doing voiceovers is the cringiest thing.

I know everyone always goes on about how she has a nice voice, but even her neckbeards in the comments hate the robot voice.

No. 17700

I don't think this surgery thing is actually a sexual fetish for her like she claims, so much as she's advertising it that way so her creepy patreons/followers buy her more surgery for her insecure ass. She got lip injections fairly recently (pretty sure she was sponsored) and has been going on about wanting to look like a plastic doll. There's plenty of weirdos on the internet willing to pay for her surgery to relieve their bimbofication fetish, and that's exactly what she wants.

No. 17701

I dont know why she thinks these stupid personas are actually schizophrenia. They are literally only there for her to test out personalities that would catch on for a larger audience in order to keep her popularity. Like Swimsuit's succubus thing or even Hidori Rose having her cat persona. It's so cringy that she keeps trying them. She doesn't actually have any medical issues in her head I don't believe. Its all about what gets her attention and what doesn't.

Fucking robot? Jesus christ. Penny is as desperate as they come since her website failed several years ago.

No. 17702

i doubt she actually believes that. she's probably just an attention thirsty bpdfag. she is a literal neckbeard with a vag though. it's so gross.

her regular voice is awful though too.

No. 17703

I know. As a fellow aussie, it's a pet peeve of mine to hear other aussies trying to emulate american or english twangs. I knew an insufferable guy that legit put on a hugh grant englishy accent all the time and he had grown up in Australia his whole life.
I understand having parents or partially living overseas, but in her case, she puts it on. Personally I don't like her voice, but I find a lot of people do in her comments, and I don't get it.

No. 17704

i just wanna see her naked one day ;P anyone have pics sowing her nipples?(no one cares about your dick)

No. 17705

File: 1542406679822.jpg (Spoiler Image, 208.62 KB, 903x1280, 26.jpg)

No. 17706

File: 1542406930016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.56 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_20181113_090918.jpg)

No. 17707

Men are so full on fucking retarded. Imagine looking at a painfully and permanently irritated dick and thinking it looks good like they look at this and think it looks good. Her implants are going to wear through her skin and she's going to get a severe infection. She's an idiot.

No. 17708

Those…things barely even register as breasts to me. They looks so hard and they're shaped like balloons. I'm not familiar with implants, do they tend to sag and cause stretch marks like naturally large breasts would? I can't imagine they'll age gracefully.

No. 17709

Why are they so far apart? What a bizarre boob job. From the front they are extremely far apart and from the side they sit like a shelf. I'd be looking to sue if I came off the operating table like that.

No. 17710

Why are they so far apart? What a bizarre boob job. From the front they are extremely far apart and from the side they sit like a shelf. I'd be looking to sue if I came off the operating table like that.

No. 17711

looking at this picture hurts jesus chRIST

No. 17712

No. 32674

File: 1549673166190.jpg (844.61 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_5098.JPG)

>talks about the deep blue bikini hugging her in the right places as her minecraft ass turns on screen

As always her bolt ons look painful and she will never be subtle holding her breath, constantly pulling her arms up and the weeby fanservice of trying to 'goofily' jump around and leaning forward to display ya titties. (The constant trout mouth is deff on the list 2 kek)

No. 72045

File: 1573107247304.png (147.71 KB, 750x1334, 92968A7D-B8C8-4DA1-94EB-2FA6F1…)

Penny gets triggered on Twitter over daddy Sakurai snubbing Mai Shiranui for being too sexy to even exist in Smash. It was all over kotaku or some shit

No. 72046

File: 1573107298121.png (220.27 KB, 750x1334, 2A4F08CD-D404-4425-92F6-E73897…)

Same anon, here’s the rest of the thread

No. 72074

File: 1573137088571.jpeg (1018.64 KB, 1920x2560, C4C3C8FE-00E6-4D8F-949E-8FA4FF…)

I agree tits are only sexual if you have a smooth monkey brain but she’s playing the dumb cow she is when she cant see how one character is easy to import while staying true to the models design and the other is basically wearing a tissue for a dress and would bring up (x) amount of problems because at the end of the day Super Smash is a pg title on level with pokemon and no amount of thirsting after having the porniest weeb characters in smash will make it happen.
Its so depressing seeing her essentially scream about wanting the most sexualized female characters to be in the smash roster and hides behind the idea that its offensive not to have them in.

