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File: 1547005699491.jpg (443.54 KB, 695x1276, 1544417932219.jpg)

No. 3085

Previous thread: >>>/snow/610007

Stefany Lauren is a cosplayer from Canada who has recently gained some notoriety for her Arya Stark cosplay from Game of Thrones. However, she only gained this from literally photoshopping her photos until they are unrecognizable. She is currently skin walking Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina.

Originally she was popular in the Star Wars community for her "likeness" to Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey. However, when people realized that she was literally photoshopping Daisy's face on top of hers, they got annoyed and she was pushed out. She subsequently went to the Game of Thrones community.
She's a compulsive liar as well, having claimed to work for Lucasfilms (implying that she was a stunt or photo double for Rey) and to be HBO's Official Arya Cosplayer (which is not a thing). Every time someone uncovers something about her she writes a long poetic facebook post to get ass pats.

Other milk includes but is not limited to:
> Faking a British accent even though she lives in Canada
> Lying about her height and weight so that she can claim she looks just like Maisie
> Claiming that she makes her costumes, when really she just commissions them
> Pretending she has a sickness that makes her blind every once in a while
> Claiming her dog is a service animal (it isn't)
> Always trying to be quirky and unique, like claiming she was born with "stark white streaks" in her hair
> Skin walking–buying clothes, imitating mannerisms, and trying to basically become the actors that portray the characters she cosplays
> Bumping other threads to draw attention away from herself and constantly trying to white knight and derail on the previous thread, sometimes with friends
> "Apologizing" for things she's called out on–like saying she's sorry for photoshopping, but then pretending she only photoshops small things "like any other cosplayer"

Stefany's links:

No. 3086

File: 1547072691182.jpg (681.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190109-172423.jpg)

is she officially a furry yet??

No. 3087

ugh her sabrina tiktok was on my foryou page today.

also, thanks nonny for finally making a new thread, but aren’t all her links outdated now since she ditched “sparrow song cosplay”?

No. 3088

File: 1547260707370.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 960ED9EB-C1C2-49EA-AFA6-DE58A0…)

all the comments are like this. here we go again folks

No. 3089


All of those accounts are still open except for the sparrowsongcosplay Instagram.

Her first Instagram account is still open. It is important in proving that the accounts on other platforms with the same profile pic are hers.

This was left out of the OP.

No. 3090

Casually suggests she knows latin. Doubt that.

No. 3091

there's no way she knows latin

No. 3092

File: 1547525963414.png (5.97 MB, 1242x2208, 66CEE18C-225B-49A6-B578-8DC5D6…)

She really is pretending that her brows are naturally like that? Like it’s dirt?

No. 3093

she's so bad at filling in her brows. her natural hair color wouldn't have her brows be that dark looking kek

No. 3094

they look like solid blocks

No. 3095

this is such an unflattering angle..

No. 3096

File: 1548264363385.png (7.75 MB, 1242x2208, 59692BC4-BCE3-4B95-84B2-64A9F9…)

I thought she was going blind, and would end up in a wheelchair by last year with her muster illness???

No. 3097

File: 1548339297674.jpg (549 KB, 1080x1370, Progressive.jpg)

Remember this post? Good to see her progessive illness is taking a break so she can try to learn how to skate! Basic spins? Being a lifelong figure skater myself I know its hard for someone to start learning at your age…especially if you get dizzy easily & occasionally loose your vision. We would love to see videos, Stefakey

No. 3098

Wtf i want her to read that post aloud to someone who actually can't walk
Shes romanticizing illness in that post fuck her

No. 3099

File: 1548354386733.jpg (284.45 KB, 828x1181, IMG_1966.jpg)

guess we are going to see stefakey at celebration! cheers to all the upcoming tea that's about to be on this thread!

No. 3100

File: 1548354611381.jpeg (172.14 KB, 828x1044, BD825B4D-EB38-4304-B249-C4B199…)

Guess we are going back to our daisy ridley skinwalking again

No. 3101

god she is looking fucking ROUGH
stop torturing your poor hair, it looks awful

No. 3102

Nice warping below the lollipop. Choose your backgrounds wisely if you're going to use someone else's nose & jaw lel

No. 3103

Lol puts on a hat & pulls her shirt slighty off one shoulder
"This is my cosplay, guys!"

No. 3104

Omg is this the New Tec arena? Lol maybe I'll see her there

No. 3105

File: 1548590756558.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-01-27-20-04-12…)

Back to Maisie…

No. 3106

girl needs to let her hair REST. you can see how damaged it is even with this poor ass 2mb phone camera.

No. 3107

File: 1548599925075.jpg (832.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190127-093735.jpg)

These faces…

No. 3108

File: 1548609257984.jpeg (92.92 KB, 640x862, 38CFDC42-7AC2-45C3-AA6A-89EBE5…)

she said she was scared to post pictures as rey and then posted two

No. 3109

File: 1548609290614.jpeg (160.3 KB, 640x868, 2FE6EB07-0809-43C7-B659-6F8BEC…)

and notice that her face isn’t even remotely the same in either picture

No. 3110

File: 1548610142215.jpg (595.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190127-122837.jpg)

No. 3111

These are so shitty
Are we supposed to believe thats actually her ? Especially since the special needs maisie williams picture anon posted above are right there for comparison… Who is her followers demographic?

No. 3112

Has she ever elaborated on what is her illness? This sounds exactly like multiple sclerosis.

No. 3113

I thought it was some kind of migraine.

No. 3114

iirc she said she gets hemiplegic migrianes. They are very painful, and can fuck up your vision on the side you are having the migraine on, but mostly only when you have the migraine. I just went through a couple with changing weather and my eye got very blurry. But her progressive blindness thing is pretty ridiculous. Also if she had MS she'd be spreading that news all over the world. I hope for her it's all just bullshit lies like her Photoshop.

No. 3115

hot damn that is some major face swapping right there
(probably merging of features tbh but still)
Idk a cosplayer isn't a celebrity doppelganger, it's okay to have your own face, your face or skin even doesn't need to replicate their character you are dressing up for as fun.

No. 29591

File: 1548692070932.jpg (867.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190128-110228.jpg)

No. 29593

File: 1548692413927.jpg (900.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190128-110247.jpg)

No. 29599

cyber bullying
Shes so triggered

No. 29600

>>29593 yeah okay sharpening a nose. Its the same as was anon said >>3115 its still photoshopped. & with her compulsive lying where does she draw the line? She'll obviously only show a photo shes comfortable with that was probably retouched before the rest of the world sees it. No one believes you or cares.

No. 29623

oof my comment really riled her up huh
girl this is why people call you skin walking

you're not a celeb look alike and it's okay, you're allowed to have your own face
how do you feel proud with your photos after editing them so heavily? How does that still feel like a good thing?
You didn't make a new thing from the ground up, now that is something worth being proud of but you're so proud of the HEAVILY edited pictures that don't even look like you? Is that not embarrassing? get known for your cosplay, not your photoshop

No. 29739

Hardly, it looks like she was just internationally dirtying herself up for the character.

No. 30364

She literally could have edited the photo before doing the edits. I know she use to do that with her snaps of her pretending to just mess with the colors. She literally even admitted to photoshopping Daisy face to her own.
As well as changing her dogs name to daisy
Changing her accent
Lying about coming from London, being born and raised
And lying about working for Lucas Films as well as being daisy shadow.
She can’t get herself out of those. She legit is such a compulsive liar it’s concerning at this point.

No. 30368

Concerning or just entertaining lol shes doing this to herself

No. 30375

she didn't admit all of that.

No. 30381

lmao… is this a joke?

No. 30387

She did to a couple of reys in the Facebook Rey group. She admitted to literally trying to be Rey/daisy. So yes. She did.

No. 30389

She legit said she lied about the Accent thing? About being British and the Lucas film stuff tho??

No. 30392

Well the facebook Rey group is just a bunch of girls trying to post the most and be the #1 Rey when the costumes all look the same and none of them look like Daisy anyway. So she would have fit right in.

No. 30448

A lot of Rey groups are a bunch of girls passive aggressively trying to be Daisy Ridley. Stefakey is just another one of them

No. 30469

Naw, they practically kicked her out. But I know a lot of the are still “friends” with her even after knowing what she did.

No. 30573

pixierey? I noticed she made her account private due to supposed personal reasons. Do you think she is trying to do the same thing as sparrowsong?

No. 31115

Nah, pixierey doesn't speak with her. Also she credits her commissioners and doesn't change her face in photos. So whatever reason she went private probably has nothing to do with this kind of drama.

No. 31202

Naw that cosplayer is ok. She doesn’t do anything but go to Disney and work. She doesn’t seem that interested in being popular TBH.

No. 31475

So what's the evidence for her photoshopping daisy's face onto hers? I looked through the previous thread but didn't find it

No. 31488

her..her face

No. 31493

Yeah but aren't there comparison images and stuff?

No. 31499


Dude just look at the header image/1st image of this page… the 1st row is her irl…aaaaand the 2nd/3rd are photoshopped

No. 31506

File: 1549227839012.jpg (76.63 KB, 728x728, 1524102589939.jpg)

No. 31512

I saw something where she was complaining about being “cyber bullied” over her photoshopping… why not just admit you did that stuff and move on? People aren’t gonna trust you, but at least you’ll have admitted to it

No. 31535

She ""admitted"" to photoshopping ( >>29593 ) but is just trying to play it off as if she wasn't trying to be deceptive and pretend that's how she actually looks. No one's buying it, Stef.

No. 31563

Its just wild because from an outsiders perspective…it seems totally fucking crazy. You can't just be self proclaimed look alike of MULTIPLE actresses. It would seem less crazy if she just stuck to one & maybe people would think "yeah I maybe see some resemblance whatever" but no…she went for it. You can literally see layers of her obsessions as you scroll her instagram as she changes from person to person drastically.

No. 32189

File: 1549405271417.png (628.79 KB, 928x447, 2019-02-05 17_16_25-•S T E F A…)

she misses us

No. 32214

no one cares you dumpy fool

No. 32217

File: 1549411213436.jpg (5.87 KB, 180x320, notafurry.jpg)

Public service announcement: Stef isn't going to be fursuiting as a Koopa Troopa with dentures. She's just building a puppet ok? Nothing against furries tho!

No. 32245

File: 1549424266444.png (732.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190206-003026.png)

She now admits she doesn't have a British accent (not sure if she said this before)

No. 32248

If you read the comments shes like "maybe one day I'll be brave enough to put it on again" … brave enough to wear on a fucking costume? If its such a problem then maybe stop? And maybe stop posting about it? How about get an education or a job lol she makes her drama sound like its so serious but meanwhile its just her being autistic over wearing a costume or not.

No. 32250

So she fakes an english accent for the entirety of the Daisy phase, says its real, tells numerous people shes from an english family (she told me she was born in london lol ok) & NOW shes all "wow you guys thought i actually had an accent ShOcKiNG" & plays it off like it was a joke or something the whole time. What a shitty person.

No. 32255

A puppet that you wear = costume aaaand
Animal costume of an oc = fursuit…
That would be a furry.
NoThInG AgAinSt FuRrIEs tHO

No. 32263

File: 1549429385432.png (266.49 KB, 640x1136, B5CDCFB6-28FF-4C4E-BF42-5CBD8C…)

No. 32264

File: 1549429475021.png (237.07 KB, 640x1136, 5F9367AF-530C-4F27-9BA9-88DF65…)

Part 2. How she can go from almost going blind and being terminally ill to skating for hours a day?

No. 32306

almost like she's owning up to shit like >>32245 to make up for this one big huge lie about her "terminal illness" that she's still not willing to address

No. 32316

So she's gonna go waste time and then post about how they love her and how talented she is

No. 32318

Skating clubs in our area are just a group of people who skate together and theres an occasional lesson…I'm in one Stef. Its not hard or special. Just say you're taking skating lessons ffs. What skating club???

No. 32319

Lets see a video of you skating Stefany. I want to know what daily hours of practice looks like
Also she posted that at >>32263 12:02am fuck go to sleep if you really have to skate the next day.

