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File: 1636754385886.jpeg (247.96 KB, 828x787, 1614983562114.jpeg)

No. 1367840

Chanel Barbie Clones are women who own 50 identical pink Chanel purses and a wardrobe full of identical frilly floral polyester dresses but never stop buying more.

A Chanel Barbie Clone's wannabe Barbie Dream House is piled high with cheap tacky pink junk and their diets consist entirely of pink sugary cupcakes.

Chanel Barbie Clones are often the victims of bad plastic surgery, paid for by their not-so-secret sugar daddy (they will have a side shopping service or vlog as a cover for their income).

A Chanel Barbie Clone will usually have fried blonde hair, too much makeup, and look like they just stepped off the set of White Chicks.

Examples include:

Previous arisucookie discussion here >>>/w/163026 but her and her clones outside of Japan deserved a spinoff thread.

Recent highlights from /w/ thread:
>speculation that arisucookie was dumped by her sugar daddy
>arisucookie's clothing sale "for the environment", followed by new identical purchases
>Xsakisaki simping for Machine Gun Kelly and dressing up with her husband as Megan and MGK

No. 1367843

How is the 2014 weheartit pink filtered to hell trend problematic? If anything it’s tacky no need for a thread….

No. 1367848

File: 1636755035236.jpeg (89.82 KB, 828x481, 83244176-54E5-495B-9CD5-B985E3…)

Im excited! Any tea on LindySs? I just remembered watching her endless chanel haul. She must have loads. She does have a business though, she makes tacky puff key chains and i believe Hermes horse charms knock offs.

No. 1367849

The thread was requested in the /w/ kabukihoes thread. arisucookie was being discussed a lot as she's based in Japan and used to be an escort. Other clones outside of Japan kept being mentioned but couldn't be discussed without derailing.

The whole aesthetic is problematic because it glorifies shopping addictions, unnecessary plastic surgery, huge carbon footprints, living in a fire hazard, and sleeping with old men for Chanel. Plus it's a bizarre subculture to observe.

No. 1367851

how does she afford that? sugar daddy? credit card debt? they never have high paid jobs

No. 1367853

File: 1636755271382.jpeg (584.7 KB, 2048x2048, 17162A6F-AE85-4630-A521-8029EC…)

The horse charms i was talking about.

She does these ugly charms but also is located in hong kong so probably some other “businesses “

No. 1367858

They always have something hideous for sale to fund even more pink purses.

Apparently this was a birthday haul but that seems excessive.

No. 1367885

File: 1636760453171.jpg (50.98 KB, 653x959, NINTCHDBPICT000496649380.jpg)

I adore the topic of human Barbies. They're personal cows of mine because watching them slowly botch themselves is interesting.

I'll take this opportunity to introduce the UKs oldest living body dysmorphia Barbie nightmare!

Rachel Evan's
>roughly 50 years old
>105 surgeries by 48 yrs old
>has spent over £32,000 in the last 13 years

I found her in a documentary on the topic of UK Barbie lifestyle women. She discussed how her horrible beginnings put her through a goth phase, and she turned her life around by obsessively pursuing Barbie life

No. 1367889

No. 1367890


I don't know her at all but she gives me heavy madame vibes. Would make sense as to why she has so much, part of how she brings the girls in.

No. 1367909

I honestly miss ridiculously overdecorated phone cases

No. 1367912

Interesting thread. Sandra/Saki used to have a weird scrote stalker and I feel like this thread might attract him, hopefully not though. I don't think she promotes or has had plastic surgery so I'm curious about why she was in the OP if that is among the main topics, but still want to see where the thread will go.

No. 1367925

The OP contains all the suggested people from the /w/ kabukihoes thread and the pic was taken from there too. Not everyone will match all of the things in the OP but they are the common traits. I’m guessing she was mentioned specifically because she appears to have a million identical pink Chanel bags and a Dream House style home.

