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File: 1562178185619.jpg (760.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190702-175240_Ins…)

No. 831404

Phoebe Tickner is a 21-year old self proclaimed queer, Jewish, disabled femme, non-binary social justice warrior. [Read: Straight, white, morbidly obese woman with no personality except for being a victim.)

>NEET who leeches off of her father and autistic lorry driver boyfriend while she sits on her ass all day on Instagram. Posts roughly 60 Instagram stories a day.
>ACAB communist with a police officer father.
>Found wheelchair in thrift shop to use as a ~uwu so disabled~ prop, decides it’s not enough and online begs for an electric one. Makes her boyfriend drag it up and down three flights of stairs for her for photo ops. Posts picture of herself falling down some stairs due to her various "disabilities."
>Yells at people on Instagram and demands they pay her money for “educating” them.
>Sexually assaulted another woman at vegan camp; plays it off as a drug induced misunderstanding and believes she shouldn't be held accountable because it hurts her own feelings. Cries about being a rape survivor not long after.
>Claims to have IBS (despite every doctor telling her that she only has symptoms of IBS, not the actual condition) and bleeds from the ass daily and it’s totally not because of the massive amounts of booze, pizza, coffee, and HUEL she consumes guys. Screeches fatphobia each time a doctor tells her that her pain is related to her obesity.
>Doesn’t "wash" for weeks at a time.
>Sells sloppy traced digital art as her only source of income. Complains daily that it's difficult running her "small business" because no one buys her preschool tier crafts. Guilts people into buying her "art" daily.
>Has online beef with Jameela Jamil for getting somebody’s pronouns wrong. Comes off as completely unhinged.
>Feeds her cat a strictly vegan diet.
>Says her favorite part about her boyfriend is that he has a job and works overtime, sometimes 6 days a week, and brings in money. Proceeds to insult him and says his best traits are that he's really weird and strange. Proves she takes him for granted and considers herself Queer because he wore makeup one time.

Old milk
>Reactivates Instagram (again) after a 2 week break, claiming she tried to kill herself but Henry stopped her thankfully!!!
>Makes more passive-aggressive stories about her neighbors
>goes on holiday (twice!) despite being so super skint u guise
>the second trip is to Glasgow for what she says is a present to Henry for his birthday, but ends up being a trip for her and her interests only
>on said trip drags her actually autistic partner to a gay club where he is assaulted with lights, sounds, crowds, and unfamiliar people. she is unbothered by this but still sits at a table drinking and complaining that no one thinks she's queer even though she totes wore her queer shirt and whining about how she "forgot" she was disabled and hurt herself going down the stairs to the club.
>spends the next day laying in bed saying her whole body is in pain, she manages to get to a cat cafe, vegan restaurants, and a meetup with another instagram sjw tho
>has a post removed by instagram for harrassment and bullying, reposts it while REEEEEEing about how SHE is the VICTIM here
>accuses a small business (Lucy and Yak) of not wanting fat people to wear their clothes because they cannot produce clothes in size XXXL+, brand offers for her to call and talk about her concerns with them but she refuses and makes an instagram post about how terrible they are
> still constantly having to apologise for not sending out her Etsy goods
> revealed to have whined in another begging group about the "crappy" wheelchair funded by her begging group
> is trying to fix her bad skin with 10 new products all at once
> coming to a zine fair near you!

New milk
>Made a gofundme for a foldable wheelchair costing over two grand. Made the amount in a few days but instead of being grateful moans about fees and being able to withdraw the money.
>Angry at yet another 'thin woman' making money from the fat community, goes on rants in her stories about the woman who had donated to her gofundme and even shared it to her 1 million followers.
>Revealed that three only drug she is on is low level codeine.
>Claiming to be a sex worker despite only uploading some amateur porn.
>Spending money on skincare, horrible earrings and nail varnish whilst Henry works 14 hour days.
>Doing a new art series of fat coloured women (pink, green etc.) Which is a copy of other artists work such as exotic cancer.
>Talks about infifats.

Instagram: @fatvegfemme
YouTube: @fatveganfemme
Pornhub: @fezxoxo (NSFL)
Etsy: @FatVegFemmeArt

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No. 831408

OP forgot to post link to the most recent thread. Find it here >>>/snow/815820

No. 831410

Sorry! Thank you

No. 831412

File: 1562178979541.jpg (653.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190703-193428_Ins…)

No. 831413

File: 1562179003215.jpg (550.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190703-193432_Ins…)

No. 831414

File: 1562179037566.jpg (673.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190703-193547_Ins…)

No. 831415

File: 1562179080188.jpg (763.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190703-193600_Ins…)

No. 831417


She is a CIS woman. She's so desperate to be oppressed

No. 831418

Has anyone else noticed no one is paying attention to ME????

No. 831420

I'm not even het and I got bored of Pride after a few days lmao

No. 831423

I'm confused… It doesn't seem like this person was calling them out? Especially with that #sexworkisrealwork hashtag. Or am I dumb and just not getting the sarcasm through lack of context?

No. 831433

Literally what have you done to help, Phoebe

No. 831437

Phoebe hasn’t really done or said shit about Sudan besides change her profile picture which is shallow and meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

No. 831438

File: 1562182513238.png (70.63 KB, 1278x782, screencap.png)

tinfoiling, but this account appears to be private and have 0 followers/0 following. Given that she left her username clearly visible as well, I can't help but wonder if Feebs made this post herself in order to make herself look even more like a victim/ Totally Own the Trolls with a sassy comeback while also directing some traffic to her pornhub page in order to "get paid from it" as she puts it.
She couldn't even bear to say anything actually rude or derogatory about herself kek

No. 831442


Yeah we know Feebs, It's all about money and attention. Why don't you donate some of that money then?

No. 831443

Would love to hear a take from Feebs about what the situation in Sudan is and how she plans on offering 'help and support'. She probably can't even locate it on the map
Perhaps it is because aggressive cishet attention-seekers like you are hijacking the movement and driving allies away, you dumb bint.

No. 831447


Most gays don't sit around waiting for pity and attention to show that 'the straights care' we have busier and more productive days than you Pheobe lol

No. 831451


Similar to all her whinging about the lack of plus size clothing ranges; she'll whinge endlessly about how change is needed. No action from her though. All talk

No. 831460


I thought the same thing, where is the threat in them posting that? It's like the time she attacked an innocent fan page

And is she trying to look smug in that photo? Her autist poses confuse my normal brain. The same few poses and god knows what she thinks they mean? At least it's not an extreme close up of her eyeball, she loves that one

No. 831483

Seems plausible. How else would she have been able to see the post anyway? Not like one of her followers could have sent it to her since it has 0 followers.

No. 831494


She changed her userpic to a plain blue one for a couple of weeks. So much effort.

No. 831505

File: 1562188772694.png (52.41 KB, 649x219, Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 22.0…)

I wonder how many times Phoebe has complained about "fatphobic" doctors despite the fact she's literally eaten herself into a fucking wheelchair.

No. 831570

File: 1562196602531.png (5.36 MB, 1242x2208, 1F5005EE-AB6E-4C41-BE3E-8018A3…)

So we wouldn’t have to justify ‘Henry’s escape fund?’

No. 831580


Why does this bitch always look like she just slurped up a bunch of spaghetti and didn't wipe her face

No. 831591


'Mutual aid is so important', she says while scamming people out of their money and refusing to part with her own coins because it's better off going to nail polish and eyeshadow.

No. 831800

File: 1562236174549.jpg (797.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190704-112831_Ins…)

No. 831804

Her number of chins is increasing again.

>"Mutual aid is very important but I will never donate a cent of my nail polish or weed money! Just give everything to meeee!"

No. 831812


Was so amazed at the weight gain on her neck that I didn't notice the weirdness at the bottom of pic, is her tit on the side of her body or wtf am I looking at?

No. 831813

god she has the most miserable fucking stink face ever. why do girls like this insist on sharing the most disgusting photos of themselves? is she proud of the weight she's gained? or is the whole fat acceptable thing just a way to deal with it?

No. 831818


It's like she goes out of her way to be the grossest version of herself that she can be. And that vacant stare she does?

She's posted this exact thing over and over for months now, get a haircut already

No. 831820


Yeah she'll share your fundraiser (to make herself look all angelic and caring) but she certainly won't donate to it

No. 831822

she already performed the emotional labour of sharing it though. it's effectively a fulltime job at this point.

No. 831846

she keeps posting pics like this expecting people to say 'wow you have such thick hair' like it's an accomplishment or so she can say it's from her jewish heritage

No. 831862

she's just a fat slob that sits festering in her boyfriends disgusting flat all day. how can she claim to be vegan but still maintain and add to her weight? she must be stuffing her face all day long.

No. 831879

Her portion sizes are ENORMOUS, enough to feed 2-3 people

No. 831941

Vegan food has been a marketing meme for the past year in the UK, it wouldn't be difficult for her to find a bunch of calorie-dense snacks on top of her huge portions. She eats out and orders takeaways (Chinese, vegan pizza) constantly, in portions for four.

No. 831964

On top of that, almost every meal has fake meat. I have never seen a vegan constantly eat fake meat. Most of the time it is sooo much more unhealthy than the real stuff. She eats the same as any other fattie but her switching fake burgers makes her a health kween.

No. 831977

Late but holy fuckin kek anon

No. 832053

File: 1562275095878.jpg (724.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190704-221532_Ins…)

Such a pointless thing to donate to. Can no one save or get jobs??

No. 832056

I fucking hate the term "QT", you just know 99.9% of these people are straight and cis. No one would ever dream of donating to some 16yo cheerleader's new iPad, just add those magic letters and voila! Free money!

No. 832059

they're always a random generator of minorities needing tons of cash URGENTLY for things that you can pay for by just getting a job/selling shit you don't need/doing comissions or w/e.

i got sick of seeing fundraiser after fundraiser on tumblr about how some black/latino/muslim/asian gay-lesbian-bi-pansexual-asexual-demiwhatever-queerplatonic-transgender-nonbinary-twospirit-apachehelicopter disabled fuck needed money. they're ALWAYS too disabled to work, too, and YOU'RE the asshole for suggesting anything that might actually work.

No. 832085

If only 3 people raised $30 in a whole month that’s pretty telling. I’m pretty sure if she wanted a new ipad she could work at mcdonalds for like a week and then quit.

No. 832093

Is QTPOC a queer trans person of colour? Because this person looks like a white-passing cis girl lol

No. 832112


You're confused because your brain automatically assumes she's not the size of a small planet. Her tit is flopping to the side, but she's massively wide.

No. 832148

you are blind if you think she looks white, anon…

No. 832153

Please let's not derail this thread with race politics

No. 832236

Can't get caps right now but on her stories she's complaining about not getting her chair until the end of the month and using what I'm pretty sure is a fake/exaggerated Essex accent.

No. 832239

Oh, and because she doesn't have her new chair she's forcing Henry to push her at London Pride

No. 832246

File: 1562321468270.jpg (158.09 KB, 1024x1821, 62142280_334336687499248_60776…)

She's posted about 10 miniclips in a row, just rambling about the chair being sold out etc.

Also she posts proof that she spents others people money on a wheelchair, while not addressing the fact that she hasn't bothered to save up any money of her own and spent them on expensive nail polishes and other non-essential luxuries instead.

No. 832249

She’s really hamming up the accent to try and sound working class. She sounds much posher in her old vids with the clothes hauls.

No. 832261

I think she wishes she was Gemma Collins instead of a boring middle class deathfat. Seriously how do you get off pretending to be working class when your dad’s a police officer?

No. 832276


Nobody doubted that she'd actually buy the chair with it, it's still scammy

No. 832281

I mean tons of police come from working class families, but yeah

No. 832290

I swear to God people will beg for everything. It's actually cheaper and more productive to at least get a Chromebook instead.

No. 832297

File: 1562331483792.png (4.84 MB, 1242x2208, 13CB0032-399C-48E2-A9D1-8AFFA6…)

No. 832298

File: 1562331525580.png (1.45 MB, 1242x2208, 3B84EA5D-8792-4F12-A3BF-09D1A1…)

new infinifat artwork I believe

No. 832300

The belly fold is going all the way to her arse but then not hanging off her back? Just looks like an overextended line

No. 832301


Most (disabled/actually gay and queer) people I know avoid London pride like the plague because it's so crowded, access unfriendly, overwhelming and commercialised. Can't wait for the reeeeeeing in her stories.

No. 832305

File: 1562333153335.jpg (114.56 KB, 1024x1024, dajdz3D.jpg)

blobfish are cute compared to her

No. 832309

Only people I know who go are beauty guru tier gays(w/ minimum knowledge of the history) who revel in faghags and older gays who feel its important to atleast march the parade bc they have a way different connection to it than what it is today but average gay guy/gal? Nope. Pheeb tier "queer" identifying ppl overrun the place together with the influx of straight people.

No. 832311

My arse phoebe - you come from the same area I grew up in - you put on a extra 'common' accent to pull working class points - your dad's a policeman, you're not working class. Plus in all of your youtube vids you have the same generic essex accent lite…you're just hambeasting it up while actually being mega offensive…which is your shtick I guess.

No. 832322

File: 1562335001187.jpg (660.15 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190704_210546_com…)

Such a professional business card. I think an actual child would know not to use this.

No. 832328

No. 832340

w..why isn’t it business card shaped ???

No. 832362

Um, how dare you hold business cards to oppressive size standards

No. 832366


lol plus sized cards

No. 832369

Fucking kek

No. 832372

File: 1562342308484.gif (940.85 KB, 500x264, E901A6E5-2A61-4EA2-87C0-733CE8…)

No. 832377

I'd love to know what the careco people think when munchies like Feebs come and buy a new toy. It must be galling to see genuinely disabled people coming in and then every so often one of these troll like giants coming to play at wheelchairs.

No. 832390


They saw her fundraiser and used one of their social media accounts to wish her good luck with it, now she's bitching about them and the wait time (I knew she would)

Must be strange to have a fat 20 year old buying something that they usually sell to pensioners, guessing they have to just bite their tongue and take the cash

No. 832432

She simply can't be the first deathfat or munchie they've sold a chair to, Britain is almost as bad as America in terms of obesity rates. Must be a company joke when a new staff member has their first encounter fitting one, like an initiation ceremony.

No. 832444

How likely is it that munchies like to make a scene at the fittings? Because some genuinely disabled people (inc. invisibly disabled) have terrible personalities too, I wouldn't know how to tell the difference.

No. 832479


Oh no. The first rule of business cards is keep it as simple as possible while still displaying your business/message. There's just way too much on here, she shouldn't have put full URLs or used her own "artwork", as it's pretty indicative of how unskilled she actually is.

No. 832480


I think she probably made them aware that she was going to buy from them, in the hopes that they'd promote her or expedite delivery since she's "so famous".

No. 832482


I've had a look at the page for the chair she wants and I don't think it was fitted to size due to lack of range options (comparing it to my own chair), it's basically an off-the-rack one.

It's also 25kg, which is very light for a powerchair, but I don't for one minute think Phoebe will manage to haul it up and down 3 flights of stairs by herself.

No. 832486

I think they support it. They donated to her fundraiser. Just because they sell wheelchairs doesn't mean they're good people - they must know that they can profit off munchies.

No. 832488


If they knew about it then she was likely tagging them in posts about it, dunno why she would though. Did she expect extra special treatment from them or a discount?

They deal with real disabled people every day so they're hardly going to be that touched by her story lol

No. 832538


We don't know that they donated, she might have put in a lump sum given to her offline and written the company name as that was who it's going to?

I know other people who've fundraised for very expensive specialist equipment and the company who made their equipment supported the campaign and even used their story to promote the product. I doubt the same thing is going to happen here, as she'll call it a piece of shit the first time it doesn't do exactly what she wants kek

No. 832546

File: 1562362616743.png (96.09 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_20190705-223256.png)

Maybe, though it seems like an odd lie to tell. They did comment on her FB post

No. 832567


I can't help reading that second comment as a veiled threat. She'll get her karma.

No. 832770

File: 1562395650687.jpg (548.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190706-074628_Ins…)

No. 832791

one can wheel themselves in a manual chair. using their arms. shocker, i know feebs.

No. 832802

> makes me feel really panicky and overwhelmed
then don't go. you don't fucking have to. you deactivate your instagram three times a month to preserve your mental health and yet you go to a pride with noise and crowd.

No. 832812

Oh she’s gonna give so much milk after this event. I’m excited.

No. 832841

File: 1562414837850.jpg (963.37 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190706_123011_com…)

Doesn't seem so crippled there

No. 832843

"queer people anywhere are responsible for queer people everywhere"? that's a yikes statement if I ever heard one

No. 832844

File: 1562415019371.jpg (1 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190706_122952_com…)

No. 832847


Outspoken online and a pussy in real life

"please be gentle with me" lol get some therapy. You can't expect everyone around you to be walking on eggshells all the time

No. 832852


She's going to be oh so shy at this event because she apparently has super anxiety now but then she'll get home and be full of that online bravery while she bitches about everything and everyone.

Poor hetero henry wheeling her oversized (also hetero) ass around these events. What a shit way to spend his days off. She's making out like she wont even socialise at them cos 'anxiety' so what's the point?

No. 832860

ngl if I saw her irl I'd just assume she was in the wheelchair for dialysis or diabetes complications or something, I wouldn't look twice at this and certainly wouldn't think 'oh that woman's obviously faking paralysis'. It's infuriating purely because of the context that we know she's not disabled aside from being extremely obese.

No. 832861

File: 1562419735394.jpg (188.38 KB, 2560x1060, IranGayBanner.jpg)

Edging into imposing western acceptance standards on those mystical poc cultures like the white imperialist you are lmao, where's your cultural sensitivity?

I unironically hope Pride does grow some balls and speaks for gay and lesbian people in other countries regardless.

No. 832862

File: 1562419747208.jpg (993.31 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190706_141304_com…)

In this story it looks like she's trying to talk to a group of people with their back to her.

No. 832864

inb4 "everyone ignored me because I was in a wheelchair :(((("

everyone probably ignored you because you were intrusive, entitled, and annoying

No. 832865

All the LGBT kids have social anxiety these days anyways.

No. 832881


Anxiety in crowds is so common that her whole 'be gentle with me' post is self-absorbed. Just leave the house without always looking for special treatment

No. 832884


I don't usually judge, but if I saw her I would assume she was using it due to her size, especially as it's a bog standard transport chair.

No. 832885


I don't know if anyone here's ever tried to push a small car over grass, but poor Henry.

No. 832887

wtf, so she just wheeled up to the table and then stood up??

No. 832893

What an absolute scumbag. Forcing her straight boyfriend to push her 23st+ arse for miles just so can take photos for internet activist points.

No. 832894

I fucking hate the "uwu pwease be gentle wiv me I am qweer I'm so anxious uguu" shit. Fucking stop expecting everyone to accommodate you being a helpless child. Being gay/bi is tough as fuck sometimes but people learn to DEAL WITH IT instead of asking to be babied.

No. 832903

Her chair looks like a baby stroller, how suitable. It really makes her look like a giant baby

Where is the rash and the mold under the folds? So exclusive, is she shaming people with moldy folds? When will she make an illustration of an ass-wiping-stick that fat people use? Not being able to wipe yourself is so bloody glorious!

No. 832921


No. 832930

File: 1562432604760.png (8.81 MB, 1242x2208, 3DF56444-16AA-444F-90F8-810F2B…)

what did you expect them to do? not do their job? why would they take orders from you?
she literally said CW: POLICE on the one before this. who tf would that trigger

No. 832932

Trigger warning for all the people who have police officer fathers who wouldn't put up with their bullshit and didn't spoil them enough as children.

No. 832933

Tbh fuck the police but erm pheeebs, your daddy is a cop.

No. 832937

I feel so sorry for female cops. They’re just doing their job but they’ll also have to face public rage for shit that cumbrain male pigs do. They get rape threats everyday from Everyone. Phoebe the kweer misogynist wouldn’t know or care tho.

No. 832941

She’s a white “cishet” fat chick, she’s at the least risk from the police (if at all in the UK lol)

No. 832942

File: 1562433989971.png (603.59 KB, 484x835, 2019-07-06 (4).png)

He's a Lucky Boy!

No. 832947

Good lord, it looks like she's melting and becoming a blob.

No. 832962

Phoebzz seems to be ‘putting on’ that middle class Essex accent again whilst chanting… must be her anxiety and classism…

No. 832964

Are… those platforms? From Buffalo by the looks of them? Worth nearly £200? But feeeebz you're so skint..

No. 832968

File: 1562436919093.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 7C65F5AB-6023-412C-AE8E-AAEE33…)

henry looks genuinely miserable pushing feebs about, someone save him from that screeching fat lard

No. 832976


ugh poor guy must be overstimulated or just incredibly uncomfortable and overwhelmed considering he’s actually autistic. and it’s quite warm today. he looks miserable

No. 832983

File: 1562439273674.jpeg (212.97 KB, 639x639, 2EECAFCF-5835-47DC-A88D-76429B…)

No. 832984

File: 1562439319052.jpeg (222.12 KB, 640x631, 0A52C6E7-609D-452D-897D-2263A2…)


No. 832985

File: 1562439451037.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, 05D491C4-D2EB-4CF4-8703-7EC4A6…)

at the very end of this clip it looks like feebs was pointing and telling henry where to steer her, full on kek

save henry 2019

No. 832987

File: 1562439887567.png (226.95 KB, 1214x909, fake-vegan.png)

>claims she's vegan
>buys £200 leather shoes

No. 832990


She has some of the most meme worthy ugly/emotional expressions I've ever seen

No. 833001


I mean she never goes anywhere without Henry cos he's her slave and emotional support dog so just how much babying does she require on top of that?

No. 833015

Do you reckon she pretended Henry was her carer so she could pretend to be gay? Also enraged she’s getting him to wheel her fat arse around all day coz she can’t be bothered to walk.

No. 833016

It looks like a mentally handicapped kid at some sort of fundraising event.

No. 833022

I wouldn't put it past her to pretend HE'S gay…

No. 833027


I get 'Gypsy Rose' vibes from some of these pics, except fat


I wouldn't be surprised if he turned gay

No. 833037

File: 1562445094076.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190706-213000.png)

@hellomynameiswedneaday using an Amazon box to make her placard at an anti-capitalist protest.

No. 833043

Dear lord she has such a punchable face. Wipe that smug scammer look off your ugly mug before someone actually punches you Pheebs

No. 833046

File: 1562446519395.jpg (864.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190706-214205_Ins…)

No. 833047

A bunch of middle class white hetreo CIS women marching together. They're taking over pride.

No. 833048

Anti capitalist??? She's wearing Lazy Oaf. Not exactly a bargain brand.

