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File: 1580752623217.jpg (215.4 KB, 1204x2048, hansenvspredators.jpg)

No. 927721

This thread is a continuation of >>>/snow/912942 Highlights of the past 2 threads:

>Massive amounts of infighting between the anti-os, much of the infighting was about Lainey’s pronouns.

>Toasty and Bean posting on lolcow. Bean released screenshots from their private discord which caused them to nuke the discord. Kittensaurus quit the anti O community.
>Shiloh and Madison DeCambra got into a twitter slap fight. Madison has since deleted twitter and has been threatening suicide and posting nudes while screeching about how she wants nothing to do with Onision. This made Shiloh want to jump off the victim train and tell twitter that she was retiring her @patient47245143 handle. She is still retweeting Chris Hansen and hanging out with him.
>Sarah came out and told us that her laptop was never sent to the FBI. Text messages surfaced saying that Vincent was planning to copy the contents of the laptop and rebuild it before sending it in. The laptop was sent back to Sarah and is now (as far as we know) still with Sarah.
>Vincent was fired after Chris Hansen became unable to make excuses for his autism. The Hansen mod team came out with a statement condemning him. Vincent didn’t take this well and is still trying to tell anyone who will listen that Hansen is a scumbag who didn’t pay him and hired anonymous gene to dox Onision.
>Anonymous Gene is a boomer sperg who likes to flaunt his usage of social engineering and google doxxing. Appears to have some sort of relationship with Chris Hansen although Chris Hansen denies this. Comes here at least once a week to whine about getting banned that one time.
>Chris has a new facebook moderator who takes her new job very seriously.
>Stevie is still around reminding everyone that he is still around. Constantly inserts himself into every single drama and brags about the 35k subscribers (that totally care about his non onision related content) he has gained over 10 years of making anti onision videos.

No. 927733

Why even call it "anti-o flakes" anymore. The last thread was 90% shitting on Chris Hansen, Sarah, Shiloh and Billie.

No. 927736

They are anti-o flakes themselves in many ways.

No. 928046

thanks for the thread, anon! maybe the next thread should be something more like onion orbiters, not really the right word either, but you know what i mean. maybe just flakes?

No. 928101

Thanks for the new thread, OP.
So, yeah…grooming 12 year olds? Why would she word it like that? That really is taking things too far.

No. 928104

I guess she saw the people who still claim Lainey was 15 and was either too stupid to realize what preteen means or wanted to push it a little farther because Greg doesn't look bad enough if you just look at what he actually does.

Also I noticed TRO mentioned the Lainey is 15 thing again. Why is it so hard for people to believe that Greg can't add and would rather push a debunked conspiracy theory? We have Lainey's ex who has come out and told everyone they dated when she was 15. We have a solid timeline of the events that lead up to her getting with Greg at 17. Rewriting history just makes Onision look like he has something resembling credibility when he calls this a witch hunt.

No. 928109

I've seen a trend where twitterfags push their own fanfic and pass it off as onion lore.
>lainey was 15 when onion groomed her
>sarah was living with the onions since she was 14
>lainey and onion were Sarah's guardians
This one was a lie lainey told years ago and it's been debunked since lol
>Billie left Greg
He broke up with her and got mad she didn't go back to him. Social repose spilled mad milk on this.
>Shiloh's filmed seizures were real
"I wanna make a rainbow"
>laneclone is a victim because Greg was mean
It was Sarah who harassed clone and called her off multiple numbers.
>alicia doesn't hate Shiloh
Newfags who don't know she got caught posting here, next.

No. 928140

Finally, someone who has been around long enough to know what actually happened.

Because her intelligence is on the same level as Gregma's. Very low.

People refuse to believe that the guy who thought girls pee out of their vulva doesn't know how to count.

No. 928202


>lainey and onion were Sarah's guardians

technically yes and no. sarah and onion both confirmed her mom signed off on giving them permission for medical care if needed.

and she lived with them for a bit so for all intents and purposes they were her guardians.

but when people toss around the term "foster daughter" that's just flat out incorrect and there's no need to embellish when the situation is gross enough without it.

No. 928242

It was Greg and Lainey in their various Livestreams that referred to themselves as her guardians and like 'Foster parents'. People like to use Greg's own words against him, but autists don't understand nuance unfortunately.

No. 928307

POA given to them by Sarah's mother isn't guardianship. She lived with them because her mom allowed her to.

No. 928351

At least they're marginally better than the newfag spergs who've been theorizing that Greg is sexually attracted to infants or part of a pedo ring. It's like something about Greg makes the people who become too attached to him lose any sense of rationality, a retarded superpower of sorts

No. 928373

>Billie left Greg
Yeah, and he kept sending obsessive, desperate txt messages to her begging for her to come back. She uploaded the txts to her twitter. They broke up because Billie refused to publicly humiliate herself for his entertainment. He might have broken up with her but it's not like she didn't reject him too, neither was she sending desperate txts to him to try and work things out after the fact.
>Shiloh's filmed seizures were real
I haven't seen her medical records, have you? She said she still deals with a seizure disorder. Is she lying? I don't know.

No. 928375

>when people toss around the term "foster daughter" that's just flat out incorrect
They only use that term because Greg did >>926612
Greg referred to Sarah as his foster daughter until the day he fucked her, then he called her just a "friend", "platonic", so did Lainey. Her not legally being their foster kid (they never signed papers to be her foster parents) isn't the point. Talk about nuance.

No. 928387

I never denied onion is obsessed, anon.
Nobody here contests that Greg hasn't referred to Sarah as his foster daughter. Saying that they were her legal guardians is simply not true though.This is a guy who automatically bullied Sarah because he didn't want people to think he liked her. He never treated Sarah like an actual father, even if he abused the power imbalance. Honestly I could say that maybe lainey was a genuine mother figure and friend to Sarah so that actually grosses me out more and we know there are nudes.

No. 928390

Not sure if Vince's still relevant lol, but he made more false copyright strikes again apparently.

No. 928408

Isn't the only reason this ass tick is a topic of discussion right now because he worked for Chris Hansen? That dreg was pulling this exact same shit with Hansen's blessing for nearly half a year before Hansen booted him, which he only did when it was convenient for him(funny how some people seem to have forgotten that). If Hansen had done his due diligence/background checks like your average responsible adult running a business, I'd like to think no one would be talking about this bottom feeder.

With Hansen's questionable hiring practices and obviously stellar judgement when it comes to who he associates with (looking at dickless creep Mike Morse >>921194), my question is, how many more Vince Nicotra's has Hansen brought into his orbit? Because if there's more, then this shit is just the beginning.

No. 928413

It goes without saying Vince is responsible for his own shitty actions. It can't be denied that Chris enabled him for a really long time. Chris didn't put a stop to it (Vince) until he stopped benefiting from it, like a true opportunist. Even though Vince no longer works with him their association has damaged his reputation, not that it was all that great before, minus the hype.

No. 928417

File: 1580891265203.png (395.28 KB, 598x591, Time for more shekel grabs.png)

Shiloh's going back on tomorrow.

Good thing no one's milking this for views! Maybe Sarah will follow Shiloh's and Regina's example and gullibly hand her devices back over to Hansen so he can hold on to it for another year while telling everyone it's with the FBI/LE that he's in daily contact with.

No. 928418

>(looking at dickless creep Mike Morse >>921194)


No. 928422


At this point it's not about deplatforming Greg, but redeeming Mike Morse's image and taking a big steaming Canadian shit on his victims.

No. 928456

Oh yeah lets have fucking Shiloh on again. I swear to God if they let Rag Reynolds or Regina on again I'm just not watching anymore.
Why even have people on more than once? Its not like anything changed, or that they have anything new to say. Like the second time Regina came on he was asking the exact same question and literally nothing changed, there was nothing new to add.
That being said, I loved that Greg called Regina ugly a bunch of times in his shit videos. That is also the reason I suspect Lainey groomed victims for Greg, to make sure they where even uglier than her and he wouldn't try to bolt with them like he wanted to with Billie.
I wonder why he let Billie go, he's obviously still smitten with her. I suspect the weed thing is a cop-out and that Lainey had something hanging over his head, possibly Sarah. Like "well if you leave me then I'ma tell the world you fingered Sarah with a Harry Potter stick."

No. 928459

omg this is a beautiful trainwreck. will shiloh promote her shitty record? you think? does she have the hots for hansen? you think?

No. 928470

Well look at how she was dressed the last time, weird make up on, piercings everywhere, her tits rolling out her dress. She looked like a hobbit in disarray.
Greg fucked her up.

No. 928486

are they ever going to have skye or alicia on? or do they just want to keep repeating the same #strong victims

No. 928520

looks like they're just repeating the same ones. Tbh I think it says a lot when you see who is eager to go on the show a second time even after they fucked Sarah over. I'm sure soon enough they will have Billy on or dig up JSBS and have her on then it can be a proper shit show.

No. 928523

>or dig up JSBS
Now that I would totally watch, lol. I miss that screamy cow.

Disappointed it's Shiloh again. Perhaps she can elaborate on her "2 investigations".

No. 928528

my theory is vince told her about these "investigations". I'm pretty sure he just assumed that EVERYTHING was total bullshit and since he was lying to everyone he might as well throw in a few investigations for her. I guess she was too stupid to ask what the investigations were even for. The sex trafficking shit that Stevie has been trying to push with Shiloh is just a misunderstanding of the situation and anyone who gives it 5 minutes of critical thought after hearing the story from Shiloh's own mouth knows it.

I doubt she will even mention it though. I predict Chris will just blow a lot of smoke up her ass for half an hour then talk to Mike Morse about the same shit he always talks to him about and it's going to be boring as shit. I think I'll just catch the highlights on /pt/ after. If any new milk comes from it I will be shocked.

No. 928545

>and since he was lying to everyone he might as well throw in a few investigations for her.
Quite possible. She worded it as "there are two FBI investigations, including my own." If it's her own investigation she should be a part of it and know what's going on with it.
>The sex trafficking shit that Stevie has been trying to push with Shiloh is just a misunderstanding
this is also true. Jimmy's a piece of shit, but he didn't break any laws with that one ( as far as we know, at least ).

As much as Chris saying "I was a reporter before he was born and I'll be a reporter after he goes to prison" gave me a total life boost, I don't at this point believe that either of those two are going to see jail, let alone prison. Everything has been sooo messy.
Truly hope I'm going to be proven wrong, though.

No. 928619

Nah this is now just the TCAP community vs Vincent Nicotra.. This is not about Onion anymore so Vincent is now out of place in this thread . But he is still a cow. If he has a lulzy past and farmers can dig it up, maybe he can have his own snow thread.

No. 928635

chris' livestream

No. 928639

File: 1580950018799.jpg (101.27 KB, 596x793, meh.jpg)

Is the 5 part series comment directed at Chris? ( since Chris mentioned a 4,5 part series about tracking down Jimmy )

No. 928644

File: 1580950718817.png (87.25 KB, 527x429, Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 5.59…)

I don't think so. He specifically mentioned inabber & repzion.

No. 928646

File: 1580950830134.png (65.47 KB, 521x272, Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 6.00…)

and Stevie trying desperately to get Keem to notice him

No. 928648

Battle of the autism.

No. 928651

is chris drunk?

No. 928657

Okay, since no one's commenting in the live thread I'll say it here. It's been 15 minutes and I'm bored out of my mind already.

Yeah, my bad! I should have read everything.

Lol, for real.

No. 928665

Someone said Vince only got the job because he hounded Chris relentlessly, begged him, but let's be real, if Chris had better prospects he never would've given Vince the time of day. He chose Vince because he couldn't do any better, or he didn't want to for who knows what reason.

No. 928669

Gnome's mentioned his mistrust of Repzion before, I don't know where he's pulling this from. Makes it sound like he's got personal beef he wants to settle. Repzion said he's taking an Onion break after all the stupid court bs.

No. 928699

I feel like Chris has a weird aversion to working with normal qualified people who don't have a shady past.

No. 928700

File: 1580958425259.jpeg (1.89 MB, 1135x5066, Hansen's laptop fuckery.jpeg)

>I think it says a lot when you see who is eager to go on the show a second time even after they fucked Sarah over.

That's what I've been saying. How can they stand with their sisters uwu and still support Hansen after what he did? When Sarah crashed Billy's livestream she told him flat out she hadn't heard anything from Hansen. It was Hansen's fuck up too, that was made obvious by Steven's tweets (pic related). Vince is an asshole but he's also a very convenient scapegoat.

Hansen likes to pass the buck. He did the same thing when the TCAP community were calling him out for all the false copyright strikes which for awhile he denied was even happening, until he couldn't ignore it anymore because his platform became too prominent. Then he issued an empty public apology well after the fact, acting like it was all Vincent and he knew nothing about it.

No. 928703

I mean, he isn’t wrong

No. 928706

How is it possible that so much time went by, or he "never heard anything back" from the FBI, when he'd been getting weekly updates from them starting with Billie's interview? Are some people so dense they can't see the inconsistencies here? No one with half a brain would try to pass this sham off like it's something legitimate.
>Bullshitter supreme
Stevie supports the Hansen charade, so he's either an idiot or he's complicit. He's no better than Keem.

No. 928714

>didn't want to ship it around without knowing the proper chain of custody
Chris's claim about not knowing the proper chain of custody is a lie, unless he's been lying about working so closely with LE all these years - if that were true he'd have known the proper chain of custody. The evidence never should have gone to Chris/Vince in the first place, it should've gone straight to LE. Chris fucked this whole thing up but he knows if he admitted to it he'd jeopardize his e-fame and yt bux.

No. 928750

He's still going off, btw. I don't really follow Keem, I didn't know the dude is actually this autistic.

>Are some people so dense they can't see the inconsistencies here
I think it's about relying on Chris's TCAP reputation and hoping something is going to get done this time.

Yeah, I can't even listen to Morse after reading what he did. It's nice that he aPoLoGiSeD to the woman he groped without permission, though, totally makes a difference.(integrate )

No. 928755

Remember when twitterfags in the onion thread kept freaking the fuck out whenever an anon questioned the validity of the FBI investigation?
>anon I'm sure chris hansen has handled this before uwu
They've been seething since Sarah called out Hansen and Vincent

No. 928771

File: 1580972814447.png (164.85 KB, 599x1339, Screenshot_2020-02-06 LolaBohe…)

It looks like anon >>927993 might have been on to something. Apparently Lola's >>923252 twitter acct was hacked today. No way of knowing if it's connected to Gene or not but it is one hell of a coincidence, all things considered.

No. 928774

looks staged to me

No. 928775

File: 1580973816831.jpeg (994.49 KB, 750x3838, Alyssa, Gene.jpeg)

samefag. For context: One of Hansen's "volunteers" Alyssa had a convo with some twitterfag on FB about Lola, and Alyssa said "all of this is going to Gene". pic related.


No. 928777

Could be. I don't know why that Irish twitterfag was talking about her but I do know Lola is disliked by the brilliant anti-o's, and Hansen's volunteers/employees don't have the best reputations (taking after their boss).

No. 928786

Is it just me or does she seem strung out? Considering she hinted at an heroing at 27 >>921121 maybe all this attention/publicity isn't the best thing for her mental health atm. Maybe all she and Hansen see are $$ signs. I don't begrudge Shi making money from this but I think she's really digging herself a hole by continuing to associate with him.

If she and Regina don't care about Onision getting prosecuted then it would make sense for them to keep supporting Hansen. Regardless, all the muh sisterhood looks fake when they don't care at all that Hansen lied to Sarah.

No. 928789

>Chris saying "I was a reporter before he was born and I'll be a reporter after he goes to prison"
What reporting? The same reporting he did when he spread lies and misinfo about this Wershe kid >>919938, >>920043 to boost his own career? Hansen's been an opportunist since day one. He was never a journalist. He's sensationalized Onision's bullshit, he lied to Sarah and fucked up the chain of custody while claiming he knew what it was. Dude's a fraud.

No. 928793

Wershe kid? can you elaborate on that?

No. 928795


I can't believe the video is called "Have A Seat With Chris Hansen ft Shiloh & Attorney Mike Morse"

Holy fucking shit. Maybe it's autism on my part but I can't get my head around Shiloh talking about "her sisters" and how predators need to be deplatformed and her segment ending - pause - "Attorney Mike Morse!"

Chris even talked about how there are multiple investigations and yet Greg doesn't shut up. Sound familiar? Here's Mike Morse!

No. 928796

>It looks like anon >>927993 might have been on to something.
I don't get why Alyssa would post this convo publicly on her FB unless she was counting on it being seen. Anyway, it's not like this sort of bullshit (threats,intimidation) is outside of Gene's wheelhouse either, he only put together a whole ass site to dox Onision's family. I wonder if Alyssa's really communicating with him >>924013 directly. Where does Hansen even find these people? It's like he just plucks them out of thin air.

If Alyssa's in contact with Gene and these twitter convos >>923930 are authentic, who's running Hansen's twitter now?

No. 928801

No offense anon but did you read the parts of the thread that were linked to >>919938, >>920043? They pretty much answer your question. Wershe's story is also linked in that thread.

No. 928806

>I think it says a lot when you see who is eager to go on the show a second time even after they fucked Sarah over.
Yeah now it's Stevie's turn. kek

No. 928807

The comments on those tweets are also saying she's been hacked. It is funny timing though, definitely.

No. 928809


I can't work it out but all this hacking stuff stinks of fake staged shit. I don't know if it's Hansenites or TCAPists doing it or someone else. It's fucking stupid and boring so they should fuck up.

No. 928857

I agree it looks staged. What a nice hacker she has. He just calls her fat and stupid. Almost as nice as the "hacker" vince had.

No. 928874

File: 1581005854857.jpeg (135.79 KB, 750x729, 711C3636-6477-4817-95B4-360060…)

Idk what this is about now

No. 928887

i swear to god he should just call it a deep dive and not an investigation because there would be far less confusion.

No. 928888

This whole thing was retarded, I'm sorry. No point to it at all.

No. 928893

checking this chick's fb and holy shit she is a weeb from hell. I almost don't want to make fun of her because I'm 90% sure she is legitimately autistic.

No. 928915

She has a Google drive folder called “Assholes Encountered”, to be updated by her when she encounters more online assholes kek


No. 928962

File: 1581023635890.png (1.1 MB, 1440x1832, thirst trap stevie.png)

>Not a self promo but the voices in my head tell me Greg obsesses about me for hours to make me feel better about myself for obsessing about him for hours

Kek okay Stevie. You have repeated this for years and yet we never have sources to confirm that Greg is obsessively watching your autism for hours at a time. Pretty sure he is too caught up in his own autism to care about you

No. 928998

The source at the time was AJ. However Stevie stepped into cow territory for me as soon as he implied Jimmy killed his turtle to get his attention specifically.

No. 929027

Ugh, Stevie is so full of himself.

No. 929043

File: 1581038286068.png (22.89 KB, 948x480, Screenshot_2020-02-07 LolaBohe…)


So who's doing the staging when these two >>928775 (one being Hansen's volunteer) were just talking about Lola a couple days ago. Vince never showed any evidence while Lola's account was restricted because of unusual activity.

Funny how Vince's account was never restricted despite his "hack".

No. 929058

I was watching it as if happened. First it looked like she was having a temper tantrum and throwing a pity party because someone DARED to question her skillz. Then it looked like she pivoted, realizing she just made herself look silly.

Now she's going to come back and clamor for attention by claiming she was a victim of… something.


Correlation isn't causation.

No. 929059

>he implied Jimmy killed his turtle to get his attention specifically.
Did he really? LOL I didn't know that. I have hard time believing he and AJ are still friends.

No. 929066

Making 3 tweets about it >>928771 (below the hacked tweets) isn't what I'd call a tantrum. People doubt what she does for a living I guess because this is the internet? Still doesn't explain why she was hacked. I know some of the anti-o's don't like her - given their overall level of intellect, their dislike automatically boosts Lola's credibility lol.

No. 929067

Yeah, he really did.
This was so long ago that I obviously don't remember the exact wording anymore but it was along the lines of "this mf just killed his turtle to get a rise out of me" and how that wouldn't be surprising.

No. 929086

I think people are making her to be more involved or a big deal than she really is. She involved herself by reaching out to Shiloh and asking if she could be their advocate which then had her seeking money from the victims for that advocacy. Shiloh turned her down and I made a vague tweet about it. After that Lola has been outspoken about her distrust of the ‘investigation’ was on a few live-streams talking about it and that’s really about it. In one of the live-streams she says that she has been in contact with fbi regarding the investigation which imo is really creepy.

I think she’s just making herself more of a player than she really is.

No. 929097

File: 1581045632962.jpeg (183.62 KB, 740x757, 1CC4C4DA-E6D5-43E9-BCAD-BDC9F1…)

Dunno how reliable Wes is or how he got this info but he posted that Chris and this man named Don Shipley met recently. I read online that Don is a retired Navy SEAL goes after people who lie about being in the military or their actual military experience. I checked CH’s IG, and saw that he is following donshipleyofficial. Don’s account is fairly new. (He has only posted one photo back in December.) If what they are meeting for is related to Greg, we might see Don on CH’s stream next week and they’d discuss Greg’s time in the military?

No. 929098

>Shipley has garnered attention for his work investigating individuals who claim to have served as SEALs or other high-profile military service claims.[2][13] He and his wife Diane produced a series of YouTube videos, "Phony Navy SEAL of the Week", which combined footage of Shipley telephoning individuals suspected of false claims and questioning them to determine if stolen valor had occurred and how far the individual would persist in a deceptive claim. The videos also included interactions between him and Diane and video clips that related to the topic at hand.[1]

>The YouTube series transitioned into a series of video segments which are privately hosted on his website Extreme SEAL Videos on a paid subscription basis.[14] In addition to a featured show in which Don and Diane travel around the country to engage individuals that may have stolen valor, there are other video segments, including Q&A sessions, a cooking show hosted by Diane, and footage from the Extreme SEAL Experience training course.[15]

>Shipley's YouTube channel was terminated as of February 21, 2019.[14] He alleged that it was in retaliation for exposing activist Nathan Phillips' claims of having been a Vietnam veteran and "recon ranger" when Phillips had only served in the Marine Corps Reserve as a refrigerator technician and anti-tank missile man. YouTube issued a statement saying the account was terminated because Shipley was sharing too much identifying information including home addresses and phone numbers in violation of YouTube policies that could lead to harassment of others.[19]

No. 929099

>we might see Don on CH’s stream next week and they’d discuss Greg’s time in the military
If true, yeah, why not. Beats listening to Shiloh, Regina or Morse again ( I know Morse is going to be included, yeah, just wishful thinking on my part )

No. 929100

this is going to needle greg greatly so I'm a fan.

No. 929103

>asking if she could be their advocate
Caps? Or can you direct me to the vid where she says that? I only know she made info available/put it out to the public. I didn't hear anything about her trying to be anyone's personal advocate or whatever. That doesn't even make any sense if she works in IT, she's not a social worker.
>she’s just making herself more of a player than she really is.
I only know what I've seen on her twitter and the bits I've seen from her livestream. All she did was put info out there. I don't know why these two >>928775 even brought her up in the first place - it's weird timing that she got hacked just a few days later.

No. 929106

lol. Compiling her own personal vendetta list really sounds like something Vincent would do. tbh it wouldn't even surprise me if it was Hansen's idea. Mentally speaking, Vincent and Hansen's new "volunteer" don't appear that different from each other. Really bodes well for Hansen's future. Rinse and repeat.

No. 929113

>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, kiddo.

I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.

No. 929115

Tommy C (vet) already went over Greg's military record with one of his vet buddies. Chris is doing what he always does which is rehashing old info that's already been out in the public domain for ages. He discovers nothing new then calls himself an investigative journalist. Yawn.

No. 929126

I don't know why you'd imply she's faking getting hacked, unless she had a history of doing it like Hansen and Vince. Their bs claims of getting hacked goes back to when they were covering Ice Poseidon. Hansen mysteriously dropped that case after claiming Ice's story was nothing but a publicity stunt, despite leaked discord chats confirming Ice was talking sexually to a minor. You want the vid showing that? I can post it.

No. 929127


Because I believed her to be a liar before she claimed she got hacked.

No. 929129

>YouTube issued a statement saying the account was terminated because Shipley was sharing too much identifying information including home addresses and phone numbers in violation of YouTube policies that could lead to harassment of others.
Got in trouble for doxxing? Looks like Shipley, Hansen and Gene are 3 peas in a pod.

No. 929133

There's belief based on nothing, and then there's belief based on evidence. I choose the latter. I don't know if this chick >>929043 is lying about being hacked, but it is one helluva coincidence when one of Hansen's lackeys was just saying they were going to take her info over to Gene, who just so happens to enjoy doxxing people and vendetta sperging like a twonk.

No. 929142


If. I. Believe. She. Is. A. Liar. Why. Would. I. Think. Her. Word. Is. Evidence?

Also, >>929058


Her friends reported the activity on her account. That's why her profile was restricted and Vince's wasn't.

Because her mouth wrote checks her ass couldn't cash, I wonder if this is her way to an hero this persona since people were starting to question her credentials and credibility. This way, it looks like it was someone else's fault that this persona just dropped off the internet. Maybe, maybe not. Remains to be seen.

No. 929149

I'm still laughing at all the brainlets accusing anyone critical of Hansen as "trying to derail his investigation". lol what investigation? Everything Hansen's done, especially since going to Onision's house has been strictly for entertainment value. The feds are the ones investigating. Hansen puts on a clown show every week for a few yt shekels.

Hansen's TCAP show was primarily for entertainment, same as he's doing now. The conviction rates on that show btw are much lower than Hansen likes to claim. All these people thinking he's serious about "catching predators" are extremely gullible.

No. 929154

>her mouth wrote checks her ass couldn't cash
Wait are you confusing her for Hansen >>922343?
lol but seriously do you have any evidence to back up your assertions? Because I don't see it. I remain skeptical until I see all the evidence. Still you can't blame people for drawing logical conclusions based on shady past behavior from Hansen's associates >>916654

No. 929155

This girl was mentioned by Chris in the stream with Ed Troyer as the “man in Australia” kek. She shared her story on this YouTube video. Chris followed her Twitter LindenIRose recently and tried to reach out to her.

No. 929162

>To Ragreynolds, thank you for being the only person who listened, who tried and made an effort.
If Rag vouched for her then he must know who she is. Did I read it right that she was ignored by the other victims? I vaguely remember running across this girl online a few months ago but I don't remember the context now. Sarah and Regina also hinted that there were more victims. If there's a reputable victims advocacy group in AUS I hope she goes there instead of letting Hansen use her for entertainment. He's not serious about this when he's got someone like Mike Morse working with him.

No. 929172

Not sure if there's anything in here that could be all that relevant. Although pretty disturbing, it seems like other people were far more involved than Jimmy himself.
"Guy from Australia" sounded too bizarre to be real though, lol.

No. 929175

I’ve liked Stevie and his onion oriented rants for a long time however, it’s hard to overlook is cow-like tendencies. Watching him berate gerg is pretty entertaining but sometimes I wish he wasn’t such a fixated-autist and centered some content around other cows once in a while(even repzion does commentary on degenerates that are unrelated to onion sometimes, instead of beating the same dead horse over and over again)

No. 929178

I agree, actually. I enjoyed his content too. Certain things just rubbed me the wrong way. The turtle comment ( waaay too much self importance there. Jimmy let his turtle die because he's a shit pet owner, not to personally piss Stevie off ), the gf breakdown videos, him sending an apology to Jimmy at one point ( fully knowing Jimmy is going to misunderstand that ) and so on.
I do wish some of his old videos were still up, just for the entertainment value.

No. 929203

>I'll be a reporter after he goes to prison
Chris Hansen adds nothing of value to this. He's stringing along gullible people for views, spinning his wheels while the actual investigation takes place behind closed doors. That Shiloh and Regina support this is bizarre. Hansen's obviously using them to smooth over his fuck ups and maintain an air of credibility in the public eye.

I've seen situations like this play out before. The chances of Greg seeing jail time (especially after what happened with some key evidence) is very slim. He may still get convicted of something eventually, but I don't think it will be related to the current situation. Hansen can pointlessly posture about his credentials and make as many empty promises as he likes, I know once this stops being profitable for him he'll move on to something else and act like Onision never existed, just like he did with his Ice Poseidon "investigation".

