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File: 1557767726066.png (85.63 KB, 722x600, 1556797093594.png)

No. 806304

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer because he wore makeup one time.

Recent milk:
>Reactivates Instagram (again) after a 2 week break, claiming she tried to kill herself but Henry stopped her thankfully!!!
>Makes more passive-aggressive stories about her neighbors
>goes on holiday (twice!) despite being so super skint u guise
>the second trip is to Glasgow for what she says is a present to Henry for his birthday, but ends up being a trip for her and her interests only
>on said trip drags her actually autistic partner to a gay club where he is assaulted with lights, sounds, crowds, and unfamiliar people. she is unbothered by this but still sits at a table drinking and complaining that no one thinks she's queer even though she totes wore her queer shirt and whining about how she "forgot" she was disabled and hurt herself going down the stairs to the club.
>spends the next day laying in bed saying her whole body is in pain, she manages to get to a cat cafe, vegan restaurants, and a meetup with another instagram sjw tho
>has a post removed by instagram for harrassment and bullying, reposts it while REEEEEEing about how SHE is the VICTIM here
>accuses a small business (Lucy and Yak) of not wanting fat people to wear their clothes because they cannot produce clothes in size XXXL+, brand offers for her to call and talk about her concerns with them but she refuses and makes an instagram post about how terrible they are

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

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No. 806311

Not white knighting (because I strongly agree there's no way she is autistic) but ask.fm and having friends isn't proof someone isn't autistic. I'm all for calling her out but not a fan of reaching.

No. 806324

File: 1557768663347.jpg (928.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-182427_Ins…)

There's a video on her Instagram. She films her cat attacking the bird rather than being up and grabbing her cat.

What a nasty bitch

No. 806325

File: 1557768692855.jpg (829.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-182425_Ins…)

No. 806326

File: 1557768717809.jpg (597.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-182411_Ins…)

No. 806327

File: 1557768762220.jpg (324.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-182710_Ins…)

Yes feebs. Don't even try using hard work to achieve something

No. 806328

The bird flew away but not after Polly tackled it of the ledge. So it'll die of shock or an infection later. Fucking great vegan she is

No. 806330

File: 1557768886514.jpg (597.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-182722_Ins…)

Other people questioning her so she brings out the old disabled excuse

No. 806331

File: 1557768938005.jpg (495.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-182741_Ins…)

Of course she suddenly gives a shit about a dead celebrity

No. 806333

I thought she said Polly didn't need the bandana anymore? is she still dealing with an open wound? How the fuck has that cat not died of sepsis yet, especially on a deadly diet

No. 806334

File: 1557768967720.jpg (555.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-182755_Ins…)

We have this to look forward to

No. 806335

Her "vegan" cat went after that bird quickly

No. 806336

She should have just let her cat eat the bird. It would have probably helped out some of those nutritional deficiencies that cat clearly has.

No. 806340


Is that a dildo? Sex positivity from the woman who admitted she's in a sexless relationship at 21 years old, Yay! 'Choosing not to have sex is valid' and Henry can just deal with it

No. 806346

Anyone else notice the vase full of dead flowers? I know Phoebe is literally the most disabled person in the history of the universe, but how much effort does it take to toss dead flowers in the trash??

Anyone know the details of her supposed hospitalization? All I can find is >>791608 in which she went to the hospital a year ago claiming to be suicidal and was released that same day.

No. 806352


Damn, sounds like she threw a hissy fit so she could emotionally blackmail the council to give her housing. Had pizza and wine that same day 'as a reward' and posed for a grinning photo, classic Pheebs

The masturbation post she just put up is pitiful. She really thinks she educating people?? it's nothing a 12 year would even learn from

No. 806360

File: 1557771296132.png (Spoiler Image, 340.63 KB, 828x1792, 69F09755-E0BF-4549-A404-2CA491…)

what is anyone supposed to learn from this. also that oviposition fetish mention

No. 806361

also what does masturbating have to do with intersectional feminism

No. 806383


No, of course it isn't. But her dad's testimonial describing her school years as devoid of friendship (due to apparent autism social issues) doesn't match with the evidence online.

No. 806386


I think (from a recent story post) she said they'd keep the bandana as Polly didn't mind it and it looked cute.

No. 806388


LOL after the bird was released she said something like "my flat is a mess now" like it wasn't a fucking tip before??

No. 806389

File: 1557774634841.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3037.PNG)


No. 806416


Don't you know that people who masturbate are oppressed!


That was said with a bit of humour, I was mocking the fact that signs of her autism only popped up in the last little while and she appears to think that she can re-write her own history to suit her current need for attention. If asked during that assessment she knows it's better to pretend she had a friendless childhood.

Her Mom called her out before for making stuff up. Think she was bashing family for stuff that never even happened.

No. 806426

File: 1557777816050.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190513-155313.png)

Of course she would have to comment on the James Charles scandal.

No. 806439

Phoebe herself sexually assaulted a white woman. Why the fuck does she think she can speak on this?

No. 806460


The beauty community that is upset by this is made up of gay guys that wear make-up and women who are very on-board with gays. So how does this make sense to her?

It's a gay community that is angry at a member of the gay community, it's not a gay versus straight debate.

Also never forget, molester Pheobe

No. 806507

Poor Polly probably looked at that bird as a blessing of real food from God.

No. 806509

File: 1557789855497.png (736.42 KB, 640x1136, 4B254D5C-1D7A-415A-8F70-FB37E3…)


No. 806511

File: 1557790046073.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, 54C66194-D893-42F3-ABF4-D9D416…)

2/2. phoebe is such a piece of shit. she absolutely does not love polly. she just sits on her arse filming a bird being chased by polly, not getting off her arse to open the window, force feeds her a vegan diet. yeah, she totally loves polly. i bet the cat is not so vegan when she’s outside. how about that, huh feebs?

No. 806512

File: 1557790196627.jpeg (164.39 KB, 750x1334, 40D83C7F-A41F-4A07-98CD-3F66F7…)

also she is sperging in some of her ig stories about artists’ content being stolen. the hypocrisy.

No. 806513

wait so is she an outdoor cat too? if yes then I'm no longer worried the kitty can get meat that way. But surprised vegan Phoebe would be cool with releasing a predator into her neighborhood to decimate the local wildlife

No. 806532

guys i took a closer look at the pic of the pheebs at the cat cafe and she is in the wheelchair. u can see henry holding one of the handles. imagine thinking you’re going away for a fun birthday weekend but u end up doing everything ur fatty boom boom gf wants to do, pushing her 21st ass all around to meet up with HER adult baby friends. this trip was never for henry. save him :’((:'()

No. 806534

i find it very surprising too. since domestic cats are lowkey considered a invasive in suburbs. though that means polly 100% likely is getting cat food from else where. people leave cat food out a lot so that means she probably isnt eating a lot of the vegan crap phoebe thinks is healthy.

hopefully no random vet trips for "polly isnt eating :(! send me money for the bills!" and it runs out shes just eating else where.
the audacity and hypocrisy of this overcooked ham is killing me. Her Dad Is A Police Officer. its about as bad as seeing her say shes poor. ur dad is a fucking police officer. saying you hate pigs is like saying you hate yourself dweebs.

this dude legit spent his trip for his birthday wheeling her around. she was probably in it the whole time. he's so fucking skinny i doubt he can push her in it let alone move it in and out of a car. she can move it herself does she not know that the wheels can be moved by her or is she THAT lazy? #SaveHenry2k19

No. 806590

thank god she lets the cat out so it can eat a proper diet. i hope someone nice thinks it's a stray and steals it and proceeds to give it a better home

No. 806612

am i stupid? that looks like a outside window ledge. i thought they lived on the third floor. is she laughing at her cat try to not fall to its death?

No. 806705


The cat isn’t allowed outside, there’s a small area of roof and she’s allowed on there. So unfortunately she’s not going to others for food

No. 806707

Can we please get off the vegan cat? Most cats are fed shit poor animal by-product plus vitamins. Vegan cat food is the same macro-nutrient base with the same vitamins added. It's just a hell of a lot more expensive. There isn't some magic that comes from eating flesh. I hate her and I know she doesn't know this or care, but it's a dumb point.

No. 806711

>there isnt some magic that comes from eating flesh

Sure for Humans maybe but if you're acting like people feeding their pets Purina trash is the same as completely disregarding a pets dietary needs for some misguided fad diet forced onto pets then kys you retard.
Cats arent inherent omnivores that can sustain on a plant based only diet.

No. 806715

Actually Purina trash is the same as Vegan food. Cat's are obligate carnivores, but that's not a spiritual condition. It just means they need Taurine and Retinol. Those are both supplemented in normal animal-byproduct cat food, and they're even more supplemented in vegan cat food.

No. 806719


Somewhat hypocritical when it's blatantly obvious that she traces other people's work and hopes that it looks too shitty to be called out on.

No. 806738


Everything daddy has bought her (and yep he still buys her treats when she has emotional tantrums) was paid for with his police wage, lol

Am I the only one bored of all the cat talk?

No. 806748

She's still going?

How does the punk act work when you're disabled?

No. 806750

Can you imagine Sid and Nancy both acting like sulking because their gender wasn't represented and they couldn't move for fibromyalgia?

No. 806751

i know we’re getting sick of this talk about the cat but feebs went off on one! https://imgur.com/gallery/CW0GoZL(embed images, this is an imageboard)

No. 806753

also, her ipad charger broke and she overreacted as usual. she could’ve gone to the markets or a phone/electronic shop, and have them help her for free/cheap? it’s not that deep. https://imgur.com/gallery/yOYfF1g

No. 806759

Even the imgur comments are calling her out about being retarded

No. 806770


She's stopped calling everyone a cunt and now her reply to everything is 'what a dickhead'

Pheebs logic - couldn't possibly address the context of any messages I receive, nah I'll just call them a name, sorted.

No. 806771


Her "funny cat video" was her vid of Polly trying to catch/torture the bird that got into the flat. Understandably the other members of the cat vids FB group she posted it in were disgusted at her filming it instead of trying to separate the bird from the cat.

No. 806862


Looking through her stories is always fun, one is about black people not being given credit for their achievements and the next five are about her fucking charger breaking, Gimme sympathy guys, cannot cope with this hardship!!

Her obsession with black people is honestly creepy as fuck. Why doesn't she recognise the whole 'stay in your lane' thing. Don't speak on behalf of a group you're not part of? Especially if you are so spoiled that you have an Insta-tantrum over your Apple products breaking. Probably feeling entitled to paypal donations from followers to fix it. So transparent

No. 806892


On previous threads, there's posts from her twitter that blatantly fetishize black men. So because the bbc turned her on, she now feels entitled to comment on behalf of the entire black community.

No. 806900

Such a woKe QwEeN

I love the muh career!1!! As if she, you know, has one.

No. 806905


her "career" is claiming benefits for her "disabilities" and sponging off Henry. Her "art" is basically a hobby she can't be making more than 50 quid a week off it

No. 806907

File: 1557855188109.jpg (572.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-183157_Ins…)

No. 806909

What about the giant open wounds on her neck???

She forgets that she puts everything on the internet so its easy for us to see through her lies.

She didn't just put Polly on a vegan diet because she kept vomiting, as she posted on a Facebook group about trying to switch Lulu to a vegan food

No. 806913

File: 1557855561390.jpg (653.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-183126_Ins…)

She's so dramatic about everything

"I need that group for my PANIC ATTACKS"

Oh fuck off

No. 806915


"Not safe anymore"

It's a fucking Facebook group. Get a grip Phoebe

No. 806916

I literally knew a serious agoraphobe who didn't describe his life as dramatically as she does.

No. 806921

I'd try to gouge my eyes out if my owner looked like that too.

No. 806925

File: 1557857359434.jpg (502.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-190915_Ins…)

No. 806927

She's got to be over the weight limit for that already, or close to it.

No. 806946


"Need" is a pretty fucking subjective term here. She's only got mobility issues as she's so grosly obese.

Also the price is not bad for a quality powerchair, it'll be that price due to being so lightweight and foldable. Once you start getting into chairs with features like tilt and proper postural support you're easily looking 4k+. Maybe she should stop buying nail polish and jewellery before she moans about the cost of her accessory disability.

No. 806947


sorry for samefag but would this "shitty chair" be the same one that she asked for donations from actually poor and marginalised people for too? kek nice

No. 806950

What's the betting this 'misunderstanding' over a 'joke' could easily have been cleared up if she'd posted:

>Guys, I just want to clarify that I feed my cat a proper meat-based diet. The 'vegan household' joke you're worried about was making light of Polly not feeling like eating her usual dinner, and referencing our own vegan lifestyle. I get that it was awkwardly phrased, but I just want to assure everyone there's nothing to worry about and Polly is loved and cared for.

But she just has no ability to resolve a situation or have any perspective that isn't her being persecuted, and now she's isolated herself from yet another group of people. It's also noticeable that she doesn't mention being sad at not contacting anyone she might have liked at the group again, and just focuses on her insular world.

No. 806951

It would be better for her to just get a bariatric wheelchair, or maybe to get treatment for her binge eating disorder and see if she still has ~muh pains~

No. 806957

kek she must be pushing 25 stone she would literally have to watch her weight to improve her mobility. oh the horror.

No. 806960

File: 1557863217874.png (7.37 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0462.PNG)

she's about to be so disappointed in some way or another.

No. 806961

Of course she wants the most expensive chair on the website. Plus she's almost certainly over the weight limit, or will be within a couple of months. She claimed to be nearly 20st back in October and has gained a lot since then.

No. 806965

Or you could literally eat less and exercise for $0 and lose all that fat that makes you """disabled"""
I can´t with this lazy fatass

No. 806968


How? What kind of credit can she have when her only income is welfare? Unless she makes Henry her guarantor or gets policeman Daddy to pay for it.

No. 806976

File: 1557865409513.png (2.91 MB, 750x1334, 19576193-FC65-4F74-90D1-65C8E6…)

God she is so dramatic.

No. 806977

Not enough for that chair, that's for sure.

She'll get Henry to do it. She's happy to take advantage of him in other ways. Financial abuse will come easy to her.

No. 806997

What the fuck Phoebe, sandwiching this in between complaining about your broken iPad you can't afford to replace

No. 806999

Put the money you have to burn on a luxury wheelchair you'll break in 5mins with your bbw curves into a new one lmao

No. 807013


I'm usually not a fan of attacking a persons looks when their personality is so much worse but, Imagine seeing her out like that. She's the size of a fucking house but she's got her nails painted all sparkly and got a dress on lol. Why even bother?

Also why doesn't she attempt to 'look non-binary' like alot of them do

No. 807014


Not to WK on behalf of the entire nonbinary/genderqueer population, but there isn't really a set gender presentation for those who don't identify as having one.

Saying that, Phoebe wears her supposed identity literally as a badge and also as one of oppression.

No. 807016

Omg she didn't need to get finance for a new prop.

She's so ridiculous.

Cue stories of her crying about how she can't get finance and her followers need to help her.

No. 807018

File: 1557868493687.jpg (633.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-221135_Ins…)

No. 807023

File: 1557868817243.jpg (564.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-221248_Ins…)


No. 807024

File: 1557868874465.jpg (557.58 KB, 1080x1847, 20190514_222105.jpg)


She's so good at budgeting

No. 807025

Better a rude person uses the spot to pop into a shop for a couple minutes than a woman dedicates her whole life to ruining her body and exaggerating her symptoms in a way that will give her government handouts and tax the healthcare system extensively.

No. 807028

File: 1557869353636.jpg (516.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-221146_Ins…)

i'M AuTisTIc

No. 807037

File: 1557870788395.jpg (538.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190514-225240_Ins…)

No. 807051

you posted your own address when you tried to flex your disability paperwork dummy

who bought it for her, was the money raised with “donations”? Kek I can’t imagine somebody gifting her an unnecessary electronic device when she constantly bitches about how STARVED she is

No. 807052


> 53"-55" waist

Even checking how large of a circumference that is with a tape measure blew me away. How can anyone stay alive to get to that point?

No. 807056

As if anyone here really cares lol. But plaster yourself all over the net and expect to be recognised

No. 807058


& this is the flipside of her demands for size 20+ clothing - as the very patient person from Lucy & Yak said, people who handmake the clothes can make them to any size but the price will reflect this.

No. 807059

Right? Like why act like a wannabe influencer and be so incredibly personal online if you don't want the notoriety that comes with it? You're in charge of your own privacy with social media Pheebs

No. 807070

With all the time she spends bitching she could learn a second language.

No. 807079

File: 1557876133843.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3056.PNG)

er, so she got back from her weekend away and is only shipping outstanding orders she neglected tomorrow? or maybe later if her "disabilities" flare up? nice customer service there Phoebe

No. 807081

Anyone in her begging FB group? I'd be interested to know if she's already started trying to get money for her new chair.

No. 807087


No. I guess she'd be too embarrassed to try as she whinged her current powerchair from donations too and now she's calling it a piece of shit. Nice gratitude, Phoebs.

No. 807110

These are the same ones she marked as shipped already and said she needed another week to ship last week right?

No. 807111

>showing any sign of shame or self-awareness
good joke friend

No. 807113

Yeah. Thing is, with agoraphobia or any disability that prevents you from working or entering society in anyway, you have shame. You feel guilty for being a burden on people, even if it something that you can’t help.

Phoebe doesn’t seem to experience any of this. Phoebe doesn’t know what shame is.

No. 807159

Holy shit, I wasn't expecting my drawing from the previous thread to become the pic for the new one. Thank you, OP anon!

No. 807167


I swear she must spend 40 hours a week on Instagram, could swap it for I dunno.. a full time job.

Plenty of jobs out there are quite sedentary to suit her, I mean we all know she can sit at a computer for hours on end

No. 807168


whyever not? it's hilarious!

(not OP, but artistic admirer)

No. 807188

Also a masterpiece compared to Pheebs' art.

No. 807208

I'm sorry if this is her livelihood then why is she complaining about the price while at the same time getting a new chair she doesn't need and looking and clothing sites? Surely her "livelihood" takes priority.

Such a fucking scamming bitch. She's posting this cos she wants donations instead of budgeting and having/looking for actual work like a normal person would.

No. 807219

What is even happening here? It looks like the tip of her lightning cable broke off inside.

Phoebe, you dumb fuck. Get a pair of plastic tweezers, pull that sucker out, and you can keep doing your scribbles. If that doesn't work, buy a really cheap laptop. All you need is MS Paint. You do not NEED an iPad. That is a luxury item.

No. 807232

Yeah or a cheap refurbished tablet it’s not like her art “skills” (lol) require anything fancy

Still can’t believe the sheer delusion of this ham thinking there’s medical necessity for a wheelchair - let alone one costing that much when she basically relies on Henry and handouts. Also the constant chimpouts over disabled parking, jesus, suck it up Phoebe and fucking walk, it’ll do you some good

No. 807233


She'll argue that it's a necessity because of her crappy art but seriously what percentage of people on earth are even in a position to own an ipad.

How can she be so obsessed with black people but still have no perspective about people in the world being actually poor

Is she really bitching about plus sized clothing and parking and ipads and then accusing everyone else of 'privilege' when lets be real, anyone sat on a phone or computer accessing Instagram is already doing better in life than a good chunk of people. She never promotes giving money to actual starving people, only to fat/gay/trans artists that make badges with dildos on them.

No. 807236

File: 1557940868870.jpg (70.85 KB, 640x1139, GRqgFGw_d.jpg)

Since the anon who dumped the imgur album never embedded images, here's proof she fixed the problem about 10 minutes after it happened. She doesn't need money to fix it, all that can go to her super special chair she's going to end up breaking.

No. 807241

File: 1557941613168.jpg (607.57 KB, 2048x2048, A4D54295-DBDA-4BB5-822C-571FF8…)

anyone know if she's still being treated for depression? I've never seen a person or cow so desperate for attention.

No. 807242


I've seen enough of these 'I'm crying' posts to think she must of had some overly-babied upbringing. She's regularly in tears over the tiniest of everyday annoyances. The smallest thing happens and she's either bawling her eyes out, making suicide threats, ringing Henry to come home or raging like the world owes her something.

No. 807245

imagine cutting yourself over anonymous imageboard posts and a temporarily unusable ipad

she’s a fucking meme

No. 807246

>Someone please give me ways to stop myself self-harming
Try eating less. That's doing a lot more self-harm than the paper cuts you do to your arms or your dramatic threats to "kill yourself" holding a fuckin kitchen knife to your throat like a child having a tantrum.

No. 807247

I don't know why she doesn't just try not being a shite person.

No. 807248


They only got back from holiday a fucking day ago and already it's back to dealing with her threats lol Poor Henry

This is a perfect example of what women with personality disorders do to manipulate..

No. 807250

it's too good that she thinks/wants her obvious personality disorder to actually be autism. As if someone that high functioning could claim benefits for being on the spectrum anyways.

No. 807251


She might be threatening to kill herself over that guy parking in a disabled spot yesterday lol

No. 807253


I think armchair diagnosing is a no-no on here but damn I know exactly what she's showing signs of. Henry is in for a rough time with this one!

No. 807258

File: 1557943290041.jpg (916.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190515-134906_Ins…)

Spending more money on pointless shit

No. 807259

File: 1557943328634.jpg (654.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190515-190057_Ins…)


No. 807261

She is just building up the sympathy ready for her gofundme for the wheelchair.

She's a manipulative narcissist

No. 807263


Someone here predicted that she'd pull this shit and have a bad mental health day to delay these orders even more. She knows it's hard to argue with 'but I wanna kill myself'

She's the lowest of the low with that emotional blackmail shit she's always pulling

No. 807266


Her followers seem to fall for it hook, line and sinker.

How the fuck has Henry not left her???

No. 807267

Is she even a self-harmer? (apart from her food gorging) Like does she have a single cut mark on her arms?

'STop me harming mYself' Well you haven't started yet!

No. 807273

>lifes too fucking difficult
Which part of it? Feebs doesn't do anything

No. 807276


She's just back from enjoying a mini break with cat cafes and gay bars, the hard life right there

But I want a 3 thousand quid chair!

Funny how she doesn't ring the NHS helpline and get directed to a hospital to be sectioned, just posts to Instagram instead

No. 807281

there are plenty of ways to sh that aren't cutting, dingus. her not having cut marks doesn't mean she isn't doing other stuff.

she can literally Google for ways not to sh but she has to be as public as possible about it instead. like the first hit on Google when you search for self harm is info on how to talk to someone if you're in danger. she's a narcissist.

No. 807283


If anyone is going to have a mental breakdown it might be henry from working long hours and regularly coming home to bawling suicide threats. The image for this thread is very fitting right now lol


I thought it was pretty obvious I was being funny… save all your self-harming facts lol

No. 807284

This wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't lied and marked them as shipped you dumb fuck.

No. 807289

She's been online today posting so what's stopping her with orders. She's posting right now about nail polish and squishy toys

No. 807291

File: 1557948359838.png (6.38 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0482.PNG)

KEK she thinks she's not rude

No. 807293

She has gone from suicidal to playing with a squishy toy on insta stories all in the space of less than an hour?

Guess she got the attention she wanted

No. 807295

Genuine high functioning autistic people can receive disability benefits.

