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File: 1562053580643.jpg (169.11 KB, 792x860, 1561731846386.jpg)

No. 830466

Assuming everybody else who wanted to talk about this hasn't been rage-banned:
Develv is an artist on deviantart known for making fetish art of eunuchs. The account itself is apparently shared between two sisters, Elveo is her sisters private account.

A large number of the historical subjects of the art are young boys who were horribly mutilated and sometimes even raped. She also seems to have an extremely warped view of what eunuchs actually look like, as seen in the OP pic.

In her own words, she thinks that eunuchs are:

>They are like angels - pure, innocent, sexless, they are less aggressive, not subject to passions and stupid desires. They are sweet and kind by character, and pretty by appearance.

Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/develv/

Elveo's deviantart:


Previous threads:

No. 830467

File: 1562053738698.jpg (206.01 KB, 800x1280, 1561918737674.jpg)

From Russian anon in >>>/ot/428413

Deva bashing "hets", specifically mentions tits and calls women prostitutes.

Another one along the same vein, except even more incel-tier woman-bashing.

Transphobia (says that the sex remains the same despite presentation, says using preferred pronouns is "lying"). Actually kinda based for once if it wasn't used to .

Says all women look ugly and have "an impure gaze" while idolizing iranian men.

More mysogyny while idolizing Hiddles

Romanticizing rape

"Drawing dicks is vulgar and I hate porn"

Deva talking about how men are more opressed than women

Elveo talking about how boys got castrated in older times because the eunuchs are more resilient to illnesses, mentiones that nowadays it's done to prevent cancer.

Some older art from the j-rock phase. Yes, those are men.

Justifying rape/pedophilia.

Elva deliberately quoting Quran wrong to imply that homosexuality in men was not seen as a sin, but in women was.

Drawing a nazi to symbolise homosexual holocaust victims.

Talking about how homophobic society is… because it doesn't let gay men fuck around, star in porn or be a prostitute.

Some more pedophilia.

Elva burns a book because it's not homoerotic enough.

Romanticizing bacha-bazi, a form of prostitution of male children. (Second is in english)

Girls father talking about how he doesn't care if the Earth is round or flat.

Jesus was a eunuch.

Father says that cast system is great and people with "peasant mentalities" shoudn't talk.

Also they keep their cat on a vegan diet.

Also picrelated - Deva fetishizing traps.

No. 830470

File: 1562054423605.png (66.31 KB, 1836x244, wh1.png)

For anyone wondering: Admin (angrily) officially stated this was allowed, though it was after letting the problem fester and begrudgingly implying it's been a newfag samefagging this whole time (it's definitely not, unless I'm somehow the only other real person who was interested lol)

No. 830471

File: 1562054571782.png (159.19 KB, 720x1111, 1561727275597.png)

Eunuch "facts"

No. 830472

File: 1562054729795.png (769.77 KB, 720x939, 1561730468801.png)

They are obsessed with making weird comparison pictures

No. 830474

File: 1562054831866.jpg (58.2 KB, 956x836, 1561887739390.jpg)

This one is about being Persian apparently

No. 830475

File: 1562054949009.jpg (90.97 KB, 1000x603, 1561735700358.jpg)

"Old art" vs "Modern art", in their eyes

No. 830476

File: 1562055103993.png (353.79 KB, 1150x623, 1561743113051.png)

No. 830477

Is it true that they are in a cult and have no fixed address (written in previous thread)?
If that's the case how do they manage to paint all this digital art and is this type of fetish ok in their cult. So many questions.

No. 830478

File: 1562055363808.jpg (478.19 KB, 1000x570, 1561783479785.jpg)

From Russian anon in >>>/ot/428426

>But here's a historian/translator chiming in in the actual thread to talk about her experiences with one of the sisters. (She doesn't know any languages and uses a dictionary, grossly mistranslates and expects the anon to translate shit for her for free)


>While I'm at witnesses stories.

>Another anon says she spoke with her extensively and she fetishizes pedophilia, muslim men (actually messages them on facebook to ask if they're gay), doesn't know any languages she claims to know, doesn't have any degrees she claims to have. Anon also implies they have no birth certificates and live in the country illegally.


No. 830479

File: 1562055535152.jpg (105.47 KB, 583x760, lucifer.jpg)

No idea. I wonder if and how shit like this wouldn't be frowned upon in any religion
>Jesus being tempted by sexy eunuch Lucifer with thick thighs

No. 830480

should have included a deepL link, its the best translater we got


I have to say, while I think their fetish is disgusting given their circumstances it is 'understandable'. They've grown up homeschooled, raised in a weird cult, are probably lesbians/bi, are living with their weirdo parents, and never had real sex education. This whole eunuch obsession is the sort of thing I can see being fostered by that environment. It's the sort of mistake a child would make about the reproductive differences between men and women. I wouldn't be surprised if they were mostly homebodies that didn't romantically interact with men much.

No. 830481

File: 1562055677146.jpg (250.57 KB, 920x633, 1561896323334.jpg)

They fetishize angels as androgynous males and balk at any other portrayals (meanwhile, angels are meant to be scary as fuck in the bible):

>Today you can see many different images of angels, for every taste and color and in all variations. For a fantastic story, picture or film, it can be cool, new, interesting, but people began to forget the original, canonical image of angels.

>Very important is the fact that the angels always appeared in the form of men, and never appeared in the guise of women. Now popular images of angels in the form of women (especially with pronounced female forms and eroticism) are not canonical and to some extent unacceptable. As in Islam, in Christianity it was even forbidden to appeal to angels in the feminine sex, consider them women, or portray them as women. They do not have a physical sex, but obviously they have male gender and male identity.
> How wrong to portray the archangels in the form of women, just as it would be wrong if the Virgin Mary is portrayed as a man.

No. 830483

Jesus looks so bishie

No. 830484

File: 1562056293856.png (99.18 KB, 720x660, 1561733730828.png)

Thanks anon, I forgot about that.
It does make sense that they'd turn out like this. It's just so weird to me that they're still fixated on this concept into adulthood, to the point of getting annoyed at anything or anyone that contradicts it. The internet should free people to learn, but I guess it doesn't always work like that
>It's the sort of mistake a child would make about the reproductive differences between men and women.
Actually, you bringing up this idea reminds me of Henry Darger. He was an outsider artist who wrote a really long fantasy book about the "Vivian girls", sisters with magical powers. When he illustrated them, they all had male anatomy. He had a strange, abusive childhood and was isolated, so it's theorized that he legitimately didn't know the difference between men and women. Isolation can really warp a person's idea of sex and sexuality

No. 830486

File: 1562056637582.jpg (54.09 KB, 571x807, 1561907051222.jpg)

Her Wikipedia page, with all her "contributions":

No. 830487

File: 1562056847345.png (417.32 KB, 932x600, 1561901117655.png)

From Russian anon in >>428320, confirming there's more milk
>Also yes, can confirm there IS milk, since both sisters are insufferable and argue with historians, other artists and plain people A LOT. There's also A TON of mysogyny from both of them, like incredible amounts of it written down and still posted online despite the thread documenting it all. There's also fetishization of pedophilia and incest. And incredibly badly photoshopped cosplay photos of one of them. Pretty sure all of that can be considered milk.
>BUT it is all in russian and I doubt that anyone is willing to translate it all for you.
>I can translate some key points, but I don't really think it would be that good since a ton of it would be without proof since they mostly use russian social media and someone who doesn't speak russian would have to use google translate (like the anon who posted the original link to holywarsoo) and google does a piss-poor job at russian.

Definitely looking for their cringy cosplay photos now. Meanwhile, one of the sister's IG accounts:

No. 830488

File: 1562057037219.jpg (51.43 KB, 407x700, 1561901091928.jpg)

More on the cult, from Russian anon >>>/ot/428336

>I wouldn't even know where to start translating tbh since I'm on the 15th page out of 2000 lmao.

>But the OP with general information confirms that there are actually two of them, they haven't really lived in Russia (their father is from a fairly big russian city, their mother is never confirmed as any etnicity, heavily speculated to be vietnamese since they live in Vitnam) and been pilgrims since early childhood. By the confession of one of the sisters herself they were so poor while travelling that they had to sleep in temples. Their whole family is avid rabid vegetarians and also believe in Krishna which in itself isn't bad, but russian krishnaits are known for being cultish. Their father's blog confirms it, being extremely cultish. By the admission of sisters themselves, they never attended school also and been homeschooled. It's evident since they both have extremely poor grammar at times and often mess up shit like DaVinci's name while claiming they studied art history and historical terms despite claiming to be historians.

Really wish I had written a new OP to include all of this, but it's too late now

No. 830489

I'm gonna say something fucked up, but leave Jesus out of this and it's damn pretty. Just weird over where it's actually coming from, or what the whole point is. If it was just art in itself I would love it.

As batshit as they are, I find this all strangely fascinating. How the fuck do you come up with this

No. 830490

Most edits seem to done to deny that certain women entered the harem of, or married, certain men.

This is truly advanced shipping fuckery, history rewriter edition.

No. 830491

I've a personal theory that childhood interests/fixations/misconceptions (irt the opposite sex and sexuality) can end up 'baked in' if they aren't confronted at a young enough age. I think its normal for a child of 6 to not really know the difference between men and women. If however, they carry those misconceptions with them to the age of say, 12 or 13, when they start becoming capable of sexual feeling, then you might have a problem especially if their misconceptions aren't corrected soon after. Its an age range where preferences can really stick in the brain. Even if they find out what sex really entails are 15 it may already be too late, they've already experienced years of desire oriented at something impossible.

I think this can apply to a variety of fetishes and its why I'm leery of young teens being exposed to porn and smutty fandom stuff at those ages. Maybe you'd never be into mpreg if you weren't exposed to it at the critical age of 13. IDK, just spitballing

tbh I think you should have waited a bit to make a new thread, for many people (in the US at least) its the dead of night.

No. 830492

File: 1562057313857.jpg (134.98 KB, 848x942, 1561732887574.jpg)

These are actual historical figures she's shipping lmao
>Eastern lovers from 350′s BC till 1500′s
>Artaxerxes II & Tiridates
>“Eunuch Tiridates had been the most handsome and attractive man in Asia. The King was said to be greatly in love with him. When Tiridates died young, his death caused Artaxerxes enormous grief.”

>Darius III & Bagoas

>“Persian king’s lover Bagoas, a eunuch of remarkable beauty and in the very flower of boyhood, who had been loved by Darius and was afterward to be loved by Alexander the Great.”

>Al-amin & Kauthar

>“Al-amin, Caliph of the Baghdad and black eunuch Kauthar, his favorite. The king died in battle with his faithful lover, Kauthar.”

>Alauddin & Malik Kafur

>“Sultan Alauddin Khilji fell madly in love with the effeminate beauty of Malik Kafur who was very intelligent; the boy became his consort and the general of his army.”

>Mehmed II & Radu III

>“Radu Dracula was the source of Sultan’s burning love and passion, he became his male concubine, and they spent long days and nights together.”

>Ivan IV & Fyodor

>“Fyodor Basmanov, a favorite of Ivan the Terrible. The Russian nobleman was almost certainly a lover of the tsar. Feodor Basmanov was described as beautiful and in some accounts, effeminate youth.“

>History needs more real facts like that :3

No. 830493

next level fujo cringe

Surprised Nero and Sporus (who Nero had castrated) aren't listed.

No. 830496

File: 1562057825907.png (1.2 MB, 1250x802, ft v r.png)

Actual eunuch vs how she portrays them

No. 830497

holy shit this is too racist
can wikipedia ban an ip if they repeatedly add false information?

No. 830498

File: 1562057973923.jpg (387.71 KB, 800x591, 1561727213518.jpg)

>Boys who've been castrated are so sensitive, vulnerable, delicate and compassionate~ :3
You can't make this shit up

No. 830500

their art is so beautiful if you don't know the subject matter. like reading a beautiful poem and then realizing it's written on human skin. the art style actually reminds me of russian icons of saints somewhat.

No. 830505

File: 1562059248150.png (1.22 MB, 1096x1362, elv.png)

She's obsessed with gay Arab men.

No. 830506

lmao the amount of weird Detroit: Become Human AU fanart they have is hilarious. Imagine being this fucking obsessed with a David Cage game.

No. 830507

ok this one made me laugh out loud

I've never considered that this would be a fetish for someone.

No. 830508

File: 1562060071801.jpg (587.26 KB, 872x1200, i_m_of_asgard_by_develv-d725ph…)

I…found the cosplay photos.
This is Dev's Loki crossplay. She's also obsessed with Tom Hiddleston, because of course

No. 830509

File: 1562060233667.jpg (219.95 KB, 600x657, elv_by_develv-d5b6bgq.jpg)

And this is Elveo. The amount of Photoshop is downright scary.

No. 830510

File: 1562060312331.jpg (65.16 KB, 329x807, 7NldoQc7gWY.jpg)

Without shoop.

No. 830512

File: 1562060552719.jpg (171.28 KB, 1080x1706, qXJn7LM.jpg)

Seems she posted this, then deleted it.

No. 830514

File: 1562060693154.jpg (88.35 KB, 942x600, iuDHaXsAtiM.jpg)

No. 830515

File: 1562061195280.jpg (81.18 KB, 1023x448, persian_eunuch_and_hindu_boy_b…)

Since the average artist thread is justified by their inability to take criticism, I've found this on that, if the rest wasn't enough

No. 830516

making fanart of a 'beautiful' bacha bazi boy you found in an internet video is fucking wild wtf

How does a person's brain get so broken?

No. 830517

File: 1562061411216.jpg (266.41 KB, 1000x1501, tumblr_mywu6jFMzZ1rm3b1yo1_128…)

Elveo also made Loki edits.

No. 830518

File: 1562061432796.jpg (80.96 KB, 430x683, tumblr_midk693YVK1rm3b1yo1_500…)

No. 830519

File: 1562061497674.jpg (90.84 KB, 1024x759, paradox_by_develv_d6t8muj-full…)

And the beauty of "man" compared to women. They backpedaled in the comments saying this is a group of women who represent those offended by a man being more beautiful than them, not all women. But they do have tons of deviations comparing female and male bodies and how male bodies are more beautiful and superior.

At the same time they like a specific type of man, the "Tom Hiddleston" man (they literally use his body for these comparisons and admit to it in descriptions) because the average male is also ugly to them. That and their "eununch bodytype" which they treat like some alien race.

No. 830520

I think there is a real deviation between what each of the sisters likes because one of them has called plenty of bearded, masculine men attractive. So maybe one is more autistic than the other.

Not sure 'lesbian' is the best descriptor anymore. Maybe bi?

No. 830521

File: 1562061701635.jpg (99.41 KB, 399x700, tumblr_o7dat1chv81u6zoljo2_500…)

Comparing this to the reality of >>830512, you can see they really try to edit themselves to look like their eunuchs. It's creepy.

No. 830525

What the fuck? They don't even spare little girls in their "ugly jealous hater" clapbacks, lmao. They're even mad at children if they don't like their art.

No. 830528

File: 1562062609871.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.32 KB, 735x886, 1561783561753.jpg)


Elv describes her and her sister's childhood:
>People judge by the lightness and delicate beauty of my paintings, they say, I paint unreal beautiful men, which means that, in their language, I should be a child of rich people who grow up in comfortable conditions, do not know the harsh reality, and therefore fantasize about all kinds of nude men. Hmm, it's easy to talk if you don't know a person.
>No, I will not go into details about how difficult my childhood was … But I confess that I spent all my childhood in difficult journeys in the east: in India, in Nepal and in all of Indochina, and still managed to travel in many other countries without comfort, but like a khipar, living in monasteries and temples, getting up under the morning tolling of the bell or azan.
>My parents specifically chose hard ways to instill spirit in me. I have never been spoiled with toys, what to say to other trinkets like smartphones, etc. They didn’t even spend money on transport in order to walk 20-30 km on foot, under the rain and in the cold. In winter, we collected firewood in the forest, and in the summer we dragged buckets of water to the mountain (we had a chance to live in the Caucasus). >Sister and I had to feel the need and lack that, to this day, by habit of mending patches. And also, I am a vegetarian from birth, so I am compassionate with animals. My sister and I were raised as if in harem conditions, but as a boy, very strictly, they told me not to cry, not to whimper, not to complain, not to be capricious, so I don’t have enough time for even festivities and fun. I do not regret that I lived in the east, soaked with this culture,
>And therefore I say that beautiful men are not a whim for me. For me, this is what I have been living since childhood, when the culture in which I was brought up glorifies and glorifies the beauty of a man in a religious cult. From Persia itself to India, man was the perfect ideal of beauty, be it a mortal youth from a tavern, or God himself on the altar. This is either a deep symbolism or the habit of seeing your beautiful ideal.
>I do not see anything in common with what is happening with young people now, when I grew up far from fashion trends, and I keep them off.

She's the embodiment of r/iamverysmart, jesus

No. 830529

They both were raised into ISKCON cult which is gravely misogynistic in its nature.

No. 830530

No. 830531

It must be awful to be so disgusted with women and yet be one. I feel sorry for them but at the same time they happily spread their "women are inferior, ugly and jealous" ideas through their art.

I also wonder if they got their ideas about eunuchs from the movie Alexander. This is how Bagoas is portrayed in it. Quite historically correct, he is feminine with the hair and dance moves but he still has a clearly male body.

No. 830533

Yeah, quotes from their religious guru also explains a lot.


Try to read and not to cringe.

No. 830536

File: 1562064042730.png (108.78 KB, 2126x602, milk.png)

Russian anons on Holywarsoo are standing with us in solidarity, lmao

No. 830537

there's so much going on here i don't even know where to start, but i just want to mention that the crap about "from persia to india, man was the perfect ideal of beauty" could possibly not be farther from the truth. if you're an effeminate man in india, the best you can hope for is being mocked to madness, the worst is being raped or killed for it. i know the whole toxic dudebro mentality gets worse and worse in the west, but take it from an indian anon that here it's straight up psychotic.
this delusional idiot would have known had she lived here a single week.

>divorce takes place due to womanly weakness
>it is a fact that a woman likes a man who is very expert at rape
>when a husbandless woman is attacked by an aggressive man, she takes his action to be mercy
what the fuck did i read

No. 830540

The ravings of a crazy misogynist pedo.
Remember that your daughters must marry before they enter puberty too, it's very important.

Are the sisters married, with husbands, though? Doesn't seem like it?

No. 830541

WTF is this

No. 830542

We believe that their father uses them as art monkeys to get some coin. No use of them if they get married.
Daddy has a site with his and sisters' early traditional art:

- rusanon from holywarsoo.

No. 830543

people from across the whole world can come together to laugh at autistic fujoshi

would they even want to get married?

No. 830544

I know we have a lot of kiwi farm usrs so I was wondering If someone could make a kiwi farms thread about them,just so the information doesn't get lost

No. 830545

I doubt they ever talked to a men beside daddy.

No. 830546

i could see the one sister(elva?) getting married since she actually seems to like masculine men but deva is likely too much into her weird eunuch fantasy to find a man she actually likes.unless she is forced to idk

kek probably otherwise they wouldnt have such a distorted view of men.i wonder what their dad looks like though.what if he looks like the caricatures of men they draw kek

No. 830547

File: 1562065935209.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.8 KB, 347x500, 309253335.jpg)

Welcome Rusanon, and thanks for the link! This is so interesting
I guess their real names are Dinara and Elvira Lukmanova, going by the site.
Looks like they've been drawing this subject matter for a long time. It'd be funny to hear their parent's take on their whole eunuch fetish.
They claim to have moved a lot and lived in poverty, so I wonder how their father managed to have them trained in art over the years

No. 830552

File: 1562066159357.jpeg (498.15 KB, 1000x600, 1561906857401.jpeg)

Elv posted this, implying she has or had a boyfriend
It's a bit more likely that she just took a photo of some random Arab guy she was obsessed with from social media and edited it though

No. 830553

File: 1562066431467.jpg (57.65 KB, 432x700, X0eZfGK.jpg)

They seem to have mostly lived in Thailand, Russia and Vietnam, but they claim other places. Probably to look more well-traveled

Why'd I assume that anon was signing their post?
My reading comprehension is fucked today, don't know what's wrong with me
Here's them working on a painting together

No. 830554

take that up at KF, its not our job. things won't get lost here now that the thread is established.

No. 830558

>It'd be funny to hear their parent's take on their whole eunuch fetish.

Their mother actively liked and shared their art at Facebook. But sisters never mention her.

No. 830560

File: 1562068359525.jpg (162.38 KB, 539x800, god_mithra_in_red_by_develv-d8…)

Since sisters have never got any proper education their art proportions are… non existant most of the time. As a general rule if you see a nicely built proportional art from them - start looking for an original picture they've traced.
Of course they are very shy to mention the originals while claiming they're "professional artists".

No. 830561

File: 1562068386270.jpg (15.51 KB, 236x395, dc048b937937254324eb08a407ebe7…)

And the traced image.

No. 830566

File: 1562069245962.jpg (187.34 KB, 882x700, ZomboDroid 02072019150124.jpg)

No. 830567

File: 1562069267536.jpg (290.69 KB, 1427x860, ZomboDroid 02072019150347.jpg)

No. 830568

Their art is very much hare krishna infused

No. 830570

Just found out that we have a new thread

Im so happy

No. 830572

File: 1562069777964.jpg (181.89 KB, 1024x678, tales_of_east_by_develv-d724a9…)

You don't say.

No. 830574

It's hilarious that they obsess over a non existent, fantasy ideal man they had to invent a pretend history for and the closest example they can find irl is… Tom Hiddleston. Horrible taste.

No. 830577

Just found out that we have a new thread

Im so happy

No. 830578

It's really taking me back to eating at Hare restaurants and all the books full of this shit they'd try to give you.

No. 830579

File: 1562070696425.jpg (21.15 KB, 320x422, MonaKuhn_SHOT_06_082_crop-1542…)

I don't get it. He's far from having a ~feminine gentle uwu curvy~ androgynous body.

No. 830582

File: 1562071361566.jpg (341.97 KB, 1041x1471, ZomboDroid 02072019153214.jpg)

He he

No. 830584

yeesh. they even shoop themselves like their art.

No. 830586

Tom Hiddleston's face looks more like the ugly women pictured here >>830519 than the ~perfect uwu angel eunuch~. The delusion is strong.

No. 830593

So they look at reference but do not use it at the same time. They see Hiddleston as an ideal but at the same time he does not fit their ideal.

One of them choose that pretty idealized male statue to trace but it wasn't good enough. She redrew his hip and butt to make it look round, smooth and female.
Because fuck male anatomy, which is somehow at the same time superior to female anatomy.

No. 830594

honestly, plenty of people do pretty bishonen versions of angels, so this isn't anything new or interesting.

No. 830596

Is that seriously supposed to be thranduil and thorin?? rofl oh man, that's really bad.

No. 830597

File: 1562072831824.jpg (242.39 KB, 508x720, tumblr_obcaz0wjg51vuwrbvo1_540…)


Elv bitching about degenerate het content and complaining about thots being "worshiped" in contemporary art. A true fujoshi.

>Appeal to thinking people.

>I know, not everyone will accept, not everyone will like it, but I can no longer be silent.

>There are things that irritate me a lot, especially in art. This is heteronormativity in general and hets in particular.
>Wherever you look, glorification of heterosexual relations is everywhere. From here het is heard everywhere, in movies, in books and in pictures. It is already beginning to get much. And it would be okay if the het was decent and moral, and wouldn't be shoved under the nose of everyone who doesn't need it. But no, everyone pulls on hardcore.
>On the vulgar and disgusting dirt, which stuffed works of art. They shove everywhere, not even asking if anyone likes it or not. If someone even likes a het-vulgar, let them look at it themselves, but why should they brazenly demonstrate this, and to everyone without exception? Why is every VKontakte community shoving a photo of het-sex, het kisses, bare boobs and asses. Even those communities that have nothing to do with erotica, het and naked women.
>Do they not think that among the readers and viewers there are people who don’t like hets, who live and think chastely, who, after all, are simply uninterested or even disgusted ??? Why is every community obligated to post off-topic photos of all kinds of slut and het-debauch?

>Further, I am annoyed by the excessive exaltation of the female in art. No, I am not against decent women, but when ONLY women appear in the paintings of contemporary artists as the only subject of their admiration, this is, excuse me, too much. This is a stupid and blind worship of women, and not really for the decent and chaste, but slutty, lax, a-la "spoiled girl" with cigarettes and pistols, in disgustingly obscene clothes or completely naked. Well, where is it good at all, comrades? So if you don't draw busty slut - they will accuse you of misogyny, sexism and all the violations of rights.

>Yes, that's exactly what I was told, that if you didn't paint women sexually and faultlessly, then you're an evil misogynist and a sexist.
>So, based on their logic, if I do not draw people, for example, but only landscapes and flowers, then I am an evil misanthropic?
>And how many artists in the world don't draw gays and slash? I can now blame them as evil homophobes.
>That is, women should draw everyone, and without exception, and gay means at will, and that, depending on where, how, and to whom to show.
>Double standards, licentiousness and ignorance rule the crowd, yes.

>Beautiful men and even more so eunuchs and hermaphrodites can not be found in the paintings of modern artists. If before the floor played a secondary role, now, the primary one. If in the first place were high ethical and moral qualities of the person, now the external ugly shine; Men-gorillas with giant muscles and huge jaws, shapeless or square; and female playboys with watermelon breasts and airship asses. More and more often, deformed, vulgar forms appear, humor is transformed into filthiness, love into vulgar pornography, wisdom into foolish nonsense without logic and meaning. Disfiguring the ideals of beauty in everything, from pictures to books, from films to comics. Art no longer serves as a conduit for high ideas and ideals, such as nobility, love and kindness. Everything now serves the low lusts of people, depicting all the dirtiest and shameful in the world.

