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File: 1586564147457.png (1.16 MB, 800x1000, actual garbage human being.png)

No. 88419

Previous Thread: >>>/w/3085

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays. Originally her following grew from her Rey cosplays due to her “likeness” to Daisey Ridley (who plays Rey), but people soon realized that she was actually just photoshopping Daisy’s face on top of her own. She lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey) and caused other drama in the Rebel Legion that caused her to get kicked out.

After being shunned from the Star Wars community, she moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer (which isn’t a thing). Just another instance of pathological lying.

After Frozen 2 came out she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer on social media (Elsa Frozen) and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She really wants to be seen as a cutesy Disney Princess now, and as a result has once again changed her personality to match.

Other milk includes but is not limited to:
> Faking a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian
> Pretending she has a mysterious illness that is “progressive” and makes her blind every once in a while, but won’t seek treatment despite having universal healthcare
> Scamming cosplay seamstresses, commissioners, and “friends” out of tons of money
> Claiming two of dogs are service animals (they aren’t)
> Trying to convince people she’s an equestrian when she really just has horses for props and replaces them all the time
> Skinwalking— trying to imitate mannerisms, behaviors, wardrobes, and personalities of her current favorite actor who plays whoever she’s currently cosplaying
> Refusing to work a real job or put effort into anything in life
> Fake apologizing for her behaviors she’s called out on while simultaneously making herself out to be the victim
> Desperately tries to make people think she’s friends with her celebrity obsessions, like Maisie Williams
> Insists on calling herself an actress despite never going to auditions or making an effort to get a role
> Bumping other threads to draw attention away from herself and constantly trying to white knight and derail on the previous thread, sometimes with friends

Stefany's links:

No. 88425

thank you, op anon.
somehow this mashup of her faces is even more egregious than the last one.

No. 88429

I agree. Good job on writing this and the collage, OP. This is such a good recap and intro to Stef.

No. 88438

File: 1586591777623.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, ACA32CC0-C255-4BA1-8EB9-727A16…)

I can’t with her.
> This is the first time since she’s passed that I haven’t been sobbing or asleep
11 stories later…
> I haven’t slept since she went

ok but which one

No. 88445

She can't even act sincere while grieving. Her entire IG story feels contrived and played up for her usual sympathy points.

What's with the cinematics of the camera zooming in to appear dramatic? I don't post to IG stories so I'm not sure if that's just random or intentional.

Also where's her Elsa prop pet? I haven't seen it in weeks.

No. 88457

I'm curious to know who filmed the video of her singing to her dying horse and if they found it uncomfortable knowing it was just for social media

No. 88460

Been lurking for a bit but the only post I saw referencing the horse was an anon speculating the vet wouldn't put it down. But what was wrong with the animal? Was it actually sick or did she have a healthy animal put down for ass pats on social media?

No. 88462

Her horse was old and she'd been talking about having to put it down for years. It needed to go but she's trying to get so much attention when most sane people would be grieving offline.

No. 88467

that anon is referring to THIS piece of work >>88218 where she sings Remember Me from coco while sobbing like a retard and the horse nudges her like either "aww, don't cry. ilu" or "just put me down instead"

like how full of yourself do you have to be to keep hanging on to a creature and prolonging its misery just because you'll miss it? incredible, but then we already know the extent of stefakey's self absorption i guess. for me this has completely invalidated any hypothetical suffering she may have felt losing a pet. she milked it for like 10 insta stories too many

No. 88472

she said in her insta story sperg yesterday that she couldn't afford to pay for some expensive procedure for the horse or something so had it put down

No. 88503

I'm curious, does it normally take 4 months to put down a horse?

No. 88514

File: 1586662532272.jpg (91.02 KB, 778x1279, IMG_20200411_203250_758.jpg)

Wow good to know her appetite didn't go away due to grief. That boiled green spinach sludge in a pot pie crust looks delicious, Stef.

No. 88518

Jesus christ call me a boomer but putting down a horse literally ain't hard. Ask a fuckin knackery worker. You can ask any hick to do it.

No. 88532

What are the deets on the "scamming commissioners" thing? I don't remember that from the last thread

No. 88575

File: 1586714561435.jpg (609.34 KB, 1079x1435, Screenshot_20200412-130103_Gal…)

She tried to get a refund on a ~$700 Elsa cosplay through PayPal by claiming it didn't fit properly/wasn't the right quality. Meanwhile she was treating it like in the picture. A few people were so disgusted they contacted the creator with images like this to show her that Stef was just being a scammer.

No. 88577

File: 1586714655798.jpg (478.85 KB, 1080x1363, 20200412_130356.jpg)

No. 88641

I think >>88532 was asking about commissioners, not cosplay makers. She was taking art commissions for a while then said her laptop broke and she wouldn't be able to do them for a while. She's never posted about it being fixed but has instead bought new things, like Animal Crossing. Idk if that's what OP is talking about thought.

No. 88643

>Bumping other threads to draw attention away from herself and constantly trying to white knight and derail on the previous thread, sometimes with friends

Wait when did this happen, I've followed this crazy for awhile and this is the first I have heard of this.

No. 88681

If you go back 3 or 4 threads you'll see there's a ton of wking

No. 88756

File: 1586838073706.png (1.65 MB, 1564x1279, SureStef.png)


No. 88762

I literally thought she posted OP pic for a second lmao

No. 88769

she deleted that second one. guess she didn’t want her new frozen followers to question it

No. 88788

“Racial Slur”

No. 88789

File: 1586877809783.jpeg (325.84 KB, 828x1384, 7DEFF5E7-6413-4EED-89A0-65D588…)

Sorry I forgot to attach the screen shot.

No. 88792

Thanks anon. Any grabs of the comments I'm just painfully curious now who thinks that's a racial slur.

No. 88798

im sorry what is she considering a racial slur here?

No. 88803

I'm assuming she thinks skinwalker is a racial slur since the skin-walker is a Navajo legend and I guess calling someone that would be offensive to Native Americans? She wants to be a victim so badly, lmao.

No. 88815

yes, this idiot has for some reason made this distinction regarding "skinwalker" before but somehow has never been corrected on what it actually means lmao

No. 88819

Why is someone cow tipping. Cringe

No. 88821

File: 1586897749727.jpg (91.27 KB, 750x1334, 91833238_1314873505384983_6631…)

this shitty photoshop of her horse's mane >>>

She did use washable dye on his mane a thread or two ago, so why not just buy the same dye?


I don't think she'll ever understand that 'skinwalker' is tongue in cheek, comparing her to the myth because she tries to become other people and literally change her face to look more like them. As long as she can be some kind of victim, saying it's a slur fits her narrative

No. 88822

Oh, she knows what it means, she lurks here and has seen it used multiple times defining what it means in context to her. The top message she didn't show is cut off. It's starts with "you skinwalked" I'm going to assume a mention of Arya or Rey followed. I'm sure the other message she conveniently didn't show tells more to the story but she doesn't want her followers to see. It wouldn't fit with her racist narrative.

No. 88831

File: 1586902476752.png (61.29 KB, 1080x316, Screenshot_20200414-171419(1).…)

So confused why she's in a Singaporean Animal Crossing group lmao

No. 88832

File: 1586903750703.jpeg (743.56 KB, 828x1629, 629DB4DC-4ABA-4648-96AD-C2CEB1…)

Lol okay sure Jan. Decide to put on makeup for your little outing while struggling witj this magical wig issue?

No. 88833

File: 1586905726184.png (2.42 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200414-180446.png)


I just can't… she's using the belt from her Elsa cosplay as a mask over her mask. What a potato.

Glad to see she didn't successfully scam the designer of that dress out of $750.

No. 88842

A snow storm & shes wearing a sleeveless top? Also…what part of STAY HOME doesn't she understand? Is alcohol a necessity?

No. 88843

I think she's talking about alcohol to remove the glue

No. 88845

The elsa contacts are magically glued to her eyeballs too! The poor girl.

No. 88857

Yeah but the glue is bullshit

No. 88858

And her natural false eyelashes!

No. 88871

idk I've taken off Spirit Gum without remover before but ghost bond seems a lot stronger so it may be harder. She clearly hasn't been it this wig for three days though, unless she sleeps sitting up and doesn't move at all

No. 88889

It's her fault for being a dumbass anyway. Who the hell uses ghostbond knowing they don't have 99% alcohol, let alone on a shitty wig you're wearing AT HOME. FOR NO REASON.

Don't forget a few weeks ago she was trying to convince everyone she has "naturally light blonde hair uwu"

No. 88898


>ghostbond exploded while I was trying to apply it and it went all the way up into my hair

You're giving this fake story too much credit.
For this to be real, either the bottle exploded and soaked through the lace into her hair while the wig was already on, which would have glued/ruined the fibers of the white wig (obviously not the case here). OR the ghostbond exploded onto her hairline while the wig was still lifted, which means should must have said "lol whatever" and placed the wig down over the massive pool of glue in her hair anyway.

No. 88973

File: 1586996001877.png (372.93 KB, 1216x621, Elsa Frozen.png)

Eloise Frazer/Elsa Frozen is in an indie movie? I'm surprised she hasn't been milking this all over social media as an actress tbh.

No. 88974

File: 1586996051896.jpg (81.55 KB, 1777x937, Elsa Frozen 2.jpg)



No. 88979

I mean, she posted about being in a “docufilm” two weeks ago, posted herself in PPE
Photos were shared in the old thread, though folks here thought she was just making the film thing up like she has all her other film stuff

No. 88980

But hey, now she’s got an IMBD page so we can see allllllllll her amazing!!!!!!! work credits!!!!! Her stunt work for Daisy will surely be listed on there, right?!?!!!!!

No. 88995

She probably doesn’t want anyone to see it because she couldn’t photoshop herself a new face in it

No. 89007

File: 1587030125371.jpg (52.71 KB, 474x631, 1b19196274a7241a002cd3ba61a88d…)


you guys are legitimately too sweet

No. 89028

File: 1587048038648.jpeg (190.01 KB, 750x1043, B5DF39B0-3F4B-42A1-832D-64D03C…)

Look who's trying to get attention on a thread about reassuring people who are scared due to the pandemic!

No. 89029

File: 1587048077002.jpeg (216.75 KB, 747x1037, 878D720A-0AC6-4D08-A2EC-F30794…)

No. 89030

File: 1587048195421.jpeg (75.7 KB, 750x589, 5F44FDB7-87B4-40F8-8F6C-7921B9…)

No. 89031


Child will be disappointed when they get the video and she looks nothing like Elsa without ps

No. 89032

File: 1587049219480.jpeg (198.74 KB, 750x1070, 16C48FA7-0571-4B12-80E6-8116FE…)

There's also a post in the same group from February (I checked the last thread and didn't see this posted) where she acknowledges her weight and fishes for "but you look just like Elsa!!" compliments.

No. 89035

File: 1587050174109.jpeg (251.88 KB, 750x1086, 2810CC71-C3ED-43EA-B147-E19DF2…)

She really uses this random group for asspats, huh?

No. 89036

File: 1587050358220.jpeg (134.32 KB, 750x641, 61D5B54D-690E-4448-957E-279CE4…)

>How do you change your name and not have people acknowledge that you're skinwalking a Disney princess?

These are all from a group where the rules are that you HAVE to be nice, which probably explains the lack of responses.

No. 89042

File: 1587056308019.jpg (802.1 KB, 1080x1883, 20200416_115709.jpg)

Stef is already done grieving and has a new horse everyone! Isn't that great? All that cringey crying in her IG stories definitely wasn't for attention, no way.

No. 89045


Can't afford vet bills to care for her ill horse, buys new horse.
Where's her Elsa lizard? I've seen no mention of it in a while. Did he
serve his purpose and go into her animal prop graveyward?

No. 89046

This dumb bitch was NOT at the premier of the TROS. She is such a little liar. She was invited to go to the movies with some friends at her local theater. Lol she is honestly mentally fucked up.

No. 89049

Wait she wore that entire ensemble to a LOCAL THEATER?

No. 89077

Actually, the “local theater” she was at was the toronto premiere of TOS. She’s still heavily connected to the Rebel Legion and they get to go to the events.

And yes, she went dresses as Elsa. And then acted “surprised” when folks compared her to elsa

No. 89079

Toronto hosts the Canadian premieres for a lot of movies - they’re legit events, but they do also invite many cosplayers to them. Local buisnesses also generally get to do ticket giveaways for them. It’s also ALWAYS at the same theater so it’s not had to stalk the guests and celebrities

No. 89081

Of course she has to boast about the note she thinks she hit. She's so self congratulatory.

No. 89083

There were no famous people there or any people that seemed important from the movie. We all know she is trying to imply the LA premiere.

No. 89093

File: 1587087264319.png (4.77 MB, 1242x2208, BE76B1C1-0B25-4A30-B114-11CE61…)

Fun fact (and this was mentioned before). She has lied and said she was related to elizabeth gillies at so may conventions. So that’s fucking weird

No. 89094

File: 1587087452253.png (61.02 KB, 366x218, bye.png)

I just checked again and not only is this comment gone, but she's also no longer in the group. All her other posts are still up, which would be weird behaviour if she was just deleting things to hide her tracks. Maybe she was kicked out for bumping an old post to advertise a service.

No. 89096

No. 89127

'high E' jesus get over yourself

No. 89149

i miss the sabrina phase, why didn't she stick with it? did she think looking like a cartoon would be harder for people to figure out, because i mean clearly that didn't work.

No. 89162

If she’s such a skilled vocalist with such an extensive range, why does she have to lie on her resume and on Instagram about what she has booked?

No. 89177

She probably didn’t stick with it because she realized she has a puffy round face while the actress she was trying to skinwalk had a slimmer more feminine face.

Really wish I could find this somewhere online so I could see her acting.

No. 89199

Didn't she already have this one?

No. 89213


She possibly did before her other horse died, but only for like a few weeks max. She made an FB post about possibly getting this new horse recently and shared a picture of it. It was in the last thread. Either way, she was able to get a new horse even while complaining about not having money to take care of her dying horse.

No. 89282

File: 1587321038771.jpg (196.23 KB, 720x804, 20200419_142811.jpg)

Already looking to buy yet another horse as of Friday, on top of the one that's been in her recent tiktoks

No. 89286

So, she couldn't pay to save her older horse but can afford 2 new horses? I don't wanna say animal abuse but what Does happen to the animals that no longer fit her cosplay needs?

No. 89297

it's just another skinwalking prop, as Fjord is Norwegian breed. Even her horse must be ~scandi~. She's disgusting

No. 89300

lol what happened to her 'being done with horses because of her grief'???? Jesus, she can't keep her bullshit straight for longer than a week.

No. 89304

>So, she couldn't pay to save her older horse but can afford 2 new horses?
She’s a terrible person. She doesn’t care about the wellbeing of her horses unless she can make them her next cosplay prop.

No. 89321

Ah yes of course going for the Fjord to fit the Skandi skinwalking

I mean nothing wrong with liking a certain breed (they’re the cutest imo) but going out of your way to purchase one just after you got a new horse already? I have no idea how she justifies that to her family

No. 89335

File: 1587410078005.jpg (501.28 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200420-101916_Ins…)

No. 89337

off to the glue factory i guess.

brief grief

No. 89355

Did…She lurk realize we're pointing out how heartless she is then rush to show how she's just totally not over her horse?

No. 89379

That’s what I was thinking too. Just as soon as she started getting called out for being heartless, she makes that post. She could be lurking.

No. 89384

File: 1587444220309.jpeg (182.33 KB, 828x532, 93DBE392-DFB4-4CB8-A45B-0F098B…)

The last line doesn’t make sense if you have any life experience at all.

No. 89386

She also posted pics of her reptile (I forget what it's called) on her Instagram story today because ppl in this thread were wondering where he went and she never mentioned him or posted about him after getting him.

No. 89391

>anguished screams from her mother

I can see where she gets her drama queen side from

No. 89407

Let's be real, her mom wasn't screaming. She's just hamming it all up. If they really have had as much experience with horses as she 'claims' they have, I don't see why you'd start 'screaming'.

No. 89409

God, why does everything she writes have to be fucking purple prose? Can't she just say "remember my mum sobbing" or something? No it has to be ANGUISHED CRIES

No. 89410

Don’t forget the typed-out stuttering, anon.
>It’s…it’s not fun.

No. 89489

>anguished screams from her mother
Why is she writing it like a war movie scene? Like her mother held the limp body in her arms while screaming to the heavens how they are SO UNFAIR as an explosion erupts in the background. lmao.

I get putting down an animal is always hard and can be traumatic, but if you're literally screaming your head off as the person you paid to put your animal down you need some kind of help.

No. 89497

She never went to uni or anything and I'm pretty sure in high school she started being homeschooled, so she only knows how to write like a melodramatic fanfic author.

No. 89508


My mother wailed in anguish, her thin fingers clutching my also very thing, petite, smol bean, fingers for support.

