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File: 1609117245408.png (2.19 MB, 2058x1440, Belle.png)

No. 128870

Mary Belle Delphine is a 21 year old British girl who initially rose to fame online by making "inaccurate" cosplays on Facebook, pedobaiting, shitstirring, and getting her boyfriend to send threatening messages to random people on Facebook.
Her next escapade was on Instagram, where she quickly turned from an elf-ear-wearing kawaii fairy girl to ethot, and popularized the ahegao (anime cumface) expression amongst impressionable teenagers. She gained 1 million+ followers on Instagram for her quirky, Asian beauty-app-filtered videos where she poured milk on herself and smashed laptops, before being abrubtly deleted for lewd content, and disappearing offline for a year.
Initially, people thought she was "trolling the simps" due to a huge simp fanbase and such stunts as starting a Pornhub account with only joke videos, and "selling" her bathwater (in fact she just sent tap water to Youtubers, who she continues to collab with for interviews/podcasts to this day.)

>Now, December 2020: Belle has thrown herself headfirst into hardcore porn despite being awkward, inexperienced and potentially even asexual. She begs her fans to go "easy on her" and promises much more degrading and sexual content in the forthcoming year.

>Belle has been busy this winter selling her story to any news outlet that will listen, and sending DMCA takedown requests for all her quickly leaked porn all over the internet.

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: BANNED
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell (inactive)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine (inactive)

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No. 128876

Let me guess…

She did show herself sucking dick, her asshole and taking dick up her ass.

But she is still hiding her pussy and only showing it with a dick hiding it, right?

Her business plan always amaze me at how effective it is.

No. 128880

Supposedly the porn is awkward, her fiance is bad at sex and she doesn't even pretend to be into it lol

No. 128881

Where did the asexual assumption come from?

It "concerns" me (for a lack of better words) though that she and her boyfriend have been together for a confirmed three years. Most likely they have been together for longer than that. The fact that he "supported" the creation of the Belle persona (despite her also saying it is her authentic self) seems an awful lot like a grooming situation. Especially since she herself cannot properly vocalise her reason for doing what she does not separate herself from the character (like I said, calling it a persona/brand but also her authentic self). I got the above information from the linked podcast.

No. 128882

File: 1609120890363.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.58 KB, 1080x727, Screenshot_20201227-165541_Vid…)

Wrong. Jesus the salt.

No. 128884

I don't think that counts as a true coochie reveal since it is so heavily brightened you can barely see what's happening, but certainly over-focusing on her asshole for most of her porn content is her way to avoid showing the coochie. So anon is mostly right, she's still trying to hide it.

No. 128885

Boy you sure did show us with your pixelated screenshot of the one frame the dildo desperately covering her pussy slipped.
Goodness me I am so ashamed of my words and deeds time to uninstall the internet I don't think I'll ever recover.

No. 128887

Over half an hour of footage between the videos and you can sort of glimpse her coochie for a single frame. Yeah, she's still hiding it

No. 128890

This OP is just as bad as the other one. Can a real farmer make one? Don't present tinfoil theories like "she sold her story to news outlets" as fact in a thread OP, she trended on Twitter, of course sites will pick that up for easy clickbait because she's mainstream known now. If you can't back up your "milk", don't put it in a thread summary.

> popularized ahegao expression amongst impressionable teenagers

lmfao this pearl clutching. Only bleeding heart pulltards could think poor teenagers are a victim of a sexualized expression. She didn't groom poor retarded teens into whoring themselves out, she's just a stupid thot who was copying an already rising meme and other stupid thots will copy that.

These threads are almost Anisa-tier shit because pulltards are always rushing to assure each other that they don't have to be insecure about her shoop and angles
and I wish we were able to have a normal thread about her that isn't an autosaged containment zone full of unintegrated seething about a random whore who happens to be more known than other random whores.

>inb4 "hi belle"

No. 128891

Yeah almost feels like she quit school and met this guy who groomed her to become Belle Delphine.

No. 128892

Idk if you're a Britbong or not, but in the UK it's very easy to sell your story/do unofficial advertising and so on. The papers here don't give a shit about what they post/publish.

You can tell it's promo because every story just rehashes the same lies Belle herself peddles. If it was actual journalism there would be new information and research, but every story just rehashes Belle's spiel. So yes, it is "sold" or at least it is Belle and Josh reaching out to these outlets. That's the state of online journalism and British journalism in general.


