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File: 1493896291463.jpg (16.64 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 304264

Sere has a thread. The Gaijin Gyaru in Tokyo 2017 thread is all Jojo so I made a new one to talk about the mess that is Shiena.

If you don't already know: Shiena (real name Shannon Wong) is a Canadian gyaru living in Tokyo. She moved to Tokyo in 2010 (which is when the thread pic is from). Now…she's pushing 30, working illegally at a morning kyaba, and still trying to convince everyone she is the best/classiest human ever. In between those 7 years she lived in a shitty apartment with a gyaru named Ashley, joined a gal circle, got some old guy to pay her way through Vantan, had Sere support her, worked at some gal cafe, and insulted all the other gaijin gyaru.

She loves to delight everyone with her drama rants about how hard it is being as beautiful/curvy/smart/whatever as she is. That's great and all but she doesn't have the best grasp of English or Japanese so reading through them can be a bit tough.

If you want to reference something, post a screenshot for proof. It helps everyone out. Have fun!

No. 304268

She posted on instagram that shes working at a night kyaba in kabuki called enchante

No. 304270

She was working at Lugano. Maybe she's working two jobs now? Is enchante also a morning kyaba?

No. 304272

No. 304273

According to caba2, it's a night club. Unless she quit working at Lugano, she has two jobs. Makes sense since she seems to be poor.

No. 304278


Yeah in one of her insta comments she said she works morning &night now

How does she get customers at all? Her Japanese is still bad and Japanese people are pretty racist against other Asian nationalities

No. 304279

If she had. a lot of customers, she wouldn't be working day & night. lol

She is probably living off the hourly wage (it's like ¥4000~¥5000 per hour).

No. 304280

I don't understand why she's still in Japan. She can't keep working at a kyaba for much longer, she's getting too old and she doesn't have a proper visa. I mean I get that she'd have no job opportunities in Canada and all but like…what is the point of being in Tokyo now? Ashley moved away, she's not in a relationship, it doesn't look like she's ever dated anyone but Ai, and she seems to live in a tiny apartment without a real closet.

No. 304281

Does Shiena live in a sharehouse? She never posts pics of her apartment at all. Just the one of her clothes on metal racks.

No. 304282

I looked through her insta. She has as many pics in Sere's shithole as she has in her own. You can barely see anything but it looks like it's just one of the tiny one room apartments.

No. 304284

I had never though about it but I think it totally is a sharehouse! There's definitely no kitchen in her room. hahaha

No. 304288

Sorry but there definitely not enough milk on Shiena in 2017 to validate her own thread. All she does is moan online and that's pretty much it. If there was enough milk on her surely the gaijin thread would have talked about it rather than discussing jojos split ends kek

No. 304291

The sharehouse is worth the whole thread. hahah

No. 304292

Has she really never had a boyfriend???

No. 304294

The fact that all threads have been hush on Shiena for quite some time yet there has been such a sperg of comments barely minutes apart with hardly any actual milk and similar typing style, makes me think this thread is samefagging vendetta or self post to become relevant again pshht

No. 304331

Why is there a thread for Shiena? This is a big reach.

No. 304342

what of
>If you want to reference something, post a screenshot for proof
did you fuckers not understand?

not even a link to her instagram

this thread is already trash

No. 304368

She "dated" a host named Ai. He made her do things like wait for him in the snow for 5 hours and always pushed her away.
The way she wrote about the relationship really showed what a whackjobs she. "Our eyes met through the smoke across the room in the host club and I knew we understood each other and our souls bonded" etc etc.
She whined all the time about how she wanted to get married or adopted by Japanese so she could stay in Japan. He got drunk and jumped off a roof and died.

No. 304378


"Our eyes met through the smoke
across the room in the host club and I knew we understood each other and our souls bonded"

Omg do you have more of these gem quotes? I almost died laughing

is right, OP should have at least posted her insta, FB and hilarious old blog if it still exists
Insta name is ningyosama btw

No. 304382

She went to kai language school with ashley but they skipped like almost everyday

No. 304395

No. 304431

Ai has been dead for ages.

This 'milk' is practically a block of stank ass gorgonzola it's that old. Either you guys need to catch the fuck up or move the fuck on. A whole new thread for this blast from the past bullshit with OP begging for receipts with no new input to add? Reach for the stars OP, at least you tried ☆彡

No. 304459

you can always just lie and say youre japanese. None of the other weebs are above it lol

No. 304724

I think she's dating this bar owner named Andy.

No. 304980

Can Sandra stop making thread about randos though? I hate shiena but this milk is old as hell

No. 304983

Why do you think this is Sandra?

No. 304998

I'm kind of on the fence on if a Shiena thread is viable or not. Her milk all seems really old and she's not as interesting as someone like Sere. Sere has her own thread because even though the milk is a slow delivery at times, she has a failed AV career, two throw away kids, a failed marriage, and she's a struggling prostitute. Shiena is cringe worthy at best, but she's just another boring foreigner working kyaba for the most part. The gaijin gyaru thread seems good enough.

No. 305014

Totally agree on this

No. 305028

What is interesting with Shiena is that she's always keeping the drama as low as possible. Yet hangs out with all of the groups/parties which (openly) dislike eachother.

>hanging out with katies group

>hanging out with lorena

Also, it would be nice to know her visa status. She's working at two clubs now, while her Japanese is shit, or at least appears to be shit. Even I can understand what she writes, which makes me wonder if she does it on purpose to trigger people online of if her Japanese really is that bad.

No. 305032

Maybe she sees individuals as individuals and if she doesn't have personal conflict with said person she doesn't see a need to hate them just because one her friends hates the other. Switzerland of the Jcomm.

No. 305034

It's interesting because lorena is accepting it. If you look at the past, how she excluded gaya from everyone else and she tried the same with other people aswell. But if Shiena does it, it's ok for her? I think Shiena is Lorenas last straw to check what the others are doing and talking about her

No. 305037

Gaya excludes herself. Shiena is a stronger character and won't back down.

No. 305048

>she's always keeping the drama as low as possible
what drama? show me the drama?! you're just making reaching assumptions with no receipts or facts. just hoping someone out there has milk to provide but they don't

No. 305056

Shannon is so annoying.
I really think she is mental. Her best friends were always fucked up in the head too (ashley, lorena)

No. 305182

No. 305191

>last post nearly a year ago

No. 305807

Shiena works at Gingira.

No. 305815

Loool going to post any proof idiot

No. 305841

no milk. boring no milk having ass 'farmer'. Face it, this was clearly a vendetta. All that's been posted is years old info or boring statements with no proof or receipts. Not even one screenshot, nothing.

No. 305848

No. 305879

I thought she worked at Lugano and Enchante?

No. 305890

Shannon is to 90% married
Otherwise she couldn't work at a japanese club

No. 305925

Gingira is a really famous deli heru store in shinjuku all the girls are gyaru and good looking..Some famous ex Av stars like Cocona work there lol. Shiena is not working there

No. 306054

No. 306354

Not the anon who mentioned gingira, but I looked through the models and I do think that this might be her


The measurements are right and from the first photo she has the same stumpy fingers that Shiena has.

No. 306360

Overly shoopd but yeah that's her for sure

No. 306366

You fuckers must be blind or never seen Asians before. That's definitely not her lmao

No. 306367

Even with shoop

No. 306368

You sound a bit too offensive to be serious. The measurements are her, the first image is clearly her and even the description reveals things that are her. I mean, where tf do you think she'd make her money? A gyaru soapland is just perfect for her!
>no one will judge her make&hair
>not too much talking
>easy money to provide a decent living
>working with Japanese gyaru tehe just like a gyarusa good old days

No. 306375

Are you even reading anything on the fucking website its not a soapland dickhead. Its a fucking deli heru

No. 306376

ikr hahahaha the amount of reaching . This is clearly not her. Seems like the same person commenting claiming its shiena..talk about a fucking vendetta

No. 306381

That's not her dumbass. The measurements are lied about so shittily for these shops and they often probably use preset measurements. If it if the measurements match up Asians don't have that much fucking variation in size.
It looks nothing like her even with the shoop. Shannon is delusional and annoying but I'm kind of fucking tired of Lara and Sandra making vendetta threads about dried up milk and random bullshit

No. 306382

I agree that its not shannon but why are people saying that these vendetta threads are by sabdra abd lara?

No. 306388

hahahahhaha this looks nothing like shiena and the fact you've identified her through
>the same stumpy fingers
has me rolling. not all asians look the same anon. and even with photoshop, unless they are directly copy and pasting someone else's facial features and entire head on top on shiena's, this is not her. give up and quit reaching.

No. 306396

Lol anon just wants her to be in fuzoku tier work so badly they aren't even seeing straight. It's been what? 7years and not one shred of proof of her doing anything but kyaba or bar. I think it's time to give up.

No. 306411

>Sandra is batshit and even signed up as a hooker so she could spy on these bitches IRL. It's been proven she make tons of threads on here
I used to know Lara and her little group years ago before she fled to Osaka. She said she liked posting on Gyaru Secrets about herself as well as other girls.

The reason it's both of these girls starting it as well as other girls who know them IRL joining is because these threads know every single fucking detail about nobodies in Japan. Nobody knows whose these bitches are except people in their smelly weeb group. Katie has posted here, so has Shani and Charlott.

No. 306422

Wheres the proof that sandra made threads? I thought the only person who got properly outed was melissa lol

No. 306431

OH SHIT. I meant Melissa. Sandra is other fat German girl right? Sorry sandy lol. Yeah it's Melissa and Lara making these.

No. 306442

You're not completely wrong though, sandra LOVES to shit post on here too

No. 306445

Did Sandra get married by the way? Just found out Charlie is married.

I'm pretty sure Shiena is married too anon. She's Chinese and her Japanese is shit. Japs hate Chinese she would've got kicked so long ago

No. 306449

Charlie? Do you mean Charlie Shoobert or Chatlott?

No. 306458

Paperwork wise she's Canadian and look-wise, blends in very well.

No. 306463

Ew fat charlie shoobert that loojs 40?

No. 306472

Yeah no. Japanese don't care about that. If you're non white and especially if you look Indian, Arab, African or Southeast Asian they give zero fucks if you have a European or Canadian nationality. Also being Gyaru and speaking shitty Japanese and having a Chinese last name make her even more of an eye sore. Japan cares more about looks than your actual nationality.

No. 306479

Except she looks like a typical gyaru and not notably foreign asian. She can't speak chinese nor have chinese mannerisms and speaks fluent english without an asian accent. If you don't see her last name no one will know she's chinese decent at all. For ID checks it lists your country not your blood. So you will be seen as your nationality regardless for law related things.

It's only office work, english teacher stuff etc that she might have some discrimination for having chinese blood.

No. 306481

You're a dumbass. Yes for ID checks it has your country but the person checking is going to obviously see she's Chinese. Japanese people will NOT see her as Canadian. If she's smart she should lie and say she's Japanese-Canadian Nikkei that can't speak Japanese.

No. 306482

Shienna is married. Sandra is not married.

No. 306483

Gyaru in Japan are discriminated against for being weirdos/nonconformists too. When they randomly stop Japanese people they go for the Lolita, Punks, Gyaru and weirdos so being Gyaru makes her an extra target than if she were some black haired easy Asian girl.

No. 306485

Sandra got married to a host and ran away to Osaka last year

No. 306488

She says she works in ginza though

No. 306490

My friend was Chinese American and got caught for night work a long time ago but she was let off the hook when she said she made and honest mistake and won't do it again and for good grades, perfect attendance and most of all coming from a "good country".

In the paperwork, they only care about your nationality. Because the rules per country is designated by your country not your blood unless it's Japanese.

On the contrary a white guy friend of mine who had Mexican nationality was scrutinized and examined strictly for his marraige just because of his Mexican passport.

So because she doesn't look foreign the only place that might discriminate against her for Chinese blood are employers.

No. 306491

Wasn't she married to some sugar daddy old guy? And claimed to go to university?

No. 306493

That was made up by herself, I still see her in kabukicho going to hotels with her customers Kek

No. 306497

I saw Sandra a couple of times in kabukicho recently as well. What a liar

No. 306499

Yeah sandra is married. Also she comments here a lot

No. 306503

She's not kek
Someone who knows her told me it was made up

No. 306513

So how can she stay in japan?!

No. 306514

Probably as a student

No. 306515

She's college student, university was a lie as well

No. 306526

Sandra is always lying so I'm not surprised

No. 306606

If you actually met Lara then you would know that she has absolutly no bad blood with Shiena. She had nothing bad to ever say about her. Also Lara hasn't been gyaru for years now and isn't even in Japan anymore. Stop making up bullshit.

No. 306628

Hello Lara.

No. 306971

Why is it that you fucktards always assume that a poster is a certain person? I am not Lara so stop assuming you dumbfuck.

No. 306994

bring it down a few notches newfag

No. 307013

I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of Ashley's minions that made this thread. Judging from
lack of information, blind reaching, it's probably someone who has not even met her before.

No. 307165

Who cares who made the stupid thread. Shiena is boring. Aside from being a complainer on her own social media accounts, she really has no milk. OP has a personal vendetta.

No. 307288

There's a high chance Shiena had a 3-some with Lorena and Cody Sanderson for jewellery. If you look at Lorena's instagram posts on the 20th March, it seems to be quite a coincidence that it was in Shibuya too (where the love hotel was) .


(Correct me though if march milk is old milk)

No. 307295

>they were in the same area therefore they must have had a threesome for jewellery
do you realise how insane you sound?

No. 307296

Shiena also met up with Cody and Lorena together. There were even photos of them together and afterwards Shiena suddenly owned Cody jewellery as well. What a coincidence. Also Lorena made a joke about having a threesome or posti.g sth about a threesome that day with him. She had threesomes with cody and other friends eg gaya before. Doesn't seem too unlikely

No. 307305

I did put 'a high chance',
It is just a specualtion/observation. It doesn't mean I believe it to be 100% true, just possible.

No. 307417

Seriously what's with this girl's haters. Constantly reaching with no solid receipts.

No. 307419

Credibility of this thread is nil

No. 307469

File: 1494272011248.png (440.68 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0527.PNG)

No. 307474

she has designed for small vkei bands before. but this is like 3years old. whats your point?

No. 307564

You guys are dumb as fuck with no business/marketing experience.

Sanderson makes tack that hosts love. Shiena and Sere go to host/work around hosts, they are perfect for marketing/advertising. Hosts become interested in their huge tacky jewelry and ask the brand, thus Sanderson gets his name spread <i>just</i> a little further.

Why do people bash so hard on people that get stuff for free and can't ever get past the notion that <i>they must have fucked for it!</i>


No. 307594

Shannon lurks
She said she doesn't edit her photos a lot. Only angles and filter

No. 307961

Sere only/mainly fucks white old man. It's ages ago that she came close to hosts except for her little boytoy. Even hosts have standards.

I mean, I do see your point and if this story would only include Shiena then I'd definitely be pro your argument. But this story includes Lorena, so your argument becomes invalid. That woman had threesomes with this man before -it was even mentioned on TAG as far as I remember- and she also slept with his son kek

No. 307965

You sound personally offended anon.

No. 307968

TAG link plz?

No. 308018

But this story also involves Shiena. Do you really think she's comfortable enough for a threesome. Girl doesn't even have nudes or sexy photos.

No. 308032

Yes, personally offended that you're all such fucking morons you can't even see simple business logistics.

Exactly, Shiena doesn't have this personality type. Only Sere.
Which is why I am still entirely convinced it's BS and this Sanderson dude looked at it from a business perspective. Especially with Shiena, who is a hostess, who is in kabuki surrounded by hosts. Who works with people that avidly go to host clubs and buy their tacky hosts tacky presents.

It makes PERFECT sense why he would select people like that to give gifts of his tack if it means potential business/free advertisement.

No. 308035

So you know her personally?

No. 308037

I don't know Shiena personally, I'm just offended at how GODDAMN STUPID people are that no one can think of anything other than people gaining things from sex.

Sere must have met this Sanderson guy in/around/from a connection to the host environment. So, even though she fucks him it doesn't mean Shiena does. It really does make perfect BUSINESS AND MARKETING sense that HE would use them as advertisement, especially Shiena because of where she works!

No. 308906

Why are you so mad though? Are you seriously getting this heated over a bullshit anon gossip board saying some nobody hostess in Japan might have fucked a designer for some tacky jewelry?

No. 312543

No. 315876

She deleted her blog

No. 315974

Maybe the mad anon was her or a friend. Seemed overly defensive.

No. 316336

Will say it again for yet another dumbass anon.

I'm not her friend.

The level of stupidity and one track mind irritated me.

No. 316342

Sure anon.

No. 317863

File: 1495338003468.jpg (76.7 KB, 454x454, IMG_20170520_203710.jpg)

Is she doing drugs? She looks so bad these days. And nothing is helping her powdery ass makeup.

No. 317870

File: 1495338388168.jpg (50.62 KB, 393x392, IMG_20170520_204527.jpg)

Shiena is dating this guy…maybe they're just fucking. Saw them a couple of times in Shibuya. His name is Andy. He's some haffu bar owner.

No. 317947

File: 1495349132549.png (239.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-20-21-37-58…)

Shiena made a JAV

No. 317951

What's her Insta?

No. 317963

is this actually her??

No. 317970

Ahahaha thats not her. Shiena has a way fatter face

No. 318021

Omg it totally is her! Even the necklace…

No. 318023

File: 1495367606611.jpg (56.84 KB, 667x600, 1hbkib.jpg)

No. 318028

You must be so damn stupid… even I can see it's not her

No. 318032

that's chinese idiot.

No. 318033

Ahaha what is this

No. 318045

File: 1495372827437.png (561.22 KB, 815x554, 25zjprs.png)

No. 318073

Y'all say any basic Asian bitch is Shiena lol

No. 318163

She knows basic Japanese, she has spoken it in videos, she literally is just socially awkward.

Christ this thread is lame.

No. 318182

File: 1495390055910.jpg (34.38 KB, 384x468, 4uw305.jpg)

No. 318255

You're blind. Even if you can't tell Asians apart, do you hear how stupid you sound? She's Asian and wears a necklace! That's not even her or her necklace lol.

No. 318437

99% of this is 5+ years old or random Asian chicks that the op desperately wishes was shiena. Why so desperate?

No. 318548

Is this from gyaru secrets? Bahaha so delusional

No. 321303

What is shiena going to do when she turns 30? She only has two years left…no real career (since she's working illegally)…and she is starting to look her age. Maybe she'll move back in with her mom?

No. 321668

She's also doing translation work on the side right now. Maybe she will move in that direction? She's got an associates degree and a stylist certificate and some experience in management. She'll survive somehow.

No. 321674

Some talent in graphics, illustration and hairmake too. She has a lot of random little skills. A lot more than the average kyabajo.

No. 321688

I doubt she's actually doing translation work. Both her Japanese and English are terrible. Plus her degree is from a worthless school. Maybe she could do hair/make though…

No. 321751

I don't think her English is terrible. Just looks like lack of proof reading. But who puts that much effort in statuses anyway. Her Japanese has likely the same problem.

No. 321754


I've met her before way back when she was still in Vancouver and hung out at a couple of gatherings. Her English is fluent. Can't vouch for her Japanese though.

No. 321766

If you ever watched the Trouble in Tokyo videos or any of her interviews or read her blog, you can see that her English is barely highschool level. I get that she's a native English speaker but that doesn't mean she knows proper grammar.

No. 321771

She almost doesn't speak at all in those videos. Lol

No. 321782

I went to college and high school with her. Her major was English and in highchool, she was always on the honor roll and won a scholarship for her art. You can't base someone's professional language level with the way they type statuses and blogs if they aren't serious about it. I'm a little surprised she didn't use her talents for something greater yet. Kind of a waste

No. 321787

Why are you lying for her? She didn't go to college. She moved to Japan and went to Vantan which is barely a real school.

No. 321793

I'm not lying. Go check her facebook. Her Canadian college is listed there and there are college graduation pictures in her albums.

No. 321796

It's not listed. Post some kind of proof.

No. 321802

File: 1495762670256.jpg (86.19 KB, 720x540, IMG_2073.JPG)

College graduation photo.

No. 321804

File: 1495762781331.png (410.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2074.PNG)

No. 321900

Did she just get an associates degree?

No. 321913

Hi Dania

No. 321930

Could you just stop with that shit?

No. 321931

oh no please do not summon that weird demonic monkey

No. 321961

Why do you people care so much about Shiena? She's almost 30 and is going to get kicked out of Japan soon enough. This is year 2 for her living illegally. Lol

No. 321962

>won a scholarship for her art
How bad must everyone elses art have been then?
She has a good hand for coloring, but lacks sense for construction.

No. 321963

Her art is not very well drawn but I agree about the coloring. I know she tried to sell some of her art and she has the website thing. I hope she gets a real job at some point but idk how she can without a visa. Only a shitty kyaba will take her right now.

No. 321964

The grammar and English on her work (art) website is shut too tho. Lol

No. 321968

File: 1495781577283.jpeg (55.41 KB, 508x508, received_1858055767851390.jpeg)

bahahahah most of the art she does is of herself and it's just shit

No. 321969


No. 321971

Does anyone have the missing Trouble in Tokyo videos? Only a few are on youtube.