My naturally ice blue orbs spilled over with crystal tears, more dripping down my pale, frigid cheeks with every second. I wiped them away with a petite, delicate hand, resolving that I must be strong. I must keep singing.

I kuln'd harder than I had ever kuln'd before, drawing upon the strength of my definitely nordic ancestors. All my other horses started neighing in unison. My lizard started singing, too. It was beautiful.

My horse cried, she cried tears of crystal dew-drops that shimmered and shattered on the barn floor.

Grief envelopes me now. She wraps her arms around me like my toll bottom gf and makes me naught but a smoll top. (I'm only a size 10, so it's very easy to wrap her arms around me). I still have nightmares.


No. 89509

LMAO, that ending. Ty anon.

No. 89510

> ice blue orbs
LOL’d. This is amazing anon.

No. 89512


Jesus Christ on a cracker, this was beautiful. If I could buy you a beer anon, I would.

No. 89537

More please. I love it.

No. 89539

File: 1587559952830.png (175.64 KB, 509x472, 90706177_1304404813098519_2512…)

I'm… I'm shaking, I can't stop crying. I'm so, so thankful for the kind words in a time when I just want nothing more than fade away. I haven't known a love this since three days ago, maybe more. I'm shaking and crying, but my heart is singing, Anons.

I'll be doing short videos of me as Elsa, to thank you all! I'm so super busy ice skating, doing animal surgery, buying horses, sewing amazing cosplay, learning Norwegian, building my parents company, being a top and being the official cosplayer of Game of Thrones HBO™ and Star Wars™,(but please don't talk about this, I'm traumatized by these experiences and I'd… I'd just rather forget them) so they might be a little late but I promise I WILL send them to every single one of you!

I have no words. I'm so overwhelmed by this love, I just want to sing to the forest.

No. 89550

I shit you not, I thought she actually posted THAT photo of herself.

No. 89553

anon, when are you sharing the theatrical release? i'm… i'm heating up in anticipation. please cool me down with your smol, delicate size 10 cold ice power hands!

No. 89578

Oh my god why is this the most accurate recreation ever?

No. 89588

i’m in tears lmao

No. 89775

File: 1587716006881.png (275.71 KB, 494x540, which villager makes me elsa.p…)

Not even Stef's villagers are safe from the Frozen LARP

No. 89776

>>brief grief
Fucking lol anon

That's it. I'm fucking dead. My sides. (I'm a size 10 so my sides are very thin delicate smol fragile please be careful)


Medieval ice town… Fucking kek her skinwalking even extends to animal crossing. How does she have NO shame or self awareness??

No. 89787

File: 1587738886761.png (987.71 KB, 1242x2145, Look At This Dumbass (1).png)

No. 89788

honestly if she kept it to animal crossing it would be much better than the way it now permeates every aspect of her life

No. 89789

File: 1587738932525.png (929.66 KB, 1242x2208, Look At This Dumbass2.png)

No. 89792

Yeah, she has telekinetic powers now apparently. It sounds made up because it is.

No. 89793

That sounds so incredibly fake, studies need to fulfill extremely specific scientific and ethical guidelines to have even a ghost of a chance to be approved, you have to sign a billion forms, you're told repeatedly that you can back out at any point regardless of anything you sign, and no contract can legally keep you from reporting illegal activity like assault and battery no matter what anyone says. A study where you're inflicted bodily harm would never go ahead in a million years. I was once in a study where all I had to do was press a button with some electrodes taped to my face for 10 minutes and there were so many forms and disclaimers.

No. 89794

I guess she finally saw the first season of Stranger Things.

No. 89795

LMFAOOO okay shes finally hit full delusional, what group is this

No. 89799

It says the name at the top of the first screenshot

No. 89800

Who do she think she is fooling?? Is she gonna claim that she also has ice powers next kek

No. 89802


lmao oh no please don't let her try to skinwalk Millie.

No. 89803


Has she started smoking crack? how fucking blatantly attention seeking can you get? she's clearly not getting enough at home with the quarantine

No. 89808

>I popped the balloons
Like hell you did KEK

LMFAO why does she make blatant posts like this? She prefaced everything with her wanting an ice town and you choose between a penguin with an snow motif and a pink panda, of course they're going to cater to you ice town. How much attention can she ask for? She didn't need to ask lmao.

No. 89809

I can't believe Stef has telekinetic balloon popping powers and she never told us.

No. 89811

This bitch is actually crazy

No. 89818

This is utter horseshit. Everyone and their mother knows NDAs don't cover illegal shit done. Anything with physical abuse or w.e is illegal and would null the NDA. There is NO contract that can cover up anything like that, god she's such a compulsive, narcissistic liar.

No. 89821

File: 1587759125746.png (766.51 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200424-150957.png)

Back on her my horse is sick, donate money to me bullshit.

Let's just brush over the fact she just bought another horse after she put hers down that she couldn't afford the vet bills for.

Stop buying animals you can't afford to care you sniffling twat.

No. 89827

She was literally just talking about buying a $3500 horse in that same equestrian group. It wasn't even a week ago.

No. 89831

>>I have no idea how I'm going to afford these vet bills

Let's see…
GET A JOB with your bullshit resume.
Sell your cosplays
Don't buy horses you can't afford to care for.
Stop shopping for horses you can't afford.

That's a start.

Are her parents are just as much to blame for enabling this behavior? Have they sat down their delusional Disney princess to ask how she plans to cover vet bills in the event one becomes sick or needs emergency care?


Is she flat out lying and just looking for her followers to spoon feed her money because she's incapable of holding a job.

No. 89832

>Is she flat out lying and just looking for her followers to spoon feed her money because she's incapable of holding a job.
Probably. She lies about everything else in her life so why not make herself look like a poor struggling smol bean who needs money from strangers on the internet? I doubt her parents would let her bring home a completely new horse if they didn't have the funds to properly care for it.
We can all safely assume her idea of financial struggles is her parents not wanting to fork over a couple hundred bucks towards a cosplay of her newest skinwalking target.

No. 89839

holy shit, this is insane even for her. Just when I thought she couldn't get any milkier…

Like other anons have said, a 'study' like this would never get ethical approval, but whats more, who the fuck is trying to 'study telekinesis' in this day and age? They'd be laughed out of their fucking department.

Why don't any of these fb people just call out her blatant bullshit? At least laugh react to it, or something. Also anon who made the reddit thread, pls do a part 2.

No. 89845

File: 1587779352217.jpg (21.96 KB, 300x336, 6a00e54fb87093883301348697b81c…)


>>Why don't any of these fb people just call out her blatant bullshit? At least laugh react to it, or something. Also anon who made the reddit thread, pls do a part 2.

I'm curious about this too. As I'm not in any groups she's in ,does anyone ever call her on the lies or do people genuinely eat this shit up?

No. 89848

To be honest, I think she has enough money for all her costumes/horses/cons etc. but she sees popular cosplayers begging for money so she does it too. Then I think she forgets that she said those things when something comes along that she wants to buy and she just goes for it (also she seems to not realize that people outside the groups can see her posts about wanting to buy horses etc.)
tldr: she's got so many lies going on that she can't keep them straight and is not at all hurting for money

No. 89871

No. 89908

She claimed that everyone in her family is out of work because of coronavirus.

Then she proceeds to buy a new horse, do cosplay in her room alone, and pretend to be part of the "high risk group" while shooting short films with other people or whatever that was.

She's so full of BS. Her parents must be deeply ashamed, even if they are enablers, and I feel bad for them. Her Dad is probably distant like she says, but that's a cultural difference. He seems at least on IG to care a lot about the poor in his country of birth, and he is involved in charity projects there.

I love how the animals all have different names when they appear on Dad's or Brother's social media. Eloise renamed them all according to her various obsessions. She probably gets angry when her family deadnames her "service dog." The dog's name is Zorro, not Fitz.

No. 89913


I would be curious to take a peak at her family's social media and see what other vast differences there are.

No. 89915

File: 1587833004069.jpg (136.98 KB, 1080x688, 20200425_124103.jpg)

She is definitely lurks on here. I will believe it when I see when she sells her cosplay and switch.

No. 89924

"any and all" of her cosplays, including the one she tried to refund for bad craftsmanship when really it was her chode ass ripping it as she tried to squeeze herself into it? this one? >>88833
bitch goes through horses and outfits like chronic

No. 89925

I actually saw one of her posts about this and I thought she was only going to file a paypal claim when it looked like the person was going to ghost her and not deliver the cosplay. was there discussion of the craftsmanship?

No. 89930

I know multiple people who purchased cosplays from the same creator she was trying to scam. They all say her work is great and she's a very accommodating person. Stef just didn't want to pay $750 for a cosplay that honestly could've sold for $1000, given the intricate beadwork. She claimed it didn't fit yet wore it around Katsu, rolling on the ground at times while wearing it and literally ripping it on and off.

No. 89931

OK. I believe you. I guess I only saw the discussion about no commmunication from the seller, and that was an issue some of the comments on her posts also brought up.

It looked a little tight around her torso but I'm sure she gave slightly faked smol bean measurements and thought she'd take laxatives before the con or whatever. I get a wanna-be ED-chan vibe from her, and that vibe definitely includes diarrhea

No. 89952

File: 1587856462460.png (29.62 KB, 512x478, disgustan.png)

It astounds me that she's trying to scam her Facebook friends. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that she just doesn't have any moral compass?

"perfect brand new condition" when she is on video pulling and squeezing the costume like this >>88575

What a piece of shit

No. 89955

File: 1587856879772.png (288.76 KB, 416x395, stef.png)


samefag but anons, correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the expensive Molly Designs Elsa costume the same one she wore as a belt (that she also stretched like crazy in pic attached)?

No. 89956

she also used the belt as a face mask

she probably slept in it, having moist dreams about Elsa

No. 89976

omg the fucking audacity at advertising something you wore as a MASK as 'perfect brand new'. She's reaching new lows every day

No. 89993

Somebody post the mask picture under her comment when she says its brand new! That's not fair to the buyer."Brand new except I breathed & sweat on the belt because I tried it around my face to go shopping"(not your personal army)

No. 90000

File: 1587909101930.jpg (74.53 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200426-145207_Fac…)

She doesn't seem to be in that equestrian group anymore, and the whole post is gone

No. 90002

I'm guessing she told the mods someone from the group was bUlLyInG her by posting the convo elsewhere to get them to take it down, then left because she realized there were people in that group that will call out her shit.

No. 90005

I think she's not willing to do this. She's just saying she's willing.

That's why the post got taken down. She'll never sell Elsa.

No. 90032

File: 1587943927458.jpg (343.72 KB, 1080x1836, 20200426_182110.jpg)

No. 90034

File: 1587944036749.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2014, 20200426_182134(1).png)

No. 90035

File: 1587944093685.png (832.63 KB, 1080x1838, 20200426_182207(1).png)

She desperately wants people to believe that's her jawline and isn't EXTREMELY shopped. She has an uwu Elsa face of course!

No. 90037

human pug

No. 90048

I couldn't have made this up as a parody of Stef if I tried. What the fuck. Has she just started watching Stranger things or read about MK Ultra? Do her parents know she posts this dumb shit?

No. 90050

File: 1587950902988.jpeg (377.25 KB, 640x891, 945094B8-4023-4D9F-B3AE-F65B6B…)

No. 90053


I don’t cosplay or know anything about it, but this random girl looks beautiful, well groomed and sane, which makes Stef seem even more unhinged and nutty in comparison

No. 90100

File: 1587979955932.png (236.01 KB, 400x400, y3LO4H2W_400x400.png)


Her blocky Anna eyebrows make her look constipated. And the bangs are kinda…

No. 90114

Genderswap Simple Jack? Bold choice.

No. 90147

lmao i love how her first elsa pic is the one where she totally "accidentally" looked like elsa one day and then someone comments and says she has beautiful eyes and she doesn't even correct them and say she's wearing lenses

No. 90272

Her nose is 3 different shapes in these photos lmao

No. 90599

File: 1588363848543.jpg (251.47 KB, 1080x1700, 20200501_151050.jpg)

No. 90600

File: 1588363908824.jpg (145.26 KB, 1080x1441, 20200501_150218.jpg)

I'm posing as best I can to make sure I look thinner than I am, but I have PCOS and am uwu plus size~

No. 90601

she also photoshopped her shoulders down to make her neck longer, and made herself thinner over all.
Compare it to >>88577 >>88575 you can easily tell.

Not even to mention her PS on her face but you know…
Why is she such a narcissistic bitch? You're either uwu smol bean like maisie or plus size and own it. Don't post an obvious photoshopped photo that clearly doesn't show your real weight. I feel bad for the OP who posted that thread because seeing shit like that just makes you feel bad.

No. 90615

lmao WHAT is that forearm and waist shoop

No. 90626

LITERALLY Photoshopping her waist smaller on a post about being overweight. KEK.

No. 90638

Um… she's nowhere near as small as she photoshops herself but I wouldn't call her plus size. She's like a 10-12 US (I've seen her in person at cons so not going off of photos)

No. 90641


She went through all that effort to photoshop herself but left her calf like that… alright haha

No. 90642

HEY! Guess who else has PCOS?? Daisy Ridley! You remember when she went through that phase where she renamed her dog to be the same as Daisy, lied about working With Disney as Daisy double, and slapped daisy on her face! That’s right it was Stefany! She is fucking insaneeeee

No. 90647

12 is plus size

No. 90649

File: 1588386721639.png (3.15 MB, 750x1334, 43BCD372-B99D-4BFE-8ADD-57D322…)

No. 90653

I really like how Stefany also say she is an ~artist~ and does this shitty work, while also seems to be stealing art and photoshopping it’s on. The eye is extremely detailed for the rest of it, and honestly makes me believe she stole the eye part from another artist work.

No. 90656

File: 1588387921672.jpeg (173.9 KB, 730x1539, E0810F4D-743B-4E15-A1B7-D1FF2A…)

No. 90672

wat lol no it isn't

"According to PLUS Model magazine; "In the fashion industry, plus size is identified as sizes 18 and over, or sizes 1X-6X and extended size as 7X and up".[2] The article continues "Susan Barone […] shared, 'Plus sizes are sizes 14W - 24W. Super sizes and extended sizes are used interchangeably for sizes 26W and above. Sometimes the size 26W is included in plus size'."[2]"

No. 90673

File: 1588393416451.jpg (316.52 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200502-052015_Fac…)

Stef: as GAWD is ma witness ah shall nevah have anotha horse on ma propahty agaiyn!
Also Stef:

No. 90674


her shoddily drawn on eyebrow, top kek els-oise. 'it's a skinwalk someone else for a hot second kind of day' more like.

No. 90692

Ah, Stef and her ever-changing jawline.

No. 90707

It very well could be hers, over-rendering eyes is something a lot of artists do before they really improve.

No. 90726

Wasn't she just begging for donations for one of her horse's medical bills? Perfect time to get ANOTHER horse!

No. 90809

I agree, but I have also seen her other work it’s honestly no great at all. I wouldn’t put it past her to steal other people’s work as well.

No. 90810

That magazine is also using a size 12 model on the cover of their plus size magazine so they need to practice what they preach.

No. 90826

File: 1588469482537.png (180.03 KB, 1080x1656, Screenshot_20200503-031709~2.p…)

She also tried to sell her Elsa cosplay for more than the seller's price. She claimed to have converted the price incorrectly (psst - 780 USD = 1112 CAD, Stef).

Charging full price for a used & abused cosplay is outrageous enough, Stef. Did you really have to try to make a profit, too?

No. 90827

File: 1588470102754.png (56.06 KB, 1080x499, Screenshot_20200503-031717~2.p…)

No. 90834

How hard is it to just google the conversion? What a load of garbage

No. 90837

well, that's harder, because it is easier to just rip people off

and scamming was the intent, clearly

No. 90847

250 for that gross wig she lives in???

No. 90939

Really shows how this costume doesn't fit her at all. I think it would look great if it was the right size.

No. 90982

wtf why does it looks like shes in pain in all 4 of these pics? Is she making that face because shes trying to open her eyes more or wtf is going on

No. 91008

She's trying too hard to be something she's not. She's literally crazy, anon lol. I dunno any other excuses.

No. 91013

She’s desperately straining her face to try to make herself look like a Disney character. Except, since actual humans can’t have giant bug eyes, she looks unhinged. She does this with everyone she skinwalks, weirdly contorting her face. The weird face contortions are especially noticeable in her Tik Tok videos.

No. 91085

File: 1588633378416.jpg (137.84 KB, 1080x629, Screenshot_20200504-180059_Tik…)

This is old but I haven't seen it in a thread before. Where the fuck is she getting the idea that Elsa has buck teeth?? But of course she needs more traits to line up with her own (which we all know are faked anyway).

No. 91089


Is she going to melt her teeth into each other again? Also, the weird glee over Anna not having buck teeth is kind of disturbing.

