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File: 1535064849745.png (69.72 KB, 300x174, 86C33203-7E8C-4626-8D29-0CA77D…)

No. 671659

After being arrested for a fake marriage and being made a international laughingstock on the news. What will happen next for our gyaru queen?

Facebook: shienaningyo
News article of arrest:

No. 671661

Old thread

No. 671733

File: 1535069876421.jpeg (37.03 KB, 240x601, EED24B9A-F5DE-4230-A3D8-FA54F0…)

No. 671760



No. 671781

Her facebook if you dig back far enough

No. 671796

this is such a lazy OP, fuck. you couldn't even copy/paste the last thread summary? for shame, anon.

No. 671912

previous thread: >>304264

Shannon Wong is a 29 year old Chinese-Canadian gyaru who goes by the name of Shiena.

She is best known for being at the center of a lot of drama in the gyaru com a few years back & hanging out with Sere/Lorena, Dania, and Katie.

When she isn't posting inconsistently photoshopped pics on her Instagram or making seriously narcissistic posts on her Facebook in some of the worst English grammar anyone has ever read, she works illegally at a kyaba called N-morning. There is also recent evidence that she is teaching English on the side.

Despite having lived in Japan for nearly 10 years, her Japanese is awful. It is only matched by her middle-school level English (despite English being her first language). Some of the Japanese on her instagram posts is so horribly conceited, it is obvious she is just copying how celebrities talk (though most celebrities would be more humble than she is).

She started in Japan on a working holiday visa, switched to a student visa (to attend the fashion school Vantan), got herself a proper work visa to work at the English school Pictop (where Katie was able to get a job) and as manager for the gal cafe 10sion. She also worked as manager for one of Sere's failed bars (though, Shiena kept telling everyone it was her own bar). Now she has no clear visa and has begun working kyaba in Kabukicho. She was working both morning and night but one of the clubs shut down and another changed its name. None of her previous nor her current club list her on their websites.

She has been missing from social media since 7/10. No one has any idea what happened. This is the longest break from social media she has ever taken. She stopped advertising for her club's work events, stopped posting on instagram, stopped posting on Facebook, and has not appeared out with anyone of her friends (even missing one of her friend's birthday parties).

• instagram: @ningyosama
• art instagram: @ningyosekai
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Shiena-Sasaki
• N-morning: http://www.caba2.net/kabuki/nmorn/
• website: http://ningyosekai.wixsite.com/ningyosekai

No. 672193


If you have shiena on fb post some caps of her talking about hostessing.

so everyone will shut up about her writing a book

No. 672223

i can't understand why she stayed so long in japan. she always complained

No. 672227

I dont have her on Facebook

No. 672243

Shiena also had blogs here

and prior to that, here

tbh… the claim that she was into cosplay wasn't that far off. She followed the typical weeb path of liking anime/cosplay→EGL→gyaru fashion

Just never realized the end point of that path is "kyaba girl"

No. 672288

File: 1535132657034.jpg (32.92 KB, 640x426, B7QGj4nCUAAI0BX.jpg)

There are so many weebs who constantly complain while stubbornly staying in Japan.

I call it the case of Debito Arudou

No. 672310

where can you find archive of the haru-rin blog?

No. 672543


there is none, yo

the best we have is a few posts in the old thread

And a bunch of bitches discussing what her old facebook posts were like but not posting any caps

No. 672559

It’s possible to live in a place and complain about the shit aspects of it. I don’t get why weebs outside of Japan can’t see that. Japan isn’t perfect.

No. 672584


yeah, we understand that, but bitching 24/7 about everything isn't the same as bitching about what you consider are bad sides of a country.
shannon was from the first category.

No. 672629

she had no career in canada and japan was like the sunk cost fallacy for her in terms of how much time she spent there

No. 672643

Someone figure out how to get access to haru-rin.

No. 672646

Shiena never got over her idealized version of life in Japan. She was kind of stuck in the gyarusa/event circle era of 2010~2012.

Shiena blogged multiple times about feeling like her growth had been stunted in Canada but how her lifestyle in Japan was finally letting her catch up.

Her complaining about Japan was her really complaining about anything that didn't fit with her idealized version of Japan. Once she ran out of job prospects, her world narrowed in on her. She dyed her hair black/dark grey for a while but that proved to be too much and she was back to blonde asap. There was something really wrong with how she viewed Japan and her place in the country.

Shiena never stopped viewing herself as a flashy, blonde gyaru who belonged amongst hosts. THe only reason she made friends with non-gyaru was that she didn't have a choice. She was too old to befriend nextgen gyaru and all of her gal friends were now ex-gal because they had grown up. That basically left her chilling with the only weebs who gave her validation because they were still idolizing 2011 Shiena who hung out with hosts, went clubbing, and "thrived" in her gyarusa.

I wonder if Shiena will finally snap out of her delusions about Japan. Maybe she will finally see this as Japan not wanting her and be able to move on.

No. 672649

Why did she leave 10sion? Fired? Too old?

Actually, did she leave around the time she got married? Can anyone help me find the date of her leaving party?

No. 672729


another source that archived her blog

No. 672818

oh man.. Ai was giving Shannon just excuses to avoid her. Weird that she couldn't notice it

No. 673036

found this

someone is actually writing the book for shiena LOL

No. 673056


maybe someone from here

No. 673060

KEKKKK can we not?!

No. 673061

I didn’t want to mention this first, but now that we talked about this in the last thread. I think this Ai guy is still alive and actually married some old hag he’s living off (she’s a former AVactress).
How come I think the guy I used to write with for about a year is AI? He obviously looks like him, but he also left the chat around the same time Shiena said he supposedly died.

I’ll try to back up this theory with a photo soon if I get my old phone back to life.

No. 673105

could be true
since he mentioned he is going to marry in his blog around 2013

No. 673110

that is absolutely not how japanese names work. i swear theses threads get full of more arrogant weebs than any other.

No. 673114

This sounds a lot like an old blog entry of hers that was posted in the last thread. Might just be someone reposting them?

No. 673215

Lol ok show me one Japanese person whose surname is actually 紅嶺

No. 673306

Yeah, no, let's not encourage weirdly obsessed anons with clearly too much free time to start fabricating creepy blogs pretending to journal her life from years ago.

No. 673336

The description from the blog says that its posts are an adaptation of Shiena's. Looks like they are just cleaning them up and only posting the ones about Ai.

No. 673346

Basically just reposts of her first blog and maybe some from haru-rin is what it looks like

No. 673522

it's a chinese name, anon, he's part chinese.

No. 673552

How do you know?

No. 673571

did you get it?

No. 673719

No. 673729

No. 673737


I speak Chinese and 紅嶺 is NOT a Chinese name. 95% of Chinese surnames only use one character and neither 紅 nor 嶺 are surnames. 紅(red) was used in Chinese first names during the Cultural Revolution because people were crazy about Chairman Mao and all that jazz, so I could see someone from that era being named "紅嶺", but that would make Ai like 40+ years old.

愛唯 isn't a Chinese name either … sometimes you see 愛 in Japanese girl's names, but very rare in Chinese names

The best i can find is "紅嶺明" as a japanese given name pronounced "くれあ" (Clear or Clair) which is obviously just a trashy DQN/kirakira name…

Why the hell are anons obsessed with pretending that this guy's stage name was a real name?

No. 673741


Here's a very similar one (just one character different) and the comments…


"You shouldn't use 愛[love] in boys names"


Sounds like the name of a middling host

No. 673824

Can we just all agree that we probably don't know what his name is?

His host name is obviously Mei. For all we know, Shiena literally could have called him Ai as a nickname because it means love.

No. 673837

The address for Nodens was:

When you search for it, a maid cafe called Emina comes up.


Someone in the other thread also found that a guy on Twitter is running Bar Nodens still at its original address. This might be the guy who bought Nodens from Ai (since he said he sold it to an ex-host).


I am sure it won't be too hard to find business records who who registered Nodens and figure out what Ai's actual name is.

We also name the phone number for the business 03-6233-7314/0362337314. The phone number leads you to the language school Hoppa which has an office in Tokyo.


It also leads you back to his blog.


No. 673867

I think this is Ai's wife.


He called their relationship "ブチアゲ"

No. 673871

Someone in Tokyo should go to Bar Nodens and just ask about Ai. Or message that Mr. Satan guy. He might know.

No. 673877

Needs a login, screencap?

No. 673892

She said she is managing the bar now
That was 2013

No. 673915

One of the her profile pics with the baby is dated 2013, if it is her maybe he knocked her up while he was still a host.

No. 673948

That would match with the time

No. 674187

Screen cap. You need a mixi profile to view.

No. 674279

File: 1535363137104.png (183.5 KB, 794x336, mixi.png)

No. 674288

Absolutely 0 proof that she is with Ai or was.

No. 674290

No. 674625

File: 1535409148849.jpg (42.81 KB, 480x360, pic0236781234.jpg)

https://ameblo.jp/69banana69 basically picks up where Ai’s blog left off. She appears to have taken over the management of Nodens in 2013 (and kept all the décor the same). I was going through some of her entries to see if she addresses Ai’s death. Her last two blog posts are from April and July 1015. She doesn’t talk about him in either one.

This entry is from 06/15/2018. Isn’t that Ai in the background of on eof the pics? She says these are her regular customers.

And from 07/04/2014…Found Shiena! I have no idea who that guy is with her though.

No. 674758

That's definitely ai, the picture is from 2014 tho

No. 674791

Found this guy advertising Nodens in 2013. Well, he's more like reviewing it. He calls it expensive.


I looked through his posts but he doesn't mention anything about Ai dying. I'm sure he would have mentioned SOMETHING. No one connected to Ai except Shiena seems to be acknowledging that anything happened to him.

He said he handed over each of his businesses to a "trustworthy person." He had Nodens, Aria, and Bar Muse. Nodens seems to have gone to that woman. He also says that the Nodens Group was taken over by:

No.1 美羽に引き継ぎ

I assume when he says #1 he is talking about a host?

Anyone have a better translation/thought about who he is talking about?

No. 674796

No. 674799


He says that he is handing Nodens over to #1 Miu (美羽) from Club Legend.

No. 674809


The guy in the blog (rousi-umininn) says that Miu replaced the previous manager in May. He is talking about women. Miu is not a man. He's just talking about the girl from the blog (69banana69) again.


Now that we have that out of the way…maybe there is some record of Nodens from 2015. The guy mentions other workers like Eriko, Mayumi, and Miho who are all working there. Someone must have a blog.

This is the list of girls working at Nodens after the girl took over. >https://ameblo.jp/69banana69/entry-11959193315.html

Also, that guy seems to be a regular at Nodens. He has a post from June, 2015 where he reviews the food. >https://ameblo.jp/rousi-umininn/entry-12044867892.html

And ehre is a bunch of twitcasting videos from inside nodens, many of which are from 2015. >https://ko.twitcasting.tv/0u0ddd/show/

No. 674813


KEK but isn't she a pretty famous gravure model who is in a lot of nighttube/host tv videos?