No. 833049

Next thread pic! Attack of the blob

No. 833050

Looks like she's given up on even making a sign and is making Henry do all the work.

No. 833091


This sign is not accessible for the blind. Now what?

No. 833146


She's not wearing Buffalos. There's no visible logo on the tongue of hers but they look similar.

No. 833245

Those people all have massive mental disorders, what can you expect.

No. 833285

File: 1562507406692.png (323.44 KB, 490x488, Screenshot_20190707-144925.png)

No. 833288

File: 1562507713629.png (417.06 KB, 484x494, 2019-07-06 (6).png)

No. 833289

i feel so bad for henry, honestly. somebody free him from that exploitative relationship please

No. 833299

I bet she’s so mean to him

No. 833302

File: 1562513500010.jpeg (716.18 KB, 2048x2048, AEC5F109-6738-421A-ACA2-F127BA…)

Bitch what the FUCK

No. 833304


omg that is actually horrifying

No. 833306


I'm sure if he looked at a checklist for signs of emotional abuse he'd score high

It's obvious she avoids getting therapy for her mental health problems cos a Pro would see that she's not 'ooh depressed and anxious' She's manipulative and she doesn't plan on changing that. She won't ever get round to the autism assessment either cos she can't fake that with professionals

No. 833308


If I remember right the time difference between these pics is only 2-3 years?

Grinning con artist on the right lol

No. 833315

File: 1562515116798.png (10.88 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1894.PNG)

even underwear oppresses her

No. 833317

File: 1562515541163.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2208, DFAC7687-91CB-4034-AD5C-BDAD68…)

them jokes write themselves

No. 833319

is she for real..she doesn’t bathe often and only wears underwear sometimes?

No. 833320

File: 1562515700437.png (402.23 KB, 558x650, Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-07 um 1…)


she will soon get acanthosis nigricans, if she doesn't have it already.

nice how she thinks her hair looks nice. it's dry and she is getting bald patches on the front of her head.

also, arm fupa:

No. 833326

This is infuriating because she isn’t actually disabled.

No. 833328


For someone offended by female pronouns she sure feels ok talking about her big old pussy and wearing skirts. Eh buy boxers?

No. 833329

That white clapping hand isn't inclusive, Poebe, check your emoji privledge

No. 833330

imagine the smell…

No. 833335

Holy shit she's so red

No. 833336

I hate everything about this.

No. 833355

So she bought the jacket she "couldn't afford" and the matching trousers >>819791

No. 833358


She bought them 5 mins after posting about how she couldn't afford em.. who paid for them?

No. 833383

How long have her and Henry been together? Because if he started dating her when she looked like the person on the left then holy shit, I can't imagine what goes through his mind now.

No. 833394


There was talk of henry being a 'feeder' a while back but I can't remember if it was based on anything or just a theory

No. 833396

Around 2 years now. Henry himself is a fat fetishist. If anything this photo could be used to argue that Henry has contributed to Phoebe's weight gain to fulfill his own 'feeder' desires.

More likely though is that she finally got into a committed long term relationship and- no longer having a need for attracting a man felt comfortable enough to stop looking after herself.

No. 833397

here is where he says he "prefers plus sized women" >>829710
have a feeling he's holding a lot back because Pheebs would catch onto him for being a ~ebil fetishist~ if he want on any further.

No. 833400


There's such a difference between plus sized and disabled by fatness size.. if he's actually turned on by the latter it makes you wonder if she's that desperate to hold onto a man

No. 833401

>slightly prefer plus sized women

Doesn't seem like extreme feeding fetish to me. Also, he doesn't have much choice.
It's not like he can tell her he'd prefer if she lost some weight. That's fAtphOBic.

No. 833405

It's worrying how trapped he could be in that relationship. Imagine how much she'd lash out and emotionally blow up and guilt trip him if he attempts to end it. He's not exactly free to leave given how she reacts to small things and the lies she's willing to tell to always get her own way.

The butter knife to her throat incident sums up her tactics

No. 833406

The point is Henry isn't some poor suffering invalid repulsed by Phoebe's fatness. It has been shown that he has a preference and that it aligns with Phoebe's current body type.

No. 833408


She might actually be his ideal body type but her personality and the money drain.. she posted that they've gone a year without having sex, that's during the honeymoon phase of getting engaged and all that.. Guys not getting much out of that deal. What's the point in being attracted to someone who won't sleep with you

No. 833425

I'm so grossed out that she doesn't wear underwear when we've seen that she rarely washes those dungarees.

Imagine the discharge…

No. 833430


Or he said what he felt was expected of him when Jabba was being manipulative via acting the martyr. "Oh don't worry if you leave me Henry boohoo I know you could find someone prettier boohoo". "(Sigh eyeroll eyeroll here she goes again best say what she expects) I like fat women like youuuuu oh giant troll, don't worry I'll never leave you for someone more my attractiveness level ever ever ever." "
"Boooo don't fetishise my size!" "(I can't win!!!!!1!1!) yes dear."

No. 833431


When you get to the weight that she is you get an imbalance in oestrogen and your periods either stop or go haywire, on top of that you have yeast problems. I really wouldnt be surprised if her not having sex in the last year is related to an imbalance like that. She talked about painful sex

No. 833432


That convo was pretty revealing. It's so cringy that she thinks her manipulation is seamless and that nobody can see it lol. Any guy with dating experience would be rolling their eyes at her charade there

No. 833443

File: 1562536380812.gif (1010.01 KB, 480x245, 0E914DCE-83DC-4D8F-BC88-4CAE1C…)

No. 833450

i don’t think henry is a feeder or has a fat fetish tbh. he probably prefers some meat on girls but i don’t think he’s the shallow type. they met on tinder(?) and i think phoebe is his first real girlfriend. it’s easy to have a partner treat you like shit in your first relationship, especially when you’re autistic. henry probably doesn’t know how to establish boundaries or to call pheebs out on her behaviour/emotional abuse; not to mention the whole butter knife debacle.

No. 833456

File: 1562537225057.png (597.27 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20190707-230608.png)

I'm pretty sure that these messages were from early on in their relationship. This is what she looked like around the time they got together

No. 833458


Pretty unlucky to have someone like her for your first relationship. The mind games must be unreal.

Everyone has a breaking point though

No. 833485

File: 1562543337041.gif (268.01 KB, 288x216, 651.gif)

PLEASE PHOEBE OH MY GOD. It was floated as a theory earlier that she gets off on being as disgusting as possible, and initially I dismissed it but my god. The camel toe photo is just the cherry on top of a disgusting cake. It's her theme at this point.

At this point, she's fat and addicted to food enough that she probably legitimately qualifies. It's self-inflicted, and she's enjoying the attention and sympathy she is getting, but that at least is genuine.

No. 833506

Wow, how long did it take her to get from that to her current size? That’s a big gain!

No. 833543

she's describing herself??

No. 833570

File: 1562557583678.png (273.81 KB, 500x584, tumblr_ouqee8bsIa1w6qffpo1_500…)

can you imagine if she forced him to get her off in other ways than PIV sex? at this point henry is beyond saving- he needs some heavy rehabilitation after gaining freedom

No. 833601

How can you read a conversation like >>829710 and confidently think "oh, he prefers morbidly obese women and likes her current body" when she firstly guilted him into complimenting her, then guilted him again for doing it. That is not the sign of a relationship in which he has freedom to admit what he really wants in a woman. Either way, a slight preference for plus size women doesn't mean he wants a total landwhale and even if she wasn't that fat, she has a horrible, mean personality so I do think of him as a poor suffering invalid for that reason.

No. 833619

File: 1562571615346.jpg (407.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190708-083655_Ins…)

No. 833620

File: 1562571658541.jpg (630.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190708-083707_Ins…)

No. 833621

File: 1562571716578.jpg (551.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190708-083747_Ins…)

No. 833633

I’m new to this cow but why does she have so much closeups of her tomato face on her Snapchat? Not saying she looks like a supermodel but it’s so ugly and no one wants to look at it.

No. 833644

File: 1562578264461.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, A9A9AE99-6EB7-4228-A33D-6B0D82…)

Surely disabled Feebs who’s also a hater of crowds, hater of lights and loud noises, will not attend a GIG.

No. 833659

Sometimes people with low self esteem double down on looking unfortunate and ham it up with ugly expressions on camera to prove they don't care how they look.

No. 833662

wew what a transformation. She looks normal and dare I say it, cute, on the left. Yeah I'd be depressed and retarted to give that away too.

No. 833671

File: 1562583737111.jpg (37.12 KB, 702x702, oh god.jpg)

"fellow fats with big pussies"

Not only does she go to pride despite being so ~autistic~ you think the crowds and noise would be too much, but she has to go in a rainbow pigsuit and show us this

No. 833672

imagine having fucked the pheebes on the left to then see she becomes the right I'd kms

No. 833681

File: 1562586604883.jpg (620.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190708-124850_Ins…)


No. 833686

File: 1562587902663.jpg (39.15 KB, 825x464, chainsaw.jpg)

No. 833694

her nails freak me out, she’s gonna grow them into 20ft claws so she’ll have an excuse for henry to wipe her arse

No. 833695

No. 833703

Her head is like a thumb. She has no jawline for the mask to wrap around…

No. 833738

Her hand looks like an inflated doctor's glove. Is that all fat?

No. 833745

File: 1562601761121.jpeg (457.13 KB, 613x1238, 87B7A36E-6B3C-4D4A-97BE-5844EF…)

Wtf is this crusty layer on her head?

No. 833750

Omg I thought that was a fucking bouncy house before I expanded lmfao

No. 833752


Confusing perspective I think. It's just light reflecting off her forehead.

No. 833757

File: 1562602898515.jpg (594.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190708-172002_Ins…)

No. 833758

File: 1562602939041.jpg (667.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190708-172012_Ins…)

No. 833759

File: 1562602970847.jpg (607.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190708-172020_Ins…)

No. 833760


Uhh, how much are these tickets going to cost?
She can't put one friggin' penny towards her chair and then is going to buy concert tickets that I'm sure are AT LEAST $100…
Idk, if I were so poor, I wouldn't be spending that kind of money on something so unnecessary

No. 833764

File: 1562604308886.png (982.47 KB, 1439x1079, d2i4f15hw6zz-1.png)

Reminder to any young'uns browsing that just because you're cute now doesn't mean shit long term. Take care of yourself or you'll end up looking like your parents before you know it.

No. 833765


Translation: I always tell henry that he's happy with me and that he's staying with me lol

Such a catch with her butter knife suicide threats. Alot of guys date that one crazy girl and then go on to tell every girlfriend after her the horror stories..

No. 833771


But she doesn't have 'a carer' and she's not classed as disabled..

No. 833781

Did that ring used to fit her? It's almost on her knuckle now… Henry that poor bloke

No. 833786


Good thing it's cheap and not a proper engagement ring cos she outgrew it in no time

Must be fun planning a wedding while your partner is eating themselves to an early death, no point in planning a future surely?

No. 833788

But the sad thing is she's still young and that before pic is only a few years old

No. 833803

Probably trying to get Henry in as her 'carer' so he can push her around on the cheap. Also, I think wheelchair accessible areas are usually close to the stage, so she's trying to weasel her way into a better spot

No. 833809


I'm wondering if they require proof

No. 833848

File: 1562618587382.jpg (777.55 KB, 810x2006, Screenshot_20190708-214240_Ins…)

No. 833857


Oh my god, that is disgusting…

No. 833869

>So sick of gendered sex toys
>Uwu why would women want to feel feminine during sex and why would men want to feel masculine
Just …
Meh this is quite mild compared to other things she's posted, do you not have any close female friends anon?

No. 833874

I mean you could just call them and ask, or get your live-in slave to do that for you between his endless shifts. It's not that hard Feebles.

No. 833921


She's pretty fucking late to the whole 'don't gender sex toys' party

Lots of toy makers and sellers have moved away from overly gendered descriptions and packaging. It's not rare or new

And she probably shouldn't talk about her vagina hating her in a post that is an ad for a sex toy

No. 833923


i really didn’t want the mental image of her and a vibrator. can’t believe they gifted her a sex toy. do i have to pretend to be a disabled, nonbinary jew if i want gifts?? is that all it takes?

No. 833924


She posted about wanting sex toy recommendations a week ago and I totally saw this coming.. everything is about freebies

She sounds like she needs an exam with her vague vagina/penetration issues. Especially if she's gone from large insertions to no sex being possible

No. 833925

>>833781 nah it’s always been on the knuckle. henry actually bought her a ring but she made him cancel the order and picked that ring herself, even though it didn’t fit

No. 833927


I feel like the reason she's willing to go cheap on the ring and the wedding is to trap him in marriage quicker

No. 833930

Bit of a female thing to be proposed to and get a ring, did she also buy him a ring to show equality and all that?

No. 834001

>>833759 God she is so fucking lazy despite using the internet almost all of the day. You cannot get a carers ticket either, they will fall under general admission. Disabled people get access early on so they are situated before opening the doors…. took me like two seconds on google


No. 834154


She's probably posted to get more freebies.

Or someone offering to buy her the ticket.

No. 834167

File: 1562658844034.jpeg (355.6 KB, 750x1111, 3CA10208-0007-429E-8E28-F96376…)

> “Unbound babes don’t gender their products”

> unboundbabes website has “that’s what she said” on the product pages.

No. 834169

File: 1562659195850.png (44.8 KB, 1080x389, Screenshot_20190709-165842~2.p…)

This is a really dumb nitpick, there's a very obvious disclaimer which if you scroll down reads as shown.

No. 834172


It's funny cos pheebs absolutely hates being called a she but then this disclaimer is like *when we say She we also mean men..

Yeah that's fine logic lol

No. 834189

That's as retarded as Phoebe, no wonder she likes it.

No. 834194

this may be a nitpick, but I'm surprised she even has a sex drive at her weight. Does she actually use this?
Her hormones have to be way off balance and how can she even reach her cunt with how fat she is?

How can she be too disabled to wipe her own ass but not too disabled to masturbate?

No. 834198

Maybe Henry uses it on her

No. 834199


She posted about having vaginismus or something like that lately but I doubt she's had an exam or talked to a doc. Just another self-diagnosis to suit what she wants. In this case she wants to get out of having sex altogether and henry can hardly push the issue cos 'vaginismus'

No. 834234

gross lol

can you imagine sleeping next to pheebs in a double bed urgh

No. 834276

What does p stand for?? Pedo?

No. 834278

pansexual? just guessing

No. 834296

Yeah, the p is for pansexual, because being bisexual isn’t iNcLuSiVe enough these days apparently.

Funny she’s not pushing for some of the weirder letters for the genderspecials though, I would’ve expected her to have an N for non-binary or whatever on there

No. 834302


I notice how every is wearing Action 4 tshirts (the group she marched with), except Phoebe who is wearing one of her own MS Paint creations. What a self-serving twat.

No. 834304


and she claims the picture on the LEFT is the result of an eating disorder.

No. 834312


That pic was March 2017, so just over 2 years.

No. 834316


It's also the engagement ring that she chose, she made Henry return the first one because "it was gross".

No. 834320


Hi, gig-going disabled anon here.

They don't require proof that Henry/anyone else is her full time carer, wheelchair users get a +1 because it means that venue staff don't have to assist with as much and that someone's there in case of emergencies. All she'll need to book the space + carer ticket is a scan/photo or either a PIP letter or a blue badge.

Wheelchair spaces vary venue to venue, some have good views and some are shit. Brixton is okay, not the best. She's going to have a shitfit at their wheelchair ramp though if it's not been upgraded.

Henry will not qualify as her legal carer in the eyes of the DWP, however, as he works too many hours.

No. 834322


They literally have a whole section on their website about how this works.

No. 834326


Non binary is a gender identity not a sexuality tho

No. 834343


Similar to her 'guys recommend sex toys to me' post, she wants someone to offer her a freebie or cash towards it. She's so transparent

No. 834361


Her posts criticising him and then making out like it's light-hearted - that's what abusive people do when they're trying to slowly kill your confidence..

Things like her announcing that they don't have sex anymore.. who shares that! It's the ultimate way to humiliate a man.. few weeks later she wants a vibrator

No. 834430

What do you think the T stands for?

No. 834440

File: 1562704041977.jpg (722.07 KB, 809x2339, Screenshot_20190709-212530_Ins…)

No. 834441

The cat is drawn like her, fat and no neck

No. 834443

File: 1562704559872.jpg (681.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190709-212439_Ins…)

One person dies from a metal straw and she demonised them

No. 834444

File: 1562704593923.jpg (281.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190709-212500_Ins…)

She's white and English.

No. 834458

I fucking hate when Europeans/non-Americans in general act as if USA is the whole world and that American racial/political issues are directly applicable to them/their own countries. I get that American issues get blown up on the internet, but come on, you fat slag, worry about the problems the UK is currently facing because there's tons of them.

No. 834459

this is true. i hate trump and colonizers too, but as a german maybe i have other issues to worry about, so does ms thiccner

No. 834483

please dont call her that

No. 834488


If her cat became obese to the point where it was hobbling around struggling to walk would she put the cat on a diet or is that fatphobic?

No. 834505

That’s intuitive eating by the cat. She knows what she needs. Her disabilities would just be a coincidence - no need to adopt a healthier diet.

No. 834506

she kinda thicc doe…. i hate myself for this.

No. 834507

Witch hunts are white women's history to speak about though with at least 40,000 white women being put to death during the peak of witch hunts and some estimates being way higher like 200-500,000. Almost all witch hunts happened in Europe. Women were targeted due to popular medieval belief that women were innately sinful (a la Eve), sexual, susceptible to the influence of Satan; this was tied with the rise of medical schooling for males and suspicion of traditional female-dominated healing practices. There's nothing wrong with white women mentioning that history or even making some cheesy "live laugh love" type slogan about how we can be proud to have kept fighting for our selfhood and overcome those times. I guess Phoebe can't relate because she hates being a woman so much.

No. 834603

not even half the white women in the us are descended from confederates

stay in your own fucking lane phoebe, post about british history, there’s plenty there

No. 834608

That literally was not what was said Phoebe you obtuse clown
good fucking god look at all the sweat and grease on her forehead, is painting your nails that fucking draining???

No. 834638

She's a shapeless obese blob. I know thicc has pretty much lost all meaning but come on, it has never meant morbidly obese.

No. 834732

Its fine to take it easy if you live at home and have no pressure to pay bills because your parents pay for you Phoebe.
But you don't, you live off the back of Henry and make excuses for why you cant contribute.
He enables you to sit on your fat arse and do nothing. You say you work hard but you have never done a days work so you don't know what you are comparing it too. How Henry does a days work and comes home to you saying your exhausted after making 5 badges.
Your not disabled, your not gay, or any of the other made up things, your just fat and lazy. When he leaves you, you will either have to get of your arse and work or go back home and live with your parents.
And we all know which you will choose.
The sooner he does the better for him and in the long run you. You behave like a small child, totally unaware of all reality in the world.
You will learn what it takes the rest of us to get through life on a daily basis.
You have clearly just got worse since you have met Henry, he has enabled you to carry on this childlike existence and he doesn't have the balls to stand up to you.
Fuck off and leave him alone.

No. 834744

I really can't stand this attitude
>you don't have to have a job if it's not possible for you

I feel for legitimately disabled people who cannot work, but I doubt they are comfortable with their situation and I am sure they would work if they could. But if you're simply morbidly obese and lazy rather than disabled you absolutely should fucking feel bad about it, not comfort yourself with instagram preaching. Being jobless for no good reason is not okay when it means you have to leech off someone else and make them suffer for your benefit.

No. 834764

If she loves doing nails so much, i don't understand why she doesn't try to sell acrylic sets? She could even do a course to be a nail tech? I don't know how that works there, I'm US, but surely it wouldn't take that long, and it's not like you have to be great at it to make a bit of money at it. She'll always be dependent, i'm sure, but she doesn't have to be a total leech..

No. 834774

In my borough the choice of night classes has really nosedived EXCEPT for Spanish language, watercolour painting and nail technician qualifications. The courses are pretty short.

Even if you have to pay for the course, it's really inexpensive. (I took a 2 year BSL course for free because I was claiming ESA at the time). A co worker (volunteer) took one of the nail courses and passed, and not to sound like a bitch, she wasn't too bright but enjoyed the whole nail thing.

This is a really good idea I'm surprised she hasn't taken advantage of…but yeah, lazy.

No. 834782

File: 1562740107828.jpg (91.06 KB, 700x700, idcwhothisisbutshewroteit.jpg)

nitpick but that "we are the daughters" quote is definitely from a book… by a white woman… lmao yikes

No. 834820

>fuck any sense that drives you to move forward in life, just eat yourself to death like meeee

No. 834824

I just noticed that there's exercise bike in the background. What a waste of someone else's money that was.

No. 834831

Yeah that quote was originally quite a literal line I believe from a period paranormal YA novel. So hardly a political party strapline, she may as well be coming for out of context quotes from Harry Potter. I know people use it as a feminist slogan, but do a little research before you condem all white women and make a mockery of modern pagans (oh wait, I’m sure she would be fine with this seeing as it’s seen as a “white” religion)

No. 834863


I've never heard her mention visiting a gynaecologist and in the UK you don't get smear tests til you're 25. Vaginismus isn't usually something a GP will diagnose so how did she randomly go from shoving dildos in all her holes on the internet to this whack self diagnosis? I feel like she just wants to avoid fucking Henry.


Kek what if they didn't go up to her size? Fatphobia!!!

No. 834904


She is the adult version of a kid faking illness to get out of going to school

God knows what her sexual issue is really. She vague-posted about being raped a series of times. Maybe seek counselling (if it's true) rather than saying 'oh well henry no sex for the rest of our time together' ..tough titties man

No. 834908

No. 834914

I absolutely don't believe any rape claims from this pathological liar. She lies about everything else in her life so either lying or embellishing the truth about some sexual assault doesn't seem beyond her at all.

No. 834915


Some time ago, around the first time she was posted here, she did talk about having therapy, and that she had a finite amount of sessions and they were coming to an end.

No. 834916

Honestly I think her rape claims are how she tries to make people forget she sexually assaulted a woman. It allows her to appropriate victims' narratives and basically erase what she's done.
It's what she does with everything, really. She used to joke about wanting to "finish what Hitler started" : now she's a jew. Used to make fun of autistic people : now she has autism.

No. 834926

You can get smear tests under 25 if you think there is legit an issue though. We know she loves to say she has all these "issues" so i think she's either just avoiding the doctor cos they will tell her she's fat, or avoiding having sex with Henry.

No. 834927


She's gonna claim that was from her "eating disorder" phase.

No. 834928

not to wk but if you have vaginismus you literally can't get a smear test

No. 834929


You can, I have. Valium helps.