No. 929209

File: 1581071362194.png (424.91 KB, 1200x1185, Out_Of_1000_SexualAssaults_053…)

Hansen's a charlatan who's blowing smoke up these girls asses by insisting Onion will see jail time for what he did to any of them. The prosecution rate for sex crimes in the US is around 3%, which Hansen would know if he were an actual journalist worth a shit. Bumbling around with Sarah's devices like he did only made it that much more difficult for Onion to be prosecuted.

With any luck, Onion will end up legitimately crippled like Harvey Weinstein pretends to be. His penis will completely cease to function. A girl can dream.

No. 929211

There was value, initially. He's a household name, way more people tuned in than they otherwise would ( I'm sure people are still tuning in just because of Chris ).
In terms of the actual investigation, no, there's not much value there. Looking back at the Vince debacle…That was fucking pathetic for 'professionals'. Morse I can't stand.

I'll be tuning in for this >>929097 and the cult expert they're planning on having on, but if it's just going to be a repeat of the same people every week then I'll drop it too.

>He may still get convicted of something eventually, but I don't think it will be related to the current situation

I have the same feeling. They may get him on something completely unrelated five years from now, but as far as this whole thing goes…I don't see it going further.
They massively fucked up by not putting Lainey in the forefront more, then they fucked up with the laptop and the phone. I don't know. I'm still hoping I'm going to be proven wrong, most of us here want Jimmy gone.

No. 929216

>I'll be tuning in for this >>929097 and the cult expert they're planning on having on
I'll be shocked if they have anything new to add that hasn't already been rehashed countless times. Greg's military record was discussed at length by two Iraqi vets (Tommy C) a few years ago. As far as a "cult expert", I don't know how that pertains to Greg other than that failed idea he had in Sisesca. Greg's not a Jim Jones or a Charles Manson, and for Hansen to imply that just shows his love of sensationalism, not journalism.

As far as I'm concerned both Greg and Hansen have profited from this shitshow at the victims expense. They're both pitiful shekel chasers.

No. 929224

>Shiloh: I think we're all very understanding, kind, naive to a certain degree
OOF, and it shows. I guess they feel backed into a corner like there's no one else they can go to, but they went to other youtuber's like Blaire White - her credibility and reach isn't any less than Hansen's. Hansen might have more name recognition but that's not worth anything when his reputation is so dicey and gets more questionable by the day.

It looks like the girls are taking Hansen at his word that Greg will 100% get put away. It's unfortunate they put so much blind trust in someone who at the end of the day is just using them for a career boost. It definitely doesn't help that they're all surrounded by a bunch of yes people in the anti-o community. Oh well.

No. 929227

lol that doesn't look suspicious at all, nice timing. I don't see the point of an NDA when Gene is working for Hansen (this was proven without a doubt by Wes), Gene obviously being mentally ill >>916750. His association with Gene, just like with Vincent, will inevitably come back to haunt him.

No. 929232

>a bunch of yes people in the anti-o community.
I have to laugh because some of them act like they're privy to sooper sekret info all because they have direct contact with the victims. If they knew so much about what was actually going on behind the scenes they would've known about Sarah's laptop but they didn't. Neither did the victims for that matter until that Newsweek journalist spoke up. I wonder how long Hansen would've held on to it had his bs not been discovered? It's a joke he's still given the time of day, but I expect nothing less from a circus.

No. 929237


I don't think this will be much if anything to do with onion.

Shipley and Hansen are obvious cross-promotion candidates because the audiences are into the same kind of thing: people getting fucking busted. Also there was one stolen valor guy Don busted that was also a huge pedo.

No. 929248

look, of course he knows this. the dude has won many awards. he's a journalist by any metric, but the reason he went hard in the paint for greg is: the situation dovetails nicely with his old TCAP success (yes, no conviction rate but the show was huge until that guy in texas shot himself) because he needs the dosh and he's never been able to figure out new media. onion was his chance. built-in audience.

you see a lot of boomers like dr. phil realizing that television is on its way out, and they try to figure out how to build brand online via podcasting or yt channels, but they really don't know what they're doing.

do we know how hansen got involved to begin with? did he even know about greg, did one of the girls reach out, was it vince? hansen needs less shady characters assisting him or he's never going to gain ground.

frankly he should have gone after the zoos. flyover boomers would be blackpilled as fuck and raging if they knew what that nice young vet tech wanted to do with fido. my point is that he has to diversify if he wants to stay in the game, the shiloh interview this week was boring. at this point, he should just call the show have a seat GREG, it's stupid.

No. 929260

If by aversion you mean he can't afford to pay anyone because he's millions of dollars in debt and so he scrapes the bottom of the barrel, then yes.

No. 929262

>who's running Hansen's twitter now?
Good question. Vincent "n-word" Nicotra was running all of Hansen's sm including FB before he was scapegoated into oblivion. Maybe it's another racist? Hansen doesn't seem to mind keeping one on board as long as he can use them as leverage to help himself.

No. 929381

sorry to ask to be spoonfed but I've looked everywhere for this supposed video of Shiloh's ex talking about their relationship? Does anyone have a title at least to lead me in the right direction?

No. 929509

Onion-drama veterans, is she telling the truth about ~muh heart condition~ or was it just another “I wanna make a rainbow uwu” stunt? Cuz she’s still alive after 25

If legit, God bless her

No. 929512

Looks sketchy given that it's so soon after this >>928775. Since when is a volunteer mod for a Facebook group asked to sign an NDA? Is Hansen trying to Onision his way out of his own bullshit now? lol good luck.

No. 929514

Lol, I remember this. At the time it wasn't really believed to be true, no, but there was no confirmation either way.

No. 929515

No one knows because no one's seen her medical records. She claims she's been dealing with seizures all these years. No way to know for sure w/o evidence.

No. 929542

File: 1581132978259.jpeg (286.5 KB, 750x637, CB57158C-3E16-40F8-B8BC-99FF60…)

If you are proud of sharing a commonality with this unfortunate whatever it is then you need better role models

No. 929543

Keeping his little unpaid puppets - I'm sorry voLunTeErS - quiet while they do his dirty work? Wonder if Doxxer Gene will have to sign one too. kek

No. 929547

So he knows the conviction rate in the US, and yet he's blatantly trying to sell the naive on Greg going to jail being a sure thing.
>the situation dovetails nicely with his old TCAP success
Yeah, he's trying to use Youtube as a stepping stone to get back into network tv. I don't even know how long he's being lying about having multiple investigations going, that he's got tv projects in the works, etc.

It's obvious Hansen deliberately brings shady, garbage people in to work with him because no actual professional worth a fuck would look at what he's doing (I mean really look at it in its entirety) and approve.

No. 929549

I've seen a few of the anti-o's accuse her of clout chasing - ironic since Hansen's the one making money off the victims while he lies to their faces.

No. 929553

What's ironic is hearing someone like Mike Morse speak about Onision's victims when Morse had 5 sexual misconduct lawsuits against him. I believe there are now two.

No. 929559

She could be cute! Big noses can be cute! She has cute other features! Drawing attention to her big ass nose with ten pounds of contour and highlighter isn’t cute though!

No. 929564

LOL I bet he thinks by having his "workers" sign an NDA he'll avoid another Vincent situation. It's almost like he doesn't know he's recruited total brainlets who are going to fuck things up no matter what. This boomer is overestimating his scheming capabilities, again.

No. 929589

onision's right though she's fucking ugly

No. 929625

It seems Irish and Alyssa knew each other or had dm's before this. The chat starts abruptly and it looks like it's part of an earlier chat that was cropped out, "I told you to protect you and Chris."

>I heard about her but haven't seen anything

>Can you send me Lola's twitter
>So I can inform Chris
>[Gene] can stop the IP hackers

Is this how Alyssa reacts to anyone she's suspicious of for no apparent reason? Takes it to Gene the lunatic? I see nothing indicating Lola ever had direct interactions with Chris, so why would she imply that this woman was some sort of threat? Even Irish said "she cant get to Chris."

What a bizarre conversation. Everything going on around Hansen is just weird and creepy.

No. 929626


It's all grimy and shady but one thing's for sure none of these mouthbreathers are hackers.

It's all bullshit because even if someone could hack 2 factor twitters or magically get footage from Hansen at greg's house they wouldn't risk years in jail over this stupid bullshit.

No. 929635

File: 1581163238634.jpeg (151.4 KB, 750x766, 007ACE17-B59A-47ED-A829-05AFE2…)

Mista GG received copyright claims from Vincent Nicotra that were denied. He then complained to YouTube and even mentioned BakedSalmon’s terminated channel. It seems that YouTube is done with Vincent’s copyright abuse.

No. 929638

File: 1581163457134.jpeg (82.46 KB, 750x638, E8E6F69C-61C6-4946-A4FE-516FF6…)

Vincent tried to claim Wes Moast’s video too and got denied. This is his message to YouTube which was attached to his claim. Idiot.

Onision is by far a bigger YouTuber than these people and he’s getting special treatment for his copyright abuse. Idgi

No. 929641

File: 1581164246665.jpeg (139.52 KB, 1269x2048, D8B43417-4D22-4351-ABC1-73C662…)

A screen shot from Steven Asarch about Vincent changing the text on the Hansen vs Predators website for the nth time. I don’t see this message anymore.

No. 929647

File: 1581165442264.png (3.74 MB, 1284x4899, where there's smoke there's fi…)


Fret not anons, Chris said all the issues with Morse are "long settled and looked into." Chris Hansen would never deceive his audience for his own personal gain. Mike Morse is a champion of law and justice. Now unless you want trouble, you'll shut up and never speak of it again.

No. 929972

Do you know who @OnionUnprivated is?

No. 929999

File: 1581253973746.jpg (69.92 KB, 752x430, hypocrite.jpg)


They're going to ignore this elephant in the room even if it's groping people's breasts with its trunk.

No. 930001

No idea who any of them are.

>They're going to ignore this elephant in the room
It seems like it. It's been "dealt with", or whatever. I really wish they found someone better. Vince was a terrible idea, Morse is an even worse one considering the allegations.

No. 930384

File: 1581335177106.jpg (162.09 KB, 1280x720, richie2.0.jpg)

Jaclyn did an 8 hour (!) special watching Gregory Poo videos and I couldn't help notice the douche sometimes popping up on her stream like a turd that refuses to be flushed. Then figured out via her other channel said douche is actually her new douchebag.
I just want to compliment Jaclyn on once again picking a fuckboi, I mean looking at his uneasy demeanor, pedo smile and retro emo haircut that this guy is definitely bi-sexual, probably has pierced nipples and will one day be caught having made out with some dude backstage at a thirty seconds to mars concert.
What is it with her and these pencil neck weenies? You're just asking for trouble.
Then again you have to be absolutely dead inside to date Jaclyn.(namefag)

No. 930401

You don't need to namefag your post weird anon, but that guy is much better looking than Richie or Greg. Why so butt hurt?

No. 930409

I'm butthurt because you don't know the difference between name and subject.
My compliments on the farmhand that does not know this.
You guys have the best staff.

No. 930474

File: 1581355792140.jpg (5.31 KB, 129x197, Image1.jpg)

you know deity claims to have been raped once. and for the life of me, i can't picture it. this must have been the most desperate gay man in earth's history. i'm talking a gay that has been living deep in the woods haven't seen a man ass besides actual bears to fuck for 40 years or something, high on meth, pcp, cocaine as well as drunk out of his mind. and then still its a pretty big maybe.
he would need to be even fatter and uglier than deity and insanely desperate.
then again everybody claims to have been raped these days on the internet and if you were to run a statistics on that 8 out of every 2 people would need to be a rapist, or something.

No. 930482

god your retardation is fucking embarrassing

No. 930536

commentary of the post I'm replying to aside the fact that she actually did this is so incredibly cringey. I watched part of it just to see what she was doing and she basically is doing an 8 hour stream where she watches a playlist of his videos and talks over all of them (with ads on) because it will take away people's temptation to watch his videos. I hope Greg is giving you a cut of all of that money you just threw his way Jaclyn. If anything people will watch his actual videos now because they couldn't figure out wtf he was saying because you were talking over him and now those people who had no interest in seeing them before might just to see what the hell is going on. I hope they are at least smart enough to turn on adblock.

No. 930700

he's not even an odd looking guy. this is a dumb nitpick. he's a normal looking guy, of course it's possible.

No. 930752

>they wouldn't risk years in jail
Of course they would risk it if they believed (or were told) they'd get away with it. They're not too different from Onision in that respect.

No. 930809

Chris Hansen doesn't seem to actually research anyone he chooses to be in his "team". He just picks randos and he wonders why people are questioning his credibility.

No. 930998

File: 1581453883336.jpeg (243.33 KB, 640x759, FE285F69-86C7-49F1-8BBA-2CC776…)

Shiloh is vague tweeting again.

No. 931009

This bitch is annoying

No. 931098

His teeth are about as straight as he is and he's greasier than greg even.
I truly can't imagine anybody ever wanting to rape him.

No. 931134

All kinds of people get raped, anon. It's not an appearance thing.

No. 931195

It sounds like Onision logic.
"she/he's too ugly to have been raped, must be doing it for clout, we all know rapists only rape hot people"

No. 931310

"Everybody that does not say what I want them to say is Greg"
All I'm saying is that I can't imagine anybody raping him. Think of it this way: If you're gonna rape anybody you stand a chance of going to prison, a big chance. So wouldn't you then take your pick of the litter? I mean as long as you're going to prison anyway might as well pick out a handsome supple guy and not somebody that looks like he just fell out of bigfoot's anus.
Thats all I'm saying.
But hey, if you call that Greg-logic, go right ahead..

No. 931319

It IS Greg logic, you're weird. That may be logical in theory but the world doesn't work that way. Also people have different opinions on who's attractive

No. 931327

You're right, the rapist must have been in to fat hairy bitches.
Either that, or Deity made the rape up just like 98% of the internet does these days.

No. 931334

Can we please stop entertaining edgy rape troll?

No. 931339

I'm not trying to be edgy, all I'm saying (for the 8th millionth time) is that I don't get why anyone would wanna rape a fat hairy ugly manbaby like Deity.

No. 931361

Hansen's guest tomorrow will be some 'psychologist' no doubt dug up from the shadiest alleyways familiar to Mike Morse.

I think it's going to be a tipping point into ultra lulz with every twitter anti-o given the greenlight to tinfoil all kinds of wonderful shit.

The irony of 'crazy escalating greg' being doorstepped by 'oh no,' Chris Hansen not so long ago will be ignored by all.

No. 931362


I believe you're not trying to be edgy but are in fact a very dense motherfucker and probably have testicles.

No. 931365

File: 1581520994628.jpeg (467.23 KB, 1125x1127, D7F7C759-70C1-4B26-A49B-0F59CF…)

Nobodies flexing their clout

No. 931377

If you hate men then why the hell are you out here defending Deity's claim of rape?
Because he's gay? Gay guys lie too, you know?

No. 931384

Any chance this is Hansen she's talking about? That would be a laugh…

No. 931386

File: 1581525076090.png (549.34 KB, 602x508, keks.png)

Why do they want their faces tied to this
If she's talking about Hansen it wouldn't make sense for her to do another interview

No. 931390

Anyone else think Vincent and Rag might be involved in this retarded narrative that Sarah faked everything?

No. 931410

Rag has been undercover posing as an anti for a long time now, but fact remains he is still in close contact with Greg till this day.
Now why would Greg talk to someone thats "turned on him", you ask?
Very good question. Why indeed?

No. 931440

I’m getting 2011 Nicki Minaj flashbacks

No. 931498

I hope all the anti-o Hansen stans on twitter and the onion thread enjoy tonight's show.

I know I will… fucking kek.

No. 931502

>Hansen's guest tomorrow will be some 'psychologist'
Oh that sounds like fun. I feel like this whole thing is losing momentum at a time where it should be gaining it. It's plummeting.

No. 931557

so sarah gave the laptop to the cops, right?


No. 931566

Didn't she?

No. 931601

Wow, DIETY really looks a lot like Jessica/johnathon yaneev

No. 931622

After all that's gone down (Gene, Vincent, Morse, Hansen's treatment of the TCAP community) anyone with a functioning brain questions his credibility. Everyone else just swallows whatever he says without a second thought.
On his show just last week, she literally admitted to being naive >>929224. I wish her all the best but goddamn some people never learn. If she thought it was bad when the Vincent fiasco happened she ain't seen nothing yet. I can't fathom the depths of stupidity required to look at Sarah being lied to for MONTHS, then turn around acting like everything's a-ok, being buddy-buddy with the other guy who lied to her. WTF even.

No. 931646

File: 1581586325128.png (131.08 KB, 598x916, lel.png)

>Nobodies flexing their clout

>just because you don't know what's going on behind the scenes advising the victims

Too bad none of these anti's have "behind the scenes" info or else they could've alerted Sarah over Hansen never sending her laptop to the FBI like he said he did/would. Some of them try so hard to act like they know something when clearly they don't know shit, and this one gets snotty with anyone who accidentally bursts her delusional lil' bubble. Who cares if Hansen spoke to Pierce county PD's PR guy? His adult son got community service for the statutory rape of a 14 year old child and Brainlet Supreme over here thinks they (or Hansen) care about getting Onision prosecuted.

These people are so busy tickling Hansen's balls they missed the part where n-word Nicotra was used as Hansen's convenient fall guy.

No. 931678

>Too bad none of these anti's have "behind the scenes" info or else they could've alerted Sarah over Hansen never sending her laptop to the FBI like he said he did/would.
Anti-o twitter used to always maintain that Sarah was doing something legal about the situation. They're real quiet about that now.
Anyone else notice how gatekeepy anti-os like to be, and how they like to feel high and mighty for making it big in their autistic clubhouse?

No. 931692

People were begging Sarah to take the laptop to the police since before Hansen and Vincent were involved, she just ignored them or kept making excuses. And at this point, if she didn't take it to the police she's as much of a liar as Vincent since she keeps saying she will give it to the police but never does. It has been in her possession for almost a month, she has no excuses.

No. 931694

Okay, but has it been confirmed anywhere that she didn't hand it over to the cops? Cause this is a little confusing right now, especially since this post >>931557 implied she didn't.

No. 931703

Exactly anon. They decided to bait with that imbecile Dylan instead, and then ant-os ran with it for months as evidence that Sarah was going to do something about it. Instead she decided to not trust the police, but Chris Hansen.
That may be the one thing I can't fault her for. I'm not shocked that Sarah trusted Hansen. The bigger issue is that the anti-os ran with it to fuel their hate boners or need for drama. It was never about justice for Sarah. It was about drama. That's why seething anti-os keep insisting that it's about the bigger picture as if meming, powerleveling, and tweeting hashtags will actually achieve anything.

No. 931712


It's all about the memes and community circlejerk for these people anyway.

Sarah and Dylan bullshitting about the court thing is just handing ammo to Onion's defence (the court kind) but it was probably fucking Vince's idea anyway.

This whole thing will end in a big `NOTHINGBURGER` and all the faceless stans will just blend away into the ether. The 'stars' of the shitshow will just pivot.

No. 931717

File: 1581606407661.jpeg (239.52 KB, 828x778, laptop.jpeg)

100% Agreed.. So Sarah handed her laptop to the cops.. AGAIN? I mean last time she told people on twitter she brought it to a COURT HOUSE. Which I found suspicious since its supposed to be brought to a police station after they pack and seal it and take it to the special digital forensics department to a undisclosed location.
People keep asking her and asking her and she keeps saying she did, yet didn't. If you really want Greg in prison, and you have a laptop full of evidence, why wouldn't you deliver it to the cops ASAP?
Nothing is happening and there never will. Every god damn episode Chris starts AND ends the show by promising us there will be "more details about the ongoing investigation" and yet every time we end up with NOTHING.
Like you said, its a great big NOTHINGBURGER, with a side of nothing and a big tall nothing milkshake.

No. 931734

Sarah still has feelings for both Footface and Gargoyle, that's why she won't take the laptop to the police. She should at least stop pulling a Madison saying she's gonna do this and that and end up doing absolutely nothing

No. 931957

I no longer believe that nudes were sent, but the evidence for that was always questionable. Lainey has nipslipped plenty of times on patreon. We never 100% saw that she sent her full arby's no1 to Regina. I'm definitely not saying that Lainey wasn't inappropriate with the girls but the nude proof Regina posted was weak. I get that Lainey is a scumbag but those aren't nudes, and if there really are why hasn't Sarah done anything? Why were Regina's devices never included? There's apparently so much evidence but they're still stalling on month 5.
I don't think anyone ever thought Grease would go to jail, but don't be naive about Laundry either.

No. 932026

In those pictures her huge veiny breastfeeding tits were obviously out, I would consider that a nude. Her pussy might have been a little more discrete in the picture but we can't know for sure how visible it was without seeing the uncensored version. I believe there are nudes, I believe they won't go to the police because they still have feeling for Lainey and don't want to "hurt her and the kids uwu" or some other bullshit reason

No. 932089


Which is worse, anon? Someone sending a pic of their milkers (let's assume for the sake of argument there is no clam on display) to a 15 year old or fucking a married couple in the same bed as their toddler?

I know what ThE lAw says in the US, but what about the ever flexible moral law as seen on twitter?

As a kid I sat on a beach in Spain with all kinds of titties parading in front of me. Hell, some of those tits were on MINORS. Is a US jury really going to come down hard on Footface for showing her tits in a selfie? Just some thoughts.

No. 932100

Please don't take this the wrong way because I think Greg is a narcissistic psychopath and that he should in fact rot in prison, if only for the safety of others. (i believe him to be fully capable of far worse than what he is accused of) But in both the Billy the Fridge fiasco stream as well as some video of his he mentioned the laptop thing being weird and also how Sarah has wasted everybodies time.
He's actually right with that, and I agree.
If these former groupies of him don't truly want justice, don't waste everyones time.
Either go to the police and hand them evidence, or not say anything ever. Don't just go on Hansens stream making promises you can't keep.

No. 932106

>I believe they won't go to the police because they still have feeling for Lainey and don't want to "hurt her and the kids uwu" or some other bullshit reason
And look at what happened to the daughter, falling out a 2 story window like that and probably having brain damage for the rest of her life. Look how well that turned out.

No. 932133

>give her more time
Honestly, no.
This is (or was) serious and if Sarah was serious about wanting Taylor and Jimmy imprisoned and if there is evidence of cp on the laptop, she doesn't seem to care about it.
This is going on for way too long now. She had the chance to end it all and blew it because she's too fucking lazy and snowflake-y to bring that damn laptop to the police.
She can talk shit and post memes about Taylor and Jimmy all day long, but she can't take action against them.

No. 932172

That tweet is from last year when someone first asked her, and people fell all over that dude for asking after Dylan defended it.
But you tell me man, say someone stole your bike and you know for sure who it is and you see them happily riding your bike every damn day, wouldn't you just report them?
In this case its a laptop supposedly full of evidence, but even if thats true any lawyer could make mincemeat out of that laptop considering its been everywhere and with everybody by now.
If she truly wants justice, she should have listened to that anon.
Now that ship has sailed, its long gone now and far, far away.

No. 932186

If the laptop story is true, then what ever victims Greg and Lainey made for the past 5 months are on Chris, Vince and Sarah.
Vince may even be in hot legal water if the story is true, since they call that withholding evidence of a crime.

No. 932189

She's probably another idiot like Madison who still has hopes the Onions will take her back some day

No. 932373

looks like hansen is going to start pushing that 'cult' narrative super hard from now on, even harder than before. greg is a disgusting and dickcheesed little weaselman but this "cult" angle is a bit too far. he has repeatedly compared it to NXIVM. the sensationalist approach is very irksome and it's annoying that he insists on making it the hallmark of his career. noticed on his interview with lisa stronahanhan or whatever her name is, he couldn't help but, like the rest of weirdos in his camp, insist that they had "legal guardianship". really bothers me that this supposed journalist calls having POA "legal guardianship". how has he not been laughed out of the business irl due to his reporting alone? entrapment scandal aside, the quality of his reporting is truly awful.

No. 932381

Still going to tune into this one. Not so much for Jimmy, just to hear what the cult specialist has to say. But with the way things are going, I'm not going to be surprised if a wetlands specialist is on next, lol.

No. 932411

How is it too far? Grease literally tried to start a cult.
I agree Hansen's show became a circus though, and he is an untrustworthy piece of shit for lying about the laptop. He said many times it was delivered to the FBI and even that they had already looked into it and found evidence of crimes, that was obviously a lie. He should be called out for lying as much as Vincent is, yet barely anyone calls him out.

No. 932424

A year prior Maya was told to come forward to help any potential victims including Sarah. Her infatuation with laundry got her to blame Grease 100% and protect laundry until farmers leaked her story.
The cycle will continue unless grease goes to jail. Awareness obviously isn't the answer, if it was then multiple girls would have backed off immediately. Mcfly is probably next.

No. 932425

he's just an philandering abuser that wants to fuck around and maintain his steady supply on the side. this is not uncommon. if most men had his clout they'd do the same, and plenty of men do. there's nothing cultish about it. men depraved enough to do poly are similarly abusive and controlling. it's not uncommon at all. i wouldn't say it's much like a veritable cult, though. the same things groomers do are similar to cult leaders, though not exclusive to them, and groomers and creeps would all keep multiple victims with them if they could and control them if they could.

No. 932428

>The cycle will continue unless grease goes to jail
I wish this happened, I just don't know what they could even jail him for right now. There's a reoccurring theme of "Jimmy's going to prison" in all Hansen's streams, but I can't actually pin point one thing they could bust him for ( unless there's more we don't know about ).

No. 932429

I think you're forgetting he created his own religion called Siscesca and it was before he had a following

No. 932435

he was a retarded 17 year old nicking the plot from a shit game becasue has no creativity. sicesca had nothing to do with his recent history. it's no longer relevant. sure, it sounds more interesting, but it has no real relevancy to the billie, sarah, whoever else situation.

No. 932437

NTA, I agree with this. The last time this was relevant was in 2011, 2012? The time he tried to legally change his last name to Siscesca. Unless he was talking about Siscesca in a serious way with every girl involved still, but I doubt it ( they'd probably say something by now ).
I guess it's another general character assessment, but yeah, I don't think it's that relevant anymore.

No. 932440


Most of them won't try to have sex with you or drop you out of a window onto your head, but the anti-os are way more cult-like than 2020 Onision.

No. 932441

Lol, if you were watching this without context you wouldn't know which one's suppose to be the predator. This decoy was hands down the most hilarious I've ever seen on Tcap.

>but the anti-os are way more cult-like than 2020 Onision

I don't know much about the current batch of anti-o's ( I mean, we had some self post here, but I still don't know who 80 % of them are, apart from being random screen names. Waiting for any anon to share milk since thread 1, lol ), but I'm sure they are - because every batch is. Why would this one be any different.
It's probably even worse since there's a big name involved, Shiloh returned, etc. They must be feeling way too important to this than they actually are.

No. 932503

>if most men had his clout they'd do the same
I don't know what type of "charming" men you have known around your life, but this is so far from the truth it isn't even funny anymore.
Horny teens and perverts, yes, they'd like to have a harem. But men? No, most men wouldn't want that or do that if they had "clout". Most men have dignity and honor.

No. 932632

Old milk regarding Shiloh and Cucky

No. 932633

File: 1581818069797.jpeg (819.19 KB, 1949x1125, 8C9C33B4-C66A-4BAB-BDDA-4CBE3C…)

Sorry for the potato quality, it was 2011 and kinda Shiloh’s fault

No. 932634

File: 1581818090213.jpeg (584.82 KB, 1612x1125, 697CE009-9792-4204-86AC-06FEDD…)

No. 932635

File: 1581818203710.jpeg (677.61 KB, 1979x1125, FC3B5635-E764-4154-96A0-2C4304…)

No. 932638

File: 1581818463427.jpeg (684.34 KB, 1903x1125, 70F53C64-5F07-4B89-B744-6708C5…)


No. 932639

File: 1581818491775.png (255.48 KB, 2436x1125, F3751EC3-45BB-4070-93B5-B7B6F2…)

I smell a rat

No. 932656

The video's already down and I'm too blind for this.

No. 932670

Disregard this, for some reason it's showing as unavailable here, but works when you copy the url.

No. 932772

File: 1581869868830.jpeg (132.91 KB, 750x413, D7E520E1-9F50-4867-AA43-AEAB8A…)

Alyssa isn’t moderating Hansen’s page anymore.

