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File: 1636754385886.jpeg (247.96 KB, 828x787, 1614983562114.jpeg)

No. 1367840

Chanel Barbie Clones are women who own 50 identical pink Chanel purses and a wardrobe full of identical frilly floral polyester dresses but never stop buying more.

A Chanel Barbie Clone's wannabe Barbie Dream House is piled high with cheap tacky pink junk and their diets consist entirely of pink sugary cupcakes.

Chanel Barbie Clones are often the victims of bad plastic surgery, paid for by their not-so-secret sugar daddy (they will have a side shopping service or vlog as a cover for their income).

A Chanel Barbie Clone will usually have fried blonde hair, too much makeup, and look like they just stepped off the set of White Chicks.

Examples include:

Previous arisucookie discussion here >>>/w/163026 but her and her clones outside of Japan deserved a spinoff thread.

Recent highlights from /w/ thread:
>speculation that arisucookie was dumped by her sugar daddy
>arisucookie's clothing sale "for the environment", followed by new identical purchases
>Xsakisaki simping for Machine Gun Kelly and dressing up with her husband as Megan and MGK

No. 1367843

How is the 2014 weheartit pink filtered to hell trend problematic? If anything it’s tacky no need for a thread….

No. 1367848

File: 1636755035236.jpeg (89.82 KB, 828x481, 83244176-54E5-495B-9CD5-B985E3…)

Im excited! Any tea on LindySs? I just remembered watching her endless chanel haul. She must have loads. She does have a business though, she makes tacky puff key chains and i believe Hermes horse charms knock offs.

No. 1367849

The thread was requested in the /w/ kabukihoes thread. arisucookie was being discussed a lot as she's based in Japan and used to be an escort. Other clones outside of Japan kept being mentioned but couldn't be discussed without derailing.

The whole aesthetic is problematic because it glorifies shopping addictions, unnecessary plastic surgery, huge carbon footprints, living in a fire hazard, and sleeping with old men for Chanel. Plus it's a bizarre subculture to observe.

No. 1367851

how does she afford that? sugar daddy? credit card debt? they never have high paid jobs

No. 1367853

File: 1636755271382.jpeg (584.7 KB, 2048x2048, 17162A6F-AE85-4630-A521-8029EC…)

The horse charms i was talking about.

She does these ugly charms but also is located in hong kong so probably some other “businesses “

No. 1367858

They always have something hideous for sale to fund even more pink purses.

Apparently this was a birthday haul but that seems excessive.

No. 1367885

File: 1636760453171.jpg (50.98 KB, 653x959, NINTCHDBPICT000496649380.jpg)

I adore the topic of human Barbies. They're personal cows of mine because watching them slowly botch themselves is interesting.

I'll take this opportunity to introduce the UKs oldest living body dysmorphia Barbie nightmare!

Rachel Evan's
>roughly 50 years old
>105 surgeries by 48 yrs old
>has spent over £32,000 in the last 13 years

I found her in a documentary on the topic of UK Barbie lifestyle women. She discussed how her horrible beginnings put her through a goth phase, and she turned her life around by obsessively pursuing Barbie life

No. 1367889

No. 1367890


I don't know her at all but she gives me heavy madame vibes. Would make sense as to why she has so much, part of how she brings the girls in.

No. 1367909

I honestly miss ridiculously overdecorated phone cases

No. 1367912

Interesting thread. Sandra/Saki used to have a weird scrote stalker and I feel like this thread might attract him, hopefully not though. I don't think she promotes or has had plastic surgery so I'm curious about why she was in the OP if that is among the main topics, but still want to see where the thread will go.

No. 1367925

The OP contains all the suggested people from the /w/ kabukihoes thread and the pic was taken from there too. Not everyone will match all of the things in the OP but they are the common traits. I’m guessing she was mentioned specifically because she appears to have a million identical pink Chanel bags and a Dream House style home.

No. 1367939

File: 1636765413258.png (1.06 MB, 1056x840, fit.png)

kek that she keeps mentioning that she wears a Chanel 34 ("the smallest size!") but then puts on a cardigan that is clearly too small

No. 1368078

Tbh her body looks nice. I’d say her face doesn’t look as bad as you’d think after that many surgeries but pretty is something different.
I wonder if Alice will ever come forward about getting botox and fillers. At least she admitted her boob job

No. 1368095

Where did she admit her boob job?

No. 1368098

File: 1636797335055.jpeg (237.74 KB, 828x1600, 0BF12F1D-CC39-481F-996F-36C9E3…)

In the old Kabuki ho thread

No. 1368137

Breast implants are milk?

No. 1368155

File: 1636807348405.jpeg (702.42 KB, 1170x1587, F76A747A-8A88-4792-99EE-A8EF08…)

I just went down a rabbit hole and I’m actually surprised that OG human barbie Valeria Lukyanova didn’t go down the same tacky chanel route despite still over editing her photos. On that note looks like there was a bust up in October with other human doll Anastasia.

No. 1368205

Tbh her body looks very nicely done and fit. You could see a million worse instagirls with multiple BBL & hip enlargement surgery on social media. The fillers are a bit too obvious on her face, but by age 50 you have choose between “aging gracefully” or looking like you have some work done.

I don’t really see the milk on this thread. Saki (the girl on the thread pic) is just a shy, quiet girl with a shopping addiction. Is that milk?

No. 1368242

In the same way pro anas are milky for being anorexics, Barbie girls are milky for having extreme body dysmorphia and fixated on looking like an oddly proportioned doll. The milk mostly comes from bizarre behaviours (for example, a lot of Barbie larpers will refuse to eat food that isn't pink, and watching that take a physical toll on them over time is extremely interesting). In short, these aren't drama cows, it's just an observation on mental illness, which you can not deny is quite interesting

No. 1368247

I hate the pro ana thread too. I can’t stand to look at the photos for more than a second. It’s disturbing.
As you said compulsive shopping is actually a mental illness (a type of OCD?) What do you plan to post on this thread? Every new Chanel purchase they post on Instagram?

No. 1368249

To pulltards, yeah.

No. 1368253

Most of the replies itt are saged so I’m quite unsure of the outrage and why we need to propose the reason why the thread exists. As another anon mentioned before, it’s to stop the Kabukihoes thread in /w/ going OT as none of these are sugar babies living in Japan. If you wasn’t part of that discussion or you don’t like the thread just don’t click on it uwu

No. 1368263

Ayrt. I'm not the anon who pointed out compulsive shopping.

My personal reason for liking Barbie larpers is that I enjoy the weird competitiveness they have with eachother especially when it comes to surgery. They always try to one up eachother with extreme cosmetic surgery. That's my reason, that and I enjoy observing eccentrics doing their thing, and oh God are these women eccentric.

Look, I get that they're not everyones cup of tea. Maybe you prefer drama cows or horror cows. Me too, so I understand why this thread would seem nonsensical or boring to you

No. 1368429

Alice is living in japan but I get your point

No. 1368633

Most of the milk has dried up in that thread so moving Alice here and letting that one die is probably better. It's also likely that she will be returning to the UK.

No. 1368650

It’s not about implants. It’s about her not admitting she had a different face when she moved to Japan and will pretend she looks like this naturally. The anon above asked when she admitted to getting the new boobs so i posted it.

No. 1368716

Lmao are vloggers expected to make a video about it every time they get Botox? It’s quite obvious that she has lip fillers and that she had a nose job, if she was self conscious about it or tried to hide it she would delete her old pics on Instagram.

No. 1368911

I checked Rachel Evans YouTube and she released these a short while ago. This is… what is this? My new aesthetic kek

No. 1368919

Apparently she's doing something in America that requires filming. She talks about being a performer and that she's available across multiple platforms

90% sure I seen her in a documentary about human Barbies, I wonder is she filming another one in America

No. 1369077

omg practically nothing but her eyes move, it’s like she’s wearing a Micheal Myers mask

No. 1370029

It's milky and cringy, this is /snow/ it's supposed to be here

No. 1371040

Alice bought another pink Chanel bag

No. 1371194

I can’t believe it’s another pink. The whole video she was talk i about this ~super special colour~ so i though it’s the stupid tiffany teal or whatever but it’s pink?? This bitch. Also kek at her getting a chanel gift and it’s black

No. 1371208

File: 1637269962719.png (1.62 MB, 1446x818, pink.png)

kek it's literally identical to the one she took shopping to buy it

No. 1371210

File: 1637270114607.png (1.29 MB, 1092x842, pink 2.png)

she included video of her crying on the way home after buying it

mentioned that her sales assistant gave her a free ugly bag and some cookies after she hadn't been there in a while. alice thought it was such an honor and doesn't realize that the sales assistant is lovebombing her to try and get her to come back more often as she wants the commission

No. 1371232

At this point, what else did you expect? I’m actually surprised she mentioned the price of the bag this time as she’s usually very mysterious about everything within her collection of never ending pink garbage.

No. 1371311

Well it’s probably because this time it’s come off her own credit card that was gathering dust in her 1 year old Louis Vuitton Escale Purse™ rather than her sugar daddy’s credit card so she actually knows the price for once kek

LMAO she’s actually pathetic, there’s kids starving and she’s crying over buying an identical bag with a different finish. Please, beg she gets a grip.

No. 1371352

it's such a weird reaction to have, especially since she has bought a million things there before and was last there a couple of months ago. i'm guessing it was really about something else, maybe being dumped by sugar daddy as she seemed very uncertain about being able to do it again

but who is narcissistic enough to take a crying video to show people. over a bag they already own

No. 1371554

I had to roll my eyes so hard when she showed the crying video omg girl it’s a bag. You put transport stuff in it, that’s it. I don’t get her obsession and especially why she has to have several of the same exact kind. She clearly has a hoarding problem.
>>1371232 i missed her mentioning the price, how much was it? I think they almost doubled the price no?

No. 1371572

She said around over a million yen equivalent to about 8700$. She probably never had to pay anything with her own money before. It’s crazy to think. Now she’s stuck in her luxury crap hoarding obsession

No. 1371641

File: 1637327957102.png (2 MB, 1699x449, 1522086301494.png)

she even knows they are the same

No. 1371642

File: 1637328114030.jpg (342.12 KB, 1916x815, 1575953011881.jpg)

I'd be crying too if I spent that much on a bag.

No. 1371644

File: 1637328274021.png (1.58 MB, 1238x874, 1582576439831.png)

She's sold a practically identical bag recently during her "environmental" sale. How can she think that increasing the demand for leather products (animal skins and toxic dyes) is fine?

