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No. 210936

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer aka Jillian E. Valentine) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays. Originally her following grew from her Rey cosplays due to her “likeness” to Daisey Ridley (who plays Rey), but people soon realized that she was actually just photoshopping Daisy’s face on top of her own. She lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey) and caused other drama in the Rebel Legion that caused her to get kicked out.

After being shunned from the Star Wars community, she moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. During this period she claimed to have a mystery degenerative illness characterized by periods of blindness, and tried to legitimize this by falsely claiming multiple family pets as "service dogs." She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer, and added archery and horse riding to her laundry list of talents.

After Frozen 2 came out, she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer (Elsa Frozen) on social media and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She was determined to be seen as a cutesy Disney princess, and as a result once again changed her personality to match. She became a complete scandiboo, claiming that she was a practicing Norse pagan (despite having to ask others for answers to the most basic questions about the pantheon) and hinting that her Guatemalan father may not be her real dad. She made frequent reference to being unable to feel cold, and to experiencing illness due to the heat in the summer. During this period she acquired a prop gecko as a pet (it was only briefly showcased on her socials) and a white horse with blue eyes which she named Nanok. She promptly dyed his mane blue and participated in a children's Hallowe'en pagent with him where they cosplayed as Elsa and the Nokk from Frozen 2. Following this, he was used in several photoshoots, but we never saw her ride him again.

Next came a throwback to a short-lived lie: that she is related to Elizabeth Gilles (Jade from Victorious on nickelodeon). She did everything she could to make her appear like Jade/Elizabeth, including dying her hair black and jade green and making awful tiktoks of her singing/trying to appear badass. Her new personality became the same as Jade's: a tough badass who can fight anyone but is uniquely talented.

This skinwalk gained little traction, and she briefly shifted her focus instead to full-time 'equestrian,' giving us such gems as: the time she bought a stallion straight off the racetrack >>>/w/122283, the time she burned the shit out of her scalp with horse shampoo >>>/w/148779, the time she roleplayed as her gelding on facebook >>>/w/147967, the time she decided to become a breeder >>>/w/146287, the time she started larping as a horse trainer (too many examples to include). Elsa was still in her system and she became dead set on buying a Fjord (for skijoring and archery, of course). Throughout this phase she posted incessantly about buying/selling/leasing/training different horses, to the point that it became very difficult to track what horses she actually owned. A kind anon created a timeline of horses for us: >>>/w/185948. These horses are universally neglected, most likely left idle in the pasture until she needs them for a photo op. Stef tends to claim that she is "rescuing" them from bad situations, but we have only ever seen horses decline after she purchases them. On more than one occasion she has used a horse's illness or injury to e-beg, creating Amazon wishlists for their care which include items like potato chips and makeup.

Most recently, Stef has become fixated on Resident Evil. This began with an obsession over Daniela Dimitrescu (RE Village), but quickly pivoted to a focus on Jill Valentine. She claimed to be writing a research paper about the supposed transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease, a prion disease that affects members of the deer family, to the local wolf population in Ontario. This would involve her "downing" a local wolf and taking it for testing >>>/w/189831. She hoped for this paper to be picked up by the Yale STARS program, for which she was not at all qualified, but it was called STARS, so…

She also claimed to be in school for criminology, but quickly forgot this lie in favour of bragging about her job in "public safety," stating first that she was working 16hr shifts, then 12hr shifts in swift succession. Anons speculated about what this job might actually be, with theories ranging from school crossing guard to mall security to the entire job being a fabrication. The plot thickened when she posted instagram stories wearing an actual security uniform, and anons quickly figured out that she was, in fact, a conceirge at a questionable Toronto condo.

Stef has now gone from being known as Ellie to claiming on Discord that her actual name is Jillian E. Valentine, seeming to suggest that this is merely a funny coincidence. She is providing the voice of Jill for a fanmade RE remake.

Miscellaneous Stef trivia:

> Faked a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian

> Scammed cosplay seamstresses, commissioners, and “friends” out of tons of money
> Fake apologizing for her behaviors she’s called out on while simultaneously making herself out to be the victim
> Has continually insisted on calling herself an actress/voice actress despite never going to auditions or making an effort to get a role
> Claimed her parents put her into a study under an abusive doctor where she was forced to pop balloons with her mind
> Adopted a massive dog (Nymeria, another "service dog") who requires constant supervision when not crated– claims to work 12 hours a day and is preparing to move into a small apartment
> Pretended to be adopting a failed cadaver dog, a doberman named Zombie– turned out to actually be a future dam (with no cadaver training) for a sketchy breeder
> Loves to claim her various horses are on the edge of death, bravely announcing that she will euthanize them if she must
> In this vein, she told the internet that her horse Finn had been attacked by a person with a 2x4, when his injury was clearly caused by a kick from one of his pasturemates– she allowed this injury to develop necrosis before it was even noticed

Previous threads (newest to oldest):
6. >>>/w/145212
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4. >>>/w/88419
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2. >>>/snow/610007
1. >>>/snow/559585

Stefany's links:
https://www.instagram.com/preferablyellie/ (old account)
https://www.instagram.com/somethingvalentine/ (current account)

No. 210939

This is my first time posting a thread so please be gentle, nonnies. Let me know if I missed anything!

No. 210943

Beautiful anon! Ty

No. 210952

great job and great OP!

No. 210976

I know we're all witnessing mental illness, but is she aware?

No. 211164

File: 1651800240072.png (Spoiler Image, 5.21 MB, 828x1792, 665F4F10-D91A-40D8-9E59-A083B8…)

Spoiler for more animal gore! Yet another one of her horses has a serious injury in the form of this massive abscess on her belly. Stef says “thank god we caught it in time.” Ma’am, would you like to explain why your mare has an abscess the size of a softball and why you believe that to be “caught in time?”