>Homophobia, hidden or overt, is also a consequence of human ignorance, general degradation and heteronormatism. Homophobia slips even in slash fanfiction, in slash novels and books, supposedly about same-sex love. If we are to describe het, then slash is in the same degree and in the same context, so that it is fair. And if you don't want and can't, then let everything be asexual. And the wolves are fed and the sheep are intact, yeah.

>This is how it is. Thanks for attention.

She really thinks all this. Meanwhile she writes fanfiction about incest and child rape, on top of romanticizing male children's castration and sexual abuse by grown men. The cognitive dissonance is real

(Note: I translated this post with Google translate, compared it to DeepL's translation and tweaked a few things to make it more intelligible in English)

No. 830601

File: 1562073073892.png (115.69 KB, 2132x794, 099-.png)

Tatar-Vietnamese, apparently
I'd link the post, but I lost the page number

No. 830603

File: 1562073445010.png (86.25 KB, 220x313, Radu_cel_Frumos_of_Wallachia_2…)

Sage for sperging but it bothers me so much that they romanticize Radu's life. He was taken by the sultan, kept locked up and raped until he stabbed the mf and escaped.
I don't know much about the others you listed but this one we are taught in like 8th grade history. How do you transform this into a 'beautiful eunuch in a loving relationship'
Pic related is what he actually looked like.

No. 830606

File: 1562073953451.jpg (96.32 KB, 800x450, 0olo2tM0.jpg)

Them and their mother (face obscured for privacy). Their dad is the Russian/Tatar one
Funny how they never seem very eager to claim their Asian ancestry. It's always about being Turkic or Russian

No. 830607

Might have seen art classes as an investment? They seem to be able to make money out of it

No. 830608

File: 1562074465460.jpg (71.07 KB, 989x808, stereotype_and_real_bagoas_by_…)

No. 830609

Not to WK, but these look like references, not tracing. Using real images as reference is a common thing among artists.

No. 830610

Yes, they were all snow-white in an empire which was situated in middle east.

No. 830611

File: 1562074891728.jpg (33.17 KB, 400x600, A3oFLOydZ5Y.jpg)

They're so determined to force this idea that Tom Hiddleston is a beautiful androgyne who women are jealous of, and I just don't get it.
How do you go from J-rock musicians who actually look like women in makeup to this? Why not focus on someone like Andrej Pejic? Just what the fuck??
Pic related, another one of their edits.

No. 830612

Nah, it was overlaid and whole parts are matching perfectly. They distort proportions to their liking but tracing without a doubt. Look for the horse - it was copied fully.

No. 830615

File: 1562075165321.jpg (203.81 KB, 667x800, 41cc27ebf92b718bfe072c01856a74…)

>rants about art of slutty women holding guns and/or cigarettes (>>830597)
>draws her slutty fantasy eunuchs doing the same thing instead

No. 830618

That's not their mom in the middle, just a friend.
Their family does veg seminars, mom does veg cooking classes.
There are photos and videos of both, including parents and daughters (I don't know if rules allow posting links like that)

No. 830619

File: 1562076109226.png (120.46 KB, 315x233, vegetarian seminar.png)

so their parents seem pretty milky too, if we believe everything the eunuch sisters have said then theyre both cultists who dragged their young children around on pilgrimages. at least the dad is, and the mom is a weirdo too if she actively likes and shares her DAUGHTERS fetish art on facebook lmfao

there's a picture of the mother on father from a vegetarian seminar, it was posted in holywarsoo also

No. 830620

File: 1562076603133.png (798.7 KB, 1053x1200, Alessandro_Moreschi.png)

I've seen tumblr posts with 100.000+ notes about how ~woke~ certain non-White rulers were for having gay "lovers" - when in fact they were pedos and rapists.

And of course they're fugly lmao
What do they gain of this? They're women and like eunuchs, but women are roasties and eunuchs hate them…?

There are plenty of photographs, how can they be so delusional? Since they always draw them so pale, this is what a white castrated man looked like. Surprise, surprise, he a normal chubby dude.

Feels like there's something very wrong with them. Why are both sisters like this? Why are they so in denial about being attracted to masculine men like him

No. 830623

I guess if you're taught to hate yourself because you're a woman but you've grown up resenting the men who tell you to hate yourself, it's a sort of inbetween where they don't like the men they're 'supposed' to like but still like men because liking women would be too much internalised misogyny, so they obsess over these non-manly men???

No. 830629

File: 1562077996087.jpg (25.91 KB, 564x349, 3fad4685a964833ebb3f1076947a5f…)

Oh my god ha ha. I thought they might be inspired by that movie but this guy is obviously too brown and eww male for them.

No. 830630

File: 1562078086474.jpg (458.05 KB, 1000x674, 8.jpg)

>Why not focus on someone like Andrej Pejic?
Their troon friend www.instagram.com/redivivaadulruna/

No. 830636

File: 1562078480641.jpg (133.26 KB, 395x667, eun.jpg)

Why do all their eunuchs have a sameface? They look boring as fuck.

Meanwhile "ugly cis normies" actually have a variety in their design and look like they could be interesting characters.

No. 830639

I thought a separate thread for Develv was good enough, she was filling up the art critique thread completely, I don’t understand why the admin is angry over it kek
Tbh it kinda racist that she refuses to draw eunuchs with diverse looks/skin tones, they all have the same exact nose shape/eye shape and are pale. These are considered “angelic soft beings” yet the others are considered disgusting?

No. 830642

Transportation of a story told by a historian who had to deal with Elva and her obsession to prove that Mehmed II was an innocent puppy defamed by homophobic old professors:

>I don’t really want to light it up, I’m very peaceful, so there will be no proof) I'll tell it in general terms.

>Elv addressed me with a request to check translations of various ancient texts. In general, I don’t mind, but a) there were a lot of texts and it wasn’t always clear what it was and where it was taken from when you get incomprehensible screenshots from googlebooks (it’s very difficult to comment so) and b) all the conversations, that is, everything was reduced to the fact that the authors, who wrote in Greek and Latin, distorted the bright and honest face of Mehmed. I had to explain that yes, the word flagitium really means "vice, an abomination", and not just "shame", that yes, the original really said "boy" (for some reason, she believed the authors called the character a boy trying to call pity for him: as if violence against a nineteen or twenty-year-old youth is something better), etc. etc. I had to explain that yes, by the Byzantine author, it is indeed written "And, already filked with wine and drunk, ordered the chief of his eunuchs to appear," and that there is not a falsification from Russian translator. As a example I will quote my explanation:

>"In my opinion, the author of the text is not very inclined to the sultan, and even somewhere in a particular place he did not use the word "tyrant", in this passage everything is exactly as in the existing Russian translation. See: καταβαπτω - this is already "get drunk drunk" (here is a passive participle), plus the author adds "wine", plus adds: μεθυσθείς (participle from μεθύσκω, and that also gets drunk, and get drunk (rarely it means "to eat too much", but also in a negative sense) very much. That is, "filled with wine and drunk" - this is exactly what the author wanted to say, and this is even translated flaxally soft, I think.

>Well, and all in that spirit. In the end, I stopped communicating with her when once she wrote with reproaches about the fact that I did not answer in the promised time (I’m not very punctual indeed, but in my opinion, it’s not very polite to go with such reminders to an internet friend expecting them to translate a page from an ancient language to you at all, even if they told you something like "I will try to look at the weekend").

>And by that time I was very tired of exaltation from Mehmed and was not fond of bending my brain (unlike Latin, Greek still requires some mental effort for me) for him.
>So in my opinion, she really has a problem with "impartial casting of sources".

>I would say that Elv really (well, at least at that time) tried to translate the ancient texts with dictionaries herself, but she really lacked grammar and, in general, a liberal arts education, because it is very difficult to navigate with separate facts and dates snatched from different books. Well, clearly not enough for now, alas. In her place I would try to enter somewhere with a second education, if she has money and time, but for now everything looks bleak.

>That she "rotates in academia circles" - I readily believe, because the people there are very polite and generally do not send abnormal and not completely normal ones straight to fuck off. (I was recently shown a discussion on academia.edu as an example: the freaky uncle wrote kilometer-long delusional comments to all articles on specific topics, and so far he was banned by only one young guy, and respectable professors wrote: "Thank you very much, these are very interesting facts" ).


No. 830645

>I talked to a man from the military once, he said that he had never seen women give their lives for the sake of a friend or a loved one, and it often turned out that women are not even capable of sincere friendship at all. So, the highest type of agape love is almost inaccessible to women.
By Dev. Imagine having this level of internalized misogyny.

No. 830652

They sound like incels tbh

No. 830654

>I talked to a misogynistic man once and he said women suck so it must be true.

No. 830657

File: 1562079613587.jpg (306.5 KB, 487x730, black_khadim_eunuch_by_develv-…)

They're definitely racist, but they've drawn maybe one or two black eunuchs.
I wonder if they somewhat hate themselves for being hapa, considering their obsession with Caucasian people(s) and features. For a pair of mixed girls who claim to have lived all over the world and been to countries like India, Thailand and Vietnam, they seem overly enamored with white-passing people and fawn over the most mediocre-looking white guys, like Tom Hiddleston.

I've also noticed that Asian people are literally non-existent in their work, outside of the earliest stuff with the Japanese visual kei musicians

No. 830660

its also strange that theyre half vietnamese, they live it vietnam, and yet they dont really write much in it if at all. elveo didnt list vietnamese as one of the languages she can speak iirc.

No. 830662

Judging by their older posts they can also speak german.

No. 830665

File: 1562080377006.jpg (316.59 KB, 695x999, 313273dffd1febc23402b02bbc5969…)

This is probably the most masculine thing either of them have drawn in a non-derogatory way.
It's apparently supposed to be Vlad Tepes.

No. 830669

File: 1562080606113.jpg (1.11 MB, 873x1000, apollo_x_midnighter__richlee__…)

How about Midnighter and Apollo?

No. 830673

That just looks like a white woman in blackface, not an actual black…uh eunuch…

No. 830675

File: 1562081448691.jpg (564.06 KB, 637x900, d66wfyc-9085b670-e422-46ae-93d…)

totally not fujoshis kek

No. 830677

File: 1562081615692.jpg (54.21 KB, 339x486, Senesino.jpg)

That guy, like other European castrato singers, tended to get rather pudgy and fat in the middle. See my pic also. So much for the won't get fat unlike yucky women fantasy.
That looks pretty good actually.
Posing nicely with his forest of impaled people in the background I see. http://mentalfloss.com/article/502283/when-vlad-impaler-repelled-invasion-forest-corpses

No. 830689

File: 1562082649842.jpg (359.01 KB, 1280x676, tumblr_nijbevjoOi1rs0i1mo1_r1_…)

>Great kings and queens of the ancient world.
>I think that kings look prettier and more noble than queens, and if you read their biographies, then indeed they were more noble and distinguished than queens, and the reason is not patriarchy. Indeed, in Egypt there was a matriarchy, but none of the queens of Egypt did anything great and glorious as the kings of men, for example, as Alexander the Great or Artaxerxes.
Nefertiti was like a symbol or a subject of religious interior, Cleopatra VII was a corrupt prostitute, a pawn in the hands of the Romans, and the rest of the queens like Olympia only wanted to be rich and gain power by any means, murder, pallor, etc.
>It’s another way with men, although they fought, they held the answer for their people, and besides power and wealth, they also built temples, united peoples, raised the country's economy from the ruins. So Phillip from the semi-ancestor of Macedonia turned into a great Power, which his illustrious son expanded. Ptolemy was loyal to Alexander, and fought alongside him as a faithful companion. And so on, you can comb to infinity.

Hatshepsut, bitch, google it!

No. 830692

File: 1562082956811.jpg (141.76 KB, 581x750, 5fd45d564f716e96ba212be8436510…)

>Just a Byzantine emperor and a eunuch boy :)
>Perhaps this is the emperor Roman and his son Vasily Lakapin.
This creeps me out

No. 830695

About keeping their cat vegan, ugly women and Deva thinking she was a boy up until 5yo (in English)

No. 830700

File: 1562083119441.jpg (79.6 KB, 540x700, bf0f4e0f98ad6122c7adc13e8cb80d…)

>The difference in anatomy. Genetic woman (left) and genetic man with androgen insensitivity syndrome (male pseudohermaphroditism).
They literally made the woman look like a man in lingerie, kek

No. 830704

The thing that i dont get about these sisters is that its obvious that theyre mysogynistic but for some fucking reason they draw men that look like literal women.

What the actual fuck.

No. 830705

so they're lesbians? They're obsessed with women, err i mean "eunuchs".

No. 830706

File: 1562083467206.jpeg (Spoiler Image,330.63 KB, 800x1203, nejm197410312911805_f1.jpeg)

For those curious, this is what male psuedohermaphroditism looks like IRL.
At least they got the waist right, I guess.

No. 830707

File: 1562083691256.png (269.34 KB, 720x641, 1561783404838.png)


No. 830709

File: 1562083718420.jpg (231.17 KB, 880x793, 3f4008c9007a1864279dc5427491ee…)

I like how this one doesn't even need a translation.
Always on this "All other interpretations of Bagoas are too ethnic, too ugly, too female, too male or too unhappy! He was a beautiful Aryan alien eunuch who had small breasts and LOVED his life!" tirade lol

No. 830711

File: 1562083854748.jpg (196.21 KB, 900x642, 988b578ea860f44b443f0c2a17ac37…)

Another rare black eunuch.
>"Black and white"
>Lovely boys; Kautar is a black eunuch, the beloved of Caliph al-Amin, and Yerinus is a white eunuch from Pergamum, beloved of the emperor Domitian.

No. 830713

File: 1562084129375.jpg (301.57 KB, 1000x704, 3Iezu8e.jpg)

At some point Deva started to clean after herself, so this one is a rare old one, not published anywhere now.
Ugly female and beautiful male Japanese idols.

No. 830716

File: 1562084340756.jpeg (126.32 KB, 584x584, image-49.jpeg)

>fat, flabby, fleshy, short legs, dwarf proportions


>basically female high fashion models

Do they believe all female models are eunuchs or?

No. 830717

File: 1562084455319.jpeg (79.69 KB, 468x655, images (2).jpeg)

Her artwork really reminds me of this image and its the one I personally find the creepiest looking version of mary ugghh

No. 830719

Well, she tries to imitate that look.

No. 830720

does anyone else find their obsession with incest really weird? its weird enough that theyre sisters who share a fetish account, but they have all this fanart like >>830675 of siblings

No. 830722

File: 1562084644510.png (94.38 KB, 720x621, 20190628_191033.png)

In the comments of this piece

What an uneducated cunt

No. 830724

I know

No. 830726

I hope both of them never have children.
Daughter would get hated on because they hate female sex while son would get castrated then hated because he didn't grow up into a weird alien high fashion tranny.

No. 830728

File: 1562084994366.jpg (146.88 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_20190702-112852_Sam…)

Ok then

No. 830732

If that's how they see women like Kyoko Fukada and Namie Amuro, what kind of horror must they experience when they look in the mirror and see >>830606 every morning?

I wonder if they do this to try and deny the fact that they're attracted to women? I'm just wondering what kind of leap of logic leads someone to obsess over the beauty of men who try their hardest to look like women, but shit on women who actually look that way.

Or could it jealousy and denial? If they keep claiming all women are naturally ugly, maybe it helps them cope with their own unattractiveness? Maybe a mix of all these things?

No. 830736

>Wherever you look, glorification of heterosexual relations is everywhere
lesbians confirmed.

if these are confirmed to be their real faces then there's some legit painterly level of shoop going on with >>830488 and >>830508 kek

the tracing is especially clear here with the arm on the left and the hideously foreshortened knees the rear of which looks like it's on the side of the leg

No. 830738

i'm in awe at these two women. this is some serious lolcow fuckery and i can't wait to ride this train and see where this all goes

i love how she shooped her eyes to match her eunuch drawings. this is some serious projection of their desires here

No. 830739

File: 1562085889884.jpg (117.06 KB, 750x1065, 1561805414720.jpg)

And I just want to be clear on this. This is a self-portrait. They portray most other women as either freakish looking, stumpy fat midgets with disgusting faces or masculine creatures who pale in comparison to their eunuchs, but this is how they'd like to think of themselves.

The older one is literally drawn to look exactly like one of the eunuchs. What kind of delusion is this?

No. 830745

their dad is tatar, which is probably where the turkic part comes from, they probably cling on to that because they love fetishizing muslims along with eunuchs/intersex people/trannies/etc.

bitches literally message muslim villagers on facebook to ask them if theyre gay kek (if i understod it right)

No. 830749


On gender identity
>everybody calls me a girl and I don't call myself that, but I don't care what they call me. My inner psychological state is male

On being asked why all her eunuchs have the same face
>- what a strange question? and where do i have the same faces? Oxyatre, Darius, Bagoas and Alexander's warriors are all very different. At least they cannot be confused. >There are such characters as Bagoas and Oromedon, they are similar to each other, because both are beautiful eunuchs from Persia, Oromedon was a Turk, but Iranian. If you cannot distinguish faces, then this is not my problem. I have one style, and I draw that type of face for a favorite character that I like .

Also, apparently, eunuchs aren't gay. This flies in the face of all the homo stuff they've drawn and written, but okay
>Eunuchs, among other things, seem to have served as a shield against homosexual lust . They themselves formed the goal of that lust, thus rejecting it from the young.

On why she draws women but calls them eunuchs (and also some "facts" on Alexander the Great)
>I don't like the look of a woman. You have something wrong with your instincts. You see women everywhere.
>And Alexander was just an androgyne. Historians describe him as a young man with a soft and feminine beauty, short stature, with rounded features of the face, which does not even have a beard grew. Alexander was a bit complex in his unmanly appearance, and envied everyone who was more courageous than him.

On why she draws belly fat on women but not men
>I read about the fat on the hips and abdomen in women in books on anatomy, as well as in textbooks on drawing. In all the paintings of the Renaissance, women have a round belly, and men have a hollow side.

No. 830753

File: 1562087353272.jpg (172.99 KB, 755x956, E_t2jgT8Gzg.jpg)

i really dont understand these two, this is one of the rare occasions theyve drawn women that dont look deformed

No. 830754

File: 1562087412223.jpg (84.57 KB, 601x700, OLXMlm3u35o.jpg)

another one

No. 830755

I don’t understand why she doesn’t just take the jump and actually transition, given her views on gender. Thank you for the translations, anon. I’m interested to know more about how deep these two go re: misogyny.

No. 830760


Are you sure these are REAL women anon? She draws boobs on men too

No. 830764

she explicity said these are women.

im not sure what the 1st one is, but the second one is supposed to be an albanian version of mulan

No. 830765

those are clearly men anon women are hideous

No. 830766

Not so simple, Anon! That's an illustration for a fairytale "A girl who turned into a man".

No. 830768

but wait wtf dont they think that het relationships are filthy kek

what goes on in their minds

No. 830769

the reason these women don't look deformed is that they have been drawn exactly the same as every other airy-fairy character these nutjobs do.
it's 2019 anon gender doesn't exist anymore

No. 830770

Yup, I thought the same. Really such a waste of talent imo.

No. 830774

Their eunuch characters look like what Contrapoints wishes he looked like lmao

No. 830775

File: 1562088653539.jpeg (22.62 KB, 436x640, bimbo.jpeg)

Stumbled upon develv on dA a while back when a history enthusiast friend and I were looking around dA for weird historical art. We lost our shit over them and they became personal cows for us.

When we first looked at their account, they had a drawing called "barbie boy" that looked like pic related but in develv sameface style and with a dick bulge, but it has since been deleted. That picture cemented for us that their eunuch/intersex/feminine men fascination was sexual and not just some spergy extension of an interest in history.

A bit of additional milk: develv have two (supposed) eunuch acquaintances. The first is kofiadu (deactivated account)/khassiadu (current account) on deviantart. They drew the black eunuch picture earlier in the thread for him. He claims to be a "harem boy" from the United Arab Emirates and he stopped being active on dA in late 2018-early 2019.

The second eunuch acquaintance doesn't seem to interact with develv on dA or have a dA account but is called Phillipe on amino. develv made a journal entry about him in 2017: https://www.deviantart.com/develv/journal/My-eunuch-friend-685444424

No. 830777

The purity of the male race must be protected.

>I call a man by his genetic sex, no matter how they change it, but a man remains a man, and a woman a woman. Although it is possible to call a person in accordance with the passport / mental floor. In ancient times, after all, this was not. Whatever the feminine young man or eunuch, he will still be called "he." And if they said "she", then it was considered to be a hoax, but they were severely punished for being a hoax.

But she must be called "he" because respect uwu

No. 830786

File: 1562090584131.jpg (Spoiler Image,159.08 KB, 924x865, develv barbie.jpg)

Same anon here, I ended up finding the weird barbie pic on their virink account https://virink.com/art/476205

No. 830787

90% sure they're thinking of klinefelter syndrome, not eunuchs kek

No. 830789

File: 1562090842980.jpg (Spoiler Image,320.31 KB, 937x800, develv blond.jpg)

This pic also has barbie/bimbo vibes

No. 830790

This one?

No. 830791

No. 830794

this just cements how totally misogynistic she is. she depicts the bimbo aesthetic on males as being ethereal and delicate but as being haunt and goblinish on women. for russian anons, who would you say is the worst of the two re: sexism and general milkyness?

No. 830795

They call EVERYTHING eunuch. Castrated? Eunuch. Transgender? Eunuch. Hermaphrodite? Eunuch. Morris' syndrome? Eunuch. Any form of intersex? Eunuch. Drag? Eunuch.

No. 830796

File: 1562091244274.jpg (547.39 KB, 675x900, pretty_sweet_angel_by_develv_d…)

"This is human_AU, where Connor is an androgyne, more precisely, a genetic male, with testicular feminization syndrome. He was intersex, and he is like angel (as eunuchs in Byzantium). Pretty, sweet and sexy angel.
After some time, I post artwork from Patreon to here, not all, but almost. I hope it’s pleasure for viewing :D"

Their "totally not a fetish!!!" hcs remind me of rcdart's ridiculous trans captain america art lol

No. 830797

I really hate how their art is so pretty

No. 830798

File: 1562091429248.jpg (453.54 KB, 548x900, angel_and_demon_by_develv_dd64…)

"Allegorical artwork. Archetypal images of the dark and light halves of two twins. Like the Vedic Mitra Varuna, Zoroastrian's Ahura Mazda and Ahriman, ancient Canaanite's Shalim and Shahar, like the Sun and the Moon.
Again, human_AU, where Connor is an androgyne, more precisely, a genetic male, with testicular feminization syndrome. He was intersex, and he is like angel (as eunuchs in Byzantium).
He experienced great difficulties; society did not accept him as he was. Society recognizes only two sexes, male or female. The third is not given. And in order for society to stop perceiving him as defective, he chose a female image only by appearance. However, inside he remained a boy who was only accepted by his beloved twin brother, Richard (RK900). Richard is his protector and his dark, strong and manly half. He is the only one who loves Connor and sees a boy in him. Everyone else sees Connor as a girl (maybe a trans-girl or an intersex-girl), and Connor forced to accept this rule. He just wanted to live and enjoy life. He did not want to constantly explain to people who he is, why he looks like this, he was tired of struggle. It is easier to go with the flow and tell people what they wanted to see in him."

No. 830800

File: 1562091769634.png (1.34 MB, 1004x1392, uwu.png)

why are all their characters so ~uwu~

also i thought they said eunuchs aren't male and homosexual but in this comic they make it about homosexuality?

No. 830801

Ikr sighs

No. 830802

The thing that gets me is the embarrassing fucking fanart of Tom Hiddleston and David Cage's robo-twink as ethereal "third gender" men with tits. Like it's just too fucking much.

No. 830804

Theyre just a bunch of autistic brain dead retards

No. 830805

>he chose a woman

Kek. The guy realized he was straight all along

No. 830809

what woman looks like this? These girls seem like closeted lesbians.

No. 830810

Oh, sweet summer anons, you think Deva's art is creepy and misogynistic, you haven't read her fanfiction.
She wrote tor/loki fanfic i which they loved each other but there was some girl who dared to fall on love with Tor (who, being typical dumb Tor in fanfiction, hasn't noticed her at all), she didn't even do anything, she was shy and tried to talk to Tor, that's it. And Loki (being Deva's mary sue) - he noticed that, and what did he do? He brutaly tortured her cutting out her eyes and tongue, and then murdered her via driving her mad so she went out the window. And Deva wrote it as if he was righteous.

>Her corpse was found broken and broken in a pool of blood, half of its head crumbled against stone slabs. Burke, Siggrid's parents and several relatives buried her in a locked boat, for it was unbearable to watch. Few people came to the funeral - few people loved an arrogant and mischievous woman. And after a while, Burke began to guess that it was Loki who killed his niece, put out her eyes and lost her speech.

No. 830811

File: 1562093308436.jpg (35.39 KB, 427x607, Capture.JPG)

So original Connor is an android who works in law enforcement.

But lets make him into a bimbo angel, it's inspired by the ancient Zoroastrian legends and totally not a fetish!

No. 830813

Has she gotten any negative feedback on that hateful shit and what was the reaction?

Wow, first time I've seen the real character. What the actual fuck.

No. 830821

a beautiful mind

No. 830823

Lol, they popped up several years ago in another forum I used to frequent, in "weird shit from DA" kinda thread. We had some laughs and I remember commenting how her art (back then we assumed it's one person) reminds me of those weird Krishna lithographs. Turns out I was spot on, kek.

Also, I think their art is pretty, but in an easy, cheap, kitschy way. They have some nicer pieces, but combined with their content, this shit just makes me cringe.

No. 830825

I have a theory: one of them said she thought she was a boy for a while? They draw these "eunuchs" like female hotties and themselves as well? These girls are confused troons. Or it's the misogyny and they just want to pretend the dickless guys they like look just like women in an attempt to be anything but women. I am so sleepy sorry this shit makes no sense.