No. 1371698

File: 1637335020146.png (277.13 KB, 1410x976, 1530672934584.png)

which one of you did this

No. 1371772

what I find funniest about this sort of thing is that it's essentially the same as people who are excessively dedicated to a goth/all-black brand just with a different color scheme. at least the barbies don't have any countercultural pretenses.

No. 1371773

sorry for the lack of sage

No. 1373174

File: 1637523342754.jpeg (365.84 KB, 828x1436, 1B0DE18F-079F-4681-BBD6-60CA36…)

>asking for retail price

You mean now that they doubled all their prices? Girl that’s scamming

No. 1373239

Lol she just bought an identical wallet in her new video

No. 1373247

File: 1637529976971.png (6.28 MB, 2079x960, 0F06B754-17AD-4878-913A-504A10…)

No. 1373261

>>1373247 But this is obviously light pink, that's why she is selling all her dark pink wallets because it doesn't match the light pink bags. How can we not see that of course she needs a matching pink tone one lol(sage)

No. 1373272

Is this a mental disorder? What possesses someone to buy the exact same overpriced item twice? Why would she cry about it? What does it mean to her?

No. 1373344

Do you think they lace these bags with some sorta catnip for dumb consumerist women. I guess all collecting has elements of this type of madness, but I struggle to see what you could be obsessed or enthusiastic about when it's just pastel pink quilted leather bags.
This screenshot tho, with all the extremely similar boring pink bags behind her.

No. 1373590

It's the same kind of obsession that people show with collecting a particular character like Hellokitty or Mymelody, it gives them the same satisfaction to get the newest shit right out of the factory before everyone else.(learn2sage)

No. 1373822

File: 1637604494981.png (3.29 MB, 2184x1486, 1482263855051.png)

Heading back to England again. I wonder if she is quietly moving things.

She put up a tree with empty boxes under it and it's not even December yet.

No. 1373845

I was wondering as well if she will move. I had this thought that he left her but paid half a year or a year of rent gor her to shut her up.

No. 1373856

Should i post more barbies even though i can’t provide milk? I just find these girls so bizzare and the line to making herself look like a dumb bimbo is really thin so

No. 1373903

Yes, introduce us to some more and something milky will crop up

No. 1373926

File: 1637613226607.jpeg (304.99 KB, 828x1305, B8708263-C11A-416B-BEAB-66EA96…)

Kimberlyblondex on Instagram is really wanting to live the real life barbie phantasy. Funfact her natural hair is dark, she uses wigs she sells in her all-pink-everything onlineshop www.kimmyluxedolls.com including luxury knock offs. She also does a pink girlie box and personal shopping where Alice basically got her idea from.

No. 1373936

File: 1637613761030.jpeg (803.36 KB, 2048x2048, 3551A55B-07CB-4927-9F59-AABCA8…)

Uwu cottondolly cant be forgotten here. While she wants to have the life of Alice she can only afford one original Lady Dior and has to fall back to buying knock offs and plastic shein. You have to listen to her voice in her YouTube videos it’s hilarious.

No. 1373943

File: 1637614078331.jpeg (577.29 KB, 2048x2048, C84B95DC-2DA9-4686-853B-A266C8…)

Her ex friend amanda who makes the most retarded faces. I actually think she’s retarded. They had an etsy shop together’AmandaandRoBoutique’ where they sold cheap silk twillies for bags. Apparently not all is well in uwu pinku land so they’re no longer friends anymore.

No. 1374003

Wow, you didn’t lie about her voice. She sounds like she’s trying to sound like Britney Spears when she does that nasal singing thing.

No. 1374302

These uwu pinku bitches ruined la vie en rose forever for me. Her voice though i can’t kek

No. 1374364

Imao I thought that was Britney for a sec

No. 1416211

Alice called her out for being a copycat
They’ve unfollowed each other and Alice blocked her(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1416703

as an old, it bothers me that these young women are completely unaware of the toxic and hatefully misogynist atmosphere of the late 90s/early 00s when this and paris hilton type stuff was unironically cool and dominant. it was (and i hate to use the word) fascistic. if you watch the simpsons "summer of 4 foot 2" you can sort of get an idea. smart, weird, and different were insults of the highest order, and girls would often intentionally do poorly on school assignments to avoid being beat up or stolen from in elementary and middle school. i know "feminism is about choice" but at the time when this aesthetic was mandatory, there was no choice, and feminism was a dirty word, and if your pants didn't sit on exactly the right part of your hips, you couldn't have friends.

No. 1416765


No. 1416817

Omg nonny i was hoping she does it can you provide a screenshot or anything?

No. 1416819

Sorry i forgot the sage

No. 1416825

ive just seen this thread; its amazing that shayna literally wants to be like this and fails horribly, and even the best version of this aesthetic is cowlike.

No. 1416910

Oh come on mods it was a story and I didn’t take a screenshot. She was asking her followers advice on this former friend who keeps copying her despite being blocked
She posted some images for comparison and yeah cotton dolly definitely copies her.

No. 1416919

File: 1642154365357.jpeg (262.76 KB, 870x1530, 2EA5E5E8-3CAC-429E-BE39-6449AA…)

I was able to take a couple screenshots. Not of the text wall she wrote trying to defend her oh so unique pink puke style but her pictures compared to cottondollie’s

No. 1416920

File: 1642154439605.jpeg (258.42 KB, 870x1530, 887DD7CE-1946-406A-9B1B-21F614…)

She’s really trying hard to be unique with what she posts but doesn’t get that all poses have been posted somewhere on the internet at some point. I wouldn’t call it super creative like she makes it out to be.

No. 1416921

File: 1642154482130.jpeg (259.44 KB, 870x1538, 8DB5E83A-C2BE-4286-BB82-6DCD00…)

Especially this is incredibly generic. So many people pose like this.

No. 1416924

File: 1642154605798.jpeg (303.42 KB, 870x1546, F1C12C43-097D-49F9-ABE0-A62E7B…)

Maybe I’m already numb to posts like these and it’s hard to make me think that cottondolly copies her. Not to be a wk here, just personal opinion by comparing both or their posts to general instagram.

No. 1416962

In particular, neither of these are really similar enough to be notable. I can see it with >>1416924, but not those

No. 1416968

These all just look like an excuse for her to flex on some girl with way less money to spend on an extremely popular aesthetic. If she wasn't accusing anyone of copying I'd think arisu looks much richer, but being an insecure mean girl is so cheap. Is she taking your money? No? Then why do you care. I'd think she was a teenager but she looks too old. How tacky

No. 1417290

Yeah, there are just so many people with the same "look" as Alice, and a few years ago there were even more foreign himekaji girls with a similar style to hers. I don't dislike Alice but find her acting like she has a patent on this look very confusing and strange.

No. 1417837

She has the same rug, same pink “wallflower”, dyed her hair from brown to platinum blonde, purchased the exact same dresses as Alice, the list goes on. It’s hard to see at first because she obviously has less money to spend on luxury but she def copies her.

No. 1417870

Who cares how much money someone has to spend on useless crap? Not only useless but multiple times the same item. I actually go as far to say I prefer cottondolly over Alice as she has a huge hoarding problem. Her pictures are always just clustered with things. From tons of clothes to other items.

No. 1448855

File: 1645478760486.jpeg (521.97 KB, 2048x2048, 4FD29877-B548-4369-81BE-16E32A…)

Alice uploaded a vlog in quite a while and she’s mentioning going to the Maledives with her good ol sugar daddy Nobu. I guess they’re not broken up. (On the lower pic she says ‚Nobu‘ but the translater thinks she says ‚love‘)

No. 1448856

Her shopping haul is worth around 3k $ btw so we all know how she can afford all this when nobu is still around

No. 1455484

She’s whining about how she couldn’t make it to her trip. People are dying Alice.

No. 1770098

This seems to be Nobu's Instagram.


No. 1770171

Woah nona awesome snooping! How did you find him?

No. 1770208

He's honestly better looking than I expected but holy shit do I hate his recent haircut

No. 1770272

"Nobu" (or Nobutaka Kawagoe) runs a women's health clinic called "K Ladies Clinic" in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo:

In 2011, he was accused by the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau of evading 80,000,000 Yen (around 600,000 USD) in taxes over two years. It was reported that he used his tax evaded money to buy designer luxury goods. After the accusation, he paid back the money he owed: http://www.bahvideo.com/video/?3738560844-

No. 1770312

File: 1676649046019.png (156.52 KB, 870x442, 034.png)

I thought he'd be an ugly sugar daddy but they actually seem to be quite well-matched re: interests and erm, values.

He reminds me of Rawhide Kobayashi

>It was reported that he used his tax evaded money to buy designer luxury goods
I bet he pays cash for her Birkins actually

No. 1770431

That’s what i was thinking he’s actually cute! I always thought he’d be ugly. Super suspicious he has a non-private insta account that he doesn’t want to have associated with Alice. She clearly said he wants to be private and not on the internet.

No. 1770436

Not to doxx anybody but the clicic is really close to where Alice or he lives

No. 1770580

Idk these people at all but the criminal deeds to buy designer goods for your sugar baby reminds me of Erika Jayne and her ex husband Tom Girardi, who stole money from plane crash victims’ families to fund their lifestyle.

No. 1814116

Wow really surprised that he has his own insta showing his face and clearly showing off his friends but not alice? I feel a bit sad for her

No. 1814401

I don’t get it either. I thought maybe she’s not the only one. I remember they did have a strange schedule where they had their “weekend” from Tuesday to Wednesday or something like that. For what does he need his weekends free?
Another thing I noticed is that Alice closed her Shopping Service. I wonder if she goes to the UK for the summer?

No. 1815129

Oh i forgot about that strange weekend thing. Did she not say in one of her videos they were living together for a while but couldn't agree on the interior (bet alice wanted everything pink) so decided to live separately? Based on that i thought they were in an exclusive relationship, guess not!

This whole nobu and her visa situation is intriguing. I need to know more (Cant decide if more intriguing than venus x mana x her visa lol)

No. 1816262

I remember that too and I found it so strange. I felt like she just said it to excuse why they live separately. I get you want to have it girly and pink but a room isn’t enough? Hes paying her rent though, at least partially. As a doctor I guess he can afford it.

No. 1825943

In a way a perfect arrangement imo. They both seem like people who are the most in love with themselves so probably could not live with another ego under one roof.

Whatever happens, i hope she brings in some milk. I remember the video she mentioned her age, she just turned 30, so i was waiting for a dramatic break up or a wedding. Neither happened. Only arisu started to attend pole dancing lessons lol

No. 1855071

File: 1687991236291.png (1.68 MB, 1224x1236, 1590106799559.png)

I would love to know what they talk about together.

