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No. 206824

I've been up to date with onion boys shit storms since 2012 and I know about most if not all the shit he's been involved in. However in my opinion things involved skye are for the most part undocumented.

Yes, I know he cheated on her with Shiloh, I'm assuming that's what caused the divorce but I've heard from various sources that onion boy did some terrible horrible shit to skye.

I'm not sure if this is just a rumor on anti-O blogs but I think someguy has touched on the topic a few times as well.

Does any one know the gory details of all the shit onion boy did to skye?

No. 206825

Tumblr may help you out on this one, sorry.

No. 206826

No. 206827

Read the past onion threads newfag

No. 206828

God why didn't you just ask in the onion thread. What was the point of making a new thread.

No. 206829

Fuck off. She's made herself difficult to find online so it's obvious she wants her privacy.

No. 206830

She needs to do her eyebrows though.


This is what happens when and after you've become the wife of an infamous Internet grease lord. No privacy even if you tried your hardest to get away unfortunately.

No. 206879

B-but she's not a snowflake! Unless you count her old sites before Youtube while with the greaselord, 'cause… yeah, she was kinda 'special' in that department.

If she stuck around long enough, she'd have her own weaboo army.

No. 206888

there is literally nothing in the grease thread lol

No. 206892


There are, mostly of what she went through and the love-child conspiracies. Other than that, that's pretty much it throughout the threads.

No. 206900

I'm no asking for predictable shit about infidelity, I'm asking about Shiloh tier crazy onion boy shit.

But I guess it's good she got out, I respect her for that.

No. 206917

Why the hell would you talk about Greasecock and Shiloh on a "Skye thread"? That's just adding salt to the wounds.

No. 206919

He emotionally cheated on her via Skype and some other sites, then he filed for divorce instead of saving his marriage like any sane person would do.

No. 207806

Throwback to a time when she was hoppin' on dat Onion dick on MySpace. Kinda reminiscent of Lainey's own obsession in a way.

As a bonus: additional cringy/creepy messages from Onion.


No. 208416

ot but she looks like a cousin of that texan in tokyo jvlogger

No. 208577


Are either of their last names Heitman or Altamirano?

No. 208749

Agree. lolcows are "public" figures. If she's gone into hiding then leave her alone.

No. 208898


Speaking of, is it possible she might've been one while with Greasecock? Like, given how Lainey reacts whenever shit hits the fan (drama arising), an accomplice of some sort?

No. 230176

Not to derail the current Onion thread:

Is it possible these people were hiding a pregnancy in divorce documents? Given what HSAnon said a few threads back?


It's probably just speculation/bs as of now…

No. 230244

…nice sage

No. 488027

isn't it funny that she was critical of Onision dating teenagers yet here she is dating a teen boy

No. 488028

"But he's not a teenager anymore he's safe to fuck" she hated on her younger sister 24/7 btw and called her 'mommys baby' what a bitch her sister tried to help her

No. 488029

guys guys guys … she's just a human and she needs backup after all film school is the official word for bang up on street drugs and it suppose to be everones fault including her granny whom she sniffled to and when that didn't work 'my auntie will listen to me snifle sniffle'

No. 488032

Skye pregnant? she's infertile she can't give birth and a few friends and relatives think she had autism (aspergers) she would say I have nothing to do with the drama but then all she did was giggle and send immature chat logs back and fourth to that little group with that cyber whatever wannabe DJ and she made fun of him and even said that he makes all those videos because he is in love with her ex but then calls Cyr a faggot 'they were in that room a longtime you tell me what they were doing in bed" funny she doesn't like rumors but spreads them in youtube msg replies

No. 488033

Why are you necroing an incredibly old thread? Is that you onion? go away

No. 488034

Oh…..she REALLY hates atheists and what she calls 'fags' and 'butt fuckers' and 'scum' she said she left her Catholic religion behind … hmm, no she said its not Greg's fault she isn't doing vids she says she wanted to stop doing them

No. 488035

I'm replying to myself hello hello onion go away go away

No. 488036

Onion boy onion boy help help

No. 488038

I didn't think it was possible to make o many metal gear solid videos

No. 488040


No. 488041

Who cares, she was diagnosed with schizo effective disorder anyways probably safe with her anime hobby

No. 488043

Onion pls stahp pls stahp god he's a faggot

No. 488044

Why is the Government after me

No. 488045

Better question there is no one on this thread so who are you to know to look then Skye is that you failing at disguising yourself :) because … you did a really great job man

No. 488046


No. 488047

The aliens and the Government UFO

No. 488048

Naruto meets the aliens who try to take away my anime stash

No. 488049


No. 488050


No. 488051

My butt wrinkles are older than you scally wag!

No. 488052

slap my butt with a glove

No. 488053

Why are you necroing an incredibly old thread? Is that you onion? go away

what are you doing in an incredibly old thread, lame

No. 488054


No. 488056

what do you know about bozo the clown disorder you fuck wadda doop

No. 488058

Waffles get your fuckin' waffles here

No. 488059

My name is Sky and I am not yet a man you bigot I'm a spoon and I watch Oprah Winifrey

No. 488060

oh oh oh so sowwy

No. 488061

Can we stop with this drugs in this thread get help people

No. 488062

they won't..the rapture happened

No. 488064

they won't..the rapture happened>>488062
why are you so elmo fudd

No. 488065

Wuzzles wuzzles

No. 488067

Wuzzles wuzzles >>488033

No. 488068

Lets make a music video and we hold hands

No. 488069

i knew those reptilians were up to something

No. 488070

I hope I am the only homo here mom won't let me act a homosexual

No. 488071

No no dear you are a magicalsexual they are full of rainbow starburst unicorn cum

No. 488072

Can we see the part again where Skye slips on a mop and sings Dolly Parton

No. 488073

If only I stopped skipping school to watch the magic school bus

No. 488074

Once I took off all of my clothes and wore my underwear on my head and told everyone I am the Negathesaurus Diamante Glintinator and I rule over the seven planets of Thessta and porry porry chuck

No. 488075


No. 488076

Ever play The Paperboy for SNES

No. 488077

Elmo Fudd wanna kill Zoe but Zoe ran away … Elmo Fudd want to be a chicken and not give a fuck so Elmo Fudd is a Ficken…..fuck fuck fuck

No. 488086

quit sperging onion

No. 488121

Greg your autism is showing

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