No. 91113

File: 1588648050865.jpeg (76.32 KB, 468x606, 490A1436-86A5-414B-930A-60BFED…)

>Elsa has buck teeth
Uhhh, since when? Elsa’s teeth are normal. This is just like the time Stef claimed she had big hips just like Elsa, even though Elsa is dainty and has small hips. Stef will delude herself into thinking she has ~soooo much in common~ with whoever she is skinwalking.

No. 91149

Ha. She claimed she had:
>>"big ol daisy teeth"
back when she was trying to be Daisy Ridley. Her teeth just morph to suite her cosplay, anons!

No. 91151

File: 1588677697960.png (2.76 MB, 1200x1800, F37C63AD-33B6-4956-828C-C58DB6…)

>Her teeth just morph to suite her cosplay, anons!
Never 4get when Stef became so deranged that she began meticulously photoshopping her entire mouth and facial structure to look like Daisy Ridley’s.

No. 91163

She shrank her neck to half it's size in that pic

No. 91202

I was so focused on her contorted mouth I didn't even notice her neck. She looks like a bobblehead with that shop! She knows Daisy doesn't look like that, right?

No. 91207

Those disney princess eyes tho…

No. 91351

And her super tiny Disney chin!!

No. 91588

File: 1588816208236.jpeg (115.57 KB, 750x974, C83066F1-9D84-43C9-86EA-49F4FA…)

Bruh I’m not going crazy right??
Didn’t she just want to sell her last cosplay that she wrecked? Why does she want another expensive one???

No. 91755

The other one didn't fit, maybe this time she won't lie about her size. Just kidding she will.

No. 91852

File: 1588944468369.jpg (471.6 KB, 1080x1716, 20200508_062302.jpg)

Miss Elsa Freezer posted a video of herself mimicking animation sequences and its… awkward. Shared in She Prop Community like everything else she posts. Idk how to save a video from FB but here's a screenshot

No. 91890


Sweet jesus the cringe.


No. 91908

I do a lot of dumb shit when I'm alone, but it is hard to imagine dedicating hours of time to making Elsa faces and recording them for tiktok.

No. 91922

Love that she had to add "I only played the clip a couple times and then I guessed!" so that the commenters will give her asspats about how ~naturally great she did uwu~

No. 91928

File: 1588966057184.gif (1.68 MB, 364x532, 147E9A04-1EA0-4224-8849-5E15C9…)

She looks like she’s having a seizure. You can see how much she’s trying to contort her face to look like Elsa’s. It constantly looks strained. I guess that’s what you have to do when you look absolutely nothing like the character but your entire life is centered around being ~just like them~.

No. 91941

that's also really not the right muscle to use to match the character's expression (it should bare her lower teeth like when you say "eeks" in an exaggerated way- sorry idk what it's called). as a result instead of expressing discomfort by having the corners of her mouth point outwards and down she's just weirdly smiling.

No. 91956

Imagine being an unemployed 24 y/o woman putting effort & actual time out of your life into stuff like this. And THEN posting it on the internet. Oof.

No. 91959

Bitch looks like she just saw a full moon and is about to turn into a werewolf, wtf.

No. 91974

Don't forget those are her all natural lashes uwu

No. 92047

There is really something so infantile about it. I don’t even see a child being so obsessed with a Disney character that they would insist on being called a different name (Eloise Frazer = Elsa Frozen).

No. 92259

File: 1589054899686.png (298.61 KB, 445x625, stef.png)

"It's the right thing to do to buy another horse that's related to my dead horse, because that justifies me buying ANOTHER this year"

No. 92261

File: 1589055103110.png (12.61 KB, 370x145, stef.png)

No. 92284

why does it feel like she's looking for attention even on a fucking marketplace group? No one writes posts this personal about selling/buying a horse. She's such an emotional/sympathy vulture.

No. 92339

>if it is a child of my sweet Love’s I will give them a forever home
A ~forever home~ where they get used as a cosplay prop and will die when Stef can’t afford proper vet care

No. 92362

>> beg for money for MeDiCaL/vEt BiLlS

>> blow it all on more skinwalking cosplay bullshit, more prop animals

>> rinse and fucking repeat

God she's a mess. Everything has to be the most dramatic, fanfiction-esque shit ever. She is hands down my favorite cow.

No. 92412

How many fucking horses will this equal? Four? She went from "NO MORE HORSES" to "ALL THE HORSES" in 0.2 seconds

No. 92485

She must have gotten those magic powers from her telepathy balloon popping hospital stay with Dr. Rad.

No. 92784

File: 1589250670801.png (11.67 KB, 446x245, why.png)


aaand she's trying to buy every other Elsa/Anna costume she doesn't have now. What happened to vet bills and selling away all of her costumes? Where does she get this money from, parents?

No. 92845

she talks about being a size small, but her measurements are for xl LOL

No. 92940

She apparently struggles to pay vet bills yet can afford to buy a new horse AND new cosplay costumes. Either she’s shit with managing money or she was straight up lying about her financial situation.

No. 92945

those aren’t even close to xl anon

No. 92965

i doubt those are even her real measurements. we’ve seen how tight she wears her costumes

No. 92982

With her waist bring a 30 she’d be a L or a XL

No. 92995

File: 1589340149503.png (2.14 MB, 750x1334, 9A7B9901-AC98-4025-B712-C6A236…)

so she was live on instagram earlier saying she was dressed as anna because she was “doing video calls for kids with cancer” kek


No. 92997

I doubt anyone is going to have dollar store anna see their sick kid

No. 93032

Seeing videos of her speaking just makes me remember when she would film the entirety of all her videos speaking in a fake British accent.

No. 93062

at least we know her gecko's still alive

No. 93113

Oh I need to see these again. Are they saved?

No. 93185


One I found.
I clipped it down from 15 mins to 9 ish so it can be hosted on streamable.

The original posted to Dropbox

No. 93205

this will never not be hilarious to me
peak cow behavior

No. 93246

she bought another horse LOL i thought she couldn’t afford vet bills for her sick one.. aren’t horses very expensive??

No. 93263

She doesn't buy these horses. I'm pretty sure she gets them on free leases which means she gets to keep the horses as long as she feeds and takes care of them.

She doesnt own the light colored horse nor the black horse.

No. 93347

No. 93348

Samefag, but she says she's from London in the interview. Bitch lmao

No. 93379


What a generic thing to say. I wonder if she knows there are places in England outside of London.

No. 93434

Daisy Ridley is from London so Stef had to be from London

No. 93587

did she…claim she made the arya costume from scratch? the night before the con? lmao what the fuck

No. 93621

File: 1589590407365.png (31.91 KB, 431x607, Untitled.png)

aaaaand again

so will she be getting this potential horse as well as a horse related to her mare? and she's also trying to buy every Frozen costume? someone have any clue who's financing this?

No. 93649

File: 1589600330890.png (478.64 KB, 606x723, ughstepff.png)


Why does she write everything like she's still on tumblr. Heart horse? yuck.

No. 93819

“i’ll explain why colors matter later”
just admit that you’re using this horse as an aesthetic cosplay prop

No. 93921

I assume it'll be some 4 page Tumblr spiel about how she simply can't have a certain colour too similar to a previous horse because it makes her small (size 10) heart shatter and break under the weight of remembering her mother's anguished screams as they murdered her heart horse

No. 93941

There are so many good posts in this thread holy fuck. KEK.

No. 94190

File: 1589763486591.png (1.84 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200517-195146.png)

Everyone welcome the latest cosplay prop.

This bitch went out and bought a horse based on color to mimic a fictional horse.

No. 94191

File: 1589763536855.png (2.44 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200517-194806.png)

No. 94268

can't wait for her to tint it blue and e-beg for money to pay for a $1000 Spirit dress that won't fit her because she gave the wrong measurements

No. 94321


He's a really pretty horse. I hope she doesn't neglect him.

No. 94335

Poor horse having to carry Stefany's obese ass.

No. 94409

Anon, please. Stefany is obese but she doesn't weigh more than a man who would ride horses. Still feel bad for the horse since it will essentially be a cosplay prop and not properly loved.

No. 94454

has anyone is Stef's circle explained why her parents keep funding this delusional bullshit? Like, her parents are paying for the upkeep of these skinwalking trips and these horses and lizards.

No. 94458

i'd assume they can afford it. having horses is expensive enough on it's own.

No. 94463

Her parents used to be extremely wealthy. They lost their house/mansion when her dad lost his business (he was in court for some shady shit, no idea how that's going) but they seem to have come back from that. I think they've accepted that she's never going to do anything meaningful with her life but still support her whims.

No. 94474

File: 1589854741550.png (312.79 KB, 750x1334, A18CE8CE-01F0-4E0C-9EA8-9897A9…)

No. 94477

they live in a large house built by her dad, and own dogs and horses. I never saw a time when it looked like they lost anything significant. A house isn't built in a day and he built this for his family explicitly …

No. 94481

Are you fucking kidding me? Nanok? Elsa has a horse named Nokk in Frozen 2.

No. 94488

Yes it's another "not" Frozen name like Eloise Frazer.

No. 94533


Yeah, but they lost the house he built for them. The bank took it. They've moved a few times since then, but obviously are comfortable enough now to have a house with a giant barn behind it.

No. 94536

I'm sorry, there are pictures of the house he built for them on his social media. It is where Stef lives now. Details in the backgrounds match.

No. 94581

She named another horse she has Nokk already

No. 94600


That video is amazing, not just for the Australian, sorry, "British" accent, but for the fact she openly admits to skinwalking, getting lost in fictional characters, and lying. All to "get friends" (and money, and free stuff…). "Everybody does it" apparently.

What's amazing is she switches mid video from this reflective self analysis to "I've been compared to Maisie Williams since I was 15".
Like shit you have. Maisie Williams was a complete unknown prior to GoT which premiered when you were 16 and she was hardly the breakout star such that she'd be a household name among teenagers until some time later. Seems highly unlikely that was a comparison that many would make during your high school years. A girl is lying.

No. 94609

No she did not lose any house. It was a lie because she wanted to steal the spotlight of another cosplayer in the rey community that actually lost her job. People were being nice to the other Rey, helped her out, Stef got jealous and lied about her father losing his job, losing their house, and selling everything

No. 94611

File: 1589919442200.jpg (164.19 KB, 1440x960, FB_IMG_1589405590688.jpg)



What's amazing is she switches mid video from this reflective self analysis to "I've been compared to Maisie Williams since I was 15".

You can't look at this photo and tell me she's not the spitting image of Maisie Williams.
Such a smol delicate British bean.

No. 94627

>Cremello Dutch warmblood

Rare horse in RDR2 with that combination, guess she can skinwalk fembend Arthur next.

No. 94637

File: 1589927617004.jpeg (555.68 KB, 750x1175, 35702675-1709-4B75-B328-D43AEF…)

She’s going to tint this beautiful horse blue…

No. 94638

File: 1589927647486.jpeg (314.04 KB, 1638x2048, 78EC67E4-E30C-49FF-BEE7-BA0BBE…)

No. 94650

Props and toys. Sad.

No. 94678


I'm genuinely curious to see what her dad is saying was the house they built, because she shared videos in group chats of the house they had to leave and the house they could find.

No. 94754

I need to think about whether I want to be the one to post her dad's stuff in here - but when exactly did she claim her family lost their home? Year/season?

No. 94765

Wasn't this psycho saying she was gonna go totally blind soon?

Guess that can't happen now, Elsa isn't blind.

No. 94838


i keep thinking about this, and i feel like we haven’t talked about it nearly enough. i know there’s nothing else to really say but … what the actual fuck you guys she genuinely said this

No. 94848

Lol I was thinking about this yesterday too anon. What the actual fuck?

No. 94863

this was during her very brief stranger things skinwalking phase yes?
so bizarre and genuinely worrying, imagine knowing this tripper irl. did she ever even mention this again or? more shitting into the void?

No. 94867


hol up.. when was this? I didn't realize she skinwalked ST's. Kek

The screenshot appeared to be from a recent conversation.

No. 94889


One new thing to say about it, there is only one male Dr Rad registered in Ontario, an Immunologist.

With a side business in superpowers

No. 94962

No, anon geez it was a special Doctor only Stef knows about. She had to go to the Upsidedown for her top secret contract-signed stomach punching balloon tests.

No. 94994

Hard agree LMFAO I don't want this to fade away, I wish her parents could have seen her saying this shit, this was one of her most ridiculous acts imo

No. 95064

I'm fucking crying. This entire comment chain.

I haven't lurked her thread in a while, this has to be the most entertainment I've gotten out of a cow since quarantine started. Bless you anons

No. 95111


It was in summer 2019, I think. I know for certain it was last year.

No. 95116

Yeah it's recent, I think she's trying to pretend she's got something similar to ice powers.

No. 95296

Oh that recent? OK, I will need to take a closer look then. I assumed it was in 2017-2018.

According to her father, the new house was finished in 2018. I didn't find any evidence of legal trouble after 2017. If he thought he'd lose the house, I doubt he'd be posting about it.

One theory I have is that they moved to a new barn. There's a comment on FB where Stef says "So glad to be out of that place," so whatever this "move" was, she was acting like it was a good thing.

I'll post caps later of the comment

No. 95313

yeah it has to have been that recent with her profile picture and the fact that there is the “7h” there (i know that kind of seems obvious now but i had to think about it for a minute myself)

No. 95320

She’s already dyed the new horses mane blue(emoji)

No. 95332

File: 1590200609101.jpeg (282.9 KB, 1638x2048, 5D21913E-4EE8-4C93-8464-697CAB…)

That dye job

No. 95333

File: 1590200848958.jpeg (403.63 KB, 1638x2048, AA117FD0-042F-451D-9B11-CB6070…)

No. 95335

I meant recent claims that her family lost their house. I mean, mid-2019 is not that long ago.

No. 95337

File: 1590202093810.png (1.73 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200522-180926.png)

New face who dis

No. 95338

everybody tells me my horse looks like Nokk, Elsa's water horse spirit ex machina in Frozen. Isn't that crazy?? Nokk is made of water, not muscles and bones.

I'm so sick of getting mistaken for Elsa when I ride my horse in a wig and blue circle lenses. Sometimes I'm just ELOISE FRAZER riding my beloved horse NANOK, god.

I never get cold, can screech like a Norwegian, and I have telepathic powers, but ugh not with ice. God, I'm so jealous of skinny pretty girls in dresses. I'm so alone. Please give me money and attention as I tend to my 800 animals.

What? A hermit crab? Anon, I sold that with my Ariel cosplay to buy medicine for my dying horse but then LOL it took like 6 months for her to finally die so I spent it on cosplay.

No. 95340

File: 1590202539369.jpg (703.54 KB, 632x795, InkedScreenshot 2020-05-22 19.…)

saged for old milk but these still make me giggle

People replied to her photoshopped Rey pics with an actual job advertisement (Disney looking for Rey lookalikes). Cool, right?
Suddenly Stef isn't sure they want her body type. But she has the accent guys!

No. 95341

File: 1590202581425.jpg (939.09 KB, 598x556, InkedScreenshot 2020-05-22 19.…)

No. 95342


I'd love nothing more than to see this cow get dragged publicly outside of lolcow for her inane bullshit and watch her try to explain it.

What a fucking nutjob.

No. 95347

File: 1590203842153.jpg (751.83 KB, 564x860, InkedScreenshot 2020-05-23 05.…)

No. 95352

File: 1590205502409.jpeg (182.18 KB, 305x637, C05A0C17-9F6E-4EDF-AF92-4D6150…)

>muh athletic build

No. 95359

Who's she trying to skinwalk now?

No. 95361

Just looks like habitual Rey Photoshop again with Anna features. Assuming she was going for Anna anyway

With all this skinwalking how has she never learned how to even remotely do her eyebrows semi well

No. 95368

File: 1590212962655.jpeg (275.59 KB, 1534x2046, A4254240-2C3A-4636-88D6-87E5AE…)


No. 95375

who is this? looks NOTHING like steph wtf i'm screamin did she photoshop this crosseyed?

No. 95379

>I actually have one
She’s so bizarre and embarrassing KEK. A straight up pathological liar.

>I sold that with my Ariel cosplay to buy medicine for my dying horse but then LOL it took like 6 months for her to finally die so I spent it on cosplay.
That must’ve been so hard Elsa, I mean Eloise. Maybe you can make some more cosplay money by telepathically popping balloons for Dr Rad!

No. 95380


OH she's trying to be She-Ra now, since SU is finished I suppose. lmao.

No. 95381

That horse looks horrified

No. 95382

Just imagining whoever she bought that horse from, checking up on how it's going and seeing this

No. 95384

Riding a horse in circle lenses in hopes of being called an animated character aimed at 8 year olds. This is as vain as it get, folks.

No. 95394

ironically, an accident while wearing those could actually make her go blind, wouldn't that be a turn of the tables

No. 95414


Looks more like she's going for Sabrina Carpenter here

No. 95434

File: 1590246898945.png (1.52 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200523-101410.png)

Is this a reference to a character or is she pretending to have a job?