No. 87037

File: 1585005855708.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.1 KB, 839x631, tmpl.jpg)

go on, this is fun to read.

what, she shows her nips and everypone's quiet now?(necro)

No. 87243

she just spazzed out on instagram cuz ppl calling her a liar for her supposed schizo personas and no one takes her serious and just wants her nudes LOL anyway, any new leaks?(namefag)

No. 87740

File: 1585820714813.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.8 KB, 750x1000, Internet_20200401_231609_11.jp…)

No. 87741

File: 1585820758112.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 121.83 KB, 1079x1450, Internet_20200401_231609_5.jpe…)

No. 87743

Horrifying botched milkers. Shoutout to the scrot who posted these under the subject "perfection."

No. 87745

File: 1585827298387.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 126.1 KB, 1079x1446, Internet_20200401_231609_6.jpe…)


No. 87746

File: 1585827393680.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 135.98 KB, 750x1000, Internet_20200401_231609_12.jp…)

No. 87759

I understand milk glands in your nipples CAN get clogged sometimes, even without breastfeeding, but holy fuck Penny…. Literally looks like whiteheads at the tips of her nipples and it's so sickening because these DO come out so just imagine someone .. omg. I can't.

No. 87803

Those look painful to have, Jesus Christ.

No. 88783

Anyone else notice that Penny's entire "career" has been a total failure? She was on TV once to get her breasts bigger and looked like a fool, wanted to be a fetish model but almost immediately quit when she couldn't handle that and complained about. Tried being a cosplayer with basic no effort costumes and quit that too. Had a website that completely went bust and now a failing patreon where she use to pull almost 4 grand and it's like 300 or so. Now she is doing the one thing she screeched about for years that she'd never do, sell nudes. On an only fans account.

All this topped off with the fact that more people are calling her out on her bullshit.

No. 88827

she needs the money so bad, her boyfriend must be tired of her shit.

No. 88828

That's the thing she's married, she's just completely stopped bringing him up.
Bad for business I suppose.

No. 88848

she even make of videos of them in bed together

No. 88850

seeing her path spelled out like this, she just seems like an extremely lazy person who always wanted a low effort get rich quick scheme, and as each one failed or wasn't as easy as she thought, aimed lower. so i wouldn't even consider her to be someone who tried to have a career but failed, more like someone who wanted to do as little as possible and get as much as possible for it.

No. 88919

I'm guessing you're right the more I think about it.
still I think the shittiest thing about her is her recent hypocrisy with nudes and her parading about her so called mental illness then whining and hiding when she is called out.
That and pretending her past didn't happen when you bring it up.

No. 88963

She must have gone crazy when nobody payed that much attention to that video about her "alters"

No. 89040

Oh I bet. Doesn't help that did similar videos before and kept changing her story.
Plus all her alters were the same.

No. 89145

or when she wear that dumb collar, realize that nobody cared, and then stop using it

No. 89194

i was scrolling through this because i wanted to see her tits (wich i like). and now i wanted to take a minute to tell u guys that u have fucking problems! like collecting shit and talking trash… like maniacs. get a fucking life! killed my boner(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 91105

I knew her online from her corsetry days and she has changed WOW. She seems to have moved back to the US from Asia. I remember she said she would never post nudes she was totally against it since she was married and look at her now…
She last posted her husband on instagram almost two years ago now.
Any idea what happened to her Corgi?

No. 91224

It's a damn shame there are people on the internet so desperate for attention that they use mental and psychological disorders for attention.

Penny has claimed to have 5 alters: Penny, Astrid, Pony, Ashley, and George.

If it is indeed true that she self-identified herself as having DID this video is more than pathetic, it's manipulative. If I recall, she made a video claiming to have DID and claimed to wear a choker to keep her grounded, yet in this video where she discusses her alters, she isn't wearing the choker. It's the most embarrassing case of attention whoring I have ever seen and the most pathetic.

I'm not sure if Penny visits this page, but on the off chance that she does, Penny, I have some choice words for you.

You're a disgusting shallow, manipulative human being. You are an embarrassment to people who have done the necessary work to be diagnosed with DID (a condition that is supposedly over-diagnosed btw) and further contribute to the literature of it not being a real condition.

You jump from being a sex object to a mentally fragile child whenever it benefits you, then claim to be a victim once you get called out. If you took the time to look at yourself, you would realize the truth about who you are: a shallow people pleasure who would do anything for the approval of others.

Fortunately for you, there's an easy treatment for your condition, grow up. You didn't become a fetish model to embrace your sexuality. You did it to gain approval and attention from strangers on the internet. Your sense of self-worth comes from people telling you how brave and smart you are. In all honesty, you know it's not true. You know it's not true because you refuse to follow through to take time and learn who you are. You're afraid that who you really are as a person won't give you the validation you crave.