No. 807296


Derp I'm anxious and wearing a special pin so everyone knows it. But only if they stand really close to me and read my chest, which might make me anxious

Nobody over 25 wears these gender/disability declaration pins I hope

No. 807299


I'm not that poster but yeah I think you're right

Her emotional outbursts and instability look like something else though, False threats of suicide certainly make it easy to diagnose what she has

No. 807300

Struggling but still can dress up with new stuff, make 600 IG posts and probably has gaslighted a few people/brands along the way.

You literally just have to go the fuck outside to the Post Office, it's minimal effort you gross cow

No. 807301

Is that a penis candle in the back ? Holy shit hahahaha

No. 807309

Thought mods were maybe insensitive calling posters autistic a few weeks back but there's someone on this thread dying to hit other posters with 'facts' and most of the time they're being touchy and just not understanding humour??


Exactly, she posted loads of insta stories today. Look at my earrings and my nails and my toys. All that despite the terrible emotional struggle she's going through

No. 807314

anon, this is lolcow. "autistic" is one of the kindest things by far mods call users lmao

No. 807317

you are allowed to speculate about diagnosis on here, it's not against the rules, you don't need to sound so cryptic

No. 807318


I understand why they say it now lmao >>807281 Might genuinely be autistic

Funny how Pheobe is always telling people to buy from small creators but she's a perfect example of why some people won't. Companies give you a shipping date and generally stick to it, they don't have mental health days

No. 807324


I think she has borderline, just thought I'd seen people warned for posting similar? The threats of self harm, the quickly changing extremes in mood, manipulation, attention seeking behaviour

No. 807339

She wishes she was borderline. This is histrionic narcissism. All her threats are empty and for show. Everything she does is for attention. She’s nothing without an audience to watch her.

No. 807360

File: 1557957140424.png (24.36 KB, 300x100, savehenry.png)

idk I tried.

No. 807363


She certainly used to be, she has some very faint scars on her arm.

No. 807365


good luck getting sectioned (or even acute mental health care) if you're only a danger to yourself and not others

NHS mental health care is not in a good place right now

No. 807366

>1.3 Do not engage in armchair psychology or attempt to diagnose a subject.

did you only read the global rules

No. 807367


I wonder if anyone will give accurate feedback on Etsy about the delay or they'll all feel too guilty to do so due to her dramatic stories on Instagram.

No. 807369


I am so embarassed to have BPD right now. GO TO THERAPY, PHOEBE.

No. 807386

Ha! Love it! Though I do wonder if it's cool to post about Henry or put pictures of him on this thread. He's not the cow.

No. 807390


She's young, undiagnosed and surrounded by enablers that handle her with kid-gloves and think she's autistic, she's gonna get way worse if family don't figure it out

No. 807394

File: 1557959821799.png (7 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0488.PNG)

I assume her obsession with black people and American politics is just virtue signaling, but you'd think she'd stick to fat/disabled/vegan activism since it's her lane. Doubt she even has more than a handful of black followers. May as well make a badge to let others know she's so woke.

No. 807399


Again, is sarcasm or humour not understood on here??

Looked up histrionic after it was mentioned, one of the traits is thinking you have special talents even when you clearly don't… hmm like being an artist maybe? lol

No. 807407


I would be interested in hearing how any black people following the thread feel about it.

Someone mentioned her fetishising black men before she became so woke

No. 807428


seeing this kind of behavior especially from nobody whities is obnoxious and incredibly see through

you can tell she has no black friends

No. 807442

File: 1557967237104.png (4.83 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0493.PNG)

An Indian woman just recommended giving money to the pheebs for pride month.

No. 807446

File: 1557968251347.jpg (136.16 KB, 800x600, latest news.jpg)

Im sorry it's not Pheebz level of great art, but I thought I'd summarize the latest news. Imagine the difference it would make the moment she had some sort of… Self-awareness?

No. 807449

why?? she takes like 2 months to ship out orders, and she’s a wannabe queer. how are people blind to her shite personality and attitude?

No. 807508

Amazing anon.

Top kek

No. 807517

File: 1558001940278.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1825, Screenshot_20190516-111422~2.p…)

No. 807520

How does she think that girl she tried to molest felt? She was literally crushed by a 300lb whale who smelled like ass sweat and stale bathwater.

No. 807525

its just really interesting how we're hearing less and less of her being accountable for this incident and more and more of her talking about her being a survivor of sexual assault/rape…

No. 807526


Exactly, since when does she have a bunch of rape in her past??

Also I love how cat pics somehow fix rape memories and squishy toys stop suicidal thoughts

No. 807530

File: 1558004242800.png (186.46 KB, 692x1240, f3a5a2f7c9897de86a0eeb719d0a2d…)

No. 807536

File: 1558005814497.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190516-122208.png)

Watching lots of TV shows instead of working on the oh so delayed orders

No. 807542

Yep, order from Feeble for pride* and you may just have it for pride 2020, if not there's always 2021…

*don't actually do that obvs!

No. 807552

File: 1558013418634.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190516-142712.png)

So stressful! Sitting at home watching telly in all these stories

No. 807557

people who have bought stuff from her but don’t follow her instagram are probably confused about what’s happening with their order.

wow she’s such a savvy business person

No. 807567

lol Has a 'weird and stressful week!' every week

Who'd want to purchase fathers day gifts knowing she has no concrete reason for her freak outs and every day is a mental health crisis where she needs to watch TV, paint her nails and enjoy scented candles all day long

No. 807569

File: 1558016157578.jpg (11.76 KB, 228x221, images.jpg)

She's making Fathers Day gifts for her shop? That'll be fun to see. It's on June 16th so she has a month to stock her shop.

I'm surprised someone as woke as her actually owns a television.

No. 807570

She'll play the disability card if any of her customers complain. Make them feel like they're in the wrong.

No. 807573

Tbh I doubt there are many of them. Nobody would by her stuff because it looks good, they're getting it because they feel sorry for her.

No. 807593

Says she was hyperventilating and having all these rape images in her head last night so where's henry during this, is he stuck consoling her? Pulling the butter knife out of her hand again lol

No. 807595

File: 1558021963635.png (9.31 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0516.PNG)

her etsy shop is literally a charity for herself

No. 807604

Why would she describe all of this in such graphic detail? Why not just say "I had a rough night with flashbacks, send cheerful pics if you can" ? I mean, I know why, but it's so strange. I've never met a victim of assault who was so eager to share their experience on such a loud stage without it being for a certain cause or something. It just seems odd to recount this to such a wide base of followers that you don't even personally know… Friends, I understand, but your clientele?!

No. 807610

He was probably out on a 12 hour night shift making money she can spend on nail varnish and ugly clothes.

No. 807611


That one badge… 'I have BPD'

No. 807614

Just how delayed are these orders, they must be at least 3 weeks late by now? Does Etsy have some kind of rights to refund policy? I'd be furious if I'd bought something and it was this late, and the seller was posting this self-indulgent crap on instagram. Likewise, if I had some personal crisis where I couldn't come into work or meet some promise I made for this long, I'd be all apologies and offer heavy discounts. Hope some disgruntled customers spread the word about her or maybe report her to the Etsy site, this is tantamount to theft.

>the times I've been assaulted and raped
What's the betting she read up on illnesses associated with rape recovery and has decided to claim she has vaginismus to seem more authentic? I think she did this with autism and fibro, she's read that people experience 'pains' and thinks saying this'll make her sound more believable. It doesn't quite fit into her vernacular though, so reads precisely like she's gotten it off a website and decided to use the term. You're right of course, it comes off as deflection, especially because if she claims she's been violently raped multiple times she can out-victim her actual real victim, thus absolving herself of any wrongdoing in her head.

Exactly this, 'how dare you hold me accountable and expect a contract to be upheld as a customer, don't you know I'm literally oppressed and triggered in all these ways? How dare you pick on a ~vulnerable person~!'

No. 807616

I think the nature of the gifts (pronoun and disability/sexual identity flex merch, rainbow vomit style stuff) probably do embarrassingly well by virtue of their low price and easy-to-identify theme. They'll respond to search terms and show up at the top of the search engine when some ess jay dubya googles 'disability' or 'pronoun' and people will add it to their basket without thinking. The simple designs, though badly executed and unoriginal, at least make the statement they are supposed to. And, of course, many other statements about the wearer. I can definitely see them doing at least reasonably well.

No. 807619

File: 1558027069562.png (5.52 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0517.PNG)

Another woman of color with around 17k followers advocating for people to follow the pheebs. are these people following someone completely different? what am i missing? the other people on this list do good work.

No. 807622

File: 1558027738967.png (448.94 KB, 1255x779, fvf-etsy.png)

She's currently having a sale

No. 807636


'Made to order' "3 to 5 days" LOL

No. 807652


She already says she has vaginismus and that she and Henry don't have PIV sex.

No. 807655

File: 1558034491651.png (736.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3062.PNG)

This was (re)posted on her story. While I agree the situation in Alabama is horrific, the weight limit for Plan B isn't "medical fatphobia" it's "we don't want you to die of a stroke". But Phoebe loves to see oppression literally everywhere.

No. 807662

That is fucking tragic. Henry not only works full time, deals with her disgusting ways. But doesnt even get a good shag. Poor lad

No. 807663


Oh just make a better version of that pill.. yeah simple solution there genius.. wonder why it hasn't already been done

While we're at it lets make that cancer cure I've been demanding on twitter lol

No. 807665

>Medicine didn't have behemoths centered
>Medicalized fatphobia.

A lot of medication interact poorly with alcohol. Is this ableism?

No. 807675


If a bunch of alcoholics were to scream about online then I guess so yeah

I mean the EasY sOlUtiOn of just making better meds is there if the dummies working in medicine weren't so hateful

No. 807680

File: 1558041168241.jpg (528.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190516-220821_Ins…)

Oh god I hope she doesn't buy these

No. 807681


I love this, it should be the new thread picture

No. 807682

i don’t think he ever gets a GOOD shag from our feebs. she seems rly boring, probably just lies there and takes it lol

No. 807683

File: 1558041285340.jpg (522.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190516-220742_Ins…)

She should not be giving out skin advice, she's covered in grease, spots and herpes.

No. 807684

File: 1558041346671.jpg (785.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190516-220724_Ins…)

Ffs. It is women's rights. We're allowed to have things.

No. 807685

It's probably a blessing in disguise that he can't fuck her.

Omg imagine if she got pregnant

No. 807688


being that obese makes it harder to get pregnant, so unlikely to happen

No. 807697

This mentality is honestly fucking disgusting. There's a movement going on that could restrict the rights of every fertile woman in the USA, but she and her fellow wokies are more concerned about avoiding hurting the feelings of a tiny fraction of the population. She really does hate women.
inshallah. She has expressed the desire to reproduce

No. 807712

File: 1558046298678.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3065.PNG)

She hasn't even bothered PACKING the orders that were made over a week ago. Fucking hell she's lazy.

No. 807722

I wonder why she's sex repulsed or w/e now all of a sudden. She seemed to be really into her "sex work" judging by those videos. She sure as fuck didn't have vaginismus back then, is that really something that can develop at any point? Because I've never heard of that happening.

No. 807723


did you not hear? phoebe and her family are chavs who wear tesco coats and value vodka

No. 807725

probably not. But I've been thinking more abnout this. I know men who have stayed with shit relationships purely because the sex was good or at least readily available. This girl is both repulsive in personality and looks and yet henry still stays with her. Not only that but he works full time while she shits at home. I mean what the fuck is keeping the poor guy with her. Does he feel as though he couldn't do better, is she manipulative and abusive. I do wonder

No. 807729

I reckon it's his autism combined with her emotional abuse of him. He's got used to his routine and his living environment. The pros of ditching her are probably outweighed by the toll the disruption of a breakup would take on him. Plus I'm sure if he did psyche himself up and try to break up with her, she'd grab the bread knife again and make threats to top herself. That threat traps lots of people in abusive relationships.

No. 807786

Family OP also mentioned that this is his first real relationship. She's emotionally/financially abusing him and that's all we know for sure. There is probably more underlying abuse we don't see. Phoebe is the model definition of an abusive personality. And the fact she passes herself as some SJW savior to some online communities probably confuses him even more.

No. 807788

File: 1558059535108.png (4.16 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0525.PNG)

sage for blogpost but she makes being nonbinary and queer seem like such a weird trend it makes me wish I weren't.

No. 807807


It breaks my heart that he might think this is all perfectly normal in a "proper relationship".

No. 807808

how the fuck is she supposed to be gay for girls if she’s nonbinary.

No. 807812

The same way every queer bitch says she’s a fucking nb lesbian they/them pronouns please. Feeb’s mom calling her out for being straight has been the best part of this all imo

No. 807818

Those fingers are absolutely revolting. They look like they'll explode at any moment.

No. 807826

The fact that they live together probably makes it a lot harder for him to even think about leaving her. Uprooting your life as you know it during a breakup is stressful enough for most people but for someone who’s autistic it would be an absolute nightmare. Putting up with the daily abuse may seem almost comfortable in comparison because at least it’s familiar ground.

No. 807835

>She sure as fuck didn't have vaginismus back then, is that really something that can develop at any point?

Yep. It's called secondary vaginismus.

No. 807848


Her flat is so vile. Why is there a dust pan upside down in the middle of a carpeted floor? She's just absolutely grim, I feel so bad for Henry slaving away for her and then coming home to this shit and her demands of "take me to the post office or I'll kill myself!!!"

No. 807867


There's no way this relationship could last forever. Most couples that get engaged at 20 don't last so I doubt they'll be the exception

It's like a pressure cooker, it'll blow up eventually

No. 807877

It's for the best, she never washes

No. 807878

Why is it always 'nerf' anyway? Do they think preserving women's freedoms that were already there is somehow 'radical feminism'?

No. 807880

There is a complicating factor, i.e. that Henry is autistic and allegedly not exactly the highest-functioning.

No. 807898

that's because being NB and "queer" is a weird trend. that's why people like Feeeebz love it so much - don't have to do anything but get to claim oppression AND culture created by and for actual marginalised people. like the word queer, for example.

No. 807905


heh, nerf.

It's just base misogyny anon, not much more to it. Women sticking up for women = bitches, what about the men. Terf is the new black. Head over to the gender crit thread in OT to talk further about it though, lest we derail feebz.

No. 807926

Why when she's in the UK is she quite so obsessed with posting about US abortion laws, gendered language obviously being the biggest issue of all lol

Sad that she puts so much time into posting woke info on instagram and it makes no difference to the world. People watching her stories either already share those views or they're laughing at them

No. 807938

Lmao she was in high school when she made those tweets about how disgusting vaginas are and how much she wants to fuck black boys, why the fuck you lying Feebz??

No. 807957

File: 1558111698887.jpeg (535.7 KB, 1440x2562, 91B32013-793E-4A9F-89AC-7DD13E…)

maybe try ringing them? that’ll sort it quicker than emails, especially if the feebs is being an abusive troll

No. 807958

File: 1558111701971.png (2.06 MB, 828x1792, 7DAA829B-84B6-4AD6-988A-53633C…)

im sure this bitch felt different when her dads police work money was paying for her overseas trips

No. 807961

Bad idea, they won't believe her anyway in my experience

No. 807965

Genuine question, how would this situation be handled? Not to wk Feebs but I wouldn't know what to do here either

No. 807972

Well I don't know how it works in the UK, but in the US when you move out of a place you are responsible for switching your utilities, so they would be transferred in your name to your new place of residence. So when a new tenant moved into Phoebe's old house, they should have had to open and register utilities in their name.

No. 807973


Debt collection isn't harassment and they're not 'leeches' for simply doing their job. Ring them, send paperwork or proof. Otherwise suck it up and pay cos that's adult life sometimes

I imagine her email starting out like

Listen here, Dickheads!

No. 807975

if anyone’s a leech, it’s phoebe

No. 807982

“How dARE you not reply to my emails immediately something something FATPHOBIA something something PRIVeLEdGED CUNTS!!!”

Why does everything have to be such a drama. Pick up the phone and call them, won’t take long for them to realise the mistake considering you never wash

No. 807983

I've had the same problem and you just call them, explain the situation and ask for your address and contact details to be removed from the case.

No. 807990

This, traditional subcultures are no longer an expression of 'uniqueness' because social media has normalized them, so insecure people are getting into gendershit and mental illness to give themselves the illusion of depth and distinguish themselves from the mainstream. People like feebz think 'huh I don't perfectly fit the stereotype of a woman I must be queer/trans/non-binary/whatever', slap a label on it, and use it to assert their status as a ~special~ person. This sort of thing has been going on for decades in the West, just in different clothing, but it's gotten extremely intense and culturally prominent thanks to social media and is now no longer restricted to teens trying to find themselves and particularly weird adults.
Can't she just, like, call them?

No. 807991

nah if we’re talking cluster B my money’s on Narc

No. 807996


Yeah does she have a problem with making phone calls? Most peoples instinct in this situation would be to call not email

No. 808007

I put my life savings on HPD

No. 808010


I didn't know before that being suggestible or easily influenced is on the list for that.. she sure soaks up all that woke and parrots it

No. 808011

In before she posts that she can't phone because #autism

No. 808012

Ugh excuse you ableist shitlords, she’s clearly too autistic and anxious to make a pho- wait a sec
>waddles over to bang on upstairs neighbours’ front door
>waddles home
Where was I? Oh yes, she’s clearly far too socially anxious to make phone calls.

No. 808019


Neighbors hear her stomps before she gets to the door lol

No. 808036

File: 1558125903761.jpg (Spoiler Image, 645.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190517-214446_Ins…)


No. 808040


Is the implication here that all the bills in their new flat are in Henry's name?

No. 808042

Well if she really is stupid enough to have not canceled her account at her last house, she would not have been able to set it up under her name at a new place. Unless they moved to a place under a different water company jurisdiction possibly.

No. 808046

Christ, it must be so uncomfortable for that woman to walk.

No. 808089

That is presupposing she believes all that stuff and isn't just using it to justify her own lifestyle of codependence and lack of accountability. I'd bet she low key rolls her eyes at most of this, but wants very much to look righteous and knows this is the way to go about it today.

No. 808201

Why does the skin look like it was grafted on… looks like a stale fried chicken drumstick.

No. 808270

File: 1558158408783.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 597.98 KB, 1440x2562, 4A09A4F1-AD66-470B-9E9D-E824B8…)

why does she take pics of her body parts whenever she wants to say something? the arm just makes me go, “how about no?”

so bizarre

No. 808304

File: 1558165436415.png (Spoiler Image, 104.41 KB, 840x486, lipedema2.png)

Looks like lipedema.

No. 808306

nah, just hella fat. huge thighs like tess holliday

No. 808314


As someone legit diagnosed with it and receiving DBT, I can't fucking imagine wearing a badge broadcasting this.

Imagine that conversation….:

"Oh, you have BiPolar?"

"No, I have Borderline Personality Disorder"

"What's that?"

"I'm extremely sensitive to my own mood swings, people's body language, and at times, irrational fears of abandonment that make me obsessed with keeping a person in my life to the point where they get tired of me, or I tend to ditch them for any inconvenience before they realize what a fucked up person, clingy person I believe I can be.
I also overindulge in alcohol, drugs, spending, shoplifting, and self harm in order to quickly shift my own mood to what I need it to be"

"Oh…kay…." makes mental note to not befriend

It pisses me off because a person diagnosed with BPD can't even admit to their personality faults without being hated on by the general population.
If I openly admit to being self conscious of my partner liking an attractive person's photos, I have and will be met with 100+ messages telling me why I'm a horrible, insecure, unworthy person to be in a relationship with, even if I'll acknowledge in that same post that I know it's irrational.

Pheebs, shut the fuck up.
Literally no one walks around saying they have BPD in public.
We're genuinely hated by the normal population, SJW's hate us the most because they know what it means and narcissists like her take pleasure in sending their goons our way.
Even therapists hate us unless they specialize in DBT.

Not to fucking gatekeep but I don't think this bitch has BPD at all.
Apart from an obvious lack of self harm (She claims she's suicidal but doesn't have any signs of physical mutilation, someone who claims that so often would at least be practicing for suicide at this point, cold hard truth. If you're suicidal for that long, you'll play around with cutting, choking, burning, overdosing, etc. after a couple of years. )

We don't need Pheebs being an advocate for Borderline, what an embarrassment, even for Bpd standards

No. 808319

I meant this in reply to >>807611 , my bad.

No. 808322

File: 1558172603489.jpg (168.3 KB, 750x1334, 60628474_142644940194143_86995…)

She's awake. Let's start the day off with some police shaming. Also, I love how she still thinks posting a few amateur porn videos for free makes her a sex worker. She really clings to any 'oppressed' community for pity points.

No. 808337


I had a job once where I came to know a few women with borderline and they could be put into two categories (just in my experiences) The quiet borderlines that are mostly suffering internally and self harmers, second group are the aggressively unhappy ones that lack all insight and lash out at everyone and everything

She reminds me of the latter

No. 808338


Just to add, the self harmers rarely lashed out at others and the aggressive types rarely self-harmed despite constantly threatening to

No. 808346

File: 1558179520643.jpg (620.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-123820_Ins…)

She's going out?!!?!!!???

No. 808347

File: 1558179579969.jpg (729.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190518-123828_Ins…)

Fucking lazy.

'oh by the way they're from Aldi, because I need to remind you that I'm poor'

No. 808348

She's off to look at that existed wheelchair!!!

I'm getting popcorn

No. 808350

Omg that thing on her face. Why was I eating when I saw this.

No. 808354

holy shit it looks like she's beginning to petrify

inb4 "I have that incredibly rare disease where my body turns to stone over time!"

No. 808357

At first I thought that thing was a crumb from the bar. Oh god, why doesn't she just photograph the other half of her face? I don't get her.

No. 808358


that cold sore!!! fucking boke

No. 808363


Well being massively overweight is a cause of lympho and lypoedema.

No. 808375

jfc that thing is gonna become sentient soon and start making it's own demands for a wheelchair and an ipad

No. 808381

Oh no, what if she starves?!

No. 808392

Cereal is not exactly taxing Feebs

Also her face is so fat here she looks like a fakeboi, so I guess she looks exactly how she wants

No. 808417


Why when she only shows one side of her face in most pics does she opt to show the herpes side, that is horrific

No. 808440

Where are the artist anons, would make a hilarious thread pic. Her newly sentient giant cold sore demanding a wheelchair and proclaiming oppression jfc

No. 808489

maybe she counts herpes as a disability. More oppression points!

No. 808490

File: 1558198320513.jpeg (651.29 KB, 1440x2562, 02A541AF-B36F-4C1A-83B2-190B4B…)

i’m speechless. i feel so bad for henry, he has to come home to that festering pit after working long shifts. phoebe isn’t busy all day, she does absolutely nothing at all. people with genuine chronic pain/illness don’t let their homes turn into a hoarder’s wet dream. pheebs has no excuse at all. don’t expect henry to do his fair share when he already contributes so much for her ungrateful arse.

No. 808492

literally just put shit away right after you use it
there’s trash sitting RIGHT next to the trash can, you couldn’t reach the extra two inches to drop it in?

No. 808501


She could just not make the mess in the first place???