No. 95451

File: 1590250697189.png (543.54 KB, 1134x621, lol.png)

yep, She-ra phase

No. 95470

When she was skinwalking Rey she pretended to have a natural accent and be from London. When people figured out that it was a lie, she admitted to "exaggerating" it. She did get dragged for it and that's why she's no longer a part of the Star Wars fandom.
I wonder what she was like in high school/ before she started cosplaying. Did she do this stuff in person before she was pretending for the internet? She seems so desperate for attention and acceptance (which seems to be why she originally photoshopped herself to look more like Daisy Ridley)

No. 95473

File: 1590257869249.jpeg (266.22 KB, 1524x2046, BFCDBA97-AF33-4AA5-B3D5-7821C9…)

She’s so unique

No. 95481

File: 1590259722587.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, 28F68872-F600-451D-8951-E87011…)

the eye shop tho. I can’t get over it. Even when she’s ‘herself’ she still alters her appearance so crazily. I honestly feel bad for her. It’s sad

No. 95485

Lol 24 year old woman wears a tank top with a star on it. #WorkAttire #WorkVibes

No. 95532

To anyone who has ever heard a British person, the lie was painfully obvious.

No. 95535

watch her find some other random snowflake who hasn't heard of her antics to be her Catra or some shit for the next month or until she moves on. Looking forward to the cringey tiktoks and what prop pet she'll buy next!

No. 95589

In high school she was probably just trying to milk the "oh-so-awful, blinding, incurable illness".

No. 95632

Time to hedge your bets, what absurd thing will she claim/buy to make herself seem more like Adora? Was she raised by an abusive mother figure along with another girl who is also her soulmate?

No. 95633

Props to this anon for calling it first!

Her hair hurts to look at. Also that poor horse

No. 95637

When she was into Wicked, she hated her Dad.
When she was Daisy, she was pretty positive about her family.
When she moved onto Maisie/Arya, back to hating Dad.
When she started Elsa, she was "cold" and "alone" and rejected her whole family.
So, yeah, maybe Mom is next on the chopping block. Though her Mom was supposed to be the British one, so she's got to undo the love she showed Mum all these years now.

Apparently Dad is OK when she can claim she founded a business with him on her fake CV of lies.

Also weird: she claimed in a (Daisy) post that he doesn't use social media. He's had FB for awhile and even has IG and Youtube.

No. 95758

File: 1590360121874.jpeg (583.97 KB, 750x1337, 8412FC7E-6601-4906-B43B-91511A…)

Is this what she means by work?

No. 95768

"Yes I do…" Like everyone is going to ask

No. 95779

her makeup job here gives the illusion of the strangest sunburn marks

No. 95796

professional catfishing is hard work, anon

No. 95980

File: 1590433109264.jpeg (767.85 KB, 1638x2048, 295B0425-D689-45F6-A744-CCD244…)

Another day, another face.

No. 96014

File: 1590443095703.jpg (872.9 KB, 1080x1350, FB_IMG_15904092284396786.jpg)

She photoshopped and put makeup around her eye so it looks like the horse's eye

It looks infected

No. 96034

She also edited the horse's eye to match hers.

No. 96038

It’s so weird how she just casually wears the blue contact lenses 24/7, when she’s not even cosplaying.

No. 96041

I've never worn colored contacts or circle lenses, but isn't wearing them constantly bad for your eyes?

No. 96044

No she didn't, unless it's some filter.

This horse's eye is screaming "get away"

No. 96049

File: 1590458216716.png (1005.38 KB, 683x686, eyess.png)

Look closely, anon. She edited a bit of brown so the horse's eye would match hers. The horse's eye is pure blue not brown and blue

No. 96071

her hair is so fried and dry, how did she do that to herself.

No. 96081

People who shoop their pets are so fucking weird

No. 96104

File: 1590476227267.png (1.86 MB, 1800x1198, 8873466B-30B9-4B31-B356-014A47…)

Yep, the horse’s eye is photoshopped. See pic related. Stef’s horse = her next skinwalking victim?

It is, from my experience (prescription lenses). It dries your eyes out really badly.

She did it by compulsively bleaching/dying her hair every time she picks someone new to skinwalk.

No. 96116

I was thinkin exactly this. It had to be the horse Shop because of her contacts. Lol

No. 96135

is that her real nose?? it doesn't look like it got touched up

No. 96158

This has been mentioned before but watching her tik toks she always does the off to the side thing with her mouth & waaay too over the top facial expressions. Did she start doing this for cosplay & just can't stop now? She does it whether it's a cosplay video or not. It's not quirky; it's just off-putting. Like a failed theatre kid.
Debbie Ryan looking…

No. 96169

File: 1590512428345.jpeg (166.99 KB, 750x641, 6ED90C86-2840-4400-ADC2-A5CDB9…)

Stef makes saddles now?

No. 96258

File: 1590533636860.jpeg (214.4 KB, 1636x2046, 55E21363-086A-4794-9B5E-36D1A1…)

Another day, another face.

No. 96264

She's looking like Tonya Harding.

No. 96266


Of fucking course it needs to be snowflake

No. 96322

Pets are not props, surely she could just photoshop the changes she wants, rather than forcing a real horse to be her cosplay companion.

No. 96829

File: 1590807466605.png (811.44 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_2020-05-30-10-57-38…)

What is this face?

No. 96831

File: 1590809151736.jpeg (74.2 KB, 700x420, E2EC143A-4813-46CC-AB0D-0766D5…)

The 'I really think I look like Elsa but I just look like I got an intense period cramp and took a photo' face.
Pic is genuinely what she thinks she looks like.

No. 96838

File: 1590810701286.jpeg (106.93 KB, 1200x628, F8944D60-61A0-4180-A219-6910A9…)

Lmao she’s very obviously trying to mimic Elsa in this >>96831 picture. The forced Pixar eyebrows and little smirk make it so obvious.
I’m pretty sure she’s referencing this character called Adora from She-Ra in her caption though.

No. 96926


I guess she's meant to be some weird combo. Looks like she's having an allergic reaction though.

No. 96937

Yeah, she's trying to do the blush thing from She-Ra but it looks like a weird sunburn

No. 96945

File: 1590834305181.jpg (110.82 KB, 720x720, 1560629773508.jpg)

>Pic related

Adora has a horse too. But she really doesn't understand that even though things may look okay in a cartoon(e.g: over-exaggerated movements, the She-Ra blush, Elsa's eyebrows, Elsa's face in general) it doesn't guarantee they'll translate into real life. For example, >>91928

No. 96974

I honestly can't get enough of this Brendan Fraser looking ass delusional girl. I honestly wonder how he family just talks to her? Her cousins, aunt's, uncle's… Anybody….

No. 96980


I'm fucking S C R E A M I N G

No. 96993

File: 1590867443074.jpg (4.63 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr_20200530143733155.jpg)


I can't unsee it now.

No. 96997

Fuck, I'm dying laughing over this. She tried so hard to pretend like her celebrity lookalike was Daisy Ridley or Maisie Williams when her real doppelganger was right here all along… I'll be waiting for her weird tiktoks speaking out of the side of her mouth to clips from The Mummy or George of the Jungle.

No. 97004


She even changed her last name to Frazer… all she has to do is switch Eloise to Georgia (of the jungle, ofc) and the ultimate skinwalk will be complete

No. 97020

File: 1590908415635.jpg (422.95 KB, 1080x1305, Screenshot_20200531-015922_Chr…)

I honestly can't believe her family and remaining friends aren't bringing up how fucking ridiculous she looks trying to normalize wearing a cheap wig and blue contacts everyday.

No. 97023

She looks like she's cosplaying Judy Hopps now lmao

No. 97030

File: 1590913152961.jpeg (746.98 KB, 828x1537, 8CF30117-EC38-4628-A3D0-8657AD…)

Out here fishing for compliments on Facebook again

No. 97031

File: 1590913360412.jpeg (271.2 KB, 828x804, DECA777E-267C-49B4-8ADD-6679D9…)

Calm down, Stefany

No. 97032

>Literally made up name
>Yes I am part of the Frazer clan!!!

No. 97037

Poor Brendan doesn't deserve this

No. 97038

I have not watched the video until now and the way she's staring at her horse is unhinged

No. 97040

File: 1590919646262.jpg (42.6 KB, 247x522, 20200531_060738.jpg)

This size small Elsa look alike.

No. 97041

File: 1590920055302.jpg (17.4 KB, 184x388, 20200531_061425.jpg)

Her shops are a thing of magic, to be fair. She tries so hard to cover up her real face.

No. 97046

this shit is so cringe to actual scottish people. OT but I used to drive the coach groups for a group of americans on a "clan outing" which they did every fucking year.

Everyones jumping on fraser now because of outlander.

No. 97121

Can someone please explain this chicks hair texture to me? Is it just fried? It's the strangest thing, her hair looks like it hurts.

No. 97132

isn't her dad dominican or something? i think she just got the shit end of her parents' genetics and then has fried it on top of that

No. 97144

It looks like its naturally curly (more than likely given her actual ethnithity origins) which is why she always has this bump >>95434
at her roots & bangs; it's where she can't reach to straighten it. Straightening so often would definitely kill it. Not to mention changing her hair color dramatically every week.

Also, this >>97031
lol "YES!! my FAKE name that I gave myself is of the most Irish AND Scottish descent! My mom is Meridia's Bear Mom from Brave!!@!! My brother is actually groundskeeper Willie. Now when people say my fake name I don't shake & cry in fear but I am filled with the haggis of my ancestors & I sing the main theme from Braveheart."

No. 97159

wait is this actually her or is it shooped? it looks off. she looks like the love child of philip seymour hoffman and jack black lmao tragic

No. 97241

this is her face in a tagged photo by her own friends on Instagram, that she didn't get to edit.

No. 97253

Same energy as weebs naming themselves Yamada Sakura-chan.

She looks like Asherbee here kek

No. 97291

File: 1591004206542.jpeg (84.79 KB, 541x349, 948D6F8F-B815-4F6B-873C-189A3C…)

If you look at pictures of Elsa’s eyebrows, you can tell that Stef is shaping them the same way, every day. She has done this with everyone she skinwalks. I wonder how long she has stared at pictures of Elsa to memorize her facial features. I know it’s common in cosplay, but she is literally wearing blue contacts, a wig, and snowflake jewelry every single day.
>inb4 she posts a story on facebook about how a little girl called her Elsa in public and she totally wasn’t expecting it!!!1!

No. 97401

File: 1591033798434.jpeg (709.21 KB, 750x1435, ACA19F23-3645-42D7-BDC5-E2E4C8…)

Oh god

No. 97408


Just name the goddamn horse Nokk so you can live out your autistic Frozen cosplay fantasy Stef.

She doesn't need a horse name, she needs constant attention. Hence why she keeps reposting the same fucking photoshopped pictures of herself and her prop seeking those sweet asspats. I don't know how these group members refrain from going off.

No. 97607

She should name it paskapuhetta, would that be nordic enough

No. 97914

Now she's trying to act like she actually supports BLM but you won't ever hear her talking about how she's half Dominican.

No. 97984

And her ultra edgy "ACAB" statement on IG. Meanwhile I feel like if her or her family were somehow threatened/needed the police she would be all over it. You can't play the constant victim in life AND have an edgy "f* the police" attitude, Stef lol(imageboard)

No. 98164

she's woke when it's convenient for her to be. It's frankly embarrassing. I'm sure it would be easy to find racist stef content.

She likes to skinwalk the whitest of whites, after all. As you point out, she barely discusses her father and Dominican heritage unless she wants to shock everyone with her mIxEd RaCe heritage.

In the meanwhile her dad actually gives a crap about poverty, at least enough to build houses for poor people in the DR.

No. 98169

Are you gonna post a screenshot or what

No. 98172

File: 1591235159951.jpg (374.43 KB, 1440x1985, Screenshot_20200603-204556.jpg)

No. 98173

>Posting art on instagram is assisting in killing Black Americans
the absolute state of the left

No. 98226

Does she not know she is also, gasp, white? Like? Why is she now on her high horse?

No. 98246

This is edgy to you? On lolcow? That's some serious cognitive dissonance

No. 98247

File: 1591266597359.jpeg (483.82 KB, 1807x2187, 3DC95F44-1881-490E-9C96-9D8090…)

She uploaded this twitter thread on her ig also, which is interesting since it’s a white woman speaking over black people and mainly makes it about shitting on white women(?) for no reason.

No. 98248

File: 1591266694760.jpeg (291.3 KB, 1124x1105, 1D880587-EB07-4842-A3C9-EBBCAF…)

doublepost but had to throw in this as well lol

No. 98307

File: 1591290681298.jpeg (500.93 KB, 750x1056, 38FE2908-BBED-448F-8A0D-47F998…)

Not sure if this was ever posted(old milk)

No. 98429

She made an Instagram for her new prop horse and dyed it blue.


All this blue horse dyeing in between BLM posts on her insta story lol.

No. 98433

Lol she's photoshopped that horses eye so blue it looks like its about to burst

No. 98434

File: 1591313174696.png (3.39 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200604-182623.png)


The girl is absolute shit at photoshop.

No. 98436

File: 1591314385273.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x2081, E5889416-D224-4165-84BC-B070CE…)

Oh my god, thanks for pointing that out.

I can’t get over the jagged choppy edges from cleaning up the blue that would’ve overlapped the neck, or the shitty job of erasing it from the background, that whole side of the horse has a blue outline

No. 98453

File: 1591321977707.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1963, Screenshot_2020-06-05-09-53-31…)

Can she move on to her next obsession yet? I'm bored with Elsa.

No. 98501

Is her hair blue now? What's she going for? I don't watch she-ra or half of the things she skinwalks but when someone else points it out it clicks immediately

She's so bpd-esque in how when she hatches an idea it has to be now now now now. This new skinwalking obsession is the REAL me and I need everything to do with it now now now
I wouldn't be surprised to see her becoming one of those trad Chads who larp about viewing the battleships coming over the horizon and the struggles and successes of her ~warrior~ancestors. Suits what she's going for and she can also pretend to be a blonde Nordic uwu princess while doing it. (Brave skinwalk when tho? When she eventually gets to it that'll be the REAL her, bc she can just dye her already fried hair, morph her already round face, and apply the Scottish accent that her ancestors telepathically transferred to her. She can also use all the half assed shit she picked up in her Arya phase and larp as an Archer on the back of the new horse she will need, unless she pins nanok down and dyes him entirely dark. She can join a new spate of Facebook groups full of boomers seeking their Scottish and Irish heritage and get asspats from them. She can also work in her constantly flip flipping about hating and also relying on her parents somehow I'm sure )

No. 98503

She only goes after trendy stuff, Brave is old news. She is obsessed with Elsa because of Frozen 2. We have to wait for the next top box office or acclaimed tv show.

No. 98506

I don't think the blue hair is a She-Ra thing, only Mermista has blue hair and it's not the same shade at all, plus Mermista isn't really her type, she's dark skinned and Stef usually goes for the lily white characters

No. 98507

File: 1591353418021.jpeg (572.75 KB, 1484x2048, 60A801E9-CD73-41E6-8058-9292D4…)

She’s skin walking her own horse

No. 98508

Jfc, her hair is so fried that color won't deposit in chunks.

No. 98548

OMG this is horrible
why can't she let her hair heal, she looks like a shower loofah.

is it still cold in Canada? enough for a snow necklace?

I thought she was high risk for disease, why is the rope in her fucking mouth

No. 98605

File: 1591382671584.jpeg (580.77 KB, 1536x1920, 4B82E1F8-CBD2-4A1E-A50A-85518E…)

No. 98627

File: 1591390371744.jpg (62.13 KB, 828x1280, IMG_20200605_135258_764.jpg)

Her sideburns look like steel wool.

No. 98630

>steel wool
Anon this is so fucking specific kek

No. 98654

That rope is so dirty…look at,the stains omg…

No. 98696

Maybe frosta from she Ra who has ice powers too

No. 98701

File: 1591422557953.jpg (89.64 KB, 1280x844, IMG_20200605_224714_955.jpg)

This is laughable. Have cosplaying protesters been a problem? Why would she even post this?

No. 98702

File: 1591422818932.jpg (150.17 KB, 1004x1280, IMG_20200605_225132_212.jpg)

Here's the rest of the post that I couldn't fit into the screenshot. I didn't catch at first that she called herself "white passing." Interesting.

No. 98706

File: 1591425148358.jpeg (498.92 KB, 750x1380, FDF1C6D5-62B8-4F19-8504-22B89D…)

She made a Facebook page where she role plays as her horse.

No. 98707

File: 1591425203436.jpeg (381.97 KB, 750x1380, A57F4C71-351C-4F0C-BD93-0A2462…)

No. 98708

File: 1591425264960.jpeg (327.09 KB, 750x1283, 7CC06A5F-7574-4E36-9BF2-5B40FC…)

No. 98710

File: 1591425476108.jpeg (291.45 KB, 1152x2048, A21E3539-ED87-49EE-89F4-696A7E…)

How does she justify photoshopping her horse’s eyes?

