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File: 1528935024531.png (97.3 KB, 271x275, lolcow.png)

No. 610007

Previous thread: >>>/snow/559585

Stefany Lauren is a cosplayer from Canada who has recently gained some notoriety for her Arya Stark cosplay from Game of Thrones. However, she only gained this from literally photoshopping her photos until they are unrecognizable.

Originally she was popular in the Star Wars community for her "likeness" to Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey. However, when people realized that she was literally photoshopping Daisy's face on top of hers, they got annoyed and she was pushed out. She subsequently went to the Game of Thrones community.
She's a compulsive liar as well, having claimed to work for Lucasfilms (implying that she was a stunt or photo double for Rey) and to be HBO's Official Arya Cosplayer (which is not a thing). Every time someone uncovers something about her she writes a long poetic facebook post to get ass pats.

Other milk includes but is not limited to:
> Faking a British accent even though she lives in Canada
> Lying about her height and weight so that she can claim she looks just like Maisie
> Claiming that she makes her costumes, when really she just commissions them
> Pretending she has a sickness that makes her blind every once in a while
> Claiming her dog is a service animal (it isn't)
> Always trying to be quirky and unique, like claiming she was born with "stark white streaks" in her hair
> Skin walking–buying clothes, imitating mannerisms, and trying to basically become the actors that portray the characters she cosplays
> Bumping other threads to draw attention away from herself and constantly trying to white knight and derail on the previous thread, sometimes with friends
> "Apologizing" for things she's called out on–like saying she's sorry for photoshopping, but then pretending she only photoshops small things "like any other cosplayer"

Stefany's links:

No. 610018

Her actual Instagram is @sparrowsongcosplay btw

No. 610050

shit, my bad, i just copied and pasted from the last thread. i should've double checked that.

No. 610068

>her ~unknown illness~ that makes her blind and eventually wheelchair bound (so she could be like the ~irl arya~)
>tried hiding reddit posts about her ~blindness~ and how she needs people to help her up her horse + humble bragging arya cosplay reposts on reddit
>had numerous articles written about her lies
>lied about never measuring her height and how she's actually 5'4 when she's really 5'8.
>stopped skin walking Daisy after she got exiled from the star wars community after she got outed for photoshopping daisy's face onto her own
>Skin walking maisie and daisy, believing she's Maisie's doppelganger
>lying about working for HBO and LucasArts as their official cosplayer
>lying about working as Daisy's stunt double
>her horrid photoshop
>her fake British accent and lying about being British
>she sends her wks to attack, lurks hard and constantly making posts about lolcow
>playing the victim
>lying about how a lost husky came to her and how she 'found' the owner
>lied about being a professional makeup artist to cover up her face stealing
>Lied about her weight and tries to pass it off as haters fat shaming
>lied about her ex-girlfriend. She is bashing her and telling everyone that her girlfriend and best friends use to tell her to kill herself and that they use to bully her.
>Abused her ex.
>bashing her garrison
>did a half ass apology thinking that everything would be better by lightly admitted to 2 things she did

No. 610106

File: 1528942322349.png (390.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-13-19-50-29…)


No. 610107

File: 1528942420650.png (187.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-13-19-50-26…)

Stef never learns lawl

No. 610109

File: 1528942537854.png (674.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-13-17-47-25…)

I don't understand why she wears glasses over those green contact lenses

No. 610116

No. 610126

she deleted her fb?

No. 610134

Right before this she's speaking and though her voice is filtered, you can easily tell her "accent" comes and goes. She talks about being hopelessly insecure and pathetic. Give it a watch while it's still up, I actually laughed pretty hard.

No. 610167

so sorry, i've never made a thread before but no one else had done it so i just quick searched how and did it. thanks for the extra links anon

No. 610168

i noticed that too. it's laughable how fucking awful it is, and that she really thinks it passes as real…

No. 610242

this cow is very clearly on the edge of a massive breakdown. she can’t handle ANY criticism without ranting about it somewhere and she’s preemptively calling herself out for photoshop.

i give it two weeks to a month until she deactivates instagram and makes a half baked suicide threat.

No. 610335

No. 610380

File: 1528976625371.png (496.53 KB, 720x823, Screenshot_2018-06-13-22-19-49…)

She talked about how much she hated herself, how she wants to lose weight then right after she's like "this might sound hypocritical but you are loved, love yourself blabla" jus cuz u say it's hypocritial ahead of ur love urself speech doesn't make it less hypocritial.

No. 610436


This girl is a COW. How come she's not in /pt/?

No. 610444

She thinks calling out her own Daisy face photoshop past will make her Maisie face swap shop more legit

No. 610455

File: 1528984513016.jpg (803.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180614-095455.jpg)

What's with the dandruff and shit she has on all her clothes?

No. 610458

File: 1528984770357.png (566.57 KB, 720x898, Screenshot_2018-06-14-10-01-02…)

No. 610484

File: 1528987555539.jpeg (60.48 KB, 441x658, BD016683-0897-41AF-90C3-FB9E92…)

What are those bruises on her thumb

No. 610486

looks like dirt or whatever mess she used on her lips

No. 610494


>had numerous articles written about her lies

Are you referring to the articles praising her cosplays? Two articles spawned from the popularity of her cosplay posts on Reddit, and one article was reproduced by multiple publications.

Also of note, she deleted her most recent post on Reddit of a Doctor Who cosplay when she got called out in the comments on her photoshop.

She appears to live a fairly privileged life on her parents' dime. She has several horses and dogs, travels, and is not known to be currently employed or in school.

She describes herself as an actress and claims to have been a cast member of a travelling production of Wicked, but her only documented turn as an actress was with a local community theater.

No. 610502

Yes I meant the articles were eating up her lies

No. 610515

She did half ass threaten suicide when the first thread was made. She said something like "if I was someone else, I'd be dead".

It seems like she's bored of the same stuff because she's not getting enough attention so now she's doing a ton of makeup tests. You know, instead of getting a job or something.

No. 610554

Funny part is during that time no one said anything bad about her and the thread was pretty empty, the op posted 3 photoshop proof pics and she goes on instalive crying about how she would've killed herself over 3 pictures kek

No. 610558

Uh oh it doesn't seem someone is too happy to be having a second thread already kek she probably thought her thread was going to die out after she made that half assed apology.

No. 610739

>>610558 >>610436
I can easily see her thread being moved to /pt/ if she keeps this shit up.

Oh yeah, that’s right, forgot she said that. Cyberboolying gone too far, she ~might not have survived~ if she wasn’t so strong!

No. 610768

so i read through the entire last thread and i went through her old insta pics the other day, but i don't see anything anywhere about her abusing her ex gf. i was wondering if anyone who's been following these threads for longer than i have could point me in the right direction for finding that milk?

No. 610879

File: 1529015739872.jpg (191.18 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1529015681171.jpg)

If anyone told this girl she looks like Daisy they honestly had to be memeing her. Without her Photoshop face swap I can't even with these photos.

No. 610881

File: 1529015766287.jpg (247.23 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1529015650911.jpg)

She's super skinny irl guys

No. 610883

File: 1529015796511.jpg (113.08 KB, 1538x2048, FB_IMG_1529015561837.jpg)

And a makeup a r t i s t.

No. 611304

she could be decent if she actually fucking tried to learn how to do makeup. but why do that when you can just shoop someone else's face onto your own?

No. 611307

lmao that visible fupa

Pure cringe. She looks like she's trying to fart but it won't come out.

Pretending to be a Cathar now eh, Stefakeny?

No. 611449

File: 1529065366897.png (918.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-15-08-23-19…)

>the us army gave me this arya stark dog tag

That totally happened

No. 611454

woooow, this is bad. this level of lie is like, the fat kid in 4th grade that would try to embarrassingly convince a class of 30 kids that their dad pulled strings to get them a drivers license and a porsche 911 carrera. she's 22? this is so embarrassing. tbh i feel like you have to be like, a little touched in the head to try to pull this one at 22.

No. 611474

her whole vibe is like autistic 14 year old

No. 611625

14 seems a bit optimistic. >>611449 is the kind of shit a retarded 10 year old would try.

No. 611653


Not sure if it's just me but it looks like the text is photoshopped on the tag. It's so crooked.

No. 611657

i don't think it's ps, there are just a lot of cheap-o printed metal tags out there that were probably made on like one of those machines at petsmart so they come out all shitty
i'm sure indypop was handing them out in mass quantites and she just wanted to look speshul

No. 611710

i hope she's making a shitty, not funny joke. it's hard to believe that a 22 year old woman would actually try to pass this story off as true. why would the fucking army print dog tags for you that don't even have your real name on them dumbass. god she is something else

No. 612348

File: 1529154383555.png (722.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-16-08-55-48…)

>he's squating and I'm stretching, totally a petit 5'3 girl yall

No. 612349

File: 1529154451751.png (667.14 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-16-08-56-05…)


No. 612361

Why tf would you even need to mention that you're stretching or that hes squatting?
She makes is so obvious that shes trying to convince everyone shes small.
You know you're not small when you have to try & tell everyone how small you are. Its just like unintelligent people telling everyone how smart they are and how.

No. 612362

Who is he ? (Talking about the boy, not Stefakey)

No. 612365

i don't think she knows the definition of a squat. that and she's blatantly not stretching in the slightest. what a dumb thing to lie about

No. 612378

The actor playing Bran Stark, Arya's brother. Isaac Hempstead-Wright

No. 612382

Oh… He probably thought she was super creepy.
I can't imagine celebrities think its necessarily cool that people obsess over their shows/characters or in Stefakey's case, the actual actors.

No. 612387

Oh shut up…you guys "hung out" or you just asked for a picture with & you guys spoke briefly. You didn't hang out with him, Flakey. He was just there as a job & he doesn't know or care about you. And neither does the US Army. >>611449

No. 612405

Haha I love that. "Hi! Can I take a picture with you?" OMFG WE'RE PRACTICALLY BFFS!!

No. 612466

File: 1529168516912.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180616-130033.png)

She would post this.

No. 612483

lol I cannot believe she flew to my state JUST for IndyCon. The ONLY reason she came here is to meet Isaac and get a photo with him so she could post about how they ToTaLlY hUnG oUt!! Tickets to meet/get a picture with ONE celebrity are $80-$120 USD..

No. 612519

File: 1529174064992.png (433.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180616-143401.png)

No. 612609


No. 612628


no shit stef, you tubby fuck. what is this ana pandering bullshit.

No. 612634

Not to WK, but I have been to a con where the US Army had a booth where if you gave them your email they'd give you dog tags, and you just typed in your name yourself. So, I don't think this is a lie, but the way she phrased it was 100% cringey.

No. 612639

i feel like a terrible person for it but i thought the exact same thing. "punish herself" how? she's clearly not holding back on food. not saying she's grossly overweight, but she's probably not necessarily at a healthy weight either. she's always trying to draw attention to herself with all these "illnesses" it's honestly disgusting. don't pretend you have an ED for sympathy. that's just fucked up

No. 612641

So is she pretending to have an ED to make her claims of wanting to lose weight seem legit? Cuz that's both stupid and sad. She can just hit the gym and quit eating Mcdonalds

No. 612685

Yeah thats literally the picture you get when you get something signed and they come from behind their table to take a pic with you.

the level of pathological lying here is unreal

No. 612690

Yeah and you also have the option to eat a carrot instead of a donut, but go off…

No. 612811

what does she claim her height and weight to be?

No. 612817

File: 1529195030472.png (769.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-16-20-13-02…)


Pr00f right there guys

No. 612859

she claims to be “the exact same size as maisie” but i’m not sure if she’s ever said how much she weighs or her real height. obviously she’s not an uwu delicate 5’2 flower as she pretends.

i won’t start guessing her weight though because that always derails threads like fucking crazy and we’ll get ten anons blogging about how they’re not as fat as stef etc etc etc

basically she’s just hella fat and we’ll never know the truth because she won’t admit it to herself in the first place

No. 612865

Has she ever shown anything other than her face though?

No. 612870

Yeah… Itt…

No. 612882

How has anyone she actually knows personally not publicly called her out?

No. 612884

She said on her actress profile thing she was 140lbs (lies)

No. 612889

File: 1529198977484.jpg (26.37 KB, 361x751, maisiewilliams1.jpg)

To be fair, Maisie Williams isn't exactly a stick anymore

No. 612902

File: 1529199639927.jpeg (18.54 KB, 183x275, 0F9243E7-6EA3-4580-ACC2-D952EA…)

She still is a good weight tho? Lol.
She isn’t Stefs weight at all.
This is from this year

No. 613019

File: 1529205500722.png (825.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-16-21-25-56…)

My forehead hurts seeing this

No. 613331

her accent is these videos is nonexistent i don't understand why she even continues trying to pass it off as real when it's so inconsistent

No. 613359

I don't think she uses her fake British accent when she's around her family and family friends

No. 613362

Of course she doesn't. They would ask why the fuck she suddenly was using a British accent.
I wonder if she ever falters at cons when she's there for several days etc.

No. 613377

Watch her slowly get rid of it & then make a post like "hey guyz if you're wondering where my accent is going its because I'm toning it down & trying to sound more Canadian because of all the bullying" or some bullshit

No. 613492

Lmao that sounds exactly something she would do

No. 613510

"this hate is just unbearable and i don't want to do it, but i have to because i'm not in a good mental state to deal with this right now"

No. 614054

>>"I don't feel like fighting with strangers on the internet today"
so I'll just delete what ever posts I get caught on

No. 614361

File: 1529359625660.png (984.77 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4729.PNG)

No. 614363

File: 1529359725375.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4730.PNG)

From her story.
Her eyebrows look ridiculous

No. 614364

does she think the eyebrows are magic or something? because the eyes still dont look anything like hers

No. 614389

She had to say the picture is "raw"

No. 614392

>>That feeling when…
you're unemployed & probably spent all day in front of a mirror trying to draw on eyebrows to look like an actress because you have a mental illness & can't go a day without attention

No. 614431

She doesn't have to draw on her eyebrows though, but oh well.

No. 615029

lmao oh child actual dog tags look nothing like this, you'd think she'd try harder

No. 615211

File: 1529440174647.png (609.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180619-162445.png)

So who's this Luke guy she keeps talking about?

No. 615624

Clearly her Jedi Master, anon.

No. 615961

File: 1529515645825.jpg (2.57 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180620_132653864.j…)

> #maisiewilliams

No. 616011

>the meaning of cosplay has been lost in look alike contest
>hey guys is me Maise!

So now she doesn’t wanna be a Maise lookalike? Let’s see how long that lasts kek

No. 616052

Oh dear.
She flip-flops between "this the real me, I am my own person" & heavily photoshopping & defending herself.
Maybe she should take a wee break from cosplay & focus on other things for a while. Cosplay is supposed to be fun & she just lets it torture her mental well-being & makes her addicted to attention & praise from other. Find another way to feel validated, man.

No. 616062

This isnt the first "body positivity" post from her. How many times can she be like
>>"This is me."
>>"this is me & I don't like it" (que the compliments)
before everyone gets sick of it?
Its the same old-same old.
"I hate myself but heres a picture of me & I am absolutely terrified to post it because of the haterz but I am a sheep in the woods at night & I need hero so I became my own hero & I run with the wolves that raised me" kind of bullshit followed by dozens of praising comments on how brave & strong she is.

No. 616135

File: 1529528306952.jpg (882.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180620-165431.jpg)

She's live right now whittling a piece of wood and talking about how she's only eating soup for every meal

No. 616166

Y’all stef is at least 5,7 or 5,8. Pretty tall for a girl.

No. 616174


anon don’t even start with this shit. you’re going to derail the entire thread starting up this dumbass debate again.

nobody cares about her height, she’s still fat and still has the world’s most punchable face

No. 616186

Uhh what the hell?
>>"mail me one of your haters so I can hate fuck them" ?
Is he talking about rape? Where is this kids mother lel thats fucked

No. 616188

Btw because someone asked – someonealreadystolemyusername is the Luke she is always referring to

No. 616195

File: 1529532169894.jpg (398.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180620-180313.jpg)

No. 616197

This is also the kid that did a "happy birthday Daisy Ridley" post but it was a picture of Stefany in her "accidental" Daisy Ridley romper

No. 616205

Not trying to blogpost but i work with special needs kids and this whole thing screams autism…

No. 616243

File: 1529535885148.png (38.25 KB, 485x419, Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 7.03…)

No. 616265

Her live never had more than 15 viewers

No. 616304

I know a little while ago she posted that she was upset cause she thought someone bought her followers.
She just jumped from 6k to 7k and she posted a pic of her most recent followers and theye were all like generic usernames.
She went and blocked as many as she could find and managed to get her follower account back down below 7k.

No. 616306

Also, lets not forget she got 4k followers from doing Rey and now just doesn't do that anymore.
She does have a fake follower problem but that could account for a lot of it.

No. 616330

File: 1529542040645.jpg (242.22 KB, 900x1200, yeahok.jpg)

I have a feeling she edited the shape of her shape. At least something funky is going on with the door in the background. I drew lines to see if they line up.

No. 616356

Also looks like she still has her eyebrows pencilled in. Not really "no makeup"…

No. 616358


The shape of her face, sorry guys Ive been drinking.

No. 616363

File: 1529544594738.jpg (41.88 KB, 206x274, 20180620_202945.jpg)

Cute, using your hand to hide your gross cold sore. So natural and fearless.

No. 616400

She pulled in her jaw line just a little. W I D E

No. 616426

Can we talk more about this Luke guy?
There's just something about him I don't like.
What, did he lie about his just to get more popular in the SW fandom?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 616446

can we not? it's not his thread.

No. 616588

I don’t think she edited her faceshape.. Yes the door looks a bit weird but I think this is the perspective….

I mean why the heck should she edit the shape of her face but not edit her big fat pimples ??
Gosh is she really over 20? Does she has Akne? I had my last pimples which looked like this as teenager, not as twenty-something

No. 616745

File: 1529590449052.png (643.52 KB, 556x1245, 20180621_101038.png)

2 candid pictures & "Maisie" picture…imagine that! Look at the match!
This is just from a silly website called "celebslike.me" but the proof is in the pudding.

No. 616821

Are you dumb? Of course she wouldn’t edit the pimples out because she is trying to make it “raw”. She edits all her photos, and just the face structure to make it look more like the artist she is stealing from.

No. 616862

Anon, RAW is a straight-out-of-camera image file that holds a ton of information and is preferred among many who photoshop, she isn’t saying it’s “raw” in the way you’re thinking (though she certainly implies as much)

No. 616965

she's going to give herself such deep wrinkles at a young age if she doesn't stop doing all those intense expressions for no reason. it's uncomfortable to look at, especially her forehead. gotta wonder if it's a maisie or a daisy thing kek

No. 618471

Why the hell did this kid send a dick pic to Jake Paul?

No. 618737

File: 1529727228211.jpg (948.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180623-001311.jpg)

No. 618891

new iteration of ~*mystery illness* omg i’m blind but able to ride horses~ when?

No. 618958

File: 1529749740265.png (918.84 KB, 800x1045, Screenshot_2018-06-23-03-27-52…)


In a hospital where she is not allowed her phone…

Last post speaking about darkness…

No. 619057


I bet she stays offline less than 24 hours. She didn't have to announce she is going to the hospital, in fact if it was an emergency or issue she wouldn't have the time to post in Instagram. She is just doing it for attention.

No. 619058

I dunno, I thought this was just about her haterrrzzzz, since she's been non-stop posting about body positivity in the last week

No. 619141

>"I am not allowed my phone"
binch you're using your phone right now

No. 619380

I was at Indy Pop Con too. I got a dog tag also. It was a fun little thing. Mine said my cosplay character too for fun.

I did pass her a bit. I would just like to say on the record that she is very creepy irl and she had a few people very turned off and really weirded out. I know of a few people who were actively hiding from her.

No. 619386

Lmao details? What kind of cringey behavior did you see? I'm interested

No. 619393


She's really clingy and hyper but not in a little kid way. Her behavior was very much like a socially awkward person trying way too hard to fit in.

One of my friends does a really killer Spiderman and she was just really handsy with him and it made him uncomfortable. But from what he said she also talked about how wonderful she is and that she's an actress and a stunt double. Not a humble bone in that girl's body and pretty sure 99% of it was lies.

No. 619409

File: 1529795572926.png (5.66 KB, 359x157, luke.PNG)

tbh i knew he would delete this so im glad i screencapped it

No. 619424

Ahhh… The classic suicide attempt Instagram story post

No. 619429

Was she keeping up the "British accent" the whole time?

No. 619432


No! There was no sign of any British accent when I was around or that any friends report. Although at times she did talk with something that might have been her attempting to 'slip into' a British accent. She just sounded deaf or slow

No. 619434

Suspicions confirmed, ty anon

No. 619453

If you actually attempt suicide, there's no time to post about it before you get carted off to the hospital. What a manipulative little cretin.

No. 619460

Pretty gross that she has other people spinning her lies for her too

No. 619462

How do you mean she sounded deaf or slow? I just have something in mind how it could have sounded but I wish for more details …

And to the suicide thing. I am pretty sure someone who tried to kill him/herself has something different in their mind than posting long explanations on social media accounts…

No. 619466

Also, she was still posting on twitter, facebook, and Instagram. She was barely gone for 12 hours. Either she's faking a suicide attempt or she's going to bring back her "EXTREMELY MYSTERIOUS ILLNESS" lies to drum up more sympathy.
She's 20+ years old, this type of shit is what a 12-year-old with no hobbies or rational thinking does.