No. 321995

Herself and boys she wants to fuck. She has to draw her own boyfriends because in reality no one is good enough for precious.

No. 321997

Some are with Ai. Sheina is like crazy pathetic. Have you seen how chunky she's gotten? Maybe she's pregnant.

No. 321998

Her sense for colours is amazing though. I wish she'd learn more about anatomy

No. 321999

Her drawings just look like middle school manga. Lol

No. 322001

Has anyone seen her Facebook rant about buying a swimsuit for work? It is so delirious. I get that she has a larger chest than most Japanese girls buy anyone who wears the beans she does and fits into them doesn't actually have big boobs.

No. 322008

TBH her art is good. So many vendetta chans on this thread

No. 322012

I think it's only episode 7 or 8 missing. I watched on of them when they were first posted on Ashley's channel and they are pretty much all the same.
its not like anything special happened in them. I just don't think they were saved.

No. 322015

It was mostly gyarusa stuff on the last two.

No. 322019

Did anyone determine if Shiena actually lives in a sharehouse??

No. 322020

That anon was reaching. You don't buy washing machines for share-houses.

No. 322024

How do you know she has a washing machine?

No. 322025

>some experience in management
Lol what experience? At 10sion she just worked as bar girl

No. 322039

whatever happened to ashley? i used to be friends with her back in the batsu days but then she suddenly disappeared.

No. 322046

Ashley got pregnant, married the father, had a son, worked as at a kyaba for a while, separated from the father, and moved back to America.

No. 322048

didn't shannon and ashley work at the same club?

No. 322051

she posted about it on facebook.

No. 322055

She was the producer/manager. She was in charge of shift management, accounting, training, hiring, and management of all promotional stuff. That current team was all trained by her except the one girl who came in after.

No. 322105

How do you know all of this shiena

No. 322108

What ethnicity is Ashley? I remember she said that her dad is Japanese and that she went to stay with him or family in Japan which is when she first saw gyaru fashion.

But people have been saying she isn't Japanese. How did she stay in Japan for so long then? She clearly isn't full white.

No. 322114

Mom is white. Biological father unknown. She is the only olive skinned dark haired kid in her family. Her mom had an affair during the marriage but returned to original partner after. Older brother and younger sister are of the same dad. Ashley has an unknown biological father making her have identity issues.

No. 322212

Shiena is posting here now kek

No. 322395

imagine your mother having so many dicks inside her that she doesn't even know who your dad is kek

No. 322424

She can barely speak Japanese so this is dubious at best. If she had such a great job, why is she doing morning kyaba at a shit club now?

She and Shiena went to language school and were on student visa

No. 322440

Because she had a mental breakdown after Ai's death

No. 322463

i always thought her baby daddy looked greasy in a hot way (i know i need to love myself), i wonder why they separated

No. 322497

Shiena had a student visa until she graduated from Vantan in 2015. After that, she was working illegally. She works at both a morning and a night kyaba to try to support herself. You're delusional if you think she has some great ass job. She's been living in a shithole apartment for YEARS because she's always broke. How long has she had all her clothes? Since she fucking moved to Japan in 2010. She has barely bought anything in years besides the cheap kyaba dresses. Her Cody Sanderson jewelry always appeared after one of his events that she went to with Lorena. kek

No. 322503

Don't even want to know what she did for the jewelry…

No. 322504

File: 1495848833972.jpg (697.84 KB, 1280x1280, CYMERA_20170526_183226.jpg)

She didn't even buy half her kyaba dresses. Ashley gave them to her. LOL

No. 322512

lol they weren't even on speaking terms at this point. I'd believe it of all the dresses were the same but nope.

No. 322517

She's been complaining about the current trends for years to be fair. Maybe people think it's a waste of money to pay for a big apartment when they are never home.

No. 322518

File: 1495850087332.jpg (752.72 KB, 1280x1280, CYMERA_20170526_184251.jpg)


No. 322519

Her apartment is an old, gross one tho…

No. 322520

That's the white fluffy dress. I doubt Ashley wears that type. Lmao

No. 322542

File: 1495852357513.jpg (209.46 KB, 720x720, IMG_20170526_193107.jpg)

lol looking through Lorena's ig and found this sequence with Shiena going to meet one of Lorena's clients…wonder what the three of them did kek

No. 322546

You're dumb. Check your sources. That's a limo party hosted by Shiena's friend from Vancouver

No. 322547

Why do people still doubt that Shiena sleeps around for money/things? Just ask dania how shiena paid for Vantan lol

No. 322549

Because there's not one shred of solid proof and there hasn't been for yeeeeeaaarrrs yet people are desperately trying. So hard they are going through every site and av video reaching for any Asian that might remotely look like her. Give it up already. If it hasn't surfaced in 7years it's unlikely true. Even cam whore Ashley has nudes

No. 322550

Link/post Ashley's nudes?

No. 322567

She sold nudes on mygirlfund under username tsuyameki.

No. 322571

All of the Gyaru bitches in Japan have been prostitutes. Dania, Delandra, Sere, Shani, Katie, Shiena, Kisu, The nose……literally all of them.

No. 322574

Where is your solid proof for katie, dania and shiena? Aka prices, nudes, sex tape, line convo.

No. 322581

Dania has only had sex once. She was gloating about losing her virginity last year and had pictures. lol

There is no proof for Shiena. The closest anyone got to proof was when Were said she had a three some with Shiena and Cody Sanderson. She ended up changing the ig caption once people pointed it out. Shiena also dated some guy in exchange for her tuition at Vantan. No idea if they had sex or not.

No. 322584

Shiena and Sere definitely did something shady for the jewelry. No one knows what and there is 0 proof. All that can be proven is that they only get Cody Sanderson jewelry after meeting him in person…and posting lots of flirty pics.

No. 322590

That's pretty typical for sns promotion. A lot of designers do it.

No. 322625

No. 322668

Because both shiena and lorena have 10k+ followers on social media?

What if shiena was the thief and not ashley? Maybe that's why ashley stayed silent over those rage posts

No. 322684

The idea that someone would use Sere or Shiena to promote jewelry is ridiculous. He is already super famous and has been opening stores throughout Asia. They're a bunch of nobodys who are willing to hang all over his old, overweight self and call him sexy. That's all there is to that.

No. 322686

You are really reaching there. Yes, Shiena works in kabukicho. That doesn't mean someone would give her jewelry to help promote their already famous brand. Like no…And if you know anything about Cody, you know that he is a magnet for people whoring all over him for handouts

No. 322688

Shiena and Lorena are literal nobodies in kabukicho.

No. 322689

Seriously, as if Lorena or Shiena have any kind of celebrity. Cody would be better off giving his jewelry to top ranking hostesses, let's be real here. Lorena is trashy hooker, and Shiena is a low-rate hostess at best.

No. 322710

Girls are only saying this because they think of Shiena as some pure, innocent gyaru idol. Even though she hangs out with Sere. I seriously don't understand these girls. Maybe Shiena is defending herself on here? Does anyone actually look up to her now? I mean, her makeup skills have gone to shit and she never does sujimori anymore.

No. 322711

File: 1495871282789.jpg (188.51 KB, 720x900, IMG_20170527_004727.jpg)

Her English is such shit. lmao

No. 322713

She can work at a kyabakura because she is married

No. 322715

Shiena isn't married. Where's the proof that she's married?

No. 322716

Shiena isn't married. She's never been married. As far as anyone can tell, she's never had a boyfriend besides Ai and he didn't even like her. All he did was blow her off over and over again and left her waiting for hours.

No. 322717

Ew dania hahaha was that with the blonde model who she outed as having cheated on his Gf with her and went all rage weeb

No. 322718

I think she married someone to stay in japan. Otherwise she couldn't work at a japanese club

No. 322719

Sounds like a shitty essay a highschool ESL exchange student would write hahaha

No. 322722

She is working there illegally. Lots of girls do it. Sere was working at a kyaba and a host club at one point. There is a reason she isn't listed on the website.

No. 322723

It was! She was so ducking proud of it after the fact. Besides that, she had given a blowjob to an ex host named Shingo. She is obsessed and stalks him even though it's been like 3-4 years and he lives in New Zealand.

No. 322724


No. 322726

Maybe at a foreigner club but japanese clubs are more strict

No. 322727

Not exactly true. Sere was working at a Japanese club when she was a host. If Shiena was working legally, she would be on the Lugano website. Stop defending her when you're wrong.

No. 322728

Yeah sere could because she still had the spouse visa

No. 322729


Post some actual proof that she is married. Who did she marry?

Why isn't she living with them? If Shiena always does everything legally, she would be living with her husband. It is illegal to live apart from your husband on a spouse visa.

No. 322730

Lots of girls work illegally at the Japanese clubs. As long as you speak Japanese, they don't care at all. They can just claim you told them you had a valid visa if they get caught. Everyone knows that.

No. 322732

That horseface girl who married a doctor doesn't live with him
Also laras ex best friend alice didn't live with her husband since 2011

No. 322733

Omg these girls defending Shiena sound insane. She is not some angel. Stop treating her like can do no wrong. omg

No. 322735

Look up the visa laws. You have to live with your husband to maintain your spouse visa. Does that mean everyone does? No. Because people don't always do things legally. Especially these desperate to stay in Japan gaijin.

No. 322739

This! Who the fuck is going to control if every couple is actually living together? Nobody. And the old fuckers don't care as long as they get to have sex with their sugar babies sometimes

Also who the fuck was that whiteknight here defending shiena?
Her Japanese is still fucking horrible. She's a perfectionist and does care if there are mistakes in her statuses. Idk about her speaking skills but her texts are hard to even read. You always have to guess what she's trying to say

I agree she is a very artsy girl but working kyaba for years without even getting to appear on their website doesn't look like great skills.

There's also no way she had much responsibility at 10sion with her limited language skills

No. 322744

If she is not married what visa does she have then? It can't be the working visa she had from the girlsbar because she stopped working there to go to Sere's shitty bar

No. 322746

She has NO visa.

No. 322747

No way they would have given her a work visa to work at a bar.

No. 322748

Probably wasn't even working there legally.

No. 322749

She's almost certainly not on the website because she isn't working there legally.

No. 322753

So tourist like Lorena?

No. 322754

She never leaves the country. I assume she literally just has no visa.

No. 322755

She's lived with no visa before. Remember when she wanted Ashley to adopt her? She quit vantan and lost her visa.

No. 322763

Shiena entered Japan on a temporary working visa. Does no one remember that? She was hostessing illegally in 2011 and made all those posts about how Ai would marry her so she could stay. lol

No. 322764

And that whole episode where she decided that she was going to have an anchor baby. Just like Sere.

No. 322772

*where people assumed that she would. But alas no baby. None for years.

She didn't quit Vantan. She properly graduated lol. Wtf.

Realistically no Japanese club in Kabukichō will hire someone on a tourist visa and definitely not an overstay. Remember sere had to quit hosting around the time her visa ran out.

No. 322774

She graduated Vantan in 2015. This was in 2011. It is when she was having some more visa issues. I think she quit because she couldn't pay the school fees.

I think she wanted the baby is with Ai and he said no. She came right out and said she was thinking about getting married and having a kid as an option. I'm glad she was smart enough not to try that.

You're right. Everything in kabukicho is 100% legal. All the clubs pay their taxes, none of them hire people illegally, nothing is shady at all.

No. 322775

Ashley was working at a soapland illegally at one point. hahahahaha

No. 322776

You all sound a little angry someone is fact-checking your assumptions. Aside from subjective opinions a lot of the "facts" here have no proof.

Does it kill you she might not be as dumb and useless as you want to think?

I enjoy milk but only if it's true. You all sound like a bunch of blind mice scurrying around in the dark to find some dirt on her. Pathetic.

No. 322778

This! I feel like people are completely baseless in half the stuff they're saying. A lot of really stupid shit is being said because people are upset.

Someone post some proof of something. I get that a lot of this stuff relates to her (now private) blog so it's hard to prove. But that is all really really old news. Shiena has obviously changed a lot (job, friends, etc) since the blog ended.

I think we can all agree that not everything she has ever done has been 100% legal or morally correct but like…she's just a normal person. Stop white knighting her and stop just attacking her.

I mean, she hangs out with the most depraved human ever (Sere) and works at two clubs in kabukicho. I am sure we can dig up some really good dirt if we tried. Like, there literally has to be something there. No one leaves a career in kabukicho unscathed. It's impossible.

No. 322779

Soapland is different. It's more under the table. Kyabakura is more out in the open.

Mayyyybe let's say she got lucky with one club taking her in but what are the odds of two?

She said something about marriage. Nothing about babies. That's all gossip speak.

No. 322780

It's much easier to get jobs in kabukicho if you've already worked at a club. You tell them where and often times people ask way less questions.

No. 322781

What is the second club she works at? I know the morning one is Lugano.

No. 322789


No. 322861

Shiena is totally reading this. Kek

No. 323265

Maybe Shiena is married because she isn't using her real last name on Facebook. Her FB is Sasaki Shiena. Anyone on her friends list with that name?

No. 323271

Sasaki is a pretty common fake last name for kyabajo so I wouldn't read into it.

No. 323278

File: 1495940062058.jpg (46.11 KB, 706x383, Screenshot_2017-05-27-19-47-39…)

She buys her brand stuff from fril lolololol

No. 323284

And????? Japanese people keep their stuff in amazing condition to sell it on. It always comes packaged beautifully too.
Brand stuff in good condition for 1/3 of the price…. Yeah….. thats REALLY dumb and snowflakey……

Wow you guys are reaching.

No. 323288


Complaining about her weird stubby finger problems

No. 323294

People are so harsh with Shiena because she puts on this high and mighty front going on and on about how elegant she and her life are. It is too much to handle.

No. 323348

You must be really insecure to let that affect you so much as to nitpick some girl on the internet's life. Sounds like this girl has high pride so it's our duty to take her down a notch witch hunt. But in reality, it's going to go one or two ways. One she doesn't care and you've wasted your time and energy for nothing . Or two you really hurt someone and for what? Just so you can feel better about yourself?

No. 323357

This! There is a difference between milk and just insults and random shit like how much someone spends on what. Stick to interesting things, don't be petty.

No. 323362

Not really. If it were middle school-tier, it'd be yaoi hands, wonky faces and proportions galore.

What's up with Fril? Never heard of it until now.

No. 323375

Girls sell used brand goods for super cheap because half the stuff is fake.

No. 323405

But that's not her kyaba name

No. 323427


It's probably just her internet name, since shiena is also not her real first name
Are you dumb to think that she displays her real full name on some public clothing site? It's just the fantasy name she wishes she had

No. 324319

OT but where are the receipts for this? I think I missed out on this milk, but there's like 9000 gaijin threads and I can't see it on Danias own thread either

No. 327857

No. 327882

>july 6th 2014
jesus this fucking thread

No. 327983

Someone is obsessed. I think the same person keeps trying to make stuff about shiena whenever possible on her friends threads or whenever her friends are mentioned in general threads. Anon you ok?

No. 328608

Yep. But then again I feel like these gyaru threads that have 20 diff renamed threads are just girls bitching about their friends and ex friends. You don't see this shit on other threads on lolcow.

Most of them incl Shiena aren't cows. Being an escort or hostess does make you a cow yet that's the only milk that's on these threads. That's how you can tell these people have vendettas.

No. 328741

Except that shiena fucks guys for money and jewelry and parties.

No. 328743

Wow!!! Such milk!!!!


No. 328744

File: 1496554755470.jpg (64.16 KB, 424x424, IMG_20170603_223822.jpg)

She is so ratchet

No. 328745

Also if you're gonna have this obvious of a vendetta, post some fucking proof.

No. 328749

Why didn't Katie or Shiena post pics together at the Powerpuff Girls cafe except the two on Katie's FB? Why not on instagram?

No. 328750

What name does Shiena use at work?

No. 328780

No. 328782

Shiena posted one of them together on Instagram. Katie just posted photos of herself.
Why does it matter?

No. 329243

And..? She's not the first or last. She isn't actively hurting people and mostly keeps herself quiet. Like I said only the gaijin/gyaru in Japan threads have all these vendetta chans. If you wanna moan about Shiena having a shit job then go message her on fb. Tbh you're likely someone that was her friend and now feels betrayed by her.

No. 329371

I bet this is all Dania kek

No. 329383

I don't know… it sounds more like someone who doesn't know her at all and is taking out their all their pent up loser rage on all the girls who has what they are too chicken to get. Shorty put, sour grapes. Not saying Japan is some holy grail but it wouldn't put it past these vendetta-chans

No. 329398

Wtf does shiena look like without makeup

No. 330516

I think it's just a jealous ex-friend. Ashley???

No. 330598

Tbh in the past few weeks she got more and more snowflakey.

>acting high and mighty, like she knows EVERYTHING about Japan

>blaming others for learning about the history and culture of Japan via books
>semi racism posts against 'white people' or/and foreigners in general, which basically includes people of all colors
>basically acting like she's Japanese/an advocate for all Japanese

No. 330600

If true, post screenshots. If not gtfo.

No. 330636

File: 1496820582240.jpg (2.02 MB, 2560x2560, 17-06-07-09-28-54-851_deco.jpg)

Here you go

No. 330637

Ok yeah. She's completely I insufferable and honestly not very attractive.

No. 330640

Why won't she move to Osaka though? Kyaba there still dress flashy.

No. 330643

She sounds insane.

No. 330646

She's probably just complaining because she can't support herself by working two jobs because only shitty kyaba will hire her. Now she's being bitter because someone probably told her to stop trying to look so western or something at work now she hates white people. lol

No. 330647

Probably also a reason why she also hates people who studied a lot and now work in those 'boring' jobs which pay off well, but she can't get into, because hair, makeup and trashy clothes are more important

No. 330649

More like she blames it on her fashion and style but no one will hire her because she is shot at Japanese and English, has never had a real job in Japan, and probably has to visa.

No. 330650

*no visa

No. 330651

Whenever Shiena doesn't have something she is so fucking arrogant and condescending. I'm sorry but…She moved to Japan to pursue her weeb taste in Fashion? She hasn't bothered to study hard in Japan to fit in so she pretends that all of Japan or other people are at fault? She belittles the work other people do and calls it boring just because she can't land a job using anything her looks? Get a fucking life Shiena. We all know you're an almost 30 year old disaster of a human. Why don't you stop blaming other people for you being broke?

No. 330652

Bahahahahhahaahahahaha I wonder if she got fired from one of the clubs

No. 330653

Anyway, the screenshots go to the wk in this thread constantly whining about shiena not being a flake.

No. 330671

It's probably Shiena soooo no point kek

No. 330672

she is a flake but she's practically milkless now hence why it took 280 posts and 17 images to even get a half decent screenshot of her whinging, non the less listening to her complain is boring and hardly milk so congrats.

No. 330676

Well, she's in the snowflake section, and here you finally got someone posting screenshots of her CONSTANT showing off snowflake-y behaviour

No. 330687

I like all her friends low key dragging her
"you could be a stylist… but you gotta be flexible… and it takes a lot of talent"

No. 330688

I think everyone is trying to hard to read between the lines. Lol

No. 330703

I think she's actually looking for escort work which is why she brought up the sex and nudity.

No. 330708

This thread is lame and clutching at straws

Someone's complaining on their personal Facebook, that's it.

No. 330768

If you think that escort service doesn't include sex, you must be new

No. 330865

I pray half of this thread gets banned this week, and when I say half of this thread, I mean the one samefag who's made the majority of 300 posts of pure shite kek

No. 331171

Sure we all complain over facebook but this is totally different, this is the typical gaijin hating other gaijin in a country they want to claim. Maybe not milk but still pretty eyeroll worthy

No. 331191

I think it's kinda a stretch to say she's hating on gaijin in general. Just traffic blocking tourists that scare subcultures and small businesses away and a specific type of pompous gaijin.

No. 334887

Dear Shiena,

Stay away from my boyfriend. I see you liking all of his pictures on instagram and complimenting his hair colour. I know you know who he is. I also know you are reading this. Stick to your host boys. I love him so much. Did you fuck him? I am so sick of you.

No. 334891

No. 334893


No. 334900

Tell us more

No. 335391

Guess it was a lie

No. 335392

Assuming this isn't yet another bullshit vendetta bait post with no milk, you sound a little insecure and crazy yourself.

No. 336924

I wish someone would post actual dirt. I still feel like there must be something out there on Shiena.

Did anyone figure out if she married someone for a visa? Seems super unlikely since she has been living in her shithole apartment for YEARS now.

No. 336933

Lugano updated its caba2 page to include WAY more girls. Shiena still isn't listed tho so she is probably working illegally. Meaning no visa.

Checked enchante too. Not there but they only have a few girls listed. Really seems like she isn't working there legally b/c normally new clubs post as many girls as they have on staff to draw customers to their store. Shiena is good enough looking that they should be using her pictures but they aren't so…they probably can't because the clubs want to be able to deny everything if she gets caught without a visa.