No. 808505

File: 1558200967774.png (5.58 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0565.PNG)

*henry pays

No. 808508

She's complaining about her flat being untidy and dirty… when she should be the one making it tidy and clean?? wtf?
I'm guessing she forces Henry to be her maid.

No. 808511


Love how she says 'my' flat. If it's so tiny how can it be hard to keep clean? Also mould is something you keep on top of to keep it at bay, it's just a reality of living nearly anywhere and you look for solutions for it. If you're complaining about mould in the summertime that means you haven't cleaned that spot since winter. It's YOUR dirt and moisture to clean

No. 808513

…nonbinary is literally a trend. Go back to tumblr.

No. 808514

File: 1558201890559.jpeg (517.11 KB, 1440x2562, 95A57A62-DDB3-4629-9000-E8010E…)

poor cat trapped in feebs’ stench. also oof at that core sore in that mould video. she loves showing how filthy she is

No. 808523


I don't mind the whole non-binary thing if they at least look that bit androgynous. But women with pink hair, sparkly painted nails and dangly earrings… not playing along with that

No. 808539

File: 1558204350954.jpg (Spoiler Image, 860.24 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190518-193012.jpg)

What the fuck is that

No. 808544

I think it's your face that's moldy, phoebs

Jesus that thing is disgusting and only keeps growing. wtf

No. 808546

for someone who is supposed to be running a business i cannot get over how unprofessional she is

No. 808577

She needs to take a fucking window scraper to that thing…

No. 808603


"I work at home all day"


No. 808611

It looks almost like she put black salve on it, jesus christ. Is she trying to use charcoal or something on it or is she just that disgusting?

No. 808614


no, it's just scabbed up.

No. 808619

Ive never seen a grey scab

No. 808630


It literally looks like those big scabs you’d get on your knees when you fell down as a little kid and scraped them up bad. I’ve never seen a cold sore look like that, I bet she’s picking it on purpose to make it look worse.

No. 808675

File: 1558218889340.jpeg (199.36 KB, 750x1334, BCD10047-87D4-4CF4-8DD5-30C3A4…)

lol ofc she lowkey supports james charles. if he was a woman, she’d flip her shit cos she hates women. she goes on about him for a few stories. here’s the first one.

also she made those poll things with questions about herself and sadly i got most answers right. she even asked when was the first time she had sex, and her answer was an underaged number… ok why do you want us to choose an underaged number? that’s just weird

No. 808681

File: 1558219574859.png (444.57 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_20190518-154236~2.p…)

She posted like fifteen stories worth of specific-ass "trivia" about herself, I wonder if it's a trap to try and weed out followers who are ~stalking~ her (or if she's just really that much of a narcissist)

sage for mild tinfoil

No. 808685

File: 1558220061518.jpeg (192.67 KB, 640x875, 56D74247-3AD8-4935-A5C7-3908DA…)

i find it funny that phoebe hates her so shitty, tiny box of a flat cos she really liked it when she and henry moved in. i remember seeing a post when i skimmed through her insta so i went back and here it is. look at the caption! this was april 2, 2018. she only “hates” the flat cos she lets it get extremely dirty and messy. bring in kim and aggie!!

No. 808694


Funny because in >>806426 she was bashing him. Which is it Pheebs?

No. 808729

Phoebe is the perfect example of why landlords should stalk their current tenants (aka google them and find their social media). Someone owns that flat she chooses to keep filthy and let mould grow in. I wonder what they'd think of the state she keeps it in and the potential damage mould build up will do?

No. 808741

File: 1558227782163.png (7.83 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0611.PNG)

she can't even pretend to be a kind, normal person.

No. 808743

I think that’s necrosis…

No. 808785

at least she hid her rotting lip

No. 808820

How small is that apartment? I've never seen a couch basically inside a kitchen

No. 808902

File: 1558262131481.png (285.83 KB, 304x544, 02.png)

I bet she's doing this on Saturday, because Henry is home.
Poor guy.

No. 808918

File: 1558265684628.png (312.87 KB, 304x539, 04937435.png)

That was quick. I guess just a thought of doing anything that requires effort makes her depressed.

No. 808919

File: 1558266829095.jpg (657.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190519-125327_Ins…)

No. 808920


They only have one proper wage between them so I can see why they had to go for a compact flat. Wouldn't be so bad if she actually went out for a chunk of her day. You'd go stir crazy otherwise.

Do any of her family follow her on Insta I wonder? Imagine raising a kid and seeing them at 21 complaining THIS much about having to clean the house.. she's really not fit to be living away from parents yet

No. 808922


that cold sore is looking worse today jfc i’m nauseated

No. 808923

File: 1558267227344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.04 KB, 750x750, troll.jpg)

Can you imagine the smell? The flat must smell like a mixture of rotten fish, old Halloumi, piss and feces. Coming home to Hagrids evil twin brother with pink hair every day, poor Henry.

Someone asks why she is always taking pictures of herself, even though she is ugly af. Anyone remember Elliot Rodgers comments on the bodybuilder forum? It's the same with her. She is a narcissist.

She reads everything about her, she reads every comment here. I posted a video from her old YT and the fucking channel was down in SECONDS.

But it doesn't matter, she is a narcissist and everyone who ever met one knows, it is hopeless.

No. 808924

>>808919 she’s able to come up with a decent apology and acknowledge her ignorance but she cannot do the same for the shite she’s done re. rape/nazism/racism, etc. nice to know what her priorities are lol

No. 808925

File: 1558267746016.png (638.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190519-130759.png)

Is she claiming that 'narcissistic' is an ablist slur?

No. 808928


Damn, very few 'woke' people even care about the feelings of fucking narcissists.. so why does Pheobes.. hmm?

No. 808931

Good god this kind of stuff is ridiculous. The eggshells the sjw must tread on.

No. 808969

Thanks. I was triggered by your artwork. I risked my life for my child when I stepped aboard a wooden to escape poverty in my homeland in Ethiopia. My nephew, Senghal was not to be found one morning and he was lost forever in the cruel sea.

I was triggered intensely and sorry is not enough. You are a very unthoughtful person. We starve. You show photos of yourself eating breakfast bars. We weep. The hunger is indescribable.

No. 808970

a wooden boat. Sorry my ENglish is bad.

No. 809001

File: 1558278641188.jpg (605.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190519-161027_Ins…)

Omg it's late afternoon. She still hasn't cleaned.

Just get on with it!!

No. 809003



You could seriously tag half her stories in there

No. 809020

What the hell is the point of content warning the title if the title is posted visibly in the same image?

Oh, right, virtue signalling.

No. 809024

Those cat tattoos, she's like a parody of herself.

Looking at the fat dispersal in this picture though, she looks like she'd be an easy pear shape if she were normal-sized. Raging at good genes going to waste.

No. 809028

Do you think People's woke crowd are getting legitimately triggered about this or is it trolls and she's a victim of Poe's law?

No. 809052


Jesus christ thank you for the spoiler, I just lost my appetite. It wouldn’t be this bad if she could stop picking at it. Too bad she can’t throw a bandanna on her face like she did with Polly’s neck.

No. 809101

Exhibitionist narcissists are so weird. Any attention is good attention for her. She leaves the internet, we wonder when she's coming back, she loves it. Even though we're "haters" were an audience and narcissists love every single drop of it.

No. 809110

>>808923 hagrid’s evil twin brother with pink hair lmfao i’ve just passed away

No. 809112

kek i'm sure she would actually love the genderblind Hagrid comparison

No. 809143

Quick question Feebs: don't you think that thing on your face is visible proof that you don't give one shit about Henry? Fuck the facts about everything else, he's gotta look at that shit. He needs to leave. She's nothing but a leech. My only idea is that he hasn't left in fear of backlash from her family.

No. 809154

maybe she keeps it around by picking it so she doesn't have to kiss henry

No. 809158

she's literally never given any indication that she likes henry outside of him being a caretaker/provider. #savehenry

No. 809217

File: 1558305445165.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, 8B7A9E03-D051-47DD-9F8A-297DCD…)

because you would NEVER do something like this, would you feebs? this hypocritical bitch

No. 809253

FEEBS NOT ALL NON-BINARY PEOPLE WEAR YOUR STUPID BADGES what a hypocrite! So about "visible" trans or non-binary, and so about "invisible" illness and disabilities, yet here, thinking EVERYONE is visible. They're not (whether you believe in non-binary)
always visible, and neither are trans people. And to go around trans spotting is offensive in their community. You aren't in the real world, no matter if you think you are or not. Lying in a bed being online doesn't cut it for seeing and meeting people. You're a damn hypocrite. Sorry this just pisses me off.(>>>/tumblr/)

No. 809298

I love how she REEEEEs about body shaming because of her completely controllable weight, but says shit like this about body parts people can’t change.

No. 809315

I understand being overwhelmed because depression/anxiety made you put off doing things until they became almost insurmountable… I'm giving Feebz a lot of leeway in the assumption that she isn't just a lazy heffer here, bear with me.

But the only thing you can do in that situation is NOT throw you hands up and decalre it impossible and beyond you, but just START, anywhere, literally just begin and let the momentum of getting SOME done push you throw a little more until you're tired or in pain or whatever, then take a break until you feel better and start again. It's not a secret or some conspiracy (just like losing weight isn't a secret conspiracy). She needs to just grit her teeth and get through it.

I know she reads this page religiously so here's my advice: start with whatever is the most pressing, most time-sensitive thing. Are the dishes growing mold? Have you been out of clean pants for a week? Is there cat vomit crusting into your carpet from who knows when? Literally just pick the thing that is most important to get done and do it, or do most of it. After that (or while it's being done by the washing machine or dishwasher etc) go find the next most pressing issue and start working on it. Put on some music and stop making a fucking instagram story of you wailing along to the song instead of actually accomplishing anything and just busy yourself until you can't anymore, then take another break.

Honestly I know she won't accept any advice that doesn't coddle her and tell her its fine to live like this and that she should just start a crowdfund campaign to get herself a maid or whatever but that's all there is to it.

No. 809399

>>809253 that daisy person made the post not phoebe lol

No. 809462


This annoys me to no extent. This bitch let her apartment get so fucking dirty and she keeps making excuses about how much “pain” she is in or “Depression too bad.” or “I’m so overwhelmed!” I get it, sometimes we let messes pile up. But at some point you have to put on your big boy pants and clean up after yourself like a responsible fucking adult. Depression sucks, but this bitch wears it like a badge and uses it as an excuse to be a shut-in hoarder of useless “woke” shit.

My bets are on our resident fatty munchie picked up a few things before screaming about “muh fibro” and spent the rest of her day playing on her phone until poor Henry arrived and had to clean up the rest.


No. 809471

She was clearly waiting until Henry was home so that he’d be forced to do most of it

No. 809482

File: 1558353630550.jpeg (422.24 KB, 1440x2562, 0E83DE76-916B-4E61-9D3E-F967AC…)

a literal pig

No. 809483

File: 1558353777419.png (4.52 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0645.PNG)

asking for sweet, fattening recipes is fatphobic.

No. 809484

File: 1558353794642.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, 21CD740B-EF5A-48C6-BC24-C99546…)

who gave it to her then? her copper dad? can’t believe she has a hoover that works by itself and the flat still is a pigsty. can’t believe she’s too lazy to even switch the damn thing on

No. 809485

you have to empty the roomba's container daily in order for it to start back up on the next day (it won't start up when it's too full of dust), but i bet emptying out the dust from a small container into the trashcan is literal nazi ableist opression to pheebs bc it means she has to bend over and move her frail, jiggly arms.

No. 809502

File: 1558359888301.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.38 KB, 533x570, 0019bcd661d5a0fe9fb289e0fd14d8…)

She looks like a Jahans body double.

That's hilarious because in her flat it's going to be totally useless. All it's going to do is vacuum around the mess on the floor and it's no where near as powerful as a full sized hoover.

No. 809593

File: 1558378099728.jpg (520.71 KB, 2048x2048, 89A24066-DC00-4EC4-8372-BB7256…)

overdoing it? wasn't glasgow last weekend? didn't she just go wheelchair shopping and watch henry clean their flat this weekend? what a useless waste of space.

No. 809600

Begging for chinese takeout again. Feebz, eat your fucking expensive Huel and shit for once.

How does she manage to have literally nothing about herself that is redeeming or even tolerable? I mean I've seen some serious cunts over the years but she's not only a huge bitch to other people but she treats her fiancé like her butler, neglects her pets, bullies other people in her little SJW community, and on top of everything else she doesn't even bathe herself. So she's an enormous, crusty, stinky bitch hobbling towards you to screech about parking in the disabled spot and not being visibly disabled enough for poor broken sad Phoebe, or for having normal conversation in a paperthin apartment complex.

I mean christ she even gets mad at her own customers and fans for giving her TOO MUCH attention (like tagging her in posts to promote her store or sharing/commenting too much on her own promoted posts). There's absolutely no winning with her.

She's just… a horrible, awful, spoiled, toxic person inside and out and I can't even imagine this being something she could potentially change with therapy (as if she'd admit she's the problem and seek help to begin with) because she's so entirely convinced that she's a victim who deserves special privileges and recognition.

I sincerely hope Henry's family is able to help him get out from this cow's grasp because no matter what he may be like IRL no one deserves to be tethered to such a selfish, nasty hag. #SaveHenry

No. 809602

She complains about how expensive takeout is, but looking at her portion sizes from previous threads… god it must be expensive to feed her the amount that she eats to constantly GAIN weight. I don't think the price of takeaway is the problem feebs, your whole diet is fucking expensive.

No. 809609

File: 1558379936935.jpg (656.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190520-201529_Ins…)

She has to have an opinion on everything.

She doesn't even watch GoT

No. 809610

File: 1558379958282.jpg (685.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190520-201639_Ins…)

No. 809613

The unibrow, the crusty herpes sore, the engagement ring cutting off the circulation to her finger.

Nothing about her is appealing

No. 809621

And what was she doing yesterday? Lying on the bed and crying about her oppressed life on the internet. Like almost every single day.

No. 809623

Oh she deleted her Chinese takeaway-begging story. Kek

No. 809641


she's not as personally milky but her artwork is just as bad sometimes. no wonder phoebe loves her

No. 809642


Someone else not wanting to get fat is now oppression? kek

No. 809644


Those Roomba things only work when there isn't crap all over the floors - and we've seen her flat, there's crap literally everywhere.

No. 809651

File: 1558384455979.png (5.16 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0654.PNG)

why would nonbinary pheebs get rejected from a GIRL fair. kek her application probably mentioned not identifying as a woman. but yeah, it's definitely her timing.

No. 809652


I'm guessing she has a reputation in the area for being a big loud tard

No. 809663

Isn’t this zine fair for feminists? Why would she want to go anyway?

No. 809665

File: 1558386421985.jpg (585.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190520-220639_Ins…)

No. 809675

File: 1558388746394.png (737.18 KB, 978x782, Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-19 um 2…)


Phoebe's old Tumblr.. Fake woke since 2012, Twitter showed her true face.

No. 809683


cursed image right there

No. 809684


I imagine any local SJWs hate her, as she makes them all look like loud obnoxious crybabies. I'd love it if a local Southend person posted in here.

No. 809685

Suuuure Feebs, you didn't get in because your application was late. Not because your art is terrible or because they Googled you and found out what a piece of shit you are.

No. 809689


also it's a zine fair - has she ever made a zine??

No. 809696

Give her two hours and she'll have one

No. 809908

I feel genuinely sorry for Henry. He's trapped and her narcissistic ways must impact him so much. Look at when they went away for his birthday and he was left wheeling her around and going to queer clubs. I hate those pictures that got uploaded from Glasgow, every picture just oozes "this is MY trip fuck u Henry". He breaks his back working, has to clean up, gets bitched at, has to listen to incessant SJW rants and the poor fucker doesn't even get a shag out of it. She is so entitled she just wants looking after while she lays in bed with that Jabba the Hutt sat on her lip and poor Henry is her carer. If his family members are still on here PLEASE look out for him.

Forgot about this but she made a post saying being anxious, depressed, autistic, doesn’t absolve you from being racist or shitty. Let’s see how she defends the shit she posted about Hitler and black men. Kek this one time she cried about being autistic to a group of Jewish people and kept saying “I do not understand about Jews and Zionism because I am autistic” but claims to be fucking Jewish? Just another fucking label for her to wear like one of those shitty badges she makes.

No. 810253


anon please tell me you have screencaps of that post to do with not understanding Zionism!

No. 810288

So I saw this post. Firstly, the lady asking isn't "very slim", she looks like a size 16-18, which is above average. Either Pheebs lied for her "thin people are oppressive" take, or she's so fat now she has no idea what thin truly is.

Secondly she posted this up to IG but didn't say shit on the Facebook post lmao.

No. 810291

File: 1558435995689.png (878.41 KB, 1347x922, whencowscollide.png)

a wild luna appears

No. 810295

Feebs won't accept this advice, but I sure will! Thanks, anon. [sorry for derail - carry on, fine farmers!]

No. 810299

I can speak SJW and can usually figure out the rhetoric behind this stuff even if it's nonsense, but I still cannot for the life of me figure out her damage, here.

The poster is asking for a vegan recipe or product to indulge her craving for the most decadent chocolate dessert possible. She is not asking for a low-cal substitute, she wants the real deal. "Obesity-inducing" here is a synonym for densely-caloric foods high in saturated fats and sugar.

There are no judgements or implicit biases being expressed here. Not one.

I really hope she makes some sort of snarky clarification in her stories because there's literally nothing fatphobic about this. I feel like the real reason she can't explain it is that her brain fizzles out when she tries to do the logic.

No. 810304

File: 1558438630401.gif (616.87 KB, 400x225, giphy (1).gif)

Lol! Pheebs must've copied Luna like I said >>791206 they are similar (I was referring to their crappy art and complaining about food being yoo little and their EDs, and so on).

No. 810315

Yes but there's fuck loads - new thread maybe?

No. 810319

anon stop putting your email in. read https://lolcow.farm/info.html before you try to post again

No. 810321

You should put sage in email field, not anon.

And just put them here, you don't make a new thread when it is relating to the same cow

No. 810346

File: 1558442780275.jpg (40.79 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438993510.jpg)

No. 810347

File: 1558442807460.jpg (44.67 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438991308.jpg)

No. 810349

File: 1558442830049.jpg (39.72 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438985997.jpg)

No. 810350

File: 1558442851271.jpg (43.17 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438983151.jpg)

No. 810351

File: 1558442882469.jpg (43.83 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438978798.jpg)

No. 810352

File: 1558442911723.jpg (53.06 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438976268.jpg)

No. 810356

File: 1558443048653.jpg (44.31 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438972823.jpg)

No. 810357

File: 1558443088249.jpg (43.2 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438968353.jpg)

No. 810358

File: 1558443129230.jpg (49.25 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438963989.jpg)

No. 810359

File: 1558443164227.jpg (44.01 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438959640.jpg)

No. 810360

File: 1558443274224.jpg (44.48 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438956830.jpg)

No. 810361

File: 1558443313138.jpg (39.7 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438952048.jpg)

No. 810362

File: 1558443337379.jpg (47.42 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438945914.jpg)

No. 810363

File: 1558443360949.jpg (42.5 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438940989.jpg)

No. 810364

File: 1558443406799.jpg (42.46 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438937686.jpg)

No. 810365

File: 1558443431451.jpg (47.63 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438929458.jpg)

No. 810366

This is embarrassingly stupid. Phoebe if you don't understand how Jews are simultaneously a race and an ethnicity you're not really Jewish are you, not enough to claim the identity for woke points anyway.

She even admits she's not ethnically Jewish and her grandparents were converts anyway. Liberal Judaism is cool about converts and people with no maternal line but you have to at least be practising?

Thoroughly enjoying seeing her get a taste of her own medicine.

No. 810367

File: 1558443453361.jpg (49.67 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438920248.jpg)

No. 810368

File: 1558443553851.jpg (54.66 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438912953.jpg)

No. 810370

File: 1558443575813.jpg (52.08 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438910068.jpg)

No. 810371

File: 1558443602647.jpg (41.57 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438902217.jpg)

No. 810372

File: 1558443623609.jpg (47.87 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438896307.jpg)

No. 810373

File: 1558443646509.jpg (48.18 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438885542.jpg)

No. 810374

File: 1558443694577.jpg (54.47 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438876139.jpg)

No. 810375

File: 1558443725022.jpg (61.38 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438844911.jpg)

No. 810376

File: 1558443760902.jpg (52.22 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438838087.jpg)

No. 810377

File: 1558443795399.jpg (48.17 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438824588.jpg)

No. 810378

File: 1558443820871.jpg (41.84 KB, 539x960, FB_IMG_1558438820980.jpg)

No. 810379

File: 1558443873626.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.9 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1558438330299.jpg)

Just to finish off

No. 810384

holy shit

No. 810385

File: 1558444256266.jpg (6.96 KB, 480x176, DwNSReKUYAApL-W.jpg)

I lost several braincells reading this exchange

No. 810387

HA! This reads exactly like her style of educating her fans/followers. At least we know where she got it from. Her echographia sure does make her look autistic, I'll give her that. Love that she has to squeeze in how poor and disabled she is too kek.

No. 810388

It pisses me off so much because she's always saying "black people don't owe you their labour - Google it" yet she's asking all these fucking questions when people are visibly frustrated and she could easily Google it. I don't know whether she's just a fucking moron or if she's putting the whole "poor me I'm autistic" act on so they feel sorry for her and spoonfeed her it.

No. 810389


she better be coughing up paypal payments for all of this emotional labour!!

No. 810390

File: 1558444811617.png (1.84 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0659.PNG)

how do other fat/depressed people support her? this woman exercisizes daily, works, cleans her house…they have nothing in common but fatness and depression. pheebs really is a master manipulator to get people like this to support her.

No. 810391

"constantly doing work for the social justice movement" bitch she doesn't even work on her own shop and orders, let alone anything else.

No. 810393

Kek she never donates anything to anyone but is happy to receive and beg for money. Which she then seems to spend on shit like candles and expensive makeup

No. 810395

She makes me fucking sick. I've been battling depression my whole life but ya know what, I still work and I still study. Laying in bed wallowing makes you much worse.

No. 810396

File: 1558445201870.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 92.57 KB, 750x466, 900FA78C-C52E-48A9-9381-EB5E2F…)

Hilarious that in 2019 this woke Jewish princess didn’t understand that being Jewish is an ethnicity. Fucking wild. That whole exchange sounded EXACTLY how she treats her followers (except with less blocking and vile language, at least they actually had a point and were willing to explain it) even the first line of wiki explains that you can be ethnically Jewish or convert to Judaism. How can she claim to be Jewish if she didn’t understand this? I think she was just winding them up tbh and claiming to be even more stupid than she is to make the person explaining look like a bully. Jeez she’s such an arsehole.

No. 810398

exactly. she complains about how marginalised she is, yet she lives in a decent flat on a nice street in a seaside town, moaning about "ACAB" yet grew up in a privileged household on a cop's salary. adopting any label she can to get minority points- claiming to be a jew who doesn't even practise religion yet didn't know until today that judaism is matrilineal.

wow @ for her trying to bait her followers to pay for her dildo earrings who are probably actually disadvantaged, flocking to her as tho she's some figure of authority

No. 810400

She really is an arsehole who will cling to any marginalised group. She desperately wants to be oppressed.

