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File: 1563867537862.jpg (430.29 KB, 840x840, New thread.jpg)

No. 842718

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer because he wore makeup one time.

Old milk
>Reactivates Instagram (again) after a 2 week break, claiming she tried to kill herself but Henry stopped her thankfully!!!
>Makes more passive-aggressive stories about her neighbors
>goes on holiday (twice!) despite being so super skint u guise
>the second trip is to Glasgow for what she says is a present to Henry for his birthday, but ends up being a trip for her and her interests only
>on said trip drags her actually autistic partner to a gay club where he is assaulted with lights, sounds, crowds, and unfamiliar people. she is unbothered by this but still sits at a table drinking and complaining that no one thinks she's queer even though she totes wore her queer shirt and whining about how she "forgot" she was disabled and hurt herself going down the stairs to the club.
>spends the next day laying in bed saying her whole body is in pain, she manages to get to a cat cafe, vegan restaurants, and a meetup with another instagram sjw tho
>has a post removed by instagram for harrassment and bullying, reposts it while REEEEEEing about how SHE is the VICTIM here
>accuses a small business (Lucy and Yak) of not wanting fat people to wear their clothes because they cannot produce clothes in size XXXL+, brand offers for her to call and talk about her concerns with them but she refuses and makes an instagram post about how terrible they are
> still constantly having to apologise for not sending out her Etsy goods
> is trying to fix her bad skin with 10 new products all at once
>Made a gofundme for a foldable wheelchair costing over two grand. Made the amount in a few days but instead of being grateful moans about fees and being able to withdraw the money.
>Angry at yet another 'thin woman' making money from the fat community, goes on rants in her stories about the woman who had donated to her gofundme and even shared it to her 1 million followers.
>Revealed that three only drug she is on is low level codeine.
>Claiming to be a sex worker despite only uploading some amateur porn.
>Spending money on skincare, horrible earrings and nail varnish whilst Henry works 14 hour days.
>Doing a new art series of fat coloured women (pink, green etc.) Which is a copy of other artists work such as exotic cancer.

New milk
>Claims the voice she uses in numerous YouTube videos and Instagram stories is fake and she makes herself sound posher due to 'internalised classism', puts on a new chav voice
>Shows more evidence that all her "art" is traced including one of her face where her real eyes are left in and one of a stock image of a wheelchair.
>She attended London pride, marched with a group called voices4. Many photos reveal her looking insanely fat spilling over a tiny wheelchair with Henry struggling to push her.
>Rants about police at pride
>Posts that she rarely wears underwear and would like advice on buying large underwear for fat pussies.
>Posts a sob story that she missed out on Lizzo tickets because she had to book a wheelchair space (despite the fact that she can walk and could have brought a normal seat), Lizzo tickets are £100 yet she claims to have no money to contribute to her wheelchair.
>Attends the girlzine fair.
>States that small fats have no place in the body positive movement.
>Buys her giant underwear from M&S, but guyzz, she's allowed to buy unethical clothes because she's so poor!! No one else can though.
>Buying more expensive earrings and nail varnish.
>Uses the word 'cunt' in Instagram posts but then acts shocked when Instagram removes them.

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

Previous threads:

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No. 842719

File: 1563867616670.jpg (251.63 KB, 1728x1080, 1563469622278.jpg)

No. 842720

File: 1563867655244.jpg (205.91 KB, 798x519, 1562831795165.jpg)

It was a struggle to pick a thread pic as there were many good ones so putting my other favourites here

No. 842723

File: 1563867686317.png (346.6 KB, 535x561, 1563382790756.png)

No. 842733

she should honestly be flattered, we've created so much fanart.
though she probably is flattered, she loves this attention cos it's affirmation she's oppressed by the evil lolcow bullies

No. 842751

I officially nominate PT for /pt/. She's vile and her milk flows so freely! A truly hateful cow, with years of fuckery & online identity-shifting. I'd say she's quite deserving of site-wide mockery! Also, she doesn't shit up the thread herself and she has no friends therefore no white knights, and it's almost never derailed. Not to mention she's on her seventh thread in just a few months! Please, admin?

No. 842752

File: 1563878100868.jpg (457.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190723-113449_Ins…)

No. 842753

File: 1563878123325.jpg (625.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190723-113423_Ins…)

She. Can. Walk.

No. 842758

probably should be posted at the start of every thread lol

No. 842761

Yeah, cause she totally can go out with her new chair. It's not like she needs Henry to carry it down the stairs for her.

No. 842762

File: 1563879313266.jpg (241.37 KB, 1323x1375, savehenry.jpg)

sorry for the photoshop but thought of this

No. 842764

the bad photoshop actually makes this better

No. 842767

not to armchair but does anyone ever think about how pheebs constant negativity probs affects the mental health of those who follower her. there are probably some people decent who follow her in fear of not being woke/educated enough and are subject to these daily stories about every miserable experience she has.

No. 842768

I wonder if someone could hire a private investigator to see if she is faking her illness and report her(Encouraging cowtip)

No. 842775

I had to unfollow her because her posts were making me depressed, and I don't even like phoebe. I can't imagine how people who sympathize with her feel.

No. 842779

File: 1563883569332.png (1.52 MB, 2000x2000, mrsblobby.png)

i hate this fat cow(autism)

No. 842783

File: 1563884203395.gif (489.76 KB, 500x200, YdaBMnn.gif)


Its perfect anon

No. 842786

More fool them.

If they're dumb enough to follow a cow and let it affect their own mental health, then they shouldn't be on social media. Do people forget following is optional?

No. 842787

File: 1563885817485.png (538.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190723-134343.png)

No. 842789


Note the way she is positioned in her chair. THIS is why you don't buy off-the-shelf wheelchairs. The point of proper body, head and neck support is to prevent exactly what's happening here, which is her entire body load just going all over the place, including squishing her chin and neck inwards. In people actually reliant on a wheelchair, this can cause scoliosis, which in turn may reduce their VC (lung volume) and not only cause severe pain and worse QoL but also increase the risk of respiratory compromise.

No. 842790

Her mass alone is a risk of respiratory compromise, i would imagine.

No. 842809

having her account permanently removed would be hilarious

imagine the milk

No. 842811

I just found her YouTube channel and she has one called “plus size clothing haul” and she literally walks around and moves around completely fine. When did the pain medical condition develop? I’m very skeptics after seeing her movements so fluently

No. 842812

When they stopped her disability benefit. She was fine up to then.

No. 842813

She's lying about it for attention, bitch is a whole ass Munchie. She contradicts herself constantly when it comes to her "disabilities", like when she was saying how much she wants to become a midwife. So all of a sudden she's perfectly able to do a job which requires you to be on your feet/on call constantly?? She's a malingering liar, nothing more.

No. 842815

anon this art is actually fire ur super talented. the feebz could NEVER! she’d trace her own fat blob head and paste on those ghastly steve buscemi eyes

No. 842818


Not to mention she has 2 other wheelchairs!

No. 842827


When you are posting on a platform with clearly laid out terms of service and break those terms you are not being silenced when they remove the offending posts. She's using the same whinging rhetoric as Tommy Robinson kek

No. 842832

Ms. "Mutual Aid" with two extra wheelchairs + a crowd-funded powerchair isn't donating her extras to someone without? She'd have an absolute fit over anyone else keeping those to themselves. Wish I was surprised by this behavior but she's just greedy.

No. 842847

Doesn’t she realizes she’s trapping herself in the house with her own fatness? She never gets up or walks more than 3 feet, of course she’s going to feel like she’s on the verge of death at the thought of going outside by herself. Does she wait until Henry gets home so he can help her get in the bathroom?

No. 842848

I disagree. Where would we get our milk from? It's not like anyone is fb friends with her here

No. 842860



No. 842872

File: 1563905166123.jpg (539.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190723-190348_Ins…)

No. 842897

The most I can give her is that it is kind of funny how these are the consistently flagged pictures. Ironically politicians are the biggest snowflakes of all despite them claiming millenials are
Either way it's against terms of use but it's still funny this is what got her flagged, not her telling people to eat shit, just her calling a politician a "cunt". Too bad this will fuel her victimhood more than being flagged for telling people to kill themselves

No. 842899

She's called countless people cunts and said tons of horrible things, yet BoJo of all people is going to be her downfall lmao

No. 842916

File: 1563910606188.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190723-203618.png)

She's just a parody of herself at this point

No. 842926

File: 1563911679689.png (7.85 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2157.PNG)

she needs to be the most oppressed

No. 842930

Funny how mind-blowing it is to her that the world doesn't work around social media privilege theory

No. 842937

Kinda minor point but I'm surprised she's referring to him as "Boris". This more or less started when he was Mayor to try to humanise him. Nobody spoke of Blair as "Tony" or Cameron as "David". Calling him Boris is playing into the cuddly, amiable image the press wanted to put forward for someone who really is, yeah, a cunt.

Let it go, Pheebz.

No. 842964

agreed. she is something else - so vile that people barely even shit up the thread cos we're all united in disgust

phoebe 24 is breezy for most of the UK this week lol, it's been 26(!!) in north-east scotland and 33ish in london. wonder how she'll cope with the temperatures weds and thurs this week - lucky she's in a seaside town but imagine it will be close to 30 where she is

No. 842966


It started getting to the level that she’s at now pretty close to when Henry proposed to her. See this video of her forcing Henry to dance, doesn’t seem to have a lot of “muh pains” here

No. 842982


He looks like a complete tard autist here. Guess you’d have to be to be with that heffalump

No. 842986

They look like aliens or ghosts who've donned a human suit and are trying to figure out how it works/how to dance for the very first time. Cringy to watch.

No. 842990


Yup, it matches perfectly. I think the main cause of her "pains" is that she got to gorge on more food when she's started living with Henry.
No wonder she's feeling like shit, just look how much she's gained in those two years.
But nah, it's totally muh fibro.

No. 842994

Ffs, you're a white woman from a middle class background, you're completely supported by your partner (and parents)'s income, you just got $2500 sent to you in like three days' time for a powerchair you don't need. You're privileged, Beefy. Get over it. And wipe your mouth before you post such close up shots, you look like a toddler with food all over your face.

No. 843000

File: 1563918929462.png (320.85 KB, 1242x1700, IMG_2158.PNG)

looking for any and all chance to be offended, soz.

No. 843007

Shes so fucking rude. This kind of shit almost makes me think she could be autistic. Other than the "all autistic people are not alike" brigade blah blah, there's quite a lot of them where they are just so rude all the time because they genuinely think their opinion is the only correct opinion (because they have no theory of mind). And anyone else who says stuff they don't agree with is stupid and deserves to know how stupid they are. There's no politeness filter or respect for other people's opinions with those types. They just don't have it. She reminds me of a few of those I've met. Always switched on rage mode and ready to edumacate the dumb.

No. 843029

This is so agitating! What does privilege have to do with account termination? She makes it sound like Instagram employees walk around with a clipboard, checking everyone’s oppression points. She can also afford to eat mass portions, is treated to hefty, fancy dinners by family on a monthly basis (she probably stopped posting those so that she can come off as poor, but she said they go out each month,) and has so much privilege she can decide how to change around her “accent” even though she’s undoubtedly spoken posh since the beginning.
Another anon said before Phoebe adopted all her disabilities and became the thing she is now, she used to have “Asthma” on her bio. She tried milking it for oppression points. She also said on video that it was one asthma attack that caused a lot of her current conditionss kek. That was it, her asthma was her biggest oppressor.

No. 843033

>get a nice shout-out from some well-meaning bodypos account
>REEEEEEEEEE about it anyway

No. 843038

It'd be useful if she actually bothered to listen to podcasts that deal with the politics she claims are important to her. I mean, she never even talks about the ethics of being vegan except HERE'RE MY VEGAN NUGGETS, I DON'T EAT MY FRIENDS. She must see what other snowflakes are into and say she's into it without even knowing why.

"Why's Boris a cuntm, Pheebz?"
"Because he is"
"He's a Tory and ruins lives"

And that is the extent of her knowledge.

The only subject she knows a lot about is being massively overweight and that's just eat eat eat eat eat get a wheelchair so I don't have to walk eat eat eat eat eat.

No. 843083

File: 1563928617257.png (Spoiler Image, 581.27 KB, 598x599, Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 01.35…)

She's an absolute marvel, the best entertainment I can think of atm. It's like someone's taken everything I hate and made it into a person, and she's so multidimensionally awful that she's satisfying everyone on the board, and she updates every five minutes so the milk is constant and plentiful. The platonic ideal of a lolcow.

No. 843090

Agreed. Phoebe even has the initials for /pt/. The threads have been consistent and the vegan milk has been flowing, even during the multiple meltdowns she has had and goes offline. People don’t ironically like her, and with other /snow/ cows there’s anons who think said cows can be redeemed. The only defense Phoebe has going for her is “she’s still young.” Any time she goes outside there’s drama.

No. 843092

I think he genuinely is known so ubiquitously as 'Boris' that if you said 'Johnson' it wouldn't be immediately recognisable as being about Boris. I mean, have whatever opinion what you want, but there's no denying that he's become a British cultural staple over the years who has earned this recognition like Cameron and Blair (both kinda bland-but that's not a bad thing) never did.

No. 843096

More privileged=more popular, more followers, pretty thin white girls

No. 843103

File: 1563930630211.jpeg (9.27 KB, 155x275, 1563314202410.jpeg)

Not to wk but look at the absolute state of her, it must be like sitting in the sun in a massive weighted foam suit. I bet people like this get heatstroke at the drop of a hat.

No. 843111


Can someone host this? I'm blocked (lol) and the archive doesn't work for me

No. 843114

File: 1563931723046.jpg (52.93 KB, 750x1334, feebs21.jpg)

why is she surprised that a fast fashion store isn't fat friendly? she's always moaning about actual ethical companies not being either

No. 843116


Any time she reads a news article there's drama!

No. 843126

Jesus. Fucking. Christ. This is a scary change from her usual vomit inducing face close-ups. Phoebe, you don't need a wheelchair for mental illness. You need help.

No. 843134

The irony here is that she looks like the quintessence of gammon herself.

No. 843196

File: 1563939843449.jpg (85.35 KB, 750x1334, feebsvalue.jpg)

This statement is true, except in the case of people like Phoebe. What is her value to society? She never says anything original, just parrots others' views and screams about people parking in disabled bays.

No. 843197

File: 1563939920856.jpg (120.67 KB, 750x1334, feebsjealous.jpg)

and displaying her jealousy at activists who get money for their work (note: she also has a Patreon)

No. 843211

It's so irritating that she just says "omg LOOKATIT."

Ok, I see it. What's your point, Phoebe? Should I be pumped that activists are getting paid for their work? Because you're always talking about how important it is to pay artists, and compensate people for their labor when they educate you, correct?

Am I supposed to be mad she's not making that much?

Are we supposed to be admiring the production value of their content? Ignoring the ineptitude of her own?

I genuinely wonder if Phoebe has ever stopped to even try to imagine any of the people she truly admires (whoever they are) behaving & speaking to others with the contempt and disrespect that she does.

She reminds me of those people who get so wrapped up in an "us vs. them" posture on evangelizing their religion that they count it as a "win" when they cause genuine outrage with their offense.

No. 843219

petty isn't a good look, pheebz

what are you offering that anyone would want to pay you for? you're a whiny entitled baby and you do it for free

No. 843238

And just think about how they'd feel about her rolling her one eye on one of her nasty face shots. Finding out she's SO VEGAN yet all she does is posts her daily disgust on the internet. They're probably doing a bit better than her with their activism. But one meetup in non-necessary wheelchair makes her a genuine activist that should be getting paid for it, right? Being vegan or doing any of this sj shit isn't going to be a paycheck.

No. 843255

No Phoebe, fat cunts like you took over body positivity. Sorry that disabled people, people with scars or those with genetic mutations refuse to give up the space they need and deserve because too many people like you have decided they want to be applauded for force feeding themselves obese. In your case it's quite amazing what you're doing to disable yourself. You've even forced yourself bed bound to increase the weight gain and reduce muscle mass!

I bet you this was sparked by that UK body positivity campaign where another brand has stated they will no longer edit their models or remove any blemishes which stupid articles have claimed isn't body positive because the girls aren't fat. Of course not researching what the campaign is actually about but just assuming that the brand thinks a size 12 is fat (the girl in question does have a rather fat stomach though). Pack your bags girls, only fat girls are real now. Size 12 is skinny, and you're not allowed body positivity regardless of your issues if you aren't an infinifat

No. 843266


dont you dare shame the name of PT like that.

/pt/ is for special cows, not fat fucks like phoebe

No. 843294

File: 1563956074234.jpg (Spoiler Image, 670.63 KB, 810x1477, Screenshot_20190724-091327_Ins…)

Spoiler for cat abuse.

Not to blog post but this cats eye had been left rather than treated straight away.

No. 843295

File: 1563956491240.jpg (523.18 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190724_092114.jpg)

I can't get over how bad her at is. She must be mentally retarded

No. 843296

File: 1563956833252.jpg (146.13 KB, 750x1334, 62437602_616726192149752_35195…)

Apparently, they've sent this with all of their orders.
How much of a baby do you need to be to get so triggered over a promo sample?

No. 843299

We already knew what a horrible cat owner she was from the festering wound under the bandanna but this is horrifying. Almost guaranteed she has done nothing to really treat it even if she claims she has like with the neck wound. I’m starting to think she actually lacks basic empathy which is why she’s so adamantly, obsessively self-aggrandizing.

No. 843301

>What is her value to society?
Entertainment value.

No. 843304

Don't adopt or buy an animal if you can't afford emergencies (they could if they saved money on half the shit she buys on Etsy). Especially don't adopt an older animal if you can't accept the responsibility as well as pay expensive vet bills and regular checkups. Not to mention proper food and a clean environment for the animal. You'd think a vegan would understand that

Well she did no research, they sent the samples out regardless of size ordered. The plus sizes just got pissy cause they thought it was an attack on them. And clearly still do because they refused to do research on the situation and instead chose to write victimizing articles for themselves without fact-checking. Want to have an issue with anyone getting diet bars with their order? Sure, talk about Atkins and diet bars. But don't act like you were attacked for getting random samples in your order

No. 843307

Oh hell yeah. Come on Phatboe, we know you can't keep your mouth shut.

Oh my god…. I wish someone would take the cat she currently has and bring her into a better home.
She's such an evil person…
I wish her wheelchair brake breaks and she rolls off a cliff

No. 843308

PT's thread is dead, and we all know nobody can replace the queen. The "special" cows on /pt/ now are….who? Vicky, Luna, Onision, Taylor Dean, and Kiki's occasional sneeze onto social medai? The milk is so dry on the majority of /pt/ and Phoebe has something for everyone!

Cheating benefits system
Is an attempted rapist
Vile to her boyfriend
Totally female presenting "enby"
Disgusting "sex work"
Bad artist
Delusional personality & victim complex
Literally the rudest bitch on the planet (Ariana included)
SJW hypocrite
Threads don't derail
Endless milk

Not to mention I've seen her posts popping up more and more in the "shares" of the SJWs of my circle, so if anything this cow is just getting started. I would LOVE to see her on the main page far more than Fahr Sindram, whose sole thread has accumulated a whopping 900 posts in 3 years.

There are a lot of cows in /snow/ and /w/ with much more plentiful milk, who are on the rise instead of finally drying up. I understand why most of them don't get promoted, the threads are full of cancer, but this? A gift that keeps on giving.

No. 843312

>>843083 spot on anon, all she does is REEEE SOMETHING-ISM and never explains anything further, saying it's not her job to educate, as if she could

"that's transphobic"
"it just is"

No. 843313

chris chan was also young once

No. 843319

File: 1563962581263.jpg (616.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190724-105933_Ins…)

Imagine the sweat

No. 843321

File: 1563962658786.jpg (462.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190724-105918_Ins…)

So oppressed

No. 843325

File: 1563964449771.jpg (664.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190724-113340_Ins…)

No. 843326

is she too oppressed for a cold drink and a fan

No. 843329

I don't think Instagram would be 'targeting' her if she actually had mature or thoughtful criticisms towards Boris.
She isn't 'opposing' him, just calling him a cunt and selling badges calling him a cunt.
If someone else on IG would make the same kind of statements & posts about Phoebe she would whine about it and try to get them banned, but if she does it it's fine.

No. 843333

I want to be sick.

No. 843334

File: 1563967168675.jpg (782.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190724-121935_Ins…)

No. 843336

This heat is "horrendous" for everyone though. It's crazy how Phoebe can take the most basic, common aspects of the human experience and make them all about herself.

No. 843341


86 degrees isn't even that bad, though. Like, yeah it's borderline hot but open a window and turn on some fans, and it becomes not that fucking awful.

No. 843349

File: 1563969921456.jpg (339.97 KB, 1080x1364, 20190724_130529.jpg)

No fucking shit

No. 843351


Here's what amuses me as someone knew to the situation - How the fuck can someone be Vegan and still be fucking infinifat like this?

No. 843352

People in the UK simply aren't used to weather like this, we don't know how to handle it at all when it arrives and we don't have air conditioning in most homes.

No. 843353

You should watch one of her 'what I eat in a day' videos, they're hilarious
Even just for breakfast she eats 6 bananas and other crap lmao…

No. 843354

Vegan processed food like veggie burgers and sausages are surprisingly full of calories and salt. When she eats 4 veggie burgers (which would be about 200-300 calories each, depending on the brand) for dinner and a pile of other shit, it's no wonder she's enormous.

No. 843360


Pretty damned easily? Pasta, a shit ton of chips, bread, and a lot of other carbs are all vegan. People act like vegan is only vegetables. All it means is an absence of dairy/meat/animal products.

No. 843361

SIX bananas?! That's a week's worth of bananas!

No. 843365

anyone feel like taking the time to add up the total kcals in this?

No. 843368

File: 1563971961739.png (32.41 KB, 522x335, lol.png)

it's a mystery anon, she eats more broccoli than anyone she knows

No. 843371


Imagine unironically spewing bullshit like "U are not obligated to be healthy"

That's a fine mentality for chronically ill people to have - Not for someone who is willfully negligent to their health through being morbidly obese

No. 843379

Her chronometer saying 2200 calories for it all looks about right. And of course this was a day she was proud of and wanted to share with others to showcase her healthiest habits. Her junk food binges probably bring her up to 4-5000 plenty of days. With the rapidity of her weight gain there’s no way she’s not eating like a vegan Amberlynn Reid.