But in Phoebe's case she's 4 years away from it and I doubt she actually has it (see: all those videos of her dildoing herself). More likely she's just gotten a raging yeastie from poor diet and hygiene and she's decided any discomfort or pain must be vaginismus because it's more "misunderstood" just like her.

No. 834931

good for you but that's pretty rare and can actually exclude a diagnosis of vaginismus in the first place. none of this fucking matters because she probably doesn't have it. we'll see if she starts talking about it again once she reads the thread kek

No. 834933

B-but self diagnosis is valid!

Everything she claims to have is self-diagnosed except for her violent shits.

No. 834936

I'm too lazy to go through all the past threads but I think I saw another anon say that her weight gain might have had something to do with it? All that extra weight and fat pushing against her vagina or some shit like that lol

No. 834939

She doesn't have it. It's the perfect excuse to dip out on sex and make her life of laziness and leeching off Henry complete.

No. 834964


I thought that too so I put off getting a smear and had it at 27 instead of 25. It is possible and I had cancerous cells so had waay more follow up exams too. Not pleasant but possible.

No. 834972

File: 1562775889834.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190710-172231.png)

5% off isn't wholesale, you dumb fuck.

No. 834975

File: 1562776140943.png (7.21 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1935.PNG)

if you were really "working hard" you'd use some of that hard earned cash for your chair instead of bitching about service fees after crowdfunding the whole thing. this one got to me. can we do more "if pheebs actualky worked a day job" fics like our midwife tales? those were fun.

No. 834977


Moaning before she even has it. Serves her right if she's paying 200 towards it. It's only a small percentage of the price

No. 834978


Oh maybe don't buy those gig tickets then?

No. 834980

Her entitlement is vomit inducing.

No. 834981


I don't know how anyone who follows her and donated wouldn't be bothered by this.. she obviously expects to get more money by sharing this

No. 834985

She whined on her story about working 12 hour days for nothing. Seriously, phoebe? What do you do for those 12 hours? Because all you seem to do is watch TV, bitch on Instagram, and make a handful of badges and stickers. And take every other day off because insert excuse here. there are plenty of jobs you could be doing, phoebe. Admin work, for example. Working as a receptionist. Alongside owning your "art shop." Henry must feel exhausted. Poor guy. It's always about you, Phoebe. What have you ever done for Henry? Genuine question. And lmao, called it. Raises over £2,000 and STILL finds something to whine about. Nothing's ever good enough for you, is it? Such a spoiled brat. You can afford an extra hundred pounds - stop buying luxury items such as earrings and badges, don't go to any gigs for a week or 2. Not buying nail polish for a week won't kill you. Fucking hell.

Someone told her the other day not to use the word "starving" when she was hungry (probably hadn't eaten in about 20 minutes) because it could trigger people w/ eating disorders, and she just blocked them. So much for being an ally, pheebz. Put a pair of knickers on, get a part time job so you can afford the chair that's been very generously given to you, and sod off.

No. 834989

Wage?! Wage from what?!

No. 835026

File: 1562783069630.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x2208, DED6203E-94CE-441B-959C-A529B7…)

The very next post she was complaining about Gemma Collins dieting!!! Surely she can deal with her own fat condition how she wants Phoebzz?!

No. 835033


She ought to put a warning on her profile saying that if you private message she will share it and try to argue with and humiliate you publicly, oh and she gets off on doing it

No. 835044

She's the most judgemental cow on earth, what the fuck is she on about??? I'm placing my bets on her self diagnosing BPD next.

No. 835048


It might be her first accurate self-diagnosis if she does..

No. 835049

Lol she’s judging how that person copes on the very same page. What an idiot.

No. 835054

>>834782 …how is that remarkable or a "yikes" in any way?

No. 835069


She's not having to "pay" GFM fees, they're taken from the total and most people have the common sense to factor those into their goal.

Also she's personally paying under 1/10th of the cost of the chair and necessary stuff on top (some people have to get insurance, ramps, adaptations) and moaning about it, she's the most entitled brat I've ever come across!

No. 835070


Not wage, income from her toddler-tier Etsy shop.

Good luck to her if the DWP finds her calling it a "wage" though kek

No. 835074


> I really love how positive you are

Has this person seen Phoebe's stories before? I guess now they know.

No. 835075


Also a badge stating "I HAVE BPD" does nothing to "educate" others on a stigamatized, frequently misdiagnosed, and difficult to live with condition. It's just a red flag to warn others not to attempt conversation with the wearer.

No. 835077


If anyone but her fat working class queen GC was sharing diet ads she'd be calling them a cunt and DMing them telling them they're scum

No. 835094

I guess in a way Feebz is doing us a public service by making this shit lol. Makes it so much easier to know who's batshit crazy and I should avoid them!

No. 835098


She had that poll on Insta asking people if she should set up a GFM campaign and what felt like minutes later she already had the fucking page up, I guess she didn't even take the time to read what she was agreeing to, the stupidity lol

No. 835101


I wonder if she's had any requests for 'I have NPD' badges. Even the anxiety badges seem like oversharing.. accessories for people who like to talk about themselves too much

No. 835104

File: 1562789267922.jpg (555.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190710-210351_Ins…)

In case anyone forgets that's she's poor, trans, queer, disabled….

No. 835105

File: 1562789391058.jpg (758.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190710-210429_Ins…)

She deserves to be anxious. I hope it crashes and burns.

No. 835106

God, eat a pile of shit Phoebe. You're a straight, white, cis woman. Your dad is a police officer. You live the most privileged life of us all.

I like the milk and she's one of my favorite cows to keep up with, but fuck I wish she'd fall down a set of stairs and break a leg or some shit. Just SOME sort of karma.

No. 835107

File: 1562789424249.jpg (873.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190710-210503_Ins…)


No. 835108

File: 1562789465686.jpg (880.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190710-210633_Ins…)

No. 835111

File: 1562789519942.jpg (752.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190710-210648_Ins…)

'physically painful'

She's so fucking dramatic

No. 835114

Exactly. Being a gay man is still ridiculed by media and public perception. She doesn't give a shit? What about standing up to the LGBT+ community?!

She's a biological woman who presents as feminine, dates a man, has fake symptoms to get a diagnosis of a convenient disease you can't prove and are white as fuck with a well-off family and fiance with a well off family. She's even getting into a stereotypical union (marriage) that's riddled with advantages of the privileged straight class.

Everyone may be mad she's getting a free chair (prop) to fake her disorders, but in the end it's going to fuck her. She's going to find more reason to be immobile, gain weight, and get herself multiple spinal issues for sitting so long. She'll soon be in as much pain as she fakes.

No. 835115


This is clearly Cup O'Coffee from Lush, which is £9/£16 depending on the size you buy. Why does she complain about money so much when she buys overly expensive stuff?

No. 835116

A CIS white gay men has privilege but she doesn't???

She is delusional. She's not trans, and even if she was, it's not visible and has no effect on her life.

She's not poor, people literally just paid her 2 grand. Plus she eats so much she must have money.

She's not disabled, she's just fat.

She's not queer, even if she was, she's engaged to a guy so she is straight passing.

She's privileged and spoilt.

No. 835122


Oh god if she actually had something genuine to complain about…. nightmare!

No. 835124


It's not a business, Phoebe, it's a fucking hobby you've managed to monetise. If she was making enough to live on the DWP would be up her ass so quickly.

No. 835126

Shit, you're right. She'd probably open another GFM under the guise of 'lost wages' because boohoo she can't work (with her arms) because her leg is broken!

Pay me for the idea Feebz.

No. 835131

Yeah I don’t even consider myself poor and I can’t afford a fraction of the junk she buys. She doesn’t know what it’s trally like to be poor.

No. 835132

Not even a hobby because her art is fucking garbage. It's more like an ongoing fundraiser.

No. 835134


I can see her starting up GFMs for every expense from now on, surprised she didn't start one for the 200 quid already

No. 835136


Is she still buying concert tickets tho?

No. 835139

Probably is, she's a dumb bitch and would probably file it under "I deserve this because I worked hard*!"

*worked hard as in she shoddily cut out a sticker and then spent 3 weeks sitting on it after marking it as shipped before actually shipping it out

No. 835140


Same. Kind of humiliating for henry that she's constantly posting about their financial 'lack' all the time. He's working hard to bring in an actual wage, not good enough?

No. 835142


well this is the person who begged money online for a fucking takeaway

No. 835143


So many of her posts are about money lately, like it's increasing. The only thing she truly cares about

No. 835144


Tinfoiling maybe, but I wonder if she calls herself "poor" all the time despite her disposable income for makeup and earrings and dick candles, because she's used to having everything she wanted from her parents and now she's having to spend her own money on them and can see the dent it makes in her finances.

No. 835148

File: 1562791573434.png (256.39 KB, 468x468, 20190710_214442.png)

No. 835150

This isn’t really tinfoil. I 100% believe that she THINKS she’s poor and disabled. She might even believe that she’s actually queer. her limited worldview and spoiled upbringing have made her think that living in a 1 br flat and only being able to afford ~$100 in leisure spending a week means that she’s poor. Her weight has limited her mobility and made her believe she’s disabled. She’s delusional.

No. 835154

I agree. She tells herself these lies so often she starts believing them.

No. 835159

File: 1562792032367.jpg (658.38 KB, 1130x1718, 20190710_215141.jpg)

No. 835162

How many times has she done this? Most notably after her doctor’s appointment when the doctor told her “You must be in so much pain strokes your cheek” I know she’s done it multiple times. Remember when she used her Facebook crowd funding group to get people to buy her a family size portion of takeaway? Even going as far as pinning the post in the group, so that it appears first instead of legitimate posts about needing money.

No. 835163

File: 1562792100495.jpg (398.92 KB, 809x1773, Screenshot_20190710-215317_Ins…)

No. 835166

Her art is so shit

No. 835169

Why does she use the #feminism when she doesn't consider herself a woman.

No. 835186


light hairy pubes? I see too-small undies instead.

No. 835196


The people looking for these drawings have a fetish, its so similar to that cartoon porn where women ingest something huge and have a distended abdomen

No. 835210


The hairy legs bit is weird. I get that she loves to add body hair as a statement but I've never seen a woman who can grow hair on that part of their leg

No. 835218

Who even asked for this??

No. 835220


It's normal downy hair that everyone has. Just darker than the average I guess.

No. 835221

Fat women tend to because of their hormones being fucked from obesity.

No. 835224


lol what, literally every female I know has hair on their thighs, it's just finer, although on some women it's darker so they shave it

not defending the art because I couldn't even see the hair and stretch marks at first (I guess feebz also thinks color contrast is oppressive), but let's not start saying nonsense about the human body

No. 835231


I mean that high up on the thigh and visible enough to draw it in? I'm hairy as fuck but that's an unusual pattern. Unless like someone else said obesity fucks with hormones like that

No. 835234


I mean, I have super fine blonde hair there, all over, but it's practically invisible and not an issue for anybody. I know others with more olive/tan skin tones and the hair is darker, but generally I assumed phoebe is just trying to catch all the minorities; the hairy legs, the b bellies, the stretch marks. She's trying to cram in every single "unsightly" feature in one illustration, while ignoring that the illustration itself is gaudy and horrendous(blog)

No. 835241

the top half literally looks like a soft serve ice cream cone

No. 835242


It's that invisible hair .. but she made it totally visible and also mentioned it in the description. Drawing that much attention to body hair like it's a big deal seems more backwards to me

No. 835282

Besides being homophobic, isn't reducing gay men's sexuality to "eating dick" considered transphobic too? Because it's equating gender to genitals and all that. I hope one of Feebs followers calls out this whole mess lol

No. 835285

whoops it says "liking" and not "eating" there but the point stands

No. 835339

File: 1562806814616.jpeg (93.03 KB, 640x1138, 9616C54E-35E5-48EB-97B2-9FF61E…)

fucking hell

No. 835344

>>835339 i mean, i rly dislike the tories and i do think it’s odd to put them and pride in the same sentence. but then again there’s caitlyn jenner, who is a republican. weird shit happens but pheebs is so mad lmao tories’ policies are shite and harmful but she chooses to be “trapped” in her own home

No. 835350

Lmao no, Pheebz, your own laziness and inability to accept you're not fucking disabled is keeping you poor and trapped in your own home, not the Tories. I fucking hate them too, but they have nothing to do with some lazy sack of shit being too self indulgent to make any kind of contribution to society.

No. 835360


She's "trapped" in her own home cos she chooses to live with Henry who lives on the 3rd floor. So…. how is that the Tories' fault?

No. 835495

File: 1562831795165.jpg (205.91 KB, 798x519, low quality.jpg)

This isnt made the best but…

No. 835501


I love it, I'll make it next thread pic

No. 835523


So she screams tolerance and inclusivity for all. Except when its someone, who is actually gay and actually welcome at their own Pride, she doesn't like.
Right. Crystal clear hate keeping and hypocrisy there Feebz
Bet if she was told Communists weren't welcome she'd screech all over about it

No. 835541

File: 1562839622980.jpg (603.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190711-110457_Ins…)

No. 835543

tories invented stairs anon cmon

No. 835555

In her case it would be "oh so you're still straight and repulsed by pussies and never touched one in your life except that time you tried to sexually assault a girl?"

No. 835557

The disjoint between her anger for body positivity and not recognising her own privilege when it comes to gender and sexuality is so jarring. The BoPo movement annoys her bc it’s moved from being about external oppression I.e. how people treat you based on your body to an internal version I.e. how you feel about your own body bc of society’s perspective at large and eating disorders, body dismorphia etc - things that very truly kill people. YET when it comes to her “trans” status - the fact that she is not externally oppressed bc she presents as cis and straight is completely ignored for how she has decided she feels internally. She never talks about her straight/cis passing privileges- only “I’m TWANS and QWEER I’m OPRESSED”. No you’re not pheebs - your sexuality and gender identity is not stopping you gettting a house, a job, it’s not making you a target walking down the street. She’s constantly coming at thin and “small fat” people - irrespective of some really hefty mental health issues - all bc they arnt externally opressed. Well I’m terms of every identity you claim, other than being fat, neither are you pheebs. So which is worse? You can pick and choose based only on what applies to you. And also that BPD person is right - BPD is literally all based around issues with identity - so whether people request it or not (of course they will, it’s in the diagnosis) it’s actually somewhat irresponsible to make money from people who search for ways to contain their identities - it’s pretty exploitative

No. 835575

I notice she posted a message on her go fund me page after 24 hours to says thanks everyone for the support so far.
Then when she was at about £1800 she posted another.
But nothing since she reached the total, not a "thanks everyone for for getting me to £2400."
She got the money so you can all now fuck off.
Probably fucked off they didn't send more after she bleated she has to put in £200 herself.
Ungrateful Bitch!

No. 835618

File: 1562855715490.png (983.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190711-152628.png)

Phoebe doesn't care that a child is following the account where she refers to her pornhub videos, posts nudes and sex toy adverts, and talks about her big pussy. She's too busy feeling smug about getting some money off this kid as soon as they're old enough to get a debit card.

No. 835691

although no one would ever ask her this because she's blatantly a woman. just like the vast majority of nonbinary people that share these "are you a boy or a girl" memes, it's easy to tell her sex

No. 835717


People who don't have the life experience of dealing with manipulative/shitty people tend to only see the good in others and Pheebs having supporters (especially these younger ones) is a perfect example of that

No. 835738


I'm placing my bet now that the chair will not live up to her 'expectations'. She will (at most) sing its praises for a day or two and then start finding fault with it

No. 835743


Didn’t her mom call her out with something like “you’ve never ate carpet in your entire life” lmao

No. 835756


Her mom was so straight-talking (excuse the pun) in that moment that it makes me wonder how Pheebs still turned out to be so full of shite?

No. 835762

Tumblr ruins lives, kids.

No. 835787

Her mum is bi so she would know more than anyone how full of shit Pheeb is lmao

No. 835788

Her getting the chair is actually a good thing for us, if she leaves the house more we're going to get so much delicious milk.

No. 835790

File: 1562871168965.jpg (557.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190711-194757_Ins…)

God we should all just send her our PayPal details with a sob story! /S

Her fans are so gullible

No. 835792

Agreed! She’ll hit the weight limit, break it and then cry about how the chair was oppressing her.

No. 835794


"how many cunts have you licked? none" hahaha

No. 835822


Her anxious posts before that pride event make her look like she's scared of real life interactions. No wonder she gets all her validation online

Does anyone know if her parents are together or divorced? Her dad seems so fooled by her compared to the mom

No. 835828

Dad probably plays along for an easy life. Dip in, check she's alive and chuck money and food at her, dip out. Mum seems less concerned about the easy life and quite happy to put Pheebs in her place.

No. 835829


I distrust anyone using Pheebs to beg, also she's a 'Femme NB' as if that means anything important to her circumstances..

Also I can't imagine many women with 3 kids are still in that Non binary phase.. wow

No. 835832


People with that persistent pattern of manipulation often have that one fucked up parent who was overbearing and emotionally manipulative too. I wonder if she's one of those or if its purely her being spoilt

Not saying its her parents fault, she's had enough people point out her faults and she's still pig headed

No. 835835


I'm nonbinary…. paypal is ladymuk

No. 835882

Just scrolling by and thought this was about laineybot

No. 835885

I'm so excited for the shit show of Feeb's first craft fair. I can just imagine kids coming over after spotting the brightly coloured badges before being hurriedly ushered away by their parents

No. 835889

File: 1562882522693.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 284F44F2-F4DF-4E41-B644-E3CB93…)

No. 835895

File: 1562883335233.jpeg (144.49 KB, 621x749, F5016C69-6324-459D-8FFE-837206…)

She’s beauty. She’s grace

No. 835903

Is she actually getting fatter? I know the angles accentuate her XXXL chin, but I swear she's bigger in general.

No. 835920

Honestly, she must get off on making herself look fat and disgusting to other people. There's got to be some kink element or why tf would she post those pics?

No. 835925

File: 1562885120210.jpg (43.92 KB, 349x642, poQxTe3.jpg)

she's basically this meme, replace 'retarded' with ugly/fat/gross/retarded

No. 835926

Can't help but think it's self loathing. She must really hate herself to turn herself into something so repulsive.

No. 835962

>>835822 definitely separated if not divorced. i remember seeing a pic of her dad and his partner a while back. dad seems like the enabler while her mam takes none of her shite

No. 835964


that’s sonia kaspbrak kek

No. 835980


Her head and gut both look ready to explode. She doesn't go out enough to have sunburn so is her blood pressure that fucking high at 21, yikes

No. 835986


It's summertime so people get more headaches but how can it feel like your head is bleeding exactly?

Bleeds on the brain are a type of stroke you insensitive bitch

No. 836031


She wasn't that fat, last adaptation had her with about half the chins as our Feebz.

Christ almighty though, at least when most people get fat AF their cup size increases too. This really drives home how huge her gut is.

No. 836060

Def. She also is constantly buying shit so she can remain poor and therefore oppressed bc she’s not oppressed in any other way. She’s got so much white guilt she makes shit up to feel less guilty

No. 836068


She still won't be able to leave the house any more than she normally would. She'll still need Henry to lug up her chair and drive her to places. That wheelchair battery won't last too long with her weight

No. 836074


yeah the chair is still 25kg just more compact due to being foldable. she's not going to be able to lug that up and down the stairs without drastically undermining her own claims about how disabled she iss

No. 836176

File: 1562907742248.jpg (430.29 KB, 840x840, vegan feast.jpg)

throwing my hat into the ring

No. 836179


im laughing at the sad lopsided little titty

No. 836193

Love it, Just needs some penis candles to help set the mood

No. 836196

the tits are perfect

No. 836205


I'm in awe!

No. 836251


That's amazing!

No. 836284


Fuckin hell the sad bath hahaha

No. 836296

She's bitching on Instagram about not getting Lizzo tickets because she was trying to get a wheelchair spot. Good. I'm glad that she's not taking a space from someone who needs it. And now she has money for her Go Fund Me fees.

No. 836304

File: 1562932161749.jpg (681.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190712-124855_Ins…)

No. 836305

File: 1562932195307.jpg (574.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190712-124907_Ins…)

No. 836308


It's a load of bullshit as well, those Lizzo tickets were always going to go in minutes if not seconds and she acts like wheelchair ticket buyers are at a disadvantage. Getting tickets in the usual draw is stressful and prone to failure too.

Anyway I'm glad the fat cow doesn't get her tickets. Far more fun to watch her sperg out in her blubber at home.

No. 836310


Her repeatedly saying "basically" was like nails down a chalk board…

No. 836315

She could have just got a seated ticket but that wouldn't have been special enough for her

No. 836323


Is she gonna get mad at other wheelchair users now for taking her spot lol

I love it when things don't go her way and she strops like a 12 year old

No. 836325


Girl belongs in an assisted living facility, she has a mental health crisis every week over the smallest of things

No. 836332

No, she would LOVE that. She deserves to struggle on her own.

No. 836333

File: 1562938562050.jpeg (53.6 KB, 480x234, B9105B84-8A30-4881-82E9-3AD781…)

>>836031 you’re so right, anon. i would love to see her in a tracksuit like this lol i sure hope she doesn’t have kids, she already treats poor henry like eddie although she’s the one with made up illnesses, etc. “no henry! don’t ever leave me or i’m getting the butter knife!!”

No. 836355

File: 1562940231338.png (1.33 MB, 1544x643, fvf.png)

£8 for 10 shitty stickers.

No. 836374


> is poor

> has a card reader to scam people of their money

No. 836378

I think the fair gives them to people with stalls there or at least rents them out, but either way, I am hopeful we get milk cos it seems like at this feminist event everyone will just smile at tell her how great she did like the special kid in class

No. 836380

File: 1562943449384.png (1.93 MB, 1080x1448, Screenshot_20190712-155036.png)

Fuck me, looks like Feebs will be in good company tomorrow

No. 836386


Love how she can't just share the pic without voicing all her little worries about the event, like learn to cope and stop venting about every tiny thing

No. 836407

File: 1562946686716.jpg (508.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190712-164946_Ins…)

No. 836408

File: 1562946708251.png (111.96 KB, 1080x871, Screenshot_20190712-164931.png)

Kek, this reply to her post

No. 836409

File: 1562946708251.jpg (641.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190712-164951_Ins…)

No. 836410


LOL! Amazing

No. 836411

File: 1562946801934.jpg (1017.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190712-165017_Ins…)

No. 836412

I'm just surmising here but the fact she can't have sex without pain is probably due to a prolapse of some kind. It's really common for overweight people to get them and can make sex really painful.

Poor, sweet, Henry. He looks so upset and miserable having to wheel Fat Vag around in that wheelchair. Even the flat is all about her with dick candles. I bet the only solitude he gets is when asleep or at work. I hope Henry gets away, he's a real cutie; would ride that face all day long.