No. 810401

Same. I left my old job from anxiety, yet I picked myself up and have been volunteering, going to training courses, getting interviews, etc. The least she could do is pick up a few hours a week at a charity shop or a shelter.

But when you have orbiters who cape for you and send you money for nothing, why get a real job?

No. 810405

She was def sealioning just like that one person accused her of. She trolled them, then pulled the autistic card, then when that didn't work pulled the queer, poor and disabled card.

No. 810408

My sentiments exactly. At one point she went through a phase of constantly talking on IG about hunting for a job and interviews. She actually got accepted for one job and left on the same day claiming they were arseholes. Of course they were because we all know everyone victimises Pheebs!

No. 810410

This isn't the first time. She had beef with vegans in her area and they wouldn't let her have a stall and refused her entry for being a "trouble causer" kek imagine being that intolerable that some mild mannered liberal vegan bans you from entering their little fair

No. 810414

File: 1558447312428.png (19.04 KB, 642x278, southend.png)

Imagine being banned from a family friendly small fair that is held in a school (I know this listing is this year but vegan fairs tend to run the same every year).

Idk whether that is pathetic, or actually horrifying since it means she's caused enough trouble she had to be banned from an event where families gather.

No. 810417

File: 1558447547912.jpg (48.48 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1558447093121.jpg)

Poor cat. They don't like that shit.

No. 810418

File: 1558447892045.jpg (337.53 KB, 1080x805, IMG_20190521_151127.jpg)

When she actually tried to be a functioning human. Kek you guessed it, it didn't take her long before these people "victimised" her too

No. 810419


> my family are jews

ONE PERSON, and they converted back lol

> doesn't understand the first thing about Jewish history

Oh dear, Phoebe. These are gold, anon! When were these screenshots taken?

No. 810422

Does he have a black eye here?

No. 810423


this must be the moment Feebz decided to become OPPRESSED because she had this encounter and decided she could now be a cunt to everyone and blame it on OPPRESSION and AUTISM

No. 810427

They were from less than a year ago

No. 810428


good for you anon!

I'm sure lots of us posting here are disabled or fat or have mental health issues and it's so frstrating seeing Phoebe trying to make it into a lifestyle choice

No. 810429


lol what was the job?

No. 810430


looks like bad sunburn!

No. 810431


Honestly I'm quite confused about them. She manages to rant diatribes on Instagram but in those Facebook posts she's coming off almost deliberately stupid, like she's trying to act more (stereotypically) autistic.

No. 810432

File: 1558449532033.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3082.PNG)

Then cut your fucking hair? I dunno

Also forehead spots are often a result of sweating and not washing your face enough.

No. 810433

Precisely. Woe is Feebz

Care worker kek

No. 810434

File: 1558449634381.png (2.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3083.PNG)

After she asked followers for advice on how to wash her face (not even joking), she then bitches about said advice.

Maybe if she went without a new pair of uggo earrings for a week she could afford some skincare?

No. 810435

I just don't understand why anyone would document this shit on social media? Who cares

No. 810436


Am someone who legit receives care. Can guarantee if Phoebe waddled into my home I would be miraculously cured before she could start up the oppression olympics.

No. 810437

I think it's because she genuinely believes that eating more calories doesn't make you fat so to say calories=fat is fatphobic. The fat posi movement is filled with posts trying to make it sound that way, like one about a study showing how fat people go on far more yo-yo diets "proving that on average fat people actually eat less!" while completely ignoring their far higher default BMR necessitating much higher caloric intake over time to maintain their higher weights, with the exception of medical conditions like thyroid issues that are proven to be rare and extremely overdiagnosed in fat people due to their bitching and refusal to acknowledge responsibility like Phoebe is doing.

No. 810438

You can get good, vegan, skincare in Superdrug. This bitch is just lazy and disgusting.

No. 810439


Maybe she should spend less on earrings and candles and invest on something for her skin. As you said, Superdrug is reasonable.

No. 810441

"I've tried really hard to be polite"
>Fucking where

No. 810442

Excuse my stupidity but why would something bought for cheap potentially be real fur? Real fur is expensive, isn't it? Why would they waste something expensive to make something cheap instead of going with fake fur?

No. 810443


So she's always posting about how cis people don't get to pester trans people with gender questions… and yet there she is asking the same thing over and over and accusing these people of being rude while they desperately try to dumb everything down to 'pheobe' level, lol

No. 810444

"I don't even know what concern trolling is"
She's literally referred to it regarding "fat-shaming" like a hundred times

I'm glad Phoebe is just as much of a pest and whiny brat in SJW circles as elsewhere

No. 810446


I think everyone knows superdrug is good for that stuff, she's just desperate for online conversation cos she's an isolated saddo

She said her hair is currently crusty cos she ran out of conditioner.. I've never heard of crusty hair before

Is she actually new to the whole cruelty free thing? I would've assumed she already does that cos she's so superior in her morals…lolz

No. 810447

I believe it's because it's imported from China and they use real fur which is really cheap to use over there

No. 810449

There's actually a part of me that feels sort of bad for her. In her 20s and no friends. I don't think I've ever seen anyone tag her in stuff or seen her like go to a local pub or see a band or something just normal with mates. Sayings that, she probably pushed them away and isolated herself.

No. 810450

No, it's not. Rabbit and tanuki fur are both extremely cheap and many things manufactured in china with "faux" fur are actually made of real fur.

No. 810452

Yeah because that happens sometimes people campaign to let people know to check by spreading apart the fur and at the base if it's faux fur you can see the artificial mesh it's woven into while real fur would be attached to animal skin. Too bad Phoebe doesn't campaign for anything sensible anymore and just screeches at people to buy her expensive takeout and draws some useless elementary school tier word art about qweer pride to slap on mass produced Chinese sweatshop pins.

No. 810456


It's like she purely relies on Henry for interaction which is pretty unhealthy in a relationship, I mean what happens when they break up.

No. 810459


to be fair there’s a lot of people who don’t have friends/have trouble making friends in their early 20s because they’re so busy with work and their education and don’t have time to party (especially myself and other people in community college.) But if she’s reaching her mid 20s and even 30s with all this free time and STILL no friends then there’s an issue.

No. 810461


Yeah if you're at work/school all day and making small talk that way, then it's not bad. To be housebound and relying on attention seeking behaviour on Instragram, yikes. Today she has posted pics of her spots and pics of how dirty her hair is, it's like she has no idea what social norms are anymore.

No. 810464

Durkheim would have a field day with her.

No. 810484

>>810379 good god, she’s absolutely revolting. what if that’s her orgasm face?

No. 810485

This almost made me pity her. She just comes off as incredibly stupid and clueless (and apparently unable to do a basic google search).
And then she comes with the "You're all ableist!1!1!! You have to cater to me."
and I remember how toxic she actually is.

No. 810494


If anyone bugged her with questions like this she's be quick to post the screenshots to her insta stories and she'd tell them to 'piss off dickhead' and add an eye-rolling emoji

No. 810518

File: 1558459598227.png (644.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190521-182414.png)

She had stories up yesterday encouraging people to throw bricks at politicians and set them on fire, I can only assume that's it?

No. 810521

File: 1558459950504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.84 KB, 900x900, blobby.jpg)

She reminds me of this monstrosity from the 90s.


No. 810523


Why does she do this every time her posts are taken down, she has to publicly declare it as if she's been done wrong or to say fuck you insta

No. 810524

File: 1558460540801.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190521-184057.png)

Woah there Feebs. Let's not assume someone's gender.

No. 810531

Cause she actually doesn't give a fuck

No. 810542

Mr Blobby does not deserve this slander lmao

No. 810564

This is great advice. It is nice to see some truly positive posts on here sometimes. I think to add to this, people talk negatively about Feebz making big deals over tiny things. If you are truly struggling, and you can take even the tiniest step (to the outside), that is an accomplishment. The reason Feebz gets this type of response is because these small steps are not small steps for her. She isn't struggling. She is painfully lazy and entitled. If she was genuinely struggling and posting things like "I actually hoovered today" I would feel happy for her. But she isn't struggling.

Also Feebz takes her "struggles" (which again, to her are not struggles at all) and spends all her energy broadcasting them online for asspats and attention. If she channeled that energy into her fixing her life she'd be a different person.

No. 810587


A thoughtful post but kindness is wasted on people who'll never give any kindness back to the world. She knows the game that she's playing, her manipulation is all calculated to suit herself, she's not a struggling victim.

No. 810604

File: 1558465101894.png (153.35 KB, 385x635, Untitled.png)

I notice she has 2 items in her cart though.

I wonder how much she spends on food in a week.

(obv wrong pic uploaded first soz)

No. 810607


Her friends and people who post with/about her are other Instagram fatties/SJW types. I'm not sure she knows them IRL. She did seem to have friends in school from her old FB/Twitter/Ask.fm but maybe her obnoxious SJWing has put them off.

No. 810609


I have a horrible feeling that Phoebe's going to be akin to Amanda Baggs in 5 years. Fatter, "sicker", more autistic.

No. 810610

File: 1558465446473.jpg (805.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190521-200250_Ins…)

Eww she has toe claws

No. 810611

File: 1558465494117.jpg (502.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190521-200256_Ins…)

Like that's any different from what she normally does

No. 810613


So she asked for CHEAP cruelty free skincare and she's on a website selling designer brands? There are shops in her town, you know. She's not in the middle of nowhere. Does she ever leave the house without Henry or is she aping reliance on him? No wonder she's depressed.

No. 810614


Can she even reach her own feet?

No. 810616

Phoebe claims to be a lot of different special things/minorities to try to give herself the personality she doesn’t have. Honestly the only thing I can ever believe or see her as that she claims to be is autistic. She’s definately straight, regardless of the "queer" claims. But she’s so socially clueless and retarded I can absolutely see her being untreated, unhelped autistic especially with her having these childish tantrums.

No. 810618

She wrote that she bought some stuff from Superdrug but I'm surprised she didn't know their range was cruelty free and affordable. Hope she bought one of their face masks for her spotty arse. Or three.

No. 810620


The thing is, I've never seen anyone use their autism as an excuse than people who are self-diagnosed only. This makes me suspicious of her. That and she never mentions Henry's (actual, diagnosed) autism.

No. 810622

She's been at this point like once every week

No. 810623


She seems to have been into makeup from a younger age, so I'm surprised too. It's pretty well known among UK vegans/bloggers/anyone who buys own brand products.

No. 810625

Holy shit this is nightmare inducing

No. 810627


She barely leaves the house and she bathes like once a week, what's the point in looking at expensive products?

It's lipstick on an unwashed pig

No. 810630

File: 1558466574796.jpg (74.78 KB, 768x960, FB_IMG_1558447072940.jpg)

This was only a year ago and she looked semi ok? Why would you purposely let yourself go so downhill…

No. 810632


Lots of actually disabled people can only manage to wash properly once a week. The problem is she manages to look grimy all of the time.

No. 810633


to look more genuinely autistic? /tinfoiling

No. 810638

I've seen a lot of (diagnosed) autistic males use that as an excuse for being rude, perma-virgins and lazy, since autistic males usually grow up more coddled. Women diagnosed on the spectrum don't do it as much, since female socialisation forces them to learn how to mask. Phoebe acts like a complete stereotype of an autistic male, it's like she printed out the DSM list of symptoms and occasionaly makes a tweet/story examplifying each one.

It also makes no sense for her not to be diagnosed by now if she really has autism. Getting an autism assessment in the UK is surprisingly easy and fast, I got mine done and got my diagnosis in a little over six months. No money involved, no paperwork, nothing that could stop her.

No. 810643


except the prospect of being told she doesn't have it

No. 810648

File: 1558467354070.jpeg (494.41 KB, 1440x2562, 022A15B7-B9B9-4737-9950-213C5E…)

you mean henry’s money? i can’t believe she bought things from cult beauty: the products they sell aren’t always cheap, and most of them are designer brands. she was looking at that jade face roller, any of you reckon she bought that? whatever she bought, i’m sure it’ll be a waste because she doesn’t even “wash”. we’re looking at ForeverKailyn 2.0

No. 810649

The NHS is a huge mess right now. The waiting list for my area (up north) is almost two years long.

Personally I get the impression that Phoebe hasn't even spoken to her GP about being referred for a diagnosis.

No. 810651

Well that is absolutely the dumbest shit i've ever heard, not that it surprises me.

PHOEBE, you dumb bitch, calorie intake determines body mass, whether you're starving or ballooning. Do you think famine victims became emaciated just by being so darn bummed about it all, or perhaps is the lack of calorie intake at play? You know you're full of shit, and you admit it yourself every time you justify becoming so gelatinous with a lie about a "restrictive eating disorder" to explain how you used to be capable of maintaining the figure of a normal human woman.

No. 810654

The NHS are pushing for females with depression to be assessed for autism. I was sent for one within a couple of weeks of a therapist referring and no real reason why I'd be on the spectrum. I wouldn't be surprised if she was asked and turned the offer down. Saying she's autistic is better than being autistic to her probably.

No. 810656

I can tell you exactly what will happen: She'll throw an absolute tantrum on social media. Suddenly, she'll come out with all these stories about how Henry was an abusive or toxic partner, and she was the victim. If Henry's lucky, another girl who is genuinely lovely will take a liking to him, and he'll get to leave Phoebe for her. Phoebe will make superficial suicidal gestures, or just threaten, and it might work a couple times, but every time she gets away with it, it will accelerate the pace of the relationship ending, and cement the certainty that she won't be able to get him to take her back. Her daddy will rescue her, and she will move home with him until she can find another somewhat vulnerable partner to leech off. Ultimately her life will change very little; she will continue throwing tantrums, being offended on social media, rapidly gaining weight, and taking advantage of individuals with genuine intellectual or physical disabilities, until she has a heart attack or stroke when she's 35 and her dad has to spend far too much of his policeman's salary on an XXXL coffin and pallbearers hired from the funeral home because she doesn't have one friend, much less the team of them that it would take to lift her.

No. 810658

Christ, I hope she didn’t get a jade roller. She doesn’t need more useless junk around her house.

No. 810659

We need to hook Henry up with a girl who loves Italian cars. (j/k not cowtipping)

No. 810661


No. 810662

Wait… Didn't someone post on IG this morning she'd had her benefits cut and was taking donations? Pisses me off that she doesn't even pretend to go along with being poor. I've been poor and I made a list of everything I needed like food and hygiene products and travel. No way could I afford lavish skincare products. I was using £1 shampoo ffs. Just washing her face daily would help.

No. 810665

Not everywhere it isn't. Where we are GPs have to apply for funding for an adult autism assessment referral. Not all of them are willing to put the effort in. And that's if you get a GP willing to look beyond the stereotypical male autistic presentation when they have a woman sitting in front of them and not dismiss someone because they made fleeting eye contact in their ten minute appointment.

No. 810666

She 21 if I recall. Imagine being 21 and having your life be such a fucking tragedy already.

No. 810669

I was under the impression that she's had an assessment and still wasn't diagnosed considering she's always reeeing about how self diagnosis is valid and doctors don't take "afab" autists symptoms seriously.

No. 810671

> Imagine being 21 and having your life be such a fucking tragedy already.
Having "issues" is cool, being a drama queen gets you attention and attention is the currency of modern society.

No. 810672

God, she was fat but she wasn't also unwashed and covered in sores and pus-filled lesions at least… she did her makeup and had a pretty face and her hair wasn't "crusty". She wore clothes that didn't resemble an adult baby's, and that room isn't covered floor-to-ceiling in trash. It's horrifying to think of how quickly she got so bad.

No. 810673

She wears makeup, it's common also when you wash your face but not sufficiently to get the makeup off your hairline.

No. 810675

That was probably one day, or even just a few hours, punctuating a general disaster of a life.

No. 810676

That's too bad. I felt I was sent as some kind of stats exercise and therefore I wasted NHS money. This was around five years ago, so they might be over the diagnosing women thing now.

Do you think she let her appearance become more crusty to fit in to a SJW stereotype?

No. 810678

wtf I’ve seen gore less disgusting than that photo. She looks like one of those bloated bodies that aren’t found in their bathtubs until 2 weeks later. The only difference is that those bodies start off skinny and are bloated through the retainer water, she’s just bloated and making a death face.

No. 810679

Going by what we saw of her in HS/before becoming an SJW I disagree. She had friends, she was a normal weight range, she did things other than sit on social media all day, she was an edgelord sure but it wasn't her entire identity like being an SJW is now. I can't imagine what being her parents must feel like. The mom seems savvy to her shit and done with it all, the dad seems to be laboring under whatever she tells him still but this can't be what he imagined or hoped for her to become.

Also, sage your posts if they aren't new milk.

No. 810680

>doctors don't take "afab" autists symptoms seriously.
If that's her excuse it's bullshit. Most GPs aren't educated about female autists which means some women can be refused a referral, but if you get as far as the actual assessment, you'll meet a psychiatrist (or a multi-disciplinary team, depending on where you live) who has to be up to date with recent research regarding autism, including research about autism in women.

Most women who fail to get diagnosed get rejected by their GP, usually because they're older, married and with kids, so they're seen as not needing a diagnosis. If you're taken seriously enough for the doctor to refer you, then you'll also be given a fair assessment.

No. 810684

She looks really weird in this picture, tbh. Looks like a mtf. She should've kept this look to claim the "twans" card more effectively, kek

No. 810686


Yeah in circumstances where you're 21, unemployed and barely leaving the house I can see the GP wanting to refer, and then the assessment itself is thorough.

I could still see her arguing if she was shown not to have it

No. 810688

File: 1558470051156.png (348.47 KB, 1080x1591, sketch-1558470015814.png)

She's 100% using her followers to get ideas for new disabilities to pretend to have here.

No. 810689


My cane is a physical symbol of disability, I use it to attract pity and attention from strangers, to feel special

No. 810692

Personally I think it's going to be a little bit of that sort of drama and possibly her trying to turn it into a poly-relationship for some extra sjw-points and also the possibility of keeping Henry, just to turn into a even bigger mess since she hates women

No. 810693

If she really is in pain then her weight won't be helping at all. My meds contributed to weight gain and fuck, I could feel the strain on my knees and I'm half the size of Feebz. I starting losing weight and surprise surprise my joints and knees feel better.

No. 810699


With her vague mentions of 'multiple rapes' in her past I would seriously think it's a possibility Henry will be accused of the same when they end. Suicide threats and sex assault claims will be her only weapons.

Who is she even accusing of the series of rapes that gave her flashbacks earlier this week, it's like it came out of nowhere?

No. 810714

File: 1558473115902.jpeg (68.71 KB, 475x382, E33D4687-A485-4D03-A20F-E87810…)

This is so frustrating because she’s a self-proclaimed “Communist” and she doesn’t even know the baseline terms. She literally has a Patreon set up so people could compensate her for ~lecturing~ them. Someone really should tell her to pay those multiple people the same way she expects people of color to pay her. The fact that she isn’t aware about what these anylitical terms mean just shows how privileged she is even more because she has no experience with these words, and she still wants to claim oppression.

No. 810715

Someone she was sleeping with, may have possibly been in a relationship with at the time. Apparently she was very promiscuous back in the day. Was always talking about loving big cock and sleeping with older men.

(No way am I saying sexually active people deserve to be raped. Far from it.)

No. 810718


But being as constantly dramatic as Phoebe drives people away (at least on a personal level). She's an emotional vampire, always having a crisis.

No. 810725

It must be so, so exhausting to be so negative. Literally EVERYTHING that she does she moans about. I'm not saying be happy 24/7, heck, I can be a cynical and depressive fuck too, but lighten the fuck up.

No. 810726


This is such a fucking joke. She doesn't need a cane for her fake fibro, I'm thinking back to that video of when she was reeeing about her body not being thin enough then "able bodied enough" (grabs cane to show disability). The only reason she'd actually need one is for balance due to her massive size, take some pressure off her joints.

No. 810728


When you have imaginary pain, an imaginary gender, imaginary autism.. you can't help but wonder if it's imaginary trauma… she's shitting on every group that she forces herself into with her lies

No. 810729

File: 1558474932544.jpg (45.61 KB, 581x959, FB_IMG_1558474762298.jpg)


No. 810731


> big black cock

to the point where reading her old tweets made me feel like she was fetishising black men

No. 810735

She's nifty enough on her dainty feet when she models her clothing haul

No. 810736


Yeah you walk on those eggshells Henry, and feed her all those compliments she's clearly trying to force out of you there

Surely her current size is actually beyond his type?

No. 810737

File: 1558475338777.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3092.PNG)

I'm the anon that made the future-Amanda Baggs comparison and it's posts like this that made me think of it. Why would anyone want to buy products from someone so un self-consciously disgusting looking?

No. 810739

The whole ~I'm not good enough and it's ok if you leave~ thing comes off as really manipulative, I'm surprised she'd share the screenshot.

No. 810740


She really thinks nobody can see what that conversation really is. She overestimates her own intelligence while underestimating everyone elses

No. 810741


The only time I start to almost believe the autism is when she posts the most disgusting pics and smiles like a tard in them, the lack of awareness. But then she could just be a narc that see's beauty in the mirror, somehow lol

No. 810742


Just imagine the memes these close up shots could be made into

No. 810746


this is over a year ago, she's gained even more since which is just unbelievable. all she does is eat.

No. 810747


It sounds like Henry is used to her "taking things the wrong way". Poor guy must be scared to express an opinion.

No. 810748

Screened it a few years back. Can't remember why exactly. Shared to FB for pity points and "advice".

Kek but that dress is kinda cute

No. 810751

is she sitting on the floor in this video? You'd think being so 'disabled' that you can't go anywhere without your wheelchair or cane would make sitting on the floor pretty tricky. Also crazy that this was only a year ago, her legs have ballooned since

No. 810753

He's been much nicer than she deserves and as low key as possible about his 'preference', but of COURSE she has to call it a fetish. It's not enough to get a compliment of out him, she has to get some SJW points and exaggerate his preference to the point of being a fetish so she can feel like it's more than 'slightly' preferring plus size women.

No. 810763

My favorite part about Pheobe is how she constantly needs to rationalize her purchases, "it was 25 percent off, and I am on the email list so it was another 25 percent off". A real poor person wouldn't have to rationalize their purchases like that. A real poor person isn't out there constantly trying to prove they are poor.

No. 810767


like how she points out everything they buy for food is from ALDI - which other autistic people have told is actually a sensory nightmare for them but ok

No. 810787

This whole exchange has me questioning if phoebe is actually autistic
I feel like her autism rubbed off on me through this thread, my brain hurts

No. 810802


she might just be stupid

No. 810810

I bet she did tbh. She said she bought some Superdrug stuff too. We'll see it ALL on Instagram tomorrow.

No. 810835

Kek of course she has fringe and dyed hair

No. 810844


sorry deleted link as i thought it would be unfair to the person the article was about

but for reference: can totally imagine feebz making a huge scene over nothing in public and reeeing it all over the internet

No. 810864

File: 1558490924001.jpg (72.89 KB, 540x673, SEI_68696216.jpg)

>unfair to the person in the article
lel please.

>throws fit because staff wont let her use their microwaves

>mad at psychiatrist who tells her to work on controlling her tard rages
>accosted staff over not being able to ride a full train and didnt like the free taxi ride she was offered
>valid, valid VALID

the article was supposed to read like a woe is me story for her but she is a screechy cunt like phoebe.