No. 211173

File: 1651805051148.png (3.48 MB, 828x1792, D73EB01C-B526-44EB-A136-A6DC90…)

i’m gonna sage this for potential nitpicking because it might just be me but I hate the way she said this??
>hate calling the vet
>ANOTHER horse is sick
>goofy emoji’s

what the fuck? i would be sobbing if this happened to one of my pets! she’s acting like this is just another little inconvenience for her day, like an air conditioning unit that keeps breaking and you gotta keep calling someone to fix it every few weeks.

fuck this girl and her god awful attitude.

No. 211177

She hates calling the vet because she knows they're eventually going to call the local Animal Control. Surely, soon, right? I can't believe someone hasn't already even just from her posts. From my experience with horse people, there's nothing they love more than judging each other.
Up on their high horses, if you will.
I'll see myself out.

No. 211178

I completely agree with you. Anyone with a pet knows how awful it is when they are sick or in pain. All possible annoyance or inconvenience is drowned out by worry and concern for the pet's wellbeing. Stef is disgusting. I have no idea what could have caused this abcess but it probably had to do with her neglect of her horses. Isn't this one Love's last kid or something? Goofy emoji time!

No. 211180

Definitely not the attitude of someone who cares about their pet at all. She’s making this joke about how she’s been inconvenienced, zero empathy for the animal.

No. 211194

She doesn't give a fuck. Anon's have said it before but her animals are nothing but props to her. In the last thread she got pissed because her dad let her dog out of it's crate and it chewed up one of her stuffed animals. According to her she works 8-10 hour days which means that dog's locked up for that long and probably incredibly desperate for attention and stimulation which is why it chewed up her stuffed animal. Steph is too retarded to understand anyone's needs beyond her own. I hope one of the horse people in her facebook group catches on and confronts her soon because this is getting dark.

No. 211195

If this was happening to my animal I guarantee that I would not be posting sardonic Instagram stories about it, I'd be at the emergency vet freaking the fuck out. She's so callous. I know you can't just bring a horse to the vet but it blows my mind every time how she cares more about online attention than what's happening in real life.

No. 211226

Not a month goes by without some serious injury to one of her pets, something quite sick about that. I think she likes the attention (on her) of her constant vet emergencies and donation drives versus looking after your fucking animals because who gives a fuck about your supposed beloved animals being in pain due to various forms of neglect? Not this bitch.

No. 211229

That's gracie, right? I just caught up to this whole ass mess last night. Bitch singlehandedly motivated me to clean my entire barn today and make sure everything's squared away.

Horses are quite notorious for running up your bills, but hot damn that's a whole lot of wrongs every month. Maybe if she hadn't gotten cheap cheap cheap.. Still can't believe she leased Nanuk out. Besides the very obvious muscle loss on him, I feel like the rearing etc probably never got better. Why she chose to lease it out, despite still being her best option for any training.

And whatever happened to the Black one? And did she ever find a home for the stallion?

No. 211237

oh are you a horse anon? How would an abscess like that happen? Sorry if dumb q.

No. 211238

samefag but Gracie also looked a bit thin to me (a horse idiot).

No. 211245


Also a horsesperg. Nobody knows what happened to the stallion, he hasn't been mentioned in months. Nanuk is supposedly "on lease" but we never got a long, rambling emoji-filled post about how much she will miss her speshul bonded hearthorse so I'm wondering if her parents forced her to sell him or dumped his problematic emaciated ass at an auction house. Would explain why she suddenly has the $$ to move despite e-begging for vet bill money every two weeks.

No. 211255

NTA but horses just get abscesses sometimes. Surface wounds heal quickly on horses, sealing bacteria in and the infection grows with no way to escape. Fly bites are most common cause but it’s a little too early for fly season in Toronto, so with her I’d say it’s probably whatever nail ripped Finn’s face open. The problem here is that this abscess grew so large that it needed to be packed. That doesn’t happen overnight. If she had the time or focus to monitor her horses properly 90% of these crises could be avoided.

No. 211282

What I don't understand is that her parents don't step in or notice these things either? Her mother is into horses as well, isn't she? Not only are they enabling Stef's animal hoarding but they also don't care for these animals. It's just so sad to see. No wonder Stef thinks it's okay to treat animals like this when she's been growing up like this.

No. 211301

I think in the previous thread she mentioned selling Orpheus? And honestly, thank god. He got lucky.

No. 211323

Same anon as above, I combed through the last thread and found a couple of sale ads she posted for him (at a massive markup, I might add), but no actual confirmation that he was sold. He might very well still be on the property, my bad.

No. 211345

She has so many horses that it would be a job in itself properly putting hands on them everyday to inspect them. From what we've seen of her care they are all outside together regardless of age, temperment and sex, and the most regular care done is dropping a round bale, which can last weeks at a time, or throwing hay over the fence.

I wonder where is the Fjord? It makes me wonder if he was ever actually hers. She posted the ridiculous story and a few pics and a video. Then nothing. At this point I think he was never hers. He has never been at her house, just the boarding barn Nanok is at.

No. 211357

i’m the anon that made the horse list, so Sage for horse autism because I’m stupidly invested in this.

There’s tons of speculation that over half of the horses she’s “owned” have been either horses boarders at her parents barn, or horses she finds online and randomly says are hers.

I saw in the last thread that one of her ResCows had horses, too. Half of me wonders if she’s claimed fans/friends horses as her own, but I’m not autistic enough to dive into her discord to find out or not.

