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File: 1561783404838.png (Spoiler Image, 269.34 KB, 720x641, 1561726110826.png)

No. 427670

Develv is an artist on deviantart known for making fetish art of eunuchs. The account itself is apparently shared between two sisters, Elveo is her sisters private account.

A large number of the historical subjects of the art are young boys who were horribly mutilated and sometimes even raped. She also seems to have an extremely warped view of what eunuchs actually look like, as seen in the OP pic.

In her own words, she thinks that eunuchs are:

>They are like angels - pure, innocent, sexless, they are less aggressive, not subject to passions and stupid desires. They are sweet and kind by character, and pretty by appearance.

Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/develv/

Elveo's deviantart:


No. 427671

File: 1561783454236.png (159.19 KB, 720x1111, 1561774800793.png)

Eunuch "facts"

No. 427672

File: 1561783479785.jpg (478.19 KB, 1000x570, 1561727109517.jpg)

No. 427674

File: 1561783561753.jpg (Spoiler Image, 133.32 KB, 735x886, 1561727249588.jpg)

translation of one of the comments on her account:

>Leaving aside the value of your artistic work, which has it, if you allow me, I would like to make a small criticism: I do not seem neither historically nor morally correct that idealized and romantic vision you show about eunuchs. Yes, there were, as you say, eunuchs who were dignified people, with many qualities: beauty, intelligence, talent and loyalty. But all those qualities were innate to his person, emerged from his personality, did not arise from having been subjected and humiliated to an inhuman, cruel and bloody process as was that of the eunuchs. To hide that reality, the great negative sequels, both psychological and physical, that this process had for them, to hide that pain, is a lack of respect and recognition for those figures, and it is not historically accurate. You speak as if their qualities and achievements arose from this terrible event, you deny their personality and dignity as human beings, you reduce them to the fact of having suffered horrible mutilation, that is what makes them special for you, and that is not fair. No one deserves what they suffered. There is also no scientific evidence to show that men whose genitals have been mutilated are less passionate than other human beings, who become a kind of angels away from passions, desires and worldly feelings, that is ridiculous. The loss of the genitals and their autonomy has nothing positive for the person who suffers it. The truth, I can not imagine someone speaking in that tone about other practices as cruel as the clitoris ablation, for example. I would have liked to leave this comment in English, but I do not speak the language well enough, I'm sorry. Thank you

No. 427675

File: 1561783652652.jpg (169.11 KB, 792x860, 1561731846386.jpg)

Woman vs "Man"

No. 427677

File: 1561783733445.png (769.77 KB, 720x939, 1561730468801.png)

Chad Eunuch vs Virgin Man

No. 427678

File: 1561783770484.png (107.4 KB, 1280x417, 1561727811154.png)

>romanticizing eunuchs

No. 427679

File: 1561783803850.jpg (90.97 KB, 1000x603, 1561735700358.jpg)

More comparisons.

No. 427689

Why have all of the ‘ugly’ depictions consistently been non white though

And why must all of the women be drawn so fucking ugly, the levels of self-hating misogyny and racism in this woman’s artwork is fucking grotty.

No. 427690

THANK U, they deserve their own thread.
god, that is so interesting. two russian sisters who hide their homosexuality / sexual immaturity behind a eunuch fetish, who are autistic about what's "historic" but also completely make shit up, who imagine pure hearted Mary Sues just to put them in sexual situations, and this weird as fuck dainty arwen hands + kardashian rear combination, the terrible terrible ideas that are somewhat well executed… those girls are walking contradictions.
hell, most of the pictures in here even follow the me vs other girls format.
it's not behavior milk but all this weird art is crazy fascinating

No. 427691

File: 1561784733332.jpeg (31.76 KB, 555x553, 4AE4975F-724B-4DF9-BF28-C2DEC3…)

Can you truly be Chad if you only ever get sodomised though

No. 427692

So does she like penises or what

No. 427696

File: 1561785178510.jpg (834.4 KB, 1079x900, dd8tzk1-fc840731-0700-406a-bad…)

Her Interpretation of Connor from Detroit become human

>Emptiness, despair, depression … who is he? Boy or girl or…

>Again, human_AU, where Connor is an androgyne, more precisely, a genetic male, with testicular feminization syndrome. He was intersex, and he is like angel (as eunuchs in Byzantium).