No. 810867

KEK. After being told they would literally purchase her a taxi AND accompany her on it this woman claimed to have no options. Thin pheebs for sure.

No. 810884


I think Phoebe's more the kind to scowl her way through anything she doesn't like, then bitch about it profusely in her IG stories afterwards (and invent panic attacks)

No. 810886

u can see the grease on her lmao

No. 810891

I'm loving this concept, but Pheobe only associates with other NEET beggar SJWs, and Henry's salary can only support one of those.

Sadly, I'm also sure she'd abandon Henry the second a more attractive caretaker expressed interest in her, and I have a feeling that is the most likely "breakup" scenario.

The whole relationship really is a striking example of how adults with autism can still be very vulnerable to predatory individuals.

No. 810920

She looks SO familiar. I think she may have used to run in pro-ana circles? Lotta them graduate to munchies, supporting my hunch.

Does anyone who follows/followed that community in the past know who this girl is? I knbelieveow she was at least tangentially associated with the girls that were talked about in the pro-ana threads during the Ember Whann era. Idk if she ever made a thread appearance, but I can't shake the feeling that she's got a very milky backstory that the illness fakers thread might get jazzed on. Sorry for derailing!

No. 810949


Her name is Sara Jayne Harvey, she has a YouTube channel - Agony Autie. You may recognise her cos a few of her videos have been shared a fuck load on Facebook.

No. 810962

I thought the same thing, I can’t put a name to the face but I swear she used to have blonde hair and bangs, kind of from that KotaKoti b4 Japan time period.
She vaguely looks like the Johanna woman but I think a lot of skinny shoopers were emulating her at that time.

No. 810965

File: 1558518562007.png (7.77 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0673.PNG)

she loves to spoil us

No. 810966

File: 1558518674233.png (7.29 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0674.PNG)

confirming the little money she makes is what she uses on her constant shopping rather than contributing to the household.

No. 810967

so she either never sells and is a ~ poor business owner ~, or she makes enough money to constantly waste on bullshit Etsy trinkets. she can't have her cake and eat it too, although i'm sure she really, really wants to.

No. 810968

Imagine if Henry were to say "it's my own money," too, and spent as freely as Phoebe on italian car merchandise and other non-necessities for his exclusive personal enjoyment. They'd lose their home.

Phoebe. ~You are not justified in pissing away your wages as you please, because you've chosen to enter into a household partnership with another adult.~ Throwing tantrums about how ~ poor disabled folx are allowed to have nice things, too fanks ~ isn't distracting from the fact that you are being willfully selfish and not making a fair contribution to your partnership. You rely on Henry for virtually everything, but he could not count on you to support him through any unforseen hardships he might encounter

Wake up, Henry! Even a polite roommate would be a tremendous replacement for Phoebe.

No. 810969

So when's she getting a thread.

No. 810976

This one drives me mad. She's full of shit. Always a drama. I messaged her once because something happening with her really struck a chord with me (and I was genuinely worried for her) and while she's replying to me in jumbled panicky messages because she's "having an autistic meltdown/shutdown". Meanwhile she's posting elsewhere fully coherently and all chipper and happy. Only saw it because I stumbled across someone else's profile we both happened to follow. She is fake as fuck and I despise the fact she is seen as some sort of poster child for autistic women. Typical manic pixie dream girl.

And she clearly has an eating disorder that she hides behind other diagnoses while posting constant selfies that wouldn't be out of place on a pro ana website. She's a more aesthetically pleasing Phoebe for sure.

Saged for off topic rant. I have never come across anywhere else that has seen the light about this woman before so it's all come pouring out ooos.

No. 810980

Feebz is lurking

No. 810996


There is no way on earth that she is paying half of the rent and bills with her etsy earnings so even if she buys make up out of etsy money…she's still a fucking leech

Henry doesn't even come home to a clean flat

No. 810998

hi pheebs!(hi cow)

No. 810999

File: 1558526651906.png (942.04 KB, 640x1136, C245308D-7AE2-4AA8-A327-8477D6…)

No. 811000

File: 1558527646359.png (7.73 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0675.PNG)

is she incapable of showering ?

No. 811001


Love how the people that bang on the most about 'self care' tend to be these lazy shites that have bubble baths every day and watch telly all day and basically do nothing other than 'care for themselves'

No. 811002

i mean damn, its not even a one person show when she gets henry to work after hours of BEING at work, but ok feebs

No. 811003

Good thing we have this screenshot for the next time she begs for money for a takeaway. Or for when she's investigated for fraudulent benefit claims and undeclared earnings.

No. 811011


That's not self care, that's basic hygiene.

No. 811014

From what I know, a lot of old houses/flats in the UK still only have baths. Not sure if she does or not, but it wouldn't surprise me if she didn't.

No. 811016


taking a quick shower to wash the stink and grime off is basic self-care for somebody as low-functioning as she claims to be

lounging in a bubble bath (probably used an expensive bath bomb) and basically wallowing in your own filth is decadence

no wonder this fat heffalump is covered in spots, she never actually washes the filth off and lets whatever shit is in those bubble bars just sit on the skin and clog all of her pores

No. 811017


> we can do some stuff

a car for meeee

no Phoebe, that's stuff YOU want not what he wants.

No. 811019

File: 1558529674638.jpg (214.35 KB, 1024x681, gettyimages-200359867-001-1024…)

I don't get boasting about business practices that don't seem cost effective-and seriously, most people work 'hours and hours' every week, self-employed or otherwise. I've the utmost respect for businesses who genuinely believe in what they do and remain self-sufficient through their own hard work, so it's galling to see Phoebe ~appropriate~ the language associated with this while she racks in next to no income and lives off the state. It's just like her using the language of self-forgiveness associated with eating disorder recovery to justify leaving her own binge issue untreated.

No. 811020


to be fair, as anon above you said, many old homes in the UK don't have showers. I've lived in a few that only had baths. Not sure what tenant's rights are re: asking landlord to install them.

No. 811021

File: 1558529780542.png (39.97 KB, 801x323, Screenshot_20190522-135040.png)

I don't know how much Henry earns but I do know that their rent is £510. Going off the average salary for a class 2 lorry driver it would seem like they have plenty of leftover money. Also, Phoebe easily spends more than £260 a month on clothes, jewellery, makeup, nail varnish, bath bombs etc. So she could afford to pay half of the rent if she wasn't so selfish.

No. 811035

>can u stop being so rude pls im trying to understand

Can the people she yells at just screenshot that and send it to her every time she's being a bint.

No. 811046

She's so dismissive. Her rhetoric just consists of "dickhead" and other swearwords. If you're going to lecture people and talk about "controversial" topics, then at least keep the level of debate consistent.

No. 811060

From the comment chain on facebook it seems Phoebe's attack dog EDUCATE YOURSELF attitude is pretty normalised in the circles she moves in.

No. 811061

No need to put in any effort to engage in a real valuable discourse when screeching incoherently to people is enough to make you look righteous.

No. 811062

I don't know. Not saying they're great people, but she did keep asking the same question over and over again after it had been answered, and then just played dumb. That's liable to annoy anyone.

No. 811067

Adding in a couple hundred council tax, henrys road tax and insurance, fuel, then bills etc. They probably are stretched on purely his wage for the two of them. All this bitch really needs is a part time job. 15 hours and that would put them at least comfortable.
Its shit because henry would probably do fine without her dragging him down. Maybe even stay with family and save a deposit to buy a place. They seem supportive like that

No. 811068

Sorry for going off topic slightly, but what's your political affiliations? I'm quite left leaning, and I think this is why Feebz annoys me so much; because she makes the Left look ridiculous. I just wondered if you agree with some of her ideologies, but hate her because it's Feebz and the way she goes about it or just totally different politics altogether? Well, assuming you're not apolitical or just don't give a shit.(NO1CURR )

No. 811070

Its pretty rare they dont have a shower over the bath. Never encountered that And ive stayed in some real shitholes tbh

No. 811073

Shoukd add Its more likely she just doesnt want to stand up

No. 811075

Heck still waiting for her to upload her skincare stuff…

No. 811077


the problem with people like phoebe is that they so often promote social justice but act like complete fuckwits.

full on harrassing people for not 100% aligning with beliefs (see Jameela) and then when people call out phoebe's trash behaviour, she screams tone policing.

the way she approaches activism is disgusting and alienating, when she is guilty of ignorance herself (see screenshots above re jewish heritage)

No. 811086

Same. Actually dying to know. What is my life. If she had any sense she would have went for superdrugs B skincare

No. 811087

She is a 21 y/o woman who is a chonk and was looking at anti-ageing serum she clearly won't need for ten years, I think she just wants to feel the rush of buying new pretty things.

No. 811089

this is so funny. if you're poor it's ok to buy things you LITERALLY cannot afford. I know we have no money but, like a real person in poverty who needs government benefits just to survive, sometimes you just need to buy bath bombs and vagina jewelry!

No. 811093

File: 1558538307095.png (111.14 KB, 640x640, Thinking_Face_Emoji-Emoji-Isla…)

I mean, I'm not left leaning at all and right-conservatives have their fair share of walking embarrassment 'figureheads'. It's not like some of the arguments 'the left' (cringe but okay) propose, and that Phoebe supports, are completely invalid and ridiculous (out of left-field, shall we say). What seems so annoying about Phoebe is that she's not isolated; there's a particular atmosphere of enforced tolerance for her bad behaviour, and she's not encouraged in her participation in activism to take people who disagree with her in good faith but to just rant endlessly. In short, she wouldn't have a thread here just for her beliefs, even if some of them do venture into 'hmmm' territory. It's her performative wokeness that's riling people up.

No. 811096

This is infuriating and I would like to personally thank you, lurker Phoebe, for providing me with this rage porn.

What does 'live lavishly' mean outside of buying very expensive shit you don't need near constantly? What would 'living lavishly' mean to Phoebe, buying a designer bag a week? She seems to live pretty lavishly already-eating out constantly, several expensive holidays with multiple paid activities, constant Etsy designer products.

Those things (a flat, a wheelchair you don't need) might not be immediately available to you, but it seems like your parents would help with a deposit for the house, or if you just lived conservatively for a few months (less takeaways and no earrings) the money would materialise pretty quickly. It seems like 'saving up a few quid' but after a small amount of time, it becomes more than just a few quid.

>Do what you have to do to make living in this shit world a little better

You know how you're a small business owner? If you paid taxes (which you don't, but let's pretend you do) maybe you'd understand the feeling of being annoyed people are being given your hard-earned money entrusted to the government for programs that help people and aren't even using it to empower yourself out of this financial situation of need.

If she genuinely had no money she wouldn't constantly remind us of it, she most likely has a lot more than we think. Maybe that'll change if the Dept for Work and Pensions ever decides to grace us with an effort at an investigation.

No. 811104

She's so far left that she's a waddling parody. People like her really put 'trans-allyship' to the test when they class themselves in the same category as people who are literally having body parts removed and changed.

She's so young though that she might very well turn her beliefs around completely by 25. Wish one of her parents (probably her mom) would tell her that she doesn't have the world figured out and she could do with shutting up online

No. 811112

Funny thing is that her "art" isn't anything more than mass consumerism. It's not art as it doesn't add anything to the community. Literal fucking badges for disabilities is pretty disrespectful to most people I know who suffer from a chronic illness. She copies a lot of her "art" and steals from retro gaming brands, which already feed into mass consumerism. It's hilarious she can't live by one value she disgustingly judges others for. She sexually assaulted an individual, reduced black men to a racist fetish, and berated women. She still does it, but under the guise of SJW values. It's absolutely disgusting.

No. 811117

"Parody" is exactly what she is. She's like a French and Saunders character without the humour.

As for her being a ~Communist~ I'd half believe it if she supported independent traders who made their own products and not online stores like Cult Beauty.

Back to an earlier post, it occurred to me that she could've been asking for info about why people need to use a walking stick so she could get ideas what to write for appeals against her benefits being cut. Tin foiling maybe, but I've read forums where people do that.

No. 811118

(Edit: Okay, more like League of Gentleman character).

No. 811122


No. 811125

Sure she's said she's an anarchist now? She could definitely make more of an effort to buy from more ethical brands. She's not fussed though really. It's all an act.

No. 811131

File: 1558542869477.jpg (19.69 KB, 400x267, a6dea4dc46e4728fc4c114ca0db2ed…)


Has he got a taaail?

I like how Barbara turned into a tumblr trans in the last show banging on about pronouns. Reeks of Pheebs.

No. 811168

She is not a small business owner. She's a hobbyist that sells what she makes. Owning an actual registered business requires massive amounts of paper work. If she had any sense she would shut up about earning money because HMRC will investigate her if they think she isn't paying the tax she should be.

Imagine how happy Henry would be if he didn't have to pay for her. He could rent a garage and buy some mechanics tools so he could spend his free time on his cars.

No. 811171

ALDI is a fucking trainwreck and I'm not even on the spectrum. My brother calls it a "priced famine relief centre" cos some of the aisles are just random shit thrown in the same shelves.

No. 811173

this is so manipulative and a terrible thing to do to an autistic person, now he has to justify his attraction to her without offending her.
lel at him saying "i knew you would take it the wrong way" she probably guilt trips him daily

No. 811175

You're seriously missing out on their flavoured instant coffees. I love ALDI but the only downside is you got to eat the fruit n veg pretty quick. It's really not that much cheaper than a supermarket tbh.

No. 811183

File: 1558551898078.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3104.PNG)

Who would stock her "products", honestly? They're embarassingly bad, and only appeal to people who want to help her out because she's "impoverished" or 18 year old SJW tumblrinas who need everyone to know what their pronouns, disabilities, and views on abortion are.

Honestly, she has no idea how much work she would have to do to create stock for an actual small business, or how terrible . her own artwork is.

No. 811184

File: 1558552013437.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3105.PNG)


> I'll trace your photo unflatteringly in MS Paint for £40!

No. 811185

>I'd love to expand
(Sorry, that jumped out at me)

She'd complain about commission she'd have to pay even if someone agreed.

No. 811194

Awww she's covering up her mutant twin with the words kek.

No. 811200

amen. other anon just sounds like a snob. The caprino verde pizza is fab, moser roth chocolate. toro loco wine is astonishingly good for a £6 wine. More and more people are shopping at aldi and lidl because they both offer some genuine good shit. I've never seen this apparent disorder. unless its run differently outside of the UK.
a bunch of that is around the £4 mark right now too. cant do better than that

No. 811201

I really wish someone could get her to realize her work is not even close to worth what she's selling it for. It's embarrassing.

No. 811202

Wait is she legit charging £10 postage in the UK for an A4 piece of paper? Envelope is 30p, postage £2ish, and it's probably going to be 2 weeks late on top of that. The audacity.

No. 811208


wow how the hell did i miss that?

All she needs is an envelope and a piece of card to keep it rigid (or one of those hard-backed envelopes). Even with signed next day delivery it won't be that much, or is she sending everything by DHL? How is she justifying ten?? I hope someone asks her.

No. 811209


Pheebs your art is utter shite and you look and act like a tard that's in need of mental help, no company would go near you

No. 811210

I refuse to believe that anyone would pay £40 for a shitty elementary school kid ipad doodle.

She doesn’t have to buy any supplies. She can’t even be fucked to use a proper drawing app, let alone learn how to use all the different tools. How the fuck does she justify that price?

No. 811229

Regardless of how bad her products are, most of the cola turn off would be her utter unreliability-or reliability in her lateness. It would reflect on the company when she makes excuses for 3 weeks and falsely labels products as shipped. Also, taxes taxes taxes.

No. 811234

Kek I paid about £8 for a pair of boots all the way from America to the UK. How can anyone justify £10 in the UK for a print?! Unless she's adding on extra charges for bubble wrap and sturdy packaging? Idk.

No. 811252

Is she trying to say the printing costs extra on top of shipping? She has a printer!!

No. 811261

File: 1558562551131.png (886.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190522-225909.png)

No. 811273

She looks like Ashley Isaacs’s ex friend Erika (emergencymittens). It’s not her tho. I had to check because the article says this woman also has a child. I wonder how she’s doing.

No. 811274

File: 1558563683228.jpg (717.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190522-231958_Ins…)

Looks like she's just promoting more of the same kind of people. Looked at this user. Same shit.

No. 811275

File: 1558563794829.png (1.93 MB, 960x1280, 445EFF8C-4439-4791-B481-6393B2…)

Dropped pic sorry

No. 811280

Can we all take a second to recognize how right this is.

No. 811292

I wonder what ever happened to her bleeding arse that she was painfully concerned about and was ruining her life. She suddenly went mute when she realised doctors didn’t give a fuck and it was going to help her commit benefit fraud.

No. 811299

File: 1558567054420.png (536.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190523-001706.png)

Oh my god

No. 811309


So she has access to a blur tool… yet we're still subjected to pictures of her ass pimples and rotten cold sores…

No. 811313


but the ink anon, the ink!

No. 811314


hilarious that it looks like this post is Phoebe AGREEING that emotional labour shouldn't be paid

No. 811317


IBS and haemmorhoids are embarrassingly mainstream for phoebe to moan about

No. 811328

File: 1558569949954.png (3.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3111.PNG)

Just cut it all off Phoebe, if you can't be bothered with the upkeep. Dying your hair won't make it look any less greasy or dirty.

No. 811335

No Pheebs, all you need is some de-tangling spray and a brush.

No. 811406

>i cut all the stickers by hand
Wait what's the Cricut for then? My ma's got a cricut and she's got some app on her ipad (Feebles has got not one but two ipads iirc so no excuses) that tells the Cricut to make any shape. Like if you learned to use your fancy toy machine correctly you could save so much time and effort, but the tradeoff is you'd have less to whinge about.

Having a part time job would actually be easier than "running a small business" like she claims to be. At least your 12 hour week at Superdrug or Tesco you don't have to take your work home with you.

OMG how dare you insinuate that the poor and disabled don't deserve luxuries /s. No but for real she's not the only person I (and i'm sure many of yous) have encountered who think they deserve all the nice shit but won't do anything for it.

OH man the "HMRC/the Council found out about my extra earnings and took my benefit away/made me pay back taxes" meltdown would be fucking EPIC tho.

How can you even dye hair that's that matted? also, will the dye even take if hair is greasy?

No. 811417

File: 1558579400014.jpg (568.63 KB, 2048x2048, A3F7582D-B6DB-4532-B9C9-082777…)

may 2018/may 2019

No. 811425


isn't her cricut used for the shitty bunting?

No. 811426


fucking hell

how can someone gain so much so quickly without being on prednisone? does she move at all?? so much for a vegan diet being healthier…

No. 811430

sage for nutrition faggotry but a lot of people don't know how to eat vegan/vegetarian so they end up with nutritional deficits and unhealthy calories that make it really easy to gain weight

No. 811466

i'm pretty sure she consumes everything in sight without any semblance of portion control whatsoever

i cannot fathom otherwise why she would've gained that much, her portions must be massive

No. 811468

File: 1558586835809.png (268.07 KB, 666x518, healthyveganmeal.png)

She's shown us her portions of "healthy vegan food" and its definitely just that she eats like food is going to be outlawed soon.

No. 811469


I just can't understand it. She must have a binge eating disorder and is convincing herself that it's "self care" to eat what you want when you want because purposely not eating when you have the compulsion to do so is "anorexia".

No. 811478

There are dyes for washed and unwashed hair, the salon I go to prefers greasy hair because it apparently protects your scalp and hair from the chemicals. But Phoebe should brush her hair first!

No. 811487

Half a cup of chia seeds?! You're only supposed to eat maximum 2 tbsp a day.

No. 811492

jesus fuck those quantities. no wonder she needs a salad bowl.

No. 811501

File: 1558595467242.png (159.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190523-100908.png)

Chia seeds in excess can cause bowel issues because of too much fiber. If she eats that much all the time, no wonder her stomach's fucked.

No. 811545

She's thinking about dying her hair again when she can't even manage to wash herself alot of the time.. She has greasy roots and otherwise dry/damaged hair in every pic I've seen, girl cut it off. Might help you look queer

No. 811551


If she's 'so poor' it must be tough to outgrow your clothes at that rate. I mean she can't just go into Primark and pick up anything

No. 811561

imagine spending £200 on an art and craft supply thing just to do one thing with it, and not even that, but one thing that you don't even do often. That's wasteful even for a normal person, but for someone who likes to harp on about what a poorfag she is, it's ridiculous. Cricut can cut all sorts of shit. This is feebles just needing yet another thing to cry about.

Doesn't matter how healthy the food is when the portion sizes are fucking elephantine.

No. 811571

Holy shit. I'm 5'11" like she is and that is more than half the calories I need to eat in a day in one meal. Even if she doesn't want to loose weight eating 800 calories a meal would stop her from ballooning any further in size. She shouldn't be eating that amount a sugar either, she'll end up with type 2 diabetes.

No. 811572

Maybe she eats so much because she's depressed and lonely. She is in that flat on her own for a lot of the time. Eating junk food releases dopamine and it's just human nature to want to keep feeling good. It happens with any addict.

Feeling good when eating will override the fact she's gaining a lot of weight. Or like some, maybe she's just happy being fat.

No. 811581

File: 1558618820376.png (1.76 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0684.PNG)

kek you must be new here. it would sound like you're being a WK if it weren't so stupid. pheebs isn't happy with anything, especially not her fatness.

No. 811586


Love how she's categorising people by weight including 'small fats' whatever that is lol

No. 811597

I think she means not obese.

No. 811602

Her constant cravings for food could be involuntary. As a vegan with a shit diet and a poor understanding of nutrition, it's likely that she's deficient in vitamins and minerals. The body's way of dealing with that is to tell you to eat more of a certain food. It's her own fault for not making the effort to do some research. There's vegan body builders and athletes so eating a vegan diet is not an excuse for being morbidly obese. Committed vegetarians and vegans don't exist on a diet of convenience foods and supermarket meat substitutes. They use a wide variety of food to make balanced meals.

No. 811603

Kek. No I'm not a WK, I'm merely being pragmatic. She has no mates and sits in the house all day. Food and overeating is obviously a comfort and fills a void.

No. 811609

im not going to be the guy to give her tips, but you cant just continously dye over already dyed hair, i sure do hope this goes tits up.

No. 811637

It's bizarre to me that she obviously does care about her appearance when it comes to hair colour and painting her nails, yet she's bright red in the face, consistently spotty (and warty) and showing her 5 chins and 1 big unibrow in most of her pics..

No. 811648

She desperately cares about her appearance. If she could click her fingers and be slim again, she'd do it immediately. She reeks of self hatred.

She slides between wanting to show ugly pictures with mutant cold sores so she can try and preempt comments about how gross she is and between wanting to make an effort with the only things she can play about with like nails and hair (since she can't do clothes because of her size). Then she remembers she's meant to be disabled and flicks back to I CANT EVER WASH OR MAINTAIN MY APPEARANCE IM SO TIRED for a while.

TL;DR: the ugly photos are her armour against negative comments and the plans for hair dyes and nails are the real Phoebe (who hates being ugly) peeking out from underneath the flab.