No. 211363

Horse dummy here: Why is (was?) she obsessed with fjord horses? From my wikipedia reading it seems to be a smaller work horse that can used for therapy purposes. Is it a prestige breed? Does owning one mean something specific within the equestrian community? Is a Nordic breed a flex in Canada?

No. 211370

There's legit no reason outside of she was irl Elsa and she needed anything Nordic. That's it. If she actually got him, it was 100% for larp purposes only, which is why us horsefags get so fired up. She claims to have all these poor mistreated horses that she saved from abuse with her heart of gold, and then they're either: never seen again, sick/injured, or being featured in a "time for you to be put down" post. The only horse we saw being actually used for something was Nanok, and even then the care/handling of him was very questionable. As iirc, he had very little muscle mass and possible hoof issues (going off memory, sorry if Im wromg)

No. 211375

read the thread idiot, she was obsessed with anything and everything nordic during her elsa larp

No. 212925

File: 1652661052497.png (1.45 MB, 828x1792, AC77A9AF-9A25-474C-8669-2E5EBB…)

Partner? How many people does it take to answer a phone and buzz people through a door?

No. 212934


Stef I realize having a job can be confusing but those are called coworkers, not partners. You don't carry a weapon. You MAY carry mace and even then your employers probably filled it with silly string, you touched bitch.

No. 212935

um, isn't it most likely that she's referring to a romantic partner, anon?

No. 212946

Unlikely that she would announce such a travesty in a little Instagram post when she could plaster it all over her discord for headpats and make a couple of themed tiktoks.(learn2sage)

No. 213037

File: 1652714060561.png (868.43 KB, 864x1488, Screenshot_20220516-181403.png)

on patrol

No. 213176

she sits at a desk though?? what is she talking about??

No. 213192

D-does she really think she’s a police officer

No. 213303

Ok I wonder what happened with Stef, and I thought she had gone away for good. The thing is I do think her singing is pretty good. If she put in some work and didn't feel the need to pathologically lie/abuse animals I could see her having a decent amount of success in cosplay.

No. 213318

File: 1652837688528.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, A73F359D-FBD6-476D-9782-C6BE53…)

One of you is hilarious af. Brought her whole twitch to a standstill until she could delete the message.

No. 213326

Link to her twitch? Is the stream still viewable on her profile?

No. 213327

It's not hilarious, don't cowtip.

No. 213328

File: 1652842323500.jpeg (283.06 KB, 827x1475, 9638D12C-E90F-4685-B2E4-7530F3…)

well, the horse is still alive

No. 213330


Did she acknowledge the comment? I imagine her mods are unaware of her "dead name" and her history to delete it themselves.

No. 213336

It is, I found the timestamp 01:04ish of when the comment appeared but she deleted it and didn't acknowledge it. She asked the mod to ban the commenter. Her mods are aware that her name is Stefany, one apologized that she didn't catch it in time. She ended the steam early shortly thereafter saying she was tired…

No. 213349

Only her top tier inner circle were aware of her name. Not lowly mods.(learn2sage)

No. 213671

She’s moving out. I give it 2 months, tops. and major fucking kek at a new amazon wishlist for the event.

No. 213672

File: 1652999668303.jpeg (267.84 KB, 827x1466, 457C17A8-373A-4F08-92E7-493937…)

I’m autistic and forgot to drop the pic

No. 213785


Just watch the "essentials" be 12 boxes of potato chip packets again

No. 213820

RIP Nymeria, having to live in whatever tiny apartment she managed to snag.

No. 213844

File: 1653072249714.jpg (349.99 KB, 1080x2252, Screenshot_20220520-114041_Ins…)

Sampling of the newest items she added to her list. She also has like 5 different shot glasses and tons of computer equipment added at earlier dates. Also a lot of expensive cooking stuff you could easily get for pennies on the dollar at any thrift store. And a $35 broom.

No. 213860

This is straight up overpriced junk, cows always add the worst stuff to their wishlists

No. 213961

Everything about this makes me cringe
The hideous picture of old man Elsa or whatever that shit is and the "bug's movin out" bug??? Ew

No. 214152

File: 1653165583429.jpg (106.04 KB, 720x1280, 8b0rPH05X2_exported_12666.jpg)

t a c k y

No. 215498

Sorry I haven’t caught up on the thread in a while, but even with the disclaimer I think posting a wishlist just to fish around & see if people will buy shit for you is incredibly tacky

No. 215533

File: 1653683320777.jpeg (649.47 KB, 828x1466, 9D571D74-476C-4603-8BB8-8D7D83…)

Something feels off about this but I can’t quite put my finger on it

No. 215536

it smells to me like she's leaving breadcrumbs in order to be like "FINN DIED OVERNIGHT HE WAS SO ELDERLY AND FRAIL HOW COULD I HAVE NOT KNOWN" I may be majorly tinfoiling. She has shown herself to be borderline sociopathic with her animals, though. Also I'm not a horse sperg so I have no idea how feasible this plan is.

No. 215544

What does is say on the front of his stall? Conveniently covered up?

No. 215576

File: 1653689375715.jpeg (138.94 KB, 827x1456, B5BBF7DF-893A-4F5F-B0E2-2C4199…)

Siz- something? maybe? Is it his real name?

pic related. fucking kek. i think you’re on to something after looking at her latest vague-posting
>living in a cycle of death and destruction
>powered by greed

she is SO close to being self-aware. This is about your horses Stephanie. If you’re feeling off because all the animals around you are dying, that’s a good thing. It’s your brain working correctly. You’re SUPPOSED to feel bad about it

No. 215650

I think this is about the shooting in America?