No. 619471

Eeeehhh I hope you didn’t misunderstood me…. I don’t believe her shit. I wanted to say that I am pretty sure that someone who REALLY tried to do suicide has other problems than social media …

She just wants to have attention and “awwwwws”

No. 619472

This bitch wants us to leave her alone and then pulls possibly one of the milkiest acts one can. Nice.

No. 619475

And I know that she was posting all over there … that’s makes it much more unbelievable that she really had a break down like this. …. she should get a life …

No. 619495

12 hours? She couldn't even stay away for the mandatory 72 hours (MINIMUM!!) that people who actually attempt are held for? It's honestly offensive. People have real problems, suicide isn't a joke. Disgusting.

No. 619499


Which Facebook account. I can't find anything on her personal account.

No. 619603

there’s no baker act in canada anon. obviously she didn’t try to kill herself but even if she did there’s no guarantee that she’d be held for any period of time. if she’s lucid and ambulatory she can check herself out anytime as she’s an adult.

sage for no1curr, just thought i’d clear that up as i’m also a canadafag with personal experience

No. 619657

File: 1529813078300.jpeg (350.33 KB, 741x1198, 3E1546AB-1805-4574-A0DE-A33286…)

No. 619658

File: 1529813122115.jpeg (310.65 KB, 750x1269, A06C6011-C32E-4CA9-922C-85F4C4…)

Friends are stating she did.

No. 619659

Funny thing is no one is bullying her about being “fat.”. Or that her skin isn’t perfect, we are stating that she is a liar. A cheat, a shame artist.
No one gives a shit if you aren’t a size zero or have a few pimples, we care that she LIED ABOUT SO MUCH.

No. 619665

Is that an actual irl friend of hers or just an internet cosplay community "friend" that didn't take her insta story with a grain of salt? Find it strange that she's okay with all her "friends" putting her suicide attempt on blast when she herself was so vague about it

No. 619732

>>618737 is not something you type out, style, and post to everyone on snapchat after seriously trying to end your own life, jfc.

Makes no sense. This is really weird.

No. 619749

She stated on facebook that she was going to attempt suicide and was rushed to the hospital. She may have posted the status on the way, before they took the phone. If she had actually attempted I'm sure there would be a lot more posts about it because they generally don't take your phone away in the regular hospital while they stabilize you, they just take it when they transfer you to psych.
Hopefully she gets the help she needs, whether this was actually a planned attempt or not. Since she can't stop posting even when she says she's on breaks, I'm inclined to believe that this might be real.

No. 619786

of course this is fake / for attention. bitch probably took like 4 aspirin or something.

the only way Steph would consider a suicide attempt is if Maisie did it first.

No. 619823

she’s gonna milk this shit for weeks. expect tons of posts about ~mental health and online bullying awareness~ with novels written underneath about how the big bad meanies on lolcow made her try to seppuku. if you’re alive enough to post on instagram obviously it’s not a serious attempt.

do you have screenshots of her saying she’s gonna do it, or did i just misread your post?

No. 619863

Like, an ambulance, her parents drove her, or she drove herself? Why even bring your phone and post on social media in that situation? When your life is supposedly on the line..

So it's one of those "cry for help" situations. It's too bad that she and her "friends" chose to post details and make it public, but it's good she is getting help. I think she really needs it with her serious identity issues.

No. 619880

her and her little suck-ups are so thin-skinned it's embarrassing to watch

No. 619889

File: 1529844521790.jpeg (259.15 KB, 1365x2048, D4476902-6222-4A08-80C5-E2F333…)

My guess is that those photos we keep digging up that shows how she really looks got her panties in a twist.

No. 620328

Which friend if defending her? The Erin girl again…?

No. 620330

I assume it's Luke since he posted and deleted here
But I'm not sure, I still am not entirely convinced Luke is an actual person/friend of Stef. I honestly think it's a Stef sockpuppet account but that's just my theory.

No. 620355

Definitely a “cry for help,” if she’s in a hospital at all. Most genuine suicide attempts will leave you real out of it if you’re not in dire need for medical attention. Blood loss, side effects of overdose or asphyxia, etc. all leave one too incapacitated to (lucidly) use social. If you’re on Instagram, it’s not that serious.

No. 620367

And you certainly wouldn't be posting about it anywhere trying to get sympathy points. If she was serious about suicide, she'd be kind of bitter about someone trying to stop her not posting on Instagram with a colorful background.

Stop lurking here if it bothers you so much, Stefakey.

No. 620405

"cry for attention" - fixed. getting 'help' would mean facing up to her skinwalking, and she won't do that unless someone forces her to.

No. 620988

She won’t though, she’s super passive aggressive about it
“You guys want the photoshop tea?”
Like it’s everyone’s fault that shes been exposed for lying about everything for YEARS.
Some people actually go through these things and she’s lied about it all and is too much of a coward to come forward and take responsibility. Can say the same about the people who defend her knowing what she does.

No. 621323

File: 1529962249979.jpg (32.71 KB, 640x640, 12795509_474591202746555_14518…)

stefail has come a long way through photoshop and facewalking. looking through her pictures of rey are just insane. people really thought she looked like daisy? gaining 3k followers from photoshopping daisy's face onto your body that's wearing her costume? interesting way to gain fame…

No. 621492

Funny thing is she looks great as rey here! You literally don’t need to look like Daisy. She even looks happier here. But seriously? Photoshopping yourself to be someone else is fucking insane.

No. 621576

The funniest thing is there are a few cosplayers out there who look like Daisy or at least somewhat similar to her. I wonder if stefakeny ever took their faces and plastered them onto herself when she couldn’t find a picture of Daisy that would work.

No. 621655

It's incredible how genuinely happy and full of sunshine she looks here compared to now being so obsessed with trying to look exactly like the actors rather than the characters they play. Where's the old Stefany?

No. 623280

File: 1530156816442.jpg (680.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180627-233415.jpg)

No. 623366

lol "as my hospital roommate said insert cheesy quote" sure jan

No. 623406

Hopefully now she can get some real outpatient treatment for her issues, and stay the fuck off social media. It's only hurting her at this point.

Though it's not looking very promising, I think >>619823 called it. She's already playing up the mental health angle, which will also serve as her shield against any criticism.

But still, hope I'm wrong and she gets actual help.

No. 623486


When they admit you for crisis i.e suicide attempts or "at risk" for an attempt you don't get a roomate…they isolate you because you're a potiential threat to yourself & others. You don't get to exchange Shaw Shank Redemption quotes between hospital beds. & when you're no longer considered a threat they make you wait there until someone can pick you up.
Side note: don't post every single event of your life on social media especially regarding hospital visits(?) Your "fans" don't need to know everything. Keep some things to yourself. Her post is romanticizing an alleged suicide attempt.

No. 623487

Shes already started to get back into it by posting this. >>623280
Here we go again. Also you called it anon

No. 623491

Ok her mother was mentioned. do her parents know about all her behaviour now? You know so she can get better?

No. 623552

It depends on the hospital. I had roommates when I was in the psych ward. They just remove anything that you could possibly hurt yourself/anyone else with and you have no real privacy. But you can definitely have roommates.

I believe she went to the hospital (she's already proved that she can't stay offline for more than 8 hours usually) and hopefully she gets the help she needs.

No. 623575

I also had roommates, although I ended up in a sort of catch-all facility after my voluntary commitment. I don't know what anon is on about. You probably won't have a roommate during the initial 72-hour hold, but after that in a psych ward or a behavioral center you're probably going to get a roommate for the next 5-30 days you're there.

No. 623583

Wow…you guys must have over crowded hospitals then. That sucks.

No. 623586

Its depends on your situation.
We dont know what Steflakey even did.

No. 623699

if anything this girl looks like Asherbee if she took better care of herself

No. 624244

She gained like 4 followers since the alleged incident

No. 624275

Lol so she got admitted to the hospital over people online calling her out on her lies? Lmao this reminds me of that asianwannabe cow himeahri who lied about being Japanese and got "hospitalized" after getting called out for out it. Once she's out, she's gonna milk her hospital stay ~experience~. If you can't take the backlash of your lies–don't lie.

No. 624332

File: 1530291084341.jpeg (249.97 KB, 750x1087, CB38CF39-BA31-43A8-B991-C0D588…)

No. 624336


>just not anything by Maisie

>includes pics of Maisie cosplay

No. 624337

lmao at the gall it takes to ASSUME people are going to start rattling off maisie williams characters because ~ur like totally twinz~

No. 624411

Tbh I think her "hospitalization" was for more attention

No. 624417

She posted this today.. wtf girl. You just got home from the psych ward at the hospital, after a "suicide attempt."

Wat r u even doin??

No. 624419

File: 1530295844783.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180629-141116.jpg)

No. 624454

Why so vague about your facts?
5'3"ish? Just say 5'3".
Early 20s? Just say 22.
Special Snowflake.

No. 624465

File: 1530300122885.png (935.18 KB, 1080x1035, 20180629_152045.png)

No. 624490

lmfao anon this is exactly what i thought when i saw that picture

No. 624498

"Dont tell me I look like Maisie Williams because I already know"
It's just gross that she has to keep saying people tell her all the time or at least insinuating that people do.
That Cast Me Cosplay post could have been a perfect opportunity to start fresh if she just used normal everyday pictures… OR it could have been another opportunity to find a new skin to steal.

No. 624499

File: 1530303108349.jpeg (83.42 KB, 750x459, C8AC6D65-6175-42A5-AE88-01952A…)


No. 624503

because "5'3"ish" in her mind = 5'8"

No. 624506

i feel like the fact that her rey AND arya cosplays have basically been debunked as being authentic twinning pretty much proves that that post is looking for another actress to skinwalk. why else would you only be trying to cosplay characters that match your (somewhat self-)perceived appearance?

No. 624507

It was WILD guys…I PAID to meet someone & worded it like we hung out

No. 624512

File: 1530304332266.jpg (772.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180629-163242.jpg)

The attention-starved vagueposting continues

No. 624513

Basically saying "who do I look like?" (Other than Maisie)

No. 624517

Haaaa. I'm just picturing Stef following her dog around the house & him repeatedly leaving & moving away from her while she tries to take a picture.
Its 34°c in our area for fuck sake leave him alone! Hes hot!

No. 624582

Just had to throw that in, eh?
>>"I still can't believe I hung out with Isaac all day"
Hung out? All day?

No. 624591

i just watched her live lol she said she's going to be back later, transcribed some interesting parts:

>using a blunt knife to "wipe" a thick layer of foundation off eyebrow "this is sharp but not sharp enough to kill myself with"

>immediately segues to: "we should talk about what happened, but not in detail because its too triggering"

>"dont ever be afraid to get help"

>"i shouldnt be here now, i should still be in the hospital"
>"but they gave me some medication"
>"hopefully therapy helps a little bit"
>"i wear a lot more makeup for rey than i do arya"

>somebody said they didn't understand all the hate she gets:

"some people don't realize that everybody uses photoshop"

>someone brought up her "dressed as daisy ridley at the airport":

"umm… i was dressed as myself. i didn't get that jumper because daisy had it. my friend had it and i tried it on and bought it
because i liked it"

>"I've given up giving shits because people will never be happy no matter what you do"

>"i'm still nervous about posting a full rey look because people are assholes"
>"i'm for sure going to get hate for posting this rey look. some people are just going to hate you just to hate you.
>talking about not letting people hating you get to you:
"hopefully you wont end up like me (not going to live anymore)"

>"live your life, don't live for someone else"

>"it was recommended by my doctor that i talk to people and to pretend like it never happened" (referring to her suicide attempt)
started to tear up talking about her "breakdown being in front of her entire family" (don't know what that means)

>someone in her comments said she was a survivor:

"im not a survivor, but im still here"

>starts showing off a bunch of drawings she did in the hospital

No. 624602

File: 1530309166586.jpg (Spoiler Image,1020.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180629-171635.jpg)

No. 624603

back on live

basically said there was no reason for her to be "bullied about her looks" and to "create a website about it" (lolcow shoutout) because she's not stealing money, homophobic, racist, etc

No. 624604

File: 1530309608045.jpg (Spoiler Image,1002.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180629-175707.jpg)

Peep the chat comment kek

No. 624606

>"i shouldnt be here now, i should still be in the hospital"

this fucking irks me to no end.

No. 624612

God she's pretty insane, I'm guessing she's loving all the attention she's getting right now by acting like a loonie out on the loose

No. 624625

So we've got people living with disabilities & daily struggles out in the world who DON'T want to commit suicide & are living happy lives…(some even with jobs!) & then theres a (probably upper class) privileged girl who wants to die because…cosplay? People calling out her concerning behavior?

The main focus wasn't even her appearance or weight or any of that. It was her behaviour & lies. But I guess coming clean about all of that is much harder than just blaming the "bullying" on body shaming or whatever for sympathy. No one wants to sympathize with a liar.
Figure it out you're 22.

No. 624630

Fack. I can't even imagine sharing that much personal stuff with an IG Live audience…
Go find attention in a different way.

No. 624633

Uh…then go back to the hospital if you feel you should still be there
You got out of the hospital…and immediately started back doing the things that got you triggered in the first place. You left the hospital…made some vague posts & started doing a live feed of you doing the thing that literally makes you mentally unwell & has proven to do so

No. 624643

if they discharged her after like 3 days its because they thought she didnt need to be in the psych ward. yet she's trying so hard to make her life some sort of girl, interrupted shit

No. 624696

File: 1530313946061.jpeg (296.78 KB, 750x1082, 2897DFB1-1A4B-469C-8D1D-CAA10F…)

I think she’s implying she has MS (multiple sclerosis)? The sappy novel writing is a goldmine of memes and ~woe is me~

Fucked up if she’s lying about that shit tho, have a mate that got diagnosed a year ago and she experiences shakiness, temporarily losing eyesight(rarely), weird ticks in her body, constant exhaustion etc etc

Sorry if this has been discussed/posted already

No. 624721

How many illnesses is she going to claim to have? She's going up to 5 made up illnesses now

No. 624750

>>"I'm still nervous about posting Rey."
If she "doesn't care what people think" so much why are you NeRvOuS aBoUt PoStInG rEy? The bullies? The bullies that are bullies because they're not stupid & noticed you're a liar by default?

No. 624773

File: 1530316804483.png (8.23 MB, 1242x2208, 0178E28E-0911-4144-A5F2-65931B…)

if daisy was a recovering meth addict

No. 624782

her next cosplay should be Voldemort

No. 624783

she's sooooooo bad at makeup.
"""""""professional makeup artist""""""""

No. 624797

>she will keep fighting with everything she has with two bloody fists before giving up
i love how dramatic these cosplay nerds are. who and what has she ever fought in her life? internet bullies? the long line for admission to cons?

No. 624800

Oof. Fresh out of the hospital & making herself so vulerable to ridicule . Why are you doing this stef? Lay low or something

No. 624820

the obvious fake quote makes me feel like she just laid in bed watching one flew over the cuckoos nest and girl interrupted while pretending to be in the hospital

No. 624873

The makeup application was giving me a complex
>slathers on Maybelline foundation, not blending, not bothering to clean up her hairline
>sets it with powder
>cakes on more foundation
>adds lipstick, realizes it's too dark, says "oh I'll just cover it with powder"


No. 624916

im watching it right now. cackling at her doing contour first and THEN putting on concealer.

No. 624925

It wouldnt be so bad if she didnt say she was a
p r o f e s s i o n a l

No. 625095

It's pretty embarrassing & her actions give cosplayers a bad name. I'm a cosplayer but I also have an education & a career. Cosplay is supposed to be a fun hobby for your spare time & enjoyment…
It's not supposed to upset you this bad, Stef…like it definately shouldn't trigger suicidal actions.
Such a drastic measure.
It was supposed to be fun, remember?

No. 625128

i felt sorry for her. but now i realize that everything she said was a lie, regarding her rey cosplays, her hospitilaztion, i tried collecting inspiring letters to give to her mom but she was "released" the next day.

No. 625188

Usually psych ward admission is one of those rock bottom areas. I feel like most people have the natural sense not to broadcast themselves on live streams from this area.

Idk.. this stuff >>624591 has me legit worried for her. I feel like the "pretend it didn't happen" isn't terrible advice - like certainly don't talk about it with online strangers - but she needs a professional to help her work through her shit. I'm not sure what meds she's been put on, but maybe that's what explains this piss-poor decision to hop right back on social media and start over sharing. Like maybe lowering her inhibition and ability to make rational choices?

No. 625189

did i understand wrong or she said she attempted suicide while in a call with her family?

No. 625198

Sry samefag, just wanted to clarify when I said "area" I just meant like a time frame in life, not a physical place like in the hospital, but a state of mind.

Also, even though the suicide wasn't serious, to actually go through with hospitalization and then willingly exposing this very personal shit to everyone.. it's indicative that she really does have mental issues imo.

No. 625447

Uhm a doctors advice would definately NOT be
>>pretend it never happened
…Yes talk about it to people that you are close with not strangers on the fucking internet
I smell lies. Or her doctor is awful.

No. 625476

Either call or car? I didn't get that part either

No. 625622

File: 1530377812310.jpeg (507.26 KB, 1366x768, 20180630_125732_143.jpeg)

No. 626324

Stop comparing yourself to other people. It's literally made you sick. You are Stefany & thats the only person you will ever be. No more faceswapping even if its just for fun.

No. 626330

Obsessive behavior

No. 627103

File: 1530551785712.png (271.58 KB, 334x597, 2018-07-02 13_09_48-.png)

No. 627114

Is that supposed to be her

No. 627123

File: 1530553990267.png (495.63 KB, 519x951, 2018-07-02 13_53_38-Stories • …)

yeah, sorry the username cut off for some reason but she posted this to her insta story

No. 627135

Think its actually her? She didnt show her face & it doesnt sound like her.

No. 627316

Definitely her. I’ve heard her sing in an American accent before. It’s what makes me think she could have some type of decent stage career if she just knocked her skinwalking off.

No. 629446

File: 1530807148145.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180705-121214.jpg)

Still on her bullshit

No. 629663

Oh well i guess tall people cant ride horses you guys

God Ive never seen someone that has to reassure everyone of how 'short' & 'small' they are so often
Its so weird

No. 632153

File: 1531124548169.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7310.PNG)

why is she so annoying? she always says she doesn't do this but here we go again

No. 632154

File: 1531124580513.png (813.38 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7311.PNG)

and again

No. 632158

>I don't faceswap, I just photoshop, and that's totally different!

No. 632159

''facepaint three claw marks, that will certainly count as a complete aela cosplay! Nevermind it's a photo right next to maisie''

No. 632212

"Guys I hate doing side by sides because I hate that cosplay has become a look-alike competition…but here are two more side by sides lel"

No. 632217

But I still don’t get it? She really doesn’t even look like her? Why is she so delusional about this? Just because they both have brown hair and same skin tone that means she is her? It’s honestly insane. She keeps saying “I don’t like side by side” “I really don’t see it” “I don’t look like her” “cosplay isn’t about looking like the actor”. Yet she constantly does this. It’s annoying and I’m surprised that her followers haven’t gotten tired of this. Well, actually, they might because she is dropping in numbers. I just hope someone calls her out about the constant “side by side photos”. She says they ask for it, but who really does?

No. 632218

You know what would be a better use of an
>>ungodly amount of time ?
Rather than searching for pictures of an actress you have an obession with to prove something to strangers, why don't you fire up the old resume & get a job?
"I spent an
>>ungodly amount of time
perfecting my resume & going to interviews today." You know…doing something productive.

No. 632220

I guess some are getting tired of it because she was at like 7,300 followers a little while ago & I checked today & its 7,194… she still has a very strong 'fan base' however that kisses her butt on every single post…its weird.

No. 632225

& thats the thing im pretty sure NO ONE asks. She makes it seem like people are asking her in comments or dming her or something but im sure its all 100% her making it up as an excuse to post more MaIsIe StUfF. She'll be like "ok FINE since everyone was asking heres (insert something she needs an excuse for to post)"

No. 632229

Whats delusional is that she got her actual hair cut to look like a tv character. That is scary. Such an impulsive & desperate thing to do.

No. 632243

File: 1531143427750.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180708-173743.jpg)

No. 632245

File: 1531143586990.png (562.82 KB, 610x764, 2018-07-09 09_39_40-Instagram.…)

No. 632250

File: 1531144103887.png (1.34 MB, 800x1101, Screenshot_2018-07-09-06-46-17…)

No. 632251

File: 1531144125611.png (140.72 KB, 800x989, Screenshot_2018-07-09-06-46-03…)

No. 632262

LMAO what am I reading… And 7 days ago? So… she was literally back on this 2 or 3 days after her suicide attempt?

No. 632263

No you didn't
>>let your eyebrows grow out, cut your hair how wanted and live your life
you just filled in your eyebrows & changed obsessions. I wish i had a reddit account to comment.

