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No. 210936

Stefany Lauren (aka Stefany Mancebo aka Eloise Frazer aka Jillian E. Valentine) is a Canadian cosplayer who has gained popularity through her Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and Frozen cosplays. Originally her following grew from her Rey cosplays due to her “likeness” to Daisey Ridley (who plays Rey), but people soon realized that she was actually just photoshopping Daisy’s face on top of her own. She lied about having worked for LucasFilms (implying that she was a stunt double or photo double for Rey) and caused other drama in the Rebel Legion that caused her to get kicked out.

After being shunned from the Star Wars community, she moved onto Game of Thrones and started skinwalking Maisie Williams and cosplaying as Arya Stark. During this period she claimed to have a mystery degenerative illness characterized by periods of blindness, and tried to legitimize this by falsely claiming multiple family pets as "service dogs." She obsessively photoshopped Maisie’s features onto her own face and changed her entire personality to go between Maisie and Arya. She claimed to be HBO’s “official” Arya Cosplayer, and added archery and horse riding to her laundry list of talents.

After Frozen 2 came out, she latched onto Elsa. She latched on so hard that she decided to change her name to Eloise Frazer (Elsa Frozen) on social media and claimed it was because hearing her real name gave her PTSD. She was determined to be seen as a cutesy Disney princess, and as a result once again changed her personality to match. She became a complete scandiboo, claiming that she was a practicing Norse pagan (despite having to ask others for answers to the most basic questions about the pantheon) and hinting that her Guatemalan father may not be her real dad. She made frequent reference to being unable to feel cold, and to experiencing illness due to the heat in the summer. During this period she acquired a prop gecko as a pet (it was only briefly showcased on her socials) and a white horse with blue eyes which she named Nanok. She promptly dyed his mane blue and participated in a children's Hallowe'en pagent with him where they cosplayed as Elsa and the Nokk from Frozen 2. Following this, he was used in several photoshoots, but we never saw her ride him again.

Next came a throwback to a short-lived lie: that she is related to Elizabeth Gilles (Jade from Victorious on nickelodeon). She did everything she could to make her appear like Jade/Elizabeth, including dying her hair black and jade green and making awful tiktoks of her singing/trying to appear badass. Her new personality became the same as Jade's: a tough badass who can fight anyone but is uniquely talented.

This skinwalk gained little traction, and she briefly shifted her focus instead to full-time 'equestrian,' giving us such gems as: the time she bought a stallion straight off the racetrack >>>/w/122283, the time she burned the shit out of her scalp with horse shampoo >>>/w/148779, the time she roleplayed as her gelding on facebook >>>/w/147967, the time she decided to become a breeder >>>/w/146287, the time she started larping as a horse trainer (too many examples to include). Elsa was still in her system and she became dead set on buying a Fjord (for skijoring and archery, of course). Throughout this phase she posted incessantly about buying/selling/leasing/training different horses, to the point that it became very difficult to track what horses she actually owned. A kind anon created a timeline of horses for us: >>>/w/185948. These horses are universally neglected, most likely left idle in the pasture until she needs them for a photo op. Stef tends to claim that she is "rescuing" them from bad situations, but we have only ever seen horses decline after she purchases them. On more than one occasion she has used a horse's illness or injury to e-beg, creating Amazon wishlists for their care which include items like potato chips and makeup.

Most recently, Stef has become fixated on Resident Evil. This began with an obsession over Daniela Dimitrescu (RE Village), but quickly pivoted to a focus on Jill Valentine. She claimed to be writing a research paper about the supposed transmission of Chronic Wasting Disease, a prion disease that affects members of the deer family, to the local wolf population in Ontario. This would involve her "downing" a local wolf and taking it for testing >>>/w/189831. She hoped for this paper to be picked up by the Yale STARS program, for which she was not at all qualified, but it was called STARS, so…

She also claimed to be in school for criminology, but quickly forgot this lie in favour of bragging about her job in "public safety," stating first that she was working 16hr shifts, then 12hr shifts in swift succession. Anons speculated about what this job might actually be, with theories ranging from school crossing guard to mall security to the entire job being a fabrication. The plot thickened when she posted instagram stories wearing an actual security uniform, and anons quickly figured out that she was, in fact, a conceirge at a questionable Toronto condo.

Stef has now gone from being known as Ellie to claiming on Discord that her actual name is Jillian E. Valentine, seeming to suggest that this is merely a funny coincidence. She is providing the voice of Jill for a fanmade RE remake.

Miscellaneous Stef trivia:

> Faked a British accent for over a year even though she’s Canadian

> Scammed cosplay seamstresses, commissioners, and “friends” out of tons of money
> Fake apologizing for her behaviors she’s called out on while simultaneously making herself out to be the victim
> Has continually insisted on calling herself an actress/voice actress despite never going to auditions or making an effort to get a role
> Claimed her parents put her into a study under an abusive doctor where she was forced to pop balloons with her mind
> Adopted a massive dog (Nymeria, another "service dog") who requires constant supervision when not crated– claims to work 12 hours a day and is preparing to move into a small apartment
> Pretended to be adopting a failed cadaver dog, a doberman named Zombie– turned out to actually be a future dam (with no cadaver training) for a sketchy breeder
> Loves to claim her various horses are on the edge of death, bravely announcing that she will euthanize them if she must
> In this vein, she told the internet that her horse Finn had been attacked by a person with a 2x4, when his injury was clearly caused by a kick from one of his pasturemates– she allowed this injury to develop necrosis before it was even noticed

Previous threads (newest to oldest):
6. >>>/w/145212
5. >>>/w/118444
4. >>>/w/88419
3. >>>/w/3085
2. >>>/snow/610007
1. >>>/snow/559585

Stefany's links:
https://www.instagram.com/preferablyellie/ (old account)
https://www.instagram.com/somethingvalentine/ (current account)

No. 210939

This is my first time posting a thread so please be gentle, nonnies. Let me know if I missed anything!

No. 210943

Beautiful anon! Ty

No. 210952

great job and great OP!

No. 210976

I know we're all witnessing mental illness, but is she aware?

No. 211164

File: 1651800240072.png (Spoiler Image, 5.21 MB, 828x1792, 665F4F10-D91A-40D8-9E59-A083B8…)

Spoiler for more animal gore! Yet another one of her horses has a serious injury in the form of this massive abscess on her belly. Stef says “thank god we caught it in time.” Ma’am, would you like to explain why your mare has an abscess the size of a softball and why you believe that to be “caught in time?”

No. 211173

File: 1651805051148.png (3.48 MB, 828x1792, D73EB01C-B526-44EB-A136-A6DC90…)

i’m gonna sage this for potential nitpicking because it might just be me but I hate the way she said this??
>hate calling the vet
>ANOTHER horse is sick
>goofy emoji’s

what the fuck? i would be sobbing if this happened to one of my pets! she’s acting like this is just another little inconvenience for her day, like an air conditioning unit that keeps breaking and you gotta keep calling someone to fix it every few weeks.

fuck this girl and her god awful attitude.

No. 211177

She hates calling the vet because she knows they're eventually going to call the local Animal Control. Surely, soon, right? I can't believe someone hasn't already even just from her posts. From my experience with horse people, there's nothing they love more than judging each other.
Up on their high horses, if you will.
I'll see myself out.

No. 211178

I completely agree with you. Anyone with a pet knows how awful it is when they are sick or in pain. All possible annoyance or inconvenience is drowned out by worry and concern for the pet's wellbeing. Stef is disgusting. I have no idea what could have caused this abcess but it probably had to do with her neglect of her horses. Isn't this one Love's last kid or something? Goofy emoji time!

No. 211180

Definitely not the attitude of someone who cares about their pet at all. She’s making this joke about how she’s been inconvenienced, zero empathy for the animal.

No. 211194

She doesn't give a fuck. Anon's have said it before but her animals are nothing but props to her. In the last thread she got pissed because her dad let her dog out of it's crate and it chewed up one of her stuffed animals. According to her she works 8-10 hour days which means that dog's locked up for that long and probably incredibly desperate for attention and stimulation which is why it chewed up her stuffed animal. Steph is too retarded to understand anyone's needs beyond her own. I hope one of the horse people in her facebook group catches on and confronts her soon because this is getting dark.

No. 211195

If this was happening to my animal I guarantee that I would not be posting sardonic Instagram stories about it, I'd be at the emergency vet freaking the fuck out. She's so callous. I know you can't just bring a horse to the vet but it blows my mind every time how she cares more about online attention than what's happening in real life.

No. 211226

Not a month goes by without some serious injury to one of her pets, something quite sick about that. I think she likes the attention (on her) of her constant vet emergencies and donation drives versus looking after your fucking animals because who gives a fuck about your supposed beloved animals being in pain due to various forms of neglect? Not this bitch.

No. 211229

That's gracie, right? I just caught up to this whole ass mess last night. Bitch singlehandedly motivated me to clean my entire barn today and make sure everything's squared away.

Horses are quite notorious for running up your bills, but hot damn that's a whole lot of wrongs every month. Maybe if she hadn't gotten cheap cheap cheap.. Still can't believe she leased Nanuk out. Besides the very obvious muscle loss on him, I feel like the rearing etc probably never got better. Why she chose to lease it out, despite still being her best option for any training.

And whatever happened to the Black one? And did she ever find a home for the stallion?

No. 211237

oh are you a horse anon? How would an abscess like that happen? Sorry if dumb q.

No. 211238

samefag but Gracie also looked a bit thin to me (a horse idiot).

No. 211245


Also a horsesperg. Nobody knows what happened to the stallion, he hasn't been mentioned in months. Nanuk is supposedly "on lease" but we never got a long, rambling emoji-filled post about how much she will miss her speshul bonded hearthorse so I'm wondering if her parents forced her to sell him or dumped his problematic emaciated ass at an auction house. Would explain why she suddenly has the $$ to move despite e-begging for vet bill money every two weeks.

No. 211255

NTA but horses just get abscesses sometimes. Surface wounds heal quickly on horses, sealing bacteria in and the infection grows with no way to escape. Fly bites are most common cause but it’s a little too early for fly season in Toronto, so with her I’d say it’s probably whatever nail ripped Finn’s face open. The problem here is that this abscess grew so large that it needed to be packed. That doesn’t happen overnight. If she had the time or focus to monitor her horses properly 90% of these crises could be avoided.

No. 211282

What I don't understand is that her parents don't step in or notice these things either? Her mother is into horses as well, isn't she? Not only are they enabling Stef's animal hoarding but they also don't care for these animals. It's just so sad to see. No wonder Stef thinks it's okay to treat animals like this when she's been growing up like this.

No. 211301

I think in the previous thread she mentioned selling Orpheus? And honestly, thank god. He got lucky.

No. 211323

Same anon as above, I combed through the last thread and found a couple of sale ads she posted for him (at a massive markup, I might add), but no actual confirmation that he was sold. He might very well still be on the property, my bad.

No. 211345

She has so many horses that it would be a job in itself properly putting hands on them everyday to inspect them. From what we've seen of her care they are all outside together regardless of age, temperment and sex, and the most regular care done is dropping a round bale, which can last weeks at a time, or throwing hay over the fence.

I wonder where is the Fjord? It makes me wonder if he was ever actually hers. She posted the ridiculous story and a few pics and a video. Then nothing. At this point I think he was never hers. He has never been at her house, just the boarding barn Nanok is at.

No. 211357

i’m the anon that made the horse list, so Sage for horse autism because I’m stupidly invested in this.

There’s tons of speculation that over half of the horses she’s “owned” have been either horses boarders at her parents barn, or horses she finds online and randomly says are hers.

I saw in the last thread that one of her ResCows had horses, too. Half of me wonders if she’s claimed fans/friends horses as her own, but I’m not autistic enough to dive into her discord to find out or not.

No. 211363

Horse dummy here: Why is (was?) she obsessed with fjord horses? From my wikipedia reading it seems to be a smaller work horse that can used for therapy purposes. Is it a prestige breed? Does owning one mean something specific within the equestrian community? Is a Nordic breed a flex in Canada?

No. 211370

There's legit no reason outside of she was irl Elsa and she needed anything Nordic. That's it. If she actually got him, it was 100% for larp purposes only, which is why us horsefags get so fired up. She claims to have all these poor mistreated horses that she saved from abuse with her heart of gold, and then they're either: never seen again, sick/injured, or being featured in a "time for you to be put down" post. The only horse we saw being actually used for something was Nanok, and even then the care/handling of him was very questionable. As iirc, he had very little muscle mass and possible hoof issues (going off memory, sorry if Im wromg)

No. 211375

read the thread idiot, she was obsessed with anything and everything nordic during her elsa larp

No. 212925

File: 1652661052497.png (1.45 MB, 828x1792, AC77A9AF-9A25-474C-8669-2E5EBB…)

Partner? How many people does it take to answer a phone and buzz people through a door?

No. 212934


Stef I realize having a job can be confusing but those are called coworkers, not partners. You don't carry a weapon. You MAY carry mace and even then your employers probably filled it with silly string, you touched bitch.

No. 212935

um, isn't it most likely that she's referring to a romantic partner, anon?

No. 212946

Unlikely that she would announce such a travesty in a little Instagram post when she could plaster it all over her discord for headpats and make a couple of themed tiktoks.(learn2sage)

No. 213037

File: 1652714060561.png (868.43 KB, 864x1488, Screenshot_20220516-181403.png)

on patrol

No. 213176

she sits at a desk though?? what is she talking about??

No. 213192

D-does she really think she’s a police officer

No. 213303

Ok I wonder what happened with Stef, and I thought she had gone away for good. The thing is I do think her singing is pretty good. If she put in some work and didn't feel the need to pathologically lie/abuse animals I could see her having a decent amount of success in cosplay.

No. 213318

File: 1652837688528.png (1.28 MB, 828x1792, A73F359D-FBD6-476D-9782-C6BE53…)

One of you is hilarious af. Brought her whole twitch to a standstill until she could delete the message.

No. 213326

Link to her twitch? Is the stream still viewable on her profile?

No. 213327

It's not hilarious, don't cowtip.

No. 213328

File: 1652842323500.jpeg (283.06 KB, 827x1475, 9638D12C-E90F-4685-B2E4-7530F3…)

well, the horse is still alive

No. 213330


Did she acknowledge the comment? I imagine her mods are unaware of her "dead name" and her history to delete it themselves.

No. 213336

It is, I found the timestamp 01:04ish of when the comment appeared but she deleted it and didn't acknowledge it. She asked the mod to ban the commenter. Her mods are aware that her name is Stefany, one apologized that she didn't catch it in time. She ended the steam early shortly thereafter saying she was tired…

No. 213349

Only her top tier inner circle were aware of her name. Not lowly mods.(learn2sage)

No. 213671

She’s moving out. I give it 2 months, tops. and major fucking kek at a new amazon wishlist for the event.

No. 213672

File: 1652999668303.jpeg (267.84 KB, 827x1466, 457C17A8-373A-4F08-92E7-493937…)

I’m autistic and forgot to drop the pic

No. 213785


Just watch the "essentials" be 12 boxes of potato chip packets again

No. 213820

RIP Nymeria, having to live in whatever tiny apartment she managed to snag.

No. 213844

File: 1653072249714.jpg (349.99 KB, 1080x2252, Screenshot_20220520-114041_Ins…)

Sampling of the newest items she added to her list. She also has like 5 different shot glasses and tons of computer equipment added at earlier dates. Also a lot of expensive cooking stuff you could easily get for pennies on the dollar at any thrift store. And a $35 broom.

No. 213860

This is straight up overpriced junk, cows always add the worst stuff to their wishlists

No. 213961

Everything about this makes me cringe
The hideous picture of old man Elsa or whatever that shit is and the "bug's movin out" bug??? Ew

No. 214152

File: 1653165583429.jpg (106.04 KB, 720x1280, 8b0rPH05X2_exported_12666.jpg)

t a c k y

No. 215498

Sorry I haven’t caught up on the thread in a while, but even with the disclaimer I think posting a wishlist just to fish around & see if people will buy shit for you is incredibly tacky

No. 215533

File: 1653683320777.jpeg (649.47 KB, 828x1466, 9D571D74-476C-4603-8BB8-8D7D83…)

Something feels off about this but I can’t quite put my finger on it

No. 215536

it smells to me like she's leaving breadcrumbs in order to be like "FINN DIED OVERNIGHT HE WAS SO ELDERLY AND FRAIL HOW COULD I HAVE NOT KNOWN" I may be majorly tinfoiling. She has shown herself to be borderline sociopathic with her animals, though. Also I'm not a horse sperg so I have no idea how feasible this plan is.

No. 215544

What does is say on the front of his stall? Conveniently covered up?

No. 215576

File: 1653689375715.jpeg (138.94 KB, 827x1456, B5BBF7DF-893A-4F5F-B0E2-2C4199…)

Siz- something? maybe? Is it his real name?

pic related. fucking kek. i think you’re on to something after looking at her latest vague-posting
>living in a cycle of death and destruction
>powered by greed

she is SO close to being self-aware. This is about your horses Stephanie. If you’re feeling off because all the animals around you are dying, that’s a good thing. It’s your brain working correctly. You’re SUPPOSED to feel bad about it

No. 215650

I think this is about the shooting in America?

No. 215744

File: 1653762565083.jpg (240.99 KB, 720x1280, EOA7zQDSN5_exported_66.jpg)

holy shit i lived in this neighborhood until six months ago. so disappointing, would have loved to spot her in the wild.

No. 215964

pains me that this large dog is probably crated in a tiny apartment most of the day

No. 216947

File: 1654187587446.png (545.59 KB, 828x1792, A1FE20D2-A90A-49EF-A443-11707A…)

So did the voice acting fall through?

No. 216982

>Jill is already filled

Welp. Did they just assume they needed VAs for the project or did the directors just decide not to waste time on dealing with talent?

No. 217097

File: 1654222908082.jpeg (334.2 KB, 828x688, F44C1155-B0F4-49E8-BAC1-AE8203…)

It’s my understanding that they’re working on multiple remakes at the same time and aren’t finished with any of them. This fakeboy-looking m’lady knob was simping for Stef to voice Claire in Code Veronica and the creator had to come up and say no, there are no new scenes and no need for voice actors.

She’s still the voice of Jill for RE3.

No. 217137

File: 1654244531380.jpeg (449.4 KB, 828x1524, F3237D2A-6875-4F11-8A31-76686E…)

She’s gotta be taking the piss now

No. 217138

File: 1654244681453.jpeg (188.93 KB, 768x1024, 2209A070-FF9E-463B-90B8-0CFC9A…)

i can’t

No. 217164


Is she five?

No. 217225

She can't afford a $3 can of soup?

No. 217246

she has to be joking. Why should anyone buy her ANYTHING? This useless grifter.

No. 217275

A typewriter and Nerf guns?? What?? Why would these things be on anyone's moving out list?

No. 217286

It's all Resident Evil references (typewriter/ink ribbon is how you save in the game, Jill uses a rocket launcher etc)

No. 217290

Jfc this woman is genuinely special needs

No. 217294


She has some ridiculously expensive items on this wishlist. This retard doesn't contribute anything to warrant asking for the shit she does. She brags about having high paying jobs but can't afford a can of fucking soup. Kek

Your friends / followers are not your personal piggy bank Stef.

No. 217309

all those carbs, Stef? You have no shame

No. 217418

Our very own Jill Valentine e-begging for $3 cans of soup and triscuts. Pathetic.

No. 217422


the e-begging for $3 cans of soup has sent me into orbit

No. 217547

File: 1654387237886.jpeg (753.41 KB, 828x1478, 14790752-9AAB-450A-B64C-9B5F1E…)

forgot to post this last night kek

which one of you mad lads actually sent her the soup?

No. 217558

Spends 2k on horses. Begs for soup.
Seems par for the course with this retard.

No. 217590

Pardon my ignorance, but is soup a Resident Evil thing?? Why is she so hyper focused on obtaining soup?

No. 217596

It's not. She's just retarded and can't cook.

No. 217612

She seriously got a star wars slow cooker? Was this on her wishlist or did she get this for herself??

It literally costs almost 3x as much as the Crockpot with the same volume.

>gets overpriced "nerdy" slow cooker

>begs for canned soup

No. 217651

the timmy's soup is fucking disgusting.

No. 217940

File: 1654551870609.png (49.24 KB, 864x250, Screenshot_20220606-202857.png)

high profile call
my sides

No. 218042

Oh god, she’s back to saying she’s doing “high profile” stuff?
I remember at Celebration in 2017 she was saying that LFL had called her and told her to take down a video she posted of her lightsaber fighting with a guy in line and at the time I thought some employee at the con saw her posting it and told her not to post it until she started making statements that implied that she worked on the films.

No. 218054

File: 1654575335439.jpg (315.7 KB, 1080x1893, IMG_20220607_121507.jpg)

No. 218057

File: 1654576148700.jpeg (121.86 KB, 734x1280, A2E039B8-5564-41FD-9607-6A1CEA…)

this joke wasn’t worth looking up pics of “fat jill valentine” on google but I did it anyway

No. 218163

no no it absolutely was worth it

No. 218327

File: 1654639550633.jpeg (188.56 KB, 828x879, 3BA9672B-0179-4A59-B57E-74BB9C…)

She added a permanent story highlight to her profile about her moving out wish list… and every time I look at it, it gets stupider

I’m gonna sage all this because her ridiculous moving out wish list isn’t milky anymore but it’s still good for a laugh

No. 218328

File: 1654639595911.jpeg (712.92 KB, 828x1714, 5B7BDFD4-ECCA-4EA3-A12F-9971A4…)

No. 218329

File: 1654639692863.jpeg (616.55 KB, 828x1714, CFCF2418-6E84-4E6F-A9D2-CF04AC…)

No. 218331

File: 1654639803476.jpeg (604.34 KB, 828x1711, DD9CA6F1-768F-407E-909B-C95F5B…)

No. 218334

She adds so much actual shit to her wishlist, girl has no natural taste or flair or personality whatsoever outside of whatever character she currently larps

No. 218368


"I'm moving out. What do I need? Ah yes, police tape and bee stickers"

No. 218431

that's a lot of bees.

No. 218457

our girl needs lots of magnets for her new big fridge

No. 218772

None of those bees will even go together. Wtf is she doing with so many bees. What new skin is this?

No. 218776

It's the other RE character she was larping before Jill, Daniela Demitrescu.

No. 218809

Those were blowflies though, not bees.

No. 218917

Maybe her next skinwalk will be Rowan Atkinson in Man vs Bee?

No. 218964

File: 1654803481076.jpg (511.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220609-213722_Dis…)

No. 218967

File: 1654804605568.jpeg (33.64 KB, 555x166, 0D305AE3-3FF3-44F2-A051-EBAE6A…)

ANOTHER injured animal?? Which one is Gracie again? I can hardly keep up with all her injured pets

No. 218999

I’m pretty sure this is the horse with that massive cyst on its side seen here

But that was a while ago. Like, it’s been at least a month since we first heard about it. It’s weird she is just now asking for money for the bill.
Can any horse anons confirm my suspicions? Would it take this long to heal and for a vet to give you a price?

No. 219021


Why is the perspective of this screenshot as if you are the poster of the story?? Stefany??

No. 219063

She's eating them.

No. 219080

nta but she posted a screenshot of her own IG story on discord. Jesus why doesn't she pay for her own animals? Why is she always raising money for vet bills when vet bills are a standard part of having pets? This is so tasteless. Who cares for the horses now ?

No. 219143

oh shit. good eye nonnie!

busted. hi cow.

No. 219155

File: 1654836248482.jpg (147.82 KB, 1080x1920, UYOoBRDoOw.jpg)

Praying to the milk gods that someone leaks a "NSFW voice memo."

No. 219168


It's a screenshot from her discord

No. 219170

File: 1654841841197.jpg (514.14 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220610-081646_Dis…)

No. 219172

File: 1654842724475.jpg (45.26 KB, 1080x377, Screenshot_20220609-213722_Dis…)


Samefagging to add you can see it's a screenshot taken on an android of a screenshot that was taken on an iPhone. Come on guys

No. 219187

Which animal is Gracie? It's always vet bills.

When I open this thread there is a gap of newer posts missing, no other threads are like that for me. So if it's answered right above sorry.

No. 219213

Just a theory or what ever but I feel like she's using the vet bills her parents pay to scam people out of money. You can not tell me that they'd let their daughter pay for something like this, especially if they know she has a job that probably doesn't pay much. They can't be that stupid and not ask themselfs where all her horse money comes from. She probably spends it on herself.

No. 219218

File: 1654865677342.png (3.21 MB, 1125x1500, 233185029_1947846322043074_490…)

Another horse, according to her discord at least

No. 219226

Who the fuck would spend $25 on card readings??? You can buy a nice print from an artist or some handmade stuff for that price. Shit you can get a whole tarot deck and learn how to do readings for that amount. Tf outta here, stefany

No. 219273

>$10 problem solution readings
The irony.