No. 830831

ive read some weird fanfiction before, but this is pretty special kek. also, she does realise thor and loki and technically sibling, right?

do you know anything about the fanfiction that got her banned? if this is considered a normal piece by her i dread to think what she got banned for.

No. 830833

I cant imagine the amount of self loathing they feel

I also wouldn't be surprised if they really only had each other as friends. No one is good enough for them, male or female.

No. 830837

She deletes unpleasant comments faster than you can say "but they look like women" and that was in 2014, so no idea.
Probably not, there were TONS of fanfics about tor/loki and she was pretty much a noname in a huge fandom. The only reason she was noticed later at all is because there was a small group dedicated to the actor who played Bagoas and she was spamming it with her barbie pics.

No. 830840

Usually I feel at least a little sorry for women so deep in their own internalized misogyny, but these two…they've got their heads too far up their asses to be helped. I can't empathize with people this stupid.

The art is pretty, though. What a shame that it's being wasted - these could have been some neat historical illustrations or something.

No. 830844

I like the outfits they come up with, I also wish the subject matter wasn't so mentally deranged. Since they never actually draw dicks, you can just pretend the characters are women bc they are literally just drawing modelesque women with tiny tits…

No. 830845

Only one of the comments (not yet deleted) suggests that Siggrid didn't deserve this shit. Her reply went something like:
>she does deserve this very much:) Loki could've killed her just for being a pathetic mortal who was out of line and insulted him, let alone attempted to murder him and have his beloved Thor to herself:)

Then she starts with her "people only feel sorry for women" bullshit but we've heard that already.
>It's beyond me how they they pity a character just because she is a woman, doesn't matter if she's good or bad, but have no pity for men who they kill, torture and rape in their works of fiction and consider that normal.
Jesus fucking christ says the girl with a profile full of rapey fanfiction about mutilated boys, the irony is just too much with her sometimes. Also her MRA crap is totally irrelevant to the original comment.

No. 830848

>profile full of rapey fanfiction about mutilated boys

Yeah how does she justify that then? I'm disturbed by this pic btw, >>830631
that was a real boy in history.

>she was spamming it with her barbie pics.
Lol what.

No. 830849

She claims - like, "that's a statistical and medical fact!" claims - that many siblings interact in sexual activity with each other, even more if they are twins and almost all identical twins. Like there's no option, if you are identical twins - you fuck, that's a rule, sorry.
She seems not to be able to comprehend the idea of platonic relationship and admiration.

Abot the deleted fanfic - she's found herself coauthor who encouraged her to write porn. Really explicit graphic hentai-type porn. Somehow. And the fic showed exactly that - with underage teens, 13-15yo iirc. That was against rules of course and was deleted very fast. Deva and coauthor claimed that there weren't sex scenes though because sex is only if you put a penis in vagina or anus. The fact that there were plenty of handjobs, oral sex and frottage didn't count in their opinion.

No. 830850

Lmao what the fuck
this is the most westerner thing i've read

No. 830851

File: 1562096756627.jpg (313.49 KB, 549x900, androgyne_beauty_by_develv_dd2…)

More Connor art. In the comments, Deva says that her art was poorly received in Russian LGBT circles… anyone know the details on that?

No. 830854

>She claims - like, "that's a statistical and medical fact!" claims - that many siblings interact in sexual activity with each other

this better not be implying what i think its implying

No. 830856

What confuses me is that they look like and live very simple 3rd world-ish, yet their parents look a lot less poor and more modern and they post drawings of male bimbos on the internet…? All of this doesn't fit together.

No. 830857

File: 1562097101111.jpg (17.77 KB, 400x418, 55d.jpg)

>>830849 they are BOINKING, anons.

No. 830859

Yes, too disturbing, wtf.
You need access to good equipment to create this polished level of digital art, too.

No. 830860

And so the plot thickens

No. 830861

She has a whole folder solely for Kisaki, who turned out to be a pedo, how fitting… https://www.deviantart.com/develv/gallery/36134706/KISAKI

No. 830864

Deva is a lot worse in terms of misogyny, I can't really remember Elv shitting on women. She also drew women a couple of times. And Elv isn't really interested in eunuchs, like her sister, she's more of a typical fujoshi who likes pairings like "brutal masculine seme X cute feminine uke". But she's the one who justifies historical accounts of child rape, so… just different types of crazy.

No. 830867

>Kisaki, who turned out to be a pedo
OT but details? where can i read about this?

No. 830871

I apologize to the degenerate farmers I made fun of in the kinkshame thread

You're (mostly) not as fucked up as this.

No. 830872

No. 830879

File: 1562099676167.jpg (26.96 KB, 743x243, 7.JPG)

Some posts here mention they live in Vietnam but it says Romania on their Viring profile?

No. 830881

probably a vampire fetish, since the one of them calls herself transylvania and they are all about dracul family mutilation and incest

No. 830883

File: 1562100292226.jpg (8.46 KB, 240x240, kisaki.jpg)

I'm dying that they tried to use Kisaki of all people as an example of androgynous beauty.

No. 830885

File: 1562100799204.jpg (171.7 KB, 1098x900, AAFIA1NbZX0.jpg)

Another russian anon here, I can translate some juicy bits for you. For example, Elv about Jacob Notaras, 14 year old boy who was raped by Mehmed the Conqueror.

>Mehmed the Conqueror and Jacob Notaras (son of the Grand Duke, or grand admiral of the Byzantine Empire).

>It happened 5 days after the fall of Constantinople, on 5 June 1453. It started at the feast: "Son of Loukas Notaras was a boy of unusual beauty. The Sultan, who knew about that, sent his eunuch to the house of grand admiral, requesting to bring him the boy for his pleasure", then historical sources write: "Jacob Notaras was taken to the sultan's harem, and unlike his father and brothers, he avoided execution because he was one of those young men who attracted the sultan's erotic attention." And finally, historical records also indicate that Mehmed "raped the protesting young man." Well, anyway, I love the excerpt from one historiographic book: "The passion of Mehmed the Conqueror for Jacob Notaras illustrates love and honor" So I think there could be absolutely anything between them! They even broke up, I mean, Jacob fled from the sultan's harem, he fled from Constantinople to Italy. Alas, Mehmed wasn't able to conquer his heart… but at least, he did conquer his body for a while >:3

Someone calls her on her shit:
>I don't really understand how imprisoning and raping someone is nice, inspiring and romantic.

Elv argues Mehmed couldn't be a rapist, because he wrote some poetry:
>You're taking words out of context. Don't you ask yourself if Mehmed fell in love with this boy? I doubt he was acting like a beast and raping every boy he liked, considering his sublime poetry which reflected his inner self, he wrote about the agony of love, about devotion, beauty and spirituality. His feelings can also be understood. Though he is a villain in a sense, but we love villains as well sometimes, we try to understand them, feel pity for them. Since this incident could be the drama of "love and honor" as I mentioned in the post, and nobody knows exactly, was there hate or love between them.
>And "the conquering of body" doesn’t mean rape, he could have persuaded him, could have asked to get closer, and the boy himself could have surrendered his BODY, but not the soul. After all, he himself might have wanted to have sex with the Sultan, and then he just fled because he didn’t love him. By the way, the Greeks themselves called Loukas Notaras a vile traitor, and as they say, like father, like son.


No. 830889

Conveniently forgetting all the angels with three heads, millions of eyes, six wings and the wheels inside wheels covered in eyes? I love when people are so adamant about the original being better but it's not even the actual original.

No. 830893

Can't wait to see their take on Good Omens once the Amazon series hits Russia

No. 830909

OT, but what's up with Russia and extremely misogynistic fujos? I was suddenly reminded of someone on r/GC mentioning Otto Dix band and their vocalist, who is fakeboi fujo who keeps pretending she's a real "countertenor" and writes extremely misogynistics sci-fi books.

You can hardly find anything on her on English-language internet (except for some dead callout tumblr blog), including her real gender, but Russian boards seem to be brimming with milk.

No. 830914

on the russian board they were specifically calling out for us to check out certain russian lolcows, who knows how much prime milk we're missing out on

No. 830917

File: 1562104095759.jpg (233.92 KB, 900x631, 0280a197388aa60d82ec90173b80c3…)

found another one their "ugly normies bashing perfect uwu eunuchs" art pieces

No. 830918

She actually went through ftm-transition a year ago. Still a misogynistic shit, a lot worse than Develv. Here's her/his thread.

No. 830921

at this point I'm convinced that Deva considers herself a eunuch and that's why they're the only people she draws in an attractive light. that way she can delude herself into feeling attractive and still call all women unattractive.

She hates women, doesn't want to be one, thinks of herself as a man, but is missing the right body parts… so she's just a eunuch, since according to her eunuchs are just men with the bodies of women, but still men in their brains. which is what she called herself here >>830749

No. 830924

samefag/doublepost but the historical revisionism and her complete lack of understanding of what eunuchs really are, and her denial of the brutality of their existence, add to her using whatever definition she wants to categorize herself as one. since she does not rely on biological, historical, or sociological facts to back up her beliefs, she can say "I'm a eunuch because I'm missing a penis and look like a woman, but I think I'm a man."

No. 830927

She wrote a whole paper here on how her yaoi fantasy is based on historical facts that are censored by horny historians and publishers!!!


No. 830934

Is it possible one or the other has an intersex condition?

No. 830935

If they had they would wave it as a flag at any occasion.

No. 830937

sisters who share the nichest and weirdest fetish and publicly defend incest, positionning it as normal.
I'm sorry there's no way you cant convince me there's nothing going on between them at this point. Probably not full on incest but something is shady for sure.

>Otto Dix
why do they gotta do my man dirty like that. He was genuinly such a great painter. Fujos ruin everything.

No. 830938

I'm beginning to think this whole thing is like a June and Jennifer Gibbons situation. Like there's a parasitic relationship going on and Deva has to die before Elv can lead a normal life free of eunuch fetishism and woman hating.

No. 830940

Tinfoil, what if the sisters have a incestuous relationship?
One of them says she's a man, they're both most likely closeted and in denial, add to that the whole 'twins engage in sexual acts' and.. Maybe? I know they're not twins but still. I seriously doubt either one of them ever had a boyfriend

No. 830941

The reason why eunuchs are sensitive and prone to depression is because they suffer from a hormone imbalance that literally wreaks havoc on there body and sometimes even make them go insane.

No. 830942

Anon you got ahead of me kek

No. 830943

after >>830849 maybe it isn't such a crazy idea, wish that anon would post the source though

No. 830952

interesting to me that the figments of their imagination which they identify as eunuchs are also persecuted for it in the imaginary world they exist in.

I think the idea that they're victims is part of the fetish.

No. 830963

The source is Deva's private group in vk.com, some anons have access and they copy discussions to holywarsoo.
Here's this discussion, Ива Сиринга (Iva Siringa) is Deva.

No. 830964

Found it. Oof. She cites some really creepy dude who obsessed with sex and sees hurtful relationship between siblings as a norm and any positive relationship as a sexual desire.

>According to statistics, in pairs of monozygotic twins, incest will happen with a frequency of 60% in boys and 2% in girls. That is, 6 out of 10 pairs of twin boys with each other have sexual contact of varying severity.

>It is believed [by that dude only it seems] that in pairs of so-called "closely related" twins (they make up a third of all identical twins), the teenage sexual games of the brothers with each other take place in almost 100% of cases, and half of them come to full sexual acts as a teenager. In this case, often closely related male twins live together in adulthood, they rarely marry and almost never part with each other.
>Identical twins are also ahead of the rest of the world in the prevalence of homosexual relations: in the USA, research was conducted on representatives of various social groups (students, schoolchildren, employees under 30, workers over 30, with higher education, no education, racially different, etc.) during which it turned out that the frequency of homosexual relations was highest in the group of monozygotic twins and was 64.5% (in other groups it ranged from 1% to 20%).
It was also found that twin girls almost always behave like ordinary sisters, while twin boys show a pronounced affection for each other in more than 80% of cases, are psychologically dependent on each other, and in pairs almost always show a pronounced separation of roles and functions (i.e., one has logical thinking, another has an abstract one; one is active and is responsible for communicating with the outside world, the second is quiet, closed and is responsible for intuition, the conscience of the couple.

No. 830967

File: 1562108163485.jpg (111.81 KB, 640x988, 4.bp_.blogspot.comRomanticLove…)

The way she drew a guy here reminds me of old postcards from the 1920s. A lot of her art has similar vibe, IMO.

No. 830970

File: 1562108801282.jpg (94.35 KB, 384x580, e16-47.jpg)

OT the art style somehow reminds me of these old ass propaganda pieces, it's the overly smoothed skin i guess. a mixture of that and 70's bishis.

No. 830971

A lot of older Russian art and animation looks 'cold' to me (as an American). Something about the facial expressions and how they are posed. To that effect they have succeeded at incorporating that into their art style. I don't know if anyone else thinks likewise, maybe my eyes are broken but I think there are cultural differences that affect how faces are drawn and perceived.

No. 830972

it has that very emotionless doll feel that is beautiful yes, but also kinda unsettling? very icons meet fujoshit

No. 830979

I hear Russians smile less than Americans so maybe that is what we are reacting to? And when Americans pose for pictures and aren't smiling we are used to seeing other specific types of facial expressions (like the model pout or duck face). By contrast their artwork is unsmiling but with very neutral, relaxed facial expressions. I wonder if Rusanons feel the same way.

No. 830980

I don't think they fuck each other. This gives me the impression that they just idolize men so much that they project themselves into woman-free sexual relationships where one of the men looks like them but hotter because reasons

No. 830983

File: 1562110323453.jpg (188.45 KB, 610x872, ikona-risuvana-rachno-chudotvo…)

Their paintings remind me of orthodox icons

No. 830985

*often unsmiling

No. 830986

I doubt it has to do with russian culture, it's more like sisters perceive emotions as something ugly. They idolize plastic doll-like "beauty", and emotions distort human faces.
Though Deva herself said she copies the style of Orthodox icons, but that's not Russian but Byzantium in origin.

No. 830987

File: 1562110488574.png (504.99 KB, 484x750, tumblr_mhm1y2DaF41s4s0zko1_500…)

Phobs has/had a slightly similar style and she did some Loki fanart. She's obviously a superior artist, tho.

No. 830989

Elv is definitely aware of Phobs and copying her style, maybe even consciously. She also shipped and drew the same pairings, like Ivan the Terrible and Fyodor Basmanov.

No. 831002

>the chad German
>the virgin Tater

No. 831005

Calling it now: they’re going to come here and sperg out about their perfect yao— uh, I mean historically accurate eunuchs uwu~

As a side note, I’m morbidly curious about their home life and cult upbringing. No way they turned out this crazy by themselves.

No. 831011

They'd better draw Jon Hamm as a third gender forced tittyboy Gabriel

No. 831024

Tinfoil but it seems like their version of "eunuchs" are just self inserts. I mean they photoshop themselves to look exactly like their drawings.

No. 831029

This all makes me so sad because fuck their art is gorgeous. I want to know about their background as well. There's definitely a big slipped cog here.

No. 831038

File: 1562119582595.jpeg (29.66 KB, 220x338, 08DB17CF-40FB-4C9F-863B-4D6DF8…)

Teru…. really….

No. 831048

File: 1562122389858.jpg (12.94 KB, 300x400, teru.jpg)

Pretty sure they meant the Teru from Versailles. Fits into her preferred aesthetic. Still not that cute outside all the makeup/hair though.

No. 831055

I'm fairly certain OP image is traced as well, and the "man" has been traced off a woman (VS model?). Can someone identify the original?

No. 831058

File: 1562125431749.png (258.3 KB, 825x887, image.png)

Holy shit, these women are fascinating. They almost transcend CWC levels of peculiarity. Their upbringing must have really fucked them up.

It's surprising that their artistic interest neglects Pashtun since they're Central Asian and still very, very into boys and feminine men as a culture: https://info.publicintelligence.net/HTT-PashtunSexuality.pdf

No. 831060

do they even speak tatar?

No. 831061

File: 1562126196620.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1080, xOcpvUM.png)

No. 831065

Eunuchs in imperial China had their penis removed along with their testicles, and were often incontinent as a result (if they didn't bleed to death from the procedure itself). She can go ahead and add that to her list of interesting facts: not subject to passions and stupid desires but yes subject to pissing themselves.

No. 831073

File: 1562130487544.jpg (75.75 KB, 1465x879, Soznanie-bytie 004.jpg)

Their father is very active in his blog http://pere-pole.blogspot.com/
He is all kinds of crazy guru, with "better than you" attitude, "doctors are stupid", "science is pointless", "everything was known by the ancients" and so on.
He makes some weird design cards of unknown purpose as well, like this one. The text translates (exactly):
«The identity of thinking and being.
Believe me, eggplant has absolutely zero meaning outside "the name of a vegetable" in Russian.

No. 831078

they do have a language and some families speak it with each other though. since they are so obsessed with ottomans i'd expect them to show effort to speak their own turkic language.
or maybe they are just lazy.

No. 831084

File: 1562132151566.jpg (153.27 KB, 1000x800, like_a_moon__laufey_and_loki__…)

They were into vertical incest as well.

No. 831101

What is it with crazy bitches liking Loki?

No. 831102

Pretty sure the woman on the left is traced off of Nicole Kidman

No. 831110

File: 1562140605688.jpg (117.48 KB, 742x1077, loki_in_dress_by_develv-d71lv5…)

Because poor pure dark prince uwu… in a miniskirt. Because reasons.
No, really, that rabbit hole is endless.

No. 831113

File: 1562140752368.jpg (399.59 KB, 632x900, d9flnvq-9b2c164d-0584-4b42-aef…)

For russian anons

Can you pls translate this? Apparently its alexander and bagoas again and she made an "original story" about them

I saw that comment section was like filled with hidden comments

No. 831114

File: 1562140892917.jpg (635.87 KB, 693x1000, thrym_s_bride_by_develv-d6c7z4…)

Everyone must dance. Even Thor.

No. 831115

The fucking beard i'm crying

No. 831116

Ha gay.

No. 831117

alexander rolling in his grave so mf hard we might finally be able to find his tomb off the seismic readings.

No. 831118

- Don't torture me, Alexander! Go where you went, you've promised Hephaestion…
- Why are you so cruel to me? I couldn't sleep, I thought of you, my Bagoas. I missed you…
- Don't lie to me.
- I don't! I really need you! Hephaestion can't give me what you can, no one except you can! Damn it, I love you, Bagoas!
- Alexander! A-ah!

No. 831119

I hope this is supposed to be silly

No. 831120

No. 831121

File: 1562142176506.jpg (249.33 KB, 1000x792, f7bf508cd0197d668bf89ab70472f9…)

Elva is totally oh-kay about fetishising 6yo with 13yo.

No. 831122

if it wasn't for the face i wouldn't be able to tell one of them drew it. the proportions are all over the place unlike their usual statuesque bodies, these legs are absolutely sending me. or is it that one of the sisters is a better artist than the other?

No. 831123

File: 1562142363946.jpg (392.06 KB, 675x950, d8r4g1b-fa11e947-d67f-436b-9c0…)

I swear i just KNOW this is traced i'm just not sure where or what the og image is but i definitely seen it before

When i looked through her godforsken gallery again i know it was already mentioned in this thread before but fuck so many of it was shamelessly traced

No. 831125

File: 1562142487287.png (1.14 MB, 862x1362, connor.png)

why the fuck did i think snooping around their tumblr would be a good idea

No. 831126

File: 1562142566409.png (3.78 MB, 1644x1222, Screenshot 2019-07-03 at 1.58.…)

great catch, anon

is that a whole head of garlic in his/her hand

No. 831127

File: 1562142578662.jpg (175.37 KB, 720x914, The Apparition [detail].jpg)

It does look somewhat similar to the apparition by gustave moreau though

No. 831128

Thank you so much anon

God, its like a 13 yr old wrote the dialogue

No. 831129

Damn you beat me to it anon

No. 831131


>Doctors of the time believed that eunuchs are more enduring and their bodies are less prone to illness.

>There was one story with Sultan Mehmed on the march to Belgrade. >When he captured the Serbian youths so that they would be his servants, one of them died of a serious illness, and then Mehmed ordered to castrate the others. And although one of them did not survive (bleeding or weak immunity), the others became eunuchs.
>So in modern times many boys are castrated to prevent prostate cancer.

Boys are castrated nowadays to prevent prostate cancer. I'm speechless.

No. 831132

every time i see one of these flaming hot statements of medical fact i just >>830722

No. 831134

I think elveo is the better artist between the two


No. 831138

File: 1562143912556.jpg (441.74 KB, 1200x720, Alexander_the_Great_mosaic.jpg)

The 4th panel looks like some sexy lesbian action. In a better world, she'd be drawing Sappho instead.
Can I just post this pic of the real Alexander again?

Oh fuck no. No.

No. 831139

Okay what no.

No. 831141

File: 1562144360937.jpg (474.98 KB, 705x1000, d85spz5-e20e8161-dc8f-44b5-aa7…)

Its….just cringy tf is this??

they said its slash canon between bagoas and oromedon

No. 831143

is this why the rusanons over at holywarsoo call him eggplant lmao

No. 831144

No. 831145

Yep! That card was so WTF that nickname just kind of stuck.

No. 831148

My russian is wonky, but does it say "brother and sister" in their description?

No. 831149

"Brothers and Sisters", plural.

No. 831150

File: 1562145555088.png (707.96 KB, 593x839, bacha.png)

The fanart she drew of a 'bacha bazi'. Bacha Bazi refers to the socially sanctioned sexual abuse of young pre-pubescent boys in parts of Afghanistan.

No. 831151

File: 1562145693687.png (328.23 KB, 730x797, bazi.png)

To make it worse this isn't just a drawing of an invented boy but is based off of a real boy she saw in a video. They aren't limiting their fetish to bygone times but to current day child rape victims.

No. 831156

There's a very detailed analysis on what happened to Jacob and which historians mention it and how. Where are simply too many versions of that event. But guess what, none says that Jacob was in love with Mehmed.

No. 831162

File: 1562148688054.jpeg (83.1 KB, 352x806, 9E4BAA0F-92F7-4F94-A2C5-A62A11…)

Couldn’t find an exact match but I think it’s supposed to be Kate Upton maybe? She definitely seems like a type of woman they’d hate
ayrt, Honestly, I have a feeling that this guy is mostly to blame for the sisters’ insanity and bizarre views on men and women. But is there any information to be found about their mum? Imagine living with a delusional husband with a guru complex and two weirdo daughters who don’t respect you because you’re an icky woman on top of that.
I kinda feel sorry for her, but maybe she’s equally brainwashed and feeds into their delusions? Who knows really.

No. 831163

File: 1562148872753.jpg (Spoiler Image,327.13 KB, 707x1000, d7xx2dj-cfff9641-6871-44ca-a4e…)

>>brotherly kiss

No. 831164

File: 1562149396348.jpg (404.2 KB, 695x1000, d80grje-df4d47af-2814-4ffc-bc8…)

Pretty sure these are also traced

No. 831165

File: 1562149511023.jpg (383.1 KB, 1000x696, d7pbjug-c5a5c60a-4b3d-4a4c-a08…)

No. 831166

This is a real thing that happens. I had a friend who served in Afghanistan and if you don't have a beard you are fair game. Apparently they could hear the sounds of boys being raped by Afghan allies within the compound but just let them get on with it. Also apparently the rapist isn't gay, only the rapee is gay.

No. 831167

File: 1562149604049.jpeg (45.73 KB, 384x384, C99F40F5-1938-4BA6-AF59-E5AE77…)

that’s really fucking vile.

has she ever expanded on why exactly in her headcanon every eunuch is gay besides her own flaming misogyny?

No. 831168

This is what gets me. Do those girls really think their pure uwu eunuchs’ lives with their captors were all kissing, cuddling and passionate eye gazing sessions?

They were fucked in the ass, you dorks.

No. 831169

Please tell that to her face

No. 831170

File: 1562150205634.jpg (189.89 KB, 684x1023, 684px-Guido_Reni_031.jpg)

Setting aside the fact that angels aren't real and can literally be interpreted however people want…

"Baby angels" in art are usually cherubs or cupids- a legitimate type of angel. Angels can be any gender, though males are more common the older the piece of art is. Byzantine art is the only place where eunuchs were widely used as references for angels- everyone else just used young men or women. If you look at the art of the Northern Renaissance (which appears to be her strongest influence here), angels there had rainbow parrot wings (which was the Church's way of explaining how parrots could talk), but all other art movements use grey, black, or white. NR angels were far from "historically" accurate, though, as they were painted with contemporary noble dress- this is the case with a lot of religious art from that period. It's rougly equivalent to giving Gabriel a Gucci jacket in terms of "accuracy". If angels can be depicted in medeival royal garb, they can absolutely wear armor, like they do in some of Guido Reni's paintings (pic related). I say, if the old masters didn't give a fuck about period costumes, then it's okay for modern TV to show angels dressed in jeans.

Not even going to get into the part where she says angels can't be black, yikes. Pretty racist.

No. 831172

"B-but its passionate anal fucking!!11"

No. 831173

File: 1562150494650.jpg (341.93 KB, 1047x1079, develv.jpg)

They said they used a miss for this image. Supposedly they used crossdressers for the male image too.

By the way since people were having some trouble telling them apart this is Dev vs Elv art. I found the folders separating some of their art in their gallery.

Dev has the more three dimensional/rendered looking art (the better looking) and draws the more cringy bimbo looking things. Most of the Develv gallery belongs to her and all the worst strawman art of women vs men / eununchs vs normies

Elv drew most of the visual kei fanarts. Has a much more flat sketchy style and sometimes draws more manly looking men. She is the one in this photo
Regardless both are very fucky and into eununchs. Though Dev has the more mental art Elv could be the history revisionist, she is very interested in it.

No. 831174

That's not what we do here. We're here to spectate, not instigate.