No. 932774

Like mentioned before if you wanna join that weird shit you HAVE TO consider the groupies VICTIMS and worship them and suck their collective cock.
As far as a case against Gregory Poo goes I think we'll be in exactly the same boat this time around next year, Chris still promising "more developments in the Onision case" at every start and ending of each wednesday interview. By then with someone who once said hi to Lainey on Twitter and she was mean to that person. So they were groomed and their entire childhood was ruined, because their entire life revolved around pleasing Lainey's e-penis.

No. 932787

pressure to do what. lol how many months has it been now?

fuck sarah, she's an attention whoring asshole who thinks screwing in the same bed as a toddler is a-okay. anyone who believes she wants anything other than attention, well.

No. 932807

File: 1581877422308.png (279.27 KB, 498x1037, 21ACE054-EEEC-44AC-A02E-29131C…)

Vince hacked Chris’ Facebook account

Taken from kiwi farms

No. 932809

File: 1581878856932.jpg (40.77 KB, 623x469, mrT.jpg)


Don't worry, these professionals have had everything under control since they got involved.

No. 932949

>Vince hacked Chris’ Facebook account
What happened, Chris forgot to change his password? Vince couldn't hack his way out of a paper bag. The only "hacker" we know Chris associates with is Anonymous Gene who doxxed Gerg's family.

No. 932955

That's TWO "volunteers" fired within a month of each other, looks like there's a high turn over rate on the Hansen team. I would say you get what you pay for but even if Hansen could afford to pay anything (he can't) he'd still keep bringing incompetent leeches (like him) who will lie for him, then kick them to the curb when it's convenient for him to do so.

No. 932958

That's been said before. The difference between Sarah and Hansen/Vince is the two boomers made constant assurances that FBI/LE had her evidence when they didn't, they outright lied. Sarah only knew what she was told.

>last time she told people on twitter she brought it to a COURT HOUSE
To do what? It wouldn't be taken into custody there. The only thing they said they went there for was legal advice. Hansen/Vince led Sarah to believe her evidence was with the feds. When the Newsweek journalist found out the truth he contacted Sarah who seemed upset and surprised not only in her tweets, but also in Billy's livestream that she crashed that week.

Hansen lied to everyone about where Sarah's evidence was, claiming to have connections in the FBI who were giving him weekly updates.

No. 932961

This was discussed to death in the last thread >>926013. You're literally using the same talking points >>926311 and sound like the same person. If you're going to troll try being original for once.

No. 932967

Nice to see Vince got over the whole firing him situation and matured.

No. 932968

>the two boomers made constant assurances that FBI/LE had her evidence when they didn't, they outright lied.

It does make you wonder why Hansen chose to hold on to the evidence. He obviously knows fuck all in the FBI, he's a grifter with huge sums of unpaid debt, what if he was trying to hold on to the incriminating evidence because he was hoping for a payout from Onision? There was speculation that Ice Poseidon paid Hansen off so he'd stop talking about his predatory behavior. Ice even joked that he'd throw some cash at Hansen's debt problem in a quid pro quo.

For all we know Onision could be paying Hansen under the table right now. It's not like Hansen hasn't been busy either fucking up the girls case directly, or indirectly with the unpaid brainlets he keeps around to run his operation for him.

No. 932969

Where's the evidence that it's Vince? I wouldn't put it past him but I haven't seen any evidence.

No. 932976

I expect nothing but idiot infotainment from Chris Hansen. It's no wonder he's not on tv anymore, there's already enough of this brain dead bullshit floating around on there. He's desperately hoping this story will be his stepping stone back into network tv, this after having claimed many times he "currently had some tv projects in the works." He went from hosting a reality show on network tv to being a youtube drama channel, oh the depths he will climb.

Hansen's been a sensationalist >>928789 for the entirety of his "career". He's just as much of an empty husk as Onion.

No. 932977

>he's just an philandering abuser
Of course, but to the sensationalist he's equal to a Jim Jones or a Heaven's Gate situation where people actually fucking died. Comparing Greg to those people is an insult to all of the victims - dead and alive - of actual cult leaders. This is the Chris Hansen brand of "journalism".

No. 932981

>He's desperately hoping yt will be his stepping stone back into network tv
His views are already starting to plummet. The more people that catch on to the charade, the more viewership he's going to lose. welp

No. 932998

There isn't, people are just guessing as per usual. And even if it were Vince, how does his behavior come as a surprise when Hansen can't even bother doing basic background checks on any of the people he recruits for his little shitshow, sorry, sEriouS inVeStiGAtioN into Onision.

No. 933009

File: 1581931259303.jpg (118.11 KB, 964x706, hansenvspredator.jpg)

Hansen's domain is for sale top greg

No. 933010

File: 1581931448711.jpg (91.08 KB, 1162x818, hansenvspredators.jpg)

did a double check on hansenvspredators.com (with an s at the end of predators) and it points to Frances (vince's wife?) Nicotra's shitty ambulance chasing law-"firms" website.

No. 933013

File: 1581932224938.jpg (286.39 KB, 1678x920, acceptvisa.jpg)

Its ok though, she accepts Visa and Master Card.

No. 933057

Sarah is a lazy idiot who waits on other people to do the work for her and who thinks posting cringe memes on Twitter to gain "YAAAAAS QWEEN" points from other idiots is more important than doing the right thing and taking the evidence to the police herself. The only way her lazy ass will ever deliver that laptop is if she gets subpoenaed.

No. 933062


it's his sister

No. 933263

So did we forget about this already:
>Vince told Mista GG "there's no such thing as bad publicity"
>He tried to get GG involved in a publicity stunt to boost Hansen's views.
For all we know Vince and Hansen are both in on this, they're both liars and grifters, they have more in common than not. Hansen brings people like Gene around to do his dirty work and dumbasses like some of these anti-o's >>931646 still run around white knighting him like he's anything but a washed up reality tv show host.

No. 933277

This plot is way too sophisticated for Chris Hansen or Vincent. It makes more sense that they are just a couple of bumbling boomer idiots.

No. 933293

At the end of the day none of this would be happening if the relationship didn't go sour. She had the laptop prior to them "breaking up" and it wasn't a problem then.
Nothing's going to happen to Jimmy and that's disappointing as hell. He didn't even really skirt the law this time, he just…did nothing illegal. As for Lainey, maybe she'll get put on a SO list for a few years, at best. It's not even about "investigations taking a long time" anymore, it's just that the hype of "yeeaah Jimmy for jail" has worn off.

But let's see how Hansen's "prison promise" pans out.

No. 933347

People keep saying "Vincent lied to her" but she had more than enough time to take the laptop to the police herself before that. She announced she found illegal stuff in the laptop in September and delivered it to Hansen in the end of October after her livestream, that means she sat on it for over a month, and is still sitting on it TODAY. Seriously I'm trying to understand why. Is because she's lazy? Is it because she still has feelings for Footface? Or is it because she's just doesn't care?

No. 933363

I feel old Greg will go to prison one day over fucking up severely, but not today and no, not over this shit since he didn't do anything illegal.. yet.
He will one day fuck up, and he will either just die or go to prison. One of those two.

No. 933374

I think she's not handing it in because there's nothing on it. I think she thought she had something and then realized she didn't but she's in so deep now she feels like she has to keep up the story.

He's not going to jail. But his "career" will never recover and I find that fucking hilarious. IDK where failed YouTubers usually go to die but I know Greg won't even reach those heights. His life is fucking over.

No. 933539

Next on the show: a cult expert and…Stevie again.

No. 933569

File: 1582078344775.jpg (22.79 KB, 591x132, oh.jpg)

Adding the ss. Is DearMrAtheist the 'cult expert'?

No. 933593

So more boring crap with no milk then. I'll pass, thanks.

No. 933652

File: 1582102824917.gif (591.51 KB, 275x207, 1557037779147.gif)

>she thought she had something on it
Just say she lied, anon. Why weren't Regina's devices ever included or sent along with Sarah's laptop? There was never CP. Those suggestive censored photos Regina posted are not even nudes. Nothing more than what's leaked in one of her many nipslips.
We're expected to believe how much of a groomer onion and foot are, but all the CP and grooming is related to lainey, but Greg is supposed to face legal ramifications for something he did when Sarah was 18? He made inappropriate remarks but "dat booty doe" isn't comparable to the grooming Lainey allegedly did.
If anyone has access to the embarrassing google docs that anti-Os proudly add to, you'll see the majority of girls claiming emotional abuse were simply ghosted by foot. Even then anyone screened by Regina so far is one of Billie's many skinwalking orbiters or a washed out youtuber. Sorry girls/ antis, we're not all that gullible.

No. 933665

So just because she "accidentally" showed her saggy pancake before does that mean that picture of her with her tits out is not a nude? That's not how it works.

No. 933677

so she just accidentally left her pyjama bottoms off and took a pic of herself like that and accidentally sent that pic to a girl under the age of 18, got it.

No. 933679


I think people need to be realistic about how much trouble Kainey could get in for the nudes we've seen.

If the black bars are actually covering nips and perhaps pubes(?) it's gross and creepy but how much of a case is it? How much punishment is likely for it?

If it was a guy with a boner with an arcing jet of semen, sure someone would be going to jail.

If the black bars are just another con, and there's not anything juicy underneath then it's still creepy and gross but the authorities won't even consider it.

No. 933681

In short, none of this will land her in prison for 50 years. If anything comes from it at all, it's going to be a positive surprise at this point.

No. 933682

That's why it's censored anon, literally what other reason is there for Regina not taking this total infallible proof to the police?
I didn't say any of the photos are accidental, I just don't think they're proof of nudes because they're censored. At best it's a suggestive photo, at worst some privates are peeking out and Regina did nothing with this evidence.
You can keep insisting that Regina posted total proof that Lainey ever sent her nudes, you can keep saying Sarah has evidence. Neither of them have done anything with the evidence they claim to have.

No. 933683

initially it felt like it was going to be great that hansen was involved, but come fucking on. this is some next level smoothbrain nonsense. it's nothing to do with cults. saying that it is just gasses greg up. i guess he sees it as turning the pressure on or some shit, but all he's doing is turning the whole thing into a joke.

the only real info we got from his lame interview techniques was that sarah is stupid and callous enough to screw greg and lainey while cloey is in the bed with them. this whole thing is a lame cash grab at this point. i hope sarah fades into obscurity for what she did, they're all famewhores so it would literally be the worst thing that could happen to her.

No. 933685

Sarah is the person who has the best chance at getting justice for herself and the other qweenz, to prevent other girls from becoming victims and to save Cloey and Troy, but she's doing absolutely nothing with the evidence she supposedly has. Everything is just a big joke to her. So what if everyone knows she got raped and that Grease fucked her asshole until she couldn't shit properly anymore? At least that meme she posted on Twitter got a lot of likes, right guys?

No. 933686

then she's a liar. how could she not see how bad this makes her look? in too deep, lol. she's a lousy human being.
thank you. the way this played out makes me pessimistic about greg ever getting done for anything. best chance is the wetlands cases, i think. his neighbors hate him, at least they're all adults who go through the proper channels and not dumb fucks attention whoring on twitter.

No. 933702

According to society and Chris Hansen, female pedophiles do not exist.
Chris even said that on the TCAP show once, they don't exist.(Armchairing)

No. 933867

File: 1582154533371.jpeg (257.87 KB, 640x813, 562C0053-E325-4771-B77C-5A3429…)

Guess she dropped off the laptop.

No. 933870

Lol, of course she'd ask for donations. At least the laptop is with the authorities now ( but it's essentially meaningless )

No. 933871

I’ll wait for proof that she delivered it personally.

No. 933879

Asking for more money? I guess the Greg rubbed off on you.

No. 933881

No, anon, she really deserves it. Fucking Jimmy for two days must have been hell. Luckily there are already anons in the main thread willing to donate, lol.

No. 933912

..again? Thats the third time she told us she delivered the laptop to the FBI / cops

No. 933913

That should be very easy for her to do, since they do actually give you a receipt.

No. 933943

Then she should show it

No. 934060

File: 1582183522733.jpg (38.25 KB, 597x254, moomoo.jpg)

Shiloh chiming in.

No. 934066

File: 1582185519857.jpeg (488.31 KB, 1242x897, E0CE4A79-7E95-4692-AD58-D8B924…)

Sarahs tweet begging for money from Twitter retards and simps did not go down so well, a few people had questions (understandably) and autists like onisionunprivated, river and whoever else has nothing better to with their lives beyond YAAAAS QWEEEEEENNNNing morons who are mentally handicapped enough to get involved with someone like anus and then cry when it backfires had a huge spergout over it

No. 934068

File: 1582185886260.jpeg (661.62 KB, 1242x1440, 58104551-D2E6-4F4F-BA61-3966EA…)

>reasonable request

How about the reasonable expectation that she works for her own money like everyone else?

No. 934069

File: 1582186005666.jpeg (123.69 KB, 750x459, BD614026-9BBC-4A17-A777-5F85A9…)

God these people are fucking losers

No. 934073

File: 1582186494029.jpeg (62.82 KB, 750x306, A5DBD213-35E0-4DBB-9D08-F2B179…)


No. 934082

Making your whole life revolve around Onision drama is really sad.

No. 934085

>asking for donations
>asking for donations because you finally turned in evidence you withheld for months
Oh Shiloh, if only everyone knew the truth. Karma is real.

No. 934086

>I'll be needing a new one
This suggests she was using the laptop, or at best was planning on using it for school, otherwise she would have posted about needing a new one way back when she first found out that there might be evidence on it.

>closet cosplay
They're treating this like a fandom.

No. 934111

tbh it's not that big of a deal. i think it was kind of tasteless but whatever. she could've gotten a budget used dell latitude with decent specs for like $120. if she really needed it, she should've tempered the "e-begging" with a statement about how she just needs something quick and economical, sub $200, etc and done a gofundme type page or something that shows the goal has been met and campaign closed. otherwise it looks kind of bad, a little greedy, like she's just looking to collect potentially thousands with no public record of how much has been donated etc. anyways this isn't really milky. her "fans" are way worse than her.

No. 934121

She is the third person to be receiving donations off of onion drama, because that's what this is. Regina said she needed money for rent and legal fees, and we haven't heard about her turning in her devices. Then someone made a GoFundMe for Shiloh which she happily used to get a god awful coverup tattoo. Now sarah is asking for money to replace the CP riddled laptop she had. Another anon mentioned this implies she was actively using it.

No. 934133


I like that they're draining cash out of these idiot stans. They deserved to be milked like the paypig morons they are.

No. 934138

Didn't this bitch say she'd donate part of the money she gained to remove her tattoo to the other "victims" since she gained more than she needed? I'm sure Sarah could buy a new laptop with that money

No. 934140

lol as if shiloh a) didn't spend it all and b) gives a shit about anyone who isn't herself. shiloh is garbage, how are the music sales going there draculoh?

No. 934141

Regina claimed she needed money for rent,school,etc. But on her Twitter all she ever shows is new makeup including using a Huda beauty lipstick, which isn't cheap. I don't feel bad for any dumbass that donated. Sarah could have went about this better and people offered to send her laptops but she just wanted money. I'm sure Sarah got tips from Regina on how to ask for money.

No. 934145

She saw how much money Repzion made and saw she had the potential to make thousands from idiots as well. The difference is that Repzion showed receipts. The receipt that Sarah actually took the laptop to the FBI is yet to be seen.

No. 934146

And from Dylan. She's surrounded by people who don't want to get off of their ass and work like normal people.

No. 934154

I hope Sarah doesn't use that money to buy more cocaine

No. 934166

I'm terrified a chubby Canadian midget in Snooky like make-up comes after me for criticizing any of her fellow professional victims.
She might give us all sepsis.
Its the stuff nightmares are made of.

No. 934169

And who the fuck are you? Some illiterate cunt that refuses to read old threads? Sarah worked multiple jobs, has her own place and is going to school. She's only 19 and shows far more independence than Grease or Lainey ever have. She's juggling working, school and upkeeping her own place which is why she can't pander to everyone's requests about how she should manager her life 24/7. She obviously didn't come from the most stable of backgrounds if her mother was a fan of Grease and Lainey and didn't see any red flags sending her daughter to them. She's doing fucking fantastic at 19 after all the shit she has went thru. Cry harder.

No. 934184

>delivering a laptop with evidence to police
>pandering to anons
sure jan.jpg

No. 934199

It's crazy that these girls think they are immune from the internet turning on them. If they keep showing what kind of reaction people can get out of them if they fuck with them people are just going to start fucking with them more. As for Sarah's ebegging she should have known that was going to go over like a lead balloon. Instead of sperging out and going all internet tough guy maybe Shiloh should warn her about things like this as someone who has gone through it before.

No. 934203

File: 1582219819874.png (86.19 KB, 764x790, shil.PNG)

Shiloh sperging again.

No. 934210

File: 1582220550691.png (68.25 KB, 615x439, solidarity.png)

and now she's posting her venmo in solidarity. Is this going to be a thing now? They're all going to post their venmos to show how much they stand with victims? Maybe the anti-os can get in on it too. This definitely isn't the most transparent thing in the world. Nope. Not at all.

No. 934214

I 100% lost all interest in this entire situation and haven't followed it in weeks since shiloh timed the release of her album with all this going on, and her music STILL wasn't successful.

I really think nothing is going to happen now. Hansen has only made the investigation worse and is releasing all he can for one last attempt at bringing more attention to his channel. So disappointing that people really care about money more than getting justice for themselves.

I can possibly understand why Sarah was requesting the money, I mean if its just being used for a laptop that the FBI have already received 3 times. People are dying Sarah. But Shiloh doing this in an attempt at solidarity is in poor taste seeing as she has enough money to spend on weed and bongs. Maybe quit smoking if you cant afford it Shiloh…

No. 934216


Shiloh, you forgot to add #855mikewins you unbearable harpy.

If I was Sarah I'd be wishing this thundercunt would stop making it worse while trying to make it all about her at the same time.(Twitterfag)

No. 934219

File: 1582221747941.png (57.55 KB, 742x431, Capture.PNG)

big drama

No. 934220

The best part is the fact that they are losing their shit because like 3 people questioned Sarah about the ebegging before Shiloh made a huge fucking deal about those 3 people which made a few more people suspicious. 95% of the replies to her on twitter were just people YAS QWEENing her. If you can't handle 3 people questioning your ebegging maybe don't ebeg. More people than that question gofundmes people set up for their dying children. Grow thicker skin. Your victim points don't make you immune from the reality of the internet.

No. 934221

this is so tacky and the intent is obvious. wow. i did not think she was that classless.

No. 934222

she needs to lol calm down
it's not even that big a deal, when anyone asks for money people are suspicious. seeing as how shiloh the amazing singer had her idiot tattoo replacement crowdfunded it's no wonder people question this shit. lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

No. 934227

Oh shut the fuck up Sarah. You told him you got raped after you saw what he did to Billie. You knew very well he exposes peoples personal secrets to everyone, did you really think he wouldn't do that to you too?

No. 934230

This sounds an awful lot like Greg logic. AJ couldn't get raped because she had sex with other men and now Sarah can't have had anything wrong done to her by Greg because it's known he's a greasy predator.

So we are confirming Greg is a rapist?

No. 934233

File: 1582223552751.jpg (320.54 KB, 1080x2220, FreeshitfromLITTLEGIRLSlmao.jp…)

Never forget the laziest grifter of all! So many minors donating to her Younow while she sat around listening to music doing fuck all. And her joking on stream about her patron's bank account "failing her" because she had nothing left to donate was the cherry on top.

No. 934238

I starting to doubt these bitches even deserve "justice". Sarah hapilly rode Onision's dick on Lame's office chair and the supposed child porn in the laptop wasn't a problem to her when the grease couple was on good terms with her. I will always think Onision is a piece of shit but all the sympathy I had for his "victims" is pretty much gone now.

No. 934242

She was raped by some black guy, not by Onision. Onision just exposed her rape to the internet

No. 934245

lol, so you're also referring to Vix as a grifter, for streaming on younow like how boring doormat Lainey did? Lainey only stopped streaming because the retard Jabam or whatever the fuck got told to stop donating to her because of what a piece of shit Lainey was. So anyone that streams on a popular streaming site and gets subs and likes is now a grifter? Seriously, cry harder Grease.

lmao happily rode his dick. She states she cried after every time. Greg is a terrible lay too, does not consider how the person he is doing it with feels. Does not care about their orgasm, he just thinks being aggressive in youtube videos and sex will gain him some type of respect. He honestly needs to grow the fuck up. He's going to be in his 40s soon and he hasn't gained any insight or wisdom since leaving highschool. He's essentially a handicapped person and Lainey is his care taker. No wonder they are both doing fucking awful.

That makes it even worse then. So all trauma Sarah has suffered even at the hands of other people doesn't matter because she got groomed by Greg? ok…

No. 934247

sorry anon, just realised you're calling Lainey the grifter. Carry on!

No. 934254

She cried because her butthole was hurting lmao

No. 934259

The small silver lining is that Greg's only got a 1 incher. Her claims he was able to slip it into Shiloh's ass without her realising so Sarah won't have any lasting damage. every girl that's moved on and got laid elsewhere has not been back. Poor Lainey. She doesn't even know what good sex is since her hs by raped her and then she married Greg. No wonder she wants to abandon womanhood she's completely ignorant to what the female orgasm is.

No. 934267

File: 1582227258598.png (291.38 KB, 599x613, Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 12.3…)

Is this meant to be ironic or does she expect people to forget about all of the money Sarah just got for a laptop on venmo? Sarah already said outright that she already had enough from venmo to get a laptop.

No. 934272

She already said in a previous tweet she would set up a GFM for Sarah and take all the criticism for it. At the end of the day, no one is forcing anyone's hand to give them money. People give Greg and his ugly dull wife money for no fucking reason, some of his patrons even get bullied and insulted by him.

It's weird the way people throw money about on the internet but again, no one is scamming anyone. Except maybe Lainey and Greg because didn't they actually promise perks for compensation? Makes you think who the real cunts are… (Greg and Lainey)

No. 934274

I followed shiloh for years when I went on an onision deep dive via the d0ntstands0closetome Tumblr. iirc she told people the album was nowhere near ready 2 months before the Sarah drama came out. Suddenly an album is released with songs that all sound exactly the same.

I'm 100% sure that whilst there's an investigation going on you are not allowed to post details or things reported so I'm doubting there is an FBI investigation at all and for Chris to tell the world there was an investigation days, if not hours after he was supposedly told there was, well, something isn't right here at all.

Not to mention how Chris allowed a man he barely knew to take a laptop with CP on it which nobody with sense seems to be talking about.

In an ideal world we'd love to see Onision locked up but Chris, the victims, his "team" fucked this right up. I dont know, I just think there's absolutely no investigation going on and this is all incredibly pointless.

No. 934275

There's been an actual police officer for Greg's district that came out and said there is an active investigation and they want to hear from anyone, witnesses or online that know about Greg. They are in the process of gathering information.

And this entire thread has been about the laptop, are you blind anon?

No. 934276

Anons point was i think that sarah was there when onision did the "I'm gonna expose your personal trauma" to billie, but was still stupid enough to tell him about her rape, and is now making surprised pikachu face that hes doing the same thing to her.
Also no one should donate money to any of these girls.

No. 934280

I'm replying to the anon that replied to my comment…about the laptop.

No. 934281

The thing when someone grooms you and invites you to live with them you think you have trust with them. They built up an actual relationship before Greg decided to fuck her. Lainey would confide in Sarah whenever Greg was hurting her feelings and she needed reassured. The whole grooming thing is a power play and they completely took advantage of Sarah in a lot of aspects.

It was Greg and Lainey who first publicised they were 'like guardians' to Sarah and Lainey and Greg both boasted about the fact on livestreams before they decided to be honest about Power of Attorney. They were the ones telling everyone otherwise.

That's the whole reason this would cause trauma to someone because they betrayed her on a personal, emotional and physical level.

No one should donate money to anyone online, but here we are. People will get pleasure donating to these girls just because it will piss Grease off. They're smart. Greg has been making money off of exposing his private life for years without the consent of the parties he likes to make topics about. I hope they (sarah and shiloh) make 10 grand each.

No. 934287

File: 1582229238050.png (565.79 KB, 1590x788, laptop.PNG)

That gofundme was posted one hour ago and it already had more than $500 donated to it. Coupling that with venmo money, Sarah has money for 3 macbooks

No. 934288

I always find it adorable when toddlers swear.

No. 934289

why crapple? doesn't she want a real computer?

No. 934290

Hahaha that's funny. These girls can monetise this situation far better than Grease could and he's been taking advantage of people for years. Airing out other people's dirty laundry online for him to make money. Or him copy striking videos about him. LOL!

Go get your coin girls!

No. 934292

They all use crapple, anon.

No. 934302


It's a bit depressing that they've dropped the veneer of caring about victims of predators and have come out fully with their true goals.

Hey Shiloh how about a GoFundMe for Mike Morse's victims? Yas Queen

No. 934303

I don't think you even understand the words you use lmao. Greg has been harrassing Shiloh for years and has been talking non stop about her. Still to this day even in his patron only discord chats will he soliloquy about how fabulous it was to even fuck her. Grease even uses Sarah to get views and monetisation. He does this with all his victims, and now that two of the victims have accepted donations this isn't about the victims (Sarah and Shiloh) anymore?


No. 934305

Are you okay

No. 934307

I think they got lost on their way to twitter.
Anon you know there is an onision thread right? Most of us post there as well. We are here because we don't want to derail that thread when laughing at cows who aren't onision. Your YAS QWEENing of Sarah and Shiloh would probably be better received over in /pt/. No one gets special treatment here or is immune from criticism. Yes that includes the victims. If that upsets you I probably would stay away from image boards.

No. 934308


I'm not the one upset anon, I think it's funny as fuck that Shiloh and Sarah have asked for donations. It's about fucking time other people started making money off of the trainwreck that is Grease.

No. 934310

None of what you said was relevant to my post whatsoever. At all.

And now I wonder if Shiloh's been sperging in this thread. How embarrassing. She's making herself look like full retard.

To the anon that said that Sarah needs to take a break from social media, you were right.

This too. She actively saw all that going on and still told him her secrets as if she was any different. All of the girls who get involved with those cunts seem to think that they'll get treated differently after watching a sea of teens/adults get treated like utter shit and their secrets exposed to the world.

No. 934316

It was relevant, you insinuated that Sarah and her mates where workshy when Lainey has never worked in her fucking life and Greg's had a decade of being unemployed and uploading absolute shite to the internet.

Imagine Onision's victims being the cows you want to discuss rather than Onion himself. Makes you wonder what absolute strange creatures lurk lolcow these days. What's it like being ugly af genuine question

No. 934330

who cares, hide the thread sis

No. 934331

You do realize that hating Grug and his ugly translarping wife and being critical of his victims who are cows on their own right (just look at old onion threads for evidence of how much Sarah was reviled and on the verge of getting her own thread, plus Shiloh’s cunty behavior that continues to this day) are not mutually exclusive, right?

No. 934332

I didn't get the tweets before she deleted them but I guess something happened where a twitter user called littlemissbitch was the one who had access to the gofundme and gave Sarah the wrong password to access it. This caused Shiloh to fucking LOSE IT and out her and tell everyone to stop donating and report her. She then deleted those tweets and tweeted saying Shiloh has access to the gofundme. What a fucking circus. Hopefully someone got screen shots.

No. 934338

They're in the Greg thread. Shiloh making an ass of herself as usual.

No. 934342


Shiloh really especially flips her shit when she perceives another woman has come anywhere near treading on her hobbit toes. It's really telling.

No. 934344

I understand that, but when the nitpicks for these cows are just the same things over and over again it's pretty hard to not think it's an onion fan with a hateboner.

Anyway, Shiloh made a dick of herself. I wonder if Sarah even knew about the GFM she just made. I feel bad for Sarah. And I do remember when some anons critisiced Sarah when she was like 16 speaking for Lainey because the doormat was too scared to go public back then too. The most that was said about Sarah was she was young and dumb, was plain like Lainey or just annoying. Most farmers understand she was the youngest victim of Greg's and she has matured quite a bit.

Vince and Hansen took advantage of Sarah's naivety, and she hasn't claimed to have delivered the laptop on 3 occasions to the FBI.

Just be a bit more objective idk, help this thread not be so shit. Shiloh's probably just wanting to raise money for drugs who knows. I wish she wasn't such a sloppy bitch tho as it only helps Grease discredit.

No. 934346

So it was Shiloh's gofundme? What in the fuck is this messy trashfire?