>He experienced great difficulties; society did not accept him as he was. Society recognizes only two sexes, male or female. The third is not given. However, inside he remained a boy who was only accepted by his beloved twin brother, Richard (RK900). Richard is his protector and his strong and manly half. He is the only one who loves Connor and sees a boy in him.

No. 427697

File: 1561785287041.jpeg (335.73 KB, 1200x1800, 0731885_arap-kizi-kremi-mavi-k…)

hm I would say it's more about colorism than outright racism as the "bad depictions" look more grotesque and tan rather than more middle eastern or whatever.
theyre also Turkish and in Turkey women do use a lot of lightening products like this one, which also depicts very light skinned and haired Turkish woman.
she also loves the "old" beauty standards - >>427679 with the whole story of if you're light you are rich enough not to work in the fields, etc.
it's basically just self hate, just like with the misogyny.

No. 427699

They say one of their parents was Turkish but they have lived all their lives in Russia

No. 427700

File: 1561785560676.jpg (312.06 KB, 462x700, dbothco-3324daf0-eade-49bf-b7c…)

I don't their outright colorist
They draw beautiful African Eunuchs as well

No. 427701

File: 1561785611188.jpg (306.5 KB, 487x730, dahqc5d-4246f3f2-d409-4ac0-a51…)

No. 427703

Interestingly all the black eunnchs were made by Deva

No. 427704

I agree actually, she does draw beautiful dark eunuchs.
I don't think this is about race, but more about class anxiety / flexing on the uncultured low class peasants who have the audacity of having their own beauty standards and tan / fake tan instead of ascribing to the old ones, who were by the rich in favour of the rich, and idolising pale skin.

No. 427705

I just visited her DA. Truly amazes me that there are Turkaboos out here. Everything she watches or listens to is Turkish.

No. 427706

Her/their art is strangely good? isn't the modern day eunuch the man who has gone through SRS? Would be interesting to see what they think about trans women. I would assume they get all the same projected fantastical traits as the eunuchs she draws.

Also this thread should be in snow, surely?

No. 427707

It was but mods locked it

No. 427709

The twin thing reminds me of those twins that were forced trans/abused by that gross doctor. Way to go for further sexualizing them, I guess.

No. 427714

No. 427743

File: 1561793958751.jpg (387.71 KB, 800x591, 1561727213518.jpg)

wtf is this fanfiction-tier kawaii shit

No. 427751

My biggest gripe with these deviantart fetish artists is that they'll never draw anything that isn't related to their specific fetish. How do you not get bored of drawing the same thing over and over for days.

No. 427759

When you have autism you never get bored with your special interest. Bonus points if its also your fetish.

No. 427760

>they are more melancholic than ordinary boys

I’d be pretty fucking melancholic too if my genitals were mutilated.

No. 427764

These two artists are fascinating (like editing Wikipedia about historical people to inject their fetish) but the farmhand said discuss them in the art threads or gender crit.

No. 427787

IMO its locking and dismissal to GC or artist salt in /snow/ was kind of a hasty decision, so I'm praying the mods will let us have this on second thought. This isn't politically-charged GC stuff or a vendetta about some artist who makes some people in the community angry because they use bad markers or have bad anatomy, it's two weird-ass people making bizarre art and getting engrossed in their sexual fantasies to the point of editing Wikipedia so it fits their fetish, and it's producing enough fascination to warrant a space for itself. I'd even say this shit is more milky than Spechie.
It seems like plenty of farmers agree these two deserve their own thread, and we've definitely had /ot/ threads for specific artists (like Nemu before she reappeared on social media and got her thread moved to /snow/) and communities).

No. 427788

Would fixing the Wikipedia articles she's ruined be considered touching the poop?

Now this is just misogynistic.

I honestly thought the left one was supposed to be the tranny because she's eight heads tall with narrow hips and wide shoulders. The one on the right just looks like an anime character. The only troons who look like that are ones that are using filters and have sunk thousands of dollars into cosmetic surgery.

My god, why can't she just read trashy yaoi manga like a normal fujoshi?

There are so many layers of weirdness here. The glorification of child genital mutilation, the fapping to historical figures, the characters being underage rape victims, the fact that some of these people aren't even eunuchs irl, etc. Like this is multiple weirdly specific fetishes all in one package.

Someone please tell these women that a man doesn't need to be neutered to be feminine.

No. 427797

File: 1561805414720.jpg (117.06 KB, 750x1065, develv_the_warriors_by_develv_…)

>Okay I've decided to do the request by hardyzutary831 "You guys should do some kick-ass female warrior stuff. I bet you would be awesome at that."