Treating your friends and followers like your personal GoFundMe is vile. The few friends she has now must see a pattern right?

She insisted on moving into her own place, alone. If you know you have vet bills, which she always has be the responsible adult and find a living situation with a roommate. Problem solved, no charge.

No. 219405

this is it, the beginning of the whore descent arc.

No. 219408

I don't use whatever app this is, I'm guessing its instagram or something? but I've always wondered. For stuff like this, dont you have to have the picture already on your phone? How does she have all these game/movie pictures on hand to make stupid posts with? Doesnt that seem a little insane?? Like, does she pick a character she likes and then go on some massive art hunt for every image every produced of it ever, or..what am I missing here. Just bizarre behavior to me, imagining her saving a pic to be like 'ooo im gonna talk about my gored horses face with this one' or something

No. 219411

that's such a weird nitpick. a lot of normal people do that lol

No. 219424

funny that mummydahlia also started doing tarot readings recently. i wonder if that’s where the idea came from.

No. 219425

"whatever app this is" what world do you live in that you don't know what Instagram is? also it isn't weird to have images saved on your phone.

No. 219440


No. 219459

>(inspired by my friend mummy)

No. 219464

File: 1654951514235.jpg (766.13 KB, 1078x1914, IMG_20220611_204335.jpg)

Is this a different dog than "Zombie"? Do we know about this one?

No. 219488

Definitely a different dog, "Zombie" (Bolt) was a red Doberman. Where the fuck did she get this poor guy??

No. 219537

Fuck you stef for keeping that dog in a tiny shitty Canadian apartment.

No. 219545

why is no one calling her out for adding to her animal hoard while she's begging for donations for vet bills? surely that's easy to see even for followers who might not be aware that she's notorious for getting pets as cosplay props

No. 219572

Is she keeping a Doberman in a studio apartment with another big ass dog (Nymeria?) Jesus Christ I can’t.

Some bigger breeds can be happy in apartments if given plenty of exercise/are given constant attention as only pet. Chances of that happening with Stef are 0-none. Especially considering she’s (I assume to pay for rent and stuff) full time working.

What’s next e begging saga:

-Dog fight due to the cramped space, more vet bills
-Overdramatised ‘dangerous abusive landlord/neighbours complaining’ uwu because her big ass dogs are barking during the day
- Loses her bond someway or another
-Struggling to rehome one or both dogs when her LARP changes

No. 219575

Nah, I’m sure she’ll just take one or both of the dogs back to her parents house if there’s an issue. They may still be there and she’s just pretending they’re at the apartment, I would think it would be hard to find an apartment that allows big dogs like that.

No. 219576

Really??? I've never used instagram, I didnt see a point to posting a bunch of personal pictures to strangers. So it really is saving a bunch of art pulled from other sites?? Hm. I always wondered if maybe you searched for a character, if it would possibly provide those pictures or if you had to go and find and upload them yourself. Sorry nonas not everyone uses all the apps and sites!
dont forget eventually having to travel and board them somewhere followed by 'they got sick from where i boarded them' or they get fleas + worms and she doesnt notice for weeks to months. and then maybe one "escaping" (probably mauled by the other, if not intentionally let out for the drama points) and coming back injured and needing money for that too.

No. 219605

Nymeria at the very least is definitely with her. She posted a picture of her in a Toronto dog park that I know well.

No. 219657

Are you seriously pretending to not know how Google image search works too? She's literally searching for an image and saving it when she wants to use it for a post. It's not rocket science.

No. 219806

People using random images or camera roll images as backgrounds on Instagram stories is definitely the least weird thing Stef does. Everyone does that, most people save pictures they like online into folders for later use, or take photos specifically to post to stories.
I don't use ig stories or watch them much but, yeah that's how it works. A lot of ig stories are straight reposts from other user's stories with maybe a comment added, or aesthetic pics/videos reposted, some of them are just screenshots from twitter with comments added, it's basically for all the lower quality stuff - quick videos from your day, polls, pet photos, etc - or stuff that isn't your own content as above.
These days people just post their "best" stuff on the feed and like 80-90% of their posts are actually in stories, so it's worth watching them sometimes, for cows especially since their story content tends to be more cowish than their main feed kek.

No. 219825

It’s a different dog. She hasn’t posted this one on the Discord and Arklay is a RE name. She’s covering her tracks better with this one.

No. 219828


She's claiming at least one as service dog which means she can legally get away with it.
Kinda hard to claim two large dogs as ESAs without proof.

No. 220310

File: 1655308245816.jpg (88.72 KB, 1080x730, IMG_20220615_175010.jpg)

She's bigender now??

No. 220794

File: 1655463297661.jpeg (227.46 KB, 1044x1353, 46DB7B43-21DD-47EE-823A-3DD2BD…)

Fantastic, living in a tiny apartment with one (maybe two) big dogs and no air con. One of which is a siberian, thick coated breed.

No. 220845

Lmao the heatwave is BARELY touching Canada. It’s like like 78 max where she is

No. 220851

I live in the same city as her and it was 36 C (~97 F) yesterday. No joke for thick-coated dogs in a non-air conditioned apartment.

No. 220860

this. it was also 93% humidity out.

No. 220940


Now would be a good and reasonable time to ask for fans or even a window ac unit on that Amazon wishlist.

The wishlist
>Bug magnets. Shotgun shell shot glasses. Crime scene tape shower curtain.

Fucking retard.

No. 221564

File: 1655731341709.png (1018.58 KB, 864x1397, Screenshot_20220620-143031~2.p…)

These dogs deserve better.

No. 221812

File: 1655757536185.jpeg (253.59 KB, 827x1480, CA76DDDF-6A13-43F3-8180-7588CA…)

one cheap-looking medium-sized bed for two large dogs and the cages they spend 12+ hours in are kept outside…
don’t know what else I was expecting from her other than the very bare-minimum but it still looks wrong.
maybe this is a nitpick, maybe i’m a bleeding heart for animals but with this bitches track record for letting her pets get injured and die from preventable shit every single week, yeah you can be damn sure I’ll be judging the fuck out of her pet posts

No. 221834

I'm pretty sure that cage is inside, just reflected in the glass doors. Regardless, I feel terrible for these dogs.

No. 221841

The fact that she has these dogs in what is likely a studio - MAYBE a 1 bedroom - apartment at all shows just how little she actually cares for animals. She doesn't give a shit about animals at all.

No. 221875

It honestly makes me so angry and sad to see these dogs like this. I know it's just her typical shitty behavior, but I also know that she probably got these dogs by showing off her family's barn and acres of land around it. She certainly did not adopt them by showing off a studio apartment in a city. Neither are service animals or have been trained to perform any tasks she requires. How can she larp as a police officer and claim she needs a service animal, when certainly that condo won't let her keep a poorly trained giant dog by her side as she buzzes in pizza deliveries?

I hate you Eloise Frazer, Stefany Lauren, Ellie, Elle, Fuckforbrains. The horse people had already convinced me you're a fucking animal hoarder and abuser. Now I have to watch you shit on dogs you fraudulently adopted?

No. 221932

I see a package of 'training' pads. It's not hard to take a dog outside to potty train it, especially large breed adult dogs and months old puppies. Especially if they are crated, just take them outside first thing. I just see it as another sign she is going to be lazy so even when the dogs get out of the crates they are still gonna be cooped up. At least the dogs have eachother for company.

No. 221946

I used to live in the area she recently showed, and it's definitely not cheap. 1 bedrooms are easily $1,800-$2,000. I doubt she's affording that monthly by herself.

No. 221957

is it a 1bed or studio? I still don't know how anyone would approve two large dogs or even one in that kind of living space. Doesn't a service animal have to have gone through training of some kind?

No. 221964

I fucking hate crates, just fucking babyproof a bit, or don't get MASSIVE dog in studio apartment. Imagine making your dog lay in fucking crate for hours and then have gall to say you love your dogs. Also nice ripped ears on doberman. Very animal lover to get mutilated ear dogs from shady breeders.

No. 222008

she probably didn't tell the landlord. in ON, it's not legal for landlords to ask who is occupying an apartment, so often times pets get snuck in. also unlike in USA, service animals need to wear some kind of identification showing they're an actual service animal, and not an untrained "emotional support animal".

No. 222350

Sorry to dog sperg and I know she’s not showing her Doberman but in my case I DO show my dogs. I use to show AmBulls and I can’t recall how many times I’ve had a judge tell me I lost out on a first place win because I didn’t have cropped ears on my dog an had flops. Also doing the crop early in puppy stages the dogs don’t have cartilage so they feel nothing. It also reduces hematoma in the ears, and ear infections. I could go on an on, but looking at steffs Doberman’s ears she has a shit job done, didn’t do any of the aftercare to have the dogs ears stand properly and cleaning the edges of the ears so they don’t have that weird bumps around the edges from not peeling the scabs off. It’s just more showing that she doesn’t give a shit about the dog because no aftercare was done at all.

No. 222397

File: 1655947936366.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2374, Screenshot_20220622-202838.png)

And it starts.
Begging for even more money because her high profile job as a button pusher isn't covering her bills. Yeah dumbass. Living alone is expensive. Living alone in a high col area with two large dogs who require quality food / care even moreso. I hope whoever gave this retard a doberman sees their mistake.

No. 222399

Poor thing, having to suffer through real life. Imagine being such a spoiled cunt that you e-beg for rent (as well as soup and police tape) when you have an expensive ass apartment, two large dogs (one of which needs pretty consistent grooming) and several horses. I can't imagine having even an ounce of her audacity.

No. 222408

> Also doing the crop early in puppy stages the dogs don’t have cartilage so they feel nothing.
Go pinch a puppy's ears and tell me that you sicko dog shower

No. 222420

File: 1655955386421.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2268x4032, 0F84E068-C725-4823-B46F-BB9C32…)

Here the edge of the ear in this pic looks smooth and it’s the hair that’s jagged. Did she groom him like that or is that just how it grows in when it’s badly cropped?

No. 222434

Omg his paws are caked in dust

No. 222446

People like you are why dogs have to suffer so many terrible health problems. Go crop your own ears and leave dogs alone.

No. 222447

File: 1655969746838.jpg (72.46 KB, 1000x1000, averagedobermannbreeder.jpg)

this, also
>showing AMBULLS
Keep your dog fighting breeds fuck away from normal people pls


No. 222450

File: 1655971004073.jpeg (85.28 KB, 970x502, 26263C39-1767-44A6-BF30-149EE6…)

Took another gander at her moving out wishlist’ She has several large pieces of furniture (including a gaming desk, chair and multiple bookshelves) and probably no where to actually put them.

Cherry on top is pic attached: a fucking police scanner. What are you gonna listen for Steph? Animal control announcing they’re coming to take your purebred LARP hounds away?

No. 222454

this. just because people breed animals they need to harm in order to keep them healthy doesn't mean it's any less fucked up.

No. 222519

>the dogs don’t have cartilage so they feel nothing

wtf does cartilage have to do with pain, they still have nerves in their ears

No. 222520

forgot to sage sorry

No. 222580

Wonder if she still has the same shitty Star Wars friends that didn’t care and enabled her lies

No. 223157

nah pretty much everyone in the star wars community cut ties with her over her RL bullshit and taking credit for cosplays she had commissioned and being abusive to her partner(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 223275

She was abusive towards a partner? When the hell did that happen?

No. 223327

File: 1656294154635.jpeg (419.03 KB, 828x1473, 3838AD6E-3EC9-4CEC-9342-A51A08…)

yeah. sure. ok stef.
you had a panic attack and claimed PTSD when a speaker blew, but you’re going to house someone you’ve “never spoken to” and guard them from someone/a government they’re running from?

fuck right off. i know you think you’re this baddie private security guard law-enforcement boss babe, but you’re not. you’re constantly begging for money for basic necessities, asking your fans to buy you stupid larp shit, and you can’t even house your pets properly, let alone some random pregnant bitch from the states.

i hate this kind of fake activism where ppl just say stupid shit like this because it gets them woke points.
I’d love to see a total stranger actually take her up on her offer and watch her squirm trying to backpedal and get out of it.
but that will never happen because she’s put this load of shit on her insta story that will never be seen by enough people within 24 hours. Just enough people will see it for her to pat herself on the back for her tokenism activism while she reads 2-3 comments on how sweet and selfless she is by simps and her retarded larping friends.

not sorry for the rant girls. everything this cow does grinds my gears so fucking much.

No. 223330

File: 1656294474387.jpeg (365.9 KB, 828x1474, 9E94251B-B080-4FD5-A845-F37415…)

saging for samefag and no milk but potential incoming milk in 6 days. chubs got another girlfriend.

No. 223332

not only do americans have the ability to freely stay in canada 6 months per year, but no one cares about them being here. they don't get asylum or some shit.

No. 223405

Jill/Claire is such an awkward ship… they're like sisters. But anyway, we know for sure this is someone different than the Honeymaren cosplayer from before?

No. 223408

File: 1656314715102.jpeg (311.36 KB, 1109x467, 1AF2E319-BF9A-4498-A22D-EB052F…)

It’s this girl that’s been drawing some of her icons

No. 223543

GROSS!! COUNTESS?? That bitch HAD a girlfriend not too damn long ago, but she and Stef were always weirdly sexual on the discord and on the streams.

No. 223544

File: 1656365456986.jpeg (74.13 KB, 828x475, 55CD5E8A-60D7-481D-89C6-45E62F…)

Stef and Countess

No. 223599


No. 223669

shipping Claire and Jill like chris needs another reason to mourn the redfield bloodline

still mad the vibes she throws off as a newbie in every single fandom she enters. always enters last minute, bogarts, opportunities and attention, then fucks off for the newest thing. leech.

No. 224265

bruh It’s pretty fucking weird how she gets girlfriends according to whatever character she’s larping as, like full on sociopath shit

No. 224310

File: 1656540597053.jpeg (475.96 KB, 828x1464, 67CDF3AF-AC34-485B-97A0-02652F…)


No. 224326

Kek. I'd rather she sell her animal hoard than e-beg for rent money.

No. 224357

File: 1656555489150.jpeg (244.51 KB, 827x1477, C42BABB5-157C-4989-9859-C7E18D…)

forgot to post this

No. 224374


> Our new goal

No bitch, that's your bill with your name on it, that's your goal. Your lack of funds, common fucking sense and resources is not anyone's problem but your own.

You want to be an animal saviour but not have to do any of the work mentally, physically or financially.

Sell the horses. You're done using them for your pathetic larps anyways.

No. 224382

of course she’s going to sell the horses… but not before she can get a few bucks out of these bleeding heart idiots that repeatedly fall for her scams

she’ll get a couple hundred bucks, then sell the horses. Just like with that “rescue” foal she got donations to “save” then it inexplicably died only for her to post in a furry group that she was looking for a new fursuit maker the very next week kek

No. 224411

um, I thought Gracie had a forever home?! as the daughter of her "heart horse"?

No. 224538

They all have forever homes, until she gets tired of them.

No. 224558

Hilarious that no one wants to touch that NSFW option from what I can tell
Sorry "Jillian" I don't think any people want you licking your fucking iPhone mic and calling it sexy

No. 224698

File: 1656658893011.png (2 MB, 2048x1895, Untitled_Artwork.png)

pic not related/totally related it’s just here to justify my blogpost bs

sage for blogpost but I'm gonna put down my theory cause I haven't seen anyone really bring it up when reading thru these threads (slight psychsperg but no diagnosis cause APA) I'm sure most everyone has this in the back of their mind but I still wanted to write it down

tldr, Jill is gonna skin walk until she's got people who want "her" rather than the faces she photoshops onto herself

the way I see it, the shit "Jill" does is all fueled by her desire to not have just fans or money or whatever but to build her own fandom– a Stefany/Elois/Jill/whatthefuckever fandom that follows her no matter the cosplay she skin walks next. countless cosplayers out there have legit fandoms that follow them from interest to interest, some of them even cows we know and love, but the idea is that she wants to have that clout that follows her everywhere she goes, knows her and spreads her bs, and mindlessly supports her economic needs, as we have evidence of some fans doing for her bs amazon shit.

we see proof of this in how she will post something like "are y'all interested in the girl behind the cosplay" for whenever she gets "big" with her newest thing and traction is strong– she wants people to like stefany/elois/Jill and gets mad when people identify her as her cosplay or the actress she's skin walking rather than her, even if she's purposefully skin walking/cosplaying in public. like when she dressed as Elsa to a Star Wars premiere and posted that bitchy huffy pic about 27 people calling her Elsa. she puts up this guise of cosplay and is trying to get people invested in her, not the character she steals.

we saw this in her posting about her interactions with various gfs/partners and calling to the stupid top/bottom stereotype that no genuine person leans into without it being 100% for laughs. she builds her personality to be confident and domineering but also "lol I'm smol" and appealing to stereotypes of various personality niches to try and build up some semblance of a visible personality that she can market and profit off of. Offering to make videos for kids scared during covid? Just a way to broaden her marketable reach and maybe get a reliable following.

there's also her endless posting into groups that can't turn her away, which is either just her attention seeking or possibly trying to create some sort of recognition within the communities themselves. she's not just some rando, she wants people looking at her and being like "oh it's the bitch selling another fucking horse" but in a more positive reflection– she wants her own group of people knowing her by name. we also saw this in her garbage attempt to be TikTok famous, even asking for shit not to flop when people get tired of her current obsessive cosplay.

sadly, this girl is fucking flat as cardboard in terms of personality, and has little to nothing in terms of real talent that makes other cosplayers stick out. most "famous" cosplayers can make all their shit or are very good at a certain talent or are actually important within their fandoms. she doesn't have any of that (but has tried with all of her lying about being involved in projects). Everything became a tool to her– dying pets for sympathy, education for legitimacy, trauma for authenticity.

When none of this shit works and she loses traction, she jumps ship and goes to the next big thing despite having literally no previous interest. I don't think she really genuinely likes anything she gets into. she never read/watched GOT, she never saw Star Wars before, she never played video games, she never cared about the first frozen, etc. She's just trying to get the next big thing and gain as much as she can from it. And since she's so well off, pouring money into something doesn't mean shit for her.

what makes resident evil so different is that she finally has multiple outlets of gaining attention rather than just the posting of photos or TikToks. Streaming is a thing, and she can make her own discord where she can spoon-feed her options and cultivate a positive image in an isolated environment. she can also do this BS va shit that no one asked for because fuck off, you can't do the game better than the actual company. I don't think she'll stay with this skin walk forever, especially because she's appealing to the fickle new fandom side of re that's just horny and dumb, but she's still getting to build "her fandom"– which she's wanted all along. nothing wrong with wanting a fandom, but she's trying to build a house of cards on California sand. earthquakes, bitch.

anyways, she seems obsessed with fan art to the point of stealing character art and saying it’s her so here you go jillian some real "fan" art(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 224744

she might help her "fandom" grow if she stops changing her name and socmeds every 6 months.

Maybe you're right, or maybe it's not that deep and only 'dumb narcissist wants attention', either way she will never gain a cult following like other cosplayers or cows because, like you said, she has the personality of half-dried paint on cardboard and evidence of her abusing her animals and crying about it while begging for money and dropping her trauma story is all over the internet and that is not attractive to anyone (I don't mean in a romantic way, I mean, literally no one is drawn to that type of person)
maybe she reads this and picks up a self help book and gets a better personality. maybe she stops biting off more than she can chew with how many animals she adopts, and maybe she stops throwing herself a pity party every week and begging for free shit/money then maybe JUST MAYBE… she might be a cool person to follow and people might actually want to be her fans.

until then, she is doomed to repeat history and I will have endless milk to suckle upon. mm delicious.

No. 224945


I agree that changing her name every fucking fandom is the last way she can build a long lasting fan base, but with how many lies she gets caught in and how many people sniff out her BS the longer she skinwalks, I wonder if she feels she has no other choice than to ditch her entire identity to renew her image and escape her "mistakes"

No. 224964

yeah she's just a narcissist tbh. Everything you described basically is just a symptom of her being a narcissist. At it's core she just craves adoration and attention and wants to feel special for being ~that much more~ than just a cosplayer. Hence why she always picks up quirks/personalities/talents/skills of every character she cosplays. It's not just a fandom but rather more like 'I'm the REAL [insert character]! I do all these things that make me legit!'. She just wants to be extra special, like the character was made FOR HER or OF her.

It's as delusional as lori, another narcissistic cow on here, who at one point legimately unironically said that sailormoon/usagi was based off HER personality and herself (while cosplaying usagi and pretending she has her personality and quirks). It's really not that complicated or deep tbf.

No. 225023

Same psychsperg

I hesitate to go with full blown narcissism. One thing about narcissism is it tends to carry an extreme sort of admiration for your physical appearance. The Stefany we see, who not only puts down her appearance constantly but also avidly alters it for the sake of looking "better", does not at all align with that aspect of narcissism. And is also date to say that she doesn't exactly seem to believe she's all these great things she claims.

Most notably seen in how she builds up her ability to perform, but then shoots it right back down, like how she lied about her ice skating ability and then publically admitted to getting schooled by a bunch of kids. A narcissist or a person with narcissism isn't gonna pull for sympathy in any way because they don't want sympathy, they want people affirming that any sleight done to them is injustifiable and laughable. Stef doesn't want any of that, she wants validation but she also wants sympathy for being a failure. She wants to be built up when she falls rather than never failing at all.

Again, she's looking for a fan base that cares about her as a person, but not only does she fail a lot of the checks for narcissism or a narcissistic personality trait, she also just isn't really clever enough to pull that off in the first place. While intelligence isn't a necessity to being a narcissist or narcissistic, most at least try to make people believe they are an expert in something. Stef hasn't tried to be an expert in anything really, and anything she could lie about being good at, she admits to public failure. Even those weird talents she claims to have, like horseback archery, we never see her actually hamming that up.(armchairing)

No. 225064

Couldn't she have covert narcissism?

No. 225316

At the risk of getting armchair banned again lol I'll just say that someone who is socially submissive/introverted like covert narcissism entails doesn't fuggin kulning across a crowded convention center like a whale with throat cancer so think of that what you will

No. 225533

Her discord followers are fucking blindly worshipping her though. Hell, her mods are in love with her ffs. Especially if it really is Countess who is this gf she’s counting down to coming to visit. The name of the discord shouldn’t be Little Bugs- it should be Cult if Ellie. The people on there will do anything to make her play favorites- stupid ‘swarms’ in her ‘honor’, playing into the pity parties, making tiktok compilations about her and how wonderful she is. It’s sickening to have watched come about tbh.

No. 225575


No. 225577

File: 1656871913740.jpg (84.55 KB, 1080x1920, QhA2Kt8SF1.jpg)

Uh?? She's talking about this girl like she talks about her "rescues". Is this a moving-in saga?

No. 225611

Isn’t that just general discord autism tho?

No. 225656

Stooooooopp with the gross ship pics to rep irl shit oh my god my insides are curdling

No. 225666


yeah you got any screens cause that server is like dead

No. 225776

Has Stef ever dated men or just women? Has she stated what exactly her orientation is?

No. 226975

Any update on this

No. 227407


not really. nothing on insta and she hasn't been on discord since the beginning of July lol

maybe she'd actually have a fanbase if she interacted with people ffs

No. 227501

Oh she does. When she needs money or is actively seeking asspats and/or sympathy. Her and her visiting heifer are probably scissoring and making cringe tik toks.

No. 227538

File: 1657370940345.png (270.2 KB, 381x626, Screenshot 2022-07-09 at 14.47…)

the fact that the dog looks like he knows his fate of being used temporarily as a prop until she gets tired of jill or he gets deathly ill from a scrape

No. 227579

bitch is legit a walking, crouching refrigerator

No. 227597

The fact that she wears the incorrect costume for the character she claims to literally be is hilarious considering everything jill wears is way too tight/sexy for Jillian to get away with

No. 227628

Can we not feed into her bullshit? Her name is Stef.

No. 227672

Why so she can whine to her crusty ass followers about being deadnamed? Nah I'll call her what I want, especially when I'm making a point that she's literally trying to be jill lol

No. 227746

yep she never had it changed legally, I think. Stefany: Fat and Fake. I wish someone would figure out how horribly she treats her animals. Neither of those dogs should be cooped up in an apartment for long periods of time. They need a lot of activity and exercise.

No. 228428

File: 1657604636606.webm (1.38 MB, 720x1280, YTjecVn6x2.webm)

Little update on how Stef and Countess are getting along.

No. 228429

File: 1657604701715.webm (758.77 KB, 720x1280, 2880380383458554721.webm)

She looks absolutely disgusted.

No. 228430

File: 1657604756726.webm (3.09 MB, 720x1280, 2880438363562701394.webm)

A sample of what a NSFW voice clip from Stefany might sound like.

No. 228602

Oh god anon I hope you didn't actually pay money for this and just got a leak

No. 228676

Nta but I'm 90% certain that's her just fucking around and not an actual audio for sale. Jesus Christ.