No. 215744

File: 1653762565083.jpg (240.99 KB, 720x1280, EOA7zQDSN5_exported_66.jpg)

holy shit i lived in this neighborhood until six months ago. so disappointing, would have loved to spot her in the wild.

No. 215964

pains me that this large dog is probably crated in a tiny apartment most of the day

No. 216947

File: 1654187587446.png (545.59 KB, 828x1792, A1FE20D2-A90A-49EF-A443-11707A…)

So did the voice acting fall through?

No. 216982

>Jill is already filled

Welp. Did they just assume they needed VAs for the project or did the directors just decide not to waste time on dealing with talent?

No. 217097

File: 1654222908082.jpeg (334.2 KB, 828x688, F44C1155-B0F4-49E8-BAC1-AE8203…)

It’s my understanding that they’re working on multiple remakes at the same time and aren’t finished with any of them. This fakeboy-looking m’lady knob was simping for Stef to voice Claire in Code Veronica and the creator had to come up and say no, there are no new scenes and no need for voice actors.

She’s still the voice of Jill for RE3.

No. 217137

File: 1654244531380.jpeg (449.4 KB, 828x1524, F3237D2A-6875-4F11-8A31-76686E…)

She’s gotta be taking the piss now

No. 217138

File: 1654244681453.jpeg (188.93 KB, 768x1024, 2209A070-FF9E-463B-90B8-0CFC9A…)

i can’t

No. 217164


Is she five?

No. 217225

She can't afford a $3 can of soup?

No. 217246

she has to be joking. Why should anyone buy her ANYTHING? This useless grifter.

No. 217275

A typewriter and Nerf guns?? What?? Why would these things be on anyone's moving out list?

No. 217286

It's all Resident Evil references (typewriter/ink ribbon is how you save in the game, Jill uses a rocket launcher etc)

No. 217290

Jfc this woman is genuinely special needs

No. 217294


She has some ridiculously expensive items on this wishlist. This retard doesn't contribute anything to warrant asking for the shit she does. She brags about having high paying jobs but can't afford a can of fucking soup. Kek

Your friends / followers are not your personal piggy bank Stef.

No. 217309

all those carbs, Stef? You have no shame

No. 217418

Our very own Jill Valentine e-begging for $3 cans of soup and triscuts. Pathetic.

No. 217422


the e-begging for $3 cans of soup has sent me into orbit

No. 217547

File: 1654387237886.jpeg (753.41 KB, 828x1478, 14790752-9AAB-450A-B64C-9B5F1E…)

forgot to post this last night kek

which one of you mad lads actually sent her the soup?

No. 217558

Spends 2k on horses. Begs for soup.
Seems par for the course with this retard.

No. 217590

Pardon my ignorance, but is soup a Resident Evil thing?? Why is she so hyper focused on obtaining soup?

No. 217596

It's not. She's just retarded and can't cook.

No. 217612

She seriously got a star wars slow cooker? Was this on her wishlist or did she get this for herself??

It literally costs almost 3x as much as the Crockpot with the same volume.

>gets overpriced "nerdy" slow cooker

>begs for canned soup

No. 217651

the timmy's soup is fucking disgusting.

No. 217940

File: 1654551870609.png (49.24 KB, 864x250, Screenshot_20220606-202857.png)

high profile call
my sides

No. 218042

Oh god, she’s back to saying she’s doing “high profile” stuff?
I remember at Celebration in 2017 she was saying that LFL had called her and told her to take down a video she posted of her lightsaber fighting with a guy in line and at the time I thought some employee at the con saw her posting it and told her not to post it until she started making statements that implied that she worked on the films.

No. 218054

File: 1654575335439.jpg (315.7 KB, 1080x1893, IMG_20220607_121507.jpg)

No. 218057

File: 1654576148700.jpeg (121.86 KB, 734x1280, A2E039B8-5564-41FD-9607-6A1CEA…)

this joke wasn’t worth looking up pics of “fat jill valentine” on google but I did it anyway

No. 218163

no no it absolutely was worth it

No. 218327

File: 1654639550633.jpeg (188.56 KB, 828x879, 3BA9672B-0179-4A59-B57E-74BB9C…)

She added a permanent story highlight to her profile about her moving out wish list… and every time I look at it, it gets stupider

I’m gonna sage all this because her ridiculous moving out wish list isn’t milky anymore but it’s still good for a laugh

No. 218328

File: 1654639595911.jpeg (712.92 KB, 828x1714, 5B7BDFD4-ECCA-4EA3-A12F-9971A4…)

No. 218329

File: 1654639692863.jpeg (616.55 KB, 828x1714, CFCF2418-6E84-4E6F-A9D2-CF04AC…)

No. 218331

File: 1654639803476.jpeg (604.34 KB, 828x1711, DD9CA6F1-768F-407E-909B-C95F5B…)

No. 218334

She adds so much actual shit to her wishlist, girl has no natural taste or flair or personality whatsoever outside of whatever character she currently larps

No. 218368


"I'm moving out. What do I need? Ah yes, police tape and bee stickers"

No. 218431

that's a lot of bees.

No. 218457

our girl needs lots of magnets for her new big fridge

No. 218772

None of those bees will even go together. Wtf is she doing with so many bees. What new skin is this?

No. 218776

It's the other RE character she was larping before Jill, Daniela Demitrescu.

No. 218809

Those were blowflies though, not bees.

No. 218917

Maybe her next skinwalk will be Rowan Atkinson in Man vs Bee?