No. 128894

Not that Anon but it's literally just clickbait sites reporting on the current trending topics. They do it all the time. I definitely believe Belle did a bunch of paid interviews like the one where she talks about her broken leg, but Belle's first porn was a big and popular topic on every social media, so of course a few sites wanted to get on that and turn it into clickbait. There was no reason any of them would have had to pay to write "today on Twitter, users react to thot thotting"

No. 128897

She was already Belle Delphine and had a large facebook following when with Goran posting furry and elf shit. but I’m sure with the rise of ethots and patreon she decided to capitalize off it with the help of josh. Obviously he was 100% on board considering she’s acted single this whole time posting about wanting a boyfriend, I know any other normal boyfriend would rage about something like that.

> Don't present tinfoil theories like "she sold her story to news outlets" as fact in a thread OP
Do you also believe she fell off a roof doing a stunt breaking her arm and leg and was also arrested by the metropolitan police over a hamster and pepe painting on a car? Aw, how cute.

No. 128898

I was talking more about articles like that Spectator article and the ones you mentioned, or the Brit Youtubers she's appeared with.

It's a mix of her seeking promo plus them coasting off her viral fame. Those clickbait sites just straight up copy paste information in the hopes of getting more hits to advertise to, I don't really count them as journalism in the first place. Like that's just aggregated information. Sorry for being unclear, I didn't want to make the op too long.

No. 128900

I literally cited that story as an example of something she probably did sell, congrats on your reading comprehension
The anon in the last thread was specifically talking about her "selling the story" of her porn coming out and getting leaked, not any of the obvious plants.

No. 128901

I don't think anyone looks at clickbait from cringemenswebsite.com and thinks that means Belle sold her story to them. But at least we're (mostly) in agreement that she did sell those other ridiculous stories.

No. 128905

>I literally cited that story as an example of something she probably did sell, congrats on your reading comprehension
Congrats on my reading comprehension because I don’t see you citing that anywhere in your comment.

No. 128906

ESL anon, ever the contrarian kek.

No. 128907

I never really cared about Belle Delphine, just slightly amused how she trolled her simps with her fake Pornhub account.
I don’t think she’s a great person but it kinda made me laugh to see all those idiots parted with their money (and hey, better make Belle a millionaire and fund some UK taxes than having them spend those bucks on anime figurines)

But now Lo and behold she has her asshole on full display. Idk I’m a bit sad.

At this point I’m surprised Shoe isn’t showing her asshole yet since it seems to be a trend. Though she’s not very far off with her thirsty tweets.

Is this the fate of every cow featured on this website? They all turn to porn even when they were making bold claims they’d never resort to that?

No. 128909

I think the majority of cows need attention to fuel their ego so yes now that requires asshole selling, I hate to see what the standard is in 5 years time if this is now the norm.
>”hey come look in my large intestine for $5 a month”

No. 128910

>I definitely believe Belle did a bunch of paid interviews like the one where she talks about her broken leg

right, but the clickbait articles is why it's being brought up in the OP. Because this anon >>>/w/128585 and the replies insisted that she somehow got paid so that clickbait sites could post about her porn trending on twitter. OP even lists this "factoid" as happening in Winter 2020 so it's not like they were speaking about the old incidents of her actually doing paid interviews. It's about the current articles. Which makes them a retard.

No. 128912

You said NTA and I was replying to the comment >>128890 above that. derp derp newfag

No. 128915

Holy shit, is this an actual screencap? Is it really that low quality?

No. 128924

Not quite as bad but close, these scrote screencaps saved from /b/ show it a bit better. Trigger warning: gross


No. 128925

Joshs labia every time I see it kills me inside kek

Josh is such a fat fuck in these videos. He needs to stop eating Belles portions as well as his own. As for Belle’s cake smearing, imagine being so unsexy you have to do dumb shit like that mid way through sex for people not to get bored watching it, what a retard.

No. 128928

>Only bleeding heart pulltards could think poor teenagers are a victim of a sexualized expression

Are you fucking new you complete retard? Pull would absolutely shit over a teenage ex worker where the older lolcow userbase would be more likely to sympathise. Anyway this isn't your blog, open a livejournal if you want to sperg.

No. 128935

Her compulsively hiding her pussy is so off-putting, why does she go to such lengths to hide it? Like how bad could it be?

No. 128936

she has the vagina of an adult woman. her fanbase like women who are half her age.