No. 336934

File: 1497693457143.png (927.32 KB, 874x782, received_1871872939803006.png)

Criticises gyaru for their makeup
»has zero makeup skills herself

No. 336935

File: 1497693510521.png (414.55 KB, 600x600, received_1871872959803004.png)

Just for the kek

No. 336959

I don't lurk this thread but that guy looks 40 trying to pretend he's 20.

No. 336963

Looks like typical gyaru makeup to me. But wtf, this photo is like 3-4years old? What did you do? Go digging through years of photos to look for the most unflattering photos you can find? yawn.

No. 336968

I wonder why people still going after her. She's not really active in any community. She's not trying to be e-famous. All she does is post on her instagram and facebook like a normal person.

No. 336973

yeah but why are her best friends always fucked up people?

No. 336989

enough said lol

No. 336990

Why did shiena leave 10sion?

No. 336992

She only needed it to get a visa. And if that was a lie, which I wouldn't doubt, than she left because a bar provides even less money than her low key kyaba jobs

No. 337025

I've been in the gyaru comm for years. I was always curious as to why people think she bashed other gyaru. She's normally quiet or compliments under other people's posts in communities.

Unless they mean her general personal opinion on some styles not being OTT enough and some butt-hurt basic took it personally….

If anyone have caps of her attacking a specific gyaru's look I'd like to see.

No. 337289

A bar can't give you more than a working holiday visa usually. Maybe it's because they market themselves as a cafe that they actually could sponsor a visa. I really don't know. But she definitely can't get a work visa from a kyaba and she doesn't have a student visa. Is she on a working holiday visa? No visa at all?

Since she started working morning kyaba originally, I suspect that she has no visa. Not really sure. She also works night kyaba now which makes me think she could have some kind of visa but it would have to be a spouse visa. Did she get married?

No. 337297

She would be required to live with her spouse if she had a spouse visa. With that said, a lot of girls don't do that and test their luck with immigration.

She obviously didn't marry anyone for their money or she wouldn't still be living in that shithole apartment. It also doesn't seem like she was ever pregnant.

No idea what why she changed her name on Facebook to Sasaki. Is it just part of her made-up Shiena identity? Maybe she did actually take her husband's last name. There isn't anyone with the same last name in her FB friend's list who could be her husband. That doesn't mean he doesn't exist though.

She is also still chasing after hosts and other guys who work in Kabukicho so she didn't marry for love. It could be that she married a customer from 10sion and that would explain her leaving? A lot of guys who go to those bars have fetishes.

Has anyone ever seen her on the street with a guy? I know someone posted a picture of a guy on here but she doesn't seem to be married to him, just liking all his stuff on IG.

She also chases after hosts. I don't know if she has anyone host friend's but she probably does. Maybe one of them married her for the visa.

No. 337299

No. 337303

No. her tumblr is https://ningyo-sekai.tumblr.com/ but she rarely uses it anymore.

No. 337421

Maybe she made her goal and someone adopted her

No. 340463

Hi Shiena! I hope you read this.

Your last post on instagram made me so sad. You used to have such a unique style. I always loved your cords, hair, and makeup because you had your own spin on gyaru.

Now you look like every other hostess in kabukicho.

I don't know why you even call yourself gyaru now. Please stop hashtagging gaijingyaru until you're actually gyaru again.

Not every girl who contour her nose and wear fake eyelashes and circle lenses is gyaru. Every girl working in kabukicho does that. Pretty much every Japanese girl who wears makeup does that.

Is the shitty kyaba money really worth giving up all your individuality? You complain about being toned down on FB but IT IS YOUR CHOICE TO LOOK THE WAY YOU DO.


No. 340465

This!!! Shiena is deluding herself if she thinks she's still gal. How disappointing.

No. 340469

File: 1498289179067.jpg (136.44 KB, 720x720, IMG_20170624_002517.jpg)

What part of this is gyaru? Looks like heavy idol makeup.

No. 340494

So you want her to look like she is stuck in 2009/2010?!

No. 340497

Why not? You want her to look rather like the instagram hoes? since that's the trend now.

No. 340502

Well, since she constantly cries about things were so much better back then and how she loved her looks far better back in 2006/08 why not?

On a side note:
In a recent post she stated that she makes a rough 300-600$ at one of her jobs a week. That doesn't sound too well for kyaba. I'm not living in Japan right now nor have I tried that job, but I was digging througb blogs and documentaries about this as well as having friends working in this business and they make this amount of money on a single day.

No. 340507

no, she looks good now.

No. 340543

She was saying that for 2 days not one week.

No. 340544

She's a shit kyaba working at a shit place and so makes shit money

This softer make looks better on her tbh. Lol that she refused to get a real job because she "just couldn't!" change her look, and now she has to change it for kyaba too. Welcome to being an adult

No. 340550

I just checked it out and you're right. I misread it. But if she really is making that much in two days in only one job, for what reason does she need two jobs?

Her apartment is probably 600-800$ a month at the absolute max though I think it's more on the 450-600$ side. She doesn't spend much on clothes either, so for what again does she need two jobs?

No. 340554

I overheard her saying she's saving to buy a condo

No. 340559

But that'd mean she'd have a legit visa doesn't it? I'm not sure how it's in Japan, but I know a lot of countries (with rather loose immigration) where you can only buy property if you have a resident visa.

No. 340574

i really think she is married

No. 340576

Or adopted. If she got adopted by someone she won't have to share the same place with that person right?

No. 340577

more like married. a lot of are married and don't live with their husband together

No. 340585

But then she wouldn't be able to buy something on her own right? As her spoyse would need to sign for her

No. 340594

There is no way that she could buy property in Japan. You need to be a resident, not on a marriage visa. Plus…she makes shot money at her clubs because they're so low level.

No. 340595

Seems like she might be. Or lying about the condo. Or the anon is lying about the condo. Condos in Tokyo are incredibly expensive. There is no way she could save up enough to afford one working at the clubs she does.

No. 340596

She mentioned it a few times on her FB that she wants to buy a condo.

Since she's doing fuzoku she's probably also not even paying taxes so even if she gets someone to sell a condo to her it'll most likely be at a super shady place

No. 340597

She probably doesn't work every day at both clubs. My assumption is she alternates between the two without taking a day off. That would mean at the very maximum she is making $100k (which is super unlikely given how she lives). Not nearly enough to afford a condo.

No. 340599

She's probably lying. Remember her bar that she owned? Oh wait. It was Lorena's bar…lol

No. 340600

Post screenshots

No. 340603

Shoemaker has been in Tokyo for 7 years. She lived in a shothole with Ashley til she over to her current, tiny, old apartment. She's been living in this apartment for years. Do you really think she could afford to move somewhere better? No. She would have already. She is not going to buy a condo. She might want to and she might be saying it just to make everyone think her life is going great but there is no way she is. I mean for fucks sake any normal person who is saving all this money and living in Japan would just move into a better apartment. Shiena is as deluded as Lorena. How many time has Lorena posted pics of a brand new apartment then suddenly ended up back in her Okubo ratden?

No. 340605

Bahahaha shoemaker. Did you mean Shiena? Kek

No. 340615

I believe it. Lorena has been talking about buying a condo too.

No. 340616

She's moved at least once since living with Ashely lol. She lived in shibuya with Ashley. She lives in shinjuku now. If you want to really save money why waste money on moving to a higher rent apartment? That doesn't make sense lol

No. 340617

Is Sere Shiena's only friend?

No. 340619

That's what I said. She lived in one apartment with Ashley then this one. If she actually had all this money coming in, she would have moved to a nice apartment because there's no way she can buy a condo. She is just saying that she's saving her okay to buy a condo so everyone will stop calling her poor.

No. 340620

Can y'all post some fucking screenshots instead of just mentioning what's pissing you off?

No. 340622

A condo in Tokyo will be about $500,000 usd minimum. Probably more like $1,000,000 usd though if you want one in central Tokyo.

No. 340623

Actually it starts closer to 30000000yen not 5.

No. 340624

A 30 year old 15 square meter apartment in Shibuya is about $60k USD.

No. 340625

300 thousand dollars start for a new condo in central tokyo. No lie. It's not as high as people expect.

No. 340626

If someone is really saving and they live alone why would you pay all that expensive key money and moving money and higher rent? A lot of people live in low rent places when they are saving for something. It's the smarter thing to do. More cost efficient

No. 340627

It does not. I was looking at property prices. A 20 square meter apartment starts at $150k.

No. 340632

They actually start at about $700k for a new condo…

No. 340633

$300k is about what a 20-25 square meter apartment starts at. Condos are much much more.

No. 340634

That's about what I found on realestate.co.jp for decent sized apartments. The small ones are about half as much.

No. 340636

30000000yen is a bullshit number unless you are talking owning a shitty little closet apartment

No. 340638

Depends on the area. Minato-Ku is a lot more expensive than shibuya or shinjuku. If you're looking at somewhere like Nakano or koenji it's even cheaper. (2-3 stops from shinjuku for those who are unfamiliar)

No. 340640

It's about 300k perspectively.

No. 340642

Someone as lazy as Shiena will probably stay in Shinjuku

No. 340646

I don't think she's rich but I don't think she's as dirt poor as people are saying. I'm guessing she makes a above average/ decent living but lives a modest lifestyle. I don't think it's a bad thing not to flaunt or flash your cash everywhere.

No. 340656

She's poor…

No. 340657

she moved twice

after ashley left she moved to kabukicho. second time okubo

No. 340658

Shinjuku and Shibuya are crazy expensive for buying property.

No. 340659

never believe what lorena says. always lies. guess the the tower mansion photo was saved from the property site

No. 340660

Guys, just stop. Let's wait and see if she actually buys a condo before we talk about it.

None of us know exactly what her income is. She works at two clubs making around ¥4,000 per hour. How many days a week does she work at each? I have no idea. She also does freelance work on the side.

She obviously isn't wealthy. We can all see that. I wish she would stop talking about living a luxury life though. It's so annoying.

I personally think the condo talk is to make her life seem glamorous. She is always trying to make her life seem perfect, that's nothing new.

No. 340661

I know what you mean. Ebay phone case, cheap shoes, used macbook, and shifty apartment. She's just like Lorena.

No. 340662

At the gyaru meets, Shiena never buys anything while everyone else is shopping. She always claims it's because she doesn't like the current trends.

At restaurants, she always orders the cheapest of everything.

I am pretty sure she is broke.

No. 340663

That phone case from eBay??? Got links?

No. 340664

She can't even afford to bleach her teeth. If you've seen her in person, you know that they're like yellow-own at this point. It's so distracting when you talk to her. She does her best to hide them though.

No. 340666

I agree. It's kinda impossible to tell.

But I don't think she ever tried to make her life seem luxurious or perfect or anything. She says a lot of stuff telling how not perfect her life is and talks about how she used to struggle with this and that giving tips on how to work on a budget if you needed to.

No. 340671

She always hastags #luxurylife or #lifestyle or some shit on her pictures.

No. 340672

She's almost too open about everything that's wrong with her life. Far from someone who wants to pretend their life is perfect.

No. 340675

More like ギャバlife and if it's to do with dresses and hair make for kyaba it makes sense. Looking through her insta I don't see the luxurylife tag more than one limo pic

No. 340678

She literally just said she makes $300 a day from one of her jobs. Most of her complaints are about fashion. She used to complain on her blog about their awful landlord and her boyfriend but that was forever ago.

No. 340681

90% of her complaints are about her being too pretty or not liking being plain or clothes not fitting her huuuuuge boobs or not liking trends or wishing her style was the same as a few years ago or being too curvy.

No. 340687


No. 340689

The #3 at Lugano can't even afford one designer item. I doubt shiena pulls in $300 a day. kek

No. 340703

Lugano is open 9 hours a day so she could easily make $300 a day.

No. 340708

Enchante is open for 5 hours and Lugano is open for 9. If she is working 6 at Lugano to get the $300 then she could be working all 5 at Enchante for an extra $250. That is is over $160k per year.

No. 340769

Lol wow never seen so many people so obsessed about how much someone makes and what they spend their money on.

No. 340803

File: 1498345110384.jpg (239.53 KB, 640x909, IMG_4646.JPG)

No. 340804

File: 1498345171287.jpg (238.26 KB, 640x954, IMG_4647.JPG)

Her and Gaya oblivious to the fact these dudes are just giving them lip service

No. 340819

You are too beautiful

Haha best joke i've heard today

No. 340866

Her English is so bad! I can't believe it's her first language.

And like…do we even need to comment on her narcissism?

No. 340867

Shiena is ridiculous. It must be hard having to fake flaws because you don't have any AND not being able to buy clothes because you're just sooooo curvy.

No. 340869

No. Just no, Shiena. There is no way anyone said that to you. We all know you're just trying to find a clever (and grammatically atrocious) way to tell us all what you're really thinking. This probably wins the prize for most arrogant thing you've ever said.

No. 340983

>I'm taken, I'm not interested anyway

Why again do you go to host clubs then?

Aren't you a literal hoe?

Isn't your husband fucking around as well (for a living)?

This is leaving me with so many questions…

No. 340993

Take it to the gaijin gyaru thread.

No. 341002

The top at Lugano can't afford designer goods either. It is such a shitty kyaba full of single moms and ugly, no name girls

No. 341012

» Either way it was making Ash feel sick so she had to go home early. Funny as it seemed, after she left the good parts started and it turned out to be a pretty good night.

» We all have to grow up someday. Sometimes things happen faster than expected. But hopefully with a new family Ash will finally flourish and become more responsible.

Shiena was always a terrible friend.

No. 341028

because it's only a visa marriage

No. 341523

File: 1498453608886.jpg (112.4 KB, 718x1049, Screenshot_2017-06-25-22-05-32…)

I don't think Shiena is living in Tokyo on a visa. Someone is talking about reporting Lorena to the Australian embassy. Someone do the same for Shiena! Report her to the Canadian Embassy and immigration.

Name: Shannon Wong
Residence: Shinjuku
DOB: March 23, 1989

Employer: Lugano (current), Enchante (current), 10sion (previous)

This is the best picture proving she works in Kabukicho.

No. 341532

You guys are crazily obsessed. It's one thing to sneer at people online but leave online gossip online.

No. 341536

People reported Sere. No harm done if everything with her is legit.

No. 341548

You're obsessed. This is beyond a jealous vendetta, get a grip.

No. 341549

Hi, shiena

No. 341550

I hope everything is fine with Shiena's visa. She has done a lot of shady stuff to stay in Japan all this time. Maybe she's finally secured her life there.

No. 341556

I'm not Shiena, I just think it's sad you're getting this obsessed with someone's life to the point of reporting them without any evidence.

No. 341990

But the evidence is all there on the internet lul

No. 341993

While I agree that people shouldn't be cowtipping, if Shiena isn't doing anything wrong/there is no evidence, then she shouldn't have anything to worry about. Just ignore the thread and let people act petty?

No. 342007

Did anyone report her?

No. 342009

Leave Shiena's life alone. She is freaking out out the immigration report. So what if she's living her life a certain way? It's HER life! Don't try to ruin everything she has worked hard for.

No. 342028

So if she is freaking out because of the immigration report, that shows that she is doing something illegal. Whether it be without having a visa or not the right visa to work as hostess.

No. 342071

Just the principle of this is all wrong. Whether she's in the right or not interfering with someones life just because you obsess over them on the internet is all levels of fucked up.

Worse yet you people think you are do-gooders for reporting this shit but in reality you just can't stand that someone is in Japan and you are not. I mean, that's why there's so many of these gaijin in Japan threads isn't it? It's sick you all want to try to get every high profile gaijin out of Japan just because you can't stand the sight of them being there and you not.

Everyone hated Ashley more than Shiena but now they like her because she's back in America and not as active online and not gyaru anymore.

Moral of the story is, stop obsessing over people in Japan and get your ass out there. As you said, it's not so hard.

No. 342077

i think you are wrong
there a lot of us here who are living in japan lmao

No. 342081

Yeah I'm in Japan as well. Try harder anon

No. 342082

Then why do you care so much?

No. 342087

Even worse, you're here and still obsessing over someone else living in Japan that you likely only know about on the internet or briefly met at best to the point of wanting them kicked out. Sick.

No. 342089

Wrong anon. I don't give a shit if one of them is really getting kicked out for whatever reason. I'm just watching from afar and finding it amusing.

No. 342091

Then the post you are responding to doesn't apply to you.

No. 342093

But the anon or you? responded to my post so that's why

No. 342111

so it's wrong to report someone who does illegal stuff?

No. 342117

1. You don't know for sure if what she is doing is illegal because all you guys have is online gossip

2. Interfering with someone else's life because of gossip you hear on the internet and pretending to be some sort of angel of justice saying you're only doing it because you think someone is doing something technically illegal when we all know truth is no one would give a shit if they weren't in japan and have some online popularity.

3. Let's pretend we do know for sure she is illegally working kyaba. Is she hurting anyone? No. So just sit back and relax and let the law you pretend to care about take care of it… that is… IF your hunch is right.

No. 342119


but it's different for lorena. we all know she does illegal stuff

No. 342315

Board rules includes no cowtipping, but what you guys do off the site is kind of whatever. Just don't post about it here?

No. 342564

If she is freaking out then she obviously has SOMETHING to worry about. Funny that you say this that she is worrying whilst Lorena doesn't seem to give a fuck so Shiena must be lurking HEY GURL

Actually I am in Japan, just trying to take the trash out c:

No. 342565

Well she may not be doing illegal shit, like illegally working or selling herself, but if she has no valid visa then hhhhhhh lul why she worrying??

No. 342589

Or the anon could be just trolling you guys and she's not worrying at all. If she was really worrying she would have deleted some stuff by now.

No. 342591

I hope no gaijin befriends your judgmental ass if you are willing to try to do something to someone with negative intent based on rumors you hear about them on the internet.

Is it so hard to enjoy your Japan life without trying to viciously attack others? Something must be really missing in your life anon

No. 342597

Not that anon, but why do you even care so much?

You are on a gossip site, that is full of threads like this. If you really want to cry about it, report the posts for cowtipping, but otherwise, stop bumping the thread with your whining. Thanks.

No. 342598

The anons on these gaijin threads are truly the creepiest. Sometimes I think they're more cow-like than the cows they are gossiping about.

No. 342603

No. 342668

thank you anon

but i don't think shannon is doing illegal stuff now. she must be married

No. 342887

Then she should have absolutely nothing to worry about.

No. 346585

Screenshot of Shiena talking about a condo?

No. 346586

No. 346590

Again with this fake bullshit. How long did it take you this time? That's not her, she doesn't even have black hair.

No. 346591

She did for a while

No. 346593

The JAV was her. It was posted on that 1080 site which is why it had the Chinese writing on it. All their videos do, even the one with Shani

No. 346595

None of them were her. God. You people can't tell asians apart. Why would hers have chinese writing on it. The bitch can't speak chinese.

No. 346596

Where's your proof? She's gone dark brown or dark ash brown but never black. Idiot is color blind on top of not being able to tell asians apart kei

No. 346604

I don't like Shiena but even I can tell that's not her. Anon you need a new hobby or glasses.

No. 346636

Because she's Chinese-Canadian?

No. 346640

That doesn't mean she can speak Chinese. Her mom is born in Canada too and so shiena can't speak Chinese at all.

No. 346945

Anon was saying that it's from a Chinese website called ohyeah1080. They add the Chinese text to all their videos (which are mostly Japanese).

No. 346948

Also, the girl on that massage and website has brown hair, not black. It could be shiena considering how much those websites Photoshop the pics of the girls.

No. 346950

Lugano's page got taken down from caba2. I heard a rumor that they're keeping low because they hire girls illegally and someone reported them. I think someone definitely reported Shiena to immigration. No way it's a coincidence that the club is suddenly gone from caba2 but it's still in operation.

No. 346969

It's not her. The nose and mouth etc is all wrong. And her hair isn't that color especially in bright lighting.

No. 347018

Yeah. The club is still there…

No. 347022

Seriously??? The whole Lugano thing is super sketch. I guess someone actually reported Shiena and they're doing something about it.

I also saw that she got money stolen at a club?

Anyone see any posts on her Facebook about the club being investigated or anything? She probably wouldn't say anything.

No. 348350

File: 1499498133833.png (593.23 KB, 720x914, IMG_20170708_091333.png)

Lmao shiena is being bullied by her clubs hairstylist and doesn't even notice it

No. 348451

I love how she hasn't even mentioned what went down at Lugano…she better hang in at Enchante as 'Rui" lololol

No. 348453

File: 1499519511864.jpg (35.79 KB, 194x275, 1498361512545.jpg)

Lest we forget how Shiena acts at work. Makes sense that no one would like her.

No. 350124

File: 1499713800626.jpg (131.82 KB, 738x599, ken.jpg)

shannon and her host addiction. when will she learn

No. 350247

I love the time some regular on TAG said Gaya was plain and she got so butthurt haha. Gaya you aren't beautiful

No. 350273

I don't think she's been into hosts since the trend changed. If you really think about it compared to other gaijin, she never really became a host-addict. Ie. Going into debt over a host, prostituting for money to go to host, ruining her life to pay for host.