No. 218964

File: 1654803481076.jpg (511.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220609-213722_Dis…)

No. 218967

File: 1654804605568.jpeg (33.64 KB, 555x166, 0D305AE3-3FF3-44F2-A051-EBAE6A…)

ANOTHER injured animal?? Which one is Gracie again? I can hardly keep up with all her injured pets

No. 218999

I’m pretty sure this is the horse with that massive cyst on its side seen here

But that was a while ago. Like, it’s been at least a month since we first heard about it. It’s weird she is just now asking for money for the bill.
Can any horse anons confirm my suspicions? Would it take this long to heal and for a vet to give you a price?

No. 219021


Why is the perspective of this screenshot as if you are the poster of the story?? Stefany??

No. 219063

She's eating them.

No. 219080

nta but she posted a screenshot of her own IG story on discord. Jesus why doesn't she pay for her own animals? Why is she always raising money for vet bills when vet bills are a standard part of having pets? This is so tasteless. Who cares for the horses now ?

No. 219143

oh shit. good eye nonnie!

busted. hi cow.

No. 219155

File: 1654836248482.jpg (147.82 KB, 1080x1920, UYOoBRDoOw.jpg)

Praying to the milk gods that someone leaks a "NSFW voice memo."

No. 219168


It's a screenshot from her discord

No. 219170

File: 1654841841197.jpg (514.14 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220610-081646_Dis…)

No. 219172

File: 1654842724475.jpg (45.26 KB, 1080x377, Screenshot_20220609-213722_Dis…)


Samefagging to add you can see it's a screenshot taken on an android of a screenshot that was taken on an iPhone. Come on guys

No. 219187

Which animal is Gracie? It's always vet bills.

When I open this thread there is a gap of newer posts missing, no other threads are like that for me. So if it's answered right above sorry.

No. 219213

Just a theory or what ever but I feel like she's using the vet bills her parents pay to scam people out of money. You can not tell me that they'd let their daughter pay for something like this, especially if they know she has a job that probably doesn't pay much. They can't be that stupid and not ask themselfs where all her horse money comes from. She probably spends it on herself.

No. 219218

File: 1654865677342.png (3.21 MB, 1125x1500, 233185029_1947846322043074_490…)

Another horse, according to her discord at least

No. 219226

Who the fuck would spend $25 on card readings??? You can buy a nice print from an artist or some handmade stuff for that price. Shit you can get a whole tarot deck and learn how to do readings for that amount. Tf outta here, stefany

No. 219273

>$10 problem solution readings
The irony.

Treating your friends and followers like your personal GoFundMe is vile. The few friends she has now must see a pattern right?

She insisted on moving into her own place, alone. If you know you have vet bills, which she always has be the responsible adult and find a living situation with a roommate. Problem solved, no charge.

No. 219405

this is it, the beginning of the whore descent arc.

No. 219408

I don't use whatever app this is, I'm guessing its instagram or something? but I've always wondered. For stuff like this, dont you have to have the picture already on your phone? How does she have all these game/movie pictures on hand to make stupid posts with? Doesnt that seem a little insane?? Like, does she pick a character she likes and then go on some massive art hunt for every image every produced of it ever, or..what am I missing here. Just bizarre behavior to me, imagining her saving a pic to be like 'ooo im gonna talk about my gored horses face with this one' or something

No. 219411

that's such a weird nitpick. a lot of normal people do that lol

No. 219424

funny that mummydahlia also started doing tarot readings recently. i wonder if that’s where the idea came from.

No. 219425

"whatever app this is" what world do you live in that you don't know what Instagram is? also it isn't weird to have images saved on your phone.

No. 219440


No. 219459

>(inspired by my friend mummy)

No. 219464

File: 1654951514235.jpg (766.13 KB, 1078x1914, IMG_20220611_204335.jpg)

Is this a different dog than "Zombie"? Do we know about this one?

No. 219488

Definitely a different dog, "Zombie" (Bolt) was a red Doberman. Where the fuck did she get this poor guy??

No. 219537

Fuck you stef for keeping that dog in a tiny shitty Canadian apartment.

No. 219545

why is no one calling her out for adding to her animal hoard while she's begging for donations for vet bills? surely that's easy to see even for followers who might not be aware that she's notorious for getting pets as cosplay props

No. 219572

Is she keeping a Doberman in a studio apartment with another big ass dog (Nymeria?) Jesus Christ I can’t.

Some bigger breeds can be happy in apartments if given plenty of exercise/are given constant attention as only pet. Chances of that happening with Stef are 0-none. Especially considering she’s (I assume to pay for rent and stuff) full time working.

What’s next e begging saga:

-Dog fight due to the cramped space, more vet bills
-Overdramatised ‘dangerous abusive landlord/neighbours complaining’ uwu because her big ass dogs are barking during the day
- Loses her bond someway or another
-Struggling to rehome one or both dogs when her LARP changes

No. 219575

Nah, I’m sure she’ll just take one or both of the dogs back to her parents house if there’s an issue. They may still be there and she’s just pretending they’re at the apartment, I would think it would be hard to find an apartment that allows big dogs like that.

No. 219576

Really??? I've never used instagram, I didnt see a point to posting a bunch of personal pictures to strangers. So it really is saving a bunch of art pulled from other sites?? Hm. I always wondered if maybe you searched for a character, if it would possibly provide those pictures or if you had to go and find and upload them yourself. Sorry nonas not everyone uses all the apps and sites!
dont forget eventually having to travel and board them somewhere followed by 'they got sick from where i boarded them' or they get fleas + worms and she doesnt notice for weeks to months. and then maybe one "escaping" (probably mauled by the other, if not intentionally let out for the drama points) and coming back injured and needing money for that too.