To everyone who's coming here from deviantart or wherever else, "sage" goes in the e-mail field, and please go read the rules.

Sorry if this is mini-modding.

No. 831175

>angels there had rainbow parrot wings (which was the Church's way of explaining how parrots could talk)

uh, what!? Source? I want this to be true so badly.

No. 831177

Pedantic but angels really were portrayed as almost exclusively male before the 19th century, and that runs an interesting parallel to women being considered chaste and uninterested in sex during Victorian times (previously women were seen as weak and silly creatures given over to carnal desires and only strong men were capable of sexual restraint).

No. 831179

I also heard that american soldiers themselves were also harassed because they were like 18, beardless, blonde, pale,… simply the opposite of that afghan men look like.
It's really beyond me how they can watch those documentaries and not feel sympathy for these kids.

No. 831180

File: 1562150932283.jpg (175 KB, 650x668, 387339_orig.jpg)

Google "Northern Renaissance Angel" for more information, but here's the gist:

>Church says God only gave humans the power to talk

>Christopher Columbus happens
>Parrots are brought back to Europe
>People notice that parrots can talk, begin to question Church
>Church suggests that parrots are related to angels and commissions a bunch of art where angels have parrot wings.

There you go. It's been a while since I took art history, but that's what I remember learning.

No. 831183

>It might be true that Mehmed had about 300 women at the court, although this number has not been confirmed anywhere in the ottoman source, there could be less or more, but these women were nothing more than just inhabitants of the female side of the palace – the harem, and the vast majority of them were servants, not sultan’s concubines who represent a very different role.
>Apart from this, on the male side of the palace, Mehmed had more than 340 male-slaves and 100 eunuchs.

>Moreover, historians and authors continue to completely ignore the fact that the Persian rulers of Islamic period allowed themselves to engage in the sexual intercourse with the "ghulams" (turk. kulam, from arab. غلام - servant, boy, youth. It is used to describe young servants in paradise, but also used to refer to slaves and slave-soldiers). It was not only permitted, but even recommended.

So, there’s definitely no way sultan had any interest in his harem, they just kept it because… No reason at all.
But the army of 300+ fuck-toy boys is definitely real and there's no doubt sultan fucked each and every one of them!

No. 831188

The reason to that is gender-separated society. Getting a wife is a status thing and if you're unable to gain that status you seek surrogate. And then all kinds of mental fuckery happens.

No. 831192

Silly anon, why would such perfect radiant creatures love ugly impure whores such as women? Furthermore, once you lose your balls, females are of no use to you, since their only purpose of existence is pushing out babies.

No. 831195

Notice how all of her straw-men fall into one of the following categories:
1) Busted, saggy-titted middle-aged woman, usually dressed like a hooker.
2) Redneck/white trash guy, usually with no shirt
3) Bald old nerd with giant nose and tiny glasses

No. 831197

There're memoirs by Vasily Vereshchagin on the topic of bacha and slavery in Turkmenistan in second half of XIX century.

>Usually pretty boys become bacha dancers, starting at the age of eight, and sometimes more. From the hands of parents who are illegible in the way of earning money, the child falls into the hands of one, two, sometimes many beauty admires, with the help of old dancers and singers who have completed their careers and now teach these skills of their protégé. They are dressed like a dolly, groomed, coddled, cared for and sold to those who wish them for the evening, for public performances.

No. 831202

The art itself is pretty. Reminds me of early 90s manga like "The Cherry Project" mixed with Indian temple paintings. 20 years ago I would've totally bought art like this if I wasn't aware it came from someone like her.

If only it wasn't about such a fucked up subject and meant to fetishize and sexualize rape and pedophilia. Ah well.

No. 831223

Woah that's crazy. Thanks for the info Anon.

Also, maybe an unpopular opinion but I don't think their art is beautiful. Some of the pieces are nice like >>830753 and >>830739 but most are lifeless and boring, and just teenage fanart level.
These ones >>831141 >>831110 >>830885 are some of the worst offenders.

No. 831241

File: 1562160981072.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.31 KB, 604x431, 1562160664.jpg)

Android sex.
What really creeps me out is how Deva draws legs. Those long spider legs…

No. 831252

I think their art is pretty good, especially considering they must be self-learned. Many of the poses are probably traced but compare the results to someone like spechie.

imo they do have some degree of talent but I'm no artist

is one of them always wearing a head covering? it's only one so don't think it's a cult thing, could it be the muslim festish? which one is it? cannot tell them apart..

No. 831253


No. 831260

Yeah I can't really shit on these two too much because it's so obvious they've been brainwashed into an actual cult mentality since young age and lived absolute shit 3rd world country lives. It's just sad and beating down in my opinion. It's cringey but it's pretty clear they're projecting themselves into their dreamy kawaii ultra-feminine eunuch figure to cope with the internalized misogyny. There's just something about them that's kinda unsettling to the point I really can't find it "so obnoxious it's funny" entertaining either.

No. 831261

its deva that wears the head coverings in those photos from what i can tell, but elv also has pics where she wears one on instagram. maybe its because shes the older one. but idk, i know nothing about iskcon, maybe someone who knows more can explain.

but i do think its a cult thing, there are quite a few people from their religion in my country and a ive seen a few of the women wear headscarves.

No. 831269

Yes, that's a cult thing. ISKCON's arhiguru said that women should wear sari and cover their head because hair attracts men.

No. 831274

So it's bad to draw women who are sexual, naked or smoke cigarettes and hold pistols. But drawing naked boys is ok, men fucking is ok, men raping boys is great, men being violent is just fine.

No. 831276

File: 1562165321471.jpg (389.61 KB, 1067x760, lucifer.jpg)

Another example of half tracing half bending original to their taste.

No. 831281

How do you find these original pictures?

No. 831282

How could they have sex with no balls? Wouldn't being castrated destroy your libido?

Also I realized in the middle of tyoing this that there's a dude watching them fuck in the background.

No. 831283

File: 1562165747082.jpg (422.53 KB, 632x900, 3.jpg)

Here's some more translations of the comic about Bagoas and Alexander. Beautiful and highly spiritual eunuch killing fucking normies who dared to laugh at him. It's like when 14 year olds fantasize about killing their school enemies.

>Hey Bagoas!

>Why are you alone?
>Where is your Alexander, eunuch? Did he left you? Look at my girlfriend, she is so beautiful! And I'll never leave her because I love her, but no one loves you! And you know, that's because you're an eunuch and a whore!

No. 831284

File: 1562165770744.jpg (434.35 KB, 632x900, 4.jpg)

>Remember! No one will ever love someone like you. Don't beg for love, you'll never get it. You're just a toy in men's hands, a fucktoy.
>Wh-what are you doing?

No. 831285

File: 1562165812093.jpg (406.62 KB, 632x900, 5.jpg)

>Wait! What are you doing?!

No. 831286

File: 1562165891974.jpg (407.37 KB, 632x900, 6.jpg)

>Bagoas, stop!
>Calm down, you hear me? Enough!
>My boy, it's me, your Alexander, it's okay. Calm down.
>I'm here… with you.
>I'm sorry, Alexander.
>They deserved it, you're not guilty of anything.

No. 831287

File: 1562165949703.jpg (72.47 KB, 758x547, Dorian.jpg)

Maybe it's just a common type?

No. 831288

This really does read like a 13 year old girl who feels "not like other girls" and is trying really hard in her head to reject that she's also a woman because of the negative concepts about women that she's absorbed (drawing other women looking and acting trashy, even the "you're just a fucktoy to men" thing that her self-insert eunuch flips out over)

No. 831289

There's a whole section dedicated to that at holywarsoo thread.
You should go to the starting post and open hidden block named ЗОЛОТОЙ ФОНД ЦИТАТ and then Обмазки и оригиналы

No. 831290

How old are these girls, anyway?

No. 831291

I'm an artist snd I agree. Her anatomy is flawed, but I think she's pretty competent. I don't understand why she traces. Clearly she can draw these things on her own.

My only major criticisms:
1) Same face syndrome, and the more stylized faces don't gel with the realistic rendering/backgrounds
2) Odd proportions- typically draws limbs too long and thin without enough muscle definition.

Her coloring and rendering are fantastic. It's truly a waste that her skills aren't being put to better use.

I have to wonder what this cult is telling people if these women have such intense internalized misogyny.

No. 831292

Apparently you can still stimulate a penis when only the balls are removed, libido goes away but all the other incentives for having sex besides male lust were still there.

I think I read this about italian castrati, it's probably on wikipedia.

No. 831293

28 and 26, that's the worst thing. Deva is the older one.

No. 831294

Only now I realized that her cult is what everyone here calls "Hare Krishna" because they constantly this shit on city squares. They are everywhere around Europe and everyone knows they are crazies too.

No. 831297

Ok this is scary. Judging by their mentality I was sure they were both unusually talented 19 year olds at most.

No. 831299

No. 831304

I know Deva most likely didn't intend to make it come off this way but the mean het couple actually seemed cute and wholesome,The guy loudly proclaimed he loved his girlfriend and said he would never leave her and in the end It looked like he died trying to take the arrow for her

No. 831305

Wow i just read the whole thing. Its unbelievably dumb and cringy it reminds me of the stuff i used to do when i was an edgy preteen

>"my boy"
>They deserved it, you're not guilty of anything.

Bitch he just committed murder because he couldnt keep his cool

No. 831306

This is awful, no wonder they self-insert into their super feminine eunuch characters since, according to their cult:

>Women are less intelligent than men. Prabhupada supported this claim by saying women’s brains are smaller than men’s. He often used the physical differences between men and women to support the belief that women are inferior to men. He said that women should submit to men their whole lives: obey their fathers when they are children, their husbands in their youth and their sons in their old age. At no point in her life is a woman allowed to become independent.

>Prabhupada also said that women should be beaten if they do not obey their husbands. In a conversation with his disciples, he says that if a woman is not submissive to her husband, he may beat her. He equates women to dogs, drums and sudras (people born into a low caste).

I wonder if they already got married to the members of their cult though…

No. 831307

Obviously hetero couples are icky and gross compared to the true chad homo relationships especially with those pure innocent beautiful eunuchs ;(

No. 831308

Exactly! They also look like actual people and not creepy dolls like Bagoas.

No. 831311

Also wth is this dialogue

No. 831312

The cult explains it all indeed. I wasn't aware of the actual practices and dogma of these Hare Krishna people but now I'm disgusted… I'm afraid these two are one of those cows where you can tell they probably won't ever get their shit together. Cult brainwashing is serious shit and knowing what the fuck they've been taught (presumably from birth) it makes all their art way less funny to me. I'm deeply saddened by women being taught to hate their own sex systematically and purposefully.

I guess I initially assumed they were shitty people that independently had gender identity issues rather than being taught to hate womanhood.

No. 831314

Even alexander looks like a doll and he's a real man

No. 831315

Bagoas just murdered a couple people in cold blood, but sure yeah it's not his fault lol. All these eunuch self insert characters are complete mary sues.

sage but their art style also reminds me of Whitefoxcub's art

No. 831318

File: 1562168641742.jpg (90.5 KB, 821x973, Capture.JPG)

I've been going through the Russian thread with the help of google translate and I've found some nuggets

No. 831320

File: 1562168961909.png (912.07 KB, 850x576, volo.png)

They traced the woman figure from Anastasia Volochkova, a Russian ballerina, then added extra fat on her stomach.

No. 831321

tom hiddleston doesnt even look like that though kek. i dont want to imply that hes ugly as a man, but hed make an extremely hideous woman.

and why do they always choose women with.. unconventional body types. volochkova has a very pretty face but also quite an unfortunate body type. they always cherry pick people to draw to make it seem like the women are ugly lol.

No. 831322

Volochkova has broad shoulders, but the way they have drawn her next to Hiddleston makes it look she is wider than him.
She's probably not wider than majority of men but the sisters can't have that lol.

No. 831323

File: 1562169359993.jpg (362.01 KB, 779x452, dalexhs-353d4fc5-bc2e-4287-810…)

Dont you mean gary stu?

she's called IJKelly now btw and her art is definitly a thousand times better than theirs imo (her art reminds me of yoshitaka amanos art though)

No. 831324

File: 1562169435658.jpg (135.41 KB, 1024x991, thranduil_s_secrets_by_develv_…)

No. 831327

File: 1562169695187.png (441.67 KB, 649x700, 20190704_000112.png)

That fucking face

No. 831329

File: 1562169980361.jpg (100.86 KB, 1073x532, 8.JPG)

No. 831331

>disgusting women

No. 831332

Are they the ones standing around with signs that are only in russian, no matter in which country they are?

I bet they say they're like man to avoid forced marriage…
But why would a sexist cult allow their daughters to draw homosexual fetish art?

No. 831334

Wow, she hates women almost as much as Phoebe does. Tragic.

No. 831348

Elvs style is honestly beautiful. what a shame they’re both so… weird. i might save some of her art though simply because i love how she draws faces.

Sage for .. whatever reason

No. 831354

They went out of their way to find the most apple-shaped ballerina to represent all women ever lol
They even called Hiddleston's male body "the perfect male body", and the her body just "the female". So petty

No. 831361

>He equates women to dogs, drums and sudras (people born into a low caste).
you don't know the half of it. the exact quotation translates as "drums, idiots, low-caste people, animals, and women (yes women is the last in the original litany too) deserve all the beating/misery in the world"

saging for ot and autism but my fucking god i hate that this religion has this huge a hold on retards who find it so super easy to buy into its bullshit

they're what now? i wonder if there's any information on their activities with the cult because it's highly unusual for 'their women' to go unmarried for so long, so as the other anons speculate they just might have married inside it. god knows if their leaders are aware of this intense degeneracy though

No. 831380

I don't get why Alexander ends up looking like a woman/eunuch too?

No. 831385

Because Deva is mysogynistic lesbian. She says women are ugly, but actually draws only women, sometimes with beards. I can't remember her drawing manly men at all.

No. 831388

>i wonder if there's any information on their activities with the cult because it's highly unusual for 'their women' to go unmarried for so long

Very, very little and mostly from old Facebook posts of their daddy. We know that they make some religious merchandise, they did a Buddhist calendar and an illustrated kids book about little Krishna - and you could buy it. They definitely do traditional paintings with oil and canvas. And daddy's FB page sais he is a "book designer", along whith advertising posts for his design studio. So I'd guess that sisters are working at that studio bringing money to daddy/cult, and I belive we should always follow the money.

No. 831389

why would their family want them married when theyre essentially the family cash cows? imagine if their husbands didnt want them painting eunuchs fetish pictures anymore.

No. 831390


The ultimate butthurt sisters, they chose one of the most gracious ballerinas and drawn her to look frumpy and huge while trying to portray fucking Hiddlestone as some kind of perfection of grace and femininity.

No. 831391

Looked around dA to see if deva and elv have any interesting friends or orbiters but none of them seem to be particularly milky. Most of their friends/orbiters are into history and lgbt stuff, but thankfully don't seem to imitate Deva and Elv's misogyny or insane fetishization.

No. 831393

this woman looks more like any of the male subjects of their drawings than any of the women they draw. they draw women as ugly little trolls, and men as if they're modeled off of real-life (supermodel/ballerina) women. truly amazing the backwardness of their perception of human anatomy

No. 831394

And there it is. It's kind of not that bad if they're fantasizing about fictional characters and historical figures, but glorifying child rape that happens in epidemic levels to the point where it seriously impedes the culture's ability to function and advance is next-level sick.
It's a normal part of Pashtun society and the result of extremely strict gender roles and extreme oppression of women. Having a boy is a symbol of status and most men want one. Even in the Afghan military, American soldiers had to prevent their younger recruits from being raped by men in the higher ranks. Funnily enough, the Taliban was trying to stop the practice and break some other Pashtun practices but often kept boys themselves.
Basically, in Pashtun culture, women and girls are treated like vermin, boys are raped and trafficked, and men perpetuate the cycle. It sounds like these women would be right at home there.
This goes wayyyy beyond typical 'not like the other girls' shit. It's most likely a factor, but there's so much going on with these two.

No. 831399

File: 1562177601339.jpeg (167.61 KB, 608x881, A90960FF-FB6A-468B-BE9F-42BD27…)

Seriously, she has the exact same elegant look they wank over so much.

Their desperate cherrypicking is pathetic.

No. 831400

Volochkova is anything but gracious though. She got her way onto scene mostly thanks to her boyfriend's ties and money.
So Deva took a woman with a VERY specific body type and called it a typical woman. Ha.

No. 831405

I'm fairly certain that anon meant "graceful" and they're either Russian and ESL or it was just a typo.

No. 831409

>American soldiers had to prevent their younger recruits from being raped by men in the higher ranks.
I talked to my brother in law about this,he told me some ANA(Afghanistan Military ) would occasionally make some sexual remarks towards younger guys but they would never dare to even a touch a US Servicemen in a non-appropriate way knowing full well the consequences
>Funnily enough, the Taliban was trying to stop the practice
The Old DRA(Democratic Republic of Afghanistan) was also trying to remove this backward practice along with many other issues
Honestly fuck the US and Pakistan for screwing up Afghanistan(derailing)

No. 831427

Not to circle back too hard but I've been trying to find info on this and nothing is coming up for me…

No. 831434

I couldn't find anything about parrots and angels and Colombus either.

No. 831441

google gives me nothing. maybe we're searching for the wrong thing? this is the painting:
but the wiki page doesn't mention the wings at all
the wiki on northern renaissance and the age of discovery has no mention of parrots or the church either

anon pls tell us you didn't shit us lol i really want the parrot thing to be true

No. 831445

>As is usual, especially in the North, Mary's features are less attractive than those of Gabriel; being a sexless angel there was considered to be no possibility of his beauty causing inappropriate thoughts in the onlooker

lmao fits right in with these 2

No. 831467

I'm not sure about the idea of parrots ability to mimic making people question the validity of the church, as corvids and starlings are native to Europe and are fairly adept at mimicking human speech, however, I have found some sources that Columbus did indeed bring Amazonian parrots back to Spain from his expeditions:

"Soon after the first explorations of the New World, American species began arriving in Europe. Among the favorites were South American macaws, which were much larger than African parrots. Another, the yellow-headed amazon, was first carried home by Columbus."

No. 831468

the kek is strong here, (s)he claims to have lots of fans in europe, and somehow mexico and brazil of all places(OT)

No. 831474

Wikipedia says
>Early Renaissance painters such as Jan van Eyck and Fra Angelico painted angels with multi-colored wings
And they both died way before 1492. So I doubt this parrot thing is true.

No. 831480

Hey guys, I'm the anon who originally brought up the parrot wings thing. When I said "Columbus" I was jokingly using it as a way to refer generally to the onset of travel to the Americas. However, apparently parrots were around in the Old World before that- my bad.

Everything else I said still stands, though. Parrots were considered uniquely "divine" (likely because they could talk), so artists like Van Eyck used parrots and parrot wings frequently

This article touches on the symbolism of parrots

This one is more generally on the symbolism of rainbow winged angels

It's possible that the professor I originally learned this from was distorting the truth, though, because very few articles touch on the fact that parrots can talk. Most of them talk about rainbows symbolising the ressurection of Christ.

Van Eyck and other northern renaissance artists definitely gave angels rainbow wings, though.

No. 831492

ot but it's funny how in the holywarsoo the anons are raging because apparently angloanons (that's us babey) called them autistics. I love this summer, thank you for this.

No. 831498

please don't be mad rusanons. its just imageboard culture. were all autists here too.

No. 831503

they are just not used to boards like this
holywarsoo originally was a community (soo is from soobschestvo = community) on the blog platform diary.ru
then we got kick out for offending other users (our lolcows) and created holywarsoo
not that i'm that used to eng/international boards, but still don't see anything offensive here

No. 831506

File: 1562188821570.jpg (407.41 KB, 953x912, NW43jTdull0.jpg)

It's okay, they posted a Soviet and US soldier kissing to show that we are united kek

No. 831508

what if they'd edited this page? Tinfoil! We know they've admitted to editing wikipedia pages but maybe they've edited more since then? Who knows how many pages they've tried getting their grubby paws on.

Anyway, I'm saging everything. Given that technically we're mostly digging up old (but still delicious milk) should we be saging all of our posts? I'm erring on being cautious.

No. 831512

this thread is a gift and also has the least infighting i've ever seen

my biggest question is still how the hell they have the equipment and time in one place to create highly polished digital artworks and SO many of them. art anons have any idea how they could be doing this living a supposedly pious life roaming around?

No. 831517

Not all their artwork is digital, seems like a fair amount uses traditional materials. Paper and colored pencils/pastels can be easily transported then photographed with a camera.

Most likely though they are bullshitting about all the travelling they do or lying about how poor their conditions are. Maybe they travel someplace new every few years, or travel between hotels. A laptop and a cheap tablet aren't that heavy. I doubt they are using big cintiqs and big rigs.

No. 831518

they don't have to work or study and they are not exactly roaming right now, I have the impression they got tons of free time
there the hell all their family get money from idk, but ISKCON tends to help their devoted followers, it's not highly unusual for "holy" people to not work 9 to 5 and still have money

No. 831521

thanks for clarifying anone

No. 831522

To be clear, some people didn't like to be called autists, and some considered it ableist.

No. 831536

they have a patreon, and also do comissions for a pretty good price iirc.

idk how much they make off it, but it seems like theres a bigger market for eunuch fetish art than i originally would have thoguht.

No. 831546

>>831498 honestly, all i have for rusanons is love. also, it was cute how some of them didn't know what sjw's were and i feel like this is some fucked up penpal shit right here. we are forever in debt. they did figure out the autism comments in the end, at least some of them did!

No. 831554

What voices do you think they envision in their comics? Their characters look so feminine I immediately defaulted to female voices. Do you think they 'hear' their eunuchs with male or female voices?

If they are in Vietnam and taking in Patreon and Commissions from Westerners even if they might seem to not be making a lot it could be well enough to get buy in Vietnam

There's a whole world of lolcows we haven't laughed at yet!

No. 831560

>>831554 I honestly hear a female voice, but kinda like that anime that had the pink haired crossdressed ??princess? prince? maybe it's just due to the weird shojo/icon art style we see from the sisters here.

No. 831577

>Mehmed wasn't able to conquer his heart… but at least, he did conquer his body for a while >:3

> >:3

i… what the fuck is wrong with them?

No. 831584

No. 831598

Rose of versailles? (Utena?)
Oh anon don't you know that rape of minors so kawaii x33

No. 831602

It's fascinating, I'm reading it through google translate and picking up on their slang, I think the word that's translating as 'Virgin' or 'Virgo' is a word for 'snowflake' or 'cow', and they call their fans 'hamsters'

sage for OT

No. 831608

I'd assume at least some of the people who commission art from Deva and Elv just ask for pretty guys as opposed to eunuch shit. They drew stuff for a few pretty big fandoms like Avengers and DBH so they probably could get a few fans from there who just like their style but don't care about the eunuchs.

Also the sisters illustrated a book about Buddha's life which they sold, but they said it was a "charity project". https://www.deviantart.com/develv/journal/Book-about-the-Life-of-Buddha-753825573
(The link they provided in the comments doesn't work anymore)

I'm wondering if they were they hired by someone else to illustrate the book or whether was it their own idea, and if they earned any money from it at all.

No. 831609

Literally Deva's nickname. Deva = Virgo in Russian.

For local "cows" = "пациент(ы)", but usually every lolcow on HS has their own moniker. Elv, for example, gets called "баклань" quite frequently. The specifics of this word are too hard to properly explain tbh.

No. 831610

Vigin/Virgo is Develv herself, cause her nickname on vk.com was Deva smth, and Deva means maiden. Our slang for cow is patient (as in "insane asylum patient").

No. 831613

In one of the weird comparison meme things one of them did(between men, eunuch and women), I remember them specifying that women, eunuchs and men had high, medium and low pitched voices respectively, so in my mind they just have feminine sounding male voices

No. 831617

That's right. Funny thing, Deva mentioned her nickname means this:
She definitely wouldn't choose it because it means virgin female.

No. 831618

Slightly OT but this discussion of russian lolcow watching communities reminds me of the forum created originally to chronicle Valeria Lukyanova (Russian living barbie lady) https://lifeinplastic21.tumblr.com/baginya

I guess it's like the Russian version of kf or PULL with holywarsoo being like their version of lolcow farm?

No. 831625

File: 1562201483829.jpg (146.01 KB, 825x510, utena12.jpg)

Probably means Utena

No. 831627

ok thanks, hamsters is still cute though

No. 831628

that's the bitch!

No. 831629

maybe something like this, I'm having a hard time vocalizing it in my head.

I bet she was fascinating to sperg about

No. 831630

The other rusanon here, I'd say baginya is surely a lot like PULL while Holywarsoo derived from diary.ru's communities discussing local lolcows. Diary.ru is a popular (especially in the 00s) blogging platform favored among fandom members, fanfiction writers, and all kinds of fujoshi. So holywarsoo is more about this fandom- and art-themed drama while PULL's cows are more 'normie'

No. 831632

>>PULL's cows
meant baginya's cows, oops

No. 831634

oh my god I used to troll these guys constantly on dA ages ago- I'd constantly post "I love these women, so beautiful." "looks just like my girlfriend! would you make art of us? you draw women so beautiful!" and just go on. they would lose their shit. I've missed them.

No. 831645

Lol what did they say to you anon?

No. 831655

anon i love you, show us what they say to you if you can please!

No. 831663

just bullshit, not a woman its a man stop etc. and eventually they started just deleting my comments. it seriously pissed off one sister (no idea which) who would personally send me hate messages on how i was het scum (ironic because im a fucking lesbian.) at one point I responded with a fanfic drabble I wrote about one of the arts based on alex x bagoas. thats when she blocked me.

long gone anon, sadly. they responded at first then just started deleting, then blocked. i got rid of my account (never used it for art just lurking.) now that I think of it im honestly shocked they were never discussed before- they go fucking NUTS if you say it looks like lesbians and I wasnt the only one trolling

No. 831668

this thread is fucking amazing, I'm so glad Admin-san gave in and allowed it. the international solidarity effort to laugh at this WILD women is so heartwarming.

if only it didn't have to include fetishization of rape victims and sad shit like that, it would be truly glorious.