Nobu is 100% on roids

No. 1855073

File: 1687991355089.jpg (135.4 KB, 1080x814, 1532452714909.jpg)

He's tagged in some suspicious pics that make me wonder if Alice goes to England when he is on trips with other women.

No. 1855259

File: 1688021013463.png (344.52 KB, 828x1792, B4A132FE-D2A6-478F-8F29-67DDC1…)

Dunno about Nobu but Alice recently got a little house in England. I wonder what made her want to stay there more?

No. 1855343

Wonder if she is concerned about her visa marriage.

No. 1865443

File: 1689495897541.jpeg (248.38 KB, 828x1415, BE73F49C-57AD-4289-844A-454F4D…)

Life update of Alice. Sure sounds like she and Nobu broke up again, maybe for good? Part 1

No. 1865444

File: 1689495934215.jpeg (284.35 KB, 828x1418, 72B94134-B1F3-46EB-8B04-B85B34…)

Part 2 - what’s her job going to be?

No. 1866312

she deleted all pics and references of him. she probably got too old to be his main bitch now

No. 1866318

>little house
My sister in Christ that is a very small shed, that can’t even be passed off as a tiny home kek.

No. 1866500

File: 1689595094104.jpeg (196.08 KB, 828x1403, 4A972B20-D87A-4C9B-90DC-2BA9BD…)

Interesting. I saw people asking in the comments what’s wrong with her YouTube. I checked and it looks like she removed a few videos. The anniversary videos(s) and vlogs are missing.

No. 1866502

That’s not the house nonny kek

No. 1866565

Wow, it is the mythical Daddy's discord kitten's shed.

No. 1878526

Oh wow. It was quite obvious. It was either a marriage or break up. Arisu struggled with this since she made the youtube vid about turning 30.
Clearly, nobu is fairly good looking and loaded - no reason to tie himself down to one lady. I feel a bit bad for her bit at the same time she probs had the best 20s thanks to him, aaaaand has plenty of bags to sell lol

No. 1881054

She seemed kind of indifferent about living in Japan these days and all her friends spoke English anyway, so I’m not surprised she’s set up a base in the UK. As >>1878526 says she has plenty of bags to sell, lol. Literally never has to worry about money ever again if she sells her Birkins & Chanels and invests the money in property or whatever, but she might be too accustomed to that kinda lifestyle of material goods and luxury

I like Alice and I wish her well, but the “self-made woman” facade she tried to project all these years got increasingly absurd as she segued from Liz Lisa to Hermes

No. 1885898

File: 1692651994857.jpeg (352.11 KB, 890x1585, IMG_3516.jpeg)

Alice removed her YouTube channel

No. 1885905

Yes, she made it again.
I have a question, what is going to happen with her Japanese house? She had a lot of staff over there

No. 1885907

Nobu stayed in Ibiza and Alice went to Ibiza with her family as well, however it seems that they were not being together anymore.

No. 1885914

I think she will not able to continue with her luxury lifestyle anymore. She wasn’t focused on YouTube because whole her channel was only gravitate to luxury gods and now she can only show gaudy plastic flowers.
Will she find a job in the UK and “only” earn £2K?

No. 1885917

The UK is shit because wages are so low here and everything is dirty and grimey. I think she’s going to find it quite a depressing comedown to go from living such a flashy Tokyo lifestyle full of trips to Michelin star restaurants, fancy shiny new high rise luxury apartments, her sugardaddy buying her Birkin bags and getting lots of attention and fawning from Japanese people for being a blonde white girl dressed in all pink, to living as a literal who in a shitty little semi detached house in England.

So he dumped her for getting too old or what?

No. 1885921

She probably feels depressed because she lost her partner, I.e. sugar daddy and she will never go to a fancy 3 stars Michelin restaurant and she have to work as common people.
I lived one year in Japan and there, she was a kawaii blonde white girl. In the UK she is only a freak.
In one year, she will use jeans, Primark sneakers and no more pink Zimmerman dress!(unsaged samefagging newfag)

No. 1886032

damn Alice and Nobu were together for a long time too, like 5ish years? Isn't that kinda unusual for a sugaring relationship
I bet Nobu just doesn't want to be in her videos online anymore if they broke up, and plus maybe he's aware people online figured out who he is.
i wonder how much alice paid to ship all her shit to the UK with insurance on top of it kek

No. 1886222

And recently they gifted each other special rings. I wonder why it ended but I guess it’s for the better. I really hope she has a happier life in the UK. I assume she sold her apartment and a few birkins and bought her UK house and Audi. I hate it when youtuber delete all their videos because I love to go back and watch them for nostalgia but I guess she was embarrassed about herself.

No. 1886600

her last video uploaded was just 2 weeks ago too like everything was fine, i wonder if Nobu dropped her a long time ago or or this happened within 2 weeks. I think the last video was her bag update or favorites or something. But her crown jewel Hermes bags weren't there, I wonder when she sold them for money

No. 1891169

File: 1693478868261.jpeg (231.59 KB, 828x1209, IMG_9019.jpeg)

She’s back in Tokio now

No. 1891170

File: 1693478889569.jpeg (314.58 KB, 828x1328, IMG_9020.jpeg)

No. 1891500

File: 1693529554007.png (5.72 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9057.png)

Alice gave a long explanation of why she’s leaving japan.
Basically says japan caused her to become materialistic
she lost/misses British values
wants to raise kids with British values
can’t work on her career in japan
Japan is no longer fun
expensive taxes
Nothing about Nobu

No. 1891503

File: 1693529599695.png (5.75 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9058.png)

No. 1891504

File: 1693529624245.png (5.47 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9059.png)

No. 1891505

File: 1693529655797.png (5.6 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9060.png)

No. 1891506

File: 1693529677955.png (5.24 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9061.png)

No. 1891535

>Japan is a very materialistic country
I mean isn't it what you make of it? Hanging out in roppongi with your sugar daddy and visiting LV every other day will do that.

No. 1891688

as if she's not going to be materialistic in the UK kek but I guess she can shop on a different budget there and drop the luxe bags (she's currently selling three Birkins in her story) and buy more River Island kek

No. 1891741

The UK is actually a lot better for that blonde hair, pink everything, cafes, cakes and handbags aesthetic since there are so many pretty buildings, cottages, cafes, scenic locations etc so she could easily continue her content in the UK.

No. 1892771

Bullsh*t lol if nobu wanted to marry her she would stay. With his kinda money she could put kids into an international school, and hang out with other moms from abroad, and like fly business to uk every 6 months or fly her parents to tokyo. She is leaving bc nobu does not want to marry her and have her kids.
Also, kek at being less materialistic in the UK! This is a clear prep for her being poor without sugar daddy sponsoring her shopping sprees lmao

No. 1892824

I'm one of her exes from when she was much younger (we lasted over a year). Guess she should've stayed with me huh! I wouldn't have let her feel lonely at all. Sounds like lost in translation and Tokyo should do it, where people avoid each other in general. I would personally prefer living in Kansai area for warmer people. She felt like a complete gaijin for pursuing her style and left? Sad not sad.(scrote)

No. 1893785

File: 1693984118996.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x1276, IMG_0016.jpeg)

No more pink!

No. 1893796

Funny enough I am the same as you, but a good 15 years ago maybe?

I read various threads about Alice over the years, simply out of curiosity and I was truely fascinated by how different she has become and her life in Japan (though now has ended?), from her very humble beginnings in Lincolnshire.

I don't believe one bit she is closing down her Youtube channel because she wanted more privacy.

Shame her relationship with nobu didn't seem to work out but suggardaddy is obv her best route to sustain a luxurious lifestyle.

Moving back to the UK is obv not her preference (my two pennys worth), she is just a misfit in mainstream British culture. I won't be surprised there will soon be a new YT channel showing her 'new' life in the UK, going to all those posh places in Sloane sq, south ken.(maleposting, redditspacing, blogging, lack of sage)

No. 1893905

Sorry new ish here, but why do people get redlined for reddit spacing?

No. 1893922

I’d say it’s because we are meant to adhere to board culture when posting and maintain anonymity. Reddit spacing makes posters somewhat identifiable which breaks the “stay anonymous at all times” rule. For what is worth, I doubt insightful comments are banned even if poster used Reddit spacing; >>1893796 broke many rules at once.

No. 1893995

What the fuck is going on with her legs? I've never seen a woman who wasn't morbidly obese have such similarly sized thighs and calves? Must be a trick of the photo or something because it looks absolutely bizarre.

No. 1894049

My hole brother! Lmao
So you were with her while she was at college in Oxfordshire then? She was very sweet and pure back then wasn’t she.(disgusting scrote)

No. 1894052

You should consider kys, moid

No. 1894400

Rattle rattle

No. 1894553

Men are disgusting huh, "hole brother" I hope she sees this and feels reassured in her decision to leave your nasty ass. Also why are you both still keeping tabs on her?

No. 1894725

Agreed with the ladies here, it's disrespectful with what you just said. There is no hard feelings between us and it was such a long time ago.

Not gonna reveal myself too much online but no to your question. But I have to say I understood her well.

Her appearance might have changed but I am pretty sure she is still the same Alice I met many years ago.(You need to leave too)

No. 1894887

She already posted an all black outfit in November last year with a black Chanel bag too. Can’t blame her to want to break out of the pink once in a while. I don’t believe she’ll do another YouTube channel. She has nothing to show off in the UK and she’s heavily reducing her Luxury stuff. Besides that she doesn’t have much personality.

No. 1907074

kinda off topic but if she wants to keep doing youtube and stay relevant, she could do a video about her surgeries and face treatments she gets to look this good (aka no wrinkles, nice teeth atd). I would watch that.

No. 1909173

Omg I hate this aesthetic so much(sage your shit)

No. 1957327

File: 1705765956509.jpg (431.12 KB, 720x1414, IMG_20240120_153912.jpg)

Alice giving a not so subtle hint that she needs her followers to be her sugar daddy now. She still buys crap all the time and is selling her old stuff, so she's slowly getting desperate to fund the neverending shopping and probably her bills too. Her heating bill must be insane given that she posts herself so often in summer outfits in low winter temperatures.

No. 1957356

I noticed that too. I´ve seen ppl on insta begging people not to send them gift because they can´t disable the feature, and here we have luxury barbie Alice who is obv encouraging it. I wonder what her job is at the moment or if she´s just sitting at home eating cookies and drinking tea. She sold a few luxe bags so I´m sure she´s fine for a bit but the house won´t pay itself off.

No. 1958959

I remember Alice as one of the og gaijins in Japan and damn that's brutal. That moid literally wasted her youth and dropped her as soon as she turned 30? I know that many incels online talk about muh wall but that moids irl actually believe that and act accordingly…

No. 1958996

File: 1706133214143.jpg (793.28 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20240124_214905_Ins…)

She has restored some of ber old youtube vids. I would not be surprised if she went thru them first to delete all vids with her sugar daddy in them.