No. 32321

she makes it sound like she's getting into some championships figure skating team lol. I know this type of a person, who makes everything small and mundane sound so big and exciting. Very tiring to be friends with, always trying to make you feel jealous and bad that you're not doing so much cool stuff as they do. You know it's mostly fake yet you still feel like shit.
She does the same with horses, she'll write those long ass stories trying to make horse's fart sound like a pixie dream adventure.
People like this, in my experience, are always mentally ill in some way but I guess that's not groundbreaking in this case

No. 32323

Precisely. The constant pursuit for attention.
Look at me I:
-look exactly like multiple celebrities
-have an accent
-did work for lucasfilms
-am dying from a rare disease
-am blind (only sometimes tho)
-speak latin
-applied for med school
-work at a barn for "world class horses"
The list goes on but now its suddenly "I am figure skater after like a month of staking and making a local skate club (that other people know about btw; careful) sound like Nationals."

No. 32325

Yeah you can't make friends behaving like that. Its exhausting.

No. 32326

File: 1549470596444.jpg (321.08 KB, 1080x929, GreetingsFromMySocialPsychClas…)

No. 32327

File: 1549471005240.jpg (537.57 KB, 1080x1754, PathologicalLiarCharacteristic…)

No. 32330

I'm convinced that people like that think that anyone with an interesting story is also making it up so they figure they'll get away with it too lol

No. 32335

This is so fuckin‘ funny because you can watch her story highlights where she puts on her fake brit accent.

No. 32369

wonder if she'll have her accent for celebration?

No. 32373

Jesus christ shes going to Celebration?

No. 32375

Samefag but that would be her literally looking for drama…why would you go to a large covention for something that caused you so much drama in the first place where theres going to be a bunch of people that don't like you or don't want you there because of your actions?

No. 32381

Because she's so brave

No. 32388

Is anyone really surprised she’s going to celebration

No. 32399

File: 1549511272000.jpeg (152.89 KB, 640x428, DB675599-5365-41CA-AF64-2F5210…)

Is anyone surprised she can’t figure skate?

No. 32406

how did she expect to be a pro at skating with like what, 2 weeks of practice? maybe less?

No. 32417

Failed a lesson? Thought you said you were trying out for a team or something? Yeah it takes literal years to become a good figure skater but go ahead get mad when you're not good at something right away after a small amount of effort

No. 32419

In other words:
"Everybody comment things about me & kiss up to me for some fresh attention"
You don't have to post EVERYTHING on social media

No. 32421

…you should start skating when you're a young kid. Its hard to learn as an adult. You've gotta be flexible & agile and …ngl helps if you're tiny … so… you don't see many plus size skaters…

No. 32448

File: 1549547278646.png (599.13 KB, 511x942, 2019-02-07 08_42_12-Stories • …)

No. 32452

lol how embarrassing
shoulda got your dad to pay for a coach or something

No. 32453

Fuck she's so over dramatic.

>moms were birthing their children right onto the skateboards and they were poppin out ollies and kickflips, but i couldn't even stand on the skateboard! 2 year olds were laughing at me on their IG stories!

No. 32455

Did she expect to already become Tonya Harding at lesson 1? Those kids did better because they were likely more trained. Plus they're kids, so smaller, flexible and agile. She's an adult, she's rather chunky and has probably never done sports before. What did she seriously expect?

No. 32459

moreover, why does this matter? I can't possibly imagine a world in which I care about falling down at an ice rink. Why does it matter?

Is she a professional skater? Were people mocking her? no and no. She's hysterically crying because she's a beginner at toe loops. I will be very interested to see how she deals with real life, where it's pretty common to not be good at something if you've never done it before.

"There were literal BABY CHILDREN speaking Chinese and I couldn't do what they were doing. I can never say Nihao again, crying hysterically in the corner"

No. 32462

Hold the fuck up. Stefany you said you could: >>3096
>>"officially do small jump, spins & skate backward"
& now you can't lift one foot off the ice which is …ya know how you go backwards…

No. 32464

So it sounds ol' Steffy went public skating twice, posted online about how she can do basic skills (spins, small jumps, skating backwards) & then went to an actual lesson (a lesson she made sound like was some exclusive club she was trying out for for a team) but ended up being CanSkate which is how all Canadian toddlers learn to skate.
So then when he wasn't good at it right away…sadface omg literal children who are small & being conditioned to skate were better !
Side note I'm a figure skater in a club & its mid season so those kids shes talking about have probably been skating since Canadian Thanksgiving

No. 32465

Is this just going to be a set up for a nother post in a few days being like: "I've decided I'm not going to let the worst humiliation of my life keep me from my new lifelong passion of skating!"

No. 32470

I mean. Fucking obviously.

No. 32471

File: 1549564036957.jpg (346.81 KB, 1080x785, Itshard.jpg)

No. 32568

Jeez reading her boo hoo tantrum because she wasnt INSTANTLY the BEST skater present is very telling of her being so narcissistic. Anons are right figure skating is a skill that takes a LOT of conditioning and training is best learned young. Just like when/if she decides to teach herself to be a ballerina… that would be my favorite saga of hers if it happens.

No. 32627

Everyone falls on their ass a lot when ice skating, who cares

No. 32678

File: 1549678915280.png (740.99 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190208-191926.png)

So she is a figure skater now?

No. 32679

I thought she was too humiliated to ever step on the ice again

No. 32680

Maybe that is why she is "trying to learn kickboxing". I bet that's going to be her new obsession for a couple of weeks. I hope she makes the kickbocming team!

No. 32682

You're not a fucking figure skater if you can't even keep up with canskate toddlers

No. 32688

(Skates twice) "I'm a figure skater"

No. 32691



Stefany going 0.5 seconds with out attention: here are some facts about me that no one asked for or cares about

No. 32692

"Figure skater" just after complaining that she cant do the simplest of moves and apparently embarrassed herself so horribly. Shes so delusional and full of herself I cant.

No. 32703

Does she seriously think age has anything to do with skill? If a kid has been skating longer than you than of course they're going to be better at it than you are, that's how learning a skill works. I can't imagine being so full of yourself that seeing a child succeed at something you're just starting to learn pisses you off.

No. 32900

File: 1549716702601.gif (1.84 MB, 462x358, 053CA82B-0748-400C-80BF-92B775…)

>Sword fighter
wait a minute

No. 32908

Funny how we never see videos or pictures of all these sports our athlete does! Personally I think it would be amazing to see a plus size skater get up in the air…because I've never seen it. For a reason. There aren't any.

No. 32910

Seriously, who is she trying to compete with? She just trying to seem like the ideal Renaissance woman?

No. 32917

She's trying to be literally every character she cosplays so she has to know archery and sparring to be Arya, I wonder if she'll skinwalk a character who's a figure skater next?

No. 32918

Shes going to be Yuri on ice. Or maybe she watched "I, Tonya" once & thought they were totally similar with their abusive relationships & hard up bringings. She changes her story every time she has a new phase so who knows!

No. 32919

She'll pull a "me & tonya harding are similar because we were both scrutinized for being muscular & not smol uwu but now im going to show the world i am a figure skating champion after 1 failed attempt"

No. 32920

Do you think who ever was asking this was doing it as a troll? Ya know to try & get her to brag about her false athleticism lol

No. 32935

File: 1549753109504.jpeg (176.27 KB, 828x816, E99A95FE-2C8E-4BA4-B8B4-028324…)

Just wanted to leave this here.

No. 32953

What about it??

No. 32954

What parts of this is actually her?

No. 32955

The longer you look…the more unsettling it is

No. 32961

no guys you don't get it, she actually did edit this but she only sharpened her nose and played with the colours! its totes her real face

No. 33069

look at it

No. 33109

i hate this so much so so so much
we literally know what her face looks like, pls pls pls add this picture to the collage
LIKE fuck! Compare that shit and tell me it's the same person without photoshop

No. 33120

Or show us a video of how you physichally changed your mouth to make it go in that shape lol so unbelievably unnatural

No. 33160

File: 1549854795527.png (417.76 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190210-190259.png)

Stef wants to fill up a notebook with compliments about herself under the guise of "positivity."

I'll start: You are uniquely dedicated towards your chosen fandoms!

No. 33190

Honestly positivity for the sake of positivity is really empty and meaningless. You can have positivity in a specific context but the general blanket concept has been completely taken over as a way to shut down and dismiss important criticism that some people just don't want to hear. I've seen it so many times, you tell someone they're supporting a shady company or promoting a scam or propagating trends that are a serious health risk, and you get shut down, dogpiled by white knights and they label you as a hater and go on to complain about how everyone is so mean and why can't we just be positive? The words "spread positivity" give me an allergic reaction now

No. 33758

File: 1550171291871.png (684.36 KB, 640x1022, 2019-02-14 14_01_44-Instagram.…)

i'll take "back on my bullshit" for $500, alex

No. 33764

She is insane. I swear. Lol “I am my own person” and “trying to skate professional” is the funniest thing ever. She is legit a land whale compare to people who actually skate. She won’t be able to do anything with skating at all. It takes years of practice and discipline. And she thinks she can do it?? While blind, and in a wheel chair from her mysterious disease?
She honestly is sickening.
Also noticed she is starting to do her eyeliner that she did as rey, might be because rumor is she is going to Star Wars celebration. Can’t imagine how that goes for her

No. 33767

File: 1550174706229.png (459.61 KB, 850x500, A1C1685D-3082-423B-8413-08C724…)

>Lookalike culture folks.
Yes Stef, that annoying “lookalike culture” that you’ve purposely tried to insert yourself into, multiple times, with several different actresses. Going as far as photoshopping your face into unrecognizability >>32935 (but that’s just a “”carefully curated shot””, right?) and literally hashtagging “#whodoilooklike” on your musically posts >>>/snow/754465
But I bet it’s sooo annoying.

>Sure I might have some facial similarities to other people

But you don’t, Stef. You’re obviously very ill, get help.

No. 33773

You don’t look like Maisie. You don’t look like Daisy. You literally alter, sharpen, re-define your entire god damn face just to have a remotely similar shape, because that’s literally all you can do. Can’t wait to see how many people will drag her ass at celebration. They’re going to see her and be like, “oh hey wait, she’s actually not SMOL and doesn’t look like daisy ridley at all”. I’m heating up my leftovers for this one!

No. 33792

File: 1550190428396.png (259.56 KB, 640x1136, 59C93977-B131-4552-A58E-BDE069…)

No. 33793

File: 1550190530014.png (225.03 KB, 640x1136, A7915C91-FF67-48A6-A16D-BABFD2…)

Will the dramatics ever stop? If she doesn’t want to be picked apart, she should set her profiles to private or stay off social media or just stop skinwalking.

No. 33800

File: 1550195008152.gif (198.21 KB, 200x200, 2u8yskx.gif)

>a "good day" entails buying craft store junk and skating around an ice rink alongside kindergarten kids

No. 33801

stop pretending your face looks different than it does then lol it'd be so easy! she's so that weird horse girl from high school

No. 33802

Uhh but really you should delete all your accounts for your mental health at this rate. Is this bitch emotionally stunted or…?

No. 35009

File: 1550251614676.jpg (709.1 KB, 1080x1765, RememberWhenThisHappened.jpg)

No. 35010

I'm loving the competitive skating thing
You've been skating for like a week, cried that you can't even skate backwards & suddenly like 4 days later you can "land singles"? So you realize to take off for a single (or you know any jump basically) you have to be able to skate backwards right? And fast? Thats how you take off…
More and more I want to see about being a guest skater at her club or at least peep her at a public skate…

No. 35012

Funny that you can post all day/everyday about looking like someone because you can easily photoshop or whatever & it doesn't require any skills, but hmmm we never see any videos of how good you are at skating! Seeing as your such an attention seeker I would think you would be showing us videos of you landing your singles for some praise! Weird! Its easier to just say you can do stuff rather than actually be physically active…so much easier just to say you can do it online

No. 35014

Man @Silhouettecosplay comments on & likes stefs posts? Thats disappointing. I don't know how people can be so blind to Stefanys lies & feed her all this support when shes displaying such concerning behaviors
Do people just not know?