No. 831672

Damn anon thats hilarious

No. 831673

There are young russians who aren't familiar with imageboards!?
>this thread is a gift and also has the least infighting i've ever seen
probably because the sisters' fucked up tendencies span a wide variety of special interests instead of being the run-of-the-mill weeb or social media trainwrecks who have groups of white knights and obsessive haters
That's awesome. Have they changed at all since you initially found out about them?

No. 831698

imageboard&blog heyday was late 00's-mid 10's, since when they decline steadily cause of social media
if one can join a group dedicated to %name a thing% e.g. lolcow miking on our most popular social media website that everybody uses all the time anyway for messages, music and mindless scrolling, why go anywhere else

No. 831710

File: 1562213960427.jpg (423.62 KB, 760x537, db5rx4u-99ee9eec-f835-4cc5-947…)

these are lesbians, you can't tell me otherwise

No. 831711

This is just fucking sad. And the fact that they are so brainwashed by this mentality in their late 20s , and still live with their crazy parents, means that these two will probably never change. I wonder if they have ever tried to live on their own?

No. 831714

This would be so cute if it was meant to be lesbians but the knowledge that these are meant to be mutilated men just kills any semblance of wholesomeness.

No. 831727

File: 1562218613248.gif (1018.38 KB, 500x375, oscar.gif)

This reminds me of the Rose of Versailles, which is ostensibly about lesbians kek

Seriously, this artist wouldn't even heave a thread if these were just drawings of gay women.

No. 831729

File: 1562218937004.jpg (278.36 KB, 1080x1535, S90704-08413509.jpg)

Deva even tried to contact actor who played Bagoas and sent him her barbie Loki.

No. 831737

Could the loki obsession be bacause in the comics he is supposed to be somekinda genderfuckfluid thing?

No. 831738

File: 1562220675995.png (569.74 KB, 900x506, 54865698.png)

you know youve messed up when you have several threads dedicated to laughing at you internationally

the way they draw the side profiles of the eunuchs looks just like how side profiles are drawn in the rose of versailles imo

No. 831739

They always manage to find the most ignoble people when they try to show pure innocent eunuchs uwu.

>Artoxar - a powerful eunuch at the court of Artaxerxes, who laid the crown on Darius II, soon he desired to become king, since Darius was weakly character and not capable, but died because of the intrigues of the evil and cunning Queen Parisatida, sister and wife of Darius.

>There are no records of how Darius himself took the death of his pet, but I suppose he grieved for him.

And she writes later herself:

>… after some time he plotted against the new king and was executed by order of Queen Parisatida (comment adm. according to other sources, Parisatida feared for her power and slandered

Tsarist favorite Artoksar, falsely accused of plotting against the king).

Yeah, the fucker killed one monarch and wanted to kill another but was stopped by monarch's wife who apparently is evil because of that.

No. 831740

he's "genderfluid" in the original mythology, but they're so keen on revisionism I'm sure it doesn't matter what the Norse people believed, they'll spin it to fit their own weird eunuchy agenda

No. 831745

File: 1562221832267.jpg (59.66 KB, 700x446, qLPyWjkqt9c.jpg)

Elva heard something about archery but didn't bother to look at any references.

No. 831747

I think the wardrobe styling made him look thinner and a bit more effeminate, especially when he was younger.

this is just embarrassing

No. 831755

File: 1562223156237.jpg (Spoiler Image,778.69 KB, 1280x1189, detroit.jpg)

collage of all the Detroit Become Human fanart Elveo made in a year, from her https://siringadev.tumblr.com, which I hadn't seen linked yet. It's dedicated to fandom stuff. Judging by her youtube page she can draw at least, if she's tracing its to increase the rate at which she can turn out more fanart because it's a lot.

No. 831757

File: 1562223808336.jpg (69.36 KB, 745x1072, lady_loki_by_eovinmg_d5twctr-p…)

Oh! That reminds me of early Elva's art.

>I decided to draw Lady Loki the way I think she looks like cause I'm not impressed with the images I've seen both marvel drawings and people's fanarts. I would dare to say on most of artworks she looks like a grotesque party girl. So I was on to make her character better, but not losing the sexy style, and depict her gracefulness and delicate beauty, like kind of Valkyrie.

No. 831759

File: 1562224082540.jpg (80.59 KB, 751x1063, rebel_by_tsvetka_d8me2wg-pre.j…)

top left looks like it could be traced/heavily referenced from pic related.

No. 831765

I swear this is traced from some Sailor Moon sequence, but I can't find it right now.

Darius II and Parysatis had 13 kids together (and 5 more kids with his other wives), I'm sure he was fucking his beloved eunuch day and night.

No. 831766

OK linking some places that haven't been yet in one place. Elva's other accounts:

fandom tumblr: https://siringadev.tumblr.com/

her random tumblr blog: https://eovinmygod.tumblr.com/

her other deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/eovinmg

her youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0TKvCN11BWdEagxnl_OnJg/

sorry if I messed up and these have already been linked

No. 831767

File: 1562225588558.png (36.16 KB, 672x842, asexual.png)

from her tumblr, she apparently identifies as asexual

My mind is boggled given the sexual nature of so much of her artwork and given how many gay dudes kissing gifsets she has reblogged. I am simultaneously a bit saddened though because it is evident (to me) that their weirdo cult is at least partly responsible for why they are the way they are. Its obvious she does find regular men attractive, and masculine ones as well as pretty boys. But something got messed up in her and her sister's heads at some point.

No. 831768

Wow, that Tumblr… She's really into generic twinks, huh?

No. 831769

It must be easy to convince yourself that you're asexual if the only person you could fathom attraction to is an imaginary, angelic, hyper feminized version of a eunuch who would never be attracted to a woman.

No. 831770

File: 1562225881244.jpg (146.23 KB, 1024x1024, Bryan_Dechart_-_Connor_-_Detro…)

how soon is it till she starts bother Connor's face model/actor the way she's been bothering the dude who played Bagoas?

No. 831771

Something interesting from Elva's tumblr, she reblogged this:


>Do you ever wonder how many people have loved you and never told you?

with the following tags: #really #wanna cry

Elva seems to draw regular non eunuch men compared to her sister, if any one of them is bi and not a closeted lesbian it is this one

No. 831772

Oh those might not be her tags but it's still interesting that she would reblog this.

No. 831773

File: 1562226621953.jpg (221.47 KB, 909x833, ZomboDroid 04072019104717.jpg)

It's like they see everything through some magic eunuch prism.

No. 831774

File: 1562226845868.jpeg (35.32 KB, 596x680, D83ufxlXkAECTX1.jpeg)

Tfw the red lipstick especially makes this look like a white woman doing blackface

No. 831775

god dammit why is the rendering so well done?! it's really quite impressive until i remember what their real intent behind the painting is
(also if anyone knows the original painting pls drop the name)

agreed about the blackface though. in what world is this okay jesus

No. 831778

Ludwig Deutsch, The Emir

No. 831779

In fairness, given the same-face both of them do I'm not sure they could draw someone that looked black. Nor do I think it would occur to them as potentially being offensive. "It's my style!" sort of thing.

That piece was also made for a friend and is supposed to represent them, its possible they've seen the person's face and they do have 'whiter' features. I think the simple explanation of 'they really only know how to draw a few faces' is the most likely one.

No. 831781

File: 1562227852626.jpg (297.3 KB, 1280x747, tumblr_mgkq0wybJc1rm3b1yo1_128…)

Elva trying to prove that Hiddlston has a thin waist.

No. 831786

Not seeing it. They're so fucking delusional

No. 831789

Do they know they can just google "shirtless tom hiddleston" and see that he has a normal dude body and is not, in fact, a ~curvy eunuch~

No. 831790

ok. i'm gonna slap a bunch of arrows on top of elva's photo and that'll prove she did 9/11.

No. 831793

File: 1562234451335.jpg (329.26 KB, 1080x2175, Muheunuchs.jpg)

How elva sees Hiddleston.

No. 831794

Good lord don't let her find out about RCDart.

No. 831795

I consider myself fujo but these sisters are real nutters. Why is yaoi fandom filled with toxic cray crays these days? Just fuck off and leave us alone.

No. 831797

Seems legit.

No. 831799

Nah, too much human things like yucky bones, muscles and veins. A real man is smooth like an alien.

No. 831805


No. 831806

any fandom is filled with toxic crazies, but this days it's more evident cause toxic crazies like to be loud and crave for attention so they try to get everywhere and it's easy with today's net

No. 831811

But there are different faces in their parody drawings of normies vs eunuchs. It's more like "they consider only one face type to beautiful and worth drawing".

No. 831817

Yes there has always been crazy people in fandom. Google "FF7 house". Add religion into the fandom mix like these cult sisters and the craziness becomes next level.

Btw Rusanons, do you know anything about a Russian fanartist called Candra? She was on deviantart and would obsessively draw Dracula raping Richter Belmont over and over again. Her art was good but nuts at the same time.

No. 831823

File: 1562242695958.jpg (151.25 KB, 751x1064, isis___lady_of_green_plants_by…)

Sage for OT but the eunuch ladies remind me of when I came across this girl on Deviantart:

For starters, ALL she draws is Nazi official Reinhard Heydrich. There is NOT a single picture with the other theme.
She depicts him as female deities from various cultures (the opulent dresses and muh symbolism), has an entire Tarot series of Heydrich and claims he was some kind of ethereal androgyne. But apparently she is "anti-nazi, anti-communist and generally anti-totalitarian". This whole account was such a big WTF for me, I still did no get whis Heydrich obsession.

No. 831824

Afaik she is totally ok. She has her honest kinks and that's it.
Btw Deva once found Candra's arts and got excited about them since she thought Candra drew exclusively slash. She was pretty disappointed when someone told her otherwise and then she quickly deleted the post.

No. 831829

File: 1562243058739.jpg (205.13 KB, 439x600, the_blooming_kiss_by_develv-d9…)

Yeah, yeah, Deva doesn't like aggressive sexiness.
Deva after finding out about Candra's tastes:
> it’s a pity that the artist still depicts just such busty, aggressively sexy women in armor-wiches and thongs … I don’t blame her for that, it just became unpleasant to me personally.

No. 831830

File: 1562243183603.jpg (422.02 KB, 534x800, enaria_by_develv-d9v7dlf.jpg)

… and silly golden thong…

No. 831831

File: 1562243280803.jpg (278.95 KB, 622x900, dance_with_dagger_by_develv-d8…)

… and busty women in suggestive outfits on high heels…

No. 831833

File: 1562243352996.jpg (964.11 KB, 1000x787, persian_dancer_by_develv-d85sn…)

… in provocative poses.

No. 831834

She claims to not like pornography, but the cheesecake she draws is far from pure and gentle sensuality. She claims to not like aggressive sexuality, but draws bimbo eunuchs and has some weird, borderline dysmorphic idea of what a woman's body looks like compared to a feminine man's. God I hope she doesn't spawn. Her daughter would probably grow up to be a serial killer.

No. 831835

That's definitely a… peculiar person…

No. 831836

That's hilarious. Maybe, she has a separate account for her normal art? If I was obsessed with some middle-aged fugly Nazi, I wouldn't post him on my main account.

No. 831839

How dare you anon, that is clearly a man, which makes these not aggressively sexual. If these portrayed fugly whore women it would be, but since it's a superior male, it's not.

No. 831840

deva is definitely at least bisexual, if not lesbian. she does draw porn, i guess its more borderline porn, but the "men" she draws look exactly like women and dont have male genitals.

i really wish someone managed to track down their activities within the cult irl, i bet the cults mentality is responsible for the mess we see here.

No. 831844

File: 1562244309366.jpg (43.74 KB, 540x448, S90704-15415766.jpg)

That's her account for her special art, you're right.

No. 831845

Still has some autistic vibes to me

No. 831847

I really doubt it. Loki's pansexuality/gender fluidity (on account of his shape shifting) is only brought up in recent comics. Deva's obsession with Tom Hiddleston seems to indicate that she's focused on the movies, and her being ESL makes it unlikely she's ever read the comics.

And yeah, the gender fluidity is because he can shape-shift, not because he's some sort of femboy lmfao

No. 831850

I can't find this quote in English, but Russian wikipedia quotes the description of Heydrich by another Nazi, Schellenberg. He says Heydrich had wide feminine hips and long thin arms. A lot like Deva's descriptions of eunuchs, I guess that's why "ethereal androgyne"…

No. 831852

This just looks like it's being edited with Meitu beauty camera lmao it looks freakin awful

No. 831853

File: 1562245521761.jpg (110.2 KB, 590x786, owieczki[1].jpg)

Holy shit, I know her, sort of. She's was a pretty huge cow in Polish lolita community (now she's moved onto vintage fashion), I'm sure some /cgl/ anons will know her. She's obsessed with Heydrich, used to make an entire shitty artbook on him along with some cringy fanfic, now she's writing a biography, tho admittedly she seems to be pretty factual about it.

Not sure what she's up to now, since I haven't followed her in a while, but she used to be pretty fucking obnoxious. She claims to be lesbian, but her creepy Heydrich fetish is suspicious as fuck.

No. 831854

Oh, and he was also pretty tall and had a high voice. Dude probably had some hormonal disorder, if Deva knew about him, she as well would draw him as a perfect eunuch.

No. 831855

File: 1562245892950.jpg (95.05 KB, 910x403, heydi.jpg)

Just noticed the Heydrich girl has Deva's drawings in her Favorites section lol

No. 831856

File: 1562245919954.jpg (124.05 KB, 716x1100, 7b1feeecd4330e42db757746eeab93…)

the more i look at deva's work the more it seems inspired by saito chiho's manga (revolutionary girl utena and rose of versailles mentioned above by other anons)
content-wise as well, saito's work features borderline abusive/obsessive males with womanly beauty and features, tempestuous/forced relationships, intense lovemaking etc. it's been nagging at me since i noticed the butts and legs, deva draws it exactly the way they're done on saito's men.
if anyone's interested the art from her manga "basilis no musume" is a great comparison to deva's style

No. 831857

She kinda did - https://holywarsoo.net/viewtopic.php?pid=2240716#p2240716
dude in the pic has a Heydrich nose.

No. 831860

File: 1562246135993.png (761.67 KB, 838x1346, Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 6.44.…)

can we have more caps in the thread? it's a bitch to go to holywarsoo and translate each time

>now he can neither eat nor shit because darling bo-bo already "got sick of grief"

i am crying these russanons are wild

No. 831866

File: 1562247974699.jpg (43.92 KB, 576x512, 04072019164406.jpg)

At some point Deva found some "real Polish eunuch" and that some story was fishy as hell.
That "eunuch" used Deva's terminology and clearly was into her distorted view of that topic, used her illustrations. Overall it seemed like some fakesona made specifically to get to Deva but she bought it without a blink.

The following links are eunuch's posts about them and their adoration of Deva.





No. 831867

File: 1562248183574.jpg (134.06 KB, 1024x1451, ss.jpg)

>the blonde beast
>the hangman
>the butcher of prague
>the man who even hitler thought was cruel
Yeah, such femininity, us women could never…

No. 831869

I bet being raised in a misogynistic cult while bisexual, coupled with reading manga like that gave them very fucky ideas about romance and womanhood.
They probably think women doesn't deserve love or something

No. 831873

File: 1562251006637.jpg (24.36 KB, 325x500, s-l1000.jpg)

Thank you for the info. Of course Deva was upset, she thinks drawings of sexy women are only okay if the women are called eunuchs!

No. 831876

Shes so blind to her own hypocrisy

No. 831880

Yeah that eunuch friend was briefly mentioned here >>830775

Their other eunuch friend, Kofi is black and straight, so like the exact opposite of what deva and elv are into lol. I lowkey wonder if he was a troll persona created to see how they would react to eunuch who doesn't fit their narrative. He claimed he was a harem boy in the Emirates, that he's straight but has to have gay sex with his boss to get paid, and that he wishes he could just be a normal dude.

Kofi's dA account (inactive as of early 2019): https://www.deviantart.com/khassiadu (his previous deactivated account was kofiadu)

Art Deva drew for Kofi (posted ITT before but in case anyone wants to see her comments and his comments on it): https://www.deviantart.com/develv/art/Black-and-White-585978863

Another piece Deva drew for him: https://www.deviantart.com/develv/art/Black-khadim-eunuch-634444033

Kofi comments on eunuch erotica written by a friend of Deva and Elv: https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/691718612/4442802948

Kofi explains why he deactivated his first account to someone in Deva and Elv's circle: https://www.deviantart.com/hardyzutary831/journal/KofiAdu-690948278

No. 831883

god fucking damn it, she’s polish and she worships a nazi war criminal? I don’t give shit about people’s fetishes, but this bitch spits in the faces of tens of thousands of her own people who this man personally ordered to torture and kill. Google operation tannenberg if you want to read up on that.

Call me mad on the internet but I hope she fucking chokes

No. 831886

Also warning for if you're going to look around Kofi's account, a lot of his favourites are porn (by default the thumbnails are censored on dA but in the archive link they aren't)

No. 831892

Plenty of slavic girls have fetish for Nazis, despite most of their ancestors being killed in ww2, unless we are talking about western ukrainian girls, some of whom are descendants of Nazi collaborators.
They all have one specific thing in common: they are not right in the head.

No. 831898

File: 1562254810549.jpg (313.38 KB, 900x662, Ouke.no.Monshou.full.1129400.j…)

I'd say it's more Ouke no Monshou in terms of art, tbh.

To be fair, she's not denying or excusing his crimes, she even admits he was a bad person and dedicated some blog posts to Holocaust victims.
However, I can't help but see her adamant claims of anti-nazism etc. as a case of "lady doth prostest too much", especially since several years ago she was outed sockpuppeting on one forum as a racist troll.

No. 831900

File: 1562255090176.png (82.65 KB, 848x611, image001.png)

Daddy is against anons

No. 831908

That’s just virtue signallling, pure and simple. I can’t imagine being anti-nazi and getting your rocks off to heydrich simultaneously. That’d be some hardcore level of cognitive dissonance. But then again she’s somehow capable of blocking out the fact that, being a slav, her nazi prince would see her as lower than a cockroach, so…

(also, lets not derail this thread too much lmao)

No. 831910

Nazi fetishists seem to be really good at virtue signaling, "I don't condone" is their mantra. They're basically historical hybristophiliacs.

No. 831914

File: 1562257073877.jpg (96.93 KB, 742x742, Radha_Krishna_55d3b786-02f1-43…)

All those specific manga comparisons are quite a reach. Her obsession with eunuchs reminds me of Clamp's RG Veda and the genderless Ashura character, but I doubt they ever read it.

The only obvious influence is Krishna religious art (as many anons noticed before) plus old manga in general.

I need to say that I fucking love this thread. Thanks to the anons who unearthed this insanity!

I wish I could draw as lovely as Dev, too bad she wastes her talent on this eunuch insanity (or not, as it's quite milky and entertaining).

No. 831917

File: 1562257613539.png (2.62 MB, 1080x5564, 1562257345846_405(1).png)

Deva praisig her own art.

No. 831918

File: 1562257645216.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.04 KB, 540x540, tumblr_omf6s9Ox7m1t26jm0o1_540…)

Don't want to get too OT, but there are black people with features like that, even ones that aren't East African (pic related is West African). It's not really a "Caucasoid skull" thing, it's just having a sculpted face in general.

No. 831919

Fucking hell. This girl can write novels on her own shit.

No. 831922

File: 1562257928330.jpeg (92.98 KB, 643x820, F5E2873E-DA37-4FCE-B2EA-A5DFC7…)

I see the 3deep5me runs in the family

No. 831923

File: 1562257971998.jpg (476.15 KB, 975x1657, S90704-19313589.jpg)

Hates those tits and butts… Draws them constantly.

No. 831930

This woman is so sheltered if she thinks that only heteros can be promiscuous. It’d be hilarious to see her go to, say, a leather gay bar.
As a side note, the whole getting pissed at couples kissing in the movies thing reminds me of every delusional “nice girl” type I knew, who would nitpick on pretty girls’ looks and constantly whine about boys only liking sluts and not them.
Only most of them grew out of it by 18, while Deva still spits out these hot takes at 28.

No. 831933

>write an entire essay about how ~pure at heart uwu~ this character is
>also draw a comic of him murdering innocent people because they made fun of him

No. 831934

I want to know what "Bombing from prostitute Thais and the wrong fan fiction" is.

No. 831935

File: 1562260125528.png (2.14 MB, 540x13213, 1562258777544_369.png)

She is a total pro at generating KILOMETERS long raging post about nothing.

No. 831937

literally OBSESSED

No. 831938

“TL;DR - I’m a raging fag hag”

No. 831939

Holy SHIT this is a whole 'nother level of autistic sperging

No. 831944

The funny part about all that is there's no proof Bagoas even existed. No source contemporary to Alexander mentions "dancer Bagoas, lover of Alexander". Giving how Deva insists on his absolute importance you'd think there's at least SOMETHING. But no, the farrier from Alexander's times historians lived, the more details they wrote about Bagoas, usually making him to serve their moralizing narrative.
Deva literally takes Stone's movie for a historically accurate source.

No. 831949

I'm confused, didn't she think that the his portrayal in that movie was wrong too? See >>830608

No. 831951

a goth loli… I'm not even surprised she is pretty fucking obnoxious. Like the fujoshi groups, they tend to attract huge cows. Her obsession with Heydrich is even weirder than the eunuch sisters.

No. 831952

That came later. She started with the movie, then read Mary Renault, then craziness kicked in and nothing was enough anymore.

No. 831955

File: 1562263184637.jpg (416.82 KB, 956x1470, S90704-20480136.jpg)

Prostitutes. Prostitutes everywhere.

No. 831960

my fucking god the cult language is simply oozing out of her
it's sending my sides into orbit that she uses it to justify her buttsexing "eunuch" drawings lmfao

No. 831976

From Elva's YouTube account, if you're interested in how they paint. They use an old version of photoshop.

Unfortunately the rest of her YouTube isn't very milky. Just 4 videos, two of which are painting process videos and the others are poems.

No. 831982

>Mary Renault
Checked Wikipedia and it turns out she was pro-pedo, wrote about gay relationships but was against the gay rights movement in the 70s and was sexist against women. Damn, a real proto fujo of the worst kind.

No. 831986

She was born in 1905, what do you expect.
The books are good though.

No. 832003

File: 1562270574204.jpg (265.85 KB, 1100x786, ngAbzd9uhAs.jpg)

Fresh art from Deva.

No. 832008

i'm so sorry i can't stop laughing at the dude on the right it's like everything everything is fucked up

did she make this for patreon? might explain why it looks so rushed and… just plain bad?!

No. 832010

…I don't expect everyone born in 1905 to be a pro-pedo proto fujo, no. Also the women's rights movement had gone on for quite some time at this point.
But nevermind 1800s-1900s mentality, Deva herself sounds downright medieval with her misogyny. The sexist ideas of that period, at least in Europe, was that women were sinful, sexual and imperfect while men were much godlier.
I guess their cult have similar ideas.

No. 832013

That's an illustration for the fafic she is currently writing.
And, according to Deva, she spent several days on that.

>Mark, thank you)) took a few days to create an illustration) and this is a record fast for such art, I usually paint for weeks)

>I checked the text, added something with it, because there are places where it seemed to me unsaid, and added a few words about the arena) that before the image of the arena in the picture, I think this view will be more suitable for sci-fi atmosphere than the usual training boxing ring)

>Mark, I sometimes draw for months)) I painted this picture for four months) of course I also painted other works during breaks, but the point is that you don’t have to try to finish quickly, but you need to hone the style and enjoy the process. Feel the volume, texture, lighting, atmosphere … As one well-known contemporary concept artist artist (I don't remember the name) said: "Quality is more important than speed. If you can work a picture better, spend a few extra hours and even days on it."


No. 832016

It looks like a wikhow illustration with more flashy coloring. Are they getting worse?

No. 832027

Renault's profile seems to really align with Deva: mysoginistic lesbian fujo with pedo fetish.

Sorry for history sperg, but Middle Ages actually improved women's legal standing compared to Roman times (and don't even get me started on Greeks), where women were treated like retarded children dependant on fathers and husbands. Not that everything was great, but still.

No. 832030

Holy shit, a Polish cow?
Can you give me any deets so that I can look her up? Does she have a blog, instagram or just the dA?

Sage for offtopic. Sorry but she seems very milky and there are barely any Polish cows (maybe that's good, but yeah).

No. 832032

Yeah I'm getting a strong "lesbian-in-deep-denial" vibe from her tbh.
She should go to therapy instead of being an incestuous nut with her sister.

No. 832046

File: 1562274638178.jpg (258.01 KB, 954x986, S90705-00042475.jpg)

Brave of you to think that Deva was interested in Renault's personality and not in Alexander/Bagoas slash. And as soon as she realized it wasn't really there her love turned into hatred really fast.

No. 832049

at least she didnt burn the book… right?

No. 832050

Jesus Christ, she sounds like she's a danger to the public!

No. 832055

That's what you get thoughtlessly tracing without trying to understand anatomy and only drawing static poses. That's her real skill right here.

No. 832057

yep iirc even in the earliest account of Bagoas I'm pretty sure Alexander just kisses him once because he was basically peer-pressured by a bunch of horny soldiers into doing so lmao but Deva insists on her pure sweet historical gays boyfrens.

No. 832060

Okay that's a psycho level hatred of romance and sex involving women.
Mary is a bastard for loving women huh? That's not homophobic or anything.
She rants about homophobia and against het but has she ever written anything about lesbians?