No. 1367939

File: 1636765413258.png (1.06 MB, 1056x840, fit.png)

kek that she keeps mentioning that she wears a Chanel 34 ("the smallest size!") but then puts on a cardigan that is clearly too small

No. 1368078

Tbh her body looks nice. I’d say her face doesn’t look as bad as you’d think after that many surgeries but pretty is something different.
I wonder if Alice will ever come forward about getting botox and fillers. At least she admitted her boob job

No. 1368095

Where did she admit her boob job?

No. 1368098

File: 1636797335055.jpeg (237.74 KB, 828x1600, 0BF12F1D-CC39-481F-996F-36C9E3…)

In the old Kabuki ho thread

No. 1368137

Breast implants are milk?

No. 1368155

File: 1636807348405.jpeg (702.42 KB, 1170x1587, F76A747A-8A88-4792-99EE-A8EF08…)

I just went down a rabbit hole and I’m actually surprised that OG human barbie Valeria Lukyanova didn’t go down the same tacky chanel route despite still over editing her photos. On that note looks like there was a bust up in October with other human doll Anastasia.

No. 1368205

Tbh her body looks very nicely done and fit. You could see a million worse instagirls with multiple BBL & hip enlargement surgery on social media. The fillers are a bit too obvious on her face, but by age 50 you have choose between “aging gracefully” or looking like you have some work done.

I don’t really see the milk on this thread. Saki (the girl on the thread pic) is just a shy, quiet girl with a shopping addiction. Is that milk?

No. 1368242

In the same way pro anas are milky for being anorexics, Barbie girls are milky for having extreme body dysmorphia and fixated on looking like an oddly proportioned doll. The milk mostly comes from bizarre behaviours (for example, a lot of Barbie larpers will refuse to eat food that isn't pink, and watching that take a physical toll on them over time is extremely interesting). In short, these aren't drama cows, it's just an observation on mental illness, which you can not deny is quite interesting

No. 1368247

I hate the pro ana thread too. I can’t stand to look at the photos for more than a second. It’s disturbing.
As you said compulsive shopping is actually a mental illness (a type of OCD?) What do you plan to post on this thread? Every new Chanel purchase they post on Instagram?

No. 1368249

To pulltards, yeah.

No. 1368253

Most of the replies itt are saged so I’m quite unsure of the outrage and why we need to propose the reason why the thread exists. As another anon mentioned before, it’s to stop the Kabukihoes thread in /w/ going OT as none of these are sugar babies living in Japan. If you wasn’t part of that discussion or you don’t like the thread just don’t click on it uwu

No. 1368263

Ayrt. I'm not the anon who pointed out compulsive shopping.

My personal reason for liking Barbie larpers is that I enjoy the weird competitiveness they have with eachother especially when it comes to surgery. They always try to one up eachother with extreme cosmetic surgery. That's my reason, that and I enjoy observing eccentrics doing their thing, and oh God are these women eccentric.

Look, I get that they're not everyones cup of tea. Maybe you prefer drama cows or horror cows. Me too, so I understand why this thread would seem nonsensical or boring to you

No. 1368429

Alice is living in japan but I get your point

No. 1368633

Most of the milk has dried up in that thread so moving Alice here and letting that one die is probably better. It's also likely that she will be returning to the UK.

No. 1368650

It’s not about implants. It’s about her not admitting she had a different face when she moved to Japan and will pretend she looks like this naturally. The anon above asked when she admitted to getting the new boobs so i posted it.

No. 1368716

Lmao are vloggers expected to make a video about it every time they get Botox? It’s quite obvious that she has lip fillers and that she had a nose job, if she was self conscious about it or tried to hide it she would delete her old pics on Instagram.