No. 228681

slight nitpick idgaf but as someone who gets to pull the "I have friends who are x" I gotta say I don't really see friends that are actually dating ever pull shit like this without being either super honeymoon are super fucking insecure once they're past the age of 16 or smthn like

who thinks this bit is actually funny after graduating high school sex becomes normal and commonplace especially when people are long distance why make the joke when she's like 27 or smthn it's just not… funny in the fucking slightest wtf

No. 228682

shit my b wasn't able to watch cause mobile and I feel better knowing no one's yet to have paid her for NSFW voice "acting"

No. 228968

File: 1657747201960.jpg (240.9 KB, 1430x2543, Screenshot_20220713-171643_Ins…)

Not that I'm surprised, but her new gf is an absolute ham planet no wonder she doesn't show herself anywhere kek

No. 228981

Lmao why does Stef make this pained face every time they kiss?? I'm gonna try to make a compilation.

No. 228983

That is the face of regret, also someone should buy a nsfw audio so we can all have a laugh

No. 228995

I wonder if she's 'dating' this girl just because they are into role-playing the same fandom so hard. Something cringe teens do when they meet up in cosplay at cons after role-playing long distance online, only these are grown adults. I mean people who would not normally be into eachother at all make due and get a thrill because they have such a hard on for their ships. She is likely not attracted to this girl at all outside the larp, especiallynot physically.

No. 229020

while part of me wants to agree with this (saying they're dating for the ship), i kinda don't for the most part because as >>228968 has said, this girl doesn't show herself anywhere, meaning she's probs not a Claire cosplayer, or at least one with enough clout to fall on Stef's radar. considering Stef is a slut for Claire/Jill I don't think it's a cosplay kink and maybe just her trying to grasp for straws in the LGBT community cause no one else wants her

No. 229067

The roleplay could be exclusively online and she's not really a cosplayer but they try to keep that online dynamic going in person. I think Stef may have gotten to the point where clout from the outside means less than clout from her small discord bubble and this girl calls her Jill and kisses her ass. Stef seems to be keeping a smaller circle since her lies and behavior always blow up in her face. But idk just speculation. They definitely have no chemistry other than fat yaoi teen energy.

No. 229141


She's embarrassed by her new "gf". I'd love to be a fly on the wall when those two met at the airport.
These two fat fucks catfished each other. Kek

No. 229157

File: 1657825727014.png (836.92 KB, 864x1365, Screenshot_20220714-151131~2.p…)

So she regularly leaves two large dogs at home for 12 hours. Cooped up in an apartment.

No. 229158

File: 1657825763113.png (1.48 MB, 864x1497, Screenshot_20220713-084327~2.p…)

her whole heart = abusing animals and treating them like props

No. 229160

File: 1657826163636.webm (1.19 MB, 720x1280, 864DB074AA46C452671C590A0ED2A6…)

The Countess finally appears.

No. 229183

Holy heifer, that's a serious downgrade from Sydney. These two deserve each other.

No. 229187

Lady Gaga's countess if she gained 350lbs and didn't shower

What an obsession the have btw, and why with RE characters? A true sped if I've ever seen one. Match made in heaven.

No. 229191

I just want to point out the accuracy of >>>/w/166541
Gracie's boring, time for her to go

No. 229192

File: 1657835273473.jpg (1.91 MB, 1440x9075, 1629093923135.jpg)

I'll threaten to sell this horse if you don't pay my bills. But she'll never be harmed again!!

No. 229197

Oh my fucking god tell me countess isn't trying to be a fucking wesker cosplay my insides turned outside at this wtf

And legit bewildered by this Leon shit does stef even have a Leon friend??? Are they trying to be cute or are they just chronically inaccurate with the shitty cosplay

No. 229198

Also hilarious that stef is toting this wesker/jill shit with her merkin I thought stef was "abused" in a previous relationship, why tf would she be okay with this ship of all the ones

No. 229220

i give them 10 months, if that.

No. 229222

they’ll break up the same week this tub of lard goes home

No. 229223

File: 1657855261922.jpg (290.93 KB, 1080x1942, Screenshot_20220715-051947_Ins…)

countess #2

No. 229229


… to each their own that's all I'm gonna say

No. 229231

Sage your non milk

No. 229234

how is that not milk?

No. 229239

This countess is so milky id probably call her full fat cream

No. 229241

is she larping as the fatso merchant from re8? this is a new low

No. 229243

I don't know much about RE but I'd assume she cosplays some fat bloated corpse whose blood pooled up in its legs from sitting on its fat ass so much.

No. 229245

File: 1657861439713.png (Spoiler Image, 226.25 KB, 287x500, whopper.png)

isn't it obvious she's a whopper from re6 what an amazingly accurate cosplay

No. 229249

Given this girl has claws on her index and middle fingers she isn’t a lesbian they are clearly larping this shit and not “fucking” as claimed

No. 229251

maybe she can eat out. she can clearly eat.

No. 229270

I've always gotten the vibe Stef only "dates" girls because she's insecure and they're more likely to coddle her delusions and suck up to her within her fandoms. I don't think she is emotionally mature enough to understand an actual romantic connection to someone or love for another person (or even animals kek), she's so stunted and self centered her living out her larps and seeing others as accessories is her only concept of connection.

It really is like the tween weebs rping relationships for their ships shit someone mentioned up thread.

No. 229319

Honestly, I think this is realistic for Stefany. I remember she was "Dating" that decent looking girl back when she was in her "Frozen" phase and I always thought it was fake and they would'nt go for eachother if the cosplay shit wasn't involved.
This seems the kind of person Stefany would "Date". However, I agree, She's clearly delayed mentally and loves to live in fantasy land. So these relationships don't seem "Real".

No. 229344

Could also just be the generalized idea that women are "safer" and "easier" to date as a woman and also tend to be less focused on physical attractiveness according to societal standards, especially in the woke fields stef frolicks

No. 229448

File: 1657949104857.jpg (189.42 KB, 1080x1920, 294063022_458580805692616_7490…)

Here are some of her latest stories (1/4)

No. 229449

File: 1657949148829.webm (2.63 MB, 720x1280, 6E4D7BB1D11C02BC04AFFAAEC0CF86…)


No. 229452

File: 1657949263405.webm (1.45 MB, 720x1280, 1A428A4577CABABCDA4F9F9B1FEAD7…)


No. 229453

File: 1657949374441.webm (1.85 MB, 720x1280, 7C474707A3498495727E0AED6A12E3…)


No. 229461


She sure does seem to attract others whose genes came from the shallow end of the pool. These videos are shit that I'd expect from 12-14 year old socially awkward teenagers. Stef over here closing in on 30 fake eating grass and making juvenile jokes sex in public spaces.
I hope she's a true lesbian, this fat retard should never breed.

No. 229464

File: 1657955525504.png (287.22 KB, 535x672, Screenshot_20220716-020532~2.p…)

I suspected that she wore her fake cop costume out in public versus normal clothing but to see it just sends me. You know damn well she annoys everyone she meets with her stale game references and need to be validated as the IRL

No. 229470

Sorry to sound like a wk but can we not trash this girl's looks on here? Her only crime is being Stef's gf. Her Instagram account doesn't even have any photos of herself.

No. 229471


I mostly agree, but she does have an entire story highlight titled Selfies on her insta, so she does indeed show herself

No. 229493

You've seen horses as a prop, you've seen dogs as a prop, but get ready for the new GIRLFRIEND AS A PROP!! Easier to dispose of than the other two when a new fandom comes around, girlfriend as a prop will help you live out you autistic larp!

No. 229526

kek. This bitch passed from hiding herself to showing ALL of this in the short time she has met Steph. The madness must be infectious… Steph's delusions float in the air in the apartment and it trasmits.

No. 229527

Nonnie this is a whole milk factory

No. 229580


If someone sat her down and gave her the entire history of Stef, her animal neglect, skin walking, lies, scamming, do you think she'd ditch Stef? No. She's knowingly feeding into Stef's delusions.
Stef is well aware that we are watching, if she wanted to protect her gf she would. She chooses not to.

No. 229593

It's still just fucking egregious to me that she can't get her shit in order to the Point of wearing the wrong stuff like Cmon if you're gonna be a fucking twat wearing a fake badge in public at least do it right I'm begging you to get a god damn STARS badge since you lied about getting into the STARS program ffs

I can't imagine the stares people like these get, just a bunch of adults dressing up in weird shit and sniggering into their phones the lack of self awareness

Stef has done shit like this before especially in her Elsa phase but it's insane to me she's found people willing to cosplay outside for no reason and make fools of themselves

No. 229655

Still balding I see

No. 229774

File: 1658065011544.webm (4 MB, 720x1280, SnapInsta_f1.webm)

No. 229859

God she's so pudgy

No. 229874

I laughed so hard I coughed nonni

No. 229891

nona she is certified obese now. anyone who shops plus sized clothing is obese and there's no way she can fit into any normal clothes with that wide load

No. 229982

This is hilarious considering this dumpy bitch pretends to be a trained special tactics cop or whatever

No. 229997

There's that figure skater physique we have been missing. Good job finding the only support beam in a warehouse with your fat ass Stef.

No. 230052

I apologize for the incoming dog sperg but as a Doberman owner myself, they require physical AND mental stimulation ESPECIALLY in apartment living that I bet this poor dog isn't getting.
Dobermans are also really prone to DCM (Canine dilated cardiomyopathy, basically the heart loses ability/ pressure to pump blood.) genetically and diet-wise if they're given shit food. Watch this poor dog get diagnosed with it and her scream about vet bills.

No. 230130

Maybe don't buy dogs from breeders, directly supporting and encouraging the creation of more animals with severe built in health problems.(derailing)

No. 230131

File: 1658120596883.png (Spoiler Image, 643.53 KB, 1608x1546, Untitled_Artwork 2.png)

(spoiled for png size)
>insists is an advocate for mental health
>insists will be there for persons suffering from mental health
>has a "buggy breakdown" section in the server where people have their buggy breakdowns

>literally not even fucking there anymore

just found this funny lol she wants to be seen as a big ol' depression supporter but doesn't even bother to follow up on that shit good job stefakey or should I now say >>229774 stefatty

No. 230132


Not sure where this video was posted but it's been scrubbed from her IG if she posted it. She doesn't want her "fans" to see what an absolute unit she really is.

No. 230147

What the fuck is Countess supposed to be?

No. 230276


it was posted on her friends story (@cheydoes_art)

No. 230278

File: 1658164661395.jpg (542.79 KB, 1079x1267, Screenshot_20220718-191636_Ins…)

these two cosplays side by side is really sad (and also funny)

No. 230288

Stef is in danger of being vored lmao

No. 230289

I think she's functionally asexual. She's just too narcissistic and autistic to love another person and commit to it.

No. 230290

Not a wise move to stand next to a x3 size smaller than you WOOF

No. 230300

Honestly this is the best phase she's ever had. She doesn't look as crazy, as she did in her Starwars/GOT phase. Not pretending she's "smol" or ruining her hair. If only she'd stop real life skin walking characters. Mentally I think she's worse then she was then though.

No. 230360

"Everyone but me is unethical," Anon typed, on her device that was made in a Chinese sweatshop.

No. 230376

Joke's on you it's made in Vietnam now go have your dumbass irrelevant conclusion fallacy somewhere else fuckwit(infighting)

No. 230496

Are you brain damaged?

No. 230527

I wonder how bad it chapped her ass to see a smaller, more accurate, and more attractive Jill there.

No. 230802

File: 1658283860468.png (2.69 MB, 1440x2564, Screenshot_20220719-211715.png)

Is this peanut butter toast with syrup, whipped cream and sprinkles?
Fucking disgusting.
Have you heard of an egg or fruit Stef?

No. 230812

Jesus. This is what a small child would make the first time they're allowed to stay home alone, which I guess when you think about it is on par for her; sad, but on par.

No. 230814

No wonder they’re both absolute hambeasts, good god

No. 230825

Might be French toast? Still tooth-rotting garbage though.

No. 230840


3 huge pieces of toast covered and soaked in nothing sugar for 1 person first thing in the morning. Everything in their stories has shown nothing but gluttony. Starbucks, cakes, jello shots. alcohol, fried food and now a breakfast of nothing but carbs and straight sugar. Her unfortunate body is not merely the result of genetics, it's a shit diet.

No. 230844

I'd love to see Stef and Count become a real relationship and document themselves living together. These two fat fucks feeding each other sugar and ballooning to 400+ pounds would amuse me.

No. 231003

So is it safe to assume now the horse larp was bullshit and her parents were always the ones taking care of “her” horses - most of which were boarders? She moved out two months ago and hasn’t been back that she’s posted. Finn’s “boarded” somewhere - which would make sense, since he’s definitely her horse - and none of the others have been mentioned except Gracie and the baby to e-beg.

No. 231269

Yeah, now that her current larp isn't horse friendly she doesn't give a crap about horses anymore. Think she did genuinely like horses as a kid, or maybe not and it was her mom that wanted her in pony club. But I think older Stef wanted them around for attention and to make her larps stand out more. Animals in general draw attention and make for great sob stories and money begging opportunities. Horses are animals not everyone has access to so extra attention.

No. 232110

File: 1658630853437.jpg (558.08 KB, 1080x1890, IMG_20220724_104718.jpg)

More e-begging for cosplays

You can barely care for your pets, maybe prioritise those?

No. 232117

$230.41 covered for a $230.47 bill. They're willing to pay a full 6 cents themselves. How savvy.

No. 232119

Since when is this her first big convention? Didn't she used to get flown out to NY conventions thanks to her parents' money? Is she really trying to scrub her past that hard?

No. 232124

File: 1658637461391.png (352.41 KB, 1431x1709, Screenshot_20220723-232234.png)

How about you forgo going to aquariums, going out to eat with friends, stuffing your faces with fast food and Starbucks, buying inane useless shit for your apartment like crime scene tape and buy your own goddamn wig.
But first, don't you have vet bills to pay?
Looks like she hasn't hit her goal that gets higher randomly.

No. 232131

I think the gf is asking for the costume to be paid for and Stef is just signal boosting it. Stef has definitely been to big conventions before.

No. 232135

>>232131 We now have two grifting cows that feel entitled to other people's money.
The ham planet does't even take or show pictures online for her followers, why would they fund her cosplays?

No. 232136

Funny she doesn't signal boost this in that dead server sure it's only got like 5 people actually in there but wouldn't those people be more likely to give money? Or maybe they're already catching on to the e begging

No. 232154

"Dress size: 3X-large" lol

No. 232178

>getting the most expensive delivery option

Yet they wonder why they cant finance hobbies like this.

No. 232575

File: 1658778617618.webm (2.03 MB, 720x1280, xUFTeb1Lzp.webm)

Looks like they got a new pet to neglect.

No. 232600


That's not a pet, that's a future kofi fund.

No. 232602

jesus christ.
she JUST begged for money for her horse! what the fuck?!

No. 232616

damn what a skittish and exhausted looking cat I'm gonna be praying for this one considering it has to go up against 2 big dogs that we don't even know are safe around cats and a neglectful owner who is never home
ffs I'm genuinely scared for this poor thing

so does the countess just live with her now??? how can Stef have 3 fucking pets by herself? this is just disgusting

No. 232636

File: 1658790636021.png (106.32 KB, 1646x318, Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 3.07…)

lol anyone wanna fall on a grenade this Wednesday and lose some braincells? sure as hell ain't gonna be me

No. 232637

That cat is going to end up lunch for the Doberman. Adult dobie, probably from a breeder, probably not socialized around cats, in a 1 BR apartment? It’s good as dead. Hopefully her girlfriend takes it with her when she goes back wherever she came from.

No. 232639

File: 1658791727034.jpeg (149.03 KB, 826x945, D91E030A-EF03-4B79-8F71-8C1DD2…)

Slightly old milk but this is where their e-begging funds went. Tickets are ~$200 CAD each in this section.

No. 232640


Nice catch anon.
Love of your life? Are you sure about that? Stef will ditch your sasquatch ass as soon as she's bored with this skinwalk. This "relationship" has the shelf life of milk.

No. 232643

Samefag, they’re $117 not $200. I was looking at resale prices, but the seat right next to them is open for $117 so I’m assuming that’s what they paid. Still too much when you’re e-begging for vet bills.

No. 232644

And $200 wigs so you can cosplay for a day.

No. 232660

Please, please, please, don't let anything happen to this sweet looking cat.

I hate that this cat will likely either end up dead or injured, both of which will result in lots of posts and e-begging. She'll say how it's her heart cat and that it magically got maimed by a 2×4, just like her horse.

No. 232690

one of you canadian nonnies better be a fucking legend and buy that seat and film the whole thing

No. 232700

Send me the money and I will.

No. 232704


Now this is a gofund me I'd get behind.
Stef will most certainly document themselves at the show for tik tok. Followed by a new dying animal and a kofi fund.

No. 232718

I'll contribute $40 if you promise to befriend them and get some good milk

No. 232721

Inb4 she posts something along the lines of
>Omg guys someone broke into my house and stabbed my cat. Here's a graphic picture of the injury, please donate money for his vet bills! This is my heart cat and potato chips are his favorite snack.

No. 232838

then a week and a half later
>here’s my new cosplay/wig/ticket/fursuit/pet I just bought

she isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. she is back to back asking for money for “vet bills” then DAYS later bragging about dropping hundreds of dollars on something else. and no not a single follower has called her out?

No. 232847


They probably do. She just blocks. She lives in a bubble and doesn't want anyone popping it exposing her. I wish someone would make a tik tok channel exposing her crusty ass.

No. 234268

File: 1659305312380.png (383.37 KB, 1516x706, Screen Shot 2022-07-31 at 3.08…)

this poor fuggin cat

No. 234288

Guess we can't say it doesn't belong to token whale gf

It's puppy food rip(sage your shit)

No. 234321


Taking bets now on how long until she's begging for vet bill money for this cat.

No. 234404

She will not stop until she has an animal named after every RE character.

Get some psychological help you repulsive cunt. I don't wish for anyone to suffer but Stef has a reserved spot due to her repeated mishandling and treatment of her "beloved" pets. She's never home by her own words. She doesn't need or deserve 3 pets, two of which spend half the day crated.

No. 234427

Not even a character just a fucking lame ass reference that literally everyone knows now thanks to the hilariously bad re Netflix show there's nothing special about piano music in horror games anymore you're not some creative genius jill

No. 234463

File: 1659335724136.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 370.46 KB, 899x2825, B98FABA2-A800-48EF-B092-426272…)

Image spoilered for size
I guess we can add professional wildlife photographer to Stef's "skills"? Posted a bunch of shit calling it "zoo photos" or whatever and ignored some poor asshole who asked if she took them. Are these even Stef's? I have a hard time believing she could get some of these shots without being in the damn pens

No. 234520

I wish I knew wtf is wrong with this narcissist. Why would she get a cat? I don't think she has ever owned one before. Why should everyone pay her vet bills when she keeps getting new animals?

No. 234665

File: 1659379605033.png (2.09 MB, 828x1792, 0457E7A2-BA55-48DA-8870-7BEA4C…)

Wow. A whole 2 views. And one of them is probably the cow she calls a gf.

No. 234671

Lol Stef's own fan club ain't showing up Thats what happens when you're a fraud with no personality aside from skinwalking

No. 234690

stef's not really cosplaying or posting it anymore and not getting much traction I'm honestly wondering when her next ski walk is gonna happen

No. 234693

File: 1659385295398.jpeg (230.99 KB, 1004x1555, 24716F33-B45F-4F7A-A38E-4C1393…)

Looks like whale gf needs money. What happened to staying with Stef? Is she really not giving her supposed soulmate food or does her crosswalk guard gig pay that little? I hope she isn’t trying to move in considering she can’t even afford fucking groceries

No. 234712

File: 1659387960479.png (625.29 KB, 714x1261, Screenshot_20220801-001559~2.p…)


Sell your Lady Gaga tickets then, backtits. It's not like you're starving. Of course traveling to a large city, eating out and going to attractions is expensive.

No one wants her shit tier art, she's hoping people feel pity and send her money. The two obtuse cows deserve each other.

No. 234714

File: 1659388568135.png (1.38 MB, 1402x2184, Screenshot_20220801-161040.png)

Diplomas? For what?

No. 234718

let's see:
that summer drama workshop she attended
her work training session
her high school graduation?

No. 234723

These dumb fat bitches deserve one another. They JUST went to a convention, got lady gaga tickets, are planning for ANOTHER convention (complete with its own e-begging for wig n cosplay). Now she's e-begging bc her wallet is low?? We all know that Stef's parents bankroll her bullshit, did the cuntess expect the same? How do you plan this extravagant weekend and not budget for it?

No. 234749

She's claimed to have studied in robotics as Rey, forensics for the i zombie shit, psychology at one point, now criminology. Maybe it'll be a diploma for her "stunt training" ffs

No. 234787

Shit it's not even a weekend. I'm fairly positive she's been staying with Stef since the beginning of July.

No. 234792

Imagine countess moves in only for Stef to get her next larp and change her name

No. 234927

bachelor in skinwalking and a master's degree in lying on the internet

No. 235155

File: 1659458177773.png (160.42 KB, 690x594, Screenshot 2022-08-02 at 18.36…)

a month ago but still… here we go again

No. 235188

This shit becomes so bizarre to me because it seems we've kinda come to realize she isn't the primary caretaker of these horses– her parents are. Why else would she not care about moving away? Cause she never took care of the horses in the first place.
So then why the fuck was she always selling and buying? Was she just lying the whole time to be part of an equestrian larp? Was she doing it at the behest of her parents? But if Thats the case, then why does she claim she has to sell her "best friend" because of taking loans to care for horses? It doesn't make any sense

No. 235331

Tinfoil? The ads we see her putting up for sale are not ever for the horses she's getting/got rid of. No listing for Joey or Beni or Sven - she just posts announcements that they're going to live elsewhere or they never appear on her timeline again. Meanwhile Orpheus has been listed two or three separate times and he's still not sold and lbr no one but the slaughter auction is buying that colt.

It's kind of ironic that here she finally admits the colt's ~super serious 24 hours to live pls donate~ illness was caused because she couldn't be fucked to buy a $12 tube of dewormer once a month. She almost killed her "best friend" for 1/100th the cost of her fursuits she never wears.

No. 235337

"Free to have a PPE done at your own expense"
I don't buy horses often, but this still seems fucking cheap and gross to say considering she's the one who fucked those horse over in the first place. Even if it's common for people to PPE beforehand, this feels like something her end should handle considering the neglect and shitty conditions she puts these poor things through.

No. 235355

It's typical to have the buyer pay for the PPE because they can bring in a vet they trust, instead of going off the word of whatever hack vet Stefakey has that doesn't report her animal abuse. It's like an appraisal. PPE is going to show this foal isn't worth $200, let alone the $5000 she's asking.

No. 235371

Damn guess I'll eat my words
Still don't like her but dinner's served

No. 235380

>one and a million

No. 235615

File: 1659544339161.jpg (1.09 MB, 1079x1883, Screenshot_20220803-183157_Ins…)

..another dog??? How can she keep so many animals in her apartment?

No. 235742

Jesus fucking Christ so

>e-begs for money and then buys cosplay

>tries to sell best friend horse a month ago cause "loans"
>e-begs again
>buys two dogs
>buys kitten
>buys $200+ lady Gaga tickets
>gf begs for money for food

How tf are they feeding themselves let alone four animals. Also taking in a foster dog with a cat? Is she insane? It's rare to know how foster dogs act around cats she's asking for that poor thing to be shredded what a sick fuck

No. 235746

"we" - so, countess lives there now?!

No. 235749

Not sure, they switch between calling it a visit and just her being there but it also sounds like countess doesn't even have a job since she e-begged for commissions

No. 235755

Off topic but, I’ve never heard much of her before but reading the part that said “parents sent her to a whack doctor who made her pop balloons with her mind” cracked me tf up. I can’t help but imagine she would latch onto 11 from stranger things next. Especially considering stranger things recent popularity with the new season

No. 235763

Right like how tf did she just get away with saying that. She could probably fly under the radar if she didn't make up stuff as insane as that. pauvre stefakey will say anything to be special

No. 235772

There is simply no reality in which you are allowed 4 animals in a 1 bedroom (possibly not even 1 bedroom, I think they are in a bachelor suite) apartment in Toronto.

This should go well.

No. 235776

didn't she claim this was a 1bdrm + office?

No. 235778

I dunno but this pic looks really weird to me >>234712

Like what is happening there? Is the bedroom on the balcony?

No. 235781

I'd assume they turned the office into a bedroom and Thats the only separate room cause it would be weird for a bedroom to have doors like that

No. 235789

i remember her saying she had a 1 bedroom plus office when she offered to house people from the US or something. let me find the post. that does look odd for a 1 bedroom. my apartment has an office and the master bedroom has regular windows to the balcony but the door to go out onto it is in the living room. it looks like she lives in an older apartment too.