No. 674904

that entry is from 2014

No. 675319

How did Shiena manage to wear such high heels every single day? She would walk miles when she'd go out with friends. wtf

No. 675322

File: 1535505994240.jpg (44.03 KB, 1058x484, sage your shit.jpg)

No. 675342

Have any of you stopped and thought that perhaps Shiena made this whole death up? She seems batshit crazy to me and likely didn't want to admit that he dumped/ghosted her so she told everyone he died to make it sound sad/romantic/dramatic.

No. 675361

It’s possible. I don’t believe he died at all. Either his friend made it up because she’s naive enough to believe it, or she made it up for the reason you said. I’m leaning more toward the former though because she clearly couldn’t pick up on anything…

No. 675372

Yeah, I think he got married and Shiena was being a drama queen about it

No. 675519


Well… things are about to get very interesting. Expect to see a lot more of what just happened to Shiena. They’re gonna keep close tabs on everyone.

No. 675696

where is the anon who was writing with Ai

No. 675905

I really doubt that many of the people there are overstayers though. Only the people that you can see visa hopping, like Shani and Sere.

I wish there was more information on Shiena's conviction. It should be public information since it was newscast.

No. 676050

Her having a friend testimonial from him on mixi doesn't mean shit.

No. 676381


It depends on where she is in the legal system. I don't know enough about Japan's legal system but the whole process from arrest, indictment, to conviction can take some time (even in an open-and-shut case like Shiena's).

Also, this story was a random human interest story of sorts the day it broke because she reportedly mentioned cosplay, and is Canadian. There are hundreds of women arrested for what Shiena did (fake marriage + night work) and the details aren't reported. The Japanese public has long since moved on to other new cases.

Even if the conviction is public record (which I think it would be), someone would need to go find it. I don't think the Japan media is gonna follow up on Shannon's case because the public doesn't care.

Also, it would be written in very formal Japanese, and pretty boring.

The juicy details (how long she was in jail, how long she's banned from Japan for) would have to come from Shannon herself or people who know her>>675905

No. 677026

No. 677061

I know a japanese girl named ku re a but it's from a french name

No. 677252


Congratulations, you know someone with a DQN name.

If they're half French or something and their name is written in katakana, then you know someone with a French name, not a Japanese name

No. 677671

Lmao bitch still in prison
I wonder what's her mental state rn. She might have accepted the situation by now.
And she probably still doesn't know that her case was on international news (doubt her mother told her)

No. 677790

why do you think she is still n prison

No. 677799

Because she's only been charged and is still in custody till she's tried.
>bail is rarely granted even to Japanese citizens and is almost never granted to foreign nationals arrested in Japan

No. 677804

You dont know if she has been tried, probably won't be public news

No. 678023

All of her whiteknights just vanished as soon as this news was confirmed. Now suddenly everyone is actually willing to accept how sleazy Shiena is.

Katie was mad gossiping about Shiena at the last Harajuku Fashion Walk. She kept telling anyone who would listen that she had no idea Shiena was living illegally and wished she could have helped but that everyone should live in Japan until their time is up.

No. 678094

Lol what would katie do?? draw shiena a visa in her terrible globular art style?
Of course she is bitching she thinks it keeps her relevant and it makes all eyes on her. Im surprised she still has friends after her tweets stating she is happy that shes glad people dont emotionally rely on her. Maybe thats why she couldn't help shiena because she wasnt emotionally available to speak to. Katie is a shallow self centered bitch just like the rest of these girls.

No. 678101

Just another stupid girl who tries to sound ~influential~ and smarter than she actually is.

No. 678152

Guys, if shiena was out of prison already she would have deleted her old blog and social media

She would be in deep shame and try to delete all evidence. I'm also 100% she wouldn't shut up about it and write like a huge private post on Facebook. She'd probably let her "friends" know too and they'd post their vague ass shit on insta

She's definitely still in here

No. 678153

*in there

No. 678459

File: 1535894553996.jpeg (2.3 MB, 3872x2592, DD24F8F5-65D4-49C1-BF51-7F25F8…)

No. 678473

This is a fucking lie. Shani knew back in 2017 that Shiena paid a guy to get married and her and Katie mentioned it a few times at fashion walks. They never mentioned shiena’s name but they said how if anyone really wanted a visa they could “pay a young guy about 500,000yen” and now I know it was Shiena they were talking about. They all knew. Ksara and Shani gossip like hell and Katie only pretends to be neutral but all of them are toxic and dropped Shiena as fast as they could. Ashley even mentioned this on Facebook how Shiena’s “so called friends dropped her”. Ashley knows how fake they all are.

No. 678476

Katie also likes to pretend she’s a big time model with loads of connections in Japan but in reality she’s a below average looking white girl who wouldn’t get a second glance if she were not in Tokyo. Most of these ugly girls flee their countries so they can be “hot in japan”. Just like the hoards of neckbeards who come here. It’s disgusting tbh

No. 679693

I have some pretty close mutual friends with her and nobody has heard anything from her. While I enjoy spectating her milk, I do hope she's okay. Must be scary to get locked up away from home, especially if her Japanese is as poor as people say.

No. 680114

I also do hope she's okay and that she finds some way to make piece with all this after going back to Canada(after doing time or what the sentence is). It must be scary and tough being alone there. I'm shocked at her friends in jp seem to distance themselves from her, but if they're scared their asses will be next then I kinda get why. Gosh, I was shocked at seeing her arrested. I feel sad for her, at the same time I'm pissed because it's people like her that make people suspicious of foreigners marrying Japanese people. I mean, why didn't she just find a guy she could marry for real? She could've had love, financial security AND a visa. It's so sad that she chose to pay a guy to marry her for a visa. That that was her only option in her own mind.

No. 680146

She is exactly the kind of person who shouldn't be in Japan. She was living some deluded fantasy where laws, rules, and regulations somehow didn't apply to her because Japan is a magical haven for fashion, gyaru-culture, and otaku shit.

It's really difficult living here as a foreigner sometimes. I often get lumped in with these kinds of girls even though I pay my taxes, have a master's degree, and a proper visa. I'm working on getting married soon (and don't plan to get a spouse visa since i'll be eligible for permanent residency soon enough) but even then i've heard lots of stories of couple being treate suspiciously even when a visa isn't involved. It's just awful.

No. 680508

None of us know what’s going on behind the scenes though - if Katie and shani were visiting her in detention I doubt they’d post all about it on Facebook

No. 680577

Shani definitely would

No. 681251

Shiena git sentenced to 12 years for marriage fraud, tax evasion, and prostitution.

No. 681253

Proof, links etc.?

No. 681259

I heard it on the news too. It said she was a prostitute though, she didn't get convicted of prostitution.

No. 681323

Looool omg
I hope we can find an article online

No. 681412

Fuck she will be 41 when she gets out. Shes going to have to no job prospects at all…

No. 681413

If it's true the online news agencies haven't picked it up, at least that I can find.

No. 681446

I also couldn't find anything. only the articles from august

No. 681615

It does take a bit of time for news broadcast on TV to get to the internet, but not more than 24 hours or so.

Personally, I'm pretty skeptical. The penalty sounds much higher than other foreigners guilty of crimes in Japan. Even the guy who was running his own marijuana farm only ended up spending a year or so locked up. Also, countries have ways of applying pressure, and Canada is big on human rights. What is the penalty for "marriage fraud, tax evasion, and prostitution" (if she was even found guilty of these crimes) in Canada? Not likely Japan would punish her for longer than that

No. 682172

There's still not a single news article about it, if it really was in the TV news you would at least find it mentioned at their website, so it's a lie

No. 682204

If it was on thr radio like last time then it wont get tv or web coverage.

No. 682205

If she evaded tax for 6 years then 12 years isn't a super high penalty tbh

No. 682227

Prostitution isn’t a crime in japan punishable by law. At most she would get fined for advertising intercourse but even that’s rare. I call bullshit.

No. 682257


Please refer to >>681259
It just stated she was a prostitute, not convicted for it.
Whether or not its true we will find out when her IG gets deleted or if she posts online.

No. 682260

What “last time“ do you mean? Also you can find WAY more news on websites and newspapers than on radio or TV, because there they have much less time to share news, so they only cover the important ones. So it doesn't make any sense why it would only share it on the radio but not elsewhere

No. 682261

Because its not that interesting, especially with the huge earthquake that just happened.
Last time someone posted they heard on the radio that police found more evidence about Shiena, but it never appeared on tv or web

No. 682381

who the fuck listens to the radio in japan? commuting by car isn't very popular unless you live in bumfuck inaka

No. 682424

Bullshit. If there was any new info, FNN would have published it like they did the original report. All articles about it quote FNN like this: 引用:FNN

Also: Who the fuck listens to radio?

No. 682506

One of her FB friends should just post caps of her FB posts here. As soon as she gets out of lockdown you know she will delete everything. Your identity won't be revealed because she has hundreds of friends on FB anyway.

No. 682572

We already know at least one of them is Catherine cause she's too fucking stupid to crop her photo out

No. 682750

They were never her friends Shiena was too stupid to see it. Only 2 probably went to see her the rest bail soon as she was detained.

No. 683392

Someone please post all the juicy FB screencaps from her current and old accounts.

No. 683770

File: 1536412167576.png (52.07 KB, 768x282, shannon.png)

No. 683829


damn lol

I've met people with this mindset but they don't post it publicly

Her FB caps must be a treasure trove of this stuff

No. 683834

File: 1536421307301.png (85.78 KB, 768x497, shannon.png)

No. 683840

File: 1536422054672.png (27.7 KB, 776x234, shh.png)

No. 683853

File: 1536423596800.png (93.12 KB, 747x751, sfsfds.png)

No. 683854

File: 1536423685763.png (122.23 KB, 747x763, shannon.png)

No. 683860

File: 1536423860303.png (33.6 KB, 717x221, wtf.png)

No. 683862

Ai was totally living with his real gf while getting shiena to come his bar and be his customer ! It’s not uncommon for hosts to live with their ace/gf

I laughed so hard at “I’ve not met one who didn’t seem interested in me”

No. 683866

File: 1536424219373.png (58.73 KB, 752x265, ai.png)

Ai was weird

No. 683895

File: 1536426989783.png (36.36 KB, 769x259, lol.png)

No. 683907

You know what’s weird? She always stated she wanted to work in the fashion industry yet she never even tried aside of attending Vantan

No. 683919

File: 1536428623953.png (47.94 KB, 769x222, lol.png)

let's give her an old used ring as present

No. 683942

File: 1536430458617.png (146.42 KB, 757x761, ai.png)

last one

No. 683968

File: 1536432599832.jpeg (377.58 KB, 1242x1706, BAD5C5DA-631D-49CB-9758-32A500…)

One of the last posts before her arrest on her “Sasaki Shiena” account.