No. 35026

Ehh I don’t like her either. She comes off as a cosplay elitist. She must like Stef for “looking” like someone because she does the same thing, but at least she is talented seamstress. A lot of the people who shit talks her are friends with her man.
But again. Stef is not at all fit. She is heavy weighted. And I doubt she would be able to land singles so quickly when again, like you guys said, can’t even skate backwards.

No. 35033

File: 1550260024801.jpeg (260.42 KB, 1540x1525, E2DF8BE5-DB6E-4AEE-99CB-AF05A1…)

Oh my god she even did the teeth the same. You can see the pixels of the photo with daisy onto Stefanys photo. Not only that teeth on two people are hardly as identical to this. You can tell because Stef has those two teeth “identical” to daisy.
Also Stefany, teeth don’t fucking mesh into your lip like that. Learn to photoshop better

No. 35035

Not to mention she saved herself from the same doom as stefany when she used to say people said she looked just liked Scarlett Johansson…she deleted the posts that indicated any notion of that and never mentioned it again. Really talented cosplay tho.

No. 35036

File: 1550261455565.jpg (590.59 KB, 1080x1440, BIgOLdaISyTeETh.jpg)

Not even consistent in shopping her teeth
Tsk tsk

No. 35037

She also preaches the whole "its not a look alike competition" like stefany which is just redundant because its exactly what wannabe look alikes want. Out of nowhere say things like
"oh please don't say I look like ______, its not why I do this!" only for followers to be like "but you do!" (Now that they think about it) Its what they want.

No. 35039

Ok but let me get this straight: basically she went to a star wars premiere at a normal/local Theatre in a damn gown, brought a stuffed Toothless, got someone to take her picture holding it in the theatre, went home later, photoshopped her self to look like the actress & then said she "met the traveling Toothless that Daisy Ridley held a few days ago at a different premiere" as if she was at an event?

No. 35068

i cackle every time i imagine her practicing that hideous smile in the mirror that doesnt even look like daisy's

No. 35071

She is annoying like Stef. She lives off of people telling her she looks like certain people. She constantly preaches the fake “positivity” and “love” in the cosplay community like Stef, but she goes on a rant and bitches anytime anyone asks her were she got a certain fabric or any tips for cosplaying. She is on her high horse. Yeah she is a good cosplayer, but her attitude is just awful.
Hey! I guess her and Stef are perfect as friends then.

No. 35075

Oh yeah i remember she ranted about basically: "dont be offended if I don't follow you back I shouldn't have to feel bad for caring about what I see on my feed" or something to that effect & i was like yeah I'm out lol what a princess

No. 35132

Fucking lol Stef
A girl in my skating club has been skating for almost 16 years (started when she was 4) and has just now started to land single axels. nice try.

No. 36073

But I mean if she follows Stefany and still believes her after all that shit with her, then i would be fine with her not following me. She and Stefany lives off of people saying they look like “A” person.

Yeah, skating is not anything you pick up in 3 days. I also know you need to take some form of ballet, since when I was in ballet, we also had skaters there with us taking the basics.
And again, Stefany body type would not be able to do it at all. She is only kidding herself

No. 37774

File: 1551152820076.jpg (853.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190225-215034.jpg)

Oh god. Is she going to talk about lolcow???

No. 37776

oh shit, is she really attending Awesomecon?? that's gonna be a shitfest

No. 37800

BIG fucking talk making an entire panel dedicated to whining and complaining about "the haturrrrz" when all we do is tell her that her skinwalking and exaggerations are see-through and embarrassing.

i'll be sure to attend the panel.

No. 37837

I'll believe it when I see it.

Can we have a panel with the topic "Unhealthy Obessions in the Cosplay Community: Photoshop, Drama & Compulsive Lying" ?

No. 37840

Kinda weird how cosplayers I know & myself have never been BuLLiEd in the community. Then again we've never shopped ourselves to look like actresses or lie about things online for attention.

No. 37952

can you record it? PLEASE?

No. 38077

Honestly it seems like she's doing this for more attention and victim points

No. 38101

If its even true. Anyone going to Awesomecon?

No. 38170

Adults complaining about "bullying" are are usually all the same type of people. Maybe take a step back & wonder what it is you're doing that gets you "bullied". Is it bullying or people pointing out your behavior? But it's not you, its them, right? Lol

No. 38660

File: 1551723775777.jpg (6.04 MB, 3416x1920, inCollage_20190304_132131744.j…)

Okay, wait. I'm so fucking confused. Is she implying this is similar to her body type or…?

No. 38662

File: 1551724231426.png (243.45 KB, 465x340, 2019-03-04 13_28_22-Maisie Wil…)

totes the same body type, guyth

No. 38667

File: 1551725389298.png (1.21 MB, 777x1174, Screenshot_2019-03-04-10-46-17…)

No one has archived Facebook photo page yet.


No. 38671


This sounds like a thinly veiled brag that she thinks that because she looks so much like Maisie, the compliments Maisie gets are important for her too. Stef…please try to like yourself for what you like in your own appearance…which is different from Maisie's. You are not Maisie Williams.

No. 38694

File: 1551739729667.jpg (341.97 KB, 360x2560, mybodyshapeismaisie.jpg)

Lol guys I came here to post the same thing. Is she trying to say that she feels good about herself because of a pic of Maisie? And she felt that was really important thing to say? Loool

No. 38720


Maise is wearing like three layers of heavy cloth/leather/etc. You're just fat, stef.

No. 38731

File: 1551759826073.png (1.98 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190305-002143.png)

No. 38733

let me guess.. more photoshop?

No. 38736

Lol Stefany is truly insane. Thinking she looks the same as the actress. Oh god, I am sorry but this is so funny. She is just fat, she has no where NEAR the same body type.

No. 38738

File: 1551762283625.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, 731BAAD1-786B-4D85-975A-226B5E…)

Hasn’t posted the actual one yet, but did this bitch really go and photoshop her face on this pic of Maisie? She just can’t resist…

No. 38740

is this bitch seriously gonna make an entertainment weekly cover…. her ego is way too huge for her to play the low self esteem type

No. 38745

We either print out maisie’s face on printing paper, tape it on our faces, and wear it as masks to the panel or cosplay as our board-tan farmer cowgirl.

She’ll probably just photoshop someone else’s slideshow ontop of her PowerPoint presentation. Can’t wait.

No. 38746

Wait so the girl who "can't even look in mirrors because of her low self esteem" & "has panic attacks when she hears a group of girls laughing in the hall" is going to speak publicly?
I'd hate to ruin a suprise if I'm right but I have this feeling that last minute she will say she was "threatened" or something so she can't speak at the con.

No. 38747

No ya gotta go as a GOT fan & be like "omg is this actually maisie Williams or daisy Ridley?!"

No. 38774

File: 1551800047854.png (1.75 MB, 1372x1029, 5AEAE481-EEAD-4164-A65C-38FE1F…)


No. 38775

Another face to add to the collage

No. 38784

File: 1551801843402.jpg (1.27 MB, 1000x1500, cillian-murphy-01.jpg)

She looks like Cillian Murphy now instead of Brendan Fraser

No. 38809

File: 1551810104397.png (401.81 KB, 697x573, Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 1.21…)

Wow there's alot wrong with this image. You can actually smell the photoshop. Fuck Stef, usually people get better at things the more they do them, you just get worse and sloppier. Bravo

No. 38822

This may be by far the WORST photoshop job SHES EVER done and posted. Wow. I can’t believe she really thinks that people will believe this is her? It literally looks like an alien. #makestefakeystefanyagain

No. 38823

>>38774 I mean she said she was very sick when she took these.
It doesn't look like her but it doesn't look like Maisie Williams either.

No. 38825

she definitely doesn't look like Maisie at all. not sure what she was trying to accomplish there

No. 38827

yeah so sick she "couldn't speak" lol whatever that means

No. 38848

File: 1551831637485.jpeg (79.63 KB, 750x507, C557C96E-31A4-49C8-8AD6-70C74A…)


I always thought she’s just your regular cosplay snowflake but her skinwalking is downright bonkers

No. 38860

I'm either ignorant or retarded or both, what does the waffles thing mean?

No. 38868

File: 1551840420638.png (6.99 MB, 1242x2208, 72C093E9-17E3-4DFF-8D56-39AB2D…)

Didn’t Maisie dye her hair pink earlier this year. I guess Stefany is going to do it again…

No. 38870

yeah i believe it's pink right now
at least as of her most recent instagram pics
whew stefakey

No. 38912

File: 1551864522961.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2019-03-06-17-28-45…)

No. 38914

File: 1551867088369.jpeg (609.1 KB, 2048x2048, 8A11DE3D-E05B-42B3-9BEA-09237B…)

Well then

No. 38931

does she WANT her hair to fall out, or…
you can only box dye it so many times, girl lol

No. 38937

You guys got it all wrong. She's clearly been cosplaying the "Many-Faced God" for this whole time, not Arya/Maisie…

No. 38952

Let me guess she said "red" so she could be like "oops i wanted red but it came out pink i guess im maisie williams now"

No. 38953

This one is so incredibly bad that it makes me wonder if she did it badly on purpose

No. 38976

File: 1551901745820.png (526.04 KB, 701x775, lmao.PNG)

pretty sure she saw this and couldn't resist lol

No. 38983

File: 1551907100226.jpg (252.2 KB, 1600x961, 772d640969fff1934e81258c22983e…)

I'm an experienced photographer and that photo was definitely taken close up with a wide lens.
Taking a picture like that has the effect of extending the nose and slimming the cheeks and chin.
There isn't really a way to fix or create that effect in Photoshop and I'm actually infuriated her photographer thought taking a picture like that was a good idea.

No. 38984


don't be saying that. Cillian Murphy is beautiful

No. 38993

she probably asked if they had a maisie williams lens they could use on her

No. 38997

okay mister "experienced photographer". If you were her photographer, wouldn't you have been SO PROUD of your ARTWORK shot of arya that you would post the original on your own page? I find it very SUSPICIOUS that her own photographer didn't post the original picture.

No. 38998

File: 1551913016152.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 32B254FE-78F8-4E81-AA04-718F79…)

I don’t even know what to say about this

No. 39001

File: 1551914864099.jpeg (1.11 MB, 3072x3072, F34F851D-863C-435E-BD7E-44D5CC…)

Figured out her trick. She flipped the brows and hairline but kept the lower half of her face the same. Probably trying to throw people off when clearly she used this image.

No. 39002

Stephanie from lazy town? cuz her hair was a neon pink wig.

No. 39004

lol wtf that's weird as hell

No. 39013

Funny she chose to copy Maisies hair when she literally freaked out when she THOUGHT maisie was going blonde like she recently did. Then she made fun of the pink hair…. now she’s trying to get pink too. She’s gunna be bald soon.

Salmon head(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 39018


No. 39019

So she can go from "i hate how i look dont tag me in pictures because i hate myself thx" to
"I'm so aesthetically pleasing" ?

No. 39023

File: 1551922136442.jpg (187.25 KB, 1080x500, IDontPhotoshopMyFace.jpg)

"I only fix up my droopy nose I don't photoshop my whole face"

No. 39025

She shaved 2/3 of her jaw off lol looks like an alien compared to her actual self

No. 39031

Didn't she just dye her hair brown again too? Can't give it any time to heal from the last bleaching.

No. 39034

File: 1551925026094.jpg (657.08 KB, 1079x1513, IMG_20190307_101639.jpg)

On fb she claimed it was just going to be a streak

No. 39040

Has she spammed the wholesome groups yet

No. 39053

Yeah…what ARE you doing?
Honestly cosplay is making things worse for her at this point. I've been there too, you get into a character, then you REALLY try to look like them & then you obsess a little too much & get into the actress & find yourself trying to relate to them over every little thing. Every day.
I think its something she'll grow out of(?) Give it a rest.
Let your hair grow out, dye it back to your closest natural colour, then leave it alone & maybe focus on a different past time because this one seems to be really tormenting for you.

No. 39058

Grow out of? Shes like 22

No. 39059

A lot of people are immature in their 20s. I am close to her age and am still figuring out what I want to do in my life. She definitely has a lot of maturing to do. I think what she needs is some soul searching, therapy (and actually listening to the therapist) and maybe go back to school, pick up a skill, and stop focusing on her pipe dream fantasies.