No. 1368911

I checked Rachel Evans YouTube and she released these a short while ago. This is… what is this? My new aesthetic kek

No. 1368919

Apparently she's doing something in America that requires filming. She talks about being a performer and that she's available across multiple platforms

90% sure I seen her in a documentary about human Barbies, I wonder is she filming another one in America

No. 1369077

omg practically nothing but her eyes move, it’s like she’s wearing a Micheal Myers mask

No. 1370029

It's milky and cringy, this is /snow/ it's supposed to be here

No. 1371040

Alice bought another pink Chanel bag

No. 1371194

I can’t believe it’s another pink. The whole video she was talk i about this ~super special colour~ so i though it’s the stupid tiffany teal or whatever but it’s pink?? This bitch. Also kek at her getting a chanel gift and it’s black

No. 1371208

File: 1637269962719.png (1.62 MB, 1446x818, pink.png)

kek it's literally identical to the one she took shopping to buy it

No. 1371210

File: 1637270114607.png (1.29 MB, 1092x842, pink 2.png)

she included video of her crying on the way home after buying it

mentioned that her sales assistant gave her a free ugly bag and some cookies after she hadn't been there in a while. alice thought it was such an honor and doesn't realize that the sales assistant is lovebombing her to try and get her to come back more often as she wants the commission

No. 1371232

At this point, what else did you expect? I’m actually surprised she mentioned the price of the bag this time as she’s usually very mysterious about everything within her collection of never ending pink garbage.

No. 1371311

Well it’s probably because this time it’s come off her own credit card that was gathering dust in her 1 year old Louis Vuitton Escale Purse™ rather than her sugar daddy’s credit card so she actually knows the price for once kek

LMAO she’s actually pathetic, there’s kids starving and she’s crying over buying an identical bag with a different finish. Please, beg she gets a grip.

No. 1371352

it's such a weird reaction to have, especially since she has bought a million things there before and was last there a couple of months ago. i'm guessing it was really about something else, maybe being dumped by sugar daddy as she seemed very uncertain about being able to do it again

but who is narcissistic enough to take a crying video to show people. over a bag they already own

No. 1371554

I had to roll my eyes so hard when she showed the crying video omg girl it’s a bag. You put transport stuff in it, that’s it. I don’t get her obsession and especially why she has to have several of the same exact kind. She clearly has a hoarding problem.
>>1371232 i missed her mentioning the price, how much was it? I think they almost doubled the price no?

No. 1371572

She said around over a million yen equivalent to about 8700$. She probably never had to pay anything with her own money before. It’s crazy to think. Now she’s stuck in her luxury crap hoarding obsession

No. 1371641

File: 1637327957102.png (2 MB, 1699x449, 1522086301494.png)

she even knows they are the same

No. 1371642

File: 1637328114030.jpg (342.12 KB, 1916x815, 1575953011881.jpg)

I'd be crying too if I spent that much on a bag.

No. 1371644

File: 1637328274021.png (1.58 MB, 1238x874, 1582576439831.png)

She's sold a practically identical bag recently during her "environmental" sale. How can she think that increasing the demand for leather products (animal skins and toxic dyes) is fine?

No. 1371698

File: 1637335020146.png (277.13 KB, 1410x976, 1530672934584.png)

which one of you did this

No. 1371772

what I find funniest about this sort of thing is that it's essentially the same as people who are excessively dedicated to a goth/all-black brand just with a different color scheme. at least the barbies don't have any countercultural pretenses.

No. 1371773

sorry for the lack of sage

No. 1373174

File: 1637523342754.jpeg (365.84 KB, 828x1436, 1B0DE18F-079F-4681-BBD6-60CA36…)

>asking for retail price

You mean now that they doubled all their prices? Girl that’s scamming

No. 1373239

Lol she just bought an identical wallet in her new video

No. 1373247

File: 1637529976971.png (6.28 MB, 2079x960, 0F06B754-17AD-4878-913A-504A10…)

No. 1373261

>>1373247 But this is obviously light pink, that's why she is selling all her dark pink wallets because it doesn't match the light pink bags. How can we not see that of course she needs a matching pink tone one lol(sage)

No. 1373272

Is this a mental disorder? What possesses someone to buy the exact same overpriced item twice? Why would she cry about it? What does it mean to her?

