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File: 1629157047575.jpg (135.22 KB, 1280x720, asdij29092348dfgi30003.jpg)

No. 167989

Old thread: #46405

topics from previous thread:

>k00nkun/niccu_tan starting flame wars on tiktok with vets because she/her friend bubble_bee_tee got called out for not being gyaru enough. claims gyaru styling is regional and religiously refers to it as "gyal" for some reason

>emi leaves gyaru for yamikawaii

>neckbeard kingrui_yo believes gyaru is in your heart which is a popular take among #TiktokGyaru

>asian fishing continues to be a hot topic especially on tiktok

No. 168004

she got married to some japanese street thug, had a kid, then left the dude and moved back home to america with the kid. nothing noteworthy she lives a quiet single mom life.

No. 168022

Gyal? Is she trying to speak Caribbean slang?

No. 168034

she's probably just trying to be edgy and "not like other gaijins" cause she can't decide if she wants to be black or japanese at this point

No. 168039

I love that Emi tries to pretend it's Rokku though

No. 168084

File: 1629207662096.png (13.8 KB, 581x137, sneed.png)

Not wking Emi, but most of the people claiming it's Rokku are her orbiters and skinwalkers. Emi herself has stated several times on IG and Twit that she's no longer gal, picrel.
That being said… I do think she's selfposting here and on /cgl/ to try and shitstir.

No. 168110

File: 1629219657510.jpg (766.66 KB, 1080x1688, Screenshot_20210817-125856_Ins…)

Samefag, but I take it back. She's claiming "Reiwa Rokku Gyaru" now.

No. 168114

Thats not rokku? Why is her skin two different colors?

No. 168134

kek it really is, I didn't notice. It must be Snow's whitening feature, no?

No. 168304

File: 1629319654847.png (1.2 MB, 899x932, asd09824ijasdfl.png)

lol she reads here

No. 168307

Yeah you sure showed us with those middle school tier comebacks!!! Yas kween!!!

No. 168312

what's the deal with her victim complex?

No. 168314

File: 1629321376584.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, CAB9701F-1B19-4849-BB8E-6802E1…)


If she wasn’t actually pressed, she wouldn’t have made this tiktok. People are so easy to read.

No. 168315

Ohh I thought this was animal crossing cosplay

No. 168336

Honey, u need a job or a hobby. The seven plus videos of you being dramatic because of blackity, black offended you, you could have lost 20 pounds by now.

No. 168337

If you didn’t care;you wouldn’t have wasted two hours out of your life making a Tiktok to show us dumbass. Kek

No. 168344

if she received love or attention at all from any father figure in general maybe she wouldn't be so fucking tragic lmao

No. 168365

why do you keep repeating the same post between cgl and lolcow? pick a thread and stick to it you drama hungry clown

No. 168385

You just openly exposed yourself for also being a drama hungry clown lol….chill booboo just be happy these threads even have content anymore that isn't just boring emi bashing

No. 168491

She needs to get over it. Kooncow sent her small army to harass the poor fella. He erased all his videos and put up an apology video. Sis reaction to the video was over dramatic, chile had me ova here thinking he said the N word.

No. 168601

The Emi stuff is at least interesting compared to this literal Who from Whoville.

No. 168610

Hell No Shes not gal anymore get over it.

No. 168632

Oh come on, Georgie and Emi "breaking up" is milky af and the fact that any discussion being shut down shows that you're a newfag or it's a smokescreen by Emi or her skinwalkers to take the attention away from it.

No. 168638

What happened? Did you get any screencaps?

No. 168646

They are still friends. She was present at Georgie’s birthday. One of the other members she got into it with or a child hood friend.

No. 168659

File: 1629497091971.jpg (20 KB, 945x535, dfja;.jpg)

I was assuming because they were both posting about "feeling down" a lot lately, Emi mentioned a friendship breakup in her last video, and they haven't been posting anything together lately, but I think >>168646 is right. Her and Noy aren't following each other, which also could explain why Emi is never present at the AKP meets. Innu and Emi aren't following each other, either.

No. 168744

File: 1629555473198.png (1.14 MB, 983x1650, Screenshot_20210821-101422.png)

Somebody's mad she can't afford an alba coat

No. 168775

I would’nt buy it either. Who bout to spend $800 on a pit stain jacket? Don’t get me started on when you wash it. Yuck all the funk left inside and hidden smells like a sewer.

No. 168801

She couldn't fit it even if she could afford the scalper prices lol she's just another fat cow who hates burando cause she can't have it so she looks down on anyone who has it

No. 168814


so… our ICHIBAN ORA GAL wasn’t able to attend the automotive convention with her gyarusa? uwu

No. 168817

She's not oraora or even really gal anymore so why would she go to meets? Get over it already.

No. 168835

She is not gyaru, and to be apart of akipoyo you have to least practice gyaru. How about you ask her, you follow her every move.

No. 168875

kek first that tiktok now this one? she's perpetually assmad.
I would be too if I was this big with that nose. Pick a struggle

No. 168907

No shade but I feel like the majority of Innu's looks barely count as gyaru… if it were anyone else who wasn't friends with AKP no one would think of them as gyaru and that's facts

No. 168938

She still look gyaru to me. Some outfits don't pass as gyaru she has been wearing lately.

No. 169104

If someone was to create a new Gyaru Secrets, what platform would you gals prefer?

No. 169113

i feel like lolcow/4chan is already a good place for this stuff but maybe tumblr would be better for taking submissions and having comment threads

No. 169304

File: 1629859661308.jpeg (206.97 KB, 749x902, 0F0117FB-1D7D-4856-9F67-968ED9…)

SI she reads here. No one asked about AKP,until it was posted here.

No. 169328

NTAYRT/WK but this doesn't really prove she reads here lol that is someone asking her directly and she has her ask open so often on IG there's no way she answers all of them publicly but go off sis

No. 169332

Nah, AKP and orbiters lurk here, Georgie and Emi have shared lolcow screenshots in their stories before.