No. 836414

At least her lettering is a little bit better than feebs'. (still crap, though)

No. 836419

I hate those beady little eyes.

No. 836428


Someone on this thread called me 'ya fucking dingus' lately and it was such a weird insult I just ignored it… Interesting

No. 836432

I’m fucking crying, that’s amazing

No. 836433

No wonder it has no friends. It must be really horrible to be genuinely disabled, it can have such an impact on one's social life and cause isolation, loneliness and depression but imagine eating yourself into a fucking chair. It's putrid to be quite honest and undeniable that there are lots of health risks that come with being that size.

No. 836434


It's been confirmed before that she lurks.

No. 836437

I love that she's going out of her way to prove the cost of her shoes and to be all insulted about the mock-up stickers comment.. it's just too easy to hit a nerve with her

No. 836438


Who's trying to cowtip? Stop it.

We've already established they weren't Buffalos.>>836407

No. 836442


If their relationship is sexless and he's cool with that he's probably on hook up apps during the day and uninstalling them before he returns home. Its not hard to get away with

No. 836444


christ she looks so much bigger next to normal sized people

No. 836445


Her head is huge but her facial features are all scrunched so close together lol

No. 836446

File: 1562950754025.jpg (477.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190712-175825_Fac…)

brb screaming

No. 836448


This is beautiful

No. 836452


She's only making herself look fucking abusive with these 'it's your fault that I feel like shit now' replies

No. 836454

Dunno who Lizzo is exactly but some of her gigs were bought out by ticket resellers that hiked the prices up and it's seems a good chunk of her fanbase are overly emotional whinge bags like Pheobe crying about how unfair life is..ugh

No. 836460

Our non binary kween responding like a very normal adult

No. 836465

it's your style to look amateur? that replier was being so nice and even found something to complement her on. just take the criticism.

No. 836469

Abusive people blame their over-reactions on other people and say things like "It's your fault that I'm fuming, You're the reason I'm sad!" etc..

She doesn't have the emotional regulation to calm herself or cope with small upsets so she lashes out and the nicer that commenter is the more Pheobe gets a 'payout' by seeing her almost beg

No. 836474

File: 1562953611197.jpg (512.99 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20190712-165829_Sam…)

No. 836477

Not to tinfoil and armchair but like…yeah she does that to Henry all the time holy shit

No. 836487


How old/posed is this pic? Her head is twice this size in her current pics and her neck is so fat she must suffocate when she lays down

No. 836489

whenever someone with really british typing patterns or colloquialisms posts in this thread i always assume it's either a family member of phoebe herself giving herself a reason to feel like shit

No. 836504


What kind of an insult is 'dingus' though? Is it English? I remember thinking some tard had joined the convo when I saw it

No. 836506

I've never heard anyone say it in the UK. I've only heard Americans use it jokingly, because it's old-fashioned/silly. I guess this is a cause of Feebs trying to pass her insults off as cute and totally not aggressive?

No. 836510


There's no way that so much of those traits show up online without them also applying to her relationship with henry. He seems like the kind of guy where he'll take longer to snap and leave but he will eventually. It's not like she's getting any better

No. 836511


I see it as the same as when she refers to her followers as 'kids' in a fun way… she's 21 so the old-fashioned dad talk seems odd. She's socially and emotionally very stunted

No. 836512

Seems very Canadian to me.

No. 836514


Googling it doesn't bring up many results but according to a slang dictionary it means a retarded person. The irony

No. 836519

I can't speak for Canadians, but yeah we use it in the US in the exact context >>836506 mentioned

It's old slang, not meant to harm because it sounds ridiculous, but meant to call out dumb behavior in a more silly way

No. 836528


Almost certainly - it's a big problem for UK online ticket agents and fans. However, to book the wheelchair space for this venue and others owned by the O2 company you need to call/email for them and can't buy them online in bulk.

No. 836533


Bit of a dingus move to use such weird language and then not alter her language when she comes on here. If I remember right she said it as she was defending some sort of non-binary logic that made no sense

No. 836544

File: 1562958899753.png (77.37 KB, 2914x218, Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 3.11…)

seems like this was the post you're referencing, one thread ago
I wonder if mods could investigate that IP and see if it's possibly phoebe? I've seen some posts/spergs they seem pretty obviously like her but no proof. how amazing would it be if she got her own signature like keek or mystery?

No. 836552


There was a while where some woke person kept correcting people (well calling them idiots) over posts about gender,body hair or self harming and I had a feeling at the time

Would she self-post that she's a narc though?

No. 836556

What a retarded, manipulative, emotionally unstable cunt. Imagine being this butthurt because of a genuinely constructive comment. I can only imagine the kind of shit she pulls on Henry the second he says something she doesn't like.


She needs some intensive, psychiatric help. I'm serious.

No. 836563


She's way more of a danger to others than to herself, does henry ever share anything through social media? or is he shut away from the world in case he ever tells anyone the truth or finds a replacement

Guilt tripping people over your bad mood is beyond shitty and she can't even see it

No. 836576

File: 1562961231860.jpeg (89.87 KB, 640x1138, 17626EAF-3C18-4944-96B2-088487…)

i kek’d so hard. look at feebs liking their post, probably feeling smug and not bothering to reply before they psyched her lmao

No. 836589


How is she not banned with the constant 'go and eat shit' responses? especially when messages like this appear to be innocent questions lol

It's kind of sad to think that with it being Friday night normal twenty-somethings are getting ready to go out with friends, meanwhile she has no friends and it seems she doesn't allow Henry to have any either. Has the guy ever gone out for a drink with friends since meeting her?

No. 836683

I wonder if she’s trying to get a free ticket from the artist/venue for her “trouble.”

No. 836688

I can't wait to hear all about the fair tomorrow. What will it be moaning about first?

No. 836693

It's really sad. I feel so sorry for him. Literally never seen a single post about his mates coming over or him going out. He probably doesn't want any mates coming round to the flat, being subjected to cock candles and the smell of fanny batter, but being the manipulator she is I can imagine her guilting him into not going out. If he did she'd probably be calling and texting until he submits. He's trapped.

And has anyone noticed that she sometimes writes stuff for him? His spelling and grammar is often illegible but when she wants backing up in argument online "he" suddenly writes very fluently. I'll try find some examples.

No. 836694

>>836688 i hope we get delicious milk.

she’s going to complain about the weather oppressing her, her merch not going out of stock because she’s only sold 1 badge and 2 shite stickers, someone tried to make a conversation with her, no butter knife nearby, henry isn’t pushing her chair fast enough, henry smiling innocently at a skinny girl. the possibilities are endless

No. 836729

Pretty sure Henry has an IG at least, it's popped up here sometimes, but I don't think he posts much, or very personal things. Mostly cars. I think relationship-wise the only time we got a glimpse of him in that text convo where Phoebe first guilt trips him then slams him for "fetishizing" her.

No. 836778

Nah anon, it's because her vagina is sooooooo tight!!1!
Phoebe being morbidly obese doesn't ever have to do with anything.

No. 836819

File: 1562975511956.jpeg (94.25 KB, 640x1138, 9669B974-5365-44DC-8685-DA0A13…)

she’s worried her stuff isn’t gonna sell so she has to give freebies lol remember pheebs, freebie means free, not like your £2 off “giveaways”

No. 836836

phoebe incase you're lurking READ THIS.
learn to fucking cope you're an adult

probably giving freebies to explain why she didn't make any sales. tomorrow she'll post how she didn't make money because she's too nice and gave everyone stuff for free

No. 836846


If she was self-posting she might use terms people on here have used about her, so there's a possibility. I don't think it's Phoebe though, she's not a very restrained person.

No. 836847


my money's on access issues

which wouldn't have happened if she'd been handed the money for GFM fees by her donors and she had the new wheelchair of coursee

No. 836848

tinfoil: some of the instaccounts she has ask her/accuse her of things that are discussed here are her own side accounts especially since thats the only time she seems to hide the insta handle. that way she wouldnt have to keep making flake instagram accounts to harass herself with

and bonus: the instaccounts usually dont have icons or icons of stupid shit

No. 836974

>my money's on access issues
Totally. Like that time she went to Camden and was oppressed by the cobbles.

No. 837011

"Oppressed by the cobbles" It's just too funny.

No. 837015

I've thought about this a few times but surely if she knows this site roasts the fuck out of her then she'd keep a low profile on Instagram, or at least stop posting all the fucking screenshots of messages people send to her. In a way, I think she gets off on it. A normal person would probably take a look at themselves and stop being such a cow, but she just can't stop herself. Maybe it's the loneliness. Or maybe she really fucking is autistic.

No. 837019

I'd pay to see a documentary on her. Like those channel 5 ones about fatties and weirdos. It would be just so fucking funny to observe such a spectacle.

No. 837049


She's dumb but not dumb enough to realise that Channel 5 specialise in exploitative shit like that though. Plus she doesn't actually want to lose any weight (at least, she won't admit to it) because she's a FAT KWEEN.

No. 837051


(sorry, not dumb enough not to realise…)

No. 837081

"Dingus" is common in the UK and somewhat used in Australia. As an Aussie I would definitely use "ya dingus". The G is hard: ding-gus.
It's a good substitute for 'idiot' or 'dickhead'.

No. 837152

File: 1563005400731.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, 60FE594E-7743-4219-849B-209D04…)

£13.50 for one pair of vagina socks. How very poor and trans of her.

No. 837165

File: 1563009607640.png (3.74 MB, 750x1334, 737E8DA7-2A6B-4886-BFC8-3B6344…)

Here we go!

No. 837181

She LOVES negative attention, much more than positive attention, because that validates her need to be part of the oppression crowd. As we have extensively pointed out, literally every single one of her problems is self-inflicted. She's from a well-off white (not Jewish) family, she's a cis het non-autistic woman, she used to be thin enough to fit into mainstream plus-sized clothing, and she has a boyfriend with a supportive and well-off family. She is everything the woke crowd loves to hate, so she needs to pretend to be poor and disabled and Jewish and genderqueer/trans/non-binary/whatever the fuck is in now to fit in with the people who pay for her family-sized takeaway binges.

No. 837182


Pretty unhealthy to be a couple of engaged 20-ish year olds with no friendships or social lives outside of each other.. that's a sad level of codependency but I'm sure Pheobe keeps it that way on purpose

No. 837184


Pheebs being introduced in a documentary-

'Pheobe identifies as a infini-fat oppressed nonbinary autist cripple femme queer'

No. 837185

[cut to Feebs' mother] "she's never licked a cunt in her life"

No. 837202

File: 1563022047537.jpeg (138.13 KB, 640x1138, 1CD03E53-36FE-4DA9-84C6-6ED31A…)

what a sad display

No. 837203

No. 837204

File: 1563022223015.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.17 KB, 640x1138, 807B53B5-D964-452D-90C2-63C685…)

she has no chin. and she’s much bigger than i thought. why didn’t she make an effort to look nice? like do up her hair, wear colourful makeup… idk what the fair is about but she just looks boring

No. 837211


Henry spends all his days off babysitting her at these queer/feminist events. Girl get some independence. Crazy thought here.. but maybe have him drop you off and then go do his own thing?

No. 837212

Yeah, especially as we know she loves doing her hair and makeup. I had expected gaudy pride face paint.

No. 837237

lmao did anyone notice how painfully obvious it is tbat her cane is just a prop. u can tell in this pic she literally isn’t even using it she’s putting ZERO pressure on that cane for support, she’s just lightly holding it

No. 837239

File: 1563027476762.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 804543C1-4790-4FDB-A355-1A835C…)

I've only been casually reading this thread here and there and finally decided to take a deep dive. It's sad to see how she went from a normal chunky girl to the beef monster she is now, also her portions are fucking insane (1/2)

No. 837240

File: 1563027510176.jpeg (542.73 KB, 750x1198, FB87DF9C-C440-46FD-880C-0C4B19…)

Like seriously who the fuck eats this much??

No. 837241

CHRIST! two ppl could share this meal and be super super full. i’m sure she ate this whole thing herself and then pounded some desert

No. 837243


Holy fuck! All the frozen processed foods in one meal. Who eats this lazy when they're at home all day to prepare a meal? It'a massive plate of fussy-kids foods

No. 837245


Not to mention how much this meal costs

No. 837246

That looks awful, you'd think someone who doesn't give a fuck about pigging out would eat something actually good

No. 837247


Five fucking veg burgers in one sitting

No. 837249

so also, does this solidify henry’s feeder status? because why on earth would anyone give ONE person this large of a plate this is sickening

No. 837250

Sausage rolls
Two patties
Three vegetable patties
A fuck load of chicken dippers (I don't think it's potato?)
Sour cream by the looks of it

Yeah gross

No. 837251


When her dad cooked her breakfast before it was pretty much the same, as in a shocking portion of heavily processed meat alternatives and carbs. Most here agreed it was three times the normal portion

No. 837252


I think it's those little potato shapes that very young kids eat while going through their fussy-eating stage. Didn't know adults ate that shit

No. 837255


If this is what you eat for dinner regularly you are way too (mentally) young to be out living on your own and playing house with your fiance

This is what all her dinners look like, a small serving of beans always being the healthiest thing on the plate. Proof that vegan diets can still be horribly unhealthy

No. 837259

I was thinking that too but then I thought it also looks like those Quorn chicken dippers. Either way its too many of whatever it is.

No. 837260

File: 1563030274237.png (4.24 MB, 1242x2208, 9F13BC3C-BD25-48F0-BB99-B22F4C…)

Like the other anon I’m also taking a deep dive. Here she said she weighs 19 stone (266 pounds). One can only imagine what the hell her weight is now

No. 837261


Caption says 'potatoey goodness' so must be the kids potato shapes. Dunno why anyone would think this dinner is something to photograph and show off

No. 837262


She could carry a bit chub and still look pretty ok in past pics,

Discovering those body-positive Insta accounts might be the thing that kills her

No. 837264

Maybe my idea of weight is fucked up but the pic on the right does not look 266lbs at all? If she was 266 there then she has got to be at least 350 now.

No. 837265

No fucking way is she 19 stone on that picture! And if she is I dread to think what she is now…

No. 837266

she doesnt look THAT heavy to me either BUT she is pretty tall so maybe its possible?

No. 837271


lol Taking life advice from buzzfeed

Kind of sickening that discovering this extreme form of body positivity has essentially disabled her and ruined her health to the point where she's beetroot red in the face at all times.. and she's now spreading that message wanting others to join in and become future drains on the NHS

It's much easier to pack weight on than to reverse that shit so I hope she doesn't influence too many naive teens

No. 837276

File: 1563032301352.png (6.46 MB, 1242x2208, 63B9F300-2400-4560-86D4-9EBADE…)

her skin was so nice even when “19 stone”

No. 837277


It's amazing how this has happened in just 5 years without the aid of prednisone or anti psychotics.

No. 837278


Is the picture on the left her showing off an engagement ring? Have she and Henry been together that long? Where's family anon when you need them!

No. 837282

She's tall so 266lb on her was probably easier to hide with clothes than someone shorter. That dress will have had a massive belly underneath.

I can't believe how huge she's got though. That pic of her "leaning" on her cane. She's crossed over into the kind of fat where you wouldn't be able to tell if it was male or female if she didn't have longish hair. Her face is just sad. She's lost all femininity that she had in her older pics. No wonder she claims she's trans when she looks so masculine now. It's something to hide behind like her posed ugly pics.

I think her whole keyboard warrior aggressive image and all the trans talk and body positivity talk and fake disabilities is armour for someone who put on too much weight too fast and can't accept what it's done to her health and her looks. If she could click her fingers and go back to her old self, she'd do it in a heartbeat.

I think it'll take losing Henry to make her do anything about the sorry state her life is in. Or maybe she will just get fatter and fatter and end up like that fat guy who got takeaway drivers to deliver to his bed and then died from his size.

No. 837283

Watch her start claiming "produce is too expensive" to eat healthy. I don't know about the UK but a 4 pack of those frozen veggie patties are $5-10 in the US and that isn't even the whole meal.

No. 837290


It's definitely comparable to the rapid weight gain people get on anti-psychotics. If I saw her in public I might assume that's her story

No. 837291

I live in the UK and it's MUCH cheaper to buy produce than to buy frozen things. Vegetable burgers/sausages specifically are ridiculously expensive and unhealthy, because of how much salt they contain. There's literally always sales on fresh produce in Tesco or Lidl (especially if you shop in the evening, when they try to get rid of soon-to-expire stock) and they're cheap to start with.
Her behaviour is common here, though. Obesity rates are insanely high because of how much people drink and how little they actually cook.

No. 837292

Like many farmers, I've been doing a deep dive of her Instagram. She actually took care of herself - she was trying to lose weight and shared pictures of thin white women as inspiration (kek I guess that's where the hate comes from).

No. 837293

Kek and she used Jeffree Star and MAC cosmetics yet blasts others for using their brands. Wouldn't surprise me if she was lying about being vegan. I remember someone actually saying they'd seen her shopping and she quickly scuttled off and pretended she wasn't shopping that day, so people theorised she was buying non-vegan shit.

No. 837298

She's done that before on Facebook in some Vegan groups, saying that veg is too expensive while drinking whole cartons of oat milk.

But then she eats like this and it's like, don't pretend veg is expensive when this plate probably cost £10 for one meal.

No. 837302

She needs some serious psych help to give her a kick. You can see her high blood pressure in her colouring, her mood swings are crazy and her relationship has this unhealthy dynamic of henry being the breadwinner, the house cleaner, the wheelchair pusher, the emotional support, the sidekick at 'femme events'

Every aspect of her life is completely out of balance and she's not ready to 'adult'

No. 837308

>>837276 your icon is showing

No. 837314

Henry's Dad is literally a green grocer. They have no excuse to not be eating healthily on a budget.

No. 837315

File: 1563038904728.jpg (910.21 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190713-182747_Ins…)

No. 837317

Oh fuck off. He was a violent gay man and a drag queen. Stop glorifying him.

No. 837321


I'm pretty down with trans people but when kids are studying and trying to take in info with exams in mind I don't think adding trans history is terribly helpful to the average joes education. Most people in school are heading towards a goal of actually working for a living Pheebs..

That kind of history is already available at third level education to people looking to work with LGBT for a living

No. 837425

Why does she have to flex like that? Oh well I KNOW who Marsha was, I was one of the few cheering

No. 837430

Because this type of stuff is literally her identity.

No. 837440

teach trans history in schools? lmao what bro

No. 837442

Why the fuck would they teach about an American activist in the uk tho?

No. 837446

>>837425 wait, you were at the fair? omg did you catch a glimpse of her lol

No. 837447

her virtue signaling is so cringey. she probably doesn't know much about her other than her name because she uses it as a talking point

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i'll consider myself blocked since she lurks. im just saying you can have nice skin feebs

No. 837453

Wonder if Pheebz has ever heard of Stormé DeLarverie kek

No. 837472

That’s the dumbest fucking thing. Stonewall is important to the US nationally, and I suppose to some extent to the gay &c. community worldwide, but the idea that it should be taught in UK schools is bizarre. There’s so much UK history plus bigger historical events from all over the world!

No. 837506

Marsha is not even trans Pheebs

No. 837571

I am absolutely aghast, and I can only imagine how physically ill Phoebe feels eating this volume of stodgy carbs and heavy processed foods everyday. It must be so uncomfortable. I know she's horrible, but I unironically hope she gets the help she so desperately needs, I couldn't eat a fraction of this two days in a row and she probably eats this amount of food every single day.

He probably did it out of fear she'd kick off otherwise, he seemed pretty timid in the texts posted in the last thread between them.

No. 837572

e y e b r o w s
Lol she's so British

No. 837605

Not to mention, she could go to Iceland and get a shitload of frozen fruit and veg- you know, non-processed vegan shit- if cooking fresh produce is too oppressive for our disabled qween. There are fucking microwave bags of frozen veg, rice, quinoa etc that require extremely little effort to prepare. Of course, vegan burgers at £2-4 a box are much more affordable and body positive than a £1 bag of vegetables, and she's too poor to buy groceries when she could beg for takeaway instead.
I am so fucking triggered by her bullshit diet, it's so much cheaper and easier to just eat real vegetables and yet here she is. She's getting to the point where she needs industrial equipment to lift her 10,000 calorie oatmeal bowls to her mouth because gravity will soon oppress her too much for her to move by herself.

No. 837630

Rice and tinned veg chilli. Ridiculously cheap and not half as stodgy as that crap.

Is Henry a feeder or is he just giving him as much as Fat Veg tells him to?

No. 837645

Lack of mobility is usually involuntary, and kills people fast, that's why it's important for paralyzed people to get physical therapy where someone moves the paralyzed body parts for them, the bare minimum of time to make sure they won't die.

With Phoebe it's self-imposed, she doesn't qualify for that kind of therapy and would probably resent having to move even if someone else did it for her.

She's killing herself by her self-imposed helplessness and fraudulent reliance on mobility devises. Her neck is already morphing into her rump because she's apparently too disabled to use her neck muscles and keep her head up. She's a lazy asshole, it will take her life eventually, and nothing of value will be lost.

No. 837718


It's so weird tho. I look like that body shape/size in the red dress photo (although I'm a few inches shorter) and I'm SEVEN STONE (a whole skinny person!) smaller than she claims to have been then.

No. 837720


Yup, if anyone brings up that she used to be thinner she'll reeeee on about how she had a serious eating disorder that made her eat like a normal person and be a normal weight.

No. 837725


Because we cover American history sometimes? We did quite a lot of 20th century US History in my high school, I guess stuff like Civil Rights movement, Watergate, Vietnam etc is easy to cover as there are many unsullied original sources to work from.

I think teaching kids about the origins of the gay rights movement wouldn't hurt, but its not exactly up there with say maths or how to write a resume.

No. 837843

huh, I actually didn't know that.

No. 837870


Pheobe fancies herself as the next education minister

No. 837906

anon you might be forgetting that she's 5ft 11. she definitely looks overweight in those photos, but she doesn't look fat at all in the first photo. she's positioned herself to hide it and she's wearing flattering clothes. look again at her arms and legs. someone 7 stone would have to be about 5ft tall to look like her.

No. 837959

File: 1563112441301.jpg (123.64 KB, 750x1334, pt1.jpg)

From yesterday evening

No. 837973


Does she mean five burgers?