Also, let's stop pretending you don't enjoy the attention you get from your huge breast. In a "serious" video about talking about your alters, you couldn't help but pose and flex to show your audience how big your breasts are in relation to your waist. On the topic of your chest, no plastic surgeon will ever touch your breast because the last one did such a horrible job that to fix it would be risky. Your implants were not seated adequately behind the muscle and should have been corrected. But of course, you could care less.

You're 30 years old and have nothing to show for it other than leaked nude pictures. Get off the internet, get some therapy, and grow up.(namefag)

No. 91237

Here is the video explaining why she no longer wears a collar. To save you precious minutes from Penny's lies, I mean ramblings she claims, after trying to make up two other lies, that something happened that triggered a visual PTSD flashback (claims to not be used to having visual PTSD flashbacks for some reason. prolonging the lie) that lasted for four hours. She claims to not want to tell everyone what the flashback was (of course, lying about the details are difficult) but she claims to have not been able to see the world while she was in this world. Then she said she needed to be "naked".

This woman will lie about an accidental fart.

No. 92847

I vaguely remember those days. Once she moved to California she seemed to focus on cosplay. I actually met her once at her first SDCC, I think she was a booth babe and seemed nice at the time. Of course this was years ago and look were she is now.

I have no clue what happen to it, at this point I think it might be dead.

No. 92927

was it during the time she dressed as Harley with SuperMaryFace and Envy? She wrote a whole post about how she didn't get attention like her tits thought they would get her and her and Envy bitched about people only being nice to Mary. Penny is a cunt, anon.

No. 92947

I remember that she had a big fit about it, this was right after her and Envy did this dumb youtube fanfic with Mary. All that's left is the announcement for writing in to them. The actual video of them larping it out seems gone.

No. 92948

I think the post Envy wrote is somewhere in the Rainbow thread because I remember it being discussed and I know Penny made a post as well. Basically blaming the attendees just like Envy for being fatphobis and shaming revealing cosplays when honestly their personalities are fake as fuck, we already know Envy is a huge cunt who has posted on 4chan in the past about cosplayers, and Penny has always lied about anything for attention. Pretending to have DID is an especially fucked up one. Just as bad as Trisha and yet no one is calling Penny out because they want to think her accent makes her exempt from being ridiculed with her bs innocent calm talking persona. She's an insecure petty bimbo who wishes she looked half the bimbo as Stephanie. Between the two bimbos, Penny loses on that one. She's ugly as fuck and always was. At least Stephanie used to look cute.

No. 92979

No this was around when she did her lazy Mei cosplay. So she was alone at the booth and I don't think anyone else was really at the booth. Can't remember what the booth was though.
Might have been around the same time?
I know the follow year I went and she bailed on some appearance's and later says she was harassed in the middle of the con and everyone laughed and did nothing and said the same of staff.

But when she was asked for proof she blew up in people faces and deflected.

No. 92980

No its pornhub I believe.

No. 95972


Someone may have mentioned that video in a previous thread anon. She claimed to have been choked by a batman cosplayer or something for a picture and claimed to have gotten triggered by it.

Checked her channel recently, her implants seem to be leaking.

No. 96282

I do remember that but the one I'm thinking of were tweets about people and comic con staff making passing comment about her breasts,
which is odd. Considering that was her only defining feature. But none of the accusations made sense.

I'm not surprised if that's the case. Also christ what is up with that make up.

No. 96284

File: 1590541968964.png (94.8 KB, 744x634, boobs didnt get me attention.p…)

That's when her and EnvyUs were at AX with SuperMaryFace. She got all the attention and she went to Patreon to complain about fat shaming because he tits didn't get her the attention she wanted when her cosplay looked fucking horrible. Basically what Envy wrote too. I'm trying to find Penny's post.

No. 96286

Here we go. Found Penny's side. I have to attempt to find the old post through 4chan archives.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SagL_isgxGI [Skip to 6:15]. Penny said people yelled 'slut' and 'whore' at her in passing the whole con, but won't go into details. Keeping is very vague. I don't believe any of it. I'm calling bullshit on her and Envy. You didn't get attention for your tits for once. Cry more."

Wondercon. Sorry. Not anime expo.

No. 96287

File: 1590542610541.jpg (40.92 KB, 960x428, archive.jpg)

What each of them was wearing during the con.

No. 96351

I remember when this happened, she was vauge posting for days about how upset she was and that she was harassed and VERY VERY upset and then put up a fucking paywall to hear her story.