No. 1373344

Do you think they lace these bags with some sorta catnip for dumb consumerist women. I guess all collecting has elements of this type of madness, but I struggle to see what you could be obsessed or enthusiastic about when it's just pastel pink quilted leather bags.
This screenshot tho, with all the extremely similar boring pink bags behind her.

No. 1373590

It's the same kind of obsession that people show with collecting a particular character like Hellokitty or Mymelody, it gives them the same satisfaction to get the newest shit right out of the factory before everyone else.(learn2sage)

No. 1373822

File: 1637604494981.png (3.29 MB, 2184x1486, 1482263855051.png)

Heading back to England again. I wonder if she is quietly moving things.

She put up a tree with empty boxes under it and it's not even December yet.

No. 1373845

I was wondering as well if she will move. I had this thought that he left her but paid half a year or a year of rent gor her to shut her up.

No. 1373856

Should i post more barbies even though i can’t provide milk? I just find these girls so bizzare and the line to making herself look like a dumb bimbo is really thin so

No. 1373903

Yes, introduce us to some more and something milky will crop up

No. 1373926

File: 1637613226607.jpeg (304.99 KB, 828x1305, B8708263-C11A-416B-BEAB-66EA96…)

Kimberlyblondex on Instagram is really wanting to live the real life barbie phantasy. Funfact her natural hair is dark, she uses wigs she sells in her all-pink-everything onlineshop www.kimmyluxedolls.com including luxury knock offs. She also does a pink girlie box and personal shopping where Alice basically got her idea from.

No. 1373936

File: 1637613761030.jpeg (803.36 KB, 2048x2048, 3551A55B-07CB-4927-9F59-AABCA8…)

Uwu cottondolly cant be forgotten here. While she wants to have the life of Alice she can only afford one original Lady Dior and has to fall back to buying knock offs and plastic shein. You have to listen to her voice in her YouTube videos it’s hilarious.

No. 1373943

File: 1637614078331.jpeg (577.29 KB, 2048x2048, C84B95DC-2DA9-4686-853B-A266C8…)

Her ex friend amanda who makes the most retarded faces. I actually think she’s retarded. They had an etsy shop together’AmandaandRoBoutique’ where they sold cheap silk twillies for bags. Apparently not all is well in uwu pinku land so they’re no longer friends anymore.

No. 1374003

Wow, you didn’t lie about her voice. She sounds like she’s trying to sound like Britney Spears when she does that nasal singing thing.

No. 1374302

These uwu pinku bitches ruined la vie en rose forever for me. Her voice though i can’t kek

No. 1374364

Imao I thought that was Britney for a sec

No. 1416211

Alice called her out for being a copycat
They’ve unfollowed each other and Alice blocked her(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1416703

as an old, it bothers me that these young women are completely unaware of the toxic and hatefully misogynist atmosphere of the late 90s/early 00s when this and paris hilton type stuff was unironically cool and dominant. it was (and i hate to use the word) fascistic. if you watch the simpsons "summer of 4 foot 2" you can sort of get an idea. smart, weird, and different were insults of the highest order, and girls would often intentionally do poorly on school assignments to avoid being beat up or stolen from in elementary and middle school. i know "feminism is about choice" but at the time when this aesthetic was mandatory, there was no choice, and feminism was a dirty word, and if your pants didn't sit on exactly the right part of your hips, you couldn't have friends.

No. 1416765


No. 1416817

Omg nonny i was hoping she does it can you provide a screenshot or anything?

No. 1416819

Sorry i forgot the sage

No. 1416825

ive just seen this thread; its amazing that shayna literally wants to be like this and fails horribly, and even the best version of this aesthetic is cowlike.

No. 1416910

Oh come on mods it was a story and I didn’t take a screenshot. She was asking her followers advice on this former friend who keeps copying her despite being blocked
She posted some images for comparison and yeah cotton dolly definitely copies her.