No. 832061

With that deep of an internalized misogyny, anon? I don't think she ever will

No. 832063

This one is actually Elva. I hate that I know this.

No. 832065

Sorry, Anon, but this is Deva

No. 832066

Rusanon thinks "loving women" was used in general sense here, like "liking women" and writing something good about them. So not homophobia, just the usual misogyny. I don't think Deva mentioned lesbians at all, anywhere. Maybe she thinks it's impossible for disgusting women to love one another and not supreme creatures such as men.

No. 832067

https://www.blogger.com/blogin.g?blogspotURL=http://plowabestia.blogspot.com/ - it's locked unfortunately, which is a shame since it was dedicated to Heydrich and contained most of the lulz, especially in comments. Maybe if you butter her up enough on her regular blog, she will grant you access
http://dextella.pinger.pl/ - only for logged pinger users

The one Polish lolita forum she used to post and sockpuppet on is long defunct sadly.

Her usual usernames were Heydi/Heidi, Boromirka and Dextella. If you look harder, you might find more of her, she used to bleed all over the internet since at least 2009. I remember there was some talk of her on Behind the Bows (or Lolita Secrets?) and /cgl/.

If you asked her, she would probably sperg about how lesbians are so beloved by the public while gays are reviled and how there's too much (female) tits and ass everywhere.

No. 832105

Thought she considered him too "ethnic"-looking to be Bagoas, based on >>830608 and >>830709?

No. 832106

Now this is real femcel shit, jesus

No. 832110

Has she ever watched a hetero romance movie??

No. 832129

Lmao, go back to Tumblr. Mary Renault was a lesbian and an open supporter of gay rights at a time when it was dangerous to be. Her being critical of the Pride movement in the seventies really isn't that different from the GC lesbians on LCF today. Being critical of one specific movement doesn't imvalidate everything else about her.

Of course a gay woman raised before women could fucking vote is going to have internalized misogyny. Lovecraft and Tolkien were fucking racist, but that doesn't render their work meaningless or without value.

Also, the "pedophilia" in her books is the teenager-adult eromenos/erastes relationship common in Athenian society, and anthropoligists maintain that pederasty and pedophilia are two separate things. Pedophilia is a paraphilia, pederasty is an outdated custom. Most women were being married as teenagers at that time. Obviously it's inappropriate and gross in a modern context, but it was normal in Ancient Greece. Depicting things as historically accurate =/= defending the thing in real modern life, for fuck's sake.

(saged for derail)

No. 832139

The random blurring on certain areas kills me, there's no actual motion because those are the stiffest poses ever but she still added motion blur kek

No. 832151

File: 1562294196979.gif (1.46 MB, 499x206, 25691386-3087-48F0-BCD3-0802C3…)

Their angel eunuch depictions remind me of Gabriel from Constantine, who looks very androgynous, tall, ethereal and beautiful. Tilda Swinton plays him.

No. 832152

>Tilda Swinton plays him.
You mean a filthy woman? Blasphemy. Completely unacceptable to these sisters.

No. 832178

>Elva deliberately quoting Quran wrong to imply that homosexuality in men was not seen as a sin, but in women was.
It wouldn't surprise me at all if they're both lesbophobic and think sex between men is "pure and wholesome uwu" while women just have sex with each other because they're bitches in heat or for men's attention

No. 832187

File: 1562304201163.jpg (439.14 KB, 891x1743, S90705-08194008.jpg)

Daddy defending caste system.

No. 832188

>an appeal to nature while trying to speak of enlightenment and education
Is he stupid?

No. 832190

I remember Dextella the Heydrich girl, she was a prominent figure in polish lolita community few years ago. I remember a newspaper article about her when she was 14 or something and she talked about lolita and vintage fashion and how she didn't have even one pair of modern clothes. She was always interested in Roman Empire and WWii but her obsession with Heydrich was something else. The way she wrote about him, how she started to love him despite knowing it was wrong was seriously fucked up. Every post on her blog was about longing after the dead Nazi and how she was evil but also misunderstood. Like classic hybristophillia but with Nazi twist lol. She used to even study bohemian but drop out after first semester. She also found her girlfriend through this Heydrich obssession. They are still together if i remember, doing vintage fashion.
She used to date a boy who was doing historical reconstructions. Wearing German uniforms and all that shit.

No. 832194

File: 1562306469432.jpg (38.36 KB, 480x480, P2040142.jpg)

sorry for double posting about i forgot about this gem.
she has Heydrich figure also

No. 832232

File: 1562319771263.jpg (202.63 KB, 500x397, dbvlprm-bfb2e2b9-177f-4615-92b…)

Even the men they raw always end up looking like women disguised as men

No. 832242

File: 1562321030682.jpg (167.24 KB, 627x850, _cqTIqeNQdk (1).jpg)

Oh come on, that's clearly Utena!

No. 832244

Kek…must be wearing a fake mustache

No. 832260

File: 1562325335900.jpg (256.93 KB, 900x1236, albelotta___knitting_by_albelo…)

This sounds so milky, thank you anons. I wonder how she is rationalizing all this while insisting she is anti-nazi. Seems like she has her own shizo philosophical concept around Heydrich.
Also found her other works a.k.a "book illustration comissions"… (pic related) I'm not even surprised by the fact the guy in those looks almost identical to her nazi husbando

No. 832262

Dinara? That's a rare name, I've only seen it once in Croatia because it's a mountain range there and an archaic name. The name seems to be used in Russia though and have some Arabian origins?

No. 832264

This is a quite common name among Tatars in Russia

No. 832267

Oh no do you bite your thumb at me sis? I just glanced at the wiki which made it look like they had similar issues but it's good to get more input.

Also I appreciate that there are anons here who have more direct and in depth knowledge about the history things we discuss. I know enough about Alexander to understand that Deva's portrayal would make him roll in his grave, but anons who can point out more historical errors feel free to sperg on.

No. 832271

File: 1562326488934.jpg (272.45 KB, 300x450, abc3e2c96eecb22f155ce513c6aab0…)

That's more Lady Oscar or the main heroines of Paros no Ken if you really need to make that comparison.

I highly recommend this 3 part interview with her that I dug up. She's sperging about her nazi husbando pretty hard in it:




Interesting that she identifies as lesbian and has a girlfriend yet is obsesses with some randomass nazi creep that she even calls her friend that she will never abandon.

Also she complains how she hates that feminism has become political. Peak libfem choice bullshit.

Can we move with discussion about this cow to a different thread? I wanna talk about her but I don't want to shit up this one (which I love very much - sorry for my contribution to the offtopic discussion)…
Any ideas which one would fit best? Maybe random instagrammers one or something?

No. 832273

I get the impression they are't really into anime tbh

No. 832275

kinda reminds me of my sister,she's a lesbian with a long term girlfriend but she has an almost obsessive stalkerish relationship with her male best friend(blogging)

No. 832294

If they were into anime they would fetishize the shit out of Arslan (young, pale, weak, white haired bishie prince in the middle east), I saw fujos and pedos post doujinshi art of the character on 4chan lol

But they seem to have a few old drawings of Japanese idols, odd that they don't draw asians now

No. 832299

It does seem like they had a thing for anime traps in >>830467.

No. 832302

>Can we move with discussion about this cow to a different thread?
Meh, I think this talk can be over already. She's not really providing much milk by now, aside from her choice of airing her creepy Nazi obsession for all world to see.

As a fellow historian, I must admit she's pretty solid at her craft (though her blog posts on WWII were always way too emotional for me), but I can't help but wonder how she's gonna be perceived by other historians once/if her Heydrich book is out, since it's inevitable her cringy Nazi crush is going to be discovered by wider audience.

No. 832326

i dont think anyone will see her as a serious historian because of her Nazi fetish tbh

(OT but i would never guess i'd found her and fellow PLanons here)

No. 832329

Some another anon mentioned in one of the previous threads that they claim when were young they used to draw their own characters but they didn't know what men's genitals looked like so the drew males without any sex organs
they now interpret this as they were actually drawing eunuchs in their youth and just didn't know it

No. 832334

Usually when kids are unaware that boys and girls have different genitals, they just think everyone has same genitals as them.

Sounds sus to me that they would draw men as having no genitals at all.

No. 832346

Well, some kids do know there is a difference, they just don't know what the genitals specifically look like. Drawing barbie skin on a nude figure when you're young is pretty normal I'd say.

No. 832347

File: 1562339563745.png (670.65 KB, 674x1171, disgusting incest.png)

>I heard people saying Thorki and Lauki is DISGUSTING INCEST. Do you think I like to hear such things huh?
That's literally what it is though lmao

No. 832354

Wait, is this seriously her tumblr?
>He can love Thor because he is his brother. He can love Laufey because he is his father.
It's worrying me how she doesn't see the difference between romantic love and love for family members. And later she writes
>You know I hug and kiss my mom but it doesn't make thing wrong
Like this and the "romance" she's drawing are totally the same thing. Fuck, I really hope her father didn't molest her.

No. 832360

Look for a book "Monkey on a stick". Cases of child molesting were quite common in ISKCON.

No. 832363

>I'm NOT hating all het
Wow, progress! Or denial.

No. 832367

File: 1562341915873.jpg (53.78 KB, 500x376, tumblr_o1ncyg867r1v20qjdo1_500…)

his pose looks like this lol

No. 832382

God, this creepy bitch.
Some more key points from the interview for non-polanons:
- the name of Lolita culture comes from XIX century books, has nothing to do with Nabokov’s book (source: her ass),
- she bitches about Lolitas who can afford burando, Sweet Lolitas in particular, buys her shit on Taobao, thinks she’s better for that (spoiler alert, she’s not)
- her origin story: once some dude said she looks like himmler (lol, gg dude) and she wanted to insult him back by finding his nazi lookalike, instead found heydrich and got obsessed,
- poor heydrich was beaten as a child!(proceeds to describe in detail what a pretty, feminine boy he was),
- it’s basically his wife’s fault he became a nazi. She illustrates it in a fairytale she wrote about a good sailor who is seduced by an ugly mermaid and turns into a beast,
- virtue signals about cleaning up ww2 memorial sites, gets very smug about it,
- drew a tarot deck featuring heydrich on each card, but mostly enjoys drawing him as various goddesses to emphasize his feminine soul,
- hates people who sexualize heydrich, got some nazi fetishist lady and her husband fired from their jobs, claims it’s because the woman harassed her about her art,
- heydrich is her “friend” and she’s “helping him”
- says “he didn’t kill people himself, he just gave orders to kill them!” like it somehow makes a difference,
- “why is my art scandalous? Because he was a nazi? I know he was, I’m allowed to draw him!”, doesn’t understand it’s scandalous because most normal polish people would want to smash this guy’s face the second they’d learned about him, not draw him as a dainty lady and gush about his beautiful soul.
- her girlfriend loves heydrich too and writes plays about him, says he brought them together
- bonus from the comment section: she bitches out some guy who (reasonably) tries to explain to her that her shit is whack, says heydrich is something akin to her religion, gets extremely r/iamverysmart, while a handful of her fangirls give her asspats and one calls her “charmingly vicious” or sth like that.
I highly doubt she’ll ever get the book done. There’s assload of nazi biographies already on the market, no big publisher will be interested in yet another one, especially by an author who has a hard time disguising her fetish. I guess she could have it self-published and I kind of hope she does because then people from wykop (aka polish reddit with a touch of 4chan) will sniff her out and make her a laughingstock, they love to do that.
I’d really love her to heave her own thread as well, but sadly I don’t think she produces enough milk on a regular basis for that. And I agree it’s probably time to stop derailing.

No. 832434

is this why they both act like closeted lesbians/bisexuals

No. 832447

what religion do these two even believe in ?

No. 832455

File: 1562351196373.png (611.1 KB, 1456x836, Screenshot 2019-07-05 at 11.56…)

keep up anon
caps for anyone who'd rather not click a link

No. 832512

this is totally a cult, right? i see them sometimes in the nearest city.

No. 832563


The Hare Krishnas are a bit culty, not quite on the level of Scientology but definitely into the "come and have a free meal in exchange for sitting through a group chant".

No. 832568

Yeah. Like any cult they meet you wuth lighthearted, harmless fun stuff at first, like a friendly company, sympathy, seemingly honest desire to help you. You buy it, especially if you really have some emotional problems, or somewhat depressed, or feel lonely - and then, slowly, they start to push the idea that they are the only people that care about you and all the others want to harm you or your beliefs, that all the rest are against you and don't understand you like people in that community. And you eventually buy it. And then you're theirs. You sell those crap books, sell you property to give money to the cult, abandon your friends and family because they try to make you stop and think about what you're doing and clearly that's because your faith pals are right and your family don't want to understand you.

Also they have some really gross traditions, like washing guru's feet with juice or yogurt and then drinking it as a sign of adoration and respect.

No. 832577

Absolutely. I will never forget my first time visiting New York and out of the crowd is someone handing out leaflets. Not thinking I take the leaflet and keep walking… I look back about 60 seconds later this Hare Krishna dude is walking closely behind me with the creepiest smile on his face. I try to push teh leaflet back into his hands but he wouldn't take it, he just kept following and smiliing. These fuckers are as creepy and disgusting as that fucking family incest cult.

No. 832690

Ok If their Hindus then why do they put so much Christian and Islamic Imagery in their work ?

No. 832691

Ok If their Hindus then why do they put so much Christian and Islamic Imagery in their work ?

No. 832697


Because people can be influenced by other factors? Where they live? Other things they like? See: weebs drawing anime.

No. 832717

Despite being raised in ISKON, their dad is some kind of meta-cultist who doesn't limit himself only to ISKON dogma so he's exposed them to his, uh 'ideas' in lieu of an actual education. They likely spent time in other types of temples and orgs as well since the family are lifetime mooches and would (I guess) take what they could get.

No. 832764

Religions (and cults) and cultures inspire each other, anon. You find heavy influence of the dominant culture in Christian iconography in MENA and East Asia. Because ISKON is a relatively new religious movement it immediately had the opportunity to draw themes from Western religious to increase its Western appeal. They are Hindu but 'Hindu' covers a massive spectrum of religious practices, including a large number of scams/cults both in India and elsewhere.
Always keep the crazy pamphlets that people give you, anon. They make for good talk pieces and souvenirs

No. 832766

Hare Krishna is very syncretistic, anon. They postulate that all deities are the one deity just under different names. Christ=Krishna, that kind of thing. And since only Hare Krishna knows the true name of the deity and worships it correctly they are loved by it way more.

No. 832806

this clarified things, thanks

No. 832822

Any pics of their father ?

No. 832825


might be a little extreme of me but i think it's worth considering that they can probably get away with making up degenerate stories of other cultures/gods way more easily. if they drew krishna kissing another dude (which you know canonically his best friend in the mahabharata is considered to be a big pansy) they'd probably get beaten or at the very least get their porn drawing computer privileges revoked.

No. 832827

samefag and super super OT but krishna is often depicted like most hindu gods with dainty, effeminate looks and long hair. also the "best friend" that i'm talking about crossdressed and lived as a eunuch dancer for a year while exiled with his brothers (so it goes in the religious epic). it's canonical.
if she wanted legit eunuch content she wouldn't have very far to look from her own religious context. howEVER she's more willing to put stock in non-hindu and sometimes nonexistent characters who might or might not be gay let alone eunuchs, so it might not be a far reach to think the sisters are scared of drawing from her religion

No. 832828

I agree; when you got fanatics and crazies around you, you wouldn't dare to talk about your belief in a bad light in any way that could be seen as heresy 'lest you wanna be attacked (literally), especially if you're doing it not anonymously. Been there, done that unfortunately

No. 832833

their parents are upthread: >>830619

No. 832834

I think it depends on the country etc. I live in a small european country and krishnas are quite common here. They seem to be kind of cuckoo, but otherwise mostly harmless. Especially compared to sects like Jehovah's Witnesses. The main issue here is their father being a nutjob, even by ISKCON standards.

No. 832853

they have free vegetarian food usually at their temple and they don't bother indoctrinating you, it's just a feast. in some cities they run cheap vego restaurants and are pretty harmless. but I expect if you join them, it's probably pretty fucked. thy definitely have had some nutters in their ranks, in Australia a member was involved in a terrorist bombing in the 70s.

No. 832873

>>832822 you're supposed to write sage in the email field when you're not bringing in new milk, so you don't bump the thread, anon.

No. 832879

A few of the ISKON people lived in my bfs block of flats. They were busted for downloading Cheese Pizza. I'm not even kidding. A network of Krishna paedos.

No. 832891

File: 1562427792369.jpg (291.57 KB, 1280x1260, 1562227852626.jpg)

>ok. i'm gonna slap a bunch of arrows on top of elva's photo and that'll prove she did 9/11.
Or better yet

No. 833028

why is there a pic of fakir musafar in here?

No. 833030

Is this loss?

No. 833086

this is loss

No. 833093

I don't understand what's going on here but are the men in tight corsets supposed to prove that men's waists naturally look like that?

No. 833106

File: 1562454236479.jpg (36.58 KB, 620x385, hijra[1].jpg)

Have they ever even tried googling how eunuchs really look? There are no longer castrati or Chinese eunuchs nowadays, but you can easily see a hijra in modern India, and they fucking claim they travelled there.

No. 833112

File: 1562455072694.jpg (908.61 KB, 1600x1200, See__Hear__Speak_monkeys_Inser…)

I mean, they can look at Tom Hiddleston and draw him like this >>831110
They live in fantasy land and think their version is more real than reality. See their wikipedia edits.

No. 833117

read this in one sitting and I'm happy I wandered into an unfamiliar thread because what. The. Fuck. the misogyny isn't internalized, it's right there for all to see . sage for no additional milk but the American Scandal podcast did a series on the krishnas in the US, murders from power struggles and such, it was good. somehow didn't put out there exactly how nuts they really are. this thread sure did did kek

No. 833133

File: 1562457632527.png (4.5 MB, 1563x3137, dapw6a4-2a8d5c81-7442-4f48-98c…)

I was just about to post here about how much her art looks like a weirder version of Phobs' art.

No. 833181

The difference is that at least Phobs draws lots of different faces that all look nice, as opposed to dozens of similar 'eunuch' faces.

OT, that art looks nice. Some of the faces kinda remind me of some of Viria's stuff, just a bit.

No. 833183

File: 1562472217697.jpeg (27.25 KB, 473x649, images (3).jpeg)

As much as i love phobs art i kinda disagree although some faces are different, i find it hard to tell some of the characters apart sometimes

When she draws this kind of face in particular but thats just my opinion

No. 833190

glad someone else noticed that. how does someone who used waist training [and the other dude in the corset] fit into their ideal that eunuchs have naturally curvy waists?

No. 833331

File: 1562517150294.jpg (58.45 KB, 596x379, CixiEunuchs.jpg)

another pic of Actual eunuchs

No. 833402

does anyone know why theyre so into lgbt groups? is it because of the tinfoil that they're lesbian/bisexual, or just because theyre delusional fujos.

No. 833403

File: 1562529445330.jpg (278.08 KB, 800x900, wh4H5ynrWYQ.jpg)

Deva draws a new art. Now it's Sporus - a kid emperor Nero had castrated and made his "wife".

No. 833410

File: 1562530389824.jpeg (834.55 KB, 1125x1647, 7B454B7B-91A3-40AC-8E45-473560…)

Sporus was said to look very similar to Nero’s wife Poppaea, who Nero killed along with the child she was pregnant with by kicking her to death. Another gruesome and strange situation of sexual deviancy and genital mutilation imposed on an enslaved boy with weirdly romanticized art.

No. 833414

Also, Fakir Musafar wasn’t a eunuch! Bummed to find out he died last summer.

No. 833416

File: 1562531269197.jpg (481.03 KB, 935x1638, S90707-23244562.jpg)

She even tries to excuse Nero. Ffs.

No. 833420

The second. They love to think of themselves as some lgbt rights activists, but with friends like this you don't need enemies.

No. 833421

looks like a historical telenovela character

No. 833424

I wouldn't be surprised if they borrow some costume designs from Magnificent Century or other Turkish historical series. Assuming they can stand watching disgusting het.

No. 833441

>Poppaea, who Nero killed along with the child she was pregnant with by kicking her to death

What a nice romantic man uwu
Murdered his wife and then replaced her with a child slave, perfect for Deva.

No. 833478

Something tells me wife-murdering isn't a bad thing by Deva's standards.

No. 833489

Definitely not. Probably even a good thing for them

No. 833498

File: 1562545586956.png (192.92 KB, 720x1119, 20190708_082729.png)

How romantic

No. 833517

File: 1562548898340.jpg (43.54 KB, 800x410, nero-sculpture.jpg)

Nero is notorious for being an ugly, abusive, awful, man child who drove Rome into disorder. They romanticize the weirdest shit.

No. 833518

Nero is a literal neckbeard hahahaa

No. 833550

File: 1562553519876.png (729.05 KB, 653x900, 1434174005550.png)

this makes me miss the days where she was drawing heydrich and himmler yaoi with no backlash at all. god

No. 833566

also, about the polish chick, it would be a good idea to make a hybristophile/nazi fetishists general thread again.

No. 833567

i know this isn't milky but by god will it kill them to look up references and draw something historically accurate? this doesn't look like roman _anything_ to me, the jewelry the clothes the face jesus

oh i can just imagine her drawing nero in her beautiful uguu eunuch style lmfao

No. 833582

ikr they just draw the same pwetty dresses and robes for their pwecious eunuch babiez

I swear–

No. 833584

anon… no
yeah yaoi nazi art will be fun to laugh and the nazi fangirls are crazy as fuck, we can put the edgy fangirl that got marred to a redneck

No. 833587

Reminds me of Tsurumaru's old nazi yaoi art. Wonder why she took her DA down.

No. 833592

File: 1562562798773.png (189.34 KB, 720x824, 20190708_125519.png)

Looks like the top comment on their da is gone

No. 833614

File: 1562570482750.jpg (160.1 KB, 733x1090, chilling_in_the_jotunheim_by_e…)

Elva's old art.

No. 833625

A year-long panpalling between Elva and some German gal under a currently deleted art with nazi uwu doctor.

Some parts:

>I didn't have English in school because I didn't study in school at all XD I have been lucky to study at home.

>I thought many people like to learn German :shrug: since Germany is such a modern country, like Japan, many wanna learn Japanese. But I want to learn a certain language not because it's popular and cool, but because I truly love something connected with it: culture, history and art.

>I like Japanese language but it's too hard for me with it's hieroglyphs and stuff. It seems like I can never learn it :crying:

>In Russia everyone thinks of Germany as of some dream-country because it's so developed and stuff. As always I was of different opinion; I observed Germany through its cultural heritage. I'm interested in everything from Germanic-Scandinavian pagan past till Third Reich fall;

>I adore the first half of 20th century in Germany, not because of it's war, but because of it artistic, industrial movement. There is something fascinating about it. As an impartial pacifist I'm not into politics, I just love beauty for the sake of it. Like I find Wehrmacht or SS uniform beautiful and elegant (not!fetish - I hate it) but that does not mean I would like to get close to them. You know predators like snakes are looking amazing but they're dangerous X3

>Also, I love military fashion as I have been always admiring warriors. Not fighters who kill, but noble protectors. I loove hussarian uniforms too, also Celtic kilts and viking tunics and golden armor.

>As a fashion-artist I must admit they had excellent style: tight fitting, elegant, simple and deeply symbolic. They messed around with occultism and mysticism so they used ancient Roman and ancient Norse and Iranian symbols such as Solar sign, oak leaves, eagle, swastika and many other emblems those were of Indo-Aryan culture. Those symbols are believed to bear the hypnotizing effect. No wonder why so many were allured by their movement.

>But putting the art aside, God, I can never understand the idea of importance of 'pure blood' and 'pure nation'. I can understand the idea of pure soul, but never make accent on physical side. I can't understand those who are trying to revive those times or justify the inhuman acts that war forces. How vain is that. It was a history, long time gone. Humanity steps into the new era of civilization and developed consciousness. But surely, it's an interesting subject to talk about, but not for everyone to see, so I'd like to move the discussion to private note, separately on this part.

>I guess women also take that part of making men too masculine and then it turns them into sexists. I have met many women who preferred manly men with big muscles, big hands, short hair, rough personality. They don't like gentle and soft men who are prettier than them. They say it's gay. And so men who don't wanna be like gay, they act harsh as they thing it makes them true men.

No. 833628

I had been wondering why there was no Sporus. I thought it might have been that ancient Rome was too mainstream.

Fucking Nero though, if ever there was a boy who was mutilated for another mans depraved sexual pleasure, it was Sporus

No. 833643

Woah, he looks disgusting. He'd definitely be the most obnoxious, off-putting basement dweller degenerate freak if he existed in modern times.

No. 833652

C'mon, Anon, you're better than pushing some physiognomic shit.

No. 833654

I mean, he was Nero, anon. Is it that much of a stretch based on both his established personality and appearance?
We all know (or know of) a dude who looks like that bust and acts like how I described, kek.

No. 833673

I highly doubt his appearance had anything to do with what he did. I get it, it's tempting to say that a maniac looks like a maniac, it makes us more comfortable to think that we can recognize potential Hitler on the first gaze. But let's be honest here - we can't. And that's kind of scary.

No. 833679

A Roman neckbeard! No wonder she didn't include him in the painting.

No. 833680

It’s also very possible Nero was suffering from Cushing’s Syndrome, which can alter your appearance pretty severely, so yeah, it’s kind of a low hanging fruit to take a dig at his looks.

No. 833683

Are you seriously upset by neckbeard shaming? Come on, it's funny because Deva draws such feminine angelic men.

Anons this might really surprise you, but the vikings male or female didn't actually dress like this either: >>831114

No. 833684

Anon are you a neckbeard yourself or something? Why are you so offended?