No. 684022

>shows enough affection

Is this sarcasm or is she absolutely fucking nuts

No. 684129

No. 684294


y i k e s

Ahhh anon delivers, these are great! I have no idea why it's so fun to read about this girl's wacky adventures but it is.

I was actually thinking if she wrote about her time at Vantan that could be really informative on what vocational schools in Japan are like (I don't think there are many sources on that in English?) but it sounds like she didn't care at all about school lol

No. 684303

"I'm not in Japan to study" good job showing you're only there to have a shitty job just so you can wear the makeup you like

No. 684332

She didn't hear from him for 2 days and he said he had a fever (BS) and she happily took it. Wtf.

Just an FYI for girls considering dating in Japan, this behavior isnt limited to hosts, gaijin hunters or fuckboys. This is how majority of Japanese men treat women.

No. 684372

Post more of these screenshots! They're hilarious. She was too sleazy for her own good. Why did anyone ever defend her?

No. 684373


No. 684388

Do you think Shiena and Ai ever fucked? He only seemed to take her to manga cafes. I get he impression that maybe she only has had sex with customers.

No. 684391

whenever someone says "my roommate is weird" it means they live with their boy/girlfriend. 100%

No. 684413

Actually its pretty normal for host boys to live together or in dorms. So i wouldn't be surprised if it was that kind of arrangement and he was just embarrassed of admitting it

No. 684416

And a lot of host dorms are really cramped and live like slobs

No. 684443

He either lived in a dorm or with a girl

People screw in net/manga cafe and karaoke all the time

No. 684445

i think he lived with a girl. around 2012 he had his own firm and wasn't a host anymore

No. 684475

I can't believe none of her friends tried to talk her into giving up on Ai. It was so obvious what he was doing…

No. 684482

Some people tried but she didn‘t care

No. 684484

I just think it's absolutely beyond sad that Ai was such a shit to her and she couldn't find the confidence to drop his ass. My first love in Japan wasn't a host but he did the exact same thing, then he ghosted the fuck out of me and let me believe he was dead for 5 years. Another had me plus several girls and always had excuses for when I wanted go see him. I didn't even know his address until after 6 months of dating. Like anon said, Japanese guys will do that. Idk if they get some sort of sick rush from it or they just like to live life like they're in a shitty shojo Manga or what. But faking your own death to that extent is just extreme. At least I got to know that my ex is in fact alive and verbally whoop his as for it. Siena will probably never get that chance.

No. 684486

Unless one of us tracks Ai down and actually find him lol

No. 684574

What did Shiena post about her 'work'?

No. 684592

seems impossible

No. 684736


looks like someone tried to tell her here but if that’s how she responds, clear why nobody tried any further

No. 684870

Her posts about work were basically 80% bitching about how shit her hairmake-san was and 20% bitching about gross old customers. She'd repeat the same complaints over and over, week after week…. there isn't even anything interesting to screenshot tbh.

No. 685092

I think it would be good for Shiena if someone could figure out where Ai is. He must have social media. She could probably get done closure from taking to him and maybe it would help her move past the Tokyo chapter of her life. She's really going to struggle in Canada.

No. 685099

I still like to pretend it was the much beleaguered hairmake-san who reported her.

No. 685112

File: 1536560477905.jpeg (875.13 KB, 2560x1920, 5612F945-B77C-405B-A797-58F488…)

I wonder who this is about? lel..Seeing as though after Shiena got deported a certain somebody was apparently gossiping all about it at fashion walk and then tweeted that she’s glad nobody emotionally depends on her.

I believe we are seeing the kawaii gaijin comm finally cannibalize itself.

No. 685123

I think it was Dania. She was good enough friends with Shiena to know a lot of her secrets, where she lived, and where she worked. Dania probably knew about the sham marriage and reported Shiena out of jealousy before she could get permanent residency.

Dania is super unstable and petty. She stopped being friends with that moonbabes girl once she started doing study abroad in Japan. Dania was also always quick to gossip about Shiena to anyone who would listen.

No. 685133

Just making a joke. Wasn't inviting a spergout about the red-headed dwarf/troll.
Although it's much more likely that a report made by a Japanese national would be taken more seriously than one made by any foreigner particularly one that didn't even live there.

No. 685136

Whoever reported her definitely did it anonymously. The police have an online report system where you don't even need to give them an email. They've been advertising it lately as a way to keep everyone safe and encourage people to actually report crimes.

No. 685169

Lel. Aint dat some truth.
Apparently that extrovert 'gets tired' from being social too. Extroverts by definition get their energy from others…. wtf.

No. 685201

Katie….Always willing to throw her “senpai” under the bus as soon as they make her look bad

That’s probably why she was spotted at the artism market without any of her gaijin squad, and if her gaijin friends are liking tweets referring to her as a psychopath then I’d say shit has hit the fan after Shienas arrest

No. 685213

>>685112 Sweet lord, they are all nasty bitches there… and they are all on their high horse about Japan. Often see their asshole tweets on my twitter.

No. 685247

Katie is not even friends with that Marie girl, never seen them hang out together. Shes close with Fin, Chris and that wannabe DJ crowd

No. 685346

Not to mention ebony cut off Katie and Shani and Ksara recently because they always shit talk her

No. 685433

Doesnt mean they dont have each other on twitter. Katies twitter is public, you can see her feed even if you're not signed in

No. 685438

Not even surprised tbh a group like that falls apart after a while. Only the really vile ones stick together.

No. 685674

I'm pretty sure one of these weebs caught a glimpse or seen him in Japan, unless their blind asf.

No. 685714

He could have moved back to Chiba. Anyone find him through all the information in the last thread?

No. 685721

Do you kno how many people live in Tokyo? Plus people change style. Hosts are rarely out in public. He could have moved out of Tokyo, or he is really dead. Plenty of reasons people havent seen him.

No. 685730

This thread really needs auto saging

No. 685739

File: 1536650030518.jpg (163.31 KB, 500x500, 1496820582240.thumb.jpg.064b0d…)

No. 685746

The absolute nerve of a sham married sex worker to bitch about tourists being INVASIVE of all things, when they're there legally, contributing to the Japanese economy and doing nothing wrong except existing and being 'poorly dressed'. As if she isn't.

No. 685750

File: 1536651245237.jpg (169.02 KB, 640x424, 18-09-11-02-30-24-461_deco.jpg)

What a huge ego. kek

No. 685792

Doesn’t look like they’re following eachother either?

No. 685800

Complains about stricter laws > gets sent to jail and awaiting to be deported. Lmfao

Would rather be told she is cute than an actual useful adult. Is she for real?

These are gold anon. She is seriously so fucking stupid. I can't believe people like this actually exist.

No. 685805


couldn't have agreed more to every word you said

No. 685808

Really? It looked to me like she got kicked out of the group kek she’s always black power black girl this black girl that I hate white people black black black all over twitter so I just assumed that’s why since I definitely wouldn’t wanna hang with a girl like that

No. 685866

I think she is complexing about her identity, because people were giving her shit about her ethnicity on here maybe real life too. Holy fuck I cannot wait until this race shit is over. Can we just get along and be fair.

Note to her: You can be mixed and be proud to be both. Just be yourself. Your ethnicity doesn’t define who you are. Your heart does. If people give you shit ignore them. It’s not worth your mental health. I’m sorry if someone made you feel that way.

No. 685894

OT but /this./ I imagine it would be pretty tough to be good friends with a bunch of white/mixed girls when you openly claim to hate white people

No. 686106

Her other friendship group is a bunch of intense 'woke' POC expat girls, judging by her twitter she got torn between the two and had a bit of an identity crisis. Its a reach to use that as evidence Katie is some evil mastermind out to ruin all her gaijin friends.

No. 686193

Katie and Ebony are still cool. It’s Shani who tore them apart. Shani and Ksara are foul as hell and will trash anyone for no damn reason especially ksara. Katie is just always acting Japanese “neutral” on everything and Ebony was pissed Katie didn’t say anything

No. 686206

OT but how are any of those girls “wokeLv they’re literally just black. Like that’s it lmao.

No. 686236

Lol of course. Katie will do anything to keep up her "innocent good girl" reputation.

No. 686270

You all need to stop assuming that someone from her group or someone she knows reported her.

First off, she filed her marriage in Yokohama. Second, she did not live with her spouse. Third, the way she dresses is not at all average so it's not like she was under the radar. The cops and immigration had likely been monitoring her for a long time now just waiting to have enough evidence to arrest her.

No. 686277

this. believe it or not most if not all marriages to gaijin are monitored pretty regularly.

No. 686328

Did anyone find Ai?

I think it must have been someone reported her since all the news outlets reported it that way

No. 686333

post more screenshots from her fb pleaseeeeeeee

No. 686429

more of her blog posts have been rewritten


No. 686485

Agree, the thing that probably flagged her to the authorities is the fact she was registered as married, but also living separately / paying bills separately from her supposed husband. There are systems that flag up paperwork discrepancies like this in fraud departments, so Shiena probably 'reported' herself by being too dumb to consider everything would be double checked on a database somewhere.

No. 686700


this. Like anon saying "oh it was just her bitching about hairmake-san messing up her hair" as if that isn't bound to be great entertainment value.

I'm also wondering did Shiena ever TRY to get a job outside of hoeing and her brief stint at the gal cafe (which i'm pretty sure she was only able to do b/c she was a student with a work permit)? The post where she said she didn't care about school was from when she was at Japanese language school. She went to fashion school and she likes fashion so I have to imagine that would have been a big step up during that time period? Did she ever post about job interviews, or applying to jobs in the fashion industry? Obviously a proper job would be out but japan has hella sketchy avenues such as foreign "interns" being paid peanuts to do labor intensive stuff. Heard they even started recruiting foreign weebs to do the more dull parts of anime production (filling in cels or whatever). Mostly Chinese or SE Asian people do that but that's true of gal club hoeing too. And besides japanese people think sheina is chinese or korean anyway lolol

No. 686882

She never posted about actually going job hunting, so she was probably too lazy. IDK why she didn’t do the hair/makeup course, some gaijins became hairmake for vk bands by doing this. Or have gone to nail design school.

No. 686922

She never went on any interviews. Her friend from her circle got her the job at 10sion which gave her a work visa until she got married and started kyaba.

At Vantan, Shiena didnt even take the vkei classes…idk why. She didn't even make a proper portfolio. Her website only has her ugly art.

She should have done hairmake for her friends like Katie, taken proper pictures with that expensive camera she bought, paid for a real website, and uploaded a portfolio. She has enough weeb friends that she could have made a pretty substantial portfolio. Pkus she could have used her vantan designs as part of it and her art.

She probably could have tried to get a job doing makeup for kawaii pateen as well. She was able to use Katie to get herself on Kawaii International. Shiena could have pribabky gotten a real job doing makeup or hair then tried to transition it into a styling or fashion job.