No. 843384

yes this is true, 'johnson' is too common a name but if you say 'bojo' or 'boris' everyone knows what you mean.

No. 843389


Banana = on avg 100 cal, x 6 = 600 cals
Dates = avg 67 cal x 6 = 402 cals
Cacao powder = 12 cals per tbsp
Chia seeds = 70 cal per tbsp
Shredded coconut = 45 tbsp
Cacao nibs = 6 cal per bean

Let’s assume that she added more than a few tablespoons of each (the cacao nibs are measured per bean) and that bowl is floating somewhere around 1500 calories at least — and a ton of carbs.

No. 843394

This girl has quickly become my favorite (or least favorite?) cow, she practically huffs her own farts and acts like the mightiest moral crusader. Hell, if she was a different person she’d most likely call herself out for how much of a problematic hypocrite she is. Can I propose that we save Henry AND Polly?

No. 843395

File: 1563975358378.jpg (788.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190724-143403_Ins…)

Her crazy portion sizes

No. 843400


That ain't no damned side salad - that better be the whole fucking meal, as big as that shit is.

No. 843426

She's known for basically only using pasta and serving bowls, too, so this is probably a family sized salad! Can you fucking imagine? Eating a salad big enough to feed a family? The amount of food she eats makes my stomach hurt, genuinely. Like if someone force fed me her portions, I'd probably be nauseous all day and in pain. Probably the same for anyone here. If you overeat, you stretch your stomach and thus it takes more to feel full so that's why she can handle this. But if she actually dieted, she'd have to deal with some hunger while trying to bring her stomach down. Any hunger she feels, though, she would immediately give in to because muh intuitive eating.

No. 843428


I mean, I could put a big ass salad away, but that'd be it for the entirety of the day (Damn you Olive Garden!). For feebs, this is just the appetizer for one meal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 843475

It probably is genuinely miserable for phoebe, who weighs upwards of 300lbs. Fat people are way more likely to suffer heat stroke, not that that’s really going to happen if she’s just lying in bed indoors.

Baffling that she thinks being fat isn’t unhealthy when it has so many negative effects that she herself experiences daily.

No. 843480

Her indigestion and bloating issues must be on another plane, there's no way even a body used to lots of food can smoothly digest all of this food. Especially since lots of it is 'substitute' vegan food the body doesn't handle well; vegan feta tastes noticeably artificial and chalky.

I'm surprised she hasn't smothered it in dressing, though there's probably a swimming pool of olive oil halfway down that bowl.

No. 843483

File: 1563988720401.jpg (930.84 KB, 2048x2048, 88CA068E-CEF5-415C-A6CC-2823AA…)

sage cause it's not phoebe, but imagine believing undiagnosed ADHD is a disability.

No. 843484

File: 1563988748826.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, A954C5B3-9141-4D8A-9E5E-85DA2E…)

Derailing but I think I’ve found Pheebs’ inspiration for her godawful quadruple chin close-ups… another IG fatty, sadly not quite as milky.

No. 843486

File: 1563988827879.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 5AC53BD7-B429-4EA7-8003-A4BB38…)



I want to vomit profusely.(derailing)

No. 843488

Nobody here gives a fuck about these random fatties. 2 of these posts aren't even saged. Probably would be better in the personal cow thread or something.

No. 843494


oh fuck off, lolcow police. You love these random fatties just as much as Pheebs.(derailing - focus on Phoebe)

No. 843495


Don't want to derail but talks about changing their gender marker to 'x' .. and talks about being on T. Why take male hormones if you're not aiming to be male??

No. 843496


Being oppressed by the sun.. this is the level of fat-whingebag that Pheebs is aiming for

No. 843498


actually, the last two are quite relevant…haven't noticed the similarity in posing to Pheebs? don't look if you're not interested, simples.

No. 843507

Her posting is p much identical and she even harasses small designers into carrying whale sized garments. She’s basically a muse for pheebz

No. 843510


God I wish I hadn't looked at her ig… pic after pic of her enormous fat rolls and a face that even a mother would punch.

Surprisingly not followed by Phoebs.

No. 843515

File: 1563991630378.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2094.PNG)


might this cow need her own thread?(derailing - focus on Phoebe)

No. 843516

I remember seeing one big purple haired fatty all over the infinifat hashtag and thinking that Phoebe takes inspiration from some of these other insta-fats. A day after I posted that Phoebe posted several stories about hating her purple hair now

No. 843524

free food is fat shaming???

No. 843526

File: 1563992960325.png (705.83 KB, 812x600, Screenshot 2019-07-24 at 19.28…)

Depends, most of what makes Phoebe milky is her drama and shadiness. Is this girl just a standard cringe deathfat sjw or is there something else notable about her?

No. 843528


farmhands, you need some training: it's not derailing to suggest a potential new cow that's related to the cow at hand. fucking hell.(take your complaints to /meta/)

No. 843530


You know someone is self obsessed when they don't just celebrate their birthday but say 'it's my birth month' ugh..

Looks milky enough for her own thread

No. 843558

File: 1563997297803.jpg (665.4 KB, 796x2346, Screenshot_20190724-204129_Ins…)

No. 843560

File: 1563997501833.jpg (730.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190724-204446_Ins…)

She's showing her privilege again

No. 843562

The rest of us can think what the fuck we want of your hideous outfits, love. Freedom!

No. 843563

File: 1563998192821.png (603.59 KB, 484x835, 1562433989971.png)

Keep in mind that poor Henry either had to push this down to the water and back, or she walked/wheeled herself there herself making every time he's done it for her even worse
Also if she is so upset by the heat she should just go to the water and dip her feet in. It's not like she's working at home that she can't leave. If she really wants she can bring one of her iPads to watch Netflix while she's there. I get that 30 heat must be terrible for Brits (and at least she admits that being fat makes it worse), but there's shit she can do to make it less horrible for herself. Hell, take a cold shower. She must need it with the stink anyways

No. 843574


Exactly. I've seen plenty of posts shared that are critical of Boris, calling him a fascist and a racist - but not a cunt - that haven't been banned. She's acting like criticism is being silenced, when really it's offensive language.

No. 843578


It's true the UK is bad at dealing with heat. But she could make her situation better if she wanted to - fat people do worse in the heat, she could lose weight? Nah that's "anorexia". Heavy curtains on the windows block the sun. Muh depression! Any suggestion and she'd be full of excuses why she can't do it.

No. 843585

File: 1564000491073.jpg (26.78 KB, 450x338, 0.JPG)


>I'll never forget last summer when I went swimming in the sea…

No. 843590

Wait, so this person is both 'trans' and gay and thinks ADHD is the real issue when it comes to discrimination? Seriously?
Exactly. You could have ice packs delivered directly to her bed and she'd screech that it was oppreshun, because they didn't use vegan ice or have enough decorative genitalia. Nothing is ever enough for her.

No. 843667

Didn’t she say a while back that she was going to stop drawing black people?

No. 843686

In fairness, she probably is only 'trans' and 'gay' for the purposes of instagram sjw cred and even if they are serious it won't come up in the workplace as long as they lie on questionnaires. ADHD, though, I mean she's not diagnosed so she probably only has it for the oppression points, but it's considered good advice to keep VERY quiet about any mental health issue you might have during the hiring process and afterwards to avoid unfair dismissal, especially if it's something that might mean reasonable adjustments need to be put into place.

No. 843709

File: 1564016677572.jpg (131.42 KB, 1024x1821, ptsea.jpg)

The Kraken awakes.

No. 843733


Yeah but she also deleted a bunch of stuff from the "accountability" story archive. She's basically just hoping everyone's forgotten.

No. 843742

ambulating on her own two legs? what is this?

No. 843750

So you are telling me this whale can walk through waist deep waves but needs a wheelchair? ok.jpg

No. 843751


Something something it’s easier to walk in water because it makes u float or whatever you know how old people exercise in pools cause it doesn’t hurt their joints… a walk in the sea is perfect for a fatty with old people joints at this point

No. 843759


Gotta call bullshit on the 'disabled' thing.

Like anon said, it's sometimes easier to walk in water as it takes the weight off of your joints - but that's perfectly still water in a pool or therapy pool, not the wavy, current-filled fucking ocean.

If you can't stand without the assistance of a wheelchair, standing in the ocean is not the thing for you.

No. 843802

Don't do the Kraken dirty like that.

No. 843807

Yeah this is why her lie would be more believable if she only used a cane or a walker instead of claiming she needs a fucking motorised wheelchair.

No. 843841

WEIRD how there's suddenly a bunch of derailing as soon as people expressed enthusiasm for moving her thread to /pt/ due to the quality of milk and lack of cancer.

Kinda tinfoil I know but we do know she watches this thread like a hawk and reacts to literally everything said here. I was in an older thread the other day, and realized that she dropped her "omg this design is FLOPPING" posts as soon as an anon pointed out that nobody wants to buy an unpopular product. Made me laugh.

No. 843897

File: 1564068739647.png (367.59 KB, 420x694, Screen Shot 2019-07-25 at 16.3…)

> I can only go to the Post Office when I make Henry push me on his day off

No. 843925


WTF does 'Eat the Rich' mean?

Then one of the preferred pronoun badges lists they/she/he.. why bother announcing your bloody pronouns if all pronouns are ok? It's already impossible to misgender you..

No. 843926

File: 1564073633052.png (3.82 MB, 828x1792, B77AF478-6EE9-42E8-8522-1C9153…)

this doesn’t work and will probably piss your cat off. cats and dogs regulate temperature through their paw pads, if anything put cold water on their feet. but also cats are comfortable being much hotter than humans so they really don’t need our help most of the time

No. 843928


I can't even make out what half of these say cos she has squeezed so much text in, great job Pheebs!

No. 843943

I've always assumed it to be a marxist take on A Modest Proposal but tbh I don't know if that's actually where it originates.

No. 843952


These reek of teen rebellion and general hormonal anger at the world. No matter what your political views are; wearing a badge saying 'fuck blank' only makes you look childish in how you handle your feelings

And where's the 'Eat Shit' badge cos that's Phoebes catchphrase and a perfect example of her superior communication skills and her ability to keep her emotions in check

No. 843956

This bitch forces her cat to be vegan, she’s the last person on the plant that I’d take pet advice from.

No. 843963

she's a fucking moron when it comes to cats #savepolly

No. 843970

How is it even alive still??? Cats need taurine to survive, please tell me she at least gives it supplements

No. 843981


Does the UK have some sort of thing for animals like animal control here in the US?

Depriving a cat of vital nutrients has to fall under animal abuse…

No. 843982

dear god no sheets or mattress protector on that bed, hate to think of how bad it reeks with her sweat just seeping into it

saged for no milk

No. 843983

RSPCA. I don't think that giving a cat a vegan diet would qualify as neglect or abuse though. Those fucking vegans do it all the time.

No. 843984


I'm sure she's said vegan food is "the only food Polly will eat".

No. 843994


Seeing as they are renting there's a very good chance that mattress isn't owned by her and henry so the next tenants get to inherit it..

No. 843996

It’s a saying attributed to Rousseau: “When the common people have no more to eat, they will eat the rich.”

Has been a popular jokey slogan since at least the 20th century and probably before. There are a bunch of books and songs with the title.

No. 844000


Comical to imagine someone phoebes size wearing one, no shortage of food there

No. 844012

File: 1564086527468.jpg (46.26 KB, 259x475, 513A1NAG3PL.jpg)

Also a really fucking funny Comic Strip Presents film starring Lemmy.

No. 844024

File: 1564088908018.png (654.11 KB, 722x1920, sketch-1564088894323.png)

No. 844025

Can an artist anon please complete this picture? I'd love to know what the rest of a person with a torso like this would look like.

No. 844026

She can waddle through water when she feels like it, she sure as fuck could climb some fucking steps if she felt like it too.

No. 844031

File: 1564091140593.jpg (747 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190725-224345_Ins…)

Hating on police again

No. 844033

File: 1564091324654.jpg (954.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190725-224840_Ins…)

I feel so sorry for her dad

No. 844041


How the fuck would Phoebe know what northern ireland police are like? Did some woke insta gossiper tell her that they in particular are 'very violent'. Why suddenly single them out in a post?

No. 844042

"I am anti police but quite happy to receive money earned by police work or gifts paid for with money earned by police work!"

She's such a fucking liar!

No. 844045


Here's the rest of the N.I Polices caption:

"we have ‘Policing with Pride’ vehicles to highlight that hate crime is unacceptable. You can help us tackle hate crime. To stop it, report it"

oh yeah, such bastards..

No. 844051

But their super dangerous to oppressed white, straight fake disabled middle class people!!! Who cares about actual gay people, think about the kweeeers!!

No. 844053

I’m the reason she made the “reminder” I called her out on the post as I’m a Northern Irish resident and shes spouting shit about our police. The violent belief comes from years of religious troubles. Fuck off scum.(cowtipping; read the rules)

No. 844063


How do you think she ever gets outside? She's on the 3rd floor with no lift! Granted it's an issue for w'chair users because they can't just leave the wheelchair at the bottom of the stairs in an unsecure location but SHE CAN WALK.

No. 844065

>read the work of Black educators
This irks me to no end. I sincerely doubt our Phoebes has read anything by black educators, unless she counts Instagram captions as educational reading.
About to break that high horse's back with her sheer body mass.

No. 844066

Singling out police in an area she doesn't fucking live in and has probably never been to… genius

Them plastering their vans and social media with a message of support and being vocal about being LGBT friendly is not enough eh!! Gotta keep whinging about something. She's sounding paranoid with these police posts lately

No. 844068


It's pretty telling that they choose to live in a third floor flat with no lift and they haven't bothered moving. They are privately renting so it's totally her choice to live in 'non-accessible' conditions.. meanwhile any event with the same non-accessible conditions is blasted?

No. 844079


I'm not sure when she claims her disability started so whether she was already "disabled" when she moved in, or whether Henry already lived in the flat before she moved in. Lots of people who become disabled find themselves living in unsuitable accommodation as they get worse, but then THEY MOVE.

No. 844099

lmaooooo there’s no fuxking arms !

No. 844107

Ah yes, upholding those fascist laws such as arresting rapists, gay bashers and animal abusers, truly terrible, simply awful. Wonder if her dad knows about her Instagram, I can't imagine him being too happy supporting her financially and writing letters to get her disability benefits back on her behalf if he knew half the shit she says. Or possibly he knows his daughter is a fucking cunt and chooses to ignore it.

No. 844109


How can someone be anti police? what does she think is gonna happen when there is no one around to help with crimes?? i know she's retarded but damn

No. 844114

Police in NI are historically not great, considering the RUC's history with the Troubles

No. 844116

I mean police brutality and systematic racism are major issues which need to be addressed, but not every single beat cop out there is some bloodthirsty racist out to kill. People like her don't even seem to realise there's more than just patrol officers, who the fuck does she think solves crimes, like busting pedo rings or catching murderers?? Also blaming police for the laws is the very definition of shooting the messenger.

No. 844120

Ha! Thanks for the info! Ya learn something new every day. Sage for ot

No. 844125

Ok protestant

No. 844139

They chose the flat consciously. She didn't start crying about being disabled until after. The disability money was for her fake autism that she had her (cop) dad write a letter for. She hasn't been diagnosed with anything so she lost the funding.

No. 844160



Can't wait for her to roll into the appeal in her new crowdfunded powerchair convinced they will now take her seriously as she has a wheelchair for her….. undiagnosed autism.

No. 844230

She now has an official diagnosis for her Fibro (I think) so she'll probably try to get disability benefits for that

No. 844242

So far I've never seen a blood thirsty racist cop kill a pasty, pudgy, huffing and puffing infinifat like phoebe. There's no challenge to it if she's killing herself already. If she really wanted to challenge the police and take one for the team, she'd stop eating, start going to the gym, and get a tan. Then maybe, just maybe, one day a policeman will violently touch.

The way she looks now, red, bloated, hairline receding, flabby thin limbs with a mountain of dough body, the cops take one look at her, assume she's a 65 going on 81 years old, pushed around in a wheelchair by her son or maybe her grandson, and leave a wide berth.

No. 844244

Her complaints about the heat pissed me off (only just caught up). Yes we Brits cannot handle heat, yes it was the hottest day of the year and European homes are built to keep heat in and we rarely have AC. But jfc the reason you're stuck indoors Pheebs is cos you do it to yourself. I work outdoors 9 1/2 hours every week day, we were melting yesterday but still got our jobs done. But Pheebs is sitting at home with a fan and cold water access and apparently she's oh so worse off just cos she's a lazy fat pos.

She just infuriates me cos she gets thousands in money when all she does is whine about the things the rest of us just get on with.

No. 844259


I mean she's taking a very positive and supportive post from them and then making the most vague accusations of their 'potential for violence' I don't think this bitch has any knowledge of what the history is here, she's passing comment on a subject she knows nothing about… what's new there lol

She said herself yesterday that every single policeman on earth is essentially doing wrong, her feelings about doctors aren't much better. The more you contribute to helping solve real problems, the more this fat leech gets paranoid about your intentions. Maybe she should apply for disability based on her having paranoid delusions

No. 844261

You're killing your cat super slowly and painfully with it.
Vegans and vegetarians shouldn't be allowed to own carnivores if they can't accept them needing meat.

No. 844291

File: 1564149028703.jpeg (89.87 KB, 640x1138, 9A4F6AB7-09A5-4E63-A4CA-FF256E…)

more like: i no longer want to be independent, henry can do everything!

nitpick but why does she have to wear her engagement ring? it doesn’t even fit

No. 844296

didn't she get engaged like at least 4 stone ago? she should take it off before it starts killing tissue. although she probably can't get it off anymore.

No. 844302

Looks like the ring would have to be cut off. No way would she get that past her knuckle.

No. 844305


Thought they couldn't afford a second car, what's the point in looking for her license right now when they still have one car between them and henry needs to drive it to work?

Also the expense of driving lessons and then taking the test…

No. 844307

I wonder if daddy is paying for them with his evil evil policeman money.

No. 844308


Anyone (who's not blocked) know what she's 'ill' with today?

Wonder if she still had to pay for the lesson? I mean did she give the instructor enough notice to cancel without owing payment

No. 844313

>>844308 don’t know what’s wrong but it seems like cancelling her lesson was all last minute. she probably got out of paying when she started to screech at her instructor for being ableist and muh pains. she probably wielded a butter knife too kek

No. 844322

I hope her parents cut Phatboe off.
No one deserves to have a daughter like that. Especially one who slanders you and your job like that and gives a fuck that you risk your life ever single day.

No. 844326

Hope she didn't cancel at last moment and refuse payment,you do owe payment if they didn't get enough notice to book someone else in

We all know she's going to set up a Gofundme for a second car next, oh and insurance etc..

No. 844334

File: 1564157684319.jpg (236.36 KB, 1440x2562, 66132359_1018835261804592_6275…)

She didn't even have the fibro diagnosis a year ago.. Phoebe, you don't have any medical reason for your alleged mobility problems, except being incredibly fat.

No. 844338

File: 1564157942290.jpg (256.67 KB, 1440x2562, 65866251_108349767026772_10216…)

>I feel like my whole life is just standing still whilst everyone else is passing me by doing great things.

That's some insight at least. She could think about it some more..

No. 844348

No such thing as having "legally more than enough evidence", Phoebe. You can provide all the posed, faked, hammed up "evidence" you like and if they still have reason to believe you are exaggerating or faking for money, they can refuse you.

I'd love her to turn up to a tribunal and have every single scrap of her evidence refuted with her own instagram shite.

No. 844353

Why did she take the theory test so early on?

Has it been established which benefits she's claiming? I thought none, but she says "full disability payment". Nah, she wouldn't pass for that. Her list of meds was pitiful for one so disabled.

No. 844358

I think the one she is mentioning now is her PIP benefit. She wouldn't qualify for the other main disability benefit anymore (ESA) because of living with Henry and his income. In PIP, there's different amounts you get relating to how severely your medical issues affect you and the costs relating to them. She's claiming she qualifies for the higher mobility payment so in her evidence she's pretending she can only walk between 20 and 50 metres.

No. 844363

File: 1564160821464.png (59.8 KB, 504x302, Screenshot 2019-07-26 at 18.07…)

I hate Phoebe as much as anyone but moaning about the weather is pretty much a national sport. It'd be different if she was trying to claim she had it harder than everyone else and looking for sympathy, but her heat comments are pretty inoffensive and standard up to now.

No. 844370

I love how she thinks it’s “a few extra quid” to accommodate when really overhauling is often very, very expensive. Really shows her privilege

No. 844372

i feel like even though she calls herself a waste of space and a failure it’s like she doesn’t actually believe it but she knows that people like us who are rational view her like that so she says it for pity points because she sees other people saying it but doesn’t actually believe it herself, not really sure if I’m making sense but I hope you guys see what I mean !

also in terms of her driving test I’m American so I’m not really sure but driving lessons over here are like $300 minimum for six hours of training, sounds a lot like privilege to me . either she can afford it on her own, in that case why the fuck did she make randoms pay for her wheelchair, or… she got Officer Dad to pay for it which is also shit because then why couldn’t he pay for the chair????? either way this bitch is privileged as fuck lmaooooo no wonder she adopts so many fake identities for opreshun. could’ve paid for her chair herself w all tbat privilege, those are my two cents smh she’s such a loser cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 844376

I do wonder about her family. Her father's a police officer, which would suggest he cuts at least a marginally commanding figure, yet he seems from his interactions with Phoebe like a bit of a pushover? But still fundamentally a caring person. Her mother, as we've all seen, is unafraid to voice her dissatisfaction with Phoebe's antics. So where has this monster of a person come from? Is it just a personality disorder? Her family seems pretty normal, you would think a police officer family would be active in the community and raise quite a well-turned-out kid with a respect for systems and authority? At least, not one who would come out with the sort of violent rhetoric about government bodies and working people she spouts, which seems predominantly to come from people who have only ever had negative interactions with government institutions-to them, it makes sense that the police are figures of derision.
Maybe i'm being naive, and I know we only really see what Phoebe shows us, but it's really puzzling that she's like this. Most people like her come from a family of similar welfare queens, and it's all they've ever known.

No. 844377


She seems to think that the majority of people can just pull money out of their arse, she really doesn't see that many people who run events or own shops can be nearly as poor or under more financial pressure than a person on benefits.. many going into more debt with every month that passes

No. 844379

File: 1564161985762.jpg (33.7 KB, 606x235, b.JPG)

This is a cheaper driving school in Southend. Prices are generally £25-£30 a lesson (usually an hour).