No. 1416919

File: 1642154365357.jpeg (262.76 KB, 870x1530, 2EA5E5E8-3CAC-429E-BE39-6449AA…)

I was able to take a couple screenshots. Not of the text wall she wrote trying to defend her oh so unique pink puke style but her pictures compared to cottondollie’s

No. 1416920

File: 1642154439605.jpeg (258.42 KB, 870x1530, 887DD7CE-1946-406A-9B1B-21F614…)

She’s really trying hard to be unique with what she posts but doesn’t get that all poses have been posted somewhere on the internet at some point. I wouldn’t call it super creative like she makes it out to be.

No. 1416921

File: 1642154482130.jpeg (259.44 KB, 870x1538, 8DB5E83A-C2BE-4286-BB82-6DCD00…)

Especially this is incredibly generic. So many people pose like this.

No. 1416924

File: 1642154605798.jpeg (303.42 KB, 870x1546, F1C12C43-097D-49F9-ABE0-A62E7B…)

Maybe I’m already numb to posts like these and it’s hard to make me think that cottondolly copies her. Not to be a wk here, just personal opinion by comparing both or their posts to general instagram.

No. 1416962

In particular, neither of these are really similar enough to be notable. I can see it with >>1416924, but not those

No. 1416968

These all just look like an excuse for her to flex on some girl with way less money to spend on an extremely popular aesthetic. If she wasn't accusing anyone of copying I'd think arisu looks much richer, but being an insecure mean girl is so cheap. Is she taking your money? No? Then why do you care. I'd think she was a teenager but she looks too old. How tacky

No. 1417290

Yeah, there are just so many people with the same "look" as Alice, and a few years ago there were even more foreign himekaji girls with a similar style to hers. I don't dislike Alice but find her acting like she has a patent on this look very confusing and strange.

No. 1417837

She has the same rug, same pink “wallflower”, dyed her hair from brown to platinum blonde, purchased the exact same dresses as Alice, the list goes on. It’s hard to see at first because she obviously has less money to spend on luxury but she def copies her.

No. 1417870

Who cares how much money someone has to spend on useless crap? Not only useless but multiple times the same item. I actually go as far to say I prefer cottondolly over Alice as she has a huge hoarding problem. Her pictures are always just clustered with things. From tons of clothes to other items.

No. 1448855

File: 1645478760486.jpeg (521.97 KB, 2048x2048, 4FD29877-B548-4369-81BE-16E32A…)

Alice uploaded a vlog in quite a while and she’s mentioning going to the Maledives with her good ol sugar daddy Nobu. I guess they’re not broken up. (On the lower pic she says ‚Nobu‘ but the translater thinks she says ‚love‘)

No. 1448856

Her shopping haul is worth around 3k $ btw so we all know how she can afford all this when nobu is still around

No. 1455484

She’s whining about how she couldn’t make it to her trip. People are dying Alice.

No. 1770098

This seems to be Nobu's Instagram.


No. 1770171

Woah nona awesome snooping! How did you find him?

No. 1770208

He's honestly better looking than I expected but holy shit do I hate his recent haircut

No. 1770272

"Nobu" (or Nobutaka Kawagoe) runs a women's health clinic called "K Ladies Clinic" in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo:

In 2011, he was accused by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau of evading 80,000,000 Yen (around 600,000 USD) in taxes over two years. It was reported that he used his tax evaded money to buy designer luxury goods. After the accusation, he paid back the money he owed: http://www.bahvideo.com/video/?3738560844-

No. 1770312

File: 1676649046019.png (156.52 KB, 870x442, 034.png)

I thought he'd be an ugly sugar daddy but they actually seem to be quite well-matched re: interests and erm, values.

He reminds me of Rawhide Kobayashi

>It was reported that he used his tax evaded money to buy designer luxury goods
I bet he pays cash for her Birkins actually

No. 1770431

That’s what i was thinking he’s actually cute! I always thought he’d be ugly. Super suspicious he has a non-private insta account that he doesn’t want to have associated with Alice. She clearly said he wants to be private and not on the internet.