No. 39087

i mean she supposedly tried to commit suicide and was seeing a therapist last year… what other kind of wakeup call do you need?
she said she was going to stop cosplaying for her mental health and went right back to the same antics she was doing before.

No. 39123

File: 1551999589582.png (6.46 KB, 597x93, 2019-03-07 17_59_32-Instagram.…)

she posted this same pic on her feed and she could not be more obnoxious in the comments

No. 39129

I just threw up in my mouth a little.
Who talks about themselves that way!? Saying stuff about yourself doesn't make it true, cocky ass mf.

No. 39270

There’s a difference between needing to grow up and mature and what stef does. This is serious mental illness.

No. 39326

Ya figuring out what you want to do with your life is one thing but I'm sure everyone else in this age group "figuring it out" does not include obsessing over looking like other people on a daily basis. Lel thats not a usual step in 'growing up'. There is already one Maisie Williams, Stefany.
"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are"

No. 39427

I'm almost certain that she faked that whole suicide attempt and that she's not seeing any therapist. I'm sure she probably took 4 aspirin and went to the hospital, but I doubt she was in a ward. She was probably sent right home.
She'll never change. I love how she realized she can't skinwalk that other actress because she's genuinely too pretty to photoshop herself as, so she went right back to Maisie. She's definitely got a plain jane complex, and it's easier get away with skinwalking an actress with features that aren't conventionally attractive than to develop a personality or grow as a person.

No. 39522

File: 1552321133007.jpg (340.28 KB, 1080x840, Hmm.jpg)

Is she getting inspo from other cows on here now

No. 39524

I hope she has a Mickey phase

No. 40095

File: 1552699036566.png (1.12 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190315-221639.png)

No. 40098

I found the video. The user is possibly a farmer since the only other videos they have are about Pixielocks

No. 40100

"videos" it's literally just one

No. 40111

The fact you are all spending your time commenting on a person you DO NOT know is pathetic. You grow on pulling down others. The fact you spent all this time coming up with these "facts" just proves how low life you are. I doubt any of you would say any of this in person because you are a bunch of cowards and aren't used to being stood up to. I bet none of you would share your own social media to be bullied but you can share others? Pathetic. ALSO, anonymous people are the biggest cowards and biggest fans of those they hate. Stef is someone you could learn from with her kindness and her dedication to her work. Just because you aren't good at anything doesn't give you the right to bring others, who are good, down. I guess mommy and daddy never told you no, huh? Well get used to it and get used to successful people being successful and you being a failure that is anonymously writing bullshit on the internet like its their job

No. 40127

File: 1552718983461.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

No. 40132

Most of us aren't even haters. There's a lot of good advice in this thread which she could use to reflect and improve the quality of her life. I do admit her putting her life out on social media is a pretty popcorn worthy because she keeps on contradicting herself. That's what makes it milky. She's not bad looking, not a bad cosplayer but she's fooling herself at times and most of us can't help but grab popcorn.

No. 40140

File: 1552739993388.png (199.72 KB, 1100x1110, Screenshot_2019-03-16-03-46-41…)

I checked the comments on this post and KEK I wasn't expecting her to reply to so many. This one's hilarious.

No. 40147

Yo homedog, some of us actually KNEW Stefany. She was nice sure, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that she has lied countless times about serious stuff. At the end of the day, the cosplaying stuff doesn’t matter. But you know what does?
-lying about her dog being a service dog
- lying about working for HBO and Lucas Films
-and lying about having a deadly disease that gives her cancer, makes her blind, and leaves her in a wheelchair. All because she wants to be ~special~
She may be nice to your face, but that doesn’t matter when all she can do is LIE. How can you actually believe someone who does that constantly? How can you honestly say they are a nice person?
But you know what! You are right. We can give her props to her dedication to her work of just photoshopping OTHER peoples faces on her and passing it as her own. That takes a lot of effort to do.
Also she isn’t successful? She hasn’t hit 10k on Instagram. And she lost more followers of lately. She doesn’t have a job, and she hasn’t gone to college to be a doctor like she said she has.
I guess we all can’t piggyback off of our mum and dad to pay for our crazy illusions. Guess we really aren’t shit. :/

No. 40248

File: 1552797801431.png (1.04 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190316-213810.png)

Good thing Stef was able to compose herself enough to be back online

No. 40256

Lol she says that as if she doesn’t thrive off the attention

No. 40266

Just wanted to point this out cause it was bothering me.
Whoever made the head image for the thread on of the pictures of Stef (upper left corner area) is with a snapchat faceswap filter so what it's even doing there I have no clue.

No. 40283

Can you elaborate? She's been known to use face swap filters. That's why she's a cow.

No. 40298


Yeah, I think that's kind of the point. The collage is full of her face swaps, photoshops, and a couple candids, to show the extent of her lies.

No. 40299

Sorry for not saging. Still getting used to this.

No. 40408

sooo did she ever talked again about the "pilot" she said like 5 months ago she was filming or nah?

No. 40435

Hi anon!
I purposely put this there because when she posted this she captioned it about how good she thought he eyeliner was that day. As in yes, she really posted a faceswap snapchat filter expecting no one to notice by making the post about he eyeliner.

No. 40478

Probably not because pilots often have NDA agreements you need to sign, and then most pilots don't get picked up so they're never spoken of again. Plus I'm pretty sure she just claimed to be an extra?

No. 40486

this is a woman who claimed she worked for lucasfilm like she wouldnt get found out. NDA agreements dont mean anything to her

No. 40514

You mean LucasFilm's & Disney's approved cosplayers group, similar to the 501st? Because yeah, she was a legitimate part of that.

No. 40523

No you dumbass, she literally said she worked for Lucasfilm.

No. 40538

you must be new here.

No. 40547

It's time for you to read the whole threads

No. 40553

LOL you guys are way too obsessed with your hate boners. Get over yourselves.

No. 40566

accept yo face ugly bitch

No. 40598

Stefany claimed at SWCO that she worked on episode 8 as an important role. She claimed to have known about Rey costumes for month and kept it a secret.
She claimed to have been Daisy’s shadow. Which is similar to someone who fills in for her on shots that don’t need Daisy’s face.
Which is a lie since Stefany was to big to be daisy’s Shadow, and the fact that Stefany doesn’t look anything LIKE the actor.
She has said all of these because apparently she “looks” like daisy, which she honestly doesn’t. I have seen her at a convention in passing and she legit does not look like Rey or Arya ( I saw her as Arya, not Rey, but again, she looks nothing like those two). Someone also mentioned that she lied about a video being taken down by Disney of her at SWCO because Disney didn’t want people thinking Daisy was walking around in her “Rey Costume”. Which is laughable.
She has also lied about HBO contacting her to be the offical Ayra cosplayer. There is not such thing, and again, She does not pull off a good Arya. Another cosplayer who does a good job pulls it off better.
There is legit proof of this HBO bullshit in the previous thread as someone screen shot it.
Yes she trooped for the RL, but that was not in connect with her lie about being HIRED by Lucas Films. Not working with in volunteering.

No. 40604

then why are you here huh?

No. 40615

File: 1553091999160.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 562A5298-554C-4CFC-AD2B-D61837…)

A few days old but I forgot to post it

No. 40655

File: 1553119265343.png (815.16 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190320-145913.png)

She's such a fighter

No. 40669

Show us your jumps, stef lol

No. 40700

File: 1553136285885.jpg (657.46 KB, 1080x1793, IMG_20190321_104248.jpg)

Maybe don't bring your laptop ice skating with you?

No. 40701

LOL I forgot about the one where she pretended to be an ~amazing natural talent figure skater~ and then immediately followed with a self-deprecating story about how the kids class was way past her in terms of skill

No. 40732

how the fuck does that even happen? did she literally have the laptop on the ice with her???

No. 40735

If she really brought her laptop with her to an ice rink she’s retarded, but this seems like a fake story to get pity money. Like it just seems like such an unlikely scenario.

Sorry for incoming autism and mild blogposting but for context I play hockey so I know how this shit works and at basically every single ice rink there are very distinct, separate times for regular public skating and public hockey. No rink would ever let someone with a stick and puck onto the ice when there are other random non-hockey players around, because it’s dangerous to the other skaters who most likely aren’t wearing any protective gear and are often young children. So if Stef is just there for a normal public skate at her rink, why the hell is there people with sticks and pucks around in the first place?

But even if the public skate times at this rink were mixed with hockey players, and Stef was stupid enough to bring her laptop on the ice and put it on the bench, it still doesn’t make sense how someone would be able to directly hit a laptop with a puck. Can’t figure out how to attach a photo on mobile but if you look up how the bench at an ice rink looks from the inside, it doesn’t make sense how there could be a laptop in there that would get directly hit by a flying puck unless it was literally resting on the edge of the wall? Not to mention it’s general hockey etiquette to keep your shots away from the bench as to avoid hitting people or things…

I bet she just dropped it or sat on it or did some other stupid shit to break it and doesn’t want to admit she’s an idiot and so crafted this fake puck story to feel like a super special victim.

No. 40747

yeah she's making it sound like they hit a puck directly at the screen like wut? why would her laptop even be there? she's so a fucking weirdo

No. 40762

File: 1553184958133.png (397.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190321-074741.png)

Somehow, in less than a day, Stef was able to reach her goal in order to replace her pucked laptop..

No. 40794

Yeah I'm confused as well, I didn't comment because I don't know if every rink is the same, maybe you can use pucks on general sessions in Canada… But I've literally never seen someone use a puck in a general session in all my years skating, that's how strict they are and how separate the sessions are kept at my rink. Any time a proper hockey session is on, they put up nets specifically to prevent anyone getting hit by them.

It definitely sounds like a bullshit story.

No. 40807

If that was MY rink they would stop you right out of the change room if you were trying to bring in a laptop? Like what? My coaches dont even like when we bring our phones out

No. 40808

If you came to my local arena with a laptop guarenteed people would want to smash it lmao what r u doin stefany

No. 40816

More like
"Some asshole brought a laptop to a skating rink"

No. 40997

File: 1553324462362.jpeg (653.6 KB, 1241x1962, 523A13EF-3847-42AE-ADA9-0D515F…)

Another photo of Stefany I found on Instagram that someone I follow posted.

No. 40998

Is that actually her?

No. 41003

Yep! With her dog in a service vest…

No. 41005

I am confused? I thought it was another dog that was the service animal? Also I thought you can’t pick them up either while on on work. So why is she?

No. 41065

I don't think that's her… she used her own hair when it was blonde for Sabrina, and that's not the dog she says is the service dog.

No. 41068

LOL nope that's her. Wooow she got way bigger. That's crazy!

No. 41073

Nope. That is her. There was a convention. And maybe look more at the tread because she just dyed her hair. So of course it wouldn’t be blonde. This is her dog, and she put a fake service vest on it. Because you aren’t really allowed to carry them while working, and he seems distracted, which is a big NO NO. Also she let people pet the dog while I was there. Which is another thing that is looked down at. Trust me. It is her.

No. 41075

File: 1553388338762.png (481.13 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20190323-205657~2.p…)

No. 41076

She’s come a long way from pretending to appear as having daisy ridley’s jawline, i must say. And that definitely is a wig. Her hair is supposedly “pink lasagna” right now. Damn. She legit looks nothing like her photos anymore. At all.

No. 41547

Holy fuck, she's enormous. I'm honestly impressed at how well she works the angles in her own pictures. Kind of scummy she put her dog in a fake service dog vest though?

No. 41782

File: 1553739868376.jpg (543.29 KB, 1080x1762, IMG_20190328_102133.jpg)

Having a heart test done. Wonder if it's for her super serious life-ruining condition.

No. 42208

File: 1554052637505.jpeg (408.17 KB, 1125x1354, 79609E56-8BD8-42CC-B288-90F083…)

Muh service dog

No. 42209

File: 1554052685697.jpeg (413.57 KB, 1124x1375, 66E4C2D7-D7F4-4623-9797-9AD3CC…)

No. 42224

her thighs are bigger than her dog

No. 42225

YEP! she faked it. You can NOT have your vest on the dog off if it is working. It is a rule one of my family members have to follow. She is seriously a piece of shit for doing that.