No. 844381


Did a quick google, price in pounds sterling:

The average cost of a driving lesson is £24

Driving Standards Agency recommends 47 hours of tuition under the supervision of a professional instructor

Total cost of lessons for a learner will be £1,128

No. 844382

Do you think her hostile tone and swearing when she's demanding things comes from being young and getting everything given to her upon throwing a tantrum? I read this and it's like she's screeching 'SORT IT THE FUCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!' in my ear.

No. 844385

She's not a quick learner, I can see her needing a decent number of lessons if she wants to stand any chance. Not really someone you want driving, she'd have a bad day and run cops over in a rage

No. 844387


The dynamic between her parents appears to be a strong willed mother and a provider/giving father (just based on the very little we know) so maybe women rule the household in her view and her relationship with henry reflects that too with him breaking his back to provide and please

No. 844388

The last thing Phoebe wants to do is give a platform to people more deserving of help than her lazy self.

No. 844394

Those people around her have invested years into gaining an employment history and qualifications to move onto better things while Phoebe preferred to fraudulently claim benefits and retweet self-indulgent oppression hot takes. It's the same proclivity towards instant gratification that has allowed her to get so fat and fill her flat with vagina earrings.

Silver lining-she's still young enough to turn her life around without too much trouble, if she could be bothered.

No. 844412

Why's she bothering to get lessons? We know she's going to claim her legs hurt too much to use the pedals, and that cars are fatphobic because she can't fit her giant belly behind the steering wheel.

No. 844415

File: 1564165987282.jpg (828.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190726-192556_Ins…)

No. 844416

Why is around her lips always so red and spotty

No. 844417

Probably from all the salty shit she constantly eats lol

No. 844423

File: 1564166825985.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190726-194608.png)

Cow boots for a cow. She could have not spent that £40 and saved Henry from doing a couple of hours of overtime.

No. 844425

her family dynamic might've influenced how she sees women in the world as well. if her mum was strong willed she might've been the strict parent who told her no while her dad gave into her every whim. this would lead to her despising her mum while favouring her dad (and she's definitely a daddy's girl) and also despising any other strong women. this is why both parents need to be disciplined and forgiving.

No. 844430

The cat didn't wake up like that. To treat an early eye infection would have cost her around the same as those fucking hideous cow boots she just bought. And now this poor baby has to have an eye removed for something that a quick vet visit would have sorted weeks ago. God this woman is a fucking disgrace.

No. 844443

She also hates her mum because she used to be really fat but lost a lot of weight

No. 844453

File: 1564170477360.png (818.99 KB, 750x1334, 0318671A-4B44-4CB6-AE67-F7EEE8…)

lmfaoooooooooooo what in the fuck are those hands !!!!!! lizard hands !!!!!! lmfaoooo

No. 844458


She's talking about the word fat like it's the N word.. in the same way that she's talking about potential police brutality against fats/gays/wheelchair users. Stop trying to be as oppressed as black people, You simply aren't

No. 844460

Why does she look for sympathy so much? Of course she reclaimed the word fat, it's literally her username. She needs to stop bragging. It's at a point where it seems like denial.

No. 844463


So she is not ashamed of being fat and yet she keeps on talking about her past feelings and 'starvation days' .. yep we get it, you keep on telling the same story

People with actual horrific trauma live less in the past than this!

No. 844464

This drawing makes it soooo obvious that most of her shit is traced. She has zero fucking clue how to draw.

No. 844468


This is the kind of drawing you find in an old copy book from when you were twelve years old, you'd then quickly dispose of it rather than cringe at your teen self

No. 844485

She’s just fucking lazy - you can teach yourself to draw and you won’t get there by tracing everything. She puts zero effort into everything she does

No. 844486

God, so dramatic, Phoebe. You don't need to reclaim a descriptive word. It's not a slur. It describes you accurately. It categorises you accurately.

All these things she moans about in her life are so fixable it makes me cross! Literally every moan about her life would be resolved by losing weight.

Also, that drawing is horrendous. I can't believe she shares that shite online.

No. 844487


It's okay, henry gets to work long hours today, stay in on a friday night as always, not get laid ever and then tomorrow he gets to bring fatso to the post office on his day off, lucky henry!

No. 844491

File: 1564174630350.png (83.51 KB, 1080x556, Screenshot_20190726-215619.png)

Her mum is enabling her just as much as her dad is.

No. 844497

That one post where the mom had called Pheebs out was only when Pheebs had caused drama within the family by accusing aunts/uncles of being horribly transphobic.. I suspect that was a pretty rare call out. She's too spoiled/coddled

No. 844504


Does her mom ever see her posts telling people to eat shit then?

No. 844523

the lips…..

No. 844531

>I only have one commission

She should be happy anyone bothers to pay for her garbage. The untalented swine.

No. 844537

I'm telling you man, it's from the vegan pizza she's constantly chowing on. I thought she was slurping spaghetti before every pic but it makes more sense that it's pizza sauce.

No. 844540


Holy fuck, I assumed this was an old drawing of hers. It's so bad! How is her drawing ability going backwards???

Everything about this is so so bad

No. 844543

File: 1564182451832.jpg (577.5 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190727_000627.jpg)

No wonder I thought it was old at, she's basically done this exact picture numerous times before. Maybe she's running out of ideas?

I notice she's posting art more often. Trying to became big?

No. 844544

File: 1564182613755.jpg (307.58 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20190727-000235_Ins…)

Holy fuck the way the boobs are drawn. Is she drawing badly on purpose?

No. 844545

File: 1564182643586.jpg (205.18 KB, 1080x1095, Screenshot_20190727-000254_Ins…)

No. 844546

File: 1564182668651.jpg (397.96 KB, 1080x1058, Screenshot_20190727-000423_Ins…)

It's like a toddlers work

No. 844556


For a "full mobility payment" you have to have medical evidence that you are unable to walk 30 metres (even with a walking stick or crutches or walker). They're going to ask her what floor she lives on and unless she lies she's not getting that enhanced mobility money.

The enhanced mobility allows you to trade in that portion of your payment to lease a car, which is what she's gunning for. The last thing she needs is more enabling to sit on her expanding arse, she should be using her stick or a walker and WALKING places. She'd feel better for it.

No. 844559


Oh also I know from experience that the tribunal will only judge her evidence on the basis of her original application. If she presents with worsened mobility and new diagnoses they will ask her to reapply, as they can only go on what she wrote in her original assessment as that's what got turned down and what she's appealing.

No. 844561

incredible, her drawing skills are declining somehow??

No. 844563


I'm going to guess it's from plucking/waxing/epilating her tache. She's said she has sensitive skin before.

No. 844564


I wonder who the "certain other people" are. Did she whine to her mum about Bodyposipanda being successful? You know why she's successful? Because she isn't a whiny unpleasant cunt, and actually washes.

No. 844565

Signed and supported. PT for /pt/ sounds like a good campaign name.

No. 844566

File: 1564185826328.png (529.52 KB, 490x745, fvf commission.png)


Reminder of her commission prices. She'll probably ask for a photo to work from then trace it and demand her £40.

No. 844568

This one is absolutely hilarious, so shitty I love it

No. 844570

aint nobody got time for that anon

I mean, you're not obligated to NOT have cancer or scars or that stuff. You're kind of obligated to function in a society by being a healthy weight, or suffer the consequences otherwise.

That fucking STAIN ON THE LEFT I'M–

No. 844573


The bare mattress is gross but the stain is probably water since she's ineffectively cooling off her cat.

No. 844669

File: 1564204197880.jpeg (32.36 KB, 480x360, 3B8B495E-0DAF-407A-A80D-3749C2…)

I didn’t know fatty feebz made nyan neko sugar girls

No. 844695


lol her digs at bodiposipanda are sooo blatant i wonder why she's so hesitant to attack her? she never seems to think twice about it when it's literally anybody else

No. 844702

>second tribunal
From what she's saying this means that the first tribunal has refused her benefits and agreed with the DWP that she isn't disabled. The only way she has of overturning that decision is by going to a second tribunal but it's different from the first. The second tribunal will only overturn the initial decision if the law regarding disability benefits was not correctly applied by the first. For this she would need a solicitor to agree with her and take her case. PIP doesn't mean diagnosed disability = disability benefit. In the application she needs to prove that she has a disability and that it interferes with her ability to care for herself.

No. 844738


If anyone's interested I can post the criteria upon which PIP is judged.

No. 844740

If I'm remembering correctly, she claimed she was told she didn't have enough evidence for her tribunal so it was being postponed so she had more time to get it. No idea if that's her bollocks or not but a quick google suggests that can happen if medical evidence hasn't arrived in time for the tribunal.

No. 844746

File: 1564233199189.jpg (Spoiler Image, 639.23 KB, 1080x1760, 20190727_141208.jpg)

Poor Henry having to see this in the flat..

No. 844749


In the Uk if she gets given a disability payment does that mean she has to give up her etsy shop?

It can't look good on an application to show that you currently work from home and have income.. but also insist you can't work??

No. 844753

I know that they will certainly have investigators looking into her public social media to use against her should it go to a second tribunal. If she's saying that she can't walk without assistance then she shows pics of herself splashing about in the sea alone then they'll be all over it.

No. 844756

PIP benefit is a benefit people in work can get as well. It's not assessing whether someone can work or not. It's more about costs of their disability and whether they have extra costs due to their disability. So she can keep her etsy shop.

No. 844757

>>844695 probably because they’re mutuals if not friends in real life. i think feeber complains about jameela too

No. 844761

>>844746 imagine the smell…

No. 844762

>>844453 tiny hands challenge

No. 844767

File: 1564236829005.png (2.07 MB, 1125x2436, C12FB129-627C-431A-A4A5-B03973…)

She’s sperging hard about the vegan cat thing. I’m honestly just hoping she’s telling the truth and she isn’t forcing her cat to be vegan. She can get fucked but I’d never want her animals to suffer (more than they already do). Also, who cowtipped? Kek

No. 844768

I think the only reason she hates Jameela so much is because she didn't give Phoebe the attention she so desperately craves, I think bpp throwing a bone at her by following her is what she needs to not pick a fight.

No. 844770

bodiposipanda is well liked in the community. phoebe would be alienating a HUGE portion of her audience by calling her out

No. 844772

If the cat only has a "sensitive stomach", she could very much consume meat without throwing up. She was most likely over-eating or eating too quickly, which Phoebe could prevent by getting a slow-feeder bowl and making sure not to overfeed her (which she probably does, since she overfeeds herself so badly).
A vet would tell her this, but it doesn't sound like Phoebe saw one. "Sensitive stomach" isn't a medical diagnosis.

No. 844781


Why does she reply to cowtippers? like she gives these long replies and adds on her sassy emojis. Must waste so much of her time to finding every comment or DM that she doesn't like and replying

No. 844791


Hardly enjoying her weekend with henry if she has the time to address that message, I love how from weekday to weekend there is no change in the amount of time she wastes on Instagram

Not just a reply but also a ranting story.. spending probably three times as much time and energy as the cowtipper spent on it? lol

No. 844794

If this is actually what happens I'll cry with joy, absolute justice porn, beautiful schadenfreude.

No. 844795

She has no friends in real life and from what Henry's relative said, she can't talk to people and prefers to stare at her phone at public gatherings. This is probably the closest she gets to human interaction, she may be desperately lonely.

No. 844809

wtf does she fancy herself the dfs. always has a sale on in her “shop”

No. 844819


Somehow this makes her wonky boobs look even worse. They don't even start in the same place.

No. 844821


This is the only autism thing I get from her, aside from the complete lack of self-censorship.

No. 844837

Autism is genuinely the only one of her ishoos that I think she might have hit the mark on. The aspergers type. It's her lack of theory of mind/no understanding of other people's opinions being just as valid as her own, her inability to have irl friendships, her reliance on the internet and written communication, how self centred and focused on herself she is, even the sudden lack of sex for Henry etc.

The main one though is her lack of identity and the way she seems to adopt a new identity for a while. Her over sexualised black cock phase, her sex work phase, the askfm answers phase, her various disability labels that have been and gone. Now she's adopted trans, disability, and sjw stuff as her main identity. She might genuinely think each phase she goes through is the real her and she's finally found the answer as to why she doesn't seem to fit anywhere. I'm calling it now, in a couple of years she will slide into another identity and a few years after that it'll be another one. Fun, fun.

Her Lana quote tattoo highlights her having no identity even more. And the fact her mum has mentioned it to her too. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if she was one of the girls/women whose aspergers was missed when they were younger.

Disclaimer that I don't think it's any excuse for her behaviour and attitude etc and sage for no milk.

No. 844842


I don't know. The AFAB aspie/asd people I know post a lot about their "special interests", Phoebe's mentioned hers being cats and the band Queen but I can't think of when she's mentioned Queen aside from that one post! What I'm trying to say is I don't think she has fixations/obsessions like autistic people do. Unless you're counting fat acceptance and social justice sperging.

No. 844847

Agreed. Her special interest is herself and how oppressed she can make herself feel. Doubt that counts. She's just a cunt.

No. 844849


We've had a few aspergers anons give the opinion that she doesn't show traits of it. I believe she shows traits of something else but mods complain about armchair diagnosing any time that it's mentioned so won't get into it.

Adopting a new identity all the time and having no true sense of identity isn't autism, it's a different disorder

No. 844850

File: 1564249197644.png (660.34 KB, 750x1334, 5B27B5D5-AB2B-4488-A10F-F32534…)

sage bc no milk but oh my GOD she really has to keep going on and on about the one time she tried sex work.

No. 844851


Yeah special interests in autism tend to be complicated interests that they can recite information about for hours. There's an ability to memorise huge amounts of info on one subject and they can be socially awkward but very intelligent on paper.. doesn't scream pheebs to me

People are mixing up aspergers with being cuntish and self absorbed

No. 844852


I so thought this would be an attack on the slim and fit woman shown ..

No. 844865


She probably tried it in a leisure centre class or something. It's a "fitness" thing now too.

No. 844866

is there old milk around about phoebe sexually assaulting someone?

No. 844869


Do I have to flash my Aspergers card to disagree? Kek.

It very much can be part of Aspergers to feel like there's no identity and to take on the identity of the people around you, whether on purpose or without even realising. It's a type of masking. Almost like a chameleon. All she has to do with this crowd is stay fat and repeat the sjw bullshit. No tricky social rules to navigate to feel like she belongs. Same with the trans stuff. Lots of suggestions that undiagnosed women/girls with Aspergers can be sucked into the troon agenda because it's an easy way to be accepted as part of a group and at the same time an easy answer for themselves for why they felt they didn't fit in for most of their life. It's scary.

Special interests don't have to be complicated or intellectual either. Her shitty tracing could be one. Stalking other fat acceptance people could be another. Spending all her time online. It's not always reciting chemistry facts and trains like tv tells us.

Again though, none of that makes her any less of a dickhead. You can have Aspergers and still be an absolute knob jockey.(no one cares about your assburgers)

No. 844874

Yeah, well discussed by anons, witnesses, friends of the victim, and Phoebe's excuses for it. Check the first thread or two

No. 844878

I doubt it, she's just an entitled dickhead who can't keep her mouth shut and thinks it must be autism, because she can't hold herself accountable for anything. Also it can be a great Get Out of Jail Free card within her orbiters - if they call her out for being a dick, she can just call them ableist cunts.

No. 844880


I'm diagnosed too.. Seems common on this thread. The point about lack of identity is one I can't get into because of the armchair diagnosing rule. I don't really get why autism traits can be discussed in depth on here but other disorders can't.

Don't personally think aspergers is what she has, I think she knows what the traits of it are and she makes poor attempts to mimic it like that one time she mentioned sensory overload lol

No. 844882


Exactly, she hasn't been assessed for it and all she's doing is helping to spread the misconception that people with aspergers are stubborn asshats that lack empathy. Well done pheebs

No. 844892

Anons with an autism diagnosis - was it a difficult/lengthy process? Because Feebs has claimed to be in the process of getting a diagnosis for years now.

No. 844894

wait lists for an assessment in the uk are insanely long, 18 to three years in my area.

No. 844895


Two years is the average, some skip that and go private for a few hundred quid

No. 844903

File: 1564260014720.jpg (976.98 KB, 809x2799, Screenshot_20190727-214019_Ins…)

No. 844906


Love the 'fuck you' at the end, ah yes fuck people who could -potentially- ever think or say a certain thing, you tell those hypothetical people off!

No. 844907

File: 1564260373563.jpg (671.8 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20190727-214621_Ins…)


No. 844909

File: 1564260437573.jpg (442.6 KB, 1080x1738, Screenshot_20190727-214352_Ins…)

No. 844912


I find it weird that Etsy allows her to sell fuck the police badges and more specifically fuck 'name of politician' badges

No. 844919

being an sjw is her special interest

No. 844921

…did she just drop her own email in this screenshot?

No. 844923


Even with that it's on a surface level, she doesn't understand half the shite she spouts, literally parrots other people and has no deep understanding of what she's apparently so angry about, lol

No. 844924

File: 1564262268888.jpg (522.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190727-214417_Ins…)

Top kek

No. 844925

File: 1564262312937.jpg (463.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190727-214410_Ins…)

No. 844926


Spotted that too, she's just so eager to have a go at people that she doesn't even check her screenshot

I love how those kind police officers that helped malachi can't be acknowledged.. no we must hold them responsible for anything bad that another officer has ever done..

No. 844966


On the contrary to your statement, the number of social rules one has to navigate to stay on the good side of SJWs is insane and makes socialising very difficult for more anxious people even on social media. One wrong word or turn of phrase, and they all turn on you.

No. 844970


Kek as if her "small business" is a job! It's more like a hobby. No way she'd be able to live on the proceeds from it without Henry keeping her (over)fed.

No. 844971


I guess it's assumed that no actual fatty would post such a horrific photo of themselves willingly.

No. 845023

File: 1564280667568.jpg (135.79 KB, 1024x1821, ptsocs.jpg)

A couple of posts coming up, picking up things from her stories in the last 24h.

These socks are 13.50E a PAIR. But can't donate anything towards her own new powerchair.

No. 845024

File: 1564280722690.jpg (109.96 KB, 750x1334, ptlulu.jpg)

Crying over Lulu. Not showing one with her missing the eye she neglected to take her to the vet for, obviously. I can't believe how healthy the cat looks here before Phoebe wrecked her.

No. 845025

File: 1564280835893.jpg (160.89 KB, 1440x2562, ptchubby.jpg)

And no day would be complete without a horrifying close up™, this time taking suggestions for more tacky overpriced shit she can guilt her followers into buying.

No. 845066

>chubby boy
So, fat ass? They're going to put a badge like that on themselves, while it's already obvious to everyone in the vicinity they're an obeast? The morons who spent money on these labels deserve everything that's coming to them.

No. 845097

Cat could also be sensitive to grain or gluten, its not uncommon. There are hairball/vomit resistant diets she could try if she consulted with the vet, whom I very much doubt ever gave the go-ahead on an entirely vegan fucking diet. But none of that gets her the kind of #veganqween clout she wants

No. 845098

and she’s actually lazy with her “small business”. products will be shipped 2 months after purchase date

No. 845099

sharpie brows, brown eye contacts, purple eyeshadow, and blue lipstick? kek what a look, kylie jenner is shaking

No. 845105


Being fat is kinda obvious, you hardly need to tell people something they can already see?

Her badges remind me of when kids learn to tell people their age and interests as they get a sense of identity, that stage where they tell every fucking stranger that will listen to them 'I am 4 and I like cars'

No. 845109

File: 1564300574957.jpg (481.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190728-085628_Ins…)

No. 845113

just watched this and i’m aghast at her portion sizes


this was 2 years ago and she already was eating like 3 oversized full meals a day, probably snacks too. that breakfast smoothie alone would’ve been enough for me. the TWO bananas with her oats means she had 4 bananas for breakfast. the amount of food in the vlog would last me 3ish days?

what’s the point of eating healthy, vegan friendly food if you’re gonna overindulge like that daily?

No. 845127

I'm surprised no one called her out on her special interests because cats,Queen, and Pusheen aren't special interests, they're things you like. A lot of people with PhDs are higher functioning aspies because they have special interests. I don't see her studying the biology of cats or music theory.

No. 845143


Yeah I think the average person has a view that aspergers equals learning difficulty but it can be helpful you if you aim to work in certain fields like medicine or science, that obsession with learning about one (often complicated) subject

Owning a cat or a couple of pusheen plushies isn't autism or else every 20 year woman I know would qualify as being on the spectrum too

Her 'sensory overload' symptoms are very rarely brought up too and don't seem all that genuine when they are

No. 845146

File: 1564316239650.png (2.07 MB, 1125x2436, 5DF4F21B-5170-4BA0-8BB7-74849E…)

Is this bitch serious? I’ve never seen someone possess so little self awareness. Why is she so angry all the time? What an exhausting waste of space this retarded crybully is

No. 845150


I don't know how a single person watching her stories can stand her, maybe people only looking at her posts think she's halfway ok but all her shittiest behaviour is saved for stories, the humiliation screenshots and aggressive public responses to them

It's narc-ish to do this public sharing of conversations and do nothing to actually address the points made but only put the person down

No. 845152

holy shit! you aren't wrong. these portion sizes are ridiculous. I dread to think how much she eats now, infinifat isn't looking that far off honestly

No. 845154

File: 1564317460773.png (823.15 KB, 1080x5184, StitchIt_20192807013538_011.pn…)

No. 845155


Makes me think of 'Triangulation':

A manipulation tactic where one person will not communicate directly with another person, instead using a third person to relay communication to the second. Abusive mind games basically. Mocking the person or twisting their words

Using her followers (who I'm sure aren't asking for this shit to be shared with them) and talking about the person rather than to them. It's narc stuff for sure, a sad attempt to humiliate anybody who doesn't fully agree with her

No. 845156

She doesn't seem to understand that not everyone is scummy enough to scam strangers every time they can't afford something.

No. 845157


If they had such a full blown heated discussion about it then why does she also have to take to posting a story shitting on her, she's having a convo with you while you mock her to your followers, mature as always!