No. 1770436

Not to doxx anybody but the clicic is really close to where Alice or he lives

No. 1770580

Idk these people at all but the criminal deeds to buy designer goods for your sugar baby reminds me of Erika Jayne and her ex husband Tom Girardi, who stole money from plane crash victims’ families to fund their lifestyle.

No. 1814116

Wow really surprised that he has his own insta showing his face and clearly showing off his friends but not alice? I feel a bit sad for her

No. 1814401

I don’t get it either. I thought maybe she’s not the only one. I remember they did have a strange schedule where they had their “weekend” from Tuesday to Wednesday or something like that. For what does he need his weekends free?
Another thing I noticed is that Alice closed her Shopping Service. I wonder if she goes to the UK for the summer?

No. 1815129

Oh i forgot about that strange weekend thing. Did she not say in one of her videos they were living together for a while but couldn't agree on the interior (bet alice wanted everything pink) so decided to live separately? Based on that i thought they were in an exclusive relationship, guess not!

This whole nobu and her visa situation is intriguing. I need to know more (Cant decide if more intriguing than venus x mana x her visa lol)

No. 1816262

I remember that too and I found it so strange. I felt like she just said it to excuse why they live separately. I get you want to have it girly and pink but a room isn’t enough? Hes paying her rent though, at least partially. As a doctor I guess he can afford it.

No. 1825943

In a way a perfect arrangement imo. They both seem like people who are the most in love with themselves so probably could not live with another ego under one roof.

Whatever happens, i hope she brings in some milk. I remember the video she mentioned her age, she just turned 30, so i was waiting for a dramatic break up or a wedding. Neither happened. Only arisu started to attend pole dancing lessons lol

No. 1855071

File: 1687991236291.png (1.68 MB, 1224x1236, 1590106799559.png)

I would love to know what they talk about together.

Nobu is 100% on roids

No. 1855073

File: 1687991355089.jpg (135.4 KB, 1080x814, 1532452714909.jpg)

He's tagged in some suspicious pics that make me wonder if Alice goes to England when he is on trips with other women.

No. 1855259

File: 1688021013463.png (344.52 KB, 828x1792, B4A132FE-D2A6-478F-8F29-67DDC1…)

Dunno about Nobu but Alice recently got a little house in England. I wonder what made her want to stay there more?

No. 1855343

Wonder if she is concerned about her visa marriage.

No. 1865443

File: 1689495897541.jpeg (248.38 KB, 828x1415, BE73F49C-57AD-4289-844A-454F4D…)

Life update of Alice. Sure sounds like she and Nobu broke up again, maybe for good? Part 1

No. 1865444

File: 1689495934215.jpeg (284.35 KB, 828x1418, 72B94134-B1F3-46EB-8B04-B85B34…)

Part 2 - what’s her job going to be?

No. 1866312

she deleted all pics and references of him. she probably got too old to be his main bitch now

No. 1866318

>little house
My sister in Christ that is a very small shed, that can’t even be passed off as a tiny home kek.

No. 1866500

File: 1689595094104.jpeg (196.08 KB, 828x1403, 4A972B20-D87A-4C9B-90DC-2BA9BD…)

Interesting. I saw people asking in the comments what’s wrong with her YouTube. I checked and it looks like she removed a few videos. The anniversary videos(s) and vlogs are missing.

No. 1866502

That’s not the house nonny kek

No. 1866565

Wow, it is the mythical Daddy's discord kitten's shed.