No. 351313

File: 1499891132355.png (41.5 KB, 729x264, wtf.png)

will she ever stop ranting?

No. 354009

Looks like it was true about Shiena working illegally at Lugano. She posted last week that she was having her final day there and now the club had changed its name. Only explanation is that immigration or the police showed up.

No. 354027

This is crazy cringy.


Why has she always been so immature? Yes, this was 3 years ago but she was like 25 then. Something is seriously wrong with her. Also kek at her calling him the #1 host.

No. 354053

Shiena bought her "new" Jesus Diamante dress used…

No. 354228

Dania created this thread. She is the one who brings up Shiena and herself everywhere

No. 355191

Anyone else who has met Shiena in person…have you noticed that she has a really bad odor? I don't know of it's her perfume since it might be musty or just a body odor.

No. 355192

Anyone else who has met Shiena in person…have you noticed that she has a really bad odor? I don't know of it's her perfume since it might be musty or just a body odor.

No. 355193

Anyone else who has met Shiena in person…have you noticed that she has a really bad odor? I don't know of it's her perfume since it might be musty or just a body odor.

No. 355196

Anon, what is with your bizarre obsession/vendetta against Shiena? It's pretty clear you keep bumping her thread along with other threads talking about her all the time, but with no real milk each and every time.

Did she do something to you, anon? I don't get it. You've been at this for a while now. I don't even like her, but it might be time to stop. At least give it some time until actual milk is available? Otherwise it just looks kind of sad and obsessive.

No. 355204

Jfc. You're sounding desperate anon. Every fucking time you're making random shit up to bump the thread. Go get your nose checked because I think it's your obsession that you're smelling

No. 358977

File: 1500901206506.png (164.7 KB, 640x795, IMG_1003.PNG)

No. 367217

Oh look its shiena and that two faced black chick.

No. 367221


No. 367222

Two faced?

No. 367297

Receipts of this, anon?

No. 367317

When she "use" to be in the gyaru community,she would talk shit about a lot of black gaijin gyaru.

No. 367940

She made secrets about some of the black gyaru glee,and etc.

No. 371983

I'm still wondering if Sheina will ever wake up out of her fantasy land? You can't hangout with host boys forever.

No. 372313

"Talking to normal Japanese men can be really bizarre.
How's your summer break?
I'm not a student. I don't get summer break
Don't you get obon (a 4? Day break most office people get in August like golden week)
I'm not a office lady so obon is not really applicable.
Your life must be free and easy going eh?
I work 6 days a week…
Face-palm. This is why I can't date normal salarymen. They're so oblivious that people who don't have the same schedule and lifestyle and way of thinking they have exist."

dear lord, shannon is annoying af. yeah we get it, you only like your host boys

No. 372351

Anon, you're nitpicking again. So she doesn't like salarymen. But who likes salarymen? If you live in Japan long enough, you will find that most salarymen are insensitive ignorant robots sheltered from anything different. They live by the nail that sticks up gets hammered down concept so deeply that they lack any sense of individuality. Business owners, creative industry workers, international company workers and night workers are much more open minded.

No. 372576

Bullshit shannon

No. 374020

Oh her life must be so hard :( lol at the age of 27-28 what has she accomplished? will she continue living this shitty life forever? no dignity.

No. 374210

Are you ever going to bump this thread with milk? Learn to sage.

No. 380000

File: 1503730143747.jpg (39.55 KB, 320x320, IMG_20170825_234833.jpg)

The edit on this one…

No. 380002

I love how Katie usually doesn't tag Shiena or mention her on instagram.

Also, why can't shiena afford to get her nails done? They are so gross and short.

No. 380129

Wtf looks scary asf.

No. 380338

But she does? Maybe not every time they hang out but that's same with her other friends too. There's a post not too long ago about her being one of her longest first friends in Japan.

No. 380560

File: 1503802113898.png (116.98 KB, 640x760, IMG_5474.PNG)

it was never gonna happen. EVER
he played you like a damn violin and treated you like shit. didn't answer your messages, pushed you away, cheated, lied, ignored you, left you waiting forever - your entire relationship

the only possible positive thing he did for you was to encourage you to do something with your life besides being a shitty hostess illegally, and you ignored it

I don't like you at all because you're a skeezy lazy cunt and full of yourself, but get over this trashy piece of shit guy who was absolutely awful to you for f sake

No. 382460

File: 1504017161995.jpg (73.8 KB, 693x285, kek.jpg)

No. 383024

lol but doesn't she complain about people who are not 'stylish' or 'gyaru' the whole time? as in people who are successful in life..lol

No. 383044

right..she doesn't make any sense

No. 383930

Damn she's still talking about him? She should've dick him before she'd the chance. She probably feels guilty because she is. Who wouldn't notice someone going to kill themselves,if they on top of the roof? People just don't go to the roof to look?

No. 383932

Usually gyaru are successful too,you need money to buy that shit so?

No. 384001

From how she wrote about it when she found out she wasn't there when it happened.

No. 384052

If you call part-time jobs successful….

No. 384102

so working as prostitute or kyaba is beeing successful?

No. 384126

Sage please

No. 384131

Yea it can if you use your brain and save up.

No. 385937

lol so being a kyaba (dealing with asshole men who treat you like shit) is successful? she does not even have a brain…

No. 386007

She would be successful if she was like the emiriri and make a brand or if she opened her own high class club(s). Owning a brand or your own clubs is the only thing one might consider as successful in this field of work

No. 386670

Idk what planet you're living on but she's not Japanese. She doesn't have an opportunity to become that successful without a Japanese person/people behind her.

No. 386854

I know that very well you retard, but I tried to explain this to >>384131
She probably won't ever be that successful especially because she makes out that she hates her job and customers, but also because she got no spouse to support her.

Also successful is always somehow a very wrong word if used in the same content as nightwork. Except for 'they successfully left nightwork behind them'

No. 386880

There's nothing wrong with nightwork, it's also much harder for foreigners to succeed. Some people don't want to be club owners either.

No. 386893

Only the lowest of the low do nightwork, as they're not capable of being part of society

No. 387004

since it was only a visa marriage

No. 387203

Have you ever tried to live and work in Japan? Have you ever tried to fit into "normal society" in Japan? From the strand of your recent comments, I think not. You seem very naive anon.

No. 387266

I wouldn't be surprised if you work in the "night work" industry, you seem so defensive of someone opinion.

No. 387371

I'm a different anon but there's too many moral-chans. Night work in Japan is harmless unless you do Deriheath or Soapland which she is doing neither. There's hundreds of European girls who work in the night industry illegally so I don't know why you're singling this one out.

No. 387396

Wrong anon I only mention why anon was getting defensive.

No. 395739

File: 1506846026493.jpg (244.89 KB, 459x800, downloadfile-1.jpg)

To answer your question.

No. 402546

the only topic shannon talks about is how japans fashion is so horrible now. if u don't like it go back to canada

No. 402611

Does that trigger you? She's complained about it ONCE in maybe a month and you choose to focus on it.

No. 402692

umh she talks about it everyday? are u ok anon?

No. 402929

She doesn't lately if you have been paying attention to her fb which I'm sure the anon has because this popped up right after she talked about for the first time in a while.

No. 408005

Love Shiena! Easily the classiest and prettiest gaijin gyaru in Tokyo. Wish there was more info on her. Doesn't have to be milk, just what is she up to lately, and how's her life going?

No. 408013

visa marriage and working as kyaba

No. 408072

File: 1508745381523.jpg (61.33 KB, 533x800, gross.jpg)

No. 408130

A manly ham

No. 408132

Is that dude seriously wearing a cheap ns uniform? There are so many GOOD replicas of these uniforms in Japan and he chooses the cheapest one he could find.

No. 412944


Oh no, homegirl looks like she's gained weight lately… take care of yourself, doll

No. 413710

is that one in bottom left that former-trans-trender lovejoker ?

No. 413711

bottom right. fuck

No. 413967

this picture made me lol because it looks like she has one of those V for Vendetta moustaches

No. 414797

what the fuck is even going on with her mouth to look like that

No. 414801

Just really bad lighting and wired angle. No one looks good in this photo.

No. 414802


No. 415743

Oh good ol' Shiena. Her facebook has been a cringefest for the past months. Always complaining or bragging about every little joke she makes with customers. Yes we get it Shiena, after like 10 years of living in Japan you are finally able to have a basic conversation in Japanese, how great you are! Also lmao at how she complains about customers saying dirty things. Please don't forget your job is to wear tiny dresses and entertain greasy drunk men?

No. 416822

lol THIS. after years of being in Japan she only managed to work in this no future shitty job? for how long can a kyaba work? till she's 50?

No. 416858

Is that katie at the bottom? Shiena seems to have gained weight.

No. 420798

Does anyone have proof that Shiena got married?

She seems to have dropped the whole going to buy a condo thing. Looks like she is down to one job right now. I know that there are some famous ex-kyaba who have done something with their lives but they are 1/100,000 girls. You can't say that she is going to transform this into an actual career. She is already almost 30 (meaning she'll be too old to be in the club's soon) and she does not seem to be doing well financially based on her posts and instagram. Since Shiena loves to brag, I think we would know if she had a ton of cash.

No. 420801

Post some FB screenshots

No. 420805

File: 1510389924867.jpg (19 KB, 274x295, Screenshot_2017-11-11-01-43-13…)

Someone tagged her in a photoset. This is what she looks like at work for those of you thinking her job is amazing and she isn't in the business of doing anything not classy.

No. 420807

Finally a picture where she looks her age. This is way more like what she looks like irl

No. 420831

That’s this cody Designer guy if I remember right. He’s fucking with Sere and I’m sure he is also with Shiena

No. 420835

Red and blurry? Lol

No. 420836

That isn't Cody. That is this Japanese boxer guy.

No. 420837

But yes, he did fuck them both in a threesome. Sere posted a pic on instagram saying they were having one but changed the caption and no one seems to have a screenshot

No. 420838

Post FB screenshots

No. 420855

Shut up and add Shiena yourself on FB for your ‘screenshots’

No. 421069


Wow… She always talks like she's so glamorous but in this picture she looks just your average illegal Chinese immigrant sex worker

No. 421192

Is s rare to see her hair straight. Maybe before hair-make? She never wears her hair straight even on her days off.

No. 421437

Obviously not before hair make because she is with a customer. Shiena usually looks pretty dumpy if you see her irl just walking through Kabukicho. She only takes pictures on days where she does her hair and makeup well.

No. 421438

She edits her pics sooooo heavily and only posts pictures on days where she has gone all out with her look.

No. 421488

I don't get how her mom lets her be a sex worker/kyaba..since shiena always brags about her mom being all rich and comes from a high class family. how could she let her daughter do such a cheap job?

No. 421498

Shiena lies. She moved to Tokyo all those years ago and lived in a shithole with Ashley.She had to get some old dude she was fucking to pay her tuition for her. I am sure her parents would have given her money if they had it since they seem really close.

No. 421509

File: 1510467020342.jpg (73.48 KB, 660x893, Screenshot_2017-11-11-23-02-41…)

Yeah…always glamorous

No. 421510

File: 1510467044518.jpg (95.57 KB, 716x939, Screenshot_2017-11-11-22-52-01…)

No. 421511

File: 1510467087475.jpg (85.75 KB, 708x853, Screenshot_2017-11-11-23-00-54…)

And classy lol

No. 421639

Sometimes host and kyabajo have to sit with a customer before hairmake is done if they have a resident hair stylist instead of them choosing their own and the customer comes early.

No. 421660

How does she get customers if she can't speak japanese and doesn't have obviously foreign looks to make up for it?

No. 422447

She is probably living off the hourly wage plus she has big blobs compared to most Japanese girls and she wears super low cut dresses.

No. 422612

Still, with that manly face I wouldn't even look at her…isn't she fat for Japanese as well?

No. 422652

Yeah well…her clients that I know of are pretty ugly and chunky themselves. They go for easy girls. My friends and I call them "dinner girls" because they seem to duck guys even if the guy is just buying dinner. Girls like Karen, Harutamu, and Juliana.

No. 422653

Only real insecure girls will attack Shiena. She is the classiest gaijin gyaru in Tokyo. Maybe you should put in the time/effort/energy into your look.

No. 422656

File: 1510561036417.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-11-13-01-16-09…)

10 years in Japan…

No. 422659

looooool this has nothing with being insecure. no one would attack her if she didn't act like she's classy and all. you don't even know what we do or look in real life. Most important thing is we aren't hookers or sex workers like shiena.

No. 422661

File: 1510562546550.jpg (82.74 KB, 704x915, Screenshot_2017-11-13-01-41-04…)

She worked at Lugano with Shiena. Classiest club ever…

No. 422662

How come both club's Shiena worked at had their caba2 pages taken down? What is the name of the club with the red chairs?

No. 422664

who is this?

No. 422674

The Japanese in the caption is fucked up too. 10 years, really? How embarrassing.

No. 430137

File: 1511377498728.jpg (129.82 KB, 718x856, Screenshot_2017-11-22-11-59-52…)

The boxer client is actually a yakuza client lol

No. 430138

File: 1511377598003.jpg (83.81 KB, 566x609, Screenshot_2017-11-22-12-05-48…)

No. 430178

File: 1511380247708.png (545.6 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-11-22-12-49-24…)

The quality of the girls where Shiena works is just laughable…they're all chubby and ugly.

No. 430308

Neither of them are in the picture wtf. Shiena doesn’t have tattoos. This thread is half composed of people reaching trying to find any Asian who looks like her in photos making up shit and the other half is nitpicking on stupid stuff. Bye until you guys come up with something true and scandalous.

No. 430460

Shiena is in the middle of that red picture. The guy even tagged her. The other picture of all the yakuza is one he posted on instagram that is just showing he is yakuza.

No. 430461

File: 1511408533080.jpg (166.92 KB, 718x827, Screenshot_2017-11-22-20-41-13…)

That is Shiena alright

No. 430468

The person obviously posted that picture as proof of him being yakuza.

No. 430474

File: 1511409653904.jpg (101.3 KB, 704x836, Screenshot_2017-11-22-20-56-57…)

The guy on the right is the one passed out in Shiena's lap in that really red picture of her with straight hair

No. 430569

loooool because she's fat and ugly aswell lol

No. 431475


Lugano had to rename itself N

No. 434659

File: 1512001085331.png (974.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-11-29-17-16-55…)

No. 434864

File: 1512034720225.jpg (316.79 KB, 2048x1536, lollll.jpg)

oh Shiena…..

No. 435822

You do know that pretty much all the boxers as well as sumo are yakuza or in some way affiliated.

No. 435904

File: 1512164322912.png (750.95 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2017-12-01-14-35-59…)

No. 436011

File: 1512174685250.png (3.85 MB, 1334x750, 7B5F7CBE-ADB1-4C04-B72D-FC22E9…)

No. 436033

Oh god, the secondhand embarrassment.

No. 436040

Ami's idol career is so bad she has to fuck old guys for money.

No. 436196

shiena's nose…she is really good at contouring and photoshop lol

No. 436330

File: 1512232442645.png (112.26 KB, 135x385, Untitled.png)

no money to eat but still fat LOL how

No. 436428

Lol on the hunt for most unflattering photos of her again? You guys are obsessed. I think it’s the costume. I’ve worn those type before and it comes out at the chest and then doesn’t hug back in at the under bust but straight down to the connecting point underneath. She should have bound her chest to make it more flattering.

No. 436613

She’s not fat at all, this is a huge reach.
This thread is just the same person posting zoomed in pictures of her trying to find flaws.(whiteknighting)

No. 436703

so shannon admitted that she worked illegal as hostess

No. 436718

You can tell from the Sailor Moon costume pics (Shiena's IG versus others) how much she edits herself to make her look thinner. She isn't fat but she is chubby and her chest is actually not very big.

No. 436729

When did she admit she worked illegally?

No. 436741

Have you met her in real life? Her chest is really big.

No. 436753


No. 436856

how is it possible for her to work as a host LEGALLY?

No. 436857

even if her chest is really big -which is not rare lol- she isn't as thin as she pretends to be. still chubby and considered big to the Japanese

No. 436993

File: 1512327985302.jpg (99.23 KB, 700x655, Screenshot_2017-12-03-12-03-49…)

Look at her left leg…lol she messed up the Photoshop.

No. 436995

Screenshot of her admitting it? I think she took the post down

No. 436997

File: 1512328114119.jpg (8.03 KB, 166x204, Screenshot_2017-12-03-12-03-49…)

No. 436999

That’s a thigh muscle lol. And where is this photo? It’s not on her insfagram

No. 437069

That is clearly not a thigh muscle. It is WAY too jagged.

No. 437079

File: 1512333819321.jpg (60.81 KB, 326x805, Screenshot_2017-12-03-13-42-41…)

No. 437080

No way that's a muscle. I'm doing a lot of weight training and I know a lot of people who are really athletic but I don't think anybody's got thighs like this

No. 437081

No thighs with 90° corners? Lol

No. 437085

Why does Shiena still do all this crap when she is already 28? I mean…she should probably have a real job at this point and some savings and a plan for the future instead of working illegally as a kyaba.

No. 437099

Where is the proof she admitted to working illegally?

No. 437123

If she is not married to a Japanese citizen it is always illegal to work as hostess in japan. Only spouse visa and permanent residence visa are fine for this kind of ‘job’.

No. 437129

Hmmm. Still would like to see what she said. I was thinking she had a spouse visa.

No. 437147

Why does Shiena lie so much?

1) She is almost certainly working as a hostess illegally. She does not have permanent residence and there is no proof that she has a spouse visa. She has admitted to working illegally and 2 of the clubs she has worked at never listed her on their caba2 pages (even tho Shiena has no problem posting on IG proof that she works on them).

2) Since she is working illegally, there is no way she is paying taxes. The government needs proof of employment when you file your taxes.

3) She talked about buying a condo. Plenty of landlords will let you rent shitty apartments if you have no visa. Anyone who used to read her old blog knows that she and Ashley were renting from a guy illegally subletting a place to them. Shiena can't buy property in Japan without providing tax information, employer information, and going through the credit/background check process.

She needs to get herself out of Japan at this point. She can't teach English apparently (or she would have done it at some point during the 10 years she has been in Japan). The reason is probably that she only has associates degrees so she doesn't meet the minimum educational requirements. This leaves her with really minimal job prospects. I guess she could become a hairdresser? But Japan is really not the best place for her.

Go home and get your life together, Shannon. You are never going to make something of yourself in Japan. It is honestly never going to happen. You are not smart or skilled enough, no matter what you think. All you are doing is heading down the same path as Lorena. Everyone is coming around to the fact that you do not live this glamorous life in Tokyo and that you're not anywhere near as classy as you portray yourself. We have all seen the pictures of you looking your age and overweight and haggard and having a drunk yakuza passed out in your lap.

No. 437149

File: 1512338863794.jpg (48.97 KB, 478x455, Screenshot_2017-12-03-15-06-43…)

She is wearing a corset…lol

No. 437439

Just one thing here, she could use the same ways sere does do 'buy' property. Whatever way Sere took. Most likely buying stuff on behalf of her fucktoy

No. 437447

I don't think Shiena has the money or friends for it and I am certain Sere only rented the shop space.

No. 437495

File: 1512377093548.jpg (100.96 KB, 768x1024, CGvxgUWU8AIABbI.jpg)

omg these are so cringe-worthy




all of the links are about 10-sion and feature Shiena…

and you can see from that pic that her boobs are like an American c-cup (big for Japan)

No. 437522

She’s currently Japanese g cup which means she’s actually American DDD or f cup

No. 437524

File: 1512384727654.jpeg (119.11 KB, 346x751, FF6E6191-F4AB-4CE7-A3D9-03B413…)

Normal clothing hides her bust because Japanese clothing squashes boobs if you have them. This pic you can clearly see the size

No. 437537

It does not matter if she has the biggest boobs ever. lol with that face…

No. 437541

How quickly people turn when a style is no longer popular. This thread is so try hard. Try to make it seem like she does sex work but can’t come up with solid evidence so they nitpick on her weight or facial features. It’s like the same 1-3 people who have it out for her for some reason. If this girl cared about this thread I wouldn’t be surprised if she develops a eating disorder or get paranoid of taking one or two bad photos.

No. 437550

Are you the "this is a copy of 4chan" faggot? Get the fuck out of here.

No. 437572

Just because some people dont enjoy milkless nitpicking doesnt make them the 4chan person. I bet there are a lot of ladies here who would agree. Some of these cows are not lulzy anymore and yet the dead horse…er cow…gets beaten anyways. Most of these threads are full of jealous nitpicking that usually comes from insecure high schooler girls. Cant even tell what was originally milky about some of the cows, when the thread is full of high school tier insults about weight or appearance.

No. 437581

Agree, just posting random photos is not milk.

No. 437595

Yeah, especially posting random photos in which the girl looks like shit… That does not make her milky enough, though. Just a very unfortunate angle

No. 437607

Yeah she just worked illegal as hostess

No. 437626

yes we are jealous. we wish we had no future, no education, look like a man and work as illegal hostess. We wish we weren't able to afford food and nice clothes.