No. 845158


She didn't answer the question of where exactly the money should come from to pay for the accessible venue.. Pheebs never cares about the practical issues, only the BS moral issues

No. 845160

Will Pheebs be the first to donate to Roses fundraiser?? Cos the average person who doesn't live online all day gaining a little following doesn't generally have the ability to raise money from strangers like that, it's not realistic

No. 845164

Phoebe says that wheelchair users are too poor and -can't make it to rallies- but then they can make it to venues for whatever this womans event is?

Does piss me off to see both of them using the word poor over and over. Rainbow hair Rose has enough to keep her hair dyed and I assume she eats food and lives under a roof, lets not use the word poor to describe ourselves when being genuinely poor is a much sadder reality than that

No. 845172

It's sad that this (presumably) genuinely disabled person feels she has to justify herself to the hambeast

No. 845175

This girl used the same excuses Pheebs does, poor and disabled, and Pheebs completely ignores it. The only person in the world who can have it bad is her. I'd love for her to argue with someone as insane as her.

No. 845201

Yeah I wonder how she'd feel knowing Peebs, the empress of disabled people, is fully capable of walking if she feels like it.

No. 845211

File: 1564333373017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 635.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190715-164910_Ins…)

Tsk tsk tsk Pheebs, you clearly don't give a shit about being ethical, why wouldn't you just make a fundraiser or get a sponsor for your big pussy pants~? You could have just postponed buying them, you unethical swine you

Pic from the last thread

No. 845215

god she’s such a fuxking disgsuting wretched cunt. she should be terrified of the bad karma coming her way what the fuck is wrong with her.

No. 845216

so she’s exempt from buying her non ethical underwear because she’s poor, but this DISABLED person is ableist because they can’t sfford more expensive and more accessible venues for their events. such a nasty hypocritical evil cunt bitch

No. 845220


Fuck those sweatshop kids, your 'boy' needs big pussy pants!


She really makes me hope karma is an actual thing that catches us all eventually cos my god would she have some shit coming her way

No. 845228


Her ass is only in a wheelchair because she’s fucking fat… so this girl has a legitimate disability and she doesn’t give one fuck. Feebz lack of self awareness is amazing.

No. 845231


Her lack of empathy is incredible, she tries soo hard to pretend she has empathy for minorities/oppressed people but look at her always attacking, demeaning and humiliating people (only on the internet tho cos she's a coward too

No. 845255

File: 1564341744442.jpg (1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190728-202201_Ins…)

Fucking hell, that's a family sharing platter

No. 845257

…that’s not her underwear on her head there? I legit thought it was a bedsheet

No. 845273

It always looks like windbreaker material to me, especially since there appear to be zipper teeth. That can't be normal, can it?

No. 845284

File: 1564346208805.jpeg (753.98 KB, 1242x1651, 7DB335AB-9E6F-45F4-9299-536E14…)

Typed Phoebe’s handle on twitter

No. 845289

File: 1564346448614.jpeg (372.79 KB, 939x1800, ADDDB8C5-C76B-4560-8359-F32DCA…)

She got hate posted to Twitter kek everyone is laughing at her

No. 845293


No. 845298


Those aren't zipper teeth, that's the trim on the underwear

No. 845300

Wow. I could not tell. They don't look like they're made of terribly comfortable material.

No. 845303


M&S knickers are super comfy. You can't really tell from the photo

No. 845304

so it's okay for poor disabled people (Beefy) to support unethical brands, but not okay for poor disabled people (literally anyone else but her) to host events at inaccessible venues? where is the line drawn on who can compromise on their ethics because of their poverty? oh right, it's a circle around her. she can do whatever she wants and everyone else is ableist.

No. 845305

File: 1564349089757.jpg (551.62 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20190728-221919_Sam…)

No. 845307

Funny how Lulu got an eye infection when that's the most common thing we see from vegan cats. They literally can't synthesize vitamin A from beta-carotene and need to gain theirs from animal protein. That's why they are obligate carnivores.

She was a beautiful cat. Then she got brought into feebs home where a younger cat kept her stress levels up by constantly fighting her (feebs was fucking stupid to bring in a new cat and especially in a tiny flat). Then feebs fed her a vegan diet, which gave her vitamin deficiencies, affecting her eyes and her immune system.

No. 845310

File: 1564351372007.jpg (914.57 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190728_230201.jpg)

Feebs hates before and after photos.

Here's one of Lulu. Feebs only had her a year. Heres a photo of her the day they took her home versus the day they put her down. Crazy

No. 845316

how she can see this and claim she doesn't abuse animals is beyond me.

No. 845321

What happened to that cat's fur? I've seen 16-17 year old cats that don't have scraggly fur like that. That poor cat looks so neglected, like it's been living in the streets without medical care its whole life.

No. 845341

Those are the saddest empanadas that I've ever seen

No. 845359


My aunt breeds Persian cats and that is just what happens when the hair gets wet (drinking from an open topped bowl) and then dries up all curly. A quick comb out fixes it and they have special bowls and all that jazz. It's an easy fix. Phoebe was just too lazy to make the effort.

No. 845380

Absolutely revolting. I wish shelters would follow up more on adoptions.

No. 845447

File: 1564369434210.png (Spoiler Image, 1.33 MB, 812x826, MEN ARE AFRAID OF MY MASS.png)

how fucking hard is it to brush your kitty and use a wet wipe for the feces on it's paws every once in a while. is she purposely fucking up her cats so she can have a cute UwU disabled pet ? is this some type of new Munchhausen by proxy for vegans? I want to throw up. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for her infected eye, but everything else?

No. 845449

File: 1564369950632.png (291.78 KB, 659x543, fat queer.png)

this is a person who posts shit like this proudly on instagram when it's literally an insult my brain snickers whenever it sees a new picture of her

No. 845463

File: 1564372526678.jpg (570.34 KB, 1080x1490, 20190728_230517.jpg)


No. 845465

im guessing that lulu sustained an injury from an altercation w/ the other cat. then phoebe neglected to take care of it…

she shouldnt have had the two cats near each other in the first fucking place. the moment she realized they hated each other, she should have immediately found a new home for lulu instead of keeping her and making her last days hell.

No. 845473

the fact that there's a vegan cat community makes me really fucking hate this world

No. 845489

JFC Phoebe people aren't obligated to attend events, they are optional, for entertainment and education, a privilege. This is Rose's income and livelihood, attending these is not yours. IDK what Roses work entails, but couldn't she upload content online for those who aren't physically able to attend? What about people who are bedbound and housebound Phoebe? Is she ableist for not making housecalls?

No. 845490

She’s making out that a set of stairs would make it impossible for “a wheelchair user like herself” to attend Rose’s event…she LIVES up a fucking flight of stairs. She’s basically telling big fat lies - if she’s able to leave her house for an event then she’s able to attend one without stairs. It’s gross how she guilts actually disabled people based on pure bullshit

No. 845508

Fake queer / fake disabled Pheebs coming for the neck of an actually disabled woman. Quelle fucking surprise.

No. 845510

My 600 lb life, here I come!

No. 845522

File: 1564401475810.jpg (885.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190729-125743_Ins…)

No. 845523

File: 1564401499331.jpg (598.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190729-125801_Ins…)

Omg the milk will flow

No. 845524

she's the worst person I've ever encountered on the internet…disgusting
Not everything has to be just like YOU wanted! you fucking landwhale, what about eating less and end your "look at me I'm so disabled" charade

No. 845525


If you're at a size where your GP is likely to recommend that you lose weight, that should count as fat. Always a sense of competition with Pheebs tho

No. 845527


Her hair is disgusting here, makes me wonder if she's ever going to cut it like she keeps on saying

No. 845529

funny, i'm so sick of straight people calling themselves queer but here you are pheebs

No. 845536

I'm also v sick of her calling herself Jewish, disabled and autistic, but that's our Pheebz!

No. 845538

I've been to a lot of shows and there isn't a HUGE group of demand for wheelchair access. she's pulling shit out of her ass, and worse, she's only in a wheelchair cuz she's a fat piece of shit. she chose to be an obese monster. most actual handicapped people dont choose to be in chairs

No. 845539

Love you, anon

No. 845557

If Pheebs can make her daddy copper and fiancé work overtime and cough up money for her shitty habits then anyone can anon. As we all know, poverty is just having a near empty bank account at the end of a pay cycle cause you spent it all on useless junk and elephant food portions

But Pheebs, if you cared enough you'd make the money happen. (And if you developed some form of intelligence you'd know you could buy less clothes and have them be of good quality and from ethical sources than buying everything you lay your eyes on from shitty sources and contributing intensely to disposable fashion aka the industry which is the reason sweatshops are so prevalent)

No. 845565

Define 'objectively fat' for me, Phoebe. Go on, I fucking dare you.

No. 845568

Really the only objective view would be a medical one, but doctors are just too racist and transphobic and classist!!!

No. 845579

File: 1564415162474.png (922.92 KB, 750x1334, 0E78072B-D2A5-4BBD-A047-9B9120…)

Is her I’M NOT A WOMAN phase coming to an end???? HoW nin binary of her

No. 845580

File: 1564415207386.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, EE3294FD-3C00-480D-B4E1-6B61CE…)

Which one of y’all posted this in the fatvegfemme tag?!

No. 845587

Omg poor baby was so dirty and he lost so much weight, Feebs sucked it all out of him and kept it to herself. This is sad.

No. 845606

>>845522 implying size 16 isn't thicc territory. Anything that isn't hambeast isn't thin, pheebs.
>>845579 she's non binary but when it comes to events she says she's a woman to get into them
>>845580 I cannot wait for her to see this

No. 845609

File: 1564419797060.jpg (624.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190729-180309_Ins…)

No. 845610

File: 1564419845335.jpg (604.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190729-180234_Ins…)

How the fuck is this going to fit on a badge

No. 845612

making yourself obese by binge eating isn’t the same as carrying weight differently from biology/genetics, so by that logic phoebe is co-opting the word fat too lol

No. 845615


I'd like to think the size 10 girl is trolling her, I mean a uk size 10? Seeing as pheebs reads and gets pissed at every message she gets it's her own fault, super vocal with her own opinions but can't stand to listen to others ? Stop starting the conversation then pheebs, your posts are an invitation to discuss it you pleb

No. 845616


She sounds American so probably means a US size 10

No. 845618

Depending on your height, a US size 10 can be overweight. Overweight doesn't equal fat with her though. You have to be well beyond morbidly obese.

No. 845619


> I'm fat n not rich

> literally buys socks costing 13 euros a PAIR

No. 845624


literally crying with laughter

bless you anon!

No. 845625


I don’t understand her weird gatekeeping. No one is fat or disabled unless she says so? She is so full of shit its come out of her ears. I find it gross she’s policing women’s right to feel a way about their bodies.

No. 845627

File: 1564423515679.png (7.82 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2354.PNG)

Bring on the milk!

No. 845628


The way she reacts to peoples comments is like starting a conversation and being offended when the other person speaks..

No. 845629


Make your predications now!

Mine are: won't be able to get it down the stairs herself, topples over on a curb or small doorframe cos of her size, calls it a "piece of shit" where all her donors can see it, covers it in her shitty stickers then complains everyone's staring at her.

No. 845630


What fucking independence LMAO

No. 845632

can't wait for her to realize that the more you weigh the faster a battery will run down, and that her independence will have to be kept in 3 hour increments.

No. 845634

Wants to be called queer, wants to be called they, wants to be called disabled and oppressed, but then polices what actual APPLICABLE labels ppl put on their bodies. The nerve of this bitch.

No. 845635

Gets stuck in an Aldi carpark between two cars
Breaks it within 3 months cos she got too fat for it, blames the manufacturer
Sticks some kind of gaudy overly big trans sticker on it

No. 845637

Imagine the looks she is going to get at her age and her weight.. with strangers knowing full well that she's just a fatty and not an actual wheelchair user, as she buzzes along in her expensive toy..

No. 845647

Wasn't she labeling herself as fat when she was a size 16? If someone told her she couldn't call herself fat she would have lost her damn mind and come after them with her butter knife!

No. 845672

File: 1564429478931.jpg (558.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190729-204320_Ins…)

No. 845673

File: 1564429513566.jpg (916.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190729-204327_Ins…)

No. 845675

that's completely mental. i cannot believe pheebz can just sit there and post this shit and not have an ounce of realization in her fat body to consider she's everything she hates wrapped into one person.

No. 845680

Okay but why is it okay for her to put labels on someone else? Why does she get to define what is and is not fat, what is and is not poor etc etc etc? Is this not the exact thing she speaks out against? "DON'T MISGENDER ME BECAUSE OF MY APPEARANCE!". Like okay, don't misweightify me because of my appearance. I get it, I know we all know she's a giant hypocrite. Just, damn.

No. 845733

Waiting for the day one of the people she gatekeeps and screeches at to delete or close or worse — then everyone will recognize pheebs for the bully she is. I’m truly shocked that a community that says it’s fighting back against bullying would support such a rude, aggressive asswipe who literally does nothing but bullies people.

What pheebs fails to realize is that we all went through both our edgy and sjw phases. She’s on the latter but doesn’t think it, too, will be a phase just like her edgy years. In like 3-4 years if not less she will physically cringe whenever she thinks about herself from this time.

No. 845735

What's with constantly saying folx instead of folks? I thought it was just Pheebzes way of talking but it's in these posts too? Is it just a kind of uwuspeak for IG

No. 845747


apparently it's gender inclusive, as if folk/folks isn't already neutral

No. 845767

That's the fucking dumbest thing I've ever heard. Folk(s) is fucking gender neutral the way it is JFC these people are retarded

No. 845785

holy shit i just looked back at some of her old threads and it’s insane how much she gained, she looked fat as fuck sure but at least she looked human back then

saged for no milk

No. 845788

so fed up of her gatekeeping. a size 16 person can be fat if they’re like 5’2” tall. not to mention the fact that clothes sizes aren’t always consistent, especially for women/uterus owners/AFABs/blah blah. i wonder if one of those infinifat idiots thinks phoebe isn’t fat kek

i hope tomorrow brings delicious milk

No. 845791

we already know that gender neutral terms are used to avoid bias towards one of the two genders. i just looked up “folx”, apparently it is used by those who identify as non binary. so, basically the term includes everyone, unlike gender neutral, which is considered to conform to only the gender binary.

sounds like a huge arse ache, tbh. gender neutral should be good enough but what do i know? i’m just a dumb cis woman.

No. 845857

File: 1564474036576.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, 9E3B63A7-263A-4263-856E-5D1BBF…)

Basically … basically …

No. 845858

File: 1564474285724.jpeg (498.27 KB, 640x958, 30424217-1C44-4F06-8D15-FE7C55…)

She says she’s been chronically ill probably ‘since birth’ and then does this creepy little smile like she’s proud of herself.

She can walk just fine, she is such a scum bag!!!!

No. 845860

She definitely should cut it. Having hair is so baldphobic, cause there's so many people that can't grow out a full head of hair.

>a world designed for men
Oh my. Poor Henry's probably gonna hear an idiotic rant about feminism after this, if she's not dragging him with her. #safehenry

>people want to call themselves fat
Yeah, cause that's auch a cool label everyone wants to use..
>you have no right to use the word
Is she for real? Didn't know Phoebe gets to decide who's fat and who isn't

I wish an even fatter person than Phoebe would tell her she's not "actually fat" and isn't allowed to call herself fat

No. 845865

File: 1564476588841.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 6C2D81AB-FB4B-4974-8054-D7044F…)


No. 845866

File: 1564476624022.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 344DF1D4-7098-4635-A636-A894CD…)

I really hate having so many images of her on my phone.

No. 845867

File: 1564476646865.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, F95DD971-E7A9-4177-965A-D96052…)

No. 845868

File: 1564476694663.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 36B1F03A-6F6F-4B9B-A3F2-A8FA12…)

Basic definition

No. 845870

File: 1564476784788.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, EA9A36DE-A774-44F2-8290-0071BE…)

For far she’s fairly reasonable. But just you wait.

No. 845871


Exactly anon. Feebz is 5'11", at that height a 16 is just on the heavier side of average, you can still be a healthy BMI at that height and size especially if you're pear shaped for example. But a size 16 at 5'0" is morbidly obese. She's too stupid to gatekeep correctly ffs

No. 845872

File: 1564476866994.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 7A9A0FF2-8293-42A7-BF09-F966C8…)

There is over a dozen of these. I’m only gonna post ones I find potentially milky.

No. 845874

File: 1564476959117.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 21F24271-58DE-4515-A2AD-85F8A6…)

This is where she starts to get retarded.

No. 845876

File: 1564477014192.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 25A5FFAD-E273-4E38-8E0C-78E8C2…)

Does she really have no conception of cost?

No. 845877

File: 1564477076458.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, D498839B-EAD2-4B87-A977-C56566…)

Ok retard. What? You want a playpen? Is this a daycare? Are you actually Tommy Pickles?

No. 845879

File: 1564477142065.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, AD64E1F6-83A4-48AA-BCA7-0BC3A8…)

What does this MEAN???

No. 845881

Even her explosive diarrhea has to be accommodated. She's very special and if you force her to use the same bathrooms as these lowly abled peasants, that's ableism and punishable by snapchat callouts.

Yes, very reasonable Feedy

No. 845882

I could go into really long details, but all my conditions are made up so I don't really want to stumble through a stack of lies right now…

No. 845883

She's now claiming she's been disabled since birth which is obvious bullshit and saying she needed a manual chair but now can't use one so needs a powerchair??
How is anyone falling for this?

No. 845884

I need easy access to toilets to accommodate my big shits from binge eating

No. 845886

I've had to stop watching as I am getting enraged at her stupidity, entitlement and lies.

No. 845893

at this point you could just not go out, like if it's too overwhelming to actually attend the event.

No. 845897

File: 1564483114617.jpg (683.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-113846_Ins…)

No. 845899

File: 1564483234850.jpg (701.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-113952_Ins…)

She. Can. Walk.

No. 845900

File: 1564483298863.jpg (887.14 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190730_114158.jpg)

No. 845901

File: 1564483508510.jpg (707.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-114425_Ins…)

But if you DM her you get called a cunt and blocked???

No. 845902

File: 1564483536362.jpg (664.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-114459_Ins…)


No. 845903

It's easy for her to sit at home and talk about what she thinks event organisers should be doing but she's not organising any events herself… she doesn't work in events management and she's a nobody

No. 845904

>Muh pain cundishuns got so bad last year I now can’t walk normally, which incidentally lines up exactly with my weight gain history but if doctors tell me muh pains and mobility issues are due to rapid weight gain then they’re fatphobic
Really starting to think she’s this aggressive and obsessive over her fake disability story primarily as a way of coping with the truth that she always knows is hanging over her head, which is that she’s a weak and selfish person who has destroyed herself.

No. 845905


Is she having a rosacea flare up and acne breakouts all at once? Even for her this is bad. She has all the time in the world to look after her skin ..or you know just wash her face

No. 845907


Yeah jigsaw pieces are used as a symbol for autism..and the 'offended minority' have bitched about this for years already

No. 845910

File: 1564485857221.png (565.8 KB, 1080x1261, Screenshot_20190730-121637.png)

Countdown to Phoebe shitting herself with rage.

No. 845913


Isn't it nice how J can support and care about trans people without pretending that she is a they/them trans and making it about herself..

No. 845914

She’s so red and inflamed, it’s actually disgusting. Her body must be rotting from the inside.

No. 845915


If her constant redness is high blood pressure she's seriously in trouble

No. 845916

File: 1564486882675.png (285.62 KB, 1920x759, sketch-1564486821243.png)

That's bullshit Feebs. You willingly sacrificed accessibility because you wanted to live by th seafront.

No. 845919

File: 1564486924920.png (198.69 KB, 1920x569, sketch-1564486841267.png)

No. 845920

Sage for no contribution - but fuck the hell off pheebs, council housing is for people who need it - low income families, the disabled etc. Not some beast who sits at home all day watching telly, smoking biftas, telling the world about her anus and calling everyone a cunt on instagram. I bet she's gonna love zooming into her next benefits testing on an e-begged powerchair 'look you cunts i am disabled!!!'

No. 845922


Plus henry works a full time job so..

No. 845923

I wonder if she'd leave Henry if she realised that she'd be entitled to more benefits without him

No. 845931

File: 1564491222869.jpg (695.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-135259_Ins…)

No. 845932

File: 1564491245682.jpg (668.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-135312_Ins…)

No. 845935


Yeah but does you washing yourself deserve an Instagram post every fucking time?

No. 845936

This thread is so milky, but at the same time i've never seen a person so disgusting inside and out. She's purposely obese because she's lazy and has a shit diet. She controls what people say and what is accepted as 'fat' and she uses so many excuses why she cant do things when real disabled people exist. She's a mockery to disabled people. What a horrible person.

Also, how did she even get a man to stay by her side??

No. 845937

uh why didn’t she “wash” or at least make herself look presentable for the insta takeover?? funny how she appeared looking like penn jillette and hagrid’s lovechild with inflamed skin then washed her hair afterward

No. 845939

It'd be less of an issue if you cut it, Pheebs.

No. 845942

Bar the occasional dropped T Phoebe's voice is fairly standard middle class London/Essex in these videos.

No. 845944


Claims basic hygiene is difficult yet she has long hair and even manages to dye it different colours

No. 845945

Following her logic of not being able to complain about “fatphobia” if you don’t fit her standards, as a true and honest deaf person, shut up about an issue that doesn’t affect you. Asking for captions AND an interpreter just puts more strain on the event coordinator, especially smaller events.

No. 845946

Yeah, I'm not sure why you'd need both captions AND an interpreter? Surely captions alone would be enough.

No. 845947

Can’t clean herself yet can spend hours on her nails daily plus she was in the sea swimming like 4 days ago. How don’t people see through this.

No. 845948


You could argue that language interpreters for every language in existence are needed at events, or else you're excluding people, by her logic

No. 845950

She talked about about the importance of captions for autistic people (forget about deaf people cos pheebs ain't deaf) but it's not a necessity for autistic people. It's a preference to switch captions on when watching a show but autistic people do understand spoken word… And any autistic person with sensory issues to that degree will not be found at a noisy event anyway

For someone who doesn't leave the house she sure is obsessed with events all of a sudden

No. 845951

Right? If they’re not providing Peruvian interpreters and Russian captions at the local book reading, they’re oppressive and discriminatory.