No. 98711

File: 1591425564331.jpeg (130.86 KB, 960x959, D21B9343-EF32-4B17-889B-BADDCA…)

She photoshops her horse to look like an uncanny valley version of a horse.

No. 98714

this is like that crazy cat cafe lady who would pretend to be cats and threaten people with legal action.

No. 98715


Since when has she EVER played a role in BLM or showed any interest in their cause? Never ( at least not that I've seen). This bitch and her bandwagon hopping. She has no identity. No cause. No fucking goals. Just a sad, fat, unattractive skinwalker who feels the need to be relevant online. I almost feel sorry for her. Almost.

I'm actually shocked she hasn't revealed her Dominican roots and tried to play the victim card there. But it's early…

No. 98716

File: 1591426870044.jpg (151.26 KB, 1077x421, IMG_20200606_150135.jpg)

Can we please just acknowledge this part of the post?

Not like Stef cosplays literally everywhere she goes

No. 98718

File: 1591427549937.jpg (49.44 KB, 431x640, d51038b96e97ac1e1b0b8d13029d4a…)

There's no way she dyed her hair, that has to be Photoshop.
her forehead is blue, like airbrushed
The edges of her hair and the background look unnaturally thick, also the sideburns look splotchy
I could be wrong and she's exaggerating the blue color, but still… It looks bad.

Also, the blue looks very close to Brendan Fraser's blue sweater

No. 98765

anon this was my thought exactly. this is the same bitch that thought it was appropriate to cosplay as elsa and make videos "explaining covid to kids with cancer" or whatever it was. she literally will take any opportunity to put a costume on and try to get attention. the tone deafness is astounding.

No. 98788

File: 1591480724020.jpg (140.75 KB, 720x1156, 20200606_175325.jpg)

bet she wants a white horse furry costume with blue hair and eyes

No. 98800

>posted a video of her crying and singing to her horse right before putting it down
>immediately buys new horse
>new horse "posts" a joke about another of her horses being dead
What the fuck is with her

No. 98848

I'm getting furry vibes from her shooping her horse into her emo bluehaired boyfriend+the weird photos so far, so this is an unsurprising development

No. 99007

Big lols at her saying "this isn't your YA novel where ur the protagonist" bc that's literally how she lives her life, trying to morph herself into an absolute meme character and dramatising everything and making it all about her


No. 99971

File: 1591916976313.jpeg (169.71 KB, 750x780, 0DFA3A2D-8E72-46E5-A5F6-A91212…)

Role playing as her horses is her newest hobby apparently

No. 99989

idk why but this sequence of events summed up like this made me laugh. wtf is her problem jfc

No. 100289

File: 1592055802259.jpg (634.5 KB, 1074x1914, IMG_20200613_214254.jpg)

Another day another face

No. 100291


No. 100300

Oh god, even filters can't save her hair.

No. 100359

File: 1592065065529.png (1.77 MB, 1280x1646, 3F1A5FA9-FE62-48EC-9A70-26D978…)

I think she’s trying to skinwalk cassandra from that tangled show.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 100376

oof nice find, sure seems like it.

But why wouldn't she do her lips dark then? I don't know anything about this show but from that pic it looks like she has more darker lips/make up?

No. 100389

Me either, but she has mentioned the character on her tik tok before.

No. 100391

File: 1592079135147.png (6.73 MB, 1242x2208, D1BBC774-4BC9-4DC2-AF3E-96A76D…)

Same fag, found it.

No. 100673

I mean, I guess she admitted it

No. 100674

File: 1592183060034.png (1.97 MB, 750x1624, 9F3060F5-58BD-4114-858C-51098C…)

Samefag but

No. 100882

File: 1592255611587.jpeg (602.55 KB, 750x1380, 18DA7699-92DB-4CD2-885B-244A89…)

Stef being Stef.. like usual

No. 100883


She's literally posted this text with different pics to like a dozen groups in the past two months. Desperately trying to milk her mom's horse's death for attention.

No. 100927

Stef is actually my favorite cow. She's all kinds of old-school loony, she's a munchie, a skinwalker, a terribly dumb human; it's always awesome when the thread updates.

No. 101052

oh my god

she didn't realize this

she has mentioned wanting to cosplay her multiple times. Has videos of brown-hair Cassandra on tiktok. Why is she lying about why she dyed her hair that color?

No. 101053

that horse was also not fighting sleep

very much awake, that horse.

No. 101096

same. i wish she were more active off facebook.

No. 101108

File: 1592340909888.jpeg (486.4 KB, 750x1353, 0E1D1122-B5CA-4114-A756-6C4797…)

“Dog with a blog but no thumbs”

So she’s bad at role playing her own horse?

No. 101132

Does she think dogs have thumbs??

No. 101157

anon your falling for her trick. she knows what she's doing.

No. 101160

I love how 'costest' is just a made up word to justify making a total fool out of yourself lipsyncing, singing and acting like a character to stare at yourself doing so and get asspats. Costest makes it seem like there's a point when there never is lmao

No, Stef, he does not fall asleep on your shoulder to your magical graceful princess tunes. Surprised she hasn't broken out the kulning again as her horse runs into her dainty size 10 arms in a field

Her captions always reek of her roleplaying a one-off clickbait sharable article post from BuzzFeed or bored panda about herself

No. 101192

I've noticed Stef loves to say she stumbled upon a cosplay idea. Like how she claimed she never watched Game of Thrones until people just happened to tell her how much she looked like Maisie Williams, or how she'd go out in public purposely resembling Elsa and then act oh so shocked that people made the comparison.

It's so weird…does she think it makes her look cooler to pretend it's all just a coincidence instead of just saying "I like this character so I dressed as them"?

No. 101215

File: 1592428032665.png (1001.34 KB, 828x1792, CEFA4FD4-B5DF-40DF-A702-02364A…)

She just posted this. I can’t tell if she photoshopped her hair (it looks crispy so I don’t think it’s a wig) or she’s pretending old pictures are new.

No. 101229

such a nitpick but for someone who calls herself an MUA and is skinwalking, her makeup is always just so shitty and looks nothing like the source.

also i thought her hair was blue? if she just recently bleached her hair this light, i wouldn’t be surprised if her hair just started falling out from all the treatment

No. 101231

how much blur did she use? These pictures are an abomination

this is the milkiest gd thing. Never watched GoT, didn't read the books… ok Jan. Actually claimed never to have seen Star Wars - her family dragged her to see it and then suddenly she's crazy for it.

No. 101232

Her hair is blue that’s why I think photoshop or she posted old as new

No. 101266

lmao the elsa photoshop is so blatant it’s fucking absurd… WHY

No. 101275

File: 1592446109422.jpg (291.62 KB, 540x1587, Screenshot_20200618-030729_Fac…)

She bleached it again

No. 101276

>to be fair i had white streaks in my hair when i was born

No. 101283

Hair stylists are gonna cringe at this. That's not how hair works.

No. 101287

she seriously can’t resist

No. 101298

was stylist, am cringing. this is more Alexandria's Genesis shit, she really can't help herself can she?
unfortunately I personally actually started going grey at 25, it's not that wild. her grandmother had a couple more years on some people. and if she was born with "white streaks" (??) she'd still have them. the colour probably slips straight out because her hair is so fucking porous from all the bleaching that the colour molecules simply will not hold. she looks like her hair would literally crunch to the touch. Looks like she might even have burned off a couple of centimetres this round.

massive sage for hairdresser sperg

No. 101316

haha, the weird glowy halo around her hair where she photoshopped the colour on. for someone who wants to seem like some sort of effortless totally not cosplaying goddess, she sure does try hard and fail harder.

No. 101321

Add that one to the lie pile, she keeps trying to make herself seem like a Mary Sue. Natural white streaks, rare degenerative diseases, if she claimed just one or two it would be possible but how many ~~unique~~ traits does she think she can realistically claim to have?

No. 101333


Don't forget her telekinesis.

No. 101334

That one still makes me fall over laughing. Ballons everywhere tremble in fear.

No. 101342

File: 1592491009099.jpeg (617.85 KB, 750x1381, 3F9F915D-E200-47F2-A98D-FA93F2…)

She photoshopped herself to look like Elsa..

No. 101343

File: 1592491084416.jpeg (55.56 KB, 900x900, 682D1B48-DB30-478D-9380-1CA5BF…)

“Definitely not a wig” Elsa

No. 101349

She fried her hair.

No. 101366

Why on every pic of this horse does it look like a crappy toy horse?

No. 101367

Her hair looks closer to becoming uncooked ramen noodles than it does hair.

No. 101369

File: 1592507050838.png (209.4 KB, 528x393, dot_pixis_cosplay.PNG)

Nice blur stef to hide your deep fried hair + balding spots. Not even going to mention the absolute SHIT makeup or photoshop you did to your face but this one is just too funny and obvious.

She probably looks like a balding patchy troll irl.

No. 101412

She photoshops her poor horse.

No. 101423

did she edit her horse to make it look concerned? kek
or is her horse actually fearful of her

No. 101482


Yes, I noticed that too. The horse's eye socket has been liquified to give it more "expression" lmao

No. 101750

File: 1592718894258.png (943.25 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_2020-06-21-13-54-22…)

I thought she was "never doing Rey again"

No. 101752

File: 1592718999124.jpeg (504.99 KB, 750x1096, 796B6374-8E94-4A41-955C-2F207B…)

This looks like a caricature and not an actual human and horse

No. 101753

File: 1592719032608.jpeg (339.05 KB, 1534x2046, 842210A1-22F7-4395-8F5B-5EAC9B…)

Same fag but her face is so deformed looking

No. 101766

I wonder if Stef has seen this person.

She has very similar features and also does an excellent Elsa impression. Basically what Stef wants to be.

No. 101815

File: 1592767170374.jpg (266.53 KB, 1242x1770, 20200621_141820.jpg)

She desperately wants these comments. Why else would she put in colored contacts and a full face of makeup (including lashes???) to ride a horse?

No. 101822

She'd probably fume with jealousy considering this girl can actually belt instead of squeaking like a dog toy the way Stef "sings"

No. 101837

File: 1592778961295.jpeg (125.71 KB, 828x332, 7255E178-FBDA-4CC8-80A8-F8371B…)

On her new fb post…she’s apparently a practicing witch now too y’all!!

No. 101841

Stef's eyes scream unhinged

No. 101850

She’s trying to give herself giant Disney eyes but she looks insane instead

No. 101883


Why does she need witchcraft when she has telekinesis

No. 101897

this is cringe af, all ugly adults pretending to be uwu disney princesses are. she's no better than steph

No. 101898

she's not doing an impression. she's a singer. she does covers, and her voice is really good.

No. 102032

her voice IS excellent but RIP my sides at the """acting""" this loser is putting up with exaggerating her expressions and moving around like a down syndrome child
bringing it back to topic this is exactly what stef looks like too. in their heads these idiots are in a glittery airy-fairy disney movie. IRL looking at them makes my soul try to leave my body

to avenge herself against Dr. RAD anon

No. 102047

File: 1592918857444.gif (1.53 MB, 361x203, tenor.gif)

I don't understand why some anons feel the need to dunk on the cow by presenting exactly as exceptional individual as superior when both are cringe. I want to see her collab or fight with Steph over who makes the best Elsa impression.

No. 102097

File: 1592947197011.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 6C45E0B3-CCD7-45AB-9F7B-0E4249…)

who’s ready for the furry saga

No. 102140

She's definitely the type who would go up to kids in a fursuit even though their parents are clearly trying to avoid interaction.

No. 102171

damn, I didn't know we were comparing an impressive singer who might overact a little bit while singing to our horselady with 20 stolen faces who autotunes the songs she puts on tiktok.

This person isn't dressed as Elsa, doesn't skinwalk any characters, and her only sin is that someone dragged her into this thread. why does it matter what facial expressions she makes while singing? Stef wouldn't be posted here if she only made some weird facial expressions.

No. 102211

Is it you? Did you post yourself? Because you sperging up the fucking thread defending this cringey womanchild is more annoying than any of Stef's recent antics so do everyone a favour and shut the fuck up

No. 102214

Bro calm down. It’s just a video of someone singing. Stefany is actually mentally ill. The girl in the video just seems to want to have fun. There is no reason to get aggressive about it.

No. 102225

File: 1593019677034.jpg (128.19 KB, 921x1279, IMG_20200624_192514_580.jpg)

Nope, not me.


No. 102243

Going BACK to university, Stef? You were homeschooled and did a semester at a basic theatre school. You have never been to uni.

No. 102316

still cringy as fuck, i'm still going to point it out, she's still as retarded as stef even without the elsa dress and skinwalking so take that for what you will, sorry to trigger you into tears anon

>here is my entire detailed life story that no one asked for but i just KNOW you're interested in it so i'm going to tell you. i'm so interesting i can't deal with it. i have so many horses
>anyway i'm buying a ______ can anyone help?

i agree with the other anon who wishes she was more active lol, she'd be the most entertaining cow of them all

No. 102355

not that this is going to happen, but where the f does she think she'll be moving 'abroad' to? Bitch, the borders are all closed

No. 102358

Norway. She wants to live her Elsa dream.

No. 102359

Someone asked about her lack of British Accent on live today, and she claimed that she never had one and that she was only doing it when in character as Rey. Sure Steph.

No. 102360

Bullshit. I saved Instagram stories where she did a Q&A and she awkwardly explained how she used to do that accent in order to appear unique and she is really embarrassed by it. I'm sure they're in the last thread somewhere. She is such a liar. I don't understand how she has any friends. It's like she's in a cult with these other cosplayers and all they do is talk about how wonderful they all are. It's really gross, self serving bullshit. She has the biggest ego and she pretends she's so ~low self-esteem~ and it's infuriating.

No. 102411

File: 1593098901011.png (300.34 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20200224-052843~2.p…)

No. 102413

File: 1593099071956.png (177.54 KB, 1080x577, Screenshot_20200224-052852~2.p…)

No. 102426

File: 1593102382351.png (60.22 KB, 602x563, 1538422228319.png)


from >>701882

No. 102432

She literally told people at conventions that she was from London and she moved to Canada when she was a teenager. She legit said her accent was real to so many people. What’s weird about this is no ok seriously cares. This forum is the FIRST thing that pops up when you search her up yet she hasn’t lost any followers big time and she is growing. Like what the fuck?

No. 102436

Not sure if it was mentioned but she named her horse Nanok because it's what Jonna Jinton's dog is named (a Scandinavian youtuber)

No. 102600

File: 1593161603992.png (912.22 KB, 1043x1525, Screenshot_20200625-172608.png)

No. 102735

File: 1593220825235.jpg (831.49 KB, 1080x2140, 20200626_201935.jpg)

we're crossing into furry territory lads

No. 102760

reminder that we're supposed to believe she's a master of makeup, able to transform her features to perfectly resemble a wide variety of celebrities and fictional characters (IT'S NOT PHOPTOSHOP GAIZ), and she just posted this asherbee-tier shit
jesus christ

No. 102822

What the fuck this literally sounds like someone making fun of British stereotypes, I can't believe she's this deluded.

No. 102884

it shouldn’t surprise me anymore how bad her makeup always seems to be and yet here i am annoyed that her makeup is so crusty and splotchy and ugly. and you can tell in the video that she thinks she’s hot shit too.

No. 102931

Yeah, come on. They’re called potato smilies, and nobody I know says “tomato sauce”. Sage for being a tard but I mean really.(newfag)

No. 102967


lol, i haven't met a single person who hasn't dipped a deep-fried potato shape in tomato sauce at least once in their life, so it really isn't as special as she makes it out to be. she had to mention the tomato sauce just to let everyone know that she isn't a yucky american who calls it 'ketchup'

No. 102972

File: 1593309389791.png (716 KB, 750x1624, D366730D-B9B6-4A7F-91E4-6EC6D2…)

She’s buying another fucking horse

No. 102981

This isn’t as quaint as she wants it to look, it just makes her mum look bad for coddling a womanchild by cooking what is a pretty sad, low-effort kid’s meal (I fucking loved potato smilies but if somebody seriously waxed nostalgic over eating this like she’s making herself out to I’d feel sorry for them). And wtf, tomato sauce? Brits say ketchup like anyone else, if she meant the sauce on the beans, we’d just say it’s dipped in the beans.

No. 103032

mfw everyone in the uk also calls it ketchup

No. 103034

The true british kids meal is in fact dinosaur shapes, get with the program Stef

No. 103037


Do any equestrian-chans know if wanting a forever horse or long term lease for a "very small adoption fee" is cow behavior, because it seems like it is.

No. 103047

no they dont, most ive met called it tomato sauce

No. 103050

Does nobody here know that ketchup and tomato sauce are two different things? Do you think brits are cooking their beans in ketchup?