No. 934347

File: 1582234910474.png (60.9 KB, 573x296, Screen Shot 2020-02-20 at 2.39…)

and now a youtuber with a million subs is calling her out. This is going well good job Shiloh.

No. 934349

Sarah put her venmo up, and then Shiloh put her venmo up. Then that didn't get enough attention. She tweeted she should make a GFM on behalf of Sarah and take all the criticism. Then it got 1k tweets and an account @LittIeMissBitch that was made a month after Shiloh's patientzero account made a GFM on behalf of Sarah. Then Shiloh said the GFM had been compromised, then deleted the tweets and now it's fine. I wonder if Shiloh orchestrated the whole thing and was going to dip with the money before Sarah logged back on again?

No. 934351

gg shiloh, well played. what a fucking maroon.

No. 934353

what more was said then? It was mostly about her being young, pedantic and annoying? yeah she's older now, but she wasn't when Grease and his wife started gaining her trust and got her mum to agree to send her off to the Grease Mansion for baby and kitchen duty.

She's older now and at 19 has been the one to out Greg, not give a fuck if he airs out her drug use etc, and bring us a lot of milk. We don't call her ugly anymore because she grew up pretty?

No. 934356

File: 1582235477369.png (359.62 KB, 690x912, KWwUeSHrIF.png)

i don't think this has been posted yet

No. 934359

File: 1582235980702.jpg (210.51 KB, 1152x2048, ERPKzQJW4AM3165.jpg)

No. 934361

File: 1582236086766.jpg (85.74 KB, 828x1792, ERPKz8lXkAIaVGU.jpg)

No. 934363

File: 1582236122815.jpg (124.55 KB, 750x1334, ERPi1V6W4A0xOoY.jpg)

this is all the context i could find on it

No. 934365

File: 1582236213594.jpg (250.36 KB, 1079x817, Screenshot_20200220-230231_Chr…)

No. 934366

Saying she’s pretty is a stretch, she’s average at best. She is nowhere near Regina’s level of fug but she is not pretty. Regardless, there is plenty more to be critical of. Let’s not pretend that she wouldn’t still be shacked up at the swamp if grugly and gruglier hadn’t kicked her out

No. 934368

File: 1582236444477.jpg (255.57 KB, 1076x929, Screenshot_20200220-230712_Chr…)

No. 934372

File: 1582236625662.jpeg (188.35 KB, 1241x2021, ERP52PmWkAAucYD.jpeg)

this is a big mess

No. 934374

hate pages, okay. shiloh needs to get off the internet for a little while herself. she's been back since, what October? and she's already reverting to form. unreal.

No. 934376

File: 1582236763415.png (194.26 KB, 687x566, 0R20AHxIB9.png)

agreed, this is really such a mess. shiloh, you need a vacation, go for a walk, chill out girl

No. 934385

lol everyone's pissed because they're not making enough money. poor sarah, can't monetize her victimhood efficiently enough. i wonder, how did cloey feel about waking up to sarah fucking her parents in the middle of the night? i'm going to bet the answer isn't one sarah wants to hear but the kids are the real victims, sarah helped abuse them, and this entire thing is a shitshow.

No. 934387

LittleMissBitch is o_honeybee or whatever. KEK. Let's see how your idols really feel about you.

No. 934416

i know stevie is up AJ's ass but does he have a personal relationship with shiloh? he sure makes it look that way.

No. 934419

I think so. I'm pretty certain he has a relationship with skye, alicia, and AJ. Shiloh briefly went back to onion and fucked AJ over so I can only see Shiloh talking to him after she stopped prostituting and post SIDs.

No. 934422

It's the end of Feburary, college started long ago.
She needs a replacement laptop, so she was using the laptop with evidence.
There was no mention of the phone ever being sent to Hansen, just the laptop. Why if both devices have CP or evidence?

Shit ain't adding up willis

No. 934425

Im sorry we're are not yas queening those stunning n brave warriors as much as you would like. I suggest you go back to Twitter, there's a lot of people yas queening them there.

No. 934431

i didn't know, thanks for the spoonfeed. w/r/t skye and alicia, i'm assuming he reached out to them? same with shiloh? not trying to shade him at all, he's an autist but my impression is that he really does mean well–i can't see them contacting him. did they?

hansen should get stevie to take over vince's position and help him run things. that would be such a clown show.

No. 934432

I don't know about you but I'm not about to stan a bunch of hookers, nor am I going to give them any money.

No. 934456

NTA, but lol, I'm not donating either. The one good thing that came out of this was Jimmy losing his Patreon ( huge deal ) and him losing some sleep over all of this. His YT was dead anyway.
I'm not expecting anything to happen to him legally. Lainey, maybe, but certainly not to the extent it was hyped up - x years per frame. Sarah would have to be a 5 yo for that to happen.
If they manage to make a case out of this I'm certainly going to be impressed.

No. 934459

If they manage to make a case it will be despite Hansen and the twitter fags not because of them.

No. 934464

Perfectly worded, I certainly agree with this.

Another good thing that came out of this is the stigma they're going to be carrying around for their entire lives. They're always going to be "that weird grooming couple, protect your daughters" wherever they move to.
Which also really sucks because they have kids, lol. I don't know, this whole milk felt off for a while now, too much shit happened.

No. 934481

Yeah Hansen just fucked things up. Instead of advising Sarah to give the laptop directly to the FBI he advised her to give it to him and look at what happened. For a guy who claims to constantly be in contact with law enforcement he sure doesn't know shit about how to proceed with evidence of crimes.

No. 934507

File: 1582254447247.jpeg (259.77 KB, 750x531, B7ACED16-9C8A-46C0-AF51-F7F89D…)

MORE fucking ebegging from the uwu strong brave kweeenz. What kind of retard spends a grand on a fucking lash class? Why are these cloutwhores so fucking workshy?

No. 934511

Idk Luxy, better quickly post your venmo. Justice for Luxy, lmao.

No. 934514

She can't just youtube that shit?

No. 934519

I'm making a gofundme as we speak #protectluxy ✊(Emoji)

No. 934524

Isn't that the person who made Shilohs GoFundMe and had their posts outed?

No. 934526

>Cried after everytime
>I'll sign this NDA if I get what I want ;)
If you look back at Sarah's tumblr you can see she's been crushing on onion since laneclone blew the whistle.

No. 934528

Half the reason any of these girls got involved with Onion in the first place was for the money, so no surprise there.

No. 934563

>I'll sign this NDA if I get what I want ;)
So you believe that's how it happened? I'm on the fence about it.

>she's been crushing on onion since laneclone blew the whistle

In a sense she also fucked over Lainey. She must have known that Lainey didn't want Jimmy to fuck Sarah and she went along with it several times regardless. The "please impregnate me" story, maybe it's true, who knows.

Before a twitterfag jumps down my throat, yes, she was only 18, yes Lainey's still a groomer, yes Jimmy's obviously a shit person.

No. 934567

File: 1582265775448.jpeg (135.9 KB, 750x533, F561B423-A81B-4F90-A00C-5C2D5B…)


No. 934571

Good on you, Luxy. Get that coin. Justice, I mean justice. This has been all about justice for the past 5 months.
That's why the laptop was turned to the feds only 2 days ago.

No. 934582

The laptop which now requires urgent replacement even though it was in possession of an incompetent boomer for months prior to being handed back. It’s actually fucking gross that people are giving money to these attention seeking dropouts instead of donating to people who actually need it. Pretty much all the brave qweeeeeens and their orbiters have proven that they’re only in this for the money and likes. Greg is a fucking moron but he has w knack for reeling in girls who are stupid enough to shoot them selves in the foot when it comes holding him accountable for his psychotic behaviour

No. 934588

Luxy is right about us literally not knowing shit, though.
Like we literally didn't know there wasn't an investigation going on because the laptop and the phone was chillin at Vince's. We just bought it. I thought this time it's going to be finally "it" for Jimmy. Until the hype falls apart and you ask yourself "what did the dude actually do that was illegal"? Nothing. He was just a giant douche, which is his default mode.

Then we had no idea there was still no real investigation going on, because the laptop was still chillin at Sarah's ( where's the phone? Regina's devices? ). Yeah, we don't know a lot.

No. 934589

File: 1582269274296.jpg (154.67 KB, 1080x646, 20200221_081355.jpg)


Sarah's friend Dylan has a great explanation for that - she let her use a replacement laptop and then suddenly took it back because "she wants to play sims 4".

No. 934590

Lol, what the fuck. This is getting tragically stupid.

No. 934591

File: 1582269411876.jpg (510.93 KB, 1080x1094, 20200221_081316.jpg)

oh the struggle, it's a midrange dell computer and not a $10000 crapple

No. 934594

File: 1582271151902.jpeg (302.79 KB, 750x774, 1EC4F533-6550-4FF0-8AE8-4B64A2…)


no one cares about your preferred laptop, retard


So much for the greedy goblin taking a break, she’s back to sperging on twitter

No. 934596

Oh okay. So now Jimmy's the main groomer? I thought it was Lainey.
Who are the multiple teenagers he sexually abused?
I agree that what happened with AJ was sexual assault ( even if she didn't think so and I know a lot of anons don't either, so I'm not trying to start something by saying this ), but after that…? We got two ( three, actually ) completely different versions on what happened with Billie, for example.
One where yeah the story was truly messed up, but there was no sexual assault/coercion. Then we got another story in Hansen's stream where she was pressured into sex. Which one is it? The story went nowhere afterwards anyway, but you're not suppose to question it even a little.

Did he now also sexually abuse Sarah?

No. 934604

Believe? The texts were posted retard. Sarah owned up to it but everyone agrees that it wasn't evidence of rape, that's what Greg said.
What it does prove is that Sarah wasn't raped or forced to eat laineys carpet at gunpoint with a toddler on the bed. She wasn't even dating Lainey romantically, she chose to date Greg for whatever reasoning.
The new Billie story is anons trying to make her the next AJ by implying she was forced to get naked massages and taking greasecock.
In reality post cuddle-gate, Billie did sketchy sponsorships on IG, posted selfies, and laughed off the situation on youtube before getting triggered about being called a homewrecker. But not before Ayalla proudly confirmed that there was more than just massages. Any oldfag saw the weird cuddling in videos with Sarah in the room. Greg confirmed that they snuck off to fool around, but that's not something they hid on camera anyways.
Greg is supposed to be the groomer, even though there is a active google docs of all the e-thots who tried to get with fuckboikrai, who actually never interacted with Greg. All the evidence of grooming is against a emotionally stunted adult, who was actually groomed by Greg, who thinks she's a pubescent boy.

No. 934612

>The texts were posted retard. Sarah owned up to it
Wait, what. She owned up to the NDA story being true? Where? Am I blind.

No. 934620

Yeah, and here is the weird thing about that: At the time Sarah and Dylan said they where bringing the laptop to the COURTHOUSE to deliver it to the COPS.

No. 934623

Its great though that Shiloh is reminding everybody exactly why everyone hated her back in the day.
Stick with that unwarranted self importance you chubby Canadian hobbit, keep enjoying the smell of your own farts and by all means keep feeling like a black ghetto gangsta chick.
It makes you super likable!

No. 934629

File: 1582281560405.jpeg (148.72 KB, 750x543, D2C16578-786E-4CBB-8ADF-B4A3A1…)

Luxy got her justice, kek

No. 934630

These idiots are proving Onision's point that they are in this for the money. I'm done with these "victims"

No. 934631


$1000 eye makeup class and working from home as her own boss. Has this fucking idiot been roped into some MLM scam?

No. 934633

They said they went there to look at their options lmao, and they still fucked up. I doubt one of the options suggested was to give the laptop to a washed up "journalist"

No. 934646

File: 1582285931105.png (445.25 KB, 720x545, 76543245677.png)

>Any oldfag saw the weird cuddling in videos with Sarah in the room.

Onision fingering Billie under the covers while a video was being recorded was hilarious. And the envious look on Sarah's face is the cherry on the greasy cake.

No. 934649

>Billie and Greg having a fun time with a 16 year old sitting across from them
Did Sarah ever confirm or deny that Ayalla made a pass at her? Was it a lie, or the truth?

No. 934653

Ayalla said that never happened. I personaly believe Ayalla more than Sarah

No. 934660

If she did then she deserves it. That's so much money for a lash tutorial. And she's 110% retarded if she thinks that she's going to end up being her own boss as if there aren't hundreds of other "bosses" in the same field to compete with. Like I said, Sarah surrounds herself with lazy people who don't want to work.

No. 934671

Sure sounds like it, anon.

No. 934798

ya'll are reaching pretty hard in order to attack every person who spoke out about Onion.
She's asking for financial loan advice. No where in this tweet did she ask people to send her money. If you wan't to assume she is baiting so people will offer money, that's your own projection.

No. 934805

Did they actually say they were bringing the laptop to the courthouse? All I remember seeing was them saying they went and spoke to some lawyers about options, I don't remember anything about the laptop being handed over mentioned until Chris came along.

No. 934846

>his head,
WTF is wrong with you

No. 934877

Did Shiloh ever apologize to the parents of that premature baby whose pictures she stole? I remember she got called out by the baby's mom but I never saw her apologizing anywhere and admitting what she did was wrong.

No. 934886

I dont think shes ever apologized for anything in her life.

No. 934899

Poor Talia, I hope she never founds out that crazy hobbit stole her picture from when she was fighting for her life in the hospital. #JusticeForTalia

No. 934917

File: 1582314567127.png (71.45 KB, 591x373, Screen Shot 2020-02-21 at 12.4…)

no one wonders shiloh. We all know why people gave you shit before and it's the same reason they're giving you shit now. You're a massive cow who lies about dumb shit and does ridiculous things then demands blind loyalty.

No. 934920

i guess she should fuck off again then?

No. 934924

Yeah, Shiloh…you left because the majority didn't like you. Majority didn't think the seizures or the sepsis was real, there were many jokes about her exploding heart ( cause no one really bought that either ), stealing a preemie pic, the tasteless digs at AJ and more.
There was a lot not to like. This is why she left the first time, no one who was around at the time has to wonder. But she's of course not going to say it.

No. 935012

Most people supporting her now are people who are new to Onision drama and never heard about the fucked up things she did in the past.

No. 935021

File: 1582328308698.jpeg (191.88 KB, 750x768, 2974E8CF-2F48-4658-AD16-87E771…)

Get fucked Shiloh, this isn’t about you sticking up for Sarah or any of the other girls, this is your own personal flex on your status as kween of the victims. You’re a shady little gremlin, fuck all the way off back to the rock from under which you crawled

No. 935023

She needs to shut the fuck up already. Her acting like an annoying, self-righteous cunt is only making people have less sympathy.

No. 935031


No. 935032

Shiloh, admit to what you did before someone else does.

No. 935049

The internet never forgets.

No. 935083

Some people don't like chubby little midgets either, Shiloh.

No. 935086

File: 1582334721787.jpeg (19.39 KB, 225x225, 732A1CC2-C5E3-455A-A8B0-3C6810…)

jfc she is fucking ugly. Even under the makeup she still looks like this. Excluding Billie and AJ Greg really as a thing for fugly chicks lmao

No. 935096

>fugly chicks
she’s like 16 in that picture

No. 935098

Still ugly regardless of her age

No. 935105

Gragoyle forced her to make this video! This stunning and brave qween would never say such things about a fellow victim without being forced by the eevil greasy monster!!!

No. 935110

File: 1582337520215.png (11.62 KB, 862x87, Screenshot_Dutteh Vajayjay.png)

you had to post that twice? lmao.

No. 935183

File: 1582346814822.jpeg (219.14 KB, 750x1008, 5E936FDB-003C-413B-BF25-CC674E…)

This just keeps getting better.

No. 935190

Well, she did get a girl fired in the past over some FB comments, so she probably means it lol.

No. 935191

that's why Billie got offended when people compared her appearance to Shiloh lmfao

No. 935195

she just said she went to the courthouse. the laptop part is in your mind.

No. 935201

Yeah because she was baiting anons. Sarah tells her buddys what to post on lolcow and twitter on her behalf.

No. 935210

And you know this how exactly?

No. 935230

To all the anons somehow perpetually surprised that a teenager makes stupid choices or in this case Sarah when she was in fact underage, such great big galaxy brains you have to not understand something so simple and basic about someone in that age bracket.
>Most farmers understand she was the youngest victim of Greg's and she has matured quite a bit.
Some of the criticism is reasonable, rational and impartial. There's a difference between that and the people waving their raging hate boners who are super obvious when they post here.

No. 935233

she posted that herself, mega tinfoil chan.

anons are just tacking extra statements onto the original vague courthouse bait tweet.

No. 935240

This has been asked before but at what point did he insert himself into this, how did he actually get involved? Who did he approach and when?

I remember back when he asked to collab with Blaire White, a collab that never happened. Then Blaire did the interview with Sarah, Hansen got involved soon after. He showed up at a very convenient time (like a true opportunist). Sarah and co. would've been better off never knowing him - he's gonna milk their story for all it's worth in the hopes it'll get him back on network tv. He's spinning his wheels on two fronts. kek

No. 935241

honestly, the autism on this thread is amazing. apparently nobody can fucking read and will take any opportunity to sperg about how teenage girls are ugly

No. 935242

>Sarah surrounds herself with lazy people who don't want to work.
Like who? Dylan has a job. I'm not a fan of Regina but she works too. I don't get why some anons here have to make things up just to prove a point they don't have.

>they love projecting
And they're too smooth brained to actually come up with any legitimate criticism so they sperg out about e-begging (like it matters), their Onlyfans (like it matters), that they're just groupies, etc. The "groupies" anons really enjoy reaching. Only rockstars have groupies. I wouldn't compare a washed up youtuber to a rockstar but then I live in reality.

No. 935244

>This plot is way too sophisticated for Chris Hansen or Vincent.
And yet Hansen had Gene release the ss of Vincent's racist remarks about a black man for the purpose of getting the mob riled against Vince to draw attention away from the fact that Hansen is also a con artist. Hansen could've fired Vince on the spot after his racist texts but he didn't. Hanson only had the ss released (by Gene) when he could use them to his advantage. It's called being conniving.

No. 935245

The smart thing for Shiloh would've been to stay gone from twitter after the Madison debacle. She's not very bright and isn't doing any of the other girls any favors by trying and repeatedly failing to play leader, she just keeps falling on her face every time. Very poor decision making skills.
I doubt both Shiloh and Regina because they publicly support a fraud who moonlights as a journalist, as if he's actually going to hold Onision accountable in any way. These girls are smoking way too much weed.

No. 935246

>smooth brained

Not this shit again.

The ebegging only matters because it reeks of opportunism and manipulation/leveraging victim status for financial gain. Sarah was warranted in asking for a donation because she works two shitty jobs, lives alone and is going to school. Shiloh, on the other hand, is a lazy grifter who could have got that tattoo covered up years ago, she doesn’t have a job, she probably just wanted free money to spend on drugs like other anons have said. Regina might have a job but she’s a scammer too. She is a shady bitch who is obviously jealous of Sarah’s popularity (however misplaced it may be) and glow up. Both Regina and Shiloh are ugly inside and out abc their cuntiness is finally catching up with them.

No. 935248

Shiloh and Regina are both actively harming Sarah with their repeated clownery. Sarah is not stupid but she is young and naive and being taken advantage of/used left, right and centre. If she had real friends and responsible adults in her life this horror show wouldn’t be playing out in front of an audience like this, with members of that audience inserting themselves into the drama and trading off her misfortune for their own benefit and for the sake of pursuing their own vendettas against Grug. I think that between the twitterfag orbiters and incompetent boomers (Hansen and Vincent) they’ve destroyed any real chance of action being taken against the pedonions. I will be legit surprised if it goes to court.

No. 935249

File: 1582360652277.jpeg (266.49 KB, 750x668, 18A2BCBB-1D83-474E-876C-0C309E…)

Nice bait, Shiloh

No. 935250

I remember being Sarah's age and I can totally understand why she could use the extra cash. There were a few people asking questions about some discrepancies between her past statements about not wanting money and why she recently changed her mind, which I think were fair questions but I don't think she should've been made to feel guilty about asking for donos.

Having followed this story since Sarah was living with the Onions, I take her at her word, though I understand why some people wouldn't.

No. 935251

>for the sake of pursuing their own vendettas against Grug.
Maybe this personal vendetta matters more to Shiloh than anything else, which is why she stans Hansen so much after all the shit he's pulled. Anyone with a functioning brain can see he should've been dropped after lying about the FBI having Sarah's evidence.

No. 935255

>Regina and Shiloh are smoking too much weed
Yeah I have nothing against weed but too much and you can't tell your arse from your elbow. Looks like it's affecting their ability to think clearly - not a desirable trait in anyone leading a movement…

No. 935256

Everything Shiloh does is PR. I honestly don’t think she gives a flying fuck about the other girls. To her credit Luxy has always maintained that she isn’t a victim. She is dumb but she’s not malicious. Same goes for Billie. Regina, I suspect she is just revelling in her newfound clout after being bitter about Lame ghosting her Quasimodo looking ass for a massive upgrade (Billie). Twittertards throw money at her to waste on her cringey clown paint and weed, and I’m willing to bet that most of whatever Shiloh was given for that abysmal wonky tattoo went on drugs too. They are both self serving narcissists

No. 935257

Hansen was the one who started sensationalizing it, specifically with the cult bullshit which a few anons called out when he started. Sarah, Billie, Skye and to a lesser extent Alicia and Ayalla haven't been involved in the dramu circus the way some others have who've been front and center.

No. 935258

>Quasimodo looking ass

kek, youre not wrong tho. I mean lets be real, the bitch is fucking hideous. As >>935246 said, inside and out. I hope that Sarah keeps her distance from her. She was Vincents biggest ally prior to his excommunication, one could argue that she is complicit in any damage done to whatever case Sarah has or had w/r/t Anus and Footface.

No. 935260

I think Sarah is reluctant to get more involved with the dramu for fear of being attacked. She was flamed for the shit with Clot in the bed and she was flamed again for saying she needed money for a laptop, I am surprised she hasn’t nuked her account. She seems quite shy so having people scrutinize everything she says and does can’t be easy. It has taken until now for any of the Twitterfags to be critical of Shiloh, they all just kiss her ass because she is their uwu warrior kween. Hopefully that veneer has started to wear off with her latest round of autistic sperging on twitter and sending threats to people from her _lyldoll account

No. 935261

>Publicly honors a scammer who proudly lies to his audience
Man some of these anti's set such a low bar. This includes Stevie who I used to think had a brain but now blows smoke up Hansen's ass for views, sorry, for juStiCE.

No. 935263

Even if (big if) a case is made it would still need to go to trial. Hard to see a judge/jury looking favorably on what a very public media shitshow this has become. The girls would've been better off staying away from sm after they said their piece/got their stories out. A real professional (what Hansen pretends to be) would've advised them properly on this. Hansen's doing someone a huge favor and it's not the people he's pretending to help.

No. 935264

It should be obvious by now that his only intention was to further his career.

No. 935266

Hard agree. When he first mentioned “FBI investigation” alarm bells went off because one would assume that if there were a formal investigation underway he would not be at liberty to discuss any of it lest it result in trial by media. From that point on I felt like anyone who gave credence to his sensationalism was setting themselves up for monumental disappointment. Thinking that a washed up hack of a “journalist” would be Gerg’s great undoing? Press x to doubt, fam.

No. 935267

>wanting to get a job and make money means she loves Onision
Nice logic.
Weird. If she were such a great friend why would she prioritize her need to use it for games over her bff using it for school?

No. 935269

Dylan is a literal autist, she is a clout chasing edgelord retard who cares as much about Sarah as Chris Hansen does

No. 935270

Hansen claimed he had connections in the FBI, that's where he supposedly got his info from. He dialed up those same "connections" after it came out that he lied to everyone about Sarah's laptop being with the feds. Why does anyone support him again? Mob mentality? The false image they have that he's some pedo conqueror when all he did was host a show where he read from a script while everyone behind the scenes did all the hard work?

No. 935271

If he did have connections in the FBI one would assume they would caution him against divulging any information pertaining to a possible investigation to the public

No. 935273

Or holding on to cp for as long as he did. I think this tinfoil holds some weight >>932968. The Ice Poseidon investigation doesn't get mentioned much but Hansen did drop it in a very suspicious manner.

No. 935274

Without pounds of makeup Billie ain't that pretty either

No. 935275

She wasn't underage when she had a threesome with a sleeping toddler in the same bed

No. 935276

If Sarah was the one who groomed Onision maybe you'd have an argument.

No. 935277

People don't automatically lose the capability of knowing right from wrong because they got groomed

No. 935278




She was barely legal and a victim of grooming, it’s not like she is a predator herself anon

No. 935279

Too bad the parents didn't know right from wrong when they coaxed a teenager into having sex with their own child in the bed. A+ parenting.

No. 935281

It’s less about right and wrong than it is her being abused and probably not knowing what to do. I think she realizes it was fucked up and will have to live with that for the rest of her life

No. 935283

She knows now, that's why she's in a therapy. The parents of those poor little kids? They don't think they did anything wrong and it shows, but Sarah's the bad guy apparently.

No. 935286

>The Ice Poseidon investigation
That was extremely sus the way Hansen handled it. He called what IP did a "publicity stunt", this when there was enough evidence, including from discord chats that he was speaking sexually to a 14 year old girl. Since Hansen brings in people like Vince, Gene and Mike, I wouldn't put it past him to do likewise and accept bribes under the table. He's desperately in debt so there's a clear motive. He's even more in debt than Onision as far as I can tell.

No. 935288

So where was all this sanctimonious outrage when Vince and Hansen lied to Sarah? Shiloh still kisses Hansen's lying ass (tbf she did admit to being naive, I'm sure Hansen saw $$ signs when he heard that). It's such flaky behavior though. "Deplatform predators" while supporting a con artist who swindled an entire community, and his creepy lawyer facing federal charges for among other things, sexual assault? C'mon now. I don't get how anyone can be this unintentionally dense.

No. 935299

I think it's as much that as it is a lack of maturity, especially Shiloh >>934917. For someone who's taken on the mantle of "leader" she doesn't carry it very well at all. She blames the internet for her getting into a needless public row with Madison, and then for her falsely accusing Nic >>934356 instead of admitting that it's her own behavior/choices that's the problem. She should take a lesson from Skye, though I doubt the lesson would stick.

No. 935318

File: 1582380006490.jpg (29.71 KB, 400x400, Vpq7wp5s_400x400.jpg)

The most important thing to take away from all this is that Shiloh is a black ghetto chick now.
She's the new WoaVicky.

No. 935321

File: 1582380884931.gif (147.69 KB, 250x250, glitterfy0141408332B81.gif)


No. 935342


lol what are you gonna do, Shiloh? Send the Canadian mafia? Instruct your Slipping Jimmy ambulance chaser friend to sue/grope them?
Get Chris and the FBI to show up at their house?

This bitch needs to get off the internet before she starts puking rainbows and loses another 3 years of memories.

No. 935347

All this Shiloh hate seems very out of date, like 6 years or so. Be so funny if Greg's patrons that were audibly upset when he spoke about how fantastic Shiloh was in bed comes here to post. Wonder if that's why McFly fell 0ut with Grease, she kept having tantrums about the Shiloh shit. Fuck, wonder if Booty Slayer is back to posting, she was even vying for Grease's one incher when he was with Shiloh.

Poor Grease. He can't meet normal girls.

No. 935353

it is possible to dislike shiloh for entirely normal reasons. with these recent tweets she's shown that she hasn't grown in any way and is still the same bully she was all those years ago.

No. 935355

I guess most of us were excited about her return and glad she tore Jimmy a new one, but she's slowly but surely going back to the crazy bitch she was during their relationship.

It really seems like she hasn't matured or changed. She needs to calm down or she'll lose her credibility again and has to go back into hiding.

No. 935357

All she is doing is helping Grease by showing she's really a crazy bitch like he said she was. All the girls who got involved with him are trash in one way or another. Trash attracts trash I guess.

No. 935365

According to Greg's standards that means absolutely nothing, but its nice to know she rocked his world. A childs hand is easily full, I suppose.
When you act like Danielle Brigoli and you look like Snooky, its no surprise Shiloh is now a lolcow in her own right. Granted, she already was one way back in the day.
Like someone mentioned she's almost 30 now and seems to mature in exactly the same way Greg does.
Maybe tard cum does that to a woman, I dunno.

No. 935367

you sound like a lost KFposter.