No. 219605

Nymeria at the very least is definitely with her. She posted a picture of her in a Toronto dog park that I know well.

No. 219657

Are you seriously pretending to not know how Google image search works too? She's literally searching for an image and saving it when she wants to use it for a post. It's not rocket science.

No. 219806

People using random images or camera roll images as backgrounds on Instagram stories is definitely the least weird thing Stef does. Everyone does that, most people save pictures they like online into folders for later use, or take photos specifically to post to stories.
I don't use ig stories or watch them much but, yeah that's how it works. A lot of ig stories are straight reposts from other user's stories with maybe a comment added, or aesthetic pics/videos reposted, some of them are just screenshots from twitter with comments added, it's basically for all the lower quality stuff - quick videos from your day, polls, pet photos, etc - or stuff that isn't your own content as above.
These days people just post their "best" stuff on the feed and like 80-90% of their posts are actually in stories, so it's worth watching them sometimes, for cows especially since their story content tends to be more cowish than their main feed kek.

No. 219825

It’s a different dog. She hasn’t posted this one on the Discord and Arklay is a RE name. She’s covering her tracks better with this one.

No. 219828


She's claiming at least one as service dog which means she can legally get away with it.
Kinda hard to claim two large dogs as ESAs without proof.

No. 220310

File: 1655308245816.jpg (88.72 KB, 1080x730, IMG_20220615_175010.jpg)

She's bigender now??

No. 220794

File: 1655463297661.jpeg (227.46 KB, 1044x1353, 46DB7B43-21DD-47EE-823A-3DD2BD…)

Fantastic, living in a tiny apartment with one (maybe two) big dogs and no air con. One of which is a siberian, thick coated breed.

No. 220845

Lmao the heatwave is BARELY touching Canada. It’s like like 78 max where she is

No. 220851

I live in the same city as her and it was 36 C (~97 F) yesterday. No joke for thick-coated dogs in a non-air conditioned apartment.

No. 220860

this. it was also 93% humidity out.

No. 220940


Now would be a good and reasonable time to ask for fans or even a window ac unit on that Amazon wishlist.

The wishlist
>Bug magnets. Shotgun shell shot glasses. Crime scene tape shower curtain.

Fucking retard.

No. 221564

File: 1655731341709.png (1018.58 KB, 864x1397, Screenshot_20220620-143031~2.p…)

These dogs deserve better.

No. 221812

File: 1655757536185.jpeg (253.59 KB, 827x1480, CA76DDDF-6A13-43F3-8180-7588CA…)

one cheap-looking medium-sized bed for two large dogs and the cages they spend 12+ hours in are kept outside…
don’t know what else I was expecting from her other than the very bare-minimum but it still looks wrong.
maybe this is a nitpick, maybe i’m a bleeding heart for animals but with this bitches track record for letting her pets get injured and die from preventable shit every single week, yeah you can be damn sure I’ll be judging the fuck out of her pet posts

No. 221834

I'm pretty sure that cage is inside, just reflected in the glass doors. Regardless, I feel terrible for these dogs.

No. 221841

The fact that she has these dogs in what is likely a studio - MAYBE a 1 bedroom - apartment at all shows just how little she actually cares for animals. She doesn't give a shit about animals at all.

No. 221875

It honestly makes me so angry and sad to see these dogs like this. I know it's just her typical shitty behavior, but I also know that she probably got these dogs by showing off her family's barn and acres of land around it. She certainly did not adopt them by showing off a studio apartment in a city. Neither are service animals or have been trained to perform any tasks she requires. How can she larp as a police officer and claim she needs a service animal, when certainly that condo won't let her keep a poorly trained giant dog by her side as she buzzes in pizza deliveries?

I hate you Eloise Frazer, Stefany Lauren, Ellie, Elle, Fuckforbrains. The horse people had already convinced me you're a fucking animal hoarder and abuser. Now I have to watch you shit on dogs you fraudulently adopted?

No. 221932

I see a package of 'training' pads. It's not hard to take a dog outside to potty train it, especially large breed adult dogs and months old puppies. Especially if they are crated, just take them outside first thing. I just see it as another sign she is going to be lazy so even when the dogs get out of the crates they are still gonna be cooped up. At least the dogs have eachother for company.

No. 221946

I used to live in the area she recently showed, and it's definitely not cheap. 1 bedrooms are easily $1,800-$2,000. I doubt she's affording that monthly by herself.

No. 221957

is it a 1bed or studio? I still don't know how anyone would approve two large dogs or even one in that kind of living space. Doesn't a service animal have to have gone through training of some kind?

No. 221964

I fucking hate crates, just fucking babyproof a bit, or don't get MASSIVE dog in studio apartment. Imagine making your dog lay in fucking crate for hours and then have gall to say you love your dogs. Also nice ripped ears on doberman. Very animal lover to get mutilated ear dogs from shady breeders.

No. 222008

she probably didn't tell the landlord. in ON, it's not legal for landlords to ask who is occupying an apartment, so often times pets get snuck in. also unlike in USA, service animals need to wear some kind of identification showing they're an actual service animal, and not an untrained "emotional support animal".

No. 222350

Sorry to dog sperg and I know she’s not showing her Doberman but in my case I DO show my dogs. I use to show AmBulls and I can’t recall how many times I’ve had a judge tell me I lost out on a first place win because I didn’t have cropped ears on my dog an had flops. Also doing the crop early in puppy stages the dogs don’t have cartilage so they feel nothing. It also reduces hematoma in the ears, and ear infections. I could go on an on, but looking at steffs Doberman’s ears she has a shit job done, didn’t do any of the aftercare to have the dogs ears stand properly and cleaning the edges of the ears so they don’t have that weird bumps around the edges from not peeling the scabs off. It’s just more showing that she doesn’t give a shit about the dog because no aftercare was done at all.