No. 103051

Different country so maybe different customs, but as an equestrian: you put up the horse for adoption as a way to gently get rid of it basically. People give away their old horses that can't be ridden, horses with untreatable leg injuries, back problems etc. So for me, Stef wanting a "normal" horse that can be ridden for free feels just a bit… idk, scammy. And just plain stupid. If she posted that in the groups I'm in, she'd get eaten alive lol. Equestrians are ruthless

No. 103148


She's obsessed with herself. Now fishing for ways to improve her appearance.

No. 103158

hi equ-chan here

It looks like she's buying up a bunch of older horses for her farm. There is nothing wrong with wanting to adopt a horse that is sound enough to be lightly ridden. I wouldn't call this cow behavior tbh but what I am wondering why is she buying another one?

Didn't she say her family owns an arab rescue in canada?

I also read her saying she is sponsored by some petdye company called "Opawz" in some groups I'm in. Will get screencaps.

No. 103202


Wasn't she just planning on going abroad for schooling?

No. 103205


The cow behaviour here comes from ebegging every so often, or complaining that she didn't have enough money for vet bills for the horses she already owns. She goes back and forth from talking about selling all of her cosplays, then looking for another horse to buy

No. 103332

I don't have the app so I can't read comments. Can anyone tell what people suggested? I'd be curious to know if they showered with silly compliments, like she's dying to be.

Is "heart horse" a legit expression? I never heard/read that before but Stef always find a way to write it in her begging-for-a-cheap-horse posts. Genuinely asking.

No. 103340

Seeing "heart horse" gives me acid reflux. I've never seen anyone but Stef use that term but she's also the only horse cow I follow.

No. 103341

It's a very common term in the horse community

No. 103364

My Brigga
Sounds like you’re not one and you’ve met very few. A bottle of the red stuff is just ketchup and calling it ‘tomato sauce’ would get you weird looks for being a pedant. Also the tomato sauce with the beans is bland af, she could do with dipping it in actual ketchup.

No. 103376

File: 1593480212797.png (2.84 MB, 1233x4227, Narcissistic_Ramblings.png)

Oh God where do I even begin? "Let's talk for a moment about…" She thinks she is SO important. Here's Stef bravely leading the conversation about ~body positivity~. What a warrior! She has scars on her back for being attacked for her looks? Lmao please. She lies about EVERYTHING. I didn't even notice that it says (cont) at the bottom of this tripe. She had to comment on her own status because she ran out of room to talk about herself in the caption. "Mirrors are my enemy" LOL ALL SHE FUCKING DOES IS TAKE PICS AND VIDEOS OF HERSELF! I guess cameras aren't the enemy? Her only fucking hobby is herself. Dressing herself up, making videos of herself, posting about herself. Even when she's trying to buy a horse on FB she manages to write tragic essays about herself and her emotions about her horses! Yet she pretends to hate herself and have low self esteem. It's such garbage and I don't understand this band of sycophants that follows her around to proclaim how amazing and wonderful and perfect she is.

No. 103386

File: 1593486487497.jpg (708.26 KB, 1045x1890, Screenshot_20200629-220555_Tik…)


And don't forget she was just asking for ways to improve her appearance (aka beg strangers to compliment her and say she needs to change nothing). She literally can't stick to one line of bullshit for two days.

No. 103412


She looks/has edited herself to look very good here, but I haven't seen any of this pro ED stuff she comments on, is she getting served content based on who she follows?

No. 103414

nta but I also find the term extremely cringy and stef is the only one I've heard using it. As I said, I'm an equestrian but not from the US, I do follow equestrians from various countries (but all English-speaking and centered) on socials and no one uses it, too. It's something I'd expect from 10 y/o horsegirls, calling the pony they had few lessons on their "heart horse".

No. 103418

How about she quit frying her haor into a brillo pad.

No. 103426

She doesn’t even have ugly features. Here are 3 things she can do to fix her appearance easily:
- stop fucking with her hair, maybe get a pixie and let it grow out
- exercise and lose weight
- learn to do her damn eyebrows properly

Oh and also get into therapy to come to term with the fact that she isn’t a super speshul horse whisperer hbo stunt double Norwegian ice skater opera singer disney lookalike who can pop balloons with her mind (but can’t tell about it except to give away the alleged abusive doctor’s name)

No. 103433

Best things she could do for herself:
get off the internet
go learn a trade or get a job
pretty sure she isn't suited for university
stop trying to be a disney princess/victim

No. 103447

File: 1593538394050.jpg (851.76 KB, 1080x2025, Screenshot_20200629-221254_Tik…)

Don't forget she has a framed picture of Anna and Elsa above her bed to go with her Arendelle flag painting on the wall and Sven pillowpet. Her personality is Frozen 2.

No. 103449

Her hair has some fried green tomatoes vibes going on, that damage makes my own scalp tense.

No. 103458

File: 1593547139531.jpeg (499.67 KB, 750x1346, 334C0FA1-2FD6-49A7-9998-2D154D…)

Today we learned Stef is also an artist.

No. 103460


She's been doing furry art forever. Only recently has she started revealing that she, herself, is a furry. Which makes sense for a homeschooled weirdo but doesn't go with her ~Elsa~ image.

No. 103509

wait a sec wasnt the pixie rey girl the one who photoshopped herself too like daisy and basically followed along with stef? or am i thinking of someone else. feel like i remember someone doing that and i think it was her. funny how her comment is on the tik tok live. guess she followed her on there too. two skin walkers sticking together amirite

No. 103515

i am so sad that we never learned more about her balloon popping telekinesis period. i love the batshittery of stef; the video linked upthread where she makes the 'same faces' as elsa is so bad and she looks absolutely deranged. her tik tok is so OTT, can't believe i installed this cancer app just to follow her antics, it's amazing.

No. 103521

Nah, pixierey is overly nice to her but she’s never photoshopped herself to look like Daisy. In fact Stef often would steal photo shoot ideas from her and shit.

No. 103538

Which video is that? I looked and can't find it

No. 103542

Here, anon. >>91890

No. 103999

File: 1593993534768.png (899.38 KB, 750x1624, 8300900D-30F3-4893-820F-F8EEA9…)

I thought she was a horse trainer? Who’s paying for this trainer? normally trainers ask for thousands of dollars to train your horse.

No. 104007


At least she didn't mention that goddamn heart horse.

No. 104009

Her “heart horse” was her mom’s horse. she just likes to pretend

No. 104117


Yup. This "heart horse" was entirely her mother's, she never even talked about that horse until it became sick and she wanted sympathy. She doesn't actually care about her horses. She trades them out constantly after pretending to be in love with them. Makes me sick.

No. 104237

File: 1594151898508.jpg (720.83 KB, 1440x5605, backonhershit.jpg)

Back on your feet? Bitch you live with your parents, spend your days making tik tok videos, posting to FB looking for sympathy and/or asspats and buying horses.
I hope you're not trying to sell that disgusting Elsa wig you live in as NEW.

No. 104326

So I just went through this thread the last couple days, what a roller coaster that was, and I have questions…..

Has anyone actually met her parents? Do they exist? Or did she just run away and lives with some old farmer sugar daddy?

Also, I have met her in real life outside of the Cosplay world and….
- Had no idea she was into cosplay when I did.
- No accent of any kind
- definitely not petite
- hair was indeed falling off and crispy
- her face is pretty circular not a pointed jaw line.

She had some guy driving her around. She would have him wait for her with no care how long she took.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 104346

>She had some guy driving her around. She would have him wait for her with no care how long she took.
So this able-bodied.. mid 20s woman cannot drive herself around? No real job, spends all day online pretending to be Disney characters, and can’t drive.. sounds like a womanchild to me.

No. 104436

File: 1594242719959.jpeg (613.31 KB, 750x1448, 0B6C5135-DA5C-4415-B866-8EE995…)

Another fucking horse. How many is it now? 4? 5?

No. 104438

File: 1594242763018.jpeg (513.16 KB, 1125x1500, 3C65C0E7-D1EE-4424-99CD-11B880…)

No. 104448


Yesterday this cow was looking for a job so she could "get back on her feet", as if she was ever independent. Today she has another mouth to feed and care for , although we know her parents are footing the bill for all of this because Stef refuses to act like a fucking adult.

Stef the horse didn't burrow it's head into your chest out of love and comfort. Infact, I bet it absolutely never happened. A small part of me hopes you get kicked by one of these heart horses so maybe it will knock some goddamn sense into you.

You're not a Disney princess. You mentally ill squash.

No. 104449


That's because she's totally going blind remember?

No. 104456

File: 1594249867542.png (63.9 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200708-180943.png)

Saged because it's not milky but just genuinely curious, did she delete her IG? Can't tell if I'm blocked or if she had another meltdown.

No. 104462

File: 1594255866595.jpg (101.96 KB, 786x1279, IMG_20200708_174824_033.jpg)

And she's back! She posted a status 2 days ago that she was taking a break from social media. She could have just left for two days and nobody would have noticed but no. She needs to announce leaving and returning because she is a cow.

No. 104483

File: 1594275338184.jpeg (528.7 KB, 750x1295, 6EA60493-3CF7-4A12-B72B-F05592…)

I almost feel bad for her.

Almost. This sounds like a humblebrag

No. 104484

File: 1594275369216.jpeg (387.39 KB, 748x1257, 60614EF7-33DA-40BA-9D56-08EE51…)

No. 104485

File: 1594275463334.jpeg (278.27 KB, 748x1136, 59911175-35F4-484B-A36E-CB6294…)

No. 104486

File: 1594275554250.jpeg (261.97 KB, 625x633, 474FE9B0-2A19-455A-A632-04361B…)

I want her to try to bullshit around in front of her boarders

No. 104507

>My hands are ice cold

So she uh gets icy cold when she gets emotional? Reminds me of a certain character…

No. 104508

Hmm. Her father can't be THAT hard on her of he raised her to think its okay to dress as a disney princess, be unemployed at 24 & not pay rent while still living at home…

No. 104509

Tl;dr: I talked so much shit out of my ass pretending to be a size XS warrior princess that now that it’s time to face the real world, I’m panicked.
Just like that time I pretended to be a world class ice skater and got owned by 9yo on skates IRL.

There is no prodigy child. I bet she was like every other slightly better than average kid, pitted against other very average kids with maybe poorer parents, and is trying to save face to explain why she is not a size 0 HBO stunt double anymore.
Spoiler alert: she never was but felt hella confident talking shit on the internet.

No. 104542

Just fucking lol she never fails to make my sides enter orbit. This is just like the skating thing

No. 104544

She's not scared to be around people, she's scared of not getting the attention she wants, not being believed whenever she bullshits, not being revered as an IRL Disney princess, and being called out when she's lying through her teeth like she always does. She does it online even though people call her out because she's behind a screen, she can't handle not being totally coddled and hyped up irl

No. 104589

What do you mean, anon? We are the only ones who call her out but maybe that's what you meant. It is actually shocking how much she gets away with online with nobody (except us) saying something to her. She posts blatant bullshit on insta, Facebook, and tiktok all the time and the only comments she gets are from people going out of their way to tell her how perfect and awesome and gorgeous she is. She surrounds herself with other delusional artists and cosplayers and they all just sit around and jerk each other off about how AMAZING they are. Those are the only interactions she has on her social media. Nobody calls her out. Probably not since she got kicked out of the Star Wars group for her bullshit has she been called out. She has a very carefully curated group of ass kissers who don't say shit to her. I wish someone in her friend group would. The resulting drama and ~I'm leaving for good~ posts would be hilarious.

No. 104600

You know, she's pretty descriptive and makes a lot of metaphors. She might make it as a writer if she tried. She's at least as good as Stephanie Meyer.

No. 104625

the bar is underground

No. 104639

Her writing isn’t the worst but florid and melodramatic doesn’t equal good.

lol, this whole time I wasn’t sure how old she is. The fuck is she planning on doing with her life?

No. 104690


There are people who call her out but she cuts them off instantly. She ran in the same circles as me and she completely cut off a friend of mine (who she was close to previously) who privately asked why she was lying about something minor. If you block everyone who dates to question you, you're not going to see a lot of criticism.

No. 104693

Ah, makes sense. I actually figured it was something like that which is why I said she has a carefully curated group of ass kissers. She only keeps people around who will tell her she is perfect and gorgeous. She has such an inflated ego and seems exhausting to be friends with.

No. 104696

File: 1594444434442.jpg (509.4 KB, 1079x1906, IMG_20200711_131320.jpg)

What a weird thing to obsess over. Gonna shoop your teeth melting into each other again?

No. 104709

File: 1594450006043.jpg (194.14 KB, 1080x1902, Screenshot_20200711-074352.jpg)

Rare moment of self awareness???

No. 104755

File: 1594490316542.jpeg (218.2 KB, 749x1081, 4E11A3A7-A6BB-4C99-912D-DAF4A4…)

Stef the horse trainer

No. 104756

File: 1594490382628.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 378.35 KB, 1638x2048, E673A671-7C20-462D-8FC4-DE8B75…)

Plate says “North Wind’s Nokken”

No. 104757

how tf did she infer that from this picture of both of them cringing with visible teeth?

No. 104807

Must be its competition name

No. 104910

File: 1594651927289.jpeg (102.87 KB, 540x960, 74B6880F-D904-42E8-8248-C661B8…)

The Facebook page fell for the photoshopped photos lol

No. 104941

Well.. at least she is apparently seeing a therapist. The rest is just nonsensical narc garbage.. narbage if you will.

No. 104956

File: 1594692097293.jpg (120.36 KB, 776x1279, IMG_20200713_185652_197.jpg)

>Hi, hello. I'm going to talk to you all today about me. Here are several paragraphs about me. I'm going to 8 week challenge myself to focus on me. I love myself and must share this with you all. I want to better myself and be more attractive, for me. I must broadcast it to all of you so that you can all read about me as well. I bought some leave in conditioner and

No. 104959


Imagine buying something as cheap and as simple as leave in conditioner being so note worthy in your life, you make an IG story about it.

Leave in conditioner will not fix that mangled overprocessed dead hair. Cut that shit off. Start over. It's a lost cause.

No. 104960

Her only goal in life is to be attractive, and we all know some part of her already thinks she's the shit. Why do people enable this narcissistic bitch? What do they get out of it?

No. 104974

File: 1594700565878.png (31.98 KB, 605x256, 71320.png)

Already bought Jeffree Star makeup palettes secondhand.
>>UwU Am I a part of the problem?
1, sounds like you bought these knowing how problematic J* is. 2, purchasing secondhand doesn't support the capitalist nature of Big Name Makeup. 3, if you didn't say anything no one would have known, sounds like she wants asspats for her buyers remorse of a racist brand.

No. 104976

Let me guess. All the comments are supportive and validating her on how she isn't problematic. She's too much.

No. 104992

>They're selling the pallet I need for like 20 bucks
You do not need it Stef

No. 104993

File: 1594715630070.png (1018.35 KB, 1077x1830, Screenshot_20200714-033300(1).…)

This looks so nasty

No. 104994


Those brows

No. 104996

she just looks so fucking crusty and dry.

and her fucking eyeliner is always so wonky and lazy looking.

her friends really MUST hate her for nobody to tell her to fix her MUA skills.

No. 105000

File: 1594723016341.jpg (168.25 KB, 1080x1153, 20200714_053615.jpg)

Rewind to when she used to INSIST that her brows were naturally thick and bushy like Maisie's. Gag.

No. 105008

What's going on with that hairline? Looks like she's colored it in with crayon.

No. 105009

It looks like crusty buildup of dry shampoo or hairspray.

No. 105011

god fucking dammit, why does she have to go after avatar..

No. 105013

Why doesn't she just find another highly pigmented brand? There are tons of them, especially some brands with non-white CEOs. She doesn't need that pallette

No. 105015

Also second hand new js palettes are usually Chinese knockoffs

No. 105168

I saw a obvious newfag on a different thread on here trying to argue the term skinwalker was racist or doing "cultural appropriation" for using it once which I still think is bizarre.

No. 105275

I just read through all the threads on this girl.. all that time skinwalking Daisy Ridley and she never considered hitting the gym? Come on girl

No. 105297

Ehhh there's plenty of things to make fun of Stef for but picking on her for her weight is scraping bottom of the barrel. You read through every thread and your conclusion was "lol fat"?

She literally pasted Daisy Ridley's and Maisie Williams's faces atop her own in order to convince people she was a lookalike. She has claimed multiple mysterious illnesses that are never spoken about again, got kicked out of the Star Wars cosplayer group for being a manipulative liar and claimed she would ~never portray Rey again~, lied about being HBO's official Arya cosplayer, started obsessing over being Elsa from Frozen, screamed with her friend across an entire hotel annoying people at a convention, has tried to sucker people out of money despite living with her wealthy parents and buying horses that she only cares about as props to further her cosplay delusions, and has claimed she can pop balloons telekinetically. That's what these threads are about; not her being a heavier cosplayer.

No. 105309


>you read through every thread and your conclusion was "lol fat"?


No. 105424

File: 1594938909470.png (1.84 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200716-173113.png)

New day new face.