No. 935386

go look at her twitter anon. She's been a massive cow lately. It sounds like you're the one with the outdated info or you're just hopelessly stanning the ViCtIm QwEeNs.

No. 935397

If Greg ever needs to say "The girls are vindictive and crazy and doing all of this for money" Shiloh is very helpful for him.

No. 935406

File: 1582395731705.png (1.2 MB, 1440x1873, lylsus.png)

Instead of starting another shady Venmo why doesnt Shiloh do a concert to raise some money for her? Or donate a portion of her album sales? People are a lot less critical of donation requests when you offer something in exchange for their money. Hell she could even do a stream on her channel for it and interact with her fans, take song requests and sing live for them, but she hasn't even posted a video to her channel in two months (pic attached) and she was planning on posting regularly. Yet here she is sperging and moralfagging on her Twitter, making an ass out of herself instead of actually DOING something to help. Set the example, don't just stick out your hand and screech at people when they raise questions.

No. 935414

File: 1582396629532.jpeg (252.91 KB, 750x952, C7250436-8677-472F-A9A5-2A9808…)

From her Patreon. She’s thinking about deleting her Twitter account.

No. 935429

Should she? yes.

Do I want her to? Hell no this shit is hilarious.

No. 935434

File: 1582399162694.png (211.46 KB, 584x652, one.png)

shiloh is the gift that keeps on giving.

No. 935435

File: 1582399187004.png (137.01 KB, 358x719, two.png)

No. 935436

File: 1582399282662.png (127.03 KB, 366x725, three.png)

No. 935453

He already said that. And Shiloh, Regina and Sarah already proved he was right.

No. 935459

She's the last person who should be moral fagging considering she stole the pictures of a premature baby girl at the hospital and never apologized. I'm not a person who believes in "karma" that much but I always thought her daughter dying from SIDS was karma for her causing so much pain for that baby girl's parents. The mother even deleted her blog which she was using to document her daughter's recovery after she learned her picture was stolen.

No. 935468

File: 1582401805597.jpeg (735.06 KB, 1067x1374, 7365F6E2-AB35-438B-A1A6-2E3BE9…)

Stevie and Repzion chime in

No. 935470

File: 1582401909840.jpeg (385.1 KB, 1125x782, 9FDDE0DD-C55B-41BF-B16C-66CE48…)

>protecc teh vIcTiMs uwu

No. 935471

File: 1582402001990.jpeg (671.19 KB, 1125x1246, 69C69096-F092-4422-9017-BB38BF…)

Meanwhile Ayalla-chan is shilling her porno pics for a used car

No. 935472

File: 1582402083174.jpeg (546.26 KB, 1125x903, 8003F77F-DB1B-40E0-A9BA-3A1805…)

Shiloh’s last post

No. 935473

File: 1582402185542.jpeg (188.12 KB, 1125x1127, D7A2CFD7-C7A2-4073-982A-F6FDE5…)

No. 935482

Funny how Shiloh is still supporting Hansen after he very clearly lied to her sistah Sarah. She's very selective of who can hurt her sistah or not, uh?

No. 935488

If the laptop thing is true, and theres evidence on it, it IS her fault. Any new victims Greg and Kai made for the past 5 months are on Sarah and Vince.

Sister? So Sarah is black now like Shiloh?

I find it just adorable when she keyboard warrior like that. She's kinda like a slutty Canadian angry smurf.

No. 935492

File: 1582404526780.jpg (64.1 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2020-02-22-21h47m34s97…)

Maybe we can get Greg to throw some more candycorn at Shiloh so she can paint rainbows again.
He did her make-up a lot better than her too.

No. 935493

Oh dammit Shiloh. Why does she have to be such a cow still after all these years?

No. 935501

I hear Skye and Alicia maniacally kekking in the background

No. 935504

>If the laptop thing is true, and theres evidence on it, it IS her fault. Any new victims Greg and Kai made for the past 5 months are on Sarah and Vince.

On Chris too. He claimed he was in contact with the FBI all this time, but he didn't know they didn't receive the laptop? Riiight.

No. 935506

I have a feeling Greg hasn't stopped fapping since this whole thing started.

No. 935510

Uhhh. No. It’s on Greg. He’s the perpetrator. He’s the one that decides if he he harms someone. It’s on him.

No. 935518

Uhhh. Yes. Greg has a sickness, Sarah could have made sure he was put away (if there truly is anything on that crapple laptop)
If you know something for a fact, if you withhold evidence, its on you.
Sure, its on Greg too, but she could have stopped him 5 months ago. So by that right any victim he has made since then, is also on her.

No. 935535

Yes. I think they all should just stop posting publicly to social media. All their stories have been told and they should keep their twitter still open but just stop posting publicly. They can get private accounts to talk to each other.

No. 935537

Welp, she just ruined a lot of people's opinions about the victims by acting like a complete cunt in the name of Sarah and the others.

No one gives a single turd pebble about what Stevie the edgy asslicker thinks. Rep got pulled into this drama so it makes sense for him to chime in. And the "pull yourself up by the bootstraps" is something that should happen as an adult because no one's going to put money into your hand every time you hold it out just because you asked and have a victim status.

Rep had already given Sarah money though so there was no reason for Shiloh to make that retarded gofundme.

No. 935539

It's not tinfoil.
>ayalla outting Greg
>Dylan posting caps or making statements
>Luxy making statements whenever something meanie is said on here
>clone posting caps or making statements
>exclusive dms with onion being posted on lolcow shortly before being posted on Twitter
You're either blind, or naive.

No. 935540

And the "lol be mad" that was requested when it all happened.

No. 935545

>blame the system
I mean, she was told to use the system and she obviously didn't want to report it. Why bait about the courthouse and "calling my lawyer" otherwise? The system was never used, social media was.

No. 935551

She did the same when her dad and brothers found out. Sarah baits a lot which is why it's hard to take her word about the laptop without proof.

No. 935556

File: 1582415160411.jpg (29.33 KB, 454x340, unnamed.jpg)

Billie an average white girl who looks like her family cooks meth. With better styling Ayalla could at least look less grungy.

No. 935569

File: 1582417188458.jpeg (429.8 KB, 1237x697, 1CD9E4F2-CBFF-4283-A9B9-DB14BD…)

Billie’s aging gracefully


No. 935583

File: 1582418131270.jpg (151.36 KB, 509x864, kweenslay.jpg)

Some of these are getting reeeeally cringy.

No. 935585

I never understood the hype over Billie. I followed her back when she was dating the Travis dude. She was always an insecure bitch. And as another anon stated, sis only looks good with 20lbs of make up.

No. 935586

Kek they left in Regina's big nose. I will never understand the fanart and why the girls, especially Sarah, doesn't find it creepy. They aren't celebrities, but are getting treated like they are. It's putting them so high on the pedestals that causing the backfire that they're facing now.

No. 935592

lol shiloh should have had this person draw her tattoo. At least then it wouldn't have a lazy eye.

No. 935597

This is such cringe.

Eggs over easy.

No. 935598

The sims hansen and greg reenactments are worse lmao

No. 935599

Of COURSE Shiloh is the big one in the middle

No. 935601

I don't see how it's her fault when Hansen and Vince lied to her face for months. I do blame the people that still believe Hansen's anything but a dishonest grifter.

No. 935602

Why are they treating this as some epic anime? This is NOT Sailor Moon, ladies!

No. 935605

>Shiloh is pushing 30
She was born in '93 she's only 26 lol. I see a lot of anons blaming her for the old irrelevant shit she did when she was a teenager, some of it involving AJ and Skye who've admitted to forgiving and moving on. Shiloh's obviously very immature for her age and naive to a fault.

No. 935607

She could've avoided a lot of grief had she just stayed off of twitter but she wanted to "protect her girls". How's that working out?

No. 935611

It's her fault because people were begging her to take the laptop to the police even before Hansen and Vincent were involved but she just ignored them and that attention whore Dylan involved herself and asked people to "give her more time". If she followed what those people said none of that shitshow would have happened.

No. 935613

>Sarah tells her buddys what to post on lolcow and twitter on her behalf.
Thanks for the zero evidence proving your assertion.
>ayalla outting Greg
>Dylan posting caps or making statements
Yes Dylan sometimes makes posts on twitter referring to Sarah, so?
>Luxy making statements whenever something meanie is said on here
Twitterfags etc. lurk here, that comes as a surprise to anyone why?

Twitterfags lurk here and have posted here, I don't know what your point is beyond that.

No. 935616

File: 1582421062101.jpeg (122.78 KB, 750x235, 93526BB5-C8CC-4E9C-9E10-D53101…)

No. 935618

>Why bait about the courthouse and "calling my lawyer" otherwise?
She went to the courthouse to explore potential legal options, that's it. Why does someone here keep claiming there was more to that story when there wasn't? How do you know she didn't contact her lawyer? Calling it baiting is reaching.

No. 935619

They did do a very nice job on the panther. I'm not sure what they were going for with Shiloh though lol.

No. 935622

Yeah, and in the middle of all that Hansen swooped in and claimed he'd take care of it, lying about all his "connections" in LE. Did Sarah trust the wrong person? Yes. She made a mistake and hopefully she's learned from it.

No. 935623

Regina looks like those fucked up The Sims characters you get after you click on the randomize option

No. 935624

Except the woman she's accusing didn't do or threaten to do any of that? This is 𝗡𝗶𝗰 𝗗𝗲𝗢𝗿𝗶𝗼 all over again.

No. 935626

Who's the chick with black hair supposed to be?

No. 935631

Well if they knew anything about the history of Onion it would be Adrienne but seeing as how there is about a 90% chance that they don't my guess is Haylee.

No. 935633

i'll be so pleased when shiloh fades into irrelevancy again. once an asshole, always an asshole.

No. 935635

>it's crazy how things are finally starting to happen
If by "happen" they mean that things are really starting to circle the drain, then yes. I'm still optimistic that something will happen to Greg but it definitely won't come through Hansen (his spiteful, vendetta "hacker"/lackey Gene be damned), and it's highly doubtful a court of law will be able to use anything that comes out of the federal investigation for obvious reasons.

A lot of people are being deceived, lead to believe that a conviction is a sure thing when nothing could be further from the truth. Regina's, Shiloh's and the anti's support of Hansen only perpetuates this false narrative. They have no excuse.

No. 935636

Okay so anon, so we're gonna start fucking and oh by the way my kid just happens to be in the bed, are you in? For the third time?

Fuck off with this poor 'coaxed teenager' bullshit.

What's with the axe/hatchet on the wall, is Shiloh a juggalo? Wouldn't surprise me kek

No. 935642

is anyone actually complaining about sarah, shiloh, and regina anywhere other than here and maybe KF? this is the only place i see people say shit about how the girls are fucking up. if there are tweets calling them out i haven't seen any, but maybe they should learn to read a room. looks like the people who stayed out of it were the smart ones, after all. now you have these morons running in to white knight, it's so obvious and so messy and dumb.

the girls had so much support and so many people behind them, and still they managed to fuck it up. it's really unbelievable.

No. 935643

File: 1582424033155.jpeg (487.56 KB, 1125x1095, 6F83AB84-3310-4BA0-8058-E2F194…)

Shiloh continues her blocking spree

No. 935645

File: 1582424210116.jpeg (503.71 KB, 1125x1301, BEA30CDF-903F-42E6-B30C-0BFE7B…)

Had 2 delaet, I wanna stay incognito

No. 935647

File: 1582424311573.jpeg (659.95 KB, 1125x1453, 74BBB769-439E-4C10-9574-FFDDFE…)

>I dOn’T cOnTrOl Shiloh

No. 935649

I don't even know what to say to Ayalla's reply. Smooth dodge, lol.

No. 935652

why should ayalla care what shiloh does? if there's something milky you aren't saying i wish anons would just come out and say it, this thread is always filled with half-stories

No. 935653

jfc. What exactly was Shiloh hoping to accomplish by acting this way? Is this really the person "her girls" want being their spokeswoman, publicly representing them? She comes off as being bratty, immature, unhinged and unstable, and she let a grifter boomer who has no interest in her well being take advantage of her and use her. It's a bad look all around.

No. 935654

shiloh has always been sus, anon. the only people really surprised by her actions are people who haven't been around for very long.

No. 935655

I've seen mainly smooth brained arguments against Sarah. There's much more nuance to her situation because among other things, two pedos groomed her as a child. Sarah's story isn't as simplistic as those of you who don't like to think keep insisting.

No. 935656

I'd say it's mostly Shiloh and Regina that fucked things up, along with some of the anti-o's. Repzion obviously wasn't trying to wk, he was just clearing up the misinfo about Sarah asking him for money.

No. 935661

quite a few people in the commentary community are pissed off at Shiloh for the Nick thing. Some notable twitter accounts/channels talking about it are ThatFauxJourno (tipster, that's where a lot of the receipts are coming from) MrEdwinCosta (Edwin's Generation) @NotToadMckinley (guy with only like 40k subs who makes commentary videos that get 100k+ views.. plans to make one on Shiloh) and JustinWhang. Repzion has come out with a statement as well and there have been many many others. If you look around it's pretty easy to find people condemning her. People have made videos as well.

No. 935667

>smooth brained for the hundredth time in defense of Sarah

Expand your vocabulary. If there was more to the situation than what's been stated then there isn't any proof of it. She won't go much further because "evidence" but she didn't bother bringing the laptop to the FBI until recently and still hasn't said much more. The only "smooth-brained" people are the ones who are taking the women's word for everything because "victim".

As they should, not just for the Nick thing but for her telling someone that the world would be better off without them. Doesn't help that Sarah supports her behavior >>935472 .

No. 935668

This is the vid he made talking about the situation with Nic and Shiloh.

It's not just Shiloh either, many in the anti-o community have alienated themselves from former allies through their own actions - false dichotomies and mob mentality runs rampant with these people. They're very easily manipulated, that's why they stan people like Chris Hansen.

No. 935669

>this is the only place i see people say shit about how the girls are fucking up.
I'd bet a lot of people are thinking it, though. Maybe even some antio Twitterfags. They're just not going to say it because of the backlash.
But I'm sure they must be privately gossiping about it, lmao.

No. 935672

Prove that they didn't groom Sarah and manipulate her into a sexual relationship then. There's literally caps where they (lainey and greg) were arguing about using her virginity as a pawn, I can post that if you like. Greg's said many times he wanted to keep Sarah at a distance by being mean to her, calling her Drew Carey, Meg (from Family Guy) etc. If he wanted to keep her at a distance - instead of grooming her for sex as a child - then why did he let her live with him?

No. 935674

>Expand your vocabulary.
Maybe learn nuance instead of looking at every situation like it's black and white. I remember people badgering her to take her laptop to LE after Hansen's/Vince's lies were exposed, now people are badgering her for receipts that she took it there. Even if she did show receipts I doubt that would be enough for some of you, "she should show proof she talked to a lawyer", she's not obliged to show receipts on demand for every little thing she does, that's ridiculous. If you're donating money to her and ask for receipts from her on how she spent it, that's more than reasonable.

No. 935676

Oh yeah she's such a poor victim she fucked Grease on Footface's office chair and then made jokes about it on Twitter just to make her victimhood extra valid

No. 935679

Everyone posting in this thread is a twitterfag lmao not sure why anons lie and pretend they’re not.

No. 935681

That was either Ayalla or Luxy who made a joke about it. I wouldn't say Sarah's okay with anything that happened considering she's in therapy for it, unless you think that somehow means the opposite.

No. 935684

Lane joked about it.

No. 935685

>Sarah should show proof she was groomed
She has. Check Onion's thread in pt, newfag.
>She didn't go to the FBI until recently
So what? She was lied to, she made a mistake, get over it.
>Sarah should show proof she took her laptop to the FBI
What does it matter to you? Is there a reason why you need to see receipts for this in particular? Something tells me it's not because you're lusting for justice, anon.

No. 935689

Nah, not everyone. I just strolled in here from pt for drama, lol. Whenever the question of "who are even these Twitter fags" was asked ( just to get some more context, beyond their user names ), no one wanted to answer it. Even in thread 1 and it was originally suppose to be their thread.
So, yeah, the majority probably are Twitterfags.

No. 935694

File: 1582429802790.jpeg (319.76 KB, 750x986, 4A3A05D5-71CF-4ACE-8295-F82517…)

>smooth brained

Please stop. If you’re the same person who also spergs about grug being a “water brain” you can stop that too.

Shiloh unfollowed Repzion for criticizing her, all the comments under her post supporting mikenwanker are condemning her, she is digging her own grave

No. 935696

>Shiloh's actions don't reflect on me or Sarah
That's great to know but why does Shiloh still claim to publicly represent the other girls? The last time Shiloh went on Hansen's show she hinted at speaking with Sarah and how upset Sarah was over one of gerg's last sperg videos, did Sarah give her permission to share that? I don't see any of the girls asking Shiloh to speak for them in any capacity, and yet she does.

No. 935700

>Shiloh unfollowed Repzion for criticizing her
Caps? I'm surprised she didn't block him like she has others. Apparently she doesn't take constructive criticism very well. It's very "my way or the highway" type of mentality, just like Greg… Pretty sad she'd distance herself from one of the strongest allies they've had on yt. Unlike Hansen, Rep never lied to them.

No. 935705

File: 1582432815348.jpeg (297.41 KB, 750x845, 52D5A7AC-A49F-4504-9684-A96B76…)

This is his what Daniel said, no mention of her unfollowing him but she was following him before and isn’t now

No. 935710

we oursleves here at the farms watched it happen in real-time, we questioned every public trace of it, to where sarah had to leave their house for a while due to public questioning, lainey held a livestream to refute things such as 'cuddling' and greg made a video denying any funny business with his 'foster daughter' - all while she was still underage. we saw the public tweet exchanges and the scantily clad original lainey sent sarah to edit for her, right at the time they happened. none of her story is a mystery except the part that happened after she turned 18, and greg inviting her into a 'square' since she kept those to herself for a while. but her grooming was plenty visible to those of us watching.

No. 935714

File: 1582433727935.png (1.82 MB, 2075x601, B.png)

Some of you reach really hard man lol. She was nervous af going on Hansen's show,why would she get all dolled up for that anyway? She's lost some of her baby fat, she's still cute, her bf's cute too.

No. 935725

Not everyone finds her attractive and that's okay anon.

No. 935732

Learn to read. The context was proof about the laptop going to the FBI not proof of grooming.

Yep. Admin even outed a few of them not too long ago.

No. 935733

I know this because Sarah told people she had her friends posting caps and evidence for her, you can also reference any exclusive caps posted here.
And if you don't believe me just know that I'm one of the girls who's been skeptical about what Shiloh did with her GoFundMe money. And I ain't the only one so I don't care what y'all think. I know the truth.

No. 935734


The boyfriend who she called ugly and called out for cheating on her? I'm not a fan. I noticed he encourages her weird onlyfans supporters on twitter too, especially the guy who sounds like an awkward bot

No. 935736

Nothing wrong with differences of opinion but some anons want to reach to the fucking moon.

No. 935737

>The context was proof about the laptop going to the FBI
Obviously the context was understood, hence the rest of the statement. Take your own advice.
>What does it matter to you? Is there a reason why you need to see receipts for this in particular? Something tells me it's not because you're lusting for justice, anon.

No. 935738

She's just average. If she didn't go against Greg after all the enabling she did with Greg on eugenia and lainey then nobody would get bothered.

No. 935739

I don't know anything about that, I don't follow that closely. That's messed up though if it's the same guy you're talking about. I figured she got with him in the last few weeks because she was single as recently as Dec/Jan.

No. 935740

Did Shiloh ever show receipts for the GFM? She waffled about what she was going to do with excess cash. I mean if she's really in need I don't care but her behavior lately's been really embarrassing. I don't see it getting better for her if she stays online.

No. 935741

Karma is real

No. 935742

Yeah so are terrible choices lol. She could choose better if she wanted to.

No. 935745

Repzion is being very level headed here. It looks like Shiloh got mad for getting called out for her childishness and poor judgement. She should be adult enough to handle fair criticism with maturity, not run from it like Greg does. She has this very binary way of thinking, which again is a lot like Greg. Hope she sets a higher bar for herself.

No. 935746


They broke up and got back together from what I can tell.

No. 935750

This is giving me Madison drama deja vu (granted madison was outed as a snake in her own right). Shiloh left twitter for a minute afterwards, then came back only to dive into drama yet again, but she refuses to acknowledge her role in it. She's not capable of handling being front and center or she'd have learned her lesson the first time around.

I'm not saying this to drag her but she obviously has some psychological issues she's deep in the middle of - referring to the "joining the 27 club" tweets from last month >>921121, >>921125 - and now she's telling people to kill themselves. She's in no position to lead or counsel others when she's obviously struggling as much as she is. And of course greg and his orbiters will glom on to this like vultures. Greg already tried using the madison fallout to discredit his victims, and now Shiloh's giving him more sperg ammo.

No. 935767

Of course Stevie Somefaggot has to insert himself in


Caps too long to screen

No. 935769


Nic's side of the story.

This is herd mentality at its finest, it's why the anti-o community gets so much shit. Greg is going to have a field day with this and Shiloh has only herself to thank for it.

No. 935770

Nic and all the clowns who associate with him (Pisscatore et al) are utter trash but this video is spot on. I’m guessing she copped a temp ban from twitter for the tweets that are no longer available, I hope she goes into hiding again, only this time for good

No. 935772

File: 1582450005621.png (845.65 KB, 634x2438, Screenshot_2020-02-23 S Wolfet…)


>You lot are helping legitimize an asshole like Onision on how he paints the characters of those he victimized.

If anyone's done that, it's Shiloh. Asking fair, simple questions won't delegitimize anyone who's being honest.

I wondered the same as Pescatore about the laptop, why the FBI agreed to take it after Hansen royally screwed things up there. It's more than a little odd.

No. 935773

I think the difference between someone like Nic and the people who are lying about him is that with Nic you know what you're getting. He admits he's an asshole. He's not trying to play pretend for internet points.

No. 935777

>this story took a dive into 100% youtube drama the first time Hansen had on 1 of those girls and didn't get them to file a charge or report on Greg BEFORE STREAMING
This is exactly what Jeff from DP was saying months ago. If Hansen gave a fuck about those girls he would've had this set up for them from the get go, but he didn't.

No. 935778

I talked to Stevie on discord dms earlier and he basically said that he thought Shiloh was retarded for how she acted and it pushed everything back instead of helping anything. He also said he felt like she used the size of her audience and status as a victim to put pressure on people so they didnt say anything until this blew up and only makes things worse for the girls like Sarah who didnt know what they were getting into and that if Hansen and them looked the other way from this he would probably pull back from it all for good.

Stevie can be a sperg but I genuinely feel that out of a lot of these people he actually gives a shit. I think he lets his feelings get the best of him tho and it screws him over.

No. 935779

Okay so why doesn’t he tell Shiloh to sit the fuck down somewhere and chill out instead of you? Is he scared of the block button?

No. 935780

File: 1582451591022.png (1.46 MB, 835x3451, ERcR3LDWsAApQW--.png)

Of course Shiloh being the class act that she is makes empty legal threats against someone for asking a few questions that are in no way doxxing (like she did) or threatening anyone's personal safety (like she did). Who does she think she is, Greg? It's pathetic she'd sink to this level, it just reinforces all the criticism she gets here. She needs to stay off the internet and stay in therapy.

No. 935781

Shiloh has no chill. It's like she's studied Hansen's underhanded scheming, using other people to do his dirty work for him. This whole "movement" has practically fallen apart because of people like her and Hansen, both appearing more and more disingenuous the longer this goes on.

No. 935782

Sounds like it's probably a dysfunctional relationship then. Poor self esteem will do that - not a criticism, just an observation. If it is a toxic relationship I hope she'll find the strength to leave it.

No. 935783

I'm with the anon who said she's smoking way too much weed. She's obviously trying to self medicate her problems and it's not helping her. I also think it's very likely she and Hansen have, or might make some sort of deal behind the scenes. Neither of them appear concerned with integrity.

No. 935784

Damn, I used to support Shiloh but this really set me back. She really hasn't changed much since her teen years. She looks about as mentally and emotionally stunted as Greg is. She's delusional if she thinks she can help any of her "girls" in her state. She's just digging a hole for all of them.

No. 935788

Stevie just posted this unlisted video condemning Shiloh, even though it’s unlisted I’m sure she’ll find it, sperg and block him like she did with Repzion. Apparently she sent Repzion a couple of DMs telling him to “keep my name out of your mouth” and admonishing him for not being a good friend but until we see caps it’s just hearsay (though I don’t have any reason to doubt its validity)

No. 935790

I agree with him for once. He put it pretty well, and I'm absolutely certain she will see it.
People saying "protect her she's an abuse victim!!" Are top tier retarded. Being an abuse victim means fuck all in regards to her behavior

No. 935791

She is getting a fair bit if backlash on Twitter including from Edwin Costa who has done a good job of dragging her for this nonsense

No. 935802

Man, if she doesn't stop being a psycho like Jimmy, she can have her own thread again. I hope she leaves the internet again, for good.

Skye, Alicia and Billie really are the only ones not acting like idiots.

No. 935804

File: 1582461642445.png (334.94 KB, 1043x526, 1582437521487.png)

Will Sarah ever address what she said about Ayalla here?

No. 935809

Why does she bring Sarah's age up so much? She's like Onision saying "she was 18 and a half" over and over

No. 935813

It is very hard to feel sympathetic towards Shiloh. Her being abused by Greg is well documented, but yet here we are. Her harpy ways just turn people off.

No. 935818

shiloh didn't need to study shit. she is an asshole and this is standard operating procedure for her.

No. 935821

good for stevie. she's always been a loose cannon fuckup.

No. 935823


On woke twitter, 19 is always a 'young girl'. Never mind that you can be married with kids, stomping around the desert being shot at 19.

Brock Turner wasn't a 19 year old 'young boy' any more than these self-infantilizing idiots are uwu young girls.

No. 935826

So he's her pimp as well as a junkie, nice!

No. 935883

File: 1582479049783.jpg (25.19 KB, 640x360, lolsuit.jpg)


Wait, the kweens need to e-beg for a laptop but they have money to sue people for not toeing the line on twitter? Who is their lawyer? Take the lolcow bullshit to the next level Shiloh it's getting good.

No. 935936

Honestly Shiloh and Greg are very similar. I don't doubt he treated her like shit when they were together and she was young, but this girl does not have all her screws tightened. She needs to leave the internet as much as Grease does.

No. 935942

I feel like this was some kind of statement Ayalla made in passing to Sarah that was taken way out of context by Sarah at the time. Sarah may have actually thought Ayalla was hitting on her, who knows? But Ayalla says she did not want to get with Sarah and now Sarah agrees with that statement.

When she was all up Lainey's asshole, she wanted to diss the other girls to prove she was on Lainey's side. She was a bratty teenager. I am sure we all did similar things when we were teens.

But honestly? This thing with Ayalla doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things. Worse case scenario, an 18 year old girl hit on a 16 year old girl. Big freaking deal. Nothing ever happened. Both girls are friendly now. I really don't know why people keep bringing this up as if it means anything.

No. 935948

I couldn’t agree with him more. Like Shiloh really need to step back and let others who are stable enough to handle all this mess take care of everything. And if she’s not going to apologize for the things she’s done then this is going to make everything going to Waste and once again onion boy will have his smug satisfaction. You know he’s plotting something when he reached out to Keem Despite him blocking him earlier. And thanks to her meltdown he got some ammo to attempt to grab more brainless people Into joining his army like a cultist would do. If Chris Hansen look the other way on all this then I would completely lose respect for him. All we could hope for is the FBI to actually do the investigation and put him behind bars before it gets even more messier.

No. 935951

They really are similar. Probably why they were a good fit for each other, but had extreme crazy fights.
I wonder if she's always been like that or if that side of her got prominent because of Jimmy.

No. 935968

Of course Chris Hansen isn't going to address any of this in an honest way. He will probably have her on his show again to tell "her side of the story" and he will agree with everything she says and imply that the big mean commentary community is a cult of bullies. Hell knowing him he might even imply that they are at least sympathetic to pedophiles. That or he will just ignore it but I have a feeling Shiloh will attempt to weasel her way back on to give herself credibility. Honestly though if you still have respect for Hansen at this point you haven't been paying attention.

No. 935972

File: 1582489257836.png (81.82 KB, 605x272, Screen Shot 2020-02-23 at 1.20…)

Madison: Ok but can we talk about me now?