No. 632265

I bet all my money no one ever told her she looked like Maisie pre-obsession. Its just her saying "everyone has been asking me for ______" …she likes to use "everyone" as a blanket term for what she really wants to say but needs to hide that shes making it up. Oh "EVERYONE used to say it when I was younger but I HATED it like an InSuLt but I'm JuSt NoW aCcEpTiNg It but I cut my hair exactly like her just by chance"

No. 632270

So you told your Instagram audience about trying to end your life but not Reddit? Why not? thats where your most enabling fans are!

No. 632271

>>I constantly get compared to her
because I photoshop myself to look like her. So weird right?!

No. 632275

As a Canadian I am embarassed.

No. 632279

this post got 1500 upvotes btw

No. 632307

5,8 is pretty tall for a girl but she legit has it set inside her mind that she’s short….she wants to be this other person that bad…

No. 632346

File: 1531153665247.png (544.03 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7309.PNG)

also, why is she that scared to see her ex and her ex's friend? did something happen that we know of?

No. 632366

Omg is she 15? Shes scared of SEEING her ex?
Oh wait the 'abusive' one?

No. 632368

she's really pulling out all the stops lately

No. 632389

If i were her I would be scared to go to ANY con whether her ex is there or not…shes going to get called out again for her Arya just like she did with Rey

No. 632424

File: 1531158609308.jpg (795.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180709-134957.jpg)

No. 632469

File: 1531162398825.png (72.74 KB, 607x466, 2018-07-09 14_53_15-Instagram.…)

i swear she makes these disclaimers just for the comments tho

No. 632603

File: 1531170983914.jpg (3.47 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20180709_171626275.j…)

No. 632654

File: 1531173192229.png (741.66 KB, 913x664, 2018-07-09 17_51_51-Instagram.…)

im sorry but i had to share this comment on this pic plus this guy's horrible horrible zach galifianakis cosplay

No. 632711

File: 1531178525675.png (540.01 KB, 1080x749, 20180709_192117.png)

Moral of the story: Don't pretend that "everyone" tells you that you resemble a celebrity. Because everyone can tell when you lie. It makes you look like a loser.

No. 632933

an insult? dont people generally think that maisie is cute? how is that insulting to be told you look like her.

No. 632956

File: 1531216493418.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3345x2509, 08A0E5DE-79C9-4192-9562-9867D6…)

Wait what??

I mean that’s not a character of maisie but she looks like she try’s to be Arya with this strange scratch make up …

And than this weird message in the caption? I mean you don’t like comparisons? What’s this? You don’t see cosplay as look a like contest? Why then you cosplay Arya? After “everyone” tells you you look like her? Why are you so obsessed with looking like her??

Just cosplay something you like, what’s about something which doesn’t look like Maisie? How a bout a character who isn’t little brown haired girl!! Try something else you like…

And then you tell this poor person on Facebook that the last side by side was in may? Hmmm NO? It was 16 hours ago from now, and the Facebook post of this person is 13 hours ago… gosh this woman… why couldn’t she just stay at the hospital is she really was there… or could not just anyone take her every possibility to go online …

Me as cosplayer I feel so annoyed by her she pulls the whole community into something weird .. like it’s normal as cosplayer to be obsessed as she is -.-
It’s a hobby which is supposed to be fun but I guess she nerver knew this or forgot it..

Ah and why the hell is she mentioning her high all the time? I am small 5.0 and I don’t have to mention on it every second post. Yes my pants are to long to.. and? I can sew so I cut and sew them but I don’t have to show every fart I make to my community just because I am small and omg the clothes and ppl are so long and tall next to me .

Sorry I am just so annoyed

No. 633003

She just said it was insulting to make her lie more
a u t h e n t i c

No. 633012

Lel Any new psychology student or even anyone who has just taken a human behaviors class would know shes got the recipe for a bad liar down pat. 2 very obvious characteristics are her unnecessary explainations & immediate defense when someone calls her out.
>>632251 the person asks how often she was told she looked like Maisie Williams & Stefany answered with a (somewhat) convincing explaination of her "coming to terms" with looking like Maisie. All of that wasn't necessary but it was an opportunity to authenticate that she even disagrees & doesn't see it so she comes off as naive. She could have just replied simply "All the time!" but her answer made her look like shes trying waaay too hard.
Her catty/defensive responses to being called out speak for themselves. >>632956
She may as well have been saying the classic "What? Do you think I'm lying?"

No. 633299

I know the story about her “ abusive “ girlfriend and friends.
They never EVER abused her. They actually told her to get help multiple times because they were concerned for her mental health. They legit would tell her to go somewhere to talk to someone. And she blew them off. She actually hurt her ex-girlfriend physically. And manipulate her. She also lied to her about her “acting jobs”.
Stefany is scared of getting CALLED OUT. Not seeing someone from the past she abused. She is disgusting honestly.

No. 633455

Why does she keep doing this? Didn’t she just “try to kill herself” and this is what she chooses to fuck with like damn. Nothing says obsessed like constantly bringing it up “u guys wanted this” my ass

No. 633567

Exactly. No one wants it lol unplug your computer & do something productive

No. 633743

File: 1531309870527.jpg (3.58 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20180711_075141989.j…)

No. 633745

File: 1531310595822.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, surejan.w529.h352.jpg)

>I prefer Arya because she's like me and I don't have to act, I can kinda just be

No. 633777

Nofuckingbody has ever been
>>suspended in disbelief
by your cosplays. You are a good cosplayer. But you don't have some striking resemblance to either one of your (2) cosplays. I've seen you at cons. Not saying it to bring you down, you just aren't similar to the character's actresses as you think you are. Stop exaggerating.

No. 633778

British candies? Are we still pretending to be English? Even with that Hispanic/Latino last name? Cute!

No. 633780

HA oh anon remember her one post (during her Daisy obsession era) about how she loves cosplay because little girls would light up when they saw her & would run up to her & "tell her their hopes & dreams"? Or that she said one mother approached her with tears in her eyes, thanking her for what she does because her daughter was teased at school for liking Star Wars"?
Suuuuure, Jan.
Walt Disney himself couldn't shit enough magic to measure up to her magical made up cringe stories.

No. 633811

God, OP pic she could be the female version of Groceries with that DreamWorks face

No. 633864

Stefakey can make a person cringe into a raisin ffs.

"I just want to be myself!"
>pretends to be everyone but herself

We're going to see her on the news one of these days for going full Buffalo Bill on Maisey and Daisy.

No. 635183

She's a lost cause at this point. It's hard to believe she's just sweeping the whole hospitalization thing under the rug and already back to posting these comparisons with Maisie and actively seeking reddit validation? I really hope I'm wrong but reading through all this I could see her actually becoming an hero someday. Hope she's seeing someone and/or getting outpatient help.

No. 635339

Hero? What do you mean anon?

No. 635389

it's a meme for committing suicide

No. 635423

No doubt her ass kissing followers would be posting about how BrAvE she is

No. 635611

File: 1531511771826.jpg (3.94 MB, 2880x1920, inCollage_20180713_155558802.j…)


No. 635705

she seriously has 0 self awareness. either that or she doesn't care that she contradicts herself in every other post because her followers won't ever point it out anyway

No. 636206

shes going to pierce her nose next because Maisie has it. Just wait.

No. 636511

Did she delete her IG? The plot thickens!

No. 636516

Lol damn. Yep just tried searching and couldn't find it.

No. 636800

File: 1531636113932.png (27.04 KB, 514x393, 1.PNG)

No. 636802

File: 1531636355394.png (18.96 KB, 490x240, 2.PNG)


No. 636804

Lol just be on the lookout for any "Arya lookalikes" on Reddit. You know she can't resist.

No. 636997

Good. Give your mental health a break & stay off social media.

No. 637002

I guess she didn't have enough drama lately. She gave em the ol' vague "I'm deleting my social media" only to return in the near future.

No. 637023

But 'Elle Johnson', how could SteFlakey get attention if her account is PRIVATE?! Not an option for her.

That would result in a post about how she refuses to make her account private because she shouldn't have to hide & she would say something like 'A Girl Hides From No One' & she will not let others dictate her happiness because she 'doesn't care what others think'. Lol & she would start a hashtag about it like her #IRefuseToRemainSilent post against bullying in the cosplay community that got the attention of like…2 cosplayers(?) after her Daisy obsession crashed & burned.

No. 637155

File: 1531671957940.jpg (2.03 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20180715_122625639.j…)


No. 637194

File: 1531673574165.jpg (23.23 KB, 288x499, Kornheiser_Why.JPG)

No. 637240

File: 1531674940615.jpg (3.95 MB, 2880x1920, inCollage_20180715_131603930.j…)

I still don't get the >#maisiewilliams in every pic. Just praying she sees it, or?

No. 637272

File: 1531677109735.png (249.03 KB, 1080x1494, 20180715_134549.png)

>>When I started getting really sick

& just putting it out there:
jockeys must weigh between 108 and 118 pounds & the average height for a jockey is between 4 feet 10 inches and 5 feet 6 inches.

No. 637307

this sentient tub of pig lard just doesn’t know when to fucking quit huh

No. 637464

welp this job isn't like a promise into the jockey world, anyway, so it doesn't matter she's big. She's just there to clean, groom and exercise the horses so they're ready for riders. Here when I live, it's either a job that's very low-paying or paying in riding lessons, usually "horse girls" go for it and then they get a wake up call because it's nothing like just brushing the cute horsies
Just wait for her to sperg how she can't take it anymore because she's so sick and weak or something

No. 637573

why the fuck would anyone want to look like maisie williams though

No. 637632

Fuck knows because she looks like an inbred hobbit.

No. 638414

File: 1531771801998.png (951.8 KB, 935x600, 2018-07-16 16_09_30-@sparrowso…)

any confags here?

No. 638755

>>Unemployed for so long (as far as we know)
>>Gets a job… brushing horses.
>>Goes to cons in other countries

-Multiple Choice-
"It must be nice…":

a) Being rich?

b) Not having school debt?

c) Having Mommy & Daddy hand everything to you & send you away to cons because thats easier than giving you actual attention & that's why you're 22 & spending your days feeding your mental illness for a sense of self worth & validation from strangers on the internet?

No. 641001

does she even go to Canadian Cons anymore?

No. 641027

When is she going to be moved to pt? Her delusion is next level. I'm still lawling at how on her instafeed she told her followers that they are loved with the suicide prevention speech after she talks about how she hates her appearance and wants to be a ana chan

No. 641032

They've got to strengthen up the horses with bigger loads some way anon.

No. 642130


She has been there almost three days and no pics or stories?

No. 643101

File: 1532159281354.jpg (16.08 MB, 6649x3825, 20180720_124125.jpg)

I'm at the con and managed to witness her stupid faces. Truly a cringey site to behold. I wish I had a story but I don't, only stopped to take these pictures and go. Maybe I'll see her again, I should have taken a video.

No. 643127

She looks so scared and awkward. I don't want to nitpick her weight, but damn, those pants do not flatter her legs… I ride horses and if you're advanced enough to go in all gaits I can't fathom how can you still look like this. You use your whole body. Maybe the new job that requires her to ride regularly will fix it

Though I'd like for her reddit asslickers to see her candids because she definitely gets too much cosplay clout there, while irl she looks ok as Arya but she's not a look-alike by any means.

No. 643325

Yeah, she definitely needs to go up a size in pants cause those are strangling her.

That's a cool looking Hound, though.

No. 643964

File: 1532241533413.png (4.41 MB, 750x1334, B3213059-2781-4FA4-9783-CE8143…)

She truly doesn’t look like Arya. Another photo of her at SDCC. She would be a good Arya cosplayer if she wasn’t shopping peoples faces. The costume is actually really good.

No. 643972

she looks like a fat special needs 12 year old boy day dreaming about cheetos and elmo

No. 643976

the girl next to her looks like a better fit

No. 644029

what is wrong with her face?

No. 644107


Did she take the hem out of her pants without pressing out the crease?

No. 644230

Was she short in person how she claims she is on social media?

No. 644235

she looks like those annoying "outspoken" nerd girls who turn out to be neckbeards.

No. 644866

Uhm. Is that a bald spot?

No. 645001

File: 1532351000181.jpg (213.72 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2018-07-23 06_58_34.jp…)

I did some un-edits of her closer to what she actually looks like. Shes a really scary person. She isn't even that bad looking but she ruins it by being a creepy skinwalker and trying way too hard to look like the people she emulates. I feel like she just sees a girl she thinks is attractive and instead of trying to improve upon her features, thinks "how can I look exactly like them?" I used to be the same, I thought since Luna Love good and Miley Cyrus were pretty, all I had to do was look more like them and have light eyes and have different facial features but I eventually grew out of thinking like that because I was 12. Idk but stef reminds me of like, the fat autistic horse girl everyone went to school with who has poor hygiene and gets obsessed with boys who don't like her and acts and looks like she's 12.

No. 645002

File: 1532351043004.jpg (159.5 KB, 1080x1080, Collage 2018-07-23 06_57_05.jp…)

No. 645061

Ur edit barley changed anything.
Honestly she’s not an ugly girl if she played up her own features and knew what complimented them (not short hair that’s for sure) the only reason it’s shocking when people see what she actually looks like it because it’s so far from the editing.
She’s be much happier if she was honest with herself but she’s dug a hole far too deep to ever feel comfortable enough to come forward with the truth

No. 645099

File: 1532359671275.jpeg (26.04 KB, 220x294, CF07D297-C477-449B-AA39-220355…)

>the fat autistic horse girl everyone went to school with who has poor hygiene and gets obsessed with boys who don't like her and acts and looks like she's 12

Lololol this is so on point. There’s seemingly one at every school. And when they grow up, their appearance and interactions are very awkward, esp when they have to deal with flirting/dating and dressing to compliment themselves. The greatest example of this is someone like asherbee/luvmonkeys, stef reminds me so much of her.

>instead of trying to improve upon her features, thinks "how can I look exactly like them?"

That would explain why she literally sh00ps daisy’s face onto hers to have the same facial features. Your edit is probably closer to her IRL, the bigger jawline, the bloated cheeks. Cosplayers should dress up as the character in a way that compliments and meshes with their own style/look, it’s like stef is st8 up copying and qpasting it onto herself, instead.

OT but if it’s any consolation anon, Miley Cyrus and Luna Lovegood both grew up into unattractive adults, you’re better off being yourself. Pic related.

No. 645349

It is a very subtle change but its hard to get it to look right because she didn't just move her features with Photoshop, she literally super imposed someone else's face over hers/morphed them together. Also her skin is very blurred so she looks like a mannequin. I think her prettiest pictures are her candids, where she isn't edited. Shes not super gorgeous but she's actually pretty. She doesn't look anything like daisy Ridley or maisie Williams unless you squint really hard and turn your phone off

No. 645438

Does she draw on her hairline with eyeliner or something? Shit always looks like a nappy mess

No. 645453

File: 1532382000126.jpg (453.09 KB, 900x1600, AirBrush_20180723153420.jpg)

Ok you were actually right anon. My edit was toooo subtle, she looks vaguely sort of maybe a little bit similar to daisy and maisie, but that's it. There are some elements of her face that sort of line up with their faces like her face shape is sort of close to daisie's and her forehead, and her eyebrows when she draws them in and her eyes are the same distance as maisie,but it doesn't mean she looks anything like them. I think she must stare at herself in the mirror for hours, trying to find any similarity and once she does it validates her ego that she looks like them and not just like a regular average girl with easy transformable features. Like with different eyebrows and maybe some contouring she does soooooort of look like them, but not really. Everyone is right that she should just be a normal cosplayer who doesn't try to literally be the actor themselves lol. A lot of people will catch on to it if she ever gets big.

No. 645460

She literally makes her eyebrows big and bushy and adds Maisie's nasolabial folds and quasimodo-esque features over her own regular face. And she makes her lips smaller. Like of all the so called "hot" chicks that reddit worth about she chose to emulate, it had to be her lol. Her daisy phase was more pretty imo but she was still superimposing someone else's face

No. 645462

Spergs* like don't get me wrong, maisie is cute in a pug sort of way, but she's unfortunate looking. Sort of caveman like.

No. 645558

Maisie looks like a foot. Or a thumb.

No. 646937

Definitely a bald spot. How people thought she got away with “looking like daisy” is literally beyond me. She needs to wear pants that fit her so her fupa isn’t bulging out. Poor girl. We should all pray for her, she is clearly very mentally ill. There is nothing “petite” or “short” about stefakey Laurent.

No. 646944

sage for ot but have we really gone two whole threads saying “stefakey” instead of “stephony”

No. 646949

They both mean the same thing.

No. 649036

File: 1532725817085.png (200.09 KB, 309x573, dfsdf.png)


There she goes back to the hospital again, answering questions the whole time.

No. 649064

File: 1532728710396.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, DCC56A02-9698-4B9B-80F4-4EF660…)

She posted a pic of Maisie, covered it up, giving the illusion that it’s her. This Chick is trying so hard to pretend to be her. Just post a pic of yourself. Or stop pretending.

No. 649092

not to nitpick but how do you know that's a pic of Maisie?

No. 649096

nayrt but it very obviously looks like maisie's forehead and eyes, plus, with how stef is it wouldn't surprise me–especially since she conveniently covered the rest of the face.

No. 649105

File: 1532732479607.jpg (614.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180727-190051.jpg)

Same glasses

No. 649133

File: 1532736282027.jpg (114.2 KB, 670x938, definitelymaisie.jpg)


apparently it's from Maisie's instagram story recently.

No. 649322

Because it literally looks like her? Stef doesn’t at all look like that, and it’s obviously maisie

No. 649325


It's definitely Maisie, see this insta story archive: https://isdb.pw/maisie_williams/1831565580348459293

If someone had this headspace about trying to be her/using her pictures to make it look like their own face/emulate everything about her, I wonder how she'd react? Wouldn't anyone find that unhealthy?

No. 652512

File: 1533075519625.jpg (1.65 MB, 2032x1874, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 4.13…)


>The costume is actually really good.

Don't be too impressed. Doesn't seem like she makes her own.

No. 652531

File: 1533076393361.png (5.82 MB, 1242x2208, 60D7D4A9-6EE5-44B8-AB92-52013C…)

Guess who’s back on her bullshit again.

No. 652536

Stefany is on this page a lot. She should know that if she goes to celebration, she WILL be confronted for skin walking/ face swapping, WHATEVER you wanna call it. The women in the “ladies of legions” group aren’t going to stand by this bullshit. We don’t want her.

No. 652537

This picture is cringe (whats with the group pose middle finger?) but the girl next to her looks so much more like Arya it's hilarious. So called "Arya lookalike" is getting shown up by some random chick and she looks so much older next to the other girl.

No. 652717


this shoop isn't even reading as a human face to me. The eye on the right is sliding away.

No. 652767

File: 1533081613451.jpeg (434.87 KB, 1236x1850, 90B3E6A5-502D-44A9-ADA4-CD8630…)

She’s posted the same picture with the same caption onto three different places. Her own profile, her Instagram, ladies of the legion and Star Wars cosplayers Facebook groups. Is she really looking for tips or is she fishing for compliments? Someone should be honest with the real girl and let her know that her shopping skills are absolutely HORRID! She resizes her noses, refined and changes her eyes to make them appear “more almond-like”. It’s sickeneing and harmful to the younger girls who want to cosplay. Tricking people into thinking you look like something else, TO THIS EXTENT should be recognized as a serious mental illness or even against the law.

No. 652788

Her hair is so greasy and crusty looking, there's what looks like dandruff everywhere and all over her shirt. Actually her shirt is even more disgusting looking than her hair, why would she think this is a good idea to post this? Her makeup is so basic and minimal, and she didn't even attempt to conceal the bags under her eyes. Filled in brows and a black smudge on her forehead is the extent of her cosplay makeup skills and it's pretty sad.

No. 652797

Is she mixed? I’m pretty sure she’s caucasian….

No. 653160

File: 1533103723510.jpg (2.69 MB, 1920x3414, inCollage_20180801_020757072.j…)

This is totally what my face looks like, guyz

No. 653179

Yikes, that bottom photo looks like a hobbit's foot.

No. 653349

the power of “make-up” LOL

No. 653994

lol she deleted it

No. 654046


oh i hope i run into her at nycc

No. 654495

I found a podcast interview from August 2017.

Join Robin Vogt of the Brick City Blockade Podcast Network on Talkin’ Far Far Away! On this episode, Robin welcomes cosplay sensation Stefany Lauren to talk about that galaxy far far away. Stefany and Robin discuss the in’s and out’s of cosplaying, some Star Wars and of course, those adorable little guys on Ach-To.


No. 654781

I believe she said her dad is dominican. She’s definitely latinx somewhere. When she was acting, she told people that her stage name had to be less ethnic.

No. 655163


i want those 14 minutes of listening to her fake british accent back. she lied about making all of her costumes. impressive to do that on a podcast.

No. 655593

So now she’s asking herself questions on her IG and confessed to visiting this forum and reading it often. She also claimed that she’s of “British” decent but lives in Canada. Poor girl can’t keep up with all of her variations of lies. Stefakey, you’re 5’8, weigh at least 180lbs. You are no daisy Ridley, you’re no Maisie. Be yourself, and wear pants that fit. Maybe you wouldn’t appear so ugly then!