No. 169735

File: 1630084185093.jpeg (676.71 KB, 2568x1834, E1FD94BE-0DD5-42D4-B241-442ED8…)

Cringe! I wish this girl with disappear back to her tacky alt goth com and stop posting. Just because she now has a hibiscus emoji in her twitter name and a motorbike she thinks she’s real delinquent LOL. Nothing about any of this is remotely Manba, Ganguro or Gyaru. I envy the Lolita community that at least a healthy dose of gate keeping is some-what keeping the com hanging on by a thread in the west. Gaijin Gyaru died when it got taken over by social rejects with icky makeup, trannies and fats.

No. 169778

She probably plateaued in her scene so she's trying to be trendy and get into gyaru like every other cringe ass tiktok gyaru in existence. She doesn't even try either, she just posts the same makeup and calls it gyaru lol

No. 169784

We really need to bring Gyaru Secrets back, some people just need to be bullied

No. 169984

When did gyaru have chola eyebrows? What screams manba or ganguro on her look?

No. 170050


You guys know she has threads on /snow/, right? She goes by Toxic Tears

No. 170059

Yeah I do know it’s ToxicTears unfortunately for me, thats why I said she needs to go back to her tacky alt goth com. But this is specifically related to her posts in Gyaru groups and how we should gatekeep, people on altcows won’t relate to this lol

No. 170110

File: 1630378750697.png (325.67 KB, 584x839, sdifjsdo230349304.PNG)

she uses blackness as an excuse for everything even when it has nothing to do with whatever it is she's bitching about like the covid vaccine

No. 170122

File: 1630387597290.jpeg (33.67 KB, 480x643, 12ed0b1f02c708ac98ac34e2a843ee…)

??? That's not a rokku coord in the drawing. That's just regular goth/alt/punk-inspired/metalhead clothing.
Nothing about it is gyaru.

No. 170129

probably still sour about the amino mods callin out her retarded egirl friend. for a bitch who claims to be unbothered she sure is pressed

No. 170154

File: 1630418323459.jpeg (705.87 KB, 750x1082, 8FDB953E-9EEB-47EA-970D-29CEB1…)

Margo but gyaru kek

No. 170155

Said by no one

No. 170171

kek I thought this was Margo with a filter from the thumbnail

No. 170175

are you saying our most veteran gyal icon doesn't know what gyaru is?!?!?!

No. 170186

Not to racebait, but a massive issue is a lot of black girls recently think they can be Gyaru because they naturally have kurohada without following the basics of gyaru. It’s just lazy. At least a few years back people like Delandra, as much as we all laughed at her, put some effort in and was gyaru. These gen z n00bs are just entitled.

No. 170191

Your actually right. A quick skim in sekai group,and see it. I see it the most with AsiansandBlack girls. Its easier to achieve with those two races,so don’t see why its hard for them.

No. 170218

File: 1630451346285.jpeg (306.71 KB, 1242x1404, D4BE62EE-0EB7-4861-ACD1-0D178A…)

Here is example of a half Japanese and half “black” Nigerian Gyaru on the left. She use to work at 10sion. No excuses y’all. Your make is half of the look. Sometimes you have to try to find the right style of make up that suits you. Just because she your fave Gyaru does a certain make style, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you. That goes for anyone in the style.

No. 170222

File: 1630453065443.png (1.17 MB, 1235x535, asd0982349isdf.png)

IMO a lot of black girls can't do gyaru right cause their natural features aren't as slim and delicate as asian/european gals so they have trouble making it gal (ex: bigger and wider noses, wider and rounder eyes). They also tne to not wanna put in any work for their makeup so it looks extra weeby and retarded

There's some asian girls who have a similar issue too and that's cause they got wide-set or flat features. Pic related, they're both in sekai

No. 170226

File: 1630456580099.png (273.97 KB, 527x937, index.png)

I wouldn't call most European gals "delicate", feature-wise. Slim, yeah, but there's this "horseface" thing going on that's common to a lot of weeb girls, and they tend to inadvertently make it worse when they overdo the makeup, almost drag queen like.
The reason it works for Asian/Japanese ones is because they have rounder, softer features, so exaggerating and sharpening their features doesn't look harsh (and the same is true for black girls who pull it off/put in the effort).

No. 170227

Or that ugly ass droop eye makeup every gaijin recommend. Shit does not look good on everyone.

No. 170231

To me its looks better on darker,or tan person, no offense. Tan and circle lenses is really a make it or break it without. Without a tan,it looks 100% different on white skin. A clear example is Emi,without a tan she looks like a normie wearing JFashion, I don’t see the gyaru in her without the tan. Lizzie is pretty,but I just see a girl dressing up as gyaru not gyaru.

No. 170237

I think black girls suit gyaru very well regardless of their features. They just need to work on makeup and styling.

No. 170261

they both have droops here lol just because gaijins can't apply their makeup properly doesn't mean the concept of a droop is bad

Lizzie is cute and has her moments but some of her styling is very costume like for sure. Emi was still cute after she started tanning less but her current stuff is not gal at all

No. 170265

Rhea (on the right) is an enigma to me. She's been hanging around the comm but not really committing for over five years now, and her makeup still looks like… that. Why is she still here? Gyaru clearly isn't her thing.

No. 170268

I was thinking the same thing!!! She's never posted anything gal looking, all of her photos are just her stuck in her beginner phase because she doesn't want to commit(sage)

No. 170271

File: 1630479787946.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1284x1603, 77B0D90D-BFE1-4729-B38B-A8AEFE…)

Tell me about it. The amount of bad Gyaru makeup I see are usually from zoomers. Wearing a blonde wig, a hibiscus flower and circle lenses is not what gyaru makes.

No. 170274

File: 1630480926421.jpeg (9.17 KB, 240x88, 0839C6DD-2D17-4295-B508-93623A…)

Shit is ugly. Zoomers representation of a gyaru droop is this shit.

No. 170302

File: 1630511330977.jpeg (792.25 KB, 1280x1847, E3652554-6687-46FB-802D-B8952C…)

I mean the droop in essence is part of the gyaru make. The issue is wouldbe-gals pull a makeup style out their ass and claim it to be Gyaru and it’s not, or they use the wrong techniques/products and end up looking like Aunt Sally or like they followed Halloween Doll Makeup youtube tutorial.