No. 235791

Either way, that's still a tiny apartment, and either way, in all my life I've never seen an apartment that allows multiple large dogs and cats. I imagine per her lease she was allowed a single dog.

And either way, she is a fucking animal hoarder and her dogs do not belong in that building. I bet they howl all day long. What a nightmare.

No. 235793


It's >>223327 she says 1+den

No. 235796

Correct, there is also no way a rescue or shelter would give her a foster pet with that sort of space constraints, most rescues I've worked with won't even let you foster if you don't have a backyard or 4 door van. So where is she getting these animals? Just a terrible rescue or does she sell rehired dogs and pretends she's "fostering"

No. 235797

funny that this poor pup doesn't get its own server channel poor thing is double neglected

No. 235815

So much to unpack here.
Count linebacker is still there I'm assuming. That's two obese adults, 2 large dogs, one medium rescue dog and a stray cat - In a one bedroom apartment. You know that apartment is a disgusting mess. Between the dirty dogs, dog hair, litter box and these two fat cows living off of sugar and fast food then scissoring that apartment has to absolutely reek.

Two of the dogs are crated for at least 12 hours during the day while she's at work. This isn't counting all of her horses she claims to have at her parents home.
Who the fuck keeps giving this imbecile animals? One of these "adult" morons can't even feed herself, the other has a new vet bill she can't pay every month. She's bragging about all of this while simultaneously begging for money. There's no way this charade will continue at this rate. Her few friends have to be catching on that something is off with Stef. Hopefully.. right?

No. 235825

File: 1659567601160.jpeg (673.69 KB, 1125x1307, FF95E3EE-75AD-4E80-8DB5-D778E1…)

No need to guess that it's a pigsty– only fitting considering she's collecting animals that she live like an animal herself.

No. 235844

I don’t think she actually has the dogs at the apartment. Maybe one. But I think most of the animals are still at her parent’s house. Her family is probably fostering the dog and she said “we” even though she doesn’t live there anymore.
I also don’t think she actually ever had to pay for the horses/vet bills etc. I think her parents pay for it and she uses it to grift and then she uses that money for her living expenses/costumes etc. I’m not sure why people are still giving her money, but I don’t think it’s being used to pay vet bills.

No. 235855

I think it's pretty well established she never used the money for bills considering the timing of the cosplays she bought after and all the money she'd spend. Also the fact that she changed the name of kofi goals halfway thru. But we do know the Doberman and the white dog (nymeria?) is at her apartment because we've seen pictures of them there and TikTok's ft them and those are the two biggest dogs so it's still an issue

No. 235903

Sage as I’d never cowtip/do it but my god do I wish someone in the cosplay community would make one of those tacky callout threads. They get made for the smallest things yet she has somehow flown under the radar?

A girl is, at present, getting harassed because she cosplayed the canon outfit of some anime character and people assumed it was ‘nazi’.

This bitch has a fully documented history of lying, animal neglect, trying to cheat her money back from a commission, race faking, claiming ‘abuse’, excessive photoshopping etc etc.

He’ll I’m surprised even the equestrian page she frequents hasn’t caught on or attempted something similar. As a horse person, I know how vile and petty equestrian chicks can be so it’d be justice delivered kek

No. 235907

She is fucking gross
All her lies aside, the outright animal abuse and neglect isn't a joke. And even back in the original threads, there was someone who made a huge FB post about Stefakey being "abusive". The FB post fake or not, she should've been called out years ago.

No. 235912

Wait do you have screenshot or link? I've read through her threads several times and never noticed this.

No. 235918

File: 1659593652664.png (151.83 KB, 640x1136, 32515D43-0160-4002-A5FC-0CB212…)


Good god I had to dig thru the trenches but I found it >>80567 back in the 3rd thread, here's the first image just so you know where to start. The whole expose is like 12 screen grabs long
Again it's alleged but who knows what part of Stef is real anymore

No. 235924

Holy shit. TYSM anon. I've been following her thread for two years and never noticed this. I sadly have zero doubts that whoever wrote this is telling far more truth than lies, if any. Stef is a narcissist and this is precisely how I see her treating partners and friends. It explains why she changes her skinwalk obsessions like the wind. Once she's burned that group of associated friends/relationships with her lies and bullshit she moves onto the next skinwalk to aquire new friends before those are ultimately burned.

She was obsessed with Elsa then latched onto SheRa briefly with Sydney and performing ( piss poor ) in the fan musical. Boom relationship is done and she's off to RE5 pretending to be a cop with multiple diplomas and hoarding even more animals.

With her collecting and neglecting of animals, I can 100% see her doing the same with friends and relationships.
I don't like tipping but this disgusting bitch deserves it more than most of the cows I follow, especially when she bring innocent animals into her charade. I hope one day an IRL friend or ex pulls the plug and exposes her ass.

No. 235932

She definitely dumps people the second she gets a new larp. I think moving into the city is probably gonna open up a new side of her bullshit considering she's "independent" and also surrounded by a ton more people to filter through
Who knows where she's gonna to next. I just hope her animals make it thru god knows they're the real victims here

No. 236206

File: 1659629821641.png (153.82 KB, 852x264, c2b2390e11d01d9a295fc9450904d0…)

I can't believe its been like, 4 years since she claimed she was going blind. I can't believe no one has called her out on that. Maybe because she switches groups/fandoms, people just forget.

No. 236228

Being able to ditch groups and change her face is basically necessary for her online presence lol it's insane what she's said when you list it out

>constantly switching area of study to match her larp

>claims to have popped balloons with her mind and been physically abused by "doctor rad" when failing
>attempted to suggest her Dominican father lied about being her father
>progressive illness that causes blindness was going to kill her which ended up in her saying "yolo I'll ride anyways I'm brave"
>another illness that required her to eat practically raw meat for her izombie larp
>lied about being related to Elizabeth Giles
>claimed to be daisy Ridley's stunt double
>claimed to be HBO's official Arya cosplayer
>took a photo with a GOT actor and claimed they "hung out all day"
>is a witch without ever practicing

I could go on. It's ridiculous.

No. 236252

I only hope her next skin-walk doesn't involve animals, but it also seems like she (Stefany, not Eloise or Jill or whatever) is an animal hoarder. She gives them names of the fandom du jour but like… there's nothing on-brand about the "foster dog" or the kitten. She's literally just hoarding animals.

No. 236266

Yeah, you didn't dig into the frozen/scandiboo stage. My personal favorite. The needing to live where it's cold and not being able to feel cold. The kulning! That larp about fried the hair off her head permanently.

No. 236272

How could i forget frozen was my favorite with how many times she dressed up as Elsa and then got mad at people for saying she looked like Elsa
That "accidental" Disney bound never forget

No. 236455


Using horse shampoo was hilarious

No. 236456

And then "never giving this to my horse ever again!" Like human hair is comparable in any capacity what a fucking joke

No. 236522

File: 1659681395131.png (415.78 KB, 1440x2893, Screenshot_20220805-011802~2.p…)

Sometimes I get a little curious about our skinwalker and how she works. Today I decided to search her discord channel for any mention of Rey, Elsa, Elizabeth, and who can forget Maisie. All past characters she latched onto hard. These are all characters she says are women who have made her feel normal. They were the reason she cosplays, they are just personas she feels attached to. She's not trying to be them! Deep shit right? 0 results found.
Jill, 44 pages.
Her current friends who have been financially supporting this psychopath are going to be tossed to the side, just like her personas, past friends and pets.
I'm truly fascinated to see where this waste of oxygen ends up in 10 years.

No. 236607

Hilarious to watch her try to become a "gamer girl" because she thinks it's necessary to larp Jill she's so shit at FPS and anything that isn't ACNH

No. 236610

I’m sure she’s trying to keep from any association with Rey, because it’s one of the characters most associated with her in a negative way. She went off the rails and pissed off a ton of people because she lied about stuff that was not hard to confirm. Then she did the same thing with Arya/Maisie. She’s not going to give her “fans” any reason to look up these things and find out her history.

No. 236647

Might explain her leaping things that are either cancelled or don't ft. an in person role she can swipe for clout she realized her limits with the lie

No. 237434

File: 1659836090181.jpeg (295.93 KB, 1082x1840, 71788384-2D25-48C6-A618-4D7505…)

Is…. is she cosplaying to a lady Gaga concert?

(I’m not familiar with the show but isn’t that the Weiss chick from the anime?)

No. 237438

Jesus fuck Stef. Did you use every facetune option available?

No. 237442


Bitch just created a whole new body. Are we Asian fishing now Stef?
Yeah anon she's digging out some oldies for us Please God let this spark her interest in a different skinwalk. Bring back Weiss so we can watch her "accidentally" mutilate herself again.

No. 237467

Cosplay or not you can tell from this pic alone how tacky and ill fitting the outfit is. Hope she posts full body pics.

No. 237473

Saw this image and deadass didn't know it was her oml
Not that the countess is a catch herself, but I'm wondering if the girl was lowkey catfished by the shit Stef posts vs what she really looks like lmao

No. 237474

they definitely catfished each other, not that it matters because there is no chance in hell they ever intended to fuck

No. 237477

>catfished each other
Then theyre made for each other let them rot

I just find it simultaneously hilarious and icky that they made that dumb video about "fucking" when it's pretty obvious Stef doesn't have an ounce of attraction towards countess

No. 237494


Not that I doubt this in the slightest but what's their end game here? How are they benefiting from a fake relationship. I can't tell if they collectively decided to play pretend until the beast goes back home after laying eyes on each other or if they are just friends faking romance for a sexual larp. Stef's face when kissing her was of pure disgust. I'm kinda surprised she posted it.

No. 237496

Could just be the bullshit people project to either seem like able but an audience or just fulfill what they think is good for them? Could tinfoil for days about this, but it's not like I haven't seen this irl in lesbian/gay/straight couples. Some people just think they need to be with someone. Even if they don't want it. Doesn't really matter either way and makes for hilarious content from stefakey. I'll never forget her edgelord phase of saying love doesn't existing after breaking up with her else gf lmao

No. 237508

File: 1659858341100.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1031x1659, A793C173-6694-474B-A654-53A3CE…)

Christ almighty. That’s what happens when you leave a puppy without stimulation (possibly in a crate) in a tiny ass apartment. Honestly surprised the big dogs didn’t get in on it too. Jfc

Also I haven’t seen any posts about the white Nymeria dog in ages. She posts on her story the Doberman a lot. As cute as it is, I can’t help but wonder if she’s just paying attention to her exclusively because it fit the resident evil LARP.

#prepare for incoming ‘lost my bond/getting kicked pit/need new makeup/cleaning supplies e-beg#

No. 237538

Well, so much for the tinfoil that the new dog was at her parent's house. So she literally has 2 large dogs, a puppy (that will obviously grow), a cat, and a hambeast living in her apartment. That's disgusting. Those dogs deserve a better life than to be crated ~8 hours a day (idk how long Steff works, so I'll toss out an average) we know that Cuntess isn't going to take them for a walk while Steff is out. So their average day is a quick potty walk in the morning, sitting in a crate for x hours, another (probably short bc Steff is fat) potty walk and then maybe being allowed to just exist in the house, then back in the crate to sleep. Cool. Great.

I fucking hate Steff more than any other cow.

No. 237617


Good. I'm glad this puppy destroyed her shit. It's not like she paid for most of it anyways.
If there's dog shit on the ceiling the only logical explanation is loose stool likely from stress and/or a shit diet.
That's what happens when you hoard animals, don't give them the attention that you signed up for when you "saved" them Stef.

She claims to work 12 hour days. At minimum for 12 hours a day these large dogs are sitting in crates. For what? They don't serve any purpose aside from being temporary props.

You know she's not claiming 3 of these animals on her lease. Pet rent is expensive and all apartments I know of have a 1-3 pet max. I won't be shocked if she receives an eviction notice for breaking her lease terms. Her neighbors must hate her.

No. 237626

Sad about Nymeria not only cause it's a cute pup but also because that whole server was hyped for the "wolf dog" and no one cares now that she never brings him up. Guess she's good at surrounding herself with self centered bastards in the end.

She fluctuates between 12 hour shifts and 16 hour shifts, though that larger number may be just to look cool. Either way, she brought this upon herself and no animal deserves this. I'm glad her shit got destroyed. Puppy training is no joke and we know she's never trained an animal in her life.

No. 237781

Her neighbors definitely hate her. Maybe countess moved in to take care of her pets? Not sure what she actually does for a living, aside from eat. That would explain what either of them “get” out of this relationship; a place to crash and someone to petsit 24/7.

No. 237788

File: 1659909627894.jpeg (247.95 KB, 1376x714, 15F99277-A47A-44A4-AACC-954455…)

Slightly old milk but she wore her Jill cosplay to the zoo, and weirdly photoshopped her shoulder half the size of her lower bicep. From her discord.

No. 237799

File: 1659910484407.jpeg (249.64 KB, 1376x714, CDC5D8C0-E7F7-4600-882F-612872…)

Doesn't look like her face either wtf
Honey pls your arm is broken

No. 237805

wait, you said this was server? just in there and I didn't see It did she delete that shit already?

No. 238403

File: 1660031647113.jpeg (267.39 KB, 852x1640, 7702EDB8-D549-4A4A-8B1C-B373F9…)

> begs for money for vet
> goes to cons, a concert, adopts a new animal and now a 3d printed prop commission

Jfc I wish I had the balls to be this much of a grifter.

No. 238457

Her followers are brain dead at this point

No. 238880

File: 1660179157247.jpeg (251.06 KB, 1124x1918, 09B39CB4-7941-4924-91F4-238D36…)

Sage for non milk just wanna kinkshame the furry fanart someone made for our lovely Stefakey

No. 238964

>>222350 you fucktard it's not just about the puppy having/remembering pain. Dogs socialise largely by body language, and cropped ears stop them for doing that well.

Cropped ears are also done purely to make the dog look more dangerous originally as they where often used as security or fighting dogs, and now it's just aesthetic. You're basically ruining any change on a proper social life with other dogs for your dog to make him look more cool.

Hence, it being illegal in most of Europe. Rescque dogs who have it will generally receive a special note about it from whatever group rescqued the pet so new owners of previously abused pets can prove the situation.

No. 239072

That face on that drawing looks like something straight out of Alpha and Omega. Stef has bought decent fursuits in the past and can draw decent art herself, so it will be hilarious if one of her discord 'friends' trys to makes her an ugly ass beginner fursuit. Would she actually wear it or would that poor 'friend' quietly get ghosted lmao. Stef wants handouts but not like that.

No. 239093

File: 1660248473665.jpg (203.09 KB, 720x2409, fursuit.jpg)

Funny you should say that…she straight up ignored his request for a name for this eyesore.

No. 239155

Damn I mean admittedly the coloring isn't great but she didn't even bother with it out of b&w what shade oml

No. 239166

File: 1660264161523.png (917.84 KB, 864x1383, Screenshot_20220811-184331~2.p…)

There's so much milk in these screenshots that I don't know where to begin. Literally no one calls her fat in comments. I think she is making this shit up. Just like she made up a story about having scars on her back because kids at school decided to "harpoon the whale." I think she is writing persecution fanfic about her life.

No. 239168

File: 1660264301442.png (660.29 KB, 864x1370, Screenshot_20220811-184343~2.p…)

After all her skinwalking and excessive lies in order to perfectly emulate fictional characters… including changing how she fucking smiles (to larp as Daisy Ridley)… Jill is the FIRST character she has cosplayed because she understands Jill SO WELL and relates to her on a PERSONAL level. lmfao.

No. 239174

>I'm so tired of being the fat version of every character I cosplay.

then… lose weight?

No. 239176

>Maybe ask for advice? IDK
She's so obviously fishing for compliments it's sad.

No. 239182


Then stop cosplaying fat ass. You don't pay for them anyways, your scummy "vet bill" kofi fund does.

No. 239199

Her logic is so weird. If you genuinely love and relate to the character, why does it matter that you’re not a perfect body/face double? Oh yeah, because she has no identity and can’t just cosplay, she has to skinwalk. She invites negative comparisons when she wears her cosplays out in public for absolutely no reason, like Jill to the zoo and wearing her Elsa cosplay (wig included) to the TROS premier a few years ago. If you don’t want to be “fat Jill” then maybe stop trying to skinwalk her every waking moment? Or just lose weight.

No. 239215

File: 1660269826564.jpeg (20.03 KB, 554x554, 0DCA12A0-9778-48C0-9453-56619C…)

>Lara Kraft: Fridge Raider
stop. i can’t breath.

oml this is just an excuse for her to ditch her current skinwalk and move on to the next.she really isn’t capable of just being like “i want to cosplay something else now” she really has to have a whole song and dance number about how much of a victim she is. whatever, you animal-abusing bitch. see you in the next skinwalk

let’s take bets. I vote $10 on Vi that’ll lead to other LoL characters that’ll lead to Dota and WoW.
orrr she’ll recycle old ones for a few months until she has a mental snap and join the DID/mental health community like other Jill

No. 239219

God this was the same shit as Elsa and everyone before it saying it was her and she just relates so much of course you relate because you literally change details of your life to fit ffs

No. 239318

Just skinwalk as Jill working out for her police career, or whatever, idk much about Resident Evil. Anyway, to make going to the gym fun. Problem solved.

No. 239331

I'm fucking dead. An ambassador for Jill Valentine. Why even have this conversation if you're not willing to lose weight? Sorry, Steff, you're fat. Maybe try something other than toast slathered in sugary garbage for breakfast.

No. 239390

To be fair tho, most events with cosplayers this is what 90% of them looks like. Every now and then they're is one looking real good, but most look like ugly white kids in cheap costumes. To be fair, I'm surprised the wigs are brushed. Not good, just brushed. Even that doesn't seem the standard sadly.

And that's no WK, more a diss on the average cosplayers.

No. 239403

File: 1660327542730.png (5.37 MB, 1125x2436, 97FE0AD2-0D38-4370-BA49-CDE79D…)

Guess who's suddenly remembered she's a "voice actor"

No. 239413

File: 1660330921156.jpg (250.44 KB, 1080x896, Screenshot_20220812-205848_Ins…)

Sorry for the spam, but I found these pictures from the con they went to (I'm not posting all 9 pics) [1/5]

No. 239414

File: 1660330950111.jpg (345.29 KB, 1080x1175, Screenshot_20220812-205855_Ins…)


No. 239415

File: 1660331087234.jpg (354.22 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20220812-205906_Ins…)


No. 239416

File: 1660331208263.jpg (248.42 KB, 1080x996, Screenshot_20220812-205912_Ins…)


No. 239417

File: 1660331313550.jpg (320.95 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_20220812-205923_Ins…)


No. 239418

This is the absolute laziest zombie I have ever fucking scene looks like Stef has a run for her money

No. 239419

File: 1660331583473.png (1.13 MB, 1105x1129, 4E7F2CCB-F5F7-48EA-8E37-C44F46…)

No. 239420

damn she really let herself go recently. how do you have so many pets that require basic exercise and look like that

No. 239421

Couldn't even straighten her damn hair for the cosplay ffs

No. 239424

File: 1660333093799.jpg (78.67 KB, 303x900, facesofregret.jpg)

The face of regret.

No. 239425

File: 1660333711352.jpeg (552.33 KB, 740x1065, B9EDEA90-BDBF-4840-85EE-C09227…)

The discomfort we all feel seeing these

No. 239428

File: 1660334231627.jpg (620.51 KB, 2880x2880, 20220812_215744.jpg)


No. 239430

Lmao Is that a pouch beneath her vest or her fupa

No. 239431

fupa stuffed into pants

No. 239432

File: 1660336395870.jpeg (45.09 KB, 632x438, 39E06ECE-DAB9-4AA7-A04F-586257…)

Leon hun I’m so sorry this bitch disrespected you with this party city ass wig

No. 239456

She actually is pretty in the face, or maybe hogess is just so shockingly hideous that Stef looks facially decent by comparison.

No. 239475

I've always thought she could be quite cute if she lost weight and learned how to style herself to flatter her real features instead of trying to skinwalk her new favorite actress/character of the month. Her appearance could improve so much just by shedding that extra weight and it would certainly look better than her god-awful shoops or using an even fatter girl to try and feel "smol." It wouldn't even be hard for her to drop a few pounds if she actually got off her fucking ass and spent any time with her horses and dogs.

No. 239481

I agree she's kind of cute. She looks like a fat Kristen Stewart

No. 239514

File: 1660375094489.png (330.09 KB, 353x606, Screenshot 2022-08-13 at 09.16…)

im genuinely upset. it takes one google search for her to find out that her dog is doing this because its anxious, probably under stimulated as all hell. this is like a human biting their nails, and look how disgusting that window is because of how much he is doing it.

No. 239527


this breaks my heart. and what a disgusting piece of shit she is to post this publicly on TikTok and to make fun of it..god

No. 239528

She'll never embrace her own self bc that's not special enough. So far most her skinwalks have been characters that people like, so if they like the character, SURELY they will like her! (Until they find out that she abuses animals and begs for money via sob story, then uses said money for other shit)

No. 239565

She's probably too uncaring about tge animals she takes as pets to know what this behavior means and her mind is probably going like: This looks funny. I can probably get "pet doing funny shit on internet" cred for it.

No. 239654

Dobermans are known for being excessively neurotic and a bag of nerves as is, but this fat bitch doesn't care what a dog is predisposed to aslong as it fits her image or she wouldn't have two extremely high energy breeds in an apartment while she works all day and spams discord. I don't really follow this cow but she causes so much animal suffering, and the only thing she posts is how sad she is because people are calling her fat. Go jog your dogs fattie before it starts biting its own paw off

No. 239656

Decided to archive some of the dog stories.
#1 (puppy) https://streamable.com/140r7q God, why is she grabbing his mouth like that?

No. 239657

No. 239658

No. 239659

Stefany Lauren thinks abusing animals is funny https://streamable.com/hil8je

No. 239660

Stefany Lauren Mancebo / Eloise Frazer truly believes this is "voice acting"

No. 239671

ngl it's sad to me how many anons would say
>Stef is my fav cow cause she's stupid but harmless
and then we got the fucking animal abuse saga

also I wonder how her precious countess feels when Stef goes on and on about being overweight like >>239166 when countess herself is uh more overweight than stef lol she probably gets pissed considering how overweight cows can be when someone "skinnier" than them goes on about being fat

No. 239680

I tried re-uploading the infamous Elsa Live (39m of her babbling - in full Elsa makeup - about how she doesn't have an identity crisis). Here's the link, I hope it works: https://rumble.com/v1fwbcv-eloise-frazer-elsa-live.html

No. 239687


Bless you anon! This needs to be pinned in the next thread for all newcomers or doubters. She's fucking unhinged.

No. 239689

File: 1660424957114.png (647.88 KB, 1148x1020, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 2.09…)

another one. these remake "creators" must be desperate for VAs if they go with her

No. 239693

This is crazy anon, thank you for this! Every time I've tried to watch this the link has been down. Elsa Stef was my favorite!

No. 239699

Once again? Pretty sure she didn’t voice any of them

No. 239701

She's affiliated with 1-2 other remakes already and after snooping around those servers and the fact that one of those creators is still in her own personal server, I have no reason to believe she wasn't kept as VA in those.

No. 239726

"I've always hated my voice" yet she claims to be a VA… this video is nuts.

No. 239763

Kek thank you for the nostalgic milk nonny, I forgot about that snowflake necklace

No. 239797

should i upload some more? Stef is still kind of my absolute favorite cow and i love to revisit her milk. Now we seem to be on the verge of a resurgence with this "fat cosplayer" lament.

No. 239803

That’s what I was thinking. She’s in some dingy discords for fan made “remakes” in which none has a finished product it seems, what a joke

No. 239832

Theyre actually pretty semi-large for indie fan productions. Nothing monumental, but a good chunk of the RE community supports these remakes for nostalgia bait. They may never come out but they're not weak productions by any means. The fact that she's in them tho definitely makes them low quality in my mind. Just because the original lines are delivered with the worst English VA ever doesn't mean Stef is actually good, she's just "better" by comparison

No. 239838

>misread as Stef being semi-large
nodding in agreement

No. 239849

Lol checks out

No. 239985

>fat Kristen Stewart
Don't give her any ideas, imagine if she entered a Bella Swan phase kek

No. 239993

i only managed about a minute and a half in. i can’t do it. the secondhand embarrassment is too much with those stupid tiktok facial expressions she is pulling the whole time. it’s so stiff and forced and unnatural, she looks awful

No. 240048

No. 240066

Was this when she was pretending to be from London? As a Londonfag she sounds South African kek why would you try to fake an accent you’re shit at. She’s insufferable

No. 240083

She pretended to be from London with Arya and Rey and I'm p sure she admitted somewhere she was faking the accent afterwards god knows why she didn't get backlash for that

No. 240091

File: 1660576924208.png (177.63 KB, 1080x577, Screenshot_20200224-052852~2.p…)

I hope it's ok to post some nostalgic milk

No. 240094

File: 1660577298084.jpg (116.95 KB, 740x1280, 806622877_392665~2.jpg)

No. 240095

File: 1660577327484.jpg (103.89 KB, 981x1280, 107929955_62153~2.jpg)

No. 240096

File: 1660577411181.jpg (308.82 KB, 856x1280, 107735316_171699~2.jpg)

She lies about that too. Here she says she loves her voice and accent and is glad she is no longer hiding her inner Brit. lol

No. 240097

ah the classic "athletic build" despite us never seeing her ride the horse for more than photos once

No. 240098

was clearly just an excuse not to go to the casting? audition? She knew she didn't have a chance in hell.