No. 655597

File: 1533311255266.jpg (876.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180803-104104.jpg)

>lolcow shoutout in the fine print

No. 655599

File: 1533311285881.png (541.6 KB, 794x596, Screenshot (142).png)

I have a hard time believing if she tried to commit suicide a few weeks ago they would let her on a plane to San Diego.

No. 655607

File: 1533311977296.png (723.48 KB, 493x920, 2018-08-03 11_57_51-Stories • …)

lmao what does this even mean?

No. 655609

File: 1533312105729.png (748.8 KB, 484x910, 2018-08-03 11_58_31-Stories • …)

she just can't fuckin drop this

No. 655613

She definitely knows who she’s feeding at this point. She’s doing all of this for attention. Does anyone know why her number one defender, Erin, (acosplayfarfaraway) deactivated her Instagram? She probably got sick of defending stefails clearly horribly shopped pictures!

No. 655618

File: 1533312827975.jpeg (239.64 KB, 1242x1627, B0AD48D7-946C-4996-B4E7-41E71C…)

The girl literally photoshops her images to look like a celebrity, then when asked about it pretends to be “humble”. The reason why Daisy Ridley would wheeze and get away from stefphony is because she’s been COPY AND PASTING daisy’s Face onto hers! Daisy would be in fear of her life from such a seriously mentally ill stalker/skinwalker like stef!

No. 655702

Stef is def the one talking about how she doesn’t like to be compared to maisie. She did that with Daisy Ridley and is definitely asking herself questions at this point

No. 655710

Acosplayfarfaraway probably deleted hers bc she knew she’d be called out on her lies too

No. 655712

>carefully posed photo
>purple prose because ~so deep~
>dramatic revelation / redemption arc

lmao this bitch. Probably took a handful of aspirin or something.

No. 655767

What lies are you referring to? Erin lies about herself or for stephony?

No. 655840

File: 1533328158974.png (731.73 KB, 490x915, 2018-08-03 16_27_43-Stories • …)


No. 655861

A lot of stuff, she’s talked bad about stef when she wasn’t around, but then posts these “I love her so much,” posts. She’s stated that she only was in certain fandoms bc they were famous and she randomly brings up some attack that happened but whenever people have asked more about it or called it out she’s deleted the post. There are other things too

No. 655889

god this made me cringe so hard

No. 655984

This is fahrlight levels of embarrassing and cringe.

No. 655985

This sounds like a fanfic. wtf

No. 656074

This girl is obsessed with romanticizing mental illness lmao
She wants to believe everything she's doing is okay because she's in therapy

No. 656094

She also sold all of her cosplays on her page. Almost all of them except her Jyn one. Sells cosplays, deletes account.

No. 656254

Fuckin cosplayers.
It's fun until they think they're famous & then they start pulling this kind of shit. Everything is so dramatic & they act so effected.
Find another hobby if this one is fucking you guys up so bad. Christ.

No. 656350

you're not ugly Stef, just fucking cringey and annoying.

No. 656398

Lying is ugly.

No. 656412

why does she act as though she barely knows who maisie even is? if you're gonna try and wear her face at least have a little respect for her kek

> at least she seems very kind

who are you even lying for at this point? there are probably more pictures of maisie in your phone than your own mug

No. 656507


lmao my friends and I saw her at SDCC and we were lke "oh its that girl who wants to skin maise's face and put it on her own–she really is that big in real life." Seriously the difference between what she shops herself and her potato size irl is ridicuous

No. 656776

Whoever has seen Stefany in person, is she as short as she says she is irl?

No. 656820


The girl is 5’8 and weights at least 185lbs. She can try to “roll up her jeans” as much as she wants, but she’s clearly delusional.

No. 656823

File: 1533435440515.jpeg (214.39 KB, 1242x1235, 64A43B93-DEF8-4298-99C6-7EEFF7…)

Stefphoney darling, looks like you granted your own wish of having the power of skincrawling already. Don’t need to “pretend” to wish for it. You’re already doing it. “For obvious reasons”.

No. 656835

Meet her. Spoke to her too. Accent fake as hell, doesn’t even look like herself in pictures, and she is actually average size. She is around 5’7 or 5’8. She was yelling everyone that on social media when she was skin walking Rey (Daisy) now she is pretending to be a “smol bean”

No. 656837

Also, just saw her new Story, and maybe it is because she is talking to the dog, but is she changing her already fake accent to sound more like Maisie? Daisy has a different accent, but now Stefany’s voice sounds more high pitch, almost a shitty Accent of Maisie?

No. 656874

this is actually the funniest part of it. months ago, when she posted about her height on facebook, a bunch of people who are 5’6+ who met her irl commented that they couldn’t believe she was 5’4 because they swore she was taller than them. i’m going back in her profile to find it so I can post a screenshot.

No. 656914

File: 1533443595423.jpg (66.11 KB, 728x971, NO308kLg.jpg)

does this girl look 5'4 and under 120lbs to you?

No. 656918

frankly anon, coming into this thread knowing literally nothing, yea. they look short and 120< lbs. its okay.

No. 656971


I don't get why so many people on this site constantly accuse people of being taller. 5'4 is literally average, it's pretty believable. 5'4 is not "smol"

As for her weight tho she's def close to being overweight if she's not there already

No. 656977


NO FUCKING WAY THATS LUNA omg that's tragic

No. 656982

See >>615961 and >>619889 she's definitely overweight.

I don't see why the height thing is an issue cause no matter how tall or short she is, she still won't be Maisie.

No. 657003

lmao she looks nowhere close to 120 pounds are you crazy

No. 657133

Honestly I’m pretty sure that person was stefakey herself LMAO. Nobody with half a brain on this thread would say she’s short of they’ve met her in real life and they would DEFINITLEY not say she was less than 120lbs!

No. 657144

lul she just looks short because her shoes are high tops and she's wearing bunched up capris. her arms are pretty long too. but yeah no she's an average sized woman.
her legs bend back kinda weird, reminds me of a horse.

No. 657560

File: 1533518965176.jpg (721.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180805-212742.jpg)

Answering asks on insta
>Cosplay drama nearly cost me my life and is currently one of the BIG reasons why I want to die

No. 657605

File: 1533521736529.jpg (1.76 MB, 1200x1600, 4zyejd.jpg)

how many faces does she have

No. 658255

File: 1533595078790.jpeg (16.81 KB, 250x250, 649C72E0-1A24-47EC-8EE1-CE2C70…)

She wants to die cuz of cosplay shit?

No. 659626

File: 1533748631932.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8062.PNG)

she exposes herself daily like she literally looks nothing like her shooped pics

No. 659636


No. 659710

What happened to this room

No. 659773

looks like it's halfway through a renovation or something

No. 659841

Interesting to note the double bladed lightsaber in the background; most double sabers are over 7 feet tall when fully assembled. MAYBE as short as 6.8 feet, depending on the length of the hilt and blades.

Accounting for distance and the way the saber is leaning, she certainly isn’t more than a foot and a half shorter, if that.

No. 659967

wait didn't she get kicked out of RL when people found out she was lying about working for lucasfilm and all that bullshit? is she somehow worming her way back in?

No. 660107

Everyone I've met from the RL is batshit crazy so…probably.

No. 660651

Oh FUCK I know like half of those people

No. 660918

File: 1533862744234.jpg (160.69 KB, 932x932, 36467273_409077539612815_23820…)

No. 660924

Ummmmmmm… Is this for real? Lmao the trees by her stomach…

No. 660940

She made her wonky thigh the same width as her calf too lmao

No. 660959

File: 1533868299628.png (995.77 KB, 943x612, INSTA.png)

No. 660965

I see shes still hashtagging "daisyridley"

No. 661013

Nice muffin top. So thin like Maisie!

No. 661058

I don’t think I’ve ever cringed so hard to such a horribly shopped photo. It’s still up? Wow.

No. 661188

She deleted it.

No. 661252

So, if shes so "all aboard the acceptance train" & trying to be an advocate for the whole "anyone can cosplay" movement why doesn't she just post photos as-is? Its not a secret shes not small so who are we trying to fool here?
There are lots of talented plus size cosplayers with good followings & they don't have to shoop their photos because they know they're big & so do we(?)
You'll sooner be made fun of for super obvious photoshop than you will be for being a big girl.

No. 661269

File: 1533907316503.jpeg (664.06 KB, 1242x1835, B8217DAF-0912-4A01-9F15-9328C2…)

It’s still up on her IG. She just has thousands of faceswap pictures of “daisy/rey” you have to scroll through to find it.

No. 661406

File: 1533921275506.jpg (1.01 MB, 1864x932, 36467273_409077539612815_23820…)


No. 661416

She honestly looks fine. Why did she have to edit it to such unrealistic proportions? Poor girl must have really low self-esteem. It’s a beautiful shot, but she’s ugly from the inside, which is why this whole thread was started in the first place.

No. 661420

File: 1533921781623.jpg (222.87 KB, 563x783, tumblr_of0498IXMC1snr2muo1_500…)

from her tumblr.

No. 661428

ummmm wow
what's her tumblr?

No. 661430

That's not her, does she forget what her face actually looks like? Her eye colour is different, her bone structure, everything. She's an awful catfish

No. 661433

File: 1533922896359.jpeg (227.55 KB, 993x2024, 1524704992845.jpeg)

In case anyone's forgotten, this is what Stef actually looks like. She doesn't look like Maisie or Daisy, she doesn't look like Arya or Rey, she looks like herself. Sad to see she's still pulling this bullshit of lying and pretending to be someone else.

No. 661438

i forgot to mention that this is clearly a face swap…

No. 661441

in her tumblr you also can see that she deleted a lot of olds bad photoshops from her instagram.
and she used a ship fandom that she didn't like to promote her.

No. 661460

obvious faceswap and her eyeliner looks like actual shit which i dont doubt its also photoshopped

No. 661468

File: 1533924828156.jpg (29.91 KB, 500x500, tumblr_o782ulEXqc1snr2muo1_500…)

it's #daisyridley guys! the power of make up! "it's just a big forehead and the eyebrows, guys!" LOL

No. 661469

File: 1533924865743.jpg (94.63 KB, 1080x608, 18879613_438048819903438_34237…)

here why she choose only a few pics to stay tagged on her instagram

No. 661472

File: 1533924935301.jpg (37.17 KB, 650x543, pepper-american-horror-story.j…)

she should cosplay as pepper from AHS. maybe then she wouldn't have to shop the shit out of her body and face.

No. 661479

File: 1533925331892.jpg (35.44 KB, 500x625, tumblr_oj0it8b3n81snr2muo1_500…)


No. 661481

damn… does she just not wash her hair? it always seems to be in this sad state.

No. 661483

File: 1533925577122.jpeg (3.41 MB, 4025x2529, 1D995E31-0657-4188-A455-9BF2C2…)

This one is my personal favorite. Where she claims the “original of daisy” is the one ABOVE and stefakey claims she’s the one BELOW. This is on HER FACEBOOK that she also claims is only for her “friends and family”. At least she admitted to not making this costume.

No. 661497

File: 1533926718017.jpg (158.74 KB, 1080x1350, 37053489_1763151127102286_2081…)

bad photoshop

No. 661499

File: 1533926824428.png (506.7 KB, 598x578, Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 3.00…)

This is still heavily edited/faceswapped. Literally, every picture she uploaded has been edited. Only in candid pictures that she doesn't post can you see her real face.

No. 661503

Does anyone know what app she uses to do all this? Is it really just photoshop?

No. 661504

Jesus Christ that's bad photoshop. You'd think someone who's been photoshopping themselves for so long would get better but no. This doesn't even look human, the strange head and face shape, the massive calves and thin thighs, also it looks like she photoshopped the gun into her faces as it loos weirdly edited and blurred despite the depth of field.

No. 661509

I assume both a faceswap app and photoshop. I was able to recreate one of her shoops in a past thread simply by overlaying a photo of Maisie or Daisy overtop her face, it's actually pretty easy if you know what you're doing, however I'm guessing sometimes she can't find a photo of them that she can just paste on top of her face which is why some of her photos look nothing like her shooped or candid photos, most likely because she just puts the photos into photoshop and liquifies the fuck out of them.

No. 661515

File: 1533927626960.jpg (878.53 KB, 1296x814, 1527006773423.jpg)

Here's one I posted in the previous thread showing how easy it is and exactly what photo she had used to "face swap". She does pose and angle her pictures to replicate the original so it's easier to photoshop the actors/characters face over top of her own.

No. 661517

this is such a fucking bizarre edit. the head looks like it was transposed from an antelope.

No. 661646

Whew god, those tree trunks.

No. 662245

LOL this is literally the faceswap filter from snapchat. It's probably one of her many Daisy pictures saved to her camera roll just swapped out. Very poorly. So cringey.

No. 662842

Honestly my favourite too. The facial features don't even match up with the face she pasted it on or vice versa (however she did it). Somethings definitely off.
I remember when it was first posted it I was so jealous that she looked like her & then upon closer inspection I was like "wtf this isn't even a real face" & was so creeped out…

No. 662859

She could take advantage of her natural features & do a Thanos cosplay with her chin. That'd be cool.

No. 662869

File: 1534092717465.jpg (920.1 KB, 1080x1597, Stefanos.jpg)

No. 663086

File: 1534108561411.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 15954EBE-05C1-4C6E-A708-1DA06A…)

This is still up on her Instagram, correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t she have a deep voice? In the video that I mentioned, her voice is EXACTLY like Maisies…so could it be from Maisies story and she just reposted it acting like it was a video of herself??? Idk but it’s not right.

No. 663097

File: 1534109612380.png (533.94 KB, 750x1129, maysei.png)

edited the screenshot so you can see the face. is this her or maisie?

No. 663659

File: 1534180221250.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x809, 31714225_1827772217274833_5512…)

No. 663662

File: 1534180514280.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x810, 31745632_223502851749222_40828…)

No. 663664

Stop, please.

No. 663666

File: 1534180591801.png (1.26 MB, 1392x670, Sem título.png)

No. 663775

File: 1534189162121.jpeg (108.34 KB, 684x826, 7898FE2D-A5F7-481C-B684-2E7003…)

No. 664353

it’s #daisyridley guys! so crazy how she hides her real face by contorting it by making a dumb face. we can see through you!

No. 664371

I’m 5’3 and around this size, and my weight is 180. There’s no way in hell she is under 120

No. 664375

File: 1534264867742.jpg (659.77 KB, 1533x873, stl.jpg)

She Lies about her height and weight.
When she was pretende be rey she was 5'7 and now that she is pretend be arya she is mysteriously 5'4. but you also can see in a lot of pics that she is big…

No. 664377

File: 1534265456406.jpg (432.84 KB, 1973x1349, 19944567_1749634821715164_6942…)

"athletic build"

No. 664407

She would honestly be a great plus size cosplay model. She wouldn’t need to shop her face or her body then.

No. 664508

Oh but anon, Daisy & Maisie aren't plus size so that would never do!

No. 664575

honestly she looks super cute in that picture. if she didn’t lie and photoshop I’m sure she would actually have more followers and people interested in her cosplays

No. 664591

Lmao her eyes aren’t naturally “grey” either

No. 664608

The sad thing for her current mental state is that this candid looks 1000% better than any of her "makeup tests" and face swaps she posts on Instagram.

No. 664659

No way in hell is she 130lbs, she is at least 160lbs +
I know someone who is her advertised height of 5 foot 4 and they’re 135, they look like half of her.

No. 664868

I'm 5"4 and 207 and as I've obviously been along the weight spectrum I would say she's around 160-175 and that's if she carries the weight very evenly. I personally carry my weight evenly and most people are surprised that it's so high. Weight can be deceptive depending on how someone carries it.

No. 664932

hello, moon

nice blog

No. 665120

When were these con pics taken? 2017?

No. 665132

Yes this is actually one of the better pictures I've seen of her. 10x better than the photoshop fuckery. However you can still tell shes trying to do the squinty eyed enormous smile like Daisy. (shes practiced in the mirror no doubt.)

No. 665140

when other people take her picture she must just be thinking like…FUCK. Like shes sweating & dying a little inside because they could be posted anywhere by anyone without any doctoring?

No. 665256

File: 1534350537999.jpg (131.77 KB, 568x284, smile.jpg)

Her natural smile versus the creepy one she totally practice for hours in the mirror trying pass as Daisy look alike…

No. 665364

They both look forced & unnatural. Just be yourself dammit.

No. 666209

File: 1534426848524.png (913.68 KB, 497x919, 2018-08-16 09_38_28-Stories • …)

wait, i thought she like totes had an abusive ex?? >>632346

No. 666214

Uhm…who the fuk asked?
Did she just randomly post that fact on her own?

No. 666216

File: 1534428086014.png (243.47 KB, 498x917, 2018-08-16 10_00_06-Stories • …)

she posted this first haha

No. 666218

Omf the number of times she says "since you guys keep asking/ since everyone wanted to know" …
Who? Who asks?!

No. 666241

Met stef last year and she said was 23, so….

No. 666278

She’s definitely lying. Literally nobody asks her any questions, especially not “all of them”. She just a thirsty attention cow. Didn’t she boast about going on a “date” recently? I wonder if she has seen this thread recently.

No. 666284

Does anyone know why her biggest defender left IG ?

No. 666287

Who? Acosplayfarfaraway? She’s back. She’s been back. Apparently ran into some “financial trouble”. But she’s definitely back and interacting with stefakey.

No. 666478

File: 1534451145365.jpeg (450.75 KB, 1242x1490, BB1B6F84-AA7B-4DE1-B5A6-A094CF…)

I guess #daisyridley is back on instagram! Impressive how her friends empower her mental issues by encouraging her like this.

No. 666766

Oh god…ew. Who does anniversary posts for their own pictures? Get over yourself. For someone with alleged self esteem problems she seems to be pretty pleased with herself a lot of the time.

No. 668834

It’s very sad that people as garbage as these two are ones who have a decent large following in the community

No. 669906

If people gossiping about her is really too much for her to handle to the point that she almost killed herself you'd think she'd stop cosplaying idk some about that seems fabricated. If cosplay drama makes you want to die then take a break? Stop cosplaying?

No. 669914

That second one looks more like she was trying to pass as the Chucky Cheese mascot.

No. 669929

File: 1534890397689.jpeg (125.86 KB, 640x309, DB04458B-DCA8-4A2E-A864-3663E0…)

I feel horribly that this made me laugh but it did. If this is such an issue for her, you would think she would lay low.

No. 669931

Or you could just assess your behaviour, stefany. Having a thread here must not be nice but it didn't appear for no reason. It's sad that she doesn't seem to take on board how absolutely weird and unhealthy her actions are. Just get help and stop skinwalking and get off the internet. Her need for approval and asspats is so far gone.

No. 670014

Lmao wtf
Sorry you got called on your bullshit????? Her thread isn't even bad compared to most, Jesus.

No. 670177

when did she post this?

No. 670195

this made me laugh and I couldn't give a fuck. her LITERALLY SUFFERING is self-inflicted and she keeps doubling down on it.
I will say it is a bit sad that she comes so close to self-awareness but then passes it right on by.
>I honestly just wish I didn't exist.

No. 670294

"I'm so hurt they are calling me out for being fake!!!"

No. 670324

So dramatic. You know how much more important things there are in life than your dumb hobby? I think shes just bored.
This is what half the cosplay community is like unfortunately. They think they're famous …& then take a dive off the deep end.

No. 670326

>>I honestly wish I didn't exist

(You know, posted on facebook so her following can flood the gates with praise & messages that she'll respond to selectively)
Thats something you should be telling your therapist, not social media, Stef.

No. 670328



No. 670500

yesterday, I believe, which means she’s still lurking here, you know, AFTER she tried to kill herself over it.
makes sense.

No. 670609

What a drama queen.

The more she bullshits and skinwalks, the more people are gonna scalp her for it. When's she gonna learn? It's as easy as, uhhh… not bullshitting and skinwalking. It's that simple!

No. 670854

File: 1534988509323.png (816.35 KB, 750x1334, 7A6E6F26-E18F-4BA2-A563-543B42…)

Oh pls baby, don’t act like you didn’t cut your hair like Maisies unintentionally…Fuckn dumb skin walker. How dumb does she think we all are?

No. 670857

She honestly looks NOTHING like Maisie and she never will no matter how big she over draws her eyebrows. We all know she doesn’t have naturally bushy brows like Maisie. She contours her face to manipulate her natural features she LITERALLY cosplays the damn actors) it’s so pathetic honestly. It’s not hard to be yourself and stop trying to look like other people. I just hope she ends up loving her natural self instead of trying to morph into someone she’s not. It’s sad.

No. 670878

I first saw her haircut and I thought wow she looks pretty. Maybe she’s actually trying to change. I was impressed LMFAO until she posted on her story that Maisie got her bangs cut. She follows the page. She saw the pics then probably ran out and got bangs. It’s so creepy and scary the way she is. You know damn well she cut her bangs to be like Maisie. She acts like it’s a coincidence.

No. 670932

maybe she got the hair cut to cover her bald spot. her scalp is showing in her most recent picture, her hair is so thin. poor girl needs some extra strength biotin.