No. 1959165

I use to constantly buy shiny pretty junk too, then I realised just how fucking incredibly narcissistic and selfish it was, the planet and the people abused to make this pointless junk don't need me making things worse for them just so I can have a temporary pick me up. And I felt sick that I had a year's worth of food money for a starving family just hanging up in the form of the 17th pink dress in my closet. There's other much less selfish ways to fill a hole in the heart (gardening, volunteer work, helping out a loved one (no, not buying shiny junk for them), baking food for others, donating your shiny trash cash to charity/local cause instead). I hope these bleached plastic clones finally wake up and realise this too.

No. 1959230

I used to be similar anon and I´m not gonna lie I dreamed once of having Alice´s lifestyle but I grew up and realized it´s so superficial. I´m glad she´s returning back to youtube though. Did you guy see that she got two Pomeranians? I was surprised to see they´re brown and beige and not white kek

No. 1959812

File: 1706306627245.jpeg (276.05 KB, 828x1111, IMG_3271.jpeg)

You’d think after collecting tons of clothes she’d be good a coordinating an outfit what what is this atrocity?

No. 1960039

Agreed, it's literally a bought two piece with boring cream accessories that don't remotely match, not much of a coord. Also can someone tell her (not literally, figure of speech) that this is a cool english summer day outfit, not a 41f/5c winter outfit lol. I'm in 38f right now with two sweaters on, hot water bottle and blanket, and I'm still cold. Girl must be draining the planet dry to keep that old house that warm. I guess she might have changed out of it right after but just shows it's not a winter outfit lol

No. 1960135

Her lips look overfilled here. I dont get the duck face trend, she looked good with her filler before she used to get in japan.

No. 1960180

The injection lips don’t look good in her.

No. 1960546

I would not be surprised if shes into bimbofication at least to some level. At least that´s the kinda man she´s attract I think.

No. 1960641

File: 1706542089899.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20240129_152821_Ins…)

I wonder when is she gonna get a job. She seems to be selling her pink crap for £30 plus each, including the precious white a gold dior packaging her christmas gifts to herself arrived in.

No. 1960882

It seems to me she sold all her birkins/kellys and kept only a few Chanel items. These bags go for a lot of money so that she could buy a year of groceries and other things from that cash. Maybe that´s why she wants to return to youtube, so she can "work" as an influencer.

No. 1960897

I don't remember exactly if she has 6 or 7 Birkins. She could earned around £15000 or more for only one of the bags, so probably she obtained £100000. And this is only for Birkins, she sold a lot of Chanel slg and pink stuff. Alice has money to burn now, but it won't last forever.(ok)

No. 1961044

I don’t think second hand Birkins sell much. The kind of person who has 10-15K to blow on a purse is likely going to just be able to buy a new one.

No. 1961116

they sell for quite a bit because no one can just roll into a hermes store and get a birkin on the spot unless you're a celeb or something. Noncelebs, even wealthy ones, have to do a retarded ritual with hermes to build a 'relationship' or 'history' with the store (buy a bunch dumb small shit) and then you can be put onto a waiting list to buy the same overpriced bags that others are trying to get too.
even her birkins were 2nd hand because she nor the ex sugar daddy had a history with hermes so it was just faster to go 2nd hand (plus probably more variety of pink options). But i dunno how rare hers were

No. 1961420

This is edited anon, you can tell on her YouTube videos that she doesn’t have that much filler anymore. She prefers this aesthetic over natural looks.

No. 1961462

The post is about her outfit are you blind. BTW She hinted in her recent youtube video that she probably will do an life update some time. I´m curious if she mentions a job.

No. 1962993

File: 1707174960479.jpg (626.54 KB, 1080x1908, 1000014080.jpg)

This looks like a £3 set from a poundshop??

No. 1966030

File: 1707939339583.png (4.6 MB, 1792x828, IMG_4093.png)

Her style has regressed already so much since leaving Japan. She just posted a haul of selkie polyester garbage and the dresses all make her look like a big baby

No. 1966132

She's always looked a little botched and I can't tell if it's just the ugly baby dresses, but she's looking a lot older here. She's looking rough.

No. 1966646

Because her self esteem is gone, she hates her age and now desperately clings to her younger days, probably wishing she never met nobu. Ngl, he did kinda dump her as soon as she turned 30, and thats sad

No. 1966920

File: 1708169938360.jpg (408.9 KB, 720x1300, IMG_20240212_193652.jpg)

60% of influencers need to understand that owning items in a certain aesthetic is NOT a lifestyle. What you DO with your life is a lifestyle (drinking tea by yourself out of pink teapots isn't a lifestyle) Alice could be wearing a black shirt and jeans and her life would be the same. Don't pretend you have a life because you own things. Actually enrich yourself with good experiences, work and people. Going to the effort to grow and maintain a garden of pink flowers is more of a lifestyle than simply buying your tenth selkie dress. I don't know how she wears these clothes around dogs anyway, my clothes always get stained around family dogs so I wear plain cheap clothes. Her actual lifestyle right now is dog owner with a shopping problem, she needs plain clothes to wear so she doesn't have an excuse to buy her next dress when it gets ruined by the dogs. Maybe the dogs will teach her what matters in life and she can step up her actual lifestyle or at least stop lying about it. The fact she's saying "princess life" when its clearly not proves she's not happy with what it actually is, but doesn't take a genius to work that out anyways. I wish for her to feel better and stop lying.(unsaged sperging)

No. 1966924

I agree she looks older (which is fine, happens to everyone) it just looks odd and uncanny when people attempt to look much younger through the use of facial procedures and the exact same makeup style for a decade. People generally look better when they embrace their current looks and actually work with them instead of totally against them, trying and failing to look 21. And it'd be worth her considering that if you obsess over your looks, you'll find someone who will do the exact same to you. I remember how nobu use to mention how "princess" she looked nearly every time they were both on camera. It was so constant it made my skin crawl a bit, like he didn't care about any other aspect of her. I feel bad for the next woman he selects.

No. 1967162

This styling is so dreadful on her, she needs to switch up her aesthetic and palette asap

No. 1967190

On point anon. All she´s doing now is hoarding plastic pink stuff. She used to have at least more valuable items but now it´s rather common crap everyone can aquire. Not saying it´s better to own luxe items but I feel like back then she was more ambitious. I´m curious for her life update vid.

No. 1967204

She is not in a good place mentally rn. But what was she expecting.. it was a SD not a serious relationship. She is a very sweet girl otherwise and I hope she can overcome her shopping obsession.

No. 1967221

It´s so obvious. I hope for her to. find a job and some real life friends. Atm she looks like she doesn´t leave the house much.

No. 1967547

There’s no such thing as a purely sexual sugar daddy relationship, hormones are relaxed during sex and obviously that bonds you to someone emotionally and psychologically especially if it was over a long time

No. 1967548


No. 1967813

so what does that mean for prostitutes and women who do one night stands?

No. 1967861

idk what you mean with your question but sugar daddy stuff is like a relationship and would not entail a one night stand. I think that´s what escorts may do, it´s not the same.

No. 1970867

File: 1709150380121.jpg (457.25 KB, 720x1223, IMG_20240228_195818.jpg)

oh look she bought the ugly bag lol. Day 9646 of buying pointless repetitive crap in place of an actual hobby or job or friend

No. 1976423

File: 1710490800499.jpg (1.1 MB, 1079x1347, 1000010139.jpg)

The only time she goes outside is when she is in london. It was honestly suprising to me she moved back to her hometown instead of london. Im giving it 2 yrs max, then shes moving to london.

No. 1979628

File: 1711360253953.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1125x1781, IMG_8585.jpeg)

She’s selling dirty clothes

No. 1979655

kek what´s her vinted anon?
She´s only going out in London because it´s the only place she can weird her carnival outfits. I think she probably lives really close to her mother these days, they seem really close and in Japan she mentioned she wants to be closer to them.

No. 1979656

File: 1711375669645.jpeg (222.73 KB, 828x645, IMG_5480.jpeg)

I just wanted to share this picture of Alice kek unedited from her mothers instagram

No. 1979659

File: 1711377225461.jpeg (512.59 KB, 1125x2286, IMG_8592.jpeg)

£50??? Girl, it’s so overpriced! The spot increases the price???

No. 1979767

Wow she looks much nicer without the massive edits to her face

No. 1980317

the strange wrinkles besides her mouth are bizzare and I think you can see the cheek fillers migrating. Also what´s with the scratches on her chest. It´s kinda strange of her mother posting this?

No. 1980349

File: 1711564968213.jpeg (1.68 MB, 1125x2121, IMG_8640.jpeg)

She bought new bags! And some of them were a steal, only £11. Is she really new all of them? She is a shopaholic, and without SD sponsoring Alice can buy only 2nd hand bags.

No. 1980355

to be fair anon they were Angelic Pretty and Samantha Vega from what I saw and she probably got them from Mercari Japan or Yahoo auctions, sometimes you can score good deals. Of course there is shipping and tax… These purses are MUCH cheaper than the designer ones she used to buy. It´s so funny to me she dind´t go to Chanel in London and didn´t mention the brand in a long while. I used to make her go all crazy back then in JP

No. 1980364

Kek these bags are for teens. Is she regressing back in years!(sage your shit)

No. 1980403

File: 1711576560315.jpeg (547.22 KB, 1125x1901, IMG_8641.jpeg)

She has already sold all Birkin’s bag.

No. 1980406

of course, she sold them to buy the house, the same with the harry winston watch she had, i never saw her again wearing it(sage your shit)

No. 1980847

Daaaaamn thats bleaque. Her cope is that hermes bags are not her style lol. Right. Id have thought nobu got her that house or at least enough to put down deposit. Im quite shocked he didnt really care at all

No. 1980954

I remember before this break up, they seemed to have broken up before and she was privatising a bunch of videos and people were leaving a ton of comments on her Youtube and Instagram kek It looks like Nobu is traveling the world and meeting "models" and I think Alice might want a family. Honestly good for her to use the bags to buy the house and her Audi.

No. 1981423

She is lucky at least that she was able to benefit from selling all of the designer goods Nobu likely assisted her with purchasing. I am very interested to know what she does for work however.(sage your shit)

No. 1981602

Same here, although my guess is she doesnt work, not at least for now.

No. 1981604

Do you have his @? I used to look at some of his friends or his even (cant remember now) but i cant find it anymore.