No. 845957

You have trouble concentrating, so you need subtitles to read…? If you're having a sensory overload and can't concentrate I don't expect you to be able to read subtitles. Cause when else is an autistic person not able to concentrate on something they WANT to do or are interested in? I've never seen that in my experience but granted, I'm basing this on my sister and the kids at her various autism programs and things so maybe I've just never met someone like this

People with IBS don't need special toilets to hold their shit. Public toilets are powerful enough. Unless Pheebs is trying to pretend only obeasts get IBS and she needs a bigger toilet. Sure it'd be nice to have a toilet at the ready for emergencies but everyone going to the bathroom at a concert is going cause it's an emergency. Are we going to stop a kid about to piss themselves cause Pheebs has some special IBS and might need to run for a colossal shit that's more important than anyone else's emergency? Though if she told people in line or asked nicely if she could go first due to not wanting to shit herself I'm sure anyone not in an emergency situation would let her.
Actually that goes for all the accessibility shit. Ask the venue ahead of time and most of her stupid requests would be filled with no issues. Actually disabled people know this. But nope, entitled Pheebs wants everything waiting for her on a silver platter in case she wants to show up. Bet she didn't care if that Lizzo concert was fully accessible, she'd make an exception cause she wanted to go and only cared that her wheelchair could get in and that she could force actually autistic Henry to go for free (Lizzo concerts have lots of flashing lights and are loud as hell from what I've seen, looks kind fun unless you're someone with sensory issues). No idea if Henry is so bad that he couldn't go to concerts but I doubt Pheebs ever bothered to find out about the poor boy. It's only ever about her

That's why there are products to make it easier for these people to wash their hair and why real disabled people can get caretakers or nurses to wash their hair once a week or so. Or grab a chair and sit in the shower while you wash like a normal fatty or actually disabled person. Take a bath, use your money to buy a hand held shower head (or crowdfund it), buy some water-free shampoo, etc. But no, the moment that's suggested you'll go back to the lie that the reason you don't wash is cause you're "depressed". You're not depressed, at worst you feel like shit because of a mix of your diet, the fact that you make yourself angry all the time (you hateful cunt), and the fact that you've locked yourself in your flat because you can't not eat like a pig and are determined to scam disability money.(derailing)

No. 845958

Can anyone (that she hasn't blocked yet) tell me whether she's commented on the whole Jessica Yaniv predator situation? Seems like something she'd have her opinions on kek

No. 845965

With the captions it's because she simply prefers them, finds them useful, and is pulling the autism excuse out of her ass. She doesn't even have an autism diagnosis and just WebMD'd that shit.

No. 845969


The thing with autism and captions is a preference, it nice to say have the option on youtube vids or tv. Noise can be overwhelming but then if noise is your main issue you don't go to events anyway. You can't make crowds be quiet and you can't demand the lights be turned down in public spaces etc. The world doesn't revolve around catering to sensory overload and that's ok

One of pheebs biggest struggles is her need to have control, imagine sitting at home on your sofa as a person with no social life giving out advice on how to run big gatherings of people.. the irony

No. 845972

You bring up another good point, subtitles are often fast and you need to switch back and forth between reading and paying attention to the action going on, a good example of the difficulty/speed are the captioning devices they offer at movie theaters. It’s definitely not easy to concentrate on two things at once.

No. 845975

Pretty sure that she never has the captions on when she posts photos of the tv

No. 845976

File: 1564498332614.png (774.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-155129.png)

So her solution is to ask people to work for free

No. 845980

That's a you problem. Most people have no issue with subtitles, even as children

No. 845981

she's always up for exploiting someone's labour.

No. 845984

Let’s bother people who presumably paid to be there and most likely don’t want to spend their time catering to a stranger!

No. 845985

I don’t have the issue personally, but Phoebe claims to have an issue with concentrating even as a hearing person so captions wouldn’t be very convenient for that

No. 845986

this is why a person trained in interpretive dance needs to be present at every event.

No. 845990

Does she not realize that these things also cost money? Or is she really suggesting event coordinators ask disabled people to work for free

No. 845996

Its as simple as getting a ground floor flat and there’s usually at least one of those in every apartment building. Unless she’s talking about walk in baths and shit. If she was truly in need of that she would get some sort of help. I wonder if she even tried to get a council place.

No. 846009

And she claims to be a communist. Further proof she doesn't know shit about anything she claims to be.

No. 846012


Love how she claims -she- couldn't afford the right flat.. it's henry working his arse off to pay the rent and all he really does is sleep there after his long shifts

No. 846014

If she actually CARED about disabled people she would do whatever it took to find an accessible flat, no matter the cost

>feeb logic

No. 846016


Complains about events not being accessible cos organisers can't afford it - lives full time in a flat that's not accessible cos she can't afford it

No irony there at all

No. 846027

File: 1564506952020.jpg (618.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-181527_Ins…)


No. 846029

File: 1564506983444.jpg (537.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-181427_Ins…)

This is what feebs does…

No. 846030

File: 1564507012499.jpg (510.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-181559_Ins…)


No. 846031

File: 1564507064974.jpg (612.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-181547_Ins…)

She's got a skill at making everything about her

No. 846032

Why does she contact Henry through Facebook messenger?

No. 846042

She feels absolutely no empathy for other people, she only uses them as tools to further draw attention to herself or prove some point. She's a heartless, vicious cunt.

No. 846048


Is she counting the 'butter knife to the neck' threat as a suicide attempt?

No. 846052


Young woman actually dies - pheebs talks about herself, and only herself throughout the post, nice

No. 846055

Why not? When I was with my partner we primarily used messenger to chat even though we had each other's numbers to text. Might just be easy if she uses it a lot/is used to using it with him.

No. 846056

Might be out of text allowance and is using wifi?

No. 846067

It's not weird, I live in a country where almost every young person I know uses it as their primary form of communication because it's free.

I like how he has an old picture of them together as his profile picture from when she wasn't so grossly obese yet, I too would be ashamed to show her off in her current state.

No. 846074

i’m deaf too (born profoundly deaf) and it’s irritating that feebs is talking about deaf/HoH people as if she knows what she’s talking about, and knows what we need. literally fuck off. i appreciate anyone who makes an effort to learn but it feels like feebs is speaking for us.

wah, stop gatekeeping this or that!
precisely. listen to your own advice and stfu, feebs.

there are deaf people who only communicate via sign language and/or cannot understand written english (BSL grammar is different). phoebe really knows fuck all.

No. 846075

harming yourself because you can’t get your own way conning the nhs and dwp doesn’t count phobos

No. 846078

i don’t think so. i wonder if she supports yaniv.

No. 846079

She actually has no idea what she’s talking about. The reason why you need a qualified interpreter is so that things don’t get lost in translation. There have been instances of towns hiring people who know just a few signs to “interpret” speeches and it ends up being an incoherent mess. No deaf or HoH person would suggest that.

No. 846099

File: 1564516534633.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 5542904C-80D3-4F13-B629-3C3AF8…)

Let it begin…

No. 846101

Why does she always need to make an excuse for how nasty she is? Those lard asses on My 600lb life will be pushing 800lbs, yet they still wash themselves everyday because they know they stink lmao. How does she have zero self-awareness

No. 846103

ahahahaha I can't believe she bought a chair that can't support her weight, as if this wouldn't be a problem off the bat. She won't take it as motivation to lose weight and keep using her non-powerchair in the meantime, she'll use it as an excuse to cry about how even inanimate objects are being fatphobic. She'll shove this chair into the closet with her other two unused chairs so no one else can use them, and set up another GoFundMe for a bariatric powerchair. I just didn't think we'd be getting the meltdown this quickly.

No. 846104

this fills my cold heart with joy. I love that her weight voids the warranty, if she didn't educate herself on something like that before making the purchase she deserves to be SOL.

No. 846112

It's so obvious why she doesn't bathe - yet spends time & money on her nails, hair, fast fashion, and accessories. She wants to feel pretty like we all do, but hates her body and can't stand to be naked with herself.

Her real issue is that she's in complete denial about the fact that her "eating disorder" was just her struggling with untreated binge eating disorder - that's why normal portions felt so restrictive, and why she struggles so much with body image and having an emotionally healthy relationship with food.

It's hilarious because Ms. Anti-ableism actually HAS a debilitating eating disorder! But she won't admit it, and would rather appropriate disability narratives that don't belong to her.

Phoebe Tickner is as much of an ableist fatphobic cunt as the rest of society.

No. 846116

Henry rushed from work to go get her chair and she's having a tantrum already. He's so lucky.
Did she not treat if she could set it up in the shop???
And the money she's spending, you'd think the sales people in the shop would have advised her on a weight limit.

I can't believe how quickly she's ranting about the chair.
Ungrateful beast.

No. 846118

She's so entitled that she'll be terrifying if she's on the road driving.

No. 846128

Yes yesssssss. Oh god yes

No. 846130


Had the same reaction. Could it be that karma is real? sweet sweet karma..

No. 846131

File: 1564519936056.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1782, Screenshot_20190730-215202.png)

No. 846132

it's a folding chair, she's talking about it being difficult to set into position. cannot imagine why you wouldn't check that first if you were disabled, surely they let you try the chairs out at their floor? for that much money, they better. what a waste of other people's money.

No. 846134

"People have sent me all that money for nothing" should be the next thread title.

No. 846141

I'm amazed at how quickly the milk came. I thought she'd at least use it for a week before finding something wrong. This is glorious.

Though poor Henry, being stuck in that flat with her while she's having a tantrum.

Surely she can take it back and get a new one???
Sage picked this one because she claimed she could use it. She's a fucking retard that she didn't even test it in the shop.

No. 846144

How could she not see this coming? Part of me wonders if she’s done this on purpose to return it, pocket the money and pretend she couldn’t get the money back. Surely no one is this idiotic. How did she think she’d be suddenly independent by buying a chair she’s has to lug up and down flights of stairs when she’s supposed to be disabled? Pity anyone who was duped into sending her a penny . She should be ashamed of herself.

No. 846150

File: 1564520982492.jpg (211.37 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190730_220852.jpg)

If she'd bothered to look at the reviews she'd have realised that she couldn't lift it down the stairs.

But what world does she live in where an electric wheelchair that can take her mammoth weight is also light enough to lift?

No. 846151

Wonder why she can’t just get a mobility scooter and park it in her flats hallway. Or like fucking move somewhere cheaper and get a ground floor flat.

No. 846152

I predict that she's going to fundraise to move

No. 846153

File: 1564521170662.jpg (730.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190730-221215_Ins…)

She's so predictable, she's in a mood so she attacks an actual disabled woman of colour

No. 846154

I know this is a bit late since these threads move so fast, but re: the subtitle discussion with ADHD or autism, since it's likely to come up again…

Both disorders have auditory processing issues, which means that it's really hard to distinguish important information from background information. With sound, that's usually important speech. A lot of times you'll see someone with autism or ADHD have TV turned up WAY loud, and that's because the person is trying to discern the important dialogue. Captions help a ton with that. It doesn't make things more overwhelming for autism because they let you turn the sound down and decrease pressure from extraneous information, and don't give an additional thing to concentrate on in the way you think it might, because it provides a filter that a lot of ADHD brains don't have.

Phoebe is a jackass but we all probably have friends and family we actually care about with those disorders, they're a big help for my autistic sister!

If Phoebe wants to worry about REQUIRING these things in public, she needs to just lobby for actual legislation like the ADA in America, instead of shitting on event organizers. But god forbid Phoebe engage in any actual political activism instead of screeching at individual organizers who have struggles of their own. Like it's a social issue, she's addressing it as an issue of social justice, so why is she not trying to address it on a social level? Oh right because she got a taste of feeling superior with internet veganism and can't get enough, so down the rabbit hole of screaming at strangers on the internet and accomplishing literally nothing, except maybe the acceleration of the swing of the pendulum against body positivity and social inclusion.

sage for bitter ranting and slight blogposting from someone with an actually disabled family member(nobody cares)

No. 846159

Over the weight limit? rofl good, you stupid cow. You chose to be an obese pig and now you reap what you sow.

No. 846169

You're exactly right, she's just doing it so she can feel superior.

Aaaaaaand here we go again. What is it with her and attacking Jameela whenever she's in the mood for some drama? I'm no fan of Jameela myself but damn, can't she breathe without Pheebs shitting on her lmao

No. 846170


People donate two and a half grand to her and she couldn't even get on a weighing scales to check it real quick

No. 846172


I'm sure the weight limit is 23 stone, a few anons commented that she was probably over that while she was crowd funding for it. Isn't she 5'11? The absolute size of her makes me think she's WELL over that. Absolutely incredible. What a fucking mong.

No. 846174

>I’m scared it’s going to trigger my eating disorder
Read: I’m scared it’s going to make me go on a shitty attempt at dieting for a few days during which time I eat 2500cals a day then give up and cry over how sick and in pain I was.
And she won’t even do that much, probably. Remember when she went crying to IG when she had to spend one day “starving” in preparation for a medical procedure (like every other person, yet everyone else just deals with it) and she had actually just eaten a huge bowl of ice cream that she felt didn’t count somehow? The only eating disorder she has ever had is BED.

No. 846176

Wouldn't want to be the store that sold her the chair, I can imagine her blasting them across social media now, probably won't tantrum at them in person though as she's a coward

No. 846178

File: 1564523380179.jpeg (441.75 KB, 722x1080, 5ED2F05A-21E6-4E7B-AEB6-D83CB3…)


No. 846179

>"you could hire me as a disabled advisor!"

t. "gib shekels pls"

No. 846181

phoebes specific complaints about the chair piss me off to no end because how in the ACTUAL. FUCK. were these not concerns when purchasing the chair ? checking the weigh limits of the chair ? the weight of the chair itself to lug it up the steps ? how the fuck did she not think to fucking check that before she took everyone’s fucking money my god i hate her so fuxking much she really is a waste of oxygen. maybe she’s actualy retarded after all because idk how she didn’t fuxking think of these things

No. 846192

File: 1564524243426.png (154.39 KB, 1080x1378, StitchIt_20193007110409_555.pn…)

No. 846194

It's also a big fuck you to all the SWJs who donate to this pig instead of places that provide food for children or other rescue services.

No. 846195

what an absolute slap in the face to everyone who gave her money

No. 846196

Better hide the butter knives, Henry.

No. 846197


Hmm feeling suicidal, I should prob draw attention to this online, oh and include all the necessary trigger warnings in my post first, very composed for someone having a fucking crisis!

No. 846198


Posts like this are why some people refuse to believe that depression is anything other than an attention thing

Is henry ok? I do hope his family check on him

No. 846200

she’s so fucking embarassing running to the internet for everhtnjng. “fuck man i wanna kills myself letme tell everyone” she doesn’t wanna kill herself she just wants attention. she’s so fucked in so many ways i honestly believe she needs to reside in a mental health ward for an extended period of time because she just has so many intense intense issues man. her life is so unfulfilling, id feel bad for anyone in her situation but not her lol she’s such a cunt she deserves everything bad that happens to her

No. 846201

Funny how she only gets suicidal during a tantrum or when somthing doesn’t go her way. This isn’t how suicidal ideation and thoughts work - real severe depression will hand you suicidal thoughts when you run out of milk, or even when things are ok in your life - not soley when you’ve fucked up and are feeling sorry for yourself, fucking amateur

No. 846204

Honestly I think that being sectioned would be good for her.

No. 846205

You should never post so specifically about wanting to overdose on social media, anyone that reads it can call police and send them to your house for a 'wellness check'. If her family don't know how serious she is it's putting them in a shitty situation of deciding whether to call for that check

No. 846207

Been up for an hour now and no one has said anything. She must be fuming.

No. 846209


Agreed, no filter in posting suicide talk and says she is only 'safe' because henry is there.. that is not fair on him. Her own parents should be there if she's that fucking bad, or go to the hospital

No. 846210


She should probably be grateful for that, a public post about feeling suicidal is enough for family to have her taken into hospital whether she wants it or not

No. 846215

So henry has a day at work, collects her chair for her on way home, she freaks out mins into having the chair and now he has her threatening an overdose.. a repeat of her threatening harm only a couple months ago.. and again it's his place to keep her safe as she puts it..

It is not ok for her to be putting that on his shoulders

No. 846222


She won't harm herself after all of these threats, the only harm happening here is henry getting his head fucked with. The guy is going to need therapy

No. 846228

What's this a picture of?

No. 846229

File: 1564526620839.gif (4.65 MB, 475x273, EllipticalForcefulKronosaurus-…)

Oh my God this milk is delicious. She's absolutely pt worthy, the milk just doesn't stop. She's a callous, selfish, childish bitch who deserves all of this. Anons were talking about how important it is to get a chair properly fitted by a professional, lo and behold

No. 846242


I wonder why she put her lil attention-seeking suicide threat on FB and not instagram?

No. 846246


Because Daddy ACAB won't see it on Insta and bring her money and cake

No. 846249

File: 1564529405416.png (220.36 KB, 1159x1724, IMG_2373.PNG)

tinfoil but does anyone think she planned it so this story takeover coincided with getting a chair she knew wouldn't work for more sympathy/pity points? also if saying um and losing one's train of thought is indicative of autism then about 3/4 of the world is autistic.

No. 846253

They have been together a few years.. She was a lot different when they got together.. not even a quarter as delusional as she is now. Henry apparently is actually autistic so that may be why he doesn’t put together how much of a insane person she is

No. 846255


It's not too rare for autistic people (more often women) to make it well into adulthood before getting diagnosed so her making out like captions are needed everywhere and needing to start a conversation with 'warning I'm autistic' is fucking bizarre. She's portraying a weirdly intense version of 'autism' lately. One that becomes your whole identity..

No. 846260


lol anon. There's absolutely no fucking way fatvag would be sectioned, she's not mentally ill she's just another fat self important attention seeker. We only get 3day holds when we're truly truly fucked up in the uk. Screaming 'I'm a thicc boi, don't u dare misgendering me u abelist pig cunt" will get u nowhere.. Our mental health service is beyond capacity atm due to all the phoebs in this world. The time we worry is when we're bundled into the back of a police car and blue lighted to the nearest secure facility. Phatphoeb is perfectly safe despite her pretentions. Her family/friends are well versed in this by now. I truly love her for all the best reasons. Fatvag is pt pt2.

No. 846271


I can't help thinking she wouldn't look so repulsive if she wasn't positioning herself as an authority on access when she's changed literally (basically?) nothing, and all she does is whine. Also the lies about being disabled from a young age, yikes Phoebe it's not like people viewing this story on Wednesday's account won't know you and won't know you're bullshitting like mad.

No. 846272


She's basically reciting her own hilarious accessibility document. But again, if a D/deaf person requests it, they will get a sign interpreter. If someone needs audio description, it can usually be provided. The thing is you can't just have these people - who need money to live - on standby, they have to be requested ahead of time.

No. 846274


can you imagine hiring her as a disabled advisor? You'd have to pay to get her down to wherever your event is and she'd give you a bollocking for not having a "safe space" area.

No. 846278


kek, let's hire agony autie to "stim dance" interpret everything!

No. 846342

agreed. what phoebe needs is a reality check. her parents need to stop enabling her, ffs.

No. 846348

File: 1564541864220.png (113.74 KB, 640x1136, 65CC812D-0EC5-4EE6-ADF4-8A35FD…)

yep, 5 hours ago and still nothing. her posts are pretty devoid of any interaction actually.

there’s a post from sunday with 3 videos, not really milky but i’ll upload some caps. 1/?

No. 846350

File: 1564541988081.png (847.36 KB, 640x1136, 67DDB4E5-56D6-403E-B08E-C73C41…)


No. 846351

File: 1564542147516.gif (1.7 MB, 235x156, F6B59782-6BCF-4972-8477-11A154…)

the clips are pretty boring. don’t know why she uploaded them. i’ve made a gif from the first clip though, because… what’s that feebs, you were in pain and disabled since birth? 3/3

No. 846364

Reminder that feebs has never once been diagnosed with autism by any dr or professional

No. 846377

For someone so skint she sure seems to think money grows on trees. She can't fathom things being too expensive because she's never had to work and save money to live. She has no concept of money because it just rolls in when she asks for it. From daddy, from Henry, from her supporters. Of course she expects the government to give her money, too. She's a top tier grifter.

You can't afford to roll out the red wheelchair ramp with oversized maximum capacity shitters and fart interpreters for me? How dare you! Money is easy to get!

No. 846380

>"It literally takes me a day or two to do it!"

Does she not realize people with kinky and extremely curly hair ALSO have to dedicate a day or two to wash (and braid or wrap) their hair, every time they wash their hair?
You're not speshal~ for saying that Pheebz lol
She just keeps reaching for those sympathy points any small way she can.

No. 846386

File: 1564549272615.png (953.02 KB, 929x599, Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 05.5…)

I'm working nights at the moment so did a look back at the last year or so of Phoebe's Instagram.

She looked like this just 60 weeks ago.

No. 846405

So if this bitch has been disabled “since a small child” why doesn’t she have a better excuse for MUH PAINS. I still can’t believe her ass got a wheelchair that is too low a weight limit. She’s a fool

No. 846421

File: 1564556171418.jpg (540.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-075344_Ins…)

She's not suicidal, she's literally fine

No. 846423

File: 1564556306849.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, E6032EF4-2DE1-47E2-A0D0-0B2A97…)

Wine bottle in the bin, next to her expensive huel.


No. 846426

I hope that bitch recycles

No. 846427


Is she really over 150kg at this point?

No. 846434


Nobody knows how heavy she is anon, but she's 5'11" and we've all seen the pictures of her lately e.g. >>845447 >>843103 >>843083 >>842779

Judging from her build, her clothing size (UK 26-28 if I remember correctly) and her height, she's extremely likely to be over 20 stone, if not edging towards 25 stone.

No. 846441

Her new chair holds 23 stone, which is 146kg. If she's afraid she's too fat she must be inching towards 150kg.

Wonder when she's gonna reach 200kg… with her crazy weightgain, I'm gonna give her six months top.

No. 846442


Especially since she equates any kind of weight loss with being anorexic.

No. 846446

anon! that’s ableist! she’s in too much pain to recycle lel

No. 846448

File: 1564564394654.jpeg (32.71 KB, 640x1138, 81A9478E-DDAF-4BA3-8F0D-055C20…)

oh what now

No. 846449

File: 1564564621478.jpeg (85.81 KB, 640x1138, A7E57BC6-7F70-49DB-8DFF-E5FD11…)

no phoebe you don’t need it

No. 846452

File: 1564565067399.jpg (166.87 KB, 768x1280, 2019_07_31_10.23.10.jpg)

I use lbs instead of kg so looked it up and holy fucking shit. Really puts her size into perspective

No. 846454

Wasn’t she an advocate for intuitive eating? She has mentioned it on YouTube and I believe Instagram. Now suddenly it’s only for privileged people and it’s ableist. Ok

No. 846456

File: 1564567071771.jpg (162.25 KB, 887x946, Screenshot_20190731-105626_Gal…)

I can't see what she's sharing because I presume it's a post she'd originally set to friends only, but I love how her Mum can comment on this telling her to get her arse in gear but completely ignored her suicide threats. Her Mum is great lmao.