No. 670942

He's never had the pleasure of meeting Stefany.
In her defense, she is a pretty girl.
I am
I am a computer hacker.
I'll find you very soon. Keep writing.and I'll cut off all your fingers and i will take a photo to posted on this website. so you can not write more shit on the internet about other Cosplayers.
I hope you take very serious. I have nightmares tonight and for the next following weeks to come. I will find you little shit!!!!.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 670959

guis im so scared, Stefany is gonna fat waddle all her way to my house

No. 671312

Ok so
>>"That fucking forum"
>>"I honestly just wish I didn't exist"
& then she just
does exactly what this forum makes fun of her for.

No. 674194

Recently on her livestream she was speaking about the Daisie app that she continues to promote as though she worked on it. She mentioned she would love to work with daisy (the actor and app) personally, but probably won’t because she is “Now Arya”. Or maybe it’s because you literally shopped her face on yours. But again why would she be so happy to do it if she already worked with daisy with Lucas Films…

No. 674329

File: 1535375150731.png (48.83 KB, 500x300, tyler-the-creator-tylerthecrea…)

Or she could just… not come here and read what we write? or just get off the internet if she's "literally suffering".

No. 674349

why the fuck does she try to market herself as an actress? stefakey, please direct me to a single production you've ever been in.

No. 674387

File: 1535382304971.png (4.53 KB, 592x93, 2018-08-27 11_02_44-Instagram.…)

LMAO this comment response on her most recent instagram post. Yes, I'm sure a small is nice and oversized on you and that you're normally an XS. I seriously don't get it with this girl.

No. 674389

File: 1535382316515.png (1.04 MB, 629x836, 2018-08-27 11_03_01-Instagram.…)

No. 674474

It's entirely possible that she's completely delusional and has no awareness of it. The other option is that she's a bold faced liar and has no shame.

Either way, there's not much else to "get" with her.

No. 674637

File: 1535410574244.jpg (414.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180827-185401.jpg)

She posted this on her story and as a regular insta post

No. 674700

File: 1535419522813.png (333.49 KB, 750x1334, A5FF17B7-9F02-4771-876E-271A98…)

Gross. Get over yourself Stef.

No. 674735

Delusions of grandeur?

No. 674754

Lol she's obviously mocking/baiting us

No. 674771

Screenshotting your own chats and sharing with everyone because you're just oh-so-funny! #juststephanythings

No. 674911

Minor point but her Instagram title says Toronto, Ontario. She is not a Torontonian and does not represent us in any shape or form. Girl lives in Alliston, a tiny backwater county in northern Ontario. Nice try but you're not a city girl stefakey lol

No. 674914


I don't even get it, I thought she stanned Maisie?

So she's pissed with Maisie for getting a haircut that she then copied because she's pretending that she's the star who got bangs and Maisie is the strange stalker?

Projection much

No. 674959

ALLISTON?! HAHAHAHA that town is literally known for potatoes. Fyi. They even have a Potato Festival.

No. 675045

File: 1535474840903.jpeg (159.04 KB, 1242x513, 962ADD7E-0418-48E7-9BB7-933E11…)

No. 675116

Buckle up & get ready forrrrr: "omg everybody says I look like Felicity Jones"

No. 675120

Get ready for her taking credit for “making” this costume.

No. 675149

Fuckkk I can already see it, photoshopping Felicity’s face onto her own. Not overdrawing her eyebrows and saying “I decided to pluck my eyebrows because blah blah blah”. COMPLETELY changing her makeup routine. Her dumb ass followers would be like “omg! You look a lot like felicity! <3” feeding into her bullshit once again. I’m just waiting for people to grow the balls and comment on her shit telling her that she’s absolutely insane and needs to fucking stop what she’s doing. If people were actually honest with her (telling her that she looks NOTHING like these fucking actresses) then maybe she’ll fucking wake up even a little bit??? Who knows, she’ll probably just have her minions attack you…either way she’s a fucking psycho bitch.

No. 675195

File: 1535491622087.jpeg (212.23 KB, 1242x1240, 26E8F0E7-817D-42AC-A943-2E9430…)

Here’s to a long, painful way to pace into our third thread on Stefakey Laurent, “Jyn from Toronto, Ontario”.

No. 675345

Damn now we got two fake ass liars as Jyn Erso cosplays

No. 675375

I am fully prepared to see:
1) #FelicityJones on her first post
2) A side by side featuring a self proclaimed resemblance with maybe a "ok this is just creepy" or "I still don't see it but you guys begged me to do a Jyn side by side…"
3) maybe something like "I was told I look like Felicity by my friends but I never saw it until now lel"
Its a pattern. Begin phase 3!

No. 675378

no, it's not possible she is delusional and unaware. she wouldn't be involved in the baiting, for one, and she wouldn't feel conflicted about it for another. she's just a lying bitch.

people have called her out heaps, wherever she goes, but it all gets deleted / hidden in favour of the ass-kissing. and no, it doesn't do jackshit to wake her up.

No. 675380

Just pay someone else to make it for you & then tell everyone at Star Wars Celebration Orlando that you made it yourself? Oh wait…

No. 675383

>>I'm a Jyn!
Yeah you were a (makeshift) Jyn at the Rogue One movie premiere in a regular theatre with the general public & made posts that made it sound like you worked on the damn film yourself & told people you worked for Lucasfilms.

No. 675430

Naw, a girl from the Rey cosplay group called her out about her fake illness and photoshopping. Still think she has it on Facebook. I think that was the whole reason why she stop cosplaying Rey is because she confronted Stef about it.

No. 675529

If and when she goes to celebration, it’s guaranteed she will be called out by multiple people. Nobody is gonna be falling for her shit. I’ve heard that people who meet her in person don’t even believe it’s her because she looks THAT different. Imagine meeting someone who’s “smol and not very tall at all” but ends up being a girl who is regular height and regular size. What form of mental issues is this?!

No. 675531

Not only that (size) the many faces you see online & then seeing her irl. Its jarring.
Does the Star Wars community even accept her anymore?

No. 675560

ah damn, I missed that. used to seeing her turning up on reddit or fb groups and anything negative gets deleted. thought she was better at picking her safe spaces lol

No. 675570

She’s still welcomed with open arms in the Star Wars Community. Not too sure how that’s possible, but she’s done a troop pretty recently and every time she posts a “rey” or #daisyridley picture, she still gets a DECENT amount of love.

Nobody has called her out publicly because every single comment is monitored and must be approved before commenting on her Instagram. I’ve wondered the same thing.

No. 675582

This bitch HAS to know she looks nothing like these people she stalks and skin-walks right? God she is the biggest cow of them all. She needs a PT thread. Her lies are so wild and she can hardly keep track of them at this point lol

No. 675585

Well shit. Thats not how life works. She can't act like a complete knob & then not be able to handle the hate & delete any that she generates from her stupid antics. People aren't as stupid as she thinks. I can't tell if the people who support her are just being complicit & want to be her friend? or they're just as juvenile as she is & like to play make believe with her bs.

No. 675647

Yeah no. She is not really welcomed with open arms. Many groups admins have talked to her about her fake photoshopping, her garrison and squad members have bashed her. And people who are on their own personal accounts have called her out.
She is not welcomed. People don’t like her. And people do comment (granted they get deleted by HER). People know about stef being a big fat liar. She got “witched hunted” (it was one girl who talked to her, and from what I know, just said she needed a break and help) by a Rey.
She is a crazy person. People who see her at conventions always look out for Her to see if the rumors are right. And they usually end up being right.

No. 675674

I believe you, but then how can you explain her large following and the fact that she still does Rebel Legion troops?

She should be too embarrassed to even come outside with her true face if what you’re saying is true about everyone bashing her in real life and on her Instagram.

No. 675677

I dont understand her following either but if you look at her followers its a lot of fan accounts following her probably run by kids

No. 675679

Maybe she is legit special needs or has a developmental disability & so she is forgiven & still included in RL activities because y'know discrimination or whatever.

No. 675680

She should be, but she's not. Some ppl really have no shame.

No. 675683

DEFINITLEY no developmental disability. Mental issue, absolutely, without a doubt. The girl faked a whole suicide attempt, claimed that she was in a psychiatric ward for maybe TWO DAYS (MAX) and came out just fine. I’m sorry but if you’ve made an attempt on your life, they keep you in the ward for MUCH longer than two days.

Stefakey is EXTREMELY manipulative, which makes me believe she has some sort of intelligence unfortunately. To be able to fool people in masses, and make people genuinely feel sorry for her… true deception. Someone with true developmental issues could not come up with such elaborate lies and photoshopping.

She’s probably just a sociopath.

No. 675690

Wonder how that horse washing job is going for her

No. 675702

File: 1535568633588.jpg (702.74 KB, 1080x1663, 20180829_144443.jpg)

No. 675726

sadly you don't have to be intelligent to be a sociopath

No. 675748

There’s plenty of good Rey cosplayers out there (@pixiereycosplay, @jakkuvian, @jammthejedi, @socalcosplay, etc,,,) and you don’t see them fckn photoshopping their faces to try and skin walk Daisy…it’s just plain crazy….

No. 675775

The fuck is a doppelganger actor

No. 675785

she got fired or something after two days if i’m remembering correctly. she posted something about needing another job

No. 675838

she broke her foot.

No. 675919

I've heard shes on disability. Don't know if thats true but maybe thats why shes not concerned with employment.

No. 675972

She isn’t accepted by her garrison (members). Last I have heard from her members she hasn’t done an event since she got called out by that Rey cosplayer. She has only cosplayed Rey once at i think awesome con, and even then she was “scared” she would get called on. With Arya she can get away my easy with her shit eyebrows and dirty face and call it makeup better then Rey. She is to scared to even cosplay Rey anymore because she knows her ass will be caught. She does Arya because she is closer to her then daisy (she isn’t at all Maisie, but compared to Daisy, she looks closer to Maisie.)
Trust me, a lot of people who I made in the cosplay community and GOT community who are serious cosplayers and aren’t crazy know about Stef crazy ass. And do Avoid or vague post about her.

No. 675974

I wouldn’t trust pixiereycosplay either. She is a big support of Stef and believes that she hasn’t photoshopped one photo of hers. But i have also heard that she talked about one girl who photoshopped her cosplay photos like crazy and thinks she can get away with being a twin to an actor. So she is either an enabler or two faced toward stef.

No. 675976

A lot of people have two-timed Stefakey. Absolutely. Her own friend Erinn turned on her. Many people who still actively “like” and comment on her photos have talked shit about her openly, but vaguely.

The admin of the Rey Cosplay Community stated at some point that it’s “not okay” to shop or edit your photos when applying for legion, at the VERY least.

No. 676036

>>675974 From what i have seen pixiereycosplay is one of the nicest cosplayers out there so im curious to know where you heard that about her.

No. 676094

Against the law?

Wew, lad.

No. 676099

Tbh there is always a little undertone of jealously between cosplayers when they are cosplaying the same character. No matter what. They all talk about each other…its just part of it.

No. 676102

Are you saying pixie is jealous of sparrow? Maybe she is to faced.

No. 676105

Which sucks. Because I would think they would love to have another person /friend who feel for the same character. I get happy when people cosplay the same character as me because they also love the character I do, and we can relate. But the cosplay community is such a toxic place. Especially the Star Wars one

No. 676111

I will say one thing. pixiereycosplay at least says that someone else makes her costumes. I don't know how that counts as a cosplayer if she didn't make the costume but that is another rant and not meant for this thread. We have seen Stefany take credit for other peoples work and claim that it is her own work and that is just not okay.

No. 676121

A celebrity impersonator.

No. 676235

Not at all what I'm saying.

No. 676712

god when will her account be deleted

No. 676717

A lot of people have called her out or threw shade actually. Jakkuvian threw some shade a little bit ago about her photoshopping Daisy’s face and stuff. I think socalcostumes has too? Don’t quote me on that lol. But yeah, people in the cosplay community are aware of her shitty behavior.

No. 676871

Socal hasn’t it think. But some one Named Patricia did. She has it on her Facebook. Carrie Marie also did too, especially after people thought that she made the OG thread.

No. 676923

Screen caps?

No. 676926

File: 1535689568758.jpeg (657.47 KB, 1240x1798, CCCE6AAB-2433-4380-B71C-C76C3B…)

Took some time but found it

No. 677095

Carries post was awesome. She (very accurately) made fun of Stefs weird poetry captions that she puts on her sympathy posts. I think its on the last thread.

No. 677099

Stefany flat out ruined Rey for me. Now when I think of Rey I just think of Stefakey making a too-wide unatural smile & purposesly squinting her eyes for her Daisy impersonation & I cringe & feel genuinely embarrassed for liking something shes obsessed with.

No. 677119

socal is shady af. her costumes are nice, but she's only doing cosplay to boost her acting career and everyone knows it. she did call steflakey out in private message though

No. 677140

I agree Carries post was awesome but it was only about her weird post and photoshopping. I like how this chick called her out about her multiple lies about her “sickness” and money thing. Most people only focus on the photoshopping. But the bigger issues is that fact she lied about something so serious to get brownie points.

No. 677156

Did Stef say she had cancer? I thought it was just her "vaguely described fainting illness"(?)

No. 677159

How is that bad? She is doing something she likes and getting out there in the entertainment business? She also mentioned in a Instagram story that she stopped kinda acting and started to do more costuming because she enjoys it. I don’t know how that makes someone shady?

No. 677187

& this isn't socal's thread so shush about cosplayers that aren't Stefany.

No. 677190

I’m defending her? I’m not bashing her like the other person? So why don’t you shush?

No. 677200

agreed this isn't socalcostumes's thread, but yeah. dif fag and it's COMMONLY known socalcostumes is only doing this because she didn't make it as an actress. even her friends know that. she's trying to buddy up to lucasfilm by being 'rey' and 'qira' for them as if they dont already have daisy ridley and emilia clarke. but at least she DOES have lucasfilm's attention lolol

No. 677221

Oh relax anon. It was a general shush.

No. 677722

What did Carrie Marie say?

No. 677756

>feel genuinely embarrassed for liking something shes obsessed with.

grow up. if she's affecting your life, you need to deal with your own insecurity.

No. 677820

Hello wk.

No. 677831

LOL pretty sure our Stefakey doesn't conjure up any insecurity for me. Shes affecting my life as much as turning me off a character But ty for the help

No. 677950

File: 1535825833830.jpeg (312.36 KB, 750x620, 760CE237-7D3A-4CED-969B-DC2C5F…)

Look! It’s Stef

No. 678507

File: 1535899284357.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x1647, MedievalFestivalStef.jpg)

No. 678513

this is really unflattering

No. 678524

nobody who wears xs clothing is taking up that much of a throne kek

No. 678637

Wow. So smol and tiny. And holy shit she looks just like Maisie!! Amazing working on the makeup, she should just go into that.
But on a serious note she is insane for thinking she looks like Maisie.

No. 678644

she looks like she hasn't slept in days, jesus

No. 678655

I think that was the look she was going for. She did a good job on the makeup.

Everything else about this girl is a trainwreck though.

No. 678676

File: 1535912800620.jpg (996.3 KB, 1080x1740, 20180902_142137.jpg)

No. 678709

look at her fat little hands, hahaa

and does she ever wash that hair?

No. 678722


"genuinely embarrassed" for liking a character stephoney likes. but totally not bothered.
sure thing, anon.

No. 678763

File: 1535919070816.png (976.55 KB, 750x1334, 28D0A5C5-E6EA-485E-A4A2-F6E549…)

I’m gonna…I’m gonna barf. She isn’t “tiny uwu”, she doesn’t have “big ol daisy teeth” either…fucking Christ

No. 678764

Also, she doesn’t have super big eyebrows

No. 678799

File: 1535921489505.jpg (279.64 KB, 1836x1377, o.jpg)


No. 678811

File: 1535922397184.jpg (47.53 KB, 500x333, sparrow song cosway.jpg)

No. 678823

lol anon I was gonna say she looks like a fat gerard way

No. 679393

I feel like calling out her lies is understandable but going after the weight thing is just malicious, y’all need to chill

No. 679396

it's uncanny.

No. 679527

Are you tell me that ISN’T HER?
See Stef! You can pretend to look like an artist!! Use picture above!

No. 679532

please sage if you’re going to whiteknight. people cut into her weight so much because she constantly lies about her size

No. 679706

i dunno… i kinda like this. she don't look like maisie, but she passes as an arya shrug

sage for apparent 'white knight'

No. 679931

Again, she can pass as Arya, if she is cosplaying. Cosplaying isn’t about looking EXACTLY like the character.
If she just didn’t pretend to be Maisie, then she would look great in this pic, but since she specifically wants to be Maisie and not Arya, she just comes off awful and just fake.

No. 679942

HOLY SHIT anon that’s spot on kek

No. 680025

done lurking now. Don't call me white knight. Gotta defend her only by saying she DOES have similarities to Masie and I get why you might mistake her for her at first glance.

Regardless, she's obvs got some things going on, she took the cosplay too far. i hope she finds herself without needing to reflect on another identity

No. 680038

The only thing they have in common is the brown hair? And a shitty haircut?
You cant say she looks like Maisie when she literally photoshops every photo of her to have a different nose, eyes, hairline, etc.
Most people who meet her real life all agree she looks NOTHING like them. Including Maisie. Even if you give her a little bit of a comment like “Oh you have the same jawline” she’ll run with it and tries to change EVERYTHING about her to be that one little thing.

No. 680117

They both have brown hair and are white. That's about it. At least learn the rules while you're here, white knight.

But anon, surely she has similarities to Daisy and Maisey and she pastes their face onto hers!

No. 680400

Just the way she talks about these two women gives me the creeps.

No. 680602

I find it kind of weird she follows them closely enough to know Maisie has a Shih Tzu and Daisy is allergic to cats.

No. 680658

does anyone know what exactly happened to Stefakey and her garrison? She used to be a judge for rey cosplay, but the mods of the group took her off.

No. 681270

File: 1536124061729.jpeg (41.64 KB, 255x436, DA2A32C4-D929-4BE8-89E4-3FA449…)

No. 681271

File: 1536124073765.jpeg (107.4 KB, 504x801, 24EC3CB3-C47F-4B88-A531-037BFA…)

No. 681676

how can anyone seriously honestly who's seen her in real life say she looks anything like daisy ridley it's fucking beyond me

No. 681698

she looks like every fat white brunette you ever see.

No. 682327

There are a few cosplayers out there who look more like Daisy than she does. I would mistake them for Daisy before I mistake this girl as her.

No. 682444

File: 1536257432947.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180906-140738.jpg)

Omg she really won't let the height thing go. It's DAILY.

No. 682454

how can you look canadian though? and putting on an insultingly bad fake british accent to make yourself feel more like the actresses you're unhealthily obsessed with doesn't make you british, either.

the delusion is real. people see her in real life and yet she still keeps relentlessly pushing dumb, pointless lies.

No. 682537

she's mixed? What is she claiming to be as far as ethnicity/race?

No. 682540

It literally says here that she is Caucasian with white skin https://www.mandy.com/actor/profile/stefany-lauren#

No. 682544

Please god someone make sure she goes to celebration so we can all roast her in real life. She keeps deleting whatever comments i place under her pictures calling her out.

No. 682564

Half Dominican Republic according to the flag.

No. 682586

She isn’t british from what I know. Her mom, maybe, has roots, but this chick has never been to Britain in her entire life. She said to multiple people that she lived there and moved to Canada. Was even born there. Bunch of bullshit. She is from Canada. Her father is Dominican.

No. 683694

https://www.cnet.com/videos/game-of-thrones-characters-reveal-their-season-8-spoilers-comic-con-2018/ She's in this video at around 1:49. I met her and she is correct about being 5'4, but she is not tiny and looks NOTHING like Maisie.

No. 683808

File: 1536419059453.jpg (717.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180908-110100.jpg)

…is this a faceswap, or?

No. 683815

Either face swap or she used the face merge app

No. 683822

Hi! Someone who has met her. I am 5’5 and she was taller then me by a few inches. She is not 5’3. In photos where she is with other people who are 5’7 ish, she is the same height or a bit taller. She isn’t 5’3. Someone I knew who was at Celebration in line who was 5’3 was much shorter then Stef.

No. 683825

It never ends.

No. 683922

Guess who magically turned into Daisy ridley again & put it as an insta story to make it look inconspicuoussssss….

No. 683926

File: 1536429127262.jpg (296.87 KB, 611x1086, ItsCalledImGoodAtMakeupGuys.jp…)

No. 684249

File: 1536458653809.jpeg (185.42 KB, 715x1202, 929F5A06-027D-425D-93F3-652FC1…)

OH MY GOSH, look it’s Daisy, who totally looks the same as her “unedited instagram photos” and is the “small” she says she is.
But seriously, kids, this is why you don’t lie about how you look like, because it will bite you in the ass when they find out how you REALLY look like.

No. 684251

File: 1536458711532.jpeg (173.86 KB, 567x1252, 1E85FF63-C352-4E04-A080-5BB041…)

No. 684382

File: 1536479645215.png (458.16 KB, 1009x566, 1536479402.png)

that jawline difference though… seriously at this point I think she hates her own face so much that she can't stop with the editing, even when she knows full well that people are catching on

No. 684403

File: 1536483457441.jpeg (58.79 KB, 545x363, we need to talk.jpeg)

a small nitpick that has been bothering the fuck out of me: why do anons insist on 'Stefakey'? It is awkward and unwieldy (try saying it out loud) Stephony works so much better, since it is a simple substitution.