No. 437640

She is obviously not an actual G cup. Look at her pictures.

No. 437666

Where does the she can't afford food thing come from?

No. 437674

she said she lost weight because she couldn't afford to buy food. Even when she's out with her friends she picks the cheapest thing off the menu.

No. 437939

Nope. She just said there was a time she was poor and told people how she survived on very little in Japan and farmers twisted it to be current news.

No. 438135

I did not mean she said it as a status…I have my own sources

No. 438150

If you have ever been out when Shiena is around she makes 10000000 excuses about why she isn't buying anything. Half the time when she agrees to go out to eat, she only orders a drink and says she suddenly isn't hungry or doesn't see anything she wants to eat

No. 438154

Iol you obviously never been out with her. She orders food normally just like anyone else. I’ve never seen her just buy a drink. If you pay close attention to her style none of the current stuff matches it and all the new stuff she buys is special print or character based so why would she drop cash on stuff she doesn’t need or want?

No. 438155

…omg shiena lurks this thread. Self post?

No. 438156

She buys stuff. Constantly posting new coord photos. Just because she doesn’t buy things while with people doesn’t mean she doesn’t buy anything. Yeah some of the stuff is second hand but have you seen any new clothes that are anything like the stuff she wears? A 600 dollar dress even secondhand is at least $80-100 the same price as current new plainer dresses from 109 brands.

No. 438157

Let’s be honest…. she is mostly wearing her tacky Shibuya 109 or kyaba dresses. Nothing of good quality.

No. 438159

File: 1512473921276.jpg (34.09 KB, 304x669, Screenshot_2017-12-05-04-36-59…)

No. 438161

If you look closely at her pictures, she rotates the same small set of 109 dresses…and has like 4 pairs of shoes.

No. 438167

If you really look closely they’re different. Just similar looking. I count at least 6 pairs of shoes not including boots.

No. 438534

Always the beat up heels with the cat tails that she teeters around in

No. 438542

File: 1512518193120.jpeg (875.04 KB, 2048x2048, DC7E1450-C048-499A-8814-98832A…)

For people who zoom up on her photos so much you sure don’t pay attention. Not including boots or shoes worn in previous years enjoy shoe creeps.

No. 438849

no taste at all

No. 438879

oh hi Shiena! her taste is so tacky and cheap..looks plastic lol

No. 438880

isn't it normal for a girl to own pairs of shoes? this does not make her rich or anything. These aren't even expensive and she had them over the 10 years she lived in Japan.

No. 438921

I only included the ones she bought this year. The diamante ones are 300 each and the sakurina ones are 140 while Esperanza are 100 so no, not expensive. I was only debunking the myth she only has one or two pairs. I’m not saying she’s rich just not as poor as people on this thread are trying to make her out to be considering that shoes are one of her lowest priority items.

No. 438926

how much are you paid for defending her? and even if she isn't poor, she is only an illegal kyaba. she is hitting 30 soon. she cant work forever as a kyaba and she has no education. And she still lives in her shitty apartment.

No. 438927

maybe they are gifts from her ugly customers

No. 438951

but anon, everybody envys her because her customers are young ikemen which look like hosts

No. 438969

Not paid anything. Just like to thread to stick to real stuff. Like yes she works kyaba but no there’s no evidence of prostitution. Yes she’s 28 and not balling in cash and no foreseeable bright future but no she’s not dirt poor and can’t afford clothes and eating out. A worthy cow doesn’t need fabricated rumors to be interesting. If she’s truly the cow you think she is, milk should come easy no? But so far all you guys got are some zoomed up photos calling her fat which is subjective, calling her poor which I debunked but even then, being poor isn’t that milky, and some links to pornstars you think look like her.

Sage for no new info.

No. 438988

Actually you can't buy JD anymore so would be 2nd hand and cheaper

No. 438993

You can buy jd. There are shops in Nagoya, Osaka and a showroom opened by appointment in tokyo. There’s also the online shop.

Even second hand it only makes it the same price as 109brands. It’s not a bad idea. Japanese take really good care of their clothes so it’s almost like new.

No. 439005

lol k shiena

No. 439019

Lol you wish.

No. 439137

wtf are you idiots on about? JD isn't just for himekei, discerning older women wear it as well.


No. 439152

Considering her apartment is probably 400-600/month, it would be ridiculous if she couldn't afford clothes. Especially since she rarely eats out and buys a ton of her clothes secondhand

No. 439166

Also, the JD shoes she got in fukubukuro so…

No. 439170

Yeah. The matching coat also came in the lucky bag

No. 439227

Last time I checked jd lucky bags are expensive. She wasn’t wearing it last winter so I doubt she got it in the fukubukuro. The coat is also sold separately and still being sold. She also got both shoes in black and white so would that mean she got at least two bags? That’s minimally $1000 right there.

400 in shinjuku? That’s impossible. Even the tinniest apartments are 700-800.

Just because Sere flashes money and spends every cent she gets right away doesn’t mean Shiena has the same spending habit. Judging from her when she was broke stories she budgets naturally.

No. 439323

JD lucky bags are literal garbage.

No. 439378

She got JD from Closet Child and furima appli. And there’s 4-5万 shitty 1k or ワンルーム apartments all within walking distance of Shinjuku

No. 439410

Honestly who cares how much money she spends on rent or clothes? Isn’t getting a good deal on things better than dishing out a lot of money for the same thing? It’s called not being a dumbass with your money.

No. 439496

This is an actual question to the people who defend Shiena:

Why do you do it? Why do you like her so much?

No. 439500

My theory is because she ‘made it’ in japan.

No. 439501


Because the people who post on this site probably contain more dairy than she does.

No. 439543

lies, worked illegal as Hostess.. now married for visa mhh

No. 439550

I think she omitts information but doesn’t baltently lie. At least I have yet to see evidence of it

No. 439571

If her life is “making it” then what is someone like say, kooter, who as flakey as she is didn’t have to resort to hostessing lol

No. 439966

Earning less than even a shitty English teacher isn’t “making it”

No. 440010

And you know her income how? Lol. Let’s be honest, no one knows how much she spends or saves or earns. Just that minimally she would be at at least 3000yen and hour which is better off than the average English teacher.

No. 440077

Hostessing is not and never was making it. Sorry to break it to you anon.

No. 440121

"If" you have customers.

Even if you don't get customers you still get some hourly wage. On average in my area 8 to 12 dollars an hour depending on the place.(not talking about upper-class ones, not 100 on those)

If she is making 30 dollars hourly with no customers, I need to move stat. Lol jk.

From my experience, yours may differ. I'm in Low income area, not sure about Tokyo.

No. 440130

File: 1512714923473.png (219.16 KB, 349x512, 1459605175509.png)


No. 440147

Since when is she the head of a shot-bar? I bet she wishes… of course not saying that she is actually a hostess. Nice try Shannon, nice try.

No. 440159

and letting everyone know she is down to fuck for $$$ (b/c she wouldn't have even brought it up otherwise) hahahah

No. 440193

I wonder if she's just misunderstanding the word to be honest.
In small bars the guy serving the drinks is usually the owner, so you just call them tenchou.
She must've heard that sometime, and once she was behind the counter she thought "I'm here, that must been I'm the tenchou now", without being aware of the actual meaning of the word.

I mean, even if she was trying to lie and use the word to mean she was in charge of the bar, if the bar is inside a club then calling yourself tenchou doesn't mean you're the barista, it means you're in charge of the whole club.

No. 440196

That photo is of her gyaruru profile when she was tencho of Sere’s bar and she was in charge of the whole bar. Just like when she was producer/substitute tencho of gyaru cafe.

Anyways it’s an old photo. Her gyaruru profile has been saying kyabakura for a long time now.

No. 440199

Yes you definitely need to move. The lowest hourly wage with no customers for kyabakura in tokyo is 2000-3000yen. 9-1200yen an hour is base wage of a maid cafe or izakaya or clothing shop staff.

Proof? I’ve only ever seen statuses saying how she survived when she was broke. Past tense. She said it to help newcomers to tokyo out on how to survive on very little.

No. 440231

What is gyaruru?(learn 2 sage)

No. 440579

Why does Shiena still tag her photos gyaru?

No. 440829

Shiena obviously reads this thread so she bought some lis liza stuff to shut us up LOL

No. 440837

And she bought princess melody op a couple weeks ago and cinnamonroll hoodie, tote bag and yukata on top of a constant flow of second hand famous mars prints and jesus diamanté. I think she’s just picking and choosing which items to buy according to print and shape rather than price and what season.

No. 440840

Or it could be she happens to find something she likes enough to pay full price for like she used to when the trends were more her style.

No. 440889


Hello Shiena

Whether she's poor or not we don't know… At least it's obvious that she's not rich. And she has several mental illnesses. Probably narcissism and autism which keep her from having a normal job and normal relationships

No. 441066

That came out of left field. I think it’s about time you gave up anon. This cow is milkless. You pulling mental illnesses out of your ass is a sign of desperation.

No. 441069

Agree. Arguing whether she has bought new clothes or not is hardly milk. She also doesn't seem to be seeking attention like most cows. Someone staying illegally is hardly newsworthy. This thread just reads like a nitpicky vendetta.

No. 441944


God this shit is depressing. She's happy to receive a balloon and eating Fami Mart chicken? And this is what she chooses to show to the world? This is what she's bragging about?!


Yowch I thought y'alls were being too harsh on her before but she is seriously gaining weight and starting to look her age… sad… my advice for Shiena would be to find a homely but stable salaryman living in Yokohama or some shit and settle down. Her current lifestyle is NOT sustainable.

No. 441945

Morning kyaba… the last resort… who the fuck goes to kyaba during the morning? Oh right, people with no regular job…

No. 441956

And again she's not on the cast list while the club appears shady af because they didn't even bother to take their own photos of the girls

No. 441962

This thread is creepy and obsessive. Why do you care so much about her?

No. 441963

Do you know where you are

No. 442027

Actually she said no to the chicken. Just sayin'

No. 442029

Llllllllllljhhhhhhgggvvcccvvv(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 442050

She didn't even want to pay for the chicken at Famima. Now she is out to prove that she spends money when she's out. Look at her new IG post. And she is bragging about going to the nastiest cheapest pizza place ever. Lol

No. 442051

File: 1512988712193.jpg (27.18 KB, 302x475, Screenshot_2017-12-11-03-37-38…)

No. 442071

What is the thing next to the 109 supposed to be? It looks like Korean at first glance, but I'm pretty sure it isn't.

No. 442077

I’m pretty sure if someone doesn’t want to pay for family mart chicken it could mean they’re just not hungry. Posting on the internet = bragging now?

My god stop with the zooming up randomly on shit. The way you crop photos I don’t know wtf you’re getting at other than being a try hard at attempting to make a otherwise normal photo look wierd and out of context.

No. 442083

Wow what a god awful co-ord though. I must be the only one that thinks Shiena's style is mostly horrific, 90% of the time it looks like she got dressed in the dark. For someone that has studied fashion and make-up she really needs to learn what colors compliment each other as well as when combining sub-genre fashion styles just looks ridiculous.

No. 442084

Also pretty sure she didn't want the chicken because its super greasy/unhealthy and she didn't want to seem like a fatty on camera.

No. 442087

Have you seen tokyo fashion snaps? They’re way worse. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to experiment with mixing stuff. That’s how all sub genres begin. Her sense of color is great. Her taste and content is split but at least it’s not cookie cutter like everyone else.

No. 442107

She deleted the pic saying she was at shakeys lololol

No. 442149


I think they're supposed to be sparkles, you know like the sparkle emoji? The lines just aren't connected.

No. 442255

You know Instagram stories delete themselves after 24hrs idiot.

No. 442358

She had posted an actual picture of shakeys which she then deleted, not talking about the caption in her purikura..no need to be an asshole when you're wrong

No. 442395

It was an Instagram story and those delete within 24hrs. So you’re the one who is wrong.

No. 442565

Technically you don't need any qualification to teach English other than being a native speaker, just has to be private lessons rather than with a company. It's possible to find students online or meet through friends/ associates. If you're decent enough at tutoring/ holding conversations and personable plus ok looking you will be able to work like that and can report the taxes, provided you have a proper visa.

No. 442569

800yen an hour is conbini/izakaya wages

Literally ALL hostess clubs pay upwards of 1000an hour even if you don't have your own customers
Most pay 2000-3000 an hour as a basic wage where the fuck are you getting your info from?

No. 442576

>800yen an hour is conbini/izakaya wages
7/11 and Lawson pay something like 1100/hour.
Once I applied for Famima and they told me I'd be starting at 1000/h if I took the job.
Not saying that you'd be swimming in money as a clientless hostess, but I severely doubt that it pays less than konbini work…but then again, I've never been in a club so I might be wrong.

It just seems weird for borderline prostitution to pay less than working a register does, is all.

No. 442595

2000-3000yen is standard for low level kyaba in central tokyo. 4000yen for mid-level kyabakura and 5000yen + for high level kyaba.

If your experience is in the 1000yen ball park then maybe you are working for foreign owned clubs or guessing from shotty craigslist listings.

No. 442598

The morning clubs pay around 3000-4000 per hour but they aren't open very many hours a day so the girls end up making very little money unless they work on the side. Morning kyabas are super easy to get jobs at, especially if you're in Japan illegally. Most of the customers they serve are guys who stayed out all night, spent most of their money at real kyaba, and need to kill time before the trains start up. This is why Shiena's gifts include a single lipstick, balloons, and a piece of soap. These guys just don't have or want to spend the money. Morning kyaba are also more popular with guys who don't have regular jobs because they're so much cheaper than night kyaba. The girls who work morning almost always do some kind of sex work as well, according to my friend who owns a morning kyaba.

No. 442612

Yeah you’re right other than almost always work other sex work. Some do I’m sure but a lot do also work night as well as morning or are single moms (childcare hours/kid is at school) and some are there because it’s more laxed than night kyaba.

And they’re actually open longer than night Kyaba. But yes it is cheaper than night kyaba.

No. 442613

>according to my friend who owns a morning kyaba.
There is farmers with contacts in the Yakuza.
The thought is terrifying and titillating at the same time.

No. 443248

Actually, most morning kyaba currently run slightly less hours than night kyaba due to regulations being put in place b/c of the upcoming olympics. The government has been trying to put a smaller lease on kabukicho businesses to keep up appearances.

You're kind of right about the single moms and double shift (morning-night) girls. I stand by my statement that most do sex work on the side. The last category of guys that goes to morning kyaba is owners of bars and clubs. They'll go in to pick up a girl to mess around with for a bit. If you've ever been into one of these places, you know they are horrid. Morning kyaba is one of the shittiest jobs in kabukicho. It is pretty fucking low on the totem pole. You won't see girls form good clubs working morning kyaba. It's kind of gross. And like you said, it's a lot of single moms and girls with absolutely no futures. A lot of the girls are foreign for that reason. The gaijin at morning kyaba are the ones who were too old, ugly, and fat to make it into the ginza or roppongi clubs. They can't even work in ikebukuro. They're jokes.

No. 443257

Shiena is already clawing her way back into Lorena's wallet. Pics will be up soon of her going to fakestar and bar Anubis, just wait.

No. 443296

Kabukichō is getting strict with foreigners even if they have proper visa. I had a friend with a spouse visa and didn’t make it for any of the night clubs.

Ginza and roppongi is more for Russian looking type gaijin or gaijin like gaijin. If they are Japanese or Asian, oneesan type. In other words not gyaru.

Most night clubs in major areas require you to have dark hair and be ultra skinny. Like model skinny. I’m sure she can get a night club in Ikebukuro, ueno or nakano though. But since she lives in shinjuku maybe she only wanted Kabukichō.

Not too long ago she worked night too. If anyone remembers she has brown hair at that time.

Shiena already went to Anubis’s opening. She’s known Naoki for a very long time. Longer than she’s known Sere actually. It’s more likely Sere knows of Anubis because of Shiena.

No. 443494

How is shiena surviving without health insurance? That is so risky. Like..what if something happens? She can't get national health since she is there illegally.

No. 443496

Basically everything you said is false. Literally go look at what the girls look like on caba2. Not every hostess has brown or black hair. Most of them don't. That is just so absurd. Also, kabukicho clubs are fine hiring illegal workers. The Japanese police are so terrible. The clubs just keep the girls off their websites. Notice how shiena has never made into into caba2 for any of her clubs?

No. 443599

Ask any scout how difficult it is to get a foreigner into a Kabukichō night kyaba and you will know.

And yes most clubs are strict with light colored hair unless you are already famous/ have a huge customer base or dyed it light after you’ve gained a lot of customers. Entering kyaba with blonde hair and heavy makeup in Kabukichō nowadays is difficult even for Japanese. Maybe it will change soon but at least for this year and last year it was like this.

No. 443783

lol what an idiot

No. 448412

File: 1513773586359.jpg (79.77 KB, 960x960, lolllll.jpg)


No. 448461

ugh. this shit. she's going for older style gal, why is she following gross lolita trends?

No. 448478

This does not even match…these shoes do not go with this…oh lord so tacky. I don't care if this is a "brand". Still tacky af

No. 448766

I told you she gets dressed in the dark. She is wearing 3 different shades of blue, cloud print socks paired with a kiss print pastel and hot pink dress. What is she thinking? She looks like a clown.

No. 448786

She's just desperate to try to fit in with crowds she obviously doesn't belong in. Lorena has obviously ditched her. Who does she have now? No one except the fresh off the boat weebs and Katie.

No. 448936

>gross lolita trends
First of all what is gross abt lolita?
And second, nothing of this, in any way, screams lolita. It looks more like ahe mixed her gyaru stuff with whatever she could find in Harajukus backstreets

No. 448942

It was a galaxxxy event. That’s how galaxxxy style is. I personally think it’s refreshing to see something different than the full Liz Lisa coordinates or the limited full dia coords.

No. 448968

As in dress horribly? someone who has a really high taste in fashion -as she pretends- would not dress like that. the socks and the shoes…horrible

No. 448972

File: 1513844545631.png (35.64 KB, 501x136, Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 08.1…)

taking this as a career lol. RIP liver. I wonder how she will look or survive in few years. What an aspiring job.

No. 448976

File: 1513845273492.png (31.82 KB, 477x103, Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 08.3…)

Actually starting to feel pity and bad for her..

No. 448981

No need to feel sad about trash like her. Especially her complaining gets really annoying, she has chosen the job by herself anyway. Of course everybody isn’t happy with his/her job all the time, but she almost complainta everytime about every customer lol, you get the feeling she doesn’t enjoy her job at all

No. 448982

If she seriously complains about it all the time, she should think about getting a normal job. Oh… wait… I forgot… that’s all she can do.

No. 448983

But she hasn’t complained in awhile. It’s her own facebook so who cares. She’s not hurting anyone

No. 448984

Hi Shiena

No. 448985

Hi fuckwit anon. I’m not Shiena but seriously you people complain more about her than she complains about anything

No. 448988

Who cares we are not hurting anyone LOL

No. 448996

she only complains on fb. it's getting annoying

No. 449011

The socks and shoes would have looked fine if they weren't paired with a dress that has 2 different shades of pink, a lilac sweater and 2 other different shades of blue. What in the hell color co-ordination is that!? She honestly looks like she got dressed in the dark or just picked up whatever was on her floor.

No. 449018

To be fair her apartment is probably quite dark lol.
From what little she posts of it the walls looked a very dark color and it is severely cramped/cluttered with clothing and other items resembling a hoarder nest. Probably not much natural light or space to properly gauge the overall look.

No. 449756

Her apartment is one of the 1LDK ones that are under 20 square meters. You can tell by the layout and how her clothes are all crammed in there. Her fridge has her microwave on it and they're both across from the bed. It's a very old apartment.

No. 449758

Also, the walls are white.

No. 449824

LOL @ people saying Shiena is "hard working" because she got like 7000 dollar for drinking. Such a hard worker.

No. 449829

She probably lives in a 1R, a 1LDK has a separate bedroom and 'living' area, if her fridge is across from her bed then its not an LDK.

Also most apartment walls are white regardless of size.

No. 449834

She made 7000$ for the club/her customer spend 7000$ on the clubs service doesn't equal that she made this amount of money for herself. From her stories on instagram you can tell that she rarely gets hired alone, there's always other girls from the club with here. If you split it she might have made 1000$ or so. That at first seems like alot, but remember this is fast money: what comes fast will leave you as fast as it came to you.

I agree she's not a cow, because she's either really good at keeping her milk in secret or well, she's just not producing any. What I can't agree on though is people who claim she's in any way successful. Because no, the life of a kyaba if legal or not is not a career. It's as some call it borderline prostitution.

Sage for blogpost

No. 449853

She wasn't working alone as you can tell from the amount of glasses in her instagram story. Her customer spending $7,000 means about 60-70% of that is being divided between the girls because the club takes a big cut. Her customer ordering 7 bottles doesn't mean they made $7,000. The prices her club charges means that they aren't charging $1,000 a bottle. No way. It's a shifty club that is charging a couple hundred at most.

