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File: 1611868721877.jpg (2.11 MB, 2448x3264, 1.jpg)

No. 134949

Previous thread: Belle Delphine / Mary Belle Kirschner #4

>Meme girl e-thot of "Gamer Girl Bathwater" fame

>panders to pedophiles and neckbeard incels, desperate NLOG floundering
>"hello fellow 4channers" meme humor

>Porn leaks:



Remember the lolcow rules of conduct:
- "hi Belle" is against the rules, if you suspect her of posting, just report it and don't give it attention
- thirstposting by males is against the rules, don't ask for leaked content or talk about whether or not you find her (or her bf) fuckable
- derailing with blogposts e.g. comparing yourself to her or talking about your personal taste is against the rules
- excessive nitpicking is against the rules
- you must be 18+ to post(shit thread)

No. 134953

Istg these fucking ops get shitter and shitter. Didn’t we already have an actual funny thread photo made? Mehh 0/10

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