No. 240100

course she didn't have a chance, but she's coped with the athletic build claim before, along with "ty Disney for making Elsa have hips" despite not having hips she's insecure about her body and constantly drops white lies to cope

No. 240103

File: 1660578129544.png (60.22 KB, 602x563, 1538422228319.png)

found it it's snow >> 701882 the second thread on her where she admits the accent is entirely fake

No. 240285


Part of me wants to see her become successful maybe even famous for a short minute. That way when someone randomly uncovers all of her vile behavior, pretty clear animal neglect that she benefits from when she's scamming her viewers for money that she uses to buy cosplays, it will have a larger effect on her. After compulsively lying her way to the top, only for it to be instantly taken away when all her bullshit came to light. Maybe then she'd get some fucking therapy and treat her mental illness.

Nothing would make me happier.

No. 240287

lol she had that before the animal abuse when the Star Wars fandom ran her out for skinwalking Rey I don't think it would stop her unfortunately

No. 240301


I know, but it be fun to watch her get publicly shredded for all the shit she's gotten away with without any consequences.

No. 240346

File: 1660661563054.jpeg (167.7 KB, 370x1406, 215650D0-5BA1-4F0D-BF68-E9DC37…)

For personal enjoyment- how many times is this cow gonna slip on a new face and say it’s “special”

No. 240475


I'm pretty positive I've seen her express the exact same sentiment about Rey. I wouldn't be shocked if she's made the same claim about Jill.
The girl has zero identity. Her entire personality is other people.

No. 240568

Bottom capture is the claim about jill lol sadly there's less documentation of her Rey days in the listed threads because the threads started post-Rey fallout

No. 240574

File: 1660746306951.png (60.9 KB, 1234x142, Screen Shot 2022-08-17 at 7.19…)

new larp?

No. 240579


Maybe putting some work towards yourself and your neglected dogs would be a better use of time, you dumpy hag. No one cares about that crypt server of yours. It's dead.

No. 240585

"Rebrand" is a hilariously loaded word for this lol is it gonna be another boring ass RPD themed server or something else entirely

No. 241111

>Thanks Disney for making a character with huge hips
Haven't they done that with other characters before Elsa and more prominently than her? She's not even known for "huge hips".

No. 241149

It was discussed before how she should've done Merida if she wanted "hips". She was also obsessed with the idea of Elsa having buckteeth despite yknow Elsa not having buckteeth

No. 241306

File: 1660943761270.png (141.99 KB, 1626x584, Screen Shot 2022-08-19 at 12.2…)

So the big overhaul was really just making everything a stars larp instead of the weird daughters but the milk I see is her no longer going as a cosplayer and instead just saying she does dress up while putting the VA shit first. think she's trying to make a genuine career out of it?

No. 241353

No mention of that cat. Does it belong to her girlfriend then?

No. 241361

Holy shit you're right didnt the cat have a channel not even like a month ago? And how far away does countess even live? Did she travel back with the fucking cat?

No. 241373

She’s doing a shit job if so because none of those projects are paying her. She just focuses on it because she thinks it makes her the REAL Jill, which is the only thing she has now that she’s admitted she’s too fat to be cosplay Jill. I’m glad this larp doesn’t include her godawful singing but it’s stale now.

No. 241406

ginormous tinfoil but i feel like her and the countess broke up. it felt like they wouldn’t shut the fuck up about each other for two whole weeks and now all of the sudden it’s radio silent? idk something just feels off

No. 241413


I bet they broke up too. Look at these two mongoloids catfishing each other. I wouldn't want to fuck an even worse version of myself either. You can read Stef's body language that Countess disgusted her, but she doesn't want to expose herself for the shallow bitch she is.

No. 241425

Changing horses so much she didn't even bother to name any of them.
Hopefully rehomed, fearing it is dead tho.

No. 241482

Idk countess reposted a fanart of Stef like two days ago on her insta maybe they're just radio silent cause countess finally fucked off back home plus countess is still a mod in the discord and we know stefakeys normal grudge bs when people slight her

No. 241660

She looks massively disgusted by her and uncomfortable with her affection lol

No. 241736

File: 1661111197963.png (704.89 KB, 1440x1356, Screenshot_20220821-144546.png)

>> Oops I now have 3 large dogs permanently in my one bedroom apartment. I'm totally not animal hoarding. I need names.

No. 241738

It's hilarious to me how she doesn't have any sort of protective measure for her server. There's like almost 200 members but only 10-20 participate. Thats at least 50 who lurk and likely from here. Does she just not give a shit people are watching her? She has to know, they've had trolls before. Does she like the attention?
There's shit she can do like kicking people who are inactive but I guess her numbers would plummet and god forbid she looks bad

No. 241747

File: 1661117087943.png (222.63 KB, 1662x568, Screen Shot 2022-08-21 at 2.23…)

they are literally requiring photo ID for NSFW are they serious
>you can only see the porn if you dox yourself :)
not very fucking open minded of stefakey considering how many people in there likely don't identify as whatever is on their ID lmao

No. 241756

if they can censor all the relevant info that could doxx them what's stopping anyone from using any other ID to prove they're over 18? this is so stupid lol

No. 241784

plus discord makes it pretty explicit that you aren't supposed to ask this stuff and instead rely on the age that the user put on their account during sign up.

No. 241785

File: 1661136442311.jpeg (679.78 KB, 1125x1897, EF4D8FC2-FDE1-45F9-9AF5-38156E…)

Discord doesn't actually condemn it, they just recommend against giving over the info. It's still a gross thing to try to do, especially considering Stef has never cared about that server ever
Picrel– a discord support thread where someone messaged discord staff about this question and received a lukewarm response

No. 241832

Why is she always so obsessed with getting people to name her animals? A name is one of the least important things about owning an animal. She hypes up these posts about "needing names" when she totally has larp names already picked out. And what's more, after she names an animal, it becomes her best friend and then either fades into nothingness or becomes deathly ill.

No. 241875

She has no other way to interact with her community ig especially since no one goes to her streams

No. 241881


Because she doesn't have a single original bone in her body. She can't think for herself. Everything is done for the approval and asspats of others.

No. 241883

File: 1661195223538.jpg (298.15 KB, 720x2038, horseshit.jpg)

June 30th she said the colt that she was trying to sell was due to have his feet done. Who knows how long they had been overdue at this point.
Almost two months later and this bitch still hasn't called out a farrier..

>> He is the sole reason why l'm still alive. I owe him a lot.

Call a farrier then, you insipid , animal neglecting, twat.

No. 241934

Are there more screencaps? I want to see what she means about this "scam."

No. 241938

File: 1661210612134.jpg (965.76 KB, 720x9360, scam.jpg)

Here ya go anon. Someone in the comments complained that they could read the texts due to her headache inducing background so she posted these. Same conversation just different background.

She entertained this way longer than anyone with an ounce of common sense would.

No. 241975

She probably loves the idea of outsmarting this kind of shit even if it's dumb to brag about

No. 241984

This exchange is actually pretty funny but ending it with "Scamming is illegal!" is peak Stef.

No. 242002


I have secondhand embarrassment just reading it. This girl is out here sharing it. You know damn well she only shared it because her background photo is of course RE and she wants someone to notice it. She's so common.

No. 242026

Watching this and the one where she’s faking the accent the whole time is so unnerving. I can’t put my finger on it but all of her expressions and movements are so manufactured. I know Stef would claim that she’s “”acting”” but it comes across as sociopathic, like that’s how she thinks people act but can’t quite emulate it.

No. 242086

Somehow I've never watched this before, and it's making me cringe so hard. The way she keeps licking her teeth and raising her eyebrows in this like tough/attitudy way is so contrived. Also speed-talking and constantly repeating herself three or four times in a row (for emphasis I guess?). I don't know anything about Elsa but I'm assuming this is part of the LARP. Also what is with the wild waterbottle gesturing? I hate everything about this.

No. 242106


>>This is the thing…

Says absolute fuck all. Just rambling and molesting a water bottle.

>> Let's discuss my "blindness"

Never discussed it.

I want to hear about this mysterious illness that makes you go blind Stef. I'm sure your new friends would be very supportive of this mystery illness that you never talk about, well now that you're not skinwalking Maisie.

No. 242107

Selling horses is hard because she’s asking $5000 for a yearling of unknown breed with permanent damage from the time she almost killed him. Hope her parents get rid of him out from under her for the $0 he’s worth.

No. 242144

File: 1661306646960.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1125x1939, F2D69352-043C-4249-8F9D-BA7C02…)

For anyone wondering– they're still together

No. 242168

File: 1661313430025.jpg (716.99 KB, 1440x6698, newdog.jpg)

If you guessed that Stef would finally figure out she has too many dogs in her one bedroom apartment, can't afford the vet bills she has and decided to find new loving homes for them, you'd be wrong.
She's fostering a new doberman with a history of biting and attacking people. Fear not. One of Stefs many skills is training aggressive dogs and is going to take a few days to train him before he finds a new foster home. Just like she trains horses.

I hope she gets fucking mauled.

No. 242171

God this makes me so afraid for the kitten and the other dogs. Does this foster program not do interviews and applications? I can't even adopt a second cat in my town without an application and proof I can care for it. This dog is going to kill another one of her many animals and if it doesn't, we're about to see a lot of grifting for vet bills for bites at the very least.

No. 242172

God she's a moron, you don't bring vicious dogs into your home to figure out why they're vicious wtf

No. 242179

At this point everything about her is just animal abuse or neglect and just complete idiocy
I wish she'd go back to photoshopping her face this is not the timeline I wanna be in where she's allowed to handle animals with such negligence

No. 242185

Certainly her followers would tell her to pound sand at a new grift after she knowingly brought a vicious dog into her home, where she's gone 12 hours a day.

No. 242209

>labeled dangerous
>add to one bedroom(?small anyway) apartment with other big dogs and a kitten that might still be alive.
what could POSSIBLY go wrong here steffy?

Honestly I think she just craves drama, she get exited of the possibility of something going wrong. It is absolutely disgusting roulette she is playing with these animals physical and mental health.
On the bright side I guess the horses get a break from her.

No. 242221

it's taking everything I have not to join that discord and be the single voice of reason and say "don't you think that's a really bad idea when you already have 3 pets and you work fulltime for 12+ hours a day?

No. 242236

this dog could injure her as well. obviously the animals are innocent here, but it just shows how little consideration she has for anything. people who take these dogs usually live in large houses in the middle of nowhere. is she getting them from that dubious breeder/puppy mill place? it's clearly not a good organization to not even inspect her home.

No. 242259

Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I have a feeling this is totally fabricated. Discord-anon, you should reverse image search that picture she posted of the dog, this sounds like a dog-whispering LARP to me rather than an actual thing that's happening.
>away from Arklay and the baby
Interesting that she doesn't mention Nymeria?

No. 242332

Yeah something doesn’t add up here. There’s no chance in hell she’s taking care of THREE LARGE DOGS, and a cat PLUS working +12 hours, all this while living in a tiny apartment? I’m willing to believe the pets does not live there full time but rather her parents take them in most of the time.

No. 242336

Maybe she's just blanket achieving what her parents do like she did with the horses? Saying they were hers when it seems pretty obvious now that she's not actually in charge of caretaking and likely never was

No. 242355

i hate to break it to you anons but most shelters here won't check anything. if the dogs are at her parent's house, it's still likely that she's just adopting them and pretending they're fosters to sound nice or something.

No. 242367

Nah I agree that thats def a possibility too, but the likelihood of her apartment complex being okay with it is pretty much zilch and it wouldn't be above her to lie about having the pet when it's back at her parents. It's the same thing as the kitten– it had a channel on the discord and everything. Where the hell is it now? Cant believe half the shit out of her gross mouth.

No. 242370

Maybe she’s trying to get evicted so she can quit her job and move back home and then pretend like she’s a martyr for it.

No. 242371

File: 1661401090460.jpeg (259.33 KB, 1124x1978, C26B6476-8463-4BE8-BABA-1441E9…)

Samefag eating my words
Two black dogs in her home playing with an unknown person, one is likely arklay and nymeria is nowhere to be seen. Unknown person doesn't matter, but this does confirm that "aggressive" dog is mingling with her other pets. Hopefully only supervised.

No. 242372

she may be renting a condo with a long distance landlord. many apartments in toronto are actually privately owned condos because renting here sucks.

No. 242373

I think the second black dog is the puppy she "foster failed" on (Rookie, or whatever fandom name her Discord minions think she should give him). Pretty confident that neither of those are the aggressive dog she mentioned.

No. 242374

File: 1661403082529.jpg (397.6 KB, 720x2462, movingsaga.jpg)

She's hinting at moving and she's still with that Yeti it appears.

No. 242375

Fuck forgot about that dog
So if she has the aggressive dog it's 4 large dogs jfc

No. 242378

"It's been a year since you passed"
"Helped me through your loss and the numerous others that came after you"

Yeah, that says it all

No. 242397

I love how she writes these love letters to her "heart animals" we have never even seen or heard about before.

No. 242399

Yeah, as a dogfag myself with 2 large dogs it’s pretty much impossible to properly care for them with a 12 hour day job unless there’s some help involved. If she’s so passionate about animals why doesn’t she just keep a sanctuary on her parents huge property? These dogs needs space and exercise. I refuse to believe there’s no scuffles or some kind of accident is happening very soon.

No. 242407

How is this hinting at moving?

No. 242415

Haven’t seen Nymeria posted in ages and (correct me if I’m wrong) next to no stuff about her horse/s lately.

Also that problem Doberman is an intact male too. Jfc. Wasn’t the female one from a breeder (so likely not spayed). I bet my ass she’s gonna end up with an ‘accidental’ litter in her tiny apartment.

No. 242416

Does this bitch run a fucking pet cemetery

No. 242421

>>A lot has happened since you left. I moved out to the city in this cute little apartment that has a nook that know you would have loved. wish you were here to see it even if I'm not going to be here much longer.

That last part does hint at moving.

>>I have a career now

Kek being an internet panhandler is not a career, Stef.

No. 242422

>I wish you were here to see it even if I'm not going to be here much longer.

I hope the dogs eat her but this sounds like moving, not dying, to me. I also tinfoil that she got a discount apartment in the building where she answers the phones as hee "career." A career requiring no training or education, literally anyone can apply to her mall cop security company. The most heroic thing she might do is give someone narcan.

No. 242423

File: 1661433269235.png (152.24 KB, 864x1218, Screenshot_20220824-173121.png)

Yeah she's bored of Nymeria I guess. But she claims it is a partnership with the people who "saved" Nymeria. I wonder how she can handle even one dog tbh. A single dog requires a lot of attention, exercise, and care. FOUR?!

No. 242438

Funny she's only really active in there when she can talk about her life and nothing else

No. 242439

>dealing with an aggressive dog = untangling Christmas lights

sure, Stef

No. 242440

Didn't you know? She's an optimistic wall of sunshine who fights for those who can't fight for themselves and never gives up in the face of hopelessness and always sees the good in people because she's just such a perfect person with literally no flaws just like Jill Valentine
Except it's a dog who needs special care that she can't give so

No. 242452

99% sure the doberman in that story is Arklay, although it is quite troubling to discover that he isn't neutered. She doesn't have a female doberman.
My tinfoil is that Nymeria went back to Uxbridge, since we know from previous posts of Stef's that she can be destructive when not monitored. Honestly, it's the best thing that could happen for her. Stef's parents have a lot more space and seem a lot more competent with animals.

No. 242550

She had a stage of trying to breed horses maybe she wants to be a dog breeder

No. 242723

god I fucking hate her. She has all these big dogs in such a small apartment, how absolutely vile of her. ot shit blogpost I've been wanting a doberman so badly but cant due to my small apartment and this cunt has 4! There is NO way the strata allows her to have this many dogs in one small apartment. I know the area she lives and all the buildings that allow dogs/cats have a VERY strict '1-2 dog/cat' policy. If her neighbors complain to the landlord/strata, she'll get fined like $500~ per month until she removes them or get them forcefully removed.

I have a feeling she doesn't keep all 4 with her all the time for that reason. On top of caring for 4 large dogs… That's a literal full time job like other nonas have said.

No. 242824

File: 1661553129950.jpeg (287.31 KB, 1170x1044, 3EB20CDE-E93F-4C3B-B35B-C8DD3C…)

re: the dogs

No. 242825

samefag but she’s such a fucking liar it’s pathetic lol we’re supposed to believe this fatass does three hours of physical activity every single day? plus 12 hour shifts? it’s actually laughable

No. 242828

File: 1661554532284.gif (808.18 KB, 500x961, 1606138485695.gif)


Ah yes, Stef, the athletic runner.
She could have stuck with I take them for a leisurely walk twice a day and that would be somewhat more believable. Running? Kek

No. 242829

Imagine how bad it smells. Even just having one large dog in a single family home kind of makes everything smell like a dog, even if you're vigilant about cleaning and grooming it.

No. 242839

So, in other words, she doesn't care for them properly (which isn't a suprise). 3 whole hours of them being able to exist outside her shoebox sized house/their crates. Wowee.

No. 242842

Yeah like don't wanna be too much of an asshole but like
That girl does not run
She doesn't have the diet to support that shit like nah uh

No. 242860

File: 1661570944131.jpeg (863.39 KB, 1125x1883, 570B8055-75F0-4E59-B3F0-BA515A…)

If this is really how long she makes her dogs run, then it's borderline abuse depending on her dogs and weather. Large dogs can run up to 15-20mph on average and it's never recommended to have your dog running over 10 miles for the sake of their legs and hearts without safely working the animals up to speed (she hasn't even remotely had some of her dogs long enough to reach this distance). If she has them running an hour, they're running over 10 miles. Humans are pursuit predators and can handle prolonged running, but dogs are sprinters/short burst predators– and that's without factoring in weather and humidity, especially up in North America. Picrel from an dog expert Dr. J. Lee

No. 242861


Anon. That hambeast doesn't run. Neither do those dogs. I can absolutely assure you of this.

No. 242865

Which I agree with– I think it's absolutely asinine she would chose a lie that would equate animal abuse. She isn't even smart enough to look this shit up and it only makes her look worse

No. 242876

Anon… a dog can run 15-20 mph but Stef can’t. If she was running with the dogs (she’s not) the dogs would be running <4 mph. 6 minute miles for an hour is Olympic running. Please use your brain.

No. 242877

I'm taking this as confirmation that Nymeria is indeed back with her parents. I guess having a "wolf-dog" around isn't RE enough.

No. 242892

can't be bothered to dig up the old screenshots but she used to claim extreme heat sensitivity and spoonie stuff too. said she was immunocompromised

No. 242923

Use your own brain nonnie I was explaining why it's implausible and also stupid for her to lie about ffs reading level 1

No. 242975

…who reads someone saying they go for a run with their dogs and assumes they're running at the dogs pace of 15-20 mph? i think most people read that and think she means the dogs run along with her for an hour. which would be like 3 or 4 miles at most (and yes i know it's a lie and steph couldn't run that fast). and she never said she "makes" them run. maybe you need to step away from this thread for a while if you're trying this hard to find things to nitpick about what she posts.

No. 242980

Y'all literally just ffs read it was meant as a description of how her lie is so much bullshit that it's something she could easily be eviscerated for.
And did you read the article screenshot? No you didn't, or else you'd have known the author said she was speaking strictly about running with her own dog and what constitutes too much. Yes, I know, women run 6-7mph, but the issue doesn't even matter when experts say that running your dog for 30 mins can be too strenuous. So for fuck's literal fucking sake, just god damn read what is said instead of looking at only unsaged shit and use your brains

No. 242985

chill, I was saying Stef doesn't run at any pace, period.

No. 243059

You literally said
>If she has them running an hour, they're running over 10 miles.

No. 243066

File: 1661648679031.jpg (167.2 KB, 1080x1920, somethingvalentine_1.jpg)

Why the fuck does this look like two Stefs…

No. 243074

sorry incoming doberman owner sperg- She's a fucking idiot. NO shelter would ever let you foster a dobe ESPECIALLY and aggressive one if you already have an intact male dog, even more so an intact male doberman already. That will create same sex aggression on a good day alone. Please let this be attention seeking rp

No. 243152

File: 1661695938715.jpeg (548.97 KB, 1124x1927, 3F02F5DA-1FEE-400C-99B3-18A5A4…)

Looks like she's back on her bullshit cause this is not her face

No. 243181

File: 1661705072151.jpg (303.86 KB, 1077x808, Screenshot_20220828-124148_Ins…)

We all knew her new "heart dog/best friend/10k running partner/love of her life" was always gonna just be a prop, it's just kinda sad seeing it in photos.

What happened to the lizard she got and used as a prop for her Elsa larp??

No. 243182

That lizard died like a year ago
Also hilarious countess does the laziest zombie I've ever seen

No. 243183

Who the fuck is this
Nobody in this photo is mentally well, you can just tell, but using live animals as props for you to 24/7 larp a fictional character is a particularly shitty shade of madness
Stef runs at 0mph, someone of her fitness could jog with a dog for maybe 10 minutes, 20 if she was really pushing it, but no actual running is happening ever

No. 243187

>but using live animals as props for you to 24/7 larp a fictional character is a particularly shitty shade of madness

This just made me remember she was saying nymeria was her therapy dog. Now it looks like she's saying one of these "re cosplay" dogs are her therapy dog? How else would she get it inside? Literally eviscerating her own lie

No. 243222

File: 1661711286580.jpeg (374.19 KB, 1125x1363, B0BAEA2F-BF5A-4D8F-8B5F-D9F089…)

No. 243223

File: 1661711324840.jpeg (262.12 KB, 908x1008, BF4E5D54-A723-4937-A2F7-6601E6…)

The rare side shot, her on the right

No. 243226

Build like a post-menopausal middle aged woman

No. 243227

Holy shit how old are all these? Never saw her damn LOL phase before

No. 243238

jesus the absolute width of that lass

and yet perhaps it's progress she's allowing her astonishing bulk to be photographed so much? it's more honest

No. 243242

File: 1661716221877.jpg (117.12 KB, 1080x1920, qaazarr_1.jpg)

This other girl is dressed as Stef's OTP for Jill and seems to be staying at Stef's apartment this weekend… I wonder how Countess is feeling about that.

No. 243244

Fuck yes I want a cheating saga

No. 243247

She calls them service animals. It started with Fitz for her “terminal blindness” during her Arya larp and every one since has been a service animal for what disability? She doesn’t say anymore. Maybe rebel legion PTSD.

No. 243269

did she really lie about being raped or harassed with that rebel legion thing? does anyone know?

No. 243274

Weird choice for otp considering these characters have never even spoken to each other in the games and have explicit male love interests. Why doesn't she ever choose an actual lesbian character to skinwalk, if she wants to push that so much?

No. 243279

Not for Claire rip Steve but yeah I agree there's really nothing for that ship and honestly shouldn't be. If you wanna stick Jill with a girl, go with Sheva. At least they work in the same org.

She did lie according to that ex-friend who posted the Facebook rant about Stef being abusive to her. It was also mentioned in the threads before the post was found, so I think it was semi-relative knowledge when this first started out as a vendetta thread from Star Wars

No. 243280

I remember something about that but I don’t remember specifics. But I do not recall her saying she was raped, I think it was abuse (supposedly) and I think there were other women who came forward. If anything I think it was her exaggerating or trying to insert herself into the drama but like I said, I don’t remember specifics.

No. 243282

File: 1661725123758.png (1013.31 KB, 1125x2436, 60F111F2-24F5-4EC0-B5AA-079FC8…)

No it was rape third thread

No. 243290

That post says she claimed she was threatened, not actually assaulted.

No. 243292

Yes, just clarifying that it was rape rather than abuse that was alleged, along with it only being a threat. Figured people could just read the shot

No. 243381

Claire had another male LI in Rev2, Neil. Then in the RE2 remake she flirts with Leon a bunch.

I'm almost surprised Stef never got with guys to properly fulfill her skinwalks. Kylo for Rey, Chris for Jill etc. Being a lesbian is like the one consistent thing about her personality that she retains.

