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Inb4 Banana comes out and tell us all that the 35 year old woman he’s flirting with groomed him.

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Sad, sad little attention whore. Is he really that desperate for puss that he will get his dick hard by a 35 year old woman or anti-o that shows her face? Wow.

No. 913567

Why do you have such a hard on for protecting this cow? He’s clearly a shit stirring virgin who loves the attention from that 35 year old.

No. 913555

This whole thread was likely started by him to begin with. He’s a sad miserable soy boy who needs to get laid because clearly he’s taking his sexual tension out on anyone who doesn’t act how he wants them too.

No. 913534

I saw that cow doxxed themselves.

No. 913531

They mod for Chris Hansen but that isn’t proof they dox, threaten/attack others or gatekeep.

No. 913530


if only you knew the truth

No. 913527

I agree. I keep seeing anons saying that group doxxes, attacks others and now gatekeeps but there’s no evidence of any of it. Maybe they’re just tired of the anti-o community? I would be - it sounds exhausting.

No. 912000

Exactly, some people don’t get that it’s not the joke that’s the issue (although it is a poor joke from a professional who’s helping anus’ victims) but it’s the way he handled it. He lied, blamed others and played victim. He’s a grown ass man with a son he should know better

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>she crossed a line when she started fucking in the same bed as her kids.
this. anus and footface fucked in the bed as their kids were sleeping or playing in and the twitterfags never talk about it. That’s something to shout about rather than YAAAAASSSS KWEEENing victims.

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Who did they dox, anon? The only twitterfags I’ve seen proof of and admit to doxing are @iBlameLeto and @Username_Kno

No. 907409

Anon, we’ve yet to see proof of any of what’s been said about that group. If you have proof post it

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oooo look who else doxxes

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I Remember What Happened To Heezy, They Went To Chaos Untold About Information They Claimed To Have Found Out About Julia. Heezy was going on be interviewed by Chaos Untold. People Were Outraged By It On Twitter And Chaos Untold Didn’t Release The Video. Heezy Bragged About “Being The One” To Catch Anus.

No. 904123

I have yet to see evidence about Kittensaurusss, Unprivated or OHoneyBee or the others mentioned on this thread do anything but call these people out and get attacked on this thread for stuff that hasn’t been proved yet. This is vendetta thread.

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I’ve noticed he claims he has different jobs to different people. Maybe has multiple personalities and they’re all crazy obsessed with being a hero. His friends in these fields could be his other personalities too.

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Toasty is just like Onision. She can’t pull her bullshit on people her own age because they see right through her, so she targets teens.

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If any twitterfag likes to pretend play cop on the case it’s this psycho. What info do you have that’s not public information then?

No. 903038

Toasty does post here and she’s is the worst of them. She was still talking about the drama yesterday on her twitter acting like a victim, boo hoo poor me. She suffers from victimising herself and thinking she can do no wrong. Toasty is poisonous, just as manipulative and emotionally abusive as Onision.

No. 902883

I Think Toasty Lied About Having Juicy Screenies From That Discord. It’s Been A Week And Nothing, Place Is Probably A Hugbox With No Real Tea

No. 902862

Toasty probably shared OhNoOnision’s number to her friends and they’ve been harassing her as white knights. Toasty is 30 and OhNoOnision is 19.

No. 902425

They claim it was voluntary and for one chat. Just don’t join the chat then anon. You twitterfags need to get off the boards with your vendetta bs

No. 902424

This is a vendetta thread, these “Onion Chefs” aren’t even milky. Just a bunch of twitterfags hating other twitterfags. Keep it to twitter

No. 902422

They’re asking for DOB not the full ID. Ur a fucking moron if u give a bunch of twitterfags your full ID. At least they’re vetting minors unlike Onion Boy.

No. 902421

They said they were asking for DOB not the full idea. You’re the moron if you gave them your ID lmao

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Bee doesn’t dox people. She calls people out and starts drama sometimes but she doesn’t dox. She focuses on talking to Onision’s fans and trying to educate them with kindness and retweets a lot about the victims. She’s new to the twitter onision sphere it seems. She seems okay, a bit strong headed about her opinions on right and wrong. I think she was just sticking up for her friend.

No. 899439

Does Bee even know her phone number, snapchat or whatever else was doxxed?

No. 899413

Is true he raped a girl? He uses Onision and the drama for clout, you're right his fans are blind

No. 899406

What do you guys think of the RSN drama? He was posting merch of the victims. He's a total cow.

No. 899404

Jesse, Toasty and Heezy love chilling together on lolcow because everyone on twitter knows they're batshit crazy.

No. 899400

Going after her weight was scummy. Question her actions or behaviour but her body and appearance is pathetic and low.

No. 899396

Bee slammed Toasty and Bean after they slammed Kitten here.

No. 899392

Wow Toasty you are so sneaky.

No. 899385

Join the server there are links on twitter and see it for yourself.

No. 899379

Toasty why are you still posting here. Just leave the internet. We know it's you.

No. 899300

It's all lies. I saw her snapchat with her mom

No. 899296

Apparently all of Toasty's family is dead and she has to tell that to everyone everyday for sympathy points

No. 894859

*they’re lol

No. 894858

No, I’m not crazy. I’m active on twitter and have seen this all unfold first hand. Just because the loudest on twitter are crazy and taking justice in their hands doesn’t mean the majority are crazy. Maybe at the start a lot of them were scared for Sarah and acted out of fear but things have changed since then. Lots of people on twitter talk out against going to the police or to CPS now, but there’s still a minority of loud crazies who thinks them being told to stop means their being denied “muh freedom of speech” or that everyone who says not to is secretly protecting the onions. Despite them being loud, their a minority within the community.

No. 894583


What antis on twitter are playing law enforcement? From what I’ve seen on twitter it’s the opposite, the majority are against random internet strangers calling the police or child services. It’s just a select few like @Username_Kno or that weird hacker guy who brag about calling the police or working with law enforcement to shut Onision down

No. 893933

@Username_Kno should be added to the list. He’s insane, he thinks he’s some big man who’s going to catch Onision because he “is friends with people in the police” or whatever. He’s just severely mentally ill and paranoid.

No. 892367


Lol hi Arim, how's life outside of twitter

No. 892357

that was about bad banana not drowsylane

No. 892354


It looks like she's just looking for clout and starting fights. Who cares if she leaves twitter? All she does is attack other twitter users like what's the point bitch?

No. 892345


banana got butthurt because he was upset Shiloh's interview couldn't be about him and his feelings. he's a selfish little bitch and his friends are psychotic. chris hansens team apparently told his mods to ban people who were transphobic to lainey

No. 892337


he's a cow on twitter who attacks other users and then plays the victim when he's outed. he's involved with a group of crazy anti-os who spout tinfoil bs. all he does is bitch now a days so he's losing followers

No. 892329

Sarah DeArmond/@SarahDearmond on twitter

No. 892324


Great, another pedo.

No. 892322


Bad Banana is 17 years old and she's like a married adult, that's so inappropriate. She's like just like taylor using minors as therapists. She also posts like topless photos on her twitter.