No. 686929


Shiena really screwed herself over. She is so arrogrant that her art portfolio is mostly drawings of herself. She only used her new camera to take selfies. She never did any of her friend's hairmake except for her Vantan projects.

Shiena could have had some prospect of getting a job she actually liked if she had drawn more (& more subjects), taken quality photos of all of her Vantan work, and had her friends model for her. She could even have said that she had styling experience from her work at 10sion since they do makeovers.

If she had ever actually worked hard, she probably could have had a legit job in Japan. She was meeting lots of influencers of Kawaii International so she could have worked with them or tried to get freelance work.

No. 686936

I honestly worry about what is going to happen to Shiena after she gets out of prison.

What is going to happen to her stuff? How is she paying rent? I assume she doesn't have the savings to have her rent paid via her bank account plus her parents never went to Japan (so they couldn't have contacted her) which means they can't be paying her rent. Will her landlord just throw all her stuff away?

No. 686941

Her landlord would need to take Shiena to court in order to evict her.


If Shiena has a gaurantor, then they will be responsible for paying the rent on her behalf then go after her for the funds.

There is no way her parents would be able to pay her rent from Canada unless they are able to make arrangements with the landlord. However, most Japanese landlords collect rent through a direct deposit system from the tenant.

Shiena's landlord knows that Shiena was arrested so she won't be coming back. He will be able to force a vacation of her apartment because she is no longer living there by filing with the court system. He probably has already done this since he will want to rent out the apartment to a new tennant and be able to collect all sorts of fees from Shiena for violating her lease.

I have no idea what has happened to her stuff though. Whatever wasnt taken for evidence has probably been thrown away.

No. 687019

How do we know her parents never went to japan? She has a good relationship with her mom, maybe she flew over to send her stuff home?
Any of her friends could have done it too.
You’re allowed visits and letter writing as long as they’re conducted in Japanese so we need to stop pretending she’s totally cut off from the outside world

No. 687043

She wouldnt be able to surrender her key.

No. 687049

It is likely her back account was frozen because there is a financial aspect to her crime. She would need someone to intervene in order to keep her rent and bills paid. This would be difficukt and expensive for a non-Japanese speaker to do.

Does anyone know if her mom went to Japan based on her FB? If one of Shiena's parents went to Japan then they may be able to get her landlord to let them into her apartment.

Shiena would not be allowed to turn over her keys to any of her friends or family because they are being held by the police along with any other posessions they seized. Only Shiena is allowed to collect her seized belongings and that can only happen after her she is released from prison when she is deported.

If she gave her spare key to someone, she could ask them to get her stuff put in storage. I am not sure who would do that for her though since it would be expensive and Shiena has no way to pay them. Her mom might be able to pay them though.

No. 687141

The stuff is the least of her worries. How about her sanity after being in a Japanese prison for a year or yeas and being paraded on TV? Who gives a shit about a bunch of shitty gyaru clothes at that point?

No. 687151

Can someone post a link to any evidence of her conviction? You can say she’s going to Japanese prison and link it to past rulings by Japanese courts but usually these type of things vary from case by case. Please provide links or screenshots

No. 687196

She plead guilty so she is going to get convicted…

No. 687204

Let’s be real, she’s just gonna be deported and that’ll be the end. If they imprisoned every Chinese or Filipina hostess who faked a marriage they’d have no prisons left

No. 687206

Maybe maybe not. I don't know why you're so sure that she will receive such a light punishment considering that they've already seemed to be making an example of her. She's being convicted of fraud after all.

No. 687243

She’s going to at least get a year in the slammer, deported with a permanent ban slapped on. The most lenient option would be 3 months in jail, deportation and 5 year ban. Most realistic is the one I’ve said above.

The people who thinks she’s going to get ten years or something are fucking idiots. The biggest crime she committed is marriage fraud. She won’t get time for being a hooker and minimal time for back taxes.

No. 687282

If she's not out by 10/10, I'd say she got 1 year…

No. 687322

Just a thought but some of you seem to know (or think you know lmao) the Japanese legal system so would it be possible she receives a longer sentence but gets deported and transfered to a Canadian prison? Because this sometimes happens between other countries, idk it may be possible…

No. 687335

Transfer to a Canadian prison
Canada has a transfer of offender treaty with Japan that enables Canadians convicted of offences in Japan to serve their prison sentence in a Canadian penal institution if both the Canadian and Japanese governments consent to the transfer. Transfers are not automatically granted. An application for transfer can be submitted only after you have been convicted and sentenced, and there are no legal processes pending.
At least six months of your sentence must remain at the time you submit your request for a transfer. Japanese authorities require that at least one third of your sentence be served in Japan before a transfer will be considered. You will not be eligible for transfer until this minimum portion of your sentence is served in Japan and all outstanding fines or restitution that are imposed as part of the sentence have been settled monetarily or through compensatory labour. It routinely takes an extended period to process a transfer after approval has been granted and one third of your sentence has been served.
You should consult your lawyer if you are considering applying for a transfer. You should also ask your consular officer for general details on transfers from Japan to Canada. For further information on transfer requests, please consult the brochure A Guide for Canadians Imprisoned Abroad.

No. 687346

Convicted means she will be found guilty and sentenced to some form of punishment. It seems like half of you don't understand that.

We won't know what get sentence is until she says something or it appears in the news again. The only assumptions we can make its that she will get deported and that she is still in prison since her social media hasn't been deleted or updated.

It is likely that she will get some kind if prison sentence with time served. Depending on how long get city case takes to process, she might not have enough of a sentence left to transfer to a Canadian prison.

The fact that no one had heard from her and that her case should have processed quickly with her plea, I think she has probably recieved a prison sentence. This could be anywhere from 1 to 5 years for the marriage fraud. She'll also be hit with a lot of fines that she and her parents will need to pay. Combined with court costs, these will likely be more than 1million yen.

No. 687350


Yeah, she's definitely going to be found guilty and probably already has been sentenced unless something is holding up the case for some reason.
There's so much evidence that the allegations are factual (she literally posted "I didn't marry for love" to her social media for chrissake), and both involved already confessed.

I don't know that this case will ever pop up in the news in Japan again. It was one of several "human interest" stories for one day, mostly notable due to her nationality and professed love of cosplay.

I suppose it could be interesting for legal specialists if she is treated differently from other foreign nationals found guilty of sham marriages/tax evasion/sex work (generally from the Philippines, China, etc).

No. 687352

Fighting the law in Japan is damn hard, and even harder for a foreign resident. Shiena is not well educated and has a submissive pushover type personality.

No way she is going to go full Debito and fight the system.

No. 688017


any moonspeakers out there? This seems partly new but I'm at work and don't have any time to translate

No. 688019

Wow theres a lot of detail in this. They both got 1.5 years in prison. The article mentions Ai, not by name but by saying she had a relationship with someone who died, as well as stuff about 10sion and other gal activities, so Shiena obviously disclosed everything. Seems they found her social media too so she had to fess up, it was also ran in the newspaper.
They also described her appearance in court and overly sexualised her.
People from Sasakis company paid bail? I think?? But they got imprisonment. Safe to say Shiena will be deported after, maybe a 10 year ban, doesn't mention anything about that.

No. 688020

Seems she also lied and said she was engaged to Ai and thats what drove her to this.

No. 688021

Sage for multi post.
Just saw, she also said she attempted suicide….
She used the mental health tactic for a sympathy vote.

No. 688023

No. 688024


No. 688025

Yeah i was shocked by this. Basically saying they could see her nipples, also slated her for her roots being so long and her blonde fading. No need for this kind of writing, they made Sasaki seem so sweet and kind on the other hand….

No. 688028

if it doesnt say she wont be. they would have disclosed everything.

No. 688033

Illegally obtaining a visa and not paying taxes? You really think they will just let her in after her sentence is up? She WILL be deported. This was also the first trial.

No. 688039

lol they described Ai as Cafe owner

No. 688046

also do you think they are going to investigate into the thing with Ai?

No. 688047

If she's been sentenced they've already considered it.

No. 688057

in japan, the term cafe doesn't mean what you think it does

No. 688075

No. 688077

Okaaay so this means we won't be hearing anything from her until January 2020 right?

No. 688080

Lol they dug real deep for that article. They call her an "international gyaru influencer" and found all her social media.

Shiena apparently tried to get everyones pity too by saying she tried to commit suicide several times after ais death

If only they knew he was a fucking host who just disappeared lol

No. 688081

It also says she claims she was engaged to Ai…

No. 688088

she lied

No. 688172

Yep, this is pretty much exactly what I expected. Shiena spilled the beans on everything, even adding details that aren't really necessary, and the result is we get to learn all the juicy details.

The only thing is the things that can't be proven (all the stuff about Ai) are probably just based on what she said. Especially since there is no last name given for Ai.

Also editorializing about her nipples is wild lol

No. 688192

The weirdest part about the nipple part is that she wasn't wearing a bra. AFAIK Shanon wasn't the type to go braless, she was always bragging about how big her boobs were and deliberately wearing bras/dresses that exaggerated that effect.

This whole time in jail, was she not allowed to get a change of clothing?!

No. 688194

Were Sasaki and Shiena actually friends, or is that just Japanese media trying to portray Sasaki as the good guy here because he's Japanese?

The article claims he didn't try to have sex with her and that he charged her lower than the going rate because "friends are supposed to help each other".

Both of those points seem hugely suspect to me. Why the hell would Shiena make friends with a construction worker 10 years older than her?

No. 688198

The article also says the guarantors for the "marriage" were Sasaki's mother and father. So we can stop speculating that they were Sere or other gaijins now

No. 688199

I think he was a customer at one of her clubs

No. 688212

The part about the nipple/no bra was gross and unnecessary ew
Seems the Anon who was spreading her social media on news sites did good though

No. 688229

Her Insta seems so sad now. All the posts from the past few months are about her renovating her room, new bed, plans to get more into kimono fashion…

Imagining all that being thrown away sucks. I really hope her family or friends were somehow able to recover her personal items but I doubt it.

No. 688235


why wouldn't she be able to get the stuff? She'd lose the apartment because she's not paying rent but being arrested and charged for a crime doesn't mean you instantly lose all your belongings

No. 688237

They'd throw out all her stuff most likely, and none of her friends have seemed to bother

No. 688239

in the article they said a photographer from a cosplay event introduced her sasaki

No. 688241

The only time she cosplayed was when her club was doing an event

No. 688242

that was before her kyaba time

No. 688245

why would they bother throwing out her stuff? it's easier to leave it to the landlord

unless you mean the landlord will throw it out… does shiena really have not even one friend who would pick her stuff up for her?

No. 688247

The only people she really hanged with was Katie, and now she's bad mouthing her at the fashion walks, generally most landlords won't care and want the tenant's stuff gone so they can get a new one

No. 688253

weird that there are no whiteknights for katie lol

No. 688254

From how I read it, it says they didn't let her wear a bra.