No. 42226

File: 1554069735537.jpeg (711.9 KB, 1229x1894, 2AAEE90D-5F26-451C-8642-7688B3…)

Lol I am seriously laughing at this. Apparently not even the person who took the picture with Stefany recognized her. Really shows you that she looks nothing like her photoshopped pictures.

No. 42241

Two things:

1. what an absolute unit
2. so we're not going to mention what the fuck is wrong with the other person's face lmaooo

No. 42246

That is dickish and not part of this thread man. At least they are using their real face.

No. 42605

Well it's saged, but how much she used to hide her real body with shoop IS part of it. That's some Christian Bale level transformation if she really put up all that thickness over such a short period of time
>real face
Yeah but 3 shades of foundation darker

No. 42621

I didn’t mean Stefany. I was talking about the person comment about the other cosplayer. At least she is being natural.

No. 42622

Wait, I thought she meant the middle next to the darker women. Not the darker women herself.

No. 42666

they aren't talking about that pic

No. 42679

You sound shitty af, that other cosplayer did nothing wrong.
You're thinking of the wrong picture, they (>>42241) linked to >>40997 and decided it's cool to just shit on other people who have nothing to do with Steff

No. 42763

File: 1554260707639.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 375D642A-4714-4385-A68C-F7DFFC…)

No. 42766

File: 1554260832670.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 85CC0F0E-E6E6-4894-9269-35B761…)

No. 42767

File: 1554260855443.png (641.69 KB, 750x1334, 873D300F-5F62-4FA2-A364-C8EAA8…)

No. 42771

>>No make up

Is this bitch serious? ANYONE WITH EYES can see how much blush, eyeliner, eye shadow and the fact her eyebrows are filled out. I wouldn't be surprised if she was wearing foundation or coverup as well.

How can she post this with this caption and not realize how retarded that sounds??

No. 42779

how convenient the "rosacea" is exactly where you'd put blush

No. 42781

You can literally see the Photoshop and editing in this photo

No. 42822

No way is this rosacea!

No. 42823

File: 1554307836255.jpg (51.21 KB, 480x479, gettyimages-1133687017.jpg)

has she shrunk her mouth?

also she's clearly jonesing for more maisie comparisons, given her hair color

No. 42888

Hate to break the chain, but you guys do realize she dyed her hair pink a week before Maisie did, right? You obviously stalk her social media so the timeline is pretty clear.

No. 42893

She dyed her hair after the actor dyed her hair. Don’t say lies on here. We all called it, and when it happened we all weren’t surprised.

No. 42895

ya it's just like maisie copies you huh??

No. 42896

File: 1554343351613.jpeg (465.63 KB, 1242x1984, B03E1AAC-5756-4417-A16A-3CEC60…)

Maisie had her hair dyed on February 13.
Stefany like that freak she is decided that she would dye her hair “red” but lol it came out pink! In March. Who saw that coming! But don’t worry! She is being totalllyyy herself.

No. 42897

File: 1554343373851.jpeg (345.51 KB, 1242x2010, 670605A4-6672-483C-AA5A-0DBF16…)

No. 42904

File: 1554345780041.jpg (344.37 KB, 1080x1270, IMG_20190404_104242.jpg)

Ha okay

No. 42914

lurk more dumbass

No. 42969

Wow she just loves literally ANY mention of looking like someone else

No. 42987

is no one mentioning that she's wearing makeup, or is she deleting the comments? How are people so stupid?

She is writing stuff like "thanks i grew them myself" after someone comments on her eyebrows… but they are practically made of powder. I don't get it

No. 43008

Her hair is so fucking damaged, how do you even manage to fry your fringe that bad?

No. 43457

File: 1554745153455.jpg (464.22 KB, 1080x1730, IMG_20190409_013831.jpg)

I feel like she'd be really good at understanding the minds of liars and thieves

No. 43464

woah a free online course? nice

No. 43530

Aww Stefany i thought you said you were already going to go to school to be a "Medical Examiner" during your iZombie phase

No. 43536

File: 1554831280914.jpg (612.27 KB, 1080x1624, IMG_20190410_013426.jpg)

No. 43589

But… did she actually make any of her own costumes? I thought she commissioned them? If she's entering someone else's work that's not cool (no idea if she makes stuff now, I haven't kept up)

No. 44284

File: 1555458206109.png (3.19 MB, 750x1334, 937B42E6-6F8D-4ECF-BAF7-5F2205…)

Who called the return of the Arya cosplay?

No. 44364

She's made most of her own costumes.
I've followed her for a while and she used to always stream her making her cosplays.
Step by step you can still see the creation of a few of her Aryas in her story highlights.

No. 44366

File: 1555542805974.png (253.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190417-160100.png)

Stef needs someone to be the back legs

No. 44876

File: 1556053851750.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, 0C92E004-3A17-416A-94D6-739E1F…)


No. 45046

File: 1556175523577.png (1.68 MB, 1026x1202, Stefany Lauren Sparrowsongcosp…)

She might have made some cosplays in the past, but both of her Aryas and her Rey are all commissioned. She used to credit for a few of them but now she doesn't. For example, here's an old post in the Game of Thrones Costuming Facebook group where she credited Chelsey Engle for her Arya. It's easy to fake WIP photos.

No. 45112

File: 1556215093174.jpg (187.63 KB, 626x721, IMG_20190426_015459.jpg)

From her new post about doppelgangers. Her "worst horror story" is a time she was totally given more attention than anyone else because she looks JUST like Maisie guys.

No. 45187

File: 1556263250185.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, BAD56D8A-6C71-4335-9423-BFBB47…)


No. 45230

How convenient if she doesn't make it to this panel she was apparently speaking at. Saw this coming a mile away lol

No. 45232

I'm so sorry stef but you did not win any genetic lotteries

No. 45491

File: 1556494878934.jpeg (463.64 KB, 2048x2048, 2CDD3DD6-1579-4099-9277-B454C5…)

No. 45563

So she ran the panel with her equally awful friend, Jess Bolduc, who is also a known liar in the community and has alienated a large part of people who used to be her friends because of her lies. She accused a lot of people of bullying her, only to turn out that it never happened and she didn't like them because they wore the same cosplay as her. I guess it's fitting that's the company Stef keeps.

No. 45579

Who has a link for the panel? Can’t wait to watch the notorious stefany make herself a victim again

No. 45580

File: 1556579861167.jpeg (145.21 KB, 821x1079, EFF0473A-3E67-4462-BB12-D4307D…)

Oh yes, here, we have daisy ridley’s “stunt double” and “hbo’s official arya cosplayer”.

No. 45593

i thought she was going to live stream it on instagram? unless i missed the notification

No. 46643

File: 1557262732814.png (447.54 KB, 828x1792, A9C9205F-38E6-43E0-96F0-3DB83B…)

Maybe you’d have more success if you didn’t photoshop and facewalk, stef. I mean you should look relatively like the way you do in your pics and in person.

No. 46656

That is not what imposter syndrome is though. Imposter syndrome is doubting of your accomplishments and living in the fear of being exposed as a fraud even though you're not.

You're just a jealous bitch desperate to be Arya/Maisie, Stef. Oh. And you /are/ a fraud.

Seems like AwesomeCon gave her a dose of reality… Not so long ago she was still bragging about winning the genetic lottery >>45112 and now she's crying about not being successful enough.

No. 46666

a 72 hour psychiatric hold might help

No. 46713

I think I know what cosplayer she is talking about since she is big on YouTube cosplay, as well as a famous Arya Cosplayer… and I have heard she does not at all like Stefany. She caught on very quickly with Stefany’s personality and make sure to not be associated with her at all. Funny how even she doesn’t want to be around her.

No. 46757

People who seriously think cosplay is serious business are so dumb. I wonder who she's talking about though

No. 46766

File: 1557353422812.png (1.89 MB, 1440x2358, Screenshot_2019-05-08-17-09-13…)

No. 46781

"undiagnosed" - didn't she say a doctor told her it was progressive? You can't just diagnose yourself with a neurological disease. None of this works this way.

No. 46802

What happened to "landing singles", liar?

No. 46804

lol right like if it's so bad shouldn't someone have diagnosed it?? this crazy bitch. I bet that none of this skating is even happening too

No. 46809

Did she say anything about why she stayed home from Star Wars Celebration?

No. 46855

Wtf is that pose shes doing

No. 46861

Oh, this is DEFINITELY about Ginny. She's quite nice but puts up with 0 bullshit, I can believe she wouldn't give Stefany the time of day.

No. 46862

trying to contort herself enough that she doesn't look like a human tree stump

No. 46905

File: 1557452042807.png (478.38 KB, 1440x2184, Screenshot_2019-05-09-19-30-13…)

What does tiny even mean anymore? Is this because of the obesity epidemic or something? Tiny to me would be like Emma Roberts, Ariana Grande, Megan Fox even. I'm so confused lol

No. 46906

File: 1557452102930.png (387.99 KB, 1440x1953, Screenshot_2019-05-09-19-27-58…)

More asspats for the big-baby, face wearing smol 21 year old cosplay kween

No. 46907

File: 1557452135775.png (424.65 KB, 1440x2211, Screenshot_2019-05-09-19-30-28…)

Some lies

No. 46913

Is she…is she really glamorizing illness?
Uhm thats disgusting. Even more so because we don't even know if there is an illness

No. 46914

"My family calls me fat" is literally the most over-used attention seeking line I've ever heard. Wonder what her parents would say if they saw this. Aren't they the people that finance her cosplay fuckery?

No. 46982

File: 1557494968938.png (373.37 KB, 267x548, 2019-05-10 09_27_45-•S T E F A…)

obese people call overweight people "tiny". no clue why. they all live in their own deluded realities.
>so tiny

No. 47102

She really has a good face for Arya. She could lose weight, stop the faceswapping nonsense and become a pro cosplayer of her.
Too bad she's so crazy

No. 47114

Given her figure skating post. She does look pretty darn slim in that pic. That I thought she must have gotten a bit fit. Though given the last pic posted.. its probably due to posing/editing.

No. 47121


In this photo >>46766 it looks like it's edited.

No. 47728

File: 1557967075732.jpg (251.71 KB, 1080x1560, IMG_20190515_203509.jpg)

Was on Ginny's site checking out her cosplays/etc. and found this…word for word hasn't Stef said all of this? Even her philosophy about cosplay is a skinwalk (that and how she cosplayed Ashildr because of Maisie)

No. 47729


self reply, but Ginny posted this in 2017. I thought you didn't want to compete with or copy other lookalike cosplayers, Stef

No. 47780

Ginny has the same build/body type too
You know…actually looks like it would be pretty reasonable to say shes a lookalike

No. 47940

File: 1558082340598.jpg (826.91 KB, 1079x2018, Screenshot_20190517-183740_Gal…)

Aw man I wish she would gtfo of my news feed ugh.

No. 48017

rofl 5'5 isn't smol. Is she gonna start shoving that down everyone's throats now because that one person called her tiny? she seems like she weighs like 150-160 lbs.

No. 48038

Why does she keep using smol when she's very overweight?

No. 48051

These are cringe.
Poor horse.

No. 48058

File: 1558152726330.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, F26E649D-4D5B-4441-B0D7-9D934F…)

What is this hair

No. 48059

The delusions are strong

No. 48064


I like how she had to mention she had short pink hair (even though there's absolutely no reason to) so people just know she's just like Maisie

No. 48076

Does she really think people wouldn't notice she's blatantly copying Maisie? >>42896
It looks like she hasn't washed it in a month.
Anyway Maisie has bleached over it now so expect Stef to have a washed out orange/peach colour in the next few days.

No. 48145

File: 1558220520368.png (398.24 KB, 442x884, Untitled.png)

lmao Stef is triggered because her shoops were featured in a lookalikes article

No. 48159

lmao she's probably afraid people are going to google her name and find these threads

No. 48227

Kek is she in every Facebook group ever?