No. 96390


they look like a trio of planets on their way to bankrupt golden corral

No. 96391

OK I see what you mean.
So I have to apologize the con I was thinking of was San Diego comic con. But looking at the other posts, no wonder I was confused she seem to pull this shirt at every con.

No. 96401

Yeah. I keep forgetting it wasn't AX too.

No. 96623

File: 1590721635957.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.47 MB, 1774x3840, 2bfb5bc2db8f.jpg)

Remember when she said she didn't take lewd photos because she didn't like the attention? Sure

No. 97389

File: 1591033350837.jpg (638.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200601-184257_Twi…)

The fuck is she on

No. 97392

Now she is basically saying if rioters come to your store just to let them destroy it

No. 97934

It makes sense to me.
She spent her whole life never creating or building anything, therefore it's easy for her to tell others to tear things down.

And like the absolute mong she is, does this from the safety of her home living in the comfort of the money she's conned out of other people.Brilliant.

No. 103671


Her stomach pooch is so strange. It looks like she had a kid or something. Did wearing corsets do that?

No. 103684


Weight fluctuation can do that. iirc she's gained and lost a bit so she prob has some weird fat deposits and saggy skin from it.

No. 103710

Super unlucky people can get diastasis recti (separation of the stomach muscles) just from being heavy (usually it’s a pregnancy thing)

No. 105120

Awwww shed crying again on Instagram that lifes so hard to be her boohoo grow up

No. 105122


No. 106147

did she die?(necro)

No. 106700

donno she had a breakdown on instagram then just disappeared(necro)

No. 106784

what did she say or do during the instagram breakdown?

No. 107518

File: 1596199144050.png (733.11 KB, 544x632, Capture.PNG)

it lives

No. 107528

probably got a lot of people commenting how misshapen her botch boobs are since she went full nude. Not to mention lack of ass and she's not very pretty, very, a bit below average, so she's not very photogenic. I see why the breakdown happened. Not to mention all the bs with mental issues we all know she doesnt have.

No. 107635

If i remember correctly it was primarily because people were askibg how shes treated walking down the street

No. 107903

Her tiktok videos of her eyefucking herself are constantly popping up on my ig suggestions. Can't post pic rn, but her name is butterscotchbiscuit

No. 108049

She's a repugnant human being. That look on her face in that last pic shows everything you need to know about her as a person, hollow and shitty.

No. 108061

Late but has she had work done on her face? Her cheeks look really slim despite her weight. Or maybe I just think she's bigger than she really is

No. 108192

File: 1596710601200.jpg (746.95 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200806-114227_Twi…)

Oh god shes doing lewd ASMR

No. 108206

She's always had high cheeks

No. 108788

File: 1597151155453.jpg (410.82 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200811-132221_Twi…)

Lol she closed her patreon cos she coud not handle the comments maybe she should just leave it if she cant handle how people treat her after all the shitty things she does

No. 108796

Sure sucks to feed into bimbo fetishism and market yourself as such, but getting comments about why you rarely post photos and try to pander your shitty ASMR and chapter reads because you baited people into signing up is something she knows she did, but wants to play victim to. She scammed people into assuming her patreon was lewds. Not the extra bullshit and 'uwu schizophrenia I watched SPLIT' inconsistencies

No. 109058

God that just makes me think how bad her multiple personality video was just seemed like she was just lying through her teeth

No. 109065

Yeah, she was so full of shit on that.
My question is, us she actually still married? I don't know ger social media well, but it seems like he stopped getting mention years ago.
Plus she's done full nudity now so I can't imagine he'd be happy.

No. 109070

i guess she still is she was talking about him on an instagram story not that long ago about how she wants to learn more about guns then complaining that some one played a vietnam war song to him and that was a bad thing to do

No. 109071

altho it would not surprise me if she has killed him and is just pretending there still together lol

No. 109075

File: 1597359598773.jpg (830.4 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20200813-185159_Twi…)

This stupid bitch. Claims to have multiple personalities and then asks gun companies to sponsor her. This might be the dumbest cunt I've ever seen.

No. 109076

File: 1597359646388.jpg (882.04 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20200813-185150_Twi…)

No. 109097

he's in the military so he likes to be lowkey. He only rarely showed up in Japan vlogs back in the 2010s.

No. 109109

Jesus Christ she actually asked them to sponsor after all the shit she has pulled and how left she is she really does needs a wake up call(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 109141

With the way things are going, what with her backtracking and doing full nude sets, scamming people, and shutting down her patreon, it feels like she's cornering herself and no one is going to help her in any meaningful way.