No. 449854

Shiena is so bad off that she is spending Christmas working at her club. That says A LOT. It means that she doesn't have friends or a significant other who is worth more than the extra nomination money. On top of that, she posted on IG looking for customers to come to her club's cheap Christmas event. 15000 for a 90 minute set? That's almost the same as going to a hotel dessert buffet…for a kyaba to charge that little is sad.

No. 449918

No, it really says nothing. Using SNS to promote events is normal. All night workers work Christmas. There are usually high penalties for taking off during event days. If you ever date a night worker be prepared to see them go off to work on Christmas, Valentines Day etc.

No. 450011

Hi Shiena. you seem very bothered to check here and defend yourself.

No. 450076

Can we stop with the Hi Shiena bullshit? Looks like anons here don't like it when they are called out for nitpicking or reaching.

sage because no milk

No. 450123

It's actually not that common for night workers to work Christmas unless they are low ranking. Most of my host friends take the whole stretch from Christmas to new Year's off to travel and stuff. Low ranking workers have to work holiday shifts because they can't afford the penalty or there isn't really an option given. Please stop with the whole assuming Shiena is here and commenting. She seems to read this but it's kind of annoying. So is being rude and pretending like everyone is being called out when they're not…

No. 450518

they work xmas eve but not xmas day. xmas eve is for couples and stuff tho. you basically need to work xmas eve and new years. xmas day is dead as fuck.

No. 450588

She is working both days…

No. 450589

She is working both days…

No. 450590

So she is apparently going to constantly post how many bottles she sells to convince us she's a successful hostess.

No. 450592

Alot of people here work on christmas. People here don't really celebrate christmas like that. They like the thought of it, honestly not many people participate.

No. 454113

Hey sheina,
Plz stop trying to get invited to the parties we're at. Not gonna happen, sweety. Take your haggerd face and sock stuffed bras away from us.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 454647

Whoa, what did Shiena do to piss Sere off?! Lol

No. 454844

Do I smell a Shiena and Sere Drama here? :D

No. 456119

File: 1514539372073.png (631.46 KB, 720x1066, IMG_20171229_101156.png)

Shiena is presenting her fabulous nihongo skills again.
She tries so hard to speak slang but she can't even get that right. Sad when you can't form a SINGLE correct sentence after living there for 10 years. She can't be seen as anything more than a poor katakoto refugee by the Japanese

No. 456127

What I dont get is why these girls flaunt moet like its expensive champagne. Its 4500yen a bottle in store. I have drank regular wine that costs more.

No. 457081

File: 1514644900173.png (651.58 KB, 720x852, IMG_20171230_153745.png)

Im not even gonna comment on this outfit. If she likes it, whatever. But for always complaining about her clubs hairdresser, she sure does a shitty job at styling it herself, too. Her hair always looks so greasy, roots growing out, hair ends dry and dead-looking af. I liked when she had dark silver hair

No. 457109

Tbh these pants look shitty on everyone. Haven't yet seen a person sporting them

No. 457335

File: 1514664641145.jpeg (109.14 KB, 720x960, 6485CEB3-FC4D-4D80-9021-7F5900…)

Nah fam, her self sets look like this

No. 457353

So… the same. Also the picture you used is 6 years old. Shiena is out of practice doing her own hair. The style is the same it's just flatter now.

No. 457374

She’s been getting hime hair at work now so I think this is not her set.

No. 457471

Her work hime set was bigger. This is quite flat, she has a picture of another self set she did on instagram that was pretty much the same so I am sure it is her own doing. All she has going for her is the fact she can get a decent self hair set so let her have that. It makes up for her awful color and outfit co-ordination.

No. 457659

File: 1514687508639.jpeg (679.78 KB, 750x754, 6B36BE4A-C04C-4973-9640-4BE2EE…)

She never has her Suji sticking out like that. It’s not her style. The last for sure self set is Halloween. She usually meets friends after work because their days off don’t line up with hers.

No. 457677

Is this supposed to be Apple White?

No. 457799

Lol shienas no1 fan. Mad stalking.


No. 457870


What bothers me about her hair more than the sets is the COLOR(S)! It's like she has a dirty mix of 10 different colors in her hair paired with her black roots. Does she dye that shit herself? If that's a salons job I'd sue them lol

No. 460483

This is going to be a pretty long post. Sorry in advance! This is also going to be very difficult for me to write. I have been following Shiena for years now. I used to really look up to her. I thought the Trouble in Tokyo videos were fun, glamorous, and exciting.
My awe dwindled over the years as I watched Shiena move through a horrible relationship, continue to want after hosts, fight with her best friend, and continuously justify her life through one arrogant post after another on Facebook. The longer she's kept this up, the harder it is to feel sorry for her.
I understand the girls on here who defend her. She was able to pick up her life in Canada and figure out way after way to remain in Tokyo to chase after a dream she had. Whether that was bravery, naivety, or arrogance is up for debate. Nevertheless, she did something that many of use have wanted to do. We remember hearing about her struggles on her blog (and those of us who were friends with Dania heard about the rest of the things that were happening in Shiena’s life).
There comes a point (and maybe that point is 1,000 lolcow posts) where we should sit down and look at things for what they are. Shiena has found another way to maintain her life in Tokyo: kyaba. Working in Kabukicho is not a stable, glamorous, or easy job. You can read what you will on the internet but girls who work kyaba face a string of men who don’t respect them, propositions for sex, long hours, and feeling consistently ill from what they’re drinking all while having to maintain a particular public image. We have all seen the ever-increasing amount of photoshop she does to her pictures…
Being a foreigner, Shiena isn’t working towards a 401k or a retirement fund. That has to be tough and scary. She posted today on IG that she worked for 22 days straight. I really, truly hope she has health insurance. Kyaba don’t provide any contribution to health insurance premiums and you must be paying taxes to be on the national health system. I do feel bad that she has so much uncertainty in her life.
This brings me to the reason I am writing on here. Shiena has recently become an indirect part of my outside-of-the—internet life. She has befriended one of my good friends. I have seen how she uses him for money, connections, and entertainment. I’ve brought it up with him and he doesn’t seem to believe it (just like he didn’t believe me when I told him how she actually is). She’ll get him to go to her club and spend more than he should. I know that’s what kyaba do but she pockets a little of the cash each time without telling anyone but him. Her excuse is always that she’s a little short on funds that month. Beyond that, she will invite herself when we (my friends and I) all get together to go out clubbing or for dinner. He can do whatever he wants with his money. She’ll blow him and go to his place in Shinjuku to have sex with him when she needs something. I understand that he is an adult and is getting something out of the relationship. That’s fine if he wants to be oblivious.
The thing that irks me the most is that this is the kind of person she has become. I know she reads this so I won’t post screenshots of their conversations since I know she’ll figure out who it is and he’ll get mad at me. I am also certain that she does this to other guys since I’ve seen her around Kabukicho. Please stop.

No. 460554


Is your friend dumb to pay a refugee for sex or just really desperate? He deserves it
And there's really no need to pity Shannon at all. She chose this and still thinks she's the shit anyway.
I wonder what she's telling her mom? All Chinese immigrant parents I know drill their kids hard and if one went to JAPAN out of all countries to become an escort, they'd be disowned by their parents immediately

No. 460568

File: 1514993118450.png (405.42 KB, 720x930, IMG_20180103_162330.png)

found a host on insta who is shienas type lol
someone introduce them to each other

No. 460924

Face isn’t horsey enough

Her mom is her FB friend and has also come to visit her in JP. Tbh her mom also seems like a money grubber who thinks tacky flashy shit is “glamorous”, so Shannon is living a good life in her eyes

Her goal is to get married or get adopted so she can stay in Japan forever. Like anybody wants to marry or adopt a Chinese crappy hostess. And if that happens, what is she going to do? Can’t kyaba forever. I assume since she’s working illegally she isn’t paying health insurance or pension. She gonna be doing night work and going to hosts when she’s 40/50?

No. 460945


No. 460949

I'm worried that she might be trying to get pregnant from my friend since he's Japanese.

No. 460951

Ok I looked at his insta and his nose/face is genuinely scary. What the fuck.

No. 461358

She has both her parents on Facebook. You should have seen Shiena's ex step dad lol. Her mom is a gold digger. Her dad does not care about her either.

No. 461464

What's her dad's and step dad name?(leave family out)

No. 463800

The things Ethan is saying about Shiena behind her back…lol

No. 463824

Ok? Spill milk or gtfo newfag. This isn’t a place to stroke your vendetta. Sage goes in the e-mail field.

No. 464068

File: 1515317320391.jpg (115.38 KB, 400x533, 1_xb.jpg)

No. 464085

That’s not her.

No. 464154

No one else has that weird mouth. Definitely her.

No. 464155

File: 1515334970634.jpg (64.32 KB, 692x566, Screenshot_2018-01-07-07-21-40…)

No. 464161

Did Shiena get a boobjob at some point? Her boobs were like 1/3 their current size a few years ago. No way that's due to weight gain.

No. 464407

The eye shape is totally different, Shiena's nose is bigger and her bangs aren't this long and straight, they're layered. Also Shiena's boobs are much bigger and she has multiple colors in her hair. This is not her.

No. 464500

You can't even see the eyes…stop making things up to protect shiena

No. 464502

People who can‘t tell asians apart start getting fucking annoying

No. 464512

That's not shiena, it's 2018 anon you should be able to tell asians apart.This chick is skinnier and shiena would never attempt to go outside without a single nose contour.

No. 467326

File: 1515667866007.jpg (64.69 KB, 696x373, Screenshot_2018-01-11-03-45-05…)

I know that her native language is English, I really do get that. Even people whose first language is English can be so poorly educated that they don't have a proper grasp of the English language.

I know you people will defend the fact that this was posted online so she probably didn't proofread it but her English is consistently atrocious. Read this. It's cringe-worthy.

She can barely form a sentence in English or Japanese. I don't understand what she's doing with her life. This is just so baffling. Why does she think dressing in ugly "kawaii" fashions when she's nearly 30 makes her look anything but pathetic?

No. 467374

Boring~~ grammar nazi.

No. 471530

if nothing else, this should stop the "Hi Shiena" posts. Her English is so bad that it's extremely obvious when she comes in here to defend herself.

No. 477686

So…Shiena told her friend who told me over lunch that she's pregnant so she "can't drink or go out as much."

No. 478180

Bullshit. Her job IS drinking.

No. 478428

I doubt it bitch is just fat.

No. 481715

She is pregnant

No. 492554

I saw Shiena going into a love hotel last night with some salaryman. They went inside before I could snap a pic. If anyone on this thread is real life friends with her, sit her down and help her straighten her life out. She's getting so much worse these days with her TV appearances and stuff. They've inflated her ego to an inhuman level.

No. 492559

Shiena is still not listed at either of the clubs she works at. Enchante literally just had a 2018 photoshoot. What is going on?



No. 492596

What was she wearing??

No. 492625

Because she’s working illegally

No. 493535

She was wearing a fur coat and I couldn't tell what underneath. Her hair make was kind of messy so I don't think she had been to work yet.

No. 493546

File: 1517808950297.jpg (17.4 KB, 432x288, Screenshot_2018-02-04-22-29-49…)

No. 493547

File: 1517808999131.png (1.14 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-02-04-22-32-51…)

No. 493550

File: 1517809026263.jpg (54.08 KB, 418x718, Screenshot_2018-02-04-22-32-51…)

No. 493553

She looks way over 30 in this picture. Also, she always looks like she has a moustache.

No. 493568

the cirus is open
everybody looks awful

No. 493574

Shiena has the widest face. She shoops it so much in her photos. Why isn't she happy with how she looks?

No. 493581

Shiena, please make a public statement about your legal status in Japan. It's about time you said something.

No. 493667

Knew it. It was complete bullshit or you mistook someone else for her. She was at the Sanrio event that day. Her outfit was not a fur coat and her hair was done up.

About time you stop making up lies.

No. 493682

File: 1517823101617.png (4.02 MB, 1334x750, 5ADF3DB3-6B2C-4ED1-BFD7-E68037…)

She doesn’t look as wide faced in the newest nhk episode. Maybe I’m just used to seeing the unflattering pictures people post here

No. 493685

File: 1517823231617.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, E1B8E5AB-DA5A-4126-9918-567B80…)

No. 493689

The person didn't say what day so….what are you talking about?

No. 493690

That nose…

No. 493692

does Katie have something? she looks retarded. Or maybe just English looking lol

No. 493693

The person said last night which was the day after the Sanrio event so I know what I’m talking about.

No. 493694

said last night the day after the Sanrio event. *

No. 493734

You do know that the Sanrio thing wasn't the entire day and into the night? I assume that if Shiena is meeting clients then she would change and drop off all her souvenirs first.

No. 493736


Shiena must really hate her face, or else she wouldn't always do that clown-duckface and hide most of it with her hair

No. 493757

I’m not convinced she would go through all that trouble to go out at night after a long day of work and event. Kyabajo don’t go to hotel with their clients hours and hours before work. Usually it would be after if at all. Besides isn’t she lazy? That would require a lot of effort.

No. 494004

I mean…no matter what she does with her makeup, she's really hideous without it. Her eyes are very small, her teeth are all gross looking, and she's just not an attractive person.

No. 494354

What’s so gross about her teeth? There literally no pictures of her wthout makeup so no one really knows what she looks like.

No. 494669

There are some from when she was younger. You can see her eye shape there. And her front teeth are all bent in and all her teeth are yellow and so unhealthy looking.

No. 494713

Never noticed. They look pretty straight and normal to me. Maybe not American movie star grade or people who whiten their teeth but not unhealthy or Japanese level noticably fucked up teeth either.

No. 494846

sage for off topic but UGH sarah, she is fucking trashy herself surprised her fucking mom isn't holding her hand

just resting horse face lmao
from that angle it is unfortunate

No. 496873

I thought Shiena was working with a japanese company? like for language school? Maybe I missed something

No. 496878

I think in her old blog they were going to offer her a visa? can't blame her though. She is living the life that many of us wanna be gyarus has dreamed of in the past, even if it may be a phase.

No. 497029

She got a visa via shady by pretending to be an event planner at a girl’s bar - which is just low rent kyaba and all she did was work as a bar girl which is illegal. Now she’s working a shitty morning kyaba

No. 497489

I'm sorry what? your dream as a gyaru was to be an illegal kyaba who can barely afford living decently? maybe for you trash that was the dream

No. 497944


god does anyone else miss her old blog? Ningyo sekai or some shit?

That was some good shit. Reading about Shiena's failed love endeavors and waiting for hours outside Shinjuku station. Mmmm that's some dank sadcringe right dere.

No. 499233

I miss her old blog too. Not because I was judging her but she had such an interesting life, like straight out of a drama. Some highs, some lows, shes just human. I remember how the previous time she was in Japan, a japanese guy was going to go back with her to Canada but it didn't happen. Shes been through a lot. She is so strong to go through all of this, and i really admire her strength to forge a new life in a foreign country that shes always wanted to do. Maybe you guys should move on from your judging ways and use that energy for your own life.

No. 499672

File: 1518264388418.jpg (46.61 KB, 340x720, Screenshot_2018-02-10-05-05-15…)

No. 499674

"new life in a foreign country" you realise she isn't the first person who moves to a foreign country? I rather stay in my country than live a poor dirt life like her in a foreign country. I'm sorry I don't see any "strength" here to admire.

No. 499680

File: 1518266130626.png (299.97 KB, 264x708, lol.png)

loving the double chin

No. 499709

It’s ridiculous how much she photoahops her pictures omg

No. 499711

I’m surprised. She doesn’t look that bad without shooping. (In screenshots not taken by people who hate of course) She’s just human. Everyone has bad angles. Just wish she liked the way she looked more. Bad angles, up and downs in life. Nothing really to hate about that.

No. 499713

I think she only looks good because of her amount of makeup lol. No natural beauty in here

No. 499715

If you look at the title photo for the cats episode you can see her thigh is huuuuge now too. She is piling on weight FAST from too much drinking, poor food choices and not enough sleep.
Please take care of yourself Shiena.

No. 499718

I didn’t even notice that lol! Maybe she walks too much because damn those muscles

No. 499742

i miss it because it was very… raw and real (not in a good way).
she would just ramble on and on. at times i would want to punch a hole through my monitor but if i managed to wtihstand her horrible english, it made for some good lols

No. 500120

I feel like it wasn't strength in her part. Everyone had good and bad times. No matter what happens in Japan, Shiena is going to stay there because she is a huge weeb. That's not strength, it's desperation.

No. 500129

Shiena first came to Japan on a working holiday visa then never left. That's not an admirable thing to do.

Yes, she managed to get herself a student visa after staying illegally for a while then graduate and had floated from job to job since then (ending up working in the redlight district, living illegally, and approaching 30).

This is not how people "make it" in Japan. I moved to Tokyo after finishing up university and a master's degree in my home country. I was able to get a special visa which is allowing me to become a Japanese permanent resident after 5 years (4 to go now). This is a guaranteed 5 year visa so I don't have to ever worry about being here illegally. I spent the previous year before I moved applying to jobs, getting my car immunized, and positioning myself to qualify for the visa that I wanted. THIS is what working hard to make a life in Tokyo looks like. Now, I live in a reasonably sized house (not apartment) about 6 minutes from Shinjuku station by train with a roommate so I can save at least ¥100,000 each month. This is the kind of thing that's difficult. It requires a lot of budgeting, eating in, and giving myself a shipping allowance. And my relationship isn't in shambles currently because I'm not dating a host who uses me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 500252

nice blogpost

No. 500296

Proud? Nobody cares lol

No. 500315

File: 1518318984877.jpeg (486.71 KB, 750x1135, 97E35F7E-5214-4AFE-8E3D-32B354…)

No. 500422

IDK if she is trying to convince herself or everyone is. But if she is happy doing what she is doing then whatever

No. 500503

I admire that and people like you.

No. 500717

Yeah, I said before she was sadcringe but tbh, the more that I think about it– she's living the kind of life she wants, living in Tokyo, enjoying the night life etc. It's not my dream life by any means and I can't imagine being content to sell myself (even if she's just selling companionship), but to each their own.

I must ask though: do we have proof her host "boyfriend" actually died? I always thought she made that up and the real reason is that he moved back home to inaka or got engaged to some other girl etc. and Shiena didn't wanna admit it.

Or even that the host faked his own death to get Shiena off his tail.

No. 500803

No one can fake the emotions she had. Ai could say jump and Shiena would say how high so no reason for him to fake a death. If you dont agree with someones lifestyle then fine but don't make light of such horrific incidents.

No. 501356

File: 1518433208992.jpg (142.96 KB, 718x1098, Screenshot_2018-02-12-03-53-26…)

Shiena is still hanging out with Lorena. This is from the end of last year.

No. 501358

File: 1518433369650.jpg (58.88 KB, 800x800, 1518432783563.jpg)

This basically confirms she is also escorting. Every other girl in this picture is an escort.

No. 501374

That photo is 2-3years old. Look at her hair, that’s from when she was still working at 10sion.

No. 501747

I'm pretty sure he's dead theres's no doubt about it. I'm still wondering how no one stopped him when he was going to the roof?It looks like shiena had feelings/obesession with him too.She really wanted to move in with the guy after only knowing him for 1 month.

No. 501912

Where did you find that picture?

No. 504956

File: 1518800453613.png (70.6 KB, 632x467, shiena.png)

my friend found this gem from 2010 lol

No. 504989

again at it with photoshop lol

No. 504999

File: 1518802225071.png (113.23 KB, 931x575, shiena 2.png)

not photoshopped. what more proof do you need?

No. 505081

this doesn't prove anything? simply having a convo open with her doesn't mean you didn't photoshop the text in the convo.

No. 505092

File: 1518805736347.jpg (94.88 KB, 750x1277, shienaaa.jpg)

Tell me how can I prove it? if you look closely this is clearly NOT photoshopped. its from 2010.

No. 505098

you can't. anyone can just find the font, crop the text out, color the bg and then type new text over it.

No. 505099

But Shiena you would know its not photoshopped

No. 505103

>hi x

great. but no. i'm just saying this proof isn't real cause you can easily edit it. everyone knows that.

No. 505128

lol let’s pretend that’s real

No. 505129

>it’s not real because it could be photoshopped

lmfao this logic is intense

No. 505140

are you new? stop trying to get people to believe you. literally every cap of a dm comes with scrutiny.

No. 505142

>this logic is intense
you think burden of proof is intense?

No. 505178

That wasn't me. I'm the one who posted the screenshots. If I knew it was possible to photoshop this good I wouldn't haven't bothered myself. I just don't understand whats hard to believe in the pictures?

No. 505188

No. 505196

you can't use that with text photos…

No. 505241

No. 505986


ok that is legit

No. 506629

But we already knew she was working illegally as a kyaba

No. 506713

Did anyome even look at the message properly? It's from 2010 when Shiena first arrived in Japan. It just means this isn't the first time she has worked as kyaba. Last time she was very secretive about it though so maybe she has a legit visa to work now. After 5 years you can apply for permenant residency, maybe she magically got it.

No. 506818

You can only apply if you had a working visa or spouse visa before. Student doesn’t count.