No. 50123

She posts her sob stories in all of them.. I assume she’s done with Star Wars and Rey

No. 50545

With GoT over and Star Wars episode 9 this winter I bet she'll switch back

No. 50606

File: 1558739180096.png (505.55 KB, 439x876, Oh.png)

No. 50608

File: 1558739347842.png (509.34 KB, 436x849, Lord.png)

No. 50618

File: 1558746152490.png (1.05 MB, 732x690, green.png)

honestly i'm glad there hasn't been any shooping of this look so far

No. 51044

File: 1558974756590.jpeg (242.21 KB, 750x842, 7B25C6E7-00EF-4C1D-A5AC-FDFDE4…)


No. 51075

Did she really not seal her body paint? I feel bad for anyone that brushed against her and ruined their cosplay

No. 51085

If this is the body of a „petite“ woman, I‘m fucking anorexic. How delusional and blind is this girl? She looks like a green whale.

No. 51112


she looks like my body shape/size and I'm 75+ kilos…(no1curr)

No. 51561

This is so funny, I walked right by a cow without even realizing it kek
This cosplay has so little effort in it she straight up looks like Super Saiyan Shrek

Considering I see very few people at AN who are thin (Like Hikarin and her friends) being a Big Girl makes her body-type almost the average of the crowd, having a shit cosplay just blends her into the crowd because there's a lot of girls her size who are putting together really well-done outfits

No. 51719

File: 1559424874427.jpeg (61.17 KB, 827x372, 5CA1CF1A-3566-4E2B-B13C-0CD2DC…)

Lol she’s in forensic classes now? Wow a forensic pro figure skater who rides horses! What can’t she do!

No. 51739

>>What can't she do!
Tell the truth

No. 51744

>>4 courses deep
You mean 1 semester then? Lmao
It's like when Psyche majors enter their first semester and think they can diagnose people because they are so educated on their major from just a few months, it looks so sad

No. 51754

So we went from
-Applying to Med School (LOL!) during the Liv Moore phase bc UWU cosplay translates to real life (not.)
-applying to University (NYU allegedly)
-& then taking free courses online (what a scholar!) & now
oop we are apparently in forensics now.
Oh & shes blind occasionally & can land singles after 2 seconds of childrens figure skating lessons. For the record.

No. 52470

File: 1559851133426.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, D2E40FCA-49E7-4130-B28A-A4DDCC…)

What is she even claiming to be good at here? Skating?

No. 52635

Imagine being so full of yourself you have talk about yourself like that lol she could have just posted the picture with no words & all her creepy followers would have got the point (Wow cool your skating! You're so special!) but nope she had to add a cringey 3rd person blurb about how shes good at something & is out of nowhere suddenly acting all "driven" & "competitive" even tho not long ago she was asking people to stop tagging pictures of her because she "hates herself".
She wants attention so badly.

No. 52821

File: 1559960211266.png (6.21 MB, 1242x2208, 00BB878B-CCD5-4FD4-AF1E-6F4506…)

She legit has gotten worse at photoshopping. I saw one of her new photos and the eyes area looked so off to me. And the reason for that is because it’s literally not her eye. It’s super blurry and pixelated around her eye, but for some reason her eye looks super clear? Seems like a photo of a higher resolution. Not only that, you can clearly see the big blob blur on her eyebrow that looks so bad. “It’s her natural eyebrow”.

No. 52956

File: 1560037530731.png (3.35 MB, 750x1334, AF95A91E-0923-4D04-B697-C4B655…)

Jesus why?

No. 52963

whoa, that looks like such a bad cut for her head shape/face shape. it's so blunt.

No. 52964

Why did she write 'little boy's hair' instead of a 'boycut' ??

No. 53042

I wouldn’t call that a boy cut. It looks like a little boy cut his own hair with kindergarten scissors, not like an actual boy cut.

No. 53252

I mean, it looks like it would be terribly unflattering, but this is probably the best option at this point for salvaging her fried, horribly damaged hair. Sometimes you need to cut it all off and start over when you've bleached, dyed, and processed it into oblivion.

No. 53259


It's definitely no Vidal Sassoon cut.

No. 53313

File: 1560354385537.jpeg (111.61 KB, 828x654, CBF01478-DF2B-41A9-9AAA-6B82B0…)

…are you so sure about your size buddy? Cause she’s no 27-30 waist

No. 53331

Five four is not "smol", it's completely average

No. 53333

File: 1560364167005.png (3.61 MB, 750x1334, 51972D47-99FE-45D5-BDA9-13F89C…)

>muh size 27 waist

No. 53343

I am so embarrassed for her. She's looking for Ariel costumes? And gave the most vague (and fake) sizes. Ariel wears a seashell bra. Stef says she's a small-medium in tops. How will that help you obtain an Ariel bra that fits wtf. This has to be an insincere request. Why did she post this?! And she needs an Ariel tail fin in a size "giant" ok. Did she post this because she wanted to say her waist is 27"? I have to stop thinking about this lol

No. 53378

There's no way in hell she wears a size small in any brand but torrid.

No. 53388


Well she said she's mainly looking for Ariel's town dress, so not the seashell bra and tail, but she's not going to get a costume that fits when she can't tell the truth about her size.

No. 53470

i miss this cow. i hope she gets some more confidence so we get more milk

No. 54089

File: 1560911600772.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 66F903B7-965D-4114-84F5-8660C7…)

What has she done to this poor hair? Looks like a 60 year old woman.

No. 54093

wtf why does her hair look so bad

No. 54099

Aside from the terrible cut, it looks fried beyond repair pretty much to the scalp. Likely from her repeated bleaching and dying..
Her best bet is shaving it all off if she wants it to grow cause I doubt it will in this state.

No. 54163

eh, that's not really how that works. when you hear people's hair falling out from dyeing, it's because it breaks off but it doesn't ruin the follicle. the new hair she grows will be fine if she leaves it alone.

No. 54210

File: 1560973675990.png (346.85 KB, 507x581, Capture d’écran 2019-06-19 à…)

She's doing Ariel now I guess

No. 54224

"without makeup" =
drawing on giant brows
mascara and/or eyeliner
lip tint
whitening her eye whites with some filter
subtle enlarging contact lenses and/or enlarged eyes

and what are those two light streaks in the second pic, where normal people have nasolabial folds or light shadows?

why does she pretend these Sharpie brows are her natural brows?

She's scared to do a girly cosplay? What does she mean? Aschildr, Sabrina, and Liv Moore all wear feminine makeup, wigs, and clothes (aside from Liv). But Stef also shamelessly copied the red carpet makeup and looks of Maisie and Daisy (including pasting parts of their faces onto hers), so what's the big deal? She's worn dresses and feminine clothes for her skinwalking before.

I guess she's just not like the other girls! Makeup and dresses, yuck, amirite? This cosplay is so scary …

She should be scared. She's going to cosplay this 16yo girl drawn impossibly narrow and skinny, with giant eyes and delicate features. And then she will create a narrative about how she's being bullied for being "fat ariel" and f your beauty standards, etc. I don't think little girls should try to look like Ariel or internalize that kind of body ideal, but Stef isn't secure enough to deliver a confident Ariel who emulates the character in her personality. She might have more luck portraying the seagull.

No. 54240

Honestly plenty of people look like this, I don't think it is the shoop of the century as you are describing. The eye whites look normal to me, maybe eyes have been enlarged, but those type of eyes can be natural, eyebrows are clearly pre-drawn on. The light lines seem to be the sun reflecting off her smile lines.

No. 54246

Going to have to agree with >>54240 here.
You are nitpicking really hard, anon. Calm your sperg and learn to sage please.

No. 54294

Knowing Stefany I wouldn’t put it past her that she doesn’t do anything the person above did. She is absolutely insane and honestly can’t say one truth about herself. And that also comes to her physical looks too.

No. 54301

Thing is; this is the first character whos face she can‘t copy onto her own. She‘ll actually have to put effort into the Make Up for once

No. 54776

File: 1561355445093.jpg (283.45 KB, 517x802, Untitled-1.jpg)

What's with this Disney kick? What is she subjecting her horse to now?

No. 54801

File: 1561387038153.jpg (51.87 KB, 540x960, 65242216_1075585192647150_2651…)

His mane is now dyed, it's kinda cute i guess

No. 57347

Did this move to another thread?

No. 57349

File: 1563142708095.jpg (833.56 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190714-231732_Ins…)

Didn't she previously say she's roughly 5' 4"?

Also all ya'll are missing some shit btw.

No. 57447

then maybe post some of that shit or sage instead of bumping this thread for nothing?

No. 57786

File: 1563418823290.png (2.47 MB, 1242x2208, 9D5A4948-90DA-4373-9466-B1B970…)

Stefany is going to SDCC…
She really is crazy. One minute she is finished with cosplaying, the next she is taking time off. And now she is doing this.
At least she is cosplaying a character she character photoshop herself to look like. Also I like how she suddenly isn’t blind anymore, since she seems fine with wearing contacts.

No. 57814

i mean… she said she was redoing her arya cosplay, so

No. 57827

And that doesn’t excuse her multiple lies?? Your point your trying to make??

No. 57828

And that doesn’t excuse her multiple lies?? Your point your trying to make??

No. 57877

159cm = around 5'3" so that tracks, since height can vary by a few cm throughout the day
What is she talking about, you'd have to have an insane correction and be looking straight at the sun for any significant focusing of sunlight to happen

No. 57898

wtf are you on about? i was saying she's redoing the arya cosplay so she's going to continue photoshopping. sage the literal retardation and learn to read.

No. 57920

Yo calm down. I think the person is just stating Stefany flip-flops a lot. Why should it matter if she said she is doing Arya again? She is still lying.

No. 57980

File: 1563631273007.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3464x3464, E316DF47-B30B-422D-8B0B-2821A8…)

Lol Jesus Christ, the delusions are still strong with this one

No. 57985

File: 1563635622881.jpg (63.82 KB, 1074x462, SmartSelect_20190720-101236_Ch…)

"A lot taller than I thought she was"
Because you're uwu so smol, right?

No. 57987

Just picturing her staring at her the whole time mocking her movements and trying to her her attention.

I doubt she ever made eye contact with her, but if she did maybe she recognized her as that girl that skinwalks her.

No. 57988


No. 57991

Did stef think she was a garden gnome?

No. 57993

This reads like one of those fanfictions where Harry Styles looks y/n dead in the eyes during a 1,000 people concert.

No. 57994

lol yeah. if anything, she may have recognized her as her obsessive skinwalking fan. what's funny about that is from interviews and stuff i've seen from maisie, it seems like she would be extremely put off by someone going to the lengths stephony has to be her fatter carbon copy.

No. 58019

File: 1563665237589.png (10.68 MB, 1242x2208, 11431183-D876-4B9F-A038-5C7E50…)

If she looked like this with her “natural face” when she meet Maisie, I would also fucking pull my head back and screamed. She is so crazy I swear. She didn’t notice you Stefany, she probably was scared of you

No. 58021

>looked me dead in the eye, widened her eyes and brought her head back in a "wot"

This sounds like she recognized her as the nut from the internet and was surprised to see her there (in a bad way.)

No. 58027

maybe maisie was like woah is that gerard ways old fat aunt??

No. 58031

File: 1563673145128.jpg (12.54 KB, 500x385, bigboss-smile.jpg)

>gerard way's fat aunt

anon, i fucking love you

No. 58032

anon my fucking sides

No. 58048

File: 1563689581690.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 1BEF04AB-AEC5-49E6-B48A-2CA53F…)

>skinwalking intensifies

No. 58050

File: 1563690284162.jpeg (87.67 KB, 566x841, 767054B9-B810-4944-94E3-0CC4F6…)

This was Maisie at comic con btw

No. 58051


Quelle surprise. She sees Maisie in real life, says they were in sync (what does that mean? was she coping everything Maisie was doing in real time?), then dyes her hair the same color as Maisie (AGAIN) the day after.

Girl needs professional help

No. 58053

File: 1563690609005.png (2.95 MB, 750x1334, 66777BFB-157D-4405-8C86-9C24F4…)

It’s a wig, but you can definitely smell the desperation

No. 58060


Holy shit she looks batshit crazy here.

No. 58134

File: 1563805939555.png (2.75 MB, 750x1334, 2CCFDDF7-5FC7-417B-AA97-967BA5…)

>actual little boy
Umm… okay…

No. 58140

More like from cringey tryhard to chunky lesbian. Why she so obsessed with looking like a "little boy"?