I don’t get why they can’t follow simple instructions apart from lazy, retardation or entitlement, there are plenty of magazine scan tutorials floating about. I know everyone has a starting point but at least get the basics before posting in groups and constantly lowering an already ridiculously low bar. These groups have become an echo chamber of ugly eyefuckery and a lot of these gals make no progress ever.

Also those shiny partycity wigs have got to go

No. 170323

Make is good for a first timer. That blush has to go. Eyebrows is a no-no.

No. 170324

Chris’s makeup is a hit or miss imo.
She has her good days,and clown days.

No. 170336

File: 1630528948283.jpg (1.13 MB, 1280x1446, sodifu230498.jpg)

the horseface is especially bad for girlier styles like himegyaru but recently there have been a lot of very tragic gals who come into the comm with full brand that still just look sad. When will these girls learn that gyaru isn't for them? (pic related, they are all in sekai)

No. 170341

The pregnant redhead girl with glasses and flower dress is honestly really cute, too bad she felt like even trying gyaru lol

No. 170348

Sorry but wth I am cackling at the bottom left photo. This is A Clockwork Gru not gyaru.

No. 170385

The bottom left girl eye make is about to be a pain in the ass. She will need eyelid tapeor line close to her water line.

No. 170408

If you even want to call that gyaru kek

What's going on with those people in the full outfit pictures? How can they be so off? That girl in the top right is classic horseface it's like looking at Katie all over again lul

No. 170409

I meant top left

No. 170413

Middle two are cute imo? Just need to make a bit more effort with hair. And a lot of the 'horse face' girls look like that due to bad contouring, top left and top right would probably look okay if they fixed that.

No. 170417

File: 1630566079393.png (33.13 KB, 863x175, cgldrawthread.PNG)

No. 170419

I don't think contouring or hair styling can fix ugly face or make it gal but go off sis

did anyone actually draw her?

No. 170420

stop! it really looks like margo kek

No. 170422

File: 1630574256656.jpeg (24.39 KB, 700x395, 7_169.jpeg)

No. 170423

Top right is cute, just needs to work on the makeup. middle bottom needs to do whatever is not what she is doing there. She has child proportions but a more mature face and attention-seeking styles seem ill advised. Top left is having fun but these type of styles are not for fun (I say with no hint of irony) people take them very seriously. Top middle is just a lolita, bottom left and bottom right are just chillin' and not adhering to any style. They should stick to sweet lolita or classic normie styles.

No. 170433

Ma’am, this is supposed to be a Gyaru group.. the Lolitas would have you hung, drawn and quartered

No. 170441

Lol have you seen some of the gals in the comm without their makeup? They are downright ugly as sin naturally but when they put on makeup they look like an entirely new person. (Same goes with a LOT of the Japanese gyaru, probably the majority) I don't think you know what you're talking about.
Top right and bottom middle are actually cute. They just need to make some adjustments. Yes, you can still be cute without a button nose.

No. 170442

File: 1630588322146.jpg (262.52 KB, 1040x2015, 239860584_841085473446926_8730…)

Meanwhile, wtf is this shit in SNG? Did Marzia get lost or something?

No. 170501

What style is she going for?

No. 170506

File: 1630610089414.png (240.28 KB, 447x274, secrets.png)


Someone made a new Gyaru Secrets, but no submissions yet.

No. 170521

>Names, usernames, email addresses, and other identifying information must not be included.
>Faces must be blurred, masked, or hidden, unless it’s from a magazine or an ad.

LOL what’s even the point of GS anymore since now you can’t even include any “identifiable information” when all we used it for was talking shit anyway. That and it’s not truly anonymous when you submit anyway. Just let GS die already.

No. 170538

those are the original rules from LJ lmao

No. 170556

No amount of contour or hair fixing is going to make these people pass as gyaru because they just don't have the faces for it so idk what YOU are talking about. Yes, a lot of the nice looking gals are buttfuck ugly too without makeup but the key is they have workable features and the skill to achieve beautiful gal makeup. These girls don't and never will, stop defending horseface rejects it's not about button noses.

No. 170562

I have some things to say but they’re not entirely directed at you. Hope you guys understand my point.
1. Most of the j-gals here edit or use filter there pictures. (Expect with some club, candid, early 2000’s or 90’s photos) Be surprised at what some gals look like. Of course more stereotypically attractive people are going to look better in it, that goes for any style.
2. An old stereotype here. One of the reasons girls became Gyaru is to learn to more appealing and attractive. (Of course there is a rebel reason as well)
3. Everybody needs to learn how to put on make and use techniques that suit your face so you can achieve the look you’re going for. I feel like a lot of these girls do not know how to do make up. 80% percent the style is about the make up. If you don’t wear it how will people know you are gyaru? Also, just because your favorite Gyaru wears that make up does not mean that it will look good on you or even look Gyaru. (Not talking about manba).
4. Let’s be real guys you need to bring out your inner bimbo/island honey/music video girl/babbie/insta model/hot girl/ kawaii sugar baby princess/etc. to achieve this look.

No. 170564

I'm really curious what you think the features that you "need to be gal" are, then.

No. 170565

Thanks anon!

No. 170572

Just wanted to share this plus size manba gyaru. Saw in the past people asking if they could still do the style even if there plus size. Here is some proof.

No. 170573

File: 1630643315701.jpeg (258.64 KB, 1242x1130, 2B775004-5845-49B2-AF39-8C750B…)

Forgot to attach the photo sorry.

No. 170591

Nitpick but I think probably the posing helps an awful lot. Japanese Gyaru always come across as crazy confident party girls having fun in their photos, loud and comfortable with who they are. So many gals on SNG look like they are socially awkward and uncomfortable in a cosplay. How can one believe in their gyaru when even they don’t believe in their gyaru LOL

No. 170653

Gyaru is part of a culture too though. So when these non japanese girls try the style, it is lacking. and not just in clothes, hair and makeup. I feel like it's harder to be gyaru outside of Japan.

No. 170777

Japanese girls don’t give a fuck. American girls have to worry about citizens thinking they a prostitute.

No. 170779

It should be lolcow. Too much work to send in a secret. Anonymous comment is not anonymous? You still have to sign up,and log in?

No. 170808

I always thought submitting anything on gyaru secrets was outing yourself as talking shit. Does anyone know who runs gyaru secrets?