No. 222397

File: 1655947936366.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2374, Screenshot_20220622-202838.png)

And it starts.
Begging for even more money because her high profile job as a button pusher isn't covering her bills. Yeah dumbass. Living alone is expensive. Living alone in a high col area with two large dogs who require quality food / care even moreso. I hope whoever gave this retard a doberman sees their mistake.

No. 222399

Poor thing, having to suffer through real life. Imagine being such a spoiled cunt that you e-beg for rent (as well as soup and police tape) when you have an expensive ass apartment, two large dogs (one of which needs pretty consistent grooming) and several horses. I can't imagine having even an ounce of her audacity.

No. 222408

> Also doing the crop early in puppy stages the dogs don’t have cartilage so they feel nothing.
Go pinch a puppy's ears and tell me that you sicko dog shower

No. 222420

File: 1655955386421.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2268x4032, 0F84E068-C725-4823-B46F-BB9C32…)

Here the edge of the ear in this pic looks smooth and it’s the hair that’s jagged. Did she groom him like that or is that just how it grows in when it’s badly cropped?

No. 222434

Omg his paws are caked in dust

No. 222446

People like you are why dogs have to suffer so many terrible health problems. Go crop your own ears and leave dogs alone.

No. 222447

File: 1655969746838.jpg (72.46 KB, 1000x1000, averagedobermannbreeder.jpg)

this, also
>showing AMBULLS
Keep your dog fighting breeds fuck away from normal people pls


No. 222450

File: 1655971004073.jpeg (85.28 KB, 970x502, 26263C39-1767-44A6-BF30-149EE6…)

Took another gander at her moving out wishlist’ She has several large pieces of furniture (including a gaming desk, chair and multiple bookshelves) and probably no where to actually put them.

Cherry on top is pic attached: a fucking police scanner. What are you gonna listen for Steph? Animal control announcing they’re coming to take your purebred LARP hounds away?

No. 222454

this. just because people breed animals they need to harm in order to keep them healthy doesn't mean it's any less fucked up.

No. 222519

>the dogs don’t have cartilage so they feel nothing

wtf does cartilage have to do with pain, they still have nerves in their ears

No. 222520

forgot to sage sorry

No. 222580

Wonder if she still has the same shitty Star Wars friends that didn’t care and enabled her lies

No. 223157

nah pretty much everyone in the star wars community cut ties with her over her RL bullshit and taking credit for cosplays she had commissioned and being abusive to her partner(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223275

She was abusive towards a partner? When the hell did that happen?

No. 223327

File: 1656294154635.jpeg (419.03 KB, 828x1473, 3838AD6E-3EC9-4CEC-9342-A51A08…)

yeah. sure. ok stef.
you had a panic attack and claimed PTSD when a speaker blew, but you’re going to house someone you’ve “never spoken to” and guard them from someone/a government they’re running from?

fuck right off. i know you think you’re this baddie private security guard law-enforcement boss babe, but you’re not. you’re constantly begging for money for basic necessities, asking your fans to buy you stupid larp shit, and you can’t even house your pets properly, let alone some random pregnant bitch from the states.

i hate this kind of fake activism where ppl just say stupid shit like this because it gets them woke points.
I’d love to see a total stranger actually take her up on her offer and watch her squirm trying to backpedal and get out of it.
but that will never happen because she’s put this load of shit on her insta story that will never be seen by enough people within 24 hours. Just enough people will see it for her to pat herself on the back for her tokenism activism while she reads 2-3 comments on how sweet and selfless she is by simps and her retarded larping friends.

not sorry for the rant girls. everything this cow does grinds my gears so fucking much.

No. 223330

File: 1656294474387.jpeg (365.9 KB, 828x1474, 9E94251B-B080-4FD5-A845-F37415…)

saging for samefag and no milk but potential incoming milk in 6 days. chubs got another girlfriend.

No. 223332

not only do americans have the ability to freely stay in canada 6 months per year, but no one cares about them being here. they don't get asylum or some shit.

No. 223405

Jill/Claire is such an awkward ship… they're like sisters. But anyway, we know for sure this is someone different than the Honeymaren cosplayer from before?

No. 223408

File: 1656314715102.jpeg (311.36 KB, 1109x467, 1AF2E319-BF9A-4498-A22D-EB052F…)

It’s this girl that’s been drawing some of her icons

No. 223543

GROSS!! COUNTESS?? That bitch HAD a girlfriend not too damn long ago, but she and Stef were always weirdly sexual on the discord and on the streams.

No. 223544

File: 1656365456986.jpeg (74.13 KB, 828x475, 55CD5E8A-60D7-481D-89C6-45E62F…)

Stef and Countess

No. 223599


No. 223669

shipping Claire and Jill like chris needs another reason to mourn the redfield bloodline

still mad the vibes she throws off as a newbie in every single fandom she enters. always enters last minute, bogarts, opportunities and attention, then fucks off for the newest thing. leech.

No. 224265

bruh It’s pretty fucking weird how she gets girlfriends according to whatever character she’s larping as, like full on sociopath shit

No. 224310

File: 1656540597053.jpeg (475.96 KB, 828x1464, 67CDF3AF-AC34-485B-97A0-02652F…)


No. 224326

Kek. I'd rather she sell her animal hoard than e-beg for rent money.

No. 224357

File: 1656555489150.jpeg (244.51 KB, 827x1477, C42BABB5-157C-4989-9859-C7E18D…)

forgot to post this

No. 224374


> Our new goal

No bitch, that's your bill with your name on it, that's your goal. Your lack of funds, common fucking sense and resources is not anyone's problem but your own.