No. 846457


After last night's suicide baiting I'm assuming it's mental health related. They obviously don't think she's in any danger or she'd have been seen by now.

No. 846458

I remember that too, because she seemed pretty convinced intuitive eating means eating literally whatever you want, whenever you want with no concerns for the consequences. Maybe she realized that's completely inaccurate and changed her tune.

No. 846459


I think it's likely she's just read a take on Intuitive Eating from someone more popular than herself and is parroting it because she can appear humble by pointing out her own privileges.

No. 846460

Oh yeah, that definitely makes more sense than gaining any self awareness.

No. 846461


It's Phoebe we're talking about. Until she stops public callouts, and realises she's ate herself into being too fat for the chair she needs for being too fat, I'm taking any hint of self-awareness with a huge grain of salt.

No. 846462

And her hair isn't even curly. It's wavy lmaooo

No. 846463

So PoorTM

No. 846474

File: 1564573187453.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2208, 961E143A-E2D8-4583-9FC8-5ACE46…)

telling people what sort of extra effects if they ask is totally fine but a “cool down space”? just don’t go to the fucking event if you can’t handle it or leave ffs

No. 846475


Of course people ignore the stuff in her ridiculous accessibility document, it's not Equality Act stuff it's the guide to putting on Phoebefest 2019.

No. 846476


samefag but I can't wait for her to attempt to host an event and break about 100 of her own stupid guidelines

No. 846481

> goes to a concert
> "people need to describe if there will be loud noises!"

i'm gonna have a fucking aneurysm

No. 846483


"I'm trapped with flashes and loud noises"

> whines about not going to see a gig where there will be flashing lights and loud noise

No. 846487

maybe you could stop eating 5 portions of food at a time and lose some weight you know?
she's choosing this lifestyle willingly and it's hard to believe people actually funded that chair for nothing
She didn't go to a doctor first to get a chair rec because she knows all of them will tell her to get thinner instead. (I know I would -medfag here-)

No. 846492


Of course they would. Anything she goes to the doc about from low energy to joint pain to digestive issues they'll take one look at her and assume (probably correctly) that it's due to her size.

No. 846495

File: 1564576294830.jpg (153.2 KB, 536x848, Xz9ZWBS.jpg)

>be the first to like this


No. 846504

File: 1564577559163.jpg (500.13 KB, 1079x1591, Screenshot_20190731-135016_Fac…)

Which anon predicted her ebegging for a move? Kek

No. 846505

File: 1564577596748.jpeg (82.12 KB, 640x1138, B9A810F1-B6FE-42E2-931E-BF64A3…)

oh please don’t, we don’t need you for an ally

also why bother learning? she never leaves her flat

No. 846506

new thread pic

No. 846507

>>846505 same anon but i just realised maybe we should demand payments if she wants us to educate her, kek

No. 846509

If she has Fibromyalgia or whatever, why then can't she do normal tasks? Having sensitives doesn't mean she can't push a chair. Her back won't give out lol from doing that and if it IS weak, then she should try to strengthen it with exercises.

No. 846512

She is cut off/in a weird angle in literally all of his profile pictures when they're pictured together. I really think he is ashamed of her

No. 846515


Autist anon here, have never and will never go to a gig cause that's what gigs are.. crowds and noise. Imagine going somewhere noisy and demanding they provide a quiet room cos noise ain't your thing.. just don't go!

No. 846516

looked it up and it just means that some people are too poor to intuitively eat.
>this is considered a deep and smart statement

No. 846518

I fully expected to see that after lastnights suicide threats she'd be totally fine today.. I'm still disgusted though

No. 846519


First pic I've seen of her where she's not bright red

No. 846527

File: 1564581440861.jpeg (86.5 KB, 640x1138, 0418B7C2-020D-406C-BBF8-450B31…)

oh no. i’m gonna call it - phoebe is going to pretend she has PoTS just like jessica. btw jessica is pretty cool, is genuinely ill and disabled. it’s going to suck if she becomes another person i know to be mutuals with pheebs the scammer

No. 846529

Is this also suggesting they own an alfa romeo? I know it might be used or old but still, that really shows off how you’re soooo poor feebs

No. 846534

and funny how jessica is actually gay, married and in a healthy relationship, while not being a screaming hambeast throwing tantrums and butterknives around.

No. 846554

File: 1564585076743.png (871.89 KB, 1038x912, Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-31 um 1…)

Laverne Cox blamed black women for violence against black trannies:

"And I think too, all the violence that’s happening against trans women, Black cis women need to be having conversations with Black cis men about their attraction to us without shaming cis Black men."

There was a pretty big outcry over this on forums for black ppl, but since it's Misogyny, it doesn't matter to the fat shitface.

Perfect example of a trans activists, not a feminist.

No. 846564


They own an Alfa Romeo and a Porsche. It's hard being poor.

No. 846574

How long until Peeb starts "identifying" as deaf/hoh and gay??

No. 846584

That’s honestly a bit of a stretch. Henry’s cars are both considered pretty much classic and his Alfa would be perhaps 5k at most in mint conditio. He almost certainly paid the lower end for it. Second hand. He has a full time job that pays decently well. It’s not unlikely he could have got finance on a better model either. It’s probably a bit much for phoebe to act they are in poverty but I’d imagine for the two of them living in a pricey area Henry’s wage will be very stretched. She needs to get a fucking job even part time and they’d probably be comfortable.

No. 846595

Why do they have two cars if only one of them can drive?

No. 846601

Henry is into classic cars. It's his hobby.

No. 846602

phoebe should add her past intuitive eating views to her accountability page lol

ntayrt but maybe it's just a hobby of henry's. he works hard enough for it he deserves to put his money into something he likes instead of funneling to phoebe

No. 846611

That makes sense. Glad it's not Phoebe's, not sure that driver license is ever happening so it'd be wasted money

No. 846612

File: 1564591718091.jpg (113.12 KB, 786x1093, phoebeyama.jpg)

to know that she's eaten herself to the size of some sumo wrestlers at 150kg - I would almost feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a insufferable bitch.

No. 846614

Henry pays all of their current £500 a month rent. Phoebe spends £100+ a week on shit she doesn't need. If she cut that out they could easily afford somewhere else.

No. 846617

Is she just gonna act like the whole "my new crowdfunded chair sucks i'm gonna kill myself now!!!"-episode didn't happen???? She's just reposting garbage on her stories as usual.

No. 846627


Yes Pheebs can always be forgiven for her actions cos at the end of the day she's a victim and that makes everything excusable

No. 846642

why is this bitch posting this shit to facebook. this really grinds my gears she’s such an attention seeking whore

No. 846645


I'm starting to think that her mom is a big enabling idiot too based on her replies to pheebs on fb, and why have their conversations over public facebook posts. Could her mother not call her to ask about the chair??

No. 846649

she looks like drew carey

No. 846657

She didn't get the attention she wanted so she either has to double down and embarrass herself further or pretend like it never happened and maintain her image of tireless warrior for justice.

No. 846658

Lends to the theory that her colouring is due to high blood pressure rather than rosacea as some anons have suggested.

No. 846659

I expected her to be larger than this, to be honest. She's so tall and so large, I was fully expecting around 400lbs.

No. 846662

Pheebs might not be answering the phone to her. Of course her mum could also be a bit nuts but I don't see her as enabling, maybe just likes a bit of drama or thinks publicly posting will get Pheebs attention.

No. 846664

i will fucking rage if she pretends to be deaf. i hope she wouldn’t be that vile but who knows

No. 846666

Unless she fakes an accident or a new illness I don't know how she would expect to be believed that she's suddenly deaf.

No. 846668

Maybe she'll lose her hearing at one of those incredible disabled inclusive loud and crowded yet autist friendly events where people work for free to soothe her bleeding anus on extra large toilets lmao

No. 846675

File: 1564601029124.jpg (601.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-202339_Ins…)

No. 846682

File: 1564601826808.jpg (756.15 KB, 1080x1920, 20190731_203719.jpg)

No. 846684

That's a cute shirt, not gonna lie

No. 846688


And by "part time job" I'm guessing you're not talking about "selling terrible shite on Etsy".

No. 846690


I am totally convinced that she's going to start claiming to be too disabled to drive because that gets more oppression points than being too poor for the test.

No. 846691


those chubbyass hands tho

No. 846697

What in the world is her hand touching? It looks like a gigantic ass

Like seriously wtf is going on? Is this Henry's ass or did Phoebes legs melt together?

No. 846698

Those are her thighs, clock the tattoo

No. 846699

It's ONE thigh

No. 846701

Holy shit her finger may actually fall off and die one day from that ring.

No. 846702

File: 1564605435696.jpg (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-213655_Ins…)

No. 846707


Weight nothing, her sheer physical size is way too much for that chair. It has tiny wheels because it's foldable, so those two elements combined mean it's gonna topple going over a low curb at some point.

No. 846708

nta but, the OP anon who is related to Henry said that he's autistic and cars/old cars are his special interest, and he loves doing his work because it's car related. so Phoebe is really taking advantage of this dude, If she got a job even from home, he could probably afford to fix up his cars which I'm sure he's dying to do. bitch is keeping him from his life

No. 846713

she blatantly traced it anon, just like she does with all her art that looks minorly ok. and even though she did trace it, the background looks awful

i give it 3 months until the chair breaks under her weight

No. 846718

File: 1564607427431.jpg (649.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-221001_Ins…)

Incoming milk

No. 846720

File: 1564607458707.jpg (875.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-221012_Ins…)

No. 846721

File: 1564607509247.jpg (871.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-221019_Ins…)

Her wheelchairs wheels are too small and can't cope with kerbs

No. 846722

>I'm so sick of being disabled
Obesity is one of the few problems you can literally run from, you stupid cow.

No. 846723

File: 1564607552872.jpg (715.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-221025_Ins…)

Countdown until her house gofundme

No. 846724

File: 1564607589723.jpg (624.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-221038_Ins…)

No. 846725

then W A L K. you absolute fucking knobhead.

No. 846726

It's rage inducing to see her known about a kerb when she can literally walk fine. Get out the wheelchair and pull out over the kerb you fat fuck.

What's annoying is that her house gofundme will probably be successful. Why the fuck don't people see through her

No. 846727

I have a ground floor flat and it still has steps. She'll struggle to find UK properties without them

No. 846729

Oh. My. Fucking. God.
She's so insufferable, where's a fucking cliff when you need one.

I'm now with the anons who want her to move to /pt/. She's giving sustainably milk, please admins, let her become an actual horrorcow.

No. 846730

the face of someone who is about to guilt you out of your money.

No. 846731

perhaps if you got a real job you'd have a bigger budget to find a better flat.

also, legitimate question, is there a reason she can't sit in the shower to bathe? find a cheap chair or stool to squat on? surely that's feasible for her and perhaps even easier than lowering herself all the way into/getting out of a bath?

No. 846732

>where's a fucking cliff when you need one
no need for a cliff when there are ~terrifying kerbs~ all around

No. 846733

There's no reason whatsoever that she couldn't do this. I have an incredibly small shower but if i needed I could place a plastic chair in there and manage to bathe just fine.

She doesn't have real problems. Real problems have real solutions, and she doesn't want solutions. She wants something to cry about and be oppressed by.

No. 846734

File: 1564609117267.jpg (Spoiler Image, 554.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190731-162930_Ins…)

I just started reading about this cow and it is insane how much she has ballooned up. I was looking at her Instagram and she used to post pictures where she had a chin, did her makeup, and it was more obvious that she took care of her personal hygiene based on the appearance of her hair.

What a wild ride.

No. 846735

>doesn't want solutions
all solutions are ableist, anon.

No. 846737

Its spelled CURB you dunce. And of course they wobble and struggle with tiny curbs, you are A PLANET

No. 846740

File: 1564609571629.jpg (157.73 KB, 1080x636, Screenshot_20190731-224513_Sam…)

UK spelling

No. 846741

File: 1564609773609.jpg (559.42 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190731-224713_Ins…)

She's saying any movement "burns" or "hurts her back" but march 2018 was dancing around in her flat? Wheres muh pain then pheebs?

No. 846748

File: 1564610063436.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2280, 67965823_667684427039138_80551…)

"Stunning photos"

No. 846752

>"living for the armpit hair"

It pains me how many people actually encourage and commend her for her horrible hygiene and lack of self grooming.

No. 846755

Males can have armpit hair and not be unhygienic though hmmmm

Either way, since all she does is marinate in her own filth in a bathtub, it's probably infested with some crazy shit

No. 846756

It's more the fact that I know she probably doesn't actually wash her underarms and wear deodorant.

No. 846757

File: 1564612150279.jpeg (165.66 KB, 750x1088, AA9EDF14-E6E0-49F3-8A29-0E48AF…)

You were in Glasgow a few months ago with no chair, you can walk you lazy turd. Like most of us I went back in her insta to see her out and about, seemingly having a laugh - what snapped to make her totally give up on herself in lieu of making being disabled an identity? Henry must be silently gutted at what she’s become. I just rewatched footage of her in a shopping centre in her previous chair barking ‘excuse me!!’ ‘You nearly bumped into me!!’ Like a crotchety old lady.

No. 846758


every other actually wheelchair bound person would just look out for proper kerbs in the first place or continue wheeling along until they can get onto the pavement again…

Not Phogon though

> wait Henry stop I gotta take a picture of this fucking kerb while literally standing on the fucking road shakes hamfist at clouds

No. 846761

File: 1564613212509.png (4.46 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2392.PNG)

on what planet is the constant whining, crowdfunding and demands considered you having a hard time asking for help. in fact, it seems to be the only thing she doesn't have a hard time with. I guess it's not "asking for help" if she believes she's entitled to these things.

No. 846766

How is a ground floor more expensive than her
apartment complex on the side of the fucking ocean? It's as if poor neighborhoods full of shitty houses don't exist to her.

No. 846767


Get out of here Phoebe.(hi cow)

No. 846769


Oh Feebles.

When you look for a suitable wheelchair you have to take into account your surroundings as well as the listed kerb height limit every wheelchair has - these are available in the specs for any powerchair.. Again, it's poor planning on her part. She didn't seem to try it out first.

No. 846771

not a single soul who contributed has said something to her about crowdfunding before finding the right chair. how is this possible?

No. 846772

I’m the first anon who brought up the Alfa and I totally agree with you! Not a huge deal because he’s into classic cars— I get it, my brother is a car freak and trying to buy a modern muscle car and a classic el Camino in the near future, so I totally understand having more than one car and how some people are just really into it! However, I think phoebe is real fucking dumb for showing off that they have two cars that are luxury brands while also saying every other sentence that she is LIVING IN POVERTY SHES SO POOR. Like, she’s not even good at pretending to be poor, which isn’t news, but this is the first time I’ve read about Henry’s cars.(no1curr abour ur brother)

No. 846773

I've looked at one bedroom ground floor flats (with baths) to rent near where she lives and they're only around £650.
If only she saved £150 a month from selling her badges instead of pissing it all on nail polish and socks with dicks on

No. 846776

How long until Feeb @ Jessica for being “problemuhtic”? She’s everything Feeb hates: thin, white, attractive, successful, actually disabled, actually licked pussy

No. 846778


It's hard to believe that this photo was taken practically a year after this one


No. 846779

>I don’t always (read: ever) support women, but when I do, it’s actually a misogynistic man

No. 846780


Fuck me anon, Ilu. I legit snorted.

No. 846781

i'm so weirdly protective over Jessica knowing this hamplanet raging bitch has her sights set on her now. i hope Jessica ignores her or at the very least keeps her interactions with Feebs limited, Eugenia-Cooney-dealing-with-Onision-style.

if Phoebe ever comes for Jessica i hope both Jessica and her wife tear her a new one.

No. 846782


She's ridiculous. She could literally make so much of her situation better by losing weight.

No. 846783

Honestly, that’s fine. Jessica and her wife are perfect sweethearts in the public eyes. It’s hard to not like them!(I’m thirsty af anon) I hope this fat bitch mouth off some shit to them and get fucking canceled.

No. 846795

File: 1564619012277.png (6.65 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2395.PNG)

ooh I wonder what the new Henry-assisted, non-sjw, special interest business venture will be! last time she logged off we got a new gaming etsy that lasted all of a week.

No. 846797

yes like she picked a pretty one online then got henry to pick it up - what about fitting, trying it out, talking abut what it'll be used for… no. just picked a pretty one.

No. 846799


I don't get it though, I'm sure she posted pictures of them driving to a showroom or mobility aid dealership to look at it in person! They do let you try them out before you buy too (even come to your home if you can't get to them). Unless she was only pretending to be trying it out in person first.

No. 846801

File: 1564619208279.png (150.26 KB, 1080x1138, Screenshot_20190801-012603.png)

No. 846803

> I need to focus on me for a little while
Lol, as if she ever does anything else. Feebs for /pt/

No. 846804

they're an australian brand, shipping is gonna be expensive to the uk, feebs

No. 846806

is she going to smoke all the weed until she gets raging hangry and start swallowing butter knives? get out of there, henry!

No. 846807


So she's spending Henry's money on wine and weed instead of spending time with him to make herself feel better. He must feel more like a flatmate/chauffeur than a boyfriend at this point.

No. 846829

File: 1564622283149.png (100.66 KB, 517x568, pheebs7.png)

the replies on this are so ridiculous. the entire sjw community is just people trying to prove that they're the MOST miserable.

also, nobody would know about your unhealthy coping mechanisms if you didn't broadcast them to the entire world, phoebe. you don't actually have to tell everyone you meet about your bad habits.

No. 846830


She almost sounds self-aware except she's not talking about her impending T2 and obstructive sleep apnoea from being so obese.

No. 846832

yeah it's funny that she thinks alcohol and weed will kill her when obesity is far more deadly from a statistical standpoint. I figured she was in denial about any of that being bad for her since she thinks weighing 300 lbs is perfectly healthy

No. 846837


Have the occasional spliff and a glass of wine and it won't hurt you.

Constantly overeat to the point where you gain 44 kilos in 3 years? THAT will hurt you.

No. 846880

File: 1564626326873.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190731-222443.png)

What happened to this car? How'd she even get it?

No. 846907

>I have stalkers I feel unsafe in my own home!!
>posts license plate

No. 846939

> omg guize look at me new car uwu

No. 846947

Are cars like Fiats not as expensive in Europe. That would be an expensive car for someone so "skint" here in the USA.

No. 846951

They're not outrageously expensive but they're not friendly for the budget she states. A used version of this from the same year is approx £6k-7.5k depending on mileage and condition. From the date, I would assume she got that new from a dealership.

At the moment, RRP on a new Fiat 500 is £12k. Finance plans bring it to around £200/month. It's not unreasonable to assume she (or more likely Henry) signed a credit arrangement for this.

Someone who is destitute has no business buying a new car. Quality used cars are available for a fraction of the price. Shit, even a Fiat 500 from an earlier year would have made more sense.

>so impoverished

No. 846954

samefag, sorry, but it's worth noting that it's fucking stupid to buy a brand new car the size of a postage stamp if you're a wheelchair user. Where would she store her totally necessary wheelchair in a Fiat 500? They're hardly roomy. Not a practical choice.

Non-point anyway since she never leaves the house unless she has a yearning to complain about access issues that don't even remotely affect her outside of her dress-up-and-make-believe sessions.

No. 846964

No. 846968

Which is why I looked up car info particularly pertaining to 2017. Even if the milk is aged, she's still a fucking muppet.

No. 846975

File: 1564632722386.jpg (113.75 KB, 994x639, ptcr.jpg)

final car sperg/tinfoil from me and I'll shut the fuck up: her road tax was due around the time that discussion of the chair fundraiser happened.

No. 846984

it’s her leg bent at the knee where her foot/ankle is tucked under the other leg. like a half crossed legs. the crease is from her thigh pressed against her leg/shin. it just looks like a blob because of all that fat. no bone structure lel

No. 846986

face like a smacked arse, kek. ungrateful cunt, her supporters paid for that chair

No. 846987

she bought he chair so it's moot

No. 846988

do you think she used some of the money to pay her road tax?

No. 846993

surely she'd make henry pay things like that

No. 846998

She doesn't own the car anymore so I don't think she'd have to pay road tax for it.

No. 847012

I'm pretty sure I saw her and Henry in the Fiat in an IG story a week or two ago?

No. 847020

Everyone I know who is wheelchair bound has a sit-down shower. Getting into and out of a regular bathtub, especially without assistance, is impossible for them. If she were actually disabled she’d want to move to an apartment with a large shower with room for a chair and several grab bars. Can’t use LUSH bath bombs in the shower, though!

No. 847025

This is the stupidest dialog I've read in a while.

Remember that Bojack scene in which he says "I weight like 400kg. I have to drink a lot to get drunk". I wonder how many bottles of wine Phoebe needs to stop her from reaching for a butterknife, lmao

No. 847030

actual addiction can become a fate worse than death, but ofc feebs has no idea about that. she says "alcohol and drugs" as if she's a multi drug addict but it wouldn't sound as serious if she said "a glass of wine and a spliff"

No. 847034

Let's just hope that she doesn't take pills and get all rapey again.

No. 847038

Do we know if Henry smokes too? Does Feebs send him out to buy her drugs as well as everything else he does for her?

No. 847068


LOL you know damn well she wouldn’t be the one hitting up the plug. Or we would hear bitching about “dealers aren’t accessible!!! HE HAS STAIRS. They should cater to ME IM DISABLED.”

Or tales of her venturing out. She’s almost always inside lol

No. 847069

Sorry for no sage. Oop

No. 847097


are we sure the Fiat isn't their only car, as a couple, and she's just saying MY car because she's selfish?

No. 847100

It's not, Henry has several cars because it's his autistic obsession. They probably sold that Fiat at some point

No. 847106


I know about the classic cars he's working on, I meant as their usable everyday car.