I'm blocked so I'm likely missing out on her posting about the weekly shop today. People parking in disabled spaces or strangers looking at her funny, what'll it be this week? lol

No. 837997

File: 1563119758786.jpg (812.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190714-165447_Ins…)

More obsessions with looking disgusting and Jesus Christ you're not non binary uwu

No. 838000


Funny thing is half the people identifying as non-binary today will have moved on from that label in a year or two so celebrate while you can lol

No. 838002

File: 1563122207790.jpg (574.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190714-172306_Ins…)

No. 838008


Your joke isn't far from the truth, Pheebz. You feel entitled to everyone's money, time, attention and space. That's why you don't have a job

No. 838010


Exactly, she took 2 grand off people a fucking week ago

She's a waste of food and oxygen

No. 838011

"hahah i'm totally joking
unless you wanna send me money then I'm not"

No. 838012


She has non-joke posts about needing money daily, shares the prices of things she wants but can't afford, hint, hint..

No. 838018

File: 1563124706151.jpg (45.21 KB, 748x627, FB_IMG_1563124488514.jpg)

Who managed to get screens of this cos this is the only one I got and I know thiccner was one of the complainers but I got blocked

No. 838019


Why are infini-fats so triggered by people who are still a bit fat but smaller than them? It's pure jealousy

Sure is nice having twice the life expectancy of people who are Pheobe-sized!

No. 838025

All the discussion of what category of fat she even fits into or 'reads as to them' .. talk about dehumanising the woman

No. 838026


I'm blocked too. storiesIG has them all.

No. 838031


lol what group is this?? I thought policing bodies and identity was bad.

No. 838037


So self identifying is totally valid, and self-diagnosing is totally valid..

Deciding whether you're fat = No we'll humiliate you by making a post about how you don't present fat enough and how that upset us????

No. 838039

>Borderline small fat

jfc the subjective gatekeeping of these people is ridiculous. when you're 600+ pounds, everyone is small compared to you. Doesn't mean those people get treated well by the general healthy thin population. Just because you're dying from obesity doesn't mean 300lb people are ~privileged~ what a dumpster fire of a group

No. 838042

Jesus Christ. Fat people are just like trannies with their policing, "oh you don't weigh enough in our eyes, even though you're also classified as obese by your doctor and society thinks you're fat as shit and people also shout abuse at you when you walk down the street, but nope, you're smaller than us so you can fuck right off". They're competing over who's the most oppressed when they literally cause all their problems themselves."You're more privileged than me because you haven't gained as much weight as me!!" This shit is so toxic.

No. 838047

God even her eyelid is fat.

No. 838050


She has a manish brow bone and now even that is growing fat. Kinda fascinating watching her looks go to shit in lots of little ways. Them piggy eyes in all her eye-roll pics lol

No. 838067

I get it, but still, why would they? I don’t really see how americans lgbt rights would be important to be taught in a european school. I mean no disrespect! But I want to learn about its history in my country, and other europeans countries. Isn’t it more relevant?

No. 838078

File: 1563134463011.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.87 KB, 234x215, 1478522976567.jpg)

Inb4 she reaches Tammy Slaton's level of fat

No. 838097

File: 1563136437729.jpeg (137.38 KB, 750x750, BA1CD7F5-CA70-4C6B-8B42-4D7293…)

>Happy international non binary people’s day. Here’s my face and a reminder I ONLY use they/them pronouns. Do not call me girl, woman, ‘girrrrl’ etc etc. Fanx!!!! Support non binary people, all year round

No. 838098

Holy shit anon I just noticed that!! Dear lord I feel so bad for Henry if he got with her when she was still a relatively normal weight and not a disabled "Trans" autistic slob. Also, if they HAVE been engaged for so long, why haven't they gotten married yet? Kind of stupid and weird to be engaged for so long imo

No. 838102

File: 1563136981814.jpeg (343.65 KB, 750x1105, 2FC048EF-22A8-45B5-80FB-CB4FCE…)

Word I almost posted that, lol. Here's the thinspo anon is referencing. Considering how obsessed she is with her IG account I'm surprised she hasn't scrubbed this off of her feed. As another anon said, she very clearly is using the oppression Olympics to hide the fact that her weight got out of control and it's easier to be a keyboard warrior than hit a fucking treadmill.

No. 838108

>>838098 definitely not, they met on tinder at the end of 2017, and got engaged on valentine’s last year. she wasn’t like that left pic but the red dress actually. i need to find posts because it’s been brought up a few times in past threads. maybe for future threads we should include deets about their relationship cos people keep asking about them?

No. 838112

File: 1563137681869.jpg (737.52 KB, 810x1942, Screenshot_20190714-215335_Ins…)

No. 838113

File: 1563137781625.jpg (419.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190714-215620_Ins…)

No. 838114

>Considering how obsessed she is with her IG account I'm surprised she hasn't scrubbed this off of her feed.
Guess she's just stupid and/or lazy. She didn't bother clearing out her Twitter account until we found all of her Hitler tweets

No. 838118

She looks like a smug Grimace

No. 838140

America has had and still has a huge impact on the rest of the world so we do learn some things, like wars and effects on economy etc. Not much LGBT+ history, and I doubt I could name ten American presidents, so mainly things that have larger reach.

No. 838200


That's almost even sadder. Engaged after a few months of dating?? Very teenage/young. Phoebe probably loves it but Henry thinks it's the normal thing to do asap?

No. 838206

If Hagrid and Chris Chan somehow conceived a child…

No. 838254

What happens when all the food you need stops fitting on the plate? Two plates? Serving platter? Eat straight from the cooking dish like the hog you are?

No. 838297

Underrated comment

No. 838434


Sad that a couple years ago she found this attractive and now she'd fly into a jealous rage over it!

I'm sure she's full of insecurity that henry could ever look at other women. I mean people are instinctively attracted to lively, young and healthy bodies.. and that's not her

No. 838436

honestly anon, given all her posts especially about Lana Del Ray with "my wife" as a caption and her now hatred of women, it's pretty clear she was only every straight
she just wanted to be a pretty thin woman and now she's fucked it up she's trapped Henry and posts about fat liberation while hating on women because she wanted to be them

No. 838437

No. 838441

when will this non binary bullshit end

No. 838445


Thanks for sharing, responses on there are really ripping the infini-fats logic to shreds lol

No. 838454

When you look at the infinifat tag on instagram a couple of the main posters in the tag are women with purple hair. Makes me wonder if Pheobe was copying them.

I know she had a poll to vote on her hair colour but she also had a poll on whether to do a GoFundMe and we know she already had that decided lol

No. 838456

I'm convinced "infinifats" just have a fetish for being that big, because jesus, imagine living like that.
I dont think feebs has this fetish, but I totally believe she wants to be infinifat for maximum oppression

No. 838459


I feel like part of her wants to be the fattest-fat to ever live, I also think that deep down when she sees slim and attractive women she wants to rip her own skin off

It's sad that at 21 she's already fat enough that even with major weight loss she'd be left with all sorts of loose skin. She fucked herself over so young

No. 838466

File: 1563200856720.jpg (39.57 KB, 613x300, jfc.JPG)

They have their own podcasts. This one @fatlippodcast, the ig account really truly knocked me sick. These people are digusting.

Hopefully they'll all be dead within 20 years and take their BS with them.

No. 838471

she actually does eat out of serving dishes in some of her youtube videos. like bowls that look like they’re big enough to serve salads or pasta salads or bowls you put chips/crisps in at family parties

No. 838474


Seems very likely that they'll all be dead within 20 years

No. 838482

A lot of them do have a fetish. Some even say they "wish they were immobile" cos they think it will be sexy. It's straight up mental fucking illness.

I think Feebs just had a lot of unresolved depression and self hate issues and has latched on to the HAES movement cos it conveniently is in trend right now, just like being trans. If there was a movement of people doing the complete opposite, she would probably be doing the opposite. She weaponises fat and trans cos it's like an armor to her now. Unfortunately, she's chosen the wrong thing to latch onto as she will physically immobilise herself way before she ever gets the help she actually needs.

No. 838485


She's like that one girl we all knew growing up who would copy their friends style.. except Pheobe doesn't have friends and does it with online groups instead

I can see her going through life having a personality transplant every five years. At 15 she was into edgy dark humour, was boy/cock obsessed and was a bit of a nazi. Now she's uptight, easily offended and in a sexless relationship lol

No. 838491

File: 1563205992826.jpg (635.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190715-164910_Ins…)

No. 838494

She's such a hypocrite, she'll rant about ethical brands but she just buys from wherever she wants.

Also 'big pussy', urg she's disgusting.

No. 838495

"Ur boy"


No. 838496


Marks and Spencers doesn't scream 'cheap' to me but then god knows what size she had to get. Why can't she buy pants without several posts about it? Does she realise people buy pants all the time in private

No. 838499


No. 838500

Sage for retardation but what does it even mean to have a fat/big pussy?

No. 838501


it's just that body fat can be on the venus mound and the outer labia as opposed to some super skinny women who look like they don't have any at all

it's partly genetics since you'll see "normal sized" women with "puffy" genital areas and women with very little, if at all. but in phoebe's case the excessive weight gain has caused this effect

No. 838502


I doubt she can find her pussy under the belly layers

I know something about henry but I don't want him facing her wrath if she goes batshit, am I right in thinking she reads here?

No. 838505

She most likely lurks

No. 838510

She definitely lurks here. I don't think you should say anything that will cause Henry to suffer even more emotional abuse.

No. 838515


You're right, I thought people might demand to see my proof no matter what but this is one cow where I worry what she'd put him through

No. 838530

honestly just tell us cos who's to say it's true or that she doesnt know?

No. 838531


Tell us!

No. 838532

It's not the cheapest, no, but they have some of the best affordable underwear out there.

But yeah, so she's calling herself boy now? Henry must be so happy he's got a boyfriend now. A boyfriend with a big pussy.

No. 838535

So intrigued now. Is it about him being a feeder kek

No. 838538



No. 838539

Oh damn. Well… I guess it is a fuckless and seemingly loveless relationship.

No. 838542

fuck that. all these anons in here treating him with white gloves like he has the mentality of a three year old. if he can sustain a job with heavy machinery and maintain an apartment with a slob making little to none, he knows enough to get by.

No. 838544


Thing is a normal woman dumps their cheating partner, but what would Pheobe do? Threaten suicide but still stay with him and just make his life extra hell-ish?

No. 838546

ok? phoebe being a manipulative jerk doesnt make him a child. clearly he has family that cares, there would be someone to give him help. but you guys are taking all of this too seriously like you actually have an impact on their lives.

No. 838547

Was it when he was working?

No. 838550

This. He's an adult male with masculine interests and hobbies. Works day labour like every other boring pillock. All socialized males are the same. I don't know where everyone got this idea that he has the mind of an innocent child. Feebs being evil doesn't automatically make him not a scummy man as well.

No. 838559

Shit i remember when i had her on Facebook before she deleted me and she would post stuff about having panic attacks because Henry would be 2, 3 hours later home from work and wouldn't even send a text to say where he was and then just say the manager had kept him back. Maybe he wasn't actually staying back after all

No. 838563

if she gets pissed at him for something she reads on LC maybe that will make him realize he needs to leave! tell us! you could save a life!

No. 838581

Tell us!
I want Phoebe threatening suicide with a butterknife again.

Honestly, if her and Henry split it's gonna be great (for us).
Who's going to push her wheelchair around, fill her trough and clean their home?

No. 838589

File: 1563218611793.jpeg (394.28 KB, 828x1441, 83A9230B-65B0-42E6-A3CF-9A0A9A…)

First time posting, please lemme know if I broke the rules or anything! I found this yesterday on reddit but am not 100% sure it’s her…

No. 838591

the fallout from their break up would be amazing. i cant see her mother taking her in, could you imagine the fallout if she decided to home with her bastard of a cop father lel or begging strangers online to take in a 'trans' small business owner with horrible hygiene and bad money management?

that has previously been posted before if im not mistake.

No. 838594

ahh sorry I didn’t see, thanks for letting me know :)(don't use emoticons)

No. 838596

All work and no play makes henry.. fuck other people to stay sane lol

No. 838598

Adding onto that other anon, I'm pretty sure it was also confirmed that this wasn't her!

No. 838600

File: 1563219746120.gif (779.73 KB, 540x297, 1520958179_Anime_c8d247_633265…)

the the conclusion the majority figured was going on but i hope that anon steps up and brings some receipts to the table

No. 838604

She uses they/them pronouns, but good effort

No. 838606

Yeah that was a confirmed troll

No. 838615

I feel like there's been an anon dropping hints lately about henry but I wasn't sure if I was reading something that wasn't there, stuff about him at work and about deleting stuff off his phone all seemed kinda specific

No. 838625

Well yeah, how do you think these threads started? One of his relatives.

No. 838626

File: 1563222996207.png (4.55 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2018.PNG)

There are some milky comments under this OP. I would even agree gender reveals are stupid and unnecessary but to spit this much vitriol at a small business owner is incredible. Telling your friends and family your baby's genitalia in no way means you're going to raise said child by the binary? These libtards are just reaching for things to be oppressed by now.

No. 838628

File: 1563223152461.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190715-213908.png)

Base coat - £8.50
Cloud Nine - £10
So Spesh - £10
Top coat - £5.50

No. 838629

File: 1563223220902.jpeg (152.97 KB, 1242x426, 17A6965D-A669-4ABB-852E-CDF679…)


No. 838631


Childless person tells pregnant moms what to do during their pregnancy and when raising their child

I think gender reveals are stupid too but such a reach to claim somebodies baby-shower type party is somehow harming your community, get a grip

No. 838633

Kinda hoping henry gets his side chick pregnant and she has a gender reveal. The ultimate insult! lol

No. 838636

>genders are transphobic

Lmao. I hope this bullshit dies down as quickly as it started

No. 838637

Anon if you think about it, her reading whatever scandalous thing about Henry May make her flip out and break up with him, and he will finally be free of her disgusting self. Or maybe her flipping out on him will be enough of a push for him to dump her and see what a garbage can of a human she is.

No. 838639

you can only say boi if you're a sk8er

No. 838645

Need to know the goss about Henry.

No. 838647

Does anyone know why boi is now forbidden?

No. 838653

Probably only uwu soft boi twanny bottoms who are so gay are allowed to use it

No. 838654


May as well say it. She lurks here and since there's some talk about something juicy about Henry she's probably gonna flip a shit regardless

No. 838662


I think he already sees how shitty she is, but is afraid to leave her because he knows that there is no way she can survive without him, he is her only friend and also does literally everything for her

No. 838665

PC Tickner will take care of her.

No. 838671

File: 1563229291297.jpg (476.22 KB, 809x1856, Screenshot_20190715-232103_Ins…)

No. 838675

it looks like a face i'm rofling

No. 838677

The nipples look so huge, and the boobs are hanging down like rabbit ears.

Has feebs never seen a female body before???

No. 838678

File: 1563230327748.jpg (75.31 KB, 837x1458, sketch-1563230237924.jpg)

My understanding of anatomy is possibly as bad is Phoebe's is, but those boobs don't make any sense. She's obviously just traced herself and added bigger tits

No. 838684

Normally Instagram takes down anything with female nipples in it, how is she getting away with it?

No. 838685

feebz thinks her art is so original just bc uwu she draws fat ppl while most ppl draw skinny ppl uwu but lmfoajdosjsi lately her shitty art is even shittier to me because it’s all the same shit, fat body, stupid tits like hers, excessive body hair. we get it feebz, ur a revolutionary!!!!! lmaoooo she’s not artistic OR creative. it’s amazing that with all this practice, her art doesn’t improve KEK

No. 838686

algo prob doesnt recognise it as female bodies lol

No. 838691


I don't think they rely on algorithms, I think they rely on people actually reporting.

No. 838780

Noticed that when feebee went to some lgbtq+uwu event last time she needed other, smaller, fitter people to lug around her scootie puff with her rotting carcas lazily reclining on top of it? That's what lgb have to put up with now, all kinds of insane degenerates coopting their movement, and having to caretake these beasts at their events. And they're naive enough to do it. They set themselves up for it when accepting the t and it was all down from there, they have no one but themselves to blame.

Gender reveals suck because it will result in people either bombing you with pink stuff or with "manly" stuff while your kid is a baby and probably more interest in baby appropriate, primary color everything, and you'll be stuck with a mountain of junk that goes straight to goodwill. But gender reveals are still less obnoxious than an ugly ham stuck in a mobility device acting like she's cute for eating herself into disability.

No. 838783

>while your kid is a baby and probably more interest in baby appropriate, primary color everything, and you'll be stuck with a mountain of junk that goes straight to goodwill.

you ever have a baby? that thing doesnt care about whatever color shit you give it. you sound just as tone deaf as feebs

No. 838792

Hopefully this doesn’t count as infighting, but touching on the “why is everyone going oh poor Henry” thing, Henry is confirmed autistic, right? Autistic adults aren’t ~mentally children~ or anything but they are more likely than the general population to experience domestic abuse and are less likely to get out of such a situation than a non-autistic adult. Also, being a dude with masculine interests and a labor job doesn’t magically mean a regular dude can’t be abused either; men suffer abuse as well and can actually have a harder time getting out of it because fewer people believe men can be victims of abuse in the first place. So basically it’s extra hard for autistic men to get out of relationships with butter knife bitches, and it’s reasonable for anons to be concerned for Henry since statistically as an autistic dude and specifically as someone interacting at all with FatVag he’s probably suffering at least some abuse.

I mean it’s definitely possible he’s cheating or doing something like grabbing a beer with friends after work that Feebz would probably consider the same as cheating, but we don’t actually have all that much information on Henry’s personality apart from the original family anon, so he could be anywhere from a poor simple child to a normal but abused man to kind of a scummy dick in his own right. It’s all speculation unless anons can provide some goods


No. 838817


That's it really, she finds it too much effort to stay thinner so she might as well be as fat as possible for maximum oppression points.

No. 838819


No anon, it's presuming gender that's transphobic. So maybe they should go after the doctors who assign sex to babies at birth? Oh that's right, sex and gender are different things and if the kid grows up to be trans then they can have another gender reveal party of their own. She just hates everything that other more popular accounts hate, jumping on the bandwagon.

No. 838870

anon no one cares about gay politics here just enjoy the cow

No. 838871

they forced their way in but ok

boi is forbidden cos it's "racist" apparently. i think people were saying it originated in the black community or it's a black gender identifier. which makes sense why feebs would act like she cares about it, she wouldn't give a shit about appropriating gay terminology.
i've seen a lot of these female "they/them nb" bloggers call themselves "boy". it's like a trendy thing. if someone called feebs a girl she'd lose her shit but calling herself a boy is totally fine.

No. 838882

"Henry is confirmed autistic" that was the initial assumption when the whole #savehenry thing began, but I remember when Phoebe first discovered these threads, she posted about us calling her fiance autistic when he's not. His brother does have autism though.

No. 838894


I'm not sure where Henry being autistic came from tbh, he isn't, it's his brother like you said. He's possibly somewhat naive because this is his first relationship but he isn't autistic he's just a fatty feeder enabler.

No. 838895

Anon that is related to him, the one that first brought up Pheobe in the personal lolcow thread literally said he’s autistic

No. 838896

The relative who had first posted about Phoebe said Henry had autism and that this was why his family felt he was settling for her.
>my relative, her poor weedy ACTUALLY autistic boyfriend

The post is still up in the Personal Cow thread, too.
I know Phoebe said he doesn't have autism but since she lies about everything else, I'm more inclined to believe Henry's relative. She also posted a screenshot of that post on her snapchat and yet didn't deny Henry being autistic until much later, which is pretty suspicious.

No. 838918

>>838491 kek she’s wearing her tent aka big pussy pants on her head

No. 838927


Anyway, let's just be happy feebee is likely infertile anyway.

No. 838930

File: 1563284017575.jpg (787.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190716-143008_Ins…)

so many poor and disabled people rely on amazon to actually survive. bit classist and ableist of you to assume everyone can just give up amazon, pheebs. tut tut

No. 838934

She's telling others to not fund Amazon but then buys m&s underwear saying "I know they're not ethical but I'm poor"
Glad to know as always she's exempt from activism

No. 838939

So is Henry cheating or not?

No. 838940

>>838930 lol where does she get off telling people what to do? i wouldn’t be surprised if she uses amazon herself, she’s a hypocrite

No. 838946

Anyone have the screenshot of her story of her watching law and orde ryesterday? 99% certain that was amazon prime… but. I may be incorrect.

No. 838953

File: 1563287853870.jpg (575.26 KB, 1080x1725, 20190716_103535.jpg)

find it weird she still has posts like this on her instagram…this reads as SOOOOO PHATPHOBIC PHEEBS…you shouldn't correlate certain food with health, FANX PHEEBS.

No. 838961


Yes, but peeps are concerned that if the evidence is put out there she'll up her abuse/control of him

No. 838962

Does she think being an obese vegan makes her magically different from an obese meat eater. She has given up walking and lies in bed all day and eats humongous portions, that is whats going to kill you Pheebs.

No. 838963


When did instagram stop being about pretty photos and start being this 'screaming my opinions at people' platform like twitter?

No. 838964


#fitbit …. What is Phoebe even doing in that tag?

No. 838971

when tumblr stopped being relevant

No. 838973

File: 1563292293467.jpeg (264.32 KB, 1055x1843, E14EF6C0-AD22-4651-8C2C-72C8A8…)

I gotchu anon. I remember taking it bc how could she be SO unaware that that’s the exact argument people use to discredit male rape victims

No. 838984


She's talked about rape in law and order episodes a few different times now and always uses it to make comments on potential real rapes… like girl watch a documentary at least

This is the same girl who held a butter knife to her throat and talked about ending it online cos an episode of some other show triggered flashbacks of the many (I think imaginary) rapes she claims she's experienced. I think she enjoys rape shows way too much and too often tbh..

No. 838992

How can someone who’s SO busy every day have time to do what SHE does to her nails, daily? Like; that takes a long time.

No. 838993

Henry has cheated.

No. 838995

I've always wondered about this. she calls herself a survivor of multiple rapes, but the only sexual assault we've ever heard ANYthing about (I don't at all mean she owes us graphic details, but we've not heard even one fraction of a percent of a detail about any of it) is the assault she committed against another girl. we've heard that story from multiple people with a fair bit of detail, but Phoebe's numerous personal traumas are completely shrouded in mystery.

bit strange if you ask me for a chronic oversharer, who posts about her poo explosions and other oppreshuns on a daily basis, not to say anything more than "I've been raped", and only when she needs it to add credibility to her comments on other people's lives.

No. 838998

File: 1563295563452.jpg (774.85 KB, 810x2239, 20190716_174554.jpg)

Yes we have anon

No. 839000

File: 1563295779335.jpg (543.95 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20190716-174829_Ins…)

As if rapists are only creepy about fat girls body's, rapists never act creepy or fetishising towards slimmer victims, they're lovely and kind to thin girls actually

No. 839004

We all know Henry has cheated and she watches way to many crime shows to have been raped cos she's so triggered by rape
Also she has time to do her nails all day cos it's self care

No. 839005


She described it as a 'series of rapes' in another post and mentioned flashbacks, all I can think is if one man raped you multiple times and you're posting that online aren't your family concerned and ready to freak the fuck out and find out exactly who it is?