No. 684493

Stop trying to make stephony happen

No. 684598

stop being butthurt you've been using an inferior nick this whole time

No. 684607

File: 1536515309923.jpeg (71.83 KB, 1242x311, F7AFCB27-A18E-457D-B7D7-61F49A…)

Hey remember when she said this?
Yeah I do too. She really should stay home if she is going to lie about her appearance and size. Soon she will slip up with that shit accent of hers

No. 684641

I kinda agree yours is better. Sounds better. Don’t know why everyone else is getting upset about it.

No. 684742

It was a joke, autists.

No. 685271

You are just so funny, then being annoying, why don't we get back to the actual shitty person by the name of Stef. She has been silent on social media, so I'm sure she has seen the thread.

No. 685353

File: 1536606920851.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1242, 66164163-4FD9-49C6-B123-E4DC24…)

On another cosplayers story

No. 685403

Is it me or does she photoshop her nose bridge to look softer and less pronounced?

No. 685556

where is her leg cast? i thought she fractured her leg a few weeks ago.

No. 685623

Maybe on her other leg? It is covered by her name. Idk that's still pretty suspicious that she's up and handling horses

No. 685630

File: 1536636712363.jpeg (476.07 KB, 1235x498, 98B3C64A-D792-4984-9B67-0CEA11…)

Another photo added to her friends story, no cast

No. 685642

She widened her eyes, softened her nose bridge, shaved a mile off her jawline, softened her smile lines… Jesus stefakey, do YOU even know what you look like? It's so unreal how much she changes herself. If it was a little more alien fetus, it'd be kooter levels.

How did you miss an obvious mean girls reference…

No. 686046

Her hair is a fucking m e s s

No. 687006

File: 1536807756631.jpeg (453.64 KB, 640x887, AF4DB857-E488-4FDA-8C65-A12776…)

This is a bad professional headshot. Oh My God.

No. 687023

I'm no photoshop expert but the warping going on in the background is insane.

Also does she ever wash her hair, or? How is it so flat greasy and almost matted looking?

No. 687029


oof those eyebrows are so badly photoshopped. its sad she thinks no one notices this shit

No. 687042

File: 1536810916282.jpeg (516.63 KB, 640x887, 78A7D1E2-DD23-47DB-860C-9F80AE…)

The left eye is so huge compared to the right one that it’s just awful. She legit left a dot of brown on her eyebrows and didn’t even bother blending correctly. The bricks in the background are awful, with her left shoulder having a lump that looks like she might want to check that shit out, and her nose is just so bad. She really does try to slim down her nose.
Also her hair is fucking gross and awful, just wanted to show that off again. She really needs to work and clean up on her stuff. Or you know, not try to be Maisie.

No. 687047

I think she over-washes it and compensates with product.

No. 687050

Goodness. Her real body makes her huge head look tiny. What a god damn mess.

No. 687101

File: 1536818682422.jpg (17.43 KB, 280x403, Gene Simmons toupee.jpg)

all i see is gene simmons hair. how can you possibly manage to make your hair look like this? what the fuck is this?

No. 687122

File: 1536823790771.jpeg (148.82 KB, 640x887, EB1B9F54-3662-4018-923F-D69E68…)

i tried to unshoop. jesus, that was a nightmare. i also did stefakey a solid by removing her sperm brows so it’s close to her actual eyebrows.

No. 687166

Looks like she'd been wearing a damn baseball cap the entire day and just took it off.

No. 687263

File: 1536849925772.png (2.06 MB, 1926x1926, instasize_180913104230.png)

No. 687291

Does she not know what concealer is? She looks like she hasn’t slept in days. She couldn’t even attempt to lighten her eye bags up in photoshop???

No. 687367

You can't just remove most of your face & expect no one to notice

No. 687369

I think her natural hair is curly, she just doesn't know how to fucking straighten it right and healthily. She said she's part Dominican and most have coiled hair.

No. 687371

Yeah in those pictures of her as a kid (that we can't post on here) her hair is curly. You can tell by looking at those roots.

No. 687381

like okay but the girl is in her 20s and has never looked up how to manage textured hair???

No. 687393

File: 1536863054894.jpg (2.47 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20180913_142342388.j…)

…is she for real right now?

No. 687403

File: 1536863765264.jpeg (442.34 KB, 750x851, C8BC688C-DFD3-4017-988E-710306…)

Copy cat

No. 687409

*i kinda edit my entire face to look like that of masie williams and then pretend to be shocked and irritated when people tell me i look like maisie williams

No. 687430

Holy christ Stefany, this. Is. Not. Your. Face.

No. 687453

File: 1536868274522.jpeg (180.72 KB, 640x785, D42E923A-05F5-4E32-BB84-6662C8…)

No. 687466

NOPE too busy using photoshop to look like masie and daisy

No. 687590

Fucking lel
I wish i could comment that candid picture from her medieval Festival under that comment. She might hit us with the ol'"My EyEs ChAnGe CoLoUr"

No. 687699

File: 1536880220769.png (270.15 KB, 374x620, 7656567.png)


She posted this to the wholesome content group I'm in as well. I don't even follow this thread, but this is so annoying. Very narc and not wholesome at all kek

No. 687708

Jesus fuck what a self aggrandizing post, I hope everyone in the group tells her to fuck off.

No. 687740

I'm willing to bet Maisie knows who Stefani is and is creeped the fuck out by her.

No. 687789

I like the @hbo, lmao the nerve of this girl.

No. 687828


Speaking of nerve I love how she says 'this doesn't make me a better cosplayer'as if someone thought she was a superior cosplayer?!…the fuck

No. 687859

File: 1536895906856.jpg (259.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-14-05-20-31…)

(posted this in the wrong thread I'm so sorry for bumping the old one,I don't follow this)

here is one of the comments , gave me a good chuckle

No. 687862

(also the group in which she posted this is "Don't hate on this unfiltered wholesome content")

No. 687865

>Are you wearing circle lenses?
>I wish
what a weird response???

No. 687901

This girl seriously needs help.

No. 687902

I noticed this too lol, it's just pure unfiltered narcissism. A sight to behold really.

No. 687915

tbh that group is just a giant circlejerk for people that want to praise eachother for everything they do
PERFECT for stefakey

No. 687980

that's so true, I entered it for birds and cute animals but there are like 3 posts of people blogging everyday and flooding my timeline. Not agreat group

No. 688013

am i in the minority who thinks she looks 100x better in the left photo than the photoshopped one? girl needs to love herself.

No. 688040

“I need respect cuz I look like maisie”
Is she baiting us at this point

No. 688101

Her whole “cosplay doesn’t mean you have to look like the character!” schtick in and of itself is basically one giant rip off of another popular Arya ‘look-alike’ who started a literal campaign to promote cosplaying characters because you like them, not because you look like them. I’ll see if I can find screenshots, I can’t remember the cosplayers name rn, but I SWEAR some sentances could basically be word for word

No. 688118

>>I wish
"Nah I just badly photoshop them so they look unatural & weird"

No. 688126

File: 1536940047461.jpg (386.28 KB, 1060x904, IAmUncomfortable.jpg)

No. 688328

That trash can comment was amazing

No. 688355

nah because it's not edited. the photoshopped one looks uncanny.

No. 688399

jfc, she's so annoying and wants asspats so bad.

No. 688423

Gee, I wish I had her photoshop talent

No. 688463

File: 1536970984401.jpeg (414.64 KB, 1016x1223, 23F6488E-068C-4BBF-94CB-58B903…)

Lol maisie has no idea who she is
It makes it 100x more embarrassing when steph post 20 snaps in a row, un-ironically claiming maisie is following her every picture of snap, fb, and ig and ~totes copying~ her shitty dead hairstyles and random generic accessories.

No. 688505

How can she unironically say she's not wearing lenses in the right? I mean how else would her iris grow so large? I see the color difference too.

No. 688526

ntayrt but maisie not following stefany doesn't mean she hasn't seen the countless obnoxious posts she's been tagged in and cringed at them

No. 689439

Saged for not adding anything worthwhile but god, I HATE this girl. People on this website rarely genuinely irritate me but she’s just so narcissistic and hypocritical it makes me so mad

No. 689542

Maybe she's not wearing lenses maybe it's just Photoshoped to death

No. 689849

Agreed. Even lenses look more natural than that.

No. 689908

She should have just rolled with the comment and said yes to cover her ass for her bad photoshop

No. 690693

File: 1537238011187.png (397.12 KB, 640x1136, 952A9DBF-ABA5-4941-A44D-59FD49…)

There are multiple parts to this:
1) She posted this status

No. 690694

2) People commented

No. 690696

File: 1537238072630.jpeg (163.2 KB, 750x1334, 6CD0A104-E6F1-419E-A666-A8677A…)

No. 690697

File: 1537238093979.jpeg (192.6 KB, 750x1334, 7D2FA073-37C4-4919-A5F2-062F3D…)

No. 690699

File: 1537238129974.png (286.91 KB, 640x1136, 62B62134-ABA7-4B24-8CB7-180D7A…)

3) And then she made a call out post, including the screenshots

No. 690706

File: 1537238993077.jpeg (62.25 KB, 640x215, A2EDC0E6-29F7-4A65-9A57-D74BB8…)

The irony of saying this while taking it to heart, making a huge fb post and multiple statuses bitching, and changing her story and slipping up on her excuse.

>player has unlocked self awareness level -600

No. 690716

Hahah I love this. The one who stated the comment first is a fantastic cosplayer btw. Should check her out. I’m glad people are calling her out. I like Elizabeth, she isn’t afraid to do it.

No. 690718

wow this is great
can any anons who read the books confirm this is in there?

No. 690725

Lol I read the books. Yes Arya does dreams of wolfs, it’s implied it’s her wolf she had to let go. It is also implied that she Wargs (controls the animal) through the dreams. And she does wake up with the taste of blood in her mouth when it happens.

No. 690732

Ok how many times is she going to say "I'm not going to care about the opinions of other anymore" & then react to other people's opinions? My god.

No. 690734

>>a wolf trapped in a hotel
She had to make up some fake details about her dream real quick. she gets so triggered when people call her out

No. 690754

People really do not care about calling her out anymore it’s great

No. 690762

For someone who wants to get herself out there in acting or whatver, she sure get shook a
over one little comment. Shes going to need thicker skin if she can't handle getting called out on her blatant lies over facebook. Yikes.

No. 690916

I kind of pity her, I've never seen an adult so visibily insecure they had to lie about their dreams

No. 690923

i don't even think she lies because she's insecure as much as she thinks the more lies she makes up to seem like rey/arya/daisy/maisie the more she thinks people will be like "uwu ur exactly like arya!1"
it would be one thing if she wasn't constantly shilling comparison pics of herself to facebook groups, instagram and reddit for attention.

No. 690927

But if she was confident in her art she wouldn't need to be "real life Arya uwu" she would just be happy being an Arya cosplayer just like every other Arya cosplayer is. No one who's confident needs to be the speshulest Arya

No. 690929

nobody said she was smart about it

No. 691049

I know she is an idiot but did she REALLY think people wouldn't notice? you can't just take a scenario from a book, one of which is very distinct from other situations and pretend it actually happened to you then expect people not to notice and call you out for pretending it wasn't just you changing it up slightly… go ahead, act like the victim, it doesn't make you any less of an unoriginal skinwalker.

No. 691052

File: 1537291382504.gif (1018.65 KB, 240x182, 04B6FDC4-9B91-46D1-8CC2-1ADCC0…)


No. 691060

How long do you think we have until she starts claiming that Arya was based on her even though the books are probably older than her

No. 691074

She really is stupid as shit, but at this point I’m convinced she enjoys the drama. There’s no way she thought that people wouldn’t notice. ALL of the Stark children are implied to be wargs, and she’s dumb enough to claim “I only read up until Storm of Swords” but that book IS where this passage comes from. In Chapter 3, so.

I think what she didn’t expect is someone to call her out to her face (or non-anonymously,) which is hilarious.

No. 691076

it's really strange considering she pretty much said that her suicide attempt was due to cosplay drama lol

No. 691110

File: 1537295637749.png (932.98 KB, 1499x596, 2018-09-18 14_30_18-@sparrowso…)

the DRAMATICS of it all

No. 691119

alright let's take bets now. do we think she's for real and if so, how long until she starts posting again? what's stephony's next move?

No. 691132

I give it less than a week before she makes another post but says that "it dosent mean she's back"

No. 691167


One week MAX

No. 691168

just finished reading the thread. facetuning her face is just funny as hell but i don't feel like delving into that right now. what really gets me is her body. boy would she look a lot better if she just lost weight. i'm not even saying that to be mean, she genuinely would look a lot like the people she's trying to copy/cosplay if she did. also, i can't tell if she's a compulsive liar or just deluded (à la her "i'm so smol uwu" cringe). she's clearly aware that she's huge, otherwise she wouldn't be photoshopping her pictures so much. but does she really think everyone is so below her that we can't notice the difference between candid pictures and her photoshop disasters? it's insane.

No. 691199

How old is she again?

"I will die" because someone questioned her "lucid dream"? Mature.

There were 85 comments on that post! What were the others like? (It's been deleted)

No. 691210

> i started believing the narrative written about me, becoming that "lone wolf" that i have been called

she literally can't stop herself lmao. i would bet that arya is referred to as a lone wolf or something along the lines. she watched the show, yet pretends to know nothing about this character despite cosplaying her and copying everything about her down to the contents of her dreams, it's actually bizarre

No. 691239

Im sure it's very hard to cosplay when everything you post gets picked apart to death but literally all she had to do was stop lying about everything and every would have left her alone

No. 691242

i give it 2 days. she was out of the "psych ward" in 1 day and was on a plane to SDCC the next. LOL

No. 691243

if you're going to lie about everything, people are going to notice, you were not "bullied" you were confronted ‬

No. 691260

ThE dEaTh oF mYsELf aS A CoSpLaYeR

No. 691289

I can't even fathom why a grown woman (young adult?) would even want to be the same as a fictional character. Admire certain traits, sure…but she wants to BE a fictional character …

No. 691336

There are a lot of people who do this with Harry Potter characters. It's easier to pretend to be someone with ~powers~ and ~angst~ and ~tragedy~ than it is to actually deal with real life.

No. 691339

Oh boo fucking hoo.
Said it once & I'll say it again: you're supposed to enjoy cosplay & you ruined it for yourself by pretending to be something you're not. Its not anyone elses fault but yours that you get called out, & at this point you're pretty much doomed as a cosplayer bc you'll be remembered for all the crap you've done.

No. 691358

Someone who
>>finds solace in a manic world of colour & sound
sounds just like autism.

No. 691360

What a dumb hoe, she could've at least lied and said "Oh, I was reading the book recently and stopped around that part! That's probably why I had a dream like that."

No. 691662

One of my dramatic friends (who is a bit milky on their own) made a "LEAVE STEFANY ALONE" posts and its just like …whatever. she deserves all the shit she gets for being a lying bitch. You defending her makes you culpable.

No. 691716

actor, artist, creator - these are all careers or hobbies that mean strangers judge you. You literally cannot be any of these things openly and publicly without being criticized and evaluated by other people.

Maybe she could try being a sandwich artist at Subway.

No. 691753

The Dominican Republic is a country made up of many different ethnic groups, just like Canada, you can't "look Canadian/Domincan" ffs, they are nationalities, as for British, that too is a nationality but the British Isles has ethnic/natives known as the Anglo and Gaelic peoples, you can even have "British" in your family tree without being either of them, plenty of Brits born 100+ years ago were Polish and German migrants who then later migrated to Canada after WWII so unless the spastic has taken an ancestry DNA test she really shouldn't go around claiming she is this or that purely based on where great great great great great great great grandparents were considered to maybe, possibly of been born.
It really shits me when people who clearly don't know the difference between being a national and ethnic/indigenous, it's like saying your ancestry is (non indigenous) Canadian or Australian just because an ancestor was born in said country.

No. 691960

She deactivated her account. I give it less then a week before she pops right back saying she is lone wolf who won’t back down or any of that bullshit that is awful.

No. 691969

File: 1537379620631.jpeg (362.78 KB, 1241x1782, 5797F3D9-FD4D-4EF4-B861-442732…)

I also don’t follow this girl but find her arrogance in groups so obnoxious. I took some screens to show in here because it’s just too much.

No. 691970

File: 1537379650860.jpeg (682.94 KB, 1242x1855, F19CAA9C-A786-44B7-B610-B152DC…)

No. 691971

File: 1537379670082.jpeg (847.05 KB, 1242x1899, B2D583DF-2A19-488B-AEF6-A6E3B8…)

No. 691972

File: 1537379760362.jpeg (561.5 KB, 1241x1929, 657AA47D-394A-443A-AB98-78EF2C…)

No. 691974

File: 1537379868987.jpeg (354.47 KB, 1241x1726, DEF3D80D-521C-4E78-B552-CDC6C3…)

Last one for now.

No. 692017

File: 1537382750071.png (42.66 KB, 501x491, stef1.png)


Anyone know what this "witch hunt"/"Stef is a bully" drama is all about? The girl who called out her dream as an Arya skinwalk?

No. 692018

File: 1537382778971.png (42.32 KB, 480x490, stef2.png)


No. 692053

File: 1537385720234.jpg (108.35 KB, 780x585, r2l4w3kl960z.jpg)

She looks like based Turtle, not Maisie Williams.

No. 692120

File: 1537389035903.jpg (66.56 KB, 600x314, the-last-text-you-sent-is-what…)

It's seriously so funny that people like Jennifer Joan are commenting saying things that "stef isn't a bully". Its very well known that Jennifer Joan rips people off on her comissions and is a complete asshole to other cosplayers, especially in the star wars community.

Stefany is just hurt that she was called out on her bullshit. The photoshopping in to oblivion, looking and copying the mannerisms of the celebrities who are playing actual characters. Unfortunately, Stefakey has dug her own grave for her "death as a cosplayer", and now she has to lie in it.


No. 692210

It’s funny because Jennifer Joan was someone who actually shitted on Stefany. She and another one of her friends use to troll Stef and talked mad shit behind her back.
She is just as two-faced, if not more then Stefany. She called out Stefany behind her back and pretended to be Stefany friend. She is such a toxic asshole too. She pretends to also be bullied but she as just as bad as anyone else. She actually disclosed information about Stefany that is private from their commissions.
Stefany lied about being broke at one point, and then we found out from Joan that Stefany commission a rey cosplay from her (roughly like 400 dollars) and talked shit about her while doing it.

No. 692299

Wow. She makes everything about her.

No. 692518

She could have had a really successful and long lasting cosplay career if she didn't lie all the time, her Cosplays look good (though tbh I don't know how much of that is real and how much is Photoshop) but shes a narcissist and a compulsive liar, she got in her own way

No. 692603

File: 1537451217327.jpg (140.54 KB, 530x554, bam.jpg)

This is what the post was about. The girl she threw under the bus for that dream comment made a post and linked Stef.

No. 692816

Do you have the individual pics of her messages to Stephany? I tried to find it but she either deleted the post or it's private

No. 692978

When y'all see stuff like this please save the pictures, smh

No. 693014

File: 1537480905376.jpeg (483.94 KB, 1242x2114, 90B5F007-3C84-4D69-9223-841B14…)

No. 693015

File: 1537480920127.jpeg (579.45 KB, 1242x2130, 7C9DE6E4-738F-4E92-A589-407EF4…)

No. 693017

File: 1537480934256.jpeg (562.92 KB, 1242x2114, E0AFEAAB-DA96-40EB-A5A0-602970…)

No. 693166

is she as cringeworthy irl as she is online?? i'm actually curious how far she takes this whole skinwalk thing.

No. 693269

She likely changes how she acts depending on the person. I had known her for years online but met her for the first time recently where she used the fake accent because she assumed I wouldn’t think it was fake. She has been lying about what she does and who she is since her Wicked obsession. When I called her out on it, she told everyone I was abusive. She was an adult and I was 14 at the time. Nothing she does is new behavior, but it seems to have gotten worse.

No. 693278


No. 693504

So how stupid does she think everyone is? She may say shes an "actor" (you know with a high school diploma & performing experience with a community theatre) but that awful fake accent stinks from miles away. How embarrassing.

No. 694114

File: 1537610970645.png (637.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-22-12-06-16…)

saged bc it's not milky.
she posted again in the "don't hate on this unfiltered wholesome content " group. I think she's going to post more and more often now, seeing how many people are in there

No. 694121

File: 1537612115485.jpg (3.36 MB, 4457x4457, pixlr.jpg)

No. 694179

Since when does she actually care about and post her family? Since finding out Maisie likes her family? Or Daisy?