No. 507003

I’m pretty sure you can’t get PR from working at a kyaba. You have to be married for a certain number of years, or X (7? 10?) working visa years, or being a highly specialized professional

No. 507125

lol Shiena reads this. she blocked my friend who had that conversation with

No. 507304

File: 1518975386678.png (59.46 KB, 940x376, korea.png)

Shiena on visa hopping lol

No. 507306

File: 1518975429166.png (84.76 KB, 608x485, shiena6.png)

When gyaru secret found out she's working as a hostess

No. 507486

Who cares? This is so old.

No. 507945

Didn‘t she and ashley skipped language school all the time?

No. 508133

I wonder why she's so open about working kyaba now

No. 508255

This is what I wonder as well. She seems confident, any chance she's working legally?

No. 508270


Now? Did you see all screenshots are from 2010/2011?

No. 508271

She must be married then in order to work legally as hostess.

No. 508276

She wasn't open about it in 2010/2011 but she trusted my friend. I think my friend posted something about it on Shiena's fb and Shiena was angry and deleted the comment. She didn't want her dad's friends on fb to see so he doesn't cut child support money or something. He doesn't seem to give a fuck about her though lol

No. 516310

I found it rather interesting stumbling on this "thread" out of nowhere whilst browsing the web, and I must say, you guys have a lot of facts right and many things are just straight wrong.

She came to Japan on a working holiday visa, and later changed it to a Student Visa. I thought I knew her well over the 2 years I "helped" her out. We both attended the same Japanese Language School in Takadanobaba, called Yoshida Nihongo Gakuin. She hardly attended class, mostly due to working in a Kyabakura called Neo.

I stumbled upon her and 2 of her classmates outside school one day, and we all got talking, and I decided I'd take them all to lunch. After this we got talking about things and she was worried about her visa in Japan. A few week passed and I decided I'd help her out. I "lent" her the money after talking to supervisor at Vantan and also her mom.

Most of the dresses/jewelry and things you see in her photos between 2012/2014 I bought her. I just had 1 condition for our "friendship" no pictures of me, hence why'd you only be able to find 1 picture of me together with Shiena.

Said photo also includes Ashley and a man Named Kunio.

Oh should I mention I also know Ashley and Sere and many of the other people you lot fancy going on about? I might be persuaded to share more, proof of things I've said here and more, but as of right now I'm not in a very giving mood.

But thank the high heavens I left Japan and all that psycho and treachery behind.

No. 516402

You gave her money so she didnt post pictures and thats it. Bullshit.

No. 516413

And how exactly are we supposed to persuade you, anon? Without any actual proof, it's hardly motivating to beg at your feet for some potential 4-6yo spoiled milk.

No. 516445

Your bs story doesn't add up.There has been a surge of secret chans as of lately on this forum. If you can't post proof gtfoh secret chan.

No. 516463

ashley and shiena went to a language school in shin okubo

No. 517296


Oh, you're that scandinavian guy, right? I heard about you. After Shiena was done with you, I heard Sere asked to meet you so SHE could get free stuff too. Shiena served you on a platter for that dumb, psycho hooker to eat.

No. 517319

god, thought shannon was kinda normal but ew…

No. 518700

Uhhhhh the only designer thing she owns is a Vivian Westwood bag that she got from Dania. Shiena is the most manipulative person i've ever met.

She never even paid her share at Ebonys birthday party. She won't go to something if it isn't free usually but Katie and those other girls are so convinced shiena is like some gyaru queen that they pay her way.

No. 521670

I'm not sure why Shiena is bragging on Instagram about her style not changing for 10 years…and her clothes bring 10 years old. You can see in her comparison pics just how much she photoshops her boobs. She obviously doesn't have a very big chest in this new photo. And her face is just edited to hell…what is appealing about that. I would kill to see a current photo of her without make-up or lenses or Photoshop. I bet she's unrecognizable.

No. 521686

She must be reading the other thread. Talking about how embarssing it is to wear fashion from 10 years ago

No. 521687

You do know boobs are soft right? So they can look bigger or smaller depending on the garment or bra or lack of a bra. I know a lot of busty Lolita’s op for no bra if it can mean the difference between fitting a dress or not

No. 521723

I have big boobs. I know exactly how big Japanese clothes are and my boobs can't fit them despite my band size being a 32. Japanese girls have 1,000,000 tricks to make their a cup boobs look big. I assume Shiena uses all of them.

No. 521748

Depends on the cut. If you are 90-95cm bust size you can squeeze into 80-85cm dress if you ditched the bra and pancaked your boobs down like they do for dansou

No. 521756

Pro-tip on how to tell if someone is faking big boobs or not is by looking at the cleavage. If it has a Y shape that’s one that is padded/pushed up. If it’s a I shape those are real/natural.

No. 521816

Which other thread?

No. 522273

That's a stupid test. It depends on the bra you're wearing. You can tell that Shiena wear bras that are too big and stuff the rest.

No. 522301

How can you tell she stuffs and doesn’t just squish them down to fit certain dresses? People who get the pancake effect in Lolita aren’t faking their size but minimalizing it.

Anyone into fashion, especially j-fashion wouldn’t stuff if they aren’t A-B size.

No. 523008

Why are you people making a big deal out of her bra size? she's ugly AF no matter how big/small her boobs are

No. 524672

Confirmed that Shiena is staying illegally in Japan. She cut her finger and needed stitches. Afterwards, she complained to my friend about the fact that it cost almost $400 because she doesn't have insurance.

No. 524690

Any proof?

No. 524716

Oh, please. It's a proof she doesn't have insurance and nothing else.

I don't have insurance either and my visa is renewed every time without any problem.

No. 524728

Good luck with that in the future. You have to join NHI otherwise they make you pay for every month you weren’t enrolled into. That’s gonna be expensive.

No. 524794

You have to enroll in it if you have a visa. They won't renew your visa otherwise.

No. 525877

Is shiena single?

No. 528068

File: 1520962771713.jpeg (83.17 KB, 750x452, 77C362C4-EAB9-4CCD-ADF0-E28154…)

This girl surely never get tired of puroland

No. 528112


W h o c a r e s

No. 528558

wtf is she wearing?
it looks awful

No. 528778

She's wearing a kyaba dress with a shirt underneath and her cinnamoroll hoodie + new Liz liza shoes. She looks extra bad because she did a horrible job shooping her legs and head (she made her head wayyyyyy too tiny). She also tried to make her tits look bigger but it ended up just making her look round.

No. 528779

sage for follow on post

I'm not sure what's going on with these girls all being obsessed with Puroland…Shiena has bought all these ugly ass clothes to wear to Puroland events and she posts about it like this is some kind of classy, bougie thing to do. Why????

No. 528796

That’s actually the size of her boobs when they aren’t flattened down since kyaba dresses have allowance. Her head only looks small because it’s next to hello kitty’s giant head.

No. 528800

Lol you can see how bad her super dark contour is

No. 528803

No, her head looks small because she photoshopped this picture to death. She tried to slim her face which mostly means she erased the lower half of her face. Look how odd her chin looks. She definitely also photoshopped her boobs because everything is out of proportion. In this photo, each of her boobs is as big as her head.

No. 528805

Look at her proportion here

No. 528809

That one is bad photo to go by because it’s blurry, stretched out for tv and she’s slouching.

No. 528817

File: 1521027932671.jpg (67.18 KB, 476x705, Screenshot_2018-03-14-04-40-21…)

Anyone in Tokyo is probably already familiar with him. If you're not…he owns a pretty famous bar called Royce where all the girls who work in the red light district go (kyaba, AV stars, etc) as well as yakuza-connected people and other bar owners. Basically who knows everyone in Kabukicho. Mia from Mejibray also frequents it.

Ask anyone who works in Kabukicho, the only girls he follows on instagram are girls who have come to his bar who he's fucked. He's one of the generic rich guys in kabukicho who girls flock to for free booze, fancy meals, and expensive gifts in exchange for sex. Sere is a good example. Welp. He just followed Shiena…

No. 528826

He is bar owner of Royce and runs a publishing company connected to Ageha. He is really buddy buddy with Sakurai Nonoka who is the producer of Kyabakura N which Shiena works morning shift for.

If you go to bar Royce you will see Nonoka’s photo everywhere there.

No. 528830

Correct but wrong N. The one she owns isn't the N that Shiena works at. There are two.

No. 528831

File: 1521030015984.jpeg (397.11 KB, 750x424, 5A74278F-B886-4565-A921-4AAD46…)

It’s the pincushion distortion. Making her and everyone else’s heads bigger and fatter while squashing middle that gets stretched out horizontally as it strays from the center.

No. 528834

Same logo same location different shift.

No. 528836

TV life

No. 528840

Nonoka is the producer of this N: http://www.caba2.net/sp/kabuki/n/nonoka/

Here is the shop page:

As you can see, her name is all over it. The same company owns the morning kyaba N. They purchased it recently and renamed it (it was Lugano). However, Nonoka is not affiliated with N morning. Producing and owning a club are different. Nonoka is basically the figurehead.

Shiena works at N morning which is a morning kyaba.


No. 528841

That boxer guy who's shiena's customer goes to Royce a lot. People in that circle are only associating with girls they're fucking.

No. 528848

Oh just stop trying so hard

No. 528871

File: 1521032994472.jpg (78.92 KB, 720x960, SENPAI3.jpg)

How tall is she? Under 5'?

No. 528885

No. 531542

who else remember the guys who catfishes Shiena just before she moved to Tokyo? lol

No. 531544

Well she got her dad to buy her a pair of Louboutins.

No. 531575

lol @Katie's comment "you're living your best life senpai"

No. 531577

Louboutins aren't that expensive anyway…

No. 531676

tell me more
what happend

No. 531828

Think there were two guys, one was Kyo and the other can't remember. they were japanese living in the US and one of them became shine's boyfriend and they were supposed to meet in Tokyo somewhere, she waited and waited and no one showed up. later she found out it was a fake account or something?

No. 532617

Did anyone notice that Shiena said she let one of her customers take her out to pick out a gift? That is 100% not a thing you're supposed to do working kyaba. I worked at a club for almost 2 years and I never ever let a customer meet me outside the club. The only girls who do that are the ones who fuck their customers.

No. 532643

She didnt specify it was a customer. She said someone took her to pick out an early birthday present. Sage for no milk.

No. 532664

It was in her white day post. The IG story said gifts from her customers

No. 532666

Proof or gtfo

No. 532675

Dohan is essential for kyaba

No. 532697

Then you were obviously a shit hostess or working in a shit club. Most legit places have rankings for dohan and top hostess always go for after. Just follow some of the top Japanese hostess on instagram and all of them are talking about dohan and posting pictures of them drinking in bars after work with customers. Dohan and after are common for any decent earning hostess and presents are common too. I hate girls chatting off their mouth when they don't know a thing.

No. 532984

So everyone here are kyaba experts now or what?

No. 533081

You clearly cared enough to reply.

No. 533491

Actually, the truth about kyaba is that girls who go out of the club are the ones who sleep with their customers. It's a cheap and easy way to get ahead. That is one of the main reasons you see top kyaba girls out at bars and shit. The other reason is that they get invited to all sorts of openings and go to be supportive.

No. 533594

Spending her 30th birthday at puroland….

No. 533633

She’s not turning 30 lol

No. 533906

It's weird asf I don't see the appeal of that place at all.

No. 533945

She turned 29

No. 533955

She was born March 23rd, 1989

No. 534621

Dothan dumbass.

No. 535562

Why doesn't Shiena go by Shannon?

No. 535563

She is actually 4'10"/11"

No. 536473

All Shiena got for her birthday was a lipstick…that she bought herself.

No. 536482

Cant believe she is posing in front of CL. Its not even a wow brand, probably her first time owning anything high brand. so embarrassing.

No. 536496

The phrase you're looking for is "high end brand" not "high brand." I assume this is shiena selfposting because no one says high brand lol

No. 536499

But yes, it is embarrassing. She's so trashy.

No. 536500

I'm translating it literally from my language, we call it high brand. lol

No. 536501

lmao she had it posted on her IG twice and in IG story. how sad

No. 536505

This is the only high end brand item she owns. Besides this, she has a Vivian Westwood bag, some chrome hearts jewelry, and some Cody Sanderson jewelry she got from having a threesome with him and Lorena. I think she also said the chrome hearts ring was a gift from Ai

No. 536506

Vivian Westwood is whatever. one of the cheap ones. she even needs to add a hashtag for that lol. Katie making it sound like she bought something super expensive, but then Katie is English lol

No. 536510

I'm just not sure why Shiena has spent all these years trying to convince us that she's this classy girl living a luxury life.

She's been living in the same god awful, old, one room apartment since she moved out of the apartment she had with Ashley. Her room is a filthy mess from all of her pictures. She's never gone on vacation even once since moving to Japan. 10 years and no trip back home? I assume she doesn't leave the country because she's poor and wouldn't be able to get back in since she's here illegally.

Is she ever going to go home?

No. 536512

No,aren't Asian parents really strict about their kids having no future? They're probably embarrassed by her, telling someone your career is a hostess or whatever is not look at as favorable.

No. 536514

She lies to them about what she does for a living. When she introduced her mom to Sere, she told her mom that they had opened a successful bar together.

No. 536515

I think her parents know what she does since she has them on fb

No. 536516

How would they know? She never talks about being a hostess explicitly

No. 536517

she does on her fb. she even talks about her costumers and how they treat her like shit. and how she's always drinking for her job

No. 536519

Yeah. She's pretty open with what she does. Her parents must be so ashamed. This was the first time her father ever visited her since she moved to Japan and she said he was in town for the weekend so he was probably in Tokyo for business, not to see her. Her mom has come to Japan a couple of times and sends her care packages occasionally.

No. 536520

don't think her mom cares. I mean she looks like those old Chinese prostitutes lol

No. 536531

Her mom is tacky af. Country bumpkin Chinese immigrant that thinks anything tacky and shiny is classy. She thinks Shannon’s life is “glamorous”.

She keeps talking about and posing with her new wallet lol

No. 536536

lol she posted on IG saying this week her dad came over to make up for lost years. she does read here

No. 536539

Her mom isn’t an immigrant. She’s born in Canada too. It’s a little gross to assume anyone who isn’t blatantly white as a immigrant.

No. 542334

File: 1522486794916.jpg (75.39 KB, 750x890, 29855605_1672408782825337_9299…)

This picture smells like fish and stink

No. 542335

Tbh, this pic from the bust up is pretty flattering. Her makeup and contour doesn't look as harsh and uncanny valley as it usually does. Maybe because of the lighting or because it's taken from the side?

But then you look at the lower half of the image and it's just… why would you pull this deep squat "I'm pooping" pose in this kind of dress? You can almost see everything and it's extremely unflattering/gross looking in general.

No. 542337

Its a yankii squat. Its part of her 'style' for the day and her being in that 'character'

No. 542343

prolly photoshopped/filtered so much. Her face is so horrible in reality and contour is so obvious

No. 542344

I don't care, still trashy and disgusting

No. 542345

smells like 2010

No. 542350

Gyaru makeup contour is supposed to obvious.

No. 542574

Her hanami pictures were so heavily edited.

No. 542578

File: 1522520647364.png (1.23 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-03-31-11-21-24…)

No. 542645

Or just angled right. Everyone looks different between being sitting down slouched and shot from middle or below vs standing, posed and shot from above

No. 542654

File: 1522526321916.png (349.04 KB, 486x391, A00CE51E-C058-4481-A0C7-3903F4…)


No. 542803

Her slouch wow girl needs to protect her posture

Pretty sure there is a 'beauty' auto slim filter on the camera as the feet and legs on another girls photo from the same day looked odd too, but no blurry obvious editing

No. 542828

I have questions about these eyebrows. Why do they look like scabs covered with those little blister bandages?

No. 542832

But somehow she has a nearly flat chest and a double chin from sitting down. She's gotten worse with the amount of editing lately. She's become pretty obnoxious about not letting other people post pictures of her until she's edited them.

No. 542843

Are there people here who really don't think that Shiena edits her body shape in pictures?

No. 542878

File: 1522544301198.png (2.75 MB, 1446x1117, piccomp.png)

Here is a pretty clear example of how Shiena edits her body shape. The one on the right is from her IG while the other is a photo she's tagged in. The only difference here is that Shiena has here eyes closed in the left photo but everyone is in the exact same position in each photo so saying that "she's leaning over more which makes her look fatter blah blah" is obviously not true.

No. 542881

I think she edits but not nearly half as much as people on here claim she does.

People on here seem to not know how camera lenses, angles, lighting and clothing works.

Simple camera 101
Wide angle lenses and video stretches out people on the edge of the frame

Tv video cameras flattens depth making women look fatter and men look more masculine/stronger jawline

Shots taken from above are slimming. Shots from below makes legs look longer, shots from the middle or slightly below makes people look fatter.

Posing/flexing vs relax and slouching makes a huge difference

High contrast makes people look slimmer cooler whereas soft lighting makes people look more youthful, cutesy but also fatter.

No. 542883

Welp definitely not flat-chested.

No. 542886

File: 1522544856331.png (92 KB, 265x167, survivor's guilt.png)

why do two of them look like they've really seen some dark shit?

No. 542887

From the unedited pic you can see that her chest doesn't stick out much at all. The reason for the way the top of the dress falls is because she's just pulled at the fabric to make it loose on the top. The edited pic she's made herself look like she actually has boobs

No. 542889

Except for the fact that those two pictures are taken from identical angles probably right after each other.

No. 542890

Are you kidding me? As someone who has big boobs and knows how Japanese clothes are, that bread loaf effect happens because Japanese clothing bust line is small so it pankcakes anyone who is bigger than a D cup. I’m talking about the unedited picture.

No. 542893

I have big boobs myself. You can tell from the way the fabric is falling that its empty fabric near the belt line. She has no tension to the clothes on the left side because her boobs aren't being squished by anything. On the right side as well.

No. 542895

I'm not sure why this thread argues over her boob size so much. I guess being busty is the only thing that might make someone consider Shiena to be even remotely attractive.

She did post that bikini picture taken a few years back which doesn't make her boobs look particularly big by American standards but definitely big by Japanese standards. We can also agree that she complains about them being big. And we can agree that they're not so big that she can't fit into Japanese clothes (even if the clothing bust might be a bit small).

At the very least, we can all agree that she does edit her boobs to make them look better in pictures as well as her waist line (which makes them look even larger in proportion).

Can we leave it alone now?

No. 542905

I agree with this. But I don’t think she edits her boobs bigger or claims them bigger than they are. Just brings in her waist for some photos yet not all of them.

I suspect her weight yo-yos and she edits it more when she’s bigger and less or not at all when she’s thinner

No. 542911

She made her boobs stick out further and be perkier here.

No. 542920

She pushed down the top and brought in the waist. But didn’t make them bigger. just made it the way it would have looked if the waistline of the dress was moved up and her bust pancaked aka fill in the entire torso part of the dress.

No. 542928

File: 1522548962066.jpeg (Spoiler Image,546.56 KB, 590x1033, A716C9D5-0589-4EE2-8709-1C7849…)

Red is the garment bust line
Blue is her real bust line.

Regardless of whether she’s big or not in America, having boobs 1.5-2x bigger than allotted boob room is bound to make clothes fit weird or uncomfortable. Impossible for garments without sheering or stretch.

No. 543034

File: 1522554831468.png (799.91 KB, 1136x640, E5EF8438-0745-4005-B81C-324D46…)

She was on Kawaii International so you could see what she looks like in real

No. 543036

File: 1522555024277.png (791.73 KB, 1136x640, 343EDFD9-E46D-4F3D-BF2B-C02C9C…)

Can see that her contour to change from a natural flat nose is very dark. Also there is a double chin she tries to hide with dark shading and with the sides of hair

No. 543042

The argument someone (probably Shiena) is making here is basically: "she only photoshopped her pictures to look the way they would if she fit her clothes properly" so it doesn't somehow count as photoshopping them to change her body shape. lol

No. 543043

They literally stick out more. That's making them bigger.

No. 543046

But anon you must understand that, while everyone else in the show looks normal, tv cameras and wide angle shots make Shiena look fatter than she is and are probably adding the second chin magically.

No. 543052

File: 1522556938725.jpg (74.75 KB, 834x719, Screenshot_2018-03-31-21-25-27…)

This is from one of Katie's YT videos. You can really see how harsh the contour is and how much of a double chin she has. It's probably a bit worse looking since her mouth is very slightly open but still. I guess her jawline is just going because of age and how poorly she takes care of herself?

No. 543055

Yeah and every single one of these shots she’s looking down. That’s what happens when you have a weak chin.

No. 543057

And you know what all these ppl look like off screen? Lol not to mention most of them are gaijin with white people noses and bone structure.

No. 543058

File: 1522557340829.jpg (112.34 KB, 704x884, Screenshot_2018-03-31-21-31-16…)

Professional shoot with edits here and still almost no jawline

No. 543060

Watch the entire show yourself. You'll see that every time she moves her head she basically gets a double chin.

No. 543065

Watched the show and she doesn’t when she’s not looking down. but since a lot of the show involves looking at things lower than eye level she’s looking down a lot.