No. 833687

I mean, you’re pretty much right, I just wanted to drop some cool history fax, sorry lmao.
Funny thing is, his neckbeard might have some historical context too. He was a huge Greece fanboy and possibly thought he would appear more cultured with a full beard, like a Greek (it was rare for a Roman emperor to have a beard at the time). Unfortunately he could only grow a sad neckbeard. His creepy relationship with Sporus may be another of his attempts to emulate Hellenistic culture, where such things were accepted.

No. 833688

File: 1562588102797.jpg (77.74 KB, 423x604, 1562587999.jpg)

Oh, but she DID draw Nero as well. He is in the middle.

No. 833690

I’m wheezing.

No. 833691

Not built to have a beard :)
It just somewhat ticks me off when people judge others by their looks.(:))

No. 833693

File: 1562588747669.jpg (102.79 KB, 421x604, 1562587989.jpg)

Another Sporus

No. 833696

Yeah, that's probably the reason.

It's a pity though that Deva's never tried to draw Heliogabalus

No. 833697

Well, he had a male lover called Hierocles, so I’m sure Deva would be all over them.

Someone should tell her, I really want to see her draw that ugly fuck.

No. 833698

Oh wow, she actually drew him.
Nero looks like he is going to start singing Barbie girl by Aqua at any moment.

No. 833710

lmao what's up with the Nero WK ? I'm also against nitpicking women's appearances but are you defending a man that is dead and that was extremly powerful and evil two millenias ago? wild.

No. 833713

I'm against nitpicking appearance period.
Nero was an absolute asshole, are you saying he wouldn't be if he looked differently?

No. 833719

maybe they bear an uncanny resemblance to Nero themselves

you do know where you are right?

No. 833727

How do they reconcile this with themselves?
Like, how do they see >>833517 and make the concentrated decision to draw him as an uguu bishonen? Do they tell themselves the sculptors/artists back then must have hated him and purposely made him ugly out of pure spite?

No. 833733


Such prime examples of "I'm not like other girls," yet what they like is so common among other women:


>"Military fashion"
>Historical stuff

And LOL at "I have met many women who preferred manly men." I highly doubt they have met many women IRL.

No. 833734

It's like they have reverse BDD except they project it on random historical figures. It's so bizarre.

No. 833762

File: 1562604062897.jpg (69.82 KB, 828x798, IMG_20190516_194157.jpg)

>>833713 so, you fuck a neckbeard/are a neckbeard, boohoo. Stfu and stop moralfagging.

No. 833790

File: 1562608527780.png (82.2 KB, 220x215, 220px-Elagabalus_Denarius_Fort…)

I'm fucking cackling. Who's the chick in green (ok, we all know it's not a chick)?

Can't wait to see her turn pic related into a bishie (inb4 someone mentions his bust - coins were usually the most faithful depictions of the ruler since sculptors were prone to flattery, which means IRL Nero would look even worse than this >>833517).

No. 833827

the revamping of historical figures here reminds me of the japanese/weeb artists who make anything into a cute anime girl

drawing ugly men is a much better brand and requires more talent than sameface pretty "eunuchs" but it doesn't make them wet/pull in the cash so

No. 833828

He was old school for real. I didn't know he'd died, that's sad! He was the first person I ever saw who was into heavy body modification at a time when that really wasn't accepted.

No. 833898

About time they got to Sporus

Poor Sporus though, he had a hard life. He committed suicide at 20 to avoid being publicly raped to death by one of Nero's enemies.

No. 833946

This has macro fetish vibes

I'm reminded of this book depicting infamous dictators from the 20th century as anime girls https://imgur.com/gallery/zxUmu/

No. 833962

poor guy

theyd probably make that into an unapologetically shitty love story scenario though smh

No. 833966

File: 1562631236580.jpg (127 KB, 1280x711, d83ce070ba0d5bd2fcbd6584db26f4…)

phobs used to draw a lot of hetalia wwii stuff, too. can you imagine someone posting something like this nowadays? 2009 truly was a different time

No. 833975

wtf are those legs

No. 834005

Oh man, the Hetalia comics are kind of nice. I hate how much potential and talent is wasted in crazy fagg-hag history-revisionist fetishes with her.

No. 834013

"You dun goofed, consequences will never be the same again" - Daddy Develv

No. 834058

File: 1562643560784.jpg (354.36 KB, 1378x981, 813zu2dLqtL._SL1378_.jpg)

How can one be so delusional?
That reminds me of the way the Fate universe portrays historical figures, except she seriously thinks they all looked like bishonen

No. 834076

>how can one be so delusional?
>pic related an even larger delusion
i love you kek

No. 834113

Eh, I've been following Phobs since her early DA days and I don't remember her being revisionist really. She just did historical fanart and even her Himmler/Heydrich stuff was more tongue-in-cheek than genuine shipping.

Unless I'm missing something, if so, please tell me.

No. 834204

Whats wrong with this?

No. 834251

At least they don't pretend it's real, or change wikipedia over it

No. 834252


(sorry for blog)
ntayrt but from someone who was very very heavily involved in the hetalia fandom years ago, one of the main aspects that ppl dislike is the historical revisionism/how major global forces were reduced to stereotypical anime guys for shipping. ppl rly came down hard on those in the fandom for the obvious yaoi bait (although I do feel as though much of it was unwarranted & specifically targeted at young women) and the re-writing of historical events and relationships between countries so they could be paired together.

Hetalia never took itself too seriously as a series but fans did and led to something similar to what we see now in these cows. The editing of history to be more like fantasy is something that a lot of people take umbrage with, although i wouldn’t say that these women are facing nowhere near the amount of heat any hetalia fan would get back in the day due to their relative obscurity and penchant to only run in their own circles.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 834511

Except the creators don't actually believe Nero was a cute girl with revealing clothes, neckbeards wouldn't care if the portrayal was accurate

No. 834664

King Arthur as an eunuch when, Develv?

No. 834913

File: 1562764296713.jpg (354.41 KB, 2485x1195, ZomboDroid 10072019160844.jpg)

How Deva botches proportions when tracing.

No. 834942

i'm so thankful for the art anons in this thread consistently coming through

No. 834955

well you gotta have those seXY hIPS

No. 835013

so they basically trace male references, and then modify them to make them female lmfaoo

No. 835032

Usually yes, that looks like a Hermaphroditus sculpture though. He was the result of a boy merged with a female naiad. I doubt Deva likes that myth as it involves an actual woman.

No. 835040

File: 1562784310276.jpg (527.85 KB, 1142x1024, Magdalena_van_de_Passe_-_Salma…)

I want to add that she would love it,if the naiad was male. She assaulted this young man she lusted after and when he resisted she asked the gods to unite them. The gods trolled her hard and merged them into one. The boy was then forever merged with the woman who assaulted him, and they became someone with boobs and dick. Deva's ultimate romance if both were male.

No. 835046

Nah, she likes Hermaphrodite, her logic is: since it's a combination of two genders - it's a feminine MALE.

No. 835265

This is hysterical LOL. thanks nonnies for all this spectacular milk.

these artist girls seem incredibly repressed in healthy sexuality and self-image and like it made them project all their desires onto ~eunuchs~ due to their fucked background. they're probably unaware of it. pretty darn odd and fascinating. I think the art is pretty with all it's oddities. it's just bad when it starts to hurt others…

No. 835550

File: 1562841797221.jpg (50.81 KB, 529x611, degenerate.JPG)

i regret checking elveo's tumblr. More of her incest loving degeneracy showing

most of the time, the art is gorgeous as much as i hate to admit it but this drawing in particular…..is bad, what the hell is up with that photoshop looking ass?? it reminds me of kim kardesian kek

No. 835552

File: 1562842028802.jpg (70.62 KB, 542x372, fgff.JPG)

she's the realest most aCCuraTE historIaN guYYYZZZ

totally doesnt alter history to her liking

No. 835558

File: 1562843506347.jpg (320.44 KB, 536x760, db5alqh-26bd2186-14b3-45fb-89b…)

>too much twisting of historical facts
A good summary of this thread.

I really want to know if Deva has commented on her portrayal of Nero.

Here is her take on a castrato singer, btw. See real-life examples here:

No. 835560

how far does it have to go before she admits these are straight up women she's drawing? is she taking the piss?

No. 835565

File: 1562844309579.jpg (259.1 KB, 820x492, elsa-hosk-t.jpg)

Anon please, don't you know all women are fat midgets? Tall and slim women you see on TV have all been surgically altered and shooped, no real woman looks like that.
Only an eunuch can look like a Victoria Secrets model naturally. Maybe VS models are all secretly all eunuchs?
Quickly Deva, edit the VS models entry on wikipedia!

Pic related, eunuchs celebrating during eunuch pride parade 2018

No. 835571

She draws the line at pussy, as long as everything looks 100% female but there is no pussy on display it's fine and you can call the person in the picture a man.
>eunuchs celebrating during eunuch pride
Okay I laughed irl.

No. 835576

File: 1562847816166.jpg (391.46 KB, 1280x800, 7GGJVqAS1SY.jpg)

Deva's new art.
Sadly, it's doubtful that Deva will return to eunuchs. She's found a stable feedback flow in Detroit fandom, something she never had with Alexander and Bagoas.

No. 835582

It be progress if she could let go of that obsession, but she has already been in a couple of fandoms now.

I know nothing about Detroit btw, are those twin brother robots?

No. 835584

Fucking kek, then how does she learn actual history at all? Is it revealed to her in a dream or some shit? Does she think there's some worldwide conspiracy of erasing eunuchs? Are all those historical photos of ugly, fat, masculine looking eunuchs doctored in her opinion?

Shame, but that Detroit hype has to end eventually. She might let go and focus on something else. I even doubt she considers those characters fully male, they're just a modern version of eunuchs for her.

They're two same models, but not exactly twins, one is a player character, and the other surprise antagonist.

No. 835588

The other one is just upgraded model.

also fucking kek why is the one the right shorter, they should be the same height

No. 835609

>Does she think there's some worldwide conspiracy of erasing eunuchs?

This. Eunuchophobic society forces the image of ill unpretty eunuchs because it envies their true excellence and beauty.

No. 835807

Sounds like something they would actually say

No. 835808

Deva is now poisoning the detroit fandom, damn. The selfcest stuff she likes to draw is still very weird though.

No. 835809

because yaoi logic: the uke has to be shorter with a smaller dick while talking like a kawaii uwu twelve year old

No. 835820

Actually if she's drawing RK800 and RK900, they aren't exact copies. 900 has blue eyes and is a bit taller/broader in canon.
Sorry, I am a detroitfag.

No. 835833

Top kek

No. 835909

this is hysterical

No. 835937

File: 1562886270617.png (19.31 KB, 899x319, eunuchphobia.png)

No. 835951

File: 1562887708873.png (50.4 KB, 903x701, lesbians aren't oppressed.png)

Apologies for samefagging but this is seriously baffling.
>In a pinch, we can see lesbians, because a heteronormative and homophobic society is much more tolerant towards them than to gays, because they see fetish in a female same-sex couple.

>lesbians are more tolerated in a homophobic society

>fetishization = tolerance
Having an entire category of porn made about your sexuality for men to jerk off to and having them imagine how they want to rape and "fix" you means that they actually respect you and see you as a human being and not just a piece of meat made for their entertainment! Who would have thought!

She's so twisted, no wonder she thinks grown ass men raping mutilated young boys is "pure love" uwu

I guess her "tolerance" towards gay men makes sense considering how she fetishizes them, she's exactly like those straight dudes who jack it to lesbians but can't stand gay men, just switch the genders.

No. 835994



Is that a typo or is this yet another variant of the acronym?

Also lol a lot of straight women are homophobic towards lesbians and bi women because "what if she has a crush on me!!11" or because they're like Deva and romanticize gay men (not only sexually but as an ideal "gay bff") but think lesbians are icky.

No. 836062

I know some Russians have trouble telling if “k” sounds in English are spelled k/c/qu, so maybe she thinks queer is spelled with a k?

No. 836134

kek, of course she thinks lesbians are inherently more privileged than gay men. women have been the true oppressors of the gays and the eunuchs for 6000+ years, anon! learn your history.

No. 836228

File: 1562911958658.png (297.67 KB, 414x376, 1562911568449.png)

Deva considers this one "photorealistic".
Yep. Indistinguishable.

No. 836277

But what about Hephaestion? Alexander went batshit with grief after his death.

No. 836294

Hephaestion was not an eunuch, therefore not relevant.

No. 836341

didnt deva include that guy in her shit comics too? But as a love rival i think

No. 836345

File: 1562939582149.jpg (275.17 KB, 645x900, d8tghj9-b483671a-7f34-4564-a1f…)

This shit looks so dumb, fetishized and innacurate

No. 836351

File: 1562939924919.png (91.08 KB, 720x752, 20190712_215711.png)

No. 836352

File: 1562940069284.png (189.22 KB, 720x873, 20190712_215727.png)

even they cant cant get behind at how innacurate and stupid this is

No. 836353

File: 1562940128946.png (175.17 KB, 720x1113, 20190712_215747.png)

No. 836356

File: 1562940254824.png (145.45 KB, 720x1129, 20190712_215805.png)

I dont believe her

No. 836358

I mean i dont believe that they are
>>"friends in love"

No. 836367

Meh, some people think they were lovers. It's not one of her total inventions, unlike the stuff about how he looked or the uwu Bagoas stuff.

No. 836384

File: 1562943677742.jpg (396.47 KB, 1504x1972, display_image.jpg)

there's some sparse evidence that they were actually lovers. honestly wouldn't be surprised if they were and their contemporaries just didn't acknowledge it much – sexual relations with men were socially acknowledged but from what I understand it was still embarrassing to be the receiver in a gay relationship (hence why the bottom was usually a slave or teenager). People probably didn't want to think about their king taking dick lmao. either way >>836345 is ridiculously fetishized. there are plenty of depiction of the ring anecdote and they look more like pic related.

sage for historical sperging

No. 836406

File: 1562946683974.png (173.26 KB, 2688x2688, 9d5.png)

So what do these girls think of their bodies and the fact that they have vaginas? They're probably grossed out by them too right?

No. 836699

Well yeah

No. 836701


Their internalized misogyny isn't obvious, anon?

No. 836931

File: 1562981630393.jpg (120.77 KB, 798x980, Annunciation.jpg)

>Not a type of angel

Did this bitch ever hear of cherubs?

No. 837102

of corse not anon! she onlye likes the look of San Gabriel i mean she thing that black angels can't be a thing…

No. 837163

File: 1563009209869.jpg (957.68 KB, 1080x2126, ZomboDroid 13072019121008(1).j…)

Once again about Sporus. That's a recent comment.

No. 837175

Maybe, what I'm not understanding is that these things are supposed to be androgynous but they look as feminine as possible?

No. 837183

Yeah, Sporus gave Nero a ring. A ring depicting the rape of Proserpina - put it onto his dead body. Now that a sign of love!

No. 837201

>in love with Sporus
Lol, this ring was what actually led to Sporus' suicide. Vitellius anonunced he's going to get poor Sporus publicly raped to death as a reenactment of rape of Proserpina.

No. 837374

Deva can we have an illustrated retelling of the book of Judith please? Make Bagoas the protagonist, have the pathos of the story be all about how the deceitful Israelite woman shamed Holofernes for loving other men (Jdt 12:11-12) and he was forced to go along with the plan which led to the death of his lover, and the agony he suffers (Jdt 14:14-18)

It's perfect.

…asking for a friend

No. 837881

>Develv? More like…

>D E V O L V E

No. 837923

File: 1563106346125.jpg (325.76 KB, 533x760, damt20k-8274c700-75b8-4d99-825…)

More lesbians guyzzz

but OH WAIT theyre beautiful eunuch boys obviously! And theyre brothers! Shocker.

No. 837924

File: 1563106634910.png (216.44 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190714-201513.png)

oh so shes basically fantasizing some incest stuff between actual people great

i'd love to see how she'd react if people shipped her and her sister

No. 838049


I think the best part of all of this is that those two brothers were almost certainly not eunuchs; saris didn't have to mean a castrated man but could refer to high officials in the administration.

"We must stress at this point that there are several (often unappreciated) Egyptian documents from the Achaemenid period. The word saris is found in several hieroglyphic inscriptions from Wadi Hammamat from the time of Darius and Xerxes. An important Persian administrator there, Atiyawahy, bore the title "saris of Persia". He was definitely not a eunuch; saris here refers to a high official similar to the powerful minister Potiphar in Genesis 37:36, 39:1 (the title saris is translated dynastes 'powerful' in the Greek of the Septuagint)." - From Cyrus to Alexander: A History of the Persian Empire

No. 838052


No. 838117

At this point i'm convinced her and her sister have been boinking all along.

What, are you surprised the crazy cultist has some nazi ideals?

No. 838385

File: 1563177320644.png (Spoiler Image,346.15 KB, 1080x1626, 20190715_145427.png)

Her Hypocrisy is real
Being a fujo isn't supporting lgbtq+

No. 838392

>i'd love to see how she'd react if people shipped her and her sister

tbh considering their obsession with incest i wouldn't be surprised if they've gone down that route themselves

No. 838855

Here's to hoping she's following these because she's slowly realizing her attraction to women and not because she thinks eunuchs are LGBT

No. 838863

not to defend her but aryan literally means iranian, before Hitler appropriated it to mean blonde German. it's definitely suspicious coming from her to.

No. 838867

File: 1563264965532.png (262.26 KB, 800x800, 800px-Indo-European_branches_m…)

Aryan also used to be a term to describe all Indo-European peoples
e.g The People's of Pakistan and people living in parts of North west India are still classified as Indo-Aryan

No. 838906


To clear this up completely:

Aryan was the self-designation of the ancient people of the Indian subcontinent who wrote the Vedas, who were very closely associated, culturally and linguistically, with the contemporary population of ancient Iran. The name 'Iran' derives from a cognate to 'Aryan' which also carried the meaning of 'noble'.

After the discovery of the relatedness of the Indo-European language family, various movements, notably Theosophy liked to draw grand far reaching conclusions from it, incorporating elements of Hindu philosophy and fetishising the idea of a superior, ancient, noble, Aryan race.

This was what Hitler was riffing off. Germanic peoples aren't referred to as Aryan by any serious historian.

Dev is applying the term to 'Persians' which gives it a veneer of justification, but I think I remember a post somewhere where she said that Iranian people look like Irish - they don't.

By the time of Darius, the populous parts of the Persian Achaemenid Empire were the in the Levant and Mesopotamia, and most of the population would have been Semitic.

No. 838909

Deva does have some very interesting views about race. Remember these? >>830474

No. 838931

Well this was a deep delve into a whole new rabbit hole. Really unfortunate the sisters are so fucked up in the head, their art is actually really beautiful (I love the old shojo manga-ish style).

This thread reminds me of one deviantArtist who is obsessed with Cicero from Skyrim and had been drawing him for years, and even all her original characters have same face as Cicero. Its so bizarre addiction to me.

No. 839001

You're giving me flashbacks, jeez. Wasn't the cicero girl russian as well?

No. 839047

I want to troll them but I don't want to cowtip. Can't draw either. Can someone for the love of god please draw Dinara and Elvira lesbian fanart, I'd ship it so hard lmao

Post sources about the cicero nut please

No. 839098

File: 1563309326271.jpg (34.83 KB, 600x454, inception______by_zombiebreton…)

Well, there are actually two nutjobs obsessed with Cicero, one of them is Russian and another from United States. The girl from united states even LOOKS LIKE CICERO HERSELF maybe photoshopped, not sure, but its fucking creepy.

Russian Cicero nut:

Murica Cicero nut:

Honestly, I don't understand what's so appealing about nasolabial folds lmao.

No. 839142

File: 1563313981569.png (2.57 MB, 1800x1112, d4pgjb7-946ce1a8-97be-485d-a04…)

Sorry to bring her back again, but I checked her albelotta tumblr and it's basically a self indulgent fanfic of what would happen if a guy whos's totally not Heydrich didn't marry that evil Nazi whore Lina and got together with some nice fashionable girl who's totally not her self-insert.

Also speaking of misogynistic artcows with bizarre historical crushes, I was reminded of RedPassion, who used to ship her self-insert with Louis XVI and Severus Snape, while hardcore hating on Marie Antoinette and Lily Evans. Her art style also had this old-school shoujo vibe, which was pretty jarring at times, since she used to draw realistic Rickman!Snape next to her animu Mary Sue. She seems to have a thing for ugly middle-aged guys and is German or Austrian.

No. 839184

this is cracking me up thank you anon

No. 839186

fantastic find, how did you come across her?

No. 839296

i'm legit howling. these artists put in so much time and effort to draw, redraw, perfect… this
how does the brain reconcile this? do they just get up one day and decide "hey everyone draws pretty people for their art. let's find the ugliest one instead – ohh oh i kinda like him…"

No. 839323

Well, at least they're fictional people. Compared to the shit upthread it's pretty tame. I can respect someone drawing an ugly character ugly instead of some bishie uwu kpop boy

No. 839782

Deva and Greek mythology:

>Connor is a nymph, an angel, an AI and all the best in the world💞

>In general, it seems like there are young nymphs, only they weren’t called nymphs for some reason, but simply - divine young men or spirits) the same legendary Narcissus was a nymph because He was the son of a nymph and a river deity. By the way, Atiss was also a nymph, he was born of a nymph-maiden who got virgin pregnant by a pomegranate flower (the pomegranate tree grew from the blood of the bisexual deity Agditis). I do not know why nymphs began to be perceived exclusively by female beings. Perhaps the same historical error occurred as in the case of the Iranian peri.

Fucking wikipedia:
>The Greek word νύμφη has the primary meaning of "young woman; bride, young wife"

Oh wow why didn't ancient greeks call men "young women" and "brides" ? That must be some historical error! Error in their fucking language.

No. 839795

File: 1563447782167.png (1.11 MB, 1072x1158, Screenshot 2019-07-02 at 9.22.…)

Elv thirsting over Jewish men. Notice that one of them is Finn Wolfhard, who was 14/15 in that picture, while she and her sister are around 26-28.

No. 839804

this is so creepy. they're fetishizing jewish people either way. wtf

No. 839818

autistic retards
Ugh dont mix in your femboy eunuch fetish in jewish people pls

No. 839862

the eunuchs they draw all look like uyghur descent chinese actresses. namely dilraba dilmurat and guli nazhar

No. 839881

File: 1563467098972.png (1.11 MB, 915x739, konstantin_vasilyev.png)

Their art reminds me of Konstantin Vasilyev.

They would probably like Patalliro.

No. 839884

File: 1563467722202.jpg (54.19 KB, 480x589, Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 9.32…)

disgusting talking about a child like that…big yikes. Although all I could really think about was this. Truly us jews are exceptional beauties beyond compare.

No. 839901

Well that nude person is clearly an eunuch, that crotch area is emptier than a doll's.

No. 839933

Thanks for mentioning the albelotta tumblr, I have missed it somehow when I was binging on this cow's content. It's hilarious how the girl is so clearly a self-insert. We need to archive this tumblr if it wasn't already, it's a gift.
Brb, googling RedPassion… I like her art and she seems more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Never heard about him, love his paintings. Thanks for mentioning Vasilyev.

You know that's a discreet pussy, the painter couldn't/didn't want to get more detailed.

No. 839938

File: 1563476788369.jpeg (40.18 KB, 540x541, AAA14035-8BF7-4764-A158-513F2C…)

>that pedophilia
>choosing a picture of ezre miller in his role where he has arguably the worst haircut ever

he’s beautiful stop shaming him

No. 839962

two of the accounts in that sc use Arabic, two others are turkish and iranian so it's probably just more fetishism.

No. 839963

and winner for trying to subvert anything women did in history is….

>Yes… if you interested, some facts about Scythian Amazons^^

>The legendary feminine, but furious and brave warriors who entered the Greek legends in fact

wanna guess the thrilling conclusion?

>were young men and eunuchs who could easily be mistaken for women.

ofc. honestly, their vitriol and dismissiveness towards women and their accomplishments knows no end.

No. 840032


Do these dumb fucks stop and think about how exactly did a tribe consisting of ~beatiful brave eunuchs~ manage to survive more than one generation?

No. 840054

File: 1563491422301.jpg (226.23 KB, 821x641, albelotta.jpg)

The best thing about albelotta is that nazi-chan apparently claims the story is a work of some mysterious Czech writer who only comissioned nazi-chan to illustrate it and of course won't post the originl in Czech anywhere. As if it was not an obvious wet fantasy

No. 840057

Love how she pretends the story she wrote herself is cringey because it's a love story and not because it's a nazi Mary Sue fanfiction named after the ship.

I wish she still produced milk!
BTW, if anyone would like to read her Heindrich book blog, bits and pieces of it can be seen on the wayback machine.

No. 840060

I'm currently reading the characters' profiles, and of course the girl is a Pagan bisexual retro fashionista and artist and the guy's body is "athletic, but very feminine", and he has a "very high voice". She could be a bit more subtle if she really wanted it to pass as the other person's creation, as it makes zero sence for anyone else to focus on such details.


No. 840257

https://www.reddit.com/r/castration?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share just found out there's a castration sub, a lot of them have eunuch fetishes or some shit. Felt it would be fun to throw in here.

No. 840302


No. 840316

File: 1563518084491.jpg (Spoiler Image,205 KB, 1280x899, penny_dreadful___opheliaxjohn_…)

She gets posted every once in a while in "peculiar fanart" threads on various boards.
I've checked her DA and she still gets off to ugly dudes.

According to their logic, there's no place for women anywhere in the history of the world nor literature. How do they reconcile the existence of accomplished women with their shitty fantasies? It must be terrible hating your own gender that much. I'd be more sorry for them if they weren't in their late twenties and should know better by now, even with their cultish upbringing. They have internet access and could use it to learn something beyond historical eunuchs uwu.

No. 840323

>teehee women never did anything only enouchs did ^^

>But with the advent of DNA testing and other bioarchaeological scientific analysis, they've found that about one-third of all Scythian women are buried with weapons and have war injuries just like the men.