No. 170810

No. From my understanding the person is a veteran gyaru and is very active in the community and know every gyaru to newbie.

No. 170824

Not so unpopular opinion but you gotta be skinny or at the very least average weight to look good in gyaru. Unless it all goes to your boobs, gal looks comical and like utter shit on fatties

No. 170868

File: 1630847196899.png (444.25 KB, 400x500, 4F5D26C4-F521-4D06-9335-AD85A3…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 170884

File: 1630858946224.jpg (274.24 KB, 886x1484, Screenshot_20210905_111828.jpg)

Why is this b always in drama, all because some newbie disagreed with her.
Gotta love how she's a "literal source".

No. 170885

What is with the communist hat and lip mustache looking like Che Guevara. Helped who with what image? Kek

No. 170887

I think she's going for more of a it's a me! Mario! look
Either way how gYaL

No. 170898

Why does it look like an eyeball is in her mouth. Dirty looking

No. 170914

why does this nobody bitch refer to herself as a gyaru "source" while looking like…. that?

No. 170922

You have to be skinny to look good in anything friend. But there are a few chubbos who manage to pull off gyaru and still look really good - like Kohime, who is pretty chunky but still looks better than 97% of the gaijin comm.

No. 170923

File: 1630884651886.jpeg (118.34 KB, 720x960, 18E572E7-CA9D-40B8-94EA-01CBC9…)

Anachan plz, nor do I think her gyaru is much different than the rest of the com, or is the bar now that low ? Kek

No. 170925

File: 1630886714244.jpg (586.63 KB, 1071x1068, Screenshot_20210905-180315_Ins…)

She poses to hide it well, but if you look at her arms and legs you can see she's pretty chunky at least for gyaru, where let's admit it everyone is held to Japanese standards regarding weight.

No. 170928

When has the gaijin community ever been good? 99% of the gaijin community has the same cookie-cutter look. Nothing different but the same copy and paste from magazine to face. Chile y’all need to branch out into other eye shapes and looks.

No. 170929

File: 1630887312717.jpg (176.98 KB, 1052x701, Screenshot_20210905-180717_Fac…)

Cringe as fuck. Why don't you just let your looks speak for yourself and shut the fuck up about all your identities already? Better yet put down the fork and lose weight. Being fat and "latinx" doesn't make you special.

No. 170930

The bar IS that low. kek
Gyaru is dyingso anything will do.
Skin walkers were making a scene about Emi leavingbut her gyaru wasn’t great. Emi’s outfits were shitand hair shit. Emi makeup was only amazing.

No. 170936

I guess you’re right, doesn’t help half of the old gyaru brands don’t manufacture anymore and unlike Lolita, the brands are low quality and bobble after a while so only have a limited wear and resell market isn’t that great. It’s rare to see any brands in SNG. This is probably why we’ve let gals in some sort of leopard print top they found in their mothers closet get away with it for so long kek

No. 170947

File: 1630897832464.jpeg (75.93 KB, 640x960, 68DBF376-0AB6-44B7-BCF9-D668BD…)

sorry I’ll never see her as gyaru, she’s been permanently burned into my brain as this. The bar doesn’t exist anymore

No. 170951

She edit her photos to the moon. Catfish

No. 170963

You pro ana fags are so weird kohime is not chubby she's a healthy weight. Your views on being thin are really distorted if you're comparing everyone to 90lb Japanese girls. Kohime started gal pretty recently and improved a lot over the last year because she kept asking for help from vets and did her research, which is 99% more effort than any other newbie would be willing to put in these days.

This bitch is so fucking annoying how can she make videos with captions like that but look like a damn fairly odd parents character? She's so delusional it puts people like Delandra to shame.

No. 170967

File: 1630913954255.jpg (8.43 KB, 266x277, IMG-20190810-WA0007.jpg)

anyone knows of an online community that isn't an absolute hugbox? getting tired of seeing people basically break down over criticism

No. 170973

File: 1630917879341.jpeg (315.19 KB, 1262x2048, 16AADA93-29E9-4951-8ACA-4AB5A5…)

>Caption: Did a gal raver mashup today

No no no no no no no! This is what NPC sims spawn looking like after you download custom content. This is why the com is a mess, no one concrits how hideous some cords are. Denim skirt with thigh high striped socks with bows on, and boots with rainbow fluffy boot covers??

No. 170982

calm the fuck down the only thing wrong with this is the leg warmers.

No. 170983

“calm down the only thing wrong with this is half of the entire look” and we wonder why gyaru is falling to shit.

No. 170984

White girls in “gyaru”are so fucking ugly. It brings out their manlier features.

No. 170999

File: 1630938037512.jpg (680.98 KB, 1075x1058, Screenshot_20210906-081839_Ins…)

Friendly reminder this is how you have to look if you want to look good in gyaru. If you're not Japanese you have to work twice as hard and that includes putting the fork down from time to time. Cope and seethe fatty.(infighting)

No. 171006

go back to myproana

No. 171009

File: 1630946475428.jpg (57.01 KB, 720x544, Tumblr_l_57475285828229.jpg)

>If you're not Japanese you have to work twice as hard
Picrel is you

No. 171011

Literally everything is wrong with this outfit. Where’s the hair, the makeup? Why the fuck is she wearing Sully’s legs on her feet? Nothing about her outfit is gal.

No. 171012

The ugliest outfit I’ve seen. Not everyone can be blessed with coordination skills. Kyripeu from Egg dress ugly too.

No. 171157

What are the gals that don't do this same face copy paste look?
Makeup-wise, I also only see cute-natural-ish (in gyaru standards) looks or the old school very over the top ones, kinda wanted to see a few different but still gyaru eyeshapes.
Only one that comes to my mind now is Motoko, I know there's others but I either don't know them or don't remember…

No. 171176

Is this active? Does anyone know if there's a submission schedule on this like the old sites had?

No. 171194

Pretty sure it's still active/it's a new version, haven't checked it out thoroughly but i think it has the og rules

No. 171217

It’s active. If they get enough secrets they will start posting.

No. 171227

I don’t get why you would need to use GS if there’s LC? At least here is actually anon!