No. 935973

He'll have to say something since he's in contact with her more than the others. Shiloh is making things much worse for the women involved.

Holy shit, no wonder the people involved with Onion and Shallot were so drawn to them. They all seem to be up their own asses with the exception of Sarah (most of the time). Madison needs to shut the fuck up, no one wants to hear her me me me whining.

No. 935978

She makes everything about herself, no wonder even all the other "victims" dislike her.

No. 935989

File: 1582491970393.png (Spoiler Image, 227.22 KB, 501x327, lol.png)

Madi and Lainey are one and the same. Where's MY sympathy?

Can you imagine being so addicted to attention with nothing to show for it? I almost feel bad for her cuz the only way for her to get her coveted attention is with her shitty dime-a-dozen glamor shot modeling, but even with that she's just so unremarkable that not even her leaked porn was noticed by anyone. It's plastered all over the internet under her real name, imagine being so boring at being fap fodder that nobody even cares to see if there's nudes of you out there.

No. 935992

File: 1582492370189.jpeg (278.14 KB, 750x768, F3A6DCF3-4381-491C-BCA7-51CD28…)



No. 935998

That video of her faking orgasms is so fucking cringy. The things this bitch does for money, she's setting a great example for her daughter.

No. 936007

File: 1582494620899.jpg (86.47 KB, 534x837, 2020-02-23_16-46-37.jpg)

Taken from kf. Apparently the woman that Shiloh told to kill herself is getting harassed beyond measure. I hope that Skye comes out of hiding to support this woman cause if anyone knows what it's like to have a crazy cunt's rabid fans after them, it's her. Hell, Sarah would know too but she doesn't seem to be saying anything. She ended up liking the tweet that Shiloh made excusing her actions so I doubt she'll actually say something, but one can hope.

No. 936018

File: 1582497400150.png (103.94 KB, 749x748, IRjlhhTEV7.png)

honestly this is such a heel turn for shiloh

No. 936032

File: 1582499195822.jpeg (73.58 KB, 1235x1501, CAAF2ACF-9A3D-4923-9760-D07F21…)

Shiloh deleted her account. 1 down five more to go.

No. 936034

Madison's account is also gone.

No. 936042

I hope this situation will knock her ego down so she can start acting like a normal person.

No. 936043

File: 1582501965735.jpg (72.9 KB, 459x746, so.jpg)

Have Sarah or Ayalla said anything more about this?

No. 936048

All of this is incredibly hilarious.
It truly is Greg's douchebag aura. Literally everyone involved with Greg good or bad is just a complete scumbag haha

No. 936050

Well we knew Ayalla and Billie were wannorexics doing some cringe dieting at onion's McMansion.
If it's true that they gave Sarah tips on loosing the pudge then that's pretty gross, considering Sarah started posting wannorexic shit on her tumblr around that time. I just figured she learned that from doormat.
Ayalla said she never hit on Sarah. I honestly don't know who to believe but even if it was true I'm guessing they would want that swept under the rug if it didn't pertain to grease.

No. 936051

Yeah, I'm not sure what to believe either. Either Sarah was lying then or they're all lying now by pretending it never happened.

No. 936054

A year ago when it came out some people were defending it by saying it isn't a big deal if a 18/19 year old hits on a 16 year old. Maybe they just don't care?

No. 936055

Anti-O's remind me a lot of rabid Michael Jackson fans, the true die hards. Say anything negative about Michael Jackson, or that he's a pedophile, on youtube or twitter they will mass attack you.
The same thing is going on with the Anti-O's. You say anything negative or even remotely disagreeing about Greg's VICTIMS and they will attack you en masse, trying to shut you down in every way possible.
Its very weird, but I think a lot of it comes from frustration over Greg.
So what if somebody, some stranger on the internet, doesn't share your opinion? Is that really the end of the world?

No. 936058

It wasn't hard to not fuck this up. All Sarah had to do was actually take the laptop to the police or get some sort of legal action started. I fault the other girls more because they're the ones who convinced Sarah to jump on the public Twitter campaign. Ayalla, Billie, and Shiloh are definitely not children. They were all much older than Sarah and encouraged her to go this route, even before Hansen.

No. 936069

File: 1582505878774.jpeg (384.82 KB, 750x946, 48147994-B288-4054-91BF-1A9413…)

It’s still there and she is still sperging trying to make everything about her because she is a fucking attention whoring cunt

No. 936071

File: 1582505952315.jpeg (404.97 KB, 750x959, 3C09588D-9855-4C92-831A-D09FCA…)

No. 936073

I was around at the time the first anti o group was forming and this has always been a problem ( also the reason why I much prefer lolcow and don't know shit about this current anti o group ). If they're attacking anyone who has anything remotely negative to say about the victims, that's not at all surprising.

Majority has the inability to be objective. Jimmy could have farted and it would get turned into "Jimmy just tried to poison the world, what a disgusting human being, if you disagree you're supporting it".
Jimmy does a perfectly good job at being an asshole all by himself, there's no need to push it harder than that.
In a similar vein, there's also no need to see the victims as people who are a 100 % honest and can do no wrong. Maybe they're not honest about everything.

Shiloh was hated back then for a reason. When she came back people were excited and she managed to fuck up again. On her own, without Jimmy abusing her.
You're right that it all goes back to being frustrated over Jimmy, though.

To me it's less about if it's a big deal or not, just about what's true and what isn't. Either way someone apparently lied about this.

No. 936075

File: 1582506124270.jpeg (407.98 KB, 750x950, 9A7B1F32-2D81-4D94-8F9B-5AF68E…)

No. 936077

File: 1582506270952.jpeg (333.1 KB, 750x818, 6C25BC4E-4EA0-45B7-BBAA-50A812…)

No. 936079

>people who are a 100 % honest and can do no wrong.
Especially because we know that there has been a few lies told by the women. People wouldn't be making such a huge deal about the stuff if they weren't given the 100% innocent no blame victim status in the first place.

Doesn't this whiny bitch have a child to take care of? Maybe she should go hug her daughter instead of trying to get pity points and ass pats from a bunch of strangers.

No. 936101

Bitch, the whole world is against you rn and you’re really gonna post this?!

https://mobile.twitter.com/lyldoll/status/1231756161709309952 (Video)(this is an imageboard)

No. 936102

File: 1582509218803.png (403.07 KB, 1125x2436, BE062467-76E8-4BD3-8152-022B1A…)

Her account’s gone.

No. 936106

>The Onision investigation could potentially be artificially extended for monetary reasons
That's all Hansen's been fucking doing, spinning his wheels for clicks and views. Once I saw the anti's and people like Shiloh and Regina giving him a pass, I knew it was all downhill from there. I was always suspicious of their support of him and now I see my suspicion was warranted.

No. 936107

Shiloh virtue signals about deplatforming predators while saying and doing nothing about the predator lawyer Mike Morse, that her friend Hansen actively works with and has openly advertised on his channel. There was talk at one point of him legally advising the girls, which is beyond insane.

This whole thing is a such huge embarrassing joke, no one with half a brain would touch it with a 10ft pole but I'm sure Hansen will probably continue milking it to keep what's left of his "career" afloat.

No. 936124

>her grooming was plenty visible to those of us watching.
Thank you for saying this. I think it's a combination of trolls and newfags that come around talking about Sarah, acting like they actually know what they're talking about when they don't.

No. 936125

Every community on Twitter/YouTuber is exactly like this anon Lmao. If you think antio’s are bad look into the commentary community and their rabid trolls

No. 936129

File: 1582513014999.jpeg (218.78 KB, 750x1021, 9D7A751B-17B1-4B14-B6A0-E38C0F…)


No. 936134

>Apparently she sent Repzion a couple of DMs telling him to “keep my name out of your mouth”
Shiloh just keeps getting more and more likeable lol. Repzion has been nothing but a good, solid friend to them, from everything I've seen. Good friends tell you when you're fucking up too. She seems to think she's above criticism or that everyone criticizing her is out to get her. She thinks so much like Greg it's sad.

No. 936135

What do you mean "junkie"? If it's just weed you're talking about, smoking it doesn't make you a junkie lol. You anons and your reaching.

No. 936136

He was good to her "sister" too and even gave her money without her asking.

No. 936139

this black chick is going in on Shiloh right now and it's hilarious.

No. 936143

To think if Sarah didn't e-beg none of this shitshow with Shiloh on Twitter would have happened. That's some butterfly effect shit

No. 936144

>a crazy cunt's rabid fans after them
Shiloh tried to brigade Nic >>935769 too. It really is gross and unfortunate how much she acts like Greg. If she doesn't grow up it'll only be a matter of time before the other shoe drops. By then none of her grandstanding will help her.

No. 936147

She makes herself sound completely psychotic in that video. Getting all high-pitched and loud like Greg does when in the wrong.

It's easy to see why Skye and Alicia refuse to say anything more. Half of the women and Chris with his team seem so shady as hell and the anti-o faggots seem as psychotic as Shiloh.

No. 936148

No. 936150

>So what if somebody, some stranger on the internet, doesn't share your opinion? Is that really the end of the world?
That's the nature of mob mentality, anon. We see it all the time in politics. Beware the hive mind.

No. 936151

So she thinks her mentally unhinged tirades against totally innocent people is a joke? Cool. Good to know she's not at all trying to be like Greg lol. Those two could easily share a padded cell.

No. 936152

>Half of the women and Chris with his team seem so shady
I noticed how Hansen went from saying his goal is to jail predators ( justice etc ), to saying the goal is to "get into the mind of a predator/criminal and report on it with the voices of victims" in his last weekend video.
Not a direct quote, but still the gist of it.
It seems like he worded it this way intentionally, because the more things happen, the more this seems like a joke in any legal sense. It has for a good while now.

I'm really wondering how all of this is going to play out, especially after Shiloh's antics.

No. 936156

5? I only know of the lyldoll one and the other she recently deleted.
As with Hansen and Greg, there will always be a few mindless stans who will justify anything she does.
Nice to see she's learned nothing after single-handedly destroying her credibility overnight. Shiloh's made it that much easier for Greg and anyone really, to discredit all of the girls she claims to care so much about.

No. 936163

Fucking hell, that video. She was threatening violence to the person she kept calling "mini-Onision" with that retarded "I have family in [blanked out town] have fun" She was an edgy tryhard at 16 and is an edgy tryhard now. The fact that none of the girls have asked her to fucking chill is crazy.

No. 936226

would you ask the lunatic braying bananaaaaaas to chill? just sayin', i'd ignore the fuck out of her. creepy that she made her own banana song, but then again not surprising.

No. 936234

File: 1582524993529.jpeg (342.11 KB, 1215x1360, 85C2E759-E302-4C8C-8667-B98D1C…)

Madison whored herself out in the tipster stream and according to them she is the only one of the girls who is telling the truth and a victim lololo

No. 936236

>creepy that she made her own banana song
I felt kinda weird hearing her scream "this shit is bananas" from Stefani, since this whole thing is about a guy who got famous for his banana song.
Maybe it's just a joke I'm not getting, though.

No. 936238

I think the joke is, what was left of her sanity has left the chat. Seriously though, what kind of adult acts like this? She's acting like a mentally stunted teenager, or Greg.

No. 936243

>Who is their lawyer?
If it's Morse, any lawsuit they thought they had will never get off the ground. They will be laughed right out of the courtroom.

No. 936245

File: 1582528982815.jpeg (341.17 KB, 750x376, 42E39B96-9962-4C14-B9B7-5628AC…)

lmao these three mongoloid ham planets sperged about how they think Shiloh is ugly (she is, but besides the point) when they look like this. The deformed pick me bitch has a voice like nails on a chalkboard. People this hideous have no business calling anyone else ugly

No. 936246

I mean, she is prettier than plain Skye and plain Sarah


No. 936248

Anon, are you blind?

No. 936249

They’re all fucking ugly

No. 936253

>"joining the 27 club" tweets
If she's planning to an hero herself in a years time that really puts her recent "activities" into perspective, she could care less about the consequences her actions might have on others and it shows.
Does she think it's hilarious that this woman >>936007 got death threats, was doxxed and now she fears for her child's safety? All because Shiloh took the following she cultivated from her victimhood and used them as her own personal army. She and Greg really have a lot in common.

No. 936255

This wasn't some honest little mistake either, she deliberately lied about that woman (who apologized to Sarah btw) and about Nic to try and secure the outcome she wanted, and she still failed. I don't know what her real motives are but justice in a courtroom obviously isn't high on her list. She lost the plot and the support of most everyone in the commentary community that once took Onision's victims seriously.

No. 936260

So is Stevie legitimately surprised that Shiloh acted this way? Because I'm not. She's obviously mentally unwell and hasn't been in a healthy frame of mind for awhile. I'm also not surprised at how things have deteriorated because of their association with Chris Hansen, who's a fucking hack if I've ever seen one. This isn't how you get shit done.

Why make stupid choices, like giving Hansen a pass, and then act surprised or disappointed when things go horribly south? Honestly. Those of us paying attention have been warning about these red flags the entire time.

No. 936261

File: 1582534352030.jpg (15.04 KB, 598x113, s.jpg)

>I think the joke is, what was left of her sanity has left the chat.
Lol, that might be it. I don't think she even cares about it or is going to apologise. But then again, has she ever, for anything? Mostly not.

No. 936263

I think a lot of it is fear tactics. If you speak out "against" any of the victims they will pound on you so hard with all these yas queens trust me, the next time you'll stay out of it and not speak your thoughts about the situation.
Its an oral lid, really. They will hound you, dox you, call you a predator anything just to shut you up.
Deplorable behavior, really.

No. 936266

I hope she enjoys her cheese and wine when Greg ends up not in jail thanks in part to the stupid shit she's been pulling. The fact that she doesn't appear at all bothered by what she's done here >>936007 says a lot about her.

No. 936268

Since she's black now shouldn't she be sipping Yak or some shit?
Come on now Shiloh, thats common knowledge!
Have fun with your fam, you pudgy bridge troll.

No. 936270

I see it as only a matter of time before she goes unhinged again and makes a spectacle of herself. Even fucking STEVIE criticized her bullshit and has withdrawn his support of her.

No. 936275

I'm sure this is true. I'm also sure not all of the current anti o's are some batshit insane stanning morons. There must be some who are "thinking things", but are afraid of saying them.

>They will hound you, dox you, call you a predator anything just to shut you up.

Which is insane, since this whole thing is about the negative impacts of abuse.

Back then things were simpler, lol. We all disliked Shiloh and we all liked AJ, that was it.

>Even fucking STEVIE criticized her bullshit
It was a positive surprise that he did. I wasn't expecting that.

No. 936278

File: 1582537594147.png (594.91 KB, 867x865, ERhXgWyXUAMAHGh.png)

That's right Shiloh. You can pat yourself on the back for this one. Keep it up. You've helped reduce your victim status to mere youtube dramu. guRl poWeR.

No. 936279

Well, shit. You should post this in the main thread too, for the anons who aren't reading here.
Looking forward to the shit show. I also think Shiloh helped encourage this.

No. 936280

Congrats Sarah and Shiloh, you both ruined everything. Yas qweens

No. 936283

File: 1582540823193.png (396.5 KB, 591x949, Screenshot_2020-02-24 Luxymoo.…)

At least Luxy stepped up and did what Shiloh couldn't. Funny how the girls Shiloh says she's trying to protect are left cleaning up her fucking mess for her.

No. 936285

File: 1582541440990.jpg (290.95 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200224-104502664_…)

Sorry deleted previous post of screenshot because his name was in it:

This is shilohs ex. I am very close with him.

She is still obsessed with him, was a control freak and insanely jealous, she is known to dabble in hallucinogenic drugs.

No. 936287

File: 1582541597468.jpg (531.94 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200224-105213552 …)

Another screenshot from her ex.

No. 936288

>not all anti-Os
Just fuck off back to your twitter and go finger your bum over your follower count already.
You mean the girls collectively agreed that Haylee should make a statement on everyone's behalf, after it's finally escalated this far. There's no way they haven't noticed the way Shiloh acted when they're constantly watching their sm.

No. 936290

Maybe calm down a little and sage.

Is that the same ex who said she faked a text to make him look crazy or something along those lines?

No. 936301

And the funny thing is like I seen someone else mention too: This was exactly the same crap Greg did. Just sic your rabid fans on your enemies.
If you get a gazillion people hating you for something you say, you scurry away, specially if you use your own name and they go out and dox you.
>I'm also sure not all of the current anti o's are some batshit insane stanning morons.
Not all of them no, I seen some sane ones be scared away by the mouth breathers. Its the same type of shit they tried to do to Bad Banana but since he doesn't use his own name they can't dox him.
There's a bunch of other ones who's name I can't recall but who actually left. You are not allowed to say whats on your mind, you're supposed to parrot what everyone else is saying. Which is Greg bad, Victims saintly.
All this "#ISTANDWITH" horseshit. Which coincidentally has the name STAN in it. They're quite literally stanning these yas queens.

No. 936305

Bad banana was a little fagthat would post screen caps from lolcow and act like mr detective.

Just because all you twitter cunts run rampant in this shit containment thread doesn't mean actual farmers have forgotten who the fuck is who in all this.

You all condemn yourselves with the shite you post.

No. 936306

shiloh is unstable as fuck and lots of anons have known this since basically always. she had many detractors as soon as she started dating greg because he was still married, picked up a few more because she matched his unhinged behavior, grabbed a lot more when she shit on AJ. scroll back in the onion threads and you'll see all kinds of examples, you can see her fall and fall hard into prostitution. she wasn't doing sex work, she was turning tricks. no one even knows for sure if she ever had a baby. she lies and she's nuts, so most anons were happy with recent events to see that she'd turned it around, but she of course, she hasn't. everything she's doing right now is the real shiloh. she's just an asshole.

No. 936309

I'm not sticking up for Bad banana there, my handsome little newfriend. I was simply making a point, which you now single handily re-enforced. Anti-O's are like Piranha, feeding off their own.
Not a very smart way of handling things, amusing though, but not very productive for you.

No. 936316

>You are not allowed to say whats on your mind, you're supposed to parrot what everyone else is saying. Which is Greg bad, Victims saintly.
It wasn't said for nothing that a lot of the hardest anti o's tend to turn out to be exactly like Jimmy in a lot of aspects.
When the mentality is "absolutely everything Jimmy does is wrong, everything the victims do is right and shouldn't be questioned" without anything in between, things can turn shitty really fast, I'm sure.

>no one even knows for sure if she ever had a baby
I think I remember seeing her with a baby photo on FB back in the day.
Did a little Googling and found a photo from 2013 with her and a slightly older child, which I think was her daughter. Don't want to post it here, though, even a censored version, you can find it easily.
I think this was a rare example of her being truthful.

No. 936319

And they get legitimately ANGRY. Even on this place. You say anything, absolutely anything even if its a minute doubt about some of the VICTIMS claims and they want to DESTROY you.
Its ludicrous really, they're throwing in their own windows with this type of behavior.
Oh and Hansen is the second coming of the Christ-child, according to them. His words are absolute scripture, written in stone like the 10 commandments. He is their Moses leading them to the promised land of a Greg-free internet.
And it just so happens I have my sincerest doubts about any of Hansens claims. Like how every single episode he says at both beginning and end how there are "new developments in the Onision-investigation", yet never delivering.

No. 936321

yeah, i know the picture. shiloh has a history of lying. about everything. a birth or death record is lot more convincing than a photo tbh.

everyone thinks hansen is retarded, no one cares about him anymore. he got his fifteen minutes and he's dome.

the wetlands and the IRS are going to do the damage to greg. he'll be bankrupted eventually, but nothing's going to come of any of this shit. sarah fucked it up big time.

No. 936367

Ah, okay. I don't want to believe she lied about that because it's too fucked up, but I wouldn't be shocked if it turned out she did.

That said, I was refreshing my memory, because I forgot so much shit in all of this time ( or just wasn't around, his relationship with Lainey was painfully boring for a few years ).
I forgot that Shiloh was trying to talk to Lainey on Twitter, lol. Seeing that shit again was really weird.

Agreed on the IRS, it's the most realistic bet.

No. 936390


I am not sure if she faked texts with him, but if you - or anyone - knows who is, I urge you not to bother him or reach out to him - because he has already expressed in the screenshots it is hard to talk about.

He is damaged from her actions.

She is controlling, manipulative, volatile and a compulsive liar and I now genuinely think she has little to no credibility in what she says - because she has been caught in several lies, including telling her Ex - as confirmed in those screen shots that she faked the seizure for an attempt to get famous.

Everything she says, she contradicts herself, and now it's all coming out and has gotten way too hot to handle - she's gone back into hiding.

About her "sudden infant death syndrome child" she has never mentioned it to her ex, and he was with her for a couple of years on and off, BUT - as we already know - the dead baby picture she posted to her Facebook, and soon deleted - was not the baby in question

With the amount of contradicting evidence coming out, I am now going to say that Shiloh is just as bad as Onision, and there is no doubt in my mind she was "in on" a lot of the videos.

Not saying she was in on all of them (the candy corn one etc) - but certainly in on a lot of them.

No. 936399

I think that ship has sailed thanks to Shiloh's antics. People feel much more comfortable questioning the uwu victim qweens now that all of these people with actual platforms are doing it.

No. 936418

Hansen wasn't much to begin with. I mean talk about your one trick pony, wow. Usually whenever reporters have fuck all to talk about they cover predators. Its always a crowd pleaser to white trash parents to see pedo's or black people get busted on national tv.
They keep talking about an investigation but when has Hansen ever done any legitimate investigation himself? He hasn't. Horny hillbillies were lured in to coming to that stinghouse, he'd read the pervy chatlogs and then they got busted outside the house. Thats it. There was no investigation involved. And when it came down to other subjects on dateline they had an investigative team at NBC. Chris just was the turtleneck talking head. Now that thats all gone to shit he's trying to revive his career on Youtube.
I have my sincere doubts that its gonna work. Not in the least bit because he isn't using the stinghouse format anymore, which was what the fans wanted.
The fans are bummed, the Anti-O's are rabid and have tunnelvision when it comes to Greg going to prison and they're desperately clinging to this last straw.
Now they're clinging to Keem to somehow magically make Greg talk so he can go to prison but trust me, he ain't going to.

No. 936437

keem's not going to do shit either, it's true. the only person who could have in theory done anything was the person who was around them the longest, and that was sarah. personally i think that after the first hansen where she saw just how badly she blew it where cloey was concerned (the chat were disgusted) she got cold feet or something.

there's so much stupidity about this shit. like the unending drone of 'you can't say anything negative about girl fill in the blank here! you just gave greg all the ammo he needs to discredit her!' is so fucking dumb. a court of law doesn't look at a case and say 'hm. that loser one-upped another loser on social media, therefore they win!' but the brainiacs surrounding this shitshow honestly believe that a crime is cancelled out if the person pressing charges fucks up somewhere along the way? that's greg tier retardation. no matter, since the person who should have pressed charges didn't think it was as important as scoring points on SM or getting a new laptop so that dylan could play sims 4.

greg will definitely get screwed by either the wetlands case or the IRS, but both of those agencies will take forever.

No. 936452


I think Kaiface makes him U-turn on his stupidity at the last minute on things like the wetlands and IRS. He either threatens to leave or they have a fight in the yard (according to the police reports).

The Lowes contractor will probably do the fence and then they can argue over the plants and signs.

No. 936472


>the brainiacs surrounding this shitshow honestly believe that a crime is cancelled out if the person pressing charges fucks up somewhere along the way? that's greg tier retardation. no matter, since the person who should have pressed charges didn't think it was as important as scoring points on SM or getting a new laptop so that dylan could play sims 4.

Kek anon this is true
Even if none of this side milk happened, Sarah would probably still be holding on to the supposed evidence. I think she just expected it to be easy to garner 100% support without doing anything, it doesn't make sense for Ayalla to announce it with emojis otherwise.

No. 936479

Everyone keeps bringing up the Austin Jones situation and comparing this to that which has made me wonder… with the Austin Jones situation did the victims post about it on twitter?

No. 936483

Sarah never pressed charges, she just delivered the laptop (there isn't any proof she did that but let's assume she did). If she pressed charges they would be public record and we would already know by now

No. 936485

I think a big issue with all of this is that all of the girls didn’t do anything but shit talk and vague tweet. I do believe Anus and Kai groomed Sarah and some of the other allegations are true but they didn’t do anything about it, so what are people supposed to believe. Nobody went to the police, Sarah herself recently admitted to not caring so much about the laptop going to authorities. There was just no direction or goal besides memes and riling everyone up about what he did to them.

Maybe this should be an example of what not to do when you have been victimized. Go to police instead of expecting people to believe you based on tweets and YouTube interviews.

No. 936487

>but the justice system failed uwu
The antifags who enabled this unironically think the system is super flawed and would never help the victims. If there really was CP in multiple devices you know they would do something about it. Antis can't self reflect for even a minute.

No. 936490

I honestly am starting to wonder if Chris Hansen even believed her about there being CP on the devices. If he did surely he wouldn't suggest she mail the CP to Vincent. Who knows though maybe he really is that incompetent.

No. 936492

As far as I recall it wasn't made into a public spectacle. I actually find it really tacky that this is getting compared to Jones, R Kelly and even Epstein. Like…no, come on.

No. 936494

I agree, and these girls have been wronged one way or the other, the abuse they suffered at Greg's hands is no picknick I bet there was a big basis of truth in every one of their interviews.
But that doesn't take away the fact that they fucked up severely. And the way they went about it is questionable. Like that lainey image with her meatflaps censored out, I find that image dubious at best.

No. 936503

File: 1582576176864.jpg (95.29 KB, 595x873, hm.jpg)

Shiloh quickly reminding us that we're all human. She doesn't need to prove herself. She didn't fuck up or anything like that. She's humaaaaaaaan.

No. 936506

Thats Greg's mantra: "I'M HUMAN" and "BE HUMAN".
She learned manipulation from the best.

No. 936510

File: 1582577036971.png (396.66 KB, 1280x720, 8765432456.png)

In one of his videos Gunk said Sarah threw a "viewing party" to watch his response videos, where did he get that from? Her fake boi friend Dylan posted a video on Twitter of her dancing to his meltdown video, is that what he's talking about?

No. 936511

File: 1582577134250.png (327.73 KB, 592x513, agressivelyautistic.png)

gene's back… again. lul
Gene your handle makes you look like a massive faggot. Just thought you should know.

No. 936515

File: 1582578433131.jpeg (115.62 KB, 1242x932, ERhKZJJWsAEqT1t.jpeg)

A Shiloh wk wrote this to Nic.

If she's going to be "acting irrationally" maybe she shouldn't be on the fucking internet. Or she can keep contributing to the circus along with her friend Chris Hansen whose friend Gene also likes to dox people and make threats online.

No. 936517

lol. Meanwhile the woman she sent her rabid fanbase to harass still fears for hers and her child's safety, but it's good to know Shiloh can move on so quickly and act like it was an honest to God oopsie on her part.

She said she was in therapy, that looks like a lie, or else she wouldn't be trying to gloss over her insane behavior and take zero responsibility.

No. 936519

Between this and using her brainlet stans to brigade other people, she is what she's accused others of being: a mini-Onision.

No. 936526

File: 1582579563207.jpeg (270.35 KB, 750x724, 4E716CA3-0F0E-4C1C-99CD-D72CD5…)


No. 936529

File: 1582579944276.jpg (51.86 KB, 493x599, 493.jpg)

I read it in his voice, lol.

Exactly. She's talking about blocks in "our" hands and playing god. Who was playing god just a few days ago? Posting here is kinda harmless, what she did impacted more than one person psychologically.
I would say that it's mind boggling that she's not even addressing it, but it's really not. It's just Shiloh.

Was it also her trauma that made her reach out to Lainey on Twitter to tell her about all the "horrible and judgemental people" when it comes to Jimmy? Was it trauma that made her reach out to him, like three times?
Attaching a ss, because I can't be the only one who forgot this happened.

Since "there are two separate FBI investigations, including her own" ( I don't believe it, just repeating her words ) - wouldn't something like this get asked about? "Heeey, you know that guy who you want nothing to do with, why did you reach out to him and his wife?"

No. 936531

God, these yas queeners are a cringe factory

No. 936533

>she matched Greg's unhinged behavior
>she lies and she's nuts
I thought she'd grown up from the person she was as a teenager, I was mistaken. There's no accountability from her for what she did then, or now.

No. 936538

There are few anti's that aren't totally insane but they're the exception to the rule. The community will turn on itself and self destruct when they finally figure out Greg isn't going to jail.