I think she'll stick around for a while but I'm giving it until the end of the year until she has a total meltdown.

Oh and her post about being the type of girl they painted on WW2 planes, no honey, those women had real curves. Not bolt on tits and an ass like refrigerator repairman.

No. 109146

>ass like refrigerator repairman
i'm crying, kek

No. 109183

Lol I was on BBWchan and some simp was mad I talked bad on her for being a fake bitch and I told him she had an ass like an appliance repairman haha. They get too defensive of these silly bitches

No. 109192

File: 1597438591771.png (446.54 KB, 597x558, Capture.PNG)

I don't think saying you have have the face of miss piggy is a compliment accurate but not a compliment and she wonders why she gets shit online

No. 109201

Wait didnt they shut her page on bbw-chan down?

No. 109206

possibly but just had a look on there and they seem to have done a site clean up so maybe sage

No. 109207

Yeah it got yanked yesterday. I always wonder if it was up so long because generally they simp for her really hard. Me and a couple other dudes got on there and started shitting on her and magically a few days later the page is gone even though all her premium stuff had been on there over a month. I halfway think she knew and just let it stay up because they were at least kissing her ass.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 110648

File: 1598718556475.png (383.99 KB, 635x515, twat.PNG)

maybe if you don't want to be treated like an doll then maybe stop acting like one you twit

No. 111821

File: 1599705241350.png (44.82 KB, 716x522, Captur4e.PNG)

you are not a sex working you the most you do in wear a bikini and try to look sexy you your munted tits

No. 118780

I love how she she lies about the simplest of things. She made a video calling herself a tall Amazonian woman who can't buy indie clothes cause its for short small chested woman.
I've met her before she's only 5'7
Maybe 5'8 tops.
Amazonian my ass.

No. 120918

File: 1605538480466.jpg (347.02 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20201116-145247_Twi…)

Because I had a terrible experience no one else is allowed to enjoy this thing even though I try to look like one

No. 121379

File: 1605800027701.png (54.85 KB, 634x542, bimbo.PNG)

oh on i said a shitty thing on twitter and people are telling me why am wrong HARASSMENT

No. 121857

The dumb cow can't handle bimbofication and now she looks retarded.

No. 122079

i think se just cant handle what she is a dumb bimbo

No. 122315

In case anybody wants to know what this is about but doesnt want to sift through twitter garbage, she said that the "bimbo" ideal is nazism…. because blonde? Claimed that the bimbo aesthetic was the nazi feminine ideal, which I'm sure was toooooootally the case for 1940's Europe. And when people were like "wait except no" she flipped absolute shit on twitter. I feel bad that she was abused in the way she was, but her twitter ranting was more of her "how dare people see me as overly sexual when all i do is portray myself that way!!!1!" schtick. She needs a fucking therapist, but thats nothing new.

No. 122316

File: 1606224066120.jpg (46.17 KB, 564x445, 7d14f873880d7f1d4f2dd28b47385f…)

>her post about being the type of girl they painted on WW2 planes
LMAO I bet shes the type that says Marilyn Monroe was plus sized too. Yeah it wasnt stylish to be ana chan skinny in the 1950s but it certainly wasnt the fashion to be fat either.

No. 123799

File: 1606938598933.jpg (305.7 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20201202-194810_Twi…)

The absolute nerve she has to call other people when she is the fakest of them all bloody twat pocket

No. 125450

She's always taken nudes though. There are even ones she had taken outside years and years ago still floating around on Deviantart.(necro)

No. 125499

I know she was nude for botched when she was on the show. Deviantart I have no clue.

However on her about pages she always she said she would never do full blown nudes.

No. 130164

File: 1609647670402.jpg (383.85 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210103-041937_Ins…)

I don't think Lara craft had that bad of a camel toe up her stomach

No. 134151

No wonder this thread’s no longer milky

No. 134749


Ok wait a minute, hold up. I'm utterly confused by this video. She's crying over comments of people saying the wanking comments and bimbo comment from her onlyfans are bleeding into her yt comments?

Is she a fucking idiot? She put herself out there as a fetish model in the beginning and played up the bimbo shit and more recently nudes and lewds, and she is crying because that's all she's known for?
She put herself there and tried tricking them with faux nudes to play ukulele and asmr bullshit and is upset that people only care about her body. That's all she puts out though. I cannot believe she us this stupid and desperate.