No. 1981722

Do you think she still really has all chanel bags like she said in the comment? Because she never really used them again and they are nowhere to be seen. Also this samantha vega splurge is kinda odd, why does she need that MANY new bags
I seriously think it's funny how on one of her video vlogs she spoke how she felt lucky she could afford chanel now because she worked so hard for it and now here we are haha
No more expensive af bags nor clothes…
Also somehow her style seems to be getting more tacky and tacky

No. 1981723

I like samantha vega but this is more the style she had when she still used lizlisa, probably before she met nobu and he started gifting her more expensive gifts later on

No. 1981728

File: 1711967731872.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1125x2179, IMG_8913.jpeg)

She had already sold many Chanel bags in the past and she is trying now to sell more. I don't like the new Alice style, her look is ridicule, she turned 30 and she wears clothes for teenager.
Alice gained weight as well.(not milk)

No. 1981732

It's as if she had dropped the floral excessiveness lizlisa style because of nobu, to please him she wore more "adult" clothes, now that they broke up she went crazy with the pink floral tackiness haha. Like someone had said, maybe she is regretting her choices and wants to go back being who she was before she met him, who knows.

No. 1981733

Oh yeah I know, I remember her sales before leaving japan, even so, I believe she would still have many left, she had a crazy amount of bags. But I didn't really keep up with her sales!(unsaged doublepost)

No. 1981746

File: 1711974898786.png (455.54 KB, 340x562, botchedbarbie.png)

With the clothes she wears, she looks even older. It's normal to get older, but dressing like you're 15 instead of 32 makes you look weird, to say the least. At the first Q&A, Alice said she went to Japan as an English teacher, and then started working at an international company (that was an understatement) that had a fabulous schedule that let her go wherever she wanted. In one of his videos he said that he spent time with Nobu on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because he didn't work those days (it was true, those two days he closed his clinic). On weekends she went to his house too, when she worked? Surely Nobu would have hired her in his company so that Alice would have the Japanese visa.(not milk)

No. 1981775

The rug is kinda cute ngl. It doesn't go with the gaudy wall of tissue paper flowers, though

No. 1981812

I think i counted 6 birkins, from her posts alone. That is a lot of money, and she sold them all clearly.

No. 1981837

True, it would pay her house deposit and maybe the her tacky decorations and all moving costs since it seems she shipped JP furniture, but I don't think she has that many savings that would cover the rest of the price of the house, imo ofc. Does anyone here know more or less when Nobu broke up with her?(sage your shit)

No. 1982289

i think he is @nobutakakawagoe

yes i think the birkins alone that she had would have equated to more than $100k, her collection was something else

No. 1982300

She has downsized her collection, it’s not a big secret as she made an announcement for her big sale. She still has some of her Chanel bags with her in England which is still more than enough for one woman. She is wearing less designer because England is not as safe as Japan and she probably doesn’t want to damage the remaining Chanel she has.

No. 1982305

He has a bunch of photos with girls on his tagged part haha, I think there was never a point where Alice was the only sugar baby he had(sage your shit)

No. 1982351

Nonnas please please just sage when you discuss stuff it would be a shame if this thread would be on mute. I feel like she´s just starting to get a little milky.

No. 1982358

Sorry I didn't realize how to sage until now 🫠 does anyone know when Nobu broke up with her more or less? Was it when she bought the house in the UK?(emoji spoonfeeding)

No. 1982451

Ah yes thats the one. When i saw his insta for the first time i realised that what alice told us was a lie lol he shows his face on social media, he just doesnt wanna be seen with her. Sad.

No. 1982526

They broke up after an Ibiza trip in summer of 2023. Alice posted some pictures and 2 or 3 weeks after, she deleted all of them and unfollowed Nobu's friends.(sage your shit)

No. 1982532

I love a thread filled with red text

No. 1982595

You idiots. Put “sage” in the email field and don’t use emojis. Lolcow.Farm/info

No. 1982623

When do you think they started?

No. 1982653

The relationship? I would think when she got her boobs and nose done. If u scroll doen her insta you will see the face difference. (Also when she started posting about her travels and buying more expensive clothes and bags)

No. 1982657

File: 1712252023644.jpg (548.1 KB, 1080x2340, 1000013039.jpg)

My guess is 2015 ish, she got her new nose, and started going expensive holidays.

No. 1982672

File: 1712254805131.jpeg (206.48 KB, 828x1472, 97298064-97AB-441C-83A0-9AAB91…)

She posted this on her story. What do you think she is hinting at? I kinda feel like she’ll color her car pink or something lame like tgat kek

No. 1982688

Lol my bet is it is the outside walls of her house

No. 1983464

File: 1712483568136.jpeg (242.38 KB, 1125x336, IMG_9094.jpeg)

She stopped buying Chanel because she lost Sugar Daddy sponsorship.

No. 1983473

Sorry If Im wrong but didn't she go to a chanel store just last year or end of 2022 and made a video about it?

No. 1983481

She has a Chanel classic flap from the 2023 spring collection but I am not sure if it was purchased from the store or not. Regardless though the price would have been similar.

No. 1983482

They broke up in 2021, but came back together. She uploaded a video crying because she thought she will never be able to buy a Chanel’s bag again and she could do it.

No. 1983487

Is she alright? It's a freaking BAG!

No. 1983490

Yeah.. she is so materialistic and it's insane. She blamed japan but nothing will change in the uk, she literally just did a huge shopping spree of samantha vega bags… , she just has a way smaller budget since her suga daddy is gone now

No. 1983491

to be fair it´s better to not buy in the boutique anymore because the quality doesn´t match the price tag anymore.
I remember that video kek wasn´t she even crying in the Taxi home from the shop?! The girl is so shallow.

No. 1983573

Because she has absolutely nothing else to do, shopping is the easiest and fastest satisfaction kind of hobby.
I always thought she wasted her time in Japan doing nothing

No. 1983711

Kek I remember that. She was crying in a taxi because she allegedly got emotional about buying Chanel bags but I think there was something else going on
Imagine being the driver

No. 1983996

Has anyone whatched her new video? It's so boring…
I would never buy a dog or a cat, I prefer to adopt, but she is so superficial that if it is not a certain breed, she doesn't want it.

No. 1984007

File: 1712658362485.png (1.13 MB, 1214x632, Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 12.25…)

Yeah I watched it and she looked horrible in it. Interesting how she said the dogs are siblings but the girl is a normal size Pom and the brother is a Mini Pom? I found the tail of the girl Pom to be very thin, I wonder if they´re really purebread? If not it´s actually better for the dogs.

No. 1984008

File: 1712658400335.png (752.69 KB, 804x664, Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 12.24…)

Her lips and teeth looked to weirdly dark here as if she had red wine or somthing before kek

No. 1984429

File: 1712792094143.jpg (430.56 KB, 720x1260, IMG_20240411_002258.jpg)


It always feels so refreshing seeing influencers looking like the real people they are for a sec. Harsh filters are like a layer of dust you can't see the actual person through, it also feels like you're looking at a damn changeling. I appreciate that saki posts more natural looking vids/pics occasionally to expose some of the illusion, though probably filters here too, realistically, but still looking more real.

No. 1984498

It is quite astonishing how it is mostly really masculine, tall and big girls into this whole super feminine pink look.it does not look good on this girl at all

No. 1984520

Wow. Just wow. Her make up looks always like a thick layer of cement on her face and yea the commentators are right, there is nothing wrong with a cupids bow!
>>1984498 kek nonna it’s kinda true. I always wondered what issue they’re coping with through all that pink “I like feminine things”

No. 1984539

This girl makes me sad like I can feel her insecurities through the screen. She needs to dye her hair back to black because this ashy blonde looks terrible on her. Even some alternative color like pink or blue would look better

I would expect her to actually adopt shelter animals after her long excuse for leaving Japan because muh Japan being a materialistic country but she went ahead and purchased these designer dogs. Everything about her current situation point out she had to leave because she was dumped

No. 1984670

File: 1712866179253.jpeg (430.54 KB, 828x1522, IMG_5878.jpeg)

She really got her stupid car covered with pink foil

No. 1984672

Why is it parked on the grass like that, jesus. And ew, gross. She really needs therapy, no amount of pink will heal her empty materialistic soul.

No. 1985693

She has uploaded old photos. I’m sure she hasn’t got any job or friends.
I prefer Saki. She has a more “realistic live”, she has a real job, a child and husband. Alice only has tacky clothes and horrible furniture

No. 1986030

Saki is miles ahead of Alice, she has a stable job and family. I think those see things Alice would like for herself but she’s too self centered to have space for that in her life (everything must be pink!)

No. 1986263

File: 1713360769028.jpg (433.62 KB, 720x1390, IMG_20240417_143104.jpg)

Yeah, it's always odd seeing someone style themselves so radically different from their natural selves. If it really is just for fun, then that's cool, but a lot of the time it seems to be out of shame, and it's sad. She posted this story recently on IG. Maybe she feels less insecure than she use to, but when you're larping as a blondie with green eyes, there's still a way to go in feeling comfortable in your own skin, as she says. I wonder if her posting the natural pics are her kinda wishing to just be that way, and be accepted that way. If she kept the pink aesthetic, she'd still have as much of a following no matter what else she did.

No. 1986306

She’d be so mich cuter if she accepted that shes Asian and not white

No. 1987922

File: 1713800770724.jpeg (206.42 KB, 828x648, IMG_6142.jpeg)

They’re cute together ngl. I’m glad she’s spending time with somebody and seems to have rekindled an old friendship

No. 1988059

They look alike like twins

No. 1988084

Race isn't a factor when it comes to being plain ol ugly, like this toussad's wax museum specimen.

No. 1988103

I think they’re just both British

No. 1988108

Imagine thats ghe bloke who was sperging here about dating her in the past some time ago.

No. 1988137

I think the waxy texture is from the filters, and the layers of makeup in her usual pics.
Ew, I hope for her sake it isn't, they were creepy in that thread.

No. 1988225

Doesn’t change the fact she looks waxy

No. 1990486

Alice is now ambassador of Romwe. Some years ago, she spent hours in Tokyo Chanel's boutique, nowadays she promotes polyster garbage. Alice has certainly sink so low… In a previous video explained she prefers to buy less and better quatity clothes than adquire new clothes from fast fashion brands. Without job or sugar daddy, she must accept collaborations for continue with her shopping addiction.

No. 1990690

Kek how embarrassing.
From chanel to cheap china garbage.
She is actually allergic to working lol

No. 1990797

Do you think that masculinity = not being a 4'9" midget? She (and other girls itt) is not masculine at all and doesn't seem to be that tall or big either.