No. 243413

Nah Steve is ride or die

She "is" a lesbian and I doubt she's gonna ever go with a male love interest simply for the sake of her ship behavior. Remember how obsessed she was with that weird Elsa teacher thing? Homo is the only thing Stef sees especially since she'd rather be the rep of her skinwalk and have people associate her headcanons as canon

No. 243615

File: 1661822076303.jpeg (38.01 KB, 620x560, 61617FD9-C991-4D53-801E-7E7F6A…)

She went to a whole con for at least two full days without a mask but wants to say it’s stress? is she fucking joking or just stupid?

No. 243686

I mean this is someone who faked being British with a full on 24/7 accent and fake family history so… she certainly goes to great lengths sometimes. But pretending to be straight is the limit, I guess.

No. 243943

File: 1661926587050.webm (3.88 MB, 720x1280, somethingvalentine_1.webm)

Teaching her puppy (who looks like he'll be pretty big when full-grown) that human hands are appropriate chew toys.

No. 243966

Is she trying to show that the aggressive police dog won't hurt her by continuously sticking her hand in it's mouth? Wtf??

No. 243975

Lol more proof for how she has no idea how to train a dog
I play with my hand with my pup just cause I know she's good with her bite strength but a puppy doesn't know shit and if she wants to be a "trainer" she would never do this in the first place
Keep outting yourself Stef it's fun to watch

No. 244213

File: 1662003444487.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1861, Screenshot_20220901-053825_Ins…)

No. 244217

Color me curious
She probably just got Covid and is acting like that's the end of the world
That or another horse is sick tho I guess we can't say that's from her neglecting it this time

No. 244222

I wonder if the horse with the abcess or the old one with the hatchet wound to the face died. Wouldn't be shocked at this point with this heifer.

No. 244253

File: 1662026411476.jpeg (76.64 KB, 828x259, D614B11D-6ADA-4A37-8B77-8ED465…)

She posted this the other day when trying to stream and her internet wouldn’t work. She also said she has no choice but to move in November.

No. 244254

File: 1662026447387.jpeg (28.37 KB, 827x203, 9DF20DFE-FD1C-4B00-9FD3-8E9EC7…)

No. 244259

Sounds like she lost her job lmao. And of course she has no money in savings to continue paying rent while she looks for a new job.

No. 244265

She's done nothing but spend money recently and even then Countess had to e-beg for food. For someone claiming to work 12-16 hours a day, she sure is poor. (not that anyone at all actually believed that lmao)

No. 244270

Nah a couple of anons and I know what company she works for and those guys pay starting at around $16 an hour which likely isn't enough to pay rent at all considering she lives alone. I'm p sure her parents pay her rent and all her work money goes to her frivolous lifestyle. I'm gonna go with her parents giving some ultimatum cause $16 an hour (even if working 12 hours five days a week) in that city isn't livable

No. 244461

Definitely. A living wage in Toronto is minimum $25/hr, and I'm certain she makes nowhere near that. Source: I live and pay rent in Toronto.
Bets on if she's going to be moving back to Uxbridge?

No. 244480

Lol her job has her as a glorified desk jockey that has to walk occasional circles around an empty lot she is 100% at the lowest tier of $16 an hour so she's gotta be living off mom and dad's dime

No. 244570

File: 1662161388169.jpeg (998 KB, 1125x1403, 43584A57-EC92-4314-8B49-B00504…)

No milk just wanna share how fuggin awkward she looks and countess's packing-taped legs

How long until countess is the "skinny" one in the relationship

No. 244582


Kek at those diabetes hooves. What an absolute unit. Good job Stef, you managed to wrangle a pig and make her your gf.

No. 244613

Cosplay is so cringy

No. 244770

File: 1662231600512.jpg (837.38 KB, 1079x1899, Screenshot_20220903_205749.jpg)

another one. countess looks downright pregnant and is this her..nipple???

No. 244777

no way that's get fucking nipple like legit there's no way she missed that right what the fuck

No. 244795

File: 1662241873185.jpeg (125.87 KB, 1125x895, 2F26CC2D-2314-4FC8-8671-5888A7…)

ayo that’s her whole ass tit out

No. 244796

File: 1662242148427.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.66 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20220903-175549_Chr…)

Oof, she always looks like she's about to vomit in candids. Bitch looks like a zombie

No. 244797

File: 1662242522535.jpeg (411.44 KB, 828x916, F1F99B62-986F-482A-B4FD-1EEA34…)


Jesus christ this cameltoe actually looks painful. How can you walk around a con looking like this? Possibly even thinking you look /good/?

No. 244810

they're all fat with zero trigger discipline.

No. 244927

Holy shit nonny I didnt even notice but that bra is indeed transparent and her whole ass titty is indeed out on display, my sides

No. 244950

that's a yeast infection waiting to happen jfc

No. 244966

If this was the only image we had of countess I'd be mtf tinfoiling. The obviously transparent bra with nips out just adds to that trannytier weird public fetishism. In reality it's probably something like fat bitch insecurity where she's trying to sexualize herself to feel desirable in spite of her hambeastism. There's no way she put that on not knowing, it's not even just a slip, she's plainly wearing transparent lingerie beneath the jacket. no woman puts that on and trusts their jacket will just stay in perfect place covering everything lmao.

No. 244979

Considering their weird ass "haha we fuckin" TikTok's I'd assume she's just unfortunately feeling herself

No. 245064

File: 1662329044739.jpeg (253.51 KB, 1079x1805, D01694FA-8660-40C1-A89B-88E3B6…)

Lmao she’s back on her Arya shit
Ft. Countess’s weird description of her wolf gf

No. 245066

File: 1662329081328.jpeg (59.64 KB, 993x523, 3F5B1634-6996-413E-B134-40F224…)

Also apparently they live together

No. 245072

Does this mean the dogs are not actually on their own all day?

No. 245082

More than likely considering countess e-begged for groceries so I doubt she has a job

No. 245108

Wait I thought she got a DNA test on Nymeria and it came back 0% wolf??? So who is she claiming is a hybrid dog now? These two are seriously demented. So So embarrassing. Two obese peas in a plus size pod.

No. 245113

I thought so too ngl but I guess this new group still doesn't know all her lies yet

No. 245116

LOL the puppy play larp. The image of these two grown adults growling and snapping their teeth at each other is so funny.
It doesn't even seem like Nymeria is with them right now, is she saying the dobermans have wolf dna? >>242168 She's so inconsistent, but it sounds like there's the foster, Arklay and whatever the baby is (the cat? the foster fail?)

No. 245117

Samefag, by foster fail I'm referring to Rookie >>235615…and no sign of the cat in ages.

No. 245125

She posted pics of Nymeria and the new black dog today and said that Nymeria is the one she "identifies" with most and since she's a "wolf" I'm gonna say she's still pretending Nymeria is a wolf
P sure the cat was Countess's? Except now the cows live together so thoughts and prayers to the poor kitten

No. 245127

I don’t think she ever posted the results, which is enough to assume it showed 0%. It’s clear why fatty fat and her get on so well, they’re both pathological liars.

No. 245135

Countess is a pathological liar? Got shots? I dont know much about her ngl

No. 245145


This is so embarrassing to read

No. 245146


You can't convince me that at least one of those hambeast aren't fiddling those dog(s).

On the flip side when they do break up, you know there's going to be milk.

No. 245155

File: 1662357345038.png (741.43 KB, 765x1280, 7EB3F5EE-DE64-4AA1-B6D5-D21CAF…)

why are we sleeping on this? I laughed so hard I cried

No. 245160

Is that steph talking about her dog? Or her gf talking about steph?

No. 245163

its steph talking about how she is a wolf in her dreams. then it goes to stef's girlfriend talking about stef being a 'werewolf' and having 'wolf tendencies' and them biting each other or something?

No. 245175

Well she renamed Rookie to "Lobo" so I'm guessing he's the second wolf-hybrid LARP.

No. 245179

Okay, disgusting, but I at first thought she was talking about Nymeria or something and that would be 100x as heinous, at least they’re not involving animals in their weird furry shit… yet

No. 245190

Man I did not want to read this shit on a Monday morning

No. 245192

Imagine having your girlfriend nipping and biting you like a retard. The furry arc has been brewing for a while so maybe she’ll go full degenerate furry zoophilia now that she’s tired of her Jill larp.

No. 245200

Introducing their wolf dog hybrid fursonas countess as nippy and jillybilly as bitey

No. 245206

lmao they live together when they break up (I'd assume when Stef finds her next skin walk) it's gonna be harvest season
It was so weird to read that shit especially in the main chat like uh thought you assholes were all about protecting minors go to the furry chat already

No. 245251

>I'm always some kinda dog in my dreams! Like this!
>posts a picture of what is clearly a wolf
Stef is so transparent. She's trying to get her server minions to be the ones to say she's ~omg a wolf in her soul~ so she can be like "wow, I never even thought of that! You're so right!"
Visa marriage saga when?

No. 245277

Lol she doesn't need to make the server say that they already were the second she went off it's pathetic really
They're all a hunch of furries in there anyways

No. 245388

Is Countess not also from Canada?

No. 245406

P positive countess is from Canada but I only say that cause her linktree Amazon wishlist is default Amazon.canada so who knows I can't find shit on her despite a previous anon saying she's also a pathological liar

No. 245425

a fitting name considering she needs a lobotomy

No. 245773

File: 1662514769857.png (166.29 KB, 746x1013, Untitled.png)

I'm the anon that said she was a pathological liar and I was referring to >>245064 since she knows full well those dogs are 0% wolf, but here's a compilation. She's not a full-blown liar yet publicly at least, but she is overly dramatic (the horse tweet is my favorite.) Every two weeks or so the worst thing EVER happens to her and she cries about it for DAYS and of course Stef is the ~love of her life~ too.

Also she's from BC, her "trauma" is the 2017 wildfires.

No. 245786

File: 1662516003476.png (695.22 KB, 817x1010, blacklab.png)

Samefag, here's her wolf that's definitely not a lab mix.

No. 245799

I'm sorry a 2017 trauma of fire doesn't turn into a love of fire within like 5 years so That's a fucking joke but I guess that follows these dramatic nobodies
Kek at the fucking wolf dna bullshit Stef and her are a match made in heaven

No. 245853

these are amazing. Thanks for bringing this up because she and Stefany are perfect for each other

No. 245906

What I would give to have been a fly on the wall when they first started interacting
Countess is cringe as hell but has over double Stef's follower count
How much of this relationship is just clout chasing

No. 246153

File: 1662600705435.png (339.36 KB, 750x558, Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 6.27…)

damn girl time to switch it up again the views are gone

No. 246267

these aggrandized LARPer types either end up having major blow-up arguments all over the internet when they break-up, or they just go radio silent with eachother until they move out to separate places. take your bets.

fucking LOL

No. 246481

File: 1662693044886.png (530 KB, 1440x972, Screenshot_20220908-220622.png)

which makes this particular recent comment amusing.

She's over here pretending that she's paying bills with any couch change she's earning from streaming.

No. 246489

File: 1662699061147.png (141.64 KB, 1646x590, Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 8.07…)

meanwhile she can't even get a schedule but apparently she works the most of everyone there/is the busiest which I don't buy for a second, especially when she's said she's lost her hours. if your hours have been cut, wouldn't you then stream more to make up for that lost income?

No. 246536

I like to imagine her walking around Toronto in her mall cop costume, pretending to protect civilians

No. 246684

File: 1662767940899.png (1.53 MB, 1353x1820, 8165C162-AA7F-4821-A454-4F5D5B…)

No. 247728

File: 1662944793921.png (1.86 MB, 1440x2370, Screenshot_20220911-200704.png)

Ok who is the new skinwalk to fit this color choice?

No. 247919

They were calling it Elsa and that Daniella chick and she posted about that queen gambits show so who fucking knows but thank fuck

No. 249208

File: 1663265995881.png (1.57 MB, 828x1792, 118A4177-B9E9-4089-BD2F-8B8792…)

It’s just more Jill skinwalking.

No. 249491

>A white underside
Buckle up for a bald spot saga

No. 249558

File: 1663349753747.jpeg (456.38 KB, 1124x1998, EDA6DDE1-FAD1-4B72-B4D7-E9A5D2…)

Getting closer to the outright furry saga. Dyed her hair to match ears?

No. 249567

jesus christ they’re so retarded. even literal children don’t dress up like this when they go to the zoo. why did the western world let wanting to fuck animals become so normalized

No. 249568

my cousin is at the zoo, time to beg for sighting pics kek.

No. 249596

File: 1663363276401.jpeg (51.83 KB, 429x322, 8B498822-C927-4A8D-B706-F4F30C…)

tell ur cousin i’ll pay them per pic

No. 249603

File: 1663365010024.jpg (96.23 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20220916-175007_Chr…)

Did this dumb bitch really give herself edited pointy teeth tho. Embarrassing, as always.

No. 249647

File: 1663563640411.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1232, 987DD9A4-65FB-4DC6-96CD-084403…)

She still can't kiss a girl without looking disgusted

No. 249797

Big time. Compare it to >>243152 . She didn’t even sharpen the right teeth… those are incisors, idiot

No. 249806

File: 1663614020101.png (513.23 KB, 794x1059, image_2022-09-19_195952073.png)

given the fact it the teeth are a super different colour to her other teeth she might be wearing fake fangs that don't match her teeth colour. picrel is a "cat" pair being sold on etsy. if she was cringe enough to buy a pair, they likely weren't cheap, the non-shitty ones are hundreds of $

No. 249829

Love the Crack Fox cosplay

No. 250141

File: 1663711665127.jpeg (389.52 KB, 1124x1654, 3841708B-876E-47F0-ACBA-07DDCB…)

She's freaking out again maybe she really is gonna move

No. 250309

Why did you black out how long ago she posted that?

No. 250372

Why does it matter to you kek

No. 250377

… It's so if she's paranoid enough to check who's been posting her stories here, she can look at the time nona saw the story and screenshoted, and compare to the people on her insta who viewed it and what time. Should be pretty obvious…

No. 250389

Stefakey used to lurk too it's absolutely valid to think she could be checking here and cross referencing her sm

No. 250480


I didn't see this insta story which might mean she's filtering nonnies she suspects lurk here and follow her

No. 250487

honestly ive been trying to find some way to track her insta account after you said this and legit can't tell a drop or rise in follower count maybe you just missed it? she's not smart enough to fix her discord that's 90% farmers who are too bored to even lurk there anymore i doubt she is aware of the same on her insta

No. 250490

unless i’m misreading what you mean, i think the ayrt is referring to stef possibly hiding her stories from some of her followers, so she still keeps them, but could be hiding from them. not sure if she is smart enough to even do that or not, but if not, it could be instagram messing up for that anon unless it’s happening repeatedly. if she really wanted to hide stories from some users though i’d assume she’d be using the close friends feature and i don’t know if any of us farmers would be on that or if she’d even use it, because she uses anything “clever” she can think of to get attention and clout from the general public. stef’s current instagram page is also public if i’m remembering correctly

No. 250524

I didn't realize you could hide stories from people on insta but I can say I'm not a close friend at all to her algorithm I don't even interact
I agree with you that she wouldn't use it cause it would cut her reach in half and no one would pity her

No. 251084

File: 1664045173043.jpeg (290.46 KB, 1125x1639, C62DA010-36EF-40E1-821C-FD4B58…)

I miss the Arya larp

No. 251173


Hope she goes full otherkin

No. 251194

Didn't she say she's a witch or smthn wonder where that went

No. 251659

File: 1664271856583.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20220927-174252~2.p…)

"I miss the birds and the dogs who killed the birds"

No. 251682

Did her parents sell their house or something?

No. 251686

File: 1664287987159.jpg (332.61 KB, 1080x1637, IMG_20220927_161200.jpg)

New skinwalk alert. It's apparently a werewolf movie. Explains the wolf obsession.

No. 251690

How the hell is she gonna skinwalk a 12 year old lol but rip her hair bleach saga part 2

No. 251758

Actually wanting to dye the bottom of her hair white was probably inspired by the character in the first movie

No. 251765

Oh Lord of this turns into an ageplay saga…

No. 251768

Wasn't Arya only like 12 or 13 too? So it's not the first time

No. 251791

She definitely doesn't look that young anymore tho that was 4 or so years ago

No. 251793

It's been years since I watched ginger snaps/2 but iirc the 12yo blonde girl is not/never a werewolf she's just a manipulative psychopath who tried to burn her nan alive and plays mind games with everyone or some shit

No. 251803

kek were back to the abusive parents even tho they literally had to have helped pay for stefakey's apartment this whole time

No. 251857

File: 1664354108291.jpeg (172.26 KB, 1162x654, 2676AEAE-836A-4A2D-8E9B-B22999…)

No. 251896

Didn't a previous anon mention that there are no wolves living in the area her parents live?

No. 251937

File: 1664389916329.png (982.2 KB, 1284x2778, 22D784ED-3AA1-49CB-9819-5CA3E1…)

Dumb fucking bitch set her horse up for failure. She throws such a pity party for herself, yet she is the one who put him in this situation.

Nobody’s going to give you ass pats in the group. You should’ve thoroughly vetted and gotten references for this legally binding contract. I’m so fucking mad right now. This poor horse.

No. 251943

File: 1664390478894.jpeg (362.26 KB, 1284x959, 01512CA8-F56F-481E-96BC-73BE88…)

For Nanoks sake, I hope she doesn’t find him.

No. 251944

Honestly I don't believe she paid for any of this she had no real job until the security thing and then didn't make enough to cover rent in that city, there's no way she's down much more than $20 personally and then whatever else her parents paid (basically everything)

No. 251960

File: 1664394192714.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1657, DA2D2500-E316-4346-9D9E-594847…)

>my horse is sick and missing

No. 252009

NTA but it's super unlikely for her parents' area to have wolves, but there's absolutely coyotes and coywolves (which Stef's dumbass brain probably mistakes for actual wolves).

No. 252012

File: 1664415720003.jpeg (91.48 KB, 602x640, 85E06590-8BA4-4029-A4B1-A5791D…)

Posting a map of gray wolf year round population and various sources all have the same map estimate
I'll be honest and confess I don't know where Stef's parents live but it doesn't seem so out of left field to have at least a migratory wolf population unless they're in that one empty spot in the middle

No. 252023

File: 1664419925388.jpeg (6.32 KB, 275x275, 1662470806532.jpeg)

> I have to now move back to an abusive household…

No. 252032


Bitch you were decidedly moving back home a month ago when you lost hours at your rent a cop security job, long before you showed any interest in Nanoks well being. You were busy attending cons, going to zoos, concerts, and feeding that beastly gf of yours. Where was the concern then?

I'm sure your parents don't want your freeloading ass at home either.

No. 252035

File: 1664424981968.jpeg (277.49 KB, 1284x841, 2760E416-D1F1-4F73-8A2A-CFF3C6…)

She won’t share because it’s all a lie, of course.

No. 252043

Southern Ontario, won't dox her family but she's posted their location on horse ads. They're definitely in the light green

No. 252052

File: 1664432300945.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2334, Screenshot_20220929-011711.png)

What bullshit is she on about now?
She's claiming she survived a shooting last year.

No. 252058

Lmao what the fuck?

No. 252061

This incident maybe?

No. 252069

File: 1664446862992.jpeg (199.96 KB, 828x597, A020BDBB-9D55-44DC-BCB8-ED96A6…)

It is. This bitch has a lot of nerve.

No. 252081

File: 1664457592282.jpeg (452.28 KB, 1200x1255, 1650919253864.jpeg)

omg, I remember that lie

No. 252085

This wasn't even a year ago I thought???

No. 252095

Was there clarification about the daughter's necklace bit? God she's so obnoxious she cracks me up

No. 252099

File: 1664462601037.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2461, Screenshot_20220929-094018.png)


Not sure which is more cringe. The obvious fabrication about surviving a "shooting" or the fact she decorated this cake herself and calls herself Jill. She just wants an excuse to shove moar sugar down her gullet.

It's satisfying to see that no one really cares. She recieved two responses and neither seem to concerned about her surviving a non existent shooting.

No. 252106

File: 1664464308955.jpeg (640.86 KB, 1125x2004, B851A5BF-6E1F-481F-A7E4-42C5B6…)

Idk why she bothers with that place anymore no one there is invested in her and she doesnt stream despite saying it's her main income (without being partnered and getting 2 views per stream if shes lucky)
She needs a new larp and a new pool of suckers kek at the percent that said neither

No. 252109

yeah i wonder if anyone on discord actually read all this shit and asked her about the daughter part bc… wtf does that even mean???

No. 252110

File: 1664466523896.jpeg (1013.26 KB, 1668x2388, 05E116D0-5C25-46F9-9F97-45552A…)

She literally has to have been talking about something else because the dates don't add up with the links provided by anons, she wasn't even living in Toronto when this happened
Maybe I'm missing something but I think she's fabricating a scenario for sympathy points or her Jill larp
This wouldn't be the first time she lied about SA either she has that same lie about her legion in her star wars era

No. 252111

The date of the post isn’t the date of the discord post. She posted it on discord October 3rd 2021. It says so literally three posts below the one you have circled. Same with the context on her daughter’s necklace.

No. 252112

No one owes you shit Stefany. You're almost 30. Buy your own useless trash with your two well paying jobs that you love to brag about. You're a perpetual child.
The balls to ask people where they should shop for your grifting.

Her discord only exists because she needs an echo chamber where she can control the narrative. She would never venture too far outside of that channel where she knows she will be outed and people wise to her bullshit will call her out.
Her FB horse groups are a safe haven she pops into when she needs asspats, names for horses or help with obvious scams.
I've never seen a more transparent cow.

No. 252113

Yeah they were posted on the right date poor tinfoil nonnie
I am curious about how her work is so far away she wouldn't have seen any of this
Unless this was during her haunted house employment. Any anons have a timeline for her "career?"

No. 252117

It was during her haunted house employment. It says it in her post that she quit on the spot when it happened on October 2nd 2021. Hard to tell when she became a mall cop because anons just assumed she was lying for months kek and tbf she probably was.

No. 252119

And she wasn't living in Toronto until four or so months ago
So this bitch actually commuted hours a day for an $18 at most paycheck and expects us to believe she isn't living off her parents dime since for ever? Her wasteful spending isn't sustainable on her own how abusive of her parents to pay for her living even after moving out

No. 252151

i still don't understand why she even moved to toronto without a real job. every aspect of living there is expensive. even if her parents paid for everything, they clearly didn't want to send her the amount she probably asked for.

No. 252155

Maybe she planned on countess being able to bear some of the economic weight? Girl doesn't have a job either as far as I know and she doesn't seem to get a lot of commissions despite having a slightly larger following than Stef

No. 252227


Countess' joints cannot bear any more weight.

No. 252246

Me when the washer starts thumping

No. 252264

Maybe she is also skin walking Jill Vessey now… making herself a cake to celebrate made up bs

No. 252266

Making your self a cake for the dumbest of things is an internet trend ever since people started getting autism diagnosis like lollipops and making cakes for it
I don't think k can handle two rainbow cows vessey is already over-stimulatingly nausea inducing

No. 252271

I'm assuming she meant the cosplay necklace from the resident evil daughter cosplay? >>243066

No. 252316

File: 1664534799965.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2880, necklace.png)

That's what it is. It was during her dimitrescu daughter LARP.

No. 252347

Still weird how she called it "my daughter" as if she was supposed to be dimitrescu when a) she's never cosplayed her afaik and b) she wasn't in character and still called it "her daughter" the lines of reality are always blurring

No. 252814

my reaction exactly, anon. What abuse? They pay for everything, support her in everything, they were both at her horse show in 2020, etc.

No. 252816

nah she is calling it her own necklace, aka her "daughters necklace" (= the necklace for her RE ageplay character) and even I don't know how to place the apostrophe correctly in "daughters" there. I'd probably just word it differently because "daughter's" isn't correct. But Stef went to Harvard and is going to Yale, she is the expert

No. 252823

Never forgetti the STARS dissertation written about prion disease in wolves shes a real scientist with her high school degree

No. 252830

same anon, sorry I guess she only used the apostrophe in some other discord post, not in the fanfic she wrote

No. 252833

You had me excited for a sec thinking she'd actually written a fic like her whale gf

No. 252962

Eh, for her to develop this extreme level of BPD, something traumatic had to have happened to her when she was young. It wasn't necessarily her parents I guess, but it had to come from somewhere.

No. 253057

She probably was bullied in school. She wasn’t stabbed like she claims but maybe someone threatened her or made her feel scared enough to think it could happen, which is traumatizing. I’m sure she’s always been a theatre kid who would brag and embellish because she wanted attention. That extra behavior makes you an easy target. Then she got pulled out of school and felt no one could fact-check her so she just started full-blown lying.

