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No. 913562


I mean he isn't Vince or anyone who worked with Vince.

Not many people use the term "asspats" though. Keks, why do you have such a hardon for this rando, I assume you our doxxer since you seem to have an axe to bury.

No. 913537

Yahhhhhh no one doxxes themselves… guessing you are one of the doxxers?

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No. 903297

Just curious does it matter to you that Eugenia said no because she has never and will never want anything to do with greg?

No. 902884

Toasty never posted here you guys were getting trolled by bean.

No. 902054

Probably with some of the money form the sale fo his house in 2018 $750,000 is a lot of cash. Even the profit of $110,000 is a big chunk of cash.

No. 902050

Is it relevant? tehre was a case with pierce county PD. They were investigating.

Instead of cooperating with the investigation they turned to Hansen who got the FBI case opened through a friend.
Is correct even if somehow they get a guilty verdict he will appeal and overturn it.

No. 902041

I could be missing something I could swear it was a student who worked with kids.

No. 902018

Yeah its called contempt sub justice and getting hansen involved and attacking the original investigation in favor of a social media trial is more than enough to get the case dismissed.

No. 902015

I can actually think of a few people who might go to jail over this that aren't Greg depending on how he responds after the discovery findings.(samefagging)

No. 902014


I'm just telling you what greg's defense team will find durring discovery. If you think he will get a shit lawyer too you are mistaken. He sold a house in 2018 for $750,000 he spent a lot bc he is a moron but he is not broke.

No. 902013

Riiiiight…. Maybe google around on how court cases work before you start calling court procedure hearsay… You gueninely don't seem to understand that term….

No. 902011

This is also why the youger a-os have been doxxing and attacking anyone near the girls over 25 bc most of them would know this stuff…

No. 902009

Again it literally doesn't matter if I convince you. This is what happened and waht will affect the court case once the lawyers go through discovery and get srahs entire social media history along with the other vicitms.

No. 902008

Actually it was in the post back when the investigation got started Pierce county PD released a statement. When they all attacked that mandatory reporter it was delted. But they clearly said they would be investigating and monitoring. It sounds like from the interviews that that ASM guy had been in contact with the sheriff… There is way more than enough evidence that pierce county PD had launched an investigation.

No. 902005

You wouldn't be told. An investigation was in progress and Pierce county sheriffs said they were monitoring the house and no more kids would be going in.

No. 902002

It was a misdemeanor for White who lives in CA to retalliate against a mandatory reporter for reporting suspected child abuse.

No. 902001

It actually says in the training to ignore people who ask you not to report it. So why would they even ask?

No. 902000

No there is evidence that she participated in the cyber stalking.

She has now embelished her story and changed certain details, that is more than enough to get her thrown out as a witness.

MAndatory reporters are REQUIRED TO REPORT PERIOD. If they see child abuse and don't report they go to jail. They were reporting bc there are veulnerable children in teh house.

No. 901995

Sheppard v. Maxwell, 384 U.S. 333 (1966)

Justice Clark delivered the opinion of the court:

This federal habeas corpus application involves the question whether Sheppard was deprived of a fair trial in his state conviction for the second-degree murder of his wife because of the trial judge's failure to protect Sheppard sufficiently from the massive, pervasive and prejudicial publicity that attended his persecution… We have concluded that Sheppard did not receive a fair trial consistent with the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and, therefore, reverse the judgement.

No. 901993

Side note: many of the people on TCAP were actualyl dismissed with no charges bc it was entrapment. There were a few that pleaded guilty.

By comparison the police have a 90%+ success rate with child sexual abuse cases.

No. 901992

You are absolutely correct.

I'm more of the thinking that this will be the end of Chris' Youtube career.

No. 901984

Don't forget that they have joined in or been behind campaigns to publicly shame him on bigger and bigger channels. Trial by social media can also get the case dismissed.

No. 901982

She gave them info on people from DMs which ended up here (lies saying one ao was 19, another was 17). She participated in the cyber stalking. The group got her talking about her case too much and now she has contradicted her original story on SM with some things she said on Hansen. If she takes the stand she will immediately be in a perjury trap.

That aside they had a case with pierce county PD in August. They got Sarah to publicly join in on attacks the mandatory reporter who started the case for starting the case. I would be amazed if her testimony goes any farther than that without being dismissed and struck from the record. Add to that that they decided that instead of talking to the police they would talk to Hansen so he could open an FBI case. BC they took that call away from law enforcement it could actually get the whole case dismissed.

This isn't to blame either of them. They are young and nieve and probably like all the attention.

No. 901978

No, Anus does use moles and her account is suspect AF. Plus all the shit they had regina doing to mess up her credibility comes straight out of a case interference guide. They might have been looking for asspats or they might be moles.

No. 901658

yeah her account only initially became popular because she was getting all his tweets and releasing them.

once he unprivated his account there was no reason for her to grow anymore so she started attacking other a-o.

No. 901651

Especially because anus unprivated his own acount in October anyway.

No. 901631

You can't miss what was never there to begin with…

No. 901554

Yeah you should feel bad for them. But the fact is that all teh ahrassing and doxxing they are doing is causing people to stop supporting the victims, with the exception of the victims that are also now getting thrown under the bus by these snow flakes.

No. 901531

These girls seem like great friends not to have.

First, they get close to vicitms to get information about what happened to them.