No. 1990800

I forgot to add japanese fashion to it. The whole lis loza brand is tailored to small, petit young girls. They legit only have one size.
Japanese women look good in those clothes, non japanese not so much because they are genraly bigger than an average japanese person. Alice is feminine, but even she barely fits those clothes with her frame.(sage your shit)

No. 1990940

They have more than one size and have done for years now(around the time they started shipping internationally). Old LL only came in "onesize" though.

No. 1991021

This is so embarrassing for her. I guess Lilysilk didn’t want to sponsor her anymore kek The cheap chinese sweatshop clothes fit her general style much better. I wonder if she’s planning to go down the influencer rout now as her primary job

No. 1991024

File: 1714647355437.jpg (1.21 MB, 1125x2108, IMG_9735.jpg)

She only wears weird outfits for posting on Instagram, in real life Alice uses casual clothes, like jeans or black tops. I'm sure she actually hasn't got a real job. If she wants to become a real influencer, she must upload more video, it takes time and she doesn't look very hard-working.
I'm agree, Lilysilk didn’t want to sponsor her anymore, she isn't a classic and elegant lady, she is a botched barbie and the queen of Photoshop.

No. 1991360

She is now selling the new clothes from Romwe in Vinted. Alice uploaded a reel with that 3 days ago. Who wanna use her code if she sell the item 3 days later.

No. 1991713

Seriously anon? You have a screenshot or something? I don’t have vinted. That’s really shameless of her

No. 1991740

File: 1714841837871.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1775, IMG_9943.jpeg)

Yes! It’s true. She is already selling it. This is the link for her Vinted page.:


She wears clothes without removing the tag.YES, super embarrassing! She still has a lot of staff bought by Nobu and want to sell it because she’s allergic to work.

No. 1991944

It’s interesting to see she’s basically selling all she liked previously like the flowery porcelain or all kinds of brands like Amy Jane London and Selkie. Is she trying to get rid of everything she had in Japan?

No. 1991945

She’s trying to sell a clock that doesn’t work for 32 £ damn Alice

No. 1992365

Lol, damn.
She could get a cushy office job in london working for japanese firm or something. Plus she would be near her fav peggy porshen

No. 1992375

I'm agree with you, anon. She's trying to sell everything that was adorable and cute not so many time ago. Alice wants to sell most of garbage that she had meanwhile she lived in Japan. Maybe she doesn't want to wear clothes that Nobu assisted her to buy, but in my opinion, she's just selling it because she so capricious than only wears once the clothes. She hardly ever repeats a coordinate.
Yesterday, She posted on Instagram a photo wearing sweatshop clothes from Sugar Thrillz and barely fitted her. Alice thinks that she looks like a million dollars in that ugly-ass coordination. The worst part of her look is the bag, a teapot! This is an abobination. Teapot's bag is a plastic crap, why the hell she bought that? If she doesn't wear Chanel bag because UK is not a safe place to do, she already had nice bags from Furla or Michael Kors, insted using the tacky teapop.

No. 1992458

The teapot bag made me laugh. I honestly lost it lol

No. 1992480

File: 1715118753763.jpeg (417.12 KB, 828x811, IMG_6515.jpeg)

I kek’d too loving tea is 50% of her personality. I have no problem with pink and frilly clothes but she just has a talent for making it look so cheap. The texture and the pattern , the shoes, the purse… it’s exausting

No. 1992647

File: 1715183977488.jpg (443.52 KB, 720x1294, IMG_20240508_165427.jpg)

Saki comparing what her bags were worth a while back vs now. She was agonising recently about how to make money for her mother's retirement. If she sold most of her bag and shoe collection, she could easily fund 10 years of it and save some cash along the years to pay for the rest. After selling she'd be left with like 2 pink bags and 2 pink shoe pairs instead of 20 of each, oh the sheer horror of it kek. Not to mention her husband will be able to work again when their child is a bit older, so she'll have money coming in then, too. I often see well off people fret about where to get even more cash when it's obviously under their noses.

No. 1992691

Yes, i noticed that is why she is so entertaining as a cow to me - no matter what she wears and wjere she lives, she always manages to make it look cheap. Even when she was posing with nobu's lux cars, wearing head to toe chanel and dining michelin - still looked cheap. It is honestly a skill. She looks mega cheap now.

No. 1992770

She looks cheap, Alice wears poor quality clothes now. Her style has regressed a lot since Nobu dumped her.
Cotton dolly posted on Instagram a photo of the teapot lol Who is now the copycat? Cotton dolly posted that s*it before Alice.
I prefer “Alice from Japan” than “Alice from UK”. In Japan she had more mature style and showed us nice places and beautiful clothing. She looked nice. In UK, she only buy tacky plastic garbage. She has a lower budget than in Japan, but everyone can find beautiful clothes in Zara, River Island or Mango, and are cheaper than Sugar Thrills crap. It’s not only the budget, without Nobu, she lost her mind and wears now as she did before going to Japan, damn Alice, has pases more than 10 years and you turned 30, that s^it is for a teenager, not for a woman. I think she is a misfit in the UK.

No. 1992844

File: 1715233004629.jpeg (925.33 KB, 914x1225, IMG_0187.jpeg)

She said without filters but She has taken plastic surgery resulting in her looking more like a wax-figure or a doll than a human.

No. 1992931

File: 1715267652511.jpg (559.46 KB, 720x1262, IMG_20240509_154602.jpg)

I like it when plasticy influencers show a more natural(ish) face, but when they tag it with "Comfy in my skin" etc obviously it's a lie lol. It'd be more believable if they said "yeah I'm insecure and dislike my natural looks so I get procedures to feel better for a bit, this is all smoke and mirrors and you shouldn't pressure yourself to aspire to this"…but lmao they would never. I'm not saying they should have to talk about their looks, but if they choose to and lie about it, it's irksome and insulting to the audience and especially shitty to your much younger audience who eats it up. Very gross they rely on lying to gullible kids for cash. It's why 99% of influencers are just cows, lying is their grift of course, being advertisers

No. 1993030

File: 1715287707714.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1109x1381, IMG_0316.jpeg)

Little Princess of Anfu Road will be soon ousted by Alice as the woman of the weirdest outfit in the word. If she had something productive to do, she wouldn't spend her time clowning around.

No. 1993723

File: 1715507865709.jpg (494.84 KB, 720x1302, IMG_20240512_105529.jpg)

Ok she's just a troll at this point. I went to the loveshackfancy site, and I only managed to find the dressing gown, heart pillow and square pillow, and those 3 items cost her £428 alone. "Little" purchase. Who the fuck drops half a thousand for two pillows and a tiny dressing gown? She needs some serious therapy, even if she were a billionaire this is clearly a mental health issue and it's so selfish to be buying up new crap all the time, fuck knows who had to suffer to make this shit, and it's all gonna be rotting as landfill soon enough. Pointless

No. 1993726

"japan made me buy too much" i need to leave japan to stop
In the uk: all the same but now not only buying super expensive stuff she also buys a lot of crap

No. 1993948

File: 1715569244803.jpeg (499.28 KB, 640x1071, DEDC2520-62EC-4AC6-89E9-9299CA…)

Alice yesterday uploaded on Vinted a dress from Love Shack Fancy and asking £120.

"Japan is a very materialistic country " lol She is the materialistic one, not Japan. She forgets Chanel because she can't afford it without Nobu.

No. 1994132

File: 1715632239176.jpg (313.03 KB, 720x1249, IMG_20240513_212645.jpg)

She's back to rock bottom shein sponsor. Half a step up from begging on the streets I guess.

No. 1994173

>Stay romantic, shop Shein
Bleak. Shows just how far she's fallen

No. 1994266

File: 1715679399695.png (1012.56 KB, 1043x625, Captura de Pantalla 2024-05-14…)

She is a hypocrite. In one of their old videos she said "buy less but buy higher quality items". Damn Alice, sponsoring Shein isn't promote high quality clothes.

I suppose her self-esteem is on the floor. From wearing Chanel and had 7 Birkins to use Shein crap.

No. 1994271

shein is not remotely sustainable and doesn't treat it's workers fairly at all, but hey, she'll do any easy at home job for cash if it means she can pretend she's "so princessu" while she's doing it. I followed her for ages since she just had a blog, and it's sad to see what she's become and the kind of nonsense she spurts now.

No. 1994290

So it was all “hey peasants look at me I can buy expensive stuff” and not about the environmental issues at all

No. 1994592

Omg all that filler especially the lip filler is pulling her entire face down.. she needs to dissolve that real quick and get a lip lift if she really wants to have plastic surgery

No. 1994651

File: 1715790574668.png (98.41 KB, 231x183, Captura de Pantalla 2024-05-15…)

I have a question for you, nonas. Is Alice overuse filters on Instagram or… Is she suffering the consequences of botched surgery? That face scares me.

No. 1994861

File: 1715854670068.jpg (841.49 KB, 2021x2014, IMG_20240516_110609.jpg)

A bit of both. She definitely gets lip filler. She seems to have done something to her nose since it's shorter and points up a little. Picrel is about 10 years ago, you can see nose is longer and lips much smaller (image from instagram, shitty quality as it was in a collage with 3 other pics). And she definitely uses filters too as you can see the skin looks too uncanny smooth in most pics. >>1979656 This pic looks mostly unfiltered, compare with her pics and you can see the difference.

No. 1994862

File: 1715855456010.jpg (316.91 KB, 720x1155, IMG_20240509_214315.jpg)

samefag she definitely *overuses filters, sorry I forgot to specify overuse, you weren't questioning her general use of filters, we all know she uses those kek. And I'm going to give a bonus pic of younger alice for comparison of nose and lips. Plus weird bonus fact that she was apparently a tomboy when she was younger. That's how she justifies her shopping addiction apparently.

No. 1994863

File: 1715856630675.png (473.64 KB, 393x627, Captura de Pantalla 2024-05-16…)

Another Barbie clone, Lindiess. She has something hideous for sale to fund even more pink purses! She even knows all her bags are the same. Lindie said she has several bags brand new and never used. Who cares how much money someone has to spend on useless crap?
I think she is probably broken up with her husband. She stayed a long time in Denmark, but Lindie returned to Hong Kong and left her son in Aarhus with her mother. It's not very common…

No. 1996552

Alice has really hit the rock bottom. She needs to get a job to stop buying that crap and to stop the spiral.

No. 1996587

File: 1716319796358.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1121, IMG_0802.jpeg)

Real vs fake

No. 1996592

if those are real chanel bags there's like… 60k worth of goods just in that picture alone

No. 1996620

She's less ugly when the contrast isn't maxed out. Honestly surprised she had a sugar daddy because she's honestly kind of ugly, but I guess when you are relatively thin, white and blonde it's "good enough" especially in Japan.