No. 253088

She doesn't have BPD diagnosed dont armchair
Everyone has some "traumatic" happen at some point in their life and most people don't pull the shit Stef does with faking her face, skinwalking personalities, and neglecting animals.
I disagree she had anything largely traumatic happen. I think she was so ridiculously sheltered that her personality developed selfishly and she got it in her head she deserves only good things for literally nothing. She's privileged as fuck and nothing else.

No. 253116

File: 1664739735158.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1075x1984, 690F508B-6D23-453C-A9A2-746409…)

The stigmatizing here is so bad. Don’t associate BPD with lying and animal neglect. The two aren’t correlated. When you see someone being shitty your first thought shouldn’t be “their bpd is so extreme” especially if you don’t know that person’s past or medical history. Doing shitty things doesn’t automatically equal having BPD and armchair diagnosing like this makes stigma worse for those who do have BPD. Especially since it’s one of the only personality disorders that can go into remission with Therapy.

she’s got a new foster animal staying with her

No. 253122

It stuns me there are people stupid enough out there to trust Stef with their pets

And except point about the BPD. Continuously bringing it up (especially not even confirmed or diagnosed) with her disgusting behavior is like making excuses for her. Stop the BPD label in this thread it does nothing but wash her hands of responsibility

No. 253145

Exactly. And even if she was diagnosed with it (she isn’t) there is no excuse for animal neglect. Having mental health issues of any kind doesn’t excuse this kind of behaviour. This is just a shitty person being a shitty person.

And yeah, wonder if this foster will remain a foster or if she’s going to try and cramp another dog into that tiny apartment

No. 253160

Anons, she has literally no sense of self or personal identity. That's the hallmark of BPD. Plus
she has all the other symptoms like inappropriate rage, impulsiveness, and being suicidal. People don't end up like that for no reason, something has to cause it. They aren't "just like that"

No. 253185

You're armcharing
She doesn't have all the hallmarks
Internet personas are not reliable representations of people
Shut the fuck up about BPD go back to the Vessey thread she has a diagnosis for it Stef is a shit person and it's not because she has a disorder

No. 253212

>>253160 You aren’t a psychiatrist and even if you were, you aren’t her psychiatrist. You can’t diagnose someone with something based on what you’ve seen online and you trying to just further stigmatizes an already highly stigmatized disorder.

You can’t say someone “must have trauma“ based on how they act online. That’s making a huge assumption. Take the armchairing elsewhere and focus on the facts of what we do know. There is plenty to talk about regarding her behaviour without making these kinds of assumptions.

No. 253277

Are you the same anon from the Venus thread who thinks pointing out mental illness is "making excuses" for bad behavior? You're really ignorant for thinking someone would just be a "shit person" with any reason. That's not how human brains work.

No. 253292

Nta and just gonna tell you to shut up seriously Stef doesn't have BPD and there's no point going around and saying it until she says it herself get over it and post milk

No. 253446

She has to be lying to these rescue/shelter/foster agencies, showing her parents property instead of her apartment. One anon had said some Canadian provinces can't really enforce apartment occupancy limits which explains a lot if true, since even in the southern U.S. a rescue wouldn't let you take a high-energy dog in that small an apartment with 3 other large high-energy dogs and a fucking defenseless kitten even just for a week. IME at least. Scum behavior.

No. 253650

shut the fuck up BPDfag. Sorry about your blow off diagnosis but you'll have to get a real personality sooner or later

No. 253662

I’m in therapy, but go ahead and be a cunt just to fuel your own ego, your behaviour is just a reflection of yourself(emoji)

No. 253664

She did talk about being mentally ill various times before, though not a specific diagnosis, and anons always just accused her of lying and wanting attention. IDK how anyone could think a mentally healthy person would be doing constantly-shifting skinwalks.

No. 253666

With the things she does Stef likely isn’t ‘mentally healthy’. Maybe histrionic with a hint of narcissism but it’s up to Stef to see a professional who can figure that out and the likeliness of that happening? I haven’t seen the behaviour typically associated with BPD in her or any of the threads about her, except perhaps the impulsiveness and shifting self image, but that alone isn’t enough for a borderline dx

No. 253671


Okay but seeing this map, damn! I live more or less in the same district as her work and possible current residence and I commute a lot. Funny thing too, when that con took place at the Toronto Congress Centre 2/3 months ago… I work very close to there and had to witness hoards of weebs all leaving during the end of one of my shifts and being absolutely miserable. I wonder if it had something to do with her presence removing oxygen from the atmosphere. In terms of shootings… Does not happen often in Toronto and the GTA. Thinking back on the last year, especially in my area of work, there are two major incidents involving guns (there however has been a lot of stabbings). The first goes back about 4-6 months ago and the shooter was just armed and no shots were fired. The most recent is only going back 1-1½ months ago now that ended in multiple fatalities. This one happened in Etobicoke and ended in Hamilton, ON. They send out amber alerts when an armed pedestrian is being perused or if there is an active shooter. I've only noticed this happen the past two years so that is either due to it being newly implemented or not being necessary. In my area, I have heard shots fired but without injury, damage, or fatalities. And that's once in the past 2 years. So yes, small incidents happen on quiet intersections that go unreported but this… this is just another lie. It's almost redundant to speculate when we all know what the fuck is up with this person but as a local that's my input.

No. 253676

haha my dog killed my neighbours chickens isn’t that so fun and quirky.

christ control your fucking animals

No. 253704

Why would you openly brag about your dog killing your neighbors chickens? that seems like such a shit thing to do and i were the neighbors, i would have my shotgun ready when the dog comes back for more. I hate shitty dog owners.

No. 253725

Should have the dog shotgun for the owner honestly especially if they're laughing about it online
Kinda funny when people who are like "I care so much about animals and x" but then they don't actually give a shit about animals
I'm not saying you should care, it's just a hilarious hypocrisy

No. 254054

Stef's got some empathy issues, remember when her friend got bucked off the horse and she was just laughing? She'd have a nuclear meltdown if the same were done to her. She puts a very transparent mask on with her animal rescue stories, like her taking in "damaged" horses and dogs but it's all strictly to set up a "savior" story for herself. Hell she straight up claimed to find or rescue animals that you can trace to a breeder and exactly how much she paid. She posted about being sad the gecko died after too many anons or discord ppl kept asking about what happened to it, but she didn't give a shit. It was probably a relief, the whole time it was alive it was a photo prop like twice. She made a big cry and song when her moms horse had to be put down, but she wouldn't have given a shit if no one was willing to film it. When one of her huge neurotic dogs slaughters that kitten she is going to downplay like crazy, or we may get another "some kids with 2x4 did it!" tale.

No. 254075


This. She's lacks any real concern for anything or anyone in her life. It's about what she can get out of everyone around her. You don't have to look far to see it. The multiple Amazon wishlist this greedy fat cunt possesses is a clear indicator of how she views friendships and relationships.

Speaking of relationships, I don't think her and dogface are fake scissoring anymore. Countess deleted her entire discord channel history. It was there the other day and now I can't find anything. I tinfoil Countess found this forum and did not like what she saw. Maybe. I don't follow either too closely so maybe I'm missing something.

No. 254084

Wait fr? Countess wiped her discord? Did she leave the whole thing or is she still in there?
I'd be stunned if she only JUST found out about this forum and thread but that's what they get for letting people so obviously lurk in the server

No. 254086

File: 1664857246503.jpeg (128.94 KB, 1125x700, CF3F1113-145C-4FB8-A99E-680365…)

still following so who knows maybe smthn is happening

No. 254095

She followed Syd for a while too after their split. Not sure but it seems odd that count would abruptly delete all of her discord messages meanwhile everything seems silent between her and Stef. Before she deleted she hadn't posted since the first of Sept.

I tinfoil she found the forum and that that she's being drug along with Stef and didn't like it.

Her account is still active just no post history.

No. 254098

Could be a breakup or could be countess thinking she's said way too much remember when she was going on about Stef being "wolfish" and implied it was sexual?

No. 254151

Sage for non milk question but just caught up. When was the last time stef mentioned her ‘debilitating’ ‘progressive illness’ that was going to ‘trap’ her in her own body ‘soon’ after her diagnosis five years ago? Or has she admitted to larping medical illnesses too?

Also kek and counting the days until a DID larp

No. 254182

She never admitted it but she's been thru several "illnesses". We had the blindness one, I think an Elsa one concerning the cold, and then earlier in the last thread someone brought up a blood drinking one but never substantiated it with shots
But nah her terminal thing was a total load lmao she hasn't mentioned it in ages

No. 254307

File: 1664914397734.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1668, C96ECDD2-A6B2-47CB-8B71-5291B5…)

Countess moved out?

No. 254316

I went back to look and now her post history is now showing. Maybe it was a discord bug.

No. 254320

File: 1664916980281.png (27.34 KB, 602x235, jilldo.png)

LARPing Jill at her actual VA is just too embarrassing lmao. Do we buy that her concierge job even gives out badges, or is she referring to her cosplay badge(s)>

No. 254331

Lmao pretty sure she's talking about a Jill Valentine fake badge but her work probably does give her a security badge it wouldn't be weird

No. 254470

File: 1664939986218.jpg (686.34 KB, 1080x2053, Screenshot_20221004-221657_Fac…)

No. 254473

File: 1664940134872.jpg (835.44 KB, 1080x2038, Screenshot_20221004-221733_Fac…)

Scrolling fb and saw this cringe ass pic. Guess her parents are homophobic now

No. 254475

What the actual fuck does this group have to do with her long distance shit

No. 254487

Knowing Stef she joined in hopes of flicking her bean to horse fucking furry shit and was disappointed to find its a support group for actual relationships. She shit posted because >>attention.

No. 254511

since fucking when are her parents homophobic? didn’t her last gf stay over at her house when she lived with them?

and everything else she’s said… i want to comment on all of it but she is too much. i can’t handle how much bullshit she spews into this world. what a waste of a human being.

No. 254716

go fund me to pay for flights to visit the love of her life heart gf when?

No. 254731

File: 1665012334828.jpeg (262.89 KB, 1124x1978, 75F631D1-F2FC-4824-A829-72B4CA…)

Who knows about countess but hey new face incoming

No. 254822


I hope so. Her Jill skinwalk is repetitive. I want another Arya phase. I miss her drastically changing her hair color every few weeks to match Maisie's, the figure skater saga, and her tagging Maisie in her IG posts hoping for a crumb of recognition. Kek

No. 254875

Elsa is my fav she got into the most shit with that skinwalk especially with her "voice acting charity" for kids during Covid kek

No. 254940

Elsa was so good. She really was out there trying to convince us she a real skandiboo, totally learning Norwegian and kulning across the anime convention, that the cold never REALLY bothered her anyway, the dress refund mess, complete with a PT windchime "not my real dad" moment. The horse stuff got especially unhinged [sadly for the horses tho], and RIP that sweet crested gecko. Also iirc she would wear tacky snowflake stuff to her irl job, very cool.
So yeah hoping Countess doesn't get her into more boring video game media to skinwalk.

No. 255557

File: 1665096723607.png (391.07 KB, 1438x375, Screenshot_20221006-174644.png)

New skinwalk incoming? We know she can't resist.

No. 255595

File: 1665098887916.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1989, B81627F7-2BAB-494C-8B9C-2265CE…)

Anons called it it's ginger snaps

No. 255600

she skinwalks the weirdest shit i stg

No. 255639

If I have to see this, so do you.
Wonder how far this skinwalk is going to go. She's already dyed her hair when she has a wig for Ginger.


No. 255653

Saved the psychopaths IG stories so we can all watch her skinwalking progression. Those filters are working overtime.


No. 255662

She's live right now on TikTok if anyone wants a dose of cringe.

No. 255681

Lmao how many viewers does she have? considering how dead her social media normally is

No. 255691

i stopped watching but last i checked she maxed at 5, that's if you included me being there lol. miserable

No. 255872

Ah, it all makes sense now. Ginger is a werewolf. Explains the recent wolf bs, and her saying she wants to dye her hair red.

No. 255909


Make that two of us. I don't even think her "gf" joined to support her. Pitiful.

No. 256280

File: 1665182451518.jpeg (80.17 KB, 259x356, E67D2F96-BEC7-4558-9A3A-B2E661…)

It's official babes let's goooooo

No. 256285

File: 1665183808556.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2348, Screenshot_20221007-175856~2.p…)


It begins
>>I have natural fangs.
They are called canines you pinecone.
Coming soon, a 23andMe where Stef tries to convince us she's 24% wolf hybrid

No. 256292

Good god these don't look like the same eyes. I'd thought she'd be past her old shop ways but I guess not

No. 256304

wow. that is a brand new face

No. 256349

remember when the chipmunk teeth she had in her Rey/Daisy Ridley era were all natural, too? I guess they just shrunk back into her jaw and pushed out the wolf fangs she's been hiding all this time

No. 256416

File: 1665193245566.jpg (914.94 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-10-08_09-39-05-600.…)

Some of the expensive garbage in her birthday wishlist

No. 256418

Why would that Kigu be $100?? they're like $20 on ebay.

No. 256422

File: 1665193663205.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1878, 313CBA36-D926-44CC-A152-B765AA…)

The audacity for her poor ass to ask her equally useless and poor followers for shit like this
Wasn't someone in the sever talking about being taken to court at one point? Who the hell does this girl think she is

Giantess is starting to beg for shit too so I guess they're perfect for each other

No. 256460

lmfao at this talk about being in hysterics over how "everything smells like her" here, this overexaggerated separation anxiety… she's trying to imply wolf-like/dog-like qualities in a bizarre and hilarious way on top of the "natural fangs" >>256285

No. 256484

I loved when she was wearing snowflakes and snow stuff in July and August

No. 256495

are her eyebrows drawn on? they don’t look very well done.

No. 256518

File: 1665242103321.jpeg (820.17 KB, 828x1431, 4B6CB6D0-0295-4BA4-ACAF-B93CDD…)

She’s tagging the actress from Ginger Snaps already, granted she also tags the VA for Jill constantly. Katherine Isabelle was in Hannibal so keep an eye out for the Hannibal cosplays.

No. 256519

File: 1665242382102.jpeg (727.37 KB, 828x1360, D85A18AE-0BDE-440C-B805-352A9B…)

Behold, fangs

No. 256560

The like ratio to comments still gets me but I can't get her account to work with stats analysis tools to see how much is fake considering that fiasco of her buying followers back in the Arya era

Also kek she can't do a single cosplay without changing her physical existence so sad

No. 256673

The Ginger Snaps arc is in full effect I told you

No. 256676

File: 1665256147012.gif (1.99 MB, 500x270, 49B5963F-3BC0-4D1A-B820-EB6979…)

It’s a really fun movie but it’s surprising to see someone who isn’t 14 years old latch onto it. Very 2012

No. 256691

she's literally insane. wtf

No. 256711

I'm going to guess shes going to buy some cheap fangs and try to pass them off as her real teeth, just ignoring the fact that we've all seen her teeth. It'll be like when she cosplayed Arya and pretended her eyebrows were real.

>Hey guys, I've had natural fangs for all my life and I've had to file them down at least once a week because they keep growing. I've decided to embrace my wolf DNA though and let them grow and these fangs are totally real. Plz buy off my Amazon wishlist.

No. 256735

That’s what makes her a cow though.

Anyone can throw on a wig and larp a character. It takes a special kind of person to suddenly claim fangs and (inb4) a disorder that makes you have to drink blood. Or whatever. That’s what makes a fine bovine.

No. 256737

Lol she already vagued the blood disorder for the vampire bullshit with resident evil this shit is wild

No. 256897

Ah Jesus, what’s next in the agenda re: animals. Gonna get a copper coated husky/malamute to match her fursona she posted the other day (thought I screenshotted but didn’t rip).

OR she’ll magically get a job at a zoo or vet because the dogs/wolves were ‘drawn to her’ uwu. Since she moves more into the fantasy orientated larp, I wouldn’t be surprised if her next skin walk was from Twillight or teen wolf smh

No. 256899

File: 1665318164598.jpeg (37.07 KB, 622x348, 054750BE-05E0-4BC7-BBEC-534331…)

She will start finding mysterious white hairs and grow a tail

No. 256905

full moon is tonight nonnas. kek

No. 256934

Didn't she make another insta for her photos? Maybe she's gonna upgrade and get a real job since she can't yknow die like the character she's skinwalking

No. 256943

Ahhh. Fine milk.

Never change, Jill. I mean.. Stef. Sorry, Eloise. Ginger? Ginger.

No. 257051

No. 257324

File: 1665434288609.png (2.71 MB, 853x1280, 36BB6F9D-8112-473D-A724-04949A…)

i thought for sure it was going to be Zombies 2

No. 257360

Thanks I fucking hate this but Stef probably would fuck herself given the chance just wonder which face she'd chose to look at

No. 257392

… her next obsession is a twilight ripoff? really?

No. 257405

This movie came out in 1999.

No. 257422

and it's still bad enough to look like a twilight ripoff. tragic.

No. 257482

and nothing to do with vampires either iirc

No. 257496

File: 1665479163228.gif (313.42 KB, 500x278, 37EAEAAC-6BE2-4847-A792-E4D062…)

It can’t be a twilight ripoff if it came a decade before twilight lol. Honestly it’s not even bad it’s just very cult classic teen girl tethers herself to this movie for two months kind of thing. Something you’d expect from a girl going through puberty, not an adult.

No. 257521

She's probably latching on cause of the wolf thing
It's funny how in the very beginning she was dragged for copying Arya's dream walking shut only for her to continue years later
If anything I think her having weird furry dreams is probably the only thing she doesnt lie about kek

No. 257634

Because of the wolf thing and because it was filmed in Toronto suburbs, so like with all of her skinwalks she feels like the “close to home” aspect makes her a true and valid fan, truer and valider than anyone else because you don’t get it, she’s ACTUALLY Ginger.

No. 257655

File: 1665520205593.png (2.92 MB, 828x1792, 77DF4EE0-9548-4A39-B77A-EBB79C…)

Phoneposting so can’t screen record but she posted this video of wolves at the zoo “hanging out with her” in the Discord and it’s clearly a screen recording… the call options bar pops up a couple times and she keeps getting notifications from Cowess. Did she save an Instagram live and that’s why it looks like this? Why doesn’t it have sound?

No. 257657

File: 1665520765611.jpg (363.28 KB, 1440x3101, meh(3).jpg)

While I admittedly know nothing about discord partnership I do know you need to have x amount of active members and x number of unique messages exchanged to qualify.
That dead ass server is home to mostly farmers. She barely received any acknowledgement on this "exciting news".

If I had to guess Stef is just trying to find a way to get free shit without any work as per usual.

No. 257658

File: 1665521116266.png (1.61 MB, 1440x2549, Screenshot_20221011-154233~2.p…)

Ginger was short lived. Anytime she doesn't get immediate traction or asspats telling her how much she looks like the IRL skinwalk she's obsessed with, she moves on.

No. 257669

Honestly fuckinf weird how she posted this but at the same time she's all over the zoo and posting photos so who knows if any of this is legit she could've just gone to a sanctuary where the animals are basically tame and walk up to anyone

KEK HER DEAD SERVER IS GONNA GET MERCH like any of them even remember it's her server it's just a bunch of people playing Minecraft no one even thinks twice about her

RIP ginger wonder what's next considering she bleached/dyed her hair just for this maybe it's x-men Jean gray time

No. 257684

no way it's a discord partnership. It has to be something else. I'm an admin in a huge discord server (20k+) and we don't have partnership, even with that many active members. It requires a lot of stuff like not just active members, but new members joining every so often, and new members typing in any channels every so often, and they're extra hard on you for TOS/NSFW content.

No. 257688

File: 1665530176455.png (361.47 KB, 569x556, yalllwant.png)

i just know this dumb bitch wanted the same amount of attention she got for the Game of Thrones and Frozen costumes. Bitch you dressed as the Ginger Snaps!! of course it's not going to get as many clicks! you killed you hair for 200 likes?? at least when she fried her hair copying the GOT girl people on reddit and insta liked her.
>announcing merch for her discord
>screenshot shows she posted this shit yesterday early morning
>1 pity like
>her life is pic related

No. 257698

Shes so fucking vague like does she really think anyone is gonna get hyped for that kinda crap? Most of them barely vibe with RE from what I can tell

No. 257730

File: 1665538599330.jpeg (42.8 KB, 669x186, 08C6C03A-21BB-44E0-947E-D59FA1…)

I'm truly confused. Is that video even hers? If it is, that Instagram notification makes it seem like she's logged into her girlfriend's account.

I don't recognize the UI of what's happening in the vid because I don't do video calls, so I can't tell if she got that clip from Gagamina and it's hers instead, or just took all these extra steps to save this as a screen recording to post.

No. 257737

Honestly no idea what she's doing like on one hand it should be simple oh she took it with someone else's phone but countess moved away remember whose phone took the video and why is she recording it like this

No. 257751

Oh that's true kek. I forgot that she moved away, I just looked at the new comments on this thread and wasn't remembering that part. I guess if that screen recording is Stef's then 1) she has access to her gf's account (honestly weird to me) and 2) I just realized maybe she could have been on a call at the same time and just screen recorded the whole thing to post. Presumably calling Gagamina herself because she misses her so much or something. Looks like this was also all done on an iPad. I don't know though

No. 257756

File: 1665555865764.jpeg (481.26 KB, 594x944, 3E5BFCAD-6614-4138-A7F3-8C65C5…)

She isn’t friends with Dahlia on discord any longer

No. 257843


It was only a matter of time.
It's no secret that Stef uses others for her own gain.
Love, hate or indifference to Dahlia, she has more followers and reach than Stef. She probably got tired of funding her "best friends" lifestyle with the incessant grifting. Maybe she found her way here and woke the fuck up.

Cowtess is next on the chopping block. Stef will grow tired of pretending she's in love with a hambeast who is just as broke and retarded as she is.

No. 257860

Might be because Dahlia was more popular on the server than Stef herself kek

No. 257867

File: 1665607970271.jpeg (116.84 KB, 1142x382, 166E43F2-B942-4083-849F-B1DD40…)

No. 257869


I know little to nothing about Dahlia. I know some farmers have said she's a cow in her own right, either way good for her. Hope she spreads the word and it appears she already has given the abysmal reach and interactions Stef has been receiving lately.

No. 257872

OK, I need to know more!

No. 257890

Damn wish we could get some details on this shit cause the server hasn't said anything it's crazy

No. 257900

Only milk of her I've seen mentioned in these threads is this >>190620. I'm curious to know what went down in >>257867 too.

Sorry for stupid question but how does the screenshot show they're no longer friends? I don't use Discord or the app that uses that user interface. Is it the time stamp or was Stef originally tagged but removed?

No. 257910


They are no longer friends on discord or comment on each other's videos or photos. They haven't in quite sometime. The tweet by Dahlia may not be related but given the timing it appears so.

No. 257918

Thanks nonna. I can understand the tweet might not relate to Stef but I guess it also wouldn't surprise me if it was, she doesn't appear to have a problem burning bridges or running off to start new accounts to distance from people who likely have caught on to her messy behavior. She seems tiring to be friends with in general also.

No. 257922


Id venture to say her non stop e-begging, scam fundraisers, multiple Amazon wishlists filled with ridiculously overpriced garage has its limits even on the strongest friendships.
You're valuable to Stef until you're not. Give it a year. Everyone we've see in her life currently will either be gone or a foot outside the door.
If you're not playing within Stef's delusional fantasy, you're useless to her. That shit is toxic and draining even on the closest and healthiest relationships.
One day they will come across this thread and find out their former best friend legitimately claimed that she could pop balloons with her mind. Fucking kek

I welcome the former cows friends to come drop off some milk. I'll take a sip.

No. 257924

"Former friend" don't wanna post caps cause identity but I will say the best/only way to forge a "friendship" with her is to give her money (if you want a single conversation then you're gone lol), have a talent that can be used for her benefit (like fanart– tho no one really does that in the first place), or be known enough for her to mooch followers
If you want senpai to notice you then you gotta pay up

No. 257925


Damn. Thanks for piping in.
I'm sorry anon. I've wanted so badly to reach out to some of her followers and link this thread so her closest circle could see firsthand what she does. But no cowtipping. Even if you tried people would brush it off as just gossip ignoring the proof.

Are majority of the group gone or do they not know about her shitty antics?

No. 257929

As far as I can tell, she has new friends with all these new faces she puts on herself. She left friends behind in star wars and then GOT (like that sad moid that said "I miss being your friend" oh shit) and that gf of hers that went from Elsa to this RE BS only to suddenly drop off the face of the earth

No. 257936

>gf of hers that went from Elsa to this RE BS only to suddenly drop off the face of the earth
Nta but wasn't that Sydney or was it someone else

No. 257957

File: 1665635512504.jpeg (287.12 KB, 1179x1564, 1F91F57A-7595-426A-A7AA-35E028…)

Fuck if I can even keep names straight anymore this girl who also helped Stef wreck that gorgeous Elsa dress

No. 257965

That's Sydney. This is the first I've heard about them destroying an Elsa dress though. Wouldn't take Stef for someone to destroy a cosplay over selling it then again it's not like she paid for it or anything else.