You want to be an animal saviour but not have to do any of the work mentally, physically or financially.

Sell the horses. You're done using them for your pathetic larps anyways.

No. 224382

of course she’s going to sell the horses… but not before she can get a few bucks out of these bleeding heart idiots that repeatedly fall for her scams

she’ll get a couple hundred bucks, then sell the horses. Just like with that “rescue” foal she got donations to “save” then it inexplicably died only for her to post in a furry group that she was looking for a new fursuit maker the very next week kek

No. 224411

um, I thought Gracie had a forever home?! as the daughter of her "heart horse"?

No. 224538

They all have forever homes, until she gets tired of them.

No. 224558

Hilarious that no one wants to touch that NSFW option from what I can tell
Sorry "Jillian" I don't think any people want you licking your fucking iPhone mic and calling it sexy

No. 224698

File: 1656658893011.png (2 MB, 2048x1895, Untitled_Artwork.png)

pic not related/totally related it’s just here to justify my blogpost bs

sage for blogpost but I'm gonna put down my theory cause I haven't seen anyone really bring it up when reading thru these threads (slight psychsperg but no diagnosis cause APA) I'm sure most everyone has this in the back of their mind but I still wanted to write it down

tldr, Jill is gonna skin walk until she's got people who want "her" rather than the faces she photoshops onto herself

the way I see it, the shit "Jill" does is all fueled by her desire to not have just fans or money or whatever but to build her own fandom– a Stefany/Elois/Jill/whatthefuckever fandom that follows her no matter the cosplay she skin walks next. countless cosplayers out there have legit fandoms that follow them from interest to interest, some of them even cows we know and love, but the idea is that she wants to have that clout that follows her everywhere she goes, knows her and spreads her bs, and mindlessly supports her economic needs, as we have evidence of some fans doing for her bs amazon shit.

we see proof of this in how she will post something like "are y'all interested in the girl behind the cosplay" for whenever she gets "big" with her newest thing and traction is strong– she wants people to like stefany/elois/Jill and gets mad when people identify her as her cosplay or the actress she's skin walking rather than her, even if she's purposefully skin walking/cosplaying in public. like when she dressed as Elsa to a Star Wars premiere and posted that bitchy huffy pic about 27 people calling her Elsa. she puts up this guise of cosplay and is trying to get people invested in her, not the character she steals.

we saw this in her posting about her interactions with various gfs/partners and calling to the stupid top/bottom stereotype that no genuine person leans into without it being 100% for laughs. she builds her personality to be confident and domineering but also "lol I'm smol" and appealing to stereotypes of various personality niches to try and build up some semblance of a visible personality that she can market and profit off of. Offering to make videos for kids scared during covid? Just a way to broaden her marketable reach and maybe get a reliable following.

there's also her endless posting into groups that can't turn her away, which is either just her attention seeking or possibly trying to create some sort of recognition within the communities themselves. she's not just some rando, she wants people looking at her and being like "oh it's the bitch selling another fucking horse" but in a more positive reflection– she wants her own group of people knowing her by name. we also saw this in her garbage attempt to be TikTok famous, even asking for shit not to flop when people get tired of her current obsessive cosplay.

sadly, this girl is fucking flat as cardboard in terms of personality, and has little to nothing in terms of real talent that makes other cosplayers stick out. most "famous" cosplayers can make all their shit or are very good at a certain talent or are actually important within their fandoms. she doesn't have any of that (but has tried with all of her lying about being involved in projects). Everything became a tool to her– dying pets for sympathy, education for legitimacy, trauma for authenticity.

When none of this shit works and she loses traction, she jumps ship and goes to the next big thing despite having literally no previous interest. I don't think she really genuinely likes anything she gets into. she never read/watched GOT, she never saw Star Wars before, she never played video games, she never cared about the first frozen, etc. She's just trying to get the next big thing and gain as much as she can from it. And since she's so well off, pouring money into something doesn't mean shit for her.

what makes resident evil so different is that she finally has multiple outlets of gaining attention rather than just the posting of photos or TikToks. Streaming is a thing, and she can make her own discord where she can spoon-feed her options and cultivate a positive image in an isolated environment. she can also do this BS va shit that no one asked for because fuck off, you can't do the game better than the actual company. I don't think she'll stay with this skin walk forever, especially because she's appealing to the fickle new fandom side of re that's just horny and dumb, but she's still getting to build "her fandom"– which she's wanted all along. nothing wrong with wanting a fandom, but she's trying to build a house of cards on California sand. earthquakes, bitch.

anyways, she seems obsessed with fan art to the point of stealing character art and saying it’s her so here you go jillian some real "fan" art

No. 224744

she might help her "fandom" grow if she stops changing her name and socmeds every 6 months.

Maybe you're right, or maybe it's not that deep and only 'dumb narcissist wants attention', either way she will never gain a cult following like other cosplayers or cows because, like you said, she has the personality of half-dried paint on cardboard and evidence of her abusing her animals and crying about it while begging for money and dropping her trauma story is all over the internet and that is not attractive to anyone (I don't mean in a romantic way, I mean, literally no one is drawn to that type of person)
maybe she reads this and picks up a self help book and gets a better personality. maybe she stops biting off more than she can chew with how many animals she adopts, and maybe she stops throwing herself a pity party every week and begging for free shit/money then maybe JUST MAYBE… she might be a cool person to follow and people might actually want to be her fans.

until then, she is doomed to repeat history and I will have endless milk to suckle upon. mm delicious.

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