No. 811650

Agreed, I was mostly referring to the "happy being fat comment" plenty of people are happy being fat, phoebe is clearly not one of them.

No. 811708

File: 1558638538465.jpeg (115 KB, 778x808, CFBE9743-2B8C-40C6-BCCC-D5834D…)

Feebz new post

No. 811711

always gotta throw in a black person huh. At leasy this time she's actually given them fingers instead of them hiding their arms behind their backs.

No. 811713

Take it she's not going to bother to vote.

No. 811714

File: 1558639018734.png (310.89 KB, 750x1334, 31CE6B11-7981-45B3-9D29-3E8766…)

Derp forgot the caption. 1/2

No. 811715

File: 1558639150196.png (292.05 KB, 750x1334, B5E9AE99-17A1-42F7-8DE2-7968C8…)


No. 811717

the lower right… what hole is the dildo penetrating if the panties arent pulled down

it goes without saying that her art is always atrocious but that fucking logic doesn't even compute

No. 811718

these illustrations are actually much higher quality than her usual tracings but then she butchers it with the writing and layout. i have a hard time believing she ever takes the time to look at art that isn't scribbles of sjw buzzwords

No. 811719

File: 1558639581567.jpeg (62.21 KB, 750x208, 10E5EE63-1557-4B8A-9211-07A8C2…)

Only 30 minutes up and the post has already been taken down. Her alt text was explicit af, went to expand her comment and realized the post was already gone

No. 811726

I am triggered that Pheebs assumes that all black bodies have LIGHT stretch marks instead of dark purple ones /s

No. 811728

Masturbation oppression lol

The UK does not have a masturbation-shame issue. Ann summers is on the high street, you can buy vibrators in some pharmacies and ads for lovehoney are on the telly..even morning programs have had sex toys and masturbation discussions on them lately. Nobody cares if you masturbate

No. 811745


'four people, all fat' Between that and her post earlier about 'small fat' people does she not feel like she is the one reducing people to nothing more than their weight?

She thinks the messages telling her to kill herself are cos she's fat (I would assume it's actually her horrible personality) I have never seen so much self-hating projection from one person

Pheobes proving that it is possible to be a narc and hate yourself at the same time

No. 811751

File: 1558642966600.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190523-211438.png)

My flat is so fucking untidy, and so tiny, guys I have to clean my flat today, we can't even afford a bigger flat yet!! I can't believe we spend so much on this shitty dirty flat, then she posts this..

No. 811758

So when you menstruate you masturbate; I wish I knew that. I just thought it was tampon time.

No. 811759

i can only assume crotchless lol

No. 811760

It reminds me of kids who thought you just smoked by lighting the cigarette up. Having it next to you. this is the extenuation of that.

No. 811850

Sorry to be a sperg but I'm raging that she didn't bother to vote.

No. 811860

File: 1558650607549.jpg (671.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190523-232955_Ins…)

Is this post encouraging stealing?
'put on a large coat'

No. 811862

File: 1558650706813.jpg (568.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190523-233139_Ins…)

Feebs has found a group to give her money eventually because she's "trans"

No. 811863

stealing is okay if it's for black people and trans women, apparently, to pheebs. wouldn't i love to see this hamplanet bitch get caught shoplifting and sob all the way to the police station crying "MUH OPRESSION!!!"

No. 811868

I really don't understand how someone non-binary who doesn't want to change their body can be considered trans

No. 811881

imagine being a black/brown woman and having some random white sjw try to offer you stolen stuff or "access" to things almost anyone can afford…how is that not insulting as fuck to assume black/brown women cannot afford meals, printing, or netflix? seriously how woke do you have to be to get to the point where you think black peopke can't afford anything lmao? how is THAT not racist pheebs? sorry if I'm sperging but holy fuck LMAO

No. 811883

they aren't trans. just snowflakes

so when's feebs gonna steal things for black people or invite them to do their laundry at hers? gotta love the bit about poor people being gentrifiers as well. poor people moving into poor neighborhoods is the opposite of gentrification, but nice buzzwords feebs

No. 811900

seems like people will save their lunch money for real trans people instead of cis girls that like to play pretend oppression

No. 811904

Because transgender doesn't mean getting surgery, it literally just means your gender doesn't align with your sex.

No. 811907

"support your local businesses"
walks into queer shop owned by WoC and steals dildo jewelry for wealth distribution

No. 811917

Wow. These suggestions are about as helpful as white kids going to African countries on their gap year to 'teach' the poor ignorant locals.

No. 811926

She literally doesn’t do any of these things I guarantee.

You’re too poor to afford to live in any other neighborhood besides one that’s majority black ? Fuck you! Be homeless gentrifier!!

No. 811932

File: 1558657830833.jpg (41.58 KB, 269x480, 0061101119_2347315595307531_77…)

No. 811934

Does she just fucking lurk here all day?

>"claiming I say I have a condition I don't is disgusting"

Not as disgusting as you claiming you have all those other conditions you don't, Phoebe.

No. 811940

I don't know if it's better or worse thinking that Henry might just be a dumbass that enables a bitch like Phoebe instead of a manipulated autistic boy.

No. 811942

Feeb put a story up about ppl attacking people who's stuff she shares but looking @ one of those ppls stories and it's the same poor people bitching that feebz does what did she expect there's a whole herd of this broke artist losers

No. 811943

i hope OPs family sees her story and decides to intervene because that is so manipulative

No. 811947

I just looked back at the older posts and if it really was Henry's relative who put her on here originally, they said he is autistic. I'll believe an anon over skeevy Phoebe any day.

No. 811958

Her page is private now. Gonna assume she did it so Henry's family can't go snooping to call her on her bullshit like >>811932

No. 812004

what does this mean can you pls screenshot the story

No. 812025

it turns out you can put words in any order you want
This, the relative (and later others who had encountered her IRL) said he was autistic. I'm 100% sure she's also mentioned it in one of her stories at some point, but I'd have to go back and dig for that. One about the neighbors I think.

No. 812051


The longer this goes on, the more I think she’s an exhibitionist troll.

>>EVEN IF you’re a white person with no money to spare.

Weirdly targeting white poors. Idk why she shared since it’s doubtful she does any of those and wouldn’t be liked by the creator.

>> Do you have access to FOOD, BASIC TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION?

Your specifically brown/black (oh, and poor) friends probably don’t. Even if you’re white and poor, your black/brown friends are too primitive for your fancy tools. Save them.

>> Have a suspicious looking long coat? Steal. Shove your privilege into your POC friend’s face by stealing while your friend is followed around the store. You are Robin Hood.

>> Are you a poor white?

Going to assume you live in a black (brown ppl don’t exist) neighborhood because there’s absolutely no way they live in middle class communities ever.

No. 812061

holy FUCK bitch
I thought this was a day's worth of food … but this is ONE MEAL?

No. 812072

holy shit this is so condescending and racist and she doesn’t do anything on this list in the first place

No. 812079

File: 1558681095756.jpg (394.85 KB, 1080x1421, Screenshot_20190524-075726_Ins…)

No. 812080

File: 1558681170215.jpg (358.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190524-075805_Ins…)

Oh so dramatic

Feebs, the call is coming from inside the house. Maybe be more careful of your own family….

No. 812082


'reach for fundraisers'

Don't act like you care about that Phoebe

No. 812084

>always saw people with penises masturbating being normalised
>wanted to draw person with a penis in the bottom left frame

When your inclusivity defeats the whole purpose of your activism

No. 812087

So, is Henry autistic or did we get that wrong?

No. 812088

“Within minutes”

… post is clearly screenshoted as 7hrs ago

No. 812090


Unlike her, we have lives and can't screenshot her every story as soon as it goes up

No. 812095

File: 1558684448638.jpeg (359.98 KB, 1125x1921, 4FD2F54F-71E5-497E-9CDF-EA601B…)

feeeebz not even ya close friends are safe(emojis)

No. 812101

File: 1558685476746.jpg (989.48 KB, 1074x1854, 201905249159926544993645009.jp…)


She did leave the house yesterday evening anon, I'm gonna presume it was so Henry could take her to go vote.

No. 812103


Sage for double post but I know Henry's older brother and he's never mentioned Henry being autistic, but has spoken regularly about their younger brother being autistic. I always got the impression Henry was just naive (Pheobe is his first partner) and he'd conciced himself he couldn't do any better.

No. 812104


Anon is it possible you could ask him without cowtipping? Depends how well you know him obviously.

No. 812112

While I do believe he might be on the spectrum, it wouldn’t surprise me if he would just be a simpleton that is really naive about this relationship. Doesn’t matter who you are, people usually let most bullshit slide in their first relationship because they don’t know where the lines goes and don’t have much to compare it to. Even moreso if their first relationship is with a manipulative cunt like Pheobe

No. 812113


Not to victim blame, but can she really complain when she has demonstrated absolutely no regard for internet privacy? She broadcasts her daily life to thousands of people, kept racist and homophobic tweets up for years on twitter, has tied her full name to her social media handle and acts surprised when people make a thread calling out her filthy behaviour.

If she had a speck of reason she would have made her ig private when this thread first went live, since it's literally the first google result when you type in her name..

good luck with future employers feebs

No. 812126

It isn't stalking to discuss your posts when you put every move you make on the internet, along with your full name and address among other shit, Phoebe. Get a life and this "problem" will be solved.

No. 812135

File: 1558692740242.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1859, 1551909593622.jpeg)


I am still looking but I found in the first threads where Pheebs claims she has autism.


No. 812139

So Phoebe made a post on autism awareness month, but it was just talking about Henry, not saying he's autistic. The timing was suspicious.

No. 812141

File: 1558694159980.jpeg (132.04 KB, 640x1138, he.jpeg)

yeah i just found it. looks like anons justg jumped to conclusions though. I also found references of phoebe never mentioning henrys autism. it really just looks like people have run with an assumption from OP. so if if hes not autistic he must be at least pretty fucking stupid

No. 812142

I’m pretty sure the post where she mentioned his autism was a story when she was having to help him fill in a form for blood donation or somthing and she was reeeeeeing about it. I don’t have a screenshot tho

No. 812146

File: 1558694718457.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, autism1.png)

Henry's relative in the personal cow thread had said :
>my relative, her poor weedy ACTUALLY autistic boyfriend

Then, when asked about Henry's autism diagnosis making him feel the need to settle :
>Oh yeah definitely. And tbh I'm pretty sure he has other learning disability stuff going on.

They also mention Henry's family being worried in general and trying to talk to him about not having to settle for her, implying they all agree that his autism makes him feel the need to settle.

What I don't understand is that Phoebe read this original post, even posted this screenshot of it on her social media. Why did she never deny his autism before, if the relative was wrong all along ? She reads every single thread about her, and always "subtly" responds to major points we discuss. Why only deny this now ?

No. 812148


There are farmers who have even paid her patron so we have access to her "essays". She really has no idea how in to her life we are.

I'd never share it but I still have the photos of the letter with her full address on and photos from Google Street view of her house.

It just shows how flippant she's been about her online privacy.

No. 812158


This is what, her third time going private over these threads? She'll be back sharing every tiny detail of her dull days soon

No. 812160

I'm also on her close friends list! I wonder how many of us are also farmers!

No. 812167

She always acts like because she, personally, was ashamed or never experienced something, that means no one else has, and it's a ~problem~ that can only be fixed by her art.

No. 812193

how bold of you to assume she would ever get a real job, anon.

No. 812222


she will have to one day when she can't rely on henrys rent $$$

or when she has to get welfare and they do a background check

No. 812250

did anyone catch a story she posted where she was laid on bed naked?? the camera was pointed down her body, you could see her legs and belly, she’d just had a bath. i couldn’t post yesterday and with feebs’ insta being private, i can’t see if the story is still there. it was weird as fuck.

No. 812256

File: 1558717559658.jpeg (141.64 KB, 750x1186, 801974A1-A911-4CDF-8AFD-7E2A6E…)

She is blocking everyone that is requesting to follow her

No. 812272

File: 1558718581737.jpg (137.79 KB, 980x1040, dae.jpg)

>I don't want to burden Henry, my friends and my family, I don't want to burden the NHS

If I had to sum up Phoebe's entire existence it would be 'unapologetic burden'

No. 812273

That won't last.
Unless she finds you know, an actual job and gets an identity except being fat, spoonie, marginalized, oppressed and queer jewess on social media.

No. 812274


I saw it but didn't share cos it was just gross, that belly sure comes in handy for covering her crotch!

No. 812278

Ignorant question: if I screenshot her Instagram story , will it show who screenshotted it?

No. 812280


Wouldn't want to get that autism assessment or a proper mental health assessment cos that too would burden the NHS. I'll just spend my life acting like an emotionally unstable dick then, lolz. Also I'll eat myself to morbid obesity, the NHS will love that.

No. 812282

Its not up anymore, i went on her story and didnt see it.

I'm honestly surprised she hasn't just made a "business" page. It would be much easier for her to separate her personal shit and stuff for her store, plus people might actually see her as "professional". If only she was lol

No. 812286

No, it won't show who screenshot it, but she will be able to view who has seen it, so I would at least wait a few minutes until posting here

No. 812290

Yeah, I remember wondering if being too fat to see your own genitals actually counts as sufficient censoring for ig standards.

No. 812314

File: 1558721502309.png (213.63 KB, 907x775, prgepr.png)

I have posted a single "essay" for my paying patrons this year. Support me!
She probably thinks she can hide behind the pay wall from us.

No. 812383

Like hell, she's trying to get us to become patrons for access to maximum lulz

No. 812403

She posted it there yesterday because Instagram took it down for being obscene.

No. 812409


Imagine being a poor black woman and being given STOLEN GOODS because Phoebe said that was okay.
So supportive, that we're going to implicate you in a criminal activity.

No. 812429


yeah, i use insta stalker instead of taking screen caps, easier to save the pics imo

No. 812430

>>812256 how will she know if it’s someone genuine, like part of her SJW lot, or one of us -trolls? she thrives on attention too much, it won’t last.

No. 812451

Unfortunately, that doesn't work on private profiles. Neither does storiesig. At least as far as I know.

No. 812470


I know I'm not the only one of her longterm followers who was delighted to see her posted here

No. 812472


No. 812506

File: 1558743923644.gif (560.26 KB, 245x170, 5XXh.gif)

Hi Phoebe!

No. 812508

File: 1558744226855.png (222.2 KB, 812x312, Untitled.png)

>from linked tumblr

No. 812512


Storieig doesn't work for private profiles. Someone who already follows her will have to provide the milk.

No. 812536

i think this might be another butterknife meltdown moment for the feebz. we love manipulative fake suicide attempts!

No. 812538

does she even know what a panic attack is? because i has a CRAZY one a few days ago (crashed a motorized scooter into moving traffic) and my last thought was IIII MUSTTT PPOOOSSSTTT. bitch, i couldn’t even BREATHE. “I’m hAviNg A PaniC atTaCk” no no sweet feebz, ur short of breath because ur 300+ pounds. ur not having. a panic attack. you’d be too shaky to even hold ur phone to type if u were. she’s so fake performative but it’s so funny bc she clearly exhibits that she doesn’t even know what a panic attack is like by being able to type cohesive thoughts while claiming to be having one simultaneously. has prob never even has one before. what ur experiencing are fat adult whiny baby weenie hut jr temper tantrums.

No. 812545

oh yeah, i just meant in general. my bad. we’ll have to rely on phoebe’s followers to provide us milk if they follow this thread. pls nourish us

No. 812546

>>812472 massive kek

No. 812569

File: 1558754281441.png (46.04 KB, 299x413, 1523647052671.png)

she couldn't resist

No. 812595

Has this video of her singing been shared?

No. 812605

aaaaand already unavailable. isn’t it like 6 am in England? Has pheebs slept at all tonight, or been too busy stalking the thread? not like she’s awake early to go to work or anything lmao

No. 812606

If you openj it in a new tab, it still plays. Pretty sure it was posted before here and she hasn't taken it down. Probably just doesn't remember the password to the account - probably kills her we can access her past self so easily.

No. 812610

Milk is slow, she's only posting bland stuff. Give it time

No. 812611

That's fine. We're honestly so spoiled by Feebz normally - she shits out so much milk every single day all day that these dry periods when she deletes or privates her shit seem stark in contrast, but most other cows have a week or more between new milky info anyways.

No. 812651

File: 1558784599848.png (809.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190525-124255.png)

Interesting that the vegan camp out is also where Feebs tried to rape that girl…

No. 812655

OT as shit, but hope you're okay. that particular bit got my blood boiling too.

No. 812657

File: 1558786401284.jpg (254.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190525-123524_Ins…)

No. 812659

File: 1558786507596.jpg (364.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190525-123559_Ins…)

Who is buying her shit!!!

No. 812660

File: 1558786613005.jpg (930.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190525-123613_Ins…)

No. 812661

I swear all someone has to do to get sales is be a fat/disabled/vegan/nonbinary

No. 812668

File: 1558789770879.jpg (740.35 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190525-140927_Ins…)

No. 812669

Looking at her feedback, it's mostly people who wear glasses.

No. 812677

Incredibly stupid and self-serving. There's a difference between saying actual disabled people falsely get accused of laziness by people who don't know or understand their disability (though the spoon theory of invisible illness, chronic pain and energy/ability has been lapped up so much by munchies and drama queens like Phoebe it's almost useless now) and claiming that NO ONE is more or less motivated and hardworking than anyone else. I'm sure the doctors who treat her who had to bust ass their entire lives and have almost zero time to relax or sleep during med school and residency would love to hear this theory on laziness being made up to OPPRESS layabout hamplanets like Phoebe.

No. 812678

You were literally just complaining about spots two days ago, so weird flex but ok

No. 812683


body checks, pics of Amanda Knox, and wishes not to be white.

Checks out.

No. 812685


good luck managing to wash ur face !

No. 812697


She very much does care about spots. She sees us on here mentioning her red face and bad skin so she buys a bunch of skincare and goes private for a few days to give the products time to work.. She's also talking about changing her hair which we ripped her to bits over so..yeah she reads here and she cares

No. 812702

File: 1558796909816.jpg (36.01 KB, 510x357, Becoming-a-Woman-Who-Genuinely…)

Praying for her to take the better advice on here too if this is really true, she's only 21

Phoebe, just so you know, up till 25 you can go to a city college and any course you choose will be covered by the government, you have ample opportunity to really build a good life for yourself. It's the perfect time to sign up for one now since courses start in September

No. 812704


fuck i just realised she looks like dr eggman, especially in this photo. the dry ass pink hair acts as eggman’s moustache but everything else, she’s a dead ringer

No. 812706

File: 1558798435073.jpg (863.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190525-163403_Ins…)

No. 812708

She cut and painted her toenails. She's definitely reading.

No. 812710

She's posted so much stuff in response to us in the last few days.

She should probably pay us for the education.

No. 812711

Until she changes her personality it won't make a difference

No. 812718

Of course not. It's hilarious though.

No. 812738

>>812706 can she reach her feet? did she have a pedicure? did henry do it? poor henry

No. 812745

One thing is for sure and that's that she didn't do them herself.

No. 812749


The most used phrase in these threads is definitely 'Poor henry' If she's reading I hope she takes just one minute to consider why quite so many people feel sympathy for him ..

A whole lot of empathy has been shown here for henry. Wasting his youth with her abusive ass

No. 812758


The zoomed-out version of this image is painful. No fucking wonder her joints hurt, with how fat they are.

No. 812864


I happen to know this cow quite well. She is probably legit autistic, but recently jumped on the Ehlers-Danlos bandwagon, and is now trying to get a feeding tube for her 'gastroparesis' because all the cool kids have it. She went to her motility testing loaded up on Buscopan, which is OTC and slows gastric transit by a lot. She has demanded a surgical/endoscopic G/J-tube, without any willingness to try a nasojejunal tube or a trial gastric neurostimulator. She has also been trying a play for Fowler's syndrome to get a suprapubic catheter. Basically, she's in a shit marriage, she's an obnoxious narcissist, she has failed at everything she's ever tried in life, and her response to that was to simply check out. Her long term goals are basically full time disabled person talking about how disabled they are. She simply cannot take that a family means responsibilities and wants to be served instead of dealing with parenthood. She's also been accosting some actually very seriously ill people about how they got on TPN, and if straight to TPN is possible. She's an epic munchie. Incidentally, she bought her chair and crutches - they're the worst crutches to use if you do have EDS, as it can lead to your shoulders dislocating. Somehow she convinced her GP to put EDS under her diagnoses and refer her to an orthopaedics service for further care rather than assessment, whom she then talked to as someone who has been diagnosed for years and is now experiencing a worsening state blah blah. It's truly egregious, because she has been pushing very hard to have her own child diagnosed with autism and has tried a mito and an EDS diagnosis for him. I see a strong MSbP angle here… I hope the kid ends up ok.

No. 812874


Did you mean this for the general munchies thread?

No. 812884

Phoebe, we know you're reading this.

If you think that you can keep abusing and exploiting Henry by slipping into the sick role every time you feel like you're losing him, you're wrong. Those of us who actually love him will forever keep an eye on you. The folks on this forum are the least of your worries.
Your prevarication is really hilarious. Yes, Henry is on the spectrum, along with ADD. Do you know who isn't? YOU. You have never been formally diagnosed with autism, and your whole 'be kind to me, I have autism' shtick only works on Henry because he is naive enough to believe your lies. Have you ever considered what it must feel like for him to watch you claim the disorder that has affected his little brother so severely? Have you any sense or a conscience? And do you think that painting our family as some upper class twits (we are not, we just tend to live frugally, make our own food rather than binging on Chinese takeout and live within your means) is going to win you any friends? Because when you inevitably dump Henry, we'll have to clean up the mess.
You are looking for someone to blame in every story, and something to get out of it. You can have all the toys that you desire - when you can pay for them. That includes your wheelchair, which the NHS would pay for if you actually had a legitimate need for one (funny how you claim you need a wheelchair, but you have not considered physio, using an AFO brace or using other walking aids - you know fully well that a powerchair is a last resort and the NHS will not give you one because it would cause you to expend even fewer calories and be even more morbidly obese). What you need to do is get up, get working, lose some of the excess weight making you sick and become a useful member of society, because right now, you contribute nothing to it - do not delude yourself that your "art", bought out of pity by some people expecting reciprocal purchases, or your "activism" are accomplishing anything. People with actual serious life-limiting disorders have completed university and are pursuing successful careers, while all you do is sitting at home, doing nothing and claiming that any criticism of your laziness is ableism. Except guess what? I don't care. I don't care if you brand me an ableist bigot - because I know that deep down even you are aware you're a waste of human potential. Do something with your life - Henry is. Stop finding excuses why you cannot, and get moving.
And stop lying about Henry and about our family, and stop the drama about your non existent death threats. Nobody wants you dead, we just want you to start living and find some way you can contribute to your partnership. You cannot forever leech off Henry, and with the absence of any diagnoses that would substantiate your claims, you're not likely to receive benefits for long (if you're lucky and won't have to pay tax on undeclared income to HMRC!). Pull yourself together and stop exploiting Henry.

No. 812891

I thought she already had a diagnosis for the kid? She blathers on about it often enough anyway.