No. 59305

File: 1563824130640.png (294.78 KB, 750x1334, C12A9C89-143A-4F79-ABEB-396B14…)

No. 59319

No one:
Literally no one:
Stefany: I'm so short lol, I look like an actual little boy

No. 59324

She talks about being short more than people I’ve known under 5’

No. 59335

File: 1563831355130.jpg (144.04 KB, 781x1280, 806021334_293202.jpg)

I don't understand why she packed an Ariel cosplay suitcase and had been doing tests for her Ariel for weeks leading up to SDCC… And then just skinwalked Maisie/Arya the whole time. ???

No. 59378

bitch, you just look like a woman with short hair. why is she obsessed with little boys?

No. 59379

I think it's because of the part in GoT where Arya had to pretend she's a little boy to run away

No. 59381

Everyone in this group looks so sad

No. 59383


Arya was confused for a little boy, so Stefany must also be confused for a little boy

No. 59384

"Deeply conditioned" to believe you're fat?
Dude if you're overweight, you're overweight. Its not a "mindset". If you don't like your weight do something about it.((other than lie about it bc that hasn't worked))
>>size 27 waist? Hm.

No. 59386

Shes really just gunna leave that ariel wig loose in her bag like that huh

No. 59387

Why can't she just embrace/go with the whole #PlusSizeCosplayer thing like other people instead of desperately trying to convince others shes uwu smol its so embarrassing

No. 59392

File: 1563849574885.jpg (322.26 KB, 1080x1025, AndThenEveryoneClapped.jpg)

If Maisie DID see Stefany & make a face it was only bc Stefany was probably looking at her like this

No. 59402

File: 1563860759530.jpg (813.92 KB, 1080x1325, IMG_20190723_134450.jpg)

Yeah, this is the girl Maisie apparently freaked out upon seeing. So identical.

No. 59439

Why does everything have to be about height with her?

No. 59440

@ anyone who’s actually seen her in person,,, is she actually “uwu smol”?? I’ve heard she’s pretty tall but…

No. 59442

My friend took a picture with her recently and she was shorter than my friend, who is 5’5’’.

No. 59447

I have met her and my friend did too. She was around my friend height who was 5’6.

No. 59448

I know she isn’t 5’3 my best bet is she is 5’5 or 5’6. I know a couple people online who has met her who said she isn’t short at all.

No. 59450


Woah, these anons have the same context.

No. 59487

How convenient an Anon asked about Stef and got a few answers within a few hours…hmmm

No. 59494

File: 1563970703489.png (748.17 KB, 720x1280, 1527618512558.png)

There's so much conflicting information on her height from various anons in her threads. If you go back to the older ones you can see, she used to claim to be 5'7" when she skinwalked Daisy Ridley, and then later made a bullshit post about her identity crisis because she always thought she was 5'7" but measured herself and was actually 5'4" (she talks about this in pic related), which was definitely just an excuse to hop on the uwu I'm so smol like Maisie wagon.
Never met her in person but I'm guessing she's on the taller side. There's a picture of Stef in her first thread in cosplay next to two other guys, she's the same height as one of the guys and around like 1-2 inches shorter than the other dude so she's probably 5'7" unless she just so happened to take a picture with some super turbo manlets.

No. 59530

clearing shit up on her height because youre all morons and focusing on a stupid detail when there's so many others. stef is 5'5. she stuffs her rey boots to be 5'7 like daisy. she shirks down to be "shorter" when she is maisie. she was barefoot around me in a hotel room party and she was the exact same height as me. I can say, without any shroud of doubt, she is 5.5

No. 59544

Height is something she lies about constantly, It’s completely related to this thread. Thanks for helping us solve the height mystery but don’t get your panties in a bunch next time.

No. 59549

Speaking of people that actually know her she seems to always be with a different group of people
Like you never consistently see her with the same group

No. 59550

Seems too perfect how many anons saying they have met Stefany and trying to say she is X feet tall. I wouldn't be surprised if Stefany is posting on here.

No. 59586

Then you don’t know your height then. Was also in a hotel room with her at some point and she’s def around 5,7/5,8.

No. 59595

We know she isn’t small. She is no shorter then 5’5. Which again, isn’t short, it’s just average height. But she isn’t 5’3 or shorter like she is claiming. She isn’t super smol like she believes.

No. 59736

File: 1564107119557.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, 07B2D4FA-980C-4452-81D2-96BF9C…)


No. 59739

her photoshopped hair is killing me. it's so damn fried she went and made it painting smooth.

No. 59742

You're not an actor. You were in community theatre like once & now you cosplay which isn't acting.
Also what is that look she is going for these days?? This hair is confusing & i feel like she creeping in on (an attempted) Sophia Lillis emulation.

No. 59745

Number one rule for headshots is no excessive amounts of makeup. Especially filling in eyebrows. You’re supposed to keep it natural. She’s an “actress” right? She should know that…

No. 59763

File: 1564115446108.jpg (124.46 KB, 1080x1080, 66077247_1653088791489404_8667…)

Turns out she did Ariel one day at SDCC. This is a tagged photo on Instagram

No. 59764

File: 1564115582316.jpg (122.16 KB, 785x1279, IMG_20190723_222213_774.jpg)


No. 59794

More like one 'wide' finds two tall adult men to take pictures with

No. 59795

She literally found two tall men and stood between them to keep the illusion of being small. I am almost impressed.

No. 59798

if you look at the perspective, she's also standing further back from them to enhance the illusion

No. 59998

She’s most likely bending too. Wouldn’t be surprised, half of the group photos she takes, she’s always leaning towards the wall.

No. 60000

File: 1564199631592.jpeg (444.69 KB, 750x642, F70B8B76-0B77-43CD-98AA-65E580…)


No. 60018

File: 1564205816335.jpg (89.54 KB, 1080x1080, 66878484_217692722542343_28445…)

No. 60072

File: 1564265577357.jpg (231.13 KB, 1080x1080, 67263931_713873832366766_25944…)

Stef has pink hair again

No. 60076

File: 1564267385597.png (2.77 MB, 750x1334, 9F5177B1-86DC-4908-82BA-4FD661…)

What she posted before lol

No. 60098

omg she looks like a 50 year old woman from liverpool who lives in a council house

No. 60099

Oh noooo leave ur poor hair alone

No. 60108

File: 1564285393546.jpg (140.92 KB, 797x1279, IMG_20190727_204137_382.jpg)

No. 60109

>ges to SDCC and buys a pink wig immediately after seeing Maise at a panel

>swears the actress made eye contact with her in audience of thousands and gasped

…not obsessed at all

No. 60114

Are all these images supposed to be the same person? Or are a couple the actual actresses thrown in for comparison

No. 60118

LOL anon nope those are all supposed to be "her".
The ones where you think its the actress was when she was shamelessly posting pictures that were photoshopped beyond recognition but she claimed to only "touch up her nose" or blemishes

No. 60130


You know it's going to look like shit in a few days. It's not going to keep it's bright color.

No. 60133

Unfortunately she used to literally face swap with the actresses, which is why it appears that way. She always tried to pass it off as herself though.

No. 60136

File: 1564326065824.jpeg (179.54 KB, 329x640, 7F21829F-6372-4EBC-87F4-5EF119…)

No. 60138


Holy crap her hair is fried. No way will her hair last. Why would she even post this picture.

No. 60139

She had the perfect opportunity to play that off cool like only saying "because I respect her as an actress!" Or something but she got so triggered by it omg

No. 60142

Damn, I'm surprised she still has any hair left.

No. 60147

I need context for this picture desperately.
Is this her/when was it taken? How could a hairdresser leave a client in that stage even for a second?

No. 60149

It was the in between stage of the dyeing.

You can see it here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0b3PhAFagM/

No. 60155

Holy shit, I hope she didn't actually pay for that?

Is this a hair design school?
I hope she just dyes it brown again, her hair is toast either way.

No. 60156

I don't think it's a school. It's this place: https://www.infinityhairdesignalliston.com/

No. 60157

File: 1564351638983.jpeg (69.46 KB, 676x1202, Maisie-hair1.PNG.jpeg)

Is there a reason Stef went hot pink?
I'm guessing it was easiest and they wouldn't go any lighter to keep her hair on her head?

No. 60159

Idk why she chose that shade but a couple of days ago, in her insta stories, she said she feels prettiest with pink hair or something like that

No. 60184

Probably because she knows once she washes it a few times, it’ll look uwu just like Maisie.

No. 60209

File: 1564383385358.png (558.08 KB, 750x1334, A0FCBC80-53DB-44F2-A586-098412…)

It’s too big, guys!

No. 60229

I had to laugh when I saw that, she likes to remind everyone that she's very petite obviously! It reminds me of that time when someone asked her about where she got this one shirt from and she answered with where she got it from and also added to that that she got it in size XS even though nobody asked

No. 60250

Why can't she post it to the group herself?

No. 60262

People honestly hate her in that group. A lot of them apparently told her to stop being crazy and to take a break from social media and she may have left voluntarily because of it. Also she was shown to lie a lot in the group before hand so that may Be it.

No. 60263

She’s charging quite a bit for a costume/costume pieces she’s worn often. They aren’t priced reasonably for worn pieces

No. 60280

On what planet is a woman this size a "size 27 waist"? It doesn't matter but why lie? Who is she trying to fool? herself?

No. 60287

That hairdresser is a hack. You can see how incredibly compromised her hair texture is now. Holyshit

No. 60314

I think Stef is in denial about what she looks like. It's like she has reverse of the body dysmorphia that anorexics have where they see themselves as fat when they are underweight. Stef sees herself as cute and smol and tiny and she doesn't even try to hide what she really looks like most of the time. There's nothing wrong with her body, btw. I don't feel like she should be ashamed or anything like that. It's just interesting how she sees herself as this tiny smol girl when she clearly isn't.

No. 60323

File: 1564443922983.jpg (63.96 KB, 808x1279, IMG_20190729_164527_754.jpg)

Stef is currently putting up "ask me anything" video stories on Instagram.

If you don't have Instagram you can go here to view them: https://insta-stories.ru/preferablystef

Someone asked her if she will ever cosplay Rey again and she said that she is already getting "hate and threats and whatever" doing Arya and so for that reason, she can't do Rey and sold her Rey costume.

No. 60324

>no holds bars

If only we were on the internet and could-

No. 60376

why does she fold her top lip when she talks? has she always done this or is she copying someone?

No. 60387

Her entire demeanor comes off as insecure & I think she tries to be quirky/funny to relieve some of that. I know a girl who does that weird stuff with her mouth when she talks while nervous. I think its like a "if I am entertaining then people will like me" sort of thing

No. 60391

Control tights with the control part showing. What is this outfit? Why?

No. 60403

i notice on her tik toks she’ll do it a lot. i think she’s trying to emulate the other cosplayers on that app who do the exaggerated mouth movements and now it’s just carried on into other parts of her social media use lmao. if she talks like that in real life…

No. 60405

she thinks she's an irl pixar character or something

No. 60433

File: 1564530431197.jpg (156.16 KB, 1080x1345, 68710680_1086532538224201_2459…)

No. 60437

File: 1564533349558.jpg (130.5 KB, 864x864, compare.jpg)


> I never photoshop guise

You can see the blur around her face where she shooped it smaller

No. 60443

File: 1564536678445.jpg (172.59 KB, 1080x1350, 66171344_353301528894982_70840…)

No. 60444

File: 1564536701389.jpg (183.18 KB, 1080x1350, 65868181_1233598193489563_7531…)

No. 60446

No. 60458


No. 60499

i think >>60403 is right, she's trying to be an uwu cutesy tiktok cosplay girl like bonbibonkers or something. it's grating as fuck though

No. 60517

Low-key the wig is actually popping but jeez that is interesting to see. Like she doesn’t have to photoshop herself? It’s a fictional character. There is no reference to how you should look. Also lol I love how now her eyebrows are slim. I wonder what she will say when it goes back to her “natural bushy eyebrows”.

No. 60522

the tiktoks are so cringe. you can really tell she thinks she's hot when she does these lol.