No. 105430

Her lash is trying to jump ship

No. 105436

File: 1594942298332.jpg (597.84 KB, 1078x1663, IMG_20200717_073132.jpg)

Must she dress as her obsession every second of every day?

No. 105441

No. 105445

No. 105487

I can‘t quiet put my finger on it, but her mouth looks entirely wrong in that picture.

No. 105489

File: 1594975063735.jpg (272.62 KB, 720x2880, punchableface.jpg)

Wouldn't be Stef without her whoring herself out to the cosplay groups needlessly.
She's not in cosplay, no photos of her in cosplay but she manages to make some highly filtered photos about cosplay just so she can post her punchable face for attention.

Fucking gooch.

No. 105509

Wait a minute
I swear that bottom pic is old! the one of her looking down.

I'll have to look.

She's wearing contact lenses in these?

No. 105511

bareback bridleless in that dress?

and since when does Finn hate saddles? Since you decided he should be more like the Nokk?

No. 105575

yes she wears them 24/7 since her elsa phase started. her eyes are like hazel

No. 105655

So, she is implying she got clean (after being a "sweaty mess"? But still has all that makeup on? No.

No. 105658

File: 1595093464762.png (53.75 KB, 1080x325, Screenshot_20200718-000729.png)

No. 105664

File: 1595102057555.jpg (485.4 KB, 1080x1898, Screenshot_20200718_215346.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 105665

Um no, you know
i think ppl can tell you two apart, stef

No. 105679

anons, what's the gray stuff on the begining of her front scalp? It can't be hair right?

No. 105695


Aw, are we finally mentioning her mystery illness again? Just use your psychic abilities to move the clouds Stef.


And of course Maisie is copying her once again. Nobody is going to think you look like Maisie when you're wearing an Elsa gown and showing off your "buck teeth"

No. 105724

File: 1595145649797.jpg (54.23 KB, 640x437, creepy_children_retouched_phot…)


Ew, this looks like one of those horrifying "retouched" child beauty pageant portraits.

Does Stef have any friends? She seems way too unattractive and unlikable for most people to put up with her bullshit in the long term.

No. 105765

Maisie looks really nice here; good figure, beautiful clothing, not photoshopped to death…stef has a man jaw and a dumpy barrel shape from being overweight and wears cheap Joanne fabrics cosplay dresses that you can barely see through all the weird airbrushing she does.

With all her fucking money, I’ve never seen her wear something that didn’t look like slave labor fast fashion or horribly mediocre, shapeless cosplay. Now she’s talking about being her “best her” by buying new things instead of thrifted…it doesn’t matter how old it is, her fashion taste is horrid. Can’t wait to see her do the same poses she always does in some overworked Aliexpress floral gown and pretend she upgraded her wardrobe.

No. 105768

i think she tried to conceal her receding hairline with pencil. her hair is so fucked, i never saw anything like that. at this point she should just leave her scalp alone, idgi she is always wearing wigs anyway.

No. 105847

File: 1595209829428.jpg (537.82 KB, 1079x1558, IMG_20200720_095019.jpg)

Wow guys. Did you know our girl has the same Myers Briggs type as Elsa? Twins!

No. 105848

Subjectfag, but some of those characters's traits and personalities are nothing like each other… I assume she just picked all of the ones she liked so she could claim to share a type with all of them.

No. 105850

When cows mention Myers Briggs as if they mean anything and weren't created purely for entertainment by two bored women. And of course she'd claim to be the ~Elsa~ type.

No. 105884

I don't believe in Myers-Briggs, but how is Elsa not INTJ or INTP? She's obviously more of a thinker than a feeler when it comes to general problem-solving.

No. 105895


Probably because her emotions cause her powers or whatever, like Stef being able to pop balloons with her mind when an evil doctor yells at her

No. 105901

she didn't make the post, the handle of the person who did is at the bottom

No. 105957

File: 1595289912164.png (2.23 MB, 1773x1280, Two_Hundred_Dollar_Tail.png)

So Stef bought her gf a $200 tail from Etsy. So much for "trying to get back on my feet." I wish she'd stop LARPing as a poor person.

No. 106047

fundraisers for her horses and moaning about her job(s), but she can afford to enable a furry (a scaly?)

No. 106052

she said it was a present but how likely is that? kek

No. 106070

Stef bought it for wickedbrittle as a gift. What's your point?

No. 106076

>I wish she'd stop LARPing as a poor person.

Sage for ot but this is a brilliant way to describe maybe half of the people who beg on SM for money. If you have the ability to post yourself enjoying expensive hobbies online, you are not in desperate need of financial help.

No. 106078

File: 1595357416410.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, AC6EAD18-2B03-402F-B359-C1B6C2…)

wonder if she’ll be popping any balloons today

No. 106111

audible kek

No. 106146

File: 1595379840002.jpg (262.38 KB, 1242x1958, 20200721_200418.jpg)

Her FB caption is so much better. She pulled that gown so tightly around her to try and make it look like something. Don't worry, hundreds of thousands of people aren't dying from a pandemic, Stef, hospital gowns are sooo cute!!

No. 106148

Who the fuck, layers on that much makeup to go for fucking tests?

No. 106162

File: 1595388819766.jpg (22.29 KB, 473x311, 1595379840002~2.jpg)

What is this crusty shit? Just leave a massive editing blur mark on your photo Stef, no one will notice.

No. 106189

Incredible editing. Her hair looks like hay.

No. 106191

Since when did Stef have a gf?

No. 106201

I'm not sure if she's her gf but they definitely flirt and they met irl at a con before covid shut everything down (Katsucon, Feb 2020, I checked the last thread) and posted pics where they were obviously "together" and they make public comments about being "top" and "bottom" so I just called her gf because it was shorter than having to explain all of this.

No. 106219

well, she does love horses.

No. 106278

The person in question has an entire cache of story highlights called "ellie" or something. She simps hard for stef. To the point of parody.

No. 106303

lmao god damn it

No. 106491


This wickedbrittle chick simps hard for Stef, and they got close at Kastu. But at the con Stef was actually following around Starlenia (who was cosplaying HoneyMaren) and claiming that they were fucking in the hotel room. The wickedbrittle girl wishes she had been in that spot.

No. 106559

File: 1595590311497.jpg (576.54 KB, 1076x1949, IMG_20200724_193050.jpg)

Jesus this is cringe

No. 106566

File: 1595594423018.jpg (54.5 KB, 1280x658, 107921741_254937~2.jpg)

No. 106567

File: 1595594696762.jpg (138.89 KB, 818x1280, 107930090_221527~2.jpg)

of course she's scandinavian, guys

she also does not seem to understand how DNA analysis applies to the population of the Dominican Republic. Someone posted links she needs to read but she probably will just harass her poor dad and tell him she's not his kid or something

No. 106568

File: 1595594828396.jpg (151.18 KB, 854x1279, 107928531_219530~2.jpg)

No. 106577


Of coooourse she is

No. 106588

i love that she’s going all in on elsa. of course she’s a scandiboo! reminds me of pixy and her wind chimes.

No. 106593

I love the part where she said she may be less British/Irish than she thought. A throwback to when she was skin walking Daisy Ridley and Maisie Williams. It's also gross how excited she sounds to be only 0.3% Dominican. And dinner is going to be weird? Why? Because you're going to imply that you aren't your father's child? Is she hoping that her mom had an affair with a Nordic man or something? God she's deranged. I mean, of course none of this happened. She didn't take an ancestry test, she didn't go through the results with her mum, and she isn't bringing anything up at dinner.

No. 106597

Anyone else distracted at that guy's incest parents lmaooo I'm shocked that made me cringe more than her trying to make up dna results to larp as Elsa lol

No. 106598

Oh weird I totally missed that. Why would you share that on Facebook lmao.

No. 106611

File: 1595615959627.jpg (273.43 KB, 1036x1519, BeautyPlus_20200724203613101_s…)

Dominican will never show up as "Dominican." There are certain European and/or African "blends" that indicate Dominican ancestry. 23&me has started putting a notice on results stating the subject has "recent ancestry" in the Caribbean, DR, PR… she may be misreading her percentage of "native" blood (Taino) for her percentage of "Dominican" blood.

Attached is one example of DNA results from a Dominican person. You'll find variations of these results for the vast majority of people in the DR.

No. 106613

I chose this one bc I'm lazy, but there are plenty of people in the DR with predominantly European (usually Iberian / Spanish) genetic backgrounds.

um, what part of Ireland isn't coastal? It's an island. And no DNA report is going to be so precise as to tell you your results are specifically on the coast. "seem Nordic" oh shut it Stef(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 106630

Oh interesting, thanks anon. I'm not really good with racial stuff tbh.

No. 106631

every now and then I feel bad for her. She has no sense of self. Just jumps from character to character

No. 106663

Lmao I’d love to know how “Scandinavian” she is.

No. 106753

The reason she isn't seeing her father's ancestry is because she does not have a Y chromosome. Males have both mitochondrial DNA AND a Y chromosome, so they can trace both their maternal and paternal ancestry. Females, who have mitochondrial DNA but no Y chromosome, can trace only their maternal ancestry. The ancestry she is looking at is her mother's. What's awkward is that she doesn't understand or chooses to ignore the actual biology behind this process.

No. 106780

23andMe can actually pinpoint specific towns and cities if your dna is strong enough. I'm not sure if Ancestry can or not though.

No. 106781

File: 1595722757384.jpg (268.4 KB, 1075x1695, Screenshot_20200725-191402_23a…)

My father's family is from Belgium and that shows up clearly on my own results. There is a 0% chance of that being from my mom since this relies on recent relatives from that region.

Also saged due to personal post.

No. 106883

Ireland is an island about the size of Indiana. All of its major cities are coastal aside from Limerick and Cork. Her sperging about how all her Irish is coastal and likely Nordic is her bullshit attempt to be fucking Elsa of Arendelle. She'll never post her results because they don't verify her latest obsession. She pretends to speak Norwegian fluently. She has embraced wicca and the fae now. She's doing her best to be the 5th spirit by standing in snow.

No. 106884

she used to say she was cold, by the way.
now the narrative is that she's never cold, never been cold, has to eat ice out of an ice machine in February because the con is too hot, etc

No. 106936

23andme doesn't just look as uniparentally inherited parts of the genome, although some cheaper knock-off personal genomics services do and it's kind of unethical. Instead they look at all of your chromosomes, half of which come from your father, even if you have no Y chromosome – one of your X chromosomes is from your father after all.

No. 106983

File: 1595825507009.jpg (866.4 KB, 1069x1833, IMG_20200727_125150.jpg)

You'll never guess her dream vacation spot

No. 106990

Being from Norway, I really hope she ends up vacationing here some day. The milk would be unparalleled.

No. 106991

then we’re atleast two locals cause if she comes here im gonna see if i can catch a glimpse in the wild considering the cosplay community here is narrow as a board and i doubt shes gonna visit without some form of local weeb support and attention.
Shes gonna be disappointed that our folklore doesnt have fire lizards too kek

No. 106997

been to Norway, pretty sure she’s gonna have a meltdown on how expensive everything is and make a gofundme or something.

No. 107014

I hope we see the ice princess without coat or shoes dancing on the fjords in the wintertime while the aurora borealis lights up the sky.

"Do the magic! Do the magic!"

And then Eloise will make it snow, and everyone will clap in Norwegian.

No. 107104

File: 1595902651818.jpg (783.04 KB, 1071x1773, IMG_20200728_101602.jpg)

No. 107105

I can't get over how she trashed her eyebrows. They look like eyebrows you'd see in one of those "faces of meth" mugshots. Completely butchered. Why didn't she have them done professionally? She spends thousands on cosplay costumes and wigs. I'm sure her parents wouldn't care about paying to have her eyebrows threaded or waxed.

No. 107117

File: 1595910874367.jpeg (30.77 KB, 554x554, images (19).jpeg)


What bothers me the most is how it looks like she's trying to copy the way they stick up in the middle.

It looks awful on a human.

No. 107119

File: 1595911023540.jpg (350.05 KB, 1200x1800, katherine-langford-seen-while-…)

She kind of looks a tiny bit like the main character on Cursed and I hope she latches on to her next because there will be more stories of her magic abilities

No. 107120

The only person who was able to pull it off was that Kpop star dressed up as Elsa

No. 107135

No. 107136


She's already got telekinesis, can't wait for more.

Also, went to school with a chick on that show. Off topic, but weird to see people you know on screen.

No. 107168

File: 1595947492935.gif (9.73 MB, 548x949, GIF-200728_224435.gif)

Make it stop

No. 107171

File: 1595948111812.gif (864.63 KB, 450x242, e230a3431ea99ddfec3cdb57b647f6…)

she is looking absolutely psychotic

No. 107172

holy shit what the fuck
I have never seen someone this crazy and obsessed about a character in my life, she doesn't even resemble elsa
My knee-jerk reaction to this is to be scared of my life, this is truly irl horror shit

No. 107174

The still/first frame for this GIF looks cute but the GIF itself is utterly insane

No. 107179

Excellent gif anon, that is literally Stef.
I can't wait for the day she starts to trash her house after looking in the mirror to kill Elsa.

No. 107184


Oh Christ save us

No. 107187

Wait, how did she make this? She complained in the winter that a flashing scene in Star Wars caused her mysterious illness to flare up & she had to go sit in the car or something. How did she make this eye cancer?

No. 107189

File: 1595959493330.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, ADC93804-014A-46E6-85CA-AE2338…)

No. 107190

Why the hell is she looking like Lillee Jean here

No. 107200

To be fair, this is a trend on Tik Tok right now, still a little cringey though.

No. 107207

Nevermind the eyebrows, I've never been able to grasp how people can use makeup for years and never be able to fucking get their eyeliner straight. It's not that hard to draw a fucking line from one corner to the other without blunt edges.

No. 107298

File: 1596035438917.jpg (613.35 KB, 1075x1818, IMG_20200729_230941.jpg)


Looks like you got to her

No. 107299

Lol, nice

This is so mortifying. She's too old for this. Oh my god.

No. 107300

Her poor hair

No. 107301

File: 1596037415696.webm (3.77 MB, 540x960, preferablyellie_2020.7.28_whdw…)

Lip syncing some song about being a liar while dressed as Elsa. Okay. How does she make her mouth go so far off to the side like that? Is she using her telekinesis to move it? It reminds me of when Angelica Pickles from Rugrats talks.

No. 107378

File: 1596086748979.png (374.33 KB, 750x1624, B2D9C4E1-EC1F-443D-A7AF-7D1707…)

Wow, I have no words…

No. 107379

File: 1596086808849.png (351.57 KB, 750x1624, 6D218AA2-4795-4364-821E-672893…)


No. 107380

This is fucking lame. Anyone should be able to dress as any character they want as long as they aren't doing racially insensitive things like darkening their skin or something. I'm white and blonde and I went as Jasmine one year for Halloween. I just had a black wig and a turquoise costume. Black people can portray Ariel, Belle, Elsa, etc. Who fucking cares? You can portray Moana, Stef. Good fucking god. Characters are for everybody! She's such a fucking bully.

No. 107394


But she can pretend to be British for a year

No. 107410

funny how she thinks she's giving us irl Elsa and yet she reminds me more of Baby Jane.

No. 107417

so she's white now?
previously she said she was mixed (because her dad is from the Dominican Republic) but white-passing. Is she now rebranding as pure aryan white because of her fake 23&me results ?

No. 107437

she clearly hasn't listened to BIPOC people and is just talking for us

No. 107457

Stef, you're half Dominican. Stop being afraid of that.

Furthermore, she IS taking the culture of others with this scandiboo bullshit. She desperately wants to be Norwegian (despite having no idea what Norway is actually like). Just because they're white doesn't mean cultural appropriation is okay; pretending that you're a full blown witch with connections to Skadi is not okay.

No. 107476

Oh boy she got blonde extensions

No. 107478

File: 1596160051503.png (2.16 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200730-204429.png)

She's slowly evolving into Mickey Deer. Extensions she won't care for, massive editing of her face and body, shitty commissioned artwork.

No. 107480

God I hate her so much. It pisses me off so bad that she pretends to speak for POC but she herself is a privileged, wealthy piece of shit who pretends to not be. She's such a stupid, wasteful liar. I hope she gets hit by a car or something. The world would be better off without her.(a-log)

No. 107488

Can anybody link to where she said she was going blind? I’m so curious I haven’t been able to find where she said that

No. 107489

No. 107495

Impeccable timing anon thank u!!! I can’t believe she really tried running with that shit wtf who would ever believe her

No. 107511

If you really get into a culture and are passionate about it, that's great, but don't go around pretending you were always part of it actually, that's just pathetic. If you want to embrace a heritage, embrace yours, otherwise just admit you're a stranger to it and interact with it with the proper respect and distance.