No. 1996668

It’s good enough all around the world not just Japan.

No. 1996690

"Especially in Japan" implies that more so in Japan, not just in Japan nonna. She'd definitely be considered something of what moids would call a "butterface" by western standards, but in Japan she would be seen as "exotic". The way she dresses is pretty unappealing by western standards too, it comes off kind of grannyish at times.

No. 1996721

She’s known. She’s in the OP and first few posts. I used to watch her for a brief moment but got so disgusted by her consumerism, it’s not even cute anymore. What is it with the Barbie clones and getting ecstatic when entering a Chanel store??

No. 1996722

>Honestly surprised she had a sugar daddy because she's honestly kind of ugly
I was wondering this too she sometimes looks like Jeffree Star with her overly plastic styling and horse face. No surprise Nobu left her tbh if he likes western women she has a ton of competition.

No. 1996745

File: 1716372629622.jpeg (625.72 KB, 640x1096, 781F18D6-1969-47B5-B838-271B53…)

Lindie makes overpriced tacky bag for continue with her Chanel's addiction.
$888 is too much for a non-branded bad. Lindie gave some of her "fashion creations" to Alice, and Alice sold those crap on Vinted, unused.

No. 1997358

File: 1716549430921.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x1989, IMG_0881.jpeg)

She has 2 “teapot bags” lol
She looks very cheap in that picture. What happened with all her Jimmy Choo and Laboutin shoes? She had tons of designer clothes, however she is wearing now polyester garbage.

No. 1997359

she looks the same to me(sage your shit)

No. 1997375

I actually kinda liked this dress for once because it’s less frilly and frumpy than her usually ootd. She definitely ditched quality over quantity and buys sweatshop rubbish over good long lasting quality (doesn’t have to be designer)

No. 1997440

How far she's fallen, from Chanel to sweatshop rubbish.

No. 1997492

Assumedly had to sell all her bags and shoes

No. 1997569

She sold all her Hermès but kept a few Chanel. She recently filmed her purses in her story and you could see still quite a few classic flaps

No. 1997573

File: 1716633126433.jpeg (220.62 KB, 828x1472, 25591B55-8FB7-4B9E-A71C-804C05…)

Most of the designer bags she’s got. She kept some SLG and Chanel jewelry probably also because they generally lose worth and aren’t a good investment so it’s best to keep them to flaunt I guess. All Hermès is gone which is I assume how she paid the downpaiment to her house.

No. 1997612

File: 1716651317268.jpeg (605.04 KB, 2048x2048, 3D0689D2-FD77-4439-98DA-A09509…)

She has already sold all her Hermes bag, but she is keeping some Chanel because she couldn’t sell it. She has another Instagram page to sell her beloved Chanel stuff:


I can’t see designers shoes in her “house tour”. Shoes and fashion jewelry don’t keep their value. Has she sold all her Laboutin? I didn’t see red soles in her shoes and when Alice was living in Japan, has a display full of Laboutin.

No. 1997638

Kek nona good find!

No. 1997791

File: 1716721572882.jpg (541.97 KB, 720x1300, IMG_20240526_115854.jpg)

Alice out lusting after chanel in london again. I don't understand being a brand victim (unless the brand always made clothes that were entirely unique, but chanel doesn't). She went to Peggy Porschen's cafe again of course. If she still lives in Lincoln, as a moid claimed above, then it's approx a 5 hour train journey each time. Pretty crazy for british travel.

No. 1997796

File: 1716721795328.jpg (346.56 KB, 720x1190, IMG_20240526_120804.jpg)

samefag and of course lusting after some chanel bags almost identical to every one that she's ever owned

No. 1997810

File: 1716727862257.jpeg (615.2 KB, 2048x2048, 648B1970-0B27-494C-BA93-F00EA5…)

She had a nose job in Japan, for sure.
Alice can’t afford Chanel anymore. Will she regret leaving Japan? I think come back to Uk was a mistake. She didn’t move to London, it’s too expensive for anyone who hasn’t got any job.

No. 1997812

London isn’t that expensive if you live in the outskirts like she does. Tons of extremely poor people in London too lol.

No. 1997818

> Alice can’t afford Chanel anymore. Will she regret leaving Japan?
You mean does she regret not being a sugar baby anymore? It’s obvious Nobu used to buy her shit or at least gave her an allowance. Remember he used to pay her rent which she admitted in one of the earlier q&a videos

No. 1997828

Yes nona, I meant that. Sorry, English is not my mother tongue and I sometimes make mistakes. When Alice lived in Japan, she went to dining michelin and travelled around the world with Nobu. She lives now in a "Cletus' house (from The Simpsons)" in the middle of nowhere. In Japan, she looked exotic, at least. She should have been very popular in Tokyo, however in UK I'm 100% sure she is a misfit. Western people doesn't like her "all pink" style, but Japanese people, specifically men, love that style for a girl, in short, have a good time, not for been her wife.
Before covid-19, I used to travel to Japan each year and I studied abroad​ one year in Tokyo University when I was studying my degree. It was sad for her that Nobu didn't want to take a simply picture with her or showing her face, he was aware people online figured out who he is. Most of the Japanese men are very traditional and never getting married with a "gaijin".
He paid everything (rent, plastic surgery, designer clothes) , went together to Thailand, Maldives, Greece, London, Ibiza, Miami … However, Nobu didn't want to marry her or got her children's.

No. 1997874

It’s sad kinda thinking about it but how could she not see that? I guess she tried to stick to him as long as he was willing to pay but I feel like she wanted more from life at some point (maybe even kids).

No. 1997938

I mean I feel like she knew. She did the same thing most sex workers do where they buy a ton of luxury shit that they can sell off later when they inevitably age past 30 and the old men funding them run off to fine a new 19 year old. The problem is that you can't really make that work unless you have some kind of secondary income set up. She seemingly had enough to buy a house back home, which is really good, but the chances of stockpiling enough cash in the form of allowances over ten years to permanently retire is nearly impossible without a ring and an alimony. which she obviously wanted but sex work only benefits men. The point is to be reliant on some man who can just throw you away and anyone who insists sugar baby work can translate into lifelong comfort is lying.
I can't remember her ever doing any actual real work in her time with Nobu, but unless she can marry well or actually become an influencer pretty soon she's gonna have to hit the traditional workforce.

No. 1998289

That would be foe the best tho. She needs to get in touch with reality by building a career and getting into a new relationship possibly.(sage your shit)

No. 1998325

>most Japanese men are very traditional and never get married with a gaijin
Most Japanese men are obsessed with gaijin women and would give their left nut to marry one. Problem is there’s hardly any gaijin women in Japan who fit Japanese beauty standards for foreigners (skinny, cute face, very pale, long blonde hair and blue eyes) and even if those women are in Japan most of them already have bfs from their own countries who are taller and generally better looking than the average Japanese moid who is like 5ft6 and built like a bird.

No. 1998340

PT tier fantasy

No. 1998372

File: 1716909860189.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1962, IMG_1012.jpeg)

She's back to rock bottom chinese makeup sponsor. Alice is trying to become an influencer, not building a career.

No. 1998387

flower knows is generally /fine/ drugstore quality. not really bottom of the barrel, but not anything especially high end either.

No. 1998388

Lol no they don't you absolute retard.

No. 1998399

They don’t really prefer gaijin with some exceptions obviously. Marrying a Japanese person is more highly regarded than marrying a gaijin. They still prefer traditional Japanese wives.(namefagging)

No. 1998891

File: 1717051754819.jpeg (199.11 KB, 828x1281, IMG_6879.jpeg)

Nonas what do we think about her “perfect base” and especially her fillers? Oh my!

No. 1998893

File: 1717051801112.jpeg (191.76 KB, 828x1333, IMG_6880.jpeg)

No. 1998896

Kek no. I mean, sure, they like hooking up with white women and having one night stands with them, and they joke with their bros about how gaijin women are slutty and easy and low-maintenance. It’s a novelty. But in the end they almost always settle down with a “nice Japanese girl” that their parents approve of.

No. 1998929

I think Alice can look pretty because she has big blue eyes and her skin looks nice. She seems to have a nose job as well. But the Japan saga left her with self esteem issues in my opinion.
She dyed her hair this flat bright blonde for years to stand out amongst the hundreds of other gaijin girls. She needs to get some low lights and dimension back. The lip fillers and face fillers pull down her face, she’s not ugly by any means but it ages her. The big lips emphasize her long face, she should dissolve them and if she really wants to do something she could get less filler on the lips or maybe a lip flip. Her eye makeup looks cute but if she wants to wear pink blush, she has to tone down the lips into a more neutral color.
Again she is not ugly, she just has to gain back some self confidence. But after seeing the fast fashion items and breed dogs, I’m not so sure about if she can do that.

No. 1998930

Oh and the coppery eyebrow color, that has to go. It doesn’t compliment her complexion at all

No. 1998937

The lip looks horrible. The filler is wayyy to much and her lining it so weirdly just emphasizes it. The bright pink doesn’t help either. I wonder how she’d look in CT Pillow Talk or something more subtle.
The brows piss me off so much! The shade of blonde the chooses for her hair as well, she’d benefit from a little cooler matte tone so much more! I feel like she wants to look bimbo comical plastic because she thinks it’s princess or Barbie? But it’s so unflattering for her! The foundation shade is wrong too she’s not that yellow!

No. 1998959

What looks weird here is that the clothes are not her size and don’t fit properly. Also the styling and make up are not great. I wouldn’t say that has much to do with age.

No. 1998967

Only two words:
Sausage lips.

No. 1998995

The lips look awful, pretty much everyone goes too far with the lips. She has very pretty eyes that always look nice. Influencers are so weird, this post reminds me of those incels who post vids of their face from all angles, seeking criticism or validation. It's a sad way to live. I can't imagine having a "job" online making money off your appearance and selling gross chinese shit. Must fuck the mind up and leave it heavily unfulfilled.

No. 1998999

File: 1717083873692.jpeg (102.7 KB, 433x353, IMG_1177.jpeg)

She must dissolve lip fillers, they look weird. Aren't her lips symmetrical, are they? Alice looked nicer without fillers.

No. 1999017

She has naturally very trannyish features. I understand why she got the lip fillers: thin lips make your nose look bigger. Also after her nose job her philtrum will be longer so she probably looked very strange.

No. 1999284

Yeah I imagine it's why she plays up the femininity so hard, but ironically it makes her look even more drag like. She looked authentically like a real woman before, just with masculine features, unlike TIMs who do just look like feminine men. I wonder if she was called a boy a lot back in her supposed tom boy childhood, so now she lays the pink on ridiculously thick to satisfy shallow idiots. She'll attract them now, instead.