I feel sorry for the husband. I thought he was going to escape a month or two back but no, false alarm. She shared a video once of him calming her down from a "meltdown" and I don't know how he puts up with her hamming it up the way she does. Shaking hands always perfectly in frame of camera, eyes flicking to make sure she has the shot she wants mid meltdown. Fake as fuck.

I still think the e-d is a cover for her eating disorder and rapid weight loss. The stretchy skin she moans about is from the weight loss.

She drives me mad.

Saged for not being about Phoebe.

No. 812914

from the sound of your post, you must be a relative of Henry's. if you could provide more feasible receipts that'd be great.

also, if you happen to be related to Henry and have met Phoebe irl, I remember from a past thread that Phoebe once went to a (Christmas?) party @ Henry's I think, and she just sulked in the corner/did a live on Facebook of the dinner. were you present for that? what's your account on dealing with her irl?

No. 812919


talk on AgonyAutie has moved on to the general Munchies thread, maybe repost there? and thanks for the extra info!

No. 812920


How the fuck does she decide when to film to catch a meltdown? The last thing on my mind when I'm freaking out is "ooh let's record this for YouTube!"

No. 812921

File: 1558836410232.png (300.87 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190525-210528.png)

Just found this and I think it speaks for itself. The comments are great.


No. 812923

>she/her pronouns
I could not roll my eyes any harder. She refers to herself as 'her' in the next few words, how does she expect to be ~misgendered~ when people have no idea what gender an OP is unless they specify, which she did?

No. 812927

>I am a student and have subsidised accommodation for the next year. Once I have a more stable income I’ll definitely be treating her :)

Um… lying much Phoebe?

No. 812930

I was also slightly confused by the name "Holly" being used but everything else checks out.

No. 812942

What's this about her being a student with subsidized accommodation?

No. 812944

Seems very unlikely that it's actually her. Reads more like a troll post to me. Have you been busy, anon?

No. 812948

I thought that might be the case but I figured I'd post it and see if others came to the same conclusion. It's weird how if not for those differences it would be her without a doubt.

I also found it interesting to see mention of her mother when I don't recall her being talked about.

No. 812962


This isn't Feebs. Either someone else has the username or someone's pretending to be her to stir shit up. The writing is far too eloquent, Feebs doesn't live in London, have subsidised accommodation, has never mentioned monthly nights with her mum (you know she'd reeeeee about the lack of vegan stuff on Instagram), and this person mentioned being called "Holly".

No. 812969

Have y’all never posted on the internet before? People make stuff up about their lives all the time. It’s not uncommon to give a fake name on the internet when recounting a story.

Not saying this is or isn’t phoebe, it could very well be a troll, but he fact everyone is saying it isn’t solely because there’s made up details in it is weird.

No. 812982


Forgive me, but the last thing I want is to start War of the Roses 2: Electric Fatphobic Boogaloo between Henry's relatives on one hand and crazy psycho fattie on the other. I'm way too young to end my life suffocating under her oversized backside. Henry's family already tried an intervention after the Party Debacle (for whatever reason I wasn't there for that one), but you've got to understand Henry has a heart of gold. He's naive, he is inexperienced (this is his first relationship) and he's fiercely loyal. He will put up with a lot of shit, and the apprehension was that if we kept pushing it any more, we would lose him. I'm not sure how far this has come across, but Phoebe is an incredibly manipulative sociopath. Her 'symptoms' come and go whenever she wants something. From what I've heard, she at some point threatened to "kill herself", in front of Henry, to test if he would stop her.

I was at the party you mention (it was not a Christmas party, it was a birthday party of one of Henry's aunts, in early January if I recall correctly), but I could hardly say I interacted with her. She was constantly on her phone, which is pretty rude but we thought she's anxious and this helps her somehow feel settled. First encounters with the family of your boyfriend can be quite tense. Anyway, it wasn't until a few days later that Tom (Henry's brother) found her liveblogging of the whole party, and Phoebe was invited to a little come-to-Jesus about how we do not generally like being 'studied' and talked about on social media in this manner. Henry was asked to bring Phoebe along for this conversation, but I don't think he knew what the whole thing was going to be about.

To clarify a few points:
* Henry's parents offered to pay the £60 for them to stay there. The hissy fit she threw about that was pure idiocy.
* Nobody was on coke. Duh.
* Yes, somebody mentioned the new home she purchased, a home she worked for for decades (she is a good ten years older than Phoebe, incidentally, and did not have an easy life). Everybody went to great lengths not to make her uncomfortable about her living situation, but that's like walking on eggshells, considering how hostile she was from the get-go.
* To the best of my knowledge, nobody made a single remark about her tattoos, tacky as hell they were.
* Yes, some people looked uncomfortable when she mentioned they'll be using a Groupon voucher for their anniversary, because their instinct would be to help out. However, with her attitude, there was a legitimate concern that she would take this as some sort of patronising insult and throw a fit.
* Conversation topics were what you talk about at get-togethers like this when there's a new person around: things everybody can relate to. How's work, how's life, how's uni, how's whatever. I don't quite know what she expected - a discourse on the role of fat bodies in dismantling the prison-industrial complex? In either case, she made it very clear throughout that she thought everybody but her was shallow and dumb, occasionally snorting out loud. Somebody - I forgot who - asked how her small business was doing. She pretty much just grunted.

Her description of the event really doesn't reflect what actually transpired, and how 'off' her behaviour was. Not because of class: it doesn't take class to not look like a pouting, constantly upset bundle of joylessness.

No. 812983

>Her description of the event really doesn't reflect what actually transpired

if going by your post is true, she wouldnt have accepted any of that even you had printed out flyers and handed them out weeks in advance or prefaced it with and bullshit trigger warning or whatever. what a sad thing to know that you are so closely associated with an individual such as her..

No. 812988


"everyone was wearing their topshop coats while ours were from tesco"

>Proceeds to spend 40 quid on overalls that she won't fit into in 6 months

No. 812991

File: 1558849497559.jpeg (86.96 KB, 1434x543, bad anon.jpeg)

Anon, did you do this?? Whichever one of you did this needs to stop. Phebo always gifts us with delicious milk and we don't need to do this. All we need is patience.

No. 812993

Given how accepting of the criticism she is, I have to assume this is a fake. We get enough milk as it is, don't plant stuff like this unnecessarily.

No. 813002

>>812982 can i ask, what was phoebe like with henry? i understand if you didn’t get much out of her interaction with henry in front of his relatives but i’m curious. what about henry? did he seem himself around her? surely henry wasn’t too pleased with her live commentary of the get together? he was there so he should’ve been able to dispute the bullshit phoebe shared online? if i was henry, i’d be embarrassed as fuck. in fact, i wouldn’t be with someone who speaks utter shite about my family. but as you said, henry is naive. i really feel for him.

No. 813006


As far as I am aware, Henry did not know at the time what Phoebe was typing. It is quite common for her to be glued to her iPhone all the time. He must have been pretty mortified by it, because once Tom (his brother) showed them to him, he agreed to bring Phoebe into a little conversation about the ethics of ranting about someone's family on social media, and did not tell her what it was going to be about (although he might not have realised that this was going to be an almighty bollocking). This caused a significant rift between Phoebe and Henry on one hand and, consequently, between Henry and Tom.

Henry was pretty glad to be with his family at the time, but as far as the two were concerned, they did not really act like a couple. Henry was happy to be there, Phoebe looked like she ate the annual lemon production of India. There was the usual hand-holding and all that, but, for instance, not a single good word about Henry. When I met my partner's family, I've made sure they knew how much I appreciated them.

On a different note: there were no 'ableist' remarks, other than someone asking Phoebe why she was apparently having no problems ambulating without any assistive devices. Everybody expected her to require a wheelchair. Some wheelchair users do walk, but it is very uncommon for someone needing a powerchair to go directly to unassisted walking. Absolutely no-one broached the topic of autism being brain damage, or if they did, it was out of my earshot.

No. 813010

Some retard did this exact thing in the Onision thread last year when the IRS drama broke. It’s pathetic and shows a blatant unhealthy investment in the subject matter.

No. 813018

I don’t care if you don’t have receipts, I really like the way you write! Even without proof, Henry has an intelligent backer.

No. 813038

Who the fuck is so obsessed with a lolcow that they make a fake reddit post? Get off the farms for a day and get a hobby

No. 813090

I'm very sorry that your family has to deal wtith such a rancid person, anon. I hope poor Henry comes to his senses eventually, I don't think anyone here blames him for being with Phoebe still since she's incredibly manipulative, vindictive, and willing to go to great lengths to get what she wants.

I sincerely wish this hamplanet bitch gets her family-sized ass kicked to the curb by Henry when he dumps her.

No. 813129

File: 1558889425877.jpg (23.82 KB, 600x434, FB_IMG_1558889390463.jpg)

I saw this and thought of feebs

No. 813150

File: 1558893322378.jpg (679.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190526-183147_Ins…)

She's not trans so she doesn't experience any of this

No. 813151

File: 1558893347270.jpg (689.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190526-183246_Ins…)

No. 813153

File: 1558893368322.jpg (785.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190526-185405_Ins…)

No. 813155


> I was never taught to look after my special curly hair

Bitch can't take responsibility for ANYTHING omg

No. 813159

File: 1558894133036.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3119.PNG)

she's victimised by her own hair omg this is too much

No. 813160

>>813155 imo she's trying to make it sounds like she has the same struggle as black girls with their hair? like ~society caters to straight hair~ they ignore girls like me uwu

No. 813161

does this bitch not know what GOOGLE is??? also would you classify that as curly?? it’s more wavy lmao

No. 813162

I mean, she's not wrong. She's just going about it in the most stupid and attention seeking ways possible. Just google it? Follow curly girl method, it's not that hard. Why would you ask your followers for advice when they could tell you any old bullshit.

>also would you classify that as curly?? it’s more wavy lmao
I hate to be that guy but it's impossible to tell your real hair texture if you're using products designed for straight haired people with sulphates and silicone in them, especially if you're also dying and using heat on it. It destroys your natural curl pattern.

No. 813171

get a haircut if it's so hard to take care of it??? cut it off until it's a length you can handle, why would you purposely have long hair if you're soooo disabled that caring for it properly is difficult????

No. 813172

Shave the lot off. Let’s be real, she’s bone idle. She refuses to attend to the most basic of personal hygiene like wash her fat ass more than fortnightly, probably never even cleans her teeth or does more than the bare minimums if that. I give this skincare/haircare approximately 5 minutes before she claims muH PaIn mUh pOveRtY

No. 813177

Is she gonna start complaining that her curly hair makes her oppressed? Also if she did the slightest amount of research she’d find she needs to ditch shampoo and get sulfate-free conditioner and stop washing it every day.

No. 813180

>stop washing it every day

No. 813184

Her hair is so dead at the end, she just needs to cut it all off and start over

No. 813185

KEK she washes in general once every week and a half to two weeks because of “muh depression”.

No. 813200

I disagree, long hair is easier to maintain as presentable than short hair which usually requires daily styling. Off Phoebe doesn't care about being presentable with her vagina pins but in the spirit of the argument

No. 813205

I know phoebe lacks self awareness in general but I wonder if she’s ever wondered what it would be like to not live this charade of a life she’s currently in. It would mean losing her identity (fat, queer, disabled) and having even less social interaction than she already does (her fat, begging followers would certainly not support her anymore) so I doubt she ever will, but my god.

Eating herself to an early grave and ignoring all medical advice explaining her illnesses are linked to her size, avoiding going to therapy for whatever personality disorder she has and leeching off Henry all for what? To finally be accepted into a community of queer and disabled people? Is her longing to be included really so bad it’s worth destroying her health before she’s even 25? Wasting her early 20s sitting in a flat by herself because she’s mentally committed to being “disabled”?

Imagine being the therapist that would unpack all this. Not that phoebe would ever go, but Christ. It’s a fucking spider web of insecurities and complexes to work through.

sage for phoebe existential crisis rant

No. 813208

File: 1558905414011.jpg (574.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190526-221003_Ins…)

She washes it in dirty bath water with bath bombs in, no wonder it always feels horrible after washing

No. 813218

Much like the proctologists who had to sound her scabby anus, there is not enough money in the world to compensate whoever has to be her therapist.
>next time
whats the ETA on that feebz? a week or? I can't believe she takes that oily, ratty, dead mess of split ends and drops argan oil on top of it of all things.

No. 813222

File: 1558907727645.jpg (90.33 KB, 1500x1500, 61rnY3k-jwL._SL1500_.jpg)

Phoebe, you're clearly asking us, so if it's curly it's good to try attaching a diffuser head to your hairdryer like pic related. Look up how to use one, it maintains the shape of the curls. Make sure it fits your hairdryer nozzle size. Also dye it back brown and clear your skin up, it clearly can't handle bleaching. Keep it long though, it suits you best as it serves to make your round face less prominent as a feature.

No. 813224


lol She has no girlfriends in real life so compensates by asking for advice on shampooing on insta

She's at least a year late to the whole 'no shampoo' trend too but watch her rave about it in the next few weeks like she discovered something new

No. 813227

yeah, no. i don’t think her hair is curly, just thick and wavy. it ~curls~ because, i reckon, she doesn’t blow dry or style her hair after “washing”. her hair is just left to air dry, probably tied up too, hence the curls. as much as i would love to see a skinhead feebs, she needs to dye her hair one colour, brown maybe, and trim those split ends.

No. 813230

?? gtfo, this isn't some friendly advice for cows corner

No. 813235

why the fuck is she using shampoo if she knows it makes it worse

No. 813255


shampoo (even sls free ones) strip some natural moisture from the hair. this is why conditioner exists .

No. 813277

Lmao, calm down. People do shit like this all the time. It's not like Feebz will listen, anyway.

No. 813352

This is the stupidest shit I have ever read. You are not supposed to use any heat on curly hair and you're supposed to air dry to know your natural texture? her curly hair doesn't count because you think she does the two things you're supposed to do to maintain curly hair. wut.

No. 813420

I mean, you have to be a nasty bitch to make your partner work 16 hour days and not bother to clean the place he lives in or provide him with food, instead expecting him to deal with it all after his shift, while you’ve sat there all day instagramming about how hard your life is as a wannabe trans, depressed, disabled, edgy sjw inbred. It’s pretty obvious she made him find a new job with better money so she doesn’t have to move. But imagine not doing anything to make yourself remotely useful. Not working is bad enough. But to not clean up, look after your home or anything at all… poor Henry, indeed. And poor Polly.

No. 813429


Does NHS offer in home care? If Pheebs is apparently in too much pain to clean, surely there is a service that could help her wash herself and clean the house? Since it seems to be affecting her life so much

No. 813433

She would not meet the criteria as she isn't that disabled

No. 813435

ok? sorry to upset you? it’s just phoebe and her shitty hair, let’s move on lmao

No. 813437


She couldn't even get a wheelchair on the NHS so I very much doubt she qualifies for home help. I wonder if Heney claims carer benefits for her… cos he deserves them.

No. 813438

Lol Onision, is that you?

Nobody should be washing their hair every day, especially curly hair. 2-3x a week is optimal. Every other day is alright for hair that's oily and fine.

Lots of good advice in this thread, Phoebe - listen to it.

>>813222 is correct, get a diffuser and use Youtube to learn to use one correctly. It IS okay to use heat sparingly on some curly hair types. Even with proper treatment yours will be more wavy than curly, it will be fine.

Blot your hair when you towel-dry it. Use all styling products sparingly. Use a curl defining cream or mousse with a medium amount of hold on damp hair. If you air dry, finger style your curls as it dries.

With a dryer, you can get a more polished look. Use low heat, and a lightweight heat protecting spray. Ionic heat tools will help eliminate frizz. You will still need to go through with a curling iron to define and even out your texture once it is dry. Light hairspray is your friend. For an undone look, finish it with bit of dry shampoo. Tame frizzies by spraying your hand with hairspray, and smoothing them down (or use the back of your comb).

Stop loading your hair up with oils, use a co-wash 2x a week and use masques in between. Leave-in lightweight sprays are better for moisturizing your curl pattern & hair texture between washes.

I don't know UK brands, so use google (why do you have such a hard time with google?) to find beauty-on-a-budget type discussion groups for curly people; i'm sure Facebook has a ton of groups.

Leave your hair long, but have it layered by someone who specializes in dry cutting curly hair. You need to have some of that weight carved out for the natural texture to show itself. Extra long hair doesn't suit you, either. Keep the length to the collar bones, and have it layered up to around the cheekbone. Get regular trims. And quit bleaching or lightening your hair if you want the texture to be its best.

And finally….go out and make some real friends, so you don't have to use social media to crowdsource questions you could easily look up, just so you can get some social interaction in your life. They'd probably even teach you how to do your hair.

(Sorry for hairstylist sperging…her ignorance is triggering me kek. And who knows…maybe if she realizes that farmers have good beauty advice, she might start listening to the bits about her shit personality.)(no1curr go to ot)

No. 813439

Unfortunately he works too many hours and makes too much money to claim carers benefits. She’d take it all off him for chinese food and tacky earrings anyway.

No. 813447


Didn't she get recently diagnosed though? I know she is a munchie, but being manipulative enough, couldn't she fake her way into receiving benefits anyhow?

No. 813449

No. She’s never been diagnosed with a disability or been told by a doctor she’s disabled. She walked out of an appointment but a few months back holding fibro leaflets but that’s it.

No. 813453

idk im more concerned about the spots on her arse. remember how phoebe said in her PIP claim, henry has to help her wipe her arse? fucking kek

No. 813457

Anons, you should be charging Feebs for all the ~emotional labour~ you're putting into this hair advice.

No. 813469

was this essay necessary? jesus christ, can you all stop with the hair sperging, take it to /g

No. 813470

wait are you for real???? does henry have an adult baby fetish?

No. 813472

File: 1558963677889.png (7.2 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0892.PNG)

never misses an opportunity to flaunt her wokeness

No. 813473

I mean…it's not a completely wild thing to do for your partner if you are 100% devoted and she is too obese to do it herself. Sad but expected.

No. 813485

>>813470 i doubt it cos i’m like sure feebs was lying about that, she wants to be seen as helpless who struggles with toileting for free money. if she actually needed help, i’m sure henry would help but damn, poor dude

No. 813486

He won't really. She's not fat enough. She will have found that on a list of things to include to make her lies seem more realistic. She's big, but she isn't My 600lb Life big.

No. 813495


Hard limit right there, I mean short of someone having a terminal illness.. settling for arse wiping duties in your twenties.. no attraction can exist after that

No. 813505

Yeah, I would get that if she had any redeeming qualities, but we're talking about Phoebe here. And seriously, if you're ok with dating someone that's obese you're retarded either way.

No. 813545

I hardly doubt they have sex to begin with. Someone please free Henry.

No. 813550

This is obviously cringe but tbf the foundation type is clearly geared towards black and asian people. There are lots of foundations available for very pale people of varying skin tones (I'm a ghost)

No. 813552

File: 1558977293647.jpg (40.42 KB, 490x274, My-600-Lb-Life-Penny-490x274.j…)

Whoa, that's endgame for Phoebe, I just realised. What if she's gaining all this weight on purpose to be legit disabled faster?

No. 813556

Why would anyone knowingly give themselves type 2 diabetes and heart disease? Do fat vegans get heart disease?

No. 813559

Yes type 2 and heart disease rates for vegans are lower but that's because many of them (compared to the common junk food couch potato Western lifestyle) eat healthy portions of unprocessed foods, exercise tons, have ideal cholesterol and healthy BMIs, so Phoebe is not included and will likely get ill and die prematurely from her lifestyle.

She's definitely regularly eating junk food with oils that raise cholesterol and the sheer amount of visceral fat she must have inside her body is a huge danger as well along with being totally inactive.

She's delusional though and in denial about the health issues caused by her weight and what that entails for her future and lifespan.

No. 813570

File: 1558978733041.jpg (512.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190527-183359_Ins…)

Is she having a moment of self awareness???

No. 813572

File: 1558978819926.jpg (813.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190527-183450_Ins…)

Pushing her "Jewishness" again

No. 813573

File: 1558978875040.jpg (713.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190527-183239_Ins…)

No. 813574

File: 1558978959700.jpg (334.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190527-183355_Ins…)

What a hypocrite. She bullies anyone who dares question her.

No. 813575

File: 1558979051125.jpg (494.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190527-183506_Ins…)

I'm looking forward to seeing the shit "holo" she comes out with

No. 813577

Do you think she thinks she's not white?

I reckon that she's logic'd herself into believing 'Jew = person of colour'

No. 813580

If she admits she's white it makes no sense for her to post this >>813570
She wants to be part of every single minority

No. 813595

I can't help but wonder this sometimes, although she didn't even realize being a Jew ethnically was a thing.

No. 813597


I have a feeling that she was pretending to be confused in that Facebook group earlier so that she can claim “ethnic jew”.
She’ll probably try to play stupid and claim that she was told Jewish was an ethnicity until she’s properly called out on it.

She knew damn well what they meant when they said that someone can be Jewish by heritage which makes them not White, but she pretended to be confused about it because it’s an actual Jewish community making it very clear that she is not ethnically anything other than White.


Somehow white people cause turmoil by
1. Being too proud of being white and 2. Being ashamed of being white.
Can ya’ll please just stay in the middle?

No. 813599


To claim carer's allowance you have to be doing basically more care for the disabled person than any other job. His job would preclude him. If it wasn't for the money cut (CA is like 70£ a week) I can picture Phoebe making him do this.

No. 813600


she already has faked her way into claiming benefits

No. 813601


Zooming into the books on her shelf is hilarious, it's like a SJW Starter Pack!

No. 813602


sorry Feebs, a one-time convert in your distant family doesn't change your ethnicity. you're still the whitest white person in existence.

No. 813603

What benefits specifically do you reckon? (not denying that she hasn't received them)
So is she diagnosed or not? We really have no way of knowing which part of what she spews out is real or not, but imo many illnesses are self-reported of symptoms.

Another anon made a good point that if she was actually qualified for a wheelchair, NHS would have provided it.

No. 813605


No. 813606


I'm pretty sure she's getting PIP (basic disability benefit available to anyone whether they can work or not - meant to offset the extra cost of disability)

Also while you're right that NHS wheelchair services give wheelchairs to those who need them, they are notoriously bad for people who don't need to use them full time and government cuts have made this worse. I know many people who are genuinely disabled and have had to fundraise for suitable wheelchairs like Phoebe did - except Phoebe wouldn't be disabled if she would just stop gorging herself.

No. 813607


also hay fever? packet of Allacan is 90p, take one a day. Done.

No. 813623

She was getting PIP but they when she reapplied, she ended up at a tribunal. I'm sure the last update on that was she said that they said at the tribunal they'd have to postpone it as there wasn't enough evidence provided to make a decision. She's either still waiting for a new date or she's been denied and isn't telling anyone.

No. 813631


A postponement (adjournment, technically – a postponement is when the date of a scheduled hearing is changed) at a SSAT is normally ordered for three reasons:

1) Basically, it's a gentle letdown. Instead of flat-out denying the claim, the case is left open indefinitely, and as a result, the claimant can later submit further evidence without having to start a new claim.
2) When a specific assessment or re-assessment has been ordered. If this is the case, we have not heard from it, and she'd be the first to put the tory scum on blast for it.
3) Where a condition's outcome is unclear. For instance, someone with CIS (first-onset MS symptoms) may either develop further symptoms and full-blown MS along with the relevant disabilities, or they may never have another episode again. Equally, someone may respond very well to treatment and have no residual symptoms in a month, or remain seriously disabled for life.