No. 688258


No. 688259


maybe her only bras were the type with underwire. I would imagine a jail doesn't let you wear something sharp like that, esp if you're a suicide risk

No. 688262

They confiscate any underwire bras, most prisons allow bras without wire support

No. 688350


The article literally says "They wouldn't let her wear a bra", they being the prison authorities or whatever. Writing about her tits was really unnecessary though, what a gross journalist.

So yes she probably had wired bras only which she can't wear now. Really humiliating. Can't her mother or friends help her out???

No. 688365

Trying to make him look decent because he is Japanese. Also going with Shienas pity party

No. 688367

That sucks. Id go get her stuff for her but my Japanese isnt great and I wouldn't even know where to start with getting in touch with someone

No. 688406


That's what I was thinking too. Like yeah she broke the law and should be punished for that but she doesn't deserve to lose all of her life's possessions

No. 688411

Exactly! I dont really like the girl yet if i would be willing to help out why arent her friends?

No. 688412

They aren‘t her real friends
Katie is a fake bitch

No. 688413


I wonder… out of the Ashley and Shiena duo, who had their life fucked up more by Japan?
One is raising a kid under tough circumstances, the other has a criminal record… both of these outcomes are basically irreversible ways to put your life on hard mode.

No. 688420

Shiena has it way worse. Ash did the sensible thing and left, now she has a network of support and can easily find multiple jobs if necessary and her son can go to school. I can guarantee she loves that kid more than anything in the world, there is no love like the love from your own child, nothing compares.

Shiena however has nothing. No qualifications, no work experience, nothing she can put on her resume. She is a convicted criminal, tax evasion being one of them of all things, no company will want to hire her with that.

No. 688425


Do we have proof she was convicted of tax evasion?

Definitely Ash has her child to bring happiness to her life but she's basically doing mothering on hard mode. No education/skills, works at a supermarket. The child's father is in a foreign country so things like visitation, shared custody, and child support (all which tend to be better for children to have) are out of the question. It might be un-PC or unfair but there ARE many men for whom "has kids" is a firm dealbreaker, so it will be harder for Ashley to remarry if she wants to. Her child is half Japanese but cut off from Japanese language and culture (except the weird nightlife version of it Ashley understands). I can imagine her kid having identity issues just like Ashley did.
It's great her parents seem to have taken her in, though.

No. 688426

Like I'm super happy that she seems to love her child a lot but if you watch any of those teen mom shows you can see how having a child too early/under unstable family conditions can basically permanently set both yourself and your child on a much more difficult life path. People do overcome but the odds aren't stacked in their favor.

No. 688437

File: 1536968851286.png (3.16 MB, 2090x1154, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 4.44…)


Wonder if Shiena has any dirt on Katie she could offer to Japanese police in return. On the other hand, Shiena seems to be a genuinely nice person who is just a few bulbs short of a Christmas tree and keeps getting taken advantage of. I kinda hope she finds a way to burn Katie, you have to be straight evil to see your "friend" go through what Shannon did and not feel bad

Also lol imagine meeting THIS in a kyaba club, cringe
i'd ask for my money back

No. 688443

Katie is a shit friend yes, but i highly doubt she does anything dirt worthy other than the time she dressed her boyfriend up in her clothes and pretended he was her "new friend called Nana"
She is a super fake person but she isn't desperate like Shiena so no need to resort to illegalities. She clearly works and goes out weekends or after work.
Also sorry to wk but just because she hasn't posted publically about Shiena doesnt mean she hasnt done anything. We have 0 proof she was bitching at HFW too.

No. 688446

Are you the anon who made the thread on her? Are you trying to find out if she has said or done anything about Sheina? Why do you care so much about this chick anon? Why must you cause me so much austistic confusion?

No. 688457

Whiteknight detected

No. 688458

TBH I wouldn’t want to get involved with a convicted criminal.

No. 688460

You would just immediately drop a close friend for committing a crime of convenience?

TBH I think Katie resents Shiena because Shiena always looked prettier than her. They both dress like weeby hot messes but Shiena at least has a pretty face and good skin. Shiena is cute by Asian standards; Katie is cute by "cute only because there aren't many white girls around" standards.

Ebony better make sure her ducks are in a row and she's not committing any crimes because she too is way cuter than Katie…

and no I'm not any of these girls, I'm just addicted to drama lol

No. 688462

Lol wk how? I’m genuinely asking if they are the anon who made a thread for this nobody for no reason other than to “get more info” rather than actually post real milk

No. 688466

>cute by any standards let alone asian ones
What the fuck are you smoking? Are you pretending her photoshopped and filter pics are reality?

Your hate boner for Katie is evident but she doesn't have the milk or criminal record for her to deserve that thread you probably made, and there's no evidence for your weird, nonsensical speculations.

No. 688468


lol i didn't make that thread but ok. I'll accept the idea that Shiena isn't cute but Katie is even less cute…

No. 688472

Neither of them are cute, and the Katie anons in this thread are looking mighty suspect for making a dumbass thread for not reason, also all you newfags really need to learn how to sage your posts Seriously if you have no new milk to show sage your stupid shit, your bumping threads that have nothing new or interesting just speculation and tinfoil

No. 688473

Katie litz doesn't care, you can tell by her sloppy makeup. She is more than capable of taking her time to do her makeup but she doesn't because selfies, videos and being out to take photos w/ people are more time worthy to her, because she is fame hungry.
She rides with the 'ugly cute' and 'nice good girl' vibe instead.
As stated she has questionable friends and questionable fashion/makeup choices driven by fame hunger but other than that she is just a regular girl.

No. 688475

lol it must be ebony herself posting this shit

No. 688478


Again, being convicted of a crime doesn't mean you have to lose literally everything. It means you have to pay your debt to society and not make the same mistakes again.

It's obnoxious idiots like this that come up with ideas like "Felons should never be allowed to vote again"

No. 688508

Translated from google:

"I wanted to do cosplay in Japan" -. A statement of a woman of Canadian citizen who was arrested in July as a camouflaging marriage with a Japanese guy to obtain a status of residence became a topic at the time. The fact that it became clear at the first trial on the 13th was the fact that he was a famous caller of Japanese gal culture. What I was told was admiration for Japanese culture and despair that my fiancé was lost. Publish the tragedy that was buried behind the case.

 Won Shannon (29) of Canadian nationality who was charged with breaking the electromagnetic fair deeds misrepresentation · same use, the immigration and refugee law, and 29, who was charged with violating the immigration refugee law, and Construction Worker Tadashi Sasaki A trial by defendant (37) was held at Tokyo District Court on March 13.

 In collusion and two people submit a false notification of marriage to Yokohama City Minami Ward Office without intention of marriage in June 2016. In addition, in 17 years he submitted false documents to Tokyo immigration office and obtained permission to renew his / her status of residence. At the time of the arrest, Wong stated that he wanted to be in Japan where various fashion such as lolita fashion and cosplay can be made.

 Looking at Wong's SNS etc, I worked at Shibuyuku / Kabukicho cabakura and Shibuya's Gal Cafe. Also, as long as you see images of Japanese anime cosplay and mysterious ogre (Oran), it seems that it is doppled in Japanese culture.

 Indeed, he was famous in Japan and overseas as a singer of Gal culture, and he also appeared on information programs "Hilnandus!" (Japanese TV series) and NHK's overseas program.

 Wong defendant who "opened up" to Japanese culture by touching animation from 8 years old began to dream of life in fashion, especially surrounded by gal culture.

 After studying English for a year in Japan, I went to a fashion vocational school for two years and learned.

"I got into the girl circle, it was a lot of fun together with everyone else" "I produced the gal cafe and also worked on the design of" 109 ".

 Also dating with Japanese men for 4 years. "He tried to become a powerful couple who works as a cafe producer and I work as a cafe producer," the man died in an accident in April 15 in April 15. Despite becoming depressed and repeating attempted suicide, I continued to disseminate gal culture to domestic and overseas with SNS and others.

 Sasaki was the one who extended his hand at the moment when the visa's deadline approached. In the club event in Shinjuku five to six years ago I received a referral from a photographer's acquaintance and became a friend. I was consulted about the deadline of visa at LINE.

 Mr. Sasaki said, "I knew that my fiancee died, I was listening to the hope of a long stay in my spouse Visa, I did not have anyone I wanted to get married at that time, and I had sympathetic feelings for her "If you do not care for yourself, I will reply to you."

 Said out for bail Sasaki is tall, long-handed handsome. Won defendant in detention returned to black hair at the base of blond hair which had decolorized, and gray upper and lower sweats. I was not allowed to wear a brassiere, a plump breast nipple was raised on the sweat.

 Despite sinning, Sasaki's behavior is felt for kindness. When asked for a camouflaged marriage at the dark marriage consultation office, Sasaki, who was told that about 1 million yen is the market price, discounted to 700,000 yen. Furthermore, when hearing that it is impossible to make a lump sum payment from the economic situation of Wong defendant, he consented and allowed monthly installment payment of 30,000 yen. The reason for responding was "to be economical and to cooperate as a friend, 2 points".

I wanted to help, I want my parents to become a witness, "and asked my parents to fill in the guarantor's column of marriage notification after acceptance. He did not ask for a physical relationship with a beautiful and sexy won defendant, and when I found a job on the way I stopped receiving monthly payment.

 President of Sasaki's office worker paid bail for the defendant. I am immersed in a bad work attitude and I still continue to hire. The prosecution asked two people to imprisonment for one year and six months respectively.

 Two camouflaged couple stood side by side on a testimonial stand, swearing that "I never touch the law again."

No. 688518

delete this shit. i fucking hate when you guys google translate this garbage, most of that is incorrect. wait till someone translates it. and stop shitting up the thread with poorly translated crap that is gonna cause more rumors.

No. 688519

With this much said about Ai, you’d think they’d want to validate if any of that was true? Idk, maybe they don’t care when they already have what they need to convict her. Eh.

No. 688527

Well if Ai is still alive, seeing her on the news, and now openly discussing him, would have made him hide again.

No. 688605

I have been to Shannon's club. It's shit, very empty, you dont pick a girl, they assign 2 girls for you. I had one fat Chinese looking with horrible orange hair who was yawning non stop and had a morning puffy face. At some point they exchanged her with a MAN in a wig and a dress. He was not talking, just noding so I dont hear his manly voice. The place looks suspicious and dodgy. All the girls look either ugly or not Japanese. Its a shithole

No. 688624

so that article has no new information, it does not say when or how she will be sentenced. it's just saying the same stuff again with a little more exaggerated backstory.

No. 688649

It says they both got 1.5 years in prison.

No. 688685

In her fucked up mind she's probably more upset about being a brunette again than prison time.

No. 688695

This article just says that the recommendation was a year and a half.
However, not in prison but penal servitude.
And that both vowed to never touch the law again.

It states nothing about the outcome though.
In immigration fraud cases, Japanese authorities sometimes lower sentences and change them.