No. 694188

ok I'm not saying this old guy isn't cute but I hate how she writes her posts in this group idk what it is…they just sound so contrived like you know he didn't say "those people on your phone" and that she's only posting to get the attention on her. I really can't stand those people who have to have everything be about them

No. 694192

I’ll bet money 80% of this shit is lies, and she told him to pose with that zucchini and sunglasses.
Oh well, gotta get that attention fix somehow

No. 694319

I'm thinking the same thing. I bet one of the bullet points is taken from some story a character told in GoT

No. 694326

I can't find it but "show this to the people on your phone" is definitely a quote from someone else's Tumblr post about their grandparent from like 2014

No. 694417

Pretty sure the majority of older people want nothing to do with being on the internet. Did you ask his permission to post those pictures of him, Stafakey? Kinda low using your grandfather for attention but ok.
He doesn't seem like the type that would be like "post a picture of me!"
Are the comments like: "im screaming this is so pure <3" ??

No. 694750

Yeah lmao calling bullshit. A lot of old people don't even know what internet is all about (my own grandparents don't even have computers). She just posed her grandpa and couldn't stop lying through her teeth to get some internet validation.

No. 694761

File: 1537683306753.png (86.42 KB, 500x318, 6AD81F61-245C-4C70-8C23-9E80E0…)

No. 694781

screenshots op here. not to wk or anything but it's not that uncommon for grandparents to be posted about in this kind of groups. I've seen a few examples on "neurchi de Wholesome" (French) In which when they got posted and got love from strangers, they usually were more than happy to share whatever was the original post about. (sewing, painting, matchstick building etc). This is not at all an uncommon post tbf, but knowing Stephoney it's more than obvious that she wanted more and more attention. (sorry for fb group sperging)

No. 694795

no one's grandpa knows what tmz is.

No. 694796

I know that, I was simply saying that it's not too uncommon in this type of group to post about grandparents. She clearly is inventing stuff right here

No. 694797


No. 694798

I reposted bc I didn't mean to reply to you, sorry

No. 694878

File: 1537702904158.jpg (694.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180923-074054.jpg)

Did you guys see the 3deep5u live she posted on Instagram? Complete with a call out basically saying her lolcow thread ruined her life, virtue signalling "apologies", shitty inconsistent British accent and what seemed to be fake crying

No. 694941

Well she created her social media personality on lies & deceit…that ruins a life all on its own lol
Cry all ya want!

No. 694949

she sounds like she has a wad of boogers in her throat. she's so obsessed with fabricating this sob story and being like "i did a lot of bad things but i did /nothing/ wrong i would /never/ do anything wrong!"

No. 694951

File: 1537712712416.jpg (86.81 KB, 667x960, 42349662_2001885963180872_1823…)

Here she is in another group, because making up the same post for attention once wasn't enough

No. 695043

who is she even referring to? in the last 2 minutes where she starts crying? "leave her alone she's hurting"

No. 695186

>im not proud of it but i was trying to be somebody i wasnt
>still doing fake accent

No. 695211

>I was overworked and abused
By who? The legion? Lucasfilms? Lolcow? Convenient that her entire backstory she tells here says nothing about being a stunt double or doing any work for Lucasfilms or HBO.
>People always compared me to Maisie Williams, but in an insulting way
>I'm a writer
>I've loved swordfighting for as long as I can remember
Your actress profile says 3 years.
>I've had a bow in my house for, like, years
Profile says 1 year.

I really wish that she would get some help. It's at a point for me where, as much as I love this hilarious shit, I feel bad for her. I cannot begin to understand how someone could be in such denial, spew so many lies about trivial things, and think that it was making her successful until people on the internet decided she was too successful and talented so they had to tear her down.

No. 695219

for someone who "loves cosplay and costuming" she doesn't seem to have any respect for it considering we've seen her take credit for a costume she didn't make

No. 695336

And her love not seams to be deep enough otherwise she wouldn’t say goodbye eh? I mean if she loves it she just should shit on what others say. (But yes let’s see when she’s back )

I must say she doesn’t has to leave. And she doesn’t has to give up on it. Just handle it on another way… she said the last three years were the best and the worst of her life…. but she made them the worst on her own with all her lies!
I’m a cosplayer since over 10 years now and Ive never been the “victim of bully’s”
Talking bad behind the others back is normal in this community and everyone does it, but that’s not the same as what she’s been through…. how did she managed this in only three years? …..

Stef! Just tell less lies, work on your photoshop skills, don’t fake your accent! And have fun wearing your costumes. (Ah and please respect the artist! Mention them!!!) Cosplay is for everyone!
You really made this time bad on your very own!

No. 695344

I'm embarrassed to be part of a race that sees it fit to speak of their sister in such a degrading light. If you do not like someone, you do not attack them. You do not know her, and nor do I. But I will not cast such harsh judgement on my sister. Neighbours, learn love and compassion. And find a better use of your opinions. Cosplay is for fun. I love you all, and wish you all the best. Go well.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 695375

Oh piss off.

No. 695409

She’s closed off her nasal passage so poorly to replicate her British accent. Doesn’t even sound like she’s got any air going through there. And it’s not from crying or she would be sniffing.

Enjoy your life of enabling manipulators and narcissists. You’re a shitty person if you allow stephany to continue her lies and “I’m such a victim” mentality. Seek help.

No. 695410

>turning the light off so we can't see her real face


No. 695459

No way I'm watching her lie for 15min straight but it blows my fucking mind when people are like "Ok I'll explain everything, I'll give it to ya straight" then start blaming the "toxic community and the drama" right away.

Just like Momokun or any other fake hoe, they fabricate lies, get called out for good reasons (because they lied in the first place !) and then cry bullying or drama ?? Bruh there would be 0 drama if you stopped photoshoping your face, faking an accent, lying about your height or your weight.
For people who have the audacity to obviously photoshop themselves or pretend to be a size XS with thighs the size of tree trunks they sure can't stand being called on their bullshit.

Then they go on about how they learned from their mistakes but won't say what they did wrong cause they obviously never learned from it otherwise they'd be open about it !

No. 695482

Omg LOL at the part where shes like (dramatically)
>>"I deleted my Instagram account…"
& then a little quieter:
>>"well its back now but-"
Like no one cares either way if is deleted or not. You're the one who can't seem to live without validation from strangers on the internet. Give it a few days & she'll whip out the ol' "since you guys keep asking me to reactivate my IG account…"

No. 695487

Oof this just in…her ig IS activated. My bad.

No. 695493

is this something from GoT

No. 695531

File: 1537753964526.jpeg (223.09 KB, 563x1225, 6FED14C6-3B69-43E1-91B5-4A6122…)

What you mean! She looks so much like Daisy and Maisie. This is totally unfiltered and real photo of Stef since she can’t edit tagged photos. But seriously Stef, my god you need all tho lies if you truly look this way. Also her “chat” was shit man.

No. 695661

She's saying her lolcow cow thread "blew up" and is huge… Honey, you are a small ass cow compared to a lot of these flakes. Hell you aren't even in PT, sit the fuck down.
She acts like this has blown up so big that the whole internet is here talking shit about her as if she is that important kek she has such delusions of grandeur, she thinks she's famous or infamous or something but she's not. She just some twat in the cosplay community being publicly called out for her lies and shit

No. 695686

God that stream was just so bad. Stefany you call yourself an actor? Really? With that piss poor performance?
Let me get this straight
“I never had an identity crisis, I have always been confident in who I am”
But you also lied to people because you “wanted to be someone else because you’re wanted friends?” How does that make sense.
You had two articles written about you Stef, you had less then 10k followers. You werent super successful, and you aren’t super talented.
What pisses me off the most about this whole “I’m a victim” shit is the fact that she is still lying out of her ass. No one in the rey Facebook shit group did anything to you. It was all yourself. Maybe not lie about where you were from? Or lie about working with Lucas Films as a Shadow to daisy? Maybe not lie that your “agent” was telling you to be hush hush about the episode 8 when in reality you weren’t shit. And maybe not lie about having deadly disease to make yourself more likable?
You did have an identity crisis. For god sake you renamed your dog to daisy’s dog, changed your accent, photoshopped daisy face on yours and even dressed like her.
Stef you are insane.
I really pity her at this point. Nothing you’d ay will be believable. You have lied about everything, so when you start telling the truth, no one will believe you. No one caused this but you.

No. 695689

her accent isn't that bad. she has a nice voice and is actually quite pretty, much prettier than maisie. it's really a shame she ruined her potential in the cosplay community by doing all this crazy weird shit.

No. 695700


no her accent isn’t good. It really is bad, and this is coming from someone who actually is from London.
She isn’t pretty. She is normal. And that is fine. You don’t need to be beautiful or a look alike to be a good cosplayer.
She is a good singer. And a food actor from the fact that she lied for so long. She could have been great cosplayer if everything she said wasn’t a lie coming from her ass.

No. 695705

wow anon, you're too nice. Her accent is bad, I don't even know what she's going for - she mixed up few accents into some weird one. And her voice sounds so unpleasant, like she's sick and has full nose.
I also don't get all those "she's a good cosplayer (but)", why? Why she's good? She buys everything and is open about it. What's good about her cosplaying, when the costume is done by someone else and her face is facetuned, oh, and her body extremely slimmed down, we all have seen her candids.
She thinks lolcow is so bad but farmers actually go easy on her. A lot of people here would ~leave you alone~ if you stopped lying, Stef.
It's that easy.

No. 695801


>food actor

accurate typo. because shes fat lol

No. 696143

i said it 'isn't that bad', as in, i was expecting a full on dick van dyke. i think she is pretty. not sure why you feel the need to say she isn't as if opinions aren't subjective. she's heavy but i think she is much prettier than she shoops herself to be. she's literally making herself look fug for no reason but to skinwalk someone that no one actually cares about.

No. 696352

File: 1537845532358.jpg (563.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180924-231742.jpg)

Lol what does this even mean?

No. 696390

Ok so she makes a big deal about how shes leaving the community FoR rEaL gUiSe (lel not really if shes still going to cons here & there like she said) being super dramatic etc…but shes keeping a foot in the door to get her attention fix.
Also I feel like nobody was confused or asked her to clarify about her ig, she just posted this to make it seem like people actually cared. Like her "since you guys keep asking" trick

No. 697222

tbh, she isn’t even bad looking.

Was it not for the ‘Valar Morghulis’ tshirt? which in actuality could’ve been mens/unisex, so a small would’t be far off, but claiming a xs is a bit eh…

No. 697270

File: 1537957583317.png (2.58 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-121145.png)

No. 697486

what is she going to teach people?? how to commission a costume?

No. 698091

holy shit can you imagine the amount of backlash shes going to get for that
can't wait

No. 699014


Long-awaited tutorial

No. 699025

>professional makeup artist

No. 699030

Oh god that fucking accent. It’s so bad now.
She also is trying to be quirky? It’s annoying. She isn’t funny or even entertaining. This is just bad

No. 699031

I really can't believe this bitch filmed a whole ass "tutorial" with her face out of the frame and instead of refilming it, just said fuck it and posted it… how lazy can you be

No. 699048

This chick and Vicky need to get together and work on fake accents together holy fuck

No. 699053

Her horrid accent keeps switching from
Canadian to fake Harry Potter.

No. 699062

godspeed, boys. i made it 4 minutes in and i cannot deal with the accent and cringe.

No. 699099

I jumped ship after (the 2nd time) she said something like "idk man live your best life". I couldn't get through all the irritating, quirky things she had to add in after every single thing she said.
Totally different voice from that last video about why shes "quitting" cosplay.

No. 699102

Everytime she says "A ______, if you will" when shes trying to be entertaining, a baby gets punched.

No. 699109

why is she using any shimmery shades at all doing arya? every time she does those awful """unintentional"" closeups on her face all i can focus on is the glitter

No. 699135

the way she uses that beauty blender really makes me cringe so hard

No. 699184

i skipped most of that. she's so cringey. when she stabbed herself in the eye with her brush and then just did that weird shruggy smushed up face reaction…that was about when i had enough. like, did you fake stab yourself to be funny? it felt so weird. her accent was terrible, as everyone's said. she really thinks she's funny doesn't she oh wow.

when she shows people videos like these, how does she expect to get away with saying "i don't shoop, that's just my makeup" when she can't even fucking look at her bottle of foundation and tell her viewers what shade it is? she's talking about how shitty her blending is and how she incorrectly uses the beauty blender. she played herself lmao.

she seriously googled that? that's so specific and weird. "how to make a tutorial" uh you fucking press record? wow. this girl is something else.

No. 699226

I lost it when she tried to say “carved” with that horrific accent when talking about her contouring. Her fake accent is all over the place in this video. She even drops it a few times with certain words.

No. 699272


Within the first couple seconds her accent slips..

No. 699338

>whibbeli wobbely
>on top of the leed

No. 699353

At this point it would be less embarassing if she just dropped the accent altogether. & anyways I thought she said she just "plays up her "accent" for cosplay/character"…she isn't cosplaying or in character; its a makeup tutorial. (So what better time to drop the fake accent.)

No. 699376

lmfao i'm done

No. 699398

File: 1538147050745.jpg (128.54 KB, 679x1024, Brendan-Fraser.jpg)

Stefany, you look amazing

No. 700906

File: 1538314118999.png (298.42 KB, 720x400, 1.png)


No. 700908

File: 1538314316234.png (329.65 KB, 720x772, 2.png)

I love how right after she aggressively buffs powder into her nose she rubs it right off with her fingers. Is she using a picture of Maisie as her YT profile pic or is it another faceswap Maisie photoshop picture?

No. 701348

Her voice is raised in that video, it’s not that high

No. 701368

holy shit

No. 701598

i wish she just didnt try so hard. i can sort of see her being likeable, if she owned her face and accent and whatever.

No. 701683

eh there's no way to even know what she's like irl. she's a facade of a person lol. peel away the rey and arya layers and there's nothing but a boring, milquetoast, canadian girl with a hint of autism and basically nothing else going on for her.

No. 701882

File: 1538422228319.png (60.22 KB, 602x563, Untitled.png)


Stef admits the accent is fake (among other things)

No. 701886

When has she ever spoken about the accent on "multiple occasions"?

No. 701908

>Someone who has body issues and can't even look in the mirror

This shit always gets me. If you have severe body issues, how do you base your entire online presence around your face and post videos and pictures of yourself online constantly? Even if they're edited, she has to sort through them and edit them herself.

No. 701911

it says continued? where is the rest?

No. 701915

the faceswap isn't real? she's laughing hard about it? has she not been able to log on and read this thread? literally proof EVERYWHERE that she has been editing her face to OBLIVION to look like the characters she cosplays…..

No. 701917

File: 1538425216063.png (36.94 KB, 317x534, ssccontinued.PNG)


Continuation of that. Nothing too exciting.

No. 701929

i will never understand why this girl acts like this one dying thread is being blasted in her face 24/7. bitch, just don't come on the damn website and stop acting retarded lmao. problem solved.
if she thinks the fat insults are the heart of why people dislike her then she still has a rude awakening or two to come.

No. 701931

same anon from >>701929 but i love how she also continues to act like people who have some type of issue with her are obligated to speak with her about it. like, no, that's not how that works and why the fuck would people from this forum out themselves for her peace of mind??? she needs to legitimately stop. she was on the right track the first time with deleting everything but everyone called it and she can't live without even the negative attention.

No. 701965

How are her followers not done with this? Stef you photoshop yourself, you even admit it. Stop this. God she is so addicted to this shit I’m sure she gets a kick out of it.
You are a Canadian girl who isn’t at all British, skinny or Daisy/Maisie. You are your own person. Deleted all your stuff and get off the internet for a while.

No. 702261

>>"I can't lie"
Evidently you can. A lot.

No. 702281

Right? Does she think someone owes her something?
You don't become a subject on this forum for no reason. Your behavior got you here so stop trying to figure it out like its other people's fault that you're getting negative attention. You are the problem. Figure it out!

No. 702289

Oh no but anon shes being brave and doing something that scares her when she posts those pictures of herself constantly because shes an iNsPiRaTiOn. She be like 'Mirrors are scary but I am a wolf alone in the woods and wolves aren't afraid of mirrors' or some shit. "I'm so scared to post this but here it is anyways uwu"

No. 702335

>Since you guys asked…

No. 702764

File: 1538512670166.png (302.23 KB, 494x927, 2018-10-02 16_35_30-Stories • …)

whoever this farmer is needs to calm the fuck down

No. 702809

I totally agree. In the second pic she looks like a drug addict with a broken nose.

No. 702858

lmao why does it look like steph created a fake account to harass herself for attention?

No. 702945

Lmaoo considering her track record of being a compulsive liar and going to many lengths for attention, I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually Steph harassing herself to garner more online sympathy.

No. 703207

Aaand it's gone

No. 703224

lol fuck

No. 703226

It’s fake. She’s writing these comments herself and posting them to look more like the victim. Everyone on this thread knows that her comment section, she has to approve them before they’re posted. She’s filtered her comments that was.

The poor girl is literally dragging her own self and making everyone feel sorry about it. We see right through you, stefakey.

No. 703278


No. 703298

if you're going to correct them over a stupid nickname at least spell "phony" correctly

No. 706259

Did anything happen at NYCC?

No. 706471

File: 1538974750735.jpeg (425.85 KB, 1242x1242, 5ABAE387-9177-4592-99EB-48E74A…)

See this is what upsets me.
She would make a good cosplayer. She looks great here because she isn’t photoshopped or pulling weird faces. She looks happy.
The reason for this is because she actually really likes the character as she is.
To bad her fucked up ways and lies get in the way. She does make a good witch, that’s for sure.
It makes me sad she has to go through all those lies and photoshopping herself just to be a somebody. She would be happy and a good cosplayer if she just didn’t lie and insane.

No. 706473

File: 1538974995345.png (11.02 MB, 1242x2208, C11A0E91-A19F-4A25-A24E-B84E2F…)

But seriously Stef? You going to say you look like Maisie and Maisie is copying ou when you look like this ?

No. 707021

File: 1539042449694.png (157.62 KB, 1080x951, Screenshot_20181008-204602~2.p…)

Yeah. Good luck with that.

No. 709988

File: 1539265089952.jpg (480.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181011-043423.jpg)

She changed her Instagram handle

No. 710369

File: 1539288669549.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20181011-171022~2.p…)


No. 710370

File: 1539288794660.png (115.02 KB, 1080x824, Screenshot_20181011-171237~2.p…)

the complete caption

No. 710375

The caption was so unnecessary kek has this girl ever seen anybody else wear oversized clothing? It's been a thing for years.

No. 710376

but ya did faceswap your face

No. 710396

in what universe is this considered oversized? kek. the overexplaining of the "gathered fabric" is dumb af too since we can see how big her legs are in the photo itself, we know her torso matches. she talks like she's the size of a child or something. i just don't get the blatant lying in the captions of photos that display the truth.

No. 710482

What an awkward fucking way of twisting your arm. The shirt is like suffocating her upper arm, look how tight it is. She can change her Instagram name, pretend that she didn’t order that daisie shirt, but she will literally still be fake as hell. Sad.

No. 710500

It's dosent look too tight or "oversized" it looks like it's her size, it fits normally like any t-shirt would

No. 710510

Someone please do a side by side of her newest photo with her tagged photos..the newest tagged photos that is. They look nothing alike.

No. 710512

I realized what I typed didn’t make sense. I mean the photo you guys reposted her with her “oversized” shirt and her tagged photos. Also why in her tagged photos is one of her eyebrows raised super high

No. 710514

who flips out about a t-shirt being oversized? calling attention to this is just bizarre. We don't see her in form-fitting shirts usually (no clothes are smol enuf to fit Stef) so what's the big issue?

No. 710516

Also how old is she really? Doesn’t she say she’s 22 so she’s closer to Maisie’s age? I remember when she loved daisy she was in her mid 20s and that would of been closer to Daisy’s age at that time. She looks older than 22

No. 710517

sage for nitpicking but she’s doing such an over exaggerated “skinny arm” here that it’s hilarious

No. 710520

Sorry to be clear I was referring to Stef flipping out

No. 711216

@anon no she’s definitely 22. If she was lying to be in her mid-twenties earlier that was a Daisy thing, but she’s definitely 22, 23 next month

No. 714063

File: 1539685140157.png (617.69 KB, 1080x1520, Screenshot_20181015-234038.png)

No. 714090

Lmao UGH people WONT STOP telling me I look like Maisie Williams twin

No. 714301

I ran across this on accident. Don’t know what cosplay is. Although you obsess so deeply over this person that I’ve got a pretty good idea now
You don’t see that you are victimizing another human being?
You should get something better to do.
It’s disgusting to read and you all need to face reality and get help for your stalker tendencies and know what you’re doing could land you behind bars.
You’re sad people. I would insult you. But I cannot fathom being as pathetic as this whole thing is.
#trolls #criminals #nothingbettertodo #focusonYOU #dirty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 714306

lmao coming in hot with the wk hashtags

No. 714346

Excuse me but this girl victimizes herself. It was only a few months ago she was admitted to the hospital for a """suicide attempt""" (which she also felt the need to document and broadcast on the internet via multiple social media apps)

What I can't "fathom" is how you can't see that she is the one who needs help.

For most people here, she's just a casual interest. Nobody cares enough to actually stalk her lol

No. 714380

kek, nothing anyone has said about Stef is illegal anywhere. She has a public presence and puts her stuff on the net willingly. Are your google searches illegal?