No. 171383

curl the pigtails, open the jacket and wear a tube top underneath, take off the garter and the horrendous legwarmers and now this could qualify as rokku gyaru

No. 171437

Much easier too. Ain’t nobody about to do all that work to post a secret on tumblr….

No. 171443

File: 1631242107122.png (1.74 MB, 1394x1021, aosidja9080295.png)

guess which dumb bitch decided to rear her ugly head in the amino again lol i think the mods gave up

No. 171723

File: 1631426114962.png (849.89 KB, 931x597, shapeshuh.png)

Don't get me wrong, I love her looks overall, but honestly… These are all exactly the same eyeshape with different eyelashes. Ofc I do know that lashes play a huge part in gyaru make, but if you wanna show more variety, then actually do more variety than just changing the lashes lol

No. 171734

She's done so many of these types of posts and there's always variety? Maybe less in this post specifically but I can still see differences. Some of them are more straight. Lashes change the eye shape a lot too so imo changing up lash combinations counts as an eye shape variation.

No. 171756

All look the same to me. She can change it up with glitter in tear duct. Hell even eyeshadow.

No. 171911

File: 1631547031321.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x1327, Screenshot_20210913-112403_Ins…)

Since this is the new GS apparently:
Ditch the wig and the lipstick, bleach your brows and learn how to coordinate. This looks like a cosplay.

No. 171914

What's with the recent trend of girls who want to start gyaru but don't like to do their makeup, hair or literally any of the aspects necessary to keep up the gal image?
It's weird, kinda like saying you'd love being a football player but hate playing football.
I can never take those girls seriously tbh, it's like they see it as some weird japanese larp.

No. 171915

I'd also advise to get different shades of blush and lipstick, the ones she uses make her look washed out.

No. 171922

You must be a newbie. She use to be a gyaru way back. She did gyaru good. She doesn't claim to be gyaru now,not sure why posted?

No. 171923

File: 1631550783795.jpeg (19.99 KB, 400x400, th (7).jpeg)

She reminds me of tila tequila.

No. 171924

File: 1631550808367.jpeg (50.46 KB, 360x640, th (6).jpeg)

No. 171949

File: 1631563081407.jpg (124.45 KB, 1080x304, Screenshot_20210913-155655_Ins…)

I agree her old looks were good. This is the worst regression since Tsubasa Masuwaka.

No. 171975

File: 1631576873569.jpeg (119.34 KB, 768x960, BE698868-F84D-484B-A07C-C90EA4…)

How sad she has gone from gyaru OG to looking like a noob. If you aren’t goin to do your own hair invest in a decent wig. There are some amazing lacefronts now, if not get some with bangs so the part doesn’t stand out and look like a wig!

On the subject of wigs with bangs: not this; what the fuck is this. For real sng makes me so uninspired, wish she would post less frequent… or never for the sake of my eyes.

No. 171976

Legit thought that was Snookie.

No. 171979

if snooki was a monster high poodle lol

No. 172061

File: 1631630943307.jpg (70.08 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1631630870219.jpg)

Unpopular opinion: Dede's makeup is ass ugly and shouldn't be looked up to.

No. 172063

All of it is a mess. The pilling, the rats nest that's encrusted in hairspray, the caked on makeup, the pose and the plain dry lip. It's horrendous. Looks dusty and halloween-y.

No. 172068

dede is peak over-the-top gyaru, apologize immediately

No. 172072

I love Dede and I also love this, I will die on the altar of my OTT taste

No. 172074

I didn't think OTT meant crusty and fat

No. 172112

She tried and failed to shoop away her double chin. She looks cakey and like she ate the cake

No. 172116

>>171914 It's because it's gotten to tiktok. Now there's plenty of tween girls trying to larp their way into the fashion without actually wearing it or making an effort. It's really annoying.

No. 172506

Sei and Chris are the worst mods we ever had on Gyaru Discord.

No. 172510

File: 1631828020978.png (3.12 MB, 1799x2048, Screenshot_20210916-125938.png)

Tumblr tags will be the death of me.

No. 172518

This looks like a kid.

No. 172524

File: 1631832029448.png (1.88 MB, 773x1800, 1631304892629.png)

Alright who's letting Moo join their gyarusa?

No. 172526

you act like we ever had mods to begin with lol

No. 172558

I swear y'all are so fucking annoying with this discord like there is 0 milk there why are you vendetta posting? It's shit like this that's gonna send us all back to modless times and we're just going to be swimming in tiktok egirls, is that what you want?

No. 172571

Mods are always shit. Amino mods are shit.

No. 172572

Dede is a hot mess. Nippon suckers will excuse itbecause muh precious Japanese desu. Ruimero is a hot mess too.

No. 172578

Just admit y'all enjoy looking like shit with no one to talk to lmao y'all tiring as fuck leave the mods alone and go practice.

It's the fresh out of bag wig for me with the giant chola brows

No. 172596

NTAYRY and not to WK but I don't understand why they're getting so much hate. All of these gyaru groups have historically been awful because the original creators and moderators have all jumped ship years ago. It's not Sei or Chris's fault they have to clean up the mess those people left behind. I've seen that they've been actively creating resources and are always answering so many stupid newbie questions almost daily. If these places are so bad under their moderation why do you guys stay? Why don't you guys volunteer to moderate then or make your own groups and servers? It seems really counterproductive to always come here to complain about not having any decent gyaru spaces while constantly tearing down the people who are trying to salvage these dumpster fire communities.

No. 172610

I don't think Sei or Chris are bad mods per se, it's at the very least way better than having no moderation or standards at all, and afaik there wasn't even any huge unnecessary drama, just some minor things that in a lot of cases was even deserved (i.e that "rokku" tik tok girl).
I will admit though that I find Sei a bit annoying, she always acts a tad higher-than-thou, Chris at least has the looks to back it up and isn't against variety in gyaru looks, Sei on the other hand always does that same face look and seems to want everyone to also do that very same face. Still don't really think she's a bad mod at all tho.