No. 688703

Do you think it means that they've been sentenced yet, or that maybe their trial has begun and the prosecution wants them to get 1.5 years each? Maybe if someone can translate the second-last paragraph we will know for sure. Going on the shitty google one:
>President of Sasaki's office worker paid bail for the defendant. I am immersed in a bad work attitude and I still continue to hire. The prosecution asked two people to imprisonment for one year and six months respectively.

No. 688705

Sorry can you define penal servitude? I was under the impression it was working in prison

No. 688707

prison with hard labor

No. 688710

Sounds worse than prison lol

No. 688755

this is why i wish people would wait until someone translates the article rather than just google-fucking it.

>prison + something sounds worse than just prison

no shit.

No. 688767

Shiena doing hard labor lol
That'll break her

No. 688771

You know it just occurred to me that Shiena might as well have patterned her life in Japan off of that Sakurina movie "Girl's Life". There are so many similarities it's crazy.

No. 688774

but that had a good ending.

No. 688775

Didn't say it was a successful adaptation.

No. 688776

i mean the movie is kind of shilling hostess work to kogyaru so it makes sense.

No. 688814

I know. She has a real serious hang up about her hair color, like just bleaching your hair makes you superior or something lol

No. 688902


I believe it means they have already been sentenced. The prosecution usually makes a closing statement with sentences recommendations, which was 1.5 years in this case. There might be a lower min sentence and her time served already could towards her time.

Usually prison in Japan involves working in some production based job, like manufacturing for little/zero pay.

The article said that the construction workers boss paid both of their bail, which might mean their fines. He says he is still charmed by Satsukis dedication to his job so he will continue to be employed by his company.

More info : https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories/japan/criminal-law-system#criminal

No. 688958

Err… No. The boss didn't pay Shannon's bail, only Sasaki's.


"The suspect Sasaki, who was released on bail"

And later:


"The company president of Sasaki's place of employment paid the bail for the aforementioned suspect [=Sasaki]."


"Because [the president] admired [Sasaki]'s work ethic, [the president] will continue having [Sasaki] work for him."

As for the penalty:
>The prosecution is requesting that the two suspects be subject to imprisonment with labor for 1 year and 6 months each.

Note that it says in the title 初公判 (first trial), and this is what the prosecution requested. Shannon and Sasaki presumably will both have lawyers who will fight to have their sentences reduced.

Honestly, if Shannon spends less than a year in jail, then she's getting off pretty easily, all things considered. I doubt employers in Canada would ask for her criminal record from Japan. Though, being all over google is tough. Shannon could try legally changing her name once back in Canada.

No. 688969

No. 688985

anons need to stop google translating everything.

No. 688989

Trying to translate as literally as possible and not put words in the reporters' mouths. A couple times I added words in brackets [] so the sentences could make sense in English. Also I noticed at least one typo : "漬"かっている: I think the typist wrote the wrong kanji, only 浸かっている makes sense here to me. Will break into a few parts for my own sanity and legibility's sake


A sham marriage because of cosplay dreams →The too-sad results from the first trial of the Canadian beauty who got arrested

2018/09/14, 4:30 PM

([Pictured] is the news article from when Wong was first arrested on August 1st.)

"I just wanted to cosplay in Japan…"

This statement, provided by a woman of Canadian citizenship when she was arrested in July for entering a sham marriage with a Japanese man in order to obtain the right to stay in Japan, became a hot topic at the time. It has been made clear from the first trial, held on the 13th of this month, that the claim that she was a famous promoter of Japanese "gyaru" culture was true. It was said that she admired Japanese culture, and that she despaired at the death of her fiance. The tragedy buried on the inside of this case is being published [here].

The first trial for the Canadian national Shannon Wong (29) and construction worker Narimichi Sasaki (37), both suspected of violating the Immigration and Refugee Act by conspiring to falsify electromagnetic notarized documents by entering a sham marriage in order to extend one's period of stay in Japan, was held in Tokyo district court on the 13th.

The two colluded in submitting a false application for marriage to the Minami Ward Office of Yokohama City in June of 2016 without the intent to [engage in a legitimate] marriage.

In addition, they submitted false documents and obtained an updated permission for a renewal of residence status [for Wong]. At the time of arrest, Wong claimed that she "wanted to stay in Japan, where various fashions, such as lolita and cosplay, are allowed".

From Wong's social media accounts, it can be seen that she worked at a Kyaba Club in Kabukicho, Shinjuku, as well as a Gyaru Cafe in Shibuya. Also, as much can be seen of the images of her in Japanese anime cosplay and enchanting "oiran" courtesan style, she seems to have been completely immersed in Japanese culture.

No. 688996

In fact, she was famous in Japan and overseas as a promoter of Gal culture. She appeared on the daytime TV show "Hirunandesu!" (on Nippon TV) and an NHK program oriented towards overseas audiences.

The defendant Wong, who was first introduced to Japanese culture through seeing anime at 8 years old, had begun to dream of a lifestyle where she was surrounded by fashion, particularly Gal culture.

After attending language school in Japan for one year, she began studying at a two year vocational school for fashion.
"I joined a gal circle too. We all had fun enjoying the same fashion together."
"I was the producer for a Gal Cafe, and I worked on design for 'Ashi 109' as well", she recollected.

And she associated with a Japanese man for four years.
"We intended to live a life together as a powerful couple, as he worked as a cafe owner, and I as a producer." Just after they got engaged, the man died in an accident in April, 2015.
Though she became depressed, attempted suicide multiple times, she continued her work promoting Gal culture both in Japan and overseas through her social media accounts.

No. 689001


*became depressed AND attempted suicide multiple times.

sorry for the grammatical error

No. 689018

As the deadline for her visa was almost up, it was the defendant Sasaki who reached out to help. The two became friends 5 or 6 years ago, when an acquaintance working as a cameraman introduced them to each other at a club event in Shinjuku. He was consulted by LINE about the visa deadline.

 The defendant Sasaki stated : "I knew that her fiance had died. I had also heard that she had hoped for a longer residence through a spousal visa . As I didn't have anyone I wanted to marry at the time, and I felt sympathetic for her, I replied to her, 'If it's al right with you, shall we have you enter my registry?' "

[note: basically means he offered to list Shiena on his household registry as his wife, i.e. marriage visa]

Sasaki, who was released on bail, is a long-haired handsome man. The color of Wong's dyed blonde hair was fading as her black roots had grown out during her detention, and she was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. As she was not allowed to wear a brassiere, the nipples on her supple breasts poked through her sweatshirt.

[note: vomit]

No. 689022

File: 1537047690728.jpeg (42.1 KB, 800x450, C827FCBC-92DE-452E-9B29-5431CA…)

>We intended to live a life together as a powerful couple

No. 689031

Although he is said to have commited a crime, one can sense the benevolence in his behavior. Sasaki was told at a shady marriageconsultation office that the going price for a sham marriage was 1 million yen, but he discounted it to 700,000 yen. After learning that it was impossible for Wong to pay in one lump sum due to her economic situation, he permitted her to pay her in monthly installments of 30,000 yen per month. He stated that his reason for agreeing [to the sham marriage] was: "For economic reasons. Also, as friends, we should help one another, shouldn't we? These are the two reasons."

He asked his parents, saying : "I want to help someone. I would like you to be my witnesses". After receiving their consent, he filled their names in on the "witness" column on the marriage form.

He never asked the beautiful and sexy Wong for a physical relationship, and after he found a job, he stopped accepting the monthly payments.

The owner of Sasaki's place of employment paid his bail. Impressed by his serious work ethic, he will continue employing Sasaki. The prosection has requested that both of the defendants receive 1 year and 6 months of imprisonment with labor.

The bogus husband and wife stood together on the testimonial stand, swearing that they will "never get in trouble with the law again".

No. 689033

>As she was not allowed to wear a brassiere, the nipples on her supple breasts poked through her sweatshirt.
>He never asked the beautiful and sexy Wong
Honestly what the fuck is wrong with this journalist? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 689035

File: 1537048475793.gif (723.72 KB, 200x200, are you sure.gif)

>the beautiful and sexy Wong
At least she has a press clipping to frame when she gets back to Canada

No. 689036

>the beautiful and sexy Wong

where what how? i thought journalists weren't supposed to lie it's part of their code

No. 689124

If it's any consolation, the top comments on the article are all complaining about how gross/weird it is. It's a sports newspaper (apparently??? I've never heard of it but I don't care about sports lol) so it's not like it's one of the major mainstream newspapers in Japan.

Some weird things i see here, assuming the rest is accurate:
So Shiena is claiming that Ai really did die, and even claiming that they were engaged.
Isn't that something that could be easily proven? She doesn't have a ring, and as far as we can tell she didn't even know Ai's real name. And certainly the Japanese government could check out whether somebody died when she claimed. I'm not sure if it matters since it's not during the time period when she was committing immigration fraud anyway, but if she's using that as a basis for her claims it seems like that would make her a less reliable narrator.

The article makes Sasaki sound like a saint but I'm skeptical. A 37 year old construction worker is pretty low in Japanese society, a lot of construction is done by homeless men doing work paid by the day. The fact that his boss bailed him out is interesting (though we don't know how high bail was ).

The fact that Sasaki stopped accepting payments seems suspicious too. I already don't believe the claim that he never had sex with her.

No. 689132

If she was paying him then i doubt they had sex.

No. 689136

Sorry misread - it is weird he stopped receiving payments but i dont think they had sex. They could have used it in their favor otherwise.

No. 689157

Saisaki probably have something on his boss usually bosses could give two fucks.

No. 689180

Doesn't the yakuza run the construction business? If they paid his bail then Sasaki might owe them a favor

No. 689206

well its also japan, sasaki might have actually had a good enough work ethic that his employers actually did have respect for him, pretty sure the harder and more busybody you are at workplaces in japan makes you more respectable/desirable to employers then say america where thats annoying and brown nosing.

No. 689285

Some people mentioned Katie talking duting the Fashion Walk, can somebody make thread about Katie? I saw her and some other girl with two trannies yesterday in Laforet, I can not believe there is no drama around her. I know there is general White/Black princess in Japan thread, but Capsulebunny deserves her own, can we make one?

No. 689287

There already is, and she has like zero drama so there’s no point of it

No. 689290

little of that, but more that bosses don't want to have to train someone new, they also don't want you working for competitors. most times you're supposed to consider your job a 2nd family.

No. 689306

No one ever showed receipts of the encounter and Katie never leaves proof. Katie having a thread would just be pointless and probably rumors without proof.

No. 689310

Katie has 0 drama though save for dressing up her boyfriend, using people to gain popularity and questionable shallow/emotionless friendships. She works normal jobs, has a normal visa and goes out weekends. She is just an unlikable person, unless you use her in return or you're a weeb not living in Japan so only see her through social media. Sage for no milk and derailing.