No. 714387

hashtag dirty? lol
no one even cares about this thread lmaoo

No. 714666

Somebody come get your mom off the internet

No. 716060

>>spends past 2 years trying to get compared to people in her everyday life
"Im just super tired of getting compared to people in my everyday life"

No. 716289


> Omg just found this what is cosplay!

Bitch, stop stalking. Go away. Out of allll the cows here this is the one you have a hard time with? Sure Jan. Stef, please learn to be your own self or get use to more threads like this.

No. 716293

sage your shit. stef does this every time the thread goes quiet, and you just helped by bumping it up.

No. 722336

File: 1540658682713.jpg (719.37 KB, 1564x1439, 20181027_124344.jpg)

Here we go againn

No. 722371

lmao didn't this girl announce she was quitting cosplay? the skinwalking resumes

No. 722440

I hope she let a professional bleach the crap out of her hair omg RIP
It looks like its in a really over-processed state

No. 722555

I mean you are lying about her so that's slander(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723599

File: 1540855436371.png (1.73 MB, 1066x1527, Screenshot_20181029-231230.png)

smol blind girls have slow heartbeats and smug faces

seriously, why would her monitor beep for a low heart rate if she's not deathly underweight? I can't think of any other reason for it to signal a low HR when she is standing up in a store.

No. 723707

For some heart conditions, the monitor will react if you go above or below a certain heart rate. You can faint from your heart going too fast or too slow.

No. 723722

Is she literally doing a "when you ~insert something relatable~" post about her (alleged) heart monitor? That just seems like she wanted to slip the fact she has one in there without directly saying it…
Seeking attention through health problem sympathy isn't good.

No. 723816

has she ever even talked about having a heart monitor before? of all the weird health shit she's tried to get pity for (including an alleged suicide attempt) i'm surprised she hasn't been talking about it nonstop if she's always had it

No. 723883

yeah and what heart condition does she have?

No. 723908

Can’t wait for her spoony phase

No. 724090

File: 1540939434845.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181030-194238.png)

Is she now trying to fucking skinwalk Liv Moore from iZombie?

No. 724095

Okay tinfoil time. If she really is trying to skinwalk Liv Moore, this would make sense. She's pointing to the fact that she has a slow heart rate. Zombies in iZombie have a very veeeery slow heart rate, which is a way to identify them. Ummmmm.. .

No. 724097

>i'm dying my hair so I stop getting compared to celebrities
>what bleach blonde celebrity should I skin walk now?

No. 724461

…her hair wasn't this long or white in >>723599 you just wear cosplay wigs to "work"?

No. 724762

File: 1541046182634.png (5.77 MB, 1242x2208, 51BE6EEF-F35A-419E-9803-365CF7…)

I’m actually laughing at this! She is literally going to pretend to be a fucking zombie now? Are you kidding me. This chick is insane, my god.
Btw you remember when she said she had all natural brows like Arya? Where did those go now?

No. 724763

File: 1541046235469.png (6.31 MB, 1242x2208, 2A83C685-A0ED-48E5-8DD6-C8B15A…)

Now she has brows on? Didn’t she always stated that her brows were natural thick like arya? She is a load of horse shit

No. 724766

Didn't she used to cosplay as the witch from Wicked

No. 724824

Yeah that's def wicked makeup lmao when have zombies ever been bright green?

No. 724875

The zombie thing was the response to the previous comments about her blonde hair. These photos are to show that she is now changing her lies about her brows. Should have worded it differently. She always was a big fan of wicked tho. Pretended to act as thought she was on broadway for it

No. 724934

File: 1541091770513.jpg (23.17 KB, 312x360, 1524678629033.jpg)

The wicked thing was community theatre. Back before she started lying online.
Interesting… i would of figured with an attention seeking whore like Stef she'd have posted dozens of photos of her heart rate monitor yet, nothing. I'm amazed she's still lying so much, haven't been keeping up with this cow and it always amazes me how much of a tool she is.

No. 724935

File: 1541091877257.jpg (62.25 KB, 960x540, 1621976_226492130889798_195880…)

Also back before she photoshopped herself into other people. She used to be just a cringy theatre kid, now she's a munchie attention seeking monster.

No. 724936

File: 1541091913661.jpg (50.21 KB, 810x810, 12063290_443427492529593_16706…)

No. 725032

bradycardia can happen from bifascicular block, for ond

No. 725036

bradycardia can happen from bifascicular block, for one, thyroid issues, etc etc

No. 725074


I was about to say, this is a fucking wig, who is she trying to fool?

No. 725622

na she only likes wicked cause daisy ridley loves it

No. 725658

In this case, that's not true. She was in the Wicked fandom before she was into Star Wars/Daisy Ridley. She's talked about how Elphaba is her dream role for years.

No. 726259

File: 1541299678018.png (625.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-04-09-15-54…)

Please stop milking the group

No. 726260


who is requesting this shit

No. 726304

that group is a shithole hugbox where you'll be banned for saying anything negative whatsoever. i hate that she uses that as a consequence-free way to attention whore. i doubt im the only one who blocked her to stop seeing her shit posts.

No. 726348

She looks like a grandma KEK

No. 726442

>heavily requested
ummm… doubt it but okay

No. 726803

She loves being like "I've loved _______ my whole life"
So you just conveniently have loved whatever you're currently obsessing over your whole life? It happened with Star Wars, then GoT when she was like "I liked wolve and swords before GoT". Clinging to any remote similarity she can find.

No. 727646

File: 1541534325461.png (7.04 MB, 1242x2208, 9148C35F-360E-4061-A8BF-FAA049…)

Oh god is she going to start dressing like the character now? Because now she seems to be changing her style.

No. 727675

Sabrina is definetly the next character Stef’s going to skinwalk. She’ll babble on how she just so happened to dye her hair blonde and now everyone is saying sHe lOoks jus liek Sabrina GUize !!1!
There’s just no way she didn’t change her hair color on purpose.

No. 727692

god no leave sabrina alone. oh well, shes going to have to get a wig if she wants to be her because she'll have to bleach her hair so often to hide the roots the shit will start falling out

No. 727712

File: 1541542932481.jpg (968.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181106-171033.jpg)

She's so fucking obsessive

No. 727719

I don't even know how Sabrina could have been a part of her childhood, honestly. Does she mean the lighter take, "Sabrina the teenage witch"? The comic book The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is based on didn't come out until 2014, and Stef wouldn't have been a child then.

No. 727819

Let me guess…you were into witches & stuff YoUr WhOlE lIfE but only bringing it up now ?
She obsesses so quickly.

No. 727823

Shes just building a lie-foundation for the shit stack shes about to build when she goes full tilt on this new actress obsession.

No. 727824

Is that a headband?
As in to (very obviously) replicate >>727712 ?

No. 728533

File: 1541651924205.png (2.3 MB, 750x1334, 25EED8FC-8BC8-4D60-B643-35818D…)

Did she have a falling out with herohair?

No. 728591

File: 1541664766395.jpg (67.39 KB, 400x600, Kiernan Shipka Chanel Party Ce…)

Stef, if you truly believe you're going to start skinwalking Kiernan Shipka you better think twice. I can't wait to see her shoop attempts.

No. 728693

No. The post got 666 likes so she is trying to make the post more Sabrina related which it looked like pixiereycosplay pointed out to her on Instagram.

No. 731009

File: 1542049664762.png (709.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181112-160732.png)

No. 731249

The new sabrina looks like a tranny friend i almost kissed(no one cares)

No. 731467

File: 1542113696114.png (901.07 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20181113-074724~2.p…)

Holy shit who is she trying to fool with this Photoshop.

No. 731479

Did she purposely give herself buck teeth? She looks like a hillbilly

No. 731482

File: 1542116348029.png (54.16 KB, 203x270, 1542113696114-1.png)


We're confused too, doggo.

No. 731605

Who's the rey cosplayer that called her out?

No. 731609

File: 1542137777095.jpg (51.45 KB, 722x960, carrie-marie.jpg)

Holy photoshop batman! Also she has a job? Since when? And don't try to tell me being in a community theatre play is "work" cause it aint.
Are you referring to Carrie Marie? I believe she made a fb post talking about Stef and her lies and use of photoshop.

No. 731611

File: 1542137951474.jpeg (165.2 KB, 750x549, 1524766170185.jpeg)

Here's one of the screen caps from Carrie, she didn't name names but I believe in the comments of the post she makes it clearer that she's referring to Stef but unfortunately I can't find any screen caps of that.

No. 731612

File: 1542138115992.png (981.95 KB, 800x983, 1524733018487.png)

This post from Carrie also seemed to be directed at Stef. Not sure where they knew each other, correct me if I'm wrong but I think it was thru that star wars league that Stef was kicked out of.

No. 731613

File: 1542138235450.png (350.18 KB, 915x383, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 3.38…)

She must still be living at home cuz that's her parents/dads dog.

No. 731614

File: 1542138377282.png (70.59 KB, 386x215, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 2.46…)

Yes yes she did. She edited them so much they are melting into her bottom teeth.

No. 731615


It's already been discussed anon, she lives at home.

No. 731616

>the death of myself as a cosplayer

Also Stef:

this is all in the span of < 2mos

No. 731620

Pilot for what? Must be shit if it only started filming a few days before release.

No. 733906

File: 1542503186624.jpg (148.42 KB, 1024x1024, 20181117_215909-COLLAGE.jpg)

she went to film the "pilot" looking like iZombie's main character. idk what the fuck that is about.

No. 735084

she looks like she's in her parents bedroom. did she posts any photos of the set?
it sounds like shes trying to pretend she's an extra again.

No. 735228

File: 1542724530343.png (120.45 KB, 795x886, stef1.png)

No. 735229

File: 1542724556933.png (87.46 KB, 800x849, stef2.png)

No. 735230

File: 1542724579399.png (95.11 KB, 800x1092, stef3.png)

No. 735237

Her most recent "ACTING" credit was from 3-4 years ago and was at a community centre theatre group for AMATEURS! Girl has zero experience, zero concept of acting, zero self awareness and is so god damn delusional it hurts.
Guess she found her new flavour of the month. Her wig and nose contour look awful, she needs to spend less time trying to be some d list actor and more time getting a life.

No. 735240

She did not go to Stella Adler Studio of Acting. I'm calling bullshit on that right now, especially since she doesn't even say when and what she studied there. It's a crazy expensive school in New York and knowing Stef she would of bragged about it at least once and yet she's never mentioned it.
>>130 pounds
>>695531 sure Jan

No. 735252


Most laughable of all!

>Accents (UK) Bristol, Cockney, English, standard, Estuary English, Leeds, London, RP, South London

No. 735297

Leeds kek would love to hear that, or any Yorkshire, if tha knows what a mean.

No. 735319

File: 1542735874276.png (289.01 KB, 342x637, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.4…)

>>from shooting
Shooting what? She keeps mentioning this imaginary "pilot" or "shoot" or "work" she's been doing but I haven't seen one once or evidence that she actually doing anything besides sitting on her ass all day feeling sorry for herself. This is just like when she ""worked"" for ""lucas films" as Rey's ""stunt double"", all talk no show.

No. 736494

File: 1542926051233.png (38.16 KB, 493x366, received_254266311910057.png)

This has to be because of iZombie as well (Liv Moore is an assistant medical examiner). Has she ever expressed a desire to be a ME before?

No. 736516

>shit ton of therapy
didn't she have a breakdown not even 2 months ago? even if she got therapy afterwards, 2 months isn't a shit ton. a shit ton is like 5 years worth. kek.
yeah she's skinwalking Liv Moore. i don't even watch the show but first result on google straight up tells you she's a medical examiner.

No. 736555

Lmao and so it begins again.

No. 736585

Oh god, the cringe. I can't believe she doesn't realise how obvious it is she's skinwalking Liv Moore now? She could have at least picked any other medical profession. Not that she has a chance of getting into medical school, she definitely doesn't have the grades.

No. 736721

File: 1542962324796.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181123-052909.png)

She looks fucking weird in this video. But also where are her thicc Arya brows? Lmao

No. 736767

i feel like i don't even know what her real face is at this point

No. 736790

Seems like she doesn’t either. With all that skin walking it’s pretty clear she has some type of BDD.

No. 736846

I thought being an actress was your lifelong dream Stef, but I guess when your willing to redefine your entire personality for likes your dreams don't really matter also "trauma based depression" what trauma? People not liking you on the internet?

No. 736882

KEK, this cosplay is making her look 45 years old.

No. 738006

Ok stef we know what faceswap is too. Very cool, kanye.

No. 738077

File: 1543175157448.png (420.13 KB, 500x830, received_489363701553072.png)

Friendly reminder she's a wolf whisperer or something

No. 738109

File: 1543179222853.jpg (312.5 KB, 1080x1752, ObsessionEvolution.jpg)

No. 738136

Can someone just please send her that collage so she can view her lovey artwork

No. 738151

um not that this even happened but you're not supposed to go and cuddle wild animals like this because then they get tame and can't be released and shit I'm suprised she didn't meet him in a clearing at dusk and he thanked her with just his eyes or some bs lol

No. 738165

this looks like one of those "all white people look the same" collages where it's a bunch of white people that look slightly different from each other but really similar

except this is just "one" person

No. 738440

>thanked her with just his eyes
lmao that's spot on

No. 738442

i think the big question now is will she go back to arya when the new got season comes out in july?

No. 738686

She'll probably go back to Arya for a little while to cash in on the popularity when the season comes out.

No. 739093

File: 1543329815391.jpg (717.19 KB, 1080x1864, 20181127_094022.jpg)

No. 739096


Oh steff, you were always chubby and old. No one believed your edited cutesy Maisey clone pics. Check out any of your candids. Looks like Arya got hungry and ate the Hound

No. 739110

>Shaved eyebrows
Girl… we all knew those were caked on.
Who wants to look older? Is it because the new actress she's skinwalking is in her 40s? She looks the same age, just more psycho.
She's so delusional, I can't wait for the fresh milk.

No. 739785

Thats a blonde wig you psycho

No. 739817

File: 1543421973717.png (91.32 KB, 1024x500, 57787837857878378.png)

stef is absolutely sperging out on facebook today about the possibility of maisie dying her hair silver.

No. 739819

File: 1543422364557.png (253.6 KB, 1006x702, 56746757734773478.png)

guess she'll "have to be to be maisie again" now kek.

No. 739826

File: 1543423020077.jpg (815.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181128-113605.jpg)

Because you're the first one to ever do that?

No. 739987

At this point i dont even know what her goal is(?)
You can't be all the actresses at once, Phasie Williams

No. 739990

emulating tv characters isnt being original
Neither is bleaching your hair

No. 740161

Too bad she revealed her hair is indeed pink, stalker.

No. 740205

You died your hair to skinwalk both Liv Moore and Sabrina. God, you really have mental issues please get help

No. 740269

She's a fucking insane person. Maisie finally showed off her hair and it's pastel pink.

No. 740447

Her being original at this point would be looking like the first line of pictures >>738109

No. 740832

I wonder if she'll panic and dye her hair pink to match Maisie again and then claim her hair has been pink for two weeks she just hasn't posted a picture

No. 741069

File: 1543551374053.jpg (692.51 KB, 1080x2092, 20181129_231535.jpg)

No. 741076

Is that her hair or a wig? The roots make It look like she used her irl hair and changed the color in post but tbh I can't tell

No. 741091

the choppiness on the left side looks like it could be extensions to me, with editing on top

No. 741094

the choppiness on the left side looks like it could be extensions to me, with editing on top

No. 741096

It's sort of choppy on the side, so it looks like it could be extensions to me

No. 741097

It's sort of choppy on the side, so it looks like it could be extensions to me

No. 741098

the choppiness on the left side looks like it could be extensions to me, with editing on top

No. 741100

File: 1543554217641.png (810.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-30-11-30-11…)

No. 741101

File: 1543554145846.png (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-11-30-11-28-52…)


No. 741105

i dont get how the admins of this group accepted this stupid submission. like i get she tried to add wholesome-ness with that horse story but come on this reeks of attention whoring.

No. 741106

File: 1543555573925.jpg (36.12 KB, 800x459, 6a00e54ee7b64288330168eba54ba4…)

She's one step closer to looking like Brendan Fraiser

No. 741172

File: 1543571456530.jpeg (231.39 KB, 750x1334, DD5E495D-1507-485D-9DBE-9D859D…)

I was literally about to post about this. Her pretending like she’s short because she’s standing next to the horse is baffling. Also someone called her out but the post got deleted. Protecting his identity so her legion of supporters don’t harass him.

No. 741173

File: 1543571499572.jpg (442.78 KB, 720x1496, Screenshot_20181130-105000.jpg)

didn't get enough attention in the wholesome circlejerk stef? kek

No. 741174

It’s completely attention whoreing. Wish I could report but they allow self posts all the time unfortunately.

No. 741190

If you want attention for your cosplay post it in a cosplay group like anyone else, the only reason she posts it in groups unrelated to cosplay is because cosplayers don't like her

No. 741194

File: 1543576014747.jpg (620.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181130-060236.jpg)

Wtf does this even mean??

No. 741241

Bish what snow storm? We live in the same area code

No. 741244

not a wig, huh? It just grew that fast? And regained its integrity & go into a better condition after being bleached? Wow!

No. 741250

"not a wig" lmao okay stef
Your hair isn't even grey/white, it's a yellow white and is hella short.

But go off

No. 741276

What does she get out of literally spamming her photos to all these Facebook groups?? She really thinks she's something.

No. 741280

attention and validation duh

No. 741282

Yes silver hair, that's why any other time we saw it its yellow blonde, and why you put black and white filters. Silver hair can be a pain to manage if you dont know what good stuff to use, and I doubt she has any idea of upkeep. The whole set is photoshopped to hell and back anyways so much doubt from the start.

No. 741349

You can tell when people like her really think their stuff is good because they post it on multiple pages or sites…ya know to make sure eeeeveryone gets a chance to praise them

No. 741352

The fact she specifically had to say its not a wig definately means that it is a wig

No. 741420

I don't think it's a wig, wigs don't usually have roots and parts like that but she definitely put in extensions and fucked with the color in post, her hair does not look like that in person

No. 741450

no way, anon. she totally went from >>726259 to >>741172 in a month naturally!

No. 741452

File: 1543611882299.png (236.42 KB, 502x931, 2018-11-30 16_01_06-Stories • …)

on the real though, stop cowtipping. she milks herself and it's embarrassing.

No. 741475

Her hair looks like fucking shit, I don't see why she would brag?


she has had this hair color for a whole meteorological hour and acts like she owns it? it's blotchy and fried and I am keking myself to death with how insane this chick is.

No. 741482

File: 1543614399369.jpg (124.02 KB, 1000x1000, HTB1cR6AaNYaK1RjSZFnq6y80pXaK[…)

>wigs don't usually have roots and parts

it looks like these shitty aliexpress lacefronts that are super in right now cause of instahoes.

No. 741489

File: 1543614812526.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181130-185129.png)

Good thing she was never going to cosplay again

No. 741504


I've seen wigs with roots. It is possible it is a with. Especially since it went from plantuim blonde to silver.

Actually looking at>>731467 that shit looks like a wig.

Sage for tin foiling.

No. 741511

File: 1543617880559.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181130-194313.png)

this bitch can't hold down a job, can she?

No. 741520

Wigs do have roots and parts just not ones that look like that, that looks like her own fried hair and the roots aren't grown out enough to look intentional

No. 741571

File: 1543624307974.jpg (247.24 KB, 2048x1364, stef.jpg)

here's a higher res pic. the hair is photoshopped silver. you can see chunks of silver where the hair would normally look more transparent. you can also see some of the blonde show through very faintly in a few shots.

No. 741573

File: 1543624574208.png (17.09 KB, 467x217, tfwlie.PNG)

>shaved my eyebrows

No. 741575

A trim?! Is she going to shave her head? Theres nothing left to trim

No. 741576

"Shaved my brows" = took a wet wipe to them
Who is she kidding

No. 741577

i bet she's going to go get her hair professionally dyed pink as a "surprise"

No. 741578

Yeah "omg guys the hair dresser accidentally died my hair pink fml I'm destined to be maisie uwu"

No. 741583

File: 1543625134086.jpeg (399.76 KB, 1041x837, B3A9EF60-2127-459E-916B-F442B1…)

Oh my god that hair is so obviously photoshopped, why tf would she lie about that?

No. 741601

It might not photoshop. This effect happens when you try to dye badly bleached hair silver. It looks so bad and tragic in person.

No. 741602

Her hair is do dried out, look at how it frays at the ends, and the top, if she keeps doing this to it she won't have any hair left.

No. 741604

And all the white freckles on her face are circles all facing the same way…like they were Microsoft painted on

No. 741606

File: 1543627620123.jpeg (308.24 KB, 750x1284, 0C090A5F-427D-40F3-9C92-398977…)

Anyone got a rey cosplay pic that she horribly edited to make her nose look like Daisy’s? Just wanna compare…

No. 741608

File: 1543627757920.jpeg (510.79 KB, 750x1286, 92145D93-FF18-4660-A0B9-D7DA6F…)

Nvm, found some lmao

No. 741610

File: 1543627792715.jpeg (358.24 KB, 750x1276, B0DEC082-B1A6-47D7-8266-69FE1B…)

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File: 1543628272810.jpg (58.05 KB, 718x718, 18301677_639884469550560_35685&