If any normal young woman (not a compulsive liar) posted this their family would be hunting down all their exes to get answers

Her mention of flashbacks and her attention seeking suicide talk on Insta made me think that she's watched one too many episodes of Law and Order and used those storylines for extra attention cos henry wasn't giving her enough. Cos he has a side girl.

No. 839009


Henry cheated cos self-diagnosed vaginismus and some pretty sus sexual trauma claims are her ticket to never having sex with him. He can't argue with her but he can say he's working extra hours and go get himself some fun

Who stops putting out that soon into a relationship and still sees a future together?

No. 839010

Did I miss some sort of proof for Henry's cheating? Why is everyone so certain this is true?

No. 839012


We can suspect, but we don't know. Unless the anon posts some caps, it's not milk.

No. 839014

oh shit, thanks for the correction, I don't remember seeing this post (I don't have insta) and probably couldn't get through all the "I as a middle class white woman have it worst bc I'm fat" talk to read her account. I'll eat crow now

I really want the original "Henry cheated" anon to offer a little more than just that, all this speculation is gonna get him grilled by Beefy either way. she's too insecure not to make his life shittier based on just a suspicion. maybe if she had proof, she would boot him to revamp her "I am the biggest victim" routine. (If he is cheating, the relationship should end anyway imo, cheaters are shit and the blame wouldn't all be on beefs since he shouldn't have been sneaking around.) though she would probably have to open another GoFundMe to pay for her food with her only caregiver gone.

No. 839015


Did she meet a guy for some kind of domination or bdsm play when she was young and stupid and then only decide afterwards that it was assault?


If she can fake rape stories for pity I can only imagine what she'll do to henry

No. 839019


Wait so she confronted one guy who raped her but also says how in 'one of the cases' a man beat her breasts.. making it sound like a separate guy. Are we talking about multiple men here?

No. 839020


It's true Phoebe herself never explicitly stated that he's autistic. But she did mention he needed her help filling out forms for blood donation.
Tinfoil, but I think he might be an aspie. Asperger's is not the same as autism, so I could see why the family anon would call him autistic, but Phoebe could still say he's actually not.
He works, they live on their own and he's taking care of Phoebe.. So it's clear that his condition is not too severe.

No. 839022

She already IS abusing/controlling him so anon needs to spill the milk. In fact if Pheeb ramps up her antics maybe Henry will finally had enough and the side chick(or dick w/e I support u Henry bb) can convince him to leave her ass. We all bask in the glorious melt down.

No. 839027

Attention whores will make up anything, and if god forbid anything bad actually happens they'll milk the fuck out of it so there's no way of knowing what's true. Its sad that she's lied so much it's hard to believe anything she says.

No. 839031


If Phoebe is autistic like she claims then it'd be Aspergers too.. yet she exclusively calls herself autistic cos it's more dramatic

No. 839033


When her and Henry finish she's guaranteed to accuse him of horrible things, my guess is that she'll twist things to make it look like their power dynamic was the opposite of what it is, and then she'll add on fatphobia and pressuring her for sex despite her uwu trauma

No. 839042

that she was trapped in an abusive relationship because she's 'disabled' and poor.

No. 839044

She talks about one of her rapists/abusers fetishising her body because she's big and that allowing him to see her as purely an object.. she has gone on to just get bigger and bigger and she has gone on to share nude pics on Insta and talk about her pussy..

I'm not saying that all abuse victims act in a predicable way but her behaviour is the opposite of what you'd expect. That and she watches lots of rape themed shows but only got horribly triggered and suicidal that one time

No. 839057

Imagine having the shear strength to rape this land whale

No. 839062

uh, no. I don't want to imagine raping anyone. even if they're a fat, shitty person. this sounds like creepy scrotposting.

No. 839063


This woman regularly feels personally attacked by Instagram users cos they post photos of their slim bodies.. she sure has a habit of imagining attacks lol

No. 839065

She watches law and order and takes notes, yeah that totally happened to me too!!

No. 839067


Afaik, aspergers was removed from the DSM and now it’s just autism spectrum disorder (asd). So someone previously diagnosed with aspergers would now just be considered someone on the “higher functioning” end of the spectrum.

No. 839070


I think the UK and Ireland still use the term Aspergers and the US got rid of it. I imagine soon all countries will use ASD

It is way less dramatic to say aspie or even elaborate that it's high functioning, she never does that though cos she wants the most pity and oppression

No. 839075

UK also uses autism in diagnosis now rather than aspergers.

No. 839077

Not everyone likes "aspie" coz it's a bit patronising and infantalising. So lots of people who are genuinely diagnosed do avoid it. Same for the "high functioning". People will throw a paddy and tell you you're insulting everyone who isn't high functioning blah blah blah. So she's just following the online trends again like she does when she jumps on any bandwagon so she can play I USE THE CORRECT WORDS BETTER THAN YOU games.

No. 839082


ah ok, must just be Ireland

Wonder if she'll ever get around to being assessed


I've heard the term aspergers is problematic now cos of the man it's named after

No. 839090

>>839082 i had no idea asperger’s was named after someone. did a quick google search, apparently the man himself used to send disabled children to be euthanised, yikes. i thought people didn’t like the term because ‘sperg’ is used against them but i guess it must be both of these reasons

No. 839091


Yeah he had nazi links so you just know Pheebs is aware of that and policing any autistic people that use the word

No. 839106

File: 1563309939950.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1079x2069, 1553910716346.jpeg)

I know that picture is old, but I want to bring it back for any new people. Phoebe assaulted someone. She didn't believe the victim. She blames it on drugs

"… as drugs can do awful things to people, …"

When people call her out for it, she screams "character assassination".

How can anyone support her?

No. 839113

Interesting that this is missing from her (now buried) 'accountability' highlight.

No. 839117


Quote "I made it all about me which is really fucked up"

This sentence sums up her entire life, it's how she acts in all situations, in all her interactions online and in her views. It's like she stopped emotionally developing at age 5

No. 839126


When was this posted? She said this guy "fetishized" her body and she didn't think he would feel him beating her (assuming she couldn't feel it through her fat) but wasn't her weight gain very recent and very quick?

I mean if this was her in the red outfit in 2017 what is there to fetishize about her body?
I haven't been following Pheebz for that long but hasn't she been holed up in her flat for a while now? There's literally no way someone could rape her unless they break in or they do it in the open in public.

No. 839137

File: 1563313828189.png (9.55 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2038.PNG)

this is probably the first full length photo of her standing she or anyone has seen in about a year. it must be so proud of them gainzzz

No. 839146

File: 1563314160062.jpeg (254.72 KB, 1080x1921, 200A649D-8DF8-43DD-9AC8-A669DD…)

No. 839147

File: 1563314202410.jpeg (234.2 KB, 1080x1921, E2553419-9A95-42F2-9B8F-8E76FF…)

why are you like this phoebe

No. 839151

what does this even MEAN

No. 839154

File: 1563314983074.png (3.28 MB, 750x1334, B5EF291E-23E0-49E6-81AF-2327B8…)

i refuse to believe henry’s not retarded if he is willingly devoting his life/money/time/dick to this disgusting blob. disgusting equally inside and out.

No. 839155

I bet she'll have no visible neck by the end of the year.

No. 839156

Aspberger's is no longer in the DSM; it is under the 'high-functioning autism' diagnosis. But according to the original pheobepost, Henry isn't necessarily high-functioning.
Feebs probably doesn't want anyone to know that Henry's autistic because:

1. that would make her treatment/enslavement of him all the shittier
2. it would take attention from herself
3. deep down she probably doesn't want to date someone with a noticeable cognitive disability
Is there any proof that Henry cheated?
Fuck, at the rate she's blowing up she's going to start sucking things into her orbit soon. No way she'll live past 40 if she keeps it up.

No. 839157

why is she so against other people being proud of their bodies? she's literally shaming "small fats" for not being massive like her. such a hypocrite.

No. 839158


"why support ME when you can support someone prettier, smaller and better than me in every way!11!!!!1!"

this seriously boils my blood. way to take BP movement and use it to segregate all over again, it's the whole reason there IS a movement in the first place.

even now with the "thicc" popularity, it means a very specific body type: big booty and ass, big boobs, and slim waist. the hint of a belly or arms or double chin is a no no. How can she be so vitriolic and hateful towards people that she has to lower them and make them beneath her

not very feminist or inclusive, feebz

No. 839159

anon you forget. Henry isn't even getting any poon bc this whale claims that she has "too tight" of a vag

No. 839161


If you literally search #fatactivism on Instagram the first pics that pop up are super dat people so Geebz is full of bullshit. She makes up all this shit about things being taken over and hijacked and she's actually talking out of her arse.
Proof Pheebz? Provide it.

No. 839166

she looks like Peter Griffin

No. 839167

It’s so like Peebee to hide her fucks ups. When she created her “Accountability” highlight, she said it’s staying up so people will stop addressing all her controversies (of which she still neglected to address her rape jokes and Hitler ones). She also said that about her Twitter. She said she’s not deleting any old tweets because she has nothing to hide, but she deleted her entire twitter and never came back to it. I’m not encouraging cowtipping, but I’m wondering if one of her followers (who isn’t a farmer) has commented on her rape victim posts to call her out for the sexual assault she committed? I feel like someone has, but Phoebe just deletes hate.

This has to be incorporated into the next thread pic somehow.

No. 839168


At this rate henry will be at her funeral before there's ever a wedding

No. 839169

File: 1563316541455.png (201.36 KB, 817x1857, screencapture-fatvegfemme-word…)

unsure if this was posted before, but this was on her blog about her eating disorder

posting other posts via links to spare a flood of large screencaps

her buying fenty foundation (what a splurge!) https://fatvegfemme.wordpress.com/2017/09/11/fenty-beauty-foundation-review-%e2%99%a1-pale-skin-shade-100/

What she eats in a day (of many), goes over 2k calories and huge portions:

Another what I eat a day:

She sounded much more normal then, oof. Feel free to browse feebz' eating habits

No. 839170


Is she giving herself more chins on purpose? She didn't look like this a few weeks ago, holy fuck

No. 839174


300 percent fibre intake listed on both of those days. IBS nightmare fuel

No. 839182

"my hip bones, ribs and collarbones stuck out" lmao as if phoebs

No. 839183

File: 1563318505957.png (260.87 KB, 1022x722, Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 7.08…)

remember when phoebe claimed she never said she was autistic? hmmm

No. 839185

she does it to look as ugly as possible, seems to be her MO

jfc what even

No. 839187

File: 1563318981394.jpg (23.54 KB, 1783x61, hnri.JPG)

this comment from the personal lolcow thread is interesting considering the recent discussion about henry cheating

No. 839194


A couple of girls spoke to him right at the beginning before we got confirmation that she'd found the thread, there was at least one screenshot of a convo I remember seeing

No. 839203

Oh yeah that bastion of civil rights, fatphobia

No. 839205


This pic is offensive to starving people

No. 839206


Is this a defence mechanism, I'm going to make myself look ugly before you can even accuse me of being ugly, kinda thing?

No. 839223


Any more milk on this? Ive never seen/ heard about anon talking to Henry. I remember Phoebe finding this thread pretty quick.

No. 839224

maybe it's because morbidly obese people are offensive to many people's eyeballs. no one wants to see that shit. A thin or in shape person will always be more appealing. Even chubby women are cute. Obesity is disgusting

No. 839230

Eh I found landwhale porn on one of my ex's computer, people are into it but most of the "models" he saved were 300lb women with attractive faces and somewhat of a curvy shape, Feebz is neither

No. 839231

Ummm excuse me feebs but taking pictures from a low angle with your head in that pose to mimic a double chin is fatphobic to infinifats. You're mocking the beautiful 600+ lb goddesses who pave the way for skinny little bitches like yourself to sit behind a computer and whine all day about thin privilege. Excuse Me? You can fit into dungarees? They carry your size on asos?

You're as bad as those skinny women on Instagram hunched over pushing their bellies together to make rolls and calling it body positivity.

This is digital fatface.

Fanx for coming to my BED talk.

No. 839232


New thread pic idea?

No. 839235


4 bananas in one smoothie kek

No. 839238

File: 1563326272658.png (7.93 MB, 1242x2208, 1551903775576.png)


also this post from her first thread >>>/snow/783925

included pic here. says she's autistic

also if you scroll down a bit further from that post there are some pastel galaxy screenshots from her story where she mentions, again, that she's autistic

she also made an instagram post with the synthwave text generator thing which is all about being autistic

TL;DR her first thread is FILLED with her own content saying she's autistic. I cannot even fathom how she thinks she can get away with saying she never claimed such a thing

No. 839240

Meanwhile she's living it up in her sweatshop fat pussy undies without a thought for the Bangladeshi woman who was paid cents to make them because muh expensive vegie burgers.

No. 839243

also I just want to point out that her recent hatred for "smallfats" also includes her initial inspiration, bodiposipanda! who is overweight but not to the scale that phoebe is, and yet as far as I remember she hasn't attacked her yet and openly listed her as inspo

I wish someone would send her screenshots of phoebe's reactions to smallfats/etc. I doubt she'd be okay with it, you don't marginalize people in an already marginalized group, ffs

No. 839246

she's right though
you can boycott for a single day if not cancel your membership

No. 839253

this reads like satire, what a delusional person.

No. 839255

File: 1563329197946.png (2.59 MB, 1080x1811, Screenshot_20190415-132010.png)

Not very milky, just a size comparison. She basically doubled in size, it's only been 1.5 years. She will eat herself to death.

No. 839266


Her weight gain from "chubby" to "hamplanet" has been in the last 2-3 years.

No. 839270



That's 98lbs.

No. 839276

So an anon said they got together at the end of 2017, but they were mistaken. It was the beginning of 2017, and phoebe was still eating large portions but most of her feed was of healthy food and still tagged accordingly. They moved in together in September 2017, 9 months of being together. An interesting thing though, she calls this fiat HER car. It looks pretty new. This might just be Henry’s (I think phoebe said they had two cars but one was broken down or something? Idk) but still, weird.

No. 839277


KEK the day after this she was raging that people had donated money to rebuild Notre Dame and not Grenfell Tower (yeah let's send the people who lost family members in that tragedy to go live in the same building again)

No. 839278

File: 1563332592282.jpeg (1.01 MB, 750x4559, 511AAE4A-6D33-40CB-AB5C-55FB7A…)

Might help if I remember to post the cap

No. 839279


She can't drive though? I'm sure she said she didn't have her license.

Henry has at least one other vintage car he's working on restoring.

No. 839288

good god the person he moved in with vs the person he lives with now. in such a short period of time. in his first relationship. no wonder he's stuck, this is some straight up Ursula shit.

No. 839290

That is an enormous weight gain in under two years! It looks like she’s put on 100 pounds at least.

No. 839315

File: 1563339757914.jpeg (157.39 KB, 750x953, 06AB6229-F0D1-48A8-8A7D-B87717…)

not that I know the UK at all but doesn’t this look nicer than what she claims her flat is like? She makes it sound like it’s fucking ghetto with this cap >>839238
I guess the outside isn’t an indication of the inside but still?

No. 839316


Southend is a pretty rundown/impoverished area. Lots of Essex coastal resorts are, hence how they can afford a beachfront flat.

No. 839317

But it still ain’t the ghetto she makes it out to be

No. 839322

This is an old photo of when they lived in Hastings. They moved to Southend some time ago.

No. 839327

>>839276 is this feebs? she usually starts a sentence with ‘so’. nitpick but that shit is annoying

No. 839328

File: 1563346961360.jpeg (374.53 KB, 745x1101, F75CA9A6-088A-40C3-B851-9E8319…)

She definitely doesn’t have her license. I’m not sure what her angle was with tagging it fiatowner was either

In this pic she’s a size 22, from a little over a year ago. Does anyone know what size she’s claiming now?

Going back through her ig was depressing thinking about how Henry started dating a relatively normal girl that he could go out and do things with, and now she’s gained 100 pounds, posts “queer” above their bed in shitty cut out letters, spends her time drawing her “colorful fatties” and then when he gets off work he gets to push her around in a wheelchair to queer events. Fuck.

No. 839339

Funny how it's always women who are at fault. Has Pheebs ever gone after men?>>831404

No. 839343


I also thought she didn't have her licence but I also remember a couple of years ago I was told Henry bought her a brand new car and she forced him to return it because it had leather seats and he lost a considerable amount of money, why buy someone that can't drive a car?

No. 839345

File: 1563352959524.jpg (36.29 KB, 355x138, 26.jpg)

No. 839347

Lol rarely. We all know feebz only attacks slim white women because she's jealous of them, uses disabled to justify her fatness, and trans to mask the fact that her weight gain has eaten up her femininity. She even went on a tear and blocked a ton of her followers who were skinner than her not too long ago kek

No. 839351

This is legit depressing… they seemed like a normal happy young couple and then she just threw it all away to be fat and whiny. I will never understand

No. 839352

File: 1563355361269.png (217 KB, 750x1334, FB3FFF44-864B-4F85-9F0A-1776F3…)

The claim that she gained this much weight while actively trying to diet and through ED recovery is so bullshit and frankly triggering for real ED suffersers. “Muh body is SPECIAL muh METABOLISM”. Her typical “diet” days are logged at 2,500 calories - and that’s the stuff she’s willing to show. She has a “certificate in nutrition “ yet doesn’t understand the basics of calories in calories out. One of her logged days had her carbs as 3x the daily recommendation. She’s been lying to herself for years.

No. 839361


She only gives out about men in vague ways, with women it's more personal..

No. 839369

where's the proof henry is cheating?

is everyone just going to believe this random anon with no proof because it's moderately amusing? dont be retarded.

No. 839373


She's fooling herself if she's trying to make out like no part of her wishes she had a defined neck

She's at the weight where you stop breathing in your sleep from all the pressure on your chest, obstructive sleep apnea

No. 839374

File: 1563363158505.png (3.52 MB, 750x1334, B41BAF75-0B16-4D35-B33F-68E66A…)

this is the closest our feebs is ever gonna get to being old, she’ll be dead by 35 judging by those cronometer stats

No. 839375


usually I am all for proof when an anon claims something in threads but in this case, ngl I enjoy the idea of stirring up shit whether it's true or not, you know?

No. 839376


Wasn't this all discussed two days ago?

No. 839379


Yeah we didn't get proof of this >>839187 and there was another right at the beginning of her threads, a few anons have claimed to know them both irl or to have spoken with him but I dunno. I don't like to think of him being outed and coming home to knife wielding Pheebs..again

No. 839380


if he IS cheating then no matter who the other person is, that's not cool. He should get out of the relationship instead of cheating and she shouldn't rely on Henry as a carer and take him for granted

if he's NOT cheating then she's letting some random internet comments affect her that badly and she needs therapy and should know better, after all she lives with him, imagine letting lolcow get to you because of hearsay

so tbh I don't rly feel strongly enough about it either way

No. 839381

File: 1563366085666.jpeg (123.73 KB, 640x1138, D5C1BE6C-DF5C-4CAA-B725-465EBE…)


No. 839382


She's the kind of woman that guys fear and dread breaking up with, we don't even know how bad it gets in private

I'm just waiting for the entertainment when they reach breaking point

No. 839383

Her Insta used to be full of pics of her and henry smiling together, now it's all her, and her outlook on everything is so depressing, prob a reflection of what's going on behind the scenes

No. 839387


LOL @ the fact that she wants size 18 women out of the bopo movement when she was size 18 at >>839255

It's like she always sets the bar of oppression for what happens to her.

Cis white women, small fat? you can't be oppressed, even if you're gay, or skint.

But suddenly if you're an infinifat genderqueer immobile blob who weights no less than Feebz, you've entered the marginalised club, and you are exempt from call-outs.

No. 839389


In her mind she's the centre of the universe and everybody owes her something, I can't tell if she's developmentally challenged or just a big narc

No. 839391

it's trippy to think she used to eat a normal amount of calories for her height, and really sad to se old pics of her and Henry. Poor fucker being trapped like that.

No. 839392

BodyposiPanda (megan???) actually organised events, can wipe her own ass, and had a legit ED. We get it feebz, you hate women more successful and attractive than you
smallfat privilege uwu

No. 839400

File: 1563372844706.png (712.01 KB, 624x696, Easy on the trusts Taft.png)

It's crazy that she thinks that being a somewhat healthy weight, eating her proper caloric intake, and exercising regularly was her starving herself with an eating disorder.

Just for fun 3500 Cal/lb * 100lbs = 350 000 excess calories she's been chomping down

350 000/ (365*3) = 320 excess calories a day. So even if she stopped using her fucking wheelchair throughout the day she'd probably level out…

No. 839410


But she doesn't actually leave the flat on her own. Whether that's codependence or being "too disabled" who knows.

No. 839414

plus iirc the reason she started drawing her "colorful fatties" was because she was drawing fat (headless) black/brown bodies, posting them online and profiting off of them, which others found distasteful and told her to stop. so now they must be inhuman colors

No. 839416

>>839392 i wonder if she actually hates megan? because she went to her event (the one where she had like 49 panic attacks because the disabled toilet wasn’t accessible), and they’re mutuals if not friends on insta.

No. 839420


Well Megan is thinner than her (therefore the devil) as well as a successful woman (the devil also).

No. 839423


She's really fucking herself over by creating this disability story and becoming a stupid-codependant at such a young age. How often does she think that engagements at 20 actually end in a life long relationship??

She has no independence to walk (or roll) away when this gets too toxic

No. 839442

I remember she was annoyed that bodyposipanda was featured in a little mix video and ranted about then using small fats and attractive women.

No. 839443

File: 1563377174065.jpg (296.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190717-114022_Ins…)

I thought she didn't agree with giving babies a gender???

No. 839445

File: 1563377493850.png (464.8 KB, 1080x1248, Screenshot_20190717-162501.png)

I had a look through her IG to see if the nude images of black fat people were still up and guys… I'm 99% sure that she just traced a nude of herself and painted it black here

No. 839448

she draws hair like we did when we were 7

No. 839449


By her current 'standards' this wouldn't even qualify as fat

No. 839452

spoiler that shit mang

No. 839454

Those boobs are weird.

No. 839455

Those boobs are weird.

No. 839459

File: 1563380639015.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 4C4F561A-AAE6-45C6-8520-3F04C7…)

the face is misery

No. 839462

Aw, she's outgrowing that wheelchair. They do grow fat fast! Another year and she can be on my 600 lb life.