No. 689312

Also sorry for double posting but if you are reading this Katie, please put your wigs on properly. Its so embarrassing to see your hair net through your wig, at Vogue fashion night of all places…

No. 689319

is she gyaru, most gyaru use their real hair or just partial wigs, only weebshits use full wigs.

No. 689326

Are there any actual gaijin Gyaru left in Tokyo bc I didn’t think there was - everyone’s larme or kawaii

No. 689332

No Katie isn't gyaru

There are a few but they lay low, not surprising since they all end up here. Gyaru is dead now anyway

No. 689336

it's not really dead, just shrunk. it's not as big as it was but you can still see some kogyaru and girls wearing older stuff. being in a dead fashion has perks anyways. gaijins don't really like fashions for the sake of fashion though and have moved on.

No. 689349

here you go >>688374

No. 689373

I'm glad that the news picked up her story but…it was really dumb of her to lie under oath about Ai.

No. 689379

In her deluded fucked up little head she probably thought they were engaged.

No. 689401

maybe because he gave her his old ring lol

No. 689434

Sage for offtopic but I'm interested to hear what you consider the perks of a dead fashion? I dress gyaru myself and I'm pretty sad about how much it's declined, would be nice to see a silver lining.

No. 689441


I mean, that kind of stuff would apply if he had been a full time (seishain) white collar worker at a regular company. Construction is not like that, it's hard labor– much less stable, you get immigrants, day workers, homeless people doing it even.

Probably cheaper to get clothing because it's not considered desirable anymore

No. 689443

File: 1537110504612.jpg (91.65 KB, 1200x675, DjbvbEdU8AEW9SP.jpg)

Poor Shannon, I feel trally bad for her. She was passionate about all those gyaru, branded clothing, it was one of not many things in her life that she loved. Now all the staff will end up in second hand stores and in the garbage. All her friends were fake, as well as her 'husbands'. Nobody deserves it.

Anyway, where is that T-shirt from?

No. 689446

It's a Dir En Grey shirt

No. 689458

basically the cheapness of clothes. i have bought so many clothes in the past few years that would have cost me 10x as much. i usually pay less than 2000円 for any given item, many new with tags.

No. 689459

even if she's passionate, she did something stupid. she can't break the law like that. she could have done many things to make her marriage look more legit, since she was probably being tailed since the beginning. atleast then it would have just looked like divorce in the end.

No. 689462

Gyaru changed to be more sexy and glam also inspired by Western celeb like Kardashian and Instagram baddie

No. 689464

no it didn't. neogal shit isn't gyaru.

No. 689465

for now only oneegyaru is still popular

No. 689552

Last time I checked all the tanning salons were close to closing there. All the beloved gyaru brands either watered down or are closed.

No. 689556

Nah more like Korean makeup meets onnegyaru I've seen straight eyebrows and natural makeup. Kardashian and instagram baddie requires more makeup, which I haven't seen in gyaru yet.

No. 689705

Why do people keep acting like the loss of her stuff is the worst thing to happen to her? If she goes to jail she will lose every little luxury in regards to her appearance and be forced to look just like everyone else, it's ironic considering her reasons for staying in Japan. But that's far worse than coming back out and not having her stuff there, she can just buy more if she ever manages to get a job.

No. 689988

She probably doesn't have to worry about her stuff, to be honest.

Landlords can't just toss people's possessions here without warning. It's also extremely hard to evict a tenant. The proceedings can take half a year to a year or more just for non-payment of rent, especially in Tokyo.

Her things will probably sit in the apartment for a very long time.

And this is in the event that no one pays.. For all we know, that guy may have decided to help her out and either get her stuff or continue paying the rent, seeing as he seems to be at least on friendly terms with her.

No. 690063

This is Shiena we are talking about. The most omportant thing in the world for her is how she looks. She is going to be the most upset about getting black hair, no makeup, and not having gyaru clothes. I dont think she cares about anything else.

I wonder if she will disappear into the country after she's released and just try to avoid immigration. She might even actually have a child once she is released to try and stay in Japan.

No. 690089

I think its crazy yoy actually think they will let her out in Japan. Duhhhh she has no visa??? Of course they won't let her out into Japan. She will be released from prison and immediately detained in immigration until she gets a flight back to Canada. Whether she has a ban or not is another question.

No. 690114

this. i don't understand why so many anons act like they know shit about how japan works at all.

No. 690132


Meh, I don't fault anyone for that. If they're from the US for example, stuff being thrown out is the norm.. people draw from what they have experience with.

Just thought I'd clarify since no one else was.

No. 690239


The thing is, at this rate she will be away for longer than a year. Even if her sentence is reduced somewhat, you have to add in the time in detention, going through the courts, etc.

If Dania really did go to visit her, then I'm sure she could help collect Shiena's things at the apartment though. I hope that is true, that is something a good friend would do.

But yes, for Shiena, not being able to dye her hair or wear makeup is her own personal hell. Kinda ironic that she tried so hard to avoid just getting a regular job, only to end up being forced to grow out her dyed hair in jail.

No. 690286

lol Dania went to see her?

No. 690335


The one year-ish mark is when court proceedings would start for an eviction, not when it would be taken out. And I assume they'd just shrug and say "she's in jail, have to wait"..


Any more screenshots from FB? I don't have her added so I can't check, but I'd be curious to see what else she may have posted about her various relationships.

No. 690467

Dania bitches about Shiena at every chance. She would probably steal and sell her things.

No. 690507

Oh and u guys, she has extensions in

That's gonna be a fucking mess in 1 year

No. 690532

That sasaki guy was a long haired ikemen? Maybe former host?

No. 690558

She can take them out dumbass, she probably has already.

No. 690570

They release you from immigration in irder to collect your things and go to the airport. She might use the time to flee.

No. 690576

Check the previous thread.

In the final stages of deportation, a person can be granted provisional release. This allows them to wait out their finals days in Japan outside of an immigration holding facility. They are not allowed to leave the prefecture (or city) they live in and must check in with their local ward office.

"If applicant seeks for provisional release, the director of the immigration center or the supervising immigration inspector may provisionally release the detainee if he deems necessary to do so by comprehensively considering the detainee's circumstances, evidence proving the reason for provisional release, the detainee's characteristics and assets."

Shiena will face a ban from ren-entry into Japan. This is called the landing denial perios. It is typically 1, 5, or 10 years.

"If a foreign national has been subject to imprisonment with or without forced labor on account of violating the law of Japan and foreign legislation…the foreign nationals may not land Japan and does not have the landing denial period."

This applies to foreign nationals who are being forced to leave on a departure order (so don't bring up any of the other gaijin like Shani who have committed crimes).

Because Shiena committed an immigration crime, she will be leaving on a departure order. This means that she should recieve a lifetime ban from Japan.


No. 690584

Shiena eould have had to turn herself over to immigration and requests her own departure order. She will be deported without a departure order but what you said still applies.

"As the departure order system is only applicable to foreign nationals who voluntarily show up at the immigration office. Immigration bureaus do not provide the departure order to foreign national who are arrested on the account of illegal stay."

I am not sure whether or not they will count her marriage fraud as an arrest due to illegal stay. If they don't, then she will probably be detained inside an immigration facility until her flight without being allowed to re-enter the country to collect her things, break her lease, etc. What you quoted applies "If a foreign national is deported from Japan or leaves Japan with the departure order…" so Shiena is probably looking at a lifetime ban.

No. 690621

To be honest I wonder if she would even want to be back in Japan with how she would have been treated and had her face flashed all over TV/Internet news and in newspapers. The ban is better for her.
There is no way they would release someone that comitted a crime to stay to collect their things unsupervised.

No. 690635

I agree with you. Japan was really toxic for Shiena.

She spent nearly 10 years of her life in a country she couldn't assimilate into, ending up with next to nothing. She has no friends, no career prospects, no career experience in any field she studied, no home, no job, no car, no assets, and probably no savings.

From reading her old blog, she felt like she never belonged in Canada. I guess she has always carried that with her so returning there is going to be incredibly difficult for her emotionally and mentally. She never understood that she didn't belong in Japan because she kept acting like 99.9% of the population in Japan was somehow too boring, too plain, and not the real Japan. She managed to delude herself into thinking that everyone else was the problem instead of accepting that Japan wasn't ever going to live up to her fantasies.

Maybe dealing with deportation and jail will cause her to lose her idealized vision of Japan. I doubt it but maybe.

One thing that worries me is…what if she actually thought that she and Ai were engaged? I want to say she was lying in order to get sympathy from the judge but I'm just not sure anymore.

We really should find Ai. Shiena is obviously not over him. Even if he is still in Japan, I think reconnecting them would give her a reason to lice and maybe even to make something better for herself in Canada.

No. 690654

Why would ai be good for her Jesu

No. 690655

you're really on the wrong forum

No. 690656

anon don't be retarded, we definitely shouldn't find Ai and drag him into this.

No. 690657

it's called an imageboard newfag. Obviously neither you or >>690635 should be here

No. 690677

Ai doesn't want anything to do with her if he did he would've contacted her. Shiena knew what she was doing so no pity points here.

No. 690679

good lord anon i do think you have come up with the worst idea possible there
Especially since Ai is probably either married/baby daddy to someone else, or just working at an izakaya in inaka akita where he came from while living with his mom and hidning from debts

Speaking of moms… I wonder what shiena's mom thinks of this (good god nobody contact her just speculating). Always kinda got the impression her mom was just as crazy, and now she's posting to fb like nothing happened (doesn't seem to be traveling to japan)

No. 690680

File: 1537237070762.jpg (99.63 KB, 600x960, mum.jpg)

No. 690689

I feel like Shiena wouldn't be content to return to Canada for long. I could imagine her going to another Asian country.

Korea is the obvious choice since they're probably the most image focused, but I don't know if there are fashion styles like gyaru there.

Hong Kong would be a good choice because they speak English, but it's pricy

Taiwan would be closest for the weeb factor b/c cosplay, lolita, etc are all big there, but it looks kinda run down and not as cool as the others

No. 690715

Nah, her style would stick out way too much in Korea and beauty standards are so narrow she’d absolutely hate it.

No. 690720

Her obsession is with Japan though. It is with the 2010-2012 gyaru/host scene that existed. She has never been able to get over that time.

This was when Atom had men's egg night, Ayumu was the gyaruo DJ & model, Shibuya event circles were a thing, 109 had more than just MARS as a gal brand, and hosts were all gyaruo looking.

This has all changed. Even hosts don't do the shitty gyaruo style anymore. Many successful ones have switched to black hair and brown circle lenses. Or they're styling themselves like EXILE members. They're also all into actual designer goods instead of 109 brand shit. The whole scene has changed.

Tbh it's way better now than it used to be if you're fashionable and can attract attention. Hosts used to take you to Odaiba as the typical date spot or to Karaoke. Now hosts will take you to nice restaurants and the gidts you get are small designer goods like pouches from LV or Gucci. RIP Gatsy House but there are way better clubs than Atom now with amazing VIP areas.