No. 936540

fanart of shiloh as the unabomber. Nice.

No. 936562

All anti-OS are over invested losers.

No. 936574

You’re right and what exactly did they want to happen tbh. Did they think a few tweets or screenshots would shut Anus up forever. I just don’t get what they were trying to do. I can’t even fault Hansen in their decisions at this point. Did they think Twitter was going to be their courtroom or something.

No. 936578

People knew about Austin Jones for years before he was finally prosecuted. Defizzy was actually in contact with a few girls he perved on prior to his arrest. It was when one of the girls finally went to police with her video messages that he was arrested and he was promptly arrested at that point.

No. 936585

I think I’m still banned from the Onion thread until tomorrow so I’m posting this here.

Please archive as much as you can, this is Onion’s really old content before YouTube:

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvBJH3YaJ5UPq8srg_nVyxw(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 936611

Agreed. It devalues the severity of their crimes comparing Onion to them. Jones was protected by scum bags in the industry for a few years to continually use his platform, entertaining a young and vulnerable audience. His YT channel gone as soon as the police officers were giving him his new shoes to wear for 10+ years.

This Sleeping With Sad 18 year old = Ian Watson shit has to fucking stop. Sage for gripe.

No. 936622

grooming doesn't apply as a crime once you turn 18. she would have to have been still a child when the sex happened for that to be a crime. yes we realise it's a 'personal crime' against her, that's not in doubt.
people realise any actual investigation of greg or lainey relates to enticement and potential transmission of underaged images right? all the other stories are sideshows and background to what fucked up people the onions are. those are worth it for the internet to hear, of course. example: nothing shiloh says or does has any bearing on what would be investigated. on the other hand, what greg and lainey did in the forums and in private comms with minors would be of interest in an investigation. some of the people shouting the loudest around this situation have the least to contribute to it in a hard, cold legal sense. and they can have no effect on how it turns out either.
fingers crossed they at least get lainey for enticement.

No. 936635

>fingers crossed they at least get lainey for enticement
I've been saying that since the beginning - that it's about Lainey, for the most part. However, if you look at any video about all of this, including Hansen's streams of course, there's a shitload of people who are absolutely convinced Jimmy is going to prison.
It's not even an if for them, it's a when. And it's just not happening. Not over this.

No. 936661

he may be confused with Blaire White who had a viewing party of his meltdown videos. All we saw of Sarah was as you said - a 5 second clip of her and one friend watching the first meltdown video. Hardly a "viewing party".

Once again though, Greg tries to act like he knows how "real victims" should behave. He doesn't know shit.

No. 936662

>grooming doesn't apply as a crime once you turn 18.
this is not true at all. It can most certainly be a crime, but you have to be able to prove that you were coerced. it's not as black and white as with an adult and a minor.

No. 936668

If there's really CP why is enticement the only possible charge? This entire thing is pathetic.

No. 936669

She wasn't coerced into it as texts show. She was just used and tossed aside like every naive girl.

No. 936681

Thank you for saying this.

No. 936692

this times a billion. it's unfortunate but if you want to see someone pay for what they've done to you, you go to the police and press charges, or you hand over evidence of a crime. sometimes it seems like people are so greedy and venal that they think 'paying for crime' means that they should literally get $$$. no, you get the satisfaction of knowing they're locked up and can't hurt anyone else.

No. 936697

Let's hope the next ten years sees Shiloh getting a grip on her shit. Again. Blocks in our hands, whatever girl. Lay off the thc.she

These idiots cheapen the meaning of trauma.

No. 936699

>Not in the least bit because he isn't using the stinghouse format anymore
He was hoping to use the Onision bandwagon to springboard himself back into network tv. That's all he's cared about from the start and it shows.

No. 936703

Onision used what was then a very active and rabid fanbase to bully his exes off the internet and into silence. When they came out initially, it was only to say their piece. That early on, I don't think taking legal action was on the table or really considered until the former reality show host came out pretending to be an ally.

No. 936704

This. I'm really disappointed in how this turned out. Hearing their stories and abuse was heartbreaking but now it's turned into a circle of asspats for one another and putting up a front of being some sort of protector of women. Yeah, great job you exposed the man, but he's not even in jail despite you saying "let me talk to my lawyer"

No. 936707

>nothing shiloh says or does has any bearing on what would be investigated
Of course not, but it could easily affect a trial as it pertains to the other girls specifically. As it stands, any case the girls might've had it doesn't look like it would go anywhere now.
>what greg and lainey did in the forums and in private comms with minors would be of interest in an investigation.
That's true. However, this situation has been made into such a public spectacle that it would make it difficult to find an untainted jury. An investigation is all well and good but the evidence still has to go to trial, and thanks to Hansen, Greg was given plenty time to dispose of any evidence in his possession i.e., when the FBI investigation was announced publicly, which never should've happened.

No. 936708

keem's going to be sympathetic and they're going to flip out, keem will make bank off the engagement and views, the end.

No. 936710

if based on messaging, nudes, enticement and such, I don't see too many of these girls being involved with anything legal. just whoever was involved in th message/picture trail only. shiloh's blowing her own chance of taking him to civil court I would assume? but enticement is enticement and it's not going to be based on hearsay or an abusive boyfriend story if a charge is actually laid. if anything her story helps lainey to build an excuse - that's the way I see shiloh having possibly ruined things.

No. 936711

I can't speak to all Sarah's motives or to her being concerned with scoring internet points, but acting her age for a bit doesn't mean much. She's obviously had a difficult time since she's been in therapy trying to sort things out. I think she could've done with better people around her giving her better advice than what she got, but this all water under the bridge.

No. 936713

No girls will collectively go to trial, why would they? Because a bunch of losers tried to rope them into greasesomes they were down with a few months ago?
I don't even get what half of this abuse is, mean internet texts where some 30 year old washed out manchild attempts to gaslight? I can't for the life of me take any of this seriously. Unicorns are sought after everyday by plenty of greasy couples, most just don't have a decades worth of milk behind their YouTube career.

No. 936714

Stop infantilizing women like they're fragile children.

No. 936715

> >936622
Of course. Sarah shouldn’t be blamed for anything but I do think there should have been a collective goal between all of them before they started sharing their stories. It seems like that wasn’t the case. If none of them intended to press charges or seek justice then maybe they shouldn’t have said anything because social media isn’t going to make that happen.

No. 936717

I honestly feel that a lot of the continued rage for justice is fueled by Greg's own smug attitude. He's a slimy turd who gets on camera with his shit eating grin, lies out his ass, contradicts every statement he's ever made, and yet still has his dumb shit eating grin plastered on his face thinking he's won.

People just wanna see him go down. At this point, I don't think they care how or for what. I mean, I don't blame them, I'd love to see someone knock that smug grin off his face, I'm just not gonna go crusade for the police to do something when it's always been the case that you can be a slimy abuser and get away with it, as long as you skirt that law.

No. 936718

Yes, I'm sure most morons are alright with internet justice via hashtags. You just forgot about the fact two children, one whom is a little girl, live with these trainwrecks. Did you forget about the little girl cracking her skull open a month after this shitshow started?
He's only skirting the law because of Sarah's pride you know.

No. 936725

>she is known to dabble in hallucinogenic drugs.
Not surprised. Someone with her mental instability issues risks even worse problems by taking those kinds of substances. No wonder she said she struggles with anxiety. I've seen people like her take these drugs like candy and it always backfires. She's demonstrated mostly piss poor judgement since her return online. She puts up this pretense of being a big bad kween, then her "sisters" end up being janitors for her childish conniptions.

No. 936728

>No girls will collectively go to trial, why would they?
On her now nuked account, Shiloh uploaded a few secs of video saying there were "multiple FBI investigations open" including her own. Of course all her stans believed it, and the anti's. If, in some hypothetical world, a few of the girls had active FBI investigations, that could go to trial. But even if that happened it's unlikely it would go anywhere. They got most of their info from Hansen who's been caught lying and blowing smoke up their asses.

No. 936732

No one's infantilizing her. Some of us are much older than she is and remember being her age, she's still a teenager. She's not a child but she's far from being a full fledged adult with years of life experience behind her. I remember what it was like at her age, a year or two out of high school. Most of her life has been consumed by this Onion shit. It's not normal, or ideal for that matter.

No. 936735

Coercion is notoriously difficult to prove. Fortunately for Greg, there's many provable instances of him being a manipulator (he's admitted as much), and that he's lied about Sarah and his intentions towards her on more than one occasion >>935672. Good for you though for never been manipulated or taken advantage of by a pedophile.

No. 936736

>you can be a slimy abuser and get away with it, as long as you skirt that law.
I've seen drug dealers get longer sentences than rapists. That's "justice" in 'Merica. Overall, the system isn't geared towards helping or protecting victims. There's been a little progress, but it's still much more difficult than it should be. That's why victims advocacy groups are so important.

No. 936738

Honestly you don’t even have to be a child to get caught up in an abusive relationship and do idiotic things as a result.
Anyone who has been in an abusive relationship or knows someone who has can likely sympathize with her and be more lenient to some of her less than ideal behaviors. This is not to say she should be allowed to get away with anything, but so far I don’t feel like anything that has happened with Sarah makes her an unreliable witness .

No. 936739

Shit most people don’t even consider things like verbal abuse a crime or even a big deal at all. If you aren’t physically hitting a person or diddling under 13s then you are in the clear in the eyes of the majority.

No. 936740

>Anyone who has been in an abusive relationship or knows someone who has can likely sympathize with her and be more lenient to some of her less than ideal behaviors.
You guys need to stop projecting.

No. 936744

He seems a bit, I don't know, challenged? Before she was fired, Alyssa wrote that Gene was paying off "dues" to Hansen >>926267. Makes you wonder what kind of weird, underhanded shit Hansen's done that someone like Gene would be working for him under the table like that? Hansen of course doesn't have the balls to admit outright that Gene is one of his personal lackey's, not that it matters much when the evidence is abundantly clear. Still, a pussy's a pussy.

No. 936755

It is funny that Hansen uses a known doxxer who came here posting dick pics and scat porn >>917366 as his own private henchman. It just reeks of pathetic desperation. It's like he's trying to be some kind of Don Corleone behind the scenes but he's just a washed up pseudo-journalist with as much integrity and dignity as the person he's "investigating" (riding on coattails). Maybe he'll have Shiloh on this week. kek

No. 936769

she wasn't trafficked. cmon be sensible, greg waited till 18 for a reason and it was to trap her in a situation where she had no redress.
if you find the adult grooming laws then sure let's talk about them here in relation to sarah, see if they apply.

No. 936775

>I've seen drug dealers get longer sentences than rapists. That's "justice" in 'Merica.
It usually helps to actually file the report or turn in the evidence.

No. 936776

File: 1582620243773.jpeg (356.36 KB, 1125x1179, E8F1A4E9-F417-4286-BC8C-CB4AF0…)

And there goes another blow to the anti-o’s, this time for racism


No. 936778

File: 1582620276416.jpeg (102.92 KB, 1080x1874, 96D8BE27-2648-4308-9263-B3D410…)

No. 936779

File: 1582620402370.jpeg (98.62 KB, 1080x1607, 24A28596-6B65-40F3-8653-D149BD…)

No. 936780

Fake and gay. Post the username pussy.

No. 936782

Nope. Look at the stats >>929209. There's plenty more where that came from.

No. 936783

I just realized this is the same bitch from that autistic stream saying Madison is *~valid~*

No. 936784

The user blocked the name and people are asking who it is

It’s either fake or Shiloh

No. 936785

If you believe your precious littol Sarah was being 100% truthful about the CP and the mountains of evidence she claims to have, then the laptop would have been enough to take down footface.
But you know, lying about making reports, withholding evidence, and giving said evidence to complete strangers usually fucks up the chain of custody. We can surely thank Sarah and the brilliant strong kweens for that.

No. 936786

Oh it’s that bitch! Yeah, they’re probably faek

No. 936787

it's this girl for reference if anyone didn't figure that

No. 936789

File: 1582621741704.png (23.96 KB, 598x278, Screenshot_2020-02-25 Bad Bana…)

My sides are in orbit! Why are they so fucking melodramatic over e-drama

No. 936791

lmao either this dumb bitch faked these for uwu sympathy or it’s mikenactor and shiloh being their racist selves. They’re not wrong about her being ugly though, kek

No. 936792

>then the laptop would have been enough to take down footface.
What are you talking about? Any evidence has to go to trial first. A trial hasn't happened yet. You're getting too far ahead of yourself.

No. 936794

Of course it has to go to trial, but first Sarah had to report it or turn in the devices.

No. 936795

That reminds me; going on the premise that Sarah's laptop had cp on it and Hansen mailed it back to her via USPS, isn't that a federal crime? Mailing cp that is. If the laptop was actually on its way to authorities as Hansen claimed, then why didn't he just hold on to it instead of mailing it back to Sarah? Unless he had other reasons for keeping it that most likely are also not legal.

At any rate, Sarah said she turned the laptop in to her local Bureau in Michigan. Until she shows receipts (or there's a trial) we won't know for sure one way or the other.

No. 936796

>why didn't he just hold on to it instead of mailing it back to Sarah?
I'm guessing for the same reason he coincidentally made contact/got an interview with Pierce county PD right as his lie about where her laptop actually was got too much flak, instead of, you know, doing all that way back when he first interviewed Sarah in October.

No. 936797


Schrödinger's CP. It exists in a flux of 'it exists when we want it to/not when we don't'.

According to TCAP people, some of the cases were thrown out because Perverted Justice refused to hand over their computers, allegedly because they had long undeclared CP on them (which was sent by predators during chats).

No. 936800

File: 1582625703077.jpeg (422.47 KB, 750x844, 958AAEC7-ACD0-46D5-9562-83C5B1…)


my sides, this obese cunt made a video about it and the stupid bitch thinks that this means she has “made it”, they’re even more cringey than the anti onion fags holy shit

No. 936801

File: 1582625848489.png (2.19 MB, 750x1334, F7698305-1859-44A6-B30F-AD2D5A…)


>calls other people ugly

>looks like this

No. 936802


I quite like the black girl but why she hangs out with that dollar store boogie I don't know. He has just the correct amount of genuine autism to sit there on his bariatric chair in front of his arcade machines and Mario dolls deadpan telling us he's not willing to have the sex with Shiloh.

No. 936808

Some of them are treating this like a joke, specially Sarah posting memes on Twitter and dancing to his meltdown videos. I hate to agree with Anus but he's right, what "traumatized victim" would watch their aburser's video and dance to it looking all happy?

No. 936826

peej were shady motherfuckers on their own. what kind of weirdo willingly chats with babyfuckers for days on end? some skeletons in that closet.

No. 936827

I think Sarah is hurt by what they did to her and wants rightful revenge, but she isnt traumatized.

No. 936831

This stinks. The usernames are hidden but even then you know anti-os are too fragile to be calling people gorillas and niggers on twitter. I can see Shiloh doing this though.
>drop you

No. 936837

She's an adult. It's exactly this kind of thinking that keeps people trapped in perpetual childhood. Might want to keep in mind that as an adult, Sarah committed the exact crime that tards keep screeching about, child abuse. You can bleat about her being a poor little girl all you want but the law doesn't see it that way. Cloey is the real victim here but go off about poor Sarah.

No. 936842

Shylow probably thinks she can use these words since she's also black now.

No. 936866

This might be Shiloh or fake. It sounds a lot like her and only she is obsessed with mentioning Sarah's age (besides Onion).

No. 936879

Can someone explain why Shiloh is suddenly black ? I saw her bitmoji is black and shit. Is she blind like. What's going on there.

No. 936880

>That reminds me; going on the premise that Sarah's laptop had cp on it and Hansen mailed it back to her via USPS, isn't that a federal crime? Mailing cp that is. If the laptop was actually on its way to authorities as Hansen claimed, then why didn't he just hold on to it instead of mailing it back to Sarah?

Maybe Hansen doesn't think there's CP on it either. I mean it's pretty clear that he doesn't actually take any of this seriously. If he thought she was telling the truth surely he would have told her to go to the cops. Then again maybe he really is just that stupid.

No. 936881

Ever since her shitty comeback she makes shitty R&B Billie Eyelasque knockoff music and has a black producer, she started acting like a hard ghetto chick and dressing that way.

No. 936889

Yikes. If a white person wants to make music like that that's fine but .. She should accept that she's white.
She probably has identity disturbance with whatever cluster b disorder she has.

No. 936891

Maybe she's transracial now. But yeah if she's worried about making hip hop music and not fitting in as a white girl pretending to be black isn't going to help at all… she's just going to get accused of "digital blackface" by the woke wing of her hypothetical fanbase.

No. 936895

File: 1582652846894.jpg (95.64 KB, 595x627, sh.jpg)

I mean she always caused a lot of conversation and it was never because she was "that bitch".
It's not a positive thing, ffs.

No. 936906

bitch you don't even have paper to speak of. wtf, escort your raggedy ass off the internet and sort your shit out. most people were happy you were doing well and now it's 2010 all over again.

No. 936919

It's funny that she calls people uneducated when she goes off on broken English tangents when threatening people despite being a native English speaker. She needs to shut the hell up at this point cause she's starting to look and sound as crazy as Rose McGowan during the MeToo movement.

No. 936925

I'm not sure what paper she's talking about either. If she has paper, that's nice, but then why did other people pay for her tattoo?

No. 936945

Oh shit up wannabe-nigger. You brought that "new trauma" all upon yourself because you acted like a psychotic cunt and most people weren't having it.

Shiloh truly is Jimbo's perfect match. Always spewing shit for attention and pretending she's the victim.

No. 936965

because the paper is a figment of her imagination

No. 936966

This whole string of tweets is exactly what a delusional white girl thinks women of color sound like. She is so dumb.

No. 936970

File: 1582665751115.png (109.42 KB, 683x659, 87764324567.png)

How exactly are they "fighting", none of them are doing anything besides looking for YAAAAAS KWEEN points on social media

No. 936971

Not to mention Luxy is pretty irrelevant in all of this, so her posting about 'fighting' just comes off as weird.

No. 937040

Honestly the need for attention destroyed all of this. All of these girls are toxic attention seekers who wanted pity points, not justice. I can't summon up anymore empathy for them.

No. 937046

This has been dragging on for far too long now. Even some anons in the main thread are grasping at straws.
"These texts prove he coerced Sarah into sex!" Like, what.

Is Hansen going to continue doing interviews every week? Because that's going to get old too, even for people who are still enjoying them now.

No. 937071

Hence why they went to Hansen and not to the cops, because they know that if they cops can prove that it was just a bunch of people having consensual sex and they're just crying about nothing they themselves could be the ones in trouble.
And no I'm not sticking up for Greg here, he's a dumb asshole that will one day get his comeuppance. Trust me, he will fuck up one day.

No. 937134

>Cloey is the real victim
She could very well be a victim of grooming, just as Sarah is. The Onion's started on Sarah at the age of 14 - I know that's a very difficult concept for you to grasp (and inconvenient truth to acknowledge) but that's what it is. Distilling her situation down to "as soon as she turned 18 she should've known better despite being groomed by two pedos from the age of 14" totally negates the grooming aspect. Maybe try thinking a little for a change.

No. 937135

How was Jimmy grooming Sarah since she was 14? Seriously, asking for an explanation.
For him she wasn't even on the radar at the time, Billie was ( and several others, I guess )

No. 937137

That’s when lainey met sarah at 14, anon

No. 937138

The wording was "groomed by two pedos", that doesn't answer my question.

No. 937139

It started with Lainey, then Greg when Sarah moved in with them anon.

No. 937140

Alright, at what time was he apparently grooming her? How old was she? What proof is there of that?
This whole thing started with ( the supposed ) cp from Lainey, even getting groomed by Lainey, that part might be true. But when does then Jimmy grooming her enter the equation?

No. 937141

>masses of evil and uneducated people
So are the "fans" Shiloh sent to brigade a woman, dox her and her child, saintly and highly intelligent? The more Shiloh speaks the stupider and more hypocritical she sounds, much like Onision. She really is better off staying away from the internet but if she doesn't, she can keep feeding the circus with her friend Hansen I guess.

No. 937142

You're asking to be spoonfed. I suggest you check Onision's threads in pt for ss if you need the proof so badly. I've seen it and so have plenty other people.

No. 937143

Cloey is a victim of covert incest. You know, something actually damaging, and done to a child.

No. 937145

I don't have to "check pt", I've been posting here for too long, lmao. I haven't seen any proof of him grooming her. Or coercing her into sex. I've seen him be an asshole, as always, that was it. So, no spoon feeding - just a genuine question.
Lainey, of course, is a different story if everything so far has been true.

No. 937147

Ok, but to suggest Sarah's not a victim ignores what she went through and the fact she's in therapy for it.
You haven't, myself and others have. Lurk more >>935710

No. 937148

Oh sure, we did think the whole situation was weird from the get go. Sarah was also b& from posting. Some speculated she might be getting her own thread when she hits 18.
Still, I can in no way say I've seen proof of him grooming her.

No. 937149

Maybe take some responsibility for your shite behavior for once in your life like an adult Shiloh, instead of leaving your sistahs to clean up after "momma bear".

No. 937151

I've seen nothing to indicate that Hansen isn't a fuck up with his head up his ass. He does like to try and be clever though. It fails, but oh how he does try.

No. 937153

tbf some of it is Sarah's word against Onision's. Some people like to bring up the fact that Sarah's lied but the only lies I've caught her in were when she lied FOR Greg and Lainey. You can't say it's not fucked up that Greg's on video referring to Sarah as a foster daughter, knowing what he did afterwards.

No. 937158

>Schrödinger's CP.
This is one of the best things I've heard all day, anon.

No. 937160

Of course, I absolutely do think it's fucked up. Jimmy's a fucked up person and he helped to mould another one.
It just boils down to "when did it happen, what sort of proof for it exists" and such, that's why I said it's a genuine question.

Speaking of Hansen, what happened to that 4-5 part series he was supposed to do with Morse? It would be really exciting to watch the mattresses Jimmy slept on while pretending it's helping justice, lol.

No. 937179

After going to Greg's house he made a video claiming he had all this "insider" info he was going to share over the coming weeks and months, info pertaining to what was happening inside the house. There was speculation he interviewed neighbors etc. (he didn't). The only "insider" interview he did after this was with the Pierce County PD spokesman, and he didn't mention the going's on inside Greg's house.

Hansen's mantra is "there's a sucker born every minute", just look at people like Shiloh supporting him.

No. 937185

If she actually cared about her "girls" she would've thought about the consequences of her actions.

The only thing she accomplished was to damage her credibility even more, and in the eyes of some, the credibility of the other victims. She doesn't get to hide behind her victimhood as a shield when she hurts other people and fucks up their lives, especially when they've apologized and explained clearly what their intentions were.

No. 937193

>Hansen's mantra is "there's a sucker born every minute", just look at people like Shiloh supporting him.
Oh but anon, it's the naysayers and critics that are obviously the uneducated peasants >>936895. Clearly she's the superior intellect here.

No. 937200

>If I had the choice I'd have never come forward publicly
>If I had the choice

What's that supposed to mean? No one forced her to go public with this. I do remember a lot of questions surrounding why she chose to come forward not long after she made a public statement adamantly saying she had no intention of doing so. I wasn't the only one speculating this was purely a business move on her part, coinciding with her album dropping.

She wouldn't have needed to use this situation for publicity if she were as successful as she likes to let on. Maybe she should get off her high horse before she gets knocked down again.

No. 937208

>what "traumatized victim" would watch their aburser's video and dance to it looking all happy
That's pretty much quoting Greg verbatim. Due to his love of avoiding context and truth in general, he failed to mention the fact that Sarah's reaction that day was in response to how upset and angry he acted after losing his patreon. Her finding humor in his ass soreness hardly invalidates her trauma, but then I expect him to reach to make a point he doesn't have.

No. 937220

since we're not finna act like shiloh is a perfect, flawless, uwu YAS QWEEN victim anymore (thank god), then let's not forget that a) she posted a picture of someone else's dead baby to get attention after her "miscarriage", and b) that she ADMITTED to faking her seizure in a blog post because greg told her to, because "they had to pay the heating bill".

No. 937222

>best revenge is your paper
Uh huh. She just had to ebeg to cover up her "Gregory" tattoo, is that the "paper" she's referring to? She got 3.5k, the cover up cost $500 at most, she said she was going to share the rest with the victims. I'm going to take a wild guess and say she spent the remainder on weed. This woman is the epitome of ratchet.

No. 937223

No, you're just being a newfag or willfully stupid. Sarah was contacted at the age of 14 by Lainey. She didn't even interact with Onision until she was 16, when Lainey okay'd it with Greg to have her move in. Get the facts straight.
Second of all, I get that everyone hates Greg but there is no evidence that he ever groomed her till the age of 18. Any of evidence of grooming falls on lainey, any magical CP that was exchanged was between Sarah and lainey.
Bullying Sarah, calling her fat, and making a "dat booty tho" comment, even if inappropriate, does not constitute grooming. Sarah having sex with both Greg and Lainey, and then having sex with Greg on separate occasions while dating is not grooming or illegal.
I dislike Greg as much as anyone else but you're making it way too easy for Keem or onion to poke holes in this entire #deplatformpredators

No. 937224

>she said she was going to share the rest with the victims.
Post proof

No. 937226

If this ever goes to trial Shiloh's case is dead in the water. She has no clue how to handle herself online. Obviously no one's been advising her (like a good lawyer) or else she wouldn't have said and done all the dumb shit she's been doing lately. Even Sarah, still a TEENAGER, knows better than to act this way.

No. 937227

idk if I have the caps. It was on the old account that she nuked.

No. 937228


Oh, for sure. I think it's so telling that Shiloh is clearly the ex of Greg's (other than Billie, although his preference for her was strictly because of her physical beauty and her extremely passive personality) that he was the most attracted to - and it's 100% because she was always completely down with whatever kind of dramatic fuckery he suggested, because she's equally as dramatic as he is. She's 27 YEARS OLD and still pulling this bullshit. Unbelievable.

No. 937229

Very convenient to say, but I'm pretty sure you at least capped them and showed them to others before she nuked it. Stop being a faggot and post whatever you got.

No. 937230


It can count as grooming in the sense that it can make a child - especially one that already comes from a broken home - be more open to suggestion, as they crave the validation of the parental figures who they live with… especially when one of those parental figures is telling you that the key to getting to date the woman you've been in love with for your entire adolescence is to practice fucking them for a few months first.

No. 937232

Everything you just described is lainey's behavior. Sarah dating Greg because she wanted to, because she said she's a grown adult, is not grooming.
You can keep screeching about it on twitter but you all look dumb as fuck trying to make the grooming stick onto jimmy with zero evidence and Schrödinger's CP. All the evidence against onision is a repetition of a nasty poly breakup with Billie. You seriously think you're going to convince any court of law, or any reasonable adult that onision groomed Sarah with evidence against lainey? Get real.

No. 937235


No, what I'm saying is that constantly insulting someone ("Meg Griffin", as Greg likes to compare it to) can prime them to be extra receptive to you once you start being affectionate towards them - and, in fact, Sarah DID say that at some point, she started dating Greg simply because he was suddenly the one being more nice to her than Lainey was. She also thought that fucking Greg was her ticket to eventually ending up with Lainey, because Greg was explicitly telling her that him fucking her was "practice" for their eventual three-way relationship.

Also, I don't have a Twitter and your little weirdly aggressive sperg-out is embarrassing.

No. 937237

It really doesn't matter why Sarah chose to date and bang onion as an adult, all the evidence is against lainey. I know it's not easy to accept hard truths, anon.

No. 937242

To finally answer your question: I think the only thing Jimbo did one could call "grooming" was being ridiculously mean to her.
We saw her Tumblr posts when she was 14 and she obviously had a crush on him.
Him calling her names etc so she "doesn't fall in love with him" obviously made her insecure and she started changing herself to appeal to him, to get him to be nice to her.

No. 937252

Exactly this, yeah.

I see your point and I also think a dynamic like that is unhealthy and can create a push pull effect. At the same time, we all know that was just Jimmy being an incredible weirdo, it wasn't him grooming her.
Apparently the dude thinks he's so irresistible that he has to be mean to teens, otherwise they're going to hop on his dick the first chance they get.
It's totally bizarre watching this pattern of thinking as an outsider, but it would hardly pass as grooming.