No. 839463

Can’t be her. Tits aren’t wonky enough

No. 839469

>>839459 oh my fuck, you know when a baby pram steers down if you put heavy bags on the handle? that’s gonna happen to her eventually and she’s on her back kek

henry’s gonna need help propping her back up lol i feel mean for saying it

No. 839476

File: 1563382790756.png (346.6 KB, 535x561, henry.png)

[in the arms of an angel starts playing]

No. 839480

I feel so bad for her policeman father. Imagine giving all that time, effort, money, and love to a child and they come out like this.

No. 839481

Has there been any mention of her family lately or has she mostly cut contact with them? It seems neither Henry's family or her own particularly care for her.

No. 839484


I feel like Henry is her replacement dad rather than her bf, I mean there's no sex and he's just a provider of wages who doesn't seem to be home much

I keep thinking about how her parents are quite likely to outlive her

No. 839487

tbf it could depend on her skeletton build. When I was fat (not as much as Feebz now, but seriously overweight), my collarbones still stuck out. If anything, it's not even a good indicator of her ""ED""

No. 839490

This is genuinely heart breaking. He looks sad and defeated. He needs to leave now. She would magically be cured of her disabilities in no time, cannot see her parents babying her like Henry.

No. 839493

She’s so pathetic, she made the new wheelchair photo her Facebook photo, yet would rather show off her wheelchair wheels Cus she’s sooo disabled, rather than her miserable boyfriend’s face

No. 839496


I bet she resents the fact that nobody in real life like family would buy her the 2 grand chair, that she had to rely on internet strangers to get it. Says alot about how much her relatives believe her 'needs'

No. 839506

Her dad would. Remember when he wrote that letter about what a cunt she is to try and get her benefits back? And then bought her cake when it didn't work.

No. 839509

File: 1563387474959.jpg (978.22 KB, 2048x1700, pixlr_20190717211637841.jpg)

Taking a deep dive into IG is just depressing. Hard to believe this is the same person.

No. 839515

She's naturally quite pretty. What a shame.

No. 839516


she completely gave up on herself

No. 839519

Agreed anon. I was just going back to find out when they first started dating and then saw how much happier and healthier she looked. Going out to car shows, mini golf, putting on makeup for date night. Now her life consists of eating herself to an infinitifat and getting angry on the internet.

The most severe of the weight gain occurred when they got engaged. Probably thought she didn’t have to try anymore, but started gaining a colossal amount. Looked to body positivity, found fat acceptance instead to fuel her binge eating disorder. Found out about medical fat oppression, now she will never listen to anyone telling her she needs to lose weight. Everything has to enable her, if it doesn’t then it “oppresses” her. The perfect excuse to not take care of herself.

It’s honestly depressing to see how far she’s fallen.

No. 839521


I feel like she came away from body positivity with the entirely wrong lesson. I think there's value in the BP movement, to value your body not by its size and how marketable it is to society, but because it's your body, and your only body. I feel like it should apply to all sizes and shapes to remind oneself to not be tied down to arbitrary standards, marketing and social pressure.

And I think in the beginning Phoebe probably felt that, too. I think her eating habits at first were quite fine, 1800 calories isn't terrible. And her portions were likely very normal, compared to now. But she found Henry who appreciated her body even with the small amount of chub, and she discovered body positivity, and she spiraled into the complete opposite side of the spectrum: she just stopped caring.

I mean look, I love food. I like prepping it, I like experimenting, and enjoy eating it. But I can't just drop my self control and eat however much I want, because I know the consequences aren't worth it. I try my best to put a limit. Phoebe saw the BP movement and Henry's liking of her body and thought "well fuck everything else then, I'll just stop imposing myself"

It's a testament that even "healthy" foods can balloon a person. She exceeded every single nutrient in the screenshots and went above the calorie limit she herself set. And yet it's all, healthy? And vegan, too. Nobody thinks vegan food is particularly fattening because we all imagine raw veggies and salads.

And when she noticed her weight was increasing rapidly instead of saying whoah, gotta keep that in check, she used the BP movement to justify her body and stick her head in the sand. She used a social movement with value to justify her own greed and indifference towards her body. And used her bitterness and vitriol towards other women who either lost weight or managed to remain at a lower fat level (smallfats).

It's sad. Phoebe is the poster child of everything wrong with these movements.

No. 839530

Everything about this cow pisses me off. She’s the epitome of contradicting herself.
No one but her can have a problematic past, even if she called for genocide. Anything she’s ever said that was bad was just her internalized misogyny!
When actual women of color speak up or say something Phoebe doesn’t approve of (Jameela) then no one can come for her because she’s Jewish! Even if she didn’t understand Zionism as it relates to Judaism and she had to be spoon fed. Pretty sure she would’ve gone “full Jewish” were it not for some dms she received calling her out.
She asks to be spoon fed about Israeli statehood, but no one better ask her innocuous questions without paying her! But she can be babied and educated for free because of her autism.
Someone else tells her they’re also autistic? Well that’s too bad because Phoebe is moar autistic.
The body positivity movement was pioneered by fat people or whatever. But no, only infinifats and secondary bellies count now.
She sexually assaulted someone, and now we’ll never hear about how wrong doing because of her multiple rapes.
Women are disproportionately victims of sexual assault compared to men, but she hates women so much that she’ll only focus on male victims in her Instagram stories.
She’ll go off on Henry for buying her a car with leather seats and ask him to return it, go after anyone else who is unethical, but it’s okay if she buys from companies who mass produce shit because she’s poor. She’s the only “poor” person ever, so she gets a pass. Despite spending upwards $100 on just nail supplies alone.
Sage for angry sperg.

No. 839532

I've noticed this. she used to tag everything she did as bopo or bodyposi or whatever even when she was MUCH smaller than she is now. I wonder how she would have reacted back then to someone bigger saying she had no place in the movement.

No. 839536

1) as if fat activism isn't currently co-opting poc and lgbt activism
2) as if she isn't co-opting all form of activism by pretending to be non binary, jewish, autistic, lgbt, disabled, etc.

No. 839539

Sage for no contribution, but fuck by all means be body positive. But she basically ate herself ‘disabled’. Henry’s family must be so sad for him. Bodyposipanda follows her, a small fat!!! Of colour!!! When is pubey gonna come for her? Megan has written a book, organised events and gets out and about and has fun. Pheebs just sits on her crusty arse letting everyone know her anus bleeds (from excreting all that food) and traces saggy bodies and copies other creators and has the audacity to call herself an artist. Sorry for rant, she had really hit a nerve. The fact that she has the all the followers that she does indicates they must not look at her milky insta stories, because body positive circles would be grossed out by her hatred of any body that doesn’t look like her busted up meat.

No. 839542

File: 1563396197736.jpg (640.2 KB, 2048x2048, A0FFC414-0A7C-4B6D-ACDA-A8EB26…)

January 2018 vs now

No. 839543

File: 1563396264835.jpg (53.2 KB, 460x651, 23a9b2bc4fd95676d9249809f7d800…)

she's getting what she deserves, she's a terrible person through and through.

No. 839545


it's a good thing everything is documented in these threads cause I swear someone should compile all these vitriolic hateful posts of hers about other bodypositive people and expose this bitch.

How can you claim to be a bodyposy person when you are routinely hateful towards people in that group? she goes against everything the movement is for and she should not be tolerated.

No. 839546

No cowtipping, others have already tried. I do think some of her followers are realizing how terrible she is though. Some of them have found this thread and have said that they no longer support her. Also other people have tried exposing her when she was talked about in fitness threads separate from this thread. It’s a good thing that just by typing her name on Google, this thread is the second page that pops up. A lot of her followers already hate follow her. I’m just glad that her past tweets that she didn’t apologize for are archived here. Especially since she deleted the sexual assault “apology” from her instagram.

No. 839547


she never really fit this one in the first place, they bought it from a charity shop

No. 839548


it's fair, I wouldn't have done it myself, but I can't imagine a person finding these threads and reading through like 4 or 5 threads worth to see incriminating content. Whereas that exposing instagram account had the right idea (I believe had one?? I'm sure there was an account made to expose her and she tried to deny everything like a coward)

No. 839550


If you have a wide enough skeleton they will. I'm a "small fat" (aka not actually fat enough for these fatties) but can still feel all my ribs.
Phoebe has a very skewed sense of what healthy is - feeling ribs or hipbones doesn't mean you're too thin.

No. 839551

Phoebe, you have one shot at life. Please sort it out.

No. 839552

Her obsession with weight and the sizes of other overweight people isn't any different from the pro anas. She's being positive about being morbidly obese and if anyone says lose some weight or you're going to die, you're "shaming" them.

If she's a binge eater then fine, I'd give some sympathy if she wasn't a bitch, but how is it okay to normalise eating yourself into a wheelchair?

If her body fat was made into a candle I wonder how long it'd burn…

No. 839554


Her mum would have none of Phoebe's nonsense, but I guess she'd spend all her time reeeeing about how "abusive" she was telling her she wasn't a real bisexual haha

No. 839557


Most of us find body positivity and feel better about our non-thin bodies, maybe stop stressing if we go up a dress size. Phoebe took it as carte blanche to be a utter pig.

No. 839564

why is her face so flushed 24/7? I would say sunburn but even her chins are red where they would be in shadow?

No. 839567

High blood pressure? Chins lol.

No. 839568

She'll be constantly sweating and overheating. Any physical activity will make her drip sweat. Even moving around her flat she will be roasting. She must be absolutely revolting.

No. 839579


and to add to that horror, she says she can't wash very often.

No. 839589

File: 1563401540496.jpeg (48.44 KB, 1024x576, 4DF4BB9D-6FE3-4A71-8591-072ECC…)


No. 839592

File: 1563402017078.jpeg (921.27 KB, 1242x1965, 353CB7EA-8A61-48D2-8D1F-9554B5…)

She put a content warning on this. So when she inevitably has to move back in with her cop dad after Henry dumps her, will she need a trigger warning before every interaction with him?

No. 839600


I guarantee if there weren't police (in uniform, on the job) at Pride she'd be wailing that the trans and other marginalised groups there were at risk because the police weren't looking after them. No one can win, she just whines whatever.

No. 839605

does england have a bad police brutality problem?

No. 839608

against black youths yes, not as many kills as america - but they are institutionally racist. so fat white gal pubes has nothing to worry about.

No. 839609

For someone that's always banging on about privilege…as a white, able bodied, daughter of a cop you were able to get morbidly obese, not work, pretend to be disabled because you're too fat to walk, have a man slave be your carer and obviously get hand outs from your dad's police wages. Not many actually marginalized folks get that privilege pheebs.

No. 839613

it's like she's gone out of her way to NOT acknowledge her privilege as a white, cis-passing, straight-passing pansexual. even the most oppressed activists bring this up now and then but not the pheebs. she believes that she has no privilege whatsoever because it's all in her head.

No. 839614


That's why she had to get so fat as to be disabled, so she could play at being marginalised.

See also: self diagnosing autism, pretending to be Jewish, claiming to be non binary.

No. 839653

File: 1563413131585.png (9.9 MB, 1242x2208, A14C713B-E87E-41A5-A9D8-BE2A7B…)

A cis woman playing a trans woman? cmon phoebe you’re not even trying

not that all gay women watch lesbian shows, but..growing up gay the L word was like all the representation we had. of course phoebe wouldn’t know this, cause you know, she’s not gay

No. 839663

SHANE! My favorite predatory lesbian. She could turn any woman.

Except phoebe cause she'd be too triggered by her waif body.

No. 839664

Maybe she’s always been ugly on the inside, and this is just karma.

No. 839666

And she's never licked a cunt in her life

No. 839715

I remember that episode. Didn't the transwoman shane was playing catfish and trick a dude and then she shot him or something in a bathroom at a party? such a victim.

No. 839772

As an actual lgbt person I'm so fucking angry that she co opts a group of people who have actually had a tough life just being who they are. Just wanting to live a normal life without threat of violence or prejudice and not hiding behind a label to define themselves.
Fuck. I just wanna go to work and take my dog to the beach. I don't need no stinking badges to tell every fucker who I like to fuck.(no1curr about ur lgbtqipzqwerty++ lyf.)

No. 839802


She's so obsessed with this show and all the rape in it, posts about it often enough

No. 839805

like all rape victims, she's obsessed with watching shows that cover sexual abuse but requires trigger warnings for police

No. 839807

More like tumblrinas obsessed with rape for uwu oppression pointz. People actually traumatized by rape don’t feel like watching shit about the topic and talking about it 24/7.

No. 839809

File: 1563452356342.jpeg (9.21 KB, 292x173, download (2).jpeg)

Little Britain vibes

No. 839813

Frightening how 18 months can change a person… And with her 'body positivity' mentality she'll only get fatter cuz you know, diet is fatphobic… I'm glad I don't live in the UK, I would be mad paying taxes for people like this.

No. 839832

File: 1563460254253.png (826.25 KB, 750x1334, 96583FBD-F417-4FAE-889B-B510CF…)

feebz mental illness is honestly off the charts and it’s insanely alarming. this is not art this is not beautiful this image is of a person who is near death and clearly disabled (or will be soon) by their weight. why the fuck is she glamorizing this? how is this ANY different from those who glamorize anorexia ? it’s the same shit, just opposite ends of the spectrum. as much as i genuinely hate phoebe because of her wretched cunt personality, i also can’t help but feel sorry for her t some degree because she needs mental help NOW. like IMMEDIATELY! it may take 10,15,20 years,but she’ll die if she doesn’t. over eating and under eating are both equally awful and both kill just as easily, overeating is just a slower death because it can take some time. being chubby, shit, even being fat isn’t all that bad. some ppl really can be overweight but still maintain general health but my god, how can anyone be okay with someone being this size? like jesus fucking christ it is LITERALLY the same thing as posting pictures of 80 pound women with every bone sticking out it is absolutely no different but NO ONE SEES IT because it’s gone the opposite way. this is still an image of a person who is DYING, and feebz thinks it’s “beautiful” just because she knows she’ll be looking like that before age 25. feebz, get mental help, you’re literally so so so sick in the head and you need extensive therapy.

No. 839838

File: 1563461289331.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.96 KB, 513x395, Plus-Size-Nude-Nimoy.jpg)


anon, first of all, sage your rants pls. Second, your mentality is part of the problem society has in the first place. It's not glamorizing or glorifying obesity to take an aesthetically pleasing photo of a big person. So like what, if you're bigger you just should be banned from appearing in a camera lens? Let's all just fucking wear burqas on our bodies to be done with it. Perish the thought that someone could take a picture of a bigger person without the angle of shame and without making it look horrible! won't someone think of the children!

>>how is this ANY different from those who glamorize anorexia

Because skinny people have been shoved in our faces for fucking ever. Runways, magazines, advertisements, billboards, television, music, makeup, fashion, lifestyle, every fucking place you turn your head you see skinny people. So yeah you know what, what this one model does with her body is not my business or concern. I appreciate this photo a lot more than if it was some generically waif pretty girl, and I guarantee not a lot of people had the guts to photograph obese women. You know who did? Leonard Nimoy. Yep, Spock himself was into photography and had a project where he'd photograph bigger women using the same aesthetic quality and standards we had for skinny women. Pic included is his.

Y'all lose their goddamn minds when a bigger person gets an ounce of attention but had to be told by activists to care that skinny people and anorexia is an issue. Nobody really batted an eye before body positivity movements became mainstream and highlighted the problems of eating disorders among the celeb world and photoshopping.

Phoebe is a cunt because she refuses to take accountability for how her body ended up like this and has become bitter at everyone who is better than her. She will still be a cunt regardless of what size she is. We're not making threads all the time just to discuss how big she is; we're discussing about how much of an assnozzle she is being while being obese. Please stop derailing from pointing out why Phoebe sucks by targeting obese people as a whole when the issue is much more complex and is rooted in education, food, classism, economy, politics, etc. Not one random person's fat body(>>>/tumblr/)

No. 839841

butthurt fatties fuck off back to tumblr please

No. 839843

nta but you should probably spoiler your noods if you're talking board etiquette.

No. 839845

Aesthetically pleasing? Go home, anon. You're drunk.

No. 839846


You tell someone to sage their 'rant' then you go off on an even longer pro-fat rant with gross pic attached. Butthurt fatty for sure!

No. 839847

nothing aestheticly pleasing about those pics anon

No. 839848


that's fair I forgot to do that, my bad

I still don't think reeing about other people living their life is very constructive to Phoebe. This isn't the "shit on obese people" thread, this is Phoebe's thread. She's filled up enough threads by being a cunt by herself.

Of course I "must" be fat to care about other people! One cannot possibly have a mature conversation about a topic without resorting to these following comments. One couldn't actually have a nuanced opinion about something, it has to be "hate fat people" or "pro obesity let's eat till we die". There is no in between?

No. 839849

Ok fatty

No. 839850

>She will still be a cunt regardless of what size she is.
You don't think that her eating enormous amounts of pricey, processed vegan food contradicts her anti-capitalist stance? That she's using her obesity as a shield against criticism constantly? That she purposefully gets fatter and fatter so she can use her weight for political purposes? Being obese IS part of how Phoebe is a terrible person. Us discussing her weight isn't gratuitous.

No. 839851

Talk about derailing. Fat anon spotted. You expect people on a gossip board named lolCOW not to shit on fatties? Is it crack that you're smoking?

No. 839852


Yep, they're only interesting to look at in the same way that it's often hard to look away from a disfigurement


You're way too emotional, go join the Infini-Fat group on facebook or something

No. 839854


Fat-anon is sharing some personality traits with Phoebe here, somehow this is her thread now, no fat-bashing allowed lol

No. 839855


I think her obesity is a symptom of her character, which gave up trying a long time ago. Her personality was bad before with all the edgelord bullshit she did, now she's done a 180 and trying to appear woke. Eating large amounts of vegan food while blaming capitalism. She spends money on random shit and complains about being poor. She also stopped caring for her body and used her size as a shield. She has a cop dad and hates the cops, and also talked badly about Henry's middle class family as though she wasn't middle class herself.

You're right in those things, yeah. I just don't think obesity itself is the theme of this issue, it's how Phoebe has taken all those things and spun them around to benefit her, whenever it suits her. That feature alone has carried her through several threads here because she repeatedly ignores accountability and responsibility for the shit she says in favor of acting like a victim.

You can all post snarky comments as much as you like, you're just taking up comment quotas by not even contributing constructively to the conversation. At least I did, even if you disagree. None of these comments you've all posted has had any value to the topic, even if I get banned or reported (which I likely will), at least I had an opinion, jeez. Saying "hate phoebe, not random fat people" is considered crack? delusional? pro fatty? that I'm a fatty too? lol ok(Autism)

No. 839857


Scariest part is I thought Pheebs was a once off in being this deluded, then the infinifats were mentioned on here and what a rabbit-hole that is

No. 839858


TIL Spock was a chubby chaser

No. 839859


Well she applied for disability benefits and so far she's been denied

No doubt she'll keep piling on the weight and reapplying til she gets it

No. 839861


That bit was random AF lol, And they think their posts are somehow the only 'constructive' posts on here today

No. 839871

File: 1563465576012.jpg (86.08 KB, 865x577, Leonard-Nimoy-Shekhina.jpg)

Not really. I googled his photography after anon mentioned it. Apart from his token obeast series, the other women he took photos of were slim and beautiful. Collarbones galore!

Feebz shouldn't fight oppression. Her etsy empire and ig ~popularity~ rests on her being a victim. If everyone embraced land whales and invented pronouns, she'd have nothing to make tacky badges of.

No. 839876

File: 1563466578812.jpeg (746.15 KB, 1242x1606, E4EDB1D7-4598-4E7C-A581-165A1C…)

Saw this on twitter. You’re correct about how her business is fueled by being “oppressed,” people actively seek her out to make shit like this. If she were to lose weight, then she wouldn’t have an ~empire~

No. 839882


I swear I've seen so many other they/thems called phoebe talking about or to pheebs, taking notes not to call any future daughters that lol

No. 839888

Whaat? She doesn't even stock the size of the oppressed people she's an advocate for? Tsk tsk.

No. 839893

File: 1563469622278.jpg (251.63 KB, 1728x1080, PicsArt_07-18-06.05.07.jpg)

No. 839897

original anon here. i’m not shitting on fat ppl or the lady in the pic i’m shitting on phoebe glamorizing the shit to further excuse her own future excuses bc she’s gunna end up being that big. that’s literally why she posted the pic. and i stand by my statement whole heartedly that posting a picture of a 600lb woman or a 80 pound woman are both equally sad/harmful/damaging whatever. same shit, different extremes. i’m talking about phoebes mental illness not the fat lady in the pic specifically. it’s an example, anon, u big ol fatty u.

No. 839899

File: 1563470896783.png (1.85 MB, 1242x2208, B695271F-705B-4A22-98E7-D71C83…)

Can’t wait for the “wow this FLOPPED fanks everyone!!” stories

No. 839900

File: 1563470936000.png (2.18 MB, 1242x2208, 1BB99870-72FF-4790-8030-B364E9…)

No. 839903

File: 1563472328141.png (1.24 MB, 1196x1194, Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-05 um 1…)

No. 839923

>I'm the healthiest I've ever been
> I feel like hell everyday and can't walk anymore.

She does know she can't claim both right?

No. 839937

Seriously, anon, all you did was talk about Pheebs promoting the gross societal reaction of extreme skinny by exhibiting extreme fat. Because of that an autistic fatty goes on a rampage because they were subjected to Kate Moss models. Then uwu's why can't we have models whose organs are being crushed by their own mass. Pheebs is hideous inside and out. She doesn't practice basic hygiene and we know it's not because of disabilities. As far as being ugly on the outside? She's a hambeast and is as scary as a skelly. There are many skellies and hambeasts that are good people and need help, Phoebe is not one of them.

Kek. INternet is forever

No. 839942

Don't you know, that only thin girls can be slutty? When fat people get naked, it's called body positivity.

No. 839965


I'm sure there's non-binary or even aspergers anons that get a little butthurt over comments on here but they rarely derail the thread like fatty-anon did, I mean of all the things to have a big defensive rant about, it was fatness lol


'Pals' Why does she talk like a dad?

No. 839968

File: 1563482033047.jpg (848.93 KB, 807x2782, Screenshot_20190718-213303_Ins…)

No. 839970

"I was always an unusual girl
My mother told me
I had a chameleon soul
No moral compass pointing due north
No fixed personality;
Just an inner indecisiveness
That was as wide and as wavering as the ocean"

I find it so saddening that Phoebe apparently resonated deeply enough with those Lana Del Rey lyrics to get them permanently inked. It speaks volumes.

No. 839972


'You're a terrible person' Well that one is true!

Her bad thoughts come at night cos Henry is trying to sleep and she wants attention

No. 839973

The bad thoughts aren't mental illness. You're giving yourself a reality check. No meds needed, just stop being a cunt.