>So basically, I'm the steppe archer and my Persian sister carrying the flag X3

she drew her sister exactly like the eunuchs. is it safe to say they're thickly self-inserting on these romanticized versions of eunuchs that they're shipping with historical men?
between this and them insisting eunuchs are only attracted to men, i have to wonder

No. 427812

you really need to see the description and the comments to see how misogynistic and self hating this is tbh. i remember a comment where she said something along the lines that she wishes she was a man because theyre prettier.

No. 427819

what a weird account, the art is impressive yet disturbing

No. 427830

File: 1561812034967.png (25.34 KB, 1002x228, 354678654356789654.png)

samefag, but a lot of these are just factually incorrect, for example women have proportionally longer legs and men do have belly fat

No. 427832

File: 1561812057657.png (29.76 KB, 1010x215, t765435678654345678.png)

No. 427833

File: 1561812059519.png (234.3 KB, 1122x1038, ihatebeingawoman.png)

She posted this in her journal. I wonder where the self-hate stems from. It's clear she likes femininity and beauty, and in pictures like >>427677 you can tell she doesn't romanticize men that much.
Is it just that she thinks women aren't pretty enough, so she wants to be a hyper-feminized, perfect third gender that doesn't bleed or give birth or anything else "icky"?

No. 427840

i think you're right about idealized perfect women with no icky feminine characteristics.
and the fact that those female looking eunuchs are way taller than the men makes me think of that one anon popping up in many threads with her tiny man / femdom fetish, lol.

No. 427857

File: 1561816825887.jpg (301.77 KB, 523x760, danq17t-b442ec4d-6682-4488-88c…)

I don't know, the depictions of men the Eunuchs are involved with sexually are more attractive. Or "romanticised."
I think it's what both you and >>427797 are saying. Probably some bisexuality-in-denial too.

Hey, at least chasing manlets is more straightforward than this forced fem mixed with autoandrophilia shit.

No. 427858

It's impossible to argue, that's a whole ass woman on the left. no man, castrated or not, has hips like that (naturally).

No. 427864

Apparently the username Devlev is a combo of Deva + Elv, so, in translation : God + Elf…

No. 427865

Yeah like at this point they're just straight up drawing women, literally nothing about that is male in any way. Who is retarded enough to actually think that a man could ever turn into that just by castration? Even males who inject female hormones can't ever get a body like that, look at Jazz Jennings who started transitioning at such a young age and still looks like an unfortunate chubby boy. What a nasty ass fetish, just admit you're gay/bi and draw real women instead of this gross fantasy that romanticizes rape, pedophilia, and genital mutilation.

No. 427870

File: 1561818717808.jpg (419.67 KB, 800x608, dc204ys-a0f66e93-c430-4fc4-a47…)

they seem to be into the hobbit/lord of the rings too, that's probably where the elf part comes from. theres a whole folder on their gallery about it, but the artork there seems to be more normal and less castration fetishy so not really as interesting to us lol.

theres also some pieces about religion, like this one where they drew lucifer the same way they draw their eunuchs

No. 427873

This just seems like a massive font of someone who can't handle being a lesbian.

No. 427875

actually women tend to have shorter legs than men proportionately though and naturally should have a higher body fat percentage due to having breasts, etc. but males tend to accumulate fat around the stomach.

No. 427876

Deva means virgo in Russian, but you may be right about elf part

No. 427883

>Would fixing the Wikipedia articles she's ruined be considered touching the poop?

I don't think so. I mean Wikipedia is a public site, and a lot of their info is probably incredibly biased and innacurate. I would fix it or report it.

No. 427890

there must be something wrong with you tards considering you weren't supposed to make a new thread for this.

No. 427892

Oh that's possible for Russian. I just know Deva means God in hinduism. Though you're right, they live in Russia and don't seem to be interested in hindu culture.

What are you talking about? There's plenty of milk. Very few people check out the artist salt thread (even I dont't check it and I'm an artist) and it doesn't fit into GC at all.

No. 427896

if your thread got locked because there's obviously no milk, you can't just remake it on another board going against the mod's decision. jsyk, they clearly weren't asking for milk in earnest, and you retards just posted the exact same posts from the last thread. here's to hoping it gets locked again.

No. 427899

Why do you want it locked though? Just hide the thread, clearly enough people find the topic interesting to keep it active

No. 427900

>why do you want people to follow the rules

hmmm, i don't know!

No. 427904

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