Then they spread it around setting people on personal errands, trying to manipulate people who have sympathy for the victims to make themselves feel important. Often this involves turning them against other people who support the victims or hate anus.

Then to cover their tracks they dox the same people they asked favors from and harass them.

If all else fails they cyberstalk people they can't manipulate.

Finalyl when they are exposed they try to appease the victims by offering to set up fundraising drives for them.

I think Anus is choosing from the wrong pool of girls, all of these are just like him, perfect match.

No. 901527


Referencing this one

No. 901525

We didnt know Sarah and Kai had sex in front of the kid until the hansen show with sarah in OCT. She didn't even bring it up, it was brought up as a question from viewers.

Someone was clearly blabbing to unprivated about that event, was it regina or sarah? either way she kinda leaked it there.

No. 901496

Whoa how much else from the case did they leak?

No. 901495

Is it just me or does the date on this show that the girls were releasing info about the case via DM well before it aired on the hansen program in October?

So confidential info about the case did get posted to lolcow and it was bc of unprivated. ROTFL.

No. 901492


Its weird that these were posted after 11-3 when rags said that riplie was in the forums. Is ASM even still relevant after that? Riplie was in the forums, the former mod said so, isn't that what that guy set out to prove?

Why are these girls so buthurt that someone found a crime anus may have comitted that they can't glom onto for attention?

Either way it's hillarous to see them glom onto one victims narrative for attention (Sarah) while trashing another's narraative (Rag). Part of me wonders, if Rag was actually on the rag would they accept him/her as one of their own?

The sexism is strong in these ones.

No. 901063

They are talking to media instead of the police. I tend to agree with you the whole thing is a shit show at this point. If he doesnt come out of this free of charges and with a huge payday and new viewer base ill be amazed.

No. 901009


TBH to me it seems like that guy with the ASM theory probably has a better chance of getting charges pressed.

No. 900929

Well they are creepy ass cyber stalkers so lets just add psycho SJW to the mix, because why not?

No. 900926

It's kinda pathetic that they feel they need to go to these people to use anything they have put out in public.

No. 900925

Get your mind out of the rule 34 gutter. I'm sure it's just a nice poem or a script for a video… Oh wait, it's a dick pic.

No. 900850

Yeah who knows, if it were up to greg they'd be fucking in one gross pile around him.

No. 900836

Just a thought though how uggo are these girls with cutesy animated profile pics?

Not really comfortable with people rating Kai's exes given that histopry…

No. 900530

File: 1575289530602.png (246.46 KB, 380x239, baby carrot.PNG)

MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retaliatory Onion pose!!!
He's praticing this for when they come to kick his ass in prison.

No. 900506

So a fake cop is stalking people? Lol that is rich. Its like Paul Blart on crack.

No. 900379

Who knows people can delete their posts so we probably never will.

No. 900333

IDK bee the poster might ahve a point lets see what they peanut gallery has to say?

No. 900286

What are you talking about. Quit trying to deflect. Why are you interfereing in the case?

No. 900284

Quit throwing people under the bus, that's Gregs move. Right Kai?

No. 900280

Well now that's some tea.

No. 900279

File: 1575245211527.png (124.66 KB, 507x764, lolcow 6.PNG)


Narrowly mised this. Aparently this whole drama is because Bean was leaking secrets from the investigation to LOLCOW which why did these girls even have case information on an open FBI investigation?

No wonder they are on here trying to distract people by targeting another vulnerable kid.

No. 900176

She'll be sacrificed to the under of the great bus for it to bring a great harvest of virgins! We will remember Kai who died so Greg could sin a bit moye. Amen.

No. 900174

Stop giving Greg ideas, now hes gonna change Kai's name to Jesus.

No. 899635


Can someone please link or post the pic that he is referrring to, that sounds hillarious.

No. 899473

That's it I'm changing my pronouns to Xenu…

No. 899411

Conspiratard much? "The antis they comin for me". Maybe those people don't give a damn about you, why are you so obsessed with them?

No. 899402

File: 1575065662668.png (15.08 KB, 484x169, lolcow 5.PNG)

Yeah like how she passed herself off as law enforcement and tried to direct the narrative in a way that could interfere with the case and cause Greg to go free on a technicality bc as it turns out she is peripherally employed by a law enforcement agency. What a moron.

How did any of these people become mods in the Hansen stream?

No. 899393

Yeah it would be nice if they quit blowing up my phone trying to make it look like it's people from lolcow.

No. 899391

File: 1575064810417.png (10.86 KB, 429x206, lolcow 1.PNG)

Here's the kicker apparently she thought that we were her personal army?

No. 899388

File: 1575064742443.png (192.35 KB, 426x719, lolcow 2.PNG)

Seems like someone has been trying to turn the others into a paraiah to cover her own ass… Must be shitty Honey coming out of that azz…

No. 899387

File: 1575064668103.png (393.97 KB, 505x771, lolcow 4.PNG)

No. 899382

Yeah Bee, what's your problem are you nervous about people getting the buzz about you?

No. 899376

File: 1575064016408.png (2.23 KB, 441x81, lolcow 3.PNG)

Apparently Bean was, Jesse shared this privately with someone who shared it.

No. 899358

Toasty said they have a channel on the server dedicated to stalking Jesse and Banana and archiving their every tweet.

Those girls need a life or a dick or something.

No. 899315

If I were to guess about the time they figure out that she is doing the doxxing on here.

No. 899306

Bee posts here.