No. 839977

Tracing in black instead of a darker version of the colour you use to fill the image is not a new art style, Phoebe. It's the same lazy shit as usual.

No. 839978

and oddly enough it shows some incredible self awareness.

No. 839979


Damn, that's pretty revealing


There's mental illness where a person is struggling (often silently or downplaying it) and then there's attention seeking personality disorders. People like her are emotional parasites looking to suck the most sympathy out of you

No. 839982

The eyebrows are literally the size of the eye. The text is too wonky. What’s new. This whole “I didn’t want to change anything about it because it’s during the hour my bad thoughts attacked and it’s comig from a genuine place uwu” sounds like a way to deflect criticism.
Kinda gives me gaslighting vibes toward Henry. It probably isn’t intentional, but Henry is tired as fuck after his shift + overtime. She can just fall asleep at the same time as him to avoid these thoughts? How dare Henry try getting rest! He was made to be her carer, after all.
She’ll be complaining about the post not getting enough likes soon.

No. 839985

Fucking kek

No. 839986

I hate when people talk about mental health awareness and say cuddling your cat is amazing for it, What you're describing is a mildly low mood

No. 839989

>>839986 literally like her tips are cuddling a cat like um no work on your issues??
Either way it's just hilarious that at night she realises how much she's a bad person.
>>839970 holy shit it really is. She just admits to having no personality in a tattoo, Christ. Glad she found a personality in being a fat non binary artest

No. 839995


I feel like these lyrics are describing a particular disorder


Watching funny vids helps too!!

If she feels that tortured by the mildest dip in her mood she'd be shocked if she ever saw psychosis in action. Her posts always make out like mental health is purely about buying yourself nice things to cheer yourself up

No. 840024

This is world's better than colorful fatties content-wise but for fucks sake, Pheobe go to therapy. Coping mechanisms like what she's described only compartmentalize mental illness, it won't make the bad thoughts go away. It's so sad to see even cunts like her dismiss actually good mental health treatment.

No. 840039

Some people say she's secretly disgusted with herself but I disagree. I think she's onion level brazen about how much she loves herself (and only herself)

No. 840075


Read it again, anon. They weren't saying Phoebe's stuff only goes up to an L. Last time I checked her cat shirt was in stock up to 2XL.

No. 840078


Perfect, but Henry needs to be shackled to the wheelchair.

No. 840080


I'm sure there are lots of fat and overweight people posting here too (I'm one of them!), but the reason we don't take this personally is because this thread is about Phoebe. If she was thin and yet so toxic we'd still be posting about her.

No. 840084


Well, it starts with B and ends with PD. My own experiences of it ring true with the whole "struggling when alone" thing. She needs therapy, not to try and make her identity via being a fat jerk on the internet.

Also LOL at the idea that she self-identifies as a girl via her tattoo.

No. 840086


She's gonna have a fucked up sleeping pattern, with nothing to actually wake up for and no intention of settling into a routine.

No. 840231

Saged for mental illness sperging

My jimmies get unbelievably rustled every goddamn time I see one of these stupid uwu ✨self care✨ posts. Watching a funny video wouldn’t have kept me from trying to fucking hang myself. All the ~pet a cat~get a soft blanket~color a coloring book~paint your nails~tee hee bullshit is for a bad mood, not a chemical imbalance or misfiring neurons in your brain. Feebles def has something wrong upstairs but it is not depression. Yet another thing she’s latching onto because it’s “in” lately and she has the perfect excuse for being a lazy ass and no one can call her on it, just like the ED bullshit. Because you think you’re the worst garbage on the planet when you have depression, treatment involves a ton of self care and small indulgences to basically get you to start building your self worth and self valuation up. In Feebland that means that she gets to indulge as much as she wants and no one can call her on it, and she can fish for compliments like this post. With whatever cluster b nonsense she’s got going on you have to actually admit you’re being a piece of shit and work on changing your behavior, which would never happen with our qween here(autism)

No. 840310

It's also describing a completely non productive way to avoid working on your shit life, shit personality and shit health, which is, of course, typical for Phoebe. Why get off your ass when you can cuddle a cat and pretend it's self improvement and all you're obligated to do to feel good about yourself?

No. 840333

>All the therapy and medication in the world wont help! But snuggling ur cat or watching silly vids will teehee
Gee pheeble maybe if you TRIED therapy and TRIED meds…. But then you'd have to put effort towards your own growth in a non-food related way, huh?

No. 840348

File: 1563529584165.png (827.42 KB, 640x1136, 569BB4C1-FD87-461B-A4B9-282106…)

the pierced snout of a non binary femme jew bull

No. 840350

File: 1563529873884.jpeg (67.35 KB, 640x1138, B5AC7D61-3169-4412-BAC5-0D3199…)


i hope no one is cowtipping

No. 840352


The snookums account looks legit, scrote though. If he's tipping I doubt he found her via lolcow

No. 840353

She's so proud of getting engaged at 20 but does she realise that people getting engaged at 20/married at 21 tend to be divorced by 25? She thinks she's sorted for life.. lol

No. 840360

does anyone else think this looks just like a traced picture of her when she was skinnier or am I crazy?

No. 840362

Clearly her. Her traces always are though so no award there anon.

I love her using her engagement as proof she won't die alone. As if they will ever actually get married. Henry's family will have an intervention before they let that happen imo.

No. 840367


As another anon said she seems to be cluster b with her emotional instability, she will never have a long term happy relationship til she gets help specifically for that, and that's certainly not something you can treat with kitty cuddles and bath bombs(armchairing)

No. 840371


His family already had an intervention, it was in the original personal lolcow post and cited at the start of the first Feebz thread. It just drove him further into her clammy overbearing clutches.

No. 840378

No, far from it. Young Black men are targeted more for searches etc, but cases of police brutality always end up in the news and it's pretty rare.

No. 840380

She's not on medication and she doesn't go to therapy so I'm not sure why she feels the need to put in her 2 cents on that one.

No. 840383

the most she had in her life was 6 weeks of therapy, if the healthcare provider felt there was anything actually wrong with her you wouldn't get a pathetic 6 weeks.
But I'm glad she isn't pushing for more, as therapy is hard, requires work, introspection and dedication, and she isn't capable of any of that

No. 840384

I think this time round it'd be a hardcore intervention. They'd have a load more ammo this time round too with her years of leeching off him, her doubling in size, his free time being sucked up by him pushing her elephant body around. A bit of hard truth and some suggestions about what alternative opportunities there are outside of rotting away in a flat with Phoebe and they'd make him see sense now I think. Times have changed since the last intervention for sure. #savehenry

No. 840386

Not supporting Phoebe but that's not true on the NHS. To even get six weeks is very lucky with the state of mental health care these days. The number of sessions a person is given doesn't reflect how ill they are because the resources aren't there to give the actual support people need. Lots of people who are very ill get the same bog standard pathetic six weeks as exaggerating drama queens like Phoebe do.

No. 840389

sage for medfag, but no
People with secondary mental health conditions (personality disorders, schizo, etc) have an entirely different system of care once off the waiting list, often getting 20weeks to years of therapy. A light depression may get 6weeks, a severe depression more likely to be referred for a longer therapy program, even if just 12weeks of CBT, and she hasnt even got that.
She's not half as sick, and has never been as sick, as she says she is.
She's another white girl wanting mental illness to be trendy

No. 840393

The fact that she's not on psychiatric medication is telling. The NHS quite happily chuck anti-depressants at anyone who reports feeling down. Her malingering must be even more obvious in person.

No. 840416

File: 1563546096844.jpg (662.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190719-152111_Ins…)

Nope because I actually look after my cat and feed her a non vegan diet

No. 840417

File: 1563546156165.jpg (804.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190719-152124_Ins…)

Maybe the cat is catching yeast infections from Feebs skin folds?

No. 840421

>inb4 gofundme for a vet check up

No. 840426


Pheebs and her only friend lol

She might be unaware she's cluster b seeing as she's only 21 and so far people in her life have been accommodating of her difficult behaviour. She even seems to cover up her PD traits by claiming it's undiagnosed autism. Break ups are often the 'crisis' that get people like her truly diagnosed

No. 840428

Jesus, I guess I only really lurk these threads and skim mostly but for some reason I never realized she is 21. She looks like she's pushing well into her thirties.

No. 840430

Does anyone know if henry is her first relationship? Curious if she's ever been through a break up, can only imagine what she'd behave like!

No. 840431

>cleaning her bowl daily

…Were they not before?? Holy shit.

No. 840438

I used to follow her on twitter up until she stopped using it so much when she got with Henry, and she used to always post about meeting men off tinder and fucking them. I followed her for a long time and she never mentioned a relationship that I recall, just lots of sex. She kept telling Twitter she fucked a doctor (or maybe it was a teacher, but it was one of them for sure) and he gave her the best sex she’d Ever had.

No. 840439

She’s disabled, remember? She probablt walks 3 steps to the kitchen, says fuck the cat then decides she needs 14 hours of self care.

No. 840444

File: 1563549497295.png (1.57 MB, 1622x1194, Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-19 um 1…)


this makes me so sad. her other cat died after only 1 year in phoebes care. the last picture of her is horrible. phoebe didn't even mind to wipe her paws clean with a wet towel, you can see her poopy paws. she didn't brush her or cleaned the crusty fur on the side of this babies mouth. the cat was never groomed.

she let that baby die without dignity. that's the shit that really makes me hate her.

No. 840446

Do we think Feebs screams at Henry if he dares refer to himself as straight? You know, seeing as he’s dating someone who’s NoT A GiRl

No. 840448

This is DISGUSTING. She needs to be punished, my god. Poor cat.

No. 840455

File: 1563550192455.png (1.71 MB, 1886x896, Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-19 um 1…)


Yes, I know =( Everyone who has basic knowledge about cats knows, that you shouldn't pair senior cats with young cats. Phoebe is talking about how the cats wouldn't get along in a few posts. Can you imagine , being a sick old cat, in such a tiny space, with another cat constantly bullying you, while you can't even groom yourself anymore? Didn't even take her a year to die. =(

No. 840459

Poor cat. I am sickened. She can do what she wants to her self, but harming an innocent animal is taking it too far.

No. 840466

The state of that poor cat is fucking sickening. Didn't she also film them fighting once while laughing?

I do recall once she asked for money for Lulu's eye surgery. Yet anyone who follows her can see how much money she spends on absolute tat. Earrings, nail polish, cunt socks… if she wants to adopt senior animals and adequately care for them, she needs to put money aside in a sort of emergency fund. No one fucking needs socks covered in cocks or a shit ton of badges. Put the money away for your cats and yourselves.

What is Henry getting out of this relationship? What does she ever do for him?

No. 840471

File: 1563553585658.jpg (757.84 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190719-172244_Ins…)

No. 840472


He's a chubby chaser. He probably gets off on coming home to a land whale that's too big to leave him.

No. 840478

File: 1563554481920.jpeg (429.32 KB, 1125x2436, 1C4C4484-4587-4771-969D-250051…)

Does she not see the irony that this is literally her?!

No. 840486

Sad when you put it like that. What kind of animal loving vegan but things like nail varnish and takeaways before their helpless pet?
I see her surviving cat is still wearing those scarves, I guess she isn’t going to get that wound treated, she’s too busy buying dick candles or whatever.

No. 840487

Kek reminds me of when someone said on Facebook last week that her art doesn’t look finished or neat. I just checked and the comments have been deleted, but I remember seeing her get defensive because they insulted her work, then people in the group were commented saying it obviously wasn’t nasty, it was just friendly advice. Ahhh. Can’t nelieve she has 2k sales on Etsy, what kinda fucktards buy this cheap shite? Will end up in landfills,
Too. Love my capitalist, earth damaging, scamming queen.

No. 840496

she said the wounds healed but she likes the look of the bandanna so she keeps it on her. not sure if I believe it but I hope it's true.

No. 840527

File: 1563559486122.jpg (553.32 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190719_190345.jpg)

No. 840529

File: 1563559511708.jpg (678.22 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190719-190206_Ins…)

No. 840555

This is an unabashedly mean meme. We obviously love making fun of bad art on here but at least we’re not pretending to be saints kek

It’s so weird that phoebe apparently believes her art is good enough to look down on other artists

No. 840560

God I hate this bitch. If you can afford $20 earrings you’re not poor! It’s not gatekeeping, it’s just the truth. No one experiencing actual money problems would buy this expensive plastic garbage when they’re struggling to eat and pay bills.

No. 840614

File: 1563565278029.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 366.52 KB, 640x635, 89B7836D-613F-4650-BD46-27EB4F…)

No. 840619

>>840614 same anon but i’m on my phone and can’t cap the caption, too fucking long, sorry. someone help out please?

No. 840626

I'm just looking at this and thinking back on all those My600lbLife episodes where they have infections under their perpetually folded-over rolls.

No. 840630


She's reminding me of another Little Britain character here "Call me Bubbles Daaahrling"

Yep the character where an already fat man had to wear a fat suit lol

No. 840636

File: 1563566826437.jpeg (966.54 KB, 1125x1758, 15C877E6-21A9-4F75-9851-365C55…)


Got you, anon!

No. 840637

women too

No. 840643

Literally everyone is supposed to diet to counterbalance the effects of the easy-access poison food pervading modern society which everyone either slips up at points and consumes, or must put significant effort into constantly avoiding. God hamplanets are fucking dramatic acting like making up for their giant takeout binges is "self harm." It's not, you're just a weakling who doesn't know how to go without instant gratification and the constant dopamine release cycling of junk food consumption. Hard work, discipline, and goal-setting are virtues. Laziness and giving in to infinite indulgence is not a virtue.

No. 840644


Saged for autism, but I love you. Exactly.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 840649

>I'm thankful to my fat body for keeping me alive
Not for much longer Feebz!

Also, seeing someone's belly button so far away from the core of their body is really unsettling. I don't know why, but that bit in particular really makes me realize just how fucking huge she is.

No. 840658

No. 840663

imagining henry taking this is cracking me up

No. 840693

File: 1563571952056.jpg (426.24 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20190715-234913_Ins…)

No. 840705

nah - discipline isn't a virtue - chill out ana chan. it's a balance…which obviously blimp phoebe wants no part in. it's about taking care of yourself, which she obviously isn't if she's shitting blood after bingeing on chinese take out that she e-begged for.

No. 840714

who unironically enjoys sitting around butt naked at home… and why do so many of these types of people love doing it

No. 840723

someone the other day said on here that anyone who watches the feebz stories prob can see how fucked she is at least SOMETIMES but that just seeing her posts makes her seem normal. this caption kinda proves tbat to me, bc honestly it’s well written n just sounds nice n positive. if only ppl knew it was just fake bullshit she prob read from someone else and that she’s honestly nothing more than a selfish nasty demon cunt with 20 years left max..

No. 840729

No you fucking mongoloid, it's a stereotypical Puritan hat, not a fucking Judenhut.

No. 840745

File: 1563576730435.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190719-235033.png)

Is Phoebe ever not running a sale? People like her ruin Etsy for real artists who are trying to sell quality goods at a fair price.

No. 840748

Even with all the sales, how many people buy this crap? It's all so poorly designed

No. 840751

File: 1563576990711.png (559.96 KB, 1080x1081, sketch-1563576980209.png)

Does anyone have screenshots of Phoebe's early 'art'? I can't remember if it was on Facebook or Twitter but I do remember her claiming that it wasn't traced. This is the only thing I saved

No. 840752

File: 1563577084494.png (173.65 KB, 1080x665, Screenshot_20190719-235735.png)

Lots of people, unfortunately

No. 840777


>soz for the mess

I'd forgive a bit of clutter, but she's literally knocked one of her plants over and not bothered to vacuum the soil up. Gross.

No. 840796


I love it when virtue signallers out virtue signal others.

No. 840801

But when that person with BPD asked her to take those god awful badges down she told her to fuck off? How is a cat in a witches hat antisematic??

No. 840820

this looks like she traced the whole thing and then couldn’t get the eyes right so she just shopped them on from a crap quality selfie

No. 840823

At this point, I think you could troll the shit out of her by saying the most absurdly retarded thing (i.e. a cat wearing a witch's hat is antisemitic) and she (and her followers) would eat that shit up. I highly doubt Phoebe fact checks anything. She'll believe you as long as she can use it to virtue signal.

No. 840831

what the fuck… How is the cat in a witch hat anti semitic?

No. 840832

The hat comes from medieval drawings that combined negative stereotypes about pagan religions with ones about Jews. Jews wore pointed hats back in medieval times. Anyway obviously witches in modern popular culture are so far removed from anything like that it doesn't matter whatsoever.

No. 840838


In a lot of Middle Ages (~13thC) Europe, male Jews were made to wear identifying hats, which were pointed.

Stereotypical witches hats are also pointed and are thought to have evolved from the Judenhat (as at that time Jews were thought to have been in league with the devil as were witches) but honestly, it's a reach. The witches hat we draw now doesn't look anything like the Judenhat and Jews haven't been required to wear the dang thing in centuries. Come on now!

No. 840842

It's such a far fetched theory and holds little to no water, another theory is that it stems from puritan Quaker hate. Pointy witch hats as we know them come from the Wonderful Wizard of Oz novel from 1900. Sage for pointless witch hat sperg.

No. 840967


Yeah if you look at illustrations of witches before the 20th century they didn't have hats at all.

No. 840994

Also what about the persecution of pagans pheobe hmmmmmmmm? Or do they not count bc no one gives a f about pagans

No. 841000

Honestly, him saying he finds fatties attractive was probably about the fat Phoebe she was a few years ago.
She doubled, if not tripled in size since they got together.
I doubt he finds her attractive anymore, let alone her incredibly ugly character. Probably just feels sorry for her and therefore doesn't leave.

No. 841012

Agreed, even chubby chasers usually have a limit. Most of them are gonna find infinifats revolting. There's fat and fat.
Phoebe is completely dependant on him.. But I think if Henry really abandoned her, her cop daddy would come to the rescue.

No. 841042

File: 1563629763533.jpg (539.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190720-143401_Ins…)

A new acronym? I'm finding it hard to keep up

No. 841045

i think it stands for trans and gender non-conforming people??

No. 841066

This looks JUST like phoebe's "art." I wonder who stole the idea from who, I know they're friends

No. 841080

It doesn't look like feebs art because all of the letters are consistently the same size. Her shitty lettering usually gets smaller and shittier at the end of each word.

And who the fuck told them that bubble letters were "art" anyway? We used to do that on all of our notebooks and shit in primary school.

No. 841082

File: 1563636986509.jpg (132.37 KB, 678x1024, Jacqueline_Wilson_-_Sleep_over…)

This style kind of reminds me of the covers on Jacqueline Wilson books, which is weird since those were meant to look like something a child would do.

No. 841097

File: 1563639503633.jpg (572.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190720-171733_Ins…)

No. 841098

File: 1563639539395.jpg (518.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190720-171738_Ins…)

No. 841099

The lack of self awareness hahah

No. 841100

File: 1563639605179.jpg (455.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190720-171803_Ins…)

She's so fucking horrible, she is incapable of showing any kind of compassion or kindness.

No. 841101

do people with pcos have a higher testo level? she is behaving like a men, so fucking aggressive

No. 841102

Like she didn’t say the say shite when she was called out for being an assaulting, racist, nazi apologist.

No. 841104

So it's manipulative to say you're about to have a panic attack but it's ok for feebs to claim it was the drugs that made her sexually assault someone??

No. 841106

I want to drag her so hard. She is repulsive. But she will only block me. I need her to be exposed and for everyone to unfollow the cunt.
Anyone have henry’s Number so I can flirt with him? Lol(this is cowtipping, you autist)

No. 841125

Yep, but I think she has her testosterone level high simply from being a hamplanet.
I doubt she's acting like a cunt because of that though..

No. 841129

>>841100 uhh she always says/threatens she’s about to have a panic attack or kill herself with a butter knife. she’s a hypocrite. also feebs, stop saying eat a dick, bloody broken record

No. 841131

She was able to read this comment, visit their profile and reply in 16 seconds?

No. 841166

File: 1563650251850.jpg (451.75 KB, 810x1865, Screenshot_20190720-201639_Ins…)

No. 841167

I'm surprised she uses "eat a dick" as an insult, kind of homophobic

No. 841171

File: 1563650656187.jpg (373.67 KB, 1080x1364, Screenshot_20190720-202309_Sam…)

Image is from an SJW website so I'm surprised her fans don't call her out on constantly saying 'eat a dick' as most of that crowd do consider it homophobic.

She's such a cunt.

No. 841172

File: 1563651091055.jpg (747.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190720-203110_Ins…)

The lack of self awareness is mind blowing

No. 841173

File: 1563651119461.jpg (893.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190720-203103_Ins…)

No. 841175

File: 1563651196114.jpg (1.03 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190720_203314.jpg)

No. 841179

LOL every sjw ever: "this person is a fascist but I can't name a single bad thing this person has done! But they're ____phobic! Look it up because my emotional labor as an ~oppressed~ person is not free!"

No. 841190

these are like red flags to stay the fuck away from someone

No. 841191

Islamphobe is not a thing. when will these morons drill that into their skull. Also, how lazy. can't even explain why they hate someone.

No. 841199

>conservatives hate poop

okay then

No. 841207

At least they serve some purpose then kek

No. 841234

File: 1563659198604.jpg (12.44 KB, 365x353, not bubble writing.JPG)

yet uses "cunt" as a derogatory term.

Lol. She doesn't think her followers know what she's referring to.

No. 841250

cunt is a derogatory insult in every language. Is this bitch for real?

No. 841319

The way she does this to commenters makes me irrationally angry.

One thing a LOT of people on the spectrum have said about SJ advocates is that they claim to be against ableism & in support of autistic people, and say over and over that you can't always tell whether someone is autistic, and that self-diagnosis is valid because of institutional inequalities in healthcare access.

BUT. They have no concept of what autism actually is, and are horrible bullies to "actually autistic" people all the time.

Sage for mad on the internet, but my sister has autism and she says that it's become impossible to participate in any of her old social outlets on the internet, because they've been flooded with SJW bullies who are either "self-diagnosed" or "allies." If social justice isn't your special interest, and you're on the spectrum, not only is it impossible for you to keep up with the social rules that are constantly changing along with the evolving "discourse" & its vocabulary, but you're also twice as likely to make a comment that is perceived as rude, and half as likely to understand why what you said was wrong.

But asking for an explanation - or god forbid defending yourself - is tantamount to literal institutional violence to these people. Who claim to be allies to people with autism, or autistic people themselves. It's utter bullshit, and because of people like Phoebe my sister is now afraid of the few places she used to be able to go to have real friends who understood her & shared life skills advice.