No. 1999987

She never posted about this crap arriving. I wonder if she really ended up buying this? I feel like she was just larping

No. 2000065

File: 1717333426083.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1125x1998, IMG_1290.jpeg)

Yesterday She was wasting money in tacky decorations. I'm curious, is she doing any work? Nobu and Alice broke up last summer and she sold her Hermes bags to buy the house but it was a year ago. Her YT or Instagram incomes are very low. How she is able to pay all the pink crap?

No. 2000219

File: 1717359740456.jpeg (316.51 KB, 828x1472, CC1CE2D6-E340-4F52-9BF4-5FD127…)

Nonas how can she upload these pictures and feel good about them?! These pictures look like an advertisement for a mailorder bride. What drives me crazy are these strange folds next to her mouth, they make her look like a blow up fish and so leathery!

No. 2000341

She had 54 designer bags and sold the most part of her collection.
This totally nails the Innsmouth look. Lol Alice has got fish mouth!

No. 2000402

She looks like a wax-figure.
She still buys crap all the time and is selling her old stuff, check her Vinted nona.

No. 2000417

I noticed how thin and lifeless her hair got with moving to England. She always claimed after going to Japan her hair got so much healthier and thicker (partially because of Kerastase products obv which was probably a shameless plug). I’m thinking she got extensions in Japan and sold it as her own hair.

No. 2000851

File: 1717500756896.jpeg (439 KB, 640x702, 5E0F5DC5-86DE-4B3B-9A0E-8607B9…)

She gets hair extensions, wearing them can damage her natural hair and even cause hair loss.

No. 2001229

File: 1717589033180.jpeg (276.03 KB, 828x1507, IMG_6999.jpeg)

She got her makeup done “professionally “ by a friend. All Charlotte Tilbury so a bit more muted colors. What do you guys think? She definitely looks less crazy but still a bit troonish which is probably due to the plastic lips

No. 2001231

File: 1717589059770.jpeg (57.58 KB, 828x343, IMG_7001.jpeg)

The lips are definitely botched

No. 2001233

oli london(sage your shit)

No. 2001340

File: 1717607908459.png (1.87 MB, 930x1689, 1000025515.png)

Honestly kind of sad because she has nice eyes and a decent face shape. The lips need to be dissolved asap, they're very obviously overfilled and lumpy. Her nose isn't even that bad, but she definitely looks too mature compared to the way she dresses. Dark hair and fixing her lips (the app I used clearly lacks the ability to do this kek) would honestly do her wonders.

No. 2001373

File: 1717614153199.webp (Spoiler Image,283.7 KB, 740x420, 74F5514E-1F4C-40A7-9163-08F8EE…)

She got her nose done in Japan which was a mistake. Japanese surgeons have this ideal of a nose where it looks like a ski slope from the side and hooks down slightly like an eagle, with flared nostrils. In Japan they love noses like Ayumi Hamasaki’s, Nicole Richie, and young Calista Flockhart’s: like somewhat eagle-ish noses with a slope and tip that droops downwards slightly at the front. They gave that Japanese plastic surgery addict woman the same nose. A lot of the vkei bandomen who get nose jobs end up with these weird ski slope eagle noses too.

No. 2001421

Excuse the pointless post but god damn it's my first time really reading through this thread and I don't get this "aesthetic" at all, at least with the egirl hikkineet stuff there is some cultural coherence but the contrast between stuff like Chanel and most these other normie brand names (Hermes, YSL, MK, Dior…?) and japanese gyaru style is huge. The percentage of items these brands put out that sorta fit the aesthetic is minuscule and most of it still looks too "aggressive" next to the frills. I'm guessing the continuity is "sugar baby core" and these brands are easier to resell than something slightly more romantic like Chloé?

No. 2001492

Sugarbaby core + general nouveau riche Slavic slag aesthetic instagarbage. And yes most of these women are engaged in some kind of prostitution and specifically request tacky bags and shoes and clothing that will have a high resale value as opposed to pieces that are actually stylish and beautiful.

No. 2001593

I don't like it, her eyes look small.
The lips are obviously botched; the upper lip is thinner than the lower lip. Lip fillers typically break down over time (6 – 18 months) and the upper lip has already started to dissolve.

No. 2001749

I might be the only who actually likes her here. She looks great. She has such pretty eyes, normally hidden under ton of fake lashes and liner. She needs to lay off the 2010 paris hilton look asap and look into incorporating this style more. Even the foundation shade is better, less cakey too. Lip colour great choice. But i agree she needs to let go off her lip filler, it truly makes her look like a tranny for no reason.

No. 2001834

I really like Alice too, I am just so intrigued by her life. I think she is quite beautiful but I think she has had too much lip filler as well, I would be interested to see what she would look like if she let it all wear off.(sage your shit)

No. 2001856

>I really like Alice, I am just so intrigued by her life
Why? She's an ugly bogged gaijin prostitute who let smelly old Japanese men bukkake on her face for designer bags. She's an awful disgusting person.

No. 2001873

In one of her videos said "I'm a self-made woman", however her sugar daddy paid her rent, plastic surgery procedures and designer bags. Alice is not a self-made woman, she didn't do any actual real work in her time in Japan, she was a sugar baby, just another form of prostitution.

No. 2001948

She’s full of shit. Remember her talking about how ~grateful ~ she is that she can have this lifestyle and is able to afford this stuff now in Japan? She made it sound like she’s so successful and made it big in Japan now. All along it was Nobu buying her shit. I wonder if she always put the grateful stick in her videos just in case he watches one kek

No. 2002217

The makeup is much nicer than her regular, the shades actually suit her and it enhances but doesn't look clownish. But the botched lips look dreadful, and her usual bleached hair colour just doesn't suit her. Bleach blonde ages you by like ten years when you're an adult. I feel like all of these bleaching women need to get it in their heads that you can look lovely without tacky fake yellow blonde hair, too. Lovelier, in fact. It hardly suits anyone.

No. 2002363

File: 1717851471557.mp4 (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, TRIM_20240608_134620.mp4)

(This looks like a pic but is a vid). Her posing has always been so grating, what the hell is this?? Imagine not posing properly after a decade of doing it. It's kind of hilarious that making toddler faces is her idea of work, as it is with a lot of these fashion (especially fashion) influencers.

No. 2002365

*(especially J-fashion)

No. 2002691

File: 1717943614216.png (593.78 KB, 923x601, Ugly dress.png)

Alice is already selling the ugly baby dress. She bought it a short time ago.
Alice's Vinted:

No. 2002794

Good because it looks like absolutely shit. Is this the dress she wanted to get altered kek I knew the second she mentioned it that she’s not keeping it for long.

No. 2002821

Saged for potentially old/no milk (and not sure if she fits in here but was the closest thread I could find), Freddy My Love. Her content consists mainly of clothing hauls/travel blogs as far as I can tell. Vidrel is her taking some friends to Disneyland Paris.

No. 2002959

She is a spendthrift and spend most of her time buying pointless repetitive crap in place of doing an actual hobby or job. Does anyone else HATE this "big baby" style?

No. 2002980

Oh i remember seeing her content some time ago. A bit like alice, only classier. This woman looks good, knows what suits her, also i think has good money (husband) but her obsession with pink and shopping is just as nauseting.

No. 2003020

File: 1718019469811.jpeg (530.82 KB, 640x959, A85EFF2A-9A50-4DA4-82B0-4BBD47…)

I can't decide which one is the ugliest dress.

No. 2003027

Even as a lover of pink floral frilly things, I gotta admit most of these are monstrosities. Excessive, confused designs. Maxi dress on the right is the least eyesore imo. Other dresses would be great for scrap material to make placemats etc. Would be cool if alice got back into creative mode to make her own stuff. The sweatshop children could take a damn break kek

No. 2003054

The occasion was to go to a ballet so imo none of the dresses was appropriate. Doesn’t she have something more elegant and grown in her damn closet? What happened to the chanel blazer(s)? These floral fluffy dresses are not for every occasion as she keeps thinking.

No. 2003075

Ew, the long pink one on the right looks like a tranny costume.

No. 2003091

File: 1718040685682.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x2002, alicecookie.jpeg)

The tranny costume was the chosen one.
She has probably sold all of the designer goods Nobu assisted her with purchasing.

No. 2003403

Looks like she still has a Cartier love bracelet and gold Tiffany and Co bracelet so I feel things are still going well for her.(sage your shit)

No. 2003419

File: 1718114616039.jpeg (371.95 KB, 828x1424, IMG_7302.jpeg)

Cartier doesn’t keep its value, especially the love bracelets. It’s the same as she kept her Chanel jewelry, it loses value because it’s actually shit quality. No clue about TiffanyCartier doesn’t keep its value, especially the love bracelets. It’s the same as she kept her Chanel jewelry, it loses value because it’s actually shit quality. No clue about Tiffany but I wonder if she kept the expensive watch (Boucheron?) and pink “promise” ring she had. but I wonder if she kept the expensive watch (picrel - prices range from 18k to 35 k) and pink “promise” ring she had (also picrel)

No. 2003421

This. Some nonas don’t seem to understand that if someone can afford a 5-7K scratched Cartier love bracelet then they might as well buy a brand new one for 10K.(sage your shit)

No. 2003452

I never saw her again wearing the Harry Winston watch

No. 2003506

Did you have a stroke while writing this nona, you pasted in the same paragraphs twice

No. 2003544

Lol no I just copy and pasted but probably pasted double because I forgot to attach the picture

No. 2003649

File: 1718177722446.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1125x1993, IMG_1635.jpeg)

she bought that crap

No. 2003656

Freddie is a little bratty but not a cow. She does the typical highstreet hauls so don't think she's a full chanel clone either.

Her friend Josie is a little the same (claims she's not from generational wealth but her and her husbands parents seem very well off) but I'd say it's more a symptom of just having money and a small circle of like minded friends than being cows.

No. 2003669

She probably sold the "promise" ring right away whether it was worth much or not. It was so dumb and sad to begin with since it only symbolised nob's lack of commitment and eventual plan to dump her. But that's what you get when you pick someone like him. I hope she picks a nicer person next time, but she's so greedy, insecure and shallow it'll probably be another sugar daddy type. She needs to sort out her shopping and material addiction before the next relationship so she can avoid that. Not holding my breath, though

No. 2004534

I don't know what it is, she doesn't look fat or anything but something about her face looks so…porcine to me? Like her cheeks and nose make her look piglike somehow

No. 2004891

It's all her fillers and nose job and shit. One day people will realise it doesn't make you look better (unless you had a severe disfigurement in the first place), it just makes you look uncanny and gross.

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