Obviously those women must have been men with boobs and dick!! I bet eunuchs have "feminine" dna.

No. 840324

File: 1563523761382.png (43.59 KB, 756x296, image001.png)

She claims Hatshepsut was a transman because she was depicted with beard and called pharaoh.
Rusanons' explanations are in next comment.

No. 840325

File: 1563523929624.png (91.74 KB, 869x681, 1563523603715_image001.png)

tldr: Hatshepsut was not a man, didn't consider herself a man and was depicted with a beard only in official ceremonies because pharaoh is supposed to be an image of Horus.

No. 840422

File: 1563547040561.png (24 KB, 661x375, elveo.PNG)

okay I'm not sure how much of the tattooing the royalty is true (I can't think it is), I do know that certain groups in the Ottoman Empire were tattooed.

The Janissary, for example, would have had their unit identified tattooed on them. This practice lasted until almost the end of the Ottoman Empire until they tried to become more Westernized.

No. 840497

Oh boy. I opened this thread for some laughs but I genuinely got upset when I checked out the Elveo's dA account.

I saw the drawings she did of Radu and Vlad, alongside the descriptions attributed. And all I can say is that I am in utter shock at how someone could twist and push their agenda when it comes to relating historical events. I can't speak for the rest of her art, but every time she features Romanian historical figures, the inaccuracies are OVERWHELMING. As Romaniananon, I spend a lot of time reading and learning about our history not only in elementary/high school but also in private, so seeing someone butcher it like this to feed their own messed up fantasies is upsetting.

As Greek historian Laonikos Chalkokondyles (1430 - 1470) put it - " For he (emperor) liked the boy, inviting him to parties, and sharing toasts with him, calling him into his bedroom. And the boy, not expecting that anything bad would happen to him, saw the emperor rush towards him for "such thing" (implied sexual motive) and made himself not give in to the emperor's wish. The emperor kissed him without his will, the young boy took out a dagger and stabbed him in the thigh, quickly fleeing wherever he could. The medics took care of the emperor's wound, and the boy hid away in a tree in the surrounding area. However, after the emperor left, he came down to the palace and became the emperor's favourite. He (emperor) usually "used" (translated directly) those who lead the same lifestyle as him, and less those who were brought from foreign folks." (Laonikos Chalkokondyles, Historiarum demonstrationes p. 282-283)

Many Romanian historians debated on whether Radu was indeed a homosexual or not, but it has been recorded that he and the emperor had been close. However, the emperor's homosexuality was certain, records of love letters sent and received from different males have been preserved.
For someone to romanticise this relationship is completely filthy. Keep in mind that Radu was still a child when the sexual mistreatment occurred - had he been an adult, it would maybe be a different story.

Radu came to the throne of Wallachia with the help of the Sultan Mahomed II, the Ottoman Empire was in favour of having someone on their side ruling Wallachia. Radu cel Frumos (Radu the Fair/Beautiful) was the ruler of Wallachia four times (1462-1473, 1473-1474, 1474, 1474-1475). His brother Vlad Dracul the III (or Vlad the Impaler) was vehemently against Ottomans, despite growing up there alongside his brother. In Romanian history, the Ottomans had always been portrayed as invaders, enemies, and a threat to independence. Vlad waged wars against Radu and against the Ottomans.

But here's the thing. Romanians do not consider Radu a traitor. He is merely a figure that chose to be complacent to the Ottomans in order to avoid wars. Other historical figures garner more attention and respect because they fought for independence - like his brother Vlad and Stefan cel Mare (Stefan the Great) - which still is a celebrated figure in our history and culture.

The thing that also sets me off is the audacity of the artist to assume things that are untrue. In the comment section of one o her artworks depicting Radu, she replied:
"Replying your question "do the Romanians consider him a traitor?" I'll answer: some not, but the majority does because of let me say pro-European views or simple ignorance."

- The majority of Romanians do not consider Radu a traitor. At most, he is just a vessel of the Ottomans. He in only briefly mentioned in our history books because well…he didn't do much. The most significant thing he did was move the Royal Court from Târgovişte to Bucharest.
- Pro-European beliefs?! The Ottoman Empire has waged wars subduing countries and regions, the Romanians that were against them were definitely not "Pro-European", they wanted freedom from their oppressors. All our history books relate how important independence and unification was to the people.

It is clearly that this person has had no interactions with the culture she talks about, besides shady internet posts. I cannot stomach how she turned this incredibly somber scenario into a fucking fanfiction to satisfy and feed her inferiority complexes of being a woman.

"Do you know history? Are you a historian? Can you give me REAL sources? I doubt it. You did NOT read the original sources, you did NOT study them, and you did not talked to academics on that matter. Well I did, and there is a long long list of the studied works by me, both byzantine and ottoman.
If we follow logic like yours then everyone in history is a murderer, women-rapist and a pederast. So stop saying offensive things as if you know who is Mehmed the Conqueror or Radu, otherwise you just ridicule yourself with the level of your ignorance and lack of self education."
Absolutely tragic.

No. 840505

You didn't miss that she grew up in a cult right? It's not worth being outraged or upset over what seems like her pushing an agenda, because a lot of her mindset is the cult. Pointing out how she fucks up history and watching her behavior is entertaining, but she's not like a lot of other cows who are anger inducing due to lacking self-perception that they should have as there's a reason she lacks self-perception. She's not worth getting upset or angry over, as she doesn't socialize like a normal person for tangible reasons, unless you want to speculate she's not actually in a cult, was never in a cult, or she didn't live in poverty as a child, which I do actually think is a possibility if it's a really well crafted troll.

No. 840508

Thank you for taking time to reply. I definitely see your point, and yes, I read through the thread and saw people discuss this cult that she grew up in.

I still think her behaviour is not excusable, mainly due to the fact that the interacts with people online and appears to be "informed" and "cultured", having an influence over those who are interested in her art. Her drawings are indeed amazing, and she does have a lot of talent - which is bound to get attention from people on the internet. It's not implausible that she will alter people's perception of history and mess with cultures.
I also took some time to write that paragraph to inform people, who knows, maybe there are history oriented people on here.

No. 840528

The paragraph you wrote contributes a lot as people are really interested in breaking down exactly how she screws with history. I just thought you were getting really heated over somebody who if isn't trolling is too far gone for that type of criticism to even be fathomed by, essentially she's not worth the emotion, but it brings up the point that is she even that far gone or is she elaborately trolling or exaggerating her situation, hence being worth criticizing, as a lot of her behavior as you pointed out really does seem so normal. There also do seem to be some kids who take her history depictions seriously, so it seems like a relevant assumption she's influencing people.

No. 840544

Not Romanianon, but I have to disagree with you. We must hold people accountable for their shitty behavior and thoughts, be they abused or eighty years old and on their death bed. A racist is still a racist. A misogynist is still a misogynist. It took people telling me how wrong my life was growing up and how damaging our views could be to start to change. I was never as shitty as them, but I was pretty close. Reading them has brought me back to my old internalized distaste of women, when really it had been distaste for myself. People telling me it was wrong was what brought me to self-reflect and get better.

Anyway, I’ve always really wondered about poor Radu, thanks Romanianon.

No. 840559

who cares if they're in a cult and why bother to defend their idiocy?

No. 840700

what the fuck? this world needs to be nuked out of existense

No. 840786

the wildest thing is that these people call trans ppl eunuchs too, so i was wondering if the sisters could use that wonky logic as well

No. 840826

yes thank you!.

No. 840830

This is truly bizarre and I love it, feels like lately you get more regular drama people than insane shit like this. Last time a cow made me feel this morbidly fascinated I was 13 and barely understood english.

No. 841087

No. 841150

File: 1563648118392.png (71.8 KB, 475x368, lol.PNG)

this is hilarious

No. 841454

Calm down, anon. They obviously meant the insane fanart and not the actual tragic backstory of Jacob. Also, he was 14 when he was captured, not that it makes it any better.

It's pretty wild the way they romanticize it though, both his brother and father were killed, he was enslaved and likely castrated, later escaped to Italy at age 21 and went on to marry a woman. Wow, sounds like he really loved the sultan tho.

No. 841503

that's the thing he was never even castrated

No. 843050

Yes, yes they can.

No. 843052

File: 1563925363254.jpg (83.78 KB, 548x850, tumblr_pbhbtx1iYJ1u6zoljo2_640…)

>Behold the golden dildo.

Seriously the thumbnail made me think of a shining golden dildo when I saw this on her blog.

No. 843087

I'm sad that their art is beautiful too, especially when they're fetishizing Eunuchs, which I never thought that's possible.

No. 843105

this must be a joke lmao

No. 843115

unfortunately not

its sick

No. 844991

Is this thread dead or what?

No. 844998

File: 1564276602090.jpg (98.55 KB, 960x694, 30516108_1573335532785171_1713…)

Going off the Holywarsoo thread, it seems like they've been updating their fanfics, but those are obviously in Russian, so it'd take a Rusanon to translate them properly so we can laugh.
In the meantime, more cult candids were posted.

No. 844999

File: 1564276865376.jpg (104.23 KB, 720x960, 23172461_1424763284309064_1940…)

I seriously can't get over them looking like this while being horrible about nearly all other women's looks.

No. 845004

File: 1564277349479.png (1.5 MB, 1830x1162, elv--.png)

And Elv still editing herself to look like her eunuch/nymph/trap angel fairy characters for IG.

No. 845045

no amount of editing can hide her fugliness

No. 845063

Is that person on the far left their dad or a very old woman?

They don't look really bad, i'd say they look their age(in their 20's) but it is a stark contrast to their depictions of ~teh ideal form~, especially considering that they seemingly think of themselves as more beautiful than other women (and Elv especially is depicted by them as looking exactly like one of their eunuchs) and even edit themselves better >>845004 and try to dissociate from other women when they're literally average women.

Also, isn't their cult really heavy on ~women's roles~ and shit like that? Are they even married yet? Do they, god forbid, maybe have children? It doesn't look like it from the cult candid, but why are they being let off the hook?

tinfoil: maybe they ARE eunuchs and thus unable to bear kids and they hate women so much because they're able to do it

No. 845069

ther dad
Elv is so ugly her sisther is not as ugly i can't get over how bad she looks, but that makes sance now WHY they hate other womens, just like "not other girls" artis

No. 845092

Doesn't matter how they look to us on the outside, only how they see themselves from within. They're obviously narcissists that feel they're above other women and only below their precious fictionalized eunuchs. Being in a weird, insular community has probably only reinforced their cognitive biases towards what female is and their ideas of untouchable, angelic perfection.

No. 845096

i wander how they dad and other men in the cult treated them for what other anons have tell us not a good place to be a women, that reminded me is ELv the one that use and sees her self as a "men" does her cult is okey wint trans people?

No. 845138

File: 1564314094600.png (180.8 KB, 1300x658, iva.png)

Someone did a photoshoot showing off life in Iran, and Elv("Iva siringa" in the VK cap) stuck her nose in to bitch about how all the women are "nasty", have "no purity in their eyes" and that Iranian men look "much better".

No. 845147

File: 1564316612633.jpg (22.98 KB, 320x480, 1wmu6lQFToE.jpg)

Dev posted an article on natural breast enlargement aimed at transwomen and eunuchs, claiming eunuchs can "grow breasts naturally".
>The cause of breast enlargement in men may be a congenital syndrome, in which there may be no testicles, or castration. Also, the cause of breast growth in men can be Klinefelter syndrome, when in the genome of a man instead of XY - XXY. In this case, increases the secretion of female sex hormones - estrogen, which leads to an increase in the breasts and hips in men. This explains why eunuchs often grow breasts, plus, add to this massage and diet - and a wonderful bust provided!
She then proceeded to attach a photo of a tranny with implants (Rimal Ali).

No. 845151

File: 1564316874995.jpg (233.53 KB, 1000x787, CV2LvS4RvH0.jpg)

She is/was a huge fan of Rimal Ali, and even drew a picture of him, likening him to Bagoas.
What I don't get is how they see "purity" in this just because it's a male doing it. If it was an actual woman making videos like this, they'd be so irritated by it, ranting about how women are nasty, filthy creatures, lmao.

No. 845159

File: 1564317959945.gif (995.46 KB, 480x384, giphy.gif)


I thought their art was quite tacky, but oh my god that video

No. 845161

File: 1564318270792.jpg (56.45 KB, 620x420, aMZnt6KowaA.jpg)

lol that video, truly the grace and beauty of "eunuchs"

meanwhile Elv got triggered over a photo of Iranian women playing billiards
>they have no purity in their eyes. nasty!!

No. 845162

Billiards is the dirtiest sport of all! Why would any pure woman dare bend over to hit some rock-hard balls?

No. 845213

god, how is this trashy, apple shaped tranny "pure, innocent, etheral angel" and >>845161 are filthy, vulgar roasties? this is the worst case on internalized misogyny/lesbophobia I've ever witnessed kek

No. 845295

After I got over elv's creepy uncanny valley stare, the second thing that jumped out to me about this picture is that white dad is only adult male in a picture of around a dozen people.

I'm guessing mom is in the dark pink thailand shirt, everyone else is an aunty or a cousin? No uncles? Is this a woman hating cult for women and one smug white guy?

No. 845342

That nasty, manfaced tranny with pot belly and bingo wings, dressed like the cheapest whore servicing truck drivers on Eastern European roadsides sometime in mid 2000s is supposed to be superior to women?

Truly, it's the hatred that's really blind.

No. 845505

Can't you see the superior purity in his eyes, anon? /s

No. 845855

Their mom (yes, in a dark-pink T-shirt) runs some vegetarian cooking master-classes. Dad mentioned that he leads some art courses. This photo is from one of the events. Their family seems to be linked to some yoga classes, their clients are mostly students from local Uni. So I guess that's a local vegetarian-yoga-woke student community.

No. 845962

I love you, snarky anon. spilled my drink

No. 846177

Iva is actually Deva, she's the one who's usually sperging about ugly disgusting women.

No. 846991

I wonder if the students are aware of the kind of cult mentality the family has?

No. 847026

i wonder if they know about their eunuch fetish

No. 847035

>Looks annoyed but speechless
Holy crap this woman makes me heated for her being so misogynistic…Looking how she is.

No. 847036

The fact that her personality is so ugly, and makes art based off of insanity. And makes shippings based off of historical figures, etc. Are you honestly serious! Sorry for the heated rant.

>Sage for frustrated rant.

No. 847049

By all means anon let it all out

No. 847127

Interesting given that picture of all the races where everyone looks like idealized renaissance art except Jews, who look like Jerry Seinfeld
I figured they were pretty antisemitic

No. 847177

Thanks anon, it's the fact that this artist has made beautiful art, but it's wasted on a girl with a really ugly personality and unfortunately hates herself and other women, for what reason, I'll never know. I wouldn't even bash on what other women look either, mostly if they have nasty personalities.
>That's enough of my rant, she looks decent too so, ugh.

No. 847539

File: 1564759594185.jpg (100.8 KB, 450x900, fe58153d9a44053ded10ab90e65784…)

Not sure what the context is but it just creeps me out for some reason…

No. 847541

File: 1564759659585.jpg (95.6 KB, 628x900, 2f0fd1d888d40524c10be26bff6e74…)

Gives off troon vibes

No. 847545

oh shit i just realized that this is the jacob notaras rabbit hole

No. 847599

Fuck this is inexplicably hilarious to me, the expression on his face in the last panel… this is like loss-tier memeable

No. 847630

kek yea anon

No. 847634

File: 1564767638970.jpeg (21.05 KB, 324x455, images (3).jpeg)

I dunno what the context in this either but its giving me rapey vibes

this is radu cel frumos i think

No. 847635

File: 1564767721810.jpg (98.06 KB, 497x980, f990d67411d3d2046516bf4cae49b8…)

No. 847637

File: 1564767873533.png (398.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190803-013946.png)

well fuck

No. 847638

Is the one on the right a different person, or is it just the guy on the left if he was a eunuch?

No. 847652

File: 1564769068114.jpeg (39.5 KB, 370x829, images (4).jpeg)


Just found the full version

No. 847654

File: 1564769194873.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.16 KB, 620x1098, tumblr_nnzf1yqYi11u6zoljo3_128…)

No. 847686

File: 1564773873717.png (1020.34 KB, 450x900, 1564759594185.png)

Okay I'm this anon >>847599 and I couldn't resist myself from making this dumb edit kek

No. 847690

Kek, good summary of their attitude.

No. 847691

Good one anon
„A dude” „with no dick” could work too

No. 847819

File: 1564795501395.jpg (99.33 KB, 620x827, 855412b5cad0393f64a2602d97ee88…)

Wouldve been really good if i didnt know know who drew this

No. 847822

File: 1564796156466.jpeg (56.87 KB, 652x470, images (3).jpeg)

The more i look at develvs art the more i see the similarities with phobs art

This was mentioned here before but was one of them copying/inspired by the other?

No. 847824

File: 1564796226235.jpg (66.34 KB, 550x720, 1a26bdcde51769b3630c7458d1670a…)

No. 847825

this would be a great ot image

No. 847912

They cannot draw babies nor children for shit.

No. 847970

They can only draw bootiful eunuchs or hot but evil womyn

No. 848000

File: 1564844916345.jpg (199.58 KB, 480x645, d8tgeyc-bdf5e195-d9e2-4fde-923…)

donT You knOW that aLL woMEN are uGLY and nAsTY comPARED to MEN ?? that person that you think is woman HA its just a beautiful historically accurate EUNUCH anon

No. 848127

Im not sure. I thought about it too, but I think the similarity is mostly because of the outfits / obsession over everything ottoman. Phobs is a phenomenal artist with a huge talent for anatomy and face expressions (amongst other things), but the character design itself is not that unique

No. 848148

I knew there was selfposting ITT. The art is not good.

No. 848151

Yes, you have a point.

No. 848318

The fact they're trying to convince themselves these are male. Wow the self hatred. These girls are so sad.

No. 848327

That neck! And lack of chin. And small pea head…. I'm crying

No. 848339

File: 1564887808923.jpeg (38.96 KB, 382x803, images (4).jpeg)

Just found this

Must be related to it, i wish i can find the full thing(if there is one) so i can see how bad it is

No. 848341

What do you mean self posting?

No. 848353

Has anyone been able to figure out what they think eunuchs actually are, if not just castrated men?

No. 848357

Im confused too anon

No. 848364


Tbh, I wonder how they think about penises… Or even know how castration works – pretty sure they're too ignorant to understand chemical

No. 848399

>The more i look at develvs art the more i see the similarities with phobs art

>This was mentioned here before but was one of them copying/inspired by the other?

That was long ago but yes, Elva was inspired by Phobs' Ivan the Terrible and Basmanov art. She considered Phobs and herself friends, copied Phobs' style on purpose. When Phobs started to work in comics publishing Elva considered it a betrayal of art and creativity and that Phobs was a sell out.
No proof here, that's all from rusanon's words who happened to talk to her for some time.

No. 848402

They focus on early castration, while they are still babies. Somehow they think that it stops them from developing into men and instead they become feminine ~better than women~ beautiful and ethereal genderless beings.

No. 848438

I see thanks for ckearing that up anon. So she basically got upset because phobs got hired from doing what she loves,comes off as jealous to me

No. 848473

Fresh drawing process from Deva

No. 848495

the mustache makes it comical. lol

No. 848556

File: 1564938138688.jpg (68.45 KB, 500x623, uXnP4Ng.jpg)

That moment your art is on the level of How I became yours. Stiffer than a brick and dull as all hell.

No. 848560


I seriously wonder if their eunuch figures are just self-inserts since it's established they draw themselves similarly.

Like, they wish they were eunuchs because at least then they'd still be considered male but without the icky reproduction aspects. Like they'd wanna be this idealized feminine/submissive figure but nOt DiRtY wOmAnS

not that i expect them to actually be self-reflective enough to figure something like that out.

No. 848606

Not self posting, I just think that phobs skills are really good. I’m not sensitive to the art either, but anatomy, face expressions, movements and variety of faces are really impressive imo. Which is not the same for dev, everything looks super stiff.

No. 848619

omg anon thank you for this nostalgia rush, gonna reread it right now

No. 848658

File: 1564959008311.jpg (36.89 KB, 1280x720, whoyoucallinpinhead.jpg)

No. 848738

File: 1564966611299.jpg (55 KB, 500x374, tumblr_nxm15eOxKv1u6zoljo1_500…)

Im disturbed keep in mind that theyre probably 6 and 13 yrs old….

No. 848751

File: 1564967482658.png (1.12 MB, 631x900, ddd4cfl-46871ea1-9dbd-41b8-a09…)

New art from dev and boy the comments are golden im glad they finally see the faults in their work

Honestly i wont be surprised if some of them came here

No. 848755

File: 1564967908208.png (121.29 KB, 720x753, 20190805_091706.png)

No. 848756

File: 1564968067200.png (85.96 KB, 720x905, 20190805_091729.png)

No. 848757

File: 1564968220540.png (159.75 KB, 720x524, 20190805_091745.png)

No. 848759

File: 1564968381760.png (214.17 KB, 720x787, 20190805_091759.png)

No. 848775

The heels tho, kek. Just casually walking the rocky lands, sword in hand, in stiletto heels, as you do.

No. 848796

File: 1564972857756.png (140.97 KB, 720x909, 20190805_091628.png)

This one is wierd tho

No. 848798

File: 1564973086673.png (199.11 KB, 720x773, 20190805_104137.png)

The description

No. 848872

File: 1564992000769.jpg (269.33 KB, 755x735, 0c0329de534191ce9a2ae25e72a183…)

this is unironically hilarious

No. 848885

those ugly wamen could never.

No. 848906

the proportions and more importantly posing on both of these is sending me lmao, they'll tip over if i nudge them just a bit
is this second one part of a comic or something? i'm going to love seeing more like this

No. 848919

>copied Phobs' style on purpose
That's quite evident, even looking at >>848872.

>She considered Phobs and herself friends

I can't help but think that this feeling was not mutual. I went through Phobs' DA faves (not all the way, tho) and I couldn't find anything by Develv. There are no reblogs or mentions on her tumblr and I don't remember them doing any art trades or collabs. As far as I can see, there's no proof of them ever interacting, but Deva definitely seems delusional enough to imagine a friendship where there was none.

Seems like a one-sided crush, kek.

I'm not a huge fan of Phob's current art style, but at least she's constantly evolving, while Deva and her sis are still stuck drawing shit like this:
No wonder Dev is so fucking salty. Her shitty fetish is actually stunting her.

No. 848936

File: 1564997333195.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.87 KB, 720x495, 97c51ca5f66e9c212bd2ac7aea2337…)

>They are like angels - pure, innocent, sexless, they are less aggressive, not subject to passions and stupid desires.

Also dev, Draws alexander and bagoas doing bdsm play

No. 848941

no its kinda like a one off thing

half of this is just a staring session and uwu kissing as usual

No. 849235

I love that they bitch about the way traditionally feminine, pretty women are held as the standard of beauty. And they literally just draw dickless dudes in the same fashion.

There’s some deep seated something going on here.

No. 849398

Its just run of the mill closeted, repressed internal homophobia. I used to be the same raging misogynist with an obsession with jrock/kpop guys, tween fem boys, crossplay, jrock, yaoi, gay/trans stuff. I just registered the flip flop whenever I saw a girl as disgust/anger.

But I grew out of it and came out as lesbian at 14. Genuinely hope they'll be able to get out of whatever cult they're brainwashed into and get some help.

No. 849402

File: 1565060756269.jpg (202.03 KB, 1200x400, 0c4a769a56d74602a2934196d761c4…)

No. 849404

File: 1565060920021.jpg (166.3 KB, 830x574, 9f9b6e8b26c825fba40a6fa9113963…)

No. 849409

File: 1565061146225.jpg (183.96 KB, 830x574, 7ab2e4eda648c5cc5791b604299246…)

can russian anons pls translate?

The last 2 are suppose to be her eunuch ocs or something

No. 849424

>some women look like women and some do not

this is some massively fence jumping. Wtf?!

No. 849426

that's because nothing in this world is black and white, anon.
except for the pure light shining from all eunuchs' buttholes

No. 849785

They're literally just lesbians, it's so funny

No. 849872

File: 1565151784031.jpg (Spoiler Image,155.79 KB, 527x760, d7345366211799b0fd15fe8c224f99…)

I think this is the first time ive seen her draw a dick

>it looked like a sad soggy breakfast sausage…

No. 849874

File: 1565151903814.jpg (Spoiler Image,101.4 KB, 551x780, 750203553a3a89dbce8c6660ee5381…)


Bagoas is literally just a futa. Her eunuchs are literally just futas

No. 849875

For real.

No. 849882

it's like he's growing a tail from his pubic area lol it's so far from a penis that it makes you wonder if they even know what one looks like

No. 849909

No. 849914

Its like they only referenced old greek statues for the penis (as its evident that they also trace from those too)

No. 849926

File: 1565167927809.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.25 KB, 587x900, a1159f0d4fd48890b5c8cef1486047…)

More sausage dicc

No. 849933

It's painfully obvious from their drawings that they've never seen a dick IRL.

Their only sexual experiences seem to be with each other. Yikes.

No. 850016

I can't see anything but Amy Schumer here

No. 850023

File: 1565198284413.png (936.97 KB, 1100x786, 1562270574204.png)

This looked too much like a meme format

No. 850170

File: 1565223184004.jpg (163.43 KB, 789x1000, d4121ad64d46fcb00f1ffee950f09b…)

No. 850299

File: 1565260612574.png (4.8 MB, 1867x2048, amy schumelston.png)

Now it's Nicolas Cage

No. 850308

File: 1565262986865.png (322 KB, 720x1011, 20190808_191043.png)

Dev just replied

No. 850309

File: 1565263033290.png (263.75 KB, 720x1002, 20190808_191139.png)