No. 134760

She's bitched and moaned about this so many times. Penny, you have marketed yourself as a fetish model from the start of your fucking "career". What kind of attention were you expecting to receive?

Remember when she was running around like three years ago claiming to have DID?

No. 134761

File: 1611784560192.png (88.56 KB, 764x793, sperging again.PNG)

No. 134762

File: 1611784830428.webm (650.78 KB, 360x640, 80GGh3XCuBraxls-.webm)

No. 134809

Did this shocked pikachu think people were watching her this entire time for her personality and wit?

No. 134889

Of course she did, because she was coddled by the "community" for years and told otherwise.

No. 134890

Ugh. She Cries about people gawking at her in public, is mad about youtube comments, etc…. But she gets surgery to look over-the-top. The victim mentality is annoying

No. 134900

This is what I'm confused about.
What community? She pretty much abandoned any community she joined. Fetish, cosplay, youtube. Shes on only fans. I have no idea what her goals are anymore.

No. 134925


"These YT comments are mean!!"

I mean… why does she think the comments across all socials are the same on OF? Its because THAT'S your fanbase, Penny. The people who FIND your OF find you through your other media and is ONLY distributed by them too. No one of actual value besides guys, cares about you penny and you created that fanbase yourself. You cultivated it yourself. You get 90% more boobs than actual Japanese women when you were stationed due to military, yet try to drag the Japanese gov. in a YT video complaining why they are so unwilling to make clothes to fit your boobs. She just wants to be coddled and babied through her shitty choices. That's why she keeps pretending she has different personalities, she thinks just taking a collar off changes personalities. She wants the pity.

No. 135023

File: 1611894054404.png (82.09 KB, 764x702, horf.PNG)

Slime Daddy indeed

No. 135024

File: 1611894138849.png (89.11 KB, 772x793, Capture.PNG)

No. 135025

File: 1611894191350.png (74.09 KB, 780x741, okay.PNG)

No. 135264

I will say she doesn't deserve to be treated the way she is, but she also cultivated this incel fanbase, even going as far to do content she said she would never make just to keep crowd attention and never set boundries from the get-go as a fetish model/creator. Maybe if she called out bad behavior from the start it wouldve kept a better, more respectful, fanbase. Its possible to have a respectful base as a thot, but penny just lies about everything she does and just pick-me complains.

No. 135920

File: 1612234416911.png (87.53 KB, 758x796, uhhh.PNG)

No. 136028

Pretty funny considering these are the same type of people she catered to. How long before they turn on her?

No. 136317

I can't take her complaining. Its obvious that she wants to be a victim. She wants the negative attention. She feeds off it all.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 136467

Just saw her latest Instagram story complaining about her she's the victim I've got a genuine question does she literally think she would born the way she is and by that I mean her body like whenever I see her talk about her body she talks about it in the way she got the body she has naturally why does it mention anything about getting a boob job doesn't mention anything about the years of corset training she did like am genuinely confused here(imageboard)

No. 138990

File: 1613822283812.png (1.31 MB, 677x1206, twat.PNG)

oh no my dog might be dying gotta show that cleavage tho

No. 139007

>>she wasn't allowed to play video games with boys unless she fucked them
Ohh God….link the video

No. 139232

File: 1614010886124.jpg (445.52 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210222-162030_Twi…)

And she wonders why people treat her the way they do

No. 140082

File: 1614726005183.png (Spoiler Image, 691.35 KB, 764x757, deformed ass.PNG)

Constantly sperging about how the incel audience she's pandered for years to treats her and then does shit like this.

No. 140083

File: 1614726068231.png (42.35 KB, 766x428, the fuck tho.PNG)

No. 140104

She probably needs money again and honestly probably gets off on the humiliation and objectification of SW, which could explain why she gets so 'mad' about it. Its humiliating to know youre into dehredation like that, but she already bimbofied herself.

Or she just needs money

No. 140245

It's not even that picture specifically that gets me, it's the blow job videos that kill me when she starts sperging out.

No. 140274

File: 1614826531206.jpg (283.08 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210304-024712_Twi…)

The fuck kinda drugs if she on I kinda get what shes trying to say but shes going about it in such a stupid way

No. 140359

File: 1614888562089.jpg (327.21 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210304-133042_Twi…)

No the reason why people are negative and critical of you is because that's the type of people you have cultivated

No. 144841

File: 1618143103834.jpg (343.89 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210411-130942_Twi…)

So you admit to just saying shit to get a rise out of people good to know really puts in to perspective the shit you have said in the past

No. 144878

No, she's just trying to save face because being a whiney cunt makes people not want to sub. Not to mention her flat ass and thin skinned protruding bolt ons.