None of the other asian countries have anything similar.

No. 690722

Shiena is not pretty enough to be even remotely popular in Korea. She is also way too short. Koreans go for thin, lots of plastic surgery, black hair, and plain dressing.

No. 690727

Shiena doesn't have the looks to be considered pretty by anyone except weebs. And a lot of them like Dania and Katie only complimented her because they idolized her before coming to Japan.

No. 690729

File: 1537240824988.png (983.43 KB, 1012x512, Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 8.19…)

Never heard of gyaru in any other country but Taiwan/Hong Kong/China definitely have lolita, cosplay, maid cafes, …. and hostess club type places with similar looking girls (but generally cheaper). she could "graduate" to that

No. 690730


they even have host clubs

No. 690756

Chinese hosts lol who would pay for that

No. 690760

Anyone who ever paid for Shannon.

No. 690770


You sure that Chinese gal wasn't Shannon? Lmao
Anyway this is JUST what I imagined her club to be like

No. 690775

Damn they look better than the Japanese ones.

No. 690822

i know this is old but no, the departure order doesn't apply, because it's different than a deportation order. departure order is basically like a plea bargain for people staying illegally to turn themselves in willingly. deportation order is when they detain and forcibly deport you. however since she got arrested, the judge will work with the immigrations office to decide whether she will be released before being deported/detained, or just deported/detained immediately. this is completely arbitrary but can depend on her behavior in jail. it's similar to how in other countries you get released early for good behavior, only japan rarely does that.

No. 690841

I still think ya'll crazy for thinking she will be released into Japan. With no marriage she has no visa and therefore no right to be in the country.

No. 690845

still waiting for the anon who wrote with Ai

No. 690847

it would only be for a few days or so, or possibly just escorted to her old apartment. after that she will be sent straight to be deported/detained. even then, like i said, it would basically be a 1 in 100 chance that she qualifies for some kind of probation. it isn't really for her benefit anyway, but rather for the landlord's. it's not as if they will just let her walk out of jail and have a chance to run away, and even then, she likely wants/needs all her stuff.it's impossible for her to even stay if she fled. she won't get anywhere being an illegal fugitive, since she'll be unable to leave the prefecture. and even if she did, she'd be fucked the rest of her life without citizenship, medical care or anything. like i said, her getting released back is not a casual matter.

No. 690895

What a dumb reason to go to jail it’s like being caught jay walking it’s something everyone does but never thinks they’ll go to jail for it

No. 690901

sham marriages are not "something everybody does" you fucking weirdo.

No. 690994


lol anon. that is one fucking delusional statement. smfh

No. 691002


Nobody actually knows Ai. He was just a one time bar owner and host who left the scene while floundering under debt

No. 691031

Aah good ol' Japan

Making this big of a deal about a sham marriage

I wish Germany was as strict, instead we give shelter to terrorists and release murderers because they're ~refugees~

No. 691045

Hubs is Japanese, he says since they both pled guilty, showed remorse and promised never to do it again(like 5-year-old's lol) they'll probably dodge having to serve time. Community service and fines for "outstanding worker Sasaki"(we lol'd at that) and deportation and lifetime ban for "nipple t shirt Wong" (wtf is wrong with that journalist lol).

No. 691077


this sap got a "lifetime ban" from Japan for punching a cop and breaking his nose (which he describes as "nothing drug related, not a violent act…. just a tragedy that can happen to anyone.") and eventually was allowed to visit Japan – describes how at the bottom of page 6.

I feel like Shiena will end up in a similar boat, banned for a period of time, but not lifetime. The question is, after 5/10 years, will she still want to return to Japan?

No. 691140

You’re totally right. Germany is a shithole not caring for his own people, but hey you’re a terrorist? Here’s a house and take this free money! Sure you can bring your 3 wifes and twenty kids!!

Really want to know who you are anon, because most of the Serbs I know who lurk here are 120% leftwing

No. 691246

No. 691468

They'll be getting 1.5 years which is a light sentence since the max is 5.

No. 691484

Is Ai still alive then? What's going on and why would she lie about that of all things?

No. 691690

Read the last thread. She probably believed he died but he obviously just ghosted her.

No. 691937

why are y'all so obsessed with ai rofl

No. 691983

No. 692014

They just wanted to know if hes dead or alive because you got to admit his death sounds like a hoax. Shiena never went to his grave either and you know she would be there 24/7 with flowers.

No. 692164


Well, he definitely must have left Kabukicho/"the scene" because no one has seen him.

Remember the reality of these people is never as cool and interesting as we think it is. Shannon was sleeping with sketchy old alcoholics for $ to pay an middle aged unmarried construction worker for a visa and live in a share room, while never leaving Tokyo except for that one time.

Maybe the author of that Shiena imitation blog can pick up where Shannon left off and tell the story of how Ai's bar went under due to piss poor management skills and staff drinking all the liquor themselves, and how now Ai, overwhelmed by debt and unable to find a new job (because his cell phone was smashed by his third "client/girlfriend" after she found out he had 4 other "girlfriends"), he decides his only option is to change his name and flee to his rice paddy filled hometown in bumfuck inaka Akita to live with his 90 year old widowed grandma while slowly siphoning off her pension. Unfortunately, since grannie's pension is not enough to fund his liquor budget (already having downgraded from Moet champagne calls to cheap conbini cans of strong zero a long time ago), he seeks a job at the only businesses in town: a retirement home, a local kindergarden, and a gas station and couple conbinis. Unfortunately, they won't hire Ai (now known by his legal name, Minoru Takada), due to his lack of a high school education, bizarre hair, inability to communicate in keigo and him showing up buzzed to the interview.

With no women under the age of 50 available, there are no host or hostess clubs in a 300 km radius. The next best thing Ai can do is work as a dish washer at the local snack bar, a one room joint with the cheapest sake and wine, and one bottle of Jack Daniel's that was emptied during the bubble economy that there had never been enough business demand to replace. The snack bar is run by an overweight 50 year old single mother of 4, barely intelligible through her strong local dialect, who opens the place for a few hours on weekends if she feels like it, otherwise living off of government subsidies in public housing because Japan is desperate to grow the population.

Ai's baby momma had already ran off with their kid to live with her own mother (who was also a former sex worker) in the hoods of Osaka long ago, leaving Ai sexless and alone in the inaka for the first time in his life. He sighs and reflects on his former glory while accepting the snack bar mama-san's offer to go to her public funded apartment to help her "kill a mukade centipede". At least mama-san's apartment didn't involve a silently judgmental granny who, in the beginning stages of dementia, kept calling him by her late husband's name and asking if Japan had won the war. Besides, the man needed release and somehow mama-san was the youngest female resident of the village except for the kindergarten kids.

The stairs outside the apartment creak with every step, alerting the other residents in the public housing of Ai and mama-san's impending romp. This will be the most interesting gossip of the village for the next several weeks.

Mama-san sends her sons outside to play in the parking lot while offering Ai a cup of barley tea and a cigarette. The tea is so watered down, it almost tastes like plain water. They make themselves comfortable on the old tatami mats, frayed and reeking of mold. Never has the old sexist saying about women aging like tatami mats (Japan's equivalent of "women age like milk") been more true. The neighbor below can hear every bump and thud.

Ai closes his eyes and envisions a happier time, a time of women and wine and never-ending parties. A time of youthful big city aspirations and of flashy fashion. A crazy time when roles were reversed and women would pay him and vie for his attention. He climaxes and rolls on his side.

"I should have married that chink when I had the chance. Only that broad would have been crazy enough to follow me out to this shithole and now she's locked up for good." He thinks to himself, accidentally saying the words aloud. Mama-san sputters a "Nannn ittenn jaa, aho" before getting up to eat the melon bread she bought this morning at the conbini for dinner. She knocks over the ashtray, and the entire unit, being old and wooden and tatami, goes ablaze. The nearest fire truck being 50 km away, the whole building burns down. There are no survivors.

In a detention center in Tokyo, Shiena, in a white padded vest, her nipples showing, flashes a crazy smile at her cell wall. "I told you all Ai was dead."

No. 692172

Wonderful story. I‘ve cried and laughed. 5 stars

No. 692188

10/10 anon


No. 692201


Brit fag here

Same in the UK

total agreement they get everything for shit all

No. 692288

No. 692328

Is that his actual name? Wtf did I just read? Is any of this true?

No. 692332

Tbh I kinda hope whoever is rewriting Shiena's blog figures out where Ai went. They already dug up some old videos and photos of love gals at some event in Roplongi.

No. 692372

Plot twist. Ai is alive, speaks perfect English now and is writing it himself.

No. 692380

Super plot twist. Hairmake-san was Ai crossdressing.

No. 692442

Whoever that is sounds creepy Ashley and Shiena really have some crazy ass stalkers out here. Who knows Ai could be living in the US.

No. 692706


Okay, subjected to a lifetime of Strong Zero is bad enough.

No. 692739

….anon are you serious

No. 692762

in this thread, you already know the sad answer to that

No. 692808


An amusingly depressing narrative quite like something out of a Ryu Murakami novel, 10/10 anon.

No. 692988

The blog posts disappeared so they're just rewriting them better after evryone told Shiena she would need a ghostwriter. They're probably doing it in case Shiena actually decides to find a writer. It doesn't actually seem that creepy to me. Plus they are way easier to read now without all the grammar errors.

No. 693172

I never got to read the original before it was taken down and the wayback machine website cinstantly crashes. Glad for the tunblr page.

Also, the way she describes dance groove is like it was a big deal but the videos are hilariously lame…

No. 693316

Everything during this period was hilariously lame, just most people were drunk all the time so seemed amazing. I also never got the hype of para-para, everyone looks bored as fuck flailing their arms robotically. Weird.

No. 694581

Dania tried to steal all of Shienas stuff by convincing her mom to let her into shienas apartment

No. 694601

Proof or it's a lie,another anon also shitted up the gaijin gyaru thread about Dania,but never showed proof.

No. 694646


its true i saw dania and sere fighting over out front shiena apt in shinjuku

No. 694738

BS. Shiena’s apartment isn’t even in a place you would usually be around. It’s residential, not central Shinjuku or Kabukicho.

No. 694800

Why would Sere even be there? That would only cause suspicion upon herself.

No. 694846

She walked to work, it’s in Shinjuku

No. 694851

even if it was 10 hours walk she would still rather walk to save the $

No. 694892

I know where it is. It’s a 25 min walk from her club. Not central Shinjuku, like I said.

No. 694990

This is bullshit. Shiena's apartment has already been cleared out by arrangements of her family.

No. 695258


Anon's Shiena obsession is c r e e p y af, like people legit writing fanfiction about this girl

No. 695323

I told you Ashley and Shiena have bizarre fans.
Anon didn't even provide proof, and act like we stupid enough to believe that. Anon has a creepy Dania, and Shiena obession this is probably the same anon that shit up the gaijin gyaru thread.

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