As I said weak chin

No. 543083

Who’s the girl on the far right? She’s just recently started appearing in Katy and shienas pics. I notice her boyfriend is one of those popular harajuku street fashion guys. I use to talk to him a few years back and he’s really fucked in the head (suicidal and depressed) and sent me lots of dirty dick pics lol

No. 543106

Her Instagram is @1naworldofmyown

No. 543107

I thought it was weird that Dania didn't post her puri pics with Shiena since she's usually obsessed with her and showing everyone she has an og gyaru friend and Shiena comes with status. Apparently the reason is that Shiena and Dania got in a huge fight when they were hanging out after Dania went batshit over Shiena seeing Shingo. I guess she wanted to confirm things and she did. Now shiena has Danias crazy to deal with

No. 543112

File: 1522565244781.jpeg (144.24 KB, 784x879, CDC911B9-055F-4E3F-932B-4EB5A1…)

Dat arm

She is too desperate to have a tiny waist and skinny arms

No. 543113

What’s his name?

No. 543122

Not OP, but he's 666die_fall666 on insta. He's pretty attractive, but has a reputation as a crazy gaijin hunter. He's obsessed with Kyo of dir en grey, has a neck tattoo based of him, and basically bases his entire recent look off him.

No. 543123

Yeah that explains him sending me large amounts of dick pics.
To be honest is was 3 years ago can’t remember his name haha I looked through my line block list but couldn’t find him.

No. 543125

You should post him on the gaijin hunter thread. Call him out with proof of the dick pics.

No. 543134

I honestly don't know why you people care about her jawline or double chin. even if she was skinny, no double chin, big boobs, she's still ugly AF. no beauty in her face at all. Make up like a drag queen.

No. 543136

you call that attractive…? bet you are one of those weebs

No. 543139

Lol who fucking keeps dick pics from 3 years ago ew

No. 543142

File: 1522575784995.jpeg (514.94 KB, 640x677, BE8D7C19-7BF5-4D81-91B3-A4DD8F…)

Fuck that chicks makeup is busted..the worst overdraw lips I’ve seen

No. 543146

She mentions on Facebook that they live together but didnt she move to Japan recently? Gross esp. considering how he bounces from gaijin to gaijin. Why is he with her then?

And if anyone has caps of talking to him please share

Sage for zero milk

No. 543377

Well Shiena obviously stalks this thread because she posted a pic of her with a super defined jawline and said she uses snow cam for the purikura effect

No. 543379

Well Shiena obviously stalks this thread because she posted a pic of her with a super defined jawline and said she uses snow cam for the purikura effect

No. 543515

Yeah. She moved to spend a semester abroad. She immediately moved in with him and they've gotten pets together and stuff even though she'll be gone soon.

No. 543576

Shit how dumb are they…what does she think will happen to her pets once she's back in America kkk

No. 543587

She's probably going to try to get him to marry her so she can stay in Japan. She's been setting herself up for that by moving in with him and trying to establish as many ties as she can.

No. 543801

File: 1522632987677.png (66.58 KB, 640x452, IMG_5817.PNG)

No. 543805

Is he beating her wtf. He goes on and on about depressing shit and how he wants to commit suicide a lot but DV is next level

No. 543807

File: 1522633146663.png (100.26 KB, 640x859, IMG_5816.PNG)

Not for long if she's vague posting like this. He probably has been chasing other gaijin for months and it sounds like she's starting to crack

No. 543810

Lol wait I read the comments and they broke up

No. 543858

File: 1522636652087.jpg (244.15 KB, 1000x1500, e2bd4e641d64af05b503d0850db2e5…)

Not really a weeb, but I do have a soft spot for alternative fuccboi types regardless of race. I'm not saying I have good taste, but from what I've seen, he's pretty decent looking for a visualkei wannabe gaijin hunter type?

I think she's implying emotional abuse/neglect moreso than actual physical abuse. She seems like a nice enough girl, but very idealistic/naive. I'm sure he seemed like a catch at first given her interests in Japanese subculture, but it sounds like he takes out his personal problems on her. I am pretty curious to see who the next gaijin girl he chases after/dates is. He might be worth posting in the gaijin hunter thread after all.

No. 543871

Take it to a different thread. Even the gaijin gyaru thread

No. 543901

They still live together and have photos of each other on FB/IG up. If someone is closer to them please give deets

But we should carry this over to the gaijin thread since theyre Shienas friends

No. 543909

Shiena just got bit by a customer.

No. 543976

What the fuck ew

No. 544046

She's not even going to a hospital because she has no health insurance.

No. 544095


No. 544097

She posted it in her stories.

No. 544099

File: 1522667313533.jpeg (330.13 KB, 750x1174, 5B3DDAA2-3F7C-4257-949E-64F869…)

For those who are too stupid to look for themselves…

No. 544250

his style is alright, but face is ugly AF

No. 544255

Speaking of too stupid, it seems to be really hard for the two people who only post here and in the Sere thread to understand imageboards.

No. 544495

I wonder why Shiena bought swimsuits. She never seems to go do anything not in Tokyo.

No. 544514

Too stupid….? This is an imageboard. For images. Look at every other thread.

No. 545097

Her club has swimsuit events

No. 545165

I don't get why would she share such a thing. I'd be embarrassed.

No. 545210

I rather wonder why she bought such ugly ones for such a high price
>250$ for two swimsuits
Sth she could have easily gotten for like 20$

No. 545341

Asia really gets the worse europeans. I've never seen a beautiful white woman in asia. I live in japan.

I would not have guessed that was shiena. she edits herself to look like a blowfish. She really is a lolcow and I am going to follow her sms.

No. 545387

And you know every white person who lives in asia? Lol. Not everyone who loves to Asia is an ugly weeb anon

No. 545388

Loves -> moves

No. 545731

Oh my god. I was wondering when Daisuke was going to be mentioned on this site.
He is a piece of work.
Before I moved here, he found me through my instagram and messeged me on Line "because I was cute" and we started talking. When I finally moved to Japan, we went out to eat and then to a love hotel and I had one of the worst sexual experiences of my life.
He then proceeded to tell me all about his life and how everyone should feel sorry for him because he has had a terrible life due to the fact that he is a bastard child that was the result of an affair.
Also, he saw my tattoo, and then got a similar tattoo to mine like a week after that. It's on his wrist.
I'm so for discussing this guy in the gaijin hunter thread, hell, if there enough milk, maybe even making a thread specifically for him, cause he is pretty milky to be honest.

No. 545734

Please cross-post this to the gaijin hunter thread and continue discussion there, anon! I'm pretty curious about this guy as he's shown up in my inbox before along with a few other people I've known.

No. 546039

Not to whiteknight gaijin hunters but hooking up with uggo fuck boy J fash guys in a matter of hours is gross. No fucking wonder Japanese guys think foreigners are easy lays

No. 546113

Yes because Japanese girls aren't easy….lol

No. 546263

No these days Japanese men/women are hardly having sex these days,in "America" they're easy. If anything weebs are a easy lay, they're only there for a week and already try to marry for a visa.

No. 546338

Did he give you the story of how his dad committed suicide in front of him as a kid?
I had to eventually block him and he keep saying he was going to kill himself and nobody loved him….

No. 546488


Take it to the gaijin hunter thread ffs

No. 546630

I had been talking to him through line for about 2 and a half months before actually meeting him in person. So, it wasn't really a matter of hours within talking to him for the first time. But this is derailing, so I'm not going to say anymore about him in this thread

No. 546740

And you fucked his STD ridden dick within hours after meeting him. If you did talk to him as long as you claim you'd know he's fucked in the head or you're desperate weeb trash

No. 546872

LOL what? I see Japanese girls abroad fucking any guy in seconds. Asian women are known for being the easiest and cheapest

No. 547313

It must suck to be Shiena and claim to be an artist but have all your friends whoring pretend to be an artist actually know how to draw

No. 547440

This thread isn’t about Japanese people it’s about westerners. And sorry to tell you but Western woman are considered loose in a LOT of countries especially Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Hell even in Heavily Catholic Europeans countries like Portugal they consider the British and North Europeans to be easy haha

No. 547470

No shit, everyone knows they think like that. Meanwhile the west is convinced that any loser white guy can go to asia and get any hot slut he wants. Or that africa is all mud huts and starving kids. Or that the middle east is all terrorists. Are dumb racist stereotypes supposed to prove anything except that people don't really have that much experience with foreign countries?

No. 547486

No. 547858

Oh yes many do think European women are easy. However the WHOLE WORD knows that Eaat Asians are the easiest. Explains why in every country they are prostitutes. And they would go for any white man, especially the fat, old and ugly lol(racebaiting & derailing)

No. 547864

That stereotype is far more common for South East Asians than East Asians

No. 547867

Everyone is a slut for something.

There promiscuity in every culture, or race. Every culture is different ideals what is sexual and what isn't. None of you are right.

That's typical chrtianized way of thinking. So people can't like sex now? Is it some kind of sin? Clothics don't have anyroom to talk about sexuality. We're animals, it's natural. 

You guys are just race baiting. Quit it with the complex. Get on topic.

No. 547905

LOL Japanese and Chinese?

No. 548348

She always buy ugly shit and have awful outfits.
She might want to get that checked out and her club don't have insurance or shit wtf?

No. 548395

It's a kyaba that she works illegally at. How could you possibly think she has insurance? If she paid her taxes and social insurance like she's supposed to, immigration would come after her for working mizushobai illegally.

No. 548398

But, yes, she definitely should have gotten it looked at because human bites are the most dangerous bite you can get in terms of possibility of an infection or disease. From her caption, she may have been bitten by a host which makes it even worse.

No. 548662

I mean do the club have bodyguards,bouncers or anything to protect them?

No. 550133

Apparently Shiena is pretending to be 23 at her club.

No. 550155

They all pretend to be younger than they are, who cares.

No. 567675

Shiena is in Kyoto meeting one of her escorting clients.

No. 567680

Again? Do you have any detail that it’s a hooking trip? It looks more like a golden week trip to me.

No. 567853

Shiena is in Kyoto for the weekend with that 1naworldofmyown girl from insta. They took a night bus to Kyoto. What an awful way to travel. I understand why Shiena didn't post pictures showing how she got there. She's so poor it's honestly laughable. 10 years in Japan and she finally got a decent bed and mattress but she still can't afford a shinkansen ride. It's also funny that this is literally her first time out of the greater Tokyo/Yokohama area since she moved to Japan.

No. 567861

Oh shut up and get some good gossip to talk about literally everyone takes night buses they arent all ‘poor people’. Fucking hell the reaching in this thread lmao

No. 573610

Hi Katie, is this you? It sounds like it is. Sorry that you can't ever afford the shinkansen either

No. 575688

File: 1525676112132.jpg (175.31 KB, 718x1058, Screenshot_2018-05-06-23-54-03…)

Oh look…it's Shiena who is definitely not an escort or prostitute.

No. 575697

File: 1525677248379.jpg (24.33 KB, 320x290, smp_thum_2ba9d26217c9848cf5bad…)

No. 582974

File: 1526341251491.png (1.18 MB, 1132x652, Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 4.40…)


y i k e s

No. 582989

We get it. Stop bumping this thread with no milk already. Or at least sage.

No. 583200

Amen. I wonder who this Shiena obsessed girl is

No. 589850

She has gained like 20lbs recently. She's like twice as wide as Katie now. Gross

No. 589855

No she didn’t lol

No. 589994

Sage for no milk but…

Please stop bumping this thread. It's pretty clear that there are just a couple of people posting the majority of the things here. Maybe it's Shiena trying to stay relevant or someone obsessed with her.

To the Obsessed with Shiena anon: Shiena is really not someone you need to be jealous of. She's a year away from 30, she doesn't have a stable job, she's got no car or house, and her life isn't going very well. She works in the redlight district hustling gross, rude, disrespectful old men for nowhere near enough pay. I mean, it took her 10 years in Japan to buy a decent mattress. Beyond that, her parents rarely come to visit and she hasn't left Japan since she moved. She's probably also living illegally here with no health insurance. Don't be jealous of her. She's got milk, it'll surface when and if it does. No need to keep trying to get it out of people.

No. 590031

Sage for no milk
Realistically speaking, you’d have to be a millionaire to get a house and car in tokyo. Even then that’s not stuff you buy until you’re ready to settle down.

I doubt it TOOK her 10years to buy an expensive mattress, it just took her 8yrs to care or need to replace one. No other jfashion kid cared about buying a good mattress ever. The fact she thought of it is surprising. And why would anyone WANT to go home every year or travel if they like where they live so much.

Tl:dr if you think these are things anons here care about you’re way too adult to understand.

But I agree she’s boring in terms of milk.

No. 590106

She can’t leave Japan because she’s working illegally, and also couldn’t afford to anyway

No. 590328

You don't need to be a millionaire to have a car in Tokyo. I have one. Car costs in Japan are pretty similar to where I'm from in the US.

Also, vacations are great and have nothing to do with how much you love where you live. I see my parents every year. I get that Shienas parents don't seem to care about her though.

No. 590620

It said car AND house not just car. You don’t need a car in tokyo though. Parking is like 3-50,000yen a month anyway. Complete waste of money.

Believe it or not not everyone likes to travel. Her parents not caring about her is bullshit. Her mom and her are super close.

No. 590789

No you don't have to be a millionaire to have a house and car in Tokyo, no one buys those without a loan anyway. Just need to be able to get one. Same as in every other country

No. 590870

I rent a house here so my parking is free (in my driveway).

Also, her mom has only visited once. Her dad came to Tokyo on a business trip and bought her something expensive to make up for the fact that he doesn't pay any attention to her. He didn't even come to see her. Like…Her parents don't love her. It's obvious.

No. 590898

Yeah you RENT a house. Not the same as buying one and I doubt it’s in shibuya/shinjuku area if even tokyo.

She phones her mom a lot. They’re really close. It’s pretty obvious on sns that they’re close too.

No. 590899

Also her dad didn’t go to japan on business. It was specifically to see her even though he hates Japan.

No. 590939

Highly doubt that you ever lived in Japan.

No. 591635

She was an awful person then I don't know how someone could have liked her. A lot of people did but I found her attitude terrible.

No. 591722


No. 593839

Her parents love her but just hate the career she chose.

No. 594399


No. 595538

Lol she posted that she wants to quit kyaba. But she expects 250 a month without having to do any actual work. Good luck with only a 2 year associates degree and only job experience is sex work.

No. 595584

To put in perspective, 250 is just a tad higher than bare minimum to live in tokyo without starving and scraping pennies.

No. 595641

Oh and obviously it’s very important for her to keep her hair blonde.
She’ll never leave kyaba

No. 596507

Ashley Parish?

No. 599043


No Ashley as in Shiena's ex friend I think her LJ was hedonists? hedonism?

No. 599088



No. 599139

Conspiracy theory, but why do y’all thing Shiena got massive boobs out of the blue? They’re obviously real and not implants. So what if she actually got a child and used it and the producer for whatever kind of visa she has now and then just left?
>extreme conspiracy theory

No. 599163

It's possible she might have had a kid, given the way she dresses, it would be somewhat easier for her to hide it wiht empire waistlines if she laid off those belts a bit.

Tbh though, in reality it's likely she just got fat. It's already been shown she edits and depends heavily on posing/angles to try to look slimmer and yet she still looks kind of chubby most of the time despite her efforts.

No. 599169

I think she gained some weight but not in bad way. Her body type is really popular anywhere outside of Asia.

No. 599206

I don't know about that anon. She's honestly just kind of an average, short, somewhat chubby girl. She does have a fairly large chest for being a short Asian girl I guess, but her waist/hip ratio, and short stocky legs are meh at best, even outside of Asia. I don't think Shiena is particularly ugly either, she's just a kind of average looking girl with a lot of makeup, filters, heels and tight belts.

She is pretty clever as far as to knowing how to dress though. The fluffy skirts give her an illusion of wider hips to balance her larger bust, the too tight belts pinch in her waist as a kind of a make do corset of sorts. The heels give her a little more length on her legs, etc.

No. 599361

If you dont know the correct Ashley then clearly you haven't known her long enough

No. 599365

Ex-roomie/best friend Ashley instagram @tsuyameki . They were THE gaijin gyaru duo back in the day. Fell apart because Ashley was a complete klepto.

No. 599390

They both did wrong to each other.

No. 599654

Shienas facebook is all about complaining about Japan. If she hates it there and japanese mentality so much she should get the f*ck out.

No. 599742

She cant. She has no career prospects in any other country.

No. 599764

She could always go back to Canada and start from there

No. 599781

Really hate it when forginers complain how Japan inconvenient for them. It's your choice to stay here, so suck it up. Maybe reflect on your own life, maybe your the problem. If you move to another country, you can't force your own customs or veiws on those people. It really gets on peoples nerves, they will ask your opinion if they want to know. Be repectful.

B. If you hang out with skech people, what do you expect? You put your self in that position. (not saying they deserve it, if someone has done crime towards you yes report it) You don't have to chill with them.

C. If you think Japan is that bad. Let me tell you all the things wrong about your country.

No. 599839

D. You suck it up in real life and don’t talk about it to Japanese people and rant about it on fb.

Japan has its faults just like any other country. Just because you chose to be there doesn’t mean you have to like everything about it. That’s just unrealistic. If you only want to see the positive side stay on her Instagram.

No. 599870

What did she do? I thought they were still friends?

No. 599873

She's just fat anon

No. 599973

If someone is complaining everyday than there is something wrong and unhappy about it lol. Of course no one is 100% happy whith the country ghey live, but saying everyday ‚japanese people are this…‘ ‚I hate about Japan that…‘ ‚I can‘t do that…‘ ‚they hate my style…‘ ‚‘customers are shit…‘, ‚japanese mentality..‘ and and and and… it get‘s tiring lol. If someone is constantly complaining than of course people think she just should leave

No. 600440

Caps? Ever? Maybe?

No. 606788

Shiena also seems to edit her blobs a lot because they vary pretty widely from picture to picture. If you think about how big the chest space is in Japanese clothes, you can tell that get blobs really aren't that big. Yes, they are big for someone living in Japan but they're not disproportionately large.

No. 606791


Her blobs lmao
10/10 spit out my tea laughing

No. 606792


Her blobs lmao
10/10 spit out my tea laughing

No. 606793


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 613660

File: 1529276440625.jpeg (56.97 KB, 750x296, 74664819-C27F-48F2-87AF-9C4908…)

A friend was asking people in japan their working hours/payment
Then this shows up… she doesn’t mention her wages, just her daily routine and admits she does work the morning
Friend was surprised to learn drinks in japan are literally a 24 hr thing lol

No. 614557


context plox

No. 614863

My friend was mostly making complaints that she works shit hours (but is a teacher so it’s expected) and asked in general what everyone else’s working hours were like in Japan, where most of them are also teachers (your usual one year visa with no perm contract visa hopping shits) with terrible contract hours but more free time.
And that was basically it, but confirms her working hours and days blah blah for those wondering how she can afford to live in Tokyo

No. 614903

So she makes minimum of just under 40man a month.

No. 614986

I think she makes less than eikaiwa which is around 20

No. 615797

I also think she makes less or the same as eikaiwa. She is working illegal there so I doubt she gets the full wage

No. 615807

The amount she makes was highlighted in the gaijin gyaru thread, someone found the pay rates that her club offer for morning kyaba. Its 4000yen per hour.
She works between 4 to 9 hours a day and 6 days a week.

So, a minimum of 4 hours at 4000yen per hour is 380,000 a month
She makes decent money. Quit being bitter.

No. 615880

Yeah and you conveniently ignore the points that make it impossible for her to earn the full wage

1)she looks cheap af, where'd that money be going?
2)don't fucking believe what a shady kyaba ad says. They only write that stuff to have as many girls come in as possible. They ALWAYS find excuses to pay less unless you're a super erokawaii plastic surgery goddess
3)working illegally
4)she's Chinese and her Japanese is extremely bad. It's sad but most Japanese are very racist against Chinese and Koreans and no popular rich guy would pay to have an illegal immigrant talk to them in katakoto nihongo.
It's the poor disgusting alcoholic guys who go after philipino nomiya girls(you know, the ones who go to kyaba in the morning or at noon……)

No. 615959

This wages are for people who work legally in these clubs and have official contracts… I doubt Shiena has this. Else the club would at least list her on their website. Since she is illegal her boss doesn‘t have to pay her decently lol of course he could but why would he

No. 616053

Where’s the proof she’s illegal? As it’s been said many times, can overstayer wouldn’t be this public.

No. 616071

>4)most Japanese are very racist against Chinese and Koreans

This is changing, most do not like the Chinese government. But many international students are Chinese, and there are many Chinese tourists in Japan who do not face discrimination. Many people like to source the Pew Research Center, however it is not a reliable source. Korean music is everywhere in Japan now as well. While marriage has been a steady decline, including international marriages, the group most effected are Filipino women after a new policy was passed in 2005. Chinese wives and Korean husbands are not that rare here.

No. 616377

She can't work kyaba legally without a spouse visa. There is 0 evidence that she's married. Therefore, she must be working illegally.