No. 145700

File: 1618681612783.jpg (333.76 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210417-184450_Twi…)

Looks like someone's hating on there audience agin

No. 146740

did she literally make herself mad by bringing up the bimbo thing out of nowhere??

i wish this thread was more active bc she seems legitimately insane and is one of the most visually bizarre people on the site

No. 147042

File: 1619351563484.png (26.83 KB, 741x536, Capture.PNG)

so much for never going full nude

No. 149187

File: 1620433404595.jpg (369.19 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210508-012204_You…)

Looks like someone's trying to hide there meltdown videos

No. 149192

Because sad thots don't make money and she probably realizes not going full nude in the saturated market makes her the last person with her botched body that people want to subscribe to. She wanted so badly to go Trusha levels of viral during her DID stuff and it backfired because Penny is just as shitty a liar.

No. 149260

I just looked through her YouTube and she has also removed her my alters video gusse that means she no longer has D.I.D not the she ever did

No. 149325

I used to watch penny alot a few years ago and oh my god what on earth has she done to her lips, she looks absolutely insane!
also it seems like shes deleted alot of her more controversial videos, what a shame.

No. 149568


No. 150838

File: 1621451788131.png (575.98 KB, 767x517, ouch.PNG)

How come we haven't heard about her husband in eons? Does anyone know if they're even still together?

No. 150929

He never liked being in the spotlight

No. 152420

File: 1621868903046.png (63.18 KB, 621x676, Capture.PNG)

ah going back to complaining about the word bimbo when you basically turned yourself in to one

No. 152690

Her equating her modifications willingly to torture is embarrassing as hell and her thinking everyone who calls themselves a bimbo is dumb is just as bad. She got the boobs for attention, she has an old Japan video about it and how she's upset they won't accommodate her body modifications because "Japan isn't as open to other bodies" and not thinking how her tits need custom fitting anywhere she goes because she overfilled. Even the Botched doctors said she's overfilled. She's always wanted to look like a bimbo, but then gets mad that her doing sex work + bimbo aestetic body = men leering and troping you.

She's such a pick me. She wants to be respected, but she got surgery at a younger age to get male attention. She boasted getting stopped in the streets in Japan because shes "otherworldly" to natives. She fetishizes herself. She IS a dumb bimbo.

No. 154820

File: 1623028224440.png (47.88 KB, 761x550, the fuck.PNG)

No. 154821

File: 1623028312550.png (1.55 MB, 1512x939, eek.PNG)

No. 154825

Look at her posture she's leaning forward, I won't be surprised if she ends up with a hunch.

No. 155633

She's gonna look like some horrifying orc abomination when she gets older. Aging strippers who get fucked up balloon implants are ghouls and Penny's gonna be worse with the corset body destruction.

No. 155863

File: 1623740171720.png (538.32 KB, 769x778, blegh.PNG)


This is fucking horrific. How do people get off to this?

No. 155917

She needs a BBL. The corset training fucked up her proportions and she wonders why she looks like that with the added no ass.

No. 155974

Isn't there a video of her pretending to fuck a horse?

No. 155982

The way her flabby gunt bounced up and down had me much more fixated than those spheres on her chest

No. 156027

yes there is iv seen it(imageboard)

No. 156028

there are also videos of her using a dildo

No. 158328

File: 1625204073505.png (57.42 KB, 757x595, okaypenny.PNG)

No. 158329

File: 1625204222243.png (30.95 KB, 761x369, shutup.PNG)

No. 158330

File: 1625204313297.png (1.28 MB, 1524x936, how.PNG)

Actually wondering why coomers pay for something like this.

No. 158331

File: 1625204426470.png (969.18 KB, 1525x893, nothanks.PNG)

And with zero ass to speak of.

No. 158650

i know this is 5 years old but since when is 120 lbs fat?? That’s severely underweight for my height kek maybe I’m just not ana chan enough

No. 158771

File: 1625458166457.png (1.72 MB, 1171x878, bleak.PNG)

No. 158772

File: 1625458227927.png (76.36 KB, 760x680, lmfao.PNG)

And sperging about how America is filled with too many Europeans.