Not to wk Moo of all people, but she never claimed to be gyaru and for her it's just a (bad) cosplay, same way as dozens of other e-thots already did the same "kogyaru" bad cosplays too. It's just a tad worse than the dozens of other e-girls because she is more known.
It's sad but there's this girl I follow who claimed to be gyaru and used to do some cool gyaru looks who has become yet another onlyfans weeb egirl, and ever since she seems to have forgotten that she knows what is gyaru and her kogyaru look was even worse and more cosplay-ish than Moo's… Kinda don't wanna post her though because she was never really known in the comm at all and don't wanna be accused of self-posting, but I'm sure there's a lot of other ones too.

No. 172616

It's funny you say that because I have the opposite feeling with those two. I feel like Chris has been riding the high of her gal journey and talks down on/over people all the time with her seniority, but Sei AFAIK got back into gal recently after a hiatus during her baby phase (as she described herself in the discord) so she hasn't reached the point Chris has yet. You can tell she's still learning and is not afraid to admit when she's wrong, though she does have really strong opinions about things and that can be annoying.

On the other hand, Chris will die on whatever hill she wants because she's top of the gal chain and no one can challenge her because of her experience and I find that more annoying cause it's like she can't ever be wrong.

No. 172638

Yeah I'm thinking based.
Let's be real if a non Nipponjin looked like Ruimero they would be laughed off the internet
The thing with Moo was a joke nonny. Though I'm kind of curious to see what you're talking about.

No. 172675

Ruimero eye makeup looks like an eye infection so bad. Chile I be shaking my head at gaijin who praise THAT.

No. 172676

Chris is too sensitive. Who made her mod? I can't forget the papillion incident. She was unprofessional, and the way she talked to the gal was uncalled for. She could of handle it a different way. Papillion was in the wrong, and made the gal seem she was in the wrong. Papillion forgot to add her group not her.

No. 172679

File: 1631897627280.jpg (455.96 KB, 1072x1610, 20210917_125247.jpg)

Sincerely hope yall know this is a fetish acct. Blocked them after getting the SS.

No. 172680

File: 1631897810269.jpg (944.66 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_20210917-125612_Ins…)

At least we know where all these baby gals are getting their inspo from.

No. 172710

Is this the same incident that Darla posted about on her blog?

No. 172790

Different incident.

That anon is talking about the 109 gyaru-sa incident

No. 172792

Ah, I am not familiar. Can you or someone elaborate?

No. 172805

The group was there lol, the interview was empty. 109 acused them of doing it out of racism. No wonder ppl think the comm is full of clowns.

No. 172874

Yeah right Chris…
The comm been shit. Vets are scared to open their mouth, and call out newbies. The newbies are calling the vets out. What is this fuckery?.

No. 173026

Because the vets are assholes.
Darla cant shut up about gatekeeping brands and taking brand names to the grave with her, weird.
Most brands, even not well known ones have hundreds of pages on mercari, is she going to buy all that? No.
Heck, I don't think she even fits most stuff, then why not share with baby gals?
The mods complain about any minor inconvenience on amino/discord/sng
Ok we get it, there's people who dont put their 100% in gal, and? That's not new.
Just be a little more positive and welcoming, focus on the newbies that put in effort.
If I was new to the gyaru comm and would see all these petty tweets about kids just trying out the style I would no longer be interested in participating, honestly.
Dont even get me started on calypso.

No. 173030

Please spill the tea on calypso.

> newbies that put in effort

Anon if you spent any time in those places you'd see that these newbies don't even know how to use google so I don't blame vets for bitching on personal social media lol

Did anyone else watch the video of the decora girl interviewing Chris and Shiena? It was so painful to watch because Chris hogged all the screen time as predicted.

No. 173031

Yeah, I wished to see Shiena talking more because she's one of the oldest gaijin gyaru, but it was just Chris talking most of the time…

No. 173053

I didn't bother watching for that reason. If I wanted to hear/read Chris dominating conversation and being obnoxious I can just open Discord or SnG any time.

No. 173082

Lol the way I know this is Pikupoyo… guess you're not afraid to name drop now that you're not on your blog
If you weren't a toddler during the highlight of the western gal comm then you'd know how good you have it now compared to then. The comm is the nicest and most accepting it's ever been and because there are so few gals around now if you look even passably good you'll be welcomed with open arms
While I think Darla's gatekeeping is a little edgy I understand why she does it. Just look up brands for yourself, it's not that hard? If you can't be bothered to put in the minimal effort required to do that then this style isn't for you, period

No. 173143

File: 1632067427870.png (856.49 KB, 720x956, Capture _2021-09-19-11-01-13-1…)

Darla not lying. She took a quick skim of re-selling prices, and said fuck it. Kek

No. 173155

Its clearly not Pikupoyo tho? who would be dumb enough to repost their blog to lolcow? plus in the blog, she talks about lolcow. Why aren't we looking at the most obvious problematic gals here? Someone clearly didn't like getting beefed so is weaving some smooth brain webs

No. 173159

Different anon. Yepper looks like it's her. Hypocrite much? She talks BIG talk about anons, but is on anon. lul

No. 173161

The newbie gals want to be spoonfed everything. Then hoard the brand, and look shit on top of it. Darla is correct. Once they get negative comments, they decide to leave. Why are you even in gyaru? Gyarusa in the 2000 are tougher than you bitch.

No. 173170

Points out how dumb it would be to repost your article which doesn't name any names anon to a lolcow with names = me being piku. Smooth brain hours smh. Like is it not obvious how dumb that'd be? The fact Darla keeps getting brought up here is giving me serious creepshow art victim posting vibes, throwing other gals in the limelight. Literally very poster here is clearly gal and just trying mega hard to pass the blame for being crappy. Obviously dumb mental gymnastics is dumb, breaking headline. Clearly, if Piku had any interest in shit-talking, she wouldn't be copying her article word for word but adding in names of people she is friends with?

No. 173172

Try harder to lurk before self-posting next time. Your the only one having a bitch fit over someone opinion. Darla must’ve struck a nerve.

No. 173177

Lmao you're so entitled. You have all the vets kissing your ass and it's still not enough for you for some reason

No. 173183

File: 1632081245773.jpeg (229.05 KB, 750x720, FF3A1876-FC8E-4494-9A72-FBB127…)

This is good tea!

No. 173191

Did that fake tan seep into your brain? Like dumb asses here tonight

No. 173204

Chris will always have beef with Darla. It's them posting shit. Mystery solved.