No. 60523

she'll say the same thing she said about her rey cosplay. that she had to "shave her eyebrows off"

No. 60622

The red is so much more flattering on her than that awful pink

No. 60652

Lol you are right. Her eyebrows are now “bushy” even though they weren’t earlier. That shit looks so bad, her brows look horrible. The color is honestly to dark and flat.

No. 61116

File: 1564963710144.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-200623.png)

No. 61117

File: 1564963732987.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-200638.png)

No. 61361

File: 1565131278955.png (940.15 KB, 750x1334, 8417C42B-74A6-4DD1-91B5-768559…)

Jesus this is desperate

No. 61386

File: 1565142750554.jpeg (969.78 KB, 3464x3464, 8C729368-206F-4583-995F-A6C118…)

Oh no…

No. 61411

Did she not say shes never watched Stranger Things ffs

No. 61477

File: 1565209866797.jpg (547.27 KB, 1080x1789, 20190807_162910.jpg)

No. 61479

File: 1565210047669.jpg (509.74 KB, 1058x1698, 20190807_163344.jpg)

No. 61482

jesus these are brutal

No. 61498

File: 1565220049838.jpg (281.03 KB, 1080x1943, Screenshot_20190808_002040_com…)

She posted this in a fb group whining, fails to mention that in her insta question box she literally said "be harsh to me"

No. 61499

File: 1565220079686.jpg (71.48 KB, 750x1334, FB_IMG_1565220030340.jpg)

No. 61500

File: 1565220108459.jpg (63.18 KB, 746x1045, FB_IMG_1565220022834.jpg)

Bonus more responses from her FB post. Fucking brutal

No. 61503

she's going to end up back in the fake mental hospital after this

No. 61524

She just needs go get off social media omg why does she need attention so badly? Get a job or something productive

No. 61528

I mean seriously stef? You KNOW some people dislike you or what you 've done in the past…you just invited them all to attack what did you think would happen? This may as well have been a r/RoastMe. You're losing followers because the facade you made fell apart a long time ago. You only got "famous" because people thought you looked like other people. No they know you don't. End of story.

No. 61551

>>"give me the truth even if it's harsh!"
In other words:
"Heres an invitation to insult me so I can get mad about it for attention"

No. 61552

Looks like Kelly Osbourne

No. 61572

File: 1565277305386.png (481.38 KB, 750x1334, 77A7E05E-020D-4F72-8A04-AA5EA0…)


No. 61601

No one ever:

Literally nobody:

Stef: here are facts about me & things about me & things I like since you guys asked

No. 61608

um is this a self post? because oof (but also we know you're reading this stef, you need to take a break from this…)

No. 61613

Lmao wait a second I just noticed that

No. 61618

Is that not a screen shot of the story? Because holy shit if it isn’t, Stefany you are sick. You aren’t just in need to get some time off the Internet. Also absolutely loveee that she knows doesn’t put that she is going blind or super duper sick and going to dIE soon like she use to do in these “get to know me post”. Maybe it’s because people caught on?

No. 61621

File: 1565303593915.jpeg (208.9 KB, 1242x650, 42FCB8B5-5032-4360-84A9-0DBD0D…)

Nice to see some people calling her out on the actual post though. And she didn’t delete it either

No. 61642

She’s lying about her age then bc she was 23 when i met her 2 years ago so…

No. 61654

Naw, she legit is 23. She was 21 when I started to notice her, as well as others saying the same thing.

No. 61655

No she is confirmed self posting now. HAHAHAHA what the fuck Stef?>>61499
If it was a screenshot of the story her username would be at the top, like in >>61479. Un fucking real.

No. 61657

File: 1565319413867.png (321.78 KB, 696x629, lmao-okay.PNG)

Or you know, the fact her avatar is shown on the bottom right indicating the person logged in is her…? Even shows the notification indicator.

How stupid do you have to be lol

No. 61662

nah, she took a screenshot of her profile and then posted that to the story + her ask box. someone ripped the screenshot of the post (a screenshot of a screenshot). you can't just post a question box alone without a background. as much as I want this cow exposed that's not it. there's so much truth in this let's not get caught up in the fake nitty gritty.

No. 61663

Exactly this. It wouldn't surprise me if she lurks, but this is pretty obviously a screenshot she used as a background for her IG story given the text over the cap.

No. 61664

But wouldn't you be able to see her username in the top left of it was a screenshot? I don't really use Instagram, but I thought that was how all stories looked.

No. 61670

If you hold your finger down on a story, the name and "send a message" whatever at the bottom both disappear, showing the image clearly without anything over it.

No. 61671

OHHHH okay that makes a lot more sense, sorry to the anon I claimed was stef lmao I jumped the gun in my ignorance.

No. 61807

File: 1565437209483.jpg (67.81 KB, 1280x955, IMG_20190810_043949_111.jpg)

She makes me cringe more than any other cow

No. 61810

It's hilarious that a grown ass woman who is overweight and 5'5 at the bare minimum is obsessed with calling herself "smol"

No. 61823

She has to bring it up constantly, it’s so fucking bizarre.

No. 61830

File: 1565473731169.png (488.27 KB, 553x845, Screenshot (11).png)

No. 61835

that size 27 waist tho

No. 61846

File: 1565493382418.png (6.01 MB, 1242x2208, 02FC8ED5-8B01-4B9D-BF9C-E1F7CD…)

Why the fuck does she do the weird mouth thing. It’s so weird

No. 61849

it gives her the most punchable face ever

No. 61867


What is going on in this picture? Why does she has an Ariel wig on but wearing work out gear with a belt?

No. 61879

idk but in her instastories she was saying she was going as ariel to a carnival or something and she was anxious about it because she hates wearing dresses. apparently this was a better option in her mind? no idea.

No. 61890

I think they were at the Alliston Potato Festival. Its her hometown but not sure why she would dress as a mermaid to go to a festival about potatoes

No. 61914

File: 1565581052793.png (348.14 KB, 500x571, Annaborealis.png)

Her Ariel looks like Anna.

The Ariel wig is flat as hell from obvious rough handling.
Even the eye colour is off.

Might as well just do Anna tbh.
Round face, goofy eyes and mouth, snubby nose, could be a character she could genuinely catch attention for genuinely looking like (at least in controlled camera angles).

No. 61923

Don‘t give her ideas, anon!
Girl needs to take a break from cosplaying and find herself.

No. 62116

File: 1565729419799.png (474.91 KB, 750x1334, 639E17CD-CCFA-4EAA-8E7E-9A086C…)

God the cringe is real…. do think she’ll start talking like this 24/7 like she did with her British accent?


No. 62145


So she begged people to find her a show to audition for, and now she's complaining she actually has to try and play the character

No. 62201

She was cosplaying as a potato and fucking nailed it

No. 62328

File: 1565832813650.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, D0DC42AF-7CFA-4524-807D-AD3BF7…)

Nice photoshopped headshot

No. 62345

Oof thats really bad fake freckles. & holy crap that pink faded fast.. probably not a coincidence >>60157

No. 62352

“i hate this headshot but i posted it anyway even though nobody fucking asked for it”

No. 62354

Wow nice collarbones. She's so smol

No. 62380

Yeah if you look closely it looks like she did a shitty burn tool job for that

No. 62383

"I hate this headshot but I haven't had attention for like 3 minutes so"

No. 62569

Hey stef fyi if you're trying to breakthrough as an actress or something I guarantee they don't want someone who is self loathing & insecure. They'll want someone confident so idk how well pity party thing is going to work out lol

No. 62703

File: 1566079441156.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, 2A730879-35DD-49E1-A7BF-348861…)

The photo that started all the attention~

No. 62719

File: 1566087105405.jpeg (397.36 KB, 2024x1993, BDC9041D-984E-41EC-BE04-EEA1E2…)

Every time this girl seems to calm down get her act together it’s like clockwork back on her bullshit.
>I can’t do Rey cause it gives me anxiety and hate but I’ll constantly bring it up
>hey guys here’s 10 facts no one knows about me that you asked for
>I’m an actor I swear here’s my headshot

every fucking time

No. 62743

Headshot with those ridiculous block eyebrows, fake freckles, eye makeup and that retarded hair color and cut lmfao. I'm sure she's getting ALL KINDS of acting work!

No. 62797

File: 1566143462884.jpg (87.49 KB, 610x764, IMG_20190818_084620_656.jpg)

I love the constant "You guys asked for this!" posts from her.

No. 62907

File: 1566183832836.png (1.64 MB, 992x1546, Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 8.02…)

What Facebook group hasn't she shit up with humblebrags yet? She's not even a mod of this group.

No. 63005

oh my fuck and the obligatory
>i'm not very tall
this bitch has serious mental issues

No. 63056

File: 1566254154715.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, E38098DC-D5FC-409D-81EA-82FF25…)

“Very smol, left handed in fighting, very good at archery!!!” Omg you’re def irl Arya.

Btw Stef, you’re not handling the bow properly. You gotta actually pull back on the string ;)

No. 63549

This looks like it's taken right after releasing the arrow.

No. 63550

File: 1566386832219.png (310.27 KB, 512x588, Capture d’écran 2019-08-21 à…)

More facebook group spam, about her horse again

No. 63740

she seems like a weird horse girl with no friends

No. 63829

File: 1566530033624.png (1.69 MB, 2346x1279, faces.png)

No. 63846

She gives me Armoured Skeptic vibes when she makes these faces and I don't like it lol

No. 63919

File: 1566598704414.jpg (203.99 KB, 1080x1316, IMG_20190823_181534.jpg)

She looks constipated so often, girl needs to double whatever dose of ex-lax is recommended on the box

No. 63920

lord, that dandruff

No. 63969

File: 1566609764832.jpg (238.33 KB, 503x644, Untitled-1.jpg)

lmao, not dandruff, she put glitter in her hair to emulate Glimmer from She-Ra.
That said she made another post in this FB community looking for more ass-pats.

For someone who claims to be so good at makeup she can magically transform herself from Maisie to Daisy, she sure doesn't know how to add color to her face without it looking like a port wine birthmark.

No. 64270

Stef stop fishing for compliments in a craftsmanship group challenge. I don't care if she wants validation or whatever, do that in casual cosplay FB groups or fandom groups, not a group designed for craftsmanship talk ugh

No. 64290

what does she mean that it's "backwards"?

she posts a lot of "tests" for cosplay she never does.

No. 64304

Why does she keep pinching her mouth tight like that? It doesn't do her any favours or make her look cute or anything.

No. 64322

With the new Star Wars coming soon, I also heard she will prob make Dark Rey but not cosplay light Rey. Which is confirmed in the recent D23 trailer.

No. 64343

"Recieving backlash"? Yeah because you seek attention constantly on literally any platform/group.
Does she not have to go to work & you know, be a productive member of society? Or does she literally just put makeup on herself alone in her room all day?

No. 64640

I guess it's mirrored compared to the reference

No. 64832

File: 1567105847730.jpg (58.72 KB, 818x1280, IMG_20190829_121056_297.jpg)

I wonder who she's passive aggressively referring to here

No. 64833

File: 1567105904075.jpg (89.69 KB, 794x1280, IMG_20190829_121037_095.jpg)

So smol

No. 65163

This isn't cute or quirky.
Bringing a weapon on public transportation? Idiot.

No. 65406

No. 65407

File: 1567612995664.jpg (120.72 KB, 1080x1382, IMG_20190904_120238.jpg)

Lmao what the FUCK is this shoop.

That's nowhere near her real nose…or eyes…or mouth…or chin.

No. 65411

Skinwalking Joffrey now, I see

No. 65423

File: 1567634616439.png (207.51 KB, 436x861, stefany.png)

Wait, if this guy is making a GoT reference…did Stef create a tinder profile with her Arya cosplay photos? Wtf

No. 65438

If she did, they're in for a suprise lol if shes selling a "smol AyRa LoOkAlIkE" & they're going to meet Gerard Ways' Aunt.

No. 66005

File: 1568128054606.jpg (723.1 KB, 1080x1730, IMG_20190910_230821.jpg)

Please don't

No. 66106

She took anons advice lol

No. 66353

She posted Elsa not Anna

No. 66373

Tbf they pretty much have the same face but Elsa has longer cat eye shaped eyelashes

No. 66431

Regardless if it’s Elsa or Anna, how exactly is cosplaying Frozen in 2019 exciting?

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