No. 158774

File: 1625458333516.png (1.12 MB, 650x876, who is this for.PNG)

No. 158890

You could literally slap giant boobs on a rotting corpse and a coomer will empty out their bank account for the OnlyFans

No. 159062

File: 1625597170891.jpg (368.89 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210706-194441_Twi…)

You have no ass to speak of twat

No. 159762

File: 1625855533090.png (1.42 MB, 653x873, no.PNG)

No. 159763

File: 1625855581218.png (1.28 MB, 656x879, why.PNG)

This seriously looks so painful. Her hair is fried and her face looks so goddamned haggard wtf.

No. 159764

No. 163303

File: 1626977025233.jpg (282.34 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210722-190144_Chr…)


No. 164056

looks like someone need a sugar daddy

No. 164251

Is her husband just a massive cuck?

No. 164283

Of course she hops on the girlfriend bandwagon menu thing

No. 164440

Genuinely wondering this as well. I thought he made good money from being in the military. Why is she doing all this?

No. 166038

File: 1627996127408.jpg (318.32 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210803-140644_Twi…)

There she gos agin complaining about people's preferences

No. 168693

I can't wait to see this entitled bitch crying about OF stopping sexually explicit content. She had to move to more hardcore to keep her simps engaged and they're about to put a stop to that

No. 168779

File: 1629578820056.png (78.51 KB, 610x905, Capture.PNG)

is this bitch really trying to get her simps to try and sue onlyfans WTF

No. 168782

Are you surprised, anon? There goes her validation and whatever meager income she was pulling in.

I know her husband was in the army, but does anyone know if he was career military or what he even does now to support them? She's able to sit home in their dumpy house all day and take nudes without issues it seems.

No. 168872

I really wish I took a screenshot of a tweet she made awhile ago about how she doesn't really like big spenders on her onlygans now look at her with her $400 bunny boy crap

No. 169667

How can anyone be so fat and yet have so little ass?

That gunt…(sage your shit)

No. 170977

File: 1630923668069.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 2160x2880, 2160x2880_d85a6f19bbb4722ec2c3…)

her skin is fucking grey and dying WTF how can people like this

No. 170979

jesus christ spoiler this shit

No. 172026

File: 1631612330010.jpg (527.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210914-103748_Twi…)

Ahahahah she got deleted

No. 172107

File: 1631641044724.png (62.14 KB, 665x746, more lies.PNG)

i see she's still telling lies

No. 172708

pure body horror

kek, that cope/reach. You're deleted because you are literally offensive to the senses, penny. You look like a bloated corpse.

No. 176969

File: 1634175390152.png (82.89 KB, 757x744, uh sure.PNG)

What the fuck is going on anymore.

No. 176970

File: 1634175457770.png (31.6 KB, 758x256, Capture.PNG)

No. 176972

File: 1634175568024.png (63.11 KB, 763x638, why.PNG)

No. 176973

No. 177150

amazing, I wonder how long this will last for

No. 179514

File: 1635629778593.png (28.65 KB, 589x258, bimbo.PNG)

we now return to our regularly scheduled program dos she really think she going to change anyone mind by shaming them considering she built her brand around her being a bimbo as well she still follows @omystephanie who dos a lot of bimbo stuff. it just comes off as complete lies

No. 193557

File: 1642416651258.jpg (484.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220117-104606_Twi…)

Why doesn't it surprise me she has 50% of her followers muted looks like she can't deal with an audience she created

No. 194269

Surprise surprise, she does a ton of fetish stuff, fucking and sucking horse dildos and she mutes the audience that wants more.
It's getting to the point we're even she doesn't know what the fuck she is doing with her life. lol(sage)

No. 195467

File: 1643469255546.jpg (433.14 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220129-151234_Twi…)

No. 195474

Where the fuck is her husband in all of this?

No. 204898

File: 1648913600642.png (1.56 MB, 2537x1175, Capture3.png)

complains video is age restricted dos nothing but wears nearly see through bras the whole video

No. 204912

She's such a joke. She wonders why no costhots pay attention to her

No. 205206

most painful part is that she tried to bleach hair that she'd had used henna on for years… that orange is so gross. it's a shame, she legit had beautiful hair

No. 207185

File: 1650038820491.jpg (890.19 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220415-170614_Twi…)

She's totally not still salty about the Instagram ban

No. 259372

File: 1666122206857.png (309.98 KB, 595x851, Capture.PNG)

looks like some one is streaming on twitch now

No. 259488

>Thread's been dead for half a year
>Anon suddenly posts a Twitch account that was only made yesterday
>Anon didn't post any milk

No. 259545

I'm pretty sure she had a twitch prior to this one

No. 259744

no just after everything that's she's done and had happen to her like the whole bimbo thing on twitter she's starts posting this on twitch

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