No. 257968

I thought Sydney dipped not long before Stef started the new account, or was it after? Holy hell I can't remember anymore kek. I think I remember the Elsa dress being ruined? Was it a pricey one where she got one too small for her and it ripped? Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else, it feels like weirdly long ago.

No. 257974

>>257968 they are probly still friendly because Stef mentioned in an instagram story that Sydney was visiting her around the same time she had someone else visiting

No. 257976

File: 1665646792149.jpeg (885.25 KB, 1284x934, B519E732-12B4-4F55-ABE7-117C7A…)

Dahlia also posted this on her IG story a day b4 I noticed they were no longer discord friends. Could be related, it’s all speculation because of the timing

No. 257989

the woman who helped stef squeeze into the dress at the con was someone else. They never dated. But she is literally sewing Stef back into the dress. I'll find the clip

No. 257993

I don't have time rn to upload it elsewhere but here is the link
Do NOT watch at high volume.

No. 258027

I hope it's about Stef cause honestly that entire server (all 5 people lol) will dump her ass for dahlia
Dahlia is her own cow but she makes steady content and was more active than Stef could ever be-and dahlia also interacted with people rather than posting only about herself and expecting conversation to be about her

No. 258062

We ARE here. And when the link was leaked to the top mods, they all just disregarded it as ‘haters’ and didn’t put any truth to it. Her top mods are literally in love with her and would do anything to stay in her good graces. I only wish I knew if MummyDahlia ever saw it and that was part of the reason they broke their friendship off.

No. 258065


No, that was Sydney. They did their gay girl larp at that con together.

No. 258076

It wasn’t Sydney, it was Starlenia. She’s tagged in the TT post of the dress being sewn.

No. 258103

File: 1665694773199.jpeg (384.66 KB, 1178x1894, 4FDF96D7-0434-4D54-916E-1C4B92…)

Def not serious but wouldn't it be funny if she came out about being attracted to moids

No. 258116

>Bark bark bark
Wtf is that caption?

No. 258118

File: 1665698846045.png (373.38 KB, 1440x895, Screenshot_20221013-170233.png)

Wolf transformation almost complete.

No. 258119

She's so fucking weird if she thinks anyone vibes with this what the actual fuck

No. 258152


I don't know what's more unbelievable, that this coddled fatty knows how to cook a rabbit or that she ate something not covered and smothered in sugar. I'm convinced she ate a carton of peeps and called it a day.

No. 258161

Lmao, I'll take 'things that never happened' for $100, Alex.

No. 258173

I'm with you there's no way she ate a damn rabbit with organs still inside like where tf is she gonna get that in Toronto or wherever she lives
Kek imagine her killing some poor rabbit in the street it's disease infested and she rubs her grubby hands "I am the wolf"

No. 258177

File: 1665708105116.png (357.18 KB, 2156x1010, Screen Shot 2022-10-13 at 5.36…)

I don't like this site, I don't like what's done here, but I'm pissed the fuck off at these people because I had a "friend" in the server that I didn't like seeing posted here.

When I brought it to the attention of a mod MONTHS AGO, they lied to my face and told me they were going to fix it. Recently checked back, only to discover they didn't do shit.

Jill doesn't give a shit about her people and neither do her mods. She doesn't care if she's exposing them to places like this site. Get one me all you want for being a hypocrite, I don't give a shit. I officially hate Jill more than this website. Enjoy the tea.

No. 258188

This is shit you pull when you're 11 years old, she's nearing 30 and still like this. I love it, but girl get some fucking professional help..

No. 258189


Ah shit. While you're here settle in with a cup of cocoa and start at the beginning if you haven't already.

That messy narcissistic cunt Stefany doesn't give a fuck about her "friends" being drug through the mud with her. You are only useful to her for clout, asspats and money. If it weren't for this site you wouldn't know about her vile history of animal abuse, lies and grifting.
If her "friends" choose to ignore the proof and pad her lazy lifestyle, that's on them. She will eliminate each and every one of them as soon as they don't deliver.
Thanks for the tea anon.

No. 258203


Her name is Stefany Lauren. You can blame Stefany for keeping the public discord channel linked to her public tik tok. The mods of that shit server can't police what we say here. The only person to blame is Stef for allowing the server to remain public knowing full well that this board exists and that she's watched by people who rightfully despise her. Have most of her inner circle been made aware of this site and that they are posted here or is it hidden behind mod doors?!

No. 258238

File: 1665715891709.png (999.27 KB, 1000x1000, lapin.png)

fatties be like
>i ate a whole rabbit

No. 258239

File: 1665716063907.jpeg (1023.45 KB, 1179x1717, C6F78FFE-740B-4670-B0B0-0540F1…)

Oh god a reunion already who's ready for more cringe sex tiktoks

No. 258241

In the Rey days she did claim to be bisexual.

No. 258247

Get your wallets ready friends. A new e-begging campaign is coming your way. Soon we will have two dissolute cows under one roof and those troughs aren't going to fill themselves.

No. 258258

Mods definitely know, not sure about the others Stef is close to. It is on Stefany for not taking action to protect her own server from this.

No. 258265

You can buy rabbit but it’s hard to come by. I’ve had it before and I felt guilty as duck.

No. 258279


Has Stef acknowledged any of this?
It's rare to get insider tea on Stef so I'll take all the milk please and thank you.

No. 258300

>whole rabbit
>bones, heart, trimmings
Is she trying to allude she hunted the rabbit herself? Or that she even skinned and gutted it herself? SureJan.gif.
Has she EVER cooked anything before that is not microwavable or 3 min noodles?

No. 258304

Excited for her American Mary arc where she begins sewing chickens up

No. 258306

She hasn't said shit that I've seen tho I'm not in the server much cause you know I value your sanity kinda looks like she's more focused on this shit with countess
We landed on countess moving out right? Stef is already visiting her? How codependent

No. 258316

lmao she used to pretend to be vegan

No. 258320

Different anon. Stefany knows and the mods know. The mods- specifically lemonboylemontown and lezbehonest- think it’s all just a hater website. All lies. No truth even though there are receipts. The mod circle is all well aware that this site exists and they know we have lurkers and have had since the server began. They ignored it. The server was locked tight for a while because of it, but I think they went lax after. Haven’t been there in a couple months but I still have a few people inside who tell me details.

No. 258325


She mentions the price of rabbit in the city so I think the implication is that she bought it. Which means it should've been cleaned already unless she specifically asked for the organs. Defs part of her wolf larp which is the most interesting one she's done in a minute tbh

No. 258330

It's not locked anymore and honestly never was. I do know that if you get kicked and try to come back, you get auto-banned, but that's all they've got in lieu of protection. Anon above showed caps for pruning and they really should've done that kek but then it would've brought the server down to 10 members and Stefakey can't handle being irrelevant

No. 258364


Did no one in that server have the common sense to question why she was buying $500+ cosplays and commissions after they contributed to her dying horse vet bill fund? She's taken that server for at least $2k meanwhile she's out posting on FB groups looking for fursuits.

No. 258428

How do you think talking about that in the server would go down? Those of us who do have the common sense to question it also have the common sense not to do so aloud.

Anything that has said about it is likely done in private space, not publicly. Stef probably knows that addressing it will just fuel it.

No. 258449

Lol naysayers or anyone bringing up this forum would get banned immediately they all suck Stef's dick

No. 258476


No I get it, I know what a trifling shitbag she is and cannot accept an ounce of constructive criticism without claiming abuse.
But if I felt I was being used I'd message everyone on the channel, make a post alerting them to the proof and bounce letting her figure out how to clean up the mess I left behind.
Only sheep and masochists stick around to be continuously to be suckered and treated like trash. Anyone who is still enabling her rightfully deserves to be scammed.

No. 258483

I get where you're coming from but it's not someone else's responsibility to vet others for sheep
Plus that server is full of people just like Stef. The ones who will ride off those site as full of hate and nothing else. They're all full of it.

No. 258498

what excuse do you think they're going to try for this time? "guys we're fostering yet another dog send money pl0x!!!" only to spend it on shitty-ass 'cosplays' and lady gaga concerts. i wonder how many times her retarded ass orbiters will fall for it too, however few that actually exist.

No. 258582

how can she leave for a visit with all those dogs? will her 'abusive' family care for them, including the dangerous one?

No. 258586

I don’t think the dangerous one ever showed up nor did the brown husky she said she was fostering. Maybe whatever foster program she was grifting realized she was doing it to collect purebred dogs? And it looks like Lobo is at her parents already - assuming the home with the scratched up floors is her parents house and not her apartment. Nym was already staying there full time, so yeah probably.

No. 258587

File: 1665855835328.jpeg (39.82 KB, 580x655, 964AF3DE-F1FF-4432-B863-63059F…)

Samefag, she deleted the Arklay channel so it’s probably safe to assume he’s gone.

No. 258600

Honestly hope these dogs go to better places, Arklay would be a good dog with enough training
Stef really needs to pick a lane. If she dedicated herself to dog training, she could probably make a life after adequate experience. Same with horses and what ever else. But she's obsessed with internet notoriety and clings for fame. It's pathetic and only made worse by how she uses people and animals like props

No. 258601

All of this.

If she focused on one thing and made it her own, no one here would give a fuck about Stef.
This is just as much her parents fault as it is her own. They finance and allow this behavior from someone almost 30 years old. Stef is not 25, she hasn't updated her age in at least a year maybe 2. Get your touched animal hoarding daughter some real therapy and stop throwing money at the cow.
I wish she would get the shit mauled out her or kicked by one of these animals she's "rescuing". It's just a matter of time, then that cunt will learn.
Until then we have a server full of autistic fucks sniffing her fupa hoping for a shred of attention from someone more retarded than they are.

No. 258643

Oh man I really want to know what happened to him.

No. 258662

Don't know if this was discussed earlier, and don't know where countess lives, but how did Stef afford a plane/train/bus ticket to get to countess if stef's so poor and having to move back home?

No. 258737

the same way she affords everything: mommy and daddy and grift

No. 258775

Doubtful it's the parents if they really are the reason she has to move back to the farm
Seems sad to think one of her sheep helped fund this like wtf Stef has no shame

No. 258871

I remember being in her lives and in the vc in the discord and she would talk about her ‘abusive’ parents and then she would turn around and sing her mom happy birthday on a live or carry her laptop downstairs to get honey and be like hi dad! Like.. she never acted like there was any real abuse. She just wanted to say that to seem tough. I think her parents get shit on more than they should- by her and her little legion of ants, anyway.

No. 258932

Wish I could stand the sound of her voice and listen in kek
Funny how often she goes with abusive parents I wonder if they're just against her "bisexuality"

No. 258944

File: 1665970577482.png (168.31 KB, 844x1394, Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 6.34…)

not to rehash old shit and sage cause it might not be milk, but I think that MummyDahlia was kicked or banned from the server or smthn.
She was really active so that would likely leave a ton of messages behind, but when you search her name in the from field, there's only 23 messages with her name and only two were sent by her.
as far as I know, they don't have a bot that lets you delete all your messages when leaving a server and only mods can delete everything, and that's normally upon kick/ban

No. 259071

Yeah she’s kicked or left, if she was in it you would see it from the Mutual Servers on her profile but it’s not there.

No. 259139

Kek if she was kicked that would be hilarious someone must've been bitter at to kick MD cow or not

No. 260346

File: 1666390338750.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1179x1979, AB4E812E-A5D5-4071-B457-32A5DF…)

ive been reading back in her threads cause im making a lil compilation of some important shit and it's honestly disgusting how little she cares about begging anymore
she used to write a note or some pathetic little blurb about needing to remember she's loved etc. now she just posts the fucking list and expects to be given things
who the hell is buying her stuff to make her think this'll get her anything?

No. 260494

Bruh Mummy Dahlia is a even bigger cow with her death and serial killer fetish.

No. 260504

Then make a thread instead of not saging your opinion because this is Stef's spotlight

No. 261038

File: 1666643005883.jpg (499.1 KB, 1416x3475, abusive.jpg)

A bit to unpack here.
She's packing to move out.
Gone to visit her "gf" on the other coast almost forgot she's there. So much in love. May move there which will bring the security officer saga to an end.
Also her parents are very very homophobic guys. Stef has no choice but to cut them off. I wonder if her parents are aware of this.
No mention of where all of these animals she's been hoarding are going to go or who will be taking care of them. As per usual.
Meanwhile this almost 30 year old NEET has a birthday wishlist up like she's turning 16. Can't wait to watch her fail without her parents financial support.

No. 261051

Glad that all the money she begged to take care of her horses is a wash now that she's moving and cutting contact with her parents.

No. 261052

While I tend not to doubt people that say their parents are homophobic, haven't we seen Stef being girls to her place for TikTok's and shit? And she posts so much in public, surely her parents would have seen stuff about the gf on Facebook. I kinda don't buy the homophobe route.

No. 261101

I don't either. Her dad is Catholic, like a lot of people with his background, but he never posts hateful stuff. He funds charity housing for people and loves his dogs. Her mom has Italian ancestry and might also be Catholic, but seems to have no internet activity. Stef brought people to ride horses in cosplay and had totes sapphic sleepovers at her parents' house, so I highly doubt this alleged homophobia.

The most likely issue is that Stef's parents want her to have a real career or way of supporting herself, and she feels this is abuse.

Why exactly is she moving back again? ah fuck it, I hope we get a return to closeted Elsa

No. 261106

>I was nearly SA'ed … when someone choked me
this is how we know it never happened, since choking is assault and ordering someone to fuck you while choking them is sexually charged assault, and legal terms aside, any woman would call it SA.

she worked at a closed haunted house thing, why not raise hell and make sure the guy could not escape?
I think I'd rather quit over getting assaulted rather than an active shooter, but I think either way we're talking about shit that never happened. How does she lie so much and still have friends?

No. 261120

I think her parents were rightfully skeptical that their daughter is a real lesbian instead of a run of the mill shut in perma-virgin neet failure

No. 261190

painting, traveling, moving, is it safe to assume at this point she has none of the multiple dogs living with her?
But then again she never mentions her "heart" and "soul" animals after the rush of shiny new thing wears out. Or she needs to beg money.

No. 261330

I do, actually. I’m assuming she has older parents because well-cared for autists always have old parents. I can imagine they just thought they were her friends, and judging by the fact that she does their horse posts for them, they probably don’t have a very active internet presence or navigate it enough. So they’re old horse people and their daughter announces she’s dating a deathfat—I’m sure they are sorely disappointed and likely very homophobic. At least be honest.

No. 261337

You were onto something with the disappointed parents route but lost me with the homophobic thing
This girls in Canada it's already a different culture. I'm aware there's still homophobia etc in Canada but we have never heard of these homophobic parents until this larp. She's always flip flopped between claiming abusive and no abusive parents which makes it hard to believe anything she says about them

No. 261343

If it’s really hard for you to believe that two aging horsepeople don’t want their only spawn to be a lesbian dating someone twice her size then idk what to tell you

No. 261351

Stef actually has a brother who the parents seem pretty proud of.

No. 261364

Kek if you don't know the difference between not approving of a weird whale gf who encourages gross furry shit and homophobia then that's fine
I never said her parents approved of the gf and I think it's the gf who is the real problem in the eyes of the parents cause she really really seems to be encouraging Stef to be her absolute worst
But homophobic? I haven't seen evidence to support that and we've only heard of it from the mouth of a serial liar

No. 261384

Dad has IG, FB, and iirc YT accounts. He has tons of family and business contacts as friends.

No. 261932

Extreme nitpick but why did she paint her apartment anyway?? You should only paint the place you're renting if you absolutely know you're going to be there a long time and have those funds. That's such a waste of money and time for a place you've settled in temporarily?

No. 261944

Painting her apartment despite barely living there half a year screams "young adult moving out for the first time this is MY life mom and dad!" While still depending on parents kek

No. 261991

knowing Stef's level of hygiene, she probably has to paint over the food stains, dirt, dog poop, and whatever else is on her walls

No. 262570

she always does werewolves? always? does she now? i thought she popped balloons with her brain and kulned for a living, must be waay behind. this bitch fucking lol

No. 262946

File: 1667232392262.jpeg (297.97 KB, 1178x1797, F495876C-FCF9-4F82-9147-D688AC…)

Kek is she lurking again? Haven't seen any other public discourse to warrant something like this.

No. 263216

File: 1667326648594.jpg (1.63 MB, 4096x4096, pt2022_11_01_14_16_43.jpg)

Surprised she posted her abomination of a girlfriend to her story looking like a toad

No. 263263

I'm not trying to be mean to this girl but when you're that size, you really can't do anything with angles to hide it. I don't think Stef is posting unflattering pics on purpose.

No. 263265

it's a shame she is deathfat, she has what appears to be a somewhat attractive face hiding under the fat and double chins.

No. 263266

you can see the ridge where her jaw is supposed to start… wow.

No. 263279

misread that as 'fridge'
checks out

No. 263284

So did she just move in with countess or what? Thought she was moving out of the city. Where are all her dogs now?

No. 263335


Did you use enough filters Stef? Fucking hell, I know you want to disguise the fact your gf is a massive slob but did you have to turn her into an Pixar animation?

No. 263938

File: 1667522107211.jpeg (337.45 KB, 1178x2030, AEC619CE-9B5D-461C-8FBC-522D76…)

She keeps posting this I guess no one is falling for the grift anymore

No. 263975

File: 1667536908422.png (703.35 KB, 1440x2304, Screenshot_20221103-233707.png)

Bitch, you are almost 30 years old not only touting around a birthday wishlist like you are owed something, but even your own family finds you insufferable to the point they don't want to celebrate your life. Kek
Cry yourself to sleep you pathetic cunt, you've earned it.

No. 263995


All those horses, costumes, parents driving her whenever she want to go anywhere and probably helped her move.

Oh and that time they let the horse in to the house.

If my child accused me of cheating due to scandoboo conviction that she's really a specshiull norweigan snowflake I would be pretty tired too.

Also, nanok means polarbear so why that is näcken I will never understand.
Finally got it out of my system, phew

No. 264046

fucking lmao she's legitimately giving pixyteri vibes now

No. 264137

They are CERTAINLY watching all "her" dogs she adopted! wtf. They are probably angry about it!

No. 264194

Can't help but wonder if her parents are asking her to stay home and help with her dogs (and any horses that may unfortunately remain) and maybe even find a little job at the coffee shop again instead of using their credit cards to go fly out to see Hulkess and eat out daily with her and buy 3 more purebred dogs to neglect. As we know, this is the most severe kind of parental and homophobic abuse.

No. 264201

>my parents won't let me pretend to be a fictional character all day and no one's buying me any of the shit off my wishlist life is SO HARD.

you know what i'll never forget? when this fat bitch fundraised for an animal she was neglecting and then her fatter bitch of a girlfriend bought lady gaga tickets not a couple of days later.

no one feels bad for her anymore and it's great.

No. 264244

File: 1667606183059.jpg (519.09 KB, 1440x4512, GRIFTlist.jpg)

I took a quick look to see what the retard is asking for. I was half expecting something genuinely useful. Nope. All expensive gadgets, books on wolves, a $70+ toy gun with abysmal reviews and overpriced stuffed animals she could find at her local Walmart for a fraction of the price.

It's blatantly obvious that she doesn't pay bills or see the value of a dollar. Money just like everything else, is disposable to her.
I hope her parents cut her off and force her to pay for her own housing, bills and all the animals she's accumulated. She would crumble.

No. 264246

can we get some more discord caps? please…

No. 264259

File: 1667611288779.png (1.17 MB, 1245x2624, 2C79D44A-E37C-46E5-A32A-FD9F68…)

Idk there are really no more screen caps to post. Everyone else just piled on her with the usual drivel but that sever has like 6 active members and that’s it. Nothing happens.

No. 264279

That server is dead AF. Stef isn't active unless it's to complain, showcase some animal she "rescued" or to brag about some aspect of her life that is bullshit. Her minions are either blind to her shit or there to farm her.

I check off and on so I'll post any milky caps I come across.

No. 264438

File: 1667690203755.jpg (357.77 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20221106_001613_Ins…)

…aaand another animal

No. 264442

Are they just getting them from shelters and then claiming they were found

No. 264488

with the dogs, Stef was buying from breeders and saying they were rescues. i can believe they'd do that with a cat as well, but the lack of breed preference/elitism in cats would make it extra stupid. also if it was Stef she have hammed up a short story about the rescue (and classic Stef would have posted it in an unrelated FB group, i miss those days) but instead it's just unceremoniously, "her brother found it" so who knows.

No. 264505

She "found" a lost dog just last week too she really likes to pretend she's some fucking animal whisperer huh
Honestly what makes it so gross to me is how she tries to pretend she's all about animal respect and whatever but then buys from breeders like that's not inherently inhumane to the animals she really shows her true colors

No. 264562

File: 1667771938766.jpeg (858.94 KB, 1179x2104, A0330868-1027-42BC-9676-4D8EE1…)

Didn't see this posted but apparently she has an insta page dedicated to photography and it's already abandoned. Honestly, she has passable skill in some areas like photography and digital art if she just focused she could actually do something with herself and instead she just uses people for their money and clout to continue to be mediocre

No. 264563

File: 1667772255016.jpeg (625.25 KB, 1179x2095, 6B8C8A05-7F6C-4401-8F00-354445…)

Hilariously enough, she follows her OLD instagram under this photography account and also followed herself back anything to boost those numbers right

No. 264601

this is a dumb nitpick based off some of the things i’ve seen her write but something about the way she types sometimes, like a dramatic monologue almost, just annoys me a little.
>so that will be wonderful
>will be. is.
that doesn’t make you sound like you’re that happy about the idea stef. i can almost hear a dramatic sigh reading that.

No. 264633

Throw back to her dramatic prose about her fake illness I'll forever laugh inappropriately when people dramatically say
From now on

No. 264701

blog and sage but i knew someone who wrote like that. total narc who would cry dramatically about one thing or the other. the way they think people buy their shit when the don’t even speak like humans. she found a post about her on here and was like “i was just looking at lolcow for no reason and imagine my shock!” kek

No. 264736

absolutely not a nitpick, it's one of my favorite traits of this cow. Her ridiculous fake stories with the drama club prose

No. 264791

File: 1667880007495.jpeg (480.36 KB, 1179x2262, 9D9DDA6C-B413-4F19-913E-672C45…)

Not milk just miss the Arya larp

No. 264797

i’m surprised she would even mention this on her current instagram account, didn’t she get backlash from the fanbase and leave?

No. 264800


That was the star wars community.
She lost friends during Arya but not to the documented degree as she did with her Rey skinwalk.

She got alot of new followers with her Arya because she posted to Reddit with Maisie's stolen face. Most are now converted farmers or lurkers.

She has no real life friends exception that Yeticow she's fake fucking.

No. 264802

sorry for getting mixed up lol but thank you nonna. she did get backlash for shopping maisie’s face though didn’t she?

No. 265376

Kek @ the the broken little hairs on top of her head. And to think this was BEFORE her fried Elsa hair.

No. 265544

File: 1668305781379.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1876, Screenshot_20221113-101547.png)

So edgy

No. 265586

People need to stop thinking this kind of obnoxious overtly specific humor is funny it’s not 2012

No. 265736

Literally welcome to resident evil Stef it's been like this since the 90s with Sherry just block and move on

No. 265800

The character is 16 and the mocap actress for her is 21. It's not exactly scandalous like she's some little kid. This is so overdramatic.

No. 265802

Funny that this is the larp she chose to take this stand I don't remember her complaining about this back in her Arya shit or any other fandom that had a particularly wildly depraved niche

No. 266141

File: 1668596009522.jpg (1.07 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-11-16_18-52-35-177.…)

Speaking of sexualizing characters…

No. 266148

>body euphoria
my sides. Stef, that character has breasts and muscles. Not your chicken nugget physique. If Stef would just work out, she'd feel better about herself, but she doesn't. Her face is pretty and has potential, but her personality is beyond rotten. she will never change.

No. 266165

"Kept her body type"
You mean with an ass bigger than chris redfield's chest? Play the first revelations Stef and tell me Jill's body was even remotely realistic kek I love new Jill at least she looks remotely human now Stefakey just wants another reason to feel sorry for herself and to detach from a larp

No. 266341

Because they made Jill more realistic now, with a streamlined athletic body type that actually suits her job, instead of looking like a ridiculous blow up doll. Imagine being upset about this as a woman.

No. 266390

>I'm sad. Sad day for Jill.
I know she's probably referring to herself in the third person but the wording like she is Jill still pisses me off

No. 266409

Newfag. A long time friend of hers posted about her return from the west coast, milk incoming

No. 266412


>>Opens mouth

No. 266420

milk about the trip ?

No. 266424

Why is she talking like a scrote?? Jill looks great. I love re5 and can't wait to replay