No. 1878526

Oh wow. It was quite obvious. It was either a marriage or break up. Arisu struggled with this since she made the youtube vid about turning 30.
Clearly, nobu is fairly good looking and loaded - no reason to tie himself down to one lady. I feel a bit bad for her bit at the same time she probs had the best 20s thanks to him, aaaaand has plenty of bags to sell lol

No. 1881054

She seemed kind of indifferent about living in Japan these days and all her friends spoke English anyway, so I’m not surprised she’s set up a base in the UK. As >>1878526 says she has plenty of bags to sell, lol. Literally never has to worry about money ever again if she sells her Birkins & Chanels and invests the money in property or whatever, but she might be too accustomed to that kinda lifestyle of material goods and luxury

I like Alice and I wish her well, but the “self-made woman” facade she tried to project all these years got increasingly absurd as she segued from Liz Lisa to Hermes

No. 1885898

File: 1692651994857.jpeg (352.11 KB, 890x1585, IMG_3516.jpeg)

Alice removed her YouTube channel

No. 1885905

Yes, she made it again.
I have a question, what is going to happen with her Japanese house? She had a lot of staff over there

No. 1885907

Nobu stayed in Ibiza and Alice went to Ibiza with her family as well, however it seems that they were not being together anymore.

No. 1885914

I think she will not able to continue with her luxury lifestyle anymore. She wasn’t focused on YouTube because whole her channel was only gravitate to luxury gods and now she can only show gaudy plastic flowers.
Will she find a job in the UK and “only” earn £2K?

No. 1885917

The UK is shit because wages are so low here and everything is dirty and grimey. I think she’s going to find it quite a depressing comedown to go from living such a flashy Tokyo lifestyle full of trips to Michelin star restaurants, fancy shiny new high rise luxury apartments, her sugardaddy buying her Birkin bags and getting lots of attention and fawning from Japanese people for being a blonde white girl dressed in all pink, to living as a literal who in a shitty little semi detached house in England.

So he dumped her for getting too old or what?

No. 1885921

She probably feels depressed because she lost her partner, I.e. sugar daddy and she will never go to a fancy 3 stars Michelin restaurant and she have to work as common people.
I lived one year in Japan and there, she was a kawaii blonde white girl. In the UK she is only a freak.
In one year, she will use jeans, Primark sneakers and no more pink Zimmerman dress!(unsaged samefagging newfag)

No. 1886032

damn Alice and Nobu were together for a long time too, like 5ish years? Isn't that kinda unusual for a sugaring relationship
I bet Nobu just doesn't want to be in her videos online anymore if they broke up, and plus maybe he's aware people online figured out who he is.
i wonder how much alice paid to ship all her shit to the UK with insurance on top of it kek

No. 1886222

And recently they gifted each other special rings. I wonder why it ended but I guess it’s for the better. I really hope she has a happier life in the UK. I assume she sold her apartment and a few birkins and bought her UK house and Audi. I hate it when youtuber delete all their videos because I love to go back and watch them for nostalgia but I guess she was embarrassed about herself.

No. 1886600

her last video uploaded was just 2 weeks ago too like everything was fine, i wonder if Nobu dropped her a long time ago or or this happened within 2 weeks. I think the last video was her bag update or favorites or something. But her crown jewel Hermes bags weren't there, I wonder when she sold them for money

No. 1891169

File: 1693478868261.jpeg (231.59 KB, 828x1209, IMG_9019.jpeg)

She’s back in Tokio now

No. 1891170

File: 1693478889569.jpeg (314.58 KB, 828x1328, IMG_9020.jpeg)

No. 1891500

File: 1693529554007.png (5.72 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9057.png)

Alice gave a long explanation of why she’s leaving japan.
Basically says japan caused her to become materialistic
she lost/misses British values
wants to raise kids with British values
can’t work on her career in japan
Japan is no longer fun
expensive taxes
Nothing about Nobu

No. 1891503

File: 1693529599695.png (5.75 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9058.png)

No. 1891504

File: 1693529624245.png (5.47 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9059.png)

No. 1891505

File: 1693529655797.png (5.6 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9060.png)

No. 1891506

File: 1693529677955.png (5.24 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9061.png)

No. 1891535

>Japan is a very materialistic country
I mean isn't it what you make of it? Hanging out in roppongi with your sugar daddy and visiting LV every other day will do that.