I have zero doubts she falls into (1).

No. 813641


NHS Wheelchair Services will offer assessments quite timely if a qualified physician, usually an ortho, orders one. That she hasn't even made it to an ortho, never mind gotten an assessment referral, shows she basically self-prescribed the wheelchair.

Which is a HUGE problem. If you use a wheelchair for any non-trivial length of time, it MUST be made to measure. If it is not, it can cause very severe back pain, exacerbate scoliosis, cause pressure sores and many other problems. Feebz's idea that she can just grab a wheelchair off the shelf is entirely idiotic. Especially as she has all risk factors for pressure ulcers (obese, female, diabetic or at risk of diabetes, bad bodily hygiene, sedentary wheelchair user i.e. does not transfer often and cannot do so under own power), she needs to have a specialist assessment, and no retailer will just give her a wheelchair without seeing at least a recommendation, exactly for that reason. As a lifelong powerchair user, I have known people who ended up septic because they used a random wheelchair. If she really wants to go the DIY route, she needs to privately see a physio specialising in wheelchairs in the bariatric population first, before she can even think of picking out a chair.

Also, she does NOT want to have to spend her life in a powerchair. A lot of people start out saying 'hey, it'll reduce my fatigue levels', and in 2-3 years they're full-time wheelchair users with deconditioned circulation that makes it hard for them to even stand up, and they're stuck in that chair for good. I'd give everything to have Phoebe's mobility, even if it's a lot less than what normal people have.

No. 813643

Its the pink dildo that killed me lol

No. 813647

>>813603 she may be on ESA? easier to claim than PIP. and i reckon her copper dad helps out at times

No. 813648

eew.. i think that’s a candle shaped as a dildo lmao she’s obsessed with tits and cocks

No. 813649

ESA definitely, it was really easy to get onto before they changed the system. I wonder when she will be moved on UC - it's a nightmare moving from ESA to the comparable UC component. She might get denied it, I know loads of people who had to move onto UC and didn't get it even though they had been receiving ESA.

No. 813654

File: 1558989694323.jpg (761.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190527-213421_Ins…)

It's a bit rude to assume a skinny person eats kale

No. 813659

>How or why I'm fat is none of your business
>Makes fun of health food
>BURGERS in a heart on the wall

No. 813668

File: 1558991002518.jpeg (170.58 KB, 1079x586, 17D40957-C4B3-439E-9325-AC4560…)

I’m sorry but Henry ISNT autistic ????

No. 813690

Still better than Feebs “art” lmao

No. 813692

She won't be on ESA. She won't qualify for contribution based for longer than a year (if she ever did qualify for it considering its based on what you've given in to the system by working previously). She won't qualify for income related ESA due to Henry's wage as it sounds like he works full time.

The only way she gets it is if she's fudging the fact she lives with Henry.

No. 813696


It’s pretty bitchy to make it seem like fat people don’t eat healthy stuff too.
I have two large roommates who eat fresh veggies/exercise/meal plan and are in better physical shape than I am. I’m skinny because I don’t eat kale, or anything else that’s nutritious.
If they’re going to push that “fat is healthy” can they at least stop demonizing vegetables?

No. 813792

File: 1559005203361.gif (2.71 MB, 350x197, beetus.gif)

your 600bl ass could use some actual nutrition from kale, Feebs.

No. 813806


That would make sense as she has absolutely no medical evidence that she is disabled, just a diagnosis of IBS and a history of depression.

No. 813807


I heartily agree about the made-to-measure. I see people buying second hand Quickies etc and I wince, it's as bad for you as using a cane or crutch that's way too high or short for you.

No. 813811


ESA is only "easier to claim" because they give you a weekly amount equivalent to jobseekers allowance before you're assessed for it (which can take up to a year). But other anon is right, depending how much Henry is making she would be ineligible unless she's lying to the DWP.

No. 813812


Not everyone's an "artist", anon.

No. 813813


KEK i thought Phoebe "ate more broccoli than anyone else I know".

No. 813831

>>813668 is the nazi pig supposed to be feebs? lmao good job henry

No. 813833

It's a fist punching a Nazi.

No. 813837

File: 1559013611819.gif (988.05 KB, 500x375, IMG_0942.GIF)

No. 813839

yeah but most of us have hand writing that doesn't look like a 6 year old

No. 813888

>>813833 don’t be boring. feebs is the nazi being punched. remember how she wanted to be the next hitler

ANYWAY, didn’t henry give her… those drawings when he proposed? lmao i feel bad cos that seems to be something a 6 year old does. sorry henry, we still love you

hashtag save henry 2019

No. 813953

File: 1559034297694.jpeg (170.51 KB, 750x1334, C6A91AE0-0018-4F46-A3DE-875FBB…)

If you know her crowd well enough it’s well easy to see who she emulates , she copies doodlepeoples design and ideas, vagaggle does the chin close ups, she captions because of ruby allegra and feeding of the Fox and has well groomed withlovefromdanica. Not long back she said she has no originality . Follow them all and you’ll see who she snatches from. Fucking fascinating

No. 813965


I follow a guy on insta who reposts Pheobes fatphobia stories and he's started doing this extreme close up shot whenever he's complaining about mundane everyday annoyances.. it's sad who these people choose to emulate but they are all living on Insta with no real life interactions so..

No. 813967

the fact her eyes point in different directions makes me feel ill

No. 813971

It's funny that she thinks her attitude now is better, when being a teen edgelord on twitter (when she was younger) is actually way less insufferable than her constant screeching now. Phoebe, it's true, you have gotten far worse.

No. 813983

File: 1559042494372.jpg (638.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-121955_Ins…)

I hope no one is cow tipping!!!!!!!

No. 813984

File: 1559042536777.jpg (812.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-071822_Ins…)

Her flat is such a mess

No. 813989


fuck! what about her tidying up the other day? either she’s such a messy pig and made a mess already or she barely cleaned the first time

No. 813992


Dunno what she expects people to report this as, I mean under what category lol

Could genuinely be another fat autist that looks up to her and she's insulting their effort

No. 813996

Unless misgendering isn't allowed on Instagram, there's no reason to report this account

No. 814001

What a fucking degenerate. So much for cleaning the other day! Poor Polly.

No. 814002

I have nightmares thinking about how often she cleans her bed sheets… I’m guessing once every few months. She probably sleeps among a few of her herpes heads.

No. 814019

She can report them using her content technically

No. 814022

File: 1559048939248.png (9.14 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0944.PNG)

she takes everything said on here to heart so quickly

No. 814024

Her face does look less oily here. Good on her, taking a shower.

No. 814034


Bit hypocritical to demand a fan page be taken down.. given how she protests any time her adult content or suicide threats are taken off instagram…or her recent posts about petrol bombing politicians

No. 814035

neither of those photos posted are from phoebe. and using someone else's photo is ok if it explicitly states it's a fan/parody account. still stupid and I really hope it wasn't a farmer.

No. 814036


Pheebs reposts other fatties pics all day on her stories too, I doubt she asks for permission 20 times a day

No. 814047

Has she deleted again?

No. 814059

no but she's getting smarter about blocking be careful

No. 814061

Why do her lips always look so painful? They look so swollen and chapped and irritated all the time. It’s like she’s constantly having an allergic reaction.

No. 814063

so she can shower? why does she need to take a full blown bath everytime she wants to get clean then

No. 814068

cos it’s easier for our feeble feebs to stew in her own filth

also kek @ her improving herself to spite us. it’s her personality that needs work, not skincare but ok, do that flex, girl!

No. 814076

File: 1559057053738.png (59.29 KB, 318x159, untitled.png)

I'm going to be very charitable here and suggest that she might be shying away from contact with her own body-you see this in people with eating disorders, and her weight gain seems to suggest she's legitimately suffering from one.

Optimistic of me but I really like that Phoebe takes criticisms, it's fun and comforting to laugh at train wrecks but it would give me genuine happiness to see her turn her life around and leave her shitty personality behind, and I think others here share this wish for a redemption arc. If it takes her 'improving herself to spite us' then she can knock herself out

No. 814086

File: 1559058385887.jpg (16.99 KB, 320x320, 44305115_354267585326062_90164…)

Ugh me too anon, the ahegao face looks so weirdly vertigo-inducing

No. 814129


It's like she loves being ugly, if she just used lip balm she would get less cold sores, of course they're always popping up when your lips are cracked and irritated like that.

No. 814190

File: 1559065968944.jpg (789.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-182636_Ins…)

No. 814192

File: 1559066049713.jpg (643.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-182707_Ins…)

She really is taking on all our criticism! This is amazing!!!

No. 814194

File: 1559066095681.jpg (905.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-182726_Ins…)

No. 814196

File: 1559066125476.jpg (978.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-182740_Ins…)

No. 814202


Can she not do the most mundane of daily tasks without documenting it for Instagram

Like does she realise the rest of the world goes about their day without excessive sharing like this boring shite

No. 814220

Wow. Just wow. You all bang on about Phoebe being uninteresting and sitting around on social media all day - but what are you basement-dwellers doing? Lurking on their accounts and then feeding it back. It's not even as if it's gossip or something "juicy" that you are all discussing - nope, just stuff they post on their Instagram. I think it's much more sad that you are all OBSESSED to the point you've made threads, just to discuss them. You bang on about "oh they don't do anything" and "they have no personality" but do any of you troglodytes do anything? Go read a book, make some art, play a game… Surely that must be more interesting than stalking some person online. The fact you're actually invested so much in their personal hygiene and hair is indicative of how boring you all are.
Predictably you're all dying to call me a "WK" and put "kek" an unnecessary amount of times because you're all just too edgy to say "lol".
And no, this isn't Phoebe before you go all tinfoil.
Go get laid or shave your backs or something and then inevitably put me out to pasture.

No. 814225

And you all talk about Phoebe being "gross", I bet the majority of you are ugly as fuck. Probs incels too.

No. 814229

>is this how able bodied ppl feel
How about you tell us, you malingering fuck.
Never known somebody as ‘disabled’ as she supposedly is to have the mental energy to expend on posting to sm all day every day
(I know you’re reading Feebs so I expect to see a post about “muH brain fog” within the next hour! fanx!!!)

No. 814236


Whether you get benefits or not you can get an assessment by a council OT who will give you a load of free crap like a shower chair. Maybe she would rather play the victim than use the services available to her.

No. 814241


You know statistically most LC posters are female?

No. 814246

kek enjoy your ban white knight

No. 814248

We also talk about how she's a rapist and a racist, and how she's abusing her partner. Or would you rather gloss over those parts?

No. 814251

that's not very body positive of you!

No. 814258


Sorry I would've replied sooner but I just took a shower and needed to tell instagram about it lol

No. 814263

I think that's one of the more infuriating things about her - there's a lot of services she could access if she has as much difficulty as she claims w/ her mobility, but she just chooses not to. Councils have to provide household equipment like shower chairs, ramps or even intercoms up to the price of a grand I think (recently applied on behalf of a relative for a new walking frame from the council) and all it requires is a phone call/email and then they send an occupational therapist round to asses what you need. Was actually a simple process. It would take no effort to apply for some equipment or home adaptations and I'm pretty sure landlords have to allow alterations like handrails and things if their tenant needs them. She just loves complaining too much to apply for it, or is worried an OT would see through her act.

No. 814268

You're all misogynistic as fuck - don't pretend you care about rape victims.

No. 814271

It's just a way to be abliest and abhorrent towards someone under the guise of pretending to care for the person they assaulted.

No. 814273

oooo you lurk and post on LC so drop the holier than thou attitude lol

No. 814276

You mean like Phoebe, who has to be called 'non-binary' because she hates being called a woman?

No. 814277

Imagine a world where we all announce it online every time we wash

No. 814279

lol do you realize all male posters get banned here? it's entirely women who can see through the misogynistic charade that pheebs puts on, when she herself is a rapist and is a rapist who fetishizes other races.

No. 814285


Yep this anon is also under the illusion that we're all guys so .. lol they haven't been paying much attention

No. 814286

No, I don't lurk here. I've read like a tiny section of the thread and was already bored.

No. 814288

You know I'm right though - you're all sad and obsessed with someone you claim to hate. You gonna spend all evening lurking on Phoebe, or I dunno, get a better fucking hobby?

No. 814289

Annnnnd, women can also be misogynistic. It's called internalised misogyny, you creep.

No. 814291

So boring, as you sit here still posting

No. 814296

I'm just surprised it's taking this long to ban me. Admin must be sleeping.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 814297


Their apartment must be moldy af. Letting your clothes dry in such a tiny apartment will cause mold sooner or later.

Didn't she already complain about mold in their apartment? Phoebe you dirty Grishnákh looking hag, that is the reason why people living in tiny spaces go to a wash salon. Disgusting wreck.

No. 814299


Never heard of it, I mean we're all dummies here lol

No. 814300


and you’re posting here too, you get a better hobby first! OMG

No. 814301

i know i should stop taking this bait but lol pretty sure most of us don't hate her. she's just comedy for most of us. "you guys hate someone you don't even know!!!" is such a strawman that all white knights use, yet none seem to realize 99% of posters don't HATE cows, they're a hilarious form of entertainment, which the cows literally sign up for by posting publically online. how is that concept so hard for some people?

No. 814304

What I wanna know is how autist anon found out that this is secretly the 'men that hate women club'

No. 814306

They definitely lurk here. Might be Pheebs actually, since she's been taking advice straight from lolcow lately. If so, omg Pheobe hi! Take more showers.

No. 814314

exactly anon! i'm quite sure most of us are a) women b)into a lot of hobbies but posting while we're bored at our JOBS and c) really enjoy seeing her thrive a little more these past few days. no one hates the pheebs except her enablers!

No. 814320

this was a pretty cute sperg tbh. you wish we were some incel basement dwellers and not people with careers, personal lives, and hobbies outside of our fatveg show. some people watch reality tv, this is literally no different.

No. 814338


Yep, plenty of people following things like the James Charles drama have full lives too, it's a few mins of entertainment and really not that deep

No. 814363

Yep if she needed help with washing/dressing herself adult social care would happily provide it.

No. 814393


I'm one of Phoebe's "close" friends and I'm a woman with a job, a wife and hobbies. Phoebe is hateful and nasty, so I come here for entertainment. Let us know when you see through her bullshit.

No. 814396

File: 1559075621514.jpg (870.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-213221_Ins…)

No. 814397

File: 1559075645857.jpg (911.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-213253_Ins…)

No. 814399

I need to see receipts before I believe she gave any money to mutual aid or fundraisers.

No. 814401

They've got money because Henry literally works ALL THE TIME, we never see him. She shouldn't pretend her pathetic arts and crafts bring any money in.

No. 814402

That's allwell and dandy but for both of their sake I hope they're sticking some of that in savings… Not saying the poor can't buy nail polish, but if Henry had to work overtime to afford it, it'll be rough when they don't let him use overtime in the future.

No. 814404

File: 1559075922870.jpg (651.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-213319_Ins…)

No. 814406

You can't be abelist against a fake disability

No. 814408

it's beginning to look like she's given up on claiming disability benefits and easing into being a real person and not an sjw charicature!

No. 814409

She won't every act like a real person. She'll just become a new "personality".

I wonder which one

No. 814411

She used to post selfies on her feed all the time but now she rarely does.

Maybe she's realised how ugly she's let herself become? It'll be fucking amazing if she starts losing weight, washing herself properly, cleaning the flat and using good products.

She could actually undo it all!!! I'm actually excited

No. 814412

doesn't this go against her saying she doesn't use her boyfriend's money for herself..

No. 814414

IRL? Pretty sly if you're just pretending to like them but coming on here to lurk etc. Maybe grow a spine and confront them instead of posting anonymous comments.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 814416


Wtf is wrong with you, we all lurk her and post here anonymously. Do you not get what lolcow is??

No. 814417

how bout u message her directly?

No. 814418

When people have messaged her, including POC and queer people calling her out on legitimate stuff, she calls them a cunt and blocks them, have you not read the threads on her?

No. 814420

why wouldn't she do anything different in person? tell them they're ableist and classist and walk away, ostracize them from her life

No. 814427

I meant "close" friend as she's made me that on Instagram. I didn't ask to be and I've never met her IRL

No. 814428

You must be so interesting, sperging out on lolcow while you could be playing a game, reading a book… Typical hypocrite WK kek.

No. 814429

Loads of us are misanthropist. We hate BOTH genders. Male and female. The one you're born with.

I think lack of selfies might be connected to her new skincare regime. I noticed she'd broken out a bit on her head yesterday.

No. 814430

Oh and zit theory contd. She was covering her face.

No. 814431

File: 1559078376731.jpg (597.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-221722_Ins…)

No. 814432

File: 1559078414517.jpg (612.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190528-221732_Ins…)

No. 814437

Vet bills? Does she mean that manky rag tied around Polly’s neck? The audacity of this

No. 814454

How the fuck can her skin be that bad?? She's so young, but that looks like 30 years of sun damage. It has to be because of her shit diet/hygiene.

No. 814455

How the fuck can her skin be that bad?? She's so young, but that looks like 30 years of sun damage. It has to be because of her shit diet/hygiene.

No. 814457

I suspect that in addition to not washing her face frequently enough, she probably has rosacea. Which unfortunately there aren’t many options for.

No. 814459


Surely Phoebe must know that even "small fats" can have body image issues, also as someone who claims to have been anorexic how does she think an eating disorder works? Stop gatekeeping Feebs, like your shitty badge says.

No. 814460


lumber away*

No. 814461


At the least she's probably talking about payment for flea and worming treatments that all cats have.

No. 814462

File: 1559081775498.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3129.PNG)

For someone so "woke" she's incredibly uneducated about the non-SJW-trope basics.

No. 814463

File: 1559081860281.png (2.48 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3131.PNG)

What a long way of saying "I eat whatever I want when I want".

No. 814475

Which you can literally buy in Poundland. Maybe nitpicking here but it’s just disingenuous af

No. 814598

phoebe's 'eating disorder' = eating a normal amount and stopping when full
you were never an anachan feebs, i know you like to pretend you were for uwu points. but at your lowest you were chubby, which for your height is laughable

No. 814643


the “i’m afraid of men” book lol i bet it makes henry feel good

i’ve not heard of the book so idk if it’s a legit book or just another shitty SJW book but typical pheebs to include it in the pic. phoebe LOVES and SUPPORTS women, didn’t ya know??

No. 814658


from the Amazon page

> A trans artist explores how masculinity was imposed on her as a boy and continues to haunt her as a girl–and how we might reimagine gender for the twenty-first century.

Right up Feebz' street basically.

No. 814666

Maybe if you'd love your body or be in the process of learning to love it you would take care of it.

No. 814679

ugh why is she obsessed with being anything but a girl

No. 814698

>Intuitive eating is so important!
Become a new star of My 600 lb life! Create a range of various medical problems and soon you're actually going to need the wheelchair.

No. 814699


Intuitive eating sounds like a good way to kill yourself when you spend nearly every minute of the day alone and you clearly have emotional regulation issues

She's desperate for online attention like there's this big 'hole' to fill and she'll eat to make up for a lack of hobbies and relationships. It's comfort eating gone mad, nothing 'intuitive' there

No. 814704

Funny that this anon defending Phoebe uses so many of her favourite phrases, such as ‘under the guise’, which she uses profusely in her videos. Hi Phoebe, keep up the showering

No. 814709

Imagine being obese and having the gall to lecture other people on eating. Either she doesn't listen to her intuition or her intuition is wrong, because it shouldn't make you fat.

No. 814713


She needs a tonne of behavioral therapy. She's self destructive and doesn't know how to have a healthy relationship with food, people, social media..

She has people on this thread pointing it out to her and she'd rather paint us all as 'ooh dickheads' than take any constructive advice. 21 year old mentally unwell people aren't fucking life gurus and her own life is a mess in nearly every way. She should be seeking help, not offering her disordered advice to other vulnerable people

No. 814716

When I was at uni, we had a lecture about intuitive eating from this woman who specialised in it. It is NOT about eating whatever you want, or whenever you are hungry. These fatasses always go on about how intuitive eating is "best" when they don't even practice it properly.

You're supposed to eat without distractions, eat slowly, figure out if you are thirsty first, etc. Pheebs looks like she doesn't drink water and eats when she's on her phone or ipad or several other electronic devices.

Also if she was eating when is "best" for her, she wouldn't be so obese that she needs a walking aid. Humans aren't supposed to be obese.

No. 814721

For some reason a lot of people, especially obese people, think that you're supposed to eat EVERY single time you're hungry. They act like they're starving to death otherwise, it's fuckin weird.

No. 814724

Her skin looks cleaner, but she’s either overexfoliating, sensitive to some skincare ingredients, or just trying too many different things out at once so she can’t tell what’s giving her that rash. I feel like a lot of people with learned helplessness do this—buy everything that “should” work at once, use it all without research, blame the materials when it doesn’t work out and give up after a short time. But it really does seem like she’s trying and is in a pattern of setting herself up for failure.

No. 814733


She only started this new skincare routine once people on here pointed out that her skin is horrific. She didn't even thank us lol

She has her bubble of 'yes people' on Insta that don't tell her the truth and we're the dickheads for being honest… yet there she is trying to fix her skin

No. 814734

And of course it's her skin that she takes our advice on, not her hostile personality or the victim complex that spews online… priorities

No. 814751

File: 1559134641484.png (2.29 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0959.PNG)

doesn't want to go back on public except muh fundraisers that she undoubtedly has never contributed to herself

No. 814783

It's not Phoebe. The admin will know my IP address and will know the location is no-where near where Phoebe lives. Nice try tho.

No. 814793

They're actually trying to look after their skin, yet you're still all moaning? If you suffer from depression and want to kill yourself daily, then I'm assuming you know that you can neglect personal hygiene. Why are they expected to follow a skin-care routine when they're in the midst of depression? It's such a consuming illness. Some people do still manage care etc but others evidently do not. Ya know that is one of the main symptoms of depression, right? Not functioning?

No. 814794

Get out of here wk. she is fine besides the fact that she's massively overweight and that's causing her issues. She doesnt want to kill herself daily, she'd be posting selfies saying that if she did

No. 814795



Can't take anything else you say seriously.

No. 814796

Stop buying into this whole 'depressed people are helpless babies' thing. You do realize that she is a grown woman who can make her own choices right? Nothing's stopping her from showering daily but her own laziness. A lot of depressed people manage to shower, holy shit.

No. 814798

I think you'd be more comfortable in your Instagram echo chamber.

No. 814800

I'm overweight and I have flawless skin but ok

No. 814801

echo chamber, is that just "devil's advocate" for edgy people?

No. 814805


Ha. Coming from the edgelord who obviously hunted this thread down to defend her.

No. 814807


kek ok

No. 814809

Yes, I hunted it down. Literally the first thing that appears on Google, twat.

No. 814811

If youre gonna be stupid and come to this thread, at least learn to fucking sage

No. 814812

I know how to sage, Daddy, but I also know it annoys you all. "kek"

No. 814813

y’all could just ignore the wk bait instead of infighting every fucking time