No. 107513

>Big Anna energy

No. 107665

File: 1596296566581.gif (7.24 MB, 494x916, GIF-200801_234229.gif)

The eyebrows get worse

No. 107681

It seems pretty irresponsible to post clips that flash this much, she put a warning, but this is unpleasant even for someone without epilepsy.

No. 107697

This video is so fucking creepy.

No. 107733

I get that it's a TikTok meme but no one else's videos have so many clips of the character like hers do. She's obviously trying to distract from how much she doesn't look like the character by flashing as quickly as she does between shots. The point is to show the similarities but you can barely see her or the character.

No. 107764

File: 1596357934648.png (4.39 MB, 1125x2001, 05CA6B4C-469F-427A-9E82-A050F1…)

Absolutely perfect. Can‘r wait to see Elsa and the boy who thinks he looks like/is Finn Wolfhard become friends. Always love it when crazy people collide.

No. 107781

File: 1596371449881.jpg (1.16 MB, 1200x1200, stranger-things-star-finn-wolf…)

One face lol. Holy shit these people are delusional

No. 107841

Honestly, he‘s pretty much a cow himself, faking DID, delusional as fuck, manipulative with a crazy mom. Not sure if he‘s thread worthy tho.
I just hope Jaxx becomes friends with Steph and she dips into the Stranger Things fandom. Would love to see her skinwalk als Eleven next. She already got the balloon thing going for her.

No. 107854

File: 1596416707055.jpeg (69.82 KB, 960x959, 6390708D-399A-4DE0-9DE7-8F2C4F…)

Her actual hair sticks out because it’s so ratty and damaged.

No. 107858

> Honestly, he‘s pretty much a cow himself
Post about it in the celebricows thread, anon. I’m curious.

No. 107861


I think they are talking about the skin walker, not actor anon.

No. 107868

Also Finn's a minor

No. 107898

This is a fakeboi, isn't it? We have a thread for those already.

No. 107974

File: 1596511518986.png (634.76 KB, 477x598, kklnj.PNG)

brooo….her tongue….

No. 108022

File: 1596552648053.gif (5.73 MB, 432x803, GIF-200804_225014.gif)

This is the worst one yet. And the whole story before was her talking about how she's "tired of being Anna" and she's "NOT an Anna".

Maybe don't do it if you hate it so much?

No. 108034

She looks so fucking deranged it's terrifying, good god stop it.

No. 108062

did she have extensions on under the wig? is she really pretending thats her real hair

No. 108065

These clips are somehow getting more deranged each time.

No. 108066

Lmao @ having to blur her ratty hair around her head + the terrible eyeliner job

No. 108068

File: 1596585345918.jpeg (477.99 KB, 608x826, F7765601-CB4F-4BE3-9119-F7AB3C…)

>And the whole story before was her talking about how she's "tired of being Anna" and she's "NOT an Anna".
Lol, she’s not Anna or Elsa. She’ll always just be Stefakey. Also the way she moves her lips in her videos is so weird. I’m getting Lillee Jean vibes lmao.

No. 108071

nightmare fuel

No. 108073

It also is so odd how she’s ~the real life Elsa~ yet has to go through the tremendous effort of bleaching her hair, getting extensions, and wearing those god awful contacts not to mention the pounds of makeup just to achieve any semblance kek

No. 108125

The way she moves her mouth is so creepy

No. 108129

File: 1596642540602.jpeg (377.01 KB, 750x1338, 41698AE8-373A-4F23-94B7-063A32…)

Stef is at it again.

No. 108142

File: 1596654732196.png (359.5 KB, 335x644, easyhire.PNG)

she's really going to a job interview dressed like this

No. 108144

It looks like her hair is starting to turn green at the roots damn. Her poor hair

No. 108145

File: 1596655154178.png (1.49 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200805-143949.png)


I'm just shocked she's not wearing that crusty Ana or Elsa wig and/or full cosplay.

Speaking of wigs. New character for her to latch onto and skinwalk soon.

No. 108163

File: 1596666371036.jpg (352.92 KB, 1440x2190, ramenhair.jpg)

Somehow her hair manages to look worse as she reinvents herself after discovering leave in conditioner is a thing.

Shave your fucking head you insipid cow. Your crunchy hair is dead.

No. 108165

Damn her hair looks like a scab

No. 108169


So this one is terrible. Did she do a bad job on purpose, so people would tell her she should be Elsa instead? And why is there a random frame of her psychotic Elsa spliced into it?

Compared to her work and editing on the Elsa one, this is very poorly done.

No. 108170

That wig looks….bad. Yikes

No. 108176

God Scandiboos are fucking insufferable.

No. 108177

right? i send all her scandiboo content to my cousin in sweden to laugh at.

No. 108178

i was gonna say.. How can they call that finished and post it. Wow

She's insane

No. 108185

Nope. She took off the cap, did a cut, pzt in extensions, and then pretended that she wore them under her wig. It‘s pathetic. All to be more uwu perfect irl Elsa

No. 108200

File: 1596719423781.png (4.12 MB, 1125x2436, 5D18AA59-4533-4AFF-8734-AE068B…)

she posts in this group so often i’m surprised no one in the comments has said anything about it

No. 108209

Jfc she’s a pathalogical liar. Her hair does not reach her bellybutton, unless she’s gotten extensions. It’s at her shoulders at most with how much she cut off last time.

No. 108211

Wouldn't her bun have more fullness to it if her hair reached her belly button?

No. 108213

maybe it's just the filter, but why does her skin look gray under her eyes and above her eyebrows?

No. 108225

As a swede this shit annoys the fuck outta me. Kulning has no “magical powers” it was used to make cows move. Maybe that’s why Stef is into it lol.

No. 108227

I come back to this thread every few months to see if her hair had gotten better and it literally hasn't once.

No. 108228

right? it just sounds cool. i know there are some folklore tales around it but she's treating it like a greek siren song.

No. 108241

she's live right now on instagram ranting about how she's not going through an identity crisis kek i'm trying to record as much of it as i can

No. 108242

Do upload it please. That was a long ass live, what i got from it:
>i know im not elsa!!1! i didnt change my name bc of it!!1!
>im just hyperfixated on frozen
>im not a good person but im not a bad person either!!1!
>im trying to be a better person but that doesnt make me a better person
>i admit i was a digusting person 4 years back
>i cant keep friends and am emotionally closed off (like elsa but im not trying to be elsa)
>i used to be racist in private bc it made my friends laugh and i wanted them to like me
>my occasional blindness is real
>my fingers get so cold and go numb uwu muh undiagnosed neart and nervous system issues
>when i was in the hospital people on the internet wanted me dead

get a grip, stephany.

No. 108243

File: 1596751402931.png (418.7 KB, 671x593, stephlive.PNG)

No. 108244

okay awesome. I only got the last 20 mins apparently, but if she deletes I have it on dropbox so I'll post if needed

No. 108245

She sounds super pissed in this video, who was the person on tiktok that posted about her to make her have a rant for 30 minutes long?

It seems like she has extension since her hair is longer then before, also i need to know did someone when she was live asked about her balloon poppin?
Someone did ask about her blindness and for like a few seconds she looked like she did not understand what the person was talking about. She says that the blindness is a "medical condition " and that she does not publicly talks about it kek.

No. 108246

she's hella mad and acting/talking like a disney villain. im getting so much secondhand embarrassment from this.

No. 108250

Yeah in this video you can def awe she got extensions. That’s going to be even worse for her brittle hair she needs to just stop

No. 108251

File: 1596757630969.png (280.23 KB, 1080x1503, 20200806_184714.png)

No. 108253

major sociopath vibes

No. 108256


She is trying to come off as some bitch but let's be honest she only made this rant because someone hurt her feelings. She is a big hypersensitive softy (pun intended) This is not a good look for her.

No. 108257

>hair is chin length
>gets extensions
>my hair reaches my belly button

Woooow you grew several years worth of hair overnight! Crazy!

No. 108259

she is so fucking defensive

No. 108260

This was a 40 minute video of Stef pretending she's more important than she is. Piggybacking off this post (different anon), in no particular order here's some of the other stuff she addressed:

>Kept saying "This is the thing" and "Here's the thing" but never actually told us much of anything.

>Said that you could argue that she was having an identity crisis 4 years ago and 2 years ago but she definitely isn't now.
>She's really tired, really really tired, of little white (?) girls who are 13, or 20, coming into her lives just to say shit to her.
>Talked about people hiding behind screens in order to project their issues onto content creators, that people love to witch hunt and watch people burn.
>Talked about how she takes accountability for all the stuff she's done.
>Says that if someone is worried about her, or if she's doing something that offends/hurts you, send her a private message and she will gladly have a discussion with you but don't go into a public live she's doing just to talk shit because you aren't coming from a genuine place of concern.
>She fidgeted with a water bottle the entire time and only took a gulp of water at the 26 minute mark lol.
>Near the beginning of the video she mentioned she used to fake a British accent because she was dumb and she has always hated her voice. She said she stopped doing it in person a couple of years ago but still continued it online.
>She gets snarky and mean while defending herself playing Elsa and says stuff like "We are not the characters we cosplay. I know, SHOCKER!" all sardonically several times.
>Weirdly fixated on her new hair extensions that she got when I don't think anybody else is? She kept saying stuff like "Just because I got extensions doesn't mean I think I'm Elsa," and stuff about how they make her feel pretty and so she got them and kept saying "So I got extensions. Sue me." She would keep saying "Sue me" after talking about getting hair extensions.
>She said several times that she knows it's ironic that she's talking about identity issues while wearing Elsa makeup and contact lenses and she would wipe off the makeup but she is going to go record Elsa videos for kids after doing this unplanned live.
>She mentioned that her hands were cold. Someone in the live said "Her hands are cold. She's Elsa!" She read that comment in a mocking way, said she was going to go crazy, then explained that the reason her hands are cold is because she loses feeling in her fingertips when she gets stressed.
>She gets mad about people saying that because she can't handle the heat and feels comfortable in the cold she's implying she's just like Elsa and then laughs and raises her voice and says "Bitch that's called PROZAC. It's a known side effect." How is her audience supposed to automatically know what medications she takes?!

No. 108261

Her smile is such a fake crocodile smile, and all her body language is aggressive, like did she really upload this thinking she's coming across charming?

No. 108262


"We're not the characters we cosplay"

When she cosplayed Rey she was English.
When she cosplayed Arya she was going blind (and a prank by the network cause she IS Maisie).
When she cosplayed that doctor from iZombie she was going to study forensics.
When she cosplayed Elsa she had telekenetic powers.

Come. On.

No. 108266

To me it just felt like bad acting. I think she was trying to come across as being some ice queen who was over it but she did say at the end that she felt angry, sad, etc. all at the same time so who knows. I think she was trying to put on a tough exterior but went OTT and it looked like she was seething with aggression. I think the point she was trying to make was that she wanted to put everything out in the open in order to deter mean comments (like having an identity crisis) in the future. I could be wrong with my interpretation though. The video was sort of all over the place. I do hope she's ok.

No. 108270

She said a whole lot of nothing in the 30 minutes I sat through. Actions speak louder than words, Stef. You can say "I DON'T THINK I'M ELSA" all you want, but when you keep doing everything you possibly can to look like her or be compared to her, we're going to point it out.

She also said people leaving mean comments in mean communities do something more useful with their time… Why don't you take that same advice, Stef, instead of living off your parents money with no education or career prospects (one year at acting school years ago doesn't cut it).

No. 108273

Her demeanor was so smug and annoying. Also, she has the voice of a 40yo woman.

No. 108274

In a video talking about identity because she DOESN'T think about Elsa….she's wearing a white wig, a snowflake necklace, and says her fingertips get cold when she gets stressed out….she literally can't help it

No. 108278

It is really, really embarrassing. The way she keeps licking and sucking her teeth, rolling her eyes and then looking back at the camera, leaning back and swirling her water bottle like it’s a glass of wine. It all feels like a bad mean girls monologue with big Karen energy.

>”imagine how tired we are”
Who’s “we,” Stef? You have alienated yourself from the cosplay community and regardless, 99.99% of cosplayers don’t do the freak skinwalking that you do, so who’s “we?”

I think she’s emoboldened right now because Daisy Ridley and Maisie Williams were real people and she didn’t just cosplay their characters, she cosplayed them, so when people called her out she really couldn’t defend herself by saying “it’s just cosplay.” Elsa is 100% fictional so she can just do her weird ass skinwalking shit and claim “I don’t think I’m Elsa.” Until she starts trying to skinwalk Idina Menzel, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest there.

No. 108279

I am only one minute in and this insane. Her entire demeanor is so aggressive and over the top.

No. 108280

Also samefag but she heavily alluded to being racist while refusing to say what it is she did despite wanting to “take accountability,” and then goes on to say that only people of color are allowed to open a dialog and tell her that the racist things she did were racist and hurtful. That’s why she’s so angry about “white 13 year old girls.”

Which like… no… especially in today’s twittersphere social climate, white allies are obligated to use their privilege to call out other white people on their racist behavior. For her to say that only POC are allowed to call her out is so manipulative and just shows how not sorry she really is.

No. 108286

my favorite part was when a commenter asked about her blindness issue and she very clearly didn’t know what they were talking about. then she remembered, said “oh! my blindness” as if there was… any confusion on WHICH blindness they were asking about… and then said it was a “thing” and that she should never have mentioned it publicly

No. 108292

I'm so embarrassed for her. I wish she had parents who were savvy to the ways of the internet but then we wouldn't have these threads…

No. 108298

I had to stop watching after 4 minutes because the fucking water bottle sounds were annoying.

No. 108310

She probably applied foundation after doing her eye and brow makeup and didn't apply any to those areas, so the skin there reflects light differently

No. 108322

File: 1596807533360.jpg (304.36 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200807-143800_Fac…)

No. 108323

This sounds like a farmer. Quit cowtipping before you scare her off.

No. 108324

It's gone, can someone reupload it?

No. 108327

Really hope a farmer didn't send this to her. Don't cowtip you fucking walnut.

No. 108328

I've got it. Where should I upload it to?

No. 108334

Her entire Instagram is gone. I'm not her FB friend but she currently has a public status from 18 hours ago saying she's tired of being alive.

No. 108337

She has been getting messages like this even before this forum. So it’s not a surprise she would get this. Y’all forget she has a LOT of haters from the Star Wars crazy stupid cosplay community.
But uh question? What is cow tipping? And why would that run her off?(newfag)

No. 108340

you figured it out yourself, it’s when you interact with the cow directly but also post here. we’re just here to laugh, hassling people is lame and people do more funny dumb shit when just left alone. Read the rules newfriend.

No. 108346

If you’re implying she offed herself, she didn’t.

She’s not lacking self-awareness like Abby Brown or PT, but even those two - who are actually clinically delusional and/or psychotic - had the sense of self-preservation to leave the internet when they could no longer take the heat. This “I want to die” narrative stems solely from the warranted criticism she receives. That’s it. That’s the sole antagonist in her life, aside from her personal issues. That’s the source of her anxiety, her depression, her “PTSD,” and the reason she was allegedly hospitalized before. There’s an obvious step between continuing to do the exact same thing she’s done without reprieve for the past four years, and literally ending her own life. It’s getting off the fucking internet.

If she’s too weak-willed, stupid, or proud to do that, then I don’t know what to tell her.

No. 108367

>had the sense of self-preservation to leave the internet when they could no longer take the heat.

She also kept saying during her live yesterday that she wasn't going to do that because "that's not how that works." It was weird. She'd bring up people who say that she should get off the internet if she can't handle it and then say "That isn't how this works. That's not how any of this works." …? She's trying to get people to change their behavior instead. But then at the end of the live she said she wanted to go live somewhere with no people, just her and a goat and no internet connection. But that part was obvious exaggeration.

No. 108374

Somewhere with no people huh

…Kind of like how Elsa runs off to live alone in her magical palace in the mountains with no people

She just can't help herself can she. Even when she's trying to act sad and get attention she can't help but skin walk Elsa. How does anybody take her seriously.

No. 108375

File: 1596837144014.jpeg (271.42 KB, 750x1520, 0C7B70B4-D1F1-46A0-9A54-1E4CDA…)

She made it public.

No. 108379

What is it with people calling posts outside of Twitter Tweets/using RT outside of Twitter

No. 108381

throwaway dropbox

No. 108383

File: 1596838721681.png (875.04 KB, 553x864, freckles and lilac hair.png)

Bitch what freckles?

No. 108387

File: 1596841272169.jpg (900.46 KB, 1080x1963, 20200807_185944.jpg)

Sorry if this is OT but this girl on tiktok was recognized by Maisie Williams for being a look-a-like. I bet Stef is fuming for someone getting recognition without all the photoshop.


No. 108389

damn this girl really do look like Maisie tho.

No. 108395

Her Facebook is gone. Her TikTok is still up, for now.

No. 108467

I'm sure she's fine. She'll definitely be back, she can't resist being online

No. 108548

“I’m a winter baby, I love the cold”

But then also skated for the first time when she’s twenty? And told friends her parents never let her go outside in the snow?

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