No. 1891688

as if she's not going to be materialistic in the UK kek but I guess she can shop on a different budget there and drop the luxe bags (she's currently selling three Birkins in her story) and buy more River Island kek

No. 1891741

The UK is actually a lot better for that blonde hair, pink everything, cafes, cakes and handbags aesthetic since there are so many pretty buildings, cottages, cafes, scenic locations etc so she could easily continue her content in the UK.

No. 1892771

Bullsh*t lol if nobu wanted to marry her she would stay. With his kinda money she could put kids into an international school, and hang out with other moms from abroad, and like fly business to uk every 6 months or fly her parents to tokyo. She is leaving bc nobu does not want to marry her and have her kids.
Also, kek at being less materialistic in the UK! This is a clear prep for her being poor without sugar daddy sponsoring her shopping sprees lmao

No. 1892824

I'm one of her exes from when she was much younger (we lasted over a year). Guess she should've stayed with me huh! I wouldn't have let her feel lonely at all. Sounds like lost in translation and Tokyo should do it, where people avoid each other in general. I would personally prefer living in Kansai area for warmer people. She felt like a complete gaijin for pursuing her style and left? Sad not sad.(scrote)

No. 1893785

File: 1693984118996.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x1276, IMG_0016.jpeg)

No more pink!

No. 1893796

Funny enough I am the same as you, but a good 15 years ago maybe?

I read various threads about Alice over the years, simply out of curiosity and I was truely fascinated by how different she has become and her life in Japan (though now has ended?), from her very humble beginnings in Lincolnshire.

I don't believe one bit she is closing down her Youtube channel because she wanted more privacy.

Shame her relationship with nobu didn't seem to work out but suggardaddy is obv her best route to sustain a luxurious lifestyle.

Moving back to the UK is obv not her preference (my two pennys worth), she is just a misfit in mainstream British culture. I won't be surprised there will soon be a new YT channel showing her 'new' life in the UK, going to all those posh places in Sloane sq, south ken.(maleposting, redditspacing, blogging, lack of sage)

No. 1893905

Sorry new ish here, but why do people get redlined for reddit spacing?

No. 1893922

I’d say it’s because we are meant to adhere to board culture when posting and maintain anonymity. Reddit spacing makes posters somewhat identifiable which breaks the “stay anonymous at all times” rule. For what is worth, I doubt insightful comments are banned even if poster used Reddit spacing; >>1893796 broke many rules at once.

No. 1893995

What the fuck is going on with her legs? I've never seen a woman who wasn't morbidly obese have such similarly sized thighs and calves? Must be a trick of the photo or something because it looks absolutely bizarre.

No. 1894049

My hole brother! Lmao
So you were with her while she was at college in Oxfordshire then? She was very sweet and pure back then wasn’t she.(disgusting scrote)

No. 1894052

You should consider kys, moid

No. 1894400

Rattle rattle

No. 1894553

Men are disgusting huh, "hole brother" I hope she sees this and feels reassured in her decision to leave your nasty ass. Also why are you both still keeping tabs on her?

No. 1894725

Agreed with the ladies here, it's disrespectful with what you just said. There is no hard feelings between us and it was such a long time ago.

Not gonna reveal myself too much online but no to your question. But I have to say I understood her well.

Her appearance might have changed but I am pretty sure she is still the same Alice I met many years ago.(You need to leave too)

No. 1894887

She already posted an all black outfit in November last year with a black Chanel bag too. Can’t blame her to want to break out of the pink once in a while. I don’t believe she’ll do another YouTube channel. She has nothing to show off in the UK and she’s heavily reducing her Luxury stuff. Besides that she doesn’t have much personality.

No. 1907074

kinda off topic but if she wants to keep doing youtube and stay relevant, she could do a video about her surgeries and face treatments she gets to look this good (aka no wrinkles, nice teeth atd). I would watch that.

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