No. 847107

File: 1564669996444.gif (618.09 KB, 500x205, giphy-2.gif)

Maybe it's my monstrously unsympathetic instinct, but the way this is spoken about sounds almost like they're baiting people to send them actual 'go kill yourself then' messages. I mean, seriously, what else would you say to a message like, 'quit complaining and be grateful I'm not going to kill myself because it'll be your fault if you call me out on any of my bad behaviour'? Imagine having to put up with people so unapologetically burdensome and horrible. Why are they not utterly ashamed, and why does the rest of society put up with this?

No. 847109

Surprised she hasn't claimed PCOS, it seems right up her alley as a disease which affects mental health and she can pretend like she's an ana butterfly who eats 500kcal a day on the inside, but her mean disease makes her put on weight no matter what she does, poor thing.

No. 847112

File: 1564670390409.jpg (138.15 KB, 1280x1048, sucker-born-every-minute.jpg)

Eh, think of it as a lesson they'll learn from watching Phoebe's utter ungratefulness to be more careful next time to look into what they're giving their money to. These are the same kinds of people who give money to drug-addled panhandlers and think they're doing something good. I don't feel too bad for them.

No. 847113

Just went back a few threads to find this post which I was sure I remembered


> trying out some chairs

So she did try some wheelchairs to decide on the exact one she wanted (this is the company she got it from), and is still bitching that it's not good enough because it can't go over kerbs. Did she even try out the one she decided on?

No. 847114

File: 1564670748454.gif (699.54 KB, 498x266, tenor.gif)

She's so pretentious lmao. First she's an oppressed sowlt-o'-the-earf working-class Jesus, then an angel advocate, now she's a hard-partying whiskey-downing heroin queen.

No. 847117

how infuriating
she just loves to complain, being a young woman, she could easily lose the weight needed to be able to walk through those freaking kerbs that wobble her stupid chair (which already looks too small for her current whale status)

No. 847161

the real reason she prob won’t just get out of the chair to pull it up the curb is bc then ppl will be like “why tf is that bitch ina. wheelchair if she can walk” and pheebz knows it. she’s so deep in her narcissism or whatever mental illness she has that she would actually rather ruin her own life, or more specifically for example ruin her own day and claim that she can’t get over the curb simply for pity points and would rather wield her fat ass home then actually just get up out of the chair move it and continue want to have a good day. I know people like her in real life, not as bad, but people just like her who literally live their lives as performances. She would rather say she can’t get over the curb and intentionally make herself have a bad day and just go home just so that She can say that that’s what happened instead of actually going out and having a nice time

No. 847170

File: 1564681810825.png (94.78 KB, 1175x619, Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 18.4…)

Clearance height is apparently 3 inches, so maybe she's just too fat for it to manage kek

No. 847198

She’s being oppressed by her power chair!!!

No. 847208


It's just simple physics. The heavier the user, the slower it'll go, the faster the battery will run down, and the harder it will be to go over obstacles.

No. 847239

File: 1564688411269.png (771.29 KB, 750x1334, 39B8A989-92DE-4634-8053-055648…)

Well she’s not getting a free pass from everyone - saw this story from another disabled theythem SJW

No. 847240

kek i’m not keen on that person but it’s true

No. 847248

oh boy can't wait for Beefy to see this and victimize herself and try to cancel the other person

No. 847253

File: 1564689498588.gif (924.97 KB, 498x286, tearthebitchapart.gif)

YES let her have it, the fat cunt has no excuse

No. 847280


Would love to see more of these they/them weirdos (esp those with followings) give her a taste of her own medicine by making stories about her blasting her behaviour

She does it to people all the time

No. 847295

I predict she has gone dark because she is being messaged about her insanely ungrateful disgusting attitude and seeing posts like that one, so she is just going to disappear and hatch a new plan.

No. 847308

Her huge thighs and ass are already spilling over the sides

>getting in and out of a bath is less effort than walking into a shower cubicle
I call bullshit

No. 847310

Ikr, it would be impossible for someone as supposedly disabled as her to get into a bathtub. Hell, just look at the My 600lbs Life ~infinifats~, they all take showers. Having a sturdy enough seat in the shower is what actual disabled people use.

No. 847313

God, yes. I'm sure it's gonna happen soon since these freaks always fight each other, and call out each other, over the dumbest things. Her being an ungrateful, entitled, hateful, whiny, spoiled, lying, conniving cunt should do it. I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. She really needs to get confronted by someone who's even more psycho than she is.

No. 847327

No, they have their children and loved ones wipe them down with putrid wet rags. At least Feebs won’t have to worry about it since she only bathes once the seasons change.

No. 847350

It must be depressing to be in your 20s and move in with your first girlfriend and she turned into a decrepit grandma with ass pimples

No. 847417


I think the ass pimples were already there going by her smaller size in the PornHub vids. But she's gained so much in just a year that Henry is probably worried about her (actual not made up) health, but must be scared to say anything in case she accuses him of fatshaming her.

No. 847425

File: 1564715179291.jpeg (90.05 KB, 309x630, 2C684E33-9265-4B68-8BED-043A60…)

muh pains (old milk but was only back in may)

No. 847480

Absurd that she posts photos like these ONLINE. The bravery and lack of shame, but then proceeds to complain about a 3cm curb.

No. 847494


No. 847540


She's visibly ballooned since this was taken..two months ago. Imagine the size she'll be by the end of the year

No. 847581

this is a case for Dr. Now

No. 847619

Two months?! Jesus. That's got to be an extra poundva day or more.

No. 847658

She's also 5'11 so she weighs a lot more than you'd think

No. 847674

Well over 400 before Christmas

No. 847766

File: 1564785616256.jpeg (778.07 KB, 2048x2048, 6987F274-E78D-40C4-9B93-0E1952…)

Under a year apart

No. 847814


Damn, she used to have a chin!

No. 847858

File: 1564803354645.jpeg (61.79 KB, 640x1138, F24E3884-8E80-49F5-8D26-6CE08B…)

ah yes, phoebe the working class queen. does she think wanting to live in council housing makes her a chav? stay in your lane, pheebs. don’t you have pocket money to collect from your copper dad?

No. 847860

And at least some semblance of a fashion sense.

No. 847871

i cannot believe what she looks liek now compares to even just that first picture she just looks normal she’s big but she’s not like dangerous huge and crazy like she is now. like why are u letting urself go like that i don’t understand what goes on in her mind(learn 2 integrate)

No. 847873

That's rich considering her size or her sense of fashion would have gotten her beaten up or worse in the wrong neighbourhood when chav culture was at its peak.

No. 847918


Yeah being non-binary, queer and this fat will get you all sorts of shit from chavs.. any english documentary I've ever seen about trans or gay youth has heavily mentioned the fear of walking past gangs of chavs and being threatened or assaulted by them. Chavs will never be 'woke'

No. 847937

Its great knowing that she justifies her use of the misogynistic slur "cunt" as her being working class. Would she let other working class people get away with a gay, or goodness forbid a trans slur?

No. 847947

She's probably not old enough to really remember the Sophie Lancaster case on the news, and that was just for being a goth.

No. 847949

File: 1564836515819.png (777.58 KB, 1080x1807, Screenshot_20190803-134802.png)

Lying to customers again

No. 847971


You can't make up for shitty service/long wait times by offering a discount code off someones NEXT order.. that's not how that works pheebs

No. 847972

why the hell can't she just wait to mark them as sent? her customers should report her for this shit, she does it so often. and of course her reparation is "buy more cheap crap from me and i'll give you a discount xxx"

No. 847973

File: 1564841309325.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, 9CF40E4D-B45F-46CB-B1A6-61C9DB…)

Going off on some bopo ad. What’s new.

No. 847974

File: 1564841342230.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 750x1334, 53284AD5-1FEF-4101-80FD-DFE5A9…)

No. 847976

File: 1564841505158.png (Spoiler Image, 924.99 KB, 750x1334, 16A2F1AC-DC5D-433C-87AA-C37239…)

No. 847977

Why does Pheebs have zero self respect? This isn't even confidence, it's something else.

No. 847981

she's completely obsessed with herself. all she thinks about is herself and ultimately all she posts about is herself. she's like her own obese muse. i'm pretty sure that the majority of her drawings of bodies are just pics of herself that she's traced and coloured in differently.

No. 847982


Those three posts in a row all read as 'me me me ME me' she sure does love to talk about every detail about herself all day long, it's not raising awareness of anything, it's pure self obsession

No. 847985

Etsy have a go at you if you have too many orders overdue.

No. 847989

You look like actual shit and pretend you can’t walk and would be hell to have on set. You’re unprofessional and probably smell pretty bad, and you have a crusty arse due to not looking after yourself. That’s why they wouldn’t want someone ‘like you’ in their vid. Plus as aforementioned, all your activism revolves around you, you’re not a team player or supportive - it’s had nothing to do with you lying about in your own filth shaking your rotting guts on instagram.

No. 847990

Lol the video Pheebs is referencing- kiss my fat ass by sheppard- legit has multiple women of colour, a women with a bionic leg, and another with a similar body shape to hers. i mean, does she recognition because she's managed to gain 100 lbs in a year or two? if phoebe was even hired for the music video she'd complain about not being fit enough to dance. Oh wait..

No. 847992

Is she seriously watching music vids and whinging cos SHE isn't in them, kek what a child

No. 847993

Maybe she wants to pull some sick moves in her power chair?

No. 847995


Miley cyrus had a vid lately that featured someone in a power chair and someone just as big as pheebs. I've been waiting to see if she still blasts it anyway

No. 847997

File: 1564843744268.jpeg (84.15 KB, 600x679, 5148BA4F-5223-4DCC-A583-7A1D84…)

Hahaha what are these crazy Dutch angles she’s pulling lately? It’s like some intentionally grotesque art piece lmaooo I can’t stop laughing at how much she looks like a crazy sci fi alien villain

No. 847998

Wasn’t she supposed to be taking time off social media?!

No. 848004

No one wants to see this. Not even 100 years ago, this bitch would have been in a circus, considered a freak of nature because humans arent meant to be this fat. Her sense of entitlement baffles me.

No. 848005


Yeah 24 hours and only to avoid any sort of accountability for shitting on all the people that donated money for her chair lol

No. 848009

what is WRONG with her omfg

she’s always in pain to do any work or can’t get to the post office. it sounds like it’s more trouble than good so why bother having a “business”?

No. 848014

She really has become Jabba the Hutt with Henry as slave Leia on her chain

No. 848027

How much longer until she begins having real, serious health problems? At the rate she's gaining, I can't imagine it won't be soon.

No. 848029

Even though she's not disabled, she's definitely got some joint pains or bad knees. It's already affecting her health, seeing as she never leaves the house on her own

No. 848031

I feel like there's some thread art in that idea

No. 848032

I don't know why we're all assuming Henry is a great guy who's stuck with a gf who gained so much weight so quickly - he's already admitted he's into bigger girls as a kink, maybe he's into feeding too.

I think Pheebs legit has a fetish for her body though, the things she posts make NO sense otherwise. It's like voyeurism to her, showing off how much she's gained.

No. 848034

Tinfoil: pheebs gained so much weight so fast because Henry has had a weight gain fetish all along.

Although I doubt they have much of a sex life with all those rolls in the way.

No. 848035

I've also been thinking this to be the case. The way she writes her image captions reminds me of fetish erotica at times.

No. 848036

I can buy that Henry was into 'curvier' girls, like the size pheebs was when they got together. So, still comfortably overweight but not nowhere near the size she's ballooned to now. Even if you're attracted to overweight women, it's usally ones who still have an okay-ish body shape despite being fat. Pheebs is just massive with tiny tits and a flat belly and arse

No. 848042

He never said it was a kink, he just said he found "bigger" girl more attractive when his fat-ass girlfriend asked him

No. 848044

File: 1564851027304.jpg (631.26 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190803-174947_Ins…)

So many stories sperging about how someone made a music video she didn't like. Grow up. They're probably deleting her comments for 1) harassment, 2) many brands and companies delete anything negative

No. 848045

If she ever breaks a bone or has a bad sprain in the state she's in she'll be absolutely fucked, she won't be able to walk on healing joints or bones without destroying them further.
I think she'll probably last for a while, albeit with a low quality of life. The people on my600lb life tend to be on the older side and are fat their whole lives, as long as she doesn't get any infections under her rolls her high blood pressure might not prove to be an issue for the next ten years.

No. 848048

Phoebe's too vain to put on weight for this, she must either like the state she's in or have a genuine issue with bingeing. The worst I think we can accuse Henry of is pandering to her 'curvy girl' nonsense, and even then he's autistic and seems easily manipulated from the texts she has posted so I would be careful about assuming he could competently handle this situation any other way. I mean, we do know sod all about him, but he seems sweet and mild-mannered enough from what little information we've found and not at all a shrieking sjw.

No. 848056


I feel it's due to the influence of the fat acceptance community. Pheebs always has had a problem with eating monster-like portions and she has always been a little on the hefty side even at her thinnest, so when there's tons of people around her in the social space she uses most who consider her size or rather being fat perfectly fine and lovable, it's no surprise she ballooned so quickly in weight. Not to mention the countless amount of people who're just like Pheebs in size or even bigger who share the same mindset as she does for their own bodies.

Though I bet she secretly loathes how much bigger and gross she's gotten in just over the course of 1-2 years.

No. 848059

Feebs is 21/22, right? She would have been about 10 when that happened, so she likely would remember it - if that was something she cared about. I doubt she shed tears over alt-kids back then.

No. 848069

Knowing her, she'd be more than happy to use the real health problems she has later on due to her weight for even more pity points and possibly donations.
Can't wait for the future milk in this aspect, it is going to be delicious. Imagine all the nasty comments she would make about the doctors who tell her she has to lose weight in order to truly improve her quality of life and health.

No. 848071

Hmm, I'm a little older (23) and I only remember it very vaguely. I doubt it would have stuck in Phoebe's mind, you can't expect a ten year old to remember something like that unless it happened in your own community.

No. 848077


Deleting 'all my comments' Yeah if you are commenting over and over again just cos you would make a music vid differently you are sad and you're harassing them

No. 848084

Does she realise it has less to do with her being fat and more to do with her looking like an overgrown slug and having a repugnant personality? Like I've known and met plenty of plus-size folks who were fuckin hilarious, confident people with great personalities but this ball of fat is one of the grossest fuckers I think I've ever seen, anywhere. It's almost an achievement, really.

On another note, can someone tell me why she thinks anyone cares? Like this is the biggest fucking non-issue I think I've ever seen and I'm struggling to comprehend the idea that anyone actually gives a shit about motherfucking stretchmark colours, good lord.

No. 848088

This. I definitely don't think he has some SBBW/feeder kink or anything, also judging by those texts he might even have felt pressured into saying he likes curvier girls because she was doing the whole "if you want a skinny hot gf you should leave me" manipulative shit. If he legit likes slightly heavier girls, it's really not that weird either.

No. 848096


Even if he did have some feeder fetish 99 out of 100 women wouldn't go along with that shit, even less would disable themselves and dedicate their life to spewing pro-fat shite online

No. 848101

File: 1564856200172.jpg (83.19 KB, 501x500, poorly made.jpg)


No. 848115

File: 1564858401225.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 610E15A1-48C3-4683-9742-D3682B…)

Who wants to place bets on how many donations she’s already received?

No. 848120


Imagine if we all used insta to whinge like this, the site would be unbearable

No. 848121

I wonder if she genuinely means this, or if she’s just desperately trying to convince herself that she likes her body in this state?

No. 848122


I love all the mess in the background, and then all the scented candles to cover up smells kek

No. 848123


Whether she likes it or not it'll still kill her

No. 848124

She owns so many Yankee candles for a poor person. It’s almost like she has money!! And lies about it!!!!

No. 848128

engaging in her eating disorder and mild alcoholism at least stymies her thoughts of butterknife suicide. dont be insensitive ladies.

its already unbearable. but at least through the pain we get to laugh at idiots like phoebe.

No. 848135

A communist, through and through. That's why everything on her etsy shop is always on sale, which is an old communist strategy of getting someone to buy your stuff.

Does anyone know where the shirts she are selling are made? I know 90% of this thread are friends of her. Show yourself.

No. 848137

If she can afford ugly £9 socks she can afford to pay for her own chinese. I think she’s verging on alcoholism. There’s always empty bottles of wine lying around and it might explain some of her stranger behaviour.

No. 848152

She claims to use Wild and Kind but her product photos are from Zazzle so who knows.

No. 848207

Night contribute to how she is gaining weight so quickly if she's downing a bottle of wine by herself a night, it makes some people crave junk food and they're about 600kcal a bottle on their own.

No. 848211

File: 1564873580831.jpg (126.87 KB, 552x960, tumblr_b67996cfe3a043bbaef3dc4…)

It wouldn't even be around anymore. The negative energy that radiates from this hamplanet is sickening. No one would use a social media platform like that. She's discourse Tumblr incarnate.

She doesn't. She can't move, she can't work, she can't bathe. No one would like to balloon about 100lbs in a year. She wants to convince herself that she loves herself, and she despises before and after weight loss pictures because misery loves company, and she doesn't have enough discipline to change.

No. 848219

100lbs is a whole ass adult person wtf

No. 848228

Of course that's still body positive Feebs. They're not trying to get sickly thin, they're showing off how adapting a fitness routine can positively impact your body health. No doubt these people probably still eat some of the same shit they used to and don't have to worry about feeling gloomy afterwards.

No. 848237

I think the biggest thing is that she used to dress sort of cute and now she looks like a giant autistic toddler.

yes feebz they're deleting your comments because your fat, not because you sound fucking insane.

No. 848240

she seems to be forgetting that body positivity isn't exclusively about fat people feeling better about themselves. it honestly really pisses me off because she's so gatekeep-y about fat acceptance that she insists "small fats" shouldn't be included in fat positive spaces but like… she was a "small fat" when she started discovering bopo and fat acceptance shit. how would she have felt if people much fatter than her were as rude and exclusionary as she is right now towards her. she's such an asshole, i don't understand how she continues to be so unaware of her hypocrisy.

No. 848254

white stretch marks are old ones that have healed, red ones are new…how dumb is she? All she’s showing is that she’s gaining so much continuous weight that she’s getting new stretch marks on top of the old ones.

No. 848282

She doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings, is the thing. She only cares about making herself seem like the biggest victim, even though thin people people with deformities or amputations also need body positivity. Even thin people of color are constantly called ugly if they have nonwhite features. She refuses to acknowledge her privilege within the community.

Once she gains another 200lbs she’ll insist that bopo is only for infifats and anyone else doesn’t belong. It’s just how her brain works.

No. 848344

lol she is so blatantly jealous of fellow fatties' success, no fair they get to be more successful AND more mobile than her! bitter bint.

No. 848354

i find it odd how feebs seems to be obsessed with her nails. she never “washes” but she can maintain her nails? her long ass nails are natural, which grosses me out a lil but that’s just me (imagine the smell and crud…), and she changes her nail colours every day?? also i’m surprised that her nails seem strong, not brittle.

No. 848378

honestly, nails and polly seem to be the only things she genuinely likes. seems the only time she's positive and happy about something is when she has her nails done, and nothing wrong with that, nice that someone has a passion. if i didn't know what an ass she is otherwise, i'd be happy for her too; but knowing she'll scream oppression from small fats in the next post takes away all that.

No. 848395

File: 1564905830913.jpg (182.15 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20190803-225426_Ins…)

Her lackeys are commenting on the music video

No. 848396

File: 1564905854601.jpg (617.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-085718_Ins…)

That's a bit weird

No. 848397

lbr it's because it's the easiest way to feel like she's taking care of her appearance. Instant gratification without putting in any effort at all.

No. 848398

She's going to start larping as a lesbian now trust me

No. 848400

You see this exact behavior on My 600 Lb Life all the time. They take excessive care of their nails and hair or paint/dye them crazy colors because its instant gratification of body changing and needs no effort/makes them feel better briefly.

No. 848403

File: 1564911861824.jpg (690.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-104305_Ins…)

She didn't caption this, she no longer cares about deaf people

No. 848404

File: 1564911906933.jpg (751.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-104318_Ins…)

The woman's a size 18, how is that small fat?? Gatekeeping

No. 848405

File: 1564911939916.jpg (498.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-104326_Ins…)

Casual racism

No. 848406

File: 1564911969540.jpg (510.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-104338_Ins…)

No. 848407

File: 1564911995192.jpg (478.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-104352_Ins…)

She is a bully

No. 848408

File: 1564912030270.jpg (633.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-104402_Ins…)

No. 848409

File: 1564912072851.jpg (572.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-104410_Ins…)

She's definitely loving being the victim here. The music video people shouldn't play into it. Just ignore her.

No. 848410

They don't hate fat people Feebs, they just hate you LMAO

No. 848411

Feebs accuses that woman of cultural appropriation but she had no idea of that woman's race. She could be half black, you can't tell by looking at someone.

Feebs is so racist.

No. 848412

File: 1564912445517.png (419.21 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190804_105217.png)

she never learns, does she

No. 848413

File: 1564912477909.png (581.65 KB, 750x1334, A886F98F-B0F3-447C-B290-0F5945…)

This white cis middle cclass woman loves calling herself marginalised lmao

No. 848415

File: 1564912718983.jpg (693.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-105604_Ins…)

No. 848416

File: 1564912750130.jpg (451.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-105611_Ins…)

No. 848417

File: 1564912773832.jpg (514.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-105620_Ins…)

No. 848418

Feebs : it’s ok for me to mock Australians with terms a lot of them find offensive
Feebs : you deserve DEATH for calling me a woman!!!!!

No. 848419

File: 1564912957141.jpg (753.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-105633_Ins…)

Ffs, don't go, we want the milk

No. 848420

She will return tomorrow as always.

No. 848421

I wish she would fuck off, I know the milk is ever flowing, but she’s such a fat ball of hate offering nothing to the world. She’ll never wake up, even if something truly terrible happens to her she will wear it like one of her shitty badges. Just make and sell cheap crap with ‘victim’ in bubble writing on it and have done with it.

No. 848422

sounds a bit racist phoebe, she would be the first to kick off if someone called her rosbif or limey lolol

No. 848423

Maybe because you're being a huge (lol) bitch? Like I doubt they're going to every profile like, "hm, are they thin? Ok their vitriol can stay." It's never because of her behavior, always because of ~fatphobia~

No. 848424

"a few days" you were gone for all of 12 hours lol
She cannot stop over-exaggerating to save her life

No. 848425

soz to samefag but if someone was calling phoebe a dog, repeatedly, publicly,
like how she’s calling this woman a wallaby she would be melting down at how misogynistic and hateful it would be……… i’m revelling in this

No. 848426

Maybe I'm missing something but what's offensive about cute animals like wallabies? Coming from someone who could only be referred to as a whale it isn't particularly hurtful kek.