No. 173245

Seller is high. You can find plenty of musty jackets for cheap all over the jp site. What the fuck is wrong with y’all.

No. 173352

why do Chris and Darla have beef? you bitches need to start posting some receipts for all this beef you're alluding to

No. 173353

Sorry for doublepost but also I'm not sure what the point is of trying to point fingers at who has shit to say about Darla given what Darla herself puts on twitter. Her opinions mostly aren't anything I disagree with but she puts them out there in a really aggro way. It's guaranteed to piss people off.

No. 173419

Can we please talk about Emiriichu's new look? She's gone the ulzzang way in 2021. What a joke of a great gyaru.

No. 173420

File: 1632144407054.jpg (144.7 KB, 1125x1126, emiriichu2021.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 173443

Bruh she cut off all her hair on a whim, I'm pretty sure she's BPD or something. I can't imagine how in debt she is from changing her "booms" every 20 hours - didn't she just get rid of everything and replace it with purple and gloomy bears, and now it's blue??
>inb4 "you can't talk about Emi anymore she's not gyaru"
She got well known for it so yes I'm going to talk about her just like ya'll talked about SuiPrincess long after her hime days

No. 173447

Looks good on her IMO. It's more refined albeit looking a little costume-y.

No. 173449

ulzzang is not a style… she doesn’t look ulzzang.

No. 173451

Self post? What’s to talk about? Style shit, look shit, what else? Kek is this your way of trying to get new followers, and stay relevant? New style isn’t working, and loss followers by a lot.

No. 173454

What’s the tea?

No. 173471

File: 1632158846563.png (796.76 KB, 758x587, ,nn.png)

forreal, who tf actually have sanpaku eyes while wearing circle lenses. convinced this chick has bodies in the basement

No. 173481

Stop trying to make this chick happen lol

No. 173486

She has improve in gyaru. Tik tok gen did get on her for being mixed, and white.

No. 173528

There was some stuff about Chris bringing Pepa on board to kick Darla's ass about something (surely stupid) that happened on Papillon private group. It's always like that with Chris, you get to upset them, then you get their entire group of friends ready to WK them lol

No. 173614

How dare someone's parents have the audacity to mix races!! Disgusting, vile! They've tainted their bloodline! kek. these tik tokers don't realize they've come full circle.
Anyways equating gyaru with literally anything to do with race is retarded

No. 173654

as expected of Chris

No. 173685

Zoomers thought she was a pure breed white girl. Lost their shit. Zoomers harasses her for being Asian mixed white. Zoomers can’t believe Asian mixed white exist. It can’t be true! Kek

No. 173687

Wasn’t the magazine originally created by Darla? How arrogant do you have to beto kick out the creator of the magazine…..

No. 173694

nayrt but whoa I didn't know Darla left Papillon and just looked this up: http://shibuharaglitter.blogspot.com/2020/11/i-created-monster-truth.html

Now here's some milk- it's old milk, but I'm sure I never remember it being posted or discussed here. This is pretty explicit about the inside Papillon drama.

No. 173696

Chris wasn't even on the team, they were supposed to pick the models but Kelsey took that roll instead. The only drama was how that went down. Most of the drama came from the editor team and how the models (Chris) responded to it.

No. 173697

You sound like you have insider knowledge here. Can you greentext wtf happened for the farm?

No. 173705

Yawn. This he said she said is boring af. Either summary, screenshots of stfu. This isn’t Gyaru Secrets, stop being so vague kek.

No. 173753

File: 1632291520337.png (715.12 KB, 816x599, sodamnugly.png)

Not like it's anything new, but the bar is so low for trannies. Someone asked on the discord server about trans"woman" gals, and this was one of the examples one of the vets showed.
Wtf is that make up. If it was a cis girl, they would be tearing her a new one, if anything using her as example of how not to do. But it's a stunning and brave trans girl, so of course this is good huh.
Regardless of my personal opinion about gender and trans people, this low bar for them is legit SO DAMN ANNOYING.

No. 173754

Coming from a comm that praise ruimero’s makeup…… Don’t see the outrage.

No. 173755

File: 1632296922586.jpeg (301.29 KB, 1170x1601, 765279DC-5902-460E-800F-4C570F…)

I am sure the Neanderthaler Maximillion even did a better job. This troon is a dam mess.

No. 173766

Why do you think this is Pikupoyo?

No. 173768

The makeup wasn't always perfect on japanese gyarus either back in the days.
I think people enjoy her for living the life, in Japan, the attitude and the commitment. I think THAT's why the bar is so low, not the gender thing.

It's pretty weird a vet would post her as an example though. Keichamu seems like a more appropriate choice.

No. 173770

Ah yes dragging down the reputation of foreigners, gyaru and gaijin gyaru alike as he looks like shit parading his fetish across Japan… then faking getting date raped because "real women would totes take a pill from a random guy!!!" for attention… what's not to admire.
Just another yellow fever scrote who looks tragically bad, but now because we are supposed to put troons on a pedestal it somehow makes him admirable. What a twisted joke 2021 is.
Piku posted essentially the same exact thing on her blog like 8 hours before that post went up and she has the same unhinged ESL style of typing if you read anything she's ever written (yes, I know she's native). She's bitter af because she "can't post what she wants" for whatever reason (no one is stopping you boo) and wants everyone in the comm to be a giant hugbox full of rainbows and asspats.

No. 173771

File: 1632317579547.jpg (772.44 KB, 1080x1475, Screenshot_20210922-092925_Ins…)

This poor worker in the background… but then again it its nichome she's probably use to it…

No. 173777

Are they really trans or just a bad drag queen? Atleast they are self aware about the こわ kek

No. 173780

trans, or at least presenting as such - posts are tagged as "transgender" and "new half" (moon for troon) in Japanese.
Topkek. and then there are the handmaidens in the comments telling him he looks amazing… They have to be yanking his chain and encouraging the self-destruction.

No. 173781

File: 1632322628600.png (2.91 MB, 1378x2048, Screenshot_20210922-075526.png)

you been hit by
you been struck by
a smooth criminal

No. 173792

File: 1632331191413.jpg (96.72 KB, 719x1280, photo5069193159388539320.jpg)

Since you're talking about troons, Wes is dating one kek

No. 173795

Keichamu was posted along with other Japanese gals but since anons here just want to fuel drama of course y'all picked out the worst example listed kek. Person asked for examples of trans people doing gal not if it was done well but of course that detail is going to be skimmed over and we're going to assume everyone prsises that specific example zzz

Wes is the ugly one in that relationship.