No. 937256

>but it would hardly pass as grooming

Im curious what you would consider grooming. What acts would Greg have to commit to be guilty? I only ask because sometimes people have a very rigid definition of things. Like someone who says about a rape victim "she wasnt raped, he only fingered her for a couple of seconds, thats not rape. You have to have full on PinV to be raped."

No. 937257


There's a difference between what a random twitter/lolcow/youtube person defines as grooming and what the legal system does/will define it as where greg and sarah lived.

This is a huge chunk of the whole problem with the anti-os having feels over reals that lets greg just teabag his giant old balls at everyone. The cops obviously hate him as much as everyone else but ultimately he can just say go ahead and arrest and charge me, bitches. Everyone gets to pound sand and make drama vids.

No. 937259

A lot of things would have to tick the box for it to be grooming, one of them being the intention behind his actions. In this case I think it really only boils down to him being delusional enough to think he's somehow irresistible.
If there was anything else going on, that's going to be on Sarah/the court to prove.

>she wasnt raped, he only fingered her for a couple of seconds, thats not rape

I'm one of the anons who thinks what happened to AJ was sexual assault, so that's not my line of thinking. A lot of anons say it wasn't, but between her going "no no no no" and literally just giving up because she realised she was fighting an uphill battle, I'm always going to hold this opinion. I also understand she doesn't and never wanted to take it further.

But when it comes to Sarah, it's weird that so many people are expecting him to go to prison for something Lainey did. At the end of the day, he's trash, throw him in prison for all I care, I just don't see it happening over "him grooming Sarah".
I've also seen a lot of comments saying he just be just thrown in jail because he's a bad person even if he did nothing illegal ( lol, I wouldn't care if this happened either ), but it's getting ridiculous.

No. 937261

If Greg calling Sarah a chubster is grooming then he groomed anyone he ever called ugly or shrek.

No. 937263

Well said anon. I'm happy that his patreon and last source of steady income was nuked but he'll probably stick around. Out of everyone involved lainey has gone dark, and she has the most to lose.

No. 937264

Thank you for your answer.

I agree with you and the others who say Greg wont be criminally charged for anything regarding Sarah. When it comes to his wife Im hoping there's incriminating evidence on those phones and laptop given to the FBI. One other small shred of hope is that once the laptop is fully examined there is something on there that gets Greg in trouble. As much as he says it wasnt his laptop and that Lainey was the only user, theres that YouNow video of Sarah talking to Lainey about finally receiving the laptop and saying when she first turned on it said "hello Greg" or something to that effect. Greg used that computer and had a user account on it.

No. 937272

Agreed. Lainey has done things which can be considered criminal. She could be charged, but she won't, because Sarah thinks the sun rises and sets in Lainey's ass.

Greg has done nothing actionable, and even if he had, a good lawyer would get him off with minimal fuss. He will continue to get fucked with by Pierce County and by the IRS, but that's a different kind of assrape. Personally I think it's even better. Not only do a bunch of nebulous people think he's wrong, but they make him pay for it, which probably makes him as insane as Skye's alimony. It's rough when your neighbors hate you that much and I'm sure they also make his life as hellish as possible as payback for disturbing their once-peaceful neighborhood.

Mt. Rainier has a better chance of exploding and smothering Greg to death in a pyroclastic flow than Greg seeing jail time.

No. 937275

>She could be charged, but she won't, because Sarah thinks the sun rises and sets in Lainey's ass.

The only charges that could be laid on Lainey is receiving CP and sending nudes to underage children. If the feds find proof of that they wont go to Sarah and ask "should we press charges or are you still in love with Kai?"
If theres evidence the feds dont give a fuck what Sarah feels, they're going to press forward with criminal charges.

No. 937290

No, the feds won't ask, but it doesn't matter anyhow because no one is going to jail.

No. 937291

Yw, I actually appreciate this being a conversation that doesn't turn into some infighting bs.

I agree with both of you. The court wouldn't care what Sarah's feelings for Lainey are.

>She could be charged, but she won't

In a sense, this too. Whatever happens, it certainly won't be what it was hyped up to be aka Lainey going to prison for a long time, x years per frame, etc. Unless there's some really damning evidence for it. Explicit images. More explicit than what we were show thus far.

Him losing his Patreon was the best thing that came out of this for now.

No. 937292

Saying "because no one is going to jail." is the same as those twitterfags screaming that Greg WILL go to jail. You dont know what's going to happen so saying that is ignorant.
Im not stupid enough to say with absolution what the end game will be, but I pray they find something thats criminal against Lainey in that laptop.

No. 937301

Absolution is what Catholic priests give you after you confess. Being illiterate isn't cute.

No. 937305

RapeStream News talking with Steveree, forward a bit trough the shilling of Mikenactor make-up palettes or some shit and RapeStream smoking crack in between.
RapeStream also shows Steveree chimping out on an ex girlfriend, Steveree says he was also smoking meth at the time, or something.
Its a whole shitshow, and very entertaining.
Make sure to run adblock so you won't accidentally support rapestreams pcp habit.

No. 937313

Yeah sorry about that. Autocorrect and not proofreading my post before hitting New Reply was my fault. I meant "Im not stupid enough to say with absolute certainty what the end game will be." and anyone willing to say outright "no one is going to jail" is being simple minded.
But my fingers are still crossed that Lainey is pulled in by the feds when/if they find some evidence on that laptop.

No. 937348

The baby wasn't dead, she survived being born a preemie which makes Shiloh's lie even more ridiculous

No. 937356

File: 1582736259893.png (87.87 KB, 596x455, Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 9.57…)

No. 937360

samefag but I wanted to add this. Almost all of Shiloh's tweets still have a cached version available. Someone probably archived her entire twitter in a more user friendly format but I can't find it. Just do a google search for site:twitter.com patient47245143 then view the cached version and it's all there.

No. 937366

Saint Shylock watching over HER girls.

No. 937406

File: 1582744004215.jpeg (187.91 KB, 750x400, B1B9FD00-0ECB-47EC-8D59-9218EF…)

What a fucking joke

No. 937409

Are the screenshots of the blog post?

No. 937411

File: 1582744528685.jpg (100.08 KB, 390x547, one.jpg)

I assume this is what the anon was talking about. there are 4 of them

No. 937412

File: 1582744549014.png (616.53 KB, 552x1416, twotwo.png)

No. 937415

File: 1582744641875.jpg (44.04 KB, 468x229, threethree.jpg)

No. 937416

File: 1582744668573.png (37.11 KB, 560x587, fourfour.png)

No. 937430


I have no dog in the fight, but I'm looking forward to the shitshow/aftermath when either Hansen or the chat don't respect they/them pronouns for this one.

No. 937431

Shiloh also opened a GoFundMe for Sarah's laptop even though Sarah had already reached and surpassed her goal on Venmo. I wonder where that GoFundMe money is going to go, I doubt sistah Sarah will ever see one cent of it.

No. 937438

Who the fuck is chasevsonision?

No. 937448

That retarded bad Asuka cosplayer. I think someone posted the image in earlier anti-o threads. They run an anti-o blog and that's about it, but most importantly they're really slow.

No. 937449

File: 1582749055308.jpg (59.56 KB, 540x960, 1573564282272.jpg)

No. 937450

What the fuck is this embarrassing sack of shit.

No. 937453

that's.. chasevsonision lol. He does cosplay. He has a facebook page called Chase Cosplays.

No. 937472

File: 1582752108735.jpg (22.23 KB, 404x604, 12790902_1712619269021956_6172…)

this is a fakeboi right? i'm pretty sure this is a woman

No. 937473

Yeah maybe. The chin just threw me off.

No. 937487

Hansen is really scraping the bottom of the barrel

No. 937510

How would you know that if you can’t see how much people have in venmo? Why lie there’s enough crap that is true that’s far worse.

No. 937513

Don’t direct link his shit

No. 937517

she said she had enough herself here

No. 937543

Because she said it herself, lurk more

No. 937565

She lied about the woman her stans ended up doxxing and harassing, and she lied about Nic too. That's how she "protects her girls", she's no better than Greg making shit up to retaliate, is that the standard she wants to set for herself? This is why people are questioning her story against Greg now. She's needs to drop the ghetto act and learn how to function in a civilized society, she's not teenager anymore.

No. 937580

Why would he say she was like a foster daughter to him, then go on to fuck her shortly after she turned 18? I'm not going to pretend he all of a sudden found her sexually attractive the moment she turned 18. There's a lot more details 'm leaving out for the sake of brevity but the short of it is nothing that Greg has said regarding his intentions towards Sarah has added up at all.
>I just don't see it happening over "him grooming Sarah".
I can agree with that.

No. 937583

>You seriously think you're going to convince any court of law
lol why would you say that? I believe what I do based on the evidence I and many others have seen >>935710. If you don't agree or haven't seen what most of us have seen, then I guess we'll just agree to disagree.

No. 937584

>Not only do a bunch of nebulous people think he's wrong, but they make him pay for it, which probably makes him as insane as Skye's alimony
kek. You're right, that is pretty glorious.(samefagging )

No. 937591

File: 1582767726547.png (1000.21 KB, 1080x2160, 1568063563317.png)

Shiloh virtue signals a lot but the reality is, if she were taking this seriously on a legal front she never would've acted the way she did.

I don't see her making money from this situation as being a problem in and of itself, the issue is she's made very blatant attempts at promoting her career while simultaneously pretending to want justice, those two things are mutually exclusive particularly to a judge/jury. If she had any real hopes of a legal case, any competent defense would have a field day picking apart her motives.

I can't say for sure what made he change her mind only a mere few days after releasing the statement saying she wanted nothing to do with this, but I think it's time she stop pretending she wants to go the legal route when she clearly doesn't.

No. 937594

tbf the GFM for the tattoo (if that's what you're talking about) was started by a twitterfag. I'd still like to know what happened with the left over money she said she'd give to the other victims. Suffice to say Shiloh's motives are suspect.

No. 937595

File: 1582768368777.jpg (413.22 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20200226-175202_Dis…)

>scams with a gofundme
>acts like a monkey on Twitter
>tries to doxx people
>threatens to cut women who touch her leftovers
But she doesn't want any involvement lol

No. 937600

lol when was this? Context?

No. 937601

>then go on to fuck her shortly after she turned 18
Because he's desperate and she was "just there" and wanted him. For someone who claims women are throwing themselves at him, Jimmy is incredibly desperate.
I re-read the convos he had with Vix because I was bored and the level of desperation to stick it into someone else who isn't Lainey is astonishing. He doesn't explicitly say it, but you can just feel the cringe oozing from it. Same with Luxy.

He's also a creep, so I'm not saying that he maybe didn't find her attractive before she turned 18. That could be true. Maybe it is true. But that's going to be something for the court to prove, because the intent has to be there.

My money's on the IRS/wetlands, though. And like another anon said, that's going to be worse for him. His reputation is already ruined.

No. 937602

Did they ever see any of the money she promised them? Somehow I don't think they did.

No. 937604

I thought Repzion knew what a con-artist Hansen is >>936795, >>936755 and wanted to distance himself from it all? Guess he's not following the charade very closely. Anyone who's been paying attention wouldn't want their names associated with him.

I remember he put Regina and Shiloh on shortly after he lied about Sarah's laptop in an obvious attempt at salvaging his shattered credibility. Now he's guesting more anti-o's, transparently trying to boost his views which started tanking after his little PR stunt at Greg's house.

No. 937611


Too true, anon. You can also tell by the way he constantly spam emails the women and even Blaire White to this day. Only someone like Greg the married incel is that pathetic.

No. 937612

This mentally unstable woman wanted to be the spokesperson for the rest of the girls and look what happened. They're better off not publicly acknowledging her if they're serious about perusing legal action against Greg, otherwise Shiloh will fuck it up for them. No wonder Skye seemed to distance herself from the rest of the group not long after Shiloh appeared on the scene, she must've seen something, I think.

No. 937616

It's pretty funny how she and her sister have kept from touching the poo after Shiloh's interview. It would be best for the other women to distance themselves from Shiloh so they aren't brought down with her since she seems determined to bring them down. She seriously needs a therapist.

No. 937619

>She asked her friend to make the gofundme

Since the beginning I had the impression she asked that twitterfag to make the GoFundMe on her behalf. She seems to orchestrate a lot of things behind the scenes, she asked Madison to make that tweet announcing "Shiloh is back" when she started sharing her stories on Twitter too.

No. 937620

>She asked her friend to make the gofundme so she could pretend to be grateful
Caps? Shiloh said on twitter she didn't start the GFM. Kittensaurus admitted to starting it on her behalf.

No. 937623

>She's needs to drop the ghetto act and learn how to function in a civilized society, she's not teenager anymore.
Big OOF >>937595

No. 937624

Didn't an anon here say kittensaurus was the new bitch twitter account that was fighting with Shiloh over the gofundme login? Where did kittensaurus admit this?

No. 937650

File: 1582775163510.jpg (362.78 KB, 1080x1675, 1574893307475.jpg)

I'm not sure if the person who had control over the current account was kittensaurus or Honeybee >>934387 but the one who originally started it was kitten. Supposedly she did this without Shiloh's knowledge. It's possible they discussed it beforehand, who knows.
I thought that "Onion Chefs" shit was started by Vincent?

No. 937651

This is the first Hansen stream I didn't watch, I only checked out the last few minutes where he does his "updates."
Something interesting he said - that it takes the FBI about 30 days to do a complete search of the devices that are turned in.
With that knowledge they still let the laptop and the phone sit at Vince's for two months. Make it make sense.

No. 937654

>They're better off not publicly acknowledging her if they're serious about perusing legal action against Greg
I think it's too late for that. She publicly made herself their designated gatekeeper and they never disputed it until AFTER she fucked things up.
If Hansen knew wtf he was talking about he never would've asked Sarah for her evidence in the first place (it's supposed to go straight to LE), never mind the fact that he mailed it back to her which if it had cp on it is a federal offense.

No. 937655

Where in the fuck is a tattoo 2500 unlesss this bitch getting an UNNECESSARY back piece

No. 937656

I think they raised a little more than that too. Make it make sense lol.

No. 937663

The fundraiser doesn't bother me but she needs to stop acting like she's so concerned about getting justice. She also needs to stop acting like she's better than anyone else or her hAterZ are jealous of her success when she couldn't take care of this tat using her own damn money.

If anything, I feel bad for Sarah being made to feel guilty for trying to get money for something she said she needed for school. That shitstorm was unnecessary.

No. 937667

I kind of feel bad for her too but if she was anyone else, she wouldn't even get that money. She got as much as she did because of the situation that she's in. Dylan is a shit friend for doing that to Sarah over a fucking game, but Sarah also doesn't start school until September and had enough time to figure out a better solution. Shiloh could have helped too but she's only a "sister" in words not action.

No. 937688

Sarah's working I believe two jobs, so it's not like she's not trying to help herself. She could apply for scholarships and whatnot, but if she also wants to ebeg to see herself through, I don't see why she shouldn't. It sucks things escalated the way they did and Shiloh had to add insult to injury instead of dealing with it in a rational way, which would've helped Sarah more in the long run.

No. 937690

>I pray they find something thats criminal against Lainey in that laptop.
Any evidence found would still need to go to trial first. I don't see a judge looking favorably on the fact that Hansen and co. held on to the evidence for as long as they did, this after claiming it was with authorities or they'd seen what was on it. He's been caught in blatant lies. His bungling and incompetence could easily affect whether or not the laptop could used as evidence for prosecution.

No. 937693

File: 1582781212841.jpg (47.55 KB, 954x423, Screenshot_2020.jpg)

Wasn't this a issue on TCAP as well? I mean the TCAP team withholding evidence, fucking up convictions.
I mean she could privately get donations from people like repzion and apply for financial aid and scholarships. For some reason I doubt that she got an apartment in new york on her own, I mean really?
She isn't apologetic about shilling, she justifies it because onion monetized her rape but she's monetizing her grooming.
Anon deleted but if this is true then it's safe to assume that horrendous coverup wasn't 2k

No. 937694

I know that she's working two jobs, and while commendable, it wasn't my point. My point was that she didn't need the laptop for seven more months so she had time to figure out alternatives. If she wasn't a victim of the neanderthal and his foot, she wouldn't have gotten any donations. Students are hit with financial difficulties all the time and when they can't afford computers of their own, they use the school computers, pen and paper, scholarships/financial aid, or a combination of all. They don't normally ask for handouts cause they don't expect any. People gave her money out of pity of her being a victim, not because she genuinely can't afford it.

With that being said, she didn't deserve the massive wall of backlash that she got. Shiloh does, but not Sarah. She seemed humble after the backlash and apologized which is more than the other women did when they asked for money.

Honestly, after the first couple of interviews everything just went straight to shit with the Hansen investigations. It was surprising in the way that it went tits up, but I don't think people were all that surprised around the time that Vince started showing his true colors. After that, everyone else's true colors started appearing too.

No. 937696

The "us" part of that post is interesting. Whoever it is they should out her on twitter. Now is the time to do it. It also makes me wonder again about the gofundme for Sarah. For all we know she pocketed all of that money and came up with some excuse for why Sarah couldn't access the gfm. She said Sarah had access but she's a known liar so I take anything she says with a grain of salt.

No. 937698

File: 1582782420854.png (126.02 KB, 598x437, Screenshot_2020-02-27 ( Nicho…)

No. 937708

> >937650
Onison chefs was a discord group started by kittensaurus,her husband, Onision unprivated, Sewergrama and a few of the other dumbasses. It had nothing to do with Vincent but it was just as toxic and had a few admin’s because everyone was causing drama. The top admins left and distanced themselves from the antio stuff because honeybee and toasty came on this thread to expose them.

Kittensaurus was the one who started the gofundme for Shiloh which subsequently was turned over to her. The only thing that was mentioned publicly about what the extra money was going to be for was a tweet from Shiloh that mentioned her wanting to give some to the girls.

all of this has been archived previous thread.

No. 937712

>she got an apartment in new york
I think she visited NY over the summer? She lives in Michigan. Not trying to be up in her business but the last thing I heard was Sarah was sharing an apartment with Dylan. You can see Dylan walk in during the livestream Sarah did with Hansen in Oct. Shiloh said she lives alone >>935780 but Shiloh also likes to lie when it's convenient for her.

No. 937718

File: 1582789427499.png (291.33 KB, 598x1771, Screenshot_2020-02-27 Mini-Oni…)

Shiloh uses semantics in an attempt to Onision her way out:

>I never told anyone to KILL themselves

>just ELIMINATE themselves. Totally different.

The more I see of her the more I see her acting insufferably like Onision, it's tragic. I'm not surprised she'd kept Greg's name tattooed on her all these years. She ends with "better yourself", because that's definitely what she's doing by deflecting the blame for her own bullshit.

No. 937719

>she had time to figure out alternatives
I'm sure she did, her ebegging just doesn't matter to me. Even people whose situations aren't as public as Sarah's ebeg and get donos. I don't care.
>People gave her money out of pity of her being a victim, not because she genuinely can't afford it.
She's avoided it all this time, I doubt she would've suddenly decided to do it if she didn't need to. Whatever the case, I don't care that she chose to ebeg for school, or why people choose to give her money. She did seem to feel bad afterwards and took the undeserved backlash pretty hard. I'm sure she's already feeling stressed from among other things, Greg publicly outing her private trauma like the weaselly little cunt that he is.

No. 937722

top fucking kek

No. 937727

Heh, nice looking out for Shiloh there. I'm surprised no one's tried to pay Hansen for an "Onision is innocent" cameo. At this point I'm pretty sure there's little this sad hack wouldn't do for a few bux.

No. 937730

>I'm going to put a Bowie knife in your fuckin chest
Why does this girl try to act like such a badass when she's clearly the weakest link in the chain? Hope she gets help.

No. 937736

>he said it takes the FBI about 30 days to do a complete search of the devices that are turned in.
I'm willing to bet he pulled this little factoid out of his ass. Regardless, he's been beating this dead horse for weeks now. I think his excuse is something along the lines of his "intrepid journalism" is somehow keeping the story alive? The only thing he's interested in keeping alive is what's left of his failed career.

No. 937752


He's just saying it's 30 days to give a false sense of something happening soon without promising anything.

It would be hilarious if the only charges out of this whole circus is Sarah getting fucking wrecked by the DEA or someone for selling her prescription. Which she confessed to on twitter.

I mean, I know life is unfair but getting fucked in the ass by Greg, outing yourself as a degenerate who has a 3some as you stare down at a constantly waking toddler and a then being the one dragged through the legal system for blabbing about your drug selling is a bit much.

No. 937753

She couldn't be charged over drugs when she currently has no drugs or evidence of selling drugs other than a statement. Whereas Onision crimes have been mostly online and will have a paper trail. Not to mention his money laundering and finances will also corroborate with his shady dealings online.

No. 937769

Imagine telling someone to eliminate themselves, then uttering "better yourself and maybe gain some experience and understanding." Take your own advice, cow.

No. 937781

wow… where is her mom to keep her off the internet? obviously she has not healed from greg's abuse. i really think that kind of abuse endured specifically during development takes a long time to heal from. it's like, learned crazy and it takes forever to unlearn. this girl is a mess. she should be taken off the internet forever and kept out of relationships. she can't handle it.

No. 937795

I seriously doubt anything will come of her selling her prescription. The only thing I feel sure of is that this will come back to haunt her. 10 years from now people are going to be able to google her name and see all of this. The tragedy is that it really isn't her fault. She trusted the wrong people and those people ran with her story and gave her way more attention than she probably ever wanted. Nothing is going to happen to Lainey or Greg and in the end these girls are all just fucking with their futures. Even people with mountains of evidence against their abuser often come out anonymously when their abuser is a public figure and this is why.

No. 937838

File: 1582822615619.png (173.6 KB, 542x643, deity1.png)

So Deity is sperging out again. He made a video on youtube showing a complete ignorance of the entire situation with Shiloh siding with her. Apparently threatening someone and telling them to kill themselves is ok because it's a "trauma response". The video is over an hour long but almost everything in it is laughably untrue to anyone with a cursory understanding of the situation. Nick DeOrio tweeted about the video which resulted in Deity privating his twitter.

Now he has made this series of tweets subtweeting….. someone? I'm not really sure who or what he's talking about so if anyone wants to clarify that please do. I'm saging this because I'm not even sure that it's about Onision/anti-o shit but on the off chance that this is actual milk here are some screen shots.

No. 937839

File: 1582822646464.png (135.6 KB, 558x641, deity2.png)

No. 937851


Deity as usual confirming he's a pathetic coward clown.

Everyone should just refuse to even speculate about who the hell he might be talking about. Fucking name names or shut your mouth you little punk youtuber trash.

No. 937859

OT but why do most of the onion bitches like Evanescence?

Skye and Alicia’s bedroom had the Fallen album cover as a poster, Shiloh follows Amy Lee on instagram, Lamo used to sing Ev songs while broadcasting. Idk about Adrienne; she likes Broken featuring Amy

No. 938000

I think their age tbh? Evanescence was super popular

No. 938004

tl;dr deity

asides from greg himself I think he's one of the most fake, disingenuous, self centered fruitcakes on youtube. I can't watch his stupid videos because I can't stand his whiny voice and general demeanor. I get why he could get along with Shiloh or the other VICTIMS since he's a professional victim himself. Even if he had to make shit up to be that. He's in good company though these days everyone was raped at least twice, and people love to tell that online to complete strangers.

fuck if I know. Evanescence stopped being relevant in the early 2000's.
you heard one song by them you heard them all, since they all sound the same.

No. 938006

File: 1582842831078.jpeg (107.2 KB, 1080x674, ERzz98nU8AE6aw3.jpeg)

Shiloh staying out of the drama some more

No. 938012

Oh wow Shiloh, that media training sure comes in handy!
What chapter was threatening / doxxing people and telling them to kill themselves in?

No. 938020

Lol, oh my fucking god? All of this instead of saying "I apologise, I made a mistake."

No. 938030

It almost seems like she’s regressing in age with the level of maturity. I’m waiting for a “I wanna make a wainbow” tweet.

No. 938036

File: 1582845118649.jpeg (354.73 KB, 640x890, 7D7A3E0F-51B2-4CA0-8B6D-C12F06…)

Shilohs back on the patient zero account and now she’s sending angry DMs to Edwin and repzion

No. 938041

It’s 2011 all over again…

No. 938042

File: 1582845404619.jpeg (405.5 KB, 1125x1073, 6C4DA2AA-B9F0-469B-96D7-DFF674…)

No. 938044

Well at least she's admitting it. I call that progress.
In to what remains to be seen.

I'm kinda split in the middle about Shiloh's insanity. Kinda like a split personality, if you will. Greg says they faked shit together, she claims it was all real. Then there's the fake stolen fetus photo she posted, and theres this supposed real miscarriage.
What is real and whats not? I do believe there's something up with her, mentally.
As for her singing career maybe she should do like Sia and just stay out of the public eye as much as possible, because this doesn't seem to be working.

No. 938047

In a sense it's a little bit worse, because she's older now.
Granted she's not posting preemie pics claiming it's her dead child, but holy shit does all of this look extremely bad right now.

No. 938057

File: 1582846118530.jpeg (366.36 KB, 1125x676, AF2FA98C-C13F-4755-8D78-72D7CF…)

You never “won” anything, you fat fuck.

No. 938064

I mean I wouldn't say he won but Shiloh definitely lost.

No. 938065

Thing is nobody owes these YouTubers apologies anyways. Not that I am defending Shiloh but these people are using this for the views and for clout, which is the same thing everyone is on Hansen’s ass for. The whole lot of them are grifters.

No. 938070

Ah sure, but my main gripe is that she's not taking responsibility for needlessly causing this situation in the first place.
If it was trauma that caused her to send her rabid stans after someone ( I don't think so, I think there's something legitimately wrong with her ), while feeling it's okay to tell that person to eliminate themselves, that's…In my eyes it's something you apologise for and try to do better.

Maybe she doesn't owe anything to Rep and Edwin, but what's the point in attacking them?

No. 938084

There is no point. She's making herself look like a psychotic cunt. No one seems to be telling her to chill cause she's just giving Gregma ammo at this point. One of them is ready to peace out (Who really cares about Edwin though), which will probably result in more of them either not supporting the women anymore or switching sides because of her trying to act like a tough bitch on the internet.

No. 938094

>which will probably result in more of them either not supporting the women anymore or switching sides
This, exactly. No one thought going against Lainey and Jimmy would be smooth sailing ( no one rational at least, apparently a lot of people think this is a slam and dunk case, go figure ), but why make it worse and involve yourself in pointless drama? It's so bizarre.
When she returned nearly everyone was rooting for her, because we were getting a "new mature Shiloh" and she managed to wreck that image in only a few days.

>Who really cares about Edwin though

Lol, I mean, true. Still, it just looks bad.
I'm wondering if Stevie also received a warm welcoming message, considering he made a video as well.

No. 938098

What on earth gave you that impression? Shiloh got into massive anti-o drama last year on tumblr with eoliveson stevie and acting super ratchet with the same ghetto threats.

No. 938105

I wasn't following what she was doing since…I think 2012-ish? 2011? Basically since the side OTL group that AJ was also briefly in fell apart if you were around for that. Some people from there moved to Tumblr, Eoliveson was made, no idea what else happened, because I wasn't around for it.
I didn't even know Stevie ( the female Stevie for anyone confused ) was still involved with Eoliveson.

If there was any drama involving Shiloh, I don't know about it ( but would totally love to, lol ).

No. 938128

being an anti-O should be an open goal, yet still they manage to fuck it up

No. 938133

foh onision

No. 938140

So Shiloh's busy alienating everyone who was once an ally? How very big brain of her.
Shiloh tried to "deplatform" him under false pretenses and failed. That might be what he's referring to lol.

This girl doesn't belong on the internet. She's single handedly destroyed her own credibility and she could take the other girls down with her IF they let her.

No. 938142

>these people are using this for the views and for clout
>the same thing everyone is on Hansen’s ass for
Nic defended himself when Shiloh went off the rails attacking him, I wouldn't call that chasing clout. Repzion's been a solid friend to the girls, so has Edwin, I think. At this point no one wants to be associated with Shiloh for "clout", besides other cows like Mikenactor.

No. 938145

>No one seems to be telling her to chill
She either wouldn't listen or would tell them they're not "on her side", not on her side because they won't green light her mania and psychosis.

No. 938148

File: 1582859470607.jpeg (482.75 KB, 1125x901, FF0B64C6-BA9D-4D58-A2FC-541F1F…)