No. 848430


Things like her suicidal feelings are made up for attention but this for real has to count as being paranoid, I've seen people put on anti-psychotics for less than this

No. 848431

Her feeling so personally attacked over a music vid is like when schizoids think the news reader on the TV is talking to them personally ..

No. 848432

here's a video of what that woman jools sent to feebs, glad more people are out there calling her out on her bullshit lol

No. 848433

Luckily most of the comments on the fat ass announcement are people standing up for them.

They have a WOC, a woman missing a leg, a woman with a post-pregnancy belly, a trans woman, a size 18 woman -like it's hateful that feebs is attacking these women. She thinks that she's only attacking the creator but these women were probably nervous to put themselves out there and she's got her followers to attack in the comments. That's horrible. Would it kill her to support women?

She actually hates women. That's the only reason she calls herself NB.

No. 848437

File: 1564917309226.jpg (423.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190804-121430_Ins…)

No. 848442


How is calling Australian people wallabies/wombats/dingos anything other than fucking racist? WTF Feebz. Seriously fucking gross behaviour.

No. 848444

Aussies really don't take well to Poms aka British people patronising them…

No. 848445

File: 1564919777670.png (1.03 MB, 540x961, bringmejameelaandthewookie.png)

10000 hours in MSPaint

No. 848446

Can everyone in this thread stop saying "infinifat"? Don't give them the validation, they're morbidly obese and deserve to see that spelled out.

No. 848448


I like the term death-fat

No. 848450

Her nails are strong because there's no way she would be nutrient deficient with the amount of calories she eats

No. 848452

she made a fucking highlight tab on her insta calling out these ppl. they’re not doing anything wrong jsut bc their video doesn’t fit YOUR ridiculously unrealistic narc standards phoebe u wretched cunt. i hate that she’s just name calling this woman she’s suxh a fucking child. i’ll say it’s not “racist” but it’s def discriminatory or whatever bc she’s intended to bring nationality into this liek the other woman being australian is a weakness or something. wretched fucking hypocritical cunt

No. 848453

holy fuck she is a straight up bully. everything is all about her. she’s not even a genuine SJW (so to speak), her opinions seem to change every couple of years but she always has been on the extreme end of the spectrum, aka a troll. wouldn’t surprise me if she’s the next paul joseph watson after she’s done pretending to be a disabled, queer jew.

No. 848454

So disgusting, she legit looks like she used the ageing feature on faceapp?? lmao

No. 848458

just have to say i went on the post for the music video and the ppl who are defending phoebe all look like they’re justttt like her. stupid short colored hair that they think makes them trans bc it’s uwu gender non conforming uwu, have vegan and even gluten free written in their bios lmaooooo, almost all claim to be trans and non binary. i think i know why so many ppl still support oheebs tbh. it’s jjst all the dickheads of the world who are just like her who’ve flocked to her. makes a lot of sense now

No. 848460

Top fuckin kek. I vote for thread pic

No. 848468

Missgendering. Youre fucking female phoebe. Deal with it

No. 848471

This tbh. I dont think a single cow has ever made me feel such genuine disgust for a person. I cant even find any pleasure in this milk anymore, except the breakdown over the new chair. That was pure gold

No. 848480


She's so infuriating that while I do enjoy the milk, I feel like if Insta kicked her off permanently I almost wouldn't mind. She deserves it at this point

No. 848482

Yeah as much as I love the milk, it gets to a point where I just want to slap her I'm so annoyed. At least if she does get taken down it's all her own fault and not cowtippers or anything. Watching her self destruct is kind of great, ngl.

No. 848484


and now Feebles is going to set her fans onto them to cancel them because they misgendered her.

No. 848486

HAHAHA this is beautiful

No. 848491

Phoebe showing her true colors. The only way someone could be as big as her is if they lived in a middle class home.

No. 848492


Not quite true, lots of the obesity in the UK is in poorer areas. Parents who have minimal cooking skills, rely on fast food and frozen stuff etc.

Phoebe is definitely not from that demographic though, her size is from greed and laziness.

No. 848494

well yeah but here's the thing; the folks fucking flobby keeps referrin to as "small-fats" are large enough in their own rights to be considered morbidly obese, she's just so disgustingly filthy and overweight that by comparision they seem small. I think a term like "infinifat" does a pretty good job describing someone like her

No. 848497

read the last line as 'fat ass', whoops.

No. 848503

Her saltyness about smaller people makes it more and more obvious she actually hates her body. There's no way you can feel confident about yourself when you look like a freaking blob and doubled in size in the span of a year. She's just trying to convince herself she loves herself… How sad and pathetic.

No. 848508


It's almost like feebs hates anybody who weighs even 1 gram less than her..

No. 848511

That's why she's hiding behind the queer label, to hide how much she hates women thinner than her. I mean she obviously hates women for more reasons than that, but that's a big one Imo.

No. 848517

pheeb's more talented ~nb queer counterpart~, mynameiswednesday, is i guess what would be considered a smallfat, constantly poses with skinny people, yet hasn't called them out, yes phoebe pick and chooses

No. 848539


Well they're one person who seems to be able to tolerate Phoebe, also if she made an enemy of Wednesday then Wednesday would be able to point out how she's blatantly copied her art style.

No. 848540

I'm pretty sure Wednesday only tolerates Phoebe out of fear because they think she's some special spokesperson for disabled people lmao

No. 848584

File: 1564942286177.jpg (59.43 KB, 250x287, prettyface wallaby.jpg)


>thinking being called a wallaby is an insult

No. 848597


Wallabies are cute but it's still fucking rude. Same as calling French people frogs or similar. She has no manners.

No. 848603


oh definitely. but my god how can she insult others, when as soon as you tell her shes being moderately mean she spergs out and has a hamplanet meltdown?

No. 848604

You know her intent is malicious, doesn't matter if wallabies are cute, she's using it as an insult. It just highlights her hypocrisy even more

No. 848613

How retarded can one be.
She's so angry and red, I hope she's gonna explode soon. Literally.

No. 848616

File: 1564950495087.jpg (239.24 KB, 809x510, Screenshot_20190804-212345_Ins…)


Nitpick but is that cat wearing fucking Bape lmao

No. 848628

The name of the game's "oppression olympics", dear anon. It's all me-me-me-me. No one actually listens to the other, they all just respond with "yeah listen to MYYYYYY experience"

No. 848649

File: 1564957266669.png (3.74 MB, 1125x2436, C214C84D-D25C-46C0-9348-D1A533…)

This hamplanet is posting in a nail shaming group I’m in. Like they aren’t that bad, why you fishing for compliments? It’s a shame she isn’t being ripped a new one in the comments. My safe place has been violated by this creature,.

No. 848690

not only that mate, but it looks as if they'd been on there a while, what with the growth she has at the nail bed. definitely just posted that to get asspats, they really aren't all that bad.

No. 848698

"misgendering" oh feebs, i love how fucking moronic you are. you represent yourself as female all of the time until you can use it as an excuse to get offended at someone you don't like, then suddenly you're male or something?

No. 848732

She referred to herself as boy when asking about underwear for her big pussy lmao

No. 848769

She was just appropriating black culture and slang. Kek.

No. 848802

Tinfoil but since we know she's on lolcow, I wonder if she saw on the Dolly Mattel thread that Shay was featured there and was inspired to post for vanity reasons stated upthread

No. 848808

mm yes. this particular expression is one of the most punchable i've seen from phobe

also i love how she thinks saying wallaby and wombat are the pinnacle of clever, when it really just makes her look so damn condescending and dumb. sigh what else is new. you're not funny pT

No. 848811


I went down her old IG pics and she still hasn't removed the "artwork" of black women on there either.

No. 848821

Probably because they didn't want her to remove the artwork but rather stop profiting from images of black women/people. buuut i may be wrong and misremembering

No. 848875

"If I didn't need this account for my business"
Bitch please. If this was a professional account, you'd act professional, not whiny and childish.

No. 848954

File: 1565006356730.jpeg (162.4 KB, 750x1164, C7CBDA57-5B90-4345-9390-5E38A2…)

On her latest post

No. 848976

File: 1565011351458.jpg (94.27 KB, 750x1334, pt1.jpg)

Incoming stories dump, she's not happy today!

No. 848977

File: 1565011432197.jpg (154.9 KB, 750x1334, pt2.jpg)

No. 848979

File: 1565011492873.jpg (161.06 KB, 1080x1921, pt3.jpg)

No. 848980

File: 1565011520113.jpg (118.92 KB, 750x1334, pt4.jpg)

No. 848981

File: 1565011548061.jpg (118.1 KB, 750x1334, pt5.jpg)

No. 848982

File: 1565011571402.jpg (125.8 KB, 750x1334, pt6.jpg)

No. 848983

File: 1565011601845.jpg (99.52 KB, 750x1334, pt7.jpg)

No. 848984

File: 1565011638986.jpg (97 KB, 750x1334, pt8.jpg)

No. 848985

File: 1565011667744.jpg (60.33 KB, 1080x1921, pt9.jpg)

No. 848986

File: 1565011715165.jpg (153.11 KB, 1080x1921, pt91.jpg)

No. 848987

File: 1565011762245.jpg (121.21 KB, 750x1334, pt92.jpg)

No. 848988


She knew her flat was inaccessible while raising the 2400 quid for the chair. Way to go, fundraising for a chair you can't use, which changes nothing about your "independence" Pheebs.


calls it ridiculous because she can't think of any comeback


Yes, a bully is exactly what she is. Whenever she shares DMs to mock people, or FB conversations, it's bullying of a sort.


Has she tried IAPT? They offer online CBT and goodness knows she's not doing much all day.


That'd be the "bullying", Phoebe…


Again, just because you specifically were not chosen to be in a music video, it's not "active exclusion".


Runs their own business, has a shop on Etsy. Hmm. Does she declare her income to the DWP? Or do taxes? The usual business things?

No. 848990

i think her account was just removed from insta. she blocked me so i made a new account to watch and her account isn’t coming up ina. search. anyone else able to find her ????

No. 848991

File: 1565012851572.jpeg (218.05 KB, 750x1173, 77E525A9-0FAE-4F38-B4E3-B8E977…)

No. 848993

This bitch drives me insane. Her privelaged munchie bullshit is way ott. She legit needs help but she would rather play victim.

She is disgusting rude and just overall gross. I’m shocked she has followes

No. 848994

OOP I think it’s actually gone! She doesn’t come up in search. I’m cracking up

No. 848995

File: 1565013159725.jpeg (117.88 KB, 750x1045, 072C0A49-EC9B-4290-92B0-4E0602…)

typed in her @ looks to be down/ removed.

No. 848996

File: 1565013205945.png (45.56 KB, 1154x430, 080519.png)

Same here.

No. 848999

File: 1565013330382.jpg (51.71 KB, 1080x1855, RIPmilk.jpg)

Aaand it's gone

No. 849000

File: 1565013372392.jpeg (6.66 KB, 292x172, download (1).jpeg)

No. 849001

farmers, let us rejoice, for we have defeated the final boss. for now, she cannot make her $12 a week on shitty PLASTIC badges. in jesus name!!!! anyways can anyone access her facebook because we desparately need go see her meltdown over how the instagram app is oppressing her for being fat and SiLeNciNg her. like ?? no feebz ur just a cunt and u use ur instagram to harass and bully ppl which isn’t allowed. can’t wair for the meltdown!

No. 849004

File: 1565013725757.gif (753.15 KB, 447x251, giphy-3.gif)

These threads have just been a non-stop accelerating ride through the land of drama, and just when I thought the chair was going to be the season finale it gets even better

I never want to get off this ride

No. 849005

“that bird” so working class of you phoebe…… what happened to calling her a wallaby or did you realise you can’t be a racist AND a victim?

No. 849007

has she reopened her alternative IG account yet to moan?

No. 849008

What's her alt IG?

No. 849013

She could have just got a mobility scooter and found a flat with secure entry that would let her keep it in the hallway. Or she could move to a cheaper area..

No. 849016

Imagine looking down on somone for not being the disgusting level of self inflicted obesity she is. What a weird thing to be superior over. I’m all for body acceptance but this is too much. It gets to a point where it’s just disgusting self indulgence and to wear it as a badge of honour while shitting on others.. incredible

No. 849017

These are both mature and valid criticism. How can one person lack such self awareness

No. 849021


No. 849025

File: 1565016244346.png (192.59 KB, 720x1136, clip_now_20190805_153920.png)

No. 849027

File: 1565016321791.png (117.24 KB, 1080x706, Screenshot_20190805-154414.png)

No. 849031

I have the mental picture of her revving her power chair in anger until the engine smokes and screaming HENREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 849036


Also she was warned by Instagram tens of times. She even posted their warnings yet kept on with the same behavior, so what did she expect to happen?

No. 849037

Bet she's on the phone to Henry right now demanding that he come home and take her to A+E for a pity photoshoot.

No. 849038

This is her only other Instagram:
Whining in the stories, same as her Facebook

Instagram is notoriously bad at getting accounts back and overall communicating with their customers, trust me. She's never getting it back kek

No. 849042

And pardon, what is she wanting people to "report?"

"Fieldroast Tickbloat is a super special CEO of plastic kindergarten art and you need to disregard the dozens of terms of service violations and check your privilege?

She wasn't even advertising much other than having more yeast rolls than a bakery in her whinge stories anyway.

No. 849043

Advertise her shop my arse. She makes far more money begging on Instagram than she ever has through her shop.

No. 849044


Is it any wonder she got banned? Going after that band again and again in multiple stories, even after being given what seems like one warning a week for the last couple of months.

No. 849047


If it was "how she affords to live" then she should have taken note of the warnings she already got and kept to their terms and services.

No. 849049


also way to sideline Henry who literally keeps a roof over their head, not her "sales" which only keep her in cock candles and sex toys

No. 849054

Her narcissistic ass thinks that rules don't apply to her.

No. 849056


Doubtful, her Polly account is still up.

No. 849057

File: 1565018320609.png (20.63 KB, 1122x298, bannedforeverquestionmark.png)

do you think she was IP banned?

No. 849059

then don't fucking insult people on your stories

No. 849060

File: 1565018545760.png (623.99 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190805_161930.png)

from her @pollywiththethumbs account (1/2)

No. 849061

maybe you should of thought of that before you used your account to bully and patronize people you daft cunt

No. 849062

File: 1565018749905.png (449.61 KB, 720x1184, clip_now_20190805_161932.png)

looks like her bitching will be on this account from now on (2/2)

No. 849067


I feel like Insta was letting her away with all sorts, all they ever did was remove a few posts, what took them so long?

No. 849070


The bio on her pollywiththethumbs account lists fatvegfemme as pollys 'parent' So surely that account will get removed next? lolz

No. 849073

Her phone is probably disabled so yes. See when Instagram disables your IP, you can still log into any other accounts that were already logged into the phone (the polly account). That said, you cannot create any new accounts or log into an account that hasn't previously been logged onto from that phone.

I was wondering that, too, I've seen accounts removed for far less with 0 warning given so I feel like perhaps it was her large following?

No. 849077

I did the "report a problem" thing she advertised on her Facebook but I told them to never give back her account and she's a self obsessed victim card playing.. bully.(cowtipping is a fast road to a permaban, do not do this)

No. 849078

File: 1565020794792.jpg (260.03 KB, 799x775, Screenshot_20190805-165940_Ins…)

New thread pic?(don't use emojis)

No. 849085

great idea anon! i’ve done the same

No. 849086

File: 1565021371893.png (180.3 KB, 750x1334, AB360061-CAF6-4A0D-A3C3-7C7EE2…)

>>849085(do not do this, this is road to a quick permaban)

No. 849087

Watching her shit the bed in such a spectacular manner is absolutely incredible. 10/10.

No. 849092

Anons, without her instagram we'll get a flood of milk without the steady stream. Not sure it's the best but I'll get milk drunk with everyone. This is pretty hilarious.

"Whining." ISN'T THIS WHAT HER OBESE ASS DOES ALL DAY?! It's one thing to be a "small fat" or overweight. I mean you honestly can be fairly active and eat okay portions but still be fat because of your meal choices without realizing it. But at Pheebs size, especially at her height, she works HARD to earn her fucking gross weight. She does nothing to change it and uses comorbidity factors to fuel her desperation for government bucks. Infuriating her of all people call people out for whining to her when she begs for 1st world privileges like take out and wine.

No. 849093

do you think she tells henrys mom the same about hairstyles?(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 849094

Kek. I bet her wallabies comment put her on the watch list and her repeated offenses allowed it to finally be removed.

What a thin attractive family. If Henry clean that fuzz up he could get a well bathed, less insane woman.

And Pheebs hates Henry's family because they have money, but I bet it's because they're all thin. I mean look at the wonderfully fit size his mom is at.(no1curr)

No. 849096


No milk but if that's Henry's bro he's tasty af(no1curr)

No. 849098

Cowtipping and encouraging cowtipping pheebs will earn a twice as long ban, with zero tolerance for reoffending.

No. 849100


I know, his gf is super goodlooking too. and then there is henry..(no1curr about ur thirst either)

No. 849101


What a nice slim family… dude on the right is hot(no1curr about any of your thirst)

No. 849103

The milk is tremendous right now, why is the thread being shit up with autists and retards right now? Thank god for the farmhands. Y'all need to stop spoiling the milk with your fuckery. This shit is glorious, she's full on exploding right now.

No. 849108

farmhands going a bit crazy. everything ok at home?(take your complaints to /meta/)

No. 849109

Crazy? They're trying to clean up all of the unsaged bullshit and cowtipping.

No. 849114


Be nice if they stuck to that instead of unnecessary modding.(take it to meta)

No. 849133

Back on the topic of Instagram deleting her account, is simply reporting that to Instagram (like she's asking people to do) enough to get her account back up? Even though she violated their rules many times?

No. 849135

god, polly is so fucking cute. phoebe doesnt deserve her.

No. 849136

Just imagining what poor Henry has to come home to after a day at work

No. 849138

File: 1565027299869.gif (997.66 KB, 400x226, 9A8AB3E4-479A-4119-AF44-E9EEE6…)

Wow, glad I’m off work today! Wonder what her next move will be. Karma’s a bitch kek

No. 849140

Instagram rarely if ever gives people their accounts back. They have very bad customer service and you can't even talk to an actual person (no call line or message system in their help center). Even if she fills out their appeal form and gets others to report it, theres a very low chance she'll get it back. And the only way she'd be able to make a new account on her phone after having her IP disabled would be to factory reset her phone, I think. Or just straight up buy a new phone. Or maybe she'll make one on Henry's phone for the time being. No matter what, she'd get banned for ban evading and would have an even bigger meltdown kek

No. 849141

Imagine her hissyfit if someone even larger than her told her that she can't describe herself as fat because she can (somewhat) fit into a wheelchair, and that large fats like her should shut the fuck up because death fats or infinifats or beyondfats or whatever have it worse kek

Too bad most people bigger than her have pretty much died already

Aww shit, I hope she keeps on being milky on fb till she gets her accounts back

No. 849149

disagree, if you can get enough people to mass report thru instagram that so and so's account should be reinstated sometimes IG DOES give people their accounts back. witnessed it myself a few times

No. 849172

shit i missed the drama but i’m loving the milk. feebs really thinks she’s the victim, huh?

No. 849189

Bitchy sjw comment-ception

No. 849201

I'm surprised non of her sjw friends have posted about her account being deleted. And she hasn't posted anything to her personal account. Are we missing something?

No. 849214

I just checked and none of her normal "friends" have posted anything about helping her. She definitely would have messaged them from her Polly account. Has she finally alienated herself with her bullshit??

No. 849216

File: 1565034862086.jpg (667.82 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190805-205337_Ins…)


No. 849218

Fuck you anon, beat me by 15 seconds

Ok but my point still stands, how the fuck does she know she was hacked and not banned?

No. 849219

Helping people….ah ha ha…

No. 849220

File: 1565035086585.png (491.3 KB, 750x1334, E845A987-9841-466D-876B-E740B3…)

No. 849223

File: 1565035147740.png (432.57 KB, 750x1334, CEE34C8B-5C03-4694-B6FF-6BA893…)

Holy shit I can feel the meltdown coming

No. 849226

Fuck-ing amazing. How was she helping people? By being an uninformed jerk that uses her weight as a shield and account as a weapon to shame those who privately message her?

This feels good. She thought she could rip apart anyone and everyone and now she can't get her attention fix.

No. 849228

a username not being available means it's already in use, though? This would mean her account is suspended/banned but still technically existing. Not deleted as she says.

No. 849230

lol does she seriously not understand her account was deleted for continual harassment and bullying? Instagram is starting to crack down a lot more which is why they send out those warnings with the post removals.

No. 849231

Side note: but it gets me that she always uses femme in her username, but is apparently non binary. Either I missed something, or the word femme is pretty female presenting to me.

No. 849237

File: 1565036538524.png (594.69 KB, 750x1334, 66A11B4E-75E5-498A-911F-2605E7…)

No. 849239

I'm sure many of her mutuals were emotional hostages. If anyone had tried to distance themselves or disagree with her, she would have publicly humiliated them or brought up her supposed disability. This is an easy out with no necessary confrontation

No. 849241

File: 1565036919553.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 4FA440F3-7CDB-4769-88D6-4D3783…)

No. 849243

Instagram is a bit shit about it. If you change your username to something else and back to the one you were using immediately it still says used. So no, it's not actually active.

She literally uses her platform to bully others. What does she even expect lmfao.

No. 849244

lol so who's gonna tell them?

No. 849245

"for no reason" …

No. 849249

It's still visible for me

No. 849268


When you change your IG name it blocks your old name for 14 days. You can change back within these days so I think with being disabled or deleted it is the same time

No. 849270

File: 1565039052977.png (2 MB, 750x1334, 1BF2002F-8728-4C09-8AA7-90B6ED…)

Poor Henry probably had to sell his car so he could pay for her to sit at home abusing people online all day. He works ALL the time, he should have been able to keep this

No. 849282

"my account has been hacked"

You literally had multiple earnings from Instagram about bullying! Is she trying to hide the true reason vein her followers?

No. 849286

Anyone in that mutual aid group of hers?