No. 173796

Your jealousy is ugly booboo. Reila is cute
Is Wes still gyaru-o?? Seems like he cut all his hair off

No. 173804

That's not really why the bar is so low anon, I mean it is part of the thing of course but a cis woman with the same make up would certainly be criticized a lot in the gaijin gyaru comm, and absolutely NEVER be used as example. She would be yet another gal who "refuses to learn", "low effort", "don't listen to advices and get better" as the vets literally bitch about every other day.
Keichamu would really be a way better example, he at least knows how to do makeup (for gyaru standards), hair and codes, unlike this absolute who tranny.
Here's lolcow, you don't have to wk trannies so hard anon.
The point still stands, you know? For cis girls, if one asked for any girl of a specific group who does gyaru, they would link the good looking girls or at least the girls they know what they were doing, not someone who does it like this. The bar is lower for trannies and there is no really denying that. Keichamu and the others were only linked hours after the bad makeup trannies, and you too please don't skim over the detail some people were literally "I love her style".

No. 173810

not in the shit discord but wouldn't be surprised considering i know that the mods are the queens (and gender nonconforming monarchs) of virtue signaling kek.

No. 173813

We get it y'all hate the discord mods for doing their jobs and making the server actually usable. This shit is not milk do we have to keep bringing this up every time the discord is brought up or will y'all learn to just be bitter on the inside?
> gender nonconforming monarchs
You got issues with trans people looking better than you and it shows kek

Saw that some of them didn't want to link specific accounts or name anyone so I get why it took a while to post the Japanese gals. The ones who loved ts gal's style probably don't know what gyaru is anyways so why do we care?

No. 173843

We know you lurk here, Reila. And no, no one is jealous of your ugly ass. You look like a clown with makeup.(hi cow)

No. 173852

Pikupoyo or not, they aren't wrong kek, Darla literally does not shut up about coveting brand and how protective of it she is, even when making guides for newbies she'll say shit like "if you know, then you know" and since she wanted to distance herself from everyone else in the comm she deems as "toxic" when she seems more like the toxic one (pun intended) maybe she should just do her own thing instead of trying to be "helpful" so half-assedly.

That being said I don't care for Piku, especially knowing she's besties with that cringey Addy Harajuku girl so inb4 anyone claims I'm a wk for her.

No. 173896

No matter what makeup she puts on or outfit, she never looks gyaru to me
Her face will never fit it(sage)

No. 173911

Reila is cis, retard. Have you never heard her talk?

No. 173990

You must have a vendetta against her. Gyaru makeup absolutely fits her.

No. 173992

No one helps the newbies in the comm. Have you not seen sekai, and amino. Pure nightmare fuel. Besides that one asian girl, everyone just heart, and keep it scrolling. It wouldn’t hurt if they research themselves sometimes, or pick up a freaking magazine. You can’t spoon feed them everything. newbs think all it takes to be gyaru is brand.

No. 173993

The brand thing I can see why. Ugly mfs wearing it. When a cute bitch like me should be wearing it. When I say you all told the newbies everything you did. Now posers are trying to leave after the damage been done. The creeps are worse sending dm to anyone remotely posting gyaru.

No. 174059

>talking about the fb group and especially the amino
Well, there's your problem kek
Shit talk the discord as much as you want, the gals in there are helpful to newbies even when being asked the same newb questions repeatedly.

What irks me about Darla is she'll make a video like the AliExpress one, and talk about how an item looks like a brand piece but won't say the brand? Bitch, why bring it up then? It's retarded, she could say "oh this would work for a __ style" instead of trying to "flex" in the most annoying, cunt-ish way possible. No wonder she left Papillon and she has barely any friends in the comm now.

No. 174080

What’s your point? I found the AliExpress video really helpful, being gal is not about brands, especially if you look at reiwa gyaru. Finding good stuff that resembles the oldschool styles in Ali is a godsend. I get that you have a vendetta on her but lol don’t put her down for the stupidest reasons.

No. 174086

File: 1632494981636.jpg (12.22 KB, 250x250, 94f0cb21bd56b93e42b4e712200ece…)

Not sure who is the retard here? Imagine having someone to explain you why Reila looks like a trans woman kek and a bad one at that

No. 174089

Now that's pure vendetta, Reila is really cute, and even if you do not think so, she looks nothing like a man.

No. 174095

If by the mods doing their jobs you're referring to using gyaru as a mouthpiece to further their sociopolitical views, then yes, I have a problem with the mods doing their jobs. I want to join a discord to discuss the actual fashion. I have a life and real world problems to deal with that I don't want to be eyeblasted with BLMACABBIPOCTQ+ bullshit every time I try to relax.
>trans people looking better than you
Ok Chris you might look better than me as long as you have your makeup on but you will always be a rotten person inside. Just remember looks and instafame don't last forever and you're coming up on the age where you better start to realize that. I would take being myself over you any day of the week.

No. 174100

>You got issues with trans people looking better than you
cope lmao. you're in the wrong place for this shit

No. 174125

You're completely missing the fucking point, anon. I agree it's not about brands and that it's somewhat helpful but she literally spends half the video talking about her gatekeeping brands and how "if you know, you know ;)" when it would have been far less annoying and cuntish to just….not bring it up in the first place? Literally she could have talked about styles it would look cute with or even mention magazines without mentioning brands at all, but hey, you're totally right, why do that when you can spend the extra minute in a half saying "the brand that is associated with liz lisa but isn't Liz Lisa" and "this looks like a certain brand piece but I am not going to say which because I'm protective of brand, so if you know then you know"
And as another anon mentioned too it seems especially pointless since Darla is plus size and can't fit into most gyaru brands anyway.

And if you honestly think that's a vendetta and want to keep missing the point and WKing Darla so hard, then you're just retarded. Or rather….if you know, you know kek

No. 174137

This thread is pointless, it's just random WK infighting lol

No. 174142

Cows included.

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