No. 128939

Good news for her that everyone voted for her to do anal as her first porn debut. Maybe she’s trying to hide her vagina so she can somehow hype up her next video with that? Gotta keep them wanting more.

It’s really worrying to me that she’s going to go even deeper into thotdom like every other basic ho bitch with an onlyfans. She was already achieving what they could only dream of and didn’t even have to make an embarrassment of herself like this. She’d be just fine doing her shit cosplay meme thing for a while.

No. 128957

Only stupid faggoty pulltards and butthurt simps want her in /snow/ or even /pt/. She hasn't been a cow since she was caught stealing those sex workers pictures. Best keep here here with the weebs because all she's worth is laughing at.

No. 128962

A 14 yo Caroline Konstar had more awareness about Belle future than Belle herself:
>Belle Delphine
>An e-thot machine
>Defining generations with your >online penetrations
>Do you think your kids will look >back
>At you riding some black guy >bareback(no1curr)

No. 128968

kek you do all realize /snow/ and /w/ is the same thing right and is not a cow ranking system? 1 s for our special snowflakes and 1 for our special wittle weebs uwu. I don’t understand why anyone would want it moved unless they think weeb is a badge of honor bellend does not deserve or an insult to their queen kek.

No. 128991

Then those fans wouldn't be watching. See how your unsaged logic works? Gotta be scrotes in here.

No. 129007

Chill out. Your zealous defending of someone else vagina is so weird and suspicious kek. Anon said she has a sexually mature vagina, they are right and thats not the same as a scrote calling a woman a roastie. You'd think it was your vagina we are talking about. You're so paranoid.

No. 129013

wow this thread sucks too. mary belle delphine? use her actual last name at least jfc. some users may have shat on last thread but at least it was only missing socials.

and these fucking posters, either they WK the bitch or they literally pretend she is butt ass ugly which she isnt, you guys are focusing on the WRONG MILK.

milk with this bitch is her lack of genuine sex appeal (pretty doesnt equal good at sex) and the fact she is a wannabe pornstar who ditched mummy to be with Josh Gray her fat tubby hairy hobbit tier bf. she isnt fucking "asexual" guys it was literally a joke anons made last thread because of how inexperienced she seems. this is just like the early shay threads, what a fucking mess.

your OP pic sucks too, make it something funny at least. no fucking wonder these threads go nowhere. im pissed because i want her threads to be successful but nope all these retarded people just flock to them. at least make some funny edits like the posters in shuwu threads.

nobody fucking cares about this girls pussy. truth is she is so insecure like a lot of young girls and plays the "uwu im KINKY im into KINKY SEX" card to try to hide the fact that shes clearly inexperienced and unwilling to improve at sexual abilities in general.

this threads a fucking letdown.

No. 129016

>imagine being so unsexy you have to do dumb shit like that mid way through sex for people not to get bored watching it

this is exactly what i thought. who in their right mind would find that attractive? the way she did it was just awkward as hell too. looked like joshy wasnt into it much either kek

No. 129017

>i want to train to be your favorite e girl pornstar

paaathetic. desperate for male approval.

also 165 cm isnt 5'4 dumbass. 165 cm is
5′5. 5.4295 feet doesnt necessarily mean feet AND inches. maybe you should have finished high school.

No. 129018

>i want her thread to be successful

?????? Wasn't op anon saying the same thing in the last thread

No. 129025

This is where I respectfully disagree, sir.

I don't think she is either inexperienced, nor that she has any issues with her pussy.

She is actually way smarter than people give her credit for, she knows exactly how to milk her fans for more cash, by leaving them in a constant state of manageable unsatisfaction.

She broke down the "porn formula" we're so used to and basically feeds people just parts, but never the whole.

And I think all this "unsexyness" is just by design.

No. 129027

Anon pls chill I'm pretty sure everyone is only calling her asexual bc of her obvious inexperience, like you said. We don't actually think she is.

You're right though, the cringey part is that both her and Josh are terrible at sex. Josh is very inexperienced too. They fuck so clumsily I'm amazed she even felt good enough about it to put it out in the first place. It's sooo awkward and unsexy

No. 129028

Just an observation: make the next one yourself if you have so many great ideas and improvements

No. 129031

>And I think all this "unsexyness" is just by design

Scrote detected. Yall are really jumping through hoops now